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IIHBA aww! HAZ CH F ff ' 'v' ' i 'iso Q They are not lbng, The days of w ne and roses." Sometimes feelings and sentiments are not best expressed, in writing, for some impressions and experiences are so uniquely individual that words can not convey the entire scope of our emotions. Although poets are rare among us, there are few who cannot understand pictures, a photograph captures forever a memorable moment, and holds time still. As a favorite melody brings to mind the almost forgotten moments, a picture can represent and recall things as they once were. Remembering the joys, the anxieties, the loves, and the expectations of the year, let these photographs be a reminder of these days . . . KAH WMK C O N T E N T S THE UNIVERSITY Administration .... ,,...,.,, 2 0 Classes ............ ,,.....,. 4 9 Arts - .............. ,,,,,, Q 143 THE YEAR Features ....... ....... 1 64 Beauties ....... ....... 2 31 257 Personalities .... ....... THE ACTIVITIES Sports .......,... - ....,..,.......,, 272 Publications ..... ....,,, 3 09 331 347 Military ................ .,,,,,, Organizations .... ....... THE RESIDENCES Greeks ..........,..... ,,,,,,, 3 96 Residence Halls ..... ,,,,,,, 4 45 Index ..............,.., ,,,,,,, 4 78 Published by the Associated Students, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Kay Hafenbrak .......... .... ................... C o -Editor William M. Kidder ....... ...........,........... C o-Editor John E. Meador, Jr. ..... .... . ,... B usiness Manager iv., ,, i .5 l 'l -,f., s i 2 .y i - 1 ' 'P 19 . 1 It Q . I 'I In ., 1: V, A ' , I 4 2 i S 5 3 3 f 3 3 3 2 5 Q 5 'li . 'I - ,ulsiif 1 , X -fix Y""f3iN4 ' -1. -'ii' -' I :fi ' .. L K , Y . J' . 1 1' u F , ' . f A .2555- 'ww Q, 5 , I F N' ' hi 3: ffaiu -A V, 3 L , Mug ! va.- ' lg?-jrfhgs . ---1' " ..-.5 X 4'- F - Z E 4. l fiaf fag. 'S in 'Lf' Ki 1 L P ifxftnk igft ,401 Yi ,Ji c . QQ-g A 'Q ' ,, I v . .. I J ' s 'Q' I ' . . 1 3 5 M , . ' 5 b Q ' li QA. 4 v fn. 'gag 1 Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. The way of life is wona'erfnl,' it is hy abandonment. R. W. Emerson Z 'Q 4 Ei? ' XXX! 1 6 6 4 I would not anticipate the relish of any happiness, nor feel the weight of any misery, hefore it actually arrives. Spectator 4 , 1 -1 'I' "Pr ..':. ,.. I., s., L., wr' - -fl, .,s' - J. LW. ., Q nr' 1 -..-.5 v ,mf A. Cf' R. ,r ' 1 KJ! .. ,.. -1 an av- 'K A msn 6.6 X os ,Q x .sfsaf ,N X 11 WK av if W2'Xw SQA 3, V s, Q2 of -sw: sf ' 7 ' --sg, 1 f.- q::,"'?3sg,5 5, ,gwffgpfgw ' .1 s s fs 1 -. aw - aww awww,-Q 4 ,,,,,,. qw. ss sg 1 Q . - ",'7iv'TgM,vi-iff? .Q ,X ,Q.,-1-we From contemplation one may become wise, but knowledge comes only from study. .fx ,A-., A. Edward Newton 's 5311. 'Z ,.4"""' ,--1' 1' Cannot the beart in the midst of crowds feel frigbtfnlly alone? C barles Lamb Y U O 3 P1 fix in-1 4 gs ' 4 . . -Swarm 'si 4- ur' + . 1 My igtnq ,WY Q ' 1 By-W . lu 6 Av' N ' g wi' 9, 016 N 'U '4- fr'-J 5 "ff 1 3 "ul ' ,Z- """.ff-af H- mf' . ' V'-1' .9.1,-3"'f:'g'y:' V' HI A , .fs 'U H-1i'X,a':-'.:'4?'.'!:",' .a,s'.v'N"' 'V . ' ,x 2 ' . ' ' . 1' A,4:c"J " Q " "Wa ?fld7:"'mvn!', Tru: " ." ff w, - .fi-Q ,ff fr". 1 f ' . ' I'J I x V , ,HQ X ' me' v' f-f -, .f f'-iff - '.. - ev 'Tvs 'ilk A 1 A. ' -.- " ' fl ' - wwf- rs- f- . ' - K Jfsa a 1 ." -' 0--gigp' ' 5- A I O 5 J- v 3'-1.1. . ,fa . V V 1 ' -. . Kg' Mfr 'A - '.,- ' '- I.- ,N,, J' It .wc 3 rib' lf, -,fi .. x o 'f-J' -'. ' q .,- ,.l,g.3j',- . L, -"J, ,nf ,I 43: ' ,I 1 7 Q B A Q i," Q'?'rYn'.. Inf! Q 'a f 511 . -. QA 1- ' - X. A X' . a .A '. -a .' . -+- I , ug ' Ch ' 8 0 , aj 5 25 . . , my -'uv P 4 , af 1' 'N , Q i 0 3, ul' - i I 14 " 'iv' si Q fs-Ii ff'- A X. 1 .ay ,. sr 09 f' 1 l, ,, 1 Z I A f 42' A ' ,v 1 , gin T.i,,.,c, 7 wk , ,f 4 I ff Vf W' , , .,f,Q'Q ly ' X l, ff H, y 7,1 4 H , V NWYM. -4. po MZ, , , Wg. ,ff , zz Q - Aw! VJ, ' r ,Q " 4 .r,,4 , . A W. . a 1 Q 4, ,g, 1 9, xf .gf vp wg 'N 7 and l M? 4, 'A 'I I if 6823 Happiness is like time and space - we malae and measure it omfselzfesg it is a fancy -- as big, as little, as you pleaseg just a thing of contrasts aml comparisons. Busson du Maurier it Wm M . 2,8 yi 3 Q A .s , 45 it 'fs nw 6' .151 W - W 'Q' v. it ,J i ri we Q , sf is QCYA T Q 11 A 8' . U YJ ,f Pu l Time cools, time clizififiesg no mood can be maintained quite zimzltered tlarougla tloe course of hours. Thomas Mann if 'wi Axgi I l 6 N Z2 vywiawfil x in S Q WN Wu! SS U MW x fx X1 f lW"' W wwf -+44 W WMM we THE IINIVFHSITY Kodachromv alll H011 ,Yirlzufx x an - 5 in ,, Orval E. Faubus lntrod c'r1g Pr s'd 1 K d 1111, G ' F D d df ' . Governor of Arkansas 621151, bgiiig N1111' S1-1'1i11g 1111 llllI1l'1'1'1'11l'1111'11 111111 1t'l'l11 11s 11111 t11'Y1'l'111Il' 111 A1'1i2ll1SilS. 011111 12. 1'11111111s IS 11111- 111 11111 111'st 1111111111 111111111 suns. A 1111111411-1111111 11111 ll11l1l111l11111 1 - 1- Q11 - 11 111' 11111 1 . . 1 . S1211 1111I1111'11111s 111 AI111'l'1l"1 .- .- ., 1 r- S Sll1'1'l'!45 l:1lxf,I411fP1' I4'1lH1lll5 111'Q2ll1 hip -1 f , WW ,- E -6,- li 1 slz111'. I,1'11lI' 111 his 1-11-1'1i1111 Us lLl1x1'l-'111'-. 1"11111111s 11115 ll11b1111LlF11'1' 111 1118 111111111111 111 x1il111541l1 1I11111111. ll 1111'111111'1' 111 1111- Slilll' 11111111H1X 1I11111111issi1111. 111111 1i1l1'l'. 1111111i11iw11'111i11- 41SN1N1il111 111 12111- 1'l'1111l' 5111 X11'X1:11h. 111-s11i11- his 1111s1 S1'1l1'11lI11'. 17111111115 11l1x1's 1111 i1l'11X1' 11111-11-sl Ill 11111 1 11111-1's111 111l1'1i1'I' 111 111Q111'1' 1'1'1lIl'il 2 111111. . 3415 19 'xx' 1113-X 1L, . 3 is: i u- wwf-1 NX L I' X sf -A' 1 1 rn 1 U ' 1 il D .xg Q ,f-A L Sv! ' . lx , xx .1 1 K 1 Left I0 right: Robert A. Young, Earl H. Wildy, Howard H. Mullins, D. Pete Haney, J. E. Ponifret. Robert H. Smith. Leon Horst, Dr. Preston L. Hathcock, John L. Wilson, Dr. David W. B. Catlett. Rowy Ritter, Fred Pickens. Board of Trustees Among The administrative offices located in the library are 'rhose of Presfdenf Mullins and The Vice Presidents of the Universify. A, X X 1' '91 tif' Dr. David Wiley Mullins ' ' P 'd t President and Mrs, Mullins greet guest at the Presidential Reception, an annual event hold to honor new members of the faculty. llr. llatxtil XX. Xlullins. Xt'lx411ts11f-limit mul iwlltwutvil. s In-gulf-il thi- gtiliniliislralliiui siitiw- Ninn-li. l'llwll. lin ilvt' lllS um' vlltilgi-ittvttt unil lvauli-islilp. tln' lIllXl'l'Slly s slit-tin 1-iuilintiiiits grmxllt unil it1iprmi'ttti-til. llnrn In Mlm Iiliit. Xl4lxllll5llF. llr. Nlulltnw uns nm' ol .1 lnmily nl ninv. l pun griuliiutiiin iiilli li-films lrum tlw lIllXtlNllX Ill l't3l llt Xlllllll itlmil lu Nl - . '. 1 f 'ai ' S nslvr ol Kris ili-grim' :tt l,nli1l'uilii: :mil Ill l'lll lu' olwtatttwil lli limi mllnlinsltxttmtl :mil llIIilllt'l'. S l'lt.ll. ul l.ltlllllllTlil l lllXt'I'SIlX uilli vinpligtfts un mlllvn- llr. Xlulluts i'ml1.u'lwil up--it lnf iltflllt:1l1lfl1wl lvavlt ing :tml mltniiiiftrattixt' t'lll'l't'l' in l"lI ns :tn Xssiwialc' F5 . 5 i m X. . LN' 'at 'L Watt' . slit- ln-5" - ' ' 5. a . 'l 'l tlltns ugh :tim ml as X lv rt Q 1 " ' l- , . n N 5 1 m . ' ' A I I' 1lllFilF. , . , . 3- m Pau! M. Young Vice-President for Academic Affairs Hn M Kwan cf Z W if James W. Green AdminisTraTive Vice-President James E. Pomfret Vice-President for Business John W. White Vice-President for Agriculture Storm Whaley Vice-President for Health Sciences If tif FACULTY: left to riglztg Dr, A. Sr. Stephan, Dr. D. P. Richard- Dr. J. P. Anderson fstandingl, Dr. J. W. Thomas, Dr. R. F. son, istandingj, Mrs. Mattie Cal Maxted, Dr. H. D. Hantz, Kruth lstandingl. College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest on the University of Arkansas campus. The Hmother col- legen is under the able guidance of Dean Cuerdon D. Nichols and his assistant Dean Robert Fairchild. The college with its 24 major departments boast the largest variety of major fields in the University. The courses of study in the College of Arts and Sciences are designed to give its students the compre- hensive view of society which the modern world re- quires. Students who enroll in this college, or who elect some of its courses, have an opportunity to gain the broad, cultural education which is a part of intelligent living, and, at the same time, to- prepare him for a profession. The College has two major functions, first, to pro- vide the basic, general education in the arts and sciences necessary to all persons for effective participation in the complex World in which we liveg and, second, to furnish the student an opportunity to specialize in the field of his choice. The College has an Honors Program that is de- signed to provide every possible opportunity to the su- perior student for achieving a level of maturity and ac- complishment Which would not normally be possible. From his freshman to his senior year the superior stu- dent has the opportunity to study with other students in small honors section courses. ln the honors section, students go further into subject matter than in the ordi- X, ,, f W 'f for - f X W x A Z Ng, QW X , -. 4 sf, ,gee i W, f i .7 f sw . . rf, W X as s . my .-wwe. N.. W K rw ff-WNW if f New sms X fs W X' , ,W .4 W. .ef Mr W X ' ' ' - 1 'algae My i f as X A f sf If ag or J .X ff a ,W 5. f f wx , ,5 Q . V, Q - , ,, c. 4 s N nary Classes? hence, the Students Who Successfully C0m' Meribeth Prewitt concentrates as she mixes chemicals in a chemistry plete this program are awarded honors at graduation. lab. Basic chemistry is a required course for many freshmen. 2 wh ' -. .--Q Qgitt Sl- " vw. rf -- I n f. 'QD' 3 'fe-if FACULTY: If-ft to right: Dr. Evelyn M. Cox, Dr. Adlai J. Nlr-. llethel Cunningham, Dr. M. S. Offutt, Dr. ll. E. Horn. ,-Xrnolcl, Dr. .l. L. Dale. Dr. Calvin R. Berry, Dr. D. A. Hinkle, College of Agriculture and Home Economics The l'nix'ersity ul .'Xl'liZlllSllS-S College of jhQl'lCl1lll1l'f? ancl llorne lil-onoinivs. with im'rcusing elnpltusis on re- Sl'8l't'll lllltl vxpc-rinn'nlution. 4-omlur-ts 1J1'ojm'ts mlesignerl ln uitl in the sc-ivntiliv mlxarn-1-lllcrrt ul phlxzrirsus farm- IIIQ Int-tlrofls. lla efforts are c'orn'mrt1'ule1l on the elerclr llIllXl'l'Sllf farms lovulml in phlxzrrrsas. The Fayetteville an-as luis its oun thrixina rest-url-lr farm. 'llhv olijr-4-tin-S ol the Collect- of 'larivulture anrl Inf' sv ' onto. 1 'r ' I ' ' 1:14 f um' arn- - - 1 . . . . U ,V mlvu-loprmwil. lu 1-iw-atv an uttitutlm- mil. inquiry. anal to Q ' '1 f' 2' n e anal uoirwir in N'lt'lllllIt' anal tr-1-lnm-nl zlurnhllurv and unml home llcu-lopnn-nt. ' 'I'lu- 4-urrivuluin lIlt'llltll'tl liusiv training in the phxs- if-ul. lirologlvul. nnml som-ml sell-in-vs. the lll1lllilllllIt'S. uncl connnunu rlion. .if in-ll as in tr-4-liitii-ul LlQl4lt'l!lllll't' and lionn- t'1'tlllUllllt'S. Sum-lr training is lllllisitlillll. not only to ilQ1l'll'lllllll'ill pro1lm'lion ancl lionn-nmlxing. liut to re- lzrlwl lmluslrlvs :tml lu Ullllvlllltilt norlx in these livltls. :X nutritional u-at-an-lm prw-gixriii is in ilu- llvwlop- 1 llll'Illill stage in lln- llonn' l'lm'ultuIl1l4's lim-1iurtnn'nt: anfl 4 1 X portions of lln- lurst-1m'nt liousl- :rimlxtivul luliomlorv. uninml lwmling rooms. ollivvs. :incl an lllSll'lllllt'lll rooln. Agri btumlvnls -Xssoi-intron is nn all-vollvuv organ- llilllttll ol rtmlvnts illltl stall nnwnlwrs ln tln' College. ll lion stnflm-nts enroll. tlwy atllloiiizitim-ally lwvoim- mem- . ge. unml it ell- nnixvs its proprann nl work 1-an-li your lip sponsoring . . l. I f 1' ' With its emphasis on statewide research and expernnentatron, the I will I 1' I lllltlvtll lr Nllll' P lllf llllll V ll 'ls College of Agriculture has helped improve Arkansas farming methods. lll'Ull 'll l ll' lf' l"2l'- 41. X N M Viv ,..f....,.,gg, -X-WW Wy'-he H.-. M,5qgyfE5+s:X'.fgf',uw ,,.. f fd. .. V ,.,. ..WW,3WiW L , , V V ...,,M..W.W. ,A ., ,f,,, .M..A...,.M..,.W .M fW.WM.,w,'mN,,, .AMNM ,x I wmMwmuww4wwm . , mwon, . .W....,.w.W,ww .ymwg , ' ,,M W ., ,4 , MW 4 2 ,. .,. , I ,M MQ ,, ,N ,, Y 9 , g .V -4Q,s:-3-1-'llfliiffiw W' 7 ',,1Ll'52f4h M4iVW'1WMM'waN2 4 RW M f NWN V, ., WA: F 151 ,.,mmfa,, W - aw WWWQ S I fh 'Q ' ' N Wm, 1 5 Q ? , qi ,. 5 QE 5 fi iz 2 5 2 , , Q 5 , 3 , f if W M v V " . 1 V! W" 4 W' Sur fr, .f ' MA RX ' ' WW f H Q wi: 1 we X w nl-1 ? E' ff . - - f 4, ,,.y , .-f 1 , , , f ,. H X , 1-- I - A ,W g , WW Q. ww,Wff4'ffw-W--mm. ,A A , .x,.x .6 wwf I , 9 1 w.puuvw'f4D 'U f. my ,MW , v 'Q ..L. -, fy! I --"". I I I I I if 'ss FACULTY: left to rightg Dr. F. Williams, Dr. R. Westmeyer, Dulan, Dr. J. Kane. Dr. W. Et. Banks, Dr. G. E. Kesir, Dr. D. Robinson, Dr. H. S. College of Business Administration The College of Business Administration has aided the industrial and economic growth of Arkansas through i's research program, the Industrial Research and Ex- tension Center at Little Rock. The purpose of the College is to educate young men and Women for positions of leadership and responsi- bility in private business, government service. and non- business organization. Part of this educational prepar- ation must be professional. ln recognition of the need of formal schooling in business and economics, it pro- vides specialized courses in several fields of business, including accounting, finance, taxation. management, marketing, transporation, labor, insurance, business law, statistics, economics and business education. The Business Administration Building contains num- erous classrooms and offices. an auditorium, a working library, general workrooms for students, and modern. well-equipped laboratories for accounting, statistics, and typing. The College receives approximately 130 periodi- cals and business services, including most of the im- portant financial, economic, and business publications. The College has been a member of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business since 1931. This organization exists to promote the highest stand- ards of business education. Since changing to a four-year school in 1937 - before that it was a two-year division of Arts and Sci- ences - the business school has grown steadily. Dean Paul W. Milam, a native of Arkansas, has served as Dean of Business Administration since 1944. Dr. M. G. Bridenstine directs a long-range research pro- gram, the Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Seminars and informal discussions are especially successful teaching methods, for student interest and participation is increased. 0 Vik ,T Q- 'B li K 15, . X I FACULTY: loft to rightg Mrs. Shelia Moss, Mrs. Maxine Vaugln, Mrs. Irene llnrt. Hrs. Helen Crnssett, Dr. Mary Harliage. College of Education ' """wm, l A,-d W- --n ,..av" .-4 Students in the Univt-rsity School receive excellent help and advice from practice tcaclmcrs who learn along with their young students. 'lille Calle-gn of l'ffltn'atim1 l'Ul'l'ClLllPS ancl unites the forces nl tln- l'nixcrsity ul :Xrkansas making Contrilnl- tions tnwarcl preparing stumlcnts for professional svrvice in the fir-lrls nf tes-ac-lung. cnunsvling. anfl sr-linnl arlinin- istratinn. lfrlur-ation is iniprnwrl ln pnwnlllig consul- tation sclwict-s. ln 4-ngaging in ccltivatinmll rcscarrli. ln mn-nl11'agin51 young pc-rsnns to cntvr tllo tcavliing pro- lvssinn. anrl ln plat-ing tln- Cnllvgt- gramluatvs. Cnurscs arm' plannt-ll lvntli lor Iwrsnns nlnv are pre- paring' tn tvavlm anal lm' lll-St'l'Xll't' tvaclicrs. Curricula are' Ill't'St'lllt'tl nn llnt assumption tliat t0ac'ln'rs first sllnulml liaw a lvruaal. Qt'llt'l'Lll 1-clum'atinn: soc-mul. tliat tln-5 slnrulrl lu- niastu-rs ul tlnr intliximlual siilrjvvts tllat tlwy tt-at-li: anml. tliirrl. tliat tlivy slmulml slipplviiwlit lln-ir lll't'Xl4llIS mlm-ation ln taking prnlcssiunal courses to gain a lmoxslvmljgt' ul tllc lcarning prm'm'ss. skill in 1.-tt.-Irina tm-ln1iq1n's. ancl avtual prac-tim' in tvacliinsr m unllvr vxpr-1'ut-nm-tl stun-1'x1sm's. 'l'ln' vurrivulnni in t'lllll'l' vlm-nn'ntary or svc'nmlary st-Iwnls is so plannml tllat its straw-ssllil 4-nlnplvtlon lu' lln' stnmln-nt anlfnnaln-ally lullllls tln' l't'tIl1ll't'lIll'IllS ol tln' State' llnartl nl' l'itlllt'llllllll. 'l'ln- 'l'var-lim lfrluvatinn prngrani at tln' linirvrsity nl ,'xl'liilllSils is ln'nlt-ssinnally am-rvrlitrwl lu tlnx National CUllIN'll nl 'll-ar-ln-r l'i4l1n'atinn for lln- prvparatinn of t'll'Illt'IllZIl't svlnml tm-zn'l1v'1's. F1't'1tIltllll'f st-lntnl tvac'ln'rs. anal sc-lnwnl st-rx nw' pvrsnnm-l. nilli rm-vngliitinil lIlt'lllllllIfI tln' llm'lul'is ll4'Ql't'l'. SYl'i:l. tln' national prolvssional assnviatinn for vol- lvun' antl unixvrsity stutlvnts ltl't'Illll'llIQ tn lt'ilt'll. is ont' nl tln' must an-tin' organizations in tln' lit-Ill nl cmluvatinn. 'l'ln- lfnlle-uv nl l'f4lum'atiun was lnunmlml in llllfi. anrl is l.llIlt'll4lllltlQ umlvr tht- supcrxisitm nl Ur. llvnry H. lxrmn'nlwrg. , S W Q Q4 gy S Q W gym if 1 mv, pu? 5. Qiixgmqww WM M Q X A x ,sw x if . -. Q " H ' gy 1, , ,. Q vw, W' vs J ,P 4, XV ' i,1I?r:.'1"'-"f K ,,., E . 3 X I . EEE. ., ,::.? ..::, 1 Q 1 V Q M, f is -0 Mar NA J T X My Gv u ,W Y , ,. ff X at 1 ww Q - 23381 lm K Q ' 'Ei .X wx 4 Q -Q 4 , 11,11 K mfs ' if Y -la fn l Qlf- Sv X 52 . .F A V' Q 4,5 as A ,.,. 523' J KW Q f i ,, , K awe X f f , X R , f J "WJ N 1 'UA , PW wf X Q , My 2 f Z ff 'A '1 f ff X A .,., ,,,,.A , ,, -', L -2 fi Z K ? X Wx . , Ax ' we if if 4' 4 fy ,,,,, ..,,, ,Y,,, Q , y x , ., ,W , Q. , WS, f f , f QU Y, gf X -- p X ,- A, V! ,, .. , mf 1' x fx Y www Q A ' WMM W .. , I , , NVWIW' f 1 A 4 f if eb 4 f' 9 4 L 1.,z f ,Z if X Q - Q ,m FN ? 3. Y wow ww ' o f 'Y 3 C r W Q l , , ,Mt A '-ww NNK if fir, ,ffv -X f ' fhu .1 V I ' X . V out 4 b Q 5' . . . s Ea, ' ,, , , -,Ig 'E , Rm l gas S,.... M ' V I f 'IT F . ' ,t . L 1 S4 r, HUM., - 'FH ' 25,-4 1 I! 1 T 'Q-41 . K y U h. . , , W., . - 5 J! : ' 1.-,,. ' ' -- -A.. , 'di' , """"-W-4-. ' " ' A L "" "N 0-:Am ,I F Q 4 ... 'F ' ' ' . -v P ' ' ' V' '- i . . '-'Aga r " i 1 -H - I" I "1 M. ..- E ' IP'-v--.....,m 5 - - q N 4 'Ln 4' k "rw-P-.,,, , A "' " S 4 1 eff' ' J V15 Hira- ENGINEERING FACULTY: left to rightg Kyle Engler, R. C. gan, Denys O. Akhurst, Thomas Jefferson, Philip E. Bocquet, Wray, Henry H. Hicks, Jr., Charles W. Oxford, George F. Brani- Loren R. Heiple. College of Engineering The Cfollege of Engineering is the Universityis fast- est growing college. The principal aim of the college is to train students in the basic and specialized concepts of engineering sciences. Graduates must have scholastic training in fields other than engineering in order to gain and hold stature in their profession. A second aim is to prepare its students to meet the engineering profession's demand for persons of high moral and ethical standards who are outstanding in leadership and citizenship The college offers a four-year undergraduate pro- gram leading to the BS. degree in the various curricula. and in cooperation with the graduate School. a program leading to an lVl.S. degree in the various departments of the College. A program of advanced study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree was established in 1958. A broad, general education is provided. with spe- cial emphasis on the physical sciences and their applica- tion to the needs of modern civilization. lnterviewers from industrial concerns and govern- ment agencies are invited to the campus to talk with advanced students about employment opportunities. ln addition. the College of Engineering of the U of A has entered into a cooperative program with Ouachita Bap- tist College, the College of the Ozarks, and Harding College to provide for a five-year combined course of study. Dean George Branigan is active in engineering edu- cational circles, and Dr. John lmhoff is national vice- president of the American Institute of Industrial Engi- neers. SVN Two students in the College of Engineering practice their ability at graphic drawing, an important element in the college's program. 47? rv.- in 3.4- ...T v n N S. E 1' . 34 ing 'asv-I 4.4, Af,l, ,li -, N? GRADUATE COUNCIL: left to right. William B. Stiles, Carl E. Duffy, Roy B. Allen, R. E. Wetmeyer, R. F. Kruh, C. W. nn, 0-ff l Oxford, Virgil W. Aclkis-son. Graduate School f""" Usccl for atomic research, the accelerator is locatccl bcncatli the Chemistry Building. Here Don Bogard makes delicate acliustments. The Crzuluale sliulenls are :muing lluf must aulinireil ancl reslwvtccl stuili-nts nn llie L'lllYPl'Sllf' ol' pXrliaiisas campus. Tlulsv are Slllfll?lllS ului after grncliiatimi furtli- er tluiir ccliivziliivll uiuler ilu- Luispives uf ilu! liiiixieisiti Gl'3fll1LllP Si-luuil. Vllluiy can uplmipisiulvly lu' 1-ull:-il ilu? liavklunu- uf will-ge uvauli-iiiiv life. llc-gwvs are iii- ferecl lo tlu'ni in llQ'LlI'll lilly llll'l.Q'l'l'lll lin-lcls, llui prin- vipal nliji-i-tiw ul ilu- si-luuil is Ilui aulxuiwenu-nl mul ilissvininuliirn ul luumlwlgv. To lui iuliniltml lu i'41iuliil1u'x lui- n ill-gi-iw. ai Slllt'll'lll must limit' lu-vn iinviiiuliliiwnulli' aulniith-il lit g'l'ill'lllHll' slaiuling uiul inns! limi- lwvn aippiwiwtl lun llu- inajur prulvssui' mul llmin iii ilu- Clllllllllii' Svluuml nl liis pur- lll'lll1ll' lllil-lllll :Xt llui linu- ul zulniissiivn lu llui Criulllzile Svluuml lluf sliulvnl. nn ilu' qulxim' ul ilu- llvan. is ussigiuul in ai lllllwllll' piwili-ssiii' ulut lu-vimuts liis aulxisiir lliruugluilll ilu- 4-m1i'sv. llu- 4-lurivv of ai iiuijm' pmli-ssor is Iurgi-ly ili'li'i'niilu'il lu ilu- sliulvnl's vluiii-ii nl ai inaijui' Sllll-ll'i'l. 'l'lu- prograiii ill stiuly may vniisisl tif i-oiirsvs vlumsen l-l'UIll mu- ll4'lHll'lIllt'lll. UI' ll may iiu'llulv suvli l'U:Qlllll1' vulirsvs frinn itlluir ill-pui'lnu'nls as may in iiulixiilunl inslzuuw-s svvin Iii nlfvr giwzilvsl unnuwluiiv mul pvrnui- lll'lll iziluvs. Ks il fu-tu-ral priiu-ipli-. lim-iliinls ul llu' i'uiii'si-s umu- Irwin ilu' nuiiui' lu'lil. K ... . N . . ln l'?2. llu- lmuliiutv bvluuil uns vsuililislu-il. l"run' lu tlml ilzili- Qfilllllilll' mirlg in ilu' uniu-rsily uns inuler ilu- siipm-iwisimi ul ai Gfiltlllillt' Cimiiiiillc-v. ln l'7l'8 ilu- l niwrsili l'5lilllllNlll'll ai lifilllllillt' Cviitvr in l.iltl4- Riu-k. 'l-liiru-vii lliwlulwil lvllirusliips uvrv apprmvil for lllhll-l'70l uiuliri' tlu' National llvfviisc l'lcllu':ilimi grants. llvan Yirgil XY. Arlkissmi is in vliargv of llu- Crad- llilll' Svluuil. Q ' . sw- f X f-7,4 ,f x . -2, 155 - ' fmfyx it 5 xg , ...0,..4-4 E . ,f,vmotm+'0" " ,uf f I,-l-,, ,,,,,. ...,,,,.,,,,,,,.. -qpm-nga-M-Q-"'f' """"' f ' t ng' JP' was , 'fx' ' 1 fi v ,w,.'H - 'U "",+xA 0 Y yd ' 'wp ' "' O . V 'Q' . ,ad K AP .""'iEf 'fisfsf -'ff' Q ,415 ,I . --'- QA' 'sf - 'Q 5 A 'A ',. f"'-b-1Qf?'+S"f'- N'gw"- t' Q Q 1 , '?1 S.. 1 . Q 9.1! K n A al" U Q 5vkvb.+ ' xi, 1 a ' ' " -Y .' WW' 4 ' '7 " , 'M Q Vu Nm! 4' Q . ' "'-Q' i ' , W a Au' Q' n-'A T :I Q vv-'tb 4 '. U -Q ' . M. -S it 1 - X 4 ' ' . 1di'l,...i9Q-.s.!.3" "ff K . -an LAW FACULTY: Front row: left to' right, Edwin H. Greene- Back row: left to right, Charles N. Carnes, Ray Trammell, baum, Albert M. Witte, Samuel M. Fetters, Robert A. Let-lar. Robert R. Wright, Frederic K. Spies. School of Law The School of Law is housed in Watermaii Hall, one of the most attractive and efficient law building in America. The School follows the standards of legal education prescribed by the American Bar Association, and since 1926 has been on that Associationis list of ap- proved law schools of America. The School offers a three-year law course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Law. The primary objective of the School is providing a thorough preparation for the practice of law and pre- paring the student either to practice in common law jurisdiction or to seek employment by government of private business. A The curriculum of the School is designed to give the student an understanding of the law in its relationship to 0-ther agencies of social control and to enable him to develop a sense of ethical values in respect to the law and the profession. Moot courts attract interest. A practice court for three-year students is conducted so- that experience may be obtained in the trial of jury CEISCSQ. The Various stages of a trial are demonstrated, with students participating under the guidance of an instructor. This Work is under faculty supervision and is intended to give the student an introduction to- actual trial Work. Dean Ralph Clayton Barnhart directs the School of Law. Researching day and night among the complete judicial citations and law review articles, most law students keep irregular hours, -. .Z iii. ,it 'Q .-,-. .1. .xl '. 13!!f?V!!5K3!QfQf K ......... I I ::::::z:: z :::::::::.E 511322122 "EEE5EEE F University Medical Center The University Nlealicul Center at Little Rock is lfglllitlljil as une uf the must mmlcm in the nuliun. ll 1'1:pl'c's1-ills unc of the UlllSlilIllllllg fL'illl.ll'US ui the lm- wlsily ul' Arkullsus. Ile-rc the lulcsl 4'lllIi1J1llClll is uti- lim-il in M'l'XiIl:5 lmlh lllt,'tli4'2.ll sllulvllls uncl lmlivrlls. IM-1lim1ln'1l in 19.37. lllc Mm'fli4'ul f1l'Illl'l' uns CUIlSil'lll'l1'l' all ll wlwl ul' IIlUI'1' lllilll iUlll'l1'1'Il lnilliun dullars. in lflfsl llle I. Il. liilflilll Ins ' ' ' -' ' SI'ill'4'Il muh 4-mnlnlvla-il uml nuwnlmwl. Um- of ilu- Imvsl lmfclivall r1'sm'ul'1'I1 lan-ililivs in Aim-rivu. ilu- lnslilula' 1- should IHYIX1' lu lu- an hu-lm' Ill illll'LU'llllLl uml Iwlalmg 'll ' 'Q ' ".' 1 "5" W' 'ASF ' . .l ll 1'nl.' "" ' ' n "l ' ' 1.54 .IL ' '- I ' 'li l . " . ' 4' ' 5 ' 51 1 "' 'l h 1 . .f. .. i. .. -r . ,. .-- . L r- ., .I . . - . .- . . . .- - . .. . - 4 . 1 . IIN- I IIIXl'l'SIlN 1rf.'Xl'kiIllS1lS 51'l1mnl ui i,Ilill'll1il1'X :xml Nursing am- lwllsu-cl Ili lin' l',4llu'allmlull lllllllllllgl all llu- Xlulu-ul f,1'ulvr. lH511'lIH'l' hllll llu' Nvluml of Xlmllmzw. 'lilu' 54'llw1l of Xlmlivim' is Ili-filiZlll'll xxillr ilu- Yvl- 4'l'illl31fxllIlIilliNlI'1lliUlI lluspilul in l.illl1'lim'kz1ml North I.IHl1'I:4N'lxlIll1l1'l'lIIl'll2lll1lIlNKlll4'HULHISf.1llllllllll1'l'lllitb- Qfillll. Smurf- In-415 in llwsm- lmspiluls am' ulilixml fm' lm':u'luing lllll'lllDN1'S. in aulmliliull lu llmss' il1'iiXilll'll in lin' l'lIlX1'l'hlU llnspllul. 38 4 7 The University of Arkansas Medical Center is one of the shovvplaces of Little Rock. Learning about the psychology of nurse relationships with patients and oloctors, future nurses must attend lecture like Fayetteville students. ' " a www ws' ff K :sf we Mui. :tem 2 s Ziyi, F ff f' - :vw - ,- 2 me fs Q , ,gf SHP' 711 'Y N Ni W , 4 ' . ., e-f1f"a"s1' Te " S A 5. Y Pharmacy Pharmacy is essentially that field of the health sci- ences which functions chiefly in supplying, assembling and preparing the medicinals used for prevention, cur- ing. and controlling of diseases. The lciniversity of Arkansas School of Nursing was established to help meet the pressing demand for larger numbers of skilled nurses and to make available to young people of Arkansas the best possible educational preparation for the profession of nursing. After serving as Acting President. Hr. Storm Whaley assumed the position of Vice-President for Health Sci- ences. Ur. Winston K. Shorey is the Liniversitys Dean of Nledicine: and the School of Pharmacy is directed by liean Stanley G. Nlittelstaedt. The School of Nursing is under the direction of Dean Frances Russell. I - 1 sen ...Ai ,il 4' KJ After removing and inspecting the model's liver lor somethingi, stu- dent begins to try to put old Humpty Dumpty back together again, Pharmacy student has learned quickly that aspirin will not cure all. This already makes him smarter than the University infirmary. gn , Q55 - X . . ,n w f 1 ' 'M . 'YJ' U. . Xe. np'-ge Sfanley G. Mittelsfaedt Dean of Pharmacy ,A Frances Russell Dean of Nursing ' f Z, QK, W H Mg 755' T42 7 Winston K. Shorey Dean of Medicine 41 x I NN . 5, IN-Q I 1 V V f 1 's I Q'-v X i A 1 ,., 2? -.,-Q P -TNR' I gf"-s 'Na Y ,.'.. Q ' ni T lt? 15 I'-'E , :"s.'1S "-4 fm' ,vt-12. ,.. 55773 L 'Y I r 'us ,EEF 4- N ' .rw I 9 - x ' lj- ""1 I 1 i - Ill ? 1 M" V , -me-Q., "wa A , if -fx I A qmxxi V " Af' 5 s ..-1:3 ' . ' Q-L""""'-4---. vm' W-R ' - - - C A A ..'-' U .. 1-'-' 'h . Q vga 3 ., K ky -in .L 1 - J .xv gh - f '-. gm ff- K, , ' .' -Q X 1 If . ' Ilfii x ig, a. -V . ' .' Nh ' . Q 1' 'L' A Ny 3' x ' I 'f ,gk N ,A K. Q .IX ' fa ' P " M f fl"f""5 I 'illw 'Wi A a Q... ' tw ,, 9 Division of Student ffairs Under the supervision of the Dean of Students, this office of the University is composed of the Dean of Students, the Dean of Women, the Dean of Men, and the Coordinator of Student Aid. The main function of the personnel is to coordinate the activities of the students with the activities of the University as a who-le. They also keep track of the status and progress of the students. and relaying the in- formation to the students' parents and other interested persons. The division supervises- the Student Counsel- ing Service, Infirmary, Food Services, Student Union, Book Store, Placement Office, Financial Aid, and Part- Time Employment Services. Along With these duties they Work with all student organizations in terms of student welfare, morale, and discipline. Student govern- ment in its many phases works directly with the Divi- sion of Student Affairs. Dr. D. Whitney Halladay, Dean of Students, grad- uated from Pomona College and received his Ed. D. de- gree from Columbia University. He participates actively in Fayetteville as an Army Reserve Lt. Colonel. Directly assisting Dean Halladay is Miss Jacqueline Sterner, Dean of Women. Dean Sterner directs and co- ordinates all phases of the co-ed campus activity. She is a native of Indiana and received her B.A. and lVl.S. degrees from Indiana University. Earlier this year she received her doctorate from Ohio State University. She came to the University from Texas Tech where she served as Assistant Dean of Women. Dr. Sterner has S S+' S. Robert l. Jones Dean of Men Jacqueline Sterner Dean of Women K 4 :WZ V , ww G xx in .gmail . . 1 ,wx . 1 ggi MW'-1-W.?' x Q Q i H- ,ga- . ,P M, ft.. 4 J. ,, .. .nf L., YQ in-Iii 3 1 - ii ul, - ' ..,,, vi' . Q . .v 'lin 1 Q , .-ff" 1 ..- if ' .411 w P--.M-, 4 --'UIQ I - - r . Q A J: n , . V, ...Q- 5 'N Q .R , .- 'fix ' ' .N V. A .af 3 I is L W' 'qw Q , , Wy-.-.1 .fkaf lm.- . A ,A -4 X 4, -I '?'Q,g.,- '-5:--wh. . jg' ' , 5- ' .Q --lirffa P X W ' N I ' M" 1 'fizvta . wr-1' 'vi vs-X 1 , nfl, q 1 Q. .Zh MIP tx!-F in "ui ,- M. .,,'l ,- - 15 V'-Q S: i qv V U Xa Grace Vineyard Col. Ralph T. Simpson Assf. Dean of Women Coordinator of Sfudenf Aid Frank C. Michel Assf. Dean of Men Lucky To have found a place to sit, coffee drinkers crowd Union during morning rush hours and worry about a pop Test next period. ' -M xvwv, i -In 1 Qx Members of the Graduate Institute of Technology faculty meet frequently to discuss the progress of the growing Institute. Graduate Institute of Teehnolo 9:1 . 3 "ef, -, W 4 , -L I M . 'V X75 insav al f tl ' 'Y " W 4 r 1 ' If x. gi it Yi V A ,il " ,LIS fu . ' fm 1 . V " I , q'l4..t,v xc. I . - ' l v I , Q' f g' - A Y Af t , s , Pr- ? . -iii 13,21 NA' 0 -' .I ' 2 V" -W 'Y 7 'fi "U, fl... Q --411 tg t e e l 2 .,, l 1' 46 Complicated instruments in the laboratories of G.l.T. challenge graduate students doing advanced science and engineering research. Yvell equippetl lulituateries are available at the Crafluate lnstitute nf 'lieeliunlngy in Little Rock. Tliese facilities are living 1-niistaiitly iuereased and are used fni' eniitraet t'eseai't'li and fni' prnjeets arising from tlie inclixiduul interests ttf tlie lnstituteis faeulty. 'lille twemll nlrieetives of tlie Crafliiate institute nf Tec-linnlney ure. first. tn prmeide aiu nppnrtiinity fni' grziclilales in seiem-e and t'l1Ql'iltPt'l'lltt1'. ineludiug tlinse eui'i'entlx Plllltlttftdl. ln t-nntiiiue tlieii' studies tn lie alile tn qualify for tttltttitt-t-tt degrees in the fields nf seienee and let-linnlngi. rind. set-t-titl. tn engage in aflvaiteed re- st-tm-It sn us tn exluiiitl tlte field nf seientifie knowledge. lluringr enipltnntent as ttf-It as nn full time. facilities fur studies after urmliizitinii lime lien-nine nf growing iiiipnrlziiiee tn tltt- Flute nf 'Xi'lxaitsas. Fueli tat-ilities must lie of liieli quulitx and in useful fields. 'fillet' also must lie reutlily utwssiltlt- tn tlie industiizil et-titers in wliieli ninst teelinit-izins un- eniplnxed. The tnaitiittilitx of sueli fzieililies is serinuslx ennsitleretl ln inaiiiy inuini' indus- tritit t-niit't'riis in st-let-liiig new plant lneaitinii. 'lilie 'Xrlctiiisus lndustiiatl llexelnpitieiit Cninntissinn. l'l't'tt5llliZillQ llIt'5l' f1lf'f!4. l'et'0Iitlttt'litlt'tl tn tlie Trustees nf tlie lltiixeisiti nf Xrliaitsus and lu tlie xtrlxaiiisus State l.egisl:itui'e tliail fait-ilities fni' erzuliiaite study and re- seztreli lu- ert-:itt'tl. :uid Int-titetl in little linelc. so as tn tw reutlily tnttilrtltlt- tn tlie iiiujni' industriail eeiiters nf flu' Stale. .N grauluzite finni tlte lvnixersiti nf ftrluiiiszis ni' train an zieeretlitetl st-ttnnl l't't1lllI'illQ stilistaiiitiullx' tlie same umler-grutluule inngraiii as is l't'l1llll't'tl liy tlie Univer- sity. lltilf tw :admitted ln full grutluzite standing if his grades :ire tit-Il zilmie tlie ziwiuiee required for tlte ltzit-ltelnris clegree. wwm2M,,,,a X 5 N K A X .5 - Q , 26 47, f ,f Sig , - 5 -X ,. w X ya- . If . YE- X Q 2 . " . 3 mx 654, 'W-www ,QF xx X. N f f A fb fw N- -A-4 ,ww am, . . K 'E :-1 W-qw W4 X K Q53 a X 'sf W SY :QR x X 'R f , , f J V 6 f sv fr? we ' , 'Ph fx "' N- 4 I , , , ' 5 J , ' . 2 f f VW , '. , ,W, 4 ,Z 2 ' 4 V 7 . 1 :7?W4wfffQ ,.. X , J, , MMMX X 7 ? V a ' Sy 5, 'E 5 x if 4 14 X , 4 ,NM 7,5 W f, f www nw, M 'A 4.8 ff' 52-W ff' my-Q, , 1 1. N .lqhn uurr""W- 48 Registrar Carter and Wallie Ingalls inspect the IBM in 1l1o basement of Old Main. W -Qsk. X, fi, . 0 wk an A CIHSSBS First Row: GEORGE ALEX ALRRITTON: Horticulture Club: Farinerville. La. JAMES WILLIAM ATWOOD: Sedg- well House: Aninlal Industry: Genesee. Ill. FREDERIC L. BAILEY: AZ, Censor: Hortir-ulture Club, Pres.: Portland, Ind. BRENDA LOU BALL: Nashville. JOHN DANTON BARK- MAN: PHT. See.: Texarkana. CLARK WESLEY BARNES: Highland. Ill. ORTUS WERR RARNETT, JR.: Sherrill. BILLY RAY BARTON: XE: Russellville. ALFRED L. BAXLEY: Little Rock. Ser-owl' Row: CAIL ADKISSON RECCS: National Collegi- ate Players: Fayetteville. CHARLES ALBERT HELL: Fayette- ville. RICHARD LEWIS DELL: Farmhouse: Rogers. CEORCE A. HERCER: APP: TEA: ATA: AZ: AYeiner. JAAIES CAR- LAND RIAA LOCK: ZIIIE: TIME: Hamburg. CATHERINE JANE RRUCE: Alagnolia. ROBERT L. RRY.-AN'l': Little Rook. lil'illlllillES Statues are good for decorating apartments. Consequently, the fruit bowl is frequently raided for suitable art work. Tlzirrl Row: ROY DOUCLASS BURROW: E1 Dorado. CARY AYAIDE CAAIPIIELL: HT: OAK: Alena. JAMES TRAYIS tIASTl.EllERRY: CIUAK. Pres.: Fayetteville. STANLEY RO- BERT tIllAlJltfK: Humphrey. LARRY JEAN CHASE: Spring- tlale. CAROL JEAN CHRISTIANSEN: Joplin. Mo. NEOPTO- LEAIOS CLEOPA: International Club: Kato Yialia Paphos. flyprne. HELEN CARTER CLOYD: Siloam Springs. AIIBRO- Cllt MENDEZ CONJE. JR.: SanCarlos, Philippines. lfourlli Noir: JACK R. CONNOR: Cillett. JOHN PAITL CONNOR: Alonette. AYENDELL RAY COSTON: Fayetteville. AYAtllll C. IIXIVASHY: BAXP: International Club. Treas.: Cairo. Egypt. KENNETH ISRITIE DAVIS. JR.: Texarkana. IHIETER JOIIXNXES DIRRERN: International Club: Kiel. Cerniuny. .IXY VR ANKLIN DOAYNS: Arliatlelphia. JIAIAIY RICHARD ROYD RIlI.I.OCK: PUT: Fayetteville. DORO'l'HY l"ORREVST DIN UNT: KI: Forre-t City. ROBERT C. ED- CAVENDOLYN RIIRCE: KAII: Fayetteville. XYARIDS: Poll- tfainp. Ali-Q. Albritton Atwood Railey Rall Barkman Rarnea Rarnett Burton Baxley Beggs Bell. C. Rell. R. Berger Blaylot-li Bruce llryant Rnlloelc Burge TE if Ti 5 Pi fl? 4' 3, '4- nmx 'Us' 6' is 9-.L sv Cx ,ot Q t - K ou, hw .Lf 1 Y S v L- vigil Q I .rx if f -A 13 I1 all . -1. 111-11 i ll llurrow Cznnplu-ll Ca-tle-lwl'l'y Clnulivlx Clmw Cllri-tiqm-on Cleopa Cloyal Conje Connor, J. U. Cu1n11.11', J. P. Corton Dafasliy Davis Dibbcin Downs Dunaxanl Edwarda 50 First Row: LLOYD RALPH ERICKSION, JR.: Scola Cantorum: Little Rock. CLIFFORD L. EUBANKS: AKXII: Paragould. SARA JO FEND- LEY: Fulbright Hall, Graduate Counselor: Les- lie. STANLEY GENE FINCK: Razorback Band: Belle Fourche, S. D. Second Row: BESS BEASLEY FOGG: AAA: X9: Marketing Club.: Fayetteville. COY J. GAR- BETT: Seagoville, Tex. DARREL E. GARNER: Fayetteville. EVELYN KAY GLENN: Pottsville. Third Row: RUS-SELL B. GRESS, JR.: Little Rock. FRANK D. HALL: AKNP: BFE: OAK: IIJKQ: QIPHE: Edmond, Okla. BILL WAYNE HAL- STEAD: Little Rock. CARL HULET HAMIL- TON: Bartlesville, Okla. Fourth Row: ALICE W. HAMPTON: KAII, Elementary Club: Lincoln. JOHN K. HARRIS: EN: Student Senate: OAK: AKXII: BAND: BFE: QHZ: University Honors Council, Pres.: Com- merce Guild: TIME: Springfield, Mo. WILLIAM FLOYD HARRISON: Haynes. ROBERT A. HENDON: Osceola. Fifth Row: JERRY WAYNE HODGE: Bly- theville. CARL W. HOGG: Russellville, Mo. GORDON ADOLPH HOSCH: New Orleans, La. ROBERT D. HOYT: Conway. Sixth Row: CHARLES WAYNE JACKSON: QAK: Pine Bluff. MARETTE MCCAULEY JACKSON: Pine Bluff. ROBERT L. JAMES: BAXP: Webb City, Mo. JAMES DUNAWAY JOHNSON: Conway. Seventh Row: JERE MARKLE JOHNSON: EX, Pres.: GT: TBII: OAK: KIDHE: IIME: Little Rock. BILL FRANK JONES: Harrison. EDWIN DWIGHT JORDAN: Conway. JAMES- R. KEESE: Bakersfield, Calif. Eighth Row: JAMES BENSON KENNEY: IIDAK: Van Buren. JANE HAMAKER KITT: Russellville. RICHARD ANTHONY KITT: Rus- sellville. DANIEL GUIN KYLE: Magnolia. Ninth Row: CHARLES' WE-NDELL LAMB: AIChE: GT: Leola. JAMES MORRIS LANG: Monette. HARVEY S. LEWIS: BFE: AKKII: Jackson, Miss. YUNG-KAN LIU: Taishien, Kian- gsu, China. Erickson Eubanks Fendley Finck Fogg Garbett Garner Glenn Gress Hall Halstead Hamilton Hampton Harris Harrison Hendon Hodge Hogs Hosch Hoyt Jackson, Jackson, James Johnson, Johnson, Jones Jordan Keese Kenney Kitt, J. Kitt, R. Kyle Lamb Lang Lewis Liu Alaniar Matthews Maupin AIcCehee XIc:Raven Heason Mehane Alehta Mitchell Alu IAIUSICY Muse Newkirk Ng Ngiwe Nalley Nulen Oakley Oishi Oliver Oiwini Parr Penix Penninglf Pctelski Pike Plunkett Pressley Rumxey Recd R en nie Rovers RlIl1'll1ll'l Rulwrls Ruxhlmi Stu-II all Q ,Q 1 x 'G 24 l . Z? 4 C fs. I . E 5 -:RQ I.- W. Ni Q, , , 5- 'il ax l 4 ,av 'V' ,Q ,favs-K' 64 L, eff X5 l IT' 1 5, 4-. hu? 4.h. ...- First Row: DEEPAK RASIKLAI: Brurilmay. Alaharaehtra. India. CATHERINE R. NIAT- THEWS: Little Rovk. ,IOAN LEE NIALPIN: Blnnrnfielrl. NIO. BILLY RAY INLCHEE: AZ: ATA. Pres.: Star City. Second Rout PATRICIA ANNE NICCRA- TEN: Fullaright Hall. Graduate Cuunselnr: Dau- xite. JOHN L. NIEASON: EE: American Phy- kit-al Suciety: Anierivan Chemical Society: Rnar- ing Springs Tex. ,IANIES CARL NIENIDANE: W ynne. RANIESCHANDRA P. NIENITA: Inter- national Cluh: AIChe: AIIE: Bmnnbay, Inrlia. Third Row: ROBERT TAYLOR MITCHELL: Fayetteville. NIAUNC TIN NIO: Rangoon. lrlllflll uf Durina. DLIEL CLYNN NIOSLEY: Paris. NIARY MUSE RGBINS: Conway. Fourth Row: ROLAND W. NEWKIRK: tllarkfville. DAVID KWOK WAL NG: EHS: International Cluh: Kowlmgm. Hong Kong. TIN HLA NCWE: Rangoon. Burma. DONALD W. X XLLEY: Easley, S. C. Fiftlz Row: JAMES PAUL NOLEN: Lake Charlek. La. K. CLAIRE OAKLEY: Lake Charles. la. I'llliOSI"II OISHI: Chine Lake. Calif. GARY IION OLIVER: AIIM, Pres.: TBII: AIIE: Alma. Szfrllz Run: EDNIIIND N. ORSINI3 North l.ittle litwk. .IININIX Y. PARR: QIDAG: OAK: t Xuiuiul lniluflry tlulv: rlllll'lR6l'lllL1l1. NIOLLY AINN PENIX: l'luIln:ight Hull: Denver. Colm. BOBBY NNY l'lfNNlNC'l'ON: Cru-felt. Swrrnllz Ktrlr: NICK l'lf'l'lfl.SKl: St. Cather- ium'-. Onlatriu. lilllllltlil. LEON XRD NIXNXYELI, PIKIC: llwl'tim'1illlm' lflulug ATA. llut Springs. .tml-2l'll Xl.l!liR'l' l'I.l'XKli'l"l': 'l'l3ll: IIKNZ llllli: NCXKIIIRIH lilulw: IEEE: I-'t. Smith. TREZ- fllf X. PRlfSSl.lfN: Russellxille. lfiyllllz Ruff: .IOIIN NY, R XXISEX: IKPE: iixiv lfluh. 'Ill'1'llSlll'Q'lZ Spvvial l'rujet'lQ Cummil- It-1-1 Iliff: Auung Rep.: Kluilil Tivket Staff: ,Xliil': Nlalwm. S'I'XNl.lfN RICIINIONIJ REED: lluniplirvyx llull. llc-:nl llv-iilent: GRAN: A1lfQ. Sp1uwu': Ali-ul lulvrlmll lkltigix-fx. Sponsor: Hot Spring. Rltltl-1lt'l'.l. RlfNNIl'f: Purix. NORMAN lll'Nl'S I'i itt '. I 22' . Yinlh Rmr: lilCl'l'll ICINXARII RINICIIART: Xlffiuskill. .lliltlh WAN Nlf ROIII-fR'l'S: Nal- i-tuul Collegiate Players: North little Rock. IIYIJA lfl,lfXlll'l'l'll RILSIITON: X131 dfllli: l'Qlllltt'lIt'lIll'I I'IulluI'lll'j' Caitlvl Colonel: ll:imrlmavk lleauly: Swvetliezirt of EX: AWS lxlllt'0ll.S Cmninittve. .INNIES RAY Sl'lEl.L: Holly tlmve. liI'illlllillES Q Disgruntled and confused, students search for texts amid the throngs in the controversial "non-profit" book store. First Row: KENT EVANS SHREEVE: Fayetteville. VIR- Thin! Row: FRED THOMAS: Jonesboro. GARY EUGENE GINIA LOU SHREEVE: Fayetteville. VICTOR J. SIBERT: St. THOMPSON: Tyler, Tex. LEONARD TILLIMAN: Molmile, Joe. MARY EUGENIA SIDLER: Ft. Smith. PAUL D. SIDLER: Ala. JOHNNIE TOPPER: Yocum Hall: Gravette. JUDITH Ft. Smith. DAVID LYNN SIMPSON: El Dorado. EARNEST EDWARDS- TRAMMEL: llliflv, Treasurer: SNEA: KAII: CHARLES SMITH: Pine Blluff. NORMAN M. SMITH: fIJAAg QIJAH: Leac-hville. TONNI BETH VANHOOK: Springfield, Mo. Little Rook. ROBERT HARVEY SMITH, JR.: TAG: Walnut JACKIE E. VANSICKLE: ZTA: AAA: Fayetteville. JIM LEE Ridge. WALLACE: AZ: Springdale. ROBERT RICHARD WALLACE: Hamburg. Second Row: TRUMAN HERSHEL SMITH: Hot Springs. WILLIAM FINIS SMITH: IIKA: Newport. JAMES J. SNIP- ESI Jonesboro. A. GREGORY STARLING: Joiner. WILLIAM Fourth Row: WILLIAM HOWARD WARREN: Fayetteville. JAN STOVER: EX: Young Dem.: Press Club, Pres.: Advert- JAMES OTIS- WATSON: Plainview. JOHN J. WAYE: St. ising Club: A Book, Editor: IFC Rush Book. Associate Editor: Charles Mo. THOMAS GEORGE WEISS JR.: TBH: HTE: Razorback. Sports Editor: Camden. ROGER HARLEY SUB- Klixlfg ASME: Pine Bluff. GEORGE W. WHITFIELD: GPAK: LETT: IIA9: Kill: Greennoow. ZOTL-O' CHENG HO' TAN: AXIIQ: Little Rock. ELECTA C. WILEY: Hope. THOMAS Bulan, Sorsogon, Philippines. JERRY DUNCAN TAYLOR: WADE WILSON: Mt. Holly. JERRY REESE YEARGAN: Morrilton. JOKHN DALLAS TAYLOR: Hamilton, Ind. TEH: HKN: IEEE: Kirlny. JOE RAY ZUG: Ola. Shreeve, K. E. Shreeve, V. L. Sibert Sidler, M.E. Sidler, P. D. Simpson Smith, E. C. Smith, N. M. Smith, R. H. Smith, T. H. Smith, W. F. Snipes Starling Stover Suhlett Tan Taylor, J. D. Taylor, .I. D. 'K"""V E' us" que- af" ,gn -?, JW' WV' 'bm wiv Thomas Thompson Tillman Topper Trammel Vanl-look Vansickle Wallace. J. L- WHIIHCC, R- R Warren Watson Waye Weiss Whitfield Wiley WilS0I1 Yeargall 'T-94' Zug Y 'M - QI ..:f"".5 x First Row: PAUL ALBERT ABDELLA: Bank and Finn 9 EAE: SAM: El Dorado. FRANK OREN ADAIR: Alktg.g AKXI1: Alarketing Cluli: Ft. Smith. DAVE GARY ADAMS: Bus.: Tulsa, Okla. .JOSEPH RICHARD ADAMS: Bus.: KE: Ft. Smith. JOHN WINFIELD ADAMSON, JR.: Mktg.: EX: Little Rot-k. JUDY STERLING ADAMSON: Speech: X523 Young llem.: Hot Springs. JAMES NEWELL AKERS, JR.: Mktg.: EX.: Commerce Cuild: Marketing Club: Advertising Cluh: Harrison. AIARIAN CAROL ALFORD: Eng.-Jour.: XSZ: Arkansas Traveler, Editor. News Editor, Feature Editor: Senior Counselor: Soph Counselor, AWS Judicial Board, Sec.: Mortar Board: AAA: Press Club, Sec.: North Little Rock. Srfconzl Row: CAROLYN JOYCE ALLEN: Eng.: Carnall Hall: Lead Hill. JAMES D. ALLEN: Civil Eng.: XE: KKXII: Arnold Aid Society: ASC: Scaliliard and Blade: Fayetteville. JOHN CARCIA ALVARCZ: Acct.: AAA: KKXI1: Oreenwood. FRANK ROSS ANDERSON. JR.: I. Engr.: EN. Sec.: OT: AIINIZ Nllllflz AIIE: El llorado. WOODROW' WILSON AN- DERSON: Cen. Bus.: flfIIE: Fayetteville. SHARON AIAE ANGLIN: Eng.: Springdale. JAMES MUST ANTHONY: Music French: 411111: Little Rock. JOHN PHILIP ANTHONY: Sl'llllll'S Pep rallies at the Marion have two advantages over campus rallies: fans have more "spirit" and nobody makes them go. Tlzirrl Row: ROBERT HENRY ANTHONY: Acct.: EX: AliXl': Accounting Association: BAXII: IFC: Bearden. TOBY JOE ARMELLINI: C. Engr.: ASCE: North Little Rock. ROIEERT WALKER ARRINCTON: Pre-Med.: EN: CIHHE: IINIE: TISII: HT: Scahbard and Blade: Nashville. WILLIAM IIORACE ARTHIJRS: Ins. and Real Estate: EX: Cotton Plant. CARULYN BRYANT ATKINSON: Nutrition: Colec- hon: Agrieulturist Staff: Nashville. LYNNETTA RUTH AT- WELI.: Hist.: AAII. Pres.: AWS Finance Committee: Panhel- lenit- Council: Crossett. AIINA JO AUSTIN: Sec. Ed.: SNEA: l"a5ettexille. CORDON GLENN BABB: Phys. Ed.: Track Team: PENI Cluh: Stephens. lfourllr Rozy: WILLIAM FRANK BAILEY: Adrt.: Public Relations: Bentonville. JAAIES KENNETH BAINBRIDCE: Econ.: Little Rot-k. FAROIIK BAJOLIR BAJOIIR: C. Engr.: HT: ABC: ASCE: Beirut, Lelmanon. BILLY WAYNE BAKER: Poultry Algnnl.: Animal Industry Cluh: Agri Students Associa- Association: Yellxille. CEOROE AYATSON BAKER: Cen. Alglllhl ASAE! SANI2 Iileltwootl. RONALD tion: Fayetteville. BOBBY JOE BAKER: Acct.: Accounting ER: Acct.: Sedgwell: Little Rock. GENE OREN BALDWIN: Alusit- French: KIHIIE: Little Rock. Acct.: Alountain Yiew. Ahclella Adair Alvarez Adams. .I. R. Adamson. J. WI. Adamson. J. S. Akers 'iAlford O Allen. C. J. Allen. J. II. Adams. ll. O. Anderson. E. R. Antler-on. W. W. Anglin Anthony. J. AI. Anthony. J. P 67 gf J' '11-Q ' "- wif. ur , "' 5' Q' .l 1 Y 1 : Anthony, R. II. Arnicllini Arrington Arllnirs 'E Atkinson Atwell Austin Balmh Bailey Bainbridge Bajour Baker, B. W. Baker, B. J. Baker, C. W. Baker, R. R. Baldwin PI First Row: LEON WALTON BALDWIN: Ch. Engr.: AIChE.: Eudora. JOSEPH EDWARD BALL: Zoology: North Little Rock. JOHN GOR- DOIN BANKS: Mktg.: EX: ABC: AKKII: Harri- son. JULIUS BARIOLA, JR.: Entomology: Sedg- well House: AZ, Entomology Club: Lake Village. Second Row: SARA ELIZABETH BARNES: El. Ed.: ZTA: Tyler, Tex. CAROL WHITE BARRY: Gen. Bus.: AAA: Marketing Club, AWS Office Management Committee, AAA: Ft. Smith. LOUIS BRYANT BARRY: Mktg.: QHAG: ABC: IFPC: SAM: Marketing Club: Advertis- ing Club: Newman Club: Dean's List: Ft. Smith. DANIEL EUGENE BARTELL: Ins. Real Estate: EX: AKKII. Pre-Law Club, Circle K, Commerce Guild Executive Council: North Lit- tle Rock. Third Row: PATRICIA JOYCE BARTON: Psyc., Socy.: AAIT: Alton, 011. JENNA CAROL BASHAM: Ed.: Legislative Board: WHIC: Fut- rall Hall: Ft. Smith. ROBERT M. BASSHAM: Agri.: Wynne. BARBARA GAYLE BATES: Bus. Ed.: AXQ: XG: Marketing Club: Little Rock. Fourth Row: ROBERT DALE BATES: E. Engr.: E1 Dorado. ROBERT DARRELL BAT- TEN: Ch. Engr.: TBII, AIChE, ACS: Para- gould. MARY M. BAXTER: B-us. Ed.: AF: SNEA: Aurora, Missouri. JOYCE GULLICK BEARD: Math: Muskogee, Okla. Fifth Row: MARY KAY BEAVERS: Math.: AAII: IIME, Pres.: St. Patricia, 19631: Army ROTC sponsor: ABC: Little Rock. MARGARET NELL BEDELL: Home Econ.: 4-H House: Van Buren. JANET LEA BELL: Hist.: Fayetteville. JACK L. BELLER: Gen. Bus.: Humphreys Hall: Alma. Sixth Row: CHARLES S. BENNETT: Pre- Med.: EX, Pres., Vice-Pres.: IFC, Sec., Judicial Committee. Entertainment Committee: Blue Key: Ft. Smith. KENNETH B. BENNETT: C. Engr.: ASCE: Carlisle. GERALD WALTER BEQU- ETTE: Phys. Ed.: AFP: Farmington. JOSEPH THOMAS- BIGGE: Mech. Eng.: Mena. Seventh Row: KAY ANN BISHOP: Ed.: Razorback Hall: SNEA: North Little Rock. ROY GLENN BISHOP: Ed.: Norphlet. OWEN EARL BLACKLOCK: Physics: Wesley Players: Little glock. BUDDY BLAIR: Ed.: Young Dem.: Ft. mith. Eighth Row: PETER TERRELL BLEDSOE: Psyc.: Pershing Rifles: YIIX: Fayetteville. MIC- HEAL THOMAS BLYTHE: Econ-Socy.: Sedg- well House: Sociology Club: International Clubt: Gurdon. SHARON L. BLYTHE: Psyc.-Socy.: Carnall Hall: Gurdon. DAVID ALLEN BOYD: Bus.: Humphreys Hall: Sedgwell House, Pres.: MIHC, Attorney General, Executive Council. Chief Justice: Arnold Air Society: Jackson, Tenn. Ninth Row: BEN BEDFORD BONE: E. Engr.: William House: Des Arc. JIM BONE: Ed.: KE: Batesville. WILLIAM C. BOOTHE: Arch.: AIA: Jonesboro. JUDY L. BOYD: Phys. Ed.: ZTA: Mortar Board: ABC: Orchsis: AWS, Judicial Board, Executive Board: PEMC: Alton, Ill. ww ......, W 4.13.5 ,... I ,,,. '1L':'J' CX 05- gm... -'M RWM ,,,...:: lm-X. ve' iq: X NX igwwwmwwxf X N f, f x , . f f X I f sy, 7 QQ" Sai M Q A ,. 4 X mr 1- f . W' I .mfg " 4 .. .NF Q- Q I .ec M' . . ,.. .,- , X -.... . W , 5 !. I rl V .wfgi?"?" 1:1 :J Y 519 ,. . KTVK 'Q-1 sk XT N I Y -2 v - . ' E f f N . fi! gm s ,f tg ,. I ,ll kg... 5 .rf-j' W W f Baldwin Ball Banks Bariola Barnes Barry, C. W Barry, L. B Bartell Barton Basham Bassham Bates, B. G Bates. R. D. Batten Baxter Beard Beavers Bedell Bell B-eller Bennett, C. Bennett, K. Bequette Bigge Bishop, K. Bishop, R. Blacklock Blair Bledsoe Blythe, M. Blythe, S. Bond Bone. B. B. B4 IHC, J. Boothe Boyd S B A C T. L. Boyd Boyer Brackin Bragg Branigan Brazil Brewster Brian Bridgforth Bright Brott Brown, D. E. Brown, H. .I. Brown, lA'I. R. Brown, IAI. D. B row n, P. Brownd Brudner Bryant Buffington, Buffington, lAI.L. Bunn, D.R. Bunn, J. E. Burch Burge, L. Burge, IAI. Burgess Burke. B. Burke. 'I'. I Burke. R. Burnctl Burrough Burton IIIISILIIIIICI' IIIISIFIQ Bu:-sf-I First Row: RAYMOND G. BOYD: Sec. Ed.: SNEA: Young Rep.: Rogers. JANE BOYER: Mktg.: KTA: XH: Marketing Clulnz Fayetteville. BETTY LAJIIAN BRACKIN: Art: AAA: Stu- dent Senate: AAAS Yice-Pres.. Executive Board: Shreveport. La. IJAAIID R. BRACC: Transporta- tion: Acacia. Sec.: Razorback Band: Benton. Swroml Ron-: SLSAN MARION BRANIGAN: Govt.: AXQ: AAAS. Pres.. Executive Board: Senate I'uI1Iit'utions Conunittee: I'unheIIenic: Mortar Board: Fayetteville. JAMES IJ. BRAZIL: Elec. Engr.: Sedgwell House: HT: TIME: Searcy. LOAAELL STANLEY BREAYSTER: Transportation: Ft. Smith. SUSAN KAY BRIAN: Ed.: AAA: Hot Springs. Tlzirzl Row: JOHN DUDLEY BRIIIGEORTH: Acct.: SAE: :AIEAPZ Forrest City. JIMMY NEL- SON BRIGHT: Agri.: Animal Industry Cluluz Agri. Students Association: Ennnet. EYAN LEE BROTT: Ind.: Mgt.: Et. Smith. DOYLE EUGENE BROWN: Elec. Engr.: Harrison. Fourflz Razr: HELEN JANE BROWN: Phys. Ed.: AAA: PEM Club: Little Rock. MARGARET ROSE BROAAN: El. Ed.: Harrisburg. MILTON IIAYIIJ BROWN: Mech. Engr.: AXA: Hot Springs. PATRICIA LEE BROWN: Eng.: HB-'bz Tulsa. Okla. lflflillr Rott: ILENE BRUAYND: Physics: Sedg- well I'Iouse: Newport. ROBERT E. BRLIIINER: BA: I'ine Bluff. CHARLES AYAYLAND BRY- ANT: Mktg.: Marketing ffluh. Et. Smith. ANNA REBEIIVA I3Iil"FING'l't.tN: EI. Ed.: KKF: Young Rep.: Elementary Cluh. SNEA: Schola Alllltltllllllll Luke Yillage. Sixllz Row: MIIIIIAEI. LANE BIiI-'I"INC- , . . . 'IIIINZ I'l'e-AIetI.: IAE. Ilt-doe Illuss IIl't'4.I AJIHII- nal NN: MIIIII: Iluxis IIuII. I'rc-.: Newport. ININ AI,II R. BINN: V. Engr.: ASEE: luke Yilluge. ,IANE EI.I,EN BIINN: Ed.: Ifutrall II:tII: IIlIIIlIllll'g. IIAROIII EIVIZENE BI'RIfI'I: Awww. Agri.: ATA: Ilot Springs. 1 Svlwnllz Rolf: IIIIAII E. BIIRGEZ VI. Ed.: I'uycll:'ylIIe. M AIN' AIxI'.I I. AIXAII. lvl Ill,1ILZ I'.I. lid.: NEI: I'IIt'tncntury illulu: SNEA: NARA: Izdw Aillugc. .ll IIY KATIIERINE BIIRGESS: Bu-. I-id.: Z'I'.A. Treus.. A'icc-I'rcs.: SANI. Sec.: Alurkt-ting lflulw: X01 II--I Spring-. BIANCIIE IUI ISE BIRKE: I-Il. lid.: IiliI': ABC: Ele. l.IuIv: SNI'.A. liiglilli Rolf: TIIOMAS B. BIIIIKE: Acct.: l!.AAI': Ifuyettcxillc. ROA Ii. BIIRKS: Gcn. Bus.: At-srvin: I.illIe Bork. t'IIAIII.ES IIAYIII BIIR- NI"'I"I': I're'-I.uu. Iloxt.: AXA: BIytItcx'iIIe. I,-AB- IIA II. BI BIIOI CII: Mt-clt. Engr.: AXA: Van Buren. Yinllr Rolf: ,IAMES IIAYIII ISIIITON: A. Engr.: SAIC: AS AE. A'im'c-I'l'cs.: Newport. XVII.- I,I AM IIIKKA BI'SIIMI AEII: Mech. Engr.: 224112. SPV.: UTI IIIIIEI IIMIC: 'l'l!II: ASME. Sec.. A'im--I'rcs.: Arkansas Enginccr Stuff: Yan Buren. MIIfII AISI. I". BIISIIIK: Elcc. Engr.: IEEE: IRE: North I.ittIt- Iltwli. .IAAIES IEONARIJ BISSI-1l,I..: C. Engr.: ASCE: Ifhidcster. Sl?llllll'S Pictured here is a smashed car. Maybe the gleetul Lambda Chi's are also smashed? The chicken got smashed later. First Row: WILLIAM .IASON CAIN: Mktg.: AFP: Mar- keting Club: Berryville. DON FRANK CALLAWAY: Ins, Real Estate: EX, Treas.: AKKI1: Civic Club: Lake Village. DAVID W. CAMPBELL: Mktg.: EX: Advertising Club: Marketing Club: Fordyce. J. BURL CAMPBELL: E. Engr.: Emerson. BETTY ANNE CANADAY: Home Econ. Ed.: IIBKIP. Vice-Pres.: Colhecon: Little Rock. SHIRLEY ANN CANERDAY: Agri. and Home Econ.: Colhecon: QPTO: ASA: Atkins. GEORGE R. CARNEY: Geology: Acacia: Bono. JAMES RONALD' CLAR- NEY: C. Engr.: Acacia: Bono. Second Row: CAROL ANN CARROLL: Sec. Ed.: Futrall Hall: Pocahontas. NILE MARTIN CARROTHERS: Mktg.: EN: Marketing Club: Liberty. Mo. DICK CARSON, JR.: Socy.: EX: Sociology Club: Young Rep.: Pre-Law Club: Tulsa, Okla. AUSTIN EUGENE CARTER: Acct.: Calico Rock. MAX ED- WARD' CARTER: Math: Pine Bluff. MICHAEL CLEVELAND CARTER: Math.: TIME: Ft. Smith. SANDRA SUE CARTER: Eng.: Carnall Hall: Texarkana. ZONOLA MAE CARTER: Hist.: AAII: Little Rock. Tlzinl Row: BOB ED CARY: C. Engr.: ASCE: Little Rock. LARRY BROUCH CASH: Agri.: Valley Springs. KERRY L. CAVANESS: C. Engr.: ASCE: Yellville. RUBYE REBECCA CAVANESS: Ed.: Yellville. GEORGINE R. CAWOOD: Eng.: Bentonville. ESTHER .IANE CENTER: Eng.: AT: Siloam Springs. CARROL GENE CHAMBLISS: Agronomy: AZ: Agronomy Club: Star Cit. CATHERINE CHANCE: Hist.: X92 Civic Club: IIA9: Little Rock. Fourth Row: CHARLOTTE FRIERSON CHERRY: Hist.: XQ, University-Fayetteville Symphony: Washington, D.C. ERN- EST GAYLON CHILDRESS: C. Engr.: ASCE: Magnolia. DAVID ALAN CLARK: Arch.: Fayetteville. DAVID' L. CLARK: Elec. Engr.: Pine Bluff. LARRY RANDALL CLARK: Mktg.: Marketing Club: Eureka Springs. REX LEE CLARK: A. Engr.: Farmhouse, TBH: TIME: OAK: AE: ASAE: Engineers Council. BILL CLAY: Ed.: KE: Varsity Football: A Club: PEM: SNEA: Marianna. JAMES RICHARD CLOER: Arch.: Springdale. Cain Callaway Campbell. D. W. Campbell, I. B. Canaday Canerday Carney, G. R. Carney, I. R. Carroll Carrothers Carson Carter, A. E. Carter, M. E. Carter, M. C. Carter, S. S. Carter, Z. M. 959' ,, sw 4 W 'fm . W... I was Iwi 2- gf. 1 W X :" sl 3 J M A "" fl K Y f Jie- 'r ' ff' QXYNV ' VQY. . f Lai! ,- r N' ,M:g5.2i?ig , 09. :jay :LT A Q lr. 4 'W ' I waz d,....,. -Q-v ..f- A ,.. Skim "5 out ?r 'I 4' . A-v .. . .-. . at A Cary Cash Cavaness, K. L. Cavaness, R. R. Cawood Center Chambliss Chan- - Cherry Childress Clark, D. A. Clark, D. L. Clark, L. R. Clark, R. E. Clay Cloer 'J guru- V rv!" " ' 't' 4 --v ...N First Ruin: ALICE ANN COIFFIYIAN: El. Ed.: XYZ: Ele- mentary Club: Little Rock. MARY PORTIA COFFMAN: Home Econ.: Cainall llullg Hopper. ONIS JAMES COCBLIRN: Phys- ics: IIAIE: Young Rep.: Sedgwell House, Secretary: ZZIIE: Ainerican Institute of Physics, Treas.: Mount Ida. DORIS ANN COIIER: Home Econ.: AAII: Huntsville. LORETTA LEE COLBERT: Nat. Science: Carnall Hall: Malden, Mo. LINDA MARGARET COLBY: Eng.: AAU: ABC: Young Rep.: Spie- ology Club: Sllrevepurt. La. PATSY JUNE COLE: Home Econ.: LI-H House: ABC: Colhecon: ASA: KPEO: Jonesboro. BRUCE WAYNE COLEMAN: Animal Nutrition: Farmhouse. Pres.: AZ: OAK: Agri Students Association, Pres.: Animal Industry Club: IFC: Mountainburg. Srwoml Row: SUE ELLEN COLEMAN: Social Welfare: Illifb: Sociology Club: El Dorado. JO ANNA COLLINS: Ed.: Sec.-Treas.: Rector. LINDA .I. COLLINS: El. Ed.: KKT: SNEA: Ifleinentary Club: Little Rock. JAMIE ,IIIDSON CON- IJITT: El. Ed.: XSZ: Civic Club: Helena. ANSEL LYNN t.:oN- DRAY: Chem. Eng.: OT: CIJIIZI: TBII: AIChE. Pres.: Engi- neering Council! OAK: Little Rock. STEWART MICHAEL CUlNlfHlCN: Chem.: Razorback lland: Van Buren. IIAROLE ANN COOK: MkIg.: lfutrall Hull: Sherxeport. La. DUlt0'l'IfIY ,IEAN COOK: lil. lift.: Wilburton. Okla. follinan, A. A. Collinain. M. P. V Cogburn Coger .oIernan, S. E. Collins. ,I. A. Collins. L. J. Condilt F1 --. .4 , ff T G ,I A ss. . .. ' ' 1 'Rr v I 51' 'if 5 14 Qs in fi" SPIIIIIPS Lucky engineers are first to get new classrooms. The huge building seem to wall in the south end of campus. Tliirrl Row: CAROLE COOP: Psyc.: KKF: NPX: Hope. CARY MAX COOPER: M. Engr.: Almyra. GEORGIA RLTH COOPER: Ed.: Gravette. JAMES N. COOPER: Ind. Engr.: Acacia. Pres.: Young Dem.: AIIE: Magazine. SCARLETT CORNWl'fI.l.: Speech: XQ: Razorback Band, Majorette: Sopho- more Counselor: Razorback Beauty: Army ROTC Honorary llrigatle Colonel: Dardanelle. WEBSTER TAYLOR COTTEX: C. Engr.: UT: TIME: TRU, Treas.: XE. Sec.: Engineering Council: Circle K: ASCE: Malvern. INIAURICE H. COURT- XEY: Ch. Engr.: AIChE: Circle K: Pine Bluff. ROBERT CRIERSON COWIE: lNIgn1t.: Paris. Fourllz Row: DAVID STANLEY COX: Chem.: Fayetteville. l"ORRES'l' WIIIIAMSON COX: Arch.: Raleigh, NC. MYRA lfl.lZAIlETH flow Social Welfare: AAA: Futon. CYNTHIA LEE COXSEY: Ed.: AAA: Young Dem.: SNEA: Elementary Club: Berryville. .IOE T. CHAIN: Hist.: KE: Hope. SANDRA SIE CRAXITORII: El. Ed.: Carnall Hall: Ma-Rae. JAMES ROl3ER'l' CREEKNIORE: Ed.: Yian. Okla. WARREN EDWIN tIREItLI:l'l'ON: Arch.: Acacia: IIFPC: Engineers Club: Drill 'llearn AI X: Ilenton. Colbert Colby Cole Coleman. B. XX Condray Condren Cook. C. A. Cook. D. ,I Q., . , be V 4 fi 17" D. i M 3 :' F 3 I xl A .n 5 IN . Coop IIuupt'l'. C. NI. Cooper, C. R. Cooper. ,I. N. Cornwell Cotten Courtney Cowie Cox, D. S. Cox, I". W. Cox, M. E. Coxsey Crain Cranford Creekmore Creighton .I First Row: FRED L. CROOK: E. Elngr.: EH: QT: Harrisburg. JUDY L. CROUSE: Jour,, English: AXS2: Razorback Hall, Counselor: AAA: Sophomore Council: Ft. Smith. ALVYN GAIL CROIXTON: Engr.: ECIJE: IEEE: Razor- back Band: Young Dem: Ft. Smith. JAMES WILLIAM CRUM: Math: Acacia, Vice-Pres.: Schola Cantorum: Young Rep.: Fayetteville. Second Row: HERBIE LYNN CRUMPTON: Arch.: ECIJE, Sec.: AIA: Circle K: Young Dem.: Texarkana. MICHAEL LEE CRUSE: Person- nel Ad.: EX: AKKII: Little Rock. MARTIN LEE CRUTCHFIELD: Jour: Pershing Rifles, Drill Team: Jacksonville. CAROLYN RAYEQ CUL- BERTSON: Phys. Ed.: AAII: WRA Executive Board: Legislative Board: PEM Club: Lamar, Mo. Third Row: EDWINA CUMMINGS: El. Ed.: Fayetteville. HARREL L. CURTIS: Ed.: Lime- stone. JAMES T. CURTIS: Math.: ECIJE: CPHE: North Little Rock. WAYMAN DALE CURT- SINGER: Hist.: HAS: Honors Program: Prairie Grove. Fourth Row: DALTON JAMES DAILEY: Mktg.: EAE: Marketing Club: Little Rock. JEANNE. SKIPPER DALZELL: Home Econ.: Clevend. CHARLES EUGENE DANIEL: Acct.: Wilson Sharp: EfDE: Little Rock. HEATHER ANN DANIEL: French, Eng.: International Club: Fayetteville. Fifth. Row: MONA CAROL DANIELS: Jour.: Futrall Hall: Press Club: Advertising Club: Charleston. RICHARD' LEE DAUGHERTY: Ed.: Van Buren. LAWRENCE GRAYSON DAVEN- PORT: Math: EQE: OAK: HME, Treas.: Fay- etteville. JERRY FRANK DAIDSON: Music: KKNII: Schola Cantorum: Razorback Band: Rison. Sixth, Row: JAMES DAVIES III: B-us.: BAE: Scabbard and Blade: Bauxite. CARLTON E. DAVIS: Acct.: AKKII: Accounting Associa- tion: Warren. DANIEL PATRICK DAVIS: Vo- cational Agri.: AZ: ATA, Sec.: Horatio. JOE' ANN DAVIS: Home Ec.: Carnall Hall: Cove. Seventh Row: M. RONALD' DAVIS: Mktg.: Little Rock. THOMAS' OL DAVIS: Mktg.: Com- merce Guild: Marketing Club: Little Rock. TOMY L. DAVIS: Mktg.: SAM: Marketing Club: Press Club: Little Rock. AMANDA PAUL- ING DAWSON: El. Ed.: AAII, Scholarship Chairman, Rec. Sec.: Young Dem.: ATQ Sweet- heart: Ft. Smith. Eighth Row: MICHAEL RODGERS DEAD'- ERICK: Hist.: EAE: Spanish Club, Treas.: Gae- bale Publicity Committee: Forrest City. KAREN ILIS-E DEAN: El. Ed.: AF: Education Senator: Elementary Club.: KAII: Springdale. JOHN DAVID' DEARDORFF: Ed.: A Club: PEM Club: Wichita. SHEILA MARILYN DEDMAN: Bus. Ed.: AXSZ: KAII: X9, Pres., Sec.: SAM: Marketing Club: Camden. Ninth Row: GERALDINE F. DESKIN: Phys. Ed.: PEM Club: AEA: NEA: Fayetteville. JERRY ED-WARD' DILL: Acct.: SAM: Account- ing Association, Pres., Treas.: Commerce Execu- tive Council: Fayetteville. DONALD' D-WAYNE DILLARD: Ch. Engr.: TBII: TIME: Gentry. FRANCES DILLARD: Hist.: AF, Pres.: Mor- tar Board: Finance Committee Chairman: fIDAT: Civic Club: Panhellenic Council: AWS Legisla- tive Board, Sec.: Hot Springs. Ubi ,ik- : hz, .I .iff QAM HW M w""' ww' 407 MS ve- SWK-f if , it TWT , wif' - ' S . 1 W ,K ,, . is Crook Crouse Croxton Crum Crumpton Cruse Crutchfield Culbertson Cummings Curtis, H. L. Curtis, .I. T. Curtsinger Dailey Dalzell Daniel, C- E- Daniel, H. Daniels Daughterty Davenport Davidson Davies Davis, C. E. Davis, D. P. Davis, J. A. A Davis, M. R. Davis, T. O. Davis, T. L. Dawson Deaderick Dean Deardorff Dedman Deskin Dill Dillard Dilliard IJUIJCI' I lnnnell II1lI'I'C f sf Douglas. D. AA Douglas. N. M Doyle, L. Doyle. T. IX. Drazsnak Duckett Dulin Dunlile Dunn. L. L. Dunn. R. V. Durham Dyer Easterling Elierle Eddy Edwurtls. JA Edwards. C. E. Edwards. IAI. R Elkins, O. L. Elkins. R. T. Ellis. .I. E. Ellis. I.. S. Itlrotl En is I'.0II Evans. C. E. Evans. II. WI. Evans. E. R. Em-Il I":t Il. I'lttl'Is I':n' 1 I' uv. ilu. f 5 lf P A 'ol g"'-If 3 . .' aff ,A ts' 4 4 h f X v lv lx ,-ffm: .P 'F 4 .4'A'Q 51S K f" c . A-s ' Q . T:+.,,N,4' X 4 ....Y. ssiv J 4. 'V J -r., L ,gg W., . , 'f' 1' 'A If: K s 'V nv if I r E' nas XJ -Q. 5 U A f' if 3 A A .av -68 ,-- i .11 .1-" TM. ,. x,4 gg vs 5, 13 A 1' Q1 .. .1 4. V., bs ts C Q 1 G- TQ' af , QQ 1 . , N v nh First Row: DAYID KERN DOBER: Acct.: 214112: AKAP, Treas.: Little Rock. BILLY CARL DONNELL: Ind. Mgmt.: III: AIIE: Young Dem.: Iudsonia. J.-AMES EDWIN DORRE: Civil Eng.: Razorliat.-Ia Band: KKXP: ASCE: Hot Springs. DONALD WAYNE DOLCL.-AS: Mech. Eng.: Ft. Smith. Sl'C'0I1l1Rt"Zl'I NANCY MARLENE DOUGLAS: Mktg.: Marketing Club: Springdale. LYNN C. DOA LE: Civil Eng.: ASCE: Carlisle. THEDA KATHLEEN DOYLE: Music Ed.: AAU: TBE. Pres.: EAI. Sec.: Young Dem.: Razorback Band: Benton. .IACQEES STEPHEN DRAZSNZAK: Spanish. English: Traveler Staff: Hot Springs. Third Row: WILLIAM DOLCLAS DUCK- ETT: Pre-Med: William House: AEA: Williams- ville. Mo. JACK LEE DLILIN: Gen. Bus.: Fay- etteville. JAMES A. DUNKLE: Mktg.: AXA: Marketing Club: Little Rock. LILA LIINA DUNN: Ed.: Springdale. Fourth Razr: RONALD V. DUNN: Civil Eng.: ASCE: Bradford. JIMMY RAY DURHAM: Mech. Eng.: William House: ASME: Perryville. .IOE ROBERT DYER: Ind. Engr.: OT: TBII, Treas.: AUM. Treas.. Pres.: HMB: QIHHE: OAK: Engineering Council: Mineral Springs. HOWARD ALTON EASTERLING, JR.: Phys. Ed.: Malvern. Fifth Row: MARCO WHITE EBERLE: Mktg.: ZTA: XH: Marketing Club: .Ioplin. Mo. RONALD EARL EDDY: Elec. Engr.: Pres.: GT: TRII: IIKNI IIME2 -PHE: IEEE: Wialclo. BAR- BARA ANN EDWARDS: EI. Ed.: Eutrall Hall: Ilentonville. C. ELAINE EDWARDS: Spanish. English: KKF, Aice-Pres.: Marketing Cluli: Monticello. Szfxllt Rolf: MARILYN R. EDWARDS: Art: Ilattiesliurg, Miss. CARY L. ELKINS: Civil Eng.: IN: AMtIE: Et. Smith. RON THERON ELKINS: Elec. Engr.: ATSE: IFC: El Dorado. .I AMES EARL ELLIS: Elec. Engr.: De Queen. Swv-11111 Row: LINDA SIE ELLIS: Music: AI': EAI: Srlloltt Cantorum: North Little Rock. DIANE ELROD: El. Ed.: AAA. Vice-Pres.: Stu- dent Senate: Elementary Clulw: Texarkana. ,IOHN IIAIAAAIIII AIllsit'2 .Illtlt'IIm1 City, I.IAAI R. EOEE. .IR.: Iml. Mgmt.: EX: Fay- eltt-ville. lfiglzlli Rmr: CII ARLES EDWARD EVANS: Mech. Engr.: ASME: U'l': IlelierSprings. lt.-AYID AIICHAEI. EAANS: Ed.: +All: Et. Smith. ED- WARD R. EVANS: IIltAs. Ed.: Eayetteville. T RICHARD IAA EYELI.: Ire-Dental: AXA! Little Roclv. -All-Nfl! Noir: .ll'l1A' KAREN lfAI.I.S: El. Ed.: AV: WRA: SIAEA: Eletncuturi Club: Young Dem.: Kansas City. Mo. RENAA IAIICHELE EARIS. Rogers. DOLORES ANN I".-ARRAR: Bus.: Z'l'.A: XO: Young Dem.: Ilauuliurg. FRED- DIE GENE I"AA'OR: llist.. Pre-Law: QHAH. Pres.: .'Assot'iutctl Students. Pres.: Caelmale Director: Slllllelll Court. .-Associate Justice: Blue Key: Cardinal NN, Pros.: Young Dem. IEPC: IEC: Euyeltcville. 60 I Sl3llllll'S Oklahoma State cowpoke flirts with pretty OSU cheer- leader during game. Oklahoma State didn't score either. First Row: BETTYE LOU FELLINGER: Music: AF, Rec. Sec.: EAI, Sec.: Ft. Smith. MILTON LEWIS FLETCH, JR.: Hist.: TKE: W. Yarmouth, Mass. H. MAX FELTON: E. Engr.: AXA: Fayetteville. ALAN CHESTER FERGUSON: Agri: Si- loam Springs. HELEN CAROLYN FERRILL: Eng., .I0ur.: AAA, Sec., Pres.: Press Club: Traveler, Feature Editor: Pan- hellenic Council: Little Rock. LINDA JOYCE FIELDS-: Sec. Ed.: Bentonville. WARRNE LESTER FIELDS: Acct.: Spring- dale. CHARLES LEON FILIATREAU: Gen. B-us.: KIPAG, Treas.: Young Dem.: Little Rock. Second' Row: ALBERT EDWARD' FINK: Hist.: Young Rep.: Hope, DON C. FINLEY: Banking, Fin.: North Little Rock. JOSEPH FREEMAN FISH: Gen. Bus.: GAO: Lake Village. NANCY REED FISH: Bus. Teacher Training: Hot Springs. EDWARD' PATRICK FISHER: Ch. E-ngr.: Ripley House: AIChE: Arkansas Collegiate Academy of Science: Si- loam Springs. ROY JOE FISK: Acct.: Commerce Guild: Ac- counting Guild: Student Senate: Pres.: Ft. Smith. KAY FITZGERALD: Sec. Ed.: AAA, Chaplain: AAA: Mortar Board. Treas.: Shreveport, La. MARY L. FLETCHER: El. Ed.: AAA: Scott. Third Row: JOHN BRUCE FLOYD: M. Engr.: Gladson House: AAS: ASME, Pres.: Engineering Council: QT: Hunt- ington. VIRGINIA MAY FORD: Home Econ.: Colheeon: ASA: AAA: WTO: Fayetteville. CALVIN LEON FOX: Agri Vocation Ed.: Gentry. LEONARD F. FRANCIS: Acct.: Ac- counting Assof,-iation: RAXII: Charleston. ZANE K. FRANKS: Socy.: Young Rep.: SNEA: Sociology Club: Decatur. THOMAS HILLIARD FREE: Magmt.: EN: Commerce Guild: Pre-Law Club: SAM: Dumas. LINDA KAYE FRICKER: Art: Carnall Hall: Coterie, Sec.: Preview Staff: De Valls Bluff. NORMAN- DIE FRIGILLANA: Pre-Med, Zoology: AWS Voluntee Serv- ice Committee: Sophomore Counselor: ROTC Sponsor: St. Pat- ricia: AEA: XIIX: Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: BARBARA N. FRIZZELL: English. Speech: AA: National Collegiate Players, Sec.: Fayetteville. STEPHEN LYNN FRONAB-ARGER: Mktg.: IIKA: Young Dem.: Wynne. TERRY FORREST FUGITT: Animal Husbandry: APP, Pres., Vice-Pres.. Sec.: OAK: Student Senate: AZ: Arkansas Agri- culturist, Business Manager. Co-Editor: IFC: Livestock Judg- ing Team: Republic. Mo. JAY FULBRIGHT. III: Arch.: EX, AIA: Fayetteville. THOMAS HOWARD FUQUA: B. A.: EAE: Texarkana. TRAVIS J. GALLOWAY: Chem. Engr.: QT: TBIT: HME: QHE: AIChE: Little Rock. BRUCE INER GANN: Mgt.: Ft. Smith. JERRY GARDNER: Gen. Bus.: EIT, Sec.: Marketing Club: Civic Club: Texarkana. Fellinger Feltch Felton Ferguson Ferrill Fields, L. J. Fields, W. L. Filiatreau Fink Finley Fish, J. F. Fish, N. R. Fisher Fisk Fitzgerald Fletcher 'We an-0 S-gf YZWVX JA, Witt "W Q' A ' X X fs ff fr fs :K X - S A 1 , ,- Wifi 'W' . 'ii . "?: 3,1 1!""""' : . 'JM j " 1 S t -- .. 1 .- , Jn, .,,. . -- -. -.X at . X 5 new -X zz XX QIX N' x x Y Y -" X: :gk Y b y Q S vw G, I t . .ya .,.,. ..,... , Sv' " 'Lil f r 51113 'M ',.-'L-f"" W REQ + -we 'Rv' Ffloyd Ford Fox Francis Franks Free FfiCkC1' Fligillana Frizzell Fronabarger Fugitt Fulbright Fuqua Galloway CHILD Gai-dn -2 Fin! RIPIFZ JOHN WATSON GARDNER: Acct.: Fayette- ville. RILIA ALLEN GARNER: Agri.: Bonneville. CARL WADE GARNER: C. Engr.: EH. Pres.: ASCE: Student Dis' eiplinary Committee: Razorback Hall, Pres.: IEC: IFPC: Helier Springs. JUDY ANN GARNER: Rus.: KKF. Treas.: X9: Acct. Assoc-iation: Rogers. PAT L. GARNER: Ed.: ZTA: Afortar Roard: ACE. Pres.: KAII: Stamps. BEVERLY WARD GAR- RETT: Dieteties: AAU: QDTO: Arkansas Agrieulturist. Eclitor: Law Wives: Colher-on: Heber Springs. J. GAYLE GARRIGIIS: Art: Tlllfb: Junior Panhellenic. Pres.: AIVS- Volunteers Com- mittee: Et. Smith. ED GASS: E. Engr.: HKN: Engineering Count-il: Aeaeia: IEEE: Booneville. Sfrnnfl Row: JACK PATRICK GATEVVOOD: Phil.. Eno.: AXA: Philosophy filulmz IFC: Poteau. Olila. JOYCE CAROLYN G ATTIS: Home Eeon.: Eutrall Hall: Collier-on: Paris. JAAIES W. GEE: C. Engr.: ASCE: little Rot-k. LOVIS GEORGE. JR.: Pre-Aledz AXA: Davis Hall, Viee-Pres.: Osr-eola. BONNIE CHNNEY GIRDINS: Home Eeon.: England. RICHARD CARI.- TON GIRIIONS: E. Engr.: OT: Engineerinf: Couneil. Ser.: IEEE. Pres.: Cirfle K: Williams House: Rallvite. AYILLIAAI CIILLEN CLIFFORD: E. Engr.: Leola. LINDA SIIE GILI.: ZTA: RSII., Vir'e4Pres.: Dumas. SPlllUI'S "Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example." ........................ Mark Twain Third Row: PATRICK HLIRD GILLESPIE: Act.: BANP. Pres.: Avet. Association, See.: Commerce Guild. Exeeutixe: lft. Smith. DIANE GILLIAAI: XQ: Sophomore Counselor: Sen- ior Counselor: Press Club. See.: Canterbury Club: El Dorado. PAT ALLEN GIRARD: Alktg.: El Dorado. DANIEL BAXTER GIAIJDEN: Entomology: AFP: Entomology Club: Agri Stu- dents Assovizlliolti Dumas. CARL E. GLENN. JR.: Agri.: Agri Students Assoeiation: Batesville. ANGELA GAY GODSEY: English and Speer-li: XQ: England. FRANK J. GOEBEZ: Aeet.: Aw:-unting Assoeiation: Newman Club: Ft. Smith. RALPH D. GOl7l". III: Elec: Engr.: Fayetteville. Fourth RIJIFI MARSHALL GUY GOINS: Arch.: AIA: Hot Springs. TIIOAIAS GOLDSRY: Real Estate. Ins.: BE: Lepanto. DUN' XID SCOTT GOODNER: Pre-Nledz Cirele K. Treas. Board of ltirertors: AXZ: Young Dem: Razorback Rand: Waldron. EIIWARD KENT GORDON: Chem.: Sedgwell: TIME: Rull Shoals. P XIII. J. GRAPE: Mech. Engr.: Sedgwell: UTI. Treas.: XSNIE. Treas.: Alulheiry. ALICE ANN GRAHAAI: Jour.: lilil': Arltunsas Traveler. News Editor: AAYS Legislative Roard: Warren. JXNIES O. GRAHAAI: Am-t.: SINE: Aevt.. Assoc.: Cllam-ex Clulr: Guild Ticker: Grove. Olila. JOHN SANILEL GRAYES: Enu.: Eayetlerille. Gardner Garner. ll. A. Garner. C. W. Garner. J. A. Garner. P. I.. Garrett Garrigue Cass Gatewood Gattis Gee George Gilrhins. ll. tl. Gililrons. R. C. Gifford Gill ,W ba Gs 7 'P ar JS 37 " 5- -'N fy? .ag T f 5- 5- L' U .V N... 7- aj 'tj Gillespie Gilliam Girard Gladden Glenn Godsey Goebel Goff Coins Colsby Goodner Graf Gordon Grahaiu, A. A. Graham, J. O. Graves is . Q . First Row: HARRY GALE GRAY: C. Engr.: AS-CE: Fayetteville. PAUL ALAN GREEN: E. Engr.: IEEE: TBH: HKN, Treas.: Magnolia. PAUL HENRY GREVENCAMP: Ed.-Science: Ft. Recovery, Ohio. ROBERT G. GRIFFIN: Chem.: CIJAG, Vice-Pres.: Young. Dem. Little Rock. Second Row: CURTIS BURETTE GRIFFITH: Acct.: Acacia: AKKII: Young Rep.: Razorback Band: Eudora. BILL EUGENE GRIMES: Ins. and Real Estate: EH: Kansas City, Mo. DONNA LOUISE GROOM: Ed.: KKF: Sophomore Coun- selor: Elementary Club: SNEA: Hot Springs. MARY ANN GROVES: Speech and Dramatic Arts: Razorback Hall: Schola Cantorum: Na- tional Collegiate Players, Pres.: Columbia, Mo. Thirrl Row: JERRY LEE GRUBBS: C. Engr.: ASCE: North Little Rock. VIRGINIA LEE GRUMBLES: El. Ed.: Futrall Hall: Club: SNEA: Little Rock. EMILY GULLEY: Home Econx Bentonville SYLVESTER GUNDE-RQMAN: Phys.. ball: Morrilton. Elementary LYNETTE WILLIAM Ed.: Foot- Fourth Row: SHARON WILMA GUTHRIE: El. Ed.: AAII: Marshall. KAY HAFENBRAK: El. Ed.: ZTA: Razorback, Co-Editor: Board of Publications: SNEA: ACEI: Shreveport, La. BARBARA HAILE: Hist.: AAA: SNEA: Harri- son. ANN HAINBACH: Art: Newman Club: Springdale. Fifth Row: J. JAN HALBE-RT: Art and Eng.: KKF: Malvern. DIANNE CAREY HALE: Diete- tics: AF: Morrilton. FREDDY MARION HALE: Agri.: AFP: Berryville. JEANIE HALE: Hist.: ZTA: Marion. Sixth Row: JUDY HALE: Ed.: AXSZ: Fay- etteville. VIRGINIA IVIOSBY HALE: El. Ed.: ZTA: Crawfordsville. SANDRA KAY HALEY: Gen. Bus.: Futurall Hall: ABC: Sophomore Counselor: Civic Club: WIHC: Little Rock. ELIZABETH JEANNE HALL: Hist.: Razorback Hall: Senior Counselor: Westminster House: Texarkana. Seventh Row: LEON ALLAN HALL: Mgmt.: ATQ: Branch. PHILLIY W. HALL: Elec. Engr.: Newport. ROGER L. HALL: Mktg.: Marketing Club: Young Rep.: AAS: Pine Bluff. ALBERT P. HANBY: Gen. Bus.: IIKA: Cardinal XX: AKNII: Berryville. Eighth Row: S-HERRIE ANNE HANKINS: Speech: KKF, Sec.: Mortor Board, Sec.: Senior Counselor: AAA: Sophomore Counselor: Ful- bright Hall, Sec.: Young Dem. Club: Interna- tional Club: Hope. JANICE JEAN HARGUS: Socy.-Econ., Law: ZTA: Young Dem, Vice-Pres.: Debate Team, Pres.: Mena. JOYCE EVELYN HARKINS: Math: Futurall Hall: Donaldson. JOSEPH WATT HARLOW, JR.: Banking and Fin.: Hot Springs. Ninth Row: JOHN T. HARMON: Mgmt.: AXA, Pres.: Treas. of Associated Students: Stu- dent Directory, Editor: Blue Key: Young Dem., Pres.: Student Senate: Board of Publications: Executive Council of Associated Students: Rock- efeller Scholarship: North Little Rock. GRAN- VILLE T. HARPER: Law: EN: Ft. Smith. JILL THOMPSON HARPER: Pre-Med Technician: IIBQ: AEA: Ft. Smith. TRAVIS EUGENE HAR- RELL: Math: IPHE: IIME: Razorback Band: KKNII: Arnold Air Society: Collegiate Singers: DeQueen. 'QW WJ N ,..... . ,,, , . p ,, . yrs -rw A -s . ,L YV Yi. 2 I W- 7 S273 g,f'3Q" 27: We "Q" ... ilu Gray Green Grevencamp Griffin, R. C Griffith Grimes Groom Groves Grubbs Grumbles Gulley Gunderman Guthrie Haienbtrak Haile Hainbach Halbert Hale, D. G. Hale, F. M. Hale, .I. Hale, Judy Hale, V. M. Haley, S. A Hall, E. I. Hall, L. A. Hall, P. W. Hall, R. L. Hanby Hankins Hargus Harkins Harlow Harmon Harper, G. T Harper. .I. Harrell Harrelson Harris Hari-od Hart. G. Hart, W. Harton Harvey Haston Hatfield, G. Hatfield, R. Hawkins Haye Hayes, L. Hayes, M. Hayes, V. Haynes Haynie Hays Headst ream Heard Heffingtoli Hegi Heln Hem. clw Henle, Henley. T- llenley, YV- llenfon. l". llvllbllll. T. I lc-rggvt llerniziu llc-rn llt-rm an, D llerndon, R. Herr llilliurn Firm Rout FREDERICK DANIEL HARREL- SON: Pre-Aled: PQAE. Treas.: I'lANI'Z Alarketing Cluli: Forrest City. GARLAND GANO HARRIS: Acct.: BAKII. Treas.: Accounting Aiiociationz Alma. JACK BLAND HARROD. JR.: Elec. Engr.: HRX: IEEE: Scahliard and Rlatle: Young Rep.: Pine Bluff. GEORGE FREDERICK HART: C Engr.: ASCE. Little Rock. Seforzd RLIILI AYILLIAAI NEAL HART: E. Eugr.: Prairie Grove. JOHN JAAIES HARTON: E. Engng HT. Yice-Pres.. Treas.: HRN. Pres.: fIvH2. YiceAPres.: TBH. Corres. Sec.: HMB' UAE: Engineering Council. Treas.: Circle K: ARC: El Dorado. KARYL LEE HARYEY: Span- ish, English: Carnall Hall: Coffeyville. Kan. ARCHIE CARL HASTON: Engr.: William House. Pres.: ASAIE: AIIHC, Yice-Pres. Third Row: GERALD DOLGLAS HAT' FIELD: Ins.. Real Etate: Sedgwell: Hot Springs. RICHARD FRANKLIN HATFIELD: Acct.: EX. Sec.: OAK. See.: Yarsity Footlrall Team: A Cluh: AKNII: IUIE: Scabbard and Blade: Helena. WILLIAM AI. HAWKINS. JR.: Pre-Aledz KE. Yi'-e-Pres.. Pres.: Blue Key. Treas.: Cardinal NN: IFPC: Young Dem.: Lake Yillege. RLBEN WOOTEN HAYE. JR.: C. Engr.: ASCE: North Little Rock. Fourth Rolf: LYNDA FRANKLIN HAYES: D. A.: XG: Ft. Smith. MICHAEL TERRY HAYES: AIktg.: CIPAG: Alarketing Cluh: Ft. Smith. VIRGINIA LEETE HAYES: El. Ed.: AXS2: El. Ed.: I31'osrnsx'ille. JACK SCOTT HAYNES: El. Engr.: Sedgwell: ABC: HT: ATU: Gravette. Fiflli Role: ARNOLD A. HAYNIE. JR.: Alltlu.: Ruchanan: Little Rock. ETHEL LILL- IXYI HAYS: Home Et-on.: Futurall Hall: Rus- Nellxillc. JIJLIE JANE HEADSTREAAI: El. Ed.: X221 SNEA: Elementary Cluli: Young Rep.: Little Rock. ELGENE EAIAIETT HEARD: Alath: Young Dem.: Etowali. Sixth Row: lll'fTll Sl E IlEl"l"lNG'l'ON: 1-Id.: l"tttrall llttll: AAYS: SNEY: lloouexille. FRED- ERICK C. lllflll: tl. Engr.: North l.ittle Rock. l.lNX ROYCE l'lEl.Yl: Animal Nutrition: AZ: Animal lndustry liluli: Lincoln. Nl NRI-ANN IIENDRICKS: Phys. lid.: AAA: lfttyettexille. Sfwrltllt Rolf: R. Y. lll'lNl.lfY: See. Ed.: Norplilet. TICRRY ,lOlf lll'fNl.liY: E. Engr.: tt'l': Alun-lield. YYll.l.lXYl Xl.l.EN llENl.l'fY: lud. Ylgmt.: ZINC: Circle K: Young Dent.: Seali- luird :ind lllude: Alt-tleliee. l"R,XNtflS GEORGE IIICNSON: tfixil liner.: YXilli:im llouse: ASCE: Nutrllt l.llllt' lltwlx. ltitiyltllt Row: TROY FLOYD IIENSON: E. lfugr. OT. Setilve: Ailxuu-:h lfugineer. Rusiness Ylanuger: llflflf. President: IIRN. Pres.: TBII, Yive-Pree.: OAR: IINIIG: Student Senate: Engi- neering Council: Ylount llolly. ,lostivtt RAR- IOYY llERGl'f'l': llixt.. lfnglieli: EX: Qihtttg Ar- lington. Yu. Kl'fNNl'f'l'll RAY lllfRAlAN: Areli.: YIA. Pre-.: lfayettexille. FLOYD RAY IIERN: llist.: ll:rrtm:in. .Yinllt Role: D XYID I'X'l'RlCK HIQRNDUN: l. liner.: YSYIE: Alllf: l.ittle Rock. R. WAYNE IIERNDON: Soi-y.. lkyc.: Little Rock. JOYCE El.AlNli llliRR: Ylletg.: KU: Nktg. Clulm: Rog- ers. ll. SAAIAIY llll,RllRN: Econ.: EX. Sec.: Associated Students. Vice-Pres.: Wilson Sharp, Pres.: tiixie Clulm. Vice-Pres., Treas.: Blue Key: Walnut Ridge. Sl3llllll'S The University Cheerleaders try their skill at adding pep to annual Legislative Weekend. The legislators had lunch in the Union and were unconcerned with the lack of student tickets. First Row: RONALD EDWARD HILL: E. Etngr. TBII, Corres. Sec.: QHE: IIME: HKN: IEEE: Scabbard and Blade: North Little Rock. WILLIAM HENRY HILTON: Arch.: AIA: Fayetteville. TIM C. HINKLE: Math.: EN, Vice- Pres.: Cardinal XX: QIDHE: Blue Key: Cheerleader: IFC. Pres.: IIME: Student Senate: Little Rock. JAKE' WILLIAM HIN- SHAW: Ch. Engr.: CIDHE: AXE: AIChE: El Dorado. CAROL BEEBE HODGES: Finance: XD: XG: Commerce Guild: Hot Springs. ROBERT LEWIS HODGES: Psyc., Soc.: Mena. THO- MAS LEIGHTON HODGES: Soc.: EAE: Scabbard and Blade, Pres.: Hot Springs. SHERRY HOL-LEY HOGAN: Mgmt.: ZTA, Pres.: Panhellenic. Pres.: SAM, Treas.: Student Senate: AWS Ex. Board: Little Rock. Second Row: EDWIN HOGGARD: Arch.: Yocum Hall: AIA: Conway. THOMAS GENE HOGGARD: Bus.: IIKA, Mar- keting Club: Lake Village. MICHAEL HOLDEN: Speech: New- port. VIRGIL HAROLD HOLDER: Ed.: Student Senate: ASEA, Pres.: IVPT, Vice-Pres., Pres.: Swifton. RICHARD' HENRY HOLDERBY: Ed.: Bentonville. LINDA ANN HOLLAND: Ed.: Futrall Hall: Berryville. ROYNNIE JOE HOLLANDSWORTH: Vocational Agri.: Yocum Hall: ATA: Animal Industry Club: Wyandotte, Okla. DONNA C-AIL HOLLEY: Eng.: Soph. Coun- selor: Ft. Smith. , --.F i 55 'I Third Row: JERRY DWIGHT HOLLEY: Mktg.: EX. Cheer- lC3d?l'2 ABC, Pep Rally Chairman: Guild Ticker Staff: Little Rock. WILLIAM CREIGHTON HOLLY: Bus. Mgmt.: ATQg Stuttgart. ALLAN LYNN HOLMES: C. Engr.: ASCE: Belleville. THOMAS W. HOLMES: Acct.: AKXP: Little Rock. ROBERT LEE HOLYFIELD: Ch. Engr.: HT: Engineering Council: AIChE: Conway. YVAYLAND D. HOLYFIELD: Mktg.: IPAQ: AKNII: Marketing Club: Little Rock. CHARLES DOUGLAS HOOKS: Soils: Farm House. Treas.: AZ. Trr-as.: Agronomy Club flallll: OAK: Prescott. JOHN LIONEL HORNE: Arch.: AIA: Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: ROBERT' MICHAEL HORNE: Bus.: 11130. Sec.: IFPC: Marketing Club: Russellville. MARY SUE HOR- NOR: Math.: XQ: Sec. of Associated Students: Cheerleader: ABC. Sec.: IIBIE: Mortar Board: Little Rock. CARY LOREN HOUSER: B. A.: Drolce: Cathage. Mo. GARY JAY HOWARD: Phys. Ed.: Wilson Sharp: KE: Varsity Football: Tulsa. Okla. JO CAROL HUBBARD: Ed.: Futrall Hall: Little Rock. SANDY LYNN HUBBARD: Mktg.: ZTA, Pres.: AWS. Oueen's Com- mittee Chairman: X93 Panhellenic Council: Panhellenic Rush Book Editor: Soph. Counselor: Little Rock. MARSHA O'DAY HUDLOW: Hist.: Carnall Hall: Senior Counselor: WIHC, Vice- Pres.: KPAG: Coterie: Arlington, Va. ROBERT LEWIS HUD- SON: Psyc.: fIJX, Vice-Pres.: TIME: Calico Rock. Hill, R. E. Hilton Hinkle Hinshaw Hodges, C. D. Hodges, R. L. Hodges, T. L. Hogan Hoggard, Et. Hoggard, T. G. Holten Holder Holderhy Holland Hollandsworth Holley. D. C. V01 ,...-are Wlbv 3 5 '19 va-was 'nr -naQaI' 40' We Q-gas" xxX . 5 Holley, J. D. Holly, W. C. Holmes, A. I... Holmes, T. W. Holyfield, R. L. Holyfield. W. D- HOOIQS Horne. I- L- Horne, R. M. Horner Houser Howard Hubbard, J. C. Hubbard, S. L. Hudlow Hudson, R. L. fv- L: , . ,il Silt I L Q5 55. YG1 J F YEZTTEVILLE .W 8' .1 - f, V, .. .- V T 5- at 2 'ia init. It--f 1, .Af First Row: CHARLES ARCHIE HUFFER: Math: Droke House: International Club: Student Religious Council: Chan- ning Club: Hazen. DOYLE MURPHY HUGHES: I. Elmer.: William House: Malvern. LLOYD MILTON HUGHES: Pre- Metl: EN, Vice-Pres.: AEA: OAK: Razorback, Greek Editor: Pine Bluff. JOHN MICHAEL HUGHEY: Gen. Bus.: SAE: Jonesboro. DAVIDSON HERBERT HUMPHREYS: Agri.: Yo- cunl Hall: MIHC. Pres.: Vice-Pres.: Agronomy Club: Circle K: Hot Springs. TED E. HUNTSMAN: Bus. Magmt.: Bald Knob. TERRON JAMES HIIRLIZUT: Trans.: Elm Springs. ROIIERT D. HIJRLEY: Econ.: EX. Vice-Pres.: Cardinal NN: NME: IFPC. Treas.: OAK, Pres.: El Dorado. Seronn' Row: JAMES TAYLOR HURST: Real Estate. Ins.: EN: AKNP, Vice-Pres.: Commerce Guild, Vice'Pres.: Freshman Class. Treas.: Sophomore Class. Pres.: Senior Class. Vice-Pres.: Lake Village. STEPHEN PARKER HCTCHENS: Mktg.: Hum- phreys Hall: Razorback Rand: JAClX'61'llSll1,fI Club: Marketing Club: Young Rep.: Monett. WIAYNE HYDEN II: Psyc.: Springdale. ELTON STEPHEN IRRY: Math: Efblit ARC. Treas.: Young Dem.: Little Rock. CLIEE JACKSON: Arch.: Newport. JOHN EDWJARD JACKSON: Ch. Engr.: TKE: AIChE: Civic Club: Leachyille. SIlE CAROLYN JACKSON: Huffer Hughes. D. M. Hughes. I.. M. Hughey Hurst Hutt-hens Hyrlen Irby SEllllll'S In a flash of brilliant - though belated - action, Senate re- placecl the old, disgraceful welcome sign after Homecoming. Eng.: Illiflfz ARC: Poachontas. WILLIAM LEYI JACKSON: lien. llus.: III: Pershing Rifles: Springdale. Tlzirzl Rom: GEORGE RUSSELL JACOBS: Mktg.: AXA: Marketing Club: Advertising Club: Pine Bluff. LARRXL AI'- CIJST JANSEN: E. Engr.: TBII: HKN: Et. Smith. ANDRE .lENSEN: E. Engr.: IEEE: Ardmore. Pa. MARY ANNE JERRY: Iifl.: ANU. Sec.. First Vice-Pres.: ACE: Young Dem.: SNEA: .lunvlion City. GEORGE JEWI: E. Engr.: IIME: TBTI: HKN: Pine lllull. CIIARLOTTE C. JOHN: Eng.: North Little Rock. JIM PORTER JOHN: Mgmt.: IIN: Stuttgart. WILLIAM BECK IOIINS: I. Eugr.: TAO: Blue Key: OT: Engineering Council, Pres.. Sec.: tiixif- Club. Pres.: KKXII: Razorback Band: Arkan- sas Engineer: AIIE: Young Dem.: Paris. Fourth Row: CI:I.lXRI.ES ALEXANDER JOHNSON: Hist.: Fayetteville. DORIS EYELYN JOHNSON: Bus. Ed.: SNEA: SJll'lllglllilll'. l'il'IEl'I ISR.-XII JOHNSON: Efl,g Paris, LINDA tioolflilt JOHNSON: El. Ed.: Air Force ROTC Sponsor: Soph- omore Counselor: Marked Tree. ZELPHA BELLE JOHNSON: Sec. E'l.: AAA: Crt-enlautl. noN R. JOHNSTON: Mech. Engr.: O'l': Engineering Council: ASME: Ashdown. ANNETTE .loylisz l.ittle Rock. CXROLYN R. JONES: Mktg.: Futrall Hall: XO: .lutlivial llourtl: Marketing Club: Atlyertising Club: llooneyille. Humphreys Huntsman Hurlluut Hurley .lack-on. C. Jackson. J. E. Jackson. S. C. Jackson. W1 L . S. ...-..-. , -..v -..-. ...... e. M-- 'R K... , W . . . .ga-M. an -G 'LZ' ,-3 GI' ' 3 .' i S' df' - ,. . T W v , .-, iq 1 Sf' g Q Ir Qi "aw, lb'- Q-as lr .I ii if - as '5- w v Jacobs Janson Jensen .lcrry .len John. C.. C.. John. .l. l'. Julms . . . , . Johnson, C. A. Johnson, D. E. Johnson, l'. lr. Johnson, I.. C.. .ll'llllS"ll. Z. ll. Johnston Jones. A. Jones. CR, First Row: HENRY LAMAR JONES: Pre- Med, Psyc.: EN: Young Dem.: XPX: Sociology Club: Fordyce. LARRY M. JONES: M. Engr.: ASME, Pres.: Engineering Council: Little Rock. LEO M. JONES: I. Engr.: Ripley House: Helena. MARY KAROLYN JONES: Ed.: Elementary Club: Fayetteville. Second Row: ROBERT MARSHAL JONES: E. Engr.: IEEE: Pottsville. RONALD PAUL JONES: Ch. Engr.: ECIDE, Sec.: Young Dem.: AIChE: Hope. ROBIN JANE JORDAN: Mktg.: KKF: Mortar Board: Student Court, Associate Justice: BFE, Vice-Pres.: Commerce Queen: AAA: Civic Club: Commerce Guild: Pine Bluff. BEVERLY JOYCE: Ed.: AAA: El. Club: Little Rock. Third Row: THOMAS LEO JUNKERSFIE-LD: Socy., Psyc.: AXA: KIIX: McLean, Va. WIL- LIAM HENRY JUSTICE: Bus.: Lake Wales, Fla. TOMMY F. JUSTICE: C. Engr.: Sedgwell: Imboden. JAMES THOMAS KARAM, JR.: M. Engr.: HME: TBII: AFROTC Wing Command- er: ASME: Engineering Council: Des Arc. Fourth Row: CHARLES RAY KARR: Pre- Med: AFP, Treas.: Young Dem.: Ft. Smith. BEVERLY KAYE KARSTADT: Bus.: Razorback Hall: XO: Coffeyville, Kan. DAVID BLAIR KAY: Physics: EIIE, Pres.: Springfield, Mo. DAN SKIPPER KAYS: Jo-ur., Eng.: Sedgwell House: ABC: Press Club: Circle K: AT: Trav- eler Staff: Little Rock. Fifth Row: ROBERT F. KEATHLEY: Ani- mal Husbandry: AFP: Belleville. JOE NEIL KEETON: Arch.: AIA: Mansfield. HARRY KEITH KEIFER: Ed.: Sedgwell: Mulberry. MARWIN KING KEMP: Chem.: IIME: KIJHE: Collegiate Academy of Sciences: Strong. Sixth Row: LINDA YOUNG KENNEDY: Ed.: Razorback Hall, Pres.: AWS Executive Board, Legislative Board: WRA Executive Board: WIHC: International Club: Coterie: Senior Counselor: Young Dem.: Daisy. CAROL MAR- GARET KERBY: Mktg.: KKF: Sophomore' Coun- selor: XO: Commerce Guild: Marketing Club: Little Rock. WILLIAM MILTON KIDDER: Acct.: EN, Treas.: Razorback, Co-Editor, Busi- ness Manager: Blue Key: Cardinal XX: AKKII: BANI1: QJHE: Board of Publications: Ft. Smith. DORIS ANN KILGORE: Ed.: KKF, Sec.: Cabot. Seventh Row: BOBBY J. KIMBERLING: M. Engr.: ASME: West Helena. HOWARD' RICHARD KING: E. Eng.: Fayetteville. WIL- LIAM RICHARD KING: Mktg.: Marketing Club: SAM: Advertising Club: Harrison. RAGON DON KINNEY: Physics: AXA: Bau- xite. Eighth Row: HENRY HUDSON KIRBY: Elec. Engr.: Harrison. THEO L. KIRKLAND: Animal Husbandry: Springdale. CHESTER LEE KITCHENS: Geology: CIJA9: Magnolia. JAMES KENNETH KNIGHT: C. Engr.: ASCE: Perry- ville. Ninth Row: PHILLIP KOLB: Mktg.: Mar- keting Club: Track: McGehee. MELISANDE KOPP: Eng.: Razorback Hall: Theater: Tulsa, Okla. RICHARD THEADORE KUSHMAUL: Mech. Engr.: Acacia, Vice-Pres.: IIT2: Pine Bluff. RALPH SIDNEY LACOTTS: Psyc.: DeWitt. if-H-"V 'WEE' -'X my mga 041' ..-tv' 'Mir -lv' JA va' -4,7 V137 has ...--14 'QQ Jones, H. L. Jones. L. M. Jones, L. M. Jones, M. K Jones, R. M Jones, R. P. Jordan Joyce Junkersfeld Justice Justus- Karam Karr Karstadt Kay Kays Keathley Kefeton Keifer Kemp Kennedy Kerby Kidder Kilgore Kimberling, King, H. E. King, W. R. Kinney Kirby Kirkland Kitchens Knight Kolb Kopp Kushmaul LaCotts Lan dere Lane Laney Lan ford Langley Lana, F. M. Lana. AI. Al. Lawson Lea. Lee Leitle Leonard Leone Leslie Lewis L'Homniedieu Lilley Linam Little Littrell Lloyd Ltwlif' Logan Lon" rt Loon: x Loxc lnwf? Lint-li Lyon Xlzorlwx Maddox Yluguc-A .l. lt. NIZIQIIPNS, T. ll Mails-r Mulocli Maloney -TZ' Q 'dv .f' ii . xxlSi' 1 1 L- N1 .7 My '5- K fl 4 ,4 v Qu I 9-Q. i-vnu. ii v. .-4 Q.: XY C First Rout JOHN BENNIE LANDERS: Bus.: AXA: Young Dem.: Marketing Club: Raz- orback Speological Society: Pine Bluff. BETTY FAYVE LANE: Eng.. Hist.: AF: Young Dem.: AT: IFPC: Junior Panhellenic: Razorback Band: Joplin. Mo. DAYID C. LANEY: I. Engr.: Cam- den. ROBERT LOUIS LANFORD: Acct.: EX: Little Rock. Srfr-and Row: ANNA WILLENE LANCLEY: Zoology: Futrall Hall: Senior Counselor: Little Rock. FLORENCE MARIE LATTA: Eng.: Rog- ers. MELYIN MONROE LATTA: Mktg.: Mar- keting Club: Accounting Club: Fayetteville, CONRAD DOUGLAS LAWSON: I. Engr.: GT, Sec.: Student Senate: Civic Club: AIIEE: St. Pat: Engineering Council, Sec.: Malvern. Third Row: JAMES FLETCHER LEA: M. Engr.: William House: TBII: Little Rock. YAN WAYNE LEE: C. Engr.: ASCE: Ft. Smith. CHARLES E. LEITLE: Bus.: Aurora. Mo. JOHN LEONARD: Mktg.: TKE: Marketing Club: Ad- vertising Club: Razorback Speological Society: Jamestown. Fonrlh Row: JOHN ANTHONY LEONE: Phve. Ed.: PEM: Razorback Band: KKKII: James- town. N. Y. JAMES EDWARD LESLIE: Arch.: AIA: Springdale. WILLIAM LARRY LEWIS: Ch. Engr.: Lonoke. EDWARD F. L'I'IOMME- Dllilir Ind. Relations: Little Rock. Fifth Row: ALLAN L. LILLEY: Arch.: AIA, Sec.: Morrilton. 'WILLIAM C. LINAM: C. Engr.: XE. Prei.. Treas: TRH: Engineering Council. JLLIX MARGARET LITTLE: Social Wielfare: ZTX. Sec.: IFPC: Junior Panhellenic: Sopho- more ffounxclorg AYYS Sec.: Pine Bluff. R. FRED l.I'I"liREI.L: Ileyc.: WX: Scabliard and Blade: tfanulen. Sitlli Ron: SLE LLOYD: Ed.: KKV: Young Rt-ng l't. Sunlh, JOL It Y l LM KN Mech. lfnur.: Scdgwell lloufe: IINIEZ IITZI: ASME: Stuttgart. JOHN YY. LOMXNZ Bus.: IN: Mar- lwling Vlub: Young Dent.: Blythexille. GORDON Y I.liNl.Il-I LONG: lfyc.: APN: Springdale. Swrf-nfl: Noir: CARY KEITH LOONEY: Mlxtu.: IN: Tulfai. Oklzi. YYILLIAM EARLE LOYI-I. JR.: Bus.: ZAIC. Treats.: KMIE: Cardinal NN: .XliNl': OAK: BVI. l'rm-Q.: Ylorrilton. KATH- RYN LOW E: lid.: KTA: SNEA: Young Dem.: Ylonlivvllo. l'Y'l' 'l'l'iRRl'lNlfl'i l.Y NCH: Mott.: Y an Buren. lziglilli Noir: SlllRLl'.Y DELI.. LYON: Socy., Soi-itil YYell':ir:-: lilil': Sturt. tilubg lft. Smith. ROl!lfR'l' WADE MUIKICY: Bus.: Sedgwell: Young Di-in.: ll-'l'lI: ABC: Mllllfz Houston. 'IR-x. EIYYYARIY I.I'II-1 MADDOX: Ch. Engr.: YYilli:nn- llouw: ADC: Ode. JAMES EDWARD YI XHNICSS: Mklgz.: YYiIson Sharp: Hot Springs. Yinlli lelllff TOM IIXRDINC NIACNESS: Xlanhz IIAIIC: Branson. Mo. CHRISTINE YE- RONICA MAILIQR: lid.: AAA: Orchesis: SNEA: lflenicntairy Club: lft. Smith. CICLIA ROSE Nl.-tLOl1ll: Honn' l'Ivon.I 4-Il House: Osceola. BOBBY JOE MALONEY: I. Engr.: Rogers. SffllIlll'S Mumbling charming things to her snake, lady charmer performs on the midway at the fair. If the snake fangs her, you win a doll for your olate. More likely, you wasted another quarter. First Row: WILLIAM SCOTT MANATT: C. Engr.: Hot Springs. JAMES ELLIS MARRS: Agri. Econ.: AFP, Pres., Treas.: IFPC: IFC: Agri Economic Club, Vice-Pres.: Arkansas Agriculturist Staff: Magazine. ART BRADLEY MARTIN: Com- merical Art: Ft. Smith. CAROLE SUE MARTIN: Home Econ.: Razorback Hall: Mabelvale. DOROTHY ANN MARTIN: Mktg.: Futrall Hall: Marketing Club: Advertising Club: Rogers. JOYCE SUE MARTIN: French: AXQ: Benton. REX ALBERT MARTIN: E. Engr.: GT, Pledge Vice-Pres.: Arkansas Engi- neer, Advertising Manager: Business Manager: IIME: TBII: HKN, Sec.: Engineering Ccuncil: William House, Sec.: IEEE: Marshall. WILLIAM GLENN MARTIN: E. Engr.: IEEE: Jack- sonville. Second Row: WILLIAM LEE. MASON: Zoology: Interna- tional Club: Collegiate Academy of Science: El Dorado. JANE MASSEY: French: ZTA: Forrest City. JOHN FRANCIS MAT- HEWS: Ch. Engr.: AXA, Treas.. Steward: QIJHE: Executive Council: AIC'hE: Jonesboro. BILL MAT'I-IEWSN: Ins., Real Estate: EX: Marketing Club: Traveler, Circulation Manager: El Dorado. BEN LARRY MAXEY: Mktg.: Willialii House: AKKP: Marketing Club: Ft. Smith. CLOVIS W. MCARTHUR: Ch. Engr.: Belleville. JENNY WREN MCCALLA: Phys. Ed.: 1 fr? C5311 I f, ,,,,3f,L"' yfs ip, V .. A ' u 1' ' 4' xl AAA: PEM Club: SNEA: Blytheville. MARY BANKS Mc- CARTY: Sea-. Ed.: XS2: Helena. Tlzirfl Huw: PAM MCCASLAND: Eng.: ZTA: Jefferson. TGX. RICHARD ALLEN MCCAULEY: Ind. Mgmt.: Varsity Golf: Pine Bluff. JAMES ROBERT McCOLLIlM: Ch. Engr.: AIChE: Pine Bluff. ROSLYN SHORTY Mc-COLLUM: Socy.: XS2: IFPC: Majorette: Stuttgart. MARTIN JACK McCUTCHEON: E. Engr.: TIHI: HKN: Little Rock. VIRGINIA LUCKETT Mc- DONALD: Ed.: IIBCD: SNEA: Elementary Club: Weldon. JAMES W. MCDOWELL: C. Engr.: ASCE: Russellville PHYL- LIS GRACE MCFARLAND: Math.: IIME: Fayetteville. Fourth Row: ROY EUGENE MCEARLAND: Acct.: Ft. Smith. ROBERT HOLT Mc-GILL: Public Admin.: IIKA. Sec.: Guild Ticker: Pershing Rifles: Commerce Guild: Marked Tree. SHARON McGINTY: El. Ed.: AAII: Sophomore Counselor: Elementary Club: Neosho. Mo. SALLY JO MCGLOFLIN: Dis- tributive Ed.: Carnall Hall: Little Rock. MARTHA E. Mc- GREW: Eng.: AF: AT: SNEA: Little Rock. JOHN PAUL Mc- KAY: Ins., Real Estate: AKKII: Marketing Club: SAM: Claren- don. JERRY D. MCKINNEY: Acct.: Acacia, Treas.: Student Senate: AIIXP, Treas.: Accounting Association: Scabbard and Blade: Young Dem.: Ft. Smith. ROBERT HENRY Mt-KINNEY: E. Engr.: Williarri House. Vice-Pres.: IEEE: Circle K Club. Manatt Marrs Martin, A. BL Martin, C. SR. Martin, D. S. Martin, J. Martin, R. A. Martin, W. G. Mason Massey Mathews Matthews Maxey McArthur McCalla McCarty :Q-4 'Na' Msg... RS UC aim' ww--' 4? Nw wg' .NHMW -2 K . gi it . . :QA all . .wh . W' 33' W I Nix' ic' if McCasland McCauley MCC-Ollum. I. R. McCollum, R. S. McCutcheon McDonald McDowell lXIcl7arland, P. G McFarland, R. E. McGill McGinty M.cG1o1'1in McGrew McKay McKenney Mt-Kinney V .mn-., ...,5:,,T-. my -, I, V - . ,J .Zi Y lv T S. ,A '. I I . ' r. .Li rs. ' I ' "F I ' ,V 'vs I C I I' I . ss Q . ' 3 5 ft l 1 First Row: LESLIE THOMAS MCKNELLY: Spanish, Rus- sian: fluid: A Cluli: Varsity Football: International Club: Little Rock. WILLIAM NICK McKOWN: Hist. William House: SNEA: Ft. Smith. BOB G. MCKUIN: I. Engr.: EAR: OAK, Treas.: EBT: TBII: AIIM, Vice-Pres.: Associate Justice of Stu- dent Court: Engr. Council: Morrilton. FORNEY LARRY Mc- CLARTY: I. Erigr.: William House: Mineral Springs. ROBERT ELMO McCLELLAND. JR.: Chem.: EN: Pine Bluff. RICHARD C. MCMURTREY: C. Engr.: ASCE: Student Senate: Patmos. CLAUDE VICTOR Mc-NULLY: Ed.: Horatio. MILDRED LYNN McWHORTER: Social Welfare: AAA: Fulbright Hall, Treas.. Vice-Pres., Senior Counselor: Soph Counselor: Civic Club: AWS Executive Board: Rogers. Second Row: RONALD I". MEADE: Mktg: TKE: Market- ing Club: Advertising Club: Fayetteville. SANDRA KAY MEADOR: Ed.: AAII: Pine Bluff. MELINDA MEEK: Hist.: AAA: Sopho. Counselor: Civic Clulig AWS. Vice-Pres.. Judicial Board, Executive Board: KPAO: Mortar Board: Student Senate: Warren. DAVID COOPER MEERS: Pre-Med: Dardanelle. MICHAEL L. MEISTRELL: Physics: GPAQ: OAK: Varsity Ten- nis: Cardinal XX: KIDIIE, Pres.: EIIE, Vice-Pres.: IFPC: Fay- etteville. MAIIREEN MELBOURN: Math: XS2: Traveler Staff: Rogers. JOE K. MERRICK: Acct.: BAXP: Miller, Mo. LARRY McKnelly McKown McKuin lNIcLarty' Meade lNIeailor Meek Meers SEIIIIIPS Taking a break from studying, a Gladson House guitar player practices in anticipa1ion of warm spring weather and outings. MAINE MEYER: Mktg.: EN. Pres., Sec.: Blue Key: AKXII: Marketing Cluli: Accounting Association: Mt. Vernon. Mo. Third Row: JERRY L. MILEY: Poultry Husbandry: Animal Industry Cluli, Sec.: AZ: Agri. Students Assoc.: Gravette. CARL DEAN MILLER. IR.: E. Engr.: SAE: OT: IEEE, Yice-Pres.: Circle K: Parkaile. DEL ROY MILLER: Ch. Engr.: Benton. JUHN IVREMONT MILLER: I. Engr.: QT. Vice-Pres.: Circle Ii: Engineering Council: Civic Club: AIIE: Paris. MICHAEL liRAlll.Ei MILLER: Math: EN: Cheerleader: Scaliliard and lllznlcz Rarorliack Staff: HME: Hot Springs. ROSE ANN MILL- ER: Ed.: Ratorliack Hall: Mr-Cehee. WILLIAM EDWARD MILLER: I. Engr.: UT. Pres.: AIIE. Pres.: Engineering Coun- cil: Arkun-:is Engineer: St. Pat: Paris. JAMES LEE MISER: Xuroncriix: Rogers. lftlllflll Rott: KIM LLOYD MITCHELL: E. Engr.: TBII: HHN: IIME: IEEE: Fayetteville. ROBERT BEHRENS MITCHELI.: Mktg.: Fayetteville. JAMES GORDON MIXON: l' Helena. ROBERT DOUGLAS MIZE: C. Engrr.: ASCE: Ilauxite. WINSTON DALE MIZE: M. Engr.: Benton. MELVIN IVARRIS XIUBBS: C. Engr.: North Little Rock. llllllll IA NN MOBLEY: Acct.: Traskwood. MAX .IAMES MOISLEY: Pliil.-Psyc.: Humphreys Hall: Russellville. McNully McM'l1ortei Merrick Meyer McLellunil McMurtrey Meislrcll Melliourn 34 all If QQ-g Vx I is 9 Q9 'Rf L-I A YQ Milcy Milli-r, C. Ii. Miller. D. li. Milli-r. .i. I". Milli-r, M. ll. Milli-r. R. A. Miller, W. E. Niger Mitchell, K. Mitchell, R. Mixon Mize, R. D. Mizc, W. D. Mobbs Mobley, H. L. Mobley, M. J First Row: CLARENCE BRYAN MOERY: Agronomy: IIKA: Wynne. ROBERT JO'SEPH MOIX: C. Engr.: GT: XE: ASCE: Conway. Bi. MAURICE MOORE: Agri. Engr.: Sedgwell House: ASAE. Pres., Sec.: Engineering Council: Monticello. JAMES H. MOORE, JR.: Mgmt.: Ripley House: BFE: AKKP: SAM, Pres.: MIHC, Vice-Pres.: Sedgwell House Pres.: Scabbard and Blade: Arnold Air Society: Perryville. Second Row: THOMAS STEPHEN MOORE: Botany: IIHHE: IIME: Band: Collegiate Academy of Science: Mena. PAUL WELTOIN MORE- HART: Mgmt.: AXA, Corres. Sec.: Marketing Club, Vice-Pres.: AKKII: SAM: Guild Ticker Staff: Little Rock. HERBERT LEROY MORE- LAND, JR.: Jour.: Sedgwell House: Varsity Ten- nis: El Dorado. HERBERT NEWTON MOR- GAN: C. Engr.: ASCE, Vice-Pres.: XE: AAK: Little Rock. Third Row: KATHE SUE MORGAN: El. Ed.: KKF: S-NEA: El Dorado. DOYLE EDWIN MORRISON, JR.: Ch. Engr.: AlChE, Pres.: AXE: Engineering Council: Fayetteville. MAR- THA ELIZABETH MOSELEY: El. Ed.: IIBQ: El. Club: Alicia. NANCY LEE MOSS: Ed.: AXQ: Stutdent ACE, Vice-Pres.: SNEA: Hot Springs. Fourth Row: GEORGE RONALD' MOTLEY: C. Engr.: ASCE, Pres.: TBH: XE: Engineering Council: Little Rock. DANNY BYRON MUL- HOLLEN: C. Engr.: Ripley House, Pres.: ABC: MIHC Executive Council: Army ROTC, Brigade Commander: Rector. WILLIAM ALFRED' MUL- KEY: Agriculture: Horticulture Club: Cabot. JOYCE GRAY MYERS: El. Ed.: Elementary Club: SNEA: Fordyce. Fifth Row: ROBERT EUGENE MYERS: C. Engr.: ASCE: Fordyce. OLIVER JAMES MY- RICK: Arch.: Erath, La. NANCY ESTES NA- TIONS: Ed.: ZTA: Fayetteville. ROBERT L. NEIGHBORS: Gen. Bus.: IIKA, Treas.: Civic Club: Scabtbard and Blade: Advertising Club: North Little Rock. Sixth Row: ROBERT CHARLES NELSON: Math: Fayetteville. RONALD' HERSHELL NEL- SON: B. A.: Acacia: Benton. JERRY LYNN NEWCOMB: E. Engr.: Sedgwell House: Bates- ville. LOWELL NICHOLAS: Chem.: IIKA: Civic Club.: Young De1n.: EA: Piggott. Seventh Row: TED B. NICHOLS: B. A.: AKKP: Star City. NORMAN LEWIS NIXON: E. Engr.: AIEEE: Ham Radio Club: Magno- lia. JOE CHARLES NORCROSS: Arch.: AIA: Hot Springs. ENNIS- WAYNE NORTON: M. Engr.: OT, Vice-Pres.: TBII: HTF., Corres. Sec.: OAK: Arkansas Engineer Staff: MIHC: ASME: Engineering Council, Treas., Vice-Pres.: Gaebale Committee: Mena. Eighth Row: JAMES ROBERT NORTON: Acct.: Harrison. JAMES ROBERT NORWOOD: M. Engr.: 9T: TBII: IITE, Pres.: Cardinal XX, Pres.: Sedgwell House, Pres.: KKKP, Vice-Pres., Sec.: IIME: Drum Major, Razorback Band: Stu- dent Court: IIHE: OAK: Engineering Council: ASME: De Queen. JAMES LLOYD' NOWELL: M. Engr.: ZAE: Arnold Air Society: Scabbard and Blade, Vice-Pres.: Razorback Band: Nash- ville. FREDERICK GUNTER NUNNALLY: I. Mgmt.: Little Rock. Ninllz Row: SANDRA SUE NUNNALLY: Bus. Ed.: Futrall Hall: Pine Bluff. LEONARD DOUGLAS O'BAR: Mktg.: Ft. Smith. PAT- RICK FRANKLIN O'CO'NNOR: Govt.: Young Rep., Pres.: Treas.: Gladson House, Pres.: Inter- national Club: Little Rock. DONALD' L. OGLES- BY: Animal Husbandry: Vice-Pres.: Razorback Band: Animal Industry Club: Hope. 184 'SAL N. 45 . W. ,J - gtg. 1 M as .W M .f Q ,,.,- f If SV 1 ..-DQ-it 3, J. Q. 'Mtg INCL, . 'avr-"' my! Am aG ' 'SF s 4 Moery Nloix Moore. B. Moore, J. Moore, T. Morehart Moreland Morgan, H. Morgan, K. Morrison Moseley Moss Motley Mulhollen Mulkey Myers, J. Myers, R. Myrick Natio-ns Neighbors Nelson, R. C Nelson, R. H Newcomb Nicholas Nichols Nixon. Norcross llflurtoli, E. Norton, J. Norwood Nowell Nunnally, F. Nunnally, S. O'Bar O'Connor Oglesby - Oliver O'Neal. G. M O'Neal, R. ,I. Osborne Oswlhll Overton Padgett Park Parker. C. R. Parker. .I. A. Parker. M. I.. P a r 1' Pat rick Patterson, It. PLtlIt't'sotl. Patterson. .I. IJ2llI6'I'solI. Pilllelssolt. DL Pauli Pearcy Pearson Peek Pelpbrey Penn. A. L. Penn, .I. I". Pennington Penton Peter Peter s'-u I'4'lt'rsolt Pt-tx' Pbatt. ,l. IP. Q . tttnttaps. r. tc. L Pieltel First Row: LAWRENCE RICHARD OLIV- ER: Agronomy: AFP: AZ: Agronomy Club: Stuttgart. GERALD MONROE O'NEAL: I. Engr.: ATIE: Little Rock. REBECCA PANE O'NEAL: Home Econ.: 4-H House: ASA: AHEAg Paragottld. HILTON FREELAND OS- IlOI7RNEg Horticulture: ATQ: Horticulture: Fayetteville. Second Role: KENNETH LEE OSWALT: Acct.: EQDE: Helena. TEDDY JOE OYERTON: Acct.: AKXII: Accounting Association: Spring- dale. HAROLD WAYNE PADGETT: Animal Husbandry: DeAYitt. LINDA SUSAN PARK: El. Ed.: Razorback Hall: Coterie, Pres.: Wesley Foundation. Yice-Pres.: WIHC: SNEA: Razor- back Band: Elementary Club: Wesley Players. Third Role: CHARLES ROBERT PARKER: Acct.: SAE: Lewisville. JOHN ALAN PARK- ER: E. Engr.: Humphreys Hall: Magnolia. MARY LYNNE PARKER: Hist.: 4--H House: Rolla. NANCY S. PARR: Sec. Ed.: AAA: SNEA: Young Dem.: IPPC Queen: Hot Springs. Fourth Row: DANNY LEE PATRICK: Phys. Ed.: PEM Club: Delaney. ERNEST EPDOX PATTERSON: Mgmt.: EN: AKXII: Student Senate: Pre-Law Club: Little Rock. JAMES NORMAN PATTERSON: Mktg.: LaVaca. ,IERRI JANE PATTERSON: Social Welfare: AAII: Et. Worth, Tex. Fifth Row: KNOX PATTERSON: Pre-Med: EX. Arkansas Engineer. Editor: Cardinal Student Senate: HHS: TBII: GT: Engineering Council: AIEE: Arkansas Razorback. Sports Editor: OAK: Little Rock. STANLEY RAY PATTERSON: Ins.. Real Estate: AXA: Guild Ticker. Business Manager: Civic Club: AKNP: Marketing Club: SAM: IFPC: Joplin. Mo. WIL- LIAM E. PALLI: Govt.: Little Rock. MEARL CLINTON PEARCY: Acct.: BAXP: Accounting Ks-ot-iation: Greenwood. Siult Rott: EYA MXRIE PE-XRSON: Govt.: Razorback Ilall: -PAO: Young Rep.: Pine Rluff. .IIILIX RIRTON PECK: Ed.: IIB-If: Hope. STEPIIEN WINEIELD PELPIIREY: Mktg.: -FAU. Pres.. Treas.: Rlue Key: AKXIL Pres.: Marketing Club. Pres.: Scabbard and Rlade: tfztrtltttztl NN: Rogers. ANNA l.Xl'R.X PENN: Ed.: Eutrall Hall: Elementary Club: Lynn. Swrcrtllr Rott: JAMES E. PENN: C. Eugr.: ISLE: Little Rock. TIIOM XS ROY PENNING- TON: E Ettgr.: Rald Knob. Yitilil ROSE PEN- TON: Soey.. Social Welfare: Eutrall Ilall: Sop- botrtore Counselor: Sociology Club: North Lit- tle Rock. TIIEDORE CIIXRLES PETER: Ger- lttitlll AXA: Yieksburg. Miss. lfigltllt Role: PRlStIlI.IA ,IANE PETER- SEN: Ed.: ZTA. Treas.: Marjorette: Young lb'tlts.2 AAYS It-gislatite Ilogtrtlg Alton. Ill. Ill RERT CIIARLES PETERSON: Pre-Med.: Marshall. RXRRXRA ,l. PEW: Mktg.: Al': Young Dt-ut.: Marketing Club: Noel, Mo. .IOXN Itltilil-IRMAN PIIARR: llorne Econ.: -DTH: AAA: Nt-wtnau tlub: ASA: Student Nur- ses Assoeitiliott. .Yinllt Rotr: IANYRENCE DALE PHARR: Xgri.: Earrulrouse. Reporter: AZ: Animal In- dustry Club. Pres.. Treas.: Agri. Students As- sociation: Summers. Rll.l.Y WKYNE PHIL- LIPS: IItts.1 IIME: Springdale. LINDA ICDYTHE l'IlII.I,Il'S: Sec. I-Id.: Eontana. WILLIAM GLENN PICKEL: Eng.: Rogers. SElllllI'S Leaning backward, Marie Bonnell tries hard to win one of the honorary ROTC cadet colonel positions for Pi Phi. She didn't. First Row: JOHN MARION PICKELL: M. Engr.g KE, Young Dem.: ASMEg A1i1Qg Bartlesville, Okla. NELTA JEAN PINKERTON: Mgmt.: AF, Treas.g XO: Marketing Club: SAM, Student Union Board: Commerce Guildg Camden. JERRY DEAN PINSON: Mgmt.g EAEg AKXIfg fI1HEg Blue Key, Sec.: Student Senate: Law Club Associate Justice, Chief Justiceg Commerce Guild: Harrison. JAMES' L. PITTS: E. Engr.g Lonoke. JERRY L. PLUMMER: Socy., Psyc.g EXg Student Senate: North Little Rock. CHARLES HERBERT POPE: Arch., Greenville, Miss. JOHN DAVID PORTER: C. Engr.: William House: ASCE: ABCg Booneville. ROBERT HART PORTER, JR.:lnd. Mgmt.: EQE, AKNIfg AQJQ, Vice- Pres.: Circle Kg IFPCg Young Dem.: Scabibard and Blade: West Helena. Second Row: REBA NELL POSEY: Home Econ.: 4-H Houseg Colecon: ASA: Ola. CAROL GRACE POTTER: Med. Tech.: Marshall. JERRY LEE POTTER: C. Engr.g Everton. THOMAS LEE POWELL: P'syc.g 1I'Xg Hot Springs. DAVID LEE POWERS: Arch.: Sedgwell Houseg Poplar Bluff, Mo. LINDA SUE POYNTER: Home Econ.g AAIIg Marketing Club: Young Dem.g Mountain Home. MARIBETH PREWITT: Eng., Pre-Med.g Xflg Student Senate: Debate Teamg AAA, Senior Advisorg Mortar Boardg AEAg Tillar. BILL PRIAKOS: Adv.g Pockell Pinkerton Pinson Pitts Posey Potter, C. G. Potter, J. L. Powell 1 'AI 11239: Civic Cluhg Marketing Clubg Advertising Club: Ft. Smith. Third Row: CHARLES FLOYD PUDLAS: I. Engng Green- wood. CAROLYN SUE QUALLS: Home Econ.g 4--H Houseg TTU? Cf-'lhefff-'HS Evening Shade. HELEN ANNE QUINN: Art: AAA: Advertising Club: Hot Springs. LINDA KAY RAGS- DALE: Hist.g Carnall Hallg Hot Springs. NANCY MARIE RAINEY: Music Ed.: Futrall Hall: Mortar Board, Pres.: AAWSg EAI: Walnut Ridge. DANNY BERT RAKES: E. Engng Bentonville. MICHAELE ANN RAKES: Ed.g SNEQAg Elementary Club: Young Rep.: International Club: Benton- ville. ROBERT TED RAMER: Govt.g Razorback Band: KKNIfg MIHCg ABCg Counselor, Humprey's Hallg Ripley House: Pres.. Williamsburg, Va. Fourth Row: JACK W. RANDOLPH: Agri.g ATA: Weeks. ROBERT RAY RAPIER: Pre-Med.: Dumas. BOBBIE JEAN REAC-AN: Ed.: 1TBfI2g AWS Executive Board: Judicial Board: Associate Justice, Student Courtg WRA Executive Board: Ele- mentary Clulig Young Dem.: Danville. LUTHER M. REAGAN: Law: Noel. Mo. HENRY FIELD' RECTOR, III: Bus.: AXA: Hot Springs. JUDITH ANN REED: Ed.: Fayetteville. TOMMY AIKIN REED: Ed.: Sedgwellg Pine Bluff. WALTER RALPH RELYEA: Agri., Econ.g Almyra. Plummer Pope Porter, J. D. Porter, R. H Powers Poynter Prewitt Priakos . W :fa mi Sv' 'W Var-W F 4 Y. .ef I .f 21" K Pudlas Qualls Quinn Ragsdale Rainey Rakes, D. B. Rakes, M. A. Rainer Randolph Rapier Reagan, B. J. Reagan, L. M. Rector Reed, J. A. Reed, T. A. Relyea I ...... 