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- . . " . . T - - , tiE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRAIION UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS FAYET1EVILLE, ARKANSAS PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS, UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, FAYETTEVILLE THE NINETEEN SIXTY THREE Chapter Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter I Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Features Administration Classes Greeks Halls Personalities Beauties Athletics PublicaKons Arts Military Organizations Index age Page 90 Page 126 Page 2 16 Page 264 Page 296 Page 3 10 Page 330 Page 376 Page 398 Page 416 Page 432 Page 480 PAUL DOUGLAS SMITH, EDITOR BILL KIDDER, BUSINESS MANAGER OR E W had originally planned for the opening section of this book to be a study in contrast the good old days as opposed to the way it is now. By examining various aspects of cam- pus life we would show how the Uni- versity of Arkansas has changed through the years. That it has changed is obvious; as obvious as a comparison of the newest building on campus (Futrall Hall, shown on the preceding page) with Old Main. But as we collected our pictures and wrote our copy we began to sus- pect that many of the changes were of a superficial nature. Old Main may be on the verge of collapse, but crowds of students still gather in front of it between classes. Now that our work is finished, we are left with the disquieting feeling that what we have shown is not so much contrast as continuity. That ' s life PDS The Classes The classes are larger now, much larger than in the old days. There were nine students in the first grad- uating class in 1875. In June, 1963, more than 1,200 received the sheepskin and the handshake. Size has its drawbacks; there is less time for personal instruc- tion, for example. Today ' s student sometimes feels he ' s just another face in the crowd. There are com- pensations, of course, including a wider variety of classes and more opportunity to do advanced study. Some classes can be endured only with the aid of a good smoke. The eager beaver who always has a question. Educat ' on strives to keep up with technology. C ' ass discuss ' on (early 1930 ' s). The list of formulas qets longer every year. And we don ' t go with girls that do (1934). Torchlight parade builds spirit for big game. The Good Times So far as we can ascertain, the University has never had a reputation as a party school per se. But through the years, UofA students have subscribed to the theory, " All work and no play, etc. . . " . More recently, there to have been a general tightening of social seems regulations. But we get around them as best we can. Costume parties retain their popularity in spite of disapproving frowns from the administration. The people who stay on the back row Why do you want to leave early? Didn ' t they ramble? ( 1935) 10 To make qood times better. Christmas comes but once a year. 11 - . ' : .. Paydirt, as the sportswrite rs say. The Fightinq Razorbacks (1906). am . - ' ' ' . The Circus Razorback football is better than ever. The senior of 1963 has, in his four years on campus, seen the Hogs compile a record of 33 wins, 7 losses, and ' participation in four straight bowl games. (We lost the last three, but why quibble?) We are BIS- TIME. The ghosts of men like Scott, Benton and Schoonover can lie still. Now we produce an Ail- American every year. ;v , " Separating the ends from the boys. A rare sight: cheerleaders in repose. 13 The Pilgrimage Thoughts of an alumnus on Home- coming Day: " The girls are just as pretty as they used to be ... the festive air, the frenzied quiet of an autumn day . . . The pathetic alumna attempting to recapture days gone by ... The sinister fas- cination of the Bar and Srill . . . The mystery of knowledge atop the hill . . . These things I no long- er feel but can still see. " Re- printed by permission of the Ar- kansas Alumni office. The yearly stroll down Senior Walk. Even royalty can lose its composure. M nmage ' : ' ; - " Homecominq Parade ( 1931 ). On the Bench. It sure is nice to win. The Communicators The very firs-i yearbook at the Uni- versity of Arkansas, published in 1897, began with a modest greeting from the editors: " Blessed are they who expect little, for they shall not be deceived. " That aphorism might be as appropriate in 1963. Studying old copies of the RAZORBACK and the Traveler, one senses that they had a little more fun in those days. The price of progress, maybe. Or maybe they didn ' t have a Board of Publications to contend with. Let ' s put it to bed. Newspaperman of the old school. (1935) Photographers have a hard life. Newspaperwoman of the new school. 17 University Theater presents six plays each season. Music Department cooperates with Drama De- partment. Budding artist (1924). And her modern-day counterpart. 18 The incongruity of art The Finer Things Probably the most admired building on the Fayetteville campus is the Fine Arts Cen- ter. The " Fruit Bowl " , as it is affectionately called, and the success of groups like Schola Cantorum seem to indicate an increased appreciation of arts. Why, twenty years ago they didn ' t even have an arts section in the RAZORBACK. The Military The green uniforms of the army are sharper than the old khakis. And, of course, the air force blue is a rela- tively recent arrival on the campus. Still, it seems that the average cadet is no more gung-ho now than he ever was. (And he may be considerably less so; we seem to have gotten more cynical lately.) But in spite of outside criticism, the ROTC program goes on. It is perhaps, the most unchanging of all campus activities. ROTC and Old Main: a lot of staying power. HI Sv " The Women In Our Lives At a school where the ratio of men to women is still uncomfortably high, fem- ininity is a valuable commodity. Women on the University campus, unlike some minority groups, do not have to crus- ade for equal rights their rights are more than equal already. They are the elite. Our women have never gone un- appreciated. Betty Coed (1927). The poised sex of the ROTC sponsor. The exuberance of the cheerleader. The regal loveliness of Homecoming 22 And the fresh qood looks of Arkansas ' (and America ' s) most beautiful maiorette. So another year at the University of Arkansas has ended. We have tried here to preserve some of the things that made it what it was whatever it was. We know that it was built from the usual raw materials: parties, exams and various types of human relationships. Was it a " good " year or a " bad " year? Perhaps we ' re still too close to it to say. Or perhaps the whole question is irrelevant. Whatever it was, it was ours. 25 Rusha, Rusha, Rusha The time is September., and it is raining. This is the way the year begins, with Rush. It is raining at the Tri Delt, where sophomore girls who have been waiting for a long year huddle under umbrellas. Barbara Duncan waves from the door, and Sue Ellen Dill spots the Razorback photographer. You can almost smell the rain, the leaves, and the Tri Delt house. It is Rush. V , %, fr : Wrm S$ K This is a the Pikes Pi Kappa Alpha rush skit. It have practiced it many years. is a good skit, as Every fraternity has a few good tricks to get rushees. One never knows who one will get, however. Sometimes one does not get anyone. Ask Pike. Fall of 1962 brought to the Greeks the biggest rush in campus history. Led by Paul Berry, they did the best they could to follow him. He led them through tours, skits, returns, and the final night of de- cisions and phone calls. It was a week when some felt confident, and some knew they were culls, but most wore white shirts, and smiles, and their hearts on their sleeves. An unusual number of boys old enough to know better sweated and cried and hugged each other. The fraternities issued a record number of bids, and pledged a record number of men. Despite threats from the independent machine, strange medieval banners appeared before the Student Union, and the Greeks took in brothers to guarantee the immortality of their system for another year. The im- mortals were celebrated in song by Paul Berry, whose songs were not well received at the Pi Phi house. Pi Phis are also im- mortal, as their house is next door to Sigma Chi. Sigma Chis are immortal as they are in great numbers pinned to Chi Omegas. Chi Omegas were founded here. Many independents do not understand the Greeks. Many Greeks do not understand each other. This is the beautiful mystery of rush week. Even the most cold-hearted rushers admit that rushees are wonderful. They laugh a lot, cry a little. This is Cy Robinson, not a rushee. Why the hell is he here? 27 You Win Some And You Lose Some Artistic photographer gets shot every year through door of Kappa Sigma house. Rushee in picture is Guy Watkins, who will pledge elsewhere. Who knows what they are talking about? Next year there will be another artistic photo. Perhaps Kappa Sigs will be clever enough to pledge subject, avoiding bad publicity. Some rush skits were clever and used funny costumes. Top photo does not show one of these. Girls below were clever and had enough sense not to let photo catch them in funny costumes. 28 TV Mil Photo below has no rush connection, but is full of suspense. Linebarger, Remmel and Madame X discuss apartment party to which they are invited. Will there be rushees at this party? Pikes sit around and damn furniture committee which has not provided place for rushees to sit down. Pikes have some furniture, which is not seen in this picture. It is in the next room. Pat Trimble, Chi Omega doctor, and mystery Kappa clown got good response in rush. Acacians, however, sit and damn furn- iture committee which has not provided place for rushees to sit down. Acacians have some furniture, all shown here. 29 Congratulations and Condolences As rush neared a climax, Schola Cantorum arrived in the wee hours of the morning. Razor- back Hall opened its doors, and the singers slept to a concert by rushees. In the daylight, Schola boarded their bus, and traveled around the block to the library, where they were cheered, and the University took credit for it all. Then boys poured out of the Union, re- ceived one last hug and slap on already sore backsides. The sororities sang their girls in and the show was over. Best ending to the whole mess was for new fraternity man and sorority woman to walk hand in hand through the afternoon. Perhaps, they think, it was worth it. It is September, after the rain. This is the way the year begins, with rush. You can almost smell the wind, the leaves, and the rush. The white carnation is the flo Swaim, who bccsts Psi of Chi with final word to this rushee. The eternal University lives again as new Greeks join arms in love to walk over broken, cracked sidewalk past run-down student center. Despite threats from rush chairman, crowd presses stairs of Union so rushees must be thrown overhead. Despite warnings from Dean, rushees run down marble stairs which independents have greased. The University ' s real heroes, Schola Cantorum, arrived to glory after concerts all over Europe. Not to be outdone, administration of- fered a welcoming concert of long speeches, cut short by a sudden downpour of rain. Still smiling, a arateful Schola went home to bed. Photo courtesy of Arkansas Democrat 31 Here We Gofl Unfinished Futrall welcomed girls with sign as boys carried luggage. Girls took it in stride as the greeters made excuses, but par- ents, seeing primitive conditions, knew University had changed very little since they were in attendance. Girl meets boy, as disgusting age-old story of college romance begins one more performance. Girl suspects boy ' s pin is not from Grade-A fraternity; boy suspects girl is giving him a line. Both suspect housemother is peeking. 1 If ' f Come, Ready or Not RLL UTR Man in picture does not drive sharp car; he will be sent to poor parking space in mud. Girl in picture does not wear sharp dress; she will not get to hear off-color joke from worke. Girl in this picture is sharp, but Futrall has no phones or dates. It is not sharp. 33 .U- The Sound and the Fury Price of admission to this farce is $100. See if you can find your advisor in the picture. See if you can find your advisor the next time you register. All the advisors ssnd thslr freshmen to the Dean ' s table. All the Deans are gone but their secretaries will send you to the checker ' s table. The checkers send you back for a ROTC card. The ROTC men get some sharp boys this way. See the happy agri student as he prepares for animal husbandry. He would like to take foods, but the girls have closed that class already. Did you ever hear the story about the agri student who was majoring in animal husbandry until he was caught at it? To the students who had just fin- ished rush or had just moved into their dorms, it was unbelievable that there could be anything more exciting. Then came registration, and the long slow process of turning freshmen into college students began. To the older hands, it seemed that registration was easier than it used to be. The IBM machine was securely in control of the situation, but the class cards were late again. The usual confusion of deans, advisors, checkers, cards, and lines made everyone wonder just how anyone ever manages to grad- uate. Still, the usual crowd made out the extra card that said Degree Application and crossed their fingers in hopes that the one remaining requirement would not close before they could get into a class. It was a record enrollment for the Uni- versity, and it was all done in three days. Thase happy boys and girls are taking a test to determine whether thsy will flunk regular English or ace honors English. Only a very thin line divides the two. 35 Long Lines and Short Tempers Lady at right, below, inquires if her bus has left yet. Her advisor does not have bus schedule, but gives her a ticket to the Dean ' s table. Lady is obviously not buying this story. Arrogant look is seen on checker ' s face as she sends students back for more. Campus cop, center, will not permit escape tried by the weak spirited. Harassed student, on bottom as usual, rests and tries to decide on method of suicide to use. 36 I Razorback staff members make portrait appointments (top); Ridiculously happy girl poses for ID card picture (center); Weary students finally reach the end of the line (bottom). 37 Concert and Controversy With registration over, students found var- ious ways to entertain themselves. Opening comedy of season was feud for pep rally seats. Stirred by radicals in Razorback Hall, inde- pendents made grab for traditional Greek seats. Parade of mystic banners and chapter secrets by Greeks did little to move barbarians. Threat of physical violence brought hard feelings, some compromise, and mostly the Dean of Stu- dents. Dwight Holley acted as chief negotiator for compromise solution of assigned seats. This pleased nobody, as is customary. Gross independents yelled loudly at pep rallies, know- ing no better, but by the last game, the theater was half empty again. Four Freshmen, billed as campus favorites, came and sang to capacity audience. All agreed that they cost entirely too much money, but were much funnier than MC ' s for pep rallies. Four Freshmen were only slightly risque, did not get on probation. Some MC ' s were slightly risque also, received everything that they so richly deserved. Freshmen from Razorback Hall arrive early in the afternoon to stake out seats for the pep rally, squarely in the middle of what had traditionally been Greek territory. Mob violence was averted when Dean of Students stepped in and assigned seats on rotating basis. Guitar player brushed up on his chords before going on stage. Freshmen were first of several vocal groups to appear during year. Appearing en the University campus for what seemed the 100th time, Four Freshmen entertained with light music and pleasant repartee. As 53mi-nude majorettas twirled fire batons and band music groaned forth, senior members of football team were introduced at first pep rally. Toilet paper thrown by Humphreys Hall mads it impossible for crowd to see, but they applauded their heroes vigorously. 39 m J " My Cup Importance of observing the enemy is stressed by ROTC officer who holds up number of sponsor candi- date. Taking cue from leader, men in crowd make careful estimate of situation before casting their vote. Bad manners were displayed by some, who made crude remarks. Patriotic Dot Harkey does her duty to country by raising morale of troops. ROTC sponsor contest is only one of the many interesting events of the year which keep morale of the University student body at fever pitch. Runneth Over ' mm Distinguished lecturers on campus remind students to think about intellectual life. Job interviews on campus remind seniors to think about getting a job next year. Majorettes on campus remind male students that there are other nice things to think about. M , , ! 41 A Win on Dad ' s Day- Finally Hint of a smile creeps across face of father of Razorbacks Ken and Dick Hatfield as he observes the crowd behind him. Several fathers of Razorbacks showed up for the game, but Mr. Hatfield was the only one with two numbers on the back of his chair. time for feasting the legislature, with an eye on session. Legislature ignored hint and enjoyed itself. Good old sign is brought out for one more tour of duty es the Union is decorated to welcome dads. The weekend was Every year in October the University sets aside one Saturday to honor its most bountiful patron Good Old Dad. Yes, your dad and mine. God bless them, have their day. And what a day filled with all those things that gladden Dad ' s heart: the beauty of autumn in the Ozarks; the excitement of a football game, even when viewed from the end zone. (Legislative Weekend happens to coincide with Dad ' s Day. Guess who gets the good seats.) And best of all the feeling of pride when Dad looks at his very own offspring, shoed and curried and full of knowledge, and knows that it has all been worth- while. These things Dad will remember, one hopes, when the checks marked " over- drawn " start coming in. Oh yes. The Razorbacks broke tra- dition by winning the Dad ' s Day game this year. Tough twirler McCultom beats bass drum, reads magazine and gives the bad eye 1o the gridiron as game gets under way. Hogs were inspired to victory. 43 Who ' s Snowing Whom Dejected Baylor bear and trainer huddle on the sidelines as Hogs take early lead. Baylor team later perked up; mascot didn ' t. Senator McClellan, who doesn ' t really have to do this sort of thing, and President AAullins try to snow state legislators (top), as do campus big shots Ralph Brodie and Barbara Duncan (center). High-school majorette (in addition to everything else, it was Band Day) snowed all the male band members who were present. Cuban crisis brought students flocking to television sets to watch developments. Draft-eligibles were especially interested. Fadaral Career Days, held in SU, was highly successful according to Placement Office. Missiles, appropriately, were featured. Workmen scaled scaffolds to do repair work on BA building, part of University ' s " Build dormitories and repair classrooms " program. The Snake Pit Like death and taxes, the Sigma Nu Re- lays are unavoidable. They are, unfortunately, an entrenched part of campus life and as such, some notice must be taken of them. This may sound like an apology for including the Re- lays in the RAZORBACK. It is. Delta Delta Delta won the 1963 Relays, for whatever that ' s worth. Several people got tos- sed in the pit. And everyone had a good time, supposedly. Elsewhere, over coffee in the Union and beer at George ' s, talk turned to politics another unavoidable part of rampus life. The Student Senate began getting itself involved in the controversy that was to last most of the year. Something about reorganization. And those hardy perennials, the Young Democrats and Young Republicans, did their fall prosely- tism. Sigma Nu ' s the abominable snowmen leave their mark on this coed. Boys from other frats always like for their girls to partici- pate because of great prestige connected with getting completely dirty. Dates are hours late due to need for post-relay clean-up. Coatad with mud but still smiling, Tri-Delt Carol Rather emerges from pit where she and several others were tossed by Snake pledges. .;., This event is known as the " tubby tube race " . Sororities try to hide their tubbier girls inside the little black rings of rubber. Clinging to rope, Kappa Sue Lloyd is dragged the length of the pit. Snug-fitting blue jeans are most popular apparel for the Relays. 17 Aspiring politicians from opposing faith do evangelistic work in SU wthin spitting distance of each other. As a rule, Young Democrats are more numerous in Fayetteville but Young Republicans are louder. Campus politicians Bill Coe and David Watkins, treasurer and vice president of the student body respectively, plot cool moves at Senate meeting. Out the Votes With an eye on health, students and families crowded Student Union to drink polio vaccine. Arkansas Career Days drew businessman and student together, proved itself a success. Driven out by fire, girls from Scott House found home in infirmary during repairs. 49 Desire, Determination, Defeat Southwest Conference victory almost in grasp, students turned out for Beat Texas week. Madness seized crowds in front of library as sagging school spirit found a boost, although coffee drinkers in Union refused to bet on outcome of game without favorable odds. II Bonfire was carefully guarded to keep malcontents from lighting it early. The event proved enormous success, as many fraternities gave trash from back yards to remove previously bad odors. Inspired by such generous gestures, the crowd cheered. In the middle of the whirl of fall activities, what had been just another football season suddenly caught fire. It may have been the sudden realization that all-time conference records were wiljiin reach, or it may have been the coming of cool weather, but as the big one approached, Arkansas became again a football school. Faced with the prospect of a game in Austin, Kazorback rooiurs threw themselves behind the idea of a Beat Texas Week. There were daily rallies, then the big one. Led by the band, stu- dents refused to go home, and paraded from house to house in one of the best displays of spirit in years. The team was ready, and the school, to the last freshman, was behind them. The word from Austin, whether by TV, radio, or in the stands, was bit- ter -- but some consolation was to be found in hopes for an upset of the Longhorns later, with a bowl for the Hogs nearly sure anyway. Picking up books once again, it was back to the Union and to class, to wait and hope. It on!y cost a dime to help the Hogs, so girls opened purses and boys fumbled among cigarettes and change to find a dime and sign the telegram. 51 Plays, Piety, Pulchritude With a quick stroke of a brush, actor grows older as he pre- pares for another University Theater play. The theater was both praised and attacked by critics, but public support remained high. Always a bad actor, the Fayetteville weather reminded students that the year was getting older and the first half of the play almost done. Students came close to a white Christmas for the first time in several years. Freshmen women put on longer skirts, and tha disappointed males went back to studying, of a sort. 52 Searching for truth, or possibly a pep the Fayetteville gloom with torches rally, students light moment of glory. Moment of glory also came to the homecoming royalty as Queen and court heard band play their fight song for the Razorbacks. ifOt . V m- Still searching for truth, students and clergy opened new Methodist Chapel of the Cross with ancient communion service. Building was the climax of years of work and service by Dr. A. W. Martin of Wesley Center. Visitors found the chapel an impressive addition to the buildings on University hill. 53 Home Again, Home Again Crisis threatened as students found them- selves faced with tests on homecoming week. Administration and faculty apologized for slip- up, but tests proceeded. Greeks threw them- selves on a twenty-four hour shift as mem- bers and pledges studied and built, took a break for coffee and No-Doz, and went back to building and studying. Fulbright, Futrall and the other women ' s houses used ancient tricks to lure men to help them. Final result was another magnificent homecoming, falling grade points, and exhaustion. Alums gathered for the singing of old songs and dinners in the old houses. Then under per- fect weather, the parade down Stadium Drive began. Once again, the red vest and mink stole and Razorback whiskey did their duty. As thousands stood in silence, the band played the Alma Mater which linked the crowd once again into a University. Women cried, men grinned, and students cheered. It was a fine homecoming. Chinaman ' s head, as designer :ing Kappa who is expert in Chinese paper-stuffing. Chinese also invented printing why no one can understand the stuff in the which Traveler. ,, Same old Student Union greets the alumni with the same old sign used since 1946. The alums understand, and are proud to be back at same old University just the same. God only knows how many years this lady has ridden in Home- coming parades. When not riding horses, she drives a Rolls-Royce. Having worked for many hours, the Chi Omegas placed sign on their lawn to warn judges of their intentions. The judges were impressed by design, color, and threat of sudden death. They awarded first place trophy, proving that confidence pays. 55 Through the traditional band formation of Old Main, the court advances for the crowning of the queen. Confused students with cards form " U " which may have something to do with Governor Faubus on other side of the field. .- Enjoying the comfortable grass, greased pig decides to sun himself. This lack of vigor brought quick end to scheduled hog chase. Lorn Live the Queen No game would be complete without the police standing by or a little boy watching the band. Neither police nor little boys can delay " Doc " and the band who are ready for big fanfare. Big fanfare is just too much for a little girl to take without protest, even on Homecoming day. 57 Sunshine and Songs Indian summer is a Fayetteville tradition in a special Univ- ersity way. There is something about the warm afternoon before a crisp night that encourages laziness, and even an English teacher on the way home can stop and admire the technique of a Campus Policeman as he gives a ticket. The owner of that car is inside paying a traffic ticket. Ah, life. : ? - _- " TS . , . - t - MK . , - , " V.- Petsr, Paul and Mary were second vocal group to appear at invi- tation of entertainment committee. Their " folk songs " commercial but well-done captivated a capacity crowd in Men ' s Gym. Mary was particularly well-received by boys. She is the one in the middle. With football season drawing to a close, students sought other ways to en- tertain themselves. Aside from what you ' re thinking, there was a concert by Peter, Paul and Mary, and after that there was Singfony. Singfony was bigger than ever, with a record crowd of over 1.200 attend- ing. Kappa Kappa Gamma and MIHC won first place in the women ' s and men ' s divisions, respectively. Holcombe Hall and Off-Campus Men placed sec- ond, and Fulbright Hall and Phi Delta Theta were third. After Singfony, there were the Christ- mas parties, at which cute gifts were exchanged. There is not a whole lot to do in Fayetteville. Singfony winners pose with trophies, plaques and cakes after their selection was announced by judges. Singfony, sponsored by Civic Club, drew record crowd. 59 Winners Rejoice, Losers Party Happy Kappa Liz Alexander, runs to stage to accept first place trophy in women ' s division of Singfony. Liz was director of group. Confident group smiles before singing. Their confidence was misplaced (top). Ankii Bol, exchange student from The Nether- lands, entertained at intermission (center). Director Sam Park is lifted aloft by victorious Humphreys Hall residents. Sam generally flys pretty high all by himself (bottom). 60 A high school principal must put up with a lot of things, but hearing freshmen tell their troubles, they resolve to work harder. Bad luck for this worker, for if he turns his back, he will get shot by a pellet shooter in Humphreys. You would strike too. A little early, perhaps, Santa stops by the Kappa house every year at the same time as a whole sleighful of kids get into act. Underprivileged children are getting scarce, but the Greeks continue charitable tradition noblesse oblige, and all that. 61 Sugartime Arkansas people like to think that they know how to party better than anybody. Well, at least we are enthusiastic about it. And what better place to party than New Orhans on New Year ' s Eve? With this in mind, thou- sands of Razorback fans, proud of their herit- age, journeyed to the Crescent City for Arkan- sas ' second consecutive appearance in the Sugar Bowl. They found N. 0. the same as they had left it a year earlier with one exception. This time the opposing faction was from the University of Mississippi, and there is no one more adept at pooping a Razorback party than a bunch of Rebels. There is a certain grim dedication about those people. The Hog rooters rose to the challenge gamely, fighting, drinking and Woo, Pigging at the drop of a hat. And then came the foot- ball game. The final score was 17-13 for our third straight bowl loss. They should have played it in a bar. We do better there. Ole Miss is also noted for other things, but why go into that now? Name of group escapes us, but it may have been " Barnett ' s Babies " . Dancing girls from Ole Miss performed at pre-game television show upheld that institution ' s reputation as home of beautiful women With red hat and feather, Razorbacks such as Pat Jordan, in sweater, became a part of the New Orleans party scene. Hogs have become used to Hurricanes, may open a branch campus. Looking a little wistful (maybe it ' s indigestion), Shirley Thomas (far left) holds her own with Southern beauties at the Sugar Ecwl reception. Once again, Arkansas was a welcome guest. Brassy-voiced woman in a honky-tonk, piano bar, torch songs. All are what mother and the preacher warned us about, but somehow it seems natural at this time, this place far from the hills of home. For many, it was a bittersweet New Year ' s Eve. 63 We Have Arkansas rooter, who looks like he ' s old enough to know better, cruises around field in strange vehicle, like Billy Moore ' s roll- out, this move was ineffective. Far from the Fayetteville campus, Razorback Stadium, and Dean Halladay, two lovers meet in a quiet corner over a Hurricane glass. Here in New Orleans ' quaint old-world charm, little do they care if Ralph Brodie gets the Senate reorganized. Such is love, and the UA. Hav e a Thing About Bowls ?JStt Pete Fountain viewed game from sidelines after performing, wisely refused to take sides. Southern Colonel, Ole Miss mascot, paced side- lines, saber at the ready. It wasn ' t needed. Attract ive majorettes performed at halftime, helped dejected Arkansas fans forget score. 65 For Some, It Ended Here Proud graduate instructs wife in intricacies of camera prepara- tory to taking inevitable graduation picture outside fieldhouse. Since she has more than likely been working to put hubby through school, she is probably even happier than he that it ' s all over. ..II Dr. Andrew Holt, president of the University of Tennessee, spoke at fall semester commencement. Dr. Holt was considered one of the more interesting commencement speakers in recent years, big improvement over last spring ' s Mississippi book salesman. For those who had been conscientous enough to plan ahead (and for some who had been unconscientous enough to fall behind) the college days came to an end in January. They missed the romantic aspect of springtime grad- uation, but diplomas are where you find them. In the meantime, a small group of dedicated students were jeopardizing their chances of ever receiving a dip- loma by suggesting that the University ' s policy of " white only " dormitories was not in keeping with the basic purpose of an institution of higher learning. But the majority of UofA students were con- cerned with more important things, like spring semester rush, which is not quite as unpleasant as fall semester rush only because there is not as much of it. Picketing took place in front of library as group called " Students for Freedom " protested housing discrimination. Some insults were hurled, but no fists. 67 For Some, It Started All Over Again Fall semester rush brought Greeks to front of Student Union once more to welcome new pledges. A bit colder, but just as hearty. Snow brought groans from students reluctant to leave bed s (top); Lockout brought pleas of mercy from Zeta members. Pledges were adamant (center). Bridge tournament brought would-be experts to Union to compete for cheap prizes and expensive prestige. Student Senate reorganization controversy continued throughout the year. George Jernigan (standing) finally found a cause. Mrs. Annie D. Futrall spoke at dedication of dormitory named after her. Dorm was finished two months after residents moved in. Ex-paratroopers Bud Saunders and Curtis Lawson represented UofA in 50-mile hike craze, walked from Fayetteville to Alma (top); Science Fair brought many high school kids to campus (center); and dance instructor Eleanor King presented Japanese dance pro- gram " Haniwa " to appreciative crowd in Fine Arts center. Singers Select Sweeties The Lettermen came to Fayetteville to give a concert and agreed to select the 1963 Razor- back Beauties while they were here. The win- ners were announced at intermission of the concert and although there was a certain amount of sour grapes on the part of the losers, concensus was that the group did a better job than last year ' s judge. Even more sour grapes were tramped after the announcement of the " Best Dressed Coed " , who happened to be a member of the same group as the editor of the Traveler. Although the Traveler sponsored the contest, the editor was only one of four judges. This carried no weight at all with critics of the decision. Sour grapes were not at all in evidence when Tau Kappa Epsilon held a province con- vention on campus. This may be because Tekes are grateful for whatever they can get. Cutups everyone, Lettermen make strong appeal to collegiate audience, though not quite as risque as UofA students like Relaxing at intermission, Lettermen discuss performance and crowd ' s reaction, prepare throats for rest of the program. To ths surprise of some, Lettermen proved extremely tale nted and were one of the most popular groups to appear on UA campus this year. Razorback Baautiss were presented at intermission of concert. Left to right they are Sally Harrington, AAelinda Jones, Carol Bra-dsnhof , Mary Katherine Brumm, Linda Rushton and Mlchele Barclay. It was generally conceded that Lsttermen had taste. 71 Stoic editorial group and Shirley Thomas review contestants in the Best Dressed Campus Coed Contest. Shirley was a qualified judge, Sam Park was lost without his shadow. God smiles once again on the Big U campus. We could always cuss the weather, wait long enough, and it would get worse. However, the sun did make a few appearances that were more than appreciated. Moon was with us all year long. Rain, Tekes and Well-Dressed Girls Teke car loaded with all the sharp members is anticipating a springtime day of fun and frolic at the Teke outing. A good time was had by all. Bourbon Street Back Home I JKf ' f ' Vonda Jones, Zeta Tau Alpha candidate for St. Patricia, throws garter to the audience and caution to the winds as she attempts to win votes and influence people (mainly engineers). Despite her efforts, she was unsuccessful, although it ' s hard to see why. - - l " J - - H J - ' - ' . . Pi Phi ' s Sally Klnman and Susan Helmig talk it over backstage with St. Patricia participant. Their function was to aid Kathy Raff in telling suggastive jokes. Raff was runner-up to shimmy queen Beavers. This was only fair since Pi Phi ' s don ' t date engineers. Following one year of relative re- spectability, the Engineers ' Rally re- turned to its old format dirty. After the stage had been swept, it was an- nounced that Mary Kay Beavers and Bill Miller had been elected St. Patricia and St. Pat, respectively. Other events of Engineers ' Week in- cluded a tug of war with the Agri stu- dents (the engineers lost), a beard growing contest, an open house in the engineering building, and presentation of the Golden Chicken (students to fac- ulty) and Golden Chicken Egg (faculty to students) awards. When the week was over, the engi- neers slipped back to their normal status near the bottom of the UA social ladder. Fringe shaking wildly, Mary Kay Beavers goes into dance routine that resulted in her selection as St. Patricia. Mary Kay showed remarkable body control. 75 Beards, Babes And a Ball Anchor man on engineer tug-of-war team is dragged through wa- ter. Once again, engineers lost to their arch-enemies agri students. Bedraggled engineer hurls insults at victorious agri students (top); campaigners work for their respective St. Patricia can- didates (center); and one of the candidates, Pi Phi Kathy Raff, waits backstage at rally for cue to go on and take it off. 76 Buck Johns (right) received first annual Golden Chicken Egg award, presented by faculty in rebuttal to Golden Chicken awards. J3w St. Patricia and St. Pat, Mary Kay Beavers and Bill Miller, vearing funny robes and big smiles, reign at Engineers ' Ball. Space exhibit draws crowd at Engineering open house (top); Contestants for " Best Beard " title line up for judging (center); and one of few female engineers receives praise for her efforts. 77 Let ' s Have a Party Yes, we had a few parties this year. The hardy perennials that all the houses have, of course Christmas parties, spring formals, that kind of stuff - - and some of a more ecumenical nature. Foremost among these was the first " Summit " , or " Big Four " , party. This gala event was a combined effort of the four largest fraternities on campus: Kappa Sig, SAE, Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu. It seem- ed like a risky proposal at first (there are some natural enemies in that coalition), but all went well. At least no fights broke out. Parties make strange bedfellows. Another party that attracted campus-wide interest was a rather informal affair held off- campus. It was so informal that it was un- registered, in violation of campus regulations, and resulted in all the guests being placed on probation. So many campus officers had to be removed that later in the year the Uni- versity re-evaluated its rules concerning women in apartments, making them a little less string- ent. It ' s an ill wind, etc. . . . Billy Hawkins throws a glassy-eyed stare into the camera as the photographer catches a lost moment at Kappa Sig table at the first I Big Four Summit Party. No matters of world shaking importance were settled, but the tables apparently weren ' t set for arbitration. - . . Sigma Chi Gold Rush party annually attracts campus high-rollers like Bill " Bet-a-Million " May, here demonstrating how to stare down the dealer a technique he picked up from Bret Maverick. Noted host Bill Matthews brings infamous group together at Sigma Chi Apartment Party. They are all smiling because this one is registered. .- What can you say about the ROTC Military Ball? It ' s rather hard since we have never been to one. It really must be fun because it is an annual event. One thing that added to the fun was trying to twist at the attention position. Good for discipline. 79 . Fun in the This couple has solved the campus parking problem. While bicycles are really out of place in the stadium lot at night, they are great for quick daylight rides around campus. What is more exciting in the springtime than a girls ' Softball game? The crowd of independents is excited too because this is the only time that they get to see girls excited. The rhubarb- filled games never fail to draw crowds. the Sun, and Other Things : Band member gazes sorrowfully at instruments destroyed as fire raced through band building. Place Corps recruiters visited campus seeking new Corpsmen. Students listened, few signed. Carole Lynn Williams emcees AWS Fashion Show. Many other members were models. -- 81 Spring in Fayetteville Art studsnt sits on Senior Walk outside Fine Arts Center, works on sketch. Sitting out in the sun is a lot better than sitting in a stuffy old classroom. More creative, too; Edward Stone (described as " Arkansas ' own " ) probably designed the FA center this way. I.I- ' I . II,. ' -,-. ; till , ' f i . I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' I ' , t i .1 I ;-f " . , I . . ,,-, ' , ' ,.,, r . r ' I. ' " ' ; . , i.i ,i,ii, ' ' i i ' . ,.,,,, .t i i i - ii ' , . , , , 4 I , J I I - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , ' ,,,,,1,1.1 , . i ! ' ' I ' " ' . , , ' .1 ' ' -I -I ,,, ' ' . ' ' " ' ' 1,1.1.1 II I I I I ,, , " ' ' . ' ' ' ' , , -. , - II , , i i . ' .1 i ; ' T , , ., .4 v ; ' ' ' ' - . , , . ' ' ' ' 7 ' ' I I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - 5 ,-f ' ' ' ' . I ' H I I- I I i i - ' , :? ' _i " f i is . - 5 - ' f ' ' i i i.i- - ' ' i ; A rioted pub lic figure making one of his infrequent visits to the campus was met by an enthusiastic student group. He made few quotable statements, preferring to stay in relative security of limousine. Fortunately for everyone, there was no picketing going on. The guy that wrote that poem was wrong spring can too be far behind. It hemmed and hawed around for weeks before it finally came to Fayetteville. But come it did. finally, and after the r ' iserable winter it was more than wel- come. There were ether visitors, too. The Journeymen came to present ' he last of the year ' s concerts sponsored by the Stu- dent Senate entertainment committee. And our pserless leader dropp3cl his double-bitted ax long enough to make a quick inspection tour of University con- strued :n. The usual springtime activities began including Student Union Week, the AWS Spring Festival, and all those spacial " Days " : Agri Day, Commerce Day and J (for journalism) Day. But it was spring, and we really didn ' t need anything else. The Journeymen sang their hearts out to an under capacity crowd at sn early spring concert. They accurately described the crowd as " few but jolly. " 83 Everyone Has His Day Bul ' riding is exciting event of Agri Day rodeo, provides thrills for man, bull, spectators, photographer. Especially photographer. Milking contest is another thrilling feature of Agri Day (top); BA students (distinguishable from agri students by neckties) cele- brate Commerce Day (center); and Professor Jess Covington acts as host at J-Day, so thrilling the Traveler devoted eight pages to it. 84 Studsnf Union dance was not exactly howling success as band had patio to itself. Couple on balcony waited until no one was looking. Winners smile smugly after Student Union talent show. First place winners, fearful of sore losers, maintain firm grip on trophies. Donna Axum, with feline friends, starred in " Archy and Mehitabel " (top); Unartistic bus driver slept while symphony performed (cen- ter); and women students gathered for AWS Spring Festival. 85 Inflation Hits Campus Elections The 1963 student body elections may not have been the most exciting in history, but they were certainly the most expensive. Cam- paign gimmicks (posters, handbills, brochures, etc.) were bigger and better than ever, though not necessarily more truthful. The largest amount was spent in behalf of Jerry Pinson ' s candidacy for President of Associated Stu- dents. It worked well enough to get him a second place finish behind Freddy Favor. Also on the ballot was the Student Senate reorgani- zation proposal that had kept the senate in an uproar most of the year. It failed to get the three-fourths majority required for passage, putting an end, at least temporarily, to Ralph Brodie ' s grand design. Less flamboyant contests were held in front of Old Main 1963-64 cheerleader tryouts - and in the stadium, where Frank Broyles ' gladiators began getting in shape for next year. The Arkansas Relays also took place in the stadium. Brodie was more successful in the hurdles than he had been at the polls. Bulletin boards all over campus sprouted campaign posters, leaving little room for bulletins. This particular bulletin board is in lifer [ Y 1 HO ' JIM SHAW Hill Hall, where the posters were printed, but most of the others were just as bad, as all candidates tried saturation technique. r mslDEMT Sew nau ELECT Carol Kerby Secretary OfThe Senior Class 2 ntf f HORNOR ELR Crumpled sign seemed to bode ill for Favor ' s chances. Apparently Favor is not superstitious, since he went ahead to win anyway. I Lemonade stand in front of Union was manned by Pinson supporters. Marking ballot requires considerable thought by some students, principally freshmen. Upperclassmen generally finish in a hurry. if they bother to vote at all. This boy is trying to decide who to vote for as soph senator from BA a very important position. 87 J It ' s Softball game brought visitors to intramural field to watch teams with names like " Village Idiots. " Chssrleader tryouts were held in Greek Theater. Winners produced few surprises ChiO ' s got two, as usual. Butch Marino won, too. m How You Play The Game Seeming confusion is actually shuttle hurdle relays, and they ' re supposed to be run this way. Photo courtesy of D. Leroy Randall Frank Broyles watches spring football practice, tries to find anothsr Alworth in the group. 89 Glorious Gaebale Modern dance numbers were among the most popular talent presen- tations at the Miss University of Arkansas pageant. Margi Vickers, one of Fulbright Hall ' s representatives, followed the trend with a dance that had something to do with bullfighting. We think. Nancy Cochran ponders difficult question posed by Pedie Gath- right: " How do you play an accordion without using your hands? " Most of the questions contestants were asked were of a cute nature. Unfortunately, nobody remembers Nancy ' s answer. We ' ll never know. Gaebale was designed to be, and once was, a weekend of nearly unrestrained frivolity: one last fling before finals. But in recent years the frivolity has be- come more and more restrained. The carnival is gone, and so is the old varsi- ty show. Most conspicuous by its absence is the general " Tomorrow we may die " attitude that once characterized Gaebale - such an attitude being the only real reason for having the celebration in the first place. Now we have a beauty pageant on Friday night, the Coaster Classic and a concert on Saturday aflernoon, and a dance Saturday night. All conducted in an air of grim sobriety. (The administra- tion prefers to call it " maturity " ). Not surprisingly, Gaebale does not have the appeal for UofA students that it once had; everybody talks about it but no- body goes. If anybody is interested, this is what Gaebale 1963 was like. Newly-elected Miss UofA, Carolyn Adair, Tri-Delt, (seated), poses with first runner-up Bennie Grant, Futrall Hall, and second runner-up Nancy Cochran, Zeta. 91 . Just a Closer Walk With Dee Drummer for ChiO Combo, Shorty McCollum rehearses for group ' s performance at Beauty Pageant. Group did not play especially well, but most of audience was surprised that they could do it at all. Fearless driver waits for starting signal from Coaster Classic judges (top); Winning entry, Sedgwell ' s " Copper Goose " , crosses finish line (center); and driver and pit crew pose for victory picture after race. It was second consecutive win for " Goose " . Joy Dae ' s drummer, not as attractive as CniO Combo ' s but more active, roamed at dance beating on every object in sight. Vibrating to music provided by Twist king Dee, UofA students and visitors enjoy themselves at dance, ending 1963 Gaebale. Pete Fountain and group entertained at afternoon concert (top); Audience, including Gaebale director Favor, applauded heartily center); and Joey Dee reached frenzied haights at the dance. ADIVIIIXJI ! ISTR morsi The administration of any large, state-supported school has problems. The UofA is no exception. This fact should be remembered by all critics of administrative policy. Would you want to be forced to deal with the state legislature? Neither would we. The administration does the best it can. 95 Governor of Arkansas In 1962, Orval E. Faubus was elected for an un- precedented fifth term as governor, thus proving once again that he is one of the ablest politicians ever pro- duced in this Land of Opportunity. The Governor has had a varied career including attendance at Commonwealth College and a tour of duty with the army in World War II. After the war, he came back to his native Huntsville to serve as post- master. He then advanced steadily up the political ladder, serving as County Clerk, member of the State Highway Commission and administrative assistant to Governor Sid McMath. In 1954 he waged, and won, his first gubernatorial campaign. Governor Faubus has rec eived world-wide publicity. To many outsiders, it must seem that Governor Faubus is Arkansas. In addition, he is probably the only chief executive of this state ever to have a jazz composition (Charlie Mingus ' s " Fables of Faubus " ) named after him. Governor Faubus, making traditional appearance at Arkansas Home- coming game, crowns Homecoming Queen Rosemary Privett. Leon Catlett Little Rock Preston L. Halhcock Fayetteville Robert H. Smith Walnut Ridge Board of Trustees Dallas P. Raney Little Rock Fred Pickens Newport Roy Ritter Springdale Robert A. Young, Jr Fort Smith I University President Dr. David Wiley Mullins, a native of Arkansas and a graduate of its University in 1931, assumed the duties as the administrative head of the entire Uni- versity on March 1, 1960. Under his guidance the University has shown continued growth. Upon graduation from the University, Dr. Mullins earned his M.A. degree at Colorado, and in 1941 he obtained his Ph.D. at Columbia with emphasis on edu- cation administration and finance. At that time he embarked upon his distinguished teaching and ad- ministration career in the field of higher education. The positions that Dr. Mullins has held are those of teacher, superintendent, associate professor in Alabama Poly- technic Institute ' s College of Education; Navy Officer during World War II; Research Professor of Educa- tion at Auburn; Acting Director, Division of Instruc- tion and Executive Vice President at Auburn and his present position as President of the University of Arkansas. President and Mrs. Mullins applaud vigorously at football game. Dr. Mullins knows importance of football to University program. 98 Paul M. Young Vice President for Academic Affairs James W. Green Administrative Vice President Storm Whaley Vice President for Health Sciences James E. Pomfret Vice President for Business John W. White Vice President for Agriculture Guerdon D. Nichols, Dean College of Arts and Sciences Students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences feel that they receive an all-around education because the courses of study in the College are designed to give them the comprehensive view of society which the modern world requires. Students who enroll in this College, or who elect some of its courses, have an opportunity to gain the broad, cultural education which is a part of intelligent living and, at the same time, to prepare for the professions or to acquire technical training in the sciences. The college has two major teaching functions: first, to provide the basic, general education in the arts and in the sciences necessary to all persons for effective participation in the complex world in which we live; and, second, to furnish the student an opportunity to specialize in the field of his choice. The college has an Honors Program that is de- signed to provide every possible opportunity to tha superior student for achieving a level of maturity and accomplishment which would not normally be possibld without such a program. From his freshmen to his senior year a superior student has opportunities to study with other superior students in small Honors sec- tions. Students go further and more deeply into subject matter than in the ordinary classes; hence the student who successfully completes his Honors studies is award- ed Honors at graduation. A new department was added to the college when the Fine Arts Center added the architectural school several years ago. The University has one of the lead- ing architectural schools in the nation; furthermore, this school is the only one of its kind in Arkansas. There is a critical shortage of architects in the South. Because of urbanization, there is a need for architects; therefore, there is a responsibility upon the architects that quality be maintained. The department offers the degree of Bachelor of Architecture. The first degree awarded from the Uni- versity was in 1950. It takes five years to complete the qualifications for this degree. As well as contributing to the nation, the depart- ment has an active part on the campus. Fine arts classes are held to give the student, who is relatively unfamiliar with architecture, an understanding and appreciation of it. Being observant of the architecture that surrounds one and realizing both the practicality and aesthetic aspect of it is the student ' s benefit from the course. The College of Arts and Sciences has maintained high educational standards under the direction of Dean G. D. Nichols and his assistant, Dean Robert Fairchild. 100 Sculpture is one of many artistic forms studied in fine arts classes. The modern Fine Arts Center was designed by architect Edward Stone, former UA student. Gerald T. Hudson Dean Advanced research is carried out by agri- culture students in Animal Husbandry building. 102 College of Agriculture and Home Economics The annual Agri Day is a special time of the year when students enrolled in the College of Agri- culture and Home Economics can get true-to-life ex- perience in the skills associated with their studies. The all-day affair is highlighted by the outing and picnic, the announcement of the Agri Queen, and the annual rodeo. The college, with increasing emphasis on research and experimentation, conducts projects designed to aid in the scientific advancement of Arkansas farming methods. The objectives of the college are to improve agri- culture and family living in the state, to stimulate stu- dents in their own development, to encourage an attitude of inquiry, and to develop leadership. The resident instruction of the college helps fulfill this objective by the training of young men and women in scientific and technical agriculture and home development. The curricula includes basic training in the phy- sical, biological and social sciences, the humanities, and communication, as well as in technical agriculture and home economics. Such training is important, not only to agricultural production and homemaking, but to related industries and to educational work in these fields. The college has strengthened and expanded its in- structional programs. Faculty counseling of students, greater encouragement toward cooperation with stu- dent groups, strengthening of undergraduate curricula, and revision of graduate programs to meet changing needs were programs of improvement put into effect last year. To keep pace with the increasing need for home economists and agriculture specialists, it is carry- ing out further plans. The master ' s degree is now offer- ered in all major areas of study. Doctoral programs in animal science and agronomy have been approved and await the necessary funds for activation. A nutritional research program is in the develop- ment stage in the Home Economics Department; and a portion of the basement houses an analytical labora- tory, an animal feeding room, offices, and an instru- ment room. Agri Students Association is an all-college organi- zation of students and staff in the college. When stu- dents enroll, they automatically become members. It is the governing body of the students in the college, and it climaxes its program of work each year by sponsor- ing Agri Day on the last Saturday in April. Graduate students in agriculture conduct research project. Mas- ter ' s degrees are available in all the college ' s major areas of study, and doctoral programs in animal science and agronomy have been approved and await the necessary funds for activation. 103 Paul W. Milam, Dean College of Business Administration During the early part of every year, all students enrolled in the College of Business Administration are bombarded by each of the women ' s housing units and are informed as to whom the best candidate for Com- merce Queen would be. The Commerce Queen reigns at the annual Commerce Day, a celebration observed annually in the college. The College of Business Administration has aided the industrial and economic growth of Arkansas through its research program, the Industrial Research and Ex- tension Center at Little Rock. By offering part time instructorships. increasing stipends of graduate assistants, and offering attractive National Defense Fellowships, the college has had a tremendous increase of graduate students. The purpose of the college is to educate young men and women for positions of leadership and responsi- bility in private business, government service, and nonbusiness organizations. Part of this educational preparation must be professional. In recognition of the need of formal schooling in business and economics as well as in general education courses, the college offers specialized courses in several fields of business, including accounting, finance, taxation, management, marketing, transportation, labor, insurance, business law, statistics, economics, and business education. In common with the University as a whole, the college recognizes the need for broad cultural educa- tion. Therefore, students are also required to elect subjects outside of professional business fields in order to be prepared for positions of leadership. The Business Administration Building contains nu- merous classrooms and offices, an auditorium, a work- ing library, general workrooms for students, and mod- ern, well-equipped laboratories for accounting, statis- tics, and typing. The college receives approximately 130 periodicals and business services, including most of the important financial, economic, and business publications. The College of Business Administration has been a member of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business since 1931. This organization, composed of outstanding universities of North Ameri- ca, exists to promote the highest standards of business education. Since it changed to a four year school in 1937 - before that it was a two-year division of Arts and Sciences -- the school has been growing steadily. An outstanding feature of the school is its wide range of activities with large student participation and its pro- gram of student government. 104 E. J. Ball, business law instructor, balances on chair to conduct class. Business Administration building is home for University ' s future captains of industry. if: IV i Hi r- fl. M 1M mm - p r B 1 . f -ff Henry H. Kronenberg Dean Peabody Hall houses not only classrooms, but also serves as a laboratory school. 106 College of Education Peabody Hall is the home of education students. Here future teachers find a children ' s library and a laboratory school which are valuable aids for teaching preparation. The College of Education correlates and unites the forces of the University of Arkansas which make con- tributions toward preparing students for professional service in the fields of teaching, counseling, supervision, and school administration. Education is improved by providing consultation services, by engaging in educa- tional research, by encouraging young persons to enter the teaching profession, and by placing graduates of the college. Courses are planned both for persons who are pre- paring to teach and for in-service teachers. Curricula are presented on the assumption that teachers first should have a broad, general education; second, that they should be masters of the individual subjects they teach; and, third, that they should supplement their previous education by taking professional courses to gain a knowledge of the learning process, skill in teach- ing techniques, and actual practice in teaching under experienced supervisors. The curriculum in either elementary or secondary schools is so planned that its successful completion by " I inn the student automatically fulfills the requirements of the State Board of Education. A two-year program of graduate work, leading to a diploma of advanced study, also is offered by the Graduate School. Plans for activation of an All-University Commit- tee will make recommendations on curricula for educa- tion students. Necessary adjustments have been initiat- ed in professional courses to facilitate future develop- ment of the off-campus student teaching programs. The Teacher Education program at the University of Arkansas is professionally accredited by the Na- tional Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education for the preparation of elementary school teachers, secondary school teachers, and school service personnel, with recognition including the doctor ' s degree. Student National Education Association, the national profes- sional association for college and university students preparing to teach, is one of the most active organiza- tions in the fi eld of education. Membership is open to all education, business, and arts and sciences majors who plan to teach. Another such association is the Ele- mentary Club for students who are planning to teach in the lower grades. Mr. Willim O. Steele, a well-known children ' s author, was brought to the University by this club to broaden the knowledge and familiarity with present day education of the elementary school majors. U ' .-i ' -. j I Student teacher leads her young charges across campus. Some education majors do their practice teaching in Peabody Hall itself, others are placed in schools in nearby towns. Either way, they have a chance to see what they ' re getting into. _ 107 ' J George F. Branigan, Dean College of Engineering The University ' s fastest growing college is the Col- lege of Engineering. The Engineering Building which houses engineering students and trains them in the basic and specialized concepts of engineering sciences, finds itself more and more crowded each semester. To train students in the basic and specialized con- cepts of engineering sciences is the principal aim of the college. Graduates must have scholastic training in fields other than engineering in order to gain and hold stature in their profession. A second aim is to prepare its students to meet the engineering profession ' s de- mand for persons of high moral standards and ethics who are outstanding in leadership and citizenship. The college offers a four-year undergraduate pro- gram leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in the various curricula, and, in cooperation with the Gradu- ate School, a program leading to the Master of Science degree in the various departments of the college. A program of advanced study in engineering leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree was established in 1958. A broad, general education is provided with special emphasis on the physical sciences and their ap- plication to the needs of modern civilization. Interviewers from industrial concerns and govern- ment agencies are invited to the campus to :tajk with advanced students about employment opportunities. In addition, the College of Engineering makes arrange- ments for the printing of personal data sheets for the use of students in finding employment. The College of Engineering has entered into a co- operative program with Ouachita Baptist College, Col- lege of the Ozarks and Harding College to provide for a five-year combined course of study. This program enables the student to pursue a combined curriculum leading to degrees in both arts and engineering. At the baccalaureate level: the student may pursue a three- year liberal arts curriculum at Ouachita, College of the Ozarks, or Harding, and then specialize for two years at the University. After four years of study under the combined program, he is awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree. At the end of the fifth year, he is award- ed the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering by the University. This " Three-Two " plan thus serves to increase the liberal content of the engineering cur- riculum and enables the graduate to understand better the social, political, and economic implications of sci- entific and engineering activities. An annual Engineer ' s Day is held in March when the engineers elect St. Pat, and St. Patricia. Displays of the talents of the students are shown throughout the Engineering Building. 108 Foreign student studies " tractor of future " , one of many exhibits dis- played during Engineers ' Week. . ; ' ' rrrinsliy . . i s Engineering building houses UA ' s fastest growing college; new facilities are planned. . -i 1 i Ail Virgil W. Adkisson Dean Administrative offices of graduate school are located on second floor of Old Main. 110 Graduate School Among the most admired and respected students on the University of Arkansas campus are the graduate stu- dents. These are students who after graduation from college, further their education under the auspices of the University Graduate School. They can be found in the library, in Old Main, or in a classroom teach- ing freshmen. But wherever you find them, they are studying. They can appropriately be called the back- bone of college academic life. Degrees are offered to them in nearly fifty different fields. The principal ob- jectives of the school are the advancement and dissem- ination of knowledge. One of the important prerequisites to graduate work is intellectual maturity. This should enable the student to assume the initiative and responsibility necessary for the development of independent and objective think- ing, and to comprehend more effectively basic issues and principles as they relate to his program of advanc- ed study. To be admitted to candidacy for a degree, a student must have been unconditionally admitted to graduate standing and must have been approved by the major professor and the Dean of the Graduate School for his particular major. At the time of admission to the Graduate School, the student, on the advice of the Dean, is assigned to a ma- jor professor who becomes his adviser throughout the course. The choice of a major professor is largely de- termined by the student ' s choice of a major subect. The program of study may consist of courses chosen from one department, or it may include such cognate courses from other departments as may in individual instances seem to offer greatest immediate and permanent values. As a general principle, two-thirds of the courses come from the major field. The Graduate School was established in 1927. Prior to that date graduate work in the University was under the supervision of a Graduate Committee. In 1948 the University established a Graduate Center in Little Rock. There students may earn a limited amount of graduate credit and up to twelve weeks of residence credit to apply on requirements for the Master ' s degree. Thirteen Doctoral fellowships were approved for 1960-61 under the National Defense Education grants. Students interested in teaching on the college and uni- versity level are awarded these fellowships if they will instruct in the following subject areas: zoology, botany and bacteriology, physics, business administration, psychology, electrical engineering, comparative liter- ature, and English. Graduate student does research in library. Graduate students are eligible for stack permits to facilitate their research work, us- ually become quite familiar with library ' s winding, dark cor- ridors in their pursuit of the elusive advanced degree. " 4-14 Ralph C. Barnhart, Dean School of Law Waterman Hall, the University of Arkansas Law Building is one of the most attractive and efficient law school buildings in America. It houses devoted, serious- minded students whose free time consists of meals and coffee breaks. The primary objective of the School of Law is providing a thorough preparation for the practice of law and prepare the student either to practice in com- mon law jurisdictions or to seek employment by gov- ernment or private business. The school follows the standards of legal education prescribed by the American Bar Association, and since 1926 has been on that Association ' s list of approved law schools. It has been a member of the Association of American Law Schools, an organization composed of the accredited law schools of America, since 1927. These associations on the basis of long experience in legal education have established a variety of regulations pertaining to such matters as the number and nature of the volumes in the law library, the accessibility of designated library facilities to law students, the annual appropriation for books, the number of law teachers, and related matters. In addition, they have approved as a standard for member schools the requirement of at least three years of acceptable college work as a condition of admission. The school offers a three-year law course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. The curriculum of the school is designed to give the student an understanding of the law in its relation- ship to other agencies of social control and to enable him to develop a sense of ethical values in respect to the law and the profession. The program of instruction includes analytical study of the foundamental principles of common law and equity as they appear in the decided cases, with reference both to their historical development and to their practical application, and study of public and ad- ministrative law and typical statues. A pre-law advisory committee, in cooperation with the school, was established by the Arkansas State Bar Association and seeks to maintain closer rela tions be- tween pre-law advisors and pre-law students. The modern courtroom is the scene of the Student Court. Moot court trials also attract interest here. AH law students are required to complete assignments in the preparation of appellate briefs and in oral argu- ment of appellate cases. A practice court for third-year students is conducted so that experience may be ob- tained in the trial of jury cases. The various stages of a trial are demonstrated, with students participating under the guidance of an instructor. This work is under faculty supervision and is intended to give the student an introduction to actual trial work. 112 Surrounded by books, law student searches for obscure decision in quiet corridors of law library. Waterman Hall is one or few buildings on cam pus that operates on 24-hour-a-day basis Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing i The multi-million dollar University Medical Center at Little Rock is regarded as one of the most modern in the nation. It represents one of the outstanding fea- tures of the University of Arkansas. Here the latest equipment is utilized in serving both medical students and patients. Dedicated in 1957, the Medical Center was con- structed at a cost of more than fourteen million dollars. In 1961, the T. H. Barton Institute for Medical Re- search was completed and occupied. One of the finest medical research facilities in America, the Institute should prove to be a factor in attracting and holding qualified teachers and research personnel. Students receive not only detailed classroom instruc- tion in their prospective fields but also a great deal of experience in the application of this knowledge because many people come to the Center for medical attention. The University of Arkansas Schools of Pharmacy and Nursing are housed in the Education Building at the Medical Center, together with the School of Medi- cine. The School of Medicine is affiliated with the Vet- erans Administration Hospitals in Little Rock and North Little Rock under the nation-wide Deans ' Com- mittee program. Some beds in ihese hospitals are utiliz- ed for teaching purposes, in addition to those activated in the University Hospital. Pharmacy is essentially that field of the health sci- ences which functions chiefly in supplying, assembling, and preparing the medicinals used for prevention, cur- ing, and controlling of disease. The University of Arkansas School of Nursing was established to help meet the pressing demand for larg- er numbers of skilled nurses and to make available to young people of Arkansas the best possible educational preparation for the profession of nursing. After serving as Acting President, Mr. Storm Whaley assumed the position of Vice President for Health Sciences. Dr. Winston K. Shorey is the University ' s Dean of Medicine, and the School of Pharmacy is directed by Dean Stanley G. Middelstaedt. The School of Nursing is under the direction of Dean Frances Russell. 114 UofA Medical Center with its modern architecture is showplace in Little Rock. Winston K. Shorey Dean of Medicine Stanley G. Mittelstaedt, Dean of Pharmacy Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing Dean Mittelstaedt explains effect of drug on brain to students. Nursing students listen reverently to lecture on hospital techniques from Kildare-like young doctor. Frances Russell Dean of Nursing Division of Student Affairs The Division of Student Affairs is a composite of the offices of the Dean of Students, the Dean of Men, the Dean of Women, and the Coordinator of Student Aid. The main function of the personnel is to coordin- ate the activities of the students with the activities of the University as a whole. They are also responsible for keeping track of the status and progress of the stu- dents and other interested persons. The division sup- ervises the Student Counseling Service, Infirmary, Food Services. Student Union, Book Store, Placement Of- fice, Financial Aid, and Part-Time Employment Ser- vices. Along with these duties, they work with all stu- dent organizations in terms of student welfare, morale, and discipline. D. Whitney Halladay, Dean of Students, is in charge of the total program of the Division of Student Af- fairs. He graduated from Pomona College and receiv- ed his M.A. degree from Clarement Graduate School and his Ed. D. degree from Columbia University. Completing her second year as Dean of Women at the University is Miss Jacqueline Sterner. In this ca- pacity, she directs and coordinates all phases of the co- ed campus activity. Dean Sterner is a native of Indiana and received her B.A. and M.S. degrees from Indiana University. She came to the University from Texas Tech, where she served as Assistant Dean of Women. Dean Sterner has been nationally prominent in guid- ance and counseling work with women students at col- leges and universities. Directly assisting Dean Sterner is Dean Grace Vine- yard, Assistant Dean of Women. Dean Vineyard works with all phases of the program, but concentrates mainly on freshmen. Robert L. Jones, Dean of Men, is concerned directly with fraternities, international students, and student counseling programs. Dean Jones graduated from Ark- ansas Polytechnic College in Russelville. He received his M.Ed, degree from the University of Arkansas. D. Whitney Halladay Dean of Students Student checks for mail at box in Student Union post office, one of many services offered by the Union. Also to be found in the Union are a grill, cafeteria, book store, barber shop, television, movies on Wednesday nights, companionship and five-cent coffee. Col. Ralph T. Simpson Coordinator of Student Aid 119 _ I Jacqueline Sterner, Dean of Women Inevitable bridge game takes place in Union between classes and sometimes during classes Grace Vineyard Asst. Dean of Women 120 jr L Stu ' dant Union barber sights carefully to get that flat-top exactly right. Union barber shop is popular with students Robert L. Jones, Dean of Men who don ' t have time to go downtown between classes, and who have no objections to being stared at by casual passersby. William B. Stiles Director Graduate Institute of Technology, at 12th and McAlmont, is part of UA ' s Little Rock campus. 122 Graduate Institute of Technology II I k 1 The University of Arkansas has established the Graduate Institute of Technology as part of its educa- tional facilities. Its laboratories, classrooms, reference library and administrative offices are located in a modern six-story building, in company with other University facilities, at 12th and McAlmont Streets in Little Rock. The overall objectives of the Graduate Institute of Technology are, first, to provide an opportunity for graduates in science and engineering, including those currently employed, to continue their studies to be able to qualify for advanced degrees in the fields of science and technology, and, second, to engage in advanced research so as to expand the field of scientific know- ledge. These objectives supplement each other in that re- search must be a part of the graduate training of scientists and engineers, and graduate students or other technical assistants are essential to effective research. Facilities for studies after graduation, during em- ployment as well as on full time, have become of grow- ing importance to the State of Arkansas. Such facilities must be of high quality and in useful fields. They also must be readily accessible to the industrial centers in which most technicians are employed. The availability of such facilities is seriously considered by many ma- jor industrial concerns in selecting new plant locations. Recognizing these facts, the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission recommended to the Trustees of the University of Arkansas and to the Arkansas State Legislature that facilities for graduate study and research be created, and located in Little Rock, so as to be readily available to the major industrial centers of the State. After study, and review with the University Trustees, the 1957 Legislature authorized the establishment in Little Rock of the University of Arkansas Graduate Institute of Technology, and provided needed funds for its initial operation. Modern, well equipped laboratories are available at the Graduate Institute of Technology and its re- search staff has outstanding facilities. These facilities are being constantly increased and are used for contract research and for projects arising from the individual interests of the Institute ' s faculty. The research opera- tions are of significant value in supplementing sci- entific instruction and providing practical operating experience for students. A graduate from the University of Arkansas or from an accredited school requiring substantially the same under-graduate program as is required by the University, may be admitted to full graduate standing if his grades are well above the average required for the bachelor ' s degree. Latest equipment is used by students at GIT, which has particularly outstanding facilities in the fields of physical, inorganic, ana- lytical and nuclear chemistry, nuclear physics, and electronics and instrumentation. Facilities are constantly being increased. 123 Outstanding Faculty The faculty of the University has seldom received the recognition it deserves. In an attempt to rectify this situation, the 1963 RAZORBACK pays tribute to some of our outstanding faculty members. The Alumni Association ' s Outstanding Achievement Awards for superior work in the fields of teaching and research were received by Dr. Henry M. Alexander, professor and chairman of the government de- partment; Dr. Joseph P. Fulton, professor and head of the plant path- ology department; and Dr. Robert A. Leflar, distinguished professor of law. Dr. Robert E. Kennedy, assistant professor of finance, received the Omicron Delta Kappa award as " Outstanding Teacher " . The award is given annually for outstanding achievement in the classroom. Later, Dr. Kennedy was tapped for membership in ODK. Dr. Kennedy is noted for his sense of humor and his literacy, both of which are prized characteristics among the faculty of the business school. Dr. Ralph Jones, professor of government, presides meeting of University Senate, composed of faculty n over a iculty members. 124 Dr. te " - Dr. Robert A. Leflar, distinguished professor of law, who received Alum- ni Association award for teaching, has intimidated law students for years. Dr. Henry M. Alexander, chairman of government department, authority on Arkansas government, received research award. Dr. Joseph P. Fulton, head of plant pathology department, also received award for research done primarily on virus diseases. 125 ir x F -A - - %aj?fe ki - V-; - : , ., 3S And this is what it ' s all about officially, anyway. The pursuit of knowledge (or at least a degree). Well, it is not an easy road for any of us, fraught with perils like 7:30 classes and pop tests. Con- gratulations, Seniors you ' ve earned it. Good Luck, Freshmen you ' ll need it. And for every- one in between keep plugging. First Row: Rex Lee ASSELIN, Humphreys Hall, Branson, Mo.; Edward Leo AUFFERT, Razorback Hall, Monett, Mo.; Janett Joyce AUSMUS, 4-H House, Benton- ville; Andrea AUSTIN, Futrall Hall, Subiaco; Charles B. AUSTIN, Humphreys Hall, Malvern; Dollie Monette AUSTIN, Fulbright Hall. Second Row: John C. BACKUS, 2N, Fayetteville; Pamela Kay BACKUS, Fulbright Hall, Springdale; James A. BAGWELL, K2, West Memphis; Brenda Lou BAKER, Fulbright Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Charles W. BAKER, Southwest City, Mo.; Marilyn Royce BAKER, Scott House, Carlisle. Third Row: Paul David BAKER, Harrison; Ruth Ann BAKER, Fulbright Hall, Noel, Mo.; Larry Eugene BALDING, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Mary Michael BALDING, Fulbright Hall, Kansas City, Kan.; Judy Arlene BALDRIDGE, Fulbright Hall, Fort Worth, Tex.; Carolyn Sue BALKMAN, Fulbright Hall, Magazine. Fourth Row: Donald H. BALL, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; John BLATZ, Jr., Paris; Carolyn Ann BANEY, Fulhright Hall, North Little Rock; Velma Rena BANKS, Scott House, Magnolia; Linda Gale BARNES, Fulbright Hall; Linda Lea BARNES, Spring- dale. Filth Row: Alice Mayes BARNETT, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La.; Alba Elizabeth BARR, Fulbright Hall, Beaumont, Tex.; Linda Jane BARRON, Fulbright Hall, Jacksonville; Margaret Gene BARRON, Fayetteville; Richard David BARTLETT, Coal Hill; Mary Ann BAS- KIN, Peru, Ind. Sixth Row: Hugh M. BASS, 4 A6, Little Rock; David S. BASSETT, Fayetteville; Lonnie Gene BAS- SETT, Fayetteville; Charlotte Ann BATCHELOR, Ful- bright Hall, Camden; Judith Ann BAIICH, Futrall Hall, Springfield, Mo.; Linda Sue BAUCOM, Fayetteville. First Row: Claudia ABBOTT, Fulbright Hall, Mem- phis, Tenn. ; James ABBOTT, Droke House, Van Buren; Donna ABSHIER, Futrall Hall, Nacogdoches, Tex.; Bet- ty Louise ADAMS, Fulbright Hall, St. Joe; Lucinda Robinson ADAMS, North Little Rock; Jean Ann AKERS, Futrall Hall, Memphis, Tenn. Second Row: Phyllis Anne AKINS, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs; Ronnie Woodrow ALBERTY, Springfield, Mo.; Phyllis Marguerite ALBRIGHT, Fulbright Hall, Eureka Springs; Donna Lea ALEXANDER, Fayetteville; Hiram Milton ALEXANDER, Jr., 2X, Helena; James Robert ALEXANDER, Mountain Home. Third Row: Missy ALFORD, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Charles David ALLEN, Fayetteville; Diane AL- LEN, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Pat ALLEN, Fulbright Hall, Malvern; Margaret Elizabeth AMACKER, Ful- bright Hall, Lake Providence, La.; Pete Walter AMUND- SEN, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock. Fourth Row: Leonard George ANDERSON, Jr., Hum- phreys Hall. Bauxite; Crystal Lee ANDRESS, AXA Pine Bluff; Roberta Luisa ANGULO, Futrall Hall, Wichi- ta, Kansas; Garrett Gordon APPLE, Jr., TKE, Little Rock; James Ralph APPLETON. Humphreys Hall, New- port; Allison Gale ARMSTRONG, Futrall Hall, Tulsa, Okla. Fifth Row: Mark W. ARMSTRONG, Laneburg; James F. ARNOLD. Fort Smith; James Michael ARON, Hrmphrevs Hall, Memphis. Tenn.; Luis Carlos AROSE- MFNA, Humphrevs Hall, Panama, Republic of Panama; Patricia Jame ARTHEY, Fulbright Hall, Rogers; Bruce Martin, ASCOUGH, AXA. 128 IMUIU. . lk:Im.ld IfaW - Wfe.j - ; : ' I First Row: Kenny Ray BAUGHER, Humphreys Hall, Mani- la; Linn Hemingway BEALKE, Razorback Hall, St. Louis, Mo.; Peter Otto BECKER, Humphreys Hall, Mountain Home; Jane Carole BELL, Fulbright Hall, Benton; Janice BELL, Des Arc; Sharon Lynn BELL, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock; William Lester BELL, Droke House, Wynne; Thomas Vin- cent BELMONT, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Barbara Ann BENNETT, 4-H House, Rogers; Jane Katherine BENNETT, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; John David BENNETT, ZX, Pocahontas. Second Row: Susan Linnie BENTON, 4-H House, Salem; Josef Weindel BERCHER, West Fork; Allen Wright BERRY, Razorback Hall, Harrisburg; Nancy Elizabeth BETTS, Ful- bright Hall, Tylr, Tex.; Don Ray BEVIS, K2, Lonoke; Doris Jean BICKFORD, Springdale; Gary James BIEN, 2 J E, Neosho, Mo.; Lewis William BILLINGS, Humphreys Hall, Crossett; Robert Taylor BILLINGSLEY, Razorback Hall, Palestine; James Glen BIRCH, Lincoln; Bonnie Ann BISHOP, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock. Third Row: Judith Ann BISHOP, Fulbright Hall, Lowell; Russell Owen BLACK, Prairie Grove; Ronald Dean BLANK- ENSHIP. Humphreys Hall, Moscow; Rebecca Suzanna BLEW- STER, Fulbright Hall, Magnolia; Ken BLOCK, ITKA, Spring- dale; Linda Maurice BLODGETT, Fulbright Hall, Jackson- ville; Gerald Wayne BOBO, Humphreys Hall, Jacksonville; Barbara Ann BOLLS, Fulbright Hall, Prescott; Joe Edd BONDS, Bentonville; Louis Patrick BONDS, Humphreys Hall, Hughes; Gretchen Marie BONNELL, Futrall Hall, Muskogee, Okla. Fourth Row: Suzanne Day BOOTH, Fulbright Hall, Hope; Wallace Raymond BORGESON, Humphreys Hall, Mount Ida; Charles Kenneth BORN, Humphreys Hall, El Dorado; Audrey Lucille BOUNDS, Bentonville; Katherine Ann BOUW- MAN, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Carol Elizabeth BOWMAN, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Larry L. BOWMAN, Sedgwell, Labanon, Penn.; Vernon Dean BOWMAN, Razorback Hall, Ashdown; James D. BOYCE, Humphreys Hall, Poncahontas; Richard Harrison BOYER, Humphreys Hall, Godfrey, 111.; Norlyn Gaye BRACEY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Joel Thomas BRADLEY, Humphreys Hall, Hot Springs; Terry Douglas BRADLEY, Humphreys Hall, Moun- tain Home; Joseph Carson BRADY, ZAE, Helena; Benny Jack BRAMLETT, Humphreys Hall, Pocahontas; Ronnie Carroll BRAMLETT, Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith; Mary Jacquelyn BRANDLI, Fayetteville; Jack BRASUELL, Humph- reys Hall, Van Buren; Jeannine BRAUCHER, Futrall Hall, Houston, Tex.; Arthur Barry BRAZIL, Little Rock; Christo- pher Cloar BRAZIL, Humphreys Hall, Benton; Jac-.pjlin BRECKENRIDGE, Fulbright Hall, Colorado Springs, Colo. Cheerleaders lead freshman yells at orientation meeting, demonstrat- ing exactly the right emphasis to use on the words, " Woo, Pig! Sooey! " Solid line of Razorback band members takes escalator in hotel to keep play- ing date. Wherever they go crowds stop to watch. Uniforms resemble something from science fiction program. People have said their playing also resembles something from science fiction program. First Rmv: Barbara Anne BREIT, Fulbright Hall, Har- rison; Robert BRIDGES, Plainview; Ronald Howard BROCK- WELL, Buchanan House, Everton; Gary BROWN, Springdale; Michael Stephen BROWN, Hot Springs; Norma Gene BROWN, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs; Rebecca Ann BROWN, Futrall Hall, Malvern; Tootie BROWN, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs; Warren Fred BROWN, Jr., Walnut Ridge; Zillah Diane BRUCE, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff; Sally Ann BRUSH, Futrall Hall, Tyler, Tex. Second Row: John Alan BRUSHSBER, Springdale; James G. BRYAN, Humphreys Hall, Morrilton; Doris Anne BRYANT, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs; William A. BRYANT, Jr., Malvern; Dorothy Jean BUCHANAN, Fulbright Hall, Pres- cott; Marilyn Ruth BUCHANAN, Springdale; Charla Ann BUCK, Futrall Hall, Alton, 111.; John A. BUERCKLIN, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Cecil Miles BUFFALO, Humph- reys Hall, Little Rock; Betty Jo BUFORD, Holcombe Hall, Forrest City; Margaret Ann BUFORD, Fulbright Hall, Che- cotah, Okla. Third Row: Mary Carolyn BUNCH, Fntrall Hall, DeWitt; Bonny Lee BURKE, Humphreys Hall. Blytheville; Horace Thomas BURKS, Humphreys Hall, Bradley; Carol Jean BUR- NETT, Fulbright Hall, Springdale; Richard Hayes BUR- NETT, Humphreys Hall, Elizahethtown, Kentucky; Thomas Hays BURNETT, Wilson Sharp, Bentonville; James W. BUR- RIS, Razorback Hall, Hot Springs; T. 0. BURSON, Humph- reys Hall, Aurora, Mo.; Wanda Jean BURSON, Fayetteville; Percy Duffield BURTON, ZAE, Lewisville; Toni Lynn BUSH, Fulbright Hall, Anderson, Mo. Fourth Row: Halla Jean BUTCHER, Fulbright Hall, Moun- tain Home; Joseph Lloyd BUTT, Humphreys Hall, Evans- ville, Ind.; Judy Elaine BYRD, Fulbright Hall, Stuttgart; Julian Dale CALHOON, Humphreys Hall, Elaine; Ken Free- man CALHOON, 2N, El Dorado; Nancy L. CALICO, Spring- dale; John Thomas CALKINS, Humphreys Hall, Smackover; Rolgar Allen CALLALAN, Razorback Hall, Clarksville; David Logan CALLAWAY, 2X, Lake Village; Patricia Mildred CALLAWAY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Kathryn Louise CAMP, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Karen Kay CANADY, Fulbright Hall, Gentry; Gardner W. CANNON, Razorback Hall, Hope; Tommy Wayne CARDIN, Fort Smith; Barbara June CARL, Fayetteville; Walter Clarence CARLE, Humphreys Hall, Stuttgart; Karen Elizabeth CARLSON, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La.: George Read CARLTON, Lake Village; Danda Lou CARMACK, Springdale; Susan Maurine CHARROLL, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Raylene CARTE, Futrall Hall, Lincoln: John E. CARTER, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock. : : J I. .... in ! - .:;.; T b BUSi IF BASta. -. M Sriw; U: Up -: ! ! lint : U: Crop M U CAMMC ML Uri U n! U Unh: Jfc First Row: William Grady CARTER, Razorback Hall, Texarkana; John Ellis CARUTHERS, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Pine Bluff; George Baxter CASE, Fayetteville; James C. CASE, Razorback Hall, Hot Springs; Patricia Lynne CASEY, Fulbright Hall, Marion; William Keene CASH, Pea Ridge. Second Row: Val M. CASTLEBERRY, Conway; Pamela Kay CASTLING, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Nancy Carolyn CAUDELL, Futrall Hall, Wynne; Rich- ard Lee CECIL, Harrison; Earl Lee CHADICK, Jr., 2AE, Sherrill; Larry Dale CHAFFIN, Humphreys Hall, Mineral Springs. Third Row: Jack Drummond CHAMBLIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Lynnda Kay CHAMBLIN, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Wilma Lou CHACEY, Ozark; Benny Leo CHANDLER, Humphreys Hall, Mt. Ida; Fred R. CHANDLER, Humphreys Hall, Dallas, Tex.; Wanda Kay CHANDLER, Springdale. Fourth Row: Charlotte Ailene CHAPMAN, 4-H House, Tillar; Jack Walden CHAPMAN, Jr., Razorback Hall, Alconbury, England; Wiley Eldon CHAPMAN, Humphreys Hall, Kirkwood, Mo.; Robert Steven CHAS- TAIN, Humphreys Hall, Rogers; Pamela Rhea CHE- NAULT, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock, Frances Anne CHERRY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Edward Juel CHRISTENSEN, Humph- reys Hall, North Little Rock; D. J. CIA, SIT, Little Rock Carol Louise CINA, Fulbright Hall, Glendale, Mo.; James Corbin CLARK, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Kenneth J. CLARK, Humphreys Hall, Berryville; Martha Lee CLEAVENGER, Futrall Hall, Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Jerry E. CLEM, KZ, Altheimer; David Autry CLIFTON, Wilson Sharp, Wynne; Dorothy Lynn CLINEHENS, Fayetteville; Connie Jean CLOTHIER, Futrall Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Roy R. CLYNE, Fayette- ville; Wayne L. COATES, AXA, Stuttgart. flow: Rebecca Gayle COBB, Fulbright Hall, Texarkana, Tex.; Judith Carolyn COBURN, Fulbrieht Hall, Benton; Gary Earl COCHRAN, SN, Portland; Charlotte Watson COFFELT, Fulhright Hall, Jackson- ville; James Robert COFFIELD, Razorback Hall, S:alt- gart; Jack Davis COHEN, Acacia, Helena. Second Row: John Robert COKER, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Bradley; Forrest Wayne COLE, Humphreys Hall, Blytheville; Jack COLEMAN, ITKA, Lonoke; Jimmie Allen COLEMAN, Bentonville; James Robert COLLINS, Humphreys Hall, Crossett; Linda Sue COLVIN, Ful- bright Hall, Tampa, Fla. Third Row: Julie Ann COMAN. Futrall Hall, Hono- lulu, Hawaii; Janice Annette COMBS, Fayetteville; James Michael CONNELL, Fayetteville; Bill Dennis COOK, Humphreys Hall, Lufkin, Tex.; Orval Lee COOK, Wilson Sharp, Cleveland, Okla.; Roger Curtis COOK, Gladson House, Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Sarah Elizabeth COOK, Futrall Hall, Salem; Judith Lynne COONROD, Fulbright Hall, Char- leston; Carolyn Kay COOPER, Futrall Hall, Trumann; Nancy Virginia COOPER, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; George R. COPPAGE, 2N, Fayetteville; Rosalyn Sue CORDELL, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Robert Michael CORLEY. Humphreys Hall. Little Rock; Gilbert Greene CORNWELL, K2, Dardanelle; Michael R. CORNWELL, AXA, Dirdanelle- Orrin Monroe CORWIN, Fayettevilh; Emilie Tane COT- TON, Fayetteville; Richard Edward COTTRELL, TKE, Little Rock. 131 First Row: Freddie D. DAVIS, ZX, Pine Bluff; Helen R. DAVIS, Futrall Hall, Fort Smith; John Robert DAVIS, Droke House, Ashdown; Linda Jean DAVIS, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock; Nancy Jane DAVIS, Futrall Hall, Leawood, Kans.; Bob Edward DAYTON, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock. Second Row: Virginia Carol DEAN, Fulbright Hall, Rogers; Joan Irene DEERE, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs; Patricia Louise DEES. Fulbright Hall, McGehee; Law- son Gray DELLINGER, 211, Little Rock, Denese DEN- NEY, Futrall Hall, Encinitas, Calif.; Robert W. DEN- TON, AO, Tuckeiman. Third Row: Larry Poe DEPRIEST, Humphreys Hall, Imboden; Raymond Vincent DESALVO, Humphreys Hall, Marianna; Mike DEWITT, K2, Fort Smith; Diane Annette DICKERMAN, Fulbright Hall, Eureka Springs; Margaret DILDY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; David Howard DILLAHUNTY, Huntsville. Fourth Row: William Thomas DILLARD, Humph- reys Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Larry Wendol DIMMIT, Aurora; Gary DODD, Razorback Hall, Fort Smith; Donna Lee DODGE, Houston, Texas.; Joseph Michael DOLAN; Humphreys Hall, England; Lana Kay DOLLINS, Ful- bright Hall, Paragould. Fifth Row: Dorothy Elizabeth DORTCH, Fulbright Hall, Scott; Carol Jeanette DOTSON, Fayetteville ; Sally Ann DOUGLAS, Fulbright Hall, Houston, Texas.; Bobby E. DOWELL, Fayetteville; Abdul Wadoud DRAKI, Horns, Syria; Blonie Wayne DUDNEY, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock. Sixth Row: Lucy Kay DULIN, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Silas Theron DUNN, Baker House, Little Rock; Cathy DUVALL. Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Harold Wayne DYER. Nashville: Carolvn Elaine EDDY, Fay- ettrville; Gayle Ann EDMONSON, Futrall Hall, Cass- ville. Mo. First Roto: Charles Dean COVEY, Humphreys Hall. Eglin AFB, Fla.; Donald Erwin COWAN, Jr., Humph- reys Hall, San Francisco, Calif.; Charles Foster COX, AXA, Minden, La.; Danny Joe COX, Razorback Hall, Van Buren; Charles David CRAW, Springdale; John Atkins GRAIN, Hope. Second Row: Regina Rae GRAIN, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Walter Morris CRANDALL, Humphreys Hall, Tuckerman; Lamar S. CRAWFORD, Humphreys Hall, Shreveport, La.; Douglas H. CREECY, Farm- house, Keiser; Linda Sue CREIGHTON, Futrall Hall, Benton; Carolyn GROOM, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock. Third Row: Celeste CROOM, Fulbright Hall, Dar- danelle; Nancy Lee CROSSETT, Fulbright Hall, West Lafayette, Ind.; Betty Kathryn CROW, Futrall Hall, Benton; Bobby Michael CROWE, Hot Springs; Jimmie Allen CORWSON, Humphreys Hall, Benton; Michael Ray CRUM, AFP, Stuttgart. Fourth Row: Jorge CUAN. Jr., Bluefields, Nicaragua; Carol Ellen CULP, Futrall Hall, Fort Smith; Richard K. CUNNINGHAM, Wilson Sharp, San Antonio, Tex.; Barbara Louise CUPPLES, Fulbright Hall. North Little Rock; Charles Lee CURRY, Humphreys Hall, Crossett; Elaine M. CURRY, Futrall Hall, Hot Springs. Fifth Row: Margarette Eleanor DABBS, Hall, Hot Springs; Catherine Jean DALLAS, Hall, Blytheville; Patricia Kathleen DANIEL, Hall. Fort Smith; James Ronnie DANIELS, Hall, Valparaiso, Ind.; Beckv Ann DAVES, Hall, Fort Smith; Bill Gray DAVIS, Malvern. Fulbright Fulbright Fulbriaht Razorback Fulbright :| ; 2 ; - as t . Fid , v ' ,i . . First Row: Nancy Louise EDMONDSON, Fulbright Hall, Gentry; Carlyn Jean EDWARDS, Fulbright Hall, Bald Knob; Dwight A. EDWARDS, Fort Smith; Marcia Anne EDWARDS, Fulbright Hall, Searcy; Melody Sylvia EDWARDS, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; William Howell, EDWARDS, Humphreys Hall, Jacksonville; William Marshall EDWARDS, Humphreys Hall, Camden; Martha Ann ELDSON, Springdale; Gail Made- Ion ELKAN, Fulbright Hall, Bartlesville, Okla.; Charles Wei- don ELLIOTT, Humphreys Hall, West Memphis; Judith Lynne ELLIOT, Fulbright Hall, Sherman, Tex. Second Row: Judy Lee ELLIOTT, Fulbright Hall, Fayet- teville; Jane ELLIS, Fulbright Hall, Dallas, Tex.; Judy Patricia ELLIS, Fulbright Hall, Springdale; Carole Ann ELLISON, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Andrew Loog ENNIS, Fulbright Hall, Donna, Tex.; Delton Talbot ERWIN, Humphreys Hall, Hope; Bradley Clyde ESTES, Humphreys Hall, Corning; Norma Sue ESTES, 4-H House, Ash Flat; James W. ETCHIN- SON, Razorback Hall, Westbury, N. Y.; James Douglas EVANS, Springdale; Ronnie David EVANS, Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith. Third Row: Frances Joann EVERETT, Fulbright Hall, Oxley; Thomas Wesley EVERITT, Humphreys Hall, Crossett; Joe D. FADDIS, Prairie Grove; William Douglas FAITH, 2 E, Searcy; Lyn Dieter FALK, Fulbright Hall, Jonesboro: Sallye Jo FARMER, Fulbright Hall, Camden; Thomas Edward FARQUHAR, Razorback Hall, Marshall, Tex.; Willie Jean FARQUHARSON, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Susan Ann FARRELL, Fulbright Hall, Brinkley; James Walter FARRIS, 2 E, Carlsbad, New Mex.; George Currie FAUCETTE, 2N, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: George Norris FAULKNER, Humphreys Hall, Manila; Jerry FAULKNER, Futrall Hall, Hallsville, Tex.; Thomas Arthur FEILKE, SN, Stuttgart; Terecia FERGU- SON, Fulbright Hall, Pocahontas; Vicki L. FEWELL, North Little Rock; Glynda Jean FIELDER, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Horace James FIKES, Jr., Pine Bluff; Patricia Ann FINLEY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Patricia Jean FINLEY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Frankie Eugene FINN, Spring- dale; Allen S. FITZGERALD, Humphreys Hall, Paragould. Fifth Row: Lucius Allen FITZGERALD, Razorback Hall, Memphis; Vernon Eugene FITZHUGH, Fayetteville; Kathy Sue FITZPATRICK, Futrall Hall, North Little Rock; Pat Michael FLANAGAN, Charleston; Carole Ann FLEMING, Fulbright Hall, Newport; Gail Ann FLETCHER, Fulbright Hall, Bauxite; Thomas R. FLIPPIN. Cotter; William Carl FLOERSCH, SN, Lamar, Mo.; Forrest FORD, Humphreys Hall, McCrory; Katie Marie FORD, Futrall Hall, Lake Vil- lage; Mack Hendrix FORRESTER, Humphreys Hall. Tru- Freshmen women gaze out window of Fulbright Hall, paying particular attent- ion to Humphreys Hall across the way. Spectators at pro-integration picket- ing in front of library watch rela- tively quietly. Some members of the crowd, mainly jocks, were rowdier. First Row: James Robert FOWLER, Razorback Hall, St. Joe; Peggy Jean FOWLER, Fulbright Hall, Harrison; Ronald Oscar FOWLER, Humphreys Hall, Blytheville; Bonnie Jean FOX, 4-H House, Russellville; Emery Louis FRANCIS, Humph- reys Hall, Blytheville; Marilyn Marie FRANCIS, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Marvin D. FRANKS, Razorback Hall, De- catur; Penny Ann FRANKS, Fulbright Hall, Hope; Carol Ann FRANKUM, Futrall Hall, Blytheville; James Hall FRAZER, Searcy; David Franklin FRAZIER, 2 E, Little Rock. Second Row: Douglas Pemberton FRAZIER, Humphreys Hall, Pine Bluff; David H. FREEMAN, Razorback Hall. Harrisburg; Janet Sue FREEZE, Fulbright Hall, Newark; Flossie FRENCH, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock; Charles Michael FREICKE, Ae, Tulsa; Lester Jacob FRIEDBERG, Humphreys Hall, Boston, Mass.; Richard H. FRIEDL1NE, IIKA, Godfrey, 111.; Jack Thomas FRYER, KZ, Little Rock; Martha Alice GADBERRY, Fulbright Hall, Crossett; Sharon Kay GAGE, Fayetteville; Denny Robert GARDNER, Humph- reys Hall, Jacksonville. Third Row: Charles Michael GARLINTON, ZN, El Dorado; Kenneth Laz GARNER, Humphreys Hall, Strong; Sharon Ann GARNER, Fulbright Hall, Victoris; Sol Martin GAR- RETT, Humphreys Hall, Corning; Carole GAYER, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La.; Rita Irene GEIGER, Futrall Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Margaret Eilene GEISER, Fayetteville; Joe Carroll GIBBONS, England; James Leslie GIBBONS, Humphreys Hall. Blanchard, La.; Faith Marie GIBSON, Fulbright Hall, Berry- ville; J. Lonnie GIBSON, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: James Patrick GIBSON, Fayetteville; William Orrin GIBSON, Humphreys Hall, Fairfax, Va.; George Otto GIERON, Razorback Hall, Hot Springs; James Lester GILL, Humphreys Hall, Dell; Sharon Lee GILL, Fulbright Hall, Mountain Home; Paul Hughes GILLAM, Humphreys Hall, Charleston, S. C; Kenneth Milton Steven GILLESPIE, Razor- back Hall, Fort Smith; Robin Meredith GILLESPIE, Futrall Hall, St. Louis, Mo.; Charrie Dawn GILLIS, Fulbright Hall, Newton, Conn.; Jonny M. GILLOCK, Humphreys Hall, Mus- kogee, Okla.; Michael John GILMORE, Razorback Hall, Ledgue City, Tex. Fifth Row: Roland J. GIRDLER, Razorback Hall, Jackson- ville; Lois Myreta GLADDEN, Fulbright Hall, Dumas; David McGee GLOVER, Malvern; Rita Janette GLOVER, Futrall Hall, Little Rock; William Henry GLOVER, Jr., Humphreys Hall, McGehee; Richard Aday GOFF, UK A, Little Rock; Alenander Peyton GOLDEN, ZX, Batesville; Marvin Clarence GOOD, Razorback Hall, Valpariso, Ind. ; Charles Eugene GOODNER, Humphreys Hall, Waldron; Linda Anne GOOD- WIN, Fulbright Hall, El Dorado; Glenna Jeanne CORBET, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs. Uall 134 IM ' dl. Un Hit ?J M LI. , I ML Uiri U. T JtL Ufc bd; U MB E K Ut m COM First Row: Mareese HALL, Fulbright Hall, Stilwell, Okla.; William Albert HALL, West Helena; Larry B. HALSEY, Farmhouse, Keiser; Virginia Cecile HAM- NER, Fulbright Hall, Bradley; Robert Eugene HANES, Wilson Sharp, Urbana, 111.; Carol Anne HANEY, Ful- bright Hall, Weiner. Second Row: Mary Martha HANSS, Futrall Hall, Springfield, Mo.; Dee Barry HARDIN, Humphreys Hall, Benton; Eddie Glenn HARDING, Fayetteville; Raymond M. HARDING, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Sandra Kay HARDY, Futrall Hall, Huntsville; John Richard HARGER, Razorback Hall, Ozark. Third Row: Judy Gayle HARMS, Fulbright Hall, Russellville; Linda Kay HARMS. Fulbright Hall, Dover; Cheryl Ann HARPER, Fulbright Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Robert Thomas HARRIELL, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Beth HARRIS, Fulbright Hall, Bentonville; Howard Stanley HARRIS, Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: John Paul HARRIS, Huntsville; Seldon Ray HARRIS, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Wayland Alvin HARRIS, Pine Bluff; Carol Linda HARRISON, Futrall Hall, Joplin, Mo.; Betty Ann HART, Fulbright Hall, West Memphis; David R. HARTMAN, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Michael Edmondson HASTINGS, 2X, Waxahachie, Tex.; Donald B. HAUK, Humphreys Hall, Longview, Tex.; Jon Michael HAYDON, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Helen Cheryl HAYES, Fulbright Hall. Jacksonville; William E. HAYES, Razorback Hall, Rec- tor; Harriet Allen HEASTY, Futrall Hall, Manhattan, Kans. First Row: Carol Anne GOSSETT, Fort Smith; John Buck GRADDY, Humphreys Hall, Clinton; Elizabeth Ann GRADY, Fulhright Hall, Little Rock; Judy GRA- HAM, Fulbright Hall, Springdale; Marilyn Frances GRA- HAM, Futrall Hall, Flippin; Sylvia Kathleen GRAND, Fulbright Hall, Crossett. Second Row. Bennie GRANT, West Monroe, La.; Sherry Lew GRANT, Fulhright Hall, Stuttgart; James Carl GRAVES, Humphreys Hall, Pontiac, Mich.; Kath- arine GRAVES, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Doris Jean GRAY, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Fleda Brown GRAY, Fayetteville. Third Row: Johnny Charles GRE N, 2AE, Pine Bluff; Tommy Joe GREEN, Razorback Hall, Magnolia; Robert Allen GREENBERG. Humphreys Hall, Bronx, N. Y.; Haryle L. GREENE, Humphreys Hall, Pea Rida?; Ronald David GREENWOOD, Humphreys Hall, Hot Springs; Margaret GREGORY, Fulbright Hall, Park- dale. Fourth Row: Dennis Ray GRIESSE, Razorback Hall, Fort Smith; Malcolm Roosevelt GRIFFIN, Humphreys Hall, Dell; Robert Franklin GRIFFIN, Fayetteville; Lyn- dall Leon GRIGG, Huntsville; Shirley D. GRIGSBY, Futrall Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Charles Perry GRIZZLE, Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Frank Mallory GROBMYER, 2X, Little Rock; Susan Frances GROOM, Fulbright Hall, Siloam Springs; Charles Edward GUEST, A0, Pine Bluff; Betty Anne GUIN, Fulbright Hall; Melanie Regina GURISCO, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Pamela Diane CUTHUNZ, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock. Sixth Row: Helen Marie HACKNEY, 4-H House, Camden; Michael HAGGARD, Humphreys Hall, Houston, Tex.; Alice Elizabeth HAILEY. Fulbright Hall, Carth- age, Mo.; Dickie Don HAIRSTON, Razorback Hall, Charleston; James Glenn HAIRSTON, K2, Prescott; Michael Eugene HALE, Carlson Terrace, Little Rock. - % H Ml 135 r AV - lik iflAl Firs t flow: Carolyn Lajoyce HOLT, Fayetteville; Douglas Gordon HOLT, Razorback Hall, Little Rock; Janet Kay HONN, Fulbright Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Randol Webb HOOPER, Razorback Hall, Des Arc; Larry Paul HOOTEN, AXA, Hope; Harold Henry HOPKINS, Humphreys Hall, Vilonia. Second Row: Milan Lewis HOPKINS, SN, Little Rock; Edward Tully HORNOR, III, KS, Helena; Laura Pemberton HORNOR, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Mike W. HORNSBY, AXA, Wagoner, Okla.; Jim R. HORTON, Razorback Hall, Fort Smith; Barbara HOUSE, Futrall Hall, Dardanelle. Third Row: Alma Faye HOUSTON, Futrall Hall, Hot Springs; Anita Jean HOWE, Fulbright Hall, Denver, Colo.; John Hornor HOWE, 2X, Wabash; Gary Joe HOWELL, Razorback Hall, North Little Rock; Patricia Gray HOWELL, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Barbara Charlotte HUDSON, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La. Fourth Row: Judith Kaye HUFF, Fulbright Hall, Fayetteville; Linda Christine HUGHES, Winslow; Wil- liam Jackson HUGHES, Jr., SN. Haynes; Robert Jack- son HUGHEY, ZAE, Marianna; W. David W. HUGHEY, 2 E, Searcy; Margaret HULL, Fulbright Hall, Eureka. Fifth Row: Dennai E. HULSE, Razorback Hall, Heber Springs; John Rainey HUNT, THE, Springdale: Henley A. HUNTER, Shreveport, La.; Larry H. HUNTER, Humphreys Hall, Swifton; Jane HURD, Futrall Hall, Trumann; Doug HURLEY, 2X, El Dorado. Sixth Row: Rodger HURT, SN, Jonesboro; Mary Jane HUSTEL, Fulbrmht Hall, Waxahachie, Tex.; Way- mon A. HUTCHISON, Humphreys Hall, Berryville; Jackie Lee INMAN, Humphreys Hall, Green Forest; Mark W. IZARD. Little Rock; John Foster JACK, Van Buren. First Row: Claudia Doris HEATH, Fulbright Hall, Marion; Carol Jane HEATHMAN, Fulbright Hall, Ma- nila; Leon Orlan HEDGER, Humphreys Hall, Jones- boro; Delbert Neil HELM, Lincoln; Frederick Russell HELM, Humphreys Hall, Pocahontas; Douglas Harold HENDERSON, Hot Springs. Second Row: Jack Irvin HENDRIX, Humphreys Hall, Pine Bluff; James Harrell HENLEY. Humphreys Hall, McGehee; Robert Elmore HERNDON. IIKA, Little Rock; Vernon William H1LDEBRAND, Humphreys Hall, Stuttgart; Beckve HILL, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff; Harold Clark HILL. Humphreys Hall. Hot Sprint Third Row: Harriet Ann HILL, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La.; Rosemarie HILL. Futrall Hall, Nash- vill " ; Tom J. HILL, Fayetteville: Norma Ruth HIPP 4-H, Prim; George William HIRSCH, AXA, Amarillo Tex.; Bonnie Jean HODGES. Fulbright Hall, Hatfield Fourth Row: Norman Leycester HODGES, Razor- back Hall, Pine Bluff: Johnnv Lynn HOGARD, Humph- reys Hall, Pi-mtt: Chan HOLCOMBE, Fort Smith; Maxine HOI OAR, Ozark; Martha S-- HOLDERBY. F-iI- briaht Hall Benfnvill-; William Kenneth HOLIMAN, Humphreys Hall. Sherida--. Fifth Ro-v: D ' a-ne HOLT EY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Perry Ofwa ' d HOLI.IS, Jr., Springdale; Allen tr-itV. HOLLOA " v H-mnhr-vs H- ' l, Griffithville: Kathv Bland HOLLO WAY, Fulbright Hall, El Dorado; Charles Gregory HOLM 4 N H-mnhr " vs Hall. Branson, Mo.; Jim Freeman HOLMAN, ZAE, Newport. . MTAtf 136 gas r ssS fifeSJ SB B i r , U t flow: Charlotte Ann JACKSON, Fayetteville; Martha Jane JACKSON, Fulbright Hall, Walnut Ridge; Robert Gray- Ion JACKSON, AXA, Little Rock; Ronald Eugene JACK- SON, Humphreys Hall, Jonesboro; Larry Seth JAMES, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Jackie Lee JAMESON, Fulbright Hall, Smackover; Jay Helen RENEE, Fulbright Hall, West Memphis; Hardie Hunter JEFFERIES, Garland; For- rest E. JEFFREY, Humphreys Hall, McHue; John David JENKINS, Humphreys Hall. Malvern: Walter Thomas JEN- NINGS, Jr., Razorback Hall. Heber Springs. Second Row: Henry Clifford JERNIGAN, Humphreys Hall, Osceola; Nancy Carolyn JETER, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Ronald Hardy JETER, 2AE, Altheimer; Cheryl Pierson JETT, Fulbright Hall, Wickes; Sanora Carol JIMERSON, Futrall Hall, Augusta; Michael Lee JOFFE, Humphreys Hall, Whit- tier, Cal.; Jacquelyn Ann JOHNS, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Albert JOHNSON, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Dud- ley B. JOHNSON, Osceola; Judy Margaret JOHNSON, Ful- bright Hall, San Angelo, Tex.; Marilyn Ethel JOHNSON, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport. Third Row: Randall JOHNSON, Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith; Rena Kay JOHNSON, Fulbright Hall, Springdale; Richard John JOHNSON, Humphreys Hall. Hot Springs; Sallye Ann JOHNSON, Fulbright Hall, West Helena; Victor Rudolph JOHNSON, Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith; Wesley Sherman JOHNSON, 2N, Springfield, Mo.; James Robert JOHNSTON, ATfi, Brinkley; Sharon Lee JOLLY, Futrall Hall, St. Louis, Mo.; Ethel May JONES, Fulbright Hall, Osceola; James H. JONES, Razorback Hall, Everton; Jeanette JONES, Fulbright, Houston, Tex. Fourth Row: Johnny Coleman JONES, Razorback Hall, Palestine; Mary Phenea JONES, Fulbright Hall, Prescott; Melinda Joyce JONES, Fulbright Hall, Helena; Robert Morgan JONES, Pine Bluff; Ruth Arlene JONES. Fayetteville; Vickie Lynn JONES, Springdale; James Jay JORDAN, 211, Platts- burgh, N. Y.; John H. JOYCE, 2N, Fayetteville; Joe Shelby JUSTUS, Humphreys Hall, Imboden; Floye KALE, Fulhright Hall, Marvell; Thurman Paul KEENER, Humphreys Hall, Waldron. Fifth Row: Charles R. KEETON, Humphreys Hall, Berry- ville; Dottie Low KEITH, Fulbright Hall, Magnolia; Steve KELLEY, K2, Tulsa, Okla.; Edith Ann KENDALL, Fulbright Hall, Carthage, Mo.; Laura Lindsey KENDRICK, Fulbright Hall, Osceola: William Gary KENNAN, 2X, Fayetteville; Duane KENNEDY, Gravette; Edward Powell KENNEY, 2X, Pine Bluff; Sammy Warren KERR, Humphreys Hall, Gra- vetts; John Morrell KETCHER, Humphreys Hall, North Lit- tle Rock; Larry ' Joe KIDD, Humphreys Hall, Clinton. Bonfire was part of activities during " Beat Texas " Week. All, alas, to no avail. " All the king ' s horses, etc. " First Row: San Kyu KIN, Humphreys Hall, Masan, Korea; Bruce Allen KINANDER, 211, Roselle, 111.; Dean Hemphill KING, Humphreys Hall, Hot Springs; Vernon James KING, Jr., 2X, Pocahontas; David W. KIRK, Humphreys Hall, El Dorado; Lenorr Carlyn KIRK, Fulbright Hall, Malvern; Roy E. KIZZIA, Humphreys Hall, Hot Springs; Alfred Thomas KNAPTON, Fayetteville; George David KNOLL, Humphreys Hall, Stuttgart; Kay KRECK, Fullerton, Cal.; Susan Kay Druger, Futrall Hall, Kansas City, Mo. Second Row. George Leo KUATERNIK, Humphreys Hall, McGehee; Chiquita Ann KYZER, Prairie Grove; Stephen Wayne LACKEY, 2 E, West Memphis; Herbert Dean LAIR. Harrison; James Stanley LAIRD, Humphreys Hall, Joplin, Mo.: Michael Dean LAMB, Leola; Kenneth Willard LAM- BERT, Humphreys Hall, Malvern; Charles M. LAND, 4 A8, Muskogee, Okla.; William Hayden LANDERS, 2 X, El Dorado; Milton Julius LANE, Fayetteville; James Wallace LANGLEY, Humphreys Hall, Camden. Third Row: Lana Jean LANGLEY, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; James Arenson LASER, K2, Forrest City; David Wayne LATTA, Lincoln; Oliver Carl LATTA, North Little Rock; J. Noal LAWHON, Humphreys Hall, McCrory; Bernice Louise LAWRENCE, Fayetteville; Frances Ilene LAWRENCE, Fulbright Hall, Flagler, Colo.; Janice Marie LAWSON, Ful- bright Hall, Malvern; Willis Aurelius LEA, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Pine Bluf; Carla Atalie LEBEDEFF, Futrall Hall, Jop- lin, Mo.; Eddie Troy LEDBETTER, Springdale. Fourth Row: Marvin McCoy LEDGERWOOD, Humph- reys Hall, Fort Smith; David Carson LEE, 2AE, Hot Springs; Gary Owen LEE, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Louise Lai LEE, Futrall Hall, Dumas; Tommy W. LEWALLEN, Springdale; Jimmy Harold LEWIS, Razorback Hall, Clarks- ville; Linda George LEWIS, Fayetteville; Martha Gale LEWIS, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Robert David LEWIS, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Rodney Shelton LEWIS, Humphreys Hall, Clinton; Maxine Frances LIDDLE, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith. Fifth Row. Camille Sue LIERLY, Fayetteville; Garry Ray LILLEY, Humphreys Hall, Morrilton; Larry Kay LILLE Y, Humphreys Hall, Morrilton; Jimmy Dale LINDSEY, Humphreys Hall, Searcy; Ronald Gene LINDSEY, Humphreys Hall, Jack- sonville; Orland Tarver LENEBARIER, Jr., 2AE, Camden; Margie LINNEN, Fayetteville; Don Murphy LITTLE, 211, Crossett; Edward Eugene LITTLE, Razorback Hall, Camp Hill, Pa.; Marcia Jean LITTLE, Fulbright Hall, Jacksonville; Sue Ann LITTLE, Fulbright Hall, Bentonville. First Row: Sally Ann LIVINGSTON, Futrall Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Jimmy Barlow LLOYD, Humphreys Hall, Itlytheville; Bill LOFTIN, Acacia, Fayetteville; John William LOHMAR, Humphreys Hall, Moberly, Mo.; Clifton C. LONG, III, 211, Ozark; Dennis Lynn LONG, Fort Smith. Second Row: Dan Gray LONGACRE, Humphreys Hall, Baytown, Tex.; E. Fletcher LORD, Jr., 2AE, Little Rock; Patricia Louise LOVELESS, Fulbright Hall, Lit- tie Rock; Terrance LOVETT, Humphreys Hall, Jackson- ville; James Berl LOYD, Razorback Hall, Paragould; Milton Raymond LUEKEN, AB, Little Rock. Third Row: Sandra Lee LUKE, Fulbright Hall, Sparta, Wis.; Curtis Eugene LYBRAND, Pine Bluff; Mollie LYLE, Grady; Margaret Suzanne McALLISTER, Futrall Hall, Fort Worth, Tex.; John H. McCALLA, Razorback Hall, Harrisburg; Robert Lawrence McCAL- LUM, i6, Dallas, Tex. Fourth Row: Robert Rogers McCANN, K2, Fort Smith; Judith Anne McCARTY, Fulbright Hall, Helena; Kay Marie McCLANAHAN, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff; James E. McCLURE, Nashville; Sue Ann McCLURKEN, Fulbright Hall, Mt. Ida; Dixie Dessau McCONNELL, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La. Fifth Row: John Dorland McCONNELL, Fayette- ville; Edward Wilson McCORKLE, 2AE, Arkadelphia; Leta Margaret McCORMICK, Fulbright Hall, Wynne; Arvil Eugene McCULLEY, Humphreys Hall, Manila; Fenner L. McCULLOCH, K2, Forrest City; Arthur De- Vane McDANIEL, Des Arc. Sixth Row: John Louis McDANIEL, Humphreys Hall, Forrest City; Charles L. McDONALD, Razorback Hall, Marked Tree; James Edward McDONALD, 2AE, Fayetteville; Jean Ann McDONALD, Fulbright Hall, Huntsville; Suzanne McFADDEN, Futrall Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Jeannie McFARLAND, Futrall Hall, Elk City, Okla. ?ou,: Jerry L. McGARY, Razorback Hall, Heber Springs; Marinel McGEE, Fayetteville; Joanna Me- GEHEE, Fulbright Hall, Texarkana; Barbara Jean Mc- GLOTHLIN, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Joan Kaye McINTIRE, Fulbright Hall, Shawnee, Okla.; Stephen John McKOWN, Razorback Hall, Fort Smith. Second Row: Barry Lynn McKUIN, 2AE, Morrilton; Gary Waune McKUIN, ZAE, Morrilton; Jame Russell McLAIN, Humphreys Hall, Hope; William Travis Mc- LAUGHLIN, Nashville; Gary Clark McLENDON, B:rry- ville; Jill McNUTT, Fulbright Hall, Eureka. Third Row: Colleen McPHERON, Futrall Hall, Hobbs, New Mex.; Ann C. McPHERSON, Futrall Hall. Little Rock; Robert Edwin McPHERSON, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Anne Pemberton McRAE, Ful- bright Hall, Scott; Mary Gayle McRAE, Fulbright Hall, Hope; Mary MACK, Fulbright Hall, Rector. Fourth Row: Carl John MADSEN, Razorback Hall, Stuttgart; David Robinson MAGNESS, Humphreys Hall, Branson, Mo.; Nancy Jeanne MAGNESS, Fulbright Hall, Newark; Madeline MAHER, Fulbright Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Marshall Kent MAILEY, Razorback Hall, New Cumberland, Penn.; Barbara Ann MAJORS, 4-H House, Calico Rock. Filth Row: Dinah Marie MANOR, Little Rock; Robert Allan MARGRAVE, Jr. , Humphreys Hall, Pine Bluff; John MARINER, North Little Rock; John Patrick MARINONI, ATf), Fayetteville; Gary Stephen MARK- LAND, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Landra Lynn MARTIN, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs. if r - - f I 7 - - 139 First Row: Ralph Gene MARTIN, Humphreys Hall, Dumas; Shipper MARTIN, Hot Springs; Sue Ellen MARTIN, Futrall Hall, Baytown, Tex.; Charlotte Ann MATHEWS, Fulbright Hall, Wynne; Gary Francis MA- TULA, Razorback Hall, Hot Springs; Jim Lynn MAYES, 2X, Blytheville. Second Row. William R. MAYFIELD, Humphreys Hall, El Dorado; James Boyd Mayo, Searcy; Russell Scott MEASE, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Raymond Carl MEDLOCK, Jr., Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Richard Orval MEINECKE, Hot Springs; Donald Earl MEISTRELL, Fayetteville. Third Row: Oscar James MELTON, ZAE, Jonesboro; Virgil Kersh MERONEY, Humphreys Hall, Homestead A.F.B., Fla.; Charles Theodore MEYER, AO, Little Rock; Robert Lee MEYER, Humphreys Hall, Noel, Mo.; Huey Erwin MILES, Humphreys Hall, Manila; Betty Lynn MILLER, Futrall Hall, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Cloyce Harold MILLER, Humphreys Hall, Jonesboro; Kenneth Waynne MILLER, West Fork; Kinley Emerson MILLER, Razorback Hall, Rogers; Larry Johns MILLER, Razorback Hall, Melbourne; Lloyd H. MILLER, Fayetteville; Robert William MILLER, Little Rock. Filth Row: Wendell J. MILLER, Fayetteville; Edgar S. MILTON, Emporia; Robert Clay MILTON, 2 E, Warren; Lewis Duane MINER, Fayetteville; Emily Joyce MITCHELL, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Lawrence MITCHELL, A9, Pine Bluff. First Row: Michael William MITCHELL, Humphreys Hall, Tyler, Tex.; Pamela Ann MITCHELL, Fulbright Hall, McGehee; James Daniel MONROE, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; James D. MONTGOMERY, 2 E, Fort Smith; James L. MOODY, Humphreys Hall, Bentonville; Douglas R. MOORE, K2, Tulsa, Okla. Second Row: Garland Franklin MOORE, Fayetteville; Robert Ray MORGAN, III, Humphreys Hall, Osceola; Martha Janet MORROW, Fayetteville; Martina Sue MOSS, Fulbright Hall, Siloam; Olender H. MOSS, Humphreys Hall, Osceola; Barbara Jane MULLINS, Springdale. Third Row: Elizabeth Ann MULLINS, Fulbright Hall, Osceola; Robert Thomas MURPHY, Humphreys Hall, Steve; Wade Lee MURPHY, Humphreys Hall, Stuttgart; James Marvin Nail, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; William Dennis NAIL, Humphreys Hall, Albuquerque, N. Mex.; Meri Sachiko NAKAMURA, Fulbright Hall, Scott. Fourth Row: Jack Wayne NALL, HKA, Blytheville; Kathy Louise NARISI, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Eliza- beth Jeanne NEWBY, Futrall Hall, Memphis, Tenn.; Valerie Minnzzette NEWBY, Futrall Hall, Sheridan; Clara Pearl NEWMAN, Fulbright Hall, Wynne; Jon K. NEWSUM, SX, Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Lynn Aida NEWTON, Fulbright Hall, Russellville; Wayne Moore NEWTON, Razorback Hall, Little Rock; P. Diane NICHOLS, Fulbright Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Patrick Allan NICHOLS, Humphreys Hall, Har- rison; Richard M. NICHOLS, Humphreys Hall, Benton- ville; Rodney Gene NICKEL, Razorback Hall, Hot Springs. Sixth Row: Bill Mason NIXON, A6, Fort Smith; Cheryl Lynne NIXON, Fulbright Hall, Conway; Gary C. NOLTE, Texarkana; John Hosmer NORMAN, Razor- back Hall, Natural Dam; Carolyn Trinca NORRIS, Ful- bright Hall, El Dorado; Stanley Alan NORRIS, UK A, Green Forest. A fit 140 first ?(w: Jennie Sue NORTON, Fulbright Hall, Harri- son; Nancy Gene NORVELL, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport; David Allen NORWOOD. Fayetteville; Patrick William NOWELL, IIKA, North Little Rock: H. William NUN, Humphreys Hall, Fordyce; Jack Bryan OLIVER, IIKA, Little Rock; Frances Ann ORR, Futrall Hall, Webb City, Mo.; Bobby Ralph ORS- BURN, KZ, Newport; George Ann ORSBURN, Futrall Hall, Okolona; Catherine Anne OSBORNE, Fulbright Hall, Jones- boro; Perry Ann OWEN, Fayetteville. Second Row. Ray OWEN, Jr.. AXA, Hot Springs; William Russ OWENS, Humphreys Hall. Marianna; Ken R. OZEE, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Joseph J. PABIAN, Jr.. Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Martha Elizabeth PACE, Fulbright Hall, Doni- phan, Mo.; Diane PALMER, Fulbright Hall, Marianna; Mar- garet E. PARHAM, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff; Robert Bow- man PARKER, Paris: Ruth Ada PARKER, Rolla; Terry Lee PARKES, Fulbright Hall, Marianna; Robert Edwards PARKS, Humphreys Hall, Newark. Third Row: Betty Frances PARRACK, Futrall Hall, Lamar, Mo.; Donnah Jean PARRISH, Fulbrighi Hall, Hot Springs; Lowell Gene PATE, Humphr vs Hall, Hot Springs; Joy Eliza- beth PATRICK, Fulbright Hall, Huntsville; Robert Grigas PATRICK, Humphreys Hall, Crossett; Dennis Rodger PAT- TERSON, Razorback Hall, Des Arc; Gerald Paul PATTER- SON, Springdale; James Gillespie PATTERSON, 2 E, Pine Bluff; Mary Elaine PATTERSON, Fayetteville; Sharon Hark- reader PATTERSON, Lavaca; Delmar Keith PATTON, Fayet- teville. Fourth Row: Lilburn Joe PATTON, Lowell; Earl Wilson PAUL, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Jerry Brock PAULD- ING, Tulsa, Okla.; Jan Nugent PAULK, Fulbright Hall, Rus- sellville; Sharon Elizabeth PAYNE, Fulbright Hall, Austin Tex.; Adelia Ann PEACOCK, Fulbright Hall, Winchester Jeffrey L. PEARSON, Humphreys Hall, Hamburg, N. Y. Richard William PECK, II, Razorback Hall, Pine Plains, N. Y. Carolyn Jean GEGELOW, Fulbright Hall, Searcy; Michael Charles PEHOSH, Humphreys Hall, Ward; Jim Tom PELT, Plainview. Fifth Row: John William PEMBERTON, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Martha Eunice PERDUE, Futrall Hall, El Dorado; Bob Alan PERRY, Humphreys Hall, Ravenden; Jerry Leslie PERRY, Fort Smith: Sharon Lynnette PETTIGREW, Fulbright Hall, Houston, Tex.; Michael Lee PETTY, Humph- reys Hall, Pocahontas; Ardith Kaye PHARES, Futrall Hall, Oklahoma City. Okla.; Gary Linn PHELPS, Humphreys Hall, Clinton, Mo.; Barbara Elaine PHIFER, Futrall Hall, Harrison; Carolyn Sue PHIFER, Fulbrieht Hall, Harrison; Harold Homor PHILLIPS, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock. Folksingers Peter, Paul and Mary livened up the first semester. Drum Major Robert Norwood pulls Head Majorette Kay McCollum back to her proper place as Marching Razorbacks perform traditional victory march. First Row: Daniel Felix PICKERING, Humphreys Hall, El Dorado; James Larry PICKERING, Humphreys Hall, Wal- do; Stephen C. PILE, AFP, Charleston; Philip Dale PINK- LEY, Harrison; Jackie Marvin PLUMMER, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; C. Fred PLUNKETT, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Linda F ' rances PLUNKETT, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La.; John Nathan POE, Ft. Smith; Garvis Monroe POLLARD, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Altheimer; Chris POLY- CHORN, 2N, Little Rock; Kirk Patrick PO ND, AXA, Stutt- gart. Second Row: Kenneth Wayne POORE, Fayetteville ; Rich- ard Palmer PORTIS, Humphreys Hall, Hamburg; John Ben POSEY, Humphreys Hall, Crossett; Kay Ann POST, Futrall Hall, Baytown, Tex.; Vicki Lynn POWELL, Futrall Hall, Green Forest; Claudius Rowan PREWITT, Jr.; ZAE, Tillar; Claudia Ann PRICE, Fulbright Hall, Monticello; Jack Neil PRICE. Humphreys Hall, Rogers; Bill PRIMM, Humhpreys Hall, Pine Bluff; Jerry Damond PRUITT, Osceola; Marilyn Marie PRYOR, Fulbright Hall, Houston, Tex. Third Row. Evan Larry PUGH, 2X, Harrison, James Thomas PURIFOY, ZX. Camden; Ann QUALTROUGH, Ful- bright Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Alfonso QUIJANO, Humphreys bright Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Alfonson QUIJANO, Humphreys Hall. San Javier, Chile; John Milton RAABE, Almyra; Linda RAINS, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Bobby Gordon RAIN- WATER, Humphreys Hall, Muskogee, Okla.; Terri RAIN- WATER, Fulbright Hall, Blytheville; Gerald Lawrence RAKO- SKY, Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith; Hilda Harriet RAMER, Fulbright Hall, Williamsburg, Va. Fourth Row: Jo Lynn RANDLE, Futrall Hall, Dallas, Tex.; Nancy Truett RANEY, Futrall Hall, Booneville; Fred E. RAPP, Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith; Robert W. RUSH, Fayetteville; Barbara Ann RATLIFF, Fayetteville; Carolyn Anne RAWLINGS, Fulbright Hall, Stuttgart; Reuben Stuart RAY, Humphreys Hall, Nashville; Maribeth READER, Ful- bright Hall, Hot Springs; Mary Martha REAGAN, Fulbright Hall, Danville; Hilda Jane REAMS, Fulbright Hall, Felsenthal; Stephen Mathew REASONER, Razorback Hall, Dickinson, Tex. Fifth Row: Judy Lynn REINHEIMER, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Lawrence David REMAGEN, Fayetteville; Don- ald Keith RENSHAW, New Britain. Conn.; Carol Jean REY- NOLDS, Fulbright Hall, Broken Arrow; Cheryl Anne RHODES, Futrall Hall, Jacksonville; Claire RHODES, Ful- bright Hall, Houston, Tex.; Robert Henry RHODES, Hum- phreys HalL Little Rock: Mike RICE, ITKA, Little Rock; Sharon Andrea RICHARDS, Fulbright Hall, Sulphur Rock; Barbara E. RILEY, Fulbright Hall, Stuttgart; R. David RILER, Razorback Hall, Fort Smith. a r QP -- L S ' i r wV - - 1 ' T fall in IUY Dan Lm fcMDAI JA11ZMO Hil Tai First Row: Robert Russell RIPPEE, Humphreys Hall, Springfield, Mo.; William Marion RIPPER, Razorback Hall, Marianna; Cloyse Arley RITCHEY, Humphreys Hall, Smackover; David Owen ROARK, Springdale; Larry Wilson ROARK, Humphreys Hall, Fordyce; Vivian Lee ROBASON, Fulbright Hall, West Helena. Second Row: Joseph Nevin ROBBINS, Humphreys Hall, Heber Springs; James F. ROBERDS, Humphreys Hall, Dumas: Bill ROBERTS, X, Pine Bluff; Thomas Hays ROBERTS, Humphreys Hall, Tuckerman; James M. ROBERTSON, Humphreys Hall, Dumas; Lawrence Jay ROBERTSON, 2 E, Tulsa, Okla. Third Row: Jean Marie ROBINSON, Futrall Hall, Little Rock; Lana Mae ROBINSON, West Fork; Ronald Laurence ROBRAHN, Humphreys Hall, Siloam Springs; Sarah Martha RODGERS, 4-H House, Maysville; Dan Steve ROE, Razorback Hall, Camden; Charles H. ROGERS, Razorback Hall, Batesville. Fourth Row: Mary Beth ROGERS, Fayetteville; Billy E. ROSS, Droke House, Blytheville; Richard Roy ROSS, Humphreys Hall, Gurdon; Linda Lois ROSSER, Ful- bright Hall, Cabot; Raymond ROULEAU, Jr., AX A, Shreveport, La.; Charles ROWE, Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith. Fijth Row: Shirley Sue ROYCE, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Sharon Frances ROYSTON, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Robert Thomas RUDY, Humphreys Hall, Forrest City; Albert RUKGABER, Razorback Hall, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; Charlotte Cecille RUNYAN, Fulbright Hall, Crossett; Roy Leon RUNYAN, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Swifton. Sixth Row: Steve Douglas RUPLE, Humphreys Hall, El Dorado; Robert W. RUSH, Fayetteville; Winifred Grav RUSH. Futrall Hall, Shrevepnrt, La.: John Powell RUSSELL, 2 E, Marion; Joyce L. RUSSELL, Ful- bright Hall, Jonesboro; Karen Elizabeth RUSSELL, Fulbright Hall, Rogers. First Row: Marihta Kaye RUTHERFORD, Futrall Hall, Mulberry, Kan.; Carl Thomas RUTLEDGE, Fay- cttevilb; Robert Dale RYAN, Springdale; Thomas Clay- ton RYAN, Humphreys Hall, Redstone Arsenal, Ala.; Donna Lynn RYBISKI, Fulbright Hall, El Dorado; Mchdi DADR, Shiraz, Fars, Iran. Second Row: John T. SAGER, Farmington; Susann SALE, Fulbright Hall, Kirkwood, Mo.; Sue Ann SALTZMAN, Fulbright Hall, Mountain Home; Amelia Ann SAMPLE, Fulbright Hall, Rogers; Jay H. SAN- DERS, Siloam Springs; Thomas Wayne SANDERS, Humphreys Hall. Okay. Third Row: Walter Ward SANDERS, Humphreys Hall, Alpena; Wayne C. SANDY, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Vicki Elizabeth SAUNDERS, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs; Anthony Joseph SAVA, Humphreys Hall, Texarkana; John William SCARBOROUGH, Humphreys Hall, Fordyce; Susan SCARBROUGH, Ful- bright Hall, Pine Bluff. Fourth Row. Dorothy Jo Ann SCHIFFERLI, Futrall Hall, Noel, Mo.; Barbara Jane SCHMITT, Fulbright Hall. Jacksonville; Kathleen Anne SCHNEIDER, Ful- bright Hall, Hot Springs; James L. SCHRANTZ, J AO. Pine Bluff; Eugene Ernest SCHRODER, Sedgwell House, Stuttgart; Ernest J. SCHROEDER, Humphreys Hall, Jonesboro. Fifth Row: Robert K. SCHULTZ, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Sandra Lynn SCOGGIN; Fulbriaht Hall, Newport; Billy Joe SCOTT, 2AE, Crossett; Linda Lucille SCOTT, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Lyndell Franklin SCOTT, Humphreys Hall, Lake Village; Royce Duncan SCOTT, Nashville. 1 ' 43 i! First Row: William Randolph SCOTT, Humphreys Hall, Watts, Okla.; Jon J. SCROGGIN, 2AE, Morrilton; Becky Ann SCHU RLOCK, Fulbright Hall, Jonesboro; Judy SEABOURN, Fulbright Hall, Lakeview; Wanda Louise SEITZ, Fulbright Hall, Berryville; Sue Jayne SELLARS, Futrall Hall, Fort Smith. Second Row: James Ray SELLICK, Berryville; Oneida Anne SEWELL, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Mary SHAND, Futrall Hall, Boston, Mass.; James Don- ald SHARP. Prairie Grove; Mary Leslie SHARPE, Fu- trall Hall, St. Louis, Mo.; Linda Carole SHAW, Ful- bright Hall, Little Rock. Third Row: Edward Earl SHELTON, Humphreys Hall, Eureka Springs; Elizabeth Anne SHELTON, Ful- bright Hall, Ashdown; Frances Virginia SHEPARD, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock; John Bleford SHEP- HERD, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; William Robert SHEPARD, A9, Pine Bluff; Jacqulyne Ruth SHIPLEY, Fulbright Hall, Crumrod. Fourth Row: Ann SHIPP, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Jenny SHORT, Fulbright Hall, Fort Worth, Tex.- Noland Lee SHORTER, Z E, Neosho, Mo.; David Dwayne SIMS, Fort Smith; Lynda Elaine SINGLETON, Holcombe Hall, Arkoma, Okla.; Judith Ray SINOR Futrall Hall, Bossier City, La. Fifth Row: Jolene SITTON, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; John M. SLATTERY, Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith: John Edward SLAVEN, Fayetteville; Clausia Kerr SLEDD, Fulbright Hall, Muskogee, Okla.; Bonnie Jane SMITH, Fulbright Hall, Nevada, Mo.; Con-ie Elaine SMITH, Fayetteville. [Jl 2, J First Row: Denita Dale SMITH, Fulbright Hall, Hickory Ridge; Diana Lolet SMITH, Fulbright Hall, Green Forest; Hugh Clifton SMITH, Humphreys Hall, Mountain Pine; John Kanyon SMITH, Humphreys Hall, Harrison; Joseph Ralph SMITH, Raznrback Hall, Fort Smith; Larry R. SMITH, Razorback Hall, Little Rock. Second Row: Naomi Faye SMITH, Fulbright Hall, Siloam Springs; Roy Allison SMITH, Humphreys Hall, Searcy; Sandra Mary SMITH. Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Suzanne SMITH, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; Troy Faith SMITH, Fulbright Hall. Calico Rock; Wil- liam Franklin SMITH, Razorback Hall, Hot Springs. Third Row: Robert Edward SMOOT, Jr.. KZ, Wal- dron; Thomas Ben SNIDER, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Michael Eugene SNIPES, Razorback Hall, Little Rock; Betsy SNYDER. Futrall Hall, Dardanelle; Katherine Suzanne SOULE, Fulbright Hall, Tulsa, Okla. Peggy Ann SPARKS, Futrall Hall, Benton. Fourth Row: Maribeth Ann SPEARMON, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock; Milton Glen SPEARS, Razor- back Hall, Texarkana; James V. SPENCER, 2AE, El Dorado; Ronald Leon SPENCER, Humphreys Hall, Doniphan, Mo.; Donald Roy SPILLERS, Humphreys Hall, Van Buren; Mary Alice SPOONER, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Richard Kent SPURLOCK, Humphreys Hall, Marked Tree; Tommy L. STACY, Droke House, Parkin: Eveline Klayer STANFORD, Futrall Hall, Little Rock; Ronald Ralph STEARNS, IIKA, Monticello; Gary Noel STEBOR, Humphreys Hall, Quincy, 111., Jack Ed- wards STEPHENS, 2fiE, Shreveport, La. Sixth Row: Jerry Carter STEPHENS, Siloam Springs; Gillis Warren STEPHENS, KZ, Monticello; Marilyn Jeanne STEPLOCK, Fulbright Hall, Warren; Jacquline Virginia STEVENS, Fulbright Hall, Magnolia; Mary Kay STEVENS, Fulbright Hall, Dell; David Mabourn STEVENSON, K2, Little Rock. VK . ifa 144 First foa : Alyce Carole STEWART, Futrall Hall, Idabel, Okla.; David Rodney STEWART, Humphreys Hall, Magnolia; Tom Francis STEWART, Razorback Hall, West Memphis; Suzanne STOBAUGH, F:lbright Hall, Hughes; Thomas David STOCKSLAGER, Fayetteville; Mary Elizabeth STODDARD, Fulbright Hall, Hughes; Keith Davidson STOKES, Humph- reys Hall, Batesville; William Herman STOLL, Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith; Otis Herny STOREY, l Ae, Dallas, Tex.; Terry STOWE, Humphreys Hall, Houston, Tex.; Janice Yvonne STRICKLAND, Fulbright Hall, Stuttgart Second Row: Mark M. STRICKLAND, Siloam Springs; Norma Elizabeth STROOPE, Fulbright Hall, Mount Ida; Jon Michael STUBBLEFIELD. Fayetteville; Paula Torrey STUR- TEVANT, Futrall Hall, Baytown, Tex.; Fred Richard SUL- LIVAN, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Pine Bluff; Joseph Lewis SULLIVAN, Jr., AG, Little Rock; Margaret Sue SULLIVAN, Fulbright Hall, Monett, Mo.; Sara Sue SULLIVAN, Fulbright Hall, Wynne; Donald Ray SWABY, Humphreys Hall, Wynne; David H. SWEARINGER, Humphreys Hall, Springfield, Mass.; Marsha Leigh SWINDLE, Fulbright Hall, Moscow. Third Row. Marilyn TABOR, Fulbright Hall, El Dorado; Gary John TALKINGTON, Wilson Sharp, Midwest City, Okla.; Tere TANNER, Tulsa, Okla.: James Robert TATUM, AO, Dallas, Tex.; Anne Ley TAXTER, Fulbright Hall. Little Rock; Carol Lynn TAYLOR, Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff; Garner Lee TAYLOR, Razorback Hall, Clarksville; Henry Arthor TAY- LOR, 24 E, Springdale; James Gary TAYLOR, Humphreys Hall, Imbodcn; Joe TAYLOR III, AX A, Crossett; John Pren- tice TAYLOR, Acacia, Fayetteville. Fourth Row. Larry Edwaid TAYLOR, Ripley, Amity; Lloyd Thomas TAYLOR, Humphreys Hall, Roswell, New Mexico; Priscilla Elizabeth TAYLOR, Fulbright Hall, El Dorado; Robert Gordon TAYLOR, 24 E, Fort Smith; Teddy N;al TAYLOR, Humphreys Hall, Rogers; Robert Richard TEAGUF, Humphreys Hall, Hot Springs; Lois Lynn TEMPLE, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; George Edward TENNEY III, H- mphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Margaret Alice TENNI- SON, Fulbright Hall, Pineville; Johnny Wavne THAIN. Hum- phreys Hall. Pine Bluff; Jack Derrell THOMPSON, Fayette- ville. Fifth Row. Loretta Allene THOMPSON, Fulbright Hall, Joplin, Mo.; Wilkins THOMPSON III, Humphreys Hall, Helena; Jam-s Howard THORNTON. Humphreys Hall, Little Rook; Bob THURLBY, Fayetteville; Dolores Ann TIBER- GHTEN, Springdale; Bruce ' Edmund TIBERIIS, Humphreys Hall, Newport; Jimmy L. TIDWELL, Humphreys Hall, Dell; Patricia .Ann TIDWELL, Fulbright Hall. Pine Bluff; Linda .lea- " TILLERY. Fulbright Hall, Lonsdale: Suzanne Janette TILLEY, Fulbright Hall, Jonesboro; Nona Mae TODD. Futrall Hall, Sulphur Springs. Mrs. Jones explains Fulbright Hall rules to rebellious freshmen women. Miss University of Arkansas, Shirley Thomas, waves to crowd at Sugar Bowl. First Row: Vergil Edwin TOLLETT, Nashville; Mary Alice TRANUM, Fulbright Hall, West Memphis; Jim Shipp TRI- ESCHMANN, Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; Donna Rae TRAUX, Fayetteville; Mike L. TRUDELL, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Cecil Ray TUCKER, Humphreys Hall, Rohwer; Vir- ginia Annette TUCKER, Fulbright Hall, Magnolia, Ohio; Carol Jean TUMY, Fulbright Hall, Dallas. Tex.; Blake TUNE, HKA, Fayetteville; Patricia Lynn TUNE, Fulbright Hall, Fayetteville; Cheryl Christina TURNER, Fulbright Hall, War- Second Row: Nancy Rebecca TURNER, 4-H House, Branch; Ronald Alan TURNER, KZ, Tulsa, Okla.; Tiila Loy TURN- ER, Futrall Hall, Dewitt; Virginia Kay TURNER, Fulbright Hall, Conway; Billy Fred TURRENTINE, Fayetteville; Alvis Leroy TYLER, Humphreys Hall, Hot Springs; Tommy H. TYLER, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; William Everette TYLER, Humphreys Hall, Hope; Henry J. UDOUJ, Jr., Hum- phreys Hall, Fort Smith; Charlotte Elizabeth UPTON, Ful- bright Hall, Camden; Jerry Gale VANCE, Wilson Sharp, Manila. Third Row: Mary Elizabeth VANCURA, Carnall Hall, Little Rock; Connie Lynn VARNER. Fulbright Hall, Pine Bluff; Ruth Ann VAUGHEN, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock; John J. VENABLE, Humphreys Hall, Aurora, Mo.; Margi VICKERS, Fulbright Hall, Smackover; Johnny N. VICORY, Humphreys Hall, Pine Bluff; Linda VINCK, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith; Sam Morris VOGEL, Razorback Hall, Little Rock; Gus Michael VRATSINAS, Little Rock; Wendy Louise WAITE, Futrall Hall, Wichita, Kan.; Charles Oscie WALKER, 2X, Forrest City. Fourth Row: James Lindsey WALKER, Jr., Razorback Hall, Hot Springs; Richard Harper WALLACE, North Little Rock; William Peter WALTERS, Branch; Davis William WARD, Humphreys Hall, Marianna; Nick WARDEN, Razorback Hall, McKinney, Tex.; Bobby Harold WARFORD, Humphreys Hall, DeQueen; Brenda Gail WARREN, Fulbright Hall, Magnolia; Kent Thurman WARREN, Acacia, Warren; Mary Chri stine WASHINGTON, Scott House, Little Rock; John R. WASSELL, Acacia, Little Rock; Charles L. WATKINS, Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Effie Loretta WATKINS, Waldron; L. J. WAT- KINS, Waldron; Sally Jo WATKINS, Fulbright Hall, Pres- cott; Walter Guy WATKINS, 2X, Hope; Sharon WATSON, Fulbright Hall, Stuttgart; Lewis Ann WEBB, Dardanelle; Milton E. WEBB, AFP, Berry ville; Sharon Kay WEBB, Dutch Mills; Verna Mae WEBB, Fulbright Hall, Quitman; Patricia Anne WEED, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock; Carolyn WEEKS, Futrall Hall, Houston, Tex. a mito First Row: Joe Brice WEINBERG, Humphreys Hall, Leachville; Cecil Larry WEIR, Humphreys Hall, North Little Rock; Hugh Day WELCH, KZ, Malvern; James Alan WELLONS, IIKA, Little Rock; George Walton WELLS, Razorback Hall, Houston, Tex.; Martha Carole WEST, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock. Second Row: Virginia Ream WEST, Fulbright Hail, Berryville; Jacqueline Ann WEWERS, Fulbright Hall. Fort Smith; Mary Frances WHALEN, Fulbright Hall, North Little Rock; Peggy Alene WHEELER, Sulphur Springs; Cheryl Louise WHILLOCK, Fayetteville; Jo Beth WHITLEY, Fulbright Hall, Cabot. Third Row: John Raney WHITLOW, Plainview; Sarah Griffen WHITMORE, Fullbright Hall, Bentonville; Larry Odell WHITT, Razorback Hall, Little Rock; Mitchell Eugene WHITTINGTON, Humphreys Hall, Camden; J. C. WRIGHT, Centerton; Deanne Louise WILBER, Fulbright Hall, Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Mickey Bob WILBER, Humphreys Hall, Maysville; C. Page WILCOX, Acacia, Bloomington, 111.; RoxAnna Arlyne WILCOX, Century; Jean Ann WILKER- SON, Fulbright Hall, Nowata, Okla.; Sara Katerine WILLCOX, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs; Alan G. WIL- LIAMS, 2N, Monticello. Fifth Row: Bruce Owen WILLIAMS, Acacia, Bethes- da, Md.; Douglas Leroy WILLIAMS, Humphreys Hall, Stuttgart; Fred L. WILLIAMS, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Piggott; James Guy WILLIAMS, Razorback Hall, Pine Bluff; Jim Ward WILLIAMS, ZN, Fort Smith; Mary Cade WILLIAMS, Fulbright Hall, Rogers. Sixth Row: Milam Joe WILLIAMS, El Dorado; Rudolph Layfette WILLIAMS, Humphreys Hall, Manila; Sandra Kay WILLIAMS, Fulbright Hall, Quitman; Sarah Virginia WILLIAMS, Fulbright Hall, Booneville; Vernon Wayne WILLIAMS, Humphreys Hall, Brinkley; William Hale WILLIAMS, AXA, Osceola. First Row: James Howard WILLIS, Humphreys Hall, Benton; Daniel Lee WILLITTS, Razorback Hall, Visalia, Calif.; Paul Earl WILPY, Humphreys Hall, Leachville; Anne Paschal WILSON, Fulbright Hall, Camden; Bettie Marion WILSON, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La.; Chester WILSON, West Fork; Ed Eugene WILSON, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock. Second Row: Jean Hester WILSON, Fulbright Hall, Sanford, N.C.; Warren Arthur WITTSHIRE, Humph- reys Hall. Wynne; Kathleen WIMBERLEY, Futrail Hall, Amarillo, Tex.; Winnie Ellen WING, Fayetteville; Edward Dean WINTER, Humphreys Hall, Siloam Springs; Karen Sue WOLFINBARGER, Futrail Hall, Neosho, Mo.; Jane WOOD, Fulbright Hall, Little Rock. Third Row: Mark Wayne WOOD, Razorback Hall, Siloam Springs; James Stewart WOODELL, Humphreys Hall, Rogers; Wayne WOODY, Humphreys Hall, Mona- lans, Tex.; Terry Eileen WORTHY, Fulbright Hall, Springdale; Russell Houston WRAY, Razorback Hall, Des Arc.; Bill WRIGHT, Springdale; Cecilia Anne WRIGHT, Fulbright Hall, Tulsa, Olda. Fourth Row: Lonnie Fred WRIGHT, Foreman; Sher- on Lynn WRIGHT, Fulbright Hall. Tulsa, Okla.; Peter V. WRITER, Razorback Hall. Nyack, New York; James Kelley WROTEN, Humphreys Hall, Marked Tree; Judith Ann WYLIE, Futrail Hall. Farmington; Helen Eliba- beth YANCEY, Fulbright Hall, Springdale. Fifth Row: Karen Ann YAUCH, Fulbright Hall, Hot Springs; Charles A. YOUNG, Fayetteville; Elizabeth Ann YOUNG, Fulbright Hall, Morrilton; Susan Thell YOUNG, Fulbright Hall, Searcy; John Michael YO ' UN- KIN, Humphreys Hall, Herrin, EL; Carol ZAFFATER, Fulbright Hall, Shreveport, La. 147 First Row: Carolyn Kay ADAIR, AAA, Dumas; Ed- ward F. ADAIR, ZN, Fayetteville; Anne Rae ADAMS, TA, Fayetteville; Judy Kay ADAMS, XO, Fort Smith; Susan Elizabeth ADAMS, -i-i-i, North Little Rock; Lydia Joyce ADAMSON, Holcombe Hall, North Little Rock. Second Row: Aubrey Cecil ADCOCK, Texarkana; John Reed ADCOCK, Hiwasse; Preston Martin AD- COX, William Ho-se, Newport; Richard H nry AHREIIS, Mountain Home; David Hubbard ALBERT, E, Whittier, Calif.; Richard E. ALB1N, Z E, Fayette- ville. Third Row: Carolyn L. ALCORN, Ar, Joplin, Mo.; Thomas Dale ALFORD, ZX, Little Rock; Barbara Jane ANDERSON, KKF, Pine Bluff; Gene P. ANDERSON, Wilson Sharp, Siloam Springs; Wanda Lorraine AN- DERSON, Holcombe Hall, Fort Smith; Mack AN- DREWS, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Xury Charles ANGEL. Fort Smith; Beth ANTHONY, IIB , Fordyce; Nadine Elizabeth APPLETON, Holcombe Hall, Warren; Gerald Leslie ARGALL, William House, Harvard, 111.; Janet Lou ARMES, Huntsville; Margaret Carolyn ARMSTRONG, ZTA. North Little R--ck. Filth Row: Theda I. ASHCRAFT, Fayetteville; James Rav ATCHLEY, 2AE, Harrison; Margaret Ann AT- KINSON, Fayetteville; Judith Dianne AUSTIN, 4-H House, Daisy; Sharon Ann AUSTIN, AF. Joplin, Mo.; Aubrey Lee AVANTS. Buchanan Hall, Jacksonville. First Row: John Chambers AYRES III, Z J E, Mem- phis, Tenn.; Jerry Lee BABER, Buchanan House, Hot Springs; Steve Michael BAILES, S3dgwell House, Tulsa. Okla. ; Richard Emmit BAILEY, Heber Springs; Jerry Robert BAIN, Gladson House, Fort Smith; Azalea Es- tella BAIRD, AAA, Shreveport, La. Second Row: Janet Elizabeth BAIRD. Futrall Hall, Ogden, Utah; Priscilla Ar-i BAKER, Holcombs Hall, Cassville, Mo.; Bscki BALCH, KKT, Little Rock; James H. BANE, Wilson Sharp, Branson, Mo.; Oscar Boyd BARGER, Springdale; Paul Allen BARIOLA, AFP, Springdale. Third Row: Albert James BARNES, ZII, Little Rock; D. Pamela BARNETT, Bradley; Jessa-Kaye BARNETT, AAII, B-ntonville; Ronald David BAR- NETT, Bradley; Troy Frankin BARNETT, 2X, Lonoke; Joe Thomas BARROW, Droke House, Jacksonville. Fourth Row: Janice BARTLEY, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock; James G. BARTON. ZX, Fort Smith; Hugh Donald BAR WICK, Hope; M. Karen BASINGER, Hol- combe Hall, Van Buren; John Leland BASSETT, Fay- - ' tevilh; Thomas Edward BATIE, Sedgwell House, Rogers. Filth Rnw: William Ci-r ' -s BATIE, Sed-jwell House, Klr ' laid, Ohio; John William BEALL, William House, T ' ' V.n: Tilnnn BEARDEN Texarkina; A. V. BEARDS- I EV AXA, Little Rock; Jobell- BEASLEY, Holcombe Hall Hughes; James S. BECKMAN, Jr., t AO, Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Sherryl Ann BEDEL, IIB J , Little Rock; D-!ilah Ann B V LL, Carnall Hall, Mineral Sprinas; Donra Lynn BELL, KKF, Pi Bluff; Johnny BELL, F " rt Smith: Marion Hobart BELL, 2AE, Fort Smith; Mary Dee BELLIS, Futral Hall, Winslow. p H8 ,W r , f + JH U .. First Row: Linda Anne BENNETT, AAn, Seneca, Mo.; Don Allen BERCHER, Fort Smith; Carolyn Jane BERRY, I Hi . Arkadelphia; Jane Frances BERRY, Put rail Hall, Fort Smith; Susan Jane BERRY, Xfi, Fort Smith; Carlon Ann BERRYHILL, AXU, Killeen, Tex.; William J. BEVIS, Jr., Lonoke; John Harris BICKNELL, 2H, Fort Smith; Steve F. BINGAMAN, Eureka Springs; Jananne BIVINS, AAA, Benton; Sharon Elaine BLACK. Holcombe Hall, Little Rock. Second Row. Bennie Francis BLACKWELL, Emerson; Betty Lorraine BLACKWOOD, 4-H House, Clarksville; Branda Dowe BLAYLICK, Holcomhe Hall, Ozark; Beverly Ann BLEVINS, Carnall Hall. Malvern; Betty Sue BOGARD, KKF, West Memphis; Ann Jane BOGY, HB . Little Rock; Richard Larry BOLEN, Rogers; Jim BONADY, K2, Wynne; David Earl BONE, Buchanan House, Ashdown; Bonnie BONNELL, Carnall Hall. Muskogee, Okla.; Agar John BOOGAART, H- mphreys Hall. Mountain Home. Third Row: lanice Marie BOURG, ZTA, Dallas, Tex.; William Scott BOWEN, TKE, Fort Smith; Robert Do BOWLES, Jr., SIT, Tillar; Charles Clay BOYCE, SAE, Dai- da-ell-; David Marchall BOYCE, Little Rock; Don E. BO YD, i)N. Tuba, Okla.: Jerrell Ray BOYETTE. Gladson House, Carlisle; Sally Ann BRADY, AAII, St. Louis, Mo.; Barbara Ann BRALEY, KKF, Jonesboro; Carol Lynn BRANDEN- HOFF, ZTA, Evanston, 111.; Robert Donald BREEDLOVE, Droke House, Norman. Fourth Row: James 0. BREWER, Quitman; Ozart Emil BRIGHT, Jr., Benton; Jack W. BRILEY, Sedgwell, Fort Smith; Richard Harold BRITT, A6, Little Rock; Mary Carol BROCK, AMI, Shreveport, La.; James Dwight BROWN, 211, Bauxite; John D. BROWN, TKE, Hamburg; Judy Kay BROWN, AAA, Tulsa, Okla.; Lee Fanning BROWN, Xfi, Fayetteville; Margaret Joyce BROWN, Carnall Hall, Paris; Mary Ann BROWN, Carnall Hall, Pocahontas. Fifth Rmu: Mary Shannon BROWN. ZTA. Fort Smith- Jam?s Rible BROWN, Sedgwell, Newport; Ralph Ernest BROWNING, Palmdale, Calif.; Kathryn Lloyene BRUCE, Carnall Hall, Pine Bluff; William R. BRUNDER, Pine Bluff; Mary Katherine BRUMM, ITU , Newport; John Alphon e BRUNNER, 2N, Marked Tree; Threse Jane BRYAN, Hol- c-mhs Hall, Brinkley; Robert M. BRYANT. 2N, Springfield Mo.: William B. BRYANT, Pine Bluff; Timothy Joseph BRYNIARSKI, Mountain Home. Clarinetist Pete Fountain and group entertained at Sugar Bowl game. Ole Miss cheerleaders carried gaudy banner on the field in typically arrogant fashion. After the game they were more arrogant than ever. First Row: J. Walter BUCHANAN, ZAE, Helena; Thomas M. BUCHANAN, KZ, Forrest City; Joe K. BUCKNER, AXA, Hazen; Carol BUDD, Fayetteville; Lyndle Ray BULLARD, Razorback Hall, Wayne, Mich.; Bonnie Carolyn BUMPERS, HB , Little Rock; Jane Ellen BUNN, Futrall Hall, Ham- burg; Judi Ann BURCH, Carnall Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Houston John BURFORD, William House, Little Rock; Brenda Gaye BURKETT, Holcombe Hall, Berry ville; Larry W. BURKS, ZX, North Little Rock. Second Row: John Jessup BURNS, William House, El Dorado; Lionel Joseph BURNS, AXA, Strong; John Millsap BURSON, Buchanan House, Aurora, Mo.; Donald Raymond BURTON, Droke House, Phoenix, Ariz.; James Edward BUR- TON, AFP, Booneville; John Finley BUSH, TKE, Little Rock; Beverly BYNUM, X, Tulsa, Okla.; Kenneth I. BYNUM, Z E, Little Rock: Scarlett Rhea CALHOUN, Hol- combe Hall, Prescott; Rebecca A. CALLAHAN, AMI, Walnut Ridge; Donald Paul CALLAN, Z E, Mammoth Springs. Third Row: Ronald William CALLAN, Z E, Mammoth Springs; Clydine CALLAWAY, Holcombe Hall, Hermitage; Laura Alice CAMERON, Futrall Hall, Charleston; John Calvin CAMPBELL, KZ, Helena; Sharon Kaye CAMPBELL, 4-H House, Yellville; Martha Lee CARNES, Fayetteville; Tommy Dale CARPENTER, William House, Memphis, Tenn.; Carol Ann CARTER, AF, Fayetteville; Carol Ina CARTER, Futrall Hall, Memphis, Tenn.; Frank Lyle CARTER, AFP, Booneville; Melissa Ann CARTER, Springdale. Fourth Row: R. David CARTER, Buchanan House, Little Rock; Michael A. CARVER, Sedgwell House, Mena; James Robert CASEY, TKE, Little Rock; Rita Frances CASTLE, Fayetteville; Davetta CAUGHEY, AAA, ShrevepoA, La.; Lynda Lou CAUSEY, North Little Rock; Cinny CAVINESS, Futrall Hall, Little Rock; John Frederick CHAMBERS, ZX, Little Roc.k; Wilber Lee CHAMBERS, Fordyce; James Lloyd CHANDLER, Nashville; Charlotte Jane CHAPMAN, AAII, Russellville. Fifth Row: David Carter CHAPMAN, ZII, Searcy; Russell B. CHILES, Jr., Osceola; Dolores CHOATE, Holcombe Hall, Conroe, Tex.: Betty Jo CHURCHILL, Carnall Hall, Little Rock; Jerry Wayne CLAIBORNE, Z E, North Little Rock; H. Paul CLAMPIT, Sedgwell House, Whitehall; Sarah Frost CLARK, ZTA, Blytheville; Stephen Lee CLARK, Sedgwell House, Little Rock; Theodore Michael CLASSEN, Charleston; Roger Clyde CLUBBS, Droke House, Pine Bluff; Jerry Dean CLUFF, IIKA, Wichita, Kan. ;, . ' ,; ut . avrass, - .v MI m : ... - ' - ihiM: first ou;: Franklin Harold COCHRAN, Acacia, Corning; Marinell COE, IIB , Tuckerman; Marshal A. COKER, William House, Hiwasse; Mable Jo COLAY, AAA, Magnolia; Bruce Monroe COLCLASURE, IIKA, Little Rock; C arol COLE, Holcombe Hall, Monroe, La. Second Row: Charles E. COLE, 2N, Paragould; James Irvin COLE, Piggott; Nathan Lewis COMBS, TKE, Fayetteville; Graydon Earl COMSTOCK, Siloam Springs; Clyde Lee COOK, Little Rock; David N. COOK, 2AE, Wynne. Third Row: Mary C. COOK, Futrall Hall, Mountain- burg; Phyllis Jean COOK, AAA, Fayetteville; Jerry Dewayne COOPER, 2N, Fort Smith; Tom A. COOPER, AT, North Little Rock; Joseph Eugene COTTS, ZIT, Judsonia; Walter A. COPPEANS, William House, Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Rel B. CORBIN, Acacia, Benton; Ger- ald L. CORBIN AXA, Pine Bluff; Lynda Dale COR- ROTTO, AF, Fort Smith; Dale G. COSGROVE, Acacia, Yellville; Susan COSMUS, KKF, Waxahachie, Tex.; Brenda Kay COUCH, 4-H House, Strawberry. Fifth Row: Clifford C. COUNCILLE, AXA, Blythe- ville; Charles Edward CRAIG, 2 t E, Little Rock; Mari- anne CRANK, AAn, Foreman; Kenneth David CRANS- TON, TKE, Pine Bluff; Don Preston CRAWFORD, William House, Hot Springs; Donnie Dean CRAW- FORD, Sedgwell, Harrisburg. Sixth Row: Dottie CRAWFORD, KKT, Hughes; Jerry Wayne CRISP, 2 E, Marvell; Linda Sue CROSS, Holcombe Hall, Miller; Harold Leon CROSSKNO, Droke House, Blytheville; Edwin Ray CROSSNO, 2 E, Trumann; David Richard CROUCH, Fort Smith. First Row: Eugene Ladner CROUCH, Wilson Sharp, Lexa; Judy GROUSE, AXO, Fort Smith; Edward L. CULLUM, Jr., 2N, Little Rock; Joe R. CULLOM, Wilson; Patricia Sue CUPPLES, AF, North Little Rock; Boyd R. DAILY, Fayetteville. Second Row: Al Jennings DANIEL, Humphreys Hall, Prescott; Franchelle DANIEL, Holcombe Hall, Augusta; Harriet Elizabeth DANIEL, Holcombe Hall, Muskogee, Okla.; Mary Pamela DANIEL, KKT, Forrest City; James Earl DARR, 2N, Shreveport, La.; Joe D. DAUGHERTY, AT, Little Rock. Third Row: Delmar Lee DAVIS, ZII, Tulsa, Okla.; John Albert DAVIS, Droke House, Jacksonville; Judith Ann DAVIS, ZTA, Stamps; Leo Carson DAVIS, Wil- liam House, Montain Home; Grace Dianne DAY, AXJ), Little Rock; David Eldridge DEADERICK, 2AE, Forrest City. Fourth Row: Gary James DEAN, 2X, North Little Rock; Judy Ann DEAN, Holcombe Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; Frances DEANE, KKT, Little Rock; Dwight A. DE- BOW, Amity; Phillip Pyland DEPRIST, Little Rock; Caroline Monroe DEWOLFE, Futrall, Fort Worth, Tex. Fifth Row: Bette Carole DICKSON, Wilson; Sue Ellen DILL, KKF, Little Rock; Johnny Edward DIL- LARD, Amity; David Hugh DIXON, Fort Smith: Jerry Donald DIXON, Eudora; Jerry Hugh DIXON, Wingate, N.C. 151 First Row: Kathryn Marie ETOCH, Carnall Hall, Helena; Dianna Marie EUBANKS, Scott House, Little Rock; Otha Lee EVANS, North Little Rock; Sandra Rae EVANS, Springdale: Sharon J. EVANS, Holcombe Hall, Marvell; Ronald Edmond EVERETT, Clarendon. Second Row: Robert S. FAIRCHILD, 2 E, Fayette- ville; Harley R. FANCHER, Jr., AFP, Berryville; Jimmy Donald FANT, William House, Fort Smith; Jamie Ann FARIS, AXf), Bentonville; Travis Eileen FARRAR, KKF, Lepanto; Carolyn Little FAULKNER, ZTA, Mena. Third Row: Roberta Lou FAULKNER, Holcombe Hall, Jacksonville; Joe A. FAVER, Fayetteville; Gary Vernor FELKER, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; James Garland FERGUSON, San Antonio, Tex.; Richard Myatt FERGUSON, Marshall; Sandra Gaye FERGUS- SON, KKF, Altheimer. Fourth Row: Terry Jean FETZET, KKT, Little Rock; Conley W. FIKES, Pine Bluff; Lawrence FIKES, ZAE, Pine Bluff; James Franklin FINCH, Wilson Sharp, Forrest City; Nicki Ann FINGER, Carnall Hall, Coral Gables, Fla.; Rose Lynne FITZGERALD, ZTA, Shreve- port, La. Fifth Row: Bill J. FLETCHER, K2, Scott; Larry Louis FLOCKS, Gladson House, Fort Smith; Robert C. FLOCKS, Fort Smith; Sharon Reed FOG ARTY, nB J , El Dorado; Virginia May FORD, Fayetteville; Tarana Gene FOREMAN, AAA, Waldo. Sixth Row: Ronnie Jim FORMBY, Sedgwell House, Mulberry; D. Rae FOSSUM, KKF, Prospect Heights, 111.; Larry Glenn FOSTER, Droke House, Springdale; Rita FOSTER, Xfi, Tulsa. Okla.; Judy Diane FOWLER, ZTA, Harrison; Elba Karol FOX, Futrall Hall, Fort Smith. First flow: Mary Nell DONAHUE, AAA. Little Rock- Doke DOUGLAS, K2, Tulsa, Okla.; Donald Steven DOUGLAS, Ae, Fort Smith; Marshall Alan DOUG- LAS, Fort Smith; Troy R. DOUGLAS, Charleston; Don- ita Ann DRIGGERS, KKT, Magnolia. Second Row: Noel Joseph DRINDAK, Droke House, Shreveport, La.; Paul J. DUBBELL, 9, Rogers- Donnalee DUBNER, KKF, Kansas City, Mo.- Mary Rene DUCOTE, Holcombe Hall, Texaikana; Douglas Howard DUNHAM, 2 t E, Neosho. Mo.; Lila Lea Dunn, Springdale. Third Row: Robert R. DURDEN, ZAE, Fort Smith; Thcmas Joseph EBDON, Jr., Ripley House, Balboa, Canal Zone; Charlotte Ann ECKEL, IIB , North Little Rock; Mike Randolph EDWARDS. Texarkana; James J. EDWARDS, Sedgw-11 House, Da Queen; Richard Stewart EDWARDS, S E, Hu tsville. Fourth Row: Rolfe Chambliss ELDRIDGE, William House, Forrest City; Thomas Perry ELFTER, 4 AO Hot Springs; Damon Lee ELKINS, Sedgwell House, Magazine; Juanita Marie ELLEBRECHT, Bentonville; Pat ELLIOTT. Sedgw-11 House, Little Rock; Pat EL- LIOTT, ZTA, Fort Worth, Tex. Fifth Row: Robert F. FLMER, Springdale; Ronald G-ne EMBRY, Sedgwell House, Fort Smith; William W. ENGELKE, Ripley House, Balboa Canal Zone; Charolette Ann ENGLAND. SprHedale: James Fletcher EPES, K2, Helena; Young H. ETHERIDGE. Hamburg. ri 152 - . : : t : first {ou;: Evelyn Jean FOX, Holcombe Hall, Gentry; Lawrencee O. FREEMAN, Gladson House, Lincoln, Neb.; John Martin FRENCH, 4 A9, Dallas, Tex.; Kay FULLER, Holcombe Hall. Lewisville; John Wesley FULTON, KS, Tulsa, Okla.; Carolyn Frances FUNKHOUSER, Fayetteville; Sarah Sue GAMBILL, ZTA, Tulsa, Okla.; Victoria Olivia GANSLEN, Fayetteville; Mary Lemley GARDNER, Xfi, Rus- sellville; Judy Ann GARDNER, KKF, Rogers; Kathe Lynne GATES, ZTA, Shreveport. La. Second Row. Jimmy L GATTIS, Ozark; Eddie Everett GAY, Springdale; Bonnie Chaney GIBBINS, England; Dan M. GIBBS, Wilson Sharp House, Warren; Diane GILLISON, KKI Lake Village; Marianne GILLISON, Holcombe Hall, Lake Village; Linda Lee GILLMORE, Springdale; Arthur Gerald GILSON, Ripley House, Bartlesville, Okla.; Philip S. GIPSON, Fort Smith; Daniel Baxter GLADDEN, AFP, Du- mas; Ronnie Wayne GLASS, Leachville. Third Row: Ora Lee GODFREY, Scott House, Malvern; James David GODWIN, AO, Hope: Robert Miller GOFF, Jr., UK A, Little Rock; Gerald G. GOLDEN, Mena; Milton Gl don GOODE, TKE, Little Rock; Nancy Kay GOODWIN, KKF. Little Rock; Nancy Merle GORDON, KKF, Fayetteville; Bennie Elizabeth GRAHAM, A Grove, Okla.; Billy GRA- HAM, TKE, Van Buren; Gail R. GRAHAM, IIKA, Spring- dale; Jerry Lee GRAHAM, Little Rock. Fourth Row: James E. GRANT, Ripley House, Angles Camp, Calif.; Linda Jean GRAVES, ZTA, Dermott; James R. GRAY, Jr., Jacksonville; Richard E. GREGORY, ZAE, Augusta; Charles Thomas GRIFFIN, Buchanan House, Rog- ers; Linwood GRIFFIN, III, Fayetteville; Nancy Ruth GRIF- FIN, Fayetteville; David Weldon GROUNDS, Ripley House, Prattsville; Thomas Holiman GULLEY 2 j E, Little Rock; Johnnye Myrle GUY, Holcombe Hall, Trumann; Newton L. HAILEY, Jr., Gladson House, Rogers. Fifth Row: Ann HAINBACH, Springdale; James E. HALE, Berryville; Frances Emily HALL, r, Little Rock; Kie Doug- las HALL, Ripley House, North Little Rock; William F. HALL, A6, Camden; Whitney Sue HALLADAY, X, Fay- etteville; Barbara Lynn HALLAM, ITB , Carthage, Mo.; Patricia Louise HALLER, ZTA, Baton Rouge, La.; Ronald L. HANBY, Droke House, Gentry; Glenda Rawls HANBY, Crossett; Roberta Kaye HARBER. Holcombe Hall, Blythe- ville. Scott House r sidants watch in dis- may as their home away from home burns. After ths fire, the girls were moved into the infirmary. " Old grads registered at Student Union during Homecoming. One of them brings surprised look to face of secretary. An old flame, perhaps. First Row: Thomas Franklin HARBOUR, 2 , Little Rock; Marvin B. HARE, Sedgwell House, Auversne; Chi Chi HAR- GRAVES, Xfl, Forrest City; Lucinda Katherine HARKEY, IIB , Batesville; John Trenton HARMON, Buchanan House, North Little Rock; Sharon Jo HARPER, Carnall Hall, West- port, Conn.; Sally Carolyn HARRINGTON, XO, Helena; Robert W. HARRIS, Farmhouse, Bentonville; Bettye L. HAR- RISON, Carnall Hall, Benton; William Andrew HARRISON, A9, North Little Rock; James Alfred HARROD, 2 E, Pine Bluff. Second Row: Charlotte Kay HART, ZTA, West Memphis; James Kenneth HART, A9, Paris; Peter L HART, William House, New York, N.Y.; George R. HARTIN, Gladson House, Viola; Paul Dean HASTINGS, Fort Smith; Kenneth Wahl HATFIELD, Wilson Sharp House, Helena; Curtis Wright HAWKINS, ZAE, Fort Smith; Jewell Doyne HAYES, Sedg- well House, Rector; Floyd Jefferson HAYS, Jr., Hot Springs; Louis Edward HEGEMAN, William House, Conway; W. David HEINS, Sedgwell House, Pea Ridge. Third Row: Mary Nell HELBRON, AMI, Little Rock; Tommy Wade HELF, Fort Smith; Georgie Lee HELLER, Futrall Hall, Little Rock; Oscar August HELMICH, Benton; Joe Stephen HENDERSON, Jr., IIKA, England; David Pat- rick HENRY, X, Searcy; Troy HENRY, Acacia, Black Oak; Joanne HENTHORNE, A AH, Tulsa, Okla.; Raymond Edward HERMAN, Fordyce; Joyce Elaine HERR, Rogers; Danny Byron HERRICK, Cabot. Fourth Row: Bill Roy HERRON, Sedgwell House, Bay- town, Tex.; Charlotte Malissa HERVEY, ZTA, Dallas, Tex.; Marion Mark HEWETT, Droke House, Fort Smith; Artie HICKS, AAA, Russellville; Julia Anne HICKS, Holcombe Hall, Camden; Sharon Lee HILDRETH, AAA, Hot Springs; Eddy T. HILL, Humphreys Hall, Joiner; Jack Wayne HILL, ATO, North Little Rock; Virginia L. HILL, AXS7, Jacksonville; William Truman HILL, J A9, Russellville; Dennis Allen HINKLE, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Donna Carlene HIXON, Holcombe Hall, Fort Smith; Bernard G. HOCHSTETTER, England; Joy HOFF- MAN, AF, Fayetteville; Richard Neal HOLBERT, AXA, Little Rock; Hubert HOLCOMBE, Jr., 2 E, Fort Smith; James Edgar HOLLAN, III, Gladson House, Wynne; Carol Anne HOLLAND, ZTA, Huntsville; Ronnie Lynn HOL- LANGER, Buchanan House, Stuttgart; David Eugene HOL- LEY, Benton; Dan Lee HOLLINGSWORTH, Camden; Betty Inez HOLMES, Harrisburg. 154 r WRT . :A rt A 3 " t a fi ,- v, : fci ! HILL , U L :| HOFF. DOUBT. .11.1 I k. Ml Fit hi IK l; Cml UK Un HOL First Row;: George JEW, Pine Bluff; Robert Frank JOBE, Fayetteville; Charles B. JOHNSON, Lombard, Illinois; C. Dale JOHNSON, Huntsville; David Larry JOHNSON, Fayetteville; Fred Brad JOHNSON, Buchan- an House, Paris. Second Row: James William JOHNSON, Wilson Sharp House, Port Arthur, Texas; Jerry Loyd JOHN- SON, Paris; John Thomas JOHNSON, Droke House, Little Rock; Joseph Vick JOHNSON, Corning; Milton Hunt JOHNSON, Razorback Hall, Fort Smith; Sherry S. JOHNSON, Futrall Hall, Cave City. Third Row: Mindy Lee JOHNSTON, ZTA, Tulsa, Okla.; John Kenneth JOINER, Z E, Crawfordsville; Carolyn Rachel JONES, Holcombe Hall, State Sana- torium; Judith L. JONES, Little Rock; Patricia Ann JONES, KKF, Crossett; Patricia Eileen JONES, AAA, Hot Springs. Fourth Row: Sam Karen JONES, Sedgwell House, Fort Smith; Vonda Janiece JONES, ZTA, North Little Rock; Charles Raymond JOYNER, 2IT, Springfield, Virginia; Wanda Yancey JUNKERSFELD, Little Rock; William Henry JUSTICE, Lake Wales, Florida; Carolyn Sue KENDRICK, Springdale. Fifth Row: Glenna Kay KENNEDY, AX, Fayette- ville; Jerry S. KENNEDY, William House, Little Rock; William P. KENNEDY, Fayetteville; Kenneth Lee KES- TERSON, Pine Bluff; Gail Marie KEYES, Mountain- burg; Gary Lee KIEFFNER, Elaine. First Row: Sandra Elizabeth HOLZHAUER, AXO, Gillett; Alia Mae HONEYCUTT, Holcombe Hall, Har- rison; Diana Lee HOPKINS, Jacksonville; Robert Mar- ion HORTON, William House, Paragould; Donna HOUSE, AAA, Morrilton; Sherea Lynn HOUSER, AA1I, Pryor, Okla. Second Row: John Edward HOUSLEY, Van Buren; Gary Clint HOUSTON, AXA, Little Rock; Lynda Suz- anne HOWARD, AF, Rogers; Diana Lynne HUBBARD, KKF, Fayetteville; Jerry Vave HUDDLESTON, AXA, North Little Rock; Branda Ann HUDSON, Holcombe Hall, Benton. Third Row: Billy Jack HUEBSCH, 4 Ae, Sherman, Tex.; Mike James HUFFMAN, Jarry Village, Popular Bluff, Mo.; Barbara Lynn HUGHES, Holcombe Hall, Bella Vista; Joan HAMMEL, Carnall Hall, Harrison; Carolyn Sue HUDLEY, Holcombe Hall, Fort Smith; Barbara Ann HUNTER, ZTA, Booneville. Fourth Row: Ted E. HUNTSMAN, Bauxite; Kath- ryn Sue HURST, Holcombe Hall, Flippin; Ralph Nel- son INGRAM, Almo; Cathy INZER, Camden; Nancy Erin IRBY, AF, Little Rock; Donald Joseph ISBELL, Forrest City. Fifth Row: Elaine Adele IVES, AAH, Tulsa, Okla.; Donald Thompson JACK, 2 E, Little Rock; Donald R. JACKS, Humphreys Hall, DeQueen; David Glenn JACK- SON, Walnut Ridge; Janice Jeann JACKSON, ZTA, Butterfield, Mo.; Teena JACKSON, Holcombe Hall, El Dorado. Sixth Row: William B. JAMES, Acacia, Hot Springs; Leslie Joyce JARRETT, 4-H House, Poughkeepsie; William Anthony JASPER, Fort Smith; Carol Ann JEFFERY, 4-H House, Mount Olive; Isaac E. JEN- KINS, William House, Paragould; Delores Barbara JENNINGS, Holcombe Hall, Leslie. 155 First Row: Peggy Sue KINCANNON, AAI1, Scot- land; Robert W. KING, Pocahontas; Ronnie E. KINGS- TON, Sedgwell, Paragould; Dick C. KINNEY, Little Rock; Robert Michael KINSEY, William House, Van Buren; Mary Viktoria KNAPHEIDE, IIB J , Quincy, 111. Second Row: Lynn KNIGHT, Zn. Lincoln, Neb.: Linda Kathleen KOOIKER, AT, Sault St. Marie, Mich.; Imants KRIEVANS, Sedgwell House, Tuckerman; H. Karlene KUETEMAN, Futrall, Fort Smith; Ronald James KUSHMAUL, Acacia, Pine Bluff; William C. KYZER, North Little Rock. Third Row: Trina LAABS, AXO, Springfield. Mo.; Harvey Michael LABBAN, Buchanan House, Corsicana, Tex.; Lynda Ann LANCASTER. Fayetteville; Myron Eugene LANCASTER, Fayetteville; James Winslow LANCE, ZN, Little Rock; David E. L. LAND, TKE, Walnut Ridge. Fourth Row: Betty Faye LANE, AT, Joplin, Mo.; David Winfield LANE, Nashville; Richard Curtis LANG, KZ, Tulsa, Okla.; John A. LATTING, Farm Hous?, Marianna; Suzanne LAUGHLIN, XQ, Fort Smith; Larry LAZECKI, Wilson Sharp, Saskatoon, Sask.. Canada. Fifth Row: Harry Wayne LEE, ZX, Stuttgart; Lynn M. LEEK, Ae, Dumas; Susan Elizabeth LESH, XO. Fayetteville; Carolyn Fay LESSENBERRY, AAII, Lon- oke; Ed G. LESTER, A6, Dallas, Tex.; Jody LEWIS, ZTA, England. First Row: Thomas Clements LEWIS, Z t E, Little Rock; Carolyn Fay LIERLY, Fayetteville; Betty Caro- lyn LIGON, KKT, Prescott; Walter Raymond LINDSEY. Gladson House, Tyler, Texas; Joseph Richard LISEN- BY, Malvern; Sandra Kay LITTLE, AF, Coffeyville, Kansas. Second Row: Eva Ruth LITTRELL, Neosho, Mis- souri; James Edwin LLOYD, Van Buren; Sammy Dean LOE, William House, Prescott; Patsy Ann LONG, Hoi- combe Hall, Gentry; Larry French LOVELESS, ZX, Stuttgart; Jack Holt LOVELIS, Nashville. Third Row: Martha Ellen LOVING, ZTA, Aurora, Missouri; Gary Michael LOW, 2 E, Batesville; Katho ' - leen LOWE, AAA, Gillett; Robert Lynn LOWERY, Droke House, Junction City; Sallye Frances LOWREY, Holcombe Hall, Hot Springs; Robert Cunningham LOWRY, AO, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Sharon Kay LOWRY, AAA, Fort Worth, Tex.; Cherry Lynn LUBKER, IIB , Bald Knob; Charles Edwin LUMSDEN, DeWitt; Charles A. LUTZ, TKE, Cherry Hill, N.J.; Van H. LEYELL, Jr., William House, Hot Springs; W. D. LYLE, Jr., Star City. Fifth Row: Virgle Edward LYONS, North Little Rock; Sandy McADAMS, Futrall Hall, Jonesboro; James L. McBURNETT, Pine Bluff; Bob McCARLEY, Z E, West Memphis; Frances McCARTER, AAII, Shreve- port, La.; Thomas Clark MoCLAIN, Fordyce. Sixth Row: James Edward McCLELLAND, ZN, Fayetteville; David Clark McCLINTON, West Fork; Patsy Ann McCOY, Carnall Hall, Little Rock; Jack Walls McCRARY, KZ, Lonoke; Sheila Ann McCRAY, Holcombe Hall, Fort Smith; Michele McCRIGHT, KKF, Little Rock. 156 Firit Rou;: Patty Jeter McCREIGHT, A, Shreveport. La.: Tommy R. McDANIEL, Fayetteville; Jerry T. Mc- DONALD, AFP, Charleston; Sharon Sue McDONALD. CB , Blytheville; Bill McGEHEE, Gladson House, Texarkana; Scott McGEORGE, 2AE, Pine Bluff; Pat Hardy McGOWAN, SN, Fort Smith; Samuel Nelson McHARNEY, Paragould; Ronnie Dee McKENZIE, TKE, Pine Bluff; Anna Kay McKINNEY, Corning; Billy D. McKNIGHT, Valley Springs. Second Row. Larry McLARTY, William House, Mineral Spri gs; Ann Lane McLEOD, AT, Little Rock; William Dalton McMORAN, Hot Springs; James Alban McNABB, William House, Neosho, Mo.; James Roger McNAIR, Jr., 2N, Little Rtck; Virginia F. McNAIR, Siloam Springs; David Lee Me- NUTT, William House, Walnut Ridge; James Lewden MACE. Springfield, Mo.; Robert Wade MACKEY, Sedgwell House. Houston, Tex.; Paul E. MAGNESS, Jr., AXA, Mountain Horn, ' ; Becky MALCOLM, ZTA, Leawood, Kan. Third Row: John Lawrence MALLOY, Dallas, Tex.; David Roy MALONE, 2 E, Little Rock: Donald Lynn MALONE, Humphreys Hall, Helena; Robert Eugene MANATT, Hot Springs; Scott MANATT, Sedgwell House, Corning; Ann Light in the darknsss was provided Dy Carnall Hall in Singfony performance. Stell MANN, Virginia Beach, Va.; Joseph Hubert MANN, Razorback Hall, McCrary; Rebecca Sue MANN, IIB , Osceola; Royal H. MAPES, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Marcus Raymond MARDIS, Sedgwell House, Harrishurg; Mary Sue MARINONI, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Paul Albert MARINONI, ATO, Fayetteville; Eugene Lee MARIS, 2X, Little Rock; John Richard MARR, AXA, Little Rock; Charles Gilbert MARTIN, Droke House, Royal; Cissy MARTIN, AXfi, Fort Smith; Judy MARTIN, Xfi, Fort Smith; Norman MASON. Jr., Malvern; Betty Ann MASTERS, KKF, Mena; James Aubrey MATHEWS, Farmhouse. Chester; Mary Ann MATHIAS, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Ken MATTHEWS, 2AE, Jonesboro; Wayne MATTHEWS, Pine Bluff; Joe Mac MAXEY, Amity; Martin Michael MAY, Gladson House, Lepanto; James MAYER, Wil- son Sharp House, Leawood, Kan. ; Beverly Dianne MAYS, XS , Rector; Sandra Wynn MEAD, IIB , Pine Bluff; John Fvans MEADOR, Jr., SN, Helena; Sandra Kay MEADOR, in. Pine Bluff; Jerry Wayne MEDLIN, 2 E, Benton; Wm. G. MEDLIN, Jr., SX, Aurora, Mo. His master ' s voice drowned out tem- porarily by the excitement of an intramural football game, faithful dog waits patiently on the sidelines. First Row: James Cannon METHVIN, Trumann; Richard Jerome METZELAARS, William House, Hot Springs; Shirley Ann MEYER, ITB , Readland; Paul William MILAM, Fay- etteville; C. Annette MILEY, Wing; Sandra Ruth MILLEN, AAIT, Lonoke; Donna Raye MILLER, Southwest City, Mo.; Ruth Ann MILLER, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock; Stephen Franklin MILLER, Z E, Bentonville; William Frank MILLER, Bentonville; Mary Lou MILLS, AAII, Augusta. Second Row: Richard B. MILNAMOW, Sedgwell, Wald- wick, N. J.; Lanita Gay MIMS, Holcombe Hall, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Frances Ann MITCHELL, X, Paragould; Mary Ann MITCHELL, Ozark; James Stanley MITTELSTAEDT, Ripley House, Little Rock; John W. MIVELAZ, Sedgwell, Fort Smith; William Leonard MIZELL. TKE, Little Rock; Don Dwight MOBLEY, Fort Smith; Sarah Marsraret MOB- LEY, 4-H House, Camd=n; Walter James MOELLER, West Fork; Douglas Donal MOHAR, William House, Rogers. Third Row: Allen Donald MONROE, Jacksonville; Melvin B. A ONTOGMERY, Sedgwell, Decatur; William Mor- ris MOONEY, Ripley House, Little Rock; Beverly Ann MOORE, ITB , Pine Bluff; Gene William MOORE, Des Arc; H. Clay MOORE, 2N, Benton; James Franklin MOORE, A0, El Dorado; Nicholas Randel MOORE, West Helena; Sharon Merren MOORE, AF, Shreveport, La.; William Harold MOORE, Buchannan House, Altheimer; Ernest H. MORACE, Humphreys Hall, Winnsboro, La. Fourth Row: Ann Elizabeth MORGAN, KKF, Eureka Springs; Donna Ray MORGAN, ZTA, El Dorado; Janis Har- riet MORGAN, AAA, Little Rock; Jim Lee MORGAN, Hum- phreys Hall, Goose Bay, Labrador: Kathe MORGAN, Futrall Hall, El Dorado; Lousi Warren MORGAN, ZX, Little Rock; Lynda MORGAN, AF, Texarkana; Edward Stanton MOR- RIS, ZII, Little Rock; Harvey Claude MORRIS, Gladson, Mountainburg; Mary Estell MO ' RRIS, Holcombe Hall, Kil- leen, Tex.; Patricia Ann MORRIS, Holcombe Hall, Lonoke. Filth Row: Jim MORSE, Z E, Fayetteville; Mary Ann MORSE, AAA, Danville; Agnes Marie MOUTON, XO, Beau- mont, Tex.; Donna Marie MUNCY. KKF, North Little Rock; Roy Allen MURTISHAW, 4 A9, Pine Bluff; Connie Jo MU- SICK, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock; Barbara Jean MYERS, Futrall Hall, Carlsbad, N. Mex.; Jack MYERS, El Dorado; Joan Edna MYERS, Holcombe Hall, Mena; Morris H. NAH- MAD, Panama, Panama; Ted Kazuo NAKAMURA, Ripley, Scott. Jfr 158 :: , ! : h ivi nr, l W . ' .: Mli Gbfen. IMW fc Hd E MrUUott v. mm ia B ' : " Hod; It Got jo Ml). b mas, D Wo; : Ml ' V U lipln, First Row: Barbara Kay PACKARD, AF, Camden; Sharron Lynn PAGE. Fayetteville; Danny Allen PALA- DINO, William House, North Little Rock; Elsie Jane PALSA, Futrall Hall. Carlisle; Jarry Lee PARKER, Springdale; John P. PARKER, Benton. Second Row: James Corbet! PATTERSON, Jr., Mar- shall; Jerry Dean PATTERSON, St. Joe; Othelia Daniel PAUL, Fayetteville; Gerald L. PAYNE, TKE, Fort Smith; Mary Kay PECK. Futrall Hall, Champaign, 111.; Alpha Jean PEEK, ZFA, El Dorado. Third Row: Ginger Gail PEELER, Fayetteville; George Wallace PEFFERKORN, Humphreys Hall, Pine Bluff; Richard Martin PENCE, IIKA, Conway; Edward M. PENICK, 2X, Little Rock; Anna Laura PENN, Futrall Hall, Lynn; Colen Joyce PENNINGTON, Hoi- combe Hall, Crossett. Fourth Row: Joe Scott PENNINGTON, Sedgwell. Tuckerman; George PERCEFULL, K2, Lonoke; Sally Ann PERRINE, Carnall Hall, Tulsa, Okla.; John Wind- sor PERRY, Little Rock; Karla N. PETERS. ZTA, Fort Smith; Kathryn Ann PETERSON, IIB , Memphis. Fifth Row: Larry Curtis PETERSON, Phoenix, Ariz.; Frances Fay PHELPS, AF, Little Rock; Judy Marie PHELPS, Carnall Hall, Malvern; Carolyn Gaye PHIL- LIPS, Futrall Hall, Miami, Okla.; George Donivan PHIL- LIPPY, Fayetteville; Renee Anne PHILSON, Carnall Hall, Bossier City, La. First Row: Sherry Lynn NANCE, AAII, Newport; M. Eileen N ANGLE, Xfl, Hot Springs; Robert N. NFAL, Fayetteville; Earl Gene NEALEY, Fayetteville; William H. NF.ILL, Jr., Colt; Mary Margaret NELLE, Hi Icrmbe, Fort Smith. Second Row: David Larry NETHERTON, TKE, Caracas, Venezuela; Ann NEUENSCHWANDER, XJ), Houston, Tex.; Adonna Kaye NEW, 7 1 ' A, Hot Springs; Albert Charles NEWTON, Razorback Hall, Stuttgart; Mary Helen NEWTON, XI), Harrison; Daniel Elmer NICHOLS, Sedgwell House, Little Rock. Third Row: Jimmy H. NIPPS, England; David Thomas NOLAN, TKE, Little Rock; Larry Dale NOR- RIS, William House, Twenty-Nine Palms, Calif.; Susanne NORRIS, XI), Tyronza; Jean Ann NORTH- CUTT, Holccmbe Hall, Huntsville; Hugh Albert NUTT, Wilson Shai p, Fordyce. Fourth Row: Randolph Lee GATES, Ae, Little Rock; G. Grove OHOLENDT, ZX, North Little Rock; Isao OISHI, Scott; Sue O ' KELLEY, Fayetteville; Anna Beth OLIVER, Van Buren; Mike OLIVERA, IIKA, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Gerald Monroe O ' NEAL, Terry Village, Little Rock; Cecillia Lee ORSBURN, AAA, Fort Smith; David Armstrong ORSINI, Ripley House, North Little Rock; Kenneth OSBOURNE, OKA, Fayetteville; Paul Lloyd OSMON, Sedgwell House, Bald Knob; Ella Paulette OUTLAW, Shrevepoh, La. Sixth Row: Charles Callis OWEN, Buchanan, De- Queen; George MacLendon OWEN, Ripley House, Crossett; Mary Janet OWEN, KKT, Little Rock; Wil- liam Larry OWENS, Springdale; Carole Virginia PA- BIAN, ZTA, North Little Rock; James J. PACE, Dallas, Texas. 159 I First Row: Jephrey Ann PHIPPS, XO, North Little Rock; George Gene PICH, AXA, Hazen; Judith Ann PICKERING, Holcombe Hall, Waldo; Wayne Scott PIERCE, Oscola; Barbara Jo PIGG, AF, Fayetteville- Johanna PINSON, KKF, El Dorado. Second Row: Mary Kathrvn PLUMMER, KKF, For- rest City; Albert Allen POOL, 2X, Little Rock: Clifton Erwin POOLE, Warren; Helen Frances POPE, l Wash- ington, D. C.; Sandy PORTER, Fort Smith; Robert POTEET, Farmhouse, Plainview. Third Row: Lawrence Arthur POTTER. Jr., ATP Marshall; Mary Oursler POTTORFF, _ir, Vimy Rid e- Elizabeth Ann POWELL, Futrall Hall, Alexander; Gary Richard POWELL, IIKA, Green Forest; Sandra F. POWELL, ZTA, Lake Village; Jimmy Don PRECURE, Droke House, Rogers. Fourth Row: Gregory Dean PRICE, Gladson House, Viola; Patsy Barbee PRICE. Little Rock; Thomas Ray- mond PRICE, IIKA, Little Rock; Norman Buril PRID DY, North Little Rock; Jeff PRIDE. A9, Horatio; Wil- liam Ray PRIER, Stuttgart. Fifth Row: Cecil Don PRINCE, AXA, Burns Flat, Okla.; Bill PROVIN, AXA, Fort Smith; Donald Cue PULLEN, in. Hot Springs; Linda Lee PURDY, AAIT, Fayetteville; Wilson Nathaniel PYRON. Ripley House, Little Rock. First Row: Kathy Jo RAFF, IIB , West Helena; William Wiley RAYLAND, Farmhouse, Leslie; Gova Irene RAPER, 4-H House, Oscola; Carroll RATHER, AAA, Little Rock; Danny L. RAY, Van Buren; John Marson RAY, Ripley House, Clarksville. Second Row. Sarah Frances RAY, Van Buren; Caro- Ivn Elaine RAYBOURN, Carnall Hall, Winslow; Dan Carl REED, 2 E. Bauxite: Donald Lee REED, Ripley, Rogers; Nancy Tripp REED, KKF, Pine Bluff: Chase Savage REID, AO. Hot Springs. Third Row: Richard Duane REMLE, AXA, Amarillo, Tex.: Bobby Joe REYNOLDS, Wilson Sharp, Fort Smith; Harold Hugh RHODEN, J _ie, Rogers; Judy E. RICH- ARDSON, Fayetteville; Garland Q. RIDENOUR, Wil- son Sharp, Fort Smith; Louie D. RIFFE, AT, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Howell Flecther RIFFEY, Wheatley; George R. RILEY Jr., AXA. Pine Bluff; William T. RISSET, Little Rock; Eddie Joe RITTER, Humphreys Hall, Mountain Home; Lester Wayne RIVERS, Wilson Sharp, Amarillo, Tex.; Christine ROACH, Jonesboro. Filth Rou-: Charles Edwin ROBERTS, Fayetteville; Donald Ray ROBERTS, ZN, Tulsa, Okla.; Larry Michael ROBERTS, AXA, North Little Rock; Samuel Wayne ROBERTS. Sedgwell, Bald Knob; Suzanne ROBERTS, A A Conway; Wayne Harry ROBERTS, William House, Hot Springs. Sixth Row: Thomas Alton ROBERTSON, Humphreys Hall. Amitv; Cyrus M. ROBINSON, SN, El Dorado; Margaret Walker ROBINSON, KKF, Fayetteville; Ronald Allen ROBINSON. AO, Little Rock; William Charles ROCHON, Hot Springs; J. Maurice ROGERS, 211, Fayetteville. 160 ! " - _ ' ; ' =: Fim Row: James Frazier ROGERS, -X, Fort Smith; Joe Mark ROGERS, 2AE, Tucker; Judith Camille ROGERS, -i-i-i, Rogers; William Rader ROGERS. Fayetteville; Donald William ROOP, Droke House, Pine Bluff; Bobby Sullivan ROPER, -iB, Sherman. Tex.; Judy Arlene ROSIERE, AMI, Seneca, Mo.: Patricia LaVonne ROTENBERRY, Futrall Hall. Little Rock; Roland Ray ROTH. Stuttgart; Mary Ellen ROTHE, ITK , El Dorado; Richard ROTHWELL, Quitman. Second Row. Gary C. ROUNSAVALL, Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Pamela S. RUOFF, ZTA, Fort Smith; James L. RUSH, HKA, Little Rock; Charles Frederick RUSSELL, .Acacia, Bryant; Philip D. RUSSELL, Hot Springs; Royce L. RUTLEDCE, Springdale; Chadar Ghadr SADR, Shiraz, Iran; Chenier Johnny SANDERS, El Dorado; Sandra Kave SAND- ERS, Ji_U, Waxahachie. Tex.: Ted H. SANDERS, IIKA, Marshall; Richard E. SAVAGE, 2 E, Little Rock. Third Row: Charles Wade SCARBROUGH, Jr., KKE, Pine Bluff; Jane SCHERMERHORN, Holcomhe Hall, Shreveport, La.; Don Henry SCHILLING, Ae. Kansas City, Kan.; William R. SCHNORR. Acacia, Farmington, N. Mex.; Dan Riner SCIVALLY, Fort Smith; Charles M. SCOTT, Buchanan House, Roe; Gary Morris SCOTT, Little Rock; Lee Andrew SCRAPE, Jr., North Little Rock; William Seville SEARCY. Lewisville; James William SEAY, Humphreys Hall, Paragould; Linda Jay SEAY, Lincoln. Fourth Ron : Nancy Elizabeth SEEMAN, ZTA. West Helena; Anthony J. SEITER. Fort Smith; Eva Mae SELLICK, Berryville; Ronald Lee SETSER, Sedgwell House, Decatur; June Irene SEWELL, AAII, Sprinpdale; James Gary SHAW, A6, Waldo; James Earl SHEARER, Farmhouse, Fort Smith; Frederic B. SHELBY, North Little Rock; Charles Randolph SHEPHERD, Fort Smith; Frances E. SHEPHERD, Hol- comhe Hall, McGehee; Mary Audrey SHEPPARD, KKF, El Dorado. Fifth Row: James H. SHIELDS, AB, Fort Smith; Carla SHIPPEY, Holcombe Hail, Fort Smith; Margaret Anne SHORT, Fayetteville; Chal W. SHRADER, Little Rock; Ruth Ann SHREVE, Fayetteville; Abby L. SHUEY, Carnall Hall, Shreveport, La.; John Herbert SlGMAN, Hot Springs; Darwin Henry SIMPSON, North Little Rock; Jeanne Marie SIMP- SON, AXQ, Springdale; Robert Leon SIMPSON, North Little Rock; Barbara Lea SKELTON, Fayettevill e. Barbershop quartet entertains during homecoming halftime. Ths group was music department personnel. Although students were too busy drinking and socializing, adult response was good. Sexy military sponsor candidates line up for presentation to the lower class cadets. Of the many who enter only a handful are selected. Figures don ' t lie, but you can lie with figures. First Row: Carolyn Lea SKELTON, Holcombe Hall, Spring- dale; Claud W. SKELTON, AI ' P, Berryville; Marsha Jean SLAUGHTER, Fayetteville; Paul Lon SMALL, Hot Springs; Anna Fentress SMEAD, Futrall Hall, Camden; Carolyn Sue SMITH, AAIT, Clinton; Coella Fern SMITH, Fayetteville; Ginger SMITH, Holcombe Hall, Fort Worth, Tex.; Jackie Lee SMITH, IIKA, Siloam Springs; James Howard SMITH, Sedg- well House, Corning; Joseph Mike SMITH, Buchanan House, Iena. Second Row: Linda Ann SMITH, Holcombe Hall, Camp; Nelson Scott SMITH, 2 E, Tulsa, Okla.; Robert Alexander SMITH, DX, Stuttgart; Ronnie Mac SMITH, Wilson Sharp, Benton; Tommye Lynn SMITH, ZTA, Star City; Willard Crane SMITH, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Fort Smith; Gerald Martin SORENSEN, 2 E, Fort Smith; Robert Elbert SOUTHERN, Fouke; James Donald SPANN. Little Rock; Carolyn Lee SPEARS, AXJ), Smackover; Sandra Gale SPEARS, Holcomlje Hall, Noel, Mo. Third Row: Rebecca Jo SPOON, Holcombe Hall, North Little Rock; William Patton STEELE, Jr., 2AE, Memphis Tenn.; Gary Kent STEPHENS, 2N, Stuttgart; Betty Grapelle STEVENS, Holcombe Hall, Harrison; William Randall STE- WARD, 2 E, North Little Rock; Clyde F. STEWART, Hum- phreys Hall, Fort Smith; James Ellis STEWART, William House, Prescott; Janet Sue STITES, Futrall Hall, Newport; Susanne Mary STOCKSLAGER, Fayetteville; Marvin James STOCKWELL, I1KA, Memphis, Tenn.; T. S. STONE, AXA, Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: Curtis Evans STOVER, Little Rock; Marilou STRAIT, ZTA, Morrilton; Pamela Rose STROBEL, Fayette- ville; Susan Emmett STROTHER, Xfi, Shreveport, La.; Frank Clarance STUART, Buchanan House, Batesville; Joseph Her- shel STURDIVANT, A9, Pine Bluff; Mary Ann STUTTLE, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock; James Aubrey SUMMERS, Ozark; Richard Lee SUNDERMAN, Windom, Sandra SWIFT, , Fort Smith; Jack Reed SWINDLE, Droke House, Wilson. Fifth Row: Tommy E. STANLEY, 2AE, Augusta; Larry Ronald TARVER, Quitman; John C. TATE, K2, Malvern ' ; Lynda Sue TAYLOR, Holcombe Hall, Dallas, Tex.; Martha Lee TAYLOR, Holcombe Hall, Aurora, Mo.; Michael Terrence TAYLOR, Sedgwell House, Little Rock; Star TAYLOR. XO, San Antonio, Tex.; Ronnie Marion TEAGUE, Farmhouse, Mountainburg; Duane Dennis TERRY, Fayetteville; Dorothy THIBAULT, Carnall Hall, El Dorado; Diane THOMAS, Hot Springs. J r , ' ST. :-, fe;,.i ,-. ink W Urn In STfflU, . sat sun, m. . ' --, i C HH C. Wra; U UK IB.; fedi ' - MVLOB.S2, n. Tll Fntat, TO fa fe fa . f-r ' J i ? p a n O ir r " A ' P f a a J i- ifl Sk f. -,A First Kou : Paula Kay WALKER, Fayetteville ; Larry Carnell WALLACE, AXA, Hobbs, N. Mex.; Joyce Evelyn WALLER, Emerson; Judith Kay WALLIS, Hoi- combe Hall, Pine Bluff; Jeffry WALSH, Crossett; C. Hames WARE, A0, Pine Bluff. Second Row: Catherine Helen WARE, IIB , Pine Bluff; Phillip Jay WARFORD, Fayetteville; Jessye Frances WARREN, Durham; Robert Lynn WATSON, 2 E, Joplin, Mo.; Jimmy Carl WATTS, North Little Rock; Johnny A. WAUGH, Batesville. Third Row: James Wesley WAYMACK, Cabot; Karen Anne WEATHERS, Carnall Hall, Salem; Harley Ehvayne WEBB, Dutch Mills; Martha Ann WEBB, IIB , Helena; William Frank WEBB, Gravette; Carolyn Sue WEBBER, AF, Little Rock. Fourth. Row: Wilson Falls WEBSTER, 2 E, West Memphis; Rosemary WEDEL, North Little Rock; Cor- don Barnett WEIR, Springdale; Kenneth Duane WELLS, TKE, Almirante; William Joe WELLS, Droke House, Harrison; Eva Ann WERDEIN, Holcombe Hall, Aurora, Mo. Fifth Row: Bruce E. WESSON, HKA, Little Rock; Lonnie Paul WESSON, Prescott; Evelyn WEST, IIB Pine Bluff; Vicki WEST, ZTA, Dallas, Tex.; Philip Reed WESTPHAL, Fort Smith; Harry Keith WETSELL, AXA, North Little Rock. First Row: Harold Lindell THOMAS, Springdale; Harve THOMAS, Texarkana; Owen Wallace THOMAS, Wynn; Thomas A. THOMAS, Core; J. Brent THOMP- SON, Jacksonville; Linda THOMPSON, AXtt, Shreve- porl, La. Second Row: Mike THOMPSON, 2AE, Cotter; Phyllis Lynn THOMPSON, Futrall Hall, North Little Rock; James Larry THORNTON, Sedgwell House, Jones Mills; Jeremy David THORNTON, KZ, Mena; Carolyn F. TILLMAN, 4-H House, Little Rock, Jay Noble TOLI.EY, 2X, Alton, 111. Third Row: Wallace Wade TOWLE, A6, Hot Springs; Larry TOWNLEY, Ripley House, Malvern; Samuel A. TRINCA, 2X, El Dorado; Barry E. TUBES, , Trumann; Henry Lafayette TUCK, ZN, Fayette- ville; Robert Dean TUCKER, 2AE, Crossett. Fourth Row: Sandra Nell TUCKER, ZTA, Dumas; Sam J. TUMINELLO, 2AE, Memphis, Tenn., N. John TURCHI, Jr., TKE, Pine Bluff; Linda G. TURNER, AXn, Prairie Village; David Loy TURNEY, Harrison; Mary Elnor UMBAUGH, Springdale. Filth Row: James Patricia UTLEY, Nashville; Loy Callan VANDIVER, Valparaiso, Fla.; Linda Kay VAN- GILDER, Holcombe Hall, Rector; Lewis Eugene VANN, William House, Fort Smith; Bob Charles VAUGHT, Fort Smith; Ryan VEHIK, Buchanan House, Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Charles Fred VESTEY, Ripley House, Stuttgart; Jimmie G. VONTUNGELN, Pine Bluff; Pete John VRATSINAS, Little Rock; Harold Curtis WALK ER, Fort Smith; Mary Lynn WALKER, Berryville; Norman D. WALKER, Springdale. l - P5 Akv 163 First Row: Sandra Gail WHEAT, Holcombe Hall, Pine Bluff; Kelly Ross WHITE, Mt. Ida; Richard Al- len WHITE, Z E, Fayetteville; Carolyn Dickson WHIT- ING, DeWitt; Deborah Louise WHITING, A.