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V Published by the Associated Students, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville • % John Moore, Editor Ed Dohoney, Business Manager Tradition dictates that the beginning of this yearbook should show some particular facet of University life. But after 64 years, anything said lauding the virtues of the University becomes trite. The state of Arkansas is more pregnant with subject matter and is certainly not represented by the University or by its students, no matter how striking the picture they make or how much we like to believe that they represent the whole of Arkansas. This presentation is not intended to attract industry, does not support segregation, does not condemn segregation, and is not intended to be in any wise propagandistic. It is representative, ethnic, and as objective as human error can be. Photographs and the printed word are unchanging and cannot show the function and interaction of people and inantimates. This section is the picture of Arkansas in 1961—JHM Stately, witty University Treasurer T. C. Carlson addresses entering freshmen. The broad back of Norfork Dam supports tons of water. !■ s anything as representative of Arkansas as the man who emerged from the hills of north Arkansas to become its most powerful governor? Nothing except, perhaps, his native hills and the hill people themselves. Supporters at Hardy turn out for the Governor. 7 The end of a picturesque, pleasant era draws near. Parade draws almost identical stares. 8 ach year, the city of Batesville sponsors the White River Water Carnival attended by thousands of Arkansans who gawk at parades, beauty contests, and fireworks. Thousands attend, but thousands more have locked their houses, rented their pastures and gone north or west for work and incidental entertainment of perhaps another sort. Scarlett Cornwell entertains beauty contest audience. A strip of white clay interrupts the monotony of rows of soybeans. he Little Rock area combines the rolling hills along the Arkansas River with the flatlands of eastern Arkansas. It contains the urban attitudes of metropolitan Little Rock, the tradition of the archaic South and the conflict and progress of the admixture. 10 Oil well drillers check pressure. The reward of labor is a face laden with white grime. just another agricultural community. With it, material wealth and the education it can buy are available. 12 laM Petroleum refinery products range from gasoline to asphalt. Cattle fatten on cut-over pine woods land. 13 Magnolia industry works late. Lines of ante-bellum house clash with jumble of cordwood. Wishing well attracts money and lovers. 14 University student Donna Axum competes for Miss Arkansas title. Pixieish child playfully awaits adventurous trip. Auctioneer drums up interest in statues. the targets of Hot Springs ' enterprises. The pleasure of the tourists is the aim of businessmen and they easily succeed with race tracks, bath houses, beauty contests, plush hotels and other less publicized and, perhaps, less moral diversions. Water in swimming pool fluoresces from underwater lighting. zark activities are varied and range from the cultivation of minds, crepe paper artistry, and football teams at Fayetteville to the pursuit of the ultimate pickle at Atkins. Fort Smith, depressed by the loss of Fort Chaffee, attracts industry and builds. It takes hours of work for one day ' s visual pleasure. Cranes skeleton new building at Fort Smith. 17 A country store with a beauty await tourists near Harrison. Wood makes pulp, paper, and chemicals. It would be impossible to pose such a picture. 18 at the face of Arkansas, its people and land. Romanticize, if you wish, its culture and vistas, but do not lose your objectivity. Remember that the friendly mountaineer is also poverty-stricken and that picturesque farms are too often economically marginal. Vanity is justified for glimmering white hair. 19 Mfum Here lies the future of Arkansas. In the education of its youth and a sedentary state. The virtue in education must be recognized and tl widely apathetic to education, the University stands ready to gi he retention of these educated persons are the facilities for saving neans by which education is attained must be supported. In a state !r lightenment to those who seek knowledge. It should be stimulated. JOHN MOORE, Editor Matthews Features . David Lambert, Editor Administration. Pat Matthews, Editor Seniors Dolly McAdams, Editor Fraternities. Bob Fraine, Editor Dormitories. Noble Hill, Editor Off-Campus Students . Joyce White, Editor Personalities. Garry Carroll and Sarah Jane Melton, Editors Athletics. Jim Minmier, Editor Fine Arts. Hal Ponder, Editor Military. Guy Brown, Editor Publications. Armil Snow, Editor Organizations John Giller, Editor Advertising and Index Donna Cypert, Editor 24 94 112 148 196 224 244 274 320 338 352 374 428 ' I«v ; r ’ 7 RUSHEES wade through handshakes and prepare to enter what was then known, during fall semester rush, as the Kappa Sig house. Waiting and watching are what were then known as Kappa Sigs. 26 Greek Week Seeks New Greeks rhe Greeks came back early, and the perennial j la ma of rush week opened with house cleaning and en gthy discussions. When the rushees arrived, all Has in readiness. Hands were shook, ears were bent, ar )d rush skits were presented to enthusiastic, if be- j ddered, audiences. Kappa Alpha was gone, but Tau a Ppa Epsilon was taking part in their first formal ] ush. It seemed like a fair trade to most people. More h omen went through rush than ever before — about as many women as men, in fact. A heated dispute mose when Len (Campus Beat) Taliaferro wrote that n umber of rushees greatly exceeded the number thi aVa a e bids. (Taliaferro later backed down and the Were quiet again until John Moore attacked and rUS ' books.) But the rushing went on, unheeding over Ul ?b a mpered, at it always has. Battles were fought pi. le c °lor of a tie and the clearness of a com- to Xl .° n ld grudges and old friendships were brought ‘ Bands got sore, throats got hoarse, and shirts conti aroun e neck as the sweaty business been tk rus b ee s, especially the ones who had so di 1 hkbefore, began to feel the pressure and in fr () 16 S , maller Maternities. At last comes the big day- new iWl le bnion. Bids are accepted and shiny lucky f GS aie bugged and congratulated. The un- °ne k r eU .i Start i°pbing for a place to live, and every- sono- “if es a s gb of relief. In the words of the It s over, all over.” SHIRT-SLEEVED combo entertains rushees at Sig Ep rush party. Entertainment of all kinds is offered at these parties, and this was probably as good as any. At least it was clean. llta delta delta 7 dance i n ru$ s s In black tights perform some kind of exotic Presented to amuse prospective pledges. 27 PARASOLS AND PLUNGING NECKLINES are the uniform of the day for Phi Phi ' s Andrea Anthony and Jo Ann Cooper. They are posing as Southern belles, attempting to win over the rushees. The Measurement of Sharpness BO HUFFMAN AND M. J. PROBST star in Sigma Chi skit and manage to look pretty foolish. You get a lot of sharp boys this way. " PI PHI HOUSE BY NIGHT " might be the title of this picture, except it wouldn ' t fit into the space we have to write in. DISCUSSION of rushees seems to be taking place in Chi Omega House. But things are not always what they seem, and they may not be discussing rushees at all. Who knows what Chi Omega ' s talk about? Who indeed? 29 SIGMA NU ' S are in forefront of crowd around Union waiting for new pledges to come out and pandemonium, as they say, to break loose. Fusion of Happiness, Melancholy The largest freshman class in the University’s history arrived on campus in time to participate in the last un-IBM registration. The freshmen didn’t know it. hut automation was to make little change in the agonizing process — there were fewer cards to fill out, hut the lines in the basement of Old Main were just as long. Griping about corruption in the bookstore was as bitter as ever, as was the competition for the status seats in the Union. What has become an annual event at the UofA — the arrival of,Miss Arkansas — happened again, and was duly recorded by the Traveler, which was hav¬ ing its usual trouble getting organized. Classes were dismissed for the fall convocation, delivered by President Mullins, and a small percentage of the student body attended. The Razorbacks beat OSU and demolished Tulsa. It was a good beginning. JANE LANDERS, Chi Omega pledge, gets hugged by Marianne Sutherland. The girls do a lot of this sort of thing, and it always looks funny. 30 BILL HART, Bess Malone, David Axtell, Mary Eldridge and Ronnie Fields rehearse for " The Boy Friend, " the first presen¬ tation of the University theater season. The musical comedy about young love and mistaken identity was a big success. CONTEMPLATING CLASSES, Thomas Webb sits in Union quietly meditating. Union is used for many purposes, but quiet meditation is not generally one of them. Beginning of classes affects different people different ways, and anyway it ' s a free country. FULBRIGHT HALL, home of some 400 freshman women on UofA campus. Girls spend most of their time grip¬ ing about the rules. It ' s like a nunnery, they say. THINGS a clerk in the book store must get tired of hearing: " Non-profit, ha-ha. " There are no clerks in this picture. FACULTY advisers discuss best way to trap unwary students. Dean Nichols confers with colleagues in Arts and Sciences. 32 The Great Preparatory Confusion REGISTRATION in men ' s gym ; in all its confusion. Everyone in this picture is tired, mad, and worried about his deodorant. O O 00 r 4 Wj 34 GIANT CRANE towers over campus. Crane was part of machinery used in building new men ' s dorm. Some people wondered if all the new housing scheduled to be built was really necessary. Babies, Bodies, and Bulldozers At the same time the huge crane used in building the new men’s dormitory was casting its shadow over the campus, candidates for ROTC sponsor were cast¬ ing well-proportioned shadows on the drill field. The task of choosing sponsors, easily the most enjoyable part of their training, was performed eagerly by both Army and Air Force cadets who chose Sharon Cherry and Sue Fincher, respectively, as the honorary cadet colonels. Fayetteville became suddenly over-crowded as fathers, politicians, and lawyers all came up for the week-end — the fathers for Dad’s Day, the politicians for Legislative Weekend, and the lawyers for the Legal Institute. The fathers walked around campus with their offspring, the legislators smoked cigars and attended banquets, and the lawyers talked about torts and stuff as they all waited for the real reason they had come to town — the Arkansas-Baylor football game. At the game, the football players’ fathers (’‘honored guests”) sat in folding chairs on the side¬ lines, while the legislators, always friendly to the University on football weekends, took their places in the stands, providing for once an answer to the quest¬ ion, “Who gets all the seats on the fifty?” All of this support didn’t help the Razorbacks much. They played their poorest game of the season while Baylor played its best, and came out on the short end of a 28-14 score. Even Wayne Harris had to leave the game for a brief period. For dads, legislators, lawyers, and ordinary football fans it was a long trip home. CRYING BABY in mother ' s lap is representative of large number of University students who are already begetting. This par¬ ticular baby is unidentified, but they all look alike, anyway. PARADE of BEAUTIES takes place on Air Force ROTC drill field. Karen Jo Nowell, one of the winners, stays calm in spite of su ggestive grins of the cadets. Girl with biggest assets wins. MARCHING RAZORBACKS interrupt legislators ' banquet preceding the Baylor game. The band must be playing either the Alma Mater or " Dixie " , since all the legislators are standing. Legislators Witness Massacre BAND kicks up lime on field as it performs one of its intri¬ cate routines, all done to the tune of “The Arkansaw Traveler. FRANK BROYLES AND SON leave field after Baylor game. This is probably the only con¬ solation the coach received. Among disgruntled losers, the two provided a sentimental picture for sentimental people—it was still Dad ' s Day. r 7 CUP-UP consists of three girls lying around a cup while another girl (blindfolded, I think) tries to fill it with shaving cream. Party Pleasures for Pre-Pubics As autumn leaves begin to fall, sororities be¬ gin to practice for Sigma Nu relays, an annual event in which balloons, eggs, and sometimes limbs are broken by the girls in the heat of competition. Actually, it’s kind of difficult to prepare for the relays, because who wants to get all messed up with egg yolks and shaving cream when there’s no one around to watch? Even so, the girls labored manfully (?) and by the day set for the relays, everyone was tuned to a fighting pitch. To the accompaniment of shrieks, squeals, and forced laughter the girls did their stuff while Sigma Nu pledges performed the annual ritual of throwing- members into a slimy, water-filled trench. When the dust cleared, it was revealed that Zeta Tau Alpha had fought its way to first place and a record point total. Also setting a record was the 1961 Razorback, which devotes four pages to this nonsense. REAR VIEW of two participants in balloon bust. The girls ' legs are tied together, see . . . anyway, it sure is funny to watch. 38 SWINGING WILD (sounds like the name of a teen-age movie, doesn ' t it?), contestants try to break egg on opponent ' s head. This event is called the egg beater, and was won by a Tri-Delt called Gloria Junkin. That may be she in white sweatshirt. STUMBLING GIRL careens down track picking up inner tubes, as spectators cheer her on. This is — get ready — tubby tube race, and was one of many events won by a Zeta. The Sigma Nu who thought up names for these events deserves no trophy. 39 EAGER contestants take off shoes and put on sacks in prepara¬ tion for sack race, officially referred to as burlap bounce. 40 SOGGY SIGMA NITS climb out of pit they were thrown into by boisterous pledges. Another member is about to follow them. SHARP GIRL with shaving cream on her face and bosom, looking helpless, represents spirit of the relays. Good, clean fun. A Co-Educational Snake Pit THE PIT. It was rumored that people did nasty things in it. You might say that the Sigma Nu ' s collectively have a bad pit. WORKMAN pulls out nails at construction site of Humphries Hall. The 10-story dorm will house over 400 maladjusted freshmen. 