1 - f Yew' J- I " v .,f, ' B I ' . 3,65 , A 9 ., 4 In 'H f First Row: GLORIA RENEROE: Ed.: Elementary Club: Yfeeley Foundation: Salem. NOLEN EDWARD RENEROAY, JR.: Phys. Ed.: Charleston. VICKI ELLEN RHODES: Ed.: AAA: Soplutinore Counselor: Senior Counselor: Hazen. JACK RICHARDSON: E. Engr.: ZH: QT, Sec.: IEEE: Engineering Council: Circle K: Young Rep.: Hot Springs. JUDY ELAINE RICHARDSON: Home Econ.: fPT. Treas.: Colhecon: Fayette- ville. PATRICIA ANN RICHTER: Music Ed.: Razorback Hall. Pres.: EAI: Schola Cantorum: Civic Club.: Singfony Di- rector: Carnall Hall: Coterie, Vice-Pres.: Razorback Hall: Gillett. DAVID RICHARD RIGGS: Arch.: AIA: Ft. Smith. CHARLOTTE ANN RIKE: Hist.g Razorback Hall: Nashville. Second Row: MARTHA PAULETTE RILEY: Chem.: Fut- rall: Portageville, Alo. EVELYN JOYCE RITCHIE: Ed.: Car- nall Hall: Ift. Smith. DONALD RAY ROBERTS: Bus.: Fayette- ville. FREDDY LEE ROBERTS: C. Engr.: ASCE: McGehee. .IMQK ROBERTS: Mgmt.: IIN: Vice-Pres., IFPC: Student Senate: Gaebale Coinmittee: Conway. JAAIES GARRY ROIIICRTS: lliet.: TKE: Young Dem.: Harrison. JAAIES RUSSELL ROBERTS: C. Engr.: Little Rock. JOHN N. ROBI2R'I'S: Arl.: EN: Little Rock. Renfrne, G. Renfrow. N. E. Rhodes Ricliardson Riley Ritchie Roberts. D. R. Roberts, I7 ,.-..t.., , ,, ..,. 31. J Q ., 2,-AV "'1. - 'JB' "f 4 "A f 1.x x' ,...- --Q . - V A' er. .ajft -U. -: "" Y s- i 1 I. Alf R- XR X x K Y , ' I l, -RAE. 0 '- ,av 4' SHIIIIIPS More fun than AAA league, AA football intermurals are known for strange team names like the "Nads" and T-shirt uniforms. Third Row: LINDA SUE ROBERTS: Ed.: KKT: Elemen- tary Club. Texarkana. LUTHER H. ROBERTS, JR.: Animal lluabantlry: ASA: Scott. SIDNEY C. ROBERTS: E. Engr.: Newman Club: Young Rep.: IEEE: Little Rock. MARTIN lfl.II7'I'ON ROBERTSON: Pre-Med.: Circle K: Young Rep.: Texarkana. BOBBY WAYNE ROBINSON: Law: Cotton Plant. JOEL WILLIAAI ROBINSON: Ed.: TKE: NIIX: Siloam Springs. RAAIONA JERALDEAN ROE: Jour.: Carnall Hall: AT: Stall Writer. Traveler: Razorback staff: Preview: Press Club: Iloxie. HAROLD AYESLEY ROGERS: Entomology: AI'I': Treas. FCIIITIIZ Rolf: AIABEL FAYE ROGERS: Home ECOII.: 4-H Ilouse: Agricultuiiet staff: Reporter. Colhecon: HTO: Civic Club: Ilaxana. AYILLIAAI WESTON ROGERS: Mgmt.: AXA: lfayettexille. ALAN ROSE: AIktg.: SAE: Scahbard and Blade: Arnold Xir Sm-iety: Circle K: Marketing Club: Fayetteville. DOROTHY SISAN ROSE: Ed.: Razorback Hall: Et. Smith. FRED N. ROSE: Acct.: Accounting Association: Fayetteville. SISAN JANE ROSS: Eng.: HB41: ABC: Young Rep.: Joplin. Alu. JICRRY LEE ROSSWORN: Mktg.: Ripley: Nashville. JOHN IIOICLAS ROTERT: Ed.: Sedgwell House: Younv -. 0' Dem.: Ft. Smith. I RIf'IlLIl'lI'llll. J. E. Rim-liter Riga- Rike L Roberta. J. Rolterlr. J. II. Rul1ertS. J. R. Rulrel'tS. N P Q 'Ox --- ix Q"s I 44' rag, 4. if 'VN iN in Q. -.f 4' 1 Roberta. l.. S. Roll:-rlf, l.. H. Roberts, S. C. Rubvrleon Rollin-un. ll. AY. ITIIIIIIISIIII, J. AY. Roe Rogerg, H, XX Rogers, M. F. Rogers, W. W. Rose, A. Rose, D. S. Robe, F. N. Ross Rossworn Romer! First Row: MATTALOU ROTH: Pre-Med.: IIBfI2: AAA: International Club: Siloam Springs. MICHAEL GENE ROTHMAN: Pre-Law: FKE: Pre-Law: Canterbury Club.: Student Religious Council: Young Rep.: Fayetteville. GEORGE ERNEST ROUSE: Math, Physics: Kliflf: EIIE: TIME: Fayetteville. DONALD RAY ROWE: E. Engr.: Van Buren. Second Row: DAVID ROSS RUBLE.: Mgmt.: Acacia, Vice-Pres.: ABC, Vice-Pres.: Young Dem.: Orlando, Florida. JOHNNY RAY RUM- LEY: Mktg.: Acacia: Marketing Club: Rogers. JON MARK RUNDLE: Pre-Med.: AEA: Pine Bluff. REGINA RAE RUSHING: Bus.: XG: Fayetteville. Third Row: CARL MAX RUSSELL: Arch.: Acacia: Young Dem.: Fayetteville. CYNTHIA T. RUSSELL: Spanish, German: Carnall Hall: AAA: Young Rep.: International Club: Tulsa, Okla. JENNIFER ANNE, RUSSELL: Home Econ.: AAU: Colhecon: Young Dem.: Agricul- turalist Staff: Fayetteville. JUDY S-ANCHEZ: El. Ed.: ZTA: Sophomore Counselor: AWS Legislative Board: Elementary Club: SNEA: AWS Finance Committee: Rogers. Fourth Row: PAUL TODD SANDERS: Acct.: Acacia: Danville. SHIRLEY MAE SAN- DERS: Nutrition: Razorback Hall: fIJTO, Re- cording Sec.: Colhecon: Hamburg. JOE THO- MAS SAUNDERS: Ind. Mgmt.: Ripley House: Dierks. KATHERINE SAVERS: Govt.: XQ: AWS Student-Faculty Relations Chairman: Young Dem.: Camden. Fifth Row: MARGHERITA SUE SCARA- MUZZA: El. Ed.: AXS2: Elementary Club: SNEA: Midland. ANTHONY PAUL SCHER- REY: Science: Ft. Smith. PATSY ANN SCH- LEIFF: Psyc.: Futrall Hall: Ft. Smith. CARO- LYN SCHNEIDER: El. Ed.: IIBQ: Ft. Smith. Sixth Row: HERMAN ERNEST SCHOLZE: Agronomy: AZ: Agronomy Club. Corres. Sec- retary: Waldenburg. KENNETH F. SCHRANTZ, JR.: I. Engr.: Sedgwell House: AIIE.: Pine Bluff. NORMAN RONALD' SCHUH: Mktg.: Gladson House, Sec.: AKKP: Marketing Club: Advertising Club: Foreign Relations Club: Lit- tle Rock. VICTOR JOSEPH SCHUMACHER: Adv. and Mktg.: North Little Rock. Seventh Row: WILLIAM LEE S-CHWIEGER: I. Engr.: AXA: AUM, Tres.: ATIE: Young Dem.: Shreveport, La. DOROTHY MAXINE SEATON: El. Ed.: Ventura, Cal. LOUIS DAN SEITER: Engr.: ASME: Conway. BERTA LENA SEITZ: Hist.: Carnall Hall, Tres.: Cote- rie: Berryville. Eighth Row: REBECCA JEAN SE-LLARS: Sec. Ed.: Futrall Hall: ABC: Ft. Smith. JAMES RICHARD SENGEL: I. Engr.: AIIE: Engineer- ing Council: Ft. Smith. JOHN KING SEXTON: Govt.: EAE: Walnut Ridge. ROY MACK SHAD- DOX: Bus.: Acacia: Young Dem.: Green Forest. Ninth Row: SHARON S-HADDOX: El. Ed.: ZTA: ABC: SNEA: Elementary Club: Harri- son. BETTY JO SHARP: Home Econ.: Prairie Grove. NANCY LOUIS-E SHARP: El. Ed.: AF: Civic Club: Singfony: Co-Chairman, Singfonyl SNEA, Tres.: Panhellenic, Tres.: University Dis- ciplinary Board: Joplin, Mo. ROBERT VAN SHAVER: Agri.: AFP: Young Dem.: Intercol- Iegiate Debate: Arkansas Agriculturist, Feature Editor: Cave City. ,Wm , 1- 5-s W 1 .1-,gow s?e!"ff if Nu Wan 'mam ir'-Ma Roth Rothman Rouse Rowe Ruble Rumley Rundle Rushing Russell, C. M. Russell, C. T. Russell, J. A. Sanchez Sanders, P. T. Sanders, S. M. Saunders, J. T Savers Scaramuzza. Scherrey Schleiff Schneider Scholze Schrantz Schuh Schumacher Schwieger Seaton Seiter Se-itz. B. L. Sfellars S-engel Sexton Shaddox, R. M Shaddox. S. Sharp, B. J. Sharp, N. L. Shaver Shelton Sbimgek Shot'-key Short Siepman Sigler Sikes Simmons Simmons, . f- Simpson Sims Singleton Skaggs Skillern. K. R. Skillern. M. P. Slocum Smiley Smith. D Smith. E. Smith, I" Smith, C Smith.. ll Smith. J. D. Smith, J. Smith Smith. Smith. . Smith Snipes Snow Snxdcr Som-Ils Spcnco Spircy Sprigg Squire .JN .M First Row: GEORGE ELLIS SHELTON: Econ.: SAE: AAK: Canterbury Club: IPPC. Vice-Pres.: Cardinal XX: CPHS: Young Dem.: Fayetteville. JOHN JAMES SHIMEK: Hist.: Hazen. WAYNETTE R. SHOCKEY: Phys. Ed.: PEM Club: Orchesis: AWS Fashion and Etiq- uette Committee: Houston, Tex. CHARLOTTE SLE SHORT: Mktg.: AT, Rec. Sec.: Marketing Club: XH. Self. and Tres.: Salem. Ser-onrl Row: PAUL D. SIEPMAN: Phys. Ed.: THE. Tres.: PEM Club: Scotia. New York. WILLIAM BYRON SICLER: Personnel Mgmt.: EX. Steward: Marketing Club: Scabbard and Blade. Vice-Pres.: SAM: Pershing Rifles: Ft. Smith. JAMES BARTON SIKES: Pre Law: Yoculn Hall: Young Dem.: North Little Rock. JLDY NOLEN SIMMONS: Art: Mountainburg. Third Row: VICKI LYNNE SIMMONS: Econ.: HBKP. Pres.: Civics Club: Panhellenic Council: Sophomore Counselor: Siloam Springs. BUCK HERMAN SIMPSON: Cen. Bus.: EfbE: Marketing Club: Young Rep.: Ashdown. RO- BERT LEE SIMS: Bus. Mgmt.: SAM: Market- ing Club: Mt. Ida. CHERRY LETITIA SINC- LETON: Phys. Ed.: XQ: PEM, Pres.: Magnolia. Fourth Row: HAZEL O'HAIR SIQAGGS: El. Ed.: SNEA: Elementary Club: Bentonville. KENNETH ROBERT SKILLERN: Pre-Med: ABC: AEA, Tres.: HMB.: Arnold Air Society: MIHC Court Justice: Prompton Plains. New Jersey. MARGARET PINKERTON SKIL- LERN: C. Engr.: YYIRA. Corres. Sec.: AICHE. Tres.: Presidenfs Council: Van Buren. MAR- LIN LEON SLOCUM: C. Engr.: Student Senate: ASCE: Hickory Ridge. Fifth Row: BYRON YVADE SMILEY: Mgmt.: SAM: Marketing Club: Hot Springs. DUYNE DOIICLAS SMITH: Entomology: Sedg- well: Entomology Club: AZ: ASA: Lake Yillage. ELLEN SMITH: El. Ed.: XQ: Little Rock. FREDERICK MORRIS SMITH: Music Ed.: Humphrey llall: Klixlf: Hope. Sixth Row: CARY THOMPSON SMITH: Mktg.: KI: All-Intramural Football: IPPC: Marketing Club: I.epanto. HAROLD RAY SMITH: Crops: l"armliouse: Agronomy Club. I lres.: AZ: Keiser. JAMES DOICLAS SMITH: Natural Science: Forrest City. JAMES WIL- LIAM SMITH: Acct.: IX. Yicc-Pres.: IEPC: Accounting Association: Eufaula. Okla. Sf-rvnlh Row: JOHN EDYYAND SMITH: lid.: Schola Cantorum: Smackorer. .IIIDITH ANN SMITH: Home Econ.: HR-I': AYYS Exe- cutive Board: tlixic Club: Colhecon: AHEA. l'rcs.: Mctlchcc. SI SIN M XRCARET SMITH: lil. Ed.: AAA: Army ROTC Sponsor: Homecom- ing Maid: Elementary tflub: lllytbeyille. TERRY SMITII: Phys. Ed.: Mineral Springs. Eighth Row: CIIARLOTTE LEE SNIPES: Eng.: X221 l"ulbri:lit Hall. Sec.: Sophomore Counselor: Jonesbouo. ,IAN I.. SNOW: Eng.: AAII: Young Dcm.: Wesley Foundation: Colle- giate Singcrs: I.ittIc Rock. TH AYIS SNYDER: Chem.: Malxern. ltlt'll.-XRD DOYLE SORRELS: Agriculturc Econ.: AZ! Agriculture Economics Club: Ilot Springs. .Yinlh Row: LARRY R. SPENCE: Math.: SAIC: Scabbard and llladc: Texarkana. BUDDY BROWN SPIYEY: Commercial Art: TKE. Yice- Prcs.: Young Rep.: Siloam Springs. AVILIMA ,lEYYl'f'l"l' SPRICC: Social Sciences: Et. Smith. ARTIIIIR EDWIN SQUIRE. .IR.: Pre-Med.: KE: Scliola Cantorum: Civic Club: Ft. Smith. Slfllllll'S J' itil" ur' - Stranded on his ladder amid the sea of ralliers in the lobby of the Marion Hotel, ianitor gazes bewilderedly into the mob. First Row: GENEVIEVE STACY: Bus.: Futrall: Omaha. ROBERTO' DAVID STADTHAGEN: Agri. Engr.: EX: GT: Engineering Council: Pres., Vice-Pres., International Club: ASAE: Managua, Nicaragua. JERRY M. S-TAG-GS: E. Engr.: Magnolia. DEL RAY STANAGE: M. Engr.: AS-ME: Hot Springs. RODNEY TERRY STANGER: Zoology: TKE: Pfer- shing Rifles: Young Rep.: Mountain Home. JOHN HOPKINS STANLEY, JR.: Pre-Law: FADE: Guild Ticker, Editor, Student Union Executive Council: AKKII: Chancery Club: Augusta. JOE STEINBERG: Arch.: Acacia: AIA: IFC: Corning. JIM- MIE PATRICIA STEPHENS: Home Econ.: Razorback Hall: Colhecon, Pres.: AWS Executive Board: Sophomore Counselor: Senior Counselor: Hot Springs. Second Row: JOHN H. STEPHENS: Agri. Economy: DDE: Vice-Pres., Agronomy Club: AZ: Marion. RANDALL C. STEPHENS: Physics: Razorback Band: EIIE: HME:TIHE: Siloam Springs. WILLIAM THOMAS STEPHENS: I. Engr.: EAE: AIIE: Crossett. WALTEN EDWIN STEVENS, III: Eng.: KE: ABC: IFPC: Cardinal XX: Gaebale Committee: Forrest City. STANLEY WILLIAM STEWARD: Acct.: BAXP: Little Rock. SAM J. STEWMAN: German: Razorback Hall: Hum hreys Hall, Counselor' International Club Mena. AN P g . . ' : J - ICE MARIE STONE: Ed.: Carnall Hall: WIHC: SNEA: Ele- Stacy Stadthagen Staggs Stanage Stephens, J. H. Stephens, R. C. Stephens, W. T. Stevens mentary Club: Altheimer. PATRICIA LAVERNE STOREY: Ed.: Elementary Club: Fayetteville. Third Row: LAURA MAE STOUT: Acct.: Accounting Asso- ciation: l'iA'l'. Sec.: Fayetteville. MERRILEE STREUN: Eng.: ZTA: Fulbright Hall: Sophomore Counselor: IFPC: Jr. Pan- hellenii-: Vice-Pres.: AT: Preview Editor: Shreveport. La. NAT- HAN EDWARD STRICKLAND: Pre-Med.: EH: Vice-Pres.: KPX: Young Rep.: IFC: Bald Knob. RICHARD' THOMAS STRICKLAND: Acct.: AKKI1: Accounting Association: Little Rock. JOE THOMAS STROUB: Animal Industry: ASA: Lavaca. SCOTT O. STUART: Bus.: KE: Guild Ticker: Market- ing Club: Commerce Guild: Ft. Smith. CHARLOTTE SULCER: Ed.: AXQ: Palestine. JOHN L. SULLIVAN: Bus.: Scabbard and Blade: Arnold Air Society: Fayetteville. Fourth Row: WILLIAM R. SULLIVAN: Bus.: E'i1E: Shreve- port, La. ROBERT EARL SUMNER: Acct.: AKXII: Accounting Association: Carlisle. KENNETH WAYNE SUTTON: Acct.: Droke House: Mountain View. JAMES E. SWAFFORD: Social Welfare: Poplar Bluff, Mo. CECILIA MILDRED' SWAIM: Eng.: North Little Rock. ALBERT KENT SWANSON: Ed.: Sheridan. JOHN CHARLES SWAYZE: E. Engr.: Sedg- well: IEEE: Moscow. RICHARD STANLEY SWEET: Psyc.: Eureka Springs. Stanger Stanley Steinberg Stephens, J. P. Stward Stewman Stone Storey L in Stout Streun Strickland. N. E. Strickland, R. T. Sullivan, W. R. Sumner Sutton Swafford inure- ! We Fi Stroub Stuart Sulcer Sullivan. J. L Swaim Slwanson Swayze Sire at ,.1- , vs -1' First Row: RONALD EDWARD TAROR: Bus. Fin.: KE: Little Rock. SHARON DRAKE TABOR: El. Ed.: IIBKD: SNEA: Elementary Club: Little Rock. SUELLEN TATE: Ed: liK1'. Pres.: Panhellenic Council: Razorback Beauty: Texark- ana, Tex. JULIETTE TATUM: Emi.: IIBfP: AIT: International Club: Marked Tree. JUDY LYNN TAYLOR: Home Econ.: 41-H House: AAA: Sophomore Counselor: ABC: CIDTO: Senior Counselor: De Queen. ROBERT D. TAYLOR: C. Engr.: ASCE: Warren. THOMAS ALLEN TEETER: Ed.: Droke House: Con- way. JIMMIE LOU TEMPLE: Math: AAU: Young Dem.: Texarkana. Second Row: JAMES R. TERHUNE. JR.: Mktg.: Fayette- ville. RICHARD HENRY TERHIINE: Acct.: AKNII: Account- ing Association: West Fork. BOBBY FRANK TERRELL: I. Engr.: AIIE: North Little Rock. PHILLIP ARTHUR TERRY: Physics: Harrison. SYLVIA CATHEY THIRAIILT: PreAMed.: Razorback Hall: Young Rep.: Norphlet. ARTHUR HENRY THOMAS: Psyc.. Pre-Med.: KE. Vice-Pres.: OAK. Tres.: Young Dem.: Little Rock. DONNA ANNE THOMAS: El. Ed.: Futrall Hall: Elementary Club: Smackover. LLOYD ROY THO- MAS: Ch. Engr.: AICl1E: Leaclirille. Tabor, R. E. Talmor, S. D. Tate Tattnn Terhune Terliune. R. H. Terrell Terry SlfllllIl'S Every year the frequency of pledge drop-ins increases as the IFPC Queen selection draws near. Here the Kappa Sigma boys fall prey to the Zeta Tau Alpha plot to capture their votes. Third Row: DAYID E. THOMASON: Cen. Bus.: Alpena. CHARLES N. THOMASSON. JR.: Acct.: Accounting Associa- tion: IlLlI'llllICl'SYIllf3. Mo. BETTY SUE THORNTON: Acct.: Razorliack Hall: XG: Accounting Association: XYZ: Camden. MARTY THURLHY: Eng., French: AAIT, Yice-Pres.: AAA: Traveler. Managing Editor: Mortar Board. Yice-Pres.: Associ- ate Justice Student Court: Fayetteville. MARGARET ELLEN THLRNIAN: Bus. Ed: XA: Pres.: Student Religious Council, Sec.: Fayetteville. MARLAND CLAIR THURSTON: Chem.: Hiwasse. PAUL L. TILEY: Engr.: IEEE: Fayetteville. LEWIS CARI. TILLEY: Sec. Ed.: SNEA: Harrison. Fourth Rozc: HELEN DELORES TISDALE: Phys. Ed.: PENI tllnlrz Fayetteville. NIARIAN DANIEL TODD: Rom- ance Languages: Ft. Smith. THOMAS E. TOLER: E. Engr.: Malxern. LEANNE TOXYNSEND: Psyc.: AAII: NPX: Young Rep.: Canterlinry tlluliz Janckson. Tenn. LAWRENCE GLENN TRANIMICI.. JR.: Mktg.: -TAG. Yice-Pres.: AIINP: Marketing tflulw: Catdinal XX: Little Rock. JAMES EDYYARD TRANUM: Maint.: Marketing Clulig SAM: West Memphis. DONALD STEYENS TR XVIS: Ind. Mgmt.: Humphreys Hall: Judsonia. RIl'l'lI INIOCENE TRITDEAII: Home Econ.: Sallisaw. Okla. laylor. J. L. Taylor. R. D. Teeter Temple Thilianll Tliomas. A. H. Thomas. D. A. Thomas, L. R. art V t '24 4-nf G-P SVP 'N 2- cv' - I QA L... Sww- '- ,as v-s 'N' A, ,- T, A N ' ! Thomason 'lhotuasson 'l'ltorton Thurlliy 'l'lntrman Thurston Tiley Tilley Tisdale Todd Tolcr Townsend Trammel Tranum Travis Trudeau First Row: JOEL E. TRUITT: Gentry. CHI WING TSAO-: Williams: Hong Kong. CHARLES' RAY TUCKER: C. Engr.: BSU: Collegiate Sin- gers: Fayetteville. DARRELL NEWBY TUCK- ER: Phvs. Ed: PEM Club, Pres.: Fayetteville. Second Row: MARY RUTH TUCKER: Music: Marching Band: Symphony Orchestra: Sophomore Counselor: Fayetteville. JANNA LYNN TULL: Spanish, Psyc.: Carnall Hall: Sophomore Council: Civic Club: Wesley Foun- dation, Vice-President: WIHC: Vice-Pres.: Motar Board, Historian: Coterie: Young Rep.: EATI: Crossett. JUDY ANNE TURNER: Mktg.: X9: Vice-Pres.: Marketing Club: Benton. LEHMAN R. TURNER: Salem. Third Row: ROBERT EUGENE TURNER: Greenwood. WILMA JANE TURNER: Ed.: West Fork. JAMES WENDELL TYSON: Pre- Med.: Yocum. Head Counselor: Who's Who: AEA. Pres.: Circle K: Amateur Radio Club: University Theatre: Mansfield. RONALD H. UDOUJ: Gen. Bus.: KIJAQ: SAM: Marketing Club: Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: JOHN D. UNDERWOOD: Mountain View, Okla. FRANCES R. UTLEY: El. Ed.: AAA: KAII, Pres.: ABC: SNEA: Ele- mentary Club: Sophomore Counselor: Judicial Board: Blytheville. THOMAS H. UTLEY: Fay- etteville. SCOTT VAN HOOSE: Fayetteville. Fifth Row: ROBERTA LEE VAUGHAN: Music Ed.: AAA: Sophomore Counselor: Wynne. JIM CURTIS VAUGHAN: Fayetteville. JOHN CHARLES VAUGHN: Charleston. JEROME DEAN VAUGHT: Little Rock. Sixth Row: TOMMY LEE VAUGHT: E. Engr.: Ft. Smith. JAAN VEHIK: Acct.: Buc- hanan House, Pres.: Accounting Association: Marketing Club.: Ft. Smith. EUGENIA ANN VICKERS: Acct.: Carnall. Pres.: AWS Execu- tive Board: WHIC: Dumas. JOHN DAVID VISE: Psyc.: CIJHZ: SPX: Little Rock. Seventh Row: WARREN LEE VOGEL: Mar- ion, Kan. LARRY ALDEN WADE: Gateway. PAUL CHARLES WAGNER: Blytheville. AUG- USTUS B. WALKER: North Little Rock. Eighth Row: DALE CLYDE WALKER: Cove. PATRICIA ANN WALL: AAA: Glendale, Mo. GEORGE KIRK WALLACE: Physics: Williams House: TIME: North Little Rock. NANCY RUTH WALLACE: AF: Clarksville. Ninth Row: BARBARA RUTH WALLIS: Pine Bluff. LYNDELL H. WALRAVEN: Acct.: Accounting Association: SAM. Ft. Smith. DAVID WALSTON: Bus.: Razorback Football Team: A Club: San Antonio, Tex. ROY OTIS- WAL- TERS: GT: Heber Springs. W ff 5 , ...,,.,, ,, K 4' . 5 tm 'wha QV' 561' Rs: as X S Vx Vin-af Haw 'vw'-Sh' 'Km jd' ww, 'HRSA f-F-'AQ KP Truitt Tsao- Tucker, C. R. Tucker, D, N. Tucker, M. li Tull Turner, J. A. Turner, L. R. Turner, R. E. Turner, W. J. Tyson Udouj llnderwoofl Utley, F. R. Utley. T. H. Ho o sie Vaughan, L R. J. Vaughan, C Vaughn Vaught Vaught Vehik Vickers Vise Vogel Wade Wagner WValker Walker Wall Wallace. G. K Wallace. N. R Wallis WYalraren Walston Walters llein.: Student Union Coverning Board, Sec. VIRGINIA WHAT- -,-51-Ham K. -. ' ' "' ' P Af Win I 1- 4. 1- gl . fffw r . Q I ' fi r- sg?" -if "ff , . ti Vs, 4 ri Lyui. is I ----QL " if 5257 I rv . A ?""1 e . l I .Y .4 4 Q 1. 1 A if I I 45: 2 .I wwf' 'wtf v A A " .. ' First Row: JOHNNY JOSEPH WARD: M. Engr.: William House: ASME: Pine Bluff. JACQUELYN C. WARREN: El. Ed.: Z'l'Ag SNEA: Elementary Club: Canterbury Club: Ft. Smith. CAROLYN LOUISE WARRINER: Finance: XQ: XG. Vice-Pres.: AWS Legislative Board: Pine Bluff. WILLIAM BROCK WATSON: Phil.: Philosophy Club: Tucker-man. MARY FRANCES WEAVER: Phys. Ed.: Futrall Hall. Senior Counselor: PEM Club: Crane, Mo. MARY JANE WEBB: Eng.: IIBQU: Helena. STALEY SAMUEL WEDEL, JR.: E. Engr.: IEEE: Fayetteville. BARBARA ANN WEEKS: Eng.: Carnall Hall: North Little Rock. Sefonrl Row: LINDA PAULETTE WEIR: Home Econ: 4-H House: WIHC: ASA: Colhecon: Agriculturist. Associate Edi- tor: London. ROBERT JONES WELBORN: E. Engr.: Yocum Hall: TBII: HKN. Vice-Pres.: IIME: QDHE: IEEE: Harri- son. DONNA WELLHAUSEN: Music Ed.: KKV. Pres.: lN'Iotar Board. Sophomore Council. Pres.: AWS, Sec.: AAA, Tres.: Panhellenic: North Little Rock. MELISSA JANE WEL- TY: Pre-Med.: KKF: Sophomore Counselor: AAA: Civic Club: Youn Dem.: Colorado Springs. Colo. JAMES DOYLE WEE. SON: Covt.: Texarkana. DONALD JAMES WEST: Hist.: Wil- liam House: IIAG. Vice-Pres.: Civic Club: Magnolia. CAR- ROLL JEAN WHALEY: French. Eng.: XQ. Tres.: Young Ward Warren Warriner Watson Weir Welborn Wellhausen Welty Jumping high after leading a cheer, the cheerleaders try to keep the students behind the football team throughout game. LEY: Eng.: Carnall Hall: AIT: Preview: Texarkana. Thin! Rauf: WILLIAM BLAINE WHEELER: German: XA: King. LARRY ENNIS WHITE: Political Science: ZX: Pres.: IFC: Blue Key: Civic Club: Cardinal XX: ABC: Kirkwood. Mo. PATRICIA KAY WHITE: Eng.: AAA: ASEA: Dardanelle. LEONARD ALLEN WICGIANS: E. Engr.: Yocum Hall: IEEE: MIHC: Tres.: IIAIE: Cepp. THOMAS CALBYIN WIILCLINS: Math.: Paris. SUSIE WIILCOXSONZ Eng.: IIB41, llorres. Sec.: Walnut Ridge. FRANK WILDER: Pre-Law: Ft. Smith. JOYCE ANNE WILHEM: Medical Technology: AF: AEA: Young Dem.: Springdale. Fourth Razr: HENRY B. WILKINSON: Hist.: KE: Forrest City. BOBBY GLENN WILLIAMS: C. Engr.: ASCE: Dyess. CAROLE LYNN WILLIAMS: Eng.: AAA: Sophomore Coun- selor: AWS Executive Board: Razorback Beauty: AT: Preview Stall: Morrilton. JAMES LESLIE WILLIAMS: Psyc.: Mag- nolia. JAMES MARLIIS WILLIAMS: Mktg.: AKXII: Webster Croves. Mo. MARCI ANN WILLIAMS: French. Eng.: IIB41: Fayetteville. RONALD NELSON WILLIAMS: Pre-Med.: Sheridan. FRANKIE ANN WILLIAMSON: Eng.: Futrall Hall: Dallas. Tex. Wieaver Webb Wedel Weeks Wesson W'est Whaley Wlhatley 1 mi s - I' 'U V ,..., 1 I 'vs 2 'bv IQ' W.: S yi -ev' .CS R bn-A Q 'Bt Y Wheeler White, L. E. White. P. K. W'iggzins. L. A. Wiggins. T. C. Wiluixsoz. Wilder W7ilhem Wilkinson Williams, B. G. Williams, C. L. Williams, J. L. Williams, J. M. filfiauzf, M. A. W:ll.iams, R. N. Williamson First Row: WALTER EDWARD WILLIAM- SON, JR.: Govt.: EAE: Falls Church, Va. CAR- OLE ANN WILSON: Speech Therapy: XQ, Cor- res. Sec.: Civic Club: AWS Executive Board: WIHC: Joplin, Mo. EARL WAYNE WILS-ON: Agri.: Gepp. LYNDA GAIL WILSON: Home Econ. Ed.: Futrall Hall: Colhecon: Magnolia. Second Row: SHELLIE WILSON: Hist.: XQ: Young Dem.: Harrison. SHIRLEY ANN WIL- SON: Pre-Med: Razorback Hall: AE: Aurora, Mo. GUS W. WINFIELD: E. Engr.: EKN: TBII: IIME: IEEE: Booneville. CARROL DE-AN WIN- TER: C. Engr.: TBII: XE: GT: Conway. Third Row: THOMAS HARRY WOBBE: Mktg.: Marketing Club: Springdale. JAMES TERRELL WOFFORD: C. Engr..: ASCE: Con- way. JERRY LYNN WOOD: I. Engr.: EH: AIIE: Judsonia. KENNETH E. WOOD: Math: HME: SNEA: Norfolk. Fourth Row: VIRGIE RUTH WOOD: Bus. Ed.: Winslow. HENRY CLAY WOODS: I. Mgmt.: KE: OT: ABC: Joiner. JOHN MICHAEL WOODS: Govt.: William House: Texarkana. JAMES C. WOODSON: Geology: EFE: Amity. Fifth Row: HERMAN FRANKLIN WOOL- ARD: M. Engr.: Razorback Band: West Helena. JAMES M. WOOLLY: Music Ed.: KKKP, Pres.: fI1MA: NIIBM: Little Rock. JAMES B. WORT- HAM: Geology: Ripley House: EFE: Helena. JAMES W. WOIRTHINGTON: Gen. Bus.: BAE: Prescott. Sixth Row: ELIZABETH ANNE WRIGHT: Ed.: AAII: SNEA: Elementary Club: Young Dem.: North Little Rock. KATHLEEN LED- WIDGE WRIGHT: Eng.: XQ: Little Rock. OR- VILLE E. WRIGHT: Agri.: AIA: Amity. TEL- DEN P. WRIGHT: Acc.: EN: BAXI1: Blythe- ville. Seventh Row: WARREN JAMES WRIGHT: Hist.: International Club: Harrison. ROBERT DAVID WYLIE: C. Engr.: ASCE: Murfrees- boro. CHARLES LEVERN YANDELL: Agri.: Havana. ONE-IDA FERN YANDELL: Home Econ.: 4-H House, Pres.: Sophomore Counse- lor: f1JTO: Colhecon: Havana. Eighth Row: GEO'RGE MICHAEL YANK- ER: M. Engr.: Little Rock. WILLIAM CLYDE YARBROUGH, JR.: Agri.: Fayetteville. HOW- ARD L. YEAGE-R: Law: Student Bar Associa- tion: Young Rep. Point Pleasant, W. Va. RAN- DOLPH EWALD YERGIN: Mktg.: Marketing Club Young Rep.: Chicago. Ninth Row: GEORGE JAMES ZEILER: C. Engr.: ASCE: Newman Club: Paris. DON ALAN ZIMMERMAN: Ins., Real Estate: EN: Chancerv Club: North Little Rock. MARY PAT- RICIA ZIMPEL: Acct.: AXQ: X9: Account- ing Association, Pres.: Newman Club: Clarks- ville. 'Wits 'mv WISE? 'Wk-Q '- xx W.. M40 'K-0 E"-'vp ,xi 355 ,263 FFA' . , rs im-2 s c, Williamson Yvilson, C. A. Wilsfvii, E. W. Vifilson, L. G. Wilson, S. Wilson, S. A. Winfield Winter Wobbe Wofford W1'nc'rtl, J. L. WCr1'rd, K. E. wlllilll, R. Wfn1'ntls: H. C. Woods, J. M. Woodson Woolard Wolly Worlham XVorthington Wright. E. A. Vifright. K. L. Wright, O. E. Ivright, T. P. Wright. W. J. Wvlie Yanrlell, C. L Yarnlall. O. F Yanker Yarbrough Yeager Yeargin Zeiler Zimmerman Zimpel .fq , , xv 3 ,VJ A, 5 First Row: WILLIAM C. ADAIR, JR.: Fayetteville: ENg Blue Key. Whos Who: Honor Council: Student Bar Associa- tion: Student Senate. Pres.: Cheerleader. BYRON ALEXAND- ER ADAMS: Bath. N. Y.: TIKA: AKNII: Commerce Guild, Executive Council: Treas.. Junior Business Class. OLIVER L. ADAMS, JR.: Berryvilleg QA9. JULIAN P. W. ARCHER: Fayetteville: ITKA: KIJAQ. JIM KENT BEDELL: Springdale: IIKA: AKIIQ. Scahbard and Blade: Young Dem.: SAM HER- BERT DAVID BLAIR: Batesville: Student Bar Association: Law Review: TAA. HERBY BRANSCUM. JR.: Mountain View: Student Bar Association: Young Dem. JOHN EDWARD BUTT: Fayetteville. Ser-onrl Row: JERRY DEE CARTER: Hazen. GREENE BERRY COLVIN. III: Dermntt: EGHE. Student Bar Associa- tion. JOE L. COOK: Branson, Mo.: EIT: Razorback Hall. Vice- Pres.: Aftfbg Young Rep.: Scalilmard and Blade. DONALD LOUIS CORBIN: Texarkana: BAE. JAMES E. CORNELIUS. III: Hope. WILLIAM STEVE CRAIN: Hope: AQCIJ. Student Bar Association. JOHN E. DARNELL: Hot Springs: ITKA. AITXP, ITIKXP, Scahhard and Blade. RICHARD HARDINC DAVIS. JR.: Stamps: KE. Pres.: GT: XE, Pres.: TRU. Sec.: ASCE: Blue Key. Adair Adams. B. A. Adams, O. L. Archer Carter Colvin Cook Corliin 'ya 2' Law, ers Registration is an administration sponsored event: even President Freddie Favor has to wait in line. Third Row: X. DOTSON: Hindsville. DONALD KILLOLICH FITZGERALD: Fayetteville: AXA. CHARLES H. FRANK- LIN: Glenwood. LARRY WAYNE CARRETT: Hope: EH. JOSERN WILLIAM GELZINE: Ft. Smith: ABCD, Young Rep. IRVINC EARNEST CREENBERC: Hot Springs. GARY HOLDEN CROSS: Arkadelphia: BAE. AGQP. JOE TWEDELL CUNTER: Cabot. Fourth Row: DAVID LOY HALE: Belleville: Acacia: Youn Dem.. Pres.: KIJAA. Treas.: Civic Club: Circle K: SAM: Acct. Cluli. RALPH C. HAMNER. JR.: Bradley: EX. SEARCY XYOOIJ HARRELL. .IR.: Hampton: Blue Key, Sec.: BFE. Vice- Pres.: Pre-Law Club. Pres.. Treas.: Attorney General Sedge- well House. Vice-Pres.: AQG1: Student Bar Association: BAXP: Law Rcxiew. Asaociate Editor. JOHN CHARLES HARRIS: Russellxille: fT'AO: Young Dem. JIAI LARRY HENDREN: tlravette: GAA. DELBERT MARTIN HERHAN: North Little Rock: BAXIA Vive-Pres.: Blue Key: Student Senate. Treas.: Ar-ct.: Assoeiation: Student Bar Association. Vice-Pres.: Pershing Rifles: William House. Pres.: Droke House: MIHC. Pres.. Treas.: Caelwale. Treas.: Associated Students. Treas. ROBERT MICHAEL HICKMAN: Independence. Mo. IVAN LEE HILL: Fayetteville. Bedell Blair Branscum Butt Cornelius Crain Darnell Davis f -Iliff -1- .tl in 'tt' "'i 8. K' 'fl V 1 'L' .,g6I T" 'is 4E'S gt 1" - x ,- 4 -l N ,J V - X ! I - ' - 25 O Dotsou lfilzgcrallrl l"rauklin Currclt Ili-lfinc Crccnlrcrg Cross Gunter Hale lltuuncr llatrcll llarris llcmlreu llfzriuuu Hickman Hill t.rsrac -itat tavv BPS To use the complicated equipment to solve advanced research problems requires the students to have technical competence. First Row: WILLIAM LEE HOPPE-R: New Carlisle, Ind. CLAUDE WILSON JENKINS: El Dorado: CPAA, Student Bar Association. GEORGE OLIN JERNIGAN, JR.: Little Rock: EX: Treas., Associated Students: Blue Key, Vice-Pres.: AIQXP, Sec.: Commerce Guild Executive Council, Vice-Pres.: ASCII: Student Bar Association: Student Senate. JIMMY DARRELL JOYCE: Pine Bluff: Student Bar Association. JOHN BER- TON MAYES: Blytheville: EX. JOSH EDGAR McHUGHES: Little Rock. ORLANDO J. MUNDWILLER: Herman, Mo. WILLIAM RAY OVERTON: Malvern: AXA, AKXI1: Student Senate: IFC: OAK: ASQ: Law Review, Associate Editor. Second Row: CHARLES ALLEN POTTER: Texarkana: A9115 Student Bar Association. HERBERT L. RAY: Spring- dale: EH, Student Bar Association. JAMES ROBERT RED- PATH: Harrison: IIKA. CURTIS EVANS- RICKARD: Ben- ton: Acacia, Pres.: Young Dem. Pres.: Circle K, Treas.: Student Union Governing Board: QAA. OTHO K. ROBERT- SON: El Dorado-. BEN D. ROWLAND, JR.: Little Rock. DON MARTIN SCHNIPPER: Texarkana: KE, A9fIv. NOR- MAN VICTOR SCOTT: Crossett: Student Bar Association. Third Row: CHESTER LOY SMITH, JR.: Rogers: Acacia. ROBERT DEAN SMITH, III: Little Rock: EAE. JIM B. Hopper Jenkins Jernigan Joyce Potter Ray Redpath Rickard it SPEARS: Jasper: IIKA: KIYAA: Arkansas Law Review, Editor. EVERETTE DON STUMBAUGH: Clarksville: EKIPE, Student Bar Association: JAMES J. STUMPF: Ft. Smith. HENDRIX ARTHUR TAYLOR, JR.: Pine Bluff: AXA, Vice-Pres.: OAK: AKXII, Ritualist: Scahbard and Blade: Commerce Guild, Executive Committee: Representative, Senior Business Class: Guild Ticker. Editor: Student Bar Association: AGT: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Who's Who in B. A. HOWARD' W. TE-MPLETON: Pocahontas. EMMET P. TORIAN: Carlisle. Fourth Row: JAMES RICHARD' VAN DOVER: Fayette- ville: EAE: Blue Key: Student Bar Association, Pres.: AQKIP. MART VEHIK: Ft. Smith: FADE. JAMES R. WALLACE: Little Rock: Student Bar Association: GAA. Pres.: Honor Council. REG WALLIN, JR.: West Memphis: KE: ASQ: Stu- dent Bar Association. BILL H. WALMSLEY: Bald Knoh. SAMMY ALLEN WEEMS: Hazen: ELPE: fIvAA, Pres.: TKA, President: Circle K, Pres.: Circle K International, Vice-Pres. PHILLIP' MAURICE WEST: Ft. Smith. GEORGE WELDON WESTMORELAND: Hot Springs: IIKA. DAMON MICHAEL YOUNG: Texarkana: AOKP, Student Bar Association, Young Dem. Mayes McHughes Mundwiller Overton Robertson Rowland Schnipper Scott gui-do if 'Q Q65- .0-If 26- W' 'K- E""" 1 Smith, C. L. Smith. R. D. Spears Stumbaugh Stumpf Taylor Templeton Toi-ian Van Dover Vehik Wallace Wallin Walmsley Weems West Westmorland Young 'Q-PS., ' Frm ""V'l Q Q 1 swf' wi Bnwle- Conti Dixon lluijkvr Merlwlvrurl Moreno Sklavoj Slf'f'llgl' Firsl' Row: SIIAHUN LOUISE BOWLES: Fayeltexille. ILHAZII, CUNTI: l"lm'em-e. Italy. WQXNIJJX F. IDIXUN: Hope. IIIWBRECHT ANTllUNlE DVUKER: Alusterflunm. NPlllPl'lilI14l4I THE. l'II'lXIil.IiS R. lllllilf: lllPXlll'lxilllil. .XXNP1 lfYlN: Puri-. l"run1'e: l'lllll'Lill Hall. NIXHIX lIl'lHl5'l'lN,X DE IQXHIX l"lfHHlflR.X UA SIINAX: l'm'tn. Portugal: XQ. KI. FllllllXNlU NIJXIJI ln I 1 VJ s- S' . Duke Evin Sujanli Tarkinglnn 'Fx Ferreira lla Film lance Sf,-mn! lflllfl XYILDA CROW NIERKOBH.-XD: Holly - ,1 11- i lx w. ,KN Xlfl'.l.LeX XIUBILNUZ ban Jnfe. Lneta Rluag NV2. ll? XlX.lYl.l l5Xl'L FKl,,XYO.l: The--aluniici. Creeve: William llwuee. BERT 5'l'lfENlllQ: lflinge. Netherlanrlf: 32 5, .N 5 , : 9 rgwy Indonesia. JAMES l"lilflllllII 'l'XliKIXC'l'OX: Sean-y. KIXHSHA VANCE: 'lllll-L12 lllllr-umlle. Spvrlnl SlllllPIllS Students gather in the Union to ponder momentous events like will the King of the World revisit the campus, or is he barred foo? .llllIllll'S Sneaky photographer with telescopic lens works from afar to capture forever in pictures the unaware beauty contestants. First Row: Carolyn K. ADAIR, AAA, Memphis, Tenn., Edward F. ADAIR, EN, Fayetteville, Anne Rae ADAMS, ZTA, Fayetteville, Chester Eugene ADAMS, Williams House, Hot Springs, Judy Kay ADAMS, XS2, Ft. Smith, Susan E. ADAMS, AAA, North Little Rock, Aubrey Cecil ADCOCK, Texarkana, John R. ADCOCK, Hiwasse, Preston M. ADCOX, EX, Newport, David Hubbard ALBERT, BFE, Whittier, Calif., Richard E.. ALBIN, EKIDE, Fayetteville. Second Row: Teddie A. ALDERMAN, Carnall, Rogers, James Robert ALEXANDER, Mountain Home, Jerome Bark- ley ALFORD, Hot Springs, Kay ALFORD, HB'-P, Russellville, Nan Clarke ALLMON, IIBLIP, Clarendon, James Clark ALL- RED, Ft. Smith, Gene Paul ANDERSON, Wilson Sharp, Siloam Springs, Xury Charles ANGEL, Ft. Smith, Marjorie Elizabeth ANTHONY. 111341, Fordyce, Pam Daniel ANTHONY, KKF, Forrest City, Nadine Elizabeth APPLETON, XQ, War- ren. Third Row: Gerald Leslie ARGALL, Williams House, Mountain Home, Margaret Carolyn ARMSTRONG, ZTA, North Little Rock, Morris Sheppard ARNOLD, EH, Texark- ana, Robert D. ARTHUR, Droke House, Malvern, Lanny Olen lim 3' ,ii ASHLOCK, Fayetteville, Margaret Ann ATKINSON, Fayette- ville, Sharon Ann AUSTIN, AP, Joplin, Mo., John Chambers AYRES, Memphis, Betty Poole BABB, Camden, Sam Ray BAILEY. Springdale, Azalea Estella BAIRD, AAA, Shreve- port, La. Fourllz Row: James Louis BATRD, Gravette, Nancy Griffin BAKER, Fayetteville, Becki BALCH, KHP, Little Rock, Donald W. BALLARD, Williams House, Murfreesboro, Jim BANE, Wilson Sharp, Branson, Mo., Oscar Boyd BARGER, Springdale, Paul Allen BARIOLA, Al'P, Springdale, Sherry BARKMAN, Texarkana, Ronald BARKSDALE, EX, Prescott, James Paul BARLOW, Sedgwell House, Magnolia, D. Pamela BARNETT, Bradley. Fifth Row: Ronald David BARNETT, Bradley, Joe T. BARRON, Jacksonville, Joe Randal BARTEE, EN, North Little Rock, James G. BARTON, EX. Ft. Smith, M. Karen BASINGER, Futrall Hall, Van Buren, John Leland BASSETT, Fayetteville, John William BEALL, GT. Wilson, Terry Robert BEAN, QT, Benton, Donald E. BEARD, Fayetteville, Willis Herrera BEARDALL. TKE, Panama City, Panama, Tilman BEARDEN, HKA, Texarkana. lllltlllx ii Y' . T 1 PW' 'ilu 7 'X V'-' 5 s tm' 43' 4 Q' X g hz fe 1 ed v , f' O az-' tg' t 'I Q . I i' -uv th zlq. s 2 ss .A J 1. "AD: 1? Ai: g 1 I ,, J .ill Munn Y 1 -7- sit, ,A 47'C4 in 5 M ff ' ' Arn we ci 1 a Yn 1 1 " 4.1 Q, Qc LA , Gt f f 'tx T A' . F Q 1 .AEI k l. , 1 - A, 4 1 A , .-4 cs. . ' 1 5 I First Row: ,lobe-lle BEASLEY. AAA, Hughes: Dan Edward BEAYERS, Ripley House. Cabot: Delilah Ann BELL. Carnall Hall. Mineral Springs: Donna Lynn BELL, KKF, Pine Bluff: Alarion Hobart BELL. IAE, Ft. Smith. Swconcl Ron: Ann Marie BELLER. Razorback Hall, Batesville: l.intla Ann BENTON, AAII. Joplin. Mo.: Carolyn ,lane BERRY. 111542. Et. Campbell. Ky.: David Allen BERRY, North Little Rock: ,lan Frances BERRY, HBQD, Ft. Smith. Thirtl Roztf: Carlon Ann BERRYHILL, AXQ, Killeen. Tex.: john Harris BICKNELL, Setlgwell House, Ft. Smith: Alarylyn tiail BICCE, Razorback Hall. Alena: Michael Douglas BIGCS, llot Springs: Steve Frederick BINGAAIAN, Eureka Springs. Fourth Row: Henry Titus BLACK, Acacia, Stamps: Richard C. BLACK, Prairie Grove: Bennie Francis BLACKWELL. Emer- son: Betty Lorraine BLACKWOOD, AF, Clarksville: Brenda Dowe BLAYLOCK, Razorback Hall, Ozark. Fifth Row: Lawrence Charles BLEVINS, Fayetteville: Char- lotte BOBB. Razorback Hall, Joplin, Mo.: Charmayne B. BONDU- RANT. Hot Springs: Richard S. BONDURANT, Hot Springs: Bonnie BOXNELL. H1344 Muskogee, Okla. Sixth Nutr: Agar ,lohn BOOCAART, Yocum Hall. Mountain llome: Darrel Lee BOOTH, Emerson: Glenda BOSTICK, Car- nall Hall, Ola: .lanice Alarie BOLRO: ZTA, Dallas, Tex.: Melvin Doyle BOWEN, Hot Springs. SI'l'l'I1f,l Row: Robert D. BOWLE5. Ripley House. Tillar: .lo Anne BOWMAN. Illidt. Neosho. Alo.: Charles Clay BOYCE. SAE. Dartlanelle: Don Earl BOAD. IN, Tulsa, Okla.: Kaye BRADLEY, Eutrall Hall. Alagnolia. Eighth Row: Sally Ann BRADY. AAll, Ft. Louis. Alu.: Bar- bara Ann BR.Xl.l5Y. lilil', ,lonesboroz Robert Donald BREED- LOYE. Norntnn: .latnes O. BREW ER. Quittnau: Ralph A. BRICK- LICY. lfayettexille. Ninth Rott: ,lack AY. BRlI.IiY. Ill. Sprio. Okla.: Richard lluroltl BRl'l"l'. l.ittlc Rock: Charles llugh BROWN. Shirley: lfltvrry llringlcs BROWN. XO. Benton: .larnvs Dwight BROWN, Ill. Bauxite. Tvnlh Rott: ,lobn Dvuaytn- BROWN, Tlili. Hamburg: .ludy Katy BROAAN. AAA. Tulsa. Olxla.: 1.1-v l"LlI1lllIlfI BROWN. XD, lfatyettvvillc: Linda Ann BROWN. l"utrnll llall, lfedarville: Mary Ann BRONX X. Ramtrback llztll, l'ot'ahontas. l2'lf'I'4'llf,l How: Alary Shannon BROWN. Z'l'X. Ft, Smith: Kathryn l.loyt-no BRIWIE. l'arnall llull, llinc Blult: Brilliant R. BRl'DNl'iR, l'ine Bluff: ,lohn A. BR XNNER. EY, Marked Tree: Robert Alattshal' IBRYANT. IIN. Springfield. Mo, Ttlwlfllt lftttr: Robert TATIIIV-llilll BRYANT. IN. Springfield, Alo.: Titnothx ,iwseplt BRXNIARSKI. Mountain llorne: .l. Wlalter Bl CHAN KN. I KE, Helena: Tltotnats M. BUCHANAN, KE, For- t--st City: .lt-tty Lynn Bl'CK. Amity: Joe K. BUCKNER, AXA, Il1lM'll. tlllIlIlll'S M lugging home their standard, Lambda Chi's stop to watch more of the amazing amount of congratulatory hugging by the girls. First Row: Edwin L. BUEHLER, Mt. Vernon, Mo., Ken- neth Gordon BURFORD, Springdale, Lyndle Ray BULLARD, EH, Wayne, Mich., Bonnie Carolyn BUMPERS, HB41, Little Rock, Judi Ann BURCH, Carnall Hall, Tulsa, Okla., Warren Layne BURDINE, Fayetteville, Houston John BURFORD, Little Rock, Brenda Gaye BURKETT, ZTA, Berryville, Fred Clay BURNS, KE, Danville, John Jessup BURNS, EH, El Dorado, Lionel J. BURNS, AXA, Strong. Second Row: John M. BURSON, Humphreys Hall, Aurora, Mo., James Edward BURTON, AFP, Booneville, Beverly BYNUM, XQ, Tulsa, Okla., Kenneth J. BYNUM, EQE, Little Rock, Jerry Lee CAGLE, Magnolia, Andrew Melvin CAL- HOUN, BAE, Memphis, Tenn., Rebecca A. CALLAHAN, AAU, Walnut Ridge, Ronald William CALLAN, EfIbE, West Mem- phis, William Jerome CALLAN, Williams House, Dardanelle, William Dale CALVERT, AXA, Ft. Smith, Laura Alice CAME- RON, Carnall Hall, Charleston. Third Row: Allen CAMPBELL, Emerson, Johnny Bruce CAMPBELL, Emerson, Charles Samuel CANERDAY, Russell- ville, James Vincent CARD, Humphreys Hall, Stuttgart, R. Larry CARGILE, HKA, Little- Rock, Carol Ann CARTER, .fl , , Vi. ,w,f,,.,ih W, A it fffsiitfwm, 'war a - at ,. i AF, Fayetteville, David CARTER, Little Rock, Frank Lyle CARTER, AVP. Booneville, Michael Addison CARVER, Mena, Harry Derrell CASSELL, Mena, George K. CAS-TER, Wynne. Fourtlz Row: Ronald Glynn CAVENESS, Wilson Sharp, Houston, Tex., James Lloyd CHANDLER, Nashville, Barbara Haley CHAPMAN, Fayetteville, Gail Mary CHASE, Razor- liack Hall, Springfield, Va., Russell B. CHILES, Osceola, Paul Michael CHRIST, Malvern, Betty Jo CHURCHILL, ZTA, Lit- tle Rock, H. Paul CLAMPIT, Sedgwell House, Whitehall, Bill CLARK, KE, Little Rock, Sarah Frost CLARK, ZTA, Blytheville, Stephen Lee CLARK, Williams House, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Paul Kenneth CLEMENTS, Droke House. Kings- land, John Lynn CLIFTON, Wheatley, Roger Clyde CLUBBS, Droke House, Pine Bluff, Jerry Dean CLUFF, IIKA, Wichita, Kan., Mildred Marie COCCIA, Carnall Hall, North Little Rock, Franklin H. COCHRAN, Acacia, Corning, Nancy Sharon COCHRAN, ZTA, Russellville, Marinell COE. HB41, Tucker- man, Mabel Jo COLAY, AAA, Magnolia, Vada Kay COLBERT, Razorback Hall, Hot Springs, Bruce lilonroe COLCLASURE, IIKA, Little ROCIK. 2 R""'ww K -awe' KM 54:9 es rf, 'Sf QQWNW hltlfll lltlilll ,Q Somm- - Y! H F, Q.. f'- into-an f AUM- 1. ' me 1 First ltmr: Charles E. COLE, EN, Paragouldg Charles Rex COLE. Willianie House, Monticello, Charles Russell COLE, l"t. Smith: .lantes Irvin COLE, Piggott: Mary Sue COLE, Fut- rall Ilall, Mnntif-ellug Floyd R. COLEMAN, 211115. Holly Croveg 'llommie Lou COLEMAN. III!-It. Little Rock: I'lerlJert A. COMDS, Awhdowng Warhan Lewig COMRS, TKE, Fayetteville: Graydon Earl COMSIOCK, Siloam Springs, ,loeeph P. COIYNOLLY, Fayetteville. Srrwrul Rolf: W. C. Cooli. Creenway: William Ralph COOK. KE, Wynne: .Ierry Dewayne COOPER. IN. Ift. Smith: ,lneepli Eugene COUTS, EII. Judwnia:'ry Gene CUPE- DD LXINID, Texarkztnag Walter IX. COI I ICXNS. Iflinnphreys llall. Ift. Smith: Cerald L. CORINISH. AXA, I'ine llluff: Dale O. CUSGRUVIC. Avtivia. l'la1'1'iftmg Susan tgosxtlts. KHP, Waxa- liar,-hie. Tex.: John Charles COX, lititgltannan llouse. Ileardeng Kaye llarnetl CRAIG, AAII, Bentonville. Third Nutr: Kenneth David CR.XlN'S'llON. TKE. l'ine lilllffi Ilelen Morrif CREEI.. Mottnltiinlntrgfg Paige CRIMMINS, lizmwlnit-k Ielall. liuene Park. Calilfg Linda Red CROSS, Iflll- i-all Hall. Miller. Mo.: llarold Leon CROSSKNO. III. lily- tlif-xillf-: Latldie E. CROIICII, EX, Lexa: .leanie .Xnn CRIj'I'CI'I- .HHHUPS Reading the picket as they pass a striking University employ- ee, the students know that no one beats the Administration. l"llfl.IJ. lfl. Smith: Edward L CULLUM, EN, Little Rock: I,Llll'lt'lLi Sue Cupplee. AV, North Little Rockg James Dykes Cl RRN. Mountain Iflomeg Al Jennings DANIEL, Humphreys llall. Ilrercott. lfunrlft lffnv: llariiet Elizabeth DANIEL, IIBCP. Muskogee, Olxlu.: .lumex E. DQXRR, IN. Sl11'eYep11rt, La.: Joe D. DAUG- lllfR'I't. .X'I't2. Little Rock: William Shoup D.-XUGHERTY, I.XlC. .Xuyuetag ,luvli R. DAYIDSON. Aeaeia. Joplin. MO.: Ann DXYIICS. Xil. Ilauxitez Clydine Callaway DAVIS, Heruritageg .lofi litllwttl IXXYIS. Ogllfflll I.en CHISOII DAVIS. uiillialtts IIHIIXF. Mountain Ilome: Dianne DAY, AXQ, Little Roelig Ilaxitl lfldritlge IJEXDERICK, ZAE, Forrest City. Fifth 1'lf11t': Cam' ,lantee DEAN. EX, North Little Rock: l"1'a1n'1-s DICXNE. KKII l..iltle Rock: Dwight Arles DEBOW, .Xmilyz Paul ll. ltl-IISIISK. little Rock: R1-hert Anthony DE- lTI.liliK. IX. litwllllltltlilel .lt-hn Elan DEXTON. Williams llt-tm-. Mvtielieez Phillip Pyland DICPRIEST. Ripley House. Little Rtwkg llill DliY.XliL'l'. lfayettexillez Leon -L DEW. IIKA. Mountain llome: Caroline Monroe IJEWOLFIZ. Ifutrall llall. l"t. Xlhrtlt. lex.: Martin Daxid DICK. 1-'t. Smith. 4?-4' are es. if 'ti 53 fn ,gif i 1- V Q t ti m: Cv 1 1 U54 Q First Row: Donn O. DICKEY, Ft. Smith, Charles Henry DIG- BY, Norphletg Johnny Edward DILLARD, Amity, David Hugh DIXON, Ft. Smithg Mary Nell DONAHUE. AAA, Little Rock. Second Row: Doke DOUGLAS, KE, Tulsa, Okla.g Marshall Alan DOUGLAS. KE, Fi. Smith, Troy R. DOUGLAS, Charlestong Abdul Wadoud DRAKI, Homes, Syria, Paul J. DUBBELL, QA9, Rogers. Third Row: Dannalee DUBINER, KKF, Kansas City, Mo.g James A. DUKE, Magnoliag Douglas Howard DUNHAM, EfPE, Neosho, Mo.g Ronnie Nelson DUNN, EN, Hamptong Robert R. DURDEN, EAE, Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Chadd Edward DURRETT. AXA, Strongg Tommie Carol DYER, Carnall Hall, Rudy, Roger L. EASON, Stuttgart, Suzanne Ahrens EASON, Little Rock, Charlotte Ann ECKEL, IIBQD, North Little Rock. Fifth Row: Frederick Kirk EDWARDS, Springdale: James J. EDWARDS, Sedgwell House, DeQueeng Joanna P. EDWARDS, Pine Bluffg Richard Stewart EDWARDS, EQE, Huntsville, Pat- ricia EGGER, Carnall Hall, Cristobal, Canal Zone. Sixth Row: Gerry Lee EILBVOTT, IIBCIJ, Pine Bluffg Thomas Perry ELFTER, fIJA9, Hot Springsg Juanita Marie ELLEBREACHT, Truth or Consequences, New Mex., Everett Wayne ELLEDGE, Sedgwell, Blythevilleg Nelson P. ELLIOTT, Sedgwell House, Little Rock. Seventh Row: Pat ELLIOTT, ZTA, Ft. Worth, Tex., Robert Fredrick EL-MER, Springdaleg Denton Carl EMANUEL, Sedg- well House, Sulphur Springsg Ronald Gene EMBRY, GT, Ft. Smith, James Fletcher EPES, KE, Helena. Eighth Row: Stanley Lee ERWIN, Buchanan House, Harri- song Bruce Doyle ESKEW, Hot Springs, Kirby Lee ESTES, Fayettevilleg William Earl ESTES, Buchanan House, Batesville, Robert Adrian ETIEN, JR., AXA, Benton. Ninth Row: Kathryn Marie ETO-CH, Razorback Hall. Helenag Linda Lou EVANS, IIBCIP, Ft. Smith: Sharon Joy EVANS, Futrall Hall, Marvellg Ronald Edmond EVERETT, Clarendong Walter Robert FABINSKY, IIKA, Alexandria, Va. Tenth Row: Janice Elaine FADDIS, Fayettevilleg Robert S. FAIRCHILD, JR., DDE, Fayetteville, Michael Philip FAIRHEAD, Droke House, Jonesborog Don L. FANT, William House, De- Queeng Jane Bourland FANT, Ft. Smith. Eleventh Row: Jim D. FANT, Ft. Smithg Jamie Ann FARIS, AXSZ, Raytown, Mo., James David FEARS, Van Bureng Armstead Milner FELAND, Little Rockg Gary Vernon FELKER, Acacia, Mabelvale. Twelfth Row: James Garland FERGUSON, San Antonio, Tex.g Richard M. FERGUSON, Droke House, Marshallg James H. FERSTL, Ft. Smithg Terry Dean FETZEK, KKF, Little' Rockg Conley W. FIKES, Williams House, Pine Bluff. f 'R ,JM 'F w. a X J" L- av is .J , ..... .. X Wt' MX? E.. I . ., 1 4 ,- L 'x..: ' .gziwj , Y . .... ,Q Va I 6 TMR... "W U I 1- V Q-ri "it: tt , A A -: 1. I' ,F y ,L W 5- 1 ' , ' 'ce ' Q A l' 3 , X1 t - t rs L- I .51 . ' - 4 AJ S Y K 1 I A 5. 2 .J Q- wx f A : 0 1 'X TA 'I ref ' Z1 A ' ' K I s A , gy? 4: A -af A- ' .,- :Y zz- xfa X QL t 7 cl 3 . . .s 'X it K -if " 'ft' . WW V f A K 4 J, - .1 . ev 2- - - ' 1' f ! , .L 'I A .X . i - in 'L' Q , 3 rj -- o K,k ,vt iq "' 4 L ..,. V L -.. -- Q., e l h First Rozr: Lawrence FIKES, SAE. Pine Bluff: James FIN- CHER. Droke House. Poteau, Okla.: James O. FINE. Ft. Smith: Michael F. FINEFIELD. Little Rock: Nicki Ann FINGER. Razor- back Hall, Balboa, Canal Zone. Swconrl Rout: Lois Yvonne FLNK. Hope: Glenn Dale FIPPS. William House, Salem. Alu.: Lynne FITZGERALD, ZTA. Shreve- port. La.: Jerry Alvayne FLEAIING. Ft. Smith: Bill FLETCHER. KE. Scott. Third R0lL'2 Johnny Karl FLETCHER. Bryant: Johnny Y. FLETCHER. Yocum Hall. Ft. Smith: William Farrell FLETCHER. Renton: Larry Louis FLOCKS. Ft. Smith: Robert C. FLOCKS. Serlgwell House, Ft. Smith. Fourth Rout Sue A. FLORA. Fayetteville: John Sidney FOGG, KZ. Fayetteville: Donald H. FORD, Fayetteville: Tarana Gene FOREAIAN. AAA. Waldo: Ronnie Jim FORMBY. Sedgwell House, Alulberry. Fifth Rotrz Rita FOSTER. XO. Tulsa. Okla.: Judy Diane FOR'- LER. ZTA. Harrison: Thomas R. FRAZIER. Ripley House. Tex- arkana: Karen FREEMAN. AAU. Texarkana. Tex.: Lawrence Owen FREEAIAN. Droke House, Lincoln. Neb. Sixtlz Row: John Alartin FRENCH. QPAG. Dallas. Tex.: Stan- ley Velle FRENCH. Setlgyvell House. North Little Rock: Russell Neil FIVGATE. Droke House. Carthage. Mo.: Catherine Embry FULKERSON. XQ. Little Rock: Jeryl G. FULLEN, Ft. Smith. Sctrrtth Rott: Nleryl Lynne FULLEN, Razorback Hall. Ft. Smith: Kay l"l'LLER. ZTA. Lewisville: John NYGSRTA' FLLTON lll. KE. Tulsa. Okla.: Carolyn Francis FUNKHOLSER, Fayette- ville: Davitl Geraltl GARDNER. AXA. Little Rock. Eighth Row: Douglas GARR. Alan Ruren: Onitla Gayle GARRI- SON. Raztn'hat'k llall. Alpena: Kathe Lynne G ATES. KTA. Shreve- port. La.: .latte llryan GATTIS. Rrinkley: Jimmy L. GATTl5, Ozark. Yinllt Noir: Etltlie Everett GAY. Springdale: Daniel Paul Glzl-ll.5. Aocnnt llonse. Subiaco: Alary Lon GlllllfRT. Garnall llall. Omaha: ,lark Alcxainrler Gll.l'fF. SAE. Texarkana: Robert Preston Gll,l'fS. SAE. Texarkana. Tenth Rolf: Diane Gll.l.lSON. Iilill lake Village: Alarianne Gll,l.lSON. IiliI'. lake Aillage: Arthur Gerald GILSON. Rartles- ville. Okla.: .lon Stanley GINGERICII, ltroke llouse. Gurdon: Ronnie Wayne GLASS. lcacltxille. l'fla't'cnll1 lv'ou': Robert Miller GOFF. JR.. IIKA, Little Rotflil Alilton Glentlon GOODF. l.ittle Rot-kg Johnny Gratly GOODMAN. lllNltlllI't'kI Nancy Kay GOOOAAJN. KKV. little Roekg jack L, GOSWIGK. I-I-IC, Ft. Smith. Tzrelfllt Row: Jimmy ll. GRADY. Ft. Smith: Bennie Eliza- beth GR.-All AAI. AAA. Grove, Okla.: Rilly .l. GRAIIAM. Humphrey llall. Van Ilnren: Jerry Lee GRAHAM, Little Rock: Judy t,RAll.AAl. AAII. Springdale. tlllllllIl'S Making eyes at someone's date, drummer Charlie Corrine sings sometimes. Charlie attends U of A between trips to Mexico. First Row: Roland G. GRAHAM, IIKA, Springdale, Mar- garet GRAMLICH, Carnall Hall, Ft. Smith, Linda Jean GRAV- ES, ZTA, Dermott, Tommy Gene GRAY, Weldnon, Richard Edward GREGORY, JR., EAE, Augusta, Charles Thomas GRIF- FIN, Yocum Hall, Rogers, Linwood GRIFFIN III, Fayetteville, William Noah GRIMMETT III, EN, Little Rock, William O. GROOMS, Westville, Okla., Joy Lynn GROSS, Razorback Hall, Cabot, David W. GROUNDS-, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock. Second Row: Thomas Holiman GULLEY, EfI'E, Little Rock, Johnnye Myrle GUY, AAII, Trumann, Newton L. HAILEY, Acacia, Rogers, Charlotte Ann HALEY, Razorback Hall, Eudora, Frances Emily HALL, AF, Little Rock, John Thomas HALL, EH, Pine Bluff, Ronald D. HALL, Gravette, William Few HALL, QA9, Camden, Barbara Lynn HALLAM, 1'IBfIJ, Carthage, Mo., Patricia Louise HALLER, ZTA, Gadsden, Ala., Richard A. HALSELL, KE, Dumas. Third Row: Carol Lindley HAMPTON, AAA, Morrilton, Lorene HAMPTON, Razorback Hall, Summit, Margareta Boel HANSSON, Carnall Hall, Ronneby, Sweden, Anna Jane HAR- BISON, West Fork, Janice Carole: HARDIN, Waxahachie, Tex., Marvin Boswell HARE, JR., Sedgwell House, Auvergne, Chi Chi HARGRAVES, XYZ, Forrest City, Lucinda Katherine HAR- KEY, IIBf1f, Batesville, Sharon Jo HARPER, IIBQ Westport, Conn., Lyndell L. HARRINGTON, Greenbrier, Sally Caro- lyn HARRINGTON, XQ, Helena. Fourlh Row: Alice Faye HARRIS, Razorback Hall, Rus- sellville, Belinda Dawn HARRIS, ZTA, Fayetteville, George Vernon HARRIS, JR., Fayetteville, Kenith Lee HARRIS, Pres- cott, Robert Wayne HARRIS, Farmhouse, Bentonville, Wil- liam Andrew HARRISON, GAG, North Little Rock, James Alfred HARROD, DIPE, Pine Bluff, William Thomas HARROD, Pine Bluff, James Kenneth HART, GAG, Paris, George R. HARTIN, Gladsen House, Viola, Paul Dean HASTINGS, Sedgwell House, Ft. Smith. Fifth Row: Jennie Lou HAVEN, KKF, Forrest City, Leslie Theodore HAVENS, Cedarville, Curtis Wvright HAWKINS, BAE, Ft. Smith, James J. HAWKINS, AXA, Little Rock, Floyd Jefferson HAYS. JR., Humphreys Hall, Springdale, Louis Edward HEGEMAN, Conway, W. David HEINS, Farm- house, Pea Ridge, Mary Nell HELBRON, AAU. Little Rock, Thomas Wade HELF, CIDAG, Springdale, Molly HELMS, Razor- back Hall, Ft. Smith. FU - 452' 'QS w if gn ,P MS.-.,,.f ,, I x ,I .. , QV Q NWS , .K . , M N, -w 3 'Ra fl a WW M ja rs, Us Si, af I Q 32 R , , ft . , t , .an 9: ,rw-A-Q. it., W., nf- ' I w .f 'S- 9' , gd 'Ii' X ft W 4' x' , , 4 .J - U 1 ftw ' . .t ' s x 'v . J A, M 5, na. , Q Us " , .nv ... -e. X . 'I "1-t -1' y gp ,REEL Aka S I - ' T . Yi 5 - 2.1 A LL . 1 . . I- t gf- f- - , . -' ."" : v ' i ,, . f ' tt ,.it,...tes rt so 1 ' L. f ix Q 0 5 4 Y 'f' .' .' N ,W- I we FmW'T't X. f 5 .. - A. s - ,J R All Y t ,pq If xx , .1454 . T' ' I J Y: " ,T feb? ' , .' Q ll , fair 'rl ' V .vgamv Q sy. ,1 . . +. ,-F-TW' W : ' 'X i i.g.5Ltkg't ' s -M.. Q! I 7.15 tj, I 'ssh ' A bk'-'I aria! X A Fin! Row: Oscar August HELMICH, Benton: Joe Stephen IIENDICRSON, HKA, England: ,Iohn Wayne HENDERSON, Ripley House. Little Rock: Joe Lynn HENLEY, Ripley House, Dumas: llayifl P. HENRY, IDX, Searcy: Troy L. HENRY, Acacia, Black Oak: .loanne HENTHORNE, AAII. Tulsa, Okla.: Raymond Edward HERAIAN, Fordyce: Michael Lee HERN- DON, Little Rock: Bill Roy HERRON. IIKA, Baytown, Tex.: Charlotte Malissa HERVEY, ZTA, Dallas, Tex. Svfonfl Row: Marion Mark HEWETT, Et. Smith: Artie HICKS, AAA, Russellville: .lulia Anne HICKS, Razorback Hall, flamflen: Robert George HlLll. Fayetteville: Sharon Lee HILD- RETH. AAA, Hot Springs: Dwight S. HILL, Murfreesboro: Etltly Thomas IIILL, Joiner: ,lack Wayne HILL, ATQ, North Little Rttrtlig Herbert Oscar HIRBY, Little Rock: Charles A. HOBBS, North Little Rock: Judith Austin HOBSON, Daisy. Tliirrl Row: Joy IIOITEAIAN, Fayetteville: William Alcffall IIOCAN. IIKA, North Little Rock: Kay Truitt HOCCARD, Decatur: Richarrl Neal IIOLBERT, AXA. Little Rock: Pete IIOLCONIRE, DDE, Ft. Smith: Ronnie Lynn HOLLANCER, Stuttgart: llaxifl Eugene HOLLEY. Renton: Dan Lee HOL- . g. :- H .. it tot., -WJ: 'l . rw... .llllllllI'S It's hard to get pictures of the skits, candle lights, and monkey business that happens after date call in the girls' houses. Pictured here is a little Tri Delt monkey business. LINKLWORTII. Camden: Jerry W. HOLLIS, Williams House, Little Rock: Stephen Frank HOLMES, Williams House, Little Rock: Sharon HOLT. ZTA, Hot Springs. Fourth Rolf: Sandra Elizabeth HOLZHAUER, AXQ. Gillett: Wing Fay HONG. Fayetteville: Robert Franklin HOOK. Dal- las, Tex.: Datitl B. HOPKINS, Buchanan House, Texarkana: Diana Lee IIOPKINS, AXS2, Jacksonville: Jackie Ray HOP- KINS. tlraxette: Donna Alarie House. AAA, AIorrilton: Eugene O. IIOXYARII. Illatlson. Westville. Okla.: Lynda Suzanne HOW- ARD, All Rogers: William H. HOWELL, KIPAG. Ft. Smith: Brentla .Inn HUDSON, Razorback Hall, Benton. Ftllillt Roto: Nlike James IIUFITAIAN, Poplar Bluff. AIO.: Barbara Lynn IILQLHES. Razorback Hall, Bella Vista: Francis Y. HITCIIIQS. lfutrall Hall. Hot Springs: Barbara Ann HUN- TER. ZTA. llooneyillez Richey Lee HUNTER. Cladson House. Leatl Hill: Katltryn Sue HLTRST. Razorback Hall. Elippin: Sanfortl Elmer I'lIlTSON. EN. Stuttgart: Nancy Erin IRBY. Al'. Little Rock: Alclxin Charles IRELAND. Hiwasse: Ikayne Cliarles lRStfI'I. Tulsa. Okla.: Donaltl joseph ISBELL. Forrest City. him' Lunar 1. 4: .9 1 8 . 1 "ff .. - -U yr Q. ,. ,, ,Q GP A4 Mx " nn I bil' QW, In To ,4 ,- K' 431 l First Row: Clifford Rutry IVY,, Farmhouse, Bentonville, Donald R. JACKS, EN, DeQueen, David Glenn JACKS-ON, Wal- nut Ridge, Jan Veann JACKSON, ZTA, Butterfield, Mo., Paul Worsley JACKSON, Farmhouse, Luxora. Second Row: Teena JACKSON, Razorback Hall, Ft. Smith, Gary Douglas JAMES, ATSZ, Flipping Jen' Glynn JAMES, Droke House, Beehe, Melvin Keith JAMES, Humphreys Hall, Searcy, William B. JAMES, Acacia, Hot Springs. Third Row: Patty JAMISON, Futrall Hall, Ft. Smith, Leslie Joyce JARRETT, Carnall Hall, Poughkeepsie, Delores Barbara JENNINGS, Futrall Hall, Marshall, Robert F. JOBPE, Fayetteville, Charles Blair JOHNSON, Siloam Springs. Fourth Row: C. Dales JOHNSON, Springdale, David Larry JOHNSON, San Angelo, Tex., James Everette JOHNSON, ATS2, Charlottesville, Va., JamestWilliam JOHNSON, Port Arthur, Tex., Jeffrey Carl JOHNSON, Buchanan House, Des Moines, Iowa. Fifth Row: Jimmy Clyde JOHNSON, IIKA, Mountain Home, John Thomas JOHNSON, EH, Little Rock, Johnny Louis JOHN- SON, EX, Clinton, Julie Dianne JOHNSON, Razorback Hall, Yellville, Robert Loyd JOHNSON, Ft. Smith. Sixth Row: Connie Diane JONES, Texarkana, Emmett Bum- pass JONES, JR., Huntsville, James Edward JONES, North Little Rock, Maurus 'Thomas JONES, Ripley House, Little Rock, Vonda Janiece JONES, ZTA, North Little Rock. Seventh Row: Billy R. JORDAN, Morrilton, George William JORDAN, JR., Yocum Hall, North Little Rock, Wanda S. JUNK- ERSFELD, Little Rock, Coy Clifton KAYLOR, EfPE, Fayetteville, Sue KE-NDRICK, Springdale. Eighth Row: Jerry S. KENNEDY, Williams House, Little Rock, Jerry Wayne KENNEDY, EH, Texarkana, Kenneth Lee KESTER- SON, Pine Bluff, Leota KEYS, Razorback Hall, Yellvilleg John R. KIDD, Hot Springs. Ninth Row: Peggy S-ue KINCANNON, AAII, Scotland, Sallie Jane KINMAN, IIBCI1, Roswell, N.M., Dick C. KINNEY, Little Rock, Bobbie Lee KINSEY, Carnall Hall, Carlisle, Robert Mic- hael KINSEY, Williams, House, Van Buren. f. Tenth Row: Thomas Joseph KIRK, GT, Paragould, Rodger S. KLINE, ZAE, North Little Rock, William G. KNIGHT, EN, Little Rock, Charles A. KNOWLES, Droke House, Ft. Smith, Linda Kathleen KOOEIKER, AF, New Orleans, La. Eleventh Row: Herman Joseph KORDSMEIER, Morrilton, John Paul KRUSE, Ft. Smith, William Colon KYZER, HKA, North Lit- tle Rock, Trina LAABS, AXQ, Springfield, Mo., Harvey M. LAB- BAN, Humphreys Hall. Corsicana, Tex. Twelfth Row: William Arnold LAFFERTY, EX, North Little Rock, James Winslow LANCE, EN, Little Rock, David L. LAND, TKE, Fayetteville, John Alvis LATTING, Farmhouse, Marianna, Suzanne VAUGHLIN, XS2, Ft. Smith. 'K' 'I 31, '91 '74 ,ff IZ? ,J 'Q- Awww ew! 'sa ' in ...P- 'L-. rf f r' W 9 if . , . H lt :. . - ,- C9 Q - I '- f-'N'G,. N. Aa.. ,Ci- O . 1.- '7' . hh N ""- LJ '-1 T 1 9-f 'xl O! AB. . . .J 4' 'I' N ..,- 's- ,- - First Row: Don William LAWLER, AXA, Amarillo, Tex.: James C. LEAKE, AXA, Muskogee. Okla.: Charlene LEE. Razor- back Hall. Texarkana: Lynn KL LEEK. QAG, Dumas: Susan Eli- zabeth LESH, XQ, Fayetteville. Serond Row: Carolyn Fay LESSENBERRY, AAU. Lonoke: Jody LEWIS. ZTA. England: Thomas C. LEWIS, SIDE. Little Rovk: Cynthia Ann l..'HOBlKIEDiEL'. Razorback Hall. Dallas, Tex.: Ralph Dickson LIDDELL, TIKA, Shreveport. La. Tlzirrl Rozr: James Caraway LILLY, Little Rock: Charles Nash LINDSEY. BAE, Helena: Walter Raymond LINDSEY. KE. Tyler, Tex.: Joseph Richard LISENBY, HKA. Malvern: Sandra Kay LIT- TLE. All Coffeyville, Kan. Fourth Row: Judith Ann LOFTON. Eutrall Hall. Joplin, Mo.: Patsy Ann LONG. Futrall Hall, Gentry: Kneath LOOMTS. Cladson House. Ranks: Cyula LOVASZ, El Dorado: Jack Holt LOVELIS, Nashville. Fiftlz Rolf: Steve LOYETT. EN, Star City: Martha Ellen LOV. INC. ZTA. Aurora, Mo.: Sallye Frances LOWREY, Razorback Hall. Hot Springs: Robert Cunningham LOWRY, CPAQ, Little Rock: Samuel ll. LOWRY, ZX, lIcCehee. S'1'.rll1 Rout Charles Edwin LUMSDI-IN. Dewitt: Patricia Lynn LLNISDEN. DeWitt: Donal Adolfo LUN.-X, Williams House. Mana- gua. Nicaragua: Thomas Larry LUNDY, Ripley House, Paragould: Gerald Bruce LVNSEORD, Fayetteville. Sl'1'l'lI!II Row: Charles .L LUTZ. THE. Cherry Hill. N. J.. Emil S. LYNCH. Hot Springs: Judy LYON, KKP. Ft. Smith: Yirgle Ed- ward LYUN5. North Little Rock: James Lewden MACE. Spring- field, Mo. Eighth Rout Martin Olin MACHEX. Village: Dan W. MAE- STRI. IX. Greenwood: Z. Nl. BLXJEWSKI. Pine Bluff: Ned Bar- rie MqK.lUliS. lfnglantl: Relwevea Nl.-XLCOLNI. ZTA. Dallas. Tex. .Yinlh Roni: .lohn Lawtenee Xl.Xl.l.UY. Yovum Hall. Dallas, Tex.: lhnid Roy NlXl.0NE. E'l'lC. Little Rock: Donald L. MA- UPNE. llutnplm-ye llall. Helena: Sandra M Xl.ONl'f. lllumeryilleg William .l. MXLOXE. l"lumervillc. T4-11111 Rott: Sroll NNN-X'l"l'. llroke llouze. Corning: Ann Stell NIXNN. Yirginia lieavh. Ya.: ll. Dean NIANN. BAE. Houston. Tex.: .loseph llulwrt NIANN. Williams llouse. ATCLTTOIYI Gerald D. Nl.XNlllCI.,. Williams House, l'ine llluff. lflvz-vnllt Rolf: Nlary Sue Nl XRINONI, AAII. lfayetteyille: Paul yillwrt XIXIKINUNI, .K'l't?. l"ayvtteville: lfred .l. NI.'XRKli.'lM. Tex- arkana: John liivhard Nl.-Xlili. AXA. l.ittle Rock: .lohn Jacob NIXNSCIIICXYSKI. West Helena. Tlrvlflll Noir: Charles l'll'9llPl'll'li Nl.-XRSHALL EN. Mentpllis, 'l't-nn.: Christian X. M,-XR'l'l'fN5EN. ZSII. Fayetteville: Charles G. Nl XRTIN. IIN. Pittsburg. Pa.: Cheryl Sue MARTIN. AAII, Joplh, Mo.: Crystal Many MARTIN, AXQ, Ft. Smith. 'wrv JlllllUl'S President Kennedy ioined Senator Fulbright, Governor Faubus, and Senator McClelland on the speakers stand at the Greer's Ferry dedication where Schola Cantorum and Band entertained. First Row: Michael MARTIN, AXA, Ft. Smith, Skipper MARTIN, Hot Springs, Norman Henry MASON, JR., Malvern, Floyd .lohn MASSEY, HKA, Hot Springs, Betty Ann MAST- ERS, KKF, Mena, Mary Ann MATHIAS, Fayetteville, Charles Wayne MATTHEWS, Pine Bluff, Ken MATTHEWS, EAE, Jonesboro, Gary Francis MATULA, Hot Springs, Russwumi Baker MAULDIN, fl1A9, West Helena, Joe Mac MAXEY, Amity. Second Row: James Erwin MAY, AFP, Delight, Martin Michael MAY, Sedgwell House, Lepanto, Patricia Marie MAY, 4-H House, Danville, James D. MAYER, QA9, Leawood, Kan., Ronald Garner MAYFIELD, Humphreys Hall, Joplin, Mo., Sandra Gail MCADAMS, XQ, Jonesboro, James L. MCBUR- NETT. Pine Bluff, Bob- MCCARLEY, EIIPE, West Memphis, Glenda C. MCCARTNEY, Carnall Hall, Greenwood: Charles Patrick MCCARTY, JR., Helena, Suzanne Kay MCCONNELL, San Diego, Calif. Third Row: Robert William MCCORKINDALE ll, Harrison, Patsy A. MCCOY, Razorback Hall, Little Rock: J. Walls Mc- CRARY, KE, Lonoke, Sheila Ann MCCRAY, Futrall Hall, Ft. Smith, Patty MCCREIGHT, AAA, Shreveport. La.: Michele g Ripley House, North Little Rock, Martha Margaret Michel MCDERMOTT, AAA, North Little Rock, Jerry T. MCDONALD, AFP, Charleston, Edward Marion MCGILL, JR., Augusta, Pat H. MCGOWAN, EN, Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Michael Threlkeld MCGUIRE, Texarkana, Thomas R. MCHALE3, New York, N.Y., Sam Nelson Mc- HANEY, Paragould, Ronnie Dee MQKENZIE, TKE, Pine Bluff: Ann Lane MCLEOD, AF, Little Rock, William Dalton Mc-MORAN, Hot Springs: Virginia F. MCNAIR, Siloam Springs: David Lee MCNUTT, TKE, Walnut Ridge, Kenneth W. MCSWAIN, Little Rock: John Wayne MCWILLTAMS, Yocum Hall, Carthage, Mo., Sandra Wynn MEAD, 1'IB1I1, Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: John Evans MEADOR, JR., EN, Helena, Jerry Wayne MEDLIN, EQIHE, Benton, Edward H. MEEHAN, Stutt- gart: Jacquelyn MELTON, Razorback Hall, Shreveport, La., Thomas David MERRITT. Camden: Shirley Ann MEYER, TIBKID, Readland: Paul William MTLAM, Fayetteville, C. An- nette MILEY, Wing: Sandra Ruth MILLEN, AAU, Lonoke, Donna Rave MILLER. Southwest City, Mo., Othella Howard MILLER. England. MCCRIGHT, KKF, Little Rock, Donnell Louis MCDANIEL, i Qw- Aa 1 ti" X is 'WIP' lr M at f Q. if-N Qs. , 1 f K... Q-wr' 2433 096' of 't I Firxsf Rom: Stephen Franklin MILLER, EQE, Rogers, Wil- liam lfrauk MILLER, Bentonville: Mary Lou MILLS, AAH, Augusta: Roy Lee MJLLSAP, Danville: Frances Ann MIT- CHELL, XYZ, Paragould: James Stanley MITTDSTAEDT, Rip- ley House, Little Rock: Don Dwight MOBLEY. Sedgwell House, Ft. Smith, George Tvashington MONEN, IIKA, Cham- paign, Ill.: Melvin B. MONTGOMERY, Humphreys Hall, De- raturg Mitzi Herndon MONTGOMERY, Pasadena, Tex.: Law- rence Paul MOODY, Scdgwell House, Harrison. Sw-oml Row: Beverly Ann MOORE, HIN1. Pine llluff: Charlie Kenneth MOORE, EN. El lloratlog Hi Clay MOORE, EN. Renton: James lfranklin MOORE, GIAO, El lloradog Nicho- las Rantlel MOORE. We-t Helena: Sharon Merren MOORE. AV, Shreveport, La.: William Harold MOORE, AVP, Pine llluff: Earnest H. MOHACE, Yoeum Hall, Miinnslmoro, La.: Ann Elizalneth MORC XX. KKV. Eureka Springs: Charles Dou- ald MORGAN, Ft. Smith: J. Harriet MORGAN, AAA, Little Rock. Tlzirrl Rout Jim Lee MORCVXN. Humphreys Hall. Little Rot-ki Louis Warren MORGAN, EX. Little Rook: Etlwartl Stan- ton MORRlF-. EH, Little Rock: Harvey Claude MORRIS. Rip- I-r , ' 3 'J' 4 V. ' ' C2 Q' I I 5- ' f- ' 5- Nr I Y! Q, ' ' rs ,' l . l . . 6 QL' lx If 3 -. ., W xl I -2 - 'V vw .- .lllllllll'S like an angel with a halo, Ellen Ann Ragsdale stands lost in the crowd of dancers on pledge walkout at the Rockwood Club. The halo is not always present, but Ellen Ann is usually lost. ley House, Mountainhurg: Henry Carol MORRIS, Horatio: Mary Estell MORRIS, Futrall Hall, Killeen. Tex.: Jim MORSE. Zftfli. llanxillez Mary Ann MORSE, AAA, Danville: Jim S. MOSlQl.EH. IIIQA, Little Rock: Lucy Mae MOSIER, Futrall llall, Jane. Mo.: Agnes Marie MOUTON, XQ, Beaumont, Tex. Fonrllz Row: Norman C. MUCK, Ft. Smith: Connie Jo MLSIVK, Raxorltaek Hall, Little Rock: Joan Edna MYERS. Mena: Morris H. NAHMAD. Panama: Ted Kazuo NAIQX- Ml'R X. Ripley House. Scott: John Masad NAILAO. Williams House. llanapepe. Hawaii: Sherra Lynn NANCE. Futrall Hall. Newport: Philippe David NAYE. Newport: Charles Mack XEELEY. Pine lllulf: Johnnie Lee NEILL. Springdale: Mary Margaret NELLE. Eutrall Hall. Ft. Smith. Flflllz Row: Paul Chanvellor NELSON. Ft. Smith: David Larry XETllERTON. THE. Caravas. Venezuela: llavid Eugene NEW M KN. Xlma: Mary Helen NEWTON, XO. Harrison: ,lim- tuy ll. Nll'P9. Humplrrevs Hall. England: Howard Arthur NORLER. Renton: llaxitl Thomas XOLAY. Little Rook: Larry llale YURRIQ. Twenty Nine l'alm-. Calif.: Susi XORRlF. XYZ. Memphis. Tenn.: Rilly Mayne YOMJJY. Clad-on House. Hampton: Ranflolph Lee O XTICS. TAO. Little Rook. fair .ag 1 bv I First Row: Cornealia Sue O"BAR, Charleston: Doris Joan ODOM, Carnall Hall, Cabool, Mo.: lsao OISHI, Scott: Anna Beth OLIVER, Van Buren: Mike R. OLIVERA, IIKA, Fayetteville. Second Row: Richard M. OLVEY, SAE, Pocahontas: Potch Raymond O'NEAL, Humphreys Hall, New Orleans, La.: Jerry D. ORLER, EH, Anderson, Mo.: Kathryn M. ORLER, Ft. Smith: Cecillia Lee ORSBURN: AAA, Ft. Smith. Third Row: David Armstrong ORSINI, North Little Rock: Ken- neth R. OSBORNE, HKA, Fayetteville: Paul Lloyd OSMON, Sedgwell House, Bald Knob: Catherine Louise OSTNER, KKF, Little Rock: Charles Callis OWEN, DeQueen. Fourth Row: Mary Janet OWEN, KKF, Little Rock: William Leonard OWEN, North Little Rock: Charles B. OWENS, EAE, Morrilton: Carole Virginia PABIAN. ZTA, North Little Rock: Sharron Lynn PAGE, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Danny Allen PALADINO, William House, North Little Rock: Russell Roy PALMER, Springdale: Elsie Jane PALSA, IIBCP, Carlisle: Billy Don PARKER, Droke Hall, Paragould: Jerry Lee PARKER, Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Orville Walton PARSONS, Benton: Phyllis Jeanne PARSONS, AAH, North Little Rock: James Corbett PATTERSON, JR., Marshall: Lena Deloris PATTERSON, Marshall: John E. PATTON, Farmhouse, Booneville. Seventh Row: Othelia Daniel PAUL, Fayetteville: Gerald L. PAYNE, Ft. Smith: Paul R. PAYNE, Little Rock: Tome PEACE, Humphreys Hall, Muldrow, Okla.: William Odell PEARCY, JR., Altheimer. Eighth Row: Alpha Jean PEEK, ZTA, El Dorado: Ginger Gail PEELER, Fayetteville: George W. PENFFERKORN, Pine Bluff: .loe Scott PENNINGTON, Sedgwell House, Tuckerman: Penelope PERDUE, XS2, Pine Bluff. Ninth Row: Patricia Hellen PARKINS, Carnall Hall, Hunts- ville: .Judy Rosiere PETER, AAH. Seneco, Mo.: Gary Dale PETERSEN, Droke House, Ft. Smith: Dennis Clark PETTY, Springdale? Judy Marie PHELPS, Carnall Hall, Malvern. Tenth Row: George Do-nivan PHILLIPPY, Fayetteville: Carolyn Gaye PHILLIPS, XQ, Miami. Okla.: Jephrey Ann PHIPPS, XQ, North Little Rock: George Gene PICH, AXA, Hazen: Judith Ann PICKEVRING, Carnall Hall, Waldo. Eleventh Row: Wayne Scott PIERCE, KE, Osceola: Barbara PIGG, AF, Fayetteville: Johanna PINSON, KKF, El Dorado: Edger Cedric PITTS, JR., Little Rock: Norvell Neal PLOWMAN, Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Kathryn PLUMMER, KKF. Forrest City: Albert Allen POOL, EN, Little Rock: Joe Bob POOLE, Ft. Smith: Eu- genia Alice POPE, AAII. Tyler, Tex.: Genevieve K. POPE, Ft. Smith. -Lg, in Mi' ,am A '. ,r" W3 ff' V , - Ag! zf' W A Q., . ,K fl , ..,,,,,,,y- f 1 ge fe f is ,f f fs 'E in 4 v- ,.,. W, , t Q ,. M ,t M W Q15 im-f Q -419 . w Jin 424' N .4 ,- 45:0 qc - - -LE, " 4 'I' ful 1 I' 42 V Lf' Q. Q W 'ma 'S 0.- Q. 'ad 5. 4' 4 ...J f if W jf TW Z vi s F .Y L " .- : f- I -s ' W 155-fx, v Q' ., X " .-ff , I ve ' I I A' M - .sif W TN First Rott: Tummy Dan POPE, Ft. Smith: Xrvrnia jane PORT- ER. Hazwrliack Hall. Ilatesxille: Sanfly PORTER. Pt. Smith: Law- Q, fence A. POIMIIIQH. AI'l'. Alarshall: Alary Dursler PO'I"I'URFF. A". Yimy Ridge. Swwzzl Row: Elizabeth A. PUWICLL. Futrall Hall. Alexander: Ilary Islicliarcl POWELL. IIKA. Green Fore-I: jimmy Dt-n PHE- UIVXE. Hfiuer-1 Ilregitty D. PHIVE. Lllafl-nn Hou-e. Yi'-la: 'lihi-mas f I'Iay'nim1fI PRICE III. IIKA. Little Ht-ck. Tfttnl Iftllfl Jeff PRIDE. KIPAH. llwratio: Cecil Dun PRINCE. AXA. North Little Ruykg Hnseinary PRITCHETT. Ifutrall Hall. lft. Smith: james Allen PHIVICIIUH. Gould: Bill PRUYIN II. I"t, Smith. Fourth Huw: .Inan Sharm: PIICHTA. KHP. Rockaway Beach. Alu.: Ilan W. PLCKETT, Buchanan House. Searcy: Donald Cue I'l'I.I.IiN. III. Hut Springs: Linda Lee PIIRDY. AAII. Fayette- xillez .Ive AI. PNIANIJ. JR.. AXA. N11-th Little Rock. Filth Runs: Ifratikie Ray PALE. ATP. Success: .lattice Carrol QIINN. Iilill Little Huck: Rnliert Lee RADER. BDE, Joplin. " Alu.: Kathy Alu HAI'iI". Illlfb. West Helena: Wiilliam AY. RACL,-AND. I I"arinl1ui1sc. Leslie. Q H- , iw.. --ties. pq. 'www A ' Stxllz Rolf: William Tell RAHAI. llrfike House. Success: Ruliert 'Q ,K ,W ' Xlcfftfnnell l'lAII.IfA. lim-liamm House. Wichita. Kan.: Gina Irene " I " IiAI'IfH. I-II Ilutlse. Yictnria: Carroll RATHER. AAA. Little f - Hitt-IX: Danny I.:-1-n Ii XY. Yan Iluren. 1" .Swzwnlli lion: Alargaret Izlifgiltetli IxAA.'naIl Halt. Aan IIm'en: Hulwrt Ifugene Iilflftilf. Iiurlsifn 'lieisiui-e. Ilcntunxillei Ilan 4' 1' I.. Hluizlt. Ihmxm-' Itunalil I,cc IiI'.I'.II. Ripley Ili-it-e. lingers' f - Nancy 'l'rii-It lililflt. liIil'. I'im- lllnll. Stcplicn lawn-it Itlxllt. Stuttgart: Ixiclmrtl Ummm- I1I'.AIIxI'.. AXA. T ll ... . . ll . III! lfvftr: Alurslizi ,Inlincllc IIIVIIXIIIIS. IiIiI'. lllwissett' 9 tilt' 'ine- ev' -4, IxIIII.I'.A. Aiicinn IIa1II. Iul-it. tllxla.. Ilwn I. I1Il.SImI'.l'.. .IIx.. ... . . ,: , 'ij '. ' . . gfwilntclx II:tII. Putt- it ' ' 4 Y I ' yi 4 . , U Y ' "5 5- Nimucl Watync IxUImI'.IxI5. N-mlgxicll Iluu-c. I-:alll Ixmili: Nminne ' 1 IIUIIICIIIS. AAA. tkmuzn: XX:iinc Iluru IItIIII7II'I'5. Ilnt Sprint, I 'n tlurl II. IIUIII'fII'I'SttX. KI. ,Iwm-s Nlills. i X ii' , l'.lc1w't1ll1 Ifmr: 'llmnnis XII'-n IIUIIIfII'I'SUN. Xmitv: 'lilimnns , .sn 4 .M - 4,3 -62 1 -:ff If. RUIII'fII'I'SttN. KE. I"t. Smith: IWIII S AI. IIUIIINSON. IX. , .. A 'I ,. ,N ' 'fl Ifl Itumfluz Alanuztrct XNuIIwi' IIOIIINSUN. Iilill Ifayctlevillc: "5 7, 6' "M X ' Iiimulml .-Xllcn IIUIIINSUX. QPAU. I.ittIc Nucl.. 1 I M 7'u'cllllt Nun: Stnnlcx Alamrice IIUIIINFUN. Acacia. Success: ,R - Gi' -' C- I' Itnmiltl I.t-mnqtttl IIUIIKY. 'l'litC. Next tfmnlicrlantl. l':i.: .I. Nlaurice w- ,i t he . :Q IUNLICIIS. Ill. I'.nettex'iIIc: ,Iamcs Ifrailici' NUIIIQIIS. I"t. Smith: ' I4 I I "' .Inc Xlatrlx IIIHLIVIIS. SAIC. Iuclxer. ah , L I Z v tlllllllll'S Not as pleased with the rush situation as her sisters, Sherri Lowry sneers at departing rushees as she leans out the window. First Row: William Rader ROGERS, Fayetteville: Donald William ROOP. Sedgwell House, Pine Bluff: B. Fred ROSE, KE, Memphis, Tenn.: Marilyn Ann ROSE, Carlson Terrace, Kansas City, Mo.: Patricia LaVonne ROTENBERRY, KKF, Little Rock: Roland Ray ROTH, Stuttgart: Mary Ellen ROTHE, 1'IBfIv, El Dorado: Gary C. ROUNSAVALL, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock: Bud RUNSHANG, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock: Keah Frances RUNSHANC, Futrall Hall, Little Rock: Charles Fredrick RUSSELL, Acacia, Bryant. Second Row: Norman Wallace RUSSELL. Van Buren: Henry Odell RUTHERFORD, Sheridan: Cary Wayne RYLES, Droke House, Paragould: Jamal SADR CHADAR CHADR, Shiruz, Iran: Judith Anne SAFLEY, Razorback Hall, Healdton. Okla.: Ezra C. SAMUELS, St. Francis: C. Johnny SANDERS, El Dorado: Sandra Kaye SANDERS, AAA, Waxahachie, Tex.: Ted H. SANDERS. TIKA. Marshall: Frances Carolyn SCARBOR- OUGH, Clarksville: Delbert H. SCHMAND, JR., Little Rock. Third Row: Ronald Richard SCHMIDT, Milwaukee. Wis.: Kenneth Tyson SCHNIPPER, Texarkana: Dan Riner SCI- VALLY, Ft. Smith: Lee Andrew SCRAPE, JR., AXA, North Little Rock: Jerry Samuel SEVARAN, Pine Bluff: William Be- Anand: 'a l53'! ' 'Ti Y- ...wa ...............M.......,,,,,W...,, ff, .wfMw.-WM.-..MmvW,W . .. ,G-,,...,., , , 3. tr ,M - ' .lt ville SEARCY, Williams House, Lewisville: Roger W. SEARL. Benton: James William SEAY. EN. Paragould: Eva Mae SEL- LICK, Berryville: Ronald Lee SETSER, Sedgwell House, Decatur: .lune lvene S-EWALL, AAH, Springdale. Fourth Row: Jainil Mohammad SHAML Ramallah, Jordan: .lackie F. SHANER. Farmhouse, Rogers: James Earl SHEARER. Farmhouse, Ft. Smith: Betty Arlene SHEETRUM, Carnall Hall, Siflnay: John Kermit SHEETS, Rogers: Johnny Lee SHELBY. Ft. Smith: James Bryant SHELTON. Humphreys Hall, Little Rock: Frances Elaine SHEPHERD, Futrall Hall, McCehee: Huston Eugene SHERRILL, Ripley House, Mam- moth Spring: James H. SHIELDS, TAG, Ft. Smith: Jo Ann SHIRLEY. AXQ, Forrest City. Fifth Row: Nolan Lee SHORTER, EQE. Neosho, Mo.: Ahhy SHUEY, ZTA. Shreveport, La.: Charles Michael SCHUPE, Stuttgart: Michael George SIMMON, Conway: Jeanne Marie SIMPSON, AXQ, Springfield, Mo.: Carolyn Lea SKELTON. Futrall Hall, Springdale: Ray David SLACK, JR.. Ft. Smith: Marsha Jean SLAUCHTER, Fayetteville: Susan Jane SLOOP, Fayetteville: Paul Lon SMALL, Hot Springs: Anna Fentress SMEAD. Futrall Hall, Camden. 'Se ff R 2? X i .mmf 'UI' - :X I 5 1 - First Rout liarolyn Sue SMITH, AAII, Clinton: C. Paula SMITH. Mineral Springsg Coella Fern SMITH. Fayetteville. Donnie Ray SMITH, EX. Stuttgart: Douglas Fagan SMITH. Pine Illullvz ,laekie Lee SMITH, IIKA, Siloam Springs: .Iames Howard SMITH, Droke House, Corning: .lames Maxey SMITH, Farmhouae, Glenwood: ,Iames Wilbur SMITH, Yocum Hall, Ft. Smith: Jimmy M. SMITH. Lake Yillageg John William SMITH, Williams House, Old Hickory. .Skrrirzrl Row: Joseph Mike SMITH. Mena: Rirharcl F. SMITH. Ft. Smith: Robert Alexander SMITH: EN. Stuttgart: Ronald Douglas SMITH: SAE. Newport: Sehern jofeph SMITH. Pine Bluff: Tommye Lynn SMITH. ZTA. Star Cityg Willard Crane SMITH. Ft. Smith: Sandra S. SNUWIJEN. lfarnall Hall. Mc-Rae: Gerald Martin SURENSEN. Zflfli. Ft. Smith: Roller! E. SOUTHERN. Foulke: William T. SOWEIL. Williatna House. ,lone-ltoro. Tlzirrl lftlllf Stain F. SPARKS. Wilaon Sharp, Alnarillo. Tex.: Sydney Merle SPICXII. AAA. Ilanxillez tfarolyn Sl'lfmXFtS. AXE2. Slll1lt'lx4lXt'l'1 Sandra Cale SPEARS. Razorliavk Hall. Noel. Mo.: ,larry llewztyne SIIIIIEII. Newport: Stephen Reid S'l'AI.i.- .IUHIUPS After much on the iob experience and some additional research in magazines, Chi Omegas decided to pool their knowledge and warn rushees about five frequently used lines of campus men. liayinornl ,lamef STEELE, Mulherry: Cary Kent STEPHENS. IN. Stuttgart: Betty Crapeue STEVENS. Razorliavk Hall. Ilarrifong William Randall STEW.-XRD. DDE. North l.ittle Rock. Fourth Rozrz Clyde F. S'I'ElVAH'I', Williams House. Ft. Smith: .lunet Sue STITES. Futrall Hall. Newport: Marvin lame- STOIQKWELL. IIKA, Memphis. Tenn.: T. S. STONE. AXA. Pine Bluff: lfurtif Erana STUYER. Little Rock: Marilou STR.-Xl'l'. Fntrall Hall. Morrilton: Harold Wayne STRICK- l,XNlI. Ilamlitonz Su-an STllO'l'HEIl. XS2. Shreveport. La.: Frank tllarenve S'l'l'AR'I'. Sedgwell Houie. llatesxille: Marxin X. S'I'li.XH'l'. A't'!2. Almag jmeplr Herfhel STIVRDIYANT. KPAQ. Pine lllufl. Fifth Ron: kharlef Forre-t Slillll. l.onoke: ,Iames A. SFM- MERS, DNC. Ozark: Nelda Faye SWAITIIKIIIII. Ifutrall Hall. llruno: Sandra SWll"'I'. AAA. Ft. Smith: I.arry Ronald 'IAR- YER. llroke Hou-e. Qnitman: ,loe E. TARYIX. North little Rovk: llaxid Strong 'IAN Hill. tilark-xille: lluxid Wayne TAY- IDR, llnseellxillez I.arry lftlntml TXYIHII. Aravia. Xmity: I,6Z1.kI1llll Nivhola TXNIXIII. llnwellxillez lqnda 'lfXXl.OR. X IXUS. Piggottg Thoinae Edward S'l'.-XNIFY. BAE. Augusta: Futrall llall. llallux. Tex. f ., J. Qld tx ' I . 3' at te .. . i - . .. Q' 1-l i ,..- Q. "- 'N 1? "' ' " Q' . ..--v an 1. :. '. , g ZL - ff. r - ,-L E-. I . I ' .'-., X X' F' V I 1 'th I C' .3 ... 4 ' A 3 , Q '89 WT Q. Ame .. qv 34 Ce el! 334' ,r-QI 115. I4 hp .4 lb " 4 2 First Row: Marian T. TAYLOR, Carlson Terrace, Little Rock, Martha Lee TAYLOR, Futrall Hall, Aurora, Mo., Michael Ter- rence TAYLOR, Carlson Terrace, Little Rock, Mike Jerome TAY- LOR, Fayetteville, Phyllis Leona TAYLOR, Carnall Hall, Gurdon. Second Row: Star TAYLOR, XQ, San Antonio, Tex., Robert Francis TENNANT, JR., Houston, Tex., James Westzel TERRY, Fayetteville, Diane THOMAS, AAA, Hot Springs, Frances E. THOMAS, .XIX Little Rock. Third Row: Harve A. THOMAS, Texarkana, Ryland Coleman THOMAS, JR., Acacia, Springdale, Byron Alfred THOMPSON, Buchanan House, Clarksville, J. Brent THOMPSON, Jacksonville, Linda THOMPSON, AXSZ, Shreveport, La. Fourth Row: Mike THOMPSON, EAE, Cotter, Sharon THOMP- SON, Carnall Hall. Ft. Smith, Verl L. THOMPSON, Fayetteville, Carolyn El. TILLMAN, 4-H House, Little Rock, Catherine TODD, Fr. Smith. Fifth Row: Eddie Carlos TORBETT, Morrilton, Larry Earle TOWNLEY, ECIJE, Malvern, William Randolph TOWNSEND, Booneville, Jimmie E. TROST, Green Forest, Ann Penny Blox- som TRUE, Tulsa, Okla. Sixth Row: Gary D. TRUE-, Bentonville: Henry Lafayette TUCK, EN, Fayetteville, Nano- John TURCHI, JR., TKE, Pine Bluff, Cecil Ednon TURNER, JR., Williams House, Clarendon, Ronald Lee TWYFORD, Humphreys Hall, Searcy. Seventh Row: John Robert TYLER, TAG, North Little Rock: Geneve Irene UMBAUGH, Springdale, Mary Elnor UMBAUGH, Springdale, Donald Carl UMBERSON, Lincoln, John David UNDERWOOD, Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Pat UTLEY. Nashville, Mary Elizabeth VAN- CURA, AAII, Little Rock, Lewis Eugene VANN, Sedgwell House, Ft. Smith, Bob Charles VAUGHT, Ft. Smith, Ryan VEHIK, Buch- anan House, Ft. Smith. Ninth, Row: Neil Dow VICK, BAE, England, Carol Sue VOGEL, Marion, Kan., Pete John VRATSINAS, Little Rock, Linda GAY WAGONE-R. XYZ, Little Rock, Roy Leon WALKER, Greenwood. Tenth Ro-ur: Larry C. WALLACE, AXA, Hobbs, N.M., Joyce Evelyn WALLER, Everson, Jeffry Lee WALSH, EX, Crossett, Leldon Louis WALS-H, Rogers, Cleo Ade WALTON, JR., Mt. Ida. Eleventh Row: Beverly Ann WARD, Futrall Hall, Monticello, Bud Mansfield WARD, Sedgwell House. Joplin, Mo., Rebecca Lynn WARDLOW, 4--H House, Glendale, Catherine Helen WARE, ITB41, Pine Bluff, Thomas E. WARE, JR., Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Robert Lynn WATSON, EAIHE, Joplin, Mo., Jim- my Carl WATTS, North Little Rock, William Terrell WATTS, Jones Mill, Auvergne WEATHERALL, AF, Pine Bluff, Karen Anne WE-ATHERS, AAU. Salem. it .llIlIIUI'S First lfnzr: Xlurtha .Xnn YYEI3B, IIIZID, Helena: William Frank Wlfllll. lliavettez Winlwrd Wayne WEEKS. Ifnnnett: julia clllljllvllt' II llufllilll Hilll. Joplin. 3I1r.1 ,lollll Allen Wlfl.llllX. Xlagnuliag Kenneth D. WELLS, Alinirante. Pananiii. ll.l'.: llilliani ,Irie WELLS. Harrison: Bnlnliy lhtnaltl WELSII. llztvlxeltz lfva Ann WEHIJEIN. Razorback Hall. ,Kurti- ra.. NIU.: llrnve Ifelward WESSON. IIKA, Little Rock: Lonnie Paul VYIQSFIIN. l'1'efa-ntt. 501111111 ITIIIUI Evelyn WEST. HBKII, Pine Bluff: Philip Reed lY'E5TIJH.XI,,. Ift. Smith: Larry H. WEWERS. Ft. Smith: San- dra WHE,X'l', Ifutrall Hall. Pine Bluff: Charles Lewis WHITE. Huwellvillez David Wendell WHITE, Springdale: Harlan Ed- ward WHITE. Sedgwell Huuse. Alma: Richard Allen WHITE. E-IDE. Fayetteville: Carolyn Dickson WHITING, DeWitt: Deli- orah Lnuiee WHITINC. AAA. Jacksonville: .Ierry Lee WHIT- WORTH, EN, El Dorado. Third Rflllrz Cfnzie D. ITILHITE, IIKA. Cherry Valley: .lanies R. WILKERSON. Pine Illuff: .Ierry WYILKERSON. SH. Stamps: Xlarinell WII.KERSUN. Ramrliat-k Hall. ,'xIIJ6llIlf?l'tIllE'. NNI.: Klux Hubert WILKINS. Cravette: Trat-y Dale WIL- KINS, Efbli. Pari-. Tex.: Donna Luuiee VIIII,I.IAKIS. Carnall Hall. Kenneth. NIU.: Xlilum joe IVILLIAKIS. EI Ilnratlng Carol .leffery IYILSUN. Mt. Olive: Chatlwick lilrahani WILSON. 449. I7ayetlevilleg Charles Newell WILSON. Eulettexille. 1? " .uxfe -sv' L. 'I I Q , 4 lf H- X . Nt, .H I I Ev L nh nt' Suphnlnnres Though caught red-handed and wide-eyed in the act of giving a double take on Rhonda Oglesby. Bill Smead gapes apprecia- tively. Flashy Rhonda doesn't seem annoyed by his attention. First Row: William Wilson ABBOTT, Sparkman: Camille Corin ADAMS, ZTA, Fayetteville: George L. ADAMS, Buchf anan House, Little Rock: JoAnn ADAMS, Futrall Hall, Shreve- port, La.: Jo Ann AHERN, AAA, Texarkana: Jean Ann AKERS. AAH, Memphis, Tenn.: Phyllis Anne AKINS, AAII, Hot Springs: Phyllis Marguerite ALBRECHT, AF, Eureka Springs: Hiram Milton ALEXANDER. EX, Helena: James Edward ALEXANDER, Harrison: Missy ALFORD, ZTA, Little Rock. Second Row: Charles David ALLEN, EGPE, Fayetteville: Diane ALLEN, XS2, Little Rock: Edward Richard ALLEN, Wil- son Sharp, Enid, Okla.: Glenda Elizabeth ALLEN, Springdale: Pat ALLEN, XQ. Pine Bluff: Pete Walter AMUNDSEN, Buch- anan House, Monroe, La.: William Charles ANDERSON. Droke House, North Little Rock: Crystal Lee ANDRESS, AXA, Pine Bluff: Janelle Marie ANGELETTI, Razorback Hall, Greenwood: Robert Luisa ANGULO, AAII, Wichita, Kan.: Garrett Gordon APPLE, TKE, Little Rock. Third Row: James F. ARNOLD, HKA, Ft. Smith: Luis Carlos AROSEMENA, Ripley House, Panama City, Panama: Linda Joyce ARROYO, Carnall Hall, Cherry Hill: Rex Lee ASSELIN, Buchanan House, Branson, Mo.: Howard C. ATKINS, HKA, Earle: Auhert Carr ATKINSON, Little Rock: Edward in vim .ami Leo AUFFERT, Acacia. Monett, Mo.: Janett Joyce AUSMUS, 4-H House. Bentonville: Andrea AUSTIN, AAII, Subiaco: Na- taniel Fay AUSTIN, EX, Blytheville: John Cline BACKUS, EN, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Pamela Kay BACKUS, Springdale: Barhee Kay BAGWELL, Al', Tulsa, Okla.: Paul David BAKER, Har- rison: Ruth Ann BAKER. Futrall Hall, Noel, Mo.: Harry BAKKER, Williams House, White Plains, N.Y.: Judy Arlene BALDRIDGE, XYZ, Fort Worth, Tex.: Carolyn Sue BALKMAN, Futrall Hall, Magazine: Donald Harlin BALL, Yocum Hall, North Little Rock. Fifth Row: Maxie Darrel BANDY. Rogers: Carolyn A. BANEY, Futurall Hall, North Little Rock: Michele BARCLAY, XQ, Little Rock: Linda Lea BARNES, Springdale: Alice Mayes BARNETT, XS2, Shreveport, La.: Linda Jane BARRON, Car- nall Hall, Jacksonville: Mary Ann BASKIN, Peru, Ind.: Hugh M. BASS. KDAEJ, Little Rock: David S. BASSETT, Fayetteville: Lonnie Gene BASSETTI, Fayetteville: Judith Ann BAUCIH, Futrall Hall. Springfield, Mo.: Linda Sue BAUCOM, Fayette- ville: Kenny R. BAUGHER, HKA, Manila: Elma Muria BEAVER, Fayetteville. 25" ,,..-f Yr fd 1 f X 4 'Q' f set: .:. x QW ii fs I 31- A .A J ' , N ' fb' I , vt X' T ' Q 'K v ff H71 1 .page l. .,,. First Kun: ,lames lil,.lWZ1I'l,i BEENE, Williams House. Osce- nla: llayitl Roy' BEl'l'H, BAE, Clintrm: Donald W. BELL. Kle- llehee: Rt-lnert Lee BELL. Ripley' Huuse, Parong Samuel .Xllrert BELL. Serlgwell House. Dallas, Tex.g Sharon Lynn BELL. AMI. Xnrth Little Rm-kg Flhwnias Vincent BELMONT. Little Rock: Barlrara .Xnn BENNETT. 4-H Htruxe. Rogers .lane Katherine BENNE'l"l'. Xil. Ft. Smith: Rnhert P. BENNETT. Ripley' Hnufe. Little Rm-k: james Erlwin BICNSTON, Williams Hou-e. Malvern. Swfmrrl Row: A. Rrrlmert BENTHNI.. St. Charles: jane BEN- TON. XYZ. Pine lllulfg Su-an Linnie BENTON. -l-H House. Salem: Allen Wright IIEHHX. Humphreyf llall. Harriwn: Nant-y' Elifalieth l3E'l"l'S. AAII. 'l'y'ler. Tex.: tieurge llayitl BEYII.. fllarl-on llwuxe. .lavk-nnyille: ,lim Nluriwn BEYIS. KZ. lJy'erslm1g. Tenn.: Rolnerl Bentwn Bll.E5. ,M-avia. Marianna: .Iuflie Eyelyn lllI.I.INtlS, KKl'. Tulsa. Uklu.: Lewis William Bll.l.lNfQS. Hetlgwell l'l1lll-e. ffrfrvelll liwlmert ill. llll.I,INtl- SLEX. Btivlrunan llnuxe. Pale-line. Tlllifll lf1lll'fH,lllIlllll lnn lll5l'lfll'. lfulrall Hall. Lowell: ,line 'l. lil..Xl.lx. Ykrlwn Slrarp. Srriavknyerz lyuwell U. lrl..Xl.lx. .Xl'I'. l'rL1ir'ir-tlmye: Bunultl ll. lll-NNKEN5lllll. DMS. Nlmt-mv: Ken Bltltflx. Springrtluleg Lintla Nlaurir-e lll.tllltlIi'l"l'. AXSZ. Snglhurlturrs Newly crowned '64 Razorback beauties smile happily on stage of the Merrs Gym after being named at the Lettermen concert. blavkxnriyilleg Dickie Ann BOAL. XS2. Ft. Smith: Buliliy Gene BULINCLER. Hunt-ville: Barbara .Xnn BULLS. Futrall Hall. Pr'eNmtt: llretvhen Marie BONNELL. Hlidv. Mu-kngee. Okla.: Suzanne llay' BOOTH, Illkfb, Hope. Fnurllz Razr: XY allave R, BORCENSON. Mount Ida: Ray' Nl. BUIKIDREXI X. BAE. Fayetteyille: limits BOWERS. AIX liulftll livllge. La.: Varwl Elizabeth BOWMAN. IIBGL Little Rm-kg Larry l.eruy' ISOWKLXX. Setlgwell Huufe. Lebanon. Penn.: Yerrwri lleun BUWMXN. .Xslitlowrii Charlei L. BOYD, William- llwufe. Nashyilleg Rick BUYER. Humphreys Hall. llmllrey. lll.: Nwrlyn llaye ISILXLQIZY. Xil. Little Rock: Terry' lhrrrglalx BR.Xlll.EX. llnuntain Hume: .laequi BRANDLI. AAU. lfayetteyille. H1111 Run: .lurk l1HtSliIfl.I.. IIKA. Yan Buren: Clir'i-tnplier lf. Illttifll.. 14115. Bauxite: Barlutra .Xnne BREl'li. XEI. Har- rison: Rwlierl llRlllt,l',5, l'ill'lllll4tll-9. lllarnyreyr: ,lun Ruger BRl'l"liEXl Xl. Wiley-ri Flrarp. Brinkley: Xlury' Rt-lverla BRONI- l.liX. lilil'. l"l. Smith: Bet-ky BRUXX Y. l'lulrnll lltlll. Nlailyern: Billy lhm ltltmy N. Bzrltl Rntrli: llrarrlrne BRUNYY. lfutrall Hall. Little Rm-lt: N-rrnu tiene BRHXX N. All llnt Springs Slleilll Nlt'llll1lLl lilillkhx. AAA. Nwvrlll l.lllle lillrly. -5 ' X - f' 7' 73,37 S r i rg XY if ti y 3 Y ff iyingi ga r 5 S rg f 1 A V I ' 'lr' ' 'b- Q7 5' 'os 49 va-G' lrli oe ,F ,R -A ,y -'- - - a . - X f X fu. i I 1 it I A l ?Q E 'I I fd. L if f' w-, 1 K First Row: Tootie BROWN, IIBfIv, Hot Springs: John Alan BRUSHUB-ER, Springdale, Betty Ann BRYANT, Hlifib, Hope, Doris Anne BRYANT, Futrall Hall, Forrest City, William A. BRYANT, Malvern. Second Row: Jean BUCHANAN, Carnall Hall, Prescott, Mick- ael Alan BUCKLEY, EN, Bloomington, Ill., John A. BUERCK- LIN, TKE, Little Rock, Betty Jo BUFORD, KKF, Forrest City, Mary Carolyn BUNCH, Futrall Hall. DeWitt. Third Row: Doug BUNGER, Malvern, Emily Ann BURFORD, Futrall Hall, Grady, Ronny Lee BURKE-, Williams House, Bly- theville, Carol Jean BURNETT, Springdale, Joe Frank BURNS, Gregson House, Bauxite. Fourth Row: William L. BURNS, Gladson House, Little Rock, James Walter BURRIS, Hot Springs, T. O. BURSON, Aurora, Mo., Duff BURTON. SAE, Lewisville, James Darrell BURTON, EN, New York, N.Y. Fifth Row: Lyndon Douglas BURTON, Williams House, Tex- arkana, Halla Jean BUTCHER, AAA, Mountain Home, Joseph Lloyd BUTT, KE, Evansville, Ind., Thomas K. BUTT, EN, Fay- etteville, Judy Elaine BYRD, KKF, Stuttgart. Sixth Row: Julian Dale CALHOON, Humphreys Hall, Elaine, Ken Freeman CALHOON, EN, El Dorado, Nancy L. CALICO. Springdale, Rodger Allen CALLAHAN. Droke House, Clarksville, Elsie Lucille CALLAWAY, Futrall Hall, Forrest City. Seventh Row: Kenneth W. CAMPBELL, Van Buren, Tommy Wayne CARDIN, AXA, Ft. Smith, Barbara June CARL, ZTA, Fayetteville, Paula Marie CARL, Roswell, New Mexico, George Read CARLTON, KE, Lake Village. Eighth Row: Wanda Lou CARMACK, Springdale: Donald Joseph CAROLAN, Humphreys Hall, Booneville, Susan Carroll CARROLL, KKF, Little Rock, Raylene CARTE-, Futrall Hall, Lincoln, Faye Ann CARTER, Carnall Hall, Malvern. Ninth Row: James Artis CARTER, Ripley House, Paris, Thomas Faye CARTER, Crossett, Norman CARTER, Yocum Hall, Crossett, William Grady CARTER, Acacia, Texarkana, James C. CASE, EH, Hot Springs. Tenth Row: Pat CASEY, AAA, Memphis, Tenn., William Robert CASEY, Humphreys Hall, Texarkana, Val M. CASTLE- BERRY, Fayetteville, Nancy Carolyn CAUDELL, Futrall Hall, Fairfax, Archie C. CAUDLE, Ft. Smith. Eleventh Row: Richard Le CECIL, Harrison, Hugh A. CEN- TER, Ft. Smith, Larry D. CHAFFIN, EH, Little Rock, Jerry Wayne CHAMBERLAIN, Gladson House, Brookland, David Hall CHAMBERS, Droke House, Lepanto. Twelfth Row: Jack Drummond CHAMBLIN, EQDE, Memphis, Tenn., Fred R. CHANDLER, Williams House. Dallas, Tex., Jack Walden CHAPMAN, Acacia, Belleville, Ill., Robert Steven CHAS- TAIN, ZH, Rogers, Frances Anne CHERRY, Carnall Hall. Little Rock. fx -VP K.. l. 1 U P L .xi 1, , FY .YQ .Q - L - .,, ff 1 li . in I qi ,. 9 1' A , Q1 A . lf 'kr' tl " .qv 4? l 2 I- Q.: I 1 Fw- ,. i. x 5 T7 AI 'F EA u tv 1 .Qi Q: N . - , 'uf xl ink! eq rw-an 'f f tt e-.549 -we 9' f ,. K t Ei tw In Q. 4.5 xfi T'-.dt Q' 4 x4 i 'hd R' E X J Z First Razr: Edward Joel CHRIFFEXSEX. Nllflll Little Rock: Frank L. CHLDY. Hazen: Carol louise CIAA. AATI. St. Louia Mo.: David CLARK. IIKA. Dalla-. Tex.: 12111165 Cf"I'lJiH CLARK- Awcum Hall. North Little Rock. Sw-mir! Razr: Kenneth .lay CLARK. llerryville: Mivhael Share-n CLARK. Carnall Hall, Hugerq Martha lQLlf.AA'ENCliH. ZTA. lft. Smith: Jerry E. CLEM. KI. Altheimer: Ralph McKinney tIl.lF'l'. llentonxille. Third Row: llnruthy Lynn CLIXEHENS. Fayettexille: Margaret lflizalweth CLINTON, Hlifia. Hut Springs: Patiy .-Ann Lfl,lXTOX. Z't'A. Little Rock: Ctmstanve lean CLOTHIER. Futrall Hall. Tulfa. Ukla.: Helvetica Gayle COBB. Futrall Hall. Texarkana. Fourth Rauf: James Robert COFFIELD, AXA. Stuttgart: Ed M. CUHIQN. Little Rock: James Edward COKER. Nortli Little lim-kg .lwhn Hubert COKER. Bradley: Jack Ct,u,ndwiI1 COLEMAN. llliA. Lwtllllie. lfiflft Kult: Michael D. COLEMAN. EX. Hlytheville: .lames liwhert QIHLLINS. Seclg-'well House. Crussett: .lulie .Ann COMAN. lfutrall llall. Altmtgtnnery. Ala.: Janice Annette COMES. Fay- etlexille: .lamea Mit-hael QIONNELL. Fayetteville. Sixtlz Hutt: ltill llennie COOK. Humplireys Hall. Lufkin. Tex.: Urxal I.. tfllllli. Wil-nn Sharp. Cleveland. Okla.: Ruger Curtis KIUUK. llumphreya Hall. Ft. Smith: Rel B. CIURBIN. Acacia. llentun: Ht-liert Mit-hael t,IUHLIiY. KIWAH. Little Huck. S1'I'4'llf1l Hutt: Mike Ruxh tfUHXAA'lfl.l-. AXA. lilarclanelle: llaxitl T. till NTNIQA. Vayettexille: liliarlex llean tfllA'lfY. Aifwtttit Hull. l'it. XA altun lleavh. l"la.: lluualtl lf. CNW AN. Setlguell Huu-e. Fayettexillv: Lltarle- lfttxtet' LUX. AXA. Minden. La. lfiglzllz Nutr: llanny .ltve HUA. Avavia. Yan lluren: llt-tt ll. tIUXAli'l'. l-'t. Smith: Sttallll lluv l'llAltl. AXSP. llnat-tx: .lwhn Atkm- l.llAlX. LN. ll:-pe. Regina line t.llXlN. Al. I-t. Fmtth. Nllllfll Nutr: Maller Xl1ll'l'lN lillANllAl.l.. St-tlgttvll lluttie. 'l'ltt'lx?llllllltI lltfttuie th-im lillAAAl"llllll. llatti-lvttrg:'y S. t1IlXXXl-Ullll. AXA Sltl'CAClltlt'l. lu.: Annu ln' lflUl5Sl'irl"li. AAII lfayvttt-xille': liatwl ,leamttv l.lltlAA NUAl'ill. lfayettexille. Twill: Nutr: Itttlmlty Nlit-liar-I lillllAAl'i. llttt Springs: .lurge ill AA. lim-luzuan lltutw. llltu-tivltla. Nitatxtguaz llarlulra l.. lilll'- l'l.l'i5. AV. Ntvrllt l.ittle Hiwlx: tlltatrlva l.t't' lfl'lillA. At':u'iu. xlulll- tvt-llw: lzlamt- tl HRA. AAll. lltfl Fpttnga. Ifviw-fill: Hun: ,ln-t-ph l'4tul llXl.AlXSSU. lhtvltatitttt llnuse. llt-Anllx lllutlg Nanry lmtiw llXNll'fl.. lfntratll llall. Tulfa. Ultla.: l'attt'it'iat K. llAXll'il.. litllttllll llatll. l"t. Smith: lletly 51tellAlYllfl.F. ligtmrlmvk llall. lfatmlvn: ,ltumw lltmnie' llAfNllfl.5. AXA. Yal- lutrut-U. Intl. 7'u'vHIli lt'tfu': lfretlalii- ll. DAYIS. EX. Pine ltluflz Helen R. llXA'lS. lfultull llall. l"I. Smith: ,lumes lftluartl IJAYIS. Hum- pltrvys llitll. ICI lluttttlug Xanq ,lane ll.'AA'lS, .Al'. lmtmnml, Kan.: Itttlw lftltxattwl llAA'TON. Little IM-k. Suphunmres Inspired, Sigma Nu's thought it would be a switch for girls to chase pigs. So a new relay event was inaugurated by them. First Row: Joan Irene DEERE, Razorback Hall, Hot Springs, Denese DENNEY, Futrall Hall, Cardiff, Calif., Harold DEN- NIS, Cladson House, Magnolia, Raymond Vincent DESALVO, Gladson House, Marianna, Mike DEWITT, KE, Ft. Smith, Di- ane Annette DICKERMAN, Carnall Hall, Eureka Springs, Nan Ellen DICKINSON, HB'1IJ, Little Rock, Karen Kay DIGBY, Gentry, Loy Daniel DILDY, Nashville, Margaret Ellen DILDY, KKF, Little Rock, David Howard DILLAHUNTY, EH, Hunts- ville. Second Row: John Harlan DILLAHUNTY, Ft. Smith, Larry W'yndol DIMMIT, Aurora, Jerry Donald DIXON, Eudora, George Lawson DOCKERY, Fayetteville, Gary DODD, Yocum Hall, Ft. Smith, Mary Bell DODD, ZTA, Hot Springs, Nathan Leland DODD, Ft. Smith, Sarah Alice DODCEN, Razorback Hall, Springdale, Joseph Michael DOLAN, Gladson House, Scott, Lana Kay DOLLINS, ZTA, Paragould, Thomas O. DORRE, Hot Springs. Third Row: Dorothy Elizabeth DORTCH, Futrall Hall, Scott, Raymond Eugene DOWNING, Ft. Smith, B. Wayne DUDNEY, EH, Little Rock, Lucy Kay DULIN, ZTA. Little Rock, Ceorgena Demarious DUNCAN, Fayetteville, Charles Bt. DURHAM, Charleston, Cathy DUVALL, Futrall Hall, Little Rock, Harold Wayne DYER, Nashville, Kathryn Leanna DX ER, Carnall Hall. Carden Grove, Calif., Jean Frank ERERLE, Joplin. Mo., Carolyn Elaine EDDY, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Cayle Ann EDMONDSON, ZTA, Cassville, Mo., Nancy Louise EDMONDSON, Futrall Hall, Gentry, Jay Ray EDWARDS, Farnrouse, Bentonville, Marcia Anne ED- WARDS, IIB41. Searcy, William Howell EDWARDS, DIPE, Jacksonville: Charles Weldon ELLIOTT, Humphreys Hall, West Memphis, John lXfIilton ELLIOTT, IIKA, Little Rock, Jane ELLIS., AV, Dallas Tex., Judy Patricia ELLIS, AAA, Spring- dale: Andy Loog ENNIS, AXQ, Donna, Tex., Linda Louise ESKUE, Futrall Hall, Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: Cary L. ESPY, Fayetteville, Sue ES-TES, Razor- back Hall, Ash Flat, Carolyn Joyce EVANS, Heber Springs, Gary Fletcher EVANS, KE, Helena, Georgie Lee EVANS, Fay- etteville: James Douglas EVANS, Springdale, Frances JoAnn EVERETT. Carnall Hall, Otley, Tom Wesley EVERITT, Yo- cum Hall, Crossett, Joe D. FADDIS. Prairie Grove: Lyn D. FALK, AAA, Jonesboro, Sallye Jo FARMER, Razorback Hall, Camden. 464. ' ek Qin 3 V : 7 , X , S N p :2E .:',-K, 4' R V . 'V S I ,N A L Lf, . wi A ti '15 'Z' '62 'lf 1 "if" First Knits 'lilnnnas Etlwartl FARtllliH.-XR. Acacia. Marshall. 'lit-X.: Willie- ,lean l"XRQllllAR5UN. Ramrlmacli Hall, l.itlle Ritek: 'lit-revia FERtKll'StlN. Carnal Hall, l'nt:ahtmlas: Rita Susan l'ilQRREl.l.. AAII, Fayetteville: Sarah Ann FIELIJS. Al'. llentnnxille: l'lurat-e James lfll-IES. Pine lllulf: Patricia Ann l'lNI.l'.A. ZTA. l.1tlle Rtwk: l'I'LlIllilC ltugene FINN. Spring:- flale: Allen H. FI'lifllIfiRXl.ll. lluinlilireys Ilall. Paraguultl: tiene l"l'lifHl UH. 211115. Fayetteville: Rena Kay FL.-XN.-XKIAN. Cliarlesttrn. Swuiirl Ruitf: tfartrle Ann ltI.FNllMI. Fntrall Hull. Para- gnnltl: .laines Ellis l'il.lfNllXll. .lR.. IIKA. Fayetteyille: Rrentla Katliryn'I'tlIllZR. AAII. ,lniieslmiwig l"tn'i'e-t FORD, Ynt-uiit Ilall. Alt-tfimy: Katie Alarie lftlRll. l"uti'all Hall. Lake Village: .laines H4tlIt'l'l l"f,lVi'l,ER. Sl. ,lwel Rnnaltl Usvar FOWLER. Setlg- well llnnst-. lllyllieyille: Einery l,nuis l"R.ANtIl5. JR.. Setlgwell House. lllythexille: Marilyn Marie FRANCIS, HBKIJ, Little Rock: llessie lleatrive FRAlNKI,lN, Smit House, Parktlale: Alaryin ll. FRANKS. llevatur. Tliirrl Ielllfl Carol Ann l"R.fXNKUM. AAII, Rlytheville: llaxitl lfrtniltlin FRAZTER, 211115. little Rn.-ka HPl'f""'11 Suzannu FREE. , t SllllllllIIllll'PS When a student ticket shortage for the Texas game became ap- parent, student leaders promised action at a pep rally. Like many issues, situation was sent to a committee, which solved the student ticket problem five months later in a long report. Ramrrliat k Hall. Newark: Flussie FRENCH. Carnall Hall. North l.itIle Hntlkz Lester Jai-uh FRIEDRERG. Ripley House. Rostuii. Ala-s.: llill Wayne FRY. Ripley House. Kansas City. Alu.: tft-villa lfl'LI.ER. Springdale: Ray E. FULLER. Springdale. Fnnrtli Knut hlilflllil Alive CADBERRY. AAA, Crossett: Yi:-tnria ttliyia UANSLEX. Carnall Hall. Fayetteville: Danny Rnlwrt HXRIJNER. Avaeia, jacksniiyille: Charles Michael tL.XRl,lXtQ'l'tlN. IN. El llnratlng Kenneth Lan Gi-XRNER. St,-tlgw-ll lluuse. Str-mtg: Sul Nlartin CARRETT. Humphreys Hall. Lnining: tlet-il Ray CASH. England: William joseph UXSKIN. IX. Ei lltrmtlnz tfarnle G,-XYER. Carnall Hall. 5lii't-xeprwl. l.a.. Rita Irene GEIUER. AXEI. Tulsa, Ukla.: Alar- garet Eileen tLlilSIiH. Fayettexille. Fijlli Run: Janie- l.e-lie HIRIIUNS. Rlanvliartl. la.: Faith Xlarie' lllllFllN. lfnlrall Hall. llerryyille: ,lalnes l'ati'it'k CIR- SUX. lfayeltt-xillt-1 Relret-va Sue lllllSt'lX. Poplar' llrrne: Wil, liatlil llI'l'lIl6 iilllfallx. Ripley Hun-e. Funtaineltlean. Franve: tleurge llttn tllERttNY. ll-it Spring-: Kenneth l.. lllI.llER'li. XX-Lll'tlllf l'anl llnghes lIll,l,lXNl. William Hun-e. llliairlestt-n. S. lf.: Kenneth Fit-xt-n tlII.l.IiSl'llf. EX. Ft. Smith: tiller-1-ie Nlagnulia: llayitl Henry FREICMJXN. I'li1l'l'lSllllI'g11 Xvallalve ll. llann tlll.l.lI4. Al'. Newtnii. Minn.: .luiiny tlll,l,tlt'K. llnni- I"l'tlil?1NItXN. Wilson Shztrp. Sheritlan: .lanet Sue FREEZE. lllll't'AN llall. Nlii-lwgt-e. tlkla. . r--ff? if' ' f -3, f , "" 4 A ' . .W ' ' ' .fr 5 " f .R A , s 4, Qi l if F l . P A Y. 471 . . R ' 3' FI ' ' 1 in ' 4 I " D it Iggrjrs' W TW' tx, MAI YI! it . C' Z., 1 ,s .1 Fd' C l I" 4 J- R T N ,- 5. ' 'N' -Q 5. s ', ' il 5 v'.' i ' 4 Y A- ' 1 - - ' ' " t I I U T N, N X Q fl my y , 4 4 Q l pf' .M if H y - - '-8 31' s " -Us .5 l I V . f I 5 , Q 3 1, g S- 6 Q - ya no 4 G., , 6 4 Q V i ' 3 5 t i' -F' '57 3- iv 5 t ' ft i tt V K N' ld I ' ' I ' f li It 1 A I ,.2AF" V' A M ' xx' f, ' W C I Q 1 1 -- F. A, S e t eh - " ,,.,: 4a A INA in .1 First Row: Lois Myreta GLADDEN, AAA, Dumas, David M. GLOVER, QA6, Malvern, Rita Janette GLOVER, AAU, Little Rock, William H. GLOVER, UA9, McGehee, Richard Aday GOFF, UKA, Little Rock. Secona' Row: Jerry Lynn GOLDEN, Greenway, Marvin Clarence GOOD, Yocum Hall, Valparaiso, Ind., Charles E. GOODNER, Ripley House, Waldron, Linda Ann GOODWIN, AAU, El Dorado, Glenna Jeanne GORBET, AAU, Hot Springs. Third Row: John Buck GRADDY, UKA, Clinton, Marilyn Francis GRAHAM, Futrall Hall, Flipping Bennie Breese GRANT, KKF, West Monroe. La., Kathy GRAVES, AXS2, Little Rock, Doris GRAY, XQ, Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Fleda B. GRAY, Fayetteville, Nancy Raney GRAY, Booneville, Tommy Jo GREEN, Sedgwell House, Magnolia, Haryle L. GREENE, Yocum Hall, Pea Ridge, Mary Lin GREENE, Futrall Hall, Forrest City. Fifth Row: Ronald David GREENWOOD, Hot Springs, Con- nie Ruth GREGORY, Carnall Hall, Pocahontas, Dennis Ray GRIESSE, Williams House, Ft. Smith, Robert Glynn GRIFFITH, Gladson House, Marianna, Lyndall L. GRIGG, Huntsville. Sixth Row: James Randall RIGSBY, Yocum Hall, Arkadelphia, Susan Frances GROOM, UBQD, Siloam Springs, Lewis C. GROUNDS, CPAS, Little Rock, Charles Edward GUEST, CIJAG, Pine Bluff, Charles R. GULLETTE, Yocum Hall, Ft. Smith. Seventh Row: Melanie Regina GURISCO, UBIIJ, Ft. Smith, Pamela Diane GUTHUNZ, ZTA, Little Rock, Carl Douglas HACK- ELTON, Gould, Helen HACKNEY, 4-H House, Camden, Alice Elizabeth HAILEY, Razorback Hall, Avilla, Mo. Eighth Row: Dickie Don HAIRSTON, Buchanan House, Charles- ton, Billye Jo HALE, Fayetteville, Virginia Cecile HAMNER, AAA, Bradley, Carol Anne HANEY, AAU, Weiner, Danny Lee HANNA, Yocum Hall, Ft. Smith. Ninth Row: James Robert HANNAH, Harrison, Dee Barry HARDIN, Humphreys Hall, Be-nton, Sandra Kay HARDY, Futrall Hall, Huntsville, John Richard HARGER, EU, Ozarks, Linda Kay HARMS, Futrall Hall, Dover. Tenth Row: Jerry M. HARNER, UKA, Springdale, Cheryl Ann HARPER, Carnall Hall, Tulsa, Okla., Robert T. HARRIELL, Yocum Hall, North Little Rock, Howard Stanley HARRIS, Pine Bluff, Jay Neal HARRIS, Pea Ridge. Eleventh Row: John Paul HARRIS, Huntsville, Wayland AI- vin HARRIS, Pine Bluff, Betty Ann HART, AAU, West Memphis, Cynthia HASTELOFF, AF, Springdale, Juanita Ann HASTINGS, Razorback Hall, Sulphur Springs. Twelfth Row: Michael Edmondson HASTINGS, EX, Waxa, hachie, Tex., Jon Michael HAYDON, Sedgwell House, Little Rock, William E. HAYLES, Yocum Hall, Rector, John England HEARD, EN, Arkadelphia, Margaret MeGee HEARD, XQ, Leland, Miss. wwf' 021 45. ...E fy. 5 3 . I , ff , ,f iw es- ' , 1,4 7 ' T' A, f M I 'PS' vw Q, .f i as xr '4 "J-'38 SQ. X, P . K sr'-'f Y--kai," .- fe 0 9 ' R I .Q-wA 1 , , ai., .,.,, v , HCT , . Q17 fx 'M , ,G ,. K", Q 5 f , ..- . W , kr , Q, it Cv N 32 J 4 1 ' A 19' ff' v 4' 'M Q QI uv "' WU 1 V Q- -ar Q A 54 1 ,I vi E'W'wWm X' . 3 f x Q LK? k. 585' a f - X ds.-iii' AMT- 3 . . 'Uk A 43- fd it 3: fl 4.1 5: - E , 5. v ' - .3 "' ,xl s, A 3 g X .. N- 5 ' -v .- Y- f 1, af f ft U I 4' Q ,al ig-5 X' l K F?-? l 1 - Q, f. AA:-t First Rong: Claudia Doris HEATH. XQ. Alariwnz Carol 13116 HEA'l'I'IAIAX. AAU. Alanila: .lohn Rnliert HEB.-XRD. Yan Buren: Leon Urlan HEDCEH. Ripley H-ruse. .lonesbornz Delliert Neil HELAI. Favetteville. Sw-onrl R01l'Z Frederivk Russell HELAI. Pocahf-ntus: Dttuglas llrtmltl HENDERSON. Hut Springs: James H. HEXLEY. ifbli. Alt'Cehee: Ruliert Elmore HERXIJUX. lll. HKA, Little Rock: Hurnltl Clark HILL. Hut Spring-. Tlzirrl Row: Harriet Ann HILL. AI'. Shrexepttrt. La.: Xa-rtna Ruth HIPP. 4-H House. Prim: tleorge William HIRSLIH. AXA. Amarillo. Tex.: Bonnie ,lean HUDCES. Carnall Hall. Hatfield: Xnrtttati Leyvester HUDUES. JR.. Pine Bluff. Ftmrtlz Razr: Harlin Ray HODNETT. Ft. Smith: Jerry Dale l'ltll.lllfli. Alt-thot-y: Patricia jean HOLIFIELD. AXQ. Fayette- xille: llianne HOLLEY. XQ. Little Rnekg Kathy Bland HOLLO- W.