}A, Jackson- ville; Dinah Lee WHITLEY, IIB t , Little Rock. Second Row: Jerry Lee WHITWORTH, ZN, El Do- rado; Cozie Don WILHITE, IIKA, Cherry Valley; James R. WILKERSON, Pine Bluff; Leah Jean WILKERSON, AXn, Rogers; Luther Jerome WILKERSON, ZII, Mc- Kamie; Marinell WILKERSON, Holcombe Hall, Wash- ington, D.C. Third Row: Carol Ann WILKINS, Holcombe Hall, Shreveport, La.; Max Hubert WILKINS, Decatur; Tracy Dale WILKINS, Z E, Paris, Tex.; Arthur Leland WILLIAMS, Humphreys Hall, Rogers; Jim E. WILL- IAMS, Wilson Sharp, Forrest City; Keith Eston WILL- IAMS, Buchanan Hall. Little Rock. Fourth Row: Missy WILLIAMS, Ar, Little Rock; Missy WILLIAMS, Carnall Hall, Little Rock; Robert WILLIAMSON, William House, Bentonville; Roddy Gilbert WILLIS, Sedgwell House, Crossett: Joe N. WILLS, North Little Rock; Walter W. WILLSON, Jr., Jacksonville. Fifth Row: Chadwick Graham WILSON, Fayetteville; Gerald R. WILSON, Farmhouse, Marianna; Susan Dian WILSON, Carnall Hall, Eudora; Tommy Sullivan WIMPY, ZX, Harrisburg; Gus W. WINFIELD, Paris; Marijane WOFFORD, Futrall Hall, Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Diane WOLFE, Carnall Hall, Tulsa, Okla.: Billy Vance WOMBLE, Dyess; James Turner WOMBLE, Z E. Warren; Mary Esther WOFELDORFF, Xfi. Little Rock; Billy Ray WOOD. Wilson Sharp, Judsonia; Carolyn Sue WOOD, AAA, Mountain Home, Seventh Row. Judy Faye WOOD, Clinton; Sherry WOOD, Carnall Hall, Ashdown; Judy Kay WOODELL, -il " , Clinton; Don WOODFORD, Zn, Dumas; Jo Ellen WOODY. AAII, Springdale; Carol Jane WRIGHT. ' TA, Russellville. Eighth Row: Martha Evelyn WRIGHT, Holcombe Hall, Smackover; Richard YADA, North Little Rock; Mary YANCEY, X, Marianna; F. Faye YARBROUGH, 4-H House, Valley Spring; Daniel R. YOAKUM, Glad- son House, Fort Smith; Cynthia Ann YOUNG, Carnall Hall, Little Rock; Jimmy D. YOUNG, Nashville. Ssnator Fulbright holds head high as cheerleaders attempt to instill the " old school spirit " during legislative banquet. The Senator is a former UofA President. Some say the University has changed greatly since those days. - 164 first Ron;: Paul Albert ABDELLA, SAE, El Dorado; Martha Ann ACHER, AXfi, Tulsa. Okla.; Byron Alex- ander ADAMS, IIKA. Hath, New York; Harold Seth ADAMS, 2AE, Morrilton; Joseph Richard ADAMS, K2, Fort Smith; Thomas Ray ADAMS, North Little Rock. Second Row: John Winfield ADAMSON, Jr., Little Kr,k: James Newell AKERS. X, Harrison; James Mar- vin ALEXANDER, 2X, Heber Springs; Mary Ruth ALEXANDER, Fayetteville; Jerome Barkley ALFORD, Hot Springs; Marian Carole ALFORD, XSi, North Little Rork. Third Row: Carolyn Joyce ALLEN, Carnall Hall, L ' ad Hill; Donald Ross ALLEN, 2X, Conway; James D. ALLEN, Fayetteville; Vincent S. ALLISON, e. Fort Smith; John Garcia ALVAREZ, Greenwood; William Walt ANDERSON, K2, West Memphis. Fourth Row: Gerald ANDREWS, Magnolia; Sharon Mae ANGLIN, Springdale; Robert Henry ANTHONY, 2X, Fordyce; Toby Joseph ARMELLINI. Ripley, North Little Rock; Robert Walker ARRINGTON, William House, Nashville; Lynnetta Ruth ATWELL, AAJI, Crossett. Filth Row: Mina Jo AUSTIN, Fayetteville; Donna Idelle AXUM, AA.}, El Dorado; Gordon Glenn BABB, Stephens; Sherry Lee BABBIDGE, Fullerton, Calif.; Sam Ray BAILEY, Springdale; Farouk Ahmed BAJOUR, TKE, Beirut, Lebanon. Sixth Row: Bobby Joe BAKER, Yellville; Ronald Richard BAKER, Sedgwell, Little Rock; W. Leon BALDWIN, Eudora; Donald W. BALLARD, William House, Murf reesboro ; John Gordon BANKS, X, Harrison; Robert Clark BANKS, Williams House, Hot Springs. Uuni First Row: Julius BARIOLA, Jr., Droke House, Lake Village; Robert Joe BARNETT, William House, Har- rison; Frances BARRY, Holcombe Hall, Fort Smith; Louis Bryant BARRY, Ae, Fort Smith; Daniel Eugene BARTELL, 2X, North Little Rock; Patricia Joyce BAR- TON, AMI, Alton, 111. Second Row: Jenna Carol BASHAM, Futrall, Fort Smith; Robert M. BASSHAM, Wynne; Barbara G. BATES, AXfi, Little Rock, Robert Dale BATES, El Dorado; Mary M. BAXTER AF, Aurora, Mo.; Terry Robert BEAN, 6T, Benton. Third Row: Mary Kay BEAVERS, AMI, Little Rock; Murlyn L. BECK, Searcy; Margaret Nell BEDELL, Holcombe Hall, Van Buren; Carol Ellen BELL, ZTA, Shreveport, La.; Judy BELL, IIB , Dallas, Tex.; Jackie Lee BELLER, Sedgwell House, Alma. Fourth Row: Charles S. BENNETT, 2X, Fort Smith; Kenneth B. BENNETT, Carlisle; Thomas Ray BENTLEY, Gladson House, Russellville; Curtis Jackson BEQUETTE, Farmhouse, Lowell; Gerald Walter BEQUETTE, ATP, Farmington; Barbara Anne BEST, Xfi, Fayetteville. Filth Row: Harold Malcolm BICKFORD, Springdale; Joseph Thomas BI GGE, Sedgwell House, Mena; Mike Edward BIGGERSTAFF, Gladson House, Jacksonville; Charles BILBREY, Blytheville; Frank P. BLAIR, KS, North Little Rock; Larry L. BLANTON, TKE, Spring- field, S. D. 165 For photographers, the cheerleaders appear as one big happy family. Few remain to cheer after one year at the megaphone. John Banks seems, as usual, disinterested with the whole bit. Cheerleaders always try hard at first but lack of response is discouraging. First Roiv: Robin BLAYLOCK, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock; Peter Terrell BLEDSOE, Fayetteville; Carolyn Elizabeth BOELLNER, AAA, Arkadelphia; David Allen BOND, Sedgwell House, Jackson, Tenn. ; Ben Bedford BONE, William House, Des Arc; William Carson BOOTHE, Jonesboro; William Har- old BOSWELL. K2, Waldo; Joe David BOYD, Jacksonville; Judith Lee BOYD, ZTA, Alton, 111.; Raymond Gerald BOYD, Rogers; Jane BOYER, ZTA, Fayetteville. Second Row: Sheila Marie BOYLAN, IIB f , Batesville; Betty Lajuan BRACKIN, AAA, Shreveport, La.; David BRAGG, Acacia, Benton; Susan Marion BRANIGAN, AXfi, Fayette- ville; Jerri Jane BRASWELL, AAII, Fort Worth, Tex.; William Morgan BREWER, III, A6, Pine Bluff; Lowell Stanley BREWSTER, Fort Smith; Susan Kay BRIAN, AAA, Hot Springs; John Dudley BRIDGFORTH, ZAE, Forrest City; Judy Carol BROACH, XQ, Camden; John BROADMEADOW, Buchanan House, New Bedford, Mass. Third Row: Evan Lee BROTT, Fort Smith; David Joe BROWN, North Little Rock, Helen Jane BROWN, AAA, Little Rock; Patricia Lee BROWN, HB , Tulsa, Okla.; Richard Hugh BRUCE, Gladson House, Pine Bluff; Charles W. BRYANT, Fort Smith; Shearon C. BUFFALO, Futrall Hall, Little Rock; Harold Eugene BURCH, Hot Springs; Ronald D. BURCHETT, Bartlesville, Okla; Margaret Carol BURGE, XQ, Lake Village; James Q. BURGESS, 2AE, Strong. Fourth Row: John Herbert BURGESS, Lonoke; Judy Katherine BURGESS, ZTA, Hot Springs; Blanche Louise BURKE, KKF, Marianna; Thomas B. BURKE, Fayetteville; Zelpha Belle BURRIS, West Fork; Bob L. BURTON, Spring- dale; James David BURTON, 2AE, Newport; William Dicky BUSHMIAER, Z E, Van Buren; George Harrison BUTLER, 2AE, Fayetteville; Jesse Lee BUTLER, Springdale; John Edward BUTT, 2 E, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Reedy Robert BUZBEE, TKE, Fort Smith; David G. CADDELL, Jr., Gregson, Texarkana; William Jason CAIN, AFP, Berryville; Don Frank CALLAWAY, 2X, Lake Village; William D. CALVERT, AXA, Fort Smith; Edward D. CAMPBELL, Sedgwell, Fort Smith; Linda Ruth CAMP- BELL, Carnall Hall, Fort Smith; Betty Anne CANADAY, KB , Little Rock; Shirley Ann CANERDAY, Atkins; Don L. CAPLE, North Little Rock; Dianne Lee CAREY, AT, Morrilton. fWfc, . ' Wi m ,: aif 166 .- ' - t , ' ! H.U ! fa U: U U4 Ilk CAMP- I tat UNADAY. 1 First Row: Jamie Hudson CONDITT, X), Helena; ' Ansel Lynn CONDRAY, Little Rock; Stewart Michael CONDREN, Van Buren; Joseph Patrick CONNOLLY, Fayetteville; Carole Ann Cook, Holcombe Hall, Shreve- port. La.; Dorothy Jean COOK, Fayetteville. Second Row: Joe Lister Cook, 211, Branson, Mo.; Sidney Lehman COONCE, Sedgwell, Corning; Carole COOP, KKT, Hope; Ann Lee COOPER, Carnall Hall, Fort Smith; Gary Max COOPER, Almyra; Georgia Ruth COOPER, Gravette. Third Row. James N. COOPER, Acacia, Magazine: James J. COPELAND, Pittsburg, Kans.; Webster Taylor GOTTEN, Malvern; Scarlett CORN WELL, XQ, Darda nelle; Delano Talbert COTTON. Fayetteville; Maurice H. COURTNEY, Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: Robert Grierson COWIE, Paris; Linda Lou COX, OB , El Dorado; Myra Elizabeth COX, Car- nall Hall, Fulton; Cynthia Lee COXSEY, AAi, Berry- ville; Patricia Marie CRABB, Fayetteville; Jo Carol GRAIN, A.MT, Siloam Springs. Fifth Row: Sandra Sue CRAWFORD, Carnall Hall, McRae; Maxie Gayle CREEK, Bentonville; Fred L. CROOK, SIT, Harrisburg; Carolyn CROWLEY, AXJJ, Stamps; James William CRUM, Fayetteville; Michael Lee CRUSE, ZX, Little Rock. First Row: Robert Larry CARGILE, II K A, Little Rock; George CARNEY, Acacia, Bono; James Ronald CARNEY, Buchanan, Bono; Carol Ann CARROLL, Fut- rall. Pocahantas; Dick CARSON, Jr., ZX, Tulsa, Okla.; Austin Eugene CARTER, Calico Rock. Second Row: Jerry Dee CARTER, Hazen; Marl D. CARTER, Wilson Sharp, Lake City; Michael Cleveland CARTER, Buchanan House, Fort Smith; Sandra Sue CARTER, Carnall Hall, Texarkana; Bob Ed CARY, Little Rock; Esther Jane CENTER, AI ' , Siloam Springs. Third Row: Eva Jo CHAMBERS, Fayetteville; Gene CHAMBERS, 1IB . Danville; Catherine CHANCE, Xfl; Larry Lynn CHEATHAM, Little Rock; Charlotte CHERRY, Washington, D.C.; Gaylon CHILDRESS, Magnolia. Fourth Row: Patrick Jin-Man CHUNG, Droke House, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China; Rex Lee CLARK, Farm House, Fayetteville; Billy CLAY, Wilson Sharp, Marian- na; Neil Ray CLINE, Russellville; George Edward CLULOW, Little Rock; Mildred Marie COCCIA, Car- nall Hall, North Little Rock. Fifth Row: Alice Ann COFFMAN, XJ), Little Rock; Gnis James COGBURN, Sedgwell, Mt. Ida; Doris Ann COGER, A AH, Huntsville; Linda Margaret COLBY, Futrall Hall, Shreveport, La.; John Walton COLE, K2, Malvern; Patsy June COLE, 4-H House, Jonesboro. Sixth Row: Bruce Wayne COLEMAN, Farmhouse, Mountainburg; Douglas Stephen COLEMAN, IIKA, Siloam Springs; Elliott Randolph COLEMAN, Pine Bluff; Sue Ellen COLEMAN, HB , El Dorado; Jo Anna COLLINS, Rector; Linda Jane COLLINS, KKF, Little Rock. Uuni 167 Uuni First Row. James Edward DORRE, Hot Springs; Donald Wayne DOUGLAS, Fort Smith; Nancy Marlene DOUGLAS, Springdale; Theda Kathleen DOYLE, AAfl, Benton; Sharon Sue DRAKE, HB , Little Rock; Jacques Stephen DRAZSNZAK, Hot Springs. Second, Row: Charlotte Lee DRYER, Xn, Jonesboro; William Douglas DUCKETT, Droke, Williamsville, Mo.; Susan M. DULAN, A_m. Fayetteville; James A. DUN- KLE, AXA, Little Rock; Sue DUPREE, AAII, Little Rock; Jimmy Ray DURHAM, William House. Perry - ville. Third Row: Judy DURRETT, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock; Howard Alton EASTERLING, Malvern; Ronald Earl EDDY, Waldo; Barbara Ann EDWARDS, Hol- combe Hall, Bentonville; Connie Phyllis EKMAN, Hol- combe Hall, Eureka Springs; Ron Theron ELKINS, El Dorado. Fourth Row: Linda Sue ELLIS, AF, North Little Rock; Marion Eugene ELMORE, Sedgwell, North Little Rock; Diane ELROD, AAA, Texarkana; John Howard ENIS, Junction City; Barbara J. ENOCH, Scott House, Little Rock; William Bradford EOFF, 2X, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Donna Sue ERICKSON, HB , Fort Smith; William Earl ESTES, Buchanan House, Bates- ville; Patricia Ann EWING, Holcombe Hall, McGehee; Richard Ivy EZELL, AXA, Little Rock; Walter Robert FABINSKY, ITKA, Fairfax, Va.; Renay Michele FARLS, Rogers. Sixth Row: Dolores Ann FARRAR, ZTA, Hamburg; Robert Allen FAULKNER, William House, Paragould; Freddie Gene FAVOR, A0, Fayetteville; Bettye Low FELLINGER. AF, Fort Smith; Milton Lewis FELTCH. TKE, West Yarmouth, Mass.; Max FELTON, AXA, Fayetteville. First Row: Carolyn Raye CULBERTSON, AAII, Lamar, Mo.; Sharon Kay CUNNINGHAM, Carlson Ter- race, Kansas City, Mo.; James T. CURTIS, 2 J E, North Little Rock; Margy Ann CURTIS, KKF, Magnolia; Charles Wilfred CUSICK, Buchanan, Little Rock; Terry Otis DABBS, Hot Springs. Second Row: Dalton James DAILEY, Little Rock; Joseph Warren DALZELL, Fayetteville; Charles E. DANIEL, Jr., Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; Mona Carol DANIELS, Futrall, Charleston; Lawrence Grayson DAVENPORT, 2 fE, Fayetteville; Jerry Frank DAVID- SON, Ripley House, Rison. Third Row: James DA VIES, III, 2AE, Bauxite; James Michael DAVIS, 2 E, Morrilton; Jime Charles DAVIS, ZAE, Stephens; Julia Diane DAVIS, XS), Hughes; Thomas Odell DAVIS, Little Rock; Amanda Pauline DAWSON, AAIT, Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Michael Rogers DEADERICK, 2AE, Forrest City; Karen Ilise DEAN, AT, Springdale; John David DEARDORFF, Wichita, Kans.; Sheila Marilyn DEDMAN, AXn, Camden; Geri DESKIN, Fayetteville; Charles Henry DIGBY, William House, Norphlet. Filth Row: Jerry Edward DILL, Fayetteville; Evelyn Faye DILLAHUNTY, Holcombe Hall, Fort Smith- Frances DILLARD, AT, Hot Springs; Larry B. DIVER, 2X, Los Angeles, Calif.; Melvin Bruce DOBBS, AXA, North Little Rock; David Kern DOBER, 2 J E, Little Rock. 168 4 : ;; ioiic s Ejfiy -: Un I mo, :.,- :t D: Helen Carolyn FERRILL, AAA, Little Rock; Ronnie Dennis FEWELL, North Little Rock; Wilburn Glenn FIELDER, Paragould; Charles Leon FILIATREAU, A0, Little Rock; James Thomas FINCH, Alii, North Little Rock; James Cornelius FINE, Van Buren; Roy Joe FISK, Fort Smith; Kay FITZGERALD, AAA, Shreveport, La.; Thomas L. FLANAGAN, Charleston; Mary L. FLETCHER. Scott; John Sidney FOGG. K2, Widener. Second Row: Jennifer Anne FORD, AAII, Siloam Springs; Nancy E. FORD, A_}II, Benton; Calvin Leon FOX, Gentry; John M. FOX, William House, Little Rock; Leonard F. FRANCIS, Charleston; Margaret Jeanette FRAZIER, Carnall Hall, Camden; Rebecca Ann FRAZIER, _ir, Hot Springs; Thomas R. FRAZIER, Ripley House, Texarkana; Thomas H. FREE, 2X, Dumas; Linda Kaye FRICKER, Carnall Hall, DeValls Bluff; Normandie FRIGILLANA, ZTA, Fort Smith. Third Row: Dorothy Anne FRONING, KKF, Fayetteville; Terry Forrest FUGITT, AFP, Republic, Mo.; Thomas Howard FUQUA, ZAE, Texarkana; Bruce Iner GANN, A6, Fort Smith; Jerry GARDNER, SO, Texarkana; Carl Wade GAR- NER, zn. Heber Springs; Pat GARNER, ZTA, Stamps; Bobby G. CARNEY, Sedgwell House, Dierks; Jack GATE- WOOD, AX A, Poteau, Okla.; Carolyn Joyce GATTIS, Futrall Hall, Paris; James E. GAUNTT, Jr., William House, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Stelios George GIANNOPOULOS, Athens, Greece; Beth GIFFORD, IIB , Morrilton; William Cullen GIFFORD, Leola; Jack Alexander GILES, 2AE, Texarkana; Linda Sue GILL, Holcombe Hall, Dumas; Patrick Kurd GIL- LESPIE, Fort Smith; Gene GILLETTE, AF, Memphis, Tenn.; Diane GILLIAM, X, El Dorado; Joan Madolyn GLEGHORN, AAII, Neosho, Mo.; Carl E. GLENN, Jr., Batesville; Lawson Edward GLOVER, Malvern. Fifth Row: Angela Gay GOOSEY, XO, England; Frank J. GOEBEL, Fort Smith; Donald Scott GOODNER, Gladson House, Waldron; William A. GOODRUM, Hot Springs; E Kent CORDON. Sedgwell House, Bull Shoals; Walter Garland GRACE, AFP. Texarkana; Jimmy H. GRADY, Fort Smith: Paul J. GRAF, Sedgwell House, Mulberry; Alice Ann GRA- HAM, KKF, Warren; Gene C. GRAHAM, 2N, Blytheville- James Owen GRAHAM. 2 J E, Grove, Okla Attitude of " Splendor in the Grass " illustrates complacent attitude of many football fans who were shrewd enough to secure early parking place. Their surprise will come when they attempt to leave. Visitors are plagued with Fayetteville streets; students are simply plagued with Fayetteville. Father of Ail-American Billy Moore (far right) watches calmly while his son leads the attack for Arkansas in the Dad ' s Day game. With hat cocked back he reflects that famous Moore attitude of casualness. By the second half both father and son changed this when Baylor made its threatening drive. First Row: Bill C. GRAVE, IIKA, Fayetteville; Bruce Leon GRAVES, Siloam Springs; Gerald B. GRAVES, Fayetteville; John Samuel GRAVES, Fayetteville; John William GRAVES, 1 ' KE, Western Springs, 111.; Gean Walter GRAY, Fayetteville; Janet Ellen GRAY, KKF, Little Rock. Judy GRAY, KKF, Little Rock; Linda Sue GREEN, AAII, Malvern; Curtis Burette GRIFFITH, Acacia, Eudora; John R. GROBMYER, X, Little Rock. Second Row: Donna Louise GROOM, KKF, Hot Springs; Virginia Lee GRUMBLES, Futrall Hall, Little Rock; Gordon Dana GUEST, Ae, Pine Bluff; Emily Lynette GULLEY, Bentonville; Sharon GUTHRIE, AAII, Marshall; Kay Almarie HAFENBRAK, ZTA, Shreveport, La.; Nedra Carol HAGGARD, -1AII, Springdale; Barbara HA1LE, -i-i-i, Newport; Georganne Lowe HAIRR, Hope; J. Jan HALBERT, KKT, Malvern; Freddy Marion HALE, AFP, Berryville. Third Row: Jeanie HALE, ZTA, Marion; Judy HALE, AXf), Fayetteville; Sandra Kay HALEY, Holcombe Hall, Little Rock; Elizabeth Jeanne HALL, Futrall Hall, Texark- ana; Leon Allan HALL, ATO, Branch; Albert Patrick HANBY, IIKA, Berryville; Sherrie Anne HANKINS, KKF, Hope; Louis Atkins HARDMAN, Jr., KZ, Helena; Joyce Evelyn HARKINS, Futrall Hall, Donald; Joseph Watt HARLOW, Jr., Hot Springs; Granville T. HARPER, SS, Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Travis Eugene HARRELL, De Queen; Fred- erick Daniel HARRELSON, ZAE, Forrest City; Belinda Dawn HARRIS, Futrall Hall, Fayetteville; Garland Gand HARRIS, Alma; William Neal HART, Prairie Grove; Karyl Lee HARVEY, Carnall Hall, Coffeyville; Gerald Douglas HATFIELD, Sedgwell House, Hot Springs; Richard Franklin HATFIELD, 2X, Helena; William HAWKINS, K2, Lake Village;: Francis Lee HAYES, Fayetteville; Lynda Kay HAYES, Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Michael Terry HAYES. A6, Fort Smith; Virginia Leete HAYES, AXfi, Brownsville, Tex.; Arnold A. HAYNIE, Jr., Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; Ethel Lillian HAYS, Futrall Hall, Russellville; Pa,trick Allan HAYSj, Springdale; Julie Jane HEADSTREAM, X, Little Rock; Eugene Emmett HEARD, Etowah; Betha Sue HEFFINGTON, Futrall Hall, Paris; Frederick Clarence HEGI, North Little Rock; John Wayne HENDERSON, Little Rock; Jimm Larry HENDREN, Gravette. 170 . :, ., . bMFnA . .- : Wi tj First Row: Mari-Ann HENDRICKS, AAA, Fayette- ville; R. V. HENLEY, Gladson, Norphlet; Terry Joe HENLEY, Gladson House, Mansfield; William A. HEN- LEY, 2 E, McGehee; Troy Floyd HENSON, Sedgwell, Mt. Holly; Floyd Ray HERN, Hartman. Second Row: David Patrick HERNDON, Little Rock; R. Wayne HERNDON, Little Rock; James L. HEWETT, Charleston; Philip HICKY, ZAE, Forrest City; H. Sammy HILBURN, 2X, Walnut Ridge; Robert George HILD, Sedgwell House, Fayetteville. Third Row: Ralph Wayne HILL, Harrison; Ronald E. HILL, North Little Rock; Thomas J. HILL, SX, Little Rock; Tim C. HINKLE, 2N, Little Rock; Jake William HINSHAW, Little Rock; Charles A. HOBBS, North Little Rock. Fourth Row: Robert Lewis HODGES, Ripley House, Mena; Thomas Gene HOGGARD, II K A, Lake Village; Virgil Harold HOLDER, Swifton; Dale Eugene HOL- LAND, Fayetteville; Linda Ann HOLLAND, Holcombe Hall, Berry ville; Donna HOLLEY, Holcombe Hall, Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Dwight HOLLEY, 2X, Little Rock; Wil- liam Creighton HOLLY, ATI), Stuttgart; Allan Lynn HOLMES, Belleville; Thomas W. HOLMES, Little Rock; Wayland D. HOLYFIELD, A6, Little Rock; Jon HOOD, Bentonville. Sixth Row: Charles Douglas HOOKS, Farm House, Prescott; Mary Sue HORNOR, Xfi, Little Rock; Roth J. HORNER, 2N, Hot Springs; Maung Ye HTUT, Monywa, Burma; Sandy Lynn HUBBARD, ZTA, Little Rock; Marsha O ' Day HUDLOW, Carnall Hall, Arling- ton, Va. Uuni First Row: Robert L. HUDSON, William House, Calico Rock; Doyle Murphy HUGHES, Jr., William House, Malvern; Stephen Parker HUTCHENS, Gladson House, Monett, Mo.; Barbara Lee HUTT, Carlson Ter- race, North Little Rock; Lewis Wayne HYDEN II, Springdale; Elton Stephen IRBY, 2 E, Little Rock. Second Row: Melvin Charles IRELAND, Hiwasse; Wayne C. IRSCH, Tulsa, Okla.; David E. ISAACS, Droke House, Claremore, Okla.; J. Garrett JACKSON, Droke House, Fordyce; John Edward JACKSON, TKE, Leachville; Paul W. JACKSON, Sedgwell House, Luxora. Third Row: Sue Carolyn JACKSON, IIB , Poca- hontas; William Levi JACKSON, 2IT, Springdale; George Russell JACOBS, AXA, Pine Bluff; Mary Jane JAN- SEN, X5i, Walnut Ridge; Robin Moani JANSSEN, AXO, Paia, Maui, Hawaii; Andre JENSEN, Ardmore, Penn. Fourth Row. Mary Anne JERRY, AXQ, Junction City; Charles Alexander JOHNSON, Fayetteville; Darla Ann JOHNSON, Springdale; Doris Evelyn JOHNSON, Springdale; Robert Loyd JOHNSON, Fort Smith; Don R. JOHNSTON, Droke House, Ashdown. Fifth Row: Allen N. JONES, 2AE, Scott; Annette JONES, Little Rock; Emmett Bumpass JONES, Jr., Huntsville; Jerrah Wayne JONES, K2, North Little Rock; Larry M. JONES, Little Rock; Mary Karolyn JONES, Fayetteville. 171 First Row: Maurus Thomas JONES, Buchanan House, Little Rock; Robert N. JONES, 2 E, Fayetteville ; Ron- ald Paul JONES, 2 E, Hope; William L. JONES, Jack- sonville; Robin Jane JORDAN, KKF, Pine Bluff; Beverly Ann JOYCE. AAA, Little Rock. Second Row: Thomas Leo JUNKERSFELD, AX A, McLean; Tommy Franklin JUSTUS, Sedgwell, Imboden; Jerry M. KARBER. Amity; Beverly Kaye KARSTADT, Carnall Hall, Coffeyville; Dan KAYS, Sedgwell, Little Rock; Robert Farrow KEATHLEY, AFP, Belleville. Third Raw: Joe Neil KEETON, Mansfield; Harry Keith KEIFER, Sedgwell House, Mulberry; Carol KER- BY, KKF, North Little Rock; Lemuel Harriss KERR, 2N, El Dorado; William Milton KIDDER, 2N, Fort Smith; Ann KILGORE, KKF, Cabot. Fourth Row: William Richard KING, Harrison; Sallie Jane KINMAN, OB , Roswell, N. Mex.; Ragon Don KINNEY, AXA, Bauxite; Diana Jean KIRKMAN, Carn- all Hall, Houston, Mo.; Billy Ray KISOR, Huntsville; Chester Lee KITCHENS, A6, Magnolia. Fifth Row: James Kenneth KNIGHT, Ripley House, Perryville; Phillip KOLB, McGehee; John Paul KRUSE, Fort Smith; William A. LAFFERTY, 2X, Helena; Sheere Lynn LAMMERS, ZTA, Stuttgart; Anna Willene LANGLEY, Futrall Hall, Little Rock. Uuni f ru i First Row: Mary Judith LARUMER, Carnall Hall, Wichita, Kan.; James Hosea LARRISON, Little Rock; Van Wayne LEE, Fort Smith; William Charles LEIDY, William House, Little Rock; John Anthony LEONE, Jamestown, New York; Charles Fredrick LEROY, Fort Smith. Second Row: Janet Lou LEROY, Fayetteville; Jam?s Edward LESLIE, Springdale; William Larry LEWIS, Lonoke; Patti Kaye LIGON, A An, Augusta; Barbara Sue LILES, Fort Smith; James Caraway LILLY, Gladson House, Little Rock. Third Row: Elizabeth Ann LINDSTROM, KKT, Springdale; James Dale LINEBARGER. Morrilton; Julia Margaret LITTLE, ZTA, Pine Bluff; Charles Earl LLOYD, 2X, McGehee; Sue LLOYD, KKF, Fort Smith; Joe Bateman LOCKE, Sedgwell, Stuttgart. Fourth Row: David LONG, ZAE, Texarkana; Delmar L. LONG, Fort Smith: Gordon Leslie LONG, Springdale; Zonola May LONGSTRETH. AAR, Little Rock; Gary Keith LOONEY, 2X, Tulsa, Okla.; Gyula LOVASZ, Rip- ley House, El Dorado. Fifth Row: William Earle LOVE, Jr., 2AE, Morril- ton; Kathryn LOWE, ZTA, Monticello; Samuel Martin LOWRY, Droke House, McGehee; Emil S. LYNCH, William House, Hot Springs; Shirley Dell LYON, KKI " , Fort Smith; Gordon Edward McCARTY, K2, Helena. Sixth Row: Pamela McCASLAND, ZTA, Jefferson, Tex.; Richard Allen McCAULEY, Pine Bluff; Patricia Ann McCLINTON, Berryville; Roslyn McCOLLUM, XJJ, Stuttgart; Susan Helen McCORD, XQ, Camden; Luckett MCDONALD, 172 P 1 .: - 1 ImDn UBU Cm. ... . on. .. I ' r n Firs OM : Charles Edward McDUFFIE, SH, Crossett; Phillis Grace McFARLAND, Fayetteville; Roy Eugene Mc- FARLAND, Jr., Fort Smith; Robert Holt McGILL, HKA, Marked Tree; Sharon Kay McGINTY, AAH, Neosho, Mo.; Vivan L. McHONE, Holcombe Hall, Lincoln; John Paul Mc- KAY. Clarendon; Jerry D. McKENNEY, Acacia, Fort Smith; Samuel R. McKENNEY, Subiaco; Robert Henry McKINNEY, William House, Little Reck; Leslie Thomas McKNELLY, Wil- son Sharp, Little Rock. Second Row: William Nick McKOWN, William House, Fort Smith; Pegey McLEAN, XJJ, Little Rock; Robert L. MAER- TENS, Benton; James Edward MAGNESS, Wilson Sharp, Hot Springs; Tom Harding MAGNESS, Branson, Mo.; Christine Veronica MAILER, AAA. Fort Smith; Z. M. MAJEWSKI, Pine Bluff: Celia Rose MALOCH, 4-H House, Osceola: Bobby J. MALONEY, Rogers; Lawrence Payne MALPICA, 2AE, Con- way; James Ellis MARRS, ATP, Magazine. Third Row: John J. MARSCHEWSKI, Ripley House, West Helena; Art Bradley MARTIN. JR., Fort Smith; Carole Sue MARTIN, Holcombe Hall, Mabelvale; Dorothy Ann MARTIN, Holcombe Hall, Rogers; Joyce Sue MARTIN, AXfi, Benton; Rex Albert MARTIN, 9T, Marshall; William Lee MASON, El Dorado; Floyd John MASSEY II, IIKA, Hot Springs; John Francis MATHEWS, AXA, Jonesboro; Lewis H. MATHIS, AXA, Blytheville; Bill MATHEWS, 2X, El Dorado. Fourth How: Ben Larry MAXEY, William House, Fort Smith; Melinda MEEK, ZTA, Warren; John Robert MEIBORG, Feiton, Mo.; Henry Milton MEINECKE, Hot Springs; Maureen MELBOURN, Futrall Hall, Rogers; Joe K. MERRICK, Miller, Mo.; Larry Wayne MEYER, ZN, Mt. Vernon, Mo.; Jerry L. MILEY, Gravette; Michael Bradley MILLEN, ZN, Hot Springs; William Norman MILNER, Benton; Ronnie H. MINNICK, Z4 E, Foreman. Filth Row: Robert Douglas MIZE, Bauxite; Melvin F. MOBBS, North Little Rock; Jayne Ann MOBLEY, ITB J , Tulsa, Okla.; Lynn MOBLEY. Traskwood; Bryan MOERY, IIKA, Wynne; Robert Joseph MOIX, 6T, Conway; Marvin E. MOLES. SX, Harrison; Celestine MONTAGUE, Scott House, Little Rock; Lackey Gene MOODY, Batesville; B. Maurice MOORE, Sedgwell House, Monticello; Burton Allan MOORE, K2, Lonoke. Pep band performs for one of the many impromptu rallies. The quality of their music certainly would not win any prizes but the band serves the task of " just making lots of noise " . Homecoming Queen Rosemary Privett appears delighted at crowd ' s response to one of few humorous events of the ceremony. The moody little flower girl who stalled the show for a moment was gallantly rescued by Jerry Don May (in suave sunglasses). Campus " leaders " escort the girls, who go with players. First Row: Charlie Kenneth MOORE, 2N, El Dorado; Donna Sue MOORE, AX, Flippin; James H. MOORE, Jr., Sedgwell House, Perryville; Thomas Stephen MOORE, Humph- reys Hall, Mena; Paul W. MOREHART, AX A, Little Rock; Herbert Leroy MORELAND, Jr., Sedgwell House, El Dorado; Charlotte Corinne MORRIS, X, North Little Rock; Jack MORSE, Oscelola; Thomas George MORTON, Jr., Humphreys Hall, Little Rock; Martha Elizabeth MOSELEY, ITB , Alicia; Nancy Lee MOSS, AXfi, Hot Springs. Second Row: George Ronald MOTLEY, Little Rock; Gordon Boler MOTT, 2AE, Fort Smith; Danny Byr on MULHOLLEN, Ripley House, Rector; William Alfred MULKEY, Cabot; James MYRICK, Erath, La.; Marie NARISI, ZTA, Fort Smith; Phillipe David NAVE, Newport; Robert L. NEIGHBORS, ITKA, North Little Rock; Ronald Hershell NELSON, Acacia, Benton; Linda Sue NEVIUS, AT 1 , Mountain Home; Jerry Lynn NEWCOMB, Sedgwell House, Batesville. Third Row: Darrel Dean NEWKIRK, Hot Springs; Gloria Sue NEWMAN, Springdale; Ted Bryan NICHOLS, Star City; Lewis Jan NORDIN, ITKA, Alma; Donald Wayne NORVELL, Gladson House, Harrison; James Lloyd NOWELL, 2AE, Nash- ville; Sandra Sue NUNNALLY, Holcombe Hall, Pine Bluff; Diane Lucile NYSTROM, Mountain Home; Leonard D. O ' BAR, William House, Fort Smith; Patrick Franklin O ' CONNOR, Gladson House, Little Rock; Donald L. OGLESBY, Hope. Fourth Row: Lawrence Richard OLIVER, AFP, Stuttgart; Rebecca Jane O ' NEAL, 4-H House, Paragould; Jerry D. ORLER, 211, Fayetteville; Hilton Freelanp OSBORNE, ATO, Fayetteville; May Belle OSBORNE, Bentonville; Kenneth Lee OSWALD, 2 E, Helena; Jerry Kennith OTT, ATO, Flippin; Teddy J. OVERTON, Springdale; Dennis PADDIE, 2X, Hope; Jerry B. PARK, Clarksville; Charles Robert PARKER, 2AE, Lewisville. Fifth Row: Mary Lynne PARKER, Rolla; Mary Jo PAR- HAM, IIB , Fordyce; Nancy S. PARR, AAA, Hot Springs; Danny Lee PATRICK, Delanley; A. Knox PATTERSON, 2N, Little Rock; Ernest Eudox PATTERSON, 2N, Little Rock; James Norman PATTERSON, Lavaca; William Edward PAULI, Gladson House, Little Rock; J. Neale PAYNE, K2, Marked Tree; Mearl Clinton PEARCY, Buchanan House, Greenwood; Eva Marie PEARSON, Futral Hall, Pine Bluff. u " MOBUTU, :- I itt h fe; fm A : 14 kk: IfaEMPAliU f OH a VnU .!Wt Gamut; first Sow: Lonnie W. PRUETT, Sheridan; Charles Floyd PUDLAS, Greenwood; Judith Ann PYEATTE, Fayetteville; Anne QUINN, AAA, Hot Springs; Linda Kay RAGSDALE. Carnall Hall, Hot Springs; Nancy Marie RAINEY, Futrall Hall, Walnut Ridge. Second Row: R. Ted RAMER, Ripley House, Wil- liamsburg, Va.; Robert Ray RAPIER, Dumas; Herbert Lynn RAY. SIT, Springdale; Bobbie Jean REAGAN, IIB , Danville; Eleann Ann RECTOR, IIB4 , Little Rock; Tommy Aikin REED, Sedkwell House, Pine Bluff. Third Row. Nelson Franklin REID, Gladson House, Casa; Walter Ralph RELYEA, Almyra; Kenneth Y. RHODES, Stuttgart; Vicki Ellen RHODES, AAA, Hazen; Jacky RICHARDSON, 2IT, Hot Springs; Betty Catherine RIGGAN, 2TA, Marion. Fourth Row: David Richard RIGGS, Fort Smith; Mike RIGGS. A9; Charlotte Ann RIKE, Holcombe Hall, Hope; Martha Paulette RILEY, Futrall Hall, Port- ageville, Mo.; Bruce Ingram ROBERTS, Sedgwell House, Pine Bluff; Frances Jane ROBERTS, Holcombe Hall, North Little Rock. Fifth Row: Freddy Lee ROBERTS, McGehee; James Garry ROBERTS, TKE, Harrison; John N. ROBERTS, SN, Little Rock; Linda ROBERTS, KKT, Texarkana; Sidney C. ROBERTS, Little Rock; Gary ROBINSON, Wilson Sharp, Little Rock. first Row: Julie Burton PECK, IIB . Hope; Stephen Winfield PELPHREY, A6, Rogers; Thomas Roy PENNINCTON, Bald Knob; Vicki Rose PENTON, Hoi- inlie Hall, North Little Rock; Ina May PERSING, Holcombe Hall, Gravette; Prisicilla Jane PETERSON, 2TA, Alton, HI. Second Row: Hubert Charles PETERSON, Marshall; Jane PETERSON, Carnall Hall, Branson, Mo.; Dennis Clark PETTY, Springdale; Bill C. PHARIS, Sedgwell House, Fort Smith; John A. PHARIS, A6, Little Rock; Lawrence Dale PHARR, Farm House, Summers. Third Row: Billy Wayne PHILLIPS, Springdale; Larry Gene PHILLIPS, AFP, Booneville; Linda Edythe PHILLIPS, Futrall Hall, Fontana, Calif.; John Marion PICKELL, K2, Bartlesville, Okla.; Margaret Ellen PINKERTON, Carnall Hall, Fort Smith; Nelta Jean PINKERSON, AF, Camden. Fourth Row: Jerry Dean PINSON, SAE, Harrison; Daniel Jacob PIPKIN, Malvern; Edgar Cedric PITTS, Jr., Little Rock; Michael R. PLATT, Springdale; Jerry L. PLUMMER, ZX, North Little Rock. Fifth Row: Charles Herbert POPE, Greenville, Miss.; G. Greig PORTER, Fort Smith; JoEllen PORTER, Helena; Robert Hurt PORTER, Jr., 2 E, West Helena; David Lee POWERS, Gregson Hall, Poplar Bluff; John W. PRATHER, Little Rock. Sixth Row: Charles Robert PRATT, Buchanan, Ben- tonville; Terry Allen PRESTON, Buchanan Hall, Joplin, Mo.; MariBeth PREWITT, XO, Tillar; Bill H. PRIAKOS, AO, Fort Smith; Daryl Scott PRICE, Springdale; Douglas Everett PROCTOR, AXA, Wynne. Uuni 175 Ti i mm IHj H jf M . . F M Ml L- i w ir k First Row: Stanley Maurice ROBINSON, Ripley House, Success; Ramona Jeraldean ROE, Carnall Hall Yellville; Ann Miller ROGERS, _U-i, Little Rock; Harold Wesley ROGERS, AFP, Magazine; Mabel Faye ROGERS 4-H House, Havana; Ron G. ROGERS, Placentia, Calif Second Row: Dorothy Susan ROSE, Futrall Hall. Fort Smith; George Alan ROSE, 2AE, Fayetteville; Marshall Craig ROSS, Dermott; Susan Jane ROSS II H , Joplin, Mo.; John Douglas ROTERT, Sedgweli House, Fort Smith; Mattalou ROTH, IIB , Siloam Springs. Third Row: Michael ROTHMAN, TKE, Hot Springs; Richard ROTHWELL, Quitman: George Ernest ROUSE, Fayetteville; Donald Ray ROWE, Van Buren; Johnny Ray RUMLEY, Acacia, Rogers; Jon Mark RUNDLE, William House, Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: William Alfred RUNYAN, Z E, Little Rock; Regina Rae RUSHING, Carnall Hall, Fayette- ville; Karen Jeanne RUSSELL, Favetteville; Douglas Gene RYE, Fayetteville; William Robert SAMPSON, Gladson House, Romeo, Mich.; Judy SANCHEZ, ZTA, Rogers. Filth Row: Angela SANDERS, Holcombe Hall, North little Rock: Shirley Ma- SANDERS, Holcombe Hall, Hamburg: Katherine SAVERS, Xfi, Camden; Margherita S " e SCARAMUZZA, AX, Midland; Patsy Ann SCH- LEIFF, Futrall Hall, Fort Smith; Carolyn SCHNEIDER FIH , Fort Smith. Uuni firs ROM, ' : Herman Ernest SCHOLZE, Waldenburg; Ron SCHUH, Gladson House, Little Rock; Victor Joseph SCHUMACHER, North Little Rock; Jerry Samuel SEA- RAN, Pine Bluff; Louis Don SEITER, Conway; Beria Lena SEITZ, Carnall Hall, Berry ville. Second Row: Janet Ann SELPH, Holcombe Hall. Bunion; Sharon SHADDOX, ZTA, Harrison; Donald Lewis SHALMY, Pine Bluff; Betty Jo SHARP, Prairie Grove; Nancy Louise SHARP, AI Joplin, Mo.; Roy Neil SHARP, William House, Evening Shade. Third Row: Zelton Dave SHARP, KZ, Lake Village; Robert Van SHAVER, AFP, Cave City; Sneed SHAW, KZ, Marked Tree; George Ellis SHELTON, 2AE, Fay- etteville; James B. SHELTON, Little Rock; Rhea Louise SHELTON, KKF, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: John J. SHIMEK, Hazen; James Ernest SHINN, Ae, Russellville; James Edward SHIRK, Jack- sonville; Charlotte Sue SHORT, AF, Salem; Paul D SIEPMAN, TKE, Scotia 2, N. Y.; Edwina SILCOTT, KKF, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Judy Nolen SIMMONS, Mountainburg; Vicki SIMMONS, I7B , Siloam Springs; Michael Geore SIMON, Conway; Buck Herman, SIMPSON, Z E, Ash- down; Kenneth Franklin SIMS, Hot Springs; Robert Lee SIMS, Mt. Ida. Sixth Row: Cherry Letitia SINGLETON, XI), Mag- nolia; Charles Paul SISCO, Springdale; Joyce Dell SIVLEY, Danville; Hazel Ottair SKAGGS, Bentonville; Jeanne Fran SKIPPER, Holcombe Hall, Cleveland; Con- nie Joyce SLAY, AXfi, Blue Mountain. 176 ssssi ssr " , ' : - ' - ROM;: Marlin Leon SLOCUM, Hickory Ridge; Byron Wade SMILEY, Hot Springs; Chester Loy SMITH, Acacia, Rogers; Doyne Douglas SMITH, Gladson House, Lake Village; Ellen SMITH, Xfi, Little Rock; Freddie M. SMITH, Hope; Harold Ray SMITH, Farmhouse, Reiser; James Wilbur SMITH, Fort Smith; Judith Ann SMITH, IIB , McGehee; Robert A. SMITH, Elaine; Robert Dean SMITH, 2AE, Little Rock. Second Row: Sebern Joseph SMITH III, Pine Bluff; Susan Margaret SMITH, A, Blytheville; Thurman Allen SMITH, Ripley House, Bradford; Martha Leona SNYDER, Holcombe Hall Camden; James Paul SODEN, Tuckerman; Jerry Lynn SONDEREGGER, Fort Smith; Richard Sorrells, Hot Springs; Roy Gene SPEARS, Siloam Springs; James Melvin SPECK, AXA, Osceola; William Clifford SPEER, Fort Smith; Larry R. SPENCE, ZAE, Texarkana. Third Row: Mary Ann SPENCER, Futrall Hall, Fort Smith; Jerry Dewayne SPICER, Bradford; Jean Gentry SPITZE, Berry- ville; Buddy Brown SPIVEY, THE. Cherry Hill, N.J.; Clifton Michael SPRUELL, ZN, Hot Springs; Arthur Edwin SQUIRE, Jr., K, Fort Smith; Genevieve STACY, Futrall Hall, Omaha; Rodney Terry STANGER, TKE, Mt. Home; John Hopkins STANLEY, Jr., 2 E, Augusta; James Thomas STEED, For- rest City; Caryl STEPHENS, Holcombe Hall, Marion. Fourth Row: Jimmie Patricia STEPHENS, Holcombe Hall, Hot Springs; John H. STEPHENS, 2 E, Marion; Paul C. STEPHENS, Blevins; William Thomas STEPHENS, ZAE, Crossett; Steve STEPHENS, KZ; Lola Virginia STEWART, AA Helena; Sam Joe STEWMAN, Humphreys Hall, Mena; Janice Marie STONE, Carnall Hall, Altheimer; Patricia La- Verne STOREY, Fayetteville; Laura Mae STOUT, Fayette- ville; Merrilee Arafaith STREUN, ZTA, Shreveport, La. Fifth Row: Nathan Edward STEICKLAND, 211, Bald Knob; Scott D. STUART, K2, Fort Smith; Charlotte SULCER, AXtt, Palestine; William R. SULLIVAN, Jr., 24 E, Shreve- port, La.; Robert Earl SUMMER, Ripley House, Carlisle; Kenneth Wayne SUTTON, Mountain View; James Edward SWAFFORD, Buchanan House, Poplar Bluff; Cecilia Mildred SWAIM, XQ, North Little Rock; Albert Kent SWANSOM, Sheridan; Richard Stanley SWEET, Eureka Springs; John Thomas TATUM, Danville. Band Day at UofA brought numerous high school bands to campus to per- form at halftime of Tulsa game. What bands lacked in virtuosity, they made up for in enthusiasm. First Row: Juliette TATUM, IIB , Marked Tree; David Wayne TAYLOR, Gladson House, Russellville; Judy Lynn TAYLOR, Futrall Hall, DeQueen; Wendell Martin TAYLOR, Mansfield; Phillip Arthur TERRY, Harrison; Sam L. TERRY, ZX, St. Charles. Second Row: Ruth Ann TESKE, Futrall Hall, Hous- ton, Tex.; Sylvia Cathey THIBAULT, Futrall Hall, Norphlet; A. Henry THOMAS, KZ, Little Rock; Donna Anne THOMAS, Futrall Hall, Smackover; Lloyd Roy THOMAS, Leachville; Margaret Luann THOMAS, AAA, Helena. Third Row: David E. THOMASON, Alpena; Charles N. THOMASSON, William House. Caruthersville; Eric Stephen THOMPSON, Droke House, Pottsville; Gordon Howard THOMPSON, AFP, Parks; Virginia Jill THOMPSON, IIB , Fort Smith; Bettve Sue THORN- TON, Futrall Hall, Camden. Fourth Row: Marty THURLBY, AAII, FayetteviOe; Marland C. THURSTON, Hiwasse; Donald Fay TIB- BITS, Natural Dam; Paul L. TILEY, Fort Smith; Lewis Carl TILLEY, Ripley House, Harrison; Mary Kay TINK- ER. AF, Mobile, Ala. Fifth Row: Helen Delores TISDALE, Fayetteville; Ronald Wayne TOOTHAKER, Van Buren; Kay Ann TORBETT, Carnall Hall, Morrilton; Leanne TOWN- SEND, AAII, Jackson, Tenn.; Lawrence Glenn TRAM- MEL, Jr., A6, Little Rock; Donald Stevens TRAVIS, Buchanan House, Judsonia. Sixth Row: Darrell N. TUCKER, Fayetteville; Janna Lynn TULL, Carnall Hall, Crossett; James L. TURNER, DeQueen; Robert Eugene TURNER, Greenwood; Wilma Jane TURNER, West Fork; James Wendell TYSON, Humphreys Hall, Mansfield. Uuni First flow: Joe S. UMBERGER, Jr.; John David UNDERWOOD, Mountain View; Carl Garld UTTEY, Hardy; Frances Rebecca UTLEY, AAA, Blytheviile; Suz- anne VAN DOVER, KO, Marianna; Sandra Mario VAR- NER, AI North Little Rock. Second Row: Karappurath VASUDEYAN, Kandass- ankadavu, Kerala, India; Roberta VAUGHAN, AAA; Mart VEHIK, 24 E, Fort Smith; Ronald George VER- MILLION, Sedgwell House, West Fork; Sally Ruth VILLINES, Holcombe Hall, Siloam Springs; Michael E. VINSON, ZN, Jonesboro. Third Row: John David VISE, Little Rock; Warren Lee VOGEL, Marion, Kan.; Tommie WAG ASTER, Hol- combe Hall, Harrison; Grant WAGNER, Fort Smith; Paul Charles WAGNER, IIKA, Blytheviile; George Rea WALKER, Jr., Wilson Sharp, Stoweville, Miss. Fourth Row: John Nelson WALKER, 2X, Kansas City, Mo.; Phillip WALKER, 2X, Forrest City; Roy Leon WALKER, Greenwood; Patricia Ann WALL, AAA, Glendale, Mo.; George Kirk WALLACE, North Little Rock; Nancy Ruth WALLACE, AF, Clarksville. Fifth Row: Lyndell Harlan WALRAVEN, Fort Smith; Roy Otis WALTERS, 6T, Heber Springs; Cleo Ade WALTON, Mt. Ida; Bud Mansfield WARD, Sedgwell House, Joplin, Mo.; Johnny Joseph WARD, William House, Pine Bluff; Stanley L. WARD, ATO, Benton. Am tlU HUHIN , 178 - . s ... , J ' fcn: Iiy Am i ' 5 first Row: James Leslie WILLIAMS, Humphreys Hall, Magnolia; James Marcus WILLIAMS, Webster Groves, Mo.; James Melvin WILLIAMS, Camden; Marci Ann WILLIAMS, IIB , Fayetteville; Walter Edward WILLIAMSON, Ripley House, Falls Church, Va.; Carole Ann WILSON, Futrall Hall, Joplin, Mo. Second Row: Earl Wayne WILSON, Viola; Glen Dale WILSON, IIKA, Dermott; Lynda Gail WILSON, Futrall Hall, Magnolia; Mary Jo WILSON, IIB . Hot Springs; Sharon Kay WILSON, AAA, Springdale; Shirley Ann WILSON, Holcombe Hall, Aurora. Third Row: Robert Joseph WINN, 2 E, Fort Smith; James Terrell WOFFORD, Clinton; Harvey Erwin WOOD, K2, Marvell; Kenneth E. WOOD, Norfork- Suellen WOOD, KKF, Texarkana; Virgie Ruth WOOD, Winslow. Fourth Row: John Michael WOODS, Williams House, Texarkana; James C. WOODSON, Amity; Herman Franklin WOOLARD, West Helena; Elizabeth Anne WRIGHT, A n, North Little Rock; Howell Furlen WRIGHT, William House, Lonoke; Orville E. WRIGHT, Amity. Fifth Row: Tilden P. WRIGHT, Blytheville; George Michael Y ANKER, Little Rock; William Clyde YAR- BROUGH, Jr., Caruthersville; Randolph Ewald YEAR- GIN, Gladson House, North Little Rock; Carolyn Gille YOUNG, AXtt, Bellaire, Tex.; Mary Patricia ZIMPEL, AXn, Clarksville. First Row: William Harold WARD, Monticello; Caro- lyn Lee WARMOUTH, HB+, Little Rock; Jacquelyn C. WARREN, XTA, Fort Smith; Carolyn Louise WAR- RINER, xn, Pine BluII; John Dickson WATKINS, K2, Hope; Fred David WATSON, Springdale. Second Row: Janet Una WATSON, ZTA, Fayette- ville; Lee Ann WEATHERFORD, Eureka Springs; Mary Frances WEAVER, Carnall Hall, Crane, Mo.; Mary Jane WEBB, HB , Helena; John George WEBER, William House, Rogers; Linda Paulette WEIR, 4-H House, London. Third Row: Robert J. WELBORN, Razorback Hall, Harrison; Donna WELLHAUSEN, KKF, North Little Rock; James Doyle WESSON, Texarkana; Donald James WEST. Williams House, Magnolia; Larry WEWERS, Fort Smith; Virginia WHATLEY, Carnall Hall, Tex- arkana. Fourth Row: William Blaine WHEELER, King; Jack Franklin WHILLOCK, Wilson Sharp, Clinton; Margaret L-.iiise WHITCHURCH, AXfi, Fayetteville; Carol Jayne WHITE, AAA, Fort Smith; Drexel Clyne WHITE, Farm- ington; Margo Elaine WHITE, ZTA, Joplin, Mo. Fifth Row: Patricia Kay WHITE, AAA, Dardanelles Patsygail WHITE, Carnall Hall, Summers; Sherri WHITE, AF, Seattle, Washington; Leonard Allen WIG- GINS, Gladson House, Gepp; Thomas Calvin WIG- GINS, Paris; Berry James WILLCOX, AX A, Hot Springs. Sixth Row: Susie WILCOXSON, IIB , Walnut Ridge; Frank WILDER, A6, Fort Smith; Joyce Anne WIL- HELM, AF, Springdale; Bobby Glenn WILLIAMS, Dyess; Carol Dianne WILLIAMS, Futrall Hall, Latham, 111.; Carole Lynn WILLIAMS, AAA, Morrilton. Uuni fa M 179 Abel Abington Anderson, R. W. Anderson, R. Adams Alexander, E. A. Alexander, J. R. Anderson, W. E. Anthony, J. M. Anthony, J. P. First Row: EDWARD WENDELL ABEL: Business Admin- istration; Stuttgart. EUGENE H. ABINGTON: Banking and Finance; Beebe. KAREN ADAMS: Elementary Education, Social Studies; Paris, Tex.; Carnell Hall; A_in ; Young Demo- crats; Education Club. ELIZABETH ANN ALEXANDER: Music Education; Helena; KKF; 2AI; Schola Cantorum; Student Union Music Chairman; AWS; WRA. JOHN R. ALEXANDER: Mathematics; Camden; William House. HUGH ALEXANDER: Marketing; Hot Springs; AX A, Secretary; Marketing Club, Treasurer; BF2; AK ; H2; H2 t ; Young Democrats Club. CAROLYN ELIZABETH ALFREY: Business Education. English; Bentonville. JACQUELYN SUE ANDER- SON: English; Camden; Xfi, Corresponding Secretary; Civic Club; Student Senate; Fulbright, Vice-President; AWS; WRA. Second Row: ROBERT WILLIAM ANDERSON, Jr.: Gen- eral Business; Pine Bluff; Wilson Sharp; " A " Club. ROSS ANDERSON, Jr.: Industrial Engineering; El Dorado; SN, Secretary; 911; AIIE; Sedgwell House, President; MIHC. WALTER E. ANDERSON: General Business; Dumas; 4 A9; ITTZ; TBII; IIME. JAMES MUSE ANTHONY: Music and French; Fort Smith; H2. JOHN PHILIP ANTHONY: Music and French: Fort Smith; H2. JUDITH DIANNE ARM- STRONG: Education; Crossett; Holcombe Hall; Elementary Club; AWS. JOE DOUGLAS ARNN: Accounting; Dermott: William House; Accounting Association; SAM. CHARLES ALEX ARTZT: Insurance, Real Estate; Fort Smith; KZ. lit I ciui LO ia: Austin, J. S. Babbidge, M. J. Atkins Awtry Atkinson Babbidge, D. M. First Row: WILLIAM ROBERT ATKINS: General Business; Chid- ester; SAM; Marketing Club. CAROLYN CEARLEY ATKINSON: Ele- mentary Education: Fayetteville; AWS; Elementary Club; ZTA. JAR- REI.L SUMMERFIELD AUSTIN: Agronomy-Agriculture: Mount Ida. JOHN W. AUSTIN: Civil Engineering: Daisy; ASCE. NORMAN THOMAS AUSTIN: Marketing; Waxahachie, Tex.; 2X, Pledge Trainer; AK ; Marketing Club; Scabbard and Blade. VERNA SUE AUSTIN: Speech Therapy; Springdale; AT; 2AH, Secretary. Second Row: ANN AWTRY: Accounting; Fayetteville; Accounting Association, Secretary; Young Republicans Club, Secretary-Treasurer; SAM: AWS Financial Council Representative; Marketing Club; X9. DONALD MILES BABBIDGE: Secondary Fducation: Rogers. MICHAEL JOHN BABBIDGE: Personnel Administration and Industrial Relations; Rogers; 24 E. Treasurer; AK , Alumni Secretary; Arnold Air Societv, Comptroller; Personnel Association of Arkansas Award; SAM; AFROTC Ball Committee, Chairman; Pershing Rifles: AFROTC, Lt. Col. DONDI LOTHFLIER: Psychology; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. BETTY RUTH BAKER: Marketing; Magnolia; AF. Corresponding Secretary : Marketing Club; Young Democrats Club; AWS; WRA. BILLY WAYNE BAKER: Political History; Fayetteville. Grimy snakes carry Pinky Williams toward pit while she wisely clutches Jack Roberts ' hand. - Wy, T ( 8, ' .UUUS ? W; C. Baker, D. S. Banks Baker, G. W. Bankston Baker, K. Barborek Baker, S. W. Barkman Baker, W. C. Barksdale Balay Barnes Baldwin Barrentine Ballou Barton First Row: DONALD STEVEN BAKER: Agriculture; Glen- wood; Carlson Terraces; ATA. GEORGE WATSON BAKER: Management; Glenwood; Off Campus; SAM. KAY BAKER: Physical Education; West Plains; AT, President, Vice Presi- dent, Sports Manager; WRA, Vice President, Treasurer; Chair- man of SU Music Committee; SU Central Planning Board; I ' KM Club; SNEA; YDC; AWS. SUE WEST BAKER: Second- ary Education; Malvern; Carlson Terraces. WILLIAM CHARLES BAKER: Chemical Engineering; Walnut Ridge; Off Campus; TBII; AX2; AIChE. PATRICIA DIANE BA- LAY: Elementary Education; Neosho, Mo.; AAII, Houseman- ager; Elementary Club, Secretary ; AWS Legislative Board; Westminister Fellowship; Senior Counselor ; SNEA; WRA. RONALD COURTNEY BALDWIN: Mechanical Engineering; Des Arc; William House; ASME. VIRGINIA ANN BALLOU: English; Little Rock; AXS). Second Row: CHARLES MARTIN BANKS: Journalism; Hindsville; Off Campus. JOHN D. BANKSTON: Architecture; El Dorado; ABC Club; American Institute of Architecture. FRANK JOSEPH BARBOREK: Civil Engineering; Russell- ville; Off Campus. JOHN DANTON BARKMAN: Secondary Education; Texarkana. JAMES BRYAN BARKSDALE: Mathe- matics; BIytheville; Off Campus; 2O2; IIME. ROBERT BRUCE BARNES: General Business; Ft. Smith; Off Campus. JAMES L. BARRENTINE: Agronomy; Ratio; Terry Village; AZ; ASA, Assistant Manager; Agronomy Club; Farmhouse. BILLY RAY BARTON: Civil Engineering; Russellville; Terry Village. , a - U.USi . 7 j i t fWf TnJKT! [IBB Bauer Benson Baugh Berg First Row: JAMES WINFRED BASS: Industrial Manage- ment; Fayetteville; AXA, Correspondent; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Razorback Hall, President; Cardinal XX. ROBERT DARRELL BATTEN: Chemical Engineering; Para- gould; American Chemical Society; AICHE. JOE VANCE BAUER: Management; Bentonville; IIKA. BILL F. BAUGH: Natural Science; West Memphis; AXA. GEORGE ATHAN- ASIOS BAVELIS: Mechanical Engineering; Thessaloniki, Greece; ASME. EDWINA BESS BEASLEY: Marketing; Hughes; AAA; Dean ' s List; X6; AWS; WRA; Marketing Club; Commerce Guild. TONY ROBERTS BEATTIE: Ac- counting; Fort Smith; William House; Commerce Guild; Accounting Association; Army ROTC. JIM KENT BEDELL: Management; Springdale; ITKA; A fi; Scabbard and Blade; Bavelis Beasley Beattie Bedell Best Beutelschies, C. E. Beutelschies, E. A. Bishop Pershing Rifles; Young Democrats Club; SAM. Second Row: MARY COZETTE BEENE: Elementary Edu- cation; Wynne; AX; WRA; SNEA; AWS; Elementary Club. OWEN JACKSON BELL: Marketing; Des Arc. EVELYN PATRICIA BENSON: Home Economics Education; Russeil- ville; AXfi; Colhecon. ROBERT FRANCIS BERG: Electrical Engineering; Stuttgart; Newman Club. GARY MAX BEST: Entomology; Hermitage; Sedgwell; Entomology Club; CARL EDWARD BEUTELSCHIES: Industrial Management; De- Queen; Sedgwell, Advisor, Counselor; SAM, Treasurer; ITKII; BSU, Vice-President. ELIZABETH ANN BEUTELSCHIES: Elementary Education; Bentonville; Elementary Club, Vice- President; SNEA; BSU. NINA JANE BISHOP: Elementary Education; Mena; 2TA. 181 Bishop Blackburn Blacklock Blake Blankenship, J. R. Blankenship, K. L. Blaylock Blevins, W. B. Blevins, W. L. Blythe Boatman Bodishbaugh Bolding Bolin Borman Bourg First Row: ROY GLENN BISHOP: Education; Gladson; Norphlet. JAMES ROBERT BLACKBURN: Psychology; Corn- ing; ABC; X; Off Campus Men, Treasurer; William House, Vice-President; Sedgewell House, Counselor. OWEN EARL BLACKLOCK: Psychology; Little Rock; Wesley Players, Presi- dent; X. DOILUS DWAYNE BLAKE: Industrial Manage- ment; Piggott. JOSEPH RAYBURN BLANKENSHIP, Jr.: En- glish; Pocahontas; ATQ; Civic Club; Young Democrats Club. KENNETH LYNN BLANKENSHIP: Marketing; West Mem- phis; Track Team; Marketing Club. JAMES GARLAND BLAY- LOCK: Physics; Hamburg; ME; KK ; Honors Program. WILLIAM BRUCE BLEVINS: Pre-Law; El Dorado. Second Row: WILMA LEA BLEVINS: Home Economics; Harrison; Holcombe Hall; Colhecon; ASA; BSU. MICHAEL T. BLYTHE: Sociology; Gurdon; Sedgewell. MARVIN L. BOATMAN: Public Relations; Hot Springs; William House; MIHC, President; Circle K; Marketing Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Senate. C. CONLEE BODISHBAUGH: Civil En- gineering; North Little Rock; 2X, President, Secretary; OAK, Vice-President; TBII; IFC; Cadet Commander Army ROTC; Student Scholarship Committee; American Society of Military Engineers Excellence Award; ASCE; TIME. DARRELL MOSS BOLDING: Physics; Alma; 2H2; IIME; HS. JAMES DON- ALD BOLIN: Accounting; Gentry. VICKI JO BORMAN: Business Education; Stuttgart; I1B , Censor, Treasurer Pledge Class; Marching Razorbacks; Fulbright Hall, Treasurer; X6, Secretary; Marketing Club; Commerce Guild; Commerce Queen; AWS Finance Committee; WRA. CAROL ANN BOURG: Education; Dallas, Tex.; Holcombe Hall. Bowman Brandt, E. 0. Boyer Brandt, P. R. Brabham Brashears Brackin Brazil, C. C. Bradberry Brazil, J. D. Brady Breitkreur Branch Brewer, E. R. Brand Brewer, J. M. 182 First Row: DAVID N. BOWMAN: Agricultural Engineer- ing; Newport; Off Campus; ASAE, President; AE, President; Engineering Council. THOMAS EDWARD BOYER: General Business; Fort Smith; Wilson Sharp; IIKA; AK ; A Club; Marketing Club; Society For Advancement of Management; Ac- counting Association. DANIEL EDWARDS BRABHAM: Agri- culture; Greensburg; Wilson Sharp. GERALD PAUL BRACK- IN: Physical Education; Marianna; Off Campus. ROBERT JEAN BRADBERRY: Psychology; Blytheville; Terry Village. WILLIAM B. BRADY: Advertising and Public Relations; Gregory; IIKA, President, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman, IFC Representative; IFC, Vice President; Advertising Club, President; Commerce Guild, Executive Council. JESSE 0. BRANCH: Phvsical Education; Pine Bluff; Carlson Terrace. TROY CALVIN BRAND: Speech; Springdale; 2N, Song- leader; Arnold Air Society; Band. Second Row: EDDY O. BRANDT: Industrial Engineering; Carlisle; Off Campus; AIIE. PATSY ROSS BRANDT: Ele- mentary Education; Gurdon. IDA SUE BRASHEARS: Edu- cation; Combs; Off Campus. CHARLES CRAWFORD BRA- ZIL: Electrical Engineering; Searcy; William House, Counselor; MIHC; 8T, Board of Governors; OAK; Engineers Council; Stu- dent Senate. JIM D. BRAZIL: Electronic Engineering; Searcy; 6T; RME; AIEE-IRE. WINFRED A. BREITKREUR: Gen- eral Business; Springdale; SAM. EDMOND RAY BREWER: Vocational Agriculture; Mansfield; AI ' P; ASA; AZ, Chroni- cler; Agriculturist, Editor; ATA; Animal Industry Associ- ation; IFPC. JERRY MITCHELL BREWER: Physical Edu- cation; Springdale; Physical Education Majors Club. Bridgforth Brown, E, 0. Brinkley Brown, F. G. Brittain Brown, J. E. Brodie Brown, J. M. Brogley Brown, J. I. Brown, C. L. Brown, L. G. Brown, D. G. Brown, N. W. Brown, D. E. Brown, R. H. -. ; OIK, ,;.. , ,. Firs K w: JOE K. BRIDGFORTH: Marketing; Corning; zn. Treasurer; Marketing Club. OTIS T. BRINKLEY: Gen- eral Business; Horatio; Off Campus; Young Democrats. CHARLES AUBREY BRITTAIN: Industrial Engineering; Pine Bluff; Off Campus. RALPH G. BRODIE: Industrial Engineer- ing; Little Rock; Off Campus; 9T; Blue Key, Secretary; AHM; UME; TBII; A Club; President of Associated Stu- dents; AIIE; Chancery Club, Chief and Associate Justice. RAYMOND LEROY BROGLEY: Civil Engineering; Conway; Off Campus; ASCE; Mayor of Terry Village. CHARLIE LEE BROWN: Agriculture; Wynne; Off Campus. DALE G. BROWN: Animal Husbandry; Ft. Smith; Farmhouse, Presi- dent; Animal Industry Club, Vice President; Agri Students Association. DOYLE EUGENE BROWN: Electrical Engineer- ing; Harrisburg; Ripley House. Second Row: ELVIN O. BROWN: Horticulture; Spring- dale. FORREST GLYNN BROWN: Agriculture Business; Lit- tle Rock; 24 E, Vice President, Secretary; ASME; Economics Club. JACK E. BROWN: Physical Education; Alma; Off Campus. JOYCE MARIE BROWN: Secondary Education; Springdale; Off Campus. JUDY ISABELLE BROWN: Eng- lish; Batesville; Carnall; BSU; Coterie. LARRY G. BROWN: Electrical Engineering; Pocahontas; 2X; 6T; IRE. NANCY WILLS BROWN: Secondary Education; Hazen; Off Campus; TIME; Student NEA; BSU. ROBERT H. BROWN: Physical Education; Gravette; Off Campus; Physical Education Majors Club. . Brown, S. H. Brown, S. A. Brownd Bryniarski, T. R. Buckner Burns Burson Bruton Burt, A. I. Bryniarski, A. J. Burt, E. L. ft First Row: SPENCER HENTON BROWN: Pre-Med. Phi- losophy; Fayetteville; Off Campus; AE STANLEY ALLEN BROWN: Botany; Springdale; Off Campus; Scabbard and Blade. JOSEPH EUGENE BROWND: Physics; Newport; Sedgwell House; TIME Math Award; Pershing Rifles Drill Team, Commander. PATRICIA ROBBS BRUNNER: Secondaiy Education; Marked Tree; XJ); AWS; WRA; SNEA; Young Democrats. WILLIAM KEMPER BRUTON, Jr.: English; Bly- theville; ATO, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, Social Chair- man; AT. AMERIC JOHN BRYNIARSKI: Civil Engineering; Mountain Home; Off Campus; ASCE. Second Row: TERESA ROSE BRYNIARSKI: Zoology; Mountain Home; Off Campus. CHARLES STOWELL BUCK- NER, Jr.; Management; Hazen; AXA. MICHAEL DEAN BURNS: Chemical Engineering; El Dorado; SN; 6T; Blue Key; TBIT; Cardinal XX; Student Senate; TIME; H2; ACS Award; AICHE; Engineering Council. MAE LEE BURSON: Social Studies; Fayetteville; Off Campus. ALICE IRENE BURT: Elementary Education; Fayetteville. EDNA LOUISE BURT: Elementary Education; Fayetteville; Off Campus. After the pit. Both Pinky and Jack are curious to see if she retained her " form " after the wash. ! Buttry Campbell, G. W. Byars Campbell, L. P Byrn Canine Cadieux Cannon Cadwell Calhoun Campbell, B. C. Campbell, G. M. Carroll, D. G. Carroll, G. C. Carter, M. E. Carter, P. A. First Row: JAMES ALTUS BUTTRY: Law; Jonesboro; 2AE; A6 ; Student Bar Association; Arkansas Law Review. FLORA ANN BYARS: Mathematics; Bearden; AAII. HAPPY BYRN: Elementary Education; Marietta, Ga.; Carnall Hall. RICHARD EDWARD CADIEUX: Banking and Finance; Moun- tain Home; SAM, President; AK , Historian; Commerce Guild Executive Council; BFZ; Blue Key. ANNA ELIZABETH CADWELL: Elementary Education; Tulsa, Okla.; X; Ele- mentary Club; Razorback, Personality Editor. LELA MARY CALHOUN: Physical Education; Morrilton; Ar ; PEM; WRA; SNEA. BETTY CAROL CAMPBELL: Elementary Education; Bossier City, La.; AAA, Social Chairman; AWS; WRA; ABC; Sophomore Counselor; Fulbright Hall, Secretary: Senior Coun- selor; Elementary Club. GAIL MIGNON CAMPBELL: French; Tulsa, Okla.; AAII; Air Force ROTC Sponser; Engineer Queen; Student Union Film Committee, Chairman; Angel Flight. Second Row: GARY WADE CAMPBELL: Electrical En- gineering; Mena; 0T, Corresponding Secretary; St. Pat, 1961; Student Senate; Engineer, Business Manager; Engineering Council, Treasurer; REW Executive Committee; OAK, Treas- urer; AIEE-IRE, President; Razorback Hall, Vice-President. LYNDA PARNELL CAMPBELL: Journalism; Cotton Plant- KKF; AWS. SUSAN PRESTON CANINE: Elementary Edu- cation; Hot Springs; KKF. SAMUEL LEE CANNON: Phy- sics; Fayetteville. DEE GEORGE CARROLL: Government; Fort Smith. GEORGE CLEVE CARROLL: Mechanical Engi- neering; Camden; William House; ASME. MAX CARTER- Math; Pine Bluff. PEGGY ANN CARTER: Elementary Edu- cation; Fayetteville; Wesley Foundation. Carroll Causey Caruthers Cavaneau Tsw f 4 Castleberry Cato Gate Chan Cathey, G. K. Charlton Cathey. W. G. Chase First Row: JOHN GARRY CARROLL: Advertising; Fort Smith; ZN, President, Vice President, Social Chairman; Traveler, Cartoonist; Arkansas Engineer; Guild Ticker; Preview ' 63, Art Editor; Razorback, Associate Editor, Section Editor; IFPC; Gaebale ' 61, Assistant Director; Advertising Club; IFC; IFC Rushbook Editor; Blue Key; Press Club. WILLIAM BERNARD CARUTHERS: General Business; Tyler, Texas; 2AE. PAUL L CASTLEBERRY: Electrical Engineering; Norman, Okla- homa; AIEE. PHILLIP E. GATE: General Business; Fayetteville. GEOR- GIA KAY CATHEY: Elementary Education; North Little Rock; AXH; Elementary Club. WILLIAM GARY CATHEY: Mechanical Engineering; North Little Rock. Second Row: RHODE BLANCHARD CAUSEY: Electrical Engineer- ing; North Little Rock. JERRY WINSTON CAVANEAU: Psychology; Monett, Mo.; 2N, President; X, Vice President; OAK; Civic Club, Treasurer; IFC. JACK BATSON CATO: Business Administration; Wal- nut Ridge; I ' XA; Circle K; Marketing Club; Commerce Guild; Young Democrats. TO-KWONG CHAN: Electrical Engineering; Hong-Kong, B.C.C.; International Club. J. SHERWOOD CHARLTON: Electrical E " gineering; Fayetteville; HKN; Amateur Radio Club; Channing Club; IIME. LARRY J. CHASE: Mathematics; Springdale. Sugar Bowl stadium was filled with majorettes who, in turn, got their fill of college boys. ' Wl Chastain Cleopa Chesley Clinehens Childers Clingan Clark, B. C. Cobb, C. R. Clark, D. L. Cobb, J. P. Clark, M. A. Coe, W. C. Cicuta Coe, W. P. First Row: JAMES WILLIAM CHASTAIN: Electrical Engineering; Branch; Off Campus. CHARLES CLYDE CHES- LEY: Physics; Crossett; 211, President; II ME; 211 2; Civic Club; IFC. LYNDA SUE CHILDERS: Physical Education; Little Rock; AAA; PEM Club, President; Sophomore Coun- selor; WRA Executive Board; AAHPER State Student News- letter Editor; AWS. NANCY ELIZABETH CINA; Physical Education; St. Louis, Mo.; AAII. BOB C. CLARK; Psycho- logy; Hot Springs; Sedgewell House. DAVID LOVELL CLARK: Electrical Engineering; Pine Bluff; Off Campus. MARY ANN CLARK: Education; North Little Rock; Hoi- combe Hall; Coterie Club; Civic Club; BSU; Elementary Club; SNEA. JOHNNY OVAN CICUTA: Spanish; Udine, Venezia, litaly; Ripley House; International Club. Second Row: NEOPTOLEMOS CLEOPA: Mathematics; Ayia Marino, Chrysochou, Cyprus; Exchange Student; In- ternational Club. ROBERT MORRIS CLINEHENS: Electrical Engineering; Gravette; Off Campus; ABC Club: AIEE; IRE. JOSEPH RAYMON CLINGAN: Architecture; El Dorado; SN; AIA. JAMES RICHARD CLOER: Architecture; Spring- dale. CITA ROGERS COBB: Elementary Education; Little Rock; Off Campus II B ; Civic Club; Elementary Club. JOHN PHILLIP COBB: Accounting; Little Rock; Off Campus; 4 Af). Pledgemaster, Treasurer; Civic Club, Treasurer; IFC. WILLIAM C. COE, Jr.; Finance; Tuckerman; A6, Presi- dent, Secretary; I1HZ, Secretary; OAK, Secretary; TIME; Cardinal XX; AK ; Treasurer of Associated Students; Stu- dent Senate. WILLIAM PAUL COE: Psychology; Ft. Smith; William House. Cofer Colvin Coffman Combs, B. A. Coiner Combs, S. L. Cole Conery Coleman Cook Collett Cooper Collins, F. C. Copeland Collins, R. B. Corbin First Row: KENNETH D. COFER: Animal Industry; Searcy; AZ. MARSHALL BROWER COFFMAN: Accounting; Little Rock; Wilson Sharp; ZX; Student Senate; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Basketball. RON COINER: Botany; Ft. Smith; Gladson House; BSU. JASON COLE: Physical Educa- tion; Rogers. LINDA HUDSON COLEMAN: Elementary Edu- cation; Batesville; II B$; Elementary Club; Film Committee; Young Democrats. KAY GENTRY COLLETT: Government; Springdale; Carnall Hall; BSU, Council; AWS, Social Com- mittee; Young Democrats; YWA, Publications Chairman. FRED CLINTON COLLINS: Agronomy; Lincoln; AZ; Agronomy Club, President. ROGER BARRETT COLLINS: Pre-Med; San Antonio, Tex.; 2 J-E; AEA. Second Row: GREENE BERRY COLVIN, III: General Busi- ness; Dermott; 2 E; Scabbard and Blade. BENNY A. COMBS: Journalism; Hot Springs; Razorback staff, Associate Editor; Traveler Staff, News Editor; Southwest Journalism Congress, Vice-President; Chancery Club, Reporter; Press Club. SIDNEY L. COMBS: Marketing; Fayetteville; Market- ing Club; Advertising Club. ELIZABETH ANN CONERY: Art; Pine Bluff; il Historian; Newman Club; WRA; AWS; SNEA. JOHN PAUL COOK: History and Art; Ft. Smith; Hurst House. REBECCA BORUM COOPER: Education; Hardy; IIQ; WRA; PEM Club; AWS; SNEA. ELIZABETH COPELAND: History; Little Rock; HB2, Vice-President; ABC Club, Secretary; AWS, Legislative Board, Treasurer, Exe- cutive Board, Intercollegiate Representative, Delegate to Re- gional Convention; REW, Organized House Committee. CHRISTIAN AMBROSE CORBIN: Anthropology; Ft. Smith; SAB. 185 Corbin Grain, J. M. Core Grain, L. P. Cox, J. L. Cravens Counihan Crawford Cox, J. S. Creighton Cox, M. J. H. Crippen, C. P. Crabtree, B. H. Crippen, M. W. Crabtree, S. K. Crocker First Row: DONALD L. CORBIN: History; Texarkana; Carlson Terrace; ZAE. HENRY MAC CORE: Civil Engineer- ing; Little Rock; SX; ASCE. JAMES LOY COX: History; Springdale; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice President, Rush Chairman; Civic Club; ABC Club. JACK EDWARD COUNIHAN: Market- ing; Mountain Home; IIKA; Marketing Club; AK ; Society For Advancement of Management. JOHN STRATION COX: Accounting; De Queen. MARY JANE HUNT COX: Spanish; Little Rock; IIB , Scholarship Chairman; Student Union Music Committee; Sophomore Counselor. BARBARA H. CRABTREE: Home Economics Education; Camden; NEA. SANDRA KAY CRABTREE: Physical Education; Ft. Smith; AAA. Second Row: JANET McNIEL GRAIN; Secondary Educa- tion; Searcy; AAA; AWS; ABC Club, Secretary. LARRY PAUL GRAIN: Accounting; Searcy; IIKA. MARGARET TIP- PETT CRAVENS: Mathematics; Little Rock; KKF, House- manager, Marshal; IIME, President, Secretary; Distinguished Lecturer ' s Committee. JUDY SUE CRAWFORD: Home Eco- nomics Education; Arkadelphia; Ar, Publicity Chairman, Ac- tivities Chairman; Colhecon, AWS; WRA. WARREN EDWIN CREIGHTON: Architecture; Benton; Acacia, Pledge Class President; YDC; IFPC; Drill Team; Engineers Club. CLAR- ENCE PHILLIP CRIPPEN: Electrical Engineering; Little Rock; Terry Village. MARTHA WALLACE CRIPPEN: Music Education; Little Rock; Terry Village; ZAI, Editor. BEV- ERLY KAYE CROCKER: Home Economics; Mulberry; Hoi- combe Hall; AWS; WRA; Colhecon Club; ASA. % fl% r Crone Crouch Crouso Crumpton Dandy Daugherty, P. W. Daugherty, S. J. Daulton Cummings Davis. L. K. Dahl Davis, P. R. Dallas Davis, R. W. Dalton Davis, T. L. first Row: PATRICIA SUSAN CRONE: Art; Spring- field, Mo.; AAA. COURTNEY C. CROUCH, Jr.: General Busi- ness; Springdale; nKA. JERRY LYNN CROUSO: Natural Sciences; Sheridan. HERBIE LYNN CRUMPTON: Archi- tecture; Texarkana; Z E; Young Democrats. JEAN ESTELLE CUMMINGS: Elementary Education; Shreveport, La.; ZTA, Vice-President; Sophomore Counselor; Senior Counselor; Ele- mentary Club; AWS. GERALD LEROY DAHL: Sociology and Economics; Peoria, 111.; ZII. ROBERT LEWIS DALLAS: Civil Engineering; Blytheville; ASCE. GARY THOMAS DALTON: Pre-Med; Piggott; ZX. Second Row: JAN DANDY: English; Springdale; KKF; Senior Class, Secretary -Treasurer; Angel Flight; AWS; WRA. PHILLIP WAYNE DAUGHERTY: Sociology; Bauxite; Fresh- man Counselor; Humphrey Hall, Counselor. SHARON JENN- ING DAUGHERTY: Elementary Education; Benton; AAIT; Elementary Club. DIANA DAULTON: Speech Correction; Caruthersville, Mo.; AAIT; TBZ; Young Democrats. LYNDA KAY DAVIS: Home Economics; DeQueen; Holcombe Hall Counselor; TO; Colhecon; Coterie; TBZ; AWS; ASA; Razorback Band; BSU. PAT RICHMOND DAVIS: Elementary Education; Warren; KKF. RHESA WINFRED DAVIS: Sec- ondary Education; Forrest City; Ripley House; Wesley Founda- tions; Wesley Players, Public Relations; Scabbard and Blade. TOMY LUTHER DAVIS: Advertising; Little Rock. 186 J . ' (kin,A( fc IHB [DIM .: v fcten; W Diehl Delezen Dilday Dennington Dills Dennis Disney, M. B. M. DePriest Disney, W. B. D..VM Dodd Dibbern Dodgen Dickson Dohoney First Row: ALLEN BROWN DELAMAR: Mechanical En- gineering; Arkadelphia; 2AE, Board of Governors; ASME. JEFF RUSSELL DELEZEN: Chemical Engineering; Camden; TKE, Secretary; AICE. ELVIN LEPHIEW DENNINGTON: Accounting; Dermott; 2X. CAROLE JEAN DENNIS: Busi- ness; Winslow. ED FLETCHER DEPRIEST: Transportion; Little Rock; SAM, Membership Committee, Chairman; Married Students Club, Vice-President; Terry Village Council, Ward Councilman. BALINT DEZSO: Electrical Engineering; El Dorado; Ripley House. DIETER JOHANNES DIBBERN: Math; Kiel, Germany; International Students Club, President. ROBERT HARRISON DICKSON, III: Philosophy; Fort Smith; Wesley Foundation: Wesley Players. Second Row: ELISE JOSEPHINE DIEHL: Elementary Education; Eureka Springs; Holcombe Hall. ROBERT HENRY DILDAY: Agronomy; Tuckerman; Sedgwell; ASA; Agronomy Club. JANE DILLS: Business Administration; Fort Smith; II B , Treasurer and Recording Secretary; AWS; XT. MAR- THA B. M. DISNEY: Elementary Education; Elkins. WILLIAM BRIAN DISNEY: Electrical Engineering; Springdale; TBH; HKX; IIME. DAVID GEORGE DODD: Civil Engineering; Little Rock; K2. PATRICIA ANN DODGEN: Home Eco- nomics; Alexander; 4-H House, Standards Committee; Coterie, Treasurer; Colechon; Newman Club; WRA; ASA; AWS. EDMUND LUTHER DOHONEY: History; Shreveport, La.; N, Chaplain, Songleader, Pledge Class Vice-President; Razor- back, Editor, Business Manager, Asst. Business Manager; 1962 Gaebale, Publicity Chairman; Blue Key; Cardinal XX; Stu- dent Senate Entertainment Committee; Board of Publications; Press Club, President. )B : SflS IMI " " ?r i n.n Doyle Edwards, J. Duckett Edwards, R. D. First Row: BILLY Judsonia; 211; AIIE; DOSHIER: Elementary DOWELL: Insurance and DOWLING: Accounting; neering; Carlisle; ASCE. ing; Pine Bluff; AXA, Democrats; AICHE. CARL DONNELL: Industrial Engineering; Young Democrats. KATHOLEEN ROARK Education; Farmington. MELVIN EUGENE Real Estate; Fayetteville. RONALD FLOYD Hot Springs. LYNN C. DOYLE: Civil Engi- JAMES M. DUCKETT: Chemical Engineer- Pledge Trainer, Intramural Director; Young Second Row: BARBARA ANITA DUNCAN: General Business and Business Education; Searcy; AA1, President; Mortar Board, President; AWS Executive Board; AWS Judicial Board; Senior Class in B.A., Treasurer; WRA; Young Democrats Club; X9; Fulbright Hall, Senior Counselor, House Council; Dean ' s List. W. T. DURHAM: Charleston. JOE ROBERT DYER: Industrial Engineering; Mineral Springs; 6T, House Manager; 4 H2; TIME; AIIM, Treasurer; TBII, Treasurer. BRUCE LEON EDINGTON: Secondary Education; Nashville; Off Campus Men. JUDITH EDWARDS: History; Leachville: IIB J . Treas- ure: K.MT, Reporter Historian: AT; ZAH; SNEA. ROGER DAN EDWARDS: Marketing; Bald Knob; TKE; Marketing Club; AK ; Young Democrats. Nancy Seeman and Susan Smith give their best in parade ride. Fur pieces were not dyed squirrel. EUiott Evans, D. Elberry Evans, W. Engeler Ezell First Row: LYNN BLAINE ELLIOTT: Marketing; Kansas City, Mo. FLETCHER EUGENE ELSBERRY: Management; Pine Bluff; AXA; AK ; SAM. ANN AMERSON ENGELER: History; Gamaliel; AAII. JAMES REGISTER EPPERSON: Speech; Clarksville; SN. MILDRED ANN ERWIN: English; McGehee; ZTA, Sports Manager; AAA; Fulbriught Hall, President; AWS Executive Board; WRA, Treasurer; Civic Club; Student Religious Council; Mortar Board; Student Faculty Relations Committee. GEORGE RUDY ESSIG: In- dustrial Engineering; Paragould; William House, Counselor, President; AIIM, Corresponding Secretary; AIIM, Corres- ponding Secretary; IIME, Publicity Chairman; MIHC, Trea- surer. LONNIE E. ESTES: Psychology and Sociology; Har- rison. BETTY EVANS: English and Philosophy; Rogers; A A A. Second Row: DAVID EVANS: Education; Fort Smith; H.AT. WILLIAM D. EVANS: Physics; Little Rock; IIME; 2IT2. RONALD HOWARD EZELL: Electrical Engineering; Siloam Springs. JUDITH KAREN FALLS: Elementary Educa- tion; Kansas City, Mo.; AT, Pledge Class President; Jr. Pan- hellenic; IFPC; Elementary Club; AWS; WRA; Young Democrats. EARNEST WILLIAM FANT: Industrial Engineer- ing; Fort Smith; AIIE, Vice-President. JOE D. FEE, Jr.: General Business; Fort Smith. JOHN GARY FEILKE: Agri- culture Economics; Stuttgart; SN, House Manager, Intramural Manager, Board of Governors; Student Senate; AZ, President, Chronicle; Honors Council; ASA. MARY LYNN FELDER: English and Speech; McGehee; Carnall Hall. Frtl Fields, D. B. Fitzgibbon, R. D. Fields, M. W. Fletcher, J. B. Ferrenberg Fitzgerald, First Row: JUDY JANE FERRENBERG: Marketing; Rogers; Marketing Club; XO; Student Union Committee; AWS. DAVID BRIAN FIELDS: Animal Nutrition; Huntsville. MARY WEBB FIELDS: Psy- chology; Dardanelle; X; AWS. SUE CLAIR FINCHER: General Busi- ness; Jonesboro; AAA. LAWRENCE RUSSELL FISHER. Jr.: Civil Engi- neering; Benton; AXA; ASCE; Young Democrats Club; Arkansas Engineer. LYNN AH KAY FISHER: Pre-Med; Van Buren; AAA; X; OCW; AEA, Secretary. Second Row: SIDNEY SMITH FITZGERALD: Civil Engineering; North Little Rock. RAYMOND DWIGHT FITZGIBBON: Mechanical Engineering; Little Rock; ITT2, Corresponding Secretary; IIME; ASME. JOE BOB FLETCHER: Secondary Education; Salem; 2IIE; Young Democrats Club; SNEA; SGA. JOHNNY BRUCE FLOYD: Mechanical Engineering; Huntington; Sedgwell, Counselor; 6T; ASME; AAS. FRANCES FOLSOM: Home Economics; Blevins; Holcomb Hall. KEN- NETH MAY FORD: Agriculture; Cave City; AFP; ATA; ASA; Animal Industry Club. Music department production made fruit bowlers look even fruitier than reputation, if possible. : - " W , Fdfa I Ufc DUE! 2!) Fordyce Garner Foust Garrett Frost Geurin, B. C. Futrell Geurin, J. W. First Row: ROSS LANDER FORDYCE: General Business; Little Rock. DAVID DELYNN FOUST: Industrial Engineer- ing; Heber Springs; 211, President, Herald, Pledge Class Presi- dent; 0T, President; Engineering Council; President, Vice- President; AIIE, President, Vice-President; Blue Key, Treas- urer; Arkansas Engineer, Editor, Associate Editor; Counselor Men ' s Dorm; Student Faculty Relations Committee; Discipline Committee; IFC; IFPC. GEORGE EDWARD FRALEY: In- surance and Real Estate; Chelsea, Oklahoma. BILLY LEE FRANKS: Electrical Engineering; Prairie Grove; AIEE. JERRY DON FRIDDLE: Animal Husbandry; Chester; Farm- House, IFC Representative, Scholarship Chairman; Animal In- dustry Club, Board of Directors. CHARLES B. FRILEY: In- dustrial Engineering; Mission, Kansas; 2N; 6T; Alpha Pi Mu; Engineering Council; Gaebele Committee; Arkansas En- gineer. JAMES HOWARD FROST: Civil Engineering; Fayette- ville; ASIE, Treasurer; Terry Village, Mayor. JUNIUS MAR- ION FUTRELL: Secondary Education; Rector. Second Row: JOE E. GARNER: Mechanical Engineering; Benton; Scabbard and Blade. PAUL RAY GARRETT: Real Estate, Insurance; Fort Smith. H. K. GARTH: Math; Des Arc. EDWARD WILLIAM GASS: Electrical Engineering; Booneville; Acacia; HKN; Engineering Council; Scabbard and Blade; IRE-AIEE. JOHN SETH GATES: Management; Berry- ville. JIM GEE: Civil Engineering; Little Rock; ASCE. BETTY CAROLYN GEURIN: Accounting; Fayetteville; Wesley Founda- tion. JACK WEBER GEURIN: General Business; Fort Smith; Acacia, President, Vice-President, Rush Chairman; Civic Club; Marketing Club; Arts and Concerts Committee; IFC. to M ' fl UVL Gibbons Giss Gibbs Gooch Gibson, C. C. Gorman Gibson, C. H. Graf Gibson, C. L. Graves Gilbreath Gray, H. G. Gilliland Gray, J. A. Gipson Gray, M. E. First Row: RICHARD CARLTON GIBBONS: Electrical Engineering; Bauxite; 6T, Pledge Class President; Engineer- ing Council; AIEE-IRE; William House, Social Chairman. KAREN GIBBS: Elementary Education; Crossett; AXO; AWS; Elementary Club. CHARLES C. GIBSON: Pre-Med; Fort Smith; 2AE. CHARLES HENRY GIBSON: Mathematics; Rogers; TIME; H2; Young Democrats; Honors Program. CLAUDE LOUIS GIBSON: Pre-Med and English; Fayetteville; 2N; AE-i: Newman Club; Young Democrats Club. BARBARA HENRY GILBREATH: Accounting; Black Oak, BA , XO; M President; Mortar Board; WRA, Vice-President; AAA. REBECCA JEAN GILLILAND: Elementary Education; Tex- arkana; Carnall Hall; Civic Club; Wesley Players; AWS; WRA. ELISABETH ANN GIPSON: Elementary Education; Benton; Carnall Hall. Second Row: KAREN LEE GISS: Education; Little Rock; ITB ; Elementary Club; Young Democrats; Razorback Beauty. EDRIS JOHANNA GOOCH: Marketing; Arkadelphia; AAH. LANNY K. GORMAN: General Business; Pine Bluff; 2AE; Marketing Club; Scabbard and Blade. DONALD JOE GRAF: Mf-chanical Engineering; Mulberry; Sedgwell; ASME. ROBERT LEE GRAVES: Pre-Med; Knobel: AEA. HARRY GALE GRAY: Civil Engineering; Fayetteville; Acacia. JOSEPH ARTHUR GRAY, III: Chemical Engineering; Dallas, Tex.; AICHE. MICHAEL EDWARD GRAY: History; Little Rock; A6; Newman Club, Vice-President. 189 Gray Grigsby Green, P. A. Grubbs Green, R. L. Guffey Green, R. H. Gunderman First Row: WILLIAM NEAL GRAY: Architecture; North Little Rock; AXA; AIA; Brigade Staff ROTC. PAUL ALAN GREEN: Electrical Engineering; Magnolia; AIEE. RICHARD LEE GREEN: Management; Alma; Marketing Club; SAM. ROBERT HARLON GREEN, Jr.: Civil Engineering; North Little Rock; Ripley House. JOHN W. GREENERT: Marketing; North Little Rock; AXA; SAM; Marketing Club, President; Pershing Rifles. RUSSELL B. GRESS: English; Little Rock. MARVIN F. GRIFFEN: Electrical Engineering; Seneca, Mo. REBECCA ANNE GRIFFIN: Elementary Education; Little Rock; Carnall Hall; International Club; Elementary Club. Second Row: JAMES L. GRIGSBY: Marketing; Hartford; Farm House. JERRY LEE GRUBBS: Civil Engineering; North Little Rock; ASCE, VIRGINIA MAY GUFFEY: Business Education; Kalvesta, Kan.; OCW. WILLIAM SYLVESTER GUNDERMAN: Physical Education; Morrilton. BILL HAIRR: Agriculture; Hope; ZX. KERMIT DANIEL HALE: General Business; Stuttgart; Marketing Club; SAM. MOLLIE CROSS HALEY: Banking and Finance; Pine Bluff; Xfi; X9, Presi- dent; Commerce Guild, Secretary; AWS; WRA; Market- ing Club. ROGER L. HALL: Marketing; Pine Bluff. Hallford Hardin Hambleton Harkey Hamm Harmon Hamner Harriman Hanby, P. C. Harrington frs I MB: tot . , Hanby, S. Harris, J. C. Haney Harris, J. K. Hankins Harrison, E. D. First Row: CHADSWORTHY HALLFORD: Transporta- tion; Charleston. ELIZABETH SWEET HAMBLETON: Eng- lish; Forrest City; XO, Chapter Correspondent; AWS; WRA. PAULA KAY HAMM: English; Memphis, Tenn.; IIB . RALPH C. HAMNER: Management-Pre Law; Bradley; 2X; Civic Club; AK , Pledge Trainer; Razorback Hall, Freshman Advisor; Gaebale Entertainment Committee Chairman; SAM; OAK. PHILIP CARROLL HANBY: General Business; Berry- ville; IIKA. SUELLEN HANBY: Elementary Education; Berry- ville; KKF; Elementary Club; AWS; IIKA Dream Girl. DOIL R. HANEY: Electrical Engineering; Alicia; Ripley House, Counselor, President; Civic Club; MIHC, Social Chairman. BEVERLY GAYLE HANKINS: Elementary Education; North Little Rock; AAA; AWS; WRA; Elementary Club; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: MILTON LEE HARDIN: Electrical Engineer- ing; Benton; IEEE; HKN. DOROTHY ANN HARKEY: Busi- ness Administration; Sallisaw, Okla. ; AAA; Air Force ROTC Lt. Colonel; Army ROTC Cadet Colonel; Commerce Guild; Busi- ness School, Representative Jr. Class, Secretary Sr. Class. HOWARD BARRY HARMON, II: Psychology; Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mex.; ZX. LYNA JANE HARRIMAN: Physical Education; Hamburg; ZTA, Corresponding Secretary; Phy- sical Education Majors Club, Treasurer; WRA, Recording Secretary. CHARLES PRENTICE HARRINGTON: Archi- tecture; Hardy; AIA. JOHN C. HARRIS: Agriculture-Busi- ness; Russellville; J A0; Young Democrats; Animal Industry Club; Marketing Club; ASA. JOHN KENT HARRIS: Ac- counting; Springfield, Mo.; ZN, Scholarship Chairman; H2, Treasurer; AK , Treasurer; BA , Vice-President; Arkan- sas Accounting Association; Commerce Guild, Executive Com- mittee; Business School, Treasurer; OAK; BTZ; IIME; Honors Council, President; Continental Oil Co. Accounting Award; Dean ' s List. EDDY DANIEL HARRISON: Mechanical Engineering; Nashville; ASME. . fa fcr : - . 190 Griffin, m hJM UUSIUBIB B, FW ' n : u : ia H won: IV - r " i c ri_ " " L - v 41 S Jr Harrison, M. F. Hatfield Harrison, P. E. Hawkins Hart, H. R. Hays Hart, R. L. Heard Hartley Heck Harton Helm, J. E. Hartstein Helm, L. B. Haston Herget First Row: MARY FRANCES HARRISON: Home Eco- nomics; Prescott; Holcombe Hall; Colhecon; AWS; Wesley Foundation. PAUL ED HARRISON: Electrical Engineering; Huntington; AIEE-IRE; Freshman Counselor; HKN; ARCUA, Secretary, Vice-President. HAMILTON R. HART: Pre-Med; West Memphis. ROBERT LEE HART: Physical Education; Rogers. JACK H. HARTLEY: Electrical Engineering; Fayette- ville; TBII; HKN. JOHN JAMES HARTON: Electrical Engi- neering; El Dorado; 6T, Treasurer; HKN, President; TBII, Corresponding Secretary; 4 H2, Vice-President; TIME; Engi- neering Council, Treasurer; Circle K; ABC; IEEE. MONIKA HARTSTEIN: Marketing; Little Rock; KKI ' , Treasurer; Mortar Board; BFZ, President; AWS, Treasurer; X9, Vice- President; AAA, Historian; AWS Publicity Committee, Chair- man, Secretary; Student Union Dance Committee; Commerce Guild; Marketing Club. ARCHIE CARL HASTON: Mechanical Engineering; Dardanelle: William House; ASME. Second Row: ELEANOR MARIE HATFIELD: Elementary Education; Kansas City, Mo. REBECCA JANE HAWKINS: Speech and Drama; North Little Rock; AT; National Col- legiate Players; ABC, President, Secretary; Young Democrats Club, STOKELY DONELSON HAYS: Economics; Washing- ton, D.C. ; AXA, President, Treasurer; Who ' s Who; Razorback, Editor, Asst. Business Manager; Board of Publications; Market- ing, Club, Vice-President; AKSk, Vice-President; Blue Key, Vice-President, Secretary, President; IFC, Treasurer; Editor, IFC Rushbook; Editor, Guild Ticker; Commerce Guild; Civic Club. JOHN WAYNE HEARD: Industrial Engineering; Lono; AIIE. BRENDA HECK: Marketing; Fayetteville ; HB , Pro- gram Chairman; X8, Treasurer; Guild Ticker, Editor. JUDITH ELAINE HELM: Elementary Education; Hope; Elementary Club. LINA BOYCE HELM: Animal Husbandry; Lincoln. JOSEPH BARLOW HERGET: English and History; Arlington, Va.; ZX. Herman Hill, J. D. Hicks, B. D. Hill, R. C. Hicks, H. W. Hillman Hicks, J. T. Hodges Hicks, M. G. Hoffmeister Hill, J. M. Hogan First Row: KENNETH RAY HERMAN: Architecture; Fayetteville; Councilman, Terry Village; AIA. BILLY DUANE HICKS: Art; Mag- nolia. HAYDEN WALTER HICKS: Spanish; Shreveport, La.; Cardinal XX; 2AH; Track Team. JOEL THOMAS HICKS: Mechanical Engineer- ing; Little Rock; ASME. MAX GROGAN HICKS: Civil Engineering; Hensley; ASCE. JOHN M. HILL: Accounting; Monette. Second Row: JUNIOUS DAVID HILL: Marketing; Marvell; SN; AK ; Marketing Club. RUTH CAROLYN HILL: Mathematics; Fayette- ville; AXO, Recording Secretary; HME; AWS; WRA. SANDY HILL- MAN: Secondary Education; Stuttgart; XJ); Arkansas Traveler, Adver- tising Manager, Business Manager; Sweetheart of 2N; Honorary Lt. Col. Army ROTC; Business Class, Freshman Sophomore Secretary. RICHARD HODGES: Civil Engineering; Siloam Springs; ZN; Freshman Counselor; TBH; Arkansas Engineer, Associate Editor; ASCE, Secre- tary. SARA ELIZABETH HOFFMEISTER: Home Economics; Webster Groves, Mo.; Holcombe Hall; Coterie. TYRUS EUGENE HOGAN, Jr.: General Business; North Little Rock; FtKA; Young Democrats Club; Marketing; Circle K. Kappa on right clasps hands in thankfulness at Singfony results. Kappa at left snickers. Hoggard Horton, S. L. Holcombe Hubbard Hollenberg Hudman Holyfield Hudspeth First Row: EDWIN HOGGARD: Architecture; Conway; AIA. BOBBY JOE HOLCOMBE: English; Nashville; Williams House. ELIZABETH C. HOLLENBERG: Art; Little Rock; X; AWS; WRA; Art Club; Sculpture Club. ROBERT L. HOLYFIELD: Chemical Engineering; Conway. BILL OSCO HONEYCUTT: Marketing; Jacksonville. JOHN LIONEL HORNE: Architecture; Fort Smith. ROBERT MICHAEL HORNE: Accounting; Russellville; A8, Secretary, President Pledge Class; Young Democrats Club; Marketing Club; IJTC. FARRELL DEAN HORTON: Industrial Engineering; Harri- son; William House; MIHC, Vice-President; AIIE; ASME. Second Row: SHARON LYNN HORTON: Home Eco- nomics; Paragould; AT, Social Chairman; AWS, Fashion and ior Hurst Jackson, C. Ingram Jackson, J. R. Honeycutt Hunnicutt Home, ]. L. Hurlbut Home, R. M. Hutson Horton, F. D. Hutt Etiquette Committee; ABC; Colhecon; Young Democrats Club; WRA. FERN HUBBARD: Home Economics; Huntsville; Carn- al! Hall, Secretary, Senior Counselor; Mortar Board, Secretary; Student Court, Associate Justice; J TO, President; AA.A; Wesley Foundation, Chairman Vespers Committee; AWS. JOHN THOMAS HUDMAN: Chemical Engineering; Little Rock; ATO; AICE. ROBERT CARROLL HUDSPETH: Agriculture; DeWitt; ZN; Agronomy Club. DONALD BRUC E HUNNI- CUTT: Civil Engineering; Dumas; SN, President, Vice-Presi- dent; IFC; Arkansas Engineer, Circulation; ASCE; Circle K. EDMUND WALTER HURLBUT: Marketing; Elm Springs; Marketing Club. GARY R. HUTSON: General Business; Fort Smith. L. D. HUTT: Psychology; Fouke; X. Inzer Jackson, M. C. Irwin Jendrysik Ivester Jenkins Jacks Johns First Row: DOYLE HURST: Secondary Education; Flippin; Campus Ambassadors; H2. RALPH W. INGRAM: Education; Calico Rock. EDWIN LEE INZER: Bacteriology; Camden; KK . WAYNE LEE IRWIN: Mechanical Engineering; Hot Springs; ASME. JOHN HERMANN IVESTER: Electrical Engineering; Grady; SIT; 6T, Sec- retary; Student Senate; TBIT, Vice-President; HKN. JAMES CLAUDIS JACKS, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; Pine Bluff; AXA; IIRE; Engi- neer; Young Democrats Club. Second Row: CLIFF JACKSON: Architecture; Newport; Droke House. JOHN RICHARD JACKSON, Jr.: Economics; Pocahontas; ZX, President. Vice-President; Blue Key; ABC, Vice-President; Civic Club; IFC. MARGIE CAROLYN JACKSON: Education; Lonoke; KKF, Pub- licity; WRA; AWS; Elementary Club. RICHARD F. JENDRYSIK: General Business; Hot Springs; IIKA; Marketing Club; SAM. MINOR ROSS JENKINS, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; El Dorado; AIEE; IRE; TKE. LINDA LEE JOHNS: Banking and Finance; Amity; Holcombe Hall First Vice-President, Counselor; X9, First Vice-President, His- torian; AWS, Finance Committee, Judicial Board. Diana Hubbard, Shari White and Connie Musick were three pleasant sights in a parade with few. Johns Jones, S. Johnson, C. L. Jordan, C. M. Johnson, J. L. Jordan, W. R. Johnson, J. R. Joslin Jones. H. L. Kee Jones, L. T. Keeter Jones, L. A. Kelly Jones, R. M. Kennedy, L. Y. to; ; leln Air JOHN 5,1 1 1; u m j ilMfcfehi :!: Q4L fcsprap; u y v, fctt first ROM;: WILLIAM BUCK JOHNS: Industrial Engineer- ing; Paris; A9; 6T; Engineering Council, President, Secre- tary; Civic Club, President, Vice-President ; Young Democrats Club, Vice-President, Executive Committee; State College Board, Chairman; KK ; Razorback Band; AIIE; Arkansas Engineer, Section Editor; Campus Chest, Director; Singfony, Publicity Chairman; Razorback Hall, Senator; University Faculty Com- mittee on Student Relationships. CHARLES LINCOLN JOHN- SON: Psychology-Sociology; Fayetteville; International Club, Vice-President. JERRY LYNN JOHNSON: Chemical Engi- neering; Nashville; AICHE. JIMMY RAY JOHNSON: Agron- omy; Stuttgart; Sedgwell; AZ; Agronomy Club, Treasurer. HENRY LAMAR JONES: Pre-Med; Fordyce; SN. LLOYD THOMAS JONES: General Business; Augusta. LUELLEN ASHLEY JONES: Business Education; McGehee; XIJ. ROBERT MARSHAL JONES: Electrical Engineering; Pottsville. Second Row: SUZANNE JONES: Psychology; Batesville; Holcombe Hall, Treasurer; X; International Club; Coterie; AWS. COVIN McKINLEY JORDAN: Pre-Med; Crossett; 211, President; H2; AIIE; TBIT; IFC, Secretary; Cardinal XX; ABC; Young Democrats Club. WOLFORD RENE JORDAN: Mathematics; Batesville; Ripley House, Social Chairman; Wesley Foundation, President; Wesley Players. President; J H2; KK , Treasurer; Student Senate; Razorback Band; ABC. MELBA JOYCE JOSLIN: History; Fort Smith; Futrall Hall. Counselor; Coterie; A6; WIHC. ROBERT DALE KEE: Natural Sciences; Monette; William House. JERRY LFE KEETER: Dairy; Valley Springs. PATTY KELLY: Art; Little Rock; KKF, Activities Chairman, Co-Rush Chairman; Student Senate; Head Cheerleader. LINDA YOUNG KEN- NEDY: Secondary Education; Daisy; Holcombe Hall, Senior Counselor, House Council; AWS, Legislative Board, Voca- tional Guidance Committee; WRA Executive Board; Coterie; Young Democrats Club; WIHC; International Students Club. A rl Kennedy, T. D. Kirk Kerr Kitchen Ketcher Kizziar Ketcheside Knight Khorramy Knowles King Kooker Kirby, F. D. Koon Kirby, H. H. Koonce .11 B ' 4 ) ' - H0Q B , ill: UK: First Row: THOMAS DARRELL KENNEDY: Speech and Dramatic Art; Letona; 2 E; A U; KIT; National Collegiate Players; Young Democrats; Westminster House; International Relations. NANCY JANE KERR: Spanish; El Dorado; IIB ; SAII. HENRY HERMAN KETCHER III: Marketing; North Little Rock; Ae. REBECCA EVE KETCHESIDE: Business Administration; Russellville ; Holcombe Hall. IRAJ B. KHOR- RAMY: Civil Engineering; Thran, Iran, Iranian; ASCE; In- ternational Club. ELIZABETH LEAH KING: Marketing; Mc- Alester, Okla.; AI Treasurer. FRANKLIN D. KIRBY: Psy- chology; Ozark; X, President. HENRY HUDSON KIRBY: Electrical Engineering: Harrison. Second Row: DONNA RAE KIRK: Marketing; Paragould; AF; ABC: Marketing Club; Wesley Foundation; Young Demo- crats. JANE KITCHEN: Pre-Med, Chemistry; Emmet; ITB , Vice-President; AEA, President; TBS, President; Mortar Board, Vice-President; Civic Club; Razorback Band Majorette; AWS Scholarship Committee Chairman; Honors Council; Student Union Special Projects Committee; Young Democrats. JIM CHARLES KIZZIAR: Chemistry- Pre-Med; El Paso, Tex.; National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Partici- pation Program; AE-i; Arkansas Collegiate Academy of Sci- ence. GEORGE E. KNIGHT: Civil Engineering; Little Rock; 2N; ASCE; Engineer, Editor; Engineer Council. BILL KAY KNOWLES: Math and Science; Calico Rock; William House. STEPHEN LOWELL KOOKER: Electrical Engineering; Rogers; TBII, President; AIEE-IRE, Vice-President; ITME; Enginefring Council; HKX; Wesley Foundation. LOUL KOON: Home Economics; Sheridan; Carnall House: BSU; Colhecon. DAVID MIHAEL KOONCE: Finance; Little Rock; Commerce Guild; Guild Ticker, Business Staff; AK ; Arnold Air Society. 