42 Republicans Emerge Briefly The first big -name entertainment on campus was provided by Count Basie and his orchestra, “Featur¬ ing Joe Williams,” as the ads said. A large crowd seemed impressed, particularly by Williams. The Count proved to be politician as well as pianist as he praised the audience and the Men’s Gym, which he said was an ideal place for a concert. The only dispute arose when the Count discovered he was to be paid by check, but this was soon straightened out. Another politician, a professional (if you can call any Republican in Ark¬ ansas a professional), followed Basie on campus. The appearance of Henry Britt the GOP gubernatorial can¬ didate, was sponsored by the Young Republicans Club, who planned a mass demonstration in support of Britt. Nixon and Lodge — not necessarily in that order. The Republicans, small in number but stout of heart, waged an intensive propaganda campaign prior to Britt’s arrival. The campaign was sparked by Donna Fincher who had an amazing number of letters to the editor published in the Traveler. Most students had their minds on more important things than politics, how¬ ever. Homecoming, for instance, with floats, house dec¬ orations, and pep rallies by torchlight. The Republicans dropped their plans (for obvious reasons) for the “Belles for Britt” to wear shorts, but went through with a scheduled motorcade. They drove through town honking and yelling, and succeeded only in slowing up the Homecoming traffic, probably losing any votes they might have had. It turned out to be a bad year for Republicans. BARITONE SAX man blows at Count Basie concert. Basie, fresh from an evening with Fred Astaire, played to crowd of nearly 1,000 in men ' s gym. Singer Joe Williams made the biggest hit. HENRY BRITT, one of the gamest men in Arkansas, poses with " Belles for Britt. " Young Republicans worked hard, but their candidate ' s appearance went unnoticed by most UofA students. 43 CHEERLEADERS IN RED CONVERTIBLE lead torchlight parade to Wilson Sharp House. This ceremony originated in days of the Roman circuses, when noblemen payed tribute to gladiators. Rah Rah Rah Ad Nauseum SHOUTING OVER LOUDSPEAKER Marian Moore tries to incite crowd to riot, helped by Sharon Young and blurry Jenny Mitchell. All three were largely ignored by the people with torches. 44 MARCHING MAJORETTES, looking much sharper than at football games, strut across stage in effort to keep blood circulating. HOMECOMING ROYALTY line up on stage and clap for themselves after their names are announced at pep rally in Greek Theater. WIDE-EYED little girl watches Homecoming pa¬ rade and seems awed by floats, drill teams, bands and things like that. Kids are easily impressed. HOMECOMING PARADE wends its tortuous way through the streets of Fayetteville. Funny band and black-skinned Pikes did their parts. Justice Triumphs Again A wise man, and a veteran on the Fayetteville campus, once said that Gaebale w r as the most de¬ pressing part of the school year — next to Home¬ coming. Homecoming this year lived up to its reputation. Old grads galore took over the campus, shaking hands, slapping backs, and sharing bot¬ tles. The students, most of whom had been going without sleep working on floats and house decora¬ tions, tried to ignore the alums, but it was hard. In past years, the judging of the decorations arous¬ ed controversy, but this year justice (Kappa Sigma) triumphed. The Kappa Sigs w on first prize for their float, and Acacia had the best house decorations in the men’s division. The Tri- Delts and ADPi’s were the female winners. The Razorbacks won too, hut the most enjoyable part of Homecoming occurred at halftime of the foot¬ ball game, when fans were treated to the delicious irony of Orval Faubus placing a crown on Gail Blossom’s head. (Yes, that’s Virgil’s daughter.) COLLEGIATE-LOOKING Art Squires and friend rode in antique car in Homecoming parade. Squires is wearing raccoon coat and silly grin. 46 TRIUMPHANT ADPi ' s yell, wave their arms, and do other things like that after their house decoration, a smug skunk, won first prize. It was a good year all around for Alpha Delta Pi, and we were glad. We ' re always for the underdog. PRIZE-WINNING FLOAT was work of Tri-Delts. Huge bee with an " A " on his chest and cute motto on the side of the floa t caught the eye of judges and spectators. Did you ever think about what a real bee this size would look like? Horrible. ENTHUSIASTIC Razorback supporter waves boar ' s head as he roots for the Hogs. By the end of the game, people around him wanted to wave this bore ' s head. CRAIG RAINS leads the Homecoming crowd in a yell. Craig is head cheerleader and gets to wear an all-white uniform. FLAGS are waved by band members in coveralls as Razorbacks take the field. Sometimes the fellows run out with the team. 48 m " It Sure Is Loud Out HOMECOMING MAID Mickey Barrows waits nervously on arm of Clyde Rhoden, who plays basketball as well as escorting girls. 49 CURIOUS STUDENTS follow King to Greek Theater. He had orig¬ inally intended to speak from the steps of the library, but the administration suggested the theater as more appropriate. • • Will There Be Any Stars The visitor that attracted most attention on the Uni versity campus this year was Bishop Homer Tomlin¬ son — a short, bulbous-nosed man who carried the awesome title of “King of the World.” The King’s visit was part of a tour of colleges and universities to solicit support in his bid for the presidency. Although the election was over, and Jack Kennedy was pre¬ paring for the inauguration, the King pointed out that nothing was official until the electoral college voted. Mentioning that he had performed several miracles in the past, he predicted that he would receive a major¬ ity in the electoral college. The Traveler publicized the King’s appearance, and assigned ace reporter Phil Cate to cover his highness while he was in Fayette¬ ville. Nearly 3,000 students and interested observers were waiting when the King, wearing a crown and purple robe and carrying a beachball (someone had stolen the globe he usually carried), showed up in front of the library. The administration, in the devious way administrations have, sent word that it would be better for the King to speak in the Greek theater. So everyone trooped down. The King proved to be an unusually good-natured little man. After introducing the vice presidential candidate and his family, he encouraged the crowd to chant, “We want a miracle.” Everyone had a good time until some sadist started bombarding him with rolls of toilet paper. Things got pretty vicious after that, and when the King fin¬ ished, you felt as though someone should have apolo¬ gized to him. He deserved better. KING addresses enthusiastic crowd. HEAVENLY LIGHT shone on the King as he walked away after h:s address, and one almost expected to hear a voice say, " Go ye therefore into all . . . " Man in striped jacket is Phil Cate. MOON OVER FINE ARTS CENTER. Inside, people are singing, dancing, sculpt¬ ing, painting, and telling each other how liberal and intellectual they are. Miscellanea and Stuff—Part 1 SPOOFER ' S STONE (center) with Joe Bessembacher and Judy Eoff. According to campus legend, if you get pinned on Spoofer ' s Stone it means enduring love. UNLUCKY BLOCK is another campus tradition. The story goes that anyone who steps on the 1900 block in senior walk won ' t graduate. PEERING FROM UNDER HOOD and trying hard to look cool, Roberta Montgomery engages in favorite campus sport—union-sitting. I THINK THAT I SHALL NEVER SEE a cutline lovely as a tree. These gnarled, barren trees are result of Fayetteville winds. 53 ■ m f; j| qM ■ 1 FIRST PLACE WINNERS, center, and second place winners, left, hold trophies. Third place winners were given cakes instead of trophies. Practice Prevails Over Desire Fulbright Hall and the Phi Delts repeated as Singfony winners — Fulbright, under the direction of Claudette Smith, for the second consecutive year, and the Phi Delts, directed by Ernie Ligon, for the third. The Kappa’s and SAE’s finished sec¬ ond, with Chi Omega and Sigma Nu third. The Civic Club-sponsored affair brought in $700 to be divided among various charities. The Christ¬ mas season came, as it always does, and with it the Christmas parties. While the drunken revelry went on, trouble was brewing for one of the un¬ suspecting groups and several individuals. The University disciplinary committee made a thorough investigation of rumors concerning test stealing and selling, and found they were more than rumors. In the most unpleasant episode of the year, at least three students were permanently expelled; five more were suspended; and thirteen were placed on disciplinary probation. And in spite of their defense — ‘‘Kappa Sigs come from some of the finest families in the state.” — Kappa Sigma, regarded as the center of test-stealing ac¬ tivities, was suspended from the campus for a year. FULBRIGHT HALL sang “Virgins 7 Slumber Song 77 (which seemed inapprop¬ riate to some) well enough to win first place second year in a row. 54 PERRENNIAL WINNERS, the men of Phi Delta Theta received third consecutive first place trophy for singing " Fum, Fum, Fum " and " Carol of the Bells. " Phi Delts, directed by Ernie Ligon, look forward to Singfony — consider it their big chance. DIANE BALL provided intermission entertainment at Singfony, singing and accompanying herself on the piano. Also enter¬ taining were John Moore, Paul Berry, Mary Eldridge, and Terry Arenz who sang folk songs together. Certainly a motley group. 55 Ho Ho Ho Ad Naiiseum APPLAUDING Kappa Sig ' s make one of their last formal appear¬ ances at Christmas party. They didn ' t know what was coming. The Christmas party is one of the social highlights of the year on the University campus. (We are speaking of Christmas part¬ ies in general, of course. There is no one big party that everyone goes to. — you know that. Some people don’t go to any of them.) It is a time when stout fellows and pretty maids drink from the was-sail bowl, burn the yule log, kiss under the mistletoe and do whatever else seems appropriate. This might sound as though it would result in a pretty dull party, but after a few trips to the egg¬ nog anything seems appropriate. Right about here, someone is bound to say that these people are just making a mockery of Christ¬ mas, and if Christ were alive today he wouldn’t go to Christmas parties and it would be better if everyone went out and sang Christmas carols to the poor. Personally, I don’t like Christmas carols. (The above para¬ graph is purely opinion, was put in just to fill up space, and is unimportant. This should have been said at the first.) PI PHI dressed up as Mrs. Santa Claus tries to put hat on friend who seems reluctant to participate. 56 PRESIDENT MULLINS is easily identifiable, in spite lighting provided by candles, at Fulbright Christmas of poor dinner. K mm; flV ' .U 1 i t ; , ' • 1 :. " V ' gite Timwm 11 til!11 ••••MlUi : 3I1|| (9Vy 1 mV nififffif FEARING LYNCHING, lone Negro looks around nervously, but mob in streets of Dallas was only heading for Cotton Bowl Parade. 58 Arkansas Invades Texas For the second straight year, the Razorbacks were conference champions and headed for a bowl game. This time it was the Cotton Bowl, finally justifying the annual mid-season yell about “Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl.” Also for the second straight year, there was some dissatisfaction about the Razorback’s op¬ ponent. Dreams of playing a glamour team like Navy didn’t turn out, and the selection of Duke was re¬ ceived with something less than enthusiasm, especially after they were soundly beaten over national television in their final game. (Duke students were also some¬ what dissatisfied when their Christmas holiday was not extended to allow them to attend the game.) Never¬ theless, it was still the Cotton Bowl and we were in it. Arkansans poured into Dallas to call the Hogs, drink, and battle with cynical Texans. It had been six years since the Razorbacks were there last, and their fans planned to make the most of it this time. New year’s eve and again Sunday night they swarmed through Dallas. To many people who made the trip, the game itself was anti-climatic. KAY McCOLLUM leads Razorback band in parade. Band members don ' t have much prestige, but they get to make a lot of trips. ■IK HIGH SCHOOL MAJORETTES look almost as appealing as high school cheerleaders as they turn toes in, twirl batons behind them. 59 ARKANSAS FLOAT in Cotton Bowl parade was built by Game and Fish Commission and featured a big hog wearing No. 55 (made famous by Lance Alworth) and a couple of pretty girls. Cold, Wet, and Numb COTTON BOWL QUEEN Gail Blossom, who was also the Arkansas homecoming queen, poses with official escort Garry Carroll, who was also a cartoonist. Jerry Moore plays football. 60 STORM WHALEY shows that he likes a good time as much as anybody as he dons funny hat at New Year ' s Eve alumni party. HARASSED COP tries to keep order as New Year ' s Eve revelers revel in front of Baker Hotel, where most Arkansans stayed. SKYLINE OF DALLAS rises in the background in a view from the Cotton Bowl, while early- arriving fans head for the concession stands. 61 ALUMNI BREAKFAST is interrupted by cheerleaders, band and flag- wavers. Faubus, Mullins, Broyles, and Whaley sit at head table. Fans Win Parties, Lose Game After two nights of revelry, Arkansas rooters proved they could still call the Hogs. Over 28,000 of them made it to the Cotton Bowl by kick-off time, and resumed their yelling, holding up even the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner.” Then they settled hack to watch what most of them were sure would be a routine victory for the Razorbacks. The first half was dull — a pig that had been donated to the Arkansas cheerleaders to serve as a mascot received more attention than the game. (The pig turned out to be pretty tame, as did the Razorbacks.) Even the half-time per¬ formance of the Kilgore Rangerettes couldn’t keep the crowd from getting restless. Things began to happen in the second half; so fast that most people were still dazed when the game ended. Duke 7, Arkansas 6; it just didn’t seem fair. RAZORBACK FANS celebrate New Year ' s Eve in streets of Dallas. Com¬ bination riot and pep rally, celebration lasted most of the night. 