-AY. lilil', El llttratln. Fillllz Nutr: .lint Freeman HOLAIAN. IZIAE. Newpttrt: Bonnie llislittp HULAIES. Little Rnek: Al. Karen HOL'l'l'lOFF. AAA. tlnnltl: llaxiel Xivltnlas HUAIH K. Humphreys Hall. Seligtnan. AIu.g .lanet Kay HUXN, AL. Tulsa. Ukla. .Sl-.lfll Hutt: Rtnttlnl Welih HOOPER. Htnnphreys Hall. Des Are: Alztrylee La-ley l'lUUYlfH. XYZ. Little Huck: Alilan Lewis HOP- KINS. ZX. Little Huck: Phillip Gerald HORD. AXA. Cocoa lleurlt. lfla.: .lint H. HURTOX. Ft. Smith. . , , --.A . .Swtwtllt lwu: lr1it'llLtl'LI HDI SL. lwttrall Hall. lluulattielle: Alina lfaye lllll STUN. Hatmrliark Hall. Hut Springs: Cary .lne HUXA l'il.l.. IIIQA. Nurtlt Little Ritek: Alikiel lfrunk l'lUWlli. llrnke llunse. Altttttrttsez .lerry tfuxe HlillllLlQS'liUN. AXA. North Little Htwlx. v . I , . . V lztyltllt fruit: ltgtt'lutt'u l.ltatt'l11ttt' lll USUN. AAII. Sltrexepttrt, Lat.: llvttie l'lLll'l'lll' lll USUN. tiitrnatll Il.tll. lltts-ellxillv: AX illiatnt .l. llltllll-QS. IN. llgtynvsz llatl Lee lll LFIQA. Al-'tint ltlgtz Ntrtna Ilusnletn- lll Al XX. Alatrinnttu. Ainllt ltnlr: Snniu Sherrill lll Xl. lfqtrnnll ll.tll. North Little llnvlx: ll'-nl:-5 A. lll X'l'lfH. llutnplnvy- llttll. Sltrexepot't. La.: .latnet liell lll YISAI AN. llentnn: .lame lll lill. I-'tttmll Hall. Tru- ttrtnn' lll'lll"'l' ll lll lil FA 'X lfl ll r'tl Q . Y .. - ..,..... . lltlli. Tvnllt lt'nu': Al.try ,lane lll Sllilb. AAA. Witxultuvltie. Tex.: .lim AALIITCII IIA lll-fN. Springtlule: ,lnrltiv lm- IXXIAN. lhtvltattnttt Hall. Alpt-nat: llirltatrtl l'f:trtn'st IAA. l":trlnlt-'tt-e. llentonxille: Cltarlntte An IALKYUX lltuttefllt ll. .- .'Q"I'. . , . . . , l',lf't'r1tll1 fwfr: 4-:try Watyttt' ,lM.lx5ilN. A0t'lllll ll: . 5 . ,ntis. ill t I t lll.: .ltttnvs l'.tluatt'tl .lAl.lx5tlN. l'm'tlyt'e: Atvten' Slexett .lACllZZl. IX. I.ittlt- ll-it-lx: l'atrit'in Ann ,lXAllf5. AXEI. Aletnphis. Tenn.: .litvlxl Lee- .l XXIICSUN. Al', Stttatt'ltmet'. Ttrvllfh lfnu-: Alztry .lane JAAIISON. AV. Newport: .lnhn David JICXKINS. -I-Atl. Alalvern: Nant-3 Lyn .lli'l'lfR. Al'. Little Ritek: linmtltl llqntly ,llf'l'l'IR. BAE, Altheimer: Cheryl l'. JETT. AAA. NX ivkes. Suphunmres The early fall pep rallies usually draw larger crowds since they don't have to combat the cold and darkness of November. First Row: Michael L. JOFFE, Sedgwell House, Whittier, Calif, Jacquelyn Ann JOHNS, Carnall Hall, Little Rock, Al- bert JOHNSON, Little Rock, David Joe JOHNSON, Benton- ville: Donald Lee JOHNSON, EAE, El Dorado, Dudley B. JOHNSON, Osceola, Marilyn E. JOHNSON, AAU, Shreve- port, La., Randall JOHNSON, Willialils House, Ft. Smith, Rich- ard John JOHNSON, Humphreys Hall, Hot Springs, Victor Rudolph JOHNSON, DDE, Ft. Smith, Wesley Sherman JOHN- SON, EN, Springfield, Mo. Second Row: James Robert JOHNSON, ATQ, Brinkley, Sharon Lee JOLLY, Futrall Hall. St. Louis, Mo., Jeanette JONES, AXQ. Houston. Tex., Mary Phenea JONES, Futrall Hall, Prescott, Melinda Joyce JONES, HBKID, Helen: Pamela Sue JONES, Carnall Hall, Wise, Va.: Robert Lee JONES, EKIDE, Ft. Smith: Vickie Lynn JONES, Springdale, James Jay JOR- DAN, EH, Plattsburgh, N. Y.: John T. JOYCE. Fayetteville, Glen Philip KEATON, Jacksonville. Third Row: Charles R. KEETON, Rerryville: Edith Ann KENDALL, AXQ. Carthage, Mo., Duane KENNEDY, Cravette, Cary Ford KENNEDY, Sedgrwell House, Rector: Sammy W. KERR, AFP, Cravette, John M. KETCHER. North Little Rock, Larry Joe KIDD. Humphreys Hall, Clinton, Mary Virginia KIDD. Hope: Power Jack KIM, Masan, Korea, John Charles KING, Lowell, lhll 'llhomas KINNEMAN, Humphreys Hall, Siloam Springs. Ftmrllz Row: Elbert Richard KIRUY, Liillham, David Wayne KIRK, HKA, El Dorado, George Thomaa KITCHENS, YValdo: Roy E. KIZZIA. Hot Springs, George David KNOLL. ECDE. Stuttgart: Kay KRECK, Fullerton, Calif.: lntanta KRIE- VANS. Setlgwell House, Tuckerman, Stephen Wayne LACKEY. SHE. West Mernphi-ug Herbert Dean LAIR, Harrison: James Stanley LAIRD. Yocum Hall, Joplin, Mo., Mit-hael Dean LAMB. Leola. Fifth Row: Lynda A. LANCASTER, Fayetteville, Elizabeth Love LANIJERS, AV, Batesville, William H. LANDERS, EX. El Dorado: Milton J. LANE, Fayetteville, Lana Jean LANC- LEY. Razorback Hall. Little Rock, Willis George LARSEN, Acacia. Lombard. llll.: Oliver Carl LATTA, North Little Rock: J. Noal LAWHON, Acacia. McCrory, Frances llene LAW- RENCE. fl-H House, Shields, Kan., Robert Edward LEA, Williama House, Little Rock, Willis Aurelius LEA. Yocum Hall. Risoil. ik ow 3? 'We ve- 5-3-.1-Xl ' - J -I I 9 1 Suuhmnnrt's The book store is a good place to cash checks to get spending moneyg maybe Daddy will think you are pursuing education. lfirsl Hnlrz lfarla Atalie Ll'QllEDEFF. AXQ, Joplin. Alu.: Ilall. Aliuini lleavh. Fla.: Randall Guy LXNCH. Fayettexille: Nlarxin .Xlvtluy I,lQlJl,lERWOOD, Ft. Smith: Cary Owen Llili. llqirliuru .lu LYNN. Hafurliavk Hall. Sulphur Springs: Gerald Alllflllll llall. Nurth Little Huck: lmlia Ruliinette LRE. Fat- W. IANN. l3I'dlll6'y'f lluvid Ray LYON. FI. Smith. ettevilleg Luuise L. Futrall Hall. Dumas: Judith Kay LEAIUN. lfutrall Hall. Joplin. Alu.: Tuinniy W. l.EWAl.l.lfX. Springdale: Linda George LEWIS. Fayetteville: Rolnert llatiwl LEWIS- Silvan Hillf Hfifllwv S- LEWIS- Uuf-113111111 limbs- r,,,,,i1, fm: Pitnip Kit-kiwi LYON. AYi1I'l'6I1I Jim wit- l'lll'll"1l3 l13"fY KW ULLEY, H'1'NlllUiP5'e Hall- M""rlll"'l' litini Nlilllil. Wil-nn Shari Hall. Alemihis. Tenn.: Alarx' Avis l l . Nl UK. Xif. Hevtnr: .liinniy Earl NIAGLUTHIN. North Little llnwlx: Nlaiilvline Al,Xl'llfll. Futrall Hall. Tul-a. Ukla.: Alai'-hall Y tw ,. v f ' . . 3 . 4' - H Sp,-,,,i,1 limi: Urlanfl T. l.lNI2l3ARRIER. :in rrtimilt-nt lm"Xf'xf,'ILHklsf'Hi'-1fei'H"l'fff"i'lft'f'l-llf','l1'f--qfflff EES' llnn Alurphy I,l'l"l'I.E. EH. ffrwissett: Nlart-in .lean l.l'l"lll.E. 'mth Xlxxuqlill' 'iYllIHll'lll,llgX il ,lfalullmiw 'xlglriu Hamn'lt1u'k Hall. .lur'l4sum'ille: Sue Ann l,I'l"I'I-I2. llazmluick SH XII tdlmlh R31 ,h time XI RHTIQ' qeluv ,eu Howe lmmav Hull. llffntnnxillez Sally Ann l,lYlNCS'I'0N. lfutrall Hall. Tulsa. lI'l l A llx -.-l Allillllliff lv' I A tru R . . L. Ulxla.: Bill C. l.Ul"'l'lN. At-tivia. l7ayettex'ille: Ruger Vernon llllllllx llllldll ' llllel 'luxe' atm' l.Uf1AN. llarrisnn: ,lulin William l.flllAlAH. Xin-iiin Hull. lfay- etteville: llennis l.ynn LUNG. lfuyetteville: l'utri1'iu lmuise l,UVlfl.l'fS5. KKV. l.iItle Hut-kg lllllll 'llaylnr l,UYli'll'll. Ripley U l'luttsf'. Alalnelxale. flllfl Nutr: l.in1la NI.XT'I'letliXX S. Ra1ni'li41vlQ Hall. Sniavk- mer: .Inn l,. AlXNl'.5, IX. lllytliexille: .lanies lL .ai xtxw. 5:-arvy: ,lfihn ll-mu:-tl X11-4Q,Xl.l,X, Huniplirey- Hall. H:1rri-- lung. linln-it ltiuiviit-v XI.-t'XI,I.lAI. -PAH. llallas. lex.: Tliirff Rmr: Terrain:-e ttWE'I"I'. ,lan-It-1-mille: ,lzinies llerl lilllwll linger- All-l,XllN. KI. I-'t. Smith: Kay Aluriv Nh-- lfltlyl. .Xl'l'. l'ztl'agul1lrl: Aliltfin Raymttnfl l.lllfKlfW. 'l'A0. lil.,XNXllXN. lilill l'ine lllull: ,lunies lf. Nl.-liI.EI.l.XNli. l.ittlv lltwkt Sanrlru llllflf. AAII. llunwstearl. Flu.: l,ynn- IX. lfziyt-ttvxillf-1 .lziim-N lfligt-iw Nlt'f.l,l'lllf. Xgislixillez llixie ily l,l Klfll. AAA. North little liuvlxz ffurl Wavne l.l'Xll'KlY. lle--an Nt.-HIXNI-II.. lilil'. Flirt-xt-pnrt. lu.: ,l--lin ll-vrluntl Niv- lltit-liuiizm llftlloe. Alma: Suzanne fllurizi l,ll9'l'lC. llzmwliaa-li flflxxlfl.. IN. lfziu-ltr-till:-. Qc. VV 'Y l i K I Q- L- p.- 5. 4+ mf l f, Q Q bc. . wr-. 4 1 , fd Q ci - ea'-' f?q , X. Q - f"fl 1-. f L. Q.. ,an First Row: Edward Wilson McCO'RKLE, EAE, Arkadelphia: Leta M. MCCORMICK, KKT, Wynne: Fenner L. MCCULLOCH, KE, Forrest City: Andrea Lee MCCURRY, AAH, Heber Springs: John Louis MCDANIEL. Second Row: James E. MCDONALD II, EAE, Fayetteville: Jean Ann MCDONALD, Futrall Hall, Huntsville: Seth H. MCEL- VANEY, Yocum Hall, Mabelvale: Suzanne MCFADDEN, ZTA, Tulsa, Okla.: Jeannie MCFARLAND, AAII, Elk City, Okla. Third Row: Jerry L. MCGARY, Heber Springs: Catherine Eileen MCGEE, AAA, Conway: Joanna MCGEHEE, KKF, Texar- kana: Charles L. MCGUIRE, Droke House, Wynne: Erwin Kent McKEE, EN, Tulsa, Okla. Fourth Row: Tina Norman MCKENDRY, IIKA, Winnsboro, Tex.: Frances Lavinia MCKINNEY, Razorback Hall, Little Rock: Philip Keith MCKNELLY, Little Rock: Stephen John MCKOWN, Ft. Smith: Barry Lynn MCKUIN, EAE, Morrilton. Fifth Row: Gary Wayne McKUIN, EAE, Morrilton: Jeffrey Thomas McLANE, Monterrey, Mexico: William Arthur MCLEAN, Humphreys Hall, Oakland, Calif.: Dolleen Grady MCPHERON, AAA, Hobbs, New Mexico: Robert Edwin MCPHERSON, Acacia, North Little Rock. Sixth Row: Margaret Wroten MCWATERS, AAA, Blytheville: Russell Scott MEASE, EN, Little Rock: Mary Ann MEERS, Dar- danelle: Richard O. MEINECKE, William House, Hot Springs: Donald Earl MEISTRELL, Fayetteville. Seventh Row: Buddy MELTON, Jonesboro: Virgil K. MERO- NEY, Wetherfield, England: Robert Lee MEYER. Noel. Mo.: Jim Baxter MILES, Lonoke: Cloyce Harold MILLER, Humphreys Hall, Jonesboro. Eighth Row: Kinley Emerson MILLER, Sedgwell House, Pea Ridge: Robert William MILLER, CPAG, Little Rock: Wendell Bud MILLER, Van Nuys, Calif.: Robert Clay MILTON, Yocum Hall, Warren: Lewis Duane MINER, Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Lawrence Davis MITCHELL, JR., IPAQ, Pine Bluff: Pamela Ann MITCHELL, AXQ, McGehee: James Daniel MON- ROE, EN, North Little Rock: John Alan MONTGOMERY, IIKA, Fayetteville: .lim MOODY, Sedgwell House, Bentonville. Tenth Row: Lucille MOODY, Futrall Hall, Gulfport, Miss.: Andrew Noble MOORE, ATP, Batesville: Elizabeth Dustin MOORE, TIBfIJ, Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Garland Franklin MOORE, Fay- etteville: Jackie L. MORAN, Wilson Sharp House, Cabot. Eleventh Row: James Henry MORGAN, JR., Ripley House, Rogers: Robert Ray MORGAN HI, AXA, Osceola: Martina Sue MOSS, IIB41, Siloam Springs: O. H. MOSS, AXA, Osceola: Barbara Jane MULLINS, Springdale. Twelfth Row: Elizabeth Ann MULLINS, Carnall Hall, Osceola: Wade Lee MURPHY, EN, Stuttgart: Carl NAIL, EH, Lowell: James Marvin NAIL, North Little Rock: Meri Sachiko NAKA- MURA, Carnall Hall, Scott. .J N-s..,, fs, K c MR fa 'ur 'Y Jr' I Q 75" 'trag- '37 it ff!! Q nu- -V A- ug X -arr- mt- 3 First Row: Kathy NARISI. ZTA. Ft. Smith: Noel Gordon NKSH. JR.. BAE. Lewisville: Ann Lnui-e NEAL, Springdale: Ron NEISLER. Ft. Smith: Clara NEWNIAN. AAU. Fair Oaks. Srfwoml Row: Jon K. NEWSFXI. EX, Ft. Smith: Lvnn Aida NEWTON. ZTA. Russellville: P. Diane NICHOLS. AAU. Tulsa, Okla.I Patrick Allan NICHOLS. Harrison: Richard BI. NICHOLS. llentnnville. Thin! Rolf: Rodney Gene NICKEL. CIPAO. Hot Spring-: Lnnnie .Ins NIKKLES. Springdale: Bell KI. NINON. QDAQ. Ft. Smith: Cheryl Lynne NIXON. ZTA. Ctmvvav: Jetry C. NOLAND. Rogers. Fvurth Row: Carolyn Trinca NORRIS, HB41. El Iltwacloz Stan- ley Alan NORRIS, Green Forest: Jennie Sue NORTON. AXQ, Harrisnn: David Allen NORWOOD, Fayetteville: H. William N If'l"l'. F nr-dyce. l"1'!'1l1 Razr: Patricia Kay OAKES. Futrall Hall. Nnrth Little Rm.-k: Melvin Dale ORENDER. Ripley House, Bauxite: Frances .Inn ORR. Futrall Hall. Webb City. Mo.: Perry Ann OWEN. Fav- ettevilleg Ray OWEN. JR., AXA, Hut Springs. Sixllz Rmv: Sain Lew OWENS. Huntsville: William Russ OWFNS. tjlatl-nn Hnuse. Marianna: Joseph J. P.-XBIAN. JR. North Little Rf-t-k: llisv PACE, AXEI. llnniphan, Blu.: Kenneth Clavlnn IHXIJIJIE. IX. llnpe. Smwzlli Rauf: lliane PXLNIFR. KEY. Marianna: Rnhert PARK- ICR, +All. Paris: litilh ,Kula l'XRKlfR. l-ll llnuse. Rnlla: Ftlvtartl Wesley PXRLIN. JR.. KI. Little Rm-k: Rnhert llale PXRSONS. Springdale. lffylilli Kult: larry Rav PXSLFI. lllatlst-n Ilnn-c. Carlisle: .,.., .. . . .. . ,....., Rnht-rl K.. l.Xllvll.lx. Xt'at'ta. li-nssvtt: James lfilleslne I Xl llzlv- SON. Iluvhanan ll:-use. Pint- lilull: Nlarv lflaine l'X'li'l'l'iRSON. lfulrall llall. l'annh'n: llnnnv llutlsnn l'X'l'll.l,O. IN. llt- Witt. Ninlli Nutr: llvlinzir Keith l',X'l"l'ON. Fayetteville: .lan Nugent l'Xl LK, llIl'l'. lin--t-Ilvillt-: 'lirumlv PII LSON. II1lltlI'l!ill'l'i Ilall. - . . . , . . lxingstnn: Xian-ia Suv I XXNI2. llnlt-tniilw llall. lartliage. Mn.: . .. , . , , ., . .. Sliarfni lilifalu-tli l UNL. Al. In-iqslwii Kristin. lex. Yiflllll lfmr: liirharil Williani lll'iliK ll. Xvacia. Pint' Plains. N. N., tiarnlvn .lt-an l'l'illl'il.ONN. Larnall llall. St-are-v: Nlichael Lliarlvs l'l'.llOSll. Svtlgvvvll llall. Warml: ,liin 'lltni l'l'il.'l'. Plain- vivvv: John NN illiain l'l'fNllll'fR'l'ON. Ill. Nnrth Little lin.-k, f'.'ft'l'4'lll1l lvlfllri lltllltlvlv Nlgilvi-rn: Nlarllltl lfniiirt' lllflilll lf. l"ulrall llall. I-il llniailn: llulu ,Klan PERRY, Mtv-niii llall. liavt-nih'n: Jann-s Rnlwrl l'l'iRllN. Ift. Smith: .lerry l.. l'l'.lIlU. l'l. Sinilh. Tir:-lllli Rim: Sallie' Jane' PICIIRN. Ft. Smith. nnN lf. PHIL- lll'S. Illatl--in lltnise. l"t. Smith: llavnltl lltnner l'llll.l.ll'S. Aca- ria. North litllv Ritek: llaniel lfvlix PIIIKIQRINC, lil Dorado: .latin-s I.arrv l'lt KICRINU. Waltln. Snphumures Bright-looking one is John Harmon. Others are campus leaders. First Row: Camille Lierly PILE, Fayetteville: Stephen C. PILE, AFP, Charleston: Edgar Lee PILKINCTON, North Little Rock: Jackie Marvin PLUMMER, North Little Rock: John Nathan POE, Ft. Smith: Richard W. POE, Forrest City: Garvis Monroe POLLARD, JR., BAE, Altheimer: ,lohn Bruce POL- LETT. EH, Pine Bluff: Chris POLYCHRON, EN. Little Rock: Margie POMFRET, XQ, Fayetteville: Kenneth Wayne POORE. Fayetteville. Second Row: Richard Palmer PORTIS, EN, Hamburg: John B. POSEY, STE, Crossett: Tori Lynn POWELL, AAA, Green Forest: Timheng REAP, Droke House. P. Penh, Cambodia: Claudia Ann PRICE, ZTA, Monticello: .lack Neil PRICE. Rip- ley House, Rogers: ,lack Randall PRICE, Williams House, Searcy: Donna Carlene PRIEBE, 4-H House, Dover: Herbert P. PRIMM, JR., ITKA. Pine Bluff: Carole Ann PROVIN, Ft. Smith: Jerry Damon PRUITT. Osceola. Tlzirfl Row: Marilyn Marie PRYOR, HBGD. Houston, Tex.: Evan Larry PUGH, EX, Harrison: Darvin Ray PURDY, De- Witt: David Sidney PURTLE, Clarlson House. Prescott: Ann QUALTROUCH, AAU. Bellaire. Tex.: Pamela QUISENBER- RY, XQ, Tulsa, Okla.: Ellen Ann RACSDALE. HRID. Russell- ville: Cynthia ,lane RAILSBACK, AAA, Pine Bluff: Bohhy Cor- ,Jov- aw' don RAINWATEH, Humphreys Hall, Muskogee, Okla.: Cary Don RAINWATER, Ft. Smith: ,Io Lynn RANDLE. ZTA, Dallas, Tex. Fourth Row: Fred Eugene RAPP. Humphreys Hall, Ft. Smith: Charles Harvey RAY, Ft. Smith: Paul Richard RAY JR., BAE, Ft. Worth, Tex.: Mariheth READER, ZTA, Hot Springs: tlarla Marie REAMES. Futrall Hall, Ft. Smith: Hilda ,lane REAMES, Razorback Hall. Felsenthal: Stephen Matthew REASONER, DIPE, Dickinson, Tex.: Mary Elizabeth REED. Futrall Hall, Little Rock: Nedra jean REED. Futrall Hall, Dal- las, Tex.: Chase Savage REID, IPAQ, Hot Springs: Frederick Sullivan RETD. Fayetteville. Fifth Row: ,lutlith Lynn REINHEIMER, Futrall Hall. Lit- tle Rock: Lawrence David REMAGEN, Fayetteville: Thomas R. RENFRO, Piggott: Donald Keith RENSHAW, New Britain, Conn.: Dina Carol REYNOLDS. Futrall Hall, El Dorado: James John REYNOLDS. Sedgwell House, Bentonville: Cheryl Anne RHODES, Futrall Hall, Jacksonville: Claire L. RHODES, Futrall Hall, Houston. Tex.: Rohert Henry RHODES. Oladson House, Little Rock: John Donhatn RICE, TIKA. Little Rock: Sharon Andrea RICHARDS. Carnall Hall, Sulphur Rock. f.:w4 ff? YEUIIGREPIIIBLIEA , v -v Y H49 E flu Firsl Row: Donald Douglas RICHARDSON. Setlgwell House. Batefxille: Barlrara Elilalietll RILEY, AXQ, Dewitt: Harry H. RINCLFR. Hutnphreys Hall. Ft. Smith: Rnhert Russell RIP- Plfli, Springfield. Mo.: William Marion RIPPER, Marianna: David O. ROARK. Springdaleg Vivian Lee ROBASON, Futrall Hall, West Helena: .l. Nevin ROBBINS, Yoeum Hall. Heber Springsq James F. ROBERDS, Sedgwell House. Dumas: Frank- lin Dowling ROBERTS, Hot Springs: Landra Martin ROBERTS, Hut Springs. Sf-1-01:11 Rllllf'ry Allan ROBERTS. Ruger-: 'lihmnae Hays ROBERTS, Yrveuin Hall, Tuelierman: .lames Hilton ROBERT- SON. Williams Hume. lluntax: Randall Wayne ROBINSON. Clatlmn House. Ft. Smith: Sarah RODCEHS. el-H Hnuse. Maysville: Charles H. ROGERS. Ripley House. Batesville: Mary Beth RIUCIERS, AAU. Fayettexille: Rivharel Warne ROC- ERS, Ft. Smithg Billy E. ROSS, AXA, Blytherille: lftlwin I.. ROSS, Clarlmn House, little Rm-li: Nant-y RUTH. Futrall Hall. Memphis, Tenn. Third Rnzrz Vl'ilma lfilee-n ROFSF. lYwrfm'li: Steve Nlelvin RUl'SSIC'XlT. IN. Hewitt: lllvarles tl. RQJXYIC. IIIIIIIIDIIFPXN llall. Fl. Smith: Henry Moss ROWE. Wasltitiptttrtz lynn Danlmy -, R' ,4v"-' an "" if' :' ' 3-wg in-4' 5 VI First Row: Pam SHUCK, AAII, North Little Rock, Keith L. SCHULTZ, EQIJE, Ft. Smith, Becky SCOTT, Futrall Hall, Cros- sett, Lyndell Franklin SCOTT, Yocum Hall, Lake Village, Wil- liam Randolph SCOTT, Acacia, Watts, Okla. Second Row: Jon Jeffrey SCROGCIN, BAE, Morrilton, David Martin SCUDDER, Benton, Wanda Louise SEITZ, Carnall Hall, Berryville, James Ray SELLICK, Berryville, William Henry SHARP, Williams House, Pine Bluff. Third Row: Leslie Mary SHARPE, Futrall Hall, St. Louis, Mo., Paula June SHARRAH, Fayetteville, Edward Earl SHEL- TON, Eureka Springs, Elizabeth Anne SHELTON, AAA, Ashdown, William Robert SHEPARD, CIPAG, Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: Frances Virginia SHEPHERD, AAA, North Little Rock, John Belford SHEPHERD, IIKA, North Little Rock, Jac- quelyne Ruth SHIPLEY, 4-H House, Crumrod, Ann SHIPP, KKF, Little Rock, Linda SHOEMAKER, Futrall Hall, St. Joseph, Mo. Fifth. Row: Jenny SHORT, IIBKP, Ft. Worth, Tex., Hank H. SHUCART, AXA, El Dorado, John Joseph SILVER, Buchanan House, Palmyra, N. J., Eugene Francis SIMON, Conway? Jerry Talbot SIMS, Ripley House, Trumann. Sixth Row: Judith Ray SINOR, Futrall Hall, Bossier City, La., Barbara Lea SKELTON, AXQ, Fayetteville, Sally Lynn SLAYDEN, Futrall Hall, Ft. Worth, Tex., Bonnie Jane SMITH, Carnall Hall, Nevada, Mo., Denita Dale SMITH, AAII, Hickory Ridge. Seventh Row: Diana Lolet SMITH, Carnall Hall, Green Forest, James Byron SMITH, Farmington, John K. SMITH, Humphreys Hall, Harrison, Larry R. SMITH, Little Rock, Naomi Faye SMITH, Carnall Hall, Siloam Springs. Eighth Row: Ronnie Mac SMITH, Wilson Sharp House, Beu- ton, Samuel L. SMITH, Ripley House, Jonesboro, Sandy Mary SMITH, IIBQ, Little Rock, Sue Ann SMITHERMAN, AF, Hot Springs, Claud Lamar SMITHEY, Wilson Sharp House, Searcy. Ninth Row: Thomas B. SNIDER, Ripley House, North Little Rock, Michael Eugene SNIPES, Little Rock, William Lee SNOW, Ripley House, Benton, Betsy SNYDER, XQ, Dardanelle, Mary Kate SONNEMAN, nie-r. Tenth Row: Maribeth Ann SPEARMON, KKF, North Little Rock, Milton Glen SPEARS, Gladson House, Texarkana, Jim SPENCER, EAE, El Dorado, Donald Roy SPILLERS, Buchanan House, Van Buren, Mary Alice SPOONER, AXQ, Fayetteville. Eleventh Row: Richard Kent SIPURLOCK, KE, Parkin, Eveline Klayer STANFORD, Futrall Hall, Little Rock, Gary Noel STEBOR, EN, Quincy, Ill., Jerry Carter STEPHENS, Siloam Springs, Jim- my D. STEPHENS, St. Paul. Twelfth Row: Raymond W. STEPHENSON, Bentonville, Mari- lyn Jeanne STEPLOCK, Futrall Hall, Warren, .Iacquline Virginia STEVENS, Razorback Hall, Magnolia, David M. STEVENSON, KZ, Little Rock, Alyce Carole STEWART, Futrall Hall, Idabel, Okla. f 4 'W 'F T A tml A t Q. N ,. 4 . l , .5 . ri al r 1 E lr 5 W U Q J I ,Kg . q T ' ful 1 in . A . 3 4 5: y 5 Y 5:-I, J W' ' ' T r Q 'I 'X X , S: . fi ., - V If , A V 3 . 'K A' 4. L. . 'T' -ve. A. Q ' L, , Q 'it 2, C 1 -M ts V I i I V 1 9 A , .,., ,.,A ,, . , s W.-- rg-Q., - st was :fa 'W nf' "' f -- 'X .. .-e'y , ' 3' :LE rr " - , , Q' . Q:-T. ,. . , , Kr-'X 'Psi . B! - 1 y S 5. at f .. as. . I' A 5 ,, .1 119. ' " 1'-lj! l 2, 4--, f Na ' is 4.1 ,' F59 'R 'bs ' if 331 T' -A K .hy .er , A , l .T I 1 .. 3 'S A - K '., ' -V Ax' if ' I W I -. A g "N R Q I . SON F 'xi,g :P 9: . - A - V A ' ' L . 4'-- TT,,:'Yvi It .w.':ji. sn V, -4 - ff -Y . ..l 6 f-, , 'yy I ' .1 v 1 R 1, A, et? . ' tx - Z. ' E 1 .Q Q sb r .14- 'vs u . ' Q 74' First Razr: Carolan Sue STEWART, Razorback Hall. Hardy: llavid Rooney' STEWART. Magnolia: Tom Francis STEWART, Williams House. West Memphis: Bill Rirhard STEWMAX. Mena: ,lohn William STILES. Droke House, Little Rock. Sefonrl Row: Suzanne STOBALCH. KKF. Hughes: Susanne Mary' STUCKSLACER, Huntsville: Thomas David STUCKSLAR- MER. Huntsville: Jimmie Ley-on STOCKTOX. ATQ. Parma. Alo.: ftlary Elizabeth STODDARD. Klill Hughes. Tlzirrl Row: Keith Davidson STOKES. Batesville: William Her- mann STOLL. Humphreys Hall. Et. Smith: Marshall Mauritz 5TRlCKLAND. Siloam Springs: Norma Elizabeth STROOPE. Futrall Hall. Mount Ida: John Michael STLBBLEFIELD. Fayette- ville. Fourlli Row: Margaret Sue SULLIVAN, Razorback Hall. Monett. Mo.: Loren C. SUMMERS. Berryville: Donald Ray SWABY. CIPAQ, Wynne: .lack Reed SWINDLE. Droke House, Wilson: Marsha Leigh SWTINDLE, Razorback Hall. Moscow. Fijllz Row: ,lainie Louise TACKETT. Texarkana. Tex.: Cart' ,lobn TNLKINCTON. Wilson Sharp House. Midwest City. Olila-2 Teresa M. 'Il-XNNER. lfutrall Hall. Tulsa. Okla.: Carol Lynn TAY- LOR. KRT. Pine Bluff: Haiye Jonathan TAYLOR. Cladson House. tflarksville. Szfvlli Rout ,lames Cary TAYLOR. Seclgyvell House. lmbodeng Frist-illa Elizabeth T,-XYl.OR. Razorbaek Hall. El Dorado: Robert tlortlon TAYLOR, DBMS. Ft. Smith: Robert Richard TEACUE. llroke House. Hot Springs: Lois Lynn TEMPLE. AXQ. Little Rock. Sv1'1'r1tl1 How: tleotye Etlyvard TENNEY. Yovuni Hall. North Little Rovk: ,lohnny Wayne TH.-UN. Williams House. l'ine Bluff: Haroltl Lintlell 'l'lltilNl.tS. Springdale: Lawrenve Pettit THOMAS. Fayetteville: Tommy' 'l'l:ltflXI.XS. IN. Curtlon. l','l'yf1If1 Rolf? .lark llerrell 'lllltlAll'SON. lfayetteyillel Loretta lllenv 'lillUNll'StlN. AAA. Joplin. Mo.: .lames lloyyarnl ilillllRN- l'tlY. little Rowk: William Robert 'l'lll'ltl.l2N. 'l'Atl. Fayetteville: llonalml .lames 'l'lIl RSTUN. Hiyyasse. Wulf: lfmr: llolores Xnn 'l'Iltl-Ilttlllll-N. Springdale: llrure lfrlmuntl 'l'IltliltllS. Stttlayvell llonse. Neytport: Suzanne ,lanette 'lll.l.l'fA. Raforbark llall. Jonesboro: Alary Xlire TIXSIEY. Fltt' rall llall.'lxtIXt'l'1 Varole l.ynn 'l'lSllXl lf. lfayetteyille. T1-nlli Rolf: William lftlwaitl 'l'l'l'l'S. Xvavia. llelena: Etlwartl 'ljtllllltlll 'l'tll.,l.l'i'l"l'. Nashville: l.:tyvrt-me Ailvlul' 'l'UMl.lNSON. Smingtlale: Sharon Ann lly lt.l'.N.'nall llall. Paragoultl: Mary Alive llt.tNl Al. AAll. West Alvlltltltis. l'.'lr'l'1'r1If1 Nair: l.uram'v 'l'Rltfl'f. Varagoultl: ,lames Shipp 'l'llllCSlfllNlXXN, Wilson Sharp llou-e. little Rot-k: Ilonna Rae 'l IMAX. I-'au-llvyille: 'Nlike l.. 'lilll ltl-fl.l.. Little Rot-k: Cevil Ray' ll tflilfll. Nowutn llall. Roltyver. f- - , .. . . lirwlllh lytur: Xtrginta Annette 'l'llCKER. All Magnolia: Carol .lt-an 'l'l'NlN. lilill llallas. Tex.: lllivryl Cliristina 'l'liRNER. Razor- lvavk llall. W alien: Naiwy' Relvevt-a 'l'llRNER. Al-H llouse. Branch: Xirainia Kay 'l'liRNl-IR. tfarnall llall. Conway. Suuhmnures This is an IQ test. Pick out the girl whose expression does not match the others in the room at the Zeta ribbon ceremony. First Row: Alvis Leroy TYLER, Hot Springs: Henry .I. UDOUJ, Ft. Smith: Loy Callan VANDIVER, Fayetteville: Henry Clell VARNADORE, Yocum Hall, Ft. Smith: Ruth Ann VAUGHAN. Razorback Hall, Little Rock: Cary Lynn VERNON, Springfield, Mo.: Jerry ,lules VERVACK, AXA, Ft. Smith: Christopher Carl VICK, Williams House, Camden, Tenn.: Margi VICKERS, AAA, Smackover: Johnny N. VICORY, Pine Bluff: Linda Marie VINCK, Carnall Hall, Ft. Smith. Second Row: Donald A. VOGEL, North Little Rock: Gus Michael VRATSINAS, Little Rock: Charles Thomas WAHL, Sedgwell House, Little Rock: Charles O. WALKER, EX, For- rest City: Cary Elliot WALKER, HKA, North Little Rock: James Lindsey WALKER, Hot Springs: Norman D. WALKER. Springdale: Richard Harper WALLACE, Droke House, North Little Rock: Edward Bruce WARD, Fayetteville: Bobby Harold WARFORD, Killeen, Tex.: John R. WASSELL, Acacia, Little Rock, Third Row: Sally ,Io WATKINS, Futrall Hall, Prescott: Lewis Ann WEBB. Futrall Hall, Dardanelleg Verna Mae WEBB, Razorback Hall, Quitman: Carl Robert WEBER, Yocum Hall, Rogers: Bill WEBSTER, ECFE, West Memphis: ,Ioe Brice WEINBERG, AXA, Leachville: Cecil Larry WEIR, Buchanan House, North Little Rock: ,Iames A. WELLONS, IIKA, Little Rock: George Walton WELLS, EH, Houston. Tex.: Virginia Ream WEST, Carnall Hall. Berryville: Jackie WEWERS. ZTA, Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Mary Frances WHALEN, KKF, North Little Rock: .lalnes Edgar WHEELER, Ft. Smith: Cheryl Louise WHILOLK, Fayetteville: Laine WHITCOMB, Futrall Hall. Lubbock, Tex.: Marvin Edward WHITEHEAD, Lewisville: ,lo Beth WHITLEY. ZTA, Cabot: John Raney WHITLOW, Farm- house, Plainview: Sarah C. WHITMORE, Ashdown: Harold Turner WHITSON, Gladson House. Clarksville: Suson Kay WHITSON, AI', Benton: Mitchell Eugenie WHITTINCTON, Camden. Fifth Row: Deanne Louise WILBER, Carnall Hall. Ft. Smith: Mickey Bob WILBER, AFP, Maysville: Clifton Page WILCOX, Acacia, Bloomington, Ill.: Rox Anna Arlyne WIL- COX. Gentry: Walter Michael WILKIE, AXA, Ringgold, La.: ,lane Ann WILKINSON. Razorback Hall. Nowata, Okla.: Alan C. WILLIAMS, EN, Monticello: Bruce Owen WILLIAMS, Acacia. Bethesda. Md.: Douglas Leroy WILLIAMS, Stuttgart: Eugene Michael WILLIAMS, Farmhouse, Ft. Smith: Fred L. WILLIAMS, Piggott. 5? K7 -Wit 21: -mf. fs. ings I sv 'cry sl 9 1' 9 an '?1lr-a:an.. .5m.,3,.,. H Y, .,. x lu' Q Z Q ,, 4-, R f f I I -wtr-f-i.,-- A 'Q ,,. .J - if N.. ggi' A l"1'1'.wl Run: ,ltunes Yernun WILLIAMS, Humphreys Hall, l'ine lllull: .liin Ward WILLIAMS, IIN, Ft. Smith, Martha Hue XYII.l,lAAlS. lfntrall Hall. lft. Smith: Mary Cade WILLIAMS, lfayetteyille: llutlulplt Layfette WILLIAMS, Buchanan Huuse, Alanilag Sandra Kay WILLIAMS, Hazurback Hall, Quitman: Sillllll Virginia WILLIAMS, AAA, lloonevilleg Wendy Ann YY ILLIAAIS, A1', leluffeyville, Kan.: William Hale WILLIAMS. AXA, Usceulal .lutly Marie WILLIFURD, Razorback Hall, North Little Ritek. Srfr-mul Rum: ,laines llnward WILLIS, I-Iuinphreys Hall, Ben- ttin: ,lu Anna WILI,.IH, Ilamrllavk llall. llazeng Harrington Lee NYlIA1U'l'Il. llevaturg Philip ,luhn Yt'ILAlU'l'H, Uravetle: Anne l'asr'hal NK ILSUN, AAII. Lamrleng llettie Alariun WILSON. ZTA, Slireyepurt, La.: ltayitl ,lack WIISUN, AXA, Osceola: Eil Eugene WILSUN, Iltiinpllreys Hall, Little Rm-lc: Jacqueline Alarie WILSON, Springtlaleg ,lean Ilester WILSON. IIBfI1, San- tm-il, N. If. Tliirfl Knit: llwiuht Alnnrue WWINIIORN. Alina: Winnie Ellen WING, l'ltmn'liat'lc Iiall. l"ayetlexille1 Alavhael Allen WINC- l'lllfl.ll. lfuyelleyillez Iftlnatrtl llean WINTER. Setlgwell lluuse, Siloam Springs: Dieter ll. WIRSKI, A'l'S2, l"urresl City: Ilurxey 2' 'X Suplmmurvs On trial before the Student Court for altering age on Univer- sity ID, student was subject to the usual fine of S5, which seems cheap considering all the trouble it was to catch him. Lee XYllI.I"lf. North Little Rock: Billy Vance WOAIBLE. Dyessg .Nlark Wayne WOOD, Siluam Springs: James Stewart WOO- lJlfl,l.. Hurnni Hall. Rogers, Joseph Arthur WOODSON. EH, Searvy. lflntrlli Razr: .lessie Katherine WOOTEN. XQ, Helena: Cyn- thia l.nt'ille XYUHHICLL, Hazurbaek Hall, North Little Rock: Ili-nultl E. Wtlll'l'llIQN. ATS2, Forrest City: Terry Eileen WOR- lllt. AAII. Springdale: Lunnie Fred WRIGHT, Acacia. Winth- rop: Sherri AX'llll'lH'I'. Xil, Tulsa, Ukla.: Peter Y. AYRITER. Ill, Nyavk. N. Y.: Jntlith Ann WYLIE. AXQ. Fannington: Stnnnel ll. YAflliR. Slireyepurt, La.g Helen Elizabeth YAN- tIlfA. IIIMJ. Springlit-lil. AIO. Fffllz Rnzv: Alilliam ll. YANCEY. AXA. Atwater. Calif.: ,Iune YAl'lllllUl'llll. lllillx Ft. Sniithg Barliara Thompson Ylfllllllx. Nirlh Little lint-k: Charles A. YOLXC. Fayette- yille: .le-an litlicl AULXH. AF, Texarkana: .luhn llicliael YULNKIN, A'l'!2. Ilvrrin. lll.: llunaltl W. YOLNKIN. Acavia. lfttyetlexillez Stephen Antliuny ZAIXIXRUI. PIN, .lersey City. N. ,l.: lfarul fXl"l"A'lllfIl, KTA, SllI'CXPlNIl'l. Lai.: .lean Louise Xl Nl l'lil.. A XSJ. tflarksx illv. '17 Y-v I- R l-.a in AI' 5 l3l'liSlllllllll Loafing in the library lobby, girls try to figure out who to get Susi Norris and Ester Womeldorf dates with for weekend. First Row: Paulana ABBOTT, Holcombe Hall, Blytheville, Grace Sylvia ACHESON, Fulbright Hall, Mountain Home, David Lloyd ADAMS, Fayetteville: Harry Melvin ADAMS, Humphreys Hall, Monette, Virginia Lea ADAMS, Holcombe Hall, England, Kenneth Dean ADCOCK, Humphreys Hall, Aurora, Mo., George W. ADKISSON, EX, Morrilton, John Tho- mas AHRENS, Humphreys Hall, Mountain Home, Fred Ralph ALANIZ, Fayetteville, Lawrence Clayton ALDERMAN, Yocum Hall, Elaine, James Robert ALEXANDER, KE, Scott. Second Row: Jerry Wayne ALEXANDER, Yocum Hall, Stuttgart, Anne Lewis ALLEN, Fulbright Hall, Jacksonville, Connie Lea ALLEN, Holcombe Hall, Springdale, Herbert Le- Roy ALLEN, Gladson House, Harrison, Robert Williatii ALLEN, KE, Perryville, Timothy Smith ALLEN, Fulbright Hall, Mari- anna, William Howard ALLEN, Acacia, El Dorado, Eleanor Alline ALLISON, Fayetteville, Robert Alan ALLURED, Hum- phreys Hall, Rochester, Mich., Billy Joel ALSTON, Humphreys Hall, Mulberry, Sarah Jane ALTHAUSER, Fulbright Hall, Dal- las, Tex. Third Row: Dixie Jane ANDERSON, Greenland, Leon C. ANDERSON, JR., Yocum Hall, Ft. Smith, Patsy ANDERSON, Fulbright Hall, Houston, Tex., Robert M. ANDERSON, Ben- tonville, Garland ANTHONY, EN, Fordyce, Deanna Lois 'iii .. IW 45" ARCHER, Fulbright Hall, Bentonville, Richard M. ARDEMA- GNI, Tontitown, Taylun ARIKAN, Yocum Hall, Ankara, Tur- key: Carolyn Kay ARMSTRONG, Fayetteville, Patsy Lou ARMSTRONG, Fulbright Hall, Forrest City, Gara Sue ARN- HOLT, Fulbright Hall, Searcy. Fourth Row: Michael Edward ARRINGTON, EN, Nash- ville, Karen Jeanne ATCHLEY, Holcombe Hall, Harrison, Pat- ricia Jan ATHERTON, Fulbright Hall, Joplin, Mo., Priscilla Catherine ATKINS, Fulbright Hall, Mountain Home, Dwight W. ATKINSON, Little Rock: John Charles AUFFET, Slillwell, Okla., Anna Sue ALSTIN, Fayetteville, Marilyn Jeanne AUS- TIN, 4-H House, Neosho, Mo., Harold AVERY, Yocum Hall, Delight: Thomas Mickey BABER, Yocum Hall, Hope, Patsy Ann BACHMAN, Greenland. Fifth Row: Edwin Otis BACK, Humphreys Hall, Searcy, Delmer Lee BAGGETT, Fayetteville, Alan Jon BAILEY, Hump- hreys Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Alfred W. BAILEY, Yocum Hall, Tuckerman, Dorothy Frances BAILEY, Fulbright Hall, Jonesboro, Jack Bowman BAILEY, Denver, Colo., Williarit Stanley BAILEY, Yocum Hall, Carlisle, Joan Marie BAIRD, Holcombe Hall, Gravette, Catherine Elizabeth BAKER, Hol- combe Hall, Tulsa, Okla.: Eddie Clifton BAKER, JR., Yocum Hall, North Little Rock, Lynn BAKER, Fulbright Hall, Marion. ,- is I Q 'J if 'B , S u f Whffihliinir fan . 'sf .,.. ,. ,K X . .fs m 'rf 1 . ,X ..,, ,,, , ,pw 3 X T! 'NN Q Q XJ " 1. 1 N11 'i 't A 1 N l . nv. 5 5- 1- 1 -V It 414,- 1.- !. -9 .-Y . nw i'fgIr,'f.:-K X .- if-if Q3 ha 1 s X' 1 W ,. 1:9 X f C.: Y ln- K . V 1 - . K Q . .J . 1 Av Q , , I 1 . ry-6: K fa -Y .xx if this 4 .L Li ? . - - .- 09 1 ' asf " +11 X X V' v - 1 -r , -1- J-5 x- P l"1'r.sI Kult: Mary K. BAKER. Flllllflgllt Hall. Ca--xille. Blu.: 5, James Haroltl l3.Xl-tQll. ZQDE. l.ittle Rock: John Harflin B.-XLE. JR.. ZX, Little Rock: Patricia .Nlarie tl.XI.L. H11l1111111l1e llalt. Lole- rain. N. C.: .Xnita .ltttl ll.-Xl.l,.XNUEH. lfulhriglit Hall. Pine Bluff. S1'f'r1r1fI R1111: Alhert Flexi IIXLTZ. llroke H1111-e. l'1-1-1.1111111111-1 Kathleen ll.fXl'll,llfN. l"11ll1right Hall. l.ittle Rock: li11l1e1't litfittt X l FXR 1 t l l hNl ll ig IDWELI.. HLlIllIilllI't3y- H1tl. Earle: .lerry ile1111 lX'. ini. XUCllttt Hall. lglradleyz 'l'11111 XN'i11l1o1'11 l3ARNE'l"l'. X111-11111 Hall. North Little Rock. Tlzirrl Rolf: Sally Kay IEXSWELI.. Holt-11111l1e Hall. Poteatt. Ukla.: Ralph Allan lt,Xl'SE. Ytlffllltt Hall. North Little H-wk: Williatn l..l1lll6l' l3Al'tLllX. H11111pl1reys Hall. A111le1'No11. Intl.: NY il- lia111 liay111o111.l BALKI. HLllttllltl'6j5 Hall. Blythe-xillez Llliarlef NN il- lltiltl IIEAN. Yocum Hall. Miller. Mo. 1'1Ulll'111 Row: Mary Jxltll BEATY. Ftllhriglit Hall. Hope: Peter Utto IIILCKEH. Fedgwell House. llountain Home: Klari lieth Illfli- FUX. l'lUll'4tlllllE' Hall. lii1'l1a1'tls-Gelnattl' AFB. Mo.: llltarlotte .X1111 IIELIVUHIJ. l"11ll,1rigl1t Hall. Pot,-al1ti111tas: Beverly Jane HELL. lflll- hright Hall. l'a1'ki11. 5 FLH11 Row: Hantly Il. BELL. BAE. Ft. Smith: Yi1g1i11ia .xltlt T' llEl.l.. l'i11ll11igl1t Hall, Xle11111hia. '1ie11t1.: Gary Wialker I3ELI.EIj. ll11111t1l11'eyN Hall. .xlLlltt6lil3. Calif.: llaxifl Samtlel HENEUXR- 1'1- Smith: l,at1'i1'i11 Adair lllf.XNE'l"f. Flllllflglll Hall. lil Uoratlo. 51.1111 R1111: 51151111 UEXNE'li'l'. lftilhrigllt Hall. Et Doratlo: .Xlioux ililtlllltitx IEIQXZ. Paris: Cll8l'l6N BEHNIAN. ,la1'kso11x'ille. Fla.: ljttllll Sue ISICRNQXRD. l"11ll'1right Hall. Hot Springx: Lfelia XIII l'lil'lU l'11ll1i l1t Hill He sill 'I' , 11- 1:1 .' rg L.ei1gll e. ex. . , . . ,-,. X.. . .S1'I'l'IlI1I 111111: ,llltt Wllex l1lzF'l. -X Hartlyz lxathy lt'Xtllltitlf3 u., l1lz5l. l-11ll11-1al11 Ielalt. llll'-Lt. Ukla.: tltarlex l'.llttt?I' l1l'.Nl'.l1l.l'.N. 111111111 llilll.-llttllffl St1'11l11111 R11-Nell llllllllfli. ZX. l,lll'illlUlllQl': Cal llt-Witt ltllltlhlti ht'Lll'lll. little Rock. :X ' ' l','fg11l11 Rolf: litifalwttt xlllt I!ItllttXt. l"11ll11igl1t llall. llerry- 'A " 1 3- xillv: .loh11 Nlorria ttll.llIitNtl-ilt. Nttflllll llgtll. little' liovl-Q: liytott 1' - ' 'L llextvr Itllttlti. lletxltlt-vt.: l.i111l41 Itvtlt l1llil'QlllfXll. l"11ll11'ight llall. , I 4 Ula: Klint- 'l'l1111'i11ge1' lllllili. l"1111'tt1'1ille'. ': z , Y1'11l11 lctlllf llnlv Noam' lll Xt K. lli111l-tillvz Slliltlttt lll.Xll1. '1 lftllltrigltt llatll. 1.0-lt1': llvvlxt Itttlil-I. lftlllltigllt llglll. little Hovlxi '-.1 ' fi Ri1'l11111l Ml1i1111 l3l.XNll. llllttllIlllt'f- llall. ltogvtxz llolwrt l':l'tIl':-l - lik! l1l.XNf. llllItltllllAt'f5 llall. Nllllll little liork. -Q W 1 B JL s. - it nd. i. K h 7'1'Il1,l RHIFZ ,littltvi lloolx lil,l'lll5lll'i, locum Hull, H111 Fp1'i11g5 . irh-1 ,lt'illl l5l.lfYlN5. l"11ll11'1ght llttll. l,1ttl1' lxovlx: lwttv ,lane . . , , , . . .. l1l,Ullt.l'.l I. l'11ll11'1gl1t ll11ll. It11lt11- I1-xnx: iit't1l'gLP lqlllxulill lll,l lf. .lli.. lltltltllltl't'tN llatll, l':1y1'tt1'1ill1': nltllt'l'l llttgglt ltl.l Nlli. ll11111l1l1- lets llztll. lily tllvtillv. .',. l...' . " v Tv - 1 1 1111111111 111111. l.1lt1.11 XX1ll1:1t11 l1tll.XlN. lw11to11x1lle: lu1l11-rt lx. Ittll.XNlt. .lli.. AXA. lil lltltilltltll Nlatry .Xlivv ltttNNliH. lfatyvttv- 11ll1-: ltltltltltl t., I1UNNl',lx. lltolw lIllll5Q,. l'.111l11mg Xnita ,Iowv 11115111-ilt.. l"t1ll1l'ig1ltt llatll. Xotth little Rovlx, U Tlu11,ll11 Nutr: xlllt tin-y lltll Itltti,1tliX. lrlllllliiglll Hutt. l7z1y1-tt1'- x1ll1': lt't'tN l'rost l1llXXll'.. Ixl. l.tttle' Not-k: l11ll11'1't l'iltlltItIL1 IEUXX NIXN. l'l1ljl'll1'Xllll'I 'l'l11111111s Sloan IEUNIT. JN.. l'lllt1lItlll'?f'lS llull. lf11ul11111l: llilly lticlttml BOYKIN. .la1t'ks11miIlv, y Z' it 1 I. l3l'ESllllll3ll - fi Husfling the engineers' votes for their St. Patricia candi- , mx f X is fi , t date, pretty girls fill doorway to the Engineering Building. First Row: Sarah Adine BRADFORD, Fulbright Hall, Paris, Janet Lea BRADLEY, 4-H House, Berryville, Ronda Sherian BRADLEY, Springdale, William Graham BRANDON, Fayette- ville, Penny Jo BRANNON, Fulbright Hall, Dallas, Tex., Bruce Fred BRASHEARS, Humphreys Hall. Marshall, Tex., Glenn Miller BRATCHER, EX, Marianna, Nancy Carol BRATTON, 4-H House, Sheridan, Gloria Jean BRAY, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Smith, Marilyn Flora BRAY, Fulbright Hall, Lewisville, Pat- ricia Anne BRAY, Fulbright Hall. Hampton. Second Row: Patrick L. BRAY, Humphreys Hall, Bartles- ville, Okla., James L. BREESE, Yocum Hall, Siloam Springs, Linda Louise BRIER, Holcombe Hall, Springfield, Mo., Carole BJRESLER, Fulbright Hall, Lewisville, Judy Dianne BREWER, Holcombe Hall, Leachville, Betsy Carolyn BRIDENTHAL, Ful- bright Hall, Garland, Tex., Jean Ann BRIDGES, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Smith, David K. BROCK, Yocum Hall, Little Rock, Gary George BRODNAX, Yocum Hall, North Hollywood, Calif., Martha Jo BROGDON, Holcombe Hall, Blytheville, Sandra Lee BROGDON, Fulbright Hall, Springdale. Third Row: Marlene BROMLEY, Fayetteville, Beverly Jean BROOKS, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Worth, Tex., Carolyn LaVerne BROOKS, Holcombe Hall, Beloit, Wis., Linda Sue BROOM, Fulbright Hall, Magnolia, Joan Valinda BROWDER. Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock, Ollie BROWN, Humphreys Hall, Mag- Wd Nm., A-74" nolia, Roberl Foster BROWN, Fayetteville, Sara Ann BROWN, Fulbright Hall. Steele, Mo., Sharon Irene BROYVN, Holcombe Hall, Mi-Gehee, Winner BROWNFIELD, Holcombe Hall, Tulsa. Okla., Modelle C. BRUDNER, Pine Bluff. Fourth How: Alicia Irene BRUSH, Fulbright Hall, Rogers, Joyce ,lan BRYANT, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs, Patrick D. BRYANT, TKE, Pine Bluff, Mary Beth BRYSON, Fulbright Hall, Russellville, Joe Kelley BUDD, APP, Texarkana, Eleanor Joyce BUFORD, Fulbright Hall, Forrest City, Leonard Estes BUNIPAS-S, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock, David L. BUNCH, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock, Carole Beatrice BUNGE, Fulbright Hall, Mountain Home, Charles Gouan BURKE, ECIDE, Fayetteville, Suzanne BURLESON, Holcombe Hall, Tulsa, Okla. Fifth Row: George Kent BURNETT, Humphreys Hall, Mena, James Edward BURNETT, Yocum Hall, Texarkana, Harry Kingston BURNHAM, Yocum Hall, Memphis, Tenn., Linda Gail BURROUGHS, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La., Sallye Sue BURROW, Fulbright Hall, Earle, Walter Eugene BUR- SEY, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock, Frederick William BUSH, Yof-um Hall, Helena, John BUSH, Droke House, De Valls Bluff, Sandi Martina BUTLER, Fulbright Hall, Morrilton, Essie Faye BUTT, Fulbright Hall, Fayetteville, Charles G. BUXTON, KE, Little Rock. Gin Nz' l a X M f7'N ,fwfra S S ' K 'f K 0 1 'KJ 1 flip l" Roni: Ronald O. UYNUM, QIPAU, Dermottg Catherine E. C.Xl.llXYEl.L, lfnlliright Hall, Pine llluffg Michael Ernst,lCO'l"l'. lot-urn Hall, Ft. Smithg ,lames Edwin CALL, Nom-inn Hall. Toltyo, japan, Helen Virginia CALLAHAN, Eul- lrright Hall. Little Roclcg .leannie CALLAWAY. Fulbright llall. Little Rock: Ronald Moore CAMERON. EX. Little Rock: .lames Richard CAMPBELL. EH. Rogers, Michael .lon CAMP- l,llCl.l.. ATS2, lfayettevilleg Ronald Cary CAMPBELL, Yocnm llall. El lloradog Linda .lane CANNON, Carnall Hall, Ft. Smith. SVVUIIII Rolf: Sue Ellen CARLSON, Hola'-oinlie Hall, Aurora. Alu.Z Ronda .lill CARPENTER. Holcomlie Hall. Texarkana: Philip Roluert tlftltlt, EN. Little Roclig .loseph 'llhomas CAR- Rll'l'H. llnniplireys Hall. DeOneen: Lislie Carl CARTER. Al'l'. ljoonexille: Nancy Rhea C.tR'I'ER, ltlulliright Hall, Pine liluff: Patti A. CAR'l'ER. l"nll,vrig1lit Hall. Little Rock: William 'llhomas t1AR'1'wH1CH'1'. llnmphreys Hall. Everton: Pamela .loyve CARY, lfnlliright llall. Magnolia: Annalielle Robin CASH, Holcomlie llall. llallas, Tex.: ljonald Rodney' CASSIL, HRA, Little Rovli. Tlzirfl Razr: lllilliant Less CXSTLERERRY. R.l'lf'llIll Hall. ,lonesliorog Lynn fItXSWIiI.L. Yocnni Hall. Bartlesxille. Okla.: Frances M. CA'l'E. llolf-omlie Hall. Wlalnnt Ridge: Retly Cyli- l.l2'l"I'. Ifulliriglit Hall. Little Rock: .lolm Sllll'1llYlllll CEAR- Llfi. IN. Naslttillf-1 Ceorge Edward ClfRNlGLl,X. TKE. Pine FI'llSlllllllll lllnllg Charles ll. Cl'lAlJlCK, SAE, Sherrill, ,lerry Ray CHAF- l"lN. Hntnplireys Hall. West Memphis, Ronald E. CHANEY. tot-uni llall. llartlesxille, Okla.g Richard Williams CH.-XP' MXN. Ill. Searcy: William Norman CHAPMAN. Humphreys Hall. Ontario. Calii. Ifonrlh Rout lliana CHILDRESS, Holcombe Hall, Joplin, Mo.: William XY. t.llll-lJ5. Yocum Hall. Kingsland, .lames Roller! tll.,XRK. Xovnin Hall. Fordyce, Marsha CLARK, Ful- lnright Hall. little Rock: Cary Edward CLAUDE. Yocunt Hall. Little Rtwlil llnwky CLAYIXON, KE. Little Rock: Phyllis Kay CLEXI. lfnlliriehl llall, Slireveport, La.: Dennis Ray COCH- RXN. Yornni Hall. l-a Russell, Mo.: Richard Lyn COFER. EAR. llalla-. lex.: Elton Edwin COCBLRN. Humphreys Hall, Sinat-koxer: Nlargatet Martha COHEN. l"t1lliright Hall. Little llovli. Fifth Rout: .lerry Earnest COLBLRN. ATQ, North Little Rock: .lim Frank COLE. Yoctnn Hall. Malvern: Carol Beth 41oI.tiN1.tx. lloudi: Ceoi-ge Randall COLEKLXN. ECDE. Little Rock: Kathryn Louise COl,l'fXl,XN, lfnlliright Hall. El Dorado: .lerry Wayne CONIHS. lfayettetillei Paul Reid CONXER, Wil- will Sharp llonse. lllarendon: Rolmert Herman COXRXD. Hump- hreys Hall. little Roi-lx: Sarah lfliliilletli COOK. lintrall llall. XXj1.4'o, Calif.: Yvra .line COOK. lfnlluright llall. llot Springs: Williatn llouard COOK. .lR.. Springdale. '39 X f Aa lin 1 We ' Q. 'i 'C' 2' Torchlfght parade snakes its way across campus as part of the Texas football game pep rally activity organized by ABC Club First Row: Donald Ray COPELAND, AFP, Bentonville: Glenda Jean COPELAND, Fulbright Hall, Paragould: C. Thomas COR- BIN, EAE, Ft. Smith: Betty Linda CORRINGTON, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs: Larry D. COSAND, Springdale. Second Row: Carolyn N. COSSEY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock: Mary Nancy COUNCIL, Fulbright Hall, Houston, Tex.: Rick Allen COWDREY, Yocum Hall, Little Rock: Marvin Dewey CRAB-B, Fayetteville: James Reed CRAFTON, Humphreys Hall, North Lit- tle Rock. Third Row: Robert Hughes CRANK, Humphreys Hall, Fore- man: Carol Ann CRAUN. Durham: Gary Lynn CRAWFORD, Humphreys Hall, Ft. Smith: Raymond Shelton CRAWFORD III, Humphreys Hall, Mena: Susan Ernestine CREEL, Holcombe Hall, Mountain Home. Fourth Row: Jerry Eugene CRIM, Yocum Hall, Blytheville: Betty Fern CRISCUOLO, Kansas City, Mo.: Mary Frances CROOK, Fulbright Hall, Parkin: Richard Donald CROSSLEY, Yocum Hall, DeQueen: Lonnie Joe CROS-WELL, Humphreys Hall, Ham- burg. Fifth Row: Cheryl Lynn CUSHING, Holcombe Hall, Ontario, Calif.: Tani CZAROWITZ, Fulbright Hall, Temple, Tex.: Sandra Kaye DABNEY, Fulbright Hall. Lake Village: De-an Howard DAL- TON, Yocum Hall, Joplin, Mo.: Diana Dawn DANDRIDGE, Ful- bright Hall, Muskogee, Okla. Sixth Row: Anne E. DANIEL, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Smith: Ron- ald Lee DAIZNELL, Muskogee, Okla.: Charles Edward DARR, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock: John Lewis DAUGHERTY, Yocum Hall, Little Rock: Georgiann Emilie DAUNIS. Fulbright Hall, Lit- tle Rock. Seventh Row: Linda Kay DAVENPORT, Holcombe Hall. Mem- phis, Tenn.: M. Lee DAVENPORT, Holcombe Hall, North Little Rock: Joe Paul DAVES, Wilson Sharp House, Heber Springs: Dixie Ann DAVID, Fulbright Hall, Rogers: Thomas L. DAVID, Prarie Grove. Eighth Row: Charles E. DAVIDSON, Yocum Hall, Little Rock: Bobbie Jean DAVIS, Ogden: Fred Larry DAVIS, Humphreys Hall. Bauxite: Jerry H. DAVIS, Humphreys Hall, El Dorado: Lina .lean DAVIS, Fulbright Hall, Texarkana. Ninth Row: Mary Frances DAVIS, Fulbright Hall, Forrest City: Timothy Eugene DAVIS, Yocum Hall. Altheimer: Vicki Lynn DAVIS, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock: William Clark DAVISS JR., Yocum Hall, Stuttgart: Sue Ellen DAY, Holcombe Hall. Madi- sonville, Tex. Tenth Row: Virginia Lea DFIARDIEN, Holcombe Hall, Moun- tain View: Linda Carole DEARING, Fulbright Hall, Harrisburg: Cynthia Jane DEARTH, Fulbright Hall, El Dorado: Tommy Martin DEERE, Yocum Hall, Hot Springs: James Allen DEITZ, Fayette- ville. Eleventh Row: Patricia Gayle DELANEY, Fulbright Hall. Jack- sonville: Gerald Leigh DEMAN, Yocum Hall. Springdale: Carolyn Sue DENHAM, Holcombe Hall, Gulfport, Miss.: Mary Katherine DENKER, Fulbright Hall, Odessa, Tex.: James A. DENNIS II, Yocum Hall, Hot Springs. Twelfth Row: Donnie DENTON, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Smith, Robert Jon DEPRIEST, Yocum Hall, Bald Knob: Philip Lynn DEVICE, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock: Larry Eugene DE- VVITT, Wilson Sharp House, Winfield, Kan.: George Wallace DICKINSON, JR., Yocum Hall, Palmyra, N. J. 'bf' ...Q Eu... ' , W ahh 1 A I if 7:13543 . 1 MA M Iv ,mx I 'K D .M M we K ' ' A. " Q39 6 Eg. ,.,-- . gf. tg, y. Sgfgfy. - 1 .a -A , . 'Y' A U 'iv' , xr. "' 'P- ,. 'V first I ,, - . ',,.. , , .v""v- N-ar' f5tfjf"'jf'i . fs-as .-f. lt 'Qu Fin! Row: Rodger Cttntlts DICKINSON. Yttcttttt Hall. De Queen: 'llttttttty ,I. DICKINSON. AFP. llztrtttadukez Bevki E. DODD. Hul- tttntlte Hall. Springdale: Margaret Jean DODCEX. 4-H Httttee. ,Xl6X3t14l6l'Z Patrick Terrence DULAX. Huntpltreyf Hall. England. S0r'111tr1 Rolf: Deltrtralt Ann IJULAXD. Fulltrigltt Hall. Little llttek: .lintnty L. DOBNIAN. Fayetteville: Darrell C. IJUHRIS. llttmpltreyf Hall, Pine lllttff: Ntrttta lean DOSE. Httlt-1-ntlte Hall. Stuttgart: llttany C. DRAKE. Yttvttttt Hall. llalxern. T1t1'1'r1 Row: Linda DR.-XKE. lfttlltrigltt Hall. Benttmville: Klar- jt11'i6 Kay URAPER. l'l11lt'4t1ttlte Hall. Cttltfttrd. Olila.: Daniel Tlttt- tttae DREW. SAE, Newpttrt: Santlra ,lean DRLNINIOND. Hnl' 1-ttntlte Hall. Texarliatta. Tex.: lrtltn lletlfttrcl DL'll.'XS. IIKA. E1 llttratltt. Fllllffll linux: Urene Lee DUNLAVY. Fayetteville: Stewart A. IJLNN. KE. lfttrreft City: Jttltn B. DLPREE. Pine Bluff: Cltarleen lflixaltetlt llll5ENllERl3iY. Httltfmttlne Hall. Little Rfteli: Coy Ran- ttttll DYER. Htttnpltreys Hall. Nashville. Fliflll 1111111 .latmei Rieltartl DYER. Fayetteville: Ellen Marie lf.Vll.lf5UN. llttlt-tttttlte Hall. Eagle Crowe. Iowa: Tltttntas Lee ICXNS. Yttt-ttttt Hall. Des .-Xrt-: Jttltn Charles EARL. KE. Little Htwk: Lintlct ,Xnn EXHLS, Fayetteville. S1',t'I11 111110: 'llttnttny Collier EAST. EN. Little Ritek: Willirtnt litlwatrtl l2lllllfR'll. JR.. Ytwttnt Hall. Jttttesltotwt: Cilflyll .lean Enl- Wllllti llttlvtttttlte Hall. ltttltl Knttlt: ,lintntie Wlill EDWLXRDS. III. lllytltetille: Xlaetttt Daniel IZIJWXRIJS. Hftyal. tsfllllllll Nutr: llLlll'll'lll .Xttn lfDXX,XRlt5. Fttlltrigltt Halt. Helter Sllflllgel llivltttttttttl 5. FIIWXHIWF. llmatl: tflettt l'gtt l'fCl.lfS'li0N. l'llllltltltl'f'fN llttll. Xlt. ltltt: Ftttttlrat Lee EKNIXY. lfttlltrigltt Hull. l'llll't'lxll Spring-: llrtttte Wattte lQl.lfY. Mu-ttttt lttttt. l'reNt'tttt. l'.'1'g11l11 131111: litttltt Katy l'fl.KIN9. lfttyettetillez Dtttttt lflttine I-lt.t.ltt'l"l'. lltttt-tttttltv ltttlt. Kttlt-in tfitt. Nlw.: ,lttltlt lfttttttlxlitt til,- llU'l'il' llttttttltt x lltll Nlt t l lttttt l ttl ttt lllltlll It l . . 'VA' t . 'ltl1,llt1'.1't" . 'tl' vtttttltt- llatll. lltttatx-ez ,ltttlttlt Fltttttttt l'.l.l,ltll l. lttlltrtgltt ttttll. lil Iltttcttltt, Xllilllll 151111: Yitgittitt tfurttl lfl,l.ltit't"I'. ll--It-tttttltv ttttlt. .lones- ltttrttg lXilli.t1tt llatlttlt l',l.l.lU'l"ll. I":tx1'ttt-till:-1 ,little Page liI,I.tS. lfttllttigltt ll:tll. littlt- llttvlx: ,lttatlttt tilt l5. lfttlltrigltl Hull. Little , . . . . . lmvlx: l.t-Nltt' lxttt l'.l.l.l5. l'ttlltt'lgltt Itttlt. Vtttztgttttltl. T1'11I11 111111: lfratttlx l.t't'tty tiNttilt'I'. ,lli.. lttvttttt ttttlt. Xltin. Tex.: ,lzttttt-X ll. ICNUI KNIT. lltttttplttt-tx ll:tll. I"t. Stttitlt: Vary lflatint' l"Ntll.XNlt. l"ttlltt'iultt llxtll. lft. Stttitlt: l':tt1l K. ICNUSKOY. Mxtviat. . . . , . . . lltttxlttttz Xlzttt lttttttl lil l.l',N. Sltttttgtlgtlv. 1'.'11'I1'IlI11 Nutr: llttttatltl Wzttttt' lflilllll. Mwttttt lltttl. llttt Sllflltyel lt:-tvttx Xttn liltNS't'. I'i:tyt'ttt-tille: llttltt-I-1 I-'rttttvis lflli TINIC, .XXX Stuttgart: lltttttltl Sltttttt ICHWIN. Nm-ttttt llttll. New- . , . . ltttrtg Nlattx Ilttttnat l'.lxNN IX. lwtllttttgltt llatll. Nlctleltee. ,V , . .V -,QQ 1 . l11'f'1H11 1w11': lm- ,Mtn l'.Y.XNlb. lwtlltttgltt ttttlt. Crossett: Itiattt' ltttttivt lfwlxll. lfttlltrigltl lttttl. SlIl'Q'Xl'ltltlil. Lu.: ,lttltn M. lffillllllftlt. l'ltttttpltt'tfys Hall. ,lttttesltnrttz Katy Harlan FALLEN. llttntplttvt- llttll. l"rtyt'ttct'ill1-: Sharon Kaye l".XliLlfR. Holcombe tltttl. Nvttflttt. Alu. Fl'lTSllllllfll Singphony winner really takes these sort of things seriously. First Row: William Duke FAUGHT, Yocum Hall, Cabot, John Raymond FAULKNER, Yocum Hall. Jacksonville, Mary Elizabeth FEE, Fulbtright Hall, Mountain Homeg James Roy FEIMSTER, Humphreys Hall, Little' Rock: Marilyn FENDER, Fulbright Hall, Pocahontas: Brenda Kay FERGUSON, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rockg Nancy Joyce FERGUSON, Fulbright Hall, West Memphis: Jane Fletcher FERRILL, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock, Elizabeth Bruner FIELD. Fulbright Hall, Little Rockg Alicia Grace FIELDS, Fulbright Hall, Bentonville. Sccoml Row: Linda F. FIKES, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff, Jane FINGER, Fulbright Hall, Little Rockg Patricia JEAN FINLEY, Futrall Hall, Little Rock: Richard James FINN. Springdale: David Edwards FITTON, HKA, Harrison: Jerry Don FLANAGAN, Wichita, Kan.: George Paul FLEISCH- MANN, Humphreys Hall, Eureka Springs: Robert Ray FLEM- ING, Springdaleg Arthur L. FLORER, Humphreys Hall, Mays- ville: France Kay FLOWERS, Fulbright Hall, Stuttgart: Laura Lee FLOYD. Holcombe Hall, Helena. Third Row: Doris Janette FOLTZ, Carthage, Mo.g Jerry FONG, Humphreys Hall, Marianna: Mack H. Forrester, Ripley House. Trumanng Joan Carol FOSTER. Fullvright Hall, North Little Rock: Virgil Lynn FOSTER, JR., Fayetteville: Dennis Wayne FOWLER, Yocum Hall, West Helena: James Clark FOWLER, JR., Humphreys Hall, Sherrill: George Ronald FRANKS. Humphreys Hall. North Little Rock: Bascom Bert FREEMAN, Humphreys Hall, Ft. Smithg Mary Lynne FREE- MAN, Holcombe Hall, Denison, Tex.g Johnny Ferrell FROST, Yocum Hall, Waldron. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Ann FUHRMAN, 4-H House. Gillettg Janis FUNK, Fulbright Hall. Little Rock: Lee Edward GAM- MILL, Humphreys Hall, Pine Rluffg Vincent Miles CAMMILL, ATQ, Ft. Smith: W'endy Jean GARDNER, Fulbright Hall, Springdale: Dana Lynn GARRETT, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Worth, Tex.: James Alexander GARRETT. Yocum Hall, Little Rock: Sharon Lucille GARRETT. Fulbright Hall. Rogers: Patricia Ann GARRIS, Fulbright Hall. Texarkanag Clay E. GATES, JR., Carlsbad, N. M. Fifth Row: Herman John GATES, North Collins, N. Y.g John Wilburn GATES. Humphreys Hall. Gurdon: Tom Vic GATES, Yocum Hall, Kansas City, Mo.g Odis Theodor GATE- WOOD, Wilson Sharp House. Memphis, Tenn.: Gayle Louise GAY, Springdale: William Earl GEIER, EIT, Webster Groves, Mo.: Connie Gayle GEORGE. Holcombe Hall, Little Rock: Mary Elizabeth GEORGER. Fulbright Hall, West lXIemphis: Thomas David GEREN, Humphreys Hall, Ft. Smithg Melvin Cecil CIBBS, Wilson Sharp House, Borger. Tex.: David Franklin GIBSON. Humphreys Hall, Pine Bluff. is Na .1-,as in- vw , 1 44' s Q, 1"z' lfozr: Glenda Kaye GILBERT, Rohwerg Diana Kay GILLNIORE, Springdale: Mickey Ray GILSINGER, AFP. Ghar- lestong John Hugh GIPSON. Gladson House. Des Arc: ,lack Edward GLASS. Ft. Smith: Edgar Lewis GODDARD. Yocum Hall, Stuttgart: Wayland L. GODSHALL. EN, Pine Bluffg James W. GONTEN, Yocum Hall, Durant, 0kla.g Sandra Ann GOODWIN, Fulbright Hall. New Orleans, La.: Ronald L. GORANSON, QPAFJ, Dallas, Tex.: Don IVendell GORE. Benton- yille. Swcoml Row: Allen .larnea GOSSETT. Van Buren: Bennie Bryant GOIILD. El Paso, Tex.: Valita GOZQX. Fulhrigzht Hall. Malyern: Marilyn Annette GRQXDY. Fulbright Hall. Hazen: Mildred Lois GRAGG, Fulbright Hall. Helena: Joseph .lay GRAHAM, Acaeia. Muakogee. Olqla.: .layne GRANOFF. Ful- lrright Hall. Little Rovk: Beverly Anne CRAN'l'. Seott House. Little Rovkg Ronald Eugene GHAVES, Rogers: Vietor Osceola GRAY. Ilumphreys Hall, Des .XrC: Larry G. CH EEN. EX. Little Rovli. Third Row: liiilliam GREEN. Tontitown: N. Olixia GREEN- WOOD. lloleoinlie llall, Fayetteyille: Linda Diane GREER. Ful- lnright Hall. .lavlvi-nyille: Rivhard Stewart GREER. IIKA, Fayettexillv: Glieiyl Ann GREGORY. Fullvriglrt Hall. Benton- yille: Margaret GREGORY, Fullwright llall. Parkdale: William '.-v' , ' if l"f' I I tru- 9,-N. , . '94 '11 xt fi' K W Wx .rf 't 3 Yr' Q. -Q. 9 Q' fl'ESllllll?ll Friendly campus cop, proud of his traffic iam, visits with a girl's family as they await moving her into Fulbright Hall. Noel GREGORY. BAE, Augufta: William Newton GRIER, ZX. Springfield. Ho.: Charles R. GRIFFIN, JR.. Springdaleg Diana Marr GRIFFIN. Fulliright Hall. Bentong Fran Louise GRIFFIN. Fulbright Hall. Helena. Fourtfi Rozrz ,IUIHGN Charles GRIFFIN. Yoeuru Hall. Hug- hf:-: IIIOIIIIHQ' Randolph GRISSONI. Humphreys Hall. Harrison: llayid .Xndrew GRl'l5llS. Yom-urn Hall. Bryant: Clarence Har- ley GIIXX. Gofhen: jerry Don GLINN. EIT. Heayener. Okla.: .lohn 'lilionias Gl'I.l.ET'I'. Pocahontas: Paul Franklin HJXBER- H'l'ROl'l. Novum Ilall. Lepanto: W. Gary HAGOOD. May- uarlv .lo Belle IIXILEN. Fulliriglit Hall. Rogers: Linda Kay l'lXll.lfY. llolf-onthe Hall. Joplin. Mo.: Larry Walter H.-XLE, Not-uni Ilall. I..tir'liE'rlJll1'Q. Filth Rout Klan' Garolyn IIXLE. Fullmright Hall. Waldron: ,lanie .Xnnette IIXLEY. Fulliriglit Hall. Little Rock: Neta Bea IlXl.l'iY. Fulhriglit Hall. little Rock: Garolyn ,-Xnita HALL. llolvomlve llall. Xlonett. Nlo.: Donna Dean IIXLI.. Fullwright llall. Fl. Smith: Kathleen Dale H.XI.I.. Fayetteyille: Sandra .It'ilIl Ilolfomlir- wee! XIPIIIIWIIIQI DL1X'i1l hlllltltlty ll Xl,l,lX. Fayelt:-yille: llon Il XNIILTOY. .lR.. lluruplirey- llall. l"orrr--t liilx: llyxight llairett ll Xxlllflillx. IR.. lil. little Rorli: llaillorrl Ray ll XXIlI.'l'ttY. .lli.. Wiilxon Sltatrp II4tll4l'. Imnolw. 'PQQ .. -y x T' S. ,M F-X 1 First Row: John R. HAMILTON, Humphreys Hall, Ft. Lyon, Colo., Sharon Diane HAMILTON, Fulbright Hall, North Little' Rock, Sandra Mae HAMMANN, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La., Hugo Arnold HAMMOND, Cravette, Sammy S. HAMPTON, Hum- phreys Hall, Conway. Second Row: Rebecca HANNAH, Fayetteville, Larry Wayne HANRY, ATQ, North Little Rock, June Annette HANSHAW, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock, Susan Quintella HANSON, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs, Robert C. HANSSEN, Humphreys Hall, St. Louis, Mo. Third Row: Robert Jonathan HARALSON, EAE, Augusta, Janice Marie HARBER, 4-H House, Wiseman, Mary Elaine HAR- CIS. Fulbright Hall, Berryville, Bland Robert HARPER, Hum- phreys Hall, Monette, David Lee HARPER, EN, Hot Springs. Fourth Row: Tom HARPER, Humphreys Hall, Bryant, Betty Ann HARRIS, Fulbright Hall, Springfield, Mo., Billy Don HAR- RIS, Fayetteville, Richard Lee HARRIS, Yocum Hall, Stamps, Terry David HARRIS, 41.39, Clarendon. Fifth Row: Charles Erwin HARRY, Helena, Georgia Ann HART, Holcombe Hall, Ft. Worth, Tex., Michael Walter HART, Yocum Hall, Little Rock: Robert Wayne HART, Yocum Hall, North Little Rock, Elsie lllarie HARTL, Holcombe Hall, Hot Springs. Sixth Row: Harold Henry HARTMAN, Fayetteville, Charles E. HARTSFIELD, Humphreys Hall, Ft. Smith, Martha HARVEY, Fulbright Hall, Marianna, Loren Stanley HASTINGS JR.. Hum- phreys Hall, Sulphur Springs, Pamela Eve HATHAWAY, Hol- combe Hall, Joplin, Mo. Seventh Row: Carroll L. HAWKINS, AXA, Little Rock, Mary Elizabeth HAWN, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock, Sue Ann HAY, Fayetteville, Chuck Michael HAYDEN, KE, Ft. Smith, Patrick Alan HAYDON, AXA, Little Rock. Eighth Row: Joe F. HAYNIE, Yocum Hall, Richardson, Tex., Phillip Roy HAYS, Yocum Hall, Hot Springs, William Curtis HAYS, Humphreys Hall, Amity, Sharon Ann HECK, Fayetteville, Annie HEINOLD, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Smith. Ninth Row: Brenda Yvonne HELM, Fayetteville, Rebecca Anne HENBEST, Fayetteville, Joe Boyd HENDERSON JR., EN, Stuttgart, Monty Karl HENDERSON, Yocum Hall, Newark, Pat Herman HENDERSON, IIKA, England. Tenth Row: Charles Lowber HENDRICKS, Acacia, Atkins, Donald Howard HENRY, EN, Springdale, Donna Smith HENSON, Mount Holly, Fredda Jeanette HERN, Fulbright Hall, Camden, G. Frank HERRINC, Yocum Hall, El Dorado. Eleventh Row: Robert P HESLER, EX, Helena, Karen Jane HESS, Fulbright Hall, Bentonville, John Henry HICKS, KE, For- rest City, Carol Ann HILL, Holcombe Hall, Wilmington, Del., Charles Clarence HILL, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Dana Kay HILL Fulbright Hall, Little Rock, Donald Earl HILTON, ATQ, Pine Bluff, Frances Marion HINKLE, Fayetteville, Barbara Ann HIRSCHY, Holcombe Hall, Bartlesville, Okla., Janis Ann HIXSON, Fulbright Hall, Paris. e G7 va, 2' , wx - Fin! Roll: Ill.-lflllayy HU,XC, Hlllr-1-llle llall. Nleltll: Suxllll julie E A -.i 1 ya- -K 4 -1 1' ' llflllfilfi lfllllllight Hull. l'lli-llclel'-1-ll: llul'llaraW,fllll Httl:'I4N1,XN. , ' 5- ,J XJ ll l4'tIllllJf3 Hall. l.ittle Hwk: llllfltiilii .leall llll-PPXIXN. llllllliuht ig 1 Ng V, Hall. lhllla-. Tex.: Cllalle- lfllllllett HHFFNIAX. JH., IIKA. Little , 3' X hm li " 1 l .Ju 42' ':' 2 Sffruzlfl Rolf: Ciiffllyll l'lttFI"NI,tXX. Flllllrigllt lflllll. lft. Smith: 'Z - -1- l :L lltll Sltjillilll l'lUl,lfOXll3. IN. little Hllvk: llallette HUl.lllfH. ,V . Ill-tfl:lll'yg .lllllll W, HULIAXIJ. X4'LiI'l21. ll6I'l'j'X'lll6Z .lt?l'I'f ltellll llttl.l,UW.XN. HllltlItlEl'Q5'S Hull. llllllt-lille. i . Ml -1 J ls, Ylfllifll Hull: Wuylallll Keith Hltl:l,tilXYXY. Ylll-lllll Hall. lllil- We A - i f i A fltllxilll,-3 ,Xtlt?Il .lalk-llll l'lUL'li. IX. lllytllelillez t,.Z:ll'Ul Sue lllllfli. ' 8, lx I-'glylfttcxillez xl3l'Q2ll'Pl Kt'l'l' llUl.'l'. Flllllright Hall. ltalla-. lex.: fl 3' Nlllry Kltllll'Xll lllillff. l"llllll'ight llall. Ruger-. ai A . .M IWIIIIIII lifflif l,t'llI1l l'lOL'l'. Flllllligllt llall. Ft. Smith: Cfarltllll K A 2 9, I N 3 Q ' "'-, llllgll llUUl'lfll. ZCIQE. Wert lxlkltllllllel LQl'lal',leN ll. l'lUUYEH. Q 'i 'M' 1'-' is-"' X' ' Z "4 lllllllltllftlye llllll. llllll Sll4lHlN1 lJllIl1l2i.l. llUl'lxlNb. Hill:-llllllle Hall. A N I ' f ll TX , 5 Lllllllt: llllll l.4Illlr HURXE. HLlIltlrl1l'Cf'5 Hall. Kermit. Tex. 1 1. 1 N , i' ,M4'F h ' lflbtlll RIIIFZ Sllltlllll .l. IIOHXI2. l'iullll'ight Hall. Paris: ,xl'llllll' ' Z ' Xa' i .4 , lu- llUHNlllli. lltlIllltlll'E'j'S llall. Ntlflll Little Rm-la: lldfttlfll I' 45" A z, H ""' Lf ' llllllXSl3N. 1-Il l'llIll-P. lle lklllCt?llZ Nlliflj' lfllgelle Htthl-URII. r if ng V K - :Q NUVIIIII llllll. U-vellla: l'lItW3l'tl llalwlll Hlilliflllilx. Mlclllll Hall. I :.' ' ' A 'f ' lltllle. x l 4 A1 A "M ' we ' F f H l l v 51.1111 lcltllf .llllie ,xltll HUXX Xlfllll. l"llllll'ight Hall. time 1 A 3 g- gltflllgkl ll'll'lil-l Kali lll'l'lll,XHll. lflllllrigllt llllll. lft. Smith: - V, lllxellll l':llll lll Itlilt. linger-1 RLil'Pll SIIG? lll'llSUX. lflllllrigllt W i 4,- ' 3 l' cc" ll.tll. lfllyeltexillvz lilllf llllllglllx lll'llStlX. Mwlllll Hall. xlllgtlltllll. l Ae Ag. h MA' V Sl'l1HflI Rwll: xXlLtlll'l' ltllllie-l lll lil". l'lllltIllllCjN llatll. .Xlexlllllleltz l lltllll .lU1'lxNllll Ill tllllfi HRA. little lim-lx: tlll-lill liilllll lll tllel- r 2 '-D A 3 , lslllltyiglll .lllllr'Nltlll'1lQ lllLtllt'- Xltt'llllt'l Nllftlllt 'gi Q, ,K , C lltll. ll-lull:-lille: lillll:l lilly Ill Nll'llllllf5. lflllllligllt llllll. X-ll-lll , 37 -rf t - XL' fl lllllt' ll...-li. Q P if Iv' lv- X 'fr lzlylllll lcllllf Xlilw- l lll-ille Ill Nl. l"llllllight ll:lll.'lilll-1l.Ulxl:l.: f- N llhilill ll. lll 'lliX. lllllllllllftttx llzlll. llli-lll t ily. 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First Row: Rebecca Flo JOHNSON, Fulbright Hall, Ash- down: Sharon Louceyette JOHNSON, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff: Sheryl JOHNSON, Fulbright Hall. Little Rock: Burke JOHNSTON, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock: Johnny Charles JOHNSTON, Yocum Hall, Little Rock: Dick JONES, Yocum Hall, Little Rock: Carry Don JONES, Yocunt Hall, Benton: Jacque JONES, Fulbright Hall, Springfield, Mo.: .Judith Anne JONES, Holcombe Hall, Arkadelphia: Judith Carol JONES, Holcombe Hall, Tulsa. Okla.: Julie Ann JONES, Fulbright Hall. Muskogee, Okla. Second Row: Katherine Louise JONES, Holcombe Hall. State Sanatorium: Mary Janice JONES. Holcombe Hall, Kansas City, Kan.: Patricia Ann JONES, Scott House, Mineral Springs: Suellen JONES, Fulbright Hall, Houston. Tex.: Vicki Earlene JONES, Holcombe Hall, Siloam Springs: Allen Hollis JORDAN, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock: Mary Susan JUNIEL, Fulbright Hall, Stephens: Ronnie Hall JUSTISS, EAE, For- rest CitY3 James A. KANEAS-TER, Droke House, Batesville: Diane KAPPES, Fulbright Hall. Chicago, Ill.: Marilyn KAYS. Fulbright Hall, Fayetteville. Third Row: Herbert Ross KEITH, Farmhouse, Ratio: George KELL, KE, Swifton: Joy Elaine KELLEY, Springdale: Martha Lynn KELLEY, Fulbright Hall, Eudora: Sara E. KELLEY, Fulbright Hall, Smackover: Clen T. KELLOGG. Yocum Hall. ,:::s.,.:. ,' Little Rock: Ronald Wayne KELLY. Yot-um Hall. Waycros Ca.: Kellie Ann KELSO. Holcombe Hall. Searcy: Don Bascom KENDAII., Fayetteville: Lacy .Jerome KENNEDY, Marianna Jeffery Lynn KENNINCTON, Humphreys Hall, Malvern. Fonrllt Now: Lorene KENNON, Fulbright Hall, Paris: Robert Lee KERR, Fayetteville: Glenn Frank KILE. Hmn- phreys Hall, White Fish Hay, Wis.: Donald Spurr KIMBALL, llumphreys Hall. Franklin. N. H.: Thelma C. KIMBRELL, llolt-otnhe Hall, Leslie: Harold Druce KINIBROUCH, Yocum Hall, llatesville: .Jan KINCAID. Fulbright Hall. Dallas, Tex.: Ceorgann KINCANNON. Fulbright Hall, Booneville: Ernest Dwayne KING, Humphreys Hall, Strong: .Jerry Derwartl KING. Yocum Hall. Van liurenz Judith Anne KING. Fulbright Hall, Ft. Smith. Fifth Row: Don M. KINNEY, Yocutn Hall, Little Rock: Harriett Suzanne KINNEY, Fulbright Hall, Bauxite: Patrick Raymond KINSEY. Yocum Hall, Van Buren: Cary Darwin KIRK. Humphreys Hall. llartlesville, Okla.: Georgia Ann KIR- SCH, Fayetteville: Suyanne KITCHEN, Fulbright Hall. .Jack- sonville: Carolyn Sue KNIGHT. Fulbright Hall, Lincoln, Neb.: Fred P. KNOIJ. Humphreys Hall, Ft. Smith: Judith Lynn KOEN. Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs: Ronald C. KOLI3. MC- Cehee: Mary Ann KOON, Holcombe Hall, Rison. 4 5 I ts i N Nfl! Sw f wf'g'zf4- 25 W ' , , W ,Q ' ,K psf . 5 'X I ,tx 53" I Q 1 is .-v' E ' .,, .. MQ, ws. s JP 5. 4' -26' .... 1 1 NS N 1 N no 'Uv 1' K Q 5' Q- ss if 'Qt s - K 'WY S 3 if . R-. ef . ., Q Q 5- t teh .4 tf t J, '94- VA-if ' w fulfil' ..,. . 4'i1ba,,n , A ap!-1 IV ,Yeh Q Arg. ,P "hr" ami? 'W L " l H11 .t-eW,'3.ff1is2lf,.'.++ we N jr 13" -" x .X ' , - ' lay... f"'m"' ' ' eff' 41. ....v. .Qin 'am- :ni'.ellTri:.?'L-:.,-'f.Z..'..1.. 11. 4... r' First Run: Etlwartl Mit-hael KOSEH. Ymrnni Hall. Irving- tnn. N. J.: llunalel Jelfeisnii LAClilfIEI.,lJ, Humphreys I-lull. lleljueen: .lanies Krnulrl I.M.IY. atwuiii Hall: Hut Springs: l'4I'Ctl?I'll'li Saiifunl LADAHE. BAE, lit. Smith: Nanvy Ann l..'Xl"l"lfll'l'Y. lfayettewillez NN ealey Olivia LAMBERT. Fnllnriglit Hall. Slirevepnrt, La.: Ruliert lleVere LAKIIEUTH, Buchanan House. Mena: Dalton L. LANE. Fayetteville: .lerry fllrnirne l.AlYlfH. IIN, l'l:iyetteville: .lanive lflaire LANEY. l"ulln'iglit Hall. El llnraalug James Stephen IALIIK. EX. North Little Rufli. Sw:-mul Kimi: lllenala llay LUV. llnlt-mnlie llall. Ozark: .lerry .Inc IAWSUN, lltiniplireyf llall. llentnnxille: Vllilliani Thtnnaf LEA. IN. liartleexille. Ukla.: .Xllen linlvert- Llili. BAE. Hut Hpringwg Daniel ,l. LEE. llnniphreyx llall. North Little Rm-ks .laniea Raintlal LEE. int-iini Hall. Pine lllnfl: .lung Nlae LEIC. Hiiniplireys llall. Altheinier: l,in4la LEE. l"nlln'iglit Hall. Helier Springs: Nancy Elifalif-tli LEE. l"nlln'ight lltill. We-at Helena: Cheryl 'Nnne l.EllA'l'5Kl. llulvninlwe Hall. llartlefxille. Ukla.: Klifhael ,Mitlimiy LEONE. .laineQtnwn. N. Y. T1Il.l'lI1 Row: Snean lill!l.llDPlll l,ES'l'l'lll. Springtlale: Klar- gnerite Ann LENS. lfnlliright llall. Little Rm-lx: Eleanor Y, Lliwlls. Small llnltae. Little Huvli: Linwmul lluttiel int-niii lliill, lllytlieiille: Xlart-ia Fmtt lllllli. lfnlliriglit Hall. x' Maul' -' nv "" 4-. " ll'lfSlllllPll Springy-footer boys leap high into the air at cheerleader try- outs. Some of the boys were pretty good, some were pretty. Ift. Sinith: Linila King LINIBRAUCH. Fulbright Hall. Poca- ln-nta-: S. llaniaris LINIJLOFF. Fullmright Hall. Fayetteville: llarr Raliln LINDSEY. ZIAE. Helena: Marilyn Sue LINEBAR- llili. llnlwniilwe Hall. Caniflen: Gloria Margaret LINNER. Fay- ettcxille: lletty .-Xnne LINVILLE. Holt-omlie Hall. Enid. Olila. Fllllflll Ruff: Hnnier Neil LISLE. Huntsville: Sarah Eliza- In-th l.l'l"l'I.E. lfnllwriglit Hall. Pine Bluff: Toni Ann LITTLE. llnlt-nnilie Hall. jinieelmfng Douglas lf. LOBEHC, Hnmplireys liaill. .lfrt1f'-lltiiw: Kliriani Clark L0tfIKLE1XR. lfulliright Hall. llyer-lung. Tenn.: Dana Nlirhial LUCNISKAR. Springdale: llnel llaxter Ullfl, XXD. Huxer: ll. X. LONG. EX. Helena: Mary tfatherine l.UXtl. el-H Hnnfe. lli'eeiiwmnl: Vince NI. LONG. IN. lil llniunlwz llaxitl Ray LOONEY. Ytwiini Hall. llentnmille. Filllz Run: lliana llak IIJUNEY. l"nlln'ight Hall. Texarkana. lex.: lfhzirlef tlenrge Lllllll, Ytwnni Hall. Little lltwli: .laneeve Xnn I.t'lltLH. lfnlliriglit Hall. Hnuere: Larry Dan I.tlYE'l"l'. invinii llall. l.ittle Hwk: Nlarria ,lean LUWE. Fnlliriglit Hall. llnpe: llrf-nila Sne l.llWlllfY. lfnllvriglit Hall. Hut Springs: llt-nianiin llane l.l CK. IX, llarziunnlilz Lonnie We-t l.llTl'lEH. lfayetteiillez llliairlv- Wayne LN XIXN. Hninplireye Hall. Little lim-k: Xlliwl ll. IN Ntlll. l'linn1iln'ey- Hall. .lrlxatlelpliiaz lflanile lfiirl ll Ntill. .lH.. IX. U54-enlzi. soil' Q Q. V ,' w- L " rw. Q.. 4 r I . Y. -..... .... lf f V. ' . 'Q H X ,V I, Qi :W . lyl 5 Y' 5? 1? tx , 'hx 'pd' 5 i 2 F I -4 Q' sy G- First Row: Ross Edwin MACE, Humphreys Hall, Springfield, Mo., Shari Anne MACKIE, Fulbright Hall, Arlington, Tex., Robin Ray MAD-DOX, Fulbright Hall, St. Charles, Richard Carl MACIE, Humphreys Hall, Memphis Tenn., Shelly Anne MACIE, Fulbright Hall, Cabot. Second Row: Robert Morgan MAGNESS, Yocum Hall, Rates- ville, Richard Lee MAHAN, Fayetteville, Larry Ronald MAN- NING, Humphreys Hall, Dumas, Nancy Gaye MARBLE, Holcombe Hall, Neosho, Mo., John C. MARINO, HKA, Camden. Third Row: Charles Earl MARKS, Yocum Hall, Baton Rouge, La., Diana Lynn MARR, Little Rock, Kathleen S. MARSH, Ful- bright Hall. Warren, Martha Jo MARSHALL, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs, John Keith MARTENSEN, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Doyne Richard MARTIN, Humphreys Hall, Ash Flat, Thomas R. MARTIN, EIIE, Ft. Smith, Virgil Carroll MART- IN, Yocum Hall. Atkins, Joseph Cary MARTINE, Yocum Hall, Marion, George W. MASON, Acacia, El Dorado. Fifth Row: Roberta Pauline MASON, Springdale, Dennis Carl MASSEY. Yocum Hall, Decatur, C-uinn Reese MASSEY, Yocum Hall, North Little Rock, Thomas Earl MASSEY, EAE, Morrilton, Phil Elbert MATTHEWS, ECIPE, Warren. Sixth Row: Susan T. MATTHEWS, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff, James Stanley MATTISON, Humphreys Hall, DeQueen, Margaret Ann MAUCHS, Fulbright Hall, Memphis, Tenn., Janis MAWHIN- NEY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock, Gary Duane MAYFIELD, Yocum Hall, Hope. Seventh Row: Patrick Manning MAYO, Humphreys Hall, Ft. Smith, Robert Dale MAYO, Yocum Hall, Holly Grove, Jim Raphael MAZZANTI, KE, Lake Village, Jane Ann MCAFEE, Holcombe Hall, Tulsa, Okla., James E. MCALISTER, Yocum Hall, Crossett. Eighth Row: Jerry P. MCALISTER, Tulsa, Okla., Janet Vir- ginia MCALLISTER, Fulbright Hall, Fayetteville, Margaret Ann MCALLISTER, Fulbright Hall, Gravette, John Michael MCBEE, William House, Hobbs, N. M., Charles Raymond MCCALL, Farm- house, Marianna. Ninth Row: .ludith Gail MCCARLEY, Fulbright Hall, Texark- ana? Bonnie Kathryn MCCARTY, Holcombe Hall, Helena, Carolyn Sue MCCLAIN, Holcombe Hall, Tulsa, Okla., Raymond Kirk MC- SIIEELLAND, EN, Fayetteville, James Lee MCCONZUGHY, Spring- a e. Tenth Row: Robert Ralph MCCORMICK, Humphreys Hall, Boonevillez Max Garland MCCOY, KE, Sheridan, Pamela M. MC- COY, Holcombe Hall, College Heights, Patrick Edward MCCRAC- AXA, Osceola, Lorraine MCCRANEY, Fulbright Hall, Ft. -mit . Eleventh Row: Marilyn Kay MCCREARY, Holcombe Hall, Neosho, Mo., Linda Carolyn MCCULLOCH, Fayetteville, Virginia Carol MCCUNE, Fulbright Hall, Okmulgee, Okla., Suzy MCCURDY, Fulbright Hall, Texarkana, Judith Carol MCDANIEL, Fulbright Hall, Wilson. Twelfth Row: Cecil Dudley MCDONALD, Humphreys Hall, Tupelo, Lynn Elizabeth MCDONALD, Fulbright Hall, Dallas. Tex., Tuck MCDONALD, Humphreys Hall, Benton, Tommy Olin MC- DOUCAL, Bryant, Bert Franklin MCELROY, JR., AXA, West Memphis. in 46. ' rf - ,- l ., H, '03 ff .s,,,h, f l X '54 . UV Q Sh First Razr: Suzanne Ford MQELROY. Fulbright Hall. Mar- yell: juhn David Mt-FARLAND. Fayetteville: Marilyn Mae Mc- KLILL. Fulbright Hall. Roxana, Ill.: Rfwdney' Lynn MCCLIRE. Hum- phreys Hall. Uardanelle: Anthony' MclNTOSH. Macks. Second Row: Mary' Kathryn MQKENZIE. Fullmright Hall. Hughes: Rplmert D. MCKIXXEY. Humphrey- Hall. Mulherry: Freda lflarrett McKlSSlC. Pine Bluff: Miiltslull Thomas MCKISSHIK. JR.. Mwunl Hall. Mcfleheeg ffindy lpu MCKOYYX. Ft. Smith. Third Rum: Mary' Kathleen NIt'M.-XNLTS, Holcpnrhe Hall. Moun- tain Hume: ,Inhn Darrell McM.-XSTER. Humphreys Hall. Crayette: Phillip Hal MCMATH. BAE. Little Rock: Sufan McMILLAN. lfullwright Hall. Malvern: Frank Cox McMILLlN. EN. Hot Springs. Fourth Razr: Nanci Lee Mt-MIXN. Fulhright Hall. Dallas. Tex- a-: William R. McNAIR, JR., SAE. Fayetteville: Harris H. Mc- XEll.l.. .lH.. lm-tini Hall. Nurth Little Rock: ,lack Allison Mc- Nl'I,'l'l. SAE, Pine Bluff: Ellen Raye McSPADDEN. Fulbright Hall. llatefyille. Fijtll Roni: Sydney' james McWilliams. Yocum Hall. North Little Rpt,-lt: Andrea Marie MEAD. Httlconihe Hall. Benton: .lack Erl- ward MICXIJUWS. Ypctirn Hall. Crussett: Billye Regina MEANS. Fulbright Hall. jacksonville: Kent L. MEENEN. Fayetteville. Sixllz Razr: Carl Frank MEN YH.-KRT. Ypcuni Hall. Little Rock: ,l. Conley MIQIHZIJITH. Humphreys Hall. North Little Rock: Alvin Meyer MEX HR. EX. Headlanal: llunald Gene MILLER. Yucum Hall. lfalmtg llprntliy' ,lpanna MILLER. Fulbright Hall. Jackson. Tenn. Srfzwillz Razr: George 'Xnn MILLER. Hnlcpmhe Hall. Ft. Smith: Glenna Kaye MlLLlfH. Fulluright Hall. llenlpnyille: Michael Dale MILLICR. Humphreys llall. El llnramlu: ,limmyc I.. Mll.LS. Spring- dale: Fdyrin Harry MILLSON. ,lH.. Ym-tirn Hall. Fairfax. Ya. Eliglllll lfnzrz Grave Xnn XIIRES. Fullvriglit Hall. Springfield. Mo.: Rr-hert M. Nllllfll XM. Humplrrey- Hall. Smaclwyer: .Xmannla Christina Ml'l'lfl'llCl.l.. lfayelteyille: .lflan lflifalveth Nll:l'tIllEl..I.. l'ulhrighl Hall. lick-lnirg. M1-s.: ,luhn late Nlllt,lllzl.l.. l'ay- etteyille. .hillllll Razr: Su-an lylay Nll'lllfl'llfl.l.. lfayclleyillez lfli-alieth Ann MOqX'l'S. llwlw-mlue Hall. l niunluyyn. l'a.: llenni- l'aul Nllllfl-'li'l"l'. llumphrcyx lI.rll. Frcfnu. lfalil.: llpnna MOOIEY. Fullmrigllt Hall. West l'lain-. Mn.: lfrm'-t l.. NIOOIH. llt.. hllflllll Hall. llyers- laura. 'l'vnn. Tenth Rmr: lflieri lflainc MOOlllf. lfullvriglit Hall. flnnamlale. Ya.: lfun-lanv' l'lli1almc'll1 Nltlllllli. lfullwriglit Hall. lim Springs: lloyd llprrluli MOOIHC. Wilwn Sharp ll-in-e. lfnulyt-e: Sandra Kay' MOORE. lflllllrigllt Hall. llcnlpn: Mayne- 'lllimnae yiouari. Yncuin llall. llut FIWIIIQLS. hlll'l'1'lllll Noir: Maller lflyde MOIHCIUXNIT. YUCIIIN Hall. lil lhmratlp: llvnf- MOINCXN. Springdale: ,lack lflarls MOllU.'XN, lllllllPlll't'XN llall. North l.illle Rm-lt: Karen .Xnn yloltttyx Hol- t-tmilwe llall, lftmlycc: llayiml lfarl MORRIS. lhxnra. Tlrrfllfl Hair: Jani- NORRIS. Fulhright Hall. llellevue. Neh.: llhilip ,ll-hu XIOIHHSS. l"ay'ctlcyille: Sandra Kay' MORTON. Ful- hright llall. l"l. Smith: ,luclith Xnn MOSEY. Hnlcnmhe Hall, Salem: Kathryn lflifalvellr MOSl,l'fl. lslllllflgllll Hall. Lamgryiew. Tex. Fl'HSlllllllIl Frisky snowballers blast away behind library between classes W' after a snow unexpectedly buried Fayetteville in early March. First Row: Susanna Maria MOSLEY, Holcombe Hall, Mena: John H. MRSNY, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock: Ralph L. MUNDAY, Humphreys Hall, El Dorado: Mary Margaret MURFF, Fulbright Hall, Houston, Tex.: Ronnie Lee MURP- HEY, Fayetteville: Peter Wilks MUSGRAVE, Humphreys Hall, Batesville: Tommy Edward MUSICK, IIKA, Little Rock: Cheryl J. MYERS, Fayetteville: Milton Ray MYERS, AFP, Benton- ville: Nancy Virginia MYERS, Holcombe Hall, Mena: F. Gibbs NANCE, JR.. Humphreys Hall, Houston, Tex. Second Row: Lamar Edward NARON, JR.. Humphreys Hall, Shreveport, La.: Sybil Frances NASH, Holcombe Hall, Tex- arkana: Mark E. NASON, Yocum Hall, Crossett: Cheryl La- Vonne NAU, Fulbright Hall, Verona, Mo.: Edgar Lewis NAY- LOR, Buchanan House, West Memphis: Gus Anthony NELSON, Humphreys Hall, Gurdon: Edward Neil NEUNHENRZ, Yocum Hall, Little Rock: Larry Glell NEWCOMB, Yocum Hall, Rates- ville: Marshall Roy NEWMAN, Bonnerdale: Marsha Lynne NEIWSOM, Fulbright Hall, El Dorado: Philip NEWSOM, Yocum Hall, Little Rock. Third Row: Frances Darnell NICHOLLS. Holcombe Hall, Helena: Robert Deno NICHOLS, Wilson Sharp House, Pales- tine, Tex.: Carolyn Joyce NICHOLSON. Fulbright Hall. Hous- ton, Tex.: Paula Kay NICKELL. Fulbright Hall, DeWitt: Ladye Kay NIX, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff: Sue Carole NODLER. ab' be N.-f fanny ,W Q mg 353 -...-,..'ts, WW Holcombe Hall, Neosho, Mo.: Sherry NOE, Fulbright Hall, Alexandria, La.: Carol Jane NORTON, Holcombe Hall, Harri- sont Rodney Edwin NORTON, Humphreys Hall, Star City: Thomas Gray NORTON, Yocum Hall. Batesville: .loe E. NOW- LIN, IN, Alkadelphia. Fourth Row: Billy Dean O"BAR. AFP, Ozark: Hurshell Wayne OJIRIANT. Yocum Hall, Pine Bluff: Bernardo OCANA, Humphreys Hall. Panama, Panama: Rhonda Lee OGLES-BY, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff: Tetsumi OISHI, Humphreys Hall, Scott: Sally Lynn OLINGER, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Smith: Ken H. OLIVER, Yoa-um Hall, Waldron: Nancy Jeanne OLIVER, Fulbright Hall, Benton: Gary Eugene O'NEAL, Yocum Hall, Morrilton: James F. ORINTAS, Yocum Hall, North Little Rock: Ronald ,Joseph ORINTAS, Yocum Hall. North Little Rock. Fifth Row: Carol Maureen O'ROURKE, Holcombe Hall, Neosho, Mo.: Tom Leek O'SHE-A, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock: Dale C. OWEN, Yocum Hall, Flippin: William Brady OWENS JR.. XIII, Ft. Smith: George O. PADDOCK, Humphreys Hall, Harrison: Clyde R. PAGE, Humphreys Hall, Ft. Smith: Amos Earl PALMER. JR., Yocum Hall, Conway: Gwenlyn Ann PAR- ISH, Fulbright Hall, Mount Holly, N.J.: Wesley Taylor PAR- KER, AFP. Dyess: Albert C. PARKES, Humphreys Hall, Mari- anna: Kenneth Thomas PARKS, Yocum Hall, Little Rock. If fi 4 1 X wg- f Q 1 M. S' .5- 3 A L 'ZEN A ZS.. ,,,,.. ,,.,,,,-... K I -f is J vo-...v 1' 1 'iz 'K' if .4 I f ..,gg--,W-.:.::, -gwg."- W r . - 1 - J hy ...- ,,,l. as L r-fe-"75f if .eat i ,y. . 1 lean Ptlhlxb. PllllJI'l"lll Hall JUIlCSlNll'4!' ut 'X 5 1 ewailtg ,ln Ellen PAKSUN, Hunlfxillet u Clld xllll l X51 ll Xl llnigllt Hall, lingers: Diana PATE, u all lalvil William Perue P.fX'l l'l'iN, Zlll. Searcy: lm Nimuel PX ILIWUN HlllllllllI'C3'S Hall, Clarliaville: Klar- JLXHI L Llllllll l1t Hall, lfl. Smithg Russell Cllria PEER. X e 1 PIQNAUOS, Simluinna. Cuaternalag 1 ll lxf 1 QS, lfullrriglit Hall. Dallas. Tex. ar nr on Hill' l'l'i'l"lll'S. Ntwlllll Hall. lfnrresl x 'LI11 lslllllltlgllll Hall. 5p1'i11gdale: Xlary 1611119 llqflil Iltl f111l1e Hall. Little Hwli: Nlarleline Sue IPS axetteulle an ,lane Pl-llfIl'a ll11lm111l1e Hall J nr ll s rl ll'llI,l.lPS. liillllllllgllllll .Ma Ilene RENN Humpliiex all. Helier Springf: Dullllil ,Xnn J HIL lullr all Asl1fl41wr1: Nlartin R. Pl'l"l'Nl.XN, lIlI1lll6'W H ll l e lluffg Vl'illia111 Has l'l'l"l'Nl.-KN. llllllllla ia Sue l'l.:'Xl"l'XN llulumrlre llill lllltll l we PLl',lll,lLH. l'llllll'l"lll H'1ll l'l ll rarlr llmlfl lu ene Pl llNKlC'li'l'. lst. Smith: Sylxia Palrim-ia ' lxlxl N lullur lil Hall Ifl Ilmuflilg .lnlm llruve PlllXlllfX- lllll 1 etleville: Mary Kaye PULK. llul- l :Neil 51 x l'Ul.lx. l'llllll'l"lll Hall llltle lltwlv 1 " ax ., Q.- 1 r Fl'ESlIlllHll . 1- ' .ln .ug X . , 'I 1 0 Scrubbing off the shamrocks and slogans painted on by exuber am engineers, a Workman does yearly ritual on the sidewalk tiara ,Kun l'llXll"Hlf'l'. l7ull11'igl1t Hall. Pllilatlelphia. Pa.: Ger- altl X. PUXIJHH, ZX. lfl llulacluz David L. POOLE. Hlll1lIDlll'C5'i Hall, tlalmtg Patricia Anne POPE. Hnlcnmbe Hall, West Hel- ena: l':l'llt?Nl ll. Pllli'l'l5. KE. Lepantu. Fnurllz Rolf: 1711111065 ,Mme POWELL. Fullmrigllt Hall. Lewis- xille: llelrewa ,xllll POWELL. Full11'igl1t Hall. Eudora: Marvin 'llllenriiy l'UXX'l-ES. Rell Uali. lnwa: Xliillialll Roy PREECE. Springilalez Pamela Sue PRESHWOUD. Full11'igl1t Hall. Tex- arkana: lame- Hay Plillflf. Ym'u111 Hall. Letuna: john Alan PRICE. lil. Xlarketl Tree: Sandra K. PRICKETT. lfayetteville: Walt Lip-ey PRIEST. IN, lleelrez Samuel R. PHUILXSCO. X1ll'lllll Hall. 'll1'er1tm1. N. ,l.: Patrim-ia PROYINE. Fullmrigllt Hall. FI lim-all--. lfillh Holt: llunalwl Ray Pl l.l"URl1. XW11111 Hall. .l11l1e5lmru: lame- X. PLHIIN. llur11pl1rey- Hall. Fayettexille: Lake PIVR- NIELL. LlUll'Ulllllf' Hall. llarlle-xille. Ukla.: ,lwlm Wexley PVR- 'l'LE. ZKIJIC Helena: llarlvara Lynne PIRYES. l"ull1rigl1t Hall. Wivliila. Kan.: lfevile ,limelte l,ll'lNll3Y. l'1llllll'lg1lll Hall. Fl lliiramlnz llHllll'l' .Xllan ll.Xll,lUllN. 111111111 Hall. Little Rm-kg Sllillhll llarxie ll ULXN. lfayetlexillez 'l-llllllllle llenti-n Rllilfi. lllllllllllllfa llall. lit'lll4lllXlllQI lame- U. R,Xl'lil'l. Hllllllblll'Pl'N Hall. Mir--ra. Nlw.: Larwvlyn Xllll lxla. West lwirlx. , Siu Y -1 4 Q - ' 'Z 3 .' l" v 1 lux-, 3' - 5' -Q . Q. , -, , 5. AV , - ., .. ' - fx 4' Q lr MA Qu, ' '- 'E'- c.-. .... .9 '- 3 QN no,x. Q First Row: Emil Wayne RAY, Humphreys Hall, Van Buren: Bill REA, EN, Benton: Tommy White REA, Humphreys Hall, Fayettevilleg Donna Jane READ, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock: Dana Kay REDDING, Fulbright Hall, Dallas, Tex. Second Row: Larry E. REDDMANN, Yocum Hall, Harrisburg: Rick REDFIELD, Acacia, Mountainburg: E. Smith REED, .lR.. Yocum Hall, St. Louis, Mo.: Glen Edward REED, Yocum Hall, Bauxite: Randy REED, fIDA9, Rogers. Third Row: Walter Neal REED, Yocum Hall. Pine Bluff: George Douglas REGAN, Yocum Hall, Malvern: Mark Randall REIF, I-lumphreys Hall, Ft. Smith: Lawrence joseph REILLY, .lR., BAE, Baytown, Texas: Larry Morgan RENSHAW. XIII, Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Sara Sue REYNOLDS, Holcombe Hall, Bentons ville: William Clark REYNOLDS, Humphreys Hall. Siloam Springs: Jane Carolyn RHODES, Fulbright Hall. Springfield, Mo.: Jimmy Dale RHODES, Humphreys Hall, Nashville: William C. RICHARDS, fillet, Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: Sandra Faye RICHARDSON, Scott House. North Little Rock: Linda Kaye RICHTER, 4-H House, Gillett: Gaye RICKS, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs: Darrell V. RIPPY, Yocum Hall, Charleston: Anne Carolyn RITTERHOUSE. Fulbright Hall, Springfield, Mo. Sixth Row: ,lames William ROBBINS. Humphreys Hall. Ben- ton: Billie Ann ROBERTS, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs: .Iulia F. ROBERTS, Razorback Hall, Muskogee, Okla.: Jo Ellen ROBERT- SON, Springdale: Doris ROBINSON, Fulbright Hall, Success. Seventh Row: Jeannie Marie ROBINSON, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock: Lowry E. ROBINSON, AXA, Keiser: Matilda .l. ROBINSON, Winslow: William Ralph ROBINSON. Yocum Hall, Tulsa, Okla.: Mary Anne ROCKE, Fulbright Hall, Houston. Tex. Eighth Row: Michael McKenzie ROEDER, Yocum Hall, Pigf gott: Pamela Jalayhe ROELFS. Fayetteville: Elizabeth Ann ROG- ERS, Fulbright Hall, Tulsa, Okla.: Frances Maria ROGERS, Ful- bright Hall, Little Rock: Gordon Andrew ROGERS, Altoona, Kan. Ninth ROW! James William ROGERS. 449, Little Rock: Wil- liam Joseph ROGERS, Yocum Hall, Hot Springs: Wilma Nell ROGERS, Holcombe Hall, Hot Springs: Richard Lee ROLLEIGH, Yacurn Hall, Bauxiteg Frank Daniel RORIE, Yocum Hall, Russell- V1 e. Tenth Row: Andy ROSE, EN, Texarkana: Claude James ROSE, Humphreys Hall, Leachville: Glenna ROSE, Fulbright Hall. Fayetteville: .Iannette ROSE, Fulbright Hall, Fayetteville: Nancy Adams ROSE, Fulbright Hall, Lebanon, Tenn. Eleventh. Row: Joe Philip ROUSE, Fayetteville: Mary Patricia ROWAN, Holcombe Hall, Grapevine. Texas: Sue M. ROWE. Hol- combe Hall, Lonoke: Linda Lou ROWLAND, Fulbright Hall. Dumas: A. D. ROZELLE, JR., AXA, Osceola. Twelfth Row: Sandra Ann RUFF, Holcombe Hall, Joplin, Mo.: Susan Hannah RUGH, Fulbright Hall, Bartlesville, Okla.: Peggy RUMPH, Fulbright Hall, Siloam Springs: ,Ianyce Claire RUPERT, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock: Bill Floyd RUS-H, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock. if s . . X ws X xv .. 'ta ,arb- fab K X W ff fx. 4 I ,ff .Wy 'W' 5 'w.h" F- .- Q! li n -1- v. t t. X1 A My X I, I 2 E T F 'F L It' if r 'S ' , l ff t if 1 . t 7 A as Lt W , .f A 1 we H Q ga it ' ' ' . LF' 3 N . W f ma., ,, :, Q A i JsiY.f ,a wt. S., M if it . r , , ' - . , .. 'QS ' . , f t ".... 'F . Q K . -v A, Q' ,qi 'QT . N I 4 Gy .f ,ft .-,vi up , V K' Q 1 ' N I I W ' , ir.-EL Q M f- , '--'ff 1 'F ' ' Q ..,, ' , -- ,. v . 1 . W . -- . 'rx .V f N 1 E 1 1 1 'f-'-t V f 'Q I. Q j ,..., - - v - s . .. .. 5 X ,.mw,f. ss X N X Yugi? I, I ,H Q.. 1 J. 1 , , ,M 1 x X W T . 'Q W Q Y - SS 1 ' X Q 4:- if w... , f at 1' t . Ag 'Q , .A g. , -- .. ,.,, '- ' ':': M .. ff . . '-Wxif-fir' .. -. t ,.. .1 . , Q.. .Q tfe e . - 1 as Q ' I Q .I i A . ffl i E-'YZ in A B -1 Q . 4,2 XJ it L , 1. A .L sf: J Te . I h ' '- il F A ' . ...ff 7 ,,:,V K A x 5 am Q A ..A T : A 1, :L is i :gil J 3' .1 'v : f v' A , , i .0 Q. A Q i ti .. JBL- I A Sf, t- A 'rf' Q .5 ui J. , l Y f Q' , U 5 j . . - 'r ,1 4 A ll 1 ' , - ' 3. L le' " 'Rl A lf- 1' ' ' ' L : i- I 1-4, D f hd In I A C J 1 AHL Z.. C' N. T - .lc .acc 1 in 1:1-4' Fi Wm 1 YN'-p First Rott: Daxitl Keith RL"I'LEDCE, Humphreys Hall. Ft. Smith: .luhn A. RYLES. Yucunt Hall. Huttnexille: 'liltt-tnax Patrick SACKHN. Humphreys Hall. Beauntutlt, Tex.: Sharon Dell SAX- DEFLH. Hulrmnlie Hall. Alena: Exerette Craig SANDERS. Hump- hreys Hall. Nrtrth Little Huck. Swtnztl Razr: George 'ltexatltatt SAXDERF. QJAH. Dallaa. lex.: Kathlynn Sue SANDERS. Fulltright Hall. Alpena: Charles Rt-lit-rt SXXDIAE. Humphreys Hall. Stuttgart: Daxitl Roger SAXIDLIX. Nm-tttn Hall. Leslie: Klivhael llaxitl SAXFUHIJ. Humpltrey Hall. l.lUfl'5lJlll'g. Tenn. Tfttnl Nutr: Dennis Wayne FAULSHLRY. Hutnphrey- Hall. E1 llutarlwz llex'et'ly Anne 5.XL'XDERS. Fttlluright Hall. Lima. Peru: .lulm Hultert SAURENAIAX. Ytlflllll Hall. Little Hawk: lllwtyve AYLQIIC SLHEER. XTUCLIIII Hall. Lafe: Peggy Ann StQHEI.I.. Ful- ltright Hall. Uauxite. Fnnrllt Hutt: Angela Kay SCHMIDT. Hulwtnlwe Hall. Wauwa- tu-a. Wie.: Kathleen Anne SCHNEIDER. Fullwrigltt Hall. Hut Stating-: H1-lwert llharles SCHRAPLALW. Ytwlllll Hall. White Plain-. X. X.: Phillip Lutlis SCHHOEDER. KE. Pine Bluff: Sltaryn Kay 5l'l'll'lll'fH'l'. Hulwtnlte Hall. Joliet. Hl. lftftllt Ruff: ,lane SLIHXYIECER. l7ull1t'ight Hall. Sl11'ex'e1wrt. La.: Xurtnan llarnett StIU'l"l'. Ytwtttn Hall. Hue: Sarah Lee SKQUTT. lfulltrigltt Hall. titmtsay' Helter-ra SEAHCX. l7ulltright Hall. Dena lun: Httllix Huclell 5Ell'iHlTZ. JR.. atwtttn Hall. Texarkana. .. , , -. ma, - .Sttllt lwtr: lwluert tflenn bhhlll. Htltflllll Hall. Etttluta: Dun l'aul 5lf'lll.ll"l". llttnmltteys Hall. Alagnnlia: Billy .larrell SHTFEH. lllIllllllll'f'fr Hall. Siluam Springxz .lanie Ruth Stl Xxlf. lfulltrigltt Hall. Ift. Smith: Hi1'hat't.l Patriuli SHANNON. IN. Springfieltl. Alu. Swtwtllt Nutr: Hallett H. FHAXNUX. llttmplneyx Hall. lflin- tttn: Kennetlt Hay 5l'lAHll. IIN. lft. Smitlt: .lutlitlt lfllen FHXXY. lfulluigtltt Hall. Nlatlxetl lree: Htfltert William SIIIQIJIJY. llumlv- ltrey- llall. Little Huvlx: .ltllltl lfalxin Slllilf' lil. Helena. lfiyltllt Nutt: Kay flarul Flllfll. lfttllttiultt llall. l'inv Hlulfl , . . . . . . lm- lmul bIll'.l.l.. lltnnplnoy- llall. Nlauanne: Nlaty Fue Slllzli- LXXD. l"ulltrigl1l Hall. Nlvllelteez Hwltin Lea SlllfliNlXN. Hul- t-utnlw llall. l.illle Hwlt: Hulvert tlintun SHQNIXN. .Xl'I'. Hane- fit-lil. Yinlft lt'n1t': Sltarutt Suv SlI.tQtt'l"l'. lftllluight Hall, lfgypttv- xill:-1 Walter lfttaette 5ll.l SH XX. I-l'l'f. li1lltttlt'IlI .luliv SINI XRD, lfullmrigltt llall lft. Hmitltz tlreg-trx llrttvt- SIXIXIUXS. Mwutn Hall. llvttttttti .lm lxztym' SININIUNS. l'ullvt'tgltt llall. l,tttle Huvlx. Twill: Iffur: t'ltat'lt-5 tltaysntt SIHPSUX. lltttnphrt-5, Hall, llalenillv: .luv Ping SIXU. Nm-ttttt llall. l'im- Hlulf: .lamef Duain SKlfl.'l'llN. Springdale: William Xntun Sklilitjltli. Mwtun Hall. lfarttetgiv. lla.: Harp Katltetine Sl HHN. l"a5ettexille. fflrrrnllt ,CHILI Slllilll l"r:ttu'v- Nl.l'fDD. llnlwunlw Hall. Nltlxlm- gee. Ulxla.: Stexen H. 5l.U.-KN. lltttnpltrn-pf llall. Ht-t Springs: William ,l. SXIIQXD. PIX. lfamtlen: lfllun l,uui-v Stlllil.. lfullwigltt llall. littlt- Hawk: Ha-il Xllten SNll'l'll. AUFHIII llall. Hauxite. 'fttwllllt Nutr: Danny llmsartl SXll'l'll. lla-ntunxille: Douglas liatnplwll NXlI'l'll. lltttnpltrvys Hall. l'ine lllufl: .lavqtwline SXll'l'll. l"ulltrigltt llall. little Hawk: ,lill1ll'5 Dennis SNIITII. Mwtnn llall. Waltln: .lolm Xlivltael SNHTH. Avat-ia. 'l'vxarkana. rum.: 1 FI't!SlllllBll This picture was made at the WIHC-MIHC Casino Carnival. The reason no one is in The picture is because the keg is a fake. First Row: Larry Britton S-MITH, III, Pine Bluff, Ray- mond Lee SMITH, Humphreys Hall, Bentonville, Roxano Louise SMITH, Holcombe Hall, Minneapolis, Minn., Terry Ann SMITH, Fulbright Hall, E1 Dorado, Wilma Jean SMITH, Humphreys Hall, Edward Thomas Fulbright Hall, Wynne, Willis Ray SMITH, Little Rock, W. Dee SMITH, Texarkana, Tex., SMITHERMAN, Yocuni Hall, Hot Springs, Eugene SNAW- DER, Yocum Hall, Siloam Springs, Fred Horatio, Jane Ellen SNOW, Fulbright Hall, Douglas SNEED, Dallas, Tex. Second Row: Sandra Lee SNOW, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock, Charles Franklyn SNOWDEN, El Dorado, Carolyn Ruth SPAHR, Holcombe Hall, Fayetteville, Gerald Chester SPAR- ROW, EN, Stuttgart, Suzanne Camille SPEER, Holcombe Hall, Tulsa, Okla., William Arthur SPRATLIN, Humphreys Hall. Dermott, Sherry Lynn SPRINGER, Fulbright Hall, North Lit- tle Rock, Sharon Elizabeth STALCUP, Fulbright Hall, Rog- ers, Sarah Anne STANSELL, Holcombe Hall, Miami, Okla., Betty STEEL, Fulbright Hall, Nashville, George Edwin STEEL. EN, Nashville. Third Row: Barbara Jane STECALL, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock, Virginia Susan STETNEK, Holcombe Hall, West Mem- phis, Jennifer Lee STEPHENS, Fulbright Hall. North Little Rock: Mike STEVENSON, Humphreys Hall, Flippin, Rodger t Yann , neve ' hey ,xii 9, .. mfg QEQGIE I Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock, William David STEWART, Humphreys Hall, Texarkana, John Richard STICKMON, IDX, Blytheville, Patricia Elaine STUCKBURGER, Fayetteville, Barbara Sue STOCKIJELL, Fulbright Hall, Dallas, Tex., Linda Cail STONE, Fulbright Hall. Hamburg. Fourth Row: Stephen Patrick STOREY, AXA, Hot Springs, Margaret Ann STORY, Fulbright Hall, Eureka Springs, Marsha Lynn STOW, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Worth, Tex., Marvin Lee STRANGE, Bentonville, Douglas Hunter STRICBY, Spring- dale, Don Melvin STRVEBING, Springdale, Lynda STUART, Fulbright Hall, Newport, Sara Ann STUART, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La., William Richard STTUBBS, Humphreys Hall. Beebe, Mary Adele STURCEON, Caracas, Venezuela, Judy Ann SUEN, Fulbright Hall, Dermolt. Fifth Row: John Leslie SUMMERS, Rogers, Barbara Ann SUTER, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs, Lucy Ellen SUMMERS, Holcombe Hall, Ozark, Walter Webb SWEET. Humphreys Hall, Forrest City, Sandra Carol SWINT, Holcombe Hall, Magazine, Bruce Douglas SWITZER, Yocum Hall, Crossett, James Donald SYKES, JR., Humphreys Hall, Heber Springs, Gary Edwin TACCART, Humphreys Hall, Augusta, Anna Lynn TARKINCTON, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock, Lois Lynn TARVER, Fulbright Hall, Benton, Carol G. TARVIN, Little Rock. t .-1 , ,gs C 1.6 it their . UM, ,- ,,, itat.. Tv ., Kent STEVENSON, Yocum Hall, Hatfield, Jean E. STEWARD, I 'WW X sf A- t E l Wifi! wt -1395? .- 3' f , 15414 4 U. ,,,,,.,,, ff .fe fa. an .rf l aw ' -n K. R. K Wfx Q25 f Q Nu a Ny ff- . g ,K .iv , P f 5 -ra. "' ,A ,, 5 -I - Wg Qu- N' , T ,K Y O H ,, T n A I " Q '. . As- ' V 1 'E -' , , ,ve .:if ' l3l'ESlllllEll Knowing that it pays to be friendly, ADPi's soft sell rushees Missy Alford and Alice Barnett at one of the return parties. l'1I.xlNHIlI l'alr11-tu IXHYIN. l"t1lln'igl1tHall,HntSprings: llall. xl.llNCl'll' Jarkie Carl TIPTON, Yucum Hall. Green ig.'n . ,lnntniltt Xlilllllll l Xllz. ll lwlmlme Hall. 1. amilen: Kluna .Xlarfha l"fi1'e--I: lli-nniv lluw 'l'lP'l'UN. Xucum Hall, Little HoCk: Wal- 'l'lCNll'l,lf'lll.lN. lfullrriultt llull. El llmailu: .lamee Logan TEN- ter ,lavlvain 'lllll llll. Htltnpllreye Hall, E1 Dorado Springs, Mu. Nt SUN. X4H'lllll l'lall,4 l'in0 lllull: llarlnara 'llyanna 'l'H.M1KlfR. lfnllni--lll l'1ll Vi xe l'itw Ulling john Wifi 'llHANl:I, EN. Tex- ullilllluz lmlve xl""t'll llllleullil-1 l4"i18f'lf9Ylllf33 Ji-fl L- VIXIUJMAS- Ftlllffll llnzrz Laurie KdlllTX'I1 TOWNS-END. Fulbrioht Hall. llanlilf-nz Kathi 'l'lltlXl.XS. l'wllllbl'lg1llI Hull. Little lliwli: l.intla lime Hwk. 'jawn Marie 'IIQRXIXIEI-AI-I Fu1lu.i,,ht Hai unun, 'L' 'llllll' W3 lT"M"lfl'l'l1ia: Marx Ruth 'I'HUN1.-XS. lsllllllillllll ilim 11....wf1t..l,.-it iff- 'lxR.UlllliI,. alle, Little Rat-ttf Rawls' Hull- l4"'l6 hwlx' Ray 'lll'llfX'l'. Springdale: Ellen lliane TREIQCE. H0lC1vl11lJ6 llull. Hariieim: liarlmara .Xnn 'l'HlfXllSl-E. Fullrrigllt Hall. Shaw- V, 1. ,I E. . ,. , 4. -. I nee Xliefinn. Kun.: ,lunlee llivllulrtl 'l'HlBl3l.lf. l'lllll1IlllI'CyS Hall, ll All ,mill 'llllll lg lim ll'llT,lqllAlllT2elll lllll'l,lllJA:,T,'IIl l1lIlllIl'llllQ.lILfl.l-' Naellxillc-1 lfranla .Xlilmtt TRIQIE. .lR.. Humpltreys Hall. Newport: xxlfil'-llll'Kelli-illlsflxx Nui XX' klll xllll' l I- il U lllllnpl' li-vlwrt lfiluaril 'l'llUlftllfH. 80011111 Hall. Xluuntain Home: 'l'lllllllllnXi4lJQ I ml.. it 'nel I xlilllll l'l?If14KllIll2:,X' M5311 'l'lwtf:-11 Nltniv 'l'l'l.K. lfullnriglnt Hall. Fayettexille: Bula Tucker, . ' H ' " - " " '- r ' A- ' ' 145. Little lt...-k. llll lll ll.tll. Hnltig: llinnalrl xlf'l'l'f'll 'llllllNll'SUX. Siloam Spring-: llcnry llmiarfl 'l'llUNll'SllN. lltnnpltreye ll'tll, bur- il n lim I IIIUXIINUY X um lltll l' len ltil l 111.2 P- m, , 04' 1. 591111 1,1 x .. M N H Y" 'rllm11'snx.s,..aa.iQ.itii.-- xim-yczirf-W'l'11m111siiN. I1..1.i.,.t.1,e HH" """' "l""'f"f'l1 IUAIXEI1, Hwlwmlwe Hall. F1f1'1'0Sl llall. 'l1l'XLlliliZlll?.lf Xlilliin lliili 'lllllXll'5llN. THE. Wulilrwll- llity: lfltri-ly Su-n 'lll'l.l,lllllfN, Mictlnl Hall. fllunntain Hume: 'I' num lxlr 'lll l,l,lll'5. fltlll. Pine Bluff: llelty Canal 'I'l'RN- Xblz. l'lIllll'llllll llall. Igalw Yillagez ,lanive llarlene 'l'llHXlfll. Tliirrl Razr: Xliilliwl l.r?e 'l'llUXll'StlN. llinlitlilirvy- llull. 1-ll lliiuee. lfwrning: Nant-5' .lane 'lll.'HXlfll. lfullmrigltt Hall. tllmliin- llnrlmrat illiil IIIUMSUN. Niirtlm little Riwlx lluliert lfl. Smith: l'ann 'lll HNICH. l"nlln'igl1t llall. Nlagniilia: lluxitl Sli-ming 'l'IlflllN'l'llX. llumpltreys llull, flllllltlfflll ,lan ll. 'l'lll ll- lfalnn ll llllNlf. .XXL lllytlwxille: lliltla ll. llxlllfllxlfllll. XIXN. lfatyettefxilli-1 lllnurle- .Nlle-n 'l'll,l.lfllN. Nm-init llull. lslllllflgllll llalll. llftuvl'-: llelur-i-ru .lean l"l'l,lfY. lfulluright Irlall. lim-alzili-3 Xliirx lam- 'l'll,l.liN. lliili-imtliv llull. llarri-nn: Klart- Ntelnille l tymun Huy l'll'l'lfll. Yiwuttt llall. lliwky lliuitlurt. tain llNlS. l'llllll'lf,llll llull. Newport: ,livyve llNlll,l',. l'llllll'l2lll Y . as fr- 4-f - si' l fl fl An in, 'fgwsr' uf w, ,Ugg .Q ,, -I :fl R. D" if an-AL I 1 tb! N 4. I 1 . ffx v - T 2 tu! .J i , VA I V., I First Row: Doris Rae YOUNG, Holcombe Hall, Harrison, Den- ' nis Ray YOUNG, EH, Texarkana, Gary C. YOUNG, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock, Richard Alan YOUNG, Fayetteville, Roger Wil- liam ZIMMERMAN, Humphreys Hall, Elmhurst, Ill. Second Row: Shirley Adair VALENTINE, Fulbright Hall, Dal- las, Tex., Biron Frank VALIER, Yocum Hall, West Palm Beach, Fla., Margaret Ann Valliant, 4-H House, Maysville, Larry Marlin VANCUREN, Harrison, Carol VAN DALSEM, Fulbright Hall, Perryville. Third Row: Richard Lawrence VAN METER, TKE, Little Rock, Mary Kay VANN, Fulbright Hall, Ft. Smith, Joyce Ann VANZANDT, Fulbright Hall, Cassville, Mo., Ray Earl VESTER, Yocum Hall, Stuttgart, Donald Ray VINES, Humphreys Hall, Lit- tle Rock. Fourth Row: Dwight Theodore VINES, Humphreys Hall, Tuc- kerman, Johnny Marvin VINES, EAE, Little Rock, Nancy Ann VOYLES, Futrall Hall, Phoenix, Ariz., Saundra Lynn WADE, Holcombe Hall, Checotah, Okla., Bill WAGONER, IIKA, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Wayne D. WAINWRIGHT, EfIJE, Fayetteville, Gary Adrian WALKER, Yocurn Hall, De Queen, James William WALK- ER, EAE, Fayetteville, William C. WALKER, Bentonville, Fran- cis C. WALL, JR., ECIDE, Forrest City. Sixth Row: Diana Gene WALLIN, Fulbright Hall, Earle, Martha Sue WALLS. 4-H House, Little Rock, Jane Lee WARE, Holcombe Hall, West Monroe, La., Claudia Ann WARREN, Hol- combe Hall, Dardanelle, Charles A. WARRINER, Pine Bluff. Seventh Row: Elizabeth Anne WASHBURN, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La., Dody Charlene WATERS, Fayetteville, Judy Gayle WATERS, Holcombe Hall. Tulsa, Okla., Harold W. WAT- KINS. Yocum Hall, Booneville, Larry Sterling WATKINS, Wil- son Sharp House, Hamburg. Eighth Row: Diana Gene WATSON, Fulbright Hall, Elaine, Elizabeth Ann WATSON, Fulbright Hall, Wynne, Floyd Elliott WATSON, Springdale, Fred Leroy WATSON, Springdale, Norman A. WATSON, Humphreys Hall, Fordyce. Ninth Row: Virginia Carol WATSON, Fulbright Hall, Dallas, Tex., Louis W. WATTS, Humphreys Hall, Monticello, Harold W. WAYMIRE, Little Rock: George T. WEAVER, JR., EAE, Pine Bluff, Burlestine WEBB, Holcombe Hall, Mineral Springs. Tenth Row: Charles Mary WEB-B, Fulbright Hall, Rogers, Eve- rett Thomas WEBB, Yocum Hall, Walnut Ridge, Jerry Edward WEBB, Yocum Hall, Berryville, Dean Tillman WEDDLE, Humph- reys Hall, Corning, Maxie Jean WEIR, Springdale. Eleventh Row: Amanda Jane WELLBORN, Holcombe Hall, Sheridan, Carol Ann WENGER, Fayetteville, David Eugene WEN- NELSTROM, Fayetteville, Neil Stewart WEST, Yocum Hall, Mag- nolia, Ann Marie WHALEY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Peggy Alene WHEELER, Carnall Hall, Sulphur Springs, Bettye Kay WHETSTONE, Fulbright Hall, El Dorado, Mary Anne WHITAKER, Fulbright Hall, Baytown, Tex., Bever- ly Ann WHITE, Holcombe Hall, Fayetteville, Verlene Grace WHITE, Springdale. ab' f vw. -. Z X, "' TX' J ix y X A 1 O 'kr 4. -X V 7 Q.--35" 4' K 1 sq., 9 - ..,.. " A - S 5. " ' 1-J , . . X , ' . -" 'I - . . 1 ----- X .- . if 1- 1:5 '- Q .Q Q 41, , . A gpg V, M. . if io' 2 ., Q- - A 'QF' I Ts- ' 5'-Tl x , A Y V- V ' Sk: . 1-1:15 . ist? ' 1. ,. . ah- W. . an fe ,A N., ,f , 5 -f - ,M -wr . N - . . "' F 2 - .-- . -,, A , W X ,, K ..., " "S - Q ,. ,..,. 3 se.-a: '--- -'-- ' ., , ..... t A A 1-V -V T. . . Q . " .E . H f ., 1- 1 -. ..,, , . X Q ,, f. ,lf 223 1" f - f Qfi ,,. f - x, ,V 1. if M .A , 4 , I ,, f 5,3-e--. ,ygs-- 4.1, r i ' , TV ., , If ,,,--'j 5 , , . , . IAAAZ 1 I p. .E I .p 4 . ' .,.,,. ' 6,71 3, In Q . as 5. X , l f - ' If 2-. i' ' S, ' f ' if , Q - , fe I K ii ,,V. . , , . , V..,.,.,, Z Q J 5 - ,sw , A- 'K M ... 1 ., W .Q , , , -. 1 X - M. ' , ,. f . + -- - A M it ag, ,,,., pg X E ,fr 1 ' ' til. .-fa. ,Q a 'WP Y f .- First Row: Ted Lee WIGCINS, Yocum Hall, Paris: Law- rence William WIKOFF. Yocum Hall, .laeksonvilleg William Manson WILEY, JR., Yocum Hall, Van Buren: Mary Kathleen WILKERSON, Fulbright Hall. Alma: Michael Clark WILKINS. Yocum Hall. Dallas, Tex.: John Richard WILKINSON. EN, Springfield, Mo.: Judith Ann WILKINSON, Fulbright Hall. St. Louis. Mo.: Peggy Jo WILLBANKS. Holcombe Hall. Elaine: Carl R. WILLIAMS, JR., Yocum Hall. Hughes: Charles Ale- meth W"ILI.IAlYIS, Yocum Hall, Little Rock: Charles L. WlI,- LIAMS, JR., Humphreys Hall. Marion. Second Row: James Guy WILLIAMS. JR., Yocum Hall. Pine Illuff: .lames Robert WILLIAMS. Humphreys Hall. North Lit- tle Rock: Jerry Wallace WILLIAMS. Yocum Hall. Marion: Linda Gail WILLIAMS. Holcombe Hall. Little Rock: Nancy Lou WILLIAMS. Fulbright Hall, Monett. Mo.: Pamela .lean WILLIAMS, Fulbright Hall. Fayetteville: Robert Clayton WIL- LIAMS, Yocum Hall. Pine Bluff: Kathryn Susanne W'II,LIAM- SON. Fulbright Hall, Falls Church. Va.: Millie Ann W'ILLS. Holcombe Hall. Tulsa, Okla.: Charles Preston WILSON. Yocum Hall. Amity: .lon Robert WILSON. Humphreys Hall. North Little Rock. Tlzirrl Row: Karen WILSON. Holcombe Hall. W'aldron: Stephen Milo WIINDLE. EN, 'Pine Dluff: Stanley ,loe Willy- CIZRT. Humphreys Hall. Rose Rnd: Hartsell Clark WINC- "es if H Q.. L...,: A II'lfSlllllt!ll Warm weather brings the different women's housing groups to- gether for intramual softball competition behind Waterman Hall. FIELD. Willfflllll Hall. North Little Rock: Luther WINKLE. JR., Yovnrn Hall. Texarkana: Iames .I. WOLFE. Humphreys Hall. Little Rock: Mr-Allen WOLFE, Springdale: Harrell Wallace WOOD. .lR.. Hocnm Hall. Pine Bluff: John Robert WOOD. Yor-um Hall, Camden: Vivian Marie WOOD, Springdale: W. I. WOOlJlfORl'l. JR.. Yoctnn Hall. Little Rock. Fourth Rozr: lleyerly Cruse WOODS. Fayetteville: Ellen .-Inn WOODS. Fayetteville: Nancy Ellen WOODS. Fulbright Hall. Little Rock: Sammy R. WOOLDRIDGE. Bentonville: William Robert WOOLLY. Humphreys Hall, Little Rock: Tommy N. WORKS. Humphreys Hall. Texarkana: Lyndell P. WURTHIQN. ATS2. Forrest City: Andrew Madison WWRAY. KE. Memphis. Tenn.: Larry John WRIGHT. Yoeum Hall. Paris: Lou Ann WRIGHT. Futrall Hall. Corning: Max A. WRIGHT, Springdale. lsllfifll Rout Myron Frnest WRIGHT. Havana: Randall Blaine WRIIIHT, lil. Lonoke: Richard Lionel WRIGHT. SAE. Tex- arkana: Robert Lynrlol WRIGHT. EXE. Texarkana: Richard Hill WYXTT. EX. lllythexille: Frances .Kun YANCEY. Ful- bright Hall. llentonxille: Mar-hall L. Y,-XXTIS. EX. Ft. Smith: .lack tXTl'fS. Springdale: Nita S. YATES. Fulbright Hall. ,Xni'l1orage. Xla-ka: Mary Xnna YER. Fulbright Hall. Eudora: lfliarles lfugene NIFIIJIYC, I'IllI11l1h1'Qy'i Hall. XYQNI. .,,.,., ,, V iyy , 1 -e.' Mg I 'Ti 54" as. 6,-c 1-on y I . 4, .. ' 3, " -1 -4- a s , ' Y' Y- . - ' " 'Y - ':' W! J s. 1 h li F K ' t "Wi"7' ' .. . , 1 A f f , . , , .. Qi ' rv, 2 :hw Q.. AA D E , . ' gn "' C ix . nz- 1- - - X. t LL 1 ' 1 I n thx 'I' 'C' X Q 40" MW! af 'Q if 8 e University Tl1eatre's production of Ketti Frings' powerful play "Look Homeward Angell' presented an excellent cross section of lwrnanity. v Look Homeward l3lClN KANI' lint i-i- Ihnis XIIIS. NIMIIIC "I"A'l"l'Y' I'l'fll'l' S iii- Nlnsli-5 IIICIAIN IANI' IMIHUN Nlgny N iini iii-mi-s lllillll IMIIIUN .lim llurlun I I.lZA CAN! l'4niIu 'l'l irtiui psnn Mlxli i.I,A'l"I' Dir-li ,Nllwin WHS. I I A'l"li Nli-lisa niii Ii- Rupp l IU! Id NlfXNf,l.l'l llluvlu Spf-uknmn 5 or 'lf-XlilxIXlL'I'ON nge , Urrt Hnlwrlg MISS IIHUXYN IAIAHX .l XXIICS W. 0. ll XYI' llll. Nl Mil llllf Burlulru lynn Hex m'i' ly Hari G m'11c I J mwliit s Uvnrgv l'lflWHl'f'lF llml Saumlvrs Nl.fXllUllf l'fl,lf:Xl3l'f'l'll Nlarslm Vanm lllilf li XYI' Wlula aitm l xXVlllif'l'SUll Tartuffe I CAST TARTUEFEE H- ..., Jerry.Hoberts ELMIRE he AA Sharon Silt-ott ORG - ON '-g- EEE Gene Jones lVlARlANE A Tani Czarovitck CLEANTE . , eeeeee R on Green 'llessie Tuck VALE E --- R Steve Dfazsnzak MADAME PARNELLE ... ,... B arbara Lynn DAMIS -M Doyle Wesson LOYAL RV UM Dick Jones DORINE , nnnn tee e A Ae Gall Beggs OFFICER We --,-,nn Dick Albin MAIDS so E E ,AAAAA Patty Johnson Kathleen Barclen OFFICERS -ee --- Charles Canerday Terry Worthy Anthony Moats Gus Nelson Nothing would stand in the way of Tartuffe's, Uerry Robertsl to try to seduce her mother Elmire, fSharon Silcottl, who saved attempts to marry Mariane. It even became necessary for him the Moliere comedy by being a dwell-stacked but faithful wife." There is an excellent array of characters in Bertolt Brecht's and prostitutes. In thus scene Tiger Brown lGlen Jotwcsl, an play "The Three Penny Operaup these include beggars, thieves Mnchcath Ulm Bmclctnl, glorify each othor lbotorc- cast members Three Penn pera Srlllllflfl' SlNfll'fll llztxitl Crain lflllfll lit-up Crm XIII. ,l. ,l. l'lfMIlll'Xl llzty nHlllll'l'lIllZ NI Nik-S H XNU Xllli l'l'lmUfllllNl Sltirlf-5 'lllwntus Xl YIHI' ljuxlt, wbssun I'lUl,l,N XX illit- ,ll'ilII lll'lII'Hl'll Xlxlf lluxm' limi XlfUflll'lX'l'll .lim Ilrmlt-rt llllll llmt ltl'1'll5UIl ,ll-:xxx lst..-1.3.1. xlnltam ll W" "ll Nwlwl l,l CY IIIHJXX N Illwmltt Uglt-sltx 'lxlllf lQllll,5 Xunvy lluim-5 ljfjllllx' Hl,U,I.h Hum IIICV. lXlXllll'fl,l, lllvn Umul Nlllllt liltt-mln Oglvsln 'lqlillfll IRIIUWX Ulvn .lttm-s Xml.