193 - Kushmaul Lacefield Lamb Laughlin Lawrence Lawson Landers Ledbetter Lane, L. Leonard Lane, S. Leslie Laninham Leverette Larson Levine First Row: RICHARD THEADORE KUSHMAUL: Me- chanical Engineering; Pine Bluff; Acacia, Rush Chairman; nTi, Treasurer; ASME. WILLIAM H. LACEFIELD: Elec- trical Engineering; De Queen. GEORGE ELGEN LAMB: Sec- ondary Education, Library Science; Fort Smith. JANE GARD- NER LANDERS: English; Batesville; X; AWS; WRA. LEOTA CAROLE LANE: Home Economics; Fayetteville; Col- hecon. Treasurer; Agri Students Association; Student Religious Council, Vice-President; Christian Science Organization. SUZ- ANNE LANE: Marketing; Benton; AAIT. Glendon ELTON LANINGHAM: Personnel Administration and Industrial Re- lations; Springdale; SAM. LARRY ALLEN LARSON: Me- chanical Engineering; Branson; ITT2; Off Campus Men: ASME. Second Row: C. ICING LAUGHLIN: Banking and Finance; Fort Smith; ZAE. CELESTE THELMA LAWRENCE: Ele- mentary Education; Elementary Club; Christian Science Organi- zation. CONRAD DOUGLAS LAWSON: Industrial Engineer; Malvern; 9T; AIIE; Civic Club; Engineering Council; House Senator; St. Pat. CHARLES AUSTIN LEDBETTER: Zoology; Russellville; KK ; Razorback Band; Brass Ensemble. JAMES M. LEONARD: Real Estate and Insurance; Fayetteville. GYP- SY LEE LESLIE: History; Ft. Smith; Holcombe Hall; A9. BETTY ANN LEVERETTE: Elementary Education; Denison, Tex.; A-iII, Pledge Trainer; Sophomore Counselor; Elementary Club: Civic Club; Young Democrats; Junior Panhellenic; IFPC; President Pledge Class; AWS. MORRIS HENRY LE- VINE: Marketing; Pine Bluff; Student Religious Council; Marketing Club. Lewis Littrell Lichty Logan Liles London Lilley Long Linam, C. L. Lovett Linam, W. C. Lowery Linebarger Lowes Little Loyd First Row: JAMES LEE LEWIS: General Business; Damas- cus. LARRY E. LICHTY: General Business; Fort Smith. PAUL DAVID LILES: Government; Fort Smith. ALLAN L. LILLEY: Architecture; Morrilton. CAROLYN LOUISE LINAM: Home Economics; Rector. WILLIAM C. LINAM: Civil Engineering; Rector; XE; ASCE. SUSAN LINEBARGER: Home Economics; Little Rock; FIB , President, Pledge Trainer; WRA; AWS; ABC, Secretary; IFPC; Jr. Panhellenic; Colhecon; TO; Sec- retary of Associated Students; Panhellenic Council; Agri Queen Maid. GENE LITTLE: Physical Education; Keiser; ITKA. Second Row: ROMIE FRED LITTRELL: Psychology; Cam- den; Scabbard and Blade. JOHN WALTER LOGAN: Real Estate and Insurance; Blytheville; ZX, Tribune; Marketing Club; Young Democrats Club. MARILYN ANN LONDON: Secondary Education- History; Coffeyville; AAU. CHARLES F. LONG, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; El Dorado; SN, Vice- President, Secretary, Pledge Trainer, Board of Governors; AIEE; Tennis Team; 0T; HKN; TBIT, Recording Secretary; Circle K; Arkansas Engineer, Co-Editor; ODK. THOMAS SCOTT LOVETT III: Accounting; Star City; 2N; AK ; Accounting Association. ROBERT LYNN LOWERY: Civil Engineering; Junction City; Droke House. GUY A. LOWES: Civil Engi- neering; Cape Girardeau, Mo.; ASCE. DONALD RAY LOYD: Architecture; Hot Springs; AIA. lUr- 194 ' i Lucas Lynch McCamey McCarley Lyon McCarver McAdams McClain McAdoo, J. A. McAdoo, J. A. McCollum McCrory McArthur McCutcheon McBride McDaniel First Row: DARRELL LYNN LUCAS: Geology; Hot Springs; ATO, President, Vice-President; 2TE, Secretary- Treasurer; Branner Club, Vice-President; AFROTC, Group Commander, Wing Commander; Arnold Air Society, Informa- tion Officer. LEO EDWARD LYNCH: Industrial Engineering; Rogers; AIIE. JAMES FRANK LYON, Jr.: General Business; Little Rock; DAE, Board of Governors; Scabbard and Blade; Marketing Club: AK ; Advanced ROTC, Captain. DOLLY WADE McADAMS: French; West Memphis; XQ; Razorback Band, Majorette; Razorback Staff, Associate Editor; Press Club, Treasurer. JERRIE ANN McADOO: Elementary Education; Hot Springs; ITB ; Elementary Club; Orchesis. JUDITH ANN McADOO: Psychology-Sociology; North Little Rock; Holcombe Hall. CLOVIS W. Me ARTHUR: Chemical Engineering; Belle- ville. LAWSON CHESTER McBRIDE: Industrial Management; Hot Springs. Second Row: DANNY LEROY McCAMEY: Accounting; Springdale. B. BRYANT McCARLEY: Insurance, Real Estate, and Finance; West Memphis; 2 E, Rush Chairman; AK ; Circle K; Young Democrats. TRENTON H. McCARVER: Agri- culture; Springdale. JULIE ANN McCLAIN: Marketing; Smackover; Carnall. KAY McCOLLUM: Mathematics; Stutt- gart; Xfi; Razorback Band, Head Majorette. JESSE DAVID McCRORY: Agronomy; Lake Village; Sedgwell; Agronomy Club. MARTIN JACK McCUTCHEON: Electrical Engineering; Little Rock; Sedgewell; AIEE; Amateur Radio Club. MARGIE B. McDANIEL: Elementary Education; Fayetteville. McDaris McGrew McDowell McKenzie McFarland McKinley McFerran McKinney, C C. McGloflin McKinney, L. E. McGowan McKuin First Row: TERRY ORIAN McDARIS: Accounting; Springdale. BETTY LOU McDOWELL: Physical Education; Ashdawn; Carnall Hall. LINDA KAREN McFARLAND: English and Spanish: Fayetteville; AXS7, Pledge Class Scholarship Chairman; AWS, Social Committee, Scholarship Committee; SAIT; SNEA; International Club; Sophomore Counselor; OCW, Secretary. DAVID LEE McFERRAN: Mathematics; Charleston. SALLY JO McGLOFLIN: Personal Management; Little Rock; Carnall Hall. LARRY L. McGOWAN: Architecture; Fort Smith; AXA, President, Social Chairman; IFC; AIA. Second Row: MARTHA E. McGREW: English; Little Rock; AF. JAMES H. McKENZIE: Banking and Finance; Prescott; ZAE, Presi- dent, Intramural Manager, Board of Governors; AK ; Blue Key; Student Senate; Baseball; Distinguished Military Student. WILLIAM MUR- RAY McKINLEY, Jr.: Chemical Engineering; Fort Smith; AICHE; AX2, Treasurer: Regional Science Fair. CLAY CARL McKINNEY: English; Siloam Springs; 2N; Student Union Film Committee. LEONARD EVAN McKINNEY: Industrial Engineering; Sheridan; 2IT; AIIE. BOB G. McKUIN: Industrial Engineering; Morrilton; OAK, Treasurer; AITM, Vice-President; MIHC; Engineering Council; 6T; 2AE; Associate Justice of Student Court. All night bars in N. O. proved Bourbon Street sign correct: The One Way to go was with money. " ONEl COMDiliOHi McMahen Mann McShane Marino McVey Marlow Mackey Marshall MacLean Martin, B. C. Maddux Martin, M. E. Manatt Mason Mangan Maxwell vtt- First Row: JAMES DONALD McMAHEN: Electrical Engi- Engineering; Magnolia; William House. SUSAN ETHEL Mc- SHANE: Mathematics; Fort Smith; II B ; AWS; WRA. LES- LIE GRANT McVEY: Elementary Education; Elgin, 111.; Sr. GEORGE RAMEY MACKEY: Education; Siloam Springs. ALEXANDER MacLEAN, III: Mechanical Engineering; West Fork; ASME; AMS. EDWARD LEE MADDOX: Chemical En- gineering; Oden; William House; ABC. WILLIAM SCOTT MANATT: Civil Engineering; Hot Springs. CHARLES STEPHEN MANGAN, II: Art and English; North Little Rock; 2AE; Director of Gaebale; Student Senate Entertainment Com. mittee; A-Book Publications Advisory Board; IFC Rush Com- mittee; Lion Tamer Editor; Student Union Entertainment Com- mittee; Newman Center; Advertising Club; Young Democrats. Second Row: EDWARD MARVIN MANN, Jr.: History; Hickory, Virginia; 2X; Varsity Basketball. CHARLES MA- RINO: Education; Camden; ITKA, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; Student Senate; Cheerleader; ABC: Cardinal XX; Pershing Rifles; SNEA. BILLY HOWARD MARLOW: Chem- istrv; Rogers; Sedgwell. LILLIAN RAE MARSHALL: Music; Muskogee, Okla. ; AAIT, Reporter, Historian; 2AI, Guard; Stu- dent Senate Elections Committee; Preview; Razorback, Arts Editor; DSF. BENNIE C. MARTIN: Civil Engineering; Glen- wood; ASCE. MILDRED ELAINE MARTIN: History; Little Rock; A-1IT, Social Chairman; AWS; Young Democrats. EDWARD PAUL MASON: Entomology; Hot Springs; 24 E; AZ; Scabbard and Blade; Entomology dub. RONALD SHER- MAN MAXWELL: Agriculture; Booneville; AFP, Social Chair- man; Animal Industry Club; Young Democrats Club. May, H. L. Meadows, D. E. May, J. D. Meadnws, H. J. Mayes Meier Mayfield Meinert Maynard Marritt Mazzanti Mesavago First Row: HOMER LEE MAY, Jr.: Speech; Newport; JERRY DON MAY: Marketing; Little Rock; IIKA, Social Chairman; ABC, President; Marketing Club. JOHN BERTON MAYES: Marketing- Pre Law; Blytheville; ZX, Tribune; Scabbard and Blade; AK ; Marketing Club; President Senior Business Class; Representative Junior Business Class; Commerce Guild Executive Council. CHARLES FRED MAYFIELD, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; El Dorado; 2AE, District Rush Chairman; AIEE; Circle K, Board of Governors; OT, Pledge Trainer, Editor of Newsletter, Assistant Treasurer, Vice-President. W. NEIL MAYNARD: Banking and Finance; Winthrop; Acacia, President, Vice- President; Civic Club; IFC; Young Democrats Club, Treasurer. JERRY EDWARD MAZZANTI: General Business; Lake Village; Wilson Sharp; ITKA; A Club; Commerce Guild; Varsity Football; Pre Law Club. Second Row: DOUGLAS EUGENE MEADOWS: Civil Engineering; Osceola; XE, President; TBII; ASCE, President; Engineering Council. HARDING JOEL MEADOWS: History; West Memphis; 2 E, Athletic Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, Pledge Trainer; $A6. JERRY AIJGUST MEIER: Marketing; Fort Smith; Marketing Club. PHILIP RAY MEINERT: Mathematics; Fayetteville; AFROTC; TIME; H2. RONALD DANA MARRITT: Chemical Engineering; Dardanelle; AX2; AIChE. JEAN ANNE MESAVAGE: Music Education; Harrison; AXJ2, Editor, Song Leader, Historian; 2AI; TBS; Marching Razorbacks; Uni- versity Concert Band; Brass Ensemble; University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra; Newman Club; AWS; WRA. Donna Axum sings of her love for a man. She is very good at using her hands to express emotion. Meyers Mills Mikeska Miner Miller, C. D. Mitchell, B. M. Miller, G. E. Mitchell, C. N. Miller, J. L. Mitchell, F. J. Miller, J. F. Mitchell, G. G. Miller, N. L. Mitchell, R. B. Miller, W. E. Moberly First Row: MARY ANN MEYERS: Elementary Education; Fort Smith; ZTA, Social Chairman; Elementary Club; SNEA. JOYCE ANN MIKESKA: Mathematics; Kilgore, Tex.; Xfi, Treasurer; Mortar Board; ABC; X, Secretary; AWS; WRA; Senior Counselor to AAA. CARL DEAN MILLER, Jr.: Elec- trical Engineering; Parkdale; AE; 6T; Arnold Air Society. GEORGE EUGENE MILLER: Secondary Education; Fort Smith. JANET LUCRETIA MILLER: Home Economics; Lead Hill; Carnall Hall. JOHN FREMONT MILLER: Industrial Engineering; Paris; 6T; Engineering Council; AIIE; Young Democrats Club. NANCY LEE MILLER: Music Education; Fayetteville; SAI, President; Sophomore Counselor; Wesley Foundation. WILLIAM EDWARD MILLER: Industrial En- gineering; Paris; 6T; Engineering Council; AIIE; Arkansas Engineer. Joke Editor. Second Row: DONALD LIVINDSTONE MILLS: Civil Engi- neering; Quesnel, B. C. CANADA; ASCE. ROBERT ROY MINER: Electrical Engineering; Fayetteville; TKE; Arkansas Engineer, Editor; ODK; Engineer Council; Amateur Radio Club, President; Circle K; Civic Club; IFC; Speleologial So- ciety. BILL MERLE MITCHELL: Accounting; Gentry. CARLOS NEIL MITCHELL: Agriculture; Danville; ATP; Young Demo- crats Club; ASA. FLORA JUNE MITCHELL: Elementaiy Education; Fayetteville. GEORGE GORDAN MITCHELL: Banking and Finance; Fayetteville. ROBERT BEHRENS MITCHELL: Advertising and Public Relations; Fayetteville. PATSY ANN MOBERLY: Speech Education: Bentonville; AP. Moncrief Morris, H. G. Mont Morris, J. T. Moore, A. M. Nakamura Moore, B. R. Neal Moore, B. F. Nelke Moore, J. M. Newman, T. E. Moore, S. R. Newman, V. H. Moore, S. K. Nichols First Row: ADRAIN CLYDE MONCRIEF: Philosophy, English; Searcy; Philosophy Club. THEODORE MONT, Jr.: Physical Education; Hightstown, New Jersey; Wilson Sharp. ANN MITCHELL MOORE: Education; Little Rock; KKr. BILLY RAY MOORE: General Business; Little Rock; Wilson Sharp; A Club; Commerce Guild; Varsity Football. BOYCE FREEMAN MOORE: Accounting; Blytheville; 2N; AK . JAMES MAURICE MOORE: Architecture; Memphis, Tenn.; ZX; AIA. SHIRLEY RUTH MOORE: Elementary Education; Searcy. SONJIA K. MOORE: Home Economics; Corning; 4H House; Colcehon; AWS; BSU. Second Row: HAROLD GENE MORRIS: English; King- ston. JAMES THOMAS MORRIS: Vocational Agriculture; Nashville; William House; ATA. FRANK AKIRA NAKA- MURA: Physics; Scott; Gladson House, Vice President. BYRON DICKSON NEAL: Secondary Education; Heber Springs; 211; Scabbard and Blade; ASCE; SAM; Pershing Rifles; Counselor, Buchanan House. PHYLLIS ANNE NELKE: Math; Fort Smith; Carnall Hall. TILLMAN EUGENE NEW- MAN, Jr.: Chemical Engineering; Van Buren; AIChE. VIR- GIL HOWARD NEWMAN: Mechanical Engineering; Bon- nerdale; IITZ; ASME. JERRY DALLAS NICHOLS: Pre- Dental; Clarksville; TKE. 197 Nolen Oishi Norris Oliver, G. D. Norton, C. L. Oliver, N. L. Norton, E. W. Orler Norwood, J. E. Owens, A. E. Norwood, J. R. Owens, J. M. First Row: WYLIE E. NOLEN: Psychology; Springdale. GARY FRED NORRIS: Agriculture; Greenforest; AFP, Vice Noble Ruler; ASA; Animal Industry Club; Young Democrats Club. CHARLOTTE LILLIAN NORTON: Marketing; Smack- over; AXJ1, Pledge President, Rush Chairman, Social Chair- man; Marketing Club, Ticket Manager; AWS; X0. ENNIS WAYNE NORTON: Mechanical Engineering; Mena; 6T, Presi- dent; ITT-; Arkansas Engineer; Engineering Council. JAMES EARL NORWOOD: Accounting; Little Rock; Accounting As- sociation, President; AK ; Gladson House, Secretary-Treasurer. JAMES ROBERT NORWOOD: Mechanical Engineering; De- Queen; Humphrey Hall; Sedgwell House, President; MIHC: Cardinal XX, President; ODK; TIME; HS; 1162; Student Court, Associate Justice; 6T; Razorback Band, Drum Major; KK , Vice-President; ASME. JUDITH ANNA NUTT: Eng- lish; Fayetteville; Holcombe Hall, Counselor; Razorback Band; BSU; BSU, Secretary; WIHC; AWS; Coterie. HARPER LEE OATES, Jr.: Marketing; Joiner; 211; Marketing Club; AK . Second Row: TOSHIO OISHI: Electrical Engineering; Scott; AIEE; Recording Secretary. GARY DON OLIVER: In- dustrial Engineering; Alma; TBII; AITM, President; Engi- neering Council. NANCY LAREE OLIVER: Home Economics; Mulberry; NEA. JOHNNY L. ORLER: Education; Anderson; 211. ANTHONY EUGENE OWENS: Business Administration; Little Rock. JERRY M. OWENS: Transportation; Junction City. THOMAS EDWARD OWENS: Music Education; Benton- ville; ATf2, President; MA Sinfonie, President; Civics Club; SNEA: Music Educator ' s National Conference; Opera Work- shop. TOMMY A. PAPAGEORGE: Civil Engineering; North Little Rock; ASCE. fit V-l I 1 . 3 Park Patton Parker, J. M. Pearson Parker, M. A. Peeler Parker, W. R. Pendergrass Parnell Penix Pate Penn, F. W. Patrick Penn, J. F. Patterson Pettus First Row: LINDA SUSAN PARK: Elementary Education; Van Buren; Carnall Hall, Activities Chairman; Coterie, Vice- President; Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation; AWS; Orchesis. JOE MICHAEL PARKER: Chemical Engineering; El Dorado; 211; ABC; AICHE; Arnold Air Society; Young Democrats Club. MARCIA ANN PARKER: English; Marked Tree; KRT. WILLIAM R. PARKER: Mechanical Engineer- ing; Rolla; ITT2; ASME, Vice-President. CHESTER MAX PARNELL: Vocal Agriculture Education; Mountain Home; AFP; ATA. Secretary; Young Republicans Club; ASA. JAMES CECIL PATE: Civil Engineering; Clinton. THOMAS EARL PATRICK: Bacteriology; Pettigrew. STANLEY RAY PAT- TERSON: Insurance; Joplin; AXA, Social Chairman; Presi- dent Junior Class Business Administration; AK ' I ' , Ritualist; Guild Ticker, Business Manager; Marketing Club; SAM. Second Row: KENNETH LAURENCE PATTON: Civil Engineering; Hot Springs; ASCE. SONNY WAYNE PEAR- SON: Mechanical Engineering; Pleasant Plains; IIT2; ASME, Secretary. CALVIN ELY PEELER: Secondary Education; Corona, Calif. B. JOLENE PENDERGRASS: Secondary Edu- cation; Crossett; Carnall Hall, Reporter; ABC; SNEA; Coterie; Wesley Players; Traveler Staff. MOLLY PENIX: Home Economics; Denver, Colo.; KKI FOYE WALLACE PENN: Mechanical Engineering; Lynn; ASME, Treasurer. JAMES F. PENN: Civil Engineering; Little Rock; ASCE. SUSAN KIRKLAND PETTUS: Speech Correction; Pine Bluff; XO; 2AH. - fn wtU LK S il C [ Lb 198 - ia i. . : Gn Chk; . Ofa ft ; Nodi Piuersn - TM $t Petty Plunkett, J. A. Phillips, D. W. Plunkett, T. W. Phillips, J. A. Poe Pianalto Polk Pigg Pollard Pintado Pope Plumlee Poole Proctor Porter First Row: ALLEN G. PETTY: Marketing; Pine Bluff. DAVID WILLIAM PHILLIPS: Social Welfare; Bentonville; Razorback Hall, MIHC; Publicity for SU. JUDITH ANN PHILLIPS: Clothing; Fort Smith; ZTA, President, Vice- President, Mortar Board; AWS, President; IITO; AAA; Young Democrats Club, State Female Vice-President__ Student Senate; Student Board of Publications. ROBERT EUGENE PIANALTO: General Agriculture; Tontitown; ATA; Newman Club. LUTHER RAY PIGG: Industrial Engineering; Mena; 211; AIIE. SHERRY LYNN PINTADO: Music; Glenwood; Holcombe Hall. JOYCE PLUMLEE: Agriculture-Home Eco- nomics; Harrison; 4-H House; BSU; Colhecon. DIANNE SIMPSON PROCTOR: Marketing; Parkin; KKT, President; Mortar Board, Scholarship Chairman; X6; Marketing Club. Second Row: JOSEPH ALBERT PLUNKETT: Electrical Engineering; Fort Smith; TBII; HKN; IIME; Institute of Radio Engineers; Newman Club. THOMAS WOOD PLUN- KETT: Mechanical Engineering; Little Rock; ASME. RICHARD JAMES POE: Mechanical Engineering; Conway; ASME; IIT2, Vice-President. TOMMY POLK: Architecture; Hope. HUGH HART POLLARD: English; Little Rock; 4 A9, President, Vice-President, Rush Chairman; Blue Key; II H2; Student Court; Cardinal XX, Advisor; Sportmanship Com- mittee, Chairman; H2II. CLINTON DALE POPE: Industrial Engineering; Warren; KHA, Scholarship Chairman, executive Council; AIIE. LAFAYETTE EARL POOLE: Geology; Heber Springs. JOHN DAVID PORTER: Civil Engineering; Boone- ville; William House; ASCE, Vice-President. Post Poynter Proctor, G. W. Proctor, H. B. Prewitt Pugh Primm Pumphrey Prince, R. R. Quails Prince, S. E. Railsback First Row: JOAN JOHNSON POST: Elementary Education; Gra- vette. LINDA SUE POYNTER: Clothing, Textiles and Merchandizing; Mountain Home; AAII; Marketing Club; Colechon; AWS Fashion and Etiquette Committee. MARY WHEELER PREWITT: History; McGehee; XQ, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer; Mortar Board; Judicial Board, Chairman; Fulbright Hall, President; Sophomore Council; AAA; Student Union Governing Board; Elections Committee, Co-Chairman; AWS Executive Board. CHARLES EUGENE PRIMM: Electrical Engi- neering; Camden; Ripley. ROBERT ROYCE PRINCE: Civil Engineer- ing; iMagnolia; ASCE. SALLIE EDERINGTON PRINCE: Business Education; El Dorado. Second Row: GEORGE W. PROCTOR: Psychology; Cotton Plant; 2X. HUGH BATY PROCTOR, Jr.: Banking and Finance; Little Rock; 2AE, House Manager, Board of Governors; Marketing Club. OWEN LLOYD PUGH: Accounting; Harrison; 2X; BA , President; BT2; OAK, Treasurer; AK ; Accounting Association; Comm-rce Guild Executive Council; Cardinal XX Review Board. PATRICIA ANN PUMPHREY: English; Pine Bluff; Cardinall Hall. CAROLYN SUE QUALLS: Home Economics; Evening Shade; 4-H House, President; Wesley Foundation, Secretary; J TO, Treasurer; Coterie, Reporter- Colhecon; AWS Executive Board; WIHC. GLENN ALBERT RAILS- BACK: Accounting; Pine Bluff ; AXA. Students eye reception notice. Few attended because of crowd. Bowl games are for alums. ARKANSAS RECEPTION Rains, ]. C. Reagan, L. M. Rains, L. C. Reames Rainwater Reed Raley Regan Ramsey Remmel Rankin, D. F. Reves Rankin, S. R. Rice, J. M. Reagan, J. E. Rice, P. F. First Row: JOHN C. RAINS: Speech Correction; North Little Rock; 4 Ae, Historian, Vice-President; TKA, President, Vice-President, Circle K, President; 2 AH; Debate Team. L. CRAIG RAINS: Advertising; Dallas, Tex.; SX, President; Blue Key, Secretary; Cheerleaders, Captain; Commerce Guild, Treasurer; Senior Class Business School, President; Young Democrats, Vice-President; AK ; Advertising Club; Market- ing Club; Arkansas Booster Club. BILLY J. RAINWATER: Education; Fort Smith. CAROLYN GENE RALEY: Home Economics Education, Star City; ZTA, House Manager; AWS Legislative Board, Chairman; AWS Judicial Board, AWS Executive Board; Colhecon, Secretary. JOHN W. RAMSEY; Accounting; AK4 ' ; ABC, Civic Club, Treasurer, Guild Ticker Staff, Circulation, Young Republicans; Student Union Special Projects Committee, Student Union Art Committee. DAVID FOSTER RANKIN: Business Administration; Junction City. SYLVIA ROSE RANKIN: Music; Lake Village; KKT. JANE ELIZABETH REAGAN: English; Elkins; ZTA; SAIL Second Row: LUTHER M. REAGAN: Pre-Law; Noel, Mo. TOMMY EUGENE REAMS: Chemical Engineering; Hamp- ton; AIChE; GEORGE HENRY REED: Chemical Engineering; Camden; AIChE; AX2. JOHN RAYBORN REAGAN: Ac- counting; Malvern; William House; AK ; BA ; BF2; E2. CATHERINE E. REMMEL: English; Little Rock; IIB , Rush Chairman; Panhellenic, President; Mortar Board; Board of Publications; Student Senate; Razorback, Associate Editor; AWS Executive Board; Razorback Beauty; Drake Relays Queen. NORMAN REVES: English; Peggott. JERRY M. RICE: Marketing; Fort Smith; AXA; Marketing Club. PHILIP FOY RICE: Electrical Engineering; Pine Bluff; 2AE, Steward Board of Governors; 6T; AIEE; Student Sen- ate; Engineering Council. Senior Richardson, F. K. Roberson Richardson, G. Roberts, B. Rick Roberts, F. D. Ricketts Roberts, M. Riddle Robertson, B. M. Ritchie Robertson, J. V. First Row: FONTAINE K. RICHARDSON: Math; Fayetteville. GAIL RICHARDSON: Elementary Education; North Little Rock; AMI; Sophomore Counselor; Elementary Club; Young Democrats Club; Phi- losophy Club; AWS; WRA. GEORGE FEDERICK RICK: Marketing; Jacksonville; Marketing Club, ROBERT HARVEY RICKETTS: In- surance and Real Estate; Bentonville. JIMMY RIDDLE: Pre-Med and Chemistry; Searcy. NANCY MARIE RITCHIE: General Business; Little Rock; HB4 ; AWS; WRA. Second Row: DONNIE CARROLL ROBERSON: Mechanical Engi- neering; Little Rock: ASME. BERTIE ROBERTS, Jr.: Physics; Har- rison; BSU. FRANKLIN DEAN ROBERTS: Mechanical Engineering; North Little Rock; ASME. MADELON ROBERTS: Elementary Educa- tion; Tulsa, Okla.; X; Elementary Club. BILL M. ROBERTSON: Marketing; Fort Smith: A6, Secretary; Marketing Club; Advertising Club. JUDY VARDNER ROBERTSON: Elementary Education; Little Rock; KKT; AAA, President; Elementary Club, Treasurer; Sophomore Counselor; AWS; Mortar Board; KAIT. Polly Outla while Linda accepts ROTC sponsor position Rushton admires Polly ' s stature. Ik P.P. Robinson Rothert Rodgers, E. L. Rowland, G. E. Rogers, J. R. Rowland, S. H. Rogers, R. D. Rowlett Rollosson Rushton Ross, D. P. Russell, C. M. Ross, C. E. Russell, N. J. Ross, R. M. Rutherford First Row: JOEL WILLIAM ROBINSON: Secondary Edu- cation; Siloam Springs; TKE; X. ELIZABETH L. RODGERS: Elementary Education; Little Rock; AAA; Elementary Club. JERRY ROWLAND ROGERS: Civil Engineering; North Little Rock; Wilson Sharp; Blue Key; TBIT; Basketball; ASCE; 6T; IIME; IIH2; XE, Vice-President. ROGER DEL- MAS ROGERS: Physical Education; Stamps; 2X; PEM Club. JOHN PAUL ROLLOSSON; Mechanical Engineering; Little Rock. DAVID PAUL ROSS: Physics; Fayetteville ; Acacia; 2112, President 4 E2, President; TIME. GEORGE E. ROSS: English; Ashdown. RONNIE M. ROSS: Pre-Med; Fort Smith: Ripley House, Secretary. Second Row: MATTHEW H. ROTHERT, Jr.: Manage- ment; Camden; 2X; Vice-President ; ABC, Pledge Class President; Cardinal XX; Commerce Guild, President; SAM; Scabbard and Blade; Blue Key. GEORGE E. ROWLAND, )r.: Banking and Finance; DeWitt; KA % Vice-President; Marketing Club. STEPHEN HORTON ROWLAND: Chemical Engineering; Dumas; TBIT; AICE; IIME; KK ; Razorback Band. MARY JANE ROWLETT: Elementary Education; Spring- dale. LINDA ELIZABETH RUSHTON: English; Magnolia; XO, Rush Chairman; BSU, Executive Council; Honorary Cadet Col., Air Force ROTC; AWS Queens Committee; WRA; Panhellenic; Sweetheart of 2X. CARL MAX RUSSELL: Architecture; Rogers; Acacia; Young Democrats Club; AIA. NORMA JEAN RUSSELL: Education; Magnolia; ZTA. SANDRA JANE RUTHERFORD: Elementary Education; Hot Springs; AAA; AWS; WRA; Elementary Club; SNEA. f l Cj Rutledge Scott, J. H. Sanders, G. V. Sanders, W. P. Scott, J. T. Scale Schermerhorn Selby Scherrey Sellers Schwieger Seneriz First Row: SONJA ANN RUTLEDGE: Education; Fort Smith; AXfl; SNEA; Elementary Club; Sophomore Counselor; AWS; WRA. GARY VAN SANDERS: Electrical Engineering; Siloam Springs. WILLIAM POWELL SANDERS: Marketing; Fort Smith. HO QUANG SANG: Agricultural Economics; Saigon, Vietnam. JOE THOMAS SAUNDERS: Civil Engineer- ing; Dierks; William House. JAMES HARVEY SCHERMER- HORN: Farm Management; Comton; Animal Industry Club; Razorback Speleological Society, President. ANTHONY PAUL SCHERREY: Biological Science; Fort Smith. WILLIAM LEE SCHWIEGER: Industrial Engineering; Shreveport, La.; AXA; AIIE; Young Democrats Club. Second Row: JAMES HOWARD SCOTT: Philosophy; Tevarkana; Preview, Co-Editor; Philosophy Club, Chairman. JERRY THOMAS SCOTT: Advertising and Public Relations; Mount Ida; 2N, Historian, Social Chairman; Marketing Club; Advertising Club; AK ; Student Union Activities Committee. ELEANOR SUE SEALE: Business Education; Lake Village; ITU ; Young Democrats Club; SNEA. THOMAS PATRICK SEAY: Marketing; Hot Springs; Marketing Club; Scabbard and Blade; Pre-Law Club; BSU. JERRY B. SEITZ: Industrial Engineering; Berryville; AIIE. ROBERT DANIEL SELBY: Entomology; Portland; AFP; ASA; Entomology. REBECCA JEAN SELLERS: Education; Fort Smith; Holcombe Hall; ABC. LOUIS SENERIZ: Industrial Engineering; Caguas, Puerto Rico; ATO; AHE. 201 Shaddox, J. R. Sigler Shaddox, R. M. Simpson Shannon Sixbey Shollmier Skipper Shook Sloan Shuman Slocura Sicard Smith, B. G. Sidwell Smith, C. J. First Row: JACK ROWLAND SHADDOX: Agriculture, Animal Husbandry; Harrison; William House. ROY MACK SHADDOX: Insurance and Real Estate; Green Forest; Acacia: MIHC Representative; Young Democrats. NANCY COLLEEN SHANNON: Elementary Education; Enid, Akla.; AXfi, Presi- dent; Panhellenic; Elementary Club; SNEA. JAMES KEN- NETH SHOLLMIER: Management; Pine Bluff. JOHN HAROLD SHOOK: Animal Husbandry; Springdale; Animal Industry Club; ASA; ATA, Treasurer, Reporter; Jr. and Sr. Poultry Judging Team; Jr. Livestock Judging Team. EMALY LOUISE SHUMAN: Architecture; Texarkana; AAA; AIA; AWS; WRA; AWS Fashion and Etiquette Committee. SAMUEL McLOUD SICARD: Finance; Fort Smith; Newman Club. DAVID ALBERT SIDWELL: Accounting; Jacksonville. Second Row: WILLIAM BYRON SIGLER: Personnel Management; Little Rock; 2X; Scabbard and Blade, Vice- President; Pershing Rifles; SAM. WILLIAM LEE SIMPSON: Electrical Engineering; Poughkeepsie; IEEE. HOPE SIXBEY: English; Monroe, La.; Carnall Hall. JAMES MAXWELL SKIPPER: Electrical Engineering; Cleveland; TBII; HKN; IEEE. NEILL MOORE SLOAN, Jr.: Marketing; Lake Village; 2X, Treasurer; AK , President, Secretary; Blue Key, Sec- retary. LINDA LORIANE SLOCUM: Secondary Education; Pine Bluff; AT, Songleader, Alumnae Chairman: Young Demo- crats, Reporter; IFPC, Handbook Chairman; Sophomore Counselor; Senior Counselor; SNEA; BSU, Executive Com- mittee; AWS, Student-Faculty Relations Committee: Religious Emphasis Week Committee; WRA. BILLY GENE SMITH: Civil Engineering; Benton; ASCE. CARL JAY SMITH: Architecture; Van Buren; AIA. fell ' ' 0 0 :! 4 +, Smith, E. A. Smith, V. E. Smith, G. T. Smoot Smith, J. H. Snetzer Smith, J. E. Snow Smith, M. E. Sorrel a Smith, M. J. South Smith, O. B. Southerland Smith, P. F. Spencer First Row: ELISE ANNE SMITH: Music Education; Camden; Holcombe Hall; SAL GARY THOMPSON SMITH: Marketing; Lepanto; K2. JANET HOPE SMITH: Music; Calico Rock; Holcombe Hall. JIMMY E. SMITH: General Business; Lowell. MARY EDNA SMITH: Elementary Educa- tion; ZTA, Historian-Reporter; AWS; Young Democrats Club; Elementary Club. MARY JANOEL SMITH: Secondary Educa- tion; Blytheville; ZTA, Secretary 2 AIT. OKLA BENNETT SMITH: General Business; Fort Smith; Scabbard and Blade. PERRY FRANK SMITH: Secondary Education; West Fork. Second Row: VIRGIL ERNEST SMITH: Electrical En- gineering; Norman; Droke House; Institute of Radio Engi- neers. SALLY SMOOT: Elementary Education; Waldron; AAA; Elementary Club; SNEA. MICHAEL ALAN SNETZER: In- dustrial Management; Jacksonville; 211, Pledge Class Presi- dent; IFC; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Military Stu- dent. JAN LYNNE SNOW: English; Memphis, Tenn.; AAII; Young Democrats Club; Wesley Foundation. GEORGE WAL- LACE SORRELLS: Chemical Engineering; Stuttgart; 9T, President, Vice-President ; Circle K, Vice-President ; TBH, Secretary OAK; H2; ITME; Engineering Council; AICHE. SUELLEN SOUTH: Elementary Education; Pine Bluff; HB , House Manager; Elementary Club; AWS Legislative Board. ANN R. SOUTHERLAND: Management; Akla. City, Okla; ZTA. WILLIAM RICHARD SPENCER: Industrial Engineer- ing; Little Rock; 2X, Vice-President, Editor of Publications; 6T; Board of Governors, AIIE; Arnold Air Society. r ' UNO:], l! 202 1HSWPSOV ? 1UIEU, - . 1- HV SMTH ' Sprott Stephens, R. C. Stahr Stephens, T. W. Stair Stevens, C. A. Stamps, J. C. Stevens, M. Stamps, J. D. Stevenson Stanley, M. L. Stewart, D. A. Stanley, W. R. Stewart, J. Starling Stewart, R. S. First Row: JOSEPH MICHAEL SPROTT: Agriculture Economics; Huntsville. CHARLES F. STAHR: Pre-Med; Manila; William House; German-American Club; Wesley Foundation. LINDA FAY STAIR: Math; Heber Springs; AXSJ, Treasurer; Motar Board; AAA; IIME; AWS Office Manage- ment Committee Chairman; AWS Executive Board; WRA; Civic Club. JERRY C. STAMPS: General Business; Fayette- ville; IIKA; Marketing Club; SAM. JOHN DAVID STAMPS: General Business; Fayetteville; IIKA; Marketing Club; Civic Club; SAM. MADELYN LOUISE STANLEY: Secondary Edu- cation; Bald Knob: AF, Athleti c Chairman; SRC: SNEA; PEM Club; WRA; AWS. WILMA RUE STANLEY: Elementary Fducation; Harrison; 4-H House. JAMES MARTIN STAR- LING, Jr.: Education; Bradley. Second Row: RANDALL CLAY STEPHENS: Physics; Siloam Springs; IIME; 2IIZ; H2. THOMAS WILCOX STE- PHENS: Pre-Med; Hot Springs; ZN, Rush Chairman; Civic Club; Tennis Team. COURTNEY ANNE STEVENS: Speech; Joplin, Mo.; KKF; AWS; WRA; 2AH. MARILYN STEVENS: Marketing; Urbana; AX; Marketing Club; Civic Club, MARY KAY STEVENSON: Romance Languages; Stuttgart; XQ, Secretary; 2AII; AFROTC Lt. Colonel; AWS Executive Board; AWS Student-Faculty Relations Committee Chairman; Student Union Talent Committee Chairman; Student Union Central Planning Committee; Student Senate; Mortary Board; WRA; ABC. DAVID ALAN STEWART: Advertising and Public Relations; Danville; ATfl; Advertising Club; IFC. JUNE STEWART: Education; Fayetteville; AXS7. ROBERTA SWITZER STEWART: Home Economics Education; Russell- ville; XO; TO, Historian. A -, Stolz Strasner Stone, A. Straub ' ' Stone, J. T. Stripling Stoner Stuart Stover, J. M. Sublett Stover, W. J. Suddretts First Row: WESLEY MILTON STOLZ: Vocational Agriculture; West Fork; ATA. ACQUANETTA STONE: Spanish, Speech, and Drama; Los Angeles, Calif.; International Club. JACK T. STONE, Jr.: Mechanical Engineering; AXA; Pine Bluff. SUZANNE MARY STONER: Elementary Education; AF; Coffeyville, Kansas; SNEA; AWS; WRA; YDC, Reporter; Elementary Club; Orchesis. JANET MORLEY STOVER: Secondary Education: Little Rock; IT.B , Assistant Rush Chairman; SNEA; AWS Publicity Committee. WILLIAM JAN STOVER: Journal- ism; SX; Camden; YDC; Marketing Club; Press Club. Second Row: LOUIS M. STRASNER: Marketing; N. Little Rock; AXA; AK ; Marketing Club; YDC. JAMES E. STRAUB: Mechanical Engineering; West Helena; IITZ; ASME. JAMES EDWARD STRIP- LING: Industrial Engineering; Jacksonville; AIIE; Engineering Council. ADRAIN CURTIS STUART: Finance; Pine Bluff. ROGER HARLEY SUBLETT: Education; Greenwood. JAMES HYATT SUDDRETTS: General Business; Fort Smith. Julie Headstream fondles her new ChiO pledge ribbon. She is noted for dancing the " uptown " . Suffridge Tabor Sullivan Tate Summers Taylor, C. W. Sutton Taylor, J. R. First Row: BUFORD JOSEPH SUFFRIDGE: Bacteriology; Perryville; A6; YDC. SAMUEL WILLIAM SULLIVAN: General Business; Burdette. JOHN BEATY SUMMERS: Mathematics; Little Rock. SUE SUTTON: Elementary Educa- tion; Ben Lomond. JOHN CHARLES SWAYZE: Engineering; Moscow; Sedgwell. BENNY E. SWINDELL: Journalism; Gravette; Ripley; Editorial Assistant and Managing Editor, Arkansas Traveler; Press Club. LOYD RAY SWOPE: Market- ing; Elkins; Marketing Club. ROY TOM TABLER: Journal- ism; DeQueen; AX2; Arnold Air Society; Wesley Players; Swayzo Taylor, K. N. Swindell Taylor, L. J. Swopo Taylor, W. E. Tablet Templo Wesley Foundation. Second Row: FARRIS RAY TABOR: Finance and Bank- ing; Little Rock. BRENDA BARHAM TATE: Elementary Education; Mena; KKF; Elementary Club; AWS. CHARLES WINSTON TAYLOR: Agriculture; Mansfield; ATA. JAMES ROBINSON TAYLOR: Agriculture; Mansfield. KATIE N. TAYLOR: Business; Sheridan; ZTA; X9. LARRY JAMES TAYLOR: Chemical Engineering; Taylor; AIChE. WILLIAM EUGENE TAYLOR: Civil Engineering; Pine Bluff. JIMMIE LOU TEMPLE: Mathematics; Texarkana; AAII; YDC; AWS. fin) I PATH i Hold:) . ior Templeton Terrell Terry, B. N. Terry, D. W. Thomas, D. W. Thompson, A. E. Thompson, B. K. Thompson, M. L. Thomson, B. F. Thomson, J. A. Tima Tipton First Row: RANDELL TEMPLETON: Pre-Law; Fouke; Sedgwell House, Social Chairman. BOBBY FRANK TERRELL: Industrial En- gineering; North Little Rock; AIIE. BILLYE NEWELL TERRY: Ele- mentary Education: Fayetteville. DAVID WESLEY TERRY: Electrical Engineering; Benton; TBII; HKN; IIME; IIH2; Wesley Foundation, Committee Chairman; Wesley Players; Sedgwell House. Advisor; OCM, Treasurer. DAVID WHEELER THOMAS: General Business; West Memphis. ANNE ELAINE THOMPSON: English. Second Row: BELLE KNIGHT THOMPSON: Art; Washington; AXQ; Art Club; National Collegiate Players, Vice- President; AWS; WRA. MILTON LEE THOMPSON: Management; Hot Springs; TKE, Treasurer, Sgt. at Arms, Summer Rush Chairman; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; AICHE. BENJAMINE F. THOMSON, Jr.: Accounting; North Little Rock; Accounting Association; Married Students Associa- tion. JUDITH ANN THOMSON: Psychology; North Little Rock. MARTHA ALICE TIMS: Speech Correction; Newport; ZTA. JACK DONALD TIPTON; Electrical Engineering; New Epinburg. Ken Albers warms up before 4 Freshmen concert. Me plays straight man for Bob Flanagan ' s jokes. V.UVELL A$ML ' . ' .. ,-;;. ' ' it IIU1UI J. IDC; AIS. Toll Turner Trail Udouj Torbett I ' msted Trimble Vanderpoorten Trumbo Van Hoosy Trussell Van Meter Tucker, C. R. Van Patten Tucker, T. M. Van Sickle First Row: JUDITH LYNN TOLL: Chemistry; Hazen; TBZ; Razorback Band. RAY TRAIL: KZ. JAMES H. TOR- BETT: English; Morrilton; TKE, President; IFC; Civic Club. PATTI LUCILLE TRIMBLE: Journalism; Bauxite; XQ, Herald; Fulbright Hall, President, Senior Counselor; Sopho- more Counselor; AAA; AWS, Vice-President ; Mortar Board; Arkansas Traveler, Editor. ELLIS PATTERSON TRUMBO: Marketing; Fayetteville; ZN. CRAVEN L. TRUSSELL: Che- mical Engineering; Hermitage. CHARLES RAY TUCKER: Civil Engineering; Muskogee; BSU. THEO M. TUCKER: Science and English; Salem. Second Row: LEHMAN RAY TURNER: Vocational Agri- culture; Salem. RONALD HERMAN UDOUJ: General Busi- ness; Fort Smith; 4 AT. JAMIE UMSTED: Speech Correction; Newport; XS), Treasurer; AWS; WRA; 2 AH. M. ANN VAN- DERPOOTEN: Zoology; Hot Springs. JERRE MAX VAN HOOSE: Agriculture Economics; Fayetteville; Z E; Disciple Student Fellowship. HOPE VAN METER: English and Li- brary Science; Marvell; IIB , President, Housemanager; Razorback Majorette; AWS; Queen ' s Committee; WRA; Sophomore Counselor. MIRA ANNE VAN PATTEN; Physi- cal Education; Searcy; AXf). JACKIE E. VAN SICKLE: German-English; Fayetteville; ZTA, Scholarship Chairman; AAA. M : 11 1011: Be- . ' ; Varnell, R. C. Wait Varnell, S. L. Walla Vaughn Wallace Vaught Walpole Vehik Walston Vest Wantum Vyles Warner, B. G. Wagner Warner, J. L. First Row: RACHEL CORIENNE VARNELL: Physical Education; Pine Bluff; AWS Executive Board; Off Campus Women; Physical Education Majors Club. SANFORD LEE VARNELL: Mechanical Engineering; Pine Bluff; IITZ; ASME. BILL OTIS VAUGHN: Mechanical Engineering; Springdale; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. TOMMY LEE VAUGHT: Elementary Education; Fort Smith. JAAN VEHIK: Accounting; Fort Smith; Accounting Associa- tion; Marketing Club. LARRY CARL VEST: Physical Edu- cation; Texarkana. CHARLES HOMEN VYLES, III: Geology; Van Buren. ROBERT McLEAN WAGNER: Accounting; Benton; Advanced Air Force ROTC. Second Row: FRANK E. WAIT, Jr.: Finance; Little Rock; ZAE, Treasurer; Blue Key; Cardinal XX. LOREN ANTON WALLA: Finance and Law; LaGrange, 111.; MA; TKA, Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President; AK ; Student Senate Elections Committee, Chairman; Special Projects Committee; resident ' s Council; Traveler Staff; Intercollegiate Debate; Counselor, Gladson House; University-Fayetteville Symphony. JIM LEE WALLACE: General Agriculture; Springdale. ALAN LEIGH WALPOLE: History, Groton, N. Y. DAVID EARL WALSTON: General Business; San Antonio, Texas; Razor- back Football Team. JOSEPH BERNARD WANTUM: Chemi- cal Engineering; N. Little Rock: AIChE. ; Newman Club. BILLY G. WARNER: Management; Walnut Ridge; AXA. JOHN L. WARNER: Education; Mentor, Ohio. 205 i Warriner Weiss Watkins Wesson Watson, Carl West Watson, C. D. Westbrook O 5 Watson, J. O. Wharton t Watson, W. B. White Weatherly Whitehead Webb Whiteside 206 First Row: JOHN KITCHNER WARRINER: Architecture; Pine Bluff; K2. WILLIAM DAVID WATKINS: Banking and Finance; Hope; 2X, Intramural Manager, Vice-President ; IFPC; Cardinal XX; IFC; Blue Key, Alumni Secretary; AK ; Student Senate, President; Student Body, Vice-Presi- dent; Board of Publications, Chairman; Student Faculty Forum, Chairman; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Mili- tary Student; All-Intramural Football, Basketball. CARL D. WATSON: Marketing; Alma; Marketing Club; Advertising Club, CHARLES DONALD WATSON: History; Lincoln. JAMES OTIS WATSON: Secondary Education; Plainview. WILLIAM BROCK WATSON: Philosophy; Tuckerman; BSU. JEFF HOLACE WEATHERLY: Mathematics; Bearden; Sedg- well House. ALVIN BRYANT WEBB: Chemical Engineering; Gravette; AICHE. Second Row: THOMAS GEORGE WEISS, Jr.: Mechanical Engineering; Pine Bluff; Canterbury Club, President; President HT2, Secretary; ASME, Treasurer; William House, Secretary-Treasurer; Razorback Band; Orchestra; Ark. Inter- collegiate Band; Outstanding Senior Mechanical Engineer. JOHN MARVIN WESSON: Management; Little Rock; IIKA. PHILLIP MAURICE WEST: Marketing; Fort Smith; AK ; Marketing Club; Arnold Air Society; Dean ' s List. LARUE WESTBROOK: Elementary Education; Clarksville; Futrall Hall. JOE B. WHARTON: Pre-Law; El Dorado. LARRY ENNIS WHITE: Political Science; Kirkwood, Mo.; 2X; Blue Key; Cardinal XX; Civic Club; ABC; IFC. EDDIE CAROLYN WHITEHEAD: Elementary Education; Keiser. CHARLES B. WHITESIDE: Banking and Finance; Fort Smith; K2, Vice-President; Cardinal XX, Secretary; Student Senate; Blue Key, Secretary; BA Vice-President Freshman. Sophomore, Junior, Senior; Senior Class President. Williams, S. D Wilson, L. K. Williams, T. D. Wilson, R. V. Willard Wilson, D. Williams, C. R. Wilson, E. C Williams, L. R. Wilson, J. G. First Row: DON C. WILLARD: Marketing; Marionvule; . CURTIS R. WILLIAMS: Electrical Engineering; Little Rock; Amateur Radio Club, Vice-President; AIEE; IRE. LYLE RUSSELL WILLIAMS, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; Marked Tree; Sedgwell House; IRE; KK , Wesley Founda- tion; Wesley Players, Vice-PBresident. SANDRA DARLENE WILLIAMS: Elementary Education; Denison, Tex.; AAII, Recording Secretary; AAA; KAII; Student Union Special Projects Committee, Chairman; Elementary Club; Young De- mocrats Club; AWS. TERRY DONALD WILLIAMS: Industrial Engineering; Malvern; 6T, Intramural Manager; AHE, Sec- retary; ABC; Civic Club; Engineering Council. WARREN CHARLES WILLIAMS, Jr.: General Business; Rogers. JAY MILTON WILLIS: Industrial Management; Van Buren; K2, Secretary; AK ; Young Democrats Club DE ANNE DUVALL WILMOTH: Speech Therapy; Bauxite; A AIT, Activities and Honors Chairman; ABC; Sophomore Counselor; Queen ' s Com- mittee; 2 AH, Treasurer. Second Row: DAVID WILSON: Second ary Education; Fayetteville. EARL C. WILSON, Jr.: Civil Engineering; Little Rock; Gladson House; ASCE. JIMMY G. WILSON: General Business; Cherry Valley; Wilson Sharp; A-Club. LINDA KAY WILSON: Elementary Education; Fayetteville; AAA, Rush Chairman; AWS; WRA; Panhellenic Secretary. RE- BECCA VICTORY WILSON: Mathematics; Texarkana; Car- nall Hall, President; WIHC, President; Student Senate; Board of Publications; ABC; AWS Executive Board. NANCY JEAN WINDLE: Elementary Education; Springdale. ALICE C. WINGFIELD: Home Economics; Mont Ida; AAIT, President; TO, Secretary; Colhecon, Vice-President; ASA; Civic Club; AWS; Young Democrats Club; Student Faculty Relations; Disciplinary Committee; Panhellenic; Jr. Panhellenic Spon- sor. PATRICIA BERNICE WINN: Education; Van Buren; Carnall Hall. Winn Wood Winning Woodruff Winter Winters Wise Witte Woods Wornock Wright Wylie, J. L. Yandell Womack Wood Yandell, J. O. Young First Row: SUE QUINN WINN: English; Oscelola; AMI, Rush Chairman; AWS, Fashion and Etiquette Committee; WRA; H2 , Secretary-Treasurer; St. Patricia Finalist; Hon- orary Lt. Col. of AFROTC. CHARLES GRAIN WINNING, III: Finance; Ashdown; 2U,Rush Chairman, Treasurer; ABC; Marketing Club; Young Republicans Club, President. CAR- ROLL DEAN WINTER: Civil Engineering; Conway; T; ASCE. Marketing Club; Young Republicans Club, President. CARROLL DEAN WINTERS: Civil Engineering; Conway; 6T; ASCE. MURL MATHER WINTERS: Secondary Educa- tion; Cotter; Student Religious Council, President; XA. JAMES ROBERT WISE: Mechanical Engineering; Mountain Home; Droke House, MIHC Representative; ASME. GENE EDWARD WITTE: Insurance and Real Estate; North Little Rock; In- ternational Students Club, President; Marketing Club. BETTY WOMACK: Education; Springdale; PEM Club. BOBBY DALE WOOD: Vocational Agriculture; Bee Branch. Second Row: RONALD KEITH WOOD: Physical Education; Fayetteville. JOHN KELLEAM WOODRUFF: Philosophy; Van Buren; Arkansas Razorback, Photographer; Wesley Foundation. EDWARD G. WOODS: Chemical Engineering; Little Rock; IIME; AXZ; AICHE, Vice-President. DON CARLOS WORNOCK: Electrical Engineering; Little Rock. THOMAS GRADY WRIGHT: General Business; Benton. JANET LORRAINE WYLIE: Elementary Education; Farming- ton. DONALD LLOYD YANDELL: Pre-Dental, Zoology; Fort S mith. JAMES OWEN YANDELL: Poultry Husbandry; Havana; AZ. THOMAS RANDOLPH YOUNG: Chemical Engineering; Texarkana; AIChE; Young Democrats. Rainy days in good old Fayetteville are common occurrences, bringing out varied array of umbrellas, raincoats and other protective devices. This is really not so much of an incon- venience, since most people wear raincoats all the time, anyway. r; BE L s -wC. m m tr 1 Adams Darnell Berry Dawson, A. B. Blair Dawson, R. T. Burner Fairley Camp Faulkner Grume Fitzgerald First Row: OLIVER LEE ADAMS, Jr.: Berryville; 9A9; AA ; A9 . JERRY BERRY: Blytheville; Student Bar As- sociation; J AA; Accounting Association. HERBERT DAVID BLAIR: Batesville. WILLIAM CECIL BRIDGFORTH: Forrest City; 2AE; A9 ; Student Bar Association. JAMES OLIVER BURNETT: Fay etteville; IIKA, Secretary, Rush Chairman, Vice-President. O. WORTH CAMP, Jr.: El Dorado; Blue Key; K2; Defense Council. W. STEVE GRAIN; Hope: Stu- dent Bar Association. PHILLIP WILKES GRUME: Hot Springs; Student Bar Association; AA. Second Row: JOHN E. DARNELL: Hot Springs; IIKA. A. BOBBY DAWSON: North Little Rock; A6 J ; Student Bar Association. ROBERT T. DAWSON: Fayetteville; Blue Key; Student Bar Association. JON ALAN DERMOTT: Lamar; 2N. LINDSEY JOHNSON FAIRLEY: Osceola; A6 ; Student Bar Association; Honor Council; Assistant Attorney General. ROBERT WESLEY FAULKNER: Malvern. ALBERT ED- WARD FINK: Hope. DONALD KILLOUGH FITZGERALD: Fayetteville; AXA. Frierson Green Furrow Griffin Garnett Hall Garrett Harrell Gilbert Herman Gilbreath Hickman Gillison Jackson, E. F. Glazo Jackson, J. E. First Row: JAMES GORDON FRIERSON: Jonesboro. CHARLES DAVID FURROW: Fort Smith; Student Bar As- sociation; Legal Research Committee, Chairman; A9 . JAMES HENRY GARNETT: Cabot. LARRY WAYNE GARRETT: Hope 211; AK ; Student Bar Association. MARTIN GREE- SON GILBERT: Prescott; 2AE, President; Blue Key, Vice- President; Student Bar Association; Honor Council; A9 ; Arkansas Law Review, Citation Editors, Student Editor. E. C. GILBREATH: Mena; BA , President; OAK; Student Bar Association; Law Review, Associate Editor. DAVID FETTER GILLISON, Jr.: Lake Village 2AE; A9 ; Student Bar Associa- tion. THOMAS ARTHUR GLAZE: Joplin, Mo.; 2IT; A9 ; Student Bar Association. Second Row: WILLIAM W. GREEN: Hot Springs; Student Bar Association; A6 ; Legal Research Committee. RICHARD EARL GRIFFEN: El Dorado; 2N; Student Bar Association; ABC: AO . ROBERT H. HALL: Camden. SEARCY WOOD HARRELL, Jr.: Hampton; 4 E2; BA ; BF2, Vice-President; Sedgwell House, Vice-President; Freshman Advisor; Cordinen- tal Oil Company Award; Cullum Foundation Award; Student Bar Association; A94 . DELBERT MARTIN HERMAN: North Little Rock; BA ; Blue Key; Student Bar Association; MIHC, resident, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary; As- sociated Students, Treasurer; Student Senate, Treasurer; William House, President; Pershing Rifles; Who ' s Who. ROBERT MICHAEL HICKMAN: Independence, Mo.; DSF, President; MIHC, Secretary; Perishing Rifles; Arnold Air Society; Marketing Club; AK ; A94 ; Basketball Manager; Student Bar Association; Young Democrats Club. EARL FLETCHER JACKSON: Lonoke; K2. JAMES EDWARD JACKSON: Fordyce; Humphrey Hall. _ 208 k? ft- K,A Jenkins Robertson Jernigan Schnipper Jones Kelly Shannon McBride Smith, H. H. Potter Smith. K. R. Redpath Smith, N. M. Rhodes Smith, W. R. Rickard Spears First Row: CLAUDE WILSON JENKINS: El Dorado; Stu- dent Bar Association. GEORGE O. JERNIGAN, Jr.: Little Rock; 2X; Blue Key, Vice-President; Associated Students, Treasurer; Student Senate; AK ; A94 ; Scabbard and Blade; Commerce Guild, Vice President; Young Democrats Club. GLENN WELCH JONES: Searcy; 2X; OAK, President; Stu- dent Bar Association, President; Attorney General of Student Court; A9 t ; Student Book Trust. W. D. KELLEY, Jr.: Little Rock; TKE. JIMMY DORSEY MCBRIDE: Leslie; IIKA. CHARLES A. POTTER: Texarkana. JAMES ROBERT REDPATH: Harrison; IIKA. JAMES ROBERT RHODES: Devalls Bluff; OAK; AK ; ZAE, Social Chairman; Student Union Dance Committee. CURTIS EVANS RICKARD: Benton. Second Row: OTHO KEITH ROBERTSON: El Dorado. DON MARTIN SCHNIPPER: Texarkana; KZ; A6 . JOHN SAMUEL SELIGI: Pine Bluff; A6 ; Student Bar Association. RALPH THEODORE SHANNON: North Little Rock; Acacia, Vice-President, Rush Chairman; FFC; Young Democrats Club. HELEN HAMILTON SMITH: West Memphis; Xf); Young Democrats Club; A A A. KENNETH RONALD SMITH: Yell- ville; E; AA.; Trustee, Student Book Trust. NORMAN M. SMITH: Little Rock. W. READ SMITH: El Dorado; J AA; Student Book Trust. JIM B. SPEARS: Jasper; IIKA; Arkansas Law Review; Law y Street! Wallace Taylor Wallin Thompson Weems Throneberry Whetstone Trotter Yamnitz Van Dover Young First Rmv: ALEX G. STREETT: Camden. HENDRIX ARTHUR TAYLOR: Pine Bluff; AXA, Vice-President; OAK; KK , Ritualist; Guild Ticker, Editor; Commerce Guild; Who ' s Who; Pre-Law Club, President. MICHAEL GREENWOOD THOMPSON: Marked Tree; KZ, President, Vice President; IFC, Secretary-Treasurer; IFC Rush Book, Editor; Blue Key, President, Vice President; Ae , Secretary; Student Bar Association; ABC; Arkansas Traveler, Business Manager; Chancery Club, President Pro-Temp.; DMS. PAT ALFRED THRONEBERRY: Pine Bluff; William House, Counselor; HH2; TBII; ASME. ROBERT SYDNEY TROTTER: Austin, Tex. JAMES RICHARD VAN DOVER: Marianna; ZAE; Blue Key; Delta Theta Phi. Second Row: JAMES R. WALLACE: Little Rock; AA; Student Bar Association. REG WALLIN, Jr.: West Memphis; KZ; A0 . SAMMY ALLEN WEEMS: Hazen; Z E. BUD BERNARD WHETSTONE: El Dorado. DOUGLAS MELVIN YAMNITZ: Corning; AXA. DAMON MICHAEL YOUNG: Texarkana; Student Bar Association; Young Demo- crats Club; A6 . Ail-American Billy Moore gives Coach Broyles the " grip " . His gift was just another watch. Albritton Berger, G. A. Allen Bogard Anderson Brockert Andrews Brookshire First Row: GEORGE ALEX ALBRITTON: Farmerville, L a. MARVIN C. ALLEN: Searcy. MELVIN SIDNEY ANDER- SON: Emporia, Kan. BARBARA JEAN ANDREWS: Maple- wood, La.; Fulbriaht Hall. J. GLEN AREY: Benton. SIIKRU HALIL BAYAZIT: Turkey. RICHARD L. BELL: Rogers; Farm House; AZ, Treasurer 0.1K. CHARLES MARION BER- GER, Jr.: North Little Rock; Razorback Hall, Head Counselor. Second Row: GEORGE ALBERT BERGER: Weiner; AIT. DONALD DALE BOGARD: Fayetteville. RON G. BROC- KERT: North Little Rock. KAY BROOKSHIRE: Mineral Wells, Tex.; Futrall Hall. GARY DEAN BROWN: Fayetteville. WILLIAM ALONZO BRUTON: El Dorado. JIM WITT BRYAN: Harrison; 2E. RICHARD B. BULLOCK: Fayette- ville. ft m HI: Graduates ? t.l Casey Dearien Castleberry Deniz Clardy Dobbs Cornwell Dunn Daniel Ellard Davis Ervin First Row: DON WILLIAM CASEY: Fayetteville; AK, Secretary; KAIT; X. JAMES T. CASTLEBERRY: Conway; AK. BENJAMIN FREDERICK CLARDY: Mahelvale; 2FE. SAMMY LLOYD CORN- WELL: Dardanelle. RITA F. DANIEL: Clarksville. KENNETH BRUCE DAVIS, Jr.: Texarkana. Second Row: JOHN ASTOR DEARIEN: Mountain View. ORHAN DENIZ: Istanbul, Turkey. KATHRYN LOUIS DOBBS: Clarksville. JOHN PAUL DUNN: Bradford. MARTHA ANNE ELLARD: Coffee- ville, Miss. BETTY CRUMP ERVIN: Magnolia; NEA; AEA; Ark. Speech Association. High school principals ask freshmen to discuss problems. Biggest gripe is Fulbright phones. Fiser Hampton Flood Harley Fuller Helm Gaston Highland Gecer Hill, C. A. Gladney Hill, J. C. Gossett Hill, L. G. Green Hill, N. L. - : Fixtinillt firs oi: ALICE ANN FISER: Russellville. RIEF- FORD B. FLOOD: Fayetteville; AK; ATA. ROY J. FULLER: Malvern. JOE LEE GASTON: Bentonville; TSA. FER1H GECER: Izmir, Turkey. WILLIAM JESS GLADNEY: Mag- nolia; Entomology Cluh. JOHN T. GOSSETT: Fayetteville; BK; 2AE; Blue Key. WILLIAM ROBERT GREEN: Spark- man; Sedgwell, Counselor; BT2. Second Row: ALICE W. HAMPTON: Lincoln; Elementary Club. F. JEAN HARLEY: Corning. JAMES E. HELM: Calico Rock. ROBERT OWEN HIGHLAND: Vinita, Okla.; Concert Band; University Symphony; AK. CARL ALLEN HILL: Wal- nut Ridge. JAMES C. HILL: Manila; AX A; BBB Biological Society; Young Democrats Club; A n. LOREN GILBERT HILL: Lipscomb, Tex. WILLIAM LLOYD HILL: Hot Springs. Hodges Isgrig Hogan Ivy Hollis Jahrman Holmes Johnson Hornsby Jones, C. D. Hudson Jones, F. A. Humphrey Jones, R. B. Humphries Kim fc(B First Row: HOWARD LAWRENCE HODGES: Fayette- ville; IIME; American Chemical Society; 2S. Thomas Wagner HOGAN: Miami, Fla; 22; X; Razorback Speleological Society. GILBERT RAY HOLLIS: Greenway. PERRY Don HOLMES: Hot Springs. ARTHUR GRADY HORNS- BY: DeQueen; AZ; Agronomy Club. REBECCA ANN HUDSON: Fayetteville. BILLY R. HUMPHREY: North Little Rock. PATRICIA S. HUMPHRIES: Fayetteville. Second Row: FRED ISGRIG: Little Rock. JACY THOMAS IVY: Bismarck; ATP; AZ; F2A; Animal Industry Club. QUAIN K. JAHRMAN: Dickinson, N.D. CARL S. JOHNSON: Dugginsville, Mo.; IIME. CLARA DICKSON JONES: Fort Smith. FREIDA ANN JONES: Muskogee, Okla.; 25; KAIT; American Chemical Society. R. BRUCE JONES: Amity. KYUNG SOO KIM: Seoul, Korea. 211 Koch McDaniel Lamb Mann Lee Manwan Lewis Martin Lin Mathevosian Livingston Millen Logan Mitchell McCloskey Mixon First Row: GERALD CHARLES KOCH: St. Petersburg, Fla.; AX 2. CHARLES W. LAMB: Leola; 9T; AICHE. GENE LEE: Tyronza; International Club; AIEE-IRE. HARVEY S. LEWIS: Jackson, Miss.; AK ; BF2. YUNG-KAN LIN: Taipei, Taiwan, China. PHILLIP VAUGHN LIVINGSTON: Hot Springs. JACK LOGAN: Yorkville, Tenn. PATRICK Mc- CLOSKEY: Hughesville, Penn.; Acacia. Second Row: ARTHUR THOMAS McDANIEL: Fayette- ville. RALPH JERRY MANN: El Dorado. IBRAHIM MAN- WAN: Makassar, Indonesia; International Student Club. MARTHA ANNA MARTIN: Warren. YERVAND MATHE- VOSIAN: Masjedsoulaiman, Iran; HKN; H2; 2T. DALE A. MILLEN: Monticello. ROBERT TAYLOR MITCHELL: Fayetteville. TYNES EMERY MIXON, Jr.: New Iberia, La. JH I Moore Prince Murdock Rainwater Padgett Roach Parker Rotenberry Poole Rowe, M. W. Potter Rowe, P. R. First Row: ROBIN GALE MOORE: Searcy: TBIT; AICHE. ROY JACKSON MURDOCK: Pine Bluff. WILLIAM VAN MUSE: Union, Miss.; TKE; Blue Key; BF2; SAM; i K4 ; nnn; Young Democrats Club. DAVID KWOK-WAING: Kow- loon, Hong Kong; International Club; 2112. HAROLD WAYNE PADGETT: DeWitt. MURL WAYNE PARKER: Rolla; H2; TIME; TBIT; AIIM; AIIE. ARLEN DEE POOLE: Fayette- ville; 2FE, Corresponding Secretary; KK ; ABC; Razorback Band. DON K. POTTER: Valley Springs. Second Row: CHARLES EDWIN PRINCE: North Little Rock. PHYLLIS ANN RAINWATER: Springdale; Fulbright Hall, Graduate Counselor. GEORGE WILLIAM RAY: Jack- sonville. DOROTHEA JEAN REED: Gillett; Fulbright Hall; Graduate Counselor; KAII; AXO; Student Senate. DON ROACH: Jonesboro; 2S; AX2; American Chemical Society. JOHN FRANKLIN ROTENBERRY: Nevada, Mo. MARVIN W. ROWE: Los Alamos, New Mex. PHILLIP RAY ROWE: Hope; 4 H2; AZ, Chronicler, Chancellor; T2A; Horticulture Club, President; Who ' s Who. 212 L I- Rowland Spangler Schof Speakman Schofield Spewgler Shaffer Starling Shook Stuckey Sivley Terry Sloop Tomlinson Smith Torin . jvwii mmt : IT. DAli . . Firsl Row: PATSY IRENE ROWLAND: Clarksville. MARI- LYN MARY SCHOF: New Orleans, La.; Newman Club. DONALD D. SCHOFIELD: Isabelle, Mo. WILLIAM EUGENE SHAFFER: Pine Bluff; AIEE; AIIE. JAMES GERALD SHOOK: Bentonville; AZ, Scribe; AI Club. JAMES BUFORD SIVLEY: Danville; AIEE- IRE, President; HKN, Vice-Presi- dent; OAK; 6BII. DAVID JOHN SLOOP: Fayetteville; 217 2; ITME; Razorback Ham Club. HAROLD T. SMITH: Searcy. Second Row: ALBERT LEE SPANGLER: Ava, Mo. RHETA SPARKMAN: Malvern. ROBIN STEPHEN SPEWGLER: Cape Town, South Africa. ALBERT GREGORY STARLING: Fayetteville. TROY THURMAN STUCKEY, Jr.: Memphis, Tenn. ROBERT ARTHUR TERRY, Jr.: Texarkana; Student Senate. FRANCES TOMLINSON: Parchman, Miss. JAMES WELDON TORIAN: Grapevine, Tex. Graduates Potter Inn. P. II Tupper Wallace Williams, J. A. Williams, T. B. Warnock Wilson Watson Winter Weatherford Yarbro West Zochry T: jack- l visy. . First Row: MARY JULIE TUPPER: Fayetteville; KA . PATRICIA ANN WALLACE: Malvern. E. ELIZABETH WARNOCK: Alma; Fu- trall Hall, Graduate Counselor; Colhecon, Advisor. OMER LAVERNE WATSON: Manitou, Okla. WENDELL LEON WEATHERFORD: New- port. JOSEPH RAYMOND WEST: Shreveport, La. Second Rout: JAN AUSTIN WILLIAMS: Neosho, Mo. MAURICE EDWARD WILLIAMS: Neosho, Mo.; 2FE. THOMAS BRUCE WIL- SON: North Little Rock; Arkansas Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; Razorback; Pershing Rifles; Civic Club; Military Ball Chairman; Stu- dent Union Committee. ROBERT MITCHELL WINTER: Jonesboro. HUBERT ERNEST YARBRO: Huntesville. DOY LAWRENCE ZOCHRY: Nashville. Jay and Ray entertain during Singfony break. They are SAE ' s answer to Sigma Chi ' s Lafferty. Ball Bergeret Berry Cover Harrington Jensen Oosthuizen Plant Schisler Black Johnson Scott Bol Kirby Slocum Fairley Lee Udouj Gesl Moody Yun First Row: LARRY DURWOOD BALL: Brinkley; A9. GISELLA BERGERET: Montevideo, Uruguay; AAA; Inter- national Club. NANCY ELAINE BERRY: Blytheville. HAR- VEY DELANO BLACK: DeWitt. ANKIE EMMALOUISE BOL: The Hague, Netherlands; Holcombe Hall. NANCY OHLENDORF FAIRLEY: Osceola. AVIVA GESL: Beer- Sheba, Israel; KKT. Second Row: DAVID HOWE COVER: Fort Smith; TKE. DAPHNE J. HARRINGTON: Fayetteville. KURT PANK JENSEN: Randers, Denmark; Methodist Student Center. DONALD GENE JOHNSON: West Fork. HELEN COOK KIRBY: Harrison, RONALD LEE: Djmas. LAWRENCE PAUL MOODY: Harrison; Sedgwell; Pershing Rifles. Third Row: DICK OOSTHUIZEN: Haren, The Netherlands; ATfi; International Club. GARRATT PROCTOR PLANT: Hot Springs. ROGER DALE SCHISLER: Jonesboro; Wilson Sharp. FRANCES JOYCE SCOTT: Fort Smith; A A A. CARO- LYN SUE SLOCUM: Hickory Ridge. PHILLIP DAVID UDOUJ: Fort Smith; A6. HYUNGOO YUN: Seoul, Korea; International Student Club. Foreign students ride on International Club float in Home- coming Parade. University has large number of foreign stu- dents, some of whom say they like the place in spite of its quaint folkways. Maybe they ' re just being courteous. . INTERNATIONAL CLUB Banner waving proudly in the wind, Razorback fans root for the Hogs and vice versa. I y ;KS We have heard that the Greek system Is in trouble at some schools. But, thank goodness, it is still a going concern in Razorback-land. The Greeks may not be all they claim to be, but they are enough. Brotherhood, we love it. 217 % An ik K BW W Ff First Row: David R. Bragg, George Carney, James Carney, Franklin Harold Cochran, Jack Davis Cohen, James N. Cooper, Rel B. Corbin, Dale G. Cosgrove, Warren Edwin Creighton, Gary Felker, Edward William Gass. Second Row: Jack Weber Geurin, Curtis Burette Griffith, Harry Gale Gray, N. L. Hailey, Troy Henry, William B. James, Richard Theadore Kushmaul, Ronald James Kushmaul, Bill Loftin, Patrick McCloskey, Jerry D. McKenney. Third Row: W. Neil Maynard, Ronald Hershell Nelson, John Stephen O ' Kelley, Jerry Parker, David Paul Ross, Robert Patrick, Johnny Ray Rumley, Carl Max Russell, Charles Fred- erick Russell, Wm. R. Schnorr, Roy Mack Shaddox. Fourth Row: Ralph Theodore Shannon, Chester Loy Smith, James Hyatt Suddreth, David Taylor, John Taylor, Ryland C. Thomas, Jr., Kent Thurman Warren, John R. Wassell, Jr., C. Page Wilcox, Bruce Owen Williams. Billy James and date look happy as they lean out a window of the new Acacia house. Actually, it is their first look at it and are about to jump. Others, less distraught, know it will improve. 218 Acacia started the year off right by moving into its new quarter-million dollar chapter house, which was dedicated by the Grand Lodge of Arkansas in early October. Rushing builders out and pledges in, Acacians filled their year with a social calendar which included a dedication reception, homecoming dance, Black and Gold formal, Christmas formal, underprivi- leged children ' s party, faculty tea, exchange dinners, pre-game buffets. Valentine Dance, and a number of outings. Officers on campus were: Steve O ' Kelly, IFC Treasurer; Neil Maynard, Treasurer of YDC; Dave Ruble, Vice President of ABC; Richard Kushmmul, Treasurer of Pi Tau Sigma: and Bill James, Vice President of Phi Mu Alpha. Sam Park was associate editor of the Traveler. Acacia Venerable Dean (that ' s what the Acacians call their president) James Cooper presents Marianne Crank with the Sweetheart Trophy and roses during the intermission of the Black and Gold Formal. Losers of Sweetheart elections sometimes just seem to ... go away. 219 Alpha Chi Omega Rushees are tempted by an Alpha Chi in a grass skirt. Just why this particular method was chosen is not certain, since a hula girl in Active Alpha Chi Omegas on the campus this year were Lynda Stair, AWS Executive Board, treasurer of Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa and Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities and Mira Van Patten, Who ' s Who. Organizational presidents were Belle Thompson, president of National Collegiate Play- ers; Mary Ellen Sullivan, president of Lambda Tau; Mira Van Patten. WRA president; and Susan Branigan, president of sophomore counselors. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota were Carolyn Crowley (treasurer), Diana Hopkins (sergeant-at-arms) , and Jean Mesavage. Char- lotte Norton was a member of the President ' s Council. Social activities of the sorority for the year in- cluded the Founders Day Tea, a Christmas party, the Fall Pledge Dance, the faculty tea, the scholarship din- ner, and the Spring Formal. a grass skirt usually tempts boys. Best guess: she is telling a story with her hands which goes, " Alpha Chi is great ' and so on. Vv 1 220 : firit Roil ' : Martha Ann Acher, Virginia Ann Ballou, Bar- bara Bates. Mary Cozette Beene, Evelyn Patricia Benson, Carlon Ann Berryhill, Susan Marion Branigan, Judy Grouse. Second Row: Carolyn Crowley, Grace Dianne Day, Sheila Marilyn Dedman, Jamie Ann Faris, Karen Gibbs, Judy Hale, Virginia Leete Hayes, Virginia Hill. Third Row: Sandra Elizabeth Holzhauer, Robin Moani Janssen. Mary Anne Jerry, Glenna Kay Kennedy, Trina Laabs, Crissy Martin, Joyce Sue Martin, Linda Karen McFarland. Fourth Row: Jean Anne Mesavage, Donna Sue Moore, Nancy Lee Moss, Charlotte Lillian Norton, Sonja Ann Rutledge, Margherita Sue Scaramuzza, Nancy Colleen Shannon, Jeanne Marie Simpson. Fifth Row: Connie Joyce Slay, Carolyn Lee Spears, Lynda Fay Stair, Marilyn Stevens, June Stewart, Charlotte Sulcer, Mary Ellen Sullivan, Belle Knight Thompson. Sixth Row: Linda Thompson, Linda Turner, Mira Anne Van Patten, Margaret Walker, Margaret Louise Whitchurch, Leah Jean Wilkerson, Carolyn Gille Young, Mary Patricia Zimpel. 221 firs Rou : Karen Adams, Lyenetta Ruth Atwell, Patricia Diane Balay, Jessa-Kaye Barnett, Patricia Joyce Barton, Mary Kay Beavers, Linda Anne Bennett, Sally Ann Brady, Jerri Jane Braswell. Second Row: Mary Carol Brock, Flora Ann Byars, Rebecca Callahan, Gail Mignon Campbell, Charlotte Jane Chapman, Nancy Elizabeth Cina, Doris Ann Coger, Jo Carol Grain, Mar- ianne Crank. Third Row. Carolyn Raye Culbertson, Diana Daulton, Amanda Pauline Dawson, Theda Kathleen Doyle, Susan Dulan, Sue Dupree, Ann Amerson Engeler, Jennifer Anne Ford, Nancy Ford. Fourth Row. Joan Madolyn Gleghorn, Edris Johanna Gooch, Linda Sue Green, Sharon Guthrie, Nedra Carol Haggard, Mary Nell Helbron, Joanne Henthorne, Sherea Lynn Houser, Elaine Adlele Ives. Fifth Row: Peggy Sue Kincannon, Suzanne Lane, Carolyn Lessenberry, Betty Ann Leverette, Patti Kaye Ligon, Marilyn Ann London, Zonola May Longstreth, Frances McCarter, Sharon Kay McGinty, Lillian Rae Marshall. Sixth Row: Mildred Elaine Martin, Sandra Kay Meador, Sandra Ruth Millen, Mary Lou Mills, Sherra Lynn Nance, Linda Sue Poynter, Linda Lee Purdy, Gail Richardson, Judy Arlene Rosiere, June Irene Sewell. Seventh Row: Carolyn Sue Smith, Jan Lynne Snow, Jimmie Lou Temple, Marty Thurlby, Leanne Townsend, Sandra Darlene Williams, DeAnne DuVall Wilmoth, Alice Wingfield, Jo Ellen Woody, Elizabeth Anne Wright. 222 The wearers of the diamond pin brought to Alpha Delta Pi honors in the three phases of campus life this year. In scholarship, ADPi ranked third among the Greeks. Marilyn London and Elaine Smith were tapped for Mortar Board. In campus leadership, Marilyn London served as AWS vice-president; Susan Dulan was AWS state secretary; Pat Balay was a senior senator; Alice Wing- field was elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Theda Doyle was Tau Beta Sigma president: Sherron Baslee served as a counselor at Futrall and Susan Dulan at Fulbright. In campus activities, ADPi received second place in Homecoming decorations; Linda Purdy was a ma- jorette; and Gail Campbell was in Angel Flight. Alpha Delta A re Wingfield, left, chapter president, and Mildred Martin, far right, welcome Miss Maxine Blake, ADPi national president, to a tea in her honor. She is second from left end. Mrs. Dena Winborn, president of alumnae, and Mrs. E. J. Dyess, housemother, are next. 223 Alpha Gamma Rho ii The highlight of the Alpha Gamma Rho social cal- endar this year was the Pink Rose Formal. Other ac- tivities included drop-ins after home football games; the Rooster Day dance, which had a Western theme; the Christmas dance; the Valentine ' s Day dance; a spring outing at the end of May; and a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. Outstanding AGR ' s included Ronald Maxwell, who served as Agri Students Association Manager. Edmond Brewer was Editor of the Arkansas Agriculturist, Chronicler for Alpha Zeta, and Alpha Tau Alpha Re- porter. Terry Fugitt was business manager for ASA. Larry Lewis served as Scribe for Alpha Zeta and as Reporter for the Entomology Club. Max Parnell was Secretary of Alpha Tau Alpha, and Jim Marrs was Vice President of the Agri Economics Club. An AGR is served punch at some function or other. It isn ' t impor- tant which, because the rules say that all punch at such events must at all costs be non-alcoholic, so there couldn ' t have been anything exciting happening. Al! Greeks pout a lot about this. 224 Join: Paul Allen Bariola, George Albert Berger, Ger- ald Walter Baquette, Edmond Ray Brewer, James Edward Bur- ton, William Jason Cain, Frank Lyle Carter, Michael Ray Crum. Second Row: Harley Fancher, Jr., Kenneth Max Ford, Terry Forrest Fugitt, Daniel Baxter Gladden, Walter Garland Grace, Freddy Marion Hale, Jacy Thomas Ivy, Robert Farrow Keathley. Third Row. Jerry McDonald, James Ellis Marrs, Ronald Sherman Maxwell. Carlos Neil Mitchell, Gary Fred Norris, Lawrence Richard Oliver, Chester Max Parnell, Gene Larry Phillips. Fourth Row: Stephen Pile. Lawrence Arthur Potter, Jr., Harold Wesley Rogers, Robert Daniel Selby, Robert Van Shaver, Claude Skelton, Gordon Howard Thompson, Milton Webb. AGR and date enjoy an easy rendition of " The Midget Swing " , in which the partners casually swing a girl midget between them, un- til ore lets go. Then the other lets go, too, as shown here. What fun! 225 d Part ' Dur a- Sip fj s fiow;: Joseph Rayburn Blankenship, Jr., William Kemper Bruton, Jr., Tom Cooper, Joe Daugherty, Ron Theron Elkins, James Thomas Finch, Leon Allan Hall, Jack Wayne Hall. Second Row: William Creighton Holly, John Thomas Hud- man, James Robert Johnston, Darrell Lynn Lucas, John Pat- rick Marinoni, Paul Albert Marinoni, Kick Dosthuizen, Hilton Frelland Osborne. Third Row: Jerry Kennith Ott, Thomas Edward Owens, Louie Riffe, Albert Rukgaber, Luis Seneriz, David Alan Ste- wart, Stanley Ward, Ronald Eugene Worthen. Who ' s the rat who turned on the lights? No sweat, it ' s just Jim Finch and date Judy Bishop at the ATO Yard-and-a-half party. He got mixed up on rules, took a yard for himself. She got the rest. 226 ' ' l Alpha Xi chapter of Alpha Tau Omega enjoyed an active social and academic life this year. Two formals led the social list - - the Snow Flake Whirl and the Tea Rose Ball. Other highlights were a Half Party, the Bicycle Race, numerous drop-ins and house parties. Tom Owens and Darrell Lucas were named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Darrell Lucas was an honor graduate, and Tom Owens was Commander of the AFROTC Cadet Chorus and a member of Phi Mu Alpha Symposium. Bill Bruton represented the fraternity in Lambda Tau. Carroll Balkemore served as president of Pi Mu Epsilon and Sigma Pi Sigma, was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, an honor graduate and recipient of a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. The fraternity received the blood donor ' s trophy. Alpha Tau Omega A group of ATO ' s steer their dates in front of the camera or is it the other way around? Girls think formals are simply wonder- ful. Boys, who have to spend lots of money and be on relatively good behavior, are less enthusiastic. This is the ATO winter formal. Chi Omega The mother chapter of Chi Omega again brought honors in campus activities. Outstanding members were Mary Wheeler Prewitt, chairman of the Judicial Board; Pat Trimble, editor of the Traveler; Sandy Hillman, Traveler Business Manager; Mary Sue Homer and Cecilia Swaim, cheerleaders; Kay McCollum. Scarlett Cornwell, Shorty McCollum, and Francis Mitchell, ma- jorettes; Mary Kay Stevenson, Student Senate; Marian Alford, Diane Gilliam, and Judy Broach, senior coun- selors; Mollie Haley Wilson, president of Chi Theta and Who ' s Who in Business School. Tapped for Mortar Board were Mary Wheeler Prewitt, Joyce Mikeska, Pat Trimble, and Mary Kay Stevenson. Beverly Bynum, Jephrey Phipps, and Rita Foster were charter mem- bers of Chimes. Pat Trimble and Mary Wheeler Prewitt were elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 1 F Marian Alford puts the hard sell on a rushee. This is deceptive, since the scrapbook (foreground) means it ' s a cinch she won ' t get a bid. Marian made the scrapbook all by herself. She got to be Traveler editor that way. The ChiO ' s make the front page a lot. 228 ' .-I: ,-. -,: -,,, I ' , V ,.. P, -J. B__ 1 ill - - -: S gut be rsijeiiol. I first Row: Judy Kay Adams, Marian Carole Alford, Jac- quelyn Sue Arderson, Carol Jean Beebe, Susan Jane Berry, Barbara Anne B?si, Judy Carol Broach, Lee Fanning Brown, Patricia Robbs Brunner, Margaret Carol Burge. Second Row: Beverly Bynum, Anna Elizabeth Cadwell, Catherine Chance, Charlotte Cherry, Alice Ann Coffman, Jamie Hudson Conditt, Rebecca Borum Cooper, Scarlett Corn- well, Ann Davies, Julia Diane Davis. Third Row: Charlotte Lee Dryer, Rita Foster, Mary Lemley Gardner, Diane Gilliam, Angela Gay Godsey, Mollie Cross Haley, Whitney Sue Halladay, Elizabeth Sweet Hambleton, Chi Chi Hargraves. Sally Carolyn Harrington. Fourth Row: Jrlie Jane Headstream, Sandy Hillman, Eliza- beth Hollenberg, Mary Sue Hornor, Mary Jane Jansen, Luellen Ashley Jones, Jane Gardner Landers, Suzanne Laughlin, Susan Elizabeth Lesh, Dolly Wade McAdams. Fifth Row. Kay McCollum, Roslyn " Shorty " McCollum, Susan Helen McCord, Peggy McLean, Judy Martin, Beverly Dianne Mays, Joyce Ann Mikeska, Frances Ann Mitchell, Charlotte Corinne Morris, Agnes Marie Mouton, Eileen Nangle. Sixth Row: Ann Neuenschwander, Mary Helen Newton, Susanne Norris, Susan Kirkland Pettus, Jephrey Ann Phipps, Marib-th Prewitt, Mary Wheeler Prewitt, Madelon Roberts, Ka ' .herine Savers, Cherry Singleton, Helen Hamilton Smith. Seventh Row: Ellen Smith, Mary Kay Stevenson, Susan Emmett Strother, Cecilia Mildred Swaim, Star Taylor, Patti Lucille Trimble, Jamie Umsted, Suzanne VanDover, Carolyn Louise Warriner, Mary Esther Womeldorf, Mary Yancey. First Row: Carolyn Kay Adair, Susan Elizabeth Adams, Donna Idelle Axum, Azalea Estella Baird, Edwina Bess Beas- ley, Caroline Elizabeth Bnellner, Betty Lajuan Brackin, Susan Kay Brian, Helen Jane Brown, Judy Kay Brown. Second Row: Betty Carol Campbell, Davetta Caughey, Lynda Sue Childers, Mabel Jo Colay, Phyllis Jean Cook, Cyn- thia Lee Coxsey, Sandra Kay Crabtree, Patrick Susan Crone, Mary Nell Donahue, Barbara Anita Duncan. Third Row. Diane Elrod, Helen Carolyn Ferrill, Sue Clair Fincher, Kay Fitzgerald, Mary Fletcher, Tarana Gene Fore- man, Bennie Elizabeth Graham, Barbara Haile, Beverly Gayle Hankins, Dorothy Ann Harkey. Fourth Row: Mari-Ann Hcndricks, Artie Hicks, Sharon Lee Hildreth, Donna House, Patricia Eileen Jones, Beverly Ann Joyce, Katholeen Lowe, Sharon Kay Lowry, Patty Jeter Mc- Creight, Christine Veronica Mailer. Fifth Row: Harriet Morgan, Mary Ann Morse, Cecillia Lee Orsburn, Polly Outlaw, Nancy Parr, Anne Quinn, Carroll Rather, Vicki Ellen Rhodes, Suzanne Roberts, Elizabeth Rod- gers. Sixth Row: Ann Miller Rogers, Judith Camille Rogers, Sandra Jane Rutherford, Sandra Kaye Sanders, Emaly Louise Shuman, Susan Margaret Smith, Sally Smoot, Lola Virginia Stewart, Sandra Swift, Diane Thomas. Seventh Row: Margaret Luann Thomas, Frances Rebecca Utley, Roberta Vaughan, Patricia Ann Wall, Carol Jayne White, Patricia Kay White, Deborah Louise Whiting, Carole Lynn Williams, Linda Kay Wilson, Sharon Kay Wilson, Caro- lyn Sue Wood. 230 Delta Delta Delta Tri Delta ranked high in campus activities. Barbara Duncan was President of Mortar Board, was on AWS Judicial Board, and was elected to Who ' s Who. Bar- bara and Dot Harkey held class offices in Business School. Vicki Rhodes, Lynn McWhorter, Carole Lynn Williams and Betty Brackin were Fulbright Senior Counselors, Carole Lynn also was the chairman of the AWS Fashion and Etiquette Committee, and Betty served as chairman of the Student-Faculty Commit- tee. Mari-Ann Hendricks was elected State President of WRA. Diane Elrod, Polly Outlaw and Jannane Bivens were members of the Student Senate. Tri Delta won many beauty honors with Dot Harkey, cadet colonel of the Army ROTC, Carolyn Adair, Army ROTC, and Polly Outlaw, AFROTC cadet colonel. Polly and Susan Smith were Homecoming maids. Donna Axum was chosen National Cotton Picking Queen. I Tri Delts stuff holes with crepe paper. Pledges are usually stuck with this job, but they don ' t like it any more than the members. Girls even con boys into doing it. All this for just a Homecoming float, and nothing to show for it if you lose the judging. They did. Delta Gamma Delta Gamma was well represented in campus ac- tivities. Kay Baker was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities and also served as vice president of WRA and chairman of the Stu- dent Union Music Committee. Frances Dillard was chairman of the AWS Finance Committee and secre- tary of the AWS Legislative Board. Nancy Sharp served as co-chairman of Singfony, treasurer of Pan- hellenic Council, and secretary of Civic Club. Nelta Pinkerton was co-chairman of the Student Union Spec- ial Projects Committee. Gene Gillette was advertising manager of the Traveler. The sorority was also well represented in honoraries. Alpha Lambda Delta, and sophomore counselors. Delta Gamma ' s social calendar was filled with numerous activities this year. The annual Pinafore Party and the Anchor Ball highlighted the year. DG ' s entertain at their Pinafore Party, so called because of the H.M.S. Pinafore, to which their anchor symbol bears some relation. Anyhow, they all dress up like kids and have a lot of fun. In keeping with the theme of the party, guests were served water. 232 w , A Row. Carolyn Alcorn, Sharon Ann Austin, Betty Ruth Baker, Kay Baker, Mary Baxter, Lela Mary Calhoun, Dianne Lee Carey, Carol Ann Carter. Second Row: Esther Jane Center, Elizabeth Ann Conery, Lynda Dale Corrotto, Judy Sue Crawford, Patricia Sue Cupples, Karen Ilise Dean, Frances Dilliard, Tommie Carol Dyer. Third Row: Linda Sue Ellis, Judith Karen Falls, Bettye Lou Fellinger, Rebecca Ann Frazier, Gene Gillette, Frances Emily Hall, Rebecca Jane Hawkins, Joy Hoffman. Fourth Row: Sharon Lynn Horton, Lynda Suzanne Howard, Nancy Erin Irbin, Elizabeth Leah King, Donna Rae Kirk, Linda Kathleen Kooiker, Betty Faye Lane, Sandra Kay Little. Fifth Row: Martha McGrew, Ann Lane McLeod, Leslie Grant McVey, Patsy Ann Moberly, Sharon Merren Moore, Lynda Morgan, Linda Sue Nevius, Barbara Kay Packard. Sixth Row: Frances Fay Phelps, Barbara Jo Pigg, Nelta Jean Pinkerton, Helen Frances Pope, Mary Oursler Pottorff, Nancy Louise Sharp, Charlotte Sue Short, Linda Loriane Slo- cum, Madelyn Louise Stanley. Seventh Row: Suzanne Mary Stoner, Mary Kay Tinker, Sandra Mario Varner, Nancy Ruth Wallace, Carolyn Sue Web- ber, Sherri White, Joyce Anne Wilhelm, Missy Williams, Judy Kay Woodell. 233 _ First Row: James Barrentine, Richard Bell, Curtis Jackson Bequette, Rex Lee Clark, Bruce Wayne Coleman, Jerry Don Friddle. Second Row: James Grigsby, Robert Harris, Charles Doug- las Hooks, John Latting, Lawrence Dale Pharr, Robert Poteet. Third Row: William Wiley Ragland, James Earl Shearer, Harold Ray Smith, Ronnie Marion Teague, Gerald Wilson. FarmHouse members resort to window to gain entrance after be- ing locked out of the house by the pledge class both of them. 234 In addition to scholastic achievement, which is the basic aim of FarmHouse fraternity, a full social cal- endar rounds out the group ' s campus activities. The Bowrey Ball is the big costume party of the year. The annual Christmas dance comes in mid-December. The Spring Formal and Spring Outing complete the year socially. FarmHouse kept up its tradition of campus leader- ship this year. Bruce Coleman was tapped for ODK and served as treasurer of ASA and secretary of the AI Club. Charles Hooks was chosen for ODK and Phi Eta Sigma and was selected as outstanding sophomore cadet in Army ROTC. Jim Shearers was selected as the outstanding freshman in the College of Agri- culture. FarmHouse Lew Hendrix receives congratulations from FarmHouse fraternity brothers after winning first place in men ' s division of Student Union Talent Show, held during Student Union Week. Hendrix won top spot for picking and singing a medley of pseudo-folk songs. ..., ' 235 Kappa Kappa Gamma The wearers of the key have brought to their chap- ter honors in many activities this year. Kappa placed first in Singfony and won honorable mention in Homecoming house decoration. Tapped for Mortar Board were Monika Hartstein, Diane Simpson Proclor, Judy Vardner Robertson, and Ann Hanss Massey. Monika Hartstein was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Holding AWS positions were Donna Welhausen, Secretary and Monika Hartstein. Treasurer. Jan Dandy served as Secretary of the Senior Class. Patty Kelly was head cheerleader. Beauty honors went to Shirley Thomas, Miss UofA, and Diana Hubbard, AFROTC sponsor. Sue Lloyd and cohorts are losing this event of the Sigma Nu relays for the Kappas. There is no disgrace in this, since it follows that the girls with the bigger muscles win. The Sigma Nus have the sororities convinced there is virtue in this. What a snow job. 236 ,:, - .. ' IVs the . Us nib , . . - ' N. flow: Elizabeth Ann Alexander, Barbara Jane An- derson, Becki Balch, Donna Lynn Bell, Betty Sue Bogard, Bar- bara Ann Braley, Blanche Louise Burke, Susan Preston Canine, Linda Jane Collins. Second Roui: Carole Coop. Susan Cosmus, Margaret Tip- pett Cravans, Dottie Crawford, Maigy Ann Curtis, Jan Dandy, Mary Pamela Daniel, Frances Deane, Sue Ellen Dill. Third Row: Donita Ann Driggers, Dannalee Dubiner, Eileen Farrar, Sandra Gaye Ferguson, Terry Jean Fetzek, D. Rae Fossum, Dorothy Anne Froning, Judy Ann Garner, Diane Gillison. Fourth Row: Nancy Kay Goodwin, Nancy Merle Gordon, Alice Ann Graham, Janet Ellen Gray, Judy Gray, Donna Louise Groom, Judith Jan Halbert, Sherrie Anne Hankins, Monika Hartstein. Fifth Row: Dianna Lynne Hubbard, Patricia Ann Jones, Robin Jane Jordan, Carol Kerby, Ann Kilgore, Betty Carolyn Ligon, Elizabeth Ann Lindstrom, Sue Lloyd. Shirley Dell Lyon, Michele McCright. Sixth Row: Betty Ann Masters, Ann Elizabeth Morgan, Donna Marie Muncy, Mary Janet Owen, Marcia Ann Parker, Molly Penix, Joh anna Pinson, Mary Kathryn Plummer, Janice Carrol Quinn, Sylvia Rose Rankin. Seventh Row: Nancy Tripp Reed. Linda Roberts, Margaret Walker Robinson, Rhea Louise Shelton, Mary Audrey Shep- pard, Edwina Silcott, Courtney Anne Stevens, Donna Well- hausen. Suellen Wood, Nancy Gayle Yawn. 237 . g . fc. . " " . I : ktbb L, dTri Ik . ?ozt): Joseph Richard Adams, William Walt Andsr- son, Charles Alex Artzt, James Bagwell, Bob Bailey, Joe Ball, Don Ray Bevis, Frank Blair, Jim Bonady, Jim Bone, William Harold Boswell. Second Row: Thomas Buchanan, John Calvin Campbell III, Billy Clay, Jerry Edward Clem, John Walton Cole, Jr., Hank Cooper, Gilbert Greene Cornwell, Mike DeWitt, David George Dodd, Doile Douglas, Dwight Driver. Third Row. James Fletcher Ep?s, Bill Fletcher, Cubby Fletcher, John Sidney Fogg, Jack Thomas Foyer, Jr., John Wesley Fulton, Bob Fussell, Tommy Goldsby, Richard Green, Louis Atkins Hardman, Jr., William Hawkins. Fourth Row: Edward Tully Homer, III, Earl Fletcher Jack- son, Jim Jacobs, Jerral Wayne Jones, Steve Kelly, Richard Cvrtis Lang, David Laser, James Arenson Laser, Jim Lim- berg, Walter Ravmond Lindsey, Moose Long. Fifth Row: Robert Rogers McCann, Gordon Edward Mc- Carty, Jr., Jack Walls McCrary, Fenner McCulloch, Charles McDonald, Michael William Mitchell, Duke Montgomery, Allan Burton Moore, Douglas Moore, Bobby Ralph Orsburn, Neale Payne. Sixth Row: George Percefull, Jr., Steve Peters, John Marion Pickell, Wayne Scott Pierce, Hal Ponder, Don Martin Schnip- per, Zclton Dave Sharp, Sneed Shaw, Gary Thompson Smith. Robert Edward Smoot, Jr., Richard Kent Spurlock, Arthur Edwin Squire, Jr. Seventh Row: Gillis Warren Stephenson, Jr., Steve Stevens, David Mahnurn Stevenson, Scott Stuart, John Tale, Henry Thomas, Mike Thompson, Pat Thompson, Jeremy David Thorn- ton, Ray Trail, Bobby Tranum, Jack Tucker. Eighth Row: Ronald Alan Turner, Sam Morris Vogel, Reg Wallin, Jr., John Kitchrter Warriner, John Dickson Watkins, Hugh Day Welch, Charles Whiteside, III, Jay Milton Willis, Harvey Erwin Wood, Jim Wood, Clay Woods, Mike Zaleski. 238 This year, as in years before, Kappa Sigma took its share of honors on the campus. Charlie White- side was president of the senior class and vice presi- dent of his class in business school. In Blue Key, Kappa Sigma was represented by Mike Thompson (presi- dent), Charlie Whiteside. ' Bill Hawkins, Bill Ander- son, Mike Zaleski, Bobby Fussell, Ray Trail, and Worth Camp. Barney Thomas and Burt Moore were ODK members, while Dickey Halsall represented the chapter in Cardinal XX. Barney Thomas was on the IFC Rush Committee. KZ wa s represented in varsity ath- letics by Ray Trail, Gary Howard, Jerry Jones, Tim Langston, Billy Clay, Jack Friar, Ronnie Clary, Rich- ard Trail, and Jim Bone. The Kappa Sigma social calendar was well filled, including the Christmas Formal, Valentine Party, Su- pressed Desire Party, and the Spring Outing. Kappa Sigma Scott Stuart uses gorilla tactics on Betty Masters at Christmas For- mal while Kappa Sig brothers sagely approve. The full name of it was Country Sage, and it ran somewhere close to a hundred proof. Bill Anderson, left, is really Santa Claus. The sleigh is his, too. Lambda Chi Alpha Highlighting the social events of the year were Lambda Chi ' s annual Playboy Party, the Intern Party, the spring Black and White Formal, and the spring outing. In addition, the fraternity finished second in AAA intramural football, as well as taking third in Homecoming float competition. Outstanding Lambda Chi ' s included Stokely Havs, who was elected President of Blue Key and chosen for Who ' s Who. John Harmon was President of Associ- Democra ' s Club and was elected Treasurer of Associ- ated Students for next year. Keith Wetsell and Richard Remke were chosen for Cardinal XX. Dick Holbert was President of the sophomore class in business school and was selected as a cheerleader for the com- ing season. Stan Patterson was President of the junior class in business school. Larry Wallace was elected Gaebale director for next year. Lambda Chi ' s and dates gather around television set as scantily clad Playmate looks on at annual Playboy Party. Since television set is on, one would assume that this party was not quite as riotous as the name implies. What would Hugh Heffner have to say? 240 k ar ere Part;, ' -::,: ail . fel - .yi - ' ! :: - ; ?o): Hugh Alexander, Crystal Lee Andress, Bruce Martin Ascough, James Winfred Bass, Bill Baugh, Buster Beardsley, Charles Stowell Buckner, Jr., Joe Buckner, Lionel Joseph Burns, William Calvert, Jack Batson Cato. Second Row: Wayne Coates, Gerald Cornish, Michael Corn- well. Clifford Councille, Charles Foster Cox, Melvin Bruce Dobbs, James Duckett, James Dunkle, Fletcher Eugene Els- berry, Richard Ivy Ezell, Max Felton. Third Row: David Vance Fender, Lawrence Russell Fisher, Jr., Donald Killough Fitzgerald, Jack Gatewood, John Greenert, Stokley Donelson Hays, George William Hirsch, Richard Neal Holbert, Larry Paul Hooten, Mike Hornsby, Gary Clint, Hous- ton. Fourth Row: Jerry Cave Huddleston, James Claudis Jacks, Jr., Robert Graylon Jackson, George Russell Jacobs, John Dee Johnson, Thomas Leo Junkersfeld, Ragon Don Kinney, Larry McGowan, Paul Magness, Jr., John Richard Marr, Michael Eugene Martin. Fifth Row: John Francis Mathews, Lewis Mathis, Paul Morehart, Ray Owen, Stanley Ray Patterson, Ted Peter, George Gene Pich, Kirk Patrick Pond, Cecil Don Prince, Douglas Ev- erett Proctor. Sixth Row: Bill Provin II, Joe Pyland, Jr., Glenn Albert Railback, Richard Duane Remke, Jerry Rice, George Riley, Jr., Larry Roberts, Raymond Rouleau, Jr., William Lee Sch- wieger, James Melvin Speck. Seventh Row: Jack Stone, Jr., T. S. Stone, Louis Strasner, Hendrix Arthur Taylor, Joe Taylor, III, Larry Carnell Wallace, Harry Keith Wetsell, Berry James Willcox, Jr., William Hale Williams, Douglas Melvin Yamnitz. 241 - First ROM;: Oliver Lee Adams, Jr., Vincent Allison, Jr., Walter Anderson, Louis Bryant Barry, Hugh Bass, James Beachman, Jr., William Morgan Brewer III, Richard Harold Britt, William Coe, Jr., Robert Denton. Second Row: Donald Steven Douglas, Paul Dubbell. Tho- mas Perry Elfter, David Evans, Freddie Gene Favor, Charles Leon Filiatreau, John Martin French, Charles Michael Fricke, Bruce Iner Cann, James David Godwin. Third Row. Charles Edward Guest, Gordon Guest, William Hall, John Harris, William Andrew Harrison, James Kenneth Hart, Michael Terrv Hayes, William Truman Hill, Wayland Holyfield, Robert Michael Home. Fourth Row: Billy Jack Huebsch, William Buck Jones, Henry Herman Ketcher III, Chester Lee Kitchens, Charles Land, Lynn Leek, Ed Lester, Robert Cunningham Lowry, Milton Ravmond Lueken, Robert Lawrence McCallum. Fifth Row: Homer Lee May, James Mayer, Charles Theo- dore Meyer, Robert William Miller, Lawrence Mitchell, Jr., James Franklin Moore, Roy Allen Murtishaw, Bill Mason Nixon, Randolph Lee Gates, Jennings Bryan Osborne. Sixth Row: James Pace, Stephen Winfield Pelphrey, John Pharis, Hugh Hart Pollard. Bill Priakos, Jeff Pride, John Rains, Chase Savage Reid, Harold Hugh Rhoden, Mike Biggs. Seventh Row: Bill Robertson, Ronald Allen Robinson, Bobby Sullivan Roper. Don Henry Schilling, James Srhrantz, James Gary Shaw, William Robert Shepard, James Shields, James Ernest Shinn, Otis Henry Storey, Joseph Hershel Stur- divant. Eighth Row. Buford Joseph Suffridge, Joseph Lewis Sulli- van, Jr., James Robert Tatum. Wallace Wade Towle, Law- rence Glenn Trammel, Jr., Phillip David Udouj. Ronald Her- man Udouj, James Ware, Frank Wilder, Chadwick Graham Wilson, Robert Young, Jr. 242 Phi Delta Theta opened the year by winning the fall semester of both AAA and AA intramurals. In addition, the men won first place in Homecoming float decoration. Phi Delt campus leaders included in Blue Key: Hugh Pollard, Steve Pelphrey, Fred Favor, Bob Crisp, Mike Riggs, and Danny Butler; in ODK: John Rains, Gordon Guest, Mike Meistrell, and Bill Coe (secre- tary) ; Phi Eta Sigma: Lynn Leek, Jim Shaw, Bo Parker, Jim Trieschman, and Jim Schrantz; Cardinal XX: Steve Douglas, Jim Pace, Lynn Leek, John French, and Jim Shaw (President). Individual honors were won by: Bill Coe, Treasurer of Associated Students, Who ' s Who; Hugh Pollard, Who ' s Who; Buck Johns, president of both the Civic Club and the Engineering Council; John Rains, president of TKA and Circle K, and Fred Favor, Gaebale Director and Associate Justice of the Student Court. Phi Delta Theta A Phi Delt, awe-stricken, raises sacred object for adulation of his brothers. They will surely respond, for it is truly a rare event for them to approach so closely a relic of a major deity of their humble tribe. They should be rewarded for their ardent devotion. - ' ' - ' U .: ' 243 Pi Beta Phi Pi Ph: ' s get the Christmas spirit at their annual party for such festivities. The skinny Santa Claus is a dead giveaway and is I B HHBHa H HMMMHBHai The Pi Phi arrow aimed high this year, bringing its wearers many honors. Pi Phis serving the campus included Susan Line- barger, Student Body Secretary, Who ' s Who; Betty Copeland, AWS treasurer, President ' s Council, Who ' s Who; Cathie Remmel, Mortar Board, Panhellenic presi- dent, Drake Relays Queen, Who ' s Who; Jane Kitchen, Mortar Board, AWS Scholarship Committee chairman, Who ' s Who; Marinell Coe, Student Union Publicity Chairman. ABC pledge secretary; and Brenda Heck, editor of the Guild Ticker, Commerce Queen, PiKA Dream Girl. Susan Helmig was chosen as an Army ROTC Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel. Gene Chambers reigned in the 1962 Homecoming Court. Karen Giss repre- sented the UofA at the Cotton bowl. Cherry Lubker was Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl. probably a Pi Phi. The lady holding the loot, their housemother, is sympathetic. She will say she is grateful, but there is no ... 244 ' ! |, HI ;, . i. k in. ::, 114. W m -;:( Uil 9 ..... First Row: Kay Alford, Beth Anthony, Sherryl Ann Bedell, Judy Bell, Carolyn Jane Berry, Jane Ann Bogy, Vicki Jo Borman, Sheila Boylan, Patricia Lee Brown, Mary Katherine Brumm, Bonnie Carolyn Bumpers. Second Row. Betty Anne Canaday, Gene Chambers, Mari- nell Coe, Linda Hudson Coleman, Sue Ellen Coleman, Eliza- beth Copeland, Linda Lou Cox, Mary Jane Hunt Cox, Jane Dills, Sharon Sue Drake, Charlotte Ann Eckel. Third Row: Judith Edwards, Donna Sue Erickson, Sharon Reed Fogarty, Beth Gifford, Karen Lee Giss, Lynn Barbara Hallam, Paula Kay Hamm, Lucinda Katherine Harkey, Bren- da Heck, Sue Carolyn Jackson, Nancy Jane Kerr. Fourth Row: Sallie Jane Kinman, Jane Kitchen, Mary Viktoria Knapheide, Susan Linebarger, Cherry Lynn Lubker, Jerri Ann McAdoo, Luckett McDonald, Sharon Sue McDonald, Susan Ethel McShane, Rebecca Sue Mann, Sandra Wynn Mead. Fifth Row: Shirley Ann Meyer, Jayne Ann Mobley, Beverly Ann Moore, Martha Elizabeth Mosely, Mary Jo Parham, Julia Burton Peck, Kathryn Ann Peterson, Kathy Jo Raff, Bobbie Jean Reagan, Eleanor Ann Rector, Catherine Remmel. Sixth Row: Nancy Marie Ritchie, Susan Jane Ross, Mat- talou Roth, Mary Ellen Rothe, Carolyn Schneider, Elanor Sue Seale, Vicki Simmons, Judith Ann Smith, Suellen South, Juliette Tatum, Virginia Jill Thompson. Seventh Row: Hope Van Meter, Catherine Helen Ware, Carolyn L e Warmouth, Martha Ann Webb, Mary Jane Webb, Evelyn West, Dinah Lee Whitley, Susie Wilcoxson, Marci Ann Williams, Mary Jo Wilson. 245 CiiiFoi iM : ?(m : Byron Alexander Adams, Joe Vance Bauer, Jim Kent Bedell, Ken Block, William Brady, James Oliver Burnett, Robert Larry Gargile, Jerry Dean Cluff, Bruce Monroe Colclasure. Second Row: Douglas Stephan Coleman, Jack Coleman, Jack Edward Counihan, James Loy Cox, Larry Paul Grain, Courtney Crouch, Jr., Walter Robert Fabinsky, Richard Fried- line, Richard Aday Goff. Third Row: Robert Miller Goff, Jr., Gail Graham, Bill Graue, Albert Patrick Hanby, Joe Stephen Henderson, Jr., Robert Elmore Hemdon III, Tyrus Uegen Hogan, Jr., Thomas Gene Hoggard, Richard Jendrysik. Fourth Row: Gene Little, Jimmy Dorsey McBride, Robert Holt McGill, Charles Marino, Floyd John Massey, Jerry Don May, Bryan Moery, Jack Wayne Nail, Robert Neighbors. Fifth Row: Lewis Jan Nordin, Stanley Alan Norris, Patrick William Nowell, Jack Byron Oliver II, Mike Olivera, Kenneth Osborne II, Richard Martin Pence, Jr., Clinton Dale Pope, Gary Richard Powell. Sixth Row: Thomas Raymond Price III, James Robert Redpath, Mike Rice, James Rush, Ted Sanders, Jackie Lee Smith, Jerry Stamps, John David Stamps, Ronald Ralph Stearns. Seventh Row: Marvin James Stockwell, Blake Tune, Paul Charles Wagner, James Alan Wellons, Jr., Bruse Wesson, John Marvin Wesson, Cozie Don Wilhite, Glen Dale Wilson. 246 I This year marked another outstanding year for the men of Pi Kappa Alpha as they excelled by taking first places in intramural football and homecoming house decoration. Social activities for the Pikes in- cluded the Christmas Brunch and the District Con- vention in December. The Faculty Tea and the Dream Girl Formal were the big social events in the spring along with numerous informal parties and drop-ins. Pi Kappa Alpha had leaders in all phases of campus life. Bill Brady was vice president of IFC, treasurer of Blue Key, member of the Student Senate, and repre- sentative of the senior class in BA. Jerry Don May served as president of ABC, and Jim Wellons was elected vice president of IFPC. In sports, Jerry Mazzanti was named to the All Southwest Conference Football Team, while Tommy Boyer made All Southwest Conference Basketball. Pi Kappa Alpha This artistic wonder in cardboard and crepe took first place in the men ' s division of house decorations during Homecoming. The idea is to unite aesthetic beauty with a poetic word or two embody- ing the spirit of imminent mortal conflict. It still looks like hell. v DOXIES ' FOOTBALL WILL REAP COMBINE- ATION RICE 247 Leadership and social activities highlighted another good year for the Sig Alphs. SAE was represented in the Student Senate by Phil Rice, Roger Kline, Jim McKenzie, Jerry Pinson, and Jay Dickey. J. 0. Buckley served as vice presi- dent of Omicron Delta Kappa, and Mickey Mayfield was tapped for ODK in spring ceremonies. Blue Key tapped Frank Lyon. Mickey Mayfield, David Long, and Jay Dickey. Paul Berry served as fall semester IFC Rush Chairman, and Harrison Butler will hold the post next year. Mickey Mayfield was elected president of Theta Tau and also served as president of Circle K. Socially, the Alphs opened the year with a party for their new pledges and sponsored a tea for all soror- ity pledges. The Christmas season was highlighted by the annual Red Davis Christmas Party, in which Sandy McMath as Santa Glaus made all the little kids cry, and the Christmas Formal, held at the chapter house. Alph pledges show their dates how to be wild or is it the other way around? Both girls shown here use different approaches for Sigma Alpha Epsilon the same end: snowing all SAE ' s in sight. Girl at left does the sweet Southern belle bit while girl at right plays hard to get. .1 ilia few: Paul Albert Abdella, Harold Seth Adams, James Ray Atchley, Marion Hobart Bell, Jr., Charles Clay Boyce, Joseph Carson Brady, John Dudley Bridgforth, Wil- liam Cecil Bridgforth, Walter Buchanan, James Burgess, James David Burton. Second Row. Percy Duffield Burton, George Harrison Butler, James Altus Buttry, William Bernard Caruthers, Earl Lee Chadick, Jr., David Cook, Christian Ambrose Corbin, James Davies III, Jim Charles Davis, David Eldridge Dead- erick, Michael Rodgers Deaderick. Third Row: Allen Brown DeLaMar, Robert Durden, Law- rence Fikes, Thomas Howard Fuqua, Dan Gibbs, Charles Gibson, Martin Creeson Gilbert, Jack Alexander Giles, Lanny Gorman, Johnny Charles Green, Richard Gregory. Fourth Row: Frederick Daniel Harrelson, Curtis Wright Hawkins, Philip Hickey, Jim Freeman Holman, Robert Jack- son Hughey, Ronald Hardy Jeter, Allen Jones, Rodger Spencer Kline, King Laughlin, David Carson Lee, Orland Tarver Line barier, Jr. Fifth Row: David Long, Fletcher Lord, Jr., William Earle Love, Jr., Phil Lucas, James Frank Lyon, Jr., Edward Wilson McCorkle, James Edward McDonald, Scott McGeorge, James McKenzie, Barry Lynn McKuin. Sixth Row: Gary Wayne McKuin, Lawrence Payne Mai- pica, Charles Stephen Mangan II, Ken Matthews, Oscar James Melton, Jr., Carl Dean Miller, Jr., Gordon Boler Mott, James Lloyd Nowell, Charles Parker, Jerry Dean Pinson. Seventh Row: Claudius Rowan Prewitt, Jr., Hugh Baty Proctor, Jr., Philip Foy Rice, Garland Ridenour, Joe Mark Rogers, George Alan Rose, Billy Joe Scott, Jon Scroggin, George Ellis Shelton, Robert Dean Smith. Eighth Row: Larry Spence, James Victor Spencer III, Tom- mv Stanlev, William Patton Steele, Jr., Jack Edward Stephens, William Thomas Stephens, Mike Thompson, Robert Dean Tucker, Sam Tuminello, Frank Wait, Jr. 249 - - PrsJ kb Urn d ' V wit - Row: John Winfield Adamson, Jr., James Newell Akers, Hiram Milton Alexander, Jr., Thomas Dale Alford, Robert Henry Anthony, Norman Thomas Austin, John Gordon Banks, Daniel Eugene Bartell, James Barton, Charles Bennett, John David Bennett. Second Row. Conlee Bodishbaugh, Larry Brown, Larry Burks, David Logan Callaway, Don Frank Callaway, Dick Car- son, Jr., John Frederick Chambers, Marshall Brower Coffman, Gary Thomas Dalton, Freddie Davis, Gary James Dean. Third Row: Elvin Dennington, Larry Diver, William Brad- ford Eoff, Jr., Alexander Payton Golden III, Frank Mallory Grobmyer, John Grobmyer, Bill Hairr, Ralph Hamner, Jr., Thomas Franklin Harbour, Howard Barry Harmon II, Michael Edmondson Hastins. Fourth Row: Richard Franklin Hatfield, David Patrick Henry, Joseph Barlow Herget, Sammy Hilburn, Thomas Hill, Dwight Holley, John Hornre Howe, Doug Hurley, John Richard Jackson, Jr., George Jernigan, Jr., Glenn Welch Jones, Jr. Fifth Row. Vernon James King, Jr., William Lafferty, William Hayden Landers, Harry Wayne Lee, John Walter Logan, Gary Keith Looney, Larry French Loveless, Edward Marvin Mann, Jr., Eugene Lee Maris, Bill Matthews, Jim Lynn Mayes. Sixth Row: John Barton Mayes, Marvin Moles, James Maurice Moore, Louis Warren Morgan, Jon Newsum, Grove Oholendt, Dennis Paddie, Edward Moore Penick, Jerry Plum- mer, George Proctor, Eva Larry Pugh. Seventh Row: Owen Lloyd Pugh, James Thomas Purifoy, Craig Rains, James Frazier Rogers, Roger Delmas Rogers, Matthew Rothert, Jr., William Byron Sigler, Neill Moore Sloan, Jr., William Richard Spencer, William Jan Stover, John Beaty Summers. Eighth Row. James Tate, Sam Terry, Jay Noble Tolley, Samuel Trinca, Charles Walker, John Nelson Walker, Philip Walker, Walter Guy Watkins, William David Watkins, Larry Ennis White, Tommy Sullivan Wimpy. 250 - ' - As in the past, Sigma Chi was once again a lead- ing contender in the intramural program. David Wat- kins ably served as Vice President of the Student Body, while Glenn Jones served as Attorney General. Sigma Chi ' s held the following positions in the College of Busi- ness Administration: Matthew Rothert, President of BA College; Owen Pugh, President of Beta Alpha Psi; and Skippy Coffman, student senator. Glen Jones was President of ODK and Owen Pugh was Treasurer, while other Ski ' s in ODK included Armil Snow, Con- lee Bodishbaugh, Ralph Hammer, Denny Hurley, Tom- my Polk, David Johnston, and Dick Hatfield. Blue Key Ski ' s included George Jernigan, (Vice Presi- dent), Matthew Rothert, Craig Rains, John Jackson, Larry White, David Watkins, Lee Bowman, Neill Sloan, and M. J. Probst. Glenn Jones, Conlee Bodishbaugh, and David Watkins were selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. John Headlee wheels and deals at the annual Gold Rush party. You bring the gold, he gives you the rush. All for a good cause, Sigma Chi though, since the deans required that a cut of the pot go to chanty. Note the absence of booze. The deans required that, too. Sigma Nu Gamma Upsilon chapter of Sigma Nu continued to add new activities and honors to its formidable record. Individual achievements by Sigma Nu ' s were numerous. Gaston Gibson served as IFC president. Tim Hinkle was tapped for Blue Key, Jerry Cavaneau, Knox Patterson, John Feilke, and Charles Long were tapped for ODK. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities members included Gaston Gibson, John Feilke, and Richard Smith. Student Senators were John Feilke, Buzzy McNair, Bob Bryant, Tim Hinkle, John Brashears, and Steve Gillespie. Buzzy McNair, Bob Bryant, Jim Lance, and Jerry Cooper were members of Cardinal XX. In publications, Gary Carroll was Editor of the Student Directory, Knox Patterson was Editor of the Arkansas Engineer, and Bill Kidder was Business Man- ager of the Razorback. Chris Polychron was IFPC President. Garry Carroll and Bill Kidder do their bit for rush. Since they were in character, the skit went nicely. Kidder is going to be Razorback co-editor next year. He is the intelligent-looking one on the right. The Sigma Nu ' s are proud of him. Really they are. 252 m ?;: Edward Adair, Donald Ross Alien, Ross An- derson, Jr., John Backus, Troy Franklin Barnett, Don Boyd, Troy Calvin Brand, John Alphonse Brunner III, Robert Bry- ant, Michael Dean Burns, Ken Freeman Calhoon. Second Row. John Garry Carroll, Jerry Winston Cavaneau, Joseph Raymon Clingan, Gary Earl Cochran, Charles Cole, Jerry Dewayne Cooper, George Coppage, Henry Mac Core, Edward Cullum, Jr., James Earl Darr, Jr., Jon Allen Der- mott. Third Row: Edmund Luther Dohoney, Ronnie Nelson Dunn, James Epperson, George Currie Faucette, John Gary Feilke, Thomas Arthur Feilke, William Carl Floersch, Thomas Free, Charles Friley, Charles Michael Garlington, Claude Lovis Gibson. Fourth Row. Gene Graham, William Noah Grimmett, Granville Harper, Junious David Hill, Tim Hinkle, Richard Hodges, Milan Lewis Hopkins, Roth Homer, Robert Carroll Hudspeth, William Jackson Hughes, Jr., Donald Bruce Hunni- cutt. Fifth Row: James Taylor Hurst II, Rodger Hurt, Wesley Johnson, Henry Lamar Jones, John Joyce, Edward Powell Kenney, Lemuel Harriss Kerr, William Milton Kidder, George Knight, James Winslow Lance, Charles Earl Lloyd. Sixth Row. Charles Long, Jr., Thomas Scott Lovett III, James Edward McClelland, Pat Hardy McGowan, Clay Carl McKinney, James Roger McNair, Jr., John Evans Meador, Jr., William Medlin, Jr., Larry Wayne Meyer, Michael Bradley Miller, Charlie Kenneth Moore. Seventh Row. Clay Moore, Ernest Eudox Patterson, Chris Polychron, Albert Allen Pool, Bobby Reynolds, Bill Roberts, Donald Ray Roberts, Jack Roberts, John Roberts, Cyrus Rob- inson, Jerry Thomas Scott. Eighth Row. Robert Alexander Smith, Clifton Michael Spruell, Gary Kent Stephens, Thomas Wilcox Stephens, Ellis Patterson Trumbo, Henry Lafayette Tuck, Michael Vinson, Jerry Lee Whitworth, Alan Williams, Jim Ward Williams, Don Alan Zimmerman. 253 Ik K - First Row: David Albert, Dick Albin, John Ayers, Gary Bien, Forrest Glynn Brown, William Dicky Bushmiaer, John Edward Butt, Kenneth Bynum, Donald Paul Callan, Ronald William Callan, Jack Drummond Chamblin. Second Row. Jerry Wavne Caliborne, Roger Barrett Col- lins, Bing Colvin, Charles Edward Craig, Jerry Wayne Crisp, Edwin Ray Crossno, Herbie Lynn ' Crumpton, James Curtis, Charles Daniel, Jr., Lawrence Grayson Davenport, James Michael Davis. Third Row. David Kern Dober. Dnn las Howard D ' inham, Richard Stewart Edward?, Bob Fairrhild, Jr., William Doualas Faith, James Walter Farris, Joe Bob FHcher, David Franklin Frazier. James Owen Graham, Thomas Holiman Gulley, James Alfred Harrod. Fourth Row: William Henley, Hubert Holcombe. David Hehey, Steve Irby, Donald Thompson Jack. John Kenneth Jniner. Rob-rt ,To " " , Ronald Ps-1 Jones. Thomas Darrell Kennedy, Stephen Wayne Lackey, Thomas Clements Lewis. Fifth Row: Gary Michael Low, Bryant McCarley, David Malone, Harding Joel Meadows, Jerry Wayne Medlin, Ste- phen Franklin Miller. Robert Clay Milton, Ronnie Minnick. James Montgomery, Jim Morse. Sixth Row: James Gillespie Patterson, Kenneth Lee Os- walt, Robert Porter, Jr.. J " hn Ramsev, Dan Carl Reed. Law- rence Jav Robertson, William Alfred Runyan, John Powell Russell, Richard Savage, Noland Lee Shorter, Buck Herman Simpson. Seventh Row: Nelson Scntt Smith, Gerald Martin Soren- S " n. John HopMns Stan]v. Jr., John Stephens, William Ran- dall Steward, William Sullivan, Jr., He " rv Tavlnr. Bob Taylor, Barry Tubbs, Jerre Max Van Hoose, Mart Vehik. Eighth Row: Robert Lvnn Watson. Wilson Falls Webt " r, Sammv All-n Werm. Ri--Wd Allen White. Tracv Dale Wil- kins. Don Willard, Tim Williams, Robert Winn, James Turn- er Womble, John Wright. 254 The Sig Eps were active members and leaders in campus organizations this year. In Circle K, Sammy Weems served as International Vice-President and Gov- ernor of the Mo-Ark district, while Scott Smith was vice-president and publicity chairman of the local chapter. Jerry Medlin and Jim Womble were selected for membership in Theta Tau. Scott Smith and Jim Morse represented the fraternity in Cardinal XX. Bill Runyan and Dwight Talburt were members of ODK. Dick Savage was a Razorback cheerleader. Charley Daniels. Jim Williams and Kenny Dean played football for the Razorbacks, while Steve Lackey, Roger Schlis- ler, and Jon Brittenum were Shoats. ' 1 he Christmas party, the Golden Hearts Ball, spring outing and numerous football parties and drop-ins highlighted the Sig Ep social calendar for the year. Sigma Phi Epsilon Scott Smith is on the verge of going into a trance over his date, at the same time performing a frenetic new dance called the Up- town. This is very difficult, since the dance requires one to move very fast, but one must expect such dilemmas at a college formal. !- ' ' - ; ' ' Mi , " ' ; - ]te Tin- The Singapore Sling, Sigma Pi ' s oriental party placed number one on the social calendar this year. Other social events included the White and Gold Ball and the orchid formal. Sigma Pi also actively participated in all intra- mural sports. Johnny Orler led the football team and was selected to the all intramural team. In varsity athletics, Sigma Pi was well represented by Jim Grizzle. By placing academic achievements first, many men were prominent in campus organizations. Heading the list was Covin Jordan, who was chosen for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Other outstand- ing men included David Foust - - Theta Tau, AIIE, Blue Key, and Engineering Council; Charles Chesley - Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon and IFC, and Herman Invester - - Theta Tau, ODK, AIIE and Engineering Council. Sigma Pi Sigma Pi ' s kick it up at their annual White and Gold Formal. Girl in foreground is keeping a close eye on the feet of her date. He had just told her he would attempt to kick her in the face. Sigma Pi men are not always this rough with their women. This one ran. 256 r , f , !:! Firs ROM ' : James Marvin Alexander, Albert James Barnes, Jr., John Harris Bicknell, Robert Duncan Bowles, Jr., Joe Keith Bridgeforth, James Dwight Brown, David Carter Chapman, Charles Clyde Chesley. Fourth Row: Jerry Wayne Kennedy, Brude Allen Kinander, Lynn Knight, Don Murphy Little, Clifton Long III, Charles Edward McDuffie, Leonard Evan McKinney, Edward Stanton Morris. Second Row: D. J. Cia, Joe Lister Cook, Joseph Eugene Coots, Fred Crook, Gerald Leroy Dahl, Delmar Lee Davis, Lawson Cray Dellinger, Billy Carl Donnell. Fifth Row. Byron Dickson Neal, Harper Lee Gates, Jr., Jerry Orler, Johnny Orler, Joe Michael Parker, Luther Ray Pigg, Donald Due Pullen, Herbert Lynn Ray. Third Row: David Delynn Foust, Jerry Gardner, Carl Wade Garner, John Hermann Ivester, William Lev! Jackson, Covin McKinley Jordan, James Jay Jordan, Charles Raymond Joyner. Sixth Row: Jacky Ricardson, Maurice Rogers, Michael Alan Snetzer, Nathan Edward Strickland. Luther Jerome Wilkerson, Charles Grain Winning III, Don Woodford. 257 :HJU p 15 1 . - First Row: Garrett Gordon Apple, Jr., Farouk Ahmed Ba- jour, Larry Blanton, William Scott Bowen, John Brown, John Finley Bush, James Robert Casey, Nathan Lewis Combs, Richard Edward Cottrell, Kenneth David Cranston. Second Row: Jeff Russell Delezen, Roger Dan Edwards, Milton Lewis Fletch, Jr., Milton Glendon Goode, David Howe Cover, Billy Graham, John William Graves, John Rainey Hunt, John Edward Jackson, Bill Kelly. Third Row: David Land, Charles Lutz, Ronnie Dee Mc- Kenzie, Robert Roy Miner, William Leonard Mizell, Jr., Wil- liam Van Muse, David Larry Netherton, Jerry Dallas Nichols, David Thomas Nolan, Gerald Payne. Fourth Row: James Garry Roberts, Joel William Robinson, Michael Gene Rothman, Charles Wade Scarbrough, Jr., Paul Siepman, Buddy Brown Spivey, Rodney Terry Stanger, Milton Lee Thompson, James Torbett, John Turchi, Jr., Kenneth Duane Wells. John Dollar-hide makes the best of a bad situation, at Teke Sweater Ball. Girl at left is Teke Sweethert, Frances Phelps, DG. She is about to be presented with a set of falsies. Not shown are several dozen laughing people. Also not shown is the Teke Bell. 258 - :, S ; : . .. v . . il V: ! In its second year on the University campus as a national fraternity, the big news for Theta Xi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was the move to a new place of residence. The Tekes moved from the old house at the north end of Arkansas Avenue to the other end of the boulevard, joining the neighborhood of Sigma Nu and Pi Kappa Alpha. The major social functions of the year included the annual Christmas Snow Ball, the Spring Red Carna- tion Ball, the Sweater Party, Founder ' s Day Banquet, drop-ins, and exchange dinners. Tekes active in campus activities included John W. Graves, vice-president of the Young Republicans, and Gordon Apple, president of Young Americans for Freedom. Neil Schmitt was commander of Persh- ing Rifles and a counselor in Humphreys Hall. Mickey Cotrell was co-editor of the " UofA Republican. " This year the UofA was the site for the annual TKE Arkansas- Oklahoma Province School, in which five chapters in the two states Tau Kappa Epsilon participated. The conference was well attended by pledges from the various chapters. The idea is to make them gung-ho members. Theta Tau Although Theta Tau is primarily concerned with scholastic achievements, its social calendar is not lack- ing. Early in the year, the Founders Day Banquet was held, followed by the fall and spring outings and the St. Patricia Banquet. On April 7 an all day celebration in honor of the thirty-fifth anniversary of the found- ing of Theta Tau at the University of Arkansas was held, climaxed by a banquet that night. Along with an outstanding scholastic record, mem- bers of Theta Tau continued to show leadership ability in many phases of campus life and were especially out- s ' anding in the various engineering organizations. There were five members in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, fourteen members in ODK. and six members in Blue Key. Taking a break from studies, men of Theta Tau engage in friendly card game " friendly " except for Buck Johns, that is, who takes these things pretty seriously. Pressed by hard grind of engine school, Theta Tau ' s have little time for frivolous activities. 260 First Row: Terry Robert Bean, Jim Brazil, Reedy Robert Buzbee, Gary Wade Campbell, Joe Robert Dyer, Richard Carl- ton Gibbons. Second Row: John James Harton, Troy Floyd Henson, Con- rad Douglas Lawson, Rex Albert Martin, John Fremont Miller, William Edward Miller. Third Row: Robert Joseph Moix, Ennis Wayne Norton, George Wallace Sorrells, Roy Otis Walters, Terry Donald Wil- liams, Carroll Dean Winter. Ever-present slide rule is called into use as engineer battles knotty problem. Such conflicts often last far into the night. 261 ' oldr mi - - ton : fc.l ' ' . first {OHJ: Anne Rae Adams, Margaret Carolyn Armstrong, Carole Ellen Bell, Nina Jane Bishop, Janice Marie Bourg, Judith Lee Boyd, Jane Boyer, Carol Lynn Brandenhoff, Mary Shannon Brown, Judy Katherine Burgess. Second Row: Sarah Frost Clark, Nancy Cochran, Jean Estelle Cummings, Judith Ann Davis, Pat Elliott, Mildred Ann Erwin, Dolores Ann Farrar, Carolyn Little Faulkner, Rose Lynne Fitzgerald, Judy Diane Fowler. Third Row: Normandie Frigillana, Sarah Sue Cambill, Pat Garner, Kathe Lynne Gates, Linda Jean Graves, Kay Almarie Hafenbrak, Jeanie Hale, Patricia Louise Haller, Lyna Jane Harriman, Charlotte Kay Hart. Fourth Row: Charlotte Malissa Hervey, Carol Anne Holland, Sa dy Lynn Hubhard, Barbara Ann Hunter, Janice Veann Jackson, Mindy Lee Johnston, Vonda Janiece Jones, Sheere Lynn Lammers, Jody Lewis, Julia Margaret Little. Fifth Row: Martha Ellen Loving, Kathryn Lowe, Pamela Mc- Casland, Becky Malcolm, Melinda Meek, Mary Ann Meyers, Donna Ray Morgan, Marie Narisi, Adonna Kaye New, Carole Virginia Pabian. Sixth Row: Alpha Jean Peek, Karla Peters, Priscilla Jane Petersen, Judith Ann Phillips, Sandra Powell, Carolyn Gene Raley, Jane Elizabeth Reagan, Betty Catherine Riggan, Pamela Ruoff, Norma Jean Russell. Seventh Row: Judy Sanchez, Nancy Elizabeth Seeman, Sharon Shaddox, Mary Edna Smith, Mary JaNoel Smith, Tommye Lynn Smith, Ann Southerland, Marilou Strait, Mer- rilee Arafaith Streun. Eighth Row: Katie Taylor, Martha Alice Tims, Sandra Neil Tucker, Jackie VanSickle, Jacquelyn Christine Warren, Janet Lina Watson, Vicki West, Margo Elaine White, Carol Jane Wright. 262 it i fe ta ! U.V..C.- " . The shield and crown of Zeta Tau Alpha was well represented in campus activities. Judy Phillips served as A.W.S. president. Ann Erwin and Judy Phillips were on Mortar Board. Kay Hafenbrak was associate editor of the Razorback. Sandy Hubbard and Melinda Meek were A. W. S. Committee Chairmen. Janice Hargus was vice-president of Young Democrats. Sherre Lam- mers was vice-president of Chi Theta and secretary of S. A. M. Carolyn Raley and Judy Phillips were elected to Who ' s Who. Carolyn Raley was chairman of Legis- lative Board. Judy Boyd and Carolyn Raley were on the A.W.S. Judical Board. Zeta had three senior coun- selors, thirteen sophomore counselors, and three Stu- dent Senators. Zeta won first place for its Homecoming float and second place in the Sigma Nu Relays. Zeta pledges huddle in fear of the members, whom they have locked out but who must eventually return. Lockouts are great fun and do 1 II Zeta Tau Alpha wonders for pledge esprit de corps, but the members know the pledges are just locked in. They laugh all the way to the Shamrock. The University has lots of dorms. Lois and lots and lots of dorms. They are building big nsw dorms all the time. This year it was Futrall. Last year it was Humphreys. Next year there will be another big new dorm. A great many students live in the dorms. This year, a certain group of sfudents said they wanted to live in the dorms, too. Now maybe the administration wishes they hadn ' t built so many big new dorms. 265 First Raw: Karen Adams, Delilah Ann Bell, Beverly Ann Blevins, Bonnie Bonnell, Judy Isabelle Brown, Margaret Joyce Brown, Mary Ann Brown, Kathryn Lloyene Bruce, Judi Ann Burch. Second Row: Happy Byrn, Linda Ruth Campbell, Sandra Sue Carter, Betty Jo Churchill, Mildred Marie Coccia, Kay Gentry Collett, Ann Lee Cooper, Myra Elizabeth Cox, Sandra Sue Cranford. Third Row: Kathryn Marie Etoch, Mary Lynn Felder, Nicki Ann Finger, Margaret Jeanette Frazier, Linda Kaye Fricker, Rebecca Jean Gilliland, Elisabeth Ann Gipson, Re- becca Anne Griffin, Sharon Jo Harper. Fourth Row: Bettye L. Harrison, Karyl Lee Harvey, Fern Hubbard, Marsha O ' Day Hudlow, Joan Hummel, Beverly Kaye Karstadt, Diana Jean Kirkman, Loul Koon, Mary Judith Larimer. Fifth Row: Julie Ann McClain, Patsy Ann McCoy, Betty Lou McDowell, Sally Jo McGloflin, Janet Lucretia Miller, Phyllis Anne Nelke, Linda Susan Park, B. JoLene Pendergrass, Sally Ann Perrine. Sixth Row: Jane Peterson, Renee Anne Philson, Margaret Ellen Pinkerton, Patricia Ann Pumphrey, Linda Kay Ragsdale, Carolyn Elaine Rayhourn, Patricia Ann Richter, Ramona Jeraldean Roe, Regina Rae Rushing. Seventh Row: Berta Lena Seitz, Abby L. Shuey, Janice Marie Stone, Sue Sutton, Dorothy Thibault, Kay Ann Torbett, Janna Lynn Tull, Mary Elizabeth Vancura, Karen Anne Weathers. Eighth Row: Mary Frances Weaver, Virginia Whatley, Patsygail White, Missy Williams, Rebecca Victoria Wilson, Susan Dian Wilson, Patricia Bernice Winn, Diane Wolfe, Sherry Wood, Cynthia Ann Young. 266 L ! ! (a Un Carnall Hall Carnall Hall, the oldest dormitory on campus, built in 1905, housed ninety busy upperclass women this year. Four of Coterie ' s officers were Carnall girls. Regina Rushing was President; Pat Ritcher, Vice-President; Glenda Fricker, Secretary; and Ann Cooper, Historian. Fern Hubbard, Secretary of Mortar Board was elected to " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " Judy Birch edited the " Coed ' s Code " and Linda Park was crowned Queen of Hearts for the AWS Vice-Versa Dance. Other girls held similar honors. Jana Tull, President of Carnall, led the girls through an activity-filled year. They held open house for parents and friends, a Christmas Dinner and dance, a smorgas- bord dinner, a senior breakfast, and awards day banquet, a sack supper and relay races. They topped the year off with a spring time costume party. Judy Birch served her hall as Secre- tary; Berta Seitz, Treasurer; Dorthy Thi- bault, Social Chairman; and Patsy Gail White, House Manager. Margaret Pinkerton, who holds distinction of being the only engineering student in Carnall Hall, competes successfully with her male counterparts. 267 h si .! h dw TIM Me urn; First flow: Claudie Abliott, Betty Louise Adams, Phyllis Anne Akins, Phyllis Marguerite Alhrecht, Missy Alford, Diane Allen. Pat Allen, Margaret Elizabeth Amacker, Barbara Jean Andrews, Patricia Jane Artley. Seconrf Row: Dollie Monette Austin. Pamela Kay Backus, Brenda Lou Baker, Ruth Ann Baker, Mary Michael Balding, Judy Arlene Baldridge, Carolyn Sue Balkman, Carolyn Ann Baney, Linda Gale Barnes, Alice Mayes Barnett. Third Row: Alba Elizabeth Barr, Linda Jane Barren, Charlotte Ann Batchelor, Janet Carole Bell, Sharon Lynn Bell, Jane Katherine Bennett, Nancy Elizabeth Belts, Bonnie Ann Bishop, Judith Ann Bishop, Rebecca Suzanna Blewster. Fourth Row: Linda Maurice Blodgett, Barbara Ann Bolls, Suzanne Day Booth, Carol Elizabeth Bowman, Norlyn Gaye Bracey, Jacqulin Breckenridge, Barbara Anne Breit, Norma Gene Brown, Tootie Brown, Zillah Diane Bruce. Filth Row: Betty Ann Bryant, Doris Anne Bryant, Dorothy Jean Buchanan, Margaret Ann Buford, Carol Jean Burnett, Toni Lynn Bush, Halla Jean Butcher. Judy Elaine Byrd, Patricia Mildred Callaway, Kathryn Louise Camp. Sixth Row: Karen Kay Canady, Karen Elizabeth Carlson, Susan Maurine Carroll, Patricia Lynne Casey, Pamela Kay Castling, Lynnda Kay Chamblin, Pamela Rhea Chenault, Frances Anne Cherry, Carol Louise Cina, Rebecca Gayle Cobb. Seventh Row: Judith Carolyn Coburn, Charlotte Watson Coffelt, Linda Sue Colvin, Judith Lynne Coonrod, Nancy Vir- ginia Cooper, Rosalyn Sue Cordell, Regina Rae Grain, Carolyn Groom, Celeste Croom, Nancy Lee Crossett. Eighth Row: Barbara Louise Cupples, Margrette Eleanor Dabbs, Catherine Jean Dallas, Patricia Kathleen Daniel, Becky Ann Daves, Linda Jean Davis, Virginia Carol Dean, Jean Irene Deere, Patricia Louise Dees, Diane Annette Dickerman. 268 Fulbright Hall Freshmen girls representing sixteen states spent their first year of college in Fulbright Hall. After the " horrors " of moving into a new home, the girls settled down to a hard year ' s work. Most of them combined extra curricular activities with their all important studies. They partici- pated in AWS. ABC, PEM, WIHC, Civic Club, Young Democrats, Young Republi- cans, WRA, and various church organiza- tions. Some even qualified for Schola Can- torum. the Razorback Band, and Fine Arts Drama Productions. In the first semester elections, they chose Loretta Thompson, President; Mary Kay Stevens Secretary; Marilyn Pryor, Treasurer; Karen Carlson, social chair- man; and Carol Lynn Taylor, house man- ager. Second semester Carol Lynn Taylor, led as President with the help of Kathy Holloway, Secretary; Gail Elkan, Treas- urer; Tetty Wilson. Social Chairman; and Betsv Rader. House Manager. Fulbright girls reaped the rewards of cooperation when they won second place in the Homecoming float decoration contest, and placed third in Singfony. Freshmen women, knowing they will be living together all year, hold get- acquainted session. Carpet on floor is not standard equipment in Fulbright. Klmr fc 269 First ROM;: Nan Ellen Dickinson, Margaret Ellen Dildy, Lana Kay Dollins, Dorothy Elizabeth Dortch, Sally Ann Douglas, Lucy Kay Dulin, Cathy DuVall, Nancy Louise Edmondson, Carlyn Jean Edwards, Marcia Anne Edwards, Melody Sylvia Edwards. Second Row: Gail Madelon Elkan, Judith Lynne Elliott, Judy Lee Elliott, Jane Ellis, Judy Patricia Ellis, Carole Ann Ellison, Andrew Loog Ennis, Frances JoAnn Everett, Lyn Dieter Falk, Sallye Jo Farmer, Willie Jean Farquharson. Third Row. Susan Ann Farrell, Terecia Ferguson, Glynda Jean Fielder, Patricia Ann Finley, Patricia Jean Finley, Carole Ann Fleming, Gail Ann Fletcher, Peggy Jean Fowler, Marilyn Marie Francis, Penny Ann Franks, Janet Sue Freeze. Fourth Row: Flossie French, Martha Alice Gadberry, Sharon Ann Garner, Carole Gayer, Faith Marie Gibson, Sharon Lee Gill, Cherrie Dawn Gillis, Lois Myreta Gladden, Linda Anne Goodwin, Glenna Jeanne Gorbet, Elizabeth Ann Grady. Fifth Row: Judy Graham, Sylvia Kathleen Grano, Sherry Lew Grant, Katharine Graves, Doris Jean Gray, Margaret Gregory, Susan Frances Groom, Betty Anne Guin, Melanie Regina Gurisco, Pamela Diane Guthunz, Alice Elizabeth Hailey. Lana Kay Dollins performs (?) at Fulbright Christmas party. 270 - ' . , ... :i MI - . U: Fn ,rp ci! - iFwt ' tab Row: Mareese Hall, Virginia Cecile Hamner, Carol Anne Haney, Judy Gayle Harms, Linda Kay Harms, Cheryl Ann Harper, Beth Harris, Betty Ann Hart, Helen Cheryl Hayes, Claudia Doris Heath. Second Row. Carol Jane Heathman, Beckye Hill, Harriet Ann Hill. Bonnie Jean Hodges, Martha Sue Holderby, Dianne Holley, Kathy Bland Holloway, Janet Kay Honn, Anita Jean Howe, Patricia Gray Howell. Third Row: Barbara Charlotte Hudson, Judith Kaye Huff, Margaret Hull, Mary Jane Husted, Martha Jane Jackson, Jack! Lee Jameson, Helen Renee Jay, Nancy Carolyn Jeter, Cheryl Pierson Jett, Jacquelyn Ann Johns. Fourth Row: Judy Margaret Johnson, Marilyn Ethel John- son, Rena Kay Johnson, Sallye Ann Johnson, Ethel May Jones, Jeanette Jones, Mary Phenea Jones, Melinda Joyce Jones, Floye Kale, Dottie Low Keith. Fifth Row: Edith Ann Kendall, Laura Lindsey Kendrick, Lendra Carlyn Kirk, Lana Jean Langley, Frances Eene Law- rence, Janice Marie Lawson, Martha Gale Lewis, Maxine Frances Liddle, Marcia Jean Little, Sue Ann Little. Sixth Row: Patricia Louise Loveless, Sandra Lee Luke, Judith Anne McCarty, Kay Marie McClanahan, Sue McClurken, Dixie Dessau McConnell, Leta Margaret McCormick, Jean Ann McDonald, Joanna McGehee, Barbara Jean McGlothlin. Seventh Row: Joan Kaye Mclntire, Jill McNutt, Anne Pemberton McRae, Mary Gayle McRae, Mary Mack, Nancy Jeanne Magness, Madelin Maher, Lindra Lynn Martin, Charlotte Ann Matthews, Emily Joyce Mitchell. Eighth Row: Pamela Ann Mitchell, Martina Sue Moss, Elizabeth Ann Mullins, Meri Sachiko Nakamura, Kathy Louise Narisi, Clara Pearl Newman, Lynn Aida Newton, P. Diane Nichols, Cheryl Lynne Nixon, Carolyn Trinca Norris. 271 V Row: Jennie Sue Norton, Nancy Gene Norvell, Cath- erine Anne Osborne, Martha Elizabeth Pace, Diane Palmer, Margaret E. Parham, Terry Lee Parkes, Donnah Jean Parrish, Joy Elizabeth Patrick, Jan Nugent Paulk, Sharon Elizabeth Payne. Second Row. Adelia Ann Peacock, Carolyn Jean Pegelow, Sharon Lynnette Pettigrew, Carolyn Sue Phifer, Linda Frances Plunkett, Caludia Ann Price, Marilyn Marie Prvor, Ann Qual- trough, Pamela Quisenberry, Linda Rains, Phyllis Ann Rain- water. Third Row. Terri Rainwater, Hilda Harriet Rainer. Carolyn Anne Rawlings, Maribeth Reader, Mary Martha Reagan, Hilda Jane Reames, Dorothea Jean Reed, Judy Lynn Reinheimer, Carol Jean Reynolds, Claire Rhodes, Sharon Sadrea Richards. Fourth Row. Barbara E. Riley, Vivian Lee Robason, Linda Lois Rosser, Shirley Sue Royce, Sharon Frances Royston, Charlotte Cecille Runyan, Joyce L. Russell, Karen Elizabeth Russell, Donna Lynn Rybiski, Susann Sale, Sue Ann Saltzman. Fifth Row. Amelia Ann Sample, Vicki Elizabeth Saunders, Susan Scarbrough, Barbara Jane Schmitt, Kathleen Anne Sch- neider. Sandra Lynn Scoggin, Linda Lucille Scott, Becky Ann Scurlock, Judy Seahourn, Wanda Louise Seitz, Oneida Anne Sewell. Choryl Turner and Melinda Jones smile and embrace at another of Fulbright Hall ' s many festive occasions. Social regulations being what they are, girls often have to entertain themselves. 272 fc|M First Row. Linda Carole Shaw, Elizabeth Anne Shelton, Frances Virginia Shepherd, Jacqulyne Ruth Shipley, Ann Shipp, Jenny Short, Jolene Sitton, Claudia Kerr Sledd, Bonnie Jane Smith, Denita Dale Smith. Second Row: Diana Lolet Smith, Naomi Faye Smith, San- dra Mary Smith. Suzanne Smith, Troy Faith Smith, Katherine Suzanne Soule, Maribeth Ann Spearmon. Marilyn Jeanne Step- lock, Jacquline Virginia Stevens, Mary Kay Stevens. Third Row. Suzanne Stobaugh, Mary Elizabeth Stoddard, Janice Yvonne Strickland, Norma Elizabeth Stroope, Margaret Sue Sullivan, Sara Sue Sullivan, Marsha Leigh Swindle, Mari- lyn Tabor, Anne Ley Taxter, Carol Lynn Taylor. Fourth Row. Priscilla Elizabeth Taylor, Lois Lynn Temple, Margaret Alice Tennison, Loretta Allene Thompson, Patricia Ann Tidwell, Linda Jean Tillery, Suzanne Janette Tilley, Mary Alice Tranum, Virginia Annette Tucker, Carol Jean Tumy. Fifth Row. Patricia Lynn Tune, Cheryl Christina Turner. Virginia Kay Turner, Charlotte Elizabeth Upton, Connie Lynn Varner, Ruth Ann Vaughan, Margi Vickers, Linda Vinck, Brenda Gail Warren, Sally Jo Watkins. Sixth Row: Sharon Watson, Verna Mae Webb, Patricia Anne Weed. Martha Carole West, Virginia Ream West, Jacque- line Ann Wewers, Mary Frances Whalen, Jo Beth Whitley, Sarah Griffin Whitmore, Deanne Louise Wilber. Seventh Row: Jane Ann Wilkinson, Sara Katherine Willcox, Mary Williams, Sandra Kay Williams, Sarah Virginia Williams, Jo Anna Wills, Georgia Deacon Wills, Anne Pashcal Wilson, Bettie Marion Wilson, Jean Hester Wilson. Eighth Row: Jane Wood, Cynthia Lucille Worrell, Terry Eileen Worthy, Cecilia Anne Wright, Sheron Lynn Wright, Mary West Wynne, Helen Elizabeth Yancey, Karen Ann Yauch, Elizabeth Ann Young, Susan Young, Carol Zaffater. 273 I first Rmu: Donna Haden Abshier, JoAnn Adams, Jean Ann Akers, Roberta Luisa Angulo, Allison Gale Armstrong, Andrea Austin, Janet Elizabeth Baird, Jenne Carol Basham, Judith Ann Bauch, Mary Dee Bellis. Second Row: Jane Frances Berry, Gretchen Marie Bonnell, Jeannine Braucher, Kay Brookshire, Rebecca Ann Brown, Sally Ann Brush, Charla Ann Buck, Shearon C. Buffalo, Mary Carolyn Bunch, Jane Ellen Bunn. Third Row: Laura Alice Cameron, Carol Ann Carroll, Raylene Carte, Carole Ina Carter, Nancy Carolyn Caudell. Cinry Caviness, Martha Lee Cleavenger, Connie Jean Clothier, Linda Margaret Colby, Julie Ann Coman. Fo-irth Row: Mary C. Cook. Sarah Elizabeth Cook, Caro- lyn Kay Cooper, Linda Sue Creighton. Betty Kathryne Crow, Carol Ellen Gulp, Elaine M. Curry, Mona Carol Daniels, Helen R. Davis, Nancy Jane Davis. Fifth Row: Denese Denney, Caroline Monroe De Wolfe, Gayle Ann Edmondson, Jerry Faulkner, Kathy Sue Fitzpatrick, Katie Marie Ford, Elba Karol Fox, Carol Ann Frankum, Caro- lyn Joyce Gattis, Rita Irene Geiger. Sixth Row. Robin Meredity Gillespie, Rita Janette Glover, Marilyn Frances Graham, Bennie Grant, Shirley D. Grigsby, Virginia Lee Grumbles, Elizabeth Jeanne Hall, Mary Martha Hanss, Sandra Kay Hardy, Joyce Evelyn Harkins. Seventh Row: Belinda Dawn Harris, Carol Linda Harrison, Ethel Lillian Hays. Harriet Allen Heasty, Betha Sue Heffing- ton. Georgie Lee Heller, Rosemarie Hill, Barbara House, Alma Faye Houston, Jane Hurd. 274 M. Futrall Hall Futrall Hall, the newest of five Uni- versity-operated residence halls for women, opened its doors in September, even though work was still being done on the build- ing. The first month was a hectic one for Futrall residents. With carpenters and painters still at work on the building, the girls left the dorm at 8 a.m. on week- days and returned when workmen quit at 5:30 p. m. Finally, the work was fin- ished and Futrall ' s 200 residents settled down to a more comfortable way of life. Futrall Hall women were active in all phases of campus life. Their social cal- endar was topped by the spring formal. Futrall Hall is named for Mrs. Annie D. Futrall. As the wife of University Pres- ident Dr. John C. Futrall, half a century ago, Mrs. Futrall acted as hostess at Uni- versity functions for 26 years the long- est such period of service in the Uni- versity ' s history. Mrs. Annie D. Futrall was guest of honor at dedication ceremonies for women ' s dorm- itory bearing her name. Reception and open house followed dedication ceremonies. 275 first ?(?;: Sandra Carol Jimerson, Sherry S. Jonson, Sharon Lee Jolly, Melba Joyce Joslin, Susan Kay Kruger, H. Karlene Kueteman, Anna Willene Langley, Carla Atalie Lebe- derff, Louise Lai Lee, Sally Ann Livingston. Second Row: Sandy McAdams, Margaret Suzanne Mc- Allister, Suzanne McFadden, Jeannie McFarland, Colleen Mc- Pheron, Ann C. McPherson, Sue Ellen Martin, Maureen Mel- bourn, Betty Lynn Miller, Kathe Sue Morgan. Third Row: Barbara Jean Myers, Elizabeth Jeanne Newby, Valerie Minnzzette Newby, Frances Ann Orr, George Ann Orsburn, Elsie Jane Palsa, Betty Frances Parrack, Eva Marie Pearson, Mary Kay Peck, Anna Laura Penn. Fourth Row: Martha Eunice Perdue, Ardith Kaye Phares, Barbara Elaine Phifer, Linda Edythe Phillips, Kay Ann Post, Elizabeth Ann Powell, Vicki Lynn Powell, Nancy Marie Rainey, Jo Lynn Randle, Nancy Truett Raney. Date looks beningly on while Futrall coed prepares to pounce in one direction or another. For that story, see picture opposite. 276 Blrlnp.ll ; . it ' ! ' ! ' ' .. . b A Nt firs Sou;: Cheryl Ann Rhodes, Martha Paulette Riley, Jean Marie Robinson, Dorothy Susan Rose, Patricia LaVonne Rotenberry, Winifred Gray Rush, Marhita Kaye Rutherford, Patsy Ann Schleiff, Dorothy Jo Ann Schifferli, Sue Jayne Sellars. Second Row: Mary Shand, Mary Leslie Sharpe, Judith Ray Sinor, Anna Fenlress Smead, Betsy Snyder, Peggy Ann Sparks, MaryAnn Spencer, Genevieve Stacy, Eveline Klayer Stanford. Alyce Carole Stewart. Third Row: Janet Sue Stites, Judy Lynn Taylor, Ruth Ann Teske, Sylvia Cathey Thibault, Donna Anne Thomas, Phyllis Lynn Thompson, Bettye Sue Thornton, Nona Mae Todd, Tilla Loy Turner, Wendy Louise Waite. Fourth Row: E. Elizabeth Warnock, Carolyn Weeks, La- Rue Westbrook, Carol Dianne Williams, Carole Ann Wilson, Lynda Gail Wilson, Kathleen Wimberly, Marijane Wofford, Karen Sue Wolfinharger, Judith Ann Wylie. Futrall girls are no slackers in this department. Built to house ever-increasing numbers of beauties, the hall was heartily welcomed. 277 278 First flow: Lyndia Joyce Adamson, Wanda Lorraine Ander- son, Nadine Elizabeth Appleton, Judith Dianne Armstrong, Priscilla Ann Baker, Frances Barry, Janice Bartley, M. Karen Basinger, Jobelle Beasley, Margaret Nell Bedell, Sharon Elaine Black, Brenda Dowe Blaylock, Robin Blaylock, Wilma Lea Blevins. Second Row. Ankie Emma Louise Bol, Carol Ann Bourg, Theresa Jane Bryan, Betty Jo Buford, Brenda Gaye Burkett, Sharlett Rhea Calhoun, Clydine Callaway, Dolores Choate, Mary Ann Clark, Carol Cole, Carole Ann Cook, Beverly Kaye Crocker, Linda Cross, Franchelle Daniel. Third Row. Harriet Elizabeth Daniel, Lynda Kay Davis, Judy Ann Dean, Elise Josephine Diehl, Evelyn Faye Dilla- hunty, Mary Rene DuCote, Judy Durrett, Patricia Ann Ewins, Sharon J. Evans, Connie Phyllis Ekman, Barbara Ann Edwards, Roberta Lou Faulkner, Frances Folsom, Evelyn Jean Fox. Fourth Row. Kay Fuller, Linda Sue Gill, Marianne Gillison, Johnnye Myrle Guy, Sandra Kay Haley, Roberta Kay Harber, Mary Frances Harrison, Julia Anne Hicks, Donna Carlene Hixon, Sara Elizabeth Hoffmeister, Linda Ann Holland, Donna Holl " y, Alta Mae Honeycutt, Brenda Ann Hudson. Fifth Row. Barbara Lynn Hughes, Carolyn Sue Hundley, Kathryn Sue Hurst, Teena Jackson, Delores Barbara Jennings, Linda Lee Johns, Carolyn Rachel Jones, Suzanne Jones, Re- becca Eve Ketches ide, Linda Young Kennedy, Gypsy Lee Leslie, Patsy Ann Long, Sallye Frances Lowrey, Judith Ann McAdoo. Sixth Row: Sheila Ann McCray, Vivian L. McHone, Carole Sue Martin, Dorothy Ann Martin, Ruth Miller, Lanita Gay Mims, Mary Estell Morris, Patricia Ann Morris, Connie Jo Mustek, Joan Edna Myers, Mary Margaret Nelle, Jean Ann Northcutt, Sandra Sue Nunnally, Judith Anna Nutt. Seventh Row: Colen Joyce Pennington, Vicki Rose Penton, Ina May Persing, Judith Ann Pickering, Sherry Lynn Pintado, Charlotte Ann Rike, Frances Jane Roberts, Angela Sanders, Shirley Mae Sanders, Jane Schermerhorn, Rebecca Jean Sel- lars, Janet Ann Selph, Frances E. Shepherd, Carla Shippey. Eighth Row. Lynda Elaine Singleton, Carolyn Lea Skelton, Jeanne Fran Skipper. Elise Anne Smith, Ginger Smith, Janet Hope Smith, Linda Ann Smith, Martha Leona Snyder, Sandra Gale Spears, Rebecca Jo Spoon, Caryl Stephens, Jimmie Pa- tricia Stephens, Betty Grapelle Stevens. Ninth Row. Mary Ann Stuttle, Lynda Sue Taylor, Martha Lee Taylor, Sally Ruth Villines, Linda Kay Vangilder, Tommie Jeanette Wacaster, Judith Kay Wallis, Eva Ann Werdein, Sandra Gail Wheat, Marinell Wilkerson, Carol Ann Wilkins, Shirley Ann Wilson, Martha Evelyn Wright. Holcombe Hall The residents of Holcombe Hall ex- perienced one of their most active years in campus participation. Holcombe won second place in the annual Singfony com- petition. Under the leadership of Linda Gill, President; Sandra Haley, Vice-President; Jobelle Beasley, Secretary; and Suzanne Jones, Treasurer, the upperclass women en- tered into almost every area of campus affairs. Judith Nutt was WIHC Student repre- sentative; Linda Gill served as WIHC president; Connie Musick was an AF- ROTC Honorary Lt. Colonel and a Razor- back cheerleader; Brenda Hudson, Judy Dean, and Betty Jo Bufford were members of Alpha Lambda Delta; Linda Kennedy served on the WRA Executive Board and on the President ' s Council: Charlotte Cal- houn was a charter member of Chimes; Fern Hubbard was president of Phi Upsi- lon Omicron; Lynda Davis, Carole Ann Cook, Betty Stephens, and Sheila Mc- Cray were members of Tau Beta Sigma. Holcombe women participated in various AWS committees and service groups. Socially, the year ' s calendar was fill- ed with open houses, guest dinners, teas, and the annual Harvest Moon Ball. Uni- versity theatre productions found Hol- combe women entering into the drama. This active year was the final one for upperclass women in Holcombe Hall. Freshman women will be housed in Hol- combe next year. Loading up car for the trip home, Holcombe Hall residents prepare to leave campus for Easter holidays, Icok forward to week of fun away from studies. 279 First Row. Janett Joyce Ausmus, Judith Diane Austin, Barbara Ann Bennett, Susan Linnie Benton, Betty Lorraine Blackwood, Sharon Kaye Campbell, Charlotte Arlene Chap- man, Patsy June Cole. Second Row: Brenda Kay Couch, Patricia Ann Dodgen, Norma Sue Estes, Bonnie Jean Fox, Helen Marie Hackney, Norma Ruth Hipp, Leslie Joyce Jarrett, Carol Ann Jeffery. Third Row: Barbara Ann Majors, Celia Rose Maloch, Sarah Margaret Mobley, Sonjia K. Moore, Rebecca Jane O ' Neal, Joyce Plumlee, Carolyn Sue Quails. Go va Irene Roper. Fourth Row: Sarah Martha Rodgers, Mabel Faye Rogers, Wilma Rue Stanley, Carolyn E. Tillman, Nancy Rebecca Turner, Linda Paulette Weir, Carol Ann Wilson, F. Faye Yarbrough. 4-H House In compliance with precedent set since the founding of the 4-H House, the resi- dents experienced an active year. Active in campus activities were Carolyn Quails who served as Treasurer of Phi Upsilon Omicron, Secretary of Wesley Foundation, Reporter of Coterie, and Program Chairman of Colhecon; Rose Malock who was Chairman of AWS Judicial Board; Pat Dodgen, who was select- ed as an International Farm Youth Exchange Student and served as Treasurer of Coterie; Leota Lane who was Treasurer of Colhecon, Vice President of the Student Religious Council, and a member of Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Linda Weir who was elected Secre- tary of Colhecon for the second semester; and Joyce Plumlee who was a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Socially, the highlights of the year in- cluded the Christmas Faculty Tea, the an- nual Polyanna Banquet also in December, the dinner-date party in February, and a spring outing. fi ' Ik W Ktnii fc Humphreys Hall With the closing of Razorback Hall at semester. Humphreys enjoyed the priv- ilege of being the only freshman men ' s residence hall on campus. The men of Humphreys were repre- sented in many campus activities, serving in MIHC. Civic Club, ABC, Circle K, Pershing Rifles. The floors were also well represented in the independent sports pro- gram. The social year was filled with many activities. Each floor held dances in the lounge of Humphreys, and highlighting the social calendar was the Spring Formal in the Student Union Ballroom. No one looks forward to Easter vacation more than homesick freshmen, and Humphreys Hall residents are no exception. Some may decide not to come back. 281 282 Row;: Pete Walter Amundsen, Leonard George Ander- son, Jr., James Ralph Appleton, James Michael Aron, Luis Carlos Arosemena, Rex Lee Asselin, Charles R. Austin, Larry Eugene Balding, Donald H. Ball, Kenny Ray Baugher, Peter Otto Becker, Thomas Vincent Belmont, Lewis William Billings, Ronald Dean Blankenship. Second Row: Gerald Wayne Bobo, Louis Patricia Bonds, Agar John Boogaart, Wallace Raymond Borgeson, Charles Born, James David Boyce, Richard Harrison Boyer, Joel Thomas Bradley, Terry Douglas Bradley, Benny Jack Bramlett, Jack Brasuell, Ronnie Carroll Bramlett, Arthur Barry Brazk, Christopher Cloar Brazil. Third Row: James G. Bryan, John A. Buercklin, Cecil Miles Buffalo, Ronny Lee Burke, Horace Thomas Burks, Richard Hayes Burnett, T. 0. Burson, Joseph Lloyd Butt, Julian Dale Calhoon, John Thomas Calkins, Walter Clasence Carle, John E. Carter, John Ellis Caruthers, Larry Dale Chaffin. Fourth Row: Benny Leo Chandler, Fred R. Chandler, Wiley Eldon Chapman, Robert Steven Chastain, Edward Juel Christen- sen, James Corbin Clark, Kenneth J. Clark, John Robert Coker, Forrest Wayne Cole, James Robert Collins, Bill Dennis Cook, Robert Michael Corley, Charles Dean Covey III, Donald Erwin Cowan. Fifth Row: Walter Morris Crandall, Lamar S. Crawford, Jimmie Allen Crowson, Charles Lee Curry, Al Jennings Daniel, Bob Edward Dayton, Larry Poe DePriest, Raymond Vincent DeSalvo, William Thomas Dillard, Jr., Joseph Michael Dolan, Blonie Wayne Dudney, William Howell Edwards, William Marshall Edwards, Charles Weldon Elliott. Sixth Row: Delton Talbot Erwin, Bradley Clyde Estes, Ronnie David Evans, Thomas Wesley Everitt, George Norris Faulkner, Allen S. Fitzgerald, Forrest Ford, Mack Hendrix Forrester, Ronald Oscar Fowler, Emery Louis Francis, Douglas Pemberton Frazier, Lester Jacob Friedberg, Danny Robert Gardner, Kenneth Laz Garner. Seventh Row: Sol Martin Garrett, James Leslie Gibbons, William Orrin Gibson, James Lester Gill, Paul Hughes Gillam, Jonny M. Gillock, William Henry Glover, Jr., Charles Eugene Goodner, John Buck Graddy, James Carl Graves, Robert Allen Greenberg, Haryle L. Greene, Ronald David Greenwood, Mal- colm Roosevelt Griffin. Eighth Row: Michael Haggard, Dee Barry Hardin, Ray- mond Michael Harding, Robert Thomas Harriell, Jr., Seldon Ray Harris, Donald B. Hauk, Jon Michael Hayden, Leon Orlan Hedger, Frederick Russel Helm, Jack Irvin Hendrix, James Harrell Henley, Vernon William Hildebrand, Eddy T. Hill, Harold Clark Hill. Ninth Row: Johnny Lynn Hogard, William Kenneth Holi- man, Allen Keith Holloway, Charles Gregory Holman, Harold Henry Hopkins, Jr., Henley A. Hunter, Larry H. Hunter, Way- mon A. Hutchison, Jackie Lee Inman, Donald R. Jacks, James Edward Jackson, Ronald Eugene Jackson, Larry Seth James, Forrest E. Jeffrey. Wl fn ft A , Iilliia -. . - 1 1 Llj [ill T. " B Jt 1 Ud. " Sfe ?oJ: John David Jenkins, Henry Clifford Jernigan, Michael Lee Joffee, Albert Johnson, Randall Johnson, Richard John Johnson, Victor Rudolph Johnson, Jo e Shelby Justus, Thurman Paul Keener, Charles R. Keeton, Sammy Warren Kerr, John Morrell Ketcher, Larry Joe Kidd. Second Row: Sanz Kyn Kim, Dean Hemphill King, David W. Kirk, Roy E. Kizzia, George David Knoll, George Leo Kvaternik, James Stanley Laird, Kenneth Willard Lambert, James Wallace Langley, J. Noel Lawhon, Willis Aurelius Lea, Jr., Marvin McCoy Ledgerwood, Gary Owen Lee. Third Row: Robert David Lewis, Rodney Slelton Lewis, Garry Ray Lilley, Larry Kay Lilley, Jimmy Dale Lindsey, Ronald Gene Lindsey, Jimmy Barlow Lloyd, John William Lohmar, Dan Gray Longacre, Terrance Lovett, Arvil Eugene McCulley, John Louis McDaniel, James Russell McLain. Fourth Row. Robert Edwin McPherson, David Robinson Magness, Donald Lynn Malone, Robert Allan Margrave, Jr., Gary Stephen Markland. Ralph Gene Martin, William R. Mayfield, Russell Scott Mease, Raymond Carl Medlock, Jr., Virgil Kersh Merdney, Robert Lee Meyer, Huey Erwin Miles. Cloyce Harold Miller. Fifth Row: James Daniel Monroe, James L. Moody, Thomas Stephen Moore, Ernest H. Morace, Jim Lee Morgan, Robert Ray Morgan, III, Tho mas George Morton, Jr., Olender H. Moss, Robert Thomas Murphv, Wade Lee Murphy, James Marvin Nail, William Dennis Nail, Patrick Allan Nichols. Humphreys men hold bull session as construction on new dormi- tory, which will rival theirs in size, goes on outside the window. 283 f Jl C it PPK " s jflt - f " f f-- r tj L tf I Jb I iV ii !3 284 First Row;: Richard M. Nichols, James Robert Norwood, H. William Nutt, William Russ Owens, Joseph J. Pabian, Jr., Robert Edwards Parks, Lowell Gene Pate, Earl Wilson Paul, Jr., Jeffrey L. Pearson, George Wallace Pefferkorn, Michael Charles Pehosh, John William Pemberton, Bob Alan Perry. Second Row: Michael Lee Petty, Gary Linn Phelps, Harold Homer Phillips, Daniel Felix Pickering, James Larry Picker- ing, Jackie Marvin Plummer, C. Fred Plunkett, Garvis Monroe Pollard, Jr., Richard Palmer Portis, John Ben Posey, Jack Neil Pric?, Bill Primm, Alfonso Quizano. Third Row: Bobby Gordon Rainwater, Gerald Lawrence Rakosky, Fred E. Rapp, Reuben Stuart Ray, Robert Heniy Rhodes, Robert Russell Rippee, Cloyse Arley Ritchey, Eddie Joe Ritter, Larry Wilson Roark, Joseph Nevin Robbins, James F. Roberds, Thomas Hays Roberts, James M. Robertson. Fourth Row. Thomas Alton Robertson, Ronald Laurence Robrahn, Richard Roy Ross, Gary C. Rounsavall, Charles Rowe, Robert Thomas Rudy, Roy Leon Runyan, Jr., Steve Douglas Ruple, Thomas Clayton Ryan, Thomas Wayne Sanders, Walter Ward Sanders, Wayne C. Sandy, Anthony Joseph Sava. Fifth Row: John William Scarborough, Ernest J. Schroeder, Robert K. Schultz, Lyndell Franklin Scott, William Randolph Scott, James William Seay, Edward Earl Shelton, John Bel- ford Shepherd, John M. Slattery, Hugh Clifton Smith, John Kenyon Smith, Roy Allison Smith, Willard Crane Smith, Jr. Sixth Row. Thomas Ben Snider, Ronald Leon Spencer, Donald Roy Spillers, Gary Noel Stebor, Clyde F. Stewart, David Rodney Stewart, Sam Joe Stewman, Keith Davidson Stokes. II, William Herman Stoll, Terry Stowe, Jr., Fred Richard Sullivan, Jr., Donald Ray Swaby, David H. Swearinger. Seventh Row. James Gary Taylor, Lloyd Taylor, Teddy N n al Taylor, Robert Richard Teague, George Edward Tenney, III, Johnny Wayne Thain, Wilkins Thompson, III, James Howard Thornton, Bruce Edmund Tiberiis. Jimmy L. Tidwell, Mike L. Trudell, CecM Ray Tucker. Alvis Leroy Tyler, Tommy H. Tyler. Eighth Row. William Everette Tyler, James Wendell Tyson, Henry J. Udouj, Jr., John J. Venable, Johnny N. Vicdry, David William Ward, Bobby Harold Warford, Joe Brice Weinberg. C " cil Larry Weir. Mitchell Eugene Whittington, Mickey Bob Wilber, Arthur Leland Williams, Douglas Leroy Williams, Fred L. Williams, Jr. Ninth Row: James Leslie Williams, Rudolph Layette Wil- liams, Vernon Wayne Williams, James Howard Willis, Paul Earl Wildy. Ed Eugene Wilson, Warren Arthur Wiltshire, Edward Dean Winter, James Stewart Woodell, Wayne Woody, James Kelley Wroten, Thad Winford Wyatt, Jr., Williams R. Yancey, Jr., John Michael Younkin. Buchanan House Under the leadership of Bill Estes, presi- dent, Terry Preston, Vice President Mike Smith, Secretary, and Ryan Vehik, Treas- urer, Buchanan pushed forward with a full schedule of events. Besides having the top grade point of all men ' s residents halls. Buchanan also took an active interest in many campus organi- zations: Civic Club, MIHC, and Circle K. Buchanan also participated in the MIHC Outing and many other social events. Ml) ' - - - ' Pul First Row: Jerry Lee Baber, David Earl Bone, John Broad- meadow, Ronald Howard Brockwell, John Millsap Burson. Michael Cleveland Carter, R. David Carter, Charles Wilfred Cusick, William Earl Estes. Second Row: Charles Thomas Griffin, John Trenton Har- mon, Ronnie Lynn Hollanger, Fred Brad Johnson, Maurus Thomas Jones, Harvey Michael Labban. William Harold Moore, Charles Callis Owen, Mearl Clinton Pearcy. Third Row. Charles Robert Pratt, Terry Allen Preston, Charles M. Scott, Joseph Mike Smith, Frank Clarence Stuart, James Edward Swafford, Donald Stevens Travis, Ryan Vehik, Keith Eston Williams. " " ' it ' - " Mtil 285 p. r r T , +. .: ; ft . - 10 bfh me Row: Edward Leo Auffert, Richard Emmit Bailey, Linn Hemingway Bealke, Charles Marion Berger, Jr., Allen Wright Berry, Robert Taylor Billingsley, Vernon Dean Bow- man, Lyndle Ray Bullard, James W. Burris, Rodger Allen Callahan, Gardner W. Cannon. Second Row: William Grady Carter, James C. Case, Jack Walden Chapman, Jr., James Robert Coffield, Danny Joe Cox, James Ronnie Daniels, Gary Dodd, James W. Etchison, Thomas Edward Farquhar, Lucius Allen Fitzgerald, James Robert Fowler. Third Rotv: Marvin D. Franks, David H. Freeman, George Otto Gieron, Kenneth Milton Steven Gillespie, Michael John Gilmore, Roland J. Girdler. Jr., Marvin Clarence Good, Tommy Joe Green, Dennis Ray Griesse, Dickie Don Hairston, John Richard Harger. Fourth Row: Robert Lloyd Hawkins, William E. Hayes, Norman Leycaster Hodees, Douglas Gordon Holt, Rando] Webb Hoooer, Jim R. Horton, Gary Joe Howell, Dennis E. Hiils . Walter Thomas Jennings, Jr., Milton Hunt Johnson, James H. Jones. Fifth Row: Johnny Coleman Jones, Jimmy Harold Lewis, Edward Eugene Little, James Berl Loyd, Carl John Madsen. Marshall Kent Mailey, Joseph Hubert Mann, Gary Francis Matula, John H. McCalla, Jerry L. McGary, Stephen John McKown, Kinley Emerson Miller. Sixth Row: Larry Johns Miller, William Stewart Moore, Albert Charles Newton, Wayne Moore Newton, Rodney Gene Nickel, John Hosmer Norman, Dennis Rodger Patterson, Richard William Peck, David William Phillips, Stephen Mathew Reasoner, R. David Riler. Seventh Row: William Marion Ripper, Dan Steve Roe, Charles H. Rogers, John Herbert Sigman, Joseph Ralph Smith, Larry R. Smith, William Franklin Smith, Michal Eugene Snipes, Milton Glen Spears, Tom Francis Stewart, Garner Lee Taylor. Jr., James Lindsey Walker. Jr. Eighth Row: Nick Warden, Robert J. Welborn, George Walton Wells, III. Larry Odell Whitt, James Guy Williams, Jr., Daniel L " e Willitts. Harrington Lee Wilmoth, Michael Allen Win " fipld, Marie Wavne Wood, Russell Houston Wray, Peter V. Writer, Ronald Willingham Younkin. 286 Razorback Hall . i Razorback Hall, the house with the running pig over the door, lasted for one semester this year, but it turned out to be a semester loaded with action. Under the leadership of president Gary Dodd, Vice President Mike Snipes, Secretary Jim Gil- lian and Treasurer Jim Horton. Sports were under the direction of manager Dean Bowman, and Student Senator Steve Gil- lespie and President ' s Council member James Coffield were from Razorback. The men entered a house decoration in home- coming competition, and gained campus prominence in their demand for equal (or better) pep rally seats. They held the first independent walkout, sponsored by their own 7:20 society, and capped the social events with dances and receptions. Follow- ing the decree that women would occupy Razorback next year, the men retired to Humphreys, carrying their new banner with them. Workmen begin transforming Razorback Hall from men ' s dormitory to women ' s dormitory, for which it will be used next year. Hall was vacant second semester. ' ' 287 Row: Gene P. Anderson, Robert William Anderson, Jr., James H. Bane, Thomas Edward Boyer, Daniel Edwards Brabham, Thomas Hays Burnett, Marl D. Carter. Second Row: David Autry Clifton, Orval Lee Cook, Eugene Ladner Crouch, Richard K. Cunningham, James Franklin Finch, Robert Eugene Hanes, Kenneth Wahl Hatfield. Third Row: Arnold A. Haynie, James William Johnson, Larry Lazecki, Leslie Thomas McKnelly, James Edward Mag- ness, Jerry Edward Mazzanti, Theodore Mont, Jr. Fourth Row: Billy Ray Moore, Hugh Albert Nutt, Lester Wayne Rivers, Gary Robinson, Jerry Rowland Rogers, Roger Dale Schisler, Donnie Ray Smith, Ronnie Mac Smith. Fifth Row: Gray John Talkington, Jim Shipp Trieschmann, Jerry Gale Vance, George Rea Walker, Jr., David Earl Walston, Jack Franklin Whillock, Jimmy G. Wilson, Billy Ray Wood. 288 Wilson Sharp Located on the high hill overlooking Razorback Stadium and Barnhill Field- house. Wilson Sharp is only a short walk from practice fields for its residents. It houses over 110 varsity and freshman athletes. In addition to their many ath- letic achievements the men of Wilson Sharp have leaders on the campus. Sammy Hilburn, Ray Trail and George Walker were in Blue Key. Danny Brabham, Dick Hatfield, and Gordon Guest were members of ODK. Guest was also a member of the Student Senate. The leaders of Wilson Sharp are Sam- my Hilburn, President. Don Smith. Vice President, Mike Haynie, Secretary and Treasurer, and Kenny Hatfield, social chairman. ,1 . - New addition to Wilson Sharp will provide separate dining facilities for athletes, who formerly took their meals in Brough Commons, unbefitting men of their stature. 289 tp - So l i om Sedgwell House: First Row: Steven Michael Bailes, Ronald Richard Baker, Thomas Edward Batie, William Curtis Batie, Jackie Lee Beller, Gary Max Best, Joseph Thomas Bigge, David Allen Bond, Michael T. Blythe, Larry L. Bowman. Second Row: Jack W. Briley, James Ruble Brownd, Joseph Eugene Brownd, Edward D. Campbell, Michael A. Carver, H. Paul Clampit, Bob C. Clark, Stephen Lee Clark, Onis James Cogburn, Sidney Lehman Coonce. Third Row: Donnie Dean Crawford, Robert Henry Dilday, James J. Edwards, Damon Lee Elkins, Pat Elliott, Marion Eugene Elmore, Ronald G. Embry, Robert C. Flocks, Johnny Bruce Floyd, Ronnie Jim Formby. Fourth Row: Bobby G. Carney, E. Kent Gordon, Donald Joe Graf, Paul J. Graf, William Robert Green, Marvin B. Hare, Gerald Douglas Hatfield, Jewell Doyne Hayes, W. David Heins, Bill Roy Herron. Fifth Rotv: Robert George Hild, Paul W. Jackson, Jimmy Ray Johnson, Sam Karen Jones, Tonny Franklin Justus, Dan " Skipper " Kays, Harry Keith Keifer, Ronnie E. Kingston, Imants Krievans, Joe Bateman Locke. Sixth Row: Jesse David McCrory, Martin Jack McCutcheon, Marcus Raymond Mardis, Billy Howard Marlow, Richard B. Milnamow, John W. Mivelaz, Melvin B. Montgomery, Law- rence Paul Moody, B. Maurice Moore, James H. Moore, Jr., Herbert Leroy Moreland, Jr. Seventh Row: Jerry Lynn Newcomb, Daniel Elmer Nichols, Paul Lloyd Osmon, Joe Scott Pennington, Bill C. Pharis, David Lee Powers, Tommy Aikin Reed, Bruce Ingram Roberts, Samuel Wayne Roberts, John Douglas Rotert, Eugene Ernest Schroder. Eighth Row: Ronald Lee Setser, James Howard Smith. John Charles Swayze, Michael Terrence Taylor, Randall Templeton, James Larry Thornton, Ronald George Vermillion, Bud Mansfield Ward, Jeff Horace Weatherly, Lyle Russell Williams, Jr., Roddy Gilbert Willis. 290 Gregson Hall ' rC-i- % Gregson Hall, composed of two houses. William and Sedgwell, was active in al- most every phase of campus activity this year. Outstanding residents were Marvin Boatman and Jim Moore, president and vice president of MIHC, respectively; Troy Henson, member of ODK and the Student Senate and president of IEEE; Skipper Kays, Traveler reporter, and Paul Clampit, president of ARC. Don Laurenzana, Dave Bond and Bob Clark served on the MIHC court, with Bond as chief justice. Gregson men were well represented, too, in Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, the various engineering societies and all the campus church organizations. A social highlight was the dance held by the com- bined upperclass men ' s halls, in which Gregson participated. Other social events were held throughout the year. Gregson Hall inmate carefully peruses the dormitory ' s most popular reading matter, providing answer to question, " What kind of a man reads Playboy? " 291 William House: First Row: Preston Martin Adcox, John R. Alexander, Gerald Leslie Argall, Joe Douglas Arnn, Robert Walker Arrington, Ronald Courtney Baldwin, Donald W. Ballard, Robert Clark Banks, Jr., Robert Joe Barnett, John William Beall. Second Row: Tony Roberts Beattie, Marvin L. Boatman. Ben Bedford Bone, Charles Crawford Brazil, Houston John Burford, John Jessup Burns, David G. Caddell, Jr., Tommy Dale Carpenter, George Cleve Carroll, William Paul Coe. Third Row: Marshal A. Coker, Walter A. Coppeans, Don Preston Crawford, Leo Carson Davis, Charles Henry Digby, Jimmy Ray Durham, Rolfe Chambliss Eldridge III, George Rudy Essig, Young H. Etheridge, Jimmy Donald Fant. Fourth Row: Robert Allen Faulkner, John M. Fox, James Hall Frazer, James E. Guantt, Jr., Peter L. Hart, Archie Carl Ha?toi, Louis Edward Hegeman, Bobby Joe Holcombe, Far- rtll Dean Horton. Robert Marion Horton. Fifth Row: Thomas L. Huckaby, Jr., Robert L. Hudson, Doyle Murphy Hughes, Jr., Issaac E. Jenkins, Jerry S. Ken- nedy, Robert Michael Kinsey, Bill Kay Knowles, William Charles Leidy, Sammy Dean Loe, Van H. Lyell, Jr. Sixth Row: Emil S. Lynch, Robert Henry McKinney. William Nick McKown, Larry McLarty, James Donald Mc- Mahen, James Albon McNabb, David Lee McNutt, Edward Lee Maddox, Ben Larry Maxey, Richard Jerome Metzelaars, Douglas Donal Mohar. Seventh Row: James Thomas Morris, Larry Dale Norris, Leonard D. O ' Bar, Danny Paladino, John David Porter, John Rayborn Regan, Wayne Harry Roberts, Jon Mark Rundle, Joe Thomas Saunders, Jack Rowland Shaddox, Roy Neil Sharp. Eighth Row: Charles F. Stahr, James Ellis Stewart, Charles N. Thomasson, Pat Alfred Throneberry, Lewis Eugene Vann, Johnny Joseph Ward, John George Weber, Donald James West, Robert Williamson, John Michael Woods. L ' 92 Droke House Droke had members in ABC, Commerce Guild. Circle K, Civic Club, the various en- gineering fraternities and all the campus church organizations. Droke house was active in intramural sports this year, fielding a strong team in every competitive sport. The group also sponsored periodic religious discussions in the house. Social activities included a Christ- mas dance, many informal parties, and the annual spring outing. Droke ' s officers were Tommy Teeter, President; Billy Graham, Vice President; Gary Jackson, Treasurer; Don Johnston, So- cial Chairman, and Jim Morgan, Secretary. First Row: James Harmon Abbott, Julius Rariola, Jr., Joe Thomas Barren, William Lester Bell, Robert Donald Breedlove. Donald Raymond Burton, Patrick Jin-Man Chung, Roger Clyde Clubbs, Harold Leon Crossknu, John Albert Davis. Second Row: John Robert Davis, Noel Joseph Drindak, William Douglas Duckett, Larry Glenn Foster, Ronald L. Hamby, Marion Mark Hewett, David E. Issaacs, Cliff Jackson, J. Garrett Jackson, John Thomas Johnson. Third Row: Samuel Martin Lowry, Charles Gilbert Martin, Jimmy Don Precure, Donald William Roop, Billy E. Ross, Virgil Ernest Smith, Tommy L. Stacy, Jack Reed Swindle, Eric Stephen Thompson, William Joe Wells, James Robert Wise. - k- 1. :r- ,,, " -: - 293 Row. Jerry Robert Bain, Thomas Ray Bently, Mike Edward Bigerstaff, Roy Glenn Bishop, Jerrell Ray Boyette, Richard Hugh Bruce, Ron Coiner, Roger Curtis Cook, Jerry Hugh Dixon. Second Row: Larry Louis Flocks, Lawrence O. Freeman, Donald Scott Goodner, George R. Hartin, R. V. Henley, Terry Joe Henley, James Edgar Hallan III, Stephen Parker Hutchens, James Caraway Lilly. Third Row: Bill McGehee, Larry Max Maloney, Martin Michael May, Harvey Claude Morris, Frank Akira Nakamura, Donald Wayne Norvell, Patrick Franklin O ' Connor, William Edward Pauli, Nelson Franklin Reid. Fourth Row: Ron Schuh, William Robert Smapson, Doyne Douglas Smith, David Wayne Taylor, Loren Anton Walla, Leonard Allen Wiggins, Randolph Ewald Yeargin, Daniel R. Yoakum. Gladson House ft The 1962-1963 school year was another high water mark for the residents of Gladson House. Besides participation in various inter- mural and aquatic sports, the men of Gladson were active in such extra-curricular groups as Civic Club, Circle K, ABC, MIHC, Young Republicans, Young Democrats, all the engi- neering fraternities and church groups. Socially, the year was highlighted by an outing at Monte Ne, an exchange dinner, and one " Mixer " - which ended all social ac- tivities for the year. All in all, it was another year that, as in previous times, would guar- an ' ee an entirely new group in the dorm next year; no one in his right mind would ever " sign-up for the mixer " again. Ripley House e Jn Ripley participates in all intramural ac- tivities and has maintained an enviable rec- ord in this area. Residents of Ripley were represented in such campus organizations as ABC, Circle K, Civic Club, the various pro- fessional fraternities, the campus church or- ganizations and others. A full variety of social functions held the attention in Ripley House during the fall semester. The house attended Fayetteville and Little Rock football games and organized listening parties for out of town games. b First Row: Toby Joseph Armellini, Doyle Eugene Brown, Johnny Ovan Cicuta, Jerry Frank Davidson, Rhesa Winfred Davis, Balint Dezso, Thomas Joseph Ebdon III, William W. Engelke, Thomas R. Frazier, Arthur Gerald Gilson. Second Row. James E. Grant, Robert Harlon Green, Jr., David Weldon Grounds, Kie Douglas Hall, Doil R. Haney, Robert Lewis Hodges, James Kenneth Knight, Gyula Lovasz, John J. Marschewski, Jr., James Stanley Mittelstaedt. Third Row: William Morris Mooney, Jr., Danny Byron Mulhollen, Ted Kazuo Nakamura, David Armstrong Orsini, George McClendon Owen, Charles Eugene Primm, Wilson Nathaniel Pyron, R. Ted Ramer, John Manson Ray, Donald Lee Reed. Fourth Row: Stanley Maurice Robinson, Ronnie M. Ross, Thurman Allen Smith, Robert Earl Sumner, Benny E. Swin- dell, Larry Edward Taylor, Lewis Carl Tilley, Charles Fred Vester, Joseph Bernard Wankum, Walter Edward Williamson. ion 295 SON ALITIES Everybody wants to be Somebody. Somebody with a capital " S " , that is. At least a few of the Some- bodies on this campus are shown on the following pages. But don ' t feel bad if you ' re picture isn ' t here. It was probably just an oversight. 297 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF- FICERS: David Watkins, Vice President; Susan Linebarger, Sec- retary; Bill Coe, Treasurer; Ralph Brodie, President. Student Government The organization responsible for self-government at the University is known as the Associated Students of the University of Arkansas. It is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch is composed of the student body President, Vice President, Secretary and Trea- surer. These officers are elected at large by the student body as a whole. The legislative branch of the student government is the Student Senate. Chaired by the Vice President, the Senate ' s members are elected by colleges accord- ing to enrollment in the college. The judicial branch is composed of the Attorney General and the Student Court. Theoretically, the Stu- dent Court has the jurisdiction to try students for violation of any disciplinary statute, but more often than not such matters are handled by the University disciplinary board. Student government aroused a little more interest than common this year, primarily because of a propos- ed reorganization of the Student Senate. The measure was supported by President Brodie and stirred up ra- ther strong feelings on both sides. At the time of this writing, it was due to go on the ballot at the general election. STUDENT COURT: Bob McKuin, Associate Justice; Richard Smith, Chief Justice; Fern Hubbard, Associate Justice; Fred Favor, As- sociate Justice. 298 J, Vie, V, tnadotsk . W wrt often Bk BOTf BtetSt . 1W masire 4 toral up ra- j k to of ibis Mltktpnml STUDENT SENATE: First Row: Dorothea Reed, Rodger Cline, Scott Smith, John Brashears, Jananne Blevins. Second Row: Terry Beane, Judy Nutt, Diane Elrod, Carol Lynn Tay- lor, Karen Russell. Third Row: Mary Kay Stevenson, Bill Coe, Judy Phillips, Diane Allen, Polly Outlaw, Happy Byrn, Susan Linebarger, Bill Brady. Fourth Row: Dr. Ralph Jones, Cathie Remmel, Gordon Guest, Jerry Pinson, James Frost, Steve Gillespie, Boh Bryant. Fifth Row: Ralph Brodie, Jay Dickey, Skippy Coffman, Marvin Boatman, Roy Fisk, Bob Terry, Dr. Robert Bell. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Charlie Whiteside, President; Jan Dandy, Secretary. Kay Baker WRA, Vice President, Treasurer; Delta Gam- ma, President, Vice President, Sports Man- ager; Student Union Planning Committee, Chairman of Music Committee,- Panhellenic Council; Student NEA; PEM Club; Young Democrats; AWS Vocational Guidance Com- mittee. Marvin L. Boatman M!HC, President; Student Senate; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Board of Publications; Midwestern Association of College and University Resi- dent Hall Convention, Official Delegate; Ad- vertising Club; Radio Club; Phi Lambda Chi. " -: Conlee Bodishbaugh Sigma Chi, President, Secretary; ODK; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Army ROTC, outstand- ing Civil Engineer, Outstanding MS IV Cadet, Cadet Commander; ASCE; IFC. Charles C. Brazil Head Residence Hall Counselor,- MIHQ Stu- dent Senate; ODK; Outstanding MS III Cadet- Distinguished Military Student; Scabbard and Blade; Theta Tau, Board of Governors,- Engi- neering Council; AIEE, Senior Council Rep- resentative. 3 00 o ' s Who Ralph Brodie Associated Students, President; Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; Pi Mu Epsilon; Track Letterman; Chancery Club, Chief Justice, As- sociate Justice; Theta Tau; Disciplinary Com- mittee; AIEE; " A " Club; Secretary. - - ' :- -::-: - : Bill Coe Phi Delta Theta, President, Secretary, War- den; DDK; Phi Eta Sigma; Cardinal XX; Pi AAu Epsilon; Associated Students, Treasurer; Student Senate, Treasurer; Inter- fraternity Council, Fall Retreat Chairman; Alpha Kappa Psi; Young Democrats Club. ' Gary Wade Campbell Engineering Council, Treasurer; ODK; Out- standing Electrical Engineering Senior; Ark- ansas Engineer, Business Manager; St. Pat; Theta Tau, Corresponding Secretary; Student Senate; Razorback Hall, Vice-President; AIEE- IRE, President; Religious Emphasis Week Ex- ecutive Committee. Betty Copeland AWS, Treasurer; AWS Legislative Board, Sec- retary; Pi Beta Phi, Vice President, Activities Chairman, House Manager; ABC, Co-Chair- man of Homecoming; Student-Faculty Com- mittee of Arts and Concerts. 301 _ Who ' ! Barbara Anita Duncan Mortar Board, President; Senior Counselor, Fulbright; Chi Theta; Delta Delta Delta, Presi- dent, Recommendation and Scholarship Chairman; Commerce Guild, Treasurer; AWS, Judicial Board, Executive Board; Panhellenic; WRA; Young Democrats. dent, Ofe John G. Feilke Signra Nu, Board of Governors, Intramural Manager, House Manager; ODK; Alpha Zeta, President, Chronicler; Student Senate; ASA; University of Arkansas Honors Coun- cil; Agricultural Economics Club. Gaston Pelham Gibson, Jr. Student Senate; Blue Key, Treasurer; Cardinal XX; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Nu, Rush Chair- man; IFPC, President; IFC, President, Execu- tive Council; Young Democrats; REW; All In- tramurals. 302 L ODK, Corres Monika Hartstein AWS, Treasurer; AWS Publicity Committee, Chairman, Secretary; AWS Finance Com- mittee; Mortar Board; Beta Gamma Sigma, President; Alpha Lambda Delta; University of Arkansas Honors Council; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer; Commerce Guild. o ' s Who Stokely Donelson Hays Razorback, Editor, Assistant Business Man- ager, Advertising Manager; Blue Key, Presi- dent, Secretary; Civic Club; IFC Rush Book, Co-Editor,- Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Trea- surer; IFC, Treasurer. Hugh Pollard Student Court, Associate Justice; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Eta Sigma Phi; Blue Key; Cardinal XX; Phi Delta Theta, President, Vice Presi- dent, Rush Chairman; IFC, Rush Chairman; Pre-Law Club, Publicity Director; Marketing Club; Young Democrats, Executive Council; Civic Club. Glenn W. Jones, Jr. ODK, President, Secretary; Attorney General; Student Bar Association, President; Sigma Chi, Corresponding Secretary; Varsity Debate; Delta Theta Phi; Arkansas Forensic Society; Cardinal XX Review Board; Intramural De- bate, Award of Excellence. : " : --- ----- - Covin M. Jordan Sigma Pi, President, Vice-President, House Manager, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Cardinal XX; Blue Key; Theta Tau; Interfraternity Council; AIIE; ABC; Young Democrats; IFPC. 303 Jane Kitchen Razorback Band, Majorette; Mortar Board, Vice President, Editor of Calendar; Alpha Epsilon Delta, President; Tau Beta Sigma, President; Civic Club; Honors Council; Pi Beta Phi, Assistant Treasurer, Scholarship Chairman, Vice President; AWS. Susan Linebarger Associated Students, Secretary; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Agriculture Maid; Junior Panhel- lenic; Panhellenic; Pi Beta Phi, President, Pledge Trainer, Model Pledge; ABC, Secre- tary; Colhecon; ASA; WRA; Sophomore Counselor. AWS J Alpte Tom E. Owens Alpha Tau Omega, President, Usher, Public Relations, Music director; Distinguished Mili- tary Cadet; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, President, Vice-President; Opera Workship; AFROTC, Cadet Staff Officer; Schola Cantorum. Darrell Lynn Lucas Alpha Tau Omega, President, Vice-President; Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer; IFC; AF ROTC, Wing Commander, Group Commander, Outstanding AS III and AS IV Cadet. 304 Who Judy Phillips Association of Women Students, President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron Chaplain; Mortar Board; Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Vice President; Fulbright Hall, Sen- ior Counselor; Student Senate; Young Demo- crats; Board of Publications,- Colhecon,- ABC; WRA. W Jnor PjnM- , President, t ABC, Sew l Sophomore Fern Hubbard Carnall Hall, Counselor; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Mortar Board, Secretary; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, President; Coterie, Vice President; Stu- dent Court, Associate Justice; Wesley Foun- dation, Chairman; Carnall Hall, Secretary, Section Manager; Agriculturist, Feature Edi- tor,- AWS; ASA; Colhecon. 1 Mary Wheeler Prewitt AWS Judicial Board, Secretary, Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board, Histor- ian; Phi Alpha Theta; Chi Omega; President of Pledge Class, Pledge Trainer, Vice President; Fulbright Hall, President; Civic Club. ... ' Carolyn Raley AWS Legislative Board, Chairman; AWS Judicial Board; Zeta Tau Alpha, Model Pledge, House Manager; AWS Executive Board; SNEA; Colhecon, Secretary; Student Union Committees- Talent, Film. 305 Who Catherine E. Remmel Panhellenic, President; Mortar Board; Razor- back Beauty; Drake Relays Queen; Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman, Executive Board; Razor- back Staff, Managing Editor, Associate Edi- tor; Student Senate; Board of Publications; AWS Executive Board; Young Republicans. Paul Douglas Smith Razorback, Editor, Assistant Editor, Publica- tions Editor; ODK; Traveler, Associate Editor, News Editor; A-Book, Co-Editor; Distinguished Lecturers Committee; Press Club; Young Dem- ocrats. Richard M. Smith Arkansas Law Review, Editor; Blue Key; Stu- dent Court, Chief Justice; Law School Honor Council; Sigma Nu; Delta Theta Phi; Razorback Football. George Wallace S orrells, Jr. Circle K, Vice President; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Theta Tau, President, Vice President; Engineering Council, Committee Chairman. 306 Wh Lynda Stair Mortar Board, Treasurer; Pi Mu Epsilon, Treas- urer; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer,- Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer; AWS Executive Board; AWS Finance Committee; Civic Club; WRA. Pat Trimble Traveler, Advertising Manager, Managing Editor, Editor; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board, Publicity Chairman; Sophomore Coun- cil; Chi Omega, Vice President of Pledge Class, Herald, Outstanding Senior Member,- AWS, Vice President, Press Representative, St;te Publicity Chairman; Fulbright Hall, President, Counselor; Civic Club; AWS Judic- ial Board. f ira Anne Van Patten WRA, President, Corresponding Secretary; Alpha Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary, Scholarship Chairman; Physical Education Ma- jors ' Club, Vice President, Program Chairman,- Orchesis, President; ABC; AWS; SNEA. David Watkins Associated Students, Vice President; Cardinal XX; Alpha Kappa Psi; Blue Key, Alumni Sec- retary; Scabbard and Blade; Sigrna Chi, Vice President, Intramural Manager; All-Intramural Football and Basketball; IFC; IFPC. - Delia Alice Wingfield Alpha Delta Pi, President; Phi Upsilon Omic- ron, Secretary; Agri Queen; Agri Students Association, Vice President; Colhecon, Vice President, Disciplinary Committee; Civic Club. Mary Sue Hornor Cheerleaders Patty Kelly, Head Cheerleader Cecilia Swaim Connie Musick Dick Savage 308 Campus Kings St. Pat is elected by the students of the College of Engineering during Engineers ' Week to reign along- side St. Patricia. Each department in the college nomi- nates a candidate, who presents a skit at the Engineers ' Rally. The winning candidate is usually the one who can sneak the dirtiest jokes past the censor. The Campus Lover contest is conducted by the Civic Club as part of the annual Campus Chest drive. Each men ' s living group on campus nominates a candidate. The candidates ' pictures are displayed in the Student Union, and votes are cast by contributing money to the Campus Chest. The candidate who receives the largest number of money votes is crowned Campus Lover. Bill Miller St. Pat Jimmy Coffield Campus Lover 309 RITA F0STER SWDRA-HALEY ROBIN JOROM) BARBARA ' PACKARD ytfiw Beauty is, after all, largely a matter of personal preference in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. Nevertheless, there are some girls who are more beheld than others, which is why we have a beauties section in the first place. Turn the page and behold. 311 WaiJ w Pi ta L lnluer6itu o an a nu WlL Aon 312 1 I " . ' a trlcia ( a eu. a Lt J4Jt olilt -Sutlaw 2WL omecomina a an a r ammci (Charlotte ll l Lrti C w orrs I l u ancu . jccman 314 316 f oneA Sweetheart of Siantc Sweetheart of J appa f p Alt Sweetheart of L nerru cJLuoKer oLambda L,hl t eJLota Stewart Sweetheart of Slyma J hi C piiton cJLinda Sweetheart of- Sliinti C-hi on oLinaa J au lAJiiAon a Sweetheart of Siatna r u Sweetheart of Llau Jmeaa vijrenaa sJLjream -firt 317 Razorback Beauty Selection Razorback Beauty candidates wait on patio at Mountain Inn prior to being interviewed by The Lettermen. Girls seem to be getting along famously, but knowing that only six of them will be chosen those wide smiles probably conceal a certain amount of hostility. on ' hostility Candidates were interviewed three at a time by Lettermen Tony Butala, Jim Pike and Bob Engeman. Each girl was asked a general question on some subject pertaining to the entertainment field. Linda Rushton, center, is particularly good at this sort of thing. The 1963 Razorback Beauties were selected by The Lettermen. nationally popular vocal group. The Lettermen appeared on campus for a concert spon- sored by the Student Senate Entertain- ment Committee. Each women ' s living group on campus enters two candidates in the judging, with the exception of Fulbright Hall which, because of its size, enters four. The Lettermen studied pictures of the girls, then interviewed them personal- ly at their suite in the Mountain Inn. Karen Giss, Razorback Beauties Edi- tor, was in charge of the interviews. After the interviews, The Lettermen sludied the pictures some more as they struggled with the difficult task of choosing six winners out of the thirty candidates. Finally they reached a de- cision, just in time to make their con- cert in the Men ' s Gym. Their selections are shown on the following pages. Jim Pike and Tony Butala, two-thirds of The Lettermen, study beauty pictures closely. Kay Hafenbrak, Razorback associate editor, failed to influence decision. 319 I n Chi Omega Zeta Tau Alpha m m m m Fulbright Hall fe w HP% Pi Beta Phi Chi Omega I Fulbright Hall . atricia f ary J a vOi ,_ J3f C Queen f- liylliA Look SbJta 2WL Zbetta (ajueen of J4eartd oLinda Ca arnu 327 llational C-otton 328 Q eJJrake KetayA e Kemmcl Pi Bet J a.ppa. J aptja j 329 ics Athletics is certainly one of the most important aspects of University life. Especially football-type athletics. It bolsters school spirit; it gives you some- thing to do on Saturday afternoon; it builds char- acter, especially when you win as the Razorbacks have been doing in recent years. Who says de- emphasize? 331 John Barnhill Director of Athletics The House That Barney Built When Vance Packard writes " The Dynasty Build- ers, " he must include John Barnhill. Whatever success Arkansas ' athletic program enjoys today - - or will have 10 years from now - - reflects the foresight of the administrator who has dedicated 16 years to Razor- back athletics. The challenge of undeveloped potential brought him to Arkansas in 1946. The results of his work are evident: an excellent physical plant; a solid scholarship program; and fantastic interest. GEORGE COLE, a member of the Ark- ansas Hall of Fame, has been connected with Razorback athletics virtually continu- ously for 35 years. He quarterbacked the ' 24 team, and today oversees scholarship operations and serves as liason officer for campus functions. 332 GLEN ROSE is a realist ... a basketball coach of 20 years experience in a pre- dominantly football conference could be little else. Still, this man called " Gloomy " is one of the most respected coaches in the U.S. with a 364-202 record and six Southwest Conference championships. FRANK BROYLES is an opportunist. By 1958 the foundation had been poured. Since then his record is history (38-201. The brilliant young head man ' s formula seems a simple one. He has merely gath- ered exceptional assistants around him and recruited an Ail-American every year. 333 Assistants . . . Film Room To Field When the Arkansas staff began planning for the 1962 season, which was very soon after the Sugar Bowl game, they were faced with two problems : ( 1 1 the " normal " loss of player personnel, and (2) the always expected loss of capable assistant coaches. It is the second of these problems we are concerned with here. Dixie White, an extremely knowledgable coach of offensive interior linemen, accepted a similar position at LSU and Hayden Fry, the trainer of the most excit- ing offensive backfield in recent Porker history, was nominated to fill the head coaching job at SMU. Both coaches might take pride in the fact that it took no little shifting around to replace them. To replace Dixie, Mervin Johnson, a former all- big eight tackle under Broyles at Missouri, was re- called from Missouri to share the offensive line duties with Steed White, who had worked mainly with the ends previously. Bill Pace, a former member of the Razorback fam- ily was called from Kansas as the numerical replace- ment of Fry. Pace, however, was not to assume Fry ' s offensive duties, but, rather, to work with the de- fensive secondary to free Doug Dickey as an offensive hand. The replacements were more than adequate. Jim MacKeniie Defensive Line Doug Dickey Offensive Backs Bill Pace Defensive Backs " . . . Look, Jimmy, even Hoover under- stands this. See, they ' re wearin ' blue shirts ' cause they forgot their white ones ' n we ' ve got on red . . . Got that? . . . Well, let ' s try it this way. The good guys are the ones in the red shirts ' n white pants don ' t hit them . . . OK? " ,, Field . -,. hH Wilson Matthews Ends and Linebackers Duddy " Walbr Frosh Basketball Bill Ferrell Trainer-Baseball Steed White Offensive Line Jack Davis Frosh Football Jay Dickey Tennis Mervin Johnson Offensive Line Barry Switzer T-Team C. A. " Ab " Bidwell Track Bob Cheyne Publicity 335 Four In A Row Less 37 Seconds Season ' s Record Cheerleader rises to new heights urging crowd to " Back the Hogs. " Arkansas 34 Arkansas 42 Arkansas 42 Arkansas 28 Arkansas 3 Arkansas 49 Arkansas 17 Arkansas 28 Arkansas 9 Arkansas 34 Arkansas 13 Oklahoma State 7 Tulsa 14 Texas Christian 14 Baylor 21 Texas 7 Hardin-Simmons 7 Texas ASM 7 Rice 14 SMU 7 Texas Tech Ole Miss 17 Tom McKnelly, Razor-backs ' outstanding place kicker, puts one through the uprights in Sugar Bowl game against Ole Miss. 336 " J-?I A K f :, i, " smr ,,T - K Billy Moore (10) demonstrates famous " knuckle ball " running style in season ' s opener against Oklahoma State. Moore ' s ball- carrying was the Razorbacks ' most powerful offensive threat al year. Tommy Brasher (54) throws block to spring Moore loose. Arkansas 34 Oklahoma State 7 Before anyone was sure what one was, Frank Broyles had tested his Tush Hogs ( " Tush " is southern Arkansas mispronuncia- ARKANSAS tion for tusk). The oldest of the SWC ' s " younger set " unveiled 21 his three-team system against the OSU Cowboys, and what was to 12 become the Porks ' most powerful offensive attack sputtered for 9 a quarter. Billy Moore pushed over the season ' s first score from the one 431 early in the second frame and opened the gates for four more touch- 190 downs. In winning 34-7, Arkansas piled up 431 yards; better than 19 half 241 of them came in the air. 12 Though Moore threw for the second tally, he spent the rest 2 of the day in a lean shadow thrown up in the spotlight by sopho- 241 more Billy Gray. Gray hit pass receivers for 69, 11, and 25 yards 3-37.0 for three of the five Pork scores. 58 There were no All-America selectors in the stands. STATISTICS OSU First Downs 13 By Rushing 6 By Passing 7 By Penalty Total Offense 246 Net Rushing 145 Passes Attempted 25 Completed 13 Intercepted Yards Passing 101 Punts 4-40.8 Yards Penalized 32 Fumbles Lost 3 338 Jesse Branch Tailback Ray Trail Guard Billy Moore Quarterback 246 145 B 13 W0.8 32 Arkansas 42 Tulsa 14 During the hot Texas September, which claimed at least two gridders, Jerry Rhome, the soph passing stud of the 1961 Ponies, told Hayden Fry he couldn ' t play " that " kind of football. That got him a scholar- ship at Tulsa, a year ' s ineligihility, and a seat in the press box at the Arkansas-Tulsa game. He was better off there. Arkansas won 42-14, but the Tulsans scream- ed, " Wait till next year. We ' ll sic Rhome and the rest of our outlaws on you. " The Hurricanes did manage to tie the Hogs 6-6, when Tommy McKnelly missed a PAT attempt. He didn ' t miss another until the Rice game. Billy Moore, who the same day set a school mark for the longest trip from scrimmage when he raced 90 yards to a touchdown, put the Hogs over the hump for good with a 1-yard plunge and a two-point toss to Jerry Lamb making it 14-6. Billy Gray kept pace with two more touchdown throws, and Freddy Marshall raced 19 yards with :03 remaining in the game for the final bit of icing. Getting 90 of them in one chunk, Moore managed 129 yards rushing on only nine carries. A fellow with the interesting name of Stu Mc- Burnie led the Tulsa air attack, hitting John Simmons, a rangy end who was to become the number two re- ceiver in college football, five times early in the game. Jerry Rhome isn ' t a very big guy. ARKANSAS 25 11 12 2 477 300 24 19 2 177 7-41.9 50 STATISTICS First Downs By Passing By Rushing By Penalty Total Offense Yards Rushing Passes Attempted Completed Intercepted Yards Passing Punts Yards Penalized Fumbles Lost TULSA 12 6 3 3 185 67 26 11 1 118 7-39.2 45 4i Referee breaks up pass intended for Jerry Lamb, Arkansas ' leading pass receiver. But the score showed we didn ' t need it. Mike Parker Wing back Tommy Moore Tailback Billy Joe Moody Fullback 339 _ Fred Marshall Quarterback Jerry Lamb End Jerry Lineberger Center Arkansas 42 TCU 14 In 1958 TCU whipped Arkansas 12-7, scoring two touchdowns. In 1962, with 8:02 of the second period remain ing, a sophomore named Jim Fauver scored another, ending an extended drouth and knotting TCU and the Porks 7-7. By the time the Frogs scored again in the third quarter they trailed 28-14. The Froggies lacked but one point matching a previous four-year total, but ironically Arkansas scored six times, winning 42-14. Can ' t history be ex- citing? The encounter was a test of the long and the short of it (stubby Billy Moore versus rangy Sonny Gibbs). Led by the fiery Moore, the Porks, too, countered with their own big man, Danny Brab- ham. The Ozark Lil ' Abner scored twice, bolting 43 yards once, and netted 111 yards, thus asserting himself not only as an excel- lent blocker, but also All-Southwest potential as a runner. The crowd of 42,536 set a new series record. Many of them left early. ARKANSAS 18 13 4 1 393 311 7 4 82 5-31.6 1 40 STATISTICS First Downs By Rushing By Passing By Penalty Total Offense Net Rushing Passes Attempted Completed Intercepted Gained Passing Punts Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Diving over would-be tackier, Moore scrambles for extra yardage. Margin of Hogs ' victory over Horned Frogs in first SWC game of the season came as surprise to practically everyone. Jerry Jones End Gary Howard Guard Miko Hales Guard Arkansas 28 Baylor 21 After what had to be the worst half-time speech in football history, Arkansas hung on before an overflow Dads Day crowd to top Baylor 28-21. That ' s an over- simplification, but provides as good a framework as any for further discussion. Frank Broyles ' charges raced to a 28-7 halftime lead, scoring every time they got the ball. An astonish- ed home crowd saw the Hogs pile up 226 yards total offense in the first two frames, while holding the Baylor ground game to 38 and the vaunted passing attack to 98. It appeared to be a lark as Billy Moore first hand- ed to Danny Brabham, then scored twice himself on short plunges before yielding to sophomore Billy Gray. Gray ended the Arkansas scoring with almost six minutes left in the first half. He hit Jim Worthing- ton with a 17-yard pass at the Baylor one then kept for tho score. The Bruins scored once before halftime, and threat- ened to break it wide open in the second half. After an Arkansas punt. Don Trull used just three plays in scoring in the third period. Ken Hatfield fumbled the Bear kickoff, and Trull was off again. This time he used six plays, moving from the Arkansas 36. The final 23 minutes boiled down to a defensive war of nerves each team holding the other near it ' s goal. Broyles ' shirt tail did not come out. It was pinned to his socks. ARKANSAS 20 11 9 333 188 16 11 1 145 3-21.7 76 1 STATISTICS First Downs By Rushing By Passing Net Gain Rushing Total Offense Passes Attempted Completed Intercepted Yards Passing Punts Yards Penalized Fumbles Lost BAYLOR 20 44 13 46 270 27 16 1 224 1-46 22 Sophomore end James Finch (81) hauls down pass in spite of spirited efforts of Baylor defender. We finally won on Dad ' s Day. 341 George Walker (20), Arkansas wing back, skirts Texas end on reverse with help from Jesse Branch (21). As everyone predicted before the kickoff, meeting between first-ranked Texas and sixth- ranked Arkansas decided 1962 championship of the Southwest Conference. Photo courtesy of Rodney Dungan, Arkansas Gazette. Texas 7 Arkansas 3 Though they ' d met only a trio of league opponents between them, Arkansas and Texas met on October 20 to determine the Southwest Conference championship. Five weeks remained of the ARKANSAS schedule, but the 65,000 fans crowded into Austin ' s Memorial 12 Stadium knew this was the big one. Texas ranked number one na- 8 tionally; Arkansas was sixth. 4 The Porks drove to the Texas 31 midway in the second quarter from where Tommy McKnelly booted a 41-yard field goal, which 215 the Hogs threatened to make stick. The Razorbacks ' only other 149 real threat died when Brabham fumbled inside the ' Horns ' five. 13 The Longhorns finally rallied behind the brilliant leadership 6 of Duke Carlisle and Johnny Genung with 7:52 left on the board. Eighty-five yards, 20 plays and 7:12 minutes later Tommy Ford 66 fell into the Arkansas end zone with the winning tally It was 7-34.8 mighty dark in the world ' s best lit football park for the Arkies. 1 STATISTICS First Downs By Rushing By Passing By Penalty Total Offense Net Rushing Passes Attempted Completed Intercepted Yards Passing Punts Fumbles TEXAS 13 7 6 204 120 13 8 2 84 6-43.8 2 Ken Hatfield Tailback Dick Hatfield Center Jim Grizzle End 312 TEXAS 13 I 6 Arkansas 49 Hardin-Simmons 7 In a game anticipated enthusiastically by almost no one, Arkansas bruised the Hardin-Simmons Cowboys 49-7 in Little Rock. " We ' ll show up, " said the Cowboy head coach, " But after that . . . " The young mentor came into the fray with the shortest possible winning streak (one game, a 14-7 win over Trinity) after having dropped the previous 27 battles hand running. Actually, how- ever, coaches with a lot more behind them than the Cowboys have had doubts about playing in Little Rock. The Porkers, still licking their wounds from the Texas encounter ranked ninth nationally, a pair of notches below the previous week ' s rating, were in no trifling mood. Although they left some still-limping troops, battered in Texas, the Porkers scored in every period but the fourth. The Hogs jumped to a 14-0 lead quickly in the first frame, and added 21 more in the second. The final 14 points came for Broyles ' crew in the third period. In that stanza, the Cowhands also managed to push across a score their lone one. Arkansas ' fifth victory was so business-like that it was almost distasteful. The real justification for the game? It was a money-maker. ARKANSAS 18 14 3 1 ' 367 324 7 4 43 1-39 2 STATISTICS First Downs By Rushing By Passing By Penalty Total Offense Net Rushing Passes Attempted Intercepted Completed Yards Passing Punts Fumbles Lost HARDIN.- SIMMONS 12 7 4 1 258 118 10 18 140 4-27 1 Hard-charging Stan Sparks (26) and Jim Grizzle (84) team to block hurried Hardin-Simmons punt, in annual Little Rock breather. Photo courtesy of Rodney Dungan, Arkansas Gazette. Bill Gray Quarterback J mes Finch End 343 Gene Beutelschies Tackle Arkansas 17 Texas A M 7 The Arkansas touchdown machine, which had worked so well the week before, sputtered as the Hogs slipped past A M to their sixth win, 17-7. The Porkers trailed for almost a half, before taking shaky command. A young scatback named Travis Reagan put the Porkers in a hole early in the first stanza when he returned a Tommy Moore punt 51 yards for the Aggie touchdown. The Arkansas counter at- tack fell short and the Porkers had to settle for Tommy McKnelly ' s 31-yard field goal. With a couple of minutes left in the first half a 19-yard pass from Billy Moore found George Rea Walker at the Aggie one. Billy banged twice at the Farmer line and gave the Hogs a 10-7 halftime lead, with an assist from the McKnelly toe. The Razorbacks held a strong statistical lead at halftime, though their lead was slim. Moore iced it for his mates with a six yard sweep late in the third quarter after he ' d relied on Danny Barbham for two key first downs. ARKANSAS 18 15 3 315 279 16 5 1 36 6-32.3 30 STATISTICS First Downs By Rushing By Passing By Penalty Total Offense Net Rushing Passes Attempted Completed Intercepted Yards Passing Punts Yards Penalized Fumbles Lost TEX. A M 5 3 2 111 75 13 2 36 7-38.5 5 1 Punt-return specialist Ken Hat- field (46) cuts up field as Jer- ry Mazzanti (76) looks for someone to knock down. Photo courtesy of Doc Miller. Tommy Brasher Guard Dave Adams Tackle Gordon Guest Quarterback TR..UM Arkansas 28 Rice 14 Jess Neely had to violate a conference rule to do it when he brought his " lucky " blue jersies to Fayette- ville. They weren ' t Lucky, that is. Case in point: early in the first period, Tommy Moore ' s 51-yard punt hit at the Rice goal, then bounc- ed back into the playing field. The Owl ' s Ronnie Hat- field grabbed the ball and then suprisingly retreated into the end zone for a Porker safety. The stage was set for the rest of the afternoon. The Hogs celebrated Homecoming with a 28-14 victory. While Neely was still spluttering about that first miscue, the Razorbacks raced to a 14-0 halftime lead. George Rea Walker scored to cap a 47-yard drive, and Mike Parker sprinted 37 yards with a pirated pass to set up a second score. Billy Moore took that on in. What was to become the Big-eyed Bird ' s only real threat gave them a touchdown with just 9:31 gone in the third quarter when Gene Raesz caught his third pass of the drive. Arkansas hung on to the seven-point lead until Moore found Jerry Lamb behind the Owl secondary early in the fourth stanza. The 46-yard pass and run combination gave the Porks a 21-7 lead. Moore and the artful Lamb salted it away late in the period with a 26-yard toss. Rice countered with a quick score, but it was too late to save more. STATISTICS ARKANSAS RICE 19 First Downs 15 14 By Rushing 7 4 By Passing 8 1 By Penalty 348 Total Offense 257 235 Net Rushing 67 11 Passes Attempted 28 4 Completed 17 2 Intercepted 113 Yards Passing 190 5-39.0 Punts 5-37.0 15 Yards Penalized 7 1 Fumbles Lost 2 Veteran end Tim Langston (85) moves in on Rice ball-carrier. Langston played most of the season with badly injured shoulder. 345 Tailback Jesse Branch scoots through big hole in SMU line for ten yards and Arkansas ' only touchdown while guard Ray Trail (78) watches. Score came in fourth quarter of game the Mustangs made much closer than anticipated (or desired) by Porker fans. Photo courtesy of Rodney Dungan, Arkansas Gazette. Arkansas 9 SMU 7 346 Armed with little more than a master ' s degree in psychology and a fist-full of red helmets, SMU coach Hayden Fry, a former pupil and later aide to Frank Broyles, fought the old master to a virtual standstill for better than three quarters. With 41,000 prospective coronaries in the stands, a band of Porker sophomores snatched the game from under the freshman head coach, 9-7. The Ponies threatened to make a seven-point lead, realized out of a 78-yard first period drive, stand up until the fourth quarter when Broyles replaced All-American Billy Moore with sophomore Billy Gray. Gray quickly directed a 44-yard drive for Arkansas ' touchdown, giving to Jesse Branch for the last 10 yards. Tom McKnelly, a soph kicking specalist, gave the Hogs the mar- gin with 5:55 remaining with a 27-yard field goal. On Monday, still shaking, Arkansas voted to accept a Sugar Bowl bid. Tommy McKnelly Center Jim Worthington Tailback Tommy Polk Guard STATISTICS ARKANSAS SMU 19 First Downs 15 11 By Rushing 10 7 By Passing 3 1 By Penalty 2 315 Total Offense 187 189 Net Rushing 160 19 Passes Attempted 11 7 Completed 4 Intercepted 1 126 Yards Passing 27 5-34.4 Punts 9-43.7 40 Yards Penalized 81 2 Fumbles Lost Arkansas 34 Texas Tech The Arkansas Razorbacks finished their finest season sprinting past Texas Tech 34-0 enroute to five season records. Ironically, the best season in Razorback history did not result in a Southwest Conference champion- ship, as Texas went undefeated. The nine victories (one loss) were the most wins in a single season. Other marks included most points scored in a single season, 286; most yards rushing, 2,412; most total offense, 3,570 yards; fewest yards permitted rushing, 918. In guiding the Porkers past the Red Raiders, Billy Moore missed a try for an individual record. Moorse, who scored three touchdowns and threw for two more against the Raiders, finished one point shy of the all time one season scoring record set at 84 points by George Cole. On Billy ' s third touchdown he was given an op- portunity to go for a two-point conversion which would have given him the scoring record. He was cut down but a foot or so short of his prize. The Porkers finished sixth in the national ratings, and took a couple of weeks off before starting work- outs in preparation for a January 1 meeting with third- ranked Mississippi. STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS TECH 20 First Downs 6 16 By Rushing 4 5 By Passing 2 By Penalty 376 Total Offense 112 247 Net Rushing 68 10 Passes Attempted 15 4 Completed 9 1 Intercepted 1 129 Yards Passing 43 3-38 Punts 8-27 20 Yards Penalized 17 2 Fumbles Lost 4 Surrounded by Red Raiders, Jesss Branch fights for extra yards. Razorbacks won their ninth game to close out finest season ever. Bobby Reynolds Fullback Ronnia Mac Smith Guard Stan Sparks Wingback 347 Buddy Tackett Tackle George Walker Wingback Dave Walston Guard Sugar Bowl At the peak of the integration crisis last fall, a Mississippi football game had to be relocated because of feared violence. Even then it took Bobby Kennedy, a court order, and several hundred U. S. Marshalls to move the Big Reb line. In the face of such power, perhaps it was ill-advised for Ark- ansas to take on the Rebs in the Sugar Bowl. Ole Miss, nationally number three, was undefeated and remained that January 1. The artful Glenn Griffing and his mauling mates kept the ball for 86 plays and rushed and passed for 429 yards the most amass- ed against the Razorbacks in 54 games under Frank Broyles. Sur- prising, then, was the score as Johnny Vaught managed only a 17- 13 win. It was the third bowl loss in a row for the Porkers ' disappoint- STATISTICS ARKANSAS MISSISSIPPI First Downs 22 way through i 5 By Rushing 2 By Passing By Penalty 170 Total Offense Total Offense 47 Net Rushing 18 Passes Attempted 6 Completed 1 Intercepted 123 Yards Passing 4-38.2 Punts 13 Yards Penalized Fumbles Lost 9 13 429 429 160 28 18 2 269 2-36 40 1 - H Trail it Ik Tk TV Hi to ret Aib Mil all rfa i Hogs ' first points in 1963 Sugar Bowl game against tra- ditional, and hated, rivals came on field goal by McKnelly. Dwayno Cox Tailback Ole Miss 17 Arkansas 13 ed seniors. They ' d fallen 7-6 to Duke in the Cotton, and 10-3 to Alabama in the Sugar. Arkansas managed an early 3-3 tie, matching an Ole Miss field goal, but trailed 10-3 by halftime. Grlf- fing, who completed 14 of 23 attempts for 242 yards, floated the ball to Louis Guv for 33 yards and the score at the close of the period. That might have shattered Arkansas ' morale if Ray Trail hadn ' t received fullback Buck Randall ' s fumble at the Ole Miss 18 on the third pl v of the third period. Two plays later, durable Jesse Branch scooted across from the 10 with the Arkansas touchdown. The Rebs bounced back, however, with the first really great sustained drive against the Porkers since the Texas game Griffing driving. The masterful Mis- sissippi Quarterback drove 80 vards, 35 of them on nn unbelievable pass to Guv and then scored himself with a pair of sneaks from the 10; the final try from only inches out. Score: 17-10. The Porkers had one remaining offensive threat. With a third and 5 situation at the Old Miss five, Billy Moore sprinted right. Randall, cat-quick, all but dis- jointed him as he made his cut. Billy limped off, never to return, meeting Billy Gray (who set up the first Arkansas field goal with a 68-yard pass) and Tommy McKnelly, bringing in the kicking tee. After the field goal. Arkansas played virtually no offense. They took over deep in their own end of the field four times after stopping drives on the 4, 24, 8, and 7 yard lines, but then found themselves with no place to go. Jesse Branch took short toss from Billy Moore to score Hogs ' only touchdown of game. Rebs controlled ball most of day. 349 350 Ail-American The registrar ' s office says he ' s Billy Ray Moore, senior business major from Little Rock. Frank Broyles says he has a lot of character on the football field. Orville Henry says he ' s " a little soldier " . Look maga- zine says he ' s an Ail-American. J All-Southwest Conference Danny Brabham, Fullback All-Southwest Conference Ray Trail, Guard All-Southwest Conference Jerry Mazzanti, Tackle All-Southwest Conference Jesse Branch, Tailback Basketball Season ' s Record Jim Magness (12) gets shot away against Texas Christian. Arkansas 64 Kansas Arkansas 70 Missouri Arkansas 45 Oklahoma State Arkansas 68 Tulsa Arkansas 90 Ole Miss Arkansas 70 LSD Arkansas 62 Loyola Arkansas 58 Toledo Arkansas 73 Creighton Arkansas 73 SMU Arkansas 63 Texas Arkansas 81 TCU Arkansas 70 Rke Arkansas 66 Tulsa Arkansas 66 Texas A M Arkansas 75 Texas Tech Arkansas 75 Baylor Arkansas 65 Rice Arkansas 78 Texas A M Arkansas 83 Texas Tech Arkansas 67 Baylor Arkansas 82 SMU Arkansas 86 Texas Arkansas 104 TCU 62 61 46 76 60 72 81 55 61 71 69 59 85 68 55 80 65 69 80 78 61 79 99 94 Jim Wilson (24) goes high to take rebound away from Texas Aggies. Larry Wofford (21) stands ready to give his assistance. 352 ecord t fc H U u to Si H 10 71 il 7) 141 HNSflS EXRS flSU ta to Basketball Practically unnoticed, Glen Rose ' s Razorbacks fin- ished fourth in the lackluster Southwest basketball con- ference. The Porkers ' 8-6 league mark was an improve- ment over the 4-9 1961-62 record. Intersectional compe- tition proved tougher, however, as the Hogs took 13 of 24 over the long haul compared with a 14-10 mark the previous year. Rose recruited a pair of junior college transfers - Warren Vogel and Jim Jay and instituted Saturday afternoon basketball at Arkansas in moves aimed at balancing both his bench and his budget. Vogel aver- aged 5.8 per game; Jay, 3.1. The afternoon innovation also enjoyed modest success. A couple of tough breaks hampered the Porks, though it is impossible to say to what extent. Jerry Rogers, the number one back court hand injured a knee against Tulsa and was never the same. He was finally forced to undergo an operation during the Christmas break. Bobbv Anderson was an academic casualty. Tommy Boyer and Skippy Coffman combined to bring Arkansas from behind to a 64-62 overtime win over Kansas in the opener. It was the first of three extended games, and the only one they won. The Hogs raced to a 32-23 halftime lead and then staved off a late assault of the Missouri Tigers to win, 70-61 at Columbia. The second win was the first defeat for the Tigers. The Pigs ' first defeat came at Stillwater as the OSU Cowboys came back to claim a 46-45 overtime victory. With the score tied 45-45. and three seconds remaining, Cowboy King was fouled in the act of shooting. The first swish was sufficient. A second loss within a week brought the Porkers to grips with the realities of a .500 season as the undefeated Tulsa Hurricane romped through Fayette- ville to a 76-58 win. Jim Wilson and Boyer managed 18 points each, but the Tulsans held the rest of the Hogs in check. The Razorbacks split a two-game pre-Christmas road trip, taking Ole Miss 90-60 in Little Rock before only 2.000 fans and losing to LSU 72-70 in Little Rock. Though the Tigers tamed their opponents, they couldn ' t handle Boyer. He had 35 points. Warren Vogel tips in two points over the protest of two Texas Christian Horned Frogs. The Razorbacks routed TCU 104-94. Jim Wilson Center Jim Jay Guard Warren Vogel Forward Billy Ray Wood Guard 354 Larry Hogue picked up 10 or 15 pounds last summer, and that coupl- ed with his already aggressive na- ture made him one of Glen Rose ' s top drivers and rebounders. Here h9 forces the issue against Baylor. Hogue enjoyed an almost .400 floor average and was the team ' s number four rebounder, sweeping the boards 90 times. He will return for 1963-64. Larry Wofford shoots over Baylor ' s Bears as mate Tommy Boyer fights for position under the Hog bucket. Wofford, the number two offensive man, netted 277 points and averaged 1 1 .5. Having moved out front, Boy- er took only 76 rebounds during the season, but was obviously more dangerous in an offensive role. 355 Low pressure Glen Rose ssemingly steps out of character to make a point during a heated contest. In twenty years he has done so many times; he will again. But because of his basic nature, many fans will fail to see the driving determination of Glen Rose. Although Boyer rrnds his name at the charity stripe, tha Fort Smith lad was an all around offensive lead- er. Shooting from the top o the circle, as here, or beyond, he fired for a .448 average from the field over the slate and .476 in conference p I a . Basketball The quintet spent its post-Christmas vacation in Oklahoma City at the All-College meet. Santa Claus didn ' t. The Porks first drew Loyola, which was sporting a 6-0 record, a 110 point per game scoring average, and a number four national ranking. They managed a moral victory over the Illinois crew, holding them to a 81-62 score in the opener. The UofA gained but one win in the double elimination affair, rallying in the second game to whip Toledo, 58-55. Creighton finished the local entry, 73-61. Arkansas split the four opening conference games in the brief period between Christmas and final exams. They edged SMU 73-71 and route:! hapless TCU 81-59. but fell to league champion Texas 69-63 and to Rice. 85-70. The Porkers built a nine-point halftime advantage into a 22-point route on a friendly foreign court in taking their seventh win of the season, over TCU. Big (6-9) Kendall Rhine poured through 44 points for the Rice Owls, as the Hogs failed their first exam - -- on Saturday before the re- mainder of the campus started the tests. Intersectional rival, Tulsa, came back after the exam break to take a second victory from the Porks, 68-66. They returned to conference play combining a tenacious defense with the offensive duo of Boyer and Larry Wofford and upset Texas A M in Fayetteville. 66-55. Tommy practices the art that brought him a pair of national records, pumping home a free one for Arkansas. He aimed at nothing in particular, but, as he put it, " just held the ball till it felt right. " I mm Skippy Coffman Guard Jim Magness Forward Jerry Rogers Guard Basketball Taking advantage of the home court and the excess personal fouls of the two top defensive hands - Wofford and Coffman Texas Tech swiped a see- saw affair in overtime from the Porkers, 80-75. With the score tied 67-all, the Hogs gambled the regula- tion game ' s final 54 seconds against a chance for the last good shot. When Vogel was unable to shoot, it went into an additional periad. The Porkers were in it till the final :15, but a trio of charity shots erased their charices ; as Tech pulled ahead. 76-73. Still battling for a chance at a second place finish, Arkansas took Baylor in mid-February. 75-65. The springboard to the win was Boyer ' s phenomenal shoot- ing. The one-eyed free throw artist hit 31 points, 19 of them in the first half. In an attempt to stop Kendall Rhine, who scored 44 against them in the season ' s first encounter, the Razorhogs threw up a zone around the Rice Owls. It held Rhine to 12 points, but failed to stop the Owls. A M split the Arkansas series with a thrilling 80- 78 victory at College Station. They did it with a page from Boyer ' s book - - stylish free shooting on the part of Bennie Lenox. With just seconds remain- ing and the score tied, 76-76, Lenox calmly hit his fifteenth straight free throw to give the Aggies a two- point edge. He then grabbed a loose ball and was immediately fouled. His tosses gave him 37 points and the Aggies the win. The following Tuesday night the shoe was back on the other foot as Boyer escorted Texas Tech out of the first division with 18 of 18 free throws a conference record. The Porkers gain- ed a 43-38 halftime lead and held their own in the final stanza to win 83-78. Saturday night, Boyer claimed a national free throw record against Baylor. He hit 44 charity tosses before missing. The old mark had been 43 set by Duequene ' s Dick Ricketts. The Razorbacks put in 12 straight points late in the first half to grab a precarious one-point lead over the Bears by halftime. A solid second half gave it to Arkansas, 67-61. The Hogs won two of their final three games, com- ple:ing a sweep of the series over SMU, 82-79, but losing to Texas a second time, 99-86, and trouncing TCU ' s Horned Frogs, 104-94. Jim Wilson, senior center, seeks two points after faking his shadow as transfer Warren Vogel gains rebound position for the Razorbacks. Larry Wofford Forward Larry Hogue Forward Bobby Anderson Center James Bane Guard 358 . Jim: b Guard Tommy Boyer All-Southwest It takes a full page to list all of Tommy Boyer ' s records -- national, conference, and as a Razorback. Tommy started his college career by breaking the Shoat scoring mark; he ended it by topping all the national free shooting records. Sandwiched between the two events was a " soph of the year " nomination, two all-conference berths and 1,067 points (second in Razorback history only to George Kok ' s 1,195). 359 Preston Holsinger, crack Oklahoma State vaulter, skims over the bar to take first place in the Arkansas Relays with a height of 15 ' -0 " . Track Jim Mace grimaces as he stretches out for that extra distance in th3 broad jump. Mace and Dick Perry teamed to give the Porkers good strength in this event with both men hitting near 24 feet. While not selling the world on fire by any stretch of the imagination. Arkansas ' track crew enjoyed one of their finest campaigns in years. It had its usual problems in lack of sprinters, but it more than comp- ensated for this by an abundance of top hurdlers and distance men. With Ralph Brodie. Ed Renfrew, Jim Hartness and Jim Mace doing the honors, the Porkers registered the nation ' s top time in the shuttle hurdle relay with a 59.6. The Hog two mile relay team was also a respected quintet as they set a new school mark of 7:40.1, averaging 1:55 a half. A distinguishing factor of the Razorbacks was their lac k of individual stars, but a good amount of overall strength. A young team, it reached its peak at the end of the season as several boys began to develop into good competitors. First Row: Phillip Kolb, Bobby Williamson, Ken Blanken- ship, Jerry Cluff, Clyde Cook, and David Crawford. Second Row: Jim Mayer, Jim Sanford, Jeff Pride, Jim Mace, Wayne Irsch, Dick Perry and George Russ. Third Row: Coach Ab Bidwell, Glenn Babh, Don Schilling, Robert Tennant, John Deardorff, Ralph Brodie, Ed Renfrew, Jim Hartness and Haydn Hicks. Hurdler Ralph Brodie shows flashing form, but an idle season and campus politics frustrated his assault on Clyde Scott ' s mark. Haydn Hicks pushes across the finish line anchoring the Porker two mile relay team to a new Arkansas record. 361 Jim Jay, a two sport man, lifts a long one for the Porkers. Jay, in addition to playing a lot of shortstop, led the Hogs ' hitting. Baseball Jim Bone, moved into outfield for ' 63 season, legs out infield hit SEASON ' S RECORD Ark. 9 Buena Vista 8 Buena Vista Op. 1 7 5 Miss. LSU So. 4 10 11 Buena Vista 10 2 LSU 10 6 Missouri 10 7 Miss. College 3 6 Missouri 5 Miss. College 3 IS Kansas 7 5 D?lta State 2 1 Kansas 9 2 Delta State 10 2 Emporia State 14 3 Tulsa 1 16 Emporia State 6 9 Tulsa 4 6 Centenary 7 3 Centenary 2 4 Miss. So. 5 First Row. Mike Haynie, first base; Jim Bone, right field; Larry Lazecki, pitcher; Jim Bane, infield. Second Row: Marl Carter, third base; Billy Gray, center field; Lynn Elliott, catcher; Ken Hatfield, infield; Paul Soden. left field; Ted Mont, pitcher. Third Row. coatch Duddy Waller; Jim Jay, short stop; Jackie Whillock, pitcher; Jim Magness, pitcher; Dan Mulhollan, pitcher; Delano Cotton, pitcher; and coach Bill Ferrell. fir ). J.j, V |hfe: pk: dwell First base coach Duddy Waller starts to kick but holds up when the umpire confirms his suspicion that runner narrowly escaped pickoff. The Arkansas pitcher gleefully whips his fast one past the visiting batsman. Generally, Razorback pitching was only average. 363 Phillip Kolb takes time out for a puff and a pant after turning in a practice round on the Porkers ' Cross Country crew. The Hogs made a good run for the crown, but fell a hair and a half short of it. Cross Country Arkansas, a former perennial cross country conference champion, made a strong bid for a re- turn to the limelight this year, and they almost made away with all the marbles as they finished second to Texas A M by one point. At one stretch in the late ' 50 ' s the Pigs walked off with four straight crowns before the drought set in. Brighter days appear on the horizon though because the Razorbacks return all their men off this year ' s team plus adding a strong transfer and an excep- tional freshman crop. Top man for the harriers this year was John Deardorff. A tireless worker, Deardorff provided the Hogs with the leadership they needed while also kicking in with some pretty fair times. The Wichi ' a junior turned in a 14:33 over the three mile course which was good enough for third in the league. Number two man for the Razorbacks was Wayne Irsch. He placed seventh in the conference meet and Bobby Williamson finished 10th. Next year promises to be an even better one than this past campaign for Ab Bidwell ' s crew. Mike Chilton. a JC transfer will be joined by freshmen distance runners Tommy McKnelly, Lewis Miner. Richard Burnett, and Bill Owens, who promise to give the returning veterans a run for their money. Competition is sure to be hot to see who gets the coveted positions. Bobby Williamson, Jeff Pride, Robert Tennat, John Deardorff, Wayne Irsch, Phillip Kolb and Coach Ab Bidwell. 364 ROM;: John Paul Cook, J!m C ' inningham, Roy Murtishaw. Second Row: Coach Jay Dickey, J!m Gaunlt, Klaus Woeltzen, Mike Meistrell, and Tommy Stephens. Not pictured is Herbert Moore- land. Tennis The remnant of a piecemeal approach to its tennis program and an admittedly tough schedule left the University of Arkansas netters with a 1-9-1 record. Coach Jay Dickey ' s crew opened with a win, 4-2, over Centenary, but failed their next 9 consecutive tests; 2-4 to SMS, 3-4 to Missouri, 0-6 to Northeastern Oklahoma, 1-5 to Wichita, 2-4 to Emporia State, 0-4 to Tulsa, 0-6 to Northeastern Oklahoma, 1-5 to Tulsa, before tieing Wichita in the finale, 3-3. Aware that it was too late to salvage the tennis program overnight, Dickey has directed his efforts to establishing a foundation upon which future coaches and players can build. His ideas were to encourage high school athletes to join the program through obtaining and publicizing better equipment and to establish a more appealing scholarship program. He describes these efforts as successf ul. For the first time, the tennis program has been able to offer financial assistance to the netter just off the high school campus. This year ' s hopes centered around John Cook, a transfer student who won his first four matches, and Roy Murtishaw, sophomore with promise. Any immediate rebuilding of the tennis team must center around sopho- more Roy Murtishaw. He reminds one of Coach Dickey when he was Arkansas ' number one man, but probably lacks Jay ' s agressiveness. 365 R. H. Sikes R. H. Sikes carried the Arkansas golf team (and his own bag) through three seasons. And although he had distinguished himself in the state, it was not until he won the 1961 National Public Links title that his national stature skyrocketed. Since then, among other honors, he ' s won the title again, in " 62. Also in 1962 he was selected the " Putter-of-the-Year. " In 1963, he ' s already been named to the Walker Cup Team. As usual during the college season, Sikes was Arkansas. He led the Porker linkmen with an un- blemished record. 366 Golf The lack of depth, which plagued all the springs sports at Arkansas, was evident in the 1963 golf team. With National puhlic Links champion R. H. Sikes playing one of his finest seasons for Ellis Bogan ' s crew, the Porkers still didn ' t figure to finish in the first division of the Southwest Conference. R. H., undefeated in the early going was joined by Richard McCauley. another senior, in playing ex- cellent golf. These two, however, simply weren ' t enough; and with the loss of a third letterman at the start of the season, Bogan had to fill in with sopho- mores. Though sophs Kenny Oliver, Nolan Rushing, and Fred Rose showed improvements, their inexperi- ence hurt them. Going into the final week of competition before the Southwest Conference meet, the Razorback golfers were 13%-16V2 in league play, losing to TCU, 2-4; to SMU 2V 2 -3 3 2; and to Texas, 2-4. They topped two league opponents, winning over Texas A M 3%- 2Va and Baylor, 3V2-2% before falling to league lead- ing Texas Tech and taking on Rice to wrap up the regular season. Determined R. H. Sikes shows the form that brought him two Public Links Championships and the " Putter of the Year " title. Front Row: Kenny Oliver and Richard McCauley. Back Row. Nolan Rushing, Coach Ellis Bogan and R. H. Sikes. 367 Shoat Football The success of any freshman athletic program is measured, not by its record of wins and losses, but by the number of potential varsity athletes it develops. By either criterion, Jack Davis ' s Shoa ' s had a good year. The frosh recorded a 3-1-1 season. They opened with SMU and lost to the Methodists. 6-0. Texas Tech fell 14-6 in Little Rock before OSU tied the Shoats in Stillwater. They finished the season with a road victory over Wichita, 30-20, and a 28-8 win over Tulsa at home. Though not lacking in talent, most of this year ' s frosh crop is at least a year away. A rule change last winter may force Frank Broyles to return to but two playing units. Because the three-team system last fall provided a record number of lettermen, the 22 remaining positions may be filled by lettermen. Fellows like Jackie Brasuell, Jerry Mootv, Bobby Nix, in the backfield. and linemen like Richard Trail, however, will make their presence felt. Brasuell, who came from Van Buren without a scholarship -- and won one - surpassed the freshman record made by All-American Lance Alworth, running for 437 yards on 65 carries and passing for an additional 232. Quarterback John Brittenum fakes handoff to fullback, orior to dropping back for pass. Brittenum ' s arm is his biggest asset. Confusion reigns at scrimmage during spring football practice as freshmen fight for places on next year ' s varsity squad. The majority of them will probably be redshirted to save a year of eligibility. The ball is somewhere in the middle of this mess. Freshman backs (two, at least) take part in spring drills. A third anticipates scrimmage against varsity, considers giving up scholarship. Bobby Nix (18) and Jackie Brasuell (50) listen as backfield coach Dickey explains play. Both are considered good prospects for varsity. 369 Shoat reserve Dan Gibbs takes dead aim at a free shot against Fort Smith Junior College. From the angle of the ball to the goal, it would appear that his aim was none too good. As a team, the freshmen averaged a respectable .752 from the line while hitting a caol .484 from the field. The Porkers whipped JC on the Fort Smith court 92-60 and won the return match in Fayetteville, 96-56. Shoat Basketball The Shoats compiled a 10-2 record running Coach Buddy Waller ' s all-time record to 54 wins against only 15 losses. The mark represented a vast improvement over the 1961-62 edition which only broke even over the twelve-game slate. Like their senior counterparts, the Frosh ran afoul of neighboring Tulsa. The Gales whipped them 70-63 in the third game of the season and then snapped a seven-game Hog winning streak. 93-80. Waller, a respected taskmaster, combined a potent offense with a respectable defense as the Shoats aver- aged 82.6 points per outing while holding their op- ponents to a 63.3 composite. As a team, the Freshmen shot an impressive .484 from the field. Rickey Suggs, a long-armed lad from Berryville, led the Shoat offense with 168 pDints, averaging 15.3 per evening. Fayetteville ' s J. D. McConnell was an- other big gun with 156 points and a 13.1 average. Steve Rousseau turned in 134 points and Justin Daniel, another local product, had 116. Glen Rose must look to this crop for replacements for what amounted to his entire starting five either as bench strength or as regulars. , Two Fort Smith cagers gang up on Orval Cook (note foot showing) in effort to control the basketball. McConnell (12) seems of little comfort - 370 T First Row: Jim Farris, David Pitlman, Robert Homan, Bill Owens and Lewis Miner. Second Row: Joe Bryant, Griff Keyes, Larry Bearden, Nathan Meyers, Ronnie Ellis and Richard Burnett. Shoat Track While not a flashy year for the Shoats in paper results, it never-lhe-less served its function in develop- ing talent for the varsity. Ab Bidwell ' s recruiting seemed to be in the right areas this year as the Frosh graduates will step right in to fill the gaps in the higher up ranks. There wasn ' t quite the development in some of the Shoat individuals that Bidwell wanted, but good showings by the distance, weight and field event men more than overshadowed this. Nathan Meyers set a new Arkansas Freshman record in the discus following in Don Schilling ' s footsteps, and Larry Bearden could easily be the Razorbacks number one vaulter next year having cleared 14 ' in practice on occasions. Robert Homan at 9.9 in the century is the fastest Arkansas can offer in the Frosh or varsity divisions. He should be able to give the Pigs some much needed help there next year. But the real strength of the Baby Porks lies in the longer events. Phillip McKnelly, Bill Owens, Lewis Miner and Richard Burnett provided the Hogs ' with good depth from the 880 on up. McKnelly was easily the most exciting runner for the Shoats making up for what he lacked in finesse and style with sheer power. His seemingly sprint-type final kicks at the end of the mile brought the crowd to its feet with approval. Bidwell said this year ' s Frosh were unusually hard workers and have laid the basis for good future times. According to Bidwell they ' re a year ahead of schedule as far as laying down a good foundation is concerned and can be expected to produce some help a year ahead of time. Phillip McKnelly provided the crowd thrills for the Freshmen ihis year with his fantastic finishing kicks in the distance events. 371 Rodney Ryan, Intramural Director Intramural Winners AAA FRATERNITY Football Tennis (Singles) Tennis (Doubles) Golf Badminton (Singles) Badminton (Doubles) Basketball Table Tennis (Singles) Table Tennis (Doubles) Volleyball Horseshoes (Singles) Horseshoes (Doubles) PiKA Phi Delt Phi Delt SAE Phi Delt Phi Delt Sigma Chi Phi Delt Sigma Nu Sigma Nu Phi Delt SAE Determined pair of PiKA ' s chase the Sigma Nu passer and force a bad throw. This type of effort brought the AAA football trophy to rest at 320 Arkansas Avenue. 372 . - : The above is an illegal defensive try on the part of the flying young Snake. While the flying tackle is the personifica- tion of the old school try, all it gets in intramural competition is a penalty. The infirmary is the foremost critic of intramural football. Though the serious injury is rare, minor cuts are numerous. Here Jim Wood, a serious casualty, is removed with a leg hurt. He did not return until the second semester. 373 An over-reaching law student steals a rebound from a Pike defender. The law school ' s first year in the frat league, they did well for lawyers. 1 Intramural AA FRATERNITY Football Tennis (Singles) Tennis (Doubles) Badminton (Singles) Badminton (Doubles) Basketball Table Tennis (Singles) Table Tennis (Doubles) Volleyball Horseshoes (Singles) Horseshoes (Doubles) Marauders Marauders Marauders FarmHouse ATO AGR Marauders Ski Bees Lambda Chi 2 ATO ATO Technically, the girls are probably not part of Ryan ' s ' mural pro- gram, but women ' s volleyball finals merit attention anyway. 374 Softball closes out intramural season. Rather inept looking batter shown here surprised everyone by laying down a perfect bunt. Winners INDEPENDENT Football Tennis (Singles) Tennis (Doubles) Golf Badminton (Singles) Badminton (Doubles) Basketball Table Tennis (Singles) Table Tennis (Doubles) Volleyball Horseshoes (Singles) Horseshoes (Doubles) Hustlers Ripley House Ripley House Roadrunners Independents Roadrunners The Grads Roadrunners Roadrunners Roadrunners 703 ' s Gladson House Tennis courts are busy all year, but intramural competition takes place in spring. Caliber of tennii it slightly above vanity. 375 1 Spring Sports Get Und Action Slated Over We ... Tl( Hornor Morton To Seek j i Secretary Treasurer Postt lAfKHnAQA t Sporting Gooc s Vo ' e Two-Minute-Old Senate Meef New Untvenity Chapter Of YAI Schedules Open Medmg Eudora Wehy To DBCUSS Wordthto Fiction ' Tos MARCH 26-30 YOUTH FARES SAVI SO I J - V i I- P eJges fo Ho Cos ro P ons ICA We have found from experience that it is futile to try to explain to outsiders (i e., those who have never worked on campus publications) just what is so fascinating about Hill Hall. Sometimes we have trouble explaining it to ourselves. We are over- worked and under-paid; we sleep little and study, less; we are regarded with suspicion by the admin- istration and indifference by the student body. But we have our moments. 377 1963 Razorback Doug Smith, Editor A Reluctant Review It is traditional that at this point in the Razor- back, the editor drops his editorial " we " and steps blushingly right out in the open to make a few com- ments concerning his book and the people who helped or hindered in its production. I approach this task with a certain amount of re- luctance. I have, in fact, evaded it squarely for some time now. But it is getting late in the year (1:30 a. m., May 1, to be exact) and I am beginning to get nasty calls from the printer, who is understandably curious as to whether I plan to send in any copy for this section. There are a couple of reasons for my procrastination. For one. I am afraid of saying something that might embarrass me later. Last year ' s editor fell into that trap. The other reason is that I am not at all sure I can explain how this book got out (assuming that it has, or you wouldn ' t be reading this) when it is still not clear in my own mind. But let us put our heads together, and maybe we can make some sense out of it. It all started last spring when I was elected editor. Ah, those were happy days. I was chock full of en- thusiasm, completely undaunted by the size of the burden I was about to assume. I existed in this blissful state until September, or approximately the time the real work started. My spirits have been declining ever since. The storm hit with a vengeance. There were class Bill Kidder, Business Manager 378 Beauties Editor Karen Giss and Personalities Editor Anabeth Cadwell, two of the better-looking staff members, laugh at pic- tures of Razorback Beauty candidates and plot ways to get their own pictures in the book more often. They were successful. portraits to take and cards to file and class panels to make up, not to mention Greeks and droms, and cards to type and 1001 other things, anyone of which is enough to drive a sensitive person to drink or dis- traction. Or both. Of course it would be ridiculous for me to claim that I did all these things by myself, so I suppose this is as good a time as any to talk about my staff. I will try to say only nice things. My staff organization was. to say the least, in- formal. No, on second thought I think the organization was formal enough, it was in the performance that things got kind of messy. Takt the military section, for example. It is a culmination of the combined efforts of Organizations Editor Bruce Roberts, Arts Editor Jim Williams and Associate Editor Garry Car- roll. I never did find out what happened to my military editor. If I had to single out the two most valuable staff members, my choice would be Kay Hafenbrak and Douglas Wilson. Hafenbrak, so efficient she ' s scary, injected a semblance of order into the proceedings. Wilson started out as Greeks Editor, then was pro- moted to Associate Editor when he showed a naive willingness to do more. Business Manager Bill Kidder ' s knack for putting things olf was surpassed only by my own, but he usually managed to muddle through. And he came to my aid a couple of times when I was sore oppressed. Others who performed their duties admirably, or at least acceptably, include Polly Outlaw, whose pic- ture was prominently displayed on the bulletin board I Kay Hafenbrak Associate Editor 379 Razorback all year; Cathie Remmel, forced to resign at the end of first semester because of circumstances beyond her control; Terry Poynter, an old colleague from Traveler days; Ed Dohoney, former editor who got the index in shape; Jane Schermerhorn ; Anabeth Cad well; Karen Giss; Ron Hall; Mollie Wilson nee Haley, and the aforementioned Roberts, Carroll and Williams (who is keeping me company on this unseasonably cold morning). Roberts, incidentally, said his section would be the first comple!ed and it was. even though six weeks late. This should give you an idea of the progress of the book as a whole. Well, it is over now. Although I am not quite imaginative enough to visualize the Razorback as a " paper mistress " as one former editor referred to it, I have developed a sort of affection for the old thing. Maybe it was worth it after all. Now that I ' ve gotten warmed up. I have some more things I would like to say, but they are mostly in the nature of personal reminiscences and keen ob- servations on things in general. This kind of exhibition- ism is usually reserved for the editor ' s final word at the end of the book. I will meet you there. Johnny Woodruff Photography Editor Polly Outlaw Administration Editor Jane Schermerhorn Editorial Assistant Bruce Roberts Organizations Editor ; !.. - - ' ' Douglas Wilson Associate Editor - WnH I ! ' - Staff Editor . . Doug Smith Associate Editor _ Douglas Wilson Associate Editor . Kay Hafenbrak Associate Editor _ Garry Carroll Photography Editor . Johnny Woodruff Assistant Editor _ Cathie Remmel Administration Editor Polly Outlaw Arts Editor Jim Williams Sports Editor . . Terry Poynter Assistant Sports Editor . Norvell Plowman Organizations Editor . Bruce Roberts Personalities Editor . Anabeth Cadwell Beauties Editor _ Karen Giss Class Editor . Mary Sue Hornor Assistant Class Editor . Jane Schermerhorn Index Editor _ _ Ed Dohoney Halls Editor Ron Hall Editorial Assistant . .. Mollie Haley Wilson Publications Editor Benny Combs Feature Editor . . Sam Park Staff Assistants __ Judy Elliott, Carolyn Raley Ivester Business Manager Bill Kidder Assistant Business Manager _ John Meador Advertising Manager _ _ Skip Cullum Garry Carroll Associate Editor Jim Williams Arts Editor Terry Poynter Sports Editor John Meador Asst. Business Manager Assistant Editor Cathie Remmel, Publications Editor Combs and Classes Editor Mary Sue Hornor pool talents to turn out page of copy. 381 Arkansas Traveler Pat Trimble, Editor Four ChiO ' s Per Page The Traveler experienced many changes this year. The avant-garde crew disappeared - Doug Smith moved his talents across the hall to the Razorback office, Doug Wilson got married and Armil Snow quit sleeping in Hill Hall. But on the whole, the energetic spirit of the Traveler continued. Pat Trimble, who never wanted to be editor in the first place and who deserves laurels for her courage, guided the paper through a suc- cessful year despite administration criticism, political pressure, court decisions, writs of mandamus and Sam Park. Her name will be immortalized on the " Lest We Forget " list on the bulletin board. If the Traveler gave a " Most Valuable " award, this year ' s would probably go to Benny Swindell who ably managed the inside pages. Besides being compe- tent (a rare enough trait these days) Benny is such a nice guy you get the impression that when he says " damn " he feels guilty about it. Then there ' s Mike Riggs, or more aptly, there was Mike Riggs. Associate Editor first semester, he was perhaps the only member of the staff not in the busi- ness for the money. The kindest remark we can make is that he meant well. Pat Trimble ' s right hand assistant, News Editor Marian Alford, devoted much time and energy to the Traveler, resulting in her being selected as editor of next year ' s paper. And Sam Park there can be no words to describe this reporter, possibly because when our language was invented no one thought anyone like him would ever Tit Dr Judy Broach, Business Manager tohpt rah i i priibn 382 ,B Managing Editor Benny Swindell and News Editor Marian Alford, manage to keep smiling in spite of increasingly ferocious de- mands from the print shop for more copy. Benny is a nice person, and Marian must be too. Anyway, she gets pinned an awful lot. Norvell Plowman Sports Editor Chi Chi Margraves Reporter exist. Sam ' s subtle sense of humor ( " Dot Harkey or bust " ), his Fruits of Autumn trio and his column, ' The Devil ' s Advocate, " have endeared him to the campus forever. The world would be missing some- thing if Sam didn ' t exist though off-hand we can ' t say exactly what. Sports Editor Norvell Plowman (Norvie to his friends) served as the staff authority on football, basketball, track and jokes. Norvie lived the Razor- backs, working also for the Democrat and UPI. He also served as host at the gala and long to be re- membered staff party, a role he performed most graci- ously. Ann Graham. Kappa, and Carolyn Ferrill, Tri- Delt, performed the not insignificant feat of break- ing up the ChiO monopoly on the Traveler. Ann also helped break up a friendship at the Traveler staff party. But then she had help. Mike Trimble, the editor ' s little brother, turned out to be a pretty sharp guy on his own. He has the makings of a good newspaperman if he learns how to type. And in answer to many questions yes, there really is a Chi Chi Hargraves, a silly, spastic little girl who writes extremely bad columns, even worse Razorback copy, and who has been to the infirmary twice this year once with a broken toe and once with a back sprain she received by being so over- whelmed by the sight of art editor Steve Drasznak opening a Coke that she fell down a whole flight of Ann Graham Reporter Maureen Melbourn Wire Editor 383 Traveler stairs in Hill Hall. Perhaps, just perhaps, she will improve with age. As usual, the insultingly efficient business staff managed to keep the paper out of debt and their office clean - - both rather difficult tasks. The year began on an hysterical note with Pat Trimble ' s nervous tears the first critical week of publication and ended on the equally hysterical note of the Student Senate controversy. In between there was a pep rally incident that threatened to explode into a Greek-independent war, pro-integration picketing the Monday before Christmas holidays and many late night and early morning hours in the print shop. The crisis came in the spring when Ralph Brodie ' s reorganization plan placed the Traveler in a precarious political situation. The issue is too complicated to be explained here, and we never really understood it ourselves, but if nothing else the Student Court de- cisions helped enrich the staff ' s vocabulary for Park was overheard ordering a double mandamus at George ' s. The whole year was pretty laughable, but some moments cause us merely to smile. The crazy Coke machine that on good days gave bonuses and on bad days kept your money; the Confederate flag unfurled out the window during the Ole Miss crisis; Beezus and Boom Boom Latuer, cartoonist Garry Carroll ' s two most delightful characters, and the barbershop quartet of Trimble, Trimble, Riggs and Park. Like the song says, " It ' s nice to remember. " CHI CHI. Sam Park Associate Editor Gene Gillette, advertising manager, and Sherri Wright, assistant business manager, work on ad layout. 384 Staff Editor _ Pat Trimble Associate Editor . Sam Park Managing Editor . _ Benny Swindell News Editor . . Marian Alford Sports Editor _ Norvell Plowman Wire Editor . _ Maureen Melbourn Photographer _ . Philip Spray Cartoonist _ Garry Carroll Reporter . Chi Chi Hargraves Reporter _ _ Ann Graham Reporter . Mike Trimble Reporter _ _ Skipper Kays Reporter Carolyn Ferrill Reporter _ . Tom Calkins Society Editor Beverly Bynum Circulation Manager Jerry Cooper Asst. Business Manager _ . Sherri Wright Advertising Manager . _ Gene Gillette Business Manager _ _ Judy Broach Mike Trimble Reporter Carolyn Ferrill Reporter Garry Carroll Cartoonist Tom Calkins Reporter Pat Trimble seems pleased with day ' s work being set by Mr. Phole. As usual Mr. Blake casts a cynical eye toward copy which always appears controversial. 385 Edmond Brewer Editor Agriculturist The Arkansas Agriculturist is the quarterly publi- cation prepared by that group of students who are thought of as the farmers and farm wives of the fu- ture. Since it is prepared by the students in the College rf Agriculture and Home Economics the copy deals mostly with research studies and student projects. Its specified purpose is to inform students, pros- pective students, faculty and alumni of the activities in the college. One of its principal jobs is that of try- ing to convince the children of the landed aristocracy across the state that thev would be be ' ter off in agri- home ec than in the College of Business Administra- tion. The Agriculturist is circulated throughout the state in high schools and extension offices. Ou ' standing students both in scholarship and ac- tivities are featured in the pages of the few issues of the Agriculturist. Highlights of the book are the an- nouncement of Who ' s Who in Agri School and the activities of Agri Dav. The Agri Day issue contains the Agri Queen and her court and the winners of the ASA keys. Staff members are selected from the student body and gain valuable experience in working on the publi- cation, particularly if they are interested in agricultur- al journalism. Linda Weir Associate Editor 386 Agriculturist staff for the moment (like most campus publica- tions, the Agriculturist has a big turnover in staff members) holds editorial conference. Main purpose of meeting was to discuss ways of getting around the printer ' s demands for copy. Staff Staff members Shaver, O ' Neal and Rogers chit-chat between assign- ments. Shaver breaks Agri School tradition by wearing necktie. Co-Editor Edmond Brewer Co-Editor Beverly Ward Garrett Business Manager . Terry Fugitt Associate Editor . Linda Weir Agriculture Editor Robert Shaver Staff Writers _ _ Mabel Rogers, Becky O ' Neal, Leota Lane, Wilma Blevins, Betty Sharp, Max Parnell 387 :- - W Of " Art Wayne Norton, Circulation Manager, and Buck Jones, editor of a department called " Engine House News " , study pictures of St. Pat- Engineer The Arkansas Engineer is the official publication of the College of Engineering. It is published quarter- ly, but three of the issues go pretty much unnoticed. The exception is the March issue, which contains Cheese cake pictures of all the St. Patricia candidates. Some March issues have become collector ' s items. There is a joke page in every issue. Next to the pictures of the girls, it is the most popular part of the magazine. It is dirty. The rest of the magazine is de- voted mainly to articles of a technical nature. There is also a Dean ' s page and an Editor ' s page. Some- times, when the editor is especially nervy, these pages express conflicting opinions. But not often. This year ' s editor was Knox Patterson, who is al- ready planning bigger and better things -- like trans- ferring out of engineering school. Patterson has at least one other distinction: he is a Sigma Nu, but not ob- noxious about it. This year ' s copy editor, Ronnie Dunn, was elected to edit the whole thing next year. He is also a Sigma Nu. Oh Well. ricia candidates and make book on probable winner. Engineer staff spends considerable time studying St. Patricia pictures. Knox Patterson Editor 388 Ete It : : - - rk || Staff Editor Knox Patterson Associate Editor - Ronnie Dunn Business Manager . Troy Henson Advertising Manager _ Rex Martin Circulation Manager _ Wayne Norton Engine House News Buck Johns Joke Editor Bill Miller Typist . Kathleen Johns Copy Editor . . Ken Moore Assistants . Bobby Arrington, Don Allen. Mike Vinson Artists . Garry Carroll, Ronnie Dunn Board of Publication _ Prof. J. R. Bissett, Dean G. F. Branigan Troy Henson Business Manager -I Advertising Manager Rex Martin, joke Editor Bill Miller and Associate Ed- itor Ronnie Dunn wear characteristic expressions: Martin vacant; Dunn smiling (he does that all the time); and Miller, as befits a joke editor, grim. Miller ' s best efforts were censored, but he retaliated by put- ting them all in his St. Pat skit. Guild Ticker Like Christmas, the Guild Ticker comes but once a year, usually sometime around Commerce Day in April. The Guild Ticker has a big staff, which is purely for show, since the editor does all the work. Brenda Heck, last year ' s Commerce Queen and probably the best-looking editor the Ticker ever had, was the one who got to do all the work this year. " Industry In Arkansas " , a favorite topic around the College of Business Administration, was the theme of the 1963 Guild Ticker. Also featured in the Ticker were the Commerce Day activities, Commerce Queen Robin Jordan and her court, and Who ' s Who in the College of Business Administration. Also included were pictures of all the seniors in business school. Brenda Heck Editor Stan Patterson Business Manager 390 Editorial staff kills time while waiting to find out what they ' re supposed to do. They never did find out, but one senses they weren ' t too disappointed about it. Fellow at right on back row is Corky Crouch, who hung around office to keep editor company. Staff Guild Ticker business staff works on ad layout. Led by Business Manager Patterson, they raised previous year ' s ad sales 30 per cent. Editor Brenda Heck Assistant Editor John Meador Assistant Editor Herschel Bowman Feature Editor John Stanley Organizations Editor Bob Goff Queens Editor Beverly Moore Special Sections Editor Sherre Lammers Photographer Robert McGill Copy Editor Rita Foster Assistant Business Manager Weston Rogers Business Manager _ _ Stan Patterson 391 i Art staff members of Preview pose in the Fine Arts center. Linda Pricker, Garry Carroll and Liz Hollenberg prepared all artwork of which there was little this year. Garry said that the Preview had lots of bad poetry but excellent art section. Preview Preview is a magazine format publication which is prepared by selected students from the College of Arts and Sciences. The magazine is published yearly and is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the largest of the University ' s colleges. Aside from being the largest the college probably has the most diversified range of interests, to which Preview must cater. The goal of this year ' s Preview was to represent these various interests by devoting the major portion of the magazine to poetry. The other contents includ- ed work from primarily the English and the Art de- partments in the fields of fiction, poetry, painting, woodcutting, and illustration, although the layout of the book is not confined to these areas. Again this year Preview was a project of Lambda Tau, honorary English fraternity. The magazine be- gan publication in 1946 when it was originally spon- sored by Lambda Tau. The first issue was published in a special issue of the Travel er. Until last year the book was a general project of the A S college for quite a few years. Garry Carroll Art Editor , out fa , nt, ' - : - - 392 Staff Layout - - Garry Carroll, Editor; Linda Fricker, Liz Hollenberg Staff _ James Scott, Editor; Gene Gillette, Merrilee Streun, Mary Ellen Sullivan, Tom Utley Faculty . . David Durst, Rubin Reif, Mrs. Edwin O ' Kelly, A. W. Blake ' " aw. James Scott Editor Officers of Lambda Tau, national Eng- lish fraternity, assist James Scott, Pre- view editor, in preparing copy and lay- out for this years issue. Pictured from left are Merrilee Streun, vice president; Tom Utley, treasurer; Editor Scott; and Gene Gillette, reporter. This group had a challenging job of preparing a book that will appeal to the varied tastes found in the College of Arts and Sciences. Richard Smith Editor, Fall Semester Law Review The Arkansas Law Review and Bar Association Journal is published quarterly by the School of Law and the Arkansas Bar Association, acting through a non-profit, benevolent association which was found- ed for this purpose in 1947. A copy of the Law Review is sent to every member of the Arkansas Bar Association and every state and territory in the Union. Some copies even go as far as Belgium and Australia. The publication is often cited in court as an authori- ty on such cases as taxation, trusts, and banking. The ancestor of the Law Review was the Law School Bulletin, which was published irregularly from 1929 to 1946. In contrast to the Bulletin, where most of the work was done by the faculty, the Law Re- view is primarily a student endeavor. Members of the editorial staff receive credit hours toward graduation for work on the Law Review. Each published student article is afforded a fractional credit hour. Students seeking membership on the staff must meet certain grade point requirements and sub- mit one or more articles of acceptable quality. Additional articles for the Law Review are pre- pared by prominent jurists, with the majority of this work being done by the University Law School faculty. The articles appearing in the Law Review can be generally classified into three categories: recent de- cisions, case notes, and comments. The articles are under the supervision of the student editorial board and a faculty advisor. James Buttry Editor, Spring Semester 394 1 Law Review staff gathers in Waterman Hall office. Staff members credit toward graduation for work on publication. SeTfcT Editorial Board, left to right: Professor George Joseph Robert Brockman, Martin Gilbert, Bill Patton, Jim Spears fident smNes eveal h f f ,, ows know are Harry Barnes i ,o lelf-confident he can wear uncool white socks. Staff Editor, Fall Semester . Richard Smith Editor, Spring Semester . . James Buttry Associate Editor _ Rice L Van Associate Editor Don F Associate Editor E . c Gi , breath Citations Editor Martin Business Manager Jim R Staff Member R ober t Brockman, Don Adams, William ScUnkber, William Overton, James Van Dover, Herbert C. Rule, Winston Bryant, Harry Barnes, W.lham Bridgforth, William Patton. Searcy Harrell Student Contributors . . J on A . Dermott, A. P. Roberts, Delbert Herman Faculty Advisor . . George M Joseph 395 Student Directory contains names and phone numbers of all University students. Hanging on to one is a definite problem. Student Senate Publications i For most of first semester, a burning question on campus was, " When is the Student Directory coming out? " The question went unanswered for so long that the Board of Publications took the unprecedented step of removing the Directory editor, and replacing him with a Board appointee. The Board also tightened the rules pertaining to editorship of the Directory. Henceforth, Directory editors will be required to pre- sent periodic progress reports, and will be subject to removal if progress is unsatisfactory. The Directory, with a pixieish Scarlett Cornwell perched atop a telephone on the cover, was finally distributed to students at second semester registration. In contrast to the Directory, the ' 62- ' 63 A-Book was ably handled by Co-Editors Sheila Boylan and Ruthann Luedicke. The A-Book, the official handbook of student information, underwent a major revision resulting in a more readable publication. There were also a lot of pictures of Pi Phi ' s in the book. Both the Directory and the A-Book are published by the Student Senate. Both publications have budgets of approximately $1.000. Editors are selected by the Board of Publications. Sheila Boylan, A-Book Editor 396 Candidates for co-editorship of the Razorback, Kay Hafenbrak and Bill Kidder, present their ideas to the Board of Publications. Board of Publications The Board of Publications has the responsibility for seeing that journalistic ethics are adhered to in campus publications. The Board also elects the editors and business managers of the Razorback and the Traveler, and the editors of the A-Book and the Stu- dent Directory. The Board also controls the letting of contracts for printing, engraving and other services. Student membership of the Board rotates among the officers of various campus organizations. Per- manent members of the Board are the head of the Department of Journalism; the University Director of Information and a Presidential appointee, usually the Dean of Students. The Vice President of the stu- dent body serves as chairman of the Board and votes in case of a tie. Ex officio membership on the Board is extended to the editors and business managers of the Traveler and Razorback, the editors of the Student Directory and the A-Book. and the business manager of the Universi- ty- V Board of Publications, clockwise from bottom: David Watkins, Chairman of Board; Garry Carroll; Carolyn Adair, Panhellenic representative; Pat Trimble, Traveler Editor; Jess Covington, Chairman of Journalism Department; Doug Smith, Razorback Editor; William Hughes, Director of Information; Marvin Boatman, MIHC president; Judy Phillips, AWS president. Not present: D. Whitney Halladay, Dean of Students. 397 J . In spite of occasional snide remarks about the kind of people who hang out around the fruit bowl, most UofA students have a relatively high regard for the arts. High relative to the rest of the state, at least. We don ' t go through four years of college for nothin 1 . 399 THE 11 LflW MATT HICk BOi HEW Mr. Zuss and Nickles argue over J. B. ' s faith. George Whitfield and Earl McCarroll, above, were the two outstanding players in Archi- bald MacLeish ' s interpretation of the Book of Job. The dialogue was colorful and crafty, but MacLeish ' s solution is decidely shallow. J. B. CAST NICKLES Earl McCarroll MR. ZUSS _ _ George Whitfield J. B. Jim Braden SARAH _ Beckey Hawkins Judy Lynne Hughes DAVID _ . Ross Jackson RUTH . . Kathleen Harrison MARY _ Tammy Benward REBECCA . Carolyn Ritter JONATHAN _ Lee Harrison FIRST MESSENGER Mickey Cottrell SECOND MESSENGER ._ Joe Couch THE GIRL . _ Nancy Lee Moss BILDAD . Fred Miceli ZOPHAR Thomas D. Kennedy ELIZPHAZ . . Johnny Shepherd MRS. BOTTICELLI _ . Barbara Lynn MRS. MURPHY . . Nancy Cooper MRS. LESURE . _ Mary Ann Groves JOLLY _ Belle Thompson MISS MABEL Nancy Wallace MRS. ADAMS . Barrett Timm Jim Braden ' s initials are J. B., which is probably his best qualification for the role. Two hours of whining isn ' t acting in anyone ' s book, least of all the Book of Job. 400 4 The Fantasticks CAST THE MUTE . _ Dick Albin EL GALLO . Earl McCarroll LUISA _ - Gwen Theis, Shirley Thomas MATT . . Gean W. Gray HUCK _ Bob Gray BELL - _ Jim Epperson HENRY . _ Duane L. Hunt MORTIMER Billy Hicks Jim Epperson, Earl McCarroll and Bob Gray join forces to sing praises of rape, of all things one of many high spots of show. Matt (Gene Gray) defends his lady ' s virtue against dashing bandit El Gallo (Earl McCarroll) and cohorts, including Billy Hicks. 401 " Sentimental Education " was the winner of a playwriting contest. The general reaction to it was first contempt, then enthusiasm: " If winners are this bad, I should take up playwriting. " in view of trvs, the cast cannot be blamed for thsir bad performances. Most agreed the scenery was the best part of the play, a sign of life in the usu- ally excellent drama department. Sentimental Education CAST MRS. ANNA FENWICK _ Mary Ann Groves FRANCOIS .__ Perry Dillon ELENA ZARDI Barbara Lynn PERSIS FENWICK _ Barbara Pi LOTHAR WELITZ _ Thomas D. Kennedy ERNST VON LUDENSTEIN _ Jim Braden CONRAD SACHS _ Gene Jones University Theatre ' s production of " Sentimental Education " was a world premiere. The romantic com- edy, by Madeline Davidson, was the first place winner of National Collegiate Players (Arkansas Chapter) Seventh Annual Playwriting Contest. Persis (Barbara Pigg) casts longing glance at prospective suitor. 402 The Barber of Seville CAST FIGARO _ _ Gean Gray David Grain COUNT ALMAVIVA . Tom Owens Willard Oplinger BARTOLO _ Ray Conner BRASILIO . __ Fred Fox ROSINA Nan Canfield Joan Failla BERTHA Nancy Rainey Linda Ellis FIORELLO _ David Crain Gean Gray AMBROSIUS __ Charles Tucker ANASTASIO . . Willard Oplinger Tom Owens OFFICER OF THE GUARD _ __ Richard Black OFFICERS _ Charles Tucker, Ray Boudreaux The " beautiful " Rosina is joined in song by Bertha and Brasilio. The results proved the theater group should stick with drama. Fred Fox steals another scene in his very apt portrayal of Brasilio, the music instructor. He was also the only member of the cast who managed to keep the correct pitch during his songs. Dr. Bartolo had a colorful costume that made his presence on stage known. , I Queen Elizabeth behaves quite shrewishly in this Schiller play, for which the actress obviously practiced by sucking lemons. The play is good Schiller for the most part, but the author made the mistake of solving a personal problem with a political situation. CAST ELIZABETH OF ENGLAND Rheta Speakman MARY OF SCOTLAND Gwen Theis ROBERT DUDLEY Duane Hunt SIR EDWARD MORTIMER Earl McCarroll LORD BURLEIGH Micky Cottrell EARL OF SHREWSBURY Gene Jones HANNAH KENNEDY .. Gail Beggs SIR AMIAS PAULET Don Burton COUNT L ' AUBESPINE Jim Braden SIR WILLIAM DAVISON Gene Mackey SIR ANDREW MELVIL Bud Saunders PAGE _ Glen Goode O ' KELLY Johnny Shepherd CAPTAIN OF THE GUARDS Charles McHan GUARDS OF THE PALACE Mike Barkley Richard Nichols Mary Stuart Gwen Theis as Mary was the outstanding player in a play with sevei porting roles. Most agree its main defect was that all actors holler ' HHO BBMH. . ... ith several strong sup- " i " -red throughout. 404 A Midsummer Night ' s Dream CAST THESEUS Herb Rule HIPPOLYTA . . Beth Rule ATTENDANT TO THESEUS . . Mike Barkley PHILOSTRATE __ David Grain EGEUS . Dick Albin LYSANDER Randy Scott DEMETRIUS ..__ Glen Goode HERMIA _ ___ Becky Hawkins HELENA _ .__ Pat Wallace PETER QUINCE . Gene Jones BOTTOM (Pyramus) . . Cleveland Harrison SNUG (Lion) .__ Doyle Wesson FLUTE (Thisby) Bud Saunders SNOUT (Wall) _ Maurice Rogers STARVELING (Moon) . Jim Myrick OBERON Earl McCarroll TITANIA . Shirley Thomas PUCK Butch Marino PEASEBLOSSOM _ Janis Duley COBWEB Don Creason MOTH Kay Fraker MUSTARDSEED Johnny Shepherd MORNING-GLORY . Lana Langley BETTLE Haney Cochran Fairy Puck, athletically played to the hilt by Butch Marino, gives good support to a generally splendid cast. Hermia and Lysander must have stumbled in from another play, but this was far outweighed by Pat Wallace ' s Helena and the fantasy roles of Oberon and Titania. Cleveland Harrison steals the show again with his excellent Bottom. Art . ' - 1 - I Art Department The University of Arkansas Art Department is a successful participant in the general education program of the College of Arts and Sciences. The objectives of the College of Arts and Sciences are to develop the student both as an individual and as a member of society, and to train him to be a specialist in the scien ' ific or cultural field of his choice. The Art De- partment carries out its part in this program by offer- ing a wide variety of activities with courses in sculpt- ure, painting, commercial art, graphic arts, art edu- cation, and the history of art. The department has for many years influenced the cullural life of its students as well as those at other art centers throughout the state and nation. Members of the art faculty and students partici- pate in several well-known exhibitions in the United States. The department sends showings and lectures to many parts of the state. With these showings and demonstrations the University Art Department has helped raise the standard of art in Arkansas. Bruce Williams, art major from San Antonio, Texas, begins work on a collage painting which is respresentative of the wide range of media used by students enrolled in courses offered by the Art Department. I Sculpture in various stages of completion form an interesting setting in the sculpture studio in the Fine Arts Center. It is not uncommon to find students working overtime in the Center. Ben Bassham, art major from Rogers, and Jan Halbert, art major from Malvern, discuss the merits of a composition in the painting studio. 407 Music Department Charlotte Cherry, music major from Washington, D. C, is an out- standing example of the serious and talented student artists work- ing together in the Fine Arts Center. Charlotte was a member of the orchestra accompanying the University Theatre ' s, " The Fantasticks. " M ' ' ' M ffoft|l Dr. Marx Pales, professor of music and director of the University- Fayetteville Symphony, skillfully leads the orchestra in a concert presented in the Concert Hall of the Fine Arts Center. This concert is one of many programs held on the Fayetteville campus each year. University-Fayetteville Symphony The symphony orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Marx Pales, is in its fourteenth season at the Uni- versity of Arkansas. It is sponsored by the University and the people of Fayetteville. This year the orchestra performed such works as the symphonies by Franck and Tschaikowsky, Dubussy ' s " Prelude to an After- noon of a Faun. " and Borodin ' s " Polovetsian Dances. " Roger Widder of the music faculty was featured soloist with the orchestra, giving performances of Eugene Goosen ' s " Oboe Concerto. " The University-Fayetteville Symphony toured six Arkansas cities in March. They gave concerts for high school students in Fort Smith, Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, Smackover, and Hope. Concerts were given for both high school students and the general public in Crossett. This tour was sponsored by the music department and the Division of General Extension. The Symphony gave several excellent concerts on the University campus this year. The University-Fayetteville Symphony gives many fine concerts during the year. Practice by groups of the symphony such as the string bass di- vision are necessary to maintain the standard of these performances. 409 Everyone seems to enjoy the practice sessions necessary for enrollment in University Chorus. Some actually sing, others open their mouths, all will probably make good grades. Collegiate Singers and University Chorus Two of the largest organized groups of singers on the University of Arkansas campus are the Universi- ty Chorus, which is open to all students at the Universi- ty, and the Collegiate Singers, a more select group to which many music majors belong. The two groups are directed by Willard Opplinger and Ray Conner. Rich- ard Brothers assisted with these groups during the fall semester. University Chorus and Collegiate Singers have com- bined with Schola Cantorum for the past two seasons for a large Christmas choral concert. The recordings of these concerts are sold in record form to provide scholarships for the International Students Organiza- tions. The Christmas Concert which ends the fall se- mester for the groups is a presentation of carols and religious songs from every country. University Chorus and Collegiate Singers spend spring semester in preparation for their annual Spring Concert which is presented near the end of the semester. Tkii - - UB " : - The Collegiate Singers and University Chorus combine to give several concerts during the fall and spring semesters. Director Willard Opplinger and the combined groups complete one of these concerts and receive the applause of a well-pleased gathering. ---: - 410 -t _ Members oj Schola Cantorum: Liz Alexander, Donna Axum, Alice Faye Bell, Terry D. Bradley, Robert M. Corley, David Grain, James Crum, Jerry Davidson, Linda Ellis, John Enis, Sharon Evans, Bettye Fellinger, David Fountain, Frederick Fox, Mary Ann Groves, Johnnye Myrle Guy, Diana Hopkins, Carolyn Hundley, George Keck, James Laster, Andrea Mc- Curry, Barbara Mullins, Kenneth W. Poore, Nathan Privitt, Wilson N. Pyron, Patricia Richter, Paul Root, Karen Russell, Abby Shuey, Elise Anne Smith, John Edward Smith, David Terry, Janna Tull, Geneva Umbaugh, John Anthony. Schola Cantorum The fact that the Schola Cantorium is an excellent singing group has never been questioned at the Uni- versity of Arkansas. As the most highly selective chor- al group on campus, it consists mainly of music ma- jors with trained voices. Its frequent concerts in Ark- ansas and surrounding states, under the direction of Richard Brothers, have always been warmly received. When the Schola decided two years ago to enter the Guido d ' Arezzo International Polyphonic Compe- tition in Arezzo, Italy, there was much opposition. This came not from the University, but from the State Department. The Schola went to Italy, won the competition and raised considerably the culture of the state in the eyes of the nation. The Schola Cantorum did not forget the people who had sent them to their victory. The fall and spring semesters were spent preparing for a concert tour of the State. These presentations were appreciated by proud and happy people throughout Arkansas. President Kennedy invited the mem- bers of the Schola to tour the White House after they sang for him in the Rose Garden. The President congratu- lated the singers, whose success he had announced at an earlier Washington press conference. 411 University of Arkansas Band For the fourth straight year the University of Arkansas Band was a featured band in a major bowl game. The " Marching Razor- backs " were no disappointment. Their per- formance at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans was a fitting climax to a highly successful marching season. The band ' s half-time shows, capably direct- ed by Dr. Richard Worthington, delighted Razorback fans and guests. The band played at ten pep rallies on the University campus and three pep rallies in Little Rock. The " Marching Razorbacks " made appearances at many Southwest Conference games. During the second semester the band pre- pared for the concert season. Two concerts were presented in the spring semester. The University can always depend on the Razorback Band ' s presence at any event which requires or lends itself to good music. The Razorback Band goes into the familiar " U of A " formation in War Memorial Stadium for the singing of the University Alma Mater. The Marching Razorbacks take the field in War Memorial Stadium for another of Dr. Richard Worthington ' s excellent half-time showings. - On almost any crisp fall afternoon the girls in Fulbright Hall can expect to hear the confusion of the Razorback Band in prac- tice. The confusion always seems to fade into a superb show. The band ' s preparations for the marching season the past four years have ended in a major bowl game. Th is year ' s fitting climax to a successful fall semester came in the Sugar Bowl Classic. The band appeared at parades, breakfasts, on television and at the game. 413 The Komitas Quartet, the State Quartet of Armenian SSR, visited the University of Arkansas on their first American tour. The group is part of the cultural exchange program between Russia and the U.S. Guests This year the students of the University were en- tertained by several guest performers and lecturers. The Fine Arts Concert Series featured such per- formers as the Vegh String Quartet. Elena Nikolaidi, Le Rondeau De Paris, the Komitas Quartet, the Ramat Gan Chamber Orchestra, and William Schatzkamer. The Distinguished Lecturers Committee arranged lectures by Miss Eudora Welty, John Strohm, and William Lawrence. Eudora Welty, distinguished novelist, spoke before an over- flow crowd at Waterman Hall. Her topic was " Words into Fiction. " Maureen Forrester, a young Canadian contralto, made her American singing debut in 1956. She has since become an acclaimed performer. 414 I William Lawrence, science editor of New York Times, delivers the first lecture in Distinguished Lectures program " Atoms for Peace. " I The Ramat Can Chamber Orchestra, which has been touring Europ since 1954, is composed of some of Israel ' s finest musicians Final groups and guest to visit the University campus were: The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Izler Solomon; Mr. John Strohm, the only United States newspaperman to visit Communist China with the State Department ' s approval; and Bill a.-.d Pat Medley, concert pianists for the Concert Series. 415 c f f I ,RY The military, if one can realistically connect ROTC with the military, is a fact of life for most male students at the University. The degree of unpleas- antness depends to a large extent on one ' s atti- tude. Most ROTC cadets have a very poor attitude. 417 Army ROTC 1 The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps has offered its course of study and training to cadets at the University since 1873. The main purpose of this program is to acquaint students with the role of the present day Army and to prepare them for executive positions in either the regular or reserve Army after completion of the four year course and graduation. A freshman is instructed in a basic orientation of Army Organization, the role of the Army, and small bore rifle marksmanship. As a sophomore he studies military history, map reading, and small unit tactics. Cadets are selected for the two-year advanced pro- gram by a board of officers on the basis of character, leadership, intelligence, aptitude, and alertness. In this program the cadets are taught leadership techniques, advanced tactics, military law, Army administration, and radio communication techniques. Between the junior and senior years the advanced cadets attend a six-week training program at one of the Army ' s training centers where they receive more intensive instruction under actual field conditions. This experience is applied at the University during the leadership labs and drill periods on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Colonel M. B. Montgomery PMS fw First Row: Lt. Colonel L. G. Brown, Executive Officer; Colonel M. B. Montgomery, PMS; Lt. Col- onel W. R. Hanks, Asst. PMS. Second Row: Major H. E. Gray, Jr.; Capt. X. M. Holt; Capt. H. P. Tomlinson; Capt. J. W. Morse. First Row: MSgt. Bernard Contrella, MSgt. D. L. Isom, MSgt. A. H. Jinks. Second Row: Sgt. 1st Class C. A. Ellard, SSgt. M. D. Forsyth, MSgt. A. D. Simko. PSgt. McDaniel, Specialist-5 Dantzler. Brigade Staff First Row. Brigade Colonel Weisenberger. Second Row. Lt. Seay, Lt. Colonel Riggs, Maj. Banks. Fourth Row. Lt. Colonel Friley, Lt. Colonel Regan, Lt. Colonel Watkins. Brigade Staff members escort Honorary Sponsors to Military Ball. Left to right: Honorary Colonel Harkey, Brigade Colonel Weisenberger; Honorary Lt. Colonel Adair, Lt. Colonel Watkins; Honorary Lt. Colonel Helmig, Lt. Colonel Regan; Honorary Lt. Colonel Adams, Lt. Colonel Friley; Honorary Lt. Colonel Carlson. Capt. Schmidt. 419 Senior Officers First Row. Garner, Friley, Feilke, Neal, Mason, Gorman, Lit- trell. Smith, Seay, Summers, Lyon, Whiteside, May, Marino. Second Row: Riggs, Schmitt, Donaldson, Beattie, Regan, Elliott, Snetzer, Lawson, Johnson, John, Ivester, Austin, Ponder, Bain- bridge. Third Row: Brownd, Burnett, Ritter, Maddox, Crum- packer, Gass, Hawkins, Alexander, Swanson, Rothert, Sigler, McKenzie, Watkins. Fourth Row: Davis, Brazil, Mayes, John- son, Shaddox. Brown, Northup, Banks. Davis, Coffman Sloan. McKuin. Fifth Rmv: Brownd, Bradberry, Harrot, Carney, Wiesenberger. Junior Officers First Row. Spence, Bean, Jones, Miller, Cain, Wright, Robinson, Hatfield, Hodges, Fabinsky, Pickell, Miller, Baker, Fender. Second Row. Shirk, Love, Shelton, Carter, Allison, Davies, Gilbert, Walker, Cook, McKenney, Bragg, Girard, Moore, Wof- ford. Third Row. Estes, Roberts, Hart, Hill, Johnson, Dober, Sikes, Pelphrey, Mott, Stanger, Lilly, Hawkins. Fourth Row. Park, Carney, Davidson, Clark, Barry, Beller, Mulhollsn, Sch- rantz, Ramsey, Jackson, Vise. Fifth Row. Hooks, Garner, Pat- terson, Rothman. 420 With frequent drill sessions, the members of Pershing Rifles remain in practice to serve as honor guard for visitors on University campus. Pershing Rifles The University of Arkansas company of the Persh- ing Rifles is an honorary military society for cadets in the basic Army ROTC program. It was founded by General John J. " Blackjack " Pershing, who achieved much of his fame by chasing Pancho Villa back into Mexico in the 1910 ' s and by leading United States Expeditionary Forces into France in 1917. The first Pershing Rifles chapter was founded in 1894. The organization ' s main purpose is to further military excel- lence and drill proficiency. Members of this elite group are selected from the freshman and sophomore classes for their qualities of leadership, participation in ROTC activities -- such as decoration for the military ball - and performance in the twice-a-week drill periods. Company D of the Seventh Regiment conducts a pledge week for all new candidates in both the fall and spring semesters. During this period the pledges are required to wear their uniforms and carry wooden rifles for each member to sign. In addition, the pledges are re- quired to know all general data pertaining to the organ- ization, both on the national and the University level. During the year the Pershing Rifles are called upon to serve in many different capacities. They serve as an honor guard for visiting dignitaries and for in- specting officers of the Fourth Army, who make an annual tour of the University ROTC Department. Members of Pershing Rifles: Capt. N. M. Schmitt, Company Commander; MSgt. J. R. Tyler, Ex. Officer; Sgt. J. E. Shirk, First Sgt.; W. B. Medlin, Guidon Bearer. First Platoon: W. J. Wells, W. J. Moeller, C. R. Tucker, R. L. Spencer, J. R. Smith, J. D. Precure, L. P. Moody, R. K. Schultz, G. Rakosky, E. J. Schroeder, W. H. Roberts, L. W. Burks, H. H. Phillips, P. A. Nichols, L. G. Pate, J. D. Spann, N. B. Priddy, M. D. Orender, R. E. McPherson, W. R. Thurlby, N. S. Smith. Second Platoon: R. E. Hill, C. F. Stewart, J. W. Lance, J. K. Smith, G. 0. Lee, B. G. Makowka, D. R. Swaby, P. L. Hart. J. L. Gattis, S. W. Kerr, M. B. Wilber, V. W. Hildebrand, R. V. Logan, L. P. Griffin, J. W. Claiborne, E. R. Kirby, W. E. Chapman, E. J. Christensen, R. J. Harriell, J. T. Beasley, R. S. Fairchild, N. V. Carter, J. M. Plummer, R. F. Griffin, W. C. Anderson. J. 0. Hart. Army Sponsors Dot Harkey Honorary Cadet Colonel Delta Delta Delta Judy Adams Honorary Cadst Lt. Colonel Chi Omega Susan Helmig Honorary Cadst Lt. Colone Pi Beta Phi Carolyn Adair Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Delta Delta Delta ' IT Karen Carlson Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Fulbright Hall Army ROTC Band First Roif: Capt. Donaldson, Sgt. Sam Park, Sgt. Jerry David- son. Second Row. Cooper, Kinsey, Watts, Portis, Coppage, Pickering. Third Row. Scott, Hollanger, Bradley, Ruple, jaffe, Kinneman, Laser, Sharer, Hearn. Fourth Row: Ryan, Gibbons, Poe, Rash, Burks, Cohen, Tiberiis, Robrahn, Morgan. Fi th Row. Wheeler, Baker, Hartman, Ledgerwood, Thompson, Jordan, Porter, French, Yoakum, Peck. 423 Air Force ROTC To attain the AFROTC mission, over eight hundred cadets were given instruction this year at the Uni- versity of Arkansas " for informed citizenship in the Aerospace Age. " The end result of this program is to provide the United States Air Force with well-trained officers, pilots, and navigators. First year cadets are exposed to a course of study that covers principles of flight, military aviation his- tory, and opportunities on the Aerospace Team. As a sophomore, the cadet is introduced to aerial tactics and man ' s exploration of space. During this year the cadet is given minor assignments on the drill field to prepare him for possible future responsibilities as a cadet officer. Cadets are selected for the advanced program on the basis of their successful completion of both the physical and mental examinations, and review by the Air Science Officers Board. As advanced cadets these students are instructed in the techniques of navigation, weather, and the principles of military law. Between their junior and senior years the cadets attend a four-week program of intensive training at a Summer Training unit. Lt. Colonel Neal H. Hardin PAS First Row: Maj. R. E. Phelps, Lt. Colonel B. E. Moon, Maj. L. L. Dunlap. Jr. Second Row: Capt. E. G. Kruggel, Capt. R. K. Brown, Capt. G. W. Sullivan. First Row: SSgt. R. W. Schleipman, SSgt. I. W. Roller. Second Row: TSgt. K. A. Haberkorn, TSgt. W. H. McConnell, TSgt. J. R. Bowles. Cadet Wing Staff First Row; Blankenship, Wagner, Owens, Bassham, Dobbs, Grimes, Cathey. Second Row. Myers, Bauer, Johnston, Keene, Brown, Eubank. Third Row: Bass, Floyd, Meinert, Koonee Tabler, Stone. Cadet Officers First Row: Croxton, Shaver, Rouse, Walker, Rose, Jobe, Petty, Turner, Rakestraw, Dabbs. Second Row: Harrell, Karam, Ott, Terry, Stephens, Jones, Moore, Teel, Whitehead, Neighbors. Third Row: Andrus, Feltch, Bond, Moore, Shimek, Bank, Henley, Vehik, Nowell, Leidy. Fourth Row: Allen, Jones, Tiley, Martin, Herndon, Soden, Lane, Arrington, Thurston, Sullivan. 425 Band First Row. Leidy, Band Commander. Second Row: Crawford, Roark, Kingston, Mayo, Baker. Third Row: Wood, Stewart, Lewis, Vicory, Shillcut. Fourth Row: Hewett, Henderson, Meroney, Kirk, Ritchey. Fifth Row. Dayton, Stubblefield, Chandler, Lea, Black. Sixth Row. Evans, Gibson, dyne, Weir, Case. Seventh Row: Dorre, James, Thurston, Wirski, Willis. Eighth Row. Long, McDaniel, Daugherty, Miller. Ninth Row. Walker, Ross. Drill Team First Row: Collins, Primm, Thompson, Hart, Rice, Coff, Glover. Second Row: White, Cook, Kidd, Abbott, Land, Parker, King, Morace, Neighbors. Third Row: Pickering, Brown, Monrow, Montgomery, Mooney, Coffield, Price. Fourth Row. Shaw, Brown, Chastain, Beardall, Edwards, Smith, Goff. 426 , Chorus First Row. Owrns, Dodd , Reeves, Bridges, Carolan, Goodner, Gibson, Black. Second Row: Burnett, Allen, Anderson, Roberts, Harris, Rowe, Kennedy, Espy. Third Row: Robbins, Clements, McDonald, Perry, Thomas, Hopkins, Kizzia, Franks. Fourth Row: Philpott, Hopkins, Boudreaux, Longacre, Rapp. I " . Auxiliary Security Unit First Row: Burton, Bess, Green, Holcombe, Kordsmeier, Crisp, Henley, Ryan. Henley. Second Row: Chapman, Jack, Hill, Joiner, Lewis, 427 Air Force Sponsors Polly Outlaw Honorary Cadet Colonel Delta Delta Delta Diana Hubbard Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Kappa Kappa Gamma Shari White Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Delta Gamma 428 Connie Mustek Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Holcombe Hall A glisten of silver followed by a snow white contrail marks the passage of an Air Force jet through a crisp autumn sky. 429 Members of Arnold Air Society: J. Allen, B. Barger, J. Bush, A. Martin, M. Myers, P. C. Nelson, D. Woodford, V. Bauer. G. Pounder, J. Smith, R. Browning, G. Anderson, J. H. Bassham, K. L. Blanke ship, G. Bobo, D. Bond, T. E. Bowen, W. F. Brown, L. C. Davis, D. Deaderrick, B. Edwards, K. Garner, W. D. Gibson, K. Gillespie, R. A. Goff, M. C. Good, P. Hastings, F. R. Helm, R. Herndon, H. Jefferies, M. Lane, R. Lindsey, D. Long, D. Longacre, G. Moore, J. Moore, L. Mullins, R. Neighbors, J. Nowell, J. Bass, J. B. Posey, F. E. Rapp, T. Roberts, D. Roe, T. C. Ryan. D. Remagen, E. E. Shelton, T. E. Stanley, T. Stockslager, J. Thompson, J. L. Walker, K. Warren, V. W. Williams, J. L. Whitworth, F. L. Williams, D. Cox, J. Case, K. R. Worthen, G. Gierow, G. Cochran, J. Sullivan, D. Petty, M. Whitehead, R. G. Tibsey, B. Gray, J. L. Sullivan. Arn old Air Society Since its founding in 1947, the Arnold Air Society has grown in national stature as an honorary military society. Its guiding principles are " to further the pur- pose, mission, tradition, and concepts of the United States Air Force as a means of National Defense; pro- mote American citizenship: and create a close and more efficient relationship among Air Force Officer Training Corps Cadets. " Membership is by invitation to members of the advanced AFROTC cadet corps. There is also a scholar- ship requirement of a 2.00 overall grade average and a 3.00 average in Air Science courses. The local squadron sponsors the Drill Team and arranges for its participation in numerous drill compe- titions and public events in a three state area. New members are pledged to the group in the spring and are rapidly integrated into the many group activities sponsored by the society. These activities include the Band, the Air Police, and the Drill Team. Learning aloft. AFROTC cadets partici- pated in " Classroom in the Sky " . Military Ball, sponsored by Scabbard and Blade, was well attended by ROTC cadets, dates who responded in unmilitary fashion to rock and roll. Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade has its beginning on the campus in 1916 with the establishment of " B " Company of the Second Regiment. This national society is an hon- orary organization for students enrolled in the ad- vanced course of Army and Air Force ROTC. The members of this group are selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and interest in the military program. Their mission is " to raise the military slandards in American colleges and universities, to unite a closer relationship between their military de- partments, to encourage and foster the essential qual- ities of efficient officers, and to promote friendship among cadet officers. " As in the many years since its establishment on the campus, this group sponsors the Army ROTC Military Ball. They make the arrangements for the band, decorations, and invitations. Scabbard and Blade also forms the traditional saber arch through which the honorary cadet sponsors are presented. First Row. Garner, Mason, Miller, Gass, Gorman, Snetzer, Littrell, Seay. Second Row: Bass, Sigler, Gilbert, Rhesa, Neal, Eubank, Riggs, Austin. Third Row: Gray, Robinson, Davis, Crumpacker, Sikes, Alexander, Rothert. Fourth Row. Smith, Brown, Donaldson, Hodges, Coffman, Lyon. Fifth Row: Bass- ham, Carney, Davies, Walker, Hatfield, McKenzie, Watkins. 431 J ATI ; ,+ + m . Extra-curricular activities have a place in student life, though exactly where it is has never been determined. There are advantages and disadvan- tages involved in being active in campus organ- izations. One disadvantage is that you may never find time to go to class. An advantage is that if you belong to a lot of groups you have a good chance to make Who ' s Who. Sometimes. 433 Accounting Association The accounting association helps its members ob- tain additional information about the various fields of accounting by inviting a guest speaker to the monthly luncheon meeting. Here, the students can have their questions answered, and are given an opportunity to exchange views on current problems in accounting. First Row: Mearl Pearcy, Terry O. McDarris, Laura Stout, Mary Zimpel, George Heller, Dan Yoakum, John Alvarez, Robert Harriett. Lyndell H. Walraven. Second Row: Jerry Dill, Gar- land Harris, Leonard F. Francis, Gerald Kellogg, Pat Gillespie. John Gardner, Bobby Baker, Charles Thomasson. Third Row: B. F. Thompson, Carlton E. Davis, James Norwood, Tommy Boyer, James Bolin, John Hill. OFFICERS: Jerry Dill, President; Carlton E. Davis. Secretary; John Alvarez, Treasurer. 434 dation i,. -;!. ; " bf iteir ' .. .-,:. - t. id knM,Cir. ' -pr. Kl : ABC The Arkansas Booster Club, composed of two mem- bers from each organized house on campus, was or- ganized to support the athletic teams and provide the students with well supervised pep activities. The ABC spongers the pep rallies, Homecoming, and Dad ' s Day each year. New members serve as pledges for the first semester, and are then extended full membership after this. first Row: Gillson, Pinson, Loveless, Byrd, Swaim, Ligon, Linebarger, Blackwood, Stites, Raybourn, Coe. Cole. Second Row: Gardner, Martin, Stevenson, Smith, Clark, Hornor, Haley. Pigg, Powell. Nichols, Bajour. Third Row: Storey, Foster, Cope- land, Perdue, Sellars, Breckenridge, Harris, Ives, Frazier, Stock- ton, Marschewski, Riley. Fourth Row: May, Scott. Savage, Powell, Burns, Jennings, Hockey, Broadmeadow, Pickering ' Hurley, Ruble. Fifth Row: Miller, Prince. Wesson, Irby ' Harper, Harner, Clinehens, Skillern, Land, Maertens, Meinecke, Mackey, Edwards, Posey. OFFICERS: Pledge class; Doug Hurley, President; Bud Storey, Vice President; Marinell Coe, Secretary. Members: Jerry May President; David Ruble, Vice President; Mary Homer, Sec- retary; Dick Savage, Treasurer. Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta, international pre-medical soci- ety, was founded on this campus in 1938. Membership in AEA is based primarily on scholarship. The years activities included a tour of the medical center, pre- senting outstanding guest speakers from the medical field, and presenting the University with a collection of medical texts. First Row: Steve Amis, Darrel Newkirk, Jane Kitchens, Ann Cooper, Normandie Frigillana. Second Row: Lynnah Fisher Claude Gibson, Lawson Glover, Rickey Skillan, Spencer Brown or Jacob Sacks, William Runyan, Jill Thompson, Charles Sisco Ihird Row: William Reisser, Michael Platt. Jim Kizziar, Wendell Tyson, Roger Collins, Lackey Moody, Harrison Butler OFFICERS: Jane Kitchens, President; Lackey Moody Vice President; Lynnah Fisher, Secretary; Kenneth Skillen, Treasurer; Normandie Frigillana, Reporter; Jacob Sacks, Faculty Sponser. 435 Agri Student Association The members of the Agriculture Students Associ- ation are those students enrolled in the schools of Agri- culture and Home Economics. First Row: Wilma Blevins, Mabel Faye Rogers, Pat Cole, Linda Weir, Robert Poteet, Ronnie Tengue, Jim Barrentine, Marinell Coe, C. A. Ivy, Aubery Mathews, Jim Shearer. Second Row: Charles Hooks, Terry Fugitt, Becky O ' Neal, Patricia Dodgen. Lynda Wilson, Carolyn Gattis, Joyce Plumlee, Douglas Creecy, Carolyn Lierly, Carole Martin. Third Row: Ronald Maxwell. Michael R. Crura, Gillis Young, Gerald Wilson, Robert Harris, John Latting, Larry Halesy, Bruce Coleman, John Feilke. Fourth Row: Edmond Brewer, Dickie Oliver, Jerry Friddle. Bill Ragland, Richard Ivy, Dale Brown, Ray Smith. OFFICERS: Ronald Maxwell, Manager; Jim Barrentine, Assist- ant Manager; Bruce Coleman, Treasurer; Marinell Coe, Pub- licity Chairman. . AIA The local chapter of the American Institute of Architecture acts on behalf of the architecture students in helping them learn more about their role in the national group. The national organization is the pro- fessional group for the nation ' s architects, and has a chapter in every state, with headquarters in Wash- ington, B.C. It is the voice and governing body of the architects, and it seeks ways to improve the profession. First Row: George Teiber, Clark Buchner, Joe Clingan, Charles Contine, Jay Myers, Bill Booth, Derrel Mullins, Earnest Jacks, Faculty Adviser. Second Row: Willard Burks. Douglas Rye, Bill Wilson, Jim Linbarger, Ken Shireman, John Fletcher, John Bankston, Forrest Cox. Third Row: Neal Gray, Marvin Maune, Allan Lilley, Carl Smith, Joe Norcross, Gordon Guest, Edwin Hoggard, David Riggs, Kenneth Herman, John Wright. 436 OFFICERS: George Teiber, President; Marvin Maune, Secre- tary; John Fletcher, Treasurer; Ernest Jacks, Faculty Advisor. Not Pictured; Tommy Polk, Vice President. . , ,. - Agronomy Club The Agronomy Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. A program of interest in crops and soils is planned for each meeting. A fall and spring outing are planned each year to allow club and faculty members and their families to get to know each other. A cotton picking contest and the sale of seed identification kits are sponsored by the club to raise funds for their activities. First Row: Ronald Phillips. Advisor; Khan Chhoun. Bob Dilday, Jim Barrentine, Charles Hooks, Fred Collins. Second Row: Boh Hudspeth, Jimmy Johnson, Jesse McRoy, Herman Scholze, Douglas Creecy. Third Row: Ken Rhodes, Gerald Wilson, Dickie Oliver, Ray Smith, Faculty Sponsor, M. S. Offutt. OFFICERS: Fred Collins. President; Ken Rhodes, Vice Presi- dent; Jimmy Johnson, Treasurer; Charles Hooks, Corresponding Secretary. I tii- - i. i pro- d b . , M it k , - : ; ,..-,., ' 437 - - AIEE-IRE The American Institute of Electrical Engineers, founded in 1884, and the Institute of Radio Engi- neers, founded in 1912, are joined in their program of maintaining high professional standards in the field of engineering and fostering the necessary qualities of engineers. First Row: Kenneth McKinney, Carl Gibbons, Gary Camp- bell, Maurice Robinson, Cleo Walton, Ted Nakamura, Lonnie Pruett, William Simpson, Toshio Oishi, David Terry, Norman Nixon. Second Row. Carl Miller. Micky Mayfield, Jimmy Pickering, Terry Henley, Rex Martain, Ron Eddy, Milton Hardin, " Shorty " , John Harton, Marvin Griffin, Vernon Camp- bell, Doyle Brown. Third Row. Don Ball, Terry Lovett, John Marschewski, Johnny Hearn. Robert Welborn, Mike Carver, Andre Jensen, Chal Shrader, Alan Green, Jim Alexander, Troy Henson. Fourth Row: Thruman Smith, Donald Reed, Sidney Roberts, Leonard Wiggins, Bob Clinehens, Russ Williams, Robert McKinney, Jerry Newcomb, Jerry Ott, Stephen Kooker, James Chastain, Paul Clampit. OFFICERS: Rex Martain, Representative; Carl Gibbons, Repre- sentative; Troy Henson, President; Stephan Kooker, Vice-Presi- dent; Ron Eddy, Secretary; Terry Henley, Treasurer. 438 ,. - AIChE Chartered on the University Campus in 1935, the local chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, in keeping with its purpose of encouraging interest in the chemical engineering field, holds lunch- eon meetings bimonthly. Here, the national achieve- ments and problems of chemical engineers are heard and discussed with guest speakers. Also, during the year, smokers are held and the group sets up exhibits. First Row. Bobby Jones, Randy Bayliss, Margaret Pinkerton, George Reed, Jeff Delezen. Tommy Reames, Ronny Jones. Second Row: Ed Woods. Mike Burns, Alvin Webb, Milo Myers, John Jackson, Joseph Gray, Jerry Johnson. OFFICERS: Margaret Pinkerton, Treasurer; Roy Leon Walker, Jr. Representative. Not Pictured: Eddie Morrison, President; Ed Woods, Vice-President. AIIE The American Institute of Industrial Engineers attempts to correlate classroom knowledge with prac- tical industrial proccesses and problems. The group takes field trips to plants around the state and gives its members advanced statistical information about industrial engineering. ' First Row: Dean Horton, Jim Endicott. Buck Johns, Bob Crisp, George Essy, Earnest Fant. Second Row: Ken Schrantz, Conrad Lawson, John Miller, Charles Brittain, Bill Miller, Gary Oliver, Jim Fant. OFFICERS: Bob Crisp, President; Earnest Fant, Vice-President; Conrad Lawson, Secretary; Buck Johns. Treasurer; John Endi- cott, Social Chairman; Bill Miller, Senior Representative; John Miller, Senior Representative. 439 Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma, a national professional chemistry fraternity, found the local chapter in 1928. Outstanding students in the field of chemistry are honored by mem- bership, and must have completed three semesters of chemistry, while maintaining a good scholastic aver- age. Members of the college section of the fraternity can become affiliated with the professional branch when they graduate. Among its various activities, Alpha Chi Sigma supplies tutors in chemistry. First Row: Donald Goodner, Milo Myers, George Reed, Phil- lippe Nave. Second Row: Don Roach, Ed Woods, Gerald Koch, Dale Cabbiness, Phillip Spray. OFFICERS: Milo Myers, Master Alchemist; George Reed, Vice- Master Alchemist; Ed Woods Recorder; Phil Spray, Reporter; Gerald Koch, Master of Ceremonies. 440 OFFICERS: Jan Owen, President; Azalea Baird, Vice- President; Jephrey Phipps, Secretary; Carolyn Lierly, Treasurer; Carol Carter, Historian. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta was founded at the University of Illinois in 1924 to promote intelligent living and a rich standard of learning and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshmen women. It began on the U. of A. campus in 1942. A 3.5 average for the first semester, or a 3.15 accumulative average for the freshman year is required for membership. Ac- tivities include a tea for prospective members, tutoring sessions for freshman women, and an information booth at registration. First Row: Carolyn Lierly, Linda Purdy, Carol Carter, Rita Foster, Azalea Baird, Judy Adams, Jephrey Phipps, Shirley Meyer. Second Row: Sallye Lowrey, Judi Burch, Linda Cox, Margaret Atkinson, Lee Brown, Anna Beth Oliver, Chi Chi Har- graves. r . Alpha Kappa Psi An honorary commerce fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi honors men who are candidates for a degree in this field. Guest speakers are invited to meetings held dur- ing the year, and members are given a chance to learn more about their future profession. First Row: Norwood, Hatfield, French. Gate, Patterson, Hol- bert, Harris, Lovett, Sanders, Bartill. Second Row: Bell, Grigs- by, Bolin, Mayer, McKenney, Thomas, Merrick. Hurst, Rothurt, Whitesid?, West, Maxey. Third Row: Mace, Hartin, Walla, Lance, Bindgforth, Love. Dober, Beutelscies, Rowland, Stuart, McBurnett, Coker, Magness, Boyer. Fourth Row: Cullum, Bry- ant, Meador, McCarley, Patterson, Cadieux, Davis, (Faculty Rep.) Pinson. Wagner, Price, Goff. Fifth Row: Meyer, Lovett, Jackson, Sanford, Adams, Rhoden, Hill, Adair, Craig, Stonlay, Sloan, Stanley. )elta tix [niversiti 1 . ,:!, wit beg " lor , " i . V. .:.:;!:: jli ' b . lc , h Ufr OFFICERS: Neill Sloan, President; George E. Rowland, Jr., Vice-President; Jerry D. Pinson, Secretary; David Dober, Treas- urer, Jerry McKenney, Efficiency Reporter; Stan Patterson, Master of Rituals. 441 : . . OFFICERS: Curtis J. Bequette, President; Dale G. Brown, Vice-President; Bruce Coleman, Secretary; Dale Pharr, Treas- urer; C. A. Ivy, Reporter. Animal Industry The Animal Industry Club, an animal husbandry group, is primarily involved in sponsoring judging teams in intercollegiate contests. The club is open to students in the fields of animal and poultry husbandry. First Row. Curtis J. Bequette, Bruce Coleman, Gille Young, Maxine Holdar, Dale Pharr, C. A. Ivy, Mary Holdar, Kendall W. Scott, Faculty Advisor. Second Row. Robert Poteet, Jim Shearer. Jerry Friddle, Dale Brown, Jackie Shaner. Bill Ray- land, Harold Shook, jerry Miley, M. C. Heck, Faculty Ad- visor. rt - - fnl - 442 Alpha Zeta Alpha Zeta is an honorary Agriculture fraternity. The original chapter was founded at Ohio State in 1897, and started at the University in 1917. Its goal is the development of leadership and interest in the agricul- ture field. ' 1 he local chapter draws its membership from the upper three classes of the agriculture school. To be chosen for membership, a student needs to display sound character and leadership qualities. First Row: Richard Bell, Bruce Coleman, Jim Barrenline, Charles Hooks. Fred Collins, Terry Fugitt, Khan Chhoun, Predric Bailey. Second Row: Edmond Brewer, John Feilke, Owen Yandell. Jimmy J ohnson, Larry Lewis, Henry Meinecke, Kenneth Coffer, Royce Rogers. OFFICERS: John Feilke. Chancellor; Fredric Bailey, Censor; Gerald Shook, Scribe; Richard Bell, Treasurer; Edmund Brewer, Chronicler. ASAE The local chapter of the American Society of Agri- cultural Engineers is active in providing Agri engineers with ideas about the profession, and in giving them a chance to meet and talk with prominent members of the profession. Industrial interviewers visiting the campus, and men within the Department of Agriculture provide the outstanding speakers that are heard at bimonthly meetings of the group. First Row: Paul Jackson, Joe Pennington, B. Maurice Moore, David Bowman, Charles Wilson, Jim Burtaon. Second Row: Eddie Gay, Dudley Johnson, Joe Faddis, Rex Clark, Kyle Engler, Russell Benedict. OFFICERS: Rex Clark, President; Jim Burton, Vice-President; Paul Jackson, Secretary; David Bowman, Treasurer; Eddie Gay Scribe. 443 ASCE The American Society of Civil Engineers has a membership of freshmen through seniors, of students majoring in civil engineering. They include guest speak- ers from varied phases of civil engineering and a chap- ter trip to Beaver Reservoir Project. Members attended the Mid-South Section Meeting of the ASCE in Little Rock, Ark., Oct. 25, 26, and 27. One member pre- sented a paper in competition with the other student chapters represented. First Row: Chang, Roberts, Winter, Grubbs, Porter, Moix, Bryniarski, Penn. Second Row. Virden, Arringtion, Luce, McMurtrey. Zeiler, Barborek, Hooper, Fox, Brogley. Third Row: Meadows, Wylie, Hicks, Wilson, Gee, Khorramy, Bkarnowski, Cheatham, Green, Dorre. Fourth Row: Frost, Fitzgerald, Barton, Taylor. Hunnicutt, Patton, Hodges, Rogers, Henderson, Gotten, Allen. OFFICERS: Douglas Meadows, President; David Porter, Vice- President; Richard Hodges, Secretary; James Frost, Treasurer. AWS Executive Board The AWS Executive Board represents and governs the Association of Women Students, which includes all undergraduate women students enrolled in the Uni- versity. The board is headed by four officers and is composed of the president of the various womens ' organizations, the dormitory presidents and the chair- men of the various committees on campus. AWS rules the women with what most of the members consider an iron hand. First Row: Jane Kitchens, Lynda Stair, Susan Scarbrough, B;tly Copeland, Monika Hartstein, Sandy Hubbard, Doris Coger, Judy Phillips. Second Row: Regina Rushing, Jan Owen. Robin Jordan, Carylon Quails. Mary Prewitt, Cathie Remmel, Barbra Duncan, Francis Dillard, Carolyn Raley, Susan Bran- nigan. OFFICERS: Judy Phillips, President; Donna Welhausen, Sec- retary; Monika Hartstein, Treasurer. 444 ASME The American Society for Mechanical Engineers, a national organization for professional engineers, was founded in 1880. The ASME, through its program, seeks to broaden the students acquaintanceship with the practical side of mechanical engineering, to make the library facilities of the society available to those interested, and to keep the students informed about engineering progress. First Row: Joe Bigge. Albert Luziette, Jerry Brown, Larry Jones, Sonny Pearson. Richard Poe, Wayne Irwin, Donnie Robertson. Second Row: Sanford Varnell, Robert Rainwater, Don Johnston. Sam Lowry, Donald Graf, Tom Holloway, Allen Delamar, John Floyd, James Norwood. Third Row: Del Ray Stanage, Noel Drindak, Bennie Blackwell, Eddy Harrison, Ronald Baldwin, Foye Penn, Thomas Plunkett, James Straub, Larry Larson, James Wise. OFFICERS: Larry Jones, President; Sonny W. Pearson, Sec- retary; Foye W. Penn, Treasurer. 445 . - OFFICERS: Mike Thompson, President; George Jernigan, Vice- President; Neil Sloan, Secretary; David Foust, Treasurer; Mit- thew Rothert, Alumni Secretary. Blue Key ' Blue Key -was founded in 1924 at the University of Flarida by Major Bert Riley. Blue Key serves the University by offering suggestions on correcting stu- dent problems and helping campus life run smoothly. The Marble Arch Chapter here on campus holds a luncheon meeting each week during the year, at which campus problems are mulled over. First Row: Martin Gilbert, David Foust, Royce Weisen- berger, Craid Rains, Mike Thompson. Bob Crisp, Phil Rice, Billy Hawkins, Charles Whiteside. Second Row: Tim Hinkle, Robert Bell, Lee Bowman, Fred Favor, Dick Cadieux, Jim McKenzie, Larry White, Bill Brady, Mike Burns. Third Row: Steve Pelphrey, Covin Jordan. Hugh Pollard, George Jernigan, Searcy Harrell, Delbert Herman, Gaston Gibson, David Watkins, Jerry Rogers, Edmund Dohoney. IT fc AMI Frm ' %fcw : .- ' - 446 Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi, the national accounting fraternity, is an honorary scholastic and professional organization whose goal is that of strenglhening the accounting pro- fession. In line with this aim. Beta Alpha Psi ' s local chapter. Alpha Iota, holds a business banquet meeting each month. Guest speakers, outstanding in the account- ing profession, highlight these meetings. Scholarship and leadership are the basis for choice in the membership of this fraternity. First Row: Betty Ceurin, Clara Cornelius. Laura Stout, Joe Merrirk, Ann Awtry, Kenneth Hankins. Second Row: Herbert Quillen, John Regan, Larry Grain, Owen Pugh, Donald Kyle, Louis Dawkins. OFFICERS: Owen Pugh, President; Herbert Quillen, Vice- President; Clara Cornelius, Secretary; John Regan, Treasurer. Immity an is m i-a ; :- -..- -. . r W lt: -.J-. Baptist Student Union The BSU is the Baptist student ' s ' ' Church Home Away From Home " while on the University campus. Its purposes are to promote active local church mem- bership, personal devotions, prayer and fellowship. First Row: Joy Patrick, Arlene Jones, Paula Sharrah, Carl Rutledge, Janet Smith, Sandra Williams, Linda Weir. Second Row. Phylis McFarland, Troy Smith, Cynthia Worrell, Oscar Heiby, Ernie Morace, Mac Glover, Ron Eddy, Lawson Clover, Johnny Ward. Third Row: Jamie Jones, Director; Charlotte Runyan, Joyce Plumlee. Bob Corley, Edward Maddox, Maurice Robinson, Linda Gill, Celia Maloch, Darrel Newkirk, Thomas Seny. Fourth Row: Bertie Roberts, Darrel Garner, Murphy Hughes, Charles Primm, Lyndell Scott, Larry Taylor, Bill Loh- mar, Larry Cheatham, Charles Tucker, James Tyson, Kim Bussell. OFFICERS: Edward Maddox, Brotherhood; Linda Sue Gill, Social; Janet Smith, Music; Thomas Seny, Church. Second Row: Jamie Jones, Director; Lawson Glover, President; Celia Maloch, Student Center; Charles Tucker, Publicity; Darrel Newkirk, Evangelism; Ron Eddy, Devotional. 447 Cardinal Twenty Cardinal Twenty, founded in 1960 by Omicron Delta Kappa, is an organization of twenty outstanding men from the previous freshman class. They are se- lected on the basis of grade point, offices held, athletics, and responsibilities carried out. They assist in fresh- man orientation and help with registration in the fall and spring. First Row. Lawrence Fikes, Rusty Bell. Scott Smith, Bob Bryant, Jim Lance, Buzzy McNair, Dick Halsell. Second R ow. Bob Tucker, Jim Shaw, John French, Jim Morse, Ed Penick, Ken Hatfield, George Shelton. Third Row. Jim Pace, Steve Douglas. Lynn Leek. Keith Wetsell, Richard Remke, Jerry Cooper. OFFICERS: Jim Shaw, President; Jerry Cooper, Vice-President ; George Shelton. Secretary; Jim Lance, Treasurer. Chi Epsilon Alpha Chi Epsilon, a civil engineering honorary fraternity, became associated with the national organi- zation, Chi Epsilon, on January 13, 1962. The Arkansas chapter of Chi Epsilon has established a tutoring service for freshmen and sophomores enrolled in civil engi- neering. A big brother program was used in the fall, with each charter member assigned five or six under- classmen to whom he gave counsel concerning their academic program. First Row. William C. Linam, Douglas E. Meadows, W. T. Gotten, Bill R. Barton. Second Row. Earl Wilson, Larry Crane, Jamss Allen, William R. Arrington. OFFICERS: Larry Crane, Secretary; Kenneth Holly, William Linam, Treasurer; Douglas Meadows, President; Jerry Rogers, Vice-President, 448 enty ss ' : ' - Chancery Club Pre-Law students are given an opportunity to hear guest lawyers and judges speak on current topics in the law field, through Chancey Club. It creates for its mem- bers a better understanding of the law profession and gives them the chance to discuss aspects of this special field. First Row: Bill Roberts, Vernon King, Evan Pugh. Jim McBurnett, Larry Burks, Thomas Purifoy. Second Row. Roger Hurt, Collie Walker, Gary Dean, Robert Mackey, Michael Cole- man, Mike Garlington, Lex Golden. Third Row: Mike Hastings, Danny Bartell, John Stanley, Jim Lance, Mike Cruse, Sherman Johnson, Charles McKay. OFFICERS: Jim Lance, President; Larry Burks, Vice-President; Lex Golden, Secretary-Treasurer. dril fflji- . ..VI . 449 . - Chi Theta Dedicated to helping women graduates find their place in the world of business, Chi Theta helps the University ' s undergraduate women become more familar with the opportunities open to them. Business women speak to the club, discussing their specialty with in- terested individuals. Chi Theta works in conjunction with the Business Administration college to bring the business world to the campus in an enlighting way. First Row. Sue Short, Linda Johns, Sheila Dedman, Brenda Heck, Tommye Smith, Sheere Lammers, Shirley Meyers, Mol- lie Haley. Second Row: Nelta Pinkerton, Alta Honeycutt, Rita Foster. Margo White, Gappy Ware, Bette Dickson, Connie Musick, Donna Bell, Mary Wilson. Third Row: Ann Souther- land. Alpha Peek, Clydine Galloway, Frances Barry. Beverly Moore, Betty Baker, Mrs. Francis Lee, Beverly Bynum. OFFICERS: Mollie Haley, President; Brenda Heck, Treasurer; Sue Sheet, Corresponding Secretary; Linda Johns, First Vice- President; Sheere Lammers, Second Vice-President ; Sheila Ded- man, Secretary. L - ' - ISO !4a : . " ...,; .. ,..,. - :il; : ,H , v,,;. Bin .nit ' ,- ' ' , Chimes Chimes is the newest service group on campus; it is composed of twenty freshman women who are chosen on the basis of their high school records, appli- cations, and personal interviews. The group is sponsor- ed by Mortar Board, and supplies hostesses to visiting dignitaries on campus. The sophomores who formed the club, and who served in an advisory capacity to this year ' s group are: Sue Ellen Dill. Sharon Harper, Kay Goodwin, Marinell Coe, Mary Ellen Rothe, Dinah Whitley, Barbara Hunter, Sharlette Calhoun, Rita Fost- er, Beverly Bynum, and Jephrey Phipps. First Row: Sue Ellen Dill. Marilyn Francis, Connie Clothier, Janie Bennett, Carol Tumy, Claudia Heath, Judy Baldridge, Martha Gadberry, Mary Mack, Sharon Harper. Second Roiv. Marji Vickers, Cheryl Turner, Dixie McConnell, Colleen Mc- Pherson, A lice Barnett, Missy Alford, Carolyn Rawlings. Joanna McGehee, Susan Whitson, Melanie Gurisco, Carolyn Baney. OFFICERS: Sue Ellen Dill, President; Sharon Harper, Secretary. Circle K Circle K is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, and the majority of its membership is drawn from men who were in Key Club International in high school. The members work closely with the Kiwanis on community projects. First Row. Gary Felker. Larry Crawford, James Collins, Terry Henley, Donald Goodner. John Joyce, Scott Smith, Frank Wilder, Jim Hart. Second Row. Macky Mayfield, Hank Shugart, Skipper Kays, Cliff Robertson, Charles Curry, Gary Dean, Jim Beckman, Larry Collum. High Bass, Gary Cochran. Third Row. Bill Risset, John Miller. Bill Stoll, Bill Mayfield, Charles Cole, Tommy Thomas, Collie Walker, James Gaunt, Lynn Leek, Steve Douglas, Don Boyd. OFFICERS: John Rains, President; Mickey Mayfield, Vice- President; Jim Hart, Secretary; Don Goodner, Treasurer. 451 Civic Club Each housing group on campus elects members of the Civic Club. Ihese people are selected for their contributions to campus activities. Civic Club donates funds to worthwhile state and local charities; these funds are raised from the admission money to Sing- fony, and from student contributions to the annual Campus Chest drive. First Row: Jane Berry. Mabel Rogers, Nancy Sharp, Diana Hubbard, Missy Alford, Martha Gadberry. Buck Johns, Bob Crisp, Bill Priakos. Second Row: Linda Thompson, Cydine Galloway, Patricia Haltom, Susan Duean, Pat Garner, Melinda Meek, Carol Carter, Donna Axum. M. H. Levine, Terry Wil- liams, Wayland Holyfield, Bill Shepard. Third Row: Susan Scarbrough, Robin Jordan, Rae Fossum, Pat Rotenberry, Carolyn Quails, Eveline Stanford, Belts Parrack, Bob Tucker, Charles Boyce, David Deaderick. Fourth Row: Don West, Frances Dillard, Betsy Reader, Trina Laabs, Susan Branigan, James Etchison, Conrad Lavvson, Paul Wagner, Bob Neighbors, Robert Goff. OFFICERS: Buck Johns, President; Charlotte Morris, Secre- tary; Jerry Cavaneau, Treasurer; Not Present: Lee Bowman, Vice-President. Commerce Guild The Commerce Guild is composed of all the mem- bers of the College of Business Administration. By work- ing to unite the faculty and students of this college and by bringing in outside speakers, they promote and ad- vertise the aims of business in the life of the campus. " The Business of America and Arkansas is the busi- ness of this Guild " could well be its motto. First Row: Susan Scarbrough. Bill Roberts, John Greenert, Richard Holbert, Stanley Patterson, Skip Cullum, James Hurst, Brenda Heck, Mollie Haley, Charles Whiteside. Second Row: Barbara Duncan, Bob Bryant, Collie Walker, Jerry Dill, Dick Cadieux, Owen Pugh, Bill Brady. Bob Goff, Matthew Rothert. Third Row: Chuck Meyers, John Meador, Byron Adams, Neill Sloan, John Mayes, Doug Coleman, Jerry Pinson, Jim Mc- Kenzie, Mike Thompson. OFFICERS: John Harris, Treasurer; Mollie Haley, Secretary; Taylor Hurst, Vice-President; Matthew Rothert, President. 452 : . ,,:, " " .: W - ;i : ' .;, r - .. hi Colhecon Colhecon is made up of students whose future careers lie in home economics and homemaking. It promotes student interest in the homemaking acts and provides advice and professional help in their future plans. First Row: Helen Hackney, Carol Heathman, Becky O ' Neal, Pat Rotenberry, Pat Cole, Mabel Rogers, Linda Weir, Phinia Jones, Carolyn Liery, Patricia Dodgen, Janet LeRoy. Second Row. Lynda Wilson, Wilma Blevins, Kay Crocker, Patricia Haltom, Pat Stephens, Barbara Bennett, Bonnie Fox, Mary Spooner, Dorothy Clinchens, Shirley Conerday, Joyce Ausmus, Norma Hipps. Third Row: Mary Harrison, Carolyn Gattis, Sonya Moare, Cheryl Rhodes, Eveline Stanford, Regina Grain, Joyce Plumblee, Verne Webb, Carolyn Quails, Carole Martin, DeAnna Brown. f OFFICERS: Pat Stephens, President; Leota Lane, Secretary- Treasurer; Marinell Coe, Reporter. Not Present: Doris Coger, Vice-President ; DeAnna Brown, Historian. ' ' in Bi tori- oBttt and ad- - ' ! : :- ' -; , 453 ' At I . At! " Elementary Club The Elementary Club was founded to foster under- standing between teacher and pupils and to instigate the belief that each child is an individual. Membership goes to those individuals who are in the field of elementary education. First Row: Sharon McGinty, Mary Helbron, Judy Hosiers, Pat Haller, Ellen Loving, Nancy Moss, Sharon Hildreth, Christine Mailer, Carolyn Alcorn, Suzanne Laughlin, Susi Nor- ris, Agnes Mouton. Second Row: Happy Byrn, Suellen Hanby, Pattie Davis, Sallie Kinman, Kathy Raff, Pat Gardner, Judy Rogers, Brenda Tate, Cynthia Coxsey, Donna Groom, Becki Balch, Sally Smoot, Suzie Scaramuzza. Third Row: Susan Canine, Luckett McDonald, Mary Ellen Rothe, Martha Moseley, Kathe Morgan, Virginia Grumbles, Mary Edna Smith, Sandra Rutheford, Susan Adams, Whitney Halladay, Jennis Milton, Carol Burge. Fourth Row: Janice Stone, Janet Wylie, Judith Helm, June Sewell, Joan Post Suzanne Stoner, Betty Carol Campbell, Julie Headstream, Judy Brown, Sandra Spears, Audrey White, Ann Beutelschies, Pat Baley. v .OFFICERS: Susan Canine, President; Ann Beutelschies, Vice- President; Pat Baley, Secretary; Happy Byrn, Treasurer; Pat Garner, Committee Chairman; Nancy Lee Moss, Song Leader. 454 En dLIfc. of tkrW for Ibr ; I .. ' Coterie Coterie is an organization for the independent women, whose purpose is to be of some service to the University and to the students. The immediate goal for Coterie is to raise enough money to present a scholarship to some outstanding sophomore woman at the AWS festival in the spring. First Row: Patsy White, Patricia Dodgen, Linda Park, Marsha Hudlow, Janna Tull, Judith Nutt. Second Row: Linda Fricker, Patricia Richter, Ann Cooper, Carolyn Qualle, J l en e Fendergrass, Berta Seitz, Regina Rushing. OFFICERS: Carolyn Quail, Reporter; Ann Cooper, Historian- Back Row: Regina Rushing, President; Patricha Richter, Vice- President; Linda Fricker, Secretary; Patrica Dodgen, Treasurer ' db . - -, ' :!:,:. m u .-:-. Engineering Council Each engineering and technical organization on campus elects representatives to the Engineering Coun- cil. They, along with the editor and business manager of the Arkansas Engineer, serve as the governing body for the engineers and try to handle the year ' s problems. Among other things, they are responsible for Engineers ' Week and the rally. First Row: Cad Gibbions, Carl Wilier, Ennis Norton, Buck Johns, Terry Williams, David Porter. Second Row: Rex Martin Roger Kline Conrad Lawson, Bill Miller, John Harton. Third f T i - 1 ? r lle j. ' ,? hil Rice ' Gass ' Bil1 Shepard, Lynn Leek, Micky Mayfield. OFFICERS: Buck Jones, President; Wayne Norton, Vice Presi- dent; Conrad Lawson, Secretary; John Harton, Treasurer. 455 Eta Kappa Nil As the honorary Electrical Engineering Fraternity, Eta Kappa Nu helps to explain and advance the cause of Electrical Engineering. Part of its yearly program ii.cludes helping with the state science fair, and offer- ing its members opportunities to learn more about the electrical engineering field at monthly meetings. Mem- bership is composed of juniors and seniors in Electrical engineering with high grade averages. First Row. Toshio Oishi, Charles Long, Ed Grass, John Harton, David Terry. Second Row. Herman Ivester, Joe Plun- kett, James Skipper, William Disney. OFFICERS: John Harton, President; Herman Ivester, Vice- President; Toshio Oishi, Secretary; Ed Gass, Treasurer. Inli Ik fa I U I. Interfraternity Pledge Council The Interfraternity Pledge Council is composed of two representatives from the pledge class of each soror- ity and fraternity on the campus. It serves as a di- rective and administrative body to encourage coopera- tion between all the pledge classes. First Row. Bajour, Goode, Coe, Dubinter. Irby, Longstreth, Barnett, Morgan. Lowe, Scaramuzza, Bourg. Second Row: Wil- liams, Williams. Hauan, Whitley, Fitzgerald, Bogand, Deane, Donahue, Bucknell, Wellons. Shepard, Delker. Third Row. Graham, Morse, Frazier, Walker, Yancey, Hill, Zorn, Cooper, Faris, Lane, Kooika, Harner, Branigan. Fourth Row. Me- George, Scroggin, Shaw, Schrantz, McCann, Adams, Polycron, Feilke, Wilkerson, Gardner, Herndon. OFFICERS: Chris Polycron, President; Jim Wellons, Vice-Presi- dent; Frances Deane, Secretary; Susan Branigan. Treasurer. 456 I Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council, serving as the medi- ation board for the campus ' s fraternities, governs and coordinates the efforts of all the fraternities toward making just policies and effective rush programs. Through the efforts of IFC the fraternities are directed toward the common goals of leadership and scholarship in addition to the usual social fraternity activities. First Row. Tim Hinkle. Jim Shearer. C. A. Ivy, Larry Wallace. Gaston Gibson, David Deaderick. Terry Fugitt. Second Rtnc: William Runyan. Neil Maynard. Bill Webster. Jerry Cavaneau. Steve OTCelly. Charles Mitchell. Jim McKenzie. OFFICERS: Gaston Gibson, President; Tim Hinkle, Vice-Presi- dent; Steve OTCeDy, Treasurer; Jim McKenzie. Secretary. 457 Junior Panhellenic Junior Panhellenic is made up of two representatives from each of the sorority pledge classes on campus. Through this group, its members learn the traditions and aims of sororities on campus, and the activities of the various pledge classes are co-ordinated. First Row: Crissy Martin, Nancy Irby, Carolyn Webber, Whitney Halladay, Kaye Barnett, Jaonne Henthorne. Second Row: Susan Branigan, Artie Hicks, Betty Lane, Judy Adams, Zonola Longstreet. PLEDGE CLASS PRESIDENTS: Nancy Irby, Barbara Hallam, Lynn Fitzgerald, Susan Branigan, Sue Bogard, Whitney Halla- da y, Tina Miller. 458 International Club The International Club discusses all the current fore- ign news and keeps its members informed on interna- tional affairs. It is open to anyone interested in foreign politics and news. First Row. McDonald, Giannopoulos, Mo, Arosemena, Talum, Gesl, Bergeret, Bajour, lurakusumsh. Second Row: Stelios, Man- wan, Kim, Kwok Wai Ng, Chung, Liu, Bayazit. Sadr, Draki, Sadr. Third Row: Cleopa, Sang, Rihs, Gecer, Deniz, Burson, Castellanos, Quijano, Aktas, Marashi. Fourth Row: McKown, Htut, Than, Dibbern, Soelberg, Johnson, Oseberg, Jensen, Kyu Oosthuizen, Gene Witte, Guan. OFFICERS: Dieler Dibbern. President; Charles Johnson, Vice- President; Sharon McDonald, Secretary, Jamal Sadr, Treasurer; Farouk Bajour, Publicity Chairman. Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi is the honorary band fraternity, and is composed of outstanding male bandsmen. Music is the common tie that brings these exceptional music- ians together. The mutual interests and abilities of the members furnish a strong bond of fellowship and enthusiasm. First Row: George Rouse, Stewart Condren, Tom Weiss Sandy Porter, James Woolly, Eddie Inzer. Second Row: Tommy McDamel, Phil Spray, William Lacefield, James Allen, William Leidy. Third Row: Russel Germaine, Douglas Rye, Freddie Smith, Donald Ford, Jim Dorre, Carl Clyne. OFFICERS: Tom Weiss, President; James Woolly, Vice-Presi- dent; John Alvarez, Secretary; James Allen, Treasurer. 459 Lambda Tau Lambda Tau is a national honorary English fra- ternity which strives to give recognition to students with exceptional literary ability and to further their literary endeavors. Lambda Tau awards a prize for creative writing each year on Honors Day. A similar prize is awarded an outstanding English student at Fayetteville High School each year. In order to be- come a member, a student should have an interest in writing and a high scholastic standing. First Row: Mary Ellen Sullivan, Linda Thompson, Robin Janssen, Martha McGrew. Second Row: Linda McFarland. Othilia Paul, Skipper Kays, Bob Burton, Merilee Streun. OFFICERS: Mary Ellen Sullivan, President; Merrilee Streun, Vice-President; Gene Gillette, Public Relations Chairman; Skip- per Kays, Treasurer. 460 OFFICERS: Carl Utley, President; Ed DePriest, Vice-President; Louise DePriest, Agatha Utley, Donna Dillard, Recreation Chair- man; Martin Crutchfield, Publicity Chairman. Married Students-Terry Village Housing Council The married students organization provides an op- portunity for married students both on and off campus to have recreational activities. The Terry Village Housing Council is the govern- ing body of Terry Village and is set up just as any local Mayor-Alderman city council form of govern- ment First Row: Ann Patterson, Joanne Frost, Pat Herman, Joyce Slocum, Rita Gardner. Second Row: Gordon Patterson, Ed DePriest, James Frost, Kenneth Herman, Marlin Slocum, John Gardner. Marketing Club Marketing Club is the unifying organization for students majoring in th e field of marketing. It serves as a contact with business leaders, not only by bring- ing outstanding guest speakers to the campus, but also by providing for field trips where students can observe business and industry in operation. First Row: Short, Edwards, Haver, Norton, Kirk, Ryall, Hul- hut, Maxey. Second Row. Baker, Green, Shelby, West, Levine, McBurnett, McGeorge, Alexander. Third Row: King, Perrine, Barry, Martin, Strasner, Grigsby, Greenert. Fourth Row. Rice King, Watson, Hill, Wilson, Boyer, Andrus, Hall, Vehik. OFFICERS: John Greenert, President; Linda Stephens Ryall, Secretary; Hugh Alexander, Treasurer; Charlotte Norton, Ticket Mgr. 4fil Men ' - i Mortar Board A national honor society for senior women, Mortar Board was founded to help its members serve the University as the most outstanding women members of the senior class, and to stimulate and develop the finest type of college women. Members are tapped at the annual A.W.S. Spring festival. Mortar Board Mem- bers sell calendars each year to raise money for the Martha McKenzie Reid scholarship awarded annually to some outstanding woman student. First Row. Marilyn London, Fern Hubbard, Lynda Stair, Judy Phillips, Monika Hartstein, Mary Stevenson, Jane Kitchens. Second Row. Dianne Proctor, Joyce Mikeska, Pat Trimble, Mary Prewitt, Cathie Remmel, Barbara Duncan, Ann Erwin. OFFICERS: right to left: Barbara Duncan, President; Jane Kitchens, Vice- President; Fern Hubbard, Secretary; Lynda Stair, Treasurer. TV lUtfc is tn ' dm fi t li ;; 462 Men ' s Interhall Council The Men ' s Interhall Council is the student govern- ing body for the men ' s residence halls, and is com- posed of two representatives from each. It is coordi- nated with the Dean of Men, and is the watchdog for the welfare and needs of the men living on campus. Through the MIHC. independent men are given a chance to voice gripes and suggestions. As social coordinators for the independent men, the MIHC sponsored this dance in the fall. Independent men are shown enjoying themselves. OFFICERS: Marvin Boatman, President; Jim Moore, Vice- President; Ken Schrantz, Treasurer; Ted Ramer, Social Chair- man; David Bond, Attorney General. Newman Club The Newman Club, a national religious group, strives to reach Catholic students on the campus. It provides them with a fuller and richer religious life while they are at the University. Its stated purpose is to " deepen the spiritual and to enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual and social activities. " First Row. Diane Allen, Lynda " Dale " Corrotto, John Failla, Mary Zimpel, Mary Nell Helbron, Carol Lynn Taylor, Kathy Raff, Agnes Mouton. Second Row. Claude Gibson, Leslie Sharp, Dolores Sharpe, Carole Pabian, Jan Bartley, Mary Sue Marinoni, Mopsy Pottorff, Linda Ellis, Marilyn Steplock. Third Row. Reverand Guy Ba ltz, Eduard Castellanos, Michael Gray, John Marschewski, Carolyn Ferrill, Rita Ferrell, Patsy McCoy. Mary Donahue, Regina Grain, Michael Connell. Fourth Row: Maurice Courtney, Michael Simon, Richard Metzelaers, George Yanker, Joe Pabian, Mike Dolan, Ron Vermillion, Tony Saja, Richard Cecil, Jim Dailey. OFFICERS: John Marschewski, President; Michael Gray, Vice- President; Mopsy Pottorff. Recording Secretary; Carole Pabian, Corresponding Secretary; Reverand Guy Baltz, Chaplin. 463 Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding leaders from among junior and senior men are tapped for Omicron Delta Kappa. Require- ments for membership are excellence in the fields of leadership, scholarship, athletics, publications, music and dramatic arts. Along with Blue Key and Mortar Board, ODK sponsors leadership school. Other activities include sponsoring orientation and giving reports to the senate on the counseling program in each college. First Row: Bruce Coleman, Charles Hooks, Charles Long, Gary Campbell, John Harton, G. W. Sorrells, Owen Pugh. Second Row: Bill Coe, Bob McKuin, Jerry Cavaneau, T ommy Polk, Dick Hatfield, Wayne Norton, H. A. Taylor, Glenn Jones. Third Row: Earle Love, William Runyan, John Feilke, Denny Hurley, Gordon Guest, Henry Thomas, Charles Brazil, Knox Patterson. OFFICERS: Glenn Jones, President; J. 0. Buckley, Vice-Presi- dent; Bill Coe, Secretary; Owen Pugh, Treasurer. OFFICERS: Cathie Remmel, President; Linda Kay Wilson, Sec- retary; Nancy Sharp, Treasurer; Sandy Hubbard, Handbook Chairman. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council aids in promoting inter- sorority relations and is the governing board for all campus sororities. This council is composed of the president and rush chairman of each sorority. Each year the council sets up the rush rules for that par- ticular year.. First Row: Nancy Sharp, Sue Jackson, Carol Kerby, Linda Rushton, Nancy Shannon, Sandy Hubbard, Suellen Wood, Susan Lineberger. Second Row: Kay Baker, Janie Umsted, Alice Wing- field, Lynnetta Atwell, Cathie Remmel, Barbara Duncan, Sheila Dedman, Linda Wilson. ' ippa Orchesis Orchesis, sponsored by the department of Health. Physical Education, and Recreation, is open to anyone interested in studying creative dance and composition. A more thorough knowledge of the growing popularity of contemporary dance is conveyed to students and members of the community through the work of this club. First Rout: Normandie Frigillana, Christie Mailer, Bonnie Bonnell. Second Row. Mariann Hendricks, Debbie Whiting, Harriet Morgan, Bennie Graham. Members of Orchesis seek culture and pursue the finer things of life. 465 1VF Phi Alpha Theta The Alpha chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was founded on the University campus in 1921. The national organ- ization has nearly two hundred chapters, and is the oldest honorary history fraternity. Phi Alpha Theta encourages high standards of scholarship among stu- dents of history, promotes a genuine interest in the study of history, and fosters a spirit of feHowship among its members. First Row: John Carver, Gypsy Leslie, Betty Copeland, Cathy Chance, Melinda Meek, Lynn Petross. Second Row: Barlow Herget, Eva Marie Pearson, Judy Arthurs, Frances Dillard, Mary Wheeler Prewitt, John Graves. Third Row: John Treon, Michaele Gray, Joel Meadows, Don West, Paul Roberts. OFFICERS: Paul Roberts, President; John Carver, Vice-Presi- dent; Gypsy Leslie, Secretary. ' ' fwWl, 406 ---. PEM Club The purposes of the Physical Education Majors Club are to act as a coordinating professional and social organization for the students in the department of physical education. It encourages an understanding of physical education as applied to all people, and ad- vances professional interest in physical education. First Row: Barbara Best, Jo Blackburn, Corinne Varnell, Mariann Hendricks, Judy Boyd, Haynette Scochey, Jerry Brackin. Second Row: Leah Wilkerson, Lela Calhoun, Mary Johnson, Marty Pinkerton, Mira Patten, Sandy Crabtree, Lyna Harriman, Glenn Babb, Gerry Bequette. Third Row: Judy Woodell, Dorothy Tyler, Cherry Singleton, Kay Baker, Bettsy Parrack, Lynda Childress, Carole Cole, John Davis, John Leone, Vickie Ganslen. Fourth Row: Scott Hoase, R. H. Sikes, Ray Trail, Jerry Linberger, Johnny Drier, Ronald Scott, Dar- rell Tucker, Bobby Nix, Joe Black. OFFICERS: Women: Lynda Childres, President; Mariann Hen- dricks, Vice-President; Lela Mary Calhoun, Secretary; Lynda Darriman, Treasurer. Men: Ray Trail, President; Jerry Bracken, Vice-President; Jerry Linberger, Treasurer. ,, irfl - jni - - W tor: f !!. - M In: M Phi Eta Sigma A grade average of 3.5 in the freshman year is required for membership in Phi Eta Sigma, the na- tional honorary fraternity for underclassmen. It was organized to give recognition to such high scholastic achievement and to offer scholastic benefit to students through the remaining three years of undergraduate work in college. First Row: Frankl in Cochran, Jim Shearer, Richard Ahrens, Norvell Plowman, David Vise, Ronald Setser, Jim Lant-3. Second Row: Darrell Bolding, Lackey Moody, Virgle Lyons, Lynn Leek, Dick Remke, Phil Westphal, Dr. George Johnson. OFFICERS: Jim Lance, President; Dick Remke, Secretary; Jim Shearer, Treasurer; Dr. George Johnson, Faculty Advisor. 467 OFFICERS: Fern Hubbard, President; Catsy Gunn, Vice- President; Alice Wingfield, Secretary; Carolyn Quails, Treasur- er; Roberta Stewart, Historian; Lynda Davis, Librarian. Phi Upsilon Omicron Phi Upsilon Omicron, organized for the advance- ment of home economics, sponsors projects to stimulate students in the field of home economics. Selection for membership is on the basis of scholarship and leader- ship and standing in the upper two fifths of each class. Each year a freshman girl with the highest grade aver- age in home economics is presented an award by Phi Upsilon Omicron. First Row: Fern Hubbard, Shirley Sanders, Alice Wing- field. Catsy Gunn. Second Row: Loeta Lane, Joyce Plumlee, Carolyn Quails, Lynda Davis, Roberta Stewart. OFFICERS: Tippy Cravens, President; Martha Head, Secretary; Lynda Stair, Treasurer. Pi Mu Epsilon Membership in Pi Mu Epsilon, the honorary math fraternity, is based on a 3.0 scholarship accumulative average in mathematics, and completion or enrollment in integral calculus. The fraternity was founded to promote scholarship in all fields of endavor with emphasis on mathematics. Each semester, Pi Mu Epsi- lon provides free tutoring service for math students in all phases of the subject. First Row: Phyllis McFarland, Margaret Atkinson, Lynda Stair. Tippy Cravens, Martha Head, Kenneth Skillern, Roger Clubbs, Ted Nakamura. Second Row: Bill Evans, Darrell Bold- ing, Charles Head, James Blaylock, Terry Henley, Denny Hurley, Ronnie Class, Donald Dillard, George Rouse. Third Row: David Sloop, Leonard Wiggins, W. T. Gotten, George Wallace, Robert Welbourn, James Gauntt, Bob Hudson, Bob Arrington, Bennie Blackwell, John Luce. 468 ib I.J. -: Pi Mu Alpha Pi Mu Alpha, national men ' s music fraternity, was founded to advance the cause of music in America, and to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of music students. Alpha Omicron chapter at the University sponsers the annual music department Christmas party, supplies ushers for the concerts in the Fine Arts Center, and works with the faculty of the music department as the hosts of the various music Festivals held here for the benefit of the high school students in the state. First Row: James Wooly, Russell Germain, Sandy Porter, Roy Nastasi, Sponsor; Bill James. Second Row: Loren Walla, Sam Jones, Jerry Cooper, Henry Meinecke, Michael Kinsey. OFFICERS: right to left: Sandy Porter, President; Billy James, Vice- President ; Jerry Cooper, Secretary -Treasurer; Roy Hastasi, Faculty Sponsor. " " Ml ' : .lib I. in " :, .- ' . ' ' ' l: 469 Psi Chi Psi Chi is an honorary psychology fraternity and is composed of students majoring in psychology. To be eligible, a student must have 12 hours in psychology and a 2.5 grade average. Psi Chi members hear speak- ers present new aspects of the field and have question and answer periods after the lectures. First Row. Jody Lewis, Nancy Daniel, Nancy Reed, Margy Curtis, Elizabeth Powell, Janet Freeze, Harriet Hill, Nancy Val:ace. Second Row: Gail Keyes, Joyce Mikeska, L. D. Hutt, Owen Blacklock, Robert Banks, John Norman, Tom Junkersfeld, Dennie Griesse, David Vise. Third Row. Wayne Myden, Leslie Long, David Land. Charles Griffin, Bob Clark, Bob Hudson, Barry Harman, Wilson Kimbrough-Faculty Ad- visor, Jerry Caiantau. OFFICERS: Franklin D. Kirby, President; Jerry W. Cavaneau, Vice-President ; Joyce Mikeska, Secretary; Robert H. Fraine, Treasurer. 170 , r L Pi Tau Sigma The membership of Pi Tau Sigma is drawn from those students studying mechanical engineering. They must be in the top twenty five percent of their junior class or in the top thirty five per cent of their senior class, and must have faculty approval as to their character and leadership traits. The Arkansas chapter. Upsilon, was installed in 1 ( J59, and has actively sup- ported the Department of Mechanical Engineering. First Row: Albert Luzietti, Tom Weiss, Richard Kushmaul, Jack Stone, C. 0. Coghurn, Raymond Fitzgibbon, Tom Hoi- loway, James Norwood. Second Raw: Stanford Varnell, Wayne Norton, Virgil Newman, Bill Parker, Sonny Pearson, Larry Larson, James Strave. OFFICERS: Jack Stone, President; James Siroub, Recordi. ' K Secretary; Richard Kushmaul, Treasurer; Raymond Fitzgibbon, Corresponding Secretary. Sigma Alpha Iota The aim of Sigma Alpha Iota, a national music fraternity for women, is to promote loyalty to the school and to encourage interest in music. A special object of the group is to establish a fuller understand- ing, through music, between America and other coun- tries by supporting national projects. Membership is limited to women majoring or minoring in music, who show exceptional music ability, and possess a high scholastic rating. First Row: Nan Caufield, Faculty Advisor; Ginger Crippen, Nancy Miller, Terry Fetzek, Shelia McCray, Bettye Fellinger, Sherry Pontado, Linda Purdy, Jean Mesavage. Second Row: Diana Hopkins, Patricia Richter, Sharon Black, Theda Doyle, Lir.da Ellis, Davette Caughey, Elise Smith, Carolyn Crowley. OFFICERS: Nancy Miller, President; Karen Russell, Vice President; Bettye Fellinger, Recording Secretary; Sherry Pintado, Corresponding Secretary; Carolyn Crowley, Treasurer; Patricia Richter, Reporter; Martha Crippen, Editor. 471 Sigma Pi Sigma Membership in Sigma Pi Sigma, the only national honorary physics fraternity, is extended by invitation. Invitations are given to those who show an interest in physics, promise of achievement, and outstanding scholarship. Activities of the local chapter include: weekly tutoring sessions for sophomore physics stu- dents, monthly meetings with addresses on physics by noted persons, annual banquets honoring new mem- bers, awards for outstanding sophomore physics stu- dents, and the annual spring picnic. The faculty ad- visor is Dr. Glenn Clayton. First Row: Bill Evans, David Sloop, Wendell Wealherford, Martha Head, Charles Head, Bill Dixon. Second Row: George Rouse, Robert Gruebel, Darrell Balding, James Blaylock, David Kay, David Ross. OFFICERS: David Ross, President; Wendell Weatherford, Sec- retary-Treasurer. OFFICERS: Susan Branigan, President; Sue Ellen Dill, Vice- President; Marinell Coe, Secretary. 472 Sophomore Council Sophomore Council is composed of women members from the freshman class of the preceding year. The members serve as advisors to the freshmen women the next year. First Row: Sue Ellen Dill, Marinell Coe, Phyllis Cook, Margaret Robinson, Tommye Smith, Shirley Meyer, Kathy Raff, C. A. Ecke, Jephrey Phipps, Frances Ann Mitchell, Connie Jo Musick, Kay Goodwin, Thrada Lebow, Nancy Irby, Sharol Harper. Second Row: Linda Turner, Judy Grouse, Leah Jean Wilkerson, Judy Martin, Beverly Moore, Diane Gillison, Kathe Gates, Gay Couch, Shiela McCray, Joanne Henthorne, Ellen Loving, Dorothy Thibault, Virginia Hill, Linda Thompson. Third Row: Betty Ligon, Johanna Pinson, Mary Ellen Rothe, Cherry Lubker, Ann Davies, Becki Malcolm, Barbara Hunter, Donna Lynn Bell, Marianne Crank, Sherra Nance, Mary Nell Helbron, Linda Purdy, Jo Ellen Woody, Fran Hall, Kay Hart. Fourth Row: Sandra Fergusson, Pam Daniel, Kathryn Plummer, Carol Carter, Mopsy Pottorff, Sarah Clark, Judy Adams, Whitney Halladay, Ann McLeod, Barbara Anderson, Kathy Harkey, Barbara Hallam, Marsha Slaughter, Beverly Bynum, Rita Foster. Fifth Row: Dinah Whitley, Alpha Peek, Dianne Day, Jamie Faris, Susan Branigan, Sharon Black, Beverly Mays, Nancy Seeman, Trina Laabs, Lloyene Bruce, Sandra Tucker, Charlotte Hervey, June Seivell, Ann Morgan, Linda Kooiker. . intollrl fMl . " . ., ' ' " . v - SNEA The Student National Education Association was organized to encourage people toward a career in education. Here on campus, it provides students going into the teaching field a chance to meet and exchange views and ideas about education. First Row: Missy Williams, Mary Baxter, Kathe Gates, Pat Nailer, Ellen Loving, Nancy Lee Moss, Sharon Hildreth, Christine Mailer, Carolyn Alcorn, Suzanne Laughlin, Susi Mor- ris, Agnes Mouton. Second Row: Happy Byrn, Suellen Hanby, Patti Davis, Sallie Kinman, Kathy Raff, Pat Garner, Judy Rodgers, Brenda Tate, Cynthia Coxsey, Donna Groom, Becki Balch, Sally Smoot, Suzie Scararnuzza, Betty Lane. Third Row. Susan Canine, Luckett McDonald, Mary Rothe, Martha Mose- ley, Kathe Morgan, Virginia Crumbles, Mary Smith, Sandra Rutherford, Susan Adams, Whitney Halladay, Jennie Milton, Carol Burge, Pat Balay. Fourth Row: Virgil Holper, Carl Tilley, Janet Wylie, Judith Helm, June Sewell, Joan Post, Suzanne Stoner, Betty Campbell. Julie Headstream. Judy Brown, Sandra Spears, Ann Beutelschies, Joe Fletcher, Carolyn Raley. OFFICERS: Happy Byrn, President; Virgil Holder, Vice-Presi- dent; Kathe Gates, Secretary; Pat Garner, Treasurer; Sally Smoot, Reporter; Missy Williams, Historian. 473 Student Nurses Association The Student Nurses Association helps its members prepare for medical school. Its primary functions are the coordination of the students, curriculum on campus with that of the School of Nursing, and giving the members a better knowledge of the nursing profession. First Row: Linda Sue Creighton, Wendy Waite, Norma Stroope, Sally Watkins, Linda Harms. Second Row: Wilma Rouse, Wanda Carmack, Peggy Sparks, Betty Crow, Linda Venick, Larry Bowman. OFFICERS: Donna Hixon, President; Roberta Faulkner, Vice- President; Glenna Kennedy, Treasurer. SAM The Society for the Advancement of Management is the national organization of managers in industry, commerce, government, and education. S.A.M. at Ark- ansas meets on the iirst and third Thursdays of the month. Meeting programs generally feature a guest speaker from tne business world, in addition to the ii ' gular club business. Highlights of the year were the fail and spring banquets, plant tours, and the annual spring outing, in addition, the publication of a news- letter was initiated this year. First Row. Chester McBride, Richard Green, Sheere Lammers, Nena Wegener, Ann Autry, Kenneth Oliver, Dwayne Blake. Second Row: Bill Risser, Matthew Rothert, Phillip De- Priest, Ed DePriest, Dick Cadieux, Jim McBurnett, Scott McGeorge. Third Row. William Sigler, Glendon Lanningham. Carl Watson, Tommy Boyer, Carl Beutelschies, Jimmy Wilson, Joe LImberger. OFFICERS: Dick Cadieux, President; Kenneth Oliver, Vice- President; Sheere Lammers, Secretary; Carl Beutelschies, Treas- urer. Student Union Government The Sudent Union Central Planning Committee is composed of the chairmen and secretaries of each of the Student Union Committees. Its function is to co- ordinate the works of these committees. The Student Union Board governs the Student Union and passes on all activities to be held in the Student Union. Business is conducted at luncheons held twice a month. Student Union Board: Steve Pelphrey, Vice Chairman; Mary Wheeler Prewitt, Chairman; Dean Whitney Halladay, Marilyn London, Mrs. Malcolm Lawrence, George Johnson, Cyrus Sutherland, Curtis Rickard. Student Union Central Planning Committee: First Row: Char- lotte Morris, Nelta Pinkerton, Davetta Caughey, Marinell Coe, Mary Sue Hornor. Second Row: Chuck Filiatreall. Steve Pel- phrey, Rea Shelton, John Stanley, D. Rae Fossum, Mrs. Malcolm Lawrence. 475 -Jr OFFICERS: Stephen Kooker, President; John Harton, Corres- ponding Secretary; Charles Long, Recording Secretary; Joe Dyer, Treasurer. Second Row: Mike Burns, Cataloger; James Skipper, Assistant Pledgemaster; David Terry, Pledgemaster. Tau Beta Pi Members of Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineering fraternity, are chosen from the upper fifth of the senior class and from the upper eighth of the junior class. Prerequisites for admission are honesty, high scholar- ship, service, and leadership. It confers distinction upon honor students in all branches of engineering and to promote a spirit of culture in the engineering students. First Row: James Skipper, David Terry, Charles Long, John Harton, Mike Burns, Stephen Kooker. Second Row: Jack Hartley, Douglas Meadows, Rex Clark, Richard Hodges, Jerry Rodgers, Joe Dyer. 476 OFFICERS: Linda Sue Gill, President; Janna Tull, Vice- President; Nancy Rainey, Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: Rose Maloch, MCURPH Contact; Sandra Haley, Publicity Chairman; Judith Hutt, Student Senate Representative. WIHC Women ' s Interhall Council is composed of the presi- dent, social chairman, and house manager from each of the independent women ' s dorms. It looks after the welfare of the girls living in the dorms, and it helps to co-ordinate the activities of the dorms. In the past WIHC has sponsored a scholarship to the foreign student with the highest scholastic average living in the dorms. First Row: Sandra Haley, Linda Weir, Janna Tull, Judith Nutt, Carolyn Tillman. Second Row: Patsy White, Mary Van- cura, Nancy Rainey, Carol Wilson. Third Row: Jane Caldwell, Linda Sue Gill, Rose Maloch, Sue Martin. Tau Beta Sigma This is the honorary band fraternity for women. The organization honors outstanding women in the field and helps stimulate interest in music and the University Band. It and its brother fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, promote harmony in the band. First Row: Jean Mesavage, Jobelle Beasley, Theda Doyle, Marsha Slaughter. Second Row: Sheila McCray, Lynda Ho- ward, Jamie Faris, Jane Kitchen, Frances Mitchell. OFFICERS: Theda Doyle, President; Mary Lou Mills, Vice- President; Linda Purdy, Secretary; Lynda Howard, Treasurer. 477 Young Democrats As the leading political party in Arkansas, the Democratic party has a large following among the students at the Un iversity. The Young Democrats club gives those students who are interested in politics an opportunity to exchange views and lend support to Democratic candidates. There are about 5000 Young Democrat clubs throughout the United States. First Row: Pottorff, Stevens, Holland, Hunter, Irby, Cohen, Helbron, Helduth, Morgan, Haggard, Miller, Alcorn, Corrotto. Second Row: Owensby, Walker, Mayer, Gooch, Crank, Smith, Sewell, Houser, Frazier, Lebow, Grain, Morgan. Third Row: Cooper, Shaddoh, McKenney, Batten, Fletcher, Maynard, Mac- key, Corbin, Smith, Pope, Lane. Fourth Row: Free, Warrell, Shugart, Case, Irby, Nelson, Edwards, Clark, Harger, Matula. OFFICERS: John Harmon, President; Joe Bell, Vice-President Janice Hargus, Vice-President; Marianne Crank, Secretary Neil Maynard, Treasurer; Vonda Jones, Publicity Director Jim Cooper, Parliamentarian. WRA Executive Board The Purpose of the Women ' s Recreation Associ- ation is to provide and to direct a recreation program on the campus of the University. It maintains a variety of activities so that each person may choose according to her own individual needs. The WRA promotes a spirit of goodwill and fellowship among participants and motivates the healthful practice of devoting a portion of each day to recreation. The activities offered include: volleyball, softball, tennis, archery, bowling, table tennis, fencing, and posture. First Row: Mira Van Patten, Kay Baker, Linda Tillery, Dannalee Duhmer, Melanie Gurisco, Carolyn Culbertson Linda Kennedy, Conenne Varnell. Second Row: Leah Wiekerson, Joyce Plumlee, Virginia Hammer, Margaret Pinkerton, Belts Par- rack, Lynda Childers, Ann Ervin, Lynda Harriman, Mary Weaver, Carol Hancy. OFFICERS: Mira Van Patten, President; Kay Baker, Vice- President; Lynda Harriman, Recording Secretary, Margaret Pinkerton, Corresponding Secretary; Ann Erwin, Treasurer. Young Republicans Here on campus, the Young Republicans give a voice to Arkansas ' s minority party. In the fall, the local organization was in the forefront in supporting the state and county candidates. The club also attempt " ed to increase public knowledge in support of the voting machine amendment. w ?, 01 " ' Helen Davies ' B nnie Bonnell, Cindy Russell, Missy Williams Patricia Winn, Nancy Moss, Sandy Little Nancy Wallace, Lynda Howard. Second Row: Sandra Hardy Bob Milton, Hank Taylor, Joe Couch. John Braves, Eva Pear- son Sharon Black. Third Row: Cathie Remmell, Kenny Os- walt, Gordon Apple, Jerry Payne, R. E. Lottrell, Evan Pugh Ihomas Kennedy, Arthur Williams, Barrett Timm. Fourth Row: Donnie Kreipke, Pat O ' Conner, Frank Grobermyer, Harry Ringler, Darrell Bolding, Larry Robertson, Ron Ver- million, Joe Umberger, Seth Williams. OFFICERS: Joe Umberger, President; John Graves, Vice- President; Cindy Russell, Secretary; Barrett Timm, Treasurer- Tom Kennedy, Membership Chairman; Arthur Williams Pub- licity Director. 479 ? " . IN v-;-- This, the closing chapter (Thank God!) of the 1963 Razorback, consists mainly of an alphabetical list of everyone whose picture is in the book. It will come in handy next year when you ' re looking for dates. 481 ... : . 28 -,- .-. . Student Index Abbott, Claudia, 128, 268 Abbott, James Harmon, 128, 292 Abdella, Paul Albert, 165, 249 Abel, Edward, 180 Abshier, Donna Haden, 128, 274 Archer, Martha Ann, 165, 221 Adair, Carolyn Kay, 148, 230 Adair, F. Edward, 148, 253 Adams, Anne Rae, 148, 262 Adams, Betty Louise, 128, 268 Adams, Byron Alemander, 165, 246 Adams, Harold Seth, 165, 249 Adams, Joseph Richard, 165, 238 Adams, Karen, 180, 266 Adams, Judy Kay, 148, 229 Adams, Lucinda Robinson Adams, Oliver Lee, Jr., 208, 242 Adams, Susan Elizabeth, 148, 230 Adams, Thomas Ray, 165 Adamson, John Winfield, Jr., 165 Adamson, Lyndia Joyce, 180, 278 Adcock, Aubrey Cecil, 148 Adcock, John Reed, 148 Adcock, Preston Martin, 148, 290 Ahrens, Richard Henry, Jr., 148 Akers, James Newell, 165, 250 Akers, Jean Ann, 128, 274 Akins, Phylils Anne, 128, 268 Albert, David Hubbard, 148, 255 Alberty, Ronnie Woodrow, 128 Albin, Richard E., 148, 255 Albrecht, Phyllis Marguerite, 128, 268 Albritton, George Alex, 210 Alcorn, Carolyn L., 148, 233 Alexander, Donna Lea, 128 Alexander, Elizabeth Ann, 180, 237 Alexander, Hiram Milton, Jr., 128, 250 Alexander, Hugh, 180, 241 Alexander, James Marvin, 165, 257 Alexander, James Robert, 148 Alexander, John R., 180, 290 Alexander, Mary Ruth, 165 Alford, Jerome Barkley, 165 Alford, Marian Carole, 165, 229 Alford, Missy, 128, 268 Alford, Thomas Dale, 165, 250 Alfrey, Carolyn Elizabeth, 180 Allen, Charles David, 128 Allen, Carolyn Joyce. 165, 266 Allen, Charles David, 128 Allen, Diane, 128, 268 Allen, Donald Ross, 165, 253 Allen, James D., 165 Allen, Maruin C., 210 Allen, Pat, 128, 268 Allison, Vincent S., Jr., 165, 242 Alvarez, John Garcia, 165 Amacker, Margaret Elizabeth, 128, 268 Amundsen, Pete Walter, 128, 282 Anderson, Barbara Jane, 148, 237 Anderson, Gene P., 148, 288 Anderson, Jacquelyn Sue, 180, 229 Anderson, Leonard George, Jr., 128, 282 Anderson, Melvin Sidney, 210 Anderson, Robert William, Jr., 180,288 Anderson, Ross, Jr., 180, 253 Anderson, Walter E., 180, 242 Anderson, Wanda Lorraine, 148, 278 Anderson, William Walt, 165, 238 Andress, Crystal Lee, 128, 241 Andrew, Mack, 148 Andrews, Barbara Jean, 210, 268 Andrews, Gerald, 165 Angel, Xury Charles, 148 Anglin, Sharon Mae, 165 Angulo, Roberta Luisa, 128, 274 Anthony, Beth, 148, 245 Anthony, James Muse, 180 Anthony, John Philip, 180 Anthony, Robert Henry, 165, 250 Apple, Garrett Gordon, Jr., 128, 259 Appleton, James Ralph, 128, 282 Appleton, Nadine Elizabeth, 148, 278 Arey, J. Glen, 210 Argall. Gerald Leslie, 148, 290 Armellini, Toby Joseph, 165, 295 Armes, Janet Lou, 148 274 Armstrong, Allison Gale, 128, Armstrong, Judith Dianne, 180, 278 Armstrong, Margaret Carolyn, 148, 262 Armstrong, Mark W., 128 Arnold, James F., 128 Arnn, Joe Douglas, 180, 290 Aron, James Michael, 128, 282 Arosemena, Luis Carlos, 128, 282 Arlington, Robert Walker, 165, 290 Arthey, Patricia Jane, 128, 268 Artzt, Charles Alex, 180, 238 Ascough, Bruce Martin, 128, 241 Ashcraft, Theda I., 148 Asselin, Rex Lee, 128, 282 Atchley, James Ray, 148, 249 Atkins, William Robert, 180 Atkinson, Carolyn Cearley, 180 Atkinson, Margaret Ann, 148 Atwell, Lynnetta Ruth, 165, 222 Auffert, Edward Leo, 128, 286 Ausmus, Jannett Joyce, 128, 280 Austin, Andrea, 128, 274 Austin, Charles R., 128, 282 Austin, Dollie Monnette, 128, 268 Austin, Jerrell Summerfield, 180 Austin, John W., 180 Austin, Judith Diane, 148, 280 Austin, Mina Jo, 165 Austin, Norman Thomas, 180, 250 Austin, Sharon Ann, 148, 233 Austin, Verna Sue, 180, 233 Avants, Aubrey Lee, 148, 285 Awtry, Ann, 180 Axum, Donna Idelle, 165, 230 Ayres, John Chambers, III, 148, 255 B Babb, Gordon Glenn, 165 Babbidge, Donald Miles, 180 Babbidge, Michael John, 180 Babbidge, Sherry Lee, 165 Baber, Jerry Lee, 148, 285 Backus, John C., 128, 253 Backus, Pamela Kay, 128, 268 Bagwell, James A., 128, 238 Bailes, Steven Michael, 148, 290 Bailey, Richard Emmit, 148, 286 Bailey, Sam Ray, 165 Bain, Jerry Robert, 148, 294 Bainbridge, Dondi Lothelier, 180 Baird, Azalea Estella, 148, 230 Baird, Janet Elizabeth, 148, 274 Bajour, Farouk Ahmed, 165, 259 Baker, Betty Ruth, 180, 233 Baker, Billy Wayne, 180 Baker, Bobby Joe, 165 Baker, Brenda Lou, 128, 268 Baker, Charles W., 128 Baker, Donald Steven, 181 Baker, George Watson, 181 Baker, Kay, 181, 233 Baker, Marilyn Royce, 128 Baker, Paul David, 128 Baker, Priscilla Ann, 148, 278 Baker, Ronald Richard, 165, 290 Baker, Ruth Ann, 128, 268 Baker, Sue West, 181 Baker, William Charles, 181 Balay, Patricia Diane, 181, 222 Balch, Becki, 148, 237 Balding, Larry Eugene, 128, 282 Balding, Mary Michael, 128, 268 Baldridge, Judy Arlene, 128, 268 Baldwin, Ronald Courtney, 181, 290 Baldwin, W. Leon, 165 Balkman, Carolyn Sue, 128, 268 Ball, Donald H., 128, 282 Ball, Larry Durwood, 214 Ballard, Donald W., 165, 290 Ballou, Virginia Ann, 181, 221 Baltz, John, Jr., 128 Bane, James H., 148, 288 Baney, Carolyn Ann, 128, 268 Banks, Charles Martin, 181 Banks, John Gordon, 165, 250 Banks, Robert Clark, Jr., 165, 290 Banks, Velma Rene, 128 Bankston, John D., 181 Barborek, Jrank Joseph, III, 181 Barger, Oscar Boyd, 148 Bariola, Julius, Jr., 165, 292 Bariola, Paul Allen, -48, 225 Barkman, John Danton, 181 Barksdale, James Boyan, 181 Barnes, Albert James, Jr., 148, 257 Barnes, Linda Gale, 128, 268 Barnes, Linda Lea, 128 Barnes, Robert Bruce, 181 Barnett, Alice Mayes, 128, 268 Barnett, D. Pamela, 148 Barnett, Jessa-Kaye, 148, 222 Barnett, Robert Joe, 165, 290 Barnett, Ronald David, 148 Barnett, Troy Franklin, 148, 253 Barr, Alba Elizabeth, 128, 268 Barrentine, James L., 181 Ban-on, Joe Thomas, 148, 292 Barren, Linda Jane, 128, 268 Barron, Margaret Gene, 128 Barry, Frances, 165, 278 Barry, Louis Bryant, 165, 242 Bartell, Daniel Eugene, 165, 250 Bartlett, Richard David, 128 Bartley, Janice, 148, 278 Barton, Billy Ray, 181 Barton, James G., 148, 250 Barton, Patricia Joyce, 165, 222 Barwick, Hugh Donald, 148 Basham, Jenna Carol, 165, 274 Basinger, M. Karen, 148, 278 Baskin, Mary Ann, 128 Bass, Hugh M., 128, 242 Bass, James Winfred, 181, 241 Bassett, David S., 128 Bassett, John Leland, 148 Bassett, Lonnie Gene, 128 Bassham, Robert M., 165 Batchelor, Charlotte Ann, 128 268 Bates, Barbara G., 165, 221 Bates, Robert Dale, 165 Batten, Robert Darrell, 181 Batie, Thomas Edward, 148, 290 Batie, William Cirtis, 148, 290 Bauch, Judith Ann, 128, 274 Baucom, Linda Sue, 128 Baucer, Joe Vance, 181, 246 Baugh, Bill F., 181, 241 Baugher, Kenny Ray, 129, 282 Bavelles, George Athanasios, 181 Baxter, Mary M., 165, 233 Bayazit, Sukru Halil, 210 Bealke, Linn Hemingway, 129, 286 Beall, John William, 148, 290 Bean, Terry Robert, 165, 261 Bearden, Tilman, 148 Beardsley, A. V., 148, 241 Beasley, Edwina Bess, 181, 230 Beasley, Jobelle, 148, 278 Beattie, Tony Roberts, 181, 290 Beavers, Mary Kay, 165, 222 Beck, Murlyn L, 165 Becker, Peter Otto, 129, 282 Beckman, James S., Jr., 148, 242 Bedell, Jim Kent, 181, 246 Bedell, Margaret Nell, 165, 278 Bedell, Sherryl Ann, 148, 245 Beebe, Carol Jean, 165, 229 Beene, Mary Cozette, 181, 221 Bell, Carole Ellen, 165, 262 Bell, Delilah Ann, 148, 266 Bell, Donna Lynn, 148, 237 Bell, Janet Carole, 129, 268 Bell, Janice, 129 Bell, Johnny, Jr., 148, 255 Bell, Owen Jackson, 181 Bell, Richard L., 210, 234 Bell, Sharon Lynn, 129, 268 Bell, William Lester, 129, 292 Bellee, Jackie Lee, 165, 290 Bellis, Mary Dee, 148, 274 Belmont, Thomas Vincent, 129, 282 Bennett, Barbara Ann, 129, 280 Bennett, Charles S., 165, 250 Bennett, Jane Katherine, 129, 268 Bennett, Jo hn David, 129, 250 Bennett, Kenneth B., 165 Bennett, Linda Anne, 149, 222 Benson, Evelyn Patricia, 181, 221 Bentley, Thomas Ray, 165, 294 Benton, Susan Linnie, 129, 280 Bequette, Curtis Jackson, 165, 234 Bequette, Gerald Walter, 165, 225 Bercher, Don Allen, 149 Bercher, Josef Weindel, 129 Berg, Robert Francis, 181 Berger, Charles Marion, Jr., 210 Berger, George Albert, 210, 225 Bergeret, Gisella, 214, 230 Berry, Allen Wright, 129, 286 Berry, Carolyn Jane, 149, 245 Berry, Jane Frances, 149, 274 Berry, Jerry, 208 Berry, Nancy Elaine, 214 Berry, Susan Jane, 149, 229 Berryhill, Carlon Ann, 149, 221 Best, Barbara Anne, 165, 229 Best, Gary Max, 181, 290 Belts, Nancy Elizabeth, 129, 268 Beutelschies, Carl Edward, 181 Beutelchies, Elizabeth Ann, 181 Bevis, Don Ray, 129, 238 Bevis, William J., Jr., 149 Bickford, Doris Jean, 129 483 Bickford, Harold Malcolm, 165 Bicknell, John Harris, 149, 257 Bien, Gary James, 129, 255 Bigge, Joseph Thomas, 165, 290 Biggerstaff, Mike Edward, 165, 294 Bilbrey, Charles Phillip, 165 Billings, Lewis William, 129, 282 Billingsley, Robert Taylor, 129, 286 Bingaman, Steve F., 149 Birch, James Glen, 129 Bishop, Bonnie Ann, 129, 268 Bishop, Judith Ann, 129, 268 Bishop, Nina Jane, 181, 262 Bishop, Roy Glenn, 182, 294 Bivens, Jenanne, 149, 230 Black, Harvey Deland, 214 Black, Russell Owen, 129 Black, Sharon Elaine, 149, 278 Blackburn, James Robert, 182 Blacklock, Owen Earl, 182 Blackwell, Bennie Francis, 149 Blackwood, Betty Lorraine, 149, 280 Blair, Frank P., 165, 238 Blair, Herbert David, 208 Blake, Doilus Dwayne, 182 Blankenship, Joseph Rayburn, Jr., 182, 226 Blankenship, Kenneth Lynn, 182 Blankenship, Ronald Dean, 129, 282 Blanton, Larry L., 165, 259 Blaylick, Brenda Dowe, 149, 278 Blaylock, James Garland, 182 Blaylock, Robin, 166, 278 Bledsoe, Peter Terrell, 166 Blevins, Beverly Ann, 149, 266 Blevins, William Bruse, 182 Blevins, Wilma Lea, 182, 278 Blewster, Rebecca Suzanna, 129, 268 Block, Ken, 129, 246 Blodgett, Linda Maurice, 129, 268 Blythe, Michael T., 182, 290 Boatman, Marvin L., 182, 290 Bobo, Gerald Wayne, 129, 282 Bodishbaugh, C. Conlee, 182, 250 Boellner, Caroline Elizabeth, 166, 230 Bogard, Betty Sue, 149, 237 Bogard, Donald Dale, 210 Bogy, Jane Ann, 149, 245 Bol, Ankie Emma Louise, 214, 278 Bolding, Darrell Moss, 182 Bolen, Richard Larry, 149 Bolin, James Donald, 182 Bolls, Barbara Ann, 129, 268 Bonady, Jim, 149, 238 Bond, David Allen, 166, 290 Bonds, Joe Edd, 129 Bonds, Louis Patrick, 129, 282 Bone, Ben Bedford, 166, 290 Bone, David Earl, 149, 285 Bonnell, Bonnie, 149, 266 Bonnell, Gretchen Marie, 129, 274 Boogaart, Agar John, 149, 282 Booth, Suzanne Day, 129, 268 Boothe, Wm. Carson, 166 Borgeson, Wallace Raymond, 129,282 Borman, Vicki Jo, 182, 245 Born, Charles Kenneth, 129, 282 Boswell, William Harold, 166, 238 Bourg, Carol Ann, 182, 278 Bourg, Janice Marie, 149, 262 Bouwman, Katherine Ann, 129, 268 Bowen, William Scott, 149, 259 Bowles, Robert D., Jr., 149, 257 Bowman, Carol Elizabeth, 129, 268 Bowman, David N., 182 Bowman, Larry L, 149, 290 Bowman, Vernon Dean, 129, 286 Bownds, Audrey Lucille, 129 Boyce, Charles Clay, 149, 249 Boyce, David Marshall, 149 Boyce, James D., 129, 282 Boyd, Don E., 149, 253 Boyd, Joe David, 166 Boyd, Judith Lee, 166, 262 Boyd, Raymond Gerald, 166 Boyer, Jane, 166, 262 Boyer, Richard Harrison, 129, 282 Boyer, Thomas Edward, 182, 288 Boyette, Jerrell Ray, 149, 294 Boylan, Sheila Marie, 166, 245 Brabham, Daniel Edwards, 182, 288 Bracey, Norlyn Graye, 129, 268 Brackin, Betty Lajuan, 166, 230 Brackin, Gerald Paul, 182 Bradberry, Robert Jean, 182 Bradley, Joel Thomas 129, 282 Bradley, Terry Douglas, 129, 282 Brady, Joseph Carson, 129, 249 Brady, Sally Ann, 149, 222 Brady, William B., 182, 246 Bragg, David R., 166, 218 Braley, Barbara Ann, 149, 237 Bramlett, Benny Jack, 129, 282 Bramlett, Ronnie Carroll, 129, 282 Branch, Jesse D., 182 Brand, Troy Calvin, 182, 253 Brandenhoff, Carol Lynn, 149, 262 Brandli, Mary Jacquelyn, 129 Brandt, Eddy 0., 182 Brandt, Patsy Ross, 182 Branigan, Susan Marion, 166, 221 Brashears, Ida Sue, 182 Brasuell, Jack, 129, 282 Braswell, Jerri Jane, 166, 222 Braucher, Jeannine, 129, 274 Brazil, Arthur Barry, 129, 282 Brazil, Charles Crawford, 182, 290 Brazil, Christopher Cloar, 129, 282 Brazil, Jim D., 182, 261 Breckenridge, Jacqulin, 129, 268 Breedlove, Robert Donald, 149, 292 Breit, Barbara Anne, 130, 268 Breitkreuz, Winfred A., 182 Brewer, Edmond Ray, 182, 255 Brewer, James O., 149 Brewer, Jerry Taylor, 182 Brewer, William Morgan, III, 166,242 Brewster, Lowell Stanley, 166 Brian, Susan Kay, 166, 230 Bridges, Robert, 130 Bridgforth, Joe K., 183, 257 Bridgeforth, John Dudley, 166, 249 Bridgforth, William Cecil, 208, 249 Bright, Ozart Emil, Jr., 149 Briley, Jack W., 149, 290 Brinkley, Otis T., 183 Britt, Richard Harold, 149, 242 Brittain, Charles Aubrey, 183 Broach, Judy Carol, 166, 229 Broadmeadow, John, 166, 285 Brock, Mary Carol, 149, 222 Brockert, Ron G., 210 Brockwell, Ronald Howard, 130, 285 Brodie, Ralph G., 183 1. 3. Test Your Knowledge of These Familiar Signs., 1. Safeguards our youngsters 2. Keeps you out of trouble 3. Warns you of danger 4. Guides you on Federal highways 5. Makes courtesy the rule g_ I V " " | Means productive Jobs for I MonsantO thousands, scientific dis- I K. 4 I coveries, vital services to community and nation. Lion Oil Company a member of the huge Monsanto Chemical family- derives strength from a complex of research laboratories, oil fields here and abroad, " round-the-clock refineries and chemical plants, 3500 people. These people and these physical re sources are dedicated to bettering our products and markets and to the dis- covery of new ones. Look to Lion major producer of gaso- lines, lubricants, asphalts, and more than 150 other petroleum products for industry and agriculture. iLION OIL COMPANYiCq Hydrocarbons Division, Monsanto Chemical Company I k f J El DORADO, ARKANSAS 484 Brogley, Raymond LeRoy, 183 Brookshire, Kay, 210, 274 limit, Evan Lee, 166 Brown, Charlie Lee, 183 Brown, Dale G., 183, 234 Brown, David Joe, 166 Brown, Doyle Eugene, 183, 295 Brown, Elvin D., 183 Brown, Forrest Glynn, 183, 255 Brown, Gary, 130 Brown, Gary Dean, 210 Brown, Helen Jane, 166, 230 Brown, Jack E., 183 Brown, James Dwight, 149, 257 Brown, John D., 149, 259 Brown, Joyce Marie, 183 Brown, Judy Isahelle, 183, 266 Brown, Judy Kay, 149, 230 Brown, Larry G., 183 Brown, Lee Fanning, 149, 229 Brown, Margaret Joyce, 149, 266 Brown, Mary Ann, 149, 266 Brown, Mary Shannon, 149, 262 Brown, Michael Stephen, 130 Brown, Nancy Wills, 183 Brown, Norma Gene, 130, 268 Brown, Patricia Lee, 166, 245 Brown, Rebecca Ann, 130, 274 Brown, Robert H., 183 Brown, Robert H., 183 Brown, Spencer Henton, 183 Brown, Stanley Allen, 183 Brown, Tootie, 130, 268 Brown, Warren Fred, Jr., 130 Brownd, James Ruble, 149, 290 Brownd, Joseph Eugene, 183, 290 Browning, Ralph Ernest, 149 Bruce, Kathryn LJoyene, 149, 266 Bruce, Richard Hugh, 166, 294 Bruce, Zillah Diane, 130, 268 Brudner, William R., 149 Brumm, Mary Katherine, 149, 245 Brunner, John Alphonse, 149, 253 Brunner, Patricia Robbs, 183, 229 Brush, Sally Ann, 130, 274 Brushaber, John Alan, 130 Bruton, William Alonzo, 210 Bruton, William Kemper, 193, 226 Bryan, James G., 130, 282 Bryan, Jim Witt, 210 Bryan, Theresa Jane, 149, 278 Bryant, Charles W., 166 Bryant, Doris Anne, 130, 268 Bryant, Robert M., 149, 253 Bryant, William A., Jr., 130 Bryant, William B., 149 Bryniarski, Americ John, 183 Bryniarski, Teresa Rose, 183 Bryniarski, Timothy Joseph, 149 Buchanan, Dorothy Jean, 130, 268 Buchanan, J. Walter, 150, 249 Buchanan, Thomas M., 150, 238 Buck, Charla Ann, 130, 274 Buckner, Charles Stowell, Jr., 183,241 Buckner, Joe K., 150, 241 Budd, Carol, 150 Buercklin, John A., 130, 282 Buffalo, Cecil Miles, 130, 282 Buffalo, Shearon C, 166, 274 Buford, Betty Jo, 130, 278 Buford, Margaret Ann, 130, 268 Bullard, Lyndle Ray, 150, 286 Bullock, Richard B., 210 Bumpers, Bonnie Carolyn, 150, 245 Bunch, Mary Carolyn, 130, 274 Bunn, Jane Ellen, 150, 274. Burch, Harold Eugene, 166 Burch, Judi Ann, 150, 266 Burchett, Ronald D., 166 Buford, Houston John, 150, 290 Burge, Margaret Carol, 166, 229 Burgess, James P., 166, 249 Burgess, John Herbert, 166 Burgess, Judy Katherine, 166, 262 Burke, Blanche Louise, 166, 237 Burke, Ronny Lee, 130, 282 Burke, Thomas B., 166 Burkett, Brenda Gaye, 150, 278 Burks, Horace Thomas, 130, 282 Burks, Larry W., 150, 250 Burnett, Carol Jean, 130, 268 Burnett, James Oliver, 208, 246 Burnett, Richard Hayes, 130, 282 Burnett, Thomas Hays, 130, 288 Burns, John Jessup, 150, 290 Burns, Lionel Joseph, 150, 241 Burns, Michael Dean, 183, 253 Burris, James W., 130, 286 Burris, Zelpha Belle, 166 Burson, John Millsap, 150, 285 Burson, Mae Lee, 183 Burson, T. O., 130, 282 Burson, Wanda Jean, 130 Burt, Alice Irene, 183 Hurt, Edna Louise, 183 Burton, Bob L., 166 Burton, Donald Raymond, 150, 292 Burton, James David, 166, 249 Burton, James Edward, 150, 225 Burton, Percy Duffield, 130, 249 Bush, John Finley, 150, 259 Bush, Toni Lynn, 130, 268 Bushmiaer, William Dicky, 166, 225 Butcher, Halla Jean, 130, 268 Butler, George Harrison, 166, 249 Butler, Jesse Lee, 166 Butt, John Edward, 166, 255 Butt, Joseph Lloyd, 130, 282 Buttry, James Altus, 184, 249 Buzbee, Reedy Robert, 166, 259 Byars, Flora Ann, 184, 222 Bynum, Beverly, 150, 229 Bynum, Kenneth J., 150, 255 Byrd, Judy Elaine, 130, 268 Bym, Happy, 184, 266 Caddell, David G., Jr., 166, 290 Cadieux, Richard Edward, 184 Cadwell, Anna Elizabeth, 184, 229 Cain, William Jason, 166, 225 Calhoon, Julian Dale, 130, 282 Calhoon, Ken Freeman, 130, 253 Calhoun, Lela Mary, 184, 233 Calhoun, Sharlett Rhea, 150, 278 Calico, Nancy L., 130 Calkins, John Thomas, 130, 282 Callahan, Rebecca A., 150, 222 Callalan, Rolgar Allen, 130, 286 Callan, Donald Paul, 150, 255 Callan, Ronald William, 150, 255 Callaway, Clydine, 150, 278 Callaway, David Logan, 130, 250 Callaway, Don Frank, 166, 250 Callaway, Patricia Mildred, 130, 268 Calvert, William D., 166, 241 Cameron, Laura Alice, 150, 274 Camp, Kathryn Louise, 130, 268 Camp, 0. Worth, Jr., 208 Campbell, Betty Carol, 184, 230 Campbell, Edward D., 166, 290 Campbell, Gail Mignon, 184, 222 Campbell, Gary Wade, 184, 261 Campbell, John Calvin, 150, 238 Campbell, Linda Ruth, 166, 266 Campbell, Lynda Parnell, 184 Campbell, Sharon Kaye, 150, 280 Canaday, Betty Anne, 166, 245 Canady, Karen Kay, 130, 268 Canerday, Shirley Ann, 166 Canine, Susan Preston, 184, 237 Cannon, Gardner W., 130, 286 Cannon, Samuel Lee, 184 Caple, Don L., 166 Cardin, Tommy Wayne, 130 Carey, Dianne Lee, 166, 233 Cargile, Robert Larry, 167, 246 Carl, Barbara June, 130 Carle, Walter Clarence, 130, 282 Carlson, Karen Elizabeth, 130 268 Carlton, George Read, 130 Carmack, Wanda Lou, 130 Games, Martha Lee, 150 Carney, George, 167, 218 Carney, James Ronald, 167, 285 Carpenter, Tommy Dale, 150, 290 Carroll, Carol Ann, 167, 274 Carroll, Dee George, 184 Carrol], George Cleve, 184, 290 Carroll, John Garry, 184, 253 Carroll, Susan Maurine, 130, 268 Carson, Dick, Jr., 167, 250 Carte, Raylene, 130, 274 Carter, Austin Eugene, 167 Carter, Carol Ann, 150, 233 Carter, Carole Ina, 150, 274 Carter, Frank Lyle, 150, 225 Carter, Jerry Dee, 167 Carter, John E., 130, 282 Carter, Marl D., 167, 288 Carter, Max Edward, 184 Carter, Melissa Ann, 150 Carter, Michael Cleveland, 167, 285 Carter, Peggy Ann, 184 Carter, R. David, 150, 285 Carter, Sandra Sue, 167, 266 Carter, William Grady, 131, 286 Caruthers, John Ellis, Jr., 282 Caruthers, Willia m Bernard, 184, 249 Carver, Michael A., 150, 290 Gary, Bob Ed, 167 Case, George Baxter, 131 Case, James C, 131, 286 Casey, Don William, 210 Casey, James Robert, 150, 259 Casey, Patricia Lynne, 131, 268 Cash, William Keene, 131 Castle, Rita Frances, 150 Castleberry, James T., 210 Castleberry, Paul L., 184 Castleberry, Val M., 131 Castling, Pamela Kay, 131, 268 Gate, Phillip E., 184 Cathey, Georgia Kay, 184 Cathey, William Gary, 184 Cato, Jack Batson, 184, 241 Caudell, Nancy Carolyn, 131, 274 Caughey, Davetta, 150, 230 Causey, Lynda Lou, 150 Causey, Rhode Blanchard, 184 Cavaneau, Jerry Winston, 184, 253 Caviness, Cinny, 150, 274 Cecil, Richard Lee, 131 Center, Esther Jane, 167, 233 Chadick, Earl Lee, 131, 249 Chaffin, Larry Dale, 131, 282 Chambers, Eva Jo, 167 Chambers, Gene, 167, 245 Chambers, John Frederick, 150, 250 Chambers, Wilber Lee, 150 Chamblin, Jack Drummond, 131, 255 Chamblin, Lynnda Kay, 131, 268 Chan, To-Kwong, 184 Chance, Catherine, 167, 229 Chancey, Wilma Lou, 131 Chandler, Benny Leo, 131, 282 The Smokehouse Steak house for pleasant quiet dining Steaks Chicken Sea Food 2 mi. N. Springdale Hv y 71 Reservations PI 1-9032 485 COLONNA STUDIOS, INC. 340 Westbury Avenue Carle Place, LI., N.Y. Official Photographers for the 1963 RAZORBACK ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE FOR ORDERS 0 1 ! . Cbfi t 222 - .:- 486 Chandler, Fred R., 131, 282 Chandler, James Lloyd, 150 Chandler, Wanda Kay, 131 Chapman, Charlotte Ailene, 131, 280 Chapman, Charlotte Jane, 150, 222 Chapman, avid Carter, 150, 257 Chapman, Jack Walden, Jr., 131, 286 Chapman, Wiley Eldon, 131, 282 Charlton, J. Sherwood, 184 Chase, Larry J., 184 Chastain, James William, 185 Chastai n, Robert Steven, 131, 282 Cheatham, Larry Lynn, 167 Chenault, Pamela Rhea, 131, 268 Cherry, Charlotte F., 167, 229 CheDrry, Frances Anne, 131, 268 Chesley, Charles Clyde, 185, 257 Childers, Lynda Sue, 185, 230 Childress, Gaylon, 167 Chiles, Russell B., Jr., 150 Choate, Dolores, 150, 278 Christensen, Edward Juel, 131, 282 Chung, Patrick Jin-man, 167, 292 Churchill, Betty Jo, 150, 266 Cia, D. J., 131, 257 Cicuta, Johnny Ovan, 185, 295 Cina, Carol Louise, 131, 268 Cina, Nancy Elizabeth, 185, 222 Claiborne, Jerry Wayne, 150, 255 Clampit, H. Paul, 150, 290 Clark, Sarah Frost, 150, 262 Clark, Stephen Lee, 150, 290 Clardy, Benjamin Frederick, 210 Clark, Bob C., 185, 290 Clark, David Lovell, 185 Clark, James Corbin, 131, 282 Clark, Kenneth J., 131, 282 Clark, Mary Ann, 185, 278 Clark, Rex Lee, 167, 234 Classen, Theodore Michael, 150 Clay, Billy, 167, 238 Cleavenger, Martha Lee, 131, 274 Clem, Jerry E., 131, 238 Cleopa, Neoptolemos, 185 Clifton, David Autry, 131, 288 Cline, Neil Ray, 167 Clinehens, Dorothy Lynn, 131 Clinehens, Robert Morris, 185 Clingan, Joseph Raymond, 186, 253 Cloer, James Richard, 185 Clothier, Connie Jean, 131, 274 Clubbs, Roger Clyde, 150, 292 Cluff, Jerry Dean, 150, 246 Clulow, George Edward, 167 Clyne, Roy R., 131 Coates, Wayne L., 131, 241 Cobb, Cita Rogers, 185 Cobb, John Phillip, 185 Cobb, Rebecca Gayle. 131, 268 Coburn, Judith Carolyn, 131, 268 Coccia, Mildred Marie, 131, 266 Cochran, Franklin Harold, 151, 218 Cochran, Gary Earl, 131, 253 Coe, Marinell, 151, 245 Coe, William C, Jr., 185, 242 Coe, William Paul, 185, 290 Cofer, Kenneth D., 185 Coffelt, Charlotte Watson, 131, 268 Coffield, James Robert, 131, 286 Coffman, Alice Ann, 167, 229 Coffman, Marshall Brower, 185, 250 Cogbum, Onis James, 167, 290 Coger, Doris Ann, 167, 222 Cohen, Jack Davis, 131, 218 Coiner, Ron, 185, 294 Coker, John Robert, Jr., 131, 282 Coker, Marshall A., 151, 290 Colay, Mabel Jo, 151, 230 Colby, Unda Margaret, 167, 274 Colclasure, Bruce Monroe, 151, 246 Cole, Carol, 151, 278 Cole, Charles E., 151, 253 Cole, Forrest Wayne, 131, 282 Cole, James Irvin, 151 Cole, Jason, 185 Cole, John Walton, Jr., 167, 238 Cole, Patsy June, 167, 280 Coleman, Bruce Wayne, 167, 234 Coleman, Douglas Stephen, 167, 246 Coleman, Elliot Randolph, 167 Coleman, Jack, 131, 246 Coleman, Jimmie Allen, 131 Coleman, Linda Hudson, 185, 245 Coleman, Sue Ellen, 167, 245 Collett, Kay Gentry, 185, 266 Collins, Fred Clinton, 185 Collins, James Robert, 131, 282 Collins, Jo Anna, 167 Collins, Linda Jane, 167, 237 Collins, Roger Barrett, 185, 255 Colvin, Greene Berry, 111, 185, 255 Colvin, Linda Sue, 131, 268 Coman, Julie Ann, 131, 274 Combs, Benny A., 185 Combs, Janice Annette, 131 Combs, Nathan Lewis, 151, 259 Combs, Sidney L., 185 Comstock, Graydon Earl, 151 Conditt, Jamie Hudson, 167, 229 Condray, Ansel Lynn, 167 Condren, Stewart Michael, 167 Conery, Elizabeth Ann, 185, 233 Connell, James Michael, 131 Connelly, Joseph Pat rick, 167 Cook, Bill Dennie, 131, 282 Cook, Carole Ann, 167, 278 Cook, Clyde Lee, Jr., 151 Cook, David N., 151, 249 Cook, Dorothy Jean, 167 Cook, Joe Lister, 167, 257 Cook, John Paul, 185 Cook, Mary C., 151, 274 Cook, Orval Lee, 131, 288 Cook, Phyllis Jean, 151, 230 Cook, Roger Curtis, 131, 294 Cook, Sarah Elizabeth, 131, 274 Coonce, Sidney Lehman, 167, 290 Coonrod, Judith Lynne, 131, 268 Coop, Carole, 167, 237 Cooper, Ann Lee, 167, 266 Cooper, Carolyn Kay, 131, 274 Cooper, Gary Max, 167 Cooper, Georgia Ruth, 167 Cooper, James N., 167, 218 Cooper, Jerry Dewayne, 151, 253 Cooper, Nancy Virginia, 131, 268 Cooper, Rebecca Borum, 185, 229 Cooper, Tom A., 151, 226 Coots, Joseph Eugene, 151, 257 Copeland, Elizabeth, 185, 245 Copeland, James J., 167 Coppage, George R., 131, 253 Coppeans, Walter A., 151, 290 Corbin, Christian Ambrose, 185, 249 Corbin, Donald L, 186, 249 Corbin, Rel B., 151, 218 Cordell, Rosalyn Sue, 131, 268 Core, Henry Mac, 185, 253 Corley, Robert Michael, 131, 282 Cornish, Gerald L., 151, 241 Cornwell, Gilbert Greene, 131, 238 Cornwell, Michael R., 131, 241 Cornwell, Sammy Lloyd, 210 Cornwell, Scarlett, 167, 229 Corrotto, Lynda Dale, 151, 233 Corwin, Orrin Monroe, 111, 131 Cosgrove, Dale G., 151, 218 Cosmus, Susan, 151, 237 Gotten, Webster Taylor, 167 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS BOOK STORE STUDENT UNION BUILDING EVERYTHING THE STUDENT NEEDS TEXTBOOKS: NEW AND USED REFERENCE BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Stationery Montag Eldridge Elliott Hallmark Cards Pennants and Novelties Fountain Pens and Pencils Esterbrook Parker Shea f fer Engineering Supplies and Equipment Dietzgen Gramercy Keuffel Esser Post Roark Templates Art Materials American Crayon Crescent Cardboards Grumbacher Permanent Strathmore Papers Marks Lamps Tufide Brief Cases Sundries Store Hours 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Fridays 8:00 A.M. to 12 Noon Saturdays 487 Your Alumni Association is on the Move And We Want YOU In On It, Too. There is a new excitement among graduates and former students of the university an excitement over the realization that their years in college have formed the basis for current and future successes and growing opportunities. Gratefully more and more Alumni are joining as active members in support of the programs of the Association. Scholarships, Outstanding Faculty Awards, Library Purchases, and Departmental Grants are among the projects now existing. But much more is needed. The vital functions of a University, those functions not supported by taxes, must be provided for you and those to come. And more and more Alumni - - not only here, but in all uni- versities and colleges across the nation - - are being called upon to help make a great university greater. Following graduation all seniors are given a year ' s free active member- ship in the Association. When you have graduated will you please seek, or better still, demand to know what you might do for your University through . . . The University of Arkansas ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 488 :i Cotton, Delano Talbert, 167 Cotton, Emilie Jane, 131 Cottrell, Richard Edward, 131, 259 Couch, Brenda Kay, 151, 280 Councille, Clifford C, 151, 241 Counihan, Jack Edward, 186, 246 Courtney, Maurice H., 167 Covey, Charles Dean, III, 131, 282 Cowan, Donald Erwin, Jr., 131, 282 Cowie, Robert Grierson, 167 Cox, Charles Foster, 131, 241 Cox, Danny Joe, 131, 286 Cox, James Loy, 186, 246 Cox, John Stratton, 186 Cox, Linda Lou, 167, 245 Cox, Mary Jane Hunt, 186, 245 Cox, Myra Elizabeth, 167, 266 Coxsey, Cynthia Lee, 167, 230 Crabb, Patricia Marie, 167 Crabtree, Barbara H., 186 Crabtree, Sandra Kay, 186, 230 Craig, Charles Edward, 151, 255 Grain, Charles David, 131 Grain, Janett McNiel, 186, 230 Grain, Jo Carol, 167, 222 Grain, John Atkins, 131 Grain, Larry Paul, 186, 246 Grain, Regina Rae, 131,268 Grain, W. Steve, 208 Crandall, Walter Morris, 131, 282 Cranford, Sandra Sue, 167, 266 Crank, Marianne, 151, 222 Cranston, Kenneth David, 151, 259 Crawford, Don Preston, 151, 290 Crawford, Donnie Dean, 151, 290 Crawford, Dottie, 151, 237 Crawford, Judy Sue, 186, 233 Crawford, Lamar S., Jr., 131, 282 Cravens, Margaret Tippett, 186, 237 Creecy, Douglas H., 131 Creek, Maxie Gayle, 167 Creighton, Linda Sue, 131, 274 Creighlon, Warren Edwin, 186, 218 Crippen, Clarence Phillip, 186 Crippen, Martha Wallace, 186 Crisp, Jerry Wayne, 151, 255 Crocker, Beverly Kaye, 186, 278 Crone, Patricia Susan, 186, 230 Crook, Fred L., 167, 257 Groom, Carolyn, 131, 268 Groom, Celeste, 131, 268 Cross, Linda Sue, 151, 278 Crossett, Nancy Lee, 131, 268 Crosskno, Harold Leon, 151, 292 Crossno, Edwin Ray, 151, 255 Crouch, Courtney C., Jr., 186, 246 Crouch, David Richard, 151 Crouch, Eugene Ladner, 151, 288 Crouso, Jerry Lynn, 186 Grouse, Judy, 151, 222 Crow, Betty Kathryne, 131, 274 Crowe, Bobby Michael, 131 Crowley, Carolyn, 167, 221 Crowson, Jimmie Allen, 131, 282 Crum, James William, 167 Crum, Michael Ray, 131, 225 Grume, Phillip Wilkes, 208 Crumpton, Herbie Lynn, 186, 255 Cruse, Michael Lee, 167 Cuan, Jorge, Jr., 131 Cullom, Joe R., 151 Cullum, Edward L., Jr., 151, 253 Culbertson, Carolyn Raye, 168, 222 Gulp, Carol Ellen, 131, 274 Cummings, Jean Estelle, 186, 262 Cunningham, Richard K., 131, 288 Cunningham, Sharon Kay, 168 Cupples, Barbara Louise, 131, 268 WHEELER ' S DRIVE-IN Downtown Dickson WE DELIVER-TELERAY SERVICE DIAL 2-8244 Cupples, Patricia Sue, 151, 233 Curry, Charles Lee, 131, 282 Gurry, Elaine M., 131, 274 Curtis, Margy Ann, 168, 237 Curtis, James T., 168, 255 Cusick, Charles Wilfred, 168, 285 D Dabbs, Terry Otis, 168 Dabbs, Margrette Eleanor, 131, 268 Dailey, Dalton James, Jr., 168 Daily, Boyd R., 151 Dall, Gerald Leroy, 186, 257 Dallas, Catherine Jean, 131, 268 Dallas, Robert Lewis, 186 Dalton, Gary Thomas, 186, 250 Dalzell, Joseph Warren, 168 Dandy, Jan, 186, 237 Daniel, Al Jennings, 151, 282 Daniel, Granchelle, 151, 278 Daniel, Harriet Elizabeth, 151, 278 Daniel, Mary Pamela, 151, 237 Daniel, Charles E., Jr., 168, 255 Daniel, Patrica Kathleen, 131, 268 Daniel, Rita F., 210 Daniels, James Ronnie, 131, 286 Daniels, Mona Carol, 168, 274 Darnell, John E., 208, 246 Darr, James Earl, Jr., 151, 253 Daugherty, Joe D., 151, 226 Daugherty, Phillip Wayne, 186 Daugherty, Sharon Jennings, 186 Daulton, Diana, 186, 222 Davenport, Lawrence Grayson, 168, 255 Davidson, Jerry Frank, 168, 295 Daves, Becky Ann, 131, 268 Davies, Ann, 151, 229 Davies, James, III, 168, 249 Davis, Bill Gray, 131 Davis, Delmar Lee, 151, 257 Davis, Freddie D., 132, 250 Davis, Helen R., 132, 274 Davis, James Michael, 168, 255 Davis, Jim Charles, 168, 249 Davis, John Albert, 151, 282 Davis, John Robert, 132, 292 Davis, Judith Ann, 151, 262 Davis, Julia Diane, 168, 229 Davis, Kenneth Bruce, Jr., 210 Davis, Leo Carson, 151, 290 Davis, Linda Jean, 132, 268 Davis, Lynda Kay, 187, 278 Davis, Nancy Jane, 132, 274 Davis, Pat Richmond, 187 Davis, Rhesa Winfred, 187, 295 Davis, Thomas Odell, 168 Davis, Tomy Luther, 187 Dawson, A. Bobby, 208 Dawson, Amanda Pauline, 168, 222 Dawson, Robert T., 208 Day, Grace Dianne, 151, 221 Dayton, Bob Edward, 132, 282 Deaderick, David Eldridge, 151, 249 Deaderick, Michael Rodgers, 168, 249 Dean, Karen Eise, 168, 233 Dean, Gary James, 151, 250 Dean, Judy Ann, 151, 278 Dean, Virginia Carol, 132, 268 Deane, Frances, 151, 237 Deardorff, John David, 168 Dearien, John Astor, Jr., 210 DeBow, Dwight A., 151 Dedman, Sheila Marilyn, 168, 221 Produced and Processed in Arkansas HI 2-4771 207 W. Dickson Fayetteville 489 Deere, Joan Irene, 132, 268 Dees, Patricia Louise, 132, 268 DeLamar, Allen Brown, 187, 249 Delezen, Jeff Russell, 187, 259 Dellinger, Lawson Gray, 132, 257 Deniz, Orhan, 210 Denney, Denose, 132, 274 Dennington, Elvin Lephiew, 187, 250 Dennis, Carole Jean, 187 Denton, Robert W., 132, 242 DePriest, Ed Fletcher, 187 DePriest, Larry Poe, 132, 282 DePriest, Phillip Pyland, 151 Dermott, Jon Alan, 208, 253 DeSalvo, Raymond Vincent, 132, 282 Deskin, Ceri, 168 Dewitt, Mike, 132, 238 De Wolfe, Caroline Monroe, 151, 274 Dezso, Balint, 187, 295 Dibbern, Dieter Johannes, 187 Dick, Martin David, Jr., 151, 257 Dickennan, Diane Annette, 132, 268 Dickson, Bette Carole, 151 Dickson, Robert Harrison, III, 187 Diehl, Elise Josephine, 187, 278 Digby, Charles Henry, 168, 290 Dilday, Robert Henry, 187, 290 Dildy, Margaret Ellen, 132, 270 Dill, Jerry Edward, 168 Dill, Sue Ellen, 151, 237 Dillahunty, David Howard, 132 Dillahunty, Evelyn Faye, 168, 278 Dillard, Johnny E., 151 Dillard, William Thomas, Jr., 132,282 Dilliard, Frances, 168, 233 Dills, Jane, 187, 245 Dimmit, Larry Wendol, 132 Disney, Martha B. M., 187 Disney, William Brian, 187 Diver, Larry B., 168, 250 Dixon, David Hugh, 151 Dixon, Jerry Donald, 151 Dixon, Jerry Hugh, 151, 294 Dohbs, Kathryn Louise, 210 Dobbs, Melvin Bruce, 168, 241 Dober, David Kern, 168, 255 Dodd, David George, 187, 238 Dodd, Gary, 132, 286 Dodge, Donna Lee, 132 Dodgen, Patricia Ann, 187, 280 Dohoney, Edmund Luther, 187, 253 Dolan, Joseph Michael, 132, 282 Dollins, Lana Kay, 132, 270 Donahue, Mary Nell, 152, 230 Donnell, Billy Carl, 187, 257 Dorre, James Edwin, 168 Dortch, Dorothy Elizabeth, 132, 270 Doshier, Katholeen Roark, 187 Dotson, Carol Jeanette, 132 Douglas, Doke, 151, 238 Douglas, Nancy Marlene, 168 Douglas, Donald Wayne, 168 Douglas, Donald Steven, 152, 242 Douglas, Marshall Alan, 152 Douglas, Sally Ann, 132, 270 Douglas, Troy R., 152 Dowell, Bobby E., 132 Dowell, Melvin Eugene, 187 Dowling, Ronald Floyd, 187 Doyle, Theda Kathleen, 168, 222 Doyle, Lynn C., 187 Draki, Abdul Wadoud, 132 Drake, Sharon Sue, 168, 245 Drazsnzak, Jacques Stephen, 168 Driggers, Donita Ann, 152, 237 Drindak, Noel Joseph, 152, 292 Dryer, Charlotte Lee, 168, 229 Dubbell, Paul J., 152, 242 Dubiner, Dannalee, 152, 237 Duckett, James M., 187, 241 Duckett, William Douglas, 168, 292 DuCote, Mary Rene, 152, 278 Dudney, Blonie Wayne, 132, 282 Dulan, Susan M., 168, 222 Dulin, Lucy Kay, 132, 270 Duncan, Barbara Anita, 187, 230 Dunham, Douglas Howard, 152, 255 Dunkle, James A., 168, 241 Dunn, John Paul, 210 Dunn, Lila Lea, 152 Dunn, Silas Theron, 132 Durden, Robert R., 152, 249 Durham, Jimmy Ray, 168, 290 Durham, W. T., 187 Durrett, Judy, 168, 278 DuVall, Cathy, 132, 270 Dyer, Harold Wayne, 132 Dyer, Joe Robert, 187, 261 E Easterling, Howard Alton, Jr., 168 Ebdon, Thomas Joseph, III, 152, 295 Eckel, Charlotte Ann, 152, 245 Eddy, Carolyn Elaine, 132 Eddy, Ronald Earl, 168 Edington, Bruce Leon, 187 Edmondson, Gayle Ann, 132, 274 Edmondson, Nancy Louise, 133, 270 Edwards, Barbara Ann, 168, 278 Edwards, Carlyn Jean, 133, 270 Edwards, Dwight A., 133 Edwards, James J., 152, 290 Edwards, Jim Ray, 133 Edwards, Judith, 187, 245 Edwards, Marcia Anne, 133, 270 Edwards, Melody Sylvia, 133, 270 Edwards, Mike Randolph, 152 Edwards, Richard Stewart, 152, 255 Edwards, Roger Dan, 187, 259 Edwards, William Howell, 133, 282 Edwards, William Marshall, 133, 282 Eidson, Martha Ann, 133 Ekman, Connie Phyllis, 168, 278 Eldridge, Rolfe Chambliss, III, 152, 290 Elfter, Thomas Perry, 152, 242 Elkan, Gail Madelon, 133, 270 Elkins, Damon Lee, 152, 290 Elkins, Ron Theron, 168 Ellard, Martha Anne, 210 Ellebrecht, Juanita Marie, 152 Elliott, Charles Weldon, 133, 282 Elliott, Judith Lynne, 133, 270 Elliott, Judy Lee, 133, 270 Elliott, Lynn Elaine, 187 Elliott, Pat, 152, 290 Elliott, Pat, 152, 262 Ellis, Jane, 133, 270 Ellis, Judy Patricia, 133, 270 Ellis, Linda Sue, 168, 233 Ellison, Carole Ann, 133, 270 Elmer, Robert F., 152 Elmore, Marion Eugene, 168, 290 Elsberry, Fletcher Eugene, 187, 241 Elrod, Diane, 168, 230 Embry, Ronald Gene, 152, 290 Engelke, William W., 152, 295 IT ' S IN OUR PRIDE Being proud of what we have to offer and Seeing to it we offer it in the best way possible. BURGER BROIL 514 North College Fayetteville, Arkansas Designed and created by Marvin Boatman ' 63 I .: I... r. : .. : :.- I- - foa.Nan.1 : - BMfcta : ' ::.; B.WI " ;. EwOkta :. ' i - 490 England, Charolette Ann, 152 Engeler, Ann Amerson, 187, 222 Enis, John Howard, 168 Ennis, Andrew Loog, 133, 270 Enoch, Barbara ]., 168 Epes, James Fletcher, 152, 238 Eoff, William Bradford, Jr., 168, 250 Epperson, James Register, 187, 253 Erickson, Donna Sue, 168, 245 Ervin, Betty Crump, 210 Erwin, Delton Talbot, 133, 282 Erwin, Mildred Ann, 187, 262 Essig, George Rudy, 187, 290 Estes, Billie Sol, 253 Estes, Bradley Clyde, 133, 282 Estes, William Earl, 168, 285 Estes, Lonnie E., 187 Estes, Norma Sue, 133, 280 Etchison, James W., 133, 286 Etheridge, Young H., 152, 290 Etoch, Kathryn Marie, 152, 266 Eubanks, Dianna Marie, 152 Evans, Betty, 187 Evans, David, 187, 242 Evans, James Douglas, 133 Evans, Otha Lee, 152 Evans, Ronnie David, 133, 282 Evans, Sandra Rae, 152 Evans, Sharon J., 152, 278 Evans, William D., 187 Everett, Frances Jo Ann, 133, 270 Everett, Ronald Edmond, 152 Everitt, Thomas Wesley, 133, 282 Ewing, Patricia Ann, 168, 278 Ezell, Richard Ivy, 168, 241 Ezell, Ronald Howard, 187 Fabinsky, Walter Robert, 168, 246 Faddis, Joe D., 133 Fairchild, Robert S., Jr., 152, 255 Fairley, Lindsey Johnson, 208 Fairley, Nancy Ohlendorf, 214 Faith, William Dougas, 133, 255 Falk, Lyn Dieter, 133, 270 Falls, Judith Karen, 188, 233 Fancher, Harley R., Jr., 152, 225 Fant, Earnest William, 188 Fant, Jimmy Donald, 152, 290 Faris, Jamie Ann, 152, 221 Faris, Renay Michele, 168 Farmer, Sallye Jo, 133, 270 Farquhar, Thomas Edward, 133, 286 Farquharson, Willie Jean, 133, 270 Farrar, Dolores Ann, 168, 262 Farrar, Travis Eileen, 152, 237 Farrell, Susan Ann, 133, 270 Farris, James Walter, 133, 255 Faucette, George Curris, 133, 253 Faulkner, Carolyn Little, 152, 262 Faulkner, George Norris, 133, 282 Faulkner, Jerry, 133, 274 Faulkner, Carolyn Little, 152, 262 Faulkner, Robert Weslex, 208 Faulkner, Roberta Lou, 152, 278 Favor, Freddie Gene, 168, 242 Fayer, Joe A., 152 Fee, Joe D., Jr., 188 Feilke, John Gary, 188, 253 Feilke, Thomas Arthur, 133, 253 Felder, Mary Lynn, 188, 266 Felker, Gary Vernon, 152, 282 Fellinger, Bettye Lou, 168, 233 Feltch, Milton Lewis, Jr., 168, 259 Felton, Max, 168, 241 Ferguson, James Garland, III, 152 Ferguson, Richard Myatt, 152 Ferguson, Terecia, 133, 270 Fergusson, Sandra Gaye, 152, 237 Ferrenberg, Judy Jane, 188 Ferrill, Helen Carolyn, 169, 230 Fetzek, Terry Jean, 152, 237 Fewell, Ronnie Dennis, 169 Fewell, Vicki L, 133 Fewell, Ronnie Dennis, 169 Fielder, Glynda Jean, 133, 270 Fielder, Wilburn Glenn, 169 Fields, David Brian, 188 Fields, Mary Webb, 188 Fikes, Conley W., 152 Fikes, Horrace James, Jr., 133 Fikes, Lawrence, 152, 249 Filiatreau, Charles Leon, 169, 242 Finch, James Franklin, 152, 288 Finch, James Thomas, 169, 226 Fincher, Sue Clair, 188, 230 Fine, James Cornelius, 169 Finger, Nicki Ann, 152, 266 Fink, Albert Edward, 208 Finley, Patricia Ann, 133, 270 Finley, Patricia Jean, 133, 270 Finn, Frankie Eugene, 133 Fiser, Alice Ann, 211 Fisher, Lawrence Russell, Jr., 188,241 Fisher, Lynnah Kay, 188 Fisk, Roy Joe, 169 Fitzgerald, Allen S., 133, 282 Fitzgerald, Donald Killough, 208, 241 Fitzgerald, Kay, 169, 230 Fitzgerald, Lucius Allen, 133, 286 Fitzgerald, Rose Lynn, 152, 262 Fitzgerald, Sidney Smith, 188 Fitzgibbon, Raymond Dwight, 188 Fitzhugh, Vernon Eugene, 133 Fitzpatrick, Kathy Sue, 133, 274 Flanagan, Paul Michael, 133 Flanagan, Thomas L., 169 Fleming, Carole Ann, 133, 270 Fletcher, Bill J., 152, 238 Fletcher, Gail Ann, 133, 270 Fletcher, Joe Bob, 188, 255 Fletcher, Mary L, 169, 230 Flippin, Thomas R., 133 Flocks, Larry Louis, 152, 294 Flocks, Robert C., 152, 290 Floersch, William Carl, 133, 253 Flood, Riefford B., 211 Floyd, Johnny Bruce, 188, 290 Fogarty, Sharon, 152, 245 Fogg, John Sidney, 169, 238 Folsom, Frances, 188, 278 Ford, Forrest, 133, 282 Ford, Jennifer Anne, 152, 222 Ford, Katie Marie, 133, 274 Ford, Kenneth May, 188, 225 Ford, Nancy E., 169, 222 Ford, Virginia May, 152 Fordyce, Ross Lander, 189 Foreman, Tarana Gene, 152, 230 Formby, Ronnie Jim, 152, 290 Forrester, Mack Hendrix, 133, 282 Fossum, D. Rae, 152, 237 Foster, Larry Glenn, 152, 292 Foster, Rita, 152, 229 Foust, David Delynn, 189, 257 Fowler, James Robert, 134, 286 Fowler, Judy Diane, 152, 262 Your best bet for an e njoyable evening is at THE ROCKWOOD CLUB Dining Highway 71 South Fayetteville Dancing Nightly Featuring Top Bands Recording Artists " When you think of fun think of us " William Avis Manager Ronnie Hawkins Owner 491 Fowler. Peggy Jean, 134, 270 Fowler, Ronald Oscar, 134, 282 Fox, Bonnie Jean, 134, 280 Fox, Calvin Leon, 169 Fox, Elba Karol, 152, 274 Fox, Evelyn Jean, 153, 278 Fox, John M., 169, 290 Fraley, George Edward, 189 Francis, Emery Louis, 134, 282 Francis, Leonard F., 169 Francis, Marilyn Marie, 134, 270 Franks, Billy Lee, 189 Franks, Marvin D., 134, 286 Franks, Penny Ann, 134, 270 Frankum, Carol Ann, 134, 274 Frazer, James Hall, 134 Frazier, David Franklin, 134, 255 Frazier, Douglas Pemberton, Jr., 134, 282 Frazier, Margaret Jeanette, 169, 266 Frazier, Rebecca Ann, 169, 233 Frazier, Thomas R., 169, 295 Free, Thomas H., 169, 253 Freeman, David H., 134, 286 Freeman, Lawrence 0., 153, 294 Freeze, Janet Sue, 134, 270 French, Flossie, 134, 270 French, John Martin, 153, 242 Fricke, Charles Michael, 134, 242 Fricker, Linda Kaye, 169, 266 Friedberg, Lester Jacob, 134, 282 Friedline, Richard H., 134, 246 Frigillana, Normandie, 169, 262 Frierson, James Gordon, 208 Friddle, Jerry Don, 189, 234 Friley, Charles B., 189, 253 Froning, Dorothy Anne, 169, 237 Frost, James Howard, 189 Fryer, Jack Thomas, Jr., 134, 238 Fugitt, Terry Forrest, 169, 225 Fuller, Kay, 153, 278 Fuller, Roy J., 211 Fulton, John Wesley, 169, 238 Funkhouser, Carolyn Francis, 153 Fuqua, Thomas Howard, 169, 249 Furrow, Charles David, 208 Futrell, Junius Marion, 189 Gadberry, Martha Alice, 134, 270 Gage, Sharon Kay, 134 Gambill, Sarah Sue, 153, 262 Gann, Bruce Iner, 169, 242 Ganslen, Victoria Olivia, 153 Gardner, Danny Robert, 134, 282 Gardner, Jerry, 169, 257 Gardner, Mary Lemley, 153, 229 Garlington, Charles Michael, 134, 253 Garner, Carl Wade, 169, 257 Garner, Joe E., 189 Garner, Judy Ann, 153, 237 Garner, Kenneth Laz, 134, 282 Garner, Pat, 169, 262 Garner, Sharon Ann, 134, 270 Garnett, James Henry, 208 Carney, Bobby G., 169, 290 Garrett, Larry Wayne, 208 Garrett, Paul Ray, 189 Garrett, Sol Martin, 134, 282 Garth, H. K., 189 Gass, Edwarel William, 189, 218 Gaston, Joe Lee, 210 Gates, John Seth, 189 Gates, Kathe Lynne, 153, 262 Gatewood, Jack, 169, 241 Gattis, Carolyn Joyce, 169, 274 Gattis, Jimmy L., 153 Gauntt, James E., Jr., 169,290 Gay, Eddie Everett, 153 Gayer, Carole, 134, 270 Gecer, Ferih, 210 Gee, Jim, 189 Geiger, Rita Irene, 134, 274 Geiser, Margaret Eilene, 134 Gesl, Aviva, 214, 237 Gevrin, Betty Carolyn, 189 Gevrin, Jack Weber, 189 Giannopoulos, Stelios George, 169 Gibbins, Bonnie Chaney, 153 Gibbins, Joe Carroll, 134 Gibbons, James Leslie, 134, 282 Gibbons, Richard Carlton, 189, 261 Gibbs, Dan M., 153, 249 Gibbs, Karen, 189, 221 Gibson, Charles C., 189, 249 Gibson, Charles Henry, 189 Gibson, Claude Louis, 189, 253 Gibson, Faith Marie, 134, 270 Gibson, J. Lonnie, 134 Gibson, James Patrick, 134 Gifford, Beth, 169, 245 Gifford, William Cullen, 169 Gibson, William Orrin, 134, 282 Gierow, George Otto, 134, 286 Gilbert, Martin Greeson, 208, 249 Gilbreath, Barbara Henry, 189 Gilbreath, E. C., 208 Giles, Jack Alexander, 169, 249 Gill, James Lester, 134, 282 Gill, Linda Sue, 169, 278 Gill, Sharon Lee, 134, 270 Gillam, Paul Hughes, 134, 282 Gillespie, Kenneth Milton Steven, 134 Gillespie, Patrick Kurd, 169 Gillespie, Robin Meredith, 134, 274 Gillette, Gene, 169, 233 Gilliam, Diane, 169, 229 Gilliand, Rebecca Jean, 189, 266 Gillis, Cherrie Dawn, 134, 270 Gillison, David Fetter, Jr., 208 Gillison, Diane, 153, 237 Gillison, Marianne, 153, 278 Gillmore, Linda Lee, 153 Gillock, Jonny M., 134, 282 Gilmore, Michael John, 134, 286 Gilson, Arthur Gerald, 153, 295 Gipson, Elisabeth Ann, 189, 266 Gipson, Philip S., 153 Girdler, Roland J., Jr., 134, 286 Giss, Karen Lee, 189, 245 Gladden, Daniel Baxter, 153, 225 Gladden, Lois Myreta, 134, 270 Gladney, William Jess, 210 Glass, Ronnie Wayne, 153 Glass, Thomas Arthur, 208 Gleghorn, Joan Madolyn, 169, 222 Glenn, Carl E., Jr., 169 Glover, David McGee, 134 Glover, Lawson Edward, 169 Glover, Rita Janette, 134, 274 Glover, William Henry, Jr., 134, 282 Godfrey, Ora Lee, 153 Godsey, Angela Gay, 169, 229 Godwin, James David, 153, 242 Goebel, Frank J., 169 Goff, Richard Aday, 134, 246 Goff, Robert Miller, Jr., 153, 246 Golden, Alexander Peyton, 134, 250 Golden, Gerald G., 153 Gooch, Edris Johanna, 189, 222 Good, Marvin Clarence, 134, 286 Goode, Milton Glendon, 153, 259 Goodner, Charles Eugene, 134, 282 Goodner, Donald Scott, 169, 294 Goodrum, William A., 169 Goodwin, Linda Anne, 134, 270 FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Students ' Bank CAPITAL STOCK SURPLUS $1,000,000.00 Fayetteville, Arkansas OLDEST AND STRONGEST NATIONAL BANK IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Drive-In Branch at Evelyn Hills Shopping Center 492 In tune with the times! Science has launched us into the Age of Space. For the student, the door has been opened to broader knowledge and deeper preparation for life ' s fulfillment. Tor the Potlatch people, the Space Age means new ideas, progressive application of know- how, expanded research and the development of newer, more serviceable products from the forest. When you have graduated into the workaday world and are ready to build your home you can be sure there will be a great variety of beautiful new wood products that will give your home the warmth, grace and charm a home should have. You can be sure, too, that many of those wonderful new products will bear the Potlatch name! -SOUTHCERIT 493 Goodwin, Nancy Kay, 153, 237 Corbet, Glenna Jeanne, 134, 270 Gordon, E. Kent, 169, 290 Gordon, Nancy Merle, 153, 237 Gorman, Lanny K., 189, 249 Gossett, Carol Anne, 135 Gossett, John T., 210 Cover, David Howe, 214, 259 Grace, Walter Garland, 169, 225 Graddy, John Buck, 135, 282 Grady, Elizabeth Ann, 135, 270 Grady, Jimmy H., 169 Graf, Donald Joe, 189, 290 Graf, Paul J., 169, 290 Graham, Alice Ann, 169, 237 Graham, Bennie Elizabeth, 153, 230 Graham, Billy, 153, 259 Graham, Gail R., 153, 246 Graham, Gene C., 169, 253 Graham, Gerald Grant, 189 Graham, James G " wen, 169, 255 Graham, Jerry Lee, 153 Garham, Judy, 135, 270 Graham,-Marilyn Frances, 135, 274 Grano, Sylvia Kathleen, 135, 270 Grant, Bennie, 135, 274 Grant, James E., 153, 295 Grant, Sherry Lew, 135, 270 Graves, Bill C, 170, 246 Graves, Bruce Leon, 170 Graves, Gerald B., 170 Graves, James Carl, 135, 282 Graves, John Samuel, 170 Graves, John William, 170, 259 Graves, Katharine, 135, 270 Graves, Linda Jean, 153, 262 Graves, Robert Lee, 189 Gray, Doris Jean, 135, 270 Gray, Fleda Brown, 135 Gray, Gean Walter, 170 Gray, James R., Jr., 153 Gray, Janet Ellen, 170, 237 Gray, Joseph Arthur, III, 189 Gray, Judy, 170, 237 Gray, Harry Gale, 189, 218 Gray, Michael Edward, 189 Gray, William Neal, 190 Green, Johnny Charles, 135, 249 Green, Linda Sue, 170, 222 Green, Paul Alan, 190 Green, Richard Lee, 190 Green, Robert Harlon, Jr., 190, 295 Green, Tommy Lee, 135, 286 Green, William Robert, 210, 290 Green, William W., 208 Greenberg, Robert Allen, 135, 282 Greene, Haryle L, 135, 282 Greenert, John W., 190, 241 Greenwood, Ronald David, 135, 282 Gregory, Margaret, 135, 270 Gregory, Richard E., 153, 249 Gress, Russell B., 190 Griesse, Dennis Ray, 135, 286 Griffin, Charles Thomas, 153, 285 Griffin, Linwood, III, 153 Griffin, Malcolm Roosevelt, 135, 282 Griffin, Marvin F., 190 Griffin, Nancy Ruth, 153 Griffin, Rebecca Anne, 190, 266 Griffin, Richard Earl, 208, 253 Griffin, Robert Franklin, 135 Griffith, Curtis Burette, 170, 218 Grigg, Lyndall Leon, 135 Grigsby, James L., 190, 234 Grigsby, Shirley D., 135, 274 Grizzle, Charles Perry, 135 Grobmyer, Frank Mallory, 135, 250 Grobmyer, John R., 170, 250 Groom, Donna Louiss, 170, 237 Groom, Susan Frances, 135, 270 Grounds, David Weldon, 153, 295 Grubbs, Jerry Lee, 190 Grumbles, Virginia Lee, 170, 274 Guest, Charles Edward, 135, 242 Guest, Gordon Dana, 170, 242 Guffey, Virginia May, 190 Guin, Betty Anne, 135, 270 Gulley, Emily Lynette, 170 Gulley, Thomas Holiman, 153, 255 Gunderman, William Sylvester, 190 Gurisco, Melanie Regina, 135, 270 Guthrie, Sharon, 179, 222 Guthunz, Pamela Diane, 135, 270 Guy, Johnnye Myrle, 153, 278 H Hackney, Helen Marie, 135, 280 Hafenbrak, Kay Almarie, 170, 262 Haggard, Michael, 135, 282 Haggard, Nedra Carol, 170, 222 Haggard, Carl Gregory, 153 Hailey, Alice Elizabeth, 135, 270 Haile, Barbara, 170, 230 Hailey, Newton L, Jr., 153, 294 Hainbach, Ann, 153 Hairr, Bill, 190, 250 Hairr, Georganne Lowe, 170 Hairston, Dickie Don, 135, 286 Hairston, James Glenn, 135 Halbert, J. Jan, 170, 237 Hale, Freddy Marion, 170, 225 Hale, James E., 153 Hale, Jeanie, 170, 262 Hale, Jeanie, 170, 262 Hale, Judy, 170, 221 Hale, Kermit Daniel, 190 Hale, Michael Eugene, 135 Haley, Sandra Kay, 170, 278 Halsey, Larry B., 135 Haley, Mollie Cross, 190, 229 Hall, Elizabeth Jeanne, 170, 274 Hall, Frances Emily, 153, 233 Hall, Kie Douglas, 153, 295 Hall, Leon Allan, 170, 226 Hall, Mareese, 135, 270 Hall, Robert H. 208 Hall, Roger L., 190 Hall, William Albert, 135 Hall, William F., 153, 242 Halladay, Whitney Sue, 153, 229 Hallam, Barbara Lynn, 153, 245 Haller, Patricia Louise, 153, 262 Hallford, Chadsworthy, 190 Hambleton, Elizabeth Sweet, 190, 229 Hamby, Ronald L., 153, 292 Hamm, Paula Kay, 190, 245 Hamner, Ralph C., Jr., 190, 250 Hamner, Virginia Cecile, 135, 270 Hampton, Alice W., 211 Hanby, Albert Patrick, 170, 246 Hanby, Glenda Rawls, 153 Hanby, Philip Carroll, 190 Hanby, Suellen, 190 Hanes, Robert Eugene, 135, 288 Haney, Carol Anne, 135, 270 Haney, Doil R., 190, 295 Hankins, Beverly Gayle, 190, 230 Hanss, Mary Martha, 135, 274 Harber, Roberta Kaye, 153, 278 Harbour, Thomas Franklin, 154, 250 Hardin, Dee Barry, 135, 282 Hardin, Milton Lee, 190 Hirm. Trine UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS Scriptor Electric Touchmaster Standard The New Touc h I n Ty p i ng Students: Come in or call for a demonstration Ozark Office Machines Company 25 N. Block HI 2-853 1 ALL MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Olivetti Calculators Adding Machines THE METCALFE RECORD SHOP 628 West Dickson Street Fayetteville, Arkansas Northwest Arkansas ' Most Complete Record Shop PROMPT, PERSONAL SERVICE Taste REAL Bread Shipley Baking Company Fort Smith Fayetteville 494 128 i , DUN lnkl3 ' i il ' 3; -; .: ' .:- 1 1 130 ID SHOP . !rd Skop MCE Harding, Eddie Glenn, 135 Hardine Raymond M., 135, 282 Hardman, Louis Atkins, Jr., 170, 238 Hardy, Sandra Kay, 135, 274 Hare, Marvin B., 154, 290 Harger, John Richard, 135, 286 Hargraves, Chi Chi, 154, 229 Harkey, Dorothy Ann, 190, 230 Harkey, Lucina Katherine, 154, 245 Harley, F. Jean, 210 Harlow, Joseph Watt, Jr., 170 Harkins, Joyce Evelyn, 170, 274 Harmon, Howard Barry, II, 190, 250 Harmon, John Trenton, 154, 285 Harms, Judy Gayle, 135, 271 Harper, Cheryl Ann, 135, 271 Harper, Granville T., 170, 253 Harper, Sharon Jo, 154, 266 Harrell, Searcy Wood, Jr., 208 Harrell, Travis Eugene, 170 Harrelson, Frederick Daniel, 170, 249 Harriell, Robert Thomas, Jr., 135, 282 Harriman, Lyna Jane, 190, 262 Harrington, Charles Prentice, 190 Harrington, Duphne J., 214 Harrington, Sally Carolyn, 154, 229 Harris, Belinda Dawn, 170, 274 Harris, Beth, 135, 271 Harris, Garland Gano, 170 Harris, Howard Stanley, 135 Harris, John C., 190, 242 Hams, John Kent, 190, 282 Harris, John Paul, 135 Harris, Robert W., 154, 234 Harris, Seldon Ray, 135, 282 Harris, Wayland Alvin, 135 Harrison, Bettye L., 154, 266 Harrison, Carol Linda, 135, 274 Harrison, Eddy Daniel, 190 Harrison, Mary Frances, 191 Harrison, Paul Ed, 191 Harrison, William Andrew, 154, 224 Harrod, James Aired, 154, 255 Hart, Betty Ann, 135, 271 Hart, Charlotte Kay, 154, 262 Hart, Hamilton R., 191 Hart, James Kenneth, 154, 242 Hart, Peter L, 154, 290 Hart, Robert Lee, 191 Hart, William Neal, 170 Hartin, George R., 154, 294 Hartley, Jack H., 191 Hartman, David R., 135 Harton, John James, 191, 261 Hartstein, Monika, 191, 237 Harvey, Karyl Lee, 170, 266 Hastings, Michael Edmondson, 135, 250 Hastings, Paul Dean, 154 Hasten, Archie Carl, 191, 290 Hatfield, Gerald Douglas, 170, 290 Hatfield, Eleanor Marie, 191 Hatfield, Kenneth Wahl, 154, 288 Hatfield, Richard Franklin, 170. 250 Hauk, Donald B., 135, 282 Hawkins, Curtis Wright, 154, 249 Hawkins, Rebecca Jane, 191, 233 Hawkins, William, 170, 238 Haydon, Jon Michael, 135, 282 Hayes, Francis Lee, 170 Hayes, Helen Cheryl, 135, 271 Hayes, Jewell Doyne, 154, 290 Hayes, Lynda Kay, 170 Hayes, Michael Terry, 170, 242 Hayes, Virginia Leete, 170, 221 Hayes, William E., 135, 286 Haynie, Arnold (Mike) A., Jr., 170,288 Hays, Floyd Jefferson, Jr., 154 Hays, Patrick Allen, 170 Hays, Stokely Donelson, 191, 241 Hays, Ethel Lillian, 170, 274 Headstream, Julie Jane, 170, 229 Heard, Eugene Emmett, 170 Heard, John Wayne, 191 Heasty, Harriet Allen, 135, 274 Heath, Claudia Doris, 136, 271 Heathman, Carol Jane, 136, 271 Heck, Brenda, 191, 245 Hedger, Leon Orlan, 136, 282 Heffington, Betha Sue, 170, 274 Hegeman, Louis Edward, 154, 290 Hegi, Frederick Clarence, 170 Heins, W. David, 154, 290 Helbron, Mary Nell, 154, 222 Helf, Tommy Wade, 154 Heller, Georgie Lee, 154, 274 Helm, Delbert Neil, 136 Helm, Frederick Russell, 136, 282 Helm, James E., 211 Helm, Judith Elaine, 191 Helm, Lina Boyce, 191 Helmich, Oscar August, 154 Henderson, Douglas Harold, 136 Henderson, Joe Stephen, Jr., 154, 246 Henderson, John Wayne, 170 Hendren, Jimm Larry, 170 Hendricks, Mari-Ann, 171, 230 Hendrix, Jack Irvin, 136, 282 Henley, James Harrell, 136, 282 Henley, R. V., 171, 294 Henley, Terry Joe, 171, 294 Henley, William A., 171, 255 Henry, David Patrick, 154, 250 Henry, Troy, 154, 218 Henson, Troy Floyd, 171, 261 Henthorne, Joanne, 154, 222 Herget, Joseph Barlow, 191, 250 Herman, Delbert Martin, 208 Herman, Kenneth Ray, 191 Herman, Raymond Edward, 154 Hern, Floyd Ray, 171 Herndon, David Patrick, 171 Herndon, Robert Elmore, III, 136,246 Herndon, R. Wayne, 171 Herr, Joyce Elaine, 154 Herrick, Danny Byron, 154 Herron, Bill Roy, 154, 290 Hervey, Charlotte Malissa, 154, 262 Hewett, James L., 171 Hewett, Marion Mark, 154, 292 Hickman, Robert Michael, 208 Hicks, Artie, 154, 230 Hicks, Billy Duane, 191 Hicks, Haydn Walter, 191 Hicks, Joel Thomas, 191 Hicks, Julia Anne, 154, 278 Hicks, Max Grogan, 191 Hicky, Philip, 171, 249 Highland, Robert Owen, 208 Hilburn, H. Sammy, 171, 250 Hild, Robert George, 171, 290 Hildebrand, Vernon William, 136,282 Hildreth, Sharon Lee, 154, 230 Hill, Beckye, 136, 271 Hill, Carl Allen, 208 Hill, Eddy T., 154, 282 Hill, Harold Clark, 136, 282 Hill, Harriet Ann, 136, 271 Hill, Jack Wayne, 154, 226 Hill, James C., 208 Hill, John M., 191 Hill, Junious David, 191, 253 Hill, Loren Gilbert, 208 Hill, Ralph Wayne, 171 Hill, Ronald E., 171 bob ' s of fayetteville Mary Katherine Brutnm Razorback Beauty distinctive portraiture 18 North Block Fayetteville dial 2-4782 OFFICIAL BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1963 RAZORBACK 495 Hill, Rosemarie, 136, 274 Hill, Ruth Carolyn, 191, 221 Hill, Thomas J., 171, 250 Hill, Tom J., 136 Hill, Virginia L., 154, 221 Hill, William Lloyd, 208 Hill, William Truman, 154, 242 ffillman, Sandy, 191, 229 Hinkle, Dennis Allen, 154 Hinkle, Tim G, 171, 253 Hinshaw, Jake William, 171 Hipp, Norma Ruth, 136, 280 Hirsch, George William, 136, 241 Hixon, Donna Carlene, 154, 278 Hobbs, Charles A., 171 Hochstetter, Bernard G., 154 Hodges, Bonnie Jean, 136, 271 Hodges, Howard Lawrence, 210 Hodges, Norman Leycester, 136, 286 Hodges, Richard, 191, 253 Hodges, Robert Lewis, 171, 295 Hoffman, Joy, 154, 233 Hoffmeister, Sara Elizabeth, 191, 278 Hogan, Thomas Wagner, 211 Hogan, Tyrus Eugene, Jr., 191, 246 Hogard, Johnny Lynn, 136, 282 Hoggard, Edwin, 192 Hoggard, Thomas Gene, 171, 246 Holbert, Richard Neal, 154, 241 Holcombe, Bobby Joe, 192, 290 Holcombe, Chan, 136 Holcombe, Hubert, Jr., 154, 255 Holdar, Maxine, 136 Holder, Virgil Harold, 171 Holderby, Martha Sue, 136, 271 Holiman, William Kenneth, 136, 282 Hollan, James Edgar, III, 154, 294 Holland, Carol Anne, 154, 262 Holland, Dale Eugene, 171 Holland, Linda Ann, 171, 278 Hollander, Ronnie Lynn, 154, 285 Hollenberg, Elizabeth C., 192, 229 Holley, David Eugene, 154 Holley, Dianne, 136, 271 Holley, Donna, 171, 278 Holley, Dwight, 171, 250 Hollingsworth, Dan Lee, 154 Hollis, Gilbert Ray, 211 Hollis, Perry Oswald, Jr., 136 Holloway, Allen Keith, 136, 282 Holloway, Kathy Bland, 136, 271 Holly, William Creighton, 171, 226 Holman, Charles Gregory, 136, 282 Holman, Jim Freeman, 136, 249 Holmes, Allan Lynn, 171 Holmes, Betty Inex, 154 Holmes, Perry Don, 211 Holmes, Thomas W., 171 Holt, Carolyn Lajoyce, 136 Holt, Douglas Gordon, 136, 286 Holyfield, Robert L, 192 Holyfield, Wayland D., 171, 242 Holzhauer, Sandra Elizabeth, 155, 221 Honeycutt, Alta Mae, 155, 278 Honeycutt, Billy, 192 Honn, Janet Kay, 136, 271 Hood, Von, 171 Hooks, Charles Douglas, 171, 234 Hooper, Randol Webb, 136, 286 Hooten, Larry Paul, 136, 241 Hopkins, Diana Lee, 155 Hopkins, Harold Henry, Jr., 136, 282 Hopkins, Milan Lewis, 136, 253 Home, John Lionel, 192 Home, Robert Michael, 192, 242 Horner, Roth J., 171, 253 Horner, Edward Tully, III, 136, 238 Horner, Laura Pemberton, 136, 271 Horner, Mary Sue, 171, 229 Hornsby, Arthur Grady, 211 Hornsby, Mike W., 136, 241 Horton, Farrell Dean, 192, 290 Horton, Jim R., 136, 286 Horton, Robert Marion, 155, 290 Horton, Sharon Lynn, 192, 233 House, Barbara ,136, 274 House, Donna, 155, 230 Houser, Sherea Lynn, 155, 222 Housley, John Edward, 155 Houston, Alma Faye, 136, 274 Houston, Gary Clint, 155, 241 Howard, Lynda Suzanne, 155, 233 Howe, Anita Jean, 136, 271 Howe, John Horner, 136, 250 Howell, Gary Joe, 136, 286 Howell, Patricia Gray, 136, 271 Htut, Maung Ye, 171 Hubbard, Diana Lynne, 155, 237 Hubbard, Fern, 192, 266 Hubbard, Sandy Lynn, 171, 262 Huddleston, Jerry Cave, 155, 241 Hudman, John Thomas, 192 Hudspeth, Robert Carroll, 192, 253 Hudson, Barbara Charlotte, 136, 271 Hudson, Brenda Ann, 155, 278 Hudson, Rebecca Ann, 211 Hudlow, Marsha O ' Day, 171, 266 Hudson, Robert L., 171, 290 Huebsch, Billy Jack, 155, 242 Huff, Judith Kaye, 171, 271 Huffman, Mike James, 155 Hughes, Barbara Lynn, 155, 278 Hughes, Doyle Murphy, Jr., 171, 290 Hughes, Linda Christine, 136 Hughes, William Jackson, Jr., 136, 253 " Hughey, Robert Jackson, 136, 249 Hughey, W. David, 136, 255 Hull, Margaret, 136, 271 Hulse, Dennis E., 136, 286 Hummel, Joan, 155, 266 Humphrey, Billy R., 211 Humphries, Patricia S., 211 Hundley, Sue, 155, 278 Hunnicutt, Donald Bruce, 192, 253 Hunt, John Rainey, 136, 259 Hunter, Barbara Ann, 155, 262 Hunter, Henley A., 136, 282 Hunter, Larry H., 136, 282 Huntsman, Ted E,, 155 Kurd, Jane, 136, 276 Hurlbut, Edmund Walter, 192 Hurley, Doug, 136, 250 Hurst, Doyle, 192 Hurst, Kathryn Sue, 155, 278 Hurt, Rodger, 136, 253 Husted, Mary Jane, 136, 271 Hutchison, Waymon A., 136, 282 Hutson, Gary R., 192 Hutchens, Stephen Parker, 171, 294 Hutt, Barbara Lee, 171 Hutt, L. D., 192 Hyden, Lewis Wayne, 171 - : a Ml , ' I Ingram, Ralph Nelson, 155 Ingram, Ralph W., 192 Inman, Jackie Lee, 136, 282 ZT For The Smartest Fashions . 39 Years in Fayetteville aaaoner 00 Fine Bread and Pastries 216 West Dickson 496 COLLIER REXALL DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS COSMETICS HOUSEHOLD NEEDS 100 W. Dickson Northwest Arkansas ' Outstanding Drug Store Complete Lines. Everything in Color Photography PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES SUNDRIES FIRST AID SUPPLIES Phone 2-6262 :: r: -;-; I : , : . 1 1,18 Inzer, Cathy, 155 Inzer, Edwin Lee, 192 Irby, Elton Stephen, 171, 255 Irby, Nancy Erin, 155, 233 Ireland, Melvin Charles, 171 Irsel, Wayne Charles, 171 Irwin, Wayne Lee, 192 Isaacs, David E., 171, 292 Isbell, Donald Joseph, 155 Isgrig, Fred, 211 Ives, Elaine Adele, 155, 222 Ivester, John Hermann, 192, 257 Ivy, Jacy Thomas, 211, 225 Izard, Mark W., 136 Jack, Donald Thompson, 155, 255 Jack, John Foster, 136 Jacks, Donald R., 155, 282 Jacks, James Qaudis, Jr., 192, 241 Jackson, Charlotte Ann, 137 Jackson, Cliff, 192, 292 Jackson, David Glenn, 155 Jackson, Earl Fletcher, 208, 238 Jackson, J. Garrett, 171, 292 Jackson, James Edward, 208, 282 Jackson, Janice Jeann, 155, 262 Jackson, John Edward, 171, 259 Jackson, John Richard, Jr., 192, 250 Jackson, Margie Carolyn, 192, 237 Jackson, Martha Jane, 137, 271 Jackson, Paul W., 171, 290 Jackson, Robert Graylon, 137, 241 Jackson, Ronald Eugene, 137, 282 Jackson, Sue Carolyn, 171, 245 Jackson, Teena, 155, 278 Jackson, William Levi, 171, 257 Jacobs, George Russell, 171, 241 Jahraman, Quain K-, 211 James, Larry Seth, 137, 282 James, William B., 155, 218 Jameson, Jacki Lee, 137, 271 Jansen, M ary Jane, 171, 229 Janssen, Robin Moani, 171, 221 Jarrett, Leslie Joyce, 155, 280 Jasper, William Anthony, 155 Jay, Helen Renne, 137, 271 Jeffery, Carol Ann, 155, 280 Jeffrey, Forrest E., 137, 282 Jefferies, Hardie Hunter, 137 Jendrysik, Richard F., 192, 246 Jenkins, Claude Wilson, 209 Jenkins, Isaac E., 155 Jenkins, John David, 137, 283 Jenkins, Minor Ross, Jr., 192 Jennings, Delores Barbara, 155, 278 Jennings, Walter Thomas, 137, 286 Jensen, Andre, 171 Jensen, Kurt Pank, 214 Jernigan, George O., Jr., 209 Jernigan, Henry Clifford, 137, 283 Jerry, Mary Anne, 171, 221 Jeter, Nancy Carolyn, 137, 271 Jeter, Ronald Hardy, 137, 249 Jett, Cheryl Pierson, 137, 271 Jew, George, 155 Jimerson, Sandra Carol, 137, 276 Jobe, Robert Frank, 155 Joffe, Michael Lee, 137, 283 Johns, Jacquelyn Ann, 137, 271 Johns, Linda Lee, 192, 278 Johns, William Buck, 193, 242 Johnson, Albert, 137, 283 You can always tell a halo girl. Johnson, C. Dale, 155 Johnson, Carl S., 211 Johnson, Charles Alexander, 171 Johnson, Charles B., 155 Johnson, Charles Lincoln, 193 Johnson, Dark Ann, 171 Johnson, David Larry, 155 Johnson, Donald Gene, 214 Johnson, Doris Evelyn, 171 Johnson, Dudley B., 137 Johnson, Fred Brad, 155, 285 Johnson, James William, 155, 288 Johnson, Jerry Loyd, 155 Johnson, Jerry Lynn, 193 Johnson, Jimmy Ray, 193, 290 Johnson, John Thomas, 155, 292 Johnson, Joseph Vick, 155 Johnson, Judy Margaret, 137, 271 Johnson, Marilyn Ethel, 137, 271 Johnson, Milton Hunt, 155, 286 Johnson, Randall, 137, 283 Johnson, Rena Kay, 137, 271 Johnson, Richard John, 137, 283 Johnson, Robert Loyd, 171 Johnson, Sallye Ann, 137, 271 Johnson, Sherry S., 155, 276 Johnson, Victor Rudolph, 137, 283 Johnson, Wesley Sherman, 137, 253 Johnston, Don R., 171, 292 Johnston, James Robert, 137, 226 Johnston, Mindy Lee, 155, 262 Joiner, John Kenneth, 155, 255 Jolly, Sharon Lee, 137, 276 Jones, Allen N., 171, 249 Jones, Annette, 171 Jones, Carolyn Rachel, 155, 278 Jones, Clara Dickson, 211 Jones, Emmett Bumpass, Jr., 171 Jones, Ethel May, 137, 271 Jones, Freida Ann, 211 Jones, Glenn Welch, Jr., 209 Jones, Henry Lamar, 193, 253 Jones, James H., 137, 286 Jones, Jeanette, 137, 271 Jones, Jerrol Wayne, 171, 238 Jones, Johnny Coleman, 137, 286 Jones, Judith L, 155 Jones, Larry M., 171 Jones, Lloyd Thomas, 193 Jones, Luellen Ashley, 193, 229 Jones, Mary Kardlyn, 171 Jones, Mary Phenea, 137, 271 Jones, Maurus Thomas, 171, 285 Jones, Melinda Joyce, 137, 271 Jones, Patricia Ann, 155, 237 Jones, Patricia Eileen, 155, 230 Jones, R. Bruce, 211 Jones, Robert Marshal, 193 Jones, Robert Morgan, 137 Jones, Robert N., 171, 255 Jones, Ronald Paul, 171, 255 Jones, Ruth Arlene, 137 Jones, Sam Karen, 155, 290 Jones, Suzanne, 193, 278 Jones, Vickie Lynn, 137 Jones, Vonda Janiece, 155, 262 Jones, William L, 171 Jordan, Covin McKinley, 193, 257 Jordan, James Jay, 137, 257 Jordan, Robin Jane, 171, 237 Jordan, Wolford Rene, 193 Joslin, Melba Joyce, 193, 276 Joyce, Beverl y Ann, 171, 230 Joyce, John H., 137, 253 Joyner, Charles Raymond, 155, 257 Junkersfield, Thomas Leo, 171, 241 Junkersfield, Wanda Yancey, 155 Justice, William Henry, 155 Justus, Joe Shelby, 137, 283 Justus, Tommy Franklin, 171, 290 Fayetteville Building and Loan Association " Insured Savings and Home Loans " Fayetteville, Arkansas Telephone HI 2-4351 OZARK CLEANERS LAUNDRY Cleaning and Storage 101 North Block St. Phone HI 2-2012 497 K Kale, Floye, 138, 271 Karber, Jerry M., 172 Karstadt, Beverly Kaye, 172, 266 Kay, David Blair, 172 Kays, Dan " Skipper " , 172, 290 Keathley, Robert Farrow, 172, 225 Kee, Robert Dale, 193, 290 Keener, Thurman Paul, 138, 283 Keeter, Jerry Lee, 193 Keeton, Charles R., 138, 283 Keeton, Joe Neil, 172 Keifer, Harry Keith, 172, 290 Keith, Dottie Low, 138, 271 Kelly, Patty, 193, 237 Kelley, Steve, 138, 238 Kelly, W. D., Jr., 209, 259 Kendall, Edith Ann, 138, 271 Kendrick, Carolyn Sue, 155 Kendrick, Laura Lindsey, 138, 271 Kennan, William Gary, 138, 250 Kennedy, Duane, 138 Kennedy, Glenna Kay, 155, 221 Kennedy, Jerry S., 155, 290 Kennedy, Linda Young, 193, 278 Kennedy, Thomas Darrell, 193, 255 Kennedy, William P., 155 Kenney, Edward Powell, 138, 253 Kerby, Carol, 172, 237 Kerr, Lemuel Harriss, 172, 253 Kerr, Nancy Jane, 193, 245 Kerr, Sammy Warren, 138, 283 Kesterson, Kenneth Lee, 155 Ketcher, Henry Herman, III, 193, 242 Ketcher, John Morrell, 138, 283 Ketcheside, Rebecca Eve, 193, 278 Keyes, Gail Marie, 155 Khorramy, Iraj B., 193 Kidd, Larry Joe, 138, 283 Kidder, William Milton, 172, 253 Kieffner, Gary Lee, 155 Kilgore, Ann, 172, 237 Kim, Kyung Soo, 211 Kim, Sani Kyu, 138, 283 Kinander, Bruce Allen, 138, 257 Kincannon, Peggy Sue, 156, 222 King, Dean Hemphill, 138, 283 King, Elizabeth Leah, 193, 233 King, Robert W., 156 King, Vernon James, Jr., 138, 250 King, William Richard, 172 Kingston, Ronnie E., 156, 290 Kinman, Sallie Jane, 172, 245 Kinney, Dick C., 156 Kinney, Ragon Don, 172, 241 Kinsey, Robert Michael, 156, 290 Kirby, Franklin D., 193 Kirby, Helen Cook, 214 Kirby, Henry Hudson, 193 Kirk, David W., 138, 283 Kirk, Donna Rae, 193, 233 Kirk, Lenora Carlyn, 138, 271 Kirkman, Diana Jean, 172, 266 Kisor, Billy Rae, 172 Kitchen, Jane, 193, 245 Kitchens, Chester Lee, 172, 242 Kizzia, Roy E., 138, 283 Kizziar, Jim Charles, 193 Knapheide, Mary Viktoria, 156, 245 Knapton, Alfred Thomas, 138 Knight, George E., 193, 253 Knight, James Kenneth, 172, 295 Knight, Lynn, 156, 257 Knoll, George David, 138, 283 Knowles, Bill Kay, 193, 290 Koch, Gerald Charles, 212 Kolb, Phillip, 172, 288 Kooiker, Linda Kathleen, 156, 233 Kooker, Stephen Lowell, 193 Koon, Loul, 193, 266 Koonce, David Michael, 193 Kreck, Kay, 138 Krievans, Imants, 156, 290 Kruger, Susan Kay, 138, 276 Kruse, John Paul, 172 Kauternik, George Leo, 138, 283 Kueteman, H. Karlene, 156, 276 Kushmaul, Richard Theadore, 193, 218 Kushmaul, Ronald James, 156, 218 Kyzer, Chiquita Ann, 138 Kyzer, William C., 156 Laabs, Trina, 156, 221 Labban, Harvey Michael, 156, 285 Lacefield, William H., 194 Lackey, Stephen Wayne, 138, 255 Lafferty, William A., 172, 250 Lair, Herbert Dean, 138 Laird, James Stanley, 138, 283 Lamb, Charles W., 212 Lamb, George Elgen, 194 Lamb, Michael Dean, 138 Lambert, Kenneth Willard, 138, 283 Lammers, Sheere Lynn, 172, 262 Lancaster, Lynda Ann, 156 Lancaster, Myron Eugene, 156 Lance, James Winslow, 156, 253 Land, Charles M., 138, 242 Land, David E. L., 156, 259 Landers, Jane Gerdner, 194, 229 Landers, William Hayden, 138, 250 Lane, Betty Faye, 156, 233 Lane, David Winfield, 156 Lane, Leot.a Carole, 194 Lane, Milton Julius, 138 Lane, Suzanne, 194, 222 Langley, Anna Willene, 172, 276 Langley, James Wallace, 138, 283 Langley, Lana Jean, 138, 271 Laningham, Glendon Elton, 194 Larimer, Mary Judith, 172, 266 Larrison, James Hosea, Jr., 172 Larson, Larry Allen, 194 Laser, James Arenson, 138, 238 Latta, David Wayne, 138 Latta, Oliver Carl, 138 Latting, John A., 156, 234 Laughlin, C. King, 194, 249 Laughlin, Suzanne, 156, 229 Lawhorn, J. Noal, 138, 283 Lawrence, Bernice Louise, 138 Lawrence, Celeste Thelma, 194 Lawrence, Frances Dene, 138, 271 Lawson, Conrad Douglas, 194, 261 Lawson, Janice, 138, 271 Lazecki, Larry, 156, 288 Lea, Willis Aurelius, Jr., 138, 283 Lebedeff, Carla Atalie, 138, 276 Ledbetter, Charles Austin, 194 Ledbetter, Eddie Troy, 138 Ledgerwood, Marvin McCoy, 138, 283 Lee, David Carson, 138, 249 Lee, Gary Owen, 138, 283 Lee, Gene, 212 Lee, Harry Wayne, 156, 250 " Oldest Bonk in Arkansas " Serving Faculty and Students for 93 Years fa Member of Federal Reserve System -fa Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Drive-In Branch on Highway 71 North J.T.! Vrno IH. Mm Wi, hi BohC 498 Stephens, Inc. INVESTMENT BANKERS Little Rock, Arkansas OFFICERS J. T. Stephens, President George W. (Skeets) Dickey, Vice President Vernon J. Siss, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer Ernest Butler, Jr.. Assistant Secretary-Treasurer J. Bryan Sims, Jr., Assistant Secretary-Treasurer R. H. Thornton, Jr., Assistant Secretary Murrelle Watkins William Dickey Sam Robinson, Jr. Bob Copeland Jim Foster Arthur Clayton Charles A. Hemann, Jr., Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Roy C. Turner, Jr. H. Doyle Jones Henry Moore Don McNeil! J. William Trimble Robert Siss Jim Gurley 499 Lee, Louise, Lai, 138, 276 Lee, Ronald, 214 Lee, Van Wayne, 172 Leek, Lynn M., 156, 242 Leidy, William Charles, 172, 290 Leonard, James M., 194 Leone, John Anthony, 172 LeRoy, Charles Fredrick, 172 LeRoy, Janet Lou, 172 Lesh, Susan Elizabeth, 156, 229 Leslie, Gypsy Lee, 194, 278 Leslie, James Edward, 172 Lessenberry, Carolyn Fay, 156, 222 Lester, Ed G., 156, 242 Leverett, Betty Ann, 194, 222 Levine, Morris Henry, 194 Lewallen, Tommy W., 138 Lewis, Harvey S., 212 Lewis, James Lee, 194 Lewis, Jimmy Harold, 138, 286 Lewis, Jody, 156, 262 Lewis, Linda George, 138 Lewis, Martha Gale, 138, 271 Lewis, Robert David, 138, 283 Lewis, Rodney Shelton, 138, 283 Lewis, Thomas Clemens, 156, 255 Lewis, William Larry, 172 Lichty, Larry E., 194 Liddle, Maxine Frances, 138, 271 Lierly, Camille Sue, 138 Lierly, Carolyn Fay, 156 Ligon, Betty Carolyn, 156, 237 Ligon, Patti Kaye, 172, 222 Liles, Barbara Sue, 172 Liles, Paul David, 194 Lilley, Allan L, 194 Lilley, Garry Ray, 138, 283 Lilley, Larry Kay, 138, 283 Lilly, James Caraway, 172, 294 Linam, Carolyn Louise, 194 Linam, William C., 194 Lindsey, Byers Mack, Jr., 172 Lindsey, Jimmy Dale, 138, 283 Lindsey, Ronald Gene, 138, 283 Lindsey, Walter Raymond, 156, 294 Lindstrom, Elizabeth Ann, 172, 237 Linebarger, James Dale, 172 Linebarger, Susa n, 194, 245 Linebarier, Orland, Jr., 138, 249 Linnen, Margie, 138 Lisenby, Joseph Richard, 156 Little, Don Murphy, 138, 257 Little, Edward Eugene, 138, 286 Little, Gene, 194, 246 Little, Julia Margaret, 172, 262 Little, Marcia Jean, 138, 271 Little, Sandra Kay, 156, 233 Little, Sue Ann, 138, 271 Littrell, Eva Ruth, 156 Littrell, Romie Fred, 194 Liu, Yung-Kan, 212 Livingston, Phillip Vaughn, 212 Livingston, Sally Ann, 139, 276 Lloyd, Charles Earl, 172, 253 Lloyd, James Edwin, 156 Lloyd, Jimmy Barlow, 139, 283 Lloyd, Sue, 172, 237 Locke, Joe Bateman, 172, 290 Loe, Sammy Dean, 156, 290 Loftin, Bill, 139, 218 Logan, Jack, 212 Logan, John Walter, 194, 250 Lohmar, John William, 139, 283 London, Marilyn Ann, 194, 222 Long, Charles F., Jr., 194, 253 Long, Clifton C, III, 139, 257 Long, David, 172, 249 Long, Delmar L., 172 Long, Dennis Lynn, 139 Long, Gordon Leslie, 172 Long, Patsy Ann, 156, 278 Longacre, Dan Gray, 139, 283 Longstreth, Zonola May, 172, 222 Looney, Gary Keith, 172, 250 Lord, E. Fletcher, Jr., 139, 249 Lovasz, Gyula, 172, 295 Love, Wm., Earle, Jr., 172, 249 Loveless, Larry French, 156, 250 Loveless, Patricia Louise, 139, 271 Lovelis, Jack Holt, 156 Lovett, Terrance, 139, 283 Lovett, Thomas Scott, III 194, 253 Loving, Martha Ellen, 156, 262 Low, Gary Michael, 156, 255 Lowe, Katholeen, 156, 230 Lowe, Kathryn, 172, 262 Lowery, Robert Lynn, 194, 292 Lowes, Guy A., 194 Lowrey, Sallye Frances, 156, 278 Lowry, Robert Cunningham, 156, 242 Lowry, Samuel Martin, 172, 292 Lowry, Sharon Kay, 156, 230 Loyd, Donald Ray, 194 Loyd, James Berl, 139, 286 Lubker, Cherry Lynn, 156, 245 Lucas, Darrell Lynn, 195, 226 Lueken, Milton Raymond, 139, 242 Luke, Sandra Lee, 139, 271 Lumsden, Charles Edwin, 156 Lutz, Carles A., 156, 259 Lybrand, Curtis Eugene, 139 Lyell, Van H., Jr., 156, 290 Lyle, Mollie, 139 Lyle, W. D., Jr., 156 Lynch, Emil S., 172, 290 Lynch, Leo Edward, 195 Lyon, James Frank, Jr., 195, 249 Lyon, Shirley Dell, 172, 237 Lyons, Virgle Edward, 156 M McAdams, Dolly Wade, 195, 229 McAdams, Sandy, 156, 276 McAdoo, Jerri Ann, 195, 245 McAdoo, Judith Ann, 195, 278 McAllister, Margaret Suzanne, 139, 276 McArthur, Clovis W., 195 McBride, Lawson Chester, 195 McBride, Jimmy Dorsey, 209, 246 McBurnett, James L., 156 McCalla, John H., 139, 286 McCallum, Robert Lawrence, 139, 242 McCamey, Danny Leroy, 195 McCann, Robert Rogers, 139, 238 McCarley, B. Bryant, 195, 255 McCarley, Bob, 156, 255 McCarter, Frances, 156, 222 McCarthy, Gordon Edward, Jr., 172, 238 McCarty, Judith Anne, 139, 271 McCarver, Trenton H., 195 McCasland, Pamela, 172, 262 McCauley, Richard Allen, 172 McClain, Julie Ann, 193, 266 McClain, Thomas Clark, 156 McClanahan. Kay Marie, 139, 271 McClelland, James Edward, 156. 253 McClinton, David Clark, 156 McCIinton, Patricia Ann, 172 McCloskey, Patrick, 212, 218 McClure, James E., 139 McClurken, Sue Ann, 139, 271 McCollum, Kay, 195, 229 . . " t . - ,; . , V !i - ai , NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY CHINA CRYSTAL SILVERWARE SWIFT WATCH JEWELRY STORE PHONE 2-8062 27 N. BLOCK FOLLOW THE RAZORBACKS THROUGH THE PAGES OF THE Nortljroeai Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas m FAYETTEVILLE MILK COMPANY Homogenized Milk and Cream SAFE PURE RICH " A Home Owned Institution " S H 330 N. West Street Telephone 2-4162 Green Fayetteville, Arkansas Stamps 500 IP McCollum, Roslyn " Shorty " , 172, 229 McConnell, Dixie Dessau, 139, 271 McConnell, John Dorland, 139 McCord, Susan Helen, 172, 229 McCorkle, Edward Wilson, 139, 249 McCormick, Leta Margaret, 139, 271 McCoy, Patsy Ann, 156, 266 McCrary, Jack Walls, 156, 238 McCray, Sheila Ann, 156, 278 McCright, Michele, 156, 237 McCreight, Patty Jeter, 157, 230 McCrory, Jesse David, 195, 290 McCulley, Arvil Eugene, 139, 283 McCullock, Fenner L, 139, 238 McCutcheon, Martin Jack, 195, 290 McDaniel, Arthur DeVane, 139 McDaniel, Arthur Thomas, 212 McDaniel, John Louis, 139, 283 McDaniel, Margie B., 195 McDaniel, Tommy R., 157 McDaris, Terry Orian, 195 McDonald, Charles L., 139, 286 McDonald, James Edward, 139, 249 McDonald, Jean Ann, 139, 271 McDonald, Jerry T., 157, 225 McDonald, Luckett, 172, 245 McDonald, Sharon Sue, 157, 245 McDowell, Betty Lou, 195, 266 McDuffie, Charles Edward, 173, 257 McFadden, Suzanne, 139, 276 McFarland, Jeannie, 139, 276 McFarland, Linda Karen, 195, 221 McFarland, Phyllis Grace, 173 McFarland, Roy Eugene, Jr., 173 McFerran, David Lee, 195 McGary, Jerry L, 139, 286 McGee, Marine!, 139 McGehee, Bill, 157, 294 McGehee, Joanna, 139, 271 McGeorge, Scott, 157, 249 McGill, Robert Holt, 173, 246 McGinty, Sharon Kay, 173, 222 McGloflin, Sally Jo, 195, 266 McGlothlin, Barbara Jean, 139, 271 McGowan, Larry L., 195, 241 McGowan, Pat Hardy, 157, 253 McGrew, Martha E., 195, 233 McHaney, Samuel Nelson, 157 McHane, Vivian L., 173, 278 Mclntire, Joan Kaye, 139, 271 McKay, John Paul, Jr., 173 McKenney, Jerry D., 173, 218 McKenney, Samuel R., 173 McKenzie, James H., 195, 249 McKenzie, Ronnie Dee, 157, 259 McKinley, William Murray, Jr., 195 McKinney, Anna Kay, 157 McKinney, Clay Carl, 195, 253 McKinney, Leonard Evan, 195, 257 McKinney, Robert Henry, 173, 290 McKnelly, Leslie Thomas, 173, 288 McKnight, Billy D., 157 McKown, Stephen John, 139, 286 McKown, William Nick, 173, 290 McKuin, Barry Lynn, 139, 249 McKuin, Bob G., 195 McKuin, Gary Wayne, 139, 249 McLain, James Russell, 139, 283 McLarty, Larry, 157, 290 McLaughlin, William Travis, Jr., 139 McLean, Peggy, 173, 229 McLendon, Gary Clark, 139 McLeod, Ann Lane, 157, 233 McMahen, James Donald, 196, 290 McMoran, William Dalton, 157 McMurtrey, Richard G., 173 McNabb, James Alban, 157, 290 McNair, James Roger, Jr., 157, 253 McNair, Virginia, 157 McNutt, David Lee, 157, 290 McNutt, Jill, 139, 271 McPheron, Colleen, 139, 276 McPherson, Ann C, 139, 276 McPherson, Robert Edwin, 139, 283 McRae, Ann Pemberton, 139, 271 McRae, Mary Gayle, 139, 271 McShane, Susan Ethel, 196, 245 McVey, Leslie Grant, 196, 233 Mace, James Lenden, 157 Mack, Mary, 139, 271 Mackey, George Ramey, 196 Mackey, Robert Wade, 157, 290 Maclean, Alexander, III, 196 Maddox, Edward Lee, 196, 290 Madsen, Carl John, 139, 286 Maerters, Robert L., 173 Magness, David Robinson, 139, 283 Magness, James Edward, 173, 288 Magness, Nancy Jeanne, 139, 271 Magness, Paul E., Jr., 157, 241 Magness, Tom Harding, 173 Mahler, Madeline, 139, 271 Mailer, Christine Veronica, 173, 230 Mailey, Marshall Kent, 139, 286 Majewski, Z. M., 173 Majors, Barbara Ann, 139, 280 Malcolm, Becky, 157, 262 Malloy, John Lawrence, 157 Maloch, Celia Rose, 173, 280 Malone, David Roy, 157, 255 Malone, Donald Lynn, 157, 283 Maloney, Bobby J., 173 Malpica, Lawrence, Payne, 173, 249 Manatt, Robert Eugene, 157 Manatt, Scott, 157, 290 Manatt, William Scott, 196 Mangan, Charles Stephen II, 1%, 249 Mann, Ann Stell, 157 Mann, Edward Marvin, Jr., 196, 250 Mann, Joseph Hubert, 157, 286 Mann, Ralph Jerry, 212 Mann, Rebecca Sue, 157, 245 Manor, Dinah Marie, 139 Manwan, Ibrahim, 212 Mapes, Royal H., 157 Mardis, Marcus Raymond, 157, 290 Margrave, Robert Allen Jr., 139, 283 Mariner, John, 139 Marino, Charles, 196, 246 Marinoni, John Patrick, 139, 226 Marinoni, Mary Sue, 157 Marinoni, Paul Albert, 157, 226 Maris, Eugene Lee, 157, 250 Markland, Gary Stephen, 139, 283 Marlow, Billy Howard, 196, 290 Marr, John Richard, 157, 241 Marris, James Ellis, 173, 225 Marschewski, John J., Jr., 173, 295 Marshall, Lillian Rae, 196, 222 Martin, Art Bradley, Jr., 173 n Stud 0606 Party Pictures -Portraits -Wedding Pictures 316 N. University FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Phone: Hlllcrest 2-7467 501 " Being Well Groomed Is An Asset " y AUNDRY ' Phone 2-2337 Corner School Dickson R. G. " POP " WOODRUFF PRESTON WOODRUFF PRESTON WOODRUFF, JR. Martin, Bnnie C, 196 Martin, Carole Sue, 173, 278 Martin, Charles Gilbert, 157, 292 Martin, Crissy, 157, 221 Martin, Dorothy Ann, 173, 278 Martin, Joyce Sue, 173, 221 Martin, Judy, 157, 229 Martin, Landra Lynn, 139, 271 Martin, Martha Anna, 212 Martin, Michael Eugene, 157, 241 Martin, Mildred Elaine, 196, 222 Martin, Ralph Gene, 140, 283 Martin, Rex Albert, 173, 261 Martin, Skipper, 140 Martin, Sue Ellen, 140, 276 Mason, Edward Paul, 1% Mason, Norman, Jr., 157 Mason, William Lee, 173 Massey, Floyd John, II, 173, 246 Masters, Betty Ann, 157, 237 Matherosian, Yervand, 212 Mathews, James Aubrey, 157, 234 Mathews, John Francis, 173, 241 Mathias, Mary Ann, 157 Mathis, Lewis H., 173, 241 Matthews, Bill, 173, 250 Matthews, Charlotte, Ann, 140, Matthews, Ken, 157, 249 Matthews, Wayne, 157 Matula, Gary Francis, 140, 286 Maxey, Jow Mac, 157 Maxey, Ben Larry, 173, 290 Maxwell, Ronald Shrman, 196, 225 May, Homer Lee, Jr., 196, 242 May, Jerry Don, 196, 246 May, Martin Michael, 157, 294 Mayer, James, 157, 288 Mayes, Jim Lynn, 140, 250 Mayes, John Berton, 196, 250 May field, Charles Fred, Jr., 196, 249 Mayfield, William R., 140, 283 Maynard, W. Neil, 196, 218 Mayo, James Boyd, 140 Mays, Beverly Dianne, 157, 229 Mazzanti, Jerry Edward, 196, 288 Mead, Sandra Wynn, 157, 245 Meador, John Evans, Jr., 157, 253 Meador, Sandra Kay, 157, 222 Meadows, Douglas Eugene, 196 Meadows, Harding Joel, 196, 255 Mease, Russell Scott, 140, 283 Medlin, Jerry Wayne, 157, 255 Medlin, William G., Jr., 157, 253 Medlock, Raymond Carl, Jr., 140, 283 Meek, Melinda, 173, 262 Meiborg, John Robert, 173 Meier, Jerry August, 196 Meinecke, Henry Milton, 173 Meinecke, Richard Orvall, 140 Meinert, Philip Ray, 196 Meistrell, Donald Earl, 140 Melbourn, Maureen, 173, 276 Melton, Oscar James Jr., 140, 249 Meroney, Virgil Kersh, 140, 283 Merrick, Joe K., 173 Merritt, Ronald Dana, 1% Mesavage, Jean Anne, 196, 221 Methvin, James Cannon, 158 Metzelaars, Richard Jerome, 158 290 Meyer, Charles Theodore, 140, 242 Meyer, Larry Wayne, 173, 253 Meyer, Robert Lee, 140, 283 Meyer, Shirley Ann, 158, 245 Meyers, Mary Ann, 197, 262 Mikeska, Joyce Ann, 197, 229 Milam, Paul William, 158 Miles, Huey Erwin, 140, 283 Miley, C. Annette, 158 Miley, Jerry L. 173 Millen, Dale A., 212 Millen, Sandra Ruth, 158, 222 Miller, Betty Lynn, 140, 276 Miller, Carl Dean, Jr., 197, 249, 261 Miller, Cloyce Harold, 140, 283 Miller, Donna Raye, 158 Miller, George Eugene, 197 Miller, Janet Lucretia, 197, 266 Miller, John Fremont, 197, 261 Miller, Kenneth Waynne, 140 Miller, Kinley Emerson, 140, 286 Miller, Larry Johns, 140, 286 Miller, Lloyd H., 140 Miller, Michael Bradley, 173, 253 Miller, Nancy Lee, 197 Miller, Robert William, 140, 242 Miller, Ruth Ann, 158, 278 Miller, Stephen Franklin, 158, 255 Miller, Wendell J., 140 Miller, William Edward, 197, 261 Miller, William Frank, 158 Mills, Donald Livingstone, 197 Mills, Mary Lou, 158, 222 Milnamow, Richard B., 158, 290 Milner, William Norman, 173 Milton, Edgar S., 140 Milton, Robert Clay, 140, 255 Mims, Lanita Gay, 158, 278 Miner, Lewis Duane, 140 Miner, Robert Ray, 197, 259 Minnick, Ronnie H., 173, 255 Mitchell, Bill Merie, 197 Mitchell, Carlos, Neil, 197, 225 Mitchell, Emily Joyce, 140, 271 Mitchell, Flora Jane, 197 Mitchell, Frances Ann, 158, 229 Mitchell, George Gordon, 197 Mitchell, Lawrence, Jr., 140, 242 Mitchell, Mary Ann, 158 Mitchell, Michel William, 140, 283 Mitchell, Pamela Ann, 140, 271 Mitchell, Robert Behrens, 197 Mitchell, Robert Taylor, 212 Mittelstaedt, James Stanley, 158, 295 Mivelaz, John W., 158, 290 Mixon, Tynes Emery, 212 Mize, Robert Douglas, 173 Mizell, William Leonard, Jr., 158, 259 Mobbs, Melvin F., 173 Moberly, Patsy Ann, 197, 233 Mobley, Don Dwight, 158 Mobley, Jayne Ann, 173, 245 Mobley, Lynn, 173 Mobley, Sarah Margaret, 158, 280 Moeller, Walter James, 158 Moery, Bryan, 173, 246 Mohar, Douglas Donal, 158, 290 Moix, Robert Joseph, 173, 261 Moles, Marvin E., 173, 250 Moncrief, Adrain Clyde, 197 Monroe, Allen Donald, 158 Monroe, James Daniel, 140, 283 Mont, Theodore, Jr., 197, 288 Montague, Celestine, 173 Montgomery, James D., 140, 255 Montgomery, Melvin B., 158, 290 Moody, James L., 140, 283 Moody, Lackey Gene, 173 Moody, Lawrence Paul, 214, 290 Mooney, William Morris, Jr., 173, 295 Moore, Ann Mitchell, 197 Moore, B. Maurice, 173, 290 Moore, Beverly Ann, 158, 245 One of the reasons why you just can ' t beat ELECTRIC SERVICE JOUTHVIESTERN us AND nem f COHIHNY in THRIFTY An Investor Owned, Tax Paying Company RAY ' S FLOWERS RAY ADAMS Hi way 71 South KIDDER INSURANCE Established for over 35 years 5 Court Street Fort Smith 503 When your tie won ' t come out even, simply cut the damn thing off. Fort Smith ' s Bank CITY NATIONAL Moore, Billy Ray, 197, 288 Moore, Boyce Freeman, 197, 253 Moore, Burton Allen, 173, 238 Moore, Charlie Kenneth, 174, 253 Moore, Donna Sue, 174, 221 Moore, Douglas R., 140, 238 Moore, Garland Franklin, 140 Moore, Gene William, Jr., 158 Moore, H. Clay, 158, 253 Moore, James, Franklin, 158, 242 Moore, James Maurice, 197, 250 Moore, Nicholas Randel, Jr., 158 Moore, Robin Gale, 212 Moore, Sharon Merren, 158, 233 Moore, Shirley Ruth, 197 Moore, Sonjia K., 197, 280 Moore, Thomas Stephen, 174, 283 Moore, William Harold, 158, 285 Moorem, James H., Jr., 174, 290 Morace, Ernest H., 158, 283 Morehart, Paul W., 174, 241 Moreland, Herbert Leroy, Jr., 174,290 Morgan, Ann Elizabeth, 158, 237 Morgan, Donna Ray, 158, 262 Morgan, Janis Harriet, 158, 230 Morgan, Jim Lee, 158, 283 Morgan, Kathe Sue, 158, 274 Morgan, Louis Warren, 158, 250 Morgan, Lynda, 158, 233 Morgan, Robert Ray, III, 140, 283 Morris, Charlotte Corinne, 174, 229 Morris, Edward Stanton, 158, 257 Morris, Harold Gene, 197 Morris, Harvey Claude, 158, 294 Morris, James Thomas, 197, 290 Morris, Mary Estell, 158, 278 Morris, Patricia Ann, 158, 278 Morrison, Doyle Edwin, Jr., 197 Morrow, Martha Janet, 140 Morse, Jack, 174 Morse, Jim, 158, 255 Morse, Mary Ann, 158, 230 Morton, Thomas George, Jr., 174, 283 Moseley, Martha Elizabeth, 174, 245 Moss, Martiana Sue, 140, 271 Moss, Nancy Lee, 174, 221 Moss, Olenden H., 140, 283 Motley, George Ronald, 174 Mott, Gordon Boler, 174, 249 Mouton, Agnes Marie, 158, 229 Mulhollen, Danny Byron, 174, 295 Mulkey, William Alfred, 174 Mullins, Barbara Jane, 140 Mullins, Elizabeth Ann, 140, 271 Muncy, Donna Marie, 158, 237 Murdock, Roy Jackson, 212 Murphy, Robert Thomas, 140, 283 Murphy, Wade Lee, 140, 283 Murtishaw, Roy Allen, 158, 242 Muse, William Wan, 212, 259 Musick, Connie Jo, 158, 278 Myers, Barbara Jean, 158, 276 Myers, Jack, 158 Myers, Joan Edna, 158, 278 Myers, Milo Gene, 197 Myrick, James, 174 N Nahmad, Morris H., 158 Nail, James Marvin, 140, 283 Nail, William Dennis, 140, 283 Nakamura, Frank Akira, 197, 294 Nakamura, Meri Sachiko, 140, 271 Nakamura, Ted Kazuo, 158, 295 Nail, Jack Wayne, 140, 246 Nance, Sherra Lynn, 159, 222 Nangle, M. Eileen, 159, 229 Narisi, Kathy Louise, 140, 271 Narisi, Marie, 174, 262 Nave, Philippe David, 174 Neal, Byron Dickson, 197, 257 Neal, Robert N., 159 Nealey, Earl Gene, 159 Neighbors, Robert L., 174, 246 Neill, William H., Jr., 159 Nelke, Phyllis Anne, 197, 266 Nelle, Mary Margaret, 159, 278 Nelson, Ronald Hershell, 174, 218 Netherton, David Larry, 159, 259 Neuenschwander, Ann, 159, 229 Nevivs, Linda Sue, 174, 233 New, Adonna Kaye, 159, 262 Newby, Elizabeth Jeanne, 140, 276 Newby, Valerie Minnzzette, 140, 276 Newcomb, Jerry Lynn, 174, 290 Newkirk, Darrel Dean, 174 Newman, Clara Pearl, 140, 271 Newman, Gloria Sue, 174 Newman, TilLman Eugene, Jr., 197 Newman, Virgil Howard, 197 Newsum, Jon K., 140, 250 Newton, Albert Charles, 159, 286 Newton, Lynn Aida, 140, 271 Newton, Mary Helen, 159, 229 Newton, Wayne Moore, 140, 286 Ng, David Kwok-Wai, 212 Nichols, Daniel Elmer, 159, 290 Nichols, Jerry Dallas, 197, 259 Nichols, P. Diane, 140, 271 Nichols, Patrick Allan, 140, 283 Nichols, Richard M., 140, 284 Nichols, Ted Bryan, 174 Nickel, Rodney Gene, 140, 286 Nipps, Jimmy H., 159 Nixon, Bill Mason, 140, 242 Nixon, Cheryl, 140, 271 Nolan, David Thomas, 159, 259 Nolen, Wylie E., 198 Nolle, Gary C., 140 Nordin, Lewis Jan, 174, 246 Norman, John Hosmer, 140, 286 Norris, Carolyn Trinca, 140, 271 Norris, Gary Fred, 198, 225 Norris, Larry Dale, 159, 290 Norris, Stanley Alan, 140, 246 Norris, Susanne, 159, 229 Northcutt, Jean Ann, 159, 278 Norton, Charlotte Lillian, 198, 221 Norton, Ennis Wayne, 198, 261 Norton, Jennie Sue, 141, 272 Norvell, Donald Wayne, 174, 294 Norvell, Nancy Gene, 141, 272 Norwood, David Allen, 141 Norwood, James Earl, 198 Norwood, James Robert, 198, 284 Nowell, James Lloyd, 174, 249 Nowell, Patrick William, 141, 246 Nua, H. William, 141, 284 Nunnally, Sandra Sue, 174, 278 Nutt, Hugh Albert, 159, 249 Nutt, Judith Anna, 198, 278 Nystrom, Diane Lucile, 174 o Dates, Harper Lee, Jr., 198, 257 Gates, Randolph Lee, 159, 242 O ' Bar, Leonard D., 174, 290 O ' Connor, Patrick Franklin, 174, 294 Oglesby, Donald L, 174 Oholendt, G. Grove, 159, 250 Oishi, Isao, 159 Oishi, Toshio, 198 O ' Kelley, Sue, 159 Oliver, Anna Beth, 159 Oliver, Gary Don, 198 Oliver, Jack Bryan, III, 141, 246 504 In Downtown Fayetteville It ' s Phone 2-7371 West Side of Square for men for women On Campus for Authentic Razorback Osterich Apparel Registered Trade Mark 505 Oliver, Lawrence Richard, 174, 225 Oliver, Nancy LeRee, 198 Olivera, Mike, 159, 246 O ' Neal, Gerald Monroe, 159 O ' Neal, Rebecca Jane, 174, 280 Oosthuizen, Dick, 214, 226 Orler, Jerry D., 174, 257 Orler. Johnny L, 198, 257 Orr, Frances Ann, 141, 276 Orsburn, Bobby Ralph, 141, 238 Orsburn, Cecillia Lee, 159, 230 Osburn, George Ann, 141, 276 Orsini, David Armstrong, 159, 295 Osborne, Catherine Anne, 141, 272 Osborne, Hilton Freeland, 174, 226 Osborne, Kenneth R., II, 159, 246 Osborne, MayBelle, 174 Osmon, Paul Lloyd, 159, 290 Oswalt, Kenneth Lee, 174, 226 Ott, Jerry Kennith, 174, 226 Outlaw, Ella Paulette, 159, 230 Overton, Teddy J., 174 Owen, Charles Callis, 159, 285 Owen, George MacLendon, 159, 295 Owen, Mary Janet, 159, 237 Owen, Perry Ann, 141 Owen, Ray Junior, 141, 241 Owens, Anthony Eugene, 198 Owens, Jerry M., 198 Owens, Thomas Edward, 198, 226 Owens, William Larry, 159 Owens, William Russ, 141, 284 Ozee, Ken R., 141 Pabian, Carole Virginia, 159, 262 Pabian, Joseph J., Jr., 141, 284 Pace, James J., 159, 242 Pace, Martha Elizabeth, 141, 272 Packard, Barbara Kay, 159, 233 Paddie, Dennis, 174, 250 Padgett, Harold Wayne, 212 Page, Sharron Lynn, 159 Paladino, Danny Allen, 159, 290 Palmer, Diane, 141, 272 Palsa, Elsie Jane, 159, 276 Papageorge, Tommy A., 198 Parham, Margaret E., 141, 272 Park, Jerry B., 174 Park, Linda Susan, 198, 266 Parker, Charles Robert, 174, 249 Parker, Jerry Lee, 159 Parker, Joe Michael, 198, 257 Parker, John P., 159 Parker, Marcia Ann, 198, 237 Parker, Mary Lynne, 174 Parker, Murl Wayne, 212 Parker, Robert Bowman, Jr., 141 Parker, Ruth Ada, 141 Parker, William R., 198 Parkes, Terry Lee, 141, 272 Parks, Robert Edwards, 141, 284 Pamam, Mary Jo, 174, 245 Parnell, Chester Max, 198, 225 Parr, Nancy S., 174, 230 Parrack, Betty Frances, 141, 276 Parish, Donnah Jean, 141, 272 Pate, James Cecil, 198 Pate, Lowell Gene, 141, 284 Partick, Danny Lee, 174 Patrick, Joy Elizabeth, 141, 272 Patrick, Robert, 141, 284 Patrick, Thomas Earl, 198 Patterson, A. Knoi, 174, 253 Patterson, Dennis Rodger, 141, 286 Patterson, Ernest Eudox, 174, 253 Patterson, Gerald Paul, 141 Patterson, James Corbett, 159 Patterson, James Gillespie, 141, 255 Patterson, James Norman, 174 Patterson, Jerry Dean, 159 Patterson, Mary Elaine, 141 Patterson, Sharon Harkreader, 141 Patterson, Stanley Ray, 198, 241 Patton, Delmar Keith, 141 Patton, Kenneth Laurence, 198 Patton, Lilburn Joe, 141 Paul, Earl Wilson, Jr., 141, 284 Paul, Othelia Daniel, 159 Paulding, Jerry Broack, 141 Paulie, William Edward, 174, 294 Paulk, Jan Nugent, 141, 272 Payne, Gerald L., 159, 259 Payne, J. Neale, 174, 238 Payne, Sharon Elizabeth, 141, 272 Peacock, Adelia Ann, 141, 272 Pearcy, Mearl Clinton, 174, 285 Pearson, Eva Marie, 174, 276 Pearson, Jeffrey L, 141, 284 Pearson, Sonny Wayne, 198 Peck, Julia Burton, 175, 245 Peck, Mary Kay, 159, 276 Peck, Richard William, 141, 286 Peek, Alpha Jean, 159, 262 Peeler, Calvin Ely, 198 Peeler, Ginger Gail, 159 Pefferkorn, George Wallace, 159, 284 Pagelow, Carolyn Jean, 141, 272 Pehosh, Michael Charles, 141, 284 Plephrey, Stephen Winfield, 175, 242 Pelt, Jim Tom, 141 Pemberton, John William, 141, 284 Pence, Richard Martin, Jr., 159, 246 Pendergrass, B. Jolene, 198, 266 Penick, Edward M., 159, 250 Penix, Molly, 198, 237 Penn, Anna Laura, 159, 276 Penn, Foye Wallace, 198 Penn, James F., 198 Pennington, Clen Joyce, 159, 278 Pennington, Joe Scott, 159, 290 Pennington, Thomas Roy, 175 Penton, Vicki Rose, 175, 278 Percefull, George, Jr., 159, 238 Perdue, Martha Eunice, 141, 276 Ferine, Sally Ann, 159, 266 Perry, Bob Alan, 141, 284 Perry, John Windsor, 159 Perry, Jerry Leslie, 141 Persing, Ina May, 175, 278 Peters, Karla N., 159, 262 Petersen, Priscilla Jane, 175, 262 Peterson, Hubert Charles, 175 Peterson, Jane, 175, 266 Peterson, Kathryn Ann, 159, 245 Peterson, Larry Curtis, 159 Pettigrew, Sharon Lynnette, 141, 272 Pettus, Susan Kirkland, 198, 229 Petty, Allen G., 198 Petty, Dennis Clark, 175 Petty, Michael Lee, 141, 284 FAYETTEVILLE BOTTLING COMPANY AAA Town House Motel AAA 24 units with Room Phones and Free TV wall to wall carpeting Air Conditioning Ceramic Tile Baths Tub and Shower Two Blocks from Downtown On Highway 71 Phone HI 2-5307 Fayetteville, Arkansas - " - f- : ; - , 1 506 Phares, Ardith Kaye, 141. 276 Pharis, Bill C, 175, 290 Pharis, John A., 175, 242 Pharr, Lawrence Dale, 175, 234 Phelps, Frances Fay, 159, 233 Phelps, Gary Linn, 141, 284 Phelps, Judy Marie, 159, 266 Phifer, Barbara Elaine, 141, 276 Phifer, Carolyn Sue, 141, 272 Phillippy, George Donivan, 159 Phillips, Billy Wayne, 175 Phillips, Carolyn Gaye, 159, 276 Phillips, David Williams, 199, 286 Phillips, Harold Homer, 141, 284 Phillips, Judith Ann, 199, 262 Phillips, Larry Gene, 175, 225 Phillips, Linda Edythe, 175, 276 Philson, Renne Anne, 159, 266 Phipps, Jephrey Ann, 160, 229 Pianalto, Robert Eugene, 199 Pich, George Gene, 160, 241 Pickell, John Marion, 175, 238 Pickering, Daniel Felix, 142, 284 Pickering, James Larry, 142, 284 Pickering, Judith Ann, 160, 278 Pierce, Wayne Scott, 160 Pigg, Barbara Jo, 160, 233 Pigg, Luther Ray, 199, 257 Pile, Stephen C, 142, 225 Pinkerton, Margaret Ellen, 175, 266 Pinkerton, Nelta Jean, 175, 233 Pinkley, Phillip Dale, 142 Pinson, Jerry Dean, 175, 249 Pinson, Johanna, 160, 237 Pintado, Sherry Lynn, 199, 278 Pipkin, Daniel Jacob, 175 Pitts, Edgar Cedric, Jr., 175 Plant, Garratt Proctor, 214 Platt, Michael R., 175 Plumlee, Joyce, 199, 280 Plummer, Jactie Marvin, 142, 284 Plummer, Jerry L., 175, 250 Plummer, Mary Kathryn, 160, 237 Plunkett, Joseph Albert, 199 Plunkett, Linda Frances, 142, 272 Plunkett, Thomas Wood, 199 Poe, John Nathan, 142 Poe, Richard James, 199 Polk, Tommy, 199 Pollard, Garvis Monroe, Jr., 142, 284 Pollard, Hugh Hart, 199, 242 Polychron, Chris, 142, 253 Pond, Kirk Patrick, 142, 241 Pool, Albert Allen, 160, 253 Poole, Arlen Dee, 212 Poole, Clifton Erwin, 160 Poole, Joe Boh, 175 Poole, Lafayette Earl, 199 Poore, Kenneth Wayne, 142 Pope, Charles Herbert, 175 Pope, Clinton Dale, 199, 246 Pope, Helen Frances, 160, 233 Porter, G. Greig, 175 Porter, JoEllen, 175 Porter, John David, 199, 290 Porter, Robert Hurt, Jr., 175, 255 Porter, Sandy, 160 Portis, Richard Palmer, 142, 284 Posey, John Ben, 142, 284 Post, Joan Johnson, 199 Post, Kay Ann, 142, 276 Poteet, Robert, 160, 234 Potter, Charles A., 209 Potter, Don K., 212 Potter, Lawrence Arthur, Jr., 160, 225 Pottorff, Mary Oursler, 160, 233 Powell, Elizabeth Ann, 160, 276 Powell, Gary Richard, 160, 246 Powell, Melvin Eugene, 199 Powell, Sandra F., 160, 262 Powell, Vicki Lynn, 142, 276 Powers, David Lee, 175, 290 Poynter, Linda Sue, 199, 222 Prather, John W., 175 Pratt, Charles Robert, 175, 285 Precure, Jimmy Don, 160, 293 Preston, Terry Allen, 175, 285 Prewitt, Claudius Rowan, Jr., 142, 249 Prewitt, Maribeth, 175, 229 Prewitt, Mary Wheeler, 199, 229 Priakos, Bill H., 175, 242 Price, Claudia Ann, 142, 272 Price, Daryl Scott, 175 Price, Gregory Dean, 160, 294 Price, Jack Neil, 142, 284 Price, Patsy Barbee, 160 Price, Thomas Raymond, 160, 246 Priddy, Norman Buril, 160 Pride, Jeff, 160, 242 Prier, William Ray, 160 Primm, Bill, 142, 284 Primm, Charles Eugene, 199 295 Prince, Cecil Don, 160, 241 Prince, Charles Edwin, 212 Prince. Sallie Ederington, 199 Prince, Robert Royce, 199 Proctor, Dianne Simpson, 199 Proctor, Douglas Everett, 175, 241 Proctor, George W., 199, 250 Proctor, Hugh Baty, Jr., 199, 249 Provin, Bill, 160, 241 Pruett, Lonnie W., 175 Pruitt, Jerry Damond, 142 Pryor, Marilyn Marie, 142, 272 Pudlas, Charles Floyd, 175 Pugh, Evan Larry, 142, 250 Pugh, Owen Lloyd, 199, 250 Pullen, Donald Cue, 160, 257 Pumphrey, Patricia Ann, 199, 266 Puroy, Linda Lee, 160, 222 Purifoy, James Thomas, 142, 250 Pueatte, Judith Ann, 175 Pyland, Joe M., Jr., 160, 241 Pyron, Wilson Nathaniel, 160 295 Quails, Carolyn Sue, 199, 280 Qualtrough, Ann, 142, 272 Quinn, Anne, 175, 230 Quisenberry, Pamela, 142, 272 Quijano, Alfonso, 142, 284 R Raabe, John Milton, 142 Raff, Kathy Joe, 160, 245 Ragland, William Wiley, 160, 234 Ragsdale, Linda Kay, 175, 266 Railsback, Glenn Albert, 199 241 Rainey, Nancy Marie, 175, 276 Rains, John C., 200, 242 Rains, L. Craig, 200, 250 Rains, Linda, 142, 272 Rainwater, Billy J., 200 Rainwater, Bobby Gordon, 142, 284 Rainwater, Phyllis Ann, 212, 272 Rainwater. Terri, 142, 272 Rakosky, Gerald Lawrence, 142, 284 Raley, Carolyn Gene, 200, 262 Ramer, Hilda Harriet, 142, 272 Ramer, R. Ted, 175, 295 Ramsey, John W., 200, 255 Randle, Jo Lynn, 142, 272 Raney, Nancy Truett, 142, 276 Rankin, David Foster, 200 Rankin, Sylvia Rose, 200, 237 Raper, Gova Irene, 160, 280 Rapier, Robert Ray, 175 Rapp, Fred E., 142, 284 Rash, Robert W., 142 Rather, Carroll, 160, 230 Ratliff, Barbara Ann, 142 Rawlings, Carolyn Anne, 142, 272 Ray, Danny L., 160 Ray, George William, 212 Ray, Herbert Lynn, 175, 257 Ray, John Manson, 160, 295 Ray, Ruben Stuart, 142, 284 Ray, Sarah Frances, 160 Raybourn, Carolyn Elaine, 160, 266 Reader, Maribeth, 142, 272 Reagan, Bobbie Jean, 175, 245 Reagan, Jane Elizabeth, 200, 262 Reagan, Luther M., 200 Reagan, Mary Martha, 142, 272 Reames, Hilda Jane, 142, 272 Reames, Tommy Eugene, 200 Reasoner, Stephen Mathew, 142 286 Rector. Eleanor Ann, 175, 245 Redpath, James Robert, 209, 246 Reed, Dan Carl, 160, 255 Reed, Donald Lee, 160, 295 Reed, Dorothea Jean, 212, 272 Reed, George Henry, 200 Reed, Nancy Tripp, 160, 237 Reed, Tommy Aikin, 175, 290 Regan, John Rayborn, 200, 290 Reid, Chase Savage, 160, 242 Reid, Nelson Franklin, 175, 294 Reinheimen, Judy Lynn, 142, 272 Relyea, Walter Ralph, 175 Remagen, Lawrence David, 142 Remke, Richard Duane, 160, 241 Remmel, Catherine E., 200, 245 Renshaw, Donald Keith, 142 Reves, Norman, 200 Reynolds, Bobby Joe, 160, 253 Reynolds, Carol Jean, 142, 272 Rhoden, Harold Hugh, 160, 242 Rhodes, Cheryl Anne, 142, 277 Rhodes, Claire, 142, 272 Rhodes, James Robert, 209 Rhodes, Kenneth Y., 175 Rhodes, Robert Henry, 142, 284 Rhodes, Vicki Ellen, 175, 230 Rice, J. D., 142, 246 Rice, Phillip Roy, 200, 249 Rice, Jerry M., 200, 241 Richards, Sharon Andrea, 142, 272 Richardson, Fontaine K., 200 Richardson, Gail, 200, 221 Richardson, Jacky, 175, 257 Richardson, Judy E., 160 Rick, George Frederick, 200 Rickard, Curtis Evans, 209 Ricketts, Robert Harvey, 200 Riddle, Jimmy, 200 Ridenour, Garland Q., 160, 249 Riffe, Louie D., 160, 226 Riffey, Howell Fletcher, 160 Riggan, Betty Catherine, 175, 262 Riggs, David Richard, 175 Riggs, Mike, 175, 242 Rike, Charlotte Ann, 175, 278 Riley, Barbara E., 142, 272 Riley, George R., Jr., 160, 241 Riley, Martha Paulette, 175, 277 Riley, R. David, 142, 286 Rippee, Robert Russell, 143, 284 Ripper, William Marion, 143, 286 Risset, William T., 160 Ritchey, Cloyse Arley, 143, 284 CLINEHEN ' S FAYETTEVILLE DRUG The only drug store on the square Ph. HI 2-7345 " Cards " PRICE-PATTON " Featuring Smart Apparel for Men and Women " North Side of Square Fayetteville, Arkansas Phone Hillcrest 2-4431 507 THE HURLEY COMPANY, INC. IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF THE 1963 RAZORBACK SERVING AS PRINTER AND BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK. company CAMDEN, ARKANSAS FINE LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING 508 I! Ritchie, Nancy Marie, 200, 245 Hitter, Eddie Joe, 160, 284 Rivers, Lester Wayne, 160, 288 Roach, Christine, 160 Roach, Don, 212 Roark, David Owen, 143 Roark, Larry Wilson, 143, 284 Robason, Vivian Lee, 143, 272 Robbins, Joseph Nevin, 143, 284 Roberds, James F., 143, 284 Roberson, Donnie Carroll, 200 Roberts, Bertie, Jr., 200 Roberts, Bill, 143, 253 Roberts, Bruce Ingrain, 175, 290 Roberts, Charles Edwin, 160 Roberts, Donald Ray, 160, 253 Roberts, Frances Jane, 175, 278 Roberts, Franklin Dean, 200 Roberts, Freddy Lee, 175 Roberts, James Garry, 175, 259 Roberts, John N., 175, 253 Roberts, Larry Michael, 160, 241 Roberts, Linda, 175, 237 Roberts, Madelon, 200, 229 Roberts, Russell Lynn, 175 Roberts, Samuel Wayne, 160, 290 Roberts, Sidney C, 175 Roberts, Suzanne, 160, 230 Roberts, Thomas Hays, 143, 284 Roberts, Wayne Harry, 160, 290 Robertson, Bill M., 200, 242 Robertson, James M., 143, 284 Robertson, Judy Vardner, 200 Robertson, Lawrence Jay, 143, 255 Robertson, Otho Keith, 209 Robertson, Thomas Alton, 160 284 Robinson, Cyrus M., 160, 253 Robinson, Gary, 175, 288 Robinson, Jean Marie, 143, 277 Robinson, Joel William, 201, 259 Robinson, Lana Mae, 143 Robinson, Margaret Walker, 160, O I Robinson, Ronald Allen, 160, 242 Robinson, Stanley Maurice, 176, 99 Robrahn, Ronald Laurence 143 284 Rochon, William Charles, 160 Rodgers, Elizabeth L., 201, 230 Rodgers, Sarah Martha, 143, 280 Roe, Dan Steve, 143, 286 Roe Ramona Jeraldean, 176, 266 Rogers, Ann Miller, 176, 230 Rogers, Charles H., 143, 286 Rogers, Harold Wesley, 176, 225 Rogers, J. Maurice, 160, 257 Rogers, James Frazier, 161, 250 Rogers, Jerry Rowland, 201, 288 Rogers, Joe Mark, 161, 249 Rogers, Judith Camille, 161, 230 Rogers, Mabel Faye, 176, 280 Rogers, Mary Beth, 143 Rogers, Roger Delmas, 201, 250 Rogers, Ron G., 176 Rogers, William Rader, 161 Rouosson, John Paul, 201 Roop, Donald William, 161, 292 Roper, Bobby Sullivan, 161, 242 Rose, Dorothy Susan, 176, 277 Rose, George Alan, 176, 249 Rosiere, Judy Arlene, 161, 222 Ross, Billy E., 143, 292 Ross, David Paul, 201, 218 Ross, George E., 201 Ross, Marshall Craig, 176 Ross, Richard Roy, 143, 284 Ross, Ronnie M., 201, 295 Ross, Susan Jane, 176, 245 Rosser, Linda Lois, 143, 272 Rotenberry, John Franklin, 212 Rotenberry, Patricia LaVonne, 161, 277 Rotert, John Douglas, 176, 290 Roth, Marralou, 176, 245 Roth, Roland Ray, 161 Rothe, Mary Ellen, 161, 245 Rothert, Matthew H., Jr., 201 250 Rothman, Michael Gene, 176, 259 Rothwell, Richard, 161 Rouleau, Raymond, Jr., 143, 241 Rounsavall, Gary C., 161, 284 Rouse, George Ernest, 176 Rowe, Charles, 143, 284 Rowe, Donald Ray, 176 Rowe, Marvin W., 212 Rowe, Phillip Ray, 212 Rowland, George E., Jr., 201 Rowland, Patsy Irene, 213 Rowland, Stephen Horton, 201 Rowlett, Mary Jane, 201 Royce, Shirley Sue, 143, 272 Royston, Sharon Frances, 143, 272 Rudy, Robert Thomas, 143, 284 Rukgaber, Albert, 143, 286 Rumley, Johnny Ray, 176, 218 Rundle, Jon Mark, 176, 290 Runyan, Charlotte Cecille, 143, 272 Runyan, Roy Leon, Jr., 143, 284 Runyan, William Alfred, 176, 255 Ruoff, Pamela G., 161, 262 Ruple, Steve Douglas, 143, 284 Rush, James L., 161, 246 Rush, Winifred Gray, 143, 277 Rushing, Regina Rae, 176, 266 Rushton, Linda Elizabeth, 201, 229 Russell, Carl Max, 201, 218 Russell, Charles Frederick, 161, 218 Russell, John Powell, 143, 255 Note that ball won ' t fit in pocket; it is already well filled. Russell, Joyce L, 143, 272 Russell, Karen Elizabeth, 143, 272 Russell, Karen Jeanne, 176 Rutherford, Marihta Kaye, 143 277 Russell, Norma Jean, 201, 262 Russell, Philip D., 161 Rutherford, Sandra Jane, 201, 230 Rutledge, Carl Thomas, 143 Rutledge, Royce, 161 Rutledge, Sonja Ann, 201 Ryan, Robert Dale, 143 Ryan, Thomas Clayton, 143, 284 Rye, Douglas Gene, 176 Rybiski, Donna Lynn, 143, 272 Sadrghadarghadr, Jamalechin, 161 Sadr, Mehdi, 143 Sager, John T., 143 Sale, Susann, 143, 272 Saltzman, Sue Ann, 143, 272 Sample, Amelia Ann, 143, 272 Fayettevi lie ' s Leading Furniture and Hardware Store LEWIS BROTHERS 1 S. Block Phone 2-8246 509 PREFERRED RISK INSURANCE GROUP Fayetteville, Arkansas Preferred Risk GROUP Represented by Local Independent Agents Fire Casualty Auto Life 510 Sampson, William Robert, 176, 294 Sanchez, Judy, 176, 262 Sanders, Angela, 176, 278 Sanders, Chenier Johnny, 161 Sanders, Gary Van, 201 Sanders, Jay H., 143 Sanders, Sandra Kaye, 161, 230 Sanders, Shirley Mae, 176, 278 Sanders, Ted, H., 161, 246 Sanders, Thomas Wayne, 143, 284 Sanders, Walter Ward, 143, 284 Sanders, William Powell, 201 Sandy, Wayne C, 143, 284 Sang, Ho Quang, 201 Saunders, Joe Thomas, 201, 290 Sava, Anthony Joseph, 143, 284 Savage, Richard E., 161, 255 Savers, Katherine, 176, 229 Saunders, Vicki Elizabeth, 143 272 Scaramuzza, Margherita Sue, 176, 221 Scarbrough, Charles Wade, Jr., 161, 259 Scarborough, John William, 143, 284 Scarbrough, Susan, 143, 272 Schermerhorn, Jane, 161, 278 Schermerhorn, James Harvey, 201 Schiefferli, Dorothy Jo Ann, 143 277 Scherrey, Anthony Paul, 201 Schilling, Don Henry, 161, 242 Schisler, Roger Dale, 214, 288 Schleiff, Patsy Ann, 176, 277 Schmitt, Barbara Jane, 143, 272 Schneider, Carolyn, 176, 245 Schneider, Kathleen Anne, 143, 272 Schnipper, Don Martin, 209, 238 Schnorr, William R., 161, 218 Schof, Marilyn Mary, 213 Schofield, Donald D., 213 Scholze, Herman Ernest, 176 Schrantz, James L., 143, 242 Schroder, Eugene Ernest, 143, 284 Schuh, Ron, 176, 294 Schultz, Robert K., 143, 284 Schumacker, Victor Joseph, 176 Schwieger, William Lee, 201, 241 Scivally, Dan Riner, 161 Scoggin, Sandra Lynn, 143, 272 Scott, Billy Joe, 143, 249 Scott, Charles M., 161, 285 Scott, Frances Joyce, 214 Scott, Gary Morris, 161 Scott, James Howard, 201 Scott, Jerry Thomas, 201, 253 Scott, Linda Lucille, 143, 272 Scott, Lyndell Franklin, 143, 284 Scott, Ryce Duncan, 143 Scott, William Randolph, 144, 284 Scrape, Lee Andrew, Jr., 161 Scroggin, Jon J., 144, 249 Scurlock, Becky Ann, 144, 272 Seabourn, Judy, 144, 272 Scale, Eleanor Sue, 201, 245 Searan, Jerry Samuel, 176 Scearcy, William Seville, 161 Seay, James William, 161, 284 Seay, Linda Jay, 161 Seay, Thomas Patrick, 201 Seeman, Nancy Elizabeth, 161, 262 Seller, Anthony J., 161 Seiter, Louis Don, 176 Seitz, Berta Lena, 176, 266 Seitz, Jarry B., 201 Seitz, Wanda Louise, 144, 272 Selby, Robert Daniel, 201, 225 Palace Drug Store WALGREEN AGENCY 624 West Dickson HI 2-6216 Fayetteville, Arkansas Selig, John Samuel, 209 Sellars, Rebecca Jean, 201, 278 Sellers, Sue Jayne, 144, 277 Sellick, Eva Mae, 161 Sellick, James Roy, 144 Selph, Janet Ann, 176, 278 Seneriz, Luis, 201, 226 Setser, Ronald Lee, 161, 290 Sewell, June Irene, 161, 222 Sewell, Oneida Anne, 144, 272 Shaddox, Jack Rowland, 202, 290 Shaddox, Sharon, 176, 262 Shaffer, William Eugene, 213 Shalmy, Donald Lewis, 176 Shand, Mary, 144, 277 Shannon, Nancy Colleen, 202, 221 Shannon, Ralph Theodore, 209, 218 Sharp, Betty Jo, 176 Sharp, James Donald, 144 Sharp, Nancy Louise, 176, 233 Sharp, Roy Neil, 176, 290 Sharp, Zelton Dave, 176, 238 Sharpe, Mary Leslie, 144, 277 Sharrah, Paula Jane, 144 Shaver, Robert Van, 176, 225 Shaw, James Cary, 161, 242 Shaw, Linda Carole, 144, 273 Shaw, Sne i. 176, 238 Shearer, Ja-ues Earl, 161, 234 Shelby, Frederic B., 161 Shelton, IV. ard Earl, 144, 284 Shelton, Elizabeth Anne, 144 273 Shelton, George Ellis, 176, 249 Sheltop James B., 176 Shelton, Rhea Louise, 176, 237 Shepherd, Charles Randolph, 161 Shepherd, Frances E., 161, 278 Shepherd, Frances Virginia, 144, 273 Shepherd, John Belford, 144, 284 Sheppard, William Robert, 144, 242 Sheppard, Mary Audrey, 161, 237 Shields, James H., 161, 242 Shimek, John J., 176 Shinn, James Ernest, 176, 242 Shipley, Jacqulyne Ruth, 144, 273 Shipp, Ann, 144, 273 Shippey, Carla, 161, 278 Shirk, James Edward, 176 Shockey, Waynette R., 176 Shollmier, James Kenneth, 202 Shook, James Gerald, 213 Shook, John Harold, 202 Short, Charlotte Sue, 176, 233 Short, Jenny, 144, 273 Short, Margaret Anne, 161 Shorter, Noland Lee, 161, 255 Schrader, Chal W., 161 Shreve, Ruth Ann, 161 Shuey, Abby L, 161, 266 Shuman, Emaly Louise, 202, 230 Sicard, Samuel McLoud, 202 Sidewell, David Albert, 202 Siepman, Paul D., 176, 259 Sigler, William Byron, 202, 250 Sigman, John Herbert, 161, 286 Silcott, Edwina, 176, 237 Simmons, Judy Nolen, 176 Simmons, Vicki, 176, 245 Simon, Michael George, 176 Simpson, Buck Herman, 176, 255 Simpson, Daryin Henry, 161 Simpson, Jeanne Marie, 161, 221 Simpson, Robert Leon, 161 Simpson, William Lee, 202 Sims, David Dwayne, 144 Sims, Kenneth Franklin, 176 Sims, Robert Lee, 176 Rita ' s HAIR FASHIONS " One of Arkansas ' Largest and Finest Salons " Boston Store HI 2-2742 Building Dee ' s Gifts Home of Dansk Designs Wedgwood Fraser Stainless Ernst Ties English Leather Distinctive Gifts Decorative Accessories 25 East Center Fayetteville, Arkansas 511 - The Cover for the 1963 Razorback Manufactured By Durand Manufacturing Company CHICAGO, ILLINOIS S ft - - - . a ( SWi ft Sail Sail Sail Sail S-il Sail Sail You 512 Singleton, Cherry Letitia, 176. Singleton, Lynda Elaine, 144 278 Sinor, Judith Ray, 144, 277 Sisco, Charles Paul, 176 Sitton, Jolene, 144, 273 Sivley, James Bufo rd, 202 Sivley, Joyce Dell, 176 Sixbey, Hope, 202, 266 Skaggs, Hazel O ' Hair, 176 Skelton, Barbara Lea, 161 Skelton, Carolyn Lea, 162, 278 Skelton, Claude W., 162, 225 Skipper, James Maxwell, 202 Skipper, Jeanne Fran, 176, 2?8 Slattery, John M., 144, 284 Slaughter, Marsha Jean, 162 Slaven, John Edward, 144 Slay, Connie Joyce, 176, 221 Sledd, Claudia Kerr, 144, 273 Sloan, Neill Moore Jr., 202, 250 Slocum, Carolyn Sue, 214 Slocum, Linda Loriane, 202, 233 Slocum, Marlin Leon, 177 Sloop, David John, 213 Small, Paul Lon, 162 Smead, Anna Fentress, 162, 277 Smiley, Byron Wade, 177 Smith, Billy Gene, 202 Smith, Bonnie Jane, 144, 273 Smith, Carl Jay, 202 Smith, Carolyn Sue, 162, 222 Smith, Chester Loy, 177, 218 Smith, Coella Fern, 162 Smith, Connie Elaine, 144 Smith, Denita Dale, 144, 273 Smith, Diana Lolet, 144, 273 Smith, Doyne Douglas, 144, 294 Smith, Elise Anne, 202, 278 Smith, Ellen, 177, 229 Smith, Freddie M., 177 Smith, Gary Thompson, 202, 238 Smith, Ginger, 162, 278 Smith, Harold Ray, 177, 234 Smith, Harold T., 213 Smith, Helen Hamilton, 209, 229 Smith, Hugh Clifton, 144, 284 Smith, Jackie Lee, 162, 246 Smith, James Howard, 162, 290 Smith, James Wilbur, 177 Smith, Janet Hope, 202, 278 Smith, Jimmy E., 202 Smith, John Kenyon, 144, 284 Smith, Joseph Mike, 162, 285 Smith, Joseph Ralph, 144, 286 Smith, Judith Ann, 177, 245 Smith, Kenneth Ronald, 209 Smith, Larry R., 144, 286 Smith, Linda Ann, 162, 278 Smith, Mary Edna, 202, 262 Smith, Mary JaNoel, 202, 262 Smith, Naomi Faye, 144, 273 Smith, Nelson Scott, 162, 255 Smith, Norman M., 209 Smith, Okla Bennett, 202 Smith, Perry Frank, 202 Smith, Robert A., 177 Smith, Robert Alexander, 162 253 Smith, Robert Dean, 177, 249 Smith, Ronnie Mac, 162, 288 Smith, Roy Allison, 144, 284 Smith, Sandra Mary, 144, 273 Smith, Sebern Joseph, III, 177 Smith, Susan Margaret, 177, 230 Smith, Suzanne, 144, 273 Smith, Thurman Allen, 177, 295 Smith, Tommye Lynn, 162, 262 Smith, Troy Faith, 144, 273 Smith, Virgil Ernest, 202, 292 Smith, W. Read, 209 Smith, Willard Crane, Jr., 162, 284 You always find the unusual, .at ' the nicest shop in town " Smith, William Franklin, 144, 286 Smoot, Robert Edward, Jr., 144, 238 Smoot, Sally, 202, 230 Snetzer, Michael Alan, 202, 257 Snider, Thomas Ben, 144, 284 Snipes, Michael Eugene, 144, 290 Snow, Jan Lynne, 202, 222 Snyder, Betsy, 144, 277 Snyder, Martha Leona, 177, 278 Soden, James Paul, 177 Sonderegger, Jerry Lynn, 177 Sorensen, Gerald Martin, 162 255 Sorrells, George Wallace, 202, 261 Sorrells, Richard Doyle, 177 Soule, Katherine Suzanne 144 273 South, Suellen, 202, 245 Southerland, Ann R., 202, 262 Southern, Robert Eldert, 162 Spangler, Albert Lee, 213 Spann, James Donald, 162 Sparks, Peggy Ann, 144, 277 Speakman, Rheta, 213 Spearmon, Maribeth Ann, 144 273 Spears, Carolyn Lee, 162, 221 Spears, Jim B., 209 Spears, Milton Glenn, 144, 286 Spears, Roy Gene, 177 Spears, Sandra Gale, 162, 278 Speck, James Melvin, 177, 241 Speer, William Clifford, 177 Spence, Larry R., 177, 249 Spencer, James V., Ill, 144, 249 Spencer, Mary Ann, 177, 277 Spencer, Ronald Leon, 144, 284 Spencer, William Richard, 202, 250 Spengler, Robin Stephen, 213 Spicer, Jerry Dewayne, 177 Spillers, Donald Roy, 144, 284 Spitze, Jean Gentry, 177 Spivey, Buddy Brown, 177, 259 Spoon, Rebecca Jo, 162, 278 Spooner, Mary Alice, 144 Sprott, Joseph Michael, 203 Spruell, Clifton Michael, 177, 253 Spurlock, Richard Kent, 144, 284 Squire, Arthur Edwin, Jr., 177, 238 Stacy, Genevieve, 177, 277 Stacy, Tommy L., 144, 293 Stahr, Charles F., 203, 294 Stair, Lynda Fay, 203, 221 Stamps, Jerry C, 203, 246 Stamps, John David, 203, 246 Stanford, Eveline Klayer, 144 277 Stanger, Rodney Terry, 177, 259 Stanley, John Hopkins, Jr., 177, Stanley, Madalyn Louise, 203 233 Stanley, Tommy E., 162, 249 Stanley, Wilma Rue, 203, 280 Starling, Albert Gregory, 213 Starling, James Martin, Jr., 203 Stearns, Ronald Ralph, 144, 246 Stebor, Gary Noel, 144, 284 Steed, James Thomas, 177 Steele, William Patton, Jr., 162, 249 Stephens, Cary L., 177, 278 Stephens, Gary Kent, 162, 253 Stephens, Jack Edward, 144, 249 Stephens, Jerry Carter, 144 Stephens, Jimmie Patricia, 177, 278 Stephens, John H., 177, 255 lemcLn j SHOE STORE " Put Yourself in Our Shoes " South Side of Square Fayetteville Springdale FAYETTEVILLE GLASS COMPANY Plate glass -Mirrors ' call us for quick dependable glass service 513 Stephens, Paul C., 177 Stephens, Randall Clay, 203 Stephens, Thomas Wilcox, 203, 253 Stephens, William Thomas, 177, 249 Stephenson, Gillis Warren, 144, 238 Steploek, Marilyn Jeanne, 144, 273 Stevens, Betty Grapelle, 162, 278 Stevens, Courtney Anne, 203, 237 Stevens, Jacquline Virginia, 144, 273 Stevens, Marilyn, 203, 221 Stevens, Mary Kay, 144, 273 Stevens, Steve, 177, 238 Stevenson, David Mabourn, 144, 238 Stevenson, Mary Kay, 203, 229 Steward, William Randall, 162, 255 Stewart, Alyce Carole, 145, 277 Stewart, Clyde F., 162, 284 Stewart, David Alan, 203, 226 Stewart, David Rodney, 145, 284 Stewart, James Ellis, 162, 294 Stewart, June, 203, 221 Stewart, Lola Virginia, 177, 230 Stewart, Roberta Switzer, 203 Stewart, Tom Francis, 145, 286 Stewman, Sam Joe, 177, 284 Stites, Janet Sue, 162, 277 Stobaugh, Suzanne, 145, 273 Stockslager, Susanne Mary, 162 Stockslager, Thomas David, 145 Stockwell, Marvin James, 145, 246 Stoddard, Mary Elizabeth, 145, 273 Stokes, Keith Davidson, II, 145, 284 Stoll, William Hermann, 145, 284 Stolz, Wesley Milton, 203 Stone, Acquanetta, 203 Stone, Jack T., Jr., 203, 241 Stone, Janice Marie, 177, 266 Stone, T. S., 162 241 Stoner, Suzanne Mary, 203, 233 Storey, Otis Henry, 145, 242 Storey, Patricia La Verne, 177 Stout, Laura Mae, 177 Stover, Curtis Evans, 162 Stover, Janet Morley, 203, 245 Stover, William Jan, 203, 250 Stowe, Terry Jr., 145, 284 Strait, Marilou, 162, 262 Strasner, Louis M., 203, 241 Straub, James E., 203 Streett, Alex G., 209 Streun, Merrilee Arafaith, 177, 262 Strickland, Janice Yvonne, 145, 273 Strickland, Mark M., 145 Strickland, Nathan Edward, 177, 257 Stripling, James Edward, 203 Strobel, Pamela Rose, 162 Stroupe, Norma Elizabeth, 145, 273 Strother, Susan Emmett, 162, 229 Stuart, Adrian Curtis, 203 Stuart, Frank Clarence, 162, 285 Stuart, Scott D., 177, 238 Stubblefield, Jon Michael, 145 Stuckey, Troy Thurman, Jr., 213 Sturdivant, Joseph Hershel, 162, 242 Sturtevant, Paula Torrey, 145, 277 Stuttle, Mary Ann, 162, 278 Sublett, Roger Harley, 203 Siiddreth, James Hyatt, 203, 218 Suffridge, Buford Joseph, 204, 242 Sulcer, Charlotte, 177, 221 Sullivan, Fred Richard, Jr., 145, 284 Sullivan, Joseph Lewis, Jr., 145, 242 Sullivan, Margaret Sue, 145, 273 Sullivan, Samuel William, 204 Sullivan, Sara Sue, M5, 273 Sullivan, William R., Jr., 177, 255 Summers, James Aubrey, 162 Sumner, Robert Earl, 177, 295 Summers, John Beaty, 204, 250 Sunderman, Richard Lee, 162 Sutton, Kenneth Wayne, 177 Sutton, Sue, 204, 266 Swaby, Donald Ray, 145, 284 Swafford, James Edward, 177, 285 Swaim, Cecilia Mildred, 177, 229 Swanson, Albert Kent, 177 Swayze, John Charles, 204, 290 Swearingen, David H., 145, 284 Sweet, Richard Stanley, 177 Swift, Sandra, 162, 230 Swindle, Jack Reed, 162, 293 Swindle, Marsha Leigh, 145, 273 Swope, Loyd Ray, 204 Swindell, Benny E., 204, 295 Tabler, Roy Tom, 204 Tabor, Farris Ray, 204 Tabor, Marilyn, 145, 273 Talkington, Gary John, 145, 288 Tanner, Tere, 145 Tarver, Larry Ronald, 162 Tate, Brenda Barham, 204 Tale, John C., 162, 238 Tatum, James Robert, 145, 242 Tatum, John James, 177 Tatum, Juliette, 178, 245 Taxter, Anne Ley, 145, 273 Taylor, Carol Lynn, 145, 273 Taylor, Charles Winston, 204 Taylor, David Wayne, 178, 294 Taylor, Garner Lee, Jr., 145, 286 Taylor, Hendrix Arthur, 209, 241 Taylor, Henry Arthor, 145, 255 Taylor, James Gary, 145, 284 Taylor, Joe, III, 145, 241 Taylor, John Prentice, 145, 218 Taylor, Judy Lynn, 178, 277 Taylor, Katie N., 204, 262 Taylor, Larry Edward, 162, 295 Taylor, Larry James, 204 Taylor, Lloyd Thomas, 145, 284 Taylor, Lynda Sue, 162, 278 Taylor, Martha Lee, 162, 278 Taylor, Michael Terrenle, 162, 290 Taylor, Priscilla Elizabeth, 145, 273 Taylor, Robert Gordon, 145, 255 Taylor, Star, 162, 229 Taylor, Teddy Neal, 145, 284 Taylor, Wendell Martin, 178 Taylor, William Eugene, 204 Teague, Robert Richard, 145, 284 Teague, Ronnie Marion, 162, 234 Temple, Jimmie Lou, 204, 222 Temple, Lois Lynn, 145, 273 Templeton, Randell, 204, 290 Tenney, George Edward, III, 145, 284 Tennison, Margaret Alice, 145, 273 Terrell, Bobby Frank, 204 Terry, Billy Newell, 204 Terry, David Wesley, 204 Tern, ft TflK- ' 221 22 QUAKER DRUG STORE No. 1 FREE PICK-UP DELIVERY FOR PRESCRIPTIONS Complete Line of Cosmetics E. CENTER PHONE 2-4246 HUNT ' S Nationally Known Brands at Popular Price KELLEY BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY Kelley For Kwality Serving Northwest Arkansas Since 1921 Wholesale and Retail Building Materials FAYETTEVILLE , ' toil 514 Terry, Duane Dennis, 162 Terry, Phillip Arthur, 178 Terry, Robert Arthur, Jr., 213 Terry, Sam L, 178, 250 Teske, Ruth Ann, 178, 277 Thain, Johnny Wayne, 145, 284 Thibault, Dorothy, 162, 266 Thibault, Sylvia Cathey, 178, 277 Thomas, David Wheeler, 204 Thomas, Diane, 162, 230 Thomas, A. Henry, 178, 238 Thomas, David Wheeler, 204 Thomas, Donna Anne, 178, 277 Thomas, Harold Lindell, 163 Thomas, Harve, 163 Thomas, Lloyd Roy, 178 Thomas, Margaret Luann. 178, 230 Thomas, Owen Wallace, 163 Thomas, Thomas A., 163 Thomason, David E., 178 Thomasson, Charles N., 178, 290 Thompson, Anne Elaine, 204 Thompson, Belle Knight, 204, 221 Thompson, Eric Stephen, 178, 293 Thompson, Gordon Howard, 178, 225 Thompson, J. Br ent, 163 Thompson, Jack Derrell, 145 Thompson, Linda, 163, 221 Thompson, Loretta Allene, 145, 273 Thompson, Michael Greenwood, 209, 238 Thompson, Mike, 163, 249 Thompson, Milton Lee, 204, 259 Thompson, Phyllis Lynn, 163, 277 Thompson, Virginia JilL 178, 245 Thompson, Wilkins, III, 145, 284 Thomson, Benjamin F., Jr., 204 Thomson, Judith Ann, 204 Thornton, Belle Sue, 178, 277 Thornton, James Howard, 145, 284 Thornton, James Larry, 163, 290 Thornton, Jaremy David, 178, 238 Thorneberry, Pat Alfred, 209, 290 Thiirlby, Bob, 145 Thurlby, Marty, 178, 222 Thurston, Marland C., 178 Tibbits, Donald Fay, 178 Tiberghien, Dolores Ann, 145 Tiberiis, Bruce Edmund, 145, 284 Tidwell, Jimmy L, 145, 284 Tidwell, Patricia Ann, 145, 273 Tiley, Paul L, 178 Tilley, Lewis Carl, 178, 295 Tillery, Linda Jean, 145, 273 Tilley, Suzanne Janette, 145, 273 Tillman, Carolyn E., 162, 280 Tims, Martha Alice, 204, 262 Tinker, Mary Kay, 178, 233 Tipton, Jack Donald, 204 Tisdale, Helen Delores, 178 Todd, Nona Mae, 145, 276 Toll, Judith Lynn, 205 Tollett, Vergil Edwin, 146 Tolley, Jay Noble, 163, 250 Tomlinson, Frances, 213 Toothaker, Ronald Wayne, 178 Torbett, James H., 205, 259 Torbett, Kay Ann, 178, 266 Torian, James Weldon, 213 Towle, Wallace Wade, 163, 242 Townley, Larry, 163, 295 Townsend, Leanne, 178, 222 Trail, Ray, 205, 238 Trammel, Lawrence Glenn, Jr., 178, 242 Tranum, Mary Alice, 146, 273 Travis, Donald Stevens, 178, 285 Trieschmann, Jim Shipp, 146, 288 Trimble, Patti Lucille, 205, 229 Trinca, Samuel A., 163, 250 Trotter, Robert Sydney, 209 Truax, Donna Rae, 146 Trudell, Mike L, 146, 284 Trumbo, Ellis Patterson, 205, 253 Trussell, Craven L., 205 Tubbs, Barry E., 163, 255 Tuck, Henry Lafayette, 163, 253 Tucker, Cecil Ray, 146, 284 Tucker, Charles Ray, 205 Tucker, Darrell N., 178 Tucker, Robert Dean, 163, 249 Tucker, Sandra Nell, 163, 262 Tucker, Theo M., 205 Tucker, Virginia Annette, 146, 273 Tull, Janna Lynn, 178, 266 Tuminello, Sam J., 163, 249 Tumy, Carol Jean, 146, 273 Tune, Blake, 146, 246 Tune, Patricia Lynn, 146, 273 Tupper, Mary Julia, 213 Turchi, N. John, Jr., 163, 259 Turner, Cheryl Christina, 146, 273 Turner, James L, 178 Turner, Lehman Ray, 205 Turner, Linda G., 163, 221 Turner, Nancy Rebecca, 146, 280 Turner, Robert Eugene, 178 Turner, Ronald Alan, 146, 238 Turner, Tiila Loy, 146, 277 Turner, Virginia Kay, 146, 273 Turner, Wilma Jane, 178 Turney, David Loy, 163 Turrentine, Billy Fred, 146 Tyler, Alvis Leroy, 146, 284 Tyler, Tommy H., 146, 284 Tyler, William Everette, 146, 284 Tyson, James Wendell, 178, 284 u Udouj, Henry J., Jr., 146, 284 Udouj, Phillip David, 214, 242 Udouj, Ronald Herman, 205, 242 Umbaugh, Mary Elnor, 163 Umberger, Joe S., 178 Umsted, Jamie, 205, 229 Underwood, John David, 178 Upton, Charlotte Elizabeth, 146, 273 Utley, Carl Garld, 178 Utley, Frances Rebecca, 178, 230 Utley, James Patrick, 163 Vance, Jerry Gale, 146, 288 Vancura, Mary Elizabeth, 163, 266 Vanderpoorten, M. Ann, 205 Vandiver, Loy Callan, Jr., 163 Van Dover, James Richard, 209 Van Dover, Suzanne, 178, 229 Vangilder, Linda Kay, 163, 278 Van Hoose, Jerre Max, 205, 255 Van Meter, Hope, 205, 245 Vann, Lewis Eugene, 163, 290 Van Patten, Mira Anne, 205, 221 Van Sickle, Jackie E., 205, 262 Varnell, Rachel Corienne, 205 Varnell, Sanford Lee, Jr., 205 Varner, Connie Lynn, 146, 273 Varner, Sandra Mario, 178, 233 ARKANSAS WESTERN QAS COMPANY " Helping Build North and West Arkansas " Underwood ' s Jewelers of I FayettevMI COMPLIMENTS 7 ' ? l lnderwood 6 L ofteae ,+ewelers NORTHWEST ARKANSAS ' ONLY CERTIFIED 6EMOLOGIST PENNEY ' S Always First Quality! 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Faye, 164, 280 Yarbrough, William Clyde, Jr., Yauch, Karen Ann, 147, 273 Yeargin, Randolph Ewald, 179, 294 Yoakum, Daniel R., 164, 294 Young, Carolyn Gille, 179, 221 Young, Charles A., 147 Young, Cynthia Ann, 164, 266 Young, Damon Michael, 209 Young, Elizabeth Ann, 147, 273 Young, Jimmy D., 164 Young, Susan Thell, 147, 273 Young, Thomas Randolph, 207 Younkin, John Michael, 147, 284 Yun, Hyun Goo, 214 Zachry, Doy Lawrence, Jr., 213 Zaffater, Carol, 147, 273 Zimpel, Mary Patricia, 179, 221 Bowl Better 9 o n f) L X U. I 1 i i )e n,ion v-jowlivia oL.ane6 GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE More People Ride on Goodyear Tires Than Any Other Kind COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTS EQUIPMENT KEN ' S SPORTING GOODS PHONE 2-6357 517 The Stool at the End of the Bar by Doug Smith And here I am, just as I promised back in the pub- lications section. If you haven ' t read the publications section, go back and do it or you ' ll miss my train of thought. Some people can ' t do anything right. Ah, that ' s better. Now we can chat. After I order another one, that is. (Watch the head this time, Bob.) I am feeling nicely, thank you, now that the work is over and I am once more ensconced on my old seat down at the end of the bar, so I may as well start off by talking about people I like. It is a brief list and I will try to refrain from being overly sentimental. R. C. Walker and Gene McRae over at Southwestern Engraving Company are the two nicest Republicans I know. I give them full permission to use my name to future editors as a perfect example of how not to put out a yearbook. The people down at The Hurley Company in Cam- den are nice, too : Wallace Hurley, Tom Walker, Irving Lyons and all the rest who assisted in the Hurculean task of getting this book printed. Armil Snow has been my best friend for sometime. Although he was not directly involved in the produc- tion of this book, I feel I should express my gratitude to him and his lovely wife, Judy, for the many times they allowed me to impose on them when the strain of working on the Razorback became too great. Be- sides that, Snow gave me my start on campus publi- ca tions back when he was editor of the Traveler. And besides that, I said some things about Snow in last year ' s book that he considered a little unkind. There, does that do it, Armil? While we ' re talking about married friends and impositions, I have to mention Douglas and Mollie Wilson. Everything I said about the Snows applies to them, except that they were directly involved in the production of the book, Douglas serving as associate editor and Mollie as editorial assistant ( a euphemism for typist). Dolly McAdams is a wonderful girl. None of the things last year ' s editor said about her are true. That ' s about all the good will I can stand at one time. Let ' s talk about something else for awhile. Like this book. I ' m not sure what people will think about this book. I ' m not even sure what I think about it; I ' ve lived with it too long to be objective. I do know there are a few things in it that will cause comment. I may as well say right now not apologizing, just explaining that I have never felt the Razorback was intended to be a public relations brochure, or that it should be edited to please future or former students. A yearbook, in my humble opinion, is put out for the enjoyment of the current student body. They ' re paying for it. The cover of this book was designed by Garry Carroll, another one of my associate editors. A small sampling of those who have seen it revealed some sharp differences of opinion. All I will say is that you ' re not supposed to look for any particular symbol- ism in it ( " What ' s that red thing supposed to be? " ). It is a free-form design and Garry likes it real well. Garry, incidentally, does not want anything said about him being mostly a Sigma Nu. So I won ' t say any- thing about it. Whatever merit this book has is due primarily to the efforts of Johnny Woodruff, a very good little photographer. Like myself, Johnny had some unsettling experiences during the year but we both managed to pull through without coming completely unglued. The feature section, which is the one most people read, was written partly by Sam Park and partly by me. I wish Sam had written more of it; he has a certain flair for things like that. But Sam has a lot of irons in the fire this spring he finally won an election. He is a sweet guy, though. Professor William J. Good provided most of the old pictures in the opening section, for which he has my thanks. I should have included him back there when I was talking about people I like. Kay Hafenbrak and Bill Kidder, next year ' s editors, accompanied me to Camden for the final work on the book. They are a strange pair to be harnessed together as co-editors, Kay ' s energy contrasting sharply with Kidder ' s indolence, but they will probably do all right. They should at l east be able to profit from my mistakes. Well, enough about the book. You ' ve got it; form your own opinion. Now let ' s talk about this school. I said earlier that I didn ' t think the Razorback was meant to be a propaganda booklet. Neither is it meant to be a catalogue of the University ' s shortcomings. I am speaking now not as the editor of the Razorback, but as one who has spent five years ( five good years, for the most part) on this campus and has kept his eyes open at least part of the time. Any criticism is of a constructive nature. Having gotten all that out of 518 the way, I can now mention a few of the things that have been bothering me: (1) Football - - Nice, but a situation where the football coach ' s salary is more than twice as large as a full professor ' s seems a little inequitable. I know all the arguments about football bringing money into the University, and it still seems inequitable. (2) Social regulations -- Improving a little, may- be. The AWS ruling on apartment parties was a step in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go. A University ' s function is not the regulation of so- cial activities. This is not a plea to turn the UofA into a party school; quite the contrary, I am for higher academic standards. But it is difficult to convince a student he should take a mature attitude toward his studies when he is treated like a kid in every other respect. " Give ' em hell in the classroom and let ' em alone outside it, " I say. (3) Controversy, or the lack of it I predict that the most unpopular thing in this book as far as the administration is concerned will be the Halls division page. The administration seems to feel that controversy has no place on a college campus. My feeling is that there is no better place for controversy, and that an educational institution not promoting a certain amount of discontent is not doing its job. An example of the kind of thing I am talking about happened last year when it was decided that political speakers would not be allowed to appear on campus. Jimmy Jones, Traveler editor-elect at the time, fought the ruling editorially. As expected, Jones lost, and a lot of people thought he had to pay a high price for the right to disagree. Jimmy and I suffered through the publications elections together last spring, and when he didn ' t get the chance to serve his term I think I felt it more deeply than any- one except Jimmy himself. He would have been a very good editor. I really should be going now, but I just thought of some mode people I like: the Traveler staff. Norvell (who may yet bring back vaudeville), the Trimbles, Benny, Chi Chi (of " Arreverderci, Chi Chi " fame), Ann, Marian and the rest who not only allowed me to loaf in their office in recognition of my status as Traveler associate editor (ret.), but also invited me to their staff party a decision they later regretted. I would also like to express my thanks to the many, many girls who turned down my proposals of marriage during the year without laughing in my face. This group includes most of the female staff members of the Razorback and the Traveler plus a few others that I just happened to run into on-campus. They were all very gracious about the whole thing. (With the excep- tion of Hafenbrak, who told me she wasn ' t going to come in the office any more if I didn ' t quit falling on one knee while she was trying to work on the index. There is no romance in Hafenbrak ' s soul. I ' m sure she will have no trouble meeting the deadlines next year.) Now I think I have exposed myself enough for one day. I hope you like the book. If you have anything to say to me, you know where I ' ll be. The 1963 Razorback was printed and bound by the Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. The cuts are 133-line copper engravings by Southwestern Engraving Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover was manufactured by the Durand Company, of Chicago, Illinois. Printing is by letterpress on 80 Ib. Warren ' s Lustre Gloss paper. Heads are set in 36 point and 24 point Bodoni Bold. Body copy is set in 10 point Bodoni Book. Identification group cutlines are in 8 point Bodoni Book and individual cutlines are in 9 point Spartan and Spartan Bold. Feature cut- lines are set in 8 point Spartan. 520 Mtf ' T : . 1 ' -x. . - ; I . -. r- s . " - , ' .- -. - - ' - ' . ' . ..v ' " v - ' J - ' , ,-

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