62 KILGORE RANGERETTES, from Kilgore, Tex., Junior College, perform at halftime at Cotton Bowl. The Rangerettes are fam¬ ous for their intricate routines. Most people don ' t see them, however, because they ' re waiting for various Bowl facilities. RAZORBACK BAND, along with some others, prepares to take the field. Band performed well at game and was one of few bright spots for Arkansas supporters. This was in spite of the fact that their highly-publicized new uniforms look ridiculous. HUSKY BLUE DEVIL takes the field. The Hogs were out-weighed as usual, but not, as Orville Henry would say, out-fought. DRUM MAJOR stands alone — nearly — in the middle of the Cot¬ ton Bo wl. Rising up behind him is the Texas State Fair Building. 61 - PIG was given to Craig Rains to serve as mascot. Craig named it Razorblade and sold it for $20 after the Razorbacks ' defeat. 7-6 On TV, National Embarrasment COLD STARE is given over-eager hustler by Rangerette, and it is probably all he will get. Obviously, he ' s out of his class. 65 EVERYONE SWINGS as Four Freshmen go into one of their num¬ bers, done in what press releases call, " their inimitable style. " 66 Four Freshguys Perform I he Four Freshmen have performed on the Uni¬ versity campus more often than any other musical group, with the possible exception of John Tolleson’s combo. They have been favorites of University audi¬ ences and entertainment committees for years. This year, 4,500 persons were on hand for their concert in the men’s gym. In addition to their usual music-making chores, the Freshmen had another task to perform. Razorback editor John Moore (who was surprised to find that they had never heard of him) asked the fel¬ lows to choose the Razorback beauties, and they obligingly did so. The winners were announced at intermission of the concert. The same issue of the Traveler that contained pictures of the concert and the beauties had two copyrighted stories on the inte¬ gration crisis in Georgia — setting some kind of record. Student leaders began organizing support for the proposed $53 million bond issue, which was to be offset by a tax increase of soft drinks. Not surprisingly, the bond issue didn’t pass. And finals came. GREETINGS are extended to Four Freshmen by John Moore, Sarah Jane Melton, and Jim Powell, chairman of the entertainment committee. Moore is asking if Freshmen need a banjo player. CLOWN of group, Bob Flanigan, performs in front of others, who are probably tired of seeing him get all the applause. Flanigan said the UofA was one of top " audiences in the country. " 67 PRACTICING in little cubbyhole practice room that has only piano and chair, music major dreams of being another Van Cliburn, or maybe Hazel Scott. She ' ll probably be disappointed. Miscellanea and Stuff—Part 2 ANNABETH CADWELL smiles in dim light of Tower Club. Club received a lot of publicity, but folded (for second time) after students disc overed it was just SU at high prices. 4 68 STUDYING in the Union, Judy Doolin takes advantage of break in classes. This is slightly better than not studying at all. TAKING DEEP BREATH, Baylor player whiffs oxygen. It turned out that it was really Arkansas players who needed oxygen. FULBRIGHT residents crowd to windows look¬ ing like specimens in a zoo. Actually, they were waiting for someone to yell, " Now, push! " 69 mm mmsmmmm PRESIDENT MULLINS shakes hands with, and gives diploma to, Barry Switzer. Switzer was one of bigger names among January graduates. A Commencement and Finishment For the mid-semester graduates, there was no tomorrow. They accepted the diploma and the handshake from President Mullins, and went out to face the world. For the less fortunate, there was a new semester — and registration. IBM-style this time (at last), but still painful. Then there was spring semester rush. Conducted on a much smaller scale than in the fall, the rushing was just as bad. The sororities gave 19 bids; the fraternities 34. Nearly 5,000 students waited for an hour for Ray Charles, who had landed at Springdale by mistake. The orchestra, featuring David Newman, enter¬ tained until the genius himself arrived. Frank Broyles, who loves to talk, and Wayne Harris, who hates to, were making a ha bit of meeting at half¬ time of basketball games, as Broyles presented all kinds of trophies to Harris. All this was happening while Fayetteville was smothered with snow. 70 FIND ten things wrong with this picture and you win a box of greeting cards. Any University student should be able to find at least twenty: the lines are too long, the advisors are surly, only 7:30 and 2:10 classes remain open, etc. HANDING OUT CLASS CARDS Dr. Richardson of the math department tries to explain things to confused coed. A large part of registration time is taken up with just such explanations. Total automation would eliminate all of this. RUSHERS grab rushees at Zeta Tau Alpha party. The Zetas got three during spring semester rush — a dismal time. RAY CHARLES plays in men ' s gym. Charles brought orchestra and singing group with him, arrived late because of plane mix-up. PASSING PLATE, Phi Delts try to impress rushees with food and table manners. Apparently unsuccessful, they got only one man. 72 4 Miscellanea and Stuff—Part 3 TO THE VICTOR. Frank Broyles presents trophy to Wayne Har¬ ris, awarded for Harris ' selection to Look All-American Team. ARCH OF SWORDS is formed by Air Force cadet officers at Air Force Ball. AFROTC officers, long jealous of army ROTC offi¬ cers, finally got sabers this year, and they ' re proud of them. 74 A Young Man’s Fancy - - Parties Spring at the University of Arkansas is not much different from spring anywhere else. Everyone feels like raising hell, and usually does. Some social events the military balls — require attendance. (It is debatable whether military balls can even be classified as social events. Most look on them as just one more unpleasant part of the ROTC program. Like drill.) The regular spring parties are different matters. Mostly unhampered by rules of dress and behavior, the Greeks go all out. There is always the chance of being caught by some dean, but it’s worth it. Viking, Paddy Murphy, Quo Vadis, Playboy; just name your orgy. One of the biggest events of the spring is Engineer’s Week. Engi¬ neers have a terrible inferiority complex. They think everybody else thinks they’re clods. (Which is true.) But once a year, they swing. The engineers’ rally, where the candidates for St. Patricia perform, draws the biggest audience of any stag show in the state. It gives the engineers a chance to gaze on what is for them forbidden fruit. They make the most of it. AT PHI DELT VIKING PARTY everyone dressed the way they thought vikings did. Phi Delts know little about vikings. MARCHING to funeral or someplace, SAE ' s and dates celebrate death of Paddy Murphy. They, too, are dressed like vikings. CONTESTANTS in engineerings ' beard-growing contest line up on stage. The contest is judged by St. Patricia candidates. Most engineers look scroungy enough without beards. Engineers Themselves Relieve 76 SILLY COSTUMES are worn by " guards, " who have an important part in the installation of new St. Patricia and St. Pat. TUG-OF-WAR between engineers and agri students was held on Dickson Street. The engineers won, somewhat surprisingly. GAIL CAMPBELL, 19-year-old ADPi, is 1961 St. Patricia. Good body and risque skit were important factors in Gail ' s victory. REW gets underway with convocation in student union ballroom, the main speaker for the three-day event was Rabbi Levi Olan. Religion, Jets, and Bombs The time for Religious Emphasis Week came around and, because of a “Penthrust” charge that the emphasis was misplaced, attracted more atten¬ tion than usual. “Operation Abolition,” sponsored by the student senate, was shown to large crowds in the union. There were no riots in spite of the efforts of some students and government instruc¬ tors. A group of successful businessmen (whatever that is) came up to lead a sales seminar in the college of business administration. The main item they were trying to sell was the idea that Arkansas is heaven, and that any one would be a fool to think of leaving it. They found UofA students to he hard customers. While Old Main wasn’t blow¬ ing up, the board of publications was meeting to choose new leaders for the campus publications. Armil Snow’s selection as editor of the Traveler climaxed a three-year struggle. Snow was un¬ opposed, as was Ed Dohoney, who was named editor of the 1962 Razorback. SHOWING more interest than she feels, library assistant gazes at copy of Gutenberg Bible, prominently displayed in the library. 78 AIR FORCE ROTC SPONSORS and air force officer (a real one)stand next to jet. Honorary colonel Sue Fincher, wearing fight suit, was flown over drill field in the jet as she reviewed cadets. AFROTC department said this was quite a feat. HOPEFULLY waiting for explosion, crowd gathers outside Old Main after anonymous caller said there was a bomb hidden in the building. Building was evacuated and searched by firemen but no bomb was found and everyone went back to class. GEORGE WALKER, former quarterback, speaks at sales seminar. Seminar was sponsored by marketing club. HAPPY WINNER, Jan Dandy wears crown signifying her corona¬ tion as IFPC pledge queen. Everyone seems pleased about it. SELLING veterans ' administration to job-hunting students, VA recruiter sets up booth in union as part of annual Career Day. 80 Miscellanea and Stuff—Part 4 FIRM GRIP is exchanged by registrar Carter Short and market¬ ing instructor Robert Bell, who gives a lot of pop tests. ARKANSAS MILLIONAIRE, Winthrop Rockefeller speaks at Com¬ merce Day banquet. Luckily, he didn ' t claim to be a self-made man. 82 Agri Day, Law Day, Day Day Business students had Commerce Day and agri students had Agri Day. Both had banquets and guest speakers (Winthrop Rockefeller for commerce, Jimmy Ligon for agriculture). Both had pretty girls (Com¬ merce Queen Vicki Borman and Agri Queen Alice Wingfield). Both distributed publications (Guild Tick¬ er and Agriculturist). The only difference was that the agri students had a rodeo. Some people thought John Moore was finally going to get what was coming to him when he attacked George Jernigan and Bill Adair, ac¬ cusing them of being corrupt and naughty. The whole thing turned out to be a fake, though — set up for a moot court trial. Adair sued Moore for $150,000 and lost the case. IBM failed to get mid-semester grades out on time. Sunglasses, tennis shoes and shorts was the uniform of the day. On April 24, Dr. Mullins was formally inaugurated. Mullins made a typical inaugura¬ tion speech — full of generalities. Included in the crowd of approximately 2,000 were delegates from more than 100 universilties and colleges throughout the country. (They were mostly UofA faculty members and people living in the Fayetteville area.) Anyway, classes were dismissed. SHAKING HANDS at commerce banquet, students demonstrate commercial grip. Rumor says that BA plans to offer courses in handshaking, back-slapping, joke-telling, check-grabbing, etc. THROWN to ground by angry Brahma bull, contestant in agri rodeo wonders if it ' s worth it. Candidates for Agri Queen wondered the same thing after competing in milking contest. Ml IBM EQUIPMENT, pride and joy of registrar Carter Short, is shown by him to interested student. IBM made a few mistakes, but Short promised that it would be better next time. Miscellanea and Stuff—Part 5 MOOT COURT TRIAL was held in Waterman Hall. Bill Adair, who brought suit charging that John Moore libeled him in a " Penthrust " column, is on the stand. Jury ruled for Moore. SI CHAIRMAN of the Board of Trustees, L. C. Carter speaks at inauguration of President Mullins. Mullins waits his turn. DIGNITARIES (and Dick Dahlen) on stage stand and remove hats as Storm Whaley speaks. Perhaps Faubus ' name was mentioned. PRESIDENT MULLINS delivers inaugural ad¬ dress. He called for a massive state ef¬ fort in support of higher education. Some 2,000 persons heard the president ' s speech. 85 HEAD COACH Frank Broyles sits in stands and gives instructions as assistant coaches direct the Reds and Whites on the field. ALL BY HIMSELF Paul Dudley catches pass in Red-White game. Dudley had good spring, but he ' s always good in practice. JUMPING over fallen Red player, Harold Horton goes for extra yardage. Horton is small but has big heart, Frank Broyles says. 8G Male Physical Exhibition RED QUARTERBACK Billy Moore carries the ball himself. Moore was most of Red offense, but McKinney-quarterbacked Whites won. 87 BEAUTY PAGEANT is held up by rain for second consecutive year. Bob Green studies notes, ignores bare legs in front of him. 88 Female Physical Exhibition It looked doubtful for a while, but there was a Gaebale this year. It started with the beauty pageant. Bob Green emceed as the girls showed nice legs and varied talents. (One contestant demonstrated flv-cast- ing.) Rain interrupted the pageant temporarily, but didn’t prevent the crowning of Judy Eoff as Miss Uni¬ versity of Arkansas. Mary Eldridge finished second, and Donna Axum third. Saturday afternoon there was the Coaster Classic followed by the Josh White concert. It was feared that White wouldn’t appear, but he did and was well-received. Jimmy Reed played for the dance Saturday night, ending the official Gaebale ac¬ tivities. The unofficial activities have always been the best part of Gaebale, but even drinking beer and rid¬ ing around in convertibles gets tiresome eventually. It was a good time for high school kids — those that had ID cards. Ten years from now, everyone will look back and say, “Boy didn’t we have fun during Gaebale. We really raised hell.” Gaebale did serve one purpose, however, according to a cartoon drawn by Garry Carroll in the Traveler. Carroll claimed that Porter Briggs’ job as Gaebale director was an asset in Briggs’ campaign for the vice presidency of Asso¬ ciated Students. We can’t imagine why. BEAUTY CONTESTANTS in evening gowns line up onstage of Greek Theater as judges take one last look before making decision. WINNER Judy Eoff wears crown and clutches bouquet as Coretta Bury and runners-up Mary Eldridge and Donna Axum congratulate her. Coretta, out-going Miss UofA, may have been sincere. 89 WAITING for Coaster Classic to begin, crowd lines Maple Street. Phi Delta Theta won the race, with Acacia second. Victory marked the fifth time the Phi Delts had won the event. Gay Gaebale Ad Nauseum RACER DESIGN contest was won by SAE entry. All cars are checked by members of The a Tau for safety. No one was injured in this year ' s classic as spectators stayed out of streets. 90 GAEBALE DIRECTOR Porter Briggs awards tro¬ phy to Coaster Classic winner. The presenta¬ tion was made during intermission of concert. JIMMY REED plays for Gaebale dance in the men ' s gym. One anonymous letter-writer objected to Reed ' s appearance at UA. JOSH WHITE sings songs, folk and risque, at concert Saturday afternoon. Some doubt had arisen that White would show up. 91 FRONT of union is cluttered with handbills, signs, etc. It seems there are no voters present — only politicians exchanging cards. Superior Virtue Will Out It was quickly evident that the Associated Students elections would be nothing to get upset over. M. J. Probst was the only candidate for president, and what little interest there was shifted to the vice president’s race where Porter Briggs, Wilbur Giles, and Tommy Rogers filed. Rogers was eliminated in the primary. About 12:15 a.m. on the day of the runoff, veteran politician Chad Kumpe called the Traveler office to an¬ nounce that Rogers was throwing his support to Giles. Unfortunately, the Traveler office at the time was being run by a couple of nothings named Smith and Jones, who neither knew nor cared what Kumpe was talking about, and the announce¬ ment didn’t make the paper. It probably wouldn’t have made any difference, but Briggs won by 34 votes. Ruth Whetstone was elected secretary, and Delbert Herman won the treasurer’s race. Kumpe was defeated by a jock in his bid to become senior class president. A black day for SAE. 92 CAMPAIGN CAR drives around urging people to vote for its candidate, and offering rides to the polls. Porter Briggs, running for vice president, stands beside one of his cars and wonders what Wilbur Giles and supporters are doing. REGISTERING TO VOTE students wait as their names are checked to rule out possible ballot-box stuffing . Most Associated Students elections are so dull that a little corruption would be welcome. Too bad law school had no candidate this year. Governor of Arkansas Smiling Governor Faubus steps aside for overanxious crown-bearer at Razorback Stadium Homecoming ceremonies. No man has ever served a fourth term as Governor of Arkansas — until Orval E. Faubus. A man of bold and un¬ predicted actions, he has won the faith of the voters of Ar¬ kansas at the polls four times, and has served the interests that the majority dictated. A varied career of service to the state constitutes the background of our present governor. Following a tour of duty in the army during World War II, Faubus returned to Arkan¬ sas to become postmaster of his home town, Huntsville, County clerk of Madison County, a member of the State Highway Commission, and later, administrative assistant to Governor Sid McMath. An avid Razorback booster, a strong supporter of the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas, a capable and interested backer of the cause of higher education, and an exceptional governor—Or¬ val Faubus is among the most outstanding of our native sons. Orval Eugene Faubus Paul Sullins Crossett Dallas P. Raney Little Rock L. C. Carter Chairman of the Board Stuttgart Board of Trustees Earl H. Wildy Leachville Fred Pickens Newport Preston L. Hathcock Fayetteville Roy Ritter Springdale Leon Catlett Little Rock Robert A. Young, Jr. Fort Smith Robert H. Smith Walnut Ridge 97 University President Director of Information W. W. Hughes, President AAullins, and Presidential Assistant James W. Green discuss the day ' s business in the President ' s office. Dr. David Wiley Mullins is a man whose achievements in the field of higher education have reached an appropriate cli¬ max with his appointment to the presidency of the University of Arkansas. Born in Ash Flat, Arkansas, and educated in Arkansas schools, David W. Mullins was graduated with honors in 1931 from the University. Dr. Mullins holds a Master of Arts Degree from the Uni¬ versity of Colorado and a doctorate in education from Co¬ lumbia University. He embarked upon a distinguished teaching and adminis¬ trative career in the field of higher education in 1941 as an Associate Professor of School Administration at Auburn Uni¬ versity. While his career at Auburn was temporarily interrup¬ ted by World War II service in the United States Navy, Dr. Mullins’ outstanding contributions to the University were re¬ cognized by promotions culminating in his appointment as Auburn’s Executive Vice President in 1949—a position he held until his acceptance of the Arkansas presidency March 1. 1960. Vice President for Business A native of Philadelphia. Penn., James E. Pomfret graduated from South Philadelphia High School for Boys. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and Charles Morris Price School in Philadelphia before coming to the University of Arkansas. In the past, he has held positions with Philadelphia Electric Co., Kresge Co., and Sears-Roebuck. Pomfret is 44 and a member of the First Presbyterian Church and the Kiwanis Club. He is married and the father of three children. As Vice-President for Business at the University of Arkansas, Pomfret centers his attention on the business operations on the Main Campus and the Me¬ dical Center in Little Rock. A graduate of the College of Business Administration, Pomfret joined the Uni¬ versity staff in 1948. In a steadily rising career, he was appointed to chief accountant in 1949, became purchasing agent and controller in 1954. and business manager in 1957. He succeeded T. C. Carlson as Vice- President for Business in May, 1958. James E. Pomfret Vice President for Agriculture A native of Arkansas. Dr. John W. White earned his B.S.A. at the University in 1935. He did graduate work at the University of Minnesota where he received his M.S. degree in 1939 and his Ph.D. in 1943. He be¬ came head of the rural economics department in 1947 and served in that capacity until he became Associate Director of the University’s Agricultural Experiment Station in 1953. He was assistant director of the Rice Branch Experiment Station at Stuttgart before moving to Fayetteville in 1947. In 1957 Dr. White was named “Man of the Year” in service to Arkansas Agriculture, an award made by Progressive Farmer Magazine. Familiar with every phase of Arkansas agriculture, Dr. White assumed the duties of Vice President for Agriculture at the University in July of 1959. When Dr. White succeeded Dean Lippert Ellis, the Univer¬ sity Division of Agriculture was reorganized, and the position of Dean and Director of Agriculture became Vice-President for Agriculture. John W. White 99 College of Arts and Sciences The Arts and Sciences language lab proves to be a useful instrument for all modern language classes. Each machine plays tapes corresponding to lessons in the various classes. Dean G. D. Nichols In the College of Arts and Sciences the last ef¬ fective year of a Carnegie Foundation grant was utilized to complete the organization of an Honors Program for students. The program is designed to accelerate the progress of superior students. In May, 1960, 65 sophomores, juniors, and seniors were formal candidates for honors. Some 290 fresh¬ men and sophomore students were enrolled in the Honor Section of the basic and general education courses required by the College. One of the projects started this year was an¬ other special program, closely allied to the Honors Program, which was instigated in cooperation with several high schools. Outstanding high school sen¬ iors were permitted to take regular and honors courses at the University in conjunction with their high school work. This year’s honors program also scored a first in that two students in Pre-Med have entered an honors program conducted jointly with the medi¬ cal school. Students who go to the University Medi¬ cal School after three years at Fayetteville may study honors here in any field they wish. If they then enter the honors program in the Medical School, they will receive a bachelor’s degree with honors in the department of their choice and also in medicine. An honors council, headed by Dr. Phillip Trapp and Dr. Harold Hantz, has been organized to see that work of honors quality is maintained. One of the most important events of the past year was the accreditation of the Department of Architecture by the National Architectural Accre¬ diting Board. In granting the accreditation for five years, through the 1964-1965 academic year, the Board cited several areas in which the Depart¬ ment performed outstanding work. The accredita¬ tion committee made a thorough investigation in November and December of 1959. College of Agriculture and Home Economics The College of Agriculture and Home Economics strengthened and ex¬ panded its instructional programs and is carrying out further plans to keep pace with the growing need for agricultural specialists and home economists. Doctoral programs in Animal Science and Agronomy have been approved and await the necessary funds for activation. The master’s degree is now offered in all major areas of study by the College. Programs of improvement in the following areas were put into effect this year: faculty counseling of students, greater encouragement toward co operation with student groups, strengthening of undergraduate curricula and revision of graduate programs to meet changing needs. This year in the Home Economics Department a nutritional research program is in the development stage, and a portion of the basement was re¬ modeled to house an analytical laboratory, animal feeding room, offices and an instrument room. Course work was expanded to permit a greater number of non-major students to enroll in the home economics field. Since this particular expan¬ sion there has been an increasing enrollment of students from all colleges re¬ presented on the campus. Graduate programs have also been in the pro¬ cess of a big expansion and increasing numbers continue to enroll in this phase of the college. Dean Gerald T. Hudson An agriculture student tends cucumbers in the agriculture hot house while, outside, the winter winds blow cold. Dean Paul W. Milam College of Business Administration The College of Business Administration reports that the last year has seen a tremendous increase in the number of highly qualified graduate stu¬ dents enrolled in the College. This had been achieved by offering part time instructorships, increasing the stipends of graduate assistants and offering attractive National Defense Fellowships. In addition to undergraduate and graduate teaching responsibilities, the College made significant contributions to the industrial and economic growth of the state through its research program. The principal research department of the College is located in the Industrial Research and Extension Center at Little Rock. Some of the more important industrial research studies completed dur¬ ing the year were on labor costs, labor supply, water resources, market op¬ portunities and expansion problems of existing business concerns. In connec¬ tion with studies designed to help home-owned business concerns create more jobs and higher incomes, the Industrial Research and Extension Center (IREC) participated in staging an industrial expansion conference at Win- rock which attracted a representative group of bankers and owners of manu¬ facturing concerns. An annual celebration observed each year in the College of Business Ad¬ ministration is Commerce Day, which is highlighted each year with the se¬ lection by the school’s student body of the Commerce Queen. The winner is announced at the Commerce banquet held that evening. Also on Commerce Day, the Guild Ticker, official magazine of the College of Business Admin¬ istration is distributed. The machine laboratory proves to be a valuable asset to Business Administration students in practical training. College of Education Dean Henry H. Kronenberg This year the College of Education had a re¬ cord enrollment of 736 students and graduated a new high of 201 seniors at the 1960 spring com¬ mencement. Placement of college graduates in teaching positions was excellent. Off-campus student teaching pragrams were expanded, and necessary adjustments were initiated in professional courses to facilitate future develop¬ ment of the programs. The College plans activation of an all-Univer- sity committee on teacher education to make recom¬ mendations on curricula for education students. The College of Education seeks to unite and correlate the forces of the University which make contributions toward preparing students for pro¬ fessional service in the fields of teaching, coun¬ seling, supervision, and school administration. A second hut equally important aim is the improve¬ ment of education by providing consultation ser¬ vices, engaging in educational research, encourag¬ ing young persons to enter the teaching profes¬ sion. and placing graduates of the College. One of the most active organizations in the field of education is the Student NEA, the na¬ tional professional association for college and university students preparing to teach. The Univer¬ sity of Arkansas chapter of Student NEA is one of the strongest organizations both on this campus and throughout the state. Membership is open to all education, business, and arts and sciences ma¬ jors who plan to teach. Physical education freshman women practice ways to keep the boys away in their introductory course for P. E. College of Engineering An engineering student runs destructive tests on concrete blocks in order to determine the pressure at which the blocks will break. Dean George F. Branigan The principal aim of the College of Engineer¬ ing is to train students in the basic and special¬ ized concepts of engineering sciences. This college, however, recognizes that if its graduates are to gain and hold stature in their profession, they must have scholastic training in fields other than engineering. Therefore its second, but equally im¬ portant objective is to prepare its students to meet the engineering profession’s demand for persons of high moral standards and ethics who are out¬ standing in citizenship and leadership. Among the College’s significant activities of the year was the Civil Engineering Department’s highway research program in conjunction with the Bureau of Public Roads on the use of flexible base pavement in Arkansas. The Departments of Engineering Mechanics and Electrical Engineering participated in the National Science Foundation Under-graduate Research Program. Dean George Branigan was active in engineer¬ ing education circles. He was Vice-Chairman of Region VI of the Engineering Council for Profes¬ sional Development, a member of the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and served on the Civil Engineering Conference Plan¬ ning Committee. Dr. John Imhoff served as a national vice president of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers and was re-elected to that office for the coming year. The great pride in engineering of the students and their instructors is demonstrated on Engineer’s Day in March. St. Pat, an engineer, and St. Pat¬ ricia, the engineers’ queen, are selected by the student body of the engine school, and on this celebrated day wear the typical Irish costumes showing “the luck o’ the Irish” for all engineers. In addition, displays of the talents of the students are shown throughout the Engineering Building. Graduate School Graduate work is planned to meet a variety of needs, but the main objectives of the Graduate School are the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. The main items of interest in the Graduate School this year were the new computing center which was initiated with the installation of an IBM 650, and a new 20,000 dollar 145 KV positive-ion accelerator which was constructed by the physics department. A great deal of auxiliary equipment was also installed in the new research center enabling our scientists to study and solve problems that would otherwise be impossible to handle. The Graduate School now offers Doctoral programs in Education and in 14 other fields of study. Master’s Degrees are offered in 52 subject areas. A Ph. D. program in Anatomy was approved by the Board of Trustees and was inaugurated during the year. The Board also approved a Ph. D. pro¬ gram in Agronomy with the stipulation that it be initiated when adequate fi¬ nancing becomes available. Under National Defense Education grants, 22 Doctoral fellowships were made available in the 1959-1960 school year, and 13 more were approved for 1960-1961. These fellowships are awarded to students interested in teaching on the college and university level in the following subject areas: zoology, botany and bacteriology, physics, business administration, psychology, elec¬ trical engineering, comparative literature and English. This year the Graduate School seems to be making firsts in history, including the record enrollment of 614, the largest since the graduate school was started. Eighteen Doctor’s Degrees, the largest number to be awarded at any commencement, were awarded in January. At present there are 70 Ph. D. candidates. Dean Virgil W. Adkisson Micro-biology graduate student prepares slides in connection with work for his master ' s degree. School of Law Dean Ralph C. Barnhart The School of Law was established in the fall of 1924 and since 1953 has been housed in Waterman Hall, one of the most attractive and efficient law school buildings in America.. The school follows the standards of legal education prescribed in 1921 and 1950 by the American Bar Association, and since 1926 has been on the Association’s list of approved law schools. It has been a member since 1927 of the Association of American Law Schools, an organization composed of the accredited law schools of America. The primary objective of the School of Law is providing a thorough preparation for the practice of law, and preparing the student either to practice in common law jurisdictions, or to seek employment by government or pri¬ vate business. The curriculum of the School is designed to give the student an under¬ standing of the law in its relationship to other agencies of social control and to enable him to develop a sense of ethical values in respect to the law and the profession. One of the significant developments in the School of Law was a call by the Arkansas Supreme Court for a study of the bar examination procedures of the Arkansas Board of Law Examiners. As a result of the study, nearly all of the school’s recommendations were accepted by the Court and are now in effect. Curriculum changes in keeping with recent developments in law were made on the recommendation of a faculty committee. The faculty voted to increase the requirements for a LL. B. degree from 80 to 84 hours effective at the start of the 1960 fall semester. The Arkansas State Bar Association established a pre-law advisory com¬ mittee which, in cooperation with the School, seeks to maintain closer rela¬ tions between pre-law advisers and pre-law students. Law students gather in the library of Waterman Hall to study cases and write briefs from the volumes of the law library. . i 106 b Members of the Agenda Committee are, left to right, Carter Short, Darrell Spriggs, Hardy Wilcoxon, Jesse Charlton, Ray Trammell, and Robert Roeifs. University of Arkansas Senate The University Senate is the general legislative body of the University. It is composed of the Presi¬ dent, various administrative officers of the University, the professors and associate professors of all depart¬ ments, and such other members as it may elect upon nomination by the Cabinet. The highest authority of the University of Ar¬ kansas is vested in a Board of Trustees consisting of ten members appointed by the Governor. The term of office is ten years, and each year the term of one mem¬ ber expires. The President is the administrative head of the University. The University Cabinet, composed of various administrative officers designated by the President, acts in an advisory capacity to the President on University policies. The Agenda Committee is responsible for framing all legislation to appear before the entire senate, which meets only once per semester. The faculty of each college within the University has jurisdiction, subject to higher University authority, over all matters that concern exclusively that college. The Dean of each college is responsible for the enforcement of all University regulations within his college. When the entire senate cannot meet, the Senate Council, chaired by President Mullins is the University legislative body. 107 Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing Following his service as Acting President. Mr. Storm Whaley moved to the Medical Center to assume the position of Vice President for Health Sciences. He has brought to this position a wealth of experience and outstanding capabilities in executing difficult ad¬ ministrative assignments. This year the new nine-story T. H. Barton Institute for Medical Research was completed and occupied. As one of the nation’s finest medical research facilities, the Institute should prove to be a factor in helping to at¬ tract and hold qualified teaching and research person¬ nel. The Institute is considered of inestimable value in conducting highly important research projects in pro¬ gress at the Center. Superior performance by scientists and educators at the Center has been reflected in the large amount of research grants awarded to faculty members. Dean Frances Russell assumed direction of the School of Nursing this year and plans were formu¬ lated for improvement of clinical practice by nursing students and for revision of the curriculum. 108 Storm Whaley Vice-President for Health Sciences Stanley G. Mittelstaedt Dean of Pharmacy UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS Housing Oifios Fayettevilla, Arkansas Multi-million dollar Medical Center at Little Rock is regarded as one of the most modern in the nation, utilizing the latest equipment in serv¬ ing both the medical students and patients. 109 Division of Student Affairs The Division of Student Affairs, under the super¬ vision of the Dean of Students, is responsible for vari¬ ous student activities of the University. This office of the University is composed of the Dean of Students, the Associate Dean of Students, the Dean of Women, the Dean for Men and the Coordinator of Student Aid. The main function of the personnel is to coordi¬ nate the activities of University students as a whole. The Division includes the Student Counseling Service, Infirmary, Food Services, Student Union, Book Store, Placement Office, Financial Aid and Part-Time Em¬ ployment services. Along with these duties, it has the responsibility of working with all student organiza¬ tions in terms of student welfare, morale and discipline. Student government in its many phases works di¬ rectly with the Division of Student Affairs. These as¬ pects are. in the main, the Student Senate, Associated Women Students, Inter-Fraternity Council, Panhellenic Council. Men’s Interhall Council, Women’s Interhall Council and Off-Campus Women and Men. The offices of the Division of Student Affairs are located in the Student Union with the exception of the Housing Office, which occupies Razorback Annex. The student forum meets in the Student Union Blue Room to discuss current University of Arkansas campus proolems. Grace Vineyard Asst. Dean of Women Robert L. Jones Asst. Dean of Men 111 tin SON: Finance; 2X; Rogers. William Albion ANDER¬ SON. Jr.: Banking and Finance; Ae. President; IFC, President; OAK, Vice President; AK Sr; Civic Club; Circle K; Commerce Guild; Walnut Ridge. W. C. ANDERSON: Secondary Education; Droke House; Young Democrats; Canterbury Club, Treasurer; SNEA, Vice President; Cherry Valley. John M. ANDRES: Accounting; nMA, Secretary-Treasurer; Accounting Club; Nashville. John Edwin ANTHONY: General Business; 2AE; Woodville, Tex. First Row: John Paul ABRAMCZYK: Physical Edu¬ cation; 2$E; A Club; Baseball; PEM Club; Milwaukee, Wise. William C. ADAIR: General Business; 2N; ABC; Student Senate, President; Blue Key; Student Body, Vice President: Head Cheerleader; AKSk; Board of Publications; Fayetteville. Kenneth Wayne ADAMS: History and English; AXA; Dumas. Walter Norman ADAMS: Finance; Marketing Club; Young Republi¬ cans; OCM, Treasurer; Hot Springs. Joe Paul AL- BERTY: Pre-Med; 2AE; Wilson Sharp; $A0, Vice President; Civic Club; Blue Key; A Club; Football: Fort Smith. Gerald Stuart ALLEN: Civil Engineering; Benton. Donna Jean ALLEY: Music Education; Hol¬ combe Hall; BSU; Mountain Home. Second Row : Majed B. AMARY: Mechanical Engi¬ neering; Gladson House; Jerusalem, Jordan. Mary Martha ANDERSON: Elementary Education; ITB4 ; SNEA: Razorback Staff; Beebe. Quentin D. ANDER- Third Row : John R. ARCHER: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Newman Club; Pocahontas. James C. ARNOLD. Jr.: Electrical Engineering; Droke House; AIEE; IRE; Falls Church. Va. Carol Marcia ARPIN: Psychology; Holcombe Hall; West Fork. James Errol ARTHURS: History; ATO; Springdale. John Thomas ATTEBERY: Dairy Husbandry; AZ; Animal Industry Club: Bearden. Carol Ann BAILEY: Education; rrB t ; PEM Club; Sec¬ ondary Education Club; Siloam Springs. C. Ray BAKER: Social Studies and English; H2 £; SNEA; Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Jerry Lee BAKER: Finance; Spring- dale. Phil E. BAKER: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Scabbard and Blade; Lonoke. Terry Ross BALCH: Chemical Engineering; Batesville. Virginia Lea Mac¬ Donald BALCH: Secondary Education; AAII; Sopho¬ more Counselor; Springdale. Norma Gail BALDWIN: Business Education; Earle. William Sidney BALD¬ WIN: Banking and Finance; nKA; Earle. Dale Junior BALL: Marketing; Marketing Club; SAM; Bauxite. Abramczyk Adair Adams, K. W. Adams, W. N. Alberty Alley Allen Amary Anderson, M. M. Anderson, Q. D. Anderson, W. A. Anderson, W. C. Andres Anthony Archer Arnold Arpin Arthurs Attebery Bailey Baker. C. R. Baker, J. L. Baker, P. E. Balch, T. R. Balch. V. L. M. Baldwin, N. G. Baldwin. W. S. Ball 114 Barnard Barnes Barnett, D. C. Barnett, O. W. Barnum Barrett Barron Barrows Barton Bass Bassett Bauer Beachem Beam Bennett Beroset Bessenbacher Bethel Bird Black Blackerbv Blacklock Blackston Blake Blankenship Blasingame, J. Blasingame, S. Blauw First Row : Lewis Allen BARNARD: Engineering; -AE; Blue Key; ©T ; AIChE; Little Rock. Jerry Regnier BARNES: Transportation; Marketing Club: Crossett. Don Clark BARNETT: Animal Husbandry: William House; ASA; Animal Industry Club; Brad¬ ley. Ortus Webb BARNETT, Jr.: Plant Pathology; AZ; Agronomy Club, Treasurer; Sherrill. Carol BARN¬ UM: Home Economics; 4-H House, President; Mortar Board; $T0 ? President; Colhecon, President; WIHC, President; ABC; ASA; Sophomore Counselor; Edge- mont. Royce M. BARRETT: General Business; 2X; Harrison. Karol BARRON: Nutrition; 4-H House; Colhecon; ASA; Agriculturist Staff: Rogers. Second Row: Gale Botkin BARROWS: Physical Edu¬ cation; KKT; PEM Club; Homecoming Maid: Senior Counselor Fulbright; Sophomore Counselor; Orchesis. Vice President: Bronxville, N. Y. Margaret Ann BAR¬ TON: Music Education; AAIT; TBS; Charleston. Ter¬ ence Patrick BASS: Agricultural Engineering; ASAE. Vice President; Newman Club: Gillett. Glendon Wavne RASSETT: Chemical Engineering; AIChE: TBIT; Greenwood. June Elizabeth BAUER: Elementary Edu¬ cation; Carnall Hall; Elementary Club; Vivian, La. Neil Edgar BEACHEM: Architecture; 2AE; AIA: Benton. Billy O. BEAM: Accounting; SAM. Treas¬ urer; Mount Ida. Third Row: William Dan BENNETT: Art and Langu¬ ages; KA; Corning. Gerald C. BEROSET: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; NTS; TBIT; Little Rock. Joe Charles BESSENBACHER: General Business; New¬ man Club; A Club; Kansas City, Mo. Mary Eloise BETHEL: Home Economics; Colhecon; ASA; Nola. Carolyn Jean BIRD: English: Fayetteville. Eddie Dins- more BLACK: Secondary Education; SNEA; A Club; Track; Bentonville. Donnie Gene BLACKERBY: Gen¬ eral Agriculture; AT A; Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: Ramon Lee BLACKLOCK: Electrical Engineering: Wesley Players, President; Wesley Foun¬ dation; Little Rock. Bobby F. BLACKSTON: Natural Science; AFP; Civic Club; Berryville. John Joseph BLAKE: Civil Engineering; ASCE; AXE; Terry Vil¬ lage, Councilman; Forrest City. A. Koehler BLANK¬ ENSHIP: Entomology; 2X ; Dell. John Wade BLASIN¬ GAME: General Business; ITKA; Monette. Shirley Ann BLASINGAME: Elementary Education; Franklin Grove, Ill. Eunice Anne BLAUW: Chemistry; Carnall Hall: Siloam Springs. Blaylock Bleidt Bohlson Bolin Bolinger Bonner, C. M. Bonner. J. D. Booher Booth Borg Borum Bourland Bowers Bowling Bowman Bragg, F. K. Bragg, L. Brainerd Brasuell Bray Brewer Brewster Bridenthal Brigance Bright Briley Brister Brookhart First Row: Janice Dee BLAYLOCK: History; Carnall Hall; Hamburg. Elois O’Dell BLEIDT: Physical Edu¬ cation; AAA; Searcy. John Stewart BOHLSON: Mathe¬ matics; William House; 2112; Arnold Air Society; Stu¬ dent Religious Council, President; Hot Springs. Clar¬ ence Allen BOLIN: Electrical Engineering; Pine Bluff. Mary Nell BOLINGER: Home Economics Education; Agriculturist, Business Manager; Fayetteville. Claude M. BONNER: Agriculture; Farm House; Student Sen¬ ate; AZ; Agronomy Club; ASA; Luxora. Jimmy Darren BONNER: Marketing; 2N; AK ' k ; Marketing Club; Business Senior Class Treasurer; Turner. Second Row: Jimmie Lee BOOHER: Civil Engineer¬ ing; ASCE; Altheimer. Sue Ellen BOOTH: Psychology; Holcombe Hall; Texarkana. Robert Vernon BORG: Pre-Med: Gladson House; Eureka Springs. Lynda Beth BORUM: Art; AT; Booneville. Danny Ray BOUR¬ LAND: Agronomy; FarmHouse; Agronomy Club. Sec¬ retary; ASA; Manila. Sandra Louise BOWERS: Ele¬ mentary Education; AT; Razorback Staff; Corning. Jimmie Lee BOWLING: Crops Agronomy; Agronomy Club: Prairie Grove. Third Row: Cornelia Price BOWMAN: Education: Elementary Club; Fayetteville. Freda Kay BRAGG: Elementary Education; nB ; Elementary Club; Young Democrats; Little Rock. Linda BRAGG: Art; KKT; Little Rock. A. T. BRAINERD: General Business: Flippin. Dale Eugene BRASUELL: Civil Engineering: ASCE: Van Buren. Kay Karolvn BRAY: Elementary Education; Xfi; Panhellenic, President; Student Senate; Sophomore Counselor; Marked Tree. Gene Wilson BREWER: Electrical Engineering; Beebe. Fourth Row: Jimmie Autry BREWSTER: Education; Branner Geology Club; Magazine. Sara Lee BRIDEN¬ THAL: Speech Therapy; A AIT. President : AT, Secretary- Treasurer; Sophomore Counselor: Mortar Board: North Little Rock. Jimmie Lou BRIGANCE: Market¬ ing; ZTA; Marketing Club; X0; Orchesis; Poteau. Okla. Elizabeth BRIGHT: Home Economics; 4-H House, President; Colhecon: FTO. President; Civic Club; Westminster Fellowship; Bentonville. James Lloyd BRILEY: Civil Engineering; ASCE; North Lit¬ tle Rock. Elizabeth Ross BRISTER: Speech Correction; Carnall Hall; AAA; 2AH, President; Wesley Founda¬ tion. Vice President; Mortar Board, Vice President; Civic Club; Blytheville. Morris Virgil BROOKHART: Architecture; HT2; Searcy. First Row : Jack E. BROWN: Physical Education; Alma. Merle Franklin BRYANT: Mechanical Engineer¬ ing; IIT2; TBIT; ASME; New Edinburg. Jack Eugene BUFFINGTON: Civil Engineering; ATO; ASCE; West- ville, Okla. M. Wilma BULLINGTON: Elementary Edu¬ cation; Carnall Hall; McCrory. Brenda BULLION: Art; KKF; Fordyce. Edward Lee BURGESS: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; IRE; Hot Springs. William BURKS: Speech; Springdale. Second Row: James Rae BURRIS: General Business; Fayetteville. Dennis Allen BURSON, Jr.: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Fayetteville. Coretta Jane BURY: Education; ZTA; Fort Smith. Jim Robert BUSH: Gen¬ eral Business; K2; Helena. Jim Edwin BUSHMIAER: Geology; Van Buren. Jerry Don BYERS: Mechanical Engineering; HT2; ASME; Hope. Thomas James BYRAM: Agriculture; FarmHouse; ASA; Parks. Third Row: Creed CALDWELL, Jr.: Electrical Engi¬ neering; Pine Bluff. Jan Keith CALHOON: Pre-Dental: nKA; El Dorado. Hall McCoy CALHOUN, III: Gen¬ eral Agriculture; ABC; Agronomy Club; ASA; Ani¬ mal Industry Club; Morrilton. James Carroll CALLA¬ HAN: Secondary Education; Beliefonte. James Stanley CAMARATA: Chemical Engineering; nKA; AIChE; Newman Club; Russellville. Darrell Duane CAMP¬ BELL: Electrical Engineering; IRE; Berryville. Doyle Ray CAMPBELL: Agriculture; FarmHouse; Dard- anelle. Fourth Row: Phyllis Carol CAMPBELL: Secondary Education; SNEA; Fayetteville. Peggy Bess CANTRELL: Social Welfare; Fayetteville. David Reed CARDER: General Business; Wilson Sharp House, Secretary; Texarkana, Tex. James Charles CARPEN¬ TER: Industrial Engineering; XN ? President; BT; A Club; Blue Key; Basketball; Fresno, Calif. Paul CAR¬ RASCO, Jr.: Mechanical Engineering; ASME, Treas¬ urer; Los Angeles, Calif. Donna Mildred CARSON: Marketing; Holcombe Hall; X0; Marketing Club, Sec¬ retary; Business Senior Class Secretary; Commerce Guild; Stilwell, Okla. Billy Gene CARTER: General Business; XX; Commerce Guild; Young Democrats; Leachville. Brown Bryant Buffington Bullington Bullion Burgess Burks Burris Burson Bury Bush Bushmiaer Byers Caldwell Calhoun, J. K. Calhoun, H. M. Callahan Camarata Campbell, D. D. Campbell, D. R. Campbell, P. C. Cantrell Carder Carpenter Carrasco Carson Carter, B. G. 117 First Roiv: Carolyn N. CARTER: Elementary Edu¬ cation; 4-H House; Coterie; Elementary Club; WRA; AWS; Murfreesboro. Donna Ellen CARTER: Langu¬ ages; Ar; Sophomore Counselor; AT, President; Wes¬ ley Foundation, Vice President; Symphony Orchestra; 2All; Fayetteville. Thomas Michael CARTER: Market¬ ing; 2AE, Treasurer; AK E ? President; Commerce Guild, President; Blue Key, Treasurer; Marketing Club; SAM; Arnold Air Society; ISO, President; Mundelein, Ill. James Gordon CATON: Marketing; Marketing Club; Arnold Air Society; Fort Smith. Paul Raymond CAUSEY: Marketing; AXA; Marketing Club; AKt; Pre-Law Club; Little Rock. Lindsay Walton CHAND¬ LER: Agriculture Engineering; 2FT; GT; ASAE; Wil¬ son. Harold Everett CHESLEY: Chemical Engineering; 211; 4 H2; AIChE; ACS; Crossett. Second Row: Judith Anne CHI VERS: Home Eco¬ nomics; AAIT, Treasurer; Colhecon, Secretary; Dard- anelle. Jerry L. CLARKSON: Agriculture; Colt. Bar¬ bara Ann CLAUSER: Journalism; Holcombe Hall; Arkansas Traveler, Editor; Coterie; Fort Smith. Ann Jones CLAYTON: Elementary Education; Mortar Board; Elementary Club, President; KAIT; Benton. Michael Rowe CLAYTON: History; Blue Key; Civic Club, Vice President; AG; Wesley Foundation; SNEA, President; Wilson Sharp, President; Schola Cantorum; Little Rock. Paul C. CLAYTON: General Business; SAM; Married Students Club, Secretary; Salem. Don¬ ald L. CLEGG: Mechanical Engineering; Van Buren. Third Row : Rema Mary CLINEHENS: English; Fay¬ etteville. Robert Morris CLINEHENS: Electrical Engi¬ neering; ABC; Fayetteville. Bonnie Jane COBUN: Sec¬ ondary Education: Rogers. Larry Wilson COFER: Agri¬ cultural Engineering; ASAE, President; AE ? President; Engineering Council, Treasurer; TBIT; Searcy. James Samuel Arthur COLLINS: Transportation; Lewisville. Lundy R. COLVERT: Agricultural Engineering; Wil¬ liam House; Engineering Council; ASAE; Thornton. Robert Lee COMBS: Agriculture; Fayetteville. Fourth Row : John Paul CONNOR: Electrical Engi¬ neering; AIEE-IRE; Monette. Harold G. COOGAN: Secondary Education; SNEA; Arkansas Historical So¬ ciety; PEM Club; Mena. Kyle William COUCH: Elec¬ trical Engineering; AIEE; El Dorado. James Clifton COURTNEY: Electrical Engineering; IRE; Fayetteville. Vivian Ann COWGER: Elementary Education; ZTA; Gulfport, Miss. Nancy Katherine COX: General Busi¬ ness; ZTA; Springdale. Ronald Oliver COX: Marketing; Beloit, Wise. Carter, C. N. Carter, D. E. Carter, T. M. Caton Causey Chandler Chesley Chivers Clarkson Clauser Clayton, A. J. Clayton, M. R. Clayton, P. C. Clegg Clinehens, R. M. Clinehens, R. M. Cobun, B. J. Cofer Collins Colvert Combs Connor Coogan Couch Courtney Cowger Cox, N. K. Cox, R. 0. 118 Crabtree Craig Crane Crowe Crumpler, C. B. Crumpler, J. B. Crutcher Culp, C. Culp, R. E. Cummings Cunningham Cupps Curtis Cusick Dahlen Dahlke Dale Daniels, D. H. Daniels, J. L. Darnell Davenport Davis, B. L. Davis, D. D. Davis, D. D. Davis, D. E. Davis, F. C. Davis, M. M. Davis, R. H. First Row : James Harold CRABTREE: Management; Young Democrats; SAM; Alma. Lytle Id. CRAIG: In¬ dustrial Engineering; AIIE; Bryant. Elizabeth CRANE: History; aaa ; AWS; WRA; Memphis, Tenn. Signa Louise CROWE: French; Xfi; Holcombe Hall, Presi¬ dent; AAA; Civic Club; Young Democrats; Sophomore Counselor; Fort Smith. Claude Bailey CRUMPLER: Personnel Administration; El Dorado. Joe Bailey CRUMPLER: Pre-Med; 2N, Secretary; Civic Club; Golf; Engineer Staff; Fayetteville. Frankie Lee CRU l- CHER: Electrical Engineering; TBII; TIME; IRE; KK ' F; Guidon. Second Row: Carolyn CULP: Home Economics; 4-H House; Rison. Robert E. CULP: Accounting; AXA; Civic Club; Marketing Club; SAM; AK¥; Rocky Com¬ fort, Mo. William Charles CUMMINGS: Electrical En¬ gineering; Berryville. Jack Boykin CUNNINGHAM: General Business; Texarkana. Samuel Walter CUPPS: Mechanical Engineering; Fayetteville. Elizabeth Jeanette CURTIS: Elementary Education; Prairie Grove. John H. CUSICK: Banking and Finance; Little Rock. Marketing Club; Danville. Darleen Hope DANIELS: Speech Correction; Carnall Hall; 2AH. Treasurer; DSF, Vice President; Fort Smith. Jim L. DANIELS: Agri¬ culture; AZ; Agronomy Club; Bodcaw. John E. DAR¬ NELL: Marketing. Pre-Law; nKA; AK ' F; Scabbard and Blade; Hot Springs. Dale Lee DAVENPORT: Speech; Springdale. Fourth Row: Billy Leon DAVIS: Marketing; William House; Marketing Club; Commerce Guild; Hope. Don¬ ald Duain DAVIS: Mathematics; Fort Smith. Donald Duane DAVIS: Animal Industry; AZ; Siloam Springs. Dwight Edward DAVIS: Dairy Husbandry; Farm- House; Animal Industry Club; ASA; Conway. Frieda Carol DAVIS: Secondary Education; Fort Smith. Michael Monroe DAVIS: Spanish; XAn; Ozark. Richard Harding DAVIS, Jr.: Civil Engineering; K2; Stamps. Third Row: Richard G. DAHLEN: Government; Associated Students, President; TKA; OAK; t H2; Stu¬ dent Board; MIHC; Branson, Mo. Milton M. DAHLKE: Vocational Agriculture; FarmHouse; AT A; ASA; Moun¬ tain Home. Cecil R. DALE: Marketing; A TO, Treasurer; Dawson Dehan Dennis Dentner Dickerson Diebold Diffee Dill Dinh Dixon Dobbins Dodd Donald Donat Donnell Doolin Douglas Dowell Downum Dudley Duggar Duncan Dunnahoe Durham, J. Durham, J. H. Duschl Duvall Dyer First Row : Alfred Bobby DAWSON: General Busi¬ ness; SAM; Marketing Club; North Little Rock. Sonja A. DEHAN: Elementary Education; ZTA ? President; Panhellenic; Student Senate; Shreveport, La. James Louis DENNIS: Electrical Engineering; President; Engineering Council, President; t H2; IIME; TBII; HKN; Civic Club; Student Senate; IFC; Paris. Richard 0. DENTNER: Industrial Engineering; AIIM, Presi¬ dent; AIIE; ASTE; Engineering Council; Columbus, Ohio. Harold Kenneth DICKERSON: Animal Industry; Animal Industry Club; Ozark. Lloyd A. DIEBOLD, Jr.: Business; ITKA. President; ABC; Hickory Ridge. James Ray DIFFEE: Marketing; 2X; Scabbard and Blade; Little Rock. Second Row: Katherine Sue DILL: Accounting; X0; SAM; Fayetteville. Nguyen Qui DINH: Agriculture; Saigon, Viet-Nam. Stuart Bennett DIXON: General Business; SAM; Little Rock. James Francis DOBBINS, Jr.: Personnel Management; KA; ABC; SAM; Long Beach, Calif. Delwin Earl DODD: Chemical Engineer¬ ing; AX2; AIChE, Vice President; Greenwood. William Inger DONALD: Architecture; 2N; A1A; Glendale, Mo. Anthony Donald DONAT: History; Fayetteville. Third Row: Hugh Lee DONNELL: Electrical Engi¬ neering; AIEE; IRE; North Little Rock. Judith Jo DOOLIN: Spanish; ZTA; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Preview, Editor; 2AIT ; Vice President. John Marion DOUGLAS: Accounting; Bentonville. Mary Clare DOWELL: Elementary Education; XD; Walnut Ridge. Wilma Carol DOWNUM: Music Education; Carnall Hall; 2AI; AAA; Coterie; Schola Cantorum; KAII; Fort Smith. Patricia Ann DUDLEY: English; Carnall Hall; Swifton. Ralph Lloyd DUGGAR: Personnel Man¬ agement; SAM, President; Charlotte. Fourth Row: Alfred Grady DUNCAN, Jr.: Account¬ ing; BSME; Stuttgart. Hughie DUNNAHOE: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Pine Bluff. Jane DURHAM: Ele¬ mentary Education; AAA; Elementary Club; El Dorado. Jim Iiampson DURHAM: Mechanical Engineering: Wilson. Elinor DUSCHL: Business; nB t ; Jonesboro. Gary Allen DUVALL: Social Welfare; DSF; Benton. James Earl DYER: Secondary Education; Droke House, Secretary; MIHC; Mineral Springs. First Row: James Edward EGNER: Chemical Engi¬ neering; AX2 ; AIChE; Little Rock. Mary Elizabeth EIDSON: Accounting; Holcombe Hall; Coterie; Mar¬ keting Club; Springdale. Kenneth Daniel ELLIS: Management; Hot Springs. Richard Owen ELLIS: Me¬ chanical Engineering; ASME, President; HT2; IIME; Forrest City. David Lee ELLISON: Marketing; 2$E; Scabbard and Blade, Vice President; Marketing Club; Pershing Rifles; El Dorado. Herbert Lee ELLISON: Management; $0K; SAM; Fort Smith. Cynthia Ann ENGLAND: Music Education; nB i , Secretary; 2AI, Vice President; Walnut Ridge. Second Row: John D. EPLEY: Accounting; SAM; Accounting Association; Green Forest. James Register EPPERSON: Speech; 2N; Clarksville. Gladys Erwin ERWIN: Journalism; Arkansas Traveler Staff; Fay¬ etteville. Larry Keith EVANS: Physical Education; Acacia; Yellville. Charles R. FARRIS: Mechanical En¬ gineering; William House; ASME; HT2; Smackover. Rosemary FEEMSTER: Secondary Education; Ar ; Siloam Springs. Lonnie Dale FERGUSON: Electrical Engineering; Ripley House, President; IRE; Opal. Third Row: Betty Jean FILES: Home Economics; 4-H House; Kingsland. Susie FLEMING: Music; AAA; AAA, Vice President; Sophomore Counselor; Mortar Board; Fayetteville. Oscar Lee FLETCHER: Industrial Engineering; 211, Vice President; AIIM, Secretary; Seniors Arnold Air Society; nME ; TBIT ; OAK; IFC; 0T ; AIIE; Paragould. Pud FLOYD: Government; ZTA; AWS; Benton. Peggy Marie FOILES: Elementary Education; Ar, President; Mortar Board; KAII; Panhellenic; Young Democrats, Civic Club; Booneville. Joy Lea FOLL: English; AT; SNEA; Preview Staff; Newport. Rose¬ mary FONES: Business Education; IIB$; X0; Senior Counselor Fulbright Hall; Rogers. Fourth Row: Jack Edward FORREST: Marketing; $AX, President; Marketing Club: Commerce Guild; Razorback Band; KK ; Little Rock. Bill C. FOWLER: Electrical Engineering; Droke House; AIEE; Eudora. Homer Donald FOX: Chemical Engineering; Pine Bluff. Russell D. FOX: Civil Engineering; ASCE, Presi¬ dent; AXE, Vice President; 0T; I H2; Little Rock. Larry Erbin FRANKS: Agriculture; Waldo. Benny James FRATESI: General Agriculture; $A0; Rifle Team; Newman Club; Pine Bluff. Egner Eidson Ellis, K. D. Ellis, R. 0. Ellison, D. L. Ellison, H. L. England Epley Epperson Erwin Evans Farris Feemster Ferguson Files Fleming Fletcher Floyd Foiles Foil Fones Forrest Fowler Fox, H. D. Fox, R. D. Franks Fratesi 121 Democrats: Little Rock. Lewis Hunter GAMMIL: Elec¬ trical Engineering; XX; Pine Bluff. Wilma Joyce GAR- DENH1RE: Business Administration; X0; BSU; Sym¬ phony Orchestra; Fayetteville. Jan GARDNER: General Business; KKX ; Marketing Club; X0; Wynne. Herbert Ronald GARNER: Physical Education; Hot Springs. First Row : A. Joel FRAZIER: Geology; Buchanan House, President; Branner Geology Club; Texarkana. James Robert FRAZIER: Industrial Management; 2N; Pine Bluff. Shirley Elizabeth Stauber FRIEND: Home Economics; Noel. Mo. Donald John FRONING: Archi¬ tecture; 2AE; AIA; Newman Club, Vice President; Fayetteville. Larry Lee FLY: Agriculture; Arp. Presi¬ dent; ASA; AZ; Animal Industry Club; Green Forest. Donald Keene FULLER: Marketing; Wilmot. Roy J. FULLER: Electrical Engineering; TBII; HKN ? Secre¬ tary; IRE; Malvern. Second Roiv: Alston Randolph FUSSELL: General Business; K2. Secretary; AKT; Forrest City. Judith Ann FUTRAL: Art; Holcombe Hall; Channing Club. Vice President: Fort Smith. Kenneth Lynn GALLO¬ WAY: Marketing; Acacia. Secretary; SAM; Young Third Row: Nancy Ann GARNER: Elementary Edu¬ cation; AAA; BSU; Elementary Club; Rison. James Max GARRETT: Management; Ripley House; Benton. James E. GASTON: Insurance and Real Estate; A Club; El Dorado. Dewey Aubrey GENTRY, Jr.: Mechanical Engineering; Marianna. John Arthur GEORGE: Voca¬ tional Agriculture; ATA ? Treasurer; Ola. Robert Edward GIBBS: Electrical Engineering; TKE; TBII; HKN; IIME; AIEE; Crossett. Thomas Ford GIBSON: Physics; 2AE; 2112; REW, Secretary; Shreveport, La. Fourth Row: Carol GIECK: Piano; ZTA; 2AI; Heber Springs. Martin Greeson GILBERT: General Business; 2AE ? President; Blue Key; IFC; Pre-Law Club: Dis¬ tinguished Military Student; Prescott. John GILLER: Mathematics, Pre-Med; 2N ; Razorback. Assistant Edi¬ tor: ' PX ; 2112; OAK; El Dorado. Lucie Belle Murphy GILLER: Psychology, Pre-Med; riB0 ; X ; Orchesis; IFPC; El Dorado. Allen Douglas GIST: Electrical En¬ gineering; Hackett. Tommy GOODMAN: Electrical En¬ gineering; Malvern. John Wendall GOODWIN: Sec¬ ondary Education; Track; A Club; Newman Club: Edna, Kan. Frazier, A. J. Frazier, J. R. Friend Froning Fly Fuller, D. K. Fuller, R. J. Fussell Futral Galloway Gammil Gardenhire Gardner Garner, H. R. Garner N. A. Garrett Gaston Gentry George Gibbs Gibson Gieck Gilbert Giller, J. Giller, L. B. M Gist Goodman Goodwin 122 Graham Gramlich Grano Gray Greenert Greenwood Griffin Grim Grinstead Gross, T. L. Gross T. J. Gruenewald Guerra-K Guess Guffey Guthrie Guthunz Hahn Hale Hall, B. J. Hall, D. I. Hall, H. G. Hall, K. M. Hall, M. R. Hall, R. H. Hall, R. L. Hamilton, C. S. Hamilton, S. H. First Row: Mansal Gale GRAHAM: Industrial Engi¬ neering; AIIE; AIEE; Walnut Ridge. Jim V. GRAM¬ LICH: Agronomy; OAK; AZ; Agronomy Club, Presi¬ dent; ASA; Charleston. Letitia Jeanne GRANO: Sec¬ ondary Education; AAII; KAn ; SNEA; Crossett. Martin Luther GRAY: General Business; AK ; Blytheville. Clyde Homer GREENERT. Jr.: Chemical Engineering; AXA, Vice President; $112; AX2; Pershing Rifles; AlChE; North Little Rock. M. Reed GREENWOOD: Mathematics; Razorback Hall; Droke House, President: $H2, Secretary; Student Court; OAK; KAn, Vice Presi¬ dent; ABC; riME; MIHC; Hickory Ridge. Fred Mack GRIFFIN: Architecture; AXA; AIA, Vice President; Malvern. Second Row: James Ree GRIM: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; AIEE; Berryville. James F. GRINSTEAD: Archi¬ tecture; AIA; Braggadocio, Mo. Terry Louise GROSS: Secondary Education; Ashdown. Thomas Jackson GROSS: Electrical Engineering; Texarkana. David F. GRUENEWALD: Electrical Engineering; HKA; AIEE; North Little Rock. Jaime Gabriel GUERRA-K: Voca¬ tional Education; ATA; Newman Club; International Club; David, Chiriqui, Panama. Charles Earl GUESS: Zoology; AEA; North Little Rock. Third Row: Bobbie Dean GUFFEY: Home Econom¬ ics; 4-H House; Colhecon, Treasurer; WRA, Vice President; ASA; Coterie; WIHC; ABC; Grubbs. Judith Ann GUTHRIE: Accounting; Siloam Springs. Barbara Jayne GUTHUNZ: Elementary Education; ZTA; Ele¬ mentary Club; SNEA; Canterbury Club; Little Rock. Wade Eldon HAHN: Education; 2N; Student Senate; PEM Club. President; Wesley Foundation; Fayetteville. John D. HALE: General Business; 2 t E; Morrilton. Barbara Jean HALL: English; KKT; Collegiate Singers; Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Daniel Irwin HALL: Civil Engineering; AXE; ASCE; Prairie Grove. Fourth Row: Harold Glenn HALL: Electrical En¬ gineering; AIEE; MBSF, President; Van Buren. Kenneth M. HALL: Civil Engineering; Wynne. Milton Ray HALL: Electrical Engineering; Stuttgart. Robert Hodge HALL: History, Pre-Law; $AG; VDC Executive Committee; Camden. Robert Lester HALL: Mathematics; OAK; i H2; 2II2 ? Vice President; nME; KK ' P; Student Court; Student Senate; Razorback Band, President; Marshall. Caroline Seiz HAMILTON: Sec¬ ondary Education; Hot Springs. Susan Hunter HAM¬ ILTON: Home Economics; Xfi; Colhecon; Westminster Fellowship; Little Rock. Hammett Hankins, B. J. Hankins, R. A. Hardaway Harp Harper Harrington Harrison, E. L. Harrison, M. Harvey Hatfield Hathaway Haw Hayes Haynes, B. L. Haynes, C. K. Haynes, M. Haynes, R. M. Hays, A. M. Hays, V. A. Heath Hefley, J. M. Hefley, J. T. Helbron Henderson, C. D. Henderson, P. R. Hendricks, D. G. Hendricks, J. P. First Row : Jack C. HAMMETT. Jr.: Electrical En¬ gineering; OT ? President; Vice President; OAK; HKN; TBII ; Engineering Council; Engineer Staff; IIME; IRE; Little Rock. Bishop J. HANKINS: Vocational Agriculture; Batesville. Roberta Ann HANKINS: Social Welfare; ABC; Coterie; Fayetteville. Oscar Oakley HARDAWAY: Management; SAM. Treasurer; Canter¬ bury Club, Treasurer; Marketing Club: Blytheville. Harvard Reland HARP: Accounting; BA . Secretary; BP2; Springdale. Joyce Rozzell HARPER: Art; Little Rock. Charles P. HARRINGTON: Architecture; Hardy. Second Row: Edward Lane HARRISON: Chemical Engineering: Texarkana. Mebane HARRISON: English, speech, and Dramatic Art: AAA; Westminster Fellow¬ ship, President; Razorback Staff; WRA; Fayetteville. Bobby Dale HARVEY: Electrical Engineering; AIEE: TBII; Swifton. Wilson Richard HATFIELD: Banking and Finance; K2; Fort Smith. Linda Rae HATHA¬ WAY: journalism; AAII; Razorback Staff; Press Club; Traveler Staff; Wesley Foundation; Rogers. Waily Jung HAW: Electrical Engineering; Sedgewell House; HKN, President; TBII ? Secretary; Student Senate; IRE; En¬ gineering Council; Earle. Don Powell HAYES: Electri¬ cal Engineering; Bradford. Third Row: Bill Lee HAYNES: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; Huntsville. Chris Knapp HAYNES: General Busi¬ ness; Bedford, N. Y. Marcelle HAYNES: Home Eco¬ nomics; Carnall Hall, Vice President: BSU; Colhecon; Wilmot. Robert McNabb HAYNES: Sociology; 2AE; ABC; Cheerleader; Fort Smith. Ardavene May HAYS: Education; Carnall Hall; Coterie; Orchesis, Secretary; 2AII; Blytheville. Virginia Ann HAYS: History; Xft; AO; Prescott. Grace Ann HEATH: Business Educa¬ tion; Xfi; Marion. Fourth Row: James Morton HEFLEY: Industrial En¬ gineering; 2AE ? President; OT ? President; Blue Key, President; Engineering Council, President; Student Sen¬ ate; TBII; Student Court, Associate Justice; IFC; Ar¬ kansas Engineer, Editor; AIIM ; Little Rock. Judith Tay¬ lor HEFLEY: English; AAn; Razorback Staff; Fort Smith. J. William HELBRON: Physics; ATfi; IFC; Newman Club; Little Rock. Charles David HENDER¬ SON: Mechanical Engineering; TBII; HT2, Secretary; Lepanto. Paul Robert HENDERSON: General Business; Wilson Sharp; ‘MG; Football; A Club; Tulsa, Okla. David Gilbert HENDRICKS: Chemistry; AXA ; Persh¬ ing Rifles; Fayetteville. James Powell HENDRICKS: Zoology; X4 E; Little Rock. First Row: Kenneth B. HENDRICKSON: Civil En¬ gineering; Pershing Rifles, Commander; Scabbard and Blade; ASCE; MIHC Court. Chief Justice; North Little Rock. Carl Edward HENDRIX: Finance, 2X ? Vice President; AK ' P, President; Commerce Guild, Vice President; Scabbard and Blade; Horatio. James Thomas HENRY: Accounting; BA P; Accounting Club, Presi¬ dent; DeQueen. Ruth May HICKMAN: Secondary Education; Fort Smith. Robert Arlon HILL: Agricul¬ ture Business; ArP; IFPC; ASA; Young Democrats; Economics Club; Center Ridge. Wilma Jean Oliver HILLMAN: Home Economics; ASA; $TO; Colhecon; Rector. Carol Plaisance HINTON: Business Education; ABC: West Memphis. Second Row: Jimmy Houston HINTON: Civil Engi¬ neering; 6T, Secretary; ASCE; Engineering Council: ABC; West Memphis. George Lowrance HODGE: In¬ dustrial Engineering; Student Senate; Engineering Council; AIIE; Lewisville. Jasper 0. HOGGARD: Ani¬ mal Nutrition; ArP; AZ; ASA; Animal Industry Club; Cave City. Harris McDowell HOGUE: Industrial Engi¬ neering; Scott House; AIIE; Wesley Foundation: Baux¬ ite. Dwight Arden HOLCOMB: Chemistry; Fort Smith. Gilbert Ray HOLLIS: Animal Husbandry; Animal In¬ dustry Club; Green way. Max M. HOLLOWAY: Civil Engineering; A Club; ASCE; DeWitt. Third Row: LaRama Jeanette HOLT: Chemistry and Pre-Med; Fayetteville. June HOOTE N: Education: Kap¬ pa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer; Elementary Club; AWS; WRA; Fort Smith. Robert Lewis HOPE: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Fort Smith. Theo Dwayne HUD¬ SON: Anthropology; El Dorado. Alvin HUFFMAN, III: History; 2X; ! A0; Blytheville. Willard HUGHES: Chemical Engineering; 2N; Pine Bluff. Terry Demott HUNT: Chemical Engineering; AXA; t H2; IT ME; AIChE; Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Sammie R. HUNTER: Agricultural Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; ASAE; Fayetteville. Loyd D. HURST: General Business; TKE; IFC; Fort Smith. Howard H. HUTSELL, Jr.: History; A0; Scabbard and Blade; Fort Smith. Jimmy Wyatt IVEY: Mathematics; nME; MIHC; North Little Rock. John David IZARD: Speech; Little Rock. James L. JAMI¬ SON: Electrical Engineering; GiIlham. James John JANSEN: Electrical Engineering; TBII, Treasurer; HKN, Secretary; IRE; Newman Club; Fort Smith. ftr- 1 Hendrickson Hendrix Henry Hickman Hill Hillman Hinton, C. P. Hinton, J. H. Hodge Hoggard Hogue Holcomb Hollis Holloway Holt Hooten Hope Hudson Huffman Hughes Hunt Hunter Hurst Hutsell Ivey Izard Jamison Jansen 125 First Row: Don C. JEFFERSON: Marketing; Mar¬ keting Club; Rogers. Hugh Milton JEFFUS: Civil En¬ gineering; Siloam Springs. Lynn Page JENKINS: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Little Rock. George 0. JERNI- GAN, Jr.: General Business; 2X; Student Body, Treas¬ urer; Blue Key; AK ' k; Pre-Law Club; Scabbard and Blade; Little Rock. Tom Davis JESTER. Jr.; Market¬ ing; Marketing Club; Ashdown. Donald Joe JOHN¬ SON: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; AX2; Malvern. Sandra Kay JOHNSON: Art; KK T- Crossett. Second Row: Sidney Ervin JOHNSON: Education; TKE, Secretary; SNEA; ABC; Crossett. Max Morris JOHNSTON: Electrical Engineering; Mountain View. Charles Raymond JONES: Mechanical Engineering; William House; ASME; Camden. Dorothy Kay JONES: Business Education; AAA, Secretary; Tulsa. Okla. Dor¬ sey William JONES: Marketing; AKAE; Marketing Club: Newman Club; Fayetteville. Howard JONES, Jr.: Civil Engineering; 2X; 0T; Civic Club, President; ABC, President; $H2; Blue Key; Little Rock. James Loyd JONES: Physical Education; Wilson Sharp; Cane Hill. Third Row: Johnny Lee JONES: Electrical Engi¬ neering; Dardanelle. Lawrence Edmund JONES: Elec¬ trical Engineering; 2X; AIEE; Pine Bluff. Linda Lee JONES: Elementary Education; AAIT ? Secretary; Ele¬ mentary Club; WRA Executive Board; Huntsville. Mary Lou JONES: English; A All; Springdale. Don Wayne JORDAN: Mechanical Engineering; UKA; IIT2. Presi¬ dent; Engineering Council; ABC; Crossett. Daryl Lynn JORGENSEN: Art; AWS; OCW; Fayetteville. Gilbert Alexander KANE: Civil Engineering; QT; ASCE. Vice President; AXE, Secretary; IT ME; Rogers. Fourth Row: Jack KECK: Mechanical Engineering: AKE; Ashdown. R. Bruce KEENE: Animal Nutrition: Acacia; Agriculturist Staff; Little Rock. Charles Phillip KEESE: Advertising and Public Relations; 2X; Cheer¬ leader; ABC; Commerce Guild; Marketing Club; Little Rock. Jim Mali Ion KEESEE: Management; Ripley House, Vice President; SAM, Vice President; ABC: Malvern. Edwin Lewis KEITH: Industrial Engineering; AIIM ; TIME ; Engineering Council; AIIE, President; Ben- tonville. Eugene Theodore KELLEY: General Business: William House; Finance Club; Economics Club: New¬ man Club; West Orange, N. J. Jana Dee KELLE : Home Economics; Carnall Hall; AWS: WRA; Gentry. Jefferson Jeff us Jenkins Jernigan Jester Johnson, D. J. Johnson, S. K. Johnson S. E. Johnston Jones, C. R. Jones, D. K. Jones, D. W. Jones, H. Jones, J. L. Jones, J. L. Jones, L. E. Jones, L. L. Jones, M. L. Jordan Jorgensen Keck Keene Keese Keesee Keith Kelley, E. T. Kelley J. D. 126 Kennon Kerby Kilpatrick King, B. L. King, H. E. King, J. L. Kinslow Kirby Kirpatrick Kistler Knox Kolb, H. Kolb, K. E. Kuester Lacy Lamb Lambert Lander Langley Latta Laws Leach Lee Leigh Levitt Lewis Little, J. R. Little J. M. First Row : Susan KENNON: Chemistry; Ar, Vice President; AEA, Secretary; Paris. Donn Cox KERBY: General Business; 2AE; Marketing Club; SAM; Golf; North Little Rock. McLean KILPATRICK: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; AX2; Marianna. Barbara Lynn KING: Home Economics; AT 1 ; Colhecon; Panhellenic; ASA; DSF; Young Democrats; Malvern. Harry Edward KING, Jr.: Transportation; 2X; Newman Club; AK ' E; Pine Bluff. Jack L. KING: Electrical Engineering; Rip¬ ley House; HKN ? Treasurer; AIEE-IRE; Havana. Judy Ann KINSLOW: Speech; ZTA; 2AH ; X ; National Col¬ legiate Players, Secretary; Young Democrats; Arkansas City, Kan. Second Row: Sam Bernard KIRBY: Industrial Engi¬ neering; 2 f E; Newman Club: AIIE; ASME, Secretary; ABC: Civic Club; SAM; Little Rock. John Paul KIRK¬ PATRICK: Marketing; Droke House; Marketing Club; Magnolia. John Glendon KISTLER: Marketing; Droke House; AK P; Marketing Club; Rogers. David Lee KNOX: Industrial Engineering; Fort Smith. Harry KOLB. Jr.: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Magnolia. Kay Ela KOLB: Bacteriology; ZTA ? Vice President; Opera Workshop; Fort Smith. Suzanne Jean KUE¬ STER: Home Economics; 4-H House; ASA; BSU. Secretary; Secretary; Colhecon; Coterie; Agricul¬ turist Staff, Co-Editor; Mortar Board; Sophomore Counselor; Hot Springs. Third Row: Robert Harold LACY: Electrical Engi¬ neering; AIEE; IRE; Jacksonville. Leland Dwight LAMB: Industrial Management; SAM; Leola. David Patterson LAMBERT: General Business; K2 ? Vice Presi¬ dent; Blue Key, Secretary; Commerce Guild. Executive Council; ABC; Marketing Club; Razorback Staff, Asso¬ ciate Editor; West Memphis. Roslyn Sears LANDER: English; Xft; AT; Young Republicans; Little Rock. Phillip Wayne LANGLEY: Civil Engineering; ©T ? Sec¬ retary; ASCE, Treasurer; Civic Club; A Book, Assistant Editor; Engineer Staff; Razorback Staff; Little Rock. Garland Harper LATTA, Jr.: Electrical Engineering: AIEE-IRE; North Little Rock. Mary Beth LAWS: Eng¬ lish; ZTA; AT; Wesley Foundation; Russellville. Fourth Row: Jerry Allen LEACH: Mechanical Engi¬ neering; Dutch Mills. Billy Ray LEE: Vocational Agri¬ culture; Gladson House; AT A ; Delight. James T. LEIGH: Accounting; William House; OAK; ASA, Vice President; Onawa, Iowa. Wayne Martin LEVITT: In¬ dustrial Management; Goodwin. Charles Maurice LEWIS, Jr.: General Business; UKA; Pre-Law Club: Magnolia. Jimmie Ralph LITTLE: Agricultural Busi¬ ness; ATP; Mena. John M. LITTLE: Geology; Acacia; Young Democrats; BSU; Benton. Littrell Locke Lockhart Logan Loudermilk Low Loy, D. D. Loy, J. Luter Lyons McAdams McCarty McCarver McCauley, E. I). McCauley, S. E. McClain McClendon McCracken McCrary McCrory McCune McDaniel, B. J. McDaniel, B. D. McDonald, G. A. McDonald, P. McGahey McGalin McGary First Row: David Leon LITTRELL: Horticulture; Huntsville. Edward Emory LOCKE: Chemical Engi¬ neering; XX; TBII. Vice President; AIChE; Cros¬ sed. George Austin LOCKHART: Civil Engineering; TKE; ASCE; Prairie Grove. Nancy Louise LOGAN: English: Carnall Hall: Sophomore Counselor; Coterie; BSU; Huntsville. Billy Hayden LOUDERMILK: In¬ dustrial Education; Perryville. Douglas Reid LOW: Industrial Engineering; AXA; AIIE; Little Rock. Diana Dickerson LOY: Music Education; Carnall Hall; Opera Workshop; Little Rock. Second Row : Joseph LOY: Industrial Management: Buchanan House; Helena. Thomas H. LUTER: Elec¬ trical Engineering; AXA; AIIE; Corning. Arland Wayne LYONS: Secondary Education; SNEA; Young Demo¬ crats; Nashville. Patricia Jane McADAMS: Home Eco¬ nomics; AAA; Canterbury Club; Texarkana. Tex. Mil¬ dred Kay McCARTY: History; XO: H24 . Secretary- Treasurer; Helena. Clinton H. McCARVER: General Agriculture; Siloam Springs. E. Delos McCAULEY, Jr.: Civil Engineering; Ripley House, Secretary; AXE; ASCE; Pine Bluff. Third Row : Silas Evan McCAULEY: Industrial Man¬ agement; SAM; Rison. Gary Lee McCLAIN: Electrical Engineering; DT. Treasurer; SIT, Vi ce President; nME; A f D; Crossett. Charles Alfred McCLENDON: Account¬ ing; TKE; Accounting Club; Warren. Ann S. Mc- CRACKEN: Elementary Education; ZTA, Secretary; 2AI; TB2; Russellville. Lemuel Clarence McCRARY: General Business; KS; AK ' P; Lonoke. Ross Edward Mc- CRORY: General Business; Droke House; Blackfriars; SAM: Commerce Guild; Little Rock. Sally Ann Mc- CUNE: Banking and Finance; AAIT; WRA, President; Carthage, Mo. Fourth Row: Bobbye Jean McDANIEL: Home Eco¬ nomics; 4-H House; WRA, Secretary; Young Repub¬ licans, Secretary; Sophomore Counselor; ABC; ASA; Marketing Club; Des Arc. Bob D. McDANIEL: Music Education; William House; KK ' P; t MA; Razorback Band: DeQueen. Gary Alan McDONALD: Accounting; Wilson Sharp; A Club; Glen wood. Phillip McDON¬ ALD: Advertising-Public Relations; -X; Student Sen¬ ate; Commerce Guild: Guild Ticker; Newport. James Dell McGAHEY: Secondary Education; SNEA; Canter¬ bury Club: Fayetteville. Judith McGALIN: History; AF ; Young Democrats; SNEA; Little Rock. Frank Mc- GARY: Architecture; AIA; Heber Springs. First Row: William McGEE: History; Student Court: A0; Bradley. Donald Wilbanks McGILL: Pre-Med; Fort Smith. Larry L. McGOWAN: Architecture; AXA; IFC; Fort Smith. Daniel Warren McGUIRE: Industrial Engineering; $A0; Engineering Council; AIIE; Scab- hard and Blade; Young Democrats; Dardanelle. Mar¬ garet Ellen McHENRY: Spanish; Holcombe Hall; El Dorado. Clay Carl McKINNEY: English; 2N; Siloam Springs. Steven King McKINNEY: Marketing; SN; AKM ; AEA; Commerce Guild; Student Senate; Siloam Springs. Second Row: Donald T. McKNIGHT: General Busi¬ ness; K2 ? President; IFC; Blue Key; Parkin. George E. McLEOD: Business Administration; K2, Vice Presi¬ dent; AK ' l ' ; Blue Key; Civic Club; IFC; Walnut Ridge. Morris M. McLEOD: Industrial Management; Little Rock. Robert Ware McMURTREY: Marketing; AXA ? Vice President; Marketing Club; Civic Club; AK E; ABC; Commerce Guild; Fort Smith. Dorsey Alexander McRAE, III: General Business; 2AE; Hope. Anita Elizabeth McWATERS: Education; AAA; 2AH; BSU; Blytheville. Clayton Ward McWHORTER: Finance; A0; Rogers. Third Row: James Eugene MADDOX: Accounting; Accounting Club; North Little Rock. Linda Ellis MA¬ GEE: English; AAA. Vice President; ABC; Civic Club; Forrest City. Jack Dickey MAHLE, Jr.: Art; 2AE; Newport. James Louis MALOCH: General Agriculture; BSU, President; Osceola. Bess MALONE: Speech; IIB t ; Camden. Nancy Jeanette MALONE: English; Holcombe Hall; BSU; Helena. Charles Curtis MANN: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; North Little Rock. Fourth Row: Jimmie Kay MAPLES: Mechanical Engineering; William House; ASME; XA ? Vice Presi¬ dent; Heber Springs. Guy MARIS, III: Insurance and Real Estate; 2X; Traveler Staff, Business Manager; ABC; Commerce Guild; Little Rock. Max OTerrell MARKS: General Business; Fordyce. Joseph Franklin MARLAR: Electrical Engineering; QT; IIME; HKN; Arnold Air Society; ABC; Van Buren. Ann MARTIN: Mathematics; Xfi; nME ? Secretary; Razorback Staff, Associate Editor; Wesley Foundation, Treasurer; SNEA; Fort Worth, Tex. Bobby Joe MARTIN: Pre- Med; 23 E; Yellville. Gary Lee MARTIN: Industrial Management; McCrory. McGee McGill McGowan McGuire McHenry McKinney, C. C. McKinney, S. K. McKnight McLeod, G. E. McLeod, M. M. McMurtrey McRae McWaters McWhorter Maddox Magee Mahle Maloch Malone, B. Malone, N. J. Mann Maples Maris Marks Marla r Martin, A. Martin, B. J. Martin, G. L. 129 First Row: James Monroe MARTIN, Jr.: Industrial Management; SAM; Solgohachia. Paul Loyd MAR¬ TIN: Industrial Management; Fayetteville. William Carl MARTIN, Jr.: Mechanical Engineering; Ripley House; ASME; Mabelvale. Lee D. MASON: Trans¬ portation; ITKA. Vice President; Springdale. Edmund McDowell MASSEY: Marketing; XAE; AK ' P; Marketing Club; Guild Ticker; Morrilton. Patricia Ann MAT¬ THEWS: Elementary Education; Ar; X0; Marketing Club; SNEA; Razorback Staff; Magnolia. William J. MATTHEWS: Electrical Engineering; Greenbrier. Second Row: Davis Taaffe MAULDING: Biology; Foreman. Jimmy Edwin MAUNEY: Industrial Engi¬ neering; Ripley House; AIIE: Norphlet. Max David MAYES: Geology; XTE; Arnold Air Society; Fayette¬ ville. David Gene MEADOR: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Prescott. Thomas R. MEADORS: Civil Engineering; ASCE; AXE; Alma. Mary Jane MELTON: Home Eco¬ nomics; XQ, President; AWS, President; Mortar Board; ABC; WO; Student Senate; Panhellenic; Jonesboro. Sarah Jane MELTON: Business Education; AAA. Presi¬ dent; Cheerleader; Homecoming Queen; Guild Ticker; Razorback Staff; Sophomore Counselor; Malden, Mo. Third Row: Layla Elizabeth MILLER: Home Eco¬ nomics; Colhecon; ASA; Fayetteville. Rosemary MILL- WEE: History; Xfi; t A0; Fayetteville. Martha Ann MILUM: Elementary Education; AAIT; Harrison. James Guy MINMIER: Marketing; A0, Vice President; Ar¬ kansas Traveler, Editor; Razorback Staff, Assistant Editor; Guild Ticker; Marketing Club, Vice President; Civic Club. Vice President; AKSF; Commerce Guild; IFC; Blue Key; Paris. Don Neal MITCHELL: Indus¬ trial Engineering; AIIE; Monticello. Frances MIT¬ CHELL: History; XQ; Little Rock. J. Louis MOLES: Public Administration; XX; Harrison. Fourth Row: Jesse Troy MONTGOMERY: Account¬ ing; Accounting Club; Pine Bluff. John Hartwell MOORE: Chemical Engineering; XX; Razorback, Edi¬ tor; OAK, President; Engineer Staff; IFC; A Book, Editor; Sophomore AFROTC Medal; Engineering Council: Paragould. Marian Guerard MOORE: Art; nB4 ; Cheerleader; AFROTC Cadet Colonel; Little Rock. Mayme Louise MOORE: Chemical Engineering; Ar; AAA, Treasurer; AIChE, Secretary; Little Rock. Thomas Frank MOORE: Mechanical Engineering; Tuc¬ son, Ariz. Joyce Ann MORGAN: Art; Holcombe Hall; Elkins. Jane MORRIS: Music; Carnall Hall; XAI, Vice President; Coterie; AAA; Garland. Martin, J. M. Martin, P. L. Martin, W. C. Mason Massey Matthews, P. A. Matthews, W. J. Maulding Mauney Mayes Meador Meadors Melton, M. J. Melton, S. J. Miller Millwee Milum Minmier Mitchell, D. N. Mitchell, F. Moles Montgomery Moore, J. H. Moore, M. G. Moore, M. L. Moore, T. F. Morgan, J. A. Morris, J. 130 Morris, T. D. Morrison Morton Moseley Mosley Mullen Murphy Nease Nelson Neubert Newkirk Niswanger Nofziger Northcross Nutt O’Brien Offutt Oglesby Osborne Overby Overton, B. M. Overton, W. R. Owen, D. L. Owen, E. K. Owen, E. J. Owens, O. W. Owens, T. H. Oxford, M. T. First Row: Thomas Dixon MORRIS: Mechanical En¬ gineering; ASME; Heber Springs. Patty Lou MORRI¬ SON: Home Economics; Ar 9 Secretary; Colhecon; Marketing Club; ASA; Leslie. William McDonald MOR¬ TON: Horticulture; $H2; International Club; Helena. Raymond Arnold MOSELEY: General Business; Young Democrats; Circle K; Commerce Guild; Alicia. James Lawrence MOSLEY: Mechanical Engineering; 2AE; ASME; Arnold Air Society; El Dorado. Winfred C. MULLEN: Accounting; Heber Springs. Thomas Dee MURPHY: Advertising; Marketing Club; SAM; Mc¬ Gregor, Tex. Second Row : Randall Lee NEASE: Dairying; ASA; Animal Industry Club; Hot Springs. Jack NELSON: Chemistry; Wilson Sharp House; Cross-Country; Track; A Club; Nevada, Mo. William Herman NEU¬ BERT: Electrical Engineering; ITKA; Carthage, Mo. Larry Jeff NEWKIRK: Mechanical Engineering; H2; TIME; ITT2 TBIT. President; Hot Springs. Barry NIS¬ WANGER: General Business; AXA; Malvern. Charles L. NOFZIGER: Marketing; Marketing Club; Little Rock. Sarah NORTHCROSS: Physical Education; KAIT; PEM Club; Huntsville. Third Row: Carol Tatum NUTT: Education; HB £ 9 Treasurer; AWS Executive Board; Fayetteville. Patricia Anne O’BRIEN: Chemistry; Holcombe Hall; Fort Smith. Robert Aris OFFUTT: Electrical Engineering; Pine Bluff. Lucy Lee OGLESBY: Elementary Educa¬ tion; HB‘t ; Fort Smith. Barbara Adams OSBORNE: Psychology; AAA; X 9 Secretary; Gurdon. Glen Allan OVERBY: Chemical Engineering; Droke House; AIChE; Mountain Pine. Bill M. OVERTON: Mechan¬ ical Engineering; ASME; DSF, Treasurer; Roseland. Fourth Row : William Ray OVERTON: General Busi¬ ness; AXA; AK ' I ' ; Marketing Club; Baseball; Malvern. Dale Landon OWEN: Psychology; Van Buren. Emily Katurah OWEN: English; Ar ; Mortar Board; Civic Club; SNEA; Crossett. Emma Jean OWEN: Home Economics; 4-H House; Colhecon; ASA; Grady. Olin W. OWENS: Industrial Management; Buchanan House, President; ASME, Vice President; MIHC, Treasurer; Junction City. Thomas Harold OWENS: Mechanical Engineering; Acacia, President; ASME; IFC; Fort Smith. Milford Thompson OXFORD: Agricultural Engineering; ASAE, Treasurer; AE. Secretary; Spring- dale. Pace Padgett Page Parks Pascoe Patterson, J. K. Patterson, S. A. Patton Pelton Penn Perkins Perrier Pesnell Peters Peterson Phelan Phelps Pierce Pike, L. M. Pike. R. A. P. Pitts Plummer Poage Polk Pontier Poole, A. D. Poole, L. E. Pouzar First Row: Sondra Lerene PACE: Education; Carnall Hall; AWS; SNEA; Gravette. Cynthia Anne PADG¬ ETT: Home Economics; HB4 ; AWS Legislative Board; Batesville. Eugene Merritt PAGE: Mathematics; Wesley Foundation; Springdale. Edvvina Sue PARKS: English; Fayetteville. Phillip Terry PASCOE: General Business; IIKA, Treasurer; Distinguished Military Student; Con- wav. John Kenneth PATTERSON: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; IRE; Traveler Staff; North Little Rock. Sara Annelle PATTERSON: Advertising; ZTA; Marketing Club; Guild Ticker; Fort Smith. Second Row: Robert Thomas PATTON: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; ITME; North Little Rock. Scott Horton PELTON: Real Estate and Insurance: Benton. James Edward PENN: Education; Fort Smith. Fred M. PERKINS. Jr.: Architecture; AIA; TKE ; Carlisle. Paul Gene PERRIER: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Mulberry. Larkus Howard PESNELL: Mechanical Engi¬ neering; 2N; Freshman Football; Track; El Dorado. Weldon Leon PETERS: General Agriculture; Farm- House; Bentonville. Third Row: Peggy Anne PETERSON: English: BSU; ABC; YDC; OCW; Fayetteville. Sammye Louese PHELAN: Elementary Education; Ar ; Elementary Club; SNEA; Elkins. Jon Harold PHELPS: Market¬ ing; K2; Booneville. Clinton Albert PIERCE: History; Eureka Springs. Leonard Maxwell PIKE: Vocational Agriculture; AT A; Hot Springs. Roxy Ann Peters PIKE: Home Economics; ASA; Colhecon, Vice Presi¬ dent; Hot Springs. Roger Morrow PITTS: Vocational Agriculture; Lincoln. Fourth Row: Sandra PLUMMER: Physical Educa¬ tion; Carnall Hall; PEM Club. President; Razorback Speleological Society. Secretary; Coterie; WIHC, Sec¬ retary; Davis Hall. President; ABC; Mexico City, Mex. Melvin Everett POAGE: Marketing; Marketing Club; Fayetteville. Joe Alan POLK: Accounting; Hope. Don G. PONTIER: Social Studies and Secondary Edu¬ cation; Inglewood, Calif. Arlen Dee POOLE: Geology; KK ; ABC; Razorback Band; Fayetteville. Lafayette Earl POOLE: Geology; Heber Springs. Joe Emil POU¬ ZAR: Civil Engineering; ATfi; ASCE; Little Rock. First Row : Nancy Ellen POWELL: Secondary Edu¬ cation; Mortar Board; KAII; Bentonville. Jim H. POYNTER, Jr.: History; nKA; SNEA; MIHC; Young Democrats; Mountain Home. Dale PRICE: Agriculture; FarmHouse; ATA; Animal Industry Club; Harrison. James Fred PRICE: Zoology; Razorback Speleological Society, Vice President; North Little Rock. Sammye Lou PRICE: Elementary Education; Ar ? Treasurer; SNEA; Elementary Club; Bentonville. Glenna Jean PRIDEMORE: Secondary Education; Carnall Hall; Lincoln. Nona Glenn PROCTOR: Art; KKI President; Little Rock. Second Row: Dale Glynn PURIFOY: Accounting; Ripley House; Texarkana. Sally Ann PUTNAM: Music Education; Carnall Hall; Mortar Board, Secretary; 2AI ? President; KAII; AAA ? Treasurer; Sophomore Counselor; Fort Smith. Gene Allen RACKLEY: Chem¬ ical Engineering; 2N ? Vice President; Blue Key; IFPC, Vice President; Engineering Council; Russellville. Janet Sherrill RAGAN: Education: KKT; Elementary Club; Searcy. Judith Ann RAGLAND: Mathematics; nB$; Stuttgart. William Robert RAGLAND: Electrical Engi¬ neering; Wesley Foundation; AIEE; Fort Smith. Sherry Lynn RAGSDALE: Psychology; Xft; Russellville. Third Row: Robert Lee RAIBLE: Agronomy; Agron¬ omy Club, Vice President; Newman Club; Charleston. Carol Anne RAINES: Art; XQ; Young Democrats; Little Rock. Robert Paul RAINEY: Agriculture Busi¬ ness; FarmHouse; SAM; Atkins. Patricia Bernice RAINS: Speech Therapy; Carnall Hall; 2AH; Wesley Players, Vice President; ABC; Coterie, Secretary; North Little Rock. Phyllis Ann RAINWATER: English; ZTA ; Springdale. Thomas Embry RALEY: Vocational Agriculture; ATA 9 Secretary; Animal Industry Club; Agronomy Club; Harrison. Geraldine RAMEY: History and Sociology; Carnall Hall; Coterie; $A0; 2AH• Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Gail Kathleen RAMSAY: English; KK1 Secretary; AT; Civic Club; Pine Bluff. Sharon RANEY: Psychology; nB$ ? President; X; ABC; Stu¬ dent Senate; Panhellenic; Little