-X lhim-X xxvxl:l1lQx SXll'I'II Itit-k tum VUXXICII 'lx-t-.Pt Ft-in-lx ,,g.,,,i.,...s-5 t i inouiiiiiisiclgorrsi , jisaigmw 20 E3f55041,i-'xii 1' J 'W UOSH 5 UARK qw we ,vm Uarkettes who toured in Europe Were: Martha McCreW, Barbara Mullins, Ray Boudreaux, David Crain, Shirley Thomas, Andrea McCurry, Nancy Rainey, Rhonda Oglesby, Judy Safely, Nancy Wallace, Theda Doyle, Richard Black, Gene Cray. and Carolyn Hundley. Kenneth Ballinger was director of the group. Uarkettes . . . university opera Workshop Fourteen members of the University Opera Work- shop toured American bases in several European coun- tries this past winter giving programs under the Na- tional Music Council and USO programs. The group traveled under the name of "the Uark- ettes." They were directed by Kenneth Ballenger of the University of Arkansas music staff. This was the first University group to tour Europe under government sponsorship and the second U of A singing group to make such a trip in recent years. The Uarkettes performed on tour from January 24+ to March 15, after arriving in Frankfort, Germany from New York City. They presented a variety program which consisted of the operetta, 'iArchie and Mehitabeln, along with various other song and dance numbers by mem- bers of the troupe. The Uarkettes featured number was the operetta, "Archie and Me hitabelf' This performance was appreciated by U.S. servicemen , bu 4 rt 'gtgwf .-an ur" Department of Architecture 'X -""' 'lille lirriw-r'sity of Arkansas Departlnent of Al'Cl1- 1tec'turv is une nl the must nell-known in tlie country. It is rapidly taking its pttm- as an nutstancling depart- ment llltlllttg 4-nllvges tlrrungzlntut tlie United States. l'cluzn'cl lt. Stone. famous ,Mr1vr'it'm1 arvlritevt and one tnne stnclt-nt nt' tlre University. praised tlw ltepurtlnent 's trunk. l'.iI'Ul1If1'UII of .ll'l'!Il.fl'l'fIll'f'. tim-In war tlte Univ-rsity ul Xrkunsus stuclent Clmp- tu nf tln 'Xtttt't'li'illl Institute nl Xr'c'l1itm'ts sponsors an IIISINU Inn trip tn at nminr city in the llniterl States to stutly tlw nrvtltmls :incl styles ul' n1'c'ltitvvtl1r'v in tltat urea nf lln- eunntry. 'lille grunp went tn Cttit-age in ix V363 :incl pluitlwml 11 trip tn San l71'um'ist-0 in 1061. K ililivsv trips zrllnw tln' stutlvnt to vxperivltvv tlie work Architectural students spend a large part of their spare time over "t""'l""'F 'tl' his liululiv llliolvsslml HS ll is Wlalml lu rlmvving boardsg most regret Fine Arts Center's "early" closing hour. IIS Ztvlllitl lUt'Zlllty. ,,,ss.f.wsw- , 'S-sg-gawiiivv' Keith NlcPheeters and a student discuss aspects of a design problem. The Department of Architecture is a very active one and has achieved high standards in its field. There is an annual inspection by the AIA which rates the depart- ment. By this inspection the standing of the department is maintained at its high level. This level of achieve- ment has contributed to the rising importance of ach- itecture as a profession and accepted business in the State of Arkansas. The department has sponsored different projects and speakers during the year. One such speaker was Bruce Goff. a Well-known Oklahoma architect, Who- lectured on his experiences. There are often exhibits in the Fine Arts Center Gallery sponsored by the department. These exhibitions vary from student showings to the work of members of the architectural profession throughout the state. Instruction is not limited to the classroom. Design classes make inspection trips to area buildings such as this new student center. 150 3 ,, ,,ieQ,i ,wk .4 'iff' mpwhuv Instructors of Introduction to Art have the advantage of sending students outside to draw. The instructors are then free for coffee and their students, not to be outdone, are free for tho afternoon. rt Department The Art Department is one of the outstanding de- partments in the College of Arts and Sciences. It has set a high goal of standards for other art departments in the state. The department plays a major part in the cultural life of the University and the Fayetteville community. The faculty and students have participated in various art exhibitions and programs such as The Student Art Exhibit and the Southwestern Art Show. Several art students have displayed their paintings in some of the well-known state art centers in Little Rock. Pine Bluff and Fort Smith. The Arkansas Arts Center Artmobile's visit to the campus was one of the highlights of the year. The art- mohile was showing a display of 17th century Dutch originals. The Art Department offers a wide variety of ac- tivities with courses in sculpture, painting. commercial art. graphic arts. art education. and the history of art. The department has for many years had an influence on the methods and styles of its students as well as those at other art centers. Bill Hancock, senior art major, works late in the painting studio. IIHTZ . 1 f v X ,M V, kg- ,f . -X4 S , Qc ws! fx v .xy xf wwf LN W 'V S S M uc , ' Mx We . fs- 'f Gym c S S, 54,-. .y ff 22, ,hs Q e in T QQ, X fx mf - X T Q 1 W ,, f X ,f 4. W X X at Sz Q- , fffae K . e Q X K W X f N X RY f . . ,Q , W Wx f 2 'ww tymv r 1 f 3f4f.qQff0x 51, 1 Q. f f , S Z ff c. Q We f 4 2 Q X 4U0w. S 2 Q X, 3 W ' , Q' "meg .1 me Www i Students enrolled in the Art Department's sculpture courses create not only apartment monuments but satisfaction in their work. J -and em. S 1 i 151 a 'AFC' I C I MF fb ,- "'P"lm.,,,,.g -V' x X X ,Rx 5 Y. -N511 wr' 1 if Q-:IT X X -L 4. k ,, 9 9.5 1 .- I 'f l af av' me x 9 '.Q,p.f 'Q ff 0 .ff Q Pli- .ar Dr. Marx Pales, professor of music and director of the University- Fayetteville Symphony, skillfully leads the orchestra in one of the many programs held on the Fayetteville campus each year. The or- chestra holds its concerts in the Fine Arts Center Concert Hall. University - Fa etteville Symphon Fifteen years of experience and dedication to their Work have made the symphony orchestra a well-known musical group in the Fayetteville area. It is composed of students at the University and people of the com- munity. The concert programs presented three times a year include Works by many of the world's greatest composers. The orchestra usually tours various cities in Ar- kansas and gives programs for public schools and the general public. First semester Dr. Roger Wicldei' replaced Dr. lVlarX Pales. who was studying in Europe, as director of the symphony. Memloers of the University-Fayetteville Symphony take part in outside activities such as this small groups performance for "The Three Penny Opera." AWN Performing in the Fine Arts Concert Hall, the Collegiate Singers offer one ot their outstanding concerts to musically minded patrons. Universit Chorus and Collegiate ingers The University Chorus and Collegiate Singers are the ltto largest singing groups on Campus. University Chorus is open to most University stuclents. hut Col- legiate Singers is a more select group and requires more musical training lo lieeome a member. This year the llnirersity Chorus was clireetefl hy Charles Dawson antl llouglas Morris anrl the Collegiate Singers were tlirectetl lux liirllarcl l'll,'Hlllf,'l'S. The Christmas Concert which is given hy these two groups ancl Sehola Cantorum was presented hefore the Christmas holiclays. The programs consistefl of four 7 4 nunilit-rs liy lvnirersity Chorus ancl ten numliers hy the Collegiate Singers. 'llhe Iwo groups spenrl the prececling semester in preparation for this Concert. The spring semester is ust-tl at-vortlingly to prepare for an annual spring cont-erl at the encl of the school year. These con- certs are rtwortlecl and solfl on rec-orcl to help finance the lnternational Stutlent Organization. This organization proxitles scholarships for foreign stuclents. 'l'lw r-horal groups give l-nirersity stuclents an op- porlunilx lo gain something of a musical eclueation hx at-liw partir-ipation in a choral group. 3? xv WX XMNXK ntl Practice, practice, practice - this is the "dict of University Chorus. Some members wonder who got them into the choral group, 1 4 -nag. snr:-LW" H-' -emewsff-'fu' g -r 1717 f"'-,SLNtM'fi2 i4 W1M'f3xm'cBW4Iammfmmm?:L4+3s2t"e., al.,.v M- Famed Schola Cantorum gave their annual Christmas Concert with other University choral groups shortly before the Christmas holidays. Schola antorum Arkansas has a definite reason to be proud of the Schola Cantorum, the University of Arkansas' most selective choral group. The famed U of A choir has an excellent record behind them and is constantly moving ahead in the field of musical accomplishment. The Schola Cantorum, under the direction of Richard Brothers, has set a high level of standards which govern its performances. The This year the Schola gave concerts around the state and started plans to return to the Guido d'Arezzo Inter- national Polyphonic Competition in Italy. It was this competition which the group Won several years ago that raised them to their present level of prestige. practice sessions of the group are essential. This Schola meet- ing with Mr. Brothers is held in a Fine Arts Center music studio. 1 ff 1, A , ,' L., A, A 'lf s--rf , x ' " wh A ,., '- H ay 'x 0 'rx ,",ur 4 . , . y,,..,v gn, ww X-... 'wk 'al , wx, 06 ,Af veg- fb U. r " A 'f X ef'-W . 'wen is ' .5 ' .:"" .4 in ,,. I . , v-r-- .Rm s'rQ T ' 1 in, . ' .. K. A 6 Q -.1 ' A, .-.jf n ' 1' 329.4-iii :Ffa we n --. A .,a'7f!1..:j4. '- - A 'V-' ' N wp., ,ir - ,Q ,-52' 5'-X lg, 5 .5 ' 5 lgs " S 'Tl'-1 -,, 'Ja v Q4 : -' ,Liar ' PS - ,M , .,. ,Q-1, -fr 1 - ,Q 'bl' W ,Y 555' . 6 ,M , as. -'dl ." .25 X ' 1, Q ' " 'l. , , ", ,Pg-f .4 mv- 3- . , . ' ' 1 '+, JJ e . . . 5' ,:."-:..'- fl- -.f 1. mv- fi ,,-"'1.w,.:-., ,44 1 - , :.C.fu,-.AL - 14ft:: " : 1' A . . ,V me ,Wg 5, ...rgllh A. . Q Q -54-.4 -, -:f-A-"f-,aw far g -' .ga " .' ' ' .- -,sfbf I L,5n-+-wk In 4 jjj: ,ff -rf-.2 ' fs.-4 -- we -f .4 'h-.1 -. .-'P-25 A , - r 1 n 3-k X, ' - ' . 1'-M, .-"la-f" ' 1- 4 "ff fsgaid ' 5 . J x .-Q 74U'.' " ' i 'Er--'IJ' 'rs' '15 V' '. . 3 . A, ,M X, - .f....5f, 42 Tffog M .1 -H J ...tail ,:0, U n"3'-fig. 'P -. '-.'-' - , 5 V ,gs-3,41-,,x ad- X I-be 73? 4,-S . C' FE., -s--W. -vw ,ggi-,A,k'4,,+s . ' ' ' ' , 1' "" "' 4' 2. , um X f'F,. 'W-.L 1-I ls 41.5 :ye-R - - -1,-'ft fu igi 1 , I ' :.-l ff' if ., .s ,,..r-5, 'Wk -. AK f"Q'X5'L,' .52 News y -ig f"S wiv .rw 5? H. ,, 47 fx . .. x, 7 " . , W 1 , f M W ,,., ., . V , , , ,.. A A 5 gag , A -Amp, b agp' an .i in C, . " ' ' ' -' " 1 lj if. -' i Ax v 4, v .fp fZ'fg"1 .L . 'Sf 7 " 1 I " MTL ull- 'L 1 'fic-'Z' nh' 'A' 'Q 5 SYJEYF' S ,riff Q .X-ali - .A N Q - r gc 'h , ' ' '44, . - . -wg Q-.r , -s U-I 1. .N 'M Q31 1 ' 7 'T -- -'5' N r. ff' 'NN , -- , .. , ' if M' " ' . -. 1 ' wi... , 4, ' ' ,, ,,., Na-hi ., K - K,-,. .i Ig 'lr '-.X . AM! f ', " .,... 2 , X Xi V' -Ng,..i- -1 K X , -. , ' A K A ,W V 1 - ' ' ' W J IW21' ' , , ,Yi , P ,- " , Q' ' N in H ' ' 4 lx! ' K' ,V I Ms' muh U Wi . W In A, . E2 4, U. If 4 ' ins' ' ', A A f , - - - 1 1' ,D m . . fi -4-. , , , Jog ' , 5 5r ',. lim -c. 'ie 1 4: 'x The "Marching Razorbacks" with the fans, didn? perform after too many games One of The bands exira activities This year was iis performance at the cledicaiion of Greer's Ferry Dam and Reservoir at Heber Springs rf' ' : T4-NY' I .6 -. ,X Q L SIM! ' vm A 3 ' s .V J' Q 1 Q' ' , c 'O' -ol ' Q., .4 '. ,-.wg - - L "' , 12 Q f W M ,V The "Marching Razorbacks" form before the Fine Arts Center Gallery before marching to a pep rally in the Greek Theatre. . .t f A 1 B d The University of Arkansas Band has set an excel- lent standard in previous years and 1963-64 Was no eX- ception. Under the capable direction of Dr. Richard Worthirigton, the ulVlarching Razorhacksw once more completed a very successful season. They marched at home games and many out-of-town games. The pep ral- lies were memorable experiences due to the humor and good spirit the hand displayed. One of the highlights of the year was the hand's trip to Greeris Ferry to play in greeting to the late President Kennedy when he appeared in Arkansas to dedicate the new dam. Through its participation in University activities. the Band plays a major part in the University year. Trombone section stands close at a Little Rock pep rally. The Arkansas Drum Majors lead the band out of the Greek Theatre after one of the Fayetteville rallies. The band contributed much to lagging spirits of Razorback fans during football season. 'Praise s me reit all 1 QHK iWti4EQMm,'4Y.s2' .'.' wt L 3.2 , .3 'wwe V 1- h?.."r'f' ' .rf 11' . Pt as .. , Mt- LN, 1-j .I 5 1 ' q7fSSLf65Six'?N?,:I--,V T f,.:.AL 1 ,L-X-gr zijhjexl - in k....i'7'K-A. f' 'if fs' . . ,. --avi A M S? Sf X w . W x 5. ws X 'Sf ' Z, N , 4 : H 2 i ' Q 7 ,, Y Q www, A V n X J" ' x ' Nfffwxwmv 445395. , ' MMM ' ,M -um .. nf if .,,,,,,QN Q 'S iff ., 735 X W 5. Q4 ' 5 ,X fm. P 3 i H X 1 wiv diy ' fm, . ,, :uw -C., " sf Ls' X 'K ff' '- f . I zpigivrjffih - ' -3 . 4 ,f,,,.i, 1 H 'hu g ' x wa- A il? Bruce Gott, well-known Bartlesville, Okla. architect, was a guest lecturer for Department of Architecture. Brooks Hays, Special Assistant to the President of the U.S., pre- sented a lecture on the world situation and the nation's internal problems, particularly those related to national race situations. G es Speakers Dr. Russell Kirk was a political speakery also known as a writer and professor. Kirk was concerned with conservatisnfs future. Federal Judge Murrah speaks to group in Waterman Hall 5 1 - 5" The covered walk on the west side of the Fine Arts Center Gallery offers excellent protection' as a rainstorm hits Fayetteville area. 7 X W , Z . . f J W. ZS , W ,J I 1, - , , ff A15 ,, M ff-Wujww W 3 W X f, We , 5 1 aff . 5 is 1 'gif Q f UQ A SPN' 32 f.. 45 Z' ,X we f we ff ,f f Q iz .. -, A ef Q ' f- ,, i l ff K 206-1 ' fi 2 e IE f if M ? wa ' Se 2 Q fi W ff V ' - 4 S4 M552 M . -..,.,,, ,Q ,,. , X 'ff f.Q5 z 5 ' ' 1 2 W yf WM' 1 f- '-M fs 17 X. X 7 ef Ve , fag- W f- an 'f X W : W f' f fx X ,fy is ' 4 law- bww Y yr . ww A , an 'M ' N 161 M-we A..-ts .... WWW 7220 THE YEAH Koffzzcfzrome by Bob Nichols i p n v ,fair iz .172 I, . , ,, lf - ,,,M,,,,. 'HS' - ...-sg '- , 2? fm' + -- H'- ,.- ...1 , Q . 4 .. :fn '. 'f ii! ' zmzzsifiii- 3: . 'J' ' 'W f 5 , 'qu I V " 7.4 ,. liifgzs , dv ' 1 if F 5. 'f - Q .Q v ,E . 'x , ,. 1-,J , . 1 5 HT u I , 3. s . ,Mg,.V X . 2 'Q 'z , Q , , . ai X ,F y In 5 d 1.25. gr? i. ky mmgrfb. ii s. , P' Y ' , ' t9.nff.- f J, 2 tg' P 41 L 1 'rl l ,J f' :"f'. yr!! ' rcltff KJ . x 3 1' - f .4249-"'f. "'1 . M V! ,A ,, 4 ,, '59 ' -fum- ,Afp if. -.-' -, E , :Aff ' 'X l "Y,"-.4 if ' A 4 1-QV" if ?'?f,'.-Q .. ' ' Y ' W, , .Jf'1ll3,'?"""r'. ' "v film wh IFS 54. .lv Y Q Q-1 Qf' l , In - ,. ' Q f .-57' f ' , x? .ll f. 1' 7 4 4,.,.....,..... --1-fu"-H, .. .av- 4-null'- N - .45 s f 5 . J' 1. . "A4i'4 Q: 1 4-, 0-VN Ol a'5'Y' 7 f ' v 'A if 4 OID i I I' of D i',.x wa 1 'f lv A bi ,, lv' 5,41 I Q. YQ 1 A new gimmick, old cars, was used by the Lambda Chi's to attract theattention of rushees when picking them up for the preferential parties. When preparations for rush week begin in late Au- gust, Fayetteville comes hack to life. The chapter lead- ers return to plan parties and strategiesg pledges return to give houses the annual face-liftingg and some return using rush as an excuse to quit work and start partying. Rush begins with a house tour on Sunday for men. Sororities begin a series of eight parties. After Sunday. rush begins in earnestg rushees face the unprecedented challenge of selling themselves and making a decision that will have a major effort on their college life. Everyone -- rushees and Greeks alike - is relieved when the week is over. Saturday at 1:00 is a big mo- ment for the Greek system. Welcomed with a girlish squeak and a hug as she approaches the Zeta door, a favorite rushee is greeted exuberantly by Jane Massey. Uniformly stacked, these Tri Delts peer out the window, singing a rush song and waving at the rushees as they walk on to next party. Ru h Ends -- Pled ing Begins u f "Katy bar the door" or "Run over Dean Jones" as the Dean helpfully rushces receive the bids. The boys are eagerly anlicipafing per- holcls open the door of the Studenl Union ballroom, where the men mission to blast out of the Union into ilso nailing throng outsde. xi .X .1 F' Q ig I ,... One girl liiigs ,inollii-r girl. Ono girl hugs two girls. Ono girl hugs a boy. Whole lot of hugging going on. llili ww Watching as the first batch of new pledges iump into the arms of their new brothers, the crowd tries to figure out who pled- ged what. However, there were no surprises in the group that is coming out now. Alphs pledged nine little brother legacies. Girls get so happy they cry. This phenomenon happens in great numbers when the girls get their bids and begin hugging one another. Maybe it is a release from tension of the week. The girls hold white flowers, which is undoubtably symbolic. W. ' " ?l , Y 32sNi.f N fa 9 Qs is ! 5 XX K x 5 43" ' 'V7 v la ' -a fm 1 't l IiiEEEi 1 'hs ' , will-I f wi 7 - - , UQ - - - -. - x, 3" w ,Q 1 :lf-Q' r'fi-.-- - 5 - 5154 VV.. . 1. ' P-ff n . M tl? -I ' I .-HM n Ljgqfw- 7 ' -frff .sq-' 1- V A ,, -, - 1. , A.. , -ai ' ,4. -' ' . ' ".--- , --'QT' "..4 ., l ..':-fn'-. -' ' -7 1 Sei -. F4 -- " za-'ff iv 5 'sg - 'i -.- f X Z Freshmen and parents inspect newly completed Yocum Hall. Although the vyorknmn had not yet finished entirely, the hall was livable. The Lon Road Begins Par? of the eagerly awaited freshman crop, Rhonda Oglesby seems to he very happy to be at thu U ol A. XX illt llw lvnlxvrsilx i-nrnllmvnl snuring mm' 7.300 nn C'illI1l1llS In at l'i-1-nrtl lllgll. llu- ln-slintvn uf lllfmfl-lil. Ilia' Hill' lnahics, vmnc ln t't1ll1'911'. :Xml Hlllvgt' lllltl Vllilllgvll uxvl' lllt' 5111111111111 N1ll'lllll llz1ll.nn4-nl llu- tum gmnls llllllhlllgl l1ll'1lSlllll1'lllS. npvmwl :ls ilnins lin ilu- lirsl linux R2lZl1l'lxlll'li llnll. l1I'K'Yll1l1SlX nlll' nf the 1 s nusmg: ilu' lll- ini using- numlwx' ul t-n-1-ils nn Ullllllllli has spurlivml ll'Q'llll'lltlUllS un- .fga lll'lllllxlllQh lllu' llu' llt'N iltirm. llulv llalll. llns yvau' was lltv lirsl yvur ull llnlmtrrit-il lrvsllmvn mon were iw-qinii-4-tl lu lin- in lliiixwslly-prmiilcml llUllSlI'lQlfCllllCl' l'l0l'lllS nl' lrulvrnily. l"ri-slum-n xiniiivn xwrv sprvgtil lrnm Fullwrigltl In lltil- Sinu' llu-y try ln vnnlnrln. llll' lrvslmwll were quivlily assimi- lim-il inln llw raunpus svvllv. Illlllxy lmtl lwgun thi- lung rnml ln urauluatlinn. Q z '18 .Q Z Wh - . . . en 'heY vvlvnfeered 10 help move in the freshmen girls into Fulbright Hall, these boys did not plan on actually working. .14 ,.,., if be Ev 6 e gg If is frequently said that freshmen get younger every year. This year one parked his tricycle outside Yocum. Towering in the background is beginning of Hotz Hall, a new nine story dorm for the increasing number of co-eds. Tr i' ' r tmewxwfm my W ,und-gg,"Iq.'l J ,,.,.g...s i, Q., ,-Q-.k v 'L ,,. ..--1, . ri ......-r-- - Q- ..... ge ..,..L.., g Q. H "' wo- . 7 , . .. l s"w b 1",- l . N -., v l 1 5 .1 1...-..""'E 1- ? ' v..-..-1 '-in , , 4 1- 4 s l t ,',f.r"-24 549 WL, Nu. .Q-, , n- -us., Pf.-2 's- . Lining the steps of the Men's Gym, students retreated from the din on the inside to fill out schedule cards and watch other students, Who' In Charge Here. In the basement of Old Main, wlwrr- thc packets ari- clistrilautod outsidc the office nl thc vilified IBM a scared student bites his nails as he gets packet r'sl ,..' -V, 'il 'V X O Judy Adams, serving in the Army as ROTC sponsor, is do- ing something besides recruiting unvvary into the 7:30 class. -I In a typical scene, everybody waits and watches while a worker shuffles papers and hunts for desired :lass card, vii' umm ,lm N- v1e"S409"'m wsu' 'ish fr 1,4 jfs Registraiion is war-and war is hell. Therefore, registration is hell. Bur so are classes, Tests, term papers, and any homework. N , ,My Nifga. ,rw ' T' ., f K ,La:.,M 171 'dh This This L. 41.10" 'Ang IN f J. .TQ if UF .. 9 .- . :1 K It This line leeds into the basement of Old Main, where-barring unfortunate circumstances beyond control-students receive registration cards. Anybody that likes registration either needs a mental cheek-up or a gold medal. Although some fortunately skip through the process, most hog down. And for some, registration is an endurance test. Registration is like a game of Monopoly. When you get in line for a class card. you take a Hehancew. The card will either say "advance to next plaeew or hre- turn to startn. Even seniors get lost: freshmen are dumh- founded. Advisors are either gone for coffee or con- fused too. Last stop during iourney through registration is Razorback desk, where confused workers make appointments for confused students. Not believing, wide-eyed Susan Brown learns that required section is closed and only one open meets on Saturdays at 7:30 in morning. ,JW Fair nd Rock ood Revisit d Night spots like the Rockwood Club do a booming business during are free to squander September allowances in one week. This week the week of registration. With no classes or homework, students is the college debut of freshmen girls-who "can't believe it". y g to tfillf filifwf- the roar. Everybody dances on slow oncs. Pom shows John how to do it. Thirsty show-off downs a beer X , 7 iv W Q2 T il wi V it . . mf, i is . 9' y W, W 5 5, Eff' sf l Y is fs 1 Q 2, f 'sly . yi Out of breath and giggling, couple emerges from the Haunted House at the Washington County Fair. The fair comes to Fay- etteville every September anol the carnival gets rich on the free spending college set. Beware ot game with the ping pong balls. With other tamer amusements in the background, audience takes in the teaser to the strip show. All sorts of people go to the fairy maybe it shold be required for sociology. Off for the evening, a car hop from George's watches the strip show. . cxifiig '. 1 Y' - ,J " 0 4 QF, .43 ff' L 7- x' A X' 1' X ,Q 4 fh- 4 Y iz, All real contenders Krhymes with pretendersj, these sweet young girls chcerily sit on stage at the Air Force ROTC sponsor selection. Seeing Is Not Believin Carolyn Norris, wearing a big smile, is a stand-out. -Q. 'f 1713 1 lfurly in llut full. tlu- ROTC mlm-pui'tiiu'i1ls clvvitlc that Cadet morale he lu-mls u luutsl. 'lqlu' wi'nrilit-s. lumping for ll prestige luuwst. huns! up fs snnu- girl anul svnil lu-it ini-r lu ilu' Kilim-lx 'l'lu'anvr. 'l'ltvrm'. in ilu' lu-st 410 I inililziry muniu'r tvhin up. 4-lwsl null. slut passes in review. l' wlllluwngzli tlux vzulwle lime luwn nffii-iulh M'2ll:lll'fi nnl ln luuwt. .Nw luillvr. znul null' ulnslli-. llu'y mln innun. grnanl. grin. znul gasp with tli-light. :X fmt' gin- lxiuvuiiig winks anul ni-vzlsioxiully nuclei' the fel- Iim nvxt In him. 'l'lu'n ilu' vzulvls xnlv lnr llu' ones they wan! for lIUllUl'lll'f Cnlmwls. ll tlovsifl svmn In inullvr llml inns! of tlw zllltliviivv is ton far away ln sm- ilu- girls' fum-s. 'I'lu- lumps arc ahh' ln arrive al ilu- rlvvisiini any wily. Suffering boys assume the "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" positions of the three clean-living monkeys. PPWV ,," is 1 ft! 1 ,ui QQ? Q 1 73 A - ..,.,.., .... , ,V Q ws S X N Q fu ai ' Wearing a white Carnation and a black look, KSFGVI Carl- son prepares to march across the stage of Greek Theatre. Sexy Vonda Jones, veteran of many campus campaigns, up-lifts arms and shows desire to serve approving troops. 4 l .Ns if 'X O? I 0 I Razorback Band marches into Student Union to entertain state government officials during Legislative Weekend. qu., fri Ai Guests of the University and Fayetteville Chamber of Com- merce, Sen. Fulbright and Gov, Faulnbs sit at head table. l T' .R din Y X J I f... ,y .-if - aku. Standing and cheering as The Razorbacks score, no one is anywhere near assigned seat. Despite charts in Traveler, group seating arrangemems were hopelessly confused again. V n , ur-1-5 - A : 'gfgli , . ..3.'e g.3:gjjf,Q,-. 4 Aa.. . Hg., . - .,f1,3-qv!! , , . 1, . my gp 1 .fr S . , vvr A, iz.. 54 1. A mx' ' .4 Q' , y ' ' ' - 1 ' 1- 5 . vi ,,g,' ml, "1 wg! f 1. ' I AP' F' r 'f , , .. ,, .. , .-, " Lvglf-'L 'fr A5555 - '-iff? .' 1- ' was -A 3,- .df A3239 . 4, .fir 1 ,, , .,. A.. 0 -, 1 ' 5? Q ' 6' gg J. , - , yqp-., 4, 'T' , D "' 5' . TT-' A. ,- .3 55 , -xi f . f-2 1, R gy, 4, WW' f .. 'fe' , 5' -1 -34 ' ' ". ' ' - A - , M is V, Ng ,F 1 - 51 1- 0o?x.,g.., , A l?.f5?1-, '- 'Al T Wx uvzay e , ,,, vu -es I i..4.A,, ...ww , i F sn Q 13 1.2 i 4 5 " . , . 'll ' A. Q, 5.1 W... . 1.5jQjj.f -' 0 u -..-M f ,V , 1 D . 1 5 U X J - I N x ':. 1 Q . v , ' fx ' ' ' 'f' sg Q' 3 . 4 .. .4 K' '. 1 -," W K., ' is t N.. r Y' , ,.... 74-V. . . 9 1-0-l ' 1 J u 1-4, 6 4 .- tv 1' I I ,f 1, f I. .xg ff x rfif s. 1 gf! no ' . H -. 1"A,v1 P ., , , . .I ' 559. 1 .... lv' f.6 f .vw 1 ' 1 0,-fb' "H Q- lb .. xlnnlvnw- A z.. nib. .chifiv 'v .W Q Y 3 i , 4 .', K' .-...- - ,.r --4. Q -.f .,."f. .w rw 'suv' ' 5 ,Q 'ff 0' A , Sq- .. Q . tw. 'A 7 l 1' I 'f -Q X 'f fl 2. ti' - ' it g f ,. ,fffzfaf This boy happily gives a pint of blood. ln exchange, the Red Cross will haopnly give him a glass of orange goice He must really dug orange luice Some Rece've Recognition October already, many wondered what had happened to September. With classes beginning fourth week of semester, instructors were by now giving exams or get- ting one ready. Cone were the easier days of rush. reg- istration. and first Week of classes. School was indeed underway. After three football games. Razorbacks were re- garded untried. However. revamped seating arrange- ment for the games had been tried-and it had failed. To determine the group seating blocks. a Npotlucki' drawing was held. Neat plan failed when students sat wherever they pleased. l W ..,-...-- W Mr qu "Where's my ticket. This sign, placed in Greek Theatre by phan- tom beer drinker, questions the shortage of Texas game tickets. Little Bit of ud 45 t N 10 n i , ,.-9' 4- 1' 7. I is . -N .. ' 1 x J v t. Qt 1 Ire. 1 Q7 ii A . 9-as I , 1 5 lt r' .nn In 1 -mm. s 1, f- '- J my W M l Lg, A 5 W Vgl'iib,,.1 . - 4 .A,s..Y' x .. v- i The team on the other end of the rope must really be husky gals to amused spectators at the Sigma Nu relays will soon scamper away, have pulled this tough launch of Tri Dolts into the muddy pit, The for the lnoistorous pledges will begin slingiitg everybody into pit. il A " ' 735,591 if gt J' -sv 'Y .ar ' X ,Wt nvffgg 'M 'D , 1 4'.,6,tM , "' ' . dh. - - ....4,ru:.1wn.s . rlfly Jack" Boyrl spots his prey. Janet Holm, resists lutilely. Wet and dirty, Janet climbs out. Still buddies, they walk away. H42 if f S S 1' R Xe MA nf an imp ASA M ifwwsf' ff ff . if , si Y X 5553. ff g'r,S+wf,f' As' ,W V . . Q If "H 1 , f 2' f 'f f A 1 , 1 ,.,i, , L. fx px gf ,gf ,y -, 59,53 . 4 gm: ,ba A fix Q5 pix ,M 5 ak , , s Q 'M Y Not having a deft touch results in an egg-splatterecl lap for this squealing Delta Gamma, who iusf scrambled the egg yag White-faced girls svvish around in a box of flour searching for a small l? 3" -s. wooden disk. No skill f. Yi-cu, Z 6113" . af' L- ,aww "' ' l 'sf.-pw ,il .. pg ' N 3 'M s 0 s vz'f" N Q J:-' 'f4"" ii A "Qui 'ling l ., 6 ws , ,, 'Q -Q .., 'Q 5 I 7 f' J :Q ' "fig" .. Mud-plastered and wef, Si This irophy is Ulm worst lookmq on on C Us il vvcrc OITC inclw Iallur, ul would lar rlu lmlqqnsl I1 is only surpassed lay ilu- Pa Plw sclmolwrs p iron Lilmlll x ' t V 5 X F ,f N N s t N is Q s, S is 2 ' nf 'Q lqgfln .5 4- In is 'Q YN X hx N X N IX Q X X X Aynfhing but subtle campaign techniques for B.A. Commerce Guild posts pose a threat to unwary hall walkers, who get ganged in crowded entrances. I if IES? YN .,.,.....-MN A., M A24 7, 3 V , 4 ,C .5 XV QWJX5, oe. . A i x t T H : s W Q k .. , ' s , ,, i-Tmxsgamxo .. h Q N AWS has big turnoufs for its festival since it offers a sack lunch and other women dining facilities are closed. The Razorback photographer, working with good material, poses Johanna Pinson for one ot 4512 yearbook portraits. S cat- Q 9 IHIL With no TV but with a recognized name, Hootenanny for actually its traveling cousint was a folk music show, but not what was expected. Hoot nann or or Less With the crowd mth:-r noisy .incl beginning to mill around, folky Lynn Golcl anflclf-nly stopped singing. Naturally every one thought chi- vias mad. However, when she expluinecl that a fly Ii.irl llovvn into her mouth, everyhocly understood .incl thanked the lly Master of ceremonies Louis Gottlieb of the Limelighters headed the three hour show sponsored by Student Union. Either very meaningful or very phony, the name of this trio is "The Knob Lick Upper l0,000"g it sounds phony. Many said that the Hootenarmy was a pro-integration demonstration They didn't mind than it was The fact that it cost 51.50 to get in - l l a l 5 2 19 , , ',,.,f4. L' iv- -Il , ,I .-1,195 ..f, . I A Q -xA'5.1fH,,g',-gp, . A .5 M , , .-ww' s Y LA A -vie ze" 9 - L. .. r, f 4 iogxnili iqi V Y N tf lvg., wi ex t if A Q- r - if PM Q. 'fi ' , 1 ' ' ., . 1' , 1 . ' , , . .., M... ,V ,M . ,...,.....,,...,x.,....:,1.:4g,..4....,g.,,...-... . - . ...A ,L , -,,,,--- My Homecoming Queen nominees and sometime girl friends of the football players grace the Student Union ballroom during pre-Homecoming activity, With a hole in its corner and its name changed from Student Directory to the University Directory, the book was published early-for a change. 5 p y Qi .4 in If .7 3. 'I . , .511 ani Q J fo- lk I if! "' P, ,A Marching Razorback Bancl is an important part of every pep ralley and game However ony they know the secret meaning of BRACK From the beginning. student dissatisfaction with the football ticket situation was evident. When tieketless students learned that the Texas game was sold out, they joined Traveler editorials. Senate resolutions, cam- pus leader meetings, and student demonstrations to de- mand a remedy, however. little was accomplished. Temporary seated added an insignificant 350 extra tickets, but efforts to televise ended with an NCAA re- jection. The crisis ended when Baylor surprised the Hogs 14-10 in Waco. Pep rally planners hoped to uplift spirits with fireworks, but the fans wanted the fireworks to be on the playing field against Texas. I in D0n't Bet on th Weath r 'Nw , W "x 1- N.."': iw N ' -vs 6 nv 1 N. W " v. 2 . tr D 5 ar, 4 Q, fu WL? ' v. e V I fs, W' A R v '1'4:3 . 'H I 4xQs,,, 4 .il -. X fl ' -. . , "' A , I, , , bw fn a 0 apt 'I ' mtl ily., -lj'-:a:L,:a!'4 'we.,:, wwf- -A N -Q any 1 .-vzff r ff, 're' - ff--1: ' -H ' 354l,es:q"m ""--.v ' ff . - .' 't ?+"A?1.- A t 2 -3 k- 232.1 . - - -Y ..s..."s. -'Q' A tc g Rainy days and falling leaves forebocle the winter days soon to ar- tober, the gusty winds and chilly rains-winter characteristics of rive. Although the temperature generally remained warm through Oc- unpredictable Fayettevlle weatherfsignal the end of another fall V' ,- sf f '7 "' " ',,, v ., . K nxt ,' ' '- xl " - 36 s r ' -Q., fl Pretty coed brushes wind-blown hair from face as the wind whistles around Old Main, which undoubtedly must be windiest spot in state. 4 ,S Zfs 4 as f ,Q ' A I 1 ,,,-. f- ,J Z' I ,,.,. .Q iss w""p3 do l 5 2 ? ,f' 1 sf Eager to win the intramural football league play, Alphs line The field to wave homemade signs and cheer on old Paul Berry. Viewed through the construction work on the new Science-Engineering Building, Old Main rises high above other buildings, 7 it t W' ' ' W S ll' " - f Z '-un, . . , s Q is Y' W0 'L "- .us - ' ' c,.: ' , W M 'E 2 2 ,, , vnvv, s-..--. ..., Q . .gwpf , env? I 4 V V' .,,, N V X - W 'T 1 , - if . ,gag P 'H 1- 1-,. M W A ...:..,. - A i is 4 54 ' " Wf' H r -- 1' W f ,,.,, ,mms-Qwm-uw --v - -Y. ,SA " .ff s gi Q fx sw J S, .9 5' gwmrms- Q I Blanketing The enlire football fxcld massed bands e fertam football l ws preg c act ty o the anmnl Band Day Jubilant young Razorback booster clumbs up goal post after Hogs swamped WWW A i U'I7 W 'x aff H 59 un- 'xr' um. Proud f't lt - . . 0 'S CU Ural aspecls as Well as 'ls football team, the University shows off its Uarkettes during half time activities. .,, 1 Www J' 5-, , .,,. . 5vN,,f.s.w..e -s-we--f.,m,,,,W "'M-5 P WN' ' ' -,- we N.. ,,,. mass, asf ,Q W.y.M..f.,,, ,As W L , .,,,1. P , K I , . .a,....,....... . A ' ' "-ar.-'::.',1':,:.:s "'NM'Q"'-'m.s. if Lmf'M"i-- , i.:,,,q,, . 1, ,W LJ ,. v W, 'M ""'f.e -au. if MW. . A Q , M as , V. X. X .an f Nw- ' sf-W.. fm'ttt ' sfo ,mums Q 4. A Q ?,A :A hw?-A . , . r"""mQ-.g -wa-X. v..- Q- -:,,..X.,,. . v....f..........,,.,.,,,. In addition to a tour of campus, high school guests of Blue Key receive football tickets on first Razorback Day, Miss University of Arkansas, Carolyn Adair, explains the University's unique Senior Walk to high school visitors. 193 .Avi ,., Q- 1 Q l -...,v- " " .,.,,l ,,,,,,'4-Lehi.. .f-f-"f"Muuut. diff' gr Wl"m 7 1 . 2 ,, I, , I . AQ K ,.. . .'AL.',, P. , - " " --.-no-'vyvvxi ,"' an-.. .,......w-U' ' " . . ,my-4 'wwf -rf M .1 v I. Q""' A I . .'mwrm',W,..u,.,.,. . ,.,-.wwf -..- O .-uv: I 0-1104 I at I 'Y arf?-' -' it ' gf v .- .k , ,-,. .ina ' f ,pgwiw - ' dvvi!'l3ff1vrw2w.q .Hf5"',, -- , Y 'N-4, S -, . - ' 4, ,, y 4, . , , V." '-.........4....--- nl-x..' "" '5 " - A 366 'ff' ., "tw -- I. - ' . qqfliiw Q .-1 ., , qw,-f,p3.w.g,,,,,,.W ,7 :Q ' ' ffm' i N . ,A-lx, - .J ' .-"K: 3-o-2 f'?n , 1 ' '4 fd-'iss ,Jim i . Y Uv. I, ' , rg I fill' ' i L i'ff+l'g'm vii' 4' 'vliilv Yi 4 X' " 'tt' in, ' .4 i"-N :jg .- ' . . A X . l, , Q K . , ,- ,. , ..,. ,. .4 U 3' H on .pt l -'SQL r - V .'-stnvls ' rg-N' "'3. f.f.f'!i"1 ,-AQ, E, 4 x . .Kiln-. ' ' lfll ..- . JWNFY 4544. '- Although out of uniform, the maiorettes still look like major' ettes. New routines are learned on the field beltind Fulbright Hall. dd and End Grimacing, Floye Kale resists gamely as her date makes ,qvr :M overt moves from behind. Carolyn Baney sits and grins. Cl 5-,e sf: IK 'r 'T Signing-out for "Jugs"-which roulcl mean most any- thing, J. J. Friedman dutifully gor-s through ritual. llllll llllllll lx-I I f." Smoking a "smuggled" Cuban cigar as usual, iovial photog- rapher Jack Moses knows all the campus news and jokes. gf 'rg . L' 4 ' J ,JI .51 Y , .4,ga52f. 7,5 1 .mr ' . 5 Z 4 M2 '- 5 ff .Sly 'F " SL 0 Sims W S X. W, xv , ,, , Lgfgw Q X X . X x X 4342.5 ,... , N az , Q f KF! - ' X ' W , Q S X ' x rx K 'I . X Wi- x fs, f QQ' 5 4 -Www Q X, 1, , A ' x1, :.,,fzw7wj Q V xg... Q I' 7 X v 0 N Q5 iQ Z I , 4 .X V SS 4 Q W XM is ,mix my ASW ' - f1'a'I":? 1-Q1.,.q i ,,-ve' ? f Q fu 'F 51' fi ff 1, Y 4 f If 2 W , g 492 f My 'fsizf' Q 7? ,f '22 7 x 1 gig M' ' V-. 4 7 . ,va 15", . "' C "1 5 K 4 S 2 gif' in 1 8 ,... ........-, ,..:l f- , ,P x,.1qlp.H, sa. ., g . , - , A 1, , , 5 - qv AI S .. , I 9. fe. XL- gl, N , ', K J " - - - : 4 5V -,f ' J v- ix ,-"' I' , 'K' . lx vs 1 :Rf-an ' , F 'ir A I .I-1 . U zu, o -ng ' an. - .. , . SW .K 5 ' ' f If " '...1 , w. v X-' . "', . -. X s I I X -. -. ,V . 1 ll , j K F, 0 ., ,A ,A - Q I 5 f"1 f Y 3 ,I Red-coated Chimes, assisting with Arkansas Career Days, corner Louis Trager of the Central Placement Office - who probably is "recruiting" them. R .t S Within ten days, Federal Career Day and Arkan- sas Career Days presented an abundance of interview- ing opportunities. Arkansas Career Days drew to cam- pus recruiters from thirty state firms. A new fraternity Alpha Kappa Lambda colonized on campus and freshmen elected their senators lwith neither creating any great stirl. Preparations began for Homecoming amid a con- troversy brought on when Panhellenic decided to do away with decorations and to donate savings as a usym- bolic gift" for an auditorium building fund. IFC mem- bers rejected symbolism in favor of tradition. ag! , ,H . xiii, .- af' Mio! 'D ti? iggjfltlfyl Q' if Exchanging sincere expressions, interviewer and student converse intently, an estimated 600 interviews were conducted in two days. Marketing specialists like Sears, a nation-wide concern, offered interesting in-state opportunities to Arkansas business students. -WKSSURWHF' t ANN, 25 , . A r M., i 5 -A ,. sb-:yet qt "ggi , .N 1-f ' , iff .. f-, -. " 5' .:- .1-i 7 ITN nhapp Homecoming i , Q.,-4. F! u xy , La A lygtftfkdllvsr L U Ll N -wifi: ,Q i ,m'SP"' S A. ,Qs Y ,Qs '. J. A ga. , 1- 'i NY! One of the thousands of returning U of A graduates, an alumnus and ciation. For the first time in the history of the -11-year olcl tra his family leave the Union after registering with the Alumni Asso- dition, the Homecoming football game was the last of the season .fa ill .Avi Working oulsicle and insiclc clue to hampering rain, mon hurried to complete decorations. The Kappa Sig revolving hog bled to death in the rain Groups of former students met again at the annual pre-game smorgasbord luncheon held in the Student Union. Reactions to the Board of Trustee's decision to continue with the game were varied. The Board stated that no other alter- native was feasible. A few distraught students lined Maple Avenue and held signs reprimanding game-bound football tans. 4...- l'i - ., 'kr T' xx it , A- f" V' i ii. ,wr 'J ' - ,, lc A 5 - i l l . 1 'lf iff ,-- lpffflifi Mft: f ,H ,. ,, QW. lo ffl j'sij,Q,ff If 1 -5---' inwiiix I as tn M ls' x if me x we it 3lQEi??14g,n:s,wf Bi., lxsllxwql I Ns -rr. f .sw 'X X fm .New ' .- ff ,Q ,aw so 4. .M ,cc. QL , y 5 I X 1 4 My ,4auW"'Wf 4's,-A114611 ,, . i 1' if l i ,' ' ,.,, 'if if'fl'lifl UW' .a" ' '4 i 'ii' z v.,,A' 1'f-f Li , r, enjoy ll tie ' W X L J llll I 17' we 7'-.58 NL Ldbtgs, ,A 4- Q"-n Crowning Homecoming Queen Jacque Jones, President David W. Mullins officiates in the absence of Governor Faubus, who did not attend game. T e Silent ro d Representative of llwrr crovvcl, girl watches quietly. il 5-1 4iQ lm'l'i'illlvlm- as Il si-im.-il. llu' NJ! mn. llu' ll11x'i'l'slly. wv. lmcl lusl Ulll lu-slilvnl. Sluum-il unil grlvxlng. 4-xwynnv s:'nl'm'lu'il llls lu-url :mil mlml lm' an llll'illllll2 lu lln' si-nsvli-ss lrugmly: lllvn' was nu llmli-rslalmllw' lu lu- luuml - only ilu' 1-mph for-lin: Nl ll1'S11illl'. . 1 Willm ull plans lui ilu- llsl annual llirim-i-imminu c'onc'luilvil. llw n 'I'?-Ill llllllfll nl ll'llsl1'm's llllllll' lllm' illllllvllll clvvlslull lu Cull- - ' ' ,anne illllK'l' i-nnlvrring uilll 'llwus Toi-lm nllivluls and ll1'll'l'lllllllllQ lliut nn mln-is 1lllt'l'llflllXl'i xii-rv fm-nsilwle. 'llw nllwr usual llmm-murine alvllxlllvs xwlw- lllll'l'll'lllf 1-mm-lli-il ln' Flllflfjlll officials. .Nl llu- parm' llu' pi-uplv fill-il quii-llx into ilu' slamls uml sei sulm- ilui-il. si-lrlnm saying mnlliing. 'l'lw flue fli-xi ul lmlf-mast and llw lnuwzlliun ln lk-an ll. Xxllllllllf llullmluy was il prayer for llie lale l'l'vsulvl1l lxvnnvilx uml lm' llw nnluin ...ww-uf Tw 'ie' Q QV? H :gun KlNlE!5 sa ,ff Q Siva, tw Q. we KlNii'5 , to t ,,,-, Bli'lIlYLE5'? 1 Somehow evading the rainfall on Thursday and Friday, the Phi Delts took first place honors in house decoration competition. il!" ,ff xc? f ls rf, X, X l l Eff 'N' 'Nwzy Q At half-mast, the flag waves in tribute. This is the Off Campus Men entry. It didn't even place. For the record, Sigma Chi came in first and SAE second. 5 fi In search of something different to do on a date in lively Fayette- ville, couples take up bowling on the machines at the Huddle Club. f Parties, Fun, and Things When boys choose sides, tltvy divide into skins and shirts. This doesn't work too well with the girls, so they put on funny little di-als called "pennies", Dumped onto the floor by his strong date, boy will soon give up and start watching the band like everybody else. x 1 r I 5 f, I. I 1 R . if ' x -L ' 4 The image of Twain's "the calm confidence of a Christian with four aces", card shark is at Nlll-lC Casino Carnival. l K V Making mud, Missy Alford Creal doll, isn't Sl19?, stands watering winter grass planted by The Zeta pledges in December as a proiect. Naturally the grass didn't growy Missy probably scared if 'ro death. l K eww, M, WA. 4 JP 44 4, ' .MM- ""' ., ,.,,g...L..--Q ,, , ,A,.,..,.-uv-1 ..w.f..ww-uv-vw , ..,..,aw-an lQ2,,Q,,..W,fm ,.,,....,.....---' .an-new-rwlfih? 4 ,,h,,,,,,,A...,aM. f M Www , ,,,,.,,.'-Q W Q . W,,,,m.. I' 203 " S. '34 ftfawg ll " A-3, ,. Q IIW' 'nm '59 111.15192 fa 5 , .f '95 :War ' A 6 4 1 ' LQ' . I . Q , ,, 'f' 3 X h .,, ,J 1 . . x ? ' N 4 , .I u' ,- 1. 5 1 w 0 2 5 i, 'E img' Making a return appearance at the University, Lettermen Butala, Engeman Returning after Thanskgiving. students prepared for a three Week endurance test before Christmas vacation. Basketball season began, and ABC urged active student support. Other momentous happenings included Christ- mas season planning and a ten day run of i'McLintock,7 began at the Ozark Theater. irfliank you. Ozark.i The Lettermen returned for another concert. Al- though they had selected the Razorback Beauties last year., the Lettermen judged again so that the yearbook could meet its deadlines fthe next concert would be in the Springj. ln the hurried confusion of the judging. seven beauties were selected instead of the usual six. Letterman Jim Pike was the group's clown. His funny antics kept things moving during the interviews and at the concert. and Pike offered an appealing rehash of last year's program. Beauties--Again Comparing photographs and candidates, the iudges continued to interview the girls until voting and rushing to the concert. sJ-,....,H ...dp .,,. r- W Everybod Gets Into The Ac In the fall everybody has one big party-from the MIHC Casino Car- into the act with the Playboy Party, complete with decorations and nival to the Pikes' Roaring Tvventies Party. The Lambda Chi's get playgirls. Note symbolic garter adorning leg tlimb?l of playgirl. .3013 'Qs to, F M7 ' 5" I . 'IQ Esll in "See the happy moron: hc doesn't give a damn, I wish l were a moron-My God, perhaps I am."-from an unknown "rock and roll" song. Do you get the message, Garland? Whatever message Marcia Edwards is trying to get across, Garland Anthony should be for it Sleepy-eyed Billy Hawkins strikes again. To avoid misunderstandings, Hawkins should run every time a photographer is near i A ss ..-zu! - - ,Ji - l' M Al", -9.- .--' ,,-1' pq.. fi 'L . . ',:B,- :- -ea-, .-, 1 o . "4-r " . , v . ,-f"" Q !" n I -.s r PF' I . -. 137' -xii Q., s T14- '-4' ,1- With the help of a community effort, Kappa Sigs hoist their annual Christmas tree into place. Tree spins sometimesg sometimes it doesn't. here ' Every here Yes, this is a U of A co-ed. No, she will not be identified. Zetas don't want their phone tied up. ear fr-,,.2 21-:S 3 ,.,..all ,,.,ad ,,.,.,.,-1 ,,,..n- , .4-1 -.,.4- ,-.1 ,,,,,,4 ,,..- ,.- , J, - "I 4 Q4 334.1 ln tht- mixture til urtixities lwlmv tlit- Christmas holidays. stu- clt-nts flu must vxwytliiiig. l"zu-ml with tm 1-xtmi in every course. they stiitly lilu- mwvr lwluir in the se-iiivsli-i'. Knowing. lmwexer. that ziltvr tht- liuliiluis linnls will luring wmsltiiil studying. tht- sturlvnts throw their last fling til tht- smiicsle-i'. Christmas uppi'tim'lii-il. hut no um' lmtl time to iiutivv. Uutsitie of at lt-w tlt-i'm'atiniis :mtl lmusv parties. stutlents seviiivtl ulilirinus tu tht- svzismi. liitli t'-intlmll season mor :mtl cold weather setting in. there is no l'm'ul point nl iiitvri-st. Sturlents svatlvr from the lihrziry to miwlivrv lwhivh is vwi'5wlwi'e in F'ayvttvvillei. 'l'lu'rt' was no viitlilisitistic' planning for a trip to New Orleans this rear. l"ur tht- lirst time in four wars. the Razorliarks were not going to il howl. i il 1 M 1 Q X 2? www as ' V! Q35 ,' KVM' gms X :fi 5779! rf K In the very heart of winter, education scores at last on the social Arkansas campus. Now, everything yields for a push toward finals. Fayettevill int r Wond rland Lone Christmas symbol, tlw University Tivo stands holorr' Olcl Main. Trm- .tnrl tlw clvsvrtccl lavvn have become traditional as n clt-inning school li-lt them lw- ltincl. Only the Alumni rvnwinlmvr ltovv it started. 1 - 7 f 'A f I . What could be more lovely than this bush? Only God and Physical Plant, in harmony, could make such a bush. Amen. 'K L. A I x x r,-1 ' H -I 1: -'A l- ,HL.. , Sally Fearnot, Fulbright, has risen et 6:30 to rat her hair and walk to class. And even snow cannot stop her . W W exif 'W X X fa--"'x , XV Q Vg Forget for a second dingy English classroom from which you view this scene, and Think of the University. Thank you, dear reader. i Q .1 Q39 iii' 211 f ..+ Z' ,, , I ' , , is ' L r ' 2 v, 4, Av! ,4 ' if ... S t iiigiiiwyiis. ,irf 5 me Proudly waving, the Uarkettes took off to entertain servicemen abroad and give U of A prestige a boost. T eEnd As usual, students returned from Christmas vaca- tions full of New Year's resolutions. home cooking. and unfinished homework that wasn't done over the holi- days. Finals began and most went into study trances. Freshmen, though warned about finals, learned the score firsthand. Mortar Board and ODK had made a proposal for uDead Weeks? before Christmas. hut there was not enough time for any action to he taken for fall finals. Graduation for a record number marked the end of a long pursuit for an education tand a Degreet. Also leaving the campus with the graduates were the Uarket- tes, who departed for Europe on a seven week tour. Small changes in graduation procedure seemed to speed up long ceremony slightly. For graduates, it was an end of a way of life. f L . Graduation speaker J. Harry Wood, President ot the Home Life Insur- ance Company ot New York spoke to students graduating in January Man , Man D'versi0n .mul This is a symbolic representation of vvithdravval. The shadowy boy world of school to the weekend world of diin lights and leisore. on the right is Jerry McClain, who has withdrawn from the weekday Soma even Withdraw during the Wggki H155 55 known as qlagg-getting, The Pi Phi Beatles - Cnppy Ware, Susan Helinig, Beverly Moore, and Evelyn West - perform in a skit for tho pledges. Campus survived the Beatle rage. f WW4 ' f . l if ,iw Q-wW,.. fa , M! f W, ,N 4, ,qs X M' 5 H Q f W W 'W AW! 'Q 1 G , sf , K 3 aa ,wry 55 3 If if Y ' f Q S ,Q 5 s s f Q2 MM'--s.,,y A I 4 . N.. ,, .,....,Q.,e,, ,bbblx ' f " V: , Mp-, ., , X v- m ix" iw M, . jams' f" fT' 1 fin. . Playing good outlaws and bad outlaws, Alphs continued their game. For some reason, SAE's have been on an outlaw kick. Mural sports draw good crowds, and none larger than those for a good basketball game. Greeks and dates have even been known to delay supper in order to support team, but usually with more spirit than this. Must have been a load game. ij, Rig, SWE N- 6- , ,i ' r x Baa I 'gf ,gm is I 5 . I -n 6' 'ltr 14, A 4 X -ui Q A f f 'I ' ' . M V- l fa em' Y "K-'Sh dinner bfmgs T09eTl19I' many of the components of the good life . . . fine food, pleasant conversation, and touch of mystery. 1123 In search of a pin, men risk their lives and honor in a rush car. At breakneck speed, they drive to glory. Rush talk follows dinner, as fraternity and ruslwee make a decision. Record and spirit are main selling points. 217 is i 9' His K r 'Y' s r is 1... Q-. J. 1 -n This girl has reached the cash register in the basement of Men's Gym. Her expression is representative of post-registration shock. The Second Time Around Most people lose their rear ond in the bookstore. New arrangement in the bookstore did not make shopping any easier. Long lines and prices were same as usual. s t 'J 5 mov CHATTERLEY s LOVER o. H. LAWRENCE il uxov cHAnERLEv's Lovsn o, H. LAWRENCE if LADY CHATTERLEY S LOVER D. H. LAWRENCE " 6 K aouaumn 'H 'a :mm s me One of fourteen required books for a course, and most students read only four or five. This one will be read. l A l Y C FSWX as w K6 .S was MQ 4 F X X! asa? XM M. Q fx mm Yes sir! Just what we've always wanted: a gung-ho campus cop. While drivers sit snug in the cars, students stand waiting in snow. V 'F W1-' W AHA he , .sv , JEL: I 219 .QF . - 0 ' Q . N yr -,,. I I 1 ,L O l bv v 1 I . . J X, -at vf E A '. 1- J , ff-vis Ta, " . .f A 0:-1--if ref' 54 5 . 5 L Z I 1 ' x as A A ,tl i 4-P' ,,- - - -2 V - 4 W 3 19--V' if Q! M .F ul :nn ' ' ' ' I 1 1 I 1 D' H" "--l' ' " 'j ' K I . LQ . U I I' -f , -, I ll . " ' Aim" v- -I P 'Wg .ungya,... 11.1. - ",EQ!'p.g13yl:i.- - - I ' ' "Egg 1 Y Q h F070-.. , 61.-m J .-.-,, ll G7 .' ' . , if 1 rl I i" -0. ' A mi ani- .5 13 X-:I J. . ' . -A.. , Q -- ssf1"' 1 .V I I ' n ' 4' " A' .gnu-N ...- -9 1 1 5-1141 U. :N , -au " 'FN , .ul ul --in Qhaiif. i 1 Q ,,-..- -- . , --... I Q . all . H N ii ' 71 I Y qv-- f . lo w 13.5 -- - 9.-5-aww.. i I N 5 i 1' 3 cl i :CQ JW s g . , . Q' ,, V. . ,J gf ' ' .X . 'f f 5'f'.'w W5 ,. Q Q 5' f.-is ' 9"i ' .- f A i: ' 5f""' 3, ig 'ff f' ,A5 -'s s- " an 'A 1 'KN I ,.-I'v:'i,"uk' There she is . . . Miss Amer . . . er . . . Miss AWS Queen of Hearts. Katy Holthoff is another Tri Delta beauty winner for their rush book. ueen for Thi Surviving another registration. students began the spring semester. For some. it was a second ehanceg for others, it was a last ehanceg but for most. it was just plain old spring semester. Make the grades before the sun comes out was the often expressed philosophy. The enrollment for the seconcl semester was a reeorfl. although the usual marriages. clrop-outs. and rush caused the closing of some housing. On campus plans were announcecl for all the var- ious queen contests, St. Patricia. and the spring Con- certs. The Student Court began a series of sixty trials involving altered birthdates on ID Carcls. The center of attention, Winthrop Rockefeller discusses state and national politics after the Young Republicans' Lincoln Day Dinner. een for Th t Newly-crowned IFPC Queen Ellen Ann Ragsdale holds roses and sparkles happily. Like Katy above, Ellen Ann sold the most tickets. 'hm 'I 6 6 e -1' Qi. Sala!" 'inter Strikes Again W" ' 5 .. f . ,S 4 .N 1 . f ref WN xi' K' ' Q .u N W I 4 , - ..n 'mg - 5.4 m .1 pv 'Q' "WV rr- ffl, H . - 1 lf, I :fr-'k .Q .4 L, '.l x .- v P iw" V. , 1 -s . ' ". buf. Iwi' XB Agn 3, ,I V .QV in ly? 'I ef..a .. . .Rf 3 gf -fa 1 uf., -A i i f' Q 23 gi he-an r 241 Rf- Kg.. Beef:-, vi Rx 1 x I nr- ?G'if-ff '31-51 S ... AW'-Q 7- , . --3, , x Y- --K. J, . 1',,.1..7-JZQ s px.'f..f--- - -..Yv X-'. ' 9 'lat I rfnjnfixc 7- ,E L . l A - e.,.-.- ,. 2 --.1-3155!-we ..:. ,, w. ' , ffrfgwu 'jvw -rf rf " 3,-Jay, . t-Q 'zu . ri, -N .- 7-lp 4--af. A 4-. '- ff. "?,-:A ,,.,- , . -.-,-:- . 5' -8-- gy 1 RJ. It C.. up lg This snow took the cake. Sendwiched between two sunny, warm days the weather, everybody was amazed. Students, making the most out was a freak six inch snowfall. Although accustomed to the quirks of of it, froliced and staged late night snowball fights with neighbors. J 'ww . 5, f- y fs: '. 7 , .KJ 5 Q , x - 3 - ' ' 41. sql 5 .V I 4 ' Q Q A Girl prepare Oflw 1.-- s to r ountcrattack , -.57 . A' ' ,S'i..'Y',,P I-Q farm 4 l grit 4, '-21532 ,az-.gfff Attacking, she fr scores a hit, The tide turns-defeat is suro. Buried in a bush, all is lost Dave Brubeck made a successful appearance in a early spring concert. After a week of practicing, cheerleader tryouts were held in the Greek theatre. When the yelling was over, Martha Wright Bill Rea, Tommie Lou Coleman, Tommy Musick, Vonda Jones, Don Jacks, and Tori Powell were the selections for coming year. H V . , . , .. ,,... cc ,.,.,.... . VVVG, ,AA J yb . . f W - ' te N 5 .,, ' cy 0x Q, ' " .'i. I A , ,,,,.,,. N- Z5 fx! AX X 45 rf Q Xxf if 'X .adn wp , 4, eww . ,pw X -Q .w- ,-"I fq, 'P , 'v vi' ' w dim.. 11 in Va UQ '51, t, , .u....'x, .....-1- " 144' ' " L' -w-pg. A 'J K W .QQ--an iti-A-r --- .M-f I V' .X ., gif' WJ... 'Wal i ii. 7 7 -',y,.n,s. al.-1 ai WEE April showers and warm nights herald long awaited turning of the weather. Almost overnight the grass and trees become green. Th Sun hines Again Spring brings the renewal of football interest as team takes to the practice field to ready for Fall. .uw ,s 'N , 231' - ,. 2 f ws us- d X. - Y' 'AJ ,YL , fha- . L ' 1 b 5. , '2 . , V , Jn ,xix,,fw.. b A 1- fy , "'f,,. ,, "l .nf lg, 4 3' fm" " ' rf i.i'q1Kf,..?5, " l, ' - - rxerg -1,-f N -I ' 'f' . -'fa A '. . Na spring 2ll'l'lXt'll. lzgnlx spring nas at Fl'l'lt'S ill nurnl Sunny days w 'xlllltillglll il lmlki-il nnil iricil lu slay an 413. llw long antivipa un ztniplv nnnllwl' ul tlnnnrlgln wltl nnvs, pil Ilu-1-ngim-4-is lrnllvil nfl illlllllll'l' l'.11g1i1vm'rs XXm'li.c'n11lplc'tv w inlvcl siiliwxzlllw. it-lws. nnil il st-x-lilliwl rally. Wvlwn tlw mtgittm iwnne nnl. tltex ri-ullx wnni- nnl. 'lllll' llllZUlil1lll'l'xN rvpnrlvil lin' spring plum-tive and lwgan to ltiiilll il new nllciisixv luvtiv. Signs lnnkml mn-nnrugilmg lin' next season ted itll " ' ' ' W ith W Nmskyyi 1 Av A Q if 1 W m MW? gy , A X f f f , i A ,hi ' ! Outdoors for Th' f h elr re res er course from boy scout days, the ROTC classes swarm under the flagpole and relearn use of compass. A r 4 Z ff Q y Z if . ,. ng -' ' r 4- 1' Sigma Chi desparadoes, garbed for The Gold Rush Party, were on hand at Greek Theatre for cheerleader tryouts. Aah Spring! The girls come out when the sun comes out. University Infirmary was besieged by the blislered babes. 225 Mz....x.s Dancing on a bar top, "Brandy" Brandenhoff performs her St. Patri- cia skit. Open-mouthed bartender Jim McClelland stares happily. Boots Bomb Engineers Although there was the usual speculation about the slcits lacing cr-nsorecl lmeforrihancl, tho iokes did not seem to bc too watcrorl flown For historical pur- poses, the engineers chose Bohlwy Jones as St. Pat. Forbidden fruit Tommie Lou Coleman, after a helpful as- sist from others in skit, slinlcs around under the tree, 2 Delighting the engineers with her Southern drawl, Boots Bowers smiled and talked her way to St. Patricia crown. :Sq W . - Q A ., X. 4, A, i 2, X l fi I 4 i 1 1 a 1 x lyk. Aff Miss UHIVGYSITY of Arkansas hopefuls begun preparatuons rn the outdoor theatre for thenr appearance at The Gaebale pageant The Phi Delt shlp at theur Vlkmg Party held The same Saturday as three other parties sanled smoothly Through rough waters The International Night dinner featured entertainment such as these students doing a dance from their native country. C ay OI' 1 '-' ay OI' at' With Commerce, Journalism, and International days over. only Agri and Law days remained. Everybody has his day at the U of A. Election Day came and went, but was not over. For the first time in at least nine years. the results of the elections were contested. Since the voting was unbe- lievably close in many of the races, no one was surpris- ed when a recount was requested. Setting a precedent, the Razorback omitted Gaebale the first time. The only remaining major campus event of the year, Gaebale falls too late o11 the calendar to be included in the publication. The Rooftop Singers offered one of the better concerts of the spring semester. Crowd was small due to competing parties. W. J. l"Uncle Walt"l lemke, University professor emeritus and founder of the department of iournalism, spoke to J-Day guests. . x - 2 'i mms H 4 X 'K an Q I lim Wins Prompt Recount ' 5rJ"'?"fT.5!54vBWHmu-ss, U xrf' ...I ax 'lit "'lA Ju., ,Q qrr'vN'5 'C 47- Q 43,1 ffl ,IQ-gh . H A. gh . ,. Mzfqsx 4 ,,,. ffwg k I! el 'f 'w ff 5 Usual campaign litter dropped by the hundreds of campaigners and supporters clutters campus near Union. With 58 candidates -our gi -ran--,,, f- " '-- M , 1 ,pg 5+ . p, 1 ll - r Nl g, A I QQ- is H ll 'gnu 5.8 listed on primary slate, voters had to narrow the field to 55 for the runoff, After the primary, the campaigns for offices really warm up. e 1 if ,L'b'4xx s flirt for the male vote. Somebody's chances look dim. More than one way to get burned. Waiting for the final results U BEHIIUES JMB ' 2? I x 0' 0 ,fl M10 f4f fe w X 01 ff ' W YM, v --L' -75 M ,. ul ' . I . 1 . 1,4-, 's-.3 'IH x ll 0, 0 f .,l Y . 0' ff. ' :f ,I NXNQ, i f 1 A cts, 32 rss? 1 QR I , ,lg 4 ei ' A , 3 it 3 I , I' x f " 1 A' Y ' up e' I X' ' xx 'A a' I ,llfl flf! rv., ,:" tp IJ f ffl!! r 4 Nl' ' ,f I' 4 lbfff.' ap v' 1 I ' ff I 4 XX ' ,dr f J mf' X b 7'2" -40 K fp ' I 'Q 1 YIQ V 5 F. ' 1 J 'V f 3 . V g f K walk-'. fr, W M5 l'l'l2l"lCCL ln Atlantic City last September, Donna Axum be- came Arkansas' first Miss America. A native of E1 Dorado, Donna held many beauty titles before' being crowned the nation's number one beauty. She represen- ted E1 Dorado in the 1960 Miss Arkansas pageant? was state Forestry Queen, and the National Cotton Pick- ing Queen. Donna is presently busy touring the United States making personal appearances throughout the country. ln September when she relinquishes her crown. she will re- turn to the University of Arkansas. where she is a meni- ber of Delta Delta Delta sorority, to resume her studies. 0 Q o f I 1 4 x .i I A 'K fx x 1 Q I 1 R Q 'T L ,wev- ,Qa- , ly' il Q ,X M f ' ! ' 3 0 I 4' fy u I , 3 an-3' 1 :S .gimf punnel'-up Annie runf Aflppfl Lflppfl gflllllllfl iaa niuemify o ,xdrgunziua Curofyn .xdcluir WDlZOI'A6l,CL geflut g .SZQCOIIKJ WLLIIIIEIWILIO Jehu Jehu Jehu Wane? COCAAWH zefu fuu u4oAu 235 526' - i 41,1 ff: 5 236 Fulbright Holi Wdrgaref .Heard lgafricia Come? Lbiane pafmer cAi omega carna!! Aaff cAi omega omecoming ueen ann! gourf juclg Kyra! Sw JCCCLJOII War? CafA0rine M!afL0r LUPPU lfalafoa gcunnza ,ai Lefa l0Ai 40,0103 40,0100 gflllllllfl M1567 Wayir 1 .......w,, I "ww-Q, I I .wwf - . ':....n' X! .4-our-v-M .fr Q i aw 0 .qf X I' 1 ,. . 7'-V. Z? Mr 9. ,, K-.K 4.1 rg -3. -Q.: qw A. W-,lip ff , Sm, 1 -, Q Q ki 0 v gpm '- 0 New A My Y -iw . V nu, f' I I 3 ,V 3 x N ww.:-'1w:Q Aymzefz 94601 Koppo Koppo Gommo 'If fm ,M 1 ,gx"""':"'.m.A-Nafgew V ,V TN' 'Q x z 4 XX W., ' "af ef 9 , A if. lr 3, A 'r . 'LK N345 , X' ' F A - :J 4 . M , K '4 .4 V --53 ' A1 242 .H-Ji' fgfc Razorback Ho .14 "7 n A ,, .95 L 1 A-uf X P , f . 1,1 Q ,f J. .ff . L.. 2 iA",?"E72s'f -. P,-fismswdi L' , 2 if f ,WV , , WE in V' vw. .JY V , 4 'x Vw f-,1 1 1 a- Ai "SQL 31. -6 KV n Fulbright Hall 2114 s 2, Sip. in ?S Nr nw, S ,M- pg... 'S' hum., QM!" , w lbw- 'F hh., ,vw Q., -W ng. hm f ,N by Quay W Q ' Q W V . M N-fr nm ww nu., WD- ik. B- an. su, wr nu. ip' ua. .H Shu 0 nw, qw, rw ltsihi. . a 3 l 'QL Sag bm- WE. E163 ix. - ' , . ,gfxwy .xi vz, - M, . M40 ,. n . ' 'A - , ,. we Q, fs' 4 f ' 3 ,T 9 Q ,fi Luffy "r'?:a,V , , +. JPN ,A 1 , , v h V f Q - N 4, W w Ag V Q Q , 1 4 1 fr if - -4 1 v t Xp X w , ' 1 if ' Q , , gf L , . 451 f Q WF' 1 a 'i I 2 9 i ref ' ,, . f I , -gy ,. 'iff . 1 1 ' 22:5 .M 1 0 16 -fl' 41512, - e nf --ff v w S 2 ,1- -..L .qu .nb. Z' Delta Gemma sr 'X 'C X2 'K 1. M A wi , xxx XT ,,,- .W4wA 'EW , W W? W X Q . 9 l 582538 X ,, X gyms, f L18 'Mk .1 Lu. .f. ..' .np il Delta Delta Delia C5959 f 2 ws S73 -4 - v is A Q 4 E. '4 lx X Nab :- ,gf Wag I. .f 9 Q x , ' Q1 - qu. f Q Xi A f W fi 2 X JN 4 V5 e ZS! 5 X NX H, W ffgw A M. W , ,S ' ., y We Tw : .QM A ES f ff 52 bg? X ,QW L J , V Q Q1 . sg xiii' M an . Ag' qv. :- on X. - s U ff --0 Q5 X 5.5: , , -. .V 4 44 I S A '5- I ! r, -7'v l -. fl , f A. Q axyf. JM , . - ,, v . ev-25' 4..,' 'u,-'4,- '- ' ' V Q-K., .. . ' Y Jai- V A , ,eq-keg, L' ,. A , , 1-43'-S-Mfwf " ' 4 x Q . 4 ,, N - ..f.-, 'F -u ., l..-, . .. ,' ., Q' '. 'd A " x ,.nw,A.' . , . 'Lf ,!,L' ' ..i.,. 1 -Y ' - A- :gf , V ,. l' ' '- .2 Q 14' '- .--'. ' ,, ! ' x, " dk ' -. --1 7. ' ,- em. f- . , x W 1, :X A. .mg pl, H, -4 -X - XA ,waz-57g',f,,:L-1-- ., .1- M.'f:2ggffff',4 M - ' "' 'M ' -ws " "IX -0 ". Q J H. s f-we X 2 ..L, . K 'T -N 1 is -K .W , .15 5: . X ., V mf v s ' ,, - . WS' , ' " - T - mg '22 ,Q . , x ' fx I A 'li , . - . , Magi- . .vom , , A- K - mr ' x 1 249 .Si pafricia Koala gowera Jehu gfllnlna M2205 4151196 QW LVL!! .Ann kagdfldd ,ai Lefa phi 60l'l'l.I'l'leI'C2 Queen Sudan .Mmig ,ai Leia ,ali lfleelflff Queen of ,jvlearb Jed, JJ.,m.,ff Jehu Jehu Jehu .ldgri Queen .Min .llacgney 4-A Loan Lleellfi Wiaa .xdrlanaaa :Lon mek eL garcfag cli omega my Wcliol of Coffon ginagd Karofyn .fgalair 612461 Jena Jem 01881115 Yfnaicl of Coffon jinamf .jclfelfl C6tl"Zi0l1 Lalalaa LCLIQIQCI ganznza 2 i. .XJ ,Af .-5 "'-Y, ,M JM 59111119 ,klarcfg Allfnvfnmzrf 0 LlL'1lC!'tl 4i"'f9"""""" an A mfg' S- 7y7lll'i nn -M'111A'f1'L.5 ln' Anlnfnl HKIAII I KATU!!! gli' Ilfly QDCHUJOII Jw00fAzuzrf 0 X Ll 61,441 hm omega 1 . .., Y .yi 5 tx . e 5 A ' 1 guronln If! lll'l'ilIl'l' I I .fllff't'!Al'1lI'! U flgllld 1111 ,-or "7 -A fr ' ! Lira,- fm? ,,....... .ai rafernifg in' nn 0 funn f I .5ll'l'l'l uwzrf 11 -fllglllll :Af lfUQ8tA8Cll"iff JI ' owen yaucA ,QM en jlAf00ff4?LZ P! 0 Aigrnuc pi , . ' f 1 W ff , .K qt, ,aa ., ., if 14, . V 2' in ,hx Cofken Aeroh Ezmgzbz CA! a4oAa Credcenf gif! Sw an N' 1 sv fg. w ' I 1 . 1 V ir 2 g X h , Z . , ., M . ,,,, W? 7 1 ,,', I zf ff' Q .N74 2 fs, 5 f Q M I x k x -1 , i 'H ,fr . , xy ,pv-aw-f"W"0 . " 'f oyfe 11.5.60 Jweefhfarf 0 54694.01 ganznm 140 ff + . . 7 af:-:ua Ml9,Jf?J Jweedefzrf 0 fan ALtl9!011 qui on Qiboffie rauforrl Aweelfearf 0 Jfgmn !9Ai ep!! on asv ...--.-,.. - -f its 1522.55 .na uv ullhr ,"f ,, -11 i I J 25 0- an 1 R004 -maint fi YES if 37 X 1-uqtbns ""Q9'5i A "itil: 'Wilde 4 1 . a... hw, JW 'A 1. fl ' Fw-1 ff -1 . N y , U 1 ...N ,,..'l .. '1 K I Y, . -' 'e x Q' 4 vf ' 5 , if .alia 1 K 1 . . - ' - . ,7 V, - , X ,u 1 S kd' , ' " 'A va -V+' - , 1:14 vLf'5!mM"'.l""' 'Q' ' .d "'I!.:l?x13vL' 3.4, -uf sf: .4 X,f.'s-gif V ,,,F,- 'Irs 41'-R, dk.. a,fA'l ufrfzv 1.5 .' ,I xtff "" bixfzq V1 ' aww lv -'A 1, I 1 tr! -1 5 "Ag 1 -' X Wx. my IQ 1'1" YJVQMA 'vvlfl ,MNH ' .gm 1'-'ll pm 4 U""1f1?: qw 1521.11 :ZNrv.4Jm! can ffl PAJI Glfllllff' 1' Il. omega Z ,Z , 5, Q , f , X ,ik ,, . N9 XSSWX x X f ' 4.1-11, if W X Plfl'SlllliIlllil3S -a f' . ga Q, ' i ,EQ 1'2" ' 2 57 gy 1 or -JS K7 5'ililJlfNT HENPX'I'Ii: Fire! Rauf: Susan Lesh, Paul Ray. Erlriie will. Palsy Xlvifwy. frmrllz Razr: Hill Oxertun. David-ull. Hum- ,Xiluiix Larry Wailave. Larry Fisher. Swrnzifl Razr: .l. ,l. Swing- plirey s. Susan liiiiwill .lwhn Hziriiwn. Mary Ifllen Hwthe. U1-una gin. Hill Nlilier, Hllllliy Cuieiiiziii. VirgilHuldei'.I.ui'et1a Tlimiip- 'l'i'ilux. Kam-ii Uvzlii. Flfllfi Rim: Ken Hutfieinl. Terry Fiigilt. sun. lliune Xllcn. lielty i:l'L1I'iiiI1. ffaruiyn Mlair. Tlzirfl lfnzr: Ili-an Wiiiliif-3 liiilliuiay. lfiw,-il I"a1wi'. livin-ily W ivl- mls, L. IT. i'il!liflX i'a1lte-isuii. .lvrry Xli'Kinney. TE-ri'y Henley. Marlin Slip- Ile-xiii:-r. 'livssie Turk. Ralph lfuiianks. i.umur Pcltus. 1-um. Xlelinilu Xlwek. Dezni ,laivueline Slerner. Xlzlfiibtflil Pre?- At thc University the wspfillsiliility of self gm'e-rn- lin- vxlruxaguiit vuiiipuigiis mimi pimiiisvs aiiiiaxiiig ui- mvnt is riviegatf-ci ily the slufivnts lu an nrgziiiixalimi must vu-i'imiv. kmiwn as Ihr' Assm-iale-ii Sluficnts of the Uiiiw-i'sity nf .Ks mi lin' iiulimiiii lvwi. sluiiviil gm:-i'iiiiiviil is iii- Arkunsus. Thi- amiuai Spring 4-lcvlimis gCl1f'l'L1l4' sinner xiili-il into llirvv iiriim'lii's: 1-xm-iiiixv. lvgisiulixv. ami 1-nllilisizism mummy tin- SIIIIIUIHS ami wifi-r 9ill1i4'lliS jll1ii1'iili. ililim' i'xm'iiliu- izmi lvgisiailixi' llflllr gm' m'ivm'lmi. iappfwliiiiilic-s lu pairlii'ipa1lv in puiilivui affairs. 'iilwsi' ami lilt' -iiiciiviui iYl'LlIll'iI is aippuililmi. view-limis limi' grmin in sim- lin- pus! Iwo Springs. uilii i'fim'le-il ul iiirgi' ivy tin' viiliri- sluili-nl lmiiy. limo S'l'l'IJliN'I' fiul lC'I': lluilll l"iu-in-li, X-- SC . N "I .1 ' . I s. NN' 'Q R, 3 X 1. , I , f 5 fag!- 1 3 Z if wwf X mx 1 Z ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OFFICERS: Sammy Hilburn, Vice- John Harmon, Treasurer. These officers form the Executive Presidentg Fred Favor, President, Mary Sue Hornor, Secretaryg branch. President. Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer compose the executive branch. These offices, while hardest to obtain, carry with them the most prestige and political power. The legislative arm, the Student Senate, consists of delegates of the various colleges according to enroll- ment, each college is assured one Senator regardless of its enrollment. Headed by the Vice-President. the Senate is the center of most of the governmental ac- tivity, since it controls student entertainment, campus organizations, and student-faculty relations. This year the Senate spent niost of its time with the budget and the notion of social rules revision. The Judicial branch of the student government is composed of a Student Count and an Attorney Cen- eral. The Attorney General is responsible for the prose- cution of all student offenses over which the Court has jurisdiction. The Student Court, selected by the Dean of Law School, Dean of Women, Dean of Stu- ,A C, ss , i dents, President of the University, and the President of .M 1.-'mv-ff, ' Q -,Q Associated Students, consists of five judges who try -"' 'f' .zu students for violations of any disciPlina1'Y Statute. How- iviiw 'ni iM?"5"g'ii::"" versity discipline board, an arm of the Student Court. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Sain Pauli, President: Diane ever, many disciplinary issues are handled by the Uni- Elrod, Secretary, 2 Terry Fugitt ODK, Arkansas Agriculturist, Co-Editor, Business Manager, Student Sens ate, Alpha Zeta, lntertraternity Council, Chairman ot Investigation Com- mitte, Alpha Gamma Rho, President. P 4 W, W . 1 i, Sammy Weems Student Court, Defense Counsel, Tau Kappa Alpha, President, Virgil Baker Outstanding Debate Award l96l, Circle K, Young Democrats, Student Bar Association, Chairman ol Razorlaaclr Debate Team, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President. 'UU Marian Alford Mortar Board, Arkansas Traveler, Feature Editor, News Editor, Editor, AWS Judicial Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Fulbright Senior Counselor, Out- standing Journalism Student Award 1962, AWS Legislative Board, Ful- bright Hall, House Manager, Fine Arts Film Committee, Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Secretary of Associated Students, Cheerleader, Student Vice-President. Mary Sue Hornor Union Executive Council, Student Union Entertainment Committee, Co- CItairm.n, Arl-,ansas l:fFl?OflWEtCl+', Class Editor, Arkansas Booster Club, Secretary Chi Omega, Rush Chairman. 'WE lk 4"-"'f-V 3 t ,wx ev 'BM' . ms' - Francis Dillard Mortar Board, AWS, Treasurer, AWS Executive Board, PVVS Legislative Board, Civic Club, Phi Alpha Theta, National Merit Scholars Club, Stu- dent Religious Council, Delta Gamma, President. llll Blue Key, President of Associated Students, 1963 Gaebale Director, Student Court, Associate Justice, Sudent Union Governing Board, Inter- fraternity Council, IFPC, University Student Senate Publications Com- mittee, Cardinal XX, Phi Eta Sigma, University Athletic Council, Phi Delta Theta, President, Rush Chairman. Fred Favor h Robin Jordan Mortar Board, Commerce Queen, AWS Executive Board, Student Court, Associate Justice, Commerce Guild, Executive Council, Civic Club, Dele- gate to IAWS National Convention, Guild Ticker Staff, Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-President, AWS Publicity Committee, Chairman, Alpha Lam- bda Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Scholarship Chairman. iff! wiv 'iflwmem hmm' , wwe, KW Judy Boyd Mortar Board, AWS Judicial Board, Chairman, AWS Executive Board, WRA, Recording Secretary, Orchesis, Student Union Entertainment Com- mittee, ABC, Zeta Tau Alpha, Corresponding Secretary. QM ,. ,,, 261 .rt egg Sammy Hilburn Blue Key, Vice-Presiclent of Associated Stuclents, Arkansas Razorback Football Team, Chairman of Board of Publications, Civic Club, Vice- President, Singphony, Co-Chairman, Sigma Chi, Secretary. r" I 5 -cgjif Y ,. gl I sbt e-sf' ff at z TK Sandy Hubbard AWS l'xi-r iitiw- Boarcl, AWS Queen's Committee, Chairman, Chi Theta, Vice'Prc-siflnnt, Gnchale Committee, Panhellcnic Council, Zeta Tau Alpha, Prcsrclc-rit, Rush Chairman. 'lvl ' x X 1 N xx 5 Shirley Thomas Miss University of Arkansas, Princess of Cotton Bowl, Princess of Amer- ican Royal, Pershing Rifles ROTC Sponsor, National Collegiate Players, Opera Workshop, Artist and Concert Association, Secretary, Kappa Wlllt'S Blue Key, Secretary, Student Senate, Commerce Guild, lnterfraternity Coun- cil, Pre-Law Club, President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma, Marketing Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President. Kappa Gamma, Music Chairman. Jerry Pinson 'r l Omega, President. Cecilia Swaim Nlortar Board: Cheerleader, Co-captain, AWS Executive Board, Student Senate, Civic Club, Fulbright Hall, President, AWS 3 State Convention Delegate, ABC, Publicity Chairman, Chi Melinda Meek Mortar Board, AWS, President and Vice-President, Student Senate, E Z V V K V V V V Student Union Governing Board, AWS Executive Board, AWS Judicial Board, AWS Social Committee, Chairman, Civic Club, Fulbright Hall Senior Counselor, Alpha Lambda Delta. Whll Knox Patterson ODK, Arkansas Engineer, Editor, Arkansas Razor- back, Sports Editor, Student Senate, Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Cardinal XX, Engineer- ing Council, Sigma Nu, Rush Chairman. Judy Taylor Danforth Senior Award, ABC, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Chaplain, Student Teachers Club, Ar- kansas Home Economics Association, Vice-President, 4-H House, Vice-President. fm was , mf ws s X K as W 5 X ,V 4 1 Mickey Mayfield Blue Key, Circle K, Board of Governors, Civic Club, Arnold Air Society, Eta Kappa Nu, Young Democrats, Theta Tau, President, Editor of Newsletter, Engineering Council, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Board ot Governors. 263 Ma ribe! l. Prewitt Mortar Board, Scholarship Clmlrmin, Arkansas Methodist Stu- dent Movement, President, Student Senate: Debate Team, Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS Siuclent-Faculty Relations Commit- tee, Young Democrats, Chi Omega. WX' f i' Ni if-in 1-Q9 4 ff A., I 1' I A .5 4.35.01 nfl' at t "1 ff Michael Burns Blur- Key, Stucli,-nt Senate, Thr-ta Tau, Boarrl of Governors, Cfiirlinnl XX, Tfiu Beta Pi, Pre-siclvnt, Engineering Council, l'ul'ilirity Director, Phi Eta Sigma, Vicf'-Prcsiclont, Amv- rican Chemical Society Award to Outstanding Junior, Sigma Nu, Board of Governors. lil U I 113 Tim Hinkle Blue Key, Phi Beta Kappa, Interfraternity Council, President, Student Senate, All Intramural Football, Cheerleader, Arkansas Alumni Associa- tion Membership Drive, Chairman, Cardinal XX, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President, Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Committee, Execu- Wltll'S Susan Branigan tive Secretary, Sigma Nu, Vice-President. Mortar Poard, Phi Beta Kappa, AWS, President, IFPC, Treasurer, Ful- bright Hall, Vice-President, Treasurer, Arkansas AWS, Treasurer, Dele- gate to IAVVS National Convention, Arkansas Alumni Association, Co- Chairmfin of Membership Drive, Civic Club, Sophomore Council, Presi- dent, Alpha Chi Omega, President. yi, is J: 'Wi James Moore Student Court, Associate Justice, MIHC, Vice-President, Sedgwell House, ' X , Wa , 'V DTV, President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabloard and Blade, Arnold Air Soc- iety, Beta Gamma Sigma. llll Marty Thurlby Mortar Board, Vice-President, Arkansas Trave- ler, Managing Editor, AWS, Editor of Newslet- ter, Student Court, Associate Justice, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Delta Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Vice-President. S. if V, t I , Robert Norwood ODK, Student Court, Associate Justice, Humphreys Hall, Head Counseler, ASME, Outstanding Senior Mechanical Engineer, Razorback Band, Head Drum Major, Cardinal XX, President, Kappa Kappa Psi, Vice-President, Council of honor Societies, President, Engineering Council, Sedg- well House, President. it Betty Efraclcin First Runner-up to Miss University of Arkansas, Student Senate, AWS Executive Boar? IFPC, AWS Student-Faculty Relations Committee, Chairman, Fulbright Hall Senior Counselor, Delta Delta Delta, Social Chairman. W Q WM S , W if Q '--t - ,M , W A f of -' i ,, xy' V V Buck Johns Blue Key, Outstanding Senior Industrial Engi- meer, Theta Tau, Board of Governors, Civic Clulo, President, Director of Campus Chest Drive, Director ot Engineer's Week, Young Democrats, Vice-President, Arkansas Engineer, Section Editor, Engineering Council, President, Delta Gamma Anchor Man, Phi Delta Theta. 265 Bobbie Jean Reagan Student Court, Associate Justice, AWS Judicial Board, AWS Legislative Board, Chairman, WRA Executive Board, Young Democrats, Elementary Club, Pi Beta Phi, House Manager. ll TX 'UN wa,,N-LM x ' I f ' ' 1 A 5: t ,gg 1 4 rr - ' :Y f AZ' A If .- K 4 0, 'Hafner , .u ,.1.,x,,,, . . gn- r an i .UQ v .,-'fn ,' - wap- , . a ,-. A . . -4, nr.. A Q. -Y ' 4 Qllllf .1951 ns' - . Sli 9 e'w . Nancy Rainey Mortar Board, President, Futrall Hall, President, Sigma Alpha Iota- Opera Workshop, Student Senate Publications Board, Wom- en's lnter Hall Council, Secretary-Treasurer Collegiate Singers. 47 QS S AS. Donna Wellhausen Mortar Board, AWS, Secretary, Sophomore Council, President, AWS Executive Board, U of A Delegate to National Panhellenic Council, Fay- etteville-University Symphony Society, Fulbright Hall, Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, President. Blue Key, Alpha Kappa Psi, President, Student Union Governing Board, Steve Pelphrey Chairman, Scabbard and Blade, Commerce Guild Executive Committee, Iwartraternity Council, Student Union Film Committee, Chairman, Mar- krtitg Clrb, Presiclynt, Cardinal XY, Phi Delta Theta, President. Sherrie Hankins James Wendell Tyson Alpha Epsilon Delta, President, Humphreys Hall, Head Coun- selor, Midwestern Association of College and University Res- idence Halls, Circle K, University Theatre. A ,iq , , A f Mortar Board, AWS, Vice-President, AWS Student-Faculty Relations Com- mittee, IFPC, Young Democrats, Fulbright Hall Senior Counselor, Alpha Lambda Delta, Fulbright Hall, Secretary, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary. hll Searcy Harrell Blue Key, Arkansas Law Review, Associate Edi- tor, Student Court, Attorney General, Pre-Law Club, President, Delta Theta Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-President, Cullum Foundation Award, Sedgwell House, Vice-President. N John Harmon """- Blue Key, Associated Students, Treasurer, Student Direc- tory, Editor, Business Manager, IFPC, Young Democrats, P"eSlClef1T: Marketing Club, Student Senate, Lambda Chi Alpha, President. William Kidder Blue Key, Arkansas Razorback, Co-Editor, Busi- ness Manager, Student Directory, Business Man- ager, Guild Ticker Staff, IFPC, Cardinal XX, Phi Eta Sigma, Commerce Guild, Pre-Law Club, Secretary, Sigma Nu, Treasurer. J 261 ,- fi Uv we--A. '71 ,ff Connie Musick, Head Cheerleader Mary Sue Hornor Butch Marino Vonda Jones Cheerleaders Grove Oholendt 'pf-'xi Cecilia Swaim David Henry vw'-Y Dick Holbert Diane Palmer Bo Parker 117 Q YO l' X 1 ' 1 1 xv, if 1 J QM f 1 5 A lg . if M21 f 4, ,V AZ ef Majorettes The Razorback Majorettes march and practice with the band. These girls aclfl the necessary pep and good looks which a fine har must have as part of its pro- gram. This year the G'lVlarching Razorbacks' fmturecl twirler was Miss Linda Lee Purdy. The majorettes were: Nadine Appleton, Pam Backus. Betty Steel, Deborah Wliiting. Suzie Tilley, Lana Kay Uolliuiv Melillfla Jones, Amanda Tate, and Diana W'allin. 35. i asv' 0 W S f wfgngg' ' f N "4 1 ' Wm y f , ,iw 74, ,Q gy-Q ,Af A Q. rx Y Zim THE ACTIVITIES ...., . . , ,.,,., ,,,,.,q,,A ,M H KUfZHC'1IT0l7ll' by Bob Nichols 0 A- 72 J Barney's Success-t n Arkansas Attribute John Barnhill personifies the heart and soul of the University athletic program. He does hecause he huilt it. For eighteen years his dedication and administrative talent has guided Arkansas athletics into one of the finest programs in the nation. The entire state knows of his achievements and recognized them by inducting him into the Arkansas Hall of Fame. The Razorbacks have excelled because of his driving desire for excellence. John Barnhill Director of Athletics Jef' .nl-' GLEN ROSE is a man of tremendous personal nerve and a basketball coach with outstanding ability. His induction in the Arkansas Hall of Fame this year came right after his 300th win at the University. r.,, 1, U UF 3 FRANK BROYLES is a football coach and Southern gentleman of the highest caliber. As a footliall coach, his record speaks for itself. As a gentleman, he has won the confidence and support of the state. GEORGE COLE has known Arkan- sas athletics for over 35 years from all angles-as a player. as a coach and as assistant athletic director. A memher of the Arkansas Hall of Fame. he oversees scholarship operations and serves as a liason officer for campus activities. 27 I - 5 'ff ' t .. .J ,-.z , , A , "Doug send Brittenum in at quarterback . . . No, no, send Gray in . . . No, no get Marshall in there . . . No, wait a minute, let Guest try his luck." 0 They Ma Exee Quality of coaching is a measure of team's success. At Arkansas this success is a direct result of the Razorback assistants. In and out of season. these men form the hackhone of the Razorhack athletic program. Planning. coaching, and recruiting is a year-round job that is aimed at the development of the individual athlete and the success of the program itself. Every man on the staff is an expert in his particular area of concern. For many former assistants. Arkansas was a place to show ahilitx' ancl then move on to a heacl coaching position. The University has a reputation of developing some of the finest young coaches in America. lilnug llickcy is lnnve to the University of Tennessee as hearl foothall coach this winter is an example. The stall of assistants at Arkansas certainly plays an integral part in the success or failure of athletics. And. lor the Razorhacks. success has lu-en a clnminate theme. Jim MacKenzie Defensive Line Q Wilson Matthews Bill Pace Bob Cheyne Ends and Linebackers Defensive Backs Publicity Doug Dickey Steed White Mervin Johnson Offensive Backs Offensive Line Offensive Line sniff "Duoldy" Waller ,lack Davis Barry Switzer Frosh Basketball Frosh Football T-Team 49?--'wa C. A. Bidwell Bill Ferrell lon Farrell Track Trainer-Baseball Assistant 2 Kwai' X f XX X5 X X fs N X ww X X 1 I N x X N X s X X S f - 7 X six X x X X X X I I 4 X 4 s 5,7 fe Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Season Record Oklahoma State Missouri Texas Chrishan Baylor Texas Tulsa Texas A8.M Rice SMU Texas Tech 78 mmf Ily- fb... "W .f umm. -- l"l1,sl lfmr: Huw Minn:-. 'llvnmlny Ul'll5llf'l'. .lavk Hrasllvll. .lun l'!illl'Il. llnllx 111413. Jin. llrimle. Fourth lfmr: l:lill1'lllllll. .N'w'n1ul Ruff: Wwlvy llryunl. lirmlliv tlilX1'l1P5?4. llirlx llglllivhl. Kvnny llulfivld, lllvn Huy Him liilly Uluy. Ilulwlmy lfrm-kell. Thin! Row: Charles Daniel, ,lim Arkansas - - A handful of troubles and a winning tradition set the stage for the Razorbacks, '63 season. After a sum- mer of publicity, the Porkers rose to the occasion the first time around to blank the Oklahoma State Cow- boys, 21-ll, before a capacity crowd in Little Bockis War Memorial Stadium. There was no question about it: OSU was outclas- sed. Penetrating the Arkansas 35 yard-stripe only twice, the visitors made the Porkers look good going both ways. Senior end ,lim ,lohn set up the first tally by reco- vering a Cowboy fumble on the OSU 36. Ten plays later, sophomore tailback .lim Lindsey crashed over from the three early in the first period. ,lunior quarter- back Billy Cray took the spotlight later in the quarter as he directed a 10'-play, 79-yard paydirt push. It was climaxed when he passed to end Jerry Lamb from 18 yards out. After a lifeless second frame, the Porkers initiated their last scoring charge midway in the third period. Witli sophomore .ion Brittenum at the helm, the Hogs moved to the OSU 17 with a tromping ground attack. Brittenum then passed to senior Jerry ,lones for the touchdown. Tom lVlcKnelly booted his third straight extra-point to end the scoring. Jerry Jones falls into the end zone after catching a paydirt pass from Jon Brittenum to score a final tally against the OSU Cowboys. klahoma State 0 STATISTICS ARKANSAS 21 First Downs 14' By Bushing 7 By Passing 0 By Penalty 403 Total Offense 257 Net Bushing 16 Passes Attempted 8 Completed 0 Had intercepted 146 Yards Passing 5-38.6 Punts 75 Yards Penalized 4- Fumbles Lost OSU 9 7 2 0 187 130 17 4 0 57 7-29.0 15 3 On his first night as a Razorback, Jim Lindsey follows the block- ing of quarterback Bill Gray against an anxious Cowboy attacker. Missouri 7 - - Arkan. as STATISTICS ARKANSAS MISSOURI 15 First llnwn 1-1 10 By Iiushing 10 3 By Passing 4 2 By P f-11 alty 0 195 Total Offense 236 124- Net Rushing 181 16 Passes Attempted 8 6 Completed LL 1 Had Intercepted 0 71 Yards Passing 55 4-3311-.5 Punts 5-35.4 41 Yards Penalized 45 2 Fumhles Lost 0 380 Ronnie Cavencss t55J and Wesley Bryant C735 pursue quarterback Gary lane into the Missouri Tiger backfield as a Bengal closes in. hlissuuris powerful Tigers gat e liazurhack routers snniething that they hadnt seen in Little Huck since 1960 an Arkansas defeat. Ilnwexer. it was a slim down- fall. T-6. liut still one of those lilack marks that have lieen uncommon in the Frank Iirnyles' regime. IIere's where Arkansas liegan tu show its greatest 'Oli delicency: the lack of an offensive push at the right time. I'Inw'eYe1', every thing went well. at least, for a half. Arkansasi only score came midway in the first per- ind when quarterhack Billy Cray directed an fill-yard drixe in 14 plays. Mixing his plays well. Cray inuved thi- squad down to the Alizznu 26. Then a liumh tn Jim lindsey lirnke the scoring ice frnm that point. Tum Nlclinellfs puint-after attempt went wide to the right making it. 6-O. A fantastic Tiger rehirth in the second half made the difference. The first time the xisitnrs gut the hall in the third periud they scored. Charging TU yards und- er the direction uf snphuinure quarterhack Cary Lane. the Bengals ended it all with a twn-yard plunge hy full- liar-k Gus Otto. Bill Leistritz then made a perfect game- winning r-nnversinn tn clnse the scoring midway in the third period. Defense proved tn lie an Arkansas check ini' the remainder. As the final gun snunded. the typical reac- tinn nn lieth sides was "it had to happen SKIIIIGTIIIIE.-i Jerry Lamb, well-known for his high-flying offensive antics, makes like an astronaut with the Tiger defensive back hot on his heels. SQZBX 'Bw , X? ,ffpv mv N x 1,1 X K .1 :.:-,az - , ., ,f 1 ,, 1 ,V ff .Q --f'::1w4w::s:1: -'+:-is-, ,y M. bi':z124.f - ' , V -,Viz-:rw-'-:P '. 1 f, f Mfr s-hw ! fd 4, . .K f 'W if ' , ' QW X A g' , , M' , ,V,, , far X 2 AQ ,f - .' 51 1 if WS 3 A ,,,x I - , X f ww X 9 ' E ff ,Q ii ' fir ! W B -X nw Q1 1 num , mg. , I N Nx f 3' Iv if .BEM Figs W ik First Row: Gary Howard, Jim John, Jim Johnson, Guy Jones. Moore, Bobby Nix. Fourth Row: Mike Parker Bobby Rey Second Row: Jerry Jones, Bill Knight, Jerry Lamb, .lim Lind- nolds, Cary Robinson, Bobby Roper. sey. Third Row: Fred Marshall, Tom McKnelly, Tommy Lg Tftj! ' 1 4,4' A 414,01 fzgfq. 'fr-7" 'W f -me 1 Hs. e . 5 - ,- Q , rv 4"'h . 5, P he ti ' g . i1',:.i' 1 ' 'V+ I f - -it gikdslz '4 . , I 5 lr , 4 fr' pu if f. , 5, N V E l 3-nv,-Q v', . 'v " I v,, --.1 ' ..: ' Y . . it - . if 1 wif 1 5: 7, I ., awk. ii? ,, A L3 zijn, M"ijj" nfl . K 282 Zi Q ' 1' 4-4' Oli' . wax, 1 9 ,9 l . A Ki r ,., , . , t Q it Junior Ken Hatfield sprints away from a Horned Frog on another punt return. Ken did a full day's work against TCU as he returned nine punts. rkansas 18 - - Texas hri tian 3 Swim- lm-uks lr-ll the right way, some scoring op- S'li.fX'l'lS'l'ItifS porlunitivs in-rv utilizt-cl. some tough Arkansas clcfensv pziiil tiff' 'tliut was tht- story uf the Razurliacks' 18-I3 xrlllyxmslxs TCL- xivtnry me-r 'lie-xas Christian un llatlis llay lieltm- fl pm-kewl lmusr- in lfuyvttt-xillv. 9 lfirst lluwns 12 'llhc first 1-1-rift-n-:iw win gun- Arkansas its fifth a n 1 A 14 , , ' ' ' straight Xlt'lttI'5 on-r the llurm-ml frogs ulllmuglt it was I Ill llublllng 'L lliv first tirm' sinm- l'l3l llml tht- llurlu'rs tkiilt-rl in tlm-4' 5 Hx Iyluiw, 7 1-wrist-rtitiw Irie-s lu rnnlw an 1-xtru point. ' lu F U With tIlllll'lt'l'llilt'li l"rm-rl Nlursliull. lln- llugs sr-oretl 0 px pump? 1 llrst mi ll 'll-yurml vliurgv thzll lmlli Ulllf lwlll' lllilfS Ill llir- first pvriml. A S32-yaircl sprint In fullluirk lfliurlvs lZ3l 'liulill Offviist' 2l-l- llzniic-l uml Zl Str-tural pass rmtiplvtimi from xllll'Sll1lll ln '. . --n , , - . -- 1-ml ,Ir-rry l.zmili lngltliglm-rl tht- mart-li. IJ- Ml llufllmil H 'fffli 11-lailiutml in Ilia- sm-mill frzum' with ,lim Mr- I- P Xu i I 0- . ,- . . . . . 4 J ' ' ., All-vr s .lr-yurrl lwlrl gmail tu mzilw it ti-.l tht- llllt'l'llllS- ls-ts tmp at , sum tally. , i ' ' w 5 qj,,n,l,lt.h.l1 12 l,im-lun-lwr lwniiiv f.z1u-in-ss iiit4'rc't'plt-rl ai frog pass in llir- lust rprzirtvr :tml rt'turnml it tu tlw visitors' 2l to I llml l,m.,-,.l.I,p.d 2 svl up tht' sm-mul tnur-lnlmvn. lziglil plays lutvr llill 7 tlraiy mist-cl in from thx' unc. lm 'l1U'flS liilfltl? 134 Un thc' l'nrlwr kit-kntf. 'llflllis hlzuwiii Cliipniziit 1 0 , , . . f .. 3--ltl... l unts 0-12,3 lriiiililml :tml Arkxiiiszis ,lim l'lIlt'll it-c'nw1'm-cl thc' hull 1-in tht- lfiiowg 27. 'Illia' six-play suiriiig clriw was vlinmx- 2:2 yu,-its Pmmliuwl 25 1-cl xxlwn firzty rullml Ill on il short QZIIIICY. 'lille' llzifl's lluy jinx was over now. 0 liuiiililvs l.ust 1 fit Ba lor 14 - - Arkansas 10 Practically speaking, the Razorbacks didn't play the Baylor Bears in 1963. Arkansas actually lost, 14-10, to one of the most outstanding passing combinations i11 modern American football--quarterback Don Trull to speedster Larry Elkins. Senior Gary 1s1oward set up the first Arkansas tally on an interception and return to the Bear 25. Ham- pered by penalties, the Porkers settled for a 32-yard field goal off the toe of Tom lVlcKnelly late in the first half. Trull and Elkins then began their work. Within two minutes on four straight completions, Baylor was on the Arkansas 15. A run to the four and a pass to Elkins from that point. plus the PAT, chalked a 7-3 halftime lead. The Bazorhacks' only touchdown came on a 48- yard push that highlighted tailback jim Lindsey. He tallied from the one yard to end the nine-play charge in the third period. lVlcKnelly converted. The winning Bruin tally was set up when Bobby Crenshaw intercepted an Arkansas pass and returned it to the Hog 17. Two plays later, Trull flipped a 17- yard projectile to Elkins for the score midway in the third frame. Baylor's Timmon Roberts was too anxious in his search of Jim John and Arkansas was awarded a completed pass on an interference call. W' mn' R-I" -UI ,fffwfwv-tfmfih .J v sr W., W' an 1, s ' ' f ' .v Q 4 ""'iTS.8'.N2fS'a'? STATISTICS ARKANSAS BAYLUB 13 First Downs 18 7 By Bushing 5 5 By Passing 12 1 By Penalty 1 225 Total Offense 296 99 Net Bushing 55 21 Passes Attempted 34 10 Completed 21 1 Had Intercepted 2 126 Yards Passing 241 6-40.1 Punts 6-37.0 30 Yards Penalized 59 1 Fr iiii liles Lost 0 'Nw- Sophomore Jim Lindsey hammers out an extra three yards to make a Razorback first down against the Baylor Bears in a nip-and-tuck battle. 1? 'lx' l K t Ot. pf 'Q . Y X ,e .5 44 Y 4' . "Ja," 1 HM 'rv V-,,,g,"E fx 1- - -,..,, ...WNV "mt t ': wnnie Nlar- Smith. Stan Sparks, Randy Stewart, Utnltly 'lln-lu--tt. Swfuml Razr: ilu-rge Walker. ,lerry NY elvh. jim Williams. . I 5 l'1 llllll li llaxe Xlalstnn. A Tulsa defensive back fthe bad guyl turns a pass play into a wrestling match complete with Jerry Lamb fthe good guyl and excitable referee. ig N -A -- -. 'L .bn i 5 Y A 'x 1 lf' 'e'x rf' 3 I. -5 J X -.we "' an-q n 0 L 4 .1 I l .. .vs .sl L nrt? - vmfrgimtf- rf i r use - :Ml 1. rn, lu N , H. t , .,IL K-.-QQ ' .-v. K P 4 W- 2 - Q . ' '., 4 l ' - ng - 2 1 ' N? ' N 'X . ' xt. s ' .. Q l ll l :ww au Texans clon't scare fullback Jim Lindsey as he tucks the ball, lowers his shoulder and butts-cl his helmet into a tough Royal defensive line. Texas TI. ' ' AYIQHHSHS 1. 3 Texas' 17-13 victory over the Porkers, witnessed by the largest football crowd ever assembled in Arkan- sas lover 41,000 in Little Rockis War Memorial Sta- diulnl, was one of the most exciting ,games in Hog his- tory. The first time the Texans got the ball they scored. Using a ground attack entirely. they took the opening kickoff and pushed 68 yards in 14 plays to paydirt. Tommy Ford crashed over from the one midway in the first period. Tony Crosbyis kick was good. Arkansas had to punt on its first possession and the Texans were off again-this time on an 86-yard romp. It was climaxed when Ford sliced in from three yards out early in the second period. Crosby's kick was good. Crosby kicked a 29-yard field goal with 53 seconds left in the halt to finish the Texans' scoring jaunt. Sophomore Jackie Brausell then returned the kick- off 89 yards to the UT six on one of the most spectacu- lar runs of the season. Two plays later. sophomore quarterback Ion Brittenum passed to junior wingback Stan Sparks for the 11-yard touchdown. 1VlcKnelly's kick was good. Late in the third period, Arkansas took over on its own 10 and marched 90 yards for the last touchdown of the evening. Brittenum went up the middle on a one- yard plunge to end the long drive. McKnelly's kick was good. STATISTICS ARKANSAS 10 First Downs 5 By Rushing 5 By Passing 0 By Penalty 162 Total Offense 71 Net Rushing 19 Passes Attempted 9 Completed 1 Had lntercepied 91 Yards Passing 4-35.8 Punts 11 Yards Penalized 2 Fumbles Lost TEXAS 18 15 3 0 301 247 7 5 0 54 2-37.5 0 1 2 Wxq " M u u. .f' , FSR 16 4' '31 Only at Arkansas ID 63 would you see quarterback Bull Gray blocking for quarterback Fred Marshall against The Golden Arkansas 56 - - Tulsa 7 NIR lil l 14 T1, ll SWT 207 I lv V' J lr Ima l-.Sham 120 l STATISTICS First Dmsrns By RllSlllll By Pussin By Plxllilllf 'lhlal Offense Ncl Rushing Passes Allvnl Cnmplvlvcl llml Illll'l'l'l'llll'll xV2ll'll!4 llussln l'unls N urcls l'vnulm'4l lfumlmlvs Lust T -Y-1 0 47' ' -w 4 Q ,.. D gh! i 1 r w. Hurricane from Tulsa. 'ITLSA 12 3 9 0 202 13 .y- 04 21 l H30 0-38.7 60 2 sr m , , is if Arkansas - - Texas A Sr Frank Broyles' unblemished record in November was still, clean after the Texas A Sz M contest which the Razorbacks took. 21-7, before a capacity crowd in Lit- tle Rock's War Memorial Stadium. It was Rroyles, 21st straight victory in November since 1958. Arkansas' first score was launched midway in the first period when ,lim Williams recovered an Aggie fumble on the Cadet 27. Moving down to the 16, quar- terback Bill Gray oiled his passing arm and completed to sophomore tailback Jackie Brasuell in the end zone. Tom McKnelly's PAT was good. A bad snap from center on a punting down gave the Aggies possession on the Arkansas one. On the first play of the second frame, quarterback Charles LaGrange crashed over for the visitors, only touch- down. Bobby Lee converted. Midway in the second quarter, the Razorbacks scampered 79 yards to paydirt with some fine running by sophomore fullback ,lim Lindsey. An 11-yard pass play from Gray to Brausell and Mclfnellyis successful conversion made it, 14-7 at the intermission. Late in the final period, the Hogs drove 58 yards for the final tally. It came when Gray went up the mid- dle from the one-foot line. Mclinelly converted. An end sweep by tailback Jackie Brasuell and a block by Bill Gray STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS ASM' 16 First Downs 7 7 By Rushing l, 6 By Passing 3 3 By Penalty 3 177 Total Offense 135 89 Net Rushing 51 19 Passes Attempted 18 7 Completed 7 0 Had intercepted 2 88 Yards Passing 84- 7-39.7 Punts 7-40.0 29 Yards penalized 99 1 Fumbles Lost 1 against two pursuing Cadets produced a first down on the Aggie 31. -s WZ 11 n Star punt returner Ken Hatfield charges to the Razorback 20 be- fore being met by five aggressive Aggies. Jim Williams C711 looks on. :L E 5 Rice 7 - - rkansas 0 STATISTICS ARKANSAS RICE 12 First liowns 9 8 Ry Rushing 5 4+ Rv Passing 1 0 Ry Penalty 3 229 Total Offense 135 126 Net Rushing 120 19 Passes Attempted 16 9 Completed 2. 1 Intercepted 1 103 Yards Passing 15 10-3112.9 Punts I0-35.9 70 Yards Penalized 25 0 Fumbles Lost 0 I r' h fr Jm Lindsey finds elbow room pretty hard to find against a bustling Rice defensive line that yielded few yards to the -63 Razorbacks. Frank Broyles, November 'vinning streak was snap- ped in Houston as the Rice Owls blanked the Porkers, T-0. before 41.000 Homecoming fans in Rice Stadium. Hog momentum couldn't be sustained and the Owls only needed one break to ice it. Until the final period. sparkling defensive play was the keynote. Each team gave up the ball ten times on punts and neither squad could click offensively. Then came a freak Owl scoring opportunity. On the first play of the fourth quarter. Arkansas' Tommy Moore punted 35 yards to the Hog 42. Rice took over and moved to a quick first down on the 25. Fullback Russell Wiayt then hit the middle and fumb- led. Gene Fleming picked the ball up and ran to the 12. Four plays later, quarterback Walter McRevnolds smashed up the middle from the one for the winning touchdown. Joe Cochran's kick was good. A desperate Porker attempt to get on the scoreboard was halted late in the game when Fleming picked off an Arkansas pass on the Owl three yard-stripe. The Razorback defensive unit had posted some of the most impressive statistics of the '63 season. but one Owl series couldnit be stopped and that made the dif- ference -the deciding margin. Quarterback Jon Erittenum connects with Jerry Lamb before a pack- ed crowd of Owl Homecoming fans and the cameras of CBS-TV. as , fits i?'wnav 9' W... Jerry Lamb captures a 12-yard pass from quarterback Fred Marshall asa Southern Methodist Pony closes in on the iunior end from Houston. MU 14 -- rkansas ARKANSAS STATISTICS 10 First Downs 3 By Bushing 5 By Passing 2 By Penalty 159 Total Uffense B6 Net Bushing 15 Passes Attempted 7 Completed 2 lntercepted 73 Yards Passing 5-42.6 Punts 27.5 Yards Penalized 0 Fumbles Lost SMU 12 10 1 1 198 142 7 5 0 56 4-34.0 30 1 Arkansas suffered its fifth and final defeat of the season in Dallas' Cotton Bowl when the Southern Meth- odist Mustangs topped the Razorbacks, 14-7, before a crowd of 23.000 Two ironies surrounded the contest. Because it was the last game in Texas for Arkansas, the defeat brought a harsh fact to bare-it was the first time since 1953 that the Hogs had failed to win a game in Texas. Making the downfall even more bitter. the SMU's head coach Hayden Fry was a former backfield coach in the Broyles' regime. Arkansas took the opening kickoff and scored. Tak- ing over on the Mustang 47, quarterback Fred Marshall headed a 10-play drive that was climaxed when Marshall crashed in from inches out with only four minutes gone. Tom Mclfnelly converted. SMU then showed power by taking their first pos- session into point paydirt. A five-yard pass from Tmn Caughran to Tom Hillary capped the drive in a razzle- dazzle fashion on a quarterback pitchout. A bad Arkansas snap from center early in the third period saw the Mustangs take over on the Razorback 10. One play later, quarterback Mac Wliite handed off to his wingback who tromped to the one. Wliite then tried right guard for the winning touchdown. 2 3 89 7 Y 'zf -'Q s'. Y' ,'x X fi 5 290 X 'v TN"-1. .N TT"-Q . in, . P! iw. --ff 1 - - ,. ri ng' sad' f- Y .X gui -15,5 Q-5 s -L Ken Hatfield pushes through Tech defenders on his way to a Hog tally and another record punt return of 80 yarcls-second longest in UA history. Arkansas 27 -- Texas Tech An offensive show that saw Arkansas top Texas Tech, 27-20, was the one and only highlight of Home- coming '63, A solver crowd of 25.000 still stunned by the assassination of Presitlent John 17. Kennedy watched the nip-aml-tuck liattle. The llazorhaeks jumped off to a 20-0 lead in the first half. hut. hy the intermission. it was narrowed to a 20-13 margin. Witli quarterliaek lfred Marshall at the helm. the lslogs seoretl their first tally when sophomore fullliaeli lsiohlii Nix plunged over from the one to elimax an ft- play. 33-yai'fl mareh with 3:32 left in the first quarter. Sophomore tailhaek ,laekie lirasuell proviilezl the thrills on the next Porker charge when he seamperecl 3-l yards oxer left taekle for the seeond touchdown with 13:-10 left in the seeontl period. l1leKnelly's PAT attempt was wide. Two touchdown pass plays put the Raiders on the seorelioartl liefore the half. ll. 1,. Daniels produced one wide and one good conversion. Taking over on their own 15. quarterliaek Bill Crm' tlireeteml the l'orlu-rs on a line halaneed atlaek that was highlighted hy a 131-yard toss from Cray to junior Stan Sparks. Vlfith second-and-six on the Tech 24, Gray swept end to score the winning' touchdown. The victory left Arkansas with a 5-5 season mark and a I1--L conference record. ARKANSAS l0 ll 5 ll 270 W0 1-1- J 2 U3 0-.5 l .t fifi 0 STATISTICS First Downs By Rushing By Passing By Penalty Total Offense Net Rushing Passes Attempted Completed Intereepted Yards Passing Punts Yards penalized l7umhles Lost TEXAS TECH 18 9 8 1 305 161 2-L 8 2 14-4- T-28.6 45 0 Jerry Lamb All-Southwest Conference End Parker X ff 'f W. 5 My l, ,. , f,, ,, 1 Ronnie Caveness All-Southwest Conference Center Standout Jim Grizzle 1963 Razorback Team Co-Captain Mike Parker 1963 Razorback Team Co-Captain C7 -Y, .. , .lg , . r ,J 4 " ' 17352: ' A Q ir' U l' I -E TQ . , , , 1 9 , ' 1' f ' 'A , ' , I I t"f 1 - 'A .4 4. 1 -fifvnl Q . Q , ,fy . ' 5'4 , , " f' I f, Vw, - e -nr' .' " '-'y. ' - 'fl 'V , X m A ,Q ' L 1 1 I' AMF. p Ns. x A X X 1 'a 'gl' 5 ! Q X VW XC W r ,Q X Jim Bane Junior Orval Cook Sophomore Larry Hogue Senior Jim Jay Senior Jim Kissee Junior Jim Magness Senior J. D. McConnell Sophomore Steve Rousseau Sophomore Ricky Sugg Sophomore John Talkington Sophomore Warren Vogel Senior Billy Ray Wood Junior 1 Basketbal A balanced conference, unproven scoring power, lack of height, and a heavy sophomore influence all combined to make the 1963-64 Razorback basketball season one of the most deceptive in recent years. A hot start and a slow finish left the Porkers with a 6-8 conference record fone game below .5001 and a 9-14 overall record. A frustrating February was the major contributing factor to another mediocre season. The '62-,613 Hogs had an 8-6 conference finish with a 13-11 overall total. Four seniors-Larry Hogue, ,lim lVlagness, Wa1'ren Vogel and Jim Jay-formed the backbone of the squad. Transfer junior ,lim Kissee and junior ,lim Bane were the other returning mainstays. An array of sophomores proved helpful in spots with a promise for future po- tential. John Talkington. Steve Rousseau, Orval Clook, J. D. lVIcConnell and Ricky Sugg were among the soph standouts. Arkansas, under head coach Glen Rose, won its opening contest against Southwest Louisiana, 71-65, in Fayetteville. Then a drought began that ended after a four-game losing streak. Missouri topped the Porkers, 76-74: Kansas bumped the Hogs, 73-60, Oklahoma State halted Arkansas, 74-65, and Vanderbilt crushed the Razorbacks, 101-77, while setting a new Vandy scoring record. Right before Christmas, Arkansas got back on the winning track as they stopped Lamar Tech, 86-80, in Fayetteville. The Gulf States Classic in Shreveport saw Arkansas topped by Tennessee, 77-57, but a Razorback victory over arch-rival Ole lVliss, 76-68, didnit make things seem so dim. Conference play was next and the opener saw Ar- kansas fall to Texas Tech, 93-84, in Lubbock. A mo- mentum builder four nights later saw the Hogs hot and hungry and the Texas Longhorns hit the dust, 58-53, before a screaming mob in Barnhill Fieldhouse. ln the last game before finals, conference pushover Texas Christian fell to Arkansas, 66-60, on the Froggies, home court. A non-conference tilt in Tulsa saw the Golden Hur- ricane rack the Porks, 95-86, before the conference was resumed. Frustrating February then loomed up and the chal- lenge proved too much. The Porkers jumped off to a 3-1 conference mark-and as late as February 15 it was 5-3 and a third-place standing. Then the house fell in when the schedule sent up Rice, Texas A8zlVI, SMU, Texas Tech and Texas in a row. Arkansas halted Baylor, 74-70, to kick off the Feb- ruary slate. Rice and the Texas Aggies then dealt fatal blows. The Owl trailed. 36-29, but a second half push saw Rice crunch the Porks, 76-63, in Fayetteville. The Razor- backs then traveled to College Station where they drop- ped a real heartbreaker to the eventual conference cham- pion. It was 35-35 at the Intermission with Arkansas leading by nine points early in the third period. A fourth quarter effort pushed the Cadets over the Hogs, 72-64. K . .1. T qw .F ' Kiwi'- Sophomore Ricky Sugg lifts off the boards to rack one for the UA against a battling Rice squad that was sparked by Kendall Rhine. 295 JI 3 X 2. 'O' fa A xv an-lh' Zz ti., i A if , r., 1 . i 4 .519 ,gf ,A -4 V' .-...-hai'-.A F.nyeHoviIle's own J. D. McConnell proves himself a hometown hero as he battles with some Texas Tech Red Raiders under the Porker baskev. 7 ffl ,Ms , N ,ttteggxknays - ta? Junior Jim Bane lets go with an outside shot against the Aggies of Texas A8fM as sophomore J. D. McConnell protects the letterman from Missouri. The Downfall: Frustrating February Two Arkansas wins in Fayetteville-83-71 over Southern Methodist and 73-61 over Baylor- seemed to pull the Razorbacks out of their hard luck. But such wasn't the case. The Hogs were on top of Texas A8zlVl, 29'-26, at the half at home. However. a momentum gave the Aggies a 60-57 victory. Southern Methodist smashed Hog hopes in Dallas, 86-71, decisively. Texas Tech then came to Fayetteville for a furious contest that saw fist swinging at the end. Arkansas had a 50-45 halftime lead, but a scoring duel right to the last second resulted in an 87-86 Raider win. Texas paid Arkansas back for its previous loss by knocking the Porkers. 80-67. in Austin. Playing wide-open basketball, the Hogs decided to close out the season in grand style before home fans in "Gloomy Glen" paints a gloomy picture as the gloomy Razorbacks have a gloomy conference. lt was a pretty gloomy season. ---I-9 at pun'--v is-A I 4-. LL N. L " I Ad in,--'Q it U 4 Q 4 vu 1 S 't 1 5 an 18 I f' It looks like a capcless Superman but it's really senior Jim Jay fighting up for two points against the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Accent on Sophs Fay etleville. Druhbing Texas Christian, 101-TT, Arkan- sas simply overpowered the weak Frog squad that failed lo win an SWG contest all season. Seniors Jim Magness and Wvarren Vogel ranked 1-2 as the top offensive players nn this year's team. Blag- ncss sunk a 14.9 point average for the entire season and was 1-1.1 in conference play. Vogel hit 12.1 for the year and 13.6 in SWC competition. For the entire schedule. Nlagncss hit 3113 points with a 23-point high-game while Vogel tallied 265 points with a 24-point high. A senior from Hot Springs. Klagness was also the leanfs lcading rehounder overall with 127. Sophomore .l. ll. NlcConnell pulled more off the hoards in the con- ference with a 92-rebound mark. The legacy of the '63--6-L squad may well prove to lie the group of experienced players that will move in '64-'65, Jim Magness lays up a dunk shot against Texas Tech as the usual small crowd looks on. However, Saturday afternoon games helped. ' , 9 , j',,,-0-F fi T cf- fa 1.1 rf SA-N T Q2 4 lt uyzl S.. . -:CW W 1 fmqsv Ya, V 3345? ' ff M? ,AM 1' Warren Vogel plays peek-a-boo through the arms of two Aggies. Maybe more teams should play peek-a-boo like the champion Cadets. 34 1 1 r A -' l VW' 'Ill' I llllll ll ll Under head coach Duddy Waller, the Shoat basketball team played a slate of I2 teams from November of '63 to February of '64 Track Barry Bearden holds promise for the future in several of the field events. Here he is clearing the bar in the Pittsburg dual meeting. go- i . wr an 4 " 0 A strong nucleus of returning lettermen and strength in areas of traditional Arkansas weakness gave the Ar- kansas track program new confidence. After finishing fourth in the 1963 Southwest Conference meet fthe high- est finish in 16 yearsll, Arkansas tracksters began to take a more predominant place in the spring sports program. Coach Ab Bidwell counted on 13 returning letter- men with a host of sophomores off a fine 763 Shoat squad. The sprints continued to be a weak spot, but a strong field showing gave the Razorbacks strength in a traditional weak area. Seniors Glenn Babb, John Deardorff, Philip Kolb and Ed Renfrow became the backbone of the Porker track events. Junior Don Schilling in the weights con- tinued to put Arkansas high after setting two Arkansas records in his sophomore year. Senior Dick Perry and juniors Jim Mace and George Russ made the broad jump one of Arkansas, top field attractions. Except for the loss of prime contenders in the short distances, the 1964 Porker tracksters continued to set a strong nucleus for a fine track program for the future. Razorback cross country team members turn golf courses into track courses every fall. The conference meet was held here this year. 1 , 1, W-as N .qo- IQ' :Gi P S' ' " ..l5' :fi N ' "' .Q :' 2 T A NX ,MW 1' wfmk ,I- A X X Ja .fi 'W wwf- Ll, - "QQ Rulierl Human. Tlzilrl Row: Ricky Sllgfgl. .lim Melee. Bohhy 1 First Rum. lwjt to riglzlz james Mayer, llulrhy Williamson, Glenn urnell. lfil Henlmw. .lohn lleardorff, Hubert Tennant. barry Buhli, Phil Kolb, Lewis Minor. ,lack Hunt, Dick Perry, Mike B Chilton. Swami Row: Cary Lminey. Dun Schilling, Jeff Pride, Harold Rhmlen, Wayne lrsch, Phil Mclinelly. Howell Wright, Bearclen, George Rubs. I f Th kes the 'oints a little rusty in February. Like flying gazelles, Razorback hurdlers flash through the distance whie reezing Wea er ma 1 ,, 'wi-9 v , f , fy , T . .A , . , K , . A .W ,defy-:Q ' - ' W' i' ik ' " 'V , Q Wu I 'A el -,wx 'T e V f ' ,244 I' f grwfwsarffwiw, ' ' , A 4 , " , N, -fe ' . , ' af AW, ,K - K aff? xx ,. J' gl Q ' . . ' . . - .QM il.,..'-ehfaf - Ydgwgffw ini ' Dk 1 .xi A ,-4 1 ff Qlblkdi: 'W i-v. -as I o .3 ,-.. V. . 1 , ' V , si ' .GJ fr 'Ll Xdilft'-', ll ll 1, ' li 3 .il X f ' T ' . . at elf , 1' . .l F7 -4 'Li' 7 s ,tulsa i' y,' ,. -, !', , s I 5 V . K f 4 4 i X - 'R in-Q ' 'A' 44 l W A' A ' VY - W -VQA 4' ,A ,I X v 7- I K rl , J, ' 1,v . ,, 1. I.. I t fl -- 1 VY , -.-mpg? , inf' iv. L A., er If A xy . lair I L, S Q I ,,- fl I M ' i J 1 'lib 6 1 . E 1,1 A V. 1 lx F f- ag' 12 -:f- t 1 1 i W' Kr 1 f I - sn. Al I' " 1 cfxxl tru ll LK' i Nga' l 4 an i 'f as ' - . f tr , re I V x lt X mi ... 'X i X 'taxi l. . F S ft W ' "fl .fx ' , W W ,I ' -A '..f .V 'ni' 'U r f' ' my l S q ' fiflq jp 1 t 'fffihfi sv- We Q WW' itll .. 'Q 4' 1 , W Q.--.ez ' - ,ft 'H f .. . 1 ' , A l -' 1 i wtf: .,53.?,5i,'A ' rf- jx: Q ,. A 'iff-,ea up ' ..., 'f It 411, "' ' .X ' iyiitv I 41 ,Arn-. 4- bf"e iCqf5,,:FiQQ'i, iidiuygi :WS 1--rt!!-gl-4? ?w4-TJ if ' .mir .,.kt"f.4r't 1 ' s ' ' A ' ' Q. - ' -' ' ' A . as in - 302 Everything pointed to success as the experience of 12 returning letterman gave tlie 1964 Arkansas liaseliall lllilgllt' llle ljnrliel squad one of the lwest liaekbones of any team in the past ten years. After a creditable 13-10 reenrd in '61 per- sonnel losses were held to a minimum. the '64 sclwflulr- was slmrtm-ned to 19 games and several newenmers pro- mised tu give tlie squad added strength. Prnlilems in the liullery -development of good piteliing potential A n I I ,... The University of Arkansas' Baseball squad played all their home games at the Fayetteville Fair Grounds park. and eultivation of a eonsistent ealelier-continued to 's. lnlield worries. for tlie most part were snlwrl lui an intaet returning erew witli some fine snplirmiores to liaeli it up. The outfield prospeets were plentiful and power at tlie plate. espeeiallx witll left- H W4 I' ' W1 I llt ttf' 502153 lmnrlr-rl lvntters. hung in the lialanee. tioaeli'Bill Ferrell ttltlllllN liirl prutenti l tn wk 'tl ' l 4 tn 'H S.- Sdn-nu Arkansas haseballcrs really do use bats, but Jim Jay's lightning flip still fooled Buena Vista's catcher anrl the slower press photographer. shy. if-5f', TP' TENNIS TEAM SQUAD: Clark Barnes, coachg Peter Writerg Jim Cunninghamg Roy Murtishawg Jim Holmang Herbert Morelandg Charlie Wilsong David Simpson, coach. S U4 L vu . 14 ' 5 , - . " ' 14 f ' .11 , A I2 , . , . .,,, are - ' - 1 'JM 123: ' " 'ZW . ' ' 1' ,Q . f f a 1 ff . as I fir -. Q r, , .wr '- - A , 4 A Tenni A building year was seen for 1964- on the Razorback tennis team. Three returning lettermen and two pro- mising sophomores offered hope for an improved var- sity program. Senior letterman Herbert Moreland and junior lettermen Roy Murtishaw and James Cunning- ham provided the nucleus for the Porkers that lost only two lettermen off last year's squad. Junior Jesse l M .....,V Taylor and sophomore Jim Holman and Pete Writer provided potential that develop in time for a predicted red-letter squad in 1965. A new scholarship program and youngblood on the coaching staff should provide the motivation for an improved tennis program at Ar- kansas. ' l 'Q ...i ?s . Zim Herb Moreland, the only returning senior letterman on the '64 squad, was the No. I seeded player for the ' ' , iNiflE'TiI.,,.ff?zm.z1iaQvi1'W ia!'F'Ni ' 0. .N-as University of Arkansas racket squad. f W 1, . -5. A Sitbmlii C , A 2. a ,-i as - .-- ,' ' p , -'L-vw 1 'O 'E' f. '--- , -- Q -: V an A fa M. ' GOLF TEAM: David Lee, Mike . ,A Hastings, Cary Markland. and Ray A Q Rouleau. in Golf Golf never has been a standout spring sport at Ar- kansas - at least, not until NCAA champion R. H. Sikes came along. However, even with the loss of Sikes in 1964, Coach Ellis Bogan still had reason for en- couragement on the links. Four top 363 Shoat golfers- lVIike Hastings, David Lee, Cary Markland and Ray ltouleau-moved into the ranks this year and no one Members of the University Golf Team practice and hold matches on the Fay- etteville Country CIub's golf links. was ready to give up the ship. ,Iunior Bill Hall and sophomores John Lee Anthony and Charles Cox also were Counted on. Fourteen meets were scheduled with the home contests at the Fayetteville Country Club. Aft- er finishing fifth in the Southwest Conference last year, improvement was encouraged by the fine potential mov- ing up in 1004-. A member of the Shoat football squad rushes around encl during first spring practice sessions. boat Football The results of a dynamic recruiting program and a fine coaching effort produced an undefeated record for the Arkansas Shoats of 1963. A balance of outstanding offensive and defensive play added up to the 5-0 record against a tough schedule While the Porker freshman scored a total of 117 points to 14 points for their op- ponents. The tearn's record was: Sboats 3, Southern Methodist Frosh 0, Shoats 20, Texas Tech Frosh 8g Shoats 23, Oklahoma State Frosh 0, Shoats 37, Wichita 0, and Shoats 34, Larry Watkins 239 yards, Ronnie completions on 33 Trantham was the for 1411 yards and Davis, the Shoats Tulsa Frosh 6. was the leading ground gainer with South was the leading passer with 20 attempts for 335 yards, and Tommy leading receiver with seven catches two touchdowns. Under Coach Jack continued to secure the success of Razorback football for the future. Outstanding members of the freshmen football squad this year lips, Tommy Trantham, Larry Watkins, Ernest Ruple. were: Ronnie Smith, Robert Trarrunel, Tommy Sain, Lloyd Phil- 305 -e-..g.Mhnqp. ...I ',:fL..y,g, -.:.. . 4, 'K' ww -M,3,, ,S f l ' ,' SEM' V' f'-4' if i ,. I, ., ,y 4 wma iQ?.4fQ,wQ.,,gy-fiffw , rw, MW ,W ,A t ,Q .,,. f , ww 5 l Y , 4 . . :M 9471. s, . , fg??.5v.z-Qfi . ., rm cb-,,"' '- , f t 23,-5' " , . .....-. Alph Paul Berry streaks out of a backfield cluttered with opposition He doesnt see receiver He forgot his glasses Intramurals The intramural program of the University has une nf the must varied and active seheciules in the nalifm. Under the clirection of Dr. Rodney Ryan. it ie cralrriefi on year-rnilnci and covers every spurt fmni hmlhall lu hanclhall tu hurseshoes. 'limphy rm-es are carrim-fl on in three leagues: fNf'XfX frulcwiiily. AA fraternity anti the imlepemimit lc-aging lfzu-h participzitilig gmup aims at winning the SXH'l'IJFlllklxS trupliy uhif-It is awarfiefl at the 1-mi of r'au'h ye-ur to the tlfllllll that has pilvmi up tht- gzwallwt numlwr of points in vzu'h i1'iltlllf'. tfmnlwlilimi is fi'-rw in must slmrls ami finding pluwrs zlml tennis is wrlziinlx' nu prulilmn. Uwi' tht- 'HIFI six years. pmlif-ilmlimi hue ilic'l'1'as1'ml mm' IHU pc-r 4-mil. Fur inislaniu-in in lmelwllnzill lhis wsu' tlivrv wf-rv T0 lvzims 1-litvlwl uilh il lulul nf TRT plziu'i's illiKiIl:L' part. Un-r 230 luislwllvull guinea xwrv plain-sl. fmlf l'SIH'4'Illiif has IIN'l'l'llSl'4i imirv lhzm :my nth- f vi' spurt. in WSJ. llu-rv su-rv ll learns. hut this Qpriug the-rv Ht'l'1':iiii1'lllIlF lmrlir-ipziling. fimilmllml hy lha' linziril of XiilllllQl'I'S. intru- niuruls ch-finilvly will grnw as ilu- lhiiu-rsily vn- mlllrzviil ill1'l'1'ilSl'S 4-zivh yt'2ll'. 5 X0 wc'- ua 'vi iv Hman., f w My -3 -16365 - 151. f 5. if Q., . Z. 3' " t' 1' JM , " i -i if 21 N' S ri' Si ' 7. - iz 1 0 l i E' . il. . 1 . JM-4 ,V -i -ull 45- i- P i "" 'ltgfb' ,-A T ii' "" W" Q f 4' -. Q Savage coed leaps high into air after volleyball during intramural game in Women's Gym. Other girls wait below to see how she will come down. This is a Posture Contest. These three girls all have Posture. Janice Rupert, the brunette in the middle, has something else besides posture. 'VV Women's lntramurals The WOIIIGIITS Recreation Association is organized to provide. to promote and to direct 3 1-em-eatiorr program on the campus of the University of Arkansas for every women student. Any woman who is an un- dergraduate student is eligible to partici- pate. Tournament competition is offered in three team sports and eleven individual sports. Trophv awards are given to first and second place winners in each sports activities. A large sweepstakes trophy is given to the organization that accumulates the largest number of points thoughout the school year. This is a traveling award, and is only retired to the organization that wins it three consecutive years. A trophv is awarded to the outstanding senior grad- uate who has accumulated a certain number of points throughout her college career. A trophy is also awarded to the outstanding house sports manager who has achieved the largest number of participation points bv her organization. All awards are presented at the annual Spring Banquet and Trophy Night in May. , Q" G WRA Officers E linda Cross President 4? q . 4 , . IM-ky Gibson Vice-l'rcsident Mm TllK'lU'I' . 'Treasurer llingcr lelamncr lice. Secretary 1 1 .ff nn liasliin lforrcs. Sl't'l'l'lill'l Slicrry XYVQNNT l'ulvlicily Cliairman bliss Cain Sponsor Plllllil3ilIilIllS A .A+ +49 wil, ed 'Q' --I ' ,4 ...f-55" W1 as , 4 I., if' -f fa 1 'FL A Bill Kidder- Kay Hafenbrak Co-Editors John Meador Business Manager if Razorback Since my partner Kay and I are the first Co-Editors of the Razorback in recent times, there is no traditional approach to writing this section. Usually the sole editor uses this part of the book to look back over the hectic year and marvel at how the book was produced. As spokesman for our team throughout the year and in the book, I lKidderl will write for both of us. Looking back to when Kay and I decided to run as co-editors against Sam Park last spring, it is clear now that we did not have many rational reasons. It was sort of a civic duty. But we took on the job, full of ide-as like putting out a perfect book. We soon learned that editing a 520 page yearbook is one of those tasks that can be done better on the second try, all we could pray for now was to get this one finished. Our philosophy of what is a good yearbook was difficult to fulfill. First, we realized that the book would be only as good as the pictures in it-and the more students pictured in different places the better. While we believed that the book should capture the contemp- orary scene in the spirit it happened, it should at the same time serve as a memory book that will still be enjoyable 20 years from now. These two goals often conflicted, but we tried to comprise. Thanks to our photographers, Johnny Woodruff and 'Bill Riner, we have quality pictures. Bill took over at semester and saved us after Johnny had to depart. Johnny, a veteran of 4- yearbook campaigns, guided us through the first hundred days when we didn't know what was happening. He also gave us the inspiration for the opening section. It seems impossible that in the past one editor was Here is the Razorback editorial staff meeting for the first time. Cheerful looking group, aren't they? They can afford to be happyg A iqwir. N. . Wpwitif able to get a book out. There is just too much to do. The co-editor plan was successful for us, since we com- plemented each other's abilities. Kay lwho last year's editor described as 'iso efficient she's scarywl took charge of the hard work details while I lwho last yearis editoir unsympathetically branded uindolentwl gave speeches and maintained staff morale. Kay was the day shift, working from 1:00 to 5:00 every afternoong afternoons I pidciled around the office waiting to get Hin the mood" to write something. I was the night shift, working after dark since I can't get anything done until the sun goes down. Anyhow lmeaning more or lessl, we managed to get the book finished. Although Kay had worked previously on yearbook production and had technical knowledge, I had worked only as business manager lwhich is something of a joke, right lVIeador?l. Our approach was roughly this: 1 was to manage things, planning deadlines, acquiring pictures, organizing the staff, and writing captions, Kay was supposed to know how everything fitted together. Once we got going, the idea worked. Jim Williams was invaluable. A dynamo of energy, ,lame-o went every step of the way with us - even the worst moments. Williams provided some order to the chaotic Razorback office by doing everything from picking up the pieces of incomplete submissions of sec- tion editors to cleaning up the office fwhich was more of a hide-and-seek gamel. Associate Editor Nan Allmon is a go-getter. One day early in the year she asked if she could be of any help-. Nan, an empire builder and good Pi Phi, quickly took over other jobs and did them all Well. their sections are finished - or so they said when they turned them in to be read, rewritten, re-typed, and finished by someone else. M, -Altar, -Ai tw NEW! if tk . .IM M475 an me hmuzx ,,, ,-my '77 7-.v-1 A -' W... F, QM M , A . mm A, W, wlsehgff f K'Ma,,,f . . The day workers - the ones that did much of the back breaking drudgery of yearbook production - were a lively crew. There were lots of colorful characters like Weed, Voyles, and Miller. Organizations Editor Miller, totally disorganized, even managed to create work. Razorback Dividing the hook into sections, we appointed sec- tion editors. who were to compile the copy while we found the pictures. Karen Carlson lGreeksl. Missy Al- lord lAdniinistrationI. and Nancy Norvell lHallsl did excellent work in addition to adding color to the office. lionnie llohinson. experienced and talented. did the sports section single-handedly. Chi Chi Hargraves. hless hi-r heart. and Janice Bourg did their part to lighten the loilfl. .lucly lflliott tried to do the Arts section. hut got lost in our confusion. Helpers like Sain Yager. Rohin Sherman. Nancy Voyles. jerry lion Hay lKay's captive workerl and Xiearloifs husiness staff were invaluahle. I could keep on throwing roses, but 1,111 out of space. There are many more friends to thank and things to explain. If xou managed to read this far. please turn to the Editors' connnents at the conclusion of the hook -Nvlicre things get loosel WMK Jim Williams - Managing Editor Karen Carlson f Greeks Editor Johnny Woodruff- Photographer ig' 4"'.Y s fre iJ Nan Allmgn - ASSOC, Editor Ron Robinson - Sports Editor Nancy Norvell - Dorms Editor Co-Editors nnnn.-...... Kay Hafenhrak, Bill Kidder' Managing Editor n,nn,.....n.n,..n... Jim Williams Associate Editor o-o,o.a,o.,,o,o,,o..,, Nan Allmon Photography ...o..,... Johnny Woodruff, Bill Riner Administration,.s.......,..... Missy Alford Classes ...............s....s..s...... Sam Yager Arts .........-...................s.. Judy Elliott Beauties ........................... Janice Bourg Personalities .....,...s.s..s.,. Chi Chi Hargraves Sports .s.,.......s..........s.. . Ronnie Rohinson Publications ..,..-ss................ Ronnie Dunn Walter Buchanan, Sherman Johnson, and Gerald Ponder were the backbone of the business staff. This omits John Meador, the Business taff Military,,.,s.H,,,ssss,....,. Bruce Roberts Organizations .ss,..-.-.M...-.,.s,ss Mickey Miller Greeks si....sar-.-..sssss,...-..a Karen Carlson Dorms ss,.,...,,,--...-.....--.. Nancy Norvell Staff Assistants ..,.,. Nancy Voyles, Robin Sherman, Sharon McDonald, Pat Mayo, Pat Weed Business Manager ssr.,-r.s.s-r.srr. John Meador Assistant Business Manager rrrssr Sherman Johnson Business Staff .....r,,, Walter Buchanan, Gerald Ponder Manager, John needs omitting. However, in all fairness. John is a good guy and did do his iob and even some extra. Hurrah Johnny! 'Nu .. 51175 . Q :'?' Q.. af' Ge Marian Alford Editor Jerry Cooper Business Manager i4 7 am Q- -use Traveler The Traveler comes out daily, Tuesday through Fri- day. That is the only thing that can be said of it with certainty. lust like any student newspaper, the Traveler is a kind of embryo. It is not a newspaper in the usual sense. Rather than reporting mainly news happenings, the student publication is saddled with the additional role of being an agenda sheet for campus activities, club meetings, and departmental plans. Additional burdens are brought on since the Trave- ler must be partially self supporting. This explains the reason for the myriad of ads seen in each edition. On heavy ad days the staff call it '6The Daily Shopper." And itis not far from the truth, but even the ads do the students and other readers a great service by in- forming them of the half-price sales at the Campus Shop and Saturdayis preview at the Uark. Finally, not only the campus organizations but many Fayetteville civic clubs and almost every denomina- tional group want their activities publicized by the Traveler. This leads into the entangling question: are these events specifically University of Arkansas news? We haven't found the answer yet. We continue to pub- lish as much as possible of this kind of news. As an embryonic and potentially powerful organ most student newspapers are under the close surveil- lance of college administrations. However, the Traveler, at least this year, has had a real freedom from news management or pressure by administrative officials. The responsibility is fully on the shoulders of the editor and staff. Thus, whatever you have or have not liked Managing editor Marty Thurlby and associate editor Skip Kays seem to be taking over some weighty problem such as forged about the Traveler can only by attributed to the people who wrote and edited it. ln this sense it is really a stu- dent newspaper. But on a campus of 7,000 people, all student views can't be taken by the paper. We have taken editorial stands on the football ticket situation, on the Dead Week plan, on Panhellenicis auditorium proposal, on the AAUP,s censorship of the University. Not all of these stands have been in agreement with the majority of the students. Nor have they all been sanc- tioned by the administration or the faculty. But in the very fact that Criticism comes from several areas on several issues lies our conviction that the Traveler is not biased or prejudiced toward one group. We've worked with a shortage of staff members. They are underpaid, under praised and under rated. Since there are so few of them, they must work twice as long and twice as hard for half the pay they would find doing any other job. Most of the staff writers re- ceive no pay at all. But to them. the Traveler is a kind of personal thing, a part of them because they have put themselves into it. Maybe that's what makes them keep coming. Skip Kays, associate editor, gives the Traveler whatever technical perfection it may achieve. l'le's a hybrid breed, an English-journalism major, and heis a stickler for spelling and punctuation. Carolyn Ferrill and Marty Thurlby, between them. have kept the inside pages from being garbage. Carolyn can write a good feature on anything. Marty is so efficient it scares you. Ann Graham can write and set a head at the Ludlow with the best of the men in the print shop. lD's or the Panama Crisis. lt's a damn sure bet they aren't talking about getting out a nevvspaperg no one ever does. , as W-IF -as-up--...- 'A f at 7 v , . -. E ',.. ,A A X, a A - fr W ' r f v A-,f l Y -px 316 A - l l Xxx Shown here are Traveler staff writers Jan Paulk, Carl Lumpkin, Chi Chi Hargraves, Ramona Roe, Pam Mitchell and Jack Hill - ltnnnii- ltiiliinsnn has live galleys of extra sports copy in r-asf' he gf-ts caught short. Pam Mitchell ancl Jack Hill are the only rf-porters around who can he countecl on In write-. i-flit anrl put a he-aclline on their own stories. Nlaurevn Nlf'll70Ul'H faithfully reads the Arkansas Gaze-tte so she wont leave out anything in nur news lirivls that the Gazette gave top play. Sam Park is rrazy. Hill Viiwf-ll cloesn'l say much hut he knims u lot alinul sports. Carl Lurnpkin tries to linil tlw most twin- lrnxi-rsial stories he f-an lor "On Other Hills." Bill Pauli wttiiili-iw-il in as a r't-piwlel' and got puslwrl into cliiing fartiinns. llli- iliws lmtlt with equal skill.t lliunv Gil- A 14' GJ T ,...-. PW jolly good fellows all. Chi Chi got to sit down in front because she has a tendency to fall down when not propped up. liani anfl .lan l'anlli are lmth ton alwsent rnincleiil to do iii-isspapvr work. lvut tlreyfre giiml staff writers. Stew ltrazsnzar-li is a niartyr. These are just Crypiti- state- nn-nts ull the stalilis work. No one si'ntent'c cnulil vliara- vttfrizi- any of thvni. lvut all togvtln-r. inaylie it will ru-all tlii- 1-liliwl of the pztper as a wlttilt-. 'liliis lliI'ilXl'll'I'. llris tnrli1rnii'il thing. is really these pviipli-. It is tlwir upillions. their ltl'1Nltll'l. lt is at tah- I-till size- i'innlvinatiiin ul nhat it ntnst lw tails anal nlnil gui-s ont anil what it nuulil lilo- tu lu' tvtlitorials :intl ni-ns stnrii-s.I lt is tln' stnilt-nts' iii-xsspalpw. Marian S t Edit ' Carolyn Ferrill W Feature Editor Ann Graham 4 News Editor Ron Robinson f por s 1 oi hq.,,,-,- mg- NX X 1 A 'ABN Mike Trimble - Asst. Editor Maureen Melbourn - Wire Editor Steve Draznszak - Arts Editor ' Marian Alford Assistant Editor -------..--,w,s,s... Mike Trimble Associate Editor .....s..............e, Skip Kays Managing Editor s,A-s.,.,.s, Marty Thurlhy Assistant Managing Editor ssssss.... Carolyn Ferrill Editor A,..s,-s---,,,.,-.----..,-,. News Editor sss,s................... Ann Graham Sports Editor d,d.....sEEEdd.,s,sd Bonnie Robinson Assistant Sports Editor ,.F.s.......d,ss Bill Vowell Wi1'e Editor E EEEE.. - .........sE Maureen Melhourn Society Editor ...EEEEW,EE.......sE Beverly Bynum Arts Editor eE.E .re EEE.,.e..... EE- Steve Draznszak Photographer ggEg.......gggg,.gsgg.s, Phil Spray Cartoonist gE..E..g.EE.s.E.....E -Eur Bill Pauli Fatherly business manager Jerry Cooper fthe tall onel copes daily with his childish staff. Advertising manager Ellen Ann Ragsdale Columnists u,-...u,E,E,u-u,uuEE Chi Chi Hargraves Sam Park Pam Mitchell Carl Lumpkin ,lack Hill Ramona Roe ,lan Paulk Diane Gilliam Jerry Cooper Circulation Manager ....E.EEeeeeeeeeeee D011 .lacks Ad Manager ,.,-..rurrr,,,..., Ellen Ann Ragsdale Assistant Business Manager EEEEEEE, Terry E. Worthy fwith Napoleonic stancel lost her S25 war with Goofus, the campus cop who wouldn't let her park in the yellow zone behind Hill Hall. .-.-...Q ?T""'? 197 IHS "7 01.251 Staff writer Mabel Rogers manages to look busy for the photographer. Associate Editor C. A. lvy doesn't do as well. He is also about to lose a hand in the tiling cabinet. Agricuhuri t The Arkansas Agriculturist is published quarterly by students in the College of Agriculture and Home Eco- nomics to inform students, prospective students. faculty, and alumni of activities in the College. It covers every- thing from the most intense research studies to student projects. Circulated throughout the state in high schools and extension offices. the Agriculturist is also designed to attract students to the University by showing them some of the activities of the Agri school. Uutstanding students such as the Danforth and 4-H winners. scholar- ship winners. and students elected to membership in honorary organizations have been featured. A highlight of the year is the traditional Agri Day issue, which contains the Agri Queen and her court. the winners of ASA keys. and VVho's Wfho in Agri school. Staff members of the Agriculturist are selected from the student body of the school. The magazine provides valuable experience for agri students interested in journalism. Unlike many student publications. the staff of the Agriculturist is kept rather small. This is a good thing. both for efficiency and because there's not much room in the Agriculturist's office. Contributors to the Agriculturist, Becky O'Neal wrote articles and Jan Paulk just contributed. Staff lieu-rly Garrett 'llcrry lfugilt ,lan l'aulk C0-l'ltllloI's Associate lfdilors Joke lzmlitors Larry l'oltcr -M Vontlzl .loncs lint' liunyan lrfilllii Carter lVlzll'li Moss f.lllllPl' liolu't'ls Carl Clcnn lllalwl Rogers llcrlnan Scholz:- iiill'llZll'll licnnett Staff lvrilcrs l l z l ,f tt -...,.., .r v Px x 'Qi .Q xg fax I I Quqxhw V I SX GE 1? Q- A ,. fmw,.,wm.q5 rm V9 431 I-an-, :sq Terry Fugitt - Beverly Garrett Co-Editors if, K M1137 'nv " 1-'3 ,ws-1 X ' war MHIW' B. N J Rex Martin Business Manager Ronnie Dunn Editor Arkansas Engineer The Arkansas Engineer is the official publication of the College of Engineering. It is published quarterly, but only one of the issues is looked forward to by the engi- neering students. This issue comes out in March about the time St. Pat celebrates his birthday. It contains cheese cake pictures of all the St. Patricia candidates which are usually kept for pin-ups. The Engineer is devoted mainly to articles of a tech- nical nature, but also contains a joke page to enlighten the minds of the dreary Engineering students. There is, of course, a deanis page and an editorial that sometimes causes some excitement. This year there was also a con- struction issue with a color picture of the new "Science- Engineering Center". The magazine is sent to the high schools around the state to promote enrollment in the College of Engineer- ing. This yearis editor was Bonnie Dunn, who has since retired from the editing business for reasons unrevealed. Dunn. a Sigma Nu. will be followed by Charles Martin, also a Sigma Nu and past Engine House News Editorg both Dunn and Martin are Theta Taus. RD I Staff members Vince Long, Dicky Bushmiaer, Terry Henley, and Sam Lowry have lust completed coverage of Arkansas Highway 317. This was only one of the planned articles which never reached readers. Copy Editor Bill Harrison, "Engine House News" Editor Charles Martin, Copy Editor Ken Moore, and Assistant Ronnie Embry smile because they realize that Editor Dunn is writing a very funny editorial. I ' M ,.. Kham: I in-.... ?i M--1 Staff s- Ronnie Dunn Business Manager a-, W- Rex MHTUH Editor ,,..c......, Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Engine House News joke Editor , ,,,., ,, Copy Editors , Assistants , Artists ,.,, . ss.. Associate Editor ,,,, .,,, V ince Long Terry Henley Sam Lmwy' Charles Nlailin Dick llnslnniaer Ken Nloore Bill llarrison Bonnie Embry Carl Gibbons Buck johns , Jim Williams Joe Clingan Board of Publications Prof. J. R. Bissett Dean C. F. Branigan 2 .,,.., a-'r!-,,.,-- u-,,.---""' 26' to At .41 so .149 .3- W 3 ,,,.aV CPM!!-i.. The Guild Ticker probably has the largest business staff of many pub- lication on campus, makes one won- der what kind of business they do. uild Ticker The many long years of successful publication are still making history for the Guild Ticker. The editor and his staff combined their talents to produce the only offic- ial pulilication of the business school. The publication contained articles of interest to all students cnrolled in the College of Business Adminis- tration. One of the unique features of the hook was the sec-tion covering the 1964 Commerce Day. This section The Guild editorial staff uses ta Editor . .Wastes s- John Stanley 1 F 1 Druid 'Nhlone included all of the Days activities which were climaxed that evening by the presentation of honors and awards. The Commerce Queen of 1964. Miss Susan Helrnig. was featured in the Ticker along with the other maids. Whos Who in the College of Business Administra- tion was also announced in the publication. along with pictures of all the seniors in business school. old copies of the publication: they are an infinite source of ideas. -fm. Q 7iFt":q?- - an .. at , V tlll 1 1 Us .I 1' . ' , fy' lumens llril r , furry let Ili ot .' eo: .We 'i 'li i ,wrly llyn -- it .i- :iii- ' " ' ' ' rx llown' .'z csn - "ommy Music' . erry Sorenson lion lilillll-i4'llHlllIt Mike Rice George W'estlnor1-laml Blake Tune My Herschel Bowman Business AAanager John Stanley Editor --,..,,,,-. if 'P 2 1 J ! rg? 'I if YP vhg wiv: 'Hs iff. 'Vf VW . W If 'l C i if? ii' is ,VL 'nf Preview Preview is the official publication of the College of Arts and Sciences. It is published yearly, and is dis- tributed in the spring just in time to disrupt the study habits of people who are vainly trying to pull their grades through. The Preview is a project of Lambda Tau. honorary English fraternity. The magazine was originally spon- sored by Lambda Tau when it was initiated in 19463 however, for the past several years it has been a general project of the College of Arts and Sciences. The first issue of Preview was a special issue of the Traveler. Since that time it has expanded into a 60-page publication with a magazine format. It contains short stories, essays. critical reviews. poetry, and art work is issued free of charge to arts and sciences students. The contents of Preview is composed almost entire- ly of works of students. During the year competition is held in various departments to find suitable material. Prizes are awarded to the top three entries in art and literature. Copies of Preview are sent to leading literary cri- tics throughout the United States. and it has been rec- ognized as one of the top magazines of its type in the United States. .3 xr .ui gb Merrilee Streun, Julie Tatum and Carole Lynn Williams members of the Preview English Staff discuss entries submitted by students. Preview art staff, Bennie Bassham, Jan Halbert, and Ed Cato are responsible for Publications layout. 1 t it ' lk ., t' Y 11 rf Q 3 223 W a wr gg: 1 ' . ,Q 2 rixx ,, I H . E E 2 5 R Q E e l Staff English Editor M., ,H Merrilee Streun A1-t Editgr YMW- ,,,, Bennie Bassham English Staff rd. ,rr,.,sss Julie Tatum Carole Lynn Willialiis --M' Arr Staff ,.., ..,ss,.... J an Halbert uf ' ,iff e its ' ff fq iftff. -V T.. W-Q ..f3g::g xxx in 'i .Q-y"5,, 1 tw !!h!"" ff q 'if 'N tween . 'if ll f" v--,. - 'E' Seated around a table in the library of Waterman Hall, members of the Law Review staff discuss a problem like Ace McCord, who was sent as a representative to Nashville meeting. 'WG La Review The Arkansas Law Review and Bar Association journal is published quarterly by the School of Law and the Arkansas Bar Association. acting through a non- profit. benevolent association which was founded for this purpose in 1947. A copy of the Law Review is sent to every member of the Arkansas Bar Association and every state and territory in the Union. Some copies even go as far as Belgium and Australia. Members of the editorial staff credit hours toward graduation for work on the Law Review. Each published student article is afforded a fractional credit hour. Stu- dents seeking membership on the staff must meet certain grade point requirements and submit one or more ar- ticles of acceptable quality. The articles appearing in the Law Review can be generallv classified into three categories: recent deci- sions. case notes. and comments. The articles are under the supervision of the student editorial board and a faculty advisor. Woody Harrell and Herb Rule go over proofs of the next issue of the Law Review with advisor. Staff Editor, Fall Issue .lim Itill Spears Editor. Winter Issue , . . ilerltert ll. Rule lll Editor, Spring issue lilarlin Gilbert ltfditor, Summer Issue . William Overton Associate Editors Alan Roberts Woody llari-ell Herbert ll. Blair Charles Nlatlliews Terry i'oynter ,lim Moody Citations ltiilitor , . lioli llawson llusincss Maiiagers W ilarry Rarnes l'aul Sliaver Slilll . Ted Shannon Yvilliani S. lNlcAnincli Rolwrt ilzlll Ted Drake l.arry Nlvfford f.laudc .lenkins .lim llenmlren l'acullv Advisor E. Il. Crcneliauin ,V 'lp v"X t ft? fs 5 . 'Mft EDITORS, 1963-1964 LAW REVIEW, seated: Jim Bill Spears, Martin Gilbert, William Overton. Standing Herbert Rule and Professor E. H. Greenebaum, Faculty Advisor. gl' 243 S., 51 5. k . 15, '1 r yr i Q '1 A A -, .5 -:,, ' - A 'X .am University Directory Editor John Harmon received recognition for the directory's eariy distribution date. tudent Senate Publications 45428 . ..- Bill Stover, Editor Arkansas A-Book The A-Bunk is the nffieial liandhoolq of student in- furinatitm for the l,711ix'e1'sity of Arkansas. It is pulm- lished in the spring and distrilruted eaeh fall lu entering freshmen during the orientation prngrain. 'lille hunk is also availahle to any student nr faculty memher dur- ing the year at the student infnrmation desk. The editor is selected ln the Board ul Puhlieatinns in ennjunelinn with the student senate. .-X 22.5 grade point an-rage is required for eandidaey for editor. The pulilit-atinn's hudget is approximately 51.000 and the editor reeeixes filittt. This ytaifs nl-Hunk. in addition to serving as the hamllmuk ni student information. Contained other fea- tures enneerning aetivities at the University. lfditnrsliip oi the Student llireetnry mainly enneerns a matt rush in the fall ln lalvulate names. addresses. and plnmne numliers nf 7.000 students and getting them in piepei' Ilnin ini' the printer. 'lihe llireetnry also enntains some artimrlx and a minimum nf ads. The editor is ehusen in the spring hy the Board ui Piilrliealinns frnin applieatinns aeeepted at large from the student ttntly. The main selling point fur prnspeetire editors is an early distrihuting date in the fall. new ,,,,. X t e 1 Board of Publications ln its fourth year under the present organization, the Board of Publications did business as usualg and business was pretty slow as no one was making trouble. Student Membership of the Board rotates. in an ob- scure manner. among the presidents of the major cam- pus organizations. Permanent members of the board are the head ol the Department of Journalism. the Director of lnformation. and a Presidential appointee, usually the Dean of Students. The Vice-President of the student body serves as chairman of the board and votes in case of a tie. EX-officio membership on the Board is extended to the editors and business managers of the Traveler and Razorback. the editors of the A-Book and the Student Directory, and the business manager of the University. The Board has the responsibility for seeing that journalistic ethics are adhered to in all publications. This sometimes causes a conflict because the Boardls idea does not always coincide with that of the editors of the publications. The Traveler suffers most in this respect, but the conflicts are usually solved with little trouble. The Board also elects the editors of all campus pub- lications: and. as might be expected, there is a bit of politics involved. lVlenibers of the Board also control the letting of con- tracts for printing, engraving, and other services. The Board did not censor one publication this year. Board of Publications members: Judy Burch, WIHC Presidentg Melinda Meek, AWS President: Williarn Hughes. Director of Information: Jess Covington, Chairman of Journalism Depart- Dean Hallaolay and Razorback Editors Hafenbrak and Kidder check the qualifications of those who have applied for publications positions. ll ment: D. Whitney Halladay. Dean of Studentsg Sammy Hil- burn, Vice-President of Associated Students. if 'W . V F " QW Q ' T s1Q osWN.sAt..rQ4......A. '. f .. . N gas-1 .....a.. V Mr. A. W. Blake prints the Traveler and several other University publications, The moods of Mr. Blake and the printing plant staff are often an indication of how a publication is progressing. Traveler Staff observes the clock and Mr. Blake. sw faqs . .'9'.4:...' H ililill' First Razr: Colonel M. B. Montgomery. Lt. Colonel llrown. Major Escue. Major Wads- worth. Sm-ond Rozc: Captain Tomlinson. Cap- tain Cooper, Captain Holt, Captain Coleman, Captain Thorp. A' I J" A 5 -m- -V...-.-1 ?--'VK-v-'iv rsh- 91, 14. tv Colonel M. B. Montgomery PSM , , . . . . . . l'11,yI lxolc: Nlhgt. ,llllliS. Sic. lsom, lllhgt. Nm- Q co. Sp. 3 llantxlcr. Scronrl Rolf: 55gt. l"ol'- sylli. Sic. tfontrclla. l'sgt. Macllanials. Sic. h l'illair4l. l Q rss " q rmy ROTC ln lijifii. the Reserve Officers Training Corps was estab- lished at the University, and has become part of the daily' life of the students since that time. Because the Liniversity is a land grant school. some form of military' instruction is compulsory for two years. During this time students are in- troduced to the role of the modern Army' and what may be expected of them in the event of a global war. The freshman receives instruction on the organization of the Arrny. small bore rifle marksmanship, and the role of the Army' is modern warfare. As a sophomore he learns, the traditions and history' of the US. Army. He is also in- troduced to map reading and tactics. Alter the completion of the two year basic course. quali- fied cadets are offered an opportunity to enter the advanced course in preparation for a connnission upon graduation. The cadet is considered on the basis of proven military' lead- ership. past performance as a cadet. overall academic stand- ing. as well as intelligence. character. and aptitude. The final decision rests with a board of officers who interview the cadet. Once accepted into the adyanced program. the cadet re- ceiycs instruction in tactics. military administration. law, radio communication. and other topics. :Xdvanced students spend six weeks during one summer at a summer camp where they put into practice what they have learned. 'liwicc a week drills are held where all cadets learn lnili- tary parade and leadership techniques. Wihilc in the ad- yanccd course cadets are paid 527.90 a month. Upon grad- uation. they arc commissioned 2nd Lt. and incur a two ycar military obligation. and ,f"""'-' I Brigade Staff 'S ,WW ff ' First Row: Cadet Brigade Col. Dan Mulhollen. Second Row: Lt. Col. Tommy Hodges, Cadet Lt. Col. David Gilbert, Cadet Lt. Cadet Lt. Col. Dick Hatfield, Cadet Lt. Col. Earl Love, Cadet Col. Bruce Roberts, Cadet Lt. Col. Mickey Miller. Major Bill Sigler. Third Row: Cadet Col. Larry Spence, Cadet El l if M Army ROTC cadet officer salutes as the color guard and cadet corps pass before the reviewing officers. Q X 333 ., .uszdv Senior Officers First Row: lleun. flmulw. Shellnn. Hill. Rolrerts. Spence. Bragg. Nlutt. Heller. Ilavi-.Pelpl1rey. ill1Ylfl5llll. Xllixnn. lhinif. llawkinx Xxvlilii-Ul'fl, Pivkell, Yiee. llnlwer. Baker. Second Row: .lonea John- llmlgef. Xu-tin. Tyler. Fourth Rolf: flarter. Svlirantz. E-les mn, lveeter, Ciraml. Garner. Stranger. Robinson. Sikes. .lavkmn. Xlullmllen, Swan-mi. lffurney. Barry. Luxe. Hatfield. llainlnrillge Miller, llillnerl. Nlfmre. Meehan. Third Row: Hart. Sliirk. Sigler. i,llllC'I'G0ll. 311-Kenimy. Pnrler. ' 'i" 'in X 27 Junior Officers fflhlxl ll'uu': Nlui. Wurl-wwrlli. Huw. lfikee. Penik. Nliller. llermun, S1-lnnunnl. l"i'ee'i1iai1. Snmleiw. Sliorler. llnnliuin. Weliftcr. l,anee Nlgnmll. Ya-ll. lmimlfvii. l'ervc'f1ill, Pnwell. lfulxiiifky. lfpes. Slinpe. Nlunn. lfnnrlli Rmr: l.illy. Nellierton. Griffin. lleine. llurnf 511111111 lfmr: Ilatfia-lil. Kline. Nlunn. Binks. Williams. limven. llzinim-l. Xinfun. .lny-ner. linlmerts. Nlneller. llarl. liaiwliilml. NIU.-ily li1'g1'vN. llullingwvmlli. Ifuff. lfzml. Cottrell. lflien. Cain. Thirrf Slviiilll. limi: Ni1'iilll'lH'll. l'ylunfl. Ilnllwrt, llavens. Wesiplml. Twyforrl, gw f s First Row: Miss Martha Wright, Shirk, Lee, Tucker, Davidson, Stiles, Reynolds, Bryant, Thompson, Moeller, Tyler. Second Row: Capt. Coleman, Hildebrand, Baltz, Sharel, Woodford, Nichols, De-Priest, Hart, Precure, Lance. Third Row: Stewart, Kirby, Pershing Company D, 7th Regiment of the Pershing Rifles, is the Universityis honorary military organization for outstanding cadets in the basic course of ROTC. It is a member of the national society of Pershing Rifles, founding by the famous General John Pershing in 1394. The purpose of the Rifles is to develop the military precision and drill ability of its members, giving the University a crack drill team which has won many hon- ors in the past. Members are drawn from the ranks of the Freshman and Sophomores who wish to achieve the high proficiency required of a drill team. The Pershing Rifles have become the showpiece of the Brigade, and represented the University at Eureka Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Martha Wright brought a special honor to the UniverSity's Pershing Rifles Company, being selected sponsor for the entire 7th Regiment of the honorary military organization, Schroeder, Makowka, Beller, Phillips, Kerr, Wilber, Smith. Fourth Row: Thurlby, Moody, Orender, Hornick, Fitch, Chat- man, Logan, Swaby, Paddock, Kinney, Harriell. Rifles Springs during the Folk Festival. In past years, all the members have traveled to New Orleans to participate in the Mardi Gras Parade. They have been cited by the New Orleans mayor for their skill and contribution to the event. During the year they serve as ushers at the football games in Fayetteville and perform at the Mili- tary Ball. The Pershing Rifles elect their own sponsor. This year their choice, Miss Martha Wright, brought a spe- cial honor to Company D' when she was selected sponsor of the entire 7th Regiment, which includes Arkansas, Texas. Oklahoma, and Kansas. ' 4..s-q..,fF' sf B--ff Rhonda Oglesby Honorary Cadet LT. Colonel Fulbright Hall 5, Diane Palmer Honorary Cadef Colonel Chi Omega rmy Sponsors Cheryl Turner Honorary Cader LT. Colonel Razorback Hall are , Sharon Holt Mary Kay Beavers Honorary Cadet Lf. Colonel Honorary Cadet LT. Colonel Zeta Tau Alpha T E Alpha Della Pi 1, . I 'vi 53 4, M. Sf' Z X Qi Cadet Colonel Danny Mulhollen eyes his troops Instead of has honorary Cadet Colonel helpers First Row: Cadet Captain Davidson, Peck, Wilson, Moran, Walk er, Cohen, Breese, Pickening, Portis, Mcfllaughlin, Cadet Mfsgt Rogers. Second Row: Joffe, Hairston, Lyon, Pilkington, Deere Kinneman, Poe, Sims. Thurman, Bradley, Rash. Third Row: Ft? ef First Row: Major Ford, Lt. Col. Moon, Major Phelps, Captain Brown. Second Row: Captain Jackson, Captain Murray, Captain Vanderherg. 9 0 J J 5125 . A magma 'IIPJ -O4 NF' Q' Lt. Colonel Neal H. Hardin PAS l" Row: 'l'Sgt. l-lulrerkorn. MSgl. Nlcllonnell. Xl5gI. llowlcs. Scroml Row: SSM. St'lIl0llllllLill, 55gI. lloller, Alf, llllller. 5 S N ir Force ROTC The other military instruction program at the University is under the auspices of the Air Force. Witli an aim similar to that of the Army. the Air Force ROTC trains cadets for a tour as an Air Force officer. Basic cadets can elect to serve in either Air Force or Army ROTC to fulfill their two year obligation to the University. ln AFROTC, first year students learn the principles of flight, the various parts and roles of the modern Air Force. and the history of the Air Force. Sophomores study weapons systems and tactics. At the end of two years. cadets may apply for admittance to the advanced program. They must complete and pass physical and mental exams, and be approved by a hoard of officers. As advanced cadets. they have the opportunity to study navagation. military law. weather. and in addition get to make flights with various tactical wings in Arkansas. They attend a four week summer camp at an Air Force hase where they are introduced to the modern weapons and methods of the Air Force. Advanced cadets are paid quarter- ly and receive 585.00 each quarter while they are in the course. Upon graduation. they are commissioned 2nd Lieu- lenants and incure a four year military obligation. 4 Cadet W ing taff First Row: Karam, Moore, Jones. Second Row: Rouse, Terry, Hall, Sullivan, Soden, Allen. Teel, Moore, Tiley, Harrell, jones. Third Row: Andrus, Thurston, ,nn- 'mvsn ,M I Cadet Officers First Row: Waugh, Jobe, Leidy, Stephens, Martin, Petty, Walk er, Shaver, Bond, Whitehead, Turner, Nowell, Rose, Dabbs, Neighbors, Feltch, Ott. Second Row: Vehik, Ford, Ebdon Gingerich, Shimek, Herndon, Yada, Angel, Nelson, Henleyz Reeves, Lafferty, Wood. Third Row: Deaderick, Durden, Zorn Pool, Graham, Rhoden, King, Orler, Lovelis, Jordan, Moracej Carver. Jacks, Goode., Kidd, Anderson, Brown, McKenzie. Fourth Row: Grigsby, Houck, Utley, Pharis, Manuel. Daugherty. Elliot, Tennant, Martensen, Montgomery, Robertson. Stallings' Beard. Boogaart, Marr, Elliott, Schumacher. Fifth ROIUZ M0friS, Rob- erts, Gregory, Whitworth, Prince. Matthews, Thompson. Yates, Bain, Barger, Morgan. w E 4 la 2 3 'x 14 X f Q w E s is E First Row: Davis, Dayton, Daugherty, Rouse, Lacefield, Bailey. Hiller. Third Row: Vorton, Young, Lea, Reed. Evans. Second Row: Mattison, Wolfe, Woolly, Wright, Dyer, """7W" 'HTC-5 ., '-J'f-th-u , . an Ii., K-'. K- A. K-----. ,ir fc' .. 55, YW! . -Agn: ,ri , 1 . . yy- " -1--g23v.,.4j wiplq.-Qf' , 'gms 5 iq, " ik- .Ji 2.115 Drill Team lfirsl Rum: llearfluwl, U'llruint, Clover, Kidd, Har! Rice. Walls. Balmer, Nlurnce. 1 .Swv-will Row: Nelson. Lynx-Ii. Suurenman, Hell, Jernigan. Parker, 340 .um-, -49 Chorus First Row: Clements, Harger, Yates, Chapman, Lynch, Hallin, Rowe, Corley, Burnett, Phillips, Carolan, McDonald, Sheffield. Rice, Gibson. Second Row: Hopkins, Robbins, Lee, Dennis, Fourth Row: Gilock, Hopkins, Blanton, Lewis, Bigger, Perry, Craves, Rimmer, Bridges, May Reeves. Third Row: Franks, Nason, Thomas. Oli S 0 0 uX1 ar ecurlty Unlt First Row: Margrave, Sava, Williams, Ritchey, Robertson, Second Row: Hilton, Hylle, Kelly, Loberg, Strieby. Mm-K 4'- ff fr -1 , Qll t, MX 5 3 Carolyn Norris Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Pi Beta Phi H3 4:"'1' .J Margi Vickers Honorary Cadet Colonel Delta Delta Delta Jeannie McFarland Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Alpha Delta Pi ,,,,l,a1n' Vonola Jones Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Zeta Tau Alpha TS-"'7 , ' ff' Pal Allen Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Chi Omega Y' iff fi .fx snr i. I A 'vang 'SWT' 42 J f 5' av M , f X -Q'- W, I 4 , M W I . -ji Air Force ROTC Troops pass in review before Carolyn Norris, Vonda Jones and the other Honorary Cadei Lt. Colonels. W ,ff , 343 This year the Arnold Air Society col- lected toys for underprivileged children at Christmas. Sponsor Vonda Jones enjoyed the toys as did the children. L, 'S Xl x . 5 ""'w ' ,, A SA Arnold Air Society Made up of Advanced Air Force cadets, the Arnold Air Society is the honorary Air Force Military organiza- tion. Members are selected by invitation of present members, and must possess a good scholarship record, including a 3.00 cumulative in Air Science. l"1'r.w1 Row: Moore, llarger, Allen, Sullivan, Petty. Newell, White- llfllll. Swnrirl Rauf: Roe. Remagen. Stockslager, Lane, Hall. l.lIlll5t'j. liowr-n. Thirrl Row: Coocl, Goode. Cilison. Kidd, lhinl. . f 'Z 'v"'Sgt,,bx . yr Xi: ,rhcg . I.,- it-0 .4-' i .f l The local squadron sponsors the drill team. and sends it to several public events and competions in the Southwest. It also sponsors the AFROTC Band. and the Air Police who can be seen directing traffic at football games and aiding with crowd control at Gabale. Nlorris. Plum-is. FUIIHII Row: Beard. liurrlen, Thompson, Rhoden. llingericli. I ti 1,44 14" D' First Row: Maj. Wadsoworth, Bean, Russ, Mann, Penick, Terry, Reeves, Neighbors, Petty, Hatfield, Hall, Gilbert. Second Row: McKenny, Burks, Fikes, Kline, Sikes, Henley, Spence, Shirk, Moore, Daugherty, Rhoden, Miller. Third Row: Austin, John- son, Hill, Williams, Moore, Robinson, Sigler, Davis, Jones, Allen, Soden, Davies, Nowell. Fourth Row: Hart, Hodges, Mulhollen, Sullivan, Love, Hatfield, Porter, Vinson, Joyner, Pelphrey, Fair- child, Stewart, Lilly. cabbard and Blade The honorary organization for Advanced ROTC, cadets of both services is Scabbard and Blade. Made up of 3rd and 4th year military students, Company B of the Regiment has the mission of raising the military standards at the University and to unite the two mili- tary departments in a closer relationship, to encourage and foster the essenial qualities of efficient officers, and to promote friendship among cadet officers. Scabbard and Blade inducts its members by an im- pressive Htappingi' ceremony on the drill field. After being chosen, the inductees must go through a trial period, culminated by formal induction into the Society. The Society meets once a week to discuss problems occurring between the army and air force units, and to suggest improvements in drill procedure. ln this way, the best ideas of both groups are available for use. Army ROTC Cadet Jimmy Jett is tap- W ped as member of Scabbard 84 Blade. ,,4b? if' Us-.,,Mt fl-16 usa? Ready for the inspection, Don Riner gamely looks back at his inspecting officer on the Air Force drill field, which is also the intramural field. llrgani ations :'w X, L, . -:52f'E?'m'7E"' 7 ABC ' A B C Pledge Class Accounting Association C 3" ' 'T boosting the spirit of rkansas The Arkansas Booster Club, composed of two mem- bers from each organized house on campus, was organ- ized to support the athletic teams and provide the stu- dents with well supervised pep activities. The f B C sponsers the pep rallies, Homecoming, and Dad's Day each year. First Row: Powell, President, Irby, Treasurer, Holly, Pledge Trainerg Rice, Jones. Coe, Health. Second Row: Brown, Hern- don. Randle, Byrd, Wood, Goodwin, Sullivan, Harris. Third Row: Nichols, Smith, Skillern, Laabs, Bajour, Powell, Loveless. ABC sponsored the torchlight parade preceding the pep rally for the Texas game. boosting the member's spirit The A B C pledge class, comprised of the newly elected representatives, carried out most of the club's work. Throughout the year they backed the Razorbacks by sending telegrams to the team at out of town games, wrapping the goal posts for home games, making torch- es for the torchlight parades, selling ribbons for the Texas game, and generally raising and holding the Razorback spirit high. First Row: Marino, Crank, Callaham, Lea, Freeman, Cuinn, Sowell, Spears, Runyan, Scott, Martin, Tullous. Second Row: Mayo, Presidentg Biggers, Vice-President, Alford, Sec- retaryg Wyatt, Treasurer, Bennett, Mitchell, Thompson, Crafton, Jameson, Musick, Ahern, Ellis, Ennis, Seitz, Voyles, Crigsby, Allen. Tlzirfl Row: Henderson, Bilheimer, Bennett, Hubb-ard, Steel, Porter, Cupples, Lovett, Robason, Nixon, May, Turner, Hehnich, Dodd, Whzwlen, Hudson. Yancey, Phelps. Fourth Row: Dillahunty, Stainton, Ladage, Portis, Schroeder, Williams, Vines, Allmon, Vowell, Meadows, Woodford. Conten, England, Austin, Dildy, Reader, Russell, Cates, Anderson, Riley, Kelso. The pledge class of ARC tried to raise school spirit at the home basketball games by sitting in a body and cheering. informing accounting students The Arkansas Accounting Association helps its mem- bers obtain additional information about the various fields of accounting by inviting a guest speaker to the monthly luncheon meeting. Here, the students can have their opportunity to exchange views on current prob- lems in accounting. First Row: Dill, Presidentg Walraven, Vice-President, Garn- er, Secretary, Dober, Treasurer, Poppy, Zimpel, Smead, Thorn- ton, Ellis, lsom, White. Second Row: Fisk, Bingaman, Francis, Terhume, Sanders, McKuin, Smith, McCulley, Bondurant. Third Row: Baker, Thomasson, Pope, Welsh, Hartin, Ferguson, Gra- ham, Fine, Setser, Owen. OFFICERS: Ronald Setser, Vice-President, Richard Raper, Secretary, Jerry Dill, President, David Dober, Treasurer. px. J- i X 434. ,fam if nth. -lm- t gri Students Association Students in Agriculture and Home Economics con- stitute the Agriculture Student Association. An outing is planned for the fall so that students in Agriculture and Home Economics may become better acquainted nith each other and with faculty members. "Agri Day'- in the spring includes the Queens Cow Milking Contest. the Rodeo. and is highlighted by a banquet and dance. First Row: Fugitt, Bell. Ivy. Jenkins. Denver. Second Rozr: Coleman. Marrs. Shaver. Cole. Herbaugh. Hooks. Pyle, Carter, Rogers. Weir. May, Coffman. Fuhrman. Harber, Walls. Richter. Ausrnus. Bratton, Pharr. Tlzira' Razr: Humphreys. Bridges. Ed- wards. Wilber. Jackson. May. Patton. Sheetrum. Martin. Bennet. Young. Ashlock, Roberts. Keith, Townsend, Crandall. Lloyd. Pharr. Dickinson. Fourth Row: Smith. Helm. Harris. Kerr. Pot- ter. Parker. Ivy. Shaner. Ragland. Oliver. Schulze. Hare. Bar- nett. Simon. Simon, Latting, Chambliss, Smith. Wilson. Shearer. OFFICERS: Bruce Coleman. Manager: Pat Cole. Publicity Director: Jim Marrs. Assistant Managerg ,Iudy Hobson. Secre- tary: Bob Shaver. Treasurer. gI'0IlOIl1 The Agronomy Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. A program of interest in crops and soils is planned for each meeting. A fall and spring outing is planned each year to allow club and faculty members and their families to get to know each otllel. A cotton picking contest and the sale of seed iden- tilication kits are sponsored by the club to raise funds for its activities. The club also sponsors the soil judg- ing team and this year it sent tvvo representatives to the National Society of Agronomy Conclave in Denver. Colorado. First Role: Phillips. Sponsor: Smith. President: Stephens. Vice-Pre-identg Wilson. Secretary: Hare. Treasurer: Scholze. Corresponding Secretary: Hooks. Townsend. Second Razr: Keith, Crandall. Rarnett. Chambliss. Oliver. Hurphreys. Patton. Ash- IIIVIQ. ltlemher of Agronomy Club meet to discuss arrangements for their annual outing. lub HE The University of Arkansas chapter of American llome lfconomies Association is made up of students whose future careers lie in home economics and home- makiug. It promotes student interest in the homemaking at-ts and provides advice and professional help in their future plans. l"ir.vl Rolf: Weir. Rotenberry. Cole, Rogers. Reporter: Posey, lh-ller, Nlead. Plateau. Ilornslry. lirovvn. Serozza' Rolf: Priebe, I"'ll!. Taylor. Cattis. Wilson. Raper. liratton. Ford. Runge. P llilllcy. Itratllev. SIl?t'll'lllll. Third lvolr: Walls. Harber. Rostick. Wylie. ltus-ell. Nlartin. tfanerday. Nlay. llaley. Tracer. Nlaughs. Wealln-rs. Jenkins. Ul"l"lCliRS: Linda Weir, President: Carolyn Schmitt. Sec- retary: Pat Cole, 'l'reasurer: Mabel Rogers, Reporter. X , N f W W 726 9 X L- MN Q xl f , K 5 qvi 5 E 3 .ff .V 1 NK xi-,V x ,,.,'Ey3: ,. Q5 :aim ,bm W Mi, YQ ' Sr 4, ,Q . ,Q W, pf xy UAW, Q 'S fig ,asf 144526- FW 45' chemistr honor fraternit Alpha Chi Sigma, a national professional chemistry and chemical engineering fraternity, was founded on this campus in 1928. Students in the field of chemistry are honored by membership, and must have completed three semesters of chemistry, while maintaining a good scholastic average. Members of the college section of the fraternity can become affiliated with the professional branch when they graduate. Among its various activi- ties, Alpha Chi Sigma sponsors an annual treasure hunt and the regional science fair, and supplies tutors in chemistry. First Row: McKinley, Master Alchemist, Cabbiness, Vice Master Alchemist, Nave, Recorder, Hinshaw, Treasurer, Peder- sen, Reporter. Second Row: Koch, Master of Ceremonies, Ken- nedy, Whittington, Roberts, Myers, Spray. These members of Alpha Chi Sigma meet to discuss items relat- ed to their major fields, chemistry and chemical engineering. international pre-med society Alpha Epsilon Delta, international pre-medical soc- iety, was founded on this campus in 1938. Membership in Alpha Epsilon Delta is based primarily on scholar- ship. The years activities included a tour of the medical center, presenting outstanding guest speakers from the medical field. and presenting the University with a col- lection of medical texts. First Row: Sacks, Spenser, Tyson, President, Graham, Vice- Presidentg Robinson, Secretaryg McNair, Treasurer, Wilson, Frigillana, Slaughter. Second Row: Peterson, Barnett, Skillern, Pace, Moore, Cooper, Clubbs, Brown, Faris, Mills. Wendell Tyson presides at Alpha Epsilon Delta meeting as prospective members are discussed. newest member of greek system The Alpha Kappa Lambda Colony is the University's newest addition to the Greek system. AKL is a relatively modern fraternity with its found- ing in the state of California in 1914. Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, AKL is now founding new colonies across the United States. Because of its modern corpora- tion structure, there are no restrictions or limitations to AKL's national expansion. The men of this AKL colony are striving to prove themselves and obtain a charter as an active Alpha Kappa Lambda chapter on this campus. First Row: Martin, Graham, Bush, Yada, Henderson, Fry, National Co-ordinatorg Nakamura, Tonar, Shupe, Ryles. Second Row: Luna, Smith, Stiles, McGuire, Evans. Tyler, Rowe, May, Morris, Larkan, Edwards. Third Row: Sherrill, Sanders, Reed, Sowell, Parker, Dorre, Thurman, Autka, Young, Bonner, Kizzia. At Alpha Kappa Lamba meeting Skipper Martin leads dis- cussion about the progress of this new colony. lpha Kappa si L Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fra ernitv, is composed of men who are candidates for a degree in husin:-ss administration. The Liniversitv of Arkansas chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi is the largest in the nation and rated as one of the top chapters. During the vear field trips to industrial sites are taken and guest speak- ers are invited to meetings. First Row: Pelphrey, President: llcliennev, Treasurer: Nlaxey, Buchanan, Ray. Seeoml Haze: Holyfield. Morgan, Wells, Williams. Peniek. Terhune. Third Razr: Lueken. Mace. Porter. Johnson. Wagner. Buckner. A guest speaker entertains at a luncheon meeting of Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta was founded at the University of lllinois in 1964 to promote intelligent living and a rich standard of learning and to encourage superior seliolastie attainment among freshmen women. It began on the University' of Arkansas campus in 19-12. A 3.5 average for the first semester or a 3.5 aeeumulative ave- rage for the freshmen vear is required for memliersliip. Aetivilies inelude tutoring sessions for freshmen women and an information liooth at registration. First Razr: Temple, Riley. Cherry. Wills. Tumv. Cntlininz. lleatli, llalilridge. .Qllflllllf lflllfl Russell. lfreneh. liiekerman. Nlelfaililen. Paee. Nlilehell. Harnis.w liuford. Sample. Third' Role: Allen. t-loxei. Froggin, Leliedell. Newton. liorteli. farossett. ,laelv son. lianiner. Skelton. ttl4'lfltililtS: tfarol liowman. 'lireasnrerz liarliara Riley. Viee- President: llonna Truax. Historian: l,vnn Temple. President: lfraiiees lilierrv. Seeretarv. Alpha Phi Omega xilplia Phi Omega is the National Service Fraternity for eollege and uniiersitv men. founded in P725 and now aetixe on more than 300 eampuses in the United States. lleta lilio tfliapter at the University of Arkansas was founded early in the fifties liut was inaetivated for a time. 'l'lie eliapter was re-aetivated in the fall of P762 and is now an aetive part of university life. Proieels this year have eonsisted of helping during fall and spring registration. eollei-ting food and elotli- ing for needy families. and various other endeavors. Fin! Noir: Sava. President: Covey. tforresponding Feere- tary: ltaxis. Treasurer: Rash. SL'l'flt"Ztlll-ill-A111151 Sanders. Pledge Pie-itlenl: Ft-ott. Pledge Seeretarv: Edwards. Pledge Viee-Presi- dent. Sl'l'll!Hl Role: llenrv, Connollv. Cillani. Nloraee. ,laeovelli. Xlainn. l.nna. Third Razr: Prewitt. lfant. l,ewis. Ford. Rowe. llurlve. Nlemliers ot' Alpha Phi Omega serve as guides during registra- tion. professional business fraternitj outstanding freshmen women re-activated service fraternity ml 'ai 'cf , '75 A n my 0' leadership and interest in agriculcture Alpha Zeta is an honorary Agriculture fraternity. The original chapter was founded at Ohio State in 1897, and started at the University in l9tl7. lts goal is the development of leadership and interest in the agricul- ture field. The local chap-ter draws its membership from the upper three classes of the agriculture school. To be chosen for membership, a student needs to display sound character and leadership qualities. First Row: Barrentine, Scholze, Scribe, Hooks, lvy, Pharr, Smith, Oglesby, Fugitt. Second Row: Sorrells. Coleman, Carter, Potter, Wilson, Wallier, Smith, Harris, Shearer. Third Row Chambliss. Ragland, Hehn, Hare, Smith, Oliver, Barnett, Simon Miley, Grooms. OFFICERS: Jim Barrentine, Censor, John Stephens, Chronicler, Herman Scholze, Scribe, Larry Lewis, Chancellor, Charles Hooks, Treasurer. , judgin intercollegiate contests The Animal lndustry Club, an animal husbandry group, is primarily involved in sponsoring judging teams in intercollegiate contests. The club is open to students in the fields of animal and poultry husbandry. First Row: Pharr, Cooper, Miley, Simon, Roberts, Wright. Second Row: Coleman, Harris Smith, Shaner, Denver, lvy, Oglesby. Third Row: Atwood, Shearer, Edwards, Ragland, Grooms, lvy. OFFICERS: Dale Pharr, President, Harper Cooper, Vice-Presi- dent, Luther Roberts, Reporter, Mike Simons, Treasurer, Jerry Miley, Secretary. representing arcitecture students W., .... ,Mp . ,. rf, sf ,A The local chapter of the American lnstitute of Archi- as tecture acts on behalf of the architecture students in helping them learn more about their role on the national group. The national organization is the professional group for the nationis architects, and has a chapter in every state with headquarters in Washington, DLC. It is the voice and governing body of the architects, and it seeks ways to improve the profession. First Row: Fower, Herman, Buchner, Lilly, Clark, Henry, McWilliams, Boothe, Estes, Teiber, Blair. Second Row: Oishi, Von Tungeln, Sims, Elfter, Helmich, Leslie, Linebarger, Stock- well, Conine Clingan, Patterson. Third Row: Hastings, Mobley, Brown, Maune, Rye, Powers, Guest, Horne, Curtis, Ayres, Nor- cross, Cochran, Hoggard. OFFICERS: Allan Lilley, Secretary, David Clark, Treasurer Ken Herman, President, Clark Buchner, Vice-President. wk. ,ta- .E .V 511 ...,, ,,---- LQ .5XX IChE Chartered on the University of Arkansas campus in 1035. the local chapter of the American Institute of Chemif al Engineers. in keeping with its purpose of en- couraging interest in the Chemical Engineering field. holds sexeial meetings during the semester. Here. the national achievements and problems of chemical engi- neers are heard and discussed with guest speakers. Also. during the year. smokers are held and the group sets up exhibits. First Row: Condray, Proctor. Holyfield. Enilny. Skillern. Owen. Haber, Myers. Second Razr: Campbell. Hinshaw. Baker. llillard. McCollum, Courtney. Thomas. Erich. Third Razr: Class. Mt-Kinley, Sanders, Whittington. Renike, Fisher, Ponder Bald- win. Reid. Ul7l"ltQERS: Bobby Jones, Vice-Presidentg Ansel Condray, Pres- I The Anierir,-an lnstitute of Industrial Engineers at- tempts lu correlate classroom knowledge with practical ident: Doug Proctor, Secretary-Treasurer. industrial processes and problems. The group takes field trips to plants around the state and gives its members arlianccml statistical information about Industrial Engi- neering. The University of Arkansas chapter of AIIE has the distinction of being the number one chapter in the nation. l"ir.x1 Rout: Hcis. .Mlxisorz Xliller. liean. Sengel. licall. Med- lin. Nlachen. ,lohnson. Law-on. .X. Kliller. johns. Kirk. Second Rott: llukc. llerndon. Payne. Craliani. l,t1llllt'l'. Klcl.arty. Uycr. Nlchta. l.nna. llolconibe. Gentry. wiootl. Third Hair: lleene. ll irns. lfant. Terrell. Searcy. llegeinan. Sclirantz. Hughes. Ulixer. l lflicn. lorrlan. tjooper. byroade. Carson. -.... .. , 1 . . . Ul'l'lt.l'.llB: f'Ir'.sI lxozrz Ytilliani lx. Nliller. Presirlent: ,lim Scngel. Sccrctary. Stroud Role: Terry liean. Yice-l'resident: -lohn licall. l'nblicity: ,leriy Kledlin. Treasurer. IE ASAE The local chaptcr of thc .Mncrican Society of qkgri- cultnral Enginccrs is active in providing :Xgri cnginccrs with itlcas about thc profcssion. and in giiing thcin a chancc to incct and talk with proinincnt incinbcrs of thc profession. lntlnstrial intcrxicwcrs xisiting the campus. and nicn within thc llcpartincnt of xkgricnlturc provide thc outstanding spcakcrs that arc bcard at bimonthly nicctings ol thc group, l'll.Nl Noir: Nloorc. llrcsitlcntg llnrton. Nice-llrcsnlcnt: Rowe. Sccictaix: lfatlrlis. Treasurer: llownian. Owen. Second Rolf: 5l1lflll11la4'll. llayo. Rose. .lohn-on, Gay. Kcisling. Wright. Tliim' Rolf: lfnglcr. Nlatthcws. llryan. lflark. lloslqn. lleneclict. lloard. ,NSXE incnibers mcet to discuss objection of their profession. encouraging chemical engineering students correlates knowledge with processes local agricultural engineering chapter ASCE AME W?" AWS Executive Board I 75 X is: 1 civil engincoring majors The American Society of Civil Engineers has a mem- bership of students majoring in Civil Engineering. Acti- vities include guest speakers from varied phases of Civil Engineering and a chapter trip to Bea 'foir Pro- ject. Members attended the Mid-Soul. ,gn Meeting and one member presented a paper inlcompetition with the other student chap-ters represented. First Row: Motley, Morgan, Lowes, Hegi, Wofford, Grubbs, Bajour, Porter, Holley, Winter, Lee, Mc-Murtrey, Slocum. Sec- ond Row: Childress, Bennett, Bussell, Roberts, Mize. Cavaness, Allen. Arniellini, Roberts, Cheatham, Doyle, Gee, Edwards, By- num. Third Row: Dillahunty, Kennedy, Harris. Garner, Zeiler. Barborek, Womble, Cotten, Linam, Manatt, Knight, Holmes, Williams, Pitts. Haye, Wylie, Richardson. OFFICERS: Ronald Motley, Presidentg Herb Morgan, Vice- Presidentg David Wylie, Secretary, Fred Hegi, Treasurer. representing mechanical engineers The American Society for Mechanical Engineers, a national organization for professional engineers, was founded in 1880. The ASME, through its program, seeks to broaden the students acquaintanceship with the prac- tical side of mechanical engineering, to make the libr- ary facilities of the society available to those interested, and to keep the students informed about engineering progress. First Row: Floyd, Chairman, Bushmiaer, Vice-Chairman, Locke, Secretary: Graf, Treasurerg Henderson, May, Brown. Second Row: Wilkerson, Durham, Ray, Stanage, Kimberling, Roberts, Norwood, Freeman, Yanker. At regular meeting of ASME students are informed of recent achievements in the field of Mechanical Engineering. governs associated Women The AWS Executive Board represents and governs the Association of Women Students, which includes all undergraduated women students enrolled in the Uni- versity. The board is headed by four officers and is composed of the presidents of the various women's campus organizations, and the chairmen of the various AWS committees on campus. First Row: Branigan, President, Meeks, Vice-Presidentg Goodwin, S-ecretaryg Dillard, Treasurer: Rothe, Balch, Rainey, Pryor. Second Row: Baird, McLeod, Laabs, Brackin, Reagan, Savers, Boyd, Rotenberry, Temple. AWS entertains international students on the U of A campus at a coke party. x at ,- A, students 'Mn pwwfaaw- di Baptist Student nion Baptist Student Union is the campus ministry' of the Southern Baptist Convention. It emphasizes active church membership. evangelism. missions. study. wor- ship, servie-. ar recreation. All students are welcome to participate it- its program and to use the facilities provided in the Baptist Student Center. l"1' How: Eddy, President: tiill. Vice-President: Horace. Stewaitlsliip Chairman: Johnson. lievotioual Chairman: Hughes. ffllllltll Clliliflllanl Taylor, Publicity Chairman: Lohmar. Evan- gclistn Chairman: Runyon. SWA: Ausmus. Publications: l.ittle. Secretary: Adams, Student Center Chairman. Second Role: Fletcher. Thomas. Mcliissie. Tracer. Scott. Cheatham. Haley. Setser. Pope. Norton. Geiger. Long. 'liyyo students take adyantage of the recreational facilities offered at the Baptist Student Union. Beta lpha Beta Alpha Psi. the national accounting fraternity. is an honorary scholastic and professional organization whose goal is that of strengthening the accounting pro- fession. ln line with this aim. Beta Alpha Psi's local chapter. Alpha Iota. holds a business banquet meeting each month. Guest speakers. outstanding in the account- ing profession, highlight these meetings. Scholarship and leadership are the basis for choice in the member- ship of this fraternity: l"ir.y1 Rott: Hariiu. Stout. Harris. l'osey. Haukins. Xnthony. Nletriek. Sl'1'lllH,1fUIl'f l'earcy'. Marshall. Hatfield. Kyle. lianiel. Kuemmerle. Steward. Tltird Role: Sumner. Burke. Smith. Harrel- .ou. Wells. lfranci-. Wrigltt. llawlxins. Ul"l"It.IlfR5: tlillespie. l'te-ideul: Harliu. Yice-President: Burke, Secretary: llarris. 'l'rcasurer. Blue Key lllue lxey. a national service fraternity founded at the lulyerstly of l'lor1da tn l'92-l. strlyes to correct student problems and to help campus lite run smooth- ly. Campus problems are discussed at yyccclaly luncheon meetings ol' the Nlarble Arch Chapter. l"ir.yl Noir: lfussell. l'rcsideul: Xll'Kt'llll?. Yicc-l'rcsitlcnt: lllltsolt, Secretary: llayylxins. 'lireasurcrz Higgs. l'riakos, Wallace. Serum! How: Nleyer. Kline. l.ance. iilay field. Jernigan. Nlayes. It--uuelt. lluller. Kidder. Thin! Razr: llatfield. lfulton. l'elphrey'. Xlillet. llattuou. liogcrs. llarrcll. llerman. liayis. Officers of llluc Key' lead discussion about a campus problem at wcclyly' meeting. . . baptist campus ministrJ . . national accounting fraternity 1 aint'-M ' u 5 a XXX T NQ if ' -2 , f . 4. M mi . . . strives to help students Cardinal XX A l I Chi Epsilon Chi Theta twenty outstanding men Cardinal Twenty, founded in 1960 by Omicron Delta Kappa, is an organization of twenty outstanding men from the previous freshmen class. They are selected on the basis of grade point, offices held. athletics. and responsibilities carried out. They assist in freshman orientation and help with registration in the fall and spring. First Row: Coleman, President, McDonald, Vice-President, McCorkle, Secretary, Shepard, King, Ray, Spurlock. Second Row: Wcinilierg, Parker, Mayes, Holeinan, Johnson, Schrantz, Pollard, Rousseau. One service project of Cardinal XX is helping with registration. honorary civil engineering fraternit Alpha Chi Epsilon, a Civil Engineering honorary fraternity, became associated with the national organi- zation, Chi Epsilon, on January 12, 19162. The Arkan- sas chapter of Chi Epsilon has established a tutoring service for freshmen and sophomores enrolled in Civil Engineering. In the fall, this group began several pro- jects which included an instructor evaluation program and the displaying of current Civil Engineering projects in Arkansas. First Row: Linam, President, Logue, Vice President, Cot- ten, Secretary, Allen, Treasurer: Roberts, Winte1', Moix. Second Row: Barton, Cain, Barborek, Dunn, Rogers, Holmes, Motley Morgan. Students of Civil Engineering discuss their profession's projects in Arkansas. placing Women in the business World Dedicated to helping women graduates find their place in the world of business, Chi Theta helps the Uni- versity's undergraduate women become more familiar with the opportunities open to them. Business women speak to the club, discussing their specialty with in- terested individuals. Chi Theta works in conjunction with the Business Administration college to bring the business world to the campus in an enlighting way. First Row: Warriner, Rushing, Short, Ware, Bell, Newman, Nakamura, Buford, Stewart, Smead. Second Row: Denney, Nance, Ennis, Dickerman, Nixon, Ellis, Narisi, Wewers, Morgan, McPheron. OFFICERS: First Row: Connie Kyle, 2nd Vice-President, Meri Nakamura, Corresponding Secretary, Sue Short, Treasurer. Second Row: Regina Rushing, Recording Secretary, Shirley Meyer, lst Vice-President, Carolyn Warriner, President. Y 'IJ' 1.-I 'Qs tif pi" af-" Chimes Chimes is the newest service group on campusg it is composed of twenty second semester freshman women who are chosen on the hasis of their high school ancl ttollcge rot-orcls anrl applications, The group is sponsor- ml hy Mortar Boartl. and supplies hostesses to visiting tlipnitaries on campus. lfiml Rolf: Francis. President: Nh-Connell. Vice-President: Crnllrerry. Secretary: Alford. 'llreasurerz lllllllly. lialclriwlge. Klan-le. .Sw-oznl Row: Turner. Heath. Bennett. Whitson. Gnrisco. Clothier. Vickers. Haney. Tlrirfl Rout Mt-tlehee. Barnett. Blcljheron. llawlinus. The-e inenrhers of Chimes meet to talk about the progress of their cluh. Circle K Circle K is sponsored by the Kiwanis Cluh. and the majority ol its mernhership is flrawn from men who wt-rc in Key Cluh lnternational in high school. The inenihcrs work closely with the Kiwanis on community projects. l'll'l'Al Row: Klan fieltl. Presitlent: l.eek. Secretary: Hart. 'llrt-aistm-r: lslllllllgll. Porter. llarton. llenley. l.oxett. llatthews. lflllllltiltl. llorri-. Sw-onfl Rolf: iiiiltlmoll-. tfonrtncy. Xllen. lllan-lx. lhziliain. 'liitn-. I.-nett. llc Xli-ter. Kali-. l':irlier. lfnmlicott. Tlifrfl Noir: tfoltcn. lieetl. llrztxil. lletisoner. Wilcox. lfellxer. Roarlx. lihtnlxenslrip. liznler. l.nn4ly. Yince. Kerhy. Ufticers prepare aiuemlu for regular Circle K Nlecting. Civic Club Cixit' lflnlv. nhosc lllt'llllH'l'S urs' elm-tml from each housing group. is rt-prcscntatixc of thc cntirc stutlcnt r - . . hotly. Iltt- clnh tlonaitcs luntls. nlnch arc ruisctl from thc anlnrission nroncy to Singlony anal stutlcnt contrihu- tions to tht- annual Campus Chest tlrixc to the lfaycttc- x illr- l nite-tl lfnntl zrntl other worthwhile clmrities. lfirxsl lfozr: l,l'll!lxlls' Prcsitlcnt: 'l'nclwr, Slrairp. llraintlli. Xltrcs: Xrnr-lronu. lioss. Cutter. llolt. Slrzucr, Newton. Cnthnnf. tllolhicr. lhtlcli. lflt-tcln-r. Scroml Noir: Xllen. l'ncht1i. wiltilsoll. lioyvt'-. ll:-nton. liupvr. lionsseuu. llatll. Voclxrns. Cingzerich. C. l'ctcr-cn. XM-ncr-. Xlchh, l'etIr. Tltiul Noir: Howe. Ostner. Xe-wsorn. lan-cn. Wilt'oX. .luvlx-on. Stzingcr. NlcNnIt. lee. Sunil- vr- t.l1tt ltntln-ott, hills. llztnnn-r. FVYIIQQIIT. l'rc-ith-nt llill Priakos presents check for the Civic Club to the Faye-ttexillv llnitcrl lfnnd. newest service group sponsored by the kiwanis club aids annual campus chest drive 'A Collegiate Academy of Science I C A 3 C sn 'S I ' ' 1 3 xi ni' v Commerce Guild 5 Y' Engineering Council promotes scientific interests The Collegiate Academy of Science is designed to promote an interest in science and scientific research on the campus. Membership is limited to undergraduate science majors of sophomore standing or above having a satisfactory scholastic record. Sponsoring monthly lectures by outstanding faculty members, encouraging undergraduate research in science, and participating in the state meeting of the Arkansas Academy of Science are the main activities of the Academy. First Row: Moore, Presidentg Neill, Vice-President, Good- ner, Secretary-Treasurerg Qualtroughg Langley, Maestri. Second Row: Jackson, Lowrey, Greenwood, Kemp, Wiggins, Mason, Cal- lan. Officers of the Collegiate Academy of Science meet to review the progress of scientific research on the campus. 'Qu--ox, serves students enrolled in business The Commerce Guild is composed of all the mem- bers ofthe College of Business Administration. By work- ing to unite the faculty and students of the college and by bringing in outside speakers, they promote and ad- vertise the aims of business in the life of the campus. 'The Business of America and Arkansas is the business of this Guildi' could well be its motto. First Row: Doug Coleman, President, Bob Bryant, Vice- Presidentg Carolyn Warriner, Secretaryg Tommy Musick, Char- les Burke: George Westmoreland. Second Row: Louis Warren Morgang Eudox Pattersong John Stanley, Jerry McKenneyg Richard A. Goffg Robin Jordang Mike Rice. Third Row: Dan- ny Bartellg Jim Moore: Jerry Dillg Lowry Robinsong John Snarfg Steve Pelphreyq Tom Price. Members of the Commerce Guild discuss plans for Commerce Day. engineer's governing bod Each engineering and technical organization on campus elects representatives to the Engineering Coun- cil. They, along with the editor and business manager of the Arkansas Engineering, serve as the governing body for the engineers. The council is responsible for Engineer's Week and the rally. First Row: Mayfield, Gibbons, Henley, Norton, Norwood, Endicott, Hart, Kline, Gardner. Second Row: Condray, Motley, Martin, Johnston, Dunn, Holyfield, Linam, Harton, Henson, Cot- ten. Third Row: Miller, B., Miller, C. D., Beall, Wright, Moove, Burton, Giles, Leek, Kline, Blackwell, Womble. OFFICERS: Terry Henley, Secretaryg Carl Gibbons, Vice-Presi- dent, Mickey Mayfield, President, Wayne Norton, Treasurer. dale.: 'Ka white fx tw ao' R fl.. n P Clif, 5 I v Ns... Wu- 'Q vw QN Eta Kappa Eta Kappa is the honorary scholastic Electrical En- gineering fraternity for Juniors and Seniors. Part of its yearly program includes helping with the state science fair and offering its members opportunities to learn more about the electrical engineering field at monthly meetings. First Rauf: Henson, Welhorn. Martin. Jansen, Green. Hill. Harton. Second Row: Eddy. Mayfield. Ott. llathys, Winfield, Henley. Jew. Ul"FltlERS: Terry Henley, Treasurer: Larry Jansen. Corres- ponding Secretary: Robert J. Wlelborn. Vice-President: Troy F. Henson. President: Rex Martin. Recording Secretary. IEEE The lnstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. lnc. is the largest professional engineering society in the world. Student branches of the IEEE are established in more than 200 approved colleges. universities. and schools throughout the country. The IEEE provides students with an unusual opportunity to associate edu- cationally and socially with fellow engineering students through professional talks. group discussion. and pro- jects. First Role: lluche. Counselor: tilihhons. President: Nliller. Vice-l'resident: Walters. Treasurer: .lensenz Walton: Henley: llarton: Green: .-Xlexander: l-leltard: Kordsrueier: Fhrader: Smith. Sf-foml Nou: Gifford: Eddy: Mayfield: ti. Nlartin: R. Xlartin: Necomlm: King: Nixon: llusicli: King: Sugg: Nlclian- iel. Tlifrrl RIIIFI Heed: llroeu: Bond: lfelandz Winfield: ,louesg Wellrorn: Henson: Sundermau: .lohnsoni lioltliilts! Newman: Xpple: Wingfield: llall: tilampit. These Illt'lltllt?I'4 of llflflf discuss plans for a project in Electri- cal Engineering. Interfraternity Pledge Council The lnlerlratcrnity Pledge Council is composed of lyyo rcprcscntatiycs from the pledge class of each sorori- ty and fraternity on the campus. It serves as a directiye and administratixc lmody to encourage cooperation het- ysccn all thc pledge classes. lfrryl Noir: llou lauler. llart l.indsey. Carol Tunty. Phyllis Scroggin. llettic xxlllsolt. Xlickey Pryor. lliaue Kllen. :Xndy Alls- tiu. Xlary ,latte laluison. l.oretta Thonlpson. Willis nt. llcardall. Sworn! lforc: ,lim Edyyards. liolm joncs. Charles ltorlxa. Vince long. l.ynu Tcruple. l,add Scriher. llarhara Riley. l.ynu None. tlhcrxl Nixon. Nlichele llarclay. Sue Smithernian. Caryis Pol- lilltl. tlcorge tierniglia. Third Row: lid Titus. Noal l.awhom. W. ltnxid lleilis. lioln Tucker. .loe Nowlin. Terry Bowie. john ltr-ill. X. ll. li1llt'lll'. .lr.. lion Cameron. Nlac tilloxer. ,loe lliclxin- tou. l.cslic tiurter. ttl"l"ltfl'iltF: lion Lawler. President: Phyllis Seroggiu. Trea- l surcrg tfarol Tumy. Secretary: llart Lindsey. Vice-President. electrical engineering fraternity i'r largest professional engineering society promotes cooperation between pledges International Club ? TF"'r'1 C3 Kappa Kappa Psi Lambda Tau QC discusses foreign news and ideas The International Club discusses all the current foreign news and keeps its members informed on inter- national affairs. It is open to anyone interested in for- eign politics and news. First Row: Hans Hermann, Jr., Hubrecht Duijker, Grazia Conti, Wagih Dafashy, Michaele Rakes, H. Sukru Bayazit, Dee- pak R. Maniar, Anabella Moreno, Ramesh P. Metha, Cisy Pace, Margaret Ray. Second Row: Kim J. Power, Jim David, Mickey Pryor, Helga Heckel, Sally McCloflin, Cindy Russell, Ann Val- liant, Jamal Sadr, Yung-Kan Liu, Mary Ellen Riley, Linda Ragsdale, Favork Rajour. Third Row: Celik Aktas, Margie Linnen, Margareta Hansson, Hug K. Stiller, James L. Huddles- ton, Jr., Bert Steenge, Gyula Lovasz, John Aist, Lorenzo Alber- tinelli, Yves Genty, Tony Rihs, Abdul W. Draki. OFFICERS: Don Carlolan, Treasurerg Kathy Jones, Secretaryg Huhrecht Duijker, President, Bert Steenge, Publicityg Ramesh P. Metha, Vice-President. honorar band fraternit Kappa Kappa Psi is the honorary band fraternity, and is composed of outstanding male handsmen. Music is the common tie that brings these exceptional musi- cians together. The mutual interest and abilities of the members furnish a strong bond of fellowship and en- thusiasm. First Row: Richard Worthington, Sponsorg James M. Woolly, Presidentg Jim Dorre, Vice-Presidentg Tommy McDaniel, Secre- tary! James Allen, Treasurer, Pat Jordan, Tom Weiss, Ken Poore. Second Row: Jim Walkerg Mike Condreng Tom Dorreg Sandy Porter, Russ Myers, Arly Ritcheyg Terry Bradley, Ron D. Evans. Third Row: Robert Rippeeg Phil Spray: James Gib- bons, Fred Smithg Al Daniel, Donald Fordg Gary Matulag Bill Leidy: Douglas Henderson. Kappa Kappa Psi performs another service for the band by killing native inhabitants Ccockroachl of "Ye Olde Hole," temporary home of the Razorback Band. national honorar En lish Society Lambda Tau, national honorary English fraternity, strives to give recognition to and further the literary endeavors of students with exceptional ability in com- position. Each year, Lambda Tau awards a prize for notable creative writing to a deserving student. A simi- lar prize is awarded to an outstanding Fayetteville High School student. First Row: Thompson, Adams, Roe. Second Row: Crowley, Simpson, Oliver, Gates. OFFICERS: Fran Hall, Vice-President, Skipper Kays, Publicity Chairmang Linda Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer. fm? t 'S sh tv , . 1 , Qi' J s, Men's Counseljn Staff The menis program relies heavily' on the counsclors yi ho are selected on the hasis of scholarship. leader- ship. rcsposiliility. and personality. 'lihrough these per- sons the Division of Student .Xffairs seeks to assist the individtial in attaining his educational goal while cm- phasizing the value of experiences outside the class- room. 'lihe counselors assist especially' in orienting the new men. stimulating participation in student goysern- incnt. identifying prohlems and referring indiyiduals to the proper agencies for help. and creating the proper atmosphere for study: and personal development. l"1'rsf Raw: Reed. Head Resident: lloogaart: Atwootli Moore: Stewart: Nlann: Nlayer: Lance: Xlorace: Lahhan: liurson. Swfonzl Rowg jodan: Brazil: .lohnstong Forinhy: Malloy: Nates: Pride: Card: Shelton: tlriftin: Denton. Tliird Huw: Nlulhollen: Schrantz: Kleiner-ke: Douglas: Hush: Tyson: Coop- ci: Welliorn: Hutchens: Daniel. t.ttl NSICIURS: Firsz R0ll'I Terry: R. Bean. Charles T. Criffin. liolhert hY1'lll1Il'I1. dog-um Head Cotlllselor, SPCOIIII H0101 Doll- ald H. jacks, .U Jennings Daniel. Jerry' D. Cooper. James W. lange. lluinplireys Head Counselor. Men's Interhouse Congress Nleifs lntcrhouse Congress has its foundation huilt around the Executive Council which is composed of one rcprt-scntatiy'e for each group of fifty men. in addi- tion lo thi- executive officers who are elected at large. Xlcifs lntcrhouse Congress works with the liliyision of Student Affairs as a yoice of and to the men residing in the halls. lfycry' man in the menis residence halls is a mcinhcr of the Xlenis luterhouse Congress. lfirst Nou: Nlorgan. Wiggins. HllIl11tlll'6y'F. Rohhins. Cing- cricli. ttf-yd. Sworn! Noir: Heed. Sponsor: Cates. Hippy. Hut- lute:-. ltealt. Xicir. lloinyli. Booher. Yliird Roic: tfoyey. Peace. lt:-aims. lficcinan. liltlllllt'ff. liuffington. Smith. Neyxcoinh. tll"l"ltIlfliS: l"l'r.y1 Noir: ltaxid-on lluniplneys. President: Neyin liolilnins. Scciclary. .Nwoml Noir: ,lim Xloigan. Xice-l'resi- ,. , . . . . dent: hilly tfiahain. Social t.haii'nian: l.eonard Wiggins. 'firea- sure-i. Men's Sophomore Council lfach ycar sonic frcshincn arc chosen to nicnilycr- ship in the organization. the Xlcnis Soplioniorc Council. 'lhc mi-inlwrsliip is si-It-4-tml from the top 2ll'Q of the frcshnicn in incn-s halls chosen on the hasis of lcadcr- ship. scholarship. loyalty. rcsponsihility. and persona- lity. 'lhc purposc of the organization is to assist the lnixcrsity in orvcntation of trvstnnt-n into thi- mcns program and snidt-ni goycrinnent. 'lihc IlIl'lIIlN'I'S yyill Int- in tri-slum-n housing and coinprisc the nuclcus of Il-roi lcadcrship nhilc dcycloping frcshincn for It-ad:-is slllli ull lllcll' tloois, lfiryr ltoirz ll:-cd. Stoll liohhins. lcv. llarriell. 'Nlcl'flyaney'. tliieshy. Xxooilcll. li':iimatcr. Carolan. Wilson. llolloyxay. Sm'- onfl Noir: littllioon, Smith. tfoxcy. llardin. Fltrocder. Welmer. llolicils. lan-ou-Ili. tlnccnc. liiicker. Xlauncss. Tliirrl Row: lfre- iilt. lhainlctt. laird. llall. tvarrett. Nlillcr. t.olnnar. Scott. Nh'- tlalla. ll:-iry. lluntcr. Kinneinann. None. ttl"l'lt'l'fll5: tlaiy 'lireasurerz Ycxin llohhins. Yice-l'resi- dcnt: llilliani Stoll. l'rcsident: Seth Nlclflyaney. Social Chair- man: lloh llarriell. Secretary. helping individuals attain their goals representing independent men assist in the orientation of freshmen men Marketing Club ll: ,Il l ' llllllgll Terry Village Housing Council ri s P Q lux I' 9 M Mortar Board Z? 7 M' 1 ' 5 - N 1 'Q 'V W" Q G ca ' x I 0 O K 1-I unif in marketing students Marketing Club is the unifying organization for stu- dents majoring in the field of marketing. It serves as a contact with business leaders, not only by bringing out- standing guest speakers to the campus, but also by providing for field trips on which students can observe business and industry in operation. First Row: Pelphrey, President, Morehart, Vice-Presidentg Petty, Secretaryg Holzhauer, Hayden, Jeter. Pew, Short, Craig, Helms, Wright. Maxey, Haney. Second Row: Jones, Tullous, Sanders. Howell. Rogers, Leonard, Burke. King, Wainuright, Wagner, Crain, Herr, Buchanan. Third Row: Hudson, Martin, Lueken, Goranson, Barry, Mills. Gilson, Swaby, Jacobs, Rector, Parlin, Cassil, Bigger, Rader, Fleming, Payne. New officers of the Marketing Club prepare for the next meeting. provides married students activities The married students organization provides an op- portunity for married students both on and off cam- pus to have recreational activities. The Terry Village Housing Council is the govern- ing body of Terry Village and is set up just as any local Mayor-Alderman city council form of government. TERRY VILLAGE HOUSING COUNCIL: First Row: Slocum, Mayor: Courtney. Treasurer: Jackson, Mizeg Cavaness. Second Row: Honeycuttg Gladdeng Haye. MARRIED STUDENTS ORGANIZATION OFFICERS: Huff- man, President: Bates, Vice-President, Kauffman, Secretary, Shrader, Publicity: Vogel, Food. national honor society for senior Women A national honor society for senior women, Mor- tar Board was founded to help its members serve the University of Arkansas as the most outstanding women members of the senior class, and to stimulate and deve- lop the finest type of college women. Members are tap- ped at the annual AWS Spring Festival. Mortar Board members sell calendars each year to raise money for the Martha McKenzie Reid scholarship and other scholar- ships awarded annually to outstanding women students. First Row: Rainey, Presidentg FitzGerald, Treasurerg Boyd, John, Garner, Wall. Second Row: Jordan, Horner, Alford, Meek, Dilliard, Swaim, Prewitt. Nancy Rainey sells first copy of the Mortar Board calendar to Dr. Mullins. Newman iglub The Newman Club, a national religious group. stri- ves to reach Catholic students on the campus. It provides them with a fuller and richer religious life while they are at the University. lts stated purpose is to "deepen the spiritual and to enrich the temporal lives of its memhers through a halanced program of religious. in- tellectual and social activities." l"1'r.v1 Role: Dailey. Zimpel. .Xllen. Taylor. Second Rozc: llaltx. Hoax. Kordsmeier. tlramlich. .Xrdemagni. Ahern. Tumv. Zimpel. Ellis. Austin. French, lJuYall. Plafcan. llchlanus Boyd. Rogers. livnum. Holt, O'Dwyor. Tlzrrzl Rozc: Lickteig. Tailor. Pope. Martine. Reames. Wright. Fnnis. Pegelow. Schneider. Fteploclc. Baird. Helbron. Callahan Isemnan. Carter. Catlett. llaniel. Fourth Row: Erstini. Batz. Nlartensen. Rorie. Sava. Blat- hews. Gates, Osborne. MQHHIQ. Howell. Barry. Cecil. Tanker, Courtney. Simon. Reinhart. Fisher. UFFICERS: Mary Zimpel, Vice-President: Jim Dailey. Presi- dent: Diane Allen. Recording Secretary: Katherine Savers. Corresponding Secretary. ff Campus Men The Off-Campus Men with a membership of 143 had a verv active year. Its many activities included support at pep rallies. showed film of last vearis Texas and Arkansas game. won first place in the Mens Divi- sion of Singfony. fourth place in float competition. and an outing and dance at Monte Ne. l"1'r.s1 Noir: Fisk. President: Tilley. Nichols. Helmick. Holder. Wolford. Tillllf. Forrells. Kordsmeiex: Hammond. Second Rolf: lftlxvanls. NleXlurtrev. Courtney. Sage. Pendleton. Edwards. Kle- lflroy. lfeland. Hern. Connolly. Sanders. Third Role: Yanlier. Thomasson. Dill. Hudson. Holmes. Knight. iNlcHale. Cates. Hall. tflilt. Davis. Graham. Ul'l'll.lxH5: Richard Xl. Nichols. Treasurer: Virgil H. Holder. Senator: N. Gerald Lil-on. Yicesl"resident: Lewis Carl Tilley. Set retary. Dmieron Delta Kappa Uutslanding leaders from among junior and senior men are tapped for Omicron Delta Kappa. Require- ments lor membership are excellence in the fields of leadership. scholarship. athletics. puhlications. music aml dramatic arts. Along with Hlue Kev and Mortar lioard. Ullli sponsors leadership school. Other activi- ties include sponsoring orientation and giving reports to the senate on the counselinu program in each col- t K ll",1l'. Fits! Noir: llmley. President: Camphell. Vice-l'resident: llallield. Secretary: Thomas. Treasurer: lflliins: Taylor: Weiss: Tillellllllllvll Fngitl: lloolvi NlcNair. Sl'1'lHllI Role: NIcKnin: lfddx: lfmlnrx: l'aee: l.eelQ: llarton: Walker: Condray: Love: llauelson: Coleman. Tlzirrl Rozrz Xlclfrary: Henson: Cooper: lilllllsi llomlmle: .'Xrrinpton: Davenport: Norton: Harrell: Nor- wood: Shelton, Denny llnrley presides at luncheon meeting of Omicron Delta kappa. strives to reach Catholic students provides activities for off-campus men 2 1 4 A f S E ...f q outstanding junior and senior men PEM Club A E I All " 'E .--15:5 x J. u 4... 1 Phi Alpha Theta QGFA' xi?-ag.,-' - x 36 X-5 ' fx U' Phi Eta Sigma 1 I represents students in physical education The purposes of the Physical Education Majors Club are to act as a coordinating professional and social or- ganization for the students in the department of physi- cal education. It encourages an understanding of phys- ical education as applied to all people, and advanced professional interest in physical education. First Row: Darrell Tucker, President, Mari-Ann Hendricks, Vice-President, Scott Van Hoose, Vice-Presidentg Dorothy Ty- ler, Secretaryg Charles Wilson, Treasurerg Mary Ann Baskin, Treasurerg Becky Gibson, Program Chairmang Anne Tucker, Librarian. Scconrl Row: Judy Boydg Tori L. Powell, Jo Ann Everett, Linda Red Crossg Judy Lyon, Lynne Freeman, .lan McAllister: Jo Belle Haileyg Jody Lofton. Third Row: Donald Rockeyg Kay Fuller, Ginger Hainierg Carolyn Haleg Gerald Bequetteg Delilah Bellg Glenn Babbg Jannette Foltz. Rollar skating is one of the many sports enjoyed by members of the PEM Club. oldest honorar history The Alpha chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was founded on the University campus in l92l. The national organi- zation has nearly two hundred chapters, and is the old- est honorary history fraternity. Phi Alpha Theta en- courages high standards of scholarship among students of history, promotes a genuine interest in the study of history. and fosters a spirit of fellowship among its members. First Row: Sublett, Meek, Oliver, Hudlow, Ball. Second Row: Gray, Wheeler, Johnson, Ellis, Treon. OFFICERS: Melinda Meek, Vice-President, Roger S-ublett, President, Marsha Hudlow, Secretary-Treasurer. fraternit honorar fraternit for underclassmen A grade average of 3.5 in the freshman year is re- quired for membership in Phi Eta Sigma, the national honorary fraternity for underclassmen. It was organiz- ed to give recognition to such high scholastic achieve- ment and to offer scholastic benefit to students through the remaining three years of undergraduate work in col- lege. First Row: Lance, Rousseau, Martin, Vratsinas, Gardner, Henderson, Rainwater. Second Row: Greenwood, Bridges, Park- er, Bryan, Coleman, Cardin. Plowman, Cobb. Third Row: Hop- kins, Trieschmann, Ball, Holman, Schrantz, Scott, Murphy, Weinberg. OFFICERS: Steve Rousseau, Presidentg Skipper Martin, Sec- retary, Gus Vratsinas, Treasurerg Dr. G. Johnson, Advisor. li .-eq f' M' Phi U silon Omicron Phi lpsilon Omicron. organized for the advance- mcnt of home economics. sponsors projects to stimulate students in the field of home economics. Selection for mefnhership is on the hasis of scholarship and leader- ship and standing in the upper two fifths of each class. lfacli year a freshman girl with the highest grade aver- age in home economics is presented an award hy Phi lvpsilon Omicron. Fin! Rauf: Martin. Schmitt. Sanders. Richardson. Rogers, tIole, Pharr. Second Row: Coe. Ford. Canerday. Lafferty. Kluncy. fluilis. Lowrey, Beasley. ttl7l"lt,IEHS: First Row: .ludy Richardson. Treasurer: Maher lingers. Editor: Beverly Garrett, Chaplain. Second Rott: Caro- lyn Sue Qualls. Historian: Carole Sue Martin. President: Caro- lyn Schmitt. Vice-President. Pi Mu Epsilon Memhership in Pi Mu Epsilon. the honorary math fraternity. is hased on a 3.00 scholarship accumulative average in mathematics and completion of Caculus ll. 'llhe fraternity was founded to promote scholarship in all liclds with emphasis on mathematics. Each semester. Pi Mu Epsilon provides free tutoring service for math stu- dents in all phases of the suhiect. lfimf Row: Beavers: President: Woody. Yice President: Fis- her. Secretary: Davenport. Treasurer: Leek: Holley: Muse: llenderson: Helm: Watson: Emhry. Second Rout Wallace: lfislier: I.ainh: Harrell: Kitt: jew: Locke: Spence: Richard- son: llehow: llownsend. Third Rozc: Wiggins: Cotten: Class: rirrington: Schrantz: Winfield: Hurley: lnnian: Weatlierford: llrudncr: .Mlm-ox: Ball. ,X guest speaker instructs students at Pi Mu Epsilon meeting. Pi Tau Sigma 'the incnihers of Pi 'liau Sigma are drawn from mechanical engineering students. lnductees must he in thc lop twentx per cent of their iuuior class or in the top thirty lirc per cent of tlteir senior class. and must have faculty approval as to their character and leader- ship trails. 'llhe .Mkansas chapter. llpsilon. was instal- It-it in l'33'J. and has actively supported tlte department nl' niccltanical engineering. lfirxl Noir: Norwood. President: Strauh. Vice-President: tIooncc. liccording Secretary: Graf. 'l'reasurer: Norton. Cor- rf-spomlingz Secretary. Second Rolf: l.ockc: Stone: lhisltmiaer: Wt-iss. Nlcinhcis ul l'i 'l'au Sigma watch an experiment in Meclianical l"n-'inccrin-' . . . aids the advancement of home economics . . . honorary math fraternity o . . . represents mechanical engineering students Pre-Law Club WW i 1 Q ffm FR 1 Press Club WHEPE U FL JJRNALISH BRE A W 1 . 1 UBS ,HE SAM 'Q G K1 OoC'Qg QOCO 0 C0 future law students The Pre-Law Club provides an excellent chance for students interested in law to work for and to be as- sociated with the Law School. Mock court trials were held second semester. Also included in the year's pro- gram were the law school party and talks by many well- known speakers. Warren Banks. LLB, is the club advi- sor. First Row: Mc-Burnett, Presidentg Coleman, Treasurer: Lauer. Secretary: Heard. Court Reporter: Stebor: Rea. Best, Crain, Steel, Bariee. Second Row: Nowlin. Martin, McNulty Prewett, Cearley. Henderson, Brazil, Mt-Clelland. Small. Third Row: Shannon. Gregory, Stanley. Bartell. Cofer, Smith. Roark, Blanketship, Portis, East, Mc-Millin. Pre-Law officers confer before meeting. new ournalism organization Members of the Press Club are journalism majors and those interested in some aspect of this field. This is its first active year on campus in several years. Meet- ings are held every other week and field trips are taken to newspapers in the area. The Press Clubfs major pro- ject is the sale of the book, Four Days. The profits will be used in the remodeling of the Traveler office. Sewtezf: Brown: Vaughanz, Gilliam, Secretaryg Crahamg Ferrill. Standing: Prof. Covington, Sponsorg Robinson. Presi- dentg Kaysg Stoverg Hill, Treasurer. Robinson leads discussion at Press Club meeting. .. iss is la if ,Air 'Wi explores the field o management The Society for the Advancement of Management is the national organization of managers in industry, com- merce, government, and education. SAM at Arkansas meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Meeting programs of the year generally featured a guest speaker from the business world. Activities included the fall and spring banquets, plant tours. the annual spring outing, and the publication of a newsletter. First Row: McBurnett, Presidentg Smiley. Vice-Presidentg Rushing, Secretaryg McCeorge, Treasurerg McKee. Second Row: McKayg Houserg Henderson: Anthony, Third Row: Dillg Fu- gateg Shannong Lane-rg Windle. SAM members listen attentively to guest speaker. GNE The Student National Education Association was organized for people entering a career in education. Here on campus it provides students going into the leaching field a chance to meet and exchange views and ideas about education. To enlighten those majoring in education ofthe objectiy es of College teaching and en- courage more students to enter the profession are the aims ol SNEA. Some of this years activities included a llrive-ln Officer Conference at Arkadelphia and the state AEA convention in March. First Row: Cates: Sulcer: Haller: Sharp: McFadden: Royce: Wilson. Second Role: Doyle: Jameson: Harris: Groom: lfldmonds: Rakes. T1ll'l'l1R01t'I Everett: Cleavenger: West: Hold- er: Casey: Pope: Norton. tll"l"lt'IERS: Kathe Cates. President: Charlotte Sulcer. Vice- Presidentl .lackie Jamison. Historian: Pat Haller. Secretary. igma lpha The aim of Sigma Alpha Iota. a national music fraternity' for women. is to promote loyalty to the school and to encourage interest in music. A special object of the group is to establish a fuller understand- ing. through music, between America and other count- ries hy' supporting national projects. Membership is limited to women majoring or minoring in music. who show exceptional music ability. and posses a high scho- lastic rating. First Rorc: Xlctlrav. Treasurer: Richter. President: Purdy. N ice-President: Xlctfurry: Maher: Fellinger: Ellis. Second R01l'I llopkins. Secretary: Doyle: Robason: Crowley-3 Howard. tll'il"llIl'fRS: Shiela lIeCray'. 'llreasurerz l.inda Purdy. Yiee- President: Patricia Richter. President: Madeline Nluher. Soc- iul tfhuirman: lliuna Hopkins. Secretary: llettye lfellinger. Song Leader. igma Pi Sigma Membership in Sigma Pi Sigma. the only national physics honor society. is extended hy invitation. lnvita- tions ure given to those who show an interest in physics. promise of atchievement. and outstanding scholarship. Xctiyilies of the local chapter include monthly meet- ings with addresses on physics hy noted persons. annual lunnjuels honoring new members. awards for outstand- ing sophomore physics students. and the :innuul spring picnic. 'lihe faculty :idyisor is Ur. Stephen Nl. lilly. l'.l.l.Nf Noir: llzry: Katy: Nleistrell: Hatfield: Ng: Rouse. Ncfornl lforc: Holding: tfoglnnn: Slonp: Ross: Weuthenford. Ul"l"ltfI'fli5: li. W. llroehel. Vice-President: li. ll. Kay. Presi- dent: l,. l.. llzrlfield. Secretury'-'l're:rsnrer. CIlC0l1l'3g6S C3I'66I'S ill Cdl1C3tiOI1 "'- ' promotes interest in music only national physics honor society 'YJ' .. .J Sophomore Council III ill 0 59- s 5 'A ' ,ws U tt, 'g Us L 9 , so C no :Q ' lv gr 1, S 'Sei 'Y 5 S u o oo is W, ,S VY' Tv Student Nurses Association E, 35.11 Student Union Board I5 I I 'MW 1 4 advising freshmen 5. 4.-men Sophomore Council is composed of women members from the freshman class of the preceding year. The members serve as advisors to the freshmen women the next year. First Row: Akersg Haneyg Edmondson: McFadden: Fran- cis: Beiinettg Whitsong Pryorg Alford: Cadberry. Second Row: Wylieg Corbettg Nixong Huffg McPheron: .lettg Railsbackg Williamsg Vickers: Bryantg Browng Short: McCehee: Lukerg Husted. Third Row: Heathg Bennettg Pace: Claddeng Wewersg Zaffater: Yancey: McD'onaldg Vinckg Hackneyg Taylor: Rea- derg Dortchg Butcherg Sampleg Nakamurag ,leterg Baldridgeg Hillg Norrisg Holiaughg Bowman. Fourth Row: Geiger: Breitg Russell: Priceg Ennisg Jamesong Turnerg Worrellg Dickermang Boothg Mossg Groomg Newtong Powellg Thompsong Wilsong Holleyg Quisenberryg Wrightg McConnellg Qualtroughg Cros- sett. Fifth Row: Woodg Templeg Runyang Rileyg Carrollg Cleavengerg Davisg Robansong Randleg Bybiskig Paulkg Ship- leyg Allen: Jonesg Lovelessg Barclayg Eskueg Hamnerg Scrog- gin: Grant: Barnettg Norvellg Byrdg Stoddardg Braceyg Mc- Clanahan: Holloway. Council entertains freshmen women at a coke party. preparing its members for medical school The Student Nurses Association helps its members prepare for medical school. lts primary functions are the coordination of the student's curriculum on campus with that of the School of Nursing in Little Rock, and giving the members a better knowledge of the nursing profession. An insight to their coming activities is given through lectures by instructors and fellow students. The activities of the club strive to stimulate new ideas and promote leadership among its members. First Row: Harm. Presidentg Bowman, Vice-Presidentg Vinck, Secretaryg Bishop. Treasurerg Whellerg Mack. Second Row: Jonesg Rouseg Watkinsg Quattroughg Pegelowg Crossettg Hunt. Student Nurses Association holds meetings to discuss various aspects of the nursing profession. The programs presented at these meetings are aimed at preparing students for med-school. governs the student union The Student Union Board governs the Student Un- ion and passes on all activities to be held in the Stu- dent Union. Business is conducted at luncheon meetings held twice a month. Membership is composed of the President of Associated Students, The Vice-President of AWS, the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women, the Student Union Supervisor. two faculty members chosen by the President of the University, and four elected stu- dent members. First Row: McCreightg Whaley. Secretaryg Pelphrey, Chair- mang Meek. Second Row: Stanleyg Lawrenceg Favorg Johnson, OFFICERS: Carroll Jean Whaley, Secretaryg Steve Pelphrey, Chairmang Mrs. Malcom Lawrence, Advisor. if hu. p -mv- sawn, Student nion Activities Committee 24 pg vs f The Student Union Activities Committee is composed of the Chairmen of each of the Student Union Com- mittees. lts function is to coordinate the works of these committees. The committees are: dance, talent, film, game, music. special projects. married students. office management. photography. publicity. and art. Each year in the spring the Student L-nion Activities Committee sponsors the Student Union Wieck. First Row: Stanley, Chairman: Moore: 1lcCreight. Yice tlhairman: Callahan. Second Row: Hall: Donahue: Paulk. Nlellonald. Hersh, Hall, Hallam. Stanley, Foster, Moore. and Mrs. Lawrence at a committee meeting. Tau Beta Pi Nlemlwers of Tau Beta Pi. honorary engineering fra- ternity. are chosen from the upper fifth of the senior class and from the upper eighth of the junior class. Prerequisites for admission are honesty. high scholar- ship. service. and leadership. It confers distinction upon honor students in all branches of engineering and pro- motes a spirit of culture in the engineering students. First Note: Burns. President: Henson. Vice-President: Hill, Corresponding Secretary: Cotten, Treasurer: Martin: Elkins: Weiss. Second Rout ,lewg Johnston: Cifford: Nlathys: Norton: X11-Kuin: Wlinter: Leek. Tlzirnl ROIl'I Blackwell: Stewart: Wiys lie: Ott: Welliorn: Locke: Hinshaw: Winfield: Dillard. UI'l'ItIlCRS: Sealed: 'llrox Henson. Yiee-President: Hike Burns, President: lion lfddy. lieeording Secretary: W. 'l'. Cotton. Trea- surer: lion Hill. Secretary: Hex Martin. Cataloger. Tau Beta Sigma 'llau Beta Sigma is the national honorary sorority for lvandswomen. llentlwers are chosen on the liasis of scholarship. musicianship. and possession of a sincere interest in the college and university hand. Several pro- jeets for the lvenelit of the liand are carried out each year. lt is the aim and purpose of this organization to foster a feeling of fellowship and cooperation in tlte liaud and among all college and university hands and lo eultiiale at large a wholesome respect for their acti- iities and aeliicrenicnts. lfirxl Noir: lloxrard. President: Wills. Yice-llresident: Bur- nett. Secretary: Patterson. 'llreasnreix Second Role: Whiting: tluard: Purdy: Weathers: Wing. Thin! Row: jones: Stevens' llalwr. President Linda lloward conducts meeting of Tau Beta Sigma. coordinates student union committees ii honors outstanding engineering students honorary sorority for bandswomen WIHC 96- WRA Executive Board Young Democrats I 'A t protects welfare of worn-mfs dorms Wome-nas Interhall Council is composed of the Pre- sident, social chairman, and house manager from each of the womenis residence halls. It looks after the wel- fare of the girls living in the dorms and helps to co- ordinate their activities. This year it is sponsoring two foreign students. 'WTHC also offers a scholarship trophy for the residence hall with the highest scholastic ave- rage for the year. WIHC., in coordination with MIHC, sponsored they Casino Carnival this fall. First Row: Burch, Hudlowg Nakamura: Tillman: Park. Second Row: Stoneg Dickermang Raperg Vickersg Phelps. OFFICERS: Linda Park, Publicityg Patsy McCoy, WIHC Re- presentativeg Marsha Hudlow, Vice-Presidentg Judi Burch, Presidentg Meri Nakamura, Secretary-Treasurer. recreation for women The purpose of the Women's Recreation Association is to provide and to direct a recreation program on the campus. lt maintains a variety of activities so that each person may choose according to her own individual needs. The WHA promotes a spirit of goodwill and fel- lowship among participants and motivates the health- ful practice of devoting a portion of each dav to re- creation. The activities offered include: volleyball, soft- ball. tennis, archery, bowling, table tennis, fencing and posture. First Row: Hendricks. Presidentg Lebow, Treasurerg Tucker, Secretary, C-adberry, Publicityg Johnson. Second Row: Mc- Whorterg Cross, Roweg Callahang Gibson. Third Row: Lyong Noll, lVlcAllisterg Erwing Weir. Basketball is one of the many sports included in the program of WRA. This program offers daily recreation to women students. representing democratic students As the leading political party in Arkansas, the De- mocratic party has a large following among the students at the University. The Young Democrats club gives those students who are interested in po-litics an op- portunity to exchange views and lend support to Demo- cratic candidates. There are about 500 Young Democrat Clubs throughout the United States. F First Row: Rickardg Oweng Helhrong Craing Steely Gra- hamg Morris. Second Row: Haneyg Weathersg Browng Hud- song Colemang Freemang Pope. Third Row: McNultyg Gardnerg Bryang Clintong Blodgettg Gravesg Norton. OFFICERS: Barbara Hunter, Secretary: Curtos E. Rickard, President, Katherine Savers, Vice-President. ..,. , ,. 7 ' "'J 43:-ff figm s f i Wm 5-1- 9 ' 4 Www im THE HESIIIENHES Mer". .ffl t w f f k' --Q f,10'w x V 3'-mtfgj , .V -. Y x, 6 Korfaclzrome by Bob Nichols 4-yy gp-aww 10' 1- -as QM' 'Qu-.8 1 if 75 9 Q. v xi 40 41 9 Sf' l x ' lan, f D f. A ...N - r f I I , NH H f 4 'Nl , 5 , , . f N r Q 'J f . 3 ft ,J X. ll l J an vs-. M J E l E 41- 1.. fgyg 'F Q, - I ,,,,,, W sf X v ' ----' "" n 3,-., IJ7, 1 I if f 27' 3 ag, f 'f Z " N L 4: 1: , Q- Q. , - 1 W, f- 'V """s 1 rf X y. .. . ....,,,,g.,s - .1 ., . W., ., L, , , k 3 ., .ag V f . i J O.. I xv J 'A Blawg -' Q ss H3 0 , f I f3nr'X 'Q'-"' wr"'7 i ,.. C' " Vmfi... l .X '-QW--A-,:..' ww YH' . 'K . , 1 i 1' ' IU' A ,. . W'-,,, ,ug 111 R 5-f tn Q . 'F' Y' v- 1-' ' y Z fs on First Row: Barbara Gayle Bat- es, Carlon Ann Berryhill. Linda Maurice Blodgett. Susan Marion Branigan, Susan Ross Craig. Judy Crouse. Swonrl Rolf: Dianne Day. Andy lmcg Ennis. Jamie Ann Faris. Meryl Lynne Eullen. Rita lrene Geiger. Kathy' Graves. Third Row: Judy' Hale. Yirginia Leete Hayes. Patricia Jean Holi- field. Sandra Elizabeth Hulzhauer. Diana Lee Hopkins. Patricia Ann James. Fourth Row: Mary Anne Jerry. Jeanette Jones. Edith Ann Ken- dall. Trina Laahs. Carla Atalie Lebedeff, Crystal Mary Martin. Fffllz Rozr: Joyce Sue Martin. Pamela Ann Mitchell. .Xnalmella Mwrenml. Nancy Lee Moss. .lennie Sue Norton. Cisy' Pace. Sl-.lfll Rout: llarlvara Elirahelh Riley. Lynn Danlmy Rowe. Shirley Sue lluyce. Joyce Russell. Marg- lierila Sue Scarainuzza. ,lo ,Xnn Shirley. Sf'rwnI11 1f0Il'I Jeanne Marie Simpson. llurlmra l.ea Skelton. Larnlyn Lee Spears. Mary .Xlice Fpmnicr. Charlotte Fulcer. l.uis l,ynn lclnple. liiylilh Rmr: Limla Tlimnpson. ,Iulmnn Claire Wilson. .lutlith Ann Wylie. .lean Louise Zimpel. Mary Patricia Zitnpel. sl' . , 'Ji-ffsfwf-F , X i Q cz 3 N gf ,SWA 5 N: X X. -ws .,,, , xwai, 'Q , WW X QM E0 JS , Q- The Spirit of Christmas hit hard at the Alpha Omega house this ceive, they cleverly made plans to give a party for underprivileged year. When the crafty AChi O's heard that those who- give shall re- children. It workedg Santa Claus brought the AChi O's a new house. Al h h. OFFICERS First Senzesler .Being an Alpha Chi meant Winning the scholarship trophy for the Susan Branigan v-wggggggw--Wg President spring semester, placing third in the Sigma Nu relays, going on a hay- ride to the fall pledge dance, and, best of all, supervising construction Maw Anne Jelly '--- R- V'Ce'P1'fS1dem on the new house to be completed next fall. Jeanne gmpson ng ww-s 5661-eta,-Y Weare1's of the golden lyre and bringing special honors to Delta Trina Laabs nn nu Treasurer Rho chapter were Susan Branigan, AWS President, member of Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, and Who's Whog Trina Laabs, Chairman of the AWS publicity committeeg Charlotte Sulcer, Vice-President of SNEA: Nancey Moss, Vice-President of ACE. Lynn Temple and Bar- bara Riley were elected as President and Vice-President of Alpha Lambda Delta. Serving as senior counselors were Linda 'Thompson at Fulbright and Judy Crouse at Razorback. Alpha Gamma Rho chose Joyce Russell as their Sweetheart. . . V N i "f23WWf9'1"4'f Second Sem ester Dianne Day - ...rrr , ssssssssss W Carlyon Berryhill Us ,U Vice Jeanne Simpson -- Wa- Jeanie Zimpel ,Q' -o. area Q- .Q. 'Q' in - I resident -Pre sident Secretary Treasurer 9 ,Iii ,QQ -i. ,. WAR ez OFFICERS First Semester l,ynetta Atwell Nluity Tlllltlly' . Nlamly Dawson Mary L.-u hlillw S Lurolyn l,essenl l'hylli .Mains Phyllis Parsons Rita filtblffl' ernruf S1-mrnslrfr terry o 9 00 Vice- Vive- . Li M. Qgob. -699' 1 16 7 no Sally Brady reads the "Night Before Christmas" at the Alpha Delta Some were boredg some had never heard the "Night Before Christe Pi's annual Christmas party. The members attendance was required. mas." Children know the story and iust wait around for presents. Alpha Delta Pi President President Secretary Treasurer President Presimlent See rela ry Treasurer The wearers of the diamond pin have hrought to their Chapter honors in many aetivities this year. Alpha liella l'i placed first in Singfony. Nlarty Tliurhy was tapped lor Nlortar Board and was named to Whos Who. Linda Purdy was fea- tured lwirler for the hlarelting Hazorhaelis. Beauty honors went to ,leanne h'lel7urland for Air Force RUTC Sponsor and Mary Kay Beav- ers lor Arnn Sponsor. ln eainpus leadership. Mary Nell Helhron and lo Ellen Woody serv- ed us Senior eounselors at Fulbrigllt, while fourteen other Alllyis served as sophomore counselors. Serving as Seeretary of the :XYVS ,ludieial Board was ,Milly Austin. Johnnye Guy. Linda Benton. and jan Snow were si-lei-led lor Sr-holar Cantorum. First Row: Jean Ann Akers, Phyllis Anne Akins, Roberta Luisa Angulo, Lvnnetta Ruth Atwell, Andrea Austin, Patricia Joyce Bar- ton, Mary Kay Beavers, Sharon Lynn Bell. Second Row: Linda Ann Ben- ton, Nancy Elizabeth Betts, Sally Ann Br:-1dY, Jacqui Brandli, Re- becca Callahan, Carol Louise Cina, Doris Ann Coger, Linda Margaret Colby. Third Row: Kaye Barnett Craig, Nancy Lee Crossett, Carolyn Raye Culbertson, Elaine Curry, Amanda Pauline Dawson, Theda Kathleen Doyle, Rita Susan Ferrell, Brenda Kathrvn Fletcher. Fourth Row: Carol Ann Fran- kum, Karen Freeman, Rita Jan- ette Glover, Linda Anne Good- win, Glenna Jeanne Gorbet, Judy Graham, Sharon Wilma Guthrie, Johnnye Myrle Guy. Fifth Row: Carol Anne Haney, Betty Ann Hart. Carol Jane Hea- thman, Mary Nell Helhron, Joanne Henthorne. Barbara Charlotte Hudson, Marilyn Johnson, Peggy Sue Kincannon. Sixth Row: Carolyn Fay Les- senberry, Sandra Lee Luke, Mary Sue Marinoni. Cheryl S-ue Martin, Andrea Lee MCCurW, Jeannie Mc- Farland, Sharon Kay McGinty, Sandra Kay Meador. Seventh Row: Sandra Ruth Mil- len, Mary Lou Mills, Clara New- man, Diane Nichols, Phyllis Jeanne Parsons, Jerri Jane Patterson. Eighth Row: Judy Rosiere Pet- er, Eugenia Alice Pope, Linda Sue Poynter, Linda Lee Purdv, Ann Qualtrough, Mary Beth Rogers, Susann Sale, Pam Schuck. Ninth Row: June lrene Sewell, Carolyn Sue Smith, Denita Dale Smith, Jan Snow, Jimmie Lou Temple, Marty Thurlby, Leanne Townsend. Tenth Row: Mary Alice Tra- num, Mary Elizabeth Vancura, Karen Anne Weathers, Anne Pas- chal Wilson, Jo Ellen Woody, Ter- ry Eileen Worthy, Elizabeth Anne Wright. ug.. WIN- 452 1 ,,,,. . , Y . .... -f fg- X J 4 V 54 -'-3 4 f ,pf wr-,I ' V: auf w 1 'ive I X f -Q.. A-'W-5 Q 1' Ns fav' ,fwfr of-if M, K' f , -fa: .ti-ta, .. , .. .Q i-msg. f g P gl iw f V A ..,, f 'E ,M - avg, y ' W i gk- 'V-if-55 - ,K 2 ' -' ,- 4 ' fjff X . - .1,faf,:-:mt ' 'bf-fra ss- .V r W-X it i I , X, 1: div- asv- 3 S -' A-at f ' f - f' f, A - ,fs 9" Q 'S' f NZ' WW " 25" 4 1:1 ,ef Q , ,. 'it il ' ,,, 1 4 f A ,, X - We 2 'Gu New New A Q. s- 4--" uf 11" 1' we M 316 65, .J s ar' ISP l if V vs., A3-up T xr' Q .r 1 f' 4' 41 4 , I X Tm of I ' 0 15 .A fi 1. .1 'F' ,ffzgtfnk v"- WWA 'if'-n U 4 K rf CBL S S: J, , 1'- W 'S .22 Q ...1 n . Q X1 L. Ear .wwf , 'R aaa ff f , , fs. 1 f , 1 L l fVA '-'ist' n nr", ,Y x,f Q A.. .. xw. ill.. h Q. 5x - 3 :I to 7 . i w i "MQ .0 C' ' 9 First Row: Judy Kay Adams, Judy Sterling Adamson. Marian Carole Alford. Diane Allen. Pat Allen. Nadine ElizalJe.h Appleton, Judy Arlene Baldridge. Swann? Rout Kathryn Michele llarclay, Alice Mayes Barnett. Jane Katherine Bennett. Jane Benton. Ditkie Ann Boal. Norlyn Liaye Bras-ey. Barbara Anne Breit. Thin! Rozr: Cherry Cingles Brown. Lee Fanning Brown. Mar- garet Carol Burge. Beverly Bynum. Catherine Chance. Charlotte Frier- son Cherry. Alice Ann Coffman. Fourth Row: Jamie Hudson Con- ditt. Scarlett Cornwell. Ann Day- ies. Maria Christina De Faria Fer- reirada Silya. Rita Foster. Cat- herine Emhry Fulkerson. Diane Cilliam. Fifth Row: Angela Cay Codsey. Doris Cray. Chi Chi Hargrayes. Sally Carolyn Harrington. Julie Jane Headstreani. Margaret Mc- Gee Heard. Claudia Doris Heath. Sixth Razr: Dianne Holley. Marylee Lasley Hoover. Mary Sue Hornor. Suzanne Laughlin. Susan Elizaheth Lesh. Mary Axis Mack. Sandra Cail McAdams. Serentlz Roir: Roslyn Shorty McCollum. Maureen Melhouru. Frances Ann Mitchell. Agnes Marie Moutou. Mary Helen New- ton. Susi Norris. Diane Palmer. Eighth Row: Penelope Perdue. Carolyn Gaye Phillips. Jephrey Ann Phipps. Margie lloinfret. Mariheth llrewett. llaniela Quisen- herry. Katherine Sayers. Yfnlh Rolf: Cherry l.etitia Sin- gleton. Ellen Smith. Betsy Snyder. Susan Strother. Cevilia Mildred Soaini. Star Taylor. l.inda Cay Wagoner. Carolyn Louise Warrin- er. Tvnlh Noir: Carroll .lean Wha- ley. Carole Ann Wilson. Shellie Wilson. .ludy Ann Wolyerton. Mary Ester Wonieldorff. Jessie Katherine Wooten. Kathleen Led- uidge Wright. Sherri Wright. if .,,.,...-ali " W A 1 , , I As jc, W 5 " V I ,,,, , X. if f . 5 Q fx V. tiff,-r 'CRT 1 "Cleo goes Chi O or Queen of the Nile Pledges in Style" reads the leen Wright in the Chi Omega rush skit. The clever satire of the sign pranced across the stage by exotics Julie Headstream and Kath- movie Cleopatra was timely and hilarious. Why did Cleo go Chi O? hi mega The year was filled with many activities and honors for Psi, Chi OFFICERS Ornega's Mother Chapter. Members of Mortar Board were Cecelia First Semester Swaim, Mary Sue Horner, Judy Broach Proctor, Mary Beth Prewitt. C 1.1. Q V . Preqidem Charlotte Morris John, and Marian Alford. Mary Sue Horner was eflla iwalm U" """'C'CCC CCC P Secretary of the Student Body. and Mary Beth Prewitt. Susan Lesh. Mafian Alfmffl ee-e e--- V lfepfesldem and Diane Allen served as Senators for the School of Arts and Sciences. Sheme Wilson --ggg dw K geC,.eta,.y Pat Allen was elected Air Force ROTC Sponsor, and Diane Palmer was the Army ROTC Colonel. Marian Alford was Traveler editor, Calwll Jean Whaley We 'tt Treasmei Nadine Appleton was selected as a Razorback Majorette. and Michele Barclay held the title of Miss Arkansas Lion, serving as state hostess for the Lions Club. Chi O cheerleaders were Cecelia Swaim. Mary Sue Horner and Diane Palmer. Chi Chi Hargraves and ,lephrey Phipps Second Semester were Fulbright Counselors. Sigma Nu Sweetheart was Carolyn Warriner, Susan Lesh cc......a.. .oaa . .rr l resiflelll and Alice. Ann Coffman. was Chapter and Province Sweetheart for Beverly Bynum H mv Vif.e.PN,5idBm Sigma Chl. Chl Omegas in Homecoming Court were Margaret Heard and Diane Palmer. Listed in Who's Who were Marian Alford. Mary lephfey Pl1iPPS -- -HW Secretary Beth Prewitt. Cecelia Swaim and Mary Sue Horner. A Rita Foster -- ,L Treasurer J J X Y o - 90 1 9 ' Zi I ' .J I K' 's 1 Q.,- f 4 4 "1 ,A 'Qj 2' ,M I 1 'V 9. ' ,ff i K 4 g l ..f -2, 4 4 4' Y v l " l if s . Although this picture of Tri Delt pledges living amid the rafters house is overcrowded, it actually shows fun and games by the girls in the attic would seem to confirm the persistent rumor that the who are hiding from members who are locked out of the house. OFFICERS llvlta llc-lta Delta ohseryeci its fiftieth year on the Arkansas Cain- Fim Swmstw pus anrl again 1'ill1liCfl high in campus activities and social life. Danna ' I 1 Axuin lwvaim- Arkansasis and Delta luta's first Miss Anierica. Carolyn Lamlyii l'errill l l"?f"lf"1' lxay' 'Mlair rm-igiwil as Miss University uf Arkansas and was nanierl first lyilme 121,-.,,1 yy Ville-,11,-0,i.lf-m l'UllIN'l'-lil? lu ilu- Nlairl of Cotlnn. Carulyn and Frances Slwplwril werc 4 , , , liazurlvavlx lwaulivs. Betty' Brackin was r'l1nsc'n for Wllnfs Who. Bcity. Slierrie llililrvth Sei-i'c-tary' I V V- ' . J ' .nivlla IllUlllliSUll ancl Carolyn Aclalr were stucient senators. l atty llc- l'al Wa 'Iil'PllNlll'l'l' gl Patty Xlvflri-iglll 'fulfil Sf-rrwxlwr l'lc'si1l1'IlI llarrnrl Nliirgan Y l1't"l,l'f'Nllil'lli Lztml llrlllllllttll .lll4ly' lillis WAV Y St'1'l't'lLl ry ln-asiiir-I' Clvlglll- .ln Ciilay. Nlary Nell Donahue anfl Azalea Raircl were svtiiur i'uur1si'lurs. Xzali-a also licaclefl an AYVS Cmnlnittee. Kay Fitzgvralcl ancl lla! Wall wie-iw invtnlwrs of the Mortar Board. ,Xlpha l-ainlula llelta tltvvillwis ini-luilvil Xlargaret Ann Rulnrrl. Phyllis Sl,'l'UQQ,ilI. Nliini Sain- plr- anil ilingi-r llainncr. Martha Cafllwrry. Cnllccii Nli'l'lwrmi anil Xlargi Vit-ki-is In-limguil to Chnnvs. anil xlilfgl was an RUN, sponsor. liwlxy ltli-y swryiwl on AYVS .llltlll'llll Bnarcl anil llianv lflruil was Sl'l'l'l'lill'X ul Ihr' si-niur vlass. Xlitfl-Khllll llvnclric'lxs was Campus llrvsi- rlvnl anal Slate- l'ri'siili'nt ul' lvllil. Carolyn ,Mlair svryvil as l'rvsiilvnt ill llallllrlli-iiiv. llari- Xnn anml Cullm-n llc-l'ltCrun wcrc lratcrnily swcvt- ivarls. ..l- -,,, J rfvva -gnu' 'iw' NN First Row: Carolyn Adair, Susan Adams, .lo Ann Ahern. Azalea Estella Baird, Johelle Beas- ley, Betty Lajuan Brackin, Susan Kay Brain. Second Row: Helen Jane Brown, .ludy Kay Brown, Susan Melinda Brown, Halla ,lean Butcher, Pat Casey, Mabel ,lo Colay, Myra Eli- zabeth Cox. Third Row: Cynthia Lee Cox- sey, Mary Nell Donahue, ,ludy Patricia Ellis. Diane Elrod. Helen Carolyn Ferrill. Kay Fitzgerald, Mary Fletcher. Fourth Row: Bess Beasley Fogrg, Tarana Gene Foreman, Martha Alice Cadberry, Lois Myreta Clad- den. Bennie Elizabeth Craham, Barbara Haile, Virginia Cecile Hamner. Fifth Row: Carol Lindley Ham- pton, Mari-Ann Hendricks, Artie Hicks. Sharon Lee Hildreth, Karen Holthoff, Donna Marie House, Mary ,lane Husted. Sixrii Row: Cheryl Jett. Beverly Joyce. Lynndy Luker. Christine Veronica Mailer, Jenny Wren Mc- Calla. Patty M1-Creight, Martha Margaret Michel lNlcDerniott. Sczrenlli Row: Catherine Eileen Mr-Gee, Colleen Grady McPheron, Margaret Wroten McWaters, Mild- red Lynn McWhorter, ,lanis Har- riet Morgan, Mary Ann Morse, Cecillia Lee Orshurn, Nancy Parr. Eighth Row: Tori Lynn Powell, Helen Anne Quinn, Cynthia Jane Bailsback, Carroll Rather. Vicki Ellen Rhodes, Suzanne Roberts, Amelia Ann Sample, Sandra Kaye Sanders. Ninth Row: Elizabeth Anne Shelton, Frances Virginia Shep- herd, Susan Margaret Smith, Syd- ney Merle Spear, Sandra Swift, Diane Thomas, Loretta Allene Thompson, Frances Aebecca Utley. Tenth Row: Roberta Lee Vau- ghan, Margi ,lo Vickers, Patricia Ann Wall, Patricia Kay White, Deborah Louise Whiting, Carole Lynn Williams, Sarah Virginia Williams, Carolyn Sue Wood. I 4 in V' N frm.: .R f Ax I 'pany , - x N ,.. - -- -- " gx f- '- , K rf, Lg Y ' 1 ws K vw F. . ,., I .L H.. 1, 'ri' 5' ' -f v l "5 ,ow ' -1:41 -5' 'Y T ' -' 4 . il f .1- 'P-S Q 4 l, 4, L ff' A .JMQ 4- 3 7 X. a" X if 4 f Q, if Q ,, . Q-N Ta- YU' Nu vbx T ,X ,gy V ,S l -0 ,,-xx ,dv Viv' xsa., 41" E511 34- X l Y'--v safrx 1. -,4 l Ll' I"' s4'S . ,L ,., i l 1 I am, " N ' ' ' "W" V 1 , P,2' - ' . '- ge o Q ' L Q 1 A, , , ' Q N I 1' Hff- 'I 1 gl, 's ! Q A J' i TF ,i 1 if 0- l 'u 'f-,? .fi go .f-Q hd I, . 4-0' 'QQ 7- vig 'K' 'Er- l First Row: Phyllis Marquerite Albrecht. Sharon Ann Austin, Barbee Kay Bagwell. Mary Bax- ter, Betty Lorraine Blackwood, Boots Bowers. Sccoml Razr: Norma Gene Brown. Carol Ann Carter. Esth- er .lane Center, Regina Rae Crain. llarbara Cupples. Patricia Sue llupples. Third Razr: Nancy ,lane Davis. Karen llife Dean. Frances Dilliard. .lane Ellis. Linda Sue Ellis. ,lud- ith Karen Falls. Fourth Rolf: Bettye Lou Fellin- ger. Sarah Ann Fields. Cherrie Dawn Gillis, Dianne Carey Hale. Frances Emily Hall. Cynthia Hase- loff. Fifth Row: Harriet Ann Hill. Lynda Suzanne. Nancy Erin lrlwy. ,lacki Lee Jameson. NILIFY .lane lamison. Nancy Lyn Jeter. Sixth Row: Linda Kathleen Kooilqer. Elizalmetli Love Landere. llelty Faye Lane. Sandra Kay Lit- tle. Martha fNIcCrew. Ann Lane McLeod. Sl'l'l'I1f1I R0ll'Z Sharon Nlerren llmirc. Sharon Elizalmeth Payne. llarlrara Pew. llarlwara lligg. Nelta .lean Pinkerton. Mary Oursler llul' torff. Fighrlz R0ll'I Wendy Rush. Nancy Louise Sharp, Charlotte Sue Slmrl. Sue Ann Smitlmerman. l"rancm-s Tlromas. Virginia Annette luclier. ,Yinlh Rmr: Nancy Ruth Wal- lace. Auvergne Wealherall. Susan Kay Wllitmn. .lnyce Anne Wil- helm. We-nfly Ann Williams. .lean lflhel Young. With a bar room brawl developing in the background and a snarling annual Delta Gamma Pinatore Party. The setting for the party is girl threatening the cameraman, this friendly get-together is the on the ship S. S Pinafore and the idea is to play like a sailor. Delta amma Delta Gamma was well represented on campus this year. Jane Ellis was selected as a Razorback Beauty. Karen Dean served as Senior Senator in the College of Education. Serving as Secretary of ABC was Barbara Pigg. Nancy Sharp held position on the University Disciplinary Committee and served as SNEA Treasurer. Elected to Mortar Board, Who's Who, and AWS Treasurer was Frances Dilliard. Martha Mc- Crew took lead part in the Fine Arts' production of Archy and Mehiti- bel. AWS officers were several, Ann McLeod, Finance Committee Chairmang Susan Whitson, AWS Volunteer Service Committee Secre- taryg Nancy Jeter, Finance Committee Secretary. Ann Tucker was PEM Club Historian and WRA Secretary. Serving as President of the Student Religious Council and SU Music Committee Chairman was Fran Hall. Sharon Moore worked on the SU Talent Committee, and Barbara Pew served as YDC District Secretary. The Delta Gammas also had three Senior Counselors in residence halls. OFFICERS First Semester Frances Dillard .E ,,.,,,e,,,..... PI6Sid6HI Linda Kooiker ,es 4- ViC6-PrCSidCI1I Betty Fellinger ,Y .... SCCIPIHYY Mary Baxter ..a, W Treasurer Second Semester Ann McLeod ......,,Y, , ,..,,.. PICSMCUI Jackie Jameson -- W, Vice-President Linda Kooiker A... ---- S CC'-'?t3fY Regina Crain E-- J TIBHSUTET ,HQ- Synth K 3 Y"Q"g.'l ,L , I 'E Dressed like cowboys and chorus girls in a saloon, Kappas put on While chorus girl Mary Catherine Walker seems very happy with her a naughty skit for the football team at annual football banquet. part, Bennie Grant looks mad. Maybe Bennie wanted to be a cowboy. OFFICE-RS The Year was filled with honors for the wearers of the kev. First Seniester Donna Wfellliurlseri lflaine Edwards Sherrie Hunltins lielly .lo liulord Swv: lllzirgurel liohinson llzrnnzilee llnlniner lfrzlnt .-4 llvune nt-ity J.. im.,-.1 mf S:-nirs Vice- Ivr Vim'- tti u u P ill ' IV ' v President President Secretary freasu rer Presirleiil l'rc-siilcnl 5t'1'l't'l1lI'y l rezisurer Sherrie lalanikins. liohin jordan. Donna Wellhausen. and Shirley Tliornas were vler-tml lo Whos Who. Sherrie. Rohin. and llonna were elected lo Nlortur Board. important campus officers were Sherrie Hankins. JUVS Vil't'-l,l'l'Si4ll:'Illl Kay Goodwin. AXVS Secretary: Rohin Jordan. Assot-iule .lusliee of Student Courtg Kay Goodwin. Pat Rotenherry. Donna Xlunr-5 . and Xlolly Penix. 4-ounselors in residence hulls: Nlargaret lioliinson. l'uiilic-llciiie Secretary: Carol Tuniy. Secretary of IFPC: Ann Uraluiin. News lfditor of the Traveler: Dixie McConnell. Carol Tuiny. ,lounna Nlt-tleliev. and Connie Clothier. nieinhers of Chimes. Sitting on lop in sr'liolairsl1ip. Kappa received the Panhellenie 'fropliy and Phi Helter lxaplui lroiiliy. nxltlolig' lxriplnus rec'uix'iiig heauty honors were Karen Carlson. liaiziiiflurvlx lieuiily and ri lllllllllii in Nluid ol Cotton: liolnn jordan. Coinim'rt-i- Qin-t-nz .ludy liy rd and Mary Catherine Xvzillier. Hoineeoining lioynlly: Nlzirtliu Wvriglil. Sponsor of Persliing liifles: Suzie Tilley. hlzijort-Ile. livnnir- Grunt w as first runner-up to Nliss UofA last spring. ,. ' ,- ' ' 4113 'X I First Row: Pam Daniel Ant- hony, Becki Balch, Donna Lynn Bell, Judie Evelyn Billings, Bar- bara Ann Braley, Mary Roberta Bromley, Anna Rebecca Buffing- ton. Second Row: Betty Jo Buford, Blanche Louise Burke, Judy Elaine Byrd, Susan Maurine Carroll, Linda Collins, Carole Coop, Susan Cosmus. Third Row: Frances Deane. Margaret Ellen Dildy, Dannalee Dubiner, Elaine Edwards, Terry lean Fstzek, Judy Ann Garner, Diane Gillison. Fourth Row: Marianne Gillison, Nancy Kay Goodwin, Alice Ann Graham, Bennie Breese Grant. Donna Louise Groom, Jan Halbert, Sherrie Anne Hankins. Fifth Row: Jennie Lou Haven, Kathy Bland Holloway, Robin Jane Jordan, Carol Margaret Ker- by, Doris Ann Kilgore, Sue Lloyd, Patricia Louise Loveless. Sixth Row: Judy Lyon, Shirley Dell Lyon, Betty Ann Masters, Kay Marie McClanahan, Dixie Dessau McConnell, Leta McCor- mick, Michele McCright. Seventh Row: Joanna McGehee, Ann Elizabeth Morgan, Kathe Sue Morgan, Catherine Louise Ostner, Mary Janet Owen. Johanna Pinson, Kathryn Plummer. Eighth Row: Joan Sharon Puchta, Janice Carrol Quinn, Nan- cy Tripp Reed. Marsha Johnette Richards, Linda Sue Roberts, Mar- garet Walker Robinson. Ninth Row: Patricia LaVonne Botenberry, Ann Shipp, Maribeth Ann Spearmon, Suzanne Stobaugh, Mary Elizabeth Stoddard, Carol Lynn Taylor. Tenth Row: Carol Jean Tumy, Donna Wellhausen, Melissa Jane Welty, Mary Frances Whalen, Martha J0 Wright, Nancy Gayle Yawn. 'N w vi ,-W. - X '- in " V ' 1' Q- W 1 'll l tg -v- 'X l -5 ,X -s .J ,I u 'Q as x x ,xg-, .1 FW X i 'f ,J .1-.H ,1- WW '31 Nl gn 1- .,.. -'-w-rn-v -. H, . Q.. E, v. x -100' 'fr i Qs, 1 '- 1,-v xt gm ' 'Q ' 'If A nr. , . ""::"fFn FS -4 s ' 'tt 1:9 C 'X ,- Y..- S- ' 'V 41 i FS as vo' 4 ,4 First Row: Kay ,Xllnrd. Nan .-Xllxnon. Marjorie Elifalteth Ant- hony. Carolyn Jane lit-rn: Jane Francges Berry. Bonnie Bannell. Gretchen Marie Bnnnell. Second Row: Suzanne Day litmth. Carol Elizalmelh lflnwrnan. llnlnne Bnwinan. Patrieia Lee lh-nwn. Janet Ann lhwmn. lletty Xnn Bryant. Bnnnie Cllfltlfll Unin- nerd. Thirff Row: Betty .Xnne Cana- tlay. Margaret Elizalneth lflintwn. Nlarinell Ute. Sue Ellen il-tlenlan. 'linnnnie Lau Coleman. Harriet Fli- lLlll9lll Daniel. Nan Ellen llieliina stall. Ffrnrtlz Role: Charlotte Ann Ee- k-fl. Xlareia .Xnne Etlwartli. Gerry lee Eillmtt. Linmla Leu Eyani. Wlillilyll Marie Francie. Gayle llarrigua Su-an Franeee Crnnni. Fifth Rtlllf Melanie Regina Curisen. Uarlmara Lynn Hallam. Lneinmla Katherine Harkey. Jill Tlnnnpsun Harper. Shawn .Io Har- per. Sue Carolyn Jaekwn. Melinda jnyee Jones. Szfrllz Iftlllf Sallie ,lane Kinnian. I.uekett NIeDenahl. Sandra Wynn Mead. Shirley' .Xnn Meyer. lleyer- ly ,Xnn Nltmre. lflizalreth Dnxtin Nlmvre. Nlartha Elizalmetli Nlnaeley. Sf-tenth Razr: Nlartina Sue Ninas, El-ie .lane llalea. .lan Nu- gent llanlk. ,lulia llnrlun Peek. Marilyn Nlarie l'ryur. Kathy ,lo Ralf. lfllen ,Xnn liaa-mlalv. linluluie .lean Reagan. Ifiylztlr Rule: Fnxan .lane Rea-. Nlallalnn lieth. Nlary lfllen Nellie. lit-nna l.ynn lixlvi-lii. Yielxi Saund- er-. Snaan S1'1ll'lH'tlllglll. Carolyn St-hneitler. rlenny Slmrt. ,YI-Hill Nutr: Vit-ki l.ynne Sini- nmn-. ,lnmlilll Xnn Smith. Santly Xlary Fnnilh. Xlary Kale Sonne- lnan. Fltarnn llralxe 'lialmtz .lumlilh lftlwartlx 'lirainnn-l. Catherine llelen Ware. Wlllflllil .Xnn Welsh. Tenllz Heir: Nlary ,lane Welmh. lfyelyn Weel. Susie Wileuy-nn. Nlarei Xnn Williams. ,lean Hester Wil-nn. llelen lflixalvelh Yaneey. ,lnne Wlllliflillgll. Catherine lilount Mrnng. v ,,,. gn? UVA 'rev "4+fi Q, ein 'q 4 Q, 9' 1... -' V ,rf 1 40 ,',., We fd fir' "' , We -va" f 4 ey, ,fm .f 3' if K f. P 'B , t P fit! Pi Phi pledges yell for the missing girl to come and pose for an substituted Billy Roberts, who kept the score. Roberts, although organized group picture at the Sigma Nu relays. They gave up and not as strong as the missing Pi Phi pledge, is much better looking. Pi Beta Phi The wearers of the Pi Phi Arrow, working hard and happily, can boast of many award and honors this year. Bobbie ,lean Reagan, Whois Who winner, was chairman of AWS Legislative Board and was active on Judicial and Executive Boards, Mary Ellen Rothe was AWS Scholarship Chairman and a member oi the University Senate, and Sheila Parsons was a member of Mortar Board. Senior counsellors included Julie Tatum, Marinell Coe, Harriet Daniel. and Sharon Harper. Pi Phis holding Student Union chair- manships were Barbara Hallam, Danceg Jan Paulk, Publicityg and Sharon McDonalk, Executive Board, Marilyn Francis served as Presi- dent of Chimes, Carol Bowman was Treasurer of Alpha Lambda Delta, Mickey Pryor led the Sophomore Counsellors as President and served also as Civic Club Secretary, Carolyn Norris represented Pi Phi as Air Force ROTC Sponsor, Ellen Ann Ragsdale was Advertising Man- ager of the Traveler, and Nan Allmon was Associate Editor of the Razorback. To put the final touch on their successful year, the Pi Phi's were also winners of the Sigma Nu Relays. OFFICERS First Svnzester Vicki SllNIll0IlS s, Ann Canaday U Us President Vice-President Secretary Gayle Garrigus ,- M--- Linda Lou Evans Sc Cond Senzesrer --- Treasurer President Vicki Simmons H s f-W Sheryl Bedell N ss- Vice-President Secretary Gayle Carrigus ,ss W-,- Gerry Lee Eilbot cc- Treasurer V-rvs +V' .A U -s L if. -'I ' .il sr. -. 'W' 1 1, 1 VA. Looks aren't everything - ask any Zeta. The girls are all dolled up for a ioke during one of the member-pledge walkout skirmishes. OFFICERS First Semester St... Huhhard .ludy Burgess .,, W, ,lnlia Little ,, Pris Pei fsen , SPITIIIII S1'llIr'.slr'f Lynne l"ilzgerulcl lint Elliut Tunnnye Sniilh , Kalhe Cates ZWA Zeta Tau lpha President Vice-President , Seeretary , Tl'6ZlSlll'Cl' Viet'-l'rc-siileill Vive-l'resuleiiI See rela ry , . lreasurer Lf,-adersliip and social activities highlighted another good year for the shield and erown of Zeta Tau Alpha. Judy Boyd served as Chairman ul .ludieial Board. Sara Clark and Lynn Fitzgerald served as Chairnien nl AXVS Committees. Sandy I'lulihard and Judy Boyd were seli-vlvil fur Whffs Who. Kay Hafenbrak served as Cn-Editor ul the ltazui-lim-k. Mortar Board lllt'll'llt6'l'S were Judy Boyd and Pat Garner. Katlu- Cates was President of SNICA, while Pat Garner seryed as President uf the ElClll6l1iHl'y Club. Vunda ,lunes was a liazurluu-k i-lu-erleader. Zeta had two senior counselors and fourteen supliuiiimw- vniiiise-luis. Lana Kay Dullins was a niajurette. Sm-ial zu-liyities included the Saint l'atriek's Day Faculty Tea. the animal lladk llay XVeekend. and were highlighted hy the spring Xlarili llras lfurnial. ll 'll' num '4 '27T"'7 .st H an First Row: Anne Rae Adams, Camille Corin Adams, Missy Al- ford, Margaret Carolyn Armstrong, Sara Elizabeth Barnes, Janice Marie Bourg, Judy Boyd, Jane Boyer. Second Row: Mary Shannon Brown, Judy Katherine Burgess, Brenda Gaye Burkett, Barbara June Carl, Betty Jo Churchill, Sarah Frost Clark, Martha Clea- venger, Patsy Ann Clinton. Third Row: Nancy Sharon Cochran, Mary Bell Dodd, Lana Kay Dollins, Lucy Kay Dulin, Gayle Ann Edmondson, Pat El- liott, Dolores Ann Farrar, Lynne Fitzgerald. Fourth Row: Judy Diane Fow- ler. Normandie Frigiliana. Kay Fuller, Pat Garner, Kathe Lynne Gates, Linda Sue Gill, Linda Jean Graves, Pamela Diane Cuthunz. Fifth Row: Kay Hafenbrak, Jeanie Hale, Virginia Mosby Hale, Patricia Louise Haller, Janice Jean Hargus, Belinda Harris, Charlotte Malissa Hervey, Sharon Holt. Sixth Row: Sandy Lynn Hub.- bard, Barbara Ann Hunter, Jan Jackson, Vonda Janiece Jones, Jody Lewis, Julia Margaret Little Martha Ellen Loving, Kathryn Lowe. Seventh. Row: Rebecca Mal- colm. Jane Taylor Massey. Pamela McCasland, Suzanne McFadden. Melinda Meek, Kathy Narisi, Nancy Estes Nations. Eighth Row: Lynn Aida New- ton, Cheryl Lynne Nixon, Carole Virginia Pabian, Alpha Jean Peek, Priscilla Jane Petersen, Claudia Ann Price, Jo Lynn Randle. Ninth Row: Maribeth Reader, Sharon Frances Royston, Judy Sanchez, Sharon Shaddox, Abby Shuey, Tommye Lynn Smith, Mer- rilee Arafaith Streun. Tenth Row: Judy Turner, Jac- quelyn Warren, Jackie Wewers, Jo Beth Whitney, Bettie Marion Wilson, Carol Jane Wright, Carol Zaffater. . , .XI qu .,-ay 'Qtr no-N use F 'Tv R NEms!!z!,755 . ,-4 an f ,,. N. N i- up , WN . S' f' ,V 2 XML . :I mf ,. J, X vs-.,,,f mf 5, .,,., l xxx 1 X a j x v, f 31 , I, Q1 M. , ,.. f x x x M APP s w as. we X A 0 , x Pj gm , .f -' , eg 'Wa ki I vw .,.,, , . its N 1 -2:5-im.. ,f V n 4, :s..,,4f 2, Q x K K! X fx f X X Q S ? w, 6 . Qs f , sf .1 A' . ww , W' i V 77 S st xx . H 471. -Q K K, X X 00' ev V1.1 ,f wa ' L Z 4 ,, V .A .M 'fit fi ? L- 'T' 'sl Q 'if' I sa, ,, 'tv 4":f' ,,,,, .L !..Z 3 -was ,fy Q f af- - t- . ' - sf sw w W y .1 -+5 , .A f .aa--v KN ' we 5 fn 1 ff W D Q. X X A -7? M 1 3? 'N L if 757 nu. iv ,ar "WW" ww 41 mr' ,av- nv- ,QWIPJ 11" 'lv' 'Q--v. Panh llenic Council ai I JMX l,fl7Il1l'llf'Ill'l' U,l'f1'rf'r.s: Margaret Robinson, Secretaryg Pat Barton. Vice-President: Carolyn K. Adair, President. C7 '5 C' Standing as the governing hoard for all campus sororities is the Panhellenic Council. This council is composed of two representatives. the president and rush chairman, from each sorority. Holding the pro- motion of inter-sorority relations as one of its main purposes. Panhellenic strives to establish and maintain working rules and regulations. Among other activities. the council gives an annual coke party. held during the spring semester. for all freshmen girls interested in participating in fall rush. All rush procedures must he approved by Panhellenic. CATIONS As- 1 !'5 'Q if N-.ff uanvl liolritlsoll, lfeciliat stotim. Sworn' Row: l.yn Vary Fm- Horner. liurlnaru llallam, Vicki Simmons, Caro 41' 'C' 111 "- ff' VA f in - Nl 'P B l'VlilNf Row: l'ul llarlon. Tonnnye Smith. Sandy llultlvaml. Nlatr- l"c-rrill. Tlrinl Rolf: Susan llramigattr. l'it'ntn-es llillurd. lrint ettu .Mwn-Il. l,ool1s. lfznolyn piduir. Donna NN ellhanscn. -Indy llule. lvn QQ' -Lg: sz First Row: Tim Hinkle, Larry Wallace, Charlie Bennett, Second Row: Doug Hurley. Bruce Coleman, Ronnie Turn- Louis Morgan, CA lvy, Robert Selby, Wayne Dudney, Bob Bry- er, Jerry Pinson, Ed McCorkle, Steve Pelphrey, Jim Cooper, ant, Larry Meyer, Bill Hawkins. Jerry Ott. Brice Weinberg, ,lack Catewood, ,lim lVlarrs. lnterfraternity Council Coordinating the efforts of all fraternities toward making effective rush programs and just policies, the lnterfraternity Council serves as the meditation board for the campus fraternities. IFC is composed of the Dean of lVlen and two representatives, the president and one elected member, from each fraternity. The council enforces the rules of the University while directing all social fraternity functions and maintain- ing a common goal of combined leadership and scholar- ship. IFC committees, such as investigation and person- nel, govern and direct actions of the council. IFC Officers: Tim Hinkle, President: Larry Wallace, Vice Presidentg Charles Bennett, Secretary: Davitl Malone, Treasurer. First Row: William Howard Al- ev'-' ,.C1stT'37':" fan -s. len, Edward Leo Auffert. Col De- ,M -v Witt Biggers. Robert Denton Biles Jr.. Henry Titus Black, David Bragg. Roy Burks. George Carney, .lames Ronald Carney. Serond Rout William Grady Carter. Jack Walden Chapman Jr.. Q J J Franklin Cochran. James Cooper. V Rel Corlmin. Dale Cosgrove. Danny Joe Cox. Warren Edwin Creigh- ton. James William Crum. ,yd Third Rolf: Charles Lee Curry. Jack Davidson. Paul Engskoy. Tho- mas Edward Fratluhar. Gary Yer- non Felker. Danny Roliert Gard- ner. Joseph Jay Graham. Curtis llurette Griffith, Newton Hailey Jr. ?"' KT Ju' 2' Fourth Rolf: Charles Lowher Hendricks. Troy Henry. John Hol- -,,. Mil 'gg land. William James. Riehard Theadore Kushmaul. Noal Lawhon, Hill Loftin. Marshall Kent Klailey. 77- Fiftlz Razr: George Mason. Jerry lNleKenney. Robert Edwin McPher- son. Ronald Hershell Nelson, Rolmert Patrick. Richard William .K if ,.,.,. Pa--it n. Hai-.1.1a H.-.mer Phillip.. Rivk Redfield. Curtis Evans Rick- 'Sv 'H-' v ard. Sixth Row: Stanley Maurice Robinson. Daxid Ross Ruhle. Johnny Ray Rnmley. Charles Fre- drivk Russell. Patil Todd Sand- ers. William Randolph Scott. Roy llaek Shaddox. Chester Loy Smith Jr.. John Michael Smith. ts I Sfftwzili Rolf: Joe Steinherg. Larry Edward Taylor. Ryland Coleman Thomas Jr.. William Ed- ward Titus. .lohn Wlassell. Clifton Page Wiileox. Rruee Owen Wlil- liams. Lonnie Fred Wlright. Ronald Xounkin. . xx 1 fa? eu' Q' T . Q' "'6"""1T'!1 2 , . T i ' I X . I L. - ,., Iro al sign brands Sam Park for- evf as he and Missy Alford cavort at oarty. Sam is the Senior Class P ident, whose only ioh for the y ' is to arrange to have his name pl :ed at the head of Senior Walk. Don't worry Samg the workers will pell your name right. Repent Sam! ? fe . 414 5 wi i xg' fa -2' af' 'Y' 1 as 'W t' f I ,1 THE E559 OF M" W. Wg 'ff t f ,,, ,j,, J ' if i fi ,ye ffffffii' ..,,..W."'5 QU sf W. ,,, - ,.. p .,m...c,, -M Q ' ' QVW f Carrying on the most successful picket of the year, Acacia pledges bomb shelter chapter house. Although the world did not end, the warn campus of doomsday before they returned to their well-stocked Acacias did get bombed at their yearly "End of the World" party Acacia Acacia Fraternity, a charter member of the National lnterfra- ternity Conference and a leader among Greeks nationally. was founded in 1901 at the University of Michigan. Arkansas chapter was founded in 1951 following an invitation from UofA faculty members. It has been the most rapidly growing fraternity at Arkansas, and is now seventh largest on campus. The new Acacia house, costing over a quarteremillion dollars, was finished in 1962. Socially, Acacia brought a new tradition to the campus scene this year as it converted the house into a bomb shelter for its c'End of the Viforldi' party. Other events of the year included the hillbilly- theme Sack Dance and the two annual forrnals. ln campus leadership, Acks continued to excell with officers in Young Democrats and Young Republicans clubs, ABC, Phi Eta Sigma and other campus honoraries, Student Senate, and Engineer Council. Sam Park was Senior Class President, and Jerry lVlcKenney was named to BA W'ho's Who. Acacia, mural teams turned in their best record in years, placing second in the football league and holding their own in basketball. With a good showing in the outside sports, the fraternity remained a contender for total point honors. OFFICERS First Semester James Cooper .......,,,,,,,.... Presidfnt Troy Henry no M- Vice-President Larry Taylor u..., .,,. S ecretary Jerry lVIcKenney -W ,Y T .xurer Second Semester Jerry McKenney ,,,,,,,,,c, ,-,.. P 1'6S1Cl6I1l Maurice Robinson .-- --- Vice-Preside t Dan Gardner ..,., ,.... S ecr ry Charles Curry cs --- TIC-HSI PI Q 'Q i 'llll ' , i 3,01 I g g Doing the cowboy-type dog, couple maneuvers in the crowd at the ever came true, the ruling would not apply to this particular party, AGR Rooster dance. If the rumor about banning costume parties since no one has on a costumeg that is the way they really dress. OFFICERS Fm, g,,,,,f,S,,?, nllpha lota chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho has completed another y 3 , Sllt't't'SSllll xc-ur, While maintaining a high scholastic' stantlinu. its .lun Mznrs , , , , N , Iresldent 1 . I . K ' a . ' . soma ui-tixllnfs liuw not heen neglected. bome outstanding social -Utes Vi?-P'f?SlllCT1l I V Q f 1. . . . as . .V . - , l x Intuit tntei ie 1 uint. o tu ye ll llltll1flC'Cl the annual R43tlNl6l llay dance lll tht 1.',.u,,ki,, 11516, Secretary lull: l.lll'lSllllLlS party. .Valentines panty. Pink .Rose Formal in tht- U sprung. ntnm-vous ilrop-ins. and Ll spring outing in Nay. Ilu'i"l'l R"ge"i Imagllrel' llulslaimling .Millrfs include Terry Fugitti who was tapped for Ulllx zinil nanni-il to Whols Yvho in .'hl1l6l'lt'llll Colleges and lwniwrsi- llvs. fro-lxilltor ol tht- .'hl'li8llSHS JxQl'lClllllll'lSl. untl Senator lor tht- g D I Q gl ltollt-go ol xQl'l1'lllllIl't' and Home lfvonomivs. ,lim Nlurrs svlwctl as """" """l" :Xssislunl llurmgvr of the Agri SlllIlt"lllS flssoviulion. llolwrt SlltlYt'l' .lim Xlurr- l'wsiilt-nt svru-il us ll't'llSlll't'I' ol ASA and as at nwinlwr of thi- Ilttixrwsity llc'- l.',,.l,,M,,lrxl,, y'il.,.,liH,NMml llulv lt-ann. l.ill'l'l l,Ullt'l' In-lil tht- ollivi' ol llrvsitlc-nl ol lhv 'Xgri ' lat-onoinu' Llulv. xshilm' lluroltl llogvrs sm'x'Ccl us hill?-lll'l'SltlL'Ill of l"'1"'li l-1l"'f'f N""'f"4"i5' lln' ltntolnology lflnlw. lt -olil llogvrs ,lll'f'1lNlll'l'I' v :L 'T' 4: I ff, ' ra . e u . A M1 W ,. ' ' '9. 1. ' ' - 'u ,... Q "" .' -YQ 44 X ...i ' I . AFP jgung l , - y ' -Q .- ' .S-V , . I .A K I , 'SL - Ama, L First Row: Paul Allen Bariola, Gerald Walter Bequette, George Berger, Russell Black, Joe Kel- ley Budd, James Edward Burton, William Jason Cain. Second Row: Frank Lyle Car- ter, Leslie Carl Carter, Donald Ray Copeland, Tommy Dickinson, Terry Forrest Fugitt, Nickey Ray Gil- singer. Daniel Baxter Gladden. Third Row: Freddy Marion Hale, Charles Ray Karr, Robert Keathley, Sammy Kerr, James Berl Loyd. .lames Ellis Marrs. James Erwin May. Fourth Row: Jerry McDonald, Andrew Noble Moore, William Harold Moore, Milton Ray Myers, Billy Dean O"Bar, Lawrence Ric- hard Oliver, Wesley Taylor Park- er. Fifth Row: Stephen Pile, Law- rence Potter, Jr., Frankie Ray Pyle. Harold Wesley Rogers. Rob- ert Van Shaver, Robert Clinton Sigman. Mickey Bob Wilber. X K Q My 1 ff or , Jie -S A -f -r ,1 101116515 uv 'sf' IU' Www, 'hp' if .,.s.. .uae-my Mvbf ,blk :WWW wid' Reviewing a chapter from tis text "The Meat We Eat", AGR's st .ly de spite the distractions on the wall fb- f 78 -44"-'-iv fm" ' !"'- VA' wtf ff fb? S- Caught in the uct of doing nothin Q gl this grnup of ATO's sit around wait- ing for something exciting to happen. H8 Uk fax 3 'K 'T 18-i If Q- if L.,- in Tirxt Rolf: Michael Lui Camp- iiell. Jerry Earnest Cnlhurn. Joe llaugherty. Ron Ther-in Elkinf. Yinvent Miles Cammill. SUCOIIII Rolf: Lenn .Xllan llall. Larry Wayne Hanry. Jack Wayne llill. Dnnalcl Earl Hilti-n. William lfreiglltim Holly. Tlzirrl Rolf: Clary llnuglae .lam- ef. ,lame-2 Exerette ,lnlrns-tn. .lamei Hulbert liilllliliill. Paul gilbert Klar- innni. Hiltnn l71'eeland UNlmr'ne. Fourth Rolf: .limmic Lawn Stnvlilmt. Nlarxin Stuart. llieter llirflii. Lynilell Wnrtlien. Hnnalil Wvnrtllen. ,lnlrn Kliclrael Ynunkin. ill" t wig 'C ff f j f f b 1 4 Q92 QQ? Wg ,. , X A ye'-Es,N8s as 0 . ,tix it WX fit? azz Q if a it , y, Z f Like every other group on campus, Alpha Tau Omega has its guitar plunkers, who sit perched in the rooms and make noise, lpha Tau me a Starting off the school year with the purchase of the adjoining boarding house, with plans for the future to including razing both houses and constructing a new house on the corner of Arkansas and and lVlaple, the Taus have enjoyed a good year. lnterspersed with nume- rous drop-ins and house parties, the social calendar, including the spring formal, the Yard-and-a-Half Party, and the annual Bicycle Race kept the Taus busy socially. Bon Elkins was tapped for ODK, as well as becoming a member in Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu. Jack Hill served on the Traveler Staff and as Treasurer of the Press Club. Jerry Ott served on the Stu- dent Senate Traffic Committee. as Well as being a member of Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, and the advanc- ed AFBOTC. Jerry Ott .... ,..vf President Vice-President Ron Elkins -- WU- SYCIACYQTY , , Treasurer J i, Square dancing at their Beatnik Party, men of Farmhouse and dates decided that every hep beatnik should dos-a-dos, not "do the dog". Farmhouse Farm House fraternity accomplished its hasiv aim uf seholarsliip this year and gained for its scholastic achievement tlic- lntvr-Fraternity Schularship award. the Phi Beta Kappa eup. and was designated a Summa Cum Laude fraternity by IFC. ln addition tn sc-liulastic achievement, a full sm-itil wilt-iiilar round- ed uut the gruiiifs af-tivities with the Borvery Ball. tlii- zninual Christ- mas lrlince. Swei-tlii'ai't Fnrinal. and Spring outing. lit,-ping up thi- tradition uf cziinpus leailvrsliip. liiw Clark was selmftml as the nulstanrliiig seiiinr in lfiigiiie-c-i'iiig. llrim- Cult-iiiuii was i-lvvtc-tl Presidi-nt nl ASA. and llzili- l'liiirr In-aili-il the 'Xl tfluli. ifliurles lluniif and llaxid Ili-ins were ineinlwrs ul tlw iiiiixi-milfs rilli' ti-ani. filizirlt's alan was i'li'i'lf-il 'l1l't'llSlll'l'l' ul rllplia feta. 5i'xi'i'zil niviiilwrs were avtive in Ullli. l'hi Fla Sigma :ind Alpha Zi-tn. ln intrainural spi its. Farm lluusi- ranlufil sevmiil in ZMX SNl'l'llSl1llxl'S tliif xi-ur. il ,K ..- OFFICERS First Sernester liriire Coleman ,N , , , President liill Hagluiiil , Vice-President tI.tX. lxy K , Secretary Liliarles Hunke 'l'reasui'er Second Scnivster .lim Young President Bull llridges , Yice-President Hulvert llarrif St'l't'6illl'j' I". X. lxy Treaeiirer E , L First Row: Richard Lewis Bell, Robert Bridges, Rex Lee Clark, Bruce Wayne Coleman, Jim Ray Edwards, Robert Wayne Harris. Second Row: David Heins, Char- les Douglas Hooks, Clifford Autry Ivy, Richard Earnest lvy. Paul Worsley Jackson, Herbert Ross Keith. Third Row: John Alvis Latting, Charles Raymond lVlcCall, John Patton, William Ragland, Jackle Shaner, James Earl Shearer. Fourth Row: Harold Ray Smith, James Maxey Smith, John Raney Whitlow, Eugene Michael Wil- liams, Gerald Wilson. , f , .. a t xt.. 1 .ET I EF i nf! fit ik' ,ul- K 9 ,y .f i First Razr: joseph Richard Adams, James Robert Alexander. Robert William Allen. .limmy Marion Bevis. lim ll-une. Terry Frost Bowie. Thomas Buchanan. Second Rout Fred Clay Burns. Joweph Lloyd Butt. Liliarles Bux- ton. George Rerd Carlton. Bill Clark, Bucky Clayton. liill Clay. Third Rozc: jerry Clem. Wil- liam Ralph Cook. Jr.. joe Crain. Richard Harding Daria. .lr.. Xlike lleWitl. Doke Douglai. Xlarehall Alan Douglas. Fourth Razr: Jimmy Forre-t Dunarant. Stewart Dunn. john Clharlee Earl. .lames Fletcher Epes. Gary Fletcher Evans. Bill Fletcher. .lohn Sidney Fogg. Fifth Rolf: John Weeley Fulton lll. Thoinas Coldslwy. Richard Hal- sell. Dwight Barrett Hamilton. .lr.. William Hawkins. Jr.. Chuck Mic- hael Hayden. Patrick Alan Hay' don. Szfrlfz Rolf: ,lohn Henry Hicks. George Kell. Walter Raymond Lindsey. ,lim Paphael Wlazzanti. Robert Rogers McCann. Max Car- land McCoy. Walls HcCrary. Sf-zwllft Rolf: Fenner McCul- loch. Edward Weeley Parlin. Jr.. .lolin Marion Pit-ki-II. Wayne Scott Pierce. Erneat Portia. klolm .Klan Price. Carl Robertson. Figfilli Role: Thomas Robert- son. Fred Roee. llon Nlnrtin Seli- nipper. Pliillip l.onis Schroeder. ,lohn lialxin Sheffield. C4115 'lilioinpson Slllllll. Richard Kent Fpnrlovk. .Yinllz Role: Xrtltur Edwin Squire. .lr.. Waller Edwin Stexens lll. llnxid Nlailionrn Slexenson. Stoll Stuart. Ronald Edward lnltoi. ,Xrllmr llenry llionmf. llob 'l ticker. Tenth Row: Reg Wallin. .lr.. llenry Wilkinson. Haney Erwin Miami. llenry Clay Woods. And- ren Nlndison Wray lll. Randall llluine Wright. Clean-cut Kappa 5igma's rest on an outside wall during an inter- sed because he doesrt't have a good-looking date like the other 'Fel- missioru to cool off. The boy on the far right seems very depres- lovvs. However, not all is lostg in his hand is the telltale cup. Kappa igma Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1390, the first fraternity to be established on the campus. This year as in years past Kappa Sigma has taken its share of honors. John Fulton was Chairman of the Election Committee. Xi was re- presented in Omicron Delta Kappa by Henry Thomas, Treasurer, Walls lVlcCrary, and Ray Trail. ln Blue Key were Bob Fussell, Presi- dent, John Fulton, and Bill Hawkins. In Cardinal XX were Kent Spur- lock, and Charles lVlcDonald. ,lerry Jones, Gary Howard, and Jim Lind- say lettered in football. Xiis social calendar was again unequaled this year. There were dances after each football game, the Christmas formal, the Toilet Bowl, the Suppressed Desire Party, lthis year the Island of Xi Partyj , the Spring Outing, and numerous drop-ins. Bill Hawkins - OFFICERS First Semester - ..,f,,,,s,,,c,,,. President Henry Thomas --- rd Vice-President Fred Burns ,. ...,. .c,, S ecretary Walls lVlcCrary ,.r. ,,.. ' Treasurer Second Semester Henry Thomas ,r,,,,,,,,,, v..,,..,- P1'6Sid6HI Dick Halgell ---, ,M Vice-President Tom Robertson ,-- ---, Secretary John Fulton ss- -s- Treasurer jigs". Q 5 X 9 3 fx, ? I r 1 ?5""W ffm At an unusual exchange dinner, Lambda Chi's took the Zetas on an a picnic supper. These casual variations from the usual dressy outing to the University's Agri Park outside of Fayetteville for exchanges at the houses are welcomed by both the girls and boys. OFFICERS Larry Wallace Dick Hulbert Dick Remke , Hay Owen ,, john llarinnn Kirk l'uncl .Inn llunkle Hun llanir-ls First Semester qerruirl Swrm-.slr'r V i Vice- ve- President President Secretary Treasurer l'ri--nli-nt lll't'Sltll'lll Seeret ary llreasurer As in past years Lambda Chi was a leader in campus activities. John Harmon served as Treasurer of the Associated Students. Larry' Wallace and John lslarmnn were in Blue Key. while lneinhers of GDR were Bill Overton. H. fy. Taylor. llieli Hnlhert and ltit-le ltelnlxe. Don Lawler served as President ni the IFPC. Larry yy'a11.W was chosen as Caehale llii-t-tilm. ,lnhn lslarinnn was chosen lfditnr ni the Student lti- reetury and A Bunk. llick llnllrert was elnvsen Cheerleader. Larnlula Chi had lnur student Senators: Larry Wallace. Hill Ou-rtnn. ,lnhn llarinun and Larry l'1iSlll'l'. Paul Nlnrehart seryeil as Yiee-l'resident nl the Xlar- lwting liluh and as liusiness Nlanager ul lluilil 'l'ii'lu'r. llaye Gardner anal l.arry lfisher seryeal nn the lfngineering lfnurieil. ,linnny tifnffieltl was elnisen the liniyersity's liarnlius l.mer. ,Inhn llarninn was selected fur Whafs Who. and Bill Uyertnn as lfilitor nl' lieyiiw. Sm-ial aeliyities int-lurletl ilu- Itig lirntlier. Little llrntlier party. l'laylmy party. lilaelx anal White formal. and the spring outing. ,Ks usual Lanilula Chi was strung in all phases nl intraniurals. , riffs' T'i" ""' 4" . Ill Ill Z ni cpl tl-1 First Row? Crystal Lee Andress Ill, Robert Boland, Jr., Milton David Brown, Joe Buckner, Char- les David Burnett, Lionel Burns, Larry Burrough, William Dale Cal- vert. Second Row: Tommy Wayne Cardin, James Robert Coffield, Gerald Cornish, Mike Rush Corn- well, Charles Foster Cox, Larry Crawford, James Ronnie Daniels, James Dunkle. Third Row: Chadd Edward Dur- rett, Robert Francis Erstine. Ro- bert Adrian Etien, Jr., Richard lvy Ezell. Max Felton, Donald Kil- lough Fitzgerald, David Gerald Gardner, Jack Patrick Gatewood. Fourth Row: Louis George, Jr., John Harmon. Carroll Hawkins, James Hawkins. George William Hirsch, Richard Neal Holbert, Phillip Gerald Hord, Jerry Cave Huddleston. Fifth Row: George Russell Jacobs, Thomas Leo Junkersfeld, Ragon Don Kinney, John Bennie Landers, Don William Lawler, James Leake, John Richard Marr, Michael Eugene Martin. Sixth Row: John Francis Mat- hews. Patrick Edward McCracken, Bert Franklin McElroy, Jr., Paul Welton Morehart, Robert Rav Morgan lll, Sonny Moss, William Ray Overton. Seventh Row: Ray Owen, Jr.. Stanley Ray Patterson, Russell Chris Peek, Theodore Charles Pet- er, George Gene Pich. Cecil Don Prince, Joe Pyland, Jr. Eighth Row: Henry Field Rec- tor lll, Richard Duane Remke, Larry Michael Roberts. Lowry Robinson, William Weston Rog- ers, Billy Ross, A. B. Rozelle, Jr. Ninth Row: William Lee Sch- wieger, Lee Andrew Scrape. .lr., Hank Shugart, T. S. Stone, Stephen Patrick Storey, Hendrix Arthur Taylor, Jr., David Eaton Tyrone. Tenth Row: Jerry Jules Ver- vack, Larry Carnell Wallace, Joe Brice Weinberg, Walter Michael Wilkie, William Hale Williams, David Jack Wilson, William Yan- cey. X 'Z or xr, L...' ss.. , ii - ,px TUC? 7,19 4:3 -X N' G. N-h.,r. fm l . Ain 'EWG-e .ac 'fx 9161 is i 4 - Q E -nl" 'N' '9'-Y' UCI 'LQ .Z E P fr' -ar M- -.-me Q- . ,, j ii. Crt- 11' 5 1--v fx -S. Q s Aa I First Razr: Oliver adams. .lr.. Louis Bryant Barry. Hugh Bass. Ronald Bynum. Rnlrert Nlichall Corley. Paul Dultlnell. Thomas Per- ry Elfter. Second Razr: Daxid Michael lixans. lfreddie Gene Fawr. Char- lee Leon lfiliatreau, -lt--epli Free- man Fixh. tluhn Xlartin lfienvh. David Glnyer. William Glnxer. Third Row: Rnnald Gttranson. Rnlrert Griffin. Lewis Grounds. Charles Edward Guest. William Pen Hall. John Charles Harrie. Terry David Harris. Fuzzrtlz Razr: William Andrew Harrison. James Kenneth Hart. Michael Terry Hayes. Thmnas Wade Helf. Wayland Holyfield. Robert Michael Horne. William Hmvell. Fiflfz Rolf: John David jenkins. Wiilliam Rum'-li Julius. Chester Lee Kitchens, Lynn Leek. Ruliert Gun- ningham Lowry. Milton Raymond Lueken. Russwurin Baker Mauldin. Sixth Razr: James Mayer. Ro- lwert Lawrence Wlffiiilllllli. Lixlie Tlnnnas Klelinelly. Nlivhael Meis- trell. Michael Dale Miller. Rolwert William Hiller. Lawrence llayis Nlilehell. .lr. Sfftvntli Razr: James Franklin Moore. Rodney Gene Nivkel. Bill Nix-rn. Randnlph Lee Oates. Ruliert Parker. .limmy Parr. Step- hen Winfield llelphrey. Ifigfilli Razr: llill llriakns. .leff Pride. luimly heed. Lha-e Nix- age Reed. llrnnltl llngh Rhnden. W illium HlL'llLllAllF. Ronald .Xllen Rnlmilisml. ,Yinlli Role: ,ltnnes William Rug- ers. Geurge 'lirenalhan Sanders. .lanws lee Svlimnty. William Rnlmerl Sliepurd. ,lamef Shields. Rnherl llurxey Ninth. ,lr.. joseph llerfliel Stnrdixanl. Twill: Ielllff Donald Ray Swahy. William Rnhert Tlmrlliy. Law- renve Glenn 'l'rammel. .lr.. Rohert Lee Trunnnel. rlimnmy Lyle Tul- lnna. ,lohn Rnlmert Tyler. Ronald llerman llduuj. Chadwick Graham XX-lliull. ,wi , 4 W5 if Nfl eff, 'im , ,A itygz gi, f ag 3, , if ,f Q , , X1 5 ,A 5 . i it H xxx nl ' X A , 5 ,. ff, A Q- I -V. . ".. Nuz: ., i j A,N. R ,,, A , '.:l igQEiQ'fa?Q :1E'1 "::E N. ,.., at ff f 'Z 1 5 I X 1 I 'Q WM ' yi ' f ji Q , s 9 rx , Q P f In I Z1 4 A J 1 X zz, .,-' I 11' ' is Everybody is staring at the handy, though large, Christmas present iust received by happy Phi Delt at the traditional gag gift party. Phi Delta Theta began the year with a strong attempt to defend the AAA and AA Intramural crowns won last lVlay. The end of the fall semester found them again first in AA and fourth in AAA. A sec- ond place in gradepoint and a first in Homecoming House decorations rounded out the fall activity. Phi Delta campus leaders included President of Associated Stu- dents: Fred Favor, Blue Key: Steve Pelphrey, lVlike Riggs, Bob Crisp, and Fred Favor, ODK: Gordon Guest, Jim Pace, Bill Priakos, and Lynn Leek, Phi Eta Sigma: Lynn Leek, Jim Shaw, Jim Schrantz, Bo Parker, Jim Trieschmang Cardinal XX: Bob Parker, and Jim Schrantz, and Bill Shepard, Senators: Bill lVliller and Bill Harrison. Individual honors went to: Steve Pelphrey. Who's Who, President of Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, John French, Associate Justice of Student Court, Buck Johns and Fred Favor, Who's Who, Bryant Barry, Presi- dent of Marketing Club: and Ron Robinson, Sports Editor and Editor- elect Traveler. rl E OFFICERS' First Semester Steve Pelphrey ,,,,,,,,,, , e,,,... President Bob Griffin ..,, M Vice-President Jim Pace -W ..., Secretary Chad Wilson i,.. Treasurer Second Semester John French ne L,..,, . ,,,,.a, Pr6Sid6HI Bob Griffin U W- Vice-Presideit Bill Shepard -V .... Secretary Harold Rhoden Us --- Treasurer A -1 N' f 9 H 2 All working industriously except Ricky Goff, who hams for the photographer, Pikes have a long way to go before each hole is filled, Pi Kappa pha OFFICERS Fall Svnirfstffr llong fl0lClIlJ.'ll llfwltlelll tile-n llule Wilson Vlt'C-I,l't?NltlPlll le-tl Szintlers Treustirei' liolufrt Mftlill Sf'1'Wllll'5' Spring Srrriffxlwf' Rllllt'l'l Xlvilill l,l'f"l1l"lll ,lLl1'lQl1 Stnilli Ylfl'-l'I1'Sl'l"lll tl.iil llvullann 'l'l'4'il'lll"l' lim XX:-llovu 51'1'l'1'l1ll5 0 f x Alpha Zvtu lllllllllvl' ol' l'i Kappa Alpha lm-aan its Otltli war at the Lfiiixt-isity ln taking sm-ond in illfl'3lNLll'Hl footlwall and placing in l'i1lIIlt't'ttllllllQ tit-t-orutions for the tliirfl straight war. Social activities in- vlutlml lliv l,lll'lFllllLlS lrlrunt-li. Hoarimi 20's Partx and tlie Homecominv' m, . - - rf w. w 1 . - L llum-4' in lln- lull. lln' llrcain blfl l'o1'1nal. I'Ulll1llt?l'S llax and the fmtllli ,'XlllIlXt'l'Sill'f lluy more llie lrig social ewnls in lln- spring along uitll ninnt-tous inl'ot'nml purlit-s and outings. I'i lxaippzi Xlpliu again ltutl lc'afle1's in all plmsvs of Campus life. bury l'om'll was llwsiclvtlt oi ABC. Butch Xlurino was liazorliack tiltt-.rrlt-mlm-. lloug tfolvinun was l',l't'SlllGlll ol tht- School of Business. untl llt-ist-ln-l lillttlllilll was Business Xlutiuuvr ol llw Uuiltl 'l'it'ker. ln 1 kports .lalvlx lllktllwll l'c'plt-svittml l'ilX.-X in xursilx footluill. uliilc jim Y lmnv pluwtl xnrfily luislwllvull. untl jerry Cluff lt8l'llt'lIHllt'li in xarsitx ll'8t'li. w.?'f!d's-:N First Row: Byron Alexander Adams, Julian Archer, James Ar- nold, Howard Cullin Atkins, Ken- ny Baugher. Tilman Bearden, Jr., Jim Kent Bedell, Jack Brasuell. Second Row: Larry Cargile, Don- ald Rodney Cassil, David Clark, Jerry Dean Cluff, Bruce Monroe Colchasure, Jack Goodwin Cole- man, John Darnell, Leon Dew. Third Row: John Medford Dumas, John Milton Elliott, Wal- ter Robert Fabinsky, David Ed- wards Fitton, James Ellis Flemina, Jr., Richard Aday Goff, Robert Miller Goff, Jr., John Buck Grads dy. Fourth Row: Roland Gail Gra- ham, Richard Stewart Greer, Al- bert Hanby, Jerry Harner, Joe Stephen Hendenson, Jr., Pat Her- man Henderson, Robert Elmore Herndon, III, Bill Roy Herron. Fifth Row: Charles Emmett Hoffman, Jr., William McCall Hogan. Thomas Gene Hoggard, Gary Joe Howell, John Jackson Hughes, Jimmy Clyde Johnson. David Wayne Kirk, William Colon Kyzer. Sixth Row: Ralph Dickson Lid- dell, Joseph Richard Lisenby, John Marino, Floyd John Massey, JI, Robert Holt McGill, Tim Nor- man McKendry, Clarence Bryan Moery. Seventh Row: George Washing- ton Monen, Jolm Alan Montgom- ery, Jim Moseley. Tommy Deward Musick, Robert Neighbors. Lowell Nicholas, Mike Olivera. Eighth Row: Kenneth Osborne, ll, Gary Richard Powell, Thomas Raymond Price, lll, Herbert Primm, Jr., James Robert Red- path, John Donham Rice, James Rush. Ninth Row: Buck Sanders. Ted Sanders, John Belford Shepherd. Jackie Lee Smith, William Finis Smith, Buddy Brown Spivey, Mar- vin James Stockwell. Tenth Row: Bill Wagoner, Gary Elliott Walker, James Wellons, Bruce Edward Wesson, George Weldon Westmoreland, Cozie Wil- hice, Shelby Vaughn Woods. First Rout Paul Albert Ahdella. Davitl Roy Beith. Klarif-n Hobart llell. jr.. Randy Bell. Hay Boud- reaux. Charles Clay Bnyce. Jnhn Dudley B1'idgfortl1. Walter Buc- lmnan. SVFOIIII Row: Michael l.ane llnf- fingtnn. Duff Burton. ,lamex Daxitl llurtfvn. Andrew llelxin tlallwnn. 'narler Chadicli. Hiellartl Lyn taller. Thtnna- Cnrllin. D-lnaltl lnvuis Corbin. Iflfflf Rolf: Dalton lame- Dai- ley. William Shoup Dauglierty. .lumes Davie-. Ill. David Ellritlge Deatlerick. lliehael Rodgerx Dea- nleriek. Daniel 'lllinmas Drew. lr., Ht Ilert Duralen. Lawrenve Fikex. lfnllrflz Razr: Tlinnia- Hmxarel lfuqua. Rulnert Pre-ton Cile-. .lack Xlexantler llile-. Hieharfl l-Eduard ill'eg:n'y. .ll'.. William Xnel Gre- uwry. Cary Cnlflen Grnsf. Huliert ,Innathan Haralwn. l"rerlerit,-la Dan- iel llarrelenn. l'l1'l'1f1 Razr: lfnrti- Wright llaw- kinx. 'lhninax leightnn ll-ulge-. ,lim l'reeman llulman. ,lnhn Nllc- hael llughey. llnnaltl Harmly Aleter. Dnnaltl l,ee ,lwln1wn. Hwnnie Hall .lllftlex Rmlgei lxline. Szfxtlz Kult: l7letlel'iek Sanfnrtl lafltige. .Xllen llnlverlx Lee. Dart Hailmln l.intl-ew. lilmrlex Na-h l.intl- vw. lll. Urlaiml 'llLlI'U?l' l.inelmr- rier. ,lr.. William lfarle .lr.. Dean Xlann. llllltllllils Earl Nlauex. Ill. Sf-refill: Rolf: Ken Nlattliexw. lftlntml Wilwn Nlrtfnrkle. ,lames 'Xlr-Dunziltl. ll. llairry l.ynn Kle- Knin. Cary llnyne fNlt'Knin. Phil- lip llal Nlvxlatli. NN llllam Nlt-Nair. .lr.. .lavk Xlliwn Xlexutty. Flllllllll Rolf: Carl Dean Nliller. v w w ,ll'.. Xnel tmrrlnii Nneh. ,lr.. ,lnmef l.l-ml Nuuell. Riellarml Olvey, lfllarlef Oxseni. Cllnrlw Rnlu-rl l,ill'li?l'. ,lerry Dean Pm-nn. Yinllz Rnzr: llarxie Nltlllfllt' llnl- lzurl. .li',. llzinl Rll'l'lllI'l'l Rav. .lr.. l:1nrem'e ,lwepli Reilly. ,lr.. .lne Xlllllx llngelx. llan Rnee. .lun ,lef- lrey N-nnggni. ,lulin lung Sexton. Trnlli Ruff: llenrue Ellie Shel- Inn. llulwrl Dean Smith. Ill. Run- :ulwl llunulas Smith. ,lim Snenver. 'l'lunn:iQ Ftlwartl Stanley. William 'llnmmx Fteplwnx. Nlike Tlmlnlmm. h.11'l'4'Ilf,l Rolf: Neil Dim' Yi'-li. .luhnnx Nlnrxin Yines. ,lmnes Wil- liam Walker. Cenrue Weaxer. lr.. Xlliller lftlnzml Willimnsww. lr.. Rivlmrrl linnel Wright. Roller! lx-frlul Wright. W, E M, , sm 5 vlfafw . , A X 1.55 i 91" . M N, , we if if -f gs.. , 'Vw Tiff In line outside of Doris' place, a rowdy bunch of SAE's celebrate at the February pledge party, which was called the Colt 69 Party. igma Alpha Epsilon Starting with an excellent rushing and ending with final examina- tion. the year was an outstanding one for SAE. SAE was well represented in leadership. Jerry Pinson and Mickey Mayfield served as Secretary and Treasurer of Blue Key. Other merm- hers of Blue Key included Jim McKenzie. Phil Rice, Martin Gilbert, Harrison Butler, and Roger Kline. Members of Omicron Delta Kappa included Danny Harrelson, Earle Love, George Shelton, Conrad Berry and Uliver Buckley. Representing SAE in the Student Senate were Paul Ray and J. J. Scroggin. As a result of their outstanding leader- ship and scholastic achievements, Jerry Pinson and Mickey Mayfield were selected for VVho's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Socially, the Alphs opened the year with a party for their new pledges and sponsored a tea for all sorority pledges. The Christmas season was highlighted by a formal and the annual Red Davis Party for underprivileged children. OFFICERS First Semester Jerry Pinson --S ,,,,,, President Mike Deaderick e, -U Vice-President Mike Thompson in ,.,c Secretary Danny Harrelson W, ,S Treasurer Secona' Serzzester Danny Harrelson ,.. i..,, ,,,, . President Roh Tucker ,,,,, W, Vice-President Jay McDonald up .N Secretary David Deaderick ,H - Treasurer A90 CIMO 0' ei will fill af f' 0 0 X Nl Sm.,-,, lf' YF- 'LTFI it 'id'-71,4 ,..,--""" V. ,.,,e,.. . .v-- 'Q '. 4: 5. ! 1 A 5 I ,vf7,'. N 5, X. K 1 z l IH-f".L,,,., . -..ri " I ef 'V Q vi - A 'si"' 3 A 'Y' " 4 ' ,A ' 212 A wht el 5,1 V . lr. M N 'J' v rv - s . 'r 'N f wi-,,,,,-i .4 t -fs-aef. ee- J' 'V I it-gi. ui 1' t f -A . NCQ ti-S: this year parked their entries in their yards. Since the Homecoming parade was cancelled, the Sigma Chi's and the other float builders Charlie Bennett Jim Smith ,,,,, ,W igma Chi OFFICERS Once again Sigma Chi had a banner year. Sam Hilhurn served Fifsf Sl"'1f'-W' as Vice-Presiilent of the Student Body and Co-Chairman of Singphony. W president Sigma Chi held the following offices in BA College: Dick Hatfield. Pre- Vice-Preqidem sident of limi Senior Classg Ken Hatfield. Junior Class Senator: Biff ' Nlorgan. Vice-President of Junior Class. Dick Hatfield was Secretary S. S -S Secretary ol ODK. while other memhers included Ralph Hamner. Denny Hurley. Tommy W im py Don Callaway Second Senlesler Dick Carson Larry Diver W. Biff Morgan ..,. Don Callaway Ili , 'l'reasurer President Vice-l'resident Secret a ry Treasn rcr President of UDK. and David Johnston. Larry Xvhite was President of Blue Key and Charlie Bennett served as Secretary. Other memhers in- cluded I-ce liownian, Neill Sloan. M. J. Prohst and John hlayes. Doug Hurley was Vice-l'resident of ABC. and Dwight Holly was Pledge Train- er. Dick Hatfield. BifflXIo1-gan and John Mayes were memlvers of Alpha Kappa Psi. Charles Dennett served as Secretary of ll7C. Scalahard and liladc mcmhcrs included David Johnston. John Mayes. Dick Hatfield and lfd Penick. l'enick also was the Executive Secretary of Gaehale. David .lohnslon and Larry Diver were selected to the All-Intramural foothall team. Sigma Chi also won first place in Homecoming floats. ,Ai-3"?? w 1 ' 'J' 'lu if M ,,.-I" I1 I ,1-si ' , First Row: John Winiield Adamson, Preston Adcox, Jr., George Adkison, James Newell, Akers, Jr., Hiram Milton Alex- ander, Jr., Robert Henry Anthony, William Horace Arthurs. Second Row: Nathaniel Fay Austin, John Gordon Banks, Ron- ald Barksdale, Daniel Eugene Bar- tell, James Barton, Charles Ben- nett, Stephen Russell Bigger. Third Row: Don Frank Calla- way, Ronald Moore Cameron, David Campbell, Dick Carson, Jr., Michael Dortch Coleman, Laddie Crouch, Michael Lee Cruse. Fourth Row: Freddie David Davis, IH, Gary James Dean, Ro- bert Anthony DeClerk, William Eoff, Jr., William Joseph Gaskin, Larry Green, Ralph Hamner. Fifth Row: Michael Edmond- son Hastings, Richard Franklin Hatfield. David Henry. Joseph Bar- low Herget, Robert Heslep, Sam- my Hilburn, Jerry Dwight Holley. Sixth Row: Aden Jackson Holt, George Hurley, Robert Hurley. Victor Steven Jacuzzi, George Olin Jernigan, Jr., Johnny Louis John- son. William Arnold Lafferty. Sercrzth Row: William Landers, Robert Louis Lanford, James Step- hen Lauck, John Logan, B. A. Long, Gary Keith Looney, Benjamin Dane Luck. Eighth Row: Claude Earl Lynch, Jr., Bill Mathews, Jim May- es, John Berton Mayes, Alvin Rey- nold Meyer, Louis Warren Mor- nga, Jon Newsum. Ninth Row: Kenneth Clayton Paddie, Jerry Plummer, Evan Lar- ry Pugh, William Byron Sigler, Donnie Ray Smith, James William Smith, John Richard Stickmon. Tenth Row: William Jan Sto- ver, Charles Oscie Walker, Jeffry Lee Walsh, Larry Ennis White, Richard Hill Wyatt, Marshall Yantis. , , , K , . - W.....,-A Lrg. lo- ,' , -U. ' W ' . 'Si 44- f ' l "? rf- ,T - .1 , ,pf f K . -- r e :ffm "" " ."'Li at 3 A 6, 4' , J Q '- 'sr Q- 4 ., 9 tn f ' N ' ' .,. Ltfga W l ni ' i Ei' xv? Wi' ,av 1 XL-ar Q . It rllz In I - L' , AJV- -E , ' Q I " ' -,' !0'5, L 3- S Aa' .J Ar , ' 5 4-, 1 K E 5. ,- gg it li l I I 2- E. I L l . ,. 'N '- ' i ' 2' it . , A, F W E ,. it f . A A N: . 4.1 2 gl , ly., .il Q 1 A I wg l t l 1, L 1 'IN A Xt on L gn ,ci I K A N- Q O 4, 4' G? E -V L X -iv L ir 4. , L ' wk,- .fv ' ' 1' ' 7 V 7m lt E I ,EL 1 M 4 1, 2 gg Q E1 ' xx ng ga. ,K 4 AQV! 55:45 4g - A so q I '3 Qt R ,AA ,T 157' C' , -1 I.. , Q, ' f p I, W .-', K -F lf. . t It ll Q ' 'I-1. 45. an 14. . A m.7.v...,--fvqj - xiii ' t ii ,l VCL" ' x '74 ly 0 -J Q- ' 'Ano '90 .Q-0' 'of ' if First Rolf: Edward Adair, l"rank l'- V Anderson, Jr., Garland An- di.-fiy. Robert Walker Arringttm. luhn Cline Backuf. John Hardin Bale. lr.. joe Randal Bartee. James Wile- Best, Dun Earl Boyd. Scrum! Rout: jnhn llrunner. lll. Hubert Marshall Bryant. Michael .Xlan Btn-kley. james Darrell Bur- lnn. 'llhuinae Butt. Ken Freeman flallmnn. Philip Rnhert tlarr. Nile Nlartin Llarrwthets, ,Inlm Sturdi- tant Llearley. Tlzinl Rolf: Charle- little. .ll'-- ,lerry Dewayne Cooper. ,Inhn At- kins Crain. Edward llullnm. .lr., Janie- Darr. Ronnie Xel-1-n Dunn. 'llunnny Collier East. Cary Elkin-. llinnia- Hilliard Free. Fllllfllt Razr: Charlek Nlivhael Darlington. Kenneth Stexen llil- le-pie, Wayland Cndshall. William Nnah Crimmett. III. David Lee llarper. K,lranville Harper. .lnhn llarri-. .luhn England Heard. ,lite llnyd Hendersnn. Jr. fiftlz Rmb: Tim Hinkle. ,lltll Stephen llnlcniiila. Milan Lewi- Hppkinf. Lloyd Milton Hughe-. William Hughef. .lamef 'liaylur Hurst. Sanford Elmer Hutenn. Run- nie ,laek-un. ,lim Porter Jnlm. Sixllz Razr: Wekley Sherman ,lwlin-un. Henry Llilllkll' ,lunea Wil- liam Nlilton Kidder. William Knight. James llvinslnw Lance. jerry Xlnnroe Laner. Yinee Lung. Steve Lmett. Samuel Lowry. Setvnth Rout Dan Klaestri. tlharles Xlartin. .lainex ll:-Clelland. llayinnntl Kirk Melflelland. .lwhn Durland Xlellnnnell. llat Nlellnwen. Erwin Kent McKee. Huhert Elmo Xltlelland. ,lr.. l'rank Lux Nh'- Nlillin. lfiyllrh Razr: john lfxan- Nlead- nr. Larry Wayne Nleyer. Nltrhael llradley Hiller. .lames Daniel Nlttn- rne. Charlie Kenneth Nlnnre. tilay NIU-ure. Wade Lee Nlurphy. ,lne Nvwltn. lzrne-t lzndux l'atter-un. Ninth Rott: Knpx llatterwti. Dotiny Hnd-on llattillu. l.llI'lS lhlly- vlirfni. Herald llunder. Xlhert Xl- len lhml. llivhard l'ahner Portia. Walt Lip-ey l'rie4t. llill Rea. Dun , . lXl2NlN'4'. ,l r. Twnlft Nutr: .lark Hulmertx. .ltlhn llulmert-. lfyrnx Rnlvinwti. Stew Nlelxin llonwean. lame- William Sealy. llivhard llatrivk Shannnn. Kenneth Hay Sha t'l1. W illiain Sinead. l','a-trnllt Rolf: Rulmert Xlexandet' Smith. llerald Che-ter Sparrow. Cary Nm-I Stehnr. George Edwin Steel. Cary Kent Stephens. Tom- my Thmnas. llenry Lafayette Tuek. Xiu-Iiael X tnxnn. 7'u'1-lllh Ruff: .lerry Whit- wnrlh. 'Klan Xvlllllllili. ,lim Ward Williatn-. Stephen Nliln Winblle. 'l'ilden Wright. Stephen AI1ll10I1Y lat-eamli. Dun Klan Zimmerman. Dnnald Jaeks. Ss, Frustrated hill-billies, the Sigma Nu's grow beards and go broke ing to the entertainment following a country style dinner of pork for their annual Sadie Hawkins Day celebration. They are listen- chops and turnips. The turnips, seldom eaten, are usually thrown. igma ln another year of outstanding achievement. Gamma Upsilon chap- ter of Sigma Nu Fraternity continued to accumulate honors and activi- ties. Individual achievements highlight the cooperative effort. Tim Hinkle served as IEC president. Bob Bryant. .lim Lance, Larry Meyer. and john Meador were tapped for Blue Key. john Harris, Eudox Pat- terson. Eddie Adair. and Tim Hinkle served as Student Senators. Mil- ton Hughes. Buzzy McNair. Jerry Cooper. Bob Arrington. Charles Martin. Freddy Marshall. and Mickey Miller served in ODK. Mike Burns. Knox Patterson, Bill Kidder, and Tim Hinkle were selected for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. In publications Bill Kidder served as Co-Editor of the Bazorbackg John Meador was Business Manager. .lerry Cooper was Business Mana. ger of the Traveler, and Bonnie Dunn was Editor of the .Arkansas Engineer. OFFICERS- Firsf .S'mrm.srer Larry Wayne Meyer - ., Milton Hughes ,H Sherman Johnson ,. ., Skip Cullum . C, Second Senzcstcr Taylor Hurst -.-a ., U, Buzzy McNair .. , LI. Mike Hopkins We Cary Stephens , 151 E 'ax 'XX A fe ? s Commander ,W Lt. Commander , Recorder , , Treasurer Commander Commander ,. as Recorder .Wa Treasurer 5 i Working after dark on their Homecoming decoration, Sig Ep's hurry tered the traditional Homecoming contests after the sororities dis- to finish before the iudging. This year only the fraternities en- continued participation because of the time and expense involved. ltavirl Malone tm, xt.-Cmiey .litn W iiiti hle .lolin Ramsey Huh lXl1-Curley .lim W iirti hle Bill Wt-hstcr Keith Schultz OFFICICRS First SI'I7Il'SII'l' tSl'f'0lIlI SI'lII1'SlCl' 000 540 oo i '. : A103-Q, 9' 9 o 'ix Q .9' '0, . .Q Q. .bn igma Phi Ep ilon Presitlent Vice-President Vice- Secret a ry 'l'reast1rer Pri-sitlcut Prcsitlcut Secretary Trczisttrcr Arlxausas Alpha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was once again active iu campus activities and organizations. Sig Eps in ODK in- cluclcil llax itl hlalone. Jim Vifoniltle. Dicke Buslnnaier. Larry Davenport. aufl faculty nu-uihcr Mitchell Johns. Scott Smith was tapped for Blue Key. Charles liurke was elected Presiclent of the freslnnan BA class. uhilc liautly llolcuiau servecl as rt freslunan senator. Roh Porter was oh-t-tt-tl Prcsiilcut ol Circle K. and Sammy Yveetns was selectetl to Wvltifs NY ho. Scott Stuith st-rrctl as 'lireastircr of the IFC. antl Steve lrlwy held the i-orrcspoutliug position in ABC. ,lolin Stanley was lftlitor of the Cuilil 'liii-ltcr. .lint lvillianis. Charles Daniel. ,lon Brittenulu. and Roger Schislcr playa-il loothall while Dick Perry took first place in the liroacl pimp at thc SWG meet. Sig lip placecl first among fraternities in Sing- onv. 'lille ffliristuius party. the Colilcu llcarts Rall. spring outings and numerous loothall parties and flrop-ins ltigltliglteci the Sig' lip social calcuilar l-nl' thc Year. First Row: David Hubbard Al- bert, Richard Albin, Charles David Allen, James Harold Balch, Ron- ald Blankenship, Christopher Cloar Brazil, Charles Govan Burke, Wil- liam Dicky Bushmiaer. Second' Row: Kenneth Bynum, Ronald William Callan, Jack Drum- mond Chamblin, Floyd Coleman, George Randall Coleman, Alvyn Gail Croxton, Herbie Lynn Crump- ton, James Curtis. Third Row: Charles Eugene Daniel, Jr., Lawrence Grayson Davenport, David Kern Dober, Douglas Howard Dunham, Richard Stewart Edwards, William Howell Edwards, Il, Robert Fairchild, Jr., Gene Fitzhugh. Fourth Row: David Franklin Frazier, Jack Goswick, James Gra- ham, Thomas Holiman Gulley, James Alfred Harrod, James Hen- ley, William Allen Henley, Hubert Holcombe, Jr. Fifth Row: Carlton Hugh Hoope, Elton Stephen Irby, Victor Ru- dolph Johnson, Robert Lee Jones, III, Ronald Paul Jones, Coy Clif- ton Kaylor, George David Knoll, Stephen Wayne Lackey. Sixth Row: Thomas Lewis, Dav- id Roy Malone, Thomas Martin, Phil Elbert Matthews, Bob Mc- Carley, Jerry Wayne Medlin, Step- hen Franklin Miller, Jim Morse. Seventh Row: Kenneth Lee Os- walt, Robert Hurt Porter, Jr., John Ben Posey, John Wesley Purtle, Robert Lee Rader, John Ramsey, Stephen Mathew Reason- er, Keith Larue Schultz. Eighth Row: Nolan Lee Shorter, Walter Eugene Silliman, Buck Her- man Simpson, Gerald Martin Soren- sen, John Hopkins Stanley, Jr., John Stephens, William Randall Steward. Ninth Row: Everette Don Stum- baugh, William Sullivan, James Summers, Robert Gordon Taylor, Larry Earle Townley, Mart Vehik, Wayne Wainwright. Tenth Row: Francis Wall, Jr., Robert Lynn Watson, Bill Webster, Sammy Allen Weems, Richard Al- len White, Track Dale Wilkins, James Turner Womble. A ,aa-.,. id'- Q Wai 482 X 'wi' -W 'T' gk L.: 'GQ ' ", A ,-!.:F.f 63' s-1' ', ' ' xv., - f ' - t, 1 I , AJ gr 1 'ft '- . '. .-V13 5 N A -or 1 i J no ' nv. -Q, 'Ll 41'- i 3 Af , . . f,,', ' r ' I Q,- K ,. .-E. B I -'LL 94 su-ll wr- 1334 .,a"f fx' Sf L... 'FCV f 1945? , +'P'f ,ws . . u 4-A' 'ni w c ' J 3 J ' 4 gl 'J '. .W I K r l . 1 if I A -in f ti 'If th iv! 'RHX ' ' Z was , '7 g Q 4- .' W si!! I i W xy .,s .--' Y -., ps-. up' ine -n-,. QQ... li. llfllxiillvf IQT L if 'R 4 is - 3-wr 7 'S 4' 1' -alll-. 1 il' First Row: Morris Sheppard Ar- nold, Jack Briley. James Dwight Brown, Lyndle Ray Bullard. John Jessup Burns. James Richard Campbell. Second Row: James Christopher Case. Larry Chaffin. Richard Wil- liams Chapman, Robert Steven Chastain. Joe Cook. Joseph Eugene l,1n0Is, Third Row: Kenneth David Cranston, Fred Crook. Harold Lean Crosskno, Martin David Dick. Jr.. David Howard Dillahunty. Billy Carl Donnell. Fourth Row: Wayne Dudney, Jimmie Will Edwards. Jerry Gard- ner. Carl W'ade Garner. Larry Wayne Garrett, Will iam Earl Ceier. Fifth Razr: Bill Eugene Grimes, Jerry Don Cuinn. Jolm Thomas Hall. John Richard Harger. Whil- liam Leyi Jackson, John Thomas Johnson. Slktfll Row: James Jay Jordan. .Jerry Wayne Kennedy. Don Mur- phy Little. Christian ,-Xmede Mart- ensen. Edward Stanton Morris. Jr.. Carl Nail. Svrwntlz Row: Jerry Orler. Wil- liam Brady Owens. Jr.. William lherne Patten. John W'illiam Pem- herton. John llrnce Pollett. Don- ald Cue Pullen. Eighth Row: lletlwrt Ray. larry Nlorgan Rvnshaw. Javk Richard- sort. Nlanrive Rogers. l.arry Brit- ton Smith. Nathan Edward Ftrivk- land. .Yinlh Row: William Ken Tho- mas. George Walton Wells. Jerry Wilkerson. Don W'oodf0rtl. Joseph :Krtlmr Woodson. Peter Writer, llennis Ray Young. Sigma Pi volleyball players take advantage ofthe warm spring days the less active Kappa Sig's, Pikes, etc., are taking advantage of to romp round in the back yard. The less active Sigma Pi's, like the warm spring weather at Jug Wheelers, a popular local malt shop. ima Pi Sigma Pi was well represented in campus organizations this year. Playing leading roles were: Herman Ivester in Theta Tau, ODK, AIIE. and the Engineering Council, Charles Chesley in Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, and IFCQ Bill Crimes in Arnold Air Society, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Commerce Cuildg jerry Orler in Commerce Guild, Cardinal Twenty, and the Young Democrats Club, and Buzz Arnold in Theta Tau, IEC, Civic Club, and IEEE. Representing Sigma Pi in varsity sports were Bonnie Caveness and Billy Bay Wood. In intramural sports Jim Campbell was selected to the ahfhnrarnural foothah teanr Ceuing way fnmn theh'suuhes and addedc acuvhhs, Sgyna Pi also had a full social schedule. This included the Sinapore Sling, White and Cold Ball, Orchid Formal. and various other excursions. OFFICERS Firsl Svllzvxler Carl Carrier W, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.- President ,Ioe Coots U. W, Us Vice-President Jerry Gardner ,W H- Secretary Jerry Kennedy as H- Treasurer Second Senzester Buzz Arnold ,,., , ,i,,s A ,,,.,a- President Wayne Dudney -W ,,- Vice-President Jerry Gardner A ,e,, Secretary Dwight Brown -- ,- Treasurer 30003 geo .'Z32'. eng :E .fl 3' P Q -:-oo V5 0 '- O 0 60005 E 1. ,r 1 4 1 I' .lf I ,TQ 'Q 4 Q. I -1 . V .1 if ll I ' i I Hg T W 5 gf K --4, fLt"Wf" V ' if Q he 'W' I W The Tekes began a new tradition a few years ago with their victory tion: a gala social event they call the S.O.B. Party. The idea bell at the Razorback games. This year they started a new tradi- is for everyone to dress like a favorite South of the Border hero. T K E . 1 OFFICERS First Swncster This was a big year for the Tekes. It was their second year in their John Graves .ccr................ President 'cneww house on Arkansas Avenue and their third year on campus as a . . . tional fraternity Buddy Spivey U- --- Vice-President na , - ' , , , A new social function held for the first time was the S.O.B. party. John Brown so Us SGCFCIHW Held at Lake Wedington Lodge, the members masqueraded as their paul Siepman wg N Treasurer favorite South of the Border personality. Other social functions includ- Scconfl Scmcslcr David Netherton s,ss,c , M M , 7 President Don Rockey ,rm David McNutt -W David Craston ,. . Vice-President , Y, Secretary Treasurer ed a Founders Day Banquet, Red Carnation Ball. drop-ins, and ex- change dinners. 'llhcta Xi 'llelies active in campus activities included Gordon Apple, President of Young Americans for Freedom: John Graves. Phi Alpha Theta: John Leonard. Razorliack Speleological Society and lllarketing Cluli: Don Rockcy. Stale Representative for PEM: Alumni Secretary of Alpha l'hi Oincga, NBA. and MAC Cluli. Ronnie Mclfenzie: ,lohn Brown. Scalilvartl and Blade. 1 UNIAKII ILI1 S . First Row: Garrett Gordon Ap- ple, Willis Herrerd Beardall, John Dewayne Brown, Patrick Bryant, John Buecklin. Second Row: George Edward Cerniglia, Nathan Lewis Combs, Hubrecht Anthonie Duijuer, Mil- ton Lewis Feltch, Jr., John Ed- ward Jackson, Third Row: Mike Johnson, Dav- id Land, John Leonard, Charles Lutz, David Lee McNutt. Fourth Row: Ronald Meade, David Larry Netherton, James Garry Roberts, Joel William Rob- inson, Donald Leonard Rockey, Michael Gene Rothman. Fifth Row: Thomas Clauton Ry- an, Paul Siepman, Rodney Terry Stanger, Milton Bob Thompson, Nana John Turchi, Jr., Richard Lawrence Van Meter. 43" v-"""w v-" 4 x iii' VZ I S . 1,0 4 ww lt I -n-swf dfp.-4. T' Jain ,., . A SUN tu, ,,.. V 'wil A W e 3 , I ' ' x ir,,,... X Q Li, ., f ..-4' "W Q" JUN KBS Q, Q1'r"s1' ,XY gym 4110" ADW Only on campus as a national chap- ter for three years, the Tekes are a very active and successful group. They are also skilled card players. anna., 441 Q P- 'Q' f mmf ., ,,-r inf ' x " wr-"'f 'aff ' - ,. 4,-, i Q Sig ' "" 'Q- ,ef ' ,fu ,n-P' L Q Firs! Razr: Farnuli ,Xlinied Ba- iuur. Juhn William llmll. Terry Hulbert Bean, Ansel lxnn Con- 1lray. Welnster Taylur Mitten. Joe Hubert llyer. Swurzcl R0ll.'I Rnnalml llene Eni- lny. 'llraxis Calloway. Rivliurml Carl- lun llilrlmris. John Janie- Hutton. 'ferry Joe Henley. Troy Floyd Hen Mill. Third Rolf: Rnlaerl Lee Holy field. llun ,lulinNtwn. lllllllldx jmepll Kirk. Cnnracl Uwuglag Lawson Hex 'Xlllerl Martin. ,lulin l'ire1nunt Xliller. Fnurllz Ruzr: Xxvllliiilll lfilxsarm Xliller. llulmerl ,lu-elrli Nluix. Ennix Wayne Nurlml. ,lLilllCN Rulrer! Nur nmul. lirly Uli- Walters. Exploding the myth that engineers don'1 have time for anything ex- of what is trumps. By remaining intact after the wild ordeal of cept their studies, twelve Theta Tau's help each other keep track Engineers' Week, Theta Tau house is a sort of engineering marvel. Theta Tau Although Theta Tau is primarily concerned with scholastic achieve- ments, its social calendar is not lacking. Early in the year, the Found- ers Day Banquet was held. followed by the fall and spring outings and the St. Patricia Banquet. On April T an all day celebration in honor of the thirty-sixth anniversary of the founding of Theta Tau at the Uni- versity of Arkansas was held climaxed by a banquet that night. Upsilon Chapter also was host to the Southern Regional Conference held in early March. Along with an outstanding scholastic record, members of Theta Tau continued to show leadership ability in many phases of campus life and were especially outstanding in the various engineering organi- zations. Members belonged to such organizations as ODK. Blue Key, and Whois Who in American College and Universities. OFFICERS First Semester Bill Miller , was ,, . .e,,, H, ,...,c, President ,lolin Harton s,,, ,C Jack Richardson Roy Walters ,es Se cond Semester Carl Gibbons ,,,..s,,,.,.. , , Ansel Condray C, -- Robert Holyfield Roy WHllCl'S -H Vice-President me Secretary , W Treasurer C ,C President Vice-President , - e,,, Secretary Ns ,ne Treasurer 0335124 ,gens i Xia Ag U Pikes and dates work on segment of the Home coming float. The dates are still helping because they don't know the float is gross 5 1 : m11 ,gvf ' Z S Q a Q 1 E 2 J Z Q Halls 1 mr V .fF,Tv..-- A .3 -w-- - 3----n-- s 1 ' an 1 f I". 7 3 ' gi -1-, X i, H. - ' X r W., P3 N? 0. K .-. fi N' ws. H. 5' .gi , , Q N Q. t tl- Nj: 5 ,V :L -. X 'XX My r -1 . . ,K v M . f ,. Q , ..wi1fT"5E -. . A N J 27 , I... A. E. I. 1 s F ' 49' t . J ' 2 ll, ri If F M X fr ' '- A 'x 17' an 'rf ' 9' N. Q . W. --,J .- ,J ' '31 1 ' " ., , , Suhr . wr' f E 14' at - . K , X f , ij V Q W--3-e--M ' f .V ye, .wwe .I , 'W' ,V :rrv1ixr"f.i, . asm A , H ' cr 2 ' .,, " ff' 7 'Q ws. ' RF Q-in . ii A ,Fi :lr 'fx' xfr ' 'A 1- V- , . ,f . ' 'H' ' . 1 T ' M.. 1 nd 1 'E ' f Q . x J X' . V! .. iy :Ez -jp 9,4 t Y ..,., 3, sf .. , ary,-I , .S M,,u,f4af Q' Y 5 fr ,, , if" 'W V1 - .. A .2 1 5-. y N on .T " f, in fs 12- ' , - 'A' W VZ 1 . '- if r Y ,D ,.... v-ef -, ' 'N ,W Q if ' . 1 , ' . , X , 1 , ' , 'l"'13i??:i D 7 5 " M' 3 1 A 02' " all 'J' if 'll 'S '- . 3' 6 ' 1 ' sf lv 3 A' g - V - 5. -f-' . A f ' ii it W?-F1 F5 v M' , ' . gl ' at Y 9. - ' , vi 1, ,itil 'L W 'J " 7: f "' W' wt. Q f' ff' 5' I iw it 5 F ir ' 1, I, , .Q - , A .N -. ,... - s., . :L "' - N f W' .N G WR J M ' ' c . .if as -.x , 4 - Q f ' -1- ,. - --H Q it 6 . 0 J i .. -f 3 .31 tg, . 42,4 'I t ' , , '44 A rf -4 ' ,-J, X .. :ffm 'ar ,fv . ir--' 435. 'Q' V+-v une' 4 4 4 ,5 - -v Q'- 2 -as j -1,2 5 First Row: " 'die Alderman, Carolyn Joyce A n. Linda Joyce Arroyo. Linda Barron. Delilah Ann Bell. Sharon Blythe. Glenda Bo- stick. Kathryn Lloyene Bruce. Second Rout Jean Buchanan. Judi Burch. Lau-ia Alice Cameron. Linda Jane Cannon. Faye Ann Carter. Sandra Sue Carter. Frances Anne Cherry. Michael Sharon Clark. Third Row: Mildred Marie Coca cia. Mary Portia Coffman. Loretta Lee Colbert. Sandra Sue Cranford. Patricia Kathleen Daniel. Joe Ann Davis. Diane Dickerman, Kathryn Leanna Dyer. Fourth Row: Tommie Carol Dy- er. Patricia Egger. Frances JoAnn Everett. Terecia Ferguson. Flossie French. Linda Kaye Fricker. Vic- toria Oliyia Canslen, Carole Cayer. Fifth Razr: Mary Lou Cilhert. Margaret Cramlich. Connie Greg- ory. Margareta Boel Hansson, Cheryl Ann Harper. Karyl Lee Haryey. Bonnie Jean Hodges. Mar- sha 0'Day Hudloyv. Sixth Rozc: Bettie Hudson. Sonja Sherrill Hunt, Leslie Joyce Jarrett. Jacquelyn Ann Johns. Pamela Sue Jones. Bohhie Lee Kinsey. Glenda C. McCartney. Sally Jo McCloflin. Screntlz Rout Elizabeth Ann Mullins. Meri Nakamura. Doris .loan Odom. Carolyn Pegelow. Pa- tricia l-lellen Perkins. Judy Marie Phelps. .ludith Ann Pickering. Lin- da Kay Bagsdale. Eighlli Row: Margaret Elizabeth Bay. Sharon Andrea Richards. Eye- lyn Joyce Ritchie. Ramona Hoe. Cynthia Russell. Karen Russell. Berta Leiya Seitf. Wanda Louise Seitx. Yinlli Rolf: Betty Xrlene Sheet- rtuu. Bonnie Smith. Diana Smith. Naomi Faye Smith. Sautlra Snow- tlen. .lanice Marie Stone. Phylli- l.eoua Taylor. Sharon 'l'hompson. Tcnllz Row: Sharon Nun Tracer. .lanna Tull. Yirginia Kay Turner. Eugenia Ann Vickers. l.intla Marie Yinck. llarlwara .Nun Weeks. .lulia Charlene Welcher. Yirginia Ream W-Gal. lflcccnlh Rozc: Virginia Ruth Whatley. Peggy :Xlene Wheeler. Deaune Wilher. Anna Louise Wil- liams. Judy Yvonne Wilson. Sarah lflizalietlt Zecluy. W Q . 1 It if fi 'X' 3 gal ,fem X0 Loading the car to go home for the Easter holidays, the girls are Naturally the Fayetteville weather remained cold after the breakg trying to take home all their winter clothes. This was a mistake. everyone who took home their winter clothes froze for two weeks. arnall Hall The residents of Carnall Hall experienced an outstanding year filled with various social activities and participation in many campus organizations. Leadership was shown by Janna Tull who was elected historian of lVlortar Board and Vice-President of Arkansas Methodist Student lVlovement. she was chosen to be a member of Phi Beta Kappa. and selected as WIHCA Outstanding Senior Wornari. Nonnie Sanders participated in University play productions. Bomona Boe was on the Arkansas Traveler staff. lVleri Nakamura served as Secretary-Treasurer of WIHC and Secretary of Chi Theta. lVlarsha Hudlow presided as Vice-President of WIHC, Roberta Harker was President of National Merit Scholarship or,-ranization. Frances Cherry was Secretary ol' Alpha Lambda Delta and Judy Birch was President of WlHCl and served on the Board of Publications. Under the able guidance of Ann Vickers. President. the girls at Carnall carried on a lull and successful social season highlighted by a dinner-dance with a 4iWin- ler Vlfonderlandw theme and the much anticipated spring formal. Also. many other incidental parties such as birthday dinners, teas, and open houses were held. OFFICERS Ami Vickers ,, ,,,o,, -,, .,.,, President Marsha Hudlow 7 Treasurer Diane Dickerman . Social Chairman Pam Jones ecllll C V lee of Secretary 7 M s X nl, ,L F! Tired and somewhat disillusioned after a hectic day of moving into longings. Soon they will be sitting and wondering about Things Fulbright, the girls sit and wonder what to do with all their be- like bars on the windows, date call, the walk to class, and tests. Fulbright Hall Fulbright lelall with her four hundred freshman residents is still as always main- taining a high rating: in all aspects of campus activities. Fulbright took third place trophy in Singpllonx' competition. Jackie Jones was HOIll6ClWIIllIlg Queen. Janice Funk was selected as a llazorhaek lweauty. and fifteen memhers of Chimes came from Ful- bright. Residents were also ac-tive in WIHC, Civic Cluh. ABC. PEM. Young Demo- crats and Young llepulvlieans, and WHA. The social Calendar was filled was drop-ins, a Christmas dinner for the faculty and a spring formal. OFFICERS Firsl Semester Second Senzesler Susan Matthews President Susan Hutton President Al1llllHll4ll't'illlS Secretary Kim llosely s, Secretary linda lilll'l'HllgllS 'llreasurer Sherry hlackie 'llreasurer First Row: Anne Lewis Allen, Timothy Smith Allen, Sarah Ja te Althauser, Patsy Anderson, De- anna Lois Archer, Patsy Lou Arm- strong. Gara Sue Arnholt, Patricia Jan Atherton, Priscilla Catherine AIliit'1S. Second Row: Dorothy Frances Bailey, Lynn Baker, Mary K. Bak- er, Anita Ann Ballenger, Kathleen Barden, Mary Ann Beaty, Charlotte Ann Belford, Beverly Jane Bell, Virginia Ann Bell. Thirflt Row: Patricia Adair Bennett, Susan Lee Bennett, Lynda Sue Bernard, Celia Anne Berry, Kathy lcyphene Best. Elizabeth Ann Bigham. Linda Beth Birkhead. Sharon Blair, Becky Blake. Fourth Row: Shirley Jean Ble- vins, Bette Jane Blodgett, Anita .loyce Boswell. Ann Gay Boud- reaux. Sarah Adine Bradford. Pen- ny Jo Brannon, Gloria Jean Bray, Marilyn Flora Bray, Patricia Anne Bray. Fiftlz Row: Carole Bresler, Betsy Carolyn Bridenthal, Jean Ann Bridges, Sandra Lee Brogdan, Beverly Jean Brooks, Linda Sue Broom, Joan Valinda Browder, Sara Ann Brown, Alicia lrene Brush. Sixth Row: Joyce Jan Bryant. Mary Beth Bayson, Eleanor Joyce Buford, Carole Beatrice Bunge, Linda Gail Burroughs, Sallye Sue Burrow, Sandi Martina Butler. Es- sie Faye Butt, Catherine E. Cald- well. Seventh Row: Helen Virginia Callahan. Jeannie Callaway. Nancy Rhea Carter, Patti A. Carter. Pamela Joyce Gary, Betty Catlett, Marsha Clark. Phyllis Kay Clem, Margaret Martha Cohen. Eighth Row: Kathryn Louise Coleman. Vera Joe Cook, Glenda Jean Copeland, Betty Linda Cor- rington, Carolyn N. Cossey, Mary Nancy Council. Mary Frances Crook, Tani Czarowitz, Sandra Kaye Debney. Ninth Row: Diana Dawn Dan- dridge, Anne E.. Daniel. Georgiann Emilie Daunis, Dixie Ann David, Lina Jean Davis. Mary Frances Davis, Vicki Lynn Davis, Linda Carole Dearing, Cynthia .lane Dearth. Tenth Row: Patricia Gayle De- laney, Mary Katherine Denker, Connie Denton, Deborah Ann Do- land, Linda Drake. Patricia Ann Edwards, Sandra Lee Ekman, Judith Sharon Elliott, Jane Page Ell's 1... Eleventh Row: Joann Ellis, Leslie Kay Ellis, Mary Elaine England, Mary Donna Erwin, Lois Ann Evants, Diane Harriet Ewing, Mary Elizabeth Fee, Marilyn Fen- der, Sara Jo Fendley. VB""-""' ' 'Q L. xt 1, ' , If ik X Q' 'C- -.. avi Xa 'iii X, "- SN, in if ff K f-.vm2"S gr "anis K3 ,af Q- if YQ. "HA A 'gli - 2-K L M at G- ' i bg , 5394? . li Q. . '42- ,19 1- v N--we GJ! '4- .1-4 6- 'V as A N 415 Keyed-up, this newly arrived freshman must now try to find the door the key fits. When she gets there, there will be another girl with a matching key W her mystery roommate. Q? 9 S ...Q 'Y ff' First Razr: Brenda Kay Fergu- -nn. Nancy Joyce Fergu-rin. lane Fletcher lferril, Elizalteth Bruner Field. Grace Alicia Fielils. Linda Fikes. ,lane Finger. lfraiives Kay Flowers. Juan Garwil lfi-ster. Janis Funk. Sccvml Rozc: Jean Gardner. Dana Lynn Garrett. ltnnna Kay Garrett. Sharon Lucille Garrett. Patricia Ann Garris. Mary Eliza- lieth Geurger. Sandra Xnn Gund- win. Yalita Gaza. Marilyn .Kn- nette Grady. Mildred L-tie Gragg. Tliirff Rolf: Jayne Grannff. Linda Diane Greer. Cheryl .Xnn Gregory, Margaret Gregory. Diana Marr Griffin. Fran Lfiui-e Griffin. Jo Belle Hailey, Mary Carolyn Hale. .lanie Annette Haley. Xeta llea Haley. Fourth Razr: Donna Hall. Sha- ron Diane Hamilton. Sandra Nlae Hanunann. Susan Quintella Han- siin. flfary Elaine Hargis. lletty ,Xnn Harris. Martha Haney. Nlaiy Elizalieth Hawn. .Xnnie Heiniilml. Fretifla Jeanette Hern. Fifth R014: Karen .lane He--. Dana Kay Hill. Janis .Xnn Hix- snn. Susan .lane Hodges. Barliara .lean Huffman. Carolyn llnffinann. Nlarguret Kerr Hnlt. Mary Kathryn Holt. Penni Holt. Sandra Ht-lt. Szfrtlz Rolf: Julie Ann Hnwartlt. Harriet Kay Hulnhard. Karen Sue Hurlsmi. Gloria Garul Hughey. Linda Kay Humpliries. 'Xlice Lu- cille Hunt. Susan Dill Hutton. Carolyn Ghristine lngram. Lililiy lngrutn. Linda liklllllflll. Svzwztli Rmb: Kay llnculvs. Glit- ria Jenkins. Gayle ,L-luis-in. .lufly ,lrilin-un. Nancy .lttllllettlh llatri- cia Jnlmsnn, Reliecca Jnlinsnn. Sliarnn ,ll'lllIl40Il. Sheryl ,li-liiisuii. llurlte .lnl1iistnn. First Row: Jacque Jones, Julie Ann Jones, Suellen Jones, Mary Susan Juniel, Diane Kappes, Mari- lyn Kays, Martha Lynn Kelley, Sara E. Kelley, Lorene Kennon. Second Row: Jan Kincaid, Georgann Kincannon. .Judith Anne King, Harriett Suzanne Kinney, Suzanne Kitchen, Carolyn Sue Knight, Juith Lynn Koen, Wesley Olivia Lambert, Janice Claire Laney. Third Row: Linda Lee, Nancy Elizabeth Lee, Marguerite Ann Levy, Marcia Scott Libby, Linda King Limbaugh, S. Daniaris Lind- loff. Sarah Elizabeth Little, Mir- iam Clark Locklear, Diana Dale Looney. Fourth Row: Janeece Ann Lough, Marcia Jean Lowe. Brenda Sue Lowrey, Shari Anne Mackie, Robin Roy Maddox, Shelly Anne Magic, Kathleen S. Marsh, Mar- tha Jo Marshall. Susan Trigg Mat- thews. Fifth Row: Margaret Ann Maughs, Janis Mawhinney, Janet Virginia McAllister. Margaret Ann McAllister. Judith Gail McCarley, Lorraine McCraney. Virginia Carol McCune. Suzy McCurdy, Judith Carol McDaniel. Sixth. Row: Lynn Elizabeth McDonald, Suzanne Ford McElroy. Marilyn Mae McGill, Mary Kath- ryn McKenzie, Susan McMillan, Nanci Lee McMinn, Patricia Anne McRaven, Ellen Raye McSpadden. Billye Regina Means. Scocnth Row: Dorothy Joanna Miller, Glenna Kaye Miller. Grace Ann Mires, Joan Elizabeth Mit- chell, Donna Moody, Cheri Elaine Moore, Constance Elizabeth Moore, Sandra Kay Moore, Jan Morris. Eighth Row: Sandra Kay Mor- ton, Kathryn Elizabeth Mosley, Mary Margaret Murff, Cheryl La- Vonne Nau, Marsha Lynne New- som, Carolyn Joyce Nicholson. Paula Kay Nickell, Ladye Kay Nix. Sherry Noe. Ninth, Row: Rhonda Lee Ogles- by, Sally Lynn Olinger, Nancy Jeanne Oliver, Gwendlyn Ann Par- ish, Nancy Jean Parks, Paulena Ann Paschal, Marcia Pearce, Pat- ricia H. Pendergrass, Molly Ann Penix. Tenth Row: Donna Jean Petty, Donna Ann Pierce, Linda Joyce Pledger, Sylvia Patricia Pockrus, Sissy Polk, Cara Ann Pomfret, Frances Anne Powell, Rebecca Ann Powell, Pamela Sue Press- wood. Eleventh Row: Patricia Pro- vine, Barb-ara L. Purves, Cecile Jozette Quimby, Donna Jane Read, Dana Kay Redding, Janes Carolyn Rhodes, Gaye Ricks, Anne Caro- lyn Rittershouse. W ,-. - f 1 5 1 mb X , If , V g .Q S' if 2 , lx J t, 1 xl 4 l 1 ' t as , Q. I me .V I 'r' y "f -3 'Xl '11 . . y Q I L l T' 'X l M my ' 1' in iff 5 fl f L' Y 'F t 4 v. , v X f T f N I , d cf f i H ,ga 'An pi .s 1 . " QW -' .ai -iii if ,AQ I f "' " Atv, ,, - 211 J-sf B- -Ngf' .px ATL 4iL -"fs . --M "YW-"vr':' fn. -2' r "MST ' ' ' 2 Q ' Q I W T5 fs - ..- -v q 1-. ,- , 'x ,. 1?--v X ,IX asia' if .mal Q 4 411 F Em ea NJ 'v E 5 ag qv- 75 -xx Wx? ri- if . 'YN . , . ..., as First Row: Billie Ann Roberts. Doris Ann Robinson, Mary Anne Roche, Elizabeth Ann Rogers. Frances Marie Rogers, Glenna Rose. Jannette Rose, Nancy Adams Rose. Second Row: Linda Lou Row- land, Susan Hannah Rugh. Peggy Runiph. Janyce Claire Rupert. Kathlynn Sue Sanders. Beverly Anne Saunders. Peggy Ann Sehell, Kathleen Anne Schneider. Third Row: Jane Schweiger, Sarah Lee Scott. Rebecca Searcy, Janie Ruth Shane. Judith Ellen Shaw. Kay Carol Shell, Mary Sue Sherlanrl. Sharon Sue Silcott. Fourth Row: Julie Simard. Joy Kaye Simmons. Elton Louise Smirl. Jacqueline Smith, Terry Ann Smith. Wilma Jean Smith. Jane Ellen Snow. Sherry Lynn Spring- er. Fifth Row: Sharon Elizabeth Staleup, Betty Steel. Barbara Jane Stegall. Jennifer Lee Stephens. Jean E. Steward, Barbara Sue Stocktlell, Linda Gail Stone, Mar- garet Ann Story. Sixth Row: Marsha Lynn Stow. Lyncla Stuart. Sara Ann Stuart. Judy .Kun Suen. Barbara Suter. .Xnna Lynn Tarkington. Lois Lynn Tarycr. Patricia Taryin. Svrrvillz ITOIFZ Mona Marsha Templeton, Barbara Tyanna That-- lier. Kathy Thomas, Mary Ruth Thomas. Patricia Iilizalieth Tho- mas. Susan Thomas. Carol Lynn Tliompson. Marian Tims. Ifiglitlz IeUIl'I Joyce Elaine Tin- tlle. Laurie Kathryn Towusentl. Dawn Marie Trammell. Barbara Ann Tremhle, Theresa Marie Turk. Betty Carol Turnage. Nancy Jane Turner, Pam Turner. Yinlli Row: Hilda B. llntler- nehr. Reheeea Jean l'tley, Shir- ley ,Mlair Valentine. Carol Yan llalsem. Mary Kay Yann. Joyce Kun Yanfantlt. Diana Gene Wal- lin. lflilabeth ,Xnne Washburn. Tenth Row: Diana Gene Wal- son. Elizabeth :Xun Watson. Yir- ginia Carol Watson. Charles Mary Webb, .Kun Marie Whaley. liettye Kay Whetstone. Mary Anne Whi- taker. Mary Kathleen Wilkerson. lflweriflr Rout Judith Ann Wil- kinson, Nancy Lou Williams. Pamela Jean W'illiams. Kathryn Susanne Williamson. Nancy Ellen Wnmls. Frances Ann Yancey. Nita S. Yates. Mary Anna Yee. ff' ' The evening meal in women's residences is a nice affair with nice tion to serving the meal, entertain the girls with food fights in the manners and such. Not pictured are the kitchen boys, who in adcli- kitchen, "Elephant" jokes, and a bit of friendly flirtation. Futrall Hall Futrall Hall, being only two years old, has hy no means s-lighted her residents in the various areas of campus activities. Learning to Work together served as an im- portant lesson for these upperclass Women. All residents experienced a well-rounded year on campus. The social calendar was set on its way with many Christmas activities, including a tree trimming party for the faculty, a party for underprivileged children, and a party for the Senior Citizen Club. Among other social activities were discussion din- ners, etiquette classes given hy Miss Cole, head resident, drop-ins, dorm relays, open houses, and teas. Climaxing the social year was the spring formal. Interest was further shown in WlHC, VVHA, and ABC. Futrall Hall is named for lVlrs. Annie D. Futrall. As the Wife of University Presi- dent Dr. John C. Futrall, half a century ago, lVlrs. Futrall acted as hostess at univer- sity functions for twenty-six years - the longest such period of service in the Univer- sity's history. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Katie Ford .e.,.......... President Sallye Slayden ............ President Jan Godfrey,..ereree. Secretary Pat Schlieff --- e.......... Secretary Sherra Nance ............ Treasurer Vivian Robason r,e, - ee... Treasurer f ' ,2- 1:j"e. as lg ,sf 11 Y .ffw 1 lf ',,3.,,A . '-R ur- Y... ' 1 ....4, H abs 'Y- i '-X ' ' k' 'gs f Q A 'bk S f .W-' Q., 'A Avg' ,y , X ,- Q..-4 y, X pa i 14 X " Y' . , f i C1 151 21. K: ' 'LIC " 0- 'Vi- 1 Q' 2 1 ig w 'Qc'S"Y " gf K. .I 4 . '1 1 4"' ar ,. t . s fs P15 f as ,, sv, iff! 1' 'No -ssh i . .a 15-1 N 467 'V 1 -X ,f ,,.. All QR Q C. . . . , 4. .- Y - at 1 E I .7 is '9' N , 'IN lk Y. '. - . it-P QC ., . ,O X 'S Wy Wkqf x N-I .-., '77 pg! av- s ,. 5 -vs E v s.,jf ff s 1,0- -of I -X 'ra' '4 'f s. ,1 L., A iw .:., Ls -Q Q. 1. Y' --Q Nt 5 Dm 'X 1 s W o 1 Y , 1 ...rv M' - ' AN s ww . ',' I E-- -Us 1 1' ...x fs I Q 5 V 5 an 'S -v ,.. ik 'Na s N sjx N Q Y 1 Af' l uf. 2 ,,.-f cvs ...., ' y cg Tn. xxmu. First Row: Jo Ann Adams, Ruth Ann Baker. Carolyn Sue Balkrnan. Jenna Carol Basham. M. Karen Basinger, ludith Ann Bishop. Barbara Ann Bolls, Kaye Bradley. Second Row: Becky Brown. Charlene Brow11, Linda Ann Brown. Doris Anne Bryant, Mary Carolyn Bunch, Jane Ellen Bunn, Emily Ann Burford. Elsie Lucille Callaway. Third Row: Carol Ann Carroll, Raylene Carte. Nancy Carolyn Cau- dell. Constance Jean Clothier. Re- becca Gayle Cobb, Mary Sue Cole, Julie Ann Coman, Carole Ann Cook, Fourth Row: Sarah Elizabeth Cook. Linda Red Cross, Nancy Louise Daniel. Mona Carol Dan- iels. Helen Davis, Denese Denney. Caroline Monroe Dewolfe. Doro- thy Elizabeth Dortch. Fifth Row: Cathy DuYall. Nancy Louise Edmondson. Bar- nara Ann Edwards. Llllfla Louise Eskue. Sharon Joy Evans. Anne Evin, Patricia Ann Fi11ley. Patri- cia Jean Finley. Sixth Rout Carole Ann Fle111- ing. Katie Marie Ford. Carolyn .loyce Gattis. Faith Marie Gib- son. Marilyn Frances Graham. Mary Lin Greene. Virginia Lee Brumbles, Sandra Kay Haley. Serenth Rolf: Sandra Kay Hardy. Joyce Evelyn Harkins, Li11da Kay Harms. Ethel Lillian Hays. Betha Sue Heffington. Linda Ann Holland. Barbara House. ,Io Carol Hubbard. s - 3 Q - lalghlh 1111141 l'I'llll1'6S Y. Hug- hes. ,lane Hurd. Patty ,la111isn11. llelores Barbara Jennings. Slllllllll Lee jolly. Carolyn H. Jones. Mary Phenea jones, Anna Willene Lang- lcy. .Yinlh Row: Louise Lai .lntlilh Kay I.t'll10ll. Sally Ann l.i1i11gstu11. .lntlith Jhllll l.0flUI1, Patsy .Xnn Long. Madeline Mall- er. llo1'11ll1y .-'inn Nla1'ti11. Sheila 'lllll McCray. Tvlllh Rolf! .lean Qxllll Mellon- ald. l,111'iIle Nloody, Man' Estell Morris. l,lll'j' Mae Nlosier. Sherra Ly 1111 Nance. Mary Margaret Nelle. Saridra Sue Nunnally, Patricia Kay Uakes. First Row: Frances Ann Orr, Mary Elaine Patterson, Anna Laura Penn, Vicki Rose Penton, Martha Eunice Perdue, Elizabeth A. Powell, Rosemary Pritchett, Nancy Marie Rainey, Carla Marie Reames. Second Row: Mary Elizabeth Reed, Wedra Jean Reed, Judith Lynn Reinheimer, Dina Carol Rey- nolds, Cheryl Anne Rhodes, Claire L. Rhodes, Martha Paulette Riley, Vivian Lee Robason, Nancy Roth. Third Row: Keah Frances Run- shang, Marihta Kaye Rutherford, Dorothy JoAnn Schifferli, Patsy Ann Schleiff, Becky Scott, Re- becca Jean Sellars, Leslie Mary Sharpe, Frances Elaine Shepherd, Linda Shoemaker. Fourth Row: Judith Ray Sinor, Carolyn Lea Skelton, Sally Lynn Slayden, Anna Fentress Smead, Genevieve Stacy, Eveline Klayer Stanford, Marilyn Jeanne Step- lock, Alyce Carole Stewart, Janet Sue Stites. Fifth Row: Marilou Strait, Norma Elizabeth Stroope, Nelda Faye Swafford, Teresa M. Tanner, Julie Tatum, Lynda Taylor, Mar- tha Lee Taylor, Donna Anne Tho- mas. Sixth Row: Mary Alice Tinsley, Nancy Ann Voyles, Beverly Ann Ward. Sally Jo Watkins, Mary Frances Weaver, Lewis Ann Welali. Sandra Wheat, Laine Whitcomb. Seventh Row: Martha Rae Wil- liams, Frankie Ann Williamson. Lynda Gail Wilson, Sherry Wood, Lou Ann Wright, Roxy Ann Wri- ght, M. Kae Yates, Cynthia Ann Young. t , , as 7 -.:, Q Q f Z: X! , S f f , iff rv S N W. ,K . Q X X W W' 'W x we-wf 3 uh: ,,.,. X , W f X X' NT fig' , ' ff 1 it "ft wi 2" r Saying farewell for another night, lovers stand close in the shadows. ,X -X , ..,., fffffvf .I vi H 9 was ' X A ' .1 'S T-ii5i'q Q: ' ,' ri "af ' my V. - F YN 3 V I 'i s Tk ZF. . Al: , 1 y s it a 1' V n we 4',"'f ,gat is 4, - on 'W , ,, I Us-s ' f - .,, I , W X, - w L . ,y M V, X ,K , w--fy ---- sy NZ-fl I f -f S 'rs ' LN f' f ' ' X X , K' 92,445 fi ' I --Q, Xl 17 ' X iz ' Q5 . ' v Q1 3' " - :fe -Z -' ' ? , l ,lk SN 5 ,a.,. K x - y. 1 -,'- ., . 1' . 1" , so .. ' f . A. f ' , I 'f . ' ,, ' " . W- " . ,Q 3' , - ,. R, -' 'ff fx " 'C fa ' - " 1- A ' , I V .,,. 'lll 'H .w A 4, .- , fits. . ,,-, ,, N , W, , . . E, , 1 V .t f M an 1 f if as i X ti , . .,.. , , , gin , J at ar J ' -L , ,4Sf,1,,1,fm l - , ,Z - 1. snuff , ,mt , V-, ,zvz .,,, V , A .. V, A , N ,GW M V I Z9 . . i l . f 1, , ,.,. 6 t i Y 1 -was ,,,: EW M. sq 44 ' t 5- . fs . f nf. . rm ' 'ah' - 4 n ' is , .4 , ,K ,Q f ' 6 vm a, T -.,,., X V' l W' X ww, E VVVVV , Qu, X QL if .t I .a X E In N ww Q , t W- my Z . . 'NSW' ' f H, -L, we " ' ,,,.. j . ,Z - vs -' . at A t X I K 4 I fj X ' w. , A 7 ' : , - -,., 0 -:. .: 1' 4, --'g.-MW ': TNAX 'fX"Y7X r J 5' M ' W T K T7 r-.iii ,.,, :.':i'3' TT. -.s ,,v.,. 3 -TN" ... . X ' H - - y , :,: V -.,, 52 vzt tg- W , 6 ,,, 4. t, . Q Z .. p 4, V S , r p 4 .. " as f M U' 'W 'N vm an- Q, Q N , f W . ' '- wwf -+117 gg-my :lg .mf tt " , 9 , 4 p V R ,.. , - aw A X ,K , 'f Vs ,R . ,,.,. Q51 - J .6 - . ' , M21 .- ' if - 'IV v W ff , th' ' X 5 ff xg Q, A A Q . ., , - . " ' 'I' sz Mrrsqsg ' ff hs, if in Q-2 I S X --as ' 5, Q NK QL X ,,,, . lr, V- - 1 , . N -N ' ,. , ,.,, , Q. ,W W' ' . X il ' -82211, , 'g gs ' t Ts.. W. s ,ff ' A Q' Y AWP f Q , , s 4 ,, W -.-.' -'-- wafzef,-ss.:afas-1-, - - ------ . ,.:sztf-- X TNQ- , 1 ' I 'i ' if ' xi -ff-' Gp, JC! 2 ' NF -GS 'wv X' Q v ' ,- Vwgff N ,tj --up """" 5 ,, , .,.. X ww: - "' X ,gX,w,. Q0 Ill' 'lull l'll.' Leaning on piano while counselor Harriet Daniel plays and clowns for them, a cheerful group of Holcombe girls wait to go to dinner. Holcombe Hall Freshman women entered Holcombe Hall this year, and for the first time in quite a while the hall is under freshman leadership. After the frantic excitement of moving in, the girls settled down to a hard year's work. They have succeeded in highlighting the campus socially and academically through cooperation. Under the supervision uf capable officers, the hall rounded off the social calen- dar with guest dinners. open houses, a Christmas party for underprivileged children. and a spring formal. The residents of Holcombe have also played an active part in WHA hy winning the howling tournament, and have participated in YVIHC and ABC. Holcombe is also proud of her individual honors, including members of Chimes and Alpha Lambda Delta. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Sandy Snow c c President Kathy Jones t t c to c President Carolyn Brooks Secretary Marsha Vance c c Secretary lVlarcia Payne Treasurer Mandy lvelllvorn c Treasurer f.-., First Rofw: Paulana Abbott, Virginia Lea Adams, Connie Lea Allen, Karen Jeanne Atchley, Joan Marie Baird, Catherine Elizabeth Baker, Patricia Marie Ball, Sally Kay Baswell. Seca-nd Row: Mari Beth Bee- son, Linda Louise Breier, Judy Dianne Brewer, Marthe Jo Brog- don, Carolyn LaVerne Brooks, Sharon Irene Brown, Kay Winner Brownfield, Suzanne Burleson. Third Row: Sue Ellen Carlson, Ronda Jill Carpenter, Annabelle Robin Cash, Frances M. Cate, Diana Childress, Carol Beth Cole- man, Susan Ernestine Creel, Cheryl Lynn Cushing. Fourth Row: Linda Kay Daven- port, M. Lee Davenport, Sue El- len Day, Virginia Lea Dearien, Carolyn Sue Denham, Becki E. Dodd, Norma Jean Doss, Marjorie Kay Draper. Fifth Row: Sandra Jean Drum- mond, Charleen Elizabeth Dusen- berry, Elien Marie Eagleson, Car- lyn Jean Edwards, Dana Elaine Elliott, Johnna Earlene Elliott, Virginia Carol Elliott, Sharon Kaye Farber. Sixth Row: Laura Lee Floyd, Mary Lynne Freeman, Connie Gayle George, A. Olivia Green- wood, Linda Kay Hailey, Carolyn Anita Hall, Sandra Jean Hall, June Annette Hanshaw. Seventh Row: Georgia Ann Hart, Elsie Marie Hartl, Pamela Eve Hathaway, Carol Ann Hill. Barbara Ann Hirschy, Rosemary Hoag, Barbara Ann Hoffman, Donna J. Hopkins. Eighth Row: Becky Jaynes, Judith Anne Jones, Judith Carol Jones, Katherine Louise- Jones, Mary Janice Jones, Vicki Earlene Jones, Kellie Ann Kelso, Thelma G. Kimbrell. Ninth Row: Mary Ann Koon, Glenda Gay Law, Cheryl Anne Legatski, Marilyn Sue Linebarier, Betty Anne Linville, Toni Ann Little, Nancy Gaye Marble, Jane Ann McAfee. Tenth Row: Bonnie Kathryn McCarty, Carolyn Sue McClain, Pamela M. McCoy, Marilyn Kay McCreary, Mary Kathleen Mc- Manus, Andrea Marie Mead, Geo- rge Ann Miller, Elisabeth Ann Moats. Q I 3 2 Q, 25 X vp .qw ':74,x:"3N raggyTa1 5 X . " 2:5 Q any x , S N X x W' I -sig? . ,if it 1' " S 4 W .. s Rf' ' -' V N 'f X Y: rl g f' 4 , jg - . - :,73 ,.F.g t . Ing? ' . f 9 ' f 4 . I X X X - 4 K il x vi l 1 - . ilr-M 6' ' ' - V- ' G 1 'N ' "' . R Q ' F V , A f- .f- y, f' W, 1 , , s , , -. . - i '41-V . u 1- - 2 . ' H! 1 V v' A 1 ,Ki Q ' ' . " 1- J A I Vg - - if I QQQIIP VF m s , 'Wy Q F- , A It W, :D Q: Q' N I - ' 'h i .L -47' 'Y 'f .. W - -J was I r ag Q-' A , -A FI rf . L... all 1 I ,-. V55 M if tt X is Vw Q. i 61 gy! , Nqr 'l58 ' Minn x 1,- j AIA. 'wi lx, i. el- ff ' an... ,.f, ,. 1 . 's ' ff: ik I Q '- 4 X i f A 4 W 5 x '- ' -."T.'. 'Q 9: yo -cr "f 4-' 3 "xr 'QT uv Y .. M--, f M. T..--e 1- W ,. QI First Rolf: Karen Ann Mor- gan, Judith Ann Mosey. Susanna Maria Mosley, Nancy Virginia Myers, Sybil Frances Nash. Fran- ces Darnell Nicholls. Sue Carole Nodler, Carol ,lane Ndllon. Second Row: Carol Maureen O'Rourke. Diana Pate. Marcia Sue Payne. Mary Katherine Petty, Susan Jane Phelps, Phyllis Sue Plafcan. Mary Kaye Polk. Patri- cia Anne Pope. Third Row: Lake Purnell. Sara Hue Reynolds. Jeanne Marie Hohinson. Wilma Nell Rogers. Mary Patricia Rowan. Sue M. Howe, Sandra Ann Ruff. Sharon Dell Sandefur. Fourth Rolf: Angela Kay Sch- midt. Sharyn Kay Schubert. Robin Lee Sherman. Sarah Fran- ces Sledd. Roxana Louise Smith. Sandra Lee Snow, Carolyn Ruth Spahr. Suzanne Camille Speer. Fifth Row: Sarah Anne Stan- sell. Virginia Susan Steinek. Lucy Ellen Summers. Sandra Carol Swint. Amanda Martha Tate. Mary Greer Thompson. Mary ,lane Til- ley, Ellen Diane Treece. Szfrtlz Row: Trudeheth Tucker. Marsha Vance, Saundra Lynn Wade, Jane Lee Ware. Claudia Ann lVarren. Judy Gayle Waters. Burlestine Webb. Sci-ffntli Rout: Smanda ,lane Wielllmorn. Beverly Ann Mvhite. Peggy ,lo Willbanks. Linda Gail Williams. Millie Ann Wills. Karen Wilson. Doris Rae Young. 1 Sunbathers, pushing the season, use a warm day to get a start on a tan. Note that two piece suits are still "in." This is good-for tanning. lg,,.v'Ad S . , A uni:-1 l , V:-,,,...,...., f 'r--a.:-- " ---4-M .,.-,feta-'u-. -f - vb' va House -Jf'E 'QBEYIZ' The residents of 41-H House enjoyed a full social and academic schedule this year. Linda Weir served as president of AHEA and member of WRA and AWS executive boards, Pat Cole was treasurer of AHEA, publicity director of ASA, Mabel Rogers was reporter of Phi Upsilon Omicron and associate editor of the Agriculturalist, Irene Raper was a member of AWS and WIHC executive boards, and Judy Taylor was nam- ed to Whois Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. First Row: Janett Joyce Ausmus, Marilyn Jeanne Austin, Margaret Nell Be- dell, Barbara Ann Bennett, Susan Linnie Benton, Janet Lea Bradley. Second Row: Nancy Carol Bratton, Patsy June Cole, Margaret Jean Dod- gen, Elizabeth Ann Fuhr- man, Helen Hackney, Jan- ice Marie Harber. Third Row: Norma Ruth Hipp, Carolyn Ruth Horns- by, Christy Cay Jenkins, Frances Ilene Lawrence, Mary Catherine Long, Celia Rose Maloch. Fourth Row: Patricia Marie May, Rebecca Jane O'Neal, Mary Lynne Park- er, Ruth Ada Parker. Reba Nell Posey, Donna Carlene Priebe. Fifth Row: Carolyn Sue Qualls, Cova Irene Raper, Linda Kaye Richter, Sarah Rodgers, Mabel Faye Rog- ers, Jacquelyne Ruth Ship- ley, Judy Lynn Taylor. Sixth Row: Carolyn Till- man, Janice- Darlene Turner, Nancy Rebecca Turner, Margaret Ann Valliant, Martha Sue Walls, Rebecca Lynn Wardlow, Linda Pau- lette Weir. Social activities of the house for the year included a Get Acquainted party in September, a buffet in Octo- ber, a Christmas Faculty tea, a dinner-date party in Feb- ruary, exchange desserts, and a spring outing. OFFICERS Irene Raper as rr, rrr,r,r.r. rrrrcrcr President Judy THYIOI' H- --- Vice-President lVIEllJ6l R0g61'S -LL LLLL ,, L,.L,L,-,L,-,-L,,, Secretary 46 1 Q. 'igffi a wrt' J? n 1 f 'QF' ' l An Orphan, Razorback Hall is situated in the midst of the skyscra- ing TV before going to dinner at Brough Commons, whose cafeteria per men's housing complex. One of the orphan residents is watch- facilities are graciously shared by the men of Yocum and Humphreys. Razorback Hall experienced quite a change this year. housing upperclass women. Though the present residents were used to more feminine surroundings. they over- came the handicap quite well through cooperation and uniting their efforts. As a re- sult Razorback was well represented on campus with many individual honors. Cheryl Turner was named ROTC sponsor. Patsy McCoy was YVIHC senator. Gail Bigge was chosen Playmate of Lambda Chi Alpha and selected a Razorback Beauty for 1963-1961. Under the direction of Judy Safely. Razorback won fourth place in Singphony this year. Residents were also active in basketball. tennis. volleyball. and intramural bowling. lfurtlier interest was shown in ABC. VVIHC. PEM. and Young Democrats and Young Republicans. The social season was highlighted with open houses. drop-ins. guest dinners. and teas. ll11s has been a year of participation in campus activities. as well as one of adjustment and reorganization. OFFICERS First Svnzcslel' Second Semester l.inda Kennedy President Marsha Swindle .. . . President .ludy Young Vice-llresident Sallye Lowry Vice-President Judy Williford Secretary Janet Angelleti Secretary Priscilla Taylor . 'lircasurer Rose Ann Miller 'llreasurer "P" .mrb ay f it R G in 5, 'rv x . l 1 W H L V i 1' 'ws '. " 2 -f, .- ' . i N K 'L 5 Nag " ,fig l. I - :As .Q . - f. - we . , uma :-.yi , X- at me is eff N X -'T , amp, 1 ',. , L r Mg, LX ,AN M- N w, XX tn .wt wi llhuif all-ff., 'v . K 4. ft' f .Se wp! :lg , .-as ., ,. . . 1 ,E 'ill us e QNX. -. f.4f.,.s' L V --.. K yu Wi' Drip.. -:Devi ,...- ' A r :V ff- i Q fe . W! , I ' A tif :ggi ,..--We we -sw . v ' - . im' P ITP? "- iss 5' 'W . f ' m0 Q' F V .xi K f Q 1 ,F A TITA , e.jlQ.'.,gJi xg V Ffa., fm m 5.1 K4 X x 'Z-r 1 4 . t 'gsaflf H f Q L 'll t' ' fQ. 'fA i ' X ' in 'I I .' ' . . V s -- ll f X e f - N , 1 t ,,1y.-. Q.. i il - ' d ' I First Row: Janelle Marie An- geletti, Ann Marie Beller, Mary- lyn Gail Bigge, Kay Ann Bishop, Brenda Dowe Blaylock, Charlotte Bobh, Mary Ann Brown, Gail Mary Chase, Vada Kay Colbert. Second Row: Paige Crimmins, Betty Sue Daniels, Joan Irene Deere, Sarah Alice Dodgen, Sue Estes, Kathryn Marie Etoch, Sallye Jo Farmer, Willie Jean Farquhar- son, Nicki Ann Finger. Third Row: Janet Sue Freeze, Quida Gayle Garrison, Joy Lynn Gross, Mary Ann Groves, Alice Elizabeth Hailey, Charlotte Ann Haley, Elizabeth Jeanne Hall, Lorene Hampton, Alice Faye Har- r1s. Fourth Row: Juanita Ann Hast- ings, Molly Helms, Julia Anne Hicks, Alma Faye Houston, Brenda Ann Hudson, Barbara Lynn Hug- hes, Kathryn Sue Hurst, Teena Jackson, Julie Deanne Johnson. Fifth Row: Beverly Kaye Kar- stadt, Linda Young Kennedy, Leota Keys, Melisande Kopp, Lana Jean Langley, Charlene Lee, Cynthia Ann L'Hommedieu, Marcia Jean Little, Sue Ann Little. Sixth Row: Sallye Francis Low- rey, Suzanne Gloria Lustig. Bar- bara Jo Lynn. Carole Sue Martin. Linda Matthews, Patsy A. McCoy. Frances Lavinia McKinney. Jac- quelyn Melton, Rose Ann Miller. Seventh Row: Connie Jo Mus- ick, Linda Susan Park. Trudy Paulson, Eva Marie Pearson, Norma Jane Porter, Hilda Janet Reames, Patricia Ann Richter, Charlotte Ann Rike. Eighth Row: Mary Ellen Riley, Julia F. Roh-erts, Dorothy Susan Rose, Charlotte Cecille Bunyan, Judith Anne Safley, Shirley Mae Sanders, Sandra Gale Spears, Jim- mie Patricia Stephens. Ninth Row: Betty Grapelle Stevens, Jacqueline Virginia Ste- vens, Carolan Sue Stewart, Mar- garet Sue Sullivan, Marsha Leigh Swindle, Priscilla Elizabeth Tay- lor, Sylvia Cathey Thibault, Bettye Sue Thornton. Tenth Row: Suzanne Janette Tilley, Cheryl Christina Turner, Ruth Ann Vaughan, Verna Mae Webb, Eva Ann Werdein, Mari- nell Wilkerson, Jane Ann Wilkin- son, Sandra Kay Williams. Eleventh Row: Judy Marie Wil- liford, Jo Anna Willis, Shirley Ann Wilson, Winnie Ellen Wing, Cynthis Lucille Worrell, Martha Evelyn Wright, Judith Anne Young, Phyllis Ann Young. ,Q fi 1-'V if-h , , ,.,.,. ,,,,, ,,,V ..,5,,, . sk r ' f x X gain sam , f ik I 1 2 'T in , Ziff., N' P xg' sl ' " S f K Q tm, f a vg 1 .r v . , , A 1 S Nm XEEE.:.f wi new Nv- as-X MSW 'NV -. I x . ,rel 5 ' Xi! "Q t ll Q V' " ik 'S' W' Q, Q .1 49" ' ' :L V , I ,MJ . Q 'ni-J 'ff , X 2 1. 1 .-2,.,,:s:s.--'Ziff ,W -v , ' is E ez: st. r f 5 , W, . il 25 , W ' s ' NX f WJ , 4' 'V -.,,, ku.. ,tp s V s X I vi 'V' , X. 553 5 - aiu 3, ' 'Q' 5 'S 9 'Y ,J w. ' f fb . g tv X 2 ' S- V1 :Esau 2' ' "" ' wife we... - W' ft ,. Q , e- " :-122562: ,'-231122:-' ,. 4 'V -5 , -fly! . ,. ,- X- if 1 .I 1 .lc V mg! 57, 5 ' : I ' i g , f , - ' N ff - W ,iz . lit V I mf W . sf vm" ,,..., bun 'wx ! se., x, be K..- .vvff iiiiareg, . f Q 4 fn I, ' . , ,L 'QXT' suis A 1,3597 , .., s ' .fy V ' iff fs A V. , - ff " 2 f , ' . 'M' -0- .. -Q 5 1- - , W -s g 1 -w .. ZS f X ,J Q w N v -r if iibftii, M. -sf 5' a sf' X f Fi , ,W wr vb. X .1 .W Y. 'Y ,Kay . .,,-.N rs f V, ,ls ALJ.. -fu' JM, ,K t IGN X W ,fl vw QV .4 x ef Q f '93- vera, " A .- we-f ,vt . .,.. 5 wt.-.w::::,.t.':, -,,.. U 'TiN"'Ql1X-if X ,K WA, ,.., , W3 X f . 1 - f s f t t QQ f A f f 'Wg as.. X , f V, - , Y vi is X i, yr-W I 1 Q. . 'J ' 1 'mftiifqf V., -.- J' .3 ww 'ID-171 tw- ' M ,.,. ... x K Qs- '32 Q ii ., tx' t ,Q .1 -.- f ha F 1 -w e f"., r-QA. , , f--N.. F 1 ' .,,,, , V. 'V " ,,, 3 A11 2 Appearing from behind a sculptured wall, students enter Humphreys Hall - an enormous, modern campus landmark housing freshmen men. Humphreys Hall Humphreys Hall. uncler the leadership of Arthur Hornick. has maintainecl a high standing on r-ampus with a year of harcl work and cooperation of all residents. The men of Humphreys have participated aetively in ABC. NIIHC. ODK. Blue Key. Cardinal XX. l'hi lfta Sigma. ancl are hoastiul of Jerry Cooper. Business Nlanag- er of the 'l'1'aveler antl are proucl of the Humphreys l7reshman Senate. Resiflents were also active in Young lleinovrats anfl Young Repuhlieans. various professional organi- zations. anfl ehureh groups. The sof-ial whirl was ln no means overlooked. Humphreys was host to faeultx teas. ilrop-ins. open houses. a Christmas party for unflerprixilegefl ehilflren. a spring formal. antl a spring outing. OFFICERS Arthur llornielc llresirlent George Paflrloeli Seeretary Larry llaris Vit-e-Vresitlent Martin Pittman g 'llreasurer - ' "1 - First Row: Harry Adams, Ken- neth Adcock, John Ahrens, Robert Allured, Billy Alston, Michael Ar- rington, Edwin Back, Alan Bailey, Robert Bardwell. Second Row: William Baughn, William Baum, Gary Beller, Jack Beller, Allen Berry, Richard Bland, Robert Blanz, George Blue, Robert Blume. Third Row: David Allen Bond, Thomas Boyd, Richard Boyer. Bruce Brashears, Patrick Bray, Ohhie Brown, Leonard Bumpass. David Bunch, George Burnett. Fourth Row: Walter Bursey, John Burson. ,Jillian Calhoon, James Card. Donald Carolan. Joseph Carruth, William Cart- wright, William Robert Casey, Jerry Chaffin. Fifth Row: William Chapman, Elton Cogburn, Robert Conrad, Bill Cook, Roger Cook, Walter Coppeans, James Crafton. Robert Crank, Gary Cranford. Sixth Row: Raymond Crawford. lll. Lonnie Croswell. Al Daniel, Charles Darr, Fred Davis. Jerry Davis, James Davis. Philip Device, Patrick Colan. Serentlz Row: Darrell Dorris, Coy Dyer. Clem Egleston. Char- les Elliott, John Elliott. James Ena- land. John Fairhead, Ray Fallen, James Feimster. Eighth Row: Allen Fitzgerald, George Fleischmann, Arthur Flor- er, Jerry Fong, James Fowler, Geo- rge Franks, Bascom Freeman Lee Gammill, Sol Garrett. Ninth Row: John Gates, Tho- mas Geren, David Gibson. Jonny Gillock, Billy Graham, Victor Gray, Tommy Grissom, David Grounds, Ben Hamilton. Tenth Row: John Hamilton. Sammy Hampton, Robert Hanssen, Dee Hardin, Bland Harper, Tom Harper, Charles Hartsfield, Loren Hastings, Jr., Floyd Hays. Eleventh Row: Patrick Hays, William Hays, Donald Henry, Charles Hill, Jerry Holloway, David Homyk, Randol Hooper, Charles Hoover, Don Horne. in T . X , 3 . Wu. Q, f .5 ., . ,V .r . 2 , , Q' E I: ,MV ,ji 'A si ...- -.. fi P rf. f C-...... if fm:-2: Q 1 Li ' Y . t 2-K Q 'M ' 'A 3 .115 'H . S .. wL'f4 J ' X if 1 5 -l Q :il 1. J 4 'Q' l ., T lt, Dfw. 'P ,G l ft' 'I f I lr Il .. 4. 4 L 'www - - M X e if 2 C A. :Nl ' f va , ,Og Q. A . 'F na. .- ' R ff, R 'ii li' J 1 I 1 " awww an R M x' 'N ' 0- --fe Q A yy yey yyoy I 1 x 5 V I f ...E E , Q 'yi ,-44' G- 1354. 1 I . . rj 'A t . L 1 . . .slr 2 i K Q f' th 'ch N-an 4 Q' ii , Q- D 'F fr 8. - xr ,A , .. ,b N, ' K- 9 - 0' L J, 3 .Q . ... .,.... .. . . J. A., .K . J .3 is I 'P E- 'E as 4 vu i X l 0 D "' tg' I J I1 A T ' f kk! ' T 1 ah 1 . 4611 Students often discuss the food in Brough Commons while at the scene of the crime. One thing they can be sure of is that they must not lose their precious meal tickets. First Razr: Arthur Lee Hornick. Walter Daniel Huff, Henley Hun- ter, Stephen Parker Hutehens, Philip Hutka, Robert Hylle. David Wayne Jackson. Melvin Keith Jam- es. Larry Lloyd Johnson. Second Row: Riehard John Johnson, Allen Hollis Jordan. Jef- frey Lynn Kennington. Larry .loe Kidd, Glenn Frank Kile. Donald Spurr Kimball. Ernese Dwayne King. Bill Kinneman. Cary Dar- win Kirk. T11ir1lR0uf: Fred Knod. Harvey Lahhan. Donald Jefferson Laee- field. Jerry Joe Lawson. William Thomas Lea. Daniel Lee. Jung Mae Lee, Larry Lilley. Douglas Loherg. Fourth Row: Charles Wayne Lyman. Alfred Lynch. Ross Edwin Mace. Richard Carl Magie. Don- ald Malone. Larry Ronald Man- ning. Doyne Richard Martin. .lam- es Stanley Mattison. Ronald Car- ner Mayfield. Fifth Row: Patrick Manning Mayo. John Howard McCalla. Ro- hert Ralph McCormick. Cecil Dud- ley McDonald. Tuek McDonald. Rodney McGuire. Rohert Meliin- ney. William Arthur McLean. John Darrell McMaster. Stfrth Row: Conley Meredith. Cloyee Harold Miller. Robert Mit- cham. Max James Mohley. Dennis Paul Moffett. Melvin Montgomery. Jack Clark Morgan. Jim Lee Mor- gan. John Mrsny. Svrmtilz Row: Ralph Mnnday. Peter Wilks Mnsaraye. Cilmhs Nanee. Jr.. Lamar Edward Nat-on. Jr.. Gus Anthony Nelson. Jimmy Nipps. Rodney Edwin Norton. Rer- nardo Deana. Tetsumi Oishi. First Row: Dutch Raymond 0'Neal, Tom Leek O"Shea, George O. Paddock, Clyde R. Page, John Alan Parker, Albert C. Parkes, John Samuel Patterson, Tom Peace. Second Row: Asa Gene Pickens, Martin R. Pittman, William Ras Pittman, John Bruce Poindexter, David L. Poole, James A. Purdy Il, Bobby Gordon Rainwater, Tho- mas Denton Rakes. Third Row: Fred Eugene Rapp, James 0. Rauch, Tommy White Rea, Emil Wayne Ray, Mark Ran- dall Reif, William Clark Rey- nolds, Jimmy Dale Rhodes, Harry H. Ringler. Fourth Row: James William Robbins, Andy Rose, Claude James Rose, Gary C. Rounsavall, Charles C. Rowe, Bud Runshang, Bill Floyd Rush, David Keith Rut- ledge. Fifth Row: Thomas Patrick Sacken, Everette' Craig Sanders, Charles Robert Sandine, Michael David Sanford, Dennis Wayne Saulsbury, Ernest J. Schroeder, Don Paul Setliff, Billy Jarrell Setser. Sixth Row: Robert R. Shannon, Robert William Sheddy, Lee Boyd Shell, James Bryant Shelton, Char- les Grayson Simpson, Steven R. Sloan, Douglas Campbell Smith, Frederick Morris Smith. Seventh Row: John Kenyon Smith, Raymond Lee Smith, Willis Ray Smith, William Arthur Sprat- lin, Mike Stevenson, Wm. David Stewart, Wm. Herman Stoll, Wil- liam Richard Stubbs. Eighth Row: Walter Webb Sweet, James Donald Sykes Jr., Gary Edwin Taggart, John Wirt Thane, Samuel Joseph Thomason, Henry Howard Thompson, Win- fred Lee Thompson, Robert Strong Thornton. Ninth Row: Walter Jackson Tough, Donald Stevens Travis, James Richard Tribble, Frank Ab- bott Trice Jr., Ronald Lee Twy- ford, Donald Ray Vines, Dwight Theodore Vines, Charles A. War- riner. Tenth Row: Norman A. Watson, Louis YV. Watts, Dean Tillman Weddle, Charles L. Williams Jr., ,James Robert Williams, James Vernon Williams. James Howard Willis, Ebd Eugene Wilson. Eleventh Row: Jon Robert Wil- son, Stanley Joe Wingert, James J. Wolfe, William Robert Woolly, Tommy N. Works, Ronnie Yates, Charles Eugene Yielding, Gary C. Young, Roger William Zimmer- man. First Row: Pete Walter Amundsen, Rex Lee Asse- lin. Robert T. Binningsley, John Charles Cox, Jorge Cuan. Second Row: Joseph Paul Dalrnasso. Stanley Lee Er- win, William Earl Estes. Dickie Don Hairston. Ar- nold A. Haynie, Jr. Third Row: David B. Hopkins. Jackie Lee Inman. jeffrey Carl Johnson. Robert DeVere Lanlhuth. Rodney S. Lewis. Fourllz Row: Carl Wavne Lumpkin. Edgar Lewis Nay- lor. James Gillespie Patter- son. Dan W. Puckett. Robert Mc-Connell Railey, John Joseph Silver. Ir. Fifth Row: Donald Roy Spillars. Byron Alfred Thompson. Jaan Yehik. Ry- an Vellik. Rudolph Layfette Wfillianis. John Robert Wyatt. R OFFICERS ist 'ull phasfs o f lm Jus ulixltx l HRH p pp Jann Vehik 1 lLNlflllll . Bolm Lamlwutlt , , , tutnx . Stanley lfrwin mis it lsult .....,.e. Ryan Vellik The residents of Droke House have had a highligh- ted year due to their active part in intramurals and their fall social calendar. The house fielded a strong, team in areas of softball. football. and basketball, and held numerous parties. Among these were a Christmas party for the under-privileged children of Fayetteville and a faculty exchange dinner. Droke also took an active part in ABC. Civic Club. and MIHC. Witli all the interest shown in campus acti- vities. the men of Droke House have spent a successful year full of achievement and fun. First Row: William Char- les Anderson ll. Robert D. Arthur, Albert Felix Baltz, ,W Roland C. Bonner, Rodger Allen Callahan, David Hall Chambers, Paul Kenneth Clements. Second Row: Roger Clyde Clubbs, Michael Philip Fair- head, Richard M. Ferguson, James Fincher, Lawrence Owen Freeman, Russell Neil Fugate, Jon Stanley Ginge- rich. iv' Tlzirrl Row: Cary Loren Houser, Mikiel Frank Howie. Charles Archie Huf- fer, Jerry Glynn James, James A. Kaneaster, Charles .mr A. Knowles, Scott Manatt. hiv Fourth Row: Charles L. McGuire, Danny Byron Mul- hollen, Billy Don Parker, Cary Dale Peterson, Tim Heng Preap, Williani Tell Rahm, J a mes Howard Smith. ff' ff, f 9 Fifth Row: John William Stiles, Kenneth Wlayne Sit- ton, Jack Reed Sindle, Lar- ry Ronald Tarver, Robert wan Richard Teague, Thomas Allen Teeter, Richard Har- per Wallace. Ni v i X mfg . . . . . , g Mali ig y P -i Droke A :alia OFFICERS President We L, James Kaneaster Vice-President LLL ,LLLLL Larry Lazecki Secretary are --- Scott Manatt Treasurer L....e .. -M Bob Arthur 'WM .,,,,w 993,47 ? NHRA' ,,,s,,awv"' ladson House Still maintaining their active part on the University of Arkansas campus are the upperclass residents of Gladson House. The 1963-19641 school year was filled with participation in many of the campus organizations and various social activities. Besides being active in intramural sports. the men of Gladson House were represented in the Civic Club. ABC. MIHC. the Accounting Association. various pro- fessional iraternities. and several church organizations. Social activities for the year included an outing at Lake Vifeddington. an exchange dinner, and many in- formal parties. 26, 6 1,7 f V V 5 v- fb e 'Wa ri ' tri! J Y Q 3' Q-., " w ! we-A 'ap' ff hu , 3 KO' ..-s-A IIIWYX 'Cf OFFICERS Fall Semester President,,s,,,..sssssss,.. Bill Burns Vice-President sss ..,., ssssssss Jerry Chamberlain Secretary ssss ssssssssss sss sssssss Kneath Loomis Treasurer ssssssssssss s sssssssss ss George Hartin Spring Semester President ssssssss s ssssssssssssssss s Dan Yoakum Vice-President sss sssssssssssssssss John Davidson Secretary sssss sssssssssss s sssssss.. James Russell Treasurer s sssssssssssss sss lx 'vwsr 'IVV s s sss.- s George Hartin First Row: Herbert Le- Roy Allen, George David Bevil, William L. Burns, Jerry Wayne Chamberlain. Harold Dennis, Jr., Ray- mond Vincent Desalvo. Second Razr: Joseph Blic- hael Dolan, John Bruce Floyd. John Hugh Gipson. Robert Glynn Griffith. Geo- rge R. Hartin. Eugene G. Howard. Tllirzf Razr: Richey Lee Hunter. Kneath Loomis. Jr.. Gary Stephen Murkland. Billy Wayne Nowlin. Xvil- liam Russ Owens. Larry Ray Pasley. Fourllz Row: Don E. Phil- lips. Gregory D. PIJCQ. David Sidney Pnrtle. Roben Henry R h o des. Randall Wayne Robinson. Edwin L. Rini lfillll Row: James C. Rus- sell. Milton Glen Spears. Harye Jonathan Taylor. lll. Harold Turner W'hitson, ll. Daniel Ray Yoakum. First Row: Luis Carlos Arosemena, Don Edward Beavers, Hubert Lee Bell, jr., Robert P. Bennett, Ro- 2-sf bert D. Bowles, Jr., James Artis Carter, Phillip Puland De-Priest. Second Row: Edward Pat- rick Fisher, Mack H. For- rester, Thomas R. Frazier, Lester Jacob. Friedberg, Bill "V Wayne Fry, William Orrin Gibson, Charles E. Cood- ner. Third Row: Leon Orlan Hedger, John Wayne Hen- derson, Joe Lynn Henley, Leo M. Jones, Maurus Tho- mas Jones, Paul Taylor Lovett, Thomas Larry Lun- dy. Fourth Row: Thomas Durward Matheny, Donnell Louis McDaniel, ,lames Stanley Mittelstaedt, James Henry Morgan. Jr., Harvey -., 'WHY -...ff sv mon A-:W Nv- :VME Qs QQ I X w-be t'5C,."'7" Claude Morris, Ted Kazuo Nakamura. , . ,. ,.,, . . f V i Aw ix 6 xt . 5 Fifth. Row: Melvin Dole Orender, ,lack Neil Price, Donald Lee Reed, Charles H. Rogers, ,lerry Lee Ross- mn, 0047 44511- ww worn, ,loe Thomas Saund- ers. Sixth Row: Huston Eu- gene Sherrill, ,lerry Talbot Sims, Samuel L. Smith, Tho- mas B. Snider, William Lee Snow. James B. Wortham. The men of Ripley House enjoyed a very active school year. Residents were represented in such campus organizations, as ABC, Civic Club, Circle K, various professional and honorary fraternities, and church orga- nizations. lntramural sports were by no means neglect- ed. Ripley has maintained an enviable record in this area. Ripley also participated in a wide range of social activities which included a dinner in the fall, and all the social functions sponsored by MIHC. 'bs n Adding to Ripley's accomplishments is Jim Moore who was named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. OFFICERS President ,L..s....... .-----. .....tL Larry Townr y Vice-President ....L.L,..,L,LL,L, LL Ted Nakamura Secretary-Treasurer L...,.....s.e,LLLt Donald Rec Ripley House if- 469 70 of if . . he -fs gf Q H01 . . f, i 1 E. iffy! ai, . hp: 'I' Ak, 1 A A-, I F ' F -rg 49 l ,,f if it 2 i -n Y ' I Q Z I f if-4 4 1 l 1 .c . i 3 1 , 1 , 3 5 x 1 f 5 l l 2 l . t Q . 2 e it S38 -i i - 1 if 1 l fi Impressive battery of vending machines dispenses a variety stealers don't dispense anything. However, one good thing of things - sometimes. Sometimes these sophisticated dime that can be said for them is that there is no delivery charge Gregson Hall Gregson Hall is composed of two houses, Vlfilliam and Sedgwell. both housing upperclassmen. William House with its one hundred residents took an active interest in the intra- mural sports program and various other social and service groups on campus. The social calendar was filled with exchange dinners. a student faculty dinner. dances. drop-ins. and lX'llHC social functions. The resident of Sedgwell House are also proud of their accomplishments for this year. Their high grade point gave them a good academic standing and their mem- berships in 'l'li'I'. NIE. HT3. UT, and AT gave them further recognition. The social calendar was filled with homecoming decorations. coaster classic entry. a spring out- ing, and an open house on lladis Day. Individual leadership was shown hy Kent Cordon. memlxer of Milf: and Skip Hays. associate editor of the 'l'raveler. SFDCWICIL OFFICFRS WILLIANI HOUSE OFFICERS lJI'6Sifl1'Hl . .lerry Newcomb President c . . James Cauutt Vice-l'rcsidcnt llurid Powers Vice-President , lfdward Cain Secretary c Xvaync lloherts Secretary c llat lfldridge 'llreasurer ,lcrry Looney 'lireasurer Gerald Argall v First Row: James William At- wood, Ronald Richard Baker, Ju- lius Bariola, Jr., James Paul Bar- low, Jr., Peter Otto Becker, Sam- uel Albert Bell, John Harris Bick- nell, Lewis William Billings. Second Row: Michael Thomas Blythe, Larry Leroy Bowman, James D. Brazil, Gene Brownd, Joe Frank Burns, H. Paul Clampit, James Robert Collins, Donald E. Cowan, Jr. Third Row: Walter Morris Cran- dall, James J. Edwards, Everett Wayne Elledge, Nelson P. Elliot. Denton Carl Emanuel, Robert C. Flocks, Ronnie Jim Eormby, Ron- ald Oscar Fowler. Fourth Row: Emery Louis Eran- cis, Jr., Stanley Velle French, Ken- neth Laz Garner, Edward Kent Gordon, Paul J. Graf, Tommy Jo Green, Marvin Boswell Hare, Jr., Paul Dean Hastings. Fifth Row: Gerald Douglas Hat- field, Jon Michael Haydon, Jack Scott Haynes, Michael L-. Joile, Tommy E. Justus, Dan Skipper Kays, Harry Keith Keifer, Gary Ford Kennedy. Sixth Row: lmants Krievans. Joe Bateman Locke, Robert Wade Mackey. Ralph Gene Martin, Mar- tin Michael May, John Louis Mc- Daniel, Kinley Emerson Miller, Don Dwight Mobley. Seventh Row: Jim Moody, Law- rence Paul Moody, B. Maurice Moore, Herbert Leroy Moreland, Jr., Jerry Lynn Newcomb, Paul Lloyd Osmon, Michael Charles Pehosh. Eighth Row: Joe Scott Penning- ton, David Lee Powers, Tommy Aikin Reed, James John Reynolds, Donald Douglas Richardson, James E. Roberds, Samuel Wayne Rob- erts. Ninth Row: Donald William Roop, John Douglas Rotert. Ken- neth F. Schrantz, Jr., Ronald Lee Setser, Doyne Doulas Smith, Frank Clarence Stuart, John Charles Swa- yze. Tenth Row: James Gary Tay- lor, Bruce Edmund Tiberiis, Lewis Eugene Vann, Charles Thomas Wahl, Bud Mansfield Ward, Har- lan Edward White, Edward Dean Winter. 24 I 'Ra V, . K '.-2 acre- is 'f -. R- 5 'if G' l. xr ut. .- x ff Y I' As, X It XL? A I A gas: ah - If -I A JN QL 3 Q' 'I' X Q .1 5 - vw... P" av- f. -I , - 4 Ks 6 .41 K' -CNW 'Ds 3 it' G-0' 1 .41 First Rauf: Chester Eugene Adams, Gerald Leslie Argall, Har- ry Bakker, Donald W. Ballard, James Edward Beene, James Ed- win Benston, Ben Bedford Bone. Second Row: Charles L. Boyd, Ronny Lee Burke, Lyndon Douglas Burton, William Jerome Callan, Fred R. Chandler, Stephen Lee Clark, Charles Rex Cole. Third Row: Leo Carson Davis, John Elan Denton, William Doug- las Duckett. Jimmy Ray Durham. Don L. Fant. Conley YV. Fikes, Glenn Dale Fipps.. Fourth Row: Paul Hughes Gil- lam. Dennis Ray Griesse. Archie Carl Haston, Francis George Hen- son, Jerry YV. Hollis, Stephen Frank Holmes, Doyle Murphy Hughes. Fifth Row: Randall Johnson, Jerry S. Kennedy. Robert Michael Kinsey. James Fletcher Lea. Robert Edward Lea, Donal Adolfo Luna, Edward Lee Maddox. S1'.x'Ilz Row: Joseph Hubert Mann, Gerald D. Manuel. Jr., Ben Larry Maxey, John Michael Mc- Bee. William Nick McKown. Forn- ey Larry McLarty. Seventh Row: Richard O. Mei- necke. John Masos Nakao. Danny Allen Paladino. John David Port- er. Jack Randall Price. James Mil- ton Robertson. Efgfllfl Row: Wayne C. Sandy, Anthony Joseph Sava. Wlilliant lie- ville Searcy, William Henry Sharp. Jr., loannis Paul Sklavos. John William Smith. Wlinlh Row: W'illiam T. Sowell. Jr.. Clyde l". Stewart. Tom Francis Str-wart. Johnny Wayne Thain. lilii-Wing Tsao, Cecil Edmen Turn- cr. Jr. Tenth Rolf: Christopher Carl Viek. George Kirk Wlallace. John- ny Joseph Ward. Donald James West, John Michael Woods. Claud Walter Yancey, Jr. : - Z9?il,'f 3 "" H r S5 -Qtdf xigwt 1 . .ft J K . sg, .X .s Wilson Sharp Wilson Sharp houses over one hundred ten varsity and freshman athletes. Included in this house of cham- pions are many All-Southwest Conference athletes and other players who have brought recognition to the uni- versity. With its new addition this year, Wilson Sharp has definitely held its place in the University's social whirl. Not only were there drop-ins after home games, but also a Christmas Dance and the dedication of Darby Hall and the Recreation Room. The football team's fall calendar was filled with a banquet and skit given by each sorority house. , 7 ,f f . gf OFFICERS Fall Semester P1'6SiCl611i D onnie Ray Smith Social Chairman sss, ,s f,,,.Ac,cM4---A Ken Hatfield Secretary qs.--,...,.,. Mike Parker Spring Semester President H.... ss,ss s,,......s..,... K e n Hatfield Vice-President uw.- -ff,sH-,,f,r,f,-- Jerry Welch Social Chairman s,s,swr---v,sss,sff, Jack London Secretary --,,-,-,,, ,,,..,,s,s,,,,.,d Jiinrny Lindsey First Row: Edwin Rich- ard Allen, Gene Paul Ander- son, Jim Bane, Joe T. Black, 9155- Jon Roger Brittenum, Ron- ald Glynn Caveness. Second Row: Paul Reid Conner, Orval L. Cook, Joe Paul Daves, Larry Eugene DeWitt, Wallace' B. Free- man, Odis Theadore Gate- wood. Third Row: Melvin Cecil Gibbs, Hartford Ray Hamil- ton, Jr., Gary Jay Howard, Jim William Mabry, James Edward Magness, Lloyd Gor- don Moore. 'iw .WMM-v Fourth Row: Jackie L. Moran, Robert Deno Nich- ols, Garland Q. Ridenour, Ricky Cain Sayle. Ronnie Mac Smith, Claud Lamar Smithey. R119 in , -.sys 'Emp-f 1 imvfmw 'Wi-sf Kan. iff? if NRM-1" .,.....f-f' Fifth Row: Stan E.. Sparks, Gary John Talkin- ton, James S-hipp Triesch- mann, David Earl Walston, Larry Sterling Watkins. Qpmumv' lfl t i I vi.. 'S-.W Study areas in the new men's housing are carefully designed to give the most efficient study and living room possible. Yocum Hall Yoc-um llall. tlu: newest f-uniplelecl aclclitiun to our campus. is a ten story "monst- er" uf concrete antl steel. liuilt at a crust ol appruximately two million clullars. It is named after ,lurlgv llenry Yu:-um of lil llnracln. a long time memlier of tlie Board of Trustees. Having a captivity of live hunclred and fifty men including nine counse- lors, resiflents were well represented on Campus with a freshman senator and mem- lbers in ABC. Civic' Clulw. Cirvle li. and varinus pmfessiurial organizations. 'lllieir sm-ial calc-ntlar nas fillt-cl willi a very sum-cessful Christmas party. mnnernus drop-ins, anfl sew-1'ail were-kc-ml rlances. lieing climaxecl liy tlieir Spring l?Ul'Illill. All in all.. the first year was a gunfl year fur the men of Yocum Hall. OFFICERS Pl'l'5llll'lll ..e.,.,,.. ,N J, e Bruce Switzer Vit-1'-l'rt'sitl1'l1l Tim llavis Svt'l't'lary ,lim Smitli First Row: Lawrence Clayton, Alderman, Jerry Wayne Alexander, Leon C. Anderson, Jr., Tayfun Ari- kan, Harold Avery, Thomas Mick- ey Baher, Alfred W. Bailey, Wil- liam Stanley Bailey. Second Row: Eddie Clifton Bak- er, Jr., Donald Harlin Ball, Jerry Glenn Barnett. Tom Winborn Bar- nett, Ralph Allan Bauer, Charles William Bean, Charles Elmer Bey- erley. .lohn Morris Bilheimer. Third Row: James Boots Bled- soe, Agar Jolm Boogaart, James L. Breese. David K. Brock, Gary Geo. Brodnax, James Edward Burnett, Harry Kingston Burnham, Frede- rick William Bush. Fourth Row: Michael Ernst Cali- cott. James Edwin Call. Ronald Gary Campbell. Vaskell Norman Carter, Jr., William Lesse Castle- b.erry, Lynn Caswell. Ronald E. Chaney, William W. Childs. Fifth Row: James Corbin Clark, James Robert Clark, Gary Edward Claude, Dennis Ray Cochran, Jim Frank Cole, Charles Dean Covey, lll, Rick Allen Cowdrey, Jerry Eugene Crim. Sixth Row: Richard Donald Crossley. Dean Howard Dalton, John Lewis Daugherty, Charles E. Davidson, Timothy Eugene Davis, Wlilliam Clark Daviss, Jr., Tommy Martin Deere, Gerald Leigh De- man. Seventh Row: James A. Dennis, ll, Robert Jon Del'riest, George Wallace Dickinson, Jr.. Rodger Combs Dickinson, Gary Dodd, Donny C. Drake, Thomas Lee Eans, Bruce Wayne Eley. Eighth Row: Frank Leroy Emert, Jr., Ronald Wayne Erich, Harold Sloan Erwin, Tom Wesley Everitt, William Duke Faught, John Ray- mond Faulkner, Johnny V. Fletch- er, Forrest Ford. Ninth Row: Dennis Wayne Fowl- er, Johnny F. Frost. James Alex- ander Garrett, Tom Vic Gates. Daniel Paul Geels, Edgar Lewis Goddard, James W. Gonten, Mar- vin Clarence Good. Tcnlh Row: Haryle L. Greene, Charles Thomas Griffin, James Charles Griffin, James Randall Grigshy, David Andrew Grubbs, Charles R. Gullette, Paul Frank- lin Haberstroh, Larry Walter Hale. Eleventh Row: Danny Lee Hax- ina, Robert T. Harriell, Jr., Rich- ard Lee Harris, Michael Walter Hart, Robert Wayne Hart, William E. Hayes, .loe F. Haynie, Phillip Roy Hays. First Rout: Munty Karl Hender- -un. tl. lfrank Herring. lfdwin Hug- gard. Hunnie Joe Hwlland-worth. Wayland Keith Hullfmay. Marty Eugene Hu-ford. Hrmarel Aaron Hulirtrm. Larry Iluuglax Hudron. Charlef Mivhael Hulen. Sec-om! Row: Daxidwu Herbert Humphrey-. Cary Wayne .lat-kann. john Lester. George lllaude Jerni' gan. III. llaniel Lawrenve .lHl1rwm. Larry Herfhel Juhrr-4111. .lwhnny Charles juhnston, Dirk Jwnes. Harry Dun jones. Third Razr: George William ,Imr- dan. Jr.. Glen T. Kellogg. H-fnald Wayne Kelly, Harold llrnve Kiln- lrruriglr. Jerry Derward King. Dun M. Kinney. Patrivk Hayrmrml Kin- wey. Eduard Mivhael Kmer. ,lainei .Xrnold Lacy. Fourth Row: James Stanley Laird. Willis Aurelius Lea. Jr.. Cary Owen Lee. .larnes Randal Lee. l-i11w1mtl Daniel Lewis. John William Luhrnar. David Ray Luon- ey. Charles George Lurd. Larry Ilan Lnvett. Fifth Roux Robert Morgan Mag- ness, Jr.. Charles Earl Marks. Yir- gil Carrull Martin. jnseplr Cary Martine. Den nis Carl Massey. Cuinn Reese Masfey. Cary Duane Mayfield. Robert Dale Mayo, James E. Mer-Xlister. Sixtlz Razr: Seth H. MvElraney. .lr.. Winstun Tlwnias Mt-Kissiek. Jr.. Harris H. MvNeill. jr.. John Wayne McWilliams. Sydney james McWilliams. .lack Edward Mea- dows. Carl Frank Menyhart. Dun- ald Cene Miller. Edwin Harry Mill- son, Jr. Svzwzlfz Rauf: Rulwert Miltnn. Ernest I.. Klnmly. Jr.. Wayne Thuma- Moore. lfrneat H. Murace. Walter Clyde Moreland. Mark E. Nasnri. lfdxrard Neil Neuherv. Larry Clell lYt'Wt'UllllJ. Philip Newsmn. First Row: Thomas Gray Nor- ton, Hurshcll Wayne 0'Briant, Ken H. Oliver, Gary Eugene' O'Neal, James F. Orintas, Ronald Joseph Orintas, Dale C. Owen, Amos Earl Palmer, Jr. Second Row: Kenneth Thomas Parks, Bob Alan Perry, Ellis La- mar Pettus, James Ray Price, Samuel R. Probasco, IV, Donald Ray Pulford, Homer Allan Rab- john, Larry E. Reddmann. Third Row: E. Smith Reed, Jr., Glen Edward Reed, Walter Neal Reed, George Douglas Regan, James Lee Ridley, Darrell V. Rip- py, J. Nevin Robbins, Thomas Hays Roberts. Fourth Row: William Ralph Rob- inson, Michael McKenzie Roeder, William Joseph Rogers, Richard Lee Rolleigh, Frank Daniel Rorie, John A. Ryles, David Roger Sand- lin, John Robert Saureaman. Fifth Row: Cloyce Wayne Scheer, Robert Charles Schraplan, Lyndell Franklin Scott, Norman Garnett Scott, Hollis Rudell Sei- fritz, Jr., Robert Glenn Serio, James Barton Sikes, Gregory Bruce Simmons. Sixth Row: Joe Ping Sing, Wil- liam Anton Skerczak. Basil Alben Smith, James Dennis Smith, James Wilbur Smith, Edward Thomas Smitherman, Jr.. Eugene Snawder. Rodger Kent Stevenson. Svzwvzlh Row: Rruce Douglas Switzer. George Edward Tenney. Ill, James Logan Tennyson, James J. Thompson, Charles Allen Til- lery, Jackie Carl Tipton, Ronnie Don Tipton, Johnnie Topper. Eighth Row: Robert Edward Troeger, Cecil Ray Tucker, Christy Sven Tullgren, James Wendell Ty- son, Layman Ray Utter, Biron Frank Valier, Henry Clell Varna- dore, Ray Earl Vester. Ninth Row: Gary Adrian Walk- er, Harold W. Vlfatkins, Everett Thomas Webb, Jerry Edward Weblm, Carl Robert Weber, Robert Jones Welborn, Neil Stewart West, Leonard Allen Wiggins. Tenth Row: Ted Lee Wiggins, Lawrence William Wikoff, Willialii Manson Wiley, Jr., Michael Clark Wilkins, John Richard Wilkinson, Carl R. Williams, Jr., Charles Ale- meth Williams, ,James Guy Wil- liams, Jr., Jerry Wallace Williams. Eleventh Row: Robert Clayton Williams, Charles Preston Wilson, Hurtsell Clark Wingfield, Luther Winkle, Jr., Harrell Wallace Wood, Jr., John Robert Wood, .James Ste- wart Woodell, W. I. Woodford, Jr., Larry John Wright. mmm' 7 e 3 55- W!-fm ,, ' fr '96 uf l l Ar' ,X 5 My 3 it V 5 Q 3 ' 1-Q.. 4 Y' A 6 ----.,.. , 4. f, 'Q 5 , 478 rr, W , ,.....Jl""" It only rains between classes. Disregard the KHOG weather report and carry an um- brella. Better yet, if i1's cloudy, cut. W ax if ..... W' X Q06 X 3 X x X A X Su, XX, . v ,l:fa':,zjE:gN. Q5 k mi? A f A Sz W 4, gi fi .2 6 xx I THE I HEX 479 .,.. V ,Af 'h ' i .,. q.f'f, r:v'3,,v'-I it .5 , W f A. .Q . ' -- v . -'ax' .,..' ,.-' ""' -0-- I U mf" L.. 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M hw., Y Y 5sQ,,,i.l' . nat, 4 , -Wm? w'a"""""d' 11 Baird, Azalea Estella. 85, 403 Balch, Benegar, David Samuel, 122 Abbott, Paulana, 121, 457 Abbott, William W., 103 Abdella, Paul Albert, 54, 430 Acheson, Grace Sylvia, 121, 449 Adair, Carolyn Kay, 85, 403 Adair, Edward Forrest, 85, 434 Adair, Oren Frank, 54 Adair, William C., Jr., 82 Adams, Anne Rae, 85, 411 Adams, Byron A., 82, 429 Adams, Camille Corin, 103, 411 Adams, Chester Eugene, 85, 472 Adams, Dave Gary, 54 Adams, David Lloyd, 121 Adams, George Lanson, 103, 466 Adams, Harry Melvin, 121, 463 Adams, Jo Ann, 103, 454 Adams, Joseph Richard, 54, 422 Adams, Judy Kay, 85, 400 Adams, Oliver Lee, Jr., 82, 426 Adams, Susan E., 85, 403 Adams, Virginia Lee, 121, 457 Adamson, John W., 54, 433 Adamson, Julia S., 54, 400 Adcock, Aubrey C., Jr., 85 Adcock, John Reed, 85 Adcock, Kenneth Dean, 121, 463 Adcox, Preston M., Jr., 85, 433 Adkisson, George W., 121, 433 Ahern, Jo Ann, 103, 403 Ahrens. John Thomas, 121, 463 Akers, James N., Jr., 54, 433 Akers, Jean Ann, 103, 399 Akins, Phyllis Anne, 103, 399 Alaniz, Fred Ralph, 121 Albert, David Hubbard, 85, 437 Albin, Richard E., 85, 437 tudent Index Anderson, Dixie Jane, 121 Anderson, Frank, Jr.. 54 Anderson, Gene, 85, 473 Anderson, Leon C., Jr., 121, 475 Anderson, Nina P., 121, 449 Anderson, Robert M., Jr., 121 Anderson. William Charles, Il, 103, 467 Anderson, Woodrow W., 54 Andress, C. L., 111, 103, 425 Angel, Xury Charles, 85 Angeletti, Janelle M., 103, 461 Anglin, Sharon Mae, 54 Angulo, Roberta Luisa, 103, 399 Anthony, Garland, 111, 121, 434 Anthony, James Muse, 54 Anthony, John Philip, 54 Anthony. Marjorie E., 103, 408 Anthony, Anthony, Mary Pamela, 85, 407 Robert Henry, 54, 433 Apple, Garrett G., Jr., 103, 441 Appleton. Nadine E., 85, 400 Archer, Deana Lois, 121, 449 Archer, Julian P. W., 82, 429 Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bainbri Fredric Leroy, 50 Jack Bowman, 121 Sam Ray, 85 William Frank, 54 William 121, 475 dge, James K., 54 Baird, James Louis, 121 Baird, Joan Marie, 121, 457 Bajour, Farouk Ahmed, 54, 442 Baker. Billy Wayne, 54 Baker, Bobby Joe, 54 Baker, Catherine E., 121, 457 Baker, Eddie Clifton, 121, 475 Baker, George Watson, 54 Baker, M. Rosalind, 121, 449 Baker, Mary K., 122, 449 Baker, Nancy, 85 Baker, Paul David, 103 Baker, Ronald R.. 54, 471 Baker, Ruth Ann, 103. 454 Bakker, Harry, 103, 472 Balch. James Harold, 122, 437 Sara Rebecca, 85, 407 Baucom, Linda Sue, 103 Bauer, Ralph Allan, 122, 475 Baugher, Kenny Ray. 103, 429 Baum, William Raymond, 122, 463 Baxley, Allred Leo, Jr., 50 Baxter, Mary Madeline, 55, 404 Beall, John William, 85, tl-'12 Bean, Charles William, 122. 75 Bean, Terry Robert, 85, 442 Beard, Donald Eugene, 85 Beard, Joyce Gullick, 55 Beardall, Willis H., 85, 441 Bearden, Tilman, Jr., 85, 429 Brasley, Alice J., 86, 403 Beaty, Mary Ann, 122, 449 Beaver, Elma Muria, 103 Beavers, Don Edward, 86, 469 Beavers, Mary Kay, 55, 399 Becker Bedell, , Peter Otto, 122, 471 James Kent, 82, 429 Bedell, Margaret Nell, 55, 459 Beene, James Edward, 104, 472 Beeson, Mari Beth, 122, 457 Albrecht, Phyllis M., 103, 404 Albritton, George A., 50 Alderman, Lawrence C., 121, Barlow, 475 Ardemagni, R. M., Jr., 121 Argall, Gerald Leslie, 85, 472 Arikan, Tayfun, 121, 475 Armellini, Toby J., 54 Armstrong, Carolyn K., 121 Armstrong, Margaret C., 85, 411 Armstrong, Patsy Lou, 121, 449 Arnholt, Gara Sue, 121, 449 Arnold, James F., 11, 103. 429 Arnold, Morris S., 85, 438 Arosemena, Luis C., 103, 469 Arrington, Michael E., 121. 463 Arrington, Robert W., 54, 434 Arroyo, Linda Joyce, 103, 446 Arthur, Robert Dudley, 85, 467 Arthurs, William H., 54, 433 Ashlock, Lanny Olen, 85 Asselin, Rex Lee, 103, 466 Atchley, Karen Jeanne, 121, 457 Atherton, Patricia J., 121, 449 Atkins, Howard C., 103, 429 Atkins, Priscilla C., 121. 449 Atkinson, Carolyn B., 54 Atkinson, Dwight W., 121 Baldridge. Judy A., 103. 400 Baldwin, Gene Oren, 54 Baldwin, Walton Leon, 55 Bale, John Hardin, Jr., 122. 431 Balkman, Carolyn Sue. 103, 454 Ball, Brenda Lou, 50 Ball. Donald Harlin, 103, 475 Ball, Joseph Edward, 55 Ball, Patricia Marie, 122, 457 Ballard, Donald W., 85, 472 Ballenger, Anita Ann, 122, 449 Baltz, Albert Felix, 122, 467 Bandy, Maxie Darrel, 1003 Bane, James Harrison, 85, 473 Baney, Carolyn Ann, 103 Banks, John Gordon, 55, 433 Barclay, Kathryn M., 103, 400 Barden, Kathleen, 122, 449 Bardwell, Robert B., 122, 463 Barger, Oscar Boyd, 85 Bariola, Julius, Jr., 55 Bariola, Paul Allen, 85, 417 Barkman, John Danton, 50 Barkman. Sherry, 85 Barksdale, Ronald D., 85. 433 '3 Cail Adkisson 50 Besss, 1 - Beith, David Roy, 104, 430 Belford, Charlotte A., 122, 449 Bell Beverly Jane, 122, 449 Bell Charles A., 50 Bell Delilah Ann, 86, 446 Bell Donald Worthen, 104 Bell Donna Lynn, 86, 407 Bell Bell Bell Bell, Janet Lea, 55 Marion H., 104, 430 Randolph McKee, 122, 430 Richard Lewis, 50, 421 Bell, Robert Lee, Jr., 104, 469 Bell. Samuel Albert, 104, 471 Bell, Sharon Lynn, 104, 399 Bell. Virginia Ann, 122, 449 Beller, Ann Marie, 86, 461 Beller, Gary Walker, 122, 463 Beller, Jackie Lee, 55, 463 Belmont, Thomas V., 104 Bennett, Barbara Ann, 104, 459 Bennett, Charles S., 55, 433 Bennett, Janie K., 104, 400 Bennett, Kenneth B., 55 James Paul, Jr., 85, 471 Alderman, Teddie A., 85, 446 Atkinson, Margaret A., 85 Atkison, Aubert C., Jr., 103 Barnes. Clark Wesley, 50 B.enton. Alexander, Hiram M., 103, 433 Alexander, James E., 103 Alexander, James R., 85 Alexander, James R., 121, 422 Alexander , Jerry W., 121, 475 Alford, Ann Marie, 103, 411 Atwell, Lynnetta Ruth, 54, 390 Atwood, James William, 50, 471 Auffert, Edward Leo, 103. 414 Auffet, John Charles, 121 Ausmus, Janett Joyce, 103, 459 Barron, Alford, Jerome B., 85 Alford, Kay Priddy, 85, 408 Alford, Marian Carole, 54, 400 Allen, Ann Lewis, 121, 449 Allen, Carolyn Joyce, 54, 446 Allen, Charles David, 103, 437 Austin, Austin, Austin Austin, Andrea, 103, 399 Anna Sue, 121 Marilyn J., 121, 459 Mina Jo, 54 Austin, Nathaniel Fay, 103, 433 Austin, Avery, Sharon Ann, 85, 404 Harold, 121, 475 Barnes. Linda Lea, 103 Barnes, Sara E.. 55, 411 Barnett, Alice Mayes, 103, 400 Barnett, Dorothy P., 85 Barnett, Jerry Glen, 122, 475 Barnett, Ortus W., Jr., 50 Barnett , Ronald David, 85 Barnett, Thomas W., 122, 475 Joe Thomas, 103 Bennett, Patricia A., 122, 449 Bennett, Robert P., 104, 469 Bennett, Susan Lee, 122, 449 Benston. James Edwin, 104, 472 Benthal, Arnis Robert. 104 Jane, 104, 400 Benton, Linda Ann, 86, 399 Benton, Susan Linnie, 104, 459 Benz, Alious Thomas, 122 Bequette, Gerald W., 55, 417 Berger, George Albert, 50, 417 Allen, Connie Lee, 121, 457 Allen, Allen Edwin Richard, 103, 473 Glenda E., 103 Allen: Herbert Leroy, 121, 468 Allen, James David, 54 Allen Patricia L., 103, 400 Allen: Robert William, 121,422 Allen, Timothy Smith, 121, 449 Allen Allisdn, Eleanor A., 121 William Howard, 121, 414 Allmon, Nan Clarke, 85, 408 Allured, James Clark, 85 Allured, Robert Alan, 121, 463 Alston, Billy Joel, 121, 463 Althauser, Sarah Jane, 121, 449 Alvarez, John Garcia, 54 Amunsden, Pete Walter, 103, 466 Ayres, John Chambers, 85 Babb, Betty Poole, 85 Babb, Gordon Glenn, 54 Baber, Thomas Mickey, 121, 475 Bacbman, Patsy Ann, 121 Back, Edwin Otis, 121, 463 Backus, John Cline, 103, 434 Bachus, Pamela Kay, 103 Baggett, Delmer Lee, 121 Bagwell, Barbara Kay, 103, 404 Bailey, Alan Jon, 121 Bailey, Alfred William, 121, 475 Bailey, Dorothy F., 121, 449 Barron, Linda Jane, 103, 446 Barry, Carol J., 55 Barry, Louis Bryant, 55, 426 Bartee, Joe Randal, 85. 434 Bartell, Daniel E., 55, 433 Barton, Billy Ray, 84 Barton, James Grover, 85, 433 Barton, Patricia J., 55, 399 Basham, Jenna Carol, 55. 454 Basinger, Margaret K., 85, 454 Baskin. Mary Ann, 103 Bass, Hugh Marshall, 103, 426 Bassett, David S., 103 Bassett, John Leland, 85 Bassett. Lonnie G., 103 Bassham, Robert M., 55 Baswell, Sally Kay, 122, 4-57 Bates, Barbara Gayle, 55, 396 Bates, Robert Dale, 55 Batten. Robert D., 55 Bauch, Judith Ann, 103, 454 Berman, Charles, 122 Bernard. Lynda Sue, 122, 449 Berry, Allen Wright, 104, 463 Berry, Carolyn Jane, 86, 408 Berry, Celia Anne, 122, 449 Berry, David Allen. 86 Berry. Jane Frances. 86, 408 Berryhill, Carlon Ann. 86. 396 Best, James Wiles, 122, 434 Best, Katherine I., 122, 449 Betts, Nancy E., 104, 399 Bevil, George David, 104, 468 Bevis, Jimmy Marion, 104, 422 Beyerley, Charles E., 122, 475 Bicknell, John H., 86, 471 Bigge, Joseph Thomas. 55 Bigge, Marylyn Gail, 86, 461 Bigger, Stephen R., 122. 433 Biggers, Calvin D., 122, 414 Biggs, Michael D., 86 Bigham, Elizabeth Ann, 122, 449 Biles. Robert B.. Jr.. 104, 4111 Billreimer, Joiin M.. 122. 475 Billings, Judie E., 104. 407 Billings, Lewis W., 104. 471 Billingsley, Rolrert T., 104. 46' Bingaman, Stexe E.. 104 Birge. Byron Dexter. 122 Birkhead, Linda Beth. 122. 4-19 Bishop. Judith Ann, 104, 454 Bishop. Kay Ann. 55. 461 Bishop. Roy Clenn. 55 Black, Aline T.. 122 Black, Dale Roger. 122 Black, Henry Titus. 104. 414 Black, Joe T., 104, 473 Black. Richard Corwin. 86 Black, Russell Owen. 104 Blacklock, Owen Earl, 55 Blackwell, Bennie E., 86 Blackwood. Betty L., 86. 449 Blair, Herhert David, 82 Blair. Ralph VV.. Jr.. 55 Blair, Sharon, 122. 44-9 Blake. Rebecca Sue. 122, 1149 Bland, Richard Adrian, 122. 463 Blankenship, Ronald D., 104, -137 Blanz. Rohert Ernest. 122, 463 Blaylock, Brenda Dowe, 86. 461 Blaylock, James C.. 50 Bledsoe, James Boots, 122. 475 Bledsoe, Peter T.. 55 Blevins. Lawrence C.. 86 Blevins. Shirley Jean. 122. 449 Block, Kenneth K.. Jr., 104 Blodgett, Bette Jane. 122, 449 Blodgett, Linda M., 104, 396 Blue, George E., Jr., 122, 463 Blume, Rolrert Hugh, 122, 463 Blythe, Michael T., 55. 471 Blythe, Sharon L., 55, 446 lioal, Dickie Ann, 104. 400 Bohh, Mary Charlotte. 86. 161 Bolain, Edgar William, 122 Boland. Robert Ray, Jr.. 122. 425 Bolinger. Bohliy Gene. 104 Bolls. Barlnara Ann, 104. 451 Bond. David Allen, 55. -163 Bondurant. Charmayne, 86 Bondurant. Richard S., 86 Bone, Ben Bedford. 55. 472 Bones, James Porter. 55. 422 Bonnell. Gretchen M.. 104. 40? Bonnell. Margaret E.. 104. -108 Bonner. Mary Alice, 122 Bonner, Roland Clyde. 122. 467 Boogaart. Agar John. 86. 475 Booth. Darrell Lee, 86 Booth, Suzanne Day. 104, 408 Btltlthe, William C., 55 Borgeson, Wallace R.. 104 Bostick, Clenda Belle, 86. 446 Boswell. Anita Joyce, 122. 449 Boudreaux. Ann Gay, 122. 4-19 Boudreaux, Ray M.. 104, 430 Bourg. Janice Marie. 86. 411 Bowen, Melvin D., Jr., 86 Bowers, Beverly Ann. 10-1-. 401 Bowie, Terry Erost. 122. -422 Bowles. Robert Duncan. 104. 169 Bowles, Sharon Louise. 122 Bowman. Carol E.. 104. -108 Bowman, Jo Anne. 86. 408 Bowman. Larry L.. 104. 471 Bowman, Talhert E., 111, 122 Bowman, Vernon Dean. 104 Boyce, Charles Clay. 86. 430 Boyd, Charles Lauren. 104. 472 Boyd, Don Earl. 86, 434 Boyd, Judith Lee. 55. 411 Boyd, Raymond C.. 55 Boyd. Thomas Sloan, Jr.. 122, 463 Boyer. Jane. 55. 411 Boy- iltillliffl H.. 104, 463 ' fy.-s. Richard Evan, 122 li. .,-ey. Norlyn Gaye. 104. 400 Briley. Jackie Wayne. 86, 438 Britt. Richard Harold, 86 Brittenum. Jon Roger. 104. 473 Brackin. Betty Lajuan. 56.403 Bradford. Sarah A.. 123, 449 Bradley. Erla Kaye. 104. 454 Bradley. Janet Lea. 123, 459 "r Bond" S.. 123 104 Brock. Dax-id 123. 475 Brodnax. Cary George. 123. 475 Brogdon, Martha jo. 123. 457 Brogdon. Sandra Lee. 123. 449 Bromley. Marlene, 123 Bromley. Mary Roberta. 104. .... 86. 399 R.. 56. 414 ara Ann. 86. 407 il. Jacquelyn, 104. 399 Brandon, Wlilliam C., 123 Branigan. Susan M., 56, 396 Brannon, Jenny Jo. 123. 449 Branscum. Herliiy, Jr.. 82 Brashears, Bruce Fred, 123, 463 llrasvell, Luther C., Jr.. 104. 441 Bratcher, Clenn M., 123 Bratlon. Nancy Carol. 123. 459 Bray, Bray. Bray. Bray Gloria Jean, 123, 44-9 Marilyn Flora, 123. 449 Patricia Anne. 123. 449 Patrick Lyle. 123, 463 Brazil, Christopher C.. 104, 437 Brazil. Jim D.. 56. 471 Breedlove. Rohert D.. 86 Breese. James Larry. 123. 475 Breier. Linda Louise. 123. 457 Breit. Barlrara Anne, 104. 400 Bresler, Carole, 123. 449 Brewer. James Oral. 104 Brewer. Judy Dianne. 123. 457 Brewster. Lowell S.. 56 Brian, Susan Kay. 56. 403 Brickey. Ralph Allan. 86 Bridenlhal, Betsy C.. 123. 449 Bridges. Jean Ann. 123, 449 Bridges, John Rohert. 104. 421 Bridgforth, John D., 56. 430 Bright. Jimmy Nelson, 566 407 Brooks, Beverly Jean. 123. 419 Brooks. Carolyn L.. 123. 457 Linda Sue. 123, 449 lilirirltl. Br-ott. Evan Lee. 56 Browd Brown Brown Brow n Brown 6 . Brown, Brown Q r. Joan Yalinda. 123. 119 Billy Don. 104 Charlene. 104. 454 Charles Hugh. 86 Cherry Cingles. 86. 400 Doyle E.. 56 Helen Jane. 56. 403 Brown, James Dwight. 86. 438 Brown. 'lanet Ann. 104. 408 Brown. John Dewayne. 86. -141 Brown. Judy Kay. 86. 403 Brown. Lee Fanning. 86 Brown. Linda Ann. 86. 454 Brown. Margaret Rose. 56 Brown. Mary inn. 104. 461 B ro w n Mary Shannon, 86. 411 Brown. Aliltoli David. 56. 425 Brown. Norma Cette. 104. 404 Brown, Patricia Lee. 56. 408 Brown. Rebecca Ann. 104. 451 Brown, Rohert Foster. 123 Brown, Sara Ann. 123. 449 Brown. Sharon lrene. 123. 457 Brown Brown s -t Susan M.. 104. 403 William Ollie. 123. 463 Brownd, Joseph Eugene. 56. 471 Brownfield. Kay W., 123, 457 Bruce. Catherine Jane, 50 1. Safeguards our youngsters 2. Keeps you out of trouble 3. Warns you of danger 4. Guides you on Federal highways 5. Makes courtesy the rule 6 Means productive jobs for thousands, scientific dis- coveries, vital services to 2 LION 1. ?- 3- Test Your Knowledge of These Familiar Signs... 4. 5- 6- 9 community and nation. Lion Oil Company-a member of the huge Monsanto Chemical family- derives strength from a complex of research laboratories, oil fields here and abroad, 'round-the-clock refineries and chemical plants, 3500 people. These people and these physical re- sources are dedicated to bettering our products and markets-and to the dis- covery of new ones. Look to Lion-major producer of gaso- lines, lubricants, asphalts, and more than 150 other petroleum products for industry and agriculture. I.l0N Oll COMPANY : 1.56.8 UQN Hydrocarbons Division, Monsanto Chemical Company : K4 EL DORADO, Ai-mANsA5 Bruce, Kathryn L., 86, 446 Brudner, Modelle C., 123 Brudner, Robert E., 56 Brudner, William R., 87 Brunner, John A., 87, 434 Brush, Alicia Irene, 123, 449 Brushaber, John Alan, 105 Bryant, Charles W., 56 Bryant, Doris Anne, 105, 4-54 Bryant, Elizabeth Ann, 105, 408 Bryant, Joyce Jan, 123, 449 Bryant, Patrick David, 123, 441 Bryant, Robert L., 50 Bryant, Robert M., 87, 434 Bryant, William A., Jr., 105 Bryniarski, Timothy J., 87 Bryson, Mary Beth, 123, 449 Buchanan. Dorothy J., 105, 446 Buchanan, Jonanthan W., 87, 430 Buchanan, Thomas M., 87, 422 Buck, Jerry Lynn, 87 Buckley, Michael Alan, 105, 434 Buckner, Joel Kenneth, 87, 425 Budd. Joe Kelley, 123, 417 Buehler, Edwin Leo, 87 Buercklin, John A., 105, 441 Buffington, Anna R., 56, 407 Buffington. Michael, 56, 430 Buford, Betty Jo, 105, 407 Buford, Eleanor Joyce, 123, 449 Buford, Kenneth G., 87 Bullard, Lyndle Ray, 87, 4385 Bullock, Richard Boyd, 50 Bunn, Jane Ellen, 56, 45-l Burch. Harold Eugene, 55 Burch, Judith Ann, 87, 4-46 Burdine, Warren Layne, 87 Burford, Ernily Ann, 105, 454 Burford, Houston John, 87 Burge, Dorothy G., 50 Burge, Lloyd Edffer 56 Burge, lllargar Burgess, Judy rx., Burke, Blanche Lot Burke, Charles Gova. Burke, Ronny Lee, 123,' Burke, Thomas B., 56 Burkett. Brenda Gaye. 87, 411 Burks, Roy Kessler, 56, 414 Burleson, Suzanne, 123, 457 Burnett, Carol Jean, 105 Burnett, Charles D., 56, 425 Burnett, George Kent, 123, 463 Burnett, James Edward, 123. 475 Burnham, Harry K., Jr.. 123, 475 Burns, Fred Clay, 87, 422 Burns, Joe Frank, 105, 471 Burns. John Jessup, 87, 438 Burns, Burns, Burris, Lionel Joseph, 87, 425 William Leo, 105, 468 James Walter, 105 Burrough, Larry Henry, 56 Burroughs, Linda Gail, 123, 449 Burrow. Roy Douglass, 50 Burrow Bursey, . Sallye Sue. 123, 449 Walter Eugene, 123, 463 Burson, John Millsap, 87, 463 Burson, T. O., 105 Bushmiaer, William D., 56 Jusick, Michael F., 56 dussell, James L., 87 Butcher, Halla Jean, 105, 403 llutler, Sandra M., 123, 439 Butt, Essie Faye, 123, 449 Butt, John Edward, 82 "' tt, Joseph Lloyd, 105, 4.22 rt, Tom King, 105, 434 ixton, Charles G., 123, 422 num, Beverly Jean, 87, 400 num, Kenneth Jon, 87, 437 iynum, Ronald Orr, 124, 426 Byrd, Judy Elaine, 105, 407 Cagle. Jerry Lee, 87 Cain, William Jason. 57, 417 Caldwell, Catherine E., 124, 449 Calhoon, .lulian D., 105, 463 Calhoon, Ken Freeman. 105, 434 Calhoon, Andrew M., Jr.. 87, 430 Calico, Nancy Louise, 105 Calicott. Michael E., 124. 475 Call, James Edwin, 124, 475 Callahan, Helen V., 124. 449 Callahan, Rebecca A., 87, 399 Callahan, Rodger A.. 105, 467 Callan, Ronald W., 87, 437 Callan, William J., 87, 472 Callaway, Don Frank, 57, 433 Campbell, David W., 57, 432 Campbell, Gary Wade, 50 Campbell, James R., 124, 438 Campbell, Johnny B-., 87 f' rpbell. Julius Burl, 57 rpbell, Kenneth W., 105 Campbell, Michael Jon, 124, 418 Campbell, Ronald Gary, 124, 475 Canaday, Betty Anne, 57, 408 Canerday, Charles S.. 87 Canerday, Shirley Ann, 57 Cannon, Linda Jane, 121, 446 Card, James Vincent, 87. 463 Cardin, Tommy Wayne, 105, 425 Cargile, Robert Larry, 87. 429 Carl, Barbara June, 105, 411 Carl, Paula Marie, 124 Carlson, Sue Ellen, 124, 457 Carlton, George Read, 105, 422 Carmack, Wanda Lou, 124 Carney, George Riley, 57, 414 Carney, James Ronald, 57, 414 Carolan, Donald J., 105, 463 Carpenter, Ronda Jill, 124, 457 Carr, Philip Robert, 124, 434 Carroll, Carol Ann, 57, 454 Carroll, Susan M., 105, 407 Carrothers, Nile M., 57, 434 Carruth, Joseph T., 124, 463 Carson, Richard C., Jr., 57, 433 Carte, Sally Raylene, 105, 454 Carter, Carter s Austin Eugene, 57 Carol Ann, 87, 404 Carter, Faye Ann, 105, 446 Carter, Frank Lyle, 87, 417 Bumpass, Leonard E., 123, 463 Burton. James Darrell, 123, 434 Callaway, Elsie L., 105. 454 Carter James Artis, 105, 469 Bumpers, Bonnie C., 87. 408 Burton, James David, 87, 430 Callaway, Jean, 124, 449 Carter, Jerry Dee, 82 Bunch, David Larkin, 123, 463 Burton, James Edward, 87, 417 Calvert, William Dale, 87, 425 Carter, Leslie Carl, 124, 417 Bunch, Mary Carolyn, 105. 454 Burton, Lyndon D., 105, 472 Cameron' Laura Alice, 37' 446 Carter Max Edward, 57 Bunge, Carole B., 123, 449 Burton. Percy D., 105 Cameron, Ronald jyfml-6, 124, Carter, Michael C., 57 Bunger, Douglas Allen, 105 Bush, Frederick W., 123, 475 433 Carter, Nancy Rhea, 124, 449 Bunn, Donald Rae, 56 Bush, John Verniel, 123, 465 Campbell, Allen Wayne. 87 Carter Patricia Ann. 124, 449 I :zz i ,:.::::.:'..E 'ill 5 if: if iliiil llilflfffi if f?2 if25225esg.,5,,,,,,,,,,,iE?5E2ixflghu .,.... , F I II . V ,... EE: Pzzzzgzgi ll M ll TIONAL BA OF EL DORADO MEMBER FEDERAL Rsssnvz sys-rem AND Fzosnu. o:Posl'r :INSURANCE C0RP0RA""0N Carter. R. Dayid, 87 Carter, Sandra Sue, 57. 446 Carter, Thomas Faye, 105 Carter, Vaskell N., 105. 475 Carter. William G., Jr.. 105. 414 Carter. Zonia. 57 Cartwright, William '1'.. 124, 463 Cz. rver. Michael A.. 87 Cary. Bob Ed. 57 Cary. Pamela Joyce. 124. 449 Case. James C.. 105, 4-38 Casey, Patricia Ruth, 105. 403 Casey. Williattt Robert, 105, 463 Cash, Annabelle Robin, 124. 457 Cash. Larry lirough. 57 Cassell. Harry D., 87 Cassil, Donald Rodney, 124, 429 Caster. George Kara, 87 Castleberry. James T., 50 Castleberry, V. M., 105 .Archie C., 105 109 Castleberry. William. 124, 475 C. .aswell. Ernest Lynn, 124, 475 Cate, Frances Maude, 124, 457 Catlett, Helen E.. 124, 449 I. Candle 1. 1. I. audell. Nancy C., 105. 454 Chambers. David Hall, 103. 167 Chamblin. Jack D., 105, 4.37 Chambliss, Carrol G., 57 Chance. Catherine. 57, 400 Chandler. Frederick R.. 105. 472 Chandler. James Lloyd. 87 Chaney, Ronald E., 124. 475 Chapman, Barbara H.. 87 Chapman. Jack W., Jr.. 105. 414 Chapman. Richard W., 124. 438 Chapman. Yvilliam N.. 121. 473 Chase, Gail Mary, 87, 461 Chase. Larry Jean, 50 Chastain, Robert S.. 105. 438 Cherry, Charlotte F.. 57. 400 Cherry. Frances Anne. 105, 416 Childress, Diana, 124. 457 Childress, Ernest G., 57 Childs, William W., 124. 475 Chiles. Russell B., 87 Christ, Paul Michael. 87 Christensen, Edward .l.. 106 Christiansen, Carol. 50 Chudy, Frank Lynn, 106 Churchill, Retty Jo, 87. 411 Cina, Carol Louise. 106. 399 Clam wit. Harry Paul. 87. 4-71 avaness, avaness, aveness. Kerry L., 57 Rubye E., 57 Ronnie G., 105. 473 Lawood, Georgine R.. 57 Cearley, John S., 124-, 434 Cecil. Richard Lee, 105 Center, Esther Jane, 57, 404 Center, Hugh A., 105 Cerniglia. George E., 124. 441 Chadick. Charles H., 124, 430 Chadick. Stanley R.. 50 Chaffin, Jerry Ray, 124, 463 Chaffin, Larry Dale. 105, 438 Chamberlain, Jerry W., 105. 468 - l Clark. Billy Edward. 87. 422 Clark, David Alan. 57 Clark , David Lovell, 57 Clark. James Corbin, 106. 475 Clark. James Robert, 12-l. 475 Clark, John David, 106. 429 Clark, Kenneth Jay, 106 Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark . Larry Randall. 57 , Marsha. 124. 449 , Michael Sharon. 106. -14-6 . Rex Lee, 57, 421 , Sarah Frost, 87. flll . Stephen Lee, 87. 472 Claude. Gary Edward. 121. 475 Clay. William Walter. 57. 473 Clayton. Bert D.. Jr.. 124, 422 Cleavengzer, Martha L.. 106. 411 Clem. Jerry Edward. 106. 422 Clem, Phyllis Kay. 124. 449 Clements, Paul K.. 87. 467 Cleopa. Neoptolemos, 50 Clift, Ralph McKinney, 106 Clifton. John Lynn. 87 Clinehens. Dorothy L.. 106 Clinton, Margaret E., 106. 408 Clinton. Patsy Ann, 106, 411 Cloer. James Richard, 57 Clothier. Constance J., 106. 454 liltrytl. Helen C.. 50 Clubbs. Roger Clyde. 87. 467 Cluff. Jerry Dean, 87. 429 Coljll. Rebecca Gayle, 106. 454 Coccia, Mildred Marie, 87, 446 Cochran. Dennis Ray, 124. 475 Cochran, Franklin H.. 87. 414 Cochran, Nancy Sharon. 87, 411 Coe, Marinell. 87. 408 Cofer. Richard Lyn, 124. 430 Coffield, James R., 106. 425 Coffman. Alice Ann. 58. 400 Coffman. Mary Portia, 58. 446 Cogburn. Elton Edwin. 121, 475 Cogbttrn, Onis J., 58 Coger. Doris Ann, 58. 399 Cohen. Edward M., Jr., 106 Cohen, Margaret M., 124. 449 Coker. James Edward. 106 Coker, John R.. Jr.. 124 Colay. Mabel Jo. 87, 403 Colbert, Loretta Lee. 58. 446 Colbert. Vada Kay, 87. 461 Colburn. Jerry E., 124, 418 Colby, Linda Margaret. 58. 399 Colclasure, Rruce M., 87. 429 Cole. Charles E., Jr., 88. 434 Cole. Charles Rex. 88. 472 Cole. Charles Russell. 88 Cole. James lryin. 88 Cole, Jim Frank, 124. 475 Cole. Mary Sue, 88. 454 Cole. Patsy June. 58. 459 Coleman llruce Wayne. 58. 421 Coleman Carol Beth. 124. 457 Coleman Floyd R.. 88 Coleman George R.. Jr.. 124. 437 Coleman Jack Goodwin. 106. 4-29 Coleman Coleman Coleman Coleman. , 408 Kathryn L.. 124. 449 Michael D.. 106. 433 Sue Ellen. 58. 408 Tommie Lou. 88. Collins. James Robert. 106. 471 f.0ll1IlF.J0 Anna S.. 58 Collins Colvin. tfontan. Linda Jane. 58. 407 Greene R.. 82. 111 Julia Ann. 106. 454 Combs. Herbert Alden. 88 Combs. Janice Annette. 106 Combs. Nathan Lewis. 88 Comstock. Graydon E.. 88 Conditt. Jamie Hudson. 58. Condray. Ansel Lynn. 58. 442 Condren, Stewart M., 58 Conje. Ambrocio M.. Jr.. 50 Commell. James M.. 106 Conner. Paul. 124. 473 Connolly. Joseph P.. 88 Connor, Jack B.. 50 Connor. John Paul. 50 Conrad, Robert Herman. 124, 463 Conti. Grazia Gina. 84 Cook, Bill Dennie. 106. 463 Cook. Carole Ann. 58. 454 Cook. Dorothy Jean. 58 STEPHENS, Inc. Inv stment Bankers Jack T. SlC'tDltCft'1, Premdent Vernon J. Gris., Vtct- Pre-ode 'int and Secretary-Treasurer George VV. cSl4C'tf'lOlJ Diflexi, Vice President lvlttrrello Walltinr., Vit Q Pct-aldcnt Ernest Bullet' Jr., J. Bryan Simi. Jr.. Cll:'lll"". A, Hr-mann Jr., Ami-.tant SeCtetary.Tr-eagto-gr Royrnoncl H. J-ltOI'l'1lftF1 Jr., As'.i:.lonl Sectolnry' Roy C, ltnttcr Jr., William Diclcey, l'l. Doyle Jones, Jim Foster, Don McNeill, Sem Robinson Jug. Arthur Clo',ton, Robert Gif.-1. Bob Copeland. Jim Ghrley, Jon Jacoby Stephens Bldg. ll-4 Eost Capitol Ave. Little Rock, Ark. Cook, Joseph Lister, 82 Cook, Orval Lee, 106, 473 Cook, Roger Curtis, 106, 468 Cook, Sarah E., 124, 454 Cook, Vera Joe, 124, 449 Cook, Warren Chester, 88 Cook, William H., Jr.. 124 Cook, William R., Jr., 88, 422 Coop, Carole, 53, 407 Cooper, Gary Max, 58 Cooper, Georgia Ruth, 58 Cooper, James N., 58, 414 Cooper, Jerry Dewayne, 88, 463 Coots, Joseph E., Jr., 88, 438 Copeland, Donald Ray, 125, 417 Copeland, Glenda Jean, 125, 449 Copeland, Larry Gene, 88 Coppeans. Walter A., 88, 463 Corbin, Charles T., 125, 430' Corbin. Donald Louis, 82 Corbin, Rel B., 106, 414 Corley, Robert M., 106, 426 Cornelius, James E., 82 Cornish, Gerald Lavon, 88, 425 Cornwell, Michael R., 106, 425 Cornwell, Scarlett, 58, 400 Corrington, Betty L., 125, 449 Cosand, Larry Dean, 125 Cosgrove, Dale G., 88, 414 Cosmus, Susan, 88, 407 Cossey, Carolyn Nell, 125, 449 Coston. Wendell Ray, 50 Cotten, Webster T., 58, 442 Council, Mary Nancy, 125, 449 Courtney, David Tyree. 106 Courtney. Maurice H., 58 Covey, Charles D., 111, 106 475 Cowan, Donald E., Jr., 106, 471 Cowdrey, Rick Allen. 125, 475 Cowie, Robert G., 58 Cox Cox Charles Foster. 106, 425 Danny Joe, 106, 414 Cox David Stanley, 58 Cox Forrest W., 58 Cox John Charles, 88, 466 Cox, Myra E., 58, 403 Cox sey, Cynthia Lee, 58, 403 Cozart, D'on B., 106 Crabb, Maryin Dewey, 125 Crafton, James Reed. 125, 463 Craig. Jessa Kaye, 88 Crain, Joe T., 58, 422 Crain, John Atkins, 106. 434 Crawford, R. S., 111, 125, 463 Creekrnore, James R., 58 Creel, Helen Morris, 88 Creel, Susan E., 125, 457 Creighton, Warren, Jr., 58, 414 Crim, Jerry Eugene, 125, 475 Crimmins, N. Paige, 88, 461 Criscuolo, Betty Fern, 125 Crook, Frederick Leo, 59, 438 Crook, Mary Frances, 125, 449 Cross, Linda Sue, 125, 454 Crossett, Nancy Lee, 106. 399 Crosskno, Harold Leon, 88. 438 Crossley, Richard D., 125, 475 Croswell, Lonnie Joe, 125, 663 Crouch, Eugene Ladner, 88, 433 Crouse, Judy Leora, 88, 396 Crowe, Bobby Michael, 106 Crownover, Carol J., 106 Croxton, Alvyn Gail, 59, 437 Crum, James William, 59 Crumpton, Herbie Lynn. 59 Cruse, Michael Lee. 59, 433 Crutchfield, Jeanie A., 88 Crutchfield, Martin, 59 Cuan, Jorge, Jr., 106, 466 Culbertson, Carolyn, 59, 399 Cullum, Edward L. Fox, Jr., 88, 434 Cummings, Sandra E., 59 Cupples, Barbara L., 106, 404 Cupples, Patricia Sue, 88, 404 Curry, Charles Lee. 106, 414 Curry. Elaine Mildred, 106, 399 Curry, James Dykes, 88 Curtis, Harrell Lewis, 59 Curtis, James T., 59, 437 Curtsinger, Wayman D., 59 Cushing, Cheryl Lynn, 125, 457 Czarowitz. Carol Ann, 125. 449 Dabney, Sandra Kaye, 125, 449 Dafashy, Wagih G., 84 Dailey, Dalton J., Jr., 59 Dalmasso, Joseph Paul, 106, 466 Dalton. Dean Howard, 125, 475 Dalzell, Jeanne Fran, 59 Dandridge, Diana Dawn, 125, 449 Darnell, John Edward, 82, 429 Darnell, Ronald Lee, 125 Darr, Charles Edward, 125, 463 Darr, James Earl, Jr., 106, 434 Daugherty, Joe David, 88, 418 Daugherty, John Lewis, 125, 475 Daugherty, Richard L., 59 Daugherty, William S., 88, 430 Daunis, Georgiann E., 125, 449 Davenport, Lawrence. 59, 437 Davenport, Mable Lee, 125, 457 Daves, Joe Paul. 125. 473 David, Dixie Ann, 125, 449 David, Thomas Leroy, 125 Davidson, Charles E., 125, 475 Davidson. Jack li.. 88. 414 Davidson, Jerry Frank, 59 Davies, Ann, 88, 400 Davies, James, 59. 111 Davis Bobbie Jean, 125 Davis, Carlton Elmer, 59 Davis, Daniel Patrick, 59 Davis, Fred Larry, 125, 463 Davis, Freddie D.. lll, 106, 433 Davis, Helen Ruth, 106, 454 Davis, James Edward, 125, 463 Davis, Jerry Herbert, 125, 473 Davis, Joe Ann, 88, 446 Davis, Joe Robert, 88 Davis Kenneth B., Jr., 50 Davis, Leo Carson. 88 Davis. Lina Jean, 125. 449 Davis, Mary Frances, 125, 449 Davis, Moffett Ronald. 59 Davis. Nancy Jane, 106, 404 Davis Thomas Odell. 59 Davis, Tomy L., 59 Davis Vicki Lynn, 125, 449 Daviss, William C., Jr.. 125. 475 Crain, Crain. Regina Rae, 106, 404 William Steve, 82 Crandall, Walter M., 106, 471 Cranford, Sandra Sue, 58, 446 Crank, Robert Hughes, 125, 463 Cranston, Kenneth D.. 88, 441 Craun, Carol Ann, 125 Crawford, Donnie Dean, 106 Crawford. Gary Lynn, 125, 463 Daniel Daniel Daniel , Al Jennings, 88, 463 , Anne E., 125, 449 , Charles, Jr., 59, 473 Daniel, Harriet E., 88, 408 Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel , Heather Ann, 59 , Nancy Louise, 106, 454 , Patricia K., 106, 446 s, Betty Sue, 106, 461 Dawson, Amanda P.. 59. 399 Day, Grace Dianne, 88, 396 Day, Sue Ellen, 125, 457 Dayton, Robert Edward, 106 Deaderick, David E.. 88, 430 Deaderick, Michael R.. 59. 430 Dean, Gary James. 107, 433 Dean, Karen llise, 59. 404 Deane, Ora Frances, 88. 407 Deardorff, John David. 59 Dearien, Virginia Lea. 125. 457 Dearing, Linda Carole, 125, 449 Deartlr, Cynthia Jane, 125. 449 Debow, Dwight Arles, 88 Debusk, Paul Henry, 88 Declerk, Robert A.. 88. 433 Dedman, Sheila M., 59 Deere, Joan Irene, 107, 461 Deere, Thomas M., 111, 125. 475 Deitz, James Allen, 125 Delaney, Patricia G., 125, 449 Deman, Gerald Leigh, 125. 475 Denham, Carolyn Sue, 125, 457 Dennis, Harold H., Jr., 107, 68 Dennis, James A., 11. 125. 475 Denton, Connie Ann, 125, 449 Denton, John Elan, Jr., 107, 472 Dspriest. Phillip P., 88, 469 Depriest. Robert Jon. 125, 475 Desalvo, R. Vincent, 107, 468 Deskin, Geraldine F., 59 Devault, Billy Ray, 88 Device, Philip Lynn, 125. 463 Dew, Leon A., 111, 88, 429 Dewill, Larry Eugene, 125 Dewitt, Michael Lee. 107. 422 Dewolfe, Caroline M.. 107. 454 Dibbern, Dieter, 50 Dick. Martin D., Jr., 88 Dickerman, Diane A., 107, 446 Dickey, Donn O., 89 Dickinson, G. W., Jr., 125, 475 Dickinson, Nan Ellen, 107, 408 Dickinson, Rodger C., 126, 475 Dickinson, Tommy Joe, 126, 417 Digby, Charles Henry, 89 Digby, Karen, 107 Dildy, Loy Daniel, 107 Dildy, Margaret Ellen, 107, 407 Dill. Jerry Edward, 59 Dillahunty, David H., 107, 438 Dillahunty, John H., 107 Dillard, Donald DL. 59 Dillard, Johnny E., 107 Dilliard. P. Frances, 59. 404 Dimmit, Larry Wendol, 107 Dixon, David Hugh. 89 Dixon. Jerry Donald, 107 Dixon, Wanda Fern, 84 Dober, David Kern. 60, 437 Dockery, George L., Jr., 107 Dodd. Gary Owen, 107, 475 Dodd, Mary Bell, 107, 411 Dodd, Nathan Leland, 107 Dodd, Rebecca Ellen, 126, 457 Dodgen. Margaret Jean, 126, 459 Dodgen, Sarah Alice, 107, 461 Dolan, Joseph M., 107, 463 Dolan, Patrick T., 126, 463 Doland, Deborah Ann, 126, 449 Dollins, Lana Kay, 107, 411 Donahue, Mary Nell. 89, 457 Donnell, Billy Carl, 60, 438 Dorman. Jimmy Lynn, 126 Dorre. James Edwin. 60 Dorre, Thomas Otto, 126 Dorris, Darrell G.. 126, 463 Dortch, Dorothy E., 107, 454 Doss, Norma Jean, 126, 457 Dotson, X., 82 Dou Dou Dou las las las Donald Wayne, 60 Marion D.. Jr., 89, 422 Marshall A., 89, 422 Crawford, Lamar S., Jr., 106, Daniels, James Ronnie, 106, 425 Denker, Mary K., 125. 449 Dou 1215 NHHCY M-. 60 425 Daniels, Mona Carol, 59, 454 Denney, Denese. 107, 454 DDU 1215, Troy R21ViS, 89 5 Court Street KIDDER INSURANCE Established for over 35 yeors Fort Smith 77 of America's 500 largest industrial COI'1TOI'3tiO1lS now in Arkansas are Creating new Career 0PPO1'tll11itiCS Allir-4l l:ll"lI1l4'Lll lfnrpuruliull Aluminum llnlnlmxny nl 'XlIl4'l'll'1l .'Xr1wri1'ul1 Can lllllllliillly 'xlIl1'l'l4'dIl Lyzllmlxllnl Lulllplxlly 'xll14"I'll'.lll xldl'lllII4'.lll1l lsnumlrx HIIIIIIIJIIN ,-Xrmuur unml 41-mnpully li.-mls Brntln-r 14.4311-.mpauw llurllvn llllllllbillly HUFPI-XXLIFIIVFl,llflI1ll'1lll0ll lirfmn Slum- ffmnpum. lmwvrpnmtn-al Burlingtnn lmluslru-s. lm'nrpwrnlvcl liamplwll Sump KH-lnp.nny lialxnpln-Il 'l'ug1g1url .Xssm-ml:-ul li.nku'l'i4-- lm-urpf-mlml 4I.m.1.I.1 Ury flnljnfrulimn ll-nlral SUYJ llmnpgnm. lm-urpuruin-al 1,1114--. 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Eugene, 107 Downs, Jay Franklin, 50 Doyle, Lynn C., 60 Doyle, Theda Kathleen, 60, 399 Drake, Donny George, 126, 475 Drake, Linda, 126, 449 Draki, Abdul Wadaud, 84 Draper, Marjorie Kay, 126, 457 Drazsnzak, Jacques S., 60 Drew, Daniel T., Jr., 126, 430 Drummond, Sandra Jean, 126, 457 Dubbell, Paul J., 89, 426 Dubiner, Dannalee. 89, 407 Duckett. William D., 60, 472 Dudney, Blonie Wayne-, 107, 438 Duijker. Habrect A., 84, 441 Duke, Charles Ray, 84 Duke, James Albert, 89 Dulin, .lack Lee. 60 Dulin, Lucy Kay, 107, 411 Dumas, John Medford, 126. 429 Dunavant, Jimmy F., 107, 422 Duncan, Ceorgena D.. 107 Dunham, Doug Howard, 89, 437 Dunkle, James Allan, 60, 425 Dunlavy, Orene Lee, 126 Dunn, Lila Lea, 107 Dunn, Ronald Ulice, 60 Dunn, Ronnie Nelson, 89, 434 Dunn, Stewart Ames. 126, 422 Dupree, John B.. 126 Durden, Robert R., 89, 430 Durham, Charles B., 107 Durham, Jimmy Ray, 60, 472 Durrett, Chadd Edward. 89, 425 Dusenberry, Charleen, 126, 457 Duvall, Mary C., 107, 454 Dyer, Coy Randall, 126, 463 Dyer, Harold Wayne, 107 Dyer. James Richard, 126 Dyer, Joe Robert, 60 Dyer, Kathryn Leanna, 107, 446 Dyer, Tommie Carol, 107, 446 Eagleso n. Ellen Marie, 126, 457 Eans, Thomas Lee, 126, 475 Earl, John Charles, 126, 422 Earls, Linda Ann, 126 Eason, Roger L., 89 Eason, Suzanne Ahrens, 89 East, Thomas Collier, 126. 434 Easterli Ebbert, Eberle, ng, Howard. Jr., 60 William E., 126, 475 Jean Frank, Jr.. 107 Eckel, Charlotte Ann, 89, 408 Eddy. Carolyn Elaine, 107 Eddy, Ronald Earl, 60 Edmondson, Gayle Ann. 107, 411 Edmondson, Nancy L., 107. 454 Edward s, Barbara Ann, 60. 454 Edwards, C. Elaine, 60. 407 Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward s, Frederick K., 89' s, James J., 89, 471 s. Jim Ray, 107, 421 s, Jimmie Ray, 126, 438 Edwards, Joanna P., 89 Edwards, Macon Daniel, 126 Edwards. Marcia Anne, 107, 408 Edwards, lVlarilyn R.. 60 Edwards, Patricia Ann, 126, 449 Edward s, Richard 89, 437 Edwards, Richmond S., 126 Edwards, Robert C., Jr., 50 Edwards, William H., H, 107, 437 Egger, Patricia, 89, 446 Egleston. Clem Pat. 126, 463 Eilbort. Gerry Lee, 89, 408 Ekman, Sandra L-ee, 126, 449 Eley, Bruce Wayne, 126, 475 Elfter, Thomas Perry, 89, 426 Elkins, Cary Lee, 60, 434 Elkins, Linda Kay, 126 Elkins, Ron Theron, 60, 418 Ellebrecht, Juanita M., 89 Elledge, Everf-tt W., 89, 471 Elliott, Charles W., 107, 463 Elliott, Dana Elaine, 126. -157 Elliott, John lf.. 126, 463 Elliott, John Nlilton, 107, 429 Elliott, .lohnna E., 126, 457 Elliott, Judith S.. 126, 449 Elliott, Nelson lj.. lil, 89, fl-71 Elliott, Patricia D., 89, 411 Elliott, Virginia C., 126, 457 Elliott William R., 126 Ellis, James Earl, 60 Ellis. Jane, 107, 454 Ellis, Jane Page, 126, 449 Ellis. Joann, 126, 449 Ellis, Judy Patricia, 107, 403 Ellis, Leslie Kay, 126. 449 Ellis, Linda Sue, 60. 404 Elmer, Robert F.. 89 Erwin, Harold Sloan, 126, 435 Erwin, Mary Donna, 126, 449 Erwin, Stanley Lee, 89, 466 Eskew, Bruce Doyle, 89 Linda Louise, l07, 454 Eskue, Espy, Cary Louis, 107 Estes, Kirby Lee, 89 Estes, Norma Sue, 107. 461 Etien, Robert A., Jr., 89, 425 Etoch, Kathryn M., 89, 461 Eubanks, Clifford Lee, 51 Evans, Carolyn Joyce. 107 Evans. Charles E., 60 Evans, David Michael, 60, 426 Evans, Evans, Edward Ray, 60 Cary Fletcher, 107, 5122 Evans, Georgie Lee. 107 Evans, Jones Douglas, 107 Evans, Linda Lou, 89, 408 Evans, Sharon Joy, 89, 454 Evants, Lois Ann, 126, 449 Everet t, Frances J., 107. 446 Everett, Ronald E.. 89 Everitt, Thomas W., 107, 475 Evin, Anne, 84, 454 Ewing, Diane Harriet. 126, 449 Elrod, Diane, 60, 403 Emanuel, Denton Carl, 89, 471 Embry, Ronald Cene. 89. 442 Entert, Frank Leroy. Jr., 126, 475 England, Elaine Nlary. 126. 449 England, James Roger. 126, 463 Engskov. Paul K., 126, 414 Enis, John Howard, 60 Ennis, Andrew Loog, 107, 396 Eoff, William R.. Jr.. 60. 433 Epeis, James F., 89. 422 Epley, Alan David, 126 Erickson, Lloyd R., Jr.. 51 Ernst, Dorcas Ann. 126 Erstine, Robert F., 126, 425 imes have changed . . . Your partner in Security Ezell, Richard Ivy, 60, 425 Faddis, Janice Elaine, 89 Faddis, Joe David, 107 Fairchild, Robert S., 89, 437 Fairhead, John M., Jr., 126, 463 Fairhead, Michael P., 89, 467 Falk. Lyn Dieter, 107, 454 Fallen. Ray Harlan, 126, 463 Falls. .ludith Karen, 60, 404 Fant, Don L., 89, 472 the "new image" of Arkansas is dramatically unfolding. With this heartening reappraisal of Arkansas as an attraction for new businesses and industries there follows an unprecedented opportunity for graduates to pursue careers in Arkansas and share in its promising future. l First Pyramid Life has, for a third of a century, demonstrated faith in our state through its investment program and urges graduates to consider the ever-expanding potentialities of careers in a growing Arkansas. """'+.-., . PX 29' l 5'-ix f 1 'S f N i If 'Z fi ,J hw. ,ff X K R I I, x ,ik E-S., '---'-- - , I Q' L W2 f . 'X X' 'V fl' in Qfffi :- X i 5 W W ri ' 'f H X 1 ,fx W ' Q H ,XIX ' K' it i X 1 W 'iam' i x 4 41. ji, H f - ' J ' M A X , X, ' J! ,f .1 g X ' Xa .ir " ' H " We at Potlatch are learning, too! Today's graduates represent a new generation of customers for wood and wood products. We at Potlatch realize that you will never be satisfied with some of the products of the past. You will demand exciting new products. We intend to provide them! Our research departments are working overtime. Our entire organization - from craftsmen in our mills to salesmen in the field - are working hard to develop many wonderful new wood products for you. We want your generation, like generations past, to say: "Look to Potlatch for EVERYTHING in lumber." POTLATCH FORESTS, INC. Gvnvnil OHM i-Q LEVVISTON, IDAHO BRADLENPSOUIHLRN DIVISION, WARREN. ARKANSAS Fant, Jane, 89 Fant, Jimmy Donald, 89 Farber, Sharon Kaye, 126, 457 Faris, Jamie Ann, 89, 396 Faris, Renay Michel, 60' Farmer, Sallye Joel, 107, 461 Farquhar, Thomas E., 108, 414 Farquharson, Willie, 108, 461 Farrar, Dolores Ann, 60, 411 Faught, William Duke, 127, 475 Faulkner, John R., 127, 475 Favor, Freddie Gene, 60, 426 Fears, James David, 89 Fee, Mary Elizabeth, 127, 449 Feimster, James Roy, 127, 463 Feland, Armstead M., TV, 89 Felker. Gary Vernon, 89, 475 Fellirger, Bettye Lou, 61, 404 Feltch, Milton L., Jr., 61, 441 Felton, H. Max, 61, 425 Fender, Marilyn, 127, 449 Fendley, Sara Jo, 89, 450 Ferguson, Ferguson, 450 Ferguson, Ferguson Ferguson, Ferguson Alan C., 61 Brenda Kay, 127, James G., 111, 89 Nancy, 127, 450 Richard M., 89, 467 Terecia, 108, 446 Ferreira. Da Silva M., 84, 400 Ferrell, Rita Susan, 108, 399 Ferrill. Helen C., 61. 403 Ferrill, Jane F., 127, 450 Ferstl. James Henry, 89 Fetzek, Terry Jean, 89, 407 Field Field Field Field Field Fikes Fikes , Elizabeth B., 127, 450 s, Alicia Grace, 127, 450 s, Linda Joyce, 61 s, Sarah Ann, 108, 404 s. Warren Lester, 61 , Conley Wayne, 89, 472 , Horace J., Jr., 108 Fikes, Lawrence, 90, 430 Fikes, Linda Fay, 127, 450 Filiatreau, Charles L., 61, 426 Fincher, Paul James, 90, 467 Finck, Stanley Gene, 51 Fine, James O., 90' Finefield, Michael F., 90 Finger, Jane, 127, 450 Finger, Nicki Ann, 90, 461 Fink, Albert Edward, 61 Fink, Lois Yvonne, 90 Finley, Chester Don, 661 Finley, Patricia Ann, 108, 454 Finley, Patricia Jean, 127, 454 Finn, Frankie E., 108 Finn, Richard James, 127 Fipps, Glenn Dale, 90, 463 Fish, Joseph Freeman, 61 Fish, Nancy Reed, 61 Fisher, E. Patrick, 61, 469 Fisk, Roy Joe, 61 Fitton, David E., III, 127, 429 Fitzg Fitz Fitz i cf F11Zg erald, Allen S., 108, 463 erald, Donald K., 82 erald, Kay, 61, 403 erald, Rose L., 90, 411 Fitzhugh, Vernon E., 108 Flanagan, Jerry Don, 127 Fleischmann, George P., 127, 463 Fleming, Carole Ann, 108, 454 Fleming, James E., Jr., 108, 429 Fleming, Jerry Wayne, 90 Fleming, Robert Ray, 127 Fletcher, Brenda K., 108, 399 Fletcher, John Karl, 90' Fletcher, Johnny V., 90, 475 Fletcher, Mary L., 61, 403 Fletcher, William F., 90 Fletcher, William J., 108, 422 Flocks, Larry Louis, 90 Flocks, Robert Cole, 90, 471 Flora, Sue Ann S., 90 Florer, Arthur Leon, 127 Flowers, Frances Kay, 127, 450 Floyd, Johnny Bruce, 61, 468 Floyd, Laura Lee, 127, 457 Fogg, Bess Beasley, 51. 403 Fogg, John Sidney. 90, 422 Foltz, Doris Janette, 127 Fong, Gerald Wayne. 127, 463 Ford, Donald Henry, 90 Ford, Forrest, 108, 475 Ford, Katie Marie, 108, 454 Ford, Virginia May, 108 Foreman, Tarana Gene, 90, 403 Formby, Ronnie Jim, 90, 471 Forrester, Mack H., Jr., 127, 469 Foster, Joan Carol, 127, 450 Foster, Rita Anne, 90, 400 Foster, Virgil L., Jr., 127 Fowler, Dennis Wayne, 127, 475 Fowler, James C., Jr., 127, 463 Fowler, James Robert, 108 Fowler, Judy Diane, 90, 411 Fowler, Ronald Oscar, 108, 471 Fox, Calvin Leon, 61 Francis, Emery L., Jr., 108, 471 Francis, Leonard F., 61 Francis, Marilyn M., 108, 408 Franklin, Bessie B., 127 Franklin, Charles H., 84 Franks, George Ronald, 127. 453 Franks, Marvin Dwight, 108 Frankum, Carol Ann, 108, 399 Frazier, David F., 108 Frazier, Thomas Ramey, 90, 469 Free, Rebecca B., 108 Free, Thomas Ramey, 61 Freeman, Bascom Bert, 127, 463 Freeman, David Henry, 108 Freeman, Karen Erle, 90. 399 Freeman, Lawrence O., 90, 467 Freeman, Mary Lynn, 127, 457 Freeman, Wallace B., 108, 473 Freeze, Janet Sue, 108, 461 French, Flossie L., 108, 446 French, John Martin, 90, 426 French, Stanley V., 90, 471 Fricker. Linda Kaye, 61, 446 Friedberg, Lester J., 10.1, 469 Frigiliana, Normandie, Cl, 411 Frizzell, Barbara N., 61 Fronabarger, Stephen, 61 Frost, Johnny Ferrell, 127, 475 Fry, Billy Wayne, 108, 469 Fugate, Russell Neil, 90, 467 Fugitt, Terry Forrest, 61, 1117 Fuhrman, Elizabeth A., 127, 159 Fulbright, Jay. 111, 61 Fulkerson, Catherine, 90, 400 Fullen, Jeryl Glynn, 90 Fullen, Meryl Lynne, 90, 461 Fuller, Cecilia M., 108 Fuller, Mary K., 90, 411 Fuller. Raymond E., 127 Fulton, John Wesley, 90, 422 Funk, Janis Mildred, 127, 450 Funkhauser, Carolyn F., 90 Fuqua, Thomas Howard, 90, 430 Gadberry, Martha A., 108, 403 Galloway, Travis J., 61 Gammill, Lee Edward, 127, 463 Gammill, Vincent M., Jr., 127, 418 Gann, Bruce lner, 61 Ganslen, Victoria O., 108, 446 Garbett, Coy Julius, 51 Gardner, Danny Robert, 108, 414 Gardner, David Gerald, 90, 425 FIRST ATIONAL BA I4 The Students' Bank CAPITAL STOCK 84 SURPLUS - fipl,250,000.00 Fayetteville, Arkansas OLDEST AND STRONGEST NATIONAL BANK IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Drive-ln Branch at Evelyn Hills Shopping Center Drive-ln Branch for Students ancl Faculty Corner West Dickson and University 1l1111nie Gayle. 127. 457 1 Ltl'1,1IlCI'. .1P1'l'y. 61. 1138 Lll'11116I'. .lllllll W.. 62 111'1,l11er. Wendy .113LiIl. 127, 150 i1l'l111QI11P1l. 1,,11111'les Nl.. 108. 1.31 1 . .ill'Il6I', 11illy.1.llen. 62 1iLll'll61'. 112111 XX aile. 62. 1.18 - 1- 11Lll'llCI'. 11L1l'li61 1'.l1QItf1lf?. 51 1.11r11er. .lu1ly A., 62, 407 K3I1Il6l1l1.UL. 108. 471 1121111611 1 11Lll'l1f?I'. 1'al-y Louise. 662. -111 1l111'1'. 1211l1g13F. 90 1l111'rett 11ew1'ly .lean. 62 1l11rrett Dana l.ynn. 127. 150 1lLll'liE'11 1111111111 Kay. 127. 11511 1l11l'1'e1t..la1111--,X.. 11iIl'l'911. 1.11113 Wayne. 82. 438 1larretl. 5111111111 1... 127. 450 11Ll1'l'G11. S111 Nlartin. 108. 1163 1la1'1'ig11-..la11et 11.. 62.408 llarri-. l'11l1'i1'ia .Xnn.127. 1Leier. William Earl, 127. 438 121-igei. 1211-er. 1Lelzi1111 11e11rg1- 1. vE'llI'Q1' 11C1I1'glt' lleren. 11111111115 1. Clltltull Hila lrene. 108. 396 Nlargaret E.. 108 ,,1llS1:'lt11 E.. 82 I.1lL115, 111.. 62. 125 1. Mary 127. 150 711111111133 Dayi1l. 127. 463 . 1111nnie C.. 108 xiltlllllr. .1116 Carroll. 127 4. .lames Leslie. 108 111111111115 R11-11ard 1l.. 62. 442 11il1f11n. llayid F.. 127. 163 1lil1Q11n. Faith Marie. 108. -451 111ltNl1l1. .lan1es1'atri1'k. 108 1Lil1a11n. Hel1e1-ea Sue. 108 1v1lts11Il. William Orrin. 108. 469 1. 1ier11w. 1le11rge Otto. 108 1lifl11r1l,V1'illian11l11llen.62 1.11 1 Zll'I'1N1tI1. 1111i1l11 1l11yle.90.11161 i1S1l. 1fe11il Hay. 108 ilelilll. Williatn .l.. 108, 1183 ax-. 1'1l1WLll'll Willi11111.62 Lllti-. illay lf1lwar1l. .111, 127 area. 11611111111 .l1lllI1. 127 Ltlt'-. .11t1lIl xvllllllfll. 127. 463 111144. K31119 Lynne. 90. -'111 1111,-N. 71111011138 Yi1't111'. 127, 475 11lew11111l. .1a1'lQ P.. 62. 425 Ll1Pt,S'1IlI11.11111S T.. 127 atti-. 11Lil'1Plyl1,11Py1'C. 62 attie. .linnny Ly 11. 90 altis, Jane liryan, 90 ay, lf1l1lie Everett, 90 1ly.1iklY16 Loni-e. 127 ,11yer. 1iLl1'1llG., 108, 4146 le-e..lan1es Weldon, 62 Leels. llaniel Paul. 90, 475 l l 1.ill1e1't. 111611113 Kaye. 128 ill1ert. Kenneth Lee. 11111 ill1ert. Mary L1111. 90. 116 iles. ,lavli Al6XHl1l16l'. 90. 1310 iles. H11l1ert Pl'6S1llIl. 90. 130 ill, Linda Sue, 62. 411 illa111. Paul Hllfl116S. 108, 172 illefpie. K Nl. S. P.. 108. 1511 illefpie. 1Jalri1"k H.. 62 illialn. lliane. 62. 400 illia. C1l61'y1 lilawn. 108. 101 illi411n, Diane. 90. 407 ill411n, Nlarianne. 90. 1107 1l1lItUl'C.. Diane Kay. 128 1llll1'1i,J1lI1I1y Klaryin. 108. 165 ilfinger. Nivkey Ray. 128. 1117 ilson. .'hl'11llll' Ce1'a11l. 90 ing1eri1'11, ,11111 S.. 90. 1167 1I1511l1, .1r1l1n Hugh. 128. 1168 i1'a1'1l. 1,111 Allen. 62 Quad! our most important asset I 1 fl 11 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I C 111111. Bees Valita. 128. 450 ff. 1111l1len. Daniel B.. 109 la1l1len. Lois Klyreta. 109. 403 ld-N. .lz11'1i16 1f1lw21r11. 128 la--. Ronald Wayne. 90 161111. 1ii1l'1 F'111'ar1l.Jr.. 62 191111. llyelyn Kay. 51 111y1?1'. llayitl .111'L1ee, 109. 426 l11ye1'. Rita Janette, 109. 399 11111111 Williani H., .1r.. 109. 426 111l1lar1l. 1'.l1Qi1I'I..6WV1r, 128. 475 1l115Ey. Angela Cay. 62. 400 1111-111111. Wayland L.. 128. 434 11el1el. 1'1I'dllli,1.. 62 41171. RZill11l11.. 1111. 1'1i1'11a1'11 .111ay. 109. 429 1111. 111111611 Nliller. 90. 429 11ins. 111114111111 Guy. 62 11l1len. Jerry Lynn. 109 11111-lny. 'lllnnnae 11.. 62, 422 l1111ten. .lanies W., 128. 475 111111. Nlarvin 1flarenee. 109. 475 11111le. Klillon Cle111lon,90 itlttlllllillt. Jltlllllly Grady. 90 41111111811 1.11ar1es E., 109. 469 41411111611 1111113111 Scott, 62 11111lwin. Linda Anne. 109. 399 111I1lW1Il. Naney Kay. 90. 407 L11111lwin. Samlra Anne. 128. 450 111'ans11n. Ronald L.. 128. 426 111'11et. Glenna Jeanne. 109. 399 11l'l111l1. E11wa1'1l Kent. 62. 471 ore. 111111 Wendell. 128 11-Nett. Allen .13II1?S. 128 oxyyivli, Jzleliie 1.e1'1n. 90. 437 111111l, liennie 171ryant. 128 l'Ll111ly, 1111111 Blick, 109. 429 ra1ly. ,1lllll1ly 11.. 90 ratly. 1N1ari1yn A., 128. 450 N Graf. P3111 J.. 62. 471 mage. 1111111611 L.,14. 1211. 150 11l'L11l3.lll '71 fiilldlll i1'a11an1 11fLl11Cllll 171121113111 437 111111121111 1115113111 1lra11a111 l. 1 . . Alice Ann. 62. 407 . l1ennie E.. 90. 403 . llilly Joe. 90. 463 . .lalnee Owen. 62 ,James Willard. 128. . .lerry Lee. 90 . ,111-61111 .1331 128. 414 . 1111ly. 90. 399 vl'311Li1ll, Klarilyn F.. 109. 45-4 vI'2:l1lLiIll. 1111131111 Gail. 91. 429 11I'i1ll1l11'11. Margaret R.. 91. 446 1 . franoff. Jayne llarie. 128. 450 1lrant llennie Breese. 109. 407 tlrant. lleyerly Anne. 128 11121164- 1lrayee. 111-111 es, llrayes. Q' . .l11l1n SLIIIHIC1, 62 Katharine 11.. 109. 396 121Ill12i,1C'3Il. 91.411 1211113111 Eugene. 128 1l'ilN. lJ11ri-Jean. 109. 400 1' 7 ,ray 15161.13 111'tlXYI1. 109 1l1'11y. llarry Cale. 63 lfray. Nanvy Haney. 109 1' 1 '11 .1'11y. llray. Y 4. 111n1as Gene. 91 i1't11r Oeveola. 128. 463 .1'een. Alan, 63 11reen. Larry C1'1r1l1111. 128. 433 C ,re-en. Tlllllllly .l11e. 109. 471 1. 1. .reen11e1'g. lrying E.. 82 .reene. Haryle Lee. 109. 475 1.reene. Nlary Lin. 109. 454 C v1'ee11w11111l. Ronalil 11.. 109 1lreer. l.in1l:1 l1iane. 128. 450 Greer. Ri1'l1111'11 S.. 128. 429 11re1-'11ry. 1l1'e1f111'y. Y r- 111'eg111'y 1il'C"llI'Y. 1'i -reg111'y. 1fl1eryl Ann. 128. 450 110111116 Ruth. 109. 446 Margaret. 128. 450 R11'1l8I'1l E.. 91, 430 William Noel. 128. 430 Union Life-Arkansas' oldest legal reserve company-is expanding rapidly through its 18-state territory with a diversified team embracing ordinary life, combination, group and credit life departments. And in its home state of Arkansas, Union Life is happy to provide more insurance services to more Arkansas people, than any other Arkansas comparv 71 7 1 iiiiiil H liiiiii 1 Insurarlco Clfllllpillly 1. T. Stephens, Chairman of the Board E. M. Arnold, President I WI Union Life Building- Little Rock, Arkansas 7' 90 Gress, Russell B., Jr., 51 Grevencamp, Paul H., 63 Grier, William Newton, 128 Griesse, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin. Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Dennis Ray, 109, 472 Charles R., Jr., 128' Charles T., 91, 475 Diana Marr, 128, 450 Frances L., 128, 450 James C., 128, 450 Linwood, Ill, 91 Harrington, Lyndell L., 91 Griffin, Robert G., 63, 426 Griffith, Curtis B., 63, 414 Griffith, Robert G., 128, 468 Grigg. Lyndall Leon, 109 Grigsby, James R., 109, 475 Grimes, Bill E., 63, 438 Grimmett, William N.. 91, 434 Grissom, Tommy R., 128, 463 Groom, Donna Louise, 63, 407 Groom, Susan F., 109, 408 Grooms, William O., 91 Gross, Gary Golden, 82, 430 Gross, Joy Lynn, 91 Grounds, David Weldon, 91, 463 Grounds, Lewis Clem, 109 Groves, Mary Ann, 461 Grubbs, David A.. 128, 475 Grubbs, Jerry Lee, 63 Grumbles, Virginia L., 63, 454 Guest., Charles Edward. 109, 426 Guinn. Clarence H., 128 Guinn, Jerry Don, 128, 438 Gullett, John Thomas, 128 Gulletle. Charles R., 109, 475 Gulley, Emily Lynette, 63 Gulley, Thomas H., 91. 437 Gunderman, William S., 63 Gunter, Joe Twedell, 82' Gurisco, Melanie R., 109 408 Guthrie, Sharon Wilma, 63, 399 Guthunz, Pamela D.. 109, 411 Guy. Johnnye' Myrle, 91, 399 gaberstroh, Paul F., 128, 475 tlackelton, Carl D., 109 Hackney, Helen Marie, 109, 459 Hafenbrak, Kay A., 63, 411 Hagood, William Gary, 128 Haile, Barbara Ann, 63, 403 Hailey, Alice E., 109, 461 Hailey, Jo Belle, 128, 450 Hailey, Katy Earlene, 91 Hailey, Linda Kay, 128, 457 Hailey, Newton L., Jr., 91 Hainbach, Ann, 63 Hairston. Dickie Don, 109, 466 Halbert, Judith Jan, 63, 407 Hale, Billye Jo. 109 Hale, David Loy, 82 Hale, Dianne Lee, 63 Hale, Freddy Marion, 63 Hale, Jeanie, 63, 411 Hale. Judy Anne, 63, 396 Hale, Larry Walter, 128 Hale, Mary Carolyn, 128, 450 Hale, Virginia Mosby, 109, 411 Haley, Charlotte Ann, 91 Haley. Janie Annette, 128, 450 Hale Hale y, Neta Bea, 128, 450 y, Sandra Kay, 63, 454 Hall, Carolyn Anita, 128. 457 Hall, Donna Dean. 128, 450 Hall, Elizabeth J., 63, 461 Hall, Frances Emily, 91, 404 Hall, Francis Dale, 51 Hall, John Thomas, .lr., 91, 438 Hall, Kathleen Dale, 128 Hall, Leon Allan, 63 Hall. Phillip W., 63 Hall, Roger Lewis, 63 Hall, Ronald Dean, 91 Hall, Sandra Jean, 128, 457 PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency Open 8 a.m. to IO:3O p.m. 7 clays a week tountain service 0 cosmetics O magazines complete tobacco department Ample Free Parking Hall, William Few, 91 Hallam, Barbara L., 91, 408 Haller, Patricia L., 91, 411 Hallin, David Anthony, 128 Halsell, Richard A., 109, 422 Halstead, Billy Wayne, 51 Hamilton, Ben T., Jr., 128, 463 Hamilton, Carl Hulet, 51 Hamilton, Dwight B., Jr., 128, 422 Hamilton, H. R., Jr.. 128, 473 Hamilton, John Ralph, 129, 463 Hamilton, Sharon D., 129, 450 Hammann, Sandra Mae, 129. 450 Hammond, Hugo Arnold, 129 Hamner, Ralph C., Jr., 82 Hamner, Virginia C., 109, 403 Hampton, Alice W., 51 Hampton, Carol L., 91, 403 Hampton, Lorene, 91 Hampton, Sammy S., 129, 463 Hanby, Albert Patrick, 63. 429 Haney, Carol Anne, 109. 399 Hankins, Sherrie Anne, 63, 407 Hanna, Danny Lee, 109. 475 Hannah, James Robert, 109 Hannah, Rebecca Ann, 129 Hanry, June Annette, 129, 457 Hanry, Larry Wayne, 129, 463 Hanson, Susan 129, 450 Hanssen, Robert G., 129, 463 Hansson, Margareta B., 91, 446 Haralson, Robert J., 129, 430 Harber, Janice Marie, 129, 459 Harbison, Anna J., 91 Hardin, Dee Berry, 109, 463 Hardin, Janice Carole, 91 Hardy, Sandra Kay, 109, 454 Hare, Marvin B., Jr., 91, 471 Harger, John R., 109, 438 Hargis, Mary Elaine, 129, 450 Hargraves, Ruth E., 91, 400 Hargus, Janice Jean, 63, 411 Harkey, Lucinda K., 91, 408 Harkins, Joyce Evelyn, 63, 454 Harlow, Joseph W., Jr., 63 Harmon, Howard B., Jr., 63 Harmon, John T., 63, 425 Harms, Harner, Harper, Harper, Harper, Harper Linda Kay, 109, 454 Jerry Michael ,109, 429 Bland Robert, 129, 463 Cheryl Ann, 109, 4.46 David Lee, 129, 434 Granville T. 63. 434 Harper, James T., 111, 129, 463 Harper, Sharon Jo, 91, 408 Harrell, Searcy, Jr., 82 Harrell, Travis E., 63 Harrels on, Frederick. 64. 430 Harriell, Robert Tl., Jr., 109, 475 Harrington, Sally C., 91, 400 Harris, Alice Faye, 91, 461 Harris, Belinda Dawn, 91 Harris, Betty Ann, 129, 450 Harris, Billy D., 129 Harris, Garland G., Jr., 64 Harris, Harris, George V., Jr., 91 Howard S., 109 Harris, Jay Neal, 109 Harris, John Charles, 82, 426 Harris, John Kent, 51, 434 Harris, John Paul, 109 Harris, Kenith Lee, 9'1 Harris, Harris. Harris, Harris, Harrir Richard Lee, 129, 475 Robert Wayne, 91, 421 Terry David, 129, 426 Wayland Alvin, 109 n William A 91 426 so , ., , Harrison, William F., 51 Harrod, Jack B., Jr., 64 Harrod, James A., 91 Harrod, William T., 109 GREGORY'S MAN'S SHOP Featuring 'Styles of the T imesn f or the young man Evelyn Hills Shopping Center 624 West Dickson HI 2-62l6 Fayeffeyille Fayetteville, Ark. 3-4262 Harry, Charles Erwin, 129 Hart, Hart, Betty Ann. 109. 399 George lf.. IV, 64 Hart, Georgia Ann, 129, 457 Hart, James Kenneth, 109, 426 llart, Robert Wayne, 129, 475 Hart, Walter Michael. 129, 475 Hart, William Neal, 64 llartin, George R., 91, 468 Heard. John England, 109, 434 Heard. Nlargaret McGee. 109, 400 Heath, Claudia Doris, 110, 400 Heathman, Carol Jane. 110, 399 Hebard. John Robert, 110 Heck, Sharon Ann, 129 Hedger, Leon Orlan, 110, 469 Heffington, Betha Sue. 64, 454 Herman, Raymond E., 110 Hern, Floyd Ray. 64 Hern, Fredda Jeanette, 129, 450 Herndon. David P., 64 Herndon. Michael Lee. 92 Her..don. Robert E., III. 110, 429 Herndon, Royce Wayne, 64 Hodges. Thomas L.. 65, 430 Hodnett, Harlin Ray, 110 Hoffman, Barbara Ann. 130, 45 -v 1 Hoffman. Barbara Jean. 130, 450 Hoffman, Charles E.. Jr.. 130, 429 Hoffman, Rachel Joy. 92 Hoffmann. Carolyn J.. 130. 450 Hartl, Elsie Marie. 129, 457 Hartman, Harold Henry. 129 Harton, John James, 64. 442 Hartsfield, Charles E. .129, 463 Harvey, Karyl Lee. 64. 446 Harvey, Martha Ann, 129, 450 Haseloff, Cynthia. 109, 404 Hastings. Juanita Ann, 109, 461 Hastings, Loren S., 129. 463 Hastings, Michael E., 109, 433 Hastings. Paul Dean, 91, 471 Haston, Archie Carl, 64. 472 Hatfield, Gerald D., 64, 471 Hatfield, Richard F., 64, 433 Hathaway. Pamela Eve. 129. 457 Haven, Jennie Lou, 91, 407 Havens, Leslie T., 91 Hawkins, Carroll L.. 129. 425 Hawkins, Curtis YV.. 109, 430 Hegeman, Louis Edward, 91 Hegi. Frederick C., 64 Heinold, Anne E., 129. 450 Heins. Walter David. 91. 421 Helbron, Mary Nell, 91, 399 Helf, Thomas Wade, 91. 426 Helm, Brenda Yvonne, 129 Helm. Delbert Neil. 110 Helm, Frederick R., 110 Helm, Lina Boyce, 64 Helms, Molly E.. 91, 461 Helmich, Oscar August, 92 Henbest, Rebecca Anne, 129 Henderson, Danny P., 129. 473 Henderson Joe B.. Jr., 129. -131 Henderson Joe S., Jr., 110, 429 Henderson, John Wayne, 92. 469 Herr. Joyce Elaine. 64 Herring. G. Frank, 129, 476 Herron, William Royal, 92. 429 Hervey, Charlotte M., 92. 411 Heslep, Robert Pope, 129. 433 Hess, Karen Jane. 129, 450 Hevvett, Marion Mark. 92 Hickman, Robert M., 82 Hicks. John Henry, 129, 422 Hicks, Julia Anne, 92, 461 Hendon, Robert Allen. 51 Hawkins, Jimmy J.. 91 Hawkins, William M., 91, 422 Hawn. Mary Elizabeth, 129, 450 Hay. Sue Ann. 129 Hayden. Charles M., Jr., 109, 422 Haydon, Jon Michael, 109, 471 Haydon, Patrick Alan. 129, 425 Haye , Ruben Wooten, Jr., 64 Hayes, Lynda Kay. 64 Haye Haye Haye s, Michael T., 64, 426 s, Virginia L.. 64, 396 s, William Earl. 109, 475 Haynes, Jack Scott, 64, 471 Haynie. Arnold A.. Jr., 64, 466 Haynie. Joseph F., 111, 129, 475 Hays, Ethel Lillian, 64, 454 Hays, Floyd Jefferson. 91. 463 Hays. Patrick Allen, 91 Hays, Hays, Phillip Roy, 129, 475 W'illiam Curtis, 129. 463 Headstream, .lulie J., 64. 400 Heard. Eugene Emmett, 64 Henderson, Monty Karl, 129, 476 Henderson, Pat Herman. 129, 429 Hendren, Jimmy Larry. 82 Hendricks, Charles L.. 129, 414 Hendricks, Mari Ann. 64. 403 Henley, James Harrell, 110, 437 Henley, Joe Lynn. 110, 467 Henley, R. V.. 64 Henley, Terry Joe, 64, 442 Henley, William Allen, 64, 437 Henry, David Patrick. 110. -133 Henry, Donald Howard, 129. 463 Henry. Troy L.. 64. 414 Henson, Francis G.. 64, 472 Henson, Troy Floyd, 611-, 4-12 Henthorne. Joanne, 110, 399 Herget, Joseph B.. 64, 433 Herman. Delbert M.. 82 Herman, Kenneth Ray, 64 Hicks. Olin Artelia, 92, 403 Hilburn. H. Sammy, 64, 433 Hild. Robert George, 92 Hildreth, Sharon Lee, 92. 403 Hill. Carol Ann. 129, 457 Hill. Charles C.. Jr., 129, 463 Hill, Dana Kay. 129, 450 Hill, Dwight Stell, 92 Hill, Eddy Thomas, 92 Hill. Harold Clark, 110 Hill. Harriet Ann, 110, 404 Hill, lvan Lee. 82 llill. Jack Wayne, 92, 418 Hill. Ronald Edward. 65 Hogan. Sherry Holley. 65 Hogan. William McCall. 92 Hogg, Carl Wayne, 51 Hoggard. James E., 65 Hoggard, Thomas Gene, 110, 429 Holbert, Richard Neal. 92, 425 Holcomb. Jon Stephan, 130. 434 Holcombe, Hubert. .lr., 92, 437 Holden. Michael Fred. 65 Holder. Danette. 130 Holder. Jerry Dale. 110 Holder. Virgil Harold, 65 Holder-by, Richard H., 65 Holifield. Patricia J.. 110. 396 Holland. John W.. Jr.. 130. 414 Holland, Linda Ann, 65. 454 Hollandsworth, Ronnie. 65, 476 Hollanger. Ronnie L.. 92 Holley. David Eugene. 110 Holley, Dianne. 110. 400 Holley. Donna Gail, 65 Holley. Jerry Dwight. 65. 433 Hilton. Donald Earl, 129. 463 Hilton, William Henry, 65 Hinkle, Marion F.. 129 Hinkle, Tim C.. 65, 434 Hinshaw, Jake William, 92 Hipp, Norma Ruth. 110. 459 Hirby. Herbert Oscar, 92 Hirsch, George W.. 110, 425 Hirschy, Barbara Ann, 129. 457 Hixson, Janis Ann. 129, 450 Hoag. Rosemary Alma, 130, 457 Hobbs, Charles A., 92 Hobson, Judith Austin, 92 Hodge, Jerry YVayne. 51 Hodges, Bonnie Jean. 110, 446 Hodges, Carol Beebe. 65 Hodges, Norman L., .lr., 110 llotlges. Robert Lewis. 65 Hodges, Susan Jane. 130, 450 Hollingsworth, Danny. 92 Hollis. Jerry Wayne, 110. 472 Holloway. Jerry Dean. 130 Holloway. Kathy Bland. 110. 407 Holloway. Wayland K.. 130. 476 Holly. Vliilliam C.. 65. 418 Holman. James F.. 110. 430 Holmes, Allan Lynn. 65 Holmes. Bonnie Bishop. 110 Holmes. Stephen Frank. 92. 4-72 Holmes. Thomas W.. 65 Holt Holt Holt Holt Holt. Holi, Aden Jackson. 130. 433 Carol Sue, 130 Margaret Kerr. 130. 450 Mary Kathryn. 130. 450 Penni. 130. 450 Sharon. 92. 411 Holthoff. Mary Karen. 110. 403 HU T 'S Nationally Known Brands at Popular Price AAA Town House Motel AAA 24 units with Room Phones and Free TV - Wall to Wall Carpeting Air Conditioning -Ceramic Tile Baths-Tub and Shower Two Blocks from Downtown On Highway 71 Phone HI 2-5307 Fayetteville, Arkansas Holyfield Robert Lee, 65, 442 Holyfield, Wayland D., 92, 426 Holzhaver, Sandra E., 92, 396 Homyk, David Nicholas, 110, 463 Hong, Wing Fay, 92 Honn, Janet Kay, 110, 404 Hook, Robert Franklin, 92 Hooks, Charles D., 65, 421 Hooper, Carlton Hugh, 130, 437 Hooper, Randol Webb, 110, 463 Hoover, Hoover, Charles Cl, 130, 463 Marylee L.. 110, 400 Hopkins, David B., 92, 466 Hopkins Diana Lee, 92, 396 Hopkins, Donna Jane, 130, 457 Hopkin s, Jackie Ray, 92 Hopkins, Milan L., 110, 434 Hopper, William Lee, 82' Hord, Phillip G., Jr., 110, 425 Horne, Don Louis, 130, 463 Horne, John Lionel, 65 Horne, Robert Mike, 65, 426 Horne, Sandra Jean, 130, 450 Hudson, Brenda Ann, 92, 461 Hudson, Karen, 130, 450 Hudson, Larry Douglas, 130, 476 Hudson, Robert Lewis, 65 Huff, Walter Daniel, 130, 464 Huffman, Michael J., 92 Hughes, Barbara Lynn, 92, 461 Hughes Doyle Murphy, 66, 472 Hughes, Frances V., 92, 454 Hughes John .Iackson, 130, 429 Hughes Lloyd Milton, 66, 434 Hughes, William J., 110, 434 Hughey, Gloria Carol, 130, 450 Hornick, Arthur L., Jr., 130, 464 Hornor, Mary Sue, 65, 400 Hornsby, Carolyn Ruth. 130, 459 Horton, James Robert, 110 Hosch, Gordon Adolph, 51 Hosford Mart Etuffene 130 476 Ho u s Q Y f. W 1 e, Barbara. 110, 454 House, Donna Marie, 92, 403 Houser, Gary Loren, 65, 467 Houston, Alma Faye, 110. 461 Houston, Howard Aaron, 130, 476 How ard. Eugene Gillim, 92, 468' Howard, Gary Jay, 65, 473 Howard, Lynda S., 92, 404 lngram, Carolyn C., 130. 450 Howarth, Julie Ann, 130, 450 Howell. llnwall. Gary Joe, 110, 429 William H., 92, 426 Howie, Mikiel Frank, 110, 467 Hoyt. Robert Dan, 51 Hubbard, Harriet Kay, 130, 450 Hubbard, Jo Carol, 65, 454 Hubbard, Sandra Lynn, 65. 411 Huber, Joseph Paul, 130 Hnddles Hudlow, Marsha O., 65, 446 Hudson, Barbara C., 110, 399 Hudson ton, Jerry C., 110, 425 , Bettie Farrar, 110, 446 Hughey, John Michael. 66, 430 Hulen, Michael C., 130, 476 Hull. Harold Ray, 110 Human, Norma Roselene. 110 Humphreys, Davidson H.. 66, 47 6 Humphries, Linda Kay, 130. 450 Hunt, Alice Lucille, 130. 450 Hunt, Sonja Sherrill, 110, 446 Hunter, Barbara Ann, 92, 411 Hunter, Henley A., 110, 464 Hunter, Richey Lee, 92, 468 Huntsman, Janet Bell, 110 Huntsman, 'lied Eugene, 66 Hurd, Verna Jane, 110, 454 Hurlbut, Terron James, 66 Hurley, George D., 110, 433 Hurley, Robert Denham, 66, 433 Hurst, James Taylor. 66, 434 Hurst, Kathryn Sue, 92, 461 Husted, Mary Jane, 110, 403 Hutchens. Stephen P., 66, 464 Hutka, Philip Rudolph, 130, 461 Hutson, Sanford Elmer. 92, 434 Hutton, Susan Dill, 130, 450 Hyden, Jim Warren, 110 Hyden, Lewis Wayne, 11, 66 Hylle, Robert John, 130, 464 lngrum, Elizabeth Ann, 130, 450 lnrnan, .Jackie Lee, 110, 466 lrby, Elton Stephen, 66, 437 Irby, Nancy Erin, 92. 404 lreland, Melvin C.. 92 Irsch, Wayne C., 92 lsbell, Donald Joseph, 92 lsenman, Linda F., 130, 450 lvy, Clifford Autry, 93, 421 lvy, Ric hard Ernest, 110, 421 Jacks, Donald Roy. 93, 434 Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson , Charles W., 51 , Charlotte, 110 , Clifton Dale. 66 , David Glenn, 93 Jackson, David Wayne, 130, 461- Jackson, Ernesteene. 93, 461 Jackson, Gary Wayne, 110, 476 Jackson, James E., 110 Jackson Jackson , Janice Veann, 93, 411 John Edward. 93, fl-41 9 Jackson, Marette M., 51 Jackson, Paul W., 93, 421 Jackson, Ronnie, 130, 434 9 Jackson Sue Carolyn. 66, 408 Jackson, William L., 66, 438 Jacobs, George R., 66 Jacobs, Kay Carolyn, 130. 450 Jacuzzi, Victor 110, 433 James, Gary Douglas, 93, 418 James. Jerry Glynn, 93, 467 James, Melvin Keith, 93. 464 James, Patricia Ann, 110. 396 James, Robert Leon, 51 Jobe, Robert Frank, 66 Joblin, Walter Robert, 130 Joffe, Mi John, Ch chael Lee, lll, 471 arlotte C., 66 John, Jim Porter, 66 Johns, Jacouelyn Ann, 111, 446 Johns. William Buck, 66 Johnson, Johnson, James, William B., 93, 414 Jameson, Jackie Lee, 110. 404 Jamison, Mary Jane, 110, 404 Jamison, Patty Sue, 93 Jansen, Larry August, 66 Jarrett. Leslie Joyce, 93, 446 Jayne, John Lester, 130, 476 Jaynes, Rebecca Marie, 130, 457 Jenkins, Christy Gay, 130, 459 Jenkins, Claude W.. 83 Jenkins, Gloria Jean, 130, 450 Jenkins, John David, 110, 426 Jenning Jenning s, Delores B., 93, 454 s, Joyce D., 130 Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, J o hnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Albert S., Jr., lll Charles A., o6 Charles B., 93 Claude Dale, 93 Daniel L., 130, 476 David Joe, 111, fI3'I David Larry. 93 Donald Lee, 111, '130 Doris Evelyn, 66 Dudley B., 111 Fred Brad, 111 J. Gayne, 130. 450 James D.,'51 James E., 93, 418 James W., 93 Jeffrey Carl, 93, 466 Jere Markle, 51 Jimmy Clyde, 93. 429 John Thomas, 93, 438 Johnny Louis, 93, 433 Judith Leigh, 130. 450 Julie Dianne, 93, 461 Larry H., 130, 476 Larry Floyd, 130, 464 Linda Kay, 66 Marilyn E., 111, 399 Nancy Jane, 130. 450 Patricia R., 130, 450 Randall. 111, 472 Rebecca Flo, 131, 450 Richard John, 111, 464 Richard M., 131, 441 Roller! Lloyd, 93 Sharon L.. 131. 450 Sheryl Jean, 131, 4-50 Victor R., 111. 437 Wesley 111, 434 Zelpha Belle, 66 Johnston, James David, 66 Jensen, Andre, 66 Jernigan, George C., 130. 476 Jernigan, George, Jr., 83 Jerry, Mary Anne, 66, 396 Jeter, Ronald Hardy, 110, 430 Jett, Cheryl Pierson, 110, 403 Jew, George, 66 .,ton, James R., 111, 418 , Johnny C., 131, 476 ston, Marie Burke, 131, 450 Johns Johnston John., Jolly, Sh Jones. A Jone aron Lee, 131, 454 nnette, 66 Bill Frank, 51 Jones, Carolyn Rachel, 66, 454 FOTLLOW THE RAZORBACKS THROUGH THE PAGES OF THE nrthwrat Arkansas limes Fayetteville, Arkansas COLLIER REXALL DRUG STORE Northwest Arkansas' Outstanding Drug Store PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES COSMETICS SUNDRIES Complete Lines HOUSEHOLD NEEDS FIRST AID SUPPLIES Everything in Color Photography IO0 W. Dickson Phone 2-6262 In Downtown Fayetteville It's G XR wWxxxxxxxxxxX S B w xxxxxXNK Phone 2-7371 West Side at Square On Campus lt's S4471 Zampm Shep for men for women The Home of Authentic Razorbackk Apparel 'Registered Trade Mark Kinneman. Bill Thomas, 111. 464 Jordan, Allen Hollis. 131. 464 Laabs, Trina, 93, 396 Jones, Connie Diane, 93 Jones, Dick, 131, 476 Jones. Emmett B., Jr., 93 Jones, Jones, Carry Don. 131, 476 Henry Lamar, 67, 434 Jones, Jacquelyn, 131, 451 Jones, James Edward, 93 Jones, Jeanette, 111, 396 Jones, Judith Anne, 131, 457 Jones, .Judith Carol. 131. 457 Jones. Julie Ann, 131, 451 Jones, Katherine L., 131, 457 Jones, Larry M., 67 Jones, Leo Marvin, 67, 469' Jones, Mary Janice, 131, 457 Jones, Mary Karolyn, 67 Jones. Mary Phenea, 111, 454 Jones. Maurus Thomas, 93, 469 Jones, Melinda Joyce, 111, 408 Jones, Pamela Sue, 131. 446 Jones, Patricia Ann, 131 Jones, Robert Lee, 111, 111, 437 Jones, Robert Marshal. 67 Jones, Ronny Paul, 93, 437 Jones, Suellen, 131, 451 Jones. Vickie Lynn, 111 Jones, Victoria E., 131, 457 Jones, Vonda Janiece, 93, 411 Jordan, Bill Randolph. 93 Jordan, Edwin Dwight. 51 Jordan, George W., Jr., 93, 476 Jordan, James J., 111, 438 Jordan, Robin Jane, 67, 407 Justiss, Ronald Hall. 131. 430 Justus, Tommy F., 67, 471 Kaneaster. James A., 131, 467 Kappes, A. Diane, 131, 451 Kararn, James Jr., 67 Karr, Charles Ray. 67 Karstadt, Beverly K., 67, 461 Kay. David Blair, 67 Kaylor, Coy Clifton, 93, 437 Kays, Daniel Jerome, 67, 471 Kays, Marilyn, 131, 451 Keathley, Robert F., 67. 417 Keaton, Glen Philip, 111 Keese, James Richard, 51 Keeton, Charles R., 131 Keeton, Joe Neil. 67 Keifer, Harry Keith. 67, 461 Keith, Herbert Ross, 131. 421 Kell, George Clyde, 131, 422 Kelley, Joy Elaine, 131 Kelley, Martha Lynn, 131, 451 Kelley. Sara E.. 131. 451 Kellogg, Glen T., 131, 476 Kelly, Ronald Wayne. 131. 476 Kelso, Kellie Ann, 131, 457 Kemp, Marwin King. 67 Kendall, Don Bascom. 131 Kendall, Edth Ann, 111. 396 Kendrick, Carolyn Sue, 93 Kennington, Jeffery L., 131, 464 Kennon, Lorene, 131, 451 Kerby, Carol Margaret, 67, 407 Kerr, Robert Lee, 131 Kerr, Sammy W., 111, 417 Kesterson. Kenneth L., 93 Keecher, John Morrell, 111 Keys. Leota, 93, 461 Kidd, John Robert, 93 Kidd. Larry Joe, 111, 464 Kidd. Mary Virginia. 111 Kidder, William Nl.. 67, 434 Kile, Glenn Frank. 131, 464 Kilgore, Doris Ann. 67, 407 Kimball, Donald Jr., 131, 461. Kimberling, Bobbi' Joe, 67 Kimbrell, Thelma C.. 131. 457 Kimbrough, Harold B.. 131. 476 Kincaid, Janice, 131, 451 Kincannon, Georgann, 131, 451 Kincannon, Peggy Sue. 93. 399' Kincy, John Charles, 111 King, Ernest Dwayne, 131. 464 King, Howard Edward, 67 King, Jerry Derward. 131. 476 King, Judith Anne. 131, 451 King, William R.. 67 Kinman, Sallie Jane, 93, 408 Joyce, Beverly Ann, 67, 403 Joyce, Jimmy Darrell, 83 Joyce, John Harvey, 111 Juniel. Mary Susan. 131, 451 Junkersfeld. Thomas L., 67, 425 Junkersfeld, Wanda S., 93 Justice, William H.. 67 Kennedy, Coleman D.. 111 Kennedy Cary Ford, 111, 471 Kennedy. Jerry S., 93. 472 Kennedy, Jerry Wayne, 93, 438 Kennedy, Lacy J., Ill, 131 Kennedy, Linda Young. 67, 461 KenneY, James Benson, 51 Kinney, Kinney Dickerson C., 93 Don Miller, 131, 476 Kinney Harriett S., 131, 451 Kinney, Ragon Don. 67. 425 Kinsey, Bobbie Lee, 93. 446 Kinsey. Patrick R., 131, 476 Kinsey, Robert M., 93, 472 Kirby. Elbert R., Jr., 111 Kirby, Henry Hudson, 67 Kirk. David Wayne, 111, 429 Kirk, Gary Darwin, 131, 464 Kirk, Thomas Joseph, 93. 442 Kirkland, Theo lf , 67 Kirsch, Georg.. I A . 131 Kitchen, Suza --rt -..1,' 451 Kitchens, Chestc: ' 111, 426 Kitchens, C. T., 111, 111 Kitt. ,lane Lanell H., 51 Kitt. Richard Anthony, 51 Kizzia, Roy E., 111 Kline. Rodger Spencer. 93, 430 Knight, Carolyn Sue, 131. 451 Knight. James Kenneth, 67 Knight, William C.. 93, 434- Knod, Fred Paul, 131. 464 Knoll. George David. 131. 137 Knowles, Charles A., 111. 467 Koen. ,Judith Lynn, 131, 451 Kolb, Phillip A., 67 Kolb, Ronald C., 131 Kooiker, Linda K., 93, 404 Koon, Mary Ann, 131, 457 Kordsmeier. H. .l.. JI'-. 93 Kopp, Melisande, 67, 461 Koser, Edward Michael, 132, 476 Kreck, Kay, 111 Krievans, lmants, 11.1, 471 Kruse, John Paul, 93 Kushmaul, Richard T., 67, 414 Kyle. Daniel C., 51 Kyxer, Vlfilliam C., 93, 429 Labban, Harvey M., 93. 464 Lacefield. Donald J.. 132, 464 Lac-key, Stephen W., 111. 437 Lat-otls. Ralph Sidney, 67 Lacy. James Arnold. 132, 476 Ladage, Frederick S.. 132, 430 Lalferty, Nancy Ann. 132 c 70mg and "Oldest Bank in Arkansas" Serving Faculty and Students tor 94 Years 'A' Member ot Federal Reserve System if Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation if Drive-In Branch on Highway 71 North if Drive-In Branch on Block and Meadow Streets P' D Lafferty. William A.. 93. 433 Lair. Herltert Dean. 111 Laird. James Stanley. 111. 476 Lamb. Charles W.. 51 Lamb, Michael Dean. 111 Lamhert. Wesley U.. 132. 451 Lamhuth. Bolmeit D.. 132. 466 l ancaster. Lynda Ann, 93 Lance. James Winslow, 93. -131 Land. David E. L.. 93. 441 Landers. Elifalieth L.. 111. 1101 Landers. John Bennie. 68. 425 Landers. William H.. 111. -133 Lane. Betty lfayc. lll. 4011 Leidy. Williaiii C.. 68. 476 Lane. Dalton Lee. 132 Lane, Milton J ulius. 111 Laner. Jerry Monroe. 132. 4341 Laney. David C.. .lr.. 68 Laney. Janice Claire. 132. 451 Lanfortl. Roller! L.. 68. 4-33 Lang. James Morris. 51 Langley. Anna Willene. 68. 454 Langley. Lana Jean. 111. 4-61 Larsen. Willis George. 111. 414 Latta. Florence Marie. 68 Latta. Melvin Monroe. 68 Latta. Olixer Carl. 132 ., .. Laucli. James Stephen. 132. 433 Laughlin. Suzanne. 93. 400 Law. Glenda Gay. 132. 457 Lawhon. J. Noal. 111. 414 Lawler. Donald W.. 94. 425 Lawrence. Frances 1.. 111. 459 Laws on. Conrad D.. 68. 442 Ledgerwood. Marvin M.. 112 Lee. Allen Robert. 132. 430 Lee. Charlene Edith. 91. 461 Lee. Daniel Joshua. 132. 464 Lee. Gary Owen. 112. 476 Lee. lntiia Robinette. 112 Lee. James Randal. 132. 476 Lee. .lung Mae. 132. 461 Lee. Linda, 132. 451 Lee. Louise Lai. 112. 454 Lee. Nancy Elizaheth. 132. 451 Lee. Van Wayne. 68 Leek. Lynn Morris. 94. 426 Legatski. Cheryl Anne. 132. 457 Leitle. Charles E.. 68 Lemon. Judith Kay. 112. 4511 Leonard. John. 68. 441 Leone. John Anthony. 68 Leone. Michael A.. 132 Lesh. Susan Elizaheth. 94. 100 Leslie. James Edward. 68 Lessenherry, Carolyn. 91. 399 Lester. Susan E.. 132 Levy. Marguerite Ann. 132. 451 Lewallen. Tommy W.. 112 Lewis. Eleanor V.. 132 Lewis. Harvey S.. 51 Lewis. Joanne Ruth, 91. lll Lewis. Linda George. 112 Lewis. Linwood D.. Jr.. 132.-176 Lewis. Rohert David. ll2 Lewis. Rodney Shelton. 112 Lewis. Thomas Clemens. 91. 437 Lilly. James Caraway. 94 Limbaugh. Linda King. 132. 451 Linam. William C., 68 Lindloff. Sascha D.. 132. 451 Lindsey. Bart Rahh. 132. 430 Lindsey. Charles Nash. 94. 430 Lindsey. Walter R.. 94. 422 Lineharier. Marilyn S.. 132. 457 Lincharier. Orland T.. 112. 430 Linnen. Gloria M.. 132 Linville. Betty Anne. 132. 457 Lipsmeyer. James F.. 132. 429 Loomis, Kneath E., Jr.. 94. 468 Looney. David Bay. 132 Looney. Diana Dale. 132. 451 Looney. Gary Keith. 68. 433 Lord. Charles George. 132. 476 Lough. Janeece Ann. 132. 451 Loyasz. Gyula. 94- Love. William E., Jr.. 68 Loveless. Patricia L.. 112. 407 Lovelis. Jack Holt. 94 Lovett. Larry Dan. 132. 476 Lovett. Paul Taylor. 112. 469 Lisle. Homer Neil. 132 Little. Don Murphy. 112. 438 Little ,Iulia M.. 68, 411 Little. Marcia Jean. 112.461 Little Sandra Kay. 94. 404 l.ittle Sarah E.. 132. 451 Little Little Sue Ann. 112. 461 Toni Ann. 132. 457 Lt wett. I.ovett. Loving. Stephen M.. 112. 434 Terrance. 112 Matha Ellen. 94. 411 Littrell. Romie Fred. 68 Liu. Yung Kan. 84 Livingston, Sally Ann. 112. 454 Lloyd. Glenda Sue. 68. 407 Loliergl. Douglas C.. 132. 464 Locke. Joe Bateman. 58. 471 Locklear, Miriam C.. 132, 451 Locniskar. Dana M.. 132 Lofland. Buel Baxter. 132 Loftin. Billy Gerald. 112. 414 Lofton. .ludith Ann. 94. 451 Logan. John Walter. 68 Logan. Roger Vernon. 112 Lowe. Kathryn. 68. 411 Lowe. Marcia Jean. 132. 451 Lowrey. Brenda Sue. 132. 451 Lowrey. Sallye F.. 94. 461 Lowry. Robert C.. 94. 426 Lowry. Samuel Martin. 94. 434 Loyd. James Berl. 112. 417 Luck. Benjamin Dane. 132. 433 Luelien. Milton R.. 112. 426 Luke. Sandra Lee. 112. 399 Lulier. Barhara Lynn. 112. 403 Lumpkin. Carl Wayne. 112. 466 Lumsden. Charles E.. 94 Luhsden. Patricia L.. 94 Lundy. Thomas Larry. 112. 469 Lunsford. Gerald B.. 112 Lustig. Suzanne G.. 112. 461 Luther. Lonnie West. 132 Lolnnar. John Wfilliam. 112. 476 Lutz. Charles Alliert. 94 Lawson. Jerry Joe. 132. 464 Lewis. William Larry. 68 Long. Benjamin A.. 132. 433 Lyman. Charles Wayne. 132. 464 Lea. James Fletcher. 68. 472 Lhonnnedieu. Cynthia A.. 91. 461 Long. Dennis Lynn. 112 Lynch. Alfred B.. 132. 464 Lea. Rohert Edward. 111. 472 Lhommedieu. Edward F.. 68 Long. Gordon L.. 68 Lynch. Claude Earl. Jr.. 132. 433 Lea. William T.. Jr.. 132. 464 Lihbiy, Marcia Scott. 132. 451 Long. Mary Catherine. 132. 459 Lynch. Emil Seidel. 94 Lea. Willis A.. Jr.. 111. 476 Liddell. Ralph D.. 94. 429 Long. Patsy Ann. 94. 454 Lynch. Patrick T.. 68 Leake. James C.. Jr.. 94. 425 Lilley. Allan L., 68 Lttngr. VinC6 M.. 132. 434 Lynch. Randall Guy. 112 Leliedeff. Carla A.. 112, 396 Lilley. Larry Kay, 132 Longstreth, Zonola M.. 68 Lynn. Barliara Jo. 112. 461 if :4--1 Y-Q-,',,,,-v---.. " TTTX -1 .'- H 415 WE'VE SOLD 1,000,000 HAMBURGERS in 1K2 years THERE MUST BE A REASON BURGER BROIL 5l4 North College --4'-"S" 1, Y' 1 ' : Fayetteville. Arkansas ii' 1' ,v--wif.. . F De-siqoed and created by 7 , i '63 lvlaty no Boatman - Lynn, Gerald Wayne, 112 Lyon, David Ray, 112 Lyon, Judith Kay, 94, 407 Lyon, Philip Kirkland, 112 Lyon, Shirley Dell, 68, 407 Lyons, Virgle Edward, 94 MabI'Y, James W., 112, 473 Mace, James Lewden, 94 Mace, Ross Edwin, 133, 464 Machen, Martin O., Jr., 112 Mack, Mary Avis, 112, 400' Mackey, Robert Wade, 68, 471 Machie, Shari Anne, 133, 451 Maddox, Edward Lee, 68, 472 Maddox. Robin Roy, 133, 451 Maestri, Dan Wayne, 94, 434 Magee, John Allan, 133, 464 Magie, Shelly Anne, 133, 451 Maglothin, Jimmy Earl, 112 Magness, James Edward, 68, 473 Magness, Robert B.. 133, 476 Magness, Tom Harding, 68 Mahan. Richard lee, 133 Maher, Madeline, 112, 454 Mailer, Christine V., 68, 403 Mailey, Marshall Kent, 112, 471 Majewski, A. M., 94 Majors, Ned Barrie, 94 Malcolm, Rebecca Jean. 94, 411 Martensen, Christian, 94 Martensen, John Keith, 133 Martin, Art B., Jr., 69 Martin, Carole Sue, 69, 461 Martin, Charles G.. 94, 434 Martin, Cheryl Sue, 94, 399' Martin, Crystal Mary, 94, 396 Martin, Dorothy Ann, 69, 454 Martin, Ralph Gene, 112, 471 Martin, Rex Albert, 69, 442 Martin, Skipper, 95 Martin, Thomas Rue, 133, 437 Martin. Virgil C., 133, 476 Martin, William Glenn, 69 Martine, Joseph Gary, 133, 476 Mason. Mason, Mason. Mason. Massey, George W., 133, 414 Norman H., 95 Roberta P., 133 William Lee, 69 Dennis C., Jr., 133, 476 Massey, Floyd John, 95, 429' Massey, Guinn R., III, 133, 476 Massey, Jane Taylor, 69, 411 Massey, Thomas Earl, 133, 430 Masters, Betty Ann, 95, 407 Matheny, Thomas D., 112, 469 Mathias, Mary Ann. 95 Matthews, Bill, 95, 433 Matthews, Catherine R., 52 Matthews, Charles W.. 95 Matthews. Gordon K. 95, 430 Matthews, Linda Marie, 112, 461 Matthews, Phil Elbert, 133, 437 Matthews, Susan Trigg, 133, 451 McCalla, John Howard, 112, 464 McCallum, Robert L., 112, 426 McCann, Robert R.. 112, 422 McCarley, Judith Gail. 133, 451 McCarley, Robert 95. 437 lN.'f'Cartney, Glenda C., 95, 446 McCarty, Bonnie K., 133, 457 McCarty, Charles P.. Jr., 95 McCarty, Mary Banks, 69 McCasland, Pamela. 69, 411 McCauley, Richard A., 69 McClain, Carolyn Sue, 133, 457 McClanahan. Kay Marie, 112, 407 McClelland, James E., 112, 434 McClelland, Raymond K., 133, 434 McClure, James Eugene, 112 McCollum, James R.. 69 McCollum, Roslyn, 69, 400 McConaughy. James Leo. 133 McConnell, Dixie D.. 112, 407 McConnell. John D.. 113. 434 McConnell, Susan Kay, 95 McCorkindale, Robert, 95 McCorkle, Edward W., 113, 430 McCormick. Leta M.. 113. 407 McCormick, Robert R., 133 McCoy, Max Garland, 133, 4-22 McCoy, Pamela M., 133, 457 McCoy, Patricia Ann. 95. 461 McCracken. Patrick E., 133. 425 McCraney. Lorraine, 133, 451 McCrary, Jack Walls. 95, 422 McC'ray, Sheila Ann, 95, 454 Malloy, John Lawrence, 94, 476 Maloch, Celia Rose, 68, 459 Malone, David Roy. 94, 437 Malone, Donald Lynn, 94, 464 Malone, Sandra B., 94 Malone, William J., 94 Maloney, Bobby Joe, 69 Mattison, James S., 133. 464 Matula, Gary Francis, 95 Maughs, Margaret Ann, 133, 451 Mauldin, Russwurm B., 95, 426 Maupin, Joan Lee, 52 Mawhinney, Janis L., 133. 451 Maxey, Ben Larry, 112, 472 McCreary, Marilyn Kay. 133. 457 McCreight. Patricia, 95, 403 McCright, Flo Michele. 95, 407 McCulloch, McCulloch, Fenner L., 113, 422 Linda C., 133 McCune, Virginia C., 133, 451 McCurdy, Suella T., 133, 451 Mayes, Manatt, Scott, 94. 467 Manatt, William Scott, 69 Maniar, Deepak R., 52 Mann, Ann B. Stell. 94 Mann, H. Dean, 94, 430 Mano, Joseph Hubert, 112, 472 Manning. Larry Ronald. 133. 462 Manuel, Gerald Dean. 94, 472 Marble, Nancy Gaye, 133, 457 Marinoni, Mary Sue, 94. 399 Marinoni, Paul A., Jr., 69, 418 Markham, Frederick J.. 94 Markland, Gary S.. 112, 468 Marks, Charles Earl, 133, 476 Marr, Diana Landers, 133 Marr, John Richard, 94, 425 Marrs, James Ellis, 69, 417 Marschewski, John J., 94 Marsh, Kathleen S., 133. 451 Marshall, Charles F., 94, 434 Marshall, Martha Jo, 133, 451 Marshall, Susan E. S., 112 Marshall, Tommy M., 112 Maxey, Joe Mac, 95 MaY- James Erwin, 95, 417 May, Martin Michael, 95, 471 Mayer, James, 95, 426 Mays, Jim, 112, 433 John Berton, 83 McCurry. Andrea Lee. 113. 399 McCutcheon, Martin J., 69 McDaniel. Donnell L., 95. 469 McDaniel. John Louis, 113, 471 McDaniel, Judith C., 133, 451 McDermott, Martha M.. 95. 403 Mayfield. Gary Duane. 133, 476 Mayfield, Ronald G., 95, 464 Mayo, James Boyd, 112 Mayo, Patrick Manning, 133, 464 Mayo, Robert Dale, 133, 476 Mazzanti, Jim R., 133, 422 McAdams, Sandra Gail, 95, 400 McAfee, Jane Ann, 133, 457 McAlister, James E., 133, 476 McAlister, Jerry Paul, 133 McAllister, Janet V., 133, 451 McAllister, Margaret, 133, 451 McArthur, Clovis W., 69 McBee, John Michael. 133, 472 McBurnett, James L., 95 McCall, Charles R., 133, 421 McCalla, Jenny Wren, 69, 403 McDonald. McDonald, McDonald. Cecil D., 133, 464 Fred Tucker. 133 James E., ll, 113, 430 McDonald, Jean Ann, 113. 454 McDonald. Jerry Ti.. 95, 417 McDonald. Lvnn E.. 133. 451 McDonald. Virginia L.. 69. 408 McDowell, James W., 69 McElroy, Bert F., Jr., 133, 4-25 McElroy, Suzanne. 134. 451 McElvaney. Seth H., 113, 476 McFadden, Suzanne. 113, 411 McFarland, Dickie J., 113. 399 McFarland, John D., 111. 134 McFarland. Phyllis G.. 69 McFarland, Roy E., Jr., 69 McGary. Jerry Linton, 113 McGee, Catherine E., 113, 403 Mc-Cehee, Billy Ray, 69 McGehee, Joanna, 113, 407 McGill. Edward M., Jr., 95 McGill, Marilyn Mae, 134, 451 McGill, Robert Holt, 69. 429 McGinty, Sharon Kay, 69, 399 McGloflin, Sally Jo, 69. 446 McGowan, Pat Hardy. 93. 434 McGrew, Martha Er., 69, 404 McGuire, Charles L., 113, 467 McGuire, Michael T., 95 McGuire, Rodney Lynn. 134. 464 McHale, Thomas R., 95 McHaney, Samuel N., 95 Mclrlughes, Joshua E., 83 Mclntosh, Buster A., 134 McKay, John Paul, Jr., 69 McKee, Erwin Kent, 113. 434 McKendry, Tim Norman, 113, 429 McKenney, Jerry Doyle, 69, 414 McKenzie, Mary K., 134, 451 McKenzie, Ronnie Dee, 134, 441 Mr.-Kinney, Frances L., 113, 461 McKinney, Robert D., 134, 464 Mc-Kinney, Robert H.. 69 Mr-Kissic, Freda C., 134 Mr-Knelly, Leslie T.. 70 Mr-Knelly, Philip K., 113 McKown, Cynthia Lou. 134 Nic-Kown, Stephen John, 113 Mc-Kown, William N., 70, 472 McKuin. Barry Lynn, 113, 430 McKuin, Bob George. 70 N14-Kuin, Gary Wayne, 113. 430 McLane, Jeffrey T., 113 McL-arty, Forney Larry, 70, 472 McLean, William A., 113. 464 Mr-Lelland, Robert, Jr., 70, 434 Mc-Leod, Ann Lane, 95, 404 McManus, Mary K., 134, 457 McMaster, John D., 134. 464 M4-Math, Phillip Hal, 134. 430 McMillan, Susan Lee, 434, 451 McMillin, Frank Cox, 134, 434 McMinn, Nancy Lee, 134, 451 McMoran, William D.. 113 Mc-Murtrey, Richard G., 70 McNair, Virginia Faye, 95 McNair, William R., Jr., 134, 430 McNeill. Harris H., Jr., 134. 476 McNully, Claude V., 70 McNulty. Jack Allison, 134, 430 McNutt, David Lee, 95, 441 McPheron, Colleen G., 113, 403 McPherson, Robert E., 113. 414 McRaven, Patricia A.. 52 McSpadden, Ellen Raye, 134, 451 . Q ' WL Janes At your servrce . . Twenty-Four AMS Bowling Lanes 42- and Pinspotters 2300 North College Avenue Phone Hillcrest 2-555I Fayetteville, Arkansas f Pvltq Mc - with efficient electric service. L - with experienced men and women ready to help with every worthwhile community pI'OgI'HI1'l. - with an investor-owned business, paying its full share of local, state and federal taxes. Southwestern Electric Power Company CfBez'ng VW!! Gffoomeaz' If An Amin LAUNDRY Phone 2-2337 Corner School 81 Dickson R. G. "POP" WOODRUFF PRESTON WOODRUFF PRESTON WOODRUFF, JR. McSwain, Kenneth W., 95 McWaters, Margaret W., 113, 403 McWhorter, Mildred L., 70, 403 McWilliams, John W., 95. 476 McWilliams, Sydney J., 134, 476 Mead, Andrea Marie, 134, 457 Mead, Sandra Wynn, 95, 40 Meade, Ronald Fayette, 70, 441 Meador, John E., Jr., 95, 434 Meador, Sandra Kay, 70, 399 Meadows, Jack Ei., Jr., 134, 476 Means, Billye Regina, 134, 451 Mease, Russell Scott, 113 Meason, John L., 52 Mebane, James Carl, 52 Medlin, Jerry Wayne, 95, 437 Meehan, Edward Henry, 95 Meek, Melinda, 70, 411 Meenen, Kent Laurence, 134 Meers, David Cooper, 70 Meers, Mary Ann, 113 Mehta, Rameshchandra, 52 Meinecke, Richard O., 113, 472 Meistrell, Donald E., 113 Meistrell, Michael L., 70 Melbourn, Maureen, 70, 400 Melton, Jacquelyn, 95, 461 Melton, Oscar James, 113 Menyhart, Carl Frank, 134, 476 Meredith, J. Conley, 134, 464 Merkobrad, Wilda C., 84 Meroney, Virgil Kersh, 113 Merrick, Joe K., 70 Merritt, Thomas David, 113 Meyer, Alvin Reynold, 134, 433 Meyer, Larry Wayne, 70, 434 Meyer, Robert Lee, 113, 472 Miles, Jim Baxter, 113 Miley, Carroll A. P., 95 Miley, Jerry Leon, 70 Millen, Sandra Ruth, 95, 399 Miller, Carl Dean, Jr., 70, 430- Miller, Cloyce Harold, 113, 464 Miller, Del Roy, 70 Miller, Donald Gene, 134, 476 Miller, Donna Raye, 95 Miller, Dorothy J., 134, 451 Miller, George Ann, 134, 457 Miller, Glenna Kaye, 134, 451 Miller, John Fremont, 70, 442 Miller, Kinley E., 113, 471 Miller, Michael B., 70, 434 Miller, Michael Dale, 134, 464 Miller, Othella H., 95 Miller, Robert W., 113, 426 Miller, Rose Ann, 70, 461 Miller. Stephen F., 96, 437 Miller, Wendell J., 113 Miller, William E., 70, 442 Miller, William Frank, 96 Mills, Jimmy Lynn, 134 Mills, Mary Louise, 96, 399' Millsap, Roy Lee, 96 Millson. Edwin H., Jr., 134, 476 Milton, Robert Clay, 113, 476 Miner, Lewis Duane, 113 Mires, Grace Ann, 134, 451 Miser, James Lee, 70 Mitcham, Robert Max, 134, 464 Mitchell, Amanda C., 134 Mitchell, Frances Ann, 96, 400 Mitchell, Joan Ei., 134, 451 Mitchell, John Tate, 134 Mitchell, Kllll Lloyd, 70 Mitchell, L. D., Jr., 113, 429 Mitchell, Pamela A., 113, 396 Mitchell, Susan Gaye, 134 Mittelstaedt, James S., 96, 469 Moore, Thomas Stephen, 71 Moore, Wayne Thomas, 134, 476 Mixon, James Gordon, 70 Mize, Robert Douglas, 70 Mize, Winston Dale, 70 lVlo, Maung Tin, 52 lVIoats, Elizabeth Ann, 134, 457 Mobbs, Melvin Farris, 70 Mobley, Don Dwight, 96, 471 Mobley, Hugh Lynn, 70 Mobley, Max James, Jr., 70, 467 Moery, Clarence Bryan, 71, 429 Moffett, Dennis Paul. 134, 464 Moix, Robert Joseph, 71, 442 Monen, George W., Ill, 113, 429 Monroe, James D., 113, 434 Montgomery, John Alan, 134, 429 Montgomery, Melvin B., 96, 464 Montgomery, Mitzi H., 96 Moody, Donna, 134, 451 Moore, William Harold, 96, 417 Morace, Ernest H., 96, 476 Moran, Jackie L., 113, 473 Morehart, Paul Welton, 71, 425 Moreland, Herbert, Jr., 71, 471 Moreland, Walter C., 134, 476 iwloreno, Annabella V., 84, 396 Morgan, Ann Elizabeth, 96, 407 Morgan, Charles D., Jr., 96 Morgan, Herbert N., 71 Morgan, Jack Clark, t34, 464 Morgan, James H., Jr., 113, 469 Morgan James Lee, 96, 464 Morgan Morgan Janice H., 96, 403 Karen Ann, 134, 458 Morgan, Kathe Sue, 71, 407 Morgan, Louis Warren, 96, 433 Morgan, Robert Ray, 113, 425 Morgan Vaughn Eugene, 134 Morris, David Earl, 134 Moody, Ernest L., Jr., 134, 476 Moody, James Lester, 113, 471 Moody Lucille, 84, 454 Moody, Lawrence Paul, 96, 471 Moore, Andrew Noble, 113, 417 Moore, Moore, B. Maurice, 71, 471 Beverly Ann, 96, 408 Moore, Charlie K., 96, 434 Moore, Cheryl Elaine, 134, 451 Moore. Constance E., 134, 451 Moore, Elizabeth D., 113, 408 Moore, Garland F.. 113 Moore, Moore, Moore. Moore, Moore, H. Clay, 96, 434 James F., 96, 426 James H., Jr., 71, 469 Lloyd, 134, 473 Nicholas R., Jr., 96 Morris, Edward S., Jr., 96, 438 Morris, Harvey Claude, 96, 469 Morris, Henry Carol, 96 Morris, Janis Maureen, 134, 451 Morris, Mary Estell, 96, 454 Morrison, Doyle, Jr., 71 Morriss, Philip John, 134 Morse, James Carye, 96, 437 Morse, Mary Ann, 96, 403 Morton, Sandra Kay, 134, 451 Moseley, James S., III, 96, 429 Moseley, Martha, E., 71, 408 Mosey, Judith Ann, 134, 458 Mosier, Lucy Mae, 96, 454 Meyer, Shirley Ann, 95, 408 Mitchell, Robert B., 70 Moore, Sandra Kay, 134, 451 Mosley, Duel Glynn, 52 Milam, Paul W., 113 Mitchell, Robert T., 52 Moore, Sharon Merren, 96, 404 Mosley, Kathryn E., 134, 451 Fayetteville Building and Loan Association "Insured Savings and Home Loans" Fayetteville, Arkansas Telephone HI 3-4364 3-4365 PRICE-PATTON HEELER'S DRIVE-I Downtown Dickson WE DELIVER -TELERAY SERVICE ufealuring Smart Apparel for Men and Womeni' North Side ot Square Fayetteville, Arkansas Phone Hillcrest 2-443I Gustavo A., 135. 464 Nelson. Cheryl Jo, 135 Newman, Clara Pearl, 114, 399 Norton 5 Mosley, Susanna Maria, 135, 458 Moss, Martina Sue, 113, 408 Moss, Nancy Lee, 71, 396 lxloss, Olender Howton, 113, 425 Motley, George Ronald, 71 Mouton, Agnes Marie, 96, 400 Mrsny, Johnny H.. 135, 464 Muck, Norman G., 96 Mulhollen, Danny B,. 96, 467 Mulkey, Wil' 1111 A., 71 'lullins, Barbara Jane, 113 . zillins, Elizabeth A., 135, 446 Munday, Ralph Leslie, 135, 464 Mundwiller, Orlando J., 83 Murff, Mary Margaret, 135, 451 Murphey, Ronnie Lee, 135 Murphy, Wade Lee, 113, 434 Muse, Mary Robins, 52 Musgrave, Peter Wilks. 135, 464 Musick, Connie Jo, 96, 461 Musick, Tommy Edward, 135, 429 Nakao, john Masao, 96, 472 Nalley, Donald W., 52 Nance, Furman, G., Jr.. 135, 464 Nance. Sherra Lynn. 96. 454 Nsrisi, Kathy Louise, 114, 411 . Jn, Lamar E., Jr.. 135, 464 lx 1, Noel Gordon, Jr.. 114, 130 Nash, Sybil Frances, 135, 458 Nason, Mark Etheridge, 135, 476 Nations. Nancy Estes, 71. 411 Nau, Cheryl Lavonne, 135. 451 Nave, Philippe David, 96 Naylor, Edgar Lewis, 135, 466 Neal, Ann Louise, 114 Neal, Annie Rean, 135 Ngwe. Tin Hla, 52 Nicholas, Lowell. 71, 429 Nicholls, Frances D., 135, 458 Nichols, Patricia D., 114, 399 Nichols, Patrick A., 114 Nichols. Richard M., 114, 472 Nichols, Robert Deno, 135, 473 Nichols, Ted Bryan, 71 Nicholson, Carolyn J., 235, 451 Nickel, Rodney Gene, 114, 429 Nickell, Paula Kay, 135. 451 Nickles, Lonnie Joe, 114 Nipps, Jimmy Hollis, 96, 464 Nix, Ladye Kay, 135, 451 Nixon, Nixon, Nixon, Bill Mason, 114, 426 Cheryl Lynne. 114, 411 Norman L., 71 Nobles, Howard Arthur, 96 Osmon, Paul Lloyd, 97, 471 Ostner, Catherine L., 97. 407 Oswalt, Kenneth Lee, 72. 437 Overton, Teddy Joe, 114 Overton, William Ray, 83 Owen, Charles Callis. 97 Owen, Dale Calvert. 135. 477 Owen, Mary Janet, 97. 407 Owen, Perry Ann, 114 Owen, Ray, Jr.. 114, 425 Owen, Robert B.. 97 Owens, Charles B.. Jr., 97. 430 Owens, Owens, Owens. Sammy Lew, 114 William B.. Jr.. 135. 438 William Russ, 114. 468 Neal, Robert Norman. 114 Neighbors, Robert L., 96. 429 Neill, Johnnie Lee, 114 Neisler, Ronnie, 114 Nelle, Mary Margaret, 96. 454 Nodler, Sue Carole, 135, 458 Noe, Sharon Lee, 135, 451 Nolan, David Thomas, 96 Noland. Jerry Gale, 114 Nolen, James Paul, 52 Norcross, Joe Charles, 71 Myers. Nelson, Paul C.. 96 Myers, ,loan Edna, 96 Myers, Joyce Gray, 71 Myers. Milton Ray, 135, 417 Myers, Nancy Virginia, 135, 458 Myers, Robert Eugene, 71 Nelson, Robert C., 71 Nelson, Ronald H.. 71. 414 Netherton, David L.. 96, 441 Ncunherz, Edward Neil, 135, 476 Newcomb. Jerry L.. 71, 471 Newcomb, Larry Clell, 135, 476 Myrick. Oliver James, 71 Nahmad, Morris H., 96 Nail, Carl Raymond, 113, 438 Newkirk, Roland W., 52 Newman, David Eugene, 96 Newman, Marshall Roy, 135 Newsom, Marsha Lynne, 135. 451 Newsom, Philip. 135, 476 Newsum, Jon K., 114, 433 Norris, Alyce Susanne, 96 Norris. Norris. Norris Ls Carolyn T., 114, 408 Larry Dale, 96 Stanley Alan, 114 Norton, Carol Jane, 135, 458 Norton, Ennis Wayne, 71, 442 Norton, James Robert, 71 Norton. Jennie Sue, 114, 396 Norton. Rodney Edwin, 135, 464 , Thomas Gray, 135. 477 Pabian, Carole V., 97, 411 Pabian. Joseph J., Jr., 114 Pace. Martha E.. 114. 396 Paddie, Kenneth C., 114. 433 Norwood, David Allen, 114 Norwood, James Robert, 71, 442 Nowell, James Lloyd, 71, 430 Nowlin, Billy Wayne, 96. 468 Nowlin, Joseph Edwin, 135, 434 Nail, James Marvin, 113 Nakamura, Meri S., 113, 446 Nakamura, Ted Kazuo, 96, 469 Newton, Lynn Aida, 114, 411 Newton, Mary Helen, 96, 400 Ng, David Kowk Wai. 52 UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS Scriptor Electric Touchmaster Standard T In e N e w T o u c b In Typing Students: Come in or call tor a demonstration Ozark Office Machines Company 25 N. Block HI 2-353l ALL MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Olivetti Calculators 8: Adding Machines Nunnally, Frederick, 71 Nunnally, Sandra Sue, 71 Nutt, Horace William, 114 Oakes, Patricia Kay, 114. 454 Oakley, Kathryn C., 52 Oates Paddock, George Owen, 135, 465 Padgett. Harold Wayne, 72 Page, Clyde Randolph, 135. 465 Page, Sharron L.. 97 Paladino. Danny A.. 97, 472 Palmer. Amos Earl, 135, 477 Palmer. Diane, 114. 400 Palmer, Russell Roy, 97 Palsa. Elsie Jane, 97, 408 Parish. Gwendlyn Ann. 135, 451 Park, Linda Susan. 72. 461 Parker, Billy Don, 97. 467 Parker, Jerry Lee. 97 Parker, John Alan. 72. 465 Parker. Mary Lynne. 72. 459 Parker , Robert Bowman, 114. 426 Parker. Ruth Ada, 114, 459 Parker, Wesley Taylor, 135. 417 Parkes Parks. , Albert C.. Jr.. 135. 465 Kenneth Thomas, 135. 477 Randolph Lee 96 tJtt..f.'Bi11y Dean, 135, 417 Obar, Cornealia Sue, 97 Ohar. Leonard Douglas, 71 Olirian Ot-ana, t. Hurshell W., 135. 477 Bernardo, 135. 464 Ot-onnor, Patrick F., 71 Utlom, Oglesb Oglcsb Doris Joan. 97, 446 y. Donald L.. 71 y. Rhonda Lee. 135. 451 Oishi. Hiroshi, 52 Oishi. lsao, 97 Oishi, Tetsumi, 135 Olinger. Sally Lynn. 135. 451 Oliver, Anna Beth, 97 Oliver, Gary Don, 52 Uliter. Oliver Oliver. Kenny H., 135. 477 Laurence R.. 72. 417 Nancy Jeanne, 135. 451 Olivera, Michael Roy. 97. 429 Olyey, Richard M., 97. 430 tlneal. Dutch Raymond. 97. 465 Om-al. Gary Eugene, 135, 477 Oneal, Gerald Monroe, 72 Om-al. Rebecca Jane. 72. 459 Orentler. Melvin Dale. 114. 469 Orintas. James lf.. 135. 477 llllltltls. Ronald J., 135. 477 llrlcr. Jerry Don. 97. --138 ' -w Orlcr. Kathryn M.. Qt Orourke. t.arol M., 135. 457 Orr. lfi 'ant-es Ann. ll4. 455 l1l'slllll'lt, i.t't'llltil l.,., 97. 403 . ., Orsint. David A., 94 tlrsmt. Edmund N.. 52 Osborne. llilton E.. 72.418 Osborne. Kenneth R.. ll. 97. 429 Oshea. Thomas Lock, 135. 465 Parks. Nancy Jean, 136, 451 Parks. Robert Edwards. 136 Parlin, Edward W.. Jr.. 114. 422 Parr, Jimmy V., 52 Parr, Nancy Sue, 72. 403 Parson, Jo Ellen, 136 Parsons, Orville W.. 97 Parsons. Phyllis J.. 97. 399 Parsons. Robert D.. 114 Paschal. Paulena Ann. 136. 451 Pasley, Larry Ray. 114. 468 Pate. Diana Marie. 136. 458 Patrick. Danny Lee. 72 Patrick. Robert G.. 114. 414 Patten. William Perue. 136. 38 Patterson . A. Knox. 72. 434 Patterson Earnest E.. 72. 434 Patterson. James C.. 97 Patterson James G.. 114. 466 Patterson James N.. 72 Patterson Patterson Patterson Patterson Patterson .Jerri Jane. 72 John 136. 465 Lena D. R.. 97 Mary 114. 455 Stanley R.. 72. 425 Pattillo. Donny H.. 114 Patton. Delmar Keith. 114 Patton, John Edward. 97. 421 Paul. Othelia Daniel. 97 Pauli. William Edward. 72 Paulk. Jan Nugent. 114.408 Paulson. Mary G.. 114. 461 Payne. Gerald L.. Jr.. 97 Payne. Marcia Sue. 136. 458 Payne. Patil R.. 9i Payne. Sharon. E.. 114. 404 Peace. Thomas D., 97, 4465 tt, Sandra K., 136 Pearce, Marcie A., 136, 451 Pearcy, Mearl C., 72 Pearcy, William 0., Jr., 97 Pearson, Eva Marie, 72, 461 Peck, Julia Burton, 72, 408 Peck, Richard W., 11, 114, 414 Peek, Alpha Jean, 97, 411 Peek, Russell Chris, 136, 425 Peeler, Virginia Gail, 97 Pefferkorn, George W., 97 Pegelow, Carolyn Jean, 114, 442 Pehosh, Michael C., 114, 471 Pelphrey, Stephen W., 72, 426 Pelt, Jinnny Tom, 114 Pemberton. Jolm W., 114, 438 Penagos, Hugo, 136 Pence, Richard M., Jr., 97, 429 Pendergrass, Patricia, 136, 451 Pendleton, Patrick E.. 114 Penix, Molly Ann, 97, 451 Penn, Anna Laura, 71, 455 Penn, James F., 72 Pennington, Bobby Van, 52 Pennington, Joe Scott, 97, 471 Pennington, Thomas R., 72 Penton, Vicki Rose, 72, 455 Powell, Elizabeth Ann, 98. 455 Perdue, Martha Eunice, 114, 455 Perdue, Penelope, 97, 400 Perkins, Patricia H., 97, 446 Perry, Bob Alan, 114, 477 Perry, James Robert, 114 Perry. Jerry Leslie. 114 Perry, Sallie Jane, 114 Petelski, Nick, 52 Peter, Judy Arlene, 97, 399 Peter, Theodore C.. 72, 425 Petersen, Gary Dale, 97, 467 Petersen, Priscilla, 72, 411 Peterson, Hubert C., 72 Pettus, Ellis Lamar, 136, 477 Petty, Dennis Clark, 97 Petty, Donna Jean, 136, 451 Petty, Mary Katherine, 136, 458 Pew, Barbara Jean, 72, 404 Pharr, Joan Dickerman, 72 Pharr, Lawrence Dale, 72 Phelps, Judy Marie, 97, 446 Phelps, Madeline Sue, 136 Phelps, Susan Jane, 136, 458 Phillippy. George D., 97 Phillips, Billy Wayne, 72 Phillips, Carolyn G., 97, 400 Phillips, Donald E., 114, 468 Phillips. Harold H., Jr., 114, 41.4 Phillips, Linda E., 72 Phillips, Paul Edward, 136 Phipps, Jephrey Ann, 97, 400 Pich, George Gene, 97, 425 Pickel, William G., 72 Pickell, John M., 73, 422 Pickens. Asa Gene, Jr., 136, 465 Pickering, Daniel F., 114 Pickering, James L.. 114 Pickering, Judith Ann, 97. 446 Pierce, Donna Ann, 136, 451 Pierce, Wayne Scott, 97, 422 Pigg, Barbara Jo. 97, 404 Pike, Leonard Maxwell, 52 Pile, Camille Lierly, 115 Pile, Stephen Cline, 115, 417 Pilkington. Edgar Lee, 115 Pinkerton, Nelta Jean, 73, 404 Pinson, Jerry Dean. 73, 430 Pinson, Johanna, 97, 407 Pittman, Martin R., 136, 465 Pittman, William Ras, 136 Pitts, Edgar C., Jr.. 97 Pitts, James Louis, 73 Plafcan, Phyllis Sue. 136, 458 Pledger, Linda Joyce. 136. 451 Plowman, Norvell N., 97 Plummer, Jackie M., 115 Plummer, Jerry Lee, 73, 433 Plummer, Mary K., 97, 407 Plunkett, Harold E., 136 Plunkett, Joseph A., 52 Pockrus, Sylvia P., 136, 451 Poe, John Nathan, 115 Poe, Richard Wagnon, 115 Poindexter, John B., 136, 4 Polk, Anna M gc S., 136, 4 - Polk, Mary Kaye. 136, 458 Pollard, Garvis M., Jr., 115, 430 Pollett, Johnny Bruce, 136, 477 Polychron, Chris, 115, 434 Pomfret, Cara Ann, 136. 451 Pomfret, Marguerite K.. 115, 400 Ponder, Gerald Ashton, 136, 434 Pool, Albert Allen, 97, 434 Poole, David Lee. 136. 465 Poole, Joe Bob, 97 Poore, Kenneth Wayne, 115 Powers, David Lee, 73, 471 Powles, Marvin T., 136 Poynter, Linda Sue, 73, 399 Preap. Tim Heng, 115 Precnre, Jimmy Don, 98 TTIGCC6, William Roy. 136 Pressley, T. A., Jr., 52 1 resswood, Pamela Sue, 136, 451 Prewitt, Maribeih, 73, 400 Priakos, Bill H., J Price, Claudia Ann, 115. 411 Price, Gregory D., 98, 468 Price, Jack Neil, 115. 469 Price, Jack Randall, 114. 472 Price, James Ray, 136, 477 Price, John Alan, 136, 422 Price, Thomas R., 111, 98. -129 Pricke Pope, Charles Herbert, 73 Pope, Eugenia Alice, 97, 399 Pope, Genevieve K., 97 Pope, Patricia Anne, 136. 458 Pope, Tommy Dan, 98 Porter, John David, 73, 472 Porter, Norma Jane. 98, 461 Porter, Portis, Robert H.. Jr., 73, 437 Ernest B., 136, 422 Portis, Richard P., 115, 434 Posey, John Ben, 115, 437 Posey, Reba, 73, 459 Potter, Carol Grace, 73 Potter, Charles A., 83 Potter, Lawrence. Jr., 98. 417 Pottorff, Mary O., 98. 404 Powell, Frances Anne, 136, 451 Powell, Gary Richard, 98. 429 Powell, Rebecca Ann, 136, 451 Powell, Thomas Lee, 73 Powell, Vicki Lynn, 115, 403 Pride, Jeff, Jr., 98, 426 Priebe, Donna Carlene, 115 Priest, Walter Lipsey, 136, 434 Primm, Herbert P., Jr., 115, 429 Prince, Cecil Don, 98, 425 Pritchett, Rosemary, 98, 455 Probasco, Samuel R., IV. 136, 477 Proctor, James Allen, 98 Provin, Carole Ann, 115 Provin, William E., 98 Provine. Patricia Ann, 136, 451 Pruitt, Jerry Damond, 115 Pryor, Marilyn Marie, 115. 408 Puchta, Joan Sharon, 98, 407 Puckett, Dan W., 98, 466 Pudlas. Charles Floyd, 73 Pugh, Evan Larry. 115, 433 Pulford, Donald 136. 477 Pullen, Donald Cue 115, 438 Purdy, Darvin Ray, 115 Purdy, James A, II, 136, 465 Purdy, Linda Lee, 98, 399 "the nicest shop ir town" 7 You cilwciys find the unusuol . . .ot 0 enzan 5 SHOE STORE iff 'tilt 3 Op "Put Yourself in O-ur Shoes" South Side of Squore Fciyetteville Springcl ole FAYETTEVILLE GLASS COMPANY Plcite gloss - Mirrors "coll us for quick clepencloble gloss service" THE CQVER FOR THE 1964 RAZORBACK Manufactured by THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY CHICAGO, ILLINGIS gsdale, Linda Kay, 73. 446 Purnell, Lake Tina, 136, 458' Purtle, David Sidney, 115, 468 Purtle, Johnny Westley, 136, 437 Purves, Barbara Lynne, 136, 451 Pyland, .Joe Marion, Jr., 98, 425 Pyle, Frankie Ray, 98, 417 Qualls, Carolyn Sue, 73, 459 Qualtrough, Ann, 115, 399 Quimby, Cecile J., 136, 451 Quinn, Helen Anne, 73, 403 Quinn, Janice Carrol, 98, 407 Quisenberry, Pamela, 115, 400 Rabjohn, Homer Allan, 136, 477 Rader. Robert Lee, 98, 437 Raff, Kathleen Jo, 98, 408 Ragan, Sharon Harvie, 136 Ragland, William W., 98, 421 Ragsdale, Ellen Ann, 115, 408 Ra Rahm, William Tell. 98, 467 Railey, Robert M., 98, 466 Railsback, Cynthia J., 115. 403 Rainey, Nancy Marie, 73, 455 Rainwater, Bobby G., 115, 465 Rainwater, Gary Don, 115 Rakes, Danny Bert, 73 Rakes, Michaele Ann, 73 Rakes, Thomas Denton, 136, 465 Ramer, Robert Ted, 73 Ramsey, John W., Jr., 52 Randle, Jo Lynn, 115, 411 Randolph, Jack W., 73 Raper, Gova Irene, 98, 459 Raper, Robert Ray, 73 Rapp, Fred Eugene, 115, 465 Rather, Carroll, 98, 403 Rauch, James O., 136, 465 Ray, Ray, Carolyn Ann, 136 Charles Harvey, 115 Ray, Danny Leon, 98 Ray, Emil Wayne, 137, 465 Ray, Herbert Lynn, 83, 438 Ray, Margaret E., 98, 446 Ray, Rea, Rea, Paul Richard, Jr., 115, 430 Tommy White, 137, 465 William Conway, 137, 434 Raed, Donna Jane, 137, 451 Reader, Reagan, Maribeth, 115, 411 Bobbie Jean, 73, 408 Reagan, Luther Maple, 73 Reames, Reames, Carla Marie, 115, 455 Hilda, 115, 461 Reasoner, Stephen M., 115, 437 Rector, Henry F., 111, 73, 425 Redding. Dana Kay, 137, 451 Reddmann, Larry E., 137, 477 Redfield. John Eric, 137. 414 Redpath, James Robert. 83, 429' Reece, Robert Eugene, 98 Reed, Dan Carl, 98 Reed, Donald Lee. 98, 469 Reid, Chase Savage, 115, 426 Reid, Frederick S., 115 Reid, Stephen Everett, 98 Reif, Mark Randall, 137, 465 Reilly, Lawrence J., Jr., 137, 430 Fieinheimer, Judith L., 115, 155 Relyea, Walter Ralph, 115 Remagen, Lawrence D., 11? Remke, Richard D., 98, 425 Renfro, Thomas Ray, 115 Renfroe, Gloria, 74 Renfrow, Nolen Edward. 74 Rennie, Robert Julius, 52 Renshaw, Donald Keith, 115 Renshaw, Larry Morgan, 137, 438 Reves, Norman, 52 Reynolds, Dina Carol, 115, 455 Reynolds, James John, 115, 471 Reynolds, Sara S-ue, 137, 458 Ridley, James Lee, 98, 477 Riggs, David Richard, 74 Rigsbee, Don L., Jr., 98, 434 Rike, Charlotte! Ann, 74, 461 sy, Barbara E., 116, 396 Riley, Martha P., 74, 455 Riley. Mary Ellen, 98, 461 Rinehart. Keith E., 52 Ringler, Henry H., 137, 465 Rippee. Robert R., 116 Ripper, William M., 116 Rippy, Darrell Victor, 137, 477 Ritchie, Evelyn Joyce, 98. 446 Rittershouse, Anne C.. 137, 451 Roark, David Owen, 116 Robason, Vivian Lee. 116, 455 Robbins, James W., 137, 465 Robbins, Joseph Nevin. 116, 477 Roberds, James F., 116, 471 Roberts, Billie Ann, 137, 452 Reynolds, William C.. 137. 465 Roberts, Donald Ray, 74 Rhoden, Harold Hugh. 98. 426 Roberts, Franklin D., 116 Rhodes, Cheryl Anne, 115. 455 Roberts, Freddy L., 74 Rhodes, Claire L., 115. 455 Roberts, James Garry. 74, 441 Rhodes, Jane Carolyn, 137. 451 Rhodes, Rob Jimmy Dale, 137, 465 erts, James R., Jr., 74 Roberts, Jerry Wayne, 52 Reed, Edward Smith, Jr., 137, 477 Reed Reed Glen Edward, 137, 477 Judith Pyeatte, 73 Reed, Mary Elizabeth, 115, 455 Reed . Nancy Tripp, 98, 407 Reed, Nedra Jean, 115, 455 Reed, Randy, 137, 426 Reed, Stanley R., 52 Reed, Tommy Aikin, 73, 471 Reed, Walter Neal, 137, 477 Reel, Duane Indra, 98 Regan, George Douglas, 137, 477 Rhodes, Robert H., 115, 468 Roberts, John N., 74, 434 Rhodes, Vicki Ellen, 74, 403 Roberts, Julia F., 137, 461 Rice, Bob Joe, 98' Roberts, Landra Lynn, 116 Rice, John Donham. 115. 429 Roberts, Larry M., 98, 425 Richards, Marsha J., 98, 407 Richards, Sharon A.. 115, 446 Richards. William C., 137, 426 Richardson, Donald D., 116, 471 Richardson, Judith E., 116 Richardson, Sandra F., 137 Richter, Linda Kaye, 137, 459 Richter, Patricia A., 74, 461 Rickard, Curtis Evans, 83, 414 Ricks, Gaye, 137, 451 Ridenour, Garland Q., 98, 473 Roberts, Roberts. Lary Allan, 116 Linda Sue, 74, 407 Rogers, Harold Wesley, 74, 417 Rogers, J. Maurice, 98 Rogers, James Frazier, 116 Rogers, James William, 137, 426 Rogers. Joe Mark, 98. 430 Rogers, Mabel Faye, 74, 459 Rogers, Mary Beth, 116, 399 Rogers, Richard Wayne, 116 bob' of fayetteville distinctive portroiture I8 North Block F oyettevi I Ie d' I 2-4782 Carolyn Kay Adair IO Miss University of Arkansas Razorback Beauty OFFICIAL BEAUTY PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER FOR THE 1964 RAZORBACK Rotenberry. Patricia. 99. 407 Roberts. Sidney Carl. 7'1- 5 Ro Ro Ro Ro ers. William J.. 137. 477 ers. William R.. 74 ers. William W.. 74. 425 ers. Wlilma Nell. 137. 458 Rolleigh. Richard Lee. 137. 177 Hoop. Donald W'illiant. 99. 471 Rorie. Frank Daniel. 137. 471 Rose. Andy. 137. 465 lx 1 Ro Ro lilo Ros R171 R119 Ro Ros Ros Ros H1715 Ross . Rrehon lf.. 116. 422 . Claude James. 137. 465 . Dorothy Susan. 74. 461 . Fred Narman. 74 . George Alan. 71. 430 . Glenna Jane. 137. 4-52 . Jannette. 137. 452 Marilyn Ann. 99 Nancy Adams. 137. 452 , Billy Elbert. 116. 4.25 . Edwin Lee. 116. 468 . Susan Jane. 71-. 408 worn. Jerry Lee. 741. 469 v 1 Robertson. Thomas. Jr.. 98. 422 Rollin Robin Robin Robin Robin D on. Bobby Wayne. 7-1- Robins son. Cyrus Miles. 98. 434 on. Doris Ann, 137. -152 on. Jeanne M.. 137. -158 on. Joel W.. 74. 411 son. Lowry E.. 137. 425 Robin on. Margaret W.. 98. 407 Robin on. Matilda J., 137 Robin on. Randall W.. 116. 468 Robinson. Ronald A.. 98. 426 Robinson. Stanley M.. 98. 414 Robinson. William R.. 137. 477 Roche. Mary Anne, 137. 452 Ruff. Sandra Ann. 137. 458 Rugh. Susan Hannah. 137. 452 Rumley. Johnny Ray. 75. 414 Rumph. Margaret. 137. 452 Rundle. Jon Mark. 75 Runshang. George E.. Jr., 84. 465 Runshangl. Keah F.. 99. 455 Runyan. Charlotte C.. 116. 461 Rupert. Janyce Claire. 137. 452 Rush. Billy Floyd, 137. 465 Rush. James Loyd. 116. 429 Rush. Winifred Gray. 116. 455 Rushing. Regina Rae. 75 Samuels. Ezra C.. 99 Sanchez. Judith E.. 75. 411 Sandefur, Sharon Dell, 138. 458 Sander Sander Sander C. Johnny. 99 Eyerette C.. 138. 465 George T.. 138. 426 Sanders. J. Herman. 116 Sander Kathlynn Sue. 138. 452 Sanders. Paul Todd. 75 Sander Sandra K.. 99. 403 Sander Sanders. Shirley Mae. 75. 461 Ted Houston. 99. 429 Sander Thomas W.. 116 Sanders. Walter W.. Jr.. 138. 465 Rotert. John Douglas. 416 Roth. Mattalou. 75. 408 Roth. Nancy Viola. 116. 455 Roth. Roland Ray. 99 Rothe. Mary Ellen. 99. -108 Robert s. Luther H.. Jr.. 74 Roberts. Russell Lynn. 74. 43-1 Robert s. Samuel Wayne. 98. 471 Rockey. Donald L.. 98 Rodgers, Sarah M.. 116. 459 Roe. Ramona .leraldean. 74. 1116 Roeder, Michael M.. 137. '177 Roelfs. Pamela J.. 137 Rogers, Charles H.. 116. 469 Rogers. Elizabeth Ann. 137. 452 Rogers. Frances Maria. 137. 452 Rogers. Gordon Andrew. 137 Rothman. Michael Gene. 75. "1 11 Rounsavall. Gary C.. 99. 465 Rouse. George Ernest. 75 Rouse. .loe Philip. 137 Rouse. Wilma Eileen. 116 Rousseau. Stephen. 116. 434 Rowan. Mary Patricia. 137. 458 Rowe. Charles Clinton. 116. 465 Rushton. Linda E.. 52 Russell Carl Max. 75 Russell Charles F., 99. 414 Russell Cynthia T.. 75. 446 Russell James C.. 116. 468 Russell Jennifer F.. 99 Russell Karen E.. 116. 446 Russell Lola Joyce. 116. 396 Russell Norman W.. 116 Russo. Vincent Robert. 99 Roberts. Suzanne. 98. 403 Roberts. Thomas Hays. 116, 477 Roberts. Wayne Harry. 98 RoltSt'lSttn, Carl 98. 4-22 Robertson. James M.. 116. 472 Rollerlson. Jo Ellen. 137 Robertson. M. C.. Jr.. 74 Robertson. Dtho Keith. 83 Robertson. Thomas. Jr.. 98 Rowe. Donald Ray. 75 Rowe. Henry Moss. 116 Rowe. Lynn Danby. 116. 396 Rowe. Sue Margaret. 137. 158 Rowland. Ren D.. Jr.. 83 Rowland. Linda Lou. 137.1152 Royce. Shirley Sue. 116. 396 Royston. Sharon E.. 116. 411 Rozelle. Ashley R.. 137. 1125 Rutherford. Henry O.. 99 Ruthei ford. Marihta K.. 116. 455 Rutledge. Carl Thomas. 116 Ryan. Thomas C.. 116. 441 Rybiski. Donna Lynn. 116. 408 Ryles. Gary Wayne. 99. 467 Ryles. John Arnold. 138. 477 Sacken. Thomas P.. 138. 465 Sadr. Ghadar Ghadr. 99 Salley, Judith Anne. 99. 461 Sager. John Thomas. 116 Sale. Susann. 116. 399 Sandine. David Roger. 138. 477 Sandy. Wayne Clyde. 116. 472 Sanford. Michael D.. 138 Saulsbury. Dennis W.. 138, 465 Saunders. Beverly A.. 138, 452 Saunders. Joe Thomas. 75. 465 Saunders. Victoria E.. 116. 408 Saurenman. John R.. 138. 477 Saya. Anthony Joseph. 116. 472 Sayers. Katherine. 75. 400 Sayle. Ricky C.. 116. 473 Scaramuzza. M. Sue. 75. 396 Scarborough. Frances. 99 Scarborouult. WT. R.. .l1'.. 116 Scarbrough. Susan. 116. 408 Scheer. Cloyce Wayne. 138. 477 Schell. Margaret Ann. 138. 452 Scherrey. Anthony P.. 75 Schifferli. Dorothy .l.. 116. 455 Schleiff. Patricia A.. 75. 455 Schmand. Delbert A.. Jr.. 99 Schmidt. Angela Kay. 138. 458 Schmidt. Ronald R.. 99 Schneider. Carolyn. 75. 408 Schneider. Kathleen A.. 138. 452 Schnipper. Don M., 83. 422 Schnipper. Kenneth T.. 99 Ruble. David Ross. 75. 4111 Sample. Amelia Ann. 116. 403 Schoen. David Reed. 116 Fine Bread and Pastries CLggOlfl2I" 75 216 West Dickson NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES-DIAMONDS-J EWELRY-C1-1INA-CRYSTAL-SILVERWARE SWIFT WATCH 8: JEWELRY STORE PHONE 248062 27 N. BLOCK F YETTEVTLLE ILK COMPANY Homogenized "A Home Owned lns'ri'1u'lion" S 8: H Milk and Cream 330 N. West S+ree+ Telephone 2-4162 Green SAFE-PURE-RICH Fayetteville, Arkansas Stamps Scholze, Herman E., 75 Schrantz, James Lee, 117, 426 Schrantz, Kenneth, Jr., 99, 471 Schraplau, Robert C., 138, 477 Schroeder, Ernest J., 117, 465 Schroeder, Phillip L., 138, 422 Schubert, Sharyn Kay, 138, 458 Schuck, Pamela Lee, 117, 399 Schuh, Norman R., 75 Schultz, Keith Larue, 138, 437 Schumacher, Victor, 117 Schwieger, Jane, 138, 452 Schwieger, William L., 75, 425 Scivally, Dan Riner, 99' Short, Charlotte Sue, 76, 404 Short, Mary Virginia, 117, 408 Shorter, Noland Lee, 117, 437 Shreeve, Kent Evans, 53 Shreeve, Virginia Lou, 53 Shuey, Abby L., 99, 411 Shugart, Herman Henri, 117, 425 Shupe, Charles M., 99 Sibert, Victor J., 53 Sidler, Mary Eugenia, 53 Sidler, Paul Davis, 53 Siepman, Paul Douglas, 76. 441 Sigler, William Byron, 76. 433 Sigman, Robert C., 138, 417 Simon, Eugene Francis, 117 Scott, Lyndell F., 117, 477 Scott, Norman Garnett, 138, 477 Scott, Norman Victor, 83 Scott, Rebecca E., 117, 455 Scott, Sarah Lee, 138, 452 Scott, W. Randolph, 117, 414 Scrape, Lee A., Jr., 99, 425 Scroggin, Jon Jeffrey, 117, 430 Scroggin, Phyllis J., 117, 403 Scudder, David Martin, 117 Sikes, Ja Sikes, R. Silliman, mes Barton, 76, 477 H., 76 Walter E., 138, 437 Silver, John Joseph, 117, 466 Simard, Julie, 138, 452 Simmons Simmons Simmons Simmons , Gregory B., 138, 477 , Joy Kaye, 138. 452 , Judy Mae, 76 , Vicki Lynne, 76, 408 Searan, Jerry Samuel. 99 Searcy, Rebecca T., 138, 452 Searcy, William B.. 99, 472 Searl, Roger W., 99 Seaton, Dorothy M., 75 Seay, James W., 99, 434 Seifritz, Hollis R., Jr., 138, 477 Seiter, Louis Dan, 75 Seitz, Berta Lena, 75, 446 Seitz, Wanda Louise, 117, 446 Sellars, Rebecca J.. 75, 455 Sellick, Eva Mae, 99 Sellick, James Ray, 117 Sengel, James Richard, 75 Serio, Robert Glenn, 138, 477 Setliff, Don Paul, 138 Setser, Billy Jarrell, 138, 465 Setser, Ronald Lee, 99, 471 S-ewell, June Irene, 99, 399' Sexton, John King, 75, 430 Shaddox, Roy Mack, 75, 414 Shaddox, Sharon, 75, 411 Shami, Jamil M., 99 Shane, Janie Ruth, 138, 452 Shaner, Jackie F., 99 Shannon, Richard P., 138, 434 Shannon, Robert Roy, 138, 465 Sharp, Betty Jo, 75 Sharp, Kenneth Ray, 138, 434 Sharp, Nancy L.. 75, 404 Sharp, William H., Jr., 117, 472 Sharpe, Leslie Mary, 117, 455 Sharrah, Paula June, 117 Shaver, Robert Van, 75, 417 Shaw, Judith Ellen, 138, 452 Shearer, James Earl, 99, 421 Sheddy, Robert W., 138, 465 Sheetrum, Betty A., 99, 446 Sheets, John Kermit, 99 Sheffield, John C., III, 138, 422 Shelby, Johnny Lee, 99 Shell, James Ray, 52 Shell, Kay Carol, 138, 452 Shell, Larry Allen, 99 Shelton, Edward Earl, 117 Shelton, Elizabeth A., 117, 403 Shelton, George Ellis, 117, 430 Shelton, James Bryant, 99, 465 Shepard, W. Robert, 117 Shepherd, Frances E., 99, 455 Shepherd, Frances V., 117. 403 Shepherd, Johnny B., 117, 429 Sherland, Mary Sue, 138, 452 Sherman, Robin Lea, 138, 458 Sherrill, Huston E., 99, 469 Sheumaker, Charles R., 53 Shields, James Homer, 99, 426 Shimek, John J., 76 Shipley, Jacqulyne R., 117, 459 Shipp, Ann, 117, 407 Shirley, Nina Joann, 99 Shockey, Waynette R., 76 Shoemaker, Linda Fern, 117, 455 Simon, Michael George, 76 Simpson, Buck Herman, 76, 437 Simpson, Charles G., 138, 465 Simpson, Darwin Henry. 99, 414 Simpson, David Lynn, 53 Simpson, Jeanne M., 99, 396 Sims, Jerry Talbot, 117, 469 Sims, Robert Lee, 76 Sing, Joe Ping, Jr., 138. 477 Singleton, Cherry L., 76, 400 Sinor, Judith Ray, 117, 455 Skaggs, Hazel O., 117 Skelton, Barbara Lea, 117, 396 Skelton, Carolyn Lea, 99. 455 Skelton, James Dwain, 138 Skerczak, William A., 138, 477 Skillern, Kenneth R., 76 Skillern, Margaret P., 99 Slack, Ray David, Jr., 99' Slaughter, Marsha J., 99 Slaven, Mary K., 138 Slayden, Sally Lynn, 117, 455 Sledd, Sarah Frances, 138, 458 Sloan, Steven Rollin, 138, 465 Slocum, Marlin Leon, 76 Sloop, Susan Jane. 99 Small, Paul Lon, 99 Smead, Anna Fentress, 99. 455 Smead, William J., 138, 434 Smiley, Byron Wade, 76 Smirl, Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Ellon Louise, 138, 452 Brasil Alben, 138, 477 Bonnie Jane, 117, 466 Carolyn Sue, 100, 399 , Chester Loy, Jr., 83 Clovis Paula, 100 Coella Fern, 100 , Danny Howard, 138 Denita Dale, 117, 399 Diana Lolet, 117, 466 Donnie Ray, 100, 433 Douglas C., 138, 465 Douglas Fagan, 100 Doyne Douglas, 76, 471 Smith, Earnest C., 53 Smith, Ellen Grisard, 76, 400 Smith, Frederick. M., 117, 465 Smith, Gary T., 76, 422 Smith, Harold Ray. 76, 421 Smith, Jackie Lee, 100. 429 Smith, Jacqueline D., 138, 452 Smith, James Byron. 117 Smith, James Dennis, 138, 477 Smith, James Douglas. 76 Smith James Howard, 100, 467 Smith, James Maxey, 100 Smith, James Wilbur, 100, 477 Smith, James William, 76, 433 Smith. Jimmie M., 100 Smith, John Edward, 117 Smith, John Kenyon, 117. 465 Smith, John Michael, 138, 414 Smith , John William, 100 UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS BOOK STORE, STUDENT UNION BUILDING EVERYTHING TI-IE STUDENT NEEDS TEXTBOOKS: NEW AND USED REFERENCE BOOKS SCI-IOOL SUPPLIES Stationery lviontaq 9 Eldridge 9 Elliott I-lallmarlc Cards O Pennants and Novelties Fountain Pens and Pencils Esterbroolc 9 Parlcer 9 Sheatter Engineering Supplies and Equipment Dietzqen 9 Gramercy 9 Keuttel8c Esser Post 9 Roarlc Templates Art Materials American Crayon 9 Crescent Cardboards 9 Grumbacher Permanent 9 Strathmore Papers Marlcs Lamps Tutide Briet Cases Sunclries Store I-tours 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Fridays 8:00 A.IVt. to I2 Noon Saturdays Your lumni Association is on the Move nd We Want YO In On It, Too. There is a new excitement among graduates and former students of the university - an excitement over the realization that their years in college have formed the basis for current and future successes and growing opportunities. Gratefully more and more Alumni are joining as active members in support of the programs of the Association. Scholarships. Outstanding Faculty Awards, Library Purchases. and Departmental Grants are among the projects now existing. But much more is needed. The vital functions of a University. those functions not supported by taxes. must be provided for you and those to come. And more and more .Xlumni e not only here. but in all uni- versities and colleges across the nation - are being called upon to help make a great university greater. Following graduation all seniors are giyen a yearis free active member- ship in the Association. Vilhen you haye graduated will you please seek. or better still. demand to know what you might do for your University through . . . The University of rkansas A U NI ASSOCI TIO Smith, Joseph Mike, 117 Smith, Judith Ann, 76, 408 Smith, Larry Britton, 139, 438 Smith, Larry Ray, 117 Smith, Naomi Faye, 117, 466 Smith, Norman Murhpy, 83 Smith, Raymond Lee, 139, 465 Smith, Richard Floyd. 100 Smith, Robert A., 100, 434 Smith, Robert D., 111, 83, 430 Smith, Robert H., Jr., 53, 426 Smith, Ronald Douglas, 100, 430 Smith, Ronnie Max, 117, 473 S-mith, Roxana Louise, 139, 458 Smith, Samuel Lynn, 117, 469 Smith, Sandra Mary, 117, 408 Smith, S-ebern J., Jr., 100 Smith, Susan Margaret, 76, 403 Smith, Terry Ann, 139, 452 Smith, Tommye Lynn, 100, 411 Smith, Truman Hershel, 53 Smith, Walker Dee, 139, 477 Smith, Willard Crane, 117 Smith, William Finis, 53, 429 Smith, William T., 76 Smith, Willis Ray, 139, 465 Smith, Wilma Jean, 139, 452 Smitherman, E. T., Jr., 139 Smitherman, Sue Ann, 117, 404 Smithey, Claud L., 117, 473 Snawder, Eugene Hugh, 139, 477 Sneed, Fred Douglas, 139 Snider, Thomas Ben, 117, 469 Snipes, James J., 53 Snipes, Michael E., 139 Snow, Jan Lynne, 100, 399 Snow, Jane Ellen, 139, 452 Snow, Sandra Lee, 139, 458 Snowden, Charles F., 139 Snowden, Sandra Sue, 100, 446 Snyder. Betsy Boyce, 117, 400 Sonneman, Mary Kate, 117, 408 Sorensen, Gerald M., 100, 437 Sorrells, Richard D., 76 Southern, Robert E., 10C Sowell, William T., Jr., 100, 476 S-pahr, Carolyn Ruth 139, 458 Sparks, Stanley E., 117, 473 Sparrow, Gerald C.. 139, 434 Spear, Sydney Merle, 100, 403 Spearman, Maribeth A., 117, 407 Spears, Carolyn Lee, 100, 396 Spears, Jim Bill, 83 Spears, Milton Glen, 117, 468 Spears, Sandra Gale, 100, 461 Speer, Suzanne C., 139, 458 Spence, Larry Roleke, 76, 430 Spencer, James V., 111, 117, 430 Spicer, Jerry Dewayne, 100 Spillers, Donald Roy, 117, 466 Spivey, Buddy Brown, 100, 441 Spooner, Mary Alice, 117, 396 Spragg, Roberta Anne, 139 Spratlin, W. A., Jr., 139, 465 Springer, Sharon Lynn, 139, 452 Spurlock, Richard K., 117, 422 Squire, Arthur E., Jr., 76, 422 Stacy, Genevieve, 77, 455 Stadthagen, Roberto D., 100 Stafford, Joe Herman, 139, 465 Staggs, Jerry Morgan, 77 Stalcup, Sharon E., 139, 452 Stallings. Stephen R., 100 Stanage, Del Ray, 117 Stanford, Eveline K., 117, 455 Stanger, Rodney Terry. 77, 441 Stanley, John Hopkins, 77 Stanley, Thomas E., Jr., 100, 430 Stansell, S-arah Anne, 139, 458 Starling, Albert G., 53 Stebor, Gary Noel, 117, 434 S-teel, Betty, 139, 452 Steel. George E., Jr., 139, 434 Steele, Raymond James, 100 Steenge, Albertus E., 84, 422 Stegall, Barbara Jane, 139, 452 Steinberg, Joseph, 77, 414 Steinek, Virginia S., 139, 458 Stephens, Gary Kent, 100, 434 Stephens, Jennifer L., 139, 452 Stephens, Jerry C., 117 S-tephens. Jimmie P., 77, 461 Stephens, Jimmy Don, 117 Stephens, John H., III, 77, 437 Stephens, Randall C., 77 Stephens, William T., 100, 430 Stephenson, Raymond W., 117 Steplock, Marilyn J., 117. 455 Stevens, Betty G., 100, 461 Stevens, Jacquline V., 117, 461 Stevens, Walter Edwin, 77, 422 Stevenson, Clifford M., 139, 465 S-tevenson, David M., 117, 422 Stevenson, Rodger K., 139, 477 Steward, Jean E., 139, 452 Steward, Stanley W.. 77 S-teward, William R., 100, 437 Stewart, Alyce Carole, 117, 455 Stewart, Carolan Sue, 118 Stewart, Clyde F., 100, 472 Stewart, David Rodney, 118 Stewart, Tom Francis, 139, 472 Stewart, William D., 139, 465 Stewman, Bill R., 118 Stewman, Sam Joe, 77 Stickmon, John R., 139, 433 Stiles, John William, 118, 467 Stites, Janet Sue, 100, 455 Stobaugh. Suzanne, 118, 407 Stockbiurger, Patricia, 139 Stockdell, Barbara S., 139, 452 Stockslager, Susanne, 118 Stockslager, Thomas D., 118 Stockton, Jimmie, 118, 418 Stockwell, Marvin J., 100. 429 Snyder, Travis, 76 Stoddard, Mary E., 118, 407 Stokes, Keith D., 118 Stoll, W. Herman, 118, 465 Stone, Janice Marie, 77, 466 Stone, Linda Gail, 139, 452 Stone, Thomas Sherman, 100, 425 Str-rey, Patricia, 77 St. fey, Stephen, 139, 425 Stoty, Margaret Ann, 139, 452 Stout, Laura Mae, 77 Stover, Curtis Evans. 100 Stover, William Jan, 53, 433 Stow, Marsha lynn. 139, 452 Strait, Marilou, 100, 455 Strange, Marvin Lee, 139 Streun, Merrilee A.. 77, 411 Strickland, Harold W., 100 Strickland, M. M., 139 Strickland, Nathan E., 77, 438 Strickland, Richard T., 77 Strieby, Douglas H., 139 Stroope, Norma E., 118, 455 Strother, Susan E., 100, 400 Stroub, Joe Thomas, 77 Struebing, Dy M., Jr., 139 Stuart, Frank C., 100, 471 Stuart, Linda Louise, 139. 452 Stuart, Marvin A., 100, 418 Stuart, Sara Ann, 139, 452 Stuart, Scott Davis, 77, 422 Stubblefield, Jon M., 118 Stubbs, William R., 139, 465 Stumbaugh, Everette D., 83. 437 Stumpf, James Joseph, 83 Sturdivant, Joseph H., 100, 426 Sturgeon, Mary Adele, 139 Sublett, Roger Harley, 53 Suen, Judy Ann, 139, 452' Sugg, Charles Forrest, 100 Sujadi, Soebijanto, 84 Sulcer, Charlotte, 77, 396 Sullivan, John Lionel, 77 PENNEY'S Always First Quality! Remember, you can charge it at Penney's FayetteviIIe's Leading Furniture and Hardware Store LEWIS BROTHERS l S. Block Phone 2-8246 Swindle, Jack Reed, 118, 467 Taylor 465 Sullivan. MJ: Itet S.. 118. 461 Sullivan, W. 1-.. Jr.. 77, 437 Summers, James A.. 100. 437 Summers, John Leslie, 139 Summers, Loren C., 118 Summers, Lucy Ellen, 139. 458 Sumner, Robert Earl, 77 Suter. Barbara Ann. 139, 452 Sutton, Kenneth Wayne. 77, 467 Swaby, Donald Ray, 118, 426 Swafford, James E.. 77 Swafford, Nelda Faye. 100, 455 Swaim, Cecilia M.. 77. 400 Swanson, Albert Kent, 77 Swayze, John Charles. 77, 471 Sweet, Richard S.. 77 Sweet, Walter Yvebb. 139. 465 Swift. Merrie Sandra. 100. 403 Swindle. Marsha Leigh, 118, 461 Swint, Sandra Carol. 139, 458 Switzer, Bruce D., 139. 477 Sykes. James D.. .lr.. 139, 465 Tabor, Ronald Edward, 78. 422 Taggart. Cary Edwin. 139, 465 Talkington, Gary .l., 118. 473 Taylor Taylor v David Strong, 100 David Wayne, 78 Taylor, Hendrix A.. Jr., 83. 425 Taylor. James Cary, 118, 471 Taylor. Jerry Duncan. 53 Taylor John Dallas, 53 Taylor Taylor , Judith Lynn, 78, 159 Larry E.. 100, 41-1 Taylor, Lea Anna N.. 100 Taylor Lynda Sue, 100, 455 Taylor. Marian T.. 101 Taylor Taylor 1 Martha Lee. 101. 455 Michael T., 101 Taylor Mike Jerome, 101 Taylor. Phyllis Leona. 101. 446 Taylor, Priscilla E., 118, 461 Taylor, Robert D., 78 Taylor Robert Cordon. 118. 437 Star, 118. 400 Teague, Robert R., 118. 467 Teeter, Thomas Allen. 118. 467 Temple, ,Jimmie L., 78, 399 Temple, Lois Lynn, 118. 396 Templeton, Howard W.. 83 Templeton. Mona M.. 140. 452 Templeton, Randell T.. 83 Tenney, George E.. 111. 140. 469 Tennyson. James Logan. 110, 477 Terhune. .James R.. Jr.. 78 Terhune. Richard H.. 78 Terrell, Bobby Frank. 78 Thompson Tan, Zoilo Cheng Ho., 84 Terry. James Westzel, 101 Thomas, Thomas, Harold L.. 118 Harve A., 101 Thomas. James F.. Jr., 53 Thomas, Joel L.. 140 Thomas. Kathy. 140. 452 Thomas, Lawrence P., 118 Thomas, Lloyd Roy, 78 Thomas. Mary Ruth. 140, 452 Thomas. Susan. 140. 452 Thomas. Thomas A., 101. 434 Thomas. William K., 140, 438 Thomason. David E., 78 Thomaso n, Samuel J., 140 Thomasson, C. N.. Jr.. 78 Thompso Thompso Thornpso n, Byron A.. 101. 466 n. Carol Lynn, 140, 452 n. Donald M.. 140 Thompson, Cary Eugene, 53 Thompson, Henry H.. Jr.. 140, Thompson Thompson , Jack D.. 118 .Jack L., 140 Thompson. James J.. 140, 477 Thompson. Jon Brent, 101 Thompson. Linda Jo, 101. 396 Thompson. Loretta A., 118. 403 Thompson Thompson , Mary Greer. 140. 458 , l11ilton Bob, 140, 141 Thompson. Sharon Lou. 101. 446 Thompson. Verl L.. 101 Thompson. Wlilliam M.. 101. 430 , Winfred Lee, 140, 465 Tanner, Tarking Tarking Tarver. Teresa Mearl. 118, 455 ton, Anna Lynn. 139, 452 ton, James F., 84 Larry Ronald. 100. 467 Tarver, Lois Lynn, 139, 452 Tarvin, Joe E., 100 Tarvin. Patricia E., 139, 452 Terry. Phillip Arthur, 78 Thacker. Barbara T., 140. 452 Thain, ,Johnny Wayne. 118. 472 Thane. John Wirt. 140. 465 Tharel, Lance Morrell. 140 Thibault, Sylvia C.. 78, 461 Thomas. Arthur Henry. 78. 422 Thomson, Barbara Gail. 140 Thornton, Bettye Sue, 78, 461 Thornton. James H., 118 Thornton. Robert S., 140. 465 Thurlby, Martha Kay. 78, 399 Thurlby, Williatii R., 118 Thurman, Jan Ray. 140 Tate, Amanda Martha. 139, 458 Tatum, Juliette, 78, 408 Taylor, Carol Lynn, 118, 407 Thomas, Diane, 101, 403 Thomas. Donna Anne. 78. 455 Thomas, Frances 101. 404 Thurman, Margaret E., 118 Thurston , Marland C., 78 Thurston. Ronald J.. 118 Tiberghien, Dolores A., 118 Tiberiis, Bruce E., 118. 471 Tiley. Paul Louis, 78 Tillery. Charles A.. 140. 477 Tilley, Lewis Carl, 78 Tilley. Mary Jane, 140. 458 Tilley. Suzanne J.. 118. 461 Tillman, Carolyn E.. 101. 459 Tillman. Leonard. 53 Tims. Marian Elaine. 140, 452 Tindle, Joyce Elaine. 140. 452 Tinsley, Mary Alice, 118, 455 Tipton, Jackie Carl, 140. 477 Tiptox. Ronnie Dow. 140, 477 Tisdale. Carole Lynn. 118 Tisdale. Helen D., 78 Titus. William E.. Jr.. 118. 414 Todd. Catherine Anne, 101 Todd. Marian Daniel. 78 Toler. Thomas Eli. 78 Tollett. Edward T.. 118 Tomlinson. Lawrence Y.. 118 Topper. .Johnnie David. 140. 477 Torbett. Eddie Carlos. 101 Tough. Walter Jackson. 140. 465 Townley. Larry E.. 101. 437 Townsend. Laurel K.. 140. 452 Townsend. Leanne. 101. 399 Townsend. William R.. 101 Tracer. Sharon Ann. 118. 446 Trannnel. ,Judith E., 53. 408 Trammel, Lawrence. Jr.. 78. 426 Trammel. Robert Lee. 140. 473 Tranum. .James Edward. 78 Tranum. Mary Alice. 118. 399 Travis. Donald S.. 78, 465 Treat. Randy Ray. 140 Treece, Ellen Diane. 140. 458 Tremble. Barbara Ann. 140. 452 Tribble. James R.. 140. 465 Trice, Frank A., Jr., 140. 465 Trice. Laurance Lee. 118 JGCL 5Q:5 58.00 Party Pictures - Portraits - Wedding Pictures 316 N. University FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Phone: Hlllcrest 2-7467 Trieschmann, James S., 118, 473 Troeger, Robert E., 140, 447 Trost, Jimmie Eugene, 101 Truax, Donna Rae 118 Trudeau Ruth 1mogc.e, 78 Trudell, Michael L., 118 True, Ann Penny, 101 True, Cary Dean, 101 Truitt, Joel Enoch, 79 Tsao, Chi Wing, 79, 472 Tuck, Henry L., Jr., 101, 434 Tuck, Theresa Marie, 140, 452 Udouj, Henry J., Jr., 119 Udouj, Michael A., 140, 426 Udouj, Ronald Herman, 79, 426 Umbaugh, Geneva Irene, 101 Umbaugh, Mary E., 101 Umberson, Donald Carl, 119 Undernehr, Hilda B., 140, 452 Underwood, John D., 79 Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Tull, Ja Cecil Ray, Jr., 118, 477 Charles Ray, 79 Darrell Newby, 79 Mary Ruth, 79 Robert W., 140, 422 Turdebieth, 140, 458 Virginia A., 118, 404 nna Lynn, 79, 446 Utley, Frances R., 79, 403 Utley, James Patrick, 101 Utley, Rebecca Jean, 140, 452 Utley Thomas H., 79' Tullgren, Christy S., 140, 447 Tullous, Thomas Lyle, 140, 426 Tumy, Carol Jean, 118, 407 Turchi, Nano John, Jr.. 101, 441 Turnage, Betty Carol, 140, 452 Turner, Cecil E., Jr., 101, 472 Turner, Cheryl C., 118, 461 Turner, Janice D., 140. 459 Turner, Judy Anne, 79, 411 Turner, Lehman, R., 79 Turner, Nancy Jane, 140. 452 Turner, Nancy R., 118, 459 Turner, Pamela Ann, 140, 452 Turner, Robert Eugene, 79 Turner, Virginia Kay, 118, 446 Turner, Wilma Jane, 79 Twyford, Ronald Lee, 101, 465 Tyler, Alvis Leroy, 119 Tyler, John Robert, 101. 426 Tyrone, David Eaton, 140, 425 Tyson, James W., 79, 477 Utter, Layman Ray, 140, 477 Valentine, Shirley A., 141, 452 Valier, Biron Frank, 141, 477 Valliant, Margaret A., 141, 459 Van Dalsem, Carol, 141, 452 Van Dover, James R., 83 Van Hoose, Scott, 79 Van Meter, Richard L., 141, 441 Vance, Marsha Ellen, 84 Vancura, Mary E., 101, 399 Vancuren, Larry M., 141 Vandiver, Loy C., Jr., 119 Vanhook, Tonni Beth, 53 Vann, Lewis Eugene, 101, 471 Vann, Mary Kay, 141, 452 Vansickle, Jacquelin, 53 Vanzandt, Joyce Ann, 141, 452 Varnadore, H. C., 111, 119, 477 Vaughan, Jim Curtis, 79 Vaughan, Roberta Lee, 79, 403 Vaughan, Ruth Ann, 119, 461 Vaughn, John Charles, 79 Vaught, Bobby Charles, 101 Vaught, Jerome Dean, 79 Vaught, Tommy Lee, 79 Vehik, Jaan, 79, 466 Vehik, Mart, 83, 437 Vehik, Ryan, 101, 466 Vernon, Cary Lynn, 119 Vervack, Jerry Jules, 119, 425 Vester, Ray Earl, 141, 477 Vick, Christopher C., 119, 472 Vick, Neil Dow, 101, 430 Vickers, Eugenia Ann, 79, 44-6 Vickers, Margi Roy, 119, 403 Vicory, Johnny North, 119' Vinck, Linda Marie, 119, 446 Vines, Donald Ray. 141, 465 Vines, Dwight T., 141, 465 Vines, Johnny Marvin, 141, 430 Vinson, Michael Evans, 101, 434 Vise, John David, 79 Vogel, Carol Sue, 101 Vogel, Donald Aurel, 119 Vogel, Warren Lee, 79 Volkamer, Jack Martin, 119, 437 Voyles, Nancy Ann, 141, 455 Vratsinas, Gus M., 119 Vratsinas, Pete John, 101 Wade, Larry Alden, 79 Wade, Saundra Lynn, 141, 458 Wagner, Paul Charles, 79 Wagoner, Linda Cay, 101, 400 Wagoner, William B., 141, 429 Wahl, Charles Thomas, 119, 471 Wainwright, Wayne D., 141, 437 Walker, Cary Eil-611.1 J, 429 Walker, James L., Ji., 119 Walker, James William, 141, 430 Walker Norman Dean 119 Walker: Roy Leon, 1011 Walker, William Claud, 141 Wall, Francis C., Jr., lfl-1, 437 Wall, Patricia Ann, 79, 403 Wallace Wallace , George Kirk. 79, 472 , James R., 83 Wallace, Jim Lee, 53 Wallace Larry C., 101, 425 Wallacei Nancy Ruth, 79, 404 Wallace, Richard H., 119, 467 Wallace Waller, Robert R., 53 Joyce Evelyn, 101 Walker, Walker Walkerl Walker Augustus B., 79 Charles OL, 119, 433 Dale Clyde, 79 Cary Adrian, 141, 477 Wallin, Diana Cene, 141, 452 Wallin, Reginald, Jr., 83, 422 Wallis, Barbara Ruth, 79' Walls, Martha Sue, 141, 459 Walmsley, Bill Howard, 83 Walraven, Lyndell H., 79 Walsh, Jeffry Lee, 119, 433 Walsh, Leldon Louis, 101 Walston, David Earl, 79 Walters, Roy Otis, 101, 442. Walton, Cleo Ade, Jr., 101 Ward, Beverly Ann, 101, 455 Ward, Bud Mansfield, 101, 471 Ward, Edward Bruce, 119 Ward, Johnny Joseph, 80, 472 Wardlow, Rebecca L., 101 Ware, Catherine H., 101, 408 Ware, Jane Lee, 141, 458 Ware, Thomas E., Jr., 101 Warford. Bobby Harold, 119 Warren, Claudia Ann, 141, 458 Warren, Jacquelyn C., 80, 411 Warren, William H., 80 Warriner, Carolyn L., 80, 400 Warriner, Charles A., 141, 465 Washburn, Elizabeth A., 141, 452 Wassell, John R., Jr., 119, 414 RAY'S FLOWERS THE METCALFE RECORD SHOP 628 West Dickson Street Fayetteville, Arkansas RAY ADAMS Hiwoy 71 South Northwest Arkansas' Most Complete Record Shop PROMPT, PERSONAL SERVICE FAYETTEVILLE CLK BOTTLIN G COMPANY pl DELMA STUDIOS, INC 9 West Twentieth Street New York H, N. Y. Otticiol Photographers for the 1964 RAZORBACK All N Q K p fl f Od Diana Gene, 141, 452 Watson, Waters, Dody Charlene, 141 Waters, Judy Gayle, 141, 458 Watkins, Harold W., 141, 477 Watkins, Larry, 141, 473 Watkins, Sally Jo, 119, 455 Watson, Watson Watson Watson Watson Watson Watson Elizabeth Ann, 141, 452 Floyd Elliott, 141 Fred Leroy, 141 , James Otis, 53 Norman Archie, 141 Robert Lynn, 101, 437 Vir inia C. 141 452 g a , William Brock, 80 Watson, Watts, Jimmy Carl, 119 Watts, Louis Wayne, 141, 465 Watts, William T., 101 Wayne, John J., 53 Waymire, Harold W., 141 Weatherall, Auvergne, 101, 404 Weatherford, Wendell, 53 Weathers, Karen A., 101, 399 Weaver, George T., Jr., 141, 430 Weaver, Mary Frances, 80, 455 Webb, Burlestine, 141, 458 Weir, Linda Paulette, 80, 459 Weir, Maxie Jean, 141 Weiss, Thomas G., Jr., 53 Welborn, Robert Jones, 80, 477 Welcher, Julia C., 102, 446 Weldon, John Allen, 102 Wellborn, Amanda Jane, 141, 458 Wellhausen, Donna, 80, 407 Wellons, James Alan, 119, 429 Wells, George' W., 111, 119, 438 Wells, Kenneth Duane, 102 Wells, William Joe, 102. 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Jr., 102. 430 Williford, Judy Marie, 120, 461 Willis, James Howard, 120, 465 Wills, Jo Anna, 120, 461 Wills, Millicent Ann, 142, 458 Wilmoth, Harrington L., 120 Wilmoth, Philip John, 120 Wilson, Anne Paschal, 120, 399 Wilson, Bettie Marion, 120, 411 Wilson, Carole Ann, 80, 400 Wilson, Chad Graham, 102. 426 CLINE.HEN'S Taste REAL Bread F A Y E T T E V I L L E D R U G ,..,. . A , ...n. The 0f"Y dwg me on the Ph. H' 2-7345 'iiiii if ff . . JJaM"f"'4 Shipley Baking Company "Cards" Fort Smith Fayetteville For The Smartest Fashions . Boston Store 40 Years in Fayetteville c o M P LI M E N T s 7 U od' S Ylnclerwoodb Cofgge yewegra ,M gg """f555i-viII- NORTHWEST ARKANSAS' ONLY CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST THE IIURLEY CIIMPANY, INC. IS PROUD TO HAVE BE A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF THE 1964 RAZURBACK SERVING AS PRINTER A BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK. company CAMDEN, ARKANSAS FINE LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING Wilson Wilson, Charles N., 102' Wilson, Charles P., 142, 477 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson , David Jack, 120, 425 , Earl Wayne, 80' , Ed Eugene, 120, 4-65 , Gerald R., 102, 121 , Jacqueline M., 120 Wilson, Jean Hester, 120, 408 Wilson , John Robert, 142, 465 Wilson, J ohnna Claire, 102, 396 Wilson, Judy Yvonne, 102, 446 Wilson, Karen, 142, 458 Wilson Larry Michael, 102 Wilson: Lynda Gail, 80, 455 Wilson, Shellie, 80, 400 Shirle Ann 80 461 Wood Wood Wood Wood , Harvey Erwin, 102, 422 , John Robert, 142, 477 , Kenneth Elmer, 80 , Mark Wayne, 120 Wood, Sherry, 102, 455 Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood , Viktoria K., 120 , Virgie Ruth, 80 , Vivian Marie, 142 ell, James S., 120, 477 ford, Don, 120, 438 ford, W. I., Jr., 142. 477 s, Beverly Cruse, 142 s, Ellen Ann, 142 s, Henry Clay, 80, 422 s, John Michael, 80, 472 s Nanc Ellen 142 452 9 ' y 1 9 Wilson, Thomas Wade, 53 Wimberly, Fred Ervan, 102 Winborn, Dwight M., 120 Winhorn, Paul Lee, 102 Windle, Stephen Milo, 142, 434 Winfield, Gus W., 80' Wing, Winifred Ellen, 120, 461 Wingert, Stanley Joe, 142, 465 Wingfield, Hartsell C., 142, 477 Wingfield, Michael A., 120 Winkle, Luther J., 142,477 Winter, Carrol D., 80 Winter, Edward Dean, 142, 471 Wirski, Dieter D., 120, 418 Witherington, Bobby, 142, 465 Wobbe, Thomas Harry, 80 Wofford, James Terrel, 80 Wolfe, Harvey Lee, 120 Wolfe, James Joseph, 142, 465 Wolfe, McAllen, 120 Wolverton, Judy Ann, 120, 461 Womble, Billy Vance, 120 Womble, James T., 102, 437 Womeldorf, Mary E., 102, 400 Wood, Carolyn Sue, 102, 403 Wood, Harrell W., Jr., 142, 477 9 y 1 v Woods, Shelby Vaughn, 102, 429 Woodson, James C., 80 Woodson, Joseph A., 120, 438 Woody, Jo Ellen, 102, 399 Woolard, Herman F., 80 Wooldridge, Sammy R., 142 Woolly, James M., 80 Woolly, William R., 142, 465 Wooten, Jessie K., 120, 400 Work, Thomas Newton, 142, 465 Worrell, Cynthia L., 120. 465 Wortham, James B., 80 Worthen, Lyndell P., Jr., 142, 418 Worthen, Ronald E., 120, 418 Worthington, James W., 80 Worthy, Terry Eileen, 120, 399 Wray, Andrew M., III, 142, 422 Wright Wright , Carol Jane, 102, 411 , Kathleen L., 80, 400 Wright Larry John, 142, 477 Wright Lonnie Fred, 120, 414 Wright, Lou Ann, 142, 455 Wright Martha Evelyn, 102, 461 Wright Martha Jo, 102, 407 Wright Max Allen, 142 Wright Myron Ernest, 142 Architects "buiIt" the snow woman to greet Arts Center visitors Glnarhman Fon FAST sfnvicf J Fon soon Foon '!KP51EILII'EI111 TRY VIC MON rhnirr agvh atrak 15 3-45 1 P eed ia we new am! 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Ccnfmfzieaf am 1161112141 fbalzylozng fair the U of A .SIfLlI?l6l7l Wright, Orville E., 80 Wright, Randall B., 142, 42-2 Wright, Richard L., 142, 430 Wright Robert Lyndol, 142 Wright: Roxy Ann, 102, 455 Wright Vl'right Wright Writer, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wylie, Wylie, Yager, , Sheron L., 120, 400 , Tilden P., III, 80 , Warren James, 120, 438 Peter V., 102, 466 John Robert, 102, 466 Richard Hill, 142, 433 .ludith Ann, 120, 396 Robert David, 80 Samuel H., Jr., 142 Yancey, Claud Walter, 102, 472 Yancey, Frances Ann, 142, 452 Yancey, Helen E., 120, 408 Yancey, William R., Jr., 120, 425 Yandell, Charles L., 80 Yandell, Oneida Fern, 80 Yanker, George M., 80 Yantis, Marshall L., 142, 433 Yarbrough. Merry June, 120, 408 Yarbrough. W. C., Jr., 80 Yates, Jackie Van, 142 Yates, Michael Kay, 102, 455 Yates, Nita Saffell, 142, 452 Yates, Ronnie, 102, 465 Yawn, Nancy Gayle, 102, 407 Yeager, Howard L., 83 Yeargan, Jerry Reese, 53 Yeargin, Randolph E., 80 Yee, Mary Anna, 142, 452 Watching "tomorrow's leaders" twist bodies into grotesque pose while mumbling ritual "Woo", E. A. Ragsdale fears for our future. THE EXCHANGE BA K an TRUST COMPAN H Ae Zdienclfy dural' in .iboraclov El Dorado, Arkansas fl 70861745615 lfliefiem Gm C 01441001 171 y "Helping Build North and West Arkansas" QUAKER DRUG STORE No. 1 FREE PICK-UP 81 DELIVERY FOR PRESCRIPTIONS Complete Line of Cosmetics 22 E. CENTER PHONE 2-4246 GOGDYEAR SERVICE STORE More People Ride on Goodyear Tires Thon Any Other Kind 4 9 Young, . Yvoung, cl'-LEC Y UUHU, 3-w:':"', 'T N f E ,.,:fg.l, Hfoung, N goung. Q f Oung' , ' if Young. l , ,.. ,, sv- 3 Q 1, Higungv ,. 2 , ' ., Y - bk oung, - f W X Turing, +02 1f""Kf 'f Youn A , ggi-QA ,I 7 g' df -Sf Y Oungg - 32' X' 'J' We ,V .V at " ., .at if 'fp f 4- 'Qi . , ,gy K. .. ff. Q 4 ADPis, unknovvlingly, provide evidence for the rumored "ban the body" campaign. New rule: No sun-bathing without a raincoat on. Yielding, Charles E., 142, 465 Yoakum, Daniel Ray, 102, 468 Catherine B., 102, 408 Charles A., 120 Cynthia Ann, 102. 455 Damon Michael, 83 Dennis Ray, 142, 438 Doris Rae, 142, 458 Gary Cleveland, 142, 465 Jean Ethel, 120, 404 Jimmy Ray, 102 Judith Anne, 102, 461 Phyllis Ann, 102, 461 Richard Alan, 14-2 Younkin, John M., 120, 418 Younkin, Ronald W., 120 Zaccardi, Stephen A., 120. 434 Zachry, Sarah E., 102, 446 Zaffater, Carol, 120, 411 Zeiler, George James, 80 Zimmerman, Don A., 80, 434 Zimmerman. Roger W., 142, 465 Zimpel, Jean Louise, 120. 396 Zimpel, Mary Patricia, 80, 396 Zug, Joe Ray, 53 "BOWL AT THE BEST" Razorback Lanes and Cue Room 632 W. Dickson Street Fayetteville, Arkonsos Phil Mlnoon Phonei Monoger Hillcrest 2-9712 KELLEY BRUTHERS LUMIBER COMP Kelley For Kwality Serving Northwest Arkansas Since I92l Wholesale and Retail Building Materials FAYETTEVILLE COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTS EQUIPMENT KEN'S SPORTING PHONE 2-6357 GO0DS 516 ore Roses By Kay Hafenbrak Itis over, itis over, it's over, hurrahl Every year the editor says that no one can understand what goes into putting out a yearbook. We can agree it's something you only do once and it may be a good thing that you can't know what it takes or there wouldn't be anyone brave enough to volunteer each year. There was the fun, the nice people. the not so nice people. the work, but most of all there is that feel- ing that "it'7 is always there unfinished. Now that the uit" is finished, I can look back and say I was lucky because most of the people were more than nice. Doug called Kidder indolent and he couldn't have been more wrong. True, he has his ups and downsg but when he got up, he got things done. Bill was our public relations man. He did all of the foot work and being nice to people. especially our staff. I screamed at them and insulted them periodically but most of them knew to ignore me. During the first semester. while we were still trying to find an answer to why we ran in the first place for this job. Bill and I worked together get- ting things organized and let Johnny Woodruff teach us what made a yearbook and that was good pictures. Then the second semester we split up and I worked with the staff on the routine copy while Bill rounded up the remaining pictures and took over the parts that a girl knew nothing about. Kidder slaved over cut lines in his spare time and wrote the features section. I have worked on two previous books and know there was never a staff to compare with the one we had. First. came Johnny Woodruff who gave us the idea for our opening section and was our support through the black days when we had nine hundred pictures to be taken. Johnny knew the meaning of dead- lines and stayed with us night and day to meet these deadlines. Semester came and John graduated and left us with a few events that hadn't happened to be- taken. For this lovely chore we discovered Bill Riner. Bill was okay as a photographer but it took awhile for him to understand that when we assigned a picture, we wanted it yesterday and not two weeks from tomorrow. But without Biner we would have never made it. Every section has its own unique headaches and each section editor had to face these with us. They were great workers and finally each section was writ- ten and typed a dozen times until it fit and was sent to press. Karen had to be told only once what was needed and the next time I saw her she had the infor- mation ready to go. Wish there were more like her! So did Bill! Norvell, bless her heart, really slaved over her section - it took her awhile to adjust to the con- fusion of the office and everyone doing ten things at once. Now that she knows how, she wants to do it again. Ronnie Robinson did two signatures of sports single handed - thanks Ron. Mickey dropped in a few times to bless us with his charm, but then he brought us Nan. Missy Alford picked up the pieces of the administration section that was started by Bettie Wilson and worked hard to get it finished. Janice and Chi Clhi did what had to be done on the beauties. Chi Chi also had a few of the unique headaches to face along with Kidder and I. Wasnit that fun Chi Chi - bet she doesnit want to do her section again. Classes and dorms represent the "black days." Sam Yager can understand this. Once he lived through it he wasn't around much. but who could blame him. There were 9,024 cards to be alphabetized and filled. Then just as we had that done there were 9.024 pictures to be put in that file. This took innumerable hours of work for which I want to thank many Sigma Nu and Zeta pledges who got out ol study hall to help and good ole Jerry Don who didn't have much choice. There were several girls that came up faithfully and worked for hours without saying a word and I can't remember their names to say thanks. If your picture is wrong or we called you by the wrong name. co-me up to the office some day when you have three for four hours and we will explain how it may have happened. With- out a typist a yearbook would never get to press, this credit goes to Nancy Vo-yles, Sharon lVlcDo-nald and Pat Weed. Now I'm down to Nan and Jame-O. Without Nan Ilm positive the organization section would have never made it. She was always ready to help with any- thing that needed to be done and has learned a lot that will show up in a good book next year. Kidder thinks there is no one like Jim Williams and I have to agree. tThank goodness.t In all seriousness Jame-0 has been a tremendous help to us both. Jame-O was here everyday on my day shift and stayed with Bill many nights into the wee hours. Sometimes he did a lot of wing fluttering and just made noise. but we really know how much time and work he put in. Not once have I heard him complain about it being too early or too late to work and really mean it. He has stayed with us like it was his book, and now that the next one will be his I'm sure it will be one of the best ones to co-me out. Our association with Southwestern Engraving Com- pany has been nothing but pleasant from the time we went over to start planning the 64 book. Gene lVlcBae is more help than anyone could hope for and we call her for an answer to any problem that arises. I hope we have put a book together that deserves all the time and effort she put in for us. I'll let Bill express our gratitude to lVIr. Walker and lVlr. Hurley. lVIuch to my surprise Kidder and I are still speak- ing to each other and like he told Nan and Jim you better get used to looking at each other. There were good days and bad days. but always the funny little notes or telegrams to make me appreciate His Royal Majesty. So you see it has been a good year for me. but Iam glad to say itis over. KAH 5 The Book Is Finish d . . . o Am I By Bill Kidder ' lReafl the following lfnowing that I wrote this com- mentary primarily for those who know me and might be inlerestecl in the lzehinrl-the-scenes outlook. Also. know that I have rlclayefl writing this final work until the last possible nzovnzentain fact, past the last possible rnornenl. This will explain the rambling.t The editor's page is a dangerous luxury. While it provides the editor a chance to say some of the im- portant things that don't belong lor don't fitt into the rest of the book. it becomes a permanent statement of his personal philosophy. So here goes: as mentioned on the Razorback page. things will get loose! First. to those who have asked me "was it worth itu. the answer is "it was!" One year of my school life was devoted to producing this yearbook. Oppor- tunity costs were very high for both Kay and me. Grade points. our parents' money. and our other interests all suffered from lack of attention. But-without reserva- tion-fit was worth it. In fact. I canlt understand past editors, bitterness on these pages. This book takes you over. It dominates your life. Not only does it monopolize an editoris time. it also dominates his conversation. his vacations. and his in- terests. No editor edits the book: it edits him. The responsibility of 3550.000 worth of state business is overwhelming-school work simply goes to hell. Although we lacked experience. Kay and I had an ideal. And whatever we lacked in experience. we made up in self-confidence and just plain bluff. We wanted the best yearbook yet-and that takes doing! Before seriously criticizing any U of A Razorback. look at yearbooks from other schools. The Razorback is a stu- dents' yearbook -- not a dead glob of lifeless pictures with obvious captions. Speaking of captions land inexperiencei. I didn't even know that every caption must be a certain length. Every line of a picture description must be the exact same lengthe--no exceptions! It drives you nutsenot- withstanding the thirty minutes per caption writing time. Anyhow. now we all know. This a good time to explain briefly some of the changes in the book. By dividing the book into four major sections. we planned to group the various chapters logically. The four color pictures mark these major divisions. In the future I doubt that these four major divisions will be continued. but the basic group- ing will remain. Although somewhat lost this year. readers will be able to locate a particular section easier in the future. We moved the features section tThe Yearl from the first to the middle of the book in order ln make the animal more readable throughout. Also, this places the highlights of the year ffeatures. beauties. personalities. etc.l together in one group. We elimina- lcd Gaebale from the book so that the students could receive their annual before the end of school. Gaebale is not worth a late book. Thinking that personality as well as beauty should be apparent in a beauty section. we changed this sec- tion to show the girls in a campus environment instead of only a photography studio glamor girl. The other major change is the organization section. where we tried to show activities of the clubs. Also. we think that the overall layout is much more logical. Of course there are other changes. but these are the major ones. The cover design was by Kay and me. Knowing that we couldnlt use white twice in a row. we chose black twe didn't want redl. We added white for contrast and a gold metal seal for class: then Williaiiis took over with the modern lettering. Thatis that. Before continuing. I want to thank the many people who have helped me-other than the staff. Joe Dickey Powers tlong gone. graduated. married. a father and all that sort of stuffl picked me up when I was a disillusioned. lost freshman with a complex adminis- tered by the browbeaters of Fort Smith Senior High twho value individuality on the same scale as the Black Plaguefl Joe built a fire under me and placed me in the middle of things. Thanks ,Ioe for the new start. Mr. R. C. Walker and Miss Gene McRae of South- western Engraving Company in Tulsa rate the biggest thank you. lVIr. Walker. one of the nation's foremost engravers. must surely regard the Razorback as his pet-although he does the OU Sooner and other Big Eight school yearbooks. The four color pictures in this yearis annual are due to Mr. Walkers generosity: cer- tainly not because we could afford them! Gene McRae took our ideas and turned them into the layout of the hook. Always ready with long distance advice. Gene is the reason Razorbacks enjoy an excellent national standing. Thanks a million! Wir. Wallace Hurley and his right-hand man. Mr. Tom Vlfalker. also are due many thanks from the Razor- back. This year they laid everything aside to do a num- ber one job for us. Thanks to Mr. Hurley and all his staff in Camden. I want to give a left-handed thank you to last year's editor. Doug Smith. Doug enjoyed calling me a miser- able. uncreative Business Administration major who could only add a column of figures in an accounting class. If nothing else. Doug. I proved in my own eyes that you were wrong. Doug-a die-hard Democrat- will probably end up on welfare. That's justice . . . I have thanked most of the Razorback staff on their page in the book proper. but I do want to say this. I.ike the Traveler. the Razorback is a cause-not a job or an "extra-curricular activityf' The students who give up their afternoons for S20-S40 obviously aren't in it for the money. It is a way to give some of themselves to others. I remember laughing at Dr. Hay in management class when he lectured that the "profit motive" was secondary to the "service motivewg he may not always be right, but what he said certainly makes sense when applied to things like the Razorback and the Traveler. One of our goals was to enlarge the staff from previous years. And we didg we are leaving behind us the best prepared. most-qualified group in years. May- be putting out a yearbook won't kill them. The photographers-the unsung heroes-make or break a yearbook. A philosopher as well as a photo- grapher, Johnny Woodruff. is a wonderful person and a magnificent talent. Johnny sees the beauty in the world and can capture it in pictures. Bill Biner. although a very good photographer and often inspired, seems too ordinary in comparison to Johnny. Bill was one of the gangg from liking to holler. drink. and put off work, Bill was just another guy. But thanks to both-who really made the book. The Board of Publications. our overseer. pulled a new trick this year. It decided that all proofs from the printer should go to Dean Halladay for inspection. Although it bordered on censorship. it wasnit. For bet- ter or worse. the book was printed the way Kay and l sent it to the printer. I do not think that the Razorback would have been censored. l do know that if it had been, l lwith Kay, Williams. the Razorback, the Trave- ler staff, everybody! would have walked off the job. Free press is a reality at the University of Arkansas. But like all other power and authority, our free press has its corresponding responsibility which must be met by the students who command this power. The term self-censorship is an insult, but responsibility is a com- pliment. This is a good point of departure from the topic of Razorback business to campus affairs. Students are in a mood for more freedom. more power. The question is however: can students actually manage their affairs maturely? If IFC can unite and forcefully administer its own affairs. then maybe the Greek system can sur- vive and be free from deans' policing. If AWS can unite and forcefully update womenis regulations. then maybe the U of Ais social rules will become twentieth century. And if tall of the suddenl the campus would be opened to any speakers who wanted to try to draw a crowd, then maybe something of an academic atmos- phere might materialize. We canit change the world overnight, but we can begin to change it. The Univer- sity belongs to the studentseif they can handle it . . . This is for kicks. Will some wealthy man please come to Fayetteville and build a new movie theater? Who says monopoly doesnit exist in free enterprise? There are many more things that might be said, but there is not time or space fwhich is just as welll. Bead back over the book and look between the lines- maybe there is something there. One final good-bye to Hill Hall. with its steep stairs and out-of-order coke machine. Hill Hall is the static center of the world-no radio can work within this fire trap. But it is home. Even as l have been writing this. Jim Williams fthe new editorl is cleaning out the office and re-arranging the desks. And Kay and l aren't even dead and buried yet. l will leave it with you. And the next time I come to college. remind me to just go to school . . . WMK The 1964 Razorback was printed and bound by the Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. The cuts are 133-line copper engravings by Southwestern Engraving Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover was manufactured by the S. K. Smith Company, of Chicago, Illinois. Printing is by letterpress on 80 lb. Warren's Lustro Gloss paper. Heads are set in 36 point and 24 point Bodoni Bold. Body copy is set in 10 point Bodoni Book. Identification group cutlines are in 8 point Bodoni Book and individual cutlines are in 9 point Spartan and Spartan Bold. Feature cut- lines are set in 8 point Spartan. , 11 1 v-v. 1 1 1 .. 1. 1.1 I 1,-' 1 11 f' 11,11 1 11. gn" ,- 1,,'1'x 1 11' '-.. .1511 .111 11 1 r 1 11111.11 'K '41 .rj 1 X 1 'lf - 1 1 V' SN". 1' 11,17 1 115721 1. 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I . 11 1 My 111 11 ,- N 1 .11 I -.1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1,1 1 ' :Q 1.1 V ,, ., 4 'X 111, 'ff 1 . 1 . 1 111- s 1 1 1 1- 11.,', V11 1 1 :AW ,11- -X V 1. -124' ,1 11111-'11 X15-11 11 1- ,111 1. - 11' V5 ' 411, , - 1.1 1 1 A ,JV -'ff' 5- FN 1 'A P 1 1 1 1 1 11 A 1 1 1, 1, ' ..11 f1 '11 1 1 . 1.1 11 , 1 - 1 .,1111 4311 5 Hi? if ' 44 I 'lr . 1 .1 . VU, s 1? 11:11 'J' ,pf.Q1'L' sl ,I1 .1,-- .111 11' 111.141 '11 ' " 1- 1111 1 1 1 11 11. -I 1 .X N 111 11. 1 1 11 1 :ix 1 1 1 1 'fi 'ft'- Q. 3944? ' xx I "'--L, n 1 I 'K I , on - 5 1, 9 -fghi-' I . ua. 5 I' I. 1' .M ' 'L Q ' .- r 1 n " X u ,Af ll A A 1 ll' A rf! v- f.,, I A! - J .,, fa 521' 529' f 5, 1 ', ,kyo . 5 63 fx N . .5 I Uxvfi' !x lt' I F 1' 4, ixljf .:'n'.. ,,u 1 4 Q 58 Q.:-' HQ if Q I 5 L . :Eff nys, .i, 'fb' .U J 'ff' ,'g' rx ,'.: 'A' A4 . O Q Q' V 1- - . . A UIJJQ .J Af. N1 .1 2413 .' if Ven , 5 f-Page .erin 4 . fu .jg 1' U -' .ivy 'A . ER 12. , ' ix - I s f"'. , v I 3 84, - 1 I I , r n ' - .. X5 X .--i' fx?- . X ' 'r -'TX .. X j.1v'.3gAff' 7! 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Suggestions in the University of Arkansas Fayetteville - Razorback Yearbook (Fayetteville, AR) collection:

University of Arkansas Fayetteville - Razorback Yearbook (Fayetteville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Fayetteville - Razorback Yearbook (Fayetteville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Fayetteville - Razorback Yearbook (Fayetteville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Fayetteville - Razorback Yearbook (Fayetteville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Fayetteville - Razorback Yearbook (Fayetteville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Fayetteville - Razorback Yearbook (Fayetteville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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