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razorback I ! 1965 razorback i ' i BI.ISHI i) HY nil sso( i 1 1 n sirni-Nis INI 1 RSI I 1 01 RK NS S. 1 AY1. I I l. II I K NAN C.I.ARKK Al.l.MON |l l U. ll I IAMS Mil KM N JOHNSON ( 0-1 1)1 1 OR ( O 1 1)1 1OR IU SINISS MAVU.1R jnts This is now, the present, ihc year. It lias been an experience in understanding. An experience in which we have tried to place values on (he many thoughts which race through our moments of sorrow, hours of cheer, and seemingly endless time spent at study. But is it not also a period in which we attempt to place ourselves in the pursuit of perfection? We hope that these pages might serve as a spring- board by which we may recall the moments spent in seeking a deeper meaning to our days at Arkansas. : NC:. jww This is College (lie Pursuit. And I am Man the Pursurer. She is order, discipline, scheme. I am chaos and rebellion. We are juxtaposed. Will we coalesce? Will u e form pattern, t ien understanding? I stand, hesitant, on the brink of Pursuit. I see her challenge; her doors, opened and closed and opening. I see her strength, baked in the autumn gold of dying leaves. I hear her breath the reviving regularity of perception and response. And I know that she i s Pursuit of the Art of Living. But I am afraid of her potent substance. I am afraid of being suffocated under her mass of knowledge. I am afraid of the contest in Pursuit . . . But I have no choice . . . For I must find reason to call myself Man. s davs iiri 1 liol, (itnl I (nn fatigued, atn limft, languid. ' I IK ' rl iys mi- cold, ami I inn fatigued. I am litirtl, stolid. M hunks tin- liaivy, mid llnir r itr t confuses ne. lint kntni ' lt di i ' } ' n lies nir; f ' f ( t iciifr nifikrs tut ' flexible, I hntiii ' ilial 1 mini lulu my jilnn ' in the Pursuit. tun introduced to the tit Is the expression of beauty in- significance. try to cultivate the aesthetic, I gaze at those more sensitive than . contemplate their creations and iliirc to find meaning. M ftice becomes radiant it ' itli enlightenment or I simply sliru r m shoulders and walk mcflv. I mingle with the atlilclc u-ho recognizes achievement in the physical in disciplining the corporal fur precision, form and techniques. I praise Ins endeavor, liis triumph. His seriousness of purpose is evident in liis determination His effort is for himself or fur liis Irani. j . scream with the excitement, or Innd iiu 1 stnri ' at it. f wonder if now 1 am ft .sNrrr.v? or failure, or if maybe the glitter of these, brai ' os anil banners are tarnishing my sense of values. Hut youth is so unique, temporary; there is no lime for concern. So I put tomorrow into my jiocket and jnirtue amusement today. And they art ' my leaders, and sometimes I am t leader. And I look nt my followers, And I wonder if I nm u ' nrtJiy of the Pursuit of distinction. r-f t ' A So I In miiifilrlc Ilir foriini . . . tni l lirlji irlrrl committee. Thru I ' x iiiii ' ilt ' il h Ilir complrxilirs I liin ' r brcti mi ti((fss( In, I long {or the frrrtlotn of tut u u Pn rli i nicnlur hint r. (n the inyiiad of ideas dial ir iili ' lin . I inn illlilie. i organize. I nm t seek out those among the u ' itli whom I can harmonize. of losing my identity community. I inn awakened in iln- m 1 no ,- iliinu i tin ' htunil sfn ' itrum of life at the society I have rit ' iilitl mid fitnuli-i ,rli ' ' thrr my c .siVm has bin, n ' I iiiiiiHHi!! I This is College -- the Pursuit. And I am Man the Pursurer. She spies me hiding among my fears of future disappointments And chides me for allowing my emotions such strength. She beckons me to abandon my world of yesterday ' s failures And challenges me to expose my dreams of Camelot To the poignant and beautiful world of human experience. But dare I unwrap the folds of ignorant bliss And take on enlightened and mature responsibility? I shall not cower. I ready myself for the Pursuit . . . And plunge forward into the fountainhead of human progress . . . And taking command of the contest . . . I shall find reason to call myself Man. administration Ever since he was a fledgling politician, Faubus has been inter- ested in highways. Here he explains how he could cover Arkan- sas with asphalt and concrete with the passage of a bond issue. ORVAL E. FAUBUS Governor of Arkansas GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS Orval E. Faubus, after defeating Winthrop Rockefeller this fall, is now serving his sixth term as Governor of Arkansas. A truly successful poli- tician, he has become the symbol of Arkansas to many people across the United States. Faubus began his rise to political prominence as postmaster of his hometown, Huntsville. He was then County Clerk of Madison County, a member of the State Highway Commission, an adminis- trative assistant to Governor Sid McMath, and finally, in 1954, he waged the first of his success- ful gubernatorial campaigns. Faubus has continued to show an interest in the development of the University, and under his administration, the University has been granted funds by the State Legislature to aid in its expan- sion and building program. 20 Left to right: Robert A. Young, Earl H. Wildy, Howard H. Hoist, Dr Preston L. Halhcock, John L. Wilson, Dr. David W. Mullins. D. 1 ' cte Ranry, J. K. Pomfret, Robert H. Smith, Leon B. Catlett, Rowv Rilter, and Fred 1 ' ickens. BOARD OF TRUSTEES I ' receding football games at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, the Board of Trustees meets for an informal luncheon. 21 DAVID WILEY MULLINS University President 111. Mullins greets one of (he guc-sts at the Hotz Hall dedication. 1 UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT David Wiley Mullins led a distinguished career as a teacher and administrator in the field o higher education before becoming President of the University in 1960. Under his leadership, the University has experienced rapid and extensive growth in all areas. Dr. Mullins was born in Ash Flat and graduat- ed from the University in 19, ' H. He earned his Master of Arts at Colorado and obtained his Ph.D. at Columbia University in 1941. Since that time, he has held various positions at Alabama Polytech- nic Institute ' s College of Education and Auburn University. He served as Research Professor of Education at Auburn and attained the position of Executive Yice-Presiclent which he held for eleven years before coming to the University of Arkansas. VICE-PRESIDENTS PAUL M. YOUNG Vice-President lor Academic Affairs JAMES W. GREEN Administrative Vice-President JAMES E. PO.MFRET Vice-President for Business JOHN W. WHITE Vice-President for Auriciiliurc STORM VVHALEY Vice-President for Health S ciences A student in the College of Arts and Sciences takes advantage of the modern facilities provided for experimentation and : 24 . COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES The College of Arts and Sciences is the- I ' ni- versity ' s largest college and had an enrollment of 2(500 during the fall semester. The (acuity, used to sharing classrooms, welcomed the completion of the Science and Engineering building, for it gave several of the twenty-four departments new rooms and offices. ruder the administration of a new dean, Rob- ert F. Krnh, and his assistant, Robert S. Fairchild, the college works toward the goal of giving stu- dents the components of a general education. It offers four baccalaureate degrees attained by com- pletion of a basic curriculum, including designat- ed courses in the fields for which the college is named, and extensive specialization in a major field. An outstanding feature of the College of Arts and Sciences is the Honors Program. This pro- gram, co-ordinated by Harold D. Hantz, gives the superior student opportunities for independent study and special library privileges. Small honor sections, in which students go more deeply into the subject matter, are offered as well as special discussion groups during the junior-senior years. This year the colloquium subjects were " Freud in the Twentieth Century, " " Science and Religion, " and " Greek Ways of Life. " With this excellent ad- dition to its regular program, the College of Arts and Sciences continues to maintain its reputation for high educational standards. ROBERT F. KRUH Dean of Arts and Sciences FACULTY: Standing: Claude W. Faulkner, C. II. Hoffman, W. S. Kraemer, W. J. Richards, Jess Covinglon, A. J. Fry, J. W. Thomas. Seated: John Williams, D. P. Richardson, Stephen Stephan, H. M. Alexander, Mrs. Mattic Maxted, J. II- Quinn, Robert F. Kruh. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS numerous foreign countries The University of Arkansas, as the Land Grant College of the state, has the responsibility for the leadership in agriculture and home economics which it fulfills through the Division of Agricul- ture. The Division includes programs of resident teaching in the College of Agriculture and Home Economics, research in the Agricultural Experi- mental Station, and extension in the Agricultural Extension Service. Students from all areas of the United States and study at the college. The curriculum of the College includes basic training in the sciences and humanities, as well as in technical agriculture and home economics. Those enrolled in agriculture may choose any one of five plans to best satisfy their interests and goals. Students in home economics may enroll in either the foundation program with its system of electives, or the teacher-education curriculum. Through an agreement with the College of Vet- erinary Medicine of Oklahoma State University, residents of Arkansas may complete training in veterinary medicine at this school without paying out-of-state tuition. Gerald T. Hudson serves as clean of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics and reports directly to the head of the Division of Agriculture. In line with its continual efforts to keep up with the latest advances in experimentation and re- search, the Division dedicated the completed Ani- mal Science Center this fall. GERALD T. HUDSON Dean of Agriculture and Home Economics FACULTY: D. A. Slack, W. D. Wylic, G. A. Place, A. M. Davis, Sandra Thurlow, Jo Anne Toilet, Joe McFcrran, J. L. Lancaster, J. O. Bowers, G. E. Templeton. 26 Aii Agriculture graduate student tests samples of dirt at an agronomy soil testing laboratory for the increasingly important pH factor. Accounting is one of the departments in the College of Business in which practical work is part of the student ' s curriculum. 28 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The College of Business Administration offers specialized courses in several fields of business and incorporates two research bureaus and the Depart- ment of Economics which operates under the gen- eral rules of the College of Arts and Sciences. Recognizing the purpose of the University as a whole, the college requires its students to elect subjects outside the professional business area to give them a more liberal education. The Bureau of Business and Economic Re- search, whose facilities are available to faculty and graduate students, seeks to discover methods of in- creasing the incomes of the people of Arkansas and improve the teaching effectiveness of the College. Equally important to the College is its educational and fact-finding arm -- the Industrial Research and Extension Center. Set up in 1955, the Center is concerned with Arkansas ' industrial develop- ment and business efficiency. Business majors are particularly interested in student activities in their fie ld. All students in the college are members of the Commerce Guild, and they give much attention to their annual Com- merce Day celebration. The Guild also publishes a magazine called the Guild Ticker which features the accomplishments and activities of the entire College. PAUL W. MILAM Dean of Business Administration FACULTY: Paul Milam, Robert Hay, Harold Dulan, Franklin Williams, George Hunsbcrgcr, Rossell Westcrmeyer, Nolan Wil- liams, M. G. Bridensline. ...j nitric ! ' 29 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION The College of Education is actively involved in preparing teachers and administrators, and in improving education in general. The college main- tains a Teacher Placement Bureau and co-operates with officials in filling vacancies with well-quali- fied teachers. A Committee on Teacher Education, composed of representatives from the Colleges of Agriculture and Home Economics, Arts and Sci- ences, Business Administration, and Education, continually studies the total program of teacher education and makes recommendations for its im- provement. The student teaching program has developed extensively, and the number of student teachers reached a peak this semester. By meeting specific requirements, students from other colleges on campus may participate in this program. The Uni- versity Elementary School, in Peabody Hall, is operated by the College to provide facilities for directed student teaching and observation on the elementary level. Students in the secondary field are sent to schools in Fayetteville and surrounding areas to do their practice teaching. The College of Education is directed by Henry H. Kronenberg, and its program is approved by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Courses are available for in-service teachers, and the college co-operates with the Graduate School in offering advanced work lead- ing to the degrees of Master of Education and Doc- tor of Education. HENRY W. KRONENBERG Dean of Education FACULTY: Catherine McHngh, Troy Hcndricks, Roy Roberts, R. K. Bent, Roy B. Allen, John Schimd, Hen ry Kronenberg. tin--.- ; Elementary Education majors It-am to deal with the inquisitive minds of the younger generation and problems of accelerated learning. Knowing how to address a computer can be rather frustrating. Computer programing is now taught to sophomore and junior engineers. 32 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING The opening of the new Science and Engi- neering building this fall is material proof of the expansion and development ol the College of Engineering. The demand for engineers still ex- ceeds the supply, and graduates of the University are annually given the rush by personnel directors representing major engineering firms. In addition to its regular program of study, the college has established a " Three-Two " co- operative plan to provide a five-year combined course. The student may pursue a three-year lib- eral arts program at Ouachita Baptist College, the College of the Ozarks, Harding College, or Cen- tenary College of Louisiana and then specialize for two years at the University. Upon completion of this program, the student is awarded the Bache- lor of Arts from one of the co-operating colleges and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Arkansas. The College of Engineering, supervised by George F. Branigan, also offers additional options and activities. Engineers may arrange flight train- ing with the Fayetteville Flying Service and an- nually celebrate Engineering Week in March. Dis- plays of student projects are shown throughout the Engineering buildings, and a St. Pat and St. Patricia are elected. This year ' s winners, selected at the rally, were Vic Jacuzzi, of Little Rock, and Pat Yarrington. a freshman from Tulsa, Okla- homa. F.XGINTFRIXG FACl ' MY: Sratcit: R. C. Wray. T. B. Jeffer- son, (.. F. Bianigan, 1 " . ] " .. Bnujiirt. Standing; J. I.. Imhoff, B. GEORGE F. BRANIGAN Dean of Engineering Bryan. I.. R. Hdplr, C. V. Oxford. II. O. Akhurst. 33 GRADUATE SCHOOL The Graduate School, headed by Virgil W. Adkisson, includes a complex of divisions and ac- tivities. Focused on the Fayetteville campus, the school has centers at Little Rock and Fort Smith, and offers limited credit through facilities of three Arkansas colleges. Graduate assistantships are avail- able for qualified students in numerous fields, and the school participates in the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies, the National Defense Educa- tion Act program, the National Science Founda- tion all of which offer fellowships. Students in the Graduate School may pursue work leading to any one of sixteen advanced de- grees. Their work is guided and evaluated by a major professor or a committee selected from the graduate faculty, and they must maintain a high scholastic average. Research is an integral part of the graduate program, and the University had received national recognition for its research in many fields. This activity is well-balanced with respect to the diverse areas it covers and is completely integrated with the instructional program. The University Com- mittee on Research facilitates interdivisional co- operation in the research activity, and the Dean of the Graduate School serves as its chairman and as Research Coordinator. VIRGIL W. ADKISSON Dean ot Graduate School GRAni ' ATK C.Ol ' Xr.II.: V. IV Stiles. O. T. Stallcup, T. B. Jefferson, R. F. Kviili. V. W. Adkisson, C. E. Dufft-y, J. Schmid, R. E. AVi ' stmever. 34 Graduate facilities on the Fayettevillc campus offer stiulents seeking higher degrees use of such equipment as this election microscope. 35 The Law Li n,rv is one place on campus that has no night or day. Technical research and case studies never end for law students. 36 SCHOOL OF LAW The School of Law, a center of controversy in the Legislature this winter, is keyed toward pre- paring students to practice common law jurisdic- tions in Arkansas or to seek positions in govern- ment or private business. The curriculum is- de- signed to give students an understanding of the law in its relationship to other agencies of social control, and Arkansas decisions and statutes are frequently cited in the substantive law courses. Arkansas codes of civil and criminal procedure re- ceive special attention in the procedural courses. Students in law school develop their profes- sional ability and interests through various feat- ures of the school. A practice court for third-year students is conducted so that experience may be gained in (lie trial jury cases. The Student Bar Association brings judges, lawyers, and lecturers to the school for convocations and similar meetings. In addition, it provides the worthwhile social ac- tivity for which the Law School is noted. Directed by Ralph C. Barnhart, the School of Law works with the Arkansas Bar Association in a program of continuing legal education to keep practicing lawyers abreast on new developments in law. This program includes legal institutes and short courses under the direction of the law fac- ulty. Currently, the school is striving to make legal research an integral part of its program because of the increasing concern with the application of knowledge to the improvement of law. FACl ' I.TY: Samuel Fetters, Robert Wright. Kclwin Grecnelaum, C.liarlrs Carnes, Ray Trammel!, Mrs. Lina Watson, Ulys A. RALPH C. BARNHART Dean of Law School Lowell, Dr. Robert Leflear. Dean R. Barnbarl. 37 The University of Arkansas Medical Center is one of the showplaces of Little Rock. UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER ursi::g student does research work using a delicate microscope. The Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Pharm- acy form the complex of institutions called the University Medical Center. Located in Little Rock, the Medical Center also includes the T. H. Barton Institute of Medical Research which was completed and occupied four years ago. The Center, constructed at a cost of four million dol- lars, is noted for its excellent facilities and per- sonnel and is regarded as one of the most modern institutions of its kind in the nation. The School of Medicine is affiliated with the Veterans Administration Hospitals in Little Rock and North Little Rock under the nationwide Dean ' s Committee program. Beds in these hos- pitals are utilixed for teaching purposes in ad- dition to those in the University hospital. Class- room instruction is supplemented by actual ex- perience with patients who come to the Medical Center for attention. Dr. Winston K. Shorey serves the University as Dean of Medicine. 38 The lights burn into the night in the Jeff Banks Student Union at the Medical Center in Little Rock just as they do in the dorms. Through animal research much is learned about the diseases of the human body. Accuracy, untiling patience also help a great deal. WINSTON K. SHOREY Dean of Medicine ELORIS FIELD Dean ol Nursing TheV women 1(i for the pi The I was erf [or bis ' long-stand program aadenw nursev 1 jram " I on the b vtan are Mosul ti I ' niimin nuw mi menii f ' XUBU2. With black intern ' s bag in hand, med student walks to lecture. STANLEY C,. M1TTELSTAEDT Dean of Pharmacy UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER The School of Pharmacy is directed by Stanley G. Mittelstacdt. The school trains young men and women who are concerned primarily with supply- ing, assembling, and preparing the medicinals used for the prevention, cure, and control of diseases. The University of Arkansas School of Nursing was established to help meet the pressing demand lor larger numbers of skilled nurses and to fill a long-standing need in Arkansas tor an educational program combining college-level instruction in academic- subjects with professional education for nurses. The curriculum consists of a unified pro- gram of 36 months. The first two years are spent on the 1-ayetteville campus, and the second two years are spent in clinical and other practice fields. Most of the hospital experience is received at the University Medical Center. Graduate registered nurses may also enroll to complete the require- ments lor the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The program leading to this degree pre- pares nurse to function in first-level professional positions in hospitals and public-health agencies. Miss Eloris Field is the Dean of Nursing. The dormitory wing is part of U of A Medical Center complex. Bu . McXair and lab partner take a minute look at their slides, but they are still not exacth sure what they are looking at. 41 I). WHITNEY HALLADA Dean of Students GEORGE A. YOURICK, JR Dean of Men 42 DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Under the supervision of the Dean of Students, this office of the University is composed of the Dean of Students, the Dean of Women, the Dean of Men, and the Coordinator of Student Aid. The main function of the personnel is to co- ordinate the activities of the students with the ac- tivities of the University as a whole. They also keep track of the status and progress of the students and relaying the information to the students ' parents and other interested persons. The Division supervises the Student Counseling Service, Infirmary, Food Ser- vices, Student Union, Book Store, Placement Office, Financial Aid, and Part-Time Employment Services. Along with these duties they work with all student organizations in terms of student welfare, morale, and discipline. Student government in its many phases works directly with the Division of Student Affairs. JACQUELINE STERNER Dean of Women The Student Union Lounge provides a comfortable place to watch television, read the paper, or sit and talk quietly to friends COLONEL RALPH T. SIMPSON Coordinator of Student Aid GRACE VINEYARD Assistant Dean oi Women 44 Sleep is where you find it and this exhausted coed has found it on a table in the Student Union toffee shop, if only a few winks DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Dr. D. Whitney Hallaclay, Dean of Students, graduated from Pomona College and received his Ed. D. degree from Columbia University. He par- ticipates actively in Fayetteville as an Army Reserve Lt. Colonel. Directly assisting Dean Halladay is Miss Jacque- line Sterner, Dean of Women, Dean Sterner directs and coordinates all phases of the co-ed campus ac- tivity. She is a native of Indiana and received her B.A. and M.S. degrees from Indiana University. She came to the University from Texas Tech where she served as Assistant Dean of Women. Dr. Sterner has been nationally prominent in guidance and counseling work with women students at several colleges and universities. Assisting Dr. Sterner is Dean Grace Vineyard, Assistant Dean of Women. Dean Vineyard works with all phases of the program, but concentrates mainly on freshmen. George Yourick, Dean of Men, is concerned directly with the residence hall and student counseling programs. He is also the coordi- nator of religious affairs. Dean Yourick came to the University this year from the University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley where he was Assistant Dean of Students. His degrees are from the University of New Mexico. Frank C. Michel, Assistant Dean of Men, is concerned directly with fraternities and interna- tional students. He received his degree ' from Wash- ington State University. FRANK C. MICHEL Assistant Dean of Men The Information Desk in the lobby of the Student Union is a service to all at I ' of A. They usually know what is going on. GRADUATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY WILLIAM B. STILES Director Well equipped laboratories are available at the Graduate Institute of Technology in Little Rock. These facilities are being constantly increased and are used for research and for projects arising from the individual interests of the Institute ' s faculty. The overall objectives of the Institute are, first, to provide an opportunity for graduates in science and engineering, including those currently em- ployed, to continue their studies to be able to qualify for advanced degrees in the fields of sci- ence and technology, and, second, to engage in advanced research so as to expand the field of sci- entific knowledge. During employment as well as on full time, facilities for studies after graduation have become of growing importance to the State of Arkansas. Such facilities must be of high quality and in use- ful fields. They also must be readily accessible to the industrial centers in which most technicians are employed. The availability of such facilities is seriously considered by major industrial concerns in selecting new plant locations. The Arkansas Industrial Development Com- mission, recognizing these facts, recommended to the Trustees of the LIniversity of Arkansas and to the Arkansas State Legislature that facilities for graduate study and research be created, and lo- cated in Little Rock, so as to be readily available to the major industrial centers of the State. A graduate from the University of Arkansas or from an accredited school requiring substanti- ally the same under-graduate program as is re- quired by the University, may be admitted to full graduate standing if his grades are well above the average required for the Bachelor ' s degree. FACULTY: Raible, Mathews, Ma, Hall, Dickinson, Stiles, Borchers, Tcstermnn, McLcod, Smith, Raju. 46 Intricate problems are perfectly in order at the Graduate School of Technology, which works hand in hand with industry to solve them. classes Amatya Berry Anderson, O. Anderson, V. Black Blackburn Armstrong Blanton Baker. B. Bogatie Baker, L. Bolen Ball Bo nner Bannach Bonno Baxley Brain C.PIXHI w.Gi ' JAMES Rf ns da " KM: li " CLIFFORD Gl ' SOX: V Brown, R. Chambliss Cooper Brown. T. Chase Cornell Buchanan Cleopa Dafashv Bucchley Cogburn Davis Buscb Coker, D. Dharkar Bustin Coker , J. Dilday Camp Colcman, B. Dilliard Carter Coleman, M. Divine Chambers Cook Downs FRIZZIU i nun ME HI II IFC: I TOMV1 (. Sjjinw.M " Driin First Ron-. PURUSHOTTAM AMATYA: Khichapokliri, Kathmandu, Nepal. OWEN ARTHUR ANDERSON 1 : 2X; Ro- gers. WOODROW WILSON ANDERSON: Bril; H2; Fayette- ville. WALTER GLENN ARMSTRONG: Little Rock. BILLY WAYNE BAKER: Fayetteville. LOUIS T. BAKER: Tahlequah, Okla. BRENT) A L. BALL: j Ae; Nashville. JUDITH M. BAN- NACH: Cluster, Wis. ALFRED LEO BAXI.F.Y: AIChE; Little Rock. Second Ron-: ROBERT MILES BERRY: Lone Beach. Calif. EUGENE CORYDON BLACK, JR.: Paris. JAMES ROBERT BLACKBURN: Corning. LARRY LANIER BLANTON: TKE IFC.: Springfield. S.D. GEORGE E. BOGATIE: Frontenac, Kan. WILLIAM HAROLD BOLEN: Savannah. Ga. CLAUDE M. BONNER: Luxora. JOHN ANDREW BONNO: Ft. Mitchell, Kv. SIDNEY LUCIAN BRAIN: Little Rock. CAMP: KAII; Anderson, Mo. MICHAEL CLEVELAND CART- ER: Ft. Smith. LYNAH CHAMBERS: Strong. Fourth Ron " . CARROL GENE CHAMBLISS: Agronomy Club: AT,; Star City. DANIEL LEE CHASE: Waterproof, La. NEOPTOI.EMOS CLEOPA: International Club, Vice-President; Cyprus. ONIS JAMES COGBURN: AKA; Ml. Ida. DONALD R. COKER: Snyder, Tex. JESSE M. COKER: AK; Wilmar. BRUCE WAYNE COLEMAN: Farmhouse, President; AZ; OAK; Fayetteville. MABEL ROGERS COLEMAN: 4-H House; Fay- etteville. JOSEPH LISTER COOK: 211, Secretary; Razorback, Vice-President; Scabbard and Blade; Branson, Mo. Third Row: ROBERTA DORR BROWN: Batesville. THO- MAS OSCAR BROWN: ATA: AZ; Fayetteville. ROBERT WAYNE BUCHANAN: Russclhille. THOMAS CARROL BUECHLEY: AXZ; Jacksonville. ALBERT R. BUSCH: Cut Off, La. ROBERTA MAE BUSTIN: Batesville. KATHY Fifth Row: GEORGIA RUTH COOPER: Gravette. JOE D. CORNETT: Feniday, La. WAGIH C. DAFASHY: International Club, President; BA ; Claim. Egypt. VIRGINIA ANN DAVIS: Russellville. SUBHASH CHANDRA PRABHAKAR DHARKAR: Internationl Club; Bombay. Maharashtra, India. ROBERT HENRY DILDAY: Tuckerman. FRANCES DILLIARD; AF; Hotz, Graduate Counselor; Mortar Board; Hot Springs. DOUG- LAS WAYNE DIVINE: Rison. JAY FRANKLIN DOWNS: Arkadelphia. 50 graduates Note ihe " o refunds will he made without (ash rcg- isira receipt " sign in (he I ' nivrrsity Book Store, anoilier of the many fine services offered students. Fi s floii-: CECIL D. CRIVF.R: 2AE: Pine Bluff. STUART C. DUNKEL: Glen Ellvn, 111. LYNDA SI T. EARNEST: Carroll- ton, Ga. MARILYN RODGERS EDWARDS: Hattieshurg, Miss. JAMES REGISTER EPPERSON: v X; N;,[i ( ,nal ColU-giatc Play- ers; Clarksville. LLOYD RAI.PH ERICKSON. JR.: Seliola Can- torum; Little Rock. BENNY MACK ESTES: 2 E; Fordycc. CLIFFORD L. F.UBANKS: AK ; Paragould. GIBBS FER- GUSON: McGchee. Third Row. KARIN C.ROSSMANN: n.M?;; RK; Hamburg, Germany. KLAUS E. GROSSMANN: Hamburg, Germany. CLARK IRVIN GL ' ILLIAMS: 4 iK; Opera Workshop; Galena, Mo. SYLVIA ANNE GUNNINK: Edgertou, Minn. CARL H. HAMILTON: Bartlesvillc, Okla. JOHN CHARLES HARRIS: Russellville. RONALD WILBERT HARRIS: Blue Key; 2.; 2112; Eunice. La. FREDERICK C. HEGL: ASCE; North Little Rock. Second Ron ' -. BESS BF.ASLEY: Faycttcvillc. BARBARA N. FRI . .ELL: National Collegiate Players; AT; Fayetteville. DAN R. FULLER: Mcna. MARY JOAN GAGE: Jonesboro. CARL WADE GARNER: SIT, President; Razorback, President; ASC.E; XE; IFC; Heber Springs. EVELYN KAY GLENN: Pottsville. TOMMY GOODMAN: Malvern. HENRY A. GOTTLEBER: Saginaw, Mich. JOHN WILLIAM GRAVES: TKE; A6; Young Republicans; Little Rock. Fourth Row: THOMAS HYATT HIGGS: Lcwisville. SEL- MA PLOWMAN HOBBY: X; Foreign Relations Club; Little- Rock. VIRGIL HAROLD HOLDER: SNEA; Student Senate; Swifton. CHARLES D. HOOKS: Farmhouse, Treasurer; OAK: H2; Agronomy Club; AX, Treasurer; I ' rescott. LINDA RUSH- TON HURLEY: X; IiK; Ra tirhack Beauly; AFROTC Hon- orary C ' .adet Colonel; 2X, Sweetheart; Magnolia. ROBERT D. HURLEY: 2X. Vice-President; Cardinal XX; HME; OAK. President; F.I Dorado. EDGARDO CARRII.I.O HURTADO: Tarlar, Tarlar, Philippines. DARRELI. KEITH HUTCHINS: SIIS; Tahlequah, Okla. Driver Fogg Dunkel Frizzcll Earnest Fuller Edwards Gage Epperson Garner Erickson Glenn Estes Goodman Eubanks Gottleber Ferguson Graves Grossmann, K. Grossmann, K. E Higgs Hobby Gulliam Holder Hamilton Hurley, L. Hegl Hutchins 51 First Ron " . L. D. HUTT, JR.: Fouke. fOHN ROGER IR- VI : Adrian. Mo. JOANNA ELIZABETH ISAAC: 2AI; Memphis, Tcnn. GLEN D. JOHNSON: Fayetteville. JIMMY RAY JOHNSON: AZ; Agronomy Club; Stuttgart. B. PAUL [OYNER: Little Rock. ROBERT FARROW KF.ATHLEY: AFP; Belleville. CALI.IE ANN KINC: Briggsvillc. JAMES KEN- NETH KNIGHT: XE; ASCI.: Berrvville. S:nid Him-. CHARLES W. LAMB: OT: TI1II; TIME; M1HC Court. Chief Justice: AICliF- I.cola. ROY LEON LANE: Paris. RICHARD GEORGE LAWS: Jonesboro. HAR- VEY S. LEWIS: ur:S; AK : Jackson. Miss. WILLIAM CLIF- 10RD LIN AM: ASCE; Engineering Council; TB11; XE, Presi- dent. Treasurer; Rector. GARY MICHAEL LOW : Batesville. BILLY BOOTH LOWRKY: Clarksclalc, Miss. JEEF H. MART- IN: Wynne. WILLIAM CARL MARTIN, JR.: ASME, Mabel- vale. Third Row: CHARLES FRED MAYEIEI.I), JR.: 2AE; OT, President, Vicc-Presideiit; Blue Key. President, Treasurer; HKX, President; Who ' s Who: IEEE; El Dorado. JERRY BUR- LORI) McANINCH: Doniphan. Mo. L. PATRICK McLANE: AK; Rustoii, La. JAMES DONALD McMAHEN: Magnolia. JOHN L. MEASON: Roaring Springs, Tex. MELINDA MEEK: Mortar Board; j A6; BK; Warren. JERRY L. MILEY: Gra- vctte. THOMAS STEPHEN MOORE: BK; OAK; Mena. MAR- ILYN SUE MORRIS: Conway. Fourth Row: GEORGE RONALD MOTLEY: XE; TBII; ASCE; Engineering Council; Little Rock. CHARLES HARTLEY NAUMAN: Drexel Hill, Pa. ROBERT EUGENE NEWMAN: Miami, Okla. DONALD WAYNE NORVELL: Harrison. JUDITH ANNA NUIT: Student Senate; WIHC; Coterie; Fayetteville. HIROSHI OISHI: TBII; IEEE; HKN; Ridgecrest, Calif. LAWRENCE RICHARD OLIVER: AFP; Agronomy Club; A ' , Stuttgart. JERRY LEE PARKER: nME; Fayetteville. JIMMY V. PARR: OAK; Tuckeiman. Fifth Row: SONNY WAYNE PEARSON: ASME; HTS; Fay- etteville. FRANK W. PEEK: Dunkirk, N. Y. LAWRENCE DALE PHARR: AZ; Farmhouse, Reporter; Animal Industry Club, President, Treasurer; ASA; Summers. CAROLYN SUE QUALLS: -I-H House; J TO; Evening Shade. MICHAEL JOHN REGAN: Los Angeles, Calif. CHARLOTTE ANN RIKF.:: J Ae; Nashville. JERRY H. ROBB1NS: f AK, President; KAIT; Conway. RAY- MOND P . ROBBINS: AX2; Benton. BETTY LOU ROBIN- SON: El Dorado. Hutt Irvin Isaac Johnson, G. Johnson, J. Joyner Keathley Lamb Lane Laws Lewis l.iuam Low Lowrey Maviicld McAninch Mcl.anc McMahen Meason Meek Milev Martin. J. Moore Knight Martin, W. Morris Motley Pearson 52 Mmin. V. Mortis Kosc ' inan Roth Saucr Sauiidcrs Shull Sidlci SiiiuiKins Sorrclls Sourlis Sparks Spence Spiegel Strickland, N. Snhkliiiid. ' I . Sink il:i Smith uiliidy., H Suffiidge. 1. Sullivan Takaliara Tallmrt, 1). Talburt, N. Thompson, S. Yandivcr ' alton, E. Walton, G. Whitman Williams. ! ' . Williams, I. Villmoth Talley Tan I app Thrin Thompson, H. Vang Wutson. J. Watson. I.. Wave ' caver Wilson, J. Wilson, K. Wilson, V. W gle Yen HiM ? : MARTIN F. ROSEMAN: Eavetleville. REGINA RUSHING ROTH: Eaycttevillc. NADA ISABEL SAL ' ER: Kan- srs City. Mo. HOMER LEE SAUNDERS: Fayetteville. RAI.I ' H BRADLEY SHl ' I.I.: Little Rock. I ' Al ' L 1). SIDLER: Ft. Smith. DAVID RAE SIMMONS: Shrcvcport. La. DIANE J. SIX- KOLA: Deer River, Minn. STEVE SMITH: Newport. Sound Row: RICHARD DOYLE SORREI.I.S: A7,: Royal. (,EOR(,E .SOl ' RI IS: Gary, hid. JAMES IRA SPARKS: Rus- scllville. IARRY R. SPENCE: i) E: IIME: Scabbard and Blade; Texarkana. RONALD JOHN SPIEGEL: AXA; HKN: IEEE; Ft. Myers, Fla. NATHAN EDWARD STRICKLAND: 211. Vice-President; X; IFC; Civic Club; Bald Knob. TER- RELL DEWAYNE STRICKLAND: Thornton. IUIFORD JO- SEl ' ll Sl ' FFRIlXiE: AO; Perryville. LYNDA CIIIIDERS SI I 1 RlDCiE: Little Rock. Tliiitl Rini " . JOHN LIONEL SCI.I.IVAN: Scrabbard and Blade; Fayetteville. ESI HER JASTILLAXA TAKAHARA: Bacolod City, Philippines. DWIGHT E. TALBL ' RT: 2S; CUK; Batesville. NANCY ELLEN TABURT: BK; Jonesboro. CLAIRE R. I ALLEY: Youngstown, Ohio. X.OILO CHENG HO IAN: Bnlan. Sorsogen. Philippines. MARY LEE TAPP: Little Rock. MYINT Till IN: Moulmeii, Burma. HELEN LUCILLE THOMPSON: West Fork. Fourth SETH THOMPSON: Vest Fork. |()HN L. VANDIVER: I AK; Prairie Gro c. ELLIS BULLION WALTON: Little Rock. (,l S B. WAI. ION. [R.: Little Rock. BI-CIIENG AN(.: ' I ' aipei, ' I ' ainan. JOYCE ANN AI.SON: Marked lice. LLOYD JOSEPH WATSON: l.alitpnr. Inda. JOHN J. VAYE: Saint Charles, Mo. ANDREW WEAVER: Lafavcttc, La. Filth How: CLIFFORD DALE WHITMAN: Malvern. FRANK EDWIN WILLIAMS: Rogers. JAMES C. WILLIAMS. JR.: Ft. Worth. I ex. SIDNEY GOLDMAN 1ILMOIII: + UK: Little Rock. JOHN S. WILSON. JR.: AXA: Scabbard and. Blade: Bono. KENNETH LEE WILSON: THII: ASCE; Hamburg. YVONN ANN WILSON: 1-ulbiigbt. Ciraduate Counselor; Batesville. RALPH WILLIAM WYCI.F: (.regson, Head Resident; Empoiia, Kan. BELINDA R. S. YEN: Paris, France. 53 Adair Adams Anderson Bartell Bridgforth, J.D. Brodie Bryant Burnett Berry Blair Blankenship Booth Bridgforth, J.K. Butt Cavaneau Colvin Cooper Cox Grain Gardner, B. Harrelson Cruse Gardner, J. Hatfield Davis, R. Garrett Hendren Davis, W. Gelzine Hilburn Dawson Gifford Hopper Dober Greenberg Home Dowd Gunter Homer Frierson Hamner Hulsey Fussell Harper Jenkins lawyers First Row: WILLIAM C. ADAIR: ZN; Blue Key; Who ' s Who; Fayetteville. BYRON ALEXANDER ADAMS: IIKA; AK ; A9 ; Bath, N. Y. JOHN DOUGLAS ANDERSON: 2X; Helena. DAMEL EUGENE BARTELL: ZX; AK ; Pre-Law Democrats; OAX; Fayetteville. HERBERT DAVID BLAIR: Stu- jent Senate; Who ' s Who; 1FC; Young Democrats; S2AK; Fay- jtteville. HERBERT DAVID BLAIR: Student .Senate; Law Re- view, Editor; Student Court, Chief Justice; Blue Key; Batesville. G. LEROY BLANKENSHIP: Joncsboro. FRANK W. BOOTH: Van Buren. JOE KEITH BRIDGEORTH: ZII; Corning. Second Row: JOHN DUDLEY BRIDGFORTH: ZAE; For- rest City. RALPH GRAY BRODIE: Sedgwell, Counselor; 0T; Blue Key; Little Rock. JAMES MADISON BRYANT, II: Clarks- ville. JAMES O. BURNETT: IIKA, President, Vice President, Secretary; Fayetteville. JOHN E. BUTT: Fayetteville. JERRY WINSTON CAVANEAU: ZN; OAK; Monett, Mo. GREENE BERRY COLVIN, III: Z E; Dermott. JAMES N. COOPER: Acacia, President; Young Democrats; Magazine. WALTER BARRY COX: Forrest City. Third Row: WILLIAM STEVE GRAIN: A6 ; Hope. MICHAEL DEE CRUSE: ZX; AK ; Little Rock. RICHARD HARDING DAVIS, JR.: KZ, President, .Secretary; 0T; S AA; ASCE; XE, President; TB . Secretary; Blue Key; Stamps. WIL- LIAM GARLAND DAVIS, JR.: Russellville. ROBERT T. DAWSON: Blue Key; A E; Little Rock. CLARK WAYNE DOWD: Texarkana. JAMES GORDON FRIERSON: Jonesboro. ROBERT FOREMAN FUSSELL: KZ, President; Student Sen- ate, President; Blue Key, President; Who ' s Who; Student Court, Associate Justice; Razorback, Administration Editor; Guild Ticker, Associate Editor; AK ; Forrest City. Fourth Row: BUFORD M. GARDNER, JR.: Fayetteville. JERRY GARDNER: ZII, Secretary; Civic Club; Marketing Club; IFPC; Texarkana. LARRY WAYNE GARRETT: Hope. JOSEPH WILLIAM GELZINE: A6 j ; Young Republicans; Ft. Smith. DONALD WILLARD GIFFORD: Star City. IRVING EARNEST GREENBERG: Hot Springs. JOE TWEDELL GUNTER: Cabot. RALPH C. HAMNER, JR.: Bradley. GRAN- VILLE T. HARPER: A6 ; Ft. Smith. Fifth Row: FREDERICK DANIEL HARRELSON: ZAE; OAK; BA ; Forrest City. RICHARD FRANKLIN HATFIELD: Wilson Sharp; 2X, Secretary; OAK, Vice President, Secretary; BA ; BA Senior Class President; Scabbard and Blade; Civic Club; Helena. JIMM LARRY HENDREN: J-AA; Law Review, Business Manager; Gravette. H. SAMMY HILBURN: ZX; As- sociated Students, President, Vice President; Student Senate, President; Blue Key; Wilson Sharp, President; Civic Club, President; Board of Publications, Chairman; Who ' s Who- Wal- nut Ridge. WILLIAM LEE HOPPER: Fayetteville. DAVID B. HORNE: 2N, Vice President; Blue Key; A Club; Ft. Smith. ROTH JOHN HORNER, JR.: ZN; Hot Springs. RICHARD GLEN HULSEY: Williams; Civic Club; Student Senate; Gor- ham, Maine. FORREST N. JENKINS: Lake Village. a lam 54 First Ron-. JIMMY CLYDE JOHNSON: UKA: Mountain Home. EDWARD PAUL JONES: 2X; Bcntonvillc. JIMMY DARRELL JOYCE: Pine Bluff. CHARLES RAY KARR: API ' , Treasurer; ABC ' .; Young Democrats; It. Smith. PHILLIP K. KINSEY: Little Rock. (AMES CHARLES l.l ' KER: III; Joncs- lK)ro. CHARLES WAYNE MATTHEWS: Pine- Bluff. WIL- LIAM SHEPARI) McANINCH: OAK; Lew Review Stall; Little Rock. LARRY REED McC ' .ORI): i)X. Treasurer; Blue Kev; Law Review, Associate Editor; AO I ; " MI-; AK + ; Et. Smith. Second Ron ' : ROBERT WILLIAM McCIORKINDAI.E, II: Harrison. JOSH EDGAR McHUGHES: Little Rock. CHARLES DAVID McKAY: Magnolia. LARRY W. MEYER: 2N; Blue Key; AK ; Marketing C:iul ; Ml. Vernon, Mo. BOYCE FREEMAN MOORE: 2X; AK ' K Blythcvillc. HENRY (LAY MOORE: 2X; Pre-Law C ' .lub; Young Democrats; Little Rock. HENRY CAROL MORRIS: AKA; Young Democrats. Vicc-PieSident; Foreign Relations Club; DeQueen. ORLANDO J. Ml ND WILLER: Hermann, Mo. TED BRYAN NICHOLS: Star City. Third Row: SAM HUGH PARK: Acacia; Traveler, As- sociate Editor; Razorback, Features Editor; .Senior Class, Presi- dent; H2; Van Buren. JERRY DEAN PINSON; 2AE. President, Vice-President; Who ' s Who; Student Senate; Blue Key, Secretary; AK ; H2; Harrison. CHARLES A. POT- TER: Texarkana. MAX JOHN PROBST: 2X; Student Senate; Associated Students, President; Blue Key; Who ' s Who; Civic Club; ABC; IFC; IFPC, Vice-President; 0T; AO ; Student Court, Associate Judge. Clerk; North Little Rock. HERBERT L. RAY: 2IL -I ' AA; Eaycttcvillc. I.I I 1 1 IK. M. KKU.AN: Noe, Mo. JAMES ROBERT RHODES: i;. K: OAK: AO ' I ; DcValls Bluff. C1RIIS E. RICKARI): Acacia, Pirsidetit; Young Dem- ocrats, President; Circle K, Ireasuiti; ' J ' : I ' .noii. O THO KEITH ROBER ' ISON: El Doiado. fourth Him-: MICHAEL (,. ROTHMAN: TKK: 1 -a ette ille. BEN 1). ROWLAND: Little Rn.k. S I I IM 1 1 I I ( , I | SA1-IA : Lincoln. Ill RALPH T. SHANNON: AI.HI.I . I ' K sidenl; IFC; Law Review .Staff; Pershing Rilli-s; AO ' I 1 ; Noith Little Rock. NORMAN Ml ' RI ' HY SMI 111: |,AA. I ' lesidcnt: Young Democrats; Little Reid. ROBERT DEAN SMI I II. Ill: Z K; At) ; Young Democrats; Little Ro k. JOHN IIOI ' H INS SI - LEY, JR.: i,| E; Ciuild Ticker. Editor; Student t ' nion Boaid, Vice-Chairman; AK : Ciommerce (.uilcl. Executive (xunniiiK-f; Augusta. ALFA (.. SIRFF. II: Camclen. FA FRF. I I 1. DON STUMBAl ' GH: AA; Chnksville. BENNY E. SWINDELL: Gravette. fifth Row: JOHN THOMAS TA ' I ' IM: Danville-. DRIX ART HUR TAYLOR, JR.: AXA, Vice-President; Who ' s Who; Guild Ticker, Editor; AK ; Scabbard and C.ommerce Guide, Senior Representative; AO4 ; Pine DENVER L. THORNTON: Maker. MARL VI.HIK: AA: Ft. Smith. JOHN CHARLES WARD: _ O-t ; Ft. [OHN GEORGE WEBER: IIME: MIIIC; Huinplnevs, selor; Rogers. FRANK MILLS WILDER: Young Demon Smith. GEORGE N. WILSON: Pocahontas. HENRY F.I YOUNG: Warren. DON ALAN IMMERMAN: IN; Little Rock. HEN- OAK; Blade; Bluff. S I F:; Smith. Ccjun- ats; Et. :GENE North Johnson Jones Joyce Karr McCorkinclale McHughes McKay Meyer Park Pinson Potter Probst Kinsey I.ukcr Moore, B. Moore, H. Ray Reagan Matthews McAninch McCord Morris Mundwillcr Nichols Rhodes Rickard Robertson Rothman Tatum Rowland Taylor Safly Thornton Shannon Vehik Stumbaugh Young Swindell Zimmerman 55 seniors After playing for three years in the minor leagues. Jerry Lamb and Ronnie Caveness receive their chance to move up to the big time the Kansas City Chiefs. First Row. CAROLYN K. ADAIR: Education; AAA; Dumas. EDWARD FORREST ADAIR: Pre-Dent.; SN, President; Stu- dent Senate, Cheerleader Committee, Chairman; Traveler Staff; Razorhack Staff; Blue Key; Fayettcville. JUDY KAY ADAMS: Education; X2; AAA; Panhellenic Council; Ft. Smith. SUSAN ELIZABETH ADAMS: Education; AAA; SNEA; Elementary Club; North Little Rock. AUBREY CECIL ADCOCK, JR.: Civil Engineering; Texarkana. JANET STITES ADCOX: Edu- cation; SNEA; ABC; Newport. PRESTON M. ADCOX: Engi- neering; 2X; TBH; ASME; HT2; TIME; Newport. JOHN ED- WARD AIST: Mathematics; Huntsville. Second Row: RICHARD E. ALBIN: Speech-Drama; 2$E; National Collegiate Players; Fayetteville. TEDDIE ANNETTE ALDERMAN: Education; ZTA; SNEA; Young Democrats; Rogers. JAMES ROBERT ALEXANDER: Physics; Springdale. JEROME BARCLAY ALFORD: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Hot Springs. KAY ALFORD: English; IIB ; Russellville. JAMES DAVID ALLEN: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Arnold Air Society; KK ; XE; Fayettcville. VINCENT S. ALLISON: Accounting; 4 AO; Ft. Smith. NAN CLARKE ALLMON: Speech-Drama; ITB ' I ' ; Razorback, Co-Editor; ABC; National Collegiate Players; Student Senate, Entertainment Committee; Clarendon. Third Row: GENE P. ANDERSON: Physical Education; 2 E; Varsity Football; Siloam Springs. RAY LYNN ANDER- SON: Mathematics; Williams House; Lebanon, Mo. XURY CHARLES ANGEL: Marketing; Ft. Smith: GERALD LESLIE ARGALL: Engineering; William House, President; TBII; HUE; Mountain Home. TOBY J. ARMELLINI: Engineering; ASCE, Treasurer; Engineering Council; North Little Rock. LARRY OLEN ASHLOCK: Soils; Agronomy Club, Treasurer; ASA; Fourche Valley. JAMES RAY ATCHLEY, JR.: Marketing; Har- rison. PATRICIA EILEEN ATCHLEY: Education; AAA; ABC; Young Democrats; Hot Springs. Fourth Row: MARGARET ANN ATKINSON: History; Fayetteville. GORDON LASATER AULGUR: Engineering: Cot- tomlalc, Ala. JOHN RUSSELL AULT: Engineering; ASME; North Little Rock. SHARON ANN AUSTIN: Social Welfare; AF; WRA; Joplin, Mo. DONNA IDELLE AXUM: Speech; AAA; Sophomore Counselor; ROTC Hon. Lt. Colonel; Civic Club; Schola Cantorum; U-Arkettes; Miss Arkansas 1963; Miss America 1964; El Dorado. JERRY LEE BABER: Engineering; Droke House: ASCE; XE; Hot Springs. SAM RAY BAILEY: Engineer- ing; Springdale. AX.ALEA ESTELLA BAIRD: Art; AAA; Student Union Executive Board; AAA, Vice-President; Senior Counselor; Shreveport, La. Adair, C. Albin Adair, E. Alderman Adams, J. Alexander Adams, S. Alford, J. Adcock Alford, K. Adcox, J. Allen ' Adcox, P. Allison Aist Allmon Anderson, G. Anderson, R. Angel Atkinson Aulgur Ault Argall Austin Armellini Axum Ashlock Baber Atchley, J. Bailey Atchley, P. Baird 56 Bajour Burger Baker. N. Bariola Baker. V. Barksclule Bulch Barlow Ball.od Bai licit, P. Bane Barnctt, R. Banks Baiion Bankston Basing! r Basset I Bell, U. A. Bicknell Bayliss Bell, 1). I., ' gge. J- Bean Bcnton, J. Bigge, M. Beard Bcnton, I.. Bcardall Bern. C:. Black, G. M. Black, G. Bcardcn Berry, D. Black, R. Bcasley, A. Berryhill Blackburn Beasley, E. Best Blackwell in! A ' oir: EAROUK AHMED BAJOUR: Engineering; OT: ABC; International Club; Beirut. Lebanon. NANCY RUTH BAKER: Education; Elementary Club: -S.NEA: Eayettcville. WILLIAM E. BAKER: Engineering; Hoi Springs. ' BF.CKI BALCH: Education; KKF; Mortar Hoard; AWS. Vice-President Judicial Board; Student I ' nion Goxcining Board; Little Rock. DONALD V. BAI. LARD: Engineering; Mnrfrcesboro. JIM BANE: Marketing; IIKA; Branson. Mo. ROBERT CLARK BANKS. JR.: Psychology; William: Hot Springs. John D. BANKSTON: Architecture; El Dorado. Second lime: OSC:AR BOYD BARGER: Education; Arnold Air Society; SNEA; Young Republicans; Spiingdalc. PAUL ALLEN BARIOI.A: Agriculture Economies; AIT: Newman Club; Agriculture Economies Club: Spiingdale. RONALD D. BARKSDAI.E: Real Estate-Insurance; 2X; AK ; " A " Club; Commerce Guild: Young Democrats; Varsity Baseball; Prescott. JAMF.S PAIL BARLOW, [R.: Entomology; Sedgwcll House; Entomology Club; Magnolia. PAMELA POWELL BARNETT: Education; Bradley. RONALD DAVID BARNETT: Agronomy; Agii Students Association; A7; Treasurer; Agronomy Club; Bradley. JAMES G. BARTON: Banking-Finance; 2X; BA, Sen- ior Class, Treasurer; Ereshman Class. President: Et. Smith. M. KAREN BASINGER: Business Education; Holcombc; SNEA; ' an Buren. Third Kinr: JOHN LELAND BASSE FT: Arc liitec lure; Eay- elteville. RANDOLPH BLAKE BAYLISS: Engineering; Faycttc- ville. TERRY ROBERT BEAN: Engineering; flT. Board of Governors; Student Senate; AIIE. Vice-Prc ' .sidc ' iit; Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer; Sedgwell House, President; M1HC, Social Chairman; Engineer, Business Manager; Circle K; Engineering Council: Benton. DONALD E. BEARD: Management; Fayette- ville. WILLIS HKRRERA BEARDAI.L: Art; ' THE: Panama. IILMAN BEARDEN: I.ngincei ing; UKA; OT; AIIE: Texark- ana. ALICE JOBELLE BEASLEY: Home Economics; AAA; Hughc-s. EDWARD NEEL BEASLEY: Cihemistry; Newman Foundation; International Club; Pine Bluff. fonrlli Ron-. DELILAH ANN BELL: Physical Education; Carnall Hall; PEM; Mineral Springs. DONNA LYNN BELL: General Business; KKF; Sophomore Counselor; XO: Commerce Guild; Pine Bluff. JUDITH BENTON: English; y.TA; Young Democrats; International Club; Pine Bluff. LINDA ANN BEN- TON: Elementary Education; AAII; Young Democrats; Elemen- tary Club; Schola Cantorum; Joplin. Mo. CAROLYN JANE BERRY: Spanish-Anthropology; lll! [ ; 2AII: +BK: Interna- tional Club; Sociology-Anthropology Club: Aikadclphia. DAVID ALLEN BF.RRY: Engineering; ASCF; North little Rock. CAR- L0 ANN BERRYHILL: Social Welfare: AX . ic e President; Sociology Club; FA: Ft. Wocxl, Mo. CHARLES FRANCIS BEST: Engineering; Carlisle. ; llmi " . JOHN II. BICKNELL: History; estminister Center: It. .Smith. JOSEPH THOMAS BICCE: Engineering; Sedgwell, Treasurer; ASME; Mena. MARYLYN GAIL BIGGE: Music; AX! ; Mena. MICHAEL DOl (il.AS BIGC;S: Commercial Art: Ra orhack Band: KK : Fayettexille. (;ERALD M. BLACK: Marketing: i ' cf K: C.ircle K; Marketing Club; Joplin, Mo. GWEN BLACK: Music Education; Iloleomhc; Ra otback Band; Granby, Mo. RICHARD D. BLACK: History: U Arkeltes; Opera Work- shop; Young Democrats: Prairie Groxe. FRED DOUGLAS BI.AC.KBURN. JR.: Business Administration: AK I ' ; Mountain Home. BENN1E FRANCIS BLACKWELL: Engineeiing: TIUI; TS; ASME; Emerson. 57 Blair Bondurant, C. Blaylock, B. Bondurant, R. Blaylock, R. Bone Blcvins, L. C. Bonnell Blcvins, L. F. Bonno Blythe Boogaart Boak Boothc Bobb Bostick Boswell Bourg Bowen Bowerman Bowles Bowman Boyce Boyd Brady Brandenfoff Brazil Brcnton Brewer Brickey Bridgforth Briley Britt Brown, D. Brown, G. Brown, J. Brown, L. Brown, M. Brown, M. A. Brown, M. S. Bruce First Row: FRANK P. BLAIR: Architecture; KZ; North Lit- tle Rock. BRKNDA DOWE BLAYLOCK.: Elementary Educa- tion; BS; Ozark. ROBIN BLAYLOCK: French-Spanish; Futrall; Little Rock. LAWRENCE CHARLES BLEVINS: Engineering; Van Buren. LINDA FAYE BLEVINS: Textile Merchandising; KKT; Civics Club; Carrollton, Mo. FRED BENTON BLYTHE: I ' re-Dent.; Bentouville. JEROME STEPHEN BOAK: Engineer- ing; Young Rcpublicians; McDonald, Pa. MARY CHARLOTTE BOBB: Social Welfare; Razorback; Joplin, Mo. Second Row: CHARMAYNE KIMBALL BONDURANT: Business; X9; Young Democrats; Hot Springs. RICHARD STEELE BONDURANT: Marketing; Marketing Guild; Ac- counting Association; Hot Springs. BEN BEDFORD BONE: Engineering; IEEE; Williams; Des Arc. MARGARET ELIZA- BETH BONNELL: I ' rc-Med. -Psychology; ITB ; X; Wesley Foundation; J BK; Muskogee, Ok ' la. BARBARA RUTH BON- NO; Business; Louisville, Ky. AGAR JOHN BOOGAART: Phys- ical Education; Yocum, Counselor; Mountain Home. WILLIAM C. BOOTHE: Architecture; Jonesboro. GLENDA BELLE BO- STICK: Home Economics; AHEA, State Vice-President; ! TO, Secretary; Carnall; Ola. Third Row: WILLIAM HAROLD BOSWELL: General Busi- ness; KZ; Waldo. JANICE MARIE BOURG: Education; ZTA; Dallas, Tex. MELVIN DOYLE BOWEN, JR.: Engineering; Hot Springs. HARRY EARL BOWERMAN: Animal Nutrition; Stu- dent Senate; AZ; Animal Industry Club; El Dorado. ROBERT D. BOWLES, JR.: Chemistry; Tillar. JOANNE BOWMAN: Elementary Education; HB ; Neosho, Mo. CHARLES CLAY BOYCE: Pie-Den.; ZAE; Dardanellc. DON EARL BOYD: Ac- counting; ZN; Pre-Lew Club; Circle K, Secretary; Razorback Hand; Tulsa, Okla. Fourth How: SALLY ANN BRADY: Elementary Education; A_in; Young Democrats; SNT ' .A; Elementary Club; St. Louis, Mo. CAROLE LYNN BRANDENHOFF: Elementary Education; TA; SNF.A; Elementary Club; Evanston, 111. SUZANNE ROB- ERTS BRAZIL: Secondary Education; AAA; SNEA; Young Democrats; Conway. GENE THOMAS BRENTON: Transpor- tation; Droke House; North Little Rock. HARLIN VINFRED BREWER: Mathematics; Flippin. RALPH ALLAN BRICKEY: Accounting; Accounting Association; Fayetteville. PATRICIA JONES BRIDGFORTH: History; J A6. President; Crossett. JACK W. BRILFY: Physical Therapy; 211; Spiro, Okla. Fifth Row: EDGAR EODS BRITT: Business Management; Scabbard and Blade; SAM; Rogers. DOYLE EUGENE BROWN: Engineering; Harrisburg. GILBERT LESTER BROWN, JR.: Engineering; Hope. JOHN DEWAYNE BROWN: Mathematics; TKE, Secretary; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Aid Society; MIHC; IFPC; Hamburg. LINDA ANN BROWN: Home Economics; 4-H House: J T(); AHEA, Treasurer; ASA; Cedarville. MAR- GARET ROSE BROWN: Elementary Education; Harrisburg. MARY ANN BROWN: Physical Education; Razorback; PEM Club; WR.V; Pocahontas. MARY SHANNON BROWN: History; y I ' A; AT: Young Democrats; SNF.A; Ft. Smith. KATHRYN LLOYENE BRUCE: Pre-Mcd.; Carnall; Sophomore Counselor; Senior Counselor; Pine Bluff. 58 x 1 Briltv Brace seniors First Row: WILLIAM R. BRUDNER: Engineering; IIME; AIChE; Pine Bluff. WALTER J. BUCHANAN: Advertising; AE; AK ; Marketing Club; Advertising Club; A l 0, Vice- President; Ra orback Band; Razorback Staff; Helena. THOMAS M. BUCHANAN: oology; K2; Collegiate Academy of Science; Forrest City. WALLACE LEO BL ' CKLEW: Physical Education; 2X; 1 ' EM ' Club; Indianapolis, Ind. JOEL K. BUCKNER: Ac- counting; AXA; AK ; Hazen. EDWIN L. Bl ' EHLER: Business; SAM, Secretary; Marketing Club; Mount Vernon, Mo. KEN- NETH GORDON Bl ' FORI): Accounting; Springdale. GLENDA GAIL BULLOCK: Psychology; Carnall; Prcscott. Second Row: HAROLD EUGENE BIRCH: Agriculture; ATA; Treasurer; Hot Springs. JUDI ANN BURCH: English- Spanish; Carnall, Secretary; WIHC, President; Disciples Student Fellowship, President, Vice-President; Mortar Board, Vice-Presi- dent; AAA: AT; Board of Publications; 2AII; Tulsa, Okla. VIR- GINIA E BURDICK: Education; Springdale. LARRY W. BURKS: Accounting; SX; BA AK ; Commerce Guild; Scab- bard and Blade; North Little Rock. FRED CLAY BURN ' S: Finance; K2. President. Secretary; Civic Club; Young Demo- crats; AK ; IFC; Danville. JOHN JESSUP BURNS: Engineer- ing; 2n; AIIE; 8T; Engineering Council; ABC; El Dorado. LIONEL JOSEPH BURNS, JR.: Education; AXA; Young Dem- Following the New Year ' s Day game, a disappointed Cornhusker fan wonders just what he is doing in Dallas and ponders his long bus trip to Nebraska. ocrats; Strong. FARRIS LEE BURROUGHS: Engineering; Little Rock. Third Row: JOHN MII.LSAP BURSON: Accounting; Sedge- well; AK ; Aurora, Mo. JAMES EDWARD BURTON: Agricul- tural Economics; ATP; Booneville. BEVERLY BYNUM: Busi- ness; X12, Vice-President; Traveler Staff; X9; Tulsa, Okla. EDWARD WOODS CAIN, JR.: Engineering; Droke; TBIT; XE; ASCE; MIHC; William, President; Joiner. KATHYE ANN CALDU ' ELL: Home Economics; Futrall; A ,; Dardanelle. RE- BECCA A. CAI.LAHAN: Elementary Education; AAH; WRA; Elementary Club; SNEA; Walnut Ridge. WILLIAM JEROME CALLAN: Pre-Mecl.; 2N; Collegiate Academy of Science; A4 !2; Dardanelle. ELSIE LUCILLE CALLAWAY: Education; Futrall; Forrest City. Fourth How: EDWARD DWAYNE CAMPBELL: Engineer- ing; AIChE; Ft. Smith. JOHNNY BRUCE CAMPBELL: Engi- neering; Emerson. J. BURL CAMPBELL: Engineering; IEEE; Emerson. WILLIAM R. CANINO: Architecture; Ft. Smith. DON L. CAPLE: Engineering; IIKA; Engineering Club; ASME; North Little Rock. JAMES VINCENT CARD: General Busi- ness; Humphreys; Clayton, N.Y. R. LARRY CARGILE: Mar- keting; IIKA: Marketing Club; Little Rock. JAMES RONALD CARNEY: Engineering; Acacia; Bono. Brudner Burch, H. Buchanan, J. Burch, J. Buchanan, T. Burc ' ick Bucklew Burks Buckner Burns, F. Buehlcr Burns, J. Buforcl Burns, L. Bullock Burroughs Burson Burton Bynum Cain Caldwell Callahan Callan Callaway Campbell, E. Campbell, J. Campbell, J. Canno Caple Card Cargile Carney seniors Governor and Mrs. Faubus honored Karen Carlson at a Yard Party at. the Governor ' s Mansion. This was a non-political pep rally proceeding the Baylor game. First How: CAROL ANN CARROLL: Physical Education; Razorback; 1 ' EM Club; Pocahontas. CAROL ANN CARTER: English; AT; Senior Counselor; Sophomore Counselor; Mortar Board; Wesley Foundation; AAA; AT; ABC; Fayetteville. FRANK LYLE CARTER: Entomology; AFP, First Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary-Treasurer; AZ; ASA, President; Collegiate Acad- emy of Science; Booncville. JOYCE RUSSELL CARTER: Home Economics Education; ASA; AHEA; f TO; Jonesboro. ROBERT DAVID CARTER: Mechanical Engineering; TKE; IIT2; Little- Rock. HARRY D. CASSELL: Distributive Education; Marketing Club; Dallas, Tex. JIMMY R. GATE: Animal Husbandry; Fayet- teville. JAMES W. CAUDLE: Agronomy; AIT; Hope. Second Row: J. LEE CAZORT: Business Administration; Little Rock. JAMES LLOYD CHANDLER: Chemistry; AEA; Nashville. EDDIE CHAPMAN: Civil Engineering; Ripley; Hickory Ridge. PAUL MICHAEL CHRIST: Education; Mal- vern. BETTY JO CHURCHILL: English-French; 7,TA; Little Rock. BILL E. CLARK: Electrical Engineering; K2; Student Senate; Little Rock. DAVID ALAN CLARK: Architecture; Fayetteville. SARAH FROST CLARK: Elementary Education; ZTA; Senior Counselor; Mortar Board; AWS, Executive Board; ACEI, President; SNEA; ABC; Blythevillc. Third Row: STEPHEN LEE CLARK: Psychology; Yocum Hall; Little Rock. PAUL KENNETH CLEMENTS: Civil En- gineering; Kingslaiul. ROGER CLYDE CLUBBS: Mathematics- Pre-Med.; Droke; TIME; AAE; Pine Bluff. JERRY DEAN CI.UFF: Chemistry; HKA; Wichita, Kan. MARINELL COE: Dietetics; IIB j , Rush Chairman; Mortar Board; AWS, Executive Board, Judicial Board, Chairman; ABC; Panhellenic, Handbook Editor; TO, Secretary; Tuckerman. MARSHAL A. COKEY: Accounting; AK ; Hiwasse. JAMES I. COLE: Government; Young Democrats; Piggott. MARVIN LYNN COLE: Animal Industry Club; Yellville. Fourth Row: FLOYD B. COLEMAN: Finance; 2 E; Holly Grove. JOHN ROBERT COLEY: Elementary Education; Ozark. HERBERT A. COMBS: Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Ash- down. NATHAN LEWIS COMBS: Pre-Law; TKE; Fayetteville. STEWART MICHAEL CONDRF.N: Chemistry; KK ; Razor- back Band; Van Bureii. CHARLES BARTON CONINE: Art; 2N; Fayetteville. JOSEPH PATRICK CONNOLLY: Civil En- gineering; Pershing Rifles; XE; AE; ASCE; Fayetteville. DAVID NORFLEET COOK: Marketing; 2AE; SAM; ' Marketing Club; Law Club; Young Democrats; Wynne. Carroll Cazort Carter, C. Chandler Carter, F. Chapman Carter, J. Christ Carter, R. Churchill Casscll Clark, B. Cate Clark, D. Caudle- Clark, S. Clark, S. E. Coleman Clements Coley Clubbs Combs, H. Cluff Combs, N. Coe Condren Cokey Connie Cole, J. Connolly Cole, M. Cook 60 Cook, D. Copeland Cook, R. Conies Cook, W. Cornish, G. Coonce Cornish, S. Cooper, J. Q. Cooper, f. D. Coots Cosgrcne, I). Cosgro c, |. Cotlm Copeland Courtney Craig, C. Craig. J. Crain Crane Cranston Crawford Crisp Cross Crouch Ciuin Crumpton Cunningham Cusick Dabhs Daniel. A. Daniel. C. Daniel, H. Daniels Darr Creel Crtighton Cure Curry Daugherty, J. Daugherty, W. l- ' ii.-l , ' oir: DONALD K. COOK: Springdale. ROGER CUR- US COOK: Geology: Riplc : El. Smith. WILLIAM RALPH COOK: Speech; K2; Wynne. SIDNT.Y LEHMAN C:OON ' CE: Mechanical Engineering; FIT ; ASME, Corning. JAMES OUIN- TON COOPER: l ' re- ' et.; A . Animal Industry Club; Agrono- my Club: Harrison. JERRY DKWAYNF. COOPER: Pre-Med.; 2X; OAK: Cardinal XX, ic e-Prc sidenl; AEA. President; Travel- er. Business Manager; J Hi;; I- ' I. Smith. JOSEPH EUGENE COOTS: Secondary Education; ] . Vice-President; SNEA; Young Democrats; [udsonia. [AMES JOHN COPEI.AXD: Me- chanical Engineering; Pittshuigh, Kan. Siron l Kim-. l.ARRY (,. CO1T.I.AND: Marketing; Tcxar- kana. BEVERLY AXX CORDES: Elementarv Education; Spring- dale. GERALD I.. CORNISH: Ciul Engineering; AXA: Pine Bluff. SAXDRA M. CORNISH: Elementary Education; AAIT; Young Democrats; Pine Blulf. DALE GENE COSGROVE: Busi- ness Administration: Acacia: Harrison. Jl ' DY DIAXE C ' .OS- (,RO ' E: Phvsics; ,T. ; Harrison. EliS I ER TAYLOR COT- ' IEX: Civil Engineering; or: Blue Ki- ; THII: ASCE: IIMK; XE: Cinlc K; Malvcrn. MAURICE II. COrRIXEY: Chemical Engineering; Circle K; Newman (ilub; AlCliE: Pine Blulf. Tliinl Hmr: CHARLES ED ARD CRAKi: Accounting; - E: Accounting Association; Little Rock. [ES.SA KAYF. CRAIG: Business Education; AAII: Bc-ntomille. | KAN IK HALE CRAIN: Secondary Education: FA: Marion. l.ARRY ETGEXK CRANE: Civil Engineering; XE: ASCK: Hot Springs. KEN- NETH DAVID CRANSTON: General Business; THE; New- man Club; Pine Bluff. DO I TIE CRAWFORD: English; KKI ' : Hughes. HELEN MORRIS (REEL: Physical Education; WRA; PEM Club: Mountainburg. WARREN EDWIN CREIGHTON: Architecture; Acacia; IFPC; AIA; Engineers Club; Young Demo- crats; Benton. Fourth Kmc: JERRY WAYNE CRISP: oology; z E; Col- legiate Academy of Science; Marvell. LINDA RED CROSS: Physical Education; Futrall; WRA. President; PEM Club, Presi- dent; Ra orhack Band: ABC: Young Democrats; Miller, Mo. I I Gl XT. LADNER C.ROl ' CII: Physical Education; 2X: PEM Club; I.exa. JAMES WILLIAM CRl M: Mathematics; Acacia; ' oung Republicans, Vice-President; Schola Cantorum; Civic Club: Fa clte ille. HERBIE LYNN CRUMP 1 OX: Architecture; i; J E. Secretary; AIA: Circle K; Young Democrats; Texarkana. SHARON KAY CUNNINGHAM: Psychology-Sociology; Kansas ' Cit . Mo. HARDING BRIGGS CURE: Economics; 2X: Blvlhe- ille. JAMES DYKES CURRY: Accounting; R.W ' ; Accounting Association; Mountain Home. l-if h Urn,-. CHARLES WILFRED CUSKK: Architecture: .].AO: AIA; Little Rock. TERRY OILS DABBS: Mathematics: MIi:: Kavetleville. A I. JKXNIXXiS DANIEL: Englisli; Humph KK : Prescolt. i ' -J ' E: BA : Little Latin; III! : Scui- re s: Mil 1C: Westminster Kellowshi) CHARLES K. D XTKL, JR.: Accounting Rock. H RRIK.T II1 ABFIH DANIEL ology Club: Young Republicans; Orchcsis; Senior Counselor; B.SU: KAII; Mnskogee. Okla. CROSBY EUGENE DANIELS: Agronomy; Agronomy Club: A7: Forclvcc. JAMES EARL DARR. JR.: Marketing; IX. Lt. -Commander; BA, Freshman Class Treasurer: Marketing Club: Commerce Guild: Shrcvcport, La. JOE D ID D U(,HIRTY: oology; ATfi: Little Rock. WILLIAM S. DAUGHERFY: Banking Finance; SAE; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Augusta. 61 Davidson De-Wolfe Davis Dick Day Dcckerson Deaderick Dillard Dean Dixon Deane Donahue DeClerk Dorrc Defronze Douglas Douglas, D. Dunham Eckel Douglas, T. Dunn Eddy, A.. Draki Durden Eddy, E. D riggers Durham Eddy, R. Dubbell Eason Edwards, F. Dubiner Eason Edwards, J. Duckett Eberle, J. Edwards, R. Duggan Eberle, M. Egger First Row: JERRY FRANK DAVIDSON: Music; Schola Can- torum; Rison. LEO CARSON DAVIS: Zoology; William; Na- tional Merit Scholars Club, Secretary- Treasurer; Mountain Home. GRACE DIANNE DAY: Art; AXQ, President; Little Rock. DAVID ELDRIDGE DEADERICK: English; 2AE, Treas- urer; Civic Club; ABC; IFC, Secretary; Arnold Air Society; Forrest City. HILBERT DWAYNE DEAN: Civil Engineering; Eagle Lake, Fla. FRANCES DEANE: English; KKr, Second Vice-President; ABC; IFPC, Secretary; Little Rock. ROBERT ANTHONY DECLERK: Accounting; 2X; BA ; Young Re- publicans; Pocahontas. WILLIAM ERNEST DEFRONZE: Eng- lish; K2; Passaic, N. J. Second Row: CAROLINE MONROE DEWOLFE: Speech Correction; Futrall; Ft. Worth, Tex. MARTIN DAVID DICK, JR.: Marketing; 2IT; AK ; Marketing Club; Ft. Smith. LARRY RICHARD DICKERSON: Psychology; Young Republicans; Mountain Home. GRACE ANNETTE DILLARD: English- Philosophy; Futrall; Xfi; Little Rock. DAVID HUGH DIXON: Accounting; Accounting Association; Ft. Smith. MARY NELL DONAHUE: History-Sociology; AAA; Mortar Board; Student Senate; Young Democrats; Senior Counselor; Student Union Ac- tivities Board, Chairman; Little Rock. JAMES EDWIN DORRE: Civil Engineering; ASCE; KK ' J ' , President, Vice-President; Raz- orback Band; Hot Springs. MARSHALL ALAN DOUGLAS: General Business; K2; Ft. Smith. Third Row: DOKE DOUGLAS: General Business; K2; Houston, Tex. TROY R. DOUGLAS: Government; Charleston. ABDUL WADOUD DRAKI: Civil Engineering; 6T; IIME; In- ternational Club; ASCE; Syria. DONITA ANN DRIGGERS: Nutritional Science; KKF; Colhecon; Magnolia. PAUL J. DUB- BELL: History; j A6; -J AO; Marketing Club; Pershing Rifles; Rogers. DANNALEE DUBINER: History-Psychology; KKF, Vice-President; X; IFPC; Kansas City, Mo. WILLIAM DOUG- LAS DUCKF.TTY: Pre-Med.-Chemistry; Humphreys; AEA; Wil- liamsville, Mo. JANICE ANN DUGGAN: Elementary Educa- tion; SNEA; Dierks. Fourth Row: DOUGLAS HOWARD DUNHAM: Insurance- Real Estate; 2 E; Neosho, Mo. MARIANNE GILLISON DUNN: Elementary Education; Lake Village. ROBERT R. DURDEN: Finance; 2AE; Ft. Smith. JIMMY RAY DURHAM: Mechanical Engineering; William House, Vice-President; Civic Club; ASME; Perryville. ROGER L. EASON: Animal Hus- bandry; Stuttgart. SUZANNE AHRENS EASON: Psychology- Sociology; x; Little Rock. JEAN FRANK EBERLE, JR.: Busi- ness; Joplin, Mo. MARGO ELAINE EBERLE: Secondary Edu- cation; Joplin, Mo. Fifth Row: CHARLOTTE ANN ECKEL: Speech Correction; nB I ; Sophomore Counselor; Young Democrats; North Little Rock. ANNE ADAMS EDDY: English; ZTA; AT; Fayetteville. ETHEL JO EDDY: Elementary Education; KAII; ACEI; SNEA; Fayetteville. RONALD EARL EDDY: Electrical Engineering; 6T, Secretary; BSU, President; TBII, Secretary; HKN, Vice- President; OAK, Treasurer; IEEE, Vice-President; ITME; H2, Vice-President; Waldo. FREDERICK KIRK EDWARDS: Man- agement; Springdale. JOANNA P. EDWARDS: Art- Carnall; Pine Bluff. RICHARD STEWART EDWARDS: Civil Engineer- ing; 2 E; Huntsville. PATRICIA EGGER: English; Carnall; Crisrobal, Canal Zone. 62 seniors Raiorhiick Photographer Bill Riner seems inienl on investigating the political views of some of Win- throp Rockefeller ' s more interesting supporters. Ibetle,M. Egger ml ftwir: GERRY LKK F.ILBOTT: General Business; IIB t , Treasurer; XB, Treasurer; I ' ine Bluff. ROLFE C. EL- DRIDGE, III: General Business; William, Treasurer; Forrest City. THOMAS PERRY ELFTER: Psychology; AO; Hot Springs. JUANITA MARIE ELLEBRECHT: Marketing; Agri- culturist, Business Manager; Truth or Consequences, N. M. HARRY I.. F.I.I. EDGE: Chemistry; Van Buren. JUDITH I.YXNK F.I.I. IOTT: Journalism; AAIT; Young Republicans, Social Chairman; Ra?orback, Art Editor; Sherman, Tex. PA- TRICIA DELL ELLIOTT: English; ZTA; WRA; AT; SXEA; International Club; Ft. Worth, Tex. WILLIAM DOUGLAS ELLIOTT: Pre-Mcd.; 2AE; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Detroit, Mich. Second Row: ROBERT F. ELMER: Accounting; BA ; Springdale. RONALD GENE EMBRY: Chemical Engineering; BT, Secretary; OAK; 4 H-; TBIT, Secretary; Engineering Coun- cil, Secretary; II ME: Engineer Staff; AIChE, Vice-President; Ft. Smith. JOHN HOWARD ENIS: Music; Junction City. WIL- LIAM B. KOFF, JR.: Industrial Management; 2X; AK ; Scab- bard and Blade; Fayettevillc. JAMES F. F.PES: Natural Science; K2: Helena. STANLEY LEE ER WIN: Accounting; Humphreys Hall; Harmon. BRUCE DOYLE ESI.F.W: Electrical Engineer- ing; IEEE; Hot Springs. Fllbott Elmer Eldridge Embry F.llebrecht Eoff Third Row: ROBERT ADRIAN F. ' FIEN, JR.: Engineering; AXA; AIIE; BT; Benton. LINDA LOU EVANS: French; III! , Treasurer; A VS, Legislative Board, Chairman, Judicial Board, Executive Board; Newman Club; Student Union Publicity Com- mittee; Ft. Smith. SHARON JOY EVANS: Sociology-Social Wel- fare; Futrall, Senior Counselor; Marvell. RONALD F.DMOND EVERETT: Agriculture; ASA; AZ; ATA, Secretary; Clarendon. MARY BRICE EWING: Marketing; Carnal; McGchee. ROB- ERT S. FAIRCHILD, JR.: Speech; i E; Scabbard and Blade, Commander; Pershiug Rifles; Fayetteville. MICHAEL P. FAIR- HEAD: Management; Circle K, Board of Directors; Jonesboro. JIM D. FANF: Engineering; OT; AIIE; Ft. Smith. Fourth How: JANICE ANN FARIS: Pre-Med.; AXfi, Vice- President; TB2; Razorback Band; AEA; Futrall, Senior Coun- selor; AWS, Judicial Board; IFPC; Bcntonville. PENNY FAR- RAR: Education; KKV; Lepanto. C!AROLYN FAULKNER: Elementary Education; ZTA; Mena. ROBERT ALLEN FAULK- NER: Engineering; William; Paragould. JAMES DAVID FEARS: Business Management; Van Buren. ARMSTF.AD MILNER FE- LAND. IV: Engineering; HKN; TBII; IEEE; Little Rock. GARY VERNON FKLKER: Chemistry; Acacia; Mabelvale. JAMES GARLAND FERGUSON: Pie-Law; San Antonio, Tex. Elledge Epes Elliott, J. Erwin Elliott, P. Eskew, B. Elliot, W. Eskew, K. Etien Faris Evans, L. Farrar Evans, S. Faulkner, C. Eveicl! Faulkner, R F ' ant Ferguson 63 seniors Dressing room interviews with Arkansas Coach Frank Broyles tended to get more crowded than this as Razorbacks marched toward perfect 11-0 season. First Row: RICHARD MYATT FERGUSON: Advertising; Marketing Club; Advertising Club; Marshall. JAMES H. IERSTL: Marketing; Ft. Smith. TERRY JEAN " FETZEK: Music Education; KKT; SAT; Newman Club; Young Re- publicans; Little Rock. HARRY W. FIELDER: Mathematics; Fordyce. CHARLES DONAL FIELDS: General Business; Ben- tonville. CONLEY WAYNE FIKES: Architecture; AIA; Pine Bluff. LAWRENCE FIKES: Speech; ZAE, Treasurer, Secretary- Blue Key, Treasurer; IFC; Scabbard and Blade; Traveler Staff; Cardinal XX; Pine Bluff. JAMES THOMAS FINCH: Archi- tecture; North Little Rock. Second Row: PAUL JAMES FINCHER: Marketing; Drokc; Poteau. Okla. MICHAEL FRANCIS FINEFIEIT): Architecture; Little Rock. MARDELL S. FINSEL: Social Welfare; Ft. Smith. GLENN DALE FIPPS: Mathematics; William; Salem, Mo. ROSE LYNNE FIT GERALD: Secondary Education; ZTA, President; Senior Class Secretary; AWS, Executive Council, Queen ' s Committee Chairman; Shrevcport. La. JERRY W. FLEMING: Real Estate-Insurance; SAM, Treasurer; Marketing Club: Ft. Smith. BILL FLETCHER: Business; K2; Scott. BILL FARRELL FLETCHER: Engineering; ASCE; Bryant. Third Row: SUE ANN STUBBINS FLORA: Business Teach- er Training; xe; Fayettcville. JOHN SIDNEY FOGG: Engi- neering; KZ; 6T; Widener. DONALD H. FORD: Chem- istry; KK , Vice-President; Downey, 111. TARANA GENE FOREMAN: English; AAA; Waldo. RONNIE JIM FORMBY: Education; Humphreys; Men ' s Counseling Staff; Mulberry. RITA FOSTER: Business Teacher Training; Xfl, Treasurer; X0, President; Mortar Board, Secretary; ABC; Commerce Guild; Tulsa, Okla. THOMAS R. FRAZIER: Engineering; Ripley, Treasurer; ASME; Texarkana. KAREN E. FREEMAN: Educa- tion; AAII; Texarkana, Tex. Fourth Row: JOHN MARTIN FRENCH: Marketing; J A6, President; AK , President; Student Court; Cardinel XX; Blue Key: Civic Club; Dallas, Texas. RONALD G. FREY: Art; MIHC; Newman Club; Caldwell, N.J. RUSSELL W. FUGATE: Man- agement; SAM; Carthage, Mo. DON EDWARD FULLER: Man- agement; SAM; Young Democrats; Springdale. JOHN WESLEY FULTON: Finance; KS, Treasurer; Blue Key; AK ; ABC, President; Student Senate; Tulsa, Okla. BRUCE INER GANN: Management; Ft. Smith. MARY LEMLEY GARDNER: Home Economics; XQ: Russcllville. BILLY ALLEN GARNER: Agri- culture; Booncville. Ferguson Fincher Ferstl Finefield Fetzek Finsel Fielder Fipps Fields Fitzgerald Fikes, C. Fleming Fikes, L. Fletcher, B. Finch Fletcher, B. F. Flora French Fogg Frey Ford Fugate Foreman Fhller Form by Fulton Foster Gann Frazier Gardner Freeman Garner 64 G armor Gentry Garrctt George Garrison Giannopou lous Gates ( . Ilihons Gattis, |. I. (.ilc.s. ' R. Gilson Gingerich Girarcl Goodwin Gordon (ioswirk Graves Gray Greenwood Glass Godfrey Goff Goodman Goodlier Graham, B. Graham, J. L. (irahain. [. (iraliam. R. (ira.nlich Gregory Griffin Griffith Grigsby Crubbs. J. Grubbs, N. Vis Him-. ONYX DINKKY GARNER. |R.: I ' ve -Mi- l.: i) l E: Hot Springs. AI.I.EX M ATTHF.W (, RRI 1 I: Industrial Man agemcnt: Ashdowu. Ol ' IDA (. AYI .! ' . GARRISON ' : Business Edn- ratiim: Razorback Hall; XH; Alpcna. KA I 111- I.YXX ' E GATES: Secondary Education; XTA; Sophomore Counselor; AT: SXEA. President, Secretary: Shreyeport, l.a. |AX1 BRYAX GATTIS: Dietetics; I TO; Brinkley. |IM I.. (,A I I IS: Electrical Engineer- ing; ASAK: Springdale. DAXIKI. I ' Al ' I. GEELS: Chemistry; Subiaco. Sti ' ond lion-. TOM GENTRY: Engineering; Acacia: AIIE; Amateur Radio Club; Little Rock. I.OIS C;K()R(;K: Chemistry; I ' ine Bluff. STYI.IANOS GKORG1-. (,l A X XOl ' Oll OS: Kng ' i- neering: International Club; Athens. Greece. G RI GIHBOXS: Engineering; BT. President. House Manag r: Bluv k ' ; Engi- neering Council, Vice-President; Circle K; IEEE. President; Bauxite. JACK ALEXAXOER GII.ES: Enf!i!:cerh:g: OT: ?. K; Engineering C ' .oinicil, Pn- idem; ASME. I ' ll siclerf. ICxaikana. ROBERI PRESTOX (ill.ES: Marketing; Z. K: Texarkaua. KAY GII.I II.AX1): Ediualion: y. ' f : l.ewis ille. 1)1 XE (.11 I.ISOX: Education; KKI ' ; I.:ik - ' ill;:ge. Thinl Him-. ARTHTR GERAI.I) (.11 SOX: Marketing; A ; Marketing Club; Slunvnee Mission. Kan )()X ST X I V. CilMi- ERIC.H: Engineering: Droke House: ( i ics Club: Arnold Air S(iciet ; Clurdon. PAT AI.I.EX CIRAR1): Marketing; El Dorado. RONALD WAYNE GLASS: Engineering: THII: IIMK: AIChE: I.cachville. JIT.IA JAN GOD1 REY: Home Economics; Eutrall Hall. Secretary: Colheccm; Rogers. ROBERT MILLER (.OEE. JR.: Marketing. TTKA: AK : C!i ic C ' .lub. I ' reasuri ' r: Senior Class President: Guild Ticker Staff; 1EPC; Link ' Rock. JOHNNY GRAOY GOODMAN: Sociology; A ,: ASA; Bismark. DONALD SCO ' IT GOODXER: Pro-Law; ' Circle- K. Treasurer: Collegiate Acadcim of Science. Sc-c rotary -Treasurer: AXil: Ra orback Band: Waldron. Fourth Ro;, : NANCY KA (iOODWIN: English; KKE; Lit- tle Rock. NANCY MERLE GORDOX: Education: KKP: Fav- ctteville. JACK L. (iO.S ICK: Ps c hology ; i: t K: X: Ft. Smith. BEXXTE E. GRAHAM: Sociology: AAA: Croxo. Okla. JERRY LEE. GRAHAM: Engineering: AKA. ' i i ' -President; Riplev House. Senior Counselor; A+U: ABC: AIIE: AIIM: TBII: Little Rock. JLDY GRAHAM: English; AAII: ATA: SXEA: Spring dale. ROLAND GAIL GRAHAM: Accounting; UK A. Vioe-Prcsi- dent, ' Ereasurer; AK : Scabbard and Blade: Accounting Associ- ation; Springdale. MARGARET CRAMI.ICH: English; C.arnall Hall; Ft. Smith. h ' iflli Him-. JOHX SAMLEI (iR. WES: English; Btuhanatr; Faxettevillo. TOM G. GRAY: Business; Waldron. RONALD DA- VID GREENWOOD: Chemism: AHA: C " llegiale Academv of Science-. President: M11: Hot Stninns. RICHARD E. GREG- ORY, JR.: Marketing: 2AE: ASME: ugusta. I.INWOOD (iRIE- FIX. Ill: Mathematics; RO ' FC. I ' iflc- loam: Colleciate Academy of Science: Favotle illc -. (1 R I IS BLREIII (.RIFFIIH: Ac counting; Acacia: AK : YI-IIPI; Republicans; Ra orback Band: Eudora. JAMES GRICJSBY: ccounline: UA : Arnold Air So- cietv: Arkadelphia. JERRY LEI (.RIBHS: EngineoriiiB: XE. Vice-President; ASCE; North Little- Rock. X. P IC.E GRl ' BBS: Education; SXEA: Bticna Park. 65 Guest Gunt Gulley Guy Hailey Hale Halford Hallam Hallcr Halsell Hammers Hampton, C. Hampton, L. Harbcr Harbison Hare Harkey Harris, R. Hatficld Harms Harper, J. Harper. S. Harrelson Harrington, L. Harrington, S. Harris, K. Harrison, M. Harrison, W. Hart, J. Hart, P. Hartin Haseloff Hastings Haven Havens Hawk Hawkins Havnes Haynie Havs, F. Hays, P. I- in I lion-. (,ORI)()X I). GUEST: Architecture; Student Sen- ale; OAK: AIA; 1 ' ine Bluff. KEARNF.Y CUNTI: Real Estate-In- surance; j A: Pine Bluff. THOMAS HOLIMAX GULLEY: In- dustrial Management: i j E; Little Rock. JOHXNYE MYRI.E GUY: Business Edueation; AAII; Irumann. NEWTON L. HAILF.Y: Architecture; AIA; Rogers. JOHN DEAX HALE: Education; 2 | K: Marketing Club; Morrilton. (AMES H. HAL- FORD: Marketing; Hot Springs. BARBARA LYNN HALLAM: English; IIB i ; Razorhack, Administrations Editor; Panhellenic Council; Carthage, Mo. X ' -rontl Ron-. PATRICIA LOUISE HAI.LER: Educa tion; 7 l ' A: SX ' EA, Secretary, President; A VS. Legislative Board. Sec- retary; ACEI; KAII: Gadsden, Ala. RICHARD A. HALSELL: Bnsiius ; K2. Vice-President; Cardinal XX; ABC; Dumas. HAR- BIX JAXE HAMMERS: Education; Razorbark Hall; Fayette- ville. CAROL LIXDLEY HAMPTOX: History; AAA, Secretary; A VS. Finance Commitlee. Chairman. Executive Board; Morril- ton. I.ORF.NF, HAMPTOX: English; Ra orback Hall; .Summit. ROBERTA K AYE HARBER: Sociology-Psychology; Carnall; Sociology-Anthropology Club. President; Blythexille. AXX ' A J. HARBISOX: Animal Husbandry; Animal Industry CMub; ASA; West Fork. MARVIN BOSWELI, HARK. JR.; Agronomy; Agro- nomy Club, Treasurer: A : ASA; Anvergne. Third Row: LUCIXDA KATHERIXE HARKEY: Educa- tion; ITB ; Batcsville. JUDY GAYLE HARMS: Pre-Mccl.-Chem- istrv; y l ' A: Little Rock. JILL THOMPSON HARPER: Natural Science; AEA; Ft. Smith. SHARON K HARPER: Education; Westport, Conn. KA ' I ' HRYN P. HARRELSON: Educa- tion; KKP: A VS, Legislative Board. ' ice-President; KAII: Ele- mentary Club; Forrest City. LYNDELL L. HARRIXGTOX: En- gineering; Greenbrier. SALLY CAROLYX HARRINGTON: English; X! : Ra orback Beauty; AT; Helena. KEXITH LEE HARRIS: Engineering; ASCE; Prcscott. Fourth Ron-. ROBERT WAYXE HARRIS: Agriculture; Farmhouse; A ,: Bentonville. MARGARET CAROLYX HAR- RISON: Education; 7,TA; North Little Rock. WILLIAM AN- DREW HARRISON ' : Engineering; j A8; OT; Student Senate; Blue Key; AIIM; AIIE. President; Chic Club. President; North Little Rock. JAMES KENNETH HART: Engineering; J A6; Paris. PETER L. HART: Geology; William House; Perching Rifles; International Club: Middle Village. X. Y. GEORGE R. HARTIX: Accounting; Gladson House. Treasurer; BA . Pres- ident: AK ; Viola. CYXTHIA HASELOFF: Art; AT; Spring- dale. PAUL DEAX HASTINGS: Architecture: Ft. Smith. fifth Ron-. KENNETH HATFIELD: Accounting; Wilson Sharp. President:2X; BA ; Cardinal XX; Student Senate; Var- sity Football: Senior Class President; Scabbard and Blade; Hel- ena. JENNIE LOU HAVEN: Education; KKF: Forrest City. LESLIE THEODORE HAVENS: Animal Nutrition; AZ; Van Bureii. DOROTHY MARIE HAWK: Social Welfare; Razorback Hall; Ft. Smith. JAMES T. HAWKINS: Engineering; AXA: AIIE; Little Rock. ROBERT EUGENE HAYXES: Engineering; Seclgwell House; Sheridan. ARXOI.D A. HAYXIE. JR.: Market- ing; Little Rock. FLOYD JEFFERSON HAYS. JR.: Accounting; AK : Hot Springs. PATRICK ALLEN H. S ' S: Engineering; Springdale. " Ulan Hare seniors First Row: LOUIS EDWARD HEGEMAN: Engineering; OT. Vice-President; AIIM; TH . Secretary; AIIF.; Comvay. W. DAVID HF.INS: C.overninent; Farmhouse; Pea Ridge. MARY NELL HKI.BRON: Education; AMI; Little Rock. ' MOLLY EI.I .A- BETH HELMS: Educaion; AX; Ft. Smith. MARI-ANN MEND- RICKS: Physical Education; AAA: VRA ; SM-.A: Favcttcville. WILLIAM AI.I.F.X HENLEY: Management: 2 E: Scabbard and Blade; McGehce. DAVID P. HENRY: Finance; 2X; Scarcy. TROY L. HENRY: Business; Acacia, Vice-President; Account- ing Association; Black Oak. Second Row: TROY FLOYD HENSON: Engineering; OT; IEEE, President; HKX, President; T15II, President; IIJIE; OAK; Engineer Staff, Business Manager; Engineering Council; Student Senate-; Mt. Holly. KENNETH RAY HERMAN: Archi- tecture; AIA, President; Fayetteville. RAYMOND E. HERMAN: Engineering; William; Fordyce. DAVID PATRICK HERNDOX: Engineering; AIIE; Little Rock. CHARLOTTE MALI.SSA HERVEY: Speech-English; ZTA. Secretary; AT: Dallas, Tex. MARION MARK HEWETT: Marketing; Ft. Smith. JULIA ANN HICKS: Mathematics; Razorback; C ' .amden. SHARON LEE HII.DRETH: Education; AAA: SNF.A; Hot Springs. Mcmh ' .-is of Sigma (.111 pin ni tlii-ir little- lihuk hills lo announce st. mi-thing Sigma u has feared would happen for years Sigma Chi Derby Day. Third How. DWK.IIT S. HILL: Kiigincci ing: lliiiiiplii.- s: Murfrecsboro. JACK WAYNE HILL: journalism: ATI. ' , Secrc-- tiirv: Traveler Slalf, Associate Editor; Press Club, President; North I ittlc Rock. RONALD E. HILL: Engineering; THII. Sec - rcti-ay; HKX: IIMp:; li:i: Peisliing Rifles; .Scabbard and Blade; North Little Rock. GLEN RAY MIXES: Physical Ediuaiion; AXA; Wilson Sharp; El Dorado. JAKE, WILI.LAM HINSHAW: Engineering; AXi), President; THII: IIMK: ' Ulil; AICbE; El Dorado. HERBERI OSCAR HIRBY: Pre-Med.; Little Rock. GEORGIA ALICE HOBBY: Nursing; Fayetteville. ]ll)HII AUSTIN 1IOBSON: Home Economics; AHEA; I.angley. Fourth Row: BONNIE JEAN HODGES: Education; Carnall: Hatfielcl. WILLIAM McCALL HOGAX: Engineering; IIKA; North Little Rock. ED VIN HO(i(;ARD: Architecture; Humph- revs; AIA; ABC; Comvav. LARRY DALE HOCUE: Engineering; XE; X ' arsity Basketball; ASCE: North Little Rock. RICHARD NT ' .AI. IKH.BERl: Management; AXA. I ' rc-sidc-nt: Assoi ialed Students. President; Student Senate. President; OAK: Cheer- leader; AK : IFC; Little Rock. RONNIE LYNN IIOLI.AN- GER: Agri-Business; Stuttgart. DAVID EUGENE HOI. LEY: En- gineering; 4-nz, XE; TB1I; IIME: ASCI-:- Benton. JERRY DWIGHT HOI.LEY: Maiketing;i:x; Cheerleader; ABC; liav- eler. Circulation Manager; Little Rock. Hcgeman Henson Heins Herman Helbron Herman Helms Herndon Hendricks Hcrvev Henley I leivett Henry, D. Hicks Henry, T. Hildrell) Hill, D. Hodges Hill, J. Hogan Hill, R. Hoggard llines Hugue Hinshaw HollxTt I lollangcr Hobby Holley, D. Hobson Holley, J. 67 68 seniors This is an IQ test. Pick out the girl who conveni- ently arranged for her floor in Fulbright to have an Exchange Dinner with his Humphreys boys. first Hint " . DAN LEE HOLI.INGSWOR1 H: Accounting: K : Caimten. ALLAN I.VXN HOLMES: Engineering; ASCE; XE: Belleville. STEPHEN FRANK HOLMES: Philosophy: Wil- liam: Civic Club; Little Rock. WAYLAND IX HOLYFIELD: Marketing; j _ ,e; AK : Coinnierre Guild; Little Rock. SANDRA EI.I ABETH HOL HAVER: Marketing; AXS : 1 ' A: Marketing Club; Gillctt. WING EAY HONG: Engineering; IEEE; Fayette- ville. DAVID B. HOPKINS: History; Buchanan; Texarkana. DIANA LEE HOPKINS: Music Education; AXQ; 2AI. Presi- dent; SNEA; Jacksonville. Second Ron-. JACKIE RAY HOPKINS: Business; Gravettc. DAVID E. HOP.SON: Pie-Vet.: AI ' P; DeOueen. JOHN LIONEL HORNE: Architecture; AIA; Ft. Smith. " BARBARA HOUSE: Art; Futrall Hall, Treasurer; Dardanelle. DONNA MARIE HOUSE: Education; AAA; ABC;; Young Democrats; Morrilton. ALMA FAYE HOUSTON: Prc-Med.-Psvchologv; Razorback; Hot Springs. LYNDA SU ANNE HOWARD: Music; AT: Ra orback Band; TR2. President; DAI: Rogers. TONY B. HOYT: Agri- culture; ATA. Vice-President; Star Citv. f Hollingsworth Hopkins, J. Holmes, A. Hopson Holmes, S. Home Holyfield House, B. Third Rmc: THOMAS LEE HUCKABY, JR.: Engineering; William; Ft. Th ;mas. Kv. BRENDA ANN HUDSON: Psycho- logy; Ra orhack; AAJ; ' I ' X ' . Yciing Democrats; Benton. MIKE JAMES HUFFMAN: Engineering; ASCE; Poplar Bluff, Mo. FRANCES V. HUGHES: Horn " Economics; Eutrall; AHEA; AA; Hot Sprirgs. DAVIDSON HERBERT HUMPHREYS: Agronomy; Humphreys; Blue Key; Student Senate; Agronomy Club: Hot Sprirgs. BARBARA ANN HUXTER: Government; ZTA: Chimes; Young Democrats. Vice-President; Booneville. RK HEY LEE HUNTER: Soils; Sedgwell; Lead Hill. Fourth How. IANET BELL HUNTSMAN: Accounting; R ! . Benton. KATHRYN SUE HURST: Educilion; Futrall; Flippin. SANFORD E. HUTSON: Pre-Med.: V N: A v A; Stutt- gart. LEWIS WAYNE HYDEN. II: Psychology; Springdale. RALPH NELSON INGRAM: Pre-Med.; Alma. PATRICIA ANN INI.OW: Mathematics: II ME: Bentonville. ELTON STEPHEN IRBY: Mathematics: 2$E: ABC. Treasurer; Little Rock. NAN- CY ERIN IRBY: Mathematics; AT: Young Republicans; Little Rock. Hoi haver Hong Hopkins. D. B. Hopkins. D. I.. House, D. Houston Howard Hoyt Hcckaby Huntsman Hunter, R. Irbv. N. Irsch [ami ' s Ishcll |.ini IMIII Jacks jasper Jackson. C Ji.-hc Jackson, (,. Johnson. C. A. Jackson. P. Johnson, I). I Johnson. |. V. Jolmson. [. T. [ohnson. P. [ohnson. R. Johnson. S. Johnson. .. Johnson. J. [ones, ( " .. Jones, J. [ones. R. N. Jones, R. P. [ones. V. I,. Jones, V. II. [ours. V. J. [ones. W. Jouier Kavanaugh Kendiick Kennedy Kcrr Kcsterson Ketcheside Keys King Kidd 1-irsl Umi-. WAYNE C. IRSCII: Matlu nialics; Vaisiiy I rack; Tulsa, Okla. DONAI.l) [OSKPH ISBH1.1.: Marketing; AK ; Forrest Cily. CLIFFORD AITRY l ' : Poultry Nutrition; Farmhouse, Treasurer: A : OAK; IIC; Agriculturist, Co-Editor; B-ntnnville. DONALD R. JACKS: Speech; Cheerleader; Trav- eler Staff, Achertising Manager: Arnold Air Society; DcOneen. CLIFTON I). JACKSON: Archileciure; ALA. Vice-President: Newport. (iOVA IRF.NF. JACKSON: Home F.ccinomics; J TO. President; AMF.A; Victoria. [AN JACKSON: F.ducation; ZTA; AIIF.A: SNF.A: C-:lhc n: Cassvillc. Mo. 1 ' Al ' L VORSLKV JACKSON: Agriculture; Luxora. ill fmr: (.ARV l) r(,LAS J.AMF.S: S(iciolog ; ATS , siilent: Socioltigy Club; Flippin. P.A ' LTY JAMISON: n; Fun-all: Ft. Smiili. ROSALIND JOAN | ARRI.TT: Poughkcepsie. WILLIAM ANTHONY | SPF.R: Management: AM ' : IIME: Newman Cluh; Ft. Smith. ROBERT FRANK JO11F: Engineering; Favetleville. (11 RLKS AI.IXANDF.R (OHNSON: F.eonomics; Faycttcvillc. C. DAI.F. JOHNSON: Fngineeiing; IFFF; Springdale. I)A ID LARRY JOHNSON: Psychology; San Angelo. l ' c- . Thinl Hint-. J.AMF.S 1I.I.IAM JOHNSON: Psychology. I ' ori Arthur, I ex! JOHN THOMAS JOHNSON: Architecture; 111; Little- Rock. PHILLIP JOHNSON: Marketing: Him Springs. RICHARD V. JOHNSON: Speech-Drama; AKA; 2AII: Riplev, Secretary: Iiltlc : Rock. SIIF.RRY S. JOHNSON: Marketing; Fu- irall; Marketing Club; Ci ic Clul); Joncsboro. LLPHA 11KLLF JOHNSON: Hducation AAA: (.rernlancl. JAM1-.S lirP.F.RI JOHNS ION: Engineering; C.amdcn. CHARI.F.S DA ID JONHS: Fngineeiing; ASCI " ; Texarkana. ' Lex. ]- ' :nrlli Hinr: JHRRYI. V. YNH JONES: Marketing; Ki: p arsit I-ooiball: North Little Rock. ROBERT V JONF.S: Fn- gineeiing; i)4 E; OT: F.ngineering Council; F.ngineer .Staff; Arn- old Air Society: AIChK; Fayette ille. RONALD PALL JONF.S: Fngineeiing: t E: AICliF: Hope. YICKIF. LYNN JONES: Social ellarc ' ; Springdale. IRC.INIA HILL JONF.S: F.nglish: Jacksoiuille. ' ONDA JANIFCF. JONF.S: Home Economics; ' . ' l ' . ' . C.lieerlc-acler, Captain: Air li ice- RO ' LC Sponsor: Agri- culturalist Staff; North little Rcick. WILLIAM I.. JONES: Engineering; ASCE; Scabbard and Blade; Jacksonville ' CHAR- LES RAYMOND JOYNER: Engineering; ' -II; ()T; Scabbard and Blade: ASCE: Aikadelphia. h ' illli Hoi,-. MICHAEL FI.YNN K. VAXAL(,H: Engineer- ing; Hattiesbnrg. Miss. C.AROLYN SfE KF.NDRICK: Edu- cation; AAA: XO. Secretary; Springdale. JERRY AYNF KENNEDY: Engineering: ill: AIIE: ( i ic Club- I ' c- arkana I.EMfEI. HARRISS KERR: F.ionomus; i) ; ASMF: El Do- rado. KENNETH LEE KES ' I FRSON: Pre-Med.: Pine Blufl. DON V. KELCHES1DF: Engineering: Rnssellxille. I.F.OTA kl-AS: Natural Science; Ra orback: Collegiate Acadc-inv of Science: Yelhille. JOHN ROBERT KIDD: Engineering: Hot Springs. HOWARD EDWARD KIM.: Engineering; TBIL HK. ; ItEE; Favetteville. 69 King, R. Knight King, S. Kooiker Kingston Kruse Kinman Kubat Kinncy Kyle Kinsey Kyzcr Kirk Laabs Kline Labban, H. Labban. J. I.acewcll Lafferty Lamb, J. Lamb, S. Lawlcr Lebow Lee, H. Lee, R. Lock LeRoy I.esh Leslie Lessenbcrry Lewis, J. Lewis, T. Lance Lancy, I). Laney, R. I.eicly Landes Leone L ' Hommedieu Lilly Lineh First Row: ROBERT W. KING: Engineering; IEEE; Poca- hontas. STE ' KN BRUCE KING: English; Siloam Springs. ROXME EmVARI) KINGSTON: Psychology; Paragonld. SAL- LIE JANE KINMAN: Education; IIB ; Ros ' well. N. M. DICK C. KINNEY: Management; Little Rock. ROBERT MICHAEL KINSEY: Music Education; William; Razorback Band; Van Burcn. THOMAS JOSEPH KIRK: Engineering; 2X; 6T; AIIE; Paragonld. RODGER SPENCER KLINE.: Engineering; 2AE; Hi:; IIME; OT; Blue Key; Student Senate; Engineer- ing Council, Treasurer; North Little Rock. Second Row: WILLIAM KNIGHT: Business; 2X; Little- Rock. LINDA KATHLEEN KOOIKER: Psychology - Span- ish; AT. Vice-President; I X. Treasurer; New Orleans, La. JOHN PAUL KRUS S: Marketing; Ft. Smith. PATSY JO KUBAT: Education; AAA, Secretary; Little Rock. CONNIE MUSICK KYLE: Marketing; X6, Vice-President; ROTC Air Force Sponsor; Mortar Board; Cheerleader, Captain; Com- merce Guild. Secretary; Little Rock. WILLIAM C. KY ER: Management; ITKA; AK , Treasurer; North Little Rock. TRINA LAABS: Art; AXO, Treasurer; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer; ABC; Chic Club; Springfield, Missouri. HARVEY MICHEAL LABBAN: Pre-Med.; Corsicana, Tex. Third Row: JACQUELYN LABBAN: Marketing; Shrevc- port. La. WILLIAM E. LACEWELL: Business: AKA; 1 ' ara- gould. WILLIAM A. LA1-TER I Y: History: 2X: Cardinal NX; Helena. JERRY DON LAMB: Business; Varsity Football; Houston. Tex. SUSAN M. LAMB: Education; AAA: ROTC Sponsor; Blytheville. JAMES LNSLO V LANCE: Account- ing 2N: 4 Hi:. President; Club. Vice-President: BT-, Treasurer; Cardinal XX; Blue Key; H : K ' North Little Rock. DAVID MICHAEL LANEY: Engineering; 2AE; 9T; HTi; IIME; OAK; TBII; Engineering Council; El Do- rado. ROBERT STEVENSON LANEY: Government; Cam- den. Fourth Row: DON W. LAWLER: Finance: AXA; Young Republicans; Amarillo. lex. THRADA LEBOW: Education; ST; WRA, Treasurer: Mena. HARRY V. YNE LEE: Chem- istry; 2X; Stuttgart. RONALD LEE: Marketing; Dumas. LYNN MORRIS LEEK: Engineering; cj _if); Dumas. WIL- LIAM CHARLES I.I.IDY: Music Education; KK : Little Rock. DOELAS RANDY I.ANDES: Animal Nutrition; Farmhouse; A7,: Animal Industn Clul); ASA; I.euisville. JOHN AN- THONY LEONE: Physical Education; KK ; Ra o ' rback Band; Jamestown, X.Y. Fifth Row: CHARLES FREDRICK I.E ROY: Engineering; Ft. Smith. SUSAN I I.I .ABETH I.ESH: Histon; XS , Presi- dent; Student Senate; t AH. ' ice-Presidenl; Paiihellenii; Fayet- teville. JAMES EDWARD LESLIE: Architeclnre: AIA; Spring- dale. CAROLYN FAY LESSKNBERRY: English; , A I . Presi- dent; Panhellenic: R A; SNEA: I.onoke. JODY LEWIS: Edu- cation; ZTA: SNEA; England. THOMAS CLEMENS LEWIS: Management: Z i K; Little Rock. CYNTHIA ANN I. ' HOM- MEDIEU: Education; Ra orback, House Council: SNEA; AEA; Dallas. Tex. JAMES CARAWAY LILLY: Economics; MIHC; Foreign Relations Club, Vicc-President; Little Rock. CHARLES JERRY LINEH: Mathematics Harrison. 70 seniors Traveler Editor Ronnie Robinson delighted mem- bers of ;i Blue Key Iniliation Banquet by pre- dicting the future of several of the seniois. First Km,-. CARI. EDWARD I.INDSF.Y: Management; K : Newport. WAI.T1R RAYMOND I.INDSF.Y: Public Admin- istration; K2: Tyler, Tex. JAMKS DAI 1 I. INI- BARG1.R: Architecture; AIA: Morrilton. ' SALLY Rl ' TII I INI- BARGl-.R: Knglish; Siloain Springs. JOSEPH RICHARD l.ISENBY: Ac- counting; IIKA; HA ; Sfalvern. SANDRA k Y I I I I 1 .1- : Dietetics; AT: Colhecon; Coffeyville. Kansas. JO I- ' . BA I I.MAN LOCKE: Kngincering; Scdgewell; IIME; IITK. Vice-President, [ ' resident; THII: ASMK, .Secretary; Stuttgart. |l 1)1111 ANN LOFTON: Education; Futrall Hall; Joplin. Mo. Third Km,-. PATRICIA HALTOM LUMSDEN: Education; Civic Club; Elemental;, Club; SNEA; Dewitt. DONAI, ADOL- l- ' O I.UNA: Engineering; AKA; AIIE; Newman Club; Inter- national Club; Managua, Nicaragua. OUT.N EL ' DELL LL ' T- REI.I.: .Mathematics; Fayetleville. CHARLES ALBERT LUTZ; Accounting; TKE; Cherry Hill, N.J. EMIL S. LYNCH: Elec- trical Engineering; Hot Springs. RANDALL GUY LYNCH: Poultry Husbandry; AZ; Eayetteville. JAMES LEWDEN MACE: Marketing; Buchanan Hall; Springfield, Mo. NED BARRIE MAJORS: Management; England. Second K m : JACK ALAN LONDON: Mathematics; Wil- Min Slrirp; Tulsii. Okla. [AC ' .K HOLT LOVEI.IS: Manage- ment; Nashville. STEVE LOVETT: Finance; i; . Lt. Com- inander; Star C:ily. SALLYE FRANCES I.OWREY: Dietetics; Ra orback Hall. X ' ice-l ' resident; 4 T(i: AAA: AHF.A; Col- legiate Academy of Science; Agriculturist Staff; Hot Springs. ROBERT CUNNINGHAM I.OWRY: Business; (._ O. .Secre- tary: ABC: Marketing Club; Little Rock. PHILIP El C.F.NE I.I ' CAS: Ceolog ; 2AE; OT; Hot Springs. JOHN B. I.l ' C.E: Engineering: ASCI-; ITME; Ft. Smith. CHARLES EDWIN H ' MSDEN: Agriculture; Agronomy Club; Civic Club; Dewitt. Fourth Kou-. JOHN LAWRENCE MALLOY: Education; Ycjctim Hall; Dallas, Tex. SANDRA B. MALONE: Education; Clinton. SCOTT MANA ' IT: General Business; William House; Young Democrats; Corning. H. DEAN MANN: Accounting; 2AE; Houston, lex. JOSEPH HI BERT MANN: Manage- ment; Williams House-; A4 ; McCror . GERALD D. MANTEL: Transportation: William House; Pine Bluff. JOHN PATRICK MARINONI: Management; I avettc-ville. MARY SU-. MARI- NONI: Physical Education; AAII; Newman Club; Favetteville. I.indscy, C. Lindscy, V. Linebarger, J. Linebarger, S. London Lovelis I.ovett Lowery Liscnby Loury Little Lucas Locke Luce Lofton Lumsden, C. I.umsden, P. MaJloy Luna Malone Luttrell Manatt Lut Mann, H. Lynch. E. Mann, J. Lynch, R. Manuel Mace Marinoni, J. Majors Marinoni, M. 71 First Row: EUGENE LEE MARTS: Banking-Finance; 2X; ABC; Blue Key; Little Rock. FRED J. MARKHAM: Pie-Dent.; AKA; Texarkana, Tex. JOHN RICHARD MARK: Business; AXA; Little Rock. JOHN JACOB MARSCHKVVSKI, JR.: Engineering; ABC; IEEE; Newman Club, President; Little Rock. CHARLES FREDERICK MARSHALL: Accounting; SX; Vilson Sharp; Vice- President; HA . Vice-President; OAK; Memphis. Tenn. CHERYL .SUE MARTIN: Social Studies; AAII; Joplin, Mo. FELIX EDWARD MARTIN: Mathematics; Little Rock. REX ALBERT MARTIN: Engineering; 6T, Treas- urer; IEEE, President; TBII, Vice-President; Engineering Coun- cil, Vice-President; Engineer, Business Manager; HKN, Treas- urer, Secretary; IIME; OAK; ABC; Marshall. Second Row: SKIPPER MARTIN: Accounting; AKA. President; } H2, Secretary; AK ; HUE; Associated Students, Treasurer; Pre-Law Club; ' SAM; OAK; Hot Springs. NORMAN HENRY MASON, JR.: Engineering; AIChE; Razorback Band; KK ; Malvern. FLOYD JOHN MASSEY: Marketing; ITKA; Hot Springs. BETTY ANN MASTERS: Art; KKT; Mena. MARY ANN MATHIAS: Education; Fayetteville. HARRY ED- SON MATHYS: Engineering; TBH; HKN; IEEE; Lakeview. C.ORDON K. MATTHEWS: Accounting; ZAE; Jonesboro. JAMES ERWIN MAY: Poultry Husbandry; ATP; Animal In- dustry Club; Agronomy Club; ASA; Delight. Third Ri:w: PATRICIA MARIE MAY: Home Economics; 4-H House; AHEA, President, .State Treasurer; ASA; Danville. [ERRY LYNN MAYER: Banking-Finance; Scabbard and Blade; Pine Bluff. RONALD G. MAYFIEI.D: Psychology-Sociology; Joplin, Mo. SANDRA GAIL McADAMS: Sociology; XQ; Stu- dent Senate; Traveler Staff; Jonesboro. JAMES L. McBURN- ETT: Pre-Law; Student Senate; SAM, President; Pre-Law Club, President; Commerce Guild; AK ; Pine Bluff. BILLY HAYWOOD McCALEB: Geology; Humphreys; Harrison. BOB McCARI.EY: Insurance-Real Estate; 2 E, President, Vice-Pres- ident; IFC; Young Democrats; West Memphis. GLENDA C. McCARTNEY: Social Welfare; Carnall; Greenwood. Fourth Row: GEORGE LEWIS McCONNELL, JR.: Real Estate-Insurance; Fayetteville. SUSAN KAY McCONNELL: Sociology; San Diego, Calif. DAVID ALLEN McCOEKIE: En- gineering; Droke; ASCE; XE; Searcy. PATSY ANN McCOY: Chemistry; Razorback; Student Senate; WIHC, President; Lit- tle Rock. SHEILA ANN McCRAY: Music; Eutrall; Ft. Smith. PATTY McCREIGHT: Elementary Education; AAA, President; Student Union Board, President; KAH, Vice-President; Mortar Board; Senior Counselor; Sophomore Counselor; Shreveport, La. MICHELE McCRIGHT: English; KKT; AT; Little Rock. DONNELL LOUIS McDANTEL: Engineering; IEEE; North Little Rock. Fifth Row: JERRY T. McDONALD: Agriculture; ATA; ASA; Charleston. SHARON SUE McDONALD: French; HB , President; Panhellenic; Civic Club; International Club, Presi- dent; Student Union Executive Board; Razorback Staff; Blythe- ville. SCOTT McGEORGE: Business; SAE; AK , Secretary; IFPC; Pine Bluff. EDWARD MARION McGILL, JR.: Zoology; Augusta. THOMAS R. McHALE: Sociology-Psychology; Sociol- ogy Club; New York, N.Y. SAMUEL ROBERT McKENNEY: Engineering; ASME; Subiaco. LESLIE THOMAS McKNELLY: Spanish-History; J A0; Little Rock. BILLY I). McKNIGHT: Pre-Med.; Harrison. ROBERT EL MO McLELLAND, JR.: Chemistry; 2N; Pine Bluff. Maris Martin, S. Markham Mason Marr Massey Marschewski Masters Marshall Mathias Martin, C. Mathys Martin, F. Matthews Martin, R. May, J. May, P. McConnell, G. McDonald, J. Mayer McConnell, McDonald, S. Mayfield McCoekie McGeorge McAdams McBurnett McCaleb McCarley McCartney McCoy McCray McC.reight McCright McDaniel McGill ' McHale McKenney McKnelly McKnight McLelland 72 Mcl.rod McMoran McMurtrey Meador Mecllin Median McXair Meek McNutt Merritt McSwain Meyer M Williams Mi ley Mead Millard Millen Miller. 1). Miller, S. Miller. W. Milnamow Mobley Montgomery Moore, C. Moore. D. Moore. E. Moore, S. Moore. W. Morace Morgan. A. Morgan, C. Morgan. [. Miner Mittelstacdt Mobbs Moore, J. E. Moore, J. L. Moore. N. L. Morgan. J. H. Morgan, II. Morgan. I . HA Roit-. ANN I. AM. McLEOD: Journalism; AE. Prcsi- dent; Mortar Hoard; Student Senate; AAA; I ' anhellenic; Pine Bluff. WILLIAM DAI ION McMORAN: Geology; 6T; Hot Springs. RICHARD (,. McMlRTREY: Engineering; ASC:K; I ' atmos. VIRGINIA E. McNAIR: Art; Siloam Springs. DAVID I.KK MeXl II: Kngineering; TKE, Vice-President; (;i ic Club; AICE; Valniit Kidge. KENNETH V. McSWAIN: Manage- ment; SAM; Little Rock. JOHN WAYNE McWII.LIAMS: Archi- tecture; AIA. President; Carthage, Mo. SANDRA U ' YNN MKAD: Philosophy I1IM ; WRA; Guild Ticker Staff; Young Democrats: Pine Blufl Second lion-. JOHN 1. MEADOR: Marketing; 2X: HA Senior Class President; Ra orback, Business Manager; Guild Ticker, Kditor; Blue Kc ; AK : Marketing C.luh; Helena. JERRY WAYNE Ml-.DI.IN: Industrial Engineering; ()T; Z t K; AIIK: Bentoii. I.DU ARD II. MEEHAN: Cixil Engineering; ASCE; Stuttgart. SALLY JANE MEEK: Business Teacher Training; El Dorado. THOMAS DAVID MERRI I T: Person- r.el Management; Cainden. SHIRLEY ANN MEYER: Market i " g; IIB ; Readland. ANNEILE MII.EY: Home Eiiinomies; Wing. THOMAS I. MILLARD: (ieneral Business: Acacia; I larrison. Third Row: SANDRA Rt. ' TH MILI.EN: Ps iholog ; AAII; X; Young DemiHiats; I.onoke. DONNA RAYK MILLER: Business Tcaclier Training: Southwest City, Mo. STEPHEN I-RANKI.IN MILLER: Accounting; 2+K. Treasurer; Yiiung Democrats: Rogers. WILLIAM ERANk MILLER: English: Ra orhaik Hand; SN1A; Aurora. Mo. RICHARD BERNARD MILNAMOW: Marketing; Waldwick. N.J. BARBARA ANN MINER: Elementary Education; Elementary Cluh; 1 exarkana. JAMES .STANLEY MITTEl.STAEDT: PreMcd.; A 0: Little Rock. MELVIN KARRIS MOBHS: C:ivil Engineering; North Little Rock. fourth Ron-. DON DWIGHT MOHLEY: Architecture; Ft. Smith. MELVIN B. MONTGOMERY: Physical Education; Arnold Air Society; Dccatur. CHARLIE KENNETH MOORE: Engineering; 2JX: Scahbard and Blade; Engineering Staff; ASME; El Dorado. DIANE MOORE: Elementary Education; AAA; Hot Springs. EI.I ABETH Dl ' STIN MOORE: Elementary Education: IIH I ; Elementary Club; People- To- People, Presi- dent: ABC: Shawnce Mission. Kan. JAMES FRANKLIN MOORE: Prc-Mcd.: J Ae: AEA; El Dorado. JOE I.. MOORE: General Business; 1 a elteville. N1CHOLO.S RONDEL MOORE, JR.: Engineering: IIT2: ASME; West Helena. ; ' ( Row. SHARON MERREN MOORE: Iliston: AI ' : Panhellenic: Traveler Staff; Shievcport, La. II ,1,1AM II AR OLD MOORE: ] nti inologx : ATI ' : Pine Bluff. ERNES I HAR- PER MORACE: Mathematics; Winnsboro. La. ANN 1 l.I A- HETH Nf()R(;. N: Business; KK1 ' : XI); Eureka Springs. CHARLES D. MOR(, N: Engineering: OT: llTi: I I. Smith. JIM LEE MORGAN: Pie-Law: Droke House. Seerelaiv; MIi. - : AK : IH ' i;: Blue Ke ; MIHC. ice-President; Faculty Senate Discipline Committee: Little ' Rock. J. HARRIET MOR(, N: Art: AAA. Vice-President: Little Rock. HERBERT NEW TON MORGAN ' : Engineering: Little Rock. I.Ol ' IS WARREN MOR- GAN: Marketing: 2X. President; Blue Kc ; AK : BA Junior Class Vicc-Prcsident; ABC; Little Rock. 73 Morris, E. Mullins, C. Morris, H. Mullins, D. Morris, M. Murphy Morse Murtishaw Moselcy Myers, J. F. Mosier Myers, J. E. Mott Nagmad Mou ton Nance Nave Newton Orintas Ncal Xipps Orintas Neeley Nobles Oiler, J. Oiler, K. Orsburn Newman Olivera Ostner First Row: EDWARD STRAXTON MORRIS: Marketing; 211; A+SK Arnold Air Society; Accounting Association; Little Rock. HARVEY CLAUDE MORRIS: Electrical Engineering; AKA; Mountainburg. MARY ESTELL MORRIS: Government; AT; Killeen. Texas. MARY AXX MORSE: Business Administra- tion; AAA; WRA; Danville. JIM S. MOSEI.EY: Marketing; IIKA; Little Rock. LUCY MAE MOSIER: General Business; Futrall. Treasurer; X8; Jane, Mo. GORDON BOLER MOTT: Trans- portation; 2AE; Scabbard and Blade; Ft. .Smith. AGNES MARIE MOUTON: Education; XU; Newman Club: SNEA: Elementary Club; WRA; Beaumont, ' lex. Second Rou-. C. ALI.EN MULLINS: Architecture; 1 ' KE: AIA; Pueblo, Colo. DERREL WAYNE MULLINS: Architec- ture; AIA; Diamond, Mo. THOMAS MICHAEL MURPHY: Marketing; IIKA: El Dorado. ROY ALI.EN MURTISHAW: Psychology; +AO. Vice-President; Traveler Staff. Feature Edi- tor; Pine Bluff. JAY FRANK MYERS: Architecture: TKE: AIA; Siloam Springs. JOAN EDXA MYERS: Home Economics; West- minster Fellowship; Mena. MORRIS H. MAHMAD: Pie Den!.; International Club; Panama. Republic of Panama. SHF.RRA LYNX XAXCE: Marketing; Futrall; Newport. Third nr: PHILIPPE DAVID NAVE: Chemical Engineer- ing: AX 2. Master Alchemist; Tim. AIC.hE; Newport. KAREN KAY NEAL: Pre-Med.: ATS: Sacramento. Calif. CHARLES NICK NEELEY: Chemistry; TIME; Fayctteville. TO1.BERT 1 .. NEIGHBORS: Banking-Finance; IIKA, President, Treasurer; Scabbard and Blade; IFC; Civic Club: North Little Rock. WIL- LIAM H. XEILL, JR.: .oology; +112; + HK; Colt. ADONNA KAYE NEW: Secondary Education; ZTA; SNEA; 2X Sweet- heart: -Student Nursing Association; Hot Springs. DAVID EU- GENE NEWMAN: Electrical Engineering; IEEE; HKX; Alma. Fourth Ron-. MARY HELEN NEWTON: Art; XU: Harri- son. JIMMY H. NIPI ' S: Accounting; AK : Accounting Associa- tion: ' England. HOWARD ARTHUR NOBLES: History-Govern- ment; Acacia; Young Democrats, Treasurer; Civic Club; Benton. JOE C. NORCROSS: Architecture; AIA: Hot Springs. SUSI MORRIS: Elementary Education; X!. ' : Young Democrats: Ele- mentary Club; SNEA; Memphis, Tenn. RANDOLPH LEE GATES: Marketing; +_i0: Little Rock. ISAO OISFII: Architec- ture-Art; AIA; +112; Scott. MIKE OLIVERA: Marketing; IIKA; Marketing Club; Fayetteville. Fifth Row. JUDITH KAY ORINTAS: Education; _ _ _ : SNEA; Tulsa. Okla. RICHARD J MI.S ORINTAS: Pie-Dent.; ABC: Civic- Club; North Little Rock. JERRY D. ORLER: Ac- counting; 211; BA : Accounting Association. Vice- President: Ft. Smith. KATHRYN M. ORI.ER: Education; SNEA: Ft. Smith. CECILLIA LEE ORSBURN: Education; AAA: SXEA; Ft. Smith. SANDRA WHEAT ORISINI: Pre-Med.; WIHC; Pine Bluff. KENNETH R. OSBORNE. II: Plusics; TTKA: +112; 2112, Pres- ident; Newman Club; Fayetteville. PAUL LLOYD OSMOX: Chemical Engineering; Scdgwell; IIME; Bald Knob. CATH- ERINE LOUISE OSTNER: History; KKE; 1FPC; Little Rock. 74 seniors " Just where is the bull!- " or " What tlic hell are we doing here? " are possible questions asked by tlie clowns at annual Agri Day Rodeo activities. First Raw: JERRY KKXMTH Oil: Electrical Engineering; ATS!. 1 ' resideiu. Treasurer; OAK; THII; IIKX: II. ME: AXU; IHKK: StiuleiH Senate; IFC:; 1FPC; I-lippin. CHARLES B. OWENS: History; 2AE; Monilton. CHARLES CAI.I.IS OU ' KN: Accounting; BA ' I ' , President; Accounting Association; Voting Democrats, Vice-President; DeOueen. JANET LVNN OWENS: Education; ZTA; Newport. MARY ' G ALE OWNBEY: Education; KAII; Faimington. JAMES JARBOE PACE: Pre-Mcd.; I _ e, President; t:ardinal XX; OAK; AEA; Dallas, Tex. ELSIE JANE PAI.SA: Business; IIB I ; International Club; WRA; Commerce Guild; Carlisle. I.IXDA SUSAN " PARK: Ecliicution; Razorback Hall; VIHC; Elementary Club; SNEA; Van Btiren. Second llou-. ROBERT CHARLES PARKER: Banking-Fi- nance; 2AE: I.ewisville. GORDON PATTERSON; Architecture; Little Rock. (AMES CORHETT PATTERSON: Pic-Dent.; Marshall. JOHN E. PATTOX: Agriculture; Farmhouse; ATA; Agronomy Club; Banker. OTHEI.IA DAXIEL PAUL: Business; SXEA; Fayetteville. GERALD PAYNE: Marketing; Ft. Smith. PAUL R. PAYNE: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Little Rock. WILLIAM ODELL PEARCV: Agriculture; IIKA; Altheimer. Third Ron-. SH KARON CECILIA PEARSON: Mathematics; Fayetteville. JULIA BURTOX PECK: Education; HB4 ; Hope. JOHN TERRY PEEL: Secondary Educalion; Bentonville. GEORGE D. PEEEERKORN: Pre -Law; Pine Bluff. RICHARD MARTIN PENCE: Finance; IIKA, Vice-President; AK ; CJin- way. EDWARD M. PENICK: Banking-Finance; i; X , Vice-Presi- dent, Treasurer; Cardinal XX; AK ; Scabbard and Blade; IFPC; Blue Key, Secretary; Gaebale Director ' 65. JOHN WIND- SOR PERRY: Electrical Engineering; Little Rock. DEXXLS CLARK 1 ' KTTY: General Business; Arnold Air Society, Com- mander; .Scabbard and Blade; Springdale. fourth Row: JAMES GUY PETFY: Economics-Sociology; Acacia; Paris. JUDY MARIE PHELPS: English; Carnall; Mor- tar Board; IHC:, Representative; XA, President; SXEA; Mal- vern. DONALD E. PHILLIPS: English; Humphreys; Tulsa Okla. PAMELA RAE PHILLIPS: Education; Eutrall Hall SNEA; Kansas City. JEPHREY AXX PHIPPS: English-Spanish XS7, Secretary; AAA, Secretary; Chimes; AWS, Judicial Board -Secretary; AT: Mortar Board; j BK; North Little Rock. GEORG1 GENE I ' lCH: Marketing; AXA; Ha en. JUDITH ANN PICK- ERING: Marketing; Carnall Hall; Marketing Club; Waldo. JO- HANNA PINSON: English; KK1 ' ; ABC; Student Senate; AWS, Executive Board; Board of Publications; F.I Dorado. Ott Parker Owens Patterson, G. Owen Patterson, J. Owens Pattern Ownbcy Paul ' Pace Palsa Payne, G. Payne-, P. Park Pearcy Pearson Petty, J. Peck Phelps Peel Phillips, D. Peffi ' rkorn Phillips, P. Pence Phipps Pcnick Pich Perry Pickering Petty. D. Pinson seniors Vhc-rc but ;il an intramural basketball game- would one find a student, an apartment social di- rector and an ex-presidential candidate together? First Row: DANIEL JACOB PIPKIN: Management; Mal- vern. F.DGF.R CKDRIC PITTS. JR.: Engineering; ASCE; Little Rock. KLAUS PLOOG: American Literature; It .enboe, Ger- many. [OF. HOB 1 ' OOI.E: Management; SAM; Ft. Smitb. GF.NE- VII.VF. K. 1 ' 01 ' F: Education; ACF.I: KAII: SNF.A; Ft. Smitb. JEANNIE ALICE I ' OI ' E: Elementary Education; AAIT; BSU; r.l.m.-ntar Cluli; ' I yicr. Tex. TOMMY DAN I ' OI ' E: Account- ing; Accounting Association; Ft. Smitb. ROBERT HURT POR- TER, JR.: Management; 24 E; OAK; AK ; Guild Ticker, Busi- ness Manager; Circle K, President; A4 S2; Commerce Guild, Ex- ecutive Committee; Scabbard and Blade; SAM; West Helena. Third Row: BILL PROVIN: Accounting; Ft. Smitb. JOAN SHARON PUCHTA: Speech; KK1 ' ; Rockaway Beach, Mo. DAN W. PUCKETT: Mathematics: Buchanan; Searcy. LINDA LEE I ' l ' RDY: Music Education; AAII; TB2; 1 ' anhellenic; 2AI; Cin- cinnati. Ohio. JOE M. PYLAND, |R.: Accounting; AXA; Scab- bard and Blade; North Little Rock. ERANKIE RAY PYLE: Agriculture; ATP; ASA; ATA; Success. MICHAEL MEREDITH OUICKEL: Personnel Administration; Circle K; Accounting As- sociation; Panama City, Fla. JANICE CARROL QUINN: Edu- cation; KKr; Elementary Club; SNEA; Little Rock. Second Row: I.AEREXCE A. POTTER, JR.: Agricultural Economics; AFP. Vice-President; A ' ,: Marshall. MARY OURS- LER POTTORFF: English; _ 1 " . International Club; Vhm Ridge. ELI A BETH ANN POWELL: Psychology; X; Alex- ander. HF.I.I.FX FRANCES PRATT: Home Economics; Wash- ington. I). (. WILLIAM DREW PRESTON: General Busi- ness; Linden. Tex. THOMAS RAYMOND PRICE, III: Market- ing; IIKA; OAK; Marketing Club. Vice-President; Commerce Guild: SAM; AK ; Guild Ticker, Assistant Editor; Little Rock. JEFF PRIDE: Pre-Mcd.; J _ fK Horatio. DOUGLAS EVERETT PROCTOR: Chemical Engineering; AXA; AICE, Secretary- Treasurer; Wynne. Fourth Row: ROBERT LEE RADER: Management; 2 E; Circle K; Marketing Club; SAM; Joplin, Missouri. KATHLEEN JO RAFF: Education; IIB j ; West Helena. MARTHA LEE RAGLAND: Marketing: Accounting Association; Marketing Club; Aurora, Mo. WILLIAM W. RAGLAND: Animal Nutri- tion; Farmhouse; AZ; Animal Industry Club; Leslie. WILLIAM I. RAHM: Government: Sedge-well; Success. DAN OSCAR RAN- SOM: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Springdale. ROBERT RAY RAPIER: Pre-Mcd.; Young Democrats; Dumas. DANIEL LEON RAY: Business; Van Biiren. Pipkin Potter Pitts Pottorff Ploog Powell Poole Pratt Pope, G. Preston Pope, J. Price Pope, T. Pride Porter Proctor Provin Rader Pnchta Raff Puckett Ragland, M. Purdy Ragland, W. Pyland Rahra Pyle Ransom Quickel Rapier CHiinn Ray 76 Ray, J. Rcmke Ray, M. Rhoik ' ii Ray. R. Rice Recce Reed. I) Richards Ridenour Reed, . Riggs Re, I Riles Reeves Risscr Robl crts. B. Robinson. C. Rogers, H. Roberts. I.. Roberts. S. Rnlu ' t ts. ' . Robertson, C. Robertson, M. Robinson. (,. Robinson, |. Robinson, J. A. Robinson. M. Robinson. R. Rogers, J. Rogers, J. M. Rogers, J. C, Rogers, M. B. Rogers. V R. Roop Rrhcilson. T. A. Robinson. S. Rose. 15. Roberts, n, T. E Roi kc Rose. M. Ursl Hint-. JO COLAY RAY: Speech-English; AAA; Sopho- more Counselor: Senior Counselor: Fayetteville. MARTHA ANN RAY: Education; Holcombc, President; A ' S, F ' xcculhc Board: VIHC: BSL; Cabot. RALPH EDWARD RAY. |R.: Account ing: AXA: Kngland. ROBERT E. REECE: Civil Engineering; B-ntonville. DONALD I.KK REED: Flectrical F.nginecring; AKA; Circle K; Rogers. NANCY TRIl ' l ' RF.F.D: English; KK1 Secretary; Sophomore C:onnselor: I ' ine Bluff. Dl ' AXF. I. RKKI.: Civil Engineering; Little Rock. THOMAS SALYF.S REEVES. JR.: Accounting; Accounting Association; F.I Dorado. Sr-rniid Hair: RK:HAR1) Dl ' ANE REMKF: Chemical Engi- neering; AXA; Amarillo. Tex. HAROLD HUGH RHODEN: I ' re-Law: AO. Treasurer; AK ; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society: Varsity Track; Rogers. BOB J. RICE: Marketing; SAM; Marketing Club; Ft. Smith. MARSHA J. RICHARDS: History: KKT: Crossttt. GARLAND q. RIDENOUR: General Business-Pre-Law; AE; ' arsity Football; Scabbard and Blade: Marketing Club; ] Cluli; Ft. Smith. DAVID RICHARD RIGGS: Architecture; AIA: Ft. Smith. MARY F.I LI N RII.F.Y: oology; Fulrall: International Club; I ' ortagcvillc, Mo. VIL- I.IAM I. RISSFR: Accounting; AKA: Circle K: Mabehale. Third How: BRl ' CF. INGRAM ROBERTS: Chemistry: Off- Campus Men. President; Ra orback, Organizations Editor; AXIi. Treasurer: I ' ine Bluff. LARRY MICHAEL ROBERTS: Man agement; AXA; North Little Rock. SAMUEL WAYNE ROB- ERTS: Natural Sciences; Ripley; Bald Knob. AYNE HARRY ROBER I S: Marketing; Humphreys, Treasurer; AK : I ' ershing Rifles; Accounting Association; Hot Springs. ( ' ARE B. ROB- ERTSON: Gener al Business: | i): Hot Springs. M RIIN CLIF- TON ROBERTSON: oology: Ciule k: Texarkana. I HOMA.S ALTON ROBF.RFSON. [R.: ' Education: Arnold Ait Sociel : Ad- vanced AFROTC; Amity. ' FHOMAS EDMOND ROBERTSON: Insurance-Real Estate; K : l ' ' l. Sniilh. Fourth lioir: CYRl ' S M. ROBINSON: I ' re-Med.: IN: F.I Do- rado. (. KY ROBINSON: Natural Siic-:ue: i: : aisitx loot- ball: Scabbard and Blade; Little Rock. TERRY B. ROBIN- SOX: Marketing; 2X: Crossctt. [TDI I II ANNE ROBINSON: English-Spanish: X : iAII; F.I Ilorailo. M R(,AREI IKER ROBINSON: Speech C.orret lion: KK1 ' . President; Panhc-llenic Council. Secretar ; Fayelteville. RONALD L1.EN ROBINSON [onrnalism; 4 AO; Traveler, Editor; Ra orback. Sports Editoi Blue Kc : Press Club, Preside M: KTA: Arnold Air Society Little Ruck. ST NI.F.Y MAURICE ROBINSON: Engineering Acacia. Vice President: IEEE: Success. DON M I) I.KOXARP ROCKEY: Physical Education: TKK. ' ite-Pi esiilent: A 1 .}: PI M: ABC; SXF.A: ' New Cumberland. Pa. riflli lion-. HAROLD VESILEY RODCF.RS: Knlomolog : ATP. Trc ' asurc ' r; l ; .ntrmolog Club. icc ' -Pn sidenl ; Maga inc 1 . J. FRA IER RODGF.RS: Accounting: It Smilh. |AMFS MAI RIC:E ROIX.ERS: (,o ' rnmenl; 111: Fa ette ille. H ' DIIH CAMIILE ROIX.FRS: Education: _ . A: SNE : R . Little Rock. MARY BE I ' ll RO1K.ERS: English; . SM: BC: laxctle ville. WILLIAM RADI R ROD(.1RS: Real F.Male-lnsuiaiue: Ea elteville. DONALD WILLIAM ROOP: Bnsinc ' ss; Gladson: Pine Bluff. B. VRF.D ROSE: I ' svc liologx : Ki): Memphis. Tenn. MARILYN ANN ROSE: Education; Kansas ( il . Mo. 77 Rotenbcrry Roth Rothe Rothrock Rouse Rowe Ruble Runshang Russo Safley Sanders, C. Sanders, J. Sanders, T. Sanders, W. Saunders Scarborough, F. Scarborough, W. Sellick Shaver Schnipper Schrantz Schumacher Scott Sclph Sctser Setser Scwcll Shearer Sheet rum Sheets Shelby Shell Scrape Shami Shelton Searan Sliancr Shepherd Seitz Sharp Shirk First Row: PATRICIA LAYOXXF. ROTEXBERRY: Home Economics: KKT; A VS, State President. Executive Board; Stu- dent Senate; Senior Counselor; AHF.A, Vice-President; Agri Queen; Little Rock. ROLAND RAY ROTH: oology; Collegi- ate Academy of Science; 4 H : Wesley Foundation, President; Stuttgart. MARY El. LEX ROTHE: Education; RB . Secretary; Mortar Board; Student Senate; Chimes; KAIT, El Dorado. TOM- MY PAUL ROTHROCK: Physical Education; Lincoln. GEORGE ERNEST ROUSE: Mathematics-Physics; KK . Vice- President; in2; IIME; American Institute of Physics; Fayette- ville. DONALD R. ROWE: Engineering; Varsity Football; Var- sity Track; Van Buren. DAVID ROSS RUBLE: Management; Acacia, Vice-President, ABC, Vice-President; SAM; Orlando, Fla. GEORGE E. RUXSHAXG, JR.: Business; Little Rock. Second Korr: VIXCEXT ROBERT RUSSO: Pre-Med.; Buch- anan; Oakland, Calif. JUDITH AXXE SAFLEY: Music Educa- tion; Razorback; U-Arkcttes; Healdton, Okla. CHF.XIER JOHX XY SAXDERS: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; Young Repub- licans; El Dorado. JAXIC.E CAROLE SAXDERS: Psychology; Waxahachie. Tex. FED HOUSTOX .SAXDERS: Accounting; IIKA; HA ! ' ; ARM ' : Accounting Association. President: Civic Club; Marshall. WALTER WARD SANDERS: Pie-Law; IIKA; Alpena. JOE THOMAS SAUNDERS: Industrial Management; Ripley; Dierks. FRAXCES CAROLYN SCARBOROUGH: Zoo- logy; Clarksville. Third Row: WILLIAM R. SCARBOROUGH, JR.: Mech- anical Engineering; Clarksville. KENNETH TYSON SCHNIP- PER: Business Administration; KZ; Texarkana. KEXXETH F. SCHRANTZ, JR.: Industrial Engineering; Gladson House; AIIE; Pershing Rifles, Captain; Senior Counselor; Pine Bluff. VICTOR JOSEPH SCHUMACHER, JR.: Marketing-Advertising; North Little Rock. CHARLES MARTIN SCOTT: Electrical En- gineering; Buchanan; ; IIME; KK ; Roe. LEE ANDREW SCRAPE, JR.: Management; AXA; SAM; Marketing Club; North Little Rock. JERRY SAMUEL SEARAX: Electrical En- gineering; HKN: IEEE; Pine Bluff. BERTA LENA SEITZ: History; Berryville. Fourth Koit-. EVA MAE SELLICK: Sociology-Social Welfare; BSU; Berryville. ROGER A. SELPH: Animal ' Husbandry; Ft. Smith. PATSY AXX SETSER: Business Education; Gentry. RONALD LEE SETSER: Accounting; Decatur. JUNE IRENE SF.WF.LL: Elementary Education; AAFI; Elementary Club; Wes- ley Foundation; Young Democrats; .SNF.A; Springdale. JAMIL MOHAMMAD SHAMI: Psychology-Journalism; International Club; Press Club; Ramallah, Jordan. JACKIE F. SHAXER: Agricutural Economics; Farmhouse; ASA; Animal Industry Club; Rogers. RAMOX DAVID SHARP: Electrical Engineering; AXA: Little Rock. Fifth Km:-. ROBERT VAX SHAVER: Agriculture; AFP, Vice- President. Secretary; Agriculturist Staff; ASA;, Treasurer; Cave City. JAMES CARL SHEARER: Animal Nutrition; Farm- house; Animal Industry Club, President; A ,; H ; ASA; IFC; Ft. Smith. BETTY ARLEXE SHEETRUM: Home Economics; Carnall; Sidney. JOHN KERMIT SHEETS: Chemistry; AKA; AX2: Rrgers. JOHNNY LEE SHELBY: Government; Traveler, Sports Editor: Young Democrats; Ft. Smith. LARRY A. SHELL: Accounting; BA , Bentonville. JAMES BRYANT SHELTON: Engineering; Humphreys; AXi); A f ; AIChE; Senior Counselor; Little Rock. FRANCES ELAINE SHEPHERD: Education; Fu- trall; McGehee. JAMES EDWARD SHIRK: Engineering; Scab- bard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; ASCE; Jacksonville. an: 78 seniors At llic l ' " ;ill Principals Conference three Sisters contemplate the problems faced by their former students as thev became freshmen ;it the U of A. First Row: NOLAN LEE SHORTER: Management; 2 tE: Neosho, Mo. ABBY L. SHUEY: English; TA; SNKA; Sbrevc- port, La. JAMES BARTON .SIKF.S: Government; Young Demo- rats; North Little Rock. MICHAEL GEORGE, SIMON: Animal Husbandry; A : Animal Industry Club; Newman Club; Con- way. JEANNE MARIE SIMPSON: English-Spanish; AX12; AT, Vice-1 ' rcsident; SNEA; Springfield. Mo. HAROLD R. SIITON: 1 ' re-Med.; ITME; Gentry. RAY DAVID SLACK. JR.: Accounting; Ft. Smith. JOHN EDWARD SLAVEN: Prc-Med.-Zoology; AEA; Eavetteville. Second Row: MARLIN LEON SLOCUM: Civil Engineering; Student Senate; ASCE; Hickory Ridge. PAUL L. SMALL: Mar- keting; Hot Springs. ANNA PENTRESS SMEAD: Accounting; HA ; XB, Vice-President; Accounting Association; Camden. CLOVIS PAULA .SMITH: Home Economics; Mineral Springs. COEI.LA FERN SMITH: Med-Tcch.; Eavetteville. DEBORAH WHITING SMITH: Education; Jacksonville. DON H. SMITH: Insurance-Real Estate; Marketing Club; Young Democrats; Fayetteville. DONALD RAGAIN SMI III: Industrial Engineer- ing; AIIM; AIIE; Springfield, Mo. Shorter Slocum Shucy Small Sikes -Smead Third Row: DOUGLAS FAGAN SMI III: Industrial Man- agement; Pine Bluff. ELECT A R. SMITH: Education; Spring- dale. FREDRICK M. SMITH: Music Education; KW, Hope. GEORGE FRANCIS SMITH: Education; Berryville. JAMES HOWARD SMITH: Banking-Finance; Yocuin; Young Demo- crats: Pie-Law Club; Corning. [AMES WILBUR SMITH: In- dustrial Engineering; ASCE: 2 J E: Lake Village. JOHN McC.OY SMITH: Civil Engineering; ASCE: 2 j E; Lake Village. JOHN WILLIAM SMITH: Electrical Engineering; IEEE: A H; TBII; Old Hickory. Fourth Row: JOSEPH MIKE SMITH: General Business; Yo- cum; Mena. RICHARD F. SMITH: Marketing; Marketing Club; Ft. Smith. ROBERT ALEXANDER SMITH: Management; 2N; BA Freshman Class Vice-Prisidcnt; Siuttgart. RONALD DOUGLAS SMITH: Pie-Dent.; 2AE; Newport. SANDRA EI.I - ABETH SMITH: Physical Education; X ; Little Rock. TRU- MAN ALLEN SMITH: Education; AIEE; Bradford. SANDRA SUE SNOWDEN: English; Carnal] Hall; Sophomore Counselor; ABC; .SNEA; McRae. GERALD MARTIN SORENSEN: Man- agement; 2 E, Recorder; AK : Guild Ticker Staff; IEPC; Young Democrats; Ft. Smith. Simon Smith, C. Simpson Smith, C. F. Sitton Slack Smith, D. Smith, 1). II. Slaven Smith, D. R. Smith, D. F. Smith, I. Smith, E Smith. R. Smith, F. Smith, R. A. Smith, G. Smith. R. D. Smith. J. II. Smith, S. Smith. J. V. Smith, T. Smith. J. M. Snowden Smith. J. . Sorcnsen 79 seniors Early in the fall semester Coach Broyles intro- duced all senior football players at a pep rally. First Row: ROBERT E. SOUTHERN: Commercial Art; Fouke. NEAL SPEARMON: Physics; 2AE; North Little Rock CAROLYN LEE SPEARS: Education; AXf2; AVVS, Legislative Board; SNEA; Elementary Club. SANDRA GALE SPEARS: Education; Razorback Hall; Noel, Mo. ANN DAVIES SPENCE: Accounting; x; Bauxite. BUDDY BROWN SPIVEY: Com- mercial Art; TKE; Siloam Springs. PHILIP M. SPRAY: Engi- neering; William House; AXf ; KK ; Razorback Band; Traveler Staff, Photographer; Malvern. STEPHEN REID STALLINGS: Accounting; Accounting Association; Piggott. Third Ron-. JOSEPH HERSHEL STURDIVANT: Govern- ment-Economics; J.AO; Pine Bluff. CHARLES FORREST SUGG: Electrical Engineering; Lonoke. RICHARD LEE SON- DERMAN: Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Windom, Minn. BILL WAYNE SUTTON: Management; Huntsville. MERRIE SAN- DRA SWIFT: Elementary Education; AAA; Elementary Club; SNEA; ABC; Ft. Smith. LARRY RONALD TARVER: Civil Engineering; Droke House; ASCE; Quitman. JOE E. TARVIN: Civil Engineering; ASCE; North Little Rock. DAVID STRONG TAYLOR: Pre-Law; J H2; Prc-Law Club, Secretary; Clarks- villc. Second Row: THOMAS EDWARD STANLEY: Business; 2AE; AK ; Augusta. RAYMOND JAMES STEDE: Engineer- ing; Mulberry. WILLIAM PATTON STEELE, JR.: Arts-Scien- ces; ZAE; Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM THOMAS STEPHENS: Engineering; 2AE; Crossctt. CLYDE F. STEWART: Engineer- ing; XE; ASCE; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Ft. Smith. CURTIS EVANS STOVER: Chemistry; Little Rock. HAROLD WAYNE STRICKLAND: Animal Husbandry; ASA; Animal In- dustry Club; Hampton. DAVID PATRICK STUDER: Engineer- ing; Little Rock. Fourth Row: DAVID WAYNE TAYLOR: Management; Russcllville. JESSE LOVE TAYLOR: Secondary Education; Humphreys Hall; Cardwell, Mo. LAWRENCE D. TAYLOR, JR.: Mechanical Engineering; THII; IIME; ITTZ; Louisville, Ky. LARRY EDWARD TAYLOR: Art; Acacia; Amity. LYNDA SUE TAYLOR: Elementary Education; Futrall Hall; Dallas, Tex. MICHAEL T. TAYLOR: Chemical Engineering; TB S ; TIME; AX2; Little Rock. RONALD LEE TAYLOR: German; Ft. Smith. ROBERT FRANCIS TENNANT, JR.: History- Houston, Tex. Southern Stanley Spearmon Stede Spears, C. Steele Spears, S. Stephens Spence Stewart Spivcy Stover Spray Strickland Stallings Studer Sturclivant Taylor, D. W. Taylor, J. Sonderman Taylor, L. D. Sutton Taylor, L. E. Swift Taylor, L. Tarver Taylor, M. Tarvin Taylor, R. Taylor. D. S. Ten nan t 80 Thibault Tillman I homas, .F Todd Thomas, H. Tonnley Thomas. R. Townsrnd Thompson, L. Travis Thompson, M I ' lnM Fhompson S I I llll( .! II Thruston True, A. True, G. Utley, P. Walker, G. P Tsao Utley, T. Walker, G. R. Turchi Vancura Walder Wallace Turner ' aught Walsh Twyford Vehik Walton Tyler ' er ac k Ware I ' mhaugh Vinson Ware, T. Umberson Vratsinas Warren First Row: SYLVIA CATHEY THIBAULT: History; Razor- back International Club; WRA; Young Republicans; Norphlet. FRANCES E. THOMAS: Education; Al ' ; WRA; SNEA; Elemen- tary Club; Little Rock. HARVE THOMAS: Architecture; AIA; Texarkana. RYLAND COI.EMAN THOMAS, JR.: Marketing: Acacia; AK ; ABC; Young Democrats; Marketing Club; Civic Club; Razorback Band; Springdale. I.INDO JO THOMPSON: English; AXfi; Mortar Board; Senior Counselor; AT, President; Sophomore Counselor; Civic Club; Young Republicans; SNEA; Shrcvcport, La. MIKE THOMPSON: Business; 2AE. .Secretary- Sophomore Class, Vice-President; Commerce Guild, Executive Committee; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; AK I ' : Young Democrats; Cotter. .SHARON LOU THOMPSON: Eng- lish; Carnal!: Ft. Smith. MARI.AND C. THRUSTON: Chemis- try; Hiwasse. Second Row. CAROLYN ELIZABETH TILLMAN: Educa- tion; 4-H House; Little Rock. CATHERINE ANNE TOD1): Music; Razorback; Young Republicans; Ft. Smith. LARRY E. TONNLEY: Architecture; 2AE: Malvern. WILLIAM R. TOWNSEND: Agronomy; Farm House; Agronomy Club, Pres- ident; A ,: Booncville. DONALD S. TRAVIS: Business; Drokc; Judsonia. CIMMIE EUGENE TROST: Civil Engineering; Green Forest. JAMES ANDREW TRUDEAN, III: oology; Sallisaw. Okla. ANN PENNY BLOXSOM TRUE: Education; Tulsa. Okla. Third fioir: GARY D. TRUE: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Bentonville. CHI-WING TSAO: Chemistry: Drokc; Collegiate Academv of .Science; Kowloon, Hong Kong. NANO J. TURCHI. JR.: Architecture: TKE: Pine Bluff. ROBERT EUGENE TUR- NER: I ' re-Med.: Young Republicans; Greenwood. RONALD LEE TWYFORI): Banking-Finance; Humphreys; Monlicello. JOHN ROBERT 1 YI.ER: Electrical Engineering; j.AO; IEEE; Pershing Rifles Commander; Scabbard and Blade; Student Union Activities Committee; Circle K: Young Republicans; North Little Rock. MARY EI.NOR UMBAUBH: Elementary Education; Springdale. DONALD CARL UMBERSON: Agnc ullure-Poul- trv; Lincoln. Ark. Fourth How: Pat UTLEY: Accounting; Nashville. THOMAS HASKELI. UTLEY: English; T: Prexieu. Co-Editor: FaM-tte- ville. MARY ELI .ABETH VANCURA: English: AAII- AT: SNEA; Little Rock. BOB C. VAUCHT: Industrial Management: Accounting Association; Young Republicans: Kt. Smith. R IN ' EHIK: Anthropology; Ft. Smith. JERRY JULES VERVACK: Goveniment: AXA: Young Republicans: Ft. Smith. MICHAEL E. VIN ' SOX: Mechanical Engineering; 2N: A-SME; Scabbard and Blade; Jonesboro. PETE JOHN VRATSINAS: Arcoiiniing: Young Democrats; Accounting Association: ABC.; Little Rock. Fifth Ron " . GEORGE PHILIP WALKER: Architecture: 2X; Forrest City. GEORGE REA WALKER. |R.: Agronoim; Wilson Sharp, Vice-President; iX: A ' : OAK: Agronoim Club; Sione- ville. Miss. MARGARET WALDER: Journalisin: AX : Moun- tain Home. LARRY C. WALLACE: Pre-Med.: AXA. Vice -Presi- dent: IFC. Vice-President: Student Senate: Blue Ke ; IEPC: Hobbs. N. M. I .F.I.DON LOUIS WALSH: Amounting; Rogers. CLEO ADE WAI ION. JR.: Electrical Engineering: IEEE. Sec retary; Mt. Ida. CATHERINE HELEN WARE: Advertising- Marketing: III! : Pine Bluff. THOMAS EDWARD W RI . JR.: Chemical Engineering; AXi:: AIChE: Little Rnik. CATHERINE JEAN WARREN: Business Teaching Training: Ft. Smith. 81 Warriner Weeks Valkins Weir Veatherall Wclborn, J. Weatherman Vcll)orn, R. Weathers Velch Webb, H. Veldon Webb, F. Wells, K. Webster Wells, W. Welsh Werdein White. H. White, T Wilkins Williams, A. L. West. A. West, E. Wcstpahl Wewers Whiteley Whitfield, R. Whitfield, W. Viggins Williams, A. Williams, J. Williams, M. Williams, N. Wilson, C. J. White, C. White, D. Wilhite Wilkerson Wilson, C. N. Wilson, G. first How: JOHN " K. WARRINER, JR.: Architecture; K2; Pine Bluff. 1.. J. WATKINS: Accounting, Waldron. AUVERGNE WEATHERALL: Marketing; Futrnll; Pine Bluff. DON EL- BERT WEATHERMAN: Industrial Management; Murfrees- boro. KAREN ANNE WEATHERS: Home Economics Educa- tion: AAII; TB2: Young Democrats; AHEA; Razorback Band; Wesley Foundation; Salem. HARLEL DWAYNE WEBB: Agri- culture; Animal Industry Club; Dutch Mills. WILLIAM FRANK WEBB: Pre-Med.; Gravctte. BILL WEBSTER: Accounting; -AE. Secretary; IFI ' C; IFC; Civic Club; Vest Memphis. Second Row: WINFORD WAYNE WEEKS: Civil Engineer- ing; ASC.E; Hope. GORDON BARNETT WEIR: Mathematics; Springdale. JACK ROMAS WELliORN: Geography; Batesville. ROBERT JONES WF.LBORX: Electrical Engineering; Yocum; HKX, President, Vice-President; Tlill; IEEE; IIM2; 4 HE: Har- rison. JERRY C. WELCH: Education; Wilson Sharp; Varsity Football; Little Rock. JOHN ALLEN WELDON: Marketing; K: SAM: Advertising Club; Marketing Club; Magnolia. KEN- NETH DUANE WELLS: Management; TKZ; Almirante, Pana- ma. WILLIAM JOE WELLS: Accounting. BA ; MIHC; Ac- counting Association; Pershing Rifles; Harrison. Third Row. BOBBY D. WELSH: Marketing; Accounting As- sociation, Vice-President; Hackett. EVA ANN WERDEIN: Ele- mentray Education; Razorback; Aurora, Mo. ALFRED ED- WARD WEST: Education; Hindsville. EVELYN WEST: Secon- dary Education; nB J ; Pine Bluff. PHILIP R. WESTPHAL: Accounting; Ft. Smith. LARRY H. WEWERS: Industrial Man- agement; Ft. Smith. CHARLES LEWIS WHITE: Animal Nu- trition; AZ; Russcllville. DAVID WENDELL WHITE: Dairy Husbandry; Favetteville. Fourth Row: HARLAN EDWARD WHITE: Accounting; Sedgwell; Accounting Association; Alma. JESSIE MAE WHITE: Pre-Nursing; Scott; Pine Bluff. JERRY ANN WHITELEY: Home Economics; Springdale. ROBERT L. WHITFIELD: Ele- mentary Education; Riplcy; A A; Little Rock. WILLIAM HEN- RY WHITFIELD: Sociology; Channing Club; Sociology and Anthropology Club; Little ' Rock. LEONARD ALLEN WIG- GINS: Electrical Engineering; Ripley, President; IEEE; MIHC, Treasurer; HKX: TIME; Gepp. COZIE DON WILHITE: Gen- eral Business; IIKA; Cherry Valley. JAMES R. WILKERSON: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: MAX Hl ' BERT WILKINS: Physical Education; Dccatur. ANNA L. WILLIAMS: Elementary Education; Carnall; Clarkton, Mo. ANNE WILLIAMS: Education; Razorback; Rus- sellville. JIM E. WILLIAMS: Banking-Finance; 2 E; Varsity Football; ' Forrest City. MILAM JOE WILLIAMS: Chemical En- gineering; AIChE; El Dorado. NANETTE JEAN WILLIAMS: Elementary Education-English; Rogers. CAROL JEFFERY WIL- SON: English; Mt. Olive. CHARLES NEWELL WILSON; Phys- ical Education; Favetteville. GERALD R. WILSON: Soils; Farmhouse; AZ; Agronomy Club, Secretary; ASA; Marianna. HlV. seniors WlkD. Vilkmon X. Vita, G. First How: GLEN DALE WILSON: Entomology; nKA, Vice- President; Dcrmott. JOHANNA CLAIRE WILSON: English; AXO; West Memphis. JUDY YVONNE WILSON: Business; Teacher Training; Carnall; Batesville. SUSAN DIAN WILSON: Prc-Med.; Holcomhe; Young Republicans; Euclora. TOMMY SULLIVAN WIMPY: Agriculture; 2X, Secretary; ASAE; Agro- nomy Club; Young Republicans; Hanisburg. DWIGHT MON- ROE WINBORN: Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Alma. COR- NEALIA O ' BAR WOFFORD: Elementary Education; SNF.A; Elementary Club; Charleston. JAMES TERRELL WOFFORD: Civil Engineering; ASCE: Conway. JAMES TURNER WOM- BLE: Civil Engineering: 2 E, Vice-President, Secretary; TIME; XE; OAK. Secretary; f H2; 6T; TBIT; A.SCE, President; Stu- dent Senate; Engineering Council; Warren. Second Row: MARY ESTHER WOMELDORFF: Business X; Little Rock. BILLY RAY WOOD; Management; 211: Var- sity Basketball; Arnold Air Society; Judsonia. CAROLYN SUE WOOD: Elementary Education; AAA: Elementary Club; Moun- tain Home. HARVEY ERWIN WOOD: Management; K2; Mar- vcll. SHERRY WOOD: Physical Education; Futrall; WRA; Pern Club; ABC; Ashdown. VIKTORIA K. WOOD: Elementary Edu- cation; Quincy, 111. JAMES C. WOODSON: Geology; Amity. JO ELLEN WOODY: Mathematics; AAII, Vice-President; Dis- ciples Student Fellowship, Vice-President, Secretary; ITME, Vice- President, Secretary; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Senior Counselor; Wilson, G. D. Wilson. J. C. Wilson, J. Y. Wilson, S. D. Womeldorff Wood, B. Wood. C. Wood. H. I lie Nebraska spectators bad a plan for making their presence known at the C ' .otton Bowl red bats. Arkansas spectators bad a great lime. Springfield, Mo. HERMAN FRANKLIN WOOLARD: Mechani- cal Engineering; Ra orback Band; ASME; West Helena. Third Row: THOMAS DAI. I ON WOOLBRIGHT: English; Siloam Springs. MARTHA KAY WOOTEN: Elementary Edu- cation; Durham. CAROL JANE WRIGHT: Education; ZTA: SNEA; Young Democrats; Russclhille. HOWELL FURLEN WRIGHT: Physical Education; Varsity Track; A J O; Lonoke. MARTHA JO ' RIGHT: Psychology; KKP; C:heerleader; Persh- ing Rifle Sponsor; Tcxarkaiia. ORVILLE WRIGHT: Animal Husbandry; Amity. ROXY ANN WRIGHT: Marketing; Carnall; Marketing Club; Newman Club; Tcxarkaiia. ROBERT DAVID WYLIE: Civil Engineering; TISIT, XE, Treasurer; A.SCE, Secre- tary; Murfrccsboro. ' Fourth Row: CONNIE A. VYNN, JR.: Elementary Educa- tion; Fayettcvillc. RICHARD H. YADA: Accounting; AKA, Treasurer; Accounting Association; Marketing Club; SAM; Circle K; North little Rock. CLAUD WALTER YANCEY, JR.: I ' hys ics; William; Mansfield. NANCY GAYI.E YAWN: Education; KKP; Camden. DANIEL RAY YOAKUM: Accounting; Gladson, President, Treasurer; Accounting Association; Razorback Band; Ft. Smith. CATHERINE BLOUNT YOUNG: English; II ]j i ; Little Rock. JIMMY RAY YOUNG: Animal Nutrition; Farm- house, President; Animal Industry Club; Young Democrats; ASA; IFC; AZ; Booneville. ROBERT DANIEL YOUNG: Industrial Management; SAM; Young Republicans; Texarkana. Wimpy Wood, S. Winlxirn Wood, V. Wofford, C. Woodson Wofford, J. Woodv Vomble Voolard Voolbright Wynn ' (M ten Yada Wright. ( Yance Wright, H. ' awn Wright. M. Yoakum right. O. Young. C. Wright. R. Young. J. Vylic oung. R. 83 juniors The Arkansas Alumni Association held a breakfast for Cotton Howl Fans. Breakfast usually sobers, and in the past attendance has always been good. First Row: Camille Corin ADAMS: ZTA; Fayettcville. Jo Ann ADAMS: Futrall; Shrcveport, La. Charles Richard ADCOCK: Texarkana. Jo Ann AHERN: AAA; Texarkana. Richard Henry AHRENS, JR.: Mountain Home. Jann AKERS: A AIT; Memphis. Tenn. Second Row: Phyllis Anne AKINS: AAII; Hot Springs. Phyllis Marguerite ALBRECHT: AF; Eureka Springs. Hi- ram Milton ALEXANDER: SX; Helena. James Edward ALEXANDER: Harrison. Missy ALFORD: ZTA; Little Rock. Charles David ALLEN: 2 E; Fayetteville. Third Row: Diane ALLEN: X; Little Rock. Edwin Richard ALLEN: Wilson Sharp; Enid, Okla. John Henry ALLEN: Cave Springs. Deanna Louisa AMERIXE: Inde- pendence, Kan. Chester Ray AMIS: Norphlct. Pete Walter AMUNDSEN: UK A; Monroe, La. Fourth Row: Jerry Hunt ANDERSON: William; Cam- den. Janelle Marie ANGELETTI: Razorback; Greenwood. Roberta Luisa ANGULO: AAIT; Wichita, Kan. Garrett Gordon APPLE, JR.: TKE; Little Rock. Jim R. ARMI- STEAD: Greenwood. Charles Everette ARMSTRONG: Tex- arkana. Fifth Row: James F. ARNOLD: IIKA; Ft. Smith. Luis Carlos AROSEMENA: Riplcy; Panama. Republic of Pana- ma. Linda Joyce ARROYO: Carnall; Cherry Hill. Rex Lee ASSELIN: broke; Branson, Mo. Howard Collin ATKINS: IIKA; Earle. Janett Joyce AUSMUS: Bentonville. Sixth Row: Andrea AUSTIN: AAII; Subiaco. Nathaniel Fay AUSTIN: 2X; Blytheville. Robert John BAHR: Wil- liam; Ft. Smith. Paul David BAKER: Harrison. Ruth Ann BAKER: Futrall; Noel, Mo. Harry BARKER: White Plains, . Y. Seventh Row: Judy Arlene BALDRIDGE: Xfi; Ft. Worth, Tex. Betty Ann BALKMAX: Hokombe; North Lit- tle Rock. Donald ' H. BALL: North Little Rock. Joe Hoi- combe BALL: K; Nashville. Kenneth L. BALLARD: Wil- liam; Murfreesboro. Carolyn Ann BANEY: AAA; North Little Rock. Eighth Row: Gary Tim BAXKS: Fayetteville. Alice Mayes BARXETT: XO; Shrevcport, La. Donna Gayle BAR- RON: AXQ; Rogers. Leland Benjamin BARTLETT, JR.: K2; Little Rock. Johnie Wesley BARTON: Sedgwell; Gui- don. Melanie G. BARTOX: IIK j ; Ft. Smith. inth Roir: Mary Ann RASKIN: Gurdon. Hugh M. BASS: J AT; Little Rock. Kenny Ray BAUGHER: IIKA: Manila. Linn Hemingwav BEALKE: TKE; Chesterfield, Mo. John William BEALL: 6T; Wilson. Linda Louise BEALL: Razorback; Garfield. First Row: James Thomas BKASLKY: Pine Bluff. KInia M. BKAVKR: Favetteville. Pamela Jeanne BEAVER: IIB ; Colliervillc. Tenn. Robert BELL: TKE: Little Rock. Samuel All)crt BELL: 4 _iO; Dallas, ' 1 ' rx. William L. BELL: VVynjic. Second Row: Thomas Vincent BELMONT: Scdgwcll; I.illle Rock. E. Michael BENDER: Wilson Sharp; Strong. Barbara Ann BENNETT: 4-H House; Rogers. Jane- Kath- erinc BENNETT: XQ; Ft. Smith. Robert Patrick BEN- NETT: William; Little Rock. James Edwin BENSTON: Malvern. Third Kim: Jane BENTON: XH; Pine Bluff. Susan Linnie BENTON: 4-H House; Salem. Allen W. BERRY: ' Sedgwell; Harrisbnrg. George David BEVIL: William; Jeasc AFB, N. H. Jim Marion BEVIS: KZ; Dyershurg, Tenn. Cheryl Louise BIGGS: Fayettcvilk-. Fourth Row: Judie E. BILLINGS: KKT; Tulsa, Okla. Lewis William BILLINGS: Scdgwell; Crossett. Robert Tay- lor BILL1N(;SLEY: Buchanan; Pal estine. Russell 6. BLACK: AFP; Prairie Grove. Donald Gene BLANKEN SHIP: Moscow. Ronald Dean BI.ANKENSHIP: Z E; Moscow. Fifth Row: L. Wayne BLEDSOE: Scdgwell; Ft. Smith. Byra Lynn BLISS: AT; Medicine Lodge, Kan. Linda Mau- rice BLODGETT: AXQ; Jacksonville. Bert O ' Neal BLOOMEIELD: Rogers. Dickie Ann BOAL: XO; Ft. Smith. Robert Charles BOLLING: Droke; Alma. Sixth Kou-. Barbara Ann BOLLS: Futrall; Prescott. James P BONADY: K2; Wynne. Gretchen Marie BON- NELL: IIB ; Muskogee, Okla. Drew Taylor BONNER: William; Mountain Home. Suzanne D. BOOTH: nB4 ; Hope. Michael Joseph BORENGASSER: Ft. Smith. Seventh Row: Ray Michael BOUDREAUX: ZAE; Fa y- ctteville. Carol Elizabeth BOWMAN: JIB ; Little Rock. Vernon Dean BOWMAN: Ashdown. C:liarlcs L BOYD: Villiam; Nashville. Richard Harrison BOYER: Godfrey, 111. Jerrell Ray BOYETTE: Carlisle. l- ' .ightli Row: Terry Douglas BRADLEY: Mountain Home. Joseph Carson BRADY: i)AE; Helena. Jaccjui BRANDLI: AMI; Fayettexille. W. I odd BRATTON: Wil- liam; Camden. Frank Movers BRAY, JR.: William; Mur- freesboro. Christopher Cloar BRA IL: 2 J E; Benton. Mnth Row: Robert Donald BREF.DLOVE: Norman. Barbara Anne BREIT: XU; Harrison. Robert BRIDGES: Farmhouse; Plainview. Betty UR1DGFORTH: ITB j ; For- rest City. Judy Byrd BRITTENUM: Stuttgart. Ronald Howard BROCKWELL: Seilgwcll; F erton. Truth Row. Frances BROOKS: Xf ; Favetteville. Billy Don BROWN: Bald Knob. Charlene BROWN: Futrall; Lit- tle Rock. David Reed BROWN: Little Rock. Nancy June UROWN: Futrall; North Little Rock. Norma Gene BROWN: _ r; Hot Springs. Eleventh Row: Susan Melinda BROWN: A.1A; North Little Rock. Tcxitic BROWN: IIB t : Hot Springs. Vande Sue BROWN: Carnall; Kansas City, Mo. Bob BROWNING: Buchanan; Paraguuld. John Alan BRl SHABF.R: Spring- dale. Jim BRYAN: 4 AO; Morrilton. Twelfth Row: Mary Alnita BRYAN: Ra orback; Mus- tang. Okla. Doris Anne BRYANT: Futrall; Hot Springs. William A. BRYANT: Springdale. Michael Alan BUCK- LEY: 2X; Blooiniiigton, 111. John A Bl ' ERCKLIN: TKE; Little Rock. Betty Jo BUFORD; KKF; Forrest City. First ROU-. Mary Carolyn BUNCH: Holcombc; DeWitt. Emily Ann BUFORD: Grady. Earnest Dwayne BURKS: Villiam; Fordland, Mo. Thomas Hays BURNETT: Wilson Sharp; Bentonvillc. Duff BURTON: 2AE; Lewisville. Lyndon Wouglas BURTON: William; Texarkana. Second Row: Halla Jean BUTCHER: AAA; Mountain Home. Fred H. BUTRUM: Texarkana. Kenneth J. BY- NUM: 2 I E; Little Rock. Dino Augustino CADELLI: Ft. Smith. Jerry Lee CAGLE: Magnolia. Julian Dale CAL- HOON: Yocub; Elaine. Third Row: Donald Paul CALLAN: 2 E; West Mem- phis. Ronald William CALLAN: 2 E; West Memphis. David Logan CALLAWAY: 2X; Lake Village. David W. CAMPBELL: Forrest City. John Calvin CAMPBELL: KS; Helena. Josephine Ann CAMPBELL: AAA; Tulsa, Okla. fourth Ron-. Kenneth Wayne CAMPBELL: Van Bu- ren. John Neal CANTWELL: Alpena. Tommy Wayne CARDIN: AXA; Ft. Smith. Barbara June CARL: ZTA; Fayetteville. George Rend CARLTON: KS; Lake Village. Connie Sue CARNES: Carnall; Neosho, Mo. fifth Row. Donald Joseph CAROLAN: Humphreys; Benton. Raymond Prince CARPENTER: Little Rick. Au- brey Lee CARROLL: Star City. Mary Jane CARROLL: Razorback; Ft. Smith. Susan Maurine CARROLL: Little Rock. Ersel Lee CARTER: AE; Pine Bluff. Sixth Row: Fayc Anne CARTER: Holcombc; Malvern. Sharron Kay CARTER: Razorback; Little Rock. Vaskell Norman CARTER: Acacia; Crossett. James C. CASE: 211; Hot Springs. Pam Kay CASTLING: ZTA; Ft. Smith. Archie C. CAUDLE: Ft. Smith. Seventh Row: Robert M. CEARLEY, JR.: 2N; Little Rock. Richard Lee CECIL: Harrison. Charles Michael CHAFFIN: Gladson; Jonesboro. Larry Dale CHAFFIN: 211; Little Rock. David Hall CHAMBERS: Sedgwell; Le- ])anto. Fred R. CHANDLER: 2 j E; Dallas, Tex. Eighth Row: Holmes Saxon CHAPPELL: Ft. Smith. Robert Steven SHASTINE: 211; Rogers. Frances Anne CHERRY: Carnall; Little Rock. Kenneth L. CHRISTIAN- SEN: Droke; Joplin, Mo. Carol Louise CINA: AAIT; St. Louis, Mo. H. Paul CLAM PIT: Sedgwell; Whitehall. Ninth Row: Fred CLARK: Gregson; Marmaduke. James Corbin CLARK: Gladson; North Little Rock. Kenneth J. CLARK: Berryville. Lois Carden CLARK: Fayetteville. Martha CLEAVENGER: ZTA; Ft. Smith. Jerry E. CLEM: KZ; Althcimer. Tenth Row: Ralph McKinney CLIFT: Bentonvillc. Jerome F. CLIMER: Sedgwell; North Little Rock. Dorothy Lynn CLINEHENS: Fayetteville. Li . CLINTON: ITB ; Hot Springs. Constance Jean CLOTHIER: KKI ' ; Tulsa, Okla. Rebecca Gayle COLL: Carnall; Texarkana. Eleventh Row: Gary Earl COCHRAN: 2X; Portland. James Pobert COFFIEI.D: AXA; Stuttgart. Warren G. COINER: Droke; Gentry. Bruce Monroe COLCLASURE: IIKA; Shreveport, La. Charles Russell COLE: Ft. Smith. Iarv Sue COLE: Holcombe: Monticello. Twelfth Row: Jack G. COLEMAN: IIKA; Lonoke. Julie- Ann COMAN: Carnall; Maxwell AFB, Ala. Janice Anette COMBS: Fayetteville. James Loyd CONAWAY: Buchanan; Ft. Smith. Theodore Hurst CONLEY: William; Mountain Home. James Michael CONNELL: Fayetteville. 86 juniors The Kappas have had a haul year. Aside frniii the cull liciusc they gol stuck in they wcie unable to complete a Homecoming float, but its the thought . . . First Ron " . Judith I.ahna CONNOLLY: Ft. Smith. Orval I.. COOK: Cleveland, Okla. Cathy COOPKR: Carnall; Mcl- bournc. Dennis A. COOPER: Buchanan; Odessa, Texas. Ronald Eugene COOPKR: Terrc Haute, Ind. Walter A. COl ' l ' KANS: Vocuin; Ft. Smith. Second Row: Rosalyn Sue CORDELL: Little R K:k. I ' hil- lip Steven CORE: Ft ' . Smith. Robert Michael COR1.KY: AO; Little Rock. Michael R. CARNWELL: AXA; Darda- nelle. David Tyrce COURTNEY: Fayetteville. Charles Dean COVEY, III: Yocum; Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Third Him-. Donald F.rwin COWAN. JR.: Sedgwclt; Columbia. S. ( ' .. Charles Foster COX: AXA; Minler. La. Danny foe COX: Acacia; Van Burcn. Herman Bailes COX: Texarkana. Fred Edward CRABTREE: Ft. Smith. Susan Ross CRAIG: AXS : Rogers. Fourth Ron ' : Thomas Andrew CRAIG: McGehec. John Atkins CRAIN: i)N; Hope. Regina GRAIN: AF; Ft. .Smith. Walter Morris CRANDALL: Sedgwell; Tuckerman. David Lee CRAWFORD: 2AE; Uttlc Rock. Donnie Dean CRAW- FORD: Harrisburg. Fifth Row. Larry CRAWFORD: AXA; Shreveport, La. Linda W. CREEL: Xf2; Shreveport, La. Nancy Kay CROC- KETT: AAIT; Miami. Okla. Celeste CROOM: Razorback; Danlanelle. Carol Ellen CTLP: KKT; Ft. Smith. Richard K. CUNNINGHAM: Wilson Sharp; San Antonio, Tex. .V .v i Rmi-. Barbara L. CUPPI.ES: AF; North Little Reck. Charles Lee CURRY: Acacia; Monticello. Elaine Cl ' RRY: AAII; Hot Springs. I.eroy S. CURTIS: Little Rock. Margiette -Sleanor DABBS: ' Fayetteville. Sandra DAHI.KE: Ra .orback: Mountain Home. Seventh Row: Terrence Rex DAKE: Rocky Comfort, Mo. Joseph Paul DAI.MASSO: Yocum; DeValls Bluff. Patricia Kathleen DANIEL: AAA; Ft. Smith, fames R. DANIELS: AXA: Valparaiso, Ind. Dee Ann DAVIS: C.arnall; Harlin- gen. lex. Fred D. DAVIS, III: 2 X; pj nc Muff. F.ighth Rnw: Nancy Jane DAVIS: AT; Kansas City, Kan. William Allen DEAL: I1KA; Camden. Gary James DEAN: 2X; North Little Rock. Patricia Louise DEES: ,TA; Me - Gchec. John (.rover DEMI ' SEY: Gladson; Ashdown. Billy Mack DENNEY: Ripley; Hot Springs. Ninth lime: Harold DENNIE, JR.: Gladson; Magnolia. Charles Edward DF.NVF.R: Farmhouse; Gravctte. Raymond Vincent De .SALVO: Cladson; Marianna. Diane Annette 1 DICKERMAN: Razorback; Eureka Springs. Nan Ellen DICKINSON: III) ; Little Rock. Karen Kay DR. BY: Gentry. First How: Lay Daniel DILDY: Nashville. Margaret El- len DILDY: KKT; Little Rock. David Howard DILLA- HUNTY: Huntsville. Larry W. DIMMIT: Aurora. George I.awson DOCKERY, JR.: Fayetteville. Nathan Lcland DODD: J 0; Ft. Smith. Second Row. Sarah Alice DODGEN: AAII; Springdale. Judith Kaye DONALDSON: Carnall; Ft. Smith. Dorothy Elizabeth DORTCH: Futrall; Scott. Raymond Eugene DOWNING: Ft. Smith. Dennis Leroy DUGGAN: Gillham. Charles Ray DUKE: Texarkana. Third Row. James A. DUKE: Magnolia. Georgena De- marious DUNCAN: AXfi; Fayetteville. Charles B. DUR- HAM: Charleston. John Clifford DWYER: Ycllville. Har- old Wayne DYER: Nashville. Thomas Joseph EBDON: Ripley; Balboa, Canal Zone. Fourth Row. Carolyn Elaine EDDY: Fayetteville. Gayle Ann EDMONDSON: ZTA; Cassville, Mo. Nancy L. ED- MOND.SON: Futrall; Gentry. D L " Dusty " EDWARDS: North Little Rock. Jim R. EDWARDS: Farmhouse; Ben- tonville. Marcia Anne EDWARDS: ni? ; Searcy. Fifth Row. Paul DeCalvin EDWARDS: Fayetteville. William EDWARDS: 2 E; Jacksonville. Roland ELDER: Ripley; Cherokee Village. Everett Wayne ELLEDGE: Bly- thcville. William Ralph ELLIOTT: Fayetteville. Judy Pa- tricia ELLIS: AAA; Springdale. Sixt t Row. Nancy Anne ELLIS: Futrall; North Little Rock. Denton Carl EMANUEL: Sulphur Springs. Andy Loog ENNIS: AXf); Donna, Tex. Eugene Hunter EPPER- SON, JR.: Sedgwell; North Little Rock. Linda Lucille EP- I ' ERSON: Ft. Smith. Thomas Doyle EPPERSON: North Little Rock. Seventh Ron ' : Linda Louise ESKUE: Futrall; Pine Bluff. Gary L. ESPY: Fayetteville. I. Don EUBANKS: Ft. Smith. Arthur Foy EVANS: Sedgwell; Monette. Gary Fletcher EVANS: KS; Helena. Frances JoAnn EVERETT: Carnall; Oxlev. Eighth Row. Thomas Wesley EVERITT: Yocum; Cros- selt. Joe 1). FADDIS: Prairie Grove. Don R. FALDON: Ft. .Smith. I.yn D. FAI.K: AAA; Joneslxjro. Don FANT: De- Queen. Thomas Edward FARQZHAR: Acacia; Marshall, I ex. Ninth Row. Thomas Fulton FARRIS: 211; It. Smith. George Currie FAUCETTE: 2N; Fayetteville. Thomas Ar- thur F1EI.KE: v. ; Stuttgart. Sidney Walter FERGUSON: Droke; Memphis. Tenn. Trecia FERGUSON: AAII; Poca- bontas. Michael Howard FIDLER: 2 E; Prairie Grove. Tenth Row. Sarah Ann FIELDS: AT; Bentonville. Horace James FIKES, JR.: Pine Bluff. Larry Don FINCH- ER: William; Stephens. Patricia Ann FINLEY: ZTA; Little Rock. Frankie Eugene FINN: Springdale. Allen S. FITZ- GERALD: Humphreys; Paragould. Eleventh Row. Gene FITZHUGH: 2 t E; Fayetteville. Rena Kay FLANAGAN: Springdale. James Ellis FLEMING, JR.: IIKA; Fayetteville. Sara Lynn FLEMING: Fayetteville. Johnny Veith FLETCHER: Ripley; Ft. Smith. Bill FI.OER- SCH: SN; Galesburg, 111. Twelfth Row: Joseph Wayne FORBES: Springdale. Mar- sha Leigli FORD: Moscow. Thomas Milton FOSTER: Mor- rilton. Ronald Oscar FOWLER: Sedgwell; Blythcville. Bon- nie Jean FOX: 4-H House; Russcllvillc. Emery Louis FRANCIS, JR.: Sedgwell; Blytheville. 88 First Row: Marvin U. FRANKS: Dccatur. Carol Ann FRANKUM: AW, Blythcvillc. Wallace B. FREEMAN: Wilson Sharp; Sheridan. Flossie FRENCH: Carnall; North I.itllc Rock. Stanley Vellc FRENCH: Buchanan; North Lit- tle Rock. Lester Jacob FR1EDBERG: Boston, Mass. Sennit! Ron ' : Frank W. FUNK: AXA: Hot Springs. Caro- lyn Francis FUNKHOUSER: Fayettcville. Doylene FU- QUA: Bentonville. Era B. FURR: Carnall; Camden. Mar- tha Alice GADBERRY: AAA; Crossett. John Neil GAL- BRAITH: William; Magnolia. Third Row. Danny Robert GARDNER: Acacia; Jack- sonville. Dave GARDNER: 9T; Little Rock. Joseph E. GARDNER. JR.: Little Rock. Sol Martin GARRETT " : Humphreys; Corning. Terry Michael GARRETT: Cros- sett. Cecil Ray GASH: England. Fourth Row: William Joseph GASKIN: 2X; El Do- rado. Randy Mearl GAUWAIN: Farmhouse; Gaifield. Rita Irene GEIGER: AXfil Tulsa. William Houston GIBBS: OT; 1 ' inc Bluff. J. Lonnie GIBSON: Fayetteville. Miles Thurman GIFFORD: Droke; Leola. Fifth Row: Jerry M. GILBERT: Bethany, Okla. Ken- neth Lee GILBERT: Watson. Bette Ann GILCHRIST: Carnall; Ft. Smith. Paula Catherine GILES: Holcombc; Little Rock. Kenneth Milton Steven GILLESPIE: 2N; Ft. Smith. Martin Edward GILLILANI): Harrison. Sixth Row: Cherric Dawn GILLIS: AF; Newton, Conn. Lois Myreta GLADDEN: AAA; Dumas. Donald C. CLEA- SOX: Fayetteville. David McGee GLOVER: J A6; Malvern. Rita Janette GLOVER: AAIT; Little Rock. William H. GLOVER: J A9; McGehce. Seventh Row: Marvin C. GOOD: Valparaiso, Ind. Mil- ton Glendon GOODE: Little Rock. Judieth Lee GOOD- LETT: Decatur. Linda Anne GOODWIN: AAII; Hot Springs. Dale R. GOSSIEN: Sedgwell; North Little Rook. Eighth Row: John Buck GRADDY: IIKA; Clinton. Marilyn Frances GRAHAM: Futrall; Flippin. Bennie Brcese GRANT: KKT; West Monroe. La. Kathy GRAVES: AXfl: Little Rock. Marilynda E. GREEN: Razorback; Ft. Smith. Tommy Jo GREEN: Magnolia. Ninth Row: Harlye L. GREENE: Pea Ridge. Murrey Lonn GR1DER: Acacia; Pine Bluff. Frankie Ray GRIFFIN: Newark. Mary Ella GRIFFIN: Razorback; Ft. Smith. Char- les Perry GRI . .LE: Ft. Smith. Charles Alvin GUESS: Wil- son Sharp; San Angelo, Tex. TU-N I Row: Betty Anne GL ' IN: Carnall; Malvern. Pam- ela Diane GUTHUNZ: y.TA; Little Rock. Carl Douglas HACKELTON: Gould. Helen Marie HACKNEY: 4-H House; Camden. Alice Elizabeth HAII.EY: AX; Carth- age, Mo. Dickie Don HAIRSTON: Droke; Charleston. Eleventh Row: Billyc Jo HALE: Fayetteville. Michael Eugene HALE: Little Rock. Linda Louise HALL: Futrall; North Little Rock. Robert Lee HAMM: IIKA; Harrison. Virginia Cecile HAMNER: AAA; Bradley. Robert Eugene 11ANES: Wilson Sharp; L ' rbana, 111. Twelfth Row: Danny Lee HANNA: Ft. Smith. James Robert HANNAH: Harrison. Edward Glenn HARDING: 2 E; Fayetteville. Jerry M. HARNER: IIKA; Springdale. Cheryl Ann BARKER: XfK Tulsa, Okla. Robert Thomas HARRIEI.L, JR.: Yocum; North Little Rock. First Row: Howard Stanley HARRIS: Pine Bluff. Ima- gcne HARRIS: Springdale. John Paul HARRIS: Huntsville. Betty Ann HART: AMI; West Memphis. David R. HART- MAN: Fayetteville. Juanita Ann HASTINGS: Razorback; .Sulphur Springs. Second Row: Charles Danny HATFIELD: William; Hope. Curtis Wright HAWKINS: ZAE; Ft. Smith. John England HEARD: 2X; Arkadelphia. Margaret McGee HEARD: XQ; Leland, Miss. Charles Donald HEASTON: Cotter. Claudia Doris HEATH: XQ; Marion. Third Row: Carol Jane HEATHMAN: AAH; Harris- burg. Leon Orlan HEDGER: Jonesboro. Delbert Neil HELM: Fayetteville. Fredrick Russell HELM: Pocahontas. Jerry Donald HELMS: Gladson; Eudora. Douglas Harold HENDERSON: AKA; Hot Springs. Fo urth Row: James Harrell HENLEY: 2 E; McGehee. Jerry M. HENRY: Ft. Smith. Robert Elmore HERNDON, III: IIKA; Little Rock. Margaret Ann HILE: Futrall; Ck-arfielcl, Pa. Harriet Ann HILL: AT; Shreveport, La. Gary Joe HINEGARDNER: Gladson; Neosho, Mo. Fifth Row. Norma Ruth HIPP: 4-H House; Prim. Har- ryette HODGES: Xfi; Newport. Norman L. HODGES, JR.: Pine Bluff. Hubert HOLCOMBE, JR.: 2 E; Ft Smith. Carman Virginia HOLDER: Razorback; Little Rock. Jerry Dale HOLDER: McCrory. Si th Row: Patricia J. HOLIFIELD: AXQ; Fayetteville. Dianne HOLLEY: Xfi; Little Rock. Jerry Wayne HOLLLS: TKE; Little Rock. Kathy B. HOLLOW AY: KKF; El Dora- do. Roger Allen HOLLOWAY: Scdgwell; Columbia, 111. Charles Gregory HOLMAN: Humphreys; Branson. Mo. Seventh Row: Jim Freeman HOLMAN: 2AE; Newport. Maria Jean HOLMES: Danville. Karen HOLTHOFF: AAA: Gould. David N. HOMYK: Humphreys; Seligman. Mo. Janet Kay HONN: AH Tulsa, Okla. Randol Webb HOOP- ER: Yocum; Des Arc. Eighth Row: Marylee Lask-y HOOVER: XfT, Little Rock. Gerald Roy HOPKINS: Gravette. Phillip Gerald HORD: Cocoa, Fla. Barry Richard HORNER: 2X: Hot Springs. Mike Wells HORNSBY: AXA; Wagoner, Okla. Jim R. MORTON: Ft. Smith. Minth Row: Gene G. HOWARD: Gladson; Westville, Okla. John Homer HOWE: ZX; Helena. Mary Rebekah HOWELL: Holcombe; Springdale. William H. HOU ' ELL: AO; Ft. Smith. Mikiel Frank HOWIE: Montrose. Bettie Farrar HUDSON: ZTA; Russellville. Tenth Row: Judith Kaye HUFF: AAA; Fayetteville. Stephen J. HULL: Emerson. ' Dennis E. HULSE: Scdgwell; Ft. Worth, Tex. Hal Lee HULSEY: Mt. Ida. Charles Silas HUNT: William; Lafe. Henley A. HUNTER: Humphreys; Shreveport, La. Eleventh Row: Judy Gail HUNTLEY: Razorback; Western Grove. Jane HURD: Holcombe; Trumann. George D. HURLEY: 2X; El Dorado. Nancy Aha HURST: AAA; Hot Springs. Wayman A. HUTCHINSON: Scdgwell; Berry- ville. William HUTCHISON: Morrilton. Twelfth Row: Jackie Lee INMAN: Humphreys; Green Forest. Tommie Faye ISOM: Sunflower, Miss. Richard Earnest IVY: Farmhouse; Bentonville. Gary Wayne JACK- SON: East St. Louis, 111. James Edward JACKSON: For- dyce. Betsy JACOWAY: Xfi; Little Rock. 90 juniors Hob Clu-yne planned a liulr inning in Ra m ba k .Stadium to honor the Ka orhaiks. Il was Nation- al Champions Day; (he; hand was cold, the fans were cold, and, in short, it was just a cold day. First Row: Victor Steven JACU .I: 2X; I.ittlc Rock. Melvin Keith JAMF.S: Scarcy. Patricia Ann JAMES: AXSi; Memphis, Tenn. Jackie Lee JAMISON: si " , Smackover. John Kcndrick JAMESON: Humphreys; Pine Hluli. John David JENKINS: _1O; Maheni. Second Row: Joyce Darlene JENNIN(,S: Fayetteiille. Valler Thomas JENNINGS: (IT: llebct Springs. Nancy I.yn JETER: AT; Little Rock. Ronald Harly JETER: -A.E ' , Althcimer. Cheryl JETT: AAA: Vickcs. Michael Lee JOFFE: .Sedgwell; Whittier, Calif. Third Row. Jacquehn Ann JOHN ' S: _i_iA; Little Rock. Hecky JOHNSON: KKI ' : Little Rock. Carol Elizabeth JOHNSON: Xfi; Crossett. David Joe JOHNSON: Bcnton- ville. Donald Lee JOHNSON: i)AE El Dorado. Dudley B. JOHNSON: Osceola. Fourth Row: Norma Sue JOHNSON: Holcomhe; Cros- sett. Victor Rudolph JOHNSON: i; l E; It. Smith. Wesley Slicrman JOHNSON 1 : 2 ; Springfield, Mo. James Robert JOHNSTON: Brinkley. Jeanelle JONES: AXfi; Houston. Tex. Melinda Joyce JONES: Hli l ; Helena. Fifth Row: Michael I). JONI-S: AKA: Mineral Springs. Robert Lee JONES, III: v t E; ]. t Smith. Foyle KALE: IIH4 : Marvell. Cov Clifton KAVI.OR: 1 E: Fayettc ille. Judy Ann KEI.L: Cainall: Lallulali. La. Edith Ann KEN- DALL: AXfi; Carthage. Mo. Sixth Row: Sammy V. KERR: AI ' P; (.ravettc. Garland Mason KERSH, JR.: Ka elte ille. Larry Joe KIDD: 211; Clinton. Beth KILLEOil.E: Carnall; Ft. Smith. John Clharles KINCY: Lowell. Dean Hemphill KINC,: Ripley; Hot Springs. Seventh Row: Bill ' 1 liomas KINNEMAN: Vocum: Si- loam Springs. Richard KIRBV: Gillliain. David V. KIRK: IIKA; El Dorado. Ro E. KI . IA: AKA; Hot .Springs. Linda Carole KLOBER: Rn orback; It. Smith. David Ernest KNOERNSCHII 1): I.ainar. Kighth Row: Herman Joseph KORDSM E1ER: i) l.E; Monilton. Imants KRII-A ANS: Bmlianan: Tuc kerman. Stphen Wayne I.ACKEA: 2 1)E; csi Memphis. Mike F.u- gene LA FOI.I.E E I] : Little Rock. Herbert Dean LAIR: Harrison. James Stanley I.MRD: Joplin. Mo. inlli How: Michael Dean LAM IS: Leola. I. inla nn LANCASTER: Fayc-ttev ille. Eli ahelli Love LANDERS: AT; Balcsulle. William lla den LAWDF.RS: 2X- F.I Dorado. Milton J. LANE: Favetteville. James NVallace LANGLEY: i! E; Camden. juniors The Young Democrats managed to acquire some added publicity over a not too big deal in Nancy Hurst. First Row. I.ana Jean LANGLEY: Razorback; Little Rock. Bill G. LARSEN: Acacia; Lombard, 111. Eddie LAS- SITER: Ft. Smith. John A. LATTING: Farmhouse; Mari- anna. Glen Dale LAURENT: Murfreesboro. Carolyn Lee LAVIN: Futrall; Atlanta, Tex. Second Row. J. Noal LAWHON: McCrory. Frances Ilene LAWRENCE: 4-H House; Shields, Kan. Jerry Wil- liam LAY: William; Ft. Smith. Willis A. LEA, JR.: Rison. Jay Wayne LEAK: Pine Bluff. Carla Atalie LEBEDEFF: AXQ; Joplin, Mo. Thi rd Row. Marvin McCoy LEDGERWOOD: Ft. Smith. Gary Owen LEE: Yocum; North Little Rock. India Robincttc LEE: Fayetteville. Margaret M. LEE: Hot Springs. Thomas Edwin LESLIE: Ashdown. Tommy W. LEWALLEN: Springdale. Fourth Row. Robert David LEWIS: Sylvan Hills. Rod- ney Shelton LEWIS: Buchanan; Clinton. Orland Tarver LINEBARRIER, JR.: 2AE; Camden. Dwight Thomas LISLE: Huntsville. Don Murphy LITTLE: 211; Crossett. Sue ' Ann LITTLE: AXO; Bcntonville. Fifth Row. Bill G. LOF ' l IN: Acacia; Fayetteville. Fiances LOGAN: AAA; Blytheville. Rodger Vernon LO- GAX: Harrison. John William LOHMAR: Yocum; Fay- etteville. Dennis Lynn LONG: Fayetteville. Kneath LOO- MIS, JR.: Banks. Sixth Row. Jerry Wayne LOONEY: Mena. Terry LOV- ETT: Jacksonville. Milton Raymond LUEKEN: J A6; Little Rock. Lynndy LUKER: AAA; North Little Rock. Thomas Larry LUNDY: I ' aragould. Linda Jean LYNCH: Lonsdale. Seventh Row. Michael David LYNCH: Droke; Conway. Philip Kirkland LYON: Warren. David Robinson MAG- NESS: William; Branson, Mo. Madeline MAHER: AF; Tulsa, Okla. Marshall Kent MAILEY: Acacia; New Cum- berland, Penn. James Freeman MALONE: West Helena. Eighth 7?oa : Carla MANUEL: Carnall; Ft. Smith. Gary Stephen MARKLAND: Gladson; Little Rock. Susan Scott MARSHALL: Ft. Worth, Tex. Tommy M. MARSHALL: Cabot. Jerry Wayne MARTIN: Van Buren. Thomas Dm- wood MATHENY: Scdgwell; Rector. Ninth Row. Worth Latimcr MATTESON, III: Fore- man. Gary Francis MATULA: Hot Springs. Carole Ann MAUS: Holcombe; Paris. Martin Michael MAY: Ripley; Lepanto. Jim MAYES: 2X; Blytheville. James Boyd MAYO: Sedgwell; Russellville. Rfflb in First Row: Robert L. McALLISTER: Ft. Smith. JoAnn McCAIN: Springdale. John Howard McCALLA: IIKA; Harrisburg. Robert Rogers McCANN: K2; It. Smith. James Eugene McCLURE: Nashville. John Dorland Mc- CONNELL: 2X; Favettcville. Second Row: Edward Vilson McCORKI.K: 2 I E: Arka- dclphia. I.cta M. McCORMICK: KKT; Wynne. Ronny Thomas McCOY: Newport. Edsel Warren McCREA: 1 ' am- pa. Tex. Arvil E. MrCULLEY: Sedgwell; Manila. Frnncr L. McCULLOCH: KZ; Forrest Citv. Third Row: John Louis MrDANIEL: Sedgwell; Forrest City. James E. McDONALD, II: 2AE; Fayeiteville. Jean Ann McHONALD: Futrall: Huntsville. Scth Houston Mc- EIA ' ANEY, JR.: Humphreys; Mahclvalc. Suzanne McTAD- DEN: ZTA: Tnlsa, Okla. ' Jcannie McFARI.AMV AIT Elk Citv. Okla. Fourth Row: Jerry L. McGARY: Heber Springs. Cath- erine Eileen McGEE: AAA; Conway. Johanna McGEHEE: KKT; Texarkana. Barbara Ann McINNIS; Carnall; Ft. Smith. Mearl Robert McKINNEY: Fayetteville. Phillip Keith McKNELLY: Little Rock. Fifth Row: Cindy Lou McKOWN: Ft. Smith. Stephen John McKOWN: Ft ' . Smith. Barry Lynn McKUIN: 2AE; Monilton. James Russell McLAIX: Sedgwell; Blcvins. Wil- liam Arthur McLEAN: IIKA; Oakland, Calif. Beth An- thony McLELLAND: Baton. Rouge, La. .VI.Y I Row: Sally Fiances McI.EMORE: Eulrall; Shreve- port. La. George Oliver McSWAIN: Ripley; Ethel. Marga- ret Wroten McWATERS: AAA; Blytheville. Don L. MEADE: Magnolia. Mary Helen MEADOWS: AAII; Tex- arkana, Tex. Geneva Louise MELTON: Futrall; Little Rock. Seventh Rmv: Oscar James MELTON: Yocum; Jones- boro. 1 ' eggy Sue MEYER: AXQ; Miami, Okla. Robert Lee MEYER: Xoel Mo. Billy Joe MEYERS: Ft. Smith. Karen Elane MICHEL: Holcombe; Branson, Mo. Jim Baxter MILES: Lonoke. Kighth Row: Marlenc M. MILLS: Futrall; Eureka Springs. Clo ce Harold MILLER: Jonesboro. Jerry Jee MILLER: Atlanta, Tex. Lewis Dwane MINEN: Eayette- illc. Oiiinton aync MINER: Texarkana. Lawrence MITCHELL, JR.: 4 A6; Pine Bluff. Mnlh Ron-. Pamela Ann MITCHELL: AXQ; McGehec. Jim MOODY: Bentonville. Charles Edward MOORE: For- dvce. Daviila MOORE: Futrall; Ft. Smith. Garland Frank- lin MOORE: Fayetteville. James H. MORGAN, JR.: AKA; Rogers. Tenth Rou-. Harrison Lee MORRISON: Gillham. Mar- tina Sue MOSS: ITB ; Siloam Springs. Carolyn Jean MUL- LINS: X; Fayetteville. Wade Lee MURPHY: ZN; Stutt- gart. James RUSSELL MYERS: Acacia; Van Buren. Ted Kazuo NAKAMTRA: AKA; Scott. Eleventh Ron ' : Larry A. NALL: Jarksboro, Tex. Jerry Pat NANNEY: Yellville. Kathy NARISI: TA; Ft. Smith. Noel (iordon NASH: ZAE; Lewisville. Penelope NASON: KKI ' : C ' xjssett. Ann Louise NEAL: Springdale. Twelfth Row. Lynn Aida NEWTON: ZTA; Russellville. Vavne Morse NEWTON: Little Rock. Patrica Diane NICHOLS , A1I; Tulsa, Okla. Patricia Allan NICHOLS: Harrison. Richard M. NICHOLS: Bentonville. Nancy Sue NICKELS: I|li l ; Walnut Ridge. 93 First Row: I.onnie J. MCKLES: Springdale. Jim A. NIVEN: Russcllville. Cheryl I.ynne MXON: ZTA; Con- way. Ronald Wauie NOBLE: Ripleyr Center. Texas. Jerry G. NOLAND: Rogers. Suzanne Felice NORFI.F.ET: Memphis, Tenn. Second Row. Sue NORTON: AXf2; Harrison. Patrick Villiam NOWELL; North Little Rock. Billy Wayne NOW- LIN: Hampton. Robert Edgar NOWLIN: ZN; Arkadelphia. Patricia Kay OAKES: Fulrall; North Little Rock. Thomas Roy OGDEN: Mcna. Third Row. Paul Wayne OI.I.AR: Bryant. Fiances Ann ORR: Holcombe; Webb ' City. Mo. David Armstrong ORI- SINI: North Little Rock. Merrill Mack OSBORN: Paris. Lynn OSBORNE: Fayetteville. Ray OWEN, JR.: AXA; Hot Springs. Fourth Row: Jerry Lynn OWEN ' S: Gladson; Lake Ham- ilton. Sam Lew OWENS: Huntsville. William Russ OWENS: Marianna. Danny Allen PALAD1NO: Buchanan; North Little Rock. Diane PALMER: Xfi; Marianna. Glen- nartl Dean PALMER: William; Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: Russell Roy PALMER: Springdale. David Hunter PARHAM: 2 E; Fordycc. Ruth Ada PARKER: 4-H House; Rolla. Edward Wesley PARLIN, JR.: KZ; Little Rock. Rol)ert Dale PARSONS: Springdale. Larry R. PASLF.Y: Ripley; Carlisle. Sixth Row: Charles Tillman PATTERSON, III: Ash- down. Deloris PATTERSON: Marshall. Helen Stitt PAT- TERSON: JIB ; Hot Springs. Jerry Dean PATTERSON: St. Joe. Don Hudson PATTILLO: 2N; DeWitt. Delmar Keith PATTON: Fayetteville. Seventh Row: Jan Nugent P.-U ' LK: IIB J ; Russellville. Sharon Elizabeth PAYNE: AT; Little Rock. Donna Jean PAYTON: AAIT; Miami, Okla. Richard W. PECK, II: Aca- cia; Pine Plains, N. Y. Michael C. PF.HOSH: Ward. Jim Inn PEL I: Plainview. Eighth Row: John William PEMBERTON: 217; North Little Rock. Patrick F.ugc PENDLETON: Sedgwell; Mal- vern. Bob Alan PERRY: K2; Ravendcn. James Robert PERRY: Ft. Smith. Jerry Leslie PERRY: Ft. Smith. Frank J. PHEI.PS: Brown Springs. Ninth Row: Harold Homer PHILLIPS: Acacia; North Little Rock. Daniel F. PICKERING: El Dorado. Michael PIERCE: Eureka Springs. Tommy F. PIERCY: North Lit- tle Rock. Camilla Lierly PILE: Fayetteville. Steve C. PILE: Charleston. Tenth Row: Tena Louise PILKINGTON: Holcombe; Hope. Woodrow Tyler PIRTI.K. JR.: 2X; Shrevepoit. La. Jackie Marvin PLUMMER: North Little Rock. John Na- than POE: Williams; Ft. Smith. Richard W. POE: Forrest City. John Bruce POINDEXTER: Famtoille. Klei ' cnth Row. Mary Kaye POLK: Holcombe; McNeil. Garvis Monroe POLLARD. JR.: 2AE; Altheimer. Margie POMFREI: XO; Fayetteville. Kirk Patrick POND: AXA; Stuttgart. Kenneth Wayne POORE: Fayetteville. John Winton PORTER: Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Joy Hoffman PORTER: Fayetteville. Sandy PORTER: Ft. Smith. Tori Lynn POWELL: AAA; Green Forest. Stephen Lee PRESSER: Gladson: Cooler. Mo. Claud R. PREWITT: 2AE; Tillar. Gregory D. PRICE: Viola. First Ron-. Jack Neil PRICK: Rogers. Jack Randall PRICE: William; Searcy. Jim PRICE: Wilson Sliar|i; Beaumont, Tex. Timothy Nicholas PRICE: Drokc; Fl. .Smith, Daniel Barton 1 ' Rl TCHET T: K2; Lcpanto. Donna Carlene PR1EBE: 4-H House; Dover. Second Row: Richard Ix-e 1 ' ROC TOR: TKE; Wynne. Ronnie Joe PROFFITT: Gladson; Dennett. Carole Ann PROVIN: It. Smith. Jenv Damon PRLITT: Osceola. Marilyn Marie PRYOR: IIB j ; Houston, Tex. Evan Larry PL ' GH: 2X: Harrison. Third Row: Donald Cm- PULLEN: 211; Hot Springs. Karen Yanli PULLEN: Hot Springs. Darvin Ray PURDY: Sedgwell; DeWitt. James Thomas PURIFOY: Camden. John Andy PURNELL: Pine Bluff. David Sidney PURTLE: Fresco tt. Fourth Ron " . Chester Lcroy PYLE: Springdale. Carolyn Morgan PYRON: Clarksvillc. David Kent PYRON: Clarks- villc. Ann KUALTROUGH: AAII; Bellaire. Francis John RAIBLE: Scranton. Bobby Gordon RAINWATER: Humphreys; Muskogec, Okla. Fifth Row: Gary Don RAINWATER: Ft. Smith. James David RAND: Rogers. Jo Lynn RANDLE: ZTA; Dallas, Tex. Betsy READER: Futrall; Hot Springs. Carla Marie REAMES: Futrall; Ft. Smith. Stephen Mathcw REASON ER: 2 E: Dickinson. Tix. Si th Row: John Barry REAVES: 2 E: Warren. Jua- rrita Gabbard REED: Fayetteville. Lee W. REED: 2X: Poplar Bluff, Mo. Chase .Savag e REID: j Ae; Hot Springs. Stephen Everett REID: Stuttgart, fudith Lynn REIN- HEIMER: AXfi; North Little Rock. Seventh Rou : Thomas Ray RF.NFRO: Piggott. Don- ald K. RENSHAW: New Britain. Conn. Dina Clarol REY- NOLDS: Futrall; El Dorado. James John REYNOLDS: AXA: Bentonville. Chairc RHODES: Hokombe; Houston, Tex. Jimmy Allen RHODES: Conway. Eighth Row: Robert Henry RHODES: AFP; Little Rock. Mike RICE: IIKA; Little Rock. Sharon Andrea RICHARDS: Carnall; Sulphur Rock. Donald Douglas RICHARDSON: Sedgwell: Batesville. Ernest Joe RICH- ARDSON: Wilson Sharp; Poplar lilnff. Mo. Roy Thomas RIDDLE: Ft. Smith. Ninth Row: Barbara Elizabeth RILEY: AXfi; Bayou Meto. Robert Russell RIPPEE: Springfield. Cloyse Arley RITCHEY: Z E; Smackover. David (). ROARK: Spring dale. ' ivian Lee ROIVVSON: Holcombe; West Helena. Don James ROBHINS: Conua . Truth Row: J. Nevin ROBBINS: OT; Heber Springs. Richard Earl ROBBINS: Droke; Hot Springs. James F. ROHF.RIXS: Sedgwell; Dumas. Franklin Dowling ROB- ERTS: Hot Springs. I.andra L. ROBER I S: Hot Springs. Larry Allen ROBERTS: Rogers. I-:ln rnth Row: James M. ROBERTSON: Sedgwell; Dumas. Randall Wayne ROBINSON: A8; Et. Smith. Ronald Laurence ROBRAHN: Siloam Springs. Charles H. ROGERS: Ripley; Batesville. Henry Nelson ROGERS, III: IIKA: Metia. Russell ROGER.S nKA; El Dorado. 95 juniors Members of Lambda Chi dressed up in cute little costumes to create a new dance - - - - The Gook. r First Row: Bobby Sullivan ROPER: $A6; Sherman, Tex. Billy E. ROSS: AXA; Blytheville. Edwin L. ROSS: Ripley; Little Rock. Larry Dean ROSS: Star City. Gary Allen ROTERT: Ft. Smith. Nancy ROTH: Ho ' lcombe; Memphis, Tenn. Second Row: Stephen Melvin ROUSSEAU: 2N; De- Witt. Henry Moss ROVVE: AKA; Washington. William Max ROY: Forrest City. Shirley Sue ROYCE: AXf2; Little Rock. Sharon Frances ROYSTON: ZTA; Little Rock. Mar- tha Lou RO ELL: Razorback; Ash Grove, Mo. Third Row: Charlotte C. RUNYAN: AXQ; Crossett. Roy Leon RUNYAN, JR.: AFP; Swifton. Steve Douglas RUPLE: Sedgwell; El Dorado. James Lloyd RUSH: IIKA; Little Rock. Charles E. RUSSELL: Acacia; Bryant. James C. RUSSELL: Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Phillip Doyne RUSSELL: Hot Springs. Carl T. RUTLEDGE: Fayetteville. Robert Dale RYAN: Springdale. Donna Lynn RYBISKI: IIB ; El Dorado. Gary Wayne RYLES: Paragould. Vachara SAELIM: Bangkok, Thailand. Fifth Row: Susann SALE: AAII; Mt. Clemens, Mich. Jaunita Sue SALYARS: Holcombe; Alma. Amelia Ann SAMPLE: AAA; Rogers. Jay H. SANDERS: Siloam Springs. Thomas Wayne SANDERS: AKA; Okay. Sue Carol SAND- ERSON: Futrall; Mansfield. Sixth Row: Vicki SAUNDERS: IT.B ; Hot Springs. Anthony Joseph SAVA: Texarkana. Richard Edmund SAV- AGE: 2 E; Little Rock. Susan SCARBROUGH: IIB ; Pine Bluff. Edward L. SCHARFF, JR.: Little Rock. Roger Dale SCHISLER: 2 E; Jonesboro. Seventh Row: James Lee SCHRANTZ: $A6; Pine Bluff. Ernest J. SCHROEDER: Humphreys; Jonesboro. Pam SCHUCK: A_m; Little Rock. Becky SCOTT: Futrall; Cros- sett. Lilly Joe SCOTT: 2 E; Crossett. Lyndell Franklin SCOT T: Lake Village. Eighth Row: Jon Jeffrey SCROGGIN: z E; Morril- ton. Phyllis Jeanne SCROGGIN: AAA; Morrilton. David Martin SCUDDER: Benton. Wanda Louise SEITZ: Razor- back; Berryville. Billy Marshall SHADWICK: Sedgwell; Dumas. James Donald SHARP: Prairie Grove. Ninth Row: Larry Ronald SHARP: Van Buren. Paula June SHARRAH: Fayetteville. Bernard Joseph SHARUM: Ft. Smith. Edward E. SHELTON: Eureka Springs. Eliza- beth Ann SHELTON: AAA; Ashdown. Frances Virginia SHEPHERD: AAA; North Little Rock. First Row: Jacqueline Ruth SHIl ' I.KY: 4-H House; Elaine. Ann SHIPP: KKF: Little Rock, (cnny SHORT: II B+: Ft. Worth. Tc-x. Billy |. SHl ' 1.17: Gladson; Ash down. Charles Michael SIH ' I ' K: Stuttgart. Marx Jane SIF.GF.X THALER: Ra orback, Ft Smith. Srroiid Run 1 : Jerry T. SIMS: Trumann. Evelyn Irene SISSOX: Carnall; Viola. Jolene SITTOX: ZTA: Little Rock. Barbara I.ea SKEI.1ON: A.XS2; Fayelleville. Joanne Vinton SKF.I.TON: Ft. Smith. loannis Paul SKLAVOS: Thcssaloniki, Greece. Third Row. Sally I.ynn SI.AVDF.N: XfK Ft. Worth. Tex. John T. SMART: Camden. Dcnita Dale SMITH: AAII; Hickory Ridge. Diana I.olet SMITH: C.arnall; Green For ' - est. James Byron SMITH: Farmingtou. James Kirby SMITH, JR.: A(K Dallas, Tex. Fourth Row: Larry R. SMITH: Little Rock. Naomi Fayc SMITH: Holcombe; Siloam .Springs. Neil Graydon SMITH: TKE; Flint. Michigan. Ronnie Mac SMITH: Wil son Sharp; Benton. Sandy Mary SMITH: IIB ; Little- Rock. Suzanne SMITH: III? ; Little Rock. I- ' iftlt Ron-. Walter Edward SMITH: Fayetteville. Wil- liam Hi SMITH: Nashville. Sue Ann SMITHERMAX: AT; Hot .Springs. Robert K. SMOO ' F: i v : Valdron. Betsy Boyce SNYDFR: Xfi; Dardanelle. James Edwin SOI.I.ER: Buchanan: Ratcliff. Sixth Ron " . Marv Kate SONNEMAX: nB t ; Fayette- ville. Maribeth Ann SPF.ARMON: KKF: North Little Rock. Jim SPENCER: 2AE; El Dorado. Marv Alice SPOONER: AX!. ' ; Fayetteville. Richard Kent SITRLOCK: K2; Parkin. Sharon Jennings .STANLEY: Augusta. Sn ' rnlh Row: Mavis James STARTIN: Gladson; .Spell- d:inl. Alaska. Jeanette Elise STEADLEY: AXfi; Lewisville. Ronald R. STEARNS: Monticello. Clary Noel STF.BOR: 2X; Ouincy, 111. Jimmy Don STEPHENS: St. Paul. Ray- mond Wesley STEPHENSON: Bciitonvillc. Eighth Row: Marilyn Jeanne SI EPI.OCK: Fulrall: Warren. Betty Grapclle STFA ' F.N.S: Ra orback: North Lit- tle Rock. Jacqueline Virginia S I EVENS: Ra orback; Mag- nolia. Marv Kav STEVENS: v ( : Dell. William R:i " dall STKWARD: 2 I E; North Little Rock. Carolan Sue STEW- AR I : Ra orback; Harclv. iiilh Row: David Rodnev S ' FF.WART: C ' .n-gion: Magnolia. Martha Elizabeth STEWART: Futrall; Ft. Smith. Bill Richard STEWMAN: Droke; Mcna. John Wil- liam STILES: Sedgwell; Little Rock. Su anne STOBAUGH: KKF: Hughes. Mary Elizabeth SIODDARD: KKT; Hughes. Tenth Ron " . William H. STOLE: i; i E: Ft. Smith. Otis Henrv STORES: J B: Little Rock. James Lee STRNAD: Dardanelle. ' irgil Michael SITAR ' I : Bradford. Lance G. Sn.I.EXBERGER: North Little Rock. Donald Ray SWA BY: A(); T nne. Kliventh Row: Walter McGraw SWF.ARINGEN: Owcns- horo, Kv. Michael Jolin S VEENEY: Farmhouse; Russrll- villc. ' ilina Marilvn ' IABOR: _ .P: F.I Dorado. Ciarv |ohn TAI.KIXGTON: OKA: Midwest City. Okla. Edwin Rov TATl ' M: Ft. Smith. James Robert TATl ' M: -J-AO; Dallas, lex. Twcillh Row: Carol Lvnn TAYLOR: KKT: Pine Bluff. Garner Lee TAYLOR. JR.: Gladson; Clarksvillc. Halve J. TAYLOR, III: Clarksville. James Gary TAYLOR: Glad- son: Imhoclcn. Lea Anna TAYLOR: Wynne. Marian T. TAYLOR: Little Rock. First Row: Priscilla Elizabeth TAYLOR: KKF; El Do- rado. Mary Dec TEAGUE: Mountainhurg. Lois Lynn TEM- PLE: AXJ); Liltle Rock. George Edward TENNEY, III: Ripley; North I.itle Rock. Johnny Vayne THAIN: Sedg- well; I ' ine Bluff. Albert L. THOMAS: broke; Texarkana. Strtinrl Row: Tommy THOMAS: 2X: El Dorado. Lo- retta Allene THOMPSON: AAA; Kansas City, Mo. William Robert THURLBY: Fayelteville. Dolores Ann TIBER- CHIEN: Springdale. Bruce Demund TIBERIIS: Newport. Su ie J. TILLEY: KKI " : Jonesboro. Third Row: James Martin TINNIN: 2AE; Bentonville. Alice Mary TINSLEY: Futrall; Smackover. Carole Lynn TISDALE: Favetteville. Molly ' orsc TODD: Futrall; Har- rison. Edward Truman TOLLETT: Nashville. Mary Alice TRANUM: AAII; West Memphis. Fourth Raw. Laurance Lee TRICE: 2X; Paragotild. James Shipp TRIESCHMANN: $A6; Little Rock. Donna Rae TRUAX: Favetteville. Anne TUCKER: AF; Fayette- ville. Cecil Ray TUCKER: AKA; Rohwer. Wanda Faye TUCKER: Holcombe; Ozark. Fifth Row: Irvin Jow TURNER: Gladson; Ashdown. Nancy Rebecca TURNER: 4-H House; Branch. Ronald Alan TURNER: KZ; Tulsa, Okla. David Loy TURNEY: Harrison. Alvin Leroy TYLER: ITKA; Hot Springs. Peggv J. VANDENBERG: Favetteville. Sixth Row: James Reynolds VAN SICKLE: Newport Bench. Calif. Henry Clell VARNADORE: Ft. Smith. Eliza- beth Ann VAUGHT: 4-H House; Hamburg. Kent Alan VICK: Fayettcville. Margie VICKERS: AAA; Smackover. Johnny N. VICORY: Pine Bluff. Sei ' fiit i Row: Jimmy Charles ' INES: Jacksonville. John Henry VOLPERT: Sedgwell; Little Rock. Gus Michael VRATSINAS: 0T; Little Rock. Charles O. WALKER: 2X; Forrest City. Darrell Wayne WALKER: Siloam Springs. James Lindsey WALKER, JR.: AKA; Hot Springs. Kis lilli Row: Mary Catherine WALKER: KKT; Round Pond. William Andrew WALKER: Springdale. Dick H. " . LLAC:E: .Sedgwcll; North Little Rock. James C. WALSH: North Little Rock. Garry Sullivan VANN: Rip- ley; Batesvillc. David W. WARD: Gladson; Marianna. Ed- ward Bruce WARD: Cladson; Favettcxille. inth Row: Bobby Harold VARFORD: Killeen. Tex. Phillip fay WARFORD: Fayctteville. John Randolph WASSELL: Acacia: Little Rock. Harold Waymon WAT- KINS: Booneville. Van Lee WATKINS: William; Steele, Mo. Larry Eugene WATSON: Gladson; Pemberton, N. J. Sam Edward WATSON ' : Buchanan; Paragould. Tenth Row: Lewis Ann WEBB: AAIT; Dardanelle. Rosemary WEBB: Carnall: Jacksonville. Verna Mae WEBB: Razorback; Ouitman. Patricia Ann WEED: XQ: Jonesboro. Brice WEINBERG: AXA; Lcachvillc. Cecil Larry WEIR: North Little Rock. James Alan WELLONS: IIKA; Little Rock. FAerenth Row: George Walton WELLS, III: ZIT; Houston. Virginia Ream WEST: Carnall; Berryville. Harry Keith AVETSELL: North Little Rock. Jackie WEWERS: ZTA: Ft. Smith. Mary Frances WHALEN: KKF; North Little Rock. Richard Allen WHITE: 2 J E: Favetteville. Marvin Edward WHITEHEAD: IIKA: Lewisville. Twelfth Row: Gary Sherman " VHITELEY: Favetteville. John Rancy VHITLOAV: Farmhouse; Plainview. Janet Favt- WHITSON: Carnall; Ft. Smith. Suson Kay WHIT- SON: AI " : Beuton. Deanne Louise WILBER: AAII; Ft. Smith. Mike Bob WILBER: AIT: Maysville. Roxanna Arvlne ILCOX: (ientrv. juniors Cheerleaders held a pep rally in Dallas ' Baker Hotel. Hog fans used (he hotel as a pit stop. First Row: Alan G. WILLIAMS: 2X; Monticello. Arthur Lcland WILLIAMS: Faycrtcville. Bruce Owen WILLIAMS: Acacia; Bethesda, Md. DOUGLAS L. WILLIAMS: Stuttgart. Fred Lee WILLIAMS: Piggott. Jim Ward WILLIAMS: 2N; Ft. Smith. Second Row: Jimmy Lee WILLIAMS: Farmhouse; Hunt- ington. Marion Isaac WILLIAMS: William; Walnut Ridge. Mary Cade WILLIAMS: Eayettcville. Nedra Jean WIL- LIAMS: Dallas. Tex. Sandra Kay WILLIAMS: Razorback; Quitman. Sarah Virginia WILLIAMS: A.i.i; Booneville. Third Row: Wendy Ann WILLIAMS: AF; Coffeyville, Kan. William Hale WILLIAMS: AXA; Osceola. Judy Marie WILLIFORD: Razorback; North Little Rock. Fred Alan WILLLS: Yocum; Benton. Anne Paschal WILSON: AAII; Camden. Fourth Row: Ed Eugene WILSON, JR.: Little Rock. Jacqtie WILSON: AF; Midwest City, Okla. fulie An n WILSON: ZTA; Hot Springs. Patricia Carol WILSON: Jonesboro. F. F.rvan WIMBERI.Y: Walnut Ridge. Paul L. WINBORN: Alma. Fifth Row: Winnie Ellen WING: Fayetteville. James F. WINTER: Ft. Smith. Dieter I). WIRSKI: Forrest City. Jack Neal WOOD: Gladson; Texarkana, Tex. fane Eliza- beth WOOD: XQ; Little Rock. Mark Wayne WOOD: Si- loam Springs. Sixth Row: William Carol WOOD: William; North Little Rock. Joseph Arthur WOODSON: 2n; Searcy. Carol Jean WOOLLY: Fayetteville. Jessie Katherine WOOTEN: XQ; Helena. Stephen Lame WORMINGTON: Tcxarkana. Cynthia Lucille WORRELL: Razorback; North Little Rock. Seventh Row: Ronald Eugene WORTHF.N: Forrest City. Terry Eileen WORTHL: A_m; Springdale. I.onnie Fred WRIGHT: Foreman. Lou Ann WRIGHT: Corning. Peter V. WRITER: 11: Nyack, N. Y. Catherine Ann WUF.ST: AAIT; Favettevillc. AXJ2: Farmington. AN Eighth Row: Judith Ann WYLIE Samuel H. YAGER. JR.: 2X; Shreveport. La. Beth YA CEY: TIB ; Springfield, Mo. Mary YANCEY: x ; Mar anna. Ronnie YATES: Humphreys; Nashville. Conrad ! YODER: Upper Montclair, N. f. Ninth Row. Marshall Clark YOl ' NG: Ft. Smith. San- dra Ann YOl ' NG: Fayetteville. Stephen Anthony AC- CARDI: sx: Jersey City, N. J. Carol ZAFFATER: 7.TA: Shreveport, La. Jean Louise IMPEL: AXS2; Clarksville. James Randolph 7OOK: 2X; McGehee. sophomores As the I ' of A campus prepared for the mock elec- tions, members of the Young Democrats Club were busy chartering a bus out of town. They lost. First Row: James Harmon ABBOTT: Sedgwell; Van Burcn. Paulana ABBOTT: AXfi; Blytheville. William Wil- son ABBOTT: Sparkman. Grace Sylvia ACHESON: Hol- combc; Mountain Home. Harry Melvin ADAMS: Humph- reys; Moncttc. John Paul AH REN ' S: Little Rock. Second Row. John Thomas AHRENS: Mountain Home. Lawrence C. ALDERMAN: Elaine. Jerry W. ALEXAN- DER: AKA; Stuttgart. Anne Lewis ALLEN " : ZTA; Shreve- port. La. Herbert I.eRoy ALLEN: Riplev; Harrison. Robert W. AI.LEN: K2; Perrvville. Third Row. Timothy Smith ALLEN: OB ; Marianna. Alvin Leland ALLUMrGravette. Robert Alan ALLt RED: Sedgwell; Alma. Billy Joel ALSTON: Mulberry. Sarah Jane ALTHATSER: AXSK Dallas, Tex. Robert N. AMACKER: 2IT; Lake Providence, La. Fourth Riw. Dixie Jane ANDERSON: Springdalc. Rich- ard M. ARDEMAGNI: Tontitown. Tayfun ARIKAN: An- kara, Turkey. Carolyn Kay ARMSTRONG: Fayetteville. Patsy Lou ARMSTRONG: AXO; Forrest City. Ellen AR- RINGTON: Futrall: Kansas City, Mo. Fifth Ron-. Michael Edward ARRINGTON: ZX; Nash- ville. Karen Jeanne . TCHLEY: Holcombc: Harrison. Pa- tricia Jan ATHERTON: Holcombe; Joplin, Mo. Priscilla Catherine ATKAINS: Ra orback; Mountain Home. John Charles Al ' FF.TT: Stillwell. Okla. Anna Sue Al ' STIN: Favetteville. Sixth ?!(: Marilvn Jeanne Al ' STIN: 4 H House; Neo- sho. Mo. Harold AVF.RY: Yoctim; Delight. Mickev BABF.R: Hope. Patsy Ann BACHMAN: Greenland. Delmer Lee RAGGETT: Fayetteville. Joan Marie BAIRD: Futrall; Gravette. Seventh Row: Catherine E. BAKER: AXQ: Tulsa. Okla. Charles Wayne BAKER: Fayetteville. Eddie Clifton BAK- ER, JR.: Little Rock. Ronnie Ray BAKER: Springdalc. fame ' s Harold BAUCH: 2 J E; Litt ' le Rock. John Hardin BALE, JR.: 2X: Little Rock. Eighth Ron ' -. Patricia Marie BALL: Futrall; Colerain. N. C. Anita Ann B AI.I.I- (,ER: IIB f : Pine Bluff. Kathleen BARDEN: Holcombr: Little Rock. Tomtnv Blake BARKS- DALE: Amity. Jane HARNKTT: Siloam Springs. Tom V. BARNETT: North Little Ro ( k. inth Row: Lonnie Gene BASSETT: Fayetteville. Don- ald Glen BATTIN: Gladson; C.reen F ' orest. David Lawrence BEALL: Riplev; North I ittle Rock. Jean Elizabeth BEA- MAN: Futrall: ' Siloam Springs. Charles William BEAN: Miller. Mo. Peter Otto BECKER: Sedgwell: Mountain Home. First Row: Mali Belli BFESON: AX! : Richartls-Gebaur AFB, Mo. Lewis BELCHER, JR.: ' an Burrn. Charlotte Ann BF.l.FORD: KKI ' ; Pocahontas. Beverly Jane BELL: AAII; Parkin. Randy M. BELL: ilAK: 1 ' ' . Smith. Patricia Adair BENNEI I: Holcombc; Kl Dorado. Second Rou ' : Susan BENNETT: Ra orback; Kl Do- rado. Charles BF.RMAN: Jacksonville, FUi. Celia Anne BF.KKY: Ra orback; Seagovillc, Tex. (aines Wayne BER ' I - ONCINO: Wilson Sharp; Chard. Kan. James W. BEST: 2N; Hardy. C:harles Elmer BEYERLEY: ' ilson Sharp; Hope. Third Row. Martha Film BICKNT.I.I.: Holcombc; It. Smith. Stephen Russell BIGGER: i| : I ' ocahonias. Ann BK.HA.M: X ; Berr ville. John Morris Bll.l IFI MF.R: Acacia; Little Rock. Karen BIND1.KY: Fa ette ille. Larry Jay BINDLEY: 2X; Faycllc ille. Fourth Ron-. David E. BIN : Cladsou; Little Rock. Linda Beth BIRKHFAD: AXU; Ola. Roger William BIS- HOP: Riplcy; Carlisle. Andrea McC.urn BLACK: Helier Springs. Dale Roger BLACK: Elm Springs. Sharon BLAIR: AAA; Leslie. fifth Row: Richard Adrian BLAND: Humphreys; Rog- ers. Robert Ernest BLAN ' I : Riplcy; North Little Rock. Robert Hugh BLCME: Harrison. Gerald Wayne BOBO: Jacksonville. Bobby G. BOLINGKR: Hnntsville. Mary Alice BONNFR: Favetteville. Si th Row. Charles A. BOONE: (.reenwood. Brannon Dale BOREN: Could. James Roger BO I I I: Yociini; Little Rock. Ann Gay BOUDREAUX: A_ A; Fayetteville. Terry Frost BOWIE: KS; Little Rock. Sharon Irene BOWLES: McGehee. tiivciitli Row: Rebecca Flo BOWMAN: Ashdown. I ' al- lic-rt F. BOWMAN, III: Favetleville. Annabel BOYD: X,TA; McC.ehee. Thomas Sloan BOM). JR.: England. William T. BOYD: Humphreys; Ha en. Billy Richard BOYKIN: Droke; Jacksonville. l-.i hth Row: Sarah Adine BRADFORD: KKP: Paris. Janet ' Lea BRADLEY: l-ll Huuse; Benyville. Martha E1- ' len BRADLEY: AX : El Dorado. Walter James BRAD- SHAW: Could. Pennv BRANNON: IIH J ; ' Dallas, Tex. C.leen M. BRATCHER: i:x: Marianna. .V ;i i Hou " . Nancy Carol BRA ' l ION: -1-H House; Sheri- dan. Gloria Jean BRAY: Fiilrall; Ft. Smith. Marilyn Flora BRAY: AXn; Hampton. Palriik I. le BRAY: William; Bartlesville, Okla. Jim I.. BREESE: ' Humphreys; Siloam Springs. Truth Hou-. Carole ' BRESI.FR: HIM); Hope. liels Caro- Ivn BRIDENTHAL: AAII: I a etle ille. Sandra Lee BROG DON: AAA; Springdale. Sallie BROOKS: Favelleville. Linda Sue BROOM: Ra orbark: Magnolia. Robert Harold BROIHI.RION, JR.: Gladson; Little Rock. l-:ic ' eth Row: Robert Foster BROWN: Fayetteville. Robert Haigler BROWN: Cladson; ' I ' exarkana. Sara Ann IWOWN: III! ; .Steele. Mo. Ka% Winner BROWNFIEI.D: Futrall: I ulsa, Okla. Sharan BRUNELLE: X.TA; Ft. Voitli. lex. Aliiia Irene BRl ' SII: AX! : Rogeis. Twrlflh Row: (.eorgia Lou BRYAN F: Fa elte ille. Janice Carolyn BRYANT: Ra orback; ' I ' exarkana. Joyce [an BRYANT: 7.TA; Hot Springs. Maty Beth BRVSOX: X : Russellville. Mary I.anellc- Bl ' IK: KKI ' : Ft. Smith. David L. BUNCH: Humphreys; North Little Rock. 101 First Row. Carole Beatrice BUNGE: " , Mountain Home. Charles Gouan BURKE: 2 E; Fayetteville. George Kent BURNETT: zn; Mena. James Edward BURNETT: Texarkana. Harry Kingston BURNHAM, JR.: Yocum; Memphis, Tenn. Linda Gail BURROUGHS: ZTA; Shreve- port, l.a. Second Row. Charles Chris BURROW: 2AE; Wynne. Walter Eugene BURSEY: Little Rock. T. O. BURSON: Acacia; Aurora, Mo. Sandi BUTLER: Holcombe; Morril- ton. James Frank BYARS: Ft. Smith. Catherine Elizabeth C.ALDWELL: TIB ; Pine Bluff. Third Row. Ken Freeman CALHOON: ZN; El Dorado. Helen Virginia CALLAHAX: Razorback; Little Rock. Jean- nie CAI.LAWAY: Holcombe; Little Rock. James Richard CAMPBELL: Rogers. Ronald Gary CAMPBELL: El Dora- do. Donald Lee CARXAHAX: Prairie Grove. Fourth Row. Bary Wayne CARPENTER: Little Rock. Ronda Jill CARPENTER: Futrall; Texarkana. Joe CAR- RUTH: 4 _ e; DeQueen. Leslie Carl CARTER: AFP; Booneville. Nancy Rlica CARTER: XO; Pine Bluff. William Thomas CAR1 WRIGHT: Everton. Fifth Row, Linda Lee GARY: Holcombe; Magnolia. Pamela Joyce CARY: AAA; Magnolia. J. Robert CASEY: Little Rock. Linda L. CASEY: Little Rock. Annabelle Robin CASH: ZTA: Dallas, Tex. Don CASSIL: IIKA; Little Rock. Sixth Row. William I.esse CASTI.EBF.RRY: Yocum; Jonesboro. Frances CATE: Holcombe; Walnut Ridge. Helen Elizabeth CA ' FLETT: Xtt; Little Rock. Sandra Leigh CAUSEY: AAII: Hot Springs. John Sturdivant CEARLEY: 2X; Nashville. George E. CERNTGLIA: TKE; Pine Bluff. Seventh Row. Charles O ' Harlston CHADICK: ZAE; Sherrill. Hoy E. CHANDLER: Nashville. Charles CHANEY, JR.: Yorum ' ; Mountain Home. Richard Williams CHAP- MAN: 211; Searcy. Orbory E. CHATMAN: William; New- port. Diana CHILDRESS: IIB ; Joplin. Mo. Eighth Row. William W. CHILDS: Gladson; Kingsland. Steven Ray CI.ARDY: Hastings. Mich. Andrew Lawson CLARK: KZ: Little Rock. James Robert CLARK: Yocum; Fordyce. Gerald Sims CLARKE: J Ae; McGehee. Edward Paul CLEMENTS: Aztec, N. M. A ' i i i ROTI-. Karen Sue CLEMENTS: Aztec, N. M. Den- nis Ray COCHRAN: LaRussell. Mo. Elton E. COGBURN: Scdgwcll; Smackover. James David COLE: ZX; Crossctt. James Harold COLE: Wilson Sharp; Magnolia. George Randall COLF.MAN: Z E; Little Rock. Tenth Row. Kathryn L. COLEMAN: Futrall: El Dorado. Margaret Ann COMFORT: Carnall; Bentonville. Judith Carolyn CONE: Razorback; Hamburg. Paul Reid CON- NF.R: ' Wilson Sharp; Clarendon, Janis Morris COOK: Eu- reka Springs. Sarah Elizabeth COOK: Futrall; Wasco, Calif. Eleventh Ron ' -. Vera Joe COOK: nii ; Hot Springs. Alice Rena COPELAND: Hotz; Bentonville. Glenda Jean COPELAND: Carnall: Paiagould. Thomas CORBIN: AE: Ft. .Smith. Richard Edward COTTRELL: Little Rock. Michael Riley COUCH: Buchanan; Magnolia. Twelfth Row. Mary Nancv COUNCIL: Xfi; Houston, ' IVx. Samuel Anderson COVINGTON: Little Rock. Marvin IVwey C.RABB: Fayetteville. James Reed CRAFTON: Sedg- well: North Little Rock. Robert L. CRAIG: Gladson; Bly- theville. Elizabeth Allen CRAMPTON: KKF; Ft. Smith. 102 sophomores The Young Democrat Club meetings provide training grounds lor the future party leaders of Arkansas. first Row: Robert Hughes CRANK: Foreman. Carol Ann CRAl N: Durham, Gary Lynn CRAWFORD: Humph revs; Ft. Smith. Raymond S ' hclton CR. VFORD. Ill: 2X: Cherry Hill. Douglas H. CHF.F.CY: Keiser. Marion Paul CRIDER: (.reenland. Second Row. Betty Fern CRISCl ' OI.O: Holcombe; Kan- sas City, Mo. Richard Donald CROSSI.F.Y: j AG; DeQuccn. Billy Wayne COLLINS: I.iule Rock. Cheryl Lynn CLASH- ING: Futrall; Ontario, Calif. Carolyn Grace CUTHBERT- SON: KK1 ' ; Warren. Tani CZAROWIT2: l ' A; Temple, Tex. Third Rinr: Sandra Kave DABNEY: x ; Lake Village. Doddridge McCulloch DAGGETT: (.ladson; Marianna. John F. DUNS: Henton. Dean Howard DAI.TON: Yocum; Joplin, Mo. Diana Dawn DANDRIIK.K: Holcombe; Mus- kogce, Okla. Anne E. DAN1F.I.: AAA; Ft. Smith. Oinlli Row. John Lewis D.U ' CIIF.RTY: Little Rock. Georgian!) Fmilie DAUNTS: ,T, ; Little Rock. Joe Paul DAVIS: Wilson Sharp; Heber Springs. I homas I. DAVID: Prairie Grove. Charles Edward DAVIDSON: William; Little Rock. Fred Larry DAVIS: Humphreys; Bauxite. I-ifl i Run-. Lina Jean DA IS: Fulrall; ' I ' exarkana. Mary- Francis DAVIS: Futrall: Forrest Cilx. Timothy Eugene DA- VIS: i)AE: Ahheimer. Buddy Mihon DAWSON: O ark. Virginia Lea DF.ARIF.N: Futrall; Mountain Mew. William Jacob DECLERK: v x; p l)( ahoiitas. S i Rim-. Tommy Martin DEERE: .Sedgwell; Hot Springs. Paliiiia (iayle ' DF.I.ANFA ' : Futrall; Jacksonville. Thomas Henry DEMINSKI, II: AKA: Hot Springs. Marv Kalherine DENKER: Illi : Odessa. Fix. James A. DEN- NIS, II: Hot Springs. Marion Dvvayne DENNIS: Winslow. Snriilli How: David Graham DF.NTON: I AH; ' I uck -r- inan. C.eorge Vallace DICKINSON ' : illiam: Cinnamisson. N. J. Rodger Combs DICKINSON: Dc ' Oueen. Tommy Joe DICKINSON: . n ; Rector. Daryl Ralph DICKSON: El. .Smith. Margaret Jean DODGEN: 4-H House; Alexander. i!ili III Ho-,,-: l alri k ' Fern-nee DOI.AN: Seilgwell; Eng- land. Deborah Ann DOI.AND: KKT: Liltle Rock. Norma Jean DOSS: Fulrall: Stullgail. Dee DOWF.I.L: X!i: ;!luul Ridge. Linda DRAKE: AX12: Benionville. Roberi I red DRIGGF.RS: Norman. !i ' lli loir: Sandra (can DRl ' MMOND: X!. ' : ' I ' exar- kana. Faye DL ' GAN: Noel, Mo. Barbara Ann Dt ' NAWAY: l ' A: Ft. ' orth. ' Lex. Marv Mania DI ' NI.AI 1 : Futrall: Clarksville. Orene Lee Dl ' NI.ARY: Favellev ille. Stewart Ames DL ' NN: Ki); Forrest City. sophomores A 1 . ' fraternity members await their new pledges at the Student 1 ' nion, a member of the Campus Secur- ity Force scratches the seat of his intelligence. First Ron ' : Vernon Lee DUTTOX: Gladson; Pine Bluff. Coy Randall DYF.R: Humphreys; Nashville. James Rich- ard ' 1 YER: Fayetteville. Ellen Marie EAGLESON: Futrall; Eagle Grove, Iowa. Linda Ann EARI.S: Fayetteville. Tom- my Collier EAST: X; Little Rock. Second Row: Jimmie V. EDWARDS: 211; Blytheville. )oe B. EDWARDS: 2AE; Ft. Smith. Macon Daniel ED- WARDS: Royal. Martha Kay EDWARDS: Futrall; Paris. Clem Pat EGLESTON: Scdgwell; Ml. Ida. Bruce Wayne ELF.Y: Prescott. Third Ron-. Dana Elaine ELLIOTT: Hokombc; Kan- sas City, Mo. John Franklin ELLIOTT: 211; Mena. Johnna Earlene ELLIOTT: Futrall; Hiwasse. Judith Sharon EL- LIOTT: ni5 J ; El Dorado. Virginia Carol ELLIOTT: Xfi; Jonesboro. Jane Page ELLIS: AAIT; Little Rock. Fcurth Ron-: Janet McRae ELLIS: Xfl; Hope. Joann ELLIS: AAIT; Little Rock. Leslie Kay ELLIS: ZTA; Para- gould. Frank Leroy EMERT, JR.: AXA; Alvin, Tex. Sloan Miller EMERY: Fayetteville. ' Mary Elaine EXGLAXD: AXQ; Ft. Smith. Fifth Ron ' : James Roger EXGLAXD: IIKA; Ft. Smith. Paul K. EXGSKOV: Acacia; Winslow. Alan David EPI.EY: Springdale. Ronald Wayne ERICH: Hot Springs. Dorcas Ann ERXST: Fayetteville. Robert Frar.ds ERST1XE: AXA; Stuttgart. Sixth Row. Harold Sloan F.RU ' IX: Xewport. Mary Donna ERWIX: ZTA; McGehce. Laura Sue EVAN ' S: AAA; Boonevillc. C ' .arol Ann EVERETT: Fayetteville. Diane Har- riett EWIXG: KKT: Shrcveport, La. John M. FAIRHEAD: 1 1 uinphreys; Jonesboro. Seventh How. Ray Harlan FALLEN: Fayetteville. Shar- on Kave FARBER: Holcombe; Nccsho. Mo. Delia Ruth FARMER: Carnall; Little Rock. Sarah Jo FARRAR: Hol- combe; Little Rock. Lynn Taylor KARRIS: Riplcy; Clarks- ville. William Duke FAUGHT: Yocuni; Cabot. F.ightlt Row. James Roy FEIMSTER: Little Rock. Marilyn FEXDER: C:arnall; Pocabonlas. Herbert Farrell FF.NDLEY: Leslie. Xancy FERGUSON: KKT: West Mem- phis. Jane Fletcher EERRII.L: AAA; Little Rock. Eli abeth Brunei- FIELD: XO: Little Rock. inth Row. Linda F. FIKES: AX ; Pine Bluff. James A. FINCH: Gladson; Pine Bluff. Jane FINGER: ZTA; Lit- tle Rock. Charks Robert FITTING: Ft. Smith. Jerry Don FLANAGAN: Wichita, Kan. George Paul FLEISCHMANN: Eureka Springs. -;i Fi tab. D,-.i.! EPIIV: :;:. teas . I WINE: Hisl Row: Robert Ray FLEMING: Spiingdalc. Andrea dri-a Marie FLETCHER: Benton. Arthur I.eon 1I.OKER: Humphreys; Ma s illc. Fiances Ka FLOWERS: I ntrall; Stuttgart. Doris Juliette FOLT : Carthage, Mo. |cii V. EONG: Humphreys. Mariauna. Sn-ond Rim-. Forrest FORD: McCroiy. )oan FOS I F.R: Holcombc; North Little Rock. James C. FOWLER, JR.: Buchanan; Sherrill. George Ronald FRANKS: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Bascom Bert FRKF.MAN: .Scclgwcll; Ft. Smith. Mary I.ynne FRF.F.MAN: Fntrall: Denison, ' 1 ' ex. Third Him-. Johnny Ecrrcll FROST: Yocnm; Vaklron. Eli abeth Ann FUHRMAN: I-H House; Gillett. John Edd FL ' LLF.N: Arkaclelphia. Janis Fl ' NK: I1B J ; Little RotR. Larry David GADDIS: Gladson; Little Rock. Bob GA- MACHE: (.laclson; Houston, lex. Fourth Hair: Charles GAINES: Searcy. Lee Edward (iAMMILL: I ' ine Bluff. Wendy Jean GARDNER: A.AA; Springdale. Dana Lynn GARRETT: AT; Benton. James Alexander GARRETT: Buchanan; Little Rock. 1 ' utridu Ann (.ARRIS: HIS ; Texarkana. f ' ifllt Row. Kathy Janell GASK1N: Carnal); S] ringdalc. Herman John GATES: North Collin, N. Y. John Vilbimi (,A IKS: Guidon. Thomas t;. GA I ES: Villium; Kansas C ity, Mo. Gayle Louise GAY: Springdale. Connie Gayle GEORGE: Razorback; Little Rock. Si llt Ron-. Mary Elizabeth GEORGER: Holcombe; U ' est Memphis. David F. GIBSON: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. George Otto GIEROW: Hot Springs. Glenc ' la Kaye GIL- BER I: Rohwer. Jeanne Kay (ilLBER: Bethany, Okla. Michael Gene GINGRICH: Drake; Ft. Smith. Srveiith Ron-. Chcrie Ann (il.ASS: Leachville. John Martin GLENN: William; 1 ' otlsville. Edgar Lewis GOD- DAR1): Fayetteville. Paul Douglas GOODWIN; 2H; Fay- etteville. Don V. (,ORE; Bentcmville. Valita GOZA: ZTA; Malvern. Kiglitli Ron-. Mildred Lois GRAGG: ZTA; Helena. Beverly Anne GRANT: Scott; Little Rock. Ronald Eugene GRAVES: Rogers. Nancy Ranev (,RAY: Booneville. Larry Gordon GREEN: iX: Little Rock. William E. GREEN: ATI ' : Tonlitown. Mnlli Ron-. Robert Allen GREENBERG: William; Bronx. N. Y. Linda Diane (.KEEK: AAII; Jacksonville. Linda Lee GREEK: Futrull: Alpena. Cheryl Ann GREG- ORY: Fun-all; Bcntonville. William N. GRIER: 2N; Springfield. Mo. Nancy Lee GRIFFITH: West Helena. Tenth Rou-. William Karl (.KINDLE: Wilson Sharp: Overtoil. Tex. Pamela Sue- (.KISSINGER: Holcombe; Kansas City. Mo. Tommy Randolph GRISSOM: Harrison. David A. GIU BBS: Alexander. Clarence Harley Gt ' lNN: Goshen. William Gary HAGOOD: Mavnard. t ' .ltvenlh Row. Jo Bc-llc- HAI1.EY: AAII; Rogers. Linda Kay 11 AII.EY: AAII: Fjoplin. Mo. Larry Valter HALE: I.ockc ' sburg. Mary Carolyn HALE: Holcombe; Waldnm. Janie Annette HALEY: Holcombe; Little Rock. Neta B. HALEY: Fulrall: Little Rock. Tirrlllli It ' irf. F.tanley 1). HALEY: Fayelteville. Carolyn Anita HALL: AXS : Monell. Mo. Donna Dean HALL: Fu- lrall; Ft. Smith. Kathleen I). HALL: Fayeltcville. David Anthony HALI.IN: Fa ette ille. Alan Wayne HALLUM: Buchanan; Ft. Smith. 105 First Row. Hartford Ray HAMILTON: Wilson Sharp; Lonoke. Jclin R. HAMILTON: Sedgwcll; Ft. Lyon, Colo. Hugo Arnold HAMMOND: Gravetle. Vincent Joseph HANEY, JR.: Sedgwell; Ft. Smith. Susan Quintella HAN- SON: Futrall; Hot Springs. Robert Jonathan HARALSON: 2AE; Augusta. Second Rou : Janice Marie HARBER: 4-H House; Wise- man. Bert Lee HARDIN: Buchanan; Pine Bluff. Mary Elaine MARGIS: Carnall; Berryville. Bland Robert HAR- PER: Monette. David Lee HARPER: 2N; Hot Springs. John Richard HARPER: Texarkana. Third Row: Betty HARRIS: ZTA; Springfield, Mo. Billy Don HARRIS: Fayetteville. Janet Ann HARRIS: Holcombe; Paragould. Georgia Ann HART: Holcombe; Ft. Worth, Tex. Robert Wayne HART: Yocum; North Little Rock. Elsie Marie HARTL: Holcombe; Hot Springs. Fourth Row. Harold Henry HARTMAN: Fayetteville. Pamela Eve HATHAWAY: AXfi; Little Rock. Elizabeth Ann HAWK: Razorback; Ft. Smith. Carroll L. HAWKINS: AXA; Little Rock. Chuck Michael HAYDEN: KS; Ft. Smith. Joseph Franklin HAYNIE: OKA; Richardson, Tex. Fifth Row. Phillip R. HAYS: Hot Springs. John Robert HEBARD: Van Buren. Sharon Ann HECK: Fayetteville. Annie HEINOLD: AAA; Ft. Smith. Joe Boyd HENDER- SON: 2X; Stuttgart. Charles L. HENDRICKS: Atkins. Sixth Row. Donald Howard HENRY: 2X; Springdale. Donna Jean HENSON: Mt. Holly. Gerald Dee HER- BAL ' GH: Farmhouse; Bentonville. G. Frank HERRING: Sedgwell; El Dorado. Robert P. HESLEP: 2X; Helena. Karen Jane HESS: Futrall; Bentonville. Seventh Row. Jerry Edward HESTER: William; Moun- tain Home. Wanda Fern HICKS: Futrall; Siloam Springs. Jim Edward HIGHAM: Wilson Sharp; North Little Rock. Uremia Sue HILDEBRAND: Futrall; Stuttgart. Robert Alan HILE: Humphreys; Murfreesboro. Charles C. HILL, JR.: William; Little Rock. Eighth Row. Dana Kay HILL: X12; Little Rock. Tommy Jasper HILL: Fayetteville. David Michael HINESLY: Yo- cum; Harrison. Janis Ann HIXSON: AXSi; Paris. Rosemary HOAG: Ra orback: Mena. Milton Noel HOBBS: S S E; West Memphis. Ninth Row. Susan Jane HODGES: AXU; Henderson. Stephen Michael HOEHN: Wilson Sharp; Maiden, Mo. Barbara HOFFMAN: A All: Dallas, Tex. Carolyn Jeanne HOFFMANN: Ft. Smith. John W. HOLLAND: Acacia; Herrvville. Thomas Havle HOLI.IS: Camden. Tenth Ron-. Jerry Dean HOLLOWAY: Humphreys; Huntsville. Joy HOLMAN: XQ; Newport. Berry Inez HOLMES: Carnall; Harrisburg. Aden Jackson HOLT: X: Dallas, Tex. Penni HOLT: AXf ; Ft. Smith. Donna J. HOP- KINS: AXfi; Cabot. Eleventh Row. Harold H. HOPKINS, JR.: Vilonia. Don Louis HORXE: Gurdon. Sandra J. HORN! : Futrall; Paris. Arthur Lee HORNTCK: 2X: North Little Rock. Georgia HORNOR: XS2; West Helena. Carolyn Ruth HORXSBY: f-H House; DcQucen. Twelfth Row. Howard Aaron HOUSTON: Yocum; Hope. Patricia Love HOWK: Futrall; Hot Springs. Gerald D. HOYLE: Danville. Harriet Kay HUBBARD: ITB ; Ft. Smith. Joseph Paul HUBER: Rogers. Karen HUDSON: Fayetteville. sophomores Preceding games at the University, football learn memhers try to relax by walking in the stadium. First Row. Larry Doug HUDSON: Yocuin: Shrcvcport, La. Walter Daniel HUFF: Ripley; Alexander. Charles Mich- ael HULEN: Yocuin: Booneville. Patricia Ann HULL: Ra orback; Cassvillc, Mo. Linda Kay HUMPHRIES: KKT; North Little Rock. Lonnie L. HUSSEY: Eureka Springs. Serund Row: David Bulk HUTCHKN.S: Humphreys; Monet, Mo. Philip R. HUTKA: AKA; Union City, N. J. Susan Dill HUTTOX: IIB J ; Dallas, Tex. Robert HYLEL: Williams; Vynne. Elizabeth Ann 1NGRUM: ZTA; Spring- dalc. Charles William INLOW: Beiitonville. Third Row: Alvin Timothy IRBY: 2 S E; Little Rock. Charles Brooks JACKSON: 2 E; Little Rock. John Thomas JASPER: Ft. Smith. John Lester (AVNE: J A0: Warren. Christy Gay JENKINS: 4-H House; Lavaca. Gloria Jean JENKINS: Holcombe; I ' aragotild. Fuurtli Row: George Claude JERNIGAN. Ill: William; Rector. Daniel Lawrence JOHNSON: Yocuin; Elizabeth. Gayle JOHNSON: AAA; Strong. Jane JOHNSON: ZTA; Camp Zama, Japan. Judith Ann JOHNSON: AAIT; lex- arkana. Judith Leigh JOHNSON: Xfi; Springfiell, Mo. Fifth Row: Larry H. JOHNSON: AXA; Leachville. Lin da Kay JOHNSON: Favetteville. Patricia R. JOHNSON: ZTA; Slalvern. Richard Mike JOHNSON: TKE: Pine Bluff. Ryman Gordon JOHNSON: Ripley; North Little Rock. Sh ' eryl Jean JOHNSON: Ra orback; Little Rock. Sixth Row: Johnny C. JOHNSTON: Little Rock. Marie Burke JOHNSTON: KKP; Little Rock. Marsha JOHN STOX: Little Rock. Herbert Douglas JONES, JR.: Flor- ence. Ala. Jacque JONES: Holcombe: Springfield. Mo. Jan JONES: IIH J ; Shawncc Mission, Kan. Seventh Row: Katherine L. JONTS: Holcombe; State Sanatorium. Patricia Ann JONKS: Scott: Mineral Springs. Suellen JONES: AXf ; Houston. Tex. Mary Susan JUNI1.L: Futrall; .Stephens. Diane KAPI ' ES: Car ' nall; Huntsvillc. Marilyn KAYS: KKT; Favetteville. F.iglitli Row: Herbert Ross KEITH: Farmhouse; Augus- ta. Martha Lynn KKI.LF.Y: KKP: Eudora. Sara Elizabeth KELLEY: Fulrall; Harrison. Walker Emanucl KEI.I.EY: 1AE; Newport. Glen T. KEI. !.()(.(,: Yoium; Little Rock. Ronald Wayne KELLY: Waycross, Cia. hilh Roi,-. Jem 0. KEMP: Poteau, Okla. Don B. KENDALL: Favelteville. Lacy Jerome KENNEDY, III: Marianna. Sandra Kee KENT: Carnall; Annandalc, Va. Bill Louis KERBY ' : J A0; Norlh Little Rock. Robert Lee KERR: Favetteville. sophomores Senior footballers aided the Washington County Bloodmobile by donating during the final visit. First Rou-. John M. KETCHER: Acacia; North Little- Rock. Donald Spurh KIMBALL, JR.: Broke; Batesville. Thelma G. KIMBRELL: Futrall; Leslie. Harold Bruce KIMBROUGH: Sedgwell; Batesville. Janice KIN ' CAID: Holcombe; Dallas, Tex. Georgann KIXCAXNON: Carnall; Booneville. Second Row. Jerry Derward KIXG: Van Buren. Judith Anne KIXG: Carnall; Ft. Smith. Don Miller KIXXF.Y: Lit- tle Rock. Harriet Suzanne KIXXEY: ZTA; Bauxite. Pat- rick Raymond KIXSEY: William; Van Buren. Gary Dar- win KIRK: Buchanan; Bartlesville, Okla. Third Row: Kathlynn Sue KIRK: Alpena. Georgia Ann KIRSCH: Fayettcville. Suzanne KITCHEN " : KKT: Jack, sonville. Gary David KI IAR: Yccnm; Ft. Smith. Richard Max KLIXE: ZAE; Xorth Little Rock. Carolyn Sue KXIGHT: Holcombe; Lincoln, Xeb. Fourth Row: Fred 1 ' . KXOD, II: Ft. Smith. Judith Lynn KOKX: Futrall; Hot Springs. Ronald; C. KOLB: McGehee. Edward Michael KOSER: Yocum; Irvington. X. J. Ramona Jeanne KO EL: ZTA: Ft. .Smith. Raymond Arthur KREIG: Sedgwell; Clinton. Fifth Rou-. Donald J. LACEFIELD: DeQucen. Thomas Wayne LACKEY: Fayetteville. James Arnold LACY: Acacia; Hot Springs. Frederick Sanford LADAGE: ZAE: Ft. Smith. Xancy Ann LAFFERTY: AXfi; Fayettcville. Wesley Olivia LAMBERT: KKF; Shreveport, La. Sixth Row: Philip Michael LAXE: Fayelteville. Jerry Monroe LAXER: ZX; Fayetteville. James Stephen LAl ' CK: ZX; Xorth Little Rock. Glenda Gay LAW: Futrall; Oz- ark. Larrv R. LAWREXCE: Yocum; Hope. Jerry Joe LAW- SOX: Bentonville. Seventh Row: William Tom LEA: 2X; Bartlesville, Okla. Jo Alleen LEDBETTER: Futrall; Dumas, Tex. James Randal LEE: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Jung M. LEE: Humphreys; Altheimer. Linda LEE: A_iIT; Ro- mance. Cheryl Anne LFGAT.SKI: _ I " ; Bartlesville. Eighth Row: James M. LEMIXG: 2X; Russdlville. Mar- guerite Ann LEVY: AXQ: Little Rock. Burett Lafayette LEWIS. JR.: Fayetteville. Linwood Daniel LEWIS: Yo- cum; Blytheville. Toni Ann LILLEY: Jonesboro. Linda King LlXlBAUGH: Xfi; Pocahontas. inth Row: S. Damaris I.IXDI.OFF: nii J ; Fayetteville. Bart Rabb LIXDSEY: AE; Cclena. Xorman Henry LIXD- SEY: Rogers. Marilyn Sue LIXEBARIER: Futrall: Cam- den. Sarah Elizabeth LITTLE: ZTA; Pine Bluff. Douglas C. LOBERG: Humphreys; Jonesboro. M ' -rr First Roii " . Warren I. I.OOPFR. JR.: Greenwood. George Dean LOVF: AXA; Stuttgart. Larry Dan l.OVKTT: Little Rock. Paul Taylor I.OVK ' IT: Little Rock. Brencla Sue- I.OWF.RY: Km rail: I Ic-l Springs. Benjamin Dam LL ' CK: 2X: Paragould. Xectind Run " . Charles Wayne I.YMAX: AXA; Little Rock. Sliari Anne MACKIF: AT: Arlington, Tex. Robin Roy MADDOX: KKF: -St. Charles. Robert M. MAGNF.SS, JR.: UNA; Hatesville. Hetty I.MIII MAI.ONK: Holcombc; West lleleiiu. Judith Ann MANGUM: Km rail; Newport. Tliinl Ron-. Nancy (.a e MARIH.K: Futrall; Xeoslio, Mo. |ohn (.. MARINO: II KA; Canulen. Richard Lee MARKF.LL: De( uccn. Charles K. MARKS: William: Jasper, Tex. Steve MARQUESS: Humphreys: Benlonville. Diana Landers MARR: Little Rock. Fourth How. John K. MARTKNSKN: S j E; Fayette- ville. Virgil Carroll MARTIN: Unchanan; Atkins. Joseph Gary MARTINI-.: Gladson; Marion, anette MARTIN- KIS: Holcnmbc: Ft. Smith. Judy Kaye MASON: Futrall: Foreman. Dennis Carl MASSF.Y: Z t E ' , Decatur. Fifth Ron " . Gtiinn Reese MASSF.Y: North Little Rock. Thomas F.arl MASSFY. Ill: 2 AE; Morrillon. Marilyn Joyce MAIHFSON: 7TA; Siloam Spring. Susan Trigg MA ' F- ' FHFAVS: KKI " ; I ' ine Bluff. James Stanley MAI IISON: DeOueen. fames M. MAY: v x: mt h Little Rock. .Vi i KOU-. Ralph Hewel MAY: Droke; Danville. Vayne Curtis MAY, JR.: ix: I.ongview, Tex. Gary Duane MAY- FIF.I.D: OKA; Hope. Robert Dale MAYO: Hollv Grove. Jim R. MA ANII: Kl: Lake ilhi e. Jerry I ' . McAI.IS- I F.R: X; Tnlsa, Okla. Xn " ' iilh Run " . Janet ' irginia McAI.I.ISTF.R: II H4 ; Fay etleyille. Margaret Ann McAI.I.IS ' l F.R: AX! ; Gravette. In-lianne MtCONNF.LL: San Diego. C.ilif. Robert Ralph McCORMICK: Buchanan: Boonevilk-. Patrick F. Mc- CRACKF.N: AXA; ().:ceola. Lorraine McCRANF.Y: Carnall; Ft. .Smith. Kightli Kmr: Linda Carohn McCLI.LOCH: Favetlevillc. Judith Can. I McDANIF.L: H ' oUombe: Wilson. Cecil Dudley McDONALD: Droke: ' I ' uprlo. Fred ' Fucker McDONALD: Henton. James Shaw M DONALD. |R.: I ' ine Bluff. I.uin Fli abetli McDONAI.D: KKT: Dallas. Tex. Xiiith Row. Bert Franklin McF.I.ROY, III: AXA: Vcst Mem])liis. Suzanne MrFT.ROY: AAA: Marvell. Janus A. McF.WFX: TKE; Pine Bluff. John David McFARLAND, III: ril: Favettcvillc. Marilyn Mac M C,ILL: AAII: R ix- ana. III. Rodney I.viin M((,LIRF: Droke: Dardanclle. Tt-tith Row. Mar Kathryn McKF.N IF: Futrall; Hughes. Nancy Ellen McKIBBEX: Carnall: Henvville. Freda Clarrett McKISSIC: Pine Bluff. V. Thomas McKIS- SI( K. JR.: Yocuni; M (.chei ' . John Darrell McMAS I F.R: Ripley; (.rayette. Susan McMIl.I.AN: ' ' A; Mahern. Klcvriilli Row. Frank Cox McMILI.IN: SX; Hot Springs. Harris H. McXF.ILL, JR.: William: North Little Rock. Jack Allison McMT.TY: 1AK: Pine Bluff. Duncan Chris- topher McR l:i;AE: F.I Dorado. Mickey Paul McSHAN: Wilson Sharp; Wichita Fall-. I c . Mary abeth Me SHANK: KKP; l.illle Rock. Tu-i-Uth Run-. Ellen Raye McSPADDFN: X!K Ualesyille. -Sydney James McAVILI.IAMS: Sedgwell; North Little Ro k. Jack F.dward MF. DO S. JR.: MKA: Crossctt. Bill e Re gimi MF.ANS: AAA: Jacksonville. Russell Scott MF.ASF: V N: Little Rcuk. Lauren ' I.. MF.DI.F.Y: Futrall; Rison. 109 First Row: Kent L. MEENEN: Fayctteville. Carl Frank MEXYHART: Yocum; Little Rock. J. Conley MEREDITH: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Alvin Reynold MEYER: 2X; Readlaiul. Donald Gene MILLER: Yocum; Cabot. Dorothy Joanna MILLER: Futrall; Jackson, Tenn. Second Row: Karen MILLER: Holcombe; Magnolia. Lloyd H. MILLER: Fayettevillc. Martha Jean MILLER: Razorback; Hot Springs. ' Michael Dale MILLER: A9; El Dorado. Jimmy L. MILLS: Springdale. Grace Ann MIRES: Xfi; Springfield, Mo. Third Row: Barbara f. MISENHEIMER: Fayetteville. Robert M. MITCHUM: 2X; Smackover. Joan Elizabeth MITCHELL: Futrall; Vicksburg, Miss. Kathy A. MIXON: Razorback; Hot Springs. Elisabeth Ann MOATS: AXfi; L ' niontown, Penn. Alicia Grace MOODY: Bentonville. Fourth Row: Cberi Elaine MOORE: ZTA; Annandale, ' a. Christopher Eugene MOORE: Rogers. Lloyd Gordon MOORE: Wilson Sharp; Fordyce. Sandra Kay MOORE: ZTA; Bc-nton. Stanley Ray MOORE: DCS Arc. Wayne Thomas MOORE: x ' ; Hot Springs. Fifth Row: Shelly Anne MORAX: Cabot. Jack Clark MORGAN: Buchanan; North Little Rock. Joyce Patricia MORGAN: Futrall; Muskogcc, Okla. Karen Ann MOR- GAN: Hokombe; Fordyce. Philip John MORRISS: Fay- etteville. Judith Ann MOSEY: Holcombe; Salem. Si t i Ron-: Thehna Jo MOSIER: AAA; Siloam Springs. Kathryn Elizabeth MOSLEY: Xfi; Longview. Tex. Susanna Maria MOSLEY: Futrall; Mena. Sonny MOSS: AXA; Osceola. Edward J. MOUT: Fayetteville. Ralph L. MUNDY: Acacia; El Dorado. Sei ' entli Row. Tommy Edward MUSICK: IIKA; Little Rock. Cheryl J. MYERS: Fayetteville. Nancy Virginia MY- ERS: Razorback: Mena. I.a ' mar Edward NARON: Lake Village. Jim Roger NASH: Little Rock. Sybil Frances NASH: Futrall: Texarkana. Eighth Row. Cheryl LaVonne XAU: AAA; Monett, Mo. Gustavo Anthony NELSON: i _16; Guidon. Edward Neil NErXMF.R : William; Little Rock. Larry Clell NEW- COMB: Sedgwell; Batesvillc. Marshall Roy NEWMAN: Ilonnerdale. Marsha N ' EWSOM: KKT; El Dorado. inth Row. Philip N ' EWSOM: Riplcy; Little Rock. Au- drey Ann NEWTON: ZTA; Star City. ' Thomas Newton NEWTON: Yocum; Hampton. Robert Deno NICHOLS: Wilson Sharp; Palestine. Tex. Paula Kay NICKELL: Raz- orback; IVWitt. James C. Everett NICKERSON: Horatio. Tenth Row: Mary Loretta NICKERSON: Rogers. Doug- las Daniel NIX: Humphreys; Hot Springs. Sue Carole DOD- LER: Holcombe; Xeosho, Mo. Sharon Lee NOE: Futrall; Alexandria. La. Gordon Curtis NORREI.L: Ripley; North Little Rock. Carol Jane NORTON " : Holcombe; Harrison. Eleventh Row. Thomas Gray NORTON: Batesville. David Allen NORWOOD: Fayetteville. Joe E. NOWLIN: DX; Arkadeljihia. Billy Dean O BAR: AFP; Ozark. Carolyn Elizabeth OGDEN: _1F: Fayetteville. Charles Edward OG- DEN: 211: Ft. .Smith. Twelfth Row. Rhonda Lee OGLESBY: Holcombe; Pine Bluff. Tetsumi OISHI: Scott. Gary Eugene O ' NEAL: ITKA; Morrilton. John P. OR AHOOD. JR.: Little Rock. Carol Maureen O ' ROURKE: AAII: Neosho. Mo. Dave Lloyd 0 ' ELLET IE: Acacia; North Little Rock. 110 sophomores Acquainting his marketing classes with the ir tucs of different maga ines, Prolossor Hairy Ains- tt-orth says, " Vliy yes, Lord, this is the I ' osl. " first Row. Dale C. OWEN: Flippin. George O. PAD- DOCK: Yociim; Harrison. Clyde R, PAGE: Ft. Smith. Amos Karl PALMER, JR.: Conway. Gwcnlyn Ann PARISH: Fu- trall; McGuire AFB, N. I. Kenneth Thomas PARKS: Little Rock. Second Ron-. Nancy PARKS: XS2; Jonesboro. Paulena Ann PASCHAL: AXQ; Rogers. Diana Maria PATE: Fu trall; Cabot. John Samuel PATTERSON: t A6; Clarksvillc. 1 ' atricia PATTERSON: KKI " ; Tcxarkana. Marcia Sue PAYNE: AAII; Carthage, Mo. Third Row. Marcia A. PEARCE: XJ2; Ft. Smith. Russell Chris PEEK: AXA; Little Rock. Hugo PENAGOS: Escu- intla. (Guatemala. Rosalie Sandra PERRY: Little Rock. Sallic |ane PERRY: Ft. Smith. Charles D. PERRYMAN: t ' l.urtli Rim-. Ellis I.amar PETTUS: Yocum; Forrest City. Peggy Ann PHARIS: Carnall; Berryville. Barbara Anna PliKl.PS: HH f : Faycltcvillc. Madeline Sue PHELPS: Holci, tube; Veisbaden, Germany. Susan Jane PHELPS: Fun-all; Piano, Tex. Asa Gene PICKENS: Sedgvvell; Heber Springs. l- ' illh How. Donna Ann PIERCE: Holcombe; Ashdovvn. Martin R. PI II MAN: 2 i E; Pine Bluff. William Ras PI LI MAN: AKA; Lonsdale. Phyllis Sue PHAFCAN: Hol- combe; Carlisle. Linda Joyce PLEDGER: Futrall; El Do- rado. Larry James PLUMLEE: Cladson; Salem. SiMh Ron-. Harold Eugene PLUNKETT: Ft. Smith. Sylvia Patricia POCKRl ' S: AF; El Dorado. Darryl R. POLK: Morrilton. Sissy POLK: riH : Little Rock. Cara Ann POMFRET: Carnall; Philadelphia. Pa. Gerald A. PONDER: 2X; F.I Dorado Seventh Ron-. David I, POOI.E: Cabot. Patricia Anne POPE: Futrall: West Helena. Kay I.yn PORTER: AAA: Dallas, Tex. Ernest B. PORTIS: KS; I.epanto. Rebecca Ann POWELL: TA; Emlora. Marvin Theoroy POWI.FS: Red Oak, Iowa. Kifrlith Row. James Ray PRICE: Yocum; Lctona. Kath- ryn PRICE: Holcomhe; Jonesboro. Sandra K. PRICKETT: AAII: Fa cttcville. VaIt I.ipsey PRIES ' F: v X; Roche. Sam- uel R. PROBASCO: Yocum: Trcnlon. . J. Patricia Ann I ' KOVINT: KKI ' : 11 Dorado. iuth Row. Anthony Frank Pl ' LT .: IIKA; Hot Springs. Lake Tina PURNELL: Futrall; Tulsa, Okla. Bar- bara l.ynne 1 ' t R ES: Ilolcomho; Wichita, Kan. Cecile Jo c ' tle QtJIMBY: Carnall: F.I Dorado. Sharon Harvie RA- (,A : |-a elle ille. Fliomas Demon RAKES: Humphreys; Bentonville. sophomores Clowning in the heavy snow, two U of A students took advantage of the heavy blanket of late win- ter snow which covered the Fayettcvillc campus. First Row: Ralph Raymond RAMSEY, JR.: Riplev; Smackover. Robert V. RASH: Fayelteville. James (). RAUCH: Aurora, Mo. Patricia Ann RA VLI GS: Futrall; Ft. Smith. Carolyn Ann RAY: West Fork. Bill Conway REA: 2X; Benton. Second Ron-. Donna Jane READ: r TA: North Link- Rock. Dana Kay REDDING: Holcombe; Dallas, Tex. Rick REDFIELD: Acacia; Moiintainburg. E. Smith REED, JR.: J A6; St. Louis, Mo. Mike Lynn REEVES: I ' rairii- Grove. George Douglas REGAN: Yocuin; Malvern. Third Row. Fred S. REID: Fayetteville. Lawrence Joseph REILLY, JR.: 2AE: Baytown. Tex. Bill G. REIN- HART: Stuttgart. Lawrence David REMAGEN: Fayette- ville. Karen Jane REMMARCK: XO: Little Rock. Bonnie- Lee REYNOLDS: Razorback; Hot Springs. Fourth Rou-. Richard Ronald REYNOLDS: William; Heber Springs. Sara Sue Reynolds: Af: Bentonville. Wil- liam Clark REYNOLDS: Humphreys; Siloam Springs. Jane- Carolyn RHODES: JIB ; Springfield, Mo. Jimmy Dale RHODES: Nashville. Samuel (.. RIAL: Yocuiir. McGehec. Fifth Rnw: James Fred RICE: Fay-tteville. William Colihard RICHARDS: AB: Vine Bluff. Floyd Thonris RICHARDSON: 24 E: Warren. Linda Kave RICHTER: 4-H House; Gillett. Bill RILEY, JR.: Dversbuig. Tenn. Darrell V. RIPPY: Yocum; Charleston. Sixth Row: James William ROBBINS: AKA; Benton. Kathrvn Ann ROBBINS: AAA: Green Forest. Billie Ann ROBERTS: ITB ; Hot Springs. Ronald Elon ROBERTS: 217: West Memphis. Stephen H. ROBERTS: Gladson: Ft. Smith. Seventh Rou " . Rebecca Ann ROBERTSON: Texarkana. Garv Dean ROBINSON: Scdgwell; Ft. Smith. ludith Carol ROBINSON: IIB ; Sherrill. Lowrv E. ROBINSON: AXA: Keiser. Mary Anne ROCHE: AT; Houston. Tex. Pain ROELFS: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Elizabeth ROGERS: AT: Tulsa. Okla. Frances Maria ROGERS: XQ; Little Rock. Gordon Gray ROGERS: 2AE: Ardmore. Okla. James William ROGERS: j A9; Little Rock. William J. ROGERS: 2X; Hot Springs. Frank Daniel RORIE: Sedgwell; Russellville. inth Row: Andy ROSE: 2X; Texarkana. Carl Henry ROSE: Ft. Smith. Claude James ROSE: Sedgwell: Leach- ville. Glenna ROSE: AXfi; Favetteville. Jannette ROSE: ZTA; Fayetteville. Ernest E. ROTH ROCK: Lincoln. First Row: Joe Philip ROUSE: Fayettcville. Patricia fary ROWAN: AAA; Crapi-vine, Tex. Charles C. ROWK: Ft. Smith. Linda I,ou ROWLAND: AAA; Dumas. Sally Margaret ROWLAND: X.TA; Hot Springs, Thomas H. ROWLAND: v ; TJ U I C R (lc k. Second Row: Robert T. RUDY: Hnini)hrrys; Forrest City. Jack M. RUNSICK: AIM ' ; Swifton. Janycc Claire RU- PERT: AAA; North Little Rock. Lauren Parke RUPERT: Scdgwell; North Little Rock. Hill F. RUSH: K2; Little Rock. Donald Gene RUSH: Benumvillc. Third Row: D. Keith RUM. EDGE: Ripk-y; Ft. Smith. Thomas Patrick SACKEN: Humphreys; Beaumont, lex. Everett Craig SANDERS: North Little Rock. Susan Ann SANDERS: Holcombe; Springfield, Va. David Roger SAND- LIN: nKA; Leslie. Michael David SANFORD: Dyersburg, Tcnn. Fourth Row: Fred SAWYER: Buchanan; Little Rock. Cloyce Wayne SCHEER: Yocum; Lafe. Peggy Ann SCHELL: ZTA; Bauxite. Angelc Kay SCHMIDT: Hol- combe; Wauwatosa, Wis. Diana Dale SCHNIPPER: Texar- kana, Tex. Robert Charles SCHRAPLAU: White Plains. N. Y. Fifth Row: Phillip Louis SCHROEDER: K2; Pine- Bluff. Sharyn Kay SCHUBERT: Holcombe; Joliet. 111. Jane SCHWIEGER: ZTA: Shreveport, La. Bart M. SCIV- AILY: Droke; Ft. Smilh. Janice N. SCOOT: AAII; Fay- etleville. Jon David SCOTT: Yocum; Little Rock. .Vi. i Row: Sarah SCOTT: AAA: Conway. Ladd Julian S( RIBER: ZX; Crossett. Rebecca SEARCY: AMI; Ben ton. Hal Don SEARS: Humphreys; Clarksville. Roman Joseph SE1.IG: Corning. Robert Glenn SERI D: Acacia; Eudora. Seventh Row: Don Paul SETLIFF: Humphreys; Mag- nolia. Linda Sue SEX ION: XQ; Walnut Ridge. Janie Ruth SHANE: ZTA; Ft. Smith. Richard Patrick SHANNON: 2N; Springfield. Mo. Ken SHARP: 2N; Ft. Smith. Mar- garet Bernicc SHARPE: Carnall; Ft. Smith. Eighth Row: Robert William SHF.DDY: AXA; Little- Rock. Lee Boyd SHELL: .Sedgwcll; Alma. Mary Sue SHF.RLAND: XQ; McGehee. Martin Evan SIKES: Wilson Sharp; Jacksboro, Tex. Walter E. SII.LIMAN: Yocum; Canulcn. John Joseph SILVER, JR.: Buchanan; Palmyra. N. J. inth Ron ' : Julie SIMARD: FIB ; Ft. Smith. Bruce Gregory SIMMONS: ITKA; Benton. Charles Grayson SIMP- SON: Humphreys; Batesvillc. Joe Ping SING, ' JR.: ZFI: I ' ine Bluff. Margaret SKELTON: Springdale. William Anton SKERC AK: Scdgwell; Vapakoneta. Ohio. Truth Row. Robert Eugene SLATER, JR.: K2: Ft. Smith. Mary Katherine SLAVEN: Xf ; Fayetteville. Steven Rollin SLOAN: Scdgwell; GlenwiMid. William J. SMEAD: 2X: Canulcn. Dee Diane SMITH: AAA; Pocahontas. Jac- queline SMITH: X; Little Rock. F.lcvintli Row. Ravmond Lee SMITH: Drokc; Benton- ille. Trov Faith SMITH: Holcombe; Calico Rock. Warner ' Ihoinas SMITH: Gladson: l.oiiann. Wilma lean SMITH: Wynne. Eugene Hugh SNAWDER: William; Siloam Springs, l-rcd Douglas SNF.FD: Horatio. Tu-rlflh Row: Thomas B. SNIDER: Riplev; North ile Rock. Jane Ellen SNOW: AT; Dallas, Tex. Sandra L. SNOW: AAII: Little Rock. Patricia Byars COCKWEI.L: 7,TA: North Little Rock. Ronny Lee SOUTH: J AO; Rus- selhille. Jerry Chester SPARROW: N; Stuttgart. w: William Arthur SPRATLIN: Humphreys; Villiam Walter SI ' F.NGER: Yocum; Harrison. First Row Dermolt. William Mark Andrew STAERKEL: Droke; North Little Rock. f ( .seph H. STAFFORD: _ 9; Greenwood. Sarah Anne STANSELL: Futrall; Miami, Okla. Betty STEEL: AAA; Nashville. fitcond RIIU-. George Edwin STEEL: 2N: Nashville. -Susan Marie STEELE: XJ); Ft. Smith. Gillis Warren STEPHENSON, JR.: K2; Monticello. Rodger Kent STEV- ENSON: William; Hatfield. David STEWART: Texarkana. Janet Carolyn STEWART: AF; Kansas Citv, Mo. Third Rim-. John Richard STICKMON: 2X; Blythe- ville. John McCollum STINSON, III: 2X; Camden. Mar- garet Ann STOBAUGH: Holcombe; Memphis, Tenn. Bar- bara Sue STOCKWELL: AXO; Dallas, Tex. Elbert Harvey STOKES: Sedgwell; Osceola. James Guy STOKES: Buch- anan; Julesbnrg, C ' .olo. Fourth ROU-. Linda Gail STOWE: Holcombe; Ham- burg. Stephen Patrick STOREY: AXA; Hot Springs. Susan Wright STOREY: III} ; Shreveport, La. Margaret Ann S ' l ' ORY: Holcombe; Rnsselhille. Charles Alfred STOUT: i) J E; Prairie Grove. Marsha Lynn STOW: Futrall; Ft. Worth, Tex. Fifth Ron-. Douglas Hunter STRIEBY: Springdale. Lyn- da .STUART: AF: Newport. Sara Ann STUART: KKT; Shreveport. La. Richard STUBBS: Acacia; Little Rock. Mary Adele STURGEON: AXfi; Caracas, Venezuela. Wil- liam Kenneth SUMERWEI.L: Springdale. Six ) lion-. Robvn Lynn SWANSON: AXfi; Miami. Okla. Brenda Lee SWEET: XQ; Forrest City. Sandra Carol SWINT: Holcombe; Magazine. Bruce D. SWITZER: 2X; Crossett. James Donald SYKES. JR.: Humphreys; Hebcr Springs. Gary Edwin TAGGART: Gladson; Augusta. Seventh Row. Anna Lynn TARKINGTON: AAFI; North Little Roek. Pat TARVIN: KKF: Hot Springs. Amanda Marth a TATE: Futrall; Camden. Joe TAYLOR, III: AXA; Crossett. Mary Lois Elizabeth TAYLOR: Scott; Dermott. Robert Richard TEAGUE: Droke; Hot Springs. Row: Joan L. TEDROW: Carnall; Murray Hill, N. f. Mona Marsha TEMPI. ETON: Futrall: El Dorado. James Logan TENNYSON: Sedgwell: Pine Bluff. Bobby Rav TERRELL: Wilson Sharp: Mmfreesboro. Brabara Ty- anna THACKER: Futrall; Grove C:ity, Ohio. John Wirt THANE: 2 ; Texarkana. ititli Ron-. Canoe Morell TAAREL: i J E: Favetteville. Joel L. THOMAS: Camden. Michael Anne THOMAS: Carnall: Demon. Tex. Susan THOMAS: Futrall; Hot Springs. William Ken THOMAS: SIT; West Memphis. Rich- ard Frank THOMASON, III: Acacia; Almvra. Tenth Row: Carol Lynn THOMPSON: Futrall; El Do- rado. Henry Howard ' THOMPSON: Gurdon. Jack L. THOMPSON: Springdale. Joan Marie THOMPSON: Carn- all: Augusta. Winfretl Lee THOMPSON: Humphreys; Gurdon. Rogert Strong THORNTON: Yocum; Camden. Eleventh Row. Jan Ray THURMAN: AKA; Favette- ville. Mary Jane TILLEY: 4-H House; Harrison. Marian TIMS: ZTA: Newport. Joyce Elaine TINDLE: ZTA; Mal- vern. Jackie TIPTON: William; Green Forest. Ronnie Dow TIPTON: Yocum: Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Vergil Edwin TOLLEH: Nashville. Lau- rel Kathryn TOWNSEND: XH: I ittle Rock. Robert Lee TRAMMEL: Wilson Sharp: Little Rock. Dawn Marie TRAMMELI.: AAII; Mountain Home. Tommy Gale TRANTHAM: 4 AB; Little Rock. Ronald Wayne I READ- WAY: Buchanan; Ft. Smith. 1H tfEll; Anne First Row: Randy Ray TRKAT: Springdalc. Kllcn Diane TRF.F.CE: Futrall; Harrison. Barbara Ann TREM- BLE: III! ; Shawnee Mission, Kan. [allies Richard TRIA- BLE: Nashville. Frank Abbott TRICK, JR.: De-Witt. Rib- ert Edward TROEGF.R: Marshall. Second Row. Theresa Marie Tl ' C ' .K: IIB j ; Fayettevillc. Bob TUCKER: K2; Little Rock. Phyllis Madileine TULL: ZTA; Scott. Christy Sven TULLCREN: Scdgucll; Moun- tain Home. Thomas Lyle TULI.OU.S: 4 AO; Pine Bluff. Betty Carol TURNAGE: KKT; Lake Village. Third Row: Janice Dark-lie TURNER: 4-H House; Corning. Nancy fane TURNER: Holcombe; Ft. Smith. Pain TURNER: KKF: Magnolia. John TURNIPSKI- 1): Fayctteville. David Eaton TYRONE: AXA; Blytheville. Re- becca Jean UTI.EY: KKI ' I Nashville. Fourth Row: Layman Ray UTTER: Rocky Comfort, Mo. Marsha VANCE: AF; Tulsa, Okla. Larry Marlin VAN- CUREN: Harrison. C ' .arol VAN DALSEM: AAA; Perry- ville. Robert Lawrence VANHOOK: K2; Newport. Richard Lawrence VAN METER: TKK; Little Rock. Fifth Row: Mary Ciay VANN: Carnall; Ft. Smith. |an- iece VAN VALKENBURGH: II li : Tulsa. Okla. Toiiimv Wade VA.SSAi:R: K2; Allheimc-r. James Bryant VAWTKR ' : 2H: Fayettevillc. Ray Earl VKSTER: Humphreys; Stutt- gart. William Oliver VOWEI I.. Ill: v X; x ort h Little Rock. .V i Roll " . Saundni Lynn VADE: AAA: Chccotah, Okla. Lester William WAGNER, JR.: Buchanan; Ft. Smith. William Brewer WAGONER: 1IKA: Little Rock. Wa ne I). WAINWRIGHT: i K; Fayetteville. Gary Adrian WALKER: Yocum; DeOueen. Gary Elliot WALKER: North Little Rock. Seventh Row: James William WALKER: 2AE: Fayette- ville. Loyd Varren WALKER: Amity. Michael J. WAL- KER: Paris. William Claud WALKER: Springdale. Francis C. WALL, JR.: Droke; Forrest City. Diane Gene WAI. LIN: Aid; Earle. Eighth Row: Dana Margaret WANGER: Razorhack: lle Roik. William A. WARDI.AW: Ripk-y: Lockesburg. fane Lee VARE: AX : ' c ' st Monroe. La. Fredric II. WARREN: IIKA; Little Rock. Kli alielh Anne WASH- BURN: XS : Shreveporl, La. Dod Chark-ne VATERS: Huntsville. Ninth Roic: Judy Gaylc WATERS: AF: Tulsa, Okla. Judy Ann AVATKINS: Holconibe; Metier .Springs. Lain Sterling WATKINS: Wilson Sharp; Hamburg. Diane Gene WATSON: AAI7: Elaine. Larry Eugene WATSON: Lin- coln. Lynda WATSON: Springdale. sophomores During rush sororities watili for bad omens. The Zetas had one installed by the cainus security cops. First Row: Virginia Carol WATSON: T; Dallas, Tex. Harold W. WAYMIRE: Little Rock. Beverly Anne WEATHERED: Carnall; Waco, Tex. George T. WEAV- ER, JR.: 2AE; Pine Bluff. Charles Mary WEBB: AAII; Rogers. Everett Thomas WEBB: Humphreys; Walnut Ridge. Second Ron " . Jerry E. WEBB: Yocum; Huntsville. Joe E. WEBB: Nashville. Dean T. WEDDLE: Corning. Sharon Diane WEIR: North Little Rock. Mandy WELLBORN: AXJ); Sheridan. Maureen Leigh WELTY: KKF; Favettc- ville. Third Row: David Eugene WF.NNERSTROM: Fayette- ville. Neil Stewart WEST: $A9; Magnolia. George Weldon WESTMORELAND: riKA; Hot Springs. Ann Marie VHATLEY: Xfi; Little Rock. Mary Anne WHITAKER: KKF; Baytown. Tex. William H. WHITAKER: 2AE; Cor- pus Christi, Tex. Fourth Ron ' -. Beverly Ann WHITE: KKT; Fayetteville. Bill Wesley WHITE: Ripley; Ft. Smith. Bruce H. WHIT- SON: Benton. Harold Turner WHITSON, JR.: Gladson; Clarksville. Mitchell Eugene WHITTINGTON: Camden. Ted Lee WIGGINS: Paris. Fifth Row: James H. WILR1NS, JR.: Fayetteville. Mich- ael Clark WILK.INS: Dallas, Tex. Jane Ann WILKINSON: Razorback; Nowate, Okla. Petty Jo WILLBANKS: Hoi- combe; Elaine. Charles A. WILLIAMS: Yocum; Little Rock. James Robert WILLIAMS: Buchanan; North Little Rock. Sixth Roio: Jerry Wallace WILLIAMS: Yocum; Marion. Linda Gail WILLIAMS: Futrall; Little Rock. Nancy Lou WILLIAMS: AAPI; Monett, Mo. Pamela Jean WILLIAMS: IIB ; Fayetteville. Richard Thomas WILLIAMSON: Glad- son: Jacksonville. Millie Ann WILI S: Holcombc; Tulsa, Okla. Seventh Row: Eugene Blackwell WILSHIRE: Wilson Sharp; Bonhnm. Tex. Charles Larry WILSON: Hot Springs. Stephen Milo WINDLE: 2X; Pine ' Bluff. Stanely Joe WIN- GER I: UT; Rose Bud. Hartsell Clark WINGFIELD: AXA; North Little Rock. Bobby Joe WITHERINGTON: Yocum; Hamburg. Eighth Row: Dorothy Lyn WITHERINGTON: Dumas. McAllen WOLFE: Springdale. R. Rockwell VOM- BLE: Buchanan; Little Rock. Harrell Wallace WOOD, JR.: Yocum; Pine Bluff. John Robert WOOD: Droke; Camden. John Steven WOOD: 2X; Mena. Mn th Row: Vivian Marie WOOD: Springdale. W. I. WOODFORD, JR.: Yocum: Little Rock. Eddie Morris WOODLF.E: Wilson Sharp; San Antonio, Tex. Nancy Ellen WOODS: Carnall; Little Rock. Rav WOODY: Yocum; Springfield, Mo. William WOODRARD: ZX; Little Rock. Tt-nth Row: Daniel Joe WOOI.BRIGHT: Siloam Springs. William Robert WOOLLY: William; Little Rock. Emily Jane WO .ENCRAFT: 1-H House; Sparkman. Larry John WRIGHT: Gladson; Paris. Linda Kayc WRIGHT: Foreman. Randall Elaine WRIGHT: K2; Lonoke. Eleventh Row: Robert WRIGHT: 2AE: Texarkana. Richard Hill WYATT: ZX; Blytheville. William Stephen VYLIE: Murfreesboro. Frances Ann YANCEY: AX; Ben- tonville. Charles Eugene YEILDING: ATP; Cabot. Mary Anna YEE: Futrall; F.udora. Twelfth Row: Dennis Ray YOUNG: n; Texarkana. Doris Rae YOUNG: 4-H House; Harrison. Gary Cleveland YOUNG: AKA: Little Rock. Richard Alan YOUNG: Fay- etteville. Albert Mario 7.AWISLAK: Gladson; Hot Springs. Roger William ZIMMERMAN: AXA: Villa Park. 111. freshmen ' 1 lie pe-p rallies in Little Rock are held during the afternoon at the Marion. 1 he tallies give " slick " characters a chance to wear their shades. First Row: Harry Hewcs ABERXATHY: Humphreys; Little Rock. Daniel Blaine ADAMS: Bath, N. Y. 1 eel Randy ADK1XS: Humphreys; Longvicw, Tex. James Robert AD- KIS.SON; AFP; Blytheville. Sherry Jeaii AHART: Hotz; Stilhvcll, Okla. Diane AHRENS: HotZ, Little Rock. Second Row. Nahdean Joseph ALBRECHT: Rogers. John Philip ALEXANDER: Mountain Home. Mary Alice ALEXANDER: 4-H House; Crossett. John William ALLE- GRETTI: Vocum; Glenellyn, 111. Cynthia Eay ALLEN: Fulhright; Nevada, Mo. Leroy ALLEN: Acacia; Tucker- Tliinl Rou " . Michael Paul AI.LEX: Humphreys; Hope. Sherry Elaine ALLEX: Fulhright; Oklahoma City, Okla. Phil ALLEY: Humphreys; Benlon. Mildred Mann AMIS: Eulbright; Murfrecsboro. Velma Dianne AMIS: Fayette- ville. Elisabeth Dove ANDERSON: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Fourth Row: James W. ANDERSON: ZX; El Dorado. Sarah Katherinc ANDRUS: Fulbright; Fayetteville. William Paul ANHALT: Yocnm; Paris. John Franklin ANTHONY: Humphreys; Hope. Pauline Alice APPLETOX: Fulbright; Warren. Julia Lee APPLING: Enlbright; Pine Bluff. Fifth R w. William Richard ARAXT: AXA: Camclen. Bill G. ARI)KMA(, I: Tontitown. Ronald Alan ARM- STRONG: North Little Rock. Gara .Sue ARNHOLT: Hotz; Searcy. Ann Carol ARNOLD: Fulbright; Hope. Pamela Sue ARNOLD: Fulbright; Camden. Sixth Ron-. Marsha Carole ARTHUR: Hotz; Magnet Cove. Lynn ASH: Fulbright; Forrest City. JoAnu Racklcy ASHFORD: Little Rock. W. Roger ATKINS: ITKA; Earle. Linda Gail ATKINSON ' : Hot : Monroe, La. Pamela Ray ATKINSON: Eulbright; White Plains, X. Y. Stvrnth Rou-. Floy Helen .-WANTS: Eulbright; Jackson- ville, fudv AVERITi: Eulbright; Little Rock. Linda Sue BADDOUR: Fulbright; Wynne. Ronald Charles BAER: Humphreys; Turrell. Caroline Jcanette I5AGBY: Hot .; De-catur, Ga. Frank H. BAILEY: Yocum; Oakland. Eighth Row: Linda Sue BAINS: Hot ; Baylown, Tex. Ann Carol BAKER: Hot : Berryville. Jerre Ann BAKER: Houston, Tex. Owen Dwain BAKER: Fa cttc ille. Vanilla BAKER: Scott; Little Rock. Wynne E. BAKER: Humph- ries; Little Rock. ,V(ji i Row: Bernard John BAKKER: Yocnm; White Plains, X. Y. Richard Arthur BALDWIN: Wilson Sharp; North Little Rock. Robert Calvin BALL: Yocum; North Little- Rock. Danny Ray BAI.LARD: Humphreys; Van Bu- ren. Albert F. BALTZ: Pocahontas. Mannon G. BANKSON, JR.: Yocum; Malvcrn. First Row: Gary Peter BARKET: Acacia; Eudora. Lewis Don B ARKSDALE: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Jennifer Ilent BAR- RETT: Fulbright; Springdale. Ben Thomas BERRY: Ft. Smith. Ray Ellis BARTLEY: Fayctteville. Curtis Blair BARTON: Humphreys; Overland Park, Kan. Second ROIL ' -. Barbara Ann BASORE: Fayettcville. Sheila Dewisa BAUER: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Paula Louise B.U ' M: Hotz; Monett, Mo. William Raymond BAUM: Humphreys; Osceola. Joan Corinne BAUMGARTNER: Hotz; Rockaway Beach, Mo. William Thomas BAYLES: Wilson Sharp; Lake Providence, La. Third Row. Gary DC Van BEAX: 2X; Stuttgart. John Berry BEARD: Yocum; Augusta. James Herbert BEATTY: Humphreys; Westminster, Calif. Carolyn Alexandra BEATY: Fayetteville. Virginia C. BEATY: Fayetteville. Harold Dennis BEA ' ER: Yocum; Judsonia. Fourth Row. Gregory Wo BECK: Yocum; Malvern. Wil- liam Herbert BECKER: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Mike Allen BECKMAX: Yocum; Searcy. Dennis Dean BECKWORTH: Humphreys; Little Rock. Alan Hal BEE LEY: Yocum; Yell- ville. David Lee BELL: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Filth Row. Patricia Jane BELL: Hotz; Houston, Tex. Sandra Lee BELL: Fulbright; Jonesboro. Wayne T. BELL: Farmhouse; Rogers. Gary Walker SELLER: Y ' ocum; Ft. Smith. Samuel Fredrick BELLER: Yocum; Batesville. Lor- raine Ellen BELMOXT: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Sixth Row. C. Sue BENNETT: Hotz; Springfield, Mo. Karon Anne BEXXETT: Fulbright; Hot Springs. Mary Frances BENXETT: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Susan Cole BEN- XETT: Hotz; Indianapolis, Ind. Joe William BERG: IIKA; Stuttgart. Seventh Row. Robert A. BERGEDICK: Fayetteville. Betsy Fay BERGMAXN: Hotz; Boerne, Tex. Jerome Fred- rick BERI.IXGER, JR.: Yocum; Hot Springs. Steven Thomas BERXER: Humphreys; Little Rock. Boyd Blake BERRY: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Mary Rosa BERRYHILL: 4-H House; Violet ' Hill. Mary Prisci ' lla BEVILL: Fayette- Eighth Rtm : James Ross BILBREY: ZX; Blythcville. Janet Lynn BILES: Fulbright; Salem. Edwin Williamson BIRD. JR.: Humphreys; Monticello. John William B1RKS: Yocum; ' Afton. Okla. James Xeal BLACKWELL: Humph- reys; Harrison. Bailey Jackson BLAKEMORE: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. inlli Row. Jimmy Lynn BLAND: Wilson Sharp; Dex- ter, Mo. Jim R. BI.AXSCET: Yocum; Ixc ' s Summit, Mo. W. C. BLAXTON: Elaine Ingricl Ann BLOOMBERG: Hot ; Stuttgart. Lee C. BLOOMFIELD: Rogers. Mike Max BOCK: Yocum; Ft Smith. Tenth Ron-: Bob Ray BOEPPLE: Humphreys; Mem- phis. Tenn. Marilyn Ann BOGGS: Hot ; Paragould. Donald Ra y BOLES: Yocum; Memphis, Tenn. Thomas Allen BOLLS: Humphreys; Prcscott. Lavada Charleen BOLT: Hot ; De-Queen. John Baruitz BOXD: Yc.cum; Hot Springs. Eleventh Rou-. Richard Earl BOOTH, JR.: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Sandra Lee BOOTH: Fulbright; Monroe. La. Michael Dean BOSU ' EI.L: Humphreys; Bryant. Evelyn Gail BOWEN: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Johnny Wayne BOWERS: Farmhouse; Greenwood. Arthur Flynt BOWIE: Yocum; Augusta. Twelfth Row. Dianne BOWMAN: Fulbright; Fayette- illc. Patricia BO VMAN: Fulbright; Neosho. Mo. Loretta Marie BOYD: Fayetteville. Richard Allen BOYLE: Wilson Sharp; Morrilton. Marcus V 7 ayne BRACKEN: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Jerry Wayne BRACKETT: Humphreys; Joplin, Mo. freshmen The Agri Day Rodeo provides many thrills. One event the Shovel Race also provides skinned . . . First Row. Lois Jane BRADLEY: Hot ; Kl Dorado. Robert Dale BRANDON: Wilson Sharp: l.onoke. Charles Henry BRANNAN: Fayelteville. Donald Gene BRAT 1 ON: Yocum; .Sheridan. Peggy J. BRA II.: Eulbright; Scarcv. Bradley Knight BRELAND: Yocum; Hot Springs. Second Row: Charlenc Sue BREWER: Fayetteville. Don- na Lynn BREWER: Hot ; El Dorado. Juanita BRE ' ER: Hotz; Manila. Ronnie BREU ' ER: Wilson Sharp; Manna- duke. Sharyn Ann BRE VER: Hot ; Hot Springs. Terry Lee BREUER: Yocum; Bentonville. Third Row. Michael B. BRICK: Yocum; Kansas Cit . Mo. Richard Gaines BRIGHTWELL: Humphreys; Fay- etteville. Marilou BRODIE: Hot ; Little Rock. Marilyn BRODIK: Hot ; Little Rotk. Marlene BROMLEY: Fay- etteville. Paula Lynn BROOKS: Fnlbright; Fayetteville. Fourth Row. Sharron Dianne BROOKS: Fulbright; Bly- theville. Ada Jean BROWN: Fulbright; Pine Bluff. Car- lotta BROWN: Fulbrighl; Pocahontas. Charles Lee BROWN: Humphreys; Hope. James R. BROWN; Yocum; Bentonville. Lewis Long BROWN: 2 I E; Millington, Tcnn. Fifth Ran-. Linda Lee BROWN: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Namy BROWN: H it ; Fayetteville. Patricia Ann BROWN: Hot : North Little Rock. Sharon A. BROWN: Eulbright; Little Rock. Susan Brooks BROWN: Hot ; Malvern. Norma Kay BROWNE: Fulbright; Rome, N. Y. .V .Y I Row. James Robert BRl ' NNKR: K2: Marked Tree. Marilynne M. BRYAN: Hot ; McAlcster, Okla. Lam Lake BRYANT: Farmhouse; Nashville. .Sharon Kave BRY- AN I: Spiingdale. Shelby Galen BRYANT: Humphreys; Cabot. Sbervl Ann BRYANT: Hot ; Nevada, Mo. Su ' fiilh Row. Ste e lerral BLCKI.EY, III: Little Rock. Kay Bl LI.INGTON: Fayeltrville. Barry Edward HI I. I.OCH: Yocum; Collins. Philip Michael ' BULLOCK: Yo- cum; Little Rock. Gary V. Bl ' N ' CII: Ilnmphreys; Kingston. Elaine BUNK: Hot ; Clark, N. J. Eighth Row. Danita I.oye BLRKHARI: Winslow. Ken nelh Morman Bl ' RKS, JR.: Youim: Hot Springs. Barbara Fav HLRNETI: Hotz; Saint Albans, ' . a. Claudia Sue lU ' RSON: Fayetteville. (ieollrey a tie BLR I ON: 1 a i-tteville. Ronald Lewis BURTON: Favetteville. . inlh Ron-. M. Fred B LTLER: Humphreys; Aforril- ton. Walter Daniel BL I I.ER: Yocum: I.exa. Grovcr Vayne BYR1): Humphreys; Snowlake. M. Phillip BYRD: Yocum; Little Rock. Mary Lou CAIN: Fulbrighl; Fayeltevillc. Tim- othy Curtis CAIN: Mounlainbnig. freshmen The " Hog calling " fans from Arkansas were sure the Razorbacks were Number One; after the Cotton Bowl Classic it was obvious to the entire nation. First Row: Al John CALDWELL: Yocum; Curundu, Panama, Canal Zone. Bryan G. CALDWELL, JR.: Yocum; Little Rock. Karen CALHOUN: Hotz; Highlands, Tex. Pat CALL: Fulbright; Piggott. Donna Carole CAMPBELL: Hotz; Eudora. Jerry Thomas CAMPBELL: Lonoke. Second Row: Ollic Columbus CAMPBELL: Humphreys; Nashville. Sandra Kay CAMPBELL: Rogers. Terri CAMP- BELL: Fulbright; Little Rock. Jerry Lee CANFIELD: Fay- etteville. Janis Angelinc CANTWELL: Fulbright; Searcy. Anthony Louis CAPALBO, JR.: Fayetteville. Third Row: Juan de la Cruz CARDNAL: Humphreys; Managua, Nicaragua. Benjamin Deward CAREY: 211; Mor- rilton. Michael H. CARLTON: Yocum; Lake Village. John Joseph CARMODY: Yocum; Eudora. Clydia Gayle CAR- NES: Fulbright; Springdale. Betty Ann CARPENTER: Ful- bright; Crossett. Fourth Row: Betty Jo CARPENTER: Hotz; Springdale. William Lawrence CARPENTER: Yocum; Jacksonville. James Christopher CARR: IIKA; Miami, Fla. Larry Wayne CARROLL: Yocum; North Little Rock. Richard Burnham CARRUTH: ZX; Shreveport, La. Amelia Lea CARTER: Fulbright; Springdale. Fifth Row: Betty Jean CARTER: Fayetteville. James Douglas CARTER: K2: Joplin, Mo. Ralph F. CARTER: Yocum; Bentonville. William Robert CARTER: Yocum; Paris. David Mark CARVER: Humphreys; Mena. Gladys Oleta CASEY: Fulbright; Rogers. Sixth Rou ' : Larry E. CASEY: Yocum; Shreveport, La. Charles Andrew CASSAT: Johnson. Jack Thomas GATES: Wilson Sharp; Ft. Smith. Mae CATES: Hotz; Millington, Tenn. Sammy Eugene CAUDLE: Fayetteville. Kay Alice CAUGHRON: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. ' Set ' entli Row: C. Wayne CHAFFIN: Yocum; Magnolia. John Ed CHAMBERS: KZ; Danville. Rodney King CHAM- BERS: ZAE; Pine Bluff. Rebecca Ann CHANEY: Fulbright; Cassville, Mo. David Ray CHAPMAN: nKA; Tulsa, Okla. Sarah Lvnn CHARLTON: Favetteville. Eiglith Row: Susan Louise CHASE: Hotz; Jacksonville. Sarah Lynn CHESSHIR: Hotz; Mesquite, Tex. Cathy Elaine CHEYNE: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Linda Ann CHIOLINO: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Thomas P. CHRISTMAN: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Mike N. CLARK: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Xinth Row: Thomas Edward CLARK: Yocum; El Do- rado. William Thomas CLARK: ZAE; Texarkana. Brenda Sue CLEM: Hotz; Branch. James Allison CLEM: Humph- reys; Texarkana. Joan Lillian CLEMENTS: Hotz; San An- tonio, Tex. Herschel Wayne CLEVELAND: Yocum; Maga- zine. First Row: Marian CLEVELAND: Fulbright; Texark- ana, Tex. Charles Edward CL1NEHENS: Faycttevillc. Ben Morgan COBB: AE; Texarkana, I ex. Donna Kay COCH- RAN: Fulbright; Texarkana. Robert Eugene COCKRUM: 2N; De Vitt. Charles E. COE: Yoctim; Newport. Second Row: Patricia Louise COE: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Sandra Ann COKER: Faycttevillc. James Alfred COLE: Faycltcville. Marsha COLE: 4-H House; Mulberry. Richard Lewis COLES: Humphreys; Searcy. Gerry COLLARD: Yo- cum; Faycttevillc. Third Row: Rebecca Jo COLVIN: Fulbright; Dermott. Villiam David COMPTON: 2AE; Bcntonvillc. Margaret Cathleen CONDON: Fulbright; St. Louis, Mo. Claire Suz- anne CONE: Fulbright; Bay town, Tex. Diane Lucil ' le COOK: Fulbright; Muskogee, Okla. William Howe COOK: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: John C. COOMER: Ft. Smith. Mary Mar- garet COOPER: Fayettcville. Shirley Lee COOPER: Hotz; Gravettc. Corliss R. CORNETT: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Dennis C. COSSEY: K2; Little Rock. Hugh Patrick COS- TELLO: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: Richard H. COURTNEY: Hot Springs. Kent COXSEY: IIKA; Berryville. Donna COZORT: Hotz; Timpson, Tex. Walter McClain CRAIG, JR.: Yocum; North Little Rock. Jerry Alan CRAUM: Durham. Lessie M. CREECY: Keiser. Sixth Row: Connie Jean CREIGHTON: Hotz; Bates- villc. Jack Dan CREWS: Yocum; North Little Rock. James Vol CRIDER: Humphreys; Greenland. Joanne Patricia CRISMAN: Fayetteville. Jamie Emily CRISP: Fayetteville. Cheryl Elaine CRITES: Hotz; El Dorado. Seventh Row: Robert V. CROOK, JR.: Little Rock. Vir- ginia Dardis CROOM: Hotz; Houston, Tex. Mary Virginia CROW 7 : Hotz; Elaine. Judy M. CRUMBAKER: Fulbright; Rogers. Kate Ann CULBERTSON: Fulbright; Ash Grove, Mo. Robert Kenneth CULBERTSON, JR.: Humphreys; Shreveport, La. Eighth Row: Sherry Lynn CULBERTSON: Fulbright; Lamar, Mo. Michael A. CULLEN: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Char- lotte Ann CUNNINGHAM: Farmington. Josephine Louise CURE: Hotz; Blythevillc. Jim Allen CURTIS: Humphreys; Brnton. Nancey Ann CURTSINGER: Prairie Grove. Ninth Row: Richard Lee DAGENHART: Humphreys; Tcxarkana. Anthony B. DAHMUS: Fayetteville. William Donovan DALMASSO: Yocum; DeV ' alls Bluff. Jane Ellen DANCIU: Fulbright; Van Buren. Tom William DANIEL, JR.: Yocum; Ft. Smith. W. Peyton DANIEL: ZAE; Au- gusta. Tenth Row: Cynthia Lynne DARR: Hotz; Shreveport, La. Charles U. DAUNIS: ZX; Little Rock. Diana Beth DA- VIDSON: Hotz; Rison. Charlotte Roberta DAVIS: Ful- bright; Huntington. Dennis Dane DAVIS: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Jane E. DAVIS: Hotz; Fayetteville. Eleventh Row: Sammyc Jewell DAVIS: Fulbright: Pur- dy. Mo. Rodrigo DE LA GUARDIA: Humphreys; Panama, Republic of Panama. Diane DEAN: Hotz; Houston, Tex. John Charles DEAN: Yocum; Crossett. Bernadine Marietta DeCLERK: Futrall; Pocahontas. Linda Frances DEERE: Hot?; Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Ray Walter DEERE: Yocum; Magnolia. Talmage Lansinc DEETER: Yocum; Penyvillc. Peter Al- bert DEISCII, IV: Yocum; North Little Rock. Walter How- ard DEI.PHIN: El Dorado. Joseph Daniel DERNING: Yo- cum; North Little Rock. Tommy Herbert DEWEESE: SN; Fayetteville. 121 freshmen The large " think " sign in the University Computer Center indicates that even the machines need help. First Row. Richard Earl DIAL: A6; North Little Rock. Jane D1CKERSON: Hotz; Ft. Worth, Tex. Lu Lynne DICKEY: Fulbright; Earle. William David DICKEY: Wil- son Sharp; Palestine, Tex. Gary Phillip DICKSON: Yocum; Brinkley. Constance Marie DIERKS: Hotz; Hot Springs. Second Row. Michael Gregory DILLARD: Yocum; Gen- try. Virginia DILLIARD: Fulbright; Hot Springs. Sandy DILLPORT: Hotz; Tuckerman. James Oran DISMUKES: Humphreys; Allen, Tex. John B. DIXON, JR.: Yocum; Little Rock. Tom DIXON: Wilson Sharp; Piggott. Third Row. Marjorie Rose DOBER: Fulbright; Little Rock. Dorthy Jean DODO: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Patricia Ann DOXAHUE: Hot ; Ft. Gibson, Okla. Kerry Maureen DONNELLY: Hotz; Nichols Hills, Okla. Donna Kay DON- OVAX: Hoi : Ardmoie, Okla. Kick DOSS: Russcllville. Fourth Row. James Alvin DOSTER: AFP; Little Rock. Clia Marie DOTY: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Susan Kay DOUG- LAS: Hotz; Gravette. Anna Kalhryn DRACE: Fulbright; Texarkana, Tex. Rene Jerry DUCHAC: Yocum; Hot Springs. Donna Camille DUDXEY: Fulbright; Texarkana, Tex. Row. Dana Darlcne DUKE: Fulbright; Scott AFB, 111. Mary Jane DUXCAN: Hotz; Little Rock. Sandra Lee DUNHAM: Prairie Grove. David Rodney DUXX: KZ; For- rest City. Judith Ann DUPREE: Jacksonville. Barbara Jean DYKES: Fulbright; Jacksonville. Sixth Row. Kelly A. EAVES: Kemmerer, Wyo. William Edward EBBF.RT, JR.: Yocum; Jonesboro. Joe Lee EB- LEX: Humphreys; Paragould. Judy Elise EDDY: Fayette- ville. James Glen F.DEXS: Humphreys; Little Rock. ' Nell EDGE: Hotz; Dardancllc. Seventh Row: John Davis EDMISTON: Fayettcville. Billy F. EDWARDS: Humphreys; Harrison. Michael David EIDSOX: Humphreys; Mountain Home. Charles S. ELD- ER: Gentry. Michael Lee ELLIG: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Frank Bendy ELLIOTT: Yocum; Blytheville. Eighth Ron " . Susan Vergene ELLIOTT: Hotz; Scott AFB, III. George Dawlin ELLIS: AXA; Little Rock. Jim Bob ELLIS: Humphreys; Cotter. Larry Grove ELLIS: TKE; Springdale. Shirley Ann ELMORE: Little Rock. Larry W. FLM.S: in; Littl e Rock. Xinth Rou : Susan EI.SOX: Fulbright; Little Rock. John Steve EMERSOX: Yocum; DeWitt. Robert Ray EMERY: Fayetteville. Gerald Don EMMERT: Humphreys; Para- gould. Jeffery Lynn EMORY: Humphreys; St. James, Mo. Charles Joseph EMORY: Humphreys; El Dorado. First Row: William James ENCELER: Yocum; Gama- liel. William Craig EPPERSON, JR.: Ft. Smith. Robert Ferrell ERVIN: Humphreys; Booucville. Cynthia Sue F.R- WIN: Fulbright; Searcy. Madchu ERW1X: Fulhright; Shrevcport, La. Willie Joe ERWIN; Yocmn; Pine Blulf. Second Row: George Dennis ES ' I ' EI.I.E: Humphreys; Van Biiren. Pete Gay E.STF.S: 2AE: Fayctteville. Dorothy Jean EUBANKS: Springdale. Carole Anne EVANS: Ful- l right; England. David Fulcher EVANS: Humphreys; Memphis, Tenn. Jacqueline EVAN ' S: Hotz; Monette. Third Row: John L. EVANS: Wilson Sharp; Springdale. Katherinc F.ileen EVAN ' S: Hot ; hi. Smith. Linda Doris EVANS: Hotz; Little Rock. Shirley Anne EVANS: Grenada. Miss. Thomas Edward EVAN ' S: Humphreys; Alexandria. Va. Amanda Elizabeth FAIR: Hot ; Pine Muff. Fourth Row: Kathryn Marie FAIRCHILD: Fulbright; Fayctteville. Ann Elizabeth FAIRCH1LDS: Hotz; Barlles- ville, Okla. Carroll Ray FALLS: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Mary Ray FARLEY: Hotz; Alton. 111. Beverlee Paige FAR- RINGTON: Hotz; Springfield, Mo. Bettie Louise FAUBUS: Fayctteville. Fifth Row: Edward Lee FAULKNER: Prairie Grove. Judy Denise FAVRD: Fulbright; Memphis. Tcnn. Olivia Marie FEATHERSTOX: Fulbright; Murfreesboro. Mary Elizabeth FEE: Hotz; Mountain Home. .Sarah Elizabeth FELAND: Hotz; Little Rock. Dan H. FEI.TON, III: 2AE; Marianna. Sixth Row: Julie Anne FERGUSON: Fulbright; Carth- age, Mo. Diana Elsa FERRELL: Fulbright; Springfield, Mo. Diana Elizabeth FERRELL: Fulbright; Texarkana. David Randall FIELDER: ILKA; Little Rock. Paula J. FIELDING: Fulbright; North Little Rock. Sharon Kay FIFIELD: Favetteville. Seventh Row: Floyd Harold FINCHER: 2AE; Newport. Stephen Louis FINEBERG: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Richard J. FINN: Springdale. Donna Susan FINNEY: Hotz; Ard- more, Okla. Rollin Leroy FISCHER: Yocum; Houston, Tex. Cecil Franklin FITCH: Humphreys; Hindsville. Eighth Row: Margaret Jane FITCH: Hotz; Hindsville. Diana FITTS: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Martha H. FITZ- GERALD: Fulbright; Rogers. Patricia FLENNIKEN: Hotz; Bartlesville. Burrell Alexander FLETCHER, III: K2; Lonoke. Barbara Jean FLOWERS: Fulbright; Wynne. Ninth Row: William Alfus FLYNN, JR.: Yocum; Car- lisle. Mary Barton FOGLF.MAN: Hotz; Marion. Charles Saylc FORD: Humphreys; Fayetteville. Richard Ken ton FORD: Hum])hreys; Fayetteville. ' Ferry Denson FORD: AXA; North Little Rock. Vicki Diane FORMBY: 4-H House; Mulberry. Tenth Row: William Hughes FORRESTER: Humph- reys; Mcua. Benny FOSTER: .Moirilton. Barbara Ann FOWLER: Fulbright; Little Rock. Susan FOWLER: Ful- bright; Springfield, Mo. Toni Carolyn FRANSEN: Ful- bright; Houston, Tex. Paul Bernard FRAZIER: Humph- revs; Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Susan M. FREF.LING: Fulbright; Little Rock. Floyd Mickel FREEMAN: Yocum; Dumas. Gerald Don FREEMAN: Humphreys; Cleveland. Sam F. FREE- MAN: SN; Springfield, Mo. Jim H. FRENCH: 2N; Hot Springs. Kenneth Paul FREX EL: Wilson Sharp; Bates- ville. Twelfth Row. Carolxn A. ! REYALDEXHOVEX: Hot ; Little Rock. Daxid W. 1 Rl . EI.L: I a ctte ille. Mary Elaine FROST: Fulbright: Ik-ntou. Richard Lee FROST: Fayetteville. Cynthia Anne FULLER: Fiilbright; l.ewisville. Lou Ann FULTXER: Hot ; Ft. Smith. 123 First Row: David O. FULTON: Yocum; Washington, IX C. Sue Anne FULTON: Hotz; Muskogee, Okla. Diane Elaine FUNK: Hotz; Little Rock. Sammy Lee FURO: K2; Little Rock. Mike FUTRELL: Humphreys; Paragould. Thomas W. FUTRF.LL: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Second Row: Rosemary GAINES: 4-H House; Lead Hill. Margaret Joyce GALLAGHER: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. John Rodger GALLEY: Hawk Run, Penn. Paul David GANT: Humphreys; Van Buren. Da id Joseph GARCIA: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Third Row: Judy Ann GARRETT: Fulbright; Corning. Don L. GARRISON: Humphreys; Little Rock. Phil Har- old CARTON: Pencllcton, Ore. Karen Tamara GATES: 4-H House; Ozark. Sarah Annette GATH RIGHT: Pine Bluff. Mary C. GATLIN: Fulbright; Paragold. Fourth Ron-. Betty Ann GATTIS: Fulbright; Little Rock. Alicia Dianne GAYER: Fulbright; Muskogee, Okla. Sharon Ann GAYER: Fayetteville. Marvin GEORGE, JR.: Humphreys; Little Rock. Jo Ann GEURIN: Hotz; Graham, Tex. Don Palmer GIBBS: Humphreys; Swifton. Fifth Row: Marcia Lee GIBBS: Hotz; North Little Rock. John Wayne GIBSON: Humphreys; Barton. Sam Edward GIBSON: Yocum; Benton. Anne Lynn GILBERT: Hot?.; Malvern. Roger William GILCHRIST: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Ginger Gail GILLIS: Hotz; Fordyce. Sixth Row: Leta Gave GILMORE: Fulbright; Little Rock. Margaret Ann GILMORE: Hotz; Caruthersville, Mo. Veronica Lee GILSTRAP: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Marilyn Sue GIVENS: Hotz; Shreveport, La. Judy Marie GLENN: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Albert Ross GLOVER: AXA; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Catherine Sue GODLEY: Fulbright; Rog- ers. Robert C. GOLINE: Humphreys; Texarkana. Edward Michael GOLLON: Yocum; Stuttgart. Marilyn Kay GOOCH: Fulbright; Arkadelphia. Mary Ann GOODMAN: Fulbright; Elaine. Sally Kay GOODMAN: Hotz; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Pamela Anne CORBET: Hotz; Hot Springs. Jean Ann GORDAN: Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. James Harold GORHAM: Humphreys; Dallas, Tex. Johnny Keith GOSSAGE: Humphreys; Ratcliff. Freddy Z. GOSSIEN: Yocum; North Little Rock. Maurice Eugene GOTTLIEB: Yocum; Hot Springs. Ninth Row: Mary Susan GOUGH: Hotz; North Little Rock. Deborah Ann GOWEN: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Sharon Leigh GRAGG: Fulbright; Mountain Home. Alan GRAHAM: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Brenda Carol GRAHAM: Fulbright; Athens, Tex. Richard Douglas GRAHAM: Yocum; Clarksville. Tenth Row: Gary Frank GRANGER: Yocum; Rogers. Martha L. GRAHHAN: Fulbright; Quincy, 111. John Frank- lin GRAVES, JR.: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Judy Patricia GRAVES: Fulbright; Pine Bluff. Deanna Jeanne GRAY: Fulbright; Little Rock. David Lorn GREEN: Yocum; Tuck- erman. Eleventh Rou : James Russell GREEN: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Toe Fletcher GREEN: Yocum; Warren. Judith Ann GREEN: Springdale. Kenneth Wayne GREEN: Springdale. Daniel Martin GRKENBERG: Humphreys; Texarkana, Tex. Stephen GREENE: Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Nancy Ann GREENLEE: Fulbright; At- kins. Ara Sue GRESHAM: Fulbright; Heber Springs. Patri- cia Grigg GRIGG: Rogers. Deborah Chyrel GRIGGS: Up- land. Calif. Mancen Rae GRIGSBY: 4-H House; Hartford. Ray Douglas GRIMSHAW: 2N; Tulsa, Okla. ! fta Hot : :. fcn.|es [-:nnv Keith (,0IE : freshmen I ' i Beta Phi strapped three members together in an attempt to win the Sigma Chi Derby Day. They lost. First Row: Jeannie Ellen GRITZ: Hotz; Enid, Okla. Merle Ray GROSS: Humphreys; Huntington. Eddie Lynn GUIXX: Goshen. John Thomas Gl ' I.LETT: Pocahontas. Elizabeth Ann GULLEY: Faycttcvillc. Susan GURLEY: Hotz; Bloomington, Minn. Second Row: Stanley Lee HADDOCK: Yorum; Ft. Smith. Charles Edward HAI.BERT: KZ; Helena. Janet Anus HALE: Little Rock. Marion Ann HALE: Hotz; Cot- ton Plant. Lyman Bernard HALEY: Fayetteville. Ross E. HELEY: Humphreys; Gravette. Third Rou ' : Anna Ruth HALL: Fulbriglu; Newport. Catherine Lee HALL: Fnlbrij-ht; Carthage, Mo. Gale Eu- gene HALL: Humphreys; Rogers. Phyllis Ann HALL: Hotz; Branch. Gary Raymond HALLMARK: Yocum; North Little Rock. Harry L. HAMILTON ' : Farmhouse; Marianna. Fourth Row: Barbara Jean HAMMACK: Bcntonville. Linda Lou HAMMONTREE: Fulbright; Springfield, Mo. C. Kendall HAMMER: Yocum; Oklahoma City, Okla. I Immas Henry HAN ' AHAN: Lincoln, III. I.ynne E. HAN- COCK: Fulbright; Slncvcport. La. Elizabeth Ann HANDY: Hot : Santa Monica. Calif. I- ' ifth Ron-: Don Rich HANKINS: Yncum; Cicssett. Charles Edgar HANKS: Yociiin: Fa ctteville. .Stephen Holt HAN ' XA: ]IKA; Berrvville. William E. HANXA: K2: Tulsa. Okla. Carol Ann 1 1 ANN I-.BAI ' M: Fulbright; Alton III. Marshall Lee HANS EN: 2X; Dallas, Tex. Sixth Ron ' -. Michael Murray HARDING: 2N; Little Rock. Stephen Olan HARMON: Yocum; Malvern. Nancy Nell HARNESS: Fayetteville. Patricia Ann HARPF.R: Hot ; little Rock. Samuel J. HARPF.R: Youim: Fayettc ille. Stephen Lee HARPF.R: DX; Pine Blull. Seventh Ron-. Wallace Jewell H. RREI.L: Hot ; Mon- elte. Carol Jan HARRIS: Hot ; Sioux City, Iowa. Harold R. HARRIS: Yocum; Rogers. James W. HARRIS: Humph- reys; Jacksonville. Susan Helen HARRIS: Hotz; Waldron. William Karl HARRIS: Humphreys; Harrison. Eighth Row: William Mark HARRIS: Humphrevs; Searcy. William Svkes HARRIS. JR.: W. Warren. Harley Douglas HARRISON:; I ' angbinn. |c Lee HARRISON: Fulbright; ' Fills-. ()U;i. I.ilhurn Crollord HARRISON, JR.: |,AO; North Little Rock. Yicki Leigh II RRISON: Hoi ; North I.illle Reck. .Y( ' ii ( How: Carl David HART. JR.: Humphre : Ft. -Smith. George Edward HART, JR.: Humphreys; Little Rock. Jefferey Lynn HART: Prairie Grove. Ilanv II RT- STEIN: Humphreys; Little Ro ( k. Ancel Jean HATFIFLD: Fayetteville. Boyce Edward HAWK: K2; Swifton. freshmen Another blow was struck this year against those who enjoy " beauty contests. " The Air Force ROTC dropped theirs and interviewed for Angel Flight. First Row: James D. HAWKINS: 4 A6; Springfield, Mo. Leo D. HAWKINS: Little Rock. Janis Lee HAYES: Hotz; Carthage, Mo. Bill Haves: SX; Little Rock. Robert David HAYES: Humphreys; 1 ' inc Bluff. Ivan Douglas HAZEL- WOOD: Yociim; Hot Springs. Second Row: Ramona Kay HEAD: Hotz; Rogers. Thomas Stewart HF.ASI.F.K: iX; Scarcy. Stanley HEARD: Yocum; Scarcy. Mike Austin HEDGES: Wilson Sharp; Batesville. Sharon Lee HEFFINGTON: Fulbiioht; Osceola. Svbil Jeanne HEFNER: Hot ; Mena. Third Row: Richard L. HEGENBERGER: Little Rock. Chuck HEMINGWAY: Wilson Sharp; Little Rock. Johnny Albeit HELMS: Yocum; Emlora. Bmula Kay HENDER- SON: Hot ; Wynne. Monty Karl HENDERSON: Yocum; Newark. Dianna Vinford HENDRICK: Hotz; Shreveport, La. Fourth Roiv: Robert Ellis HENDRICKSON: Humph- reys; Russellville. Rick Snyder HENDRIX: Humphreys; Greenwood. William Daniel HENDRIZ: SN: Ft. Smith. William Lewis HENRY: Yocum; Traskwood. William Ed- ward HENSON: Humphreys; Mt. Holly. Jill Stacy HER- INGER: Fulbright; Jonesboro. Fifth Row. Judith Ann HF.RNDOON: Hotz; Little Rock. Eugene HERRINGTON: YOUMII; North Little Rock. Michael Lee HEWETT: ATI ' : Charleston. David Ellsworth H1BI.ER: Humphreys; Belleville, 111. Donald Joe HICKMAN: Humphreys; Harrison. Michael C. HICK- MAN: Humphre s: Ft. Smith. Si th Ron-: Harold Ronnie HICKS: Yocum; North Little Rock. Larry Milton HICKS: Humphreys; Rogers. Pat HIC- HAM: Fulbright; North Little Rock. Hazel Aline HIGH- TOWER: 1-H House; C.illett. Carol Ann HILL: Holcombe; Wilmington. Del. Dorothy A. HILL: Hot ; Hot Springs. Seventh Row: Geneva Ann HILL: Scott; Little Rock. Harriet Lou HILL: Fulbright: Little Rock. Jimmy Duane HILL: Yocum; North Little Rock. Miriam Carolyn HILL: Fulbright; Joiner. Courtney Melroy HILLARD: Yocum; Ozark. Hollan HILLIARD: Fulbright; Wvnne. Eighth Row: C ' .arclyn Sue HILTON: Fayetteville. S. Jane HINKI.EY: Hot : St. Louis. Mo. Sandra Kay HIRSCHY: Hot ; Barllesville, Ok la. Grace Marie HIXON: Fulbright; Paris. Jan Hnan HOGABOOM: Yocum; Hot Springs. Charles Edwin HOKE: Humphreys; Little Rock. .Vi;if i Row: Carolvn Jean HOLCOMB: Hotz; Dimmitt. Tex. Eli abeth Jo HOLCOMB: Fayetteville. Mary Sur HOLCOMB: Hot ; Jeffersonville, Ind. Danette HOLDER: McCrory. Lavern Lee HOI.IFIEI.D: Humphreys; Corning. Darlene Christina HOLLAND: Hotz; Mountain Home. I Hou; link Vnh linle V " t Divid . ! ' ! Donald .-:( HICK- Dun " 1 ' 11 " First flwi : Sherrill Lynn HOl.I.OWAY: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Gary J. HOLMAN: Yoctim; Bcrryville. June Made- line HOI. NIKS: Fulhriglu; I.eesvillc, La. Rosalind Diann HOLT: Hotz; Poteau. Okla. Marjoric Ann HOL U ' AR TH: Fayetteville. Gary Randall HONEYCUTT: v j;; Camdcn. Second Row. Hughlen Deri HORN: Springdale. William Joseph HORNK: Humphreys; Santa Anna, Tex. Carla Jean HOUSE: Fayetteville. Rex Louis HOUSTON, JR.: Humph rcys: Hot Springs. Thomas Jay HOWE: Monroe, Wis. Jo- anne Marie HUARO: Hotz; Little Rock. Third Row: Joan Carol HUBBARD: Fulbright; Tex- arkana. Jonathan Edwards HUBBS: Yocum; Blythevilje. Shirley F. HUDGF.NS: Hotz; Swifton. Donna Jean HUD- SON: ' Fulbright; Gassville. Susan M. HUDSON: Fayette- ville. Harried Lee HUGHEN: Fulbright; Sim-report, La. Fourth Row: John Wayne HUGHES: Humphreys; Hope. Allen Walter HUGHEY: Humphreys; Cabot. Bonnie Louise HUNKAPII.LER: Hotz; Little Rock. Sharon Kim- berly HUNT: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. C. Scott HUNTER: Acacia; Roc. Nancy Ann HURLEY: Fulbright; St. Louis, Mo. Fifth Row. Harry Newton HUSON: Yocum; Hcber Springs. Judith Christine HUSSEY: Fayetteville. Mary Ann HUTCHENS: Freistatt, Mo. Rusty C. HYDE: AXA! Little Rock. Jane Ann HYLAND: Hotz; Houston, Tex. Stephen Rogers IRBY: Humphreys; Mountain Home. Sixth Row. Susan Mary IRBY: Fulbright: Mountain Home. Charles D. ISGRIG: Acacia; Li ttle Rock. Jimmy C. JACKSON: Springdale. Judith Suzanne JACKSON: Ful- brighl: l.ewisville. Mona Gay JACKSON: Fulbright; Long- view. ' Lex. Steve L. JACKSON: IIKA; doss-It. Seventh Ron ' : William A. JACKSON: Mableton, Ga. Doris Ellen JACOBS: Bentonville. Jcannette Lorraine JA- COBS: 1-H House; Omaha. Sandra Kay JAGGERS: Fill- bright; Blylheville. Ronald John JAMES: Humphreys; Hallsville, Tex. Russell D. JAMES: Humphreys; Meua. ' Eighth Row. Betsy Mae JARNAGAN: Winslow. 1 ' eggye June JARRETT; Fulbright; Blvtheville. John Earl JEN- NINGS: Yocum; Rogers. Mary Horner JENNINGS: Holz; Millington. leun. Robert H. JKRNIGAN: Yocum; Rector. 1 ' lnllis Ann IF.TT: Fayetteville. Xintli Ron " . Byron Virl JOHNSON: Wesley. Donald Ray JOHNSON: Yocum; Valley Springs. Jesse Let- JOHN- SON: Humphreys; Little Rock. Johnny W ' ayne JOHNSON: Humphreys; I ' rescott. Lana Fayc JOHNSON: Fulbright; Camdcn. Rebecca Lynn JOHNSON: Fulbright; C ' .rossctt. Tenth Ron ' : Robert " . JOHNSON: Little Rock. Susan JOHNSON: Fulbright; F.I Dorado. Susan Elizabeth JOHN- SON: Hot ; X.ama, Japan. Joe Feffcrson JOHNSTON. JR.: Yocum; Clarksville. Barbara Kay JONES: Hotz; McAlester, Okla. Billie Jo JONES: Fulbright; Little Rock. Eleventh Row. Candy JONES: Hotz: .Si loam Springs. Edwin Carroll JONES: Humphreys; Mnbclvale. Gail Do- lores JONES: Hotz; Dallas. Tex. Howard E. JONES: Yo- cum; Newport. James Kenneth JONES: Humphreys; Har- rison. II.MH ni:i JONES: Fulbright; Springfield. Mo. Tn-elfth Row. Jennifer JONES: Fulbright; Baytown. Tex. Johnny Coleman JONES: Yocum; Palestine. Judy Ann JONES: Fulbright; Morrilton. Kathryn Estelle JONES: Fill- bright; Bentonville. Lawrence G. JONES: Yocum; North Little Rock. Mar Ann JONES: Hotz; North Little Rock. First Row: Mary Frances JONES: Springdale. Robert Charles JONES: Humphreys; Paragould. William Edward JONES: K2; Helena. Margaret Jo JORDAN: Fulbright; Sheridan. Michael Allen JORDAN: Yocum; Clinton. Penny Lee KAMER: Fulbright; Jacksonville. Second Raw: Rebecca Shepperd KAUFFMAN: Hotz; Georgetown, Tex. William Arthur KEADLE: K2; Marked Tree. Sarah M. KEAXE: Fulbright; San Antonio, Tex. Joe Luster KEATHLEY: AFP; Belleville. James St. John KEEL: Humphreys; Harrison, Eugonna KELLINS: Hotz; Rogers. Third Row: Donald Wayne KEENE: Yocum; Little Rock. Marion Louise KEIRS: Hotz; Springdale. Ronnie S. KEISLER; Humphreys; Camden. James Ronnie KELLEY: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Janet Elizabeth DELLY: Fulbright; Mount Ida. Mary Kathleen KELLY: Fulbright; Little Rock. Fourth Row: Janet Karen KEMP: Fulbright; Fayette- ville. Kathy E. KENDALL: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Joe Kennedy KENNEDY: Yocum; Quitman. Dan Preston KEX- NETT: AFP; Leachville. Derald Mike KENT: Wilson Sharp; Malvern. Linda A. KF.RBY: Fulbright; North Little Rock. Fifth Rmi ' : William Thomas KETCHER: Wilson Sharp; North Little Rock. John W. KEY: 2AE; Camden. Rex Wesley KIDDER: Opal, Wyo. Kirt Harold KIESTER: 2 E; Overland Park, Kan. David Lee KILGORE: Hot Springs. Larry Michael KILGORE: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Si th Row: Richard Lon KINERY: Yocum; Hot Springs. Betty Ann KIMMIXD: Fulbright; Little Rock. Florence Diana KINDER: Hotz; Faucett, Mo. Gary Lynn KING: Fayetteville. Jay KING: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Kathryn Louise KING: Fulbright; Russellville. Seventh Row: Michael Lee KING: Yocum; Calico Rock. Frank Lee KINNEY: Newport. Sherry Lynn KINSER: Ful- bright; Little Rock. Woody KINSEY: Yocum; Baytown, Tex. Blaine D. KIRK: Yocum; North Little Rock. David Scott KIRK: Yocum; Mountain Home. Eighth Row: James T. KIRK: Humphreys; Morrilton. Michael Lee KIRK: AXA; North Little Rock. Butch KIRSCH: Yocum; Peoria, III. Robert John KIRSPEL: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Thomas Fred KITCHENS, JR.: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Judy KITTRELL: Fulbright; Tex- arkana. inth .Rorr: Thomas Leonard KLECK: Yocum; Paris. Mary Anne KNIGHT: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Edward Melbcrt KNOD, JR.: Yocum; DeQucen. John Owen KNOST: 2N; Shreveport, La. Carol Ann KOELLING: Fulbright; Little Rock. Alvin KREBS: Humphreys: Tacoma, Wash. Tenth Row: Peggy Jane KREMER: Scranton. Jerry Lynn KULBETH: Yocum: Memphis, Tenn. Richard Henry Kl ' OXEX: Yocum: North Little Rock. Cheryl Ann KUTZ: Fulbright; Pine Bluff. Brenda Faye KYTE: Hotz; Joplin, Mo. I.oretta Gail LACKEY: Hotz; West Memphis. Eleventh Row: Norma Elizabeth LAFEVERS: Hotz; Goldsboro. N. C. Olivia Ann LAFOI.LF.TTE: Fulbright; Jonesboro. Mary Newton LAIXG: Fulbright; Little Rock. Lou Ellen LAKE: Fulbright; DeQueen. Christy Lea LA- MAX: Fulbright; Xorth Little Rock. Olivia Lois LAM- BERT: Fulhrighi; Ft. Worth, Tex. Twelfth Row: Freddie Joe LAXE: Humphreys: Ft. Smith. Margaret Leslie LAXE: Fulbright: Houston. Tex. Gary Kent LAWEY: Fayetteville. George F. LAXGE: Humphreys; Madison, Wis. David Alfred LAXGLEY: Z E; Camden. Xancy Lee LAXGLEY: Fulbright; Piggott. freshmen Under a noble banner of raising inom-v for new Student Union furnishings, students practiced for tlie Student Union Talent Show. ' I here was a $50 first prize which gave added incentive. First Row: Terry I.ynne LANGSTON: Fulbright; El Dorado. Karen Rhae I.ANKFORD: Hotz; Springfield. Rob- ert Eugene LARGEXT: .Springdale. Arthur Thomas LAR- SOW: Humphreys; Rector. Diannc I.ASHI.EE: Fulbright; F.I Dorado, [anus Richard I.ATTA: Morrow. SiTinid Ron ' -. James Paul LATTURE: K2; Ft. Smith. Donald Robert I.AUFFR: Humphreys; Costa Mesa, Calif. James I.avoy LAWRENCE: Humphreys; Swifton. William David LAWSOX: Yocuni; Caniden. John Griffin LEAKE: AXA: Muskogee. Okla. (.destine W ' . LEDIXG: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Third Ron " . Gary Eugene LEE: 2X; Fayetteville. Linda Sue LEE: Hotz; Ft. Worth. Tex. Norman Recce LEE: Gur- don. Tommy Dee LEE: Greenland. William Roycc LEE: BentonviHe. Ann LEESEMAXX: Fulbright; Baytown, Tex. Fourth R(m ' : .Sandra Lee I.EITIXG: Hotz; Forrest City. Sally JAXE LENGGENHAGER: Hotz; Little Rock. John C. LEXHART: Yocnm; I ' utblo. Colo. Susan E. LESTER: Springdale. Dorothy Elouise LETSCH: Springdale. Cindy X. LEWIS: Hotz; England. Fifth R ni " . Elizabeth Ann LEWIS: Fayetteville. Lynda Sue LEWIS: Fulbright: Xorih Little Rock. Marilyn ' . Sue LEWIS: Hot : Huntsville. I ' anh Kay LEWIS: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Rita Louise LEWIS: Hotz; Huntsville. Rusty LEWIS: Yonmi: El Dorado. Sixth Ron ' : Teresa Diane LEWIS: Fulbright; Salem. Virginia Lynn LF.YSATH: Fulbright; Camden. Martha Arden LIMERICK: Fulbright; Little Rock. Keith John .IXDEMAXX: Humphreys; Link- Rock. Charles Lloyd LINEBARGER: Yocum: Hindsville. Charles Richard LIP- I ' ARl): Yocum; Bauxite. Seventh Ron " . O scar Alfred LISLE: Huntsville. David Martin LIVELY: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Barbara Innes LOGAN: Fulbright; Ft. Worth, Tex. Steve Allen I.OIB- XER: Ycx-nin: North Little Rock. Linda Leigh LONG: Fulbright; Pine City. Henry P. I.OOMI.S: Humphreys; Banks. Kighth Rmi-: James Frederick I.OONEY: Caniden. Tim- othy Charles LOOS: Humphreys: Wilmette. 111. Jim A. I.O- RF.XX: i; AE: i ittlc Rn(k [o Anne LORIXG: Fulbright; Valparaiso, hid. Donald [. LOSER: Humphreys: Mahern. Linda |. LOUGHRIDGE: Hot ; Ft. Smith. .Vi i Ron-. Tommy Bob I.OVEGROVE: Humphreys; Van Buren. Gary Lambeth I.() V: Humphreys; Havana. John A. LOWREY: Yocuni; Hot Springs. Mary Margaret LUCID: Hotz; Dayton. Ohio. Sharon Anne LUCRES: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Stan Wade I.UDWIC,: Springdale. freshmen The Lawn Party and pep rally at the Governor ' s Mansion gave Arkansas beauty Karen Carlson an opportunity to inert many University students. First Row: I ' hillip Ray LUMPKIX: Yocum; Marvcll. Robert Dale 1. 1 : PER: vrf; Fayettcville. Robert Edmund LUTZ: TKE: Cherry Hill, X. J. Dale R. LYXX: Yocum; Mountain Heine, Idaho. John Marlin LYOX: Yocum; Rog- ers. Luck Martin LYOX: Warren. Second Ron ' : Jerry Lake MADDOX: Yocum; Ogclen. Jimmy Leslie MADDOX: Yocum; Paris. Karen Sue MAGIE: Hotz; Millington. Tenn. Joanne Marie MAILER: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Allen 11. MAJORS, JR.: Humphreys; Kayetteville. Robert Michael MAI.I.OY: 2AE; Crossed. Third Ron " . Philip Davis MAI.OXE: Yocum; Malvern. Sarah Jane MAXGELSDORF: Fulbright; Dallas. Tex. Becky MAXX: Hot : Xashville. Joan Burnett MAXXIXG: Fill- bright; Wynne. Howard A. MARCOX: f _16; Lindenwood, X. f. Mai jean MARECK: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Fourth Row: Marilaml Helenc MARXEY: Hotz; Fay- etteville. George Lewis MARSH: Humphreys; Waldron. Mary MARSH: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Alfred J. MARTIX. JR.: Fayetteville. Guy Xcal MARTIX: Wilson Sharp; Marshall. Tex. Howard L. MARTIX: Humphreys: Xoith Little Rock. Fifth Row: Jim H. MARTIX: Eayetteville. John Den- nis MARTIX: Humphreys; Searcv. Patricia Jean MARTIX: Springdale. Sandra Kay MARTIN: Fulbright: Garv. Ind. Siiann MARTIX: Fulbright: Atkins. Carl Gregory MASH- IS! RX: Yocum; Hot Springs. Si l, Row: Judith Evelvn MASLIX: Fulbright: Little Rock. Da id Eugene MA.SOX: Yocum; Xoith Little Rock. Jerri Lynn MASOX: Springdale. Ravmon Earl MASSEY: Yocum: ' Hot Springs. Julie Ann MESTERSOX: Fayetteville. Josephine MATLOCK: Fulbright: Arkadelphia. Seventh Row: Jan Michael MATTHEWS: Humphreys; Smackover. John Calvis MATTHFAVS: Yocum; Xoith Little Rock. Marvin Henry " Mouse " M.U ' RRAS: iN; Ft. Smith. Richard E. MAXWELL: Humphreys; I.onoke. Robbie MAXWELL: Hotz: Tulsa. Okla. jack Alan MAY: Humph- rcvs: Lilt le Ro k. Eighth Row: Michael J. MAY: Acacia; Xewpoil. Karen A. MAY] IELD: Futrall: Medford. Ore. Jackve McBRlDE: Hoi ; Leslie. Marsha Lou McC.ARTY: H t : Graham, Tex. Bettv Lvnn McCAUGHAN: Fulbright: Crossett. David Gil- bert ' McCAlT.KY: Yocinn; Pine Bluff. inth Row: Ecld Mack McCLARRAX: J. 6; Pine Bluff. William C. McCLESKEY: Wilson Sharp; Albuquerque. X. M. John Dennis McCLLRF: Wilson Sharp: Minden, La. Xorma Jean McCOLU ' M: Fulbright; Roswell, X. M. Kaye McCOXXELL: Hotz; Green Forest. Anita Diane McCOR- MACK: Fulbright; Little Rock. firrt fore: Carolyn Sue MrCOY: Scot!; Little Rock. Mimi McCOY: Hot ; Little Rock. Martha Jane McCLT. LEY: Fulbright; Manila. Marsha Jean McCURRY: Hotz; Hcber Springs. Boliby Ray McD ANIEL: i: frE: Joncshoro. Martha Ann McDANIEL: Fulbright; Little Rock. ' Second Ron-: Ginger Kayc- McDONAl.D: Hot ; Charlcs- ton. feral Jan McDONAl.l): I.cadulle, Colo. John Crawford McDONALD: Ae; Blythevillc. Mickey Roycc McDOl ' G- AL: Humphreys; Lockesburg. Richard Davis McDOUGALL: 2N: Shreveport, I,a. Joann Mcl- ' KRR AN: Fayellevillc. Third Row. Andrew R. McGF.K: Yociim; Ft. Smith. Ed- ward 1 ' . McGF.HF.E, III: 2X: Lake ' illage. George Billy McGII.I.: Ft. Smith. Virgil Ray Mc(,()l " GH, JR.: Humph- reys; F.I Dorado. Margaret Ann McGOWAN: Fulbiight; Little Rock. Larry Douglas McGRFAV: Fayetlevillc. Fourth Row: Marsha Ann McKENNON: Fulbright; Scranlon. fames M. McKINI.F.Y: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Thomas Franklin McLARTY: 2X; Hope. Madelyn Me I.F.OD: Fulbright; Pine Bluff. Janie Angehne McMILLAN: Fulhright; Springdale. Jerry Herman McMlN ' N: Marion . Fifth Ron-. Michael Fdward McMlLI.l N: Yocum; Ha en. Janellc McNTI.TY: Fulhright; 1 ' ine Bluff. William Arthur McVEY. JR.: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Thomas L. MAYS: r E; Fordvce. Robert Manning MF.A DOR: Yocum; Baytown, Tex. Beverly -Sue MEANS: Hotz; Van Bitrcn. fii. lh Row: Janice Carole MF.ASF.I.F.S: Hot ; North Little Rock. Mary Kathrvn MEA.SEI.F.S: Hot ; Ft. Smith. ahclh Morgan MEEK: F ' ulbright; ' arren. Rosemary MEISTER: Fulbrighl; Baytown, lex. Marilyn MF.L- BOl ' RN: Fulhright; Rogers. Joseph Benedict MELKO- T1 : Ye-cum; Stuttgart. Seventh Ron ' : Hugh Allen MELTON: Yocum; Loving ton. V M. Terry Lee MF.RC.ING: Yocum; North Little Rock. Martha Ellen MF.RRIFIELD: Fulbright; Mountain- burg. Susan Leah MF.TCALF: Fulbright; Crossett. Harold (iene MF.YF.R: Noel, Mo. Judy I.ynne MEYER: Hot .; Rec- tor. Kightli Ran-. Jacob I ' env MIK1.KS: KZ: liooneville. Carol Ann MILAM: Fulbright; Smackover. Dallas Davis MILES. JR.: AfK Warren. Alex F. MILLER: | _ B; Mus- kogee, Okla. Franky MILLER: Yocum: ' eldon. James II. MILLER: Yocum; Bald Knob. inlli Row: Jack Ray MILLS: Fayetteville. Winnie MILLS: Hot : Shreveport. La. Marian Marie MINER: Fayetteville. Deborah Merle MINOR: Hot?; Osceola. John Talc MITCHELL: Stillwell. Okla. Carol Ann MM TEL STAEDT: Hot ; Little Roik. Tenth Row. fames Richard MI ELL: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Gail L. MOCK: Hot ; Memphis. Tetin. Cornelius MODINGER, III: Humphrcvs; Blytheville. Lam Ede MOI.DENHAUER: Yocum; Branson. Mo. Joe Patrick MOLES: Yocum; Harrison. John Michael MOLES: Yocum; Harrison. Eleventh Roic: Frceda Yvonne MONTAGUE: Scott; Lit- tle Rock. Jim Robert MONTGOMERY: Humphreys; Little Rock. Thomas Gerald MONTGOMERY: AXA: Marion. Crystal Ann MOON: Fayetteville. Alan Futrell MOORE: ATP; Batcsville. Dennis Fav MOORE: Yocum; Huff. Twelfth Row: Larry Mitchell MOORE: K2: Hope. Lynn Adelle MOORE: Hot ; Tulsa. Okla. Marilyn Jcanette MOORE: Hotz; Little Rock. Beverly Jeanne MOORE HEAD: Hotz; Swifton. David Carl MORGAN: Yocum; La- mar. Sylvia Ann MORGAN: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. 131 First Row: John Michael MORING: Yocum; Pine Bluff. James D. MORRISON: Wilson Sharp; Tulsa, Okla. Michael Robert MORRISON: 2 E: Little Rock. Richard Dale MORRISON: Humphreys; Carthage, Tex. Suzanne Louise MORRISS: Hotz; Shreveport, La. Gary Lee MORTENSEN: Humphreys; Atkins. Second Row: Constance Elizabeth MORTON: Ful- bright; Mountain Home. Susan Page MOSLF.Y: Hotz; Little- Rock. Bill MOSS: Yocum; Osceola. Ted A. MOSS: Humph- reys; Almyra. Jerell L. Mullens: 211; Little Rock. Judy Nell MULLER: Fulbright; DeWitt. Third Row: Rodney Joe MUNDY: Fayetteville. Jane Ann MUNNERLYN: Hotz; North Little Rock. Margaret Adelc MURPHY: Fulbright; Lawrence, Kan. Patti Lee MURPHY: Hotz; Little Rock. Randy George MURPHY: Humphreys; Searcy. Suzanne Fay MUSGAVE: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Fourth Row: George Morris MYERS, JR.: Yocum; Lit- tle Rock. Madeleine Ruth MYERS: Fulbright; Ncosho, Mo. Linda Lorraine NASH: Fulbright; Little Rock. Joe C. NEAL: Yocum; Sturgis, S. D. Ruth Ann NEILL: Hotz; For- rest City. David Edmon NELSON: Acacia; Benton. Fifth Row: Glyda Virginia NELSON: Fulbright; Fay- etteville. Jane Lizabcth NELSON: Fulbright; Prescott. Mary Jo NELSON: Hotz; Hot Springs. Kathleen K. NEU: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Jean E. NEUBF.RGER: Humphreys; El Dorado. Donald Glenn NEWMAN: Favetteville. Sixth Row: Joe W. NEWMAN: Yocum; Hot Springs. Edwin George NEWSOM: Yocum; Little Rock. Jamie Eliza- beth NEWTON: Fulbright; Russellville. Jeff Davis NEW- TON: Humphreys: El Dorado. William S. NEWTON, JR.: Humphreys; Russellville. Wood Arnold NEWTON: Yocum; Hampton. Seventh Row: Glenford Andrew NEWTOWN, JR.: Fay- etteville. Jerry NICHOLS: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Mild- red Penny NICHOLS: Hotz; Little Rock. Michael Kay NIEMET: Yocum; North Little Rock. Gail Ann NIESF.N: Hot ; Glen Ellyn, 111. Dale Bruce NIXON: Yocum; Mag nolia. Eighth Row: Martha Louise NOBLE: Hotz; Bridge- water, Mass. Frances Jane NOON: Fulbright; Rover. Day- ton (). NOONF.R, JR.: Humphreys; Hot .Springs. Mitchell Duane NORMAN: Humphreys: I.afe. Joseph Leonard NORRF.LL: Yocum; Kudora. Nancy Gave NORTHCUTT: Fulbright; Huntsville. .YIII I How: Dalton L. NORTHERN: Wilson Sharp; Benton. Michael John NORTON: Humphreys; Randolph, Tex. Uremia Joyce NORWOOD: Scott: Little Rock. Vicki |. NORWOOD: Hot ; Malvern. Judith Ann NOWELL: Hoi ; Mexico, Mo. Mike NOWELL: Yocum; North Link- Rock. Trntli Row: Tommie Ann OBERLEY: Fulbright; Wynne. Regina Ann ODOM: Farmingon. Hugh E. O ' FIEL: Humphreys; Beaumont, lex. Kathleen Anne OGDEN: Ful- bright; Muskogee, Okla. Carolyn Sue OGLE: Hot ; Spring- dale. Scott Dlamon OGLESBY: Yocum: Pine Bluff. Eleventh Row: Sandra Jean OLDHAM: Fulbright; West Helena. Christy Lee OLIVER: Fulbright; Fayetteville. fames Anderson O ' NEAL. JR.: Humphreys; Parkdale. Pamela Kaye O ' NEAL: Fulbrigbl; Mount Ida. Nannie E. ORANGE: ' Favetteville. Robert S. ORANGE: Favetteville. Twelfth Row: William L. ORENB.U N: Yocum; Fay- etteville. William Samuel ORR: Yocum; Little Rock. Myrna oraida ORTIZ: Hot ; Ft. Smith. Larry Richard OTWELL: Humphreys; Malvern. James L. OWENS: Yocum; Berry- ille. fames Newell OWENS: Yocum; Bcntonville. freshmen For a change the Commerce (,iiild managed to cnu tain Commerce Day guests with an outspoken speak --iHer- aker. First Row: James Oral OWF.X.S: Yocum; Enid, Okla. James Ray O VEN T S: Yocum; Wynne. J. Rebecca PACE: Hot ; Canliage, Tex. Alan Dee PACK: Humphreys; Coun- Line. Dana Alan PACK: .Springdale. Anna Louise ty PALM: Springdale. Second Row: Frederick Mark PALMER: Yocum; Hot Springs. Penn Earl PAPIXI: Humphreys; Rogers. Sandor Dean PAPP: Yocum; Joplin. Mo. Diann PARKER: Hot ; Searcy. John Tiley PARKER: Acacia; North Little Rock. Karolyn Kay PARKER: Hot ; Ft. Smith. Third Ron " . Betty Ruth PARKHILL: Fulbright; Cros- st-tt. Carol PARKIN: Hotz; Little Rock. Fred Cary PARKS: Yocum; Lonoke. Clyde Floyd PARXELL: Yocum; Flippin. Sandra Lea PARXHAM: Hot .; Gravette. Charles Stanley PARSLEY; Humphreys; Harrison. Fourth Rou-. Janie Sue PARSON: Fulbright; Camden. Ronald Dean PATRICK: Yocum; Harrison. William Keith PATTERSON ' : Yocum; Paris. George Lee PATTON: Yo- cum; Pine Bluff. Sharon Ann PAl ' TSKY: Hot ; Benton- ville. Robert Max PEACOCK: Yocum; Stuttgart. Filth Row. Marshall Lee PF.NDF.RGRASS: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Penny I.ajcan PF.NDF.RGRASS: Hotz; Milling- tun. Fenn. William Frank I ' F.NDERGRASS: AXA; Little- Rock. Lawrence Joseph PEXDl.E ' FON: IIKA; Fayetteville. Giles Albert PEXICK: Fayelleville. Joseph Brook ' s PENN, JR.: Yocum; Portia. .S ' i Row: Mary LOII PF.XN: Hot ; Tulsa, Okla. Jim- my PENXIXGTOX: Yocum; Tuckcrman. Larry Don PER KINS: Fayetteville. Ann Carol PERRY: Hotz; Benton. Con- Louise PERRY: Hot ; North Little Rock. Phillip stance Andrew PERRY Yocmn: Little Rock. Sfvriith Row. Pat I ' ERRYM AN: Hot ; Calico Rock. Patricia Anne PERSING: Flot ; Gravette. Betsy Beth PET- F.RSON: Hot ; Enid. Okla. Richard Boyd PETERSON: Springdale. Victor Lee PETERSON: Humphreys; Branson, Mo. Donald Lewis PETI ' IT: Yocum: .Searcv. F.ijilith HIIW. Patricia Ann PETTI I : Fulbright; Spring- field. Mo. Janet Sue PHILLIPS: Hot ; Bcntonvillc. John Franklin PHILLIPS: Cra ellc. I.arrx Da is PHILLIPS: Yoriim: Memphis. Tenn. Paul Edward PHILLIPS: Faun ington. Rebecca Jane PICKF.NS: Fulbriglit: Pickens. inth How: James Sleek- PIF.RCF.: Yocum; South Port- land. Maine. Howard Eugene PIKE: Yocum; Little- Rock. Philip Harvey PILE : AFP; Charleston. Larry O. PILLOW: Yocum; Monette. Diane- PINKI.EY: Fulbright; Forrest City. William Edward I ' ll I.MAN: Yocum; Liberal, Kan. f . A-ld J k freshmen A I.awn Party preceding the Baylor game offered an opportunity to isit the Governor ' s Mansion. First Row: Gary Dale Pl.t MM1-.R: Humphreys; Wald- ron. Cordelia Sue POE: Bentonvillc. Larry Edward 1 ' OIN- DEXTER: Humphreys; Fayetteville. William Allen POLK: Humphreys; Harrison. Allison Ferris POMFRET: Ful- bright; Fayetteville. James Edward POMFRET: Humph- reys; Fayetteville. Second Row: Andrew Gant PONDER: K2; Newport. Richard W. POOL: KS; Hot Springs. James Chris POOLE: Humphreys; Malvern. Patricia Helen POPE: Hotz; Spring- dale. James Robert PORTER: K2; Little Rock. Travis Ward PORTER: Humphreys; Stuttgart. Third Row: Larry POST: Yocum; El Dorado. Jerry I. nu POTTS: Humphreys; Little Rock. Cliayta Lynn POWELL: Fulbright; Tex ' arkana, Tex. Edward J. POW- ELL: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Lottie Jean POW- ELL: Scott; Litile Rock. Charles M. POYNOR: Humph- reys; Turner. Fourth Ron-. Mary Linda POYNOR: Holz; Berry ville. Jay Charles PREEFER: Humphreys; West Palm Beech, Fla. Richard Robert PREEFER: Humphreys; West Palm Beach. Fla. Barrie Jo PRICE: 4-H House; Cove. Da id William PRICE: Yocum; Toronto, Ontario. Thomas Albeit PRIT- CHARD: Yocum; Little Rotk. Fifth Ron " . Jacklyn I ' RITCHETT: Prairie Grove. James Rov PUGH, JR.: Yocum; Proctor. Rosemary PULI.EN: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Kimberh Ann PULLEY: Hotz; Arlington, Tex. Janet I. r.n PII.LI AM: Hoi ; North Little Rock. Sixth Rou : Pamela Mare Pl ' TMAN: Fulbright; Rogers. Joanne QIEXREAUX: Fulbright; Dallas, Tex. Charles Oliver RAAliE: Humphrevs; Almyra. Carl Edward RAG- LAND: Farmhouse; Leslie. Susan Elizabeth RALSTON: Hotz; Northport, N. Y. Sterling Paul RAMEY: 2 E; Fay- etteville. Seventh Row: Lou RAND: Fulbright; Searcy. Charles Randall RANEY: t A6; Pine Bluff. David RANGLACK: Yocum; Mountainside, N. J. Glcnna Jean RANKIN: Ful- bright; Hot Springs. William A. RASCH: Humphreys; Newport. Rosemary RAYMOND: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Tommy White RFA: Fayetteville. Ben F. REAGOR: Humphreys; Shreveport, La. Cruitt Beem REB- SAMEN: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Mary Patricia RECTOR: Hotz; Royal. David Lawrence REDING: Ae; Ft. Smith. Nona Jo REED: Hotz; Rogers. Ninth Row. Robert Paul REED: Yocum; McGchee. Becky REEVES: Hotz; North Little Rock. Charles Edward REEVES: Humphreys; Kr ox ille. Iowa. Karen Sue REEVES: Hotz; Little Rock. Sharon Ann REEVES: Hotz; North Lit- tle Rock. Carolyn Ann REICHAR11 I : Hotz; San Antonio, Tex. First Row: Gay RKI1): Hot ; Marshall. Mary KIIODKS: Fiilbright; I.ewisvillc. Darrcl Alan RK ' .K: Yocum; Benion- ville. Herschel F. KICK: Vocuin; North l.iltlr Rock. Eli a- hcth Harth RICHARDS: Fiilbright; Ft. Worth, Tex. Don aid Solomon RICHARDSON ' : Wilson Sharp; Earle. Second Row: Ross 1 ' hillips RICHARDSON: Humph- reys; Malvcrn. Denise Merle RICKEY: Fayet(e ille. Susan Jo RIDLKV: Fulhrighi; Newport. Carol Ann RII.F.Y: Springdale. Eli abeth Ann RINBEY: Hot ; It. Worth. Tex. Thomas Phillip R1SHER: Yocinn; North Link- Rock. Third Row. Noah Wayne RISN ' KR: Voctnn; Salem. John Stantcn RISSKR: Vocuin; Mablevale. Maltom Everett RITCHIE: Humphreys; North Little Roek. Rebecca RIV- ERS: Hotz; Elgin, Tex. Richard Wilson ROACHEI.L: Humphreys; Little Rock. Mary Ellen ROARK: Hot ; Till sa, Okla. Fourth Row. Beverly Ann KOHB: Hot ; I.iltle Rock. Gene Kathleen ROBBINS: Hot Springs. (,lenda Kaye KOI1- ERSON: Hoi ; Muskogee, Okla. Rorthy M. ROBERTS; Hot : Huntsville. George Douglas ROBERTS: Humphreys; Harrisbnrg. I ' enn. Hunler Lee ROBERTS: 2AE: Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: Richard Lynn ROBERTS: Vocuin; Little- Rock. Larry Joe ROBERTSON: Amity. Lura )ean ROB- ERTSON: Hotz; Memphis. Tenn. Susan ROBINS: Fill- bright; Nashville. Darrell Wayne ROBINSON: Humphreys: I.avaca. Doris ROBINSON: Holcombe; Success. Sixth Rim-. Lela Jean ROBINSON: Fulbright: Rogers. Rita ROBINSON: Vv ' est Fork. Carole Ann RODGERS: Hot ; Mena. David Jerome RODGERS: Huniplireys; Ham- burg. N. V. Henry i.yle ROC.ERS: Humphreys; Batesville. Marjorie L. ROC.ERS: Hot ; Bentonville. Seventh Rim- I ' aul I.. ROGERS: IIKA; Harrison. Rob- ert Michael ROLLER: Vociim: Bartlcsville. Okla. Michael E. ROLLINS: 11; Vest Memphis. Carlos Manuel RO- MERO: TKE; Santa Tecla, El Salvador, Central America. Gary Carl ROO1 ' : Eayelteville. Harriet Eli abeth ROOF: Hot ; Greene. N. V. Kiglitli Ron-. Cathie ROl ' ER: Hot ; Springfield, Mo. Gilbert Lee ROSF.NBAl ' M: Humphreys; Brooklyn. N. . Stewart ROSENBERC.: Vocuin: Brighton. Mass. Joseph A. RO.SO. JR.: ' lontitown. Harris Edward ROSS: Vocuin; Crossett. Rex Watson ROSS: Voc ' iun; Conwax. inth Run- Ralph Dwain ROSS FLO I : Vociim; alnul Ridge. Janet Eli abeth ROLSE: Hot ; Fa ellc ille. John Henry ROWE: El Dorado. Darlene RO LAND: Fulbright; Benton. John Joseph ROWNAK: i)N; ' an Bnren. James M. ROY: Vocuin: Little Rock. Tenth Row: Kent J. RUBENS: Huniplireys: West Mem- phis. Pan RUDDER: ZN; I ' ine Bluff. Joe Lyell Rl ' MI ' H: i;N; El Dorado. Robert C. Rt ' NVON: Vocuin ' : Brownsville, lex. John Edward Rt PI ' : Humphreys; El. Smith. Lajuana [line RUSH: Fulhrighi; Link ' Roi k ' . F.lerenth Rim-. Marilyn Lee RUSSELL: Hot ; lluiuinf;- lon. N. ' . Michael Briue SAAR: Yocum; Jefferson (al . Mo. Paris Darnell SABIVS: Little Rock. Michael (.. SAL - MAN: ocuni; Salem, (allies Marvin SANDERS: Vocuin; Okav. Robert W. SANDERS: I ayettex ille. Tu-eljth Rim-, (.arv Charles SANDERSON: I Inmphrexs: Barber. Martha Irc-iic- SCH AP: Hot : Ft. Smith. Roger Glenn SCHANDEL: Humphreys: I.aCanada. Calil. av.i Ann SCHNEIDER: Spiingclale. I hennas Randall SCHU- MACHER: Vocnm: North Little Rock. Frances SCOTT: Hou; Ft. Worth, Tex. 135 First Row: Kenny SCOTT: Humphreys; Hazen. Pamela Dcnise SCRAPE: Fulbright; North Little Rock. Simone SEAMON: Fulbright: Springfield, Mo. J. Allen SEAY: 2 E: Hot Springs. John Samuel SEEMAN, JR.: Helena. William David SELF: Wilson Sharp; El Dorado. Second Rou : Michael SESSION ' S: Humphreys; Harrison. Jeanne SKTSER: Hotz; Decatur. Cassandra ' Anne SEY- MOIR: Hotz; Pine Bluff. Robert Austin SHARP, JR.: Yo- cum; Leachville. Sandra Faye SHARP: Hotz; North Little Rock. Wendell D. SHARP; Yocuin; Athens. Third Row: Dennis Ray SHAVER: Yocum; Leachville. Dennis Dean SHAW: IIKA; Springdale. Michael Wayne SHIM EK: Yocum; San Antonio, Tex. Ginger SHIRAS: Hotz; Mountain Home. Jon Randall SHOFNER: Yocum; Rogers. Harold Dudley SHOLLMIER: A9; Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: Jim Tom SHOPTAW: A6; Dallas, Tex. Marcia SHORT: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Susan Marie SICKEL: Fulbright; Little Rock. Diana Lynn SIEMON: Fulbright; Kenton. Ohio. Dixie Lee SILVERS: Fulbright; New Haven, Mo. Pain SIMONS: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Fifth Row: John Bennett SIMPSON: 2X; El Dorado. Melinda Kay SIMPSON; Fayetteville. E. Melinda SIMS: Hotz; Hazen. Alta Lea SISEMORE: Fayetteville. Patsie M. SISEMORE: Fayetteville. Nita Dark-lie SIVAGE: Fayette- ville. Sixth Row: John Currie SLOAN: 2 X; Lake Village. Phil W. SMALL: Humphreys; Hot Springs. Carolyn Diane SMITH: Hot ; Charlottesville, Va. Charles Randy SMITH: Humphreys; Springdale. Charlotte Ann SMITH: Spring- dale. Cindi SMITH: Fulbright; Forrest City. Seventh Row: David Douglass SMITH: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Diillie Jo SMITH: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Dwight Frank SMITH: Yocum; Mammoth Spring. Earl Travis SMITH, JR.: Yocum; McGehee. Fred H. SMITH: Humphreys; Hot Springs. Fred Vernon SMITH: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Kiglith Row: Kermit SMITH: Yocum; Leawood, Kan. Marsha Kay SMITH: Fulbright; St. Louis. Mo. Marshall Randolph .SMITH: Yocum; Harrison. Mary Lucille SMITH: Fayetteville. Phillip Dean SMITH: Yocum; Newport, R. I. Ralph SMITH: F.I Dorado. inlh Rou-. Robert Lynn SMITH: Greenland. Sarah Ellen SMITH: Hotz; Joplin. Mo. Stephen Guthrie SMITH: AXA: Stuttgart. Stephen Ward SMITH: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. ' Ferry Randal .SMITH: 2X; Star City. Winifred F. SMI ' IH: Fulbright; Little Rock. Truth l{ow: John Lindsey SMOTHF.RMAN: AXA; Bly- Iheville. Neil Norman SNYDER: 4 E: Camden. Sarah Edith SONNEMAN: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Gary E. SPANN: Yocum; Little Rock. Jack SPEARS: S Ae; Tulsa, Okla. Lucy Jane SPEARS: Hot ; Ft. Eustis, ' a. l- ' .levcnth Row: -Susan Elizabeth SPECK: Hotz; French- man ' s Bayou. Sylvia Ann SPENCER: Hotz; Maitland, Fla. William F. SPICF.R: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Regina Kay SPROl ' SE: Hot ; Springdale. Marilyn Elizabeth SPL ' RLIN: Hot : Bcrryville. Evelyn Suzanne SPURLOCK: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Twelfth How: L. Scott STAFFORD: Humphreys; Green Forrest. Jan Eva STAGGS: Fayetteville. Paul Wesley STAN- FIELD: Humphreys; Alma. Purcella Lea STANGER: Ful- bright: Mountain Home. Joe Hopkins STANLEY: Yocum; Augusta. I.ynne Ellen STANLEY: Fulbright; New Or- leans, La. 136 freshmen Following a pep rally in the lobby of the Marion, ;i hand member escapes the crowd and wonders how he can escape a " prc-game, post-party feeling. " First Row: Charlcne Marie STEBBINS: Hotz; Marietta, Ga. Martin Richard STKELE: 2X; Fayetteville. Nova N. STKELE: Fulbright; Xorth Little Rock. Leslie William STEEN: Yocum; Xewport. Terry R. STEGALL: Humph- reys; Little Rock. Diane STEIGLER: Hotz; Hot Springs. Second Row: Mary Gail STEPHENS: Hotz; Ada. Okla. Adrienne Evelyn STEI ' PACH: Hotz; Little Rock. Daniel M. STEVENS: 2N: Las Vegas, Xev. James Hal STEVENS: Humphreys; Little Rock. Nicholas Rodgers STEVENS, III: nivA; Little Rock. Rebecca Fiances STEVENSON: Ful- bright; Flippin. Third Row: Sara Ann STEVENSON: Hotz; Stuttgart. Elizabeth Ann STEWART: Hotz; Searcy. Fred G. STEW- ART: Yocum; Monette. Patty STEWART: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Ronald Gene STEWART: Yocum; Jacksonville. Van Larue STEWMAN: Humphries; Mena. Fourth Row: James Franklin STOBAUGH: 2AE; Pine Bluff. Larrie Dean STOLFI: Tontitown. Patricia Marie STOLE: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. James Lee STONE: Fay- etteville. Jeanne Ann STOPHLET: Fulbright; Rogers. Rob- ert Joe STOREY: Rogers. Fifth Row: Steven Rickey STOREY: Humphreys; Skia- took. Okla. Susan Lee STOUT: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. James Joseph STOWE: Fayetteville. Ronald Dale STRICKLAND: AFP; Charleston. Ronald Ben STRINGFELLOW: Humph- reys; Hampton. Richard Kenneth STROTHER: Fayette- ville. Sixth Row: Steve Charles STUART: Yocum; Malvern. Charles Rowland STUBBLEFIELD: Fayetteville. Edward Clark STURDIVANT: i AQ; Pine Bluff. Harold Lee SUD- BURY: iAE; Blytheville. Katy SUFFRIDGE: Hotz; Perry- villc. Kenneth E. SUGGS: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Seventh Row: Anita Diane SUITT: Fulbright; Monti- cello. John Gregg SULLIVAN: Humphreys; Dallas, Tex. Michael Kiap SULLIVAN: Fayetteville. Patrick L. SULLI- VAN: Yocum; Little Rock. Calvin A. SUMMETS: Humph- reys; Joplin, Mo. William Douglas SUMMERVILLE: Yo- cum; Blvtheville. Eighth Row: Glenn Edwin SUTI.ON: Yocum; Bcnton. Gary L. SWAIM: Fayetteville. Phillip Michael SWANX: ;; j E; Little Rock. Julie M. SWEPSTON: Fulbright; Craw- fordsville. Diane Elaine SYDORIAK: Hotz; Hamburg. Da- vid Sutherland SYKES: 2AE; Ft. Worth, Tex. Ninth Row: James Jerrel TANNER: Humphreys; Bates- ville. Elizabeth Ann Philip Allen TATE: TATMAN: Fulbright; Humphreys; Neosho, Clarksville. TAR1.ETON: Hou; I.iltle Rock. Humphreys; Mal ern. Sharon Flo Rogers, fame ' s Edward TAYLOR: Mo. Thomas TAYLOR: Yocum; freshmen Vhile waiting for BA students to vote, election officials discuss the Commerce Guild activities. First Row. Edward Guy TEEL: Humphreys; Camden. James A. TEIGEN: Minneapolis, Minn. Frank C. TEN- KNT: i)AE; Memphis, Tcnn. Anna Marie TERRELL: Hot ; Conway. Dixie Carol TERRELL: Hotz; Hot Springs. Becky THOMAS: Fulbright; Little Rock. Second Row: Carolyn Lee THOMAS: Fayetteville. Con- nie THOMAS: Fulbright; Baylown. Tex. June E. THO- MAS: Fulbright; Little Rock. ' Michael H. THOMAS: ZN; Hot Springs. Scott Stevenson THOMAS: 4 A9; Springfield, Mo. Thomas Edward THOMAS: Wilson Sharp; Ft. Smith. Third Row: Connie Jean THOMPSON: Hotz; Alpena. Larry Wayne- THOMPSON " : Humphreys; Swifton. Rodney Stewart THOMPSON " , JR.: Humphreys; Tulsa, Okla. Char- les Thomas THORN: Fayetteville. Gary L. THRAILKILL: Yocum; Gravette. Joan Elaine THRUSTON: Hotz; Spi ing- field, Mo. Fourth Ron 1 : Ronald C. TIFFEE: Yocum; Tuckerman. Ka TINDALL: Hotz; Stuttgart. Marvann TOLLEV: Ful- bright; Tulsa. Okla. Carol Christine TOOMBS: Fulbright; Piggott. Mar Margaret TOROK: Hotz; Berryville. Ruie Jean TRAM M ELL: Hotz; Gravette. Fifth Row: Sally Roberta TRAMMELL: Hotz; DeQueen. Charles 1). TREECE: Humphreys; Branson, Mo. John Ter- rv TRICE: zx; .Stuttgart. William Henry TRICE, JR.: Acacia; Fayetteville. Gerald Wayne TUCKER: Fayetteville. James P. TUDOR: Yocum; Little Rock. Sixlli Ron " . Glenna Rae TURLEY: Fulbright; Muskogee, Okla. Charles Sandforcl TURNER: Humphreys; Littl e Rock. Nancy Flagg TURNER: Fulbright; Dallas, ' Tex. Na- than Biuce TURNER: Yocum; Marvcll. Sally Allison TURNER: Fulbright; Springfield, Mo. Steve TURNER: KZ; Tulsa, Okla. Seventh Row: Linda Kathivn UPDIKE: Fulbright: Muskogee, Okla. Lynda Kayi- UPSHAW: Hotz; Little Rock. Mavis Ann UPTON: Hotz; Jasper. Robert Edward VAX BEVEREN: Humphreys; West Islip, N. Y. Ronald E. VAN VUSKIRK: Humphreys; Neosho, Mo. Patricia Kay VAN- DIVER: Prairie Grove. Eighth Ron-. Charles VAN GINHOVEX: Yocum; San Isidro. Lima. Peru. Eeke Nicolette VAX NES: Assen, Neth- erlands. Bill Alan VERNON: Yocum; El Dorado. Dwight Theodore VINES: Sedgwell; Tuckerman. Larry Dcwayne ' OSS: Yocum; Malvcrn. Kossie WADE: Humphreys; Wil- intli Ron " . Lancing Eaton VADKINS: Humphreys; Indianapolis, Iiul. Roy David WAGNER: Yocum; Rector. Rebecca Ann WALDEN: Hotz; Little Rock. Susan Elaint WALK: Fulbright; El Dorado. Charles Maxfield WALKER: 2X: Hope. Edwin Bramel WALKER, JR.: ZX; Round Pond. First Row: Fred W. WALKER: Yocuin; North Kittle- Rock. Larry Rodney WALKKR: Yociini; DeOueen. l.inila Kathryn WALKER: Fulbright; Camden. Rcila Amu- WAL- KER: Hotz; Kittle Rock. Villiain I lionias WAI.KKR: Vo- ctim; Little Rock. Jame-s Wendell WAI. LACK: Yocum; Lit- tle- Rock. Second Row. Richard Osmond VA1.I.ACK: Yocinn; Calico Rock. Thomas R. WAI.LACK: Humphreys; Mcna. Re-tta Le-e- WALLIS: Hot .; Houston, Tex. Charles A. WALLS: K2; Lonoke. Pamela Sue WALSH: Kennett, Mo. Jackie Allen WALTKRS: Yoctini; DeQuccn. Third Ron ' : Kathy Susan WALTON: Fulbright; I- ' t. Worth, lex. H. Kee WARD: Yoctiin; Siloam Springs. San- dra Fli abcth WARD: Fulbright; 1 ' rescott. Eddie Lee VARRINGTOX: IIKA; Blytheville. Martha Sue WATERS: Fulbright; Camden. John William WATKINS: Yocunr; Fuclora. J- ' oin-lh Row. Phyllis Kaye WATKINS: Hot ; Bc-nton. Betty Lou VATSON: 4-H House; Plainview. James Duke WATTS, JR.: Yoctim; Hot Springs. Mark C. WAI IS: Al ' P; Delight. Linda Jean WEAVER: Hot ; Ft. Smith. Paul WEBB: Yocum; F.I Carnpo, Tex. l- ' iflh Row. Phyliss Ann WF.BH: Hot ; Benton. Sherry Bowers WE0DLE: Corning. Charlc-ne WEDEMEYER: Hot ; Monroe, La. Pyhllis Ilcnc WEEKS: Fulbright; Jack- sonville. Leon WEST, JR.: Yocum; Magazine. Sandra Kaye HFAII.KY: Hot ; Hot Springs. .S . 7 How. Deborah Taylor WHILLOCK: Clinton. Kenneth George WHILLOCK: Clinton. Jim T. WHITE: Yocum; Muskogee, Okla. Sammy Charles WHITE: Humph- reys; Hot Springs. Samuel Scott WHITE: Humphreys; Sa- lina, Kan. Wooely William WHITE: Yocum; De-Queen. Seventh lion " . Barbara Sue WH I I FAKER: Hot .; Cali- co Rotk. Bruce M. WHITELOW: Yoenm; Wilmctle, 111. Charles Edwin WHITLEY: 2X; Blytheville. Robert Lynn WHITLOCK: KZ; Tuckerman. .Sandra Marie WHIT- LOCK: Fulbright; Warren, Mich. Angle Lee WHITLOW: 1-11 House; Plainview. Kighth Ron-. Chris WHITTEN: Hot ; Baytown, Tex. ferry D. WHITTINGTON: Humphreys; Camden. James Louis WHITTLE: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Mary Jane WICKARD: Fulbright; Little Rock. John David WIDE- NER: Yocum; St. Paul. Susan Virginia WIDMER: Hot .; Rii hinoiul. ' a. Ninth Row. Dilbert William WIENKER, JR.: Fayette- ville. C:hris E. WIGGINS: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Diane Sutton T IGH ' 1MAN: Fulbright; Kittle Rock. Kanny Michael VILF: Vilson Sharp; West Memphis. Veda Ann WILKINS: Scott; Kittle Rock. Kinda Ann WILLARD: Ful- bright; Ft. Smith. Tenth ;!!: Dennis Allen WII.IAMS: Yocum; Kittle- Rock. Dorinda Anne WILLIAMS: Hot ; Webster Groves, Mo. Flo d Kee WILLIAMS, III: Yocum; Alexandria, Va. C.eorgia Carol WILLIAMS: Hot ; Stuttgart. James Ray- mond WILLIAMS: K-; Memphis, Tenn. Janice Lee WIL- KIAMS: Fulbright; McGchee. l- ' .lerenth Row. Karen Kay WILLIAMS: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Lynne Marie WILLIAMS: Fulbright; 1 ' arris Island, S. C. Roiiert Biirney WILLIAMS: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Franc ene- WILLIAMSON: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Thomas (.. WIKI.Ol. ' GHBY, III: Tnlsa, Okla. Kathryn Ann WILLS: Fulbright: Pine Bluff. Tu-clfth Roi Memphis. Dani ILSON: Hot Humphreys; H: Columbus. Katl : Clyde John WILSON, JR.: 2 J E; West 1 if. WILSON: .St. Paul. Jackie Carol ; Jonc-sboro. James Curtis WILSON: lover. N. H. John J. WILSON: Yocum; yn P. WILSON: Fulbright; Jacksonville. 139 freshmen Two days before the campus elections the Alpha Chi Omegas left for O. U. Their candidate did not have too much opposition; they were confident. First Row: Mary Kay WILSON: Hotz; Little Rock. I ' risdlla Ann WILSON " : Fayetteville. Margaret Rose WIND- SOR: I ' ulbriglu; Little Rock. James William WINGARD: Yoctiin: Calico Rock. Jenny Lynne WINGFIELD: Fulbright; North Little Rock. Second Row: Ronald Lee 1NNINGHAM: Yocum; Newport. Myles Malcolm WINTKRS: Yocum; Harrisburg. (Jury INTON: Little Rock. Virginia Ann WITT: Ful- bright; Mount Ida. Jane Dee WOFFORD: Fulbright; Little Rock. Third Ron " . Gail E. WOLFE: Hotz; Rogers. Karen Sue WOLFINBARGER: Hotz; Neosho, Mo. Joe Mike WOOD: Humphreys; Ashdown. Larry Wade WOOD: Yocum; Mor- rilton. Michael Randy WOOD: Yocum; Benton. Fourth Row: Robyn WOOD: Hotz; Carthage, Mo. Laura L. WOODIEL: Hotz; Lake George, N. Y. Alice Faye WOODS: Fayetteville. Cindy WOODSON: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Thomas Edwin WOODSON: Yocum; Amity. Fifth Rou : Phyllis Lynn WORRAO: Hotz; Fayetteville. Judy WORSHAM: Hotz; Ft. Worth, Tex. Larry Adair WORSHAM: Dardanelle. Carole Alice WRIGHT: Ful- bright; I ' ine Bluff. Claudette WRIGHT: Fulbright; Shreve- port, La. Sixlli Row: Danny O. WRIGHT: AXA; Hot Springs. |im T. WRIGHT: SAE; Morrikon. Julie Margaret WRIGHT: Fulbright; Mountain Home. Richard Bailey WRIGHT: Humphreys; DcQueen. Thomas Joe WRIGHT: Humphreys; Little Rock. Seiviith Row. Carol WUEST: Fayetteville. Glenn David YANDEI L: Yocum; West Memphis. Patricia Sue YAR- RINGTON: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Jack Van YATES: Spring- dale. Ronald Ell YEAGER: 211; Fordyce. Eighth Row: Lennie Daniel YINGST: Fayetteville. Sara Gwen YOCOM: Hotz; Harrison. Ann YOUNG: Hotz; Mem- phis, Tcnn. Earl L. YOUNG: Humphreys; Helena. Richard Allen YOUNG: Little Rock. Ronald Dee YOUNG: Humph- reys; Harrison. Ninth Row: Linda Diane YOUNKIN: Fayetteville. Su- san Lee YOUNKIN: Hotz; Fayetteville. Emely ZAGRANI: Fulbright; Panama, Panama. Jo Anne Cecilia ZAKES: Hotz; Clarksville. Brenda Jcanctte ZIEGLER: Hotz; Jackson- ville. Charles H. ZIEMAN, JR.: Yocum; McGehee. Slnta " ' special students First Roic: JIM DAILY: ZAE; Newman Club; Marketing Club; Little Rock. IRENE HAGIANTONION: AXQ; Athens, Greece. ERNESTO N. YALJ: Yocum Hall; Guayaquil, Kuayas, Ecuador. CECILIA WATSON LAMB: Crossett. RICHARD VF.RNON HALL, JR.: Texarkana. Students inquire in passing about the outcome of test grades, but no one really ever knows how he did until the grades arc posted. arts THE UNIVERSITY THEATRE SOUTHWEST THEATRE CONFERENCE This fall the University Theatre hosted the Southwest Theatre Conference. Dr. Preston Magruder, technical director for the theatre and this year ' s president of the con- ference, brought three guest speakers to the cam- pus for the meeting. Howard Bay, the designer for MUSIC MAN, Abe Feder, lighting designer of CAMELOT, and Harold Clurman, managing director of the Lin- coln Theatre Center in New York, talked with stu- dents and conference delegates about their fields. Delegates to the Southwestern Theatre Conference attended meet- ings and productions in the Fine Arts Center Theatre auditorium. Member of production crew prepares a set for opening night. Mary Fran Marsh, a member of the SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS cast, applies eve make-up for a final rehearsal. 144 " Mio! " " Mia! " TruffaUlino ami Smerahlina argue o er one of the master ' s letters. CAST SIGXOR PAXTALOXS Jim Epperson CLARICE Mary Fran Marsh DR. LOMBARD! Anthony Moats SIIA ' IO Steve Garrison HEAT RICE l ; reedn Smith l-l.ORIXDO ARETUSI David Cr iine HR C.IIIJ.I.A Billy Edwards SMERALDIXA Shirley Thomas TRl ' I-l-ALDIXO Dick Alhin WAITERS Michael Harkley, Glen Goode [ ' OUTERS Dick Jones. Michael HnrkJcy MAJOR DOMO Dick Jones Mem her of Xationrtl Collegiate Players THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS The University Theatre opened its ' ( l- ' ( , r season with an original translation by Norman DeMano and Carlo Goldoni ' s THE SER ' . T OF TWO MASTERS. This 17th Clentury Italian Comedy met with attentive response during its six day run at the University, and as the UolA ' s contribution to the Southwest Theatre Con- ference. The play, directed by Professor DeMarco. made use of a platform stage which allowed actors to be seen by the audience during brief offstage breaks. Costumes by Mary Davis and the setting by Preston Magruder were bright and lively in the tradition of the Italian Fane. Mr. De- Marco inserted songs between scenes as intermetzos to I lie fast pace of the play. 1-1:5 I he Indies discuss the relative merits t hospitality, retirement, and murder. LADIES IN RETIREMENT Cleveland Harrison introduced a well known mystery, LADIES IN RETIREMENT, to the University Theatre as the second play of the year. LADIES IN RETIREMENT, lamed lor its suspense and mystery, proved that it was still capable of instilling audiences with the excitement of suspense. The plot revolves around a young woman ' s effort to provide for her demented sisters. She will do anything to achieve this end, including murder. Her schemes are complicated by the appearance of a wayward and flippant nephew. Hope is not lost. In the end, the young woman turns herself in for her crime and the nephew ' s selfish plans are foiled. CAST LUCY GILPIAM _ _ Marilyn Morris LENORA EISKE . Carol Thompson ELLEN CREED Dorotliy Su ' ixxhelm ALBERT FEATHER _ R. E. Cottrcll LOUISA CREED _ Edwina Whitman EMILY CREED Elizabeth Snipes SISTER THERESA . _ Elizabeth Clayton 146 MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING ' Dr. George R. Kernodle directed MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, the third play of the season. Twenty-three people participated in the production. Each made his entrance in turn, lending to the evening an attitude of procession. Don Creason, graduate technical assist- ant to the theatre, designed a forty fool wide Renaissance facade for Dr. Kernodle and filled in the orchestra pit to bring the actors closer to the audience. Using three large arches and two smaller ones, the set allowed for fluid changes from scene to scene and provided ample opportunity for framing of smaller scenes as well as space for all twenty-three actors at the same time. The play was written by William Shakespeare. CAST DON PEDRO Dick lours DON JOHN . Ron Robrahn CLAUDIO . Tommy Tliomiis BENEDICK Richard Youn LEONATO Dick Albni ANTON 0 Jack D. Cohen Ii.-U.TA7.AR St-rii Reynolds RODERIC.O Mil-line! liarldey n() R AC H 10 Dick Pool COX RID : C.len C.oode l- ' R AR I ' RANC S Tony Moats DOGBERRY I ' ERGES A SEXTON ] ' ATCIIMEN HERO BEATRICE MARGARET URSULA ATTENDANTS Cleveland Harrison R. A. Cot I rell David Craine Charles Hunt, David Rice. Ro l. nie Carol O ' Rourhe Eynii i Chambers Susie Mosley Marsha I ' t nee Mar I ' ran Marsh, I A till in Hilliard, Dan Ada ins Member of National Collegiate Players " Men aren ' t the sunn 1 . M II know, hill Krnrduk. never! " " Mere (ouie the 1 ' ritue and ( hindio h;isiilv! " RING AROUND THE MOON Fantasy characterized the fourth play, RING AROUND THE MOON. The play, directed by Norman De- Marco, was written by Jean Anouille and translated by Christopher Fry. It involves a young waif who is sum- moned to the House of Aristocracy and, during- the course of her evening ' s visit, is turned into a princess by marrying the rich young man, but not before she has suffer- ed the indignities of the poor. It delight- fully proves once again that love is blind and that money means nothing by itself. Don Creason enhanced the aura of the play ' s wealthy setting with his costume designs. CAST JOSHUA _ Dick Allrin HUGO . _ Ray Boudreaux FREDERIC _ Ray Boiidmiux DIANA MESSERSCHMANN Noiinie Wilson PA TRICE BOM BELLES David Craine MADAME DESMORTES Rlietta Spcnknxin CAPULET _ Sheryl Bryant LADY INDIA _ . Nan Allmon MESSERSCHMANN _ Dich Jones ROMAINVILLE R. E. Cottrell ISA BELLE Knlliy U ' ooten HER MOTHER Sara Reynolds A GENERAL . David Rice Member of National Collegiate Players " But. Dorothy, don ' t ou think that by seeming to know we know lie knows we run the risk of making him know. " " The 1 ' rodigal Son " proved once again the fallacy of Thomas Wolfe ' s " Never Go Home " . THE PRODIGAL SON AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS added cred- ulence to the story of rebirth by arriving shortly before Easter. On a double bill with THE PRODIGAL SON, these two operas composed this year ' s Opera Workshop produc- tion. The workshop, under the direction of Kenneth Ball- inger, produces one opera a year, in conjunction with the theatre department, in addition to its other activities. The sets for the two operas and the chorus was the re- sponsibility of Jim Fields, graduate student in music. CAST LIA Linda Ellis Sylvia Rose AZAEL _ Richard Cook Ray Bourdeaux SIMEON . _ David Craine Dan Reed VILLAGERS Brcndd li ridges. Ralph ( ' .lift, Jack Cohen, Diana Dandridge, Marjorie Dober. David Hull in, Diana Hopkins. Gary Laney Elizabeth Ann Moats, Marilyn Kay McCreary. Rhonda O leshy. Scott Ogleshy. Thomas Rakes, Lurry Roberts, Sharon Royston. Martha Stewart . Andrea Thompson. Juan Thompson, Pat Yarrington, Terry Worthy, Mary Fran Marsh, Dick Jones 149 Members of the I ' aikcttes arc officially greeted before their performance at the closing session of the 1 State Legislature. UARKETTES The Uarkettes, a fourteen member group se- lected from the Opera Workshop, have continued performing this year as an extra-curricular activi- ty. The group is directed by Kenneth Ballenger of the University music department. The highlights of the thirty performances this year include appearances at the closing session of the Arkansas Legislature, the Arkansas Farm Bu- reau Federation, the Arkansas-Oklahoma Live- stock Exposition and as the final attraction of the Rogers Concert Series. Aside from a three-day tour of Arkansas high schools, the Uarkettes performed for conventions, banquets, industry company par- ties receiving numerous standing ovations, and made several television appearances. Be! First Rim ' -. Gary Taggart, Donna Axum Buckley, Betsy Bridcn- thal. Susan Garner, Rhonda Oglesby, Judy Safley. Second Row: j iiiiiiiiiiin I Sylvia Rose, Ray Boudrcaux, Mary Catherine Walker, Paula Xickell, Dina Reynolds, Linda Ellis, David Craine, Cody Garner. Mill Illlll! Mi II 150 During a regular rehearsal iolinists intently follow thru stoic ;is the orchestra begins work for the final torn ei I of the season. UNIVERSITY-FAYETTEVILLE SYMPHONY The University-Fayetteville Symphony Orch- estra reached a new excellence this year according to Dr. Max Pales, director. Culminating it ' s busy schedule of concerts and tours was the final concert given. May 13 in con- nection with the University Chorus. The perform- ance was part of a three-day Bach festival sponsor- ed by the music department. Featured as soloists this year were Josef Marx and Beatrix Philapil. Mr. Marx of New York was a featured oboe soloist. Miss Pilapil, pianist at the University, played Rachmaninoff ' s " Theme on a Variation " by Paganini. This year ' s concert master was Robert Price, master candidate in music. Dr. Max Pales, professor of music and director of the I ' ni ersit -Fayetteville Symphony, prepares to conduct tile orclies Ira in one of the many fine programs held during the year. The main concerts are held in the Fine Arts Concert Hall 151 The Collegiate Singers appear on the program at one of the year ' s concerts. These presentations are given in the Fine Arts Concert Hall. UNIVERSITY CHORUS AND COLLEGIATE SINGERS University Chorus and Collegiate Singers, di- rected by Richard Brothers, appeared in two con- certs this year. The groups appeared jointly in a Christinas Concert and in the May Bach Festival. The University Chorus, directed by graduate as- sistants Douglas Morris and Jim Fields, is open to all students who wish to enroll for credit and singing experience. Students must have more musical experience and audition for place in the Collegiate Singers. The combined number of the two groups has risen this year to a 248 member chorus. Members of the I ' niversity Chorus practice diligently as Jim Fields, graduate assistant in the music department, directs. SCHOLA CANTORUM The famous Schola Cantonim, directed by Richard Brothers, this year continued its schedule of concerts and performances. Schola won interna- tional acclaim two years ago at the Cuido d ' Arez o International Polyphonic Competition in Italy, and since then the thirty-six member chorus lias maintained its high standard and excellence. It appeared last summer at the Musical Festival in Aix-en-Provence, France during a six weeks tour of Europe. This year the group conducted a state wide tour of high schools and civic organizations, performed in concerts with the University Chorus and Collegiate Singers, and participated in the Bach Festival sponsored by the department of music. Richard Brothers directs the famed Schola Cantonim in regular practice session as they prepare for the spring Bach l- ' estival. h l l-iisl lion " , C.aroKn Ford, Paula Sharrah, Pamela Hathaway, I ' anla Xickell, Susan 1 ' latt. Mary Vedgcwood, I.inda Henton, Cindy Smith. Sci-oiid I{ir: Geneva 1 ' iiibaiigli. Marx Catherine Walker. Pamela Walsh, Marilyn McCrcary. Betsy Biidcnlhal. Rhonda Ogleshy, Susan Younkin, letri Benson. Third Row: James Fields, Jack Moore, Kichanl Gibson. Bill Berry. Douglas Morris, Jonny Gillock, James Gibbons. |aik Cohen, Bill llerron. Dan Kiminer. l-inirlli ltir,t : : Charles Rane . I ' erry Bradle . Maurice Chevalier. Glum Reed. Dean Daltoton. Jerry Davidson, Lloyd Erickson, Tom Karris, Phillip McLendon. 153 features HANDSHAKES AND SMILES The Sigma ] ' is got at least one leapcc here, but they seemed more interested in anybody else who might ha e conic careening through the Student Union doors. While waiting for bids to be extended, prospective pledges lean nervously on Student Union balcony railing. There is a confi dent person in every crowd. Shades, tongue in place, Martha Mc- Dermott towers above Tri-Delta sisters. Knowing the meaning of disappointment DCs attempt to encourage a member legacy. 156 Sonic rushers cau l e pretty exasperating, even in iho (.hiOv Here Susie or- ris slinks back to llic house al ' icr bidding laicucll spciti c The Greeks came back to Fayette- villc early to water the grass, wax the floors, and try to make things appear cleaner than the dorms the rushees would be staying in for seven glorious days Rush Week. Change from year to year is not too evident, but this fall Alpha Tan Omega was replaced by Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha Chi Omega had a new selling point, and Delta Delta Delta had a half finished shell. There weren ' t too many rushees, the skits were on the average just average, and the rooms were filled with smoke. But alter discussions on complexions, taste, and high school records, the neces- sary decisions were made and a way of life was extended -- The Creek Way. III!! Rushing to meet new brothers. THE GREEK WAY Into the arms of their waiting brothers flew the new pledges. If they were real un- lucky, they landed on the pledge trainer, who had a special plaee reserved for them. From all indications it appears to be the Sigma Nu Relays but without the girls. In addition, the mud must be dried up. 159 IH Each year entering freshmen are encouraged to attend a welcome to the Cni WELCOME TO FAYETTEVILLE Looking terrified, new freshman may not know there are elevators. Or he could be looking at Brough Commons. 160 Each year the number of entering freshmen breaks all past records and, in general, enrollment reaches new heights. Arkansas is a growing institution with signs of this growth evident everywhere on campus. Five hund- red freshmen women moved into newly completed Hotz Hall, the Science and Engineering Center offered a twenty-five percent increase in the number of class- rooms on campus, and the band found a new structure occupying the sight of its burnt out shell. Additions were made to Carlson Terrace, and, with a stroke of genius, the administration reali ed the need for a swimming pool. Freshmen settled down to entrance exams while the upper classmen poured down beer and played. These were the new sights and old beginnings of another year at Arkansas. The Razorbacks provided O.S.U. its first loss, and began what was supposed to be a slow year. New freshmen girls, who don ' t know any better, get the snow job from " supercool " Sigma (.his (one with socks is Ironi ont-ol stale) . I ' nauaic il what awails her daughter al tbr I ol . a mother energetic a 1 1 totes one end ol a i lollies 1.11 k louaid 1 ill I nigh I Hall. l ] i(al Ireshman girl, (omplete with madras, (allies ihe good Mull while someone else brings the old hea v jnnk. 161 The 1 lasl l;i| of registration brought revealing pose from a card shuffler. Student writes his check, secure in the knowl- edge that he ' s done his dut to the bookstore. Registration -Can We Overcome? Helpful advisor tells girl to act last to gel in the 7:. ' id and Sat- mduy classes where she stands a belter chance ol meeting all the really sharp fraternity members. Kii! Registration, a hallowed old Iiadition al the I of A. carries on each car.uilh a marked leseinhlancc- to ll n Springs c hurcli ba aais. l- ' leshmen lake oric-iiialinn lesiv ncii lull icali in ; thai lhc ' lia liei iin a loni; asMiiialion iih llie snnieiinu ' s l e ildei iii} IMI5 machine 164 A CONTINUING TRADITION tt Students were so eager to bux books this year thai they organ i cd and stood in line. The bookstore expressed its appreciation for such maturity by selling them books. I Intent on becoming real-lite students, foims were filled out at exery opportunity, even on dark stairs. 1-dr a briel moment, all thoughts were focused on the processes of education. Workmen who dismantled and cleaned up afterward ' s didn ' t seem to have the hots for registration, but then xvho did? Awed by luxurious Men ' s Gym, fresh- man Jane Bell is reassured by a strat- egically located Cardinal XX member. Checking the price oi .1 irquiird lc i. :i siudrnl lleges. As usual, fall enrollment broke the old record set the previous year. Over 7,429 students came to Fayetteville in the search lor higher education. The largest I ' reshnian class ever totaled at least 2,500. For many of them, an added feature was a newly-begun program of summer orien- tation. University Registrar darter Short said that eight students were registered every minute during the three-day period. The end of a harried day came for most at the bookstore, where a semester ' s neces- sities were acquired. The first football game of the year came at the end of registration week, and the year got underway for real witli (lasses on Monday morning. Although IKK sponsored by the University, barkers at the annual Washington County Fair ill take student ' s money anywa FAYETTEVILLE WORLD ' S FAIR f irnim. Freshman boy lakes treshman girl for a U5? ride. Kntramed l tin- attractions at tin- local fair. sliuk ' iUs contemplate the good old da s when the C.acl alc festivities would allow thfin to ha e their own " attractions. " Ckimpctilion is keen everywhere, and, in an at- lempt to keep students away from the N. Y. ' orld ' s Pair, lot a I (iti eiis answer with this. Ka rl ;i k Dux is an occasion wlien TWO DAYS IN ONE Suave salesman hasks in the knowledge that all those Rax- orh;ick goodies will sell like mad once the crowd arrives, Ki8 Any group on the University of Arkansas campus that desires to have a " clay " can do so. All that is needed is a little publicity in the Traveler and a nod from the administration. The weekend of the Tulsa game, t wo groups had their clay. The band invited enough bands to fill the football field in Fayetteville. The bands came, filled up the football field, and played several marches. Band Day has become an annual event and is not too exciting. In another attempt to do public relations work for the University, Blue Key played host to five hundred high school seniors at the second annual Razorback Day. Blue Key received help from Chimes, Mortar Board, and Cardinal XX in this effort. The high school seniors big day at the University was climaxed by a Razorback win over Tulsa. tf T V V ' ; . f-iil H 2 iC l(;nul I);iy (ivnlcd a situation in which all thusr clfganl sounds had to echo around several times before they came to rest somewhere. iiBii II! The Young Democrats, unlike their rival club, had an active year. 1 hey made only one large slip by finishing last in the mock eleclions. Something of a novelty occurcd when a British Consul. .Stafford Barff, was allowed to give a political speech on " The British Elections. " Under the guidance of Susan Zook, BA freshmen register to run for offices offered in fall election. 170 DUNG lie Young Republicans spent long hours in the fall working on the Rockefeller for (.oxcrnor campaign. 1 liey lost and licl nothing else. (iixing blood is a noble deed, especially when one considers his rrxvard xxill (onsist of two cookies and a glass of juice. 171 SMALL MOMENTS OF GLORY A candidate (or Angel Might is questioned by an Air Force committee. Many of tin girls may have applied because the Traveler termed the organi alion an " Angel Fight. ' Selecting sponsors is one of few times when ROTC people can hope to gener- ate any degree of sustained enthusiasm. Thcv lined up and displayed what they had to offer to bolster military morale in a time of crisis. Candidates ' assets merited the close scrutiny of this cadet, who appears to be trying to hold onto his eyeballs 172 I For as long as the average student can remember the- two branches of the armed tones on the University of Arkansas campus have selected their sponsors in a truely wonderful review at the Greek Theatre. These reviews attracted not only the RO 1C students, but sorority sisters and interested males who remained un- committed to the military. This year the reviews came to a turn- ing point. The Air Force announced that it would no longer select sponsors, but hold closed interviews for Angel Flight. This considerably lowered the competi- tion between the ' two military groups, and in short brought new difficulties to the old ame of irl watching;. u mnill ' 4 -mill i .III nlli II |.m r Id lie (In- Ml.nnili nt littliry. I III-. [In- cise Illl 1 llll I ' ll-l IIKIM. I ' i I ' lli. 1 111 ' ROTC. looks lol ' ll il Illllim SS ill its Spoil sens. 173 1 ' lic Christy Minstrels sang most of their favorites, received Arkansas Traveler certificates, and sang some more 174 MUSIC OF SORTS Impressed cheerleaders wonder what (o do next as they stand on the dovei nor ' s hack porch. At least the didn ' t ha e to appear there after the campus " election. " I lie New C.hristy Minstrels sang and pla ed as i) lliev knew lliey were going to j el keen Aikansas I raveler tertilii ates from (io einor. 175 i ( ' or the pep BEAT TEXAS - A DREAM COME TRUE Kvery year somebody complains ahout hanky-panky with I he Texas tickets. But SAKs are cool enough to get theirs. 176 The miracle that no one had dared to hope for came to pass, as the Razorbacks defeated defending national champion Texas. Four years of frustration at the hands of the Horns were finally avenged by the team from Arkansas that had always before come close, only to get put down in the end. The Razorbacks dominated the game from the mo- ment when they stopped an opening Texas drive. Next was to come the fantastic punt return by Ken Hatlielcl, 80 yards past orange suits, even past the famed punter himself, Ernie Koy. Hearts of 06, 000 spectators knew two types of agony as Texas, in a last-ditch effort, went for two points and victory. They failed, the score stood at 14- 13, and anyone in Austin who waited for the tower to light up wailed another week. The Norman Luhoff Choir, a participant in the Community Concert Scries, entertained a crowd in would-be auditorium Men ' s Gym. I-Ollr.wing Texas game, i rowds of students tamped out .it l- " a ct- tc illc Aii ' port waiting for Ra orbatks to return. OlliuaK problems making students " break tamp " so planes iculd land. Awed b toitl] be (allies, freshman student Inrgcts for a mom- ent bis hopes of itlory and remcmlnis Ku Khi Klan stories. When planes finally landed at airport, students mobbed players who appeared victoriously beat. Exuberant Ra orback fan reached heighth of his celebration at the airport; lie then " passed. " f ' B MOCK ELECTIONS STATE ' S FUTURE In an attempt to better student- faculty relations. AWS held sev- eral teas. Those who attended acted as if there were nothing wrong with relations anyway. The girls in Hotz Hall organized during the Texas pep rally to present passers-by with this lighted image, another Hot , wonder The Student Senate held a mock election on the state and national lexel which proved to he an embarrassment to I ' niversity and VDC. SNAKE STAKES Vhilc throwing flour in each others eyes, contestants try to find the disk with their sor- orities ' greek letters on it. The girls usually cheat and hide disks until they find their own. Following scheduled events, members and pledges round up all the girls who have dumped on them to return favor. I ' i I ' hi [an McAllister, one of happy losers, gut " creamed " in Cup-Up deal. The tug-of-war is the final otfkial e ent in the Relays. It requires strength ami a desire to maintain sophistication. Chi Omegas didn ' t have strength, therefore lost sophistication. 180 ' ' tnn. rente . ii! ihe Jills - ' ! Mum tor. Tlie Sigma Nu Relays were held as usual, and were as successful as they had been in the past. Chi Omega won the trophy, which they used to cover a miss- ing sweetheart trophy spot. The Student Directory arrived on campus, students rushed to the Union for their copy, and kept (ailing Infor- mation. In one of the more controversial events of the year, Student Senate held a mock election in which the GOP swept the ballot, putting down the pres- ent state administration. Young Demo- crats had journeyed to Texarkana to hear a speech by the First Lady, and leaders claimed that they were unpre- pared for the election. It was obvious. The Razorbacks recorded a not too great victory over Wichita. ISI Ex-Miss America leaves pit. yagg offers challenge. A new event the limbo. m i t At OF LITTLE IMPORT -PART ONE The on] I his vear thev were liiih I ' orler gives Iropln lo John l- ' reiu h for I ' lii Delia Thelas uiions to (he hile. Holding [he tropliy for (he women ' : group, Sinn Park looks as if lie needs blood. 183 Arkansas Careers Day gives students an opportunity to snow Arkansas firms, While waiting for students, interviewers snow helpers. FUTURE CAREERS IN ARKANSAS Don Allen inierxiews for a job with " future " in Arkansas. LSI Arkansas Careers Day provided state businessmen who represented , ' il firms an opportunity to tell stu- dents why they should remain in the state after grad- uation. Blue Key, Chimes and Commerce Guild co- operated in planning and carrying out the details of the third annual event. The Porkers ground out their second straight 17-0 victory, this one oxer Texas AivM at College Station. ODK passed a resolution that asked the Student Senate to frown on political endorsements by student body representatives. In that great American event held every four years, the incumbent Texan. Lyndon Johnson, soundly over- whelmed his conservative opponent, Barry Goldwater. Governor Faubus proved that rich guys don ' t get every- thing, as he took his Oth term. Dad ' s Day was pleasant enough, as the Owls got it, 21-0, and the Razorbacks moved to a third place na- tional ranking. Dining interviews students try to convince interviewers that a grade point is not that important. Interviewers are unimpressed. I his lias been a had year for the Governor on the Fayettevillc campus. Science-Engineering (.enter was a great step forward, so the Governor came to take credit lor planning the complex. Sidewalk suifiii ' hit the I ' of A this year as major fad. It offer- ed Faxetleville merchants opportunity to supply another need. 185 Umbrellas were a common sight at Fayettcville football names this year; they were needed at all three games. Students didn ' t seem to mind the extra to er an umbrella offers for " mixing " . Razorbark sportscaster Bob Cheyne attempted to keep up with plays and usually managed to stay within one play of the action on the field. FOR DAD: HOGS WIN AGAIN Dads usually get more enthused than most fans at football games. Sideline seats offered dads op- portunity to cheer, coach a little. 18(5 L60ME Dad ' s Day is a I " of A tradition, just as is tin- Legislative Luncheon, the Marching Ra orbacks. and the old " Welcome. Dad " sign. I ' he vtisls and Conceits Committee, dedicated lo improving ihe University cultural Ie el. presented duo-pianists Gold and Fi dale. 187 HOMECOMING SAME STORY Homecoming decorations and their plans become a game of wits. I ' i Beta 1 ' lii outwitted other sororities to take 1st place in women ' s division. This sort of thing impresses rnshees. Fraternities and sororities hate the years which they have to build floats. It was I ' hi Delta Thetas ' year to build a float and they managed to produce a second place winner. On another rainy day, the traditional Homecoming half-time festivities were (limaxed by the forming of the court for crowning of Homecoming Oneen. 188 Vantage points are important to kids who found a good view from the trees lining a Dickson Street parade route. In ihr ;il sriHr of (iincnioi Faulms. I ' i ' rsiiiciti Mu Oiirrn K.iii ' ii ( inKon. l. ' l: kiss in II : li-i ( Mini Iloinmiining I ' n siili-nt llnrlev. , , !! 1 " umiiiie " ... yniitw Following ' the Hogs ' victory over Rice, the Board of Trustees announced plans to expand Ra orback Stadium to a capacity of ' " , 000. This should save the administration Texas ticket prob- lems when the game is held in Fayette- ville next season. Homecoming week festivities were the same as they had been in the past- pep rallies, parade, game, and dance, with nothing added except a huge 44-0 viciory over SMI T . This was probably not a result of the " Heat SMI! " answers requested during roll call. Vance Packard told students what was happening to the American char- acter, and " Ladies in Retirement " open- ed at the 1 I ' nhersity Theatre. It was an- nounced that some Bulgarian consul would speak at the Methodist Student ( ' .enter. 189 Brothers Four made decisions Brothers Four met the girls. 190 BROTHERS FOUR SELECT BEAUTIES Girls knew they were beautiful. The Brothers Four selected the Razorhnrk Beauties, grabbed a quick steak with snowed Bourg and Alford, then dressed in sniellv Men ' s Gym and delighted audience. Newly named beauties gathered on the stage to collect roses and radiate smiles of victory. 191 Intermission entertainment at Singfony was provided by a group of folk singers. Croup makes most events of this type; sings same songs. SINGFONY: A CHARITY EVENT I ' hi Drlta Theta came through with just another second place. Once again an Arkansas hog appeared as Raznrback fans traveled to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl Classic and victory o er Nebraska. Alpha Delta Pi took first place in Singfonv women ' s dhision. 103 Ill an attempt to keep Arkansas supporters ralli- ed this group patrolled Dallas with taped mess- ages for luiis. Attempt was appreciated, but fans managed to remain rallied bv use of other means. For taking this woman to the Cotton Bowl this man deserves to have his picture in Ra orback. THE COTTON BOWL AN APPROPRIATE FINISH Following Ra orback victory. Coach Rroyles beams with knowledge that he can get golf clubs out and live again. 191 Traveler headlines read, " We ' re Bowl Bound " and " do Hogs Go - For 11-0. " On the strength of an unde- feated regular season, the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas along with approximately 30,000 fans made their way to Dallas and the Cotton Bowl witli fingers crossed. There were morning parties, afternoon parties, evening parties, and New Years Eve parties. There were planned pep rallies and spontaneous pep rallies, but where there were Arkansas supporters, there were crossed fingers. At 1:00 p.m. New Years Day fingers were uncrossed, and the Hogs got down to business. It wasn ' t an easy afternoon for the Hogs or the Arkansans, but when the Traveler came out on January 5, 1965, the head- line read, " We ' re No. 1! " President Mull ins was happy, but saw no reason for an extended holiday; students were tired, but happy, too. Divine guidance is sought by John Heard as the moment of reckoning neared at Cotton Bowl. Mike Bradie points out reassuring Scoreboard. ii,i tea " 1 Looking like a registration line ' . Ra orl ;uk fans lined the- Mi.-eis " 1 Dallas, wailing for something to happen. Cops prevented it. 19. r ) ENDINGS: TWO SORTS Some still put Arkansas in the same class with Ole Miss, a not altogether reputable place to be. Flagwavers here exhibit their preference to the Cotton Bowl ' s television audience. Mid-term graduation ends the degree struggle for many students. Some of these are ones that took semester easv. Small-type Ra orback fan makes clear his preference to the city of Dallas, as he scopes out that famed metropolis. Sharp Arkansas fans had a corner of their own in the Baker Hotel that was designated, " Arkansas Headquarters. " Woman at right looks as though she ' s seen a Nebraska pennant. 196 SK T I.IIIII.IM ' S 830 graduating seniors heard a nunim IK i iiinii nddrrss by Or. Arthur S. Adams, mired President l the Anu-i i ,m (miinil mi I- ' .diu atinn. Following the Cotton Bowl victory, students came back to Fayetteville un- prepared for finals and term papers. Un- prepared or not, they came, passed, and were forgotten. Graduation was the end of the line for many students who picked up their degrees and sought new forms of ad- justment. For those with requirements and electives remaining the University spon- sored registration. The lines were the same as they had been in the past with only one improvement now freshmen knew the tricks too. Waiting out English people. Checking off closed sections. WE HAVE YET TO OVERCOME A place to sit down is a rare commodity dining any registration. In limes like these, a marble stairway gives relief to the weary, who may wonder if IBM ever gets tired. When spring registration eame, most were aware of what was going on. Kxcn Sue Walk, standing at right, knew where she was for a change. 199 Climaxing tin- cold National Champions Day activities in Razorback Stadium, Tim Cohane of Look Magazine presented trophy to U of A. ARKANSAS ACCEPTS GRANTLAND RICE AWARD Producer and Master of Ceremonies at National Champ- inns l);iy was sportscaster-puhlicity man Bob Cheyne. RAZORBAC M t The Razorbacks ' fantastic football season was cli- maxed on February 5, when National Championship Day was held by special proclamation of President Mullins. Following a parade, the Grantland Rice Award was presented in Razorback Stadium by Look Magazine Sports Editor Tim Cohane. He awarded it to President Mullins, who then gave it to Coach Frank Broyles. A banquet that night honored the team and coaches. Featured speaker was Ray Eliot, the assistant athletic director of the University of Illinois. The Helms Foun- dation presented their championship trophy, and vari- ous in dividual awards were given out to players. Championship Dance ended the day ' s activities, with Cookie and the Cupcakes providing the evening ' s music. Thus ended officially the celebrating for a football season of perfection for the number one team in the nation. Following the afternoon festivities, a banquet was held at the Student Union so the champions could collect symbols for their efforts. IV- " - n in thf __. ARKANSAS PERIOD TIME The students who attended activities in the stadiun cited alxmt cheering. Games were over and won, and it was cold For the first time in the history of the U of A, a red flag with a large No. 1 on it was raised with Old Glory. This was a happy moment for students who carried flags all year long. DOWN YDS TOGO Champions Day Dance entertainment was pro- vided by Cookie and the Cupcakes. Cookie tried to work up a sweat, in champs fashion, succeeded. Students attended the Champions Day Dance to celebrate Hogs victories. If dancing is a form of celebration, then the day had a successful end. OF LITTLE IMPORT - PART TWO 202 I ' anhellenic held spring rush as usual, for a small handful of girls, many of whom did receive bids. These new Zeta pledges are getting unloaded. The Freshman-Principals Conference gave students an opportunity to tell their former administrators exactly where they went wrong. show rushers that they provide lots of comfortable floor space. Women ' s rush is more informal in the spring. Here the Zetas 203 A LITTLE BIT OF DIXIE In one of the better conceits of the year, Al Hirt and his short little buddy kept the packed Men ' s Gym in control by using practical jokes and a little old fashioned " one step. " Al Hirt was a clown who presented good music. Students who ' s diet is made up of KHOG appreciated a change. Majority of students who go to the A VS Valentine ' s Dance are just there to vote for their candidate. The Alpha Chis managed to muster most support. Following two hours of total entertainment, Hirt took his bow; students begged for more. 204 AU ' S chose Gail Bi Ke, Alpha Chi, as its Queen of II.. linc ' s Dance. (.ill behind gail peels through the rose -., us dining the Valcn- eking aticiiiion, too. 1 ptsiucd ' iM(dieti!iadt r-Kutn! i ctage. Al Hirt, the famed trumpeter with the beard, came to the UofA for a con- cert, and rocked the Men ' s Gym with his 299-pounds of classy horn. In a move that foretold many later developments, Sammy Hilburn was re- moved as President for failing to meet the grade requirement. Pending action on his petition for reinstatement, Dick Holbert, Vice-President, became Presi- dent, as Hilburn ' s petition was denied. Seven student senators were also re- moved because of grades. Some were re- instated; some weren ' t. While freshmen and their high school principals conferred, WIHC made plans for their " Queen of Hearts " dance. When the Senate situation began to look less foggy, Mac Glover got elected President Pro Tern. The infirmary was full. Nurses offered thermometers. Sick students accepted them. 206 FLU AND AWS HIT CAMPUS Chimes members, like Pi Phis Pain Williams and Tessie Turk, were on the scene to assist state AWS delegates in filling out forms and showing them where Johns were. (.iingho AWS delegates from all over the state gathered at the University for their annual slate convention, headquartered at Hotz Hall. 207 Chilly winds may have been blowing, but there was still warmth in the hearts of some, who found that winter is a good excuse at times. FAYETTEVILLE: A WINTER WONDERLAND Some girls do get snowed rather easily, but this one must be waiting to find out for herself if chivalry is dead. 208 The UofA got the snows put to it; for a full week, even. There was something for everyone: snow, sleet, rain, sun, etc. Noted Perry County Representative Paul Van Dal- sem sought unsuccessfully to have the Law School mov- ed lock, stock and lawbooks to Little Rock. In other political developments, Sandy McMath, young Demo- crat, denied having any ambitious political diversions planned for the campus. Another removal took Jack Coleman from his post as Young Democrats president. In a pioneer move, the IFC approved a program of summer pledging for this year. A moderate rash of colds and flu hit the area, caus- ing temporary distress for some. Hotz Hall continued to rock on, oblivious to staid old Fulbright Hall. The girls of Hotz managed to gen- crate a small astebasket lire into an after-datecall ac- t ivity. F.ven though tlit- campus recked with snow, a few lovers of learning pressed on in pursuit of knowledge, or maybe coffee in the Union. - Had weather cerlainly tlorsn ' i fa e the most ardent ol fruit howlers, who sometimes enliive away from (he " culture (enter. " I hat old hit about getting the mail through the snow, rain, and |-a ette ille weather didn ' t seem to please this public senanl. ' JO ' .) Hot , Hall was " ablaze " with extracurricular act iviiics all year, as local firemen discovered IX. ' s Jacque Wilson looks intent with her tongue while her bearded ROTC date looks grossed out THE POWER OF AN ACTIVITY TICKET 210 Air Force ROTC Ball planners tried l think of themes to appeal to cadets. This was one would-be hilarious attempt. A.P.B. RO ' I ' C cadets buy activity tickets at military desk during registration allowing them the right to one date, a bow tic, and swell Ball. Cadets were lined up on the drill field and told they should attend ROTC Ball where they would have a good time; some went and did. ANOTHER DAY AT THE POLLS Commerce Queen elections give sororities an opportunity to find non-education majors. Sororities go for the queens to impress rushees. This is the reason for the hard sell of a Commerce Queen candidate. 1 Induing liis hat into the ring for vice-presidency of Business School, can- didate Ross had it returned at polls. Gifted students tried out for the Student Union Talent Show which gave them a chance to contribute something to the l " ni rrsit and a shot at winning honors at SWC show. 212 A skeptical BA student heais from shy Jeannie Me I .11 l.ind why IIP should ulf for ADI ' i Ounim ' Kc Ouecn laudidalr. Jcanuic happens to In- an ADI ' i. As the campus braced itself for the politics involved in the BA elections, other events of a political nature were taking place. The Student Senate over- rode President Holbert ' s veto of election dates, Sandy McMath announced that, " Hell hath no fury like the scorn of a woman, " and presented roses to two Chi Omega senators, and Senator Mosley, to the relief of education majors, revealed that her petition had been accepted, and she was re-instated as their length to the Senate. A religious group was formed to re- build a church in Mississippi, but it was later discovered that they had the wrong town, church and weren ' t wanted any- way. Other events were interviews by fed- eral agencies, selection of the new pub- lications people by the Board of Pub- lications, and the announcement that Fayetteville ' s slum. Terry Village, would be replaced by a coed complex. . Jacquc talks to engineers. Margi plays Galore. Phyllis just shakes. SvS YOUR ANOTHER CLEAN SHOW Bnl) Jones and Boots played MC. In perhaps a first for the Engine Rally, I ' at Yarrington just sang her way to the Saint Patricia title. She added very little to her obvious voice talent. These young beauties ask the engineers to " swing their bat for Pat. " They did and Pat Yariington won, another Hotz wonder. ' JIT) I ' he pur] i)sc of the Engine Banquet is, among several lesser reasons, to cut the instructors; these men take care of the IE group. SEE FAYETTEVILLE FIRST: THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS A ] ;n t of the I ' .tii iiK ' Week (Vstivitk-s is the placing of posters on hullo tin boards around Engineering Building. 2 Hi It was the 57th annual day for the Engineers. They held their banquet, rally, convocation, and tug-o-war, with the only new attraction the addition of an Engineers Hall of Fame. In keeping with the political atmosphere of the se- mester, Jim Lee Morgan announced that, " . . . two mighty alliances were formed alliances based on fear. " And President Holbert stated that the Bookstore had " everything is shipshape. " An announcement which everyone had been expecting was finally presented - Sammy Hilburn ' s petition was turned down. Senator McMath, who had earlier offered to pull Law School out of the Senate, realized that it really didn ' t matter and dropped his plans. Elections of one sort or another were held, and Jim Lance took over the vacant vice-president ' s spot. Beth Yancey was chosen to head AWS. The Arkansas Legislature chalked up another high- way and presented the L T niversity a budget increase of $3,000,000. rand The Smothers Brothers had their differences at times. Tom offers his hand to brother Dick, who looks miffed at Tom ' s mental lapses. Dick tries to put down his brother Tom. who has just said some- thing really truthful about " wonderful, scenic Fayctteville. " Mason Williams came along with the Smothers Brothers, and en- tertained rieldhousc crowd with his specially, " Them 1 ' ocms " . 217 Spring gave a mother an excuse for getting out in the world and seeing how the other half lives. Told by someone to go fly a kite, Pi Phi Tessie Tuck took it seriously, even got it in the air. AND THEN GREEN CAME BACK 218 Fledgling art students often are found with pained expressions on their faces. They have to find something worth sketching on campus, a truly formidable task. Gail liiggc was one of the girls tapped for Mortar Board at the annual AWS Spring Festival. This gives her an opportunity to sell calendars A couple found time to sit on a bench in the University ' s front yard and watch the Army ROTC cadets march by. Fayctteville is secure. 219 DERBY DAY: A SIGMA CHI FIRST The Tri-Deltas managed to out-score other sororities to take first place Derby Day Trophy. " 0 The idea was for each sorority to take a Sigma Chi for a day and dress him up in prize winning fashion. Tri-Dclta won with their rendition of cute bunny. " dressed " Sigma Chi Steve Wood should have entered the Miss U of A contest. The Zetas out-did themselves. lav; " With sacks over their heads, they paraded around Agri Park for their sororities with visions of Derby Day Queen in their minds. Its not every day that girls are found prepackaged. 220 JL r ' ' wnritv to take i ji ltd lies kin up ' .: Tri-Dduvon :.a .if nut tanv, Derbies are rarely seen on the U of A campus, but they came in big this year with the establishment of Sigma Chi Derby Day. This contest between sororities was started at the University of California in 1930, and it only took thirty-five years for it to reach Arkansas. And then came the Fourteen Points. They were presented to President Mul- lins, reviewed by the Senate, and eventu- ally acted upon or explained by Presi- dent Mullins to the apparent satisfaction of the students. Perhaps the most inter- esting comment made during the Four- teen Point controversy was that of John Harmon, " We don ' t want to have an- other Berkeley. " With Deacl Week a reality, members of Blue Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Mortar Board looked at Hot Springs and expressed their " sincere concern for the notorious and peon violations of state laws. " One of the girls in position for the I- ' .gg Drop t;ikr ;,iin al a friend helow. OO] Girls climbed ladders. ( ' .racked eggs. Missed glasses and hit friends. ,- B " - I 999 Tn-Deltas alleged red eyed bunny. LITTLE SPIRIT CREATORS Cheerleader practice sessions were held in the Union Ballroom, where such hopefuls as Jacque Jones learned everything from how to call a hog to basic movements of the smile. Following their selection in the Creek Theatre r,ew cheerleaders paused to gloat for picture. The keynote speaker at Commerce Day was Dr. Kennedy. His topic was " Followership " , the end result was both funny and entertaining. J TWO MORE DAYS COMMERCE AND AGRI When all ballots were in and counted, the sorority which managed another queen was Pi Phi with Janis Funk. 22-4 Commerce Day and Agri Day filled out the list of major " days " scheduled for this year. Both were carried out with little change, with the exception of the elimi- nation of the Commerce Day Banquet, and both were termed successes by their creators and producers. The State High School Science Fair opened at the Men ' s Gym, and, since not too many students make a habit of stopping in there, the only event which stirred any enthusiasm among students was an address by Col. John Glenn. America ' s first orbiting astronaut. Phi Beta Kappa tapped fifteen seniors and five grad- uate students, and the Civic Club began the Univer- sity Campus Chest drive. This gave students an op- portnnity to help select a Campus Sweetheart and a Campus Lover. Politics had received added emphasis second semes- ter, so the candidates began filing, and would-be poli- ticians played their games. One of the events of Agi i l a whiih is not an official e cnt takes place when barhccucd chicken is served to agri students. 225 Following his speech in the lieldhouse, Colonel Glenn visited vilh high school students at the Arkansas State .Science Fair in the Men ' s Gym. John Glenn showed slides and spoke on past and future moon shots to scientifically minded trowel. OF GLENN, WIN, AND THINGS For one glass of orange juice, senior ([uarterbai k F " . Marshall must donate one pint of blood. Vin Rockefeller, inspired l y visions of a cultured Arkansas, related his plans to Blue Ke members and guests. GS A DEMOCRATIC UNIVERSITY The spring elections gave students an opportunity to dress up and speak to their enemies. Contact with individuals is important in the final moments of an election. Candidates Johnson and Glover elbow- ed for position as last students voted. A : LEE CARTER Senior Senator r -. ,. Campaigning inside the I ' nion is against election rules, hut during elect- ions candidates will except any help. While on the wa to exercise their right to vote, students will be badgered by a multi- tude of candidates and their supporters who represent even college except Law School. 228 When the polls ]osr ihc cnnpiii tiris lc;i c ihrii piinird (|ii;ilitics scittrrrd .iMHinil (tit- (iirnpus. Jiinitois 1 1 ! i li .11 MII -.s muni! ilniL .: ii MIMIC Li- S m Quantity was the dominant theme in the April elections. Not only did the president ' s race draw five candidates, but the previously uncontested vice-president- ial position attracted lour candidates. In addition, political parties returned to the scene, with the Apathy Party promising complete apathy, and the University Re- I ' onn Party (1 T RP) promising a try for liberalization of everything. Neither party scored, although a run- off proved necessary in the president ' s race, with Mac: Glover emerging on top. Jim Morgan was elected vice-presi- dent ithout a run-off. i 230 beauties 231 unner-up to kappa kappa epanima Second l .unncr-up L arolun. noftomoe liail Hfckli Vvg ' i ' ' . 234 J citntcc ccn notcomoe liall 236 .J i err ic O til o z j 238 srane _Xrmi il lunncrlun U; Uf 240 il eta, tciu ciliJi 2-12 lizabetn Lit . r anuce ilella aellct aeltci I 2-1 G m, arilun u aella aiiiniiid 2-18 lA aiiin flella delta delta f oivcit delta delta tlelta Debbie a Lt: Ul cni oineaa n i f i i. alpha chi oineaa ia (a ueen ana L ourt omecomincf osueen ant IV lar cni omeaa a delta delta delta. 250 JV - - -1 iaint patricia at UjarrinaL nolz hall Q commerce queen i beta phi r tlAJ r ueen ol nearls Ljail (I5igae ulpna (hi omega Q ueens tiiirl queen f ancu rfnrs (lel ii ticllci ael ei oeit-dre6ied coed f f l Kappa K gaininci 254 ouer oL onne to Wrialit Sweetheart 3LtcL clellci (Icf ti fit-Ill, 256 personalities STUDENT COURT: Paul Ray, Associate Justice; Sarah Clark, Associate Justice; David Blair, Chief Justice; Bob Bryant, Associate Justice; Steve Grain, Associate Justice. STUDENT GOVERNMENT At the University the responsibility of self gov- ernment is delegated by the students to an organi- zation known as the Associated Students of the University of Arkansas. The annual Spring elec- tions generate enthusiasm among the students and offer students opportunities to participate in poli- tical affairs. Student government is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive and legislative arms are elected; the judi- cial branch is appointed. Elected at large by the entire student body, the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treas- urer compose the excutive branch. STUDENT SENATE: First Row: Jim Womble, Sandra Mc- Adams, Paul Berry, Frances Dillard. Ann McLeod. Tom, Mike Arrington, David Gardner. Second J{ou " . Earl Bowermann, Buz Arnold, Art Williams, Susie Mosley, Bcv Reed, Vivian Roba- son. Bol) Hariell, Mickey Mayfield. Third Rou-. Charles Cavi- ness. Gary Felkcr, Sue McFaddcn, Mary Nell Helbron, Mary Nell Donahue. Joanna I ' inson, Pat Rotenberry. Fourth Row. Vincc Long. J. D. McConnell, Jim Cofficld, Mac Glover, Jim McBumett, James Langley, David Malone. v. I STl ' DENT OFFICERS: Skipper Martin, Treasurer; Dick Holbert, Vice President; Diane Allen, Secretary Saininv Ililluirn, President. The legislative arm, the Student Senate, con- sists of delegates of the various colleges according to enrollment; each college is assured one senator regardless of its enrollment. The Judicial branch of the student govern- ment is composed of a Student Court and an At- torney General. The Attorney General is respon- sible for the prosecution of all student offenses over which the Court has jurisdiction. However, many disciplinary issues are handled by the Uni- versity Discipline Board, an arm of the Student Court. (Editor ' s Note: For those interested, this has been an active, controversial ear (or student, government. The important fact is that interest has heen stimulated in man directions, and it is this neu ' interest that rr Itelter serve llie future of student government.) .SF.XIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Ken Hatfield, Presi- dent: I.ynne Fitzgerald, Secretary. 259 BUZ ARNOLD Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; National Science Foundation Research Participation Award; Omicron Delta Kappa; IFC, Vice-President; Theta Tau; ABC; Civic Club; Student Sen- ate; Sigma Pi, Outstanding Member. Herald, President. MARY NELL DONAHUE Morlar Board; Dean ' s List; Fulbright Hall Senior Counselor; Student Senate; Student Union Governing Board. Secretary; Newman Club, Re- gional Secretary; IH ' C; Delta Delta Delta, Scholarship Pledge, Recom- mendation Chairman. who ' s who ED PENICK Cardinal XX; Scabbard and Blade; Blue Key, Secretary; Gac- bale. Director. Executive Secretary; 1FPC; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma i. hi, House Manager, Treasurer. McLEOD Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; A VS, President; Fulbright Hall Senior Counselor; Student Senate; AWS Senator; Sophomore Council; Panhellenic; Delta Gamma, Secretary, President. 260 JIM MORGAN I ' hi Eta Sigma; Beta (aninia Signu; Kluc Kr ; Ainold Air So- cict ; Junior Banker ' s Si holarship; KIM Si Imlaiship; Dean ' s I.isl; Yocum Hall Counselor; MIIK , in -1 ' icsidcnt; Young Republic ans; ( i u ( .luh. ' (t Foundation ' ill hppi; IFC, ' ' ' . Vm Sen- JKRRV O1T Oniicion Delia Kappa; 1 au Beta Pi; 1 ' i Mu Epsilon, Tutor Chairman; Kta Kappa Nu; Alpha Phi Omega; IFPCl; IFC; Student .Senate; National Foundation Research Grant; Alpha Tan Omega, Treasurer, Presi- dent. SARAH FROST CLARK Sophomore Council: Mortar Hoard. .Scholarship Chairman: Kappa Delta Pi, President; Student Court, Associate Justice; Fulhright House Council; Fulbright Hall Senior Counselor; A VS Executive Board, Social Chairman; ACF.l, President; SXF.A; ARC; A VS Social Ciommiltee, Secretary; Gae- bale. Publicity C.ommittee; Zcta Tau Alpha, Model Pledge, Scholarship Chairman. 10 i wruniCie- ; MARINELL COK Moriar Board, Scholarship Grant; -Sigma Nu Sweetheart; Chimes; Phi I ' psilon Omicron, Correspoiuling Stxretaiv: Romeo K. Short St Iiolarship; C. M. GoiKh S( liolarship; A S Executive Board; I ' tilbright Hall Seniol Counselor: Panhcllcnu Handbook. Kdi- tor; Sophomore Council, Secretary ; Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chair- man. JOHN MEADOR Bine Key, Alumni Sccrctarv, President; Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals; Business School. President; Ra orback, Business Manager; Guild Ticker, Assist- ant Editor; Traveler, Sports Writer; Sigma Nu, Dele- gate to National Convention, Board of Governors, Alumni Bulletin Editor. 2fil RON ' ROBINSON Outstanding Junior Journalist; Blue Key; Kappa Tau Alpha; Donald V. Reynolds Journalism Scholarship; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Traveler, Editor; Razorback, Sports Editor; Press Club, Presi- dent; Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Committee; Phi Delta Theta, Rush Chairman, Alumni Secretary. LINDA LOU EVANS Dean ' s List; Pi Beta Phi Scholarship Award; AWS, Legisla- tixe Board, Judicial Board, Executive Board; Student Union Publicity Committee; People to People, Alumni Membership Committee; Pi Beta Phi. Treasurer, House Manager. who ' s who Phitu taO - Cute Wo JIM LANCE Blue Key; Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-President; Cardinal XX, Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma. President; Beta Alpha Psi; Dean ' s List; Alpha Kappa Psi; Humphreys Hall Head Counselor; Honors Council, President; Pro-Law Club, President, Secre- tary; IFPC; Associated Students, Vice-President; Sigma Nu, Scholarship Chairman. PAT ROTIN BERRY Minnie T. Allen Scholarship; Grundfrst Foundation Scholarship: Kappa Kappa Gamma Scholarship: Agri Queen; Arkansas AWS. State President; Student Senate; AHEA, President, Vicc-Prcsident; Gaebale Executive Hall Senior Counselor; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Board: Holcombi Class President. 262 JERKY COOPER Cardinal XX, Vice-President: Oininon Delia Kappa; Phi Ela Sigma; Alpha Lpsilon Delia, Presidnn: 1 1 mnphie s Hall Coun- selor, Advisor; Traveler, Business Mana ri. ( i ' udation Manager; I ' niversity S mphony Orchestra, Matching anil Concert Hands; Sigma n, Pledge (.lass Vi(c-Picsident. ' N !cni Union " !;. Mmboship SKIPPER MARTIN Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary: Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; Pi Mil Epsi- lon; Omicron Delta Kappa; AS II Chicago Trihune Award: II-C.; Associat- ed Students, Treasurer; Alpha Kappa Lambda, President. CAROL HAMPTON Dean ' s List; Alpha Tan; Sophomore Council; (Transfer from Hendrix College) . A VS, Financial Committee Chairman, Executive Board; Pan- hellenic; Young Democrats; WRA; Delta Delta Delta; Recording Secre- tary, District Rush Chairman. 10 , M Ps: Dem ' s M. tan ,;..-; JM3 Nil, KAY GOODWIN Rockefeller .Scholarship; Laura |. Yeater Sdiolarship: Bliss Jun- ior Aclixilies Award: Dean ' s List; Lamlida Tan; Mortar Board. President; I- ' ulhright Hall Senior Counselor: A VS. Secretary; Chimes; Sophomore Council; SNT ' .A; ABC: Student Senate; Kappa Kappa Camilla, Secretai ' y, DAVID M ALONE Omiiron Delta Kappa: Beta Alpha Psi: Dean ' s List; ILC. President; Alpha Kappa Psi: Student Senate: Circle K: Guild Ticker, Associate Editor; Razorback Staff; Sigma Phi Kpsilon. President, Vie e-Prcsidcnt. 263 w BOB BRYANT Cardinal XX; Blue Key; Dean ' s List; Alpha Kappa Psi, Chap- lain; Business School, President, Vice-President, Treasurer; IFC; Student Court, Associate Justice; Civic Club; Sigma Nu, Board of Governors, House Manager, National Convention Delegate. Anjel Fl moreCoi liioior Ai Oniicimi l Af- Prsiiimi Alpfcj k NAN CLARKE ALLMON Phi Theta Kappa; Phi Beta; Service Queen; Honor Graduate; College Government Association, President; Woods Echoes Staff; (Transfer from William Woods College) . National Collegiate Players; Razorback, Co- Kditnr; ABC; Pi Beta Phi, Publicity Chairman. who ' s who CAROLYN ADAIR Army ROTC Sponsor; Razorback Beauty; Angel Flight; Cot- ton Bowl Princess; National Football Queen Princess; Miss University of Arkansas; Student Senate; Panhellenic, Presi- dent; Board of Publications; AWS Executive Board; Delta Delta Delta, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman, Model Pledge. JUDI BURCH Mortar Board, Vice-President; Sigma Delta Pi; Lambda Tau; Alpha Lambda Delta; Jobelle Holcombc English Award; Dean ' s List: WIIIC. President; Board of Publications; Disciples Student Fellowship, President, Vice-President, Editor; Carnall Hall Senior Counselor; Coed ' s Code, Editor. 264 DICK HOI.I11.RT Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Kappa I ' si; Scabbard and Blade; Dean ' s List; Associated Students, President; Student Senate, Presiden t; Board of Publications, (.liaiinian; IIC, Rush Chair- man; Commerce Guild, Vice-President; Varsity Cheerleader; Marketing Club, Treasurer; Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Vice- President, Rush Chairman. MARGARET ROBINSON Angel Flight; Panhellenic, Secretary; Fulbright House Council; Sopho- more Council; AWS Student-Faculty Committee; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, Rush Chairman, National Convention Delegate, Dickinson Junior Achievement Award. JUDY PHELPS Dean ' s List; Mortar Board, Scholarship Award; Futrall Hall Senior Counselor; Carnall Hall Senior Counselor; Student Reli- gious Council, President; Chi Alpha, President, Secretary-Treas- urer; WIHC; AU ' S Vounteer Service Committee. WILLIAM HARRISON Alpha Pi Mu, Vice-President; Blue Key; Omicron Del- ta Kappa; Theta Tan; Civic Club. President. Vice- President; AIIE, President, Southwest Conference Chairman; Student Senate; Engineer Staff; MIHC; Phi Delta Theta, Corresponding Rush Chairman, Alumni Secretary. 265 LARRY WALLACE Blue Key, " Razorback Day " Director; Student Senate; IFPC; IFC, Vice- President; Marketing Club; Gaebale, Publicity Chairman, Director; Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Vice-President, National Convention Dele- gate. DONNA AXUM Pershing Rifles Sponsor; Sophomore Council; Uarkcttes; Schola Cantorum; Miss Hospitality of Arkansas; Arkansas Forest Queen; National Cotton Picking (.)ueen; Miss Arkan- sas; Miss America, 1964; Arkansas Woman of the Year; C. E. Palmer Award; Mu Alpha Sigma, President; Delta Delta Delta, Social Chairman, Outstanding Junior Initiate. who ' s who All-Sw Bbdt: dml: Pa. S RIB. ' : DAVIDSON HUMPHREYS Blue Key; Alpha Tau Alpha; John Rush Scholarship; MIHC, 1 ' resident, Associate Court Justice; Executive Council; Humphreys Hall Upperclass Advisory Council; Wesley Foun- dation, Vice-Prcsident; Student Religious Council, Treasurer; Student Senate. BECKI BALCH Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi, Historian; Dean ' s List; AWS, Vice-Pres- ident, Judicial Board; Civic Club, Secretary; Singlony, Co-Chairman; Sophomore Council; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Assistant Rush Chairman, Marshal. 266 IBMEHHBBIH 4 I ' atttiB; b " t .(Aim " ' . V Mjn- IlitVanCE. K MB Deh t Initiate. CHI CHI HARGKAVKS Mortar Board, Reporter; Alpha Lambda Delta, Tutoring Chairman; Lambda Tan; Sophomore Council; Traveler, Feature Writer; Razorback, Beauties Kditor; Fulbiight Hall Senior Counselor; (-hi Omega, Herald. 10 KEN HATFIELD All-Southwest Academic Team; Dean ' s List; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Senior Class Presi- dent; Blue Key; Student Senate; Cardinal XX; Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary; Wilson Sharp, President; IFPC; Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman. JOHN FRENCH Cardinal XX; Blue Key; Dean ' s List; Student Court, Associate Justice; Alpha Kappa Psi, President; IFC; Civic Club; Commerce Guild; Phi Delta Theta, President, Secretary, Social Chairman. EDDIE ADAIR Blue Key; Student Senate; IFC, Rush Committee; Traveler Staff; Gaebale Committee; Sigma Nu, President, Historian, Board of Governors, Conclave Representative. 267 athletics JOHN BARNHILL Director of Athletics BARNEY ' S DREAM-A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP John Barnhill personifies the heart and soul of the University athletic program. He does because he built it. For eighteen years his dedication and administrative talent has guided Arkansas athletics into one of the finest programs in the nation. The entire state knows of his achievements and recognized them by inducting him into the Arkansas Hall of Fame. The Razorbacks have excelled because of his driving desire for excellence. This year Barney was rewarded for his many efforts. 270 FRANK 15KOYLES Head Football Coacli GEORGE COLE Assistant Athletic Director GLEX ROSE Head Basketball Coach 271 THEY DID EXCEL This was a year of excellence in Arkansas football, and this suc- cess is a direct result of the Razorback assistants. Every man on the staff is an expert in his particular area of concern. For many former assistants, Arkansas was a place to show ability and then move on to a head coaching position. The University has a reputation of develop- ing some of the finest young coaches in America. The staff of assistants at Arkansas certainly plays an integral part in the success or failure of athletics. And, just as the past season was a reward for Barney, so it was for the Razorback assistants. BOB CHEYNE Publicity JACK DAVIS Frosh Football WILSON MATTHEWS Ends and Linebackers JOHNNY MAJORS Offensive Backs BILL PACE Defensive Backs STEED WHITE Offensive Line MERVIN JOHNSON Offensive Line 272 " DUDDY " WALLER Erosh Basketball BARRY SWITZER OlTensivc Ends C. A. BIDWELL Track BJLL EERRELL Trainer-Baseball JIM MACKENZIE Assistant Head Coach LOX FARRELL Assistant. Following a poor appearance against O.S.t ' . in Little Rock, the coaches and Ka orhacks usc-d the Tulsa game to show improvement ft SEASON RECORD Arkansas 14 Oklahoma State 10 Arkansas 31 Tulsa 99 Arkansas 29 Texas Christian 6 Arkansas Arkansas 17 14 Baylor Texas 6 13 Arkansas 17 Wichita Arkansas 17 Texas A M Arkansas 21 Rice Arkansas 44 S.M.U. Arkansas 17 Texas Tech COTTON BOWL Arkansas 10 Nebraska 274 Jim Lindscy Fred Marshall Jerry Lamb STATISTICS ARKAXSAS 18 15 3 299 OSU 9 r.i 2-38.0 to 16 " m7 Downs By Rushing By Pnssiiiir By Pctuilty Total Offense Xel Rushing Passes Attempted Completed Had Intercepted Yards Pass: tig Punts } ' dids Pennlr ' d Putil Returns THE GRANTLAND RICE YEAR ARKANSAS 14 -- OKLAHOMA STATE 10 Inspired by their own determination, Arkansas en- tered War Memorial Stadium ready to carry on the " Razorbacks " tradition. Dedicated to overcoming last year ' s mistakes, encouraged by the preceding spring and early fall practices, the Hogs rose to the occasion and handed Oklahoma State University a 14-10 defeat. There was no doubt about it, Arkansas ' s I-formation accom- plished its goal on the ground, but left doubts about its soundness in the air and on the goal line. In the first period two interceptions and a 42-yard punt return had left the Razorbacks much to be desired. The Cowboys got close enough one time to try a field goal that failed. It was not until Ken Hatfield ' s punt return, in the second period, that Arkansas mounted a scoring drive. After intermission O.S.IT, roared back to knot the score at 7-7. The Razorbacks then drove 64 yards in 13 plays to make the score 14-7. O.S.IT, was not to be denied another chance. Following a Hog fumble, at their 36, the Cowboys marched to the Arkansas 20 but had to settle for a 37-yard field goal. Ouai terback Billy Gray keeps the ball and carries around end for a first down on the Oklahoma State 35 yard line in the season opener. Typical of the Hog defense during the past season is this tackle of a (, olden Hurricane by Arkansas ' All-American Ronnie Ca cncss. TULSA STATISTICS ARKANSAS First Downs By Riisliing By Penalties Total Offense Net, Rushing Passes A I tempted Completed Had Intercepted Yards Passing P tints Yards Penalized Punt Returns Richard Trail Jim Williams Ronne Mar Smith ARKANSAS 31 - TULSA 22 Tulsa ' s Golden Hurricanes were next, and blew into Fayetteville on the passing arm of ferry Rhome. The Hur- ricanes established themselves with a 14-0 lead midway in the second period. Ronnie Caveness picked off one of Tulsa ' s passes at. the Hurricane 12 and returned it for a touchdown. Within seconds, Caveness recovered a fumble at Tulsa ' s 30 yard strip. Here the Hog machine failed to jell, and they left the field at intermission behind only 14-10 after Tom McKnelly ' s 44-yard field goal. In the second half, Tulsa simply beat themselves with two short punts and a lapse in their defense. The only time they were to threaten or mount any kind of drive was late in the game against the Hog reserves. The final score read 31-22, but Arkansas was truely lucky to survive the first half Hurricane assatdt. Jim Johnson Randy Stewart Ken ' Hailidd ARKANSAS 29 - TEXAS CHRISTIAN 6 Untried and unsure, Arkansas entered their Southwest Conference opener with Texas Christian University, and ARKANSAS emerged with a 29-6 victory. Lloyd Phillips, Jim Williams, 20 and Bobby Roper established themselves in the defensive 1 1 foreward wall, while Fred Marshall gained control of the 8 quarterback chores. ] It was not until mid-way in the second quarter that 299 either team was able to mount a scoring drive. Finally Ar- 142 kansas gained possession at the T. C. U. 47-yard line and 21 proceeded to score, with Marshall sneaking in from the l. ' i one to make the halltime score 7-0. 1 After intermission the Razorbacks had an opportnn- l- r ' 7 ity when the Frogs fumbled at their own 15, but failed to 3-48.0 score. Arkansas scored; the Frogs again received the kick- off, and marched 80 yards in 7 plays to make the score 15 14-7. Alter kicking off to the Porkers, the Frogs inter- cepted a Marshall pass, but. on their first play Gray re- turned the favor. T.C.U. held and forced the Razorbacks to kick. On T.C.lVs second play, Harry Jones intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown. After another Hog score, McKnelly converted a flubbed center into a two- poini conversion. STATISTICS TCU First Downs 8 By Rushing 1 By Passing 5 By Penalty 2 Total Offense 94 Net Rushing 11 Pusses Attempted 16 C.onijjleled 6 Had Intercepted 6 Yards Passing 83 Punts 6-37.2 Yards Penalized 58 Punt Returns 6 With Ronnie Cave-ness clearing the WHY. Harry Jones heads for pay dirt. The 29-G final was the first conference win for the Porkers. ARKANSAS 20 11 5 1 342 231 11 6 1 85 5-32.2 69 85 STATISTICS l ' hsl Downs hy Rushing Jiy Passing By Penally Total Offense Net Rushing Passes Attempted Completed Had Inlei celled Yards Passing Punts Pun I. Returns Yards Penalized HAY I. OR 12 3 7 2 244 87 22 11 3 155 4-3(5.5 10 59 Gary Robinson Dick Hatfield Jerry Jones Quarterback Fred Marshall (Southwest Conference Back-of-the-Year) called the signals during the Baylor game, a second conference win. htiePoto ARKANSAS 17 - BAYLOR f The Razorbacks returned to Little Rock the following week and established themselves as solid S.W.C. contend- ers with a 17-6 triumph over Baylor. They continuously pounded the Bears, but it was not until late in the game that a victory could be safely predicted. The first half was marked only by ihe opening drives of both teams, which resulted in scores, and by Baylor ' s interception of a Marshall pass that was returned 72 yards, fumbled, and regained by the Hogs. At intermission the only difference was the I ' .A.T. that Charlie Daniels blocked giving Arkansas a 7-6 advantage. Again in the second half, Arkansas continued to make mistake after mistake on the goal line. Fixe times the Razorbacks got inside the Baylor 10 and the total produc- tion was only ten points. The final score was (he stage for the Texas game. ARKANSAS 14 - TEXAS 13 With the eyes of the Southwest Conference, along with those of the nation, focused on Austin, the fifth-ranked Hogs entered the game with the nation ' s number one team - Texas. Before a sellout crowd, the Hogs dethroned the national champs of 19(53 and established themselves as the team to beat in the Conference. The two giants entered into a battle that could very easily be analyzed by two key plays. After Texas failed to move at their own 34, Koy retreated to punt. He lofted one down to the Razorback 19 where Ken Hatfield gath- ered it in and raced 81 yards lor the only score of the first half. Late in the third quarter Texas tied the score on a 46-yard drive. After the kickoff, Arkansas drove 75 yards for a touchdown, climaxed by Marshall ' s 34-yard pass to Bobby Crockett. Texas roared back 70 yards to paydirt. The score stood 14-13 with 1:27 left to play. Texas went for the win. But the Razorback defense rose to the occasion and broke up the intended two-point conversion. The Razorbacks stood 5-0 alter the 14-13 win over Texas with four conference foes left. The nation ' s lending punt returner, Ken Hatfield carried the ball from the Ra orback 1!) for the score that gave the Hogs victory over Texas. 1 11 Tom McKnelly Ronnie Caveness Charles Daniel STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS 9 First. Dou ' ns 18 4 By Rush hi g 12 4 By Passing 5 1 By Penally 1 135 Total Offense 263 55 AY Rushing 180 12 Passes Attempted 14 G Completed 7 1 Hncl Interceded SI Yards Passing 77 8-37.5 Punts 7-35.5 81 Pun I Returns 26 58 Yard Penalized 30 280 tt. along M th Bb one team tailed the a could very r as failed to He lufed Meld oath- of the fat score on a tove 5 yards pass to in. 10 play. Texas lose to the lit conversion. J-13 win over : E n over Ttm Jack liiasneH ' s run around c-nd in the Wichita game was an important play in the bout which l i-gan the- string of five unscoic-cl on games. STATISTICS ARKANSAS 15 11 1 3 293 244 12 5 36 5-43.2 59 WICHITA First Downs 9 7iy Rushing 7 By Passing 1 Ky Penalty 1 Total Offense 121 Net. Rushing 83 Passes Attempted 11 Completed 2 Had Intercepted Yards Passing 19 Punts 6-33.0 Punt Returns 21 Yards Penalized 65 ARKANSAS 17 - WICHITA The Razorbacks paid their last visit to Little Rock for their non-conference bout with Wichita. Arkansas domi- nated play in the first half, gaining possession of the ball four times and scoring on two of these possessions. The Hogs domination was so complete that they allowed the Wheatshockers to cross midfield only once, while amass- ing 200 yards total offense themselves. Freddy Marshall led the first assault on the Wichita goal, directing an 89-yard drive. Later in the second peri- od, the Hogs stalled their second drive, going 66 yards mainly on Jim Lindsey ' s 3-1-yard scamper. Arkansas had a comfortable 14-0 halftime lead. In the second half Arkansas rode the toe of Bobby Nix and the famous monster defense of Jim MacKenzie. Late in the fourth period the Razorbacks found themselves deep in Wichita territory and added their final points through the kicking ability of Tom McKnelly. ferry Welch Bill Gray Eddie Woodlcc Harry Jones Larry Watkins Jack Brasucll Mike Jordan ARKANSAS 17 - TEXAS A M The Razorbacks traveled to College Station next. Within minutes after the opening kickoff, the Hogs had swept the field for a 10-0 first quarter lead. Arkansas stopped A M after an exchange of punts, and quickly moved for its first touchdown on the passing and running of Marshall and Lindsey. The drive covered 82 yards with two 17-yard passes by Marshall and a fine 20-yard scamper by Lindsey. The Aggies failed to move on their next possession, and Arkansas settled for a 33-yard field goal by McKnelly. A few minutes later the Hogs had covered 61 yards in G plays for the final score of the half and the game. The Razorbacks returned to the field for the second half, with the only action being that of the A M fans who halted the game three times. Two successive home games were welcomed by Arkansas. STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS A M ] 1 First Downs 1 1 5 By Rushing 4 3 By Passing 6 3 By Penalty 1 211 Total Offense 151 13(5 Net Rushing 34 7 Passes Attempted 17 4 Completed 9 PI ad Intercepted 75 Yards Passing 117 7-37.1 Punts 9-39.9 92 Punt Returns 8 100 Yards Penalized 115 With a shortage of blockcrs, Porker wingback Jim Lindsey sprints around twu Aggie defenders in an attempt to find open field. 151 N II 11 " 115 1 8-42.4 89 50 First Downs By Riisliing By Passing By Penalty To al Offense Net Rushing Passes Attempted Completed Had Intercepted Yards Passing Punts Punt Ret urns Yards Penalized RICE 6 5 1 IKS 84 10 5 1 34 10-45.8 31 25 i field. Bobby Burnett Bobby Nix Melvin Gibbs Arkansas ' All-Southwest Conference Back Jerry Lamb leaped into the air to catch a Marshall pass and delight the Dad ' s Day crowd. ARKANSAS 21 - RICE Pre-season choice [or conference honors, the Rice Owls, were soundly defeated in what many call the finest Dad ' s Day game ever played by Arkansas. The Hogs were in such complete control that they allowed Rice three first downs in each half, and the Owls crossed the midfield stripe only once. The Hogs were not to be denied. After several punt exchanges, they mounted a sustained drive that was cli- maxed by Bobby Burnett ' s dive for paydirt early in the second quarter. The third quarter was similar to the first half except for a missed field goal by McKnelly. However, the final period provided the excitement the fans had awaited. After a 51-yard punt by Nix, Harry Jones intercepted an Owl pass and returned it 35 yards for the score. Rice faltered again, and the Razorbarks moved in for their final score as Burnett sailed in for his second touchdown. Rice was beaten S.M.U. and Texas Tech remained. Ur Lee Johnson Bobby Crockett Bobby Roper ARKANSAS 16 13 9 1 MO 263 i :; 7 1 77 4-27.0 112 42 STATISTICS First, Downs By Rushing By Passing By Penalty Total Offense Ncl Rushing Passes Atteij ted Completed Had Intercepted Yards Passing Punts J ' nii Re I urns Yards Penalized SMU 284 ARKANSAS 44 - SMU Offense was the keynote of the 43rd Homecoming game, as the Ra orbacks raced to their ninth win of the season and tenth straight victory. The Hogs scored in al- most every conceivable way. A 65-yard drive netted the first score with Marshall passing four times the final to Limlsey for the score. In the second period Lindsey again carried the pigskin in for the score. Arkansas struck again late in the half leaving the score 21-0 at intermission. In the third quarter the Hogs scored 17 points on Tom McKnelly ' s 23-yard field goal, a blocked punt and Bur- nett ' s second touchdown. Arkansas ' last score came late in the game on Hatfield ' s 78-yard punt return which cli- maxed the game for Arkansas and sealed its fourth straight shutout, its ninth victory, and assured at least a tie for the conference title. Hobby Burnett clutches the ball and grinds out more yardage against a Mustang defender. It was a successful 44-0 afternoon for the Hogs. m 19 fi i 123 MI.I 10 I netted the e final to ' Lmdsey again struck again -I :: " came late ' urn which cli- ' " mil straight :j tie for tie - ' .iKJJt Iplffl f M lie Hogs. ., Uo d 1 ' hillips (Sophomore Lineman o[ the Yi-ar) played an important role in the Ka orhack defense against the Hogs opponents. ARKANSAS 17 - TEXAS TECH Not since the 1909 season lias an Arkansas team had so much to gain by a victory or so much to lose with a loss. The charged atmosphere was quite evident as Arkansas placed its undefeated record on the line at Lubbock. As the game started, the Razorbacks placed their tre- mendous defence up against the conference ' s top offense, and as the first half ended, the Raiders ' offense was in com- plete charge having attempted two field goals, both of which were blocked! A change occured at halftime, as the fourteen seniors convinced the squad that all was not lost. Arkansas received the second half kickoff and drove 69 yards with Burnett leaping in from six yards out. Tech failed on its next opportunity. The Hogs moved again, only to be stopped as McKnelly tried a field goal which was fumbled. After a Tech fumble Marshall retreated and nassed deep into the end one. Everyone thought Tech had intercepted, but Jerry Lamb jarred the ball loose and the Hogs had their second score. McKnelly added a field goal late in the final quarter as the Ra orbacks finished their 1964 season undefeated -- The greatest season ever. ARKAXSAS 1 4 1 1 328 205 15 9 1O ' _ , ' HI 68 STATISTICS TEXAS TECH First Downs 15 Hy Rushing 11 Ii J ' tissinu; 2 tt I ' entil y 9 Total Offense 179 Xet Rushing 111 Ptisstng A tempted 12 Completed 5 IIiul Intercepted 1 Yin ds Passing 38 Punts 5-41.0 I ' unl Returns } ' ards i ' e utilized 80 Mike Bender Dick C 1 onmiv Sain Black 285 Lloyd Phillips Buddy Sims (Hand Smithey THE COTTON BOWL ARKANSAS 10 - NEBRASKA 7 Arkansas entered the 29th Cotton Bowl Classic with one main idea that of winning. With the prestige of an undefeated season, the Razorbacks were out to get the only honor that had evaded them in their long gridiron history -- a Cotton Bowl victory. In their past engage- ments the Hogs had failed to bring home the coveted vie- ARKANSAS tor ' s trophy but that was not the case this time as they handed Nebraska a 10-7 defeat. 1 1 Nebraska received the opening kick-off and failed to move as the fantastic Arkansas defense forced the Corn- 8 buskers to punt. Now it was the Ra orbacks ' chance as they drove 42 yards and climaxed the drive with Tom Me- 170 Knelly ' s 46th point of the season, on a 31-yard field goal. 45 Both teams exchanged the ball several times through the 1!) quarter in a wild bizarre of fumbles, pass interceptions, 1 1 and punts. It was not until the second quarter that either 2 team was able to move again as Nebraska completed a 36- 131 yard pass, placing the ball on the Arkansas 6. From there 6-40.1 the Cornhuskers crashed in for a touchdown making the 16 half-time score 7-3. 50 STATISTICS NEBRASKA First Downs 11 By Rushing 8 By Passing 2 By Penalty 1 Total Offense 168 Net Rushing 100 Passing Attempted 16 Completed 8 Had Intercepted 1 Yards Passing 68 Ptnils 6-33.3 Punt Returns 16 Yards Penalized 25 Dallas, Texas . . . New Year ' s Day . . . Arkansas Ra orbacks meet Nebraska Cornhuskers . . . Defense is vital . . . The Hogs rise to the occasion. i ' . a selea tecLs land J V e Ark:ins;is ' first score in the Cotton Bowl was a 31-yard field goal off the toe of ' loin MiKnclly; it was McKnelly ' s 4( th point of the season. Both teams rrtunicd to the field still feeling the pains of the first-half conflict. As the second half unfolded it appeared that the 7-3 half-time score might stand up as the nation ' s number one defense, Nebraska, and the SWC ' s best defense, Arkansas, continuously bottled up each other ' s offense. However, 75,000 fans still had plenty of excitement left as the final period started. The Razorbacks got possession of the ball midway in the quarter on their own 20-yard stripe. They were eighty yards from the goal with only !):51 left in the game. But Frank Broyles patented offense had committed itself to a purpose. Riding the passing arm of Fred Marshall, selected Back of the Day, the Hogs marched down the field, first on a pass to I.amb, then to Burnett. The ball was now at mid-field as Marshall retreated and hit Lindsey with a pass. After a weaving 10-yard run, Marshall again passed to Lindsey who carried it down to the Cornhuskers 5. Bobby Burnett sailed into the end-zone from there and Me Knelly added the final point. Spectacular defensive play by the entire Hog unit highlighted the final moments of the game. With Nebra- ska filling the air with passes and mounting a crushing land attack, the Razorbacks grouped to stop them at mid- field. It was a perfect ending for the second ranked Razor- backs and established them as contenders for the Grant- land Rice Trophy which they later received! PORKER STANDOUTS RONNIE CAVENESS Unanimous All-American Defense Associated Press Look Magazine Football Coaches Association NEA Unanimous All-Southwest Conference Defense Outstanding Lineman of the Cotton Bowl Hula Bowl 1965 National " Coach-of-the-Ycar " Football Coaches Association ition M Defense " (ton BOK! K.KX HATF 11.1.1) All American Academic, l- ' iisi 1 Cam Associated Press All-. nici ic ;in, Second Team Defense New York Times All-American, First Team Defense Helms Foundation Ail-American, First Team Defense Unanimous All-Southwest Conference, Defense r FRF.I) MARSHALL Unanimous All-Southwest Conference 1 , () flense " Back-ol- the- Year " Southwest Conference Crip Hall Homecoming Award Outstanding Amateur Athlete ol Memphis Outstanding Hack in the Cotton Howl 1 289 PORKER JIM WILLIAMS Unanimous All-Southwest Conference, Defense GLEN RAY MINES Unanimous All-Southwest Conference, Offense JIM JOHNSON All-Southwest Conference, Defense JIM FINCH All-Southwest Conference, Defense 290 STANDOUTS JERRY LAMB Helms Foundation All-American, First Team Offense All-Southwest Conference, Offense, Two Years Hula Bowl Game, 1905 RONNIE MAC SMITH All-Southwest Conference, Defense LLOYD PHILLIPS Unanimous All-Southwest Conference, Defense Outstanding " Sophoinore-Lincman-of-t he-Year " , Southwest Conference BILL (.RAY Ul-Southwest Conference. Defense SEASON RECORD Arkansas 66 Kansas 65 Arkansas 71 Missouri 81 Arkansas 52 Oklahoma State (i6 Arkansas 68 Hardin .Simmons 63 Arkansas 65 Tulsa 64 Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas 72 82 70 1 ' hillips " 66 " Mississippi V.M.I. 70 48 72 Arkansas 88 Texas Christian 70 Arkansas 78 Texas Tech 93 Arkansas 79 Rice (il Arkansas 75 Baylor 84 Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas 8-1 83 79 Mississippi State Gcon -ia Tech Texas A M 69 93 82 ' Arkansas 76 Southern Methodist 84 Arkansas 65 Texas 81 Arkansas 96 Texas Christian 72 Arkansas 78 Baylor 73 ' Arkansas 77 Texas A M 91 ' Arkansas 72 Texas 74 ' Arkansas 77 Rice 64 ' Arkansas 80 Texas Tech 87 ' Arkansas 75 Southern Methodist 88 Conference Games rn t r THE MISSING ELEMENT: A WINNING STREAK Glen Rose, sometimes referred to as the " Sage of the Ozarks, " opened his 22nd season as Razorback cage coach with Arkansas pre- dicted as a darkhorse by many of the pre-sea- son pollsters. But these predictions failed to materialize, as the Hogs were again faced with the same problems of the past several years: lack of speed and experience, and the all im- portant " big man " . Throughout the season the Razorbacks were at a disadvantage as the starting five was usually composed of four juniors and a sophomore, with the tallest be- ing only 6 ' 5 " . With the influx of several promising soph- omores and a fine crop of juniors, the Razor- back cagers anxiously awaited the 1964-1965 season. Led by the high scorer this season, Ricky Sugg, and the rebounding of J. D. Mc- Connell and John Talkington, the Hogs opened the season against the highly touted Kansas Jayhawks in Barnhill Fieldhouse Dec- ember 2nd. However, the lack of the " big man " proved to be the difference as K.U. raced to a 65-60 win. The following Saturday the Hogs faced their second Big Eight opponent, Missouri and jumped off to a quick , ' 59-35 halftime lead, but the Tigers cracked the Razorback zone defense midway through the second half and downed them 81-71, in Columbia. Arkansas ' victory hungry Razorbacks next traveled to Stillwater to meet the Oklahoma State Cowboys, but the Hogs were not to win as O.S.U. handed them their third defeat 66- " 2. They returned home and gained the long awaited first victory over Hardin-Simmons () S-63. Next, came the University of Tulsa, as the Hogs paced by J. D. McConnell with 20 points and Steve Rousseau with 19, led the Arkansas attack in a game that saw a fourteen point Arkansas lead dwindle away to a one point defeat with 2:15 left in the game. A shot by McConnell and then one by Rousseau with 24 seconds left gave the Hogs a 65-64 victory. The Hogs then entertained the Phillip " GGers " in Little Rock. Arkansas again pulled a mild upset as they defeated the " 66ers " 72-70. The Porkers next action was in the Gulf South Classic in Shreveport with Centenary, Ole Miss, and V.M.I. In the first game Ar- kansas played their old nemesis Ole Miss. Junior Steve Rousseau, the ever-present little guard, goes up for two points against hapless Rice Owls. Iii the opener against Kl 1 , Tommy Rowland, one of the many impressive sophomores, grabs rebound us Jim Kisser, only senior, watches. John Talkington Steve Rousseau Tommv Rowland 295 Kiul of ill " season starters McC ' onncll, Tulkinglon, Rowland, Sugg, and (look try for two more points against the- Mustangs of SMI ' Orval Cook Ronald Cooper Fred Rice 296 J. I). AhComuil Charles Guest Vallv Free-man The Hogs handled the Rebels easily by a score of 82-48 and established their longest and only winning streak of the season. V.M.I. joined in the action the following night and ended Arkansas ' hope for grandeur as they defeated the Razorbacks 72-70 in one of the hardest fought games of the season. With the non-conference warfare tempor- arily ended, Arkansas trotted to an easy 88-70 victory over the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs, in both schools ' opening Southwest Conference games. The Arkansas cagers then tried for their second win of the young conference season against the pre-sea- son choice for conference laurels, the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Hogs had never won in I.ubbock and tradition was not to be brok- en as Tech defeated the Hogs 93-78. The Hogs returned to Fayetteville and entertain- ed the Rice Owls and, to the pleasure of the partisan crowd, Arkansas throttled the Owl attack and marched away with a decisive 79- (il victory. In the final appearance before semester tests, the Porkers traveled to Waco to battle the Baylor Bears. Yet, to the disappointment of the fans and the players themselves, flu- Bears waltzed away with a 85-75 victory. After tests Arkansas traveled, first to Starkville, Mississippi, and dealt Mississippi State a 84- 69 defeat, then to Atlanta, Georgia to be de- feated 93-83 by Georgia Tech. The Razorback title hopes were lost as Texas A .-M and Soul hern Methodist defeated Arkansas in the same week. In the A .-M game, the Porkers had a five-point lead with 2:12 left in the game alter a great comeback effort. But the Aggies used a three-point play, a tip-in, to pull even at the end of regulation play. AM stored seven straight points in flu- overtime and coasted to a 82-79 victory. Cook U ' ts go with .111 outsidr si HI I .is tin 1 Hogs dropped tlit ' ir opciu ' r ;igaiiisl Kansas. ARKANSAS BASKETBALL: A FRUSTRATING YEAR In the second conference loss of the week, S.M.U. starved off another second half catch- up maneuver by the Razorbacks and went on to win 84-76. It was the largest home crowd of the season as the fans saw the last hope for conference honors fall. With some of the pressure of the confer- ence race gone after the S.M.U. defeat, the Hogs assumed the role of would-be " spoiler " . However, the role was not fulfilled as the Razorbacks traveled to Austin and were swat- ted down by the Texas Longhorns 81-65. Nineteen straight points by J. D. McCon- nell in the first fifteen minutes of play paced the Razorback cagers to a 46-31 half time lead and an eventual 96-72 victory over T.C.U. This victory kept the Porkers out of the con- ference cellar. Glen Rose ' s Razorbacks stop- ped their down-hill slide with the victory over T.C.U. and spoiled Baylor ' s chances for the SWC title with a stunning 78-73 victory. With these two victories the Porkers establish- ed their second winning streak of the season with a record which now read 9-10, almost to that beloved .500 mark. After the two fine and well deserved vic- tories over T.C.U. and Baylor, the Hogs trav- eled to College Station to again battle the Aggies of Texas A .-M. However, the tall, sharp shooting Cadets manhandled the Razor- barks 91-77. The Hogs then returned to Little Rock for their second appearance and also their second clash with the soon to lie conference champions, Texas. The last time Arkansas met the Longhorns they were the laughing stock of Austin ' s Gregory Gym, but this was not the case, Texas had to use every trick to survive another Arkansas second half rally thai fell only two points shy, 74-72. The Porker cagers easily handled the Owls of Rice in Houston 84-77 without the services of McConnell, Cooper or Guest who were out with the flu. Arkansas returned to Fayettcvilie to do battle with the leaders, rec- ord-wise, Texas Tech. However, due to the ineligibility of a player the Raiders had to forfeit any right to the championship. This did not stop Tech though, as they roared to an 87-80 victory over the hapless Hogs in their final appearance before a Fayettevilie crowd. Arkansas ' only senior, Jim Kissce. goes up for a tally in the Hogs second defeat of the Rice Owls. Ri(k -Sugg nsi-s a iiaiul as lu 1 lakes aim in ihc (ontfst with Southern Methodist University, as Rowland follows up. Arkansas closed out a mediocre basketball season against the Mustang ' s of Southern Methodist in Dallas. With only one senior on the squad the Razorbacks hoped to close I he season on a successful note, but the Ponies, the conference co-chunipion, an NCAA representative, had oilier ideas as they soundly defeated the Porkers cS ( S-7. r . Ricky Sugg Jim Kissce 299 1 P HBH BHOHBd HBHHBHHHB BWHl HB HkB Vi KaHHHBBHBBBMHHBMM B HIH H H The Arkansas track team had weak showings in the relay events; cold, wet weather during the Arkansas Relays helped very little. TRACK Now serving his eleventh year at the University of Arkansas, Ab Bidwell developed a Razorback team that lacked the individual stars, but possessed a good amount of overall strength. A young team, it reached its peak late in the season as several boys began to show promise for future meets. While not setting the world on fire by any stretch of the imagination, the 1965 Razorback thin-dads remain shy of depth or gold metal speed in the sprints, but once again the distance corps held the key to success. With the loss of Ed Ren- frew, one of the best hurdlers in the nation last year, the Porkers hopes lie with Dock! Daggett, who finished third in S.W.C. frosh division, and Bobby Burnett, Arkansas ' great tailback. The field events again showed promise of a few gold metals, especially in broad jump and in the pole vault, in which Barry Bearden won the Drake and Kansas Relays with vaults of 15 ' 0 " . Porker team members Tommy Burnett and Harry Jones attempt to catch opponents in [he 440-yaril relay in the annual Arkansas Relays. 300 Barry Bearden, Arkansas ' finest vault- cr, leaps to victory in Kansas Relays. Jim Mace stretches to reach the 2-1-foot mark. Mis efforts were rewarded as he won broad jump event in many meels. BASEBALL TEAM: First Row: Hobby Harper, Joe Stofford, Rich- ard Kline, Jeff Pearson, Darrell Rippy, Mickey McShanc. Second Ron " . Buddy Wright, Gene Bren- tcin. Bill Gray, Ronnie Barksdale, Bobby Xix, Tommy Hill. Third now: Coach Bill Ferrill, Don C ' .aple, Jim Lindsey, Charlie John- son, Don Osborn, Vally Freeman, Assistant Coach Duddy Waller. BASEBALL A spring of cold and rainy weather forced the Razorback baseballers to drop from their regular 25 game schedule to a 17 game slate. The team was forced to stay in most of the spring and missed the much needed practice and confidence gained only from work on the diamond. The 1965 squad enjoyed the experience of nine returning letterman, providing a veteran mound staff, speed in the field, and power at the plate. There was also an abundant supply of sen- ior leadership with sophomores filling in to round out the team. The starting lineup varied during the season as coaches Bill Farrell and " Duddy " Waller looked for better hitting from the outfield and more consistant defensive play in the infield. Sophomore Richard Kline takes cut at ball in double-header against Omaha. 302 DaneJ ' -,,; ' - fat Bren. " " Bukdale | av Hi " . J-Hrni " F iifl, Don r ' On John. freanan GOI.I. TEAM: Mike McCuuh- c ' cin, Hal Sharlx-i, Mike Hastings, |im Baldi, Hill Hall, (,ary Maik- lanil. " i ' jplv ol sen- ;. :a io round ;!irfi during m GOLF TENNIS Hie Razorback golf squad carries a record of lour ties and two losses into the Southwest Con- ference meet in the middle of May. The season mark was good enough for fourth place in the conference. With Bill Hall pacing the team, the Porkers tied Texas Christian, Texas, the conference lead- er, Baylor, and Texas Tech, :?-. ' !: while losing to Southern Methodist 4-2 and Texas AR.-M 6-0. The Porker tennis squad managed to improve last seasons record, although only posting a medio- core 4- ' ? record. Two returning lettermen, Roy Murtishaw and Jim Cunningham, along with sev- eral fine sophomores offered hope for an improved program in the future. The big guns for the Razorbacks this year were Don Set I iff, the 1 number one man on the squad, and Yince Long, another promising sophomore. TENNIS TEAM: first A ' oir: Miirti sliaw. Long. Sctliff, (:uiiTiiiij haiii. Chan cy. Second flirn " . Harry, Reding. Hard ing, Hamilton. I F ' Jerry Michaels carries the ball in the Shoat game against Tulsa. This was the Shoats final foothall game in an undefeated season. SHOAT SPORTS The 1964-1965 Shoat football, basketball, and track teams compiled another fine set of records as the football team completed its third straight undefeated season; and the track team displayed promise of some record setters in the future. Under Coach Jack Davis, the Shoat football team continued to secure the success of the Razor- backs for the future. Riding the crest of a highly successful recruiting season, and the example of the varsity, they combined a balance of outstand- ing offensive and defensive play that climaxed in a 5-0 record against a tough schedule. Richard Baldwin and Bige Wray assaulted the records in Shoat basketball and track. The Shoats mile rclav team holds the Southwestern Conference mark which they defended in the conference meet in Lubhock. 304 1 The Shoat offense will provide strength for the varsity to help defend the the undefeated records compiled by both squads. SHOAT FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD Arkansas 6 Arkansas 1 8 Arkansas 13 Arkansas 20 Arkansas 32 Southern Methodist Texas Tech 11 Oklahoma Stale North Texas State 13 Tulsa 8 Shoat basketball player goes up for a rebound against Bacone. Arkansas freshman basketballer attempts a field goal from under the basket in the final game of the 1905 season. Ill the football playoffs, Sigma Nu quarterback Jim French passes to Marty Steel as George Faucette and Taylor Hurst look on. Playing one of main es held in Men ' s Gym. Sigma Phi Epsilnn and Acacia team members attempt to control the ball. 306 MEN ' S INTRAMURALS With the influx of a record number of teams in all intramural sports this year, the competition for the sweepstakes trophy was closer this year than in any of the past several years. Sigma Nu jumped off to an early lead by winning football and maintaining their lead as they swept basket- ball, defeating Sigma Chi in the playoff finals. However, as the leagues moved into the final stages of competition with only four sports still in contention, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was leading the race with a total of 782, compared to 692 for Phi Delta Theta and 653 for Sigma Nu. The Alphs were able to grab the lead by sweeping many of the smaller sports along with the championship in volleyball. In the AA league, newly founded, Alpha Kap- pa Lambda currently maintained a slim 24 point lead over the Mauraders of Phi Belt. In close pur- su it of the two front runners were Farmhouse, Tan Kappa Epsilon, and the Sigma Chi Skibee ' s. In independent competition the Sabers were in first place going into the final sports, with the Roadrunners, and Hustlers fighting for top posi- tion. DR. RODNEY RYAN Director of Intramurals WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS The Women ' s Recreation Association is or- ganized to provide and promote recreation for every woman student. Any woman who is an un- dergraduate is eligible to participate. The WRA council is composed of representatives from each of the social fraternities, girls ' dormitories, and off-campus women. Trophy awards are given to first and second place winners in each sport ' s activities. A large sweepstakes trophy is given to the organization that accumulates the largest number of points throughout the school year. Trophies are awarded to the outstanding senior graduate and to the out- standing house manager who have accumulated the largest number of points for participation dur- ing the year. All awards are presented at the an- nual Spring Banquet and Trophy Night in May. Competition is stiff as opposing team stands ready to return ball. I ' i I ' hi cheering section encourages their team with pep and spirit as Xan Kllen Dickinson waits to return the opposing team ' s serve. 308 Vomcns ' Softball is anything but soft. Here the pitcher is attempting to catch this player trying to return to lirst base. Third baseman is ready for a dose phi) as (all her tries for out. Player is taking a lead off first in the hope of stealing a base. HILL HOWELL VONDA JONES Head Cheerleader CHEERLEADERS TORI POWELL BILL RE A MARTHA WRIGHT DON JACKS SUZANNE STOBAUGH TOMMY MUSICK 310 SANDY PORTER - BILL WOOLY Drum Majors DRUM MAJORS AND MAJORETTES Linda Purely and diiini majors fmlic on li.ld alin li, iriorv. MAJORETTKS: Sherry Kinser, Betty Steel, Judy Dupree. Me- lincla Jones, Lana Johnson, Linda Purdy (featured twirler) , Linda Rowland, Amanda Tate, Sandra Ward, Diana Vallin, and Celeste Croom. . . . Tin 1 " Marching Ra orbacks " display some of (hi 1 pep and enthusiasm which added to the spirit of the fans and the football team. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS BAND Drummer stares in awe al Governor ' s Mansion while playing for pre- ame patt in honor of Miss Arkansas. The University of Arkansas Band has set an excel- lent standard in previous years and 1964-65 was no ex- ception. Under the capable direction of Dr. Richard Worthington, the " Marching Razorbacks " once more completed a very successful season. They marched at the home games and many out-of-town games. The pep rallies were memorable experiences due to the humor and good spirit the band displayed. One of the highlights of the year was the band ' s trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl game. They marched in the parade and made a television appearance as well as performing in the half-time ceremonies. Through their participation in University activi- ties, the " Marching Razorbacks " play a major part in the University year. v . mss R;iH)rhack spirits are liigli as always as the band prepares to perform in the Cotton Bowl half-time show on New Year ' s Day. Hand member lakes a rest on the floor of the ficldliouse after a rather long half-time show in the rain dutinjj Dad ' s Da n- " iie. Linda Purdy marches with hand during their performance at the Governor ' s Mansion before the Arkansas-Baylor clash. 313 %Mi4feta y ,. I publications NAN ALLMON JIM WILLIAMS Co-Editors RAZORBACK Late year Bill Kidder and Kay Hafenbrak left the the Razorback with some fine workers. This year Nan Allmon and Jim Williams express all their thanks to Bill and Kay for the training and background they left with us. Getting the Razorback out has been classified as being everything from hell to a Sunday after- noon project. I guess its all in the way one or- ganizes. Nan and I began the year with the office over organized. Around Christmas we realized that not too much was being done, and tried to destroy our organization and get something done. This is where the trained helpers mentioned above saved our lives and the book. Nan is going to give an almost honest bit on each of our staff members on those two pages where we try to say something that people will re- member or care about, but I will go through the day laborers here so that they might receive ade- quate publicity. The opening section, which I will try to ex- plain on page 519, is the baby of Ellen Ann Rags- dale. It was rewritten by Barbara Hallani who did the Administration section. Classes and their composition become an of- fice project. I cannot say who worked on this, because after staying up three nights in a row it juste impoi D lelu resje ' J ahei ajd SHERMAN JOHNSON Business Manager 316 MISSY ALFORD Associate Editor HANK WEAVER Sports Editor PAT WEED Greeks Editor just didn ' t matter. It got done, and this is what is important. Dick Albin who wrote the Arts copy, and we left this to him with very little editing. We may regret this later, but that ' s the way it stands. Jan Bryant had the Personalities section ready ahead of time, and Janice Bourg kept up with the budding Beauties. Hank Weaver and the boys at the Lodge man- aged to get the Sports copy around in half-typed fashion. And God bless Sue Smitherman for Or- ganizations, which were ready before Nan and I realized that they went in the book. In the area of living groups, Sandra Moore handled Dorms and Pat Weed messed witli the Greeks. Both did a fine job; copy in on time and all that. The Index kind of belongs to the Alpha Chi Omegas under the direction of Carolyn Hall. There was some sort of attempt to add a General STAFF: lane Ware, typist; Penny Brannon, secretary; and Jan Bryant, Personalities Editor. 3 - I DMHBB SECTION EDITORS: Sandra Moore, Dorms Editor; Barbara Hullam, Administrative Editor; Carolyn Hall, Index Editor; and Sue Smitherman, Organizations Editor. Index to the regular one, and I am not sure what direction this thing went in as the girls typed the thousands of names. The sections which I have not mentioned were, for one reason or another, office babies. They were mostly worked on by Associate Editors Missy Al- ford and Sam Yager. The Business Staff ran around a lot, and when their leader wasn ' t playing politics, got the job clone. Photography is a problem. Most of the work is Bill Riner ' s. If a yearbook has good pictures, it will usually be well accepted we ' ll just wait and see. When Bill wasn ' t around Mike Barkley help- ed out. It was a small staff, but we worked well to- gether and the end resul t should be 520 pages of Arkansas Razorback. J.W.W. 318 BUSINESS STAFF: Walter Buchanan, Hank Weaver, Bud Durden, and Sherman Johnson. L STAFF Co-Editors . Nan Allmon Jim Williams Associate Editors _ Missy Alt ' ord Sam Yager Photographer _ Bill Rincr Opening Section Editor _ . Ellen Ann Ragsdale Administrations Editor _ . Barbara Hallam Arts Editor . _ Dick Albin Beauties Editor _ Janice Bourg Personalities Editor . Jan Bryant Sports Editor - Hank Weaver Military Editor Randy Zook Organizations Editor . Sue Smithcrman Dorms Editor Sandra Moore Greeks Editor Pal Weed Index Editor Carolyn Hall Staff Assistants _ Penny Bnmnon Jane Ware Still Trying _ Carol Bresler Business Manager _ Sherman Johnson Assistant Business Manager . Bud Durden Business Staff - Walter Buchanan Hank Weaver SAM YAGER Associate Editor JANICE BOURG Beauties Edit or BILL RINER Photographer 319 RONNIE ROBINSON Editor ARKANSAS TRAVELER One thing can be said with certainty about 19(i4-19( . r : it was a great year for University, state, national and world news. And for the Arkansas Traveler, it was a hectic, challenging and busy time. For those who had a part in the daily produc- tion, the Traveler was a living, breathing, crea- tive thing. It was not to be abused by misuse, but it was not to be restrained when it felt that it had a responsibility to fulfill. The Traveler, printed four times a week, IS the black-and-white personality of those that staff it. Indeed it must be a campus bulletin board at times, for it is the only communications link that ties all UofA students and faculty together. But it can be more. It is felt by those that staffed it in ' 64-05 that it was more. One problem that surrounded the Staff ' s mind early in the year was where was any controversy going to come from. It took very few weeks to solve that stigma. The battles? Texas game football tickets and the George Cole controversy; speaker policy riff over a Bul- garian attache ' s speech and the administration ' s back to the wall; proposed judicial amendments JERRY COOPER Business Manager 320 ROBINSON litOf TOM CARD IN Managing Editor JOHNNY SHELBY Sports Editor SANDRA McADAMS Wire Editor and the AWS backlash; kingmaker control of stu- dent politics and the campaign against ring domi- nation; Sammy Hilburn and the presidential oust on a committee ' s ruling on extra-curricular grade- point; fourteen student grievances and the legiti- mate battle to get adminisration answers and ac- tion; and student elections and the insertion of of major issues in place of another popularity con- test. These and many more stories made life on the Traveler an exciting adventure. That ' s why so many good people hung around to do the job that had to be done. large consistently hard worker too small for her or Pam Mitchell was a and felt no task too talents. Jack Hill waded through the thousands of words of copy with precision and in dull moments added his unique point of view and a few stares. Tom Carclin whipped the feature pages out with professional attitude and quick hand when not hustling the bods of Hill Hall. Johnny Shelby turned in an unmatched job as sports editor, lived and breathed the Razorbacks and took a lot of knocking from Dr. Roberts. Ginger Shiras and Sylvia Spence, both always concerned about acting ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Jack Hill and Pam Mitchell. 321 KDITORIAL STAFF: (from right): Kem Moslcy, I.ina Davis, Chuck Hemingway, Cid Sutoris, Sue Walk, Lihliy Ingrum, and Ann Daniel. like a freshman turned out to be two of the most valuable writers any editor would want. Cid Su- toris with a proud and sarcastic perspective picked the plum or persimmon that comes with an edi- tor ' s job. Sandra McAdams and Kem Mosley kept the ChiO ' s in the Traveler ring. Sandra pumped the crabby wire machine and supplied the air raid shelter with essentials. Kem kept society on the scene with regularity. Beth Yancey made a journalist out of herself and always had a cheerful word. Carl Lumpkin stuck around for a semester and then took his talented pen to Tulsa. The business staff with Jerry Cooper at the helm sailed another cool 530,000 into port in a timely and always ready manner. And there were others; Sue Walk and Tessie Tuck with giggles; Jackye Shipley with determi- nation; Hal Sears with humor; Lina Davis with persistent work and few words; Mike Barkley with padded reviews and perfect pictures; and Bill Riner with graphics, good and bad, occasionally on time. For the Traveler: there were 105 issues and then there were none as it reported the year that was. Ronnie 322 BUSINESS STAFF: Woody Kinscy, Deanne Wither, Jerry Cooper, and Don Henry. STAFF Editor - Ronnie Robinson Associate Editor Jack Hill Associate Editor - Pam Mitchell Managing Editor . Tom Cardin Associate Managing Editor Sylvia Spencer Sports Editor _ Johnny Shelby Associate Sports Editor _ Larry Rea News Editor - Ginger Shiras Wire Editor - - Sandra McAdams Society Editor . __Kem Mosley Feature Editor . - Jackye Shipley Staff Writers - Lina Davis Sue Walk Libby Ingrum Ann Daniel Columnists Hal D. Sears Cid Sutoris Photographers . Bill Riner Michael Barkley Business Manager - Jerry Cooper Associate Business Manager . Don Henry Ad Manager . - Deanne Wilber Circulation Manager - Woody Kinsey GINGER SHIRAS News Editor SYLVIA SPENCER Associate Managing Editor JACKYE SHIPLEY Feature Editor 323 EDITORIAL STAFF: Helen Hackney, Linda Richtcr, and Janet Bradley. STAFF Co-Editors - Barbara Bennett C. A. Ivy Joke Editors _ John A. Latting Bill Townsend Feature Editor . Helen Hackney Home EC Editor . _ Verna Mae Webb Agri Editor . Roy Runyan Business Manager . _ Russell Black Circulation Managers _ - Doelas Landes Bob Bridges Staff Assistants Marilyn Austin Carrol Chambliss Charles Hooks Sam Ken- Bill O ' Bar Jim Young Agriculturist staff reads copy for current issue of the magazine. The Arkansas Agriculturist is published quart- erly by students in the College of Agriculture and Home Economics to inform students, prospective students, faculty, and alumni of activities in the College. It covers everything from the most in- tense research studies to student projects. Circulated throughout the state in high schools and extension offices, the Agriculturist is also de- signed to attract students to the University by showing them some of the activities of the Agri school. Outstanding students such as the Danforth and 4-H winners, scholarship winners, and stu- dents elected to membership in honorary organi- zations have been featured. A highlight of the year is the traditional Agri Day issue, which contains the Agri Queen and her court, the winners of ASA keys, and Who ' s Who in Agri school. Staff members of the Agriculturist are selected from the student body of the school. The maga- zine provides valuable experience for agri students interested in journalism. Unlike many student publications, the staff of the Agriculturist is kept rather small. This is a good thing, both for efficiency and because there ' s not much room in the Agriculturist ' s office. I CLIFFORD IVY BARBARA BENNETT Co- Editors ; hed quart- [multure and . prospective .nun in the iie raw in- i hi ' jh schools M i also de- i ' niversity by . nl the Agri : Danforth irrv and SHI- iiirary organi- niitional Agri lucffl and her i Win ' s Who t arc selected I. The map- ajri studenis s.ihe staff of ill. This is a ause there ' s office. ARKANSAS AGRICULTURIST RUSSELL BLACK Business Manager LARRY BRYANT Assistant Business Manager 325 _ CHARLES MARTIN Editor ARKANSAS ENGINEER TERRY BEAN Business Manager 326 J STAFF: Seated; Charles Morgan, Bill Jennings, Ray Owens. Standing; Buddy Kordsmeier, John Perry, Bennie Blackwell, The Arkansas Engineer is the official publi- cation of the College of Engineering. It is publish- ed quarterly, but only one of the issues is looked forward to by the engineering students. This comes out in March about the time St. Pat celebrates his birthday. It contains cheese cake pictures of all the St. Patricia candidates which are usually kept lor pin-ups. The Engineer is devoted mainly to articles of a technical nature, but also contains a joke page to enlighten the minds of the dreary Engineering students. There is, of course, a dean ' s page and an editorial that sometimes causes some excitement. This year there was an added feature in the center of the January issue that caused the Engineers to perk up and another editor to fall. The magazine is sent to the high schools around the state to promote enrollment in the College of Engineering. This year ' s editor was Charlie Martin, who has since been retired from the editing business for reasons unrevealed. Vic Jaccuzzi. STAFF Editor Charles Martin Associate Editor _ . Vince Long Feature Editor Buddy Kordsmeier Engine House News Bobby Jones Joke Editors Charles Morgan Vic Jaui i Copy Editors Don Allen Bennie Blackwell Hill Jennings Ray Owen John Perry Artists Sandra Perry Ciovc Oholendt Terry Bean John Beal Bob Etien Business Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Board of Publications _ Professor |. R. Bissett Dean C. F. Branian FDI TORIAI, STAFF: Vince Long. John Beall. Bob Etien. T EDITORIAL STAFF: Billy Ross, David Fitlon, Bill Rush, and Judy Huff. Sharon Heck, Marilyn Bray Mayfield, Carol Ann Rawlings, STAFF Editor - Jack G. Coleman Assistant Editors _ - Judy Huff David Fitton Feature Writers _ _ Paul Rogers Bill Vowell Billy Ross Bill Rush Copy Editor Francis Shepard Queen ' s Editor Cheryl Jett Business Manager _ Bob Porter Salesmen - Marcie Pierce Georgia Williams Fran Yancey Sara Brown George Wells Linda Drake ' BUSINESS STAFF: Fran Yancey, Pete Writer, Marcie Pierce, Bill Vowell, David Stewart, Georgia Williams, George Wells, and Linda Drake. The many long years o successful publication are still making history for the Guild Ticker. The editor and his staff combined their talents to pro- duce the only official publication of the business school. The publication contained articles of interest to all students enrolled in the College of Business Administration. One of the unique features of the book was the section covering the 1965 Com- merce Day. This section included all of the Day ' s activities which were climaxed that evening by the presentation of honors and awards. The Commerce Queen of 1965, Miss Janis Funk, Pi Beta Phi from Little Rock, was featured in the Ticker along with the candidates. Who ' s Who in the College of Business Admin- istration was also announced in the publication, along with pictures of all the seniors in business school. Tribute was also given to those members of the 1965 National Champion Razorback football team who are in the School of Business Adminis- tration. JACK COLEMAN Editor GUILD TICKER BOB PORTER Business Manager 329 NICK BORMANN Editor PREVIEW CHI CHI HARGRAYES Managing Editor 330 MANX or ENGLISH STAFF: Tom Utley and Randal Lyon. The tradition of a literary magazine on this campus is almost as old as the University itself. A publication called The University Magazine ap- peared as early as 1893, and a magazine known as The Ozark was published monthly during the years from 1895 to 1901. From 1913 to 1920 the campus boasted both a literary magazine (The Arkansari) , and a newspaper. This is the " Apologia " in the May 14, 1947 issue of Preview printed as, " Lambda Tan Literary Supplement to the Arkansas Traveler " . This year marks the 19th consecutive year of Preview ' s pub- lication. The magazine format was adopted in 1948 about the same time collaboration with the Art Department began. EDITORIAL STAFF Co-Editors _ . Randall Lyon Tom Utley Managing Editor _ Chi Chi Hargraves Staff Assistants _ _ Pat Bracy Kitty Hughes Steve King ART STAFF Editor _ Staff Assistants Xick Bormann Marilyn Edwards Barbara House- Larry Taylor | oh:-. Byron Waldrip ART STAFF: Barbara House and Larrv Taylor STAFF: Charles D. McKay, Jerry V. Cuvancau, John C. Calhoun, William L. Hopper, John H. Graves, and Jim McKenzie. STAFF Editor Associate Editor _ Business Managers _ Stall Assistants _ Herbert David Blair . Larry McCord _ Jim Hendren Bill H. Wolmsley . John Calhoun Jerry Cavaneau John Graves Bill Hopper Charles McKay Jim McKenzie JIM HENDREN - BILL WOMSLEY Business Managers The Arkansas Law Review and Bar Associa- tion Journal is published quarterly by the School of Law and the Arkansas Bar Association, acting through a non-profit, benevolent association which was founded for this purpose in 1947. A copy of the Law Review is sent to every member of the Arkansas Bar Association and every state and territory in the Union. Some copies even go as far as Belgium and Australia. Members of the editorial staff credit hours to- ward graduation for work on the Law Review. Each published student article is afforded a frac- tional credit hour. Students seeking membership on the staff must meet certain grade point require- ments and submit one or more articles of accept- able quality. The articles appearing in the Law Review can be generally classified into three categories: recent decisions, case notes, and comments. The articles are under the supervision of the student editorial board and a faculty advisor. DAVID BLAIR Editor LAW REVIEW LARRY McCORD Associate Editor . 333 STUDENT SENATE PUBLICATIONS NEVIN ROBBINS - DAVE GARDNER Co-Editors University of Arkansas Directory The A-Book is the official handbook of the student information for the University of Arkan- sas. It is published in the spring and distributed each fall to entering freshmen during the orienta- tion program. This year ' s A-Book, in addition to serving as the handbook of student information, contained other features concerning activities at the Univer- sity. Editorship of the Student Directory mainly concerns a mad rush in the fall to tabulate names, addresses, and phone numbers of 7,000 students and getting them in form for the printer. The Di- rectory also contains some artwork and minimum ads. This year the Student Senate allocated money for the publication of the Student Government Handbook to explain the functions of student gov- ernment. CHARLES CURRY -- BILL HARROD Business Manager Editor Student Government Handbook JOHN HARMON Editor A-Book 334 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS: Bob Harriell, President of Men ' s Inter-Hall Council; JoAnna Pinson, President of Pan- hellenic Council; Dick Holbert, Vice-President of Associated Students (Chairman) ; Mr William Hughes, Director of Infor- mation; and Dr. Jess Covington, Chairman of Journalism De- partment. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS In its fifth year under the present organization, the Board of Publications did business as usual; and business was pretty slow as no one was making trouble. Student membership of the Board rotates, in an obscure manner, among the presidents of the major campus organizations. Permanent members of the board are the head of the Department of Journalism, the Director of Information, and a Presidential appointee, usually the Dean of Stu- dents. The Vice-President of the student body serves as chairman of the board and votes in case of a tie. Ex-officio membership on the Board is extend- ed to editors and business managers of the Trav- eler and Razorback, the editors of the A-Book and the Student Directory, and the business manager of the University. The Board has the responsibility for seeing that journalistic ethics are adhered to in all pub- lications. It also elects the editors of all campus publica- tions; and, as might be expected, there is a bit of politics involved. Members of the Board control the letting of contracts for printing, engraving, and other serv- ices. The Board did not censor any publication this year. Mem hers of Board of Publications discuss problems that arise with budgets, printing contracts, and the election of staffs. military ARMY ROTC First Ron " . Lt. Colonel Escue, Colonel Brown. Lt. Colonel Clardy, Major Rosin. Second Row: Captain Thorp. Captain Cooper, Captain Colcman. First Itou " . Sgt. Major Simko, MSgt. Jinks. Sfr. Garrett, Sic. Isom. Second Row: Sfc. Contrella, Sfc. McDaniel, SSgt. Forsytli. COLONEL LAWRENCE G. BROWN PSM In 1873, the Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at the University, and has become part of the daily life of the students since that time. Because the University is a land grant school, some form of military instruction is compulsory for two years. During this time students are introduced to the role of the modern Army and what may be ex- pected of them in the event of a global war. The freshman receives instruction on the or- ganization of the Army, small bore rifle marks- manship, and the role of the Army in modern warfare. As a sophomore he learns the traditions and history of the U. S. Army. He is also introduc- ed to map reading and tactics. After the completion of the two year basic course, qualified cadets are offered an opportunity to enter the advanced course in preparation for a commission upon graduation. The cadet is con- sidered on the basis of proven military leadership, past performance as a cadet, overall academic standing, as well as intelligence, character, and aptitude. The final decision rests with a board of officers who interview the cadet. Once accepted into the advanced program, the cadet receives instruction in tactics, military ad- ministration, law, radio communication, and other topics. Advanced students spend six weeks during one summer at a summer camp where they put into practice what they have learned. Twice a week drills are held where all cadets learn military parade and leadership techniques. While in the advanced course cadets are paid 27.90 a month. Upon graduation, they are commissioned 2nd Lt. and incur a two year military obligation. 338 BRIGADE STAFF First Ron " . Cadet Brigade Col. Hatfield, Cadet I-t. Col. 1 ' yland, Cadet Lt. Col. Fail-child, Cadet I.t. Col. Mayer, Cadet Lt. Col. Wimberly. Second Row: Cadet Major I, ante, Cadet Capt. Miller, Cadet Major Holbcrt, Cadet Major Havens, Cadet Major Mace. SENIOR OFFICERS First Row: Miller, Lilly, Shupe, 1 ' enick, felt, Russ, Mann, Wimberly, Mayer, Faircliild, Hatfield, 1 ' yland. Holbcrt, Havens, Cain, Mace, I.ance. Srrontl Rnir: Mann, Fikcs, Burks, Kline. Molt. Hollingsworth. Bowen, ' clls, Herman, Manalt, Card, Powell, Wesson, London, Hart, Mocller. Third lion " . Stewart. Reid, Precure, Moody, Roberts, Harrod, Cooper,, Joyner, Brown, F.pcs. Cottrell, McBnrnett, F.tien. Fourth Ktw. Hopson, Williams, Sanders, Clark, Vebster, Vinson, Cook. 339 JUNIOR OFFICERS First Rou : Anderson. James, Vratsinas, Cohen, Beaslcy, Wil- liams, Shcpard. DcSaho, I,ce. Beasley, Ileaston, Chaflin, Mc- C.alla, Reynolds. Second Row. Moody. McCnlly, Bennett, Fair- head, Cochran, Ward, Trieschtnann, Willis, Fester, Hawkslev, McLean, Garrett, Chapman, Ivy. Third How. Hatum, Nichols, I ' ilkington, Banks, Lacewell, Morgan, Pollard, McKuin, Taylor, Deal, Wesson, Martin, Strnad. ARMY ROTC BAND First Ron " . Pile, Byrd, Hutehens, Smith, Knod. Morring, Deere, Smith, Wirspel, Shields, Walker, Leone. Second Row. Ashbren- ner. Schmidt, Papp, George. Gingrich. F.mory. Deere. Smith. Kerr, Craig, Saeken. Third Row: Matthews, McC ' .arroll, Moran, Doss, White, Baney, Norrell, Owens. Therman, Younas. Fourth Row: Pelphrey. Garlton, Wright, King. Robbins, Reed, Sims, Goodwin. Hazelwood, Rieff. 3-10 I - First ll(m : Nichols, Paddock. Agce, Kinncy, Ball ,, Heller, Wood- ford, O ' Neal, Palmer, lYtms, O ' Neal, Stokes, Davidson,, Phillips, Fitch, Reynolds, C.hatman, Roberts, Stewart. Second Row: Snydcr, Williamson, Spiccr, Smith, Moles, Barrett, Trice, Gordon, Finebcrg, Smith, Stringer, Teigen, Bell, Herringlon, Hill. Third Row. Jones, Majors, Emmeit, McGrew, Bell, Gar- rison, Patterson, Keene, Xewson, M;isun. Hawkins, Rclisamcn, Kuoncn. Vhitela v, Ciews, Ranglark. Sdiandel. h ' owlli l{ir: Miller, McDonald. Hall. I.oilmer, Papini, Garrison, Russell, Courtney, Granlill. Sullivan, Allen, Storey. Stevens, DHpliin. Hawks. Davis. Tharel. ' ; Ran " . Kirsch, Mercing, Gollon, Seay, Earner. PERSHING RIFLES Company D, 7th Regiment of the Pershing Rifles, is the University ' s honorary military organ- ization for outstanding cadets in the basic course of ROTC. It is a member of the national society of Pershing Rifles, founded by the famous Gen- eral John Pershing in 1894. The purpose of the Rifles is to develop the military precision and drill ability of its members, giving the University a crack drill team which has won many honors in the past. Members are drawn from the ranks of the Freshmen and Sophomores who wish to achieve the high proficiency required of a drill team. The Pershing Rifles have become the show- piece of the Brigade, and represented the Univer- sity at Eureka Springs during the Folk Festival. In past years, all the members have traveled to New Orleans to participate in the Mardi (iras Parade. They have been cited by the New Orleans mayor for their skill and contribution to the event. Dur- ing the year they serve as ushers at the football games in Fayetteville and perform at the Military Ball. The Pershing Rifles elect their own sponsor. This year their choice was Maureen Velty. MAUREEN WELTY Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel 341 ARMY SPONSORS LYNN FREEMAN Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel DANA KAY HILL Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel BECKY POWELL Honorary Cadet Colonel BETTY SEYMORE Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel JANYCE RUPERT Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel 1 ii ERT AIR FORCE ROTC m 1 1 First Roiv: Major Vandenberg, Major Bradshaw, Major Ford. Second Row. Captain Brown, Captain Murray, Captain Jackson. COLONEL BRYDEN E. MOON PAS finl S gmtn The other military instruction program at the University is under the auspices of the Air Force. With an aim similar to that of the Army, the Air Force ROTC trains cadets for a tour as an Air Force officer. Basic cadets can elect to serve in either Air Force or Army ROTC to fulfill their two year obligation to the University. In AFROTC, first year students learn the prin- ciples of light, the various parts and roles of the modern Air Force, systems and tactics. At the end of two years, cadets may apply for admittance to the advanced program. They must complete and pass physical and mental exams, and be approved by a board of officers. As advanced cadets, they have the opportunity to study navi- gation, military law, weather, and in addition get to make flights with various tactical wings in Ar- kansas. They attend a four week summer camp at an Air Force base where they are introduced to modern weapons and methods of the Air Force. Advanced cadets are paid quarterly and receive $85.00 each quarter while they are in the course. Upon graduation, they are commissioned 2nd Lieutenants and incur a four year military obli- gation. first Hoi,-. TSgt. Guess, SSgt. Roller, TSgt. Sotilc. Second Row: TSgt. Habeikorn, A 1C Miller, SSgt. Scheipman. 344 CADET WING STAFF First Row: Price, Thompson, Moracc, Yacla, Pool, Jobc, Mont- gomery, Waugh. Second Row. Utley, Ourclen, Daughcrty, El- liott, Deaderick, Carver. CADET OFFICERS First Row. Utley, Daughcrty, Thompson, Elliot, Prince, Moracc, Ebdon, Pool, Jofoe, Yada, Montgomery, Dcadrick, Durclcii. Car- den, Carver, Waugh. Second Rou : Boogaart, Perry, Cecil, Ford, Barger, Manuel, Brown, Kidd, Jordan, King, Bain, Nelson, Ten- nant. Rhoden, Elliott. Third Row. Houek, Hovle, Wilmotli, Varnadorc, Dorre, Elder, Robinson, Jacks. Yates, Homyk, Grigs- by, Gingerich, Schumacher, I.ovelis. Beard, Robertson. Fourth Row. Lewis. Coppage, Mathcny, Roberts. Hayes, I.ane, Griesse, Jorden, Beardall, Johnson, Baker, Robertson, Moore, Edwards, Allen, Price. Titus, Talkington. S45 DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS First Row. Rouse, Burrow, Hughcy. Vright, Saar, Liudcrsmith. Woolly. Second Row. Wylie, Daughterly, Rcrd, Evans, Goline. Third Row. Krviti, Alexanderr, Ahrens, Colston, Wolfe, Bailey, Fourth Row. Young, Gates, Washburn. DRILL TEAM First Row: Harris, Peterson, McKce, Malone, Wilson, Tatman, Fisher, Simmons, Ross, Jernigan, Beanlall. Caldwell. Second Row. Hairston, Capalbo, Orenbaum, Smith, White, Klcck, Kim- hcrlin, Sherwood. Third Row. Loser, Thompson, Parks, Hillard, " I ' ate, Marsh, Bowers, Jernigan. Fourth Row. Reecer, Bass, Bull- ington, Lutz, Pike, Stegall. I 1 W M CHORUS First Won 1 : Margucss, Milos, Penick, Moore, Harris, Robinson, Carter, Hylle, Oglesby, Strother, Hollmvay, Graves, Burke, Boiul- reaiix. Second Row: Wright, Rakes, Bracken, Blackwell, Holing, Gammill, Hart, Keel, Barkley, Hallin,, Phillips, Otvvell. Third ion 1 : Clarke, Mayo, White, [ones. Walker, Wingard, Rimmer, Melendon, Flanagan, Kendall, Kippy. Roachell, Mat- thews. Fourth Kou ' : Foster, Lewis, Rice, N ' ason. Coiulry, Raney. Kolb, Chapmann, Wilson, Kelley, Looney. AUXILIARY SECURITY UNIT First Row: Williams. Lobery, Morrison, Patterson, Smith, Xeu- brrger, Bubens, Cnllins. Second Row: ' ood. Martin, Kngelcr, Webb, M.Kklox, Lovctt. " Operation Warm Heart " , sponsored by Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society provided toys for underprivileged children. ANGEL FLIGHT The Angel Flight is an honorary service organi- ation of selected and dedicated women from lead- ing colleges and universities across the nation. It is sponsored by the Arnold Air Society, a selective Air Force ROTC cadet organization which is nam- ed in honor of the late General H. H. " Hap " Arnold, the first Army Air Corps Chief of Staff. A very important part of all Angel Flight acti- vities is to act as hostesses and co-sponsor the many Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, and univer- sity functions conducted on many campuses. Angel Flight on the University of Arkansas campus was started by Captain Carl E. Rose, Col. Bryden E. Moon and other interested parties. This year ' s activities have included T.V. ap- pearances, trips to area conclaves, Operation Warm-Heart, pancake supper, selling Easter lilies, helping with the blood drive, and sending dele- gates to national convention in Washington, D. C. KATHLEEN BARDEN Commander MARGARET ROBINSON Executive Officer DONXA RYBISK1 Administrative Officer JACQUE WILSON Operations Officer GAYLE JOHNSON Comptroller CAROLYN AD AIR Information Officer 348 Gail Bigge, Alicia Gayer, Carolyn Atlair, Kathleen Barden, Carolyn Frey- (lenhovcn, Sharan Brunelle. Sharon Talnian, 1 ' ain Simons. Mary Catherine Walker, Jaccjuc Wilson, Sandy Smith, Brenda Zieglcr. Carol O ' Ronrkc, Gayle Johnson, Diane Palmer, Margaret Ann Gilmore, Don- na Rybiski, Bonnie Hunkapillar, Mar- garet Robinson. " 19 First Row: Grigsby, Moore. Burden. Pool. Yada. Gingench, Rhodcn, Thompson, Manuel. Second Row. Barger, Morace, Roberts, Kidd, Klliolt, F.bdon, Jobe. Deadrick, Montgomery, Carver, Vaugh, Tennant, Varndore. Thinl Rmc: Robertson, Beard, Ltley, Daugherty, Robinson, Jacks. Yates, Homyk, Nel son, King, Price, Titus, Wilmot. Fourth Row. Matheny, Hayes l.ane, Griesse, Prince, Edwards, Coppage. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Made up of Advanced Air Force cadets, the Arnold Air Society is the honorary Air Force Mili- tary organization. Members are selected by invita- tion of present members, and must possess a good scholarship record, including a ' 5.00 cumulative in Air Science. The local Squadron sponsers the drill team, and sends it to several public events and competi- tions in the Southwest. It also sponsers the AFROTC Band, and the Air Police who can be seen directing traffic at football games and aiding with crowd control at Gaebale. Since the completion of Hotz Hall, Air Force ROTC Cadets hold drills and re- views at Leroy Pond Intramural Field. 350 Members of Scabbard and Blade, hon- orary military organization, hold an- nual tapping ceremony on drill field. SCABBARD AND BLADE The Honorary Organization for Advanced ROTC cadets of both services is Scabbard and Blade. Made up of 3rd and 4th year military stu- dents, Company B. of the Regiment has the mis- sion of raising the military standards at the Uni- versity and to unite the two military departments in a closer relationship, to encourage and foster the essential qualities of efficient officers, and to pro- mote friendship among cadet officers. Scabbard and Blade inducts its members by an impressive " tapping ' ' ceremony on the drill field. After being chosen, the inductees must go through a trial period, cumulated by formal induction into the Society. The Society meets once a week to discuss prob- lems occurring between the army and air lone units, and to suggest improvements in drill pro- cedure. In this way, the best ideas of both groups are available for use. First How. Hatfield, Fikes, Mott, Penick, Russ, Kline. Kaircbild, Major Esciie, felt. Mann, Cook, Stewart. Second Row. Burks, Pyland, Havens, Vratsinas, James. Mann. Williams, Koff, Mc- Burnctt. Cain. Jovner. Tlilnl How. Rourdeaiix. I atiim. Mi Kuin, London, Taylor, I.acewell, Sanders, Deal. 1 ' tien, Sliupe, F.pes. II. organizations ABC ABC Pledge Class A E D 354 boosting the spirit of Arkansas The Arkansas Booster Club, composed of (wo members from each organized house ' on campus, was organized to support the athletic teams and provide the students with well supervised pep ac- tivities. The A 11C sponsors the pep rallies, Home- coming, and Dad ' s Day each year. First Row. Runyaii. Spears, Bennett, Hulihard, Hudson. Moss, Kinney, Heath, Allinon. Second Row. Meadows, Ham- don, Powell. Freeman, F.ngland, Gates, Dillaliunly, Irby, Mayo, Hurley, Riggers. OFFICF.RS: Hong Hurley, President; Cal Diggers. Vice-Presi- dent: Anne Allen, Secretary; Pat Mayo, Pledge Trainer; Steve Irbv, Treasurer. . encouraging school spirit The ABC pledge class, comprised of the newly elected representatives, carried out most ol the club ' s work. Throughout the year they backed the Razorbacks by sending telegrams to the team at out of town games, wrapping the goal posts, and making torches for torchlight parades. First Row. Pope, Wing, Roche, Meyer, Watson, Rivers, Xorflcet, Mutton, Dickinson, Hailey, Erwin, Cone, Brown, Gar- rett, Lane, Jackson, Rrackeen, Berner, Mason. Second Row. Tims, Tarvin, Humphries, Slockdell, Woodson, McCoIlum, Rralton, Dalsem, Freeman, Carpenter, Gowcn, Webb, Bowen, Terrell. Pickcns, Slater, Seay, Noble, Fdmiston. Third lion " . Coxsey, Wbitaker. C ' .ompton. Sturdivant. McFwen, Rogers. McMinn. Brandon, Sloan, Mullens, Wyatt. Robbins, Hutka, Zicman, Strick- land, Brvant, Carev, Tanner, Binz. OFFICF.RS: Mike Thomas, President; Robin Cash, Secre- tary; Ben Barry, Vice-President. international pre-med society Alpha Epsilon Delta, international pre-medical society, was founded on this campus in 1938. Mem- bership in AF.D is based primarily on scholarship. The meetings during the year provide an oppor- tunity for the members to hear and become ac- quainted with outstanding guest speakers. First Kim-. Clubbs, Greenwood, Gardner. N ' cal. Sonneman. Austin. St ' coiul Itoir: Cooper. Sacks. I ' osey, Calhoon. Gnrbel. OFFICF.RS: Jerry Cooper, President; Bob Thurlby. Vire-I ' rcf- ident; C ' .vnthia Worrell, Seiretarv; Marv Kate Sonneman, Trcas- 355 Agri Students Association Students in Agriculture and Home Economics constitute the Agriculture Students Association. An outing is planned for the fall so that students may better become acquainted with each other and with faculty members. " Agri Day " in the spring includes the Queen ' s Cow Milking Contest, the Rodeo, and is highlighted by a banquet and dance. First Row: Pattern, Brown, Jacobs, Bungc, Fox, Tilley, Whit- low, Formby, Bennett, Hooks, Moore. Wilber, Young, Black, Dostcr, Shaver, Kcathley, Burton, Hewett, Yielding, Kennctt. Second Row: Hunter, Kieth, Edwards, Selph, Rutherford, White, Simon, Barnett, Wingert, Strickland, Pyle, Adkinson, Hurst, Runsick, Dickinson, Bryant, Watts. Third Row: Cooper, Potter, Bowerman, Vick, Daniel, Whitlow, Williams, Lumsden, McDan- iel, Wilson, Martin, Crandall, Shancr Shearer, Ashlock, Garner, Havens, O ' Bar. OFFICERS: Frank Carter, President; Joyce Carter, Secretary; Robert Bridges, Treasurer; Helen Hackney, Publicity Chair- man; Bill Townsend, Vice- President. CO 1 Agronomy Club The Agronomy Club, which is composed of mainly agronomy majors, strives to enrich and en- tertain its members by having speakers from vari- ous fields at the meetings. The club works together to select speakers who will be interesting to every- one. Some of the activities include outings, cotton picking contests, soil judging contests, and sending delegates to the national convention. First Row: Hillian, Hunter, Vick, Selph, Daniel, Hooks, Pat- ton. Second Row. Place, Keith, Chambliss, Williams, Barnett, I.umsdcn, Wilson, Garner, Cavincss. OFFICERS: Morris Crandall, Secretary; Bill Townsend, Pres- ident; I. any Ashlock, Treasurer. A H E A The University of Arkansas chapter of Ameri- can Home Economics Association is made up of students whose future careers lie in home eco- nomics and homemaking. It promotes student in- terest in the homemaking acts and provides ad- vice and professional help in their future plans. First Rim-. May, Sheetrum, Hastings, Hackney, Hornsby, Bradley, Tilley. Second Ron ' : Brown, Harbcr, Bratton, Jacobs, Bennett, Jenkins, Priebe, Formby. Gatlin. OFFICF.RS: Pat May, President; Betty Sheetrum, Vice-Pres- ident; Linda Brown, Treasurer; Jane Tilley, Secretary. coordinating students and faculty studying crops and soils aids future homemakers 357 A I A C5 A A I Ch E A I I E representing architecture students The local chapter of the American Institute of Architecture acts on behalf of the architecture stu- dents in helping them learn more about their role in the national group. The national organization is the professional group lor the nation ' s architects, and has a chapter in every state with headquarters in Washington, 1). C. It is the voice and governing body of the architects and it seeks ways to improve the profession. first Row: Smith. Blair, Oislii. Sliunuin. Clingan. Paticisnn. Myers, Miller. Mulliiis. Srrontl How. Sutherland. Sims, Bassctt. Owen, Kikes, Thompson, Gaskin. Warrincr, Hailcx. Curtis, Mul- lins, Canino. Third Koir: Watson. Crumpion. Clark, I Ionic, Herman, Sanders, Norcross, Vontungcln, Baiikston, Mohlcy, Powers, Wright, Hoggand, Haslins, I.inebarger. Jackson, Thomp- son. OFFICERS: John McWilliams, President; C:liff Jackson. ' ice- President; Jay Fulbright, Secretary; David Blown, Treasiner. . encouraging chemical engineering students Chartered on the University of Arkansas cam- pus in 1935, the local chapter of the American In- stitute of Chemical Engineers, in keeping with its purpose of encouraging interest in the chemical t ng neering field, holds several meetings during the semester. At these meetings, the national achievements and problems of chemical engineers are heard and discussed with guest speakers. fiY.x7 lion-. Owens, Courtney. Campbell. Strnad, Maniar. Shcllon, Mason, Ware, Parsons, Covey. St rinid lime: Sanders. Sanders. Williams, Miller, llnlsr, ormington, Nave. Hinshaw, Reid. Roberts. OFFICERS: Ronnie (.hiss. Treasurer; Ronald G. Embry. Vice-President; Bobby (ones. President; Ray Owen, Junior En- gineering Council Representative. encouraging industrial engineering students The American Institute of Industrial Kngi- neers attempts to correlate classroom knowledge with practical industrial processes and problems. The group takes field trips and gives its members advanced statistical information about industrial engineering. The University of Arkansas chapter has the distinction of being the number one chap- ter. f ' Y.v A ' rnr: Duke. F.tien. Newton. Miller. Root, Palmer, llein- d ' Mi. Hull. St ' Kiuil How: Whilson, I.una. Kirk. Shupe. Jenning. Bvroadc. Sniilh. Malonc. Voss. Mclkoxil . Bean. Third lloir: Kcnncdx. Huglns. Bearden. Ransom. Medlin. Hokrmbe. (,enlr . Cochran. Cowan. Ollar. Harmon. Hairslon. Hawkins. OFFICERS: |ohn |. limns. Engineering Council Repiesen- tatixe: John Beall. Engineering C.ouiuil Representative; I.ouis liegeman. Publiciiv Chairman; Jim Fani. Vice-President; B ille Scare x, Secretarx; Bill Harrison. President. Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma, a national professional chem- istry and chemical engineering fraternity, was founded on this campus in 1928. Students in the field of chemistry are honored by membership and members of the college section of the fraternity can become affiliated with the professional branch when they graduate. Activities sponsored by Al- pha Chi Sigma include the regional science fair and supplying chemistry tutors. First Row: Nave, Roberts, Shelton, Maniar, Hulse. Sizcond Row. Ware, Miller, Whittington, Hinshaw, Wormington, Reid, Arthur, Roberts. OFFICERS: Cloyce H. Miller, Reporter; Franklin D. Roberts, Recorder; Bruce Roberts, Treasurer; T. E. Ware, Master of Cere- monies; Philippe David Nave, Master Alchemist. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fra- ternity, is composed of men who are candidates for a degree in business administration. The Univer- sity of Arkansas chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi is the largest in the nation. During the year field trips are taken and guest speakers are invited to meet- Row: Hulsey, Burson, Magncss, Rice, Whitehcad, Mag- ness, Bell. Miller, Xowlin. Second Row. Blankcnship, Poin- dexter, Jasper, Good, Matthews, French, McBurnett, Dick, Mc- George. Third Ron ' : Fikes, Williams, Feilke, Hays, Roberts, Price, Hale, McMichael, Johnson, Holt. OFFICERS: R. N. McMichael, Advisor; Richard Holt, Na- tional Field Secretary; John French, President; Scott McGeorge, Secretary. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta was founded to promote intelligent living and a rich standard of learning and to encourage superior scholastic achievement among freshmen women. A 3.5 average for the first semester or a 3.5 accumulative for the freshmen year is required for membership. Activities in- clude tutoring sessions for freshmen women and an information booth at registration. First Row. Smith. Daunis, Hixson, Perry, Johnston, Weir, Mackic. Hawk, Dunlavy, Tilley, Jones, Carter. Second Row: Council. Hoffman, Czarowitz, Humphries, Stockdell, Johnson, Rowan, Fields, Roelfs, Hudson, Wade. OFFICERS: Marilyn Kays, Treasurer; Valita Goza, Historian; Frances Rogers, Secretary; Peggy Schell, President; Gayle John- son, Vice-President. 360 :hemistry honor fraternity . . . professional business fraternity . . . outstanding freshmen women 361 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Zeta Animal Industry 362 national service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega is the national service fra- ternity for college and university men. It was founded in 1925 and is now active on more than .SOU campuses in the United States. Heta Rho Chapter at the I ' niversity of Arkansas became an active part of university life in 1962. One of the main projects during the year consists of helping during fall and spring registration. Firsl Ron ' : Campbell. Wright, Suva. Morace, Peiiiberton, Goodwin, Roberts. Second Ron 1 : Rollins, Franks, Rowe, Sanders, I.olimar. Morris, Ycagcr, Scott. Clark. OFFICERS: Arthur Williams, President; Claud Prcwitt, Vice- 1 ' iesident; Ferry Bradley, Recording Secretary; Joe Mann. Par- liamentarian; Dona) Luna, Historian. leadership and interest in agriculture Alpha Zeta is an honorary agriculture frater- nity. The original chapter was founded at Ohio State in 1897, and started at the University in 1917. Its goal is the development of leadership and interest in the agricultural field. The local chapter draws its membership from the upper three classes of the agriculture school. To be chosen for mem- bership, a student needs to displ ay sound character and leadership qualities. First Row. Eason. Townscnd, White, Young, Shearer, Bridges. Wilson. Second Ron " . Carter. Lynch, Rutherford, Havens, Dan- iels. Dickey, Hillian. Third Row. Simon. Ragland, Vick, Bower- man. McDaniel, Taylor, Cooper, Scott, Potter. OFFICERS: Carrol G. Chambliss, Censor; Clifford A. I . Scribe; Ronald D. Barnctt, Treasurer; Chorlcs Hooks, Chancellor. . judging intercollegiate contests The Animal Industry Club is an animal hus- bandry group which is open to students in the fields of animal and poultry husbandry. The group is primarily involved in sponsoring judging teams in intercollegiate contests. l-int Ron-. Eason. Ilillard, C.anant. Evans. Jones. Goodlier, Ivv, Sweeney. Kcalhlev, Hosier. Second Ron-. Bowers, Taylor. Rutherford. ' While. Bridges. Freeman. Selph. Scott. Black, in- gert. Third Ron-. Simon. Ragland. Bell. Bowerman. Allen. Cole. Ccx pcr. Shaner. McGary, O ' Bnr, bbott. OFFICERS: Vergil Tollctt, Treasurer; Don Dickey, Vice-Pies ident; Jim Shearer, President; Jimmy Young, Rcpoiter. Arkansas Accounting Association The Arkansas Accounting Association helps its members obtain additional information about the various fields of accounting by inviting a guest speaker to the monthly luncheon meetings. Here, the students can have their opportunity to ex- change views on current problems in accounting. First Row. Gash, Setstcr, Davis, Sanders, Pearce, Oakes, Smcad, Bray, Hixson. Johnson, Dillard, Matthews. Second Row: Hartin, Orler, Martin, Stallings, Renfro, Walton, Magness, Eng- land, Fitzgerald, MtXulty, McKuin, Pope. OFFICERS: Ted Sanders, President; Jerry Orler, Vice-Presi- dent; Patricia Oakes, Secretary; Barry McKuin, Treasurer. AS A E The local chapter of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers is active in providing Agri engineers with ideas about the profession, and in giving them a chance to meet and talk with promi- nent members of the profession. Industrial inter- viewers visiting the campus and men within the department provide the outstanding speakers that are heard at bimonthly meetings of the group. First Row. Jones, Duncan, Harris, Butler, Hillaed, Burton, Garner, Smith, Gay, Mayo. Second Row. Matthews, Nelson, Bryan, Allen, Faddis, Avery, Black, Benedict, Newtown, Baker, Rowe. OFFILCERS: Joe Faddis, President; Henry M. Rowe, Vice- President; Mike Jones, Treasurer; Bob Mayo, Secretary. ASC E The American Society of Civil Engineers helps civil engineering students by being their profes- sional contacts and associations and by helping them learn about certain professional matters not covered in class. The chapter is also a medium for exercising principles of personal and public rela- tionships. Activities of ASCE include taking field trips to various construction projects, preparing projects for Engineers Week Open House, and a spring banquet or outing. First Ron ' -. Turner, Weeks, McMurtrcy, Armellini, Bajour, Gruhbs, Porter, Vratsinas, Stewart, Chaffin, Foster. Second Row: Crane. Fletcher, True, Pitts. Berry, Jones, Luce. Dillahunty, Gicroiv, Connollv, Allen. OFFICERS: Jim Womblc, President; David Wylie, Secretary; Del Schmand, Treasurer; Ed Cain, Vice-President. . informing accounting students . . agriculture engineering chapter . civil engineering majors 365 ASM E A W S Executive Board Beta Alpha Psi 366 representing mechanical engineers The American Society for Mechanical Engi- neers, a national organization for professional en- gineers, was founded in 1880. Through its pro- gram, ASME seeks to broaden the students ac- quaintances with the practical side of mechanical engineering, to make the library facilities of the society available to those interested, and to keep the students informed about engineering progress. How. (, ilcs. Adcox. Anil, Nfay. Volt, ird, Bigge. Srioiid Itair: lilackwcll. Moon 1 , Harris, Durham, I.ockc, Caplc, Mc- Kennv. OI-TKT.RS: 1 ' aul Graf. Secretary; MM Hogan, Treasurer; Kaiul .Stewart, Vice-President; I.arrv Blevins, President. governs associated women students The AWS Executive Board represents and gov- errns the association of Women Students, which includes all undergraduate women students en- rolled in the University. The board is headed by lour officers and is composed of the presidents of the various women ' s campus organizations, and the chairmen of the various AWS committees on campus. ' ' ). How. Hampton, Mires, Mailer, Mitchell, Ray, Burch, Cherry, Goodwin, Seymour. Srcontl l! :w. Vanccy. X.affater, Kagle- son, Kvans. Reynolds, Reader, McGehcc, Roelfs. Measles. OITICKRS: Mickey Pryor, Treasurer; Carol Lynn Taylor, Secretary; Bccki Balch, ' ice-President; Ann Mcl.eod, President. national accounting fraternity Beta Alpha Psi, the national accounting frater- nity, is an honorary scholastic and professional or- ganization whose goal is that of strengthening the accounting profession. Scholarship and leadership are the basis for choice in the membership of this fraternity. Guest speakers, outstanding in the ac- counting profession, highlight the meetings of the Alpha Iota chapter of Beta Alpha Psi. How. Dillard, Sanders. I.isenby, I.ance. Martin, Smead. Second How. Paper, Marshall, Oiler, l- ' .nvin. Gash. McKuin. Mann. OI-TICKRS: George R. Martin. President; Ronald I.. Setser. Recording Secretan; |oe R. l)a is. Treasurer; Janet 15. Hunts man, Corresponding Secretary. 3fi7 Blue Key Blue Key National Honor Fraternity strives through organized effort among student leaders in American colleges and universities to foster an am- bition for intellectual attainment and a desire to serve college students. It strives to study student problems, enrich student life, and promote and stimulate the progress and best interests of the institutions in which Blue Key is founded. Activi- ties of the organization include Arkansas Career Day and the Blue Key Alumni banquet at Home- coming. First Row. Hilburn, Adair, Boyce, Ray, Bryant, Kline, Gib- bons, Blair. Second Row: Giles, Fulton, Storey, Morgan, Lance, Holman, Robinson, Wallace, Williams. Third Row: Johnson, Martin, Harrison, Humphreys, Scroggins, French, Mayes, Poyn- ter, Bell. OFFICERS: Mickey Mayfield, President; Bill Kidder, Vice- President; Ed Penick, Secretary; Lawrence Fikes, Treasurer. B S U Baptist Student Union is the campus ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention. It emphasizes active church membership, evangelism, missions, study, worship, service, and recreation. All stu- dents are welcome to participate in its program and to use the facilities provided in the Baptist Student Center. First Rinu: Worrell, Ausmus, ( ' .one, Geiger, Johnson, Wil- liamson, Gatlin, Taylor, McKissic. Second Row: Jones. Morace, Clark, Brodic, Kunyan, Brodie, Amis, Lowcry, Harfield, Rob- bins, Price, Powell, Runyan Stubblefield. Third Ron " . Blackwell Hughes, Logan, Haydon, Sanders, Lohmar, Calhoon, Scott, Lewis, Phillips, Johnson. OFFICERS: Ernie Morace, Vice-President; Charlotte Runyan, Secretary; Jon Stubblefield, President. Collegiate Academy of Science The Collegiate Academy of Science is designat- ed to promote an interest in science and scientific research on the campus. Membership is limited to undergraduate science majors of sophomore stand- ing or above having a satisfactory scholastic record. Main activities include lectures by outstanding people of science and encouraging undergraduate research in science. First Row. Curtis. Smith, Mackic. Flowers, Neal. Greenwood. Second Row. Carter, Keys, Houston, Dudney, Hall, Callan. OFFICERS: Ron Greenwood, President; Leroy Curtis, Vice- President. ,.pr vey strives to help students ' strives ' leaders i n 1! a desire to ; udy student promote and 1 " " wests of the " Career t at Home- , a BSU fMpiK ministn 1 on. It emphasizes ijelism, missions, Ttaion. All stu- ( in its pronam Oijrt. ]ohniffli, Wil- l ' .r ]CIIH. MOM, om. Hafitli Rob- nriSoi ' iBIactell CAM, SMI, Ms, of Science ifiiceisdesijiBt- jce and scientific ship is limited to mplmmore plastic record. bv ouistandin? undergraduate baptist campus ministry promotes scientific interests 369 370 Cardinal XX fr Chi Epsilon Chi imes . twenty outstanding men Cardinal Twenty, founded in I960 by Omicron Delta Kappa, is an organization of twenty out- stand ' ng men from the previous freshman class. They are selected on the basis of grade point, of- fices held, athletics, and responsibilities carried out. They assist in freshman orientation and help with registration in the fall and spring. first Row: Long, Nelson, Bilhcimer, Colt-man, Wyatt, Mc- Nair, Lee, Rea. Second Row. Switzer, Watkins, Paddock, Horn- ick. Harper, Lea, Trammel, Mayo, Scribcr. OFFICERS: Ladd J. Scriber, President; Patrick M. Mayo, Secretary; Torn Lea, Treasurer; Robert Trammel, Vice-President. honorary civil engineering fraternity Chi Epsilon is dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of civil en- g : neering as an ideal profession. It was organized to recognize the characteristics of the individual civil engineer deemed to be fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engineering career, and to aid in the development of those characteristics in the student. First Rorf. Johnson, Holley, Fletcher, Cain, Schmand, Stuart, Cole, Roberts, Hillingswt-y. Second Row: Stewart, Allen, Crane, Vomble, Knight, Vralsinas, Lamb, Baber. OFFICKRS: Herb Morgan. President; Joe Connolly, Secretary; David Wylic, Treasurer; Jerry Grubbs, Vice-President. . service group of freshman women Chimes is a service group on campus compos- ed of twenty second semester freshman women. Members are chosen on the basis of their high school and college records and applications. This group is sponsored by Mortar Board, and sup- plies hostesses to visiting dignitaries on campus. First Row. Humphries, Mires, Hnbbard. Armstrong, Field. Johnston, Tuck, Williams. Second Ro w. I.iltle, Schell, Rcgers, Cash, Matthews, Rowan. Watson. F.rwin. Mutton. OFF1CKR.S: Peggy Schell, Historian; Susan Matthews. I ' rcsi dent; Carol Watson, Secretary; Grace Ann Mires, Vice-President; Robi:i Cash, Treasurer. 371 Chi Theta Dedicated to helping women graduates find their place in the business world, Chi Theta helps the University ' s undergraduate women become more familiar with the opportunities open to them. Business women speak to the club, discus- sing their specialty with interested individuals. Chi Theta works in conjunction with the Business Ad- ministration college to bring the business world to the campus in an enlightening way. First Row. Steel, Armstrong, Dickerman, Law, Smead, Kend- rick. Rupert. Second Row. Little, McMillan, Garrison, Bell, Kyle, Daunis, Bondurant. OFFICERS: Sue Kendrick, Corresponding Secretary; Anna Smead, First Vice-President; Diane Dickerman, Second Vice- I ' resident. Circle K Circle K is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, and the majority of its membership is drawn from men who were in Key Club International in high school. The members work closely with the Ki- wanis on community projects. First Ran ' -. Rea, Fitzhugh, Hill, McLean, Saiullin, Kline, I ' emberton, Shaw, Allen, Snyder, Gibbons. Second Row: Bell, McAlistcr, Harper, Shollmier, Grimshaw, Menyhart, Haynie. Third Row: Rudder, Maurras, Quickel, Fairhead, Grain, Henry, Marcon, Nash. Estes, McClaran, Edwards. Wallace, Dagenhart, Miles, Bayer. Fourth Row: East. Thane, Johnson, Cockrum, Har- rison. Lcming, Kerby, Clark, McNulty, Fincher, Stevens, Calrk, I ' lunkett, Raney, Swann, Massey. OFFICERS: Bob Porter, President; Claud Prewitt, Vice-Pres- ident; Don Boyd, Secretary; Gary Felker, Treasurer. Civic Club Civic Club, whose members are elected from each housing group, is representative of the entire student body. The club donates funds, which are raised from the admission to Singfony and student contributions to the annual Campus Chest drive to the Fayetteville United Fund and other worth- while charities. First Ron-: Hurst, Pockru s, Woods. Williams, Moon. Piyor, Whitson. Second Row: Van Meter, Hendrkkson, Harper. Mc- C.laran, Ross. Moore, Brunelle, Flowers. Third Row: Harrison, M ' N ' utt. Xoblcs. Horniek, Swabv. Coffield. Mav. OFFICERS: Jim May, Treasurer; Billy Ross, Vicc-Prcsident; Suson Whitson, Secretary; Bill Harrison, President. 372 women in the business world . . . sponsored by the kiwanis club . sponsors campus chest drive 373 Commerce Guild Engineering Council Eta Kappa Nu r 374 serves students enrolled in business The Commerce Guild is composed of all the members of the College of Business Administra- tion. By working to unite the faculty and students of the college and by bringing in outside speakers, they promote and advertise the aims of business in the life o f the campus. The bus : ncss of America and Arkansas is the concern of til ' s organization. First Ron 1 : Coleman. Lan U , Gi!lfs|)ic. B. II, Shannon, Now- lin, Priest, Grimshaw. Second {: Johnson. Porter McBiirnctt. Lea, Price. Cxif field, Bale, Ponder. OFFICERS: Boh Bryant, Treasurer; John Meailor, President; Bill Morgan, Vice- President. engineer ' s governing body Each engineering and technical organization on campus elects representatives to the Engineer- ing Council. They, along with the ed tor and busi- ness manager of the Arkansas Eng ' neer, serve as the governing body for the engineers. The council is responsible for Engineer ' s Week and the rally. RRl- ' irst Koii ' i Moss, Burton, Vralsinas. Lo: ' g, Owen. Bl ' . ' uns. Second Ron " . Blackwell. Annellini, Rcwc. Hcgttnan, Kirk, [ones. Locke, Burns. ' I ' liinl Hew. Morgan, St. wart. Fley. Kant, Henson, Velhorn. Vom!)le. Morgan. OFFICKRS: Rodger Kline. Treasurer; Ronald Kinhry. Secre- tary: Rex A. Martin, Vice-President; Jack A. Giles. Pre.iider.t. electrical engineering fraternity Eta Kappa Nu is the honorary electrical en- gineering fraternity for juniors and seniors. Part of its yearly program includes helping with the state science fair and offering its members oppor- tunities to learn more about the electrical engi- neering field at monthly meetings. Ural lii} i " . rlampit. Arnold. Oishi. Hill. Feland, Sraran, Martin. S-ioiitl ll ' :ii l : Jew. Perry, Henson, King. Matins, Bailey. Velhorn, Kddv. OFFK.KR.S: Rex A. Martin. Treasurer; Rohert |. ' ell)orn. President; Ronald I- ' .. F.clily, X ' ice-l ' iesident; Paul Glampit, Rec- ording Secretaiy. 375 IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics En- gineers, Inc. is the largest professional engineering society in the world. Student branches of the IEEE are established in more than 200 approved col- leges, universities, and schools throughout the country. The IEEE provides students with an un- usual opportunity to associate educationally and socially with fellow engineering students through professional talks, group discussio n, and projects. First Row. Scott, Brown, Oishi, Booth, Price, Mattison, Wright. Second Row: Elmore, Arnold, Hill, Feland, Scaran, Sugg, Johnson, Clampit, McDaniel. Third Row. Jew, Perry, Hcnson, King, Mathys, Bailey, Welborn, McClure, Falls. OFFICERS: Morris Crandall, Secretary; Bill Townsend, Presi- dent; Larry Ashlock, Treasurer. Interfraternity Pledge Counci The Interfraternity Pledge Council is compos- ed of two representatives from the pledge class of each sorority and fraternity on the campus. It serves as a directive and administrative body to en- courage cooperation between all pledge classes. Their main project is the IFPC dance held early in the second semester. First Row. Reynolds, Swanson, Nickcll, Wellborn, Cash, Farris, Irby, Honeycutt, Nelson, Tremble. Wade, Hall, Tram- niell, Jaroway. Second Rou : Isgrig, Ponder, Plunkett, Stubbs, Ogden. Williams, Felton, Burrow, Bryant, Glover, Keadle, Zook. OFFICERS: Mack McLarty, Vice-President; Jan Ellis, Secre- tary; Floye Kale, Treasurer; Rusty Hyde, President. International Club The International Club discusses all the cur- rent foreign news and keeps its members informed on international affairs. It is open to anyone in- terested in foreign politics and news. Ho-,, " . Claudel. Wanjari, Amatya, Shami, Draki, Riley, Hurtado. Second Run-: Huddleston, Carolan, Maniar, Mukund, Conji 1 . Iyer, Sabu, Roelfs. Third Row: Htut, Linnen, Erwin, Baird, Dharkar, Eichman, Martin, Marashi. OFFICERS: Wagih Dafashy, President; Xeoptolemos Cleopa, Vice-President; Pat Pope, Secretary; Charles D. Covey, Treasurer. 376 largest professional engineering society promotes cooperation between pledges discusses foreign news and ideas 377 r Kappa Kappa Psi Marketing Club Men ' s Counseling Staff 378 . honorary band fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary hand fraterni- ty and is composed of outstanding male bandsmen. Music: is the common tie that brings these excep- tional musicians together. The group holds regu- lar meetings and sponsors several social events dur- ing the year. The mutual interest and abilities of the members furnish a strong bond of fellowship and enthusiasm. l-iisl ' (ur: Lee, Port. 1 !, M Dauicl. Worlhington, Poore, Rouse, Hartman, Meredith. Sccoinl lion " . Sykes. Franks. Mason. Jcrnigan, Walker, Rouse, Baker, Done, Alexander. Third Him ' : Bradley, Rippce, Condren, Biggs, Manila Ford. Knod, Dorre, Kvans, Epley. OFFICERS: Terry Bradley, Treasurer; Jim Alexander, Sec- retary; Donald Ford, Vice-President; Jim Done, President. unifying marketing students Marketing Club is the unifying organization for students majoring in the field of marketing. It serves as a contact with business leaders, not only by bringing outstanding guest speakers to the cam- pus, but also by providing field trips on which stu- dents can observe business and industry in opera- Firsl Ron " . Tolley, Stobaugh, Tilley, Hoi haver, Watson. Sirond Ron " . Reif. Robinson, Melcalf, Brown, Olivera, Bond- urant. Matthews, Hewett. Third Run " . Rogers, Dodd, McDon- ald. Welsh. Smith. Henbest, Gilson, Bane. OFFICERS: Sanely Hoi haver, Ticket Manager; Bryant Barry, President; Bud Storey, Secretary. aiding new students The staff consists of counselors who arc select- ed on the basis of scholarship, leadership, respon- sibility, and personality. Il works closely with the Division of Student Affairs and the counselors as- sist in orienting the new men, stimulating inter- est in student government, referring individuals to the proper agencies for help, and creating the proper atmosphere for study and personal develop- ment. First Ron " . Boogaart. Malloy. Sihroedei, Fromby, Hooper. I.ance. F.verilt. Si-rond Ron " . Mann, Willis, Cooper, Tucker, Shclton, Griffin, Calhoon, C ' .limer. Rippy. Third Row: Garretl, Lohmar, Fitzgerald, Stoll. Rush. Kinncman, Wclborn, Daniel. OFFICERS: Robert ]. Velborn, Flead Counselor Vocuni Hall; Jim I.ance. Head Counselor Humphreys Hall. Men ' s Sophomore Council Each year freshmen, selected from the top 20% of the freshmen in men ' s halls, are chosen to mem- bership in the Men ' s Sophomore Council. They are selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, loyalty, responsibility, and personality. The pur- pose of the organization is to assist the Univer- sity in orientation of freshmen into the men ' s pro- gram and student government. The members will live in freshmen housing and comprise the nu- cleus of floor leadership while developing fresh- men for leadership on their floors. First Row. Lee, Holloway, McKissick, Witherington, Rakes, Houston, Webb, Scheer, Miller, Sacken, Alexander. Second Row: Walker, Fong, Hutchens, Setliff, Marquess, Sykes, Bland, Mere- dith, Johnson, Spratlin, Thompson, Williams. Third Row. Dyer, Regan, Williams, Pettus, Rippy, Franks, Davis, Smith, Simpson, Wood, Lewis, Price, Hinesley. OFFICERS: Jerry W. Alexander, Vice-President; Larry Da- vis, Social Chairman; James R. Smith, Treasurer; Thomas P. Sacken, Secretary; James R. Lee, President. National Collegiate Players ass na National Collegiate Players is a service organi- zation for students, junior level or above, who have shown special interest in drama. As well as having a 2.5 grade point, the drama student must earn the required number of points by being in plays and helping in plays. Projects include sponsoring a playright contest, sponsoring a dance recital, and offering scholarships for students interested in drama. First Row: Whitman, Swisshelm, Snipes, Creason. Second Row. Magruder, Allraon, Speakman, Davis, Hart. OFFICERS: Dick Albin, Vice-President; Don Creason, Presi- dent; Preston Magruder, Sponsor; M. Blair Hart, National Pres- ident. Newman Club or The Newman Club, a national religious group, strives to reach Catholic students on the campus. It provides them with a fuller and richer religious life while they are at the University. Its stated pur- pose is to " deepen the spiritual and to enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social ac- tivities. " First Row. Beasley, Marinon, Giles, Beasley, Hoag, Steplock, .impel, Ferrill, Johnson. Second Row. Father Baltz. Cecil. Sava, Volpert, Sacken, Daniel, Kesler, Boltz, Robbins. OFFICERS: Richard Cecil, Vice-President; Rosemary Hoag, Secretary; George K. Kesler, President. 380 J. assisting freshmen men national drama honor society organization for catholic students 381 Omicron Delta Kappa P E M Club Phi Eta Sigma 382 outstanding junior and senior men Outstanding leaders from among junior and senior men are tapped tor Omicron Delta Kappa. Requirements for leadership are excellence in Un- fit-Ids of leadership, scholarship, athletics, publi- cations, music and dramatic arts. Along with Blue- Key and Mortar Hoard, ()1)K sponsors leadership schools. Other activities include sponsoring orien- tation and giving reports to the senate on the coun- seling program in each college. First lion " . Campbell, Howell, Martin. Kidd, Hall. liegeman, Moore. Pace. Second Row. llatlield. Pc ' itcr. Hurley. Cooper, Schrant , Womhle, Arnold, Henson, Rousseau. OFFICF.RS: Gary . Campbell, Preside ' ill; Dick Hatfield, ' iee-President; Jim AVomble. Secretary. represents students in physical education The purpose of the Physical Education Majors Club is to act as a coordinating professional and social organization for the students in the depart- ment. It encourages an understanding of physical education as applied to all people, and advanced professional interest in physical education. First Hint ' : Dr. Troy Hendricks. I ' ulleii, Burnett. Chancy, Mari ' .o::i. Raskin, Gibson. Gatlnight. Smith, Dyer, Castleman, Rurnett. Second Rim " . Van Hoos . Peacock. Holland. Kveretl, H::ilev. Wr; d. Tyler, Felt . Wrighl. Brilcy. ' ilkins. Rucklew. OFFICKRS: Laddie Crouch. President; Jerry VIch. Vice- President; Gene Anderson. Secretary; Linda Hall. Treasurer. . honorary fraternity for underclassmen A grade average of ;5.5 in the freshman year is required for membership in Phi Eta Sigma, the na- tional honorary fraternity for underclassmen. It was organized to give recognition to such high scholastic achievement and to offer scholastic bene- fit to students through the remaining three years of undergraduate work in college. First Ren " . Stanley, Young. Fowler. Rta , Hartman. Second Ron " , Rouse. Vatkins. Burnett, Simpson. McNully. OIFICF.RS: Rick Me Nail. Secretary: Jack Me ullv. Presi- dent; Larry Vatkins, Vice-President; incc Long, Treasurer. Phi Upsilon Omicron Phi Upsilon Omicron, organized for the ad- vancement of home economics, sponsors projects to stimulate students in the field of home economics. Selection for membership is on the basis of scholar- ship and leadership and standing in the upper two fifths of each class. Each year a freshman girl with the highest grade average in home economics is presented an awa rd by Phi Upsilon Omicron. First Row. Edmondson, McMurry, Brown. Second Row: Carter, Bostick, Lowrey, Sheetrum, Cunningham. OFFICERS: Irene Jackson, President; Betty Sheetrum, Vice- President; Glenda Bostick, Recording Secretary; Joyce Carter, Corresponding Secretary; Jobelle Beasley, Treasurer. Pi Mu Epsilon Membership in Pi Mu Epsilon, the honorary math fraternity, is based on a 3.00 scholarship ac- cumulative average in mathematics and comple- tion of Calculus II. The fraternity was founded to promote scholarship in all fields with emphasis on mathematics. Each semester, Pi Mu Epsilon pro- vides free tutoring service for math students in all phases of the subject. First Row: Francis, Gardner, Holman, Grossman, Sharrah, Zimpcl, Hartman, Rouse, Mattison. Rimmer, Fowler. Second Roic: Hurley, Palmer, Wilmoth, Pile. Setliff, Place, Mackie. In- low, Holifield, West, Johnson, Hooper, Scott, Scroggs, Gifford. Third Row. Meenen, Dryer, New, McClurc, Townsend, Boyd, Garrett, Cochran, Eans, James, Brewer, Wilson, Inman, Bil- lingsler. OFFICERS: Jo Ellen Woody, Secretary; Jim Schrantz, Vice- President; Charles E. Blackstack, President; Russell Helm, Publicity. Pi Tau Sigma The members of Pi Tau Sigma are drawn from the mechanical engineering students. Inductees must be in the top twenty per cent of their junior class or in the top thirty-five percent of their senior class, and must have faculty approval as to their character and leadership traits. The Arkansas Chapter, Upsilon, was installed in 1959, and has actively supported the department of mechanical engineering. Raw. Locke. Hogan, Adcox. Taylor. Second Row. Car- ter. Stewart, Blackwell, Morgan, Moore. OFFICERS: Joe B. Locke, President; Bonnie F. Blackwell, Vice-President; Clifton C. Stewart, Treasurer; Mac Hogan, Sec- retary. 381 encourages home economics . . . honorary math fraternity . . represents mechanical engineering students 385 Pre-Law Club Press Club Psi Chi 386 future law students The Pre-I,aw Club provides an excellent chance tor students interested in law to work for and be associated with the Law School. Mock court trials were held and included in the year ' s pro- gram were talks by many well known speakers. First Him ' : Rc;i. Sinilli, I 1 iceman, (rimsltiiw. Wads, Bland, Rosenberg, Jackson. .Si ' imid Rotr: McRnrnclt. Clinton. Cole- man, Shannon, Williams, McDaniel, Kicster, McDnugall. OFFICKRS: Jack Coleman, 1 ' residcnt; Li Clinton, Secretary; Bill Rea, Vice-President; I ' at Shannon, Treasurer. . journalism organization Members of the Press Club are journalism ma- jors and those interested in some aspect of this field. This organization is relatively new on campus. Meetings are held every other week and field trips are taken to newspapers in the area. First Roiu: afrani. Shiras, Spencer, Mitchell, Hailcy. Second l{i w. Shami, Hill. Shipley, Lnmpkin. OIIKKRS: Carl l.umpkin. Vice-President; Aliic Hailcy, Treasurer; I ' am Mitchell. Secretary; Jack Hill, President. . national psychology fraternity Psi Chi is the national psychology fraternity for students majoring or interested in psychology. There are several degrees of membership, but a regular member must have a 3.00 accumulative and have taken twelve hours of psychology. Dur- ing the meetings interesting speakers in the field present lectures and discussions and demonstra- tions are held. Yw ' " ( ' : Houston. lliacllc . Simpson. t.iaxcs. Hudson, kooikcT. SV ' rom Ittnr: Kimhrough, Rogers, Hudson, Hopkins, Haitocl. Powell. OH KIRS: I nin Powell. Vice-President: Linda kooiker. Treasurer; Ka r Kiadlcv, ScMctan; Robert Hudson. President. SAM The Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment is the national organization of managers in industry, commerce, government, and education. SAM at Arkansas meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Meetings of the year generally feature a guest from the business world. Activities include the fall and spring banquets, plant tours, and the publication of a newsletter. fin! Knu ' : Fincher, Preston, Warford, Buehlcr, Good, Mc- George. Si-ciind Rou : Quickc-1, Fairhead, Fuller, McSwain, Fu- gate, Callan, King, McBurnett. Third Ron-. Martin, McCrca, Poolc, Gray, Poindextcr, Henry, Fleming. OFFICKRS: Jim McBurnett, President; Jerry W. Fleming, Treasurer; Russell Fugate, Vice-President; Edwin I.. Buchler, Secretary. Sigma Alpha lota The aim of Sigma Alpha Iota, a national music fraternity for women, is to promote loyalty to the school and to encourage interest in music. A spec- ial object of the group is to establish a fuller un- derstanding, through music, between America and other countries by supporting national projects. Membership is limited to women majoring or minoring in music, who show exceptional music ability, and possess a high scholastic rating. Hisl AViir: Hailey, Hodges, Howard. 1 ' urdy, Bigge. Second w: Hopkins, McCray, Hathaway, Hull. Medaris, Bridenthal. OHIC1-RS: Diana Hopkins. President; Linda Medaris, Sec- retary; Jane Hodges, Treasurer. I S N E A The Student National Education Association is a professional organization for students enter- ing a career in education. The meetings provide the students with an opportunity to exchange views and ideas about education and outstanding educators serve as speakers. The main activity of the year includes the state AEA convention which is held in March. ' ' is imr: Smith. Bliss. Irbv, Go a, Haller. Steadlev. Wilson, Giilhun . Si ' contl llou : Moore, Churchill. Pope, Smitherman, Tir.dle. Franks. Bledsoc, Norton. OFFICKRS: Wayne Treasurer: Pat Haller dent. Bledsoc. State Secretary; Sue Norton, President; Pain Guthun . Vicc-Prcsi- 388 . . . explores the field of management promotes interest in music encourages careers in education 389 Sophomore Councilors Student Nurses Tau Beta Pi 390 . advising freshmen women The Sophomore Council is composed of women members from the freshman class of the preceding year. The members serve as advisors to the freshmen women the next year and aid them in orientation. First Row. George, Maekic, Tnimmcll, Hodges, lloll. Yancey, Drake. II. ill Teynolds, lloag. Sterl, Rhodes. I ' ulk. Huie. Law, Tremble, Finger, Rogers. Dodgeii, Dalsein. Second Hint ' : Rcd- iling. Valson. Becson, Tamil. Allen, Field, Driiitimond, C.alletl, Hill, Funk, Brannon, Johnson, Smith, Kinney, Ingium, Mi Spadden. Turnage. Hailey, Flowers, Bunge, Jenkins, ' Wade. Third Ron " . Rowland. Porter. Sehell. Voods. liilakei. 1 inner, Williamson. Armstrong, Criscuolo, Carter, Damns, Little, Denk- er, Rose. Turner. Vouiige, Tille , Althauser, Rose, Hull, Town- send. Fourth How: lirogdon. Mosier, Boiidreaux. McMillan, Laffcrty, Cash, Council, Means, MiF.lroy. Blair, Rowan. I indie, Johnson. Doland, McDonald, F.rwin, Ahlxitt. Schwieger, Bryant, Brush, Moore. Moore. Pimiell. OKFICF.RS: Pat Pockrus, Farewell Skit Chairman; Mainly ' elll)orn. Skit Chairman; F.llen Kagleson. President; Harriet lluhhard. Visitation Chairman; Grace Ann Mires. Vice-Presi- dent. . preparing future nurses The Student Nurses Association helps it mem- bers prepare for medical school. Its primary func- tions arc the coordination of the student ' s cur- riculum on campus with that of the School of Nursing in Little Rock, and giving the members a better knowledge of the nursing profession. An insight to their coming activities is given through lectures by instructors and fellow students. The activities of the club strive to stimulate new ideas and promote leadership among its members. Members: Dodgcn, Hobby, Taylor, McKissic, Sehell, Row- land. OFFICERS: Pci K v Sehell, President; Freda C. McKissic, .Sec- re tarv-Trcasnrcr. honors outstanding engineering students Members of Tan Beta Pi, honorary engineer- ing fraternity, are chosen from the upper fifth of the senior (lass and from the upper eighth of the junior class. Prerequisites for admission arc hon- esty, high scholarship, sen ice, and leadership. It confers distinction upon honor students in all brandies of engineering and promotes a spirit of re in the enineerin students. Siaiulley, Jones. Velborn. Cain, Kline, Harris. Hinshaw. Hooper. F.cldy, Duke. Third Row: Claiii| it, ' Faylor, Y.s7 Row: Babcr. a e. Second Row dcox, Nave. Second Row: Harris. Hinsh onnollv, Vylie. Morgan, Moore, Bailev. lackwrll. Combs. Scott. Vomble, Miller ohnson, Gilford, Argall. OFFICERS: Troy Ilenson, President; Rex A. Martin, Vice- President; Ronald G. F.mbiv, Recording .Secretary: Ixniis K. liegeman. Corresponding Secretary; Ron Class, Cataloguer; Harry K. Matins, Pledge ' trainer. 391 Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma is the national honorary soror- ity lor band women. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, musicianship, and possession of a sincere interest in the college and University band. It is the aim and purpose of this organiza- tion to foster a feeling of fellowship and coopera- tion in the band and to cultivate at large a whole- some respect for their activities and achievements. First {ore: Steel, Hall. Stevens, Woolly, Barhman. Second {on 1 : Wing, Rowland, Biggs, Patterson, Hull, Pladger. OFFICKRS: Carol Woolly, Treasurer; Dee Patterson, Vice- President; Betty Stevens, President. Terry Village Housing Counci The Terry Village Housing Council is the gov- erning body of Terry Village and is set up just as any local Mayor-Alderman City Council form of government. The married students organization is headed by its officers and provides an opportunity for mar- ried students to have recreational activities. OFFICF.RS: F.arl H. Bowerman. Mayor; Marvin W. Rowe, Treasurer: David T. Courtney, Councilman; Mike Huffman, Councilman OFFICF.RS: |anie:; J. Hawkins, Vice-President: Shelvia Baker, Food Chairman; Tern Lamb, President. W R A Executive Board The purpose of the Women ' s Recreation As- sociation is to pr ovide and to direct a recreation program on the campus. It maintains a variety of activities so that each person may choose accord- ing to her own individual needs. The WRA pro- motes a spirit of goodwill and fellowship among participants and motivates the healthful practice of denoting a portion of each day to recreation. The activities offered include: volleyball, Softball, tennis, archery, bowling, table tennis, fencing and posture. I- ' ir l Ilir,, ' : liaskin. C.ilison. Tinker. Hargis. Secouil Row: Smith. Parker. Holdar. F.verett. Hall.. OFFICKRS: Mary Ann Raskin, Treasurer; Anne Tucker, Recording Secrelar : Becky C.ilison. President; Jo Ann Everett, Vice- President . . . honorary sorority for band women married students officers recreation for women 393 Young Democrats 394 ocrats . politically interested students As the leading political party in Arkansas, the Democratic party has a large following among the students at the University. The Young Democrats club gives those students who are interested in politics an opportunity to exchange views and lend support to Democratic candidates. There are about 5(10 Young Democrats Clubs through- out the United States. First Itini ' : McC.ill, Clinton, Cirinisliaw, Smith, Bean, Morris. S, mini Raw: Bland. Meredith, Slmb, I.yon, Crank, Nobles, Bow- man. Third Run " . Colcman. Roger, Freeman, Owen, Prince, Wil- liams. OFFICERS: Floyd Williams, Publicity Chairman; Liz Clin- ton, Secretary; Jack Coleman, President; Howard Nobles, Treas- urer. Zuper Zecret Zociety Re-founded in 1 965 on the campuz of the Uni- verzity of Arkanzaz, the only purpoze of thiz or- ganization iz to full up the zpace left when the number of organization? appearing in the year- book waz not divizible by three. Thiz made a def- inite layout problem zince the pagez in the organ- i ationz zection were zet up on a three-per-page baziz. The group ' , name waz arrived at becauze it had to ztart with a " z " in order to be in the lazt group lizted. It waz therefore inevitable that thiz group be formed quickly. Thiz waz done, the member remaining zecret becauze it zeemed at that point that the yearbook would not be out on time and no one wanted to zhare in the blame. Anyway, the need for thiz group to be re-activated haz once again arizen. Zuper Zuper Zociety The organization known az the Zuper Zuper Zociety waz founded on the Univerzity of Arkan- zaz campuz in May of 1965. It iz a branch of the recently re-organized Zuper Zecret Zociety and itz member , alzo wizhed to remain anonymouz. Thiz organi aton waz founded becauze it did not meet all of the need of it memberz and they preferred to break away and have their own group. II one is wondering about the black and white picture of the Zuper Zecret Zociety an d the Zuper Zuper Zociety, they are ju t like any other picture in the book black and white. It i hoped, however, that the need for theze two groupz will not arize again in the near future az it put an extra hard burden on thoze anony- mouz member who do not like to have their pic- ' . take. 395 I III minim I MM III II iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii halls 397 HI CARNALL HALL OFFICERS Frances Cherry _ _ President fudi Rurch _. - V ice-President Flossie French _ Secretary Ginger West _ . Treasurer Carnall Hall has experienced an interesting year both soc- ially and academically. Such activities as open houses, smorgas- boards, a Christmas buffet dinner and dance, an Ides of March party, a spring yard party, and a May Morning Breakfast have filled their social calendar. Individual honors and activities include Judi Burch as Mortar Board Vice-President, Phi Beta Kappa, and Who ' s Who; Frances Cherry, Student Religious Council Secretary; Julie Coman, Alpha Gamma Rho Sweetheart; Jo Ann Everett, WRA Vice-President; Becky Gibson, WRA President; Judy Phelps, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, President of Student Re- ligious Council, President of Chi Alpha; and Ginger West, Phi Mu Epsilon. Carnall girls employ the old method of choosing who will get first bat at a prc-dinncr Softball game. First Row. Linda Joyce Ar- royo, Delilah Ann Bell, Glenda Ik-lie Bostick, Wanda Sue Brown, Kathiyn l.loyene Bruce, (,lenda Gail Bullock, Juili Ann Burch. Second Rmc: Connie Sue Carnes, Frances Anne Cherry. Rebecca Gayle Cohh, Julie Ann C.oniiin, Margaret Ann Comfort, Cathy Ccxipcr, Glenda Jean Copeland. Third How. Nan Ellen Dick- inson, Judith Kayc Donaldson, Joanna I . Kdwards, I ' atrida Eg- ger. fudith Sharon Klliott, Fran- ces Joan Everett, Mary Brice Kwing. t ' inirllt lime: Delia Ruth Farmer, Marilyn Fender, Flos- sie French, Era B. Furr, Kathy Janell Gaskin, Lois George, Belle Ann Gilchrist. l- ' illli Run " . Margaret Grani- lich. Belly Anne (.uin, Roberta Ka e Harder, Mary Elaine Hai- gis, Bonnie Jean Hodges. Betty I lie Holmes, Rosalind Joan Jar- ret I. S ( ' me: Diane Kappcs, |ud Ann Kell, Sandra Kec Kent, Beth Killfoile. Gcorgann Kineannon, Juditli Anne King. Cat la Manuel. cvenlh Row: Glenda C. Mc- Cartney, Lorraine McCraney, Barbara Ann Mclnnis, Nancy Ellen McKibben. Peggy Ann I ' haris, Judv Marie Phclps, Jud- ith Ann Pickering. Eighth Row: Cara Ann I ' om- fri ' t, Cecile Jo ette Quimhy, Sharon Andrea Richards. Mar- garet Bernicc Sharpe. Betty Ar- lene Sheetrum. Evelyn Irene Sisson. Diana Smith. . iiitlt Row: Sandra Sue Snow- den, Joan L. Ted row, Michael Anne Thomas. Joan Marie Thompson, Sharon Lou Thomp- son Mary Kay Yann, Beverly Anne Weathered. Truth How. Roseniar " ebb. irginea Ream esl, Janet Faye hitson. Anna L. Villiuins. Judv Yvonne Wilson, Nancy Ellen Woods, Roxy Ann Vright. FULBRIGHT HALL OFFICERS 1st Semester Pauline Appleton _ President Evelyn Rowen _ Secretary Jamie Newton . Treasurer 2nd Semester Ann Leeseman _ President Jennifer Jones - _ Secretary Susie Irby -. -Treasurer Fulbright once again ranked high in scholarship and leadership among other dorms in campus activities. Fulbright ranked second scholastically in dorms the first semester and Avon second place in the Homecoming float competition. Elizabeth Richards was selected as Razorback Beauty, and Alicia Gayer and Sharon Tatman served as members of Angel Flight. Twenty-one of the members of Alpha Lambda Delta came from Fulbright and thirteen Fulbright girls were select- ed as Chimes. Residents were also active in WIHC, Civic Club, ABC, PEM, People-to-People, Sophomore Counselors, Young Republicans, Young Democrats, and WRA. The highlight of Fulbright ' s social calendar was a spring formal with an underwater theme. Other events were Drop- ins, a Christmas dinner and party for underprivileged child- ren, a dinner honoring the football team, and a " Section Beau- tiful " contest. The Fulbright Formal had a Greek theme this vcar. The theme was carried out liv the band which named " The Greeks. " First Row. Sherry Elaine Al- len, Mildred Mann Amis, Elisa- beth Dove Anderson, Sarah Kathcrine Andrus, Pauline Alice Appleton, Julia I.ce Appling, Ann Carol Arnold. Second Ron " . Pamela Sue Ar- nold, Lynn Ash, Pamela Ray At- kinson. Floy Helen Avants, Judy Averitt, Linda Sue Baddour, Jennifer Hone Barrett. Third Rou : Sandra Lee Bell, Lorraine Ellen Belmont, Karon Anne Bennett, Mary Frances Bennett, Janet Lynn Biles, San- dra Lee Booth, Evelyn Gail Bowen. Fourth Row. Dianne Bow- man, Patricia Bowman, Peggy J. Brazil, Paula Lynn Brooks, Sharron Dianne Brooks, Ada Jean Brown, Carlotta Brown. Fifth Row. Linda Lee Brown, Sharon A. Brown, Xorma Kay- Browne, Mary Lou Grain, Pat Call, Terri Campbell, Janis An- geline Cantwell. Sixth Row. Clydia Gayle Car- ncs, Betty Ann Carpenter, Ame- lia Lea Carter, Gladys Oleta Casey, Kay Alice Caughron, Re- becca Ann Chancy, Cathy Elaine Cheyne. Seventh Row: Linda Ann Chi- olino, Marian Cleveland, Don- na Kay Oochran, Rebecca Jo Coh in, Margaret Cathleen Con- don. Claire Suzanne Cone, Diane Lucille- Cook. Eigli h Row. Corliss R. Cor- nell. Judy M. Crumbaker, Kate Ann Cuibcrtson, Sherry Lynn Culbcrtson. Jane Ellen Dancin, Charlotte Roberta Davis, Sam- myc Jewell Davis. Hint ' Ron " . Lu Lynne Dickey, Virginia Dilliard, Marjorie Rose Dober. Dorothy Jean Dodd, An- na Kathryn brace, Donna Ca- mille Duoney, Dana Darlcnc Duke. Tenth Row. Barbara Jean Dykes, Susan Elson, Cynthia -Sue F.rwin, Madelyn Erwin, Carole Anne Evans. Kathryn Marie Fairchild, Judy Dcnise Favro. F.lerenth Row. Olivia Marie Featherston. Julie Anne Fergu- son, Diana F.lsa Ferrell, Diana Elizabeth Ferrell. Paula J. Field- ing, Diana Fitts, Martha H. Fitz- gerald. first Row: Barbara Jean Flowers, Barbara Ann Fowler, Susan Fowler, Toni Carolyn Fransen. Susan M. Freeling, Mary Elaine Frost, Cynthia Anne Fuller. Second Row. Judy Ann Gar- rett, Mary C. Gatlin, Betty Ann Gattis, Alicia Dianne Gayer, Lota Gaye Gilmore, Veronica Lee Gilstrap, Catherine Sue Godlev. Third Row. Marilyn Kay Gooch, Mary Ann Goodman, Deborah Ann Gowen, Sharon Leigh Gragg, Brenda Carol Gra- ham. Martha Le Grahhah, Judy Patricia Graves. Fourth Row: Dcanna Jeanne Gray, Nancy Ann Greenlee, Ara Sue Gresham, Anna Ruth Hall, Catherine Lee Hall. Linda Lou Hammontree, Lynne E. Han- cock. Fifth Ron " . Carol Ann Hanne- baum, Joy Lee Harrison, Sharon Lee Heffington, Jill Stacy Her- inger, Pat Higham, Harriet Lou Hill. Miriam Carolyn Hill. Sixth Row: Hollan Hilliard, Grace Marie Hixson, Sherrill Lynn Holloway, June Madeline Holmes, Joan Carol Hubbard, Donna Jean Hudson, Harriet Lcc 1 Hughen. Seventh Row: Sharon Kimber- ly Hunt, ancy Ann Hurley, Susan Mary Irby, Judith Jack- son, Mona Gay Jackson, Sandra Kay Jaggcrs, Peggye June Jar- rett. Fruit punch was the scheduled drink for Fulbright Formal: think what one beer would do for this glowing fellow. 402 First Row: Lana Faye John son, Rebecca Lynn Johnson, Su- san Johnson, Billie Jo Jones, Jeanettia Jones, Jennifer Jones, Judy Ann Jones. Second Row. Kathryn F.stcllc Jones. Margaret Jo Jordon, Pen- ny Kamer, Sarah M. Keane, Janet Elizabeth Kelley, Mary Kathleen Kelly, Janet Karen Kemp. Third Rnw: Kathy E. Ken- dall, Linda A. Kerby, Betty Ann Kimmins, Kathryn Louise King, Sherry Lynn Kinser, Judy Ket- trell, Carol Ann Koelling. Fourth Row: Cheryl Ann Kutz, Olivia Ann LaFollctte, Mary Newton Laing. Lou Ellen Lake, Christy Lea Lamen, Oli- via I-ois Lambert, Margaret Les- lie Lane. Fifth Row: Nancy Lee Lang- ley, Terry Lynne Langston, Di- anne I.ashlee, Ann I.eesemann, Lyda Sue Lewis, Teresa Diane- Lewis. Virginia Lynn Leysalh. Sixth Ron ' -. Martha Arden Limerick. Barbara Innes Logan, Linda Leigh Long, Jo Anne Lor- ing, Sarah Jane Mangelsdorf, Joan Burnett, Mary Fran Marsh. Seventh Row. Sandra Kay Martin, Su Ann Martin, Ju- dith Evelyn Maslin, Josephine Matlock, Betty Lynn McCaug- han, Norma Jean McCollnni. Anita Diane McCormick. F.ightlt Row: Marth Jane Mc- Culley, Martha Ann McDanicl, Margaret Ann McGowan, Mar- sha Ann McKennon, Madelyn Mcl.cod, Janie Angeline McMil- lian, Janelle McNuIty. Ninth Row. Elizabeth Morgan Meek. Rosemary Meister, Mari- lyn Melbourn, Martha Ellen Merrifield, Susan Leah Metcalf, Carol Ann Milam, F.ylvia Ann Morgan. Tenth Row. Constance Eliza- beth Morton, Judy Nell Muller, Margaret Adolf Murphy. Suz- anne Fay Musgravc, Madeleine Rulh Myers. Linda Lorraine Nash, Glynda Virginia Nelson. F. e-i ' enth Row: Jane Lizabcth Nelson, Jamie Elizabeth Newton, Jerry Nicholas. Frances Jane Noon, Nancy Gaye Northcutt, Tommie Ann Oberley, Kathleen Ann Ogdcn. First Row: Sandra Jean Old- ham, Christy Lee Oliver, Pamela Kaye O ' Neal, Betty Ruth Park- hill, Janie Sue Parson, Patricia Ann Pettit, Rebecca Jane Pick- ens. Second Rmr: Diane Pinkley, Allison Ferris Pomfret, Chayta Lynn Powell, Rosemary Pullen, Pamela Mare Putman, Joanne Ouevreatit, Lou Rand. Third Row. Glenna Jean Rankin. Mary Rhodes. Elizabeth Harah Richards, Suzan Jo Rid- ley, Susan Robins, Lela Jane Robinson, Darlene Howland, Fourth Row. I.ajuana June Rush, Pamela Denise Scrape, Si- mone Scainon, Mania Short, Su- san Marie Sickel. Diana Lynn Sicmon, Dixie Lee Silvers. Fifth Row. Cindy Smith, Mar- sha Kay Smith. Winifred F. Smith, Sarah Edith Sonncman, Purcella Lea Ctangcr, I.ynne El- len Stanlev. Xova X. Steelc. Si th How. Rebecca Frances Stevenson, Patricia Marie Stoll, Jeanne Ann Sto])hlet. Anita Diane Suitt, Julie M. Swcpston, Sharon Flo Tatman. Becky Thomas. Seventh Row. Connie Tho- mas. Marvann Tollev. Carol Christine Toombs. Glenna Rae Tuilev. Xancv Flagg Turner. Sallv Allison Turner. F. ' n ' lith Ron-: I inda Kathrvn I ' pdike, Susan Ehine Walk. Lin- da Kathrvn Walker. Kathv Su- san Walton, Sandra Elizabeth Ward. Martha Sue Waters, Phyl- lis Llene Weeks. Ninth Row. Sandra Marie Whitlock, Mary lane Wickard. Diane Sutton Wighlman, Linda Ann Willard. Janice Lee Wil- liams. Karen KMV Williams, Lvnne Marie Williams. Tenth Row. Francene Wil- liamson, Kathrvn Ann Wills. Kathrvn P. Wilson. Yvonna Ann Wilson, Margaret Rose Windsor, Jenny Lvnne Wingfield, Virginia Ann Witt. Eleventh Row. Jane Dee Wof- ford, Cindy Woodson, Carole Alice Wright. Clandette Wright. Julie Margaret Wright, Emely .afrani. FUTRALL HALL Futrall Hall residents experienced another successful year both in campus honors and hall activities. Lynne Freeman and Betty Seymore were named ROTC sponsors, and Susie Mosley served as Sophomore Senator in the College of Education. Social activities included an Open House on Dad ' s Day, a Faculty Tree Trimming Party, a Christmas Smorgasbord and a Spring Formal. OFFICERS Pat Ball - Glen da IMW Joyce Morgan President _ Secretary Treasurer These residents of Futrall Hall pass the time in idle conversation in the informal living room while waiting to go to e ening meal. J IB First Row: Jo Ann Adams, Ellen Arrington, Joan Marie Baircl, Ruth Ann Baker, Patricia Marie Hall, Jean Elizabeth Bea- inan, Robin Blaylock. Second Row: Barbara Ann Bolls, Gloria Jean Bray, Char- Ifiic Brown, Nancy June Brown, Kay Winner Brownfield, Doris Ann Bryant, Smily Ann Bur- ford. Third Row: Kathye Ann Caldwell, Elsie Lucille Calla- way, Ronda Jill Carpenter, Kathryn L. Coleman, Sarah Elizabeth Cook, Linda " Red " Cross, Cheryl Lynn dishing. Fourth Rort 1 : Lina Jean Davis, Mary Frances Davis, Virginia Lea Dearien, Bernadine Mari- etta DeClerk, Patricia Gayle De- Laney, Caroline Monroe De- Wolfe, Grace Annette Dillard. Fifth Row: Dorothy Elizabeth Dortch, Norma Jean Doss, Mary Marcia Dunlap, Ellen Marie Eagleson, Nancy Edmondson, Martha Kay Edwards, Johnna Earlene Elliott. Sixth Row: Nancy Anne Ellis, Linda Louise Eskue, Sharon Joy Evans, Frances Kay Flowers, Mary Lynne Freeman, Julia Jan Godfrey, Marilyn Frances Gra- Seventh Row: Linda Lee Greer, Cheryl Ann Gregory, Ne- ta B. Haley, Donna Dean ' Hall, Linda Louise Hall, Susan Quin- tella Hanson, Karen Jane Hess. Eighth Row: Wanda Fern Hicks, Brenda Sue Hildebrand, Margaret Ann Hile, Sandra J. Hornc, Barbara House, Patricia Love Howe, Frances V. Hughes. Ninth Row: Kathryn Sue Hurst, Patty Jamison, Sherry S. Johnson, Mary Susan Juniel, Sara Elizabeth Kcllcy, Thelma G. Kimbrell, Judith Lynn Koen. Tenth Row: Carolyn Lee La- vin, Glcnda Gay Law, Jo Alleen Ledbetter, Marilyn Sue Line- l arier, Judith Ann Lofton, Brenda Sue Lowrey, Sharic Anne Mackie. Eleventh Row: Judith Ann Manguin, Nancy Gaye Marble, Judy Kaye Mason, Karen A. Mayfield, Sheila Ann McCray, Jenn Ann McDonald, Mary Kathryn McKenzie. First Row: Sally Frances Mc- Lcmore, Lauren 1,. Medley, Ge- neva Ixuiise Melton, Marlene M. Miles, Dorothy Joanna Miller, Joan Elizabeth Mitchell, Davida Moore. Second Row. Joyce Patricia Morgan, Lucy Mae Mosicr, Sus- anna Marie Mosley, Sherra Lynn Nance, Sybil Frances Nash, Mary Margaret Nelle, Sharon Lee Noe. Third Row: Patricia Kay Oakes, Gwenlyn Ann Parrish, Diana Maria Pate, Susan Jane Phelps, Pamela Rae Phillips, Linda Joyce Pledger, Patricia Anne Pope. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Po- well, Lake Tina Purnell, Betsy Reader, Carla Marie Reames, Dina Carol Reynolds, Mary El- len Riley, Kathryn Ann Rob- bins. Fijlh Row. Sue Carol Sander- son, Becky Scott, Frances ' Elaine- Shepherd, Anna Fentress Smead, Sarah Anne Stansell, Marilyn Jeanne Steplock, Martha Eliza- beth Stewart. Sixth Row. Marsha Lynn Stow, Amanda Martha Tate, Lynda Sue Taylor, Mona Mar- sha Templeton, Barbara Tyanna Thacker, Susan Thomas, Carol Lynn Thompson. Seventh Row. Mary Alice Tinsley, Molly Vorsee Todd, El- len Diane Treece, Auvergne Weatherall, Linda Gail Wil- liams, Sherry Wood, Mary Anna Yee. There are many ways to spend time. Some couples just sit and read while others find (hat " secret " corner. 407 HOLCOMBE HALL OFFICERS Fall Semester Martl a Ray _ . President Kaye Polk _ V ice-President Donna Pierce _ _ Secretary Pris Taylor _ _ Treasurer Spring Semester Carole Ann Mans - _ President Paula Giles _ V ice-President Sarah Covington _ _ Secretary Si e Nodler _ - Treasurer The residents of Holcombe Hall experienced an out- standing year filled with various social activities and partici- pation in many campus organizations. Leadership was shown by Kathleen Barden who was elect- ed Commander of Angel Flight; she was also chosen as a Razor- back Beauty. Carole Maus and Martha Ray served on AWS Executive Board. Serving as WIHC senators were Martha Ray, Zanette Martinkus, Pam Grissinger. Holcombe was also ac- tive in PEM, ABC, WRA, BSU, ACEI, Band and Civic Club. Paula Giles was on the Student Religious Council, and was Publicity Co-Chairman of the Newman Center. Under the supervision of capable officers, the hall round- ed off the social calendar with Halloween and Christmas par- ties, a Christmas Faculty Dinner, and open houses. A check was sent to the Salvation Army instead of having the Christmas Party for the underprivileged children. Many rules have changed for women on campus but one of those rituals that is almost certain to remain the same is that of signing out. After four hour tests and a pop quiz this resident of Holcombe staggers back to her room to prepare for tomorrow. -I :jning oui. First Row: Grace Sylvia Ache- son, Karen Jeanne Atchlcy, Pa- tricia Jan Atherton, Betty Ann Balkman, Kathleen Barden, M. Karen Basingcr, Patricia Adair Bennett. Second Row. Martha Ellen Bicknell, Owen Black, Mary Carolyn Bunch, Sandi Butler, Jeannie Callaway, Faye Ann Carter, Frances Cata. Third Him-. Mary Sue Cole. Betty Fern Criscuolo, Carol F.l- len C ' .ulp. Diana Dawn Datul- ridge. Dana Klaine Elliott, Sha- ron Kaye Farber, Sarah Jo Far- rar. I- ' ourlh Row: Joan Foster, Mary Elizabeth Georgcr, Paula Catherine Giles, Pamela Sue Grissinger. Mary Carolyn Hale. Janic Annette Haley, Jane Ann Harris. Fifth Row: Georgia Ann Hart, F.lise Marie Hartl, Carol Ann Hill. Mary Rehckah Howell, Gloria Jean Jenkins, Norma Sue Johnson. Sixth Row: Jacque Jones, Katherine I.. Jones, Janice Kin- caid, Carolyn Sue Knight, Betty Lynn Malone, X.anctte Martin- kus. First Row. Carol Ann Maus, Judith Carol McDaniel, Sauy Jane Meek, Karen Elaine Michel, Karen Miller, Karen Ann Mor- gan, Judith Ann Mosey. Second Row: Sue Carole Nod- ler, Carol Jane Norton, Rhonda Lee Oglesby, Frances Ann Orr, Madeline Sue Phelps, Donna Ann Pierce, Tena Louise Pilkin- ton. Third Row: Phillis Sue Plaf- can, Mary Kaye Plok, Kathryn Price, Barbara Lynne Purves, ves, Martha Ann Ray, Dana Kay Redding, Claire Rhodes. Fourth Row: Vivian Lee Rob- ason, Doris Robinson, Nancy Roth, Jaunita Sue Salyars, Su- san Ann Sanders, Angela Kay Schmidt, Sharyn Kay Schubert. Fifth Row: Naomi Faye Smith, Tray Faith Smith, Margaret Ann Stobaugh, Linda Gail Stone, Margaret Ann Story, Sandra Carol Swint. Sixth Row: Wanda Faye Tucker, Nancy Jane Turner, Judy Ann Watkins, Peggy Jo Wilibanks, Millie Ann Wills, Susan Dian Wilson. If you were a Kappa you might dress in Holcombe, eat in Kappa house, at- tend floor meetings in Holcombe, study at Kappa house, and sleep in Hol- combe. You might be rather confused. 410 First Row. Mary Alice Alexander, Marilyn Jeanne Austin, Barbara Ann Bennett, Susan Linnie Benton, Mary Rosa Berry- hill, Janet Lea Bradley, Nancy Carol Bratton, Linda Ann Brown, Marsha Cole, Margaret Jean Dodgen. Second Rou : Vicki Diane Formby, Bonnie Jean Fox, Eliza- beth Ann Fulirman, Rosemary Gaines, Karen Tamara Gates, Mancen Rae Grigsby, Helen Marie Hackney, Janice Marie Harber, Hazel Aline High tower, Norma Ruch Hipp. Third Rou : Carolyn Ruth Hornsby, Jeanette Lorraine Ja- cobs, Christy Gay Jenkins, Frances Ilene Lawrence, Patricia Marie May, Ruth Ada Parker, Barrie Jo Price, Donna Carlene Pricbe, Sharon Kaye Proffitt, Carolyn Sue Quails. Fourth ]{ow. Linda Kayc Richter, Jacquelyne Ruth Shipley, Mary Jane Tilley, Carolyn Elizabeth Tillman, Janice Darlene Turncy, Nancy Rebecca Turney, Elizabeth Ann Vaught, Betty Lou Watson, Angie Lee Whitlow, Emily Jane Wozencraft, Doris Rae Young. 4-H HOUSE The women of the 4-H House completed another success- ful year. Starting with a Get-Acquainted Party in September, the outstanding social activities for the year included Polly- anna Week and Banquet, a Christmas Faculty Tea, a Valen- tine Party, Founder ' s Day Banquet, and a Luau in March. The 4-H house was well represented on campus this year as well. Pat May, Jane Tilley, Linda Brown, and Nancy Brat- ton served as AHEA officers, Helen Hackney was Publicity Manager for ASA and Agri Queen for 64-65. Barbara Bennett was Co-Editor of the Agriculturist, with other members of the staff including Christy Jenkins, Linda Richter, Janet Brad- ley and Elizabeth Fuhrman . Jackye Shipley was Feature Editor on the Traveler Staff. OFFICERS Jackye Shipley _ _ President Linda Richter Vice President Nancy Bratton _ _ Secretary 411 HOTZ HALL OFFICERS Janice Measles Vicki Norwood fatty Murpliy _ President . Secretary Treasurer Hotz Hall opened its doors for the first time in September, 1964 to 275 freshman girls. The dedication of the hall was on January 10, 1965. It didn ' t take long for the new hall and the freshman girls to obtain a respected place on the U of A Campus. Sherrie Ellis and Jane Ann Munnerlyn were chosen Razorback Beau- ties, and Debbie Cunningham represented Hotz Hall on the Homecoming Court. Six Hotz girls were chosen for Anoel Flight. Second Place for Homecoming decorations and Honor- able Mention in Singfony were awarded to Hotz. Social activities included a Christmas Party for under- privileged children, Halloween and Christmas parties and a Smorgasbord dinner honoring the 1964 Razorbacks. I Dr. and Mrs. Hotz spoke following dedication of newly completed women ' s dorm. Honor had been given them for 40 years service to UofA. ' I , Bn. warn I lo lofA, First Hint ' : Slit ' rry Jean Allan, Diane Alums. Ciara Sue Arn- holt, Marsha Carole Arthur. Linda Gail Atkinson, Caroline (candle Bagby, Linda Sue Bains, Ann Carol Baker, Sheila Denisc Baver. S.-rrf {me: I ' aula Louise I ' ,. nun. Joan Corinnc Baumgart- ner, Patricia Jane Bell, C. Sue Bennett. Susan Cole Bennett, Betsy Fay Bergmann, Ingrid Ann Bloomberg, Marilyn Ann Boggs. I.avada Charlecn Bolt. Third Row: Lois Jane Brad- ley, Donna Lynn Brewer, Juani- ta Brewer. Sharyn Ann Brewer, Marilou Brodie, Marilyn Brodic, Nancy Brown, Patricia Ann Brown, Susan Brooks Brown. Fourth Row: Marilynne M. Bryan, Sberyl Ann Bryant, Elaine Bunk, Barbara Fay Bur- nett, Karen C.alhonn. Donna Campbell, Betty Jo Carpenter, Mae Calcs, Susan Louise Chase. Fifth lion-: Sarah Lynn Chess- hir, Brenda Sue C ' .lem, Joan Lil- lian Clements. Patricia Louise Coc. Sharley Lee Cooper, Alice Rena Copeland. Donna Cozort, Connie Jean Creighton, Cheryl Klaine Crites. Sixth Ron-. Virginia Dardis Crooni. Mary Virginia Crow, Josephine Louise Cure. Cynthia Lynn Dan. Diana Beth David- son, Jane F.. Davis. Diane Dean, Linda Frances Deere. Jane Dick- erson. Sri ' fiith Itinr: Conslance Ma- rie Dierks. Frances DilHard. Sandy Dillpml, Patricia Ann Donahue, Kerry Maureen Don- nelly. Donna Kay Donovan. Clia Marie Doty, Susan Kay Douglas. Mary Jane Duncan. Kijtlith Him " . Nell F.dge, Su- san Vcrgcnc F.lliott. Jacqueline F.vans. Katherine F.ilecn F.vans. Linda Doris Evans. Shirley Anne F.vans. Amanda Kli abeth Fair. Ann Eli aheth Fairchilds, Mary Ray Farley. inlh lion " . Bcvcrlee Paige Farrington, Mary Elizabeth Fee, Sarah Elizabeth Felaud, Donna Susan Finney. Margaret Jane Fitch, Patricia Flenniken, Mary Barton Fogleman, Carolyn A. Freyaldenhovcn, Lou Ann Fult- ner. Tenth Rou : Sue Anne Fulton, Diane Elaine Funk, Margaret Joyce Gallagher. JoAnn Geurin, Marcia Lee Gibbs, Anne Lynn Gilbert, Ginger Gail Gillis, Mar- garet Ann Gilmorc, Marilyn Sue Givens. Eleventh Rmf. Judy Marie Glen. Sally Kay Goodman. Pamela Anne Gorbet. Mary Su- san Gough. Jeannic Ellen Gritz, Susan Gurley, Marion Ann Hale, Phyllis Ann Hall, Elizabeth Ann Hcndy. Twelfth Ron " . Patricia Ann Harper. Wallcce Jewell Harrell. Carol Jan Harris, Susan Helen Harris. Vicki Leigh Harrison. Janis Lee Hayes. Ramona Kay- Head. Sybil Jeanne Hefner, Brenda Kav Henderson. First Row. Dianna Winford Hcndrick, Judith Ann Herndon, Dorothy A. Hill, J. Jane Hink- ley, Sandra Kay Hirscht, Caro- lyn Jean Holcomb, Mary Sue Holcomb, Darlene Christina Holland, Rosalind Diann Holt, Joanne Marie Huard. Second Row: Shirley F. Hud- gens, Bonnie Louise Hunkapil- ler, Jane Ann Hyland, Mary Hornor Jennings, Susan Eliza- beth Johnson, Barbara Kay Jones, Candy Jones, Gail Dolores Jones, Mary Ann Jones, Rebec- ca Shepperd Kauffman. Third Ron ' : Eubanna Keeling, Marion Louise Keirs, Florence Diana Kinder, Mary Anne Knight, Brenda Faye Kyle, Lo- retta Gail Lackey, Norma Eliza- beth LaFevers, Karen Phae Lankford, Celestine W. Leding, Linda Sue Lee. Fourth Row: Sandra Lee Leit- ing. Sally Jane Lenggenhager, Cindy N. Lewis, Marilyn Sue Lewis. Paula Kay Lewis, Rita Louise Lewis, Linda J. Lough- ridge, Mary Margaret Lucid, Sharon Anne Luckes, Karen Sue Magic. Fifth Row: Joanne Marie Mailer, Becky Mann, Marpean Mareck, Mariland Helene Sfar- ney, Robbie Maxwell. Jackye McBride, Marsha Lou McCarty, Kaye McConnell, Mimi McCoy, Marsha Jean McCurry. Sixth Row: Ginger Kaye Mc- Donald, Beverly Sue Means, Ja- nice Carole Measeles, Mary Kathryn Measeles, Judy Lynne Meyer. Deborah Merle Minor, Carol Ann Mittelstacdt, Gail L. Mork, Lynn Addle Moore, Mari- lyn Jeanette Moore. Seventh Row. Beverly Jeanne Moorchead, Suzanne Louise Morriss. Susan Page Mosley, Jane Ann Munnerlyn, 1 ' atti Lee Mur- phy, Ruth Ann Xeill, Mary Jo Nelson, Kathleen K. Xeu, Mild- red Penny Nickols. u Lou BdiiBt The reception after (he dedication cere- monies was attended by distinguished guests as well as by faculty members. ' 414 First Row: Gail Ann Niesen, Martha Louise Noble, Vicki J. Norwood, Judith Ann Nowell, Carolyn Sue Ogle, Mynia X.orri- da Ortiz, J. Rebecca Pace, Diann Parker, Carolyn Kay Parker. Second Row: Carol Parkin, Sandra Lea Parnham, Sharon Ann Pantsky, Penny Lajean I ' eiidergrass, May Lou Penn, Ann Carol Perry, Constance Louise Perry, Pat Perryraan, Betsy Beth Peterson. Third Row: Janet Sue Phil- lips, Patricia Helen Pope, Mary Linda Poynor, Kimberly Ann Pulley, Janet Lynn Pulliam, Su- san Elizabeth Ralston, Mary Patricia Rector, Nena Jo Reed, Becky Reeves. Fourth Row: Karen Sue Reeves, Sharon Ann Reeves, Carolyn Ann Reichardt, Gay Reid, Elizabeth Ann Rimbcy, Rebecca Rivers, Beverly Ann R obb, Glenda Kaye Roberson, Dorothy M. Roberts. Fifth Row: Lura Jean Rob- ertson, Carole Ann Rodgers, Marjorie L. Rogers, Harriet Elizabeth Root, Cathie Roper, Janet Elizabeth Rouse, Marilyn Lee Russell, Martha Irene Scharp, Frances Lee Scott. Si tli Row: Jeanne Setser, Cassandra Ann Seymour, Sandra Faye Sharp, Ginger Shiras, Pain Simons, E. Melinda .Sims, Caro- lyn Diane Smith, Dollie Jo Smith, Sarah Ellen Smith. Seventh Row: Lucy Jane Spears, Susan Elizabeth Speck, Sylvia Ann Spencer, Regina Kay Sproine, Marilyn Elizabeth Spur- lin. Evelyn .Suzanne Spurlock, Charlene Marie Stebbins. Diane Steiglcr, Mary Gail Stephens. Eighth Row: Adrienne Eve- lyn Steppach, Sara Ann Steven- son, Elizabeth Ann Stewart, Pat- ty Stewart, Susan Lee Stout, Katy Suffridge, Diane Elaine Sydoriack, Elizabeth Ann Tar- leton, Anna Marie Terrell. inth Row: Dixie Carol Ter- rell. Connie Jean Thompson, Joan Elaine Thrusten, Kay Tin- dall, Mary Margaret Torok, Ruie Jean Trammel I, Sally Ro- berta Trammell, Lynda Kaye t ' pshaw, Mavis Ann Upton. Tenth Row: Rebecca Ann ' aldcn, Reita Anne Walker, Retta Lee Wallis. Pamela Sue Walsh, Phyllis Kaye Watkins, Linda Jean Weaver, Phyliss Ann Webb, Charlene Wedemeyer, Sandra Kaye Wheatley. Eleventh Row: Barbara Sue Whiteakcr, Chris Whitten, Do- rinda Ann Williams, Georgia Carol Williams, Jackie Carol Wilson. Mary Kay Wilson. Gail E. Wolfe. Karen Sue Welfin- barger, Robyn Wood. Twelfth Row: Laura I. Wood- iel, Phyllis Lynn Worrad, Judy Worsham, Patricia Sue Yarring- ton, Sara Owen Yocom, Ann Young, Susan Lee Younkin, Jo- Anne Cecilia Zakes, Brenda Jeanette .ieglcr. In Jantl RAZORBACK HALL OFFICERS Fall Semester Kay Grahm _ _ President Judy Williford _ _ Secretary Alary Gantland . Treasurer Spring Semester Sarah Buttram _ President Judy Cohn _ _ Secretary Pat Hull _ _ Treasurer Razorback Hall is no longer the orphan on Dixon Street. During the year Razorback women have nudged their way into all important events on campus. Under Judy Safely ' s direction, Razorback won second place in Singfony this year. Patsy McCoy served as president and Carmen Holder as vice-president of Women ' s Inter-Hall Council. Rosemary Hoag was elected secretary of Women ' s Inter-Hall Council for 1965- 66. Many of the Razorback girls held offices in religious groups on campus and were active in various clubs. In the lounge of Razorback Hall this orphan catches up on the latest " soap opera " before going to nch Rrnugh Commons. First Row. Janelle Mario An- gclclti, I ' riscilla Catherine At- kins, I.inda Louise Bcall, Susan Lee Bennett, Celia Anne Berry, Bicmla Dowc Blaylock, Mary Charlolle Bobb. Second Row: Linda Sue Broom, Mary Ann Brown, Mary Alnita Bryan, Janice Carolyn Bryant, Helen Virginia Calla- lian. Carol Ann Carroll, Mary IMC Carroll. Third Raw: Sharron Kay Carter, Judith Carolyn Cone, Celeste Croom, Sandra Gaye Dahlkc, Diane Annette Dicker- man, Ouida Gayle Garrison, Connie Gayle George. Fourth Row: Marilynda E. Green, Mary Ella Griffin, Har- bin Jane Hammers, Lorcnc Hampton, Juanita Ann Hast- ings, Dorothy Marie Hawk, Eli- zabeth Ann Hawk. Fifth Row: Julia Anne Hicks, Rosemary Hoag, Carolyn Jean- ne Hoffmann, Carman Virginia Holder, Alma Faye Houston, Brcnda Ann Hudson, Patricia Ann Hull. Sixth Row: Judy Gail Hunt- ley, Sheryl Jean Hohnson, I.eota Keys. I.inda Carole Klober, I. ana Jean Langlcy, Cynthia nn L ' Hommedieu, S a 1 1 y e Frances Lowrcy Sevetitli Rnw: Patsy Ann Mc- Coy, Marth Jean Miller. Kathy A. Mixon, Nancy Virginia My- ers. I ' aula Kay Nickel], Linda Siisin Park, Bonnie Reyn- olds. Kighth Row: Martha Lou Ro ell. Judith Anne Saflcy, Wanda Louise Seitz, Mary Jane Siegenthalcr, Sandra Gale, Spears, Betty Grapelle Stevens. inth Row. Jacqulinc Vir- ginia Stevens, Carolan Sue Stew- art. Sylvia Cathey Thil ault, Catherine Anne Todd, Dana Margaret Wanger, Jcrna Mae Webb. Tenth Row: Ann Vcr- dein. Jane Ann Wilkinson, Anne Williams. Sandra Kay Williams. Judy Marie Williford. Cvnlhia Lucille Worrell. i " . 1 ' ark, Tilley, Holder, McC ' .oy, Benton, Meascles, Wolfinbarger, Mosley, Harris. Second Row. Shipley, Turner, Rii liter, Everett, Donaldson, Webb, Seitz, Pricbe, Bunk. WOMEN ' S INTER-HALL COUNCIL The purpose of WIHC is to coordinate the ac- tivities of the women ' s residence halls and to pro- mote scholarship, leadership, and general well- being of women in (lie residence halls. Each year WIHC ' , tries to match funds put up by one or more halls to pay room and board for a foreign student living in a residence hall. It also has a rotating scholarship trophy which is given to the woman ' s residence hall with the highest grade point at the end of each semester. An out- standing senior is selected each spring. WIHC sponsors several social functions during the year, as well as social functions given jointly with MIHC. IHC OFFICERS: Janice Turner, Treasurer; Susan Benton, Secre- tary; C.annan V. Holder, Vice- President and .Social Chairman; 1 ' atsv McC ' .ov, President. 118 ? " rt. Bunk. first Row. Williams, McAlister, Pcttus, Caldwell, Hooper, Keel, Lane, Brown, Cleveland, Harricll. Second Row: King, Cullen, ' I ' uggle, Jones, Rogers, ley, Klerk, I)a is, Presser. Id Mich is given ' ' ' i the highest Mer. An out- pring, iinuions during in jiien iointlv MEN ' S INTER-HALL COUNCIL The MIHC is composed of every man living in University resident halls. It is coordinated by the Executive Council, which is constituted by repre- sentatives from the different houses. The Council works with the administration both as a voice of and to the men i n residence halls. Some of the many functions of MIHC are in- tramural activities, motion pictures, foreign ex- change student program, scholarship awards, and a non-cost tutoring system. It also sponsors a vari- ety of social functions from dances to outings. MIHC maintains food and drink concessions in each hall. MIHC OFFICERS: Bob Harriell, President; James McAlister, Treas- urer; Charles Williams, Vice-Presi- dent; I.ainar Pcttus. Social Chair- man: Randal W. Hooper, Attorney General. 419 lit- HUMPHREYS HALL OFFICERS lohn Antliony . President Kent Rubens _ . Vice-President Ronnie Young . Secretary Randy Murpf y . Treasurer The men of Humphreys are well represented in all phases of campus life. Jim Lance serves as Vice-President of Associ- ated Students and Jerry Cooper as Business Manager of the Traveler. They also participate in such activities and honor organizations as ABC, ODK, Cardinal XX, Blue Key, Civic Club, Circle K, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Epsi- lon Delta, and various professional organizations. Their social life includes such things as drop-ins, open houses, Christmas party for underprivileged children and two all-dorm dances. John Doe, Humphreys Hall, comes back from (5:30 breakfast in B rough Commons, not even early morning indigestion can stop him. Fits! Row: Harry Hcwcs Abcrnathy, Harry M c 1 v i n Adams, Ted Kuiuly Aclkius, Michael I ' auL Allen, Phil Alley, John Franklin Aiulumy. Ronald Charles Baer, Wynne ! ' .. Baker, Danny Ray Ballard. Stroiitt How. C ' .urtis Blair Bar- Inn. William Raymond Banm, (anus Ih ' tbert Beany. Villiuin Herbert Becker. Dennis Dean Bcekworth. David Bell, Sleven ' I ' liciinas Berner, Boycl Blake Berry, Edwin Williamson Bird. ' 1 hint Row: [aim ' s Neal Blaekwell, Bailey Jackson, Blake more, Richard Adrian Bland, Bob Ray Boe| ple, 111. mi. ix Allen Bolls, Richard Karl Booth. Jr.. Michael Dean Boxwell, William T. Boyd, Mar- cus Wayne Brae keen. Fourth Row. Jerry Wayne Bracket!, Jim L. Brcese, Rich- ard Gaines Briglmvcll, Charles Brown, Shelby Galen Bry- ant, David L. Bunch, Gary W. Bunch, M. Fred Butler, G rover Wayne Byrd. Fifth Rou " . James Vincent Card, Juan clala Cruz Cardenal. Donald Joseph Carolan, David Mark Carver, Mike N. Clark, James Allisen Clem, Richard Lewis Coles, Gary Lynn Craw- ford, James Vol Crider. Sixth ROIL " . Robert Kenneth Culbertson, Jr., Jim Allen Cur- tis, Richard Dagenhart, Al Jennings Daniel, Dennis Dane Davis, I- red l.arry Davis, Rod- rigo de la Guarclia, James Oran Dismukes, Villiam Douglas Duckett. Seventh Row: Coy Randall Dyer, Joe Lee Eblen, James Glenn Edens, Billy F. Kdwards, Michael David Eidson, Jim Bob Ellis, Gerald Don Emmert, Jef- frey Lynn Emory, Charles Joseph Engelberger. i ' .ightli Row; Robert Ferrell Ervin, Stanley Lee Erwin, George Dennis Estelle. David I ' lilcher Kvans, Thomas Edward Evans. John M. Eairhead, icill Ray Falls, Stephen Louis Fineherg, (!c-(il Franklin Fitch. ' inth Ron " . Allen .S. Fit - geiald. Arthur Leon Florer, Jerry ' . Fong, Charles Sagle Ford, Richard Kenton l ; ord, Ronnie Jim Formby. Villiam Hughes Forrester. 1 ' anl Bernard Fra ier, (ieralcl Don Freeman. Toilli Riw. Mike Fntrell, Paid David (iaiil, Sol Martin Garrett, Don L. Garrison, Mar- in (icorge. Jr., Don 1 ' almer Gibbs, David I ' . Gibson. John a ne Gibson, RogcT illiain Cilc luist. l-.leventh Row: Robert C. Cnlinc, Jamc ' S Harold (iorliam, Johnnv keith (iossage. Alan Graham. John Franklin (, raves. Jr.. Danic ' l Martin Creenher, Mt lie 1 Ray Gross, Ross E. Haley, (.ale Eugene Hall. Tu ' elllli , ' :,: William Fail 11. MII-. William Hairis. llarley Dcuglas ll.ini-ni Carol l)a id Hart. Jr.. (.eorgc 1 Edward Hart. Jr. Harrv Hartstein. Rob- e-ll David ll;i -s. Robetl Ellis Me ' iub ie kson. Rick Snvele-r Hen- di ' ix. First Row: William Edward Henson, David Ellsworth Hib- ler, Donald Joe Hickman, Mich- ael C. Hickman, Larry Milton Hicks, Robert Alan Hile, Dwight S. Hill, Edwin Hoggard, Charles Edwin Hoke, Lavern Lee Holifield. Second Row. Jerry Dean Hol- loway, Charles Gregory Holman, David N. Homyk, William Joseph Home, Rex Louis Hous- ton, Jr., John Wayne Hughes, Allen Walter Hughey, David- son Herbert Humphreys, Hen- ley A. Hunter, David Burk Hutchene. Third Row: Jackie Lee In- man, Stephen Rogers Irby, Ron- ald John James, Russell D. James, John Kendrick Jameson, Jesse Lee Johnson, Johnny Wayne Johnson, Edwin Carroll Jones, James Kenneth Jones, Robert Charles Jones. Fourth Row: James St. John Keel, Ronnie Keisler, James Ronnie Kelley, Jay King, James T. Kirk, Robert John Kirspel, Alvin E. Krebs, Jr., Freddie Joe Lane, George F. Lange, Arthur Thomas Larson. Fifth Row. Donald Robert Laufer, James Lavoy Larence, Jung M. Lee, Keith John Linde- niann, David Martin Lively, Douglas C. Loberg, Henry P. Loomis, Timothy Charles Loos, Donald J. Loser, Tommy Bob I.ovcgrove. Sixth Row: Gary Lambeth Low, Allen B. Majors, Jr., Steve Marquess, George Lewis Marsh, Howard L. Martin, John Den- nis Martin, Jan Michael Mat- thews, Richard E. Maxwell, Jack Alan May, Billy Haywood Mc- Calcb. Seventh Row: Micky Royce McDougul, Seth Houston Mc- Elvaney, Jr., Virgil Ray Mc- Gough, Jr., James M. McKin- ley, J. Conley Meredith, James Richard Mizell, Cornelius Mod- inger, III, Jim Robert Mont- gomery, Melvin B. Montgom- ery. Two Humphreys residents take some time out from studying to bask in sun. Th 422 First Row: Richard Dale Mor- rison, Gary Lee Morlensen, Ted A. Moxx, Randy George Mur- phy, Jean K. Neuberger III, Jeff Davis Newton. William S. Newton, Jr., Douglas Daniel Nix. Dayton O. Xooner, Jr. Srromi How. Mitchell Duanc Norman. Michael John Norton, Hugh K. OTicl, James Ander- son O ' Neal, Jr.. I. any Richard Otwell, Alan Dee Pack, I ' enn Karl Papini, Charles Stanley Parsley, Marshall Pender- grass. Third Row. ' ictor Peter- son, Donald E. Phillips, Gary Dale Plnmmer, Larry Edward Poindexter, William Allen Polk, James Edward Pom fret, James Chris Poole, Travis Vard Port- er, Jerry Lynn Potts. Fourth Row: Edward J. Pow- ell. Charles M. I ' oynor, Jay Charles Prcefer, Richard Robert Prcefer, Charles Oliver Raahe, Bobby Gordon Rainwater, Thomas Denton Rakes, William A. Rasch, Ben I " . Teagor. fifth Row: Cruitt Beem Rebs- amcn, Charles Edward Reeves, William Clark Reynolds, Ross Phillips Richardson, Richard Wilson Roachell, George Doug- las Roberts, Darrell Wayne Rob- inson, David Jerome Rodgcns, Henry I.yle Rogers. Sixth Row: Gilbert Lee Ros- cnbauin, Kent J. Rubens, Robert I " . Rudy, John Edward Rnpp. Thomas Patrick Sacken, Gary Charles Sanderson, Rober Glenn Schandel, Ernest J. Sch- roeder, Kenny Scott. Seventh Row: Hal Don Scars, Michael Sessions, Don Paul Set- liff, fames Bryant Shclton, Charles Grayson Simpson, Phil W. Small, Charles Randy Smith, Fred H. Smith. Fred Vermin Smith. Kiglith Row. William F. Spicer. William Arthur Spratlin, L. Scott Stafford. Paul Wesley Slanfield. Terry R. Stcgall, Daniel M. .Stevens. James Hal Stevens, Van I.arne Stewman. Steven Rickey Storey. iiilli Row: Ronald Ben Stringfellow, Kenneth E. Suggs, John Gregg Sullivan. Calvin A. Summers, James Jerrel Tanner, Philip Allan Talc. James Ed- ward Taylor, Jesse Love Taylor, Edward Guy Teel. Tenlli Row. Lain Wayne Thompson, Rodney Stewart " Fhompson. Jr.. Winfred Thompson. Charles D. Trecre, Charles Sandford Turner, Ron- ald Lee Twyford. Robert Ed- ward Van Beveren. Ronald E. Van Huskirk. Ray Earl Vester. Eleventh Row: Kossic Wade, Lancing Eaton Wadkins, Tho- mas R. Wallace. Evercttc Tho- mas Webb, John George Weber, .Sammy Charles While. Samuel Scott While. Jr.. ferry D. Whit- linglon, James Louis Whittle. Twrlflh Row. Chris, E. Wig- gins. Robert Burney Willnms, James Curtis Wilson, Joe Mike Wood. Richard Bailey Wright, Thomas Joe Wright. Ronnie Vales. Earl L. Young. Ronald Dee Young. BUCHANAN HOUSE OFFICERS I in Fowler _ President Charles Sandine _ Vice-P resident Allen Hallum . _ Secretary-Treasurer Buchanan House was actively engaged in the promotion of individual academic study among its residents. Due to its relaxed, quiet, and friendly atmosphere, twenty-five per cent of its residents were recognized at the annual Scholarship and Leadership Banquet for having over a ' 5.0 grade average. Buchanan was represented in Scabbard and Blade, ABC, MIHC Court, Alpha Zeta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, Chi Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, ASCE, Tnu Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Kappa Kappa Psi, and Civic Club. Their social activities included several exchange dinners and a spring outing. l- ' irnl ll ' itr: Robert Taylor Hillingsley, Bob Browning, James I.oyd Conaway. Dennis A. Cooper, Michael Riley Couch, James C. Fowler, Jr., Stanley Velle French, James Alexander Garrett, John Samuel Graves. Sri-olid {mi 1 : John Samuel Graves, Alan Wayne Hallum, lleit Harclin. David 15. Hopkins, Gary Darwin Kirk. Imants Kricvans. Rodney Shelton Lewis, James Lewder Mace. Third Roic: Virgil Carroll Martin, Robert Ralph McCormick, Jack Clark Morgan, Danny Allen Paladino, Dan W. Puckett, Vincent Robert Russo, Frey Sawyer, Charles Martin Scott. Fourth Rmc: John Joseph Silver, Jr., James Edwin Seller, James Guy Stokes, Ronald Wayne Treadway, Lester William Wagner, Jr., Sam Edward Watson, James Robert Williams, R. Rockwell Womhle. First Row: Rex Assclin, Jerry Lee Baber, Robert Charles Boiling, Billy Richard Boykin, Gene Thomas Brenton, Edward Voods Cain, Jr.. Kenneth I.. Christiansen, Robert Clyde Clubbs, Warren G. Coiner. Second Utin ' -. .Sidney Walter Ferguson, Paul James Fincher, Miles Thnrman Gifford, Jon Stanley Gingerich, Michael Gene Gingrich, Dickie Don Hairston, Donald Spurr Kimball, Jr., David Michael Lynch, Ralph Dewell May. Third Ron-. David Allen McCorkle, Cecil Dtidlev McDonaUl, Rodney 1. nn McGuire, ' 1 ' imotlu Nicholas I ' lice, Richard Earl Robbins, Bart M. SchalU, Raymond Lee Smith. Mark Andrew Staerkel. Fourth lion " . Bill Richard Stewman. Larry Ronald Tarver, Robert Richard ' league, Albert L. Thomas, Donald I.. Travis, Chi-wing Tsao, Francis C. Wall, Jr., John Robert Wood. DROKE HOUSE Taking an active interest in both academic work and social activities, the residents of Droke House had a highly successful year. Droke led the residence halls in grade point average for the fall semester. Exhibiting this academic excel- lence and leadership, Droke residents were members of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Theta Tan, Tan Ik-la Pi, Chi Epsilon, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, and the Arnold Air Society. Jack Gingerich served as Commander of Arnold Air Society. Among the social activities Droke had were exchange din- ners, outings, numerous informal parties. Droke fielded strong teams in all intramural sports. OFFICERS Raymond Smith President Tim Price } ' ice-President Tun I ' rcap _ Seci ' i ' tary-Trcaxiircr I " 5! II i ' 2 ' : GLADSON HOUSE OFFICERS Fall Semester Turner Whitson - President Inin Turner . _ V ice-President Bill Scl ultz _ Secretary-Treasurer Spring Semester Gary Taylor _ President Amis Bentlial _ _ Vice-President David Binz _ Secretary-Treasurer Still maintaining their part on the University of Arkansas campus are the upper-class residents of Gladson House. This 1964-65 school year was filled with participation in many of the campus organizations and various social activities. Besides being active in intramural sports, the men of Glad- son House were represented in Civic Club, ABC, MIHC, var- ious professional fraternities, and several church organizations. Social activities for the year included exchange dinners, a semi-formal Christmas dance, and several informal parties. First Rmc: Donald Glen Battin, Robert Harold Brotherton, Jr., Robert Haigler Brown, Charles Michael Chaffin, William W. Childs, James Corbin Clark, Robert L. Craig, Doddridge McCulloch Daggett, John Grover Dempsey, Harold Dennis, Jr. Second Row. Raymond Vincent DeSalvo, Vcrnon Lee Dutton, James A. Finch, I, any David Gaddis. Bob Gamache, Jerry Don- ald Helms, Gary Joe Hinegardner, Gene G. Howard, Gary Stephen Markland, Joseph Gary Marline. Third Row. Jerry Lynn Owens, Larry James Plumlee, Step- hen Lee Presser, Ronnie Joe Proffilt, Stephen H. Roberts, Don- ald William Roop, Kenneth F. SchranU, Jr., Billy J. Shnltz, Warner Thomas Smith, Mavis James Startin. Fourth Row. Gary Edwin Taggart, Garner Lee Taylor, Jr., James Gary Taylor, Irvin Joe Turner, David W. Ward. Larry Kiigenc Watson, Harold Turner Whitson, II, Richard Thomas Williamson, Jack eal Wood. Larry John Wright. Albert Marion .awislak. First Row: Herbert LcRoy Allen, Luis Carlos Arosemena, David Lawrence Beall, Roger William Bishop, Robert Ernest Blan , Eddie Chapman, Roger Curtis Cook, Billy Mack Denney, Thomas Joseph Ebdon, III. Second Rmv: Roland Elder, Lynn Taylor Farris, Johnny Veith Fletcher, Thomas R. Frazier, Walter Daniel Huff, Ry- man Gordon Johnson, Dean Hemphill King, John Darrell Mc- Mastcr, George Oliver McSwain. Third Ran " . Philip Newsom, Ronald Wayne Noble, Gordon Curtis Nonell, Lariy R. I ' asley, Ralph Raymond Ramsey, Jr., Samuel Wayne Roberts, Charles H. Rogers, Edwin L. Ross, D. Keith Rutledge. fourth Row: Joe Thomas Saunders, Thomas B. Snider, George Tenney, III, Garry Sullivan Wann, William A. Wardlaw, Bill Wesley White, Robert L. Whitfield, Leonad Allen Wiggins. RIPLEY HOUSE 1 This has been another active year for the men of Ripley House. Besides intramurals, the men were active in such or- ganizations as Pi Mu Epsilon, Tan Beta Phi, ABC, MIHC, Civic Club, and most professional societies. One of the house members was a writer for the Arkansas Democrat as well as the Traveler. Social functions were not forgotten; they included such events as parties, exchange dinners, and an outing. OFFICERS Leonard Wiggins _ _ President Ted Nakamura - _ Vice-President Glen Spears _ _ Secretary Mike May _ Treasurer 427 GREGSON HALL Gregson Hall is composed of two houses, Wil- liam and Sedgwell, both housing upperclassmen. Both houses took an active interest in the in- tramural sports program and various other social and sen ice groups on campus. Exchange dinners, dances, drop-ins, outings and MIHC social func- tions filled their social calendar. Gregson residents also obtained high academic accomplishments for the year, and memberships in a variety of organizations such at Tau Beta Phi, Phi Mu Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma and Theta Tau. Gregson Hall is divided into two sections William House and Sedgwell House. Could be that ' s William strolling down the sidewalk. WILLIAM HOUSE First Row: James Ahlxxt, Robert Alan James Paul Barlow, | Vcsley Karton, Peter Otto Berk- er, Thomas Vincent Bchnont. Allen W. Berry, Lewis William Billings. Second Ron " . I.. Wayne Bled- rd Brockwell, John Mill Paul Clampit, Jerome 1 :on E. Cogborn. Ralph Gray Brodie. , sap Burson. David Hall Cham- bers. H " ' " ' F. Climci Third Row. Donald F.rwin Cowan, Jr., James Reed Craf- ton, Valter Morris Crandall, Tommv Martin Deere, Patrick Terrenet- Dolan, Clem Pat Egles- ton, Eugene Hunter Epperson, Jr., Arthur Foy Evans. Fourth Row. Ronald Oscar Fowler, Emery Louis Francis, Jr., Bascom Bert Freeman, Dale R. Gossien, John Ralph Hamil- ton, Vincent Joseph Haney, Jr., Robert Eugene Haynes, G. Frank Herring. Fifth Row: Roger Allen Holl- oway, Stephen Frank Holmes, Dennis E. Hulsc. Richcy Lee Hunter. Vavmon A. Hutchison, Michael L. Joffe, Harold Bruce Kimbrough, Ronnie Edward Kingston. Si lli Row. Raymond Arthur Krcig. foe Bateman Locke, fames Boyd Mayo, Arvil E. Mc- Cnllev. John Louis McDaniel. lames Russell Nfrl.ain. Sydney faint s McAVilliams. Seventh Ron-: James Stanley Mitllestaedt. Larry (Jell New- comb. Paul Llovd Osmon, Pat- rick Eugene Pendlelon. Asa Gene Pickens. Darvin Ray I ' ur- dv. Villiam T. Rahm. F,i illi Rou : : Donald Douglas Richardson. James E. Roberds, James M. Robertson. Gary Dean Robinson. Frank Daniel Rot ie. Claude James Rose. Lauren Parke Rupert. itilli How. Steve Douglas Ruple, Billv Marshall Shadwick. Lee Bovd Shell. William Anton Skcrczak, Steven Rollin Sloan, John William Stiles. Elberl Har- vev Stokes. Truth Haw. James Logan leumson. [ohnn ' ayne Ihain. ( luisiv Sven Inllgren, Dwight Theodore iues, John Henry Volperl, Dick II. Wal- lace, Marian Edward White. first Row. Jerry Hunt Ander- son, Ray Lynn Anderson, Ger- ald Leslie Argall, Robert John Bahr, Kenneth L. Ballartl, Rob- ert Clark Banks, Jr., Robert Patrick Bennett. Second Row. George David Bcvil, Ben Bedford Bone, Drew Taylor Bonner, Charles L. Boyd, W. Todd Bratton, Frank Moyers Bray, Jr., Patrick Lyle Bray. Third Row. Gilbert Lester Brown, Jr., Ernest Dwayne Burks, Lyndon Douglas Burton, Orlxiry K. Chatman, Fred Clark, Theodore Hurst Conley, Charles Edward Davidson. Fourth Row: Leo Carson Da- vis, George Wallace Dickinson, Jr., Jimmy Ray Durham, Rolfe C. Eldridge, III, Robert Allen Faulkner, Larry Don Fincher, Glenn Dale Fipps. Fifth Row: John Neil Gal- braith, Thomas V. Gates, John Martin Glenn, Robert Allen Grccnberg, Peter L. Hart, Char- les Danny Hatfiekl, Raymond E. Herman. Sixth Row: Charles C. Hill, Jr., Thomas Lee Huckaby, Jr., Richard Glen Hulsey, Charles Silas Hunt, Robert John Hylle, Patrick Raymond Kinsey, Rob- ert Michael Kinscv. Seventh Row. Jerry William Lay, David Robinson Magness, Scott Manatt, Joseph Hubert Mann, Charles E. Marks, Ger- ald D. Manuel, Jr., Harris H. McXeill, Jr. Eighth Row. Edward Neil Xeunherz, Glennard Dean Palm- er, Jack Randall Price, Richard Ronald Reynolds. James Wil- bur Smith, Eugene Hugh Snaw- der, Philip M. Spray, Rodger Kent Stevenson. inth Hint " . David Rodney Stewart, Jackie Tipton, Van Lee Watkins, Marion Isaac Wil- liams. William Carroll Wood, William Robert Woolly, Ralph Wiliam Wygle, Claud Walter Vancey, Jr. I ' M How. Edwin Richard Allen, Richard Arthur Baldwin, William Thomas Baylcs, Michael E. Bender, James Wayne Bi ' rtoncino, C ' .harles Elmer Bycrly, Jimmy I.ynn Bland, Richard Allen Bovle. Robert Dale Brat Hays Burnett, Jack Thomas C ' .at Ion, Ronnie Brewer, Thomas le, Paul Reid Conner. Richard William David Dickey, Tom B. Freeman, Kenneth Paul Guess, Hartford K. ( nnningham. Joe Raul Dave Dixon, John I.. Kxans, Wallac _. Krcn el, William Karl Grindlc, Charles Alvitr Rax Hamilton. Third ]{iw. Robert Eugene Hancs, Austin Hedges, Chnck Hemingway, Jim Edward Higham, Stephen Michael Hoehn, Derald Mike Kent, Villiam Thomas Kctchcr, Jack Alan Lon- don, Guv N ' eal Martin, William ( ' . McCIeskey, John Dennis Mc- Clurc, Mickey 1 ' anl McShan. Fotirlli Ron ' -. Lloyd Gordon Moore, James D. Morrison, Robert D. Morrison. Robert Dcno Nichols, Dalton I.. Northern, Jim Price. Donald Solomon Richardson, Ernest Joe Richardson, Garland Q. Ridenour. Hobby Sullivan Roper, Stephen Melvin Rousseau, William David Self, Martin Evan Sikes. Fifth ton " . Ronnie Mac Smith, Ronny South. Bobby Rav Terrell. Thomas Edward Thomas. Robert Trammel. George Rea Walker, Jr., Larry Sterling Watkins. Jerry C. Welch, Lanny Michael Wilf, Eugene Blackwell Wilshire, Billy Rav Wood, Eddie Morris Woodlec. WILSON SHARP HOUSE Wilson Sharp houses over one hundred varsity and fresh- men athletes who have brought much recognition to the uni- versity campus during the year. Here live the members of the number one football team in the nation as well as sev- eral All-Southwest Conference athletes. Wilson Sharp has definitely held its place in the uni- versity ' s social whirl. Not only were there drop-ins after the home games, but also a Christmas Dance and a Spring Dance. During the fall, the football team was entertained by each sorority house with a banquet and skit. OFFICERS Jim Linsey . President Hobby Burnett Vice-President (ilen Rfiy Hincs Secretary-Treasurer . tfli YOCUM HALL OFFICERS Tom F litre! I _ _ President David Herrington Vice-President Al Caldwrll _ _ Secretary-Treasurer The residents of Yocum Hall participated in nearly every phase o campus activity during the year; including such things as Circle K, ABC, Schola Cantorum, International Club, Young Democrats, Young Republicans, Civic Club, Student Court and the Student Senate. The President, Secretary, Treas- urer, and Social Chairman for MIHC were all men of Yocum. Their social calendar was filled with such things as a Christmas party given with Fulbright Hall for the Under- privileged children, numerous Drop-ins, an open house, and several dances. Turning to view his Fayctteville home , Yocum resident takes short cut through Humphreys to eat in Brough Commons. First Row: John William Al- legretti, William Paul Anhalt, Ronald Alan Armstrong, Har- old Avcry, Frank H. Bailey, Bernard John Bakker, Robert Calvin Ball, Mannon G. Bank- son, Jr., Lewis Don Barksdale. Second Row: John Berry Beard, Harold Dennis Beaver, Gregory W. Beck, Mike Allen Bcckman, Alan Hal Beczley, Gary Walker Bcllcr, Samuel Fredrick Bcllcr, Jerome Fredrick Bellinger, Jr., John William Birks. Third Row: Jim R. Blanscet, Mike Max Bock, Donald Ray Boles, John Barnitz Bond, Agcr John Boogaart, James Roger Botti, Arthur Flynt Bowie, Don- ald Gene Bratton, Bradley Knight Breland. Fourth Row: Terry Brew- er, Michael B. Brice, James R. Brown, Barry Edward Bulloch, Philip Michael Bullock, Ken- neth Norman Burks, Jr., Harry Kingston Binnham, Jr., Walter Daniel Butler, M. Phillip Byrcl. Fifth Row: Al John Caldwcll, Bryan G. Caldwell, Jr., Michael H. Carl ton, John Joseph Car- mody, William Lawrence Car- penter, Larry Wayne Carroll, Ralph F. Carter, William Rob- ert Carter, Larry E. Casey. Sixth Row. William Lesse Cas- tlcbcrry, C. Wayne Chaffin, Charles Chancy, Jr., Thomas P. Christman, James Robert Clark, Stephen Lee Clark, Thomas Ed- ward Clark, Herschel Wayne Cleveland, Charles E. Coe. Seventh Row: Gerry Collard, William Howe Cook, Walter A. Coppcans, Hugh Patrick Cos- tello, Richard H. Courtney, Charles Dean Covey, III, Jack Dan Crews, Michael A. Cullcn, Joseph Paul Dalmasso. F.ightli Row. William Dono- van Dalmasso, Dean Howard Dallon, Tom William Daniel, Jr.. John Charles Dean, Roy Walter Deere, Talmage Lansing Deeter, Peter Albert Dclsch, III, Joseph Daniel Doming, Gary Philip Dickson. intli How. Michael Gregory Dillard, John B. Dixon, Jr., Rene ferry Duchac, William Ed- ward F.bbert, Jr., Michael Lee Ellig, Frank Bcntly Elliott, John Steve Emerson, William James F.ngeler, Willie Joe Erwiu. Tenth Row. Thomas Wesley FAcritt, William Duke Faught, Rollin Leroy Fischer, Floyd Mickel Freeman, Johnny Fer- rcll Frost, David O. Fulton, Thomas W. Futrcll, David Jo- seph Garcia, John Wilkins Garner. Eleventh Row: Sam Edward Gibson, Edward Michael Gol- lon, Freddy 7.. Gossien, Maurice Eugene Gottlieg, Richard Dong- las Graham, Gary Frank Grang- er, David Lorn Green. James Russell Grivn, Joe Fletcher Green. Twelfth Row. Stanley Lee Haddock, Gary Raymond Hall- mark, C. Kendall Hammer. Don Rich Hankins, Charles Edgar Hanks, Stephen Olan Harmon, Samuel J. Harper, Jr., Robert Thomas Harriell, Jr., Harold R. Harris. First Row. Robert Wayne Hart, Ivan Douglas Hazlewood, Jr., Stanley Ray Heard, Johnny Albert Helms, Monty Karl Hen- derson, William Lewis Henry, David Eugene Herrington, Jim- my Durne Hill, Courtney Mc- Ilroy Hillard. Sicnnd Ron " . David Michael Hincsley, Jan Bryan Hogaboom, Gary J. Holman, Randol Webb Hooper, Howard Aaron Hous- ton, Jonathan Edwards Hubbs, Larry Doug Hudson, Charles Michael Hulen, Harry Newton Huson. Third Row: Donald R. Jacks, John Earl Jennings, Daniel Lawrence Johnson, Donald Ray Johnson, Joe Jefferson Johns- ton, Jr., Howard E. Jones, Johnny Coleman Jones, Michael Allen Jordon, Donald Wayne Keene. Fourth Row: Glen T. Kellogg, Joe Luster Kennedy, Larry Michael Kilgore, Richard Lun Kimcry, Michael Lee King, Woody Kinsey, Blaine D. Kirk, David Scott Kirk, Butch Kirsch. Fifth Row: Thomas Fred Kitchens, III, Gary David Kiz- iar, Thomas Leonard Kleck, Edward Melbert Knod, Jr., Ed- ward Michael, Koser, Jerry Lynn Kulbeth, Larry R. Lawrence, William David I iwson, John C. I.eiihart, Sixth Row: Linwood Daniel Lewis, Rusty Lewis, Charles Lloyd Linebarger, Charles Rich- ard I.ippard, John William Lohmar, Steve Allen Loibner, John A. I.owrey, Phillip Ray Lumpkin, Dale R. Lynn. Seventh Ron ' ; John Marlin Lyon, Jerry Lake Maddox, Jim- my Leslie Maddox. John Law- rence Malloy, Philip Davis Ma- lone, Carl Mashburn, David Eugene Mason, Raymon Earl Massey, John Calvis Matthews. Eighth Run " . David Gilbert McCauley, Andrew R. McGee, W Thomas McKissick, Jr.. Jerry Herman McMinn. Michael Ed- ward McMullen, Robert Man- ning Mcador, Joseph Benedict Melkouit , Jr., Hugh Allen Mel- lon, Oscar James Melton. Xinth Row: Carl Frank Meny- hart, Terry Lee Mercing, Don- ald Gene Sliller, Franky Miller, James H. Miller, Larry Ede Moldenhauer, Joe Patrick Moles, John Michael Moles, Dennis Fay Moore. Tenth Row: Ernest Harper Morace, David Carl Morgan, Jim Lee Morgan, John Michael Moving, Bill Moss. George Mor- ris Myers. Jr.. Joe C. Xcal. Joe W. Newman, Edwin George Newson. I- ' lt ' vcnih Row: Thomas Oliver Newton, Wood Arnold Newton, Michael Kay Niemet, Dale Bruce Nixon, Joseph Leonard Nor- rell, Mike Nowell. Scott Dal- inon Oglesbv. William L. Oren- baun. William Samuel Orr, James L. Owens. Twelfth Row: James Newell Owens, James Oral Owens, James Rav Owens, George O. Paddock. Frederick Mark Palm- er, Sander Dean Papp, Fred Gary Parks. Clyde Floyd Par- ncll, Ronald Dean Patrick, Wil- liam Keith Patterson. First Ron ' : George I.ce Pattern, Robert Max Peacock, Joseph Brooks IVnn, Jr.. Jimmy Pcn- ninglon. Phillip Andrew Perry, Donald Lewis 1 ' ellit. Ellis I.a- inar Pettns, Larry Davis Phillips, [antes Stccle Pierce. Srrnnil Row: Howard Eugene Pike, I.arry O. Pillow, William Edward I ' I .airy Post, David William Price. James Ray Price, Thomas Albeit Pritchard, Samuel R. Probasco, 1 ' , James Roy Pugli, Jr. Third Row: Da id Ranglack, Robert Paul Reed, George Douglas Regan, Samuel C. Rial. Darrcl Alan Riee, Hcrschel 1. Rice, Darrell V. Rippv. Noah Wayne Risner, Richard I.ynn Roberts. Fourth Row: Robert Michael Roller. Stewart Rosenberg. Har- ris Edward Ross, Res Watson Ross, Ralph Dwain Rossi-lot, James M. Roy. Robert C. Run- yon, Michael Bruce Saar, Mich- ael G. Salzman. Fifth Row. Cloycc Wayne Schcer, Thomas Randall Schu- macher, Jon David Scott, Rob- ert Austin Sharp, Jr.. Wendell D. Sharp, Dennis Ray Shaver, Michael Wayne .Scimek, Jon Randall Scofner, Walter E. Sill- iman. Sixth Row: John Bennett Simpson. Dwight Frank Smith. Earl Travis Smith. Jr., James Howard Smith, Joseph Michael Smith. Kermit Smith. Marshall Randolph Smith. Phillip Dean Smith, Gary E. Spann. Seventh Row; William Walter .Sprenger, Joe Hopkins Stanley, Leslie William Steen. Fred G. Stewart. Ronald Gene Stewart, Steve Charles Stuart, Patrick L. Sullivan. William Douglas Sum- mcrville, Glenn Edwin Sutton. F.ighlh Row: Thomas Mills Taylor, Robert Strong Thorn- ton, Gary L. Thrailkill, Ronald C. Tiffee, Ronnie Dow Tipton. James P. Tudor. Nathan Bruce Turner. Charles Van Ginhoven, Tipton, James P. Tudor, Nat- han Bruce Turner. Charles Van Cinhnu ' li. Bill Alan Veriion. iutli Roif. Larry D ' Wayne Voss. Roy David Wagner, Fred W. Walker. Gary Adrian Walk- er. I.ary Rodiiev Walker, Wil- liam Thomas Walker. James Wendell Wallace. Richard Os- mond Wallace. Jackie Allen Walters. Truth How. II. Lee Ward. John William Watkins, James Duke Walts. Jr.. |cn E. Webb, Paul Webb. Robert Jones Wcl- bom. Leon West. Jr.. Jim T. While. Woody William White. F.lrrrulh Row. Bruce M. White-law. John Da id idener, Charlc ' S A. Williams. Dennis Al- len Williams. Flo d Lee Wil- liams. III. |crrv Wallace Wil- liams. James Howard Willis. John |. Wilson. James ' illiam Wingard. Ronald Lee inning- ham. Twrllth Row. M ler Malcolm Winters. Hobliv Joe Withering- ton. I larrell Vallacc- Wood. Jr., Larry Wade Wood. Michael Ranch Wood. W. I. oodford. Jr.. Thomas Edwin Woodson. Ray Woody, Ernc ' Slo N. Yalj. (rlcnn l)a id Yandell. -v, greeks OFFICERS First Semester Dinnnc Dny _ President Carolyn Berry till _ Vice-President Jeanne Simpson _ Secretary Jeainiie Zi njjle . Treasurer Second Semester Pain Milclii ' l! _ President Jeiiiinic 7.i n pic _ Vice-President Cluirlottt ' Runyan _ _ Secretary Linda Drake _ Treasurer ALPHA CHI OMEGA The wearers of the golden lyre of Alpha Chi Omega moved into a brand new chapter house and spent a busy year engaged in social and campus activities. Bringing special honors to Delta Rho were Gail Bigge, Angel Flight and Drill Team Sweetheart, Lambda Chi Cres- cent Girl, Homecoming Maid and Queen of Hearts; Alicia Brush, AWS Secretary and Razorback Index Editor; Linda Thompson, Mortar Board and Lambda Tau President; Pam Mitchell, Traveler Associate Editor and AWS Executive Board member. Jeanne Simpson was elected president of Sigma Delta Pi and vice-president of Lambda Tau. Diana Hopkins was Presi- dent of Sigma Alpha Iota and Mandy Wellborn, chairman of Student Tnion Entertainment Committee. Jane Hodges, treasurer of SAI, was sweetheart of Kappa Kappa Psi. Social activities included the annual Dad ' s Day weekend, a formal open house and the Golden Lyre Ball. This was an almost successful vear for :ie Alpha Chi Omegas, who got Susie Mosley elected and celebrated at the Golden Pyre Ball. ..:... first 7io;i ' : Paulana Abbott, Sarah Jane Althauser, 1 ' atsy Lou Armstrung, Catherine K. Baker, Donna Gayle Barron, Mali Beth Beeson. Carlon Ann Berrvhill. Second Ron ' : Marlyn Gail Bigge, l.iiula Beth Birkhead, Linda Maurice Blodgett, Mar- tha Ellen Bradley, Marilyn Flora Bray, Patricia Ann Bray, Alicia Irene Brush. Third Row. Susan Ross Craig, Grace Dianne Day, Linda Drake, Georgena Dcmarious Duncan, Mary Elaine England, Andy l.oog Kiinis, Jamie Ann Paris. Fourth Row: Linda F. Fikes, Rita Irene Geiger, Kathy Graves, Irene Hagiantoniou, Alice Eliz- abeth Hailey, Carolyn Anita Hall, 1 ' amela Eva Hathaway. Fifth Row: Molly Elizabeth Helms, Janis Ann Hixson, Susan Jane Hodges, 1 ' atricia J. Holi- field, I ' enni Holt, Sandy Eliza- beth Holzhaucr, Diana Lee Hop- kins. Sixth Row: Donna J. Hop- kins, Patricia Ann James, Jean- ette Jones, Sucllen Jones, Edith Ann Kendall, Trina Laabs, Nancy Ann Lafferty. Seventh Row: Carl Atalie l.c- bedeff. Marguerite Ann Levy, Sue Ann Little, Margaret Ann McAllister, Peggy Sue Meyer, Pamela Ann Mitchell, Elisabeth Ann Moats, Sue Norton. Kightli Row: Paulena Ann Paschal, Judith Lynn Reinhcim- er. Barbara Elizabeth Riley, Clenna Rose, Shirley Sue Royce, Charlotte C. Runyan, Jeanne Marie Simpson, Barbara Lea Skelton. intli Rou : C ' .arolyn Lee Spears. Mary Alice Spooncr, Jeanctte Elise Stcadley, Mary- Kay .Stevens, Barbara Sue Stock- dell, Mary Adele Sturgeon. Ro- b n Lynn Swansou, Lois Lynn Temple. Truth Run " . Linda Jo Thomp- son, Margaret Walker, Jane Lee Ware, Mandy Velll oin, Johnna Claire Wilson, Judith Ann Vy- lie, Frances Ann Yanccy, Jean Louise impel. First Row: Jann Akers, Phyl- lis Anne Akins, Roberta Luisa Angulo, Andrea Austin, Beverly Jane Bell, Linda Ann Benton, Sally Ann Brady. Second Row: Jacqui Brandli, Betsy Carolyn Bridenthal, Re- becca A. Callahan, Sandra Leigh Causey, Carol Louise Cina, Jes- sa-Kayc Craig, Nancy Kay Crock- ett. Third Row: Elaine Curry, Sarah Alice Dodgen, Judith Ly- nne Elliott, Jane Page Ellis, Jo- ann Ellis, Terecia Ferguson, Carol Ann Frankum. Fourth Row: Karen E. Free- man, Rita Janette Glover, Lin- da Anne Goodwin, Glenna Jean- ne Corbet, Judy Graham, Linda Diane Grcer, Johnnye Myrle Guy. Fifth Row: Jo Belle Hailey, Linda Kay Hailey, Betty Ann Hart, Carol Jane Heathman, Mary Nell Helbron, Barbara Hoffman, Judith Ann Johnson. Sixth Row. Linda Lee, Caro- lyn Fay Lcssenberry, Mary Sue Marinoni, Cheryl Sue Martin, Jeanne McFarland, Marilyn Mae McGill, Mary Helen Mea- dows. Seventh Row: Sandra Ruth Milieu. Patricia Diane Nichols, Carol Maureen O ' Rourke, Mar- cia Sue Payne. Donna Jean Pau- ton. Jeannic Alice Pope, Sandra W. Prickett. Eiglith Row: Linda Lee Pur- dy, Ann Qualtrough, Mary Beth Rogers, Susan n Sale, Pam Srhuck, Janice N. Scott, Re- becca Searcy. Ninth Row: June Irene Se- well, Denita Dale Smith, Anna Lynn Tarkington, Dawn Marie Trammcll. Mary Alice Tranum, Mary Elizabeth Vancura, Diana Gene Watson, Karen Anne Weathers. Tenth Row: Charles Mary Webb, Lewis Ann Webb, De- anne Louise Wilber, Xancy Lou Williams. Anne Paschal Wilson, Jo Ellen Woody. Terry Eileen Worthy, Catherine Ann Wuest. ALPHA DE TA PI Leadership and social activities were the highlight of an- other successful year for Alpha Delta Pi. Linda Purely was featured twirler for the nation ' s number one football team. Carol O ' Rourke was elected to Angel Flight. Linda Benton and Betsy Bridenthal were selected for Schola Cantorum. Third place was awarded to our Homecoming float, and for the second consecutive year ADPi placed first in Singfony. Jo Ellen Woody served as treasurer of Mortar Board, and Mary Nell Helbron was senior senator for the College of Education. Andy Austin served on the AWS Executive Board and was also chairman of IAWS contact committee. Linda Benton was appointed to the Legislative Board. Senior coun- selors were Rita Ferrell and Andy Austin, and eight other ADPi ' s served as sophomore counselors. OFFICERS First Semester Carolyn Lessenberry _ _ President Jo Ellen Woody _ V ice-President Phyllis Parsons . Secretary Rita (Hover . Treasurer Second Semester Rita Glover _ President Phyllis A kins _ V ice-President Jnnn Akers . _ Secretary Elaine Curry _ . Treasurer The Alpha Delta I ' is played host to their alumni at a Founders Day Luncheon. These events are usually stuffy; no one has too much fun. CHI OMEGA OFFICERS First Semester Susan Lesh . _ President Beverly Bynum . Vice-President Jefjlirey Phibps . _ Secretary Rita Foster - .__ Treasurer Second Semester Judy Baldridge . _ President Jam; Bcnlon . V ice-President Jane Wood _ Secretary Margie Pomfret . Treasurer Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship Cup, highest achievement of any living group on the UofA campus , was captured again by Psi, the Mother chapter of Chi Omega. However, the scholarship award was not the only trophy achieved by Chi Omega this year. On either side of the cup lies the first place Homecoming float trophy and the Sigma Nu Relays Cup. Individual honors of Chi Omega ' s members were the Sec- retary of the Student Body, Diane Allen and senior senator, Sandra Me Adams. Grace Ann Coleman served as AWS State Treasurer. Grace Ann and Diane Palmer were chosen for Angel Flight, and Dana Kay Hill was selected Honorary Lt. Colonel in the Army ROTC. Jephrey Phipps was tapped for Phi Beta Kappa and Motor Board. Other Chi Omegas in Mor- tor Board are Chi Chi Hargraves and Rita Foster. Chi Chi was also listed in Who ' s Who. Alice Barnett and Claudia Heath served as counselors. Margaret Heard and Sally Harrington were Homecoming Maids; Judy Adams reigned as first runner- up to Miss UofA; and Jan Ellis was IFPC Secretary. After trying to get several fraternity pledge classes to take them on a walkout. Chi Omega pledges gave up and went skating. First Rom: Judy Kay Adams, Diane Allen, Judy Arlene Bald- ridge, Alice Mayes Burnett, Jane Katherine Bennett, Jane Ben- ton, Ann Bigham. Second Row: Dickie Ann Boal, Barbara Anne Breit, Frances Brooks, Mary Beth Biyson, Bev- erly Bynum, Nancy Rhca Cart- er, Helen Elizabeth Catlett. Third Rmi " . Mary Nancy Council, Linda Wakeficld Creel, Sandra Kaye Dabney, Delia Dowell, Sandra Jean Drum- mond, Virginia Carol Elliott, Janet McRae Ellis. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Brun- cr Field, Rita Foster, Mary Lem- ley Gardner, Cheryl Ann Harp- er, Sally Carolyn Harrington, Margaret McGee Heard, Clau- dia Doris Heath. Fifth Rou ' -. Dana Kay Hill, Harryette Hodges, Dianne Hoi- ley, joy Holman, Marylee Las- ley Hoover, Georgia Hornor, Betsy Jacoway. Sixth Row: Carol Elizabeth Johnson, Judith Leigh Johnson, Susan Elizabeth Lesh, Linda King Limbaugh, Sandra Gail McAdams, Ellen Raye McSpad- den, Grace Ann Mires. Sri ' etith Itoii " . Katbryn Eliza- beth Moslcy, Agnes Marie Mou- ton, Carolyn Jeanne Mullins, Mary Helen Newton, Susi Nor- ris, Diane Palmer, Nancv Parks Eighth Row. Marcie A. Pearce, Jeplirey Ann Phip])S, Margie Pomfret, Karen Jane Reininurck, Frances Maria Rog- ers, Linda Sue Sexton, Mary Sue Shetland. inth Row. Mary Katherine Slaven, Sally Lynn Slayden, Jac- |iirline Smith, Sandra Elizabeth Smith, Betsy Boyce Snyder. Ann Davics Spence, Susan Marie Steele, Brenda Lee Sweet. Tenth Row: Laurel Kathrvn Townsend, Elizabeth Anne Vashbiirn, Patricia Anne Weed, Ann Marie Vhaley, Mary Esther Womeldorff. Jane Elizabeth Vood. Jessie Katherine Woolen, Mary Yancey. First Row. Carolyn K. Adair, Susan Elizabeth Adams, Jo Ann Ahern, Patrica Eileen Atchley, Donna Idelle Axuin, Azalea Es- lella Baird, Carolyn Ann Baney, Alice Jobelle Beaslcy. Second Row: Sharon Blair, Ann Gay Boudreaux, Sandra Lee Brogdon, Susan Melinda Brown, Halla [can Butcher, Susan Melinda Brown, Halla Jean Butcher, Josephine Anne Campbell, Pamela Joyce Cary, Anne E. Daniel. Third Row: Patricia Kathleen Daniel, Mary Nell Donahue, Judy Patricia Ellis, Laura Sue Evans, Lyn I). Falk, Jane Fletch- er Ferrill, Sara Lynn Fleming, Tarana Gene Foreman. Fourth Row: Martha Alice Gadberry, Wendy Jean Gard- ner, Lois Myreta Gladden, Ben- nie E. Graham, Virginia Cccile Hamner, Carol Lindley Hamp- ton, Annie Heinold, Sharon Lee Hildreth. I- ' iflli Roj,-. Karen Holthoff, Donna Marie House, Judith Kaye Huff, Nancy Aha Hurst, Cheryl Jett, Jacquelyn Ann Johns, Gave Johnson, Patsy Jo Kubat. Si th Ron I.ynndy Luker Suzanne Frances Logan, Patty McCrcight, V ( ' :! t JT ' VI tif lr i . ., ...ii .! LV.IClglll, zanne McF.lroy, Catherine Ei- leen McGee. Margaret Wroten (Waters, Hillve Regina Means, Harriet Morgan. McWaters, mnve Ki J. Harriet Morgan. Seventh Raw: Mary Ann Morse, Thelma fo ' Mosicr, C:heryl LaVonne Nan, Cecillia Lee Orsburn, Kay Lyn Porter, Tori Lynn Powell, ' fo Colay Ray, Betty Lou Roberts. Eighth Run ' : Judith Camille Rogers, Mary Patricia Rowan, Linda Lou Rowland, Janyce Claire Rupert, Amelia Ann Sample, Sarah Scott, Phyllis Jeanne Scroggin. inlli Row: Fli abeth Anne Shelton, Frances Virginia Shep- herd, Deborah Whiting Smith, Dee Diane Smith, Betty Steel, Merrie Sandra Swift, Loretta Al- lene Thompson. Tenth Ron " . Carol Van Dal- sem, Margi Vickcrs, Saundra Lynn Vade, Diana Gene Wall- in, Sarah Virginia Williams, Dorothy Lyn Witherington, Car- olyn Sue Wood. 1 bo. ; in Nf , Foianm. Minha Mr, I Nci J l| ' : l.!iilden,Ben. ' Mis Cecile Win Hap. Shaon Lee ' fen Holtholf, i:;t fat, Judith fata, " jwfklin Ann it, Pitsy Jo . Hi McCreight, ' ' Mi Him. Citherine Ei- r Mji arei Wioten . .::u Mans, ' M :ia . Mm Ann Ihtlmi Jo iteiet, iii, fall Kmui. kn Lin Forler. II, |o Coliy i lots. te Judilli Caille ton Pitricia Rom, Lou Rowland. Jmytt Rupert, Amelia Ann fcnh Scon, I ' Mfe !: Eliabdh Anne Frances Vitjina Skp- BetK Sl Voci DELTA DELTA DELTA Honors numbered many in the Delta Delta Delta House this year. Janyce Rupert was selected Army ROTC Sponsor. Later Janyce and Diana Wallin were chosen as Razorback Beauties. Tri Deltas selected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities were Carolyn Adair, Donna Axum Buckley, Mary Nell Donahue, and Carol Hampton. Mary Nell also served on the Student Senate and Student Union Activities Board. Two Tri Deltas served on the homecoming court. Tori Powell was a Razorback cheerleader, and three Tri Deltas were Majorettes. Jn selections for fraternity sweethearts, three Tri Deltas were chosen. Tri Deltas on Mortar Board were Patty McCreight and Mary Nell Donahue. Carolyn Adair and Gayle Johnson were selected for Angel Flight. Tarana Foreman was honored as a Phi Beta Kappa. The Vice President of AWS next year will be Phyllis Scroggin. Pat Rowan was in Chimes, and three Tri Deltas were in Alpha Lambda Delta. Tri Delta Senior Coun- selors numbered four. OFFICERS First Semester Patty McCreiglit President Harriet Morgan Vice-President Carol Hampton Secretary Judy Ellis Treasurer Second Semester Martini Gadbcrry . . President Lyn Talk . _ Vice-President Carol Van Dahem _ Secretary Billye Means _ _ Treasurer When girls get together they usually start laughing. There is actually nothing funny about giving a friend a needed pair of pants. ' - mmm WBB III III , ' DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS First Semester A ' MrLeod _ . President Jaclii Jameson . . V ice-President Linda Kooiher . _ Secretary Regina Grain . Treasurer Second Semester Susan Whitson . _ President Site Smitherman . V ice-President Sharon Payne _ _ Secretary Dana Garrett . Treasurer Many anchors were seen on campus this year as the Delta Gammas took honors in scholarship and leadership. Delta Gamma pledges ranked first on campus in scholarship. Bring- ing special honors were Ann McLeod, AWS President, Mortar Board, and Who ' s Who; Susan Whitson, senior counselor and Civic Club Secretary; Marilyn Tabor, Razorback Beauty; Jac- que Wilson, Angel Flight; and Carol Carter, Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa. Other AWS workers were Chairmen Madeline Maher and Susan Whitson. Student Union commit- tee chairmen included Mary Jane Jamison, talent committee, and Wendy Williams, music and art committee. Nancy Jeter was secretary of Panhellenic and Linda Hall was elected State Secretary of WRA. Carol Watson served as Chimes Secretary and Shari Mackie and Carolyn Ogden were Alpha Lambda Delta members. Active in education clubs were officers Phyllis Albrecht and Byra Bliss. Bobbie Cupples and Sandy Little were fraternity sweethearts. As non-believer Santa listens, Marilyn Tabor tries to decide what she wants for Christmas. Santa is from Xorth Pole and snows easily. First Rmt " . Phyllis Marguerite Albrecht, Sharon Ann nstin, Byra Lynn Bliss. Norma Gene Brown, Carole Beatrice Bnnge, Carol Ann Carter. Srronil How. Regina Grain. Barbara I.. Clippies. Nancy Jane Davis, Sarah Ann Fields. Dana I.ynn (.arrctt, C.herrie Dawn Gillis. Third Row. Cynthia Haseloff, Harriet Ann Hill, Janet Kay Honn, I.vnda Suzanne Howard, Nancy Kiin Irhy, Jack! Jameson. Fourth How. Nancy I.yn Jeter, I.inda Kathleen Kooiker, a- beth I.ove Landers, Thrada Le- how. C.heryl Anne Legalski. Saiulra Ka Little. Fill It Ht.w. Madeline Maher. nn Lane Mel. cod. Sharon Mel - ren Moore. Man F.stell Morris, (!arol n KlizalH ' th Ogden, Sha- ron Lli aheth I ' uvne. Sixth l ow. Syhia I ' alritia 1 ' ockius, Mary Ourslcr Pottorff, .Sara Sue Reynolds. Mary Anne Roche, abeth Rogers, Sue Ann Smit hennaii. Scrcntli lifnc: Jane I ' .llen Snow. Janet Carolyn Stewart, l.xnda Sttiail. Vilina Marilyn Tabor. l- ' raiues !-. Thomas, Anne Linker. F.iglilli How. Marsha aiue. Judy (.a k- ' aters. X ' irginia Carol Watson. Susan Way hit- sun. Weiu! Ann illiams, Jai- nic ' ils: n. xw First Row: Sarah Rebecca Balch, Charlotte Ann Belford, Donna Lynn Bell, Judie E. Bill- ings, Linda Faye Blevins, Sarah Adine Bradford, Betty Jo Bu- ford, Mary Lanelle Buie. Second Row: Susan Maurine Carroll, Linda Lee Cary, Con- stance Jean Clothier, Elizabeth Allen Crampton, Dottie Craw- ford, Carolyn Grace Cuthbert- son, Frances Deane, Margaret Ellen Dild . Third Row: Deborah Ann Do- land, Donita Ann Driggers, Dan- nalee Dubiner, Diane Harriet Kwing, Penny Farrar, Nancy Ferguson, Terry Jean Fetzek, Di- ane Gillison. Fourth Row: Nancy Kay Goodwin, Nancy Merle Gordon, Bennie Breese Grant, Kathryn P. Harrcllson, Jennie Lou Ha- ven, Kathy B. Holloway, Linda Kay Humphries, Becky Johnson. Fifth Row: Marie Burke Johnston, Marilyn Kays, Mar- tha Lynn Kelley, Suzanne Kitch- en, Wesley Oliva Lambert, Rob- in Roy Maddox, Betty Ann Masters, Susan Trigg Matthews. Sixth Row: Leta M. McCor- mick, Michele McCright, Lynn Elizabeth McDonald, Joanna McGehec, Mary Elizabeth Mc- Shanc, Ann Elizabeth Morgan, Penelope ason, Marsha Lynne Xcwsom. Seventh Row: Catherine Lou- ise Ostner, Patricia Patterson, Johanna Pinson, Patricia Ann Provine, Joan Sharon Puchta, Janice Carrol Quinn, Nancy Tripp Reed. Eighth Row: Marsha J. Rich- ards, Margaret Walker Robin- son, Patricia LaVonne Roten- berry, Ann Shipp, Maribeth Ann Spearmon, Suzanne Sto- baugh, Mary Elizabeth Stod- dard. Ninth Row: Sara Ann Stuart, Pat Tarvin, Carol Lynn Taylor, Priscilla Elizabeth Taylor, Suzie J. Tilley. Betty Carol Turnage, Pain Turner. Tenth Row. Rebecca Jean Ut- U-v. Mary Catherine Walker, Maureen Leigh Welty, Mary Frances Vhalen, Mary Anne Vhitaker, Martha Jo Wright, Nancy Gayle Yawn. foi- 1 Ann lebecta fett | KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Gamma Nu Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma had a very successful year. Becki Balch, Kay Goodwin, Margaret Robinson, and Pat Rotenberry were elected to Who ' s Who. Becki and Kay served as members of Mortar Board. Office holders were Becki Balch, AWS Vice-President; Carol Lynn Taylor, AWS Secre- tary and IAWS Regional President; Pat Rotenberry, AWS State President; Susan Carroll, Kathy Holloway, and Joanna McGe- hee, residence hall counselors; Burke Johnston, Linda Humph- ries, and Susan Matthews, members of Chimes; and Burke John- ston, Linda Humphries, and Marilyn Kays, members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Martha Wright and Suzanne Stobaugh served as cheerleaders. Kappa ranked second scholastically. Kappas receiving beauty honors were Karen Carlson, Miss UofA, Miss Arkansas, first runner-up to Miss America, and Homecoming Queen; Maureen Welty, Pershing Rifles Sponsor; Mary Catherine Walker and Margaret Robinson, Angel Flight; and Carol Culp, Best-Dressed Coed. OFFICERS First Semester Margaret Robinson _ President Dannalee Dubiner Vice-President Kay Goodwin . Secretary Betty Jo Kuford Treasurer Second Semester Joanna McGeliec _ President Burke Johnston _ Vice-President Alary Frances ' lnilcn Secretary Mary Bowie - Treasurer Group of happy Kappas think that mocking the construction crews is funny. House will not be finished, and crews will have ' last laugh. PI BETA PHI OFFICERS First Semester Sharon McDonald _ Sheryl Bedell _ Mary Ellen Rothc _ Gerry Lee Eilbotl . _ President _ V ice-President _ Secretary _ Treasurer Second Semester Mickey Pry or _ _ President Jenny Short _ _ Vice-President Jun Paulk - Secretary Pain Beaver _ . Treasurer Beginning the year by winning first place on their Home- coming decoration and by receiving the Campus Blood Tro- phy, the wearers of the Arrow continued to fill another year with many honors. Who ' s Who members were Marinell Coe, Nan Allnion, and Linda Lou Evans. Mary Ellen Rothe and Marinell Coe were elected to Mortar Board. Nan Allmon serv- ed as Co-editor of the Razorback. Student Union Chairmen were Beth Yancy, Harriet Hubbard, and Mary Denker. Mickey Pryor was AWS Treasurer and AAWS Vice-President. Susan Hutton and Marinell Coe were on Judicial Board, and Beth Yancy was AWS Social Committee Chairman. In Angel Flight were Sandy Smith and Donna Rybiski; and Lynn Freeman was ROTC Sponsor. Chimes were Harriet Hubbard, Susan Hut- ton, Tessi Tuck, and Pam Williams. Phi Beta Kappas were Carolyn Berry and Bonnie Bonnell. Senior Counselors were Donna Rybiski, Mickey Pryor, and Bonnie Bonnell. Sigma Nu Sweetheart was Marinell Coe, and Sallie Kinman was Sweet- heart of Sima Chi. During rush at Pi Beta I ' hi, Susan Helrnig faces a serious dilemma as she ponders, " Should a Pi Phi offer a lady a Tiparillo? " First Row. Kay Alford, Tim- othy Smith Allen, Nan Clarke Allmon, Anita Ann Ballenger, Melanie G. Barton, Pamela [eannc Beaver, Carolyn Jane Berry, Grelchen Marie Bumifll. Second Won 1 : Margaret F.liza- heth Bonnell. Suzanne I). Booth, Carol Elizabeth Bowman, Jo Anne Bowman, Penny Brannon, Carole Bresler, Betty Bridge- forth. Sara Ann Brown. Third Row. Tootie Brown, Catherine Caldwell, Diana Chil- dress, Liz Clinton, Marincll Coe, Vera Joe Cook, Harriet Eliza- beth Daniel, Mary Katherine Denker. Fourth Row. Charlotte Anne Eckel, Marcia Anne Edwards, Gerry I.ce Eilbott, Linda Lou Evans, Janis Funk, Patricia Ann Garris, Barbara Lynn Hallam, Lucinda Kalhcrine Harkev. Fifth Row. Sharon Jo Harper, Harriet Kay Hubbard, Susan Dill Hutton, Jan Jones, Mclinda Joyce Jones, Floye Kale, Sallie fane Kinman, S. Damans Lind- loff. Sixth Row. Janet Virginia Mc- Allister, Sharon Sue McDonald, Sandra Wynn Mead, Shirley Ann Meyer, Elizabeth Dustin Moore, Martina Sue Moss, ancy Sue Nickels, Suzanne Felice Nor- fleet. Seventh Row. F.lise Jane Pal- sa. Helen Stitt Patterson, Jan Nugent Paulk, Julia Burton Peck, Barbara Anita Phelps, Sissy Polk. Marilyn. Marie Pry- or, Kathy Jo Raff. F.ighth Row. Jane Carolyn Rhodes, Billie Ann Roberts, Ju- dith Carol Robinson. Mary El- len Rothe. Donna Lynn Rybi- ski. Vickie .Sannders, Susan Scar- brough. inth Row. Jennv Short. Ju- lie Simard. Sanely Mary Smith. Suzanne Smith, Mary Kate Son- neman, Susan Wright Storey, Barbara Tremble. Tenth Row. Theresa Marie Tuck. Janiece Van Valkenburgh. Catherine Helen Ware, Evelyn West. Pamela Jean Williams, Beth Vaiicy. Catherine Blount Young. First Row: Camillc Corin Ad- ams, Tcddic Annette Alderman, Ann Marie Alford, Anne Lewis Allen, Judith Ben ton, Janice Marie Bourg, Annabel Boyd, Carole Lynn Brandenhoff. Second Row. Mary Shannon Brown, Sharon Brunell, Joyce Jan Bryant, Linda Gail Bur- roughs, Barbara June Carl, An- nabelle Robin Cash, Pam Kay Castling, Jetty Jo Churchill. Third Row. Sarah Frost Clark, Martha Clcavenger, Judy Diane Cosgrove, Tani Czarowitz. Gero- gann Emilie Daunis, Patricia Louis Dees, Barbara Ann Duna- way, Gayle Ann Edmondson. Fourth Row: Patricia D. El- liott, Leslie Kay Ellis, Mary Donna Ewrin, Carolyn Faulk- ner, Jane Finger, Patricia Ann Finley, Ros Lynne Fitzgerald, Kathc Lvnnc Gates. Fifth Row. Valita Goza, Mild- red Lois Cragg, Pamela Diane Guthunz, Patricia Louise Hal- ler, Judy Gayle Harms, Betty Harris. Margaret Carolyn Harri- son. Charlotte Malissa Hcrvey. Si th Row. Bettie Farrar Hud- son, Barbara Ann Hunter, Eliza- beth Ann Ongrum, Jan Jackson. Jane Johnson, Patricia Rosann Johson. Vonda Janiece Jones, Harriett Sii annc- Kinnev. Sevenlli Raw. Romona Jeanne Kozel, Jody Lewis, Sarah Eliza- beth Little, Marilyn Joyce Math- eson, Suzanne McFadden, Susan McMillan. Kathv Xarisi. Eighth Ron ' : Adonna Kaye New, Audrey Ann Newton. Lynn Aida Newton, Cheryl Lynn Nixon, Janet Lynn Owens, Re- becca Ann Powell, Jo Lynn Radle, Donna Jane Read. Xin li Ron ' : Jannettc Rose. Sally Margaret Rowland. Sharon Frances Royston, Peggy Ann Schell. fane Schwieger, Jane Ruth Shane, Abby L. Shuey, Jo- lene Sitton. Tenth Rt w. Patricia Ruars Sockwell. Marian Tims, Joyce Elaine I indie, Phyllis Madileine Tull. Jackie Wewcrs, Julie Ann Wilson, Carol Jane Wright. Carol affaters. . " " ' ' Wt Dime ZETA TAU ALPHA eta Tau Alpha observed its sixtieth year on the Arkan- sas campus this year. Sarah Clark was selected for Mortar Board and Who ' s Who. Lynn Fitzgerald was Secretary of the Senior Class; Pam Guthunz, President of SNEA. eta had four senior counselors and twenty sophomore counselors. Vonda Jones was head cheerleader; Anne Allen, ABC Secretary; and Robin Cash, ABC Pledge Class Secretary. Zeta had five Alpha Lambda Deltas, with Peggy Schell, President. Chimes member- ship included four etas with Robin Cash, Treasurer. Missy Alford served as Associate Editor of the Razorback; Janice Bourg, Beauty Editor; Sandra Moore, Dorm Editor; and Jan Bryant, Personality Editor. Tani Czarowitz was Editor of the Panhellenic Rush Book. Beauty honors went to Becky Powell, Razorback Beauty and ROTC Honorary Colonel. Sharon Brunelle was in Angel Flight and was elected Little Major at the Angel Flight Southwest Conference. Adonna New was selected Sigma Pi Sweetheart. OFFICERS First Semester Lynne Fitzgerald _ _ President Pat Elliott _. Vice-President Charlotte Hervcy _ Secretary Katliey Gates _ _ Treasurer Second Semester Missy Alford . _ President Martha Cleavenger _ _ V ice-President Peggy Shell _ _ Secretary fanette Rose _ . Treasurer Zcta ' s demonstrate the proper use of a toy rifle at their Christinas Party given for Fayetteville ' s underprivileged children. V m . First ROU-: Charlotte Belford, Joanna McGehce, Mickey Pryor, Mary Denker, Judy Bakhidge, Tani Czarowitz. Second Row: Jat ]uc ' Vilson, Suzanne Stobaugh, Claudia Heath, Jane Snow, Sandra Moore, Missy Alford, Margie Vickers, Georgia Hornor, Pam Mitchell. Mandy Wellborn, Barbara Rilc-y. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS: Jacque Wilson, President; Charles Mary Webb, Secretary; Claudia Heath, Treasurer. With the president and rush chairman from each sorority as representatives on the U of A campus, the Panhellenic council strives to main- tain harmonious Greek life and interfraternity relations and to cooperate with college authorities in their effort to maintain high social and scholas- tic: standards. Activities of the council are to make and farm- ulate all rules that govern rush and pledging. A scholarship cup is given each year for the highest grade average. Each year the council gives a coke party, held during the spring semester, for all freshmen girls interested in participation in fall rush. Panhellenic also awards two scholarships annually at the AWS Spring Festival. 454 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The organization designed to regulate and govern the activities of all social fraternities on the University campus is the IFC. The primary function of IFC is to serve as a governing body of the fourteen fraternities. It is composed of the Dean of Men and two representatives, the presi- dent and one elected member from each fraterni- ty, and is governed by four officers elected from th membership of the council itself. The council meets bi-monthly to discuss the mutual problems of the fraternity system. It also enforces all rules concerning fraternity rush and social activities. Throughout the coordination of activities, IFC attempts to unite the fraternities in a spirit of friendly brotherhood, to promote scholarship, to encourage new fraternities and to develop exist- ing chapters and individuals in the fraternity sys- tem. OFFICERS: David Malone, President; Morris Arnold, Vice- I ' resident; Doug Hurley, Treasurer; Ed McCorkle, Secretary. ' is Ron " . Henderson, Martin. Arikan, Vells, Cariuth, Coleman, Black, Arnold. Second Row. Smead, Johnson, Chas- tain, Neighbors. Storey, Lovctt, McCarley. 455 ACACIA OFFICERS First Semester Jerry McKenney _ _ President Jack Chapman _ V ice-President Danny Gardner . - Secretary Charles Curry . Treasurer Second Semester John Bilimer _ _ President diaries Curry _ I ' ice-President Dave Ouelette . - Secretary Norman Carter - Treasurer Acacia Fraternity continued a record of growth and lead- ership in all phases of campus life in 1964-65 as it celebrated its fourteenth year; on the Arkansas campus. Social highlights included the traditional " End of the World " party and Holiday Formal during the fall, with the Sack Dance and Black-and-Gold Formal in the spring. A full calendar of lesser events rounded out the year ' s program. While intramurals remained a leading activity, the chapter received its national trophy for general Campus Leadership. Activities included Student Senate, IFC, publications, ODK, and other honorary fraternities, and a number of offices in campus organizations. Acacia was founded nationally at Michigan University in 1904, and now has a national organization of 60 chapters. The new house at Arkansas was finished in 1962, and is at the north end of Stadium Drive ' s " fraternity row " . The occasion is the Acacia " End of the World Party. " If Missy goes into the pool, the snow will surely melt, Acacia leaders will lose admirer. Sweetheart ol Acaci; SANDY LITTLE Delta Gamma First Row: Lcroy Allen, Gary Peter Barkct, John Morris Bil- heimcr. T. O. Burson. James Ronald Carney, Vaskell Norman Carter, James N. Cooper. Second Ron " . Dale Gene Cos- grove, Danny Joe Cox, Warren Edwin Crcighton, James Wil- liam Crum, Charles Lee Curry, Paul K. Engskov, Thomas Ed- ward Farquhar. Third Row. Gary Vernon Felkcr, Danny Robert Gardner, Minrev Lonn Glider, Curtis Burette Griffith, Troy L. Henry, John W. Holland, C. Scott Hun- ter. Fourth Row grig, John M. Charles D. Is- Kctcher, James Arnold Lacy. Bill G. Larsen, Bill G. Loftin, Marshall Kent Mailey, Michael J. May. Fifth Ron ' : Thomas T. Mil- lard, Ralph L. Munday, James Russell Myers, David Eclmon Nelson, Howard Arthur Nobles, Dave Lloyd Ovellette, Sam Hugh Park. Sixth Row: John Tiley Par- ker, Richard W. Peck, II, James Guy Petty, Harold Homer Phil- lips. Rick Redfield. Curtis E. Rickard, Stanley Maurice Rob- inson. Seventh Rou : David Ross Ruble, Charles F. Russell, Rob- ert Glenn Serio, Ralph Theo- dore Shannon, James Barton Sikcs, Richard Stubbs. Eighth Row: Larry Edward Taylor, Rylancl Coleman Tho- mas, Jr., Richard Frank Thoma- son. III, William Henry Trice, III, John Randolph Wassell, Jr., Bruce Owen Williams. First Row: James Robert Ad- kisson, Paul Allen Bariola, Rus- sell O. Black, James Edward Burton, Frank Lyle Carter, Les- lie Carl Carter. Second Row: James W. Cou- dlc, Tommy Joe Dickinson, James Alvin Doster, William E. Green, Michael Lee Hewett, David E. Hopson. Third Row: Charles Ray Karr, Joe Luster Keathlcy, Rob- ert Farrow Keathley, Dan Pres- ton Kennett, Sammy W. Kerr, James Erwin May. Fourth Row. Jerry T. McDon- ald, Alan Futrcll Moore, Wil- liam Harold Moore, Billy Dean O ' Bar, Lawrence Richard Oli- ver, Philip Harvey Pile. Fifth Row: Lawrence A. Pot- ter, Jr., Frankie Ray Pyle, Rob- ert H. Rhodes, Harold Wesley Rogers, Jack M. Runsick, Roy Leon Runyan, Jr. Sixth Row: Robert Van Sha- ver, Ronald Dale Strickland, Mark C. Watts, Mickey Bob Wil- ber, Stanley Joe Wingert, Char- les Eugene Yielding. vear Chm; fa fat " dent . lphi Mm Wilb levV Theme at AGR ' s Rooster Day is sort of like a barnyard scene. At AGR House, atmosphere is not hard to obtain. 458 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Alpha Iota of Alpha Gamma Rho had another successful year. While pledging a record number of men, its consistent high academic standing continued. Also, a full social calendar included drop-ins after each football game, Rooster Day Dance, Christmas Party, Valentine Party, and Pink Rose Formal. AGR was strong in intramurals, as Dickey Oliver was named out- standing player in AA Basketball. Campus leaders were Russell Black -- tapped for Blue Key, Agri Economics Club President, Agriculturist Business Manager, member of IFC Judicial Committee, and member of the Speaker Policy Committee; Roy Runyan was elected Presi- dent of BSU; and Frank Carter served as Manager of Agri Stu- dents Association. Joe Dickinson was President of Alpha Tau Alpha, and Stanley Wingert was initiated into Phi Eta Sigma. Men initiated into Alpha Zeta were: Roy Runyan, Mickey Wilber, Garland Grace, David Hopson, Bill O ' Bar, and Stan- ley Wingert. Danny Gladden was President of the Entomology Club. OFFICERS First Semester Russell Black _ President Lawrence Potter V ice-President Leslie Carter _ _ Secretary Bill O ' Bar _ Treasurer Second Semester Russell Black _ - President Bob Rhodes _ _ Vice-President John Gossage _ ._ Secretary Roy Runyan _ _ Treasurer The formal social function of Alpha Gamma Rho is the Pink Rose Formal. Sweetheart of Alpha Gamma Rho JULIE COMAN Cainall Hall ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA OFFICERS First Semester Shipper Martin President Jerry Graham _ Vice-President James Ediuards Secretary Richard Yada - Treasurer Second Seine. ' tier Sonny Tucker . President Mike Sliupe . . V ice-President Ted Xakanuira _ Secretary l in Morgan . Treasurer Alpha Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda received its Charter on December 12, 1964, and rapidly became a campus leader. Skipper Martin was elected Treasurer of Associated Students, Who ' s Who in American Colleges, and Who ' s Who in Business College. Sonny Tucker and Skipper Martin were members of ODK and Henry Rowe and Mike Jones served as ASAE officers. Henry Morris and Conely Meredith were elect- ed YDC President and Treasurer, while Mike May served as ASME Treasurer and Henry Rowe served on the Engineering Council. AKL was a highly competitive team in all phases of AA Intramurals. The end of the fall semester found them in first place in AA Sweepstakes competition. AKL also took first place in the Blood Drive. The social activities for AKL included their Christmas Formal, Spring Dance, several outings, and the attending of numerous drop-ins and desserts. Plans are underway for a new colonial style brick house for next year. Following installation AKLs held a formal at Fayetteville Country Club. Sweetheart of Alpha Kappn Lambda PATTY BENNETT Holcombe Hall First Row. Jerry W. Alcxan- der, Tayfun Arikun. William I.. Bell. David K. Bin . Julian Dale C.alhoon, Ollie Columbus Camp- bell, Onis James Cogbmn. Second Ron " . Waller McClain Craig, Jr.. Thomas Henry Dcm- hinski. William All ' us Fluin, George Ronald Franks. George Otto Gierow, Jerry Graham. James W. Harris. Third Row. Douglas Harold Henderson, Jerry Kchvard Hes- ter, Harold Ronnie Hicks, Philip R. Hutka, George Claude Jeru- igan, Robert H. Jcrnigan, Rich- ard W. Johnson. Fourth Row: Lawrence G. Jones, Michael D. Jones, Bill Thomas Kinneman, Roy K. Kiz- y.ia, Fred P. Knod. Richard Hen- ry Kuonen, William K. Lace- well. l- ' iftli Row. Gary Owen James Randal Lee. Donal Adol- fo Luna. Freil J. Mavkham. Skip- per Martin, Thomas Dnnvard Mathenv. Martin Michael May. .Vi.v ( A ' oic: Villiam Arthur Mi ev. (allies H. Morgan. Har- e C.laude Morris. Henry C ' .arol Morris, led Ka uo Xakamnra, William Ras I ' ittman, Ihomas Phillip Rislicr. Sivrutli Row. John Slanlon Risser, William ' I . Risser, Mal- colm F.verelt Ritchie. James Villiam Rohhins. Franklin Dow- ling Roberts, Henry Moss Rowe, James Marvin Sanders. Figlttli Ron " . Thomas Va ne Sanders, John Kermit Sheets. Charles Michael Shiipe, David Douglas Smith. Stephen Ward .Smith, James Donald Sykes. Jr.. fan Ray Thiirmaii. intli Ron " . Ceiil Ray Tucker, fames I.indsey Walker, Jr., F.d Fugc ' iie Wilson. Jr.. Richard II. Yacla. Can Cleveland Young. ( harles II. iemaii. Jr. First Row: Wayne T. Bell, Johnny Wayne Bowers, Robert Bridges, Larry Lake Bryant, Charles Edward Denver. Second Row: Jim R. Edwards, Randy Mcarl Gauwain, Harry L. Hamilton, W. David Heins, Gerald Dee Herbaugh. Third Row. Charles Douglas Hooks, Clifford Autry Ivy, Rich- ard Earnest Ivy, Herbert Ross Keith, John A. Latting. Fourth Row: Doelas Randy Landes, John E. Patton, Carl Edward Ragland, William W. Rugland, Jackie F. Shaner, James Earl Shearer. Fifth Row: Michael John Sweeney, William R. Townsend, John Raney Whitton, Jimmy Lee Williams, Gerald R. Wil- son, Jimmy Ray Young. Farmhouse is known for their scholas- tic leadership in overall grade point. Thev were number one in fall semester. 462 t FARMHOUSE Farmhouse achieved its basic aim for the past year by once again leading the fraternities in scholarship achievement. It was also designated a Summa Cum Laude fraternity by IFC. Men of Farmhouse holding campus offices are Charles Hooks, Alpha Zeta Chancellor; Jim Shearer, AI Club Presi- dent; and Bill Townsend, Agronomy Club President and an officer in ASA. Members of ODK include: Charles Hooks, Bob Bridges, C. A. Ivy, and Jim Young. Robert Harris, Rich- ard Ivy. and Charles Denver were members of the poultry judging team that won first place in the national contest. In addition to scholastic and individual honors, a full social calendar rounded out the group ' s activities with the Halloween Party in the fall and the Sweetheart Ball in the spring. In intramural sports, Farmhouse ranked third. OFFICERS First Semester Jim Young - President Bob Bridges _ _ Vice-President Robert Harris _ - Secretary C. A. I try - Treasurer Second Semester Bob Bridges _ _ President Charles Denver . Vice-President Jim Edwards - _ Secretary Mickey Sweeny _ - Treasurer Member of Farmhouse tries to secure a date for the Agri Day Rodeo. Sweetheart of Farmhouse LINDA BROWN 4-H House KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS First Semester Fred Burns _. _ President Doug Moore _ V ice-President Tom Robertson _ Secretary Doke Douglas . . Treasurer Second Semester Dick Halsell . . President John Weldon _ _ V ice-President Terry Bowie - _ Secretary Eddy Parlin _ - Treasurer Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma celebrated its Diamond An- niversary on the University of Arkansas campus this year. Since 1890, Xi has been active in every phase of campus life. Nineteen sixty-five was no exception. Bobby Fussell and John Fulton represented Xi in Blue Key. In Otnicron Delta Kappa was Walls McCrary, and Bob Wright served as Faculty Sponsor for that organization. Bill Rush and Mark Reif filled posi- tions on the Guild Ticker. Chuck Hayden held membership in Alpha Kappa Psi and was a member of the U. of A. Athletic Committee. Kappa Sigma was represented on the athletic field by Jim Lindsey, Travis Mauldin, Guy Jones, Dick Cunning- ham, Tommy Sain, and Jerry Jones. Once again, the social calendar was a full one for the Kappa Sigs. Numerous drop-ins, exchange dinners, the Christ- mas Formal, the Spring Outing, and the large Spring Party were held during the year. Kappa Sigma prisoners have captured a young coed at the first and hopefully decisive (Halladay) Prison Party. First Row: Robert W. Allen, Joe Holcombe Ball, Lcland Benjamin Bartlctt, Jr., )im Mar- ion Bcvis, Frank 1 ' . Blair, James I ' . Bonady, William Harold Bos- well, Terry Frost Bowie. Second Ron ' : James Robert Briiiiner. Thomas M. Buchanan, Fred Cla Burns, John Calvin Campbell, George Read Carlton, [allies Douglas Carter, John Fd Chambers, III, Andrew I.awson Clark. Third Row: Bill F. Clark, Jerry F.. Clem, William Ralph Cook, Jr., Dennis C. Cosscy, Richard Harding Davis, Jr., William Ernest Dcfronze, Dokc Douglas. Marshall Alan Douglas. Fourth Row. David Rodney Dunn. Stewart Ames Dunn, James F. F.pes. Gary C.Ietcher F.vans, Bill Fletcher, Burrell Alexander Fletcher. Ill, John -Sidney I ' ogg, John Wesley Ful- ton, III. Filth Row: Sammy Furo, Charles F.dward Halbert, Rich- ard A. Halsell, William E. Han- na, Boyce Edward Hawk, Chuck Michael Haydcn. Jerryl Wayne Jones, William Edward Jones. Sixth Row: William Arthur Keadlc, James Paul Latture, VaIter Raymond Lindsey, Worth I.atimer Matteson, III, Jim R. Mawanti, Robert Rogers McCann, Fenner L. McCulloch, Jacob I ' . Mikles. Srvrtitli Rote: I.arrv Mitchell Moore. F.dward Wesley 1 ' arlin, Jr., Bob Alan Pel i v. Andrew Ganl I ' onder. Richard V. Pool, James Robert Porter, Ernest B. Porlis, Daniel Barton PritchcU. l-.i hlli irc: Carl B. Robert- son. Thomas Edmnnd Robert- son, li. I red Rose. Bill F. Rush, Kennel h I son Sclinippei. Phil- lip Louis Schroeder. Robert F.n- Ki-ne Slalei. Jr., Robert F. Smooi. | r. inlli I ' m,-: Richard Kent Spurlock. (.illis Varren Sicplii ' ii- son. Jr.. Bob Tucker. Ronald Man linnet. Sieve C. Turner, Rolierl Lawrence Yanhook, I omim ' ade ' assaur. Trnlli llinr: C:harles A. ' alls. John K. aniner. Jr.. (cihii Al- len Wcldon, Robert I.vnn ' hil- lock, James Raymond Williams. Harvey F.rwin Vood. Randall Blaine righl. First Row: William Richard Arant, Joel K. Buckncr, Lionel Joseph Burns, Jr., Tommy Wayne Cardin, James Robert C ' .offield, Michael ' R. Cornwall, C.harli ' s Foster Cox. fifcond Jitm ' i Larry Crawford, James R. Daniels, George Daw- lin Kllis, Frank Leroy Kmert, Jr., Robert Francis Erstine, Robert Adrian Elien, Jr., Terry Denson Ford. Third Row: Frank W. Funk, Albeit Ross Glover, Carroll L. Hawkins, James J. Hawkins, Glen Ray Mines, Richard Neal Holbert, ' Mike Wells Hornsby. l- ' oinlli ltmi : Rusty C. Hyde, Larry H. Johnson, Jerry O. Kemp, Michael Lee Kirk, Don W. Lawler. John Griffin I.eakc, George Dean Love. Fifth Ron " . Charles Wayne Ly- man, John Richard Marr, Pat- rick E. McCracken, Bert Frank- lin McElroy, III, Thomas Ger- ald Montgomery, Sonny Moss, Ray Owen, Jr. .VI.Y I Row. Russell Chris I ' eek, William Frank Pender- grass. George Gene Pith, Kirk Patrich I ' ond, Douglas Everett Proctor. Joe M. 1 ' yland. Jr., Richard Duane Remke. Si ' Tcnlli Ron " . James John Reynolds. Larry Michael Rob- erts, Lowry E. Robinson, Hilly E. Ross, Andrew Scrape, Jr., Ramon David Sharp. Robert William Sheddv. l ' ' .iglillt llo-n " . Stephen Cutlirie Smith. John I.indsev Smolher- mon, Stephen Patrick Storey, Hendrix Arthur Taylor, Jr., Joe Taylor. Ill, David Eaton Ty- rone. Jerry Jules Ycrvack. inlli Ron " . Larry C. Wal- lace, Bike Weinberg, William Hair Williams. Hartsell Clark Wingfield. Danny (). Wright, Roger William .immerman. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA As in past year Lambda Chi Alpha was a leader in cam- pus activities. Dick Holbert served as Vice-President of As- sociated Students; Larry Wallace, John Harmon, Dave Gard- ner, Hilly Ross, and Ray Owen were in Blue Key; while mem- bers of ODK were Dick Holbert, Dick Renike, Ricky Raper, Brice Weinberg, and Tom Cardin. John Harmon served as editor of the A-Book, and Dave Gardner was co-editor of the student directory. Lambda Chi had two senators: Jim Coffield and Dave Gardner. Billy Ross was president of the Civic Club. Dick Holbert and Larry Wallace were in Who ' s Who. Social activities included the Watermelon Bust Party, Playboy Party, Western Party, Purple Id Party, Crescent Girl Party, and the Spring Outing. Lambda Chi was strong in intramnrals. Lambda Chi ' s in varsity athletics were Glen Ray Hines, Jerry Welch, Wally Freeman, and Max Peacock. OFFICERS I ' ' ir. it Semester Dirk Holbert President Kir It I ' ititl _ Vice-President Tom (Ittrdiu _ Secretary Ron Daniels Treasurer Second Semester Duve ( " ,(irdner . _ President Hank Sliugart _ _ Vice-President I ' rtink I ' .mert Secretary Ilarlsell Winstield Treasurer Unusual party theme, " Explosion in a Crepe Paper Factory " , was a big hit for Lambda Chi, as far a.s tlu-y amid retail next morning. Lambda Cm Alpha Crescent Girl LORKTTA THOMPSON Delia Delia Delta PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS First Semester Jim Pace _ President Roy Murtishaw V ice-President Milton Leuken . . Secretary Harold Rltoden _ Treasurer Second Semester Bud Storey _ . President Roy Murtishaw rice-President Pat Mayo . Secretary Jitn Triscltman _ . Treasurer The year 1964-65 once again saw Phi Delta Theta increas- ing and bettering its brief sixteen year record at Arkansas by diligently seeking achievement in scholarship, leadership, ath- letics, and social life. During the football season, Phis cheered Brothers Bobby Burnett, Bobby Roper, and Tom McKnelly on to Cotton Bowl fame. Other Phi Razorbacks are Ronnie South, Robert Trammel, and Tommy Tranthum. Among the campus positions held by Phis this year were: " Traveler " Editor, Ron Robinson; President pro-tern of the Senate, Mac: Glover; AFROTC Wing Commander, H. H. Rhoden; Alpha Kappa Psi President, John French; Cardinal XX Vice-President and Secretary, Robert Trammel and Pat Mayo, respectively. Six Phis were tapped for ODK and two for Blue Key. Socially, the year was highlighted with many fall and spring outings, drop-ins, Dad ' s Day and Homecoming parties, Founder ' s Day, and, in April, the outstanding Viking Party. For Phi Delt it was another great year! Social whirl at 1 ' lii Delia Theta hits a frcn ied peak at Christmas every year, when Phis try to see how ninth they can get away with. I Fiisl I{nu " . Vincent S. Ben I in. MI. i Ba Hugh M. Samuel . liurt Bell. Bnan, J( Clarke. c: Strand Hn orlev. Rid nth. Gerald S. Rc.liert Michael il Donald Cros- sle Charlcs Wilfred Cnsick, David i.i.i 1 1. 1 in l)c.: i mi. Richard Karl Dial, Nalh in Doclcl. Paul J. Duhbell. Third Ha Thi Pi Kilter. John Martin French. Da- vid McGee Glcner. William H. Glover, Kcarne Gtmii, John ( ' bark ' s Harris, l.ilbnrn Crof- ford Harrison, Jr. 1-ourlh Him-. William Andrew Harrison. James Kenneth Hart. James D. Hawkins, Way land D. Holyfield, William H. Howell. John Lester Ja ne. John David Jenkins. ( Hint " . Bill Louis Kerhy, Lynn Morris Leek. Robert Cun- ningham l.owrv. Milton Ray- mond I.neken. Howard A. Mar- ion, l- ' .dd Maik MrCanan, John Crawford McDonald. .Vi. ( A ' oic: Leslie ' I homas McKnelly. Dallas Da is Miles, Jr.. Alex ' K. Miller, Michael Dale Miller. Lawrence Mitchell. Jr., James Franklin Moore. Ro Al- Ic ' n Mnrlishaw. i ' -i ' i ' nlh Him-. Gustavo An- Ihoiu Nelson. Randolph Lee Oates. James Jarboe Pace. John Siimnel Patterson. Jell Pride. (hail: s Randall Raney. David l.awreiue Rc ' ding. l-.i ltllt Hmr: ( ' .has: 1 Savage Reid. Harold Hugh Rhoclen, ' illiam Colt hard Richards. Randall a nc 1 Robinson. Ron- ald llen Robinson, James Wil- liam Rc-gers, James Lee Sell rant . inlli Him-. Harold Dudley Sholhnic ' r, Jim ' Font Shoptaw, Janus Kirby Smith. Jr.. Jack Sjieais, Joseph H. Stafford. Otis Henry Storey, Kdwarcl Clark Sinrdhanl. Joseph Hershel Sturdivant. Ti ' iilli Him-. Donald Ray Suab . James Robert I ainm. Scon Stevenson Thomas. Tom- m (,ale ' Franthani. James Shipp Irieschmann. Thomas L le ' Fnllous. John Robert Ty- ler. Neil Stewart West. First Ron " . Byron Alexander Adams, 1 ' etc Walter Amundsen, James F. Arnold. Howard Cul- lin Atkins, V. Roger Atkins, Jim Bane. Kenny Ray Baugher, 1 i Inuin Bearden. St-cond Ron ' : Joe William Berg. Thomas Sloan Boyd, Jr., Jame O. Burnett, Don L. Caplc, R. I. any Cargile, James Chris- topher Carr, Don Cassil, David Ray Chapman. Third Row. Jerry Dean Cluff, Bruce Monroe Colclasure, Jack G. Coleman, Kent Coxscy, Wil- liam Allen Deal, Larry Grove Ellis. James Roger England, Da- vid Randall Fielder. fourth Row: fames F,llis Fleming, Jr., Robert Miller Goff, Jr., John Buck Graddy, Roland Gail Graham, Robert Lee Hainm, Stephen Holt Hanna, Jerry M. Harner, Joseph Frank- lin Huvnie. Fifth Ron " . Robert Elmore Herndon, Vil!iam McCall Ho- gan, Steve L. Jackson, Jimmy Clyde Johnson. David W. Kirk, William C. Ky er, Joseph Rich- ard l.isenby, Robert M. Mag- ness, Jr. Sixth Ron-. John G. Marino, Floyd John Massey, Gary Du- ane Mayfield. John Howard Mc- Calla, Villiam Arthur McLean, Jack Edward Meadows, Jr., Jim S. Most-ley, Thomas Michael Murphy. Seventh Row. Tommy Edward Musick, Robert L. Neighbors. Mike Olivcra. Gary Eugene () ' Xeal. Kenneth R. Osborne, Wil- iiam Odell I ' earcy. Jr.. Richard Martin Pence, Jr.. Lawrence Joseph 1 ' endleton. Eighth Row. Thomas Ray- mond Price, Anthony Flank I ' ult . Mike Rice. Henrv Nel- son Rogers, I ' aul L. Rogers. Russell Rogers. James Loyd Rush. Ted Houston Sanders. inth Row. Walter Ward Sanders. David Roger Sandlin, Dennis Dean Shaw, Gregory Bruce Simmons. Nicholas Rod- gers Stevens. Gary John Talk- inglon. . lvis Leroy Tyler, Wil- liam Brewer Wagoner. Tenth Row. Gary Elliot Walker. Fredric H. Warren, Ed- die Leo Warrington, James Alan Wellons. George Weldon Wcst- morcland, Marvin Edward White-head. Cozie Don Wilhitc, Glen Dale Wilson. PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha in 1964-1965 enjoyed continued success consistent with its more than sixty year tradition at the Uni- versity. Various phases of campus activity found Pikes in ac- tive participation. Jim Wellons in Blue Key, Dave Fitton in Cardinal XX, and Tom Price in Who ' s Who were the out- standing representatives of the many PiKA ' s in the honorary service and scholastic: societies. Jack Brasuell, Harry Jones, and Stu Berryhill were PiKA starters on the National Champion- ship Ra orback team. John Talkington was a starting, scoring regular on the basketball team. The social and scholastic records were equally impressive. Scholarship was of primary concern with a variety of ex- change dinners, drop-ins, outings, and major parties. Of the major social events, the Roaring 2() ' s, the Christinas Brunch, and the Dream Girl Formal, (honoring the Chapter Dream Cirl and National Dream Girl, Miss Kathleen Barden) , were again the most popular. high OFFICERS First Semester Hob Neighbors I ' rexident Richard I ' ence V ice-President in Wellons _ Secretary drill drriliriin Treasurer Second Semester I ' nn ' eUon ' resident J in ttouglier I ' ire-l ' resideiit Martrin Wliitchend Secretary Jo in McCiillougli _ Treasurer Death of someone was center of interest at the Pike Roarinj - I unities Party this ear. These wild parties attract loss ol maii sharp men. Dream dill of Pi Kappa Alpha jiny 1,1. i. is Delta Delia Delia r SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS First Semester Clttii ' l e Boyce _ President Jim } }linn Vice-President . . Scraggin - . Secretary David Deaderick Treasurer Second Semester Roger Kline . President Mike Brady _ I ' ice-President Don Johnson - Secretary Harry McKuin Treasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on Marc:h 9, 1856 as the first Southern fraternity. After seventy-one years of out- standing sen-ice and leadership on this campus, SAE con- tinues to excel in all phases of campus activity. Alphs serving in honor organizations include twelve members of Blue Key, two members of ODK, and three in Cardinal XX. Paul Ray was Student Court Associate Justice and Bart Lindsey was Spring IFC Rush Chairman. Campus offices include: Claud Prewitt, Circle K President; Jack McNulty, Phi Eta Sigma President; and Jack Giles, president of the Engineering Council. In intramural competition SAE is again finishing as a strong contender for the Sweepstakes trophy this year. The Initiation banquet in the Spring was highlighted by the visit of our National fraternity president Dr. den T. Ny- green, Dean of Students and Professor of Sociology at Hunter College. A good lime was had l all at ihr SAK pledge parly this year. SAK is considering a new t pe of pledge program. First Row: Randy M. Bell, Paul Conrad Berry, Ray Michel Bouclreanx, Charles Clay Boyce, Joseph (arson Iliads, John Dudley Bridgfoith, |. Walter Hue km. m. Charles C.hris Bur- row. Set-mill Row: Dull Burton, Fr- sel darter, Charles Harlston Chadick, Rodney king Cham- bers. Hen Morgan Cobb. Wil- liam l)a id Ccmplon. l);i iil Norl ' leel Cook, C.nbin. I ' liird Itiiw: David Craw- ford, Jim Daile-v. W. Peyton Daniel, illi.ini S. Daughcrly. Timelh Kuge-ne l).l is. David Klehidge Deaderick. Ceiil I). Driver, Robert R. Dutelcn. Fourth lion " . )() ! ' .. Kdwards, William Douglas Klliolt, Pe-te- (,ay F.stes. Dan H. Felteio. III. Lawrence Fikcs, Fleud Harold Finchcr. Robert Preston Ciles. Richard K. Cregon. Jr. Fillli Ron " . Robert Jonathan Haralson. Frederick Daniel Har- iclson, Curtis Wright Hawkins. Jim Freeman Holman. Ronald Hard Jeter, Donald John- son. Walker E. Kelh. John . Kcv. Si tli Run-. Richard Max Kline. Rodger Spencer Kline, Frederick Sanford I. adage. Da- vid Michael I.ancv. Bart Rabb I.indsry. Orland laiver Ijne- barrier. Jr., Jim A. l.oren , Phi- lip F.ugene Lucas. Sct ' cnlh HIIU-. Robert Mich- ael Mallov. H. Dean Maun. Iho- mas Karl Massey, III, (lorclou km Matthews. Edward Vilson McC.orkle. James K. McDonald, II, Scott McCeorge, Barn Lvnn Me knin. i.i ' +lith lime: Jiick Allison Mi- ult . Dniuan Clui lupbc ' i Me - Rae. (.onion Holer Moll. o I (. melon N ' asli. Jr.. (Jr.nlvs B. Owens. Churles Robe-ri Parker. (ar is Monroe- lYIIanl. Jr.. Claud R. Prewiit. inlli Rmr: I.;-wrevc. ' Jeiseph Reilh. Jr.. llunt.. ' r Rubens, (.onion (,ia Re.g is. Bill Joe 1 Seoll. Jon [e-ffre Seicggin. Reib- e-il De-an Smith. Donalel Doug- las Smith. N ' eal Speiiimon. Tenth Hoir: Lan R. Sne-fe -. |im Spencer. ' Fhoncis Kdward Stanli ' V. William Patlon Sie-e-le-. Jr.. ' illiain " I ' lieiii -s Siepheiis, James Franklin .Stt b:iugh. Har- old Lee SuelbuiN. D:ui:l Suther- laud S kc-s. l:lereiith Him--, l- ' rank (. ' .. Le-ll- e-llt. Mike- Illompstm. Jame-s Marlin I inniii [anus ilti;iin ' alke-r, (.e-enge- 1. e-a e-l. |t.. ' illiam H. WhiiakeT. Jim I . Wright. Robe-il iight. Ron " . Preston M. Ad- cox. Hiram Milton Alexander, Nathaniel Fay Austin, Ronald 1). Barksdale, Janus G. Barton, .Stephen Russell Bigger, James Ross Bilbey. Second Ron " . Glenn M. Bra- I IK her, I.arry W. Burks. David L. Callaway. Raymond Shelton Crawford, III. Harding Briggs Cure. Charles II. Davnis, Fred 1). Davis, III. Thiiil Run-: Gary Vames Dean, Robert Anthony DC Clerk, Villiam Jacob De Clerk, Wil- liam B. Eoff, Jr., William Joseph Gaskin, Larry Godon Green, Ralph C. Hamner. I ' oinlli Row: Kenneth Hat- field. Richard Franklin Hat- fielcl. Bill Hayes, Thomas Ste- wart Headlee, Daxicl Patrick Henrv. Robert P. Heslcp, Sam- my Hillmrn. ' Ron-. Jerry Dwight Hoi- ley. Aden Jackson Holt, Arthur Hornick, John Howe, George D. Hurley. Victor Steven Jacu i, Thomas Joseph Kirk. Sixth Row: William A. Laf- ferty. Villiani Hayden Landers. James Stephen l.auck. Harry Wayne Lee, Benjamin Dane Luck. F.tigene Maris, James M. May. Swell lit Jliiw: Wayne Curtis May, Jim Mayes, F.dward P. McGhee, III. Thomas Franklin Mcl.arty, III, Alvin Reynold Meyer, Robert M. Milcham, Wayne Thomas Moore, Louis Warren Morgan. l- ' .iglilh Row: Fdwarcl M. Pcn- ick. Giles Albert Penick, III. ' oodrow Tyler I ' iitle, Max John Probst. F.xan I.arry I ' ugh. Lee Whitlow Reed. Jerry ' 15. Robinson, Thomas H. Rowland. Math Ron " . I.aclc! Julian Scri- ci, John Ctirrie Sloan. John Richard Stickmon. John Mc- ( iillum Stinson. III. Bruce D. Swit cr, Laurancc 1 Trice. William Oliver Yowcll. Charles Maxlield Walker. Truth Row: Charles O. Walk- er. Fclwin Bramel Walker, (.c-orge Philip Valker, Charles van Wimpy, John Steven Wood, William H. L. AVoodyard. Rich- ard Hill Wvatt. tot! Ai|. uistin, 1 K SIGMA CHI The Omega Omega chapter of Sigma Chi accented its (iOth year on campus with outstanding achievements, and con- tinued to accumulate honors in campus activities and organ- izations. As a result of their leadership and scholastic accom- plishments Sammy Hilburn, Kd Penick, Dick Hatfield and Ken Hatfield were selected for Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. The Skis were also well represented in leadership. Dick Hatfield and Denny Hurley served as Presi- dent and Secretary of Omicron Delta Kappa. Other members of ODK were Donnie Smith and Pete iMaris. Representing Sigma Chi in Cardinal XX were I, add Scriber, President; Arthur Hornick, Bruce Swit er, and Dick Wyatt. Doug Hurley served as ABC President and IFC Treasurer. Ladd Scriber and Dick Wyatt were selected for Phi Eta Sigma. Social activities included many fall and spring outings, parties after the Dad ' s Day and Homecoming games, and the first annual Derby Day. As usual Sigma Chi was strong in intramurals. OFFICERS Firs I Semester lliff Morgnu President Pete Mai ' is Vice-President l ni King _ Secretary Ed Penick Treasurer Second Semester Pete Marts _ President Keti Iltilfield f ice-President on Nciasum _ Secretary Jim King Treasurer Ski ' s standing committee on mixers prepares for a secret ballot on J ' epsi. Despite Chi C) lobbyist (rear) ice ualer was the winner. Sweetheart l Sigma (ilii SAI.I.1K KIXMAX I ' i I ' .eta Phi SIGMA NU OFFICERS First Semester Eddie Adnir - President Steve Lnvett - V ice-President David Harper _ Secretary Bill Floersch - Treasurer Second Semester Hob Bryant _ President I ' un Dtirr _ Vice-President Yiilt Priest _ - Secretary Floerscli _ Treasurer In another year of outstanding achievement, Gamma l T p- silon Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity continued to accumulate honors and activities. Individual achievements highlight the cooperative effort. Jim Lance served as Vice-President of As- sociated Students. Sherman Johnson, Jim Williams, Eddie Adair, Tom Feilke, and Larry McCord were tapped for Blue Key. Yince Long, J. D. McConnell, Mike Garlington, and Tom Lea served as Student Senators. Tapp ed for ODK were f. D. McConnell and Steve Rousseau. Kcldie Adair, John Meador, Bob Bryant, Jerry Cooper, and Jim Lance w r ere selected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. In publications Jim Williams served as Co-Editor of the Razorback; Sherman Johnson was Business Manager, ferry Cooper was Business Manager of the Traveler. Socially the Men of Sigma Nu held the annual Sadie Hawkins weekend in the fall and White Rose Formal in the spring, with house parties and exchange dinners scattered throughout the year. Sigma Xns largest party is Sadie Hawkins. The idea is for the boys to meet the girls as they come down the slide. Some boys just cannot wait. Sweetheart of Sigma Nu MARINKLL C:OE Pi Beta Phi pint How: Edward Forrest Adair, James W. Anderson, Michael Edward Arlington, |olin I l.iu ' .iii Bale, Jr.. Gary lie- Van Bean, James V. Best. Larry Jay Bindley, Don Karl Boyd. Second Row: Michael Alan Buckley, Ken Freeman Calhoon, William Jerome ( .ill.m. Rich- ard Burnham Carruth. John Sinrdivant Cearlcy, Robert M. Ccarley, Jr., Gary Karl Cochran, Robert Kugene Cockrum. Third How. Charles Barton Conine. Jerry Dewayne Cooper, John Atkins Crain, James Karl Dan, Jr., Tommy Herbert DC- weese, Tommy Collier East, James Register Epperson, George Currie Facnette. Fourth Row: Thomas Arthur Feilke, Bill Flocrsch, Sam F. Freeman, Jim H. French, Ken- neth Milton Steven Gillcspie, Stephen Greene, William N. Grier, Ray Douglas Grimshaw. Fifth Row: Marshall Han- zcn, Michael Murray Harding, l)a id Lee Harper, Stephen Harper, John England Heard, Joe Boyd Henderson, William Daniel Hendrix, Donald How- ard Henry. Sixth Row: David B. Home, Barry Richard Homer, Roth John Homer. Jr., San ford E. Hutson, Wesley Sherman John- son, Lemuel Haris Kerr. Wil- liam Knight, John Owen Knost. Snv. ' nlh Row. James Winslow Lance, Jerry Monroe l.aner, Villiam T. Lea, Gary Eugene Lee, Jim Lcming, Steve Lovett, Charles Frederick M a rs h a 1 1 . Marvin Henry Maurras. Hint " . Jerry I ' . Mc- Alister, John Dorland McCon- nell. Larry Reed McCord. Rich- ard Davis McDougall, Robert Elmo Mcl.elland. Jr.. Frank Cox McMillin. John E. Meador. Rus- s-ll Scott ' Mease, Larry W. Meyer. inth Row. Charlie Kenneth Moore. Henry Clay Moore, Wade Lee Murphy. Joe K. Now- lin. Robert Kdger Nowlin, Don Hudson 1 ' attillo. Gerald A. Pon- der, Valt I.ipscy Priest. Bill ( ' .on way Rea. Truth Row. Cyrus M. Robin- son. William J. Rogers. Andy Rose. John Joseph Rownak, Pali Rudder. Joe I. yell Ruinph. Rithard Patrick Shannon, Ken Sharp, William J. Smead. F.lfi ' i-nth Row. Robert Alcx- ander Smilh. ' I ' errv Randal Smith. Jerry Chester Sparrow, Garv Xoel Stebor. George Ed- vin Steel. Jr.. Martin Richard Steele. John Win Thane. Mich- ael II. I liomas. ' Fommy Tho- tnas. Tu ' i ' lflli Ri.w. John Terry Trice, Michael K. Yinson, .Alan O. Williams. |im Ward Wil- liams. Stephen Miln Vindlu Samuel H. Yager, Stephen An- thony accardi, Dan Alan im- merman, James Randolph ook. ,,. First Row: Richard E. Albin, Cliailcs David Allen, Gene P. Anderson, James Harold Balch, Robert Miles Berry, Gerald M. Black, Ronald Dean Blanken- ship, Caristopher Cloar Brazil. Sinnid Row. Lewis Long Hrown, Charles Govan Burke, Kenneth J. Bvnuni, Donald I ' aul Callan. Ronald William Callan, Fred R. Chandler, William Tho- mas Cark, Floyd B. Coleman. Tliinl Row: George Randall Coleman, Jerry Vaync Crisp, Hcrbie Lynn Crumpton, Charles V.. Daniel, Jr., David Kern Dob- er. Douglas Howard Dunham, Richard Stewart Edwards, Wil- liam H. Edwards. Fourth Row: Benny Mack Estcs, Robert S. Eairdiild, Jr., Michael Howard Fidler. Gene I it hugh, Onyx Pinkncy Garner, Jr., Jack L. Goswick, Thomas Hoiman Gulley, John Dean Hale. Fifth Row: Edward Glenn Harding, William Sykes Har- ris, Jr.. James Harrell Henley, William Allen Henley, Milton Ntiel Hobbs, Hubert Holcombe, Jr., Gary Randall Honcycutt, Alcin Timothy Irby. Sixth Row: Elton Stephen Ir- by, Charles Brooks Jackson, Vic- tor Rudolph Johnson, Robert Lee Jones, III, Robert N. Jones, I ' aul Ronald Jones, Coy Clifton Kaylor, Kirt Harold Kiester. Seventh Rou " . Joseph Herman Kordsmeicr, Jr., Stephen Wayne Langlcy. James Wallace Lang- ley, Thomas Clemens Lewis. John K. Martcnscn, Dennis Carl Masscy, Thomas L. Mays. Eighth Row: Bob McCarley, Bobby Ray McDaniel, Jerry Wayne Medlin. Stephen Frank- lin Miller. Michael Robert Mor- rison, David Hunter Parham, Martin R. I ' ittman, Robert Hurt Porter, Jr. Xinlli Row: Robert Lee Ra- der. Sterling I ' aul Ra m e y . Stephen Mathew Reasoner. John Barry Reaves, Floyd Thomas Richardson. Cloyse Alley Ril- (hev. Richard Edmund Savage, Roger Dale Schisler. Tcnlli Row: J. Allen Seay, olan Lee Shorter. Xiel Nor- man Stiyder, III. Gerald Martin Sorenseu, John Hopicins Stan- lev. Jr.. William Randall Ste- ward. William H. Stroll, Char- les Allied Stout. Eleventh How: Phillip Mich- ael Swann. Lame Morell Tharel, Larry E. Towulev. Wayne D. Waimviight, Bill Webster, Rich- ard Allen White. Jim E. Wil- liams, Civile John Wilson. Jr., James " 1 urner Womble. SIGMA PHI EPSILON In another year of outstanding campus achievement, SPE was well represented in all phases of campus activity. Bobby Jones was chosen by the Engineers as St. Pat and also as the president of the American Society of Chemical Engineers. David Malone was I EC President; John Stanley edited the IFC Rushbook and was also Student Union Vice- President. Bob Porter acted as Business Manager of the Guild Ticker and as Circle K President, and Jim Womble was presi- dent of the American Soc iety of Civil Engineers. SPE had three student senators. Outstanding Sig Ep social functions of the year were the Christmas Party, the Golden Heart Ball, and numerous drop- ins and football parties. The social season was brought to a lilting climax by the Sig Ep I.uau. SPE was well represented on the athletic ' field by all South- west Conference choice Jim Williams and by Charles Daniels, Jim Britnum, Jim Wiesenlumt, and Paid Raniey. OFFICERS First Semester Hob McCarley - _ President I in ] ' ninhle . Vice-President Hi I l ' ehster Secretary Kerry Sclniltz . Treasurer Second Semester Inn Womble - President Roger Scliisler _ . V ice-President Steve Reasoner . _ Secretary Rob Taylor . Treasurer Will it be the Luau or the Inferno. Only Sig F.p knows. Big deal, say the pledges, who ninsl continue cleaning house for rush week. Swcetlican of Sigma Phi K.psilon Jl ' DY liri-F Delta Delta Delta SIGMA PI OFFICERS First Semester Buzz Arnold _ _ President Steve diastain _ _ V ice-President Jim Case _ _ Secretary Don Little . _ Treasurer Second Semester Du ' ight Brown - _ President George Wells _ _ Vice-President Ed Morris _ ._ Secretary John Pemberton _ . Treasurer Sigma Pi was well represented in campus organizations this year. Playing leading roles were Buzz Arnold in Theta Tau, ODK, Who ' s Who, HKN, Tan Beta Pi, IFC Vice-Presi- dent, and National College Students Council; George Wells in ODK, Alpha Kappa Psi, IFC, Commerce Guild, and Guild Ticker Staff; John Burns in Theta Tau, ABC, Dean ' s List, Engineering Council, AIIE Officer; John Pemberton in IFC, Commerce Guild, All-Intramural Football and Basketball, Business Manager of Traveler, Guild Ticker Circulation Man- ager, and Circle K; Kent Burnett in Theta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean ' s List, IEEE, Civic Club, and YRO; Ronnie Caveness and Billy Ray Wood represented Sigma Pi in varsity athletics. Getting away from their studies and athletic activities, Sigma Pi ' s also had a full social schedule. This included the Singapore Sling, White and Gold Ball, Sweetheart Banquet and Dance, and various other excursions. Dressed in funny Chinese costumes, Sigma Pi members and dates stand in a pond and allow girls to show legs, giving this sport official sanction. Sweetheart of Sigma Pi ADOONA KAVE NEW .eta Tau Alpha First Row: Robert N. Amack- er, Joe Keith Bridgforth, Jack W. Briley, George Kent Burnett, John Jessup Burns, Ronald Gary Campbell. Second Row: Benjamin Ed- ward Carey, James C. Case, Larry Dale Chaff in, Richard Williams Chapman, Robert Steven Chastain, James David Cole. Third Row: Jocsph Eugene Coots, Eugene Ladner Crouch, Martin David Dick, Jr., Jim- mie W. Edwards, John Frank- lin Elliott, Larry W. Elms. Fourth Row. Thomas Fulton Farris, Jerry Gardner, Paul Douglas Goodwin, John Tho- mas Johnson, Charles Raymond Joyner, Jerry Wayne Kennedy. Fifth Row: Larry Joe Kidd, Don Murphy Little, James Char- les Luker, Robert Dale Luper, John David McFarland, III, Ed- ward Stanton Morris. Sixth Row: Jerell L. Mullens, Charles Edward Ogdcn, Jerry D. Orler, John William Pem- berton, Donald Cue Pullen, Herbert L. Ray. Seventh Row: Ronald C. Rob- erts, Michael E. Rollins, Joe Ping Sing, Jr., Nathan Edward Strickland, William Ken Tho- mas, James Bryant Vawtcv. Eighth Row: George Walton Wells, III, Joseph Arthur Wood- son, Peter V. Writer, Ronald E. Veager, Dennis Ray Young. First Row. Garrett Gordon Apple, Jr., Linn Hemingway Bealkc, Willis Herrera Beardall, Robert Lee Bell, Larry Lanier Blanton. Second Row: John Dewayne Brown, John A. Buercklin, George E. Cerniglia, Nathan Lewis Combs, Kenneth David Cranston. Third Rou " . John W. Graves, Jerry Wayne Hollis, Richard Mike Johnson, Charles Albert Lutz, Robert Edmund Lutz. Fourth Row: James A. Mc- Ewcn, David Lee McXutt, Rich- ard Lee Proctor, Donald Leon- ard Rockey, Carlos Manuel Ro- Fiftli Row: Neil Graydon Smith, Buddy Brown Spivey, Nano John Turchi, Jr., Rich- ard Lawrence Van Meter, Ken- neth Duane Wells. parii ' catio me inth tion i Foun !).0.] the Soul dud exch i Tel The idea at the Tckc S. O. B. Party is for the boys to act like rough cowboys and try to snow their dates. (S. O. B. just stands for South of the Border.) 482 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Theta Xi Chapter of TKE began its fourth year of active participation on the University of Arkansas campus with edu- cation as its main objective, by placing fourth in the first se- mester grade tallies among all fraternities. The Tekes, once again, were among the top contenders in the AA Intramurals this year, and received honorable men- tion in Singfony during Christmas. Social activities included the celebrating of National Founders Day and Installation Day on the UofA campus. The S.O.B. (South of the Border) Party was again brought into the program, and the Tekes masqueraded as their favorite South of the Border personality. Other social functions in- cluded the Red Carnation Formal and various drop-ins and exchange dinners. OFFICERS First Semester David Netfierton President Richard Snloris Vice-President David McNutt _ Secretary David Cranston Treasurer Second Semester David Mc nlt President Robert Bell . rice-President Terry Dake . Secretary Rick Proctor _ Treasurer Tekc got a Mustang! This was the occasion for the Tau Kappa Epsilon pledge class to gather in front of the library for a picture. r OFFICERS First Semester Jack (iiles _ President Louis Hegman - Vice-President Ron F.mhry Secretary Rex Martin - Treasurer Second Semester Don Allen _ _ President Rex Martin ice-President Jerry Medlin . _ Secretary Hill AlcMoran Treasurer ' HI TA TAU Although Theta Tau is primarily concerned with scho- lastic achievements, its social calendar is not lacking. Early in the year, the Founders Day Banquet was held, followed by the tall and spring outing and the St. Patricia Banquet. On April 7 an all clay celebration in honor of the thirty-seventh anniversary of the founding of Theta Tau at the University of Arkansas was held climaxed by a banquet that night. Along with an outstanding scholastic record, members of Theta Tau continued to show leadership ability in many phases of campus life and were especially outstanding in the various engineering organizations. Buzz Arnold and Bill Harri- son were selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Mickey Mayfield was president of Blue Key; and Gray Campbell was president of ODK. Engineering student Nowell Nash put off cleaning his messy closet to digest courses such as Dynamics and Electrical Science III. f First Row. Farouk Ahmed Bajdiir, John William Bcall, Terry Robert Bean, Webster Taylor Gotten. Second Row. Abdul Wadoud Draki, Jim O. Kant, Dave Gard- ner, Carl Gibbons. ;ra l win scho. x lading. Eatly s hid, followed ' wicia Banquet, ihirty-seventli ' to University : tiiat night. 4 members of ibility in many sanding in the i and Bill Hani- a Colleges and t Blue Rev; and Third Haw. William Hous- ton Gibbs, Jack Alexander Giles, I.ouis Edward Hegeman, Troy Flovd Henson. fourth Row. Walter Thomas Jennings, Rex Albert Martin, William Dalton McMoran, V. Ncvin Robbins, Gus Michael Vratsinas. Kngineeis have never been known for being very delicate; this is illustrated by the condition of the furniture at the now rather rickety Thcta Tau house. 485 t J the index STUDENT AND GENERAL INDEX . ton I Abbott, James Harmon, 100, 429 Abbott, Paulana, 100, 439 Abbott, William W., 100 Abernathy, Harry H., 117, 421 ACACIA 457 Acheson, Grace Sylvia. 100, 409 ASSOCIATION, ACCOUNTING 364 Adair, Carolyn Kay, 56, 477 Adair, Edward Forrest, 56, 477 Adair. William C., Jr., 54 Adams Byron A., 54 Camille Corin, 84 Daniel Blaine, 117 Harry Melvin, 117 Jo Ann, 141, 406 Judy Kay. 56, 443 Susan E. ' , 56. 445 Adams Adams Adam? Adam? Adams Adams Adcork, Aubrey C., Jr., 56 Adrock, Charles R., 84 Adcox, Janet Stites, 56 Adcox, Preston M.. Jr., 56 Adkins, Ted Randy, 117, 421 Adkisson. James R., 117 AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS, COLLEGE OF. 26 AGRICULT URIST, 324. AGRI STUDENTS ASSOCIA- TION, 356 AGRONOMY CLUB. 356 Ahart, Sherry Jean. 117, 413 Ahrens, Diane. 117. 413 Ahrens. John Paul. Jr., 100 AIR FORCE ROTC, 344 AIR FORCE AUXILIARY SE- CURITY UNIT, 347 AIR FORCE DRUM AND BU- GLE CORPS, 346 A is;. John Edward, 56 Akers. Jean Ann, 84, 441 A kins, Phyllis Anne, 84, 441 Albin. Richard E, 56, 478 Albrecht, Nahdean .1., 117 Albrecht, Phyllis M., 84. 447 Alderman, Lawrence C.. 100, 425 Alderman, Teddie A., 56, 454 Alexander, Hiram M.. 84, 474 Alexander, James E., 84 Alexander, James R.. 56 Alexander, Jerry W.. 117, 433 Alexander, John P.. 117 Alexander, Mary Alice, 117. 411 Alford, Missy, 84, 454 AH.ird. Jerome B., 56 A ' ford, Kay Priddv. 56. 451 Allegretti, John W.. 117. 433 Allen, Ann Lewis. 100. 454 Allen. Charles David. 100. 478 Allen, Cvnthia Fay. 117. 401 Allen. Edwin Richard. 100. 131 Allen, Herbert Lerov. 100. 427 Allen, James David. 56 Allen, John Henrv. 117 Allen. Leroy. Jr., 117. 457 Allen. M;irv Diane. 84, 443 Allen. Michael Paul, 117. 421 All Pn , Robert William. 117 Al ' en, Sherrv Elaine. 117. 401 Allen, Timothv Smith. 100. 451 Alley, James Phillip. 117. 421 Allison, Vincent S., Jr.. 56 Allmon, Nan Clarke. 56. 451 Allum. Alvin Leland, 100 Allured. Robert Alnn. 100. 429 ALPH- CHI OMEGA asq ALPHA CHI SIGMA, 360 ALPHA DELTA PI, 441 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, 351 ALPHA GAMMA RHO, 459 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA, 461 ALH KAPP PSI, 360 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, 360 ALHA PHI OMEGA, 362 ALPHA ZETA, 362 Alston, Billy Joel, 100, 424 Althauser, Sarah Jane, 100, -139 Amacker, Robert N., 100, 181 Amatya, Purushottam, 50 AMERICAN HOME ECONOM- ICS ASSOCIATION, 356 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURE, 358 AMERICAN INSTITUE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, 358 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGI- NEERS. 358 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AG- AGRICULTURAL ENGI- NEERS, 364 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR CIVIL ENGINEERS, 364 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MECHANICAL E N G I- NEERS. 366 Amerine, Deanna L., 84 Amis, Chester Ray, 84 Amis, Mildred Mann, 117, 401 Amis, Velma Dianne. 117 Amunsden. Pete Walter, 84, 470 Anderson, Dixie Jane, 100 Anderson, Eliasbeth IX, 117. 401 Anderson, James W., 117, 477 Anderson. Jerry Hunt, 84, 430 Anderson. John D., 54 Anderson, Owen Arthur, 50 Anderson, Ray Lynn, 56, 430 Anderson, Woodrow, W.. 50 Andrus, Sarah K.. 117, 401 ANGEL FLIGHT. 348 Angel, Xury Charles, 56 Angeletti, jam-lie M.. 84, 417 Aneulo, Roberta I.uisa. 84, 441 Anhalt, William Paul. 117. 433 ANIMAL HUSBANDRY. 362 Anthony. John F.. 117. 421 Apple, Garrett G., Jr.. 84, 482 Appleton, Pauline A., 117. 401 Appline. Julia Lee, 117. 401 A rant, Willi;im R., 117,466 Ardemagni, Bill Gene, 117 Ardemaa-m, R. M.. Jr.. 100 Argall, Gerald Leslie. 56. 130 Arikan Tavfun, 100. 417 Armellini. Toby I., 56 Armistead. Jim Reo. 81 Armstrong. Carolvn K.. 117 Armstrong, Charles E.. 84 Armstrong, Patsy Lou. 100. 439 Armstrong. Ronald A.. 117, 433 Armstrong. Walter G.. 141 ARKANSAS BOOSTER CLUR. 354 ARKANSAS ENGINEER. 326 ARMY ROTC. 338 ARMY ROTC BAND. 340 ARMY PERSONNEL, 338 AFMY SPONSORS, 342 Arnholt. Gara Sue. 117. 413 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, 350 Arnold, Ann Carol, 117, 401 Arnold. James F.. II. 84. 470 Arnold, Pamela Sue. 117. 401 Arosemena, Luis C., 84. 427 Arrington, Man- Ellen, 100, 406 Arrington, Michael E., 100. 177 Arroyo, Linda Joyce, 84, 399 Arthur, Marsha Carole, 117 ARTS AND SCIENCES, COL- LEGE OF, 25 Ash, Madalyn Michelle, 117, 401 Ashford. Jo Ann, 117 Ashlock, Lanny Olen, 56 Asselin, Rex Lee, 84, 425 ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS, 366 Atchley, James Ray, 56 Atchley, Karen Jeanne, 100, 409 Atchley, Patricia. 56 Atherton, Patricia J., 100, 409 Atkins. Howard C., 84, 470 Atkins, Priscilla C, 100, 417 Atkns, William Roger, 117. 470 Atkinson, Linda Gail, 117, 413 Atkinson, Margaret A., 56 Atkinson, Pamela Ray, 117, 401 Auffet. John Charles, 100 Aulgur. Gordon L., 56 Ault, John Russell, 56 Ausmus, Janett Joyce, 100 Austin, Andrea, 84, 441 Ausitn, Anna Sue, 100 Austin, Marilyn J., 100, 411 Austin, Nathaniel Fay, 84, 474 Austin, Sharon Ann, 56, 447 Avants, Fly Helen, 117, 433 Averitt. Judity Lee, 117, 401 Avery, Harold, 117, 433 Axum. donna Idelle, 56, 45 B Baber. Jerry Lee, 56. 425 Baber, Thomas Mickey, 100 Bachman, Patsy Ann, 100 Badour, Linda Sue, 117, 401 Baer, Ronald Charles, 117. 421 Bagby, Caroline J., 117, 413 Baggett, Delmer Lee, 117 Bahr. Robert John, 84, 430 Bailey, Frank Henry, 117 Bailey. Sam Ray, 56 Bains, Linda Sue, 117, 413 Baird, Azalea Estella, 56, 445 Baird, Joan Marie, 100, 406 Baiour, Farouk Ahmed, 57, 485 Baker. Ann Carol, 117, 413 Baker, Billy Wayne, 50 Baker, Catherine E., 100, 439 Baker, Charles W., Jr.. 100 Baker, Eddie Clifton. 100 Baker, Jerre Anne. 117 Baker. Louis Thomas, 50 Baker, Nancy, 57 Baker, Owen Dwain. 117 Baker, Paul David, 84 Baker, Ronnie Ray, 100 B aker, Ruth Ann, ' 84, 407 Baker. Vanilla. 117 Baker. William F., 57 Baker Wynne Ervin, 117. 421 Bakker, Bernard John, 117, 433 Rakker, Harry. 100 Raich, James ' Harold. 117. 478 Balch, Sara Rebecca. 57. 449 Baldridge. Judy A.. 84. 443 Baldwin. Richard A.. 117. 431 Bale, John Hardin. Jr.. 100, 477 Ball. Brenda Lou. 50 Ball, Donald Harlin. 84 Ball, Joe Holcombe, 84 Ball, Patricia Marie, 117, 406 Ball, Robert Calvin. 117, 433 Ballard, Danny Ray, 117, 421 Ballard, Donald W., 57 Ballard, Kenneth Lee, 84, 430 Ballenger, Anita Ann, 100, 451 Baltz, Albert Feliz, 117 BAND, 12 Bane, James Harrison, 57, 470 Baney, Carolyn Ann, 84, 445 Banks. Gary Tim, 84 Banks, Robert C., Jr., 57, 430 Bankson, Mannon G., Jr., 117 Bankston, John D., Jr., 57 Bannach, Judity M.. 50 Barden, Kathleen, 100, 409 Barger, Oscar Boyd, 57 Bariola, Paul Allen, 57, 459 Barksdale, Lewis D., 100, 433 Barksdale, Ronald D., 84, 474 Barksdale, Tommy B., 118 Barlow, James Paul, Jr., 57, 429 Barnett, Alice Mayes, 84, 44.3 Barnett, Jane Ellen, 100 Barnett, Ronald David, 57 Barnett, Thomas W., 100 Barrett, Jennifer L, 118, 401 Barron, Danna Gayle, 84. 439 Barry, Ben Thomas, 118, 469 Bartell, Daniel E., 54 Bartell, Donna Louise, 50 Bartlett, Leland B., Jr.. 84 Bartley, Ray Ellis, 118 Barket, Gary Peter, 18, 457 Barton, Curtis Blair, 118, 421 Barton, James Grover, 57 Barton, Johnie Wesley, 84, 429 Barton. Melanie G., 84 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 368 BASEBALL, 302 BASKETBALL, 292 Baskin, Mary Ann, 84 Basore, Barbara Ann, 118 Bass. Hugh Marshall, 84 Bassett, John Leland, 57 P.attin, Donald Glen, 100, 426 Bauer, Sheila Denise, 118, 413 Baugher, Kenny Ray, 84, 470 Baum, Paula Louise. 118, 413 Baum, William Raymond, 118, 421 Raumgartner, Joan C., 118, 413 Baxley, Alfred Leo, Jr., 50 Bayles, William T., 118. 431 Bayliss, Randolph B., 57 Bealke, Linn H., 84, 482 Beall, David Lawrence, 101, 427 Beall, John William, 84. 485 Beall, Linda Louise, 84. 417 Beaman, Jean E., 100, 406 Bean, Charles William, 100 Bean, Gary Devan, 118. 477 Bean, Terry Robert, 57, 425 Beard, Donald Eugene, 57 Beard, John Berry, 118,433 Beardall, Willis H., 57. 482 Bearden, Tilman, Jr.. 84, 470 Beasley, Alice J., 57, 445 Beasley, Edward Neel, 57 Beasley, James Thomas. 85 Beatty, James Herbert. 118, 421 Beaty, Carolyn A., 118 Beaty, Virginia C., 118 Beaver, Elma Muria. 85 Beaver, Harold Dennis, 118. 433 Beaver, Pamela Jeanne, 85. 399 Beck, Gregory Walker, 118, 433 Becker, Peter Otto, 100, 429 Becker, William H.. 118. 422 Beckman, Mike Allen. 118, 433 Beckworth, Dennis D., 118, 421 Beeson, Mari Beth, 101, 439 488 Beezley, Alan Hal, 118. 433 Belcher, Lewis J., Jr., 101 Belford, Charlotte A., 101, 449 Bell, Beverly Jane, 101, 449 Bell, Beverly Jane. 101, 441 Bell, David Lee, 118, 421 Ifeli, Delilah Ann, 57, 399 Bell, Donna Lynn, 57, 449 Bell, Palricia Jane, 118, 413 Bell, Randolph McKee, 101, 473 Bell, Robert Lee, Jr., 85,482 li.-ll. Samuel Albert, 85. 469 Bell. Sandra Lee, 118. 401 Bell, Va ne Thomas, 118, 163 Bell, William Lester, 85 Beller, Clary Walker, 118, 433 Beller, Samuel F., 118, 433 Belmonl, Lorraine E.. 118, 401 lielmont, Thomas V., 85,_429 Bender, E. Michael, 85, 431 Bennett, I!arl ara Ann, 85, 411 Bennett, Cora Sue, 18. 413 Bennett, Janie K., 85. 443 Bennett. Karon Anne, 118, 401 Benet, Mary Krancis, 118, 401 Bennett, Patricia Al. 101, 409 Bennett, Robert P.. 85, 430 Bennett, Susan Cole, 118, 413 Bennett. Susan Lee, 118, 417 Benton, Jane, 85, 443 Benton. Judith, 57, 454 Benton, Linda Ann, 57, 441 Benton, Susan Linnie, 85 Benston, James Edwin, 85 Berg, Joe William, 118, 470 Bergedick, R. Anton. Jr., 118 Bergmann, Betsy Fay, 118, 413 Berlinger, J. F.. Jr., 118, 433 Berman, Charles, 101, 424 Berner, Steven Thomas. 118, 121 Berry, AJlen Wright, 85, 429 Berry, Boyd Blake, 118,421 Berry, Carolyn Jane, 57, 451 Berry. Olia Anne, 101. 417 Berry, David Allen, 57 Berry. Paul Conrad, 54 Berry, Robert Miles, 50 Berry hill, iurlon Ann, 57, 439 Berryhill, Mary Rosa, 118 Bertoncino, James ' ., 101, Ml Best, Charles Francis, 57 Best, James Wiles, 101,477 Bevil, George David, 85, 430 Bevill. Mary P., 118 Bevis, Jimmy Marion, 85, 65 Beyerley, Charles E., 101,431 BETA ALPHA PSI, 366 Uicknell. John H., 57 Bicknell. Martha E., 101, 409 Bigge, Joseph Thomas, 57, 424 Bi.sge, Man l n Gail, 57, 439 Bigger, Stephen R., 101, 474 Biggs, Cheryl Louise, 85 Biggs, Michael D., 57 Bigham. Eli .abeth Ann, 101. 443 Bilbrey, James Ross, 118,474 Biles, Janet L nn, 118,401 Bilheimer, John M., 101,457 Billing-, Judie E.. 85,49 Billings, Lewis W., 85, 429 Billingsley, Robert T., 85, 424 Bindley, Karen K., 101 Bindley. Larry Jay, 118 Binz, David Edward. 101, 426 Bird, Edwin W., Jr., 118, 421 Birkhead, Linda Beth, 101, 439 Birks, John William, 118,433 Bishop, Roger William. 101, 427 Black, Andrea McCurry, 101 Black, Dale Roger, 101 Black, Eugene C., Jr., 50 Black, Gerald M., 57, 478 Black, Gwendolyn G., 57, 409 Black, Richard C, 85 Black, Russell Owen, 85, 459 Blackburn, Fred I)., Jr., 57 Blackburn, James R., 50 Blackwell, Bennie F.. 57 Blackwell, James Neal, 118, 417 Blair, Frank P., 58, 465 Blair, Herbert David, 54 Blair, Sharon, 101, 445 Blake-more. Bailey J., 118,421 Bland, Jimmy L nn, 118,431 Bland, Richard Adrian, 101, 421 Blanken-hip. Donald G., 85 Blanken-hip. Ronald D., 85 lilai.scet. James Rav. 118. 433 Blunlon, Larry Lunier, 50 Blanton, W. C., 118 Blanz, Robert Ernest, 101, 427 Bluyluck. Brendu Dowe, 58, 417 Blaylock. Robin, 58, 406 Bledsoe, l.oren Wayne, 85, 429 Blevins, Lawrence C., 58 Blevins, Linda Faye, 58. 409 Bliss, Byra Lynn, 85 Blrdgett. Linda M., 85. 439 Bloomberg, Ingrid Ann, 118, 413 Bloomfield, Bert O., 85 Bloomfield. Lee Chris, 118 Blume, Robert Hugh, 101 BLUE KEY, 368 Blythe, Fred Benton, 58, 399 Boak, Jerome Stephen, 58 Boal, Gerald Wayne, 101 Boal. Dickie Ann, 101, 443 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS. 335 BOARD OF TRUSTEES, 21 Bock, Michael Max, 119, 433 Boenple. Robert Ray, 119, 421 Bogatie, George E., 50 Boggs, Marilyn Ann, 118, 413 Bolen, William Harold, 50 Boles, Donald Ray, 118, 433 Bolingcr. Bobby Gene, 101 Boiling. Robert C., 85, 425 Boll-, Barbara Ann, 85, 406 Bolls, Thomas Allen, 118, 421 Boll. Lauada Charleen, 118, 413 Buiiady, James Peler, 80, 465 Bond, John Barnitz, 85. 433 Bondurant, Charmayne, 58 Bordurant, Richard S., 58 Bone, Ben Bedford, 58, 430 Bonnell, Crrirlien M., 85, 451 lionnell, Margaret E., 58, 451 Bonner, Claude M., 50 Bonner, Drew Taylor, 85, 430 Bonner, Mary Alice, 118 Bonno, Barbara, 85 Bonno, John Andrew. 50 Bocgaan, Agar John, 118, 433 Boone, Charles A., 101 Booth, Frank Wayne, 54 Booth, Richard E. ' , Jr., 118, 421 Booth, Sandra Lee, 118, 413 Booth, Suzanne Day. 85, 451 Buren, Brannon Dale, 101 Borenga- er, M. J., 85 Bostick, Glanda Belle, 58, 399 Boswell, Michael Dean, 118. 421 Boswell, William H.. 58, 465 Botti. James Roger, 101, 474 Bcudreaux, Ann Gay, 101, 445 Boudreaux, Ray Michel. 85 Bourg, Janice Marie, 58, 454 Bowen, Evel n Gail, 118,406 Bowen, Melvin D., Jr., 58 Bowerman. Earl Harry, 58 Bowers. Johnny Wayne, 118, 463 Bowie, Arthur Flynt, 118, 433 Bowie, Terry Frost, 101, 465 Bowles, Robert Duncan, 58 Bowles, Sharon I., 101 Bowman, Carol E., 85, 451 Bowman, Dianne, 18, 401 Fritz A W 71 North Chicken -Fish Dinners Sandwiches OZARK CLEANERS LAUNDRY Cleaning and Storage 101 North Block St. Phone HI 2-2012 We give S H Green Stamps FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS 489 Bowman, Jo Anne, 58, 451 Bowman, Patricia, 118, 401 Bowman, Rebecca F. J.. 101 Bowman, Talbert F., Ill, 101 Bowman, Vernon Dean, 85 Boyce, Charles Clay, 58, 473 Boyd, Charles Lauren, 85 Boyd, Don Earl, 58, 477 Boyd, Loretta Mariee 118 Boyd, Thomas Sloan, Jr., 101, 470 Boyd, William T., 118, 421 Boyer, Richard H., 85 Boyette, Jerrell Ray, 85 Boyle, Richard Allen, 118, 431 Brackeen, Marcus W., 118, 421 Brackett, Jerry Wayne, 118, 421 Bradford, Sarah A., 101, 449 Bradley, Lois Jane, 118, 413 Bradley, Janet Lea, 101, 411 Bradley, Martha Ellen, 101, 439 Bradley, Terry D., 85 Bradsahw, Walter J., Jr., 101 Brady, Joseph C., Jr., 119, 473 Brady, Sally Ann, 58, 441 Brain, Sidney Lucian, 50 Brandenhoff, Carol L., 58, 454 Brandli, M. Jacquelin, 85, 441 Brannan, Charles H., 119 Bratcher, Glenn M., 101, 474 Bratton, Donald Gene, 119. 433 Bratton, Nancy Carol, 119, 411 Bratton, William Todd. 85, 430 Bray, Frank Moyers, Jr., 85, 430 Bray. Frank Moyers. Jr., 85, 430 Bray, Gloria Jean. 119. 406 Bray, Marilyn Flora, 101, 439 Bray, Patricia Anne, 101, 439 Bray, Patrick Lyle, 430, 119 Brazil. Christopher C, 85, 478 Brazil, Peggy Jean, 119, 401 Brazil, Suzanne R., 58 Breedlove, Robert D., 85 Breese, James Larry, 85 Breit, Barbara Ann, 85, 443 Breland. Bradley K., 119, 433 Brenton, Gene Thomas, 58, 425 Bresler, Carole, 101, 451 Brewer, Charlene Sue, 119 Brewer, Donna Lynn, 119, 413 Brewer, Harlin W.. 58 Brewer. Juanita, 119, 13 Brewer, Sharyn Ann, 119, 413 Brewer. Terry Lee, 119, 433 Brice, Michael Brooks, 119. 433 Bridenthal, Betsy C., 101, 441 Bridges, John Robert, 85, 463 Bridgforth, Betty, 141, 451 Bridgforth. Joe Keith. 54 Bridgforth, John D., 54 Bridgforth, Patricia, 58 Brightwell, Richard G., 119, 421 Briley, Jack W.. 58 Britt, Edgar E., 58 Brittenum, Judy Byrd, 85 Brockwell, Ronald H., 101, 429 Brodie, Marilou, 119, 413 Brodie, Marilyn, 119, 413 Brodie, Ralph Gray. 54. 429 Brogdon. Sandra Lee. 101, 445 Bromley. Marlene. 119 Brooks. Margaret F.. 85. 443 Brooks, Paula Lynn, 119, 401 Brooks. Sallie R.. 101 Brooks, Sharron D.. 19. 401 Broom, Linda Sue. 101. 417 Brotherton. R. H.. Jr.. 101. 426 Brown, Ada Jean. 119. 401 Brown, Billy Don, 85 Brown, Cariotta, 119, 401 Brown, Charlene, 85, 406 Brown, Charles Lee, 119, 421 Brown, David Reed, 58 Brown, Doyle E., 58 Brown, Gilbert L., Jr., 58, 430 Brown, James Robert, 119, 433 Brown, John Dewayne, 58 Brown, Lewis Long, Jr., 119, 478 Brown, Linda Ann, 58, 411 Brown, Linda Lee, 119, 401 Brown, Margaret Rose, 58 Brown, Mary Ann, 85, 417 Brown, Mary Shannon, 58, 454 Brown, Nancy Engle, 119, 413 Brown, Norma Gene, 85, 447 Brown, Nancy June, 85, 447 Brown, Nancy June, 85, 406 Brown, Norma Kay, 119, 401 Brown, Patricia Ann, 119, 413 Brown. Robert Foster, 101 Brown, Robert Haigler, 101, 426 Brown, Roberta Dorr, 50 Brown, Sara Ann, 101, 451 Brown, Sharon Anna, 119, 401 Brown, Susan Brooks. 119, 413 Brown, Susan M., 85, 445 Brown, Thomas Oscar, 50 Brown, Wanda Sue, 85 Brownfield, Kay W., 101, 406 Browning, Robert E.. 85, 424 Bruce, Kathryn L, 58, 399 Brudner. William R., 59 Brunelle, Sharan Sue, 101, 454 Brunner. James Robert. 119, 465 Brush. Alicia Irene, 101, 439 Brushaber, John Alan, 85 Bryan, James G.. Jr.. 85. 469 Bryan, Marilvnne M.. 119. 413 Bryan, Mary Alnita. 85, 417 Bryant. Doris Anne. 85. 406 Bryant, Georgia Lou, 101 Brvant. James M., IT, 54 Bryant, Joe Allen. 101 Bryant, Joyce Jan, 101. 454 Bryant, Larry Lake, 119 Bryant, Sharon Kaye, 119 Bryant, Shelby Galen, 119, 421 Bryant, Sheryl Ann, 119, 413 Bryant, William A., Jr., 85 Bryson, Mary Beth, 101, 443 Buchanan, Jonathan W., 85, 473 Buchanan, Robert W., 50 Buchanan, Thomas M., 59, 465 BUCHANAN HOUSE, 424 Bucklew, Wallace Leo, 59 Buckley, Michael Alan, 101 Buckner, Joel Kenneth, 59, 466 Buechley, Thomas C., 50 Buehler, Edwin Leo, 59 Buercklin, John A., 85, 482 Buford. Betty Jo, 85, 449 Buford, Kenneth G., 59 Buie, Mary Lanelle, 101, 449 Bullington, Geneva K., 119 Bulloch, Barry Edward, 119, 433 Bullock, Glenda Gail, 59. 399 Bullock, Philip M., 119, 421 Bunch, David Larkin, 119, 421 Bunch, Gary Wilson, 119, 421 Bunch, Mary Carolyn. 86, 409 Bunge, Carole B., 102, 447 Bunk, Elaine, 119, 413 Burch, Harold Eugene, 59 Burch, Judith Ann. 59, 399 Burdick. Virginia E., 59 Burford. Emily Ann. 102. 406 Burke, Charles Govan, 102 Burkhart, Danita Loye, 119 Burks, Ernest Dwayne. 86. 430 Burks. Kenneth N.. Jr.. 119. 433 Burks. Larrv Ward. 59 Burnett. Barbara Fay. 119, 413 Burnett. George Kent, 102. 481 Burnett, James Edward, 119 Burnett. James Oliver, 54 Burnett, Thomas H., 86, 431 Burnham, Harry K., Jr., 119, 433 Burns, Fred Clay, 59, 465 You Who ' s the KEY Man in your future? He ' s the man who will do more to influence the standard of living of you and your family . . . He ' s your BANKER! At CITY NATIONAL BANK of Fort Smith we are dedicated to serving your banking needs with genuine interest. That ' s CITY NATIONAL . . . the growth bank for Fort Smith. FDIC 490 Hums, John Jessup, 86 Burns. Lionel Joseph, 59 Burroughs, Karris Lee, 59 Burroughs, Linda Gail, 102, 454 Burrow, Charles Chris, 102, 473 Burse) , aller Eugene, 102 Burson. Claudia Sue, 119 Burson. John Millsa,p, 59, 429 Burson, T. O., 102, 457 Burton, Geoffrey W., 119 Burton, James Edward, 86, 459 Burton, L ndon I)., 86, 430 Burton. Percy D.. 86, 473 Burton, Ronald Lewis, 119 Busch, Alhert Fritz, 50 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COLLEGE OF, 29 Bustin, Roberta Mue, 50 Butcher, Halla Jean, 86, 445 Butler, Minis Freddy. 119. 421 Butler. Sandra M., 102, 409 Butler. Walter Daniel, 119, 433 Butrum. Fred H., 86 Butt. John Edward. 54 Byars. James Frank. 102 Bynum. Beverly Jean. 59, 443 Bynum, Kenneth Jon, 86, 478 Bvrd, Grover Wayne, 119, 421 Byrd, Morris Phillip, 119. 433 Cadelli, Dino A., 86 Cagle. Jem ' Lee, 86 Cain, Edward W., Jr., 59, 425 Cain, Mary Lou, 119. 401 Cain, Timothy Curtis, 119 Caldwel, Al John, 120, 433 Caldwell. Bryan G., Jr., 120, 433 Caldwell, Catherine E., 102, 451 Caldwell, Kathye Ann, 59, 406 Calhoon, Julian D., 86, 433 Calhoon, Ken Freeman, 102, 477 Calhoun, Karen Sue, 120. 413 Call, Pat Bonila, 120, 401 Callahan, Helen V., 102, 417 Callahan, Rebecca A., 59, 441 Callan, Donald Paul. 86 Callan, Ronald W., 86, 478 Callan, William J., 59, 477 Callaway, David Logan, 102, 474 Callaway, Elsie L, 59. 406 Callaway, Jean, 102, 409 Camp, Kathryn Ann, 50, ' 417 Campbell, David Wayne, 141 Campbell, Donna C., 120, 413 Campbell, Edward ., 59 Campbell, James R., 102 Campbell, Jerry T., 120 Campbell. Johnny B.. 59 Campbell. John C., 102, 465 Campbell, Josephine A., 68, 445 Campbell. Julius Burl, 59 Campbell, Kenneth W., 86 Campbell, Ollie C., 120, 421 Campbell. Ronald Gary. 102 Campbell. Sandra Kay, 120 Campbell. Theresa Lee. 120. 401 Canfield. Jerry ' I e. 120 Canino, William R.. 59 Cantwell. Janis A., 120. 401 Cantwell. John Neal. 86 Capalba. Anthony I... Jr.. 120. 433 Caple. Donald Lee, 59 Card. Tames Vincent. 59 Cardenal. Jaun D., 120 Cardin, Tommy Wayne, 86. 466 CARDINAL X, 370 Carey, Benjamin E., 120, 481 Cargile, Robert Larry, 86, 470 Carl, Barbara June, 86 Carlton. George Read, 102, 465 Carllon, Michael Hill, 120, 433 Carmody, John Joseph, 120, 433 Carnahan, Donald Lee, 102 CARNELL HALL, 399 Carnes, Clydia Gayle, 120, 401 Carnes. Connie Sue, 86, 399 Carney, James Ronald, 59 Carolan, Donald J., 86, 421 Carpenter, Betty Ann, 120, 401 Carpenter, Betty Jo, 120, 413 Carpenter, Gary Wayne, 102 Carpenter, Raymond P., 6 Carpenter, Ronda Jill, 102, 406 Carpenter, W. L., Jr., 120, 433 Carr, James C., 120, 470 Carroll, Aubrey Lee, 102 Carroll, Carol Ann, 60, 417 Carroll, Larry Wayne, 120, 433 Carroll, Mary Jane, 86, 417 Carroll, Susan M., 86, 413 Carruth, Joseph T., 102, 469 Carruth, Richard B., 120, 477 Carter, Amelia Lea, 120, 401 Carter, Berry Jean, 120 Carter, Carol Ann, 60 Carter, Ersel Lee, Jr.. 86, 473 Carter, Faye Ann, 86. 409 Carter. Frank Lyle, 60 Carter, James douglas, 120, 465 Carter. Leslie Carl, 102. 459 Carter, Joyce Russell. 86 Carter. Michael C., 50 Carter, Nancy Rhea, 102. 43 Carter. R. David, 60 Carter, Ralph F., 120, 433 Carter, Sharron Kay, 86, 417 Carter, Vaskell ., 86, 457 Carter, William R., 120, 433 Cartvwight, Villiarn T., 120 Carver. Daud Mark, 120, 421 Cary, Linda Lee, 102. 409 Cary, Pamela Joyce, 102, 445 Case, James C., 102,481 Casey, Gladys Oleta, 120, 401 Casey, James Robert. 102 Casey, Larry Elmer, 20, 33 Casey, Linda L., 102 Cassat, Charles A., 120 Cassell, Harry D., 86 Cassil. Donald Rodney, 102, 470 Castleberry, William, 102, 433 Castling. Pamela Kay, 86, 454 Cate, Frances Maude. 102, 409 Cate, Jimmy R., 60 Gates, Jack Thomas, 120. 431 Gates, Margaret Ann, 120, 413 Catlett, Helen E., 102, 443 Caudle, Archie C, 86 Caudle, James William, 60 Caudle. Sammy Eugene, 120 Caughroii, Kay Alice, 120, 401 Causey. Sandra Leigh, 102, 441 Cavaneau. Jerry W., 54 Cazort. John Lee, 60 Cearley, John S., 102. 477 Cecil, Richard Lee. 102 Cerniglia. George E., 102 Chadick. Charles H., 102. 473 Chaffin. Charles M.. 86. 426 Chaffin. Clyde Wayne. 120. 433 Chaffin Larry Dale. 102. 481 Chambers. David Hall, 86. 429 Chambers John Ed. Jr., 120. 465 Chambers, Lynah F., 50 Chambers. Rodney King, 120, 473 Chambliss, Carrol G., 50 Chamblin, Jack D., 102. 478 Chandler, Frederick R., 86, 478 Chandler, James Lloyd, 60 jL rkansas ' Oldest Legal Reserve Company Offers: Exciting MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES to College Graduates! Guaranteed Protection through the PREFERRED ESTATE MASTER for College Men Exclusively! W " ' 5 ro - T " UNIpN .LIFE -vi. .,,.... ii Mm ..., _itm. Insurance Company J. T. Stephens, Chairman of the Board E. M. Arnold, President Union Life Building-Little Rock, Arkansas 491 " Being Well Groomed Is An Asset " AUN DRV Phone 2-2337 Corner School Dickson R. G. " POP " WOODRUFF PRESTON WOODRUFF PRESTON WOODRUFF, JR. RONALD G. WOODRUFF 492 Chandler, Hoy Eugene, 102 Chaney. Charles, Jr., 102, 430 Chaney, Rebecca Ann, 120, 401 Chapman. David Ray, 120, 470 Chapman Edsel V., Jr., 60, 427 Chapman, Richard W., 102, 481 Chappell, Holmes S., 86 Charlton, Sarah Lynn, 120 Chase, Daniel Lee, 50 Chase, Susan Louise, 120, 413 Chastain. Robert S., 102, 481 Chatman, Orbory E., 120, 430 CHEERLEADERS, 310 Cherry, Frances Anne, 86, 399 Chesshir, Sarah Lynn, 120, 413 Cheyne, Catherine E.. 120, 401 Childress, Diana, 102, 451 Childs, William W., 102, 426 Chiolinu, Linda Ann. 120, 401 CHI EPSILON, 370 CHIMES, 370 CHI OMEGA, 443 CHI THETA, 372 Christ, Paul Michael, 60 Christiansen, Kenneth, 86, 425 Christman, Thomas P., 120, 433 Church ill, Betty Jo, 60, 454 Cina, arol Louise, 86, 441 CIRCLE K, 372 CIVIC CLUB, 372 Clampit, Harry Paul, 86, 429 Clardy, Steven Ray, 102 Clark, Andrew Lawson, 102, 465 Clark, Billy Edward, 60 Clark, David Alan. 60 Clark, Fredric Hallie, 86, 428 Clark, James Corbin, 86, 426 Clark, James Robert, 102, 433 Clark, Kenneth Jay, 102 Clark, Lois E., 102 Clark, Michael Neil, 120 Clark, Sarah Frost, 60, 454 Clark, Stephen Lee, 60, 433 Clark. Thomas Edward, 120, 433 Clark, William Thomas, 120, 478 Clarke, Gerald Sims, 102, 469 Cleavenger, Martha L., 86, 454 Clem, lirenda Sue, 120, 11 3 Clem, James Allison, 120, 421 Clem, Jerry Edward, 86, 465 Clements, Edward Paul, 102 Clements, Joan L., 120, 413 Clements, Karen Sue, 102 Clements, Paul K., 60 Cleopa, Neoptolemos, 50 Cleveland, Herschel W., 120, 433 Cleveland, Marian. 121, 401 Clift, Ralph McKinney, ,86 Climer, Jerome F., 102, 429 Clii.ehens, Charles E., 121 Clinehens, Dorothy L., 86 Clinton, Margaret E., 86, 451 Clothier, Constance j., 86, 409 Clubbs, Roger Clyde, 60, 425 Cluff, Jerry Dean, 60, 470 COACHING STAFF, 270 Cobb, Ben Morgan, Jr., 121, . ' ,73 Cobb, Rebecca Gayle, 86, 399 Cochran, Dennis Ray, 102 Cochran, Donna Kay, 121, 401 Cochran, Gary Earl, 86, 477 Cockrum, Robert E., 121, 477 Coe, Charles Edwin, 121, 433 Coe, Marinell, 60, 451 Coe, Patricia Louise, 121, 413 Coffield. James R., 86 Cogburn, Elton Edwin, 102, 429 Cogburn, Onis James, 50 Coiner, Warren, G. H., 86, 425 Coker, Donald Ross. 50 Coker, Jesse Monroe, 50 Coker, Marshal A., 60 Coker, Sandra Ann, 121 Colclasure, Bruce M., 86 Cole, Charles Russell, 86 Cole, James Alfred, 121 Cole, James David, 102, 474 Cole, James Harold, 102, 431 Cole, James Irvin, 60 Cole, Marsha Jean, 121, 411 Cole, Marvin Lynn, 60 Cole, Mary Sue, 86, 409 Coleman, Bruce Wayne, 60 Coleman, Floyd B., 60 Coleman, George R., Jr., 102, 478 Coleman, Jack Goodwin, 86, 470 Coleman, Kathryn L., 102, 401 Coles, Richard Lewis, 121, 42 1 Coley, John Robert, 60 Collard, Gerry, 121, 433 COLLEGIATE ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, 368 Colvin, Greene B., iii, 54 Colvin, Rebecca Jo, 121, 401 Coman, Julia Ann, 86, 399 Combs, Herbert Alden, 60 Combs, Janice Annette, 86 Combs, Nathan Lewis, 60, 482 Comfort, Margaret Ann, 102, 399 COMMERCE GUILD, 374 Compton, Bill David, 121 Conaway, James Loyd, 102 Condon, Margaret C., 121, 401 Condren, Stewart M., 60 Cone, Claire Suzanne, 121, 401 Cone, Judith Carolyn, 102, 417 Conine, Charles B., 60 Conley, Theodore H., 86 Connell, James M., 86 Conner, Paul, 102, 431 Connolly, Joseph P., 60 Connolly, Judith L., 87 Cook, David Norfleet, 87 Cook, Diane Lucille, 121. 401 Cook, Donald E., 61 Cook, Janis Maureen, 121 Cook, Joseph Lister, 50 Cook, Orval Lee, 87 Cook, Roger Curtis, 61 Cook, Sarah E., 102, 406 Cook, Vera Joe, 102, 451 Cook, William Howe, 121, 433 Cook, William R.. Jr., 87, 465 Coomer, Johnny Curtis, 121 Coonce, Sidney L., Jr., 61 Cooper, Catherine E., 87, 399 Cooper, Dennis A., 87, 424 Cooper, Georgia Ruth, 61 Cooper, James (Juinton, 61 Cooper, Jerry Dewayne, 61, 421 Cooper, Ronald Eugene, 87 Cooper. Shirley Lee, 121, 413 Coots, Joseph E., Jr., 61, 481 Copeland, Alice Rena, 121, 413 Copeland, Glenda Jean, 102, 399 Copeland. James J., 61 Copeland, Larry Gene, 61 Coppeans, Walter A., 87, 433 Corbin, Charles T., 102, 473 Cordes, Beverly Ann W., 61 Core, Phillip Steven, 87 Corley, Robert M., 87 Cornett, Corliss Ruth, 121, 401 Cornett, Joe Delayne, 50 Cornish, Gerald Lavon, 61 Cornish, Sandra M., 61 Cornwell, Michael R., 102 Cosgrove, Dale G., 61 Cosgrove. Judy Diane, 61 Cossey, Dennis C., 121 Costello, Hugh P., 121, 434 Gotten, Webster T., 61 Cottrell, Richard E., 103 Couch, Mike R., 103. 424 Council, Mary Nancy, 103, 443 Courtney, David Tyree, 87 Courtney, Maurice H., 61 Courney. Richard H., 121, 434 Covey, Charles D., Ill, 87, 434 Covington, Samuel A., 103 Cowan Donald E., Jr., 87, 428 Cowart, Phillip Loyd, 121 Hog Callers from ' way ' way back ! CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Fort Smith, Arkansas, 301 South 10th Street 501-783-8901 Little Rock, Arkansas, 5th Rector Streets 501-372-0172 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1507 Exchange Place 405-236-5465 Tulsa, Oklahoma, 9401 East Admiral Place 918-835-4404 Dallas, Texas, 4344 Irving Boulevard 214-631 7390 493 Cox, Charles Foster, 87, 466 Cox, Danny Joe, 87, 457 Cox, Walter Barry, 54 Coxsey. James Kent, 121, 470 Cozort, Betty Donna, 121, 413 Crabb, Marvin Dewey, 103 Crabtree. Frederick E., 87 Crafton, James Reed, 121, 429 Craig, Charles Edward, 61 Craig, Jessa-Kaye, 61 Craig, Susan Ross, 87, 439 Craig, Thomas Andrew, 87 Craig, Walter M., Jr., 121, 433 Grain, Edna Jean, 61 Grain, John Atkins, 87, 477 Grain, Reginu Rae, 87, 447 Grain, William Steve. 54 Crampton, Elizabeth A., 103, 449 Crandall, Walter M., 87 429 Crane, Larry Eugene, 61 Crank. Robert Hughes, 103 Cranston, Kenneth D., 61. 482 Craun, Carol Ann, 103 Craun, Jerry Alan, 121 Crawford, David Lee, 87, 473 Ciawford, Donnie Dean, 87 Crawford, Dorothy J., 87, 449 Crawford, Gary Lynn. 121, 421 Crawford. Jerry Lee. 50 Crawford, Lamar S., Jr., 87, 466 Crawford. R. S.. Ill, 103 474 Creecy, Douglas H., 121 Creecy. Lesslie Marie. 103 Creel, Helen Morris. 61 Creel, Linda W.. 103. 443 Creighton. Connie J.. 121, 413 Creighton Warren, Jr.. 61, 457 Crews. Jack Dan. 121, 433 Crider. James Vol. 121. 421 Crider, Marion Paul. 103 Criscuolo, Betty Fern, 103, 409 Crisman, Joanne P., 121 Crisp, Jamie Emily, 121 Crisp, Jerry Wayne, 61 Crites, Cheryl Elaine, 121. 413 Crockett. Missy W.. 87 Crockett. Nancy Kay, 87. 441 Crockett, Robert Paul. 87 Crook, Robert Van. Jr.. 121 Croom, Celeste. 103. 417 Croom, Virginia D.. 121, 413 Cross. Linda Sue. 61, 406 Crossley. Richard D.. 103. 469 Crouch, Eugene Ladner. 61. 421 Crow, Mary Virginia, 121, 413 Crum, James William. 61 Crumbaker. Judy Mae, 121. 401 Crumpton, Herbie Lynn. 61 Cruse, Michael Lee, 54 Culbertson. Kate Ann, 121. 401 Culbertson, R. K., Jr.. 121, 421 Culbertson, Sherry L., 121. 401 Cullen, Michael A.. 121 Cullins, Billy Wayne. 103 Culp, Carol Ellen, 87, 409 Cunningham, C. Ann, 121. 413 Cunningham, Richard K.. 103, 431 Cunningham, Sharon K., 61 Cupples. Barbara L., 87, 447 Cure, Josephine L., 121. 413 Curry, Charles Lee, 87, 457 Curry, Elaine Milred, 87, 441 Curry. James Dykes, 61 Curtis, James Allen, 121, 421 Curtis, Leroy S., 87 Curtsinger, Nancey A., 121 Gushing, Cheryl Lynn, 121, 406 Cusick. Charles W.. 61 Cuthbertson, C. Grace, 103, 449 Czarowitz, Carol Ann, 103, 454 D Dabbs, Margrette, 87 Dabbs, Terry Cnis, 61 Dabney. Sandra Kaye, 103, 443 Dafashy, Wagih G., 50 Dagenhart, Richard L., 121, 421 Daggett. Doddridge, M., 103, 426 Dahlke, Sandra Gaye, 87. 417 Dahmus, Anthony Bede, 121 Dailey, Dalton J., Jr., 61, 473 Dains, John Fredrick, 103 Dake, Terrence Rex. 87 Dalmasso, Joseph Paul, 87, 433 Dalton, Dean Howard, 103, 433 Danciu, Jane Ellen, 121, 401 Dandridge, Diana Dawn. 103, 409 Daniel, Al Jenninas, 61, 421 Daniel, Anne E.. 103, 445 Daniel, Charles, Jr., 61, 431 Daniel. Harriet, E., 61 Daniel, Patricia K., 103, 445 Daniel, Thomas W., Jr., 121, 433 Daniel, W. Peyton. 121, 473 Daniels, Crosby E.. 61 Daniels, James Ronnie. 87. 466 Darr, Cynthia Lynne, 121, 413 Darr, James Earl, Jr., 477 Daugherty, Joe David, 61 Daugherty, John Lewis, 103 Daugherty, William S., 61 Daunis. Charles U.. 121, 474 Daves. Joe Paul, 103. 431 David. Thomas Leroy, 103 Davidson, Charles E., 103, 430 Davidson, Diane Beth, 121, 413 Davidson, Jerry Frank. 61 Davis, Charlotte R.. 121, 401 Davis. Dennis Dane, 121, 421 Davis, Dee Ann, 87, 399 Davis, Fred Larry, 103, 421 Davis, Freddie D., Ill, 87, 474 Davis, Jane Ella, 121, 413 Davis, Leo Carson, 87, 430 Davis. Lina Jean, 103, 433 Davis, Mary Frances, 121, 406 Davis, Richard H.. Jr., 54 Davis, Sammve, Jewell, 121, 401 Davis, Timothy Eugene, 103, 473 Davis, Virginia Ann, 50 Davis, William G.. Jr., 54 Dawson, Buddy Milton, 103 Dawson, Robert T., 54 Day, Grace Dianne, 61, 439 De La Guardia, R. R., 121, 421 Deaderick, David E., 61, 473 Deal, William Allen, 87 Dean, Bette Diane, 121, 413 Dean, Hilbert Dwayne, 61 Deane, Ora Frances, 61, 449 Dearien, Virginia Lea, 103 Declerk, Bernardine M., 121. 413 Declerk, Robert A., 61, 474 Declerk, William J., 103, 474 Deere, Roy Walter, Jr., 121, 433 Deere, Linda Frances, 121, 413 Deere. Thomas M., Ill, 103, 429 Dees, Patricia Louise, 103, 417 Deeter. Talmage L., 121, 433 Defronzo, A. Wm. E., 87, 465 Deisch, Peter A., III. 121, 433 Delaney. Patricia G., 103, 406 Delphin, Walter H., 121 DELTA DELTA DELTA, 445 DELTA GAMMA, 443 Dembinski, T. H.. II. 103 Dempsey, John Gruer, 87, 426 Dekner, Mary K., 103. 451 Denney, Billy Mack, 87, 427 Dennis. James A., II, 103 Dennis, Marion Dwayne, 103 Denton, David Graham, 103, 469 Denver, Charles E., 87 ElCELAND RlCE VE1LYWCE1 Grown, Milled, Packed and Distributed by The Arkansas Rice Growers Cooperative Association Stuttgart and Jonesboro 494 Derning, Joseph D., 121, 433 Desalvo, R. Vincent. 87, 426 Dev.eese, Thomas H., 121 Ucwolle, Caroline M., 87, 406 Dliarkar, S. 1 ' rabliukar, 50 Dial, Richard Karl, 121, 469 Dick. Martin D.. Jr., 61 Dickerman , Diane A., 87, 417 Dickerson, June, 121, 413 Uicker.s, n, Lurry R., 87 Dicke , Lu Lynn, 121, 401 Dickey. William David, 121, 431 Dickinson, ( ' ,. ' ., Jr., 103, 430 Dickinson, Nan Ellen, 87, 399 Dickinson, Rodger C., 103 Dickinson, Tommy Joe, 103 Dickson. Darvl Ralph, 103 Dickson, Gary Philip, 121, 433 Dierks. Constance M., 413, 121 Digby, Karen Kay, 87 Dilday, Robert Henry, 50 Dilday, Loy Daniel. 87 Dillahimty, David H., 103 Dillard, Grace A., 61, 406 Dillard. Michael C.. 121, 433 Dilliard. Frances, 50. 413 Dilliard, Virginia 122, 401 Dillport, Sandra. 122, 413 Dimmit, Larry Vendol, 103 Dimsukes. James Oran, 122. 421 Divine, Douglas Wayne, 50 DIVISION OF STUDENT AF- FAIRS, 43 Dixon, David Hugh, 62 Dixon, John B., Jr., 122, 433 Dixon. Tom. 122. 431 Dober, David Kern, 54 Dober, Marjorie Rose, 122, 401 Dockery. George L., Jr., 88 Dodd, Dorlhy Jean, 122. 401 Dodgen. Margaret Jean, 103, 411 Dodgen. Sarah Alice, 88, 441 Dolan, Patrick T., 103, 429 Doland. Deborah Ann. 103, 449 Donahue, Mary Nell, 62. 445 Donahue, Patricia Ann, 122, 413 Donaldson, Judith K., 88, 399 Donnelly. Kerry M., 122, 413 Donovan. Donna Kay, 122, 413 Dorre, James Edwin, 62 Dortch, Dorothy E.. 88, 406 Doss, John Richard, 122 Doss, Norma Jean. 103, 106 Doster, James Alvin. 122 Doty, Clia Marie. 122, 413 Douglas, Marion D., Jr., 62, 465 Douglas, Marshall A.. 62, 465 Douglas. Susan Kay, 122, 413 Douglas, Troy Ravis, 62 Dowd, Clark Wavne, 54 Dowell, Delia. 103. 443 Downing. R. Eugene, 88 Downs. Jay Franklin, 50 Drace. Anna Kathryn, 112. 401 Drake. Linda. 103. 439 Draki. Abdul Wadaul. 141 Driggers. Donita Ann. 62, 409 Driggets, Robert Fred, 103 Driver. Cecil Demoss. 51 DPOKK HOI ' SE. 425 Drummond. Sandra Jean, 103, 443 Dubbell. Paul J.. 62. 469 Dubiner, Dannalee. 62. 449 Duchac, Rene Jerry. 122. 433 Duckett, William Do. 62, 421 Dudney. Donna Camille, 122. 401 Dugan, Cora Faye, 122 Duggan Dennis Lerny. 88 Duggan. Janice Ann. 62 Duke. Charles Ray, 88 Duke, Dana Darlene. 122. 101 Duke. James Albert. 88 Dunaway, Barbara. 104. 454 Duncan Ceorgena D., 88 Duncan. Mary Jane. 122.413 Dunham. Doug Howard. 62. 478 Dunham. Sandra Lee. 122 Dunkel. Stuart C., 51 Dunlap. Mary Marcia, 104, 406 Dunlavy, Orrne Lee, 104 Dunn, Daud Rodney, 122. 465 Dunn. Marianne G., 62 Dunn. Stewart Ames, 104 Duprei. Judith Ann, 122,413 Diirden. Robert R.. 62. 473 Durham, Charles I!., 88 Durham. Jimmy Ray, 62 Dutton. Vernon Lee. 104, 426 Dwyer. John Clifford, 88 Dyer, Coy Randall, 102.421 Dyer, Harold Wayne, 88 Dyer, James Richard. 104 Dykes, Barbara Jean, 122, 401 E Eagleson, Ellen Marie, 104, 406 Earls, Linda Ann, 104 Earnest, Lynda Sue, 51 Eason, Roger L.. 62 Eason, Su .unne Ahrens, 62 East, Thomas Collier, 104, 477 Eaves, Kelly Alan, 122 Ebbert, William E., Jr., 122. 433 Ebdon, Thomas Jospeh, 88, 427 Eberle, Jean Frank, Jr., 62 Eberle, Margo Elaine, 62 Eblen. Joe Lee, 122, 421 Eckel, Charlotte Ann, 62, 451 Eddy, Carolyn Elaine. 88 Eddy, Ethel Jo, 62 Eddy, Judy Elise, 122 Eddy, Ronald Earl, 62 Edens. James Glenn, 122. 421 Edge, Nell, 122, 413 Edmiston, John D., 122 Edmondson, Gayle Ann. 88, 454 Edmondson, Nancy L., 88, 406 EDUCATION. COLLEGE OF, 30 Edwards. Billy Frank, 122 Edwards, Dell Leo, Jr., 141 Edwards, Frederick K., 88 Edwards, Jim Ray. 88,463 Edwards, Jimmie Will. 104, 481 Edwards. Joanna P., 62, 399 Edwards, Joseph Beach, 104, 473 Edwards, Macon Daniel. 104 Edwards, Marcia Anne, 88. 451 Edwards, Marilyn R., 51 Edwards, Martha Kay, 141, 406 Edwards, Paul D., 88 Edwards. Richard S., 88. 478 Edwards. William H., II, 88 Egger, Patricia, 62. 399 Egleston, Clem Pat, 122, 429 Eidson. Michael David, 122. 421 Eilbott, Gerry Lee, 63, 451 Elder, Charles S., 122, 417 Elder, Frank R.. Jr.. 88. 427 Eldridge, Rolfe C.. Ill, 88, 430 Eley, Bruce Wayne, 104 Elfter, Thomas Perry. 88. 469 Ellebrecht, Juanita M., 63 El ledge, Everett W., 88 Elledge. Harry Leon. 63 Ellig, Michael Lee, 122, 433 Elliott, Dana Elaine. 122, 409 Elliott, Frank Bently, 122, 433 Elliott, John F.. 104, 481 Elliott, Jolmna E., 104, 406 Elliott, Judith Lynne. 88. 441 Elliott, ludith S. ' , 104. 399 Elliott, Patricia D.. 63. 454 Elliott, Susan V., 122, 413 Elliott. Virginia C. 104. 443 Elliott. William I).. 63 Elliott, William R., 88 Ellis. George Dawlin, 122, 421 Ellis. Jane Page. 104, 441 Ellis. Janet Mcrae. 104, 443 Ellis Jim Bob. 122. 421 Ellis, Judy Patricia. 88. 445 Ellis. Larry Grove. 122. 470 Ellis Leslie Kav. 104. 454 Ellis. Miriam Wedge. 51 Ellis. Linda Sue. 63 Ellis Nancy Anne. 88, 406 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS BOOK STORE STUDENT UNION BUILDING EVERYTHING THE STUDENT NEEDS TEXTBOOKS: NEW AND USED REFERENCE BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Stationery Montag Eldridge Elliott Hallmark Cards Pennants and Novelties Fountain Pens and Pencils Esterbrcck Parker Shea ' fer Engineering Supplies and Equipmen 4 Dietzgen Gramercy Keuffel Esser Post Roark Templates Art Materials American Crayon Crescent Cardboa ' ds Grumbacher Permanent Strathmore Papers Marks Lamps Tufide Brief Cases Sundrie Store Hours 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Fridays :00 A.M. ' o 12 Noon Saturdays 495 Old Main is the traditional symbol of the University of Arkansas .1 land-grant college founded in 1874 . . . this is authentic Arkansas. Authentic, too, is the delicious Arkansas freshness and flavor found in College Club milk, proud to share in the traditional heritage of authentic Arkansas. Produced and processed in Northwest Arkansas 496 Ellis,, Sheree Glee, 122, 413 Elmer, Robert F., 63 Elmore, Shirley Ann, 122 Elms. Larry Wayne, 122, 481 Elson, Susan, 122. 401 Emanuel, Demon C., 88 Embry, Ronald Gene, 63 Emerson, John Steve, 122, 433 Emcrt, Frank Leroy, Jr., 104, 466 Emery, Robert Kay, 122 Emery, Sloan Miller, 104 Emmert, Gerald Don, 122, 421 Emory, Jeffrey Lynn, 122, 421 Engelberger. C. J., 122, 421 Engeler, William J., 122, 433 England, Elaine Mary, 104, 439 England, James Roger, 104, 469 Engskov, Paul K., 104. 457 Enis, John Howard, 63 Ennis. Andrew Loog, 88, 413 Eoff, William B., Jr., 63 ENGINEERING. COLLEGE OF. 32 ENGINEERING COUNCIL, 374 Epes, James F.. 63 Epley, Alan David, 104 Epperson, Eugene H., 88, 429 Epperson, James R., 51 Epperson. Linda L., 88 Epperson, W. C.. Jr., 122 Erich, Ronald Wayne, 122 Erickson, Lloyd R., Jr., 51 Ernst, Dorcas Ann, 104 Erstine. Robert F.. 122 Ervin. Robert Ferrell. 122. 421 Erwin. Cynthia Sue, 122, 401 Erwin, Harold Sloan, 122 Erwin. Madelyn, 122.401 Erwin. Mary Donna, 104. 454 Erwin. Stanley Lee, 63, 421 Erwin. Willie Joe. 122, 433 Eskew. Bruce Doyle, 63 Eskew. Kay Colbert, 63 Eskue. Linda Louise, 88, 4O6 Espy, Gary Louis, 88 Estelle, George D., 122, 421 Estes, Benny Mac. 88, 431 Estes, Peter Gay, 122. 473 ETA KAPPA Mi. 374 Etien, Robert A., Jr., 63, ' 166 Eubanks, Clifford Lee, 51 Enbanks. Dorothy Jean, 123 Eubanks. Ira Donald, 88 Evans, Arthur Foy, 88, 429 Evans, Carole Anne, 123, 401 Evans, David Fulcher, 123, 421 Evans. Hazel J., 123, 413 Evans, Johnny Leon, 123, 431 Evans, Katherine E., 123, 413 Evans, Laura Sue, 104. 445 Evans, Linda Doris, 123. 413 Evans, Linda Lou, 63, 451 Evans, Sharon Joy, 63, 406 Evans, Shirley Anne, 123, 413 Evans. Thomas Edward, 123, 421 Everett, Carol Ann, 104 Everett, Frances J., 88, 399 Everett. Ronald E.. 63 Everitt, Thomas W.. 88, 433 Ewing, Diane Harriet. 104, 449 Ewing, Mary Brice, 88, 399 F Faddis, Janice Elaine, 88 Fair, Amanda E., 123, 413 Fairchild, Kathryn M., 123. 401 Fairchild, Robert S., 63 Fairchilds, Ann E., 123, 413 Fairhead, John M., Jr.. 123, 421 Fairhead. Michael P., 63 Faldon. Donald Ray, 88 Falk, Lyn Dieter, 104, 445 Fallen, Ray Harlan, 88 Falls. Camdl Ray, 123, 433 Fanning, Michael W.. 51 Kant, Don L., 88 Fant, Jimmy Donald, 63 Farber, Sharon Kaye, 104, 409 Faris, Jamil ' Ann, 63, 439 Farley. Mary Ray, 123, 413 FARM HOI SE, 463 Farmer, Delia Ruth, 104, 399 Farquhar. Thomas E., 104, 457 Farrar. Kileen, 63, 409 Farrar, Sarah Jo. 63, 409 Farringtun, Beverlee, 123, 413 Farris. Lynn Taylor, 104, 427 Karris, Thomas Fulton, 88, 481 Faubus, Bettie Louise. 123 KAUBUS, COV. ORVILLE E., 20 Faucette, George C., 104 Faught, William Duke, 104 Faulkner. Carolyn L., 63, 454 Faulkner, Edward Lee. 123 Kaulkm-r, Robert A., 63, 430 Kavro, Judy Denise, 123, 401 Fears, James David, 63 Featheiston Olivia M.. 123. 401 Fee, Mary Elizabeth, 123, 413 Feilke, Thomas Arthur, 104, 477 Feimster. James Roy, 104 Feland, Armstead M.. IV., 63 Feland. Sarah E., 123, 413 Felker, Gary Vernon, 63, 433 Felton, Daniel H., III. 123. 473 Fender. Marilyn, 104, 399 Fendley, Herbert F., 104 Ferguson. Gibbs, 51 Ferguson. Julie Anne. 123, 401 Ferguson, Nancy, 104, 449 Ferguson, Richadr M., 63 Ferguson, Sidney W.. 88, 425 Ferguson, Terecia, 88, 441 Ferrell. Diana Elsa, 123, 401 Ferrell, Diane E., 123, 401 Ferrici, Jeiry H.. 104 Ferrill, Jane F., 104, 445 Ferstl, Jame Henry, 64 Fetzek, Terr Jean. 64, 449 Fuller, Michael, 11., 88 Field, Elizabeth B., 104, 443 Fielder, Da id R., 123,471 Fielder, Harry W.. Jr., 64 Fielding, Paula Jean, 123, 401 Fields. Charles D., 64 Fields, Sarah Ann, 88, 447 Fifield, Sharon K. G., 123 Fikes. Carroll Ray, 123 Fikes, Horace J., Jr., 88 Fikes, Lawrence. 64, 473 Fikes, Linda Fay, 104, 439 Finch, James Andrew, 104. 426 Finch, James Thomas, 88 Finch, John David, 123, 481 Fincher, Floyd Harold, 123, 473 Fincher, Larry Don. 88, 430 Fincher, Paul James, 64, 425 Fineberg. Steve Louis, 123, 421 Finefield, Michael F., 64 Finger, Jane, 104. 454 Finley, Patricia Ann. 88, 454 Finn, Richard James, 123 Finney, Donna Susan, 123, 413 Finsel, Mardell S., 64 Fipps, Glenn Dale, 64. 430 Fischer, Rollin Leroy, 123, 433 Fitch, Cecil Franklin, 123, 421 Fitch, Margaret Jane. 123, 413 Fitting. Charles R., 104 Fitts, Diana, 123. 401 Fitzgerald, Allen S., 88. 421 Fitzgerald, Martha H., 123. 401 Fitzgerald, Rose L., 64, 454 Fitzhugh, Vernon E., 104 Flanagan, Jerry Don. 123 Flanagan, Rena Kay, 88 Fleischmann George P., 104 Fleming, James E., Jr., 105, 471 Gail Bigge Homecoming Maid Angel Flight bob ' s of fayetteville distinctive portraiture 18 North Block Fayetteville dial 2-4782 OFFICIAL BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1965 RAZORBACK 197 Fleming, Jerry Wayne, 64 Fleming. Robert Ray, 105 Fleming, Sara Lynn, 88 Flenniken, Particia, 123, 413 Fletcher, Andrea Mead, 105 Fletcher, 13. A., Ill, 123, 465 Fletcher, Johnny V., 88, 427 Fletcher, William F., 64 Fletcher, William J., 88, 464 Floersch, Wm. Carl, 88, 477 Flora, Sue Ann S., 64 Florer, Arthur Leon, 105, 421 Rowers, Barbara Jean. 123, 402 Flowers, Frances Kay, 105, 406 Flynn, William A., Jr., 123, 433 Fogg, Bess Beasley, 51 Fogleman, Mary Barton, 123, 413 Fohz, Doris Janette, 105 Fong, Gerald Wayne, 105, 421 Ford, Charles Sayle, 123, 421 Ford, Donald Henry, 64. 430 Ford, Forrest, 105 Ford, Richard K., 123, 421 Ford, Terry Denson, 123, 433 Foreman. Tarana Gene. 64, 445 Formby. Ronnie Jim, 64, 421 Formyb. Vicki Diane, 123, 411 Forrester, William H.. 123, 421 Foster. Benny Lee. 123 Foster. Joan Carol, 123, 409 Foster, Rita Anne, 64, 443 Foster, Thomas Milton. 88 4-H HOUSE, 411 Fowler. Barbara Ann. 123, 402 Fowler, James C. Jr., 105, 424 Fowler, Ronald Oscar. 88, 429 Fowler, Susan Keith, 123, 402 Fox, Bonnie Jean, 88, 411 Francis, Emery L.. Jr., 88, 429 Franks, George Ronald. 105, 421 Franks. Marvin Dwight. 89 Frankum, Carol Ann, 89, 441 Fransen, Toni Carolyn, 123, 402 Frazier. Paul Bernard, 123, 421 Frazier, Thomas Ramey, 64, 427 Freeling, Susan Marie, ' 123. 102 Freeman, Bascom Bert, 105, 429 Freeman. Floyd Mickel, 123, 433 Freeman Gerald Don, 123 Freeman, Karen Erie, 89, 441 Freeman, Mary Lynn, 105, 406 Freeman. Samuel F., 123, 477 French, Flossie L.. 89, 399 French, James H.. Jr., 123, 477 French. John Martin, 123 French, Stanley V., 89. 424 Frenzel, Kenneth Paul, 123, 431 Frey, Ronald C., 89 Freyaldenhoven, C. A.. 123. 413 Friedberg, Lester J.. 89 Frierson. James, 54 Fnzzell, Barbara N.. 51 Frizzell. David W.. 123 Frost. Johnny Ferrell, 123, 433 Frost, Richard Lee, 123 Fugate. Russell Neil, 64 Fuhrman. Elizabeth A.. 105 Fullen. John Edd, 105 Fuller, Cynthia Anne, 123, 402 Fuller, Dan R., 51 Fuller, Don Edward, 89 Fultner, Lou Ann, 123, 413 Fulton, David Oscar. 124, 433 Fulton. John Wesley, 64, 465 Fulton. Sue Ann, 124, 413 Funk, Diane Elaine, 124, 413 Fusk, Frank Walter, 89. 467 Funk, Janis Mildred, 105, 151 Funkhauser, Carolyn F.. 89 Fuqua, Doyene, 89 Furo. Samuel Lee Jr., 124, 465 Furr, Era B., 89, 399 Fusse, Robert F., 54 Futre, Michae G., 124, 421 Futre, Thomas W., 124, 433 Gage, Mary Joan, 51 Gaines, Chares Larry, 105 Gaines, Rosemary, 124, 411 Gabraith, John Nei, 89, 430 Gaagher, Margaret, 124, 413, Gaey, John Rodger, 124 Gamache, Robert Gamy, 105, 426 Gammi, Lee Edward, 105 Gann, Bruce Iner, 64 Gant, Pau David, 124, 421 Garcia, David Joseph, 124, 433 Gardner, Buford M., Jr., 54 Gardner, David Gerad, 89, 485 Gardner, Danny Robert, 89, 457 Gardner, Joseph E., 89 Gardner, Mary Lemey, 64, 443 Garlner, Wendy Jean, 105, 445 Garner, Biy Aen, 64 Garner, Car Wade, 51 Garner, John Wikins, 124, 433 Garner Onyx P., Jr., 65, 479 Garrett, Aen M., 65 Garrett, Dana Lynn, 105, 447 Garrett, James A., II, 124, 424 Garrett. Judy Ann, 124, 402 Garrett, Larry Wayne, 54 Garrett, So Martin, 89, 421 Garrett, Terry M., 89 Garris, Patricia Ann, 105, 451 Garrison, Donad Lee, 124, 421 Garrison. Ouida Gaye, 65, 417 Carton, Phi Harod, 124 Gash, Ceci Ray, 89 Gaskin, Kathy Jane, 105, 399 Gaskin, Wiiam J., 89, 475 Gates, Herman John, 105 Gates, John Wiburn, 105 Gates, Karen Tamara, 124, 411 Gates. Kathe Lynne, 65, 454 Gates, Thomas Victor. 105. 430 Gathright, Sarah A., 124 Gatin, Mary Caroyn, 124, 401 Gattis, Betty Ann, 124, 401 Gattis, Jane Bryan, 65 Gattis, Jimmy Lyn, 89 Gay, Eddie Everett, 65 Gauwain, Rand) Mear, 89 Gay, Gaye Louise, 105 Gayer, Aicia Dianne, 124, 402 Gayer, Sharon Ann, 124 Gees, Danie Pau, 64 Geiger, Rita Irene, 89, 439 Gezine, Joseph W., 54 Gentry, Tom J., 65 Geoige, Connie Gaye, 105, 417 George, Marvin, 124, 421 George, Mary Lois, 65, 399 Georger, Mary E., 105, 409 Geurin, Jo Ann, 124, 413 Giannopouos, S., 65 Gibbons, Richard C., 65 Gibbs, Don Pamer, 124, 421 Gibbs, Marcia Lee, 124, 4e3 Gibbs, William H., 89, 473 Gibson, David F., 105, 421 Gibson, J. Lonnie, 89 Gibson, John Wayne, 124, 413 Gibson, Sam Edward, 124, 433 Gierow, George Otto, 105 Gifford, Donad W., 54 Gifford. Mies T., 89 Gibert, Anne Lynn, 124, 413 Gibert, Cenda Kaye, 105 Gibert, Jeanne Kay, 124 Gibert, Kenneth Lee, 89 Gichrist. Bette Ann, 89, 399 Gichrist, Roger w., 124, 421 Gies, Jack Aexander, 65, 473 Gies, Paua C., 89, 409 Gies Robert Preston. 65 Giespie, K. M. S., 89, 477 Gilland. Martin E., 89 Gillis. Cheryl Dawn 89. 447 STEPHENS, Inc Investment Bankers Jack T. Stephens. President Vernon J. Giss, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer George W. (Skeeier) D : ckey, Vice President Murrelle Watkins Vice President Ernest Butler Jr., J. Bryan Sims Jr., Charles A. Hermann Jr., Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Raymond H. Thornton Jr. Assistant Secretary: Roy C. Turner Jr., William Dickey, H. Doyle Jones Jim Foster, Don McNeil! Robert Giss, Jon Jacoby, J. W. Trimble Albert Gornatti. Stephens Bldg. 114 East Capitol Ave. Little Rock, Ark. -198 In Downtown Fayetteville It ' s Phone 2-7371 West Side of Square On Campus It ' s for men for women The Home of Authentic Razor back Apparel 499 BUSINESS BUILDING FREIGHT SERVICE between the Great Lakes and the Gulf Coast ARKANSAS-BEST FREIGHT SYSTEM, INC. General Offices Fort Smith, Arkansas 500 Gillis, Ginger Gail, 124, 413 Gillison, Diane, 65, 409 Gilmore, Leta Gaye. 124, 402 Gilmore, Margaret Ann, 124, 413 Gilson, Arthur Gerald, 65, 430 Gilstrap, Veronica L., 124, 402 Gingerich, Jon S., 65, 425 Gingrich, Michael G., 105, 425 Girard. Pat Allen, 65 Givens, Marilyn Sue, 124, 413 Gladden, Daniel B., 65 Gladden, Lois Myreta, 89, 445 CLADSO.N HOUSE, 426 Glass, Cherit- Ann, 105 Glass, Ronald Wayne, 65 Gleason, Donald C., 89 Glenn, Evelyn Kay, 51, 402 Glenn, John Martin, 105, 430 Glenn, Judy Marie 124, 413 Glover, Alhert Ross, 124, 467 Glover. David McGee, 89, 469 Glover, Rita Janette 89 Glover, William H., Jr., 89, 421 Goddard, Edgar Lewis, 124 Godfrey, Julia Jan 65, 406 Godley, Caterine Sue, 124, 402 Goff, Robert Miller, 65 GOLF, 303 Goline, Robert Carmen, 124, 421 Gooch, Marilyn Kay, 124 402 Good, Marvin Clarence, 89 Good, Milton Glendon, 89 Goodlett, Judieth Lee, 89 Goodman, Johnny Grady, 65 Goodman. Sally Kay, 125, 413 Goodman, Mary Ann, 125, 402 Goodman Tommy, 51 Goodner, Donald Scott, 65 Goodwin, Linda Anne, 89, 441 Goodwin, Nancy Kay, 65, 449 Goodwin, Paul Douglas 104, 481 Corbet, Glcnna Jeanne, 89, 441 Gordon, Jean Ann, 125 Gordon, Nancy Merle, 65 Gore Don Wendell, 421 Gorhain, James Harold, 125, 421 Gossage, Johnny Keith, 125, 421 Gossien, Freddy Xeek 125, 433 Gossien, Dale R., 89, 429 Goswick, Jackie Leon, 65 479 Gottleher, Henry A., 51 Gottlieb, Maurice E., 125, 433 Cough, Mary Susan 125, 413 Gowen, Deborah Ann, 125 402 Goza, Bess V ' alita, 105, 454 Graddy, John Buck, 105 Crag, Mildred Lois, 105, 454 Gragg, Sharon Leigh 125 402 Graham Bennie E. 65 445 Graham Brenda Carol 125 402 Graham Jerry Lee 65 427 Graham Judy, 89, 441 Graham, Richard D., Jr., 125, 433 Graham Roland Gail, 65 471 GRADUATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 46 GRADUATE SCHOOL, 34 Gramlich, Margaret R., 65, 399 Granger, Gary Frank, 125 Grannan, Martha Lou, 125, 402 Grant Bennie lireese, 89, 449 Graves, John F., Jr., 125, 421 Craves John William. 51 Craves, Judy Patricia, 125, 402 Graves, Katharine B., 89, 439 Gray, Deanna Jeanne 125, 402 Gray, Nancy Raney, 105 Gray, Thomas Gene, 65 Green, David Lordn, 125, 433 Green, James Russell, 125, 433 Green, Joe Fletcher 125. 433 Green, Judith Ann, 125 Green, Kenneth Wayne, 125 Green, Larry Gordon, 105, 475 Green, Marilynda, E., 54 417 Green, loiumy Joe, 89 Green William Eugene, 105 Greenherg, Daniel M., 125, 121 Greenberg, Irving E., 54 Greenherg, Robert A., 105, 428 Greene, Haryle Lee, 89 Greene, William S., 125, 477 Greenlee, Nancy Ann, 125, 402 Greenwood, Ronald D. 65 Greer, Linda Diane, 105, 441 Greer, Linda Lee, 105, 406 Gregory, Cheryl Ann 105, 406 Gregory, Cheryl Ann, 105, 406 Gregory, Richard E., 65, 473 Gresham, Ara Sue, 125, 402 GRECSON HOUSE 428 Grider, Murrey Lonn, 89 Crier, William Newton, 105 Griffin, Charles T.. 65, 433 Griffin. Linwood, III 65 Griffin, Mary Ella, 89, 417 Griffith. Curtis B. 65 Griffith, Nancy Lee, 105 Grigg, Patricia Marie, 125 Griggs, Deborah C., 125 Grigsby. James R., 89 Grigsby, Maneen Rae, 125, 411 Grimshaw, Ray Douglas, 125, 477 Grindle .William Earl 105, 431 Grissinger, Pamela S., 105, 409 Grissom, Tommy R., 125 Gritz, Jean Ellen. 125, 413 Grizzle, Charles P., 89 Gross, Merle Ray, 125, 421 Grossmann, Karin, 54 Grossmann, Klaus E. D., 54 Grubbs, David A., 105 Grubbs, Jerry Lee 65 , Crubbs Nancy Paige. 65 Guess, Charles Aluin, 89, 431 Guest, Gordon Dana, 65 GUILD TICKER, 328 Guilliams. Clark I., 54 Gi ' in, Betty Anne, 105, 399 Guinn Clarence H., 105 Guinn, Eddie Lynn, 125 Cullett, John Thomas, 125 Gulley, Thomas H., 65 Gunnink, Sylvia Anne, 54 Gunter, Joe Twedell, 54 Gunti David Kearney, 66, 469 Gurley, Susan, 413, 125 Guthunz, Pamela D., 89, 454 H Hackelton, Carl D., 89 Hackney, Helen Marie, 89 411 Haddock, Stanley Lee, 125, 433 Hagiantoniou, Irene, 55, 439 Hagood, William Gary, 105 Hailey Alice E., 105, 439 Hailey, Jo Belle, 105, 441 Hailey, Linda Kay, 105, 441 Hailey, Newton L., Jr., 66 Hairston, Dickie Don 89, 425 Halbert, Charles E., 125, 465 Hale, Billey Jo, 105 Hale, Janet Ames, 125 Hale, John Dean, 66 Hale Larry Walter, 105 Hale, Marion Ann, 125, 413 Hale, Mary Carolyn, 105, 409 Hale, Michael Eugene, 89 Haley, Janie Annette, 105 409 Haley, Lyman Bernard, 125 Haley Neta Bea, 105, 406 Haley, Ross Eugene, 125, 421 Haley Stanley Dean, 105 Halford, James Herman, 66 Hall, Anna Ruth, 125, 402 Hall, Carolyn Anita. 105, 439 Hall, Cathernie Lee 125, 402 Hall, Donna Dean, 105, 406 Hall Gale Eugene, 125, 421 Kathy Raff MOSES STUDIO Your Campus Photographer Party Pictures - Portraits - Group Plaques 404 West Dickson Fayetteville, Arkansas Hillcrest 2-7467 501 Hall. Kathlei-n Dale, 105 Hall Linda Louise, 89, 406 Hall. Phyllis Ann, 125, 413 Hall, Richard V. Jr., 55 Hullam. Barbara L., 66. 451 Haller Patricia L. 66, 454 Hallin. David Anthony, 105 Hallmark Gary R., 125, 433 Hallum, Alan Wayne, 105, 424 Hamilton, Carl Hulet, 51 Halsell. Richard A. 89, 465 Hamilton. H. R., Jr., 106, 431 Hamilton. Harry Lee 125 Hamilton. John Ralph, 106, 429 Ha mm. Robert Lee, 89, 471 Hammack, Barbara Jean 125 Hammer-. Harbin Jane, 66 Hammond, Hugo Arnold, 106 Hammontree, Linda Lou, 125 Hammer. Ralph C. Jr., 54 Hamner, Virginia C, 89, 413 Hampton, Carol L., 66. 445 Handy. Elizabeth Ann, 125 413 Hancock, Lynne E., 125, 402 Hampton, Lorene 66, 417 Hanahan. Thomas Henry, 125 Hanes. Robert Eugene, 89. 431 Haney. Vincent J.. Jr., 106 429 Hanks. Don Rich, III 125, 133 Hanks. Charles Edgar. 125, 433 Hanna, Danny Lee, 125 Hanna. Steve H., 125. 471 Hanna. William Elvin. 125, 465 Hannal. James Robert. 89 Hannebaum, Carol Ann. 125, 402 Hanson. Susan Q.. 106, 406 Hanszen. Marshall Lee, 125, 477 Hnralson. Robert J., 106, 473 Harber Janice Marie, 106, 4] 1 Harber. Roberta Knye, 66, 399 Harbison, Anna J.. 66 Hardin. Bert Lee, 106, 424 Harding Edward G., 89 Harding. Michael M., 125 Hare, Marvin B., Jr., 66 Hargis. Mary Elaine. 106, 399 Harkey Lucinda K., 66, 451 Harmon, Stephen Olan, 125, 433 Harms. Judy Gayle, 89, 454 Harner, Jerry Michael, 106 471 Harness, Nancy Nell, 125 Harper, Bland ' Robert, 106 Harper. Cheryl Ann, 89 443 Harper, David Lee, 106, 477 Harper, Granville T., 54 Harper, James Larry 125, 433 Haiper. Jill Thompson, 67 Harper, John Richard, 106 Harper, Patricia Ann, 125, 413 Harper Samuel J., 125, 433 Harper. Sharon Jo, 67, 451 Harper. Stephen Lee, 125, 477 Harrell, Wallece J., 125 413 Harrelson, F. Daniel, 54 Harrelsnn. Kathryn P., 67 Harrington, Lyndell L., 89 Harris, Betty Ann. 106, 454 Harris, Billy D., 106 Harris. Harold R., 125, 433 Harris. Imagene, 89 Harris, James Walker, 125, 421 Harris, Jan Carol, 125, 413 Harris. John Paul, 90 Harris. Kenith Lee, 66 Harris, Robert Wayne. 66. 463 Harris, Ronald W., 51 Harris, Susan Helen, 125, 413 Harris, Wayland Alvin, 90 Harris. William Earl, 125, 421 Harris William Mark, 125, 421 Harris. William S., Jr., 125, 479 Harrison. Harley D., 125 Harrison. Joy Lee, 125, 402 Harrison. L. C.. Jr.. 125, 469 Harrison, Margaret C. 66, 454 Harrison, Victoria L., 125, 413 Harrison. William A., 66, 469 Hart, Betty Ann, 90 441 Hart, Carl David, 125, 421 Hart, George E., Jr.. 125, 421 Hart Georgia Ann, 106, 409 Hart James Kenneth, 90, 469 Hart, Jeffrey Lynn. 125 Hart, Peter L., 90, 430 Hart, Rboert Wayne, 106, 433 Hartin Georg.e R. 66 Hartl, Elsie Marie, 106, 409 Hartman, David Rellis, 106 Hartman, Harold Henry, 106 Hartstein. Harry, 125, 421 Haseloff, Cynthia, 90 Hastings, Juanita Ann, 90, 417 Hastings, Paul Dean, 66 Hatfield, Ancel Jean, 125 Hatfield, Charles D., 90, 430 Hatfield, Kenneth, W., 431 Hatfield, Richard, F., 54, 431 Hathaway, Pamela Eve, 106, 439 Haven Jennie Lou, 66, 409 Havens, Leslie T.. 66 Hawk, Boyce Edward, 125, 465 Hawk, Dorothy Marie, 66, 417 Hawk. Elizabeth Ann, 106, 417 Hawkins Carol], 106, 466 Hawkins, Curtis. 90, 473 Hawkins, James Donald, 126. 469 Hawkins. James J., 66 Hawkins, Leo Dee. 126, 421 Hayden, Charles M., Jr., 106 465 Hayes. Janis Lee. 126 Hayes. Robert David. 126 421 Hayes. William Graham. 126, 475 Haynes. Robert Eugene. 90, 429 Haynie Arnold A., Jr., 66 Haynie, Joseph F., Ill, 106, 471 Hays, Floyd Jefferson, 66 Hays, Patrick Allen, 66 Hays Phillip Roy, 106 Hazlewod, Ivan D., Jr., 126. 434 Head, Ramona Kay, 126, 413 Headlee, Thomas S. 126. 475 Heard, John England, 106, 477 Heard. Margaret McGee, 90, 443 Heard. Stanley Ray, 126, 434 Heaston, Charles D., 90 Heath, Claudia Doris, 90 402 Heathman, Carol Jane, 90, 441 Hebard. John Robert, 106 Heck, Sharon Ann, 106 Hedger, Leon Orlan, 90 Hedges Mike Austin, 126, 431 Heffington, Sharon L., 126, 402 Hefner. Sybil Jeanne, 126, 413 Hegeman, Louis Edward, 66, 485 Hegenberger. R. Lee, 126 Hegi, Frederick, 50 Heinhold, Anne E., 106, 445 Heins. Walter David, 66 465 Helbron, Mary Nell, 66, 441 Helm, Delbert Neil. 90 Helm, Frederick R., 126 Helms, Jerry onaDld, 90, 426 Helms. Johnny Albert, 126, 434 Helms, Molly ,66 439 Hemingway, Charles W., 126 Henderson. Brenda Kay, 126, 413 Henderson. Douglas H., 90 Henderson, Joe B., Jr., 106, 477 Henderson, Monty Karl, 126, 134 Hendren. Jimm Larry 54 Hendrick, Dianna W., 126, H4 Hendricks, Charles L., 106 Hendricks, Mari Ann, 67, 445 Hendrickson, Robert, 126, 421 Hendrix. Rick Sunder, 126. 421 Hendrix William D., 126, 477 Henley, James Harrell ,90 479 Henley. William Allen, 67 Henry, David Patrick, 90, 475 Henry. Donald Howard, 106 477 Henry Jerry Mac, 106 Henry Troy L.. 126 1. 2. 3. 1. Safeguards our youngsters 2. Keeps you out of trouble 3. Warns you of danger 4. Guides you on Federal highways 5. Makes courtesy the rule 6. Test Your Knowledge of These Familiar Signs.. 4. 5. 6. Monsanto Means productive jobs for thousands, scientific dis- coveries, vital services to community and nation. Lion Oil Company a member of the huge Monsanto Chemical family- derives strength from a complex of research laboratories, oil fields here and abroad, ' round-the-clock refineries and chemical plants, 3500 people. These people and these physical re- sources are dedicated to bettering our products and markets and to the dis- covery of new ones. Look to Lion major producer of gaso- lines, lubricants, asphalts, and more than 150 other petroleum products for industry and agriculture. LION OIL COMPANY EL DORADO, ARKANSAS Hensun, Donna, 106 Hcnson. Troy Floyd, 67 Herbaugh, Gerald ee, 106, 463 Heringer, Jill Stacy, 126, 402 Herman, Kenneth Kay, 67 Herman, Raymond E., 90, 430 Herndon, David P., 67 Herndon, Judith Ann, 126, 114 Herndon, Robert E., Ill, 90, 471 Herring, G. Frank, 106, 429 Herrington, David E., 126, 434 Hervey, Charlotte M.. 67, 454 Heslep, Robert Hope, 106, 175 Hess Karen Jane, 106, 406 Hester, Jerry Edward, 106, 430 Hewett. Marion Mark, 67 Hewett, Michael Lee, 126 Hibler, David E., 126, 422 Hickman, Donald Joe, 126, 422 Hicks, Harold Ronnie. 126, 434 Hicks, Julia Anne, 64,417 Hicks, Larry Milton, 125, 422 Hicks, Wanda Fern, 106. 406 Higgs, Thomas Hyatt, 51, 424 Higham, Patricia H., 125, 402 Hightowcr, Hazel A.. 125 Hilburn, H. Sammy, 67, 475 Hildebrand, Brenda S., 106, 406 Hildreth, Sharon Lee, 67, 445 Hile, Margaret Ann, 90, 406 Hile, Robert Alan, 106, 422 Hill, Carol Ann. 126, 409 Hill, Charles C., Jr.. 106, 430 Hill, Dana Kay, 106, 443 Hill, Dorothy A., 126. 414 Hill, D-wight Stell, 67, 422 Hill, Geneva Anne, 126 Hill, Harriet Ann, 90. 447 Hill, Harriet Lou, 126, 402 Hill, Jack Wayne, 67 Hill, Jimmy Duane, 126. 434 Hill, Mirian Carolyn, 126, 402 Hill, Ronald Edward, 67 Hill, Thomas Jasper, 106 Hillard. Courtney M., 126, 134 Hilliard, E. Hollan, 126, 402 Hilton, Carolyn Sue, 126 HinegardniT, Gary Joe, 90, 426 Hines, Glen Ray. 67, 431 Hinesly, David M., 106, 434 Hinkley, Sybil Jane, 126, 414 Hinshaw, Jake William, 67 Hipp. Ni.rma Rulh, 90, 411 Hirby, Herbert Oscar, 90 Hirschy, Sandra Kay, 126, 414 Hixson, Grace Marie. 126, 402 Hixson, Janis Ann. 106, 439 Hoag, Rosemary Alma, 106, 417 Hobbs, Milton Ruel, 106, 479 Hobby, Georgia Alice, 67 Hobby. Selma Plowman, 51 Hobson, Judith Austin, 67 Hodges, lionnie Jean, 90, 399 Hodges, Harryette, 90, 443 Hodges. Norman L.. Jr., 90 Hodges, Susan Jane, 106, 439 Hoehn, Stephen M., 106, 431 Hoffman, Barbara Jean, 106. 441 Hoffman, Rachel Joy, 106, 417 Hogaboom, Jan Bryan, 126, 434 Hogan, William Mccall. 67, 471 Hoggard, James E., 67, 424 Hogue, Larry Dale, 67 Hoke, Charles Edwin, 126, 422 Holbcrt. Richard Neal, 67, 467 Holcomb. Carolyn Jean, 126, 414 Holcomb, Eli abeth Jo, 126 Holcomb, Mary Sue, 126, 414 Holcombe. Hubert Jr.. 90, 479 Holder, Carman V., 90, 417 Holder, Danette C., 126 Holder, Jerry Dale, 90 Holder, Virgil Harold. 51 Holloway. Allen Keith, 90 Holloway, Jerry Dean, 106, 422 Holloway, Kathy Bland, 90, 409 Holloway. Roger Allen, 90, 429 Holloway, Sherrill L, 127, 402 Holman, Charles G., 90, 422 Holman, Gary John, 127, 434 Holman. James F., 90, 473 Holman. Joy Snapp, 107, 443 Holmes, Allan Lynn, 68 Holmes, Betty Ine , 107, 399 Holmes, June Madeline. 127, 402 Holmes, Maria Jean, 90 Holmes, Stephen Frank, 68, 430 Holt, Aden Jackson, 106, 475 Penni, 106, 439 Holt, Rosalind Diann, 127, 414 Holthoff, Mary Karen, 90, 445 Holyfield, Wayland D., 68 Holzhauser, Sandra E., 68, 439 Holzwarth, Marjorie A., 127 Homyk, David Nicholas , 90, 422 Honeycutr, Gary R., 127, 479 Hong. Wing Fay, 68 Honn Janet Kay, 90, 447 Hooks, Charles D., 68, 463 Hooper, Randol Webb, 90, 434 Hoover. Marylee L., 90, 443 Hopkins, David B., 68, 439 Hopkins, Donna Jane, 106, 439 Hopkins, Gerald Roy, 90 Hopkins, Harold H.. Jr., 106 Hopkins, Jackie Ray, ' 68 Hopper. William Lee, 54 Hopson, David Edmond, 68, 426 Hord, Phillip G.. Jr., 90 Horn, Hughlen Deri, 127 Home, David B., 54 Home, Don Louis, 106 Home, John Lionel, 68 Home. Sandra Jean, 106, 406 Home. William Joseph. 127, 422 Homer, Barry Richard, 90, 477 Homer. Roth John, Jr., 54 Hornick. Arthur L., Jr.. 106, 475 Hornor, Georgia, 106, 443 Hornsby, Carolyn Ruth. 106, 411 Hornsby, Michael W., 90 Horton, James Robert. 106 House, Barbara, 90,406 Houes, Carlj Jean, 127 House, Donna Marie, 90, 445 Houston. Alma Faye, 90, 417 Houston, Howard Aaron, 106, 434 Houston, Hex Louis, Jr., 127, 422 Howard, Eugene G., 90. 426 Howar d, L nda S., 68, 447 Howe, John Hornor, 90, 475 Howe, Palricia Love. 106, 406 Howe, Thomas Jay, 127 Howell, Kebekah M., 90, 409 Howell, William H., 68, 469 Howie. Mikiel Frank, 106, 424 Hoyle, Gerald Uwyane, 106 Hoyt, Tony Basil, 68, 422 Huurd, Joanne Marie. 127, 414 Hubbard, Harriet Kay, 106, 451 Hubbard, Joan Carol, 127, 402 Hubbs, Jonathan E., 127,434 Huber. Joseph Paul, 106 Huckaby. Thomas L., Jr., 68, 430 Hudgens, Shirley F., 127, 414 Hudson, Bettie Farrar, 90, 454 Hudson, Brenda Ann, 68, 417 Hudson. Donna Jean, 127, 402 Hudson, Karen, 106 Hudson, Larry Douglas, 106, 434 Hudson, Susan M., 127 Huff, Judith Kaye, 90. 445 Huff, Walter Daniel, 106, 427 Huffman, Michael J., 68 Hughen, Harriet Lee, 127. 402 Hughes, Doyle Murphy, 68 Hughes, Frances V., 68, 406 Hughes. John Wayne, 127. 422 Hughey, Allen Walter, 127, 422 Hulen, Michael C., 106, 434 Hull, Patricia Ann. 106, 417 Hull, Stephen Jay, 90 Hulse, Dennis Earl, 90, 429 Hulsey. Hal Lee, 106 Hulsey, Richard Glen. 106, 430 Humphreys. Davidson H., 68, 422 From First Pyramid Life . . . for College Men of Vision: TaTsity -yTTnsurance JL Protection Today for a secure Tomorrow! Your partner in Security LIFE THE FIRST PYRAMID LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA PYRAMID LIFE BUILDING - LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Herbert I. Thomas, Jr , CtU, President 503 Humphries, Lindu Kay, 106, 449 Hunkapiller, Bonnie L., 127, 414 Hunt, Charles Silas, 90, 430 Hunt, Sharon, 127, 402 Hunter, Barbara Ann, 68, 454 Hunter, Carl Scott, 127, 457 Hunter, Henley A.. 90, 422 Hunter, Richey Lee, 68, 429 Huntley. Judy Gail, 90, 417 Huntsman. Janet Bell, 90 Hurd, Verna Jane, 90, 409 Hurley, George D., 90, 475 Hurley, Linda Rushton. 51 Hurley, Nancy Ann. 127, 402 Hurley. Robert Denham, 51 Hurst, Kathryn Sue. 68 Hurst, Nancy Alva, 90 445 Hurtado, Edgando C., 51 Huson, Harry Newton, 127. 434 Hussey, Judith C., 127 Hussey, Lonnie Liu, 106 Hutchens David Burk, 106. 422 Hutchens. Mary Ann R., 127 Hutchins. Darrell K., 51 Hutchison, Waymon A., 106. 429 Hutchison, William, 90 Hutka. Philip Rudolph. 106 Hutson, Sanford Elmer. 68 Hutt, I.emly David, Jr.. 51 Hutton, Susan Dill. 106. 451 Hyde. Charles C., 127,467 Hyden. Lewis Wayne. 69 Hyland. Jane Ann, 127, 430 Hylle, Robert John, 127, 430 Ingram. Ralph Nelson. 68 Ingrum. Elixabeth Ann. 107. 454 Inlow. Charles W., 107 Inlow, Patricia Ann. 68 Inman, Jackie Lee, 90, 421 Irby, A. Rimothy, 107 Irby. Elton Stephen, 68, 479 Irby, Nancy Erin. 69, 447 Irby, Stephen Rogers, 127, 421 Irby, Susan Mary. 127, 401 Irsch, Wayne C., 69, 424 Irvin, John Roper, 52 Isaac, Joanna E.. 52 Isbell, Donald Joseph, 69 Isgrig. Charles D.. 127, 457 Isom, Tommie Faye. 90 Ivy, Clifford Autry, 69, 463 Ivy, Richard Ernest. 90, 463 J Jacks. Donald Roy, 90, 463 Jackson, Charles B., 127, 479 Jackson. Clifton Dale, 69 Jackson, Gary Wayne, 90 Jackson. Gova Irene, 69 Jackson, James E., 90 Jackson, Janice Veann, 90, 454 Jackson, Jimmy C., 127 Jackson. Judith S., 127, 401 Jackson, Mona Gay, 127, 401 Jackson, Paul W., 69 Jackson, Stephen L., 127. 471 Jackson. William A.. 127 Jacobs. l):.ris Ellen, 127 Jacobs, Jeannette L.. 127 Jacoway, Daisy E., 90 Jacuzzi. Victor S., 91, 475 Jaggers. Sandra Kay. 127, 402 James, Gary Douglas. 69 James, Melvin Keith, 69 James, Patricia Ann, 91. 439 James, Ronald John. 127, 422 James, Russell David, 127. 422 Jameson. Jackie 91, 447 Jameson, John K, III. 91 Jamison, Patty Sue, 69, 406 Jarnagan, Elizabeth M., 127, 402 Jarrett. Peggye June, 127, 402 Jarrett, Rosalind J., 69, 399 Jasper, John Thomas, 107 Jasper, William A., 69 Jayne, John Lester, 107, 469 Jenkins. Christy Gay, 107, 411 Jenkins, Forrest N., 54 Jenkins, Gloria Jean, 107, 409 Jenkins, John David, 91, 469 Jennings, John Earl, 127, 434 Jennings, Joyce D., 107 Jennings, Mary Hornor, 127, 414 Jennings, Walter T., Jr., 91. 485 Jernigan, George C., 107, 430 Jernigan, Robert H., 127, 434 Jeter, Nancy Carolyn. 91, 447 Jeter, Ronald Hardy, 91, 473 Jett, Cheryl Pierson, 91. 445 Jett, Phyllis Ann, 127 Jobe, Robert Frank. 69 Joffe, Michael Lee, 69, 429 Johns, JacqueKn Ann. 91, 445 Johnson, Byron Virl, 127 Johnson, Carol E.. 91, 443 Johnson, Charles A., 69 Johnson, Claude Dale, 91 Johnson. Daniel L., 107, 434 Johnson. David Joe, 91 Johnson. David Larry, 69 Johnson, Donald Lee, 91, 473 Johnson, Donald Ray. 127, 434 Johnson. Dudley B.. lohnson. Glen D., 52 Johnson. Cayle. 107, 445 Johnson, James W., 69 Johnson, Jerry Lee, 69 Johnson. Jesse Lee. Jr., 127, 422 Johnson, Jimmy Clyde, 55 Johnson. Jimmy Ray, 52 Johnson. John Thomas. 69 Johnson, Johnny Wayne, 127, 422 Johnson, Judith Ann, 107, 441 Johnson, Judith Leigh, 107, 443 Johnson, Lana F ' aye, 127, 403 Johnson, Larry H., 107, 467 Johnson, Marsue, 52 Johnson, Nancy Jane, 107, 454 Johnson, Norma Sue, 91, 409 Johnson, Patricia R., 107, 454 Johnson, Phillip H., 69 Johnson, Rebecca Lynn, 127, 403 Johnson, Richard M., 107, 483 Johnson, Richard W., 69, 427 Johnson, Robert W., 127 Johnson, Ryman C, 107, 274 Johnson, Sherry S., 69, 406 Johnson, Sheryl Jean, 107, 417 Johnson, Susan, 127, 403 Johnson, Susan E., 127, 414 Johnson, Victor R., 91, 485 Johnson, Wesley S., 91, 477 Johnson. Zelpha Belle, 69 Johnston, James J., 69 Johnston, James R., 91 Johnston, Joe J., Jr., 127, 434 Johnston, Johnny C., 107 Johnston. Marie Burke, 107, 449 Johnston, Marsha, 107 Jones, Barbara Kay, 127, 413 Jones, Billie Jo, 127, 403 Jones, Candace Kay, 127. 414 Jones, Charles David, 69 Jones, Dick, 107 Jones, Edward Paul, 52 Jones, Edwin Carroll, 127. 422 Jones, Emmett B.. Jr., 69 Jones, Gail Dolores, 127, 414 Jones, Howard E., 127. 414 Jones, Howard E., 127, 434 Jones. Jacquelyn, 107, 409 Jones, James Kenneth, 127. 422 Jones, Jeanette, 91, 439 Jones, Jeanettia. 127, 403 Through education, expansion of agriculture and industry and renewed hope and faith in our future, ARKANSAS MOVES FORWARD. Arkhola has used these principles for many years and pledges to move, and help Arkansas move steadily forward. " WE BELIEVE IN ARKANSAS " ARKHOLA SAND GRAVEL CO. Fayetteville, Ark. Fort Smith, Ark. El Dorado, Ark. Springdale, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Van Buren, Ark. Fort Gibson, Okla. Rogers, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. Muskogee, Okla. 504 Jones, Jennifer. 127. 403 Jones, Jerral Wayne, 69 Jones, John Andrew, 127, 422 Jones, Johnny Coleman, 127, 434 Jones, Judy Ann, 127, 403 Jor Joi Joi Joi Jor Joi Joi es, Katherine L., 107, 409 es, Kathryn, 127, 403 es, Lawrence Gene, 127, 434 es, -Mary Ann, 127, 417 es, .Mary Frances. 128 es, Melimla Joyce, 107, 451 es. Michael 1)., ' 91, 430 Jones, Patricia Ann, 107 Jones, Robert Charles. 128, 422 Jones, Rol.ert Lee, 91, 473 Jones, Robert Nance, 69 Jones, Runny Paul, 69, 479 Jones, Sucllen. 107, 439 Jones, Vickie Lynn, 91 Jones, Virginia Hill, 69 Jones, Vonda Janiece, 69, 454 Jones. William E., Jr.. 128,465 Jones, William Lewis, 69 Jordan, Margaret Jo, 128, 403 Jordan, Michael Allen. 128, 434 Joyce. Jimmy Darrell, 55 Joyner. B. Paul, 52 Joyner. Charles R., 91 Juniel, Mary Susan, 107, 406 K Kale, FUe, 91, 451 Kamer. Penny Lee, 128. 403 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, 449 KAPPA KAPPA SI, 378 KAPPA SIGMA, 465 Kappes. A. Diane. 107. 399 Karr, Charles Ray, 55 Kauffman. Rebecca S., 128, 414 Kavanaugh. Michael F., 69 Kaylor, Co Clifton. 91 Kays, Maiilyn, 449, 107 Keadle, William A., 128, 165 Keane. Sarah Margaret, 128. 403 Kcathley. Joseph L, 128 Keathlcy, Robert F.. 52 Keel, James. 128, 422 Keeling, Fubonna, 128, 414 Keene, Dona ld Wayne, 128. 434 Keirs. Marion Louise. 128, 41 1- Keisler. Ronnie S., 128, 422 Keith, Herbert Ross, 107. 463 Kell, Judy Ann. 91, 399 Kclley, James Ronald, 128, 422 Kelley, Janet E.. 128. 403 Kelley, Martha I Ann, 107, 449 Kclley. Sara E.. 107. 406 Kclley. Walker E.. 107. 481 Kellogg, ;ien T., 107.434 Kelly, Mary Kathleen, 128, 403 Kelly. Ronald Wayne, 107 Kemp. Janet Karen, 128. 403 Kemp, Jerry Oliver, 107, 467 Kendall. Don liascom, 107 Kendall, Edith Ann. 91, 439 Kendall. Katherine E.. 128. 403 Kendrick, Carolyn Sue, 69 Kenneth. Jerry ayne, 69 Kennedy, Jot; Luster, 128. 434 Kennedy, I.ary J.. III. 107 Kennett. Dan reston. 128, 422 Kent. Derald Mike. 128, 431 Kent, Sandra Lee. 107. 399 Kcrby. Rill Louis. 107, 469 Kerl.y. Linda Alta. 128.403 Kerr. Lemuel Harriss. 69 Kerr, Robert Lee. 107 Kerr, Sammy W., 91.459 Kersh. Garland M., Jr.. 91 Kesterson. Kenneth L., 69 Ketcher, John Morrell, 108 Ketcher William T., 128, 431 Ketchside. Don W., 69 Key, John inburn, 128. 473 Keys, Leota, 69, 417 Kidd, John Robert, 91 Kidd, Larry Joe, 91, 481 Kidder. Rex Wesley, 128 Kiester. Kirt Harold, 128, 479 Kilgore, David Lee, 128 Kilgore, Larry M., 128, 434 Killfoile, Elizabeth. 91. 399 Kiml.aH, Donald S., Jr., 108, 425 Kimbrell Thelma G., 108, 406 Kimbrough, Hanjid R., 108. 429 Kimery, Richard Lon, 128, 434 Kimmons Belly Ann, 128, 403 Kincaid, Janice, 108, 409 Kincannon. Georgann, 108, 399 Kincy, Charles, 108 Kinder. Floren -e I)., 128. 414 King, Callie Ann, 52 King, Dean Hemphill, 91, 427 King. Fredrick James, 128, 434 Kin;;. Gary Lynn, 128 King. Howard Edward, 91 King, Jerry Derward, 108 KinL r , Jerry Gale, 52 King, Judi ' th Anne, 108. 403 King. Kalhryn Louise. 128, 403 King. Michael Lee, 128,434 King, Robert Wayne, 70 King. Steven Bryce. 70 Kingston, Ronnie E.. 91. 429 Kinman, Sallie Jane, 70. 451 Kinneman. Bill Thomas. 91. 434 Kinney, Dickersnn. 70 Kinney. Don Miller. 108 Kinney. Frank Lee. 128 Kinney. Harriet! S.. 108. 454 Kinser. Sherry Lynn. 128. 403 Kinser. Haywood W.. 128. 434 Kinsey, Phillip Keith, 55 Kinsey. Robert M., 91 Kirby, Elbert R.. Jr.. 108 Kirk. Blaine D.. 128, 434 Kirk, David, 128,434 Kirk, David Wayne, 91 Kirk, Gary Darwin. 1U8 Kirk, James Thuiston, 128, 422 Kirk, Kathlum S., 108 Kirk, Michael L., 128, 434 Kirk, Thnni.1- 70, 475 Kirsch, Bruno, Jr., 128, 434 Kirsch, Georgia Ann, 108 Kirspcl, Robert John, 128, 422 Kitchen. Su .aniie. 108, 449 Kitchens. T. I- red, 128. 134 Kittrell, Judith Ann, 128, 403 Kiz ia Roy E., 91 Kizzior, Gary Da id, 128, 434 Kleck. Tommy Leonard. 128, 434 Kline, Richard Max, 108, 473 Kline, Rodger Spencer, 70, 473 Klober, Linda Carole, 91, 417 Knight. Carolyn Sue. 128, 409 Knight. James Kenneth, 52 Knight. Mary Anne, 128, 414 Knight. William G.. 70, 477 Knod, Edward M.. Jr.. 128,434 Knod, Fred Paul, 108 Knoernschild, David E., 91 Knost, John Owen, 128 Koelling, Carol Ann. 128. 403 Keen, Judith Lynn, 108, 406 Kolli, Ronald C. 128 Kooiker, Linda K., 70. 447 Kordsmeier. II. J., Jr., 70, 479 Koser. Edward Michael, 108, 434 Kozel. Ramona Jeanne, 108. 454 Krebs, Akin E., Jr., 128, 422 Kreig. Raymond Arthur. 108. 429 Kremer. Margaret Jane, 128 Krievans. Imaiits, 91, 424 Kruse. John Paul, 70 Kubat. Patsy Jo, 70, 445 Kulbelli, Jerry Lynn, 128, 434 Kuonen. Richard Henry. 128, 434 Kutz, Cheryl Ann, 28, 403 CHARTING THE COURSE... ..of higher education for your children can, and should start early in their lives - with a savings program at First National Bank in Fort Smith. Isn ' t it time you charted the educational direction of your youngsters? Start saving NOW. ST IK IN THE STATE " f)0 r . Kyle, Connie Musick, 70 Kyte, Brenda Faye, 128, 414 Kyzer. William C.. 70, 471 L Laabs, Trina, 70, 439 Labban, Harvey M., 70 Labban, Jacquelyn M., 70 Lacefield, Donald J., 70 Lacewell. William E., 70, 424 Lackey, Loretta Gail, 128, 414 Lackey. Stephen W., 91, 479 Lacy, James Arnold, 108, 457 Ladage. Frederick S.. 108 La fevers, Norma E., 128, 414 Lafferty, Nancy Ann, 108, 439 Lafferty, William A., 70 Lafollette, Michael E.. 91 Lafollette. Olivia A., 128, 403 Laing, Mary Newton, 128, 403 Lair, Herbert Dean, 91 Laird. James Stanley, 91 Lake, Lou Ellen, 128, 403 Laman, Christy Lea, 128, 403 Lamb, Cecilia Watson, 55 Lamb. Charles W.. 55 Lamb, Jerry Don, 70 Lamb, Mcihael Dean, 108 Lamb, Susan Margaret, 70 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, 466 Lambert, Olivia Lois. 128. 403 Lambert, Wesley O., 108 Lancaster, Lynda Ann, 70 Lance, James Winslow, 70, 422 Landers, Elizabeth L.. 91, 447 Landers. William H., 91, 475 Lane, Freddie Joe, 128, 422 Lane, Margaret Leslie, 128. 403 Lane, Milton Julius, 91 Lane, Philip Michael, 108 Lane. Roy Leon, 128 Laner, Jerry Monroe, 108, 477 Laney, David Michael, 70, 485 Laney, Gary Kent, 128 Laney, George Herman. 52 Laney, Robert S., 70 Lange, George Fritz, 128, 422 Langley, David Alfred, 128, 479 Langley. James W., 108, 479 Langley, Luna Jean, 108, 417 Langley, Nancy Lee, 128, 403 Langston. Terry Lynne, 129, 403 Lankford. Karen Rhae, 129, 414 Largent, Robert E., 129 Larsen, Willis George, 92, 457 Larson, Arthur Thomas, 129, 422 Lashlee, Dianne. 129, 403 Lassiter, Cecil E., 92 Latta, James Richard, 129 Latting. John Alvis, 92, 463 Latture, James Paul. 129, 465 Lauck, James Stephen, 108, 475 Laufer, Donald Robert, 129, 422 Laurent, Glen Dale, 129 Lavin. Carolyn, 55, 406 Law, Glenda Gay, 108. 406 Lawhon, J. Noal, 92 Lawler, Donald ., 70, 467 Lawrence Frances W.. 92, 411 Lawrence, James Lavoy, 129, 422 Lawrence, Larry R., 108, 434 Lawrence, Larry R., 108. 434 LAW REVIEW, 333 Laws, Richard George, 52 Lawson, Jerry Joe, 108 Lawson, William David. 129, 434 Lay, Jerry William, 108, 430 PRESCOLITE MANUFACTURING CORPORATION PRESCOLITE DRIVE and INDUSTRIAL RD. EL DORADO, ARK. Taste REAL Bread Shipley Baking Company Fort Smith Fayetteville MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK FT. SMITH, ARKANSAS SERVICE SAFETY SINCE 1882 506 Lea, iUiaia ' { ' ., Jr., 108, 477 Leak, Jay Wayne, 92 Leake, John Gnllin, 129, 467 Lebow, llirada Ann, 70, 447 LeUbelter, Jci Alleen, 108, 406 Lcdgerwood, Marvin AL, 92 Ledmg, Celestine W., 129, 414 Lee, Gary Eugene, 128, 477 Lee, Gary Own, 92, 434 Lee, Harry Wayne, 70 Let, India Kobinette, 92 Lee, James Kandal, 108, 422 Lee, Jung Alae, 108, 422 Lee, Linda, 108, 441 Lee Linda Sue, 129, 414 Lee, Alargaret Mary ' , 92 Lee, Norman Keece, 129 Lee, Ronald, 92 Lee, Tommy Edd, 129 Lee, William Koyce, 129 Leek, Lynn Morris, 92, 469 Leesemann, Lucile Ann, 129, 403 Legatski, Cheryl Anne, 108, 447 Leidy, William G, 70 Leiting. Sandra Lee, 129, 414 Leming, James Morris, 1 08, 477 Lenggenhager, Sally J., 129, 414 Lenhart, John C. Jr., 129, 434 Leone, John Anthony, 70 Leroy, Charles F., 92 Lesh, Susan Elizabeth, 70, 443 Leslie, James Edward, 70 Leslie, Thomas E., 92 Lessenberry, Carolyn, 70. 441 Lester, Susan E., 129 Letsch, Dorothy E., 129 Levy, Marguerite Ann, 108. 439 Lcwallen, Tommy W., 92 Lswis, Burett L., Jr., 108 Lewis, Cynthia Neal. 129, 414 Lewis, Elizabeth Ann, 129 Lewis, Harvey S., 52 Lewis, Joanne Ruth, 70, 454 Lewis, Linwood L)., Jr., 108, 434 Lewis Lynda Sue, 129, 403 Lewis, Alarilyn Sue, 129, 414 Lewis, Paula Kay, 129, 414 Lewis, Rita Louise, 129, 414 Lewis, Robert David, 92 Lewis, Rodney Shelton, 92, 424 Lewis, Russell H., Jr., 129 434 Lewis, Teresa Diane, 129, 403 Lewis, Thomas Clemens, 70 Leysath, Virginia L., 129, 403 Lhommedieu, Cynthia A., 70, 417 Lilley, Toni Little, 108 Lilly, James Caraway, 70 Limbaugh, Linda King, 108, 443 Limerick, Martha A., 129, 403 Linan, William C., 52 Linch, Charles Jerry, 70 Linch, Charlotte P., 92 Lindemann. Keith John, 129 Lindloff, Sascha D., 108, 451 Lindsey Hart Rabb, 108, 473 Lindsey, Carl Edward, 74 Lindsey, Norman Henry. 108 Lindsey, Walter R., 92, 465 Linebarger, Charles L, 129, 434 Linebarger, James D., 71 Linebarger, Sally R., 71 Linebarrier, Marilyn S., 108, 409 Linebarrier, Orland T., 92 Lippard. Charles R., 129, 434 Lisenby, Joseph R., 70 Lisle, Dwight Thomas, 92 Lisle, Oscar Alfred, 129 Little, Don Murphy, 108. 481 Little, Sandra Kay, ' 70, 447 Little, Sarah E., 108, 454 Little. Sue Ann, 92, 439 Lively, David Martin. 129, 467 Loberg. Douglas C., 108, 422 Locke, Joe Bateman, 70. 429 Loftin, Billy Gerald, 92 Lofton, Judith Ann, 71, 406 PRICE-PATTON ' Featuring Smart Apparel for Men and Women " North Side Square Fayetteville, Arkansas Phone Hillcrest 2-4431 The distinctively dressed man looks to Gregory ' s for the finest fabrics, tailoring and comfort in the newest styles and ideas. Northwest Arkansas ' s Finest Store For Men m-en ' 5 STOFVE ? VLYn HILLS FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS 507 (Mmttal 1212 Norltj 3-4651 Logan, Barbara Innes, 129, 403 Lugan Frances Ann, 92, 445 Logan Roger Vernon, 92 Lohmar, John William, 92, 434 Loibner, Steve Allen, 129, 434 London, Jack Alan, 71, 431 Long, Dennis Lynn, 108 Long, Linda Leigh, 129, 403 Loomis, Henry Patrick, 129, 422 Loomis, Kneath E., Jr., 71 Looney James F., 129 Looney, Jerry Wayne, 71 Looper, Warren D., Jr., 109 Loos, Timothy Charles, 129, 422 Lorenz. James Addison, 129, 473 Loring Jo Anne, 129, 403 Loser, Donald J., 129, 422 Loughridge, Linda J., 129, 414 Love, George Dean, 91 Lovegrove, Tommy Bob, 129, 422 Lovett, Larry Dan, 109 Lovett, Paul Taylor, 109 Lovett, Terrance. 92 Low, Gary Lambeth, 129, 422 Low, Gary Michael, 109 Lowrey, Billy Booth, 52 Lowrey. Brenda Sue, 109, 406 Lowrey, John Allen, 129, 434 Lowrey, Sall ye F., 71, 417 Lowrey, Robert C., 71. 469 Lucas, Philip Eugene, 71 Luce, John B., Jr., 71 Lucid, Mary Margaret. 129, 414 Luck, Benjamin Dane, 109, 475 Luckes. Sharon Anne, 129, 414 Ludwig, Stanley Wade. 129 Lueken, Milton R., 92, 469 Luker, Barbara Lynn, 92, 445 Luker, James Charles. 33, 481 Lumpkin. Phillip Ray, 130, 434 Lumsden, Charles E., 71 Lumsden, Patricia L., 71 Lunda, Donal Adolfo, 71, 430 Luper, Robert Dale, 130, 481 Luttrell Owen Eudell, 71 Lutz, Charles Albert, 71 Lutz, Robert Edmund, 130 Lyman. Charles Wayne, 109, 467 Lynch, Emil Seidel, 71 Lynch, Linda Jean, 109 Lynch, Michael David, 92, 425 Lynch, Randall Guy, 71 Lynn, Dale Roger, 130, 434 Lyon, John Marlin, 130, 434 Lyon, Lucy Martin, 130 Lyon, Philip. Kirkland, 92 M Mace, James Lewden, 71 Mackie, Shari Anne, 109, 406 Maddox, Jerry Lake, 130, 434 Maddox, Jimmy Leslie, 130, 434 Maddox, Robin Roy, 109, 449 Magby, Arnold Raymond, 130, 434 Magie, Karen Sue. 130, 414 Magness, David R., 92, 430 Magness, Robert B., 109, 471 Maher, Madeline, 92. 447 Mailer, Joanne Marie, 130, 414 Mailey, Marshall Kent, 92, 425 MAJORETTES, 311 Majors. Allen B., Jr., 130, 422 Majors, Ned Barrie, 92 Malloy, John Lawrence, 71, 434 Malloy, Robert M., 130, 473 Malone, Betty L. 130, 409 Malone, James Freeman, 92 Malone, Philip Davis, 130, 434 Malone, Sandra B., 71 Manatt, Scott. 71, 430 Mangelsdorf, Sarah J., 130, 403 Mangum, Judith Ann, 56, 406 Mann, H. Dean, 71. 473 Mann, Joseph Hubert, 71, 430 FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Students ' Bank CAPITAL STOCK SURPLUS $1,000,000.00 Fayetteville, Arkansas OLDEST AND STRONGEST NATIONAL BANK IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Drive-In Branch at Evelyn Hills Shopping Center 508 c Mann. Joseph Hubert, 71, 430 Mann. Mary Rebecca, 120, 414 Manning Jeon Burnett, 130, 403 Manuel, Gerald D., Jr., 71, 430 Marble, Nancy Gaye, 109, 406 Marron. Howard Alden, 131, 469 Mareck, Marjean, 131, 414 Marino, John George, 109, 471 Marinoni, John P., 92 Marinoni, Mary Sue. 71, 441 Maris, Eugene LEE, , Markel, Georganna Sue, 109 Markell, Richard Lee. 109 Markham, Frederick J.. 72 Markland, Gary S., 109, 426 Marks, Charles Earl, 109, 430 Marney, Mariland H., 131. 414 Marquess, Steve Locke, 109, 422 Marr Diana Landers, 109 Marr, John Richard, 72 MARRIED STUDENTS HOUS- ING COUNCIL, 394 Marschewski. John J., 72 Marsh. George Lewis, 131, 422 Marsh, Mary Frances, 431, 403 Marshall, Charles F., 72 Marshall, Sysan E. S.. 93 Marshall, Tommy M., 93 Martensen. John Keith, 109 Marti Alfred J., Jr., 131 Martin, Cheryl Sue, 72. 441 Martin, Felix Edward, 72 Martin, Guy Neal. 131. 431 Martin, Howard Lee, 56. 422 Martin, James Harold, 131 Martin. Jefferson H., 52 Martin. Jerry Wayne, 92 Martin. John Dennis. 130, 422 Martin, Patricia Jean, 130 Martin, Ralph Gene, 92, 429 Martin, Rex Albert, 72, 485 Martin. Sandra Kay, 130, 403 Martin, Skipper, 92 Martin, Suann, 130, 403 Martin, Virgil C., 109, 424 Martin, Villiam C.. Jr., 52. Marline, Joseph Gary, 109, 426 Martinkus Zanette L., 109, 409 Mashburn, Carl G., 130, 434 Maslin. Judith Evelyn, 130 Mason, David Eugene, 130, 434 Mason, J udy Kaye, 109, 406 Mason, Norman H., 72 Massey, Dennis C.. Jr., 109, 481 Massey, Floyd John, 72 Massey, Guinn R., Ill, 109 Massey, Raymon Earl, 130, 434 Massey. Thomas Earl, 109, 473 Masters, Betty Ann, 72, 449 Masterson, Julie Ann, 130 Matheny, Thomas D., 92, 429 Matheson, Marilyn J.. 109, 454 Mathis. Mary Ann, 72 Mathys, Harry Edson, 72 Matloi-k, BeuJah J., 130 Matteson, Worth L.. Ill, 72, 55 Matthews, Charles W., 55 Matthews, Gordon K., 72, 473 Matthews, Jan Michael, 130, 422 Matthews. John Calvis, 130, 449 Maltison, James S., 109 Matula, Gary Francis, 109 Maurras, Marvin Henry, 130 Muus. Carole Ann, 92, 410 Maxwell. Richard E., 130, 422 Maxwell, Roberta L., 130, 422 May, Jack Alan, 130, 422 May, James Erwin, 72 May, James Madison. 109, 475 May, Martin Micheal, 92, 427 May, Michael Judson, 130, 457 May, Patricia Marie, 72. 425 May, Ralph Dewel, 109, 425 May. Wayne Curtis, Jr., 109 Mayer, Jerry Lynn. 72 Mayes, Jim, 92, 431 Maylield C., Fred, Jr., 52 Mayfield, Gary Duane, 109, 471 Muyfield, Karen Alice, 130, 406 Mayfield, Ronald G., 72 Mayo, James Boyd, 92, 429 Mayo, Patrick Manning, 469 Mayo, Robert Dale, 109 Mays, Thomas Lawrence, 130, 479 Mazzanti, Jim, 130 McAdams, Sandra Gail, 72, 443 McAlister, Jerry Paul, 109, 477 McAllister, Janet V., 109, 431 McAllister. Margaret, 109, 438 McAllister, Robert L., 93 McAninch, Jerry B., 130 McAnich, illiam S., 65 Mi- Bride, Jack e Lee., 130, HI McBurnett. James L, 72 McCain, JoAnn, 109 McCalla, John Howard, 93, 471 McCann, Robert R., 93, 465 McCarley, Robert E.. 72, 479 McCarroll, Russel, 130, 434 McCartney, Glenda C., 72, 399 McCarty, Marsha Lou, 130. 414 McCaughan, Betty Lynn, 130, 403 McClaran, Edward Mack, 130, 469 McClellan, George. 130, 434 McCleskey, W. C, Jr., 130, 431 McClure, James, 93 Mclure, John Dennis, 130. 431 McCollum, Norma Jean, 130, 403 McConnell, George L., 72 McConnell, John D., 93. 477 McConnell, Judy Ann, 109 McConnell, Linda Kay, 130, 414 McCord, Larry Reed, 55 McCorkindale. R. W., 55 McCorkle, David Allen, 72, 425 McCorkle, Edward W., 93, 473 McCormu k, Anita D., 130, 403 McCormick, Karen Sue, 93 McCoy, Carolyn Sue, 130 McCoy, Mary Carol, 130. 414 McCoy, Patricia Ann, 72, 417 McCoy, Ronald Thomas. 93 McCraney, Lorraine, 109, 399 McCray, Sheila Ann, 72, 406 McCrea, Edsel Warren, 93 McCreight. Patricia, 72, 445 McCreight, Flo Michele, 72, 449 McCulley, Arvil E., 93, 429 McCulloch, Fenner L., 93 McCulloch, Linda C., 109 McCurry, Marsha Jean, 131, 414 McDaniel, Bobby Ray, 131, 479 McDaniel, Donell L., 93 McDaniel. John Louis, 93, 429 McDaniel, Judith C., 109, 110 McDaniel, Martha Ann, 131, 403 McDonald, Cecil D., 109, 425 McDonald. Fred Tucker, 109 McDonald, Ginger Kaye, 131, 414 McDonald, James E., II, 93, 473 McDonald, James S., Jr.. 109 McDonald, Jean Ann, 93, 406 McDonald, Jeral Van, 131 McDonald, Jerry T., 93 McDonald. John C., 131, 469 McDonald, Lynn E.. 109, 449 McDonald, Sharon Sue, 72, 451 McDougal, Micky Royce, 131, 422 McDougall. Richard D., 131, 477 McElroy, Bert F., Jr., 131, 424 McElroy, Suzanne, 109, 445 McEIvaney. Seth H., 93. 422 McEwen, James A., 109, 483 McFadden, Suzanne, 93, 403 McFarland Dickie J. 93 441 McFarland John D. 109 McFerran Joann, 131 NATIONAL BANK OF EL DORADO 509 McGary, Jerry Linton, 93 McGee, Andrew R., Jr., 131 422 McGee Catherine, 93 445 McGehee, Edward P. 131, 475 McGehee Joanna, 93 403 McGeorge, William S., 72, 473 McGill, Edward M., Jr., 72 McGough, Virgil R., Jr., 72 McGowan, Margaret Ann, 131, 403 McGrew, Larry D., 131 McGuire, Rodney Lynn, 109, 425 McHale, Thomas R., 72 McHughes, Joshua, 55 Mclnnis, Barbara Ann, 93, 399 Mclntosh, Butser A., 109 McKay, Charles David, 55 McKenney, Samuel R., 72 McKennon, Marsha Ann, 131, 403 McKenzie, Mary K., 109, 406 McKibben, Nancy Ellen, 109, 399 McKinley, James M.. 131, 422 McKinney, Mearl R., 93 McKissic, Freda C., 109 McKissick, W. T., Jr., 109, 434 McKnelly, Philip K., 93 McKown, Stephen John, 109 McKown, Cynthia Lou, 109 McKuin, Barry Lynn. 93, 473 McLain, James Russell, 93, 426 McLaine, Lovick P., 52 McClarty, Thomas F., 131, 475 McLean. William A., 93, 471 McLelland, Robert, Jr., 72 McLemore Sally F., 93, 407 McLendon. Phillip L., 73, 447 McLeod, Madelyn, 131, 403 McMaster, John D., 109, 427 McMillan, Susan Lee, 109, 485 McMillin, Frank Cox, 109, 477 McMinn, Jerry Herman, 131, 434 McMoran William D., 73, 485 McMurtrey, Richard G., 73 McNair, Nancy Jeane, 131, 403 McMullen, Michael E., 131, 434 MciNulty, Jack Allison, 109, 473 McNulty, Janelle, 131,403 McNutt, David Lee, 93, 483 McRae, Duncan C., 109, 473 McShan, Mickey Paul, 110, 431 McShane, Mary E., 109, 449 McSpadden, Ellen Raye, 109, 443 McSwain, George O., 93, 427 McSwain, Kenneth W., 73 Me Waters, Maragaret W.. 109, 445 McWilliams, John W., 73 McWilliams, Sydney J., 131, 429 Mead, Sandra Wynn, 73, 451 Meade, Donald Leroy, 109 Meador, John E., Jr., 73, 477 Meador. Robert M., 131, 434 Meadows, Jack E., Jr., 109, 471 Meadows, Mary Helen, 93, 441 Means Beverly Sue, 131, 414 Means, Billye Regina, 109, 445 Mease, Russell Scott, 109, 477 Measles, Janice C.. 131, 414 Measles, Mary K., 131, 414 Meason, John L., 52 MEDICAL CENTER, 38 Medley, Lauren L. Jr., 109 Medlin, Jerry Wayne, 93, 485 Meehan, Edward Henry, 73 Meek, Elizabeth M., 131. 403 Meek, Sally Jane, 93, 410 Meek, Melinda, 73 Meenen, Kent Laurence. 110 Meister, Rosemary, 131, 403 Melbourn, Marilyn, 131, 403 Melkovitz, Joseph B., 131, 434 Melton, Geneva Louise, 93, 407 Melton, Hugh Allen, 131, 434 Melton, Oscar James, 93, 434 Menhart, Carl Frank, 110, 424 MEN ' S COUNCILING STAFF, 378 MEN ' S INTERHALL CON- GRESS, 419 MEN ' S SOPHOMORE COUN- CIL, 380 Mercing, Terry Lee. 131, 434 Meredith, J. Conley, 110, 422 Merrifield, Martha E., 131, 403 Merritt, Thomas David, 73 Metcalf, Susan Leah, 131, 403 Methvin, James Cannon, 73 Meyer, Alvin Reynold, 110, 475 Meyer, Harold Gene, 131 Meyer, Judy Lynne, 131, 414 Meyer, Larry Wayne, 55 Meyer, Peggy Sue, 93, 439 Meyer, Robert Lee, 93 Meyer, Shirley Ann, 73, 451 Meyers, William J., 93 Michel, Karen Elaine, 110, 410 Mikles, Jacob P., 131, 465 Milam, Carol Ann, 131, 403 Miles, Dalla Ds., Jr., 131, 469 Miles Jim Baxter. 110 Miles, Marlene Martha, 93, 407 Miley, Carroll A. P., 110 Miley, Jerry Leon, 52 Millard, Thomas T.. 73 Millen. Sandra Ruth, 73, 441 Miller, Alexander F., 131, 469 Miller, Cloyce Harold. 93 Miller, Donald Gene, 110, 434 Miller, Donna Raye, 73 Miller, Dorothy J., 110. 407 Miller, Franky, 131, 434 Miller, James Hugh, 131, 434 Miller. Jerry Lee, 93 Miller, Karen, 110, 410 Miller, Lloyd Henry, 110 Miller, Martha Jean, 110, 417 Miller. Michael Dale, 110, 469 Miller, Stephen F., 73 Miller, William Frank, 73 Mills, Jackie Ray, 132 Mills, Jimmy Lynn, 132 Mills, Winifred, 132, 414 Milnamow, Richard B., 73 Miner, Barbara Ann, 73 Miner, Lewis " uane, 110 Miner, Marian ' rie. 132 Miner, Quinton wayne, 73 Minor, Deborah Merle, 132, 414 Mires, Grace Ann, 110, 443 Misenheimer, Barbara, 110 Mitcham. Robert Max, 110, 475 Mitchell, Joan E., 110, 407 Mitchell, John Tale, 132 Mitchell, L. D., Jr., 110 Mitchell. Pamela A., 93 Mittelstaedt, Carol A., 132, 414 Mittelstaedt, James S., 73, 429 Mixon, Kathy Amanda, 110. 417 Mizell, James Richard, 132, 427 Moats, Elisabeth Ann, 110, 439 Mobbs, Melvin Farris, 73 Mobley, Don Dwight, 73 Mock, Gail Lois, 132, 414 Moldenhauer, Larry E., 132, 434 Moles. Joe Patrick, 132, 434 Moles, John Michael, 132, 434 Montague, Freeda Y., 132 Montgomery, Jim R., 132, 422 Montgomery. Melvin B., 93 Montgomery, Thomas G., 132, 467 Moody, Alicia, 110 Moody, ames Lester, 93 Moon, Crystal Ann. 132 Moore, Alan Futrell, 132, 459 Moore. Boyce Freeman, 52 Moore, Charles Edward, 93 Moore. Charlie K., 93 Moore, Cheryl Elaine, 110, 454 Moore, Christopher E., 110 ' Oldest Bank in Arkansas ' Serving Faculty and Students for 95 Years -k Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation k Three Convenient Locations Main Bank on the Square Drive-In Branch on Highway 71 North Drive-In Branch on Block and Meadow Streets 510 Moore, Davida Corrine, 93, 407 Moore, Dennis Fay, 132, 434 Moore, Deane Thomas, 73 Moore, Elizabeth U., 93, 451 Moore, Garland F., 93 Moore, Henry Clay, 52 Moore, Jack Dorwin, 73 Moore, James F., 73 Moore, Joe L., 131, 465 Moore, Larry Mitchell, 131 Moore, Lloyd. 93, 431 Moore Lloyd. 93, 431 Moore, Lynn Adelle, 131, 414 Moore, Marilyn J.. 131, 414 Moore, Micholas K., Jr., 73 Moore Sandra Kay, 110, 454 Moore, Sharon Merren. 73, 447 Moore, Stanley Ray, 110 Moore, Thomas S., Jr., 52 Moore Wayne Thomas, 110. 475 Moorehead, Beverly J., 131, 414 Morace Ernest H., 131, 434 Moran, Shelly Anne M.. 110 Moreland, Walter C., 110, 429 Morgan, Ann Elizabeth, 73, 410 Morgan Charles D.. Jr., 73 Morgan. Herbert N., 73 Morgan, Jack Clark, 110, 424 Morgan, James H.. Jr.. 93 Morgan. James Lee, 73, 434 Morgan, Janice H. 73 Morgan, Joyce P.. 110, 407 Morgan, Karen Ann, 110, 410 Morgan, Louis Warren, 73, 475 Morgan. Sylvia Ann, 131. 403 Moring, John Michael 131, 434 Morris Edward S., Jr., 93, 481 Morris. Harvey Claude, 73 Morris. Henry Carol, 55 Morris, Marilyn Sue. 52 Morris, Mary Estell, 73, 447 Morrison. Harrison L., 93 Morrison. James D., 131, 431 Morrison, Michael R., 131 479 Morrison, Richard U., 131, 423 Morriss, Philip John, 93 Morriss, Suzanne L., 131, 414 Morse, Mary Ann, 73 Mortensen, Gary Lee, 131 Morton, Constance E., 131, 403 Moseley, James S., Ill, 93 Mosey, Judith Ann, 110, 410 Mosier, Lucy Mae, 73, 407 Mosier, Thelma Jo, 110, 445 Mosley. Kathryn E., 110, 443 Mosley, Susan Page, 131, 414 Mosley, Susanna Maria, 110, 407 Moss, Martina Sue, 93, 451 Moss, Olender Howton,,110, 467 Moss, Ted Alfred, 131, 423 Moss, William Ellis, 131, 434 Motley, George Ronald, 52 Molt, Gordon Boler, 73, 473 Mout, Edward J., Ill, 110 Mouton, Agnes Marie, 73, 443 Mullens, Jerell Lynn, 52. 481 Muller, Judy Nell, 131, 403 Mullins, C. Allen, 73 Mulling, Carolyn J., 93. 443 Mullins, Derrel Wayne, 73 Munday, Ralph Leslie, 110, 457 Mundwiller, Orlando J., 55 Mundy. Rodney Joe, 131 Munnerlyn. Jane Ann, 131, 414 Murphy. ' Margaret A., 131, 403 Murphy, Patricia Lee, 131, 414 Murphy. Randy George, 131, 423 Murphy, Thomas M., 73, 471 Murphy. Wade Lee, 93 Murtishaw, Roy Allen, 73, 469 Musgrave, Suzanne Fay. 132, 103 Musick, Tommy Edward, 110, 471 Myers, Cheryl Jo, 110 Myers, George M., 132, 434 Myers. James Russell, 93, 457 Myers, Jay Frank, 74 Myers, Madeleine Ruth. 132. 403 Myers, Nancy Virginia, 110, 417 N Nahmad, Morris H., 74 Nakamura, Ted Kazuo, 93, 427 Nail, Larry Alden, 93 Nance, Sherra Lynn, 74, 407 Nanney, Jerry Pat, 93 Narisi, Kathy Louise, 93, 454 Naron, Lamar E., Jr., 110 Nash, Jimmy Roger, 110 Nash, Linda Lorraine. 132, 403 Nash, Noel Gordon Jr., 93, 173 Nash, Sybil Frances, 110, 407 NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS, 380 Nau, Cheryl Lavonne, 110, 445 Nauman, Charles H., 52 Nave, Phillippe David, 74 Neal, Ann Louise, 93 Neal, Joseph Charles, 132, 434 Neal, Karen Kay, 74 Neeley, Charles Mack, 74 Neighbors, Robert L., 74, 471 Neill. Ruth Ann, 132, 414 Neill, William H., Jr., 74 Nelle, Mary ' Margaret, 74, 147 Nelson, David Edmon, 132, 457 Nelson. Glynda V., 132, 403 Nelson, Gustavo A., 110, 469 Nelson, Jane Lizabeth, 132, 403 Nelson, Mary Jo, 74, 414 Neu. Kathleen Kay, 132, 414 Neuberger, Jean E., 132, 423 Neunherz, Edward Neil, 110, 430 New, Adonna Kaye, 93, 454 Newcomb. Larry Clell, 110, 429 Newman, David Eugene, 74 Newman, Donald Glenn, 132 Newman, Joe W., 132, 434 Newman, Marshall Roy, 110 Newman. Robert Eugene, 52 NEWMAN CLUB, 380 Newsom, Edwin George, 132, ' 134 Newsoin, Marsha Lynne, 110, M9 Newsom, Philip, 110, 426 Newsum, Jon K., 93, 475 Newton, Audrey Ann, 110, 454 Newton, Jamie E.. 132, 403 Newton, Jeff Davis, 132, 423 Newton, Lynn Aida, 93, 410 Newton, Mary Helen, 74, 443 Newton, Thomas Oliver, 132, 1.V1 Newton, Wayne Moore, 110 Newton, William S., Jr.. 132, 123 Newton, Wood Arnold, 132, 434 Newton, G. Andrew, Jr., 132 Nicholas, Jerry Lou. 132, 403 Nichols, Mildred P., 132, 414 Nichols, Patricia D., 93, 441 Nichols, Patrick A., 92 Nichols. Richard M., 93 Nichols, Robert Deno, 110, 131 Nichols, Ted Bryan, 55 Nickell, Paula Kay, 110, 417 Nickels, Nancy Sue. 93, 451 Nickerson. James E., 110 Nickles, Lonnis Joe, 94 Niemet, Michael Kay, 132, 434 Niesen, Gail Ann. 132, 415 Nipps, Jimmy Hollis, 74 Nivem, James Alpheus, 94 Nix, Douglas Daniel, 132, 423 Nixon, Cheryl Lynne. 94, 454 Nixon, Dale Bruce, 132, 434 Noble, Martha Louise. 132, 115 Noble, Ronald Wayne, 94. 427 Nobles, Howard Arthur, 74, 457 Nodler. Sue Carole, 110. 410 Noe, Sharon Lee. 407 Noland. Jerry Gale, 94 Noon, Frances Jane, 132, 403 Nooner. Dayton Odell, 132. 423 Norcross. Joe Charles, 74 FAYETTEVILLE GLASS COMPANY Plate glass Mirrors ' call us for quick dependable glass service ' Arkansas festern Gas Company " Helping Build North and West Arkansas " 511 iNorlleet, Suzanne E., 94, 4 51 Norman, Mitchell D., 132, 423 Norrell, Gordon C., 427 Norrell, Joseph I... 132, 434 Norris, Alyce Susanne, 74, 433 Northcutt, Nancy Gaye, 132, 403 Northern, Dalton L., 132, 431 Norton, Carol Jane, 110, 410 Norton, Jennie Sue, 94, 439 Norton, Michael John. 132, 423 Norton, Thomas Gray, 110 Norvell, Donald Wayne, 52 Norwood, Brenda Joyce, 132 Norwood, David Allen, 110 Norwood. Vicki J., 132, 415 Nowell, John Michael, 132, 434 Nowell, Judith Ann, 132, 115 Nowell, Patrick Wm., 110 Nowlin, Billy Wayne, 94 Nowlin, Joseph Edwin, 110, 477 Nowlin, Robert Edger, 94, 477 Nutt, Judith Anna, 52. 403 o Oakes, Patricia Kay, 94, 407 Gates, Randolph Lee, 74 Obar, Billy Dean, 110. 459 Oberley, Tommie Ann, 132, 403 Odom, Regina Ann, 132 Ofiel, Hugh Edwin, 132. 423 Ogden, Carolyn E., 110, 447 Ogden, Charles Edward, 110, 48i Ogden, Kathleen Anne. 132, -103 Ogden , Thomas Roy, 110 Ogle, Carolyn Sue, 132, 415 Oglesby, Dalmon Scott, 132, 434 Oglesby. Rhonda Lee, 132, 410 Oishi, Hiroshi, 52 Oishi, Hiros hi, 74 Oishi, Tetsumi, 110 Oldham, Sandra Jean, 132, 404 Oliver, Christine Lee, 132, 404 Oliver, Lawrence R., 52, 459 Olivera, Michael Roy, 94 OJlar, Paul Wyane, 110 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, 382 Oneal, James A.. Jr., 132, 423 Oneal, Pamela Kaye, 132, 403 Orenbaun, William, L., 132, 434 Orintas, Judy Brown, 74 Orintas, Richard J., 74 Orler, Jerry Don, 74 Orler, Kathryn M., 74 O ' Rourke, Carol M., 410, 441 Orr, Frances Ann, 94, 410 Orr, William S., 132, 434 Orsburn, Cecillia L.. 74, 445 Orsini, David A., 94 Orsini, Edmund N., 52 Orsini, Sandra Wheat, 74 Ortiz, Myrna Zoraida, 132. 415 Osborn, Merrill Mack, 94 Osborne, Lynn, 94 Osborne, Kenneth R., 74, 471 Osmon. Paul Lloyd, 94, 429 Ostner, Catherine L., 74, 449 Ott, Jerry K., 75 Otwell, Richard Larry, 132, 423 Ouellette, Dave Lloyd, 132 Owen, Charles Callis, 75 Owen, Dale Calvert, 132 Owen, Ray, Jr., 94, 467 Owens. Charles B., Jr., 75, 473 Owens. James Lester, 132 Owens, James Newell, 132, 434 Owens, James Oral, 133, 434 Owens, James Ray. 133, 434 Owens, Janet Lynn, 75, 454 Owens, Sammy Lew, 94 Owens, William Russ, 94 Ownbey, Mary Gale, 75 Pace, James Jarboe, 75, 469 Pace, Johnnie Rebecca, 133 415 Pack, Alan Dee, 133, 423 Paddock, George Owen, 111, 434 Page, Clyde Randolph, 111 Page, Dana Alan, 133 Paladino, Danny Allan, 94 Palm, Anna Louise, 133 Palmer, Amos Earl, 133 Palmer, Diane, 94, 443 Palmer, Frederick M., 133, 434 Palmer, Glennard Dean, 94, 430 Palmer, Russell Roy, 94 Palsa, Elsie Jane. 75, 451 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, 454 Papini, Penn Earl, 133, 423 Papp, Sandor Dean, 133, 434 Parham. David H., Ill, 478 Parish, Gwenlyn Ann, 133, 407 Park, Linda Susan, 75, 417 Park, Sam Hugh, 55, 457 Parker, Diann, 133, 415 Parker. Jerry Lee, 133, 415 Parker. John Tiley, 133, 457 Parker. Karolyn Kay, 133, 415 Parker, R. Charles, 74 Parker. Ruth Ada, 94, 411 Parkhill. Betty Ruth, 133, 404 Parkin, Carol, 133, 415 Parks, Freddie Gary, 133, 434 Parks, Kenneth Thomas, 133 Parks. Nancy Jean, 111, 443 Parlin, Edward W.. Jr., 94, 465 Parnell, Clyde Floyd, 133, 434 Parnham, Sandra Lea. 133, 415 Parr, Jimmy V., 52 Parsley, Charles S., 133, 423 Parson, Jamie Sue, 133. 404 Parsons, Robert D., 94 Paschal, Paulena Ann, 111, 439 Pasley, Larry Ray, 111, 427 Pate, Diana Marie, 133, 407 Patrick, Donald Dean, 133, 434 Patterson, C. T., 94 Patterson, Gordon, 75 Patterson, Helen S., 94, 451 Patterson, James C., 94 Patterson, Jerry Dean, 94 Patterson, John S., Ill, 469 Patterson, Patricia, 111, 449 Patterson, William K., 133 Pahillo, Donny Hudson, 94 Patton, Delmar Keith, 94 Patton, George Lee, 133, 435 Patton, John Edward, 75 Paul, Othelia Daniel, 75 Paulk, Jan Nugent, 94, 451 Pautsky, Sharon Ann, 133, 415 Payne, Gerald L., Jr., 75 Payne, Marcia Sue, 111, 441 Payne, Paul R., 75 Payne. Sharon E., 94, 447 Payton, Donna Jean, 75, 441 Peacock, Robert Max, 133, 435 Pearce. Marcie A., Ill, 443 Pearcy, William 0., Jr., 75 Pearson, Shearon C., 75 Pearson, Sonny Wayne, 52 Peck, Julia Burton, 75,451 Peck, Richard W., II, 94, 457 Peek, Frank Willard, 52 Peek, Russell Chris, 111, 167 Peel, John Terry, 75 Pefferkorn, George W., 75 Pehosh, Michael C., 94 Pelt, Jimmy Tom. Ill Pembeiton, John Wm., 94, 481 PEM CLUB, 382 Penagn , Hugo, 111 Pence, Richard M., 75, 451 Pendergrass, M. Lee, 133, 423 Pendergrass. Penny L., 133, 415 PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency Open 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. 7 days a week fountain service cosmetics magazines complete tobacco department Ample Free Parking 624 West Dickson HI 2-6216 Fayetteville, Ark. A BOON FOR ARKANSAS Under the leadership of J. Rober f Welsh, president of Southwestern Electric Power Company the inter- nationally sponsored $25,000,000 Southwest Nuclear Research Center was located in Northwest Arkansas near Fayetteville. Research is an important part o f South western ' s pro- gram of providing efficient electric service for pro- gress. It helps keep the cost of electric service down. It helps provide new busine { or more job? for better living, SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY A tax-paying, investor-owned electric utility 512 Pendergrass, V. Frank, 133, 467 Pendleton, Lawrence, 133, 471 Pendleton, Patrick E., 94, 429 Penick, Edward Al., Jr., 75, 475 Penick, Giles Albert, 133, 475 Penn, Joseph B., Jr., 133, 435 Penn, Alary Lou, 133, 425 Pennington Elmer J., 133, 435 Perkins, Larry Don, 133 Perry, Ann Carol, 133, 415 Perry, Bob Alan, 94, 465 Perry, Constance L., 133, 415 Perry, James Robert, 94 Perry, Jerry Leslie, 111 Perry ' , John W., 75 Perry, Phillip Andrew, 133, 435 Perry, Rosalie Sandra, 111 Perry, Sallie Jane, 111 Perryman, Charles D., Ill Perrynan, Patricia A., 133, 415 PERSHING RIFLES, 341 Persing, Patricia A., 133, 415 Peterson, Betsy Beth, 133, 415 Peterson, Richard B., 133 Peterson, Victor Lee, 133, 423 Pettit, Donald Lewis, 133, 435 Pettit, Patricia Ann, 133, 404 Pettus, Ellis Lamar, 111, 435 Petty, Allen G., 55 Petty, Dennis Clark, 75 Petty, James Guy, 75, 457 Petty, Rebecca Lynn, 133, 415 Pharis, Peggy Ann, 111, 399 Pharr, Lawrence Dale, 52 Phelps, Barbara A., Ill, 451 Phelps, Frank J., 94 Phelps, Judy Marie, 75, 399 Phelps, Madeline Sue, 111, 410 Phelps. Susan Jane, 111, 407 PHI DELTA THETA, 469 PHI ETA SIGMA, 382 PHI UPSILON OA1ICRON, 384 Phillips, Donald E., 94, 423 Phillips, Harold H., 94, 457 Phillips, Jaiu-t Sue, 133, 415 Phillip-, John F., 133, 423 Phillips, Larry Davis, 133, 435 Phillips, Pamela Kae, 75, 407 Phillips, Paul Edward, 133 Phipps, Jephrey Ann, 75, 443 PI BETA PHI, 451 PI KAPPA ALPHA, 470 PI AIL EPSILON, 384 PI TAL SIGMA, 384 Pich, George Gene, 75 Pickens, Asa Gene, Jr., Ill, 429 Pickens, Rebecca Jane, 133, 404 Pickering, Daniel F., 294 Pickering, Judith Ann, 75, 399 Pierce, Donna Ann, 111, 410 Pierce, James Steele, 133 Pierce, Michael, 55 Piercy, Tommy Frank, 94 Pike, Howard E., Ill, 133, 435 Pile, Cainille, Lierly, 94 Pile, Philip Harvey, 133 Pile, Stephen Cline, 94 Pilkinton, Tena L., 94, 410 Pillow, Larry Odus, 133, 435 Pinkley, Diane, 133, 404 Pinson. Jerry Dean, 55 Pinson, Johanna, 75, 449 Pipkin, Daniel Jacob, 76 Pirinen, Anja, 55, 399 Pirtle, Woodrow T., Jr., 94, 475 Pittman, Martin R., 111,478 Pittman. William E., 133, 435 Pittman, William Ras, 111, 423 Pitts, Edgar C., Jr., 76 Plafcan, Phyllis Sue, 111, 410 Pledger. Linda Joyce, 111, 407 Ploog, Klaus, 55 Plumlee. Larry James, 111, 426 Plummer, Gary Dale, 133, 423 Plummer, Jackie Al., Ill Plunkett, Harold E., Ill Pockrus, Sylvia P., 111,447 Poe, Cordelia Sue, 133 Fayetteville Building and Loan Association " Insured Savings and Home Loans " Fayetteville, Arkansas 201 North East Street Telephone HI 3-4364 FAYETTEVILLE MILK COMPANY Homogenized Milk and Cream SAFE PURE RICH " A Home Owned Institution " 330 N. West Street Telephone 2-4162 Fayetteville, Arkansas S H Green Stamps ORDER YOUR RING NOW! J J MARK OF THE WORLDS FINEST SCHOOL RIN3S i lnderwooa. 6 the most respected symbol of your educational achievement. erwoo 623 W. Dickson Fayetteville, Arkansas 513 Poe, John Nathan, 94, 430 Poe, Richard Wagnon, 94 Poindexter, John B., Ill Poindexter, Larry E., 133, 423 Polk, Anna Mae S., 111,451 Polk, Darryl Ray, 111 Polk, Mary Kaye, 111, 410 Polk, William Allen, 133, 423 Pollard, Garvis M., Jr., 94, 473 Pomfret, Allison F., 133, 404 Pom fret, Cara Ann, 111, 399 Pomfret, James E., Ill, 133, 423 Pomfret Marguerite K., 94, 443 Pond, Kirk Patrick, 94, 467 Ponder, Andrew Gant, 133, 465 Ponder, Gerald Ashton, 111, 477 Pool, Richard W., 55 Poole, David Lee, 111 Poole, James Chris, 133, 423 Poole, Joe Bob, 76 Poore, Kenneth Wayne, 111 Pope, Eugenia Alice, 76 Pope, Genevieve K., 76 Pope, Patricia Anne, 133, 407 Pope, Patricia Helen, 134, 415 Pope, Tommy Dan, 76 Porter, Delbert E., 94 Porter, James Robert, 134, 465 Porter, John W., 94 Porter, Kay Lyn, 111 445 Porter, Robert H., 76 Porter, Travis Ward, 134, 423 Portis, Ernest B., Ill, 465 Post, Jerry ' Clark, 94, 435 Post, Larry Stephen, 134, 435 Potter, Charles A., 55 Potter, Lawerence, Jr., 76 Pottorff, Mary 0., 76, 447 Potts, Jerry Lynn, 134, 423 Powell, Chayta Lynn, 134, 404 Powell, Edward J., 134, 423 Powell, Elizabeth Ann, 76, 407 Powell, Lottie Jean, 134 Powell, Rebecca Ann, 111, 454 Powell, Vicki Lynn, 94, 445 Powles, Marvin T., Ill Poynor, Charles M., 134, 423 Poynor, Mary Linda, 134, 415 Pratt, Helen Frances, 76 Preefer, Jay Charles, 134, 423 Preefer, Richard R., 134, 423 PRESS CLUB, 386 Presser, Steve Lee, 94, 426 Preston, William Drew, 76 PREVIEW, 330 Prewitt, C. R. Jr., 94, 473 Price, Barrie Jo, 134, 411 Price, David William, 134, 435 Price, Gregory D-, 94 Price, Jack Neil, 95 Price, Jack Randall, 95, 430 Price, James Ray, 111, 435 Price, Jim Samuel, Jr., Ill, 431 Price, Kathryn H., Ill, 410 Price, Thomas R., 76 Price, Timothy N. 95, 425 Prickett, Sandra K., Ill, 441 Pride, Jeff, Jr., 76, 423 Priede, Donna Carlene, 95 411 Priest, Walter Lipsey, 111, 477 Prince, Cecil Don, 76, 467 Pritchard, Thomas A., 134, 435 Pritchett, Daniel B., 95, 465 Pritchett, Jacklynn, 133 Probasco, Samuel R., 134, 435 Probst, Max John, 55 Proctor, Douglas E., 76 Proctor, Richard Lee, 95, 483 Proffitt, Ronnie Joe, 95, 426 Proffitt, Sharon Kaye, 134 Provin, Carole Anne, 95 Provin, William E., [I, 95 Provine, Patricia Ann, 111, 449 Pruitt, Jerry Damond, 95 Pryor, Marilyn Marie, 95, 415 PSI CHI, 386 Puchta, Joan Sharon, 76, 449 Puckett, Dan W., 76, 424 Fuji Pugb Puli Pull Pulli Plllll Pulii Pulu PurJ Pun) Pun Purr Pun Purt PUP Puin Nil P)l We Pir- hn AAA Town House Motel AAA 24 units with Room Phones and Free TV wall to wall carpeting Air Conditioning Ceramic Tile Baths Tub and Shower Two Blocks from Downtown On Highway 71 Phone HI 2-5307 Fayetteville, Arkansas KELLEY BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY Kelley For Kwality Serving Northwest Arkansas Since 1921 Wholesale and Retail Building Materials FAYETTEVILLE Fayettevi lie ' s Leading Furniture and Hardware Store LEWIS BROTHERS 1 S. Block Phone 2-8246 514 Hugh, Evan Larry, 111,475 Pugh, James Roy, Jr., 134, 435 Pullen Donald Cue, 95 Pullen, Karen Ann, 111 Pullen, Rosemary, 13t, 404 Pulley, Kimherly Ann, 134, 415 Pulliam, Janet Lynn, 134, 415 Pull , Anthony Frank, 111, 471 Purdy, Damn Ray, 95 Punly, Linda Lee, 76, 441 Purifoy, James T., 95 Purnell, John A., 95 Purnell, Lake Tina, 111, 407 Purtle. David Sidney, 95 Purves, Barbara Lynne, 111, 410 Putman, Pamela Marc, 134, 404 Pyland, Joe Marion, Jr., 95, 467 Pyle Chester Leroy, 95 Pyle, Frankie Ray. 76, 459 Pyron, Carolyn Morgan, 95 P ron, David Kent, 95 Oualls, Carolyn Sue. 52 (.hialtrough, Ann, 95, 441 Ouickel, Michael M., 76 Quimy, Cecile J., Ill, 399 Quinn, Janice Carrol, 76, 449 R Raabe. Charles Oliver, 134, 423 Racier. Robert Lee, 76, 478 Raff, Kathleen Jo, 95, 451 Kagun, Sharon Harvie, 111 Ragland Carl Edward, 134, 463 Rutland. Martha Lee, 76 Ragland, William W., 76 Rabin, William Tell, 76, 429 KaibJe, Francis John, 111 Rainwater, Hobby G., 76, 423 Rainwater, Gary D., 76 Rakes, Thomas Denton, 111, 423 Ralston. Susan E., 134, 415 Ramsey, Ralph R., 112,427 Rand, James David, 95 Rand, Patricia Louise, 134, 404 Randle, Jo Lynn, 111,454 Raney, Charles R., 134, 461 Ranglack, David, 134, 435 Rankin, Glenna Jean, 134, 404 Ransom, Dan Oscar, 76 Raper, Robert Ray, 76 Rasch, William A., 134, 423 Rash, Robert W., Jr., 112 Ranch. James 0., 112 Ruwlings, Patricia A., 112 Ray, Carolyn Ann, 112 Ray, Danny Leon, 76 Ray, Herbert Lynn, 55 Ray, Martha Ann, 77, 410 Ray, Paul Richard, Jr., 95, 473 Ray. Ralph Edward, Jr., 134 Raymond Rosemary, 134 RAZORBACK HALL, 411 RAZOR It CK STAFF. 316 Rea. rummy White, 134 Rea. William Conway, 112, 477 Read, Donna Jane, 112, 454 Reader, Maribeth, 95, 407 Reagor, Ben Franklin, 134, 432 Reames, Carla Marie. 112, 407 Reasnner, Stephen M., 95, 476 Reaves. John Barry, 95, 476 Rebsamen, Cruitt Beem, 134, 423 Rector, Mary Patricia, 134, 415 Redding, Dana Kay, 95, 410 Redfield, John Eric, 112, 457 Reding, David L, 134, 469 Reece, Robert Eugene, 77 Reed, Donald Lee, 77 COLLIER REXALL DRUG STORE 100 West Dickson Shop in our new expanded facilities COLLIER REXALL EAST Highway 16 East The store of convenience FOR FAST SERVICE FOR GOOD FOOD TRY VIC MON WHEELER ' S DRIVE-IN Downtown Dickson WE DELIVER-TELERAY SERVICE DIAL 2-8244 515 Reed, Edward Smith, Jr., 112, 469 Reed, Juanita Gabbard, 95 Reed, Lee Whitlow, 95, 475 Reed, Nancy Tripp, 77, 449 Reed, Robert Paul, 134, 435 Reed, Nona Jo, 134, 415 Reel, Duane Indra, 77 Reeves, Charles El, 135, 423 Reeves, Karen Sue, 134, 413 Reeves, Mike Lynn, 111 Reeves, Sharon Ann, 134, 514 Reeves, Thomas S., Jr., 77 Regan, George Douglas, 112, 435 Regan, Michael J., 52 Reichardt Carolyn A. 134, 415 Reid Chase Savage. 95, 469 Reid, Frederick S., Ill Reid, Gay Robin, 135, 415 Reilly, Lawrence J., Jr., 112, 473 Reinhart, Bill G., 112, 473 Reinheimer, Judith L., 112, 439 Remagen, Lawrence D. ,112 Remke, Richard D., 95, 467 Remmarck. Karen Jane, 112, 443 Renfro Thomas Ray, 95 Renshaw, Donald Keith, 95 Reynolds, Bonnie Lee, 112, 417 Reynolds, Dina Carol, 95, 407 Reynolds, James John, 95, 467 RESIDENCE HALLS. 396 Reynolds, Richard R., 112, 430 Reynolds. Sara Sue, 112, 447 Rhoden, Harold Hugh, 77, 469 Rhodes, Jane Carolyn, 112, 451 Rhodes, Jimmy Allen, 95 Rhodes. Jimmy Dale, 112 Rhodes, Mary, 135, 404 Rhodes. Robert H., 95, 459 Rial, Samuel C., Jr., 135, 410 Rice, Bob Joe, 77 Rice, Darrel Alan. 134 435 Rice, Herschel F., 135, 435 Rice, James Fred, 112 Rice, John Donhara, 112, 471 Richards, Elizabeth H., 135, 404 Richards, Marsha J., 95, 449 Richards, Sharon A., 95, 399 Richards, William C, 112, 469 Richardson, Donald D., 95, 429 Richardson, Donald S., 135, 413 Richardson, F. T., Jr., 112 Richardson, Ross P., 135, 423 Richey, Denise Merle, 134 Richter, Linda Kaye, 112, 411 Rickard, Curtis Evans, 55 Riddle, Roy Thomas, 95 Ridenour, Garland Q., 77, 431 Ridley, Susan J., 134, 404 Riggs, David Richard, 77 Rike, Charlotte A., 53 Riley, Barbara E., 95, 407 Riley, Bill Jr., Ill Riley, Carol Ann, 134 Riley, Mary Ellen, 77, 407 Rimbey, Elizabeth Ann, 135, 415 Rippee, Robert R., 95 Rippy, Darrell Victor, 112, 435 Risher, Thomas P., 135, 435 Risser, John Stanton, 135, 435 Ritchey, Cloyse A., 95, 478 Ritchie, Malcolm E., Jr., 134, 423 Rivers, Rebecca, 135, 415 Koachell, Richard W., 135, 423 Rark, David Owen, 95 Roark, Mary Ellen, 135, 415 Robason, Vivian Lee, 95, 410 Robb, Beverly Ann, 135, 415 Robbins, Don James, 95, 427 Robbins, Gene K., 135 Robbins. James W., Ill Robbins, Jerry H., 52 Robbins, Kathryn Ann, 55 Robbins, Raymond B., 52 cca TIAOf.MAUK KEG. U. S fAT. Off, FAYETTEVILLE BOTTLING COMPANY ' BOWL AT THE BEST ' Razorback Lanes and Cue Room 632 W. Dickson Street Fayetteville, Arkansas Phone ' Hillcrest 2-9712 PENNEY ' S Always First Quality! Remember, you can charge it at Penney ' s 516 5,95 -133,415 !. 8.410 i, a ta,5i KB. a NY m Rubbins, Richard Earl, 55, 425 Koberds, James F., 95, 429 Kubeisun, v ienda fva e, 13o, 415 Roberts, Hetty Lou, 112, 445 Huberts, Billie Ann, 112, 451 Huberts, Bruce L, 77 Roberts, IJorthy M., 135, 415 Koberls, franklin, 95 Huberts, George D., 135, 423 Huberts, Hunter Lee, 135, 473 Huberts, Landra Lynn, 95, 430 Hoberts, Larry M., 95, 467 Huberts, Richard Lynn, 135, 435 Huberts, Ronald Elun, 112, 426 Huberts, Samuel Wayne, 77, 427 Huberts, Stephen H., 112, 426 Huberts, Wayne Harry, 77 Rubertsun, Carl B., 77, 465 Robertson, James M., 95, 429 Robertson Larry ' Joe, 135 Robertson, Lura Jean, 135, 415 Hobertsun, M. C., Jr., 77 Hnbertson, Othe Keith, 55 Hubertsun, Rebecca A., 95 Rubertson, Thomas Jr., 77 Rnbertson, Thomas Jr., 77, 465 Robins, Susan, 135, 404 Robinson, Betty Lou, 52 Rnbinsun, Cyrus -Miles, 77 Robinson, Darrell W ' ., 134, 433 Kobinsun, Doris Ann, 135, 410 Robinson, Gary, 134 Robinson, Gary Dean, 112, 430 Robinson, Jerry B., 77, 475 Robinson, Lela Jean, 135, 404 Robinson, Lowry E., 122, 467 Robinson, Margaret W., 77, 449 Robinson, Randall W., 95, 469 Robinson, Rita Jane, 135 Robinson, Ronald A., 77 Robinson, Stanley M., 77 Robralm, Ronald L.. 95 Rnckey, Dunald L., 77, 485 Rodgers, Carole Ann, 35, 415 Rodgers, David Jerome, 135 Roelfs. Pamela J., 112 Rogers, Charles H.. 95, 427 Rogers, Elizabeth Ann, 112, 447 Rogers, Frances Maria, 112, 443 Rogers, Gordon Gray, 112 Rogers. Harold Wesley, 77, 459 Rogers, Henry Lyle, 135, 423 Rogers. J. Maurice, 77 Rogers, Henry N., Ill, 95, 471 Rogers, James Frazier, 77 Rogers, James William, 112 Rogers, Judith C, 95, 441 Rogers, Mabel Faye, 51 Rogers, Marjorie L., 135, 415 Rogers, Mary Beth, 95, 441 Rogers. Paul Lewis. 135 471 Rogers, William J., 112, 477 Rogers, William R., 77 Roller, Robert M., 135, 435 Rollins. Michael, 135, 481 Romero, Carlos Manuel, 55, 483 Roop. Donald William, 77, 426 Roop, Gary Carl, 135 Root, Harriet E., 135 415 Roper. Rohby Sullivan, 85 Roper. Catherine L., 135. 415 Rorie. Frank Daniel. 112. 477 Rose, Andy, 112, 477 Rose. Brehon, 96 Rose, Carl Henry .112 Rose, Claude Fames, 112 Rose, Glenna Jane, 112, 439 Rose, Jannette. 112, 454 Rose, Marylin Ann, 77 Rosenbaum. Gilbert L, 1,35, 435 Rnsenman, Martin F., 53 Roso, Joseph A., Jr., 135 Ross. Billy Elbert, 96, 467 Ross, Edwin Lee, 96. 427 Ross. Harris Edward, 135, 435 Ross, Larry Dean, 96 Ross, Rex Watson, 135, 435 Rosselot. Ralph Dwain. 135, 435 Rotenlierry. Patricia, 78. 410 Rotert. Gary Allen. 96 Ruth, .Nancy iula, 96, 410 Hushing, Kcgina Kae, 53 Rulh, Roland Hay, 78 Hothe, Alary Ellen, 78, 451 Ruthman, Michael Gene, 55 Hothrock, Ernest E., 112 Hothrock, lummy Paul, 112 Kuuse, Geurge Ernest, 78 Rouse, Janet E., 55, 415 House, Joe Philip, 113 Huusseau, Stephen M., 96, 431 Huwan, Mary Patricia, 114, 445 Howe, Charles Clinton, 13 Howe, Dunald Kay, 78 Ruwe, Henry Moss, 96 ' Howe, John Henry, 135 Rowland, Ben D., 55 Rowland, Diane Baker, 53 Rowland, Linda Lou, 113, 445 Rowland, Sally M., 113, 454 Rowland, Thomas H., 113 Rownak, John J., 135,477 Roy, James M., 135, 435 Roy, William Max, 113 Royce, Shirley Sue, 96, 439 Royston, Sharon F., 96, 454 Rozell, Martha Lnu, 96, 417 Rubens, Kent Jay, 135, 423 Ruble, David Ross, 78, 457 Rudder, David Patton, 135, 477 Rudy, Hubert Thumas, 135, 423 Humph, Joe Lyell, 135 Runshang, George E., Jr., 96 Runsick, Jack Michael, 113 Hunyan, Charlotte, 96, 439 Kunyan, Hoy Leon, Jr., 96, 459 Runyon, Robert C., 135, 435 Rupert, Janyce Claire, 113, 445 Rupert, Lauren Parke, 113, 429 Ruple, Steven Duuglas, 113, 429 Rupp, John Edward, 135, 423 Rush, Billy Floyd, 113, 465 Rush, Donald Gene, 113 Rush, James Loyd, 96, 423 Rush, Lajuana June, 135, 404 Russell Charles F., 96, 457 Russell, James C, 96 Russell, Marilyn Lee, 135, 415 Russell. Philip Doyne, 113 Russo, Vincent Hubert, 78, 424 Rutledge, Carl Thomas, % Rutledfje, David Keith, 113, 427 Ryan, Robert Dale, 113 Ribiski, Donna Lynn, 96, 404 Ryles, Gary Wayne, % Sacken, Thomas P., 113, 423 Sae, Lim Vachara, 96 Safley, Judith Ann, 96, 417 Safly, Stephen Eugene, 55 Sale, Susann, 96, 441 Salyars. .launita Sue, 113, 410 Salzman, Michael Glen, 135, 435 Sample, Amelia Ann, 96, 445 Sanders, C. Johnny, 78 Sanders. Everette C., 113 Sellick, Eva Mae, 78 Selph, Roger A., 78 SENIOR CLASS, 56 Serio, Robert Glenn, 113, 430 Sessions. Michael, 136, 423 Setliff, Don Paul, 113, 423 Setser, Linda Jeanne, 136, 415 Setser. Patsy Long, 78 Scwell. June Irene, 78, 441 Sexton. Linda Sue, 113, 443 Seymour. Cassandra A., 136, 415 Shadwirk, Billy M.. 96, 429 Shami. Jamil M., 141 Shane. Janie Ruth, 113,454 Shaner. Jackie F.. 78 Shannon. Ralph T., 55 Shannon. Richard P.. 113,477 Sharp. James Donald. 96 Sharp. Kenneth Ray, 113 Sharp, Larry ' Ronald, 96 Sharp, Ramon David, 78 Sharp, Robert A., Jr., 136, 435 Sharp, Sandra I 1 aye, 136,415 Sharp, Wendell, Uoyce, 136,435 Sharpe, Margaret B., 113, 399 Sliarrah, Paula June, 96 Sharum, Bernard J., 96 Shaver, Dennis Ray, 136, 435 Shaver, Robert Van, 78 459 Shaw, Dennis Dean, 136, 471 Shearer, James Earl, 78, 463 Sheddy, Hubert W., 113, 467 Sheetrum, Betty A., 78, 399 Sanders, James Marvin, 135, 435 Sanders Janice C., 78 Sanders, Jeff Charles, 55 Sanders, Robert W., 135 Sanders, Susan Ann, 113, 410 Sanders, Ted Houston, 78, 471 Sanders, Thomas W., 96 Sanders, Walter W., 96 Sanderson, Gary C., 135, 423 Sanderson, Sue Carol, 55, 407 Sanford, Michael D., 113 Saunders, Homer Lee, 53 Saunders, Joe Thomas, 78, 427 Saunders, Victuria E., 96, 451 Sava, Anthony Joseph, 96 Savage, Richard E., 96 Sawyer, Wuodley F., 113, 424 SCABBARD AND BLADE, 351 Scarborough, Frances, 78 Scarburuugh, W. R., 78 Scarbrough, Susan, 96, 451 Schaaj), Martha Irene, 135, 415 Schandel, Roger Glenn, 135, 423 Scharff, Eduard L., 113 Scheer, Cloyce Wayne, 113, 430 Schisler, Roger Dale, 113, 478 Schmidt, Angela Kay, 135, 410 Schneider, Wava Ann, 135 Schnipper. Diana Dale, 113 Schnipper, Kenneth T., 78 Schoen, David Reed, 113 SCHOLA CANTOHUM, 153 Schrantz, James Lee, 96, 469 Schrantz, Kenneth Jr., 78, 426 Sheets, John Kermit, 78 Shelby. Johnny Lee, 78 Shell, Larry Allen, 78 Shell, Lee Buyd, 113, 429 Shelton, Edward Earl, 96 Shelton, Elizabeth A., 96, 445 Shelton, James Bryant, 78, 423 Shepherd, Frances E., 78, 07 Shepherd, Frances V., 96, 445 Sherland, Mary Sue, 113, 443 Shimek, Michael Wayne, 136, 435 Shipley, Jacqulyne R., 97, 411 Shepp. Ann. 97, 449 Shiras, Edith V., 136415 Shirk, James Edward, 78 SHOAT TEAMS, 304 Shofner, Jon Randall, 136, 435 Shollmier. Harold. D., 136, 469 Shoptaw. James Thomas, 136, 469 Short, Marcia Lynn, 136, 404 Short, Mary Virginia, 97, 451 Shorter, Noland Lee, 79 Shuey, L., 97, 454 Shull, Ralph B., 51 Shultr, Billy Joe, 97, 426 Shitpe. Charles M., 97 Sickel, Susan Marie, 136. 404 Sidler, Paul Davis. 51 Siegenthaler, Mary Jane, 97, 417 Siemon. Diana Lynn, 136, 404 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, 473 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA. 388 SIGMA CHi, 474 SIC MA M ' , 477 SIGMA PHI EPSILON, 478 SIGMA P, 480 Sikes. James Barton. 79. 457 Sikes, Martin Evan. 113. 431 Silver, John Joseph. 113.429 Silvers Dixie Lee. 136. 404 Simard. Julie. 133. 451 Simmons, David Rae, 51 Simmons, Gregory B., 113, 471 Simmons, Mark Charles, 136, 435 Simon, Michael George, 78 Simons, Pamela Sue, 136, 415 Simpson, Charles G., 113, 423 Simpson, Jeanne M., 79, 439 Simpson, John Bennett, 136, 435 Simpson, Melinda Kay, 136 Sims, hnuna Melinda, 136, 415 Sims, Jerry ' lalbut, 113 Sing, Joe Ping, Jr., 113, 481 Sinkola, Dianne Jule, 51 Sisemore, Alta Lea, 136 Sisson, Evelyn Irene, 97, 399 Sittun Harold Ray, 79 Sitton, Jolene, 113, 454 Sivage, iNita Darlene, 136 Skelton, Barbara Lea, 79, 139 Skelton, Joanne W., 97 Skelton, Margaret Lee, 113 Skerczak, William A., 113, 429 Slack, Ray David, Jr., 79 Slater, Robert E., Jr., 113 465 Slater, William A., 136, 479 Slaven, John E., 97 Slaven, Mary K., 113 Slayden, Sally Lynn, 97, 443 Sloan, John Cunie, 136, 475 Sloan, Steven Hollin, 113, 429 Slocuin, Marlin Leon, 79 Small, Paul Lon, 79 Small, Phillip W., 136, 423 Smart, Juhn Thomas, 79 Smead, Anna Fentress, 79, 407 Smead, William J., 113, 477 Smith, Carolyn Diane, 136, 415 Smith, Coella Fern, 79 Smith, Charles Randy, 136, 423 Smith, Charlotte Ann, 136 Smith, Clovis Paula, 79 Smith, David Douglass, 136, 435 Smith, Deboral W., 79, 445 Smith, Denita Dale, 97, 441 Smith Diana Lolet, 97 399 Smith, Dollie Jo, 136, 415 Smith, Donald Howard, 97 Smith, Donald Ragain, 79 Smith, Dorothy Diane, 113, 445 Smith, Douglas Fagan, 79 Smith, Dwight Frank, 136, 435 Smith, Earl Travis, Jr., 136 435 Smith, Electra R., 79 Smith, Fred Vernon, 136, 423 Smith, Frederick H., 136, 132 Smith Frederick M., 79 Smith, Geurge Francis, 79 Smith, Jacqueline D., 113, 443 Smith, James Byrun, 97 Smith, James Howard, 136, 435 Smith, James Kirby, 97 469 Smith James Wilbur 79 430 Smith Jimmie M. 79 Smith John Kenyon 97 Smith, John William 79 Smith Joseph Mike, 79, 435 Smith. Kermit Michael. 136. 435 Smith Larry Ray. 113 Smith. Marsha K., 136, 404 Smith, Marshall R., 136, 435 Smith, Mary Lucille, 136 Smith, Naomi Faye, 97. 410 Smith, Neil Graydon. 97, 429 Smith, Norman Slurphy, 55 Smith, Phillip Dean, 136, 435 Smith, Raymond Lee, 113, 425 Smith. Richard Floyd, 79 Smith, Robert A.. 79 477 Smith. Robert D., 55 Smith. Robert Lynn. 136 Smith. Ronald Douglas. 79, 473 Smith, Ronnie Max. 97. 431 Smith. Sandra E. 79, 399 Smith. Sandra Mary. 97, 451 Smith Sarah Ellen. 136, 415 Smith. Stephen G.. 136. 462 Smith. Stephen W., 51 Smith. Stephen Ward 136. 423 Smith, Suzanne. 97 399 Smith Terry Randal. 136. 477 Smith. Troy Faith. 113. 410 517 Smith Truman Herbhel, 51 Smith, Walter Edward, 97 Smith, Varner Ihomas, 113,426 Smith W illiam Hix, 97 Smith Viima Jean, 113 Smith, Winifred Hoy, 136, 404 Smitherman, Sue Ann, 97 447 Smoot, Robert E. Jr., 113 Smothermon, John L., 136 Snawder, Eugene Hugh, 113, 430 Sneed Fred Douglas, 113 Snider, Thomas Ben, 113, 427 Snow, Jane Ellen, 113 447 Snow Sandra Lee, 113, 441 Snowden, Sandra Sue, 79, 399 Snyder, Betsy Boyce 97, 443 Snyder Neil N. ,111, 136, 479 SOCIETY FOR THE AD- VANCEMENT, OF MAN- AGEMENT, 388 Sockwell, Patricia B., 113, 454 Seller, James Edwin, 97 424 Sonneman, Mary Kate 97 Sonneman, Sarah Edith, 136, 404 SOPHOMOJAE COUNCILORS, 390 Sorensen, Gerald, M., 79, 479 Sorrells, Richard D. 51 Sourlis George, 51 South Ronny, 113, 431 Southern, Robert E., 80 Spann, Gary Eugene, 136 435 Sparks, James Ira, 51 Sparrow, Gerald C. 113 477 Spearmon, J. Neal, 13 6, 473 Spearmon, Maribeth A., 97 449 Spears, Carolyn Lee 80, 439 Spears, Lucy Jane, 136, 415 Spears Jack, Jr. 136, 469 Spears Sandra Gale, 80, 417 SPECIAL STUDENTS, 141 Speck, Susan E., 136 415 Spence, Larry Roleke, 51 Spencer, James V., Ill 97, 473 Spencer Sylvia Ann, 136, 415 Spicer William F., 136, 423 Spiegel Ronald John, 51 Spivey, Buddy Brown, 80, 483 Spooner, Mary Slice, 113 439 Spratlin, W. A. 114, 423 Spray, Philip Melvin, 80, 430 Sprenger William W., 114, 435 Sprouse Regina Kay, 136 415 Spurlin, Marilyn E., 136 Spurlock, Evelyn S., 136 415 Spurlock, Richard K., 97, 465 Staerkel Mark Andrew 114, 425 Stafford, Joe Herman, 114, 469 Stafford Logan Scott, 136, 423 Staggs Eva Jan, 136 Stallings, Stephen R., 80 Stanfield, Paul W., 136, 423 Stanger Purcella Lea, 136, 404 Stanley Joe Hopkins, 136, 435 Stanley, John H., Jr., 55 Stanley, Lynne Ellen 136, 404 Stanley Sharon, 114 Stanley, Thomas E., Jr. 97 Stansell, Sarah Anne, 136, 407 Startin Mavis James, 97, 426 Steadley, Jeanette E 97, 439 Stearns, Ronald Ralph, 97 Stebbins, Charlene M., 137, 415 Stebor, Gary Noel 97, 477 Steel Betty 114, 445 Steel, George E., Jr. 114, 477 Steele, Martin R.. 137 Steele, Nova Nadine 137, 404 Steele, Raymond James, 80 Steele, Susan Marie, 114 443 Steele, William P., 97, 473 Steen Leslie Wm., 137, 435 Stegall Terry Reed, 137, 423 Steigler, Barbara D., 137, 415 Stephens, Jimmy Don 97 Stephens. Mary Gail. 137 415 Stephens, William T., 80 Stephenson, G. W. Jr., 114 465 Stephensnn. Raymond W., 114 Steplock, Marilyn J., 97, 407 Steppach, Adriene E. 137, 415 Stevens, Betty G. 97, 417 Stevens, Daniel M., 137 423 Stevens, Jacquline V., 97, 417 Stevens James Hal, 137, 423 Stevens Alary Kay, 399 Stevens, N. R., Ill, 137, 471 Stevenson Rebecca F., 137 404 Stevenson, Rodger K. 114, 430 Stevenson, Sara Ann, 137, 415 Steward, William R. 80 479 Stewart, Carolan Sue, 97, 417 Stewart, Clifton C., Jr., 97 Stewart, Clyde F. 97 Stewart David Alan 55 Stewart, David Rodney, 97, 430 Stewart Elizabeth A., 137, 415 Stewart Fred G., 137 435 Stewart Janet C., 97, 417 Stewart, Martha E. 97, 407 Stewart Patricia Ann 137, 415 Stewart Ronald Gene, 137, 435 Stewman Bill R., 97, 425 Stewman Van Larue 137 Stickmon, John R. 114, 475 Stiles, John William 97, 429 Stinson John M. Ill, 114, 475 Stobaugh James F. 137, 473 Stobaugh Margaret A., 141, 410 Stobaugh Suzanne, 97 449 Stockdell, Barbara S. 114, 439 Stoddard, Mary E. 97, 449 Stokes Elbert H. Jr. 114 429 Stokes, James Guy, 114, 424 Stolfi, Larrie Dean 137 Stoll Patricia Marie 137, 404 Stoll Win. Herman, 97, 423 Stone James Lee, 137 Stone Linda Gail, 114 410 Stophlet, Jeanne Ann, 137, 404 Storey Robert J. 137 Storey, Stephen P. 114 467 Storey, Steven Rickey, 137, 423 Storey Susan Wright 114 417 Story, Margaret Ann 114, 410 Stout, Charles Alfred 114, 479 Stout Susan Lee 137 415 Stover, Curtis Evans, 80 Stow, Marsha Lynn 114 407 Stowe, James Joseph 137 Streett, Alexander G. 55 Strickland, Nathan E. 51 Strickland, Ronald D., 137 459 Strickland, Terrell D. 51 Strieby, Douglas H. 137 Stringfcllow, Ronald, 137 423 Strand, James Lee, 97 Strother Richard K., 137 Stuart Linda Louise, 114, 447 Stuart Sara Ann, 114, 417 Stuart Steve Charles 137, 435 Stuart Virlil M., 97 Stubblefield, C. R. 137 Slubbs, William R., 114 457 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCA- TION ASSOCIATION, 388 STUDENT GOVERNMENT, 258 STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIA- TION, 390 STUDENT SENATE PUBLI- CATIONS, 334 STUDENT UNION CEN- TRAL PLANNING COM- MITTEE, 392 STUDENT UNION BOARD, 390 Studer, David Patrick, 97 Stumbaugh, Everette D. 55 Sturdivant, Edward C. 137 469 Sturdivant, Joseph H., 80 Sudbury, Harold L. Jr. 137 473 Suffridge, Buford J. 51 Suffridge, Catherine 137, 415 Suffridge Lynda S. C. 51 Sugg, Charles Forrest 80 Suggs, Kenneth Edward, 137, 423 Suitt Anita Diane 137 404 Sullemberger, Lance G. 97 Sullivan, John Gregg, 137 423 Sullivan, John Lionel 51 Sullivan, Michael K. 137 Sullivan, Patrick Leo, 137 435 Sumerwell, William K. 114 Summers, Calvin Amos 137, 423 Summerville, W. D. 137 435 Sunderman, Richard L. 80 Sutton, Bill Wayne 80 Sutton, Glenn Edwin 137, 435 Swaby, Donald Ray 97, 469 Swaim Gary Lee 137 Swann, Phillip M., 137, 479 Swanson Robyn Lynn, 114 435 Swearingen Walter M. 97 Sweeney, Michael John, 97 Sweet, Brenda Lee 114, 443 Swepston Julie M. 137, 404 Swift John A., 114425 Swift, Merrie Sandra, 80, 445 Swindell Benny Edgar 55 Swint, Sandra Carol 114, 475 Sydoriak, Diane E. 137, 415 Sykes David S. 137, 473 Sykes James D., Jr., 114 423 Tabor, ilma Marilyn, 97 447 Taggart, Gary Edwin 114, 426 TaKanara Esther J. 51 Taluurt Dwight K, 51 Talburt, Nancy B., 51 Talkington, Gary L. 97 431 Talfey, Claire Rita 51 Ian, .oilo Cheng Ho 51 Tanner, James Jerrel 137, 423 Tapp -Mary Lee, 51 Tarkmgton Anna Lynn, 114 441 Tarieton Elizabeth A., 137, 415 Tarver Larry Ronald, 80 417 Tarvin Joe E., 97 Tarvm Patricia E., 114, 449 Tate, Amanda Martha 114 407 Tate, Philip Allan 137, 417 Tatman, Sharon Flo 137 404 Tatuin, Eddie Roy 97 Tatum James Robert, 97, 469 Tatum John Thomas, 55 TAU BETA PI 392 TAU BETA SIGMA, 392 TAU KAPPA EPSILON, 482 Taylor, Carol Lynn 97, 449 Taylor, David Strong 80 Taylor, David Wayne 80 Taylor, Garner Lee 114, 426 Taylor Harve J., Ill 97 Taylor, Hendrix A. Jr., 55 Taylor James Edward 137, 423 Taylor, James Gary 97, 426 Taylor, Jesse Love 80, 423 Taylor Joe III 114,467 Taylor, L. D. Jr., 80 Taylor Larry E., 80 457 Taylor, Leaanna N. 97 Taylor, Lynda Sue 97, 407 Taylor, Marian T. 97 Taylor, Mary Lois E. 114 Taylor, Michael T. 80 Taylor, Priscilla E. 98, 449 Taylor Ronnie Lee, 80 Taylor, Thomas Mills 137, 435 Teague Mary Dee, 98 Tea gue Robert R., 114 Tedrow Joan Landry, 115, 399 Teel Edward Guy, 138, 423 Teigen James A. 138 Temple, Lois Lynn, 98 439 Templeton, Mona M. 98, 407 Tenent Farnk Cornell 138, 473 Tennant. Robert F. Jr., 80 Tenney George E. Ill, 114 427 TENNIS, 303 Tennyson, James Logan, 114, 429 Terrell, Anna Marie, 138, 415 Terrell, Bobby Ray, 114, 431 Terrell. Dixie Carol, 138, 415 Thacker, Barbara T., 114, 407 Thain, Johnny Wayne, 98, 429 Thane, John Wirt, 114, 477 Tharel, Lance Morrell, 114 Thein, Myint, 51 THETA TAU, 485 Tbibault, Sylvia C., 81, 417 Thomas, Albert Lloyd, 98, 425 Thomas, Carolun Lee, 138 Thomas, Constance Jo, 138, 404 Thomas, Frances E., 81, 447 Thomas, Joel L., 114 Thomas, June E., 138,404 Thomas, Michael Anne, 114, 439 Thomas, Michael H., 138, 477 Thomas, Ryland C., 81, 457 Thomas, Scott S., 138, 469 Thomas, Susan, 114, 407 Thomas, Thomas Edward, 138 Thomas, William K., 114, 481 Thomason, Richard F., 138, 457 Thompson, Carol Lynn, 114, 407 Thompson, Connie Jean, 138, 415 Thompson, Helen L., 51 Thompson, Henry H., Jr., 114, 429 Thompson, Jack L., 114 Thompson, Joan Marie, 114, 399 Thompson, Larry Wayne, 138 Thompson, Linda Jo, 81, 439 Thompson, Loretta A., 98, 404 Thompson, Rodney S., Jr., 138, 423 Thompson, Seth, 51 Thompson, Sharon Lou, 81, 399 Thompson, Winfred Lee, 114, 423 Thorn, Charles Thomas, 138 Thornton, Denver L., 55 Thornton, Robert S., 114, 435 Thrailkill, Gary, 138, 435 Thurston, Joan Elaine, 138, 415 Thurlby, William R., 98 Thurman, Jan Ray, 114 Thutston, Marland C., 81 Tiberghicn, Dolores A., 114 Tiberiis, Bruce E., 98 Tiffee, Ronald D., 138, 435 Tilley, Mary Jane, 114, 411 Tilley, Suzanne J., 98, 449 Tillman, Carolyn E., 81, 411 Tims, Marian Elaine, 114, 454 Tindall, Alison Kay, 138, 415 Tindle, Joyce Elaine, 114, 454 Tinnin, James M., 98 Tinsley, Mary Alice, 98, 407 Tipton Jackie Carl, 114, 430 Tipton, Ronnie Dow, 138, 43 5 Tisdale, Carole Lynn, 98 Todd, Catherine Anne, 98, 417 Todd, Molly Vorse, 98, 407 Tollett, Edward T., 98 Tollett, Vergil Edwin, 114, 424 Tolley Maryann, 138, 404 Toombs, Carol C., 138, 404 Torok Mary Margaret, 138, 415 Townley, Larry E., 81 Townsend, Laurel K., 114, 443 Townsend, William R., 81, 463 TRACK, 300 Tracy, John Driver, 81, 426 Trammel, Robert Lee, 114, 431 Trammell, Dawn Marie, 114 Trammell, Ruie Jean, 138, 415 Trammell, Sally R., 138, 415 Trantham, Tommy Gale, 114 Tranum, Many Alice, 98, 441 TRAVELER STAFF, 320 Travis, Donald S., 81, 425 Treadway, Ronald W., 114, 424 Treat, Randy Ray, 138 Treece Charles D., 138, 423 Treece, Ellen Diane, 114, 407 Tremble, Barbara Ann, 115, 451 Tribble, James R., 115, 430 Trice, Frank A., Jr., 115 Trice, John Terry, 138, 479 Trice, William H., Ill, 138, 457 Trieschmann. James S., 98, 469 Troeger, Robert E. 115 Trost, Jimmie Eugene, 81 Traux. Donna Rae, 98 Trudeau, James A., Ill, 81 518 i, 138, Tiue, Ana Penny, 81 True, Gary Dean, 81 Tsao, Chi Wing, 81 Tuck, Theresa Alarie, 115, 451 Tucker, Cecil Kay, Jr., 98 Tucker, Gerald Wayne, 139 Tucker, Robert U., Jr., 138 Tucker, Ruben W., 115, 465 Tucker, Wanda Faye, 98, 410 Tudur, James Patrick, 138 lull, Phyllis M., 115, 454 Tullgren, Christy, 115, 429 Tullous, Thomas Lyle, 115 Turchi, Nano John, Jr., 81, 483 Turley, Clenna Rae, 138, 404 Turnage, Betty Carol 115, 492 Turner, Charles S., 138, 423 Turner, Irvin Joe, 98, 426 Turner, Jtanice D., 115, 411 Turner Nancy Klagg, 138, 404 Turner, Nancy Jane, 115, 410 Turner, Nathan Bruce, 138, 435 Turner. Pamela Ann, 115,449 Turner, Robert Eugene, 81 Turner, Ronald Alan, 98, 465 Turner, Sally Allison, 138, 404 Turner, Stephen Crain, 138, 465 Turney, David Lay, 98 Turnipseed, John N., 116 Twyford, Ronald Lee, 81, 423 Tyler, Alvis Leroy, 115, 470 Tyler, John Robert, 81 Tyrone, David Eaton, 138, 467 w u I ' mbaugh, Mary E., 81 Umberson. Donald Carl, 98 UNIVERSITY CHORUS AND COLLEGIATE SINGERS, 152 UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY, 151 UNIVERSITY THEATER, 144 Updike, Linda Kathryn 138, 404 Upshaw, Lynda Kaye, 138, 415 Upton, Mavis Ann, 138, 415 L ' tley James Patrick, 98 L ' tley, Rebecca Jean, 115, 449 Utley, Thomas Hasjell, 81 Utter, Layman Ray, 115 Van Beveren, Robert, 138, 423 Van-Buskirk, Ronald 138, 423 Vance, Marsha Ellen, 115, 447 Vancura, Mary E., 81 441 Vancuren, Larry M., 115 Vandenberg, Peggy J., 98 Vandiver, John L., 51 Vandiver, Patricia K., 138 Vann, Mary Kay, 115,399 Varnadore, H. C., Ill, 98 Vassaur Tommy W.. 115, 465 Vaught, Bobby Charles, 81 Vaught, Elizabeth Ann, 98, 411 Vawter, James B., Jr., 115, 481 Vehik Mart 55 Vehik, Ryan, 81 Vermillion, Ronald G., 81 Verr.on, Bill Alan, 138, 435 Vervack, Jerry Jules, 98, 467 Vester, Ray Earl 115, 423 Vick, Kent Alan, 98 Vickers, Margie Roy, 98, 445 Vicory, Johnny North, 98 Vines. Dwight T., 138, 429 Vines, Jimmy Charles, 98 Vinson, Michael Evans, 81 Volpert, John Henry, 98, 429 Voss, Larry Dwayne, 138, 435 Vowell, William O.. Ill, 115, 475 Vratsinas, Qu M., 98, 417 Vratsinas, Peto John, 81 Wade, Billy Kossuth, 138, 423 Vade, Saundra Lynn, 115, 485 Wadkins, Lancing E., 13, 423 Wagner, Lester W., Jr., 115, 424 Wagner, Roy David, 138, 435 Wagoner, William B., 115 470 Wamwright, Wayne D., 115, 481 Walden, Rebecca Ann, 138, 415 Walk, Susan Elaine, 138, 404 Walker, Charles M., 138, 475 Walker, Charles 0., $8 Walker, Darrell Wayne, 98 Walker, Edwin B., Jr., 138, 475 Walker, Freddy Wayne, 139, 435 alker, Gary Adrian, 115,435 Walker, Gary Elliott, 115,470 Walker, George P., Ill 81 Walker, George R., 81 Walker, James L., Jr., 98 Walker, James William, 115, 493 Valker. Lary Rodney, 139, 435 Walker, Linda Kathryn, 139, 404 Walker, Loyd Warren, 115 Walker, Mary C., 98, 449 Walker, Michael J., 115 Walker, Reita Anne, 139, 415 Walker, William A., 98 Walker, William Claud, 139 Walker, William T., 139 Wall, Francis C., Jr., 139, 425 Wallace, Clifton W., 139, 435 Wallace, James W., 139, 435 Wallace, Richard O., 139 Wallace, Thomas R., 139, 423 Wallin, Diana Gene, 115, 445 W allis, Retta Lee, 139, 415 Walls, Charles Albert, 139, 465 Walsh, James Caphos, 98 Walsh, Leldon Louis, 81 Walsh, Pamela Sue. 139, 415 W alters, Jackie Allen, 139, 435 Walton, Augustus B., 55 Walton, Ellis Burton, 51 Walton, Cleo Ade, Jr., 81 Walton, Kathy Susan, 139, 404 Wang, Bi Cheng, 51 Vanger, Dana Margaret, 115, 417 Wann. Garry Sullivan, 98, 427 Ward, David W., 98, 426 Ward, Edward Bruce, 115 Ward, Hubert Lee, 139, 435 Ward, John Charles, 56 Ward, Sandra E., 139, 404 Wardlaw, William A., 115, 427 Ware, Catherine H., 81, 451 Ware, Jane Lee, 115,439 Warford, Bobby Harold, 115 Watford, Phillip Jay, 115 Warren, Catherine J., 81 Warren, Edgar C., Jr., 51 Warren, Fredric H., 115, 470 Warriner, John K., Jr., 82 Warrington, Eddie Lee, 139, 470 Washburn, Elizabeth A., 115, 443 Wassell. John R., Jr., 98 Waters, Dody Charlene, 115 Waters, Judy Gayle, 115, 447 Waters, Martha Sue, 139. -104 Watkins, Harold W., 115 Walking, John William, 139, 435 Watkins, Judy Ann, 115, 410 Watkins. L. j ' ., 98 Watkins, Larry, 115, 431 Watkins, Phyllis Kaye, 139, 415 Watkins, Van I,ee, 98, 430 Watson, Betty Lou, 139, 411 Watson, Diana Gene, 115, 441 Watson. Joyce Ann, 51, 430 Watson, Larry Eugene, 98, 426 Watson, Floyd Joseph, 51 Watson, Lynda Ellen, 139 Watson, Sam Edward, 98, 424 Watson, Virginia C., 116, 407 Watts James Duke, 139, 435 Walts, Marcus Coy, 139 Wave, John J., 51 aymire, Harold W., 139 Weatherall, Auvergne, 82, 407 Wealhered, Beverly A., 116, 399 Weathermen, Don E., 82 Weathers, Karen A., 82, 441 Weaver, Andrew Van, 51 Weaver, George T., Jr., 116, 473 Weaver, Linda Jean, 139, 415 Webb, Charles Mary, 116, 441 Webb, Everett Thomas, 139, 423 Webb, Harley Dwayne, 82 Webb, Jerry E., 116 Webb, Joe E., 116 Webb Lewis Ann, 98, 441 Webb, Paul, 139, 435 Webb, Phyliss Ann, 139, 415 Webb, Rosemary, 98, 399 Webb, Verna Mae, 98, 417 Webb, William Frank, 82 Weber, John George, 55, 423 Webster, Wilson F., 98, 478 Weddle, Dean Tillman, 116 Weddle, Sherry B., 139 Wedemeyer, Charlene, 139, 415 Weed, Patricia Anne, 98, 443 Weeks, Phyllis llene, 139, 404 Weeks, Winford Wayne, 116 Weinberg, Joe Brice, 98, 467 Weir, Cecil Larry, 98 Weir, Gordon Barnetl, 82 Weir, Sharon Diane, 116 Welborn, Jackie Romas, 82 Welborn, Robert Jones, 82, 435 Welch, Jerry C, 98, 431 W ' eldon, John Allen, 82. 465 Wellborn, Amanda Jane, 116, 439 Wellnns, James Alan, 98, 470 Wells, George W., Ill, 98, 481 Wells, Kenneth Duane, 98 Wells, William Joe, 82 Welsh, Bobby Donald, 82 W ' elty, Maureen Leigh, 116 Wennerstrom, David E., 116 W ' erdein, Ava Ann, 82, 417 West, Alfred Edward, 82 West, Evelyn ,82, 451 West, Leon, Jr., 139, 435 West, Neil Stewart, 116, 469 West, Virginia Ream, 98, 399 Westmoreland, George, 116, 470 Westphal, Philip Reed, 82 Wetsell, Harry Keith, 116 W ' ewers, Jacqueline, 98, 415 Vi ewers, Larry Herman, 82 W halen, Mary V., 98, 449 Whalev, Ann Marie. 116, 443 Wheatley, Sandra Kaye, 139, 415 hillock, Deborah Ann, 139 Whillock, Kenneth G., 139 Whilaker, Mary Anne, 116, 449 Whitaker, William H., 116, 473 Vhite, Beverly Ann, 116 White, Bill Westley, 116, 427 White, Charles Lewis, 82 White, David W., 82 White. Harlan Edward. 82, 429 White, Jessie Mae P., 82 White, Jimmy Tom, 139, 435 White, Richard A., 98 White. Sammy Charles, 139, 423 White, Samuel S., Jr., 139, 423 White, William W. 139, 435 Whiteaker. Barbara S., 139, 415 Whitehead, Marvin E., 98, 470 Whitelaw, Bruce McNie, 139, 435 Whiteley. Gary S., 98 Whiteley, Jerry Ann, 82 Whilficld, Robert L, 82, 427 Whitfield. William H.. 82 Whitley. Charles E., 139, 475 Whitlock. Rober tl.ynn. 139 Whitlock, Sandra M.. 139, 404 Whitlow, Angle Lee, 139. 411 Whitlow. John Raney, 98, 463 Whitman. Clifford I) ' ., 51 Whitson. Bruce Hnadel, 116 Whilson, Harold T., 116,426 Whitson, Janet Faye, 98, 399 Whhson, Suson Kay. 98, 4J)4 Whilten, Carol C., J39, 415 hittington. Jerry D., 139, 423 Whittinglun, Mitchell, 116 Whiule, James Louis, 260, 423 Wickard, Mary Jane, 139, 404 Widener, John David, 139, 435 W ienker, Dilbert W., Jr., 139 Wiggins, C. Edward, 139, 423 Wiggins, Leonard A., 82, 427 Wiggins, Ted Lee, 116 W ightman, Diane S., 139, 404 Wilber, Deanne L., 116, 441 Wilber, Mickey Bob, 98, 459 Wilt-ox, Roxanna A., 98 Wilder, Frank Miles, 51 Wilf, L. Michael, 139, 431 Wilhite, Cozie Don, 98, 470 Wilkerson, James R., 82 Wilkins, James H., Jr., 116 Wilkins, Max Hubert, 82 Wilkins, Michael C, 116 Wilkins, Veda Ann, 139 Wilkinson, Jane Ann, 116, 417 Willard, Linda Ann, 139, 404 W illbanks, Peggy Jo, 116, 410 Williams, Alan G., 99, 477 Williams, Anna Louise, 82, 399 Williams, Arthur L., 99 Williams, Bruce Owen, 99, 457 Williams, Charles A., 116, 435 Williams, Dennis A., 139, 435 Williams, Dorinda Ann, 139, 415 W illiams, Douglas L., 116 Williams, Floyd Lee, 139, 435 Williams, Frank Edwin, 51 Williams, Fred L., Jr., 99 Williams, Georgia C., 139, 415 Williams, James C., Jr., 51 W illiams, James E., 82 Williams, James R., 139, 465a Williams, James R., 116, 424 Williams, Janice Lee, 139, 404 Williams, Jerry W., 116, 435 Williams, Jim Ward, 99, 477 Williams, Jimmy Lee, 99, 463 Williams, Karen Kay, 139, 404 Williams, Linda Gail, 116 Williams, Lynne Marie, 139, 404 Williams, Marion I., 99, 430 Williams, Mary Cade, 99 Williams, Milam Joe, 99 Williams, Medra J. R., 99 Williams, Nancy Lou, 116 Williams, Nanette J., 82 W illiams, Pamela Jean, 116, 451 Williams, Robert B., 139 Williams, Sandra Kay, 99, 417 Williams, Sarah V., 99, 445 Williams, Wendy Ann 99, 447 William--, William H., 99, 467 Williamson, A. F., 139 404 Williamson, Richard T., 116, 426 Williford. Judy Marie, 99, 417 Willis, Fred Alan 99 Willis, James Howard, 99, 435 Willmuth, Sidney G., 51 Willoughhy, T. C., Ill, 139 Wills, Kathryn Ann, 139, 404 Wills, Millicenl Ann 116, 410 Wilshire, Eugene B., 116, 431 Wilson, Anne Paschal, 99, 441 Wilson, Carol Jeffery 82 W ilson, Charles Larry. 116 Wilson, Charles N., 82 Wilson, Clyde John, 139, 479 Wil-nn. Daniel H. 139 Wilson, Ed Eugene, 99 Wilson. George N., 51 Wilson, Gerald R.. 82. 463 Wilson. Glen Dale. 83 470 Wilson. Jackie Carol, 139, 415 Wilson, Jacqueline M., 99, 447 Wil-on. James Curtis 139, 423 Wilson, John J., Jr., 139, 435 Wilson, John ?. Jr.. 51 Wilson, Johnna Claire 83, 439 Wilson. Judy Yvonne, 83. 399 Wilson. Julie Ann, 99. 454 Wilson Kathryn P.. 139, 404 Wilson. Kenneth Lee, 51 W ilson. Mary Kay. 140, 415 519 Wilson, Patricia C. 99 Wilson, Priscilla Ann, 140 Wilson, Susan Dian, 83, 410 Wilson, Yvonna Ann, 51 404 Wimberly, Fred Ervan, 99 Wimpy, Tommy S., 99, 475 Winborn, Dwight M., 83 Winborn, Paul Lee, 99 Windle, Stephen Milo, 116, 477 Windsor, Margaret R., 140, 404 Wing, Winifred Ellen 99 Wingard, James W., 140, 435 Wingert, Stanley Joe, 116, 459 Wingfield, Hartsell C. 116, 467 Wingfield, Jenny L., 140, 404 Winningham, Ronald L, 140, 435 W inter, James F. 99 Winters, Myles M., 140, 435 Winton, Gary, 140 Wirski, Dieter D., 116 Witherington Bobby J., 116, 435 Witherington, D. Lyn, 116, 445 Witt, Virginia Ann, 140, 404 Wofford, Cornelia 0., 83 Wofford, James Terrel, 83 Wofford, Jane Dee, 140, 404 Wolfe, Gail E., 140, 415 Wolfe, McAllen, 116 Wolfinberger, Karen S., 116, 415 Womble, James T., 83, 479 Womble, Rufus R. 141, 424 Womeldorf, Mary E., 83, 443 Wood, Billy Ray, 83, 431 Wood, Carolyn Sue, 99, 445 Wood, Harrell W., Jr., 116, 435 Wood Harvey Er win, 99 Wood, Jack Neal, 99, 426 Wood, Jane Elizabeth, 99, 443 Wood, Joe Mike, 140, 423 Wood, John Robert, 116, 425 Wood, John Steven, 116, 475 Wood, Larry Wade, 140, 435 Wood, Mark Wayne, 99 Wood, Michael Randy, 140, 435 Wood, Robyn Jeanette, 140, 415 Wood, Sherry, 83, 407 Wood, Viktoria K. 83 Wood, Vivian Marie, 116 Wood, William Carroll, 99, 430 Woodford, W. L, Jr., 116, 435 Woodiel. Laura Lou 140, 415 Woodlee, Edward M., 116 431 Woods Alice Faye, 140 Woods, Nancy Ellen, 116, 399 Woodson, James C., 83 Woodson, Joseph A., 99 Woodson, Lucinda C., 140, 404 Woodson, Thomas Edwin, 140, 405 Woody. Jo Ellen, 83, 441 Woody, Raymond, 116, 473 Woolard, Herman F., 83 Woolbright, Daniel, 140 Woolbright, Thomas D., 99 Woolly, Carol Jean, 99 Woolly, William R., 116 Woolen, Martha Kay, 99 Wormington, Stephen L., 140 Worrad, Phyllis Lynn, 140, 415 Worrell, Cynthia L., 99, 417 Worsham, Judy Ann, 140, 415 Worthen, Ronald, 99 Worthy. Terry Eileen, 99, 441 Wozencraft, Emily J., 116, 454 Wright, Carol Jane, 83, 454 Wright, Carole Alice, 140, 404 Wright, Claudette, 140, 404 Wright, Howell Furlen, 83 Wright. James T., 140, 473 Wright, Julie M., 140, 404 Wright, Larry John, 116, 426 Wright, Linda Kay, 116 Wright, Lonnie Fred, 116 Wright, Lou Ann, 116, 417 Wright, Daniel, 140, 467 Wright, Orville E., 83 Wright, Randall B., 116 Wright, Richard B., 140, 423 Wright, Robert Lyndol, 116, 473 Wright, Roxy Ann, 83, 399 Wright, Thomas, 140, 423 Writer, Peter V., 99, 481 Wuest, Carol Yvonne, 140 Wuest, Catherine Ann, 99 Wyatt, Richard Hill, 116, 475 Wygle, Ralph William ,51, 428 Wylie, Judith Ann, 99, 439 Wylie, Robert David, 83 Wylie, William S., 141 Wynn. Connie A., 83 Yada, Richard H., 83 Yager, Samuel H., Jr., 116, 477 Yalj, Ernesto, 141, 435 Yancy, Claud W., Jr., 83, 430 Yancy, Frances Ann, 116 ,439 Yancy, Helen E., 99, 451 Yancey, Mary, 99, 443 Yandell, Glenn David, 140, 435 Yarrington, P. Sue, 140, 415 Yates, Jackie Van, 140 Yates, Ronnie, 99, 423 Yawn, Nancy Gayle, 83, 449 Y eager, Ronald Ell, 140, 481 Yee, Mary Anna, 116, 407 Yen, Belinda R., 51 Yielding, Charles E., 116, 459 Yingst, Lennie Daniel, 140 Yoakum, Daniel Ray, 83 Yocom, Sara Gwen, 140, 415 Yoder, Conrad F., 99 Young, Ann, 140, 415 Young, Catherine B., 83, 451 Young, Dennis Ray, 140 Young, Doris Rae, 116, 411 Young, Earl Leroy, 140, 423 Young, Gary Cleveland, 116 Young, Henry Eugene, 55 Young, Jimmy Ray, 83, 463 Young, Marshall Clark, 99 Young, Richard Alan, 116 Young, Richard Allen, 140 Young, Robert Daniel, 83 Young, Ronald Dee, 140, 423 Young, Sandra Ann, 99 Younkin, Linda Diane, 140 Younkin, Susan Lee. 140, 415 Zaffater, Carol, 99, 454 Zafrani, S. Emely, 141, 404 Zakes, Joanne Cecilia, 140, 415 Zawislak, Albert M., 140, 426 Ziegler, Brenda J., 140, 415 Zieman, Charles H., Jr., 140, 435 Zimmerman, Don Alan, 55 Zimmerman, Roger W., 116, 467 Zimpel, Jean Louise, 99, 439 Zook, James Randolph, 99, 477 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 520 . Till] III III It C OJIPAXY, I.XC. IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF THE 1965 RAZORBACK SERVING AS PRINTER AND BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK. company CAMDEN, ARKANSAS FINE LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING THIS DISTINCTIVE YEARBOOK designed by SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY WORLD BUILDING TULSA, OKLAHOMA 521 ODE TO SLAVE LABORERS It ' s been a good year -- sure, it ' s had its ups and downs but all in all it ' s been a good year. One of my favorite people once remarked that a yearbook was probably the only lasting history of the school for the year. I guess it ' s really some- thing to be a part of history in the making. Any- way, it was an experience. There were always those who by their hard work and good attitudes kept us moving along. There were those who made us laugh when we wanted to cry. And there were those who generally made life bearable. These are just a few of them: Bill still hasn ' t learned that when we wanted a picture today it didn ' t mean a week after tomor- row. But when we got the pictures they were us- ually good. He ' s in good spirits most of the time and really, a very likeable fellow. We decided last spring on the opening section and asked Ellen Ann Ragsdale if she would do the writing. Ellen Ann was in Madrid, Spain this year which seemed to be quite inspiring. Re-read the opening section. Unfortunately, we had no picture of Ellen Ann, but I ' m sure there are those who remember her. I wish there were more like her. Bless you, Ellen Ann, and Thank You! Ve asked Barbara Hal lam to take the admin- istrations section. The next time we turned around there it was typed perfectly and ready to send. Thanks, Barbara. Sandra Moore and Pat Weed handled the dorms and the (.reeks, respectively. Other than a few minor mishaps misplacing a dorm or two, losing some officers, and then trying to find both - Sandra and Pat came through with few scars. Pat gave us a lot of laughs and, in general, kept everyone in good spirits when she was around. This year we asked Sherman to take over or- ganizations. He gave this glorious task to Sue Smitherman. Knowing full well the pressures of this section, I had much sympathy for her. But Sue took over completely, did the job well, and never once uttered one complaining word. A time consuming and rather unpleasant ex- perience is typing the index. Carolyn Hall and many Alpha Chis deserve much credit for this. Missy had a lot of activities this year, but had time to drop by and check on things. She ran around a lot and kept the section editors busy. The personalities section was completely fin- ished in a remarkably short time by dependable Jan Bryant. Dick Albin, a rather talented actor, managed to get through the arts section between rehearsals. Janice Bourg tried to keep up with the beau- ties section, but it ran away from her. She wrote us a note to tell us what it was supposed to con- tain after we had already completed the section. Hank came over last spring and asked to do the sports section. Nothing pleased him more than writing the football copy and nothing pleased him less than writing the rest which had to be re- written anyway. Nothing pleased us more than his hard work. Many thank yous should be extended to those individuals who typed - - Penny Brannon, Jan Bryant, Jane Ware, the ChiO, Zeta, Sigma Nu pledges and others who spent many hours over here. I wish I could thank all personally, but I don ' t know all of your names. I ' ve saved the best for last and one of these is Sam. A devoted, self-disciplined, hard-working individual is hard to find, but fate sometimes is kind and sends one of these people your way. Sam ' s kind of a miracle in a way. He ' s the one who told us how to organize the class section that ' s the one with 5200 pictures and cards and cards to file with those pictures that ' s the one that requires continuous days and nights without sleep - that ' s the one that can almost kill you - but it didn ' t thanks to Sam. That ' s not all he did he kept our spirits high by never letting us down. I screamed and hollared and threw things, but Sam always took it good-naturedly. I think I scared some people. Anyway, he ' ll have a darn good book next year. Our association with Mr. Walker and Miss Gene McRae has been nothing but pleasant. They have been a guiding light and a helping hand all year long. Finally, the King Jame-o. He ' s another mir- acle miracles aren ' t mean ' t to be understood you ' re just darn glad that they ' re around. The The first part of the year we fluttered around a bit trying to stay organized there are some who think we never did the second semester Jame-o and I went our separate ways. I started rounding up copy and worried along with the class section and what not. Jame-o tackled the feature section and more pictures and wrestled with cutlines. I thought he might catch spring fever, instead he caught Kay, or vice versa, who is an excellent typ- ist and helped me a great deal. Thanks, Kay, and best wishes. All in all its been a good year. Thank God for miracles and " Long Live the King " . NCA I ' VE HAD MY MOMENTS " We have found from experience that it is tutile to try to explain to outsiders (ie., those who have never worked on campus publications) just what is so fascinating about Hill Hall. Some- times xv e have trouble explaining it to ourselves. We are over-xvorked and under-paid; xve sleep little and study less; we are regarded xvith suspic- ion by the administration and indifference by the student body. But xve have our moments. " The above paragraph is from Doug Smith ' s 1 !)(). ' { Razorback. Nothing could better express the life of those of us xvho become involved in publi- cations. Read it again; this is the way we view our existance. In a funny xvay Nan and I worked together. I xvill never be able to explain to the Board of Publications how co-editors work sometimes, but they do. We xvill not knoxv exactly what we have done until xve see it in print, but for practical purposes it is done, and xve did it. It is traditional that I thank our staff. The fact that this book xvill appear in print, and they xvill be able to read their own stuff is thanks enough. I knoxv this from experience. The features section is a bastard. Jack Hill helped me roll through this xvith relative ease, and if lie doesn ' t knoxv that I appreciate it, I do. If Bill Riner ever gets caught up, he xvill be a tine photographer. Most of the stuff is his, and he knoxvs how I feel about every picture. There isn ' t much reason to tell you. f told you earlier that I would explain the opening section back here. Well, I don ' t know hoxv. Most of it belongs to Ellen Ann; a little of it is Barbara ' s, and we all like it. Hoxv do you thank people xvho have helped you most? Gene McRae, R. C. Walker, Wallace Hurley, Tom Walker, Sam, Sherman, and Kidder - for these people, and several more, I hope this is a little of what you would want the Razorback to be. If it is, then I xvill knoxv. The 1965 Razorback has no major changes; xve cannot afford them. We try hard with xvhat xve have, and if you are not satisfied, come around and let us show you our collection of " yearbook jexvels. " I say this realizing that other books are no excuse for the Razorback. Custom allows me to say anything that I might get away xvith on this page. Ed Dohoney tells me from experience that if I put " alleged " before anything it xvill pass. Here are a few observations, for those xvho expect them, and I have not used alleged. The Board of Publications is beginning to get upset at the sight of Sigma Nu editors and busi- ness managers. They almost took care of it this year, but I ' ll make you a deal. If you xvant to edit this thing, come around and talk to Sam early next year. I bet he ' ll give you a crack at it. I would like to call any person xvho has said that xve xvill not gixe out information on these publications a liar. This involves calling one per- son a liar, but I hardly know him and care less. I remember poor old Kidder working up a sweat trying to explain my advent to the Board. Well, he explained it, and though I have thanked him above, it goes further back than that. He knoxvs; he ' s been here once. Bill Ebbert came in one day and told me all about campus politics. I ' ll tell him now that I already knew everything he was telling me, but it was kind of nice to hear a review. It xvas hard to keep up with. Anyxvay xve got rid of xvhat we had, but we had it for a couple years. We saxv xvhat it got done, and I hope this is why xve got rid of it. I am sure xve xvill be none the worst for xvhat xve did. I just cannot understand why it couldn ' t have been Sherman. Mac should do fine. I guess I had better commit Ronnie Robinson to print. If you thought I couldn ' t, damn you; if you thought I could, thanks; and for the times I made you mad, I am sorry. I still sav that we can get a lot done on guts. Another observation is the pine tree below my xvincloxv. For xvhat its worth, I hope before I graduate that I xvill have a chance to do something to that tree. Please walk that xvay, since it was put there to keep us from doing it. For the benefit of those of you who don ' t live in Fulbright or the Sigma Nu House, I am getting married this summer. Small wonder how anyone could put up xvith someone who xvas putting up xvith this all year long, but Kay did. We went through the drop, pin, and now engaged deal, so its official. Thanks, Kay. This book is published by the Associated Stu- dents of the University of Arkansas. That ' s you; this means its your book. We hope you enjoy it. For those of you xvho have been waiting for a list of my enemies, I am sorry to say that it xvill not be included. They knoxv xvho they are, and actually its none 1 of your business. Sorry you had to read this far. Jame-o The 1965 Razurback was printed and bound by the Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. The cuts are 133-line copper engravings by South- western Engraving Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover was manu- factured by the S. K. Smith Company of Chicago, Illinois. Printing is by letterpress on 80 Ib. Warren ' s Lustro Gloss paper. Heads are set in 36 point and 24 point Tempo Medium. Bodv copy is set in 11 point Baskcrville. Individual cutlines are in 10 point Baskerville. Identifica- tion group cutlines and feature cutlines are set in 8 point Baskerville. The 1965 Razorback is published by the Associated Students, of the I ' lmersitv of Arkansas under the direction of the Board of Publications. . ' ,:: bi . ,-| f! ns mini- ' ..i Prinlinf " ,,-s m si in . " " in II P . slCfllli, of [ jf FtbW . V V ' , I . i ! " ' ; ' ' ' ) ; ' , ' . r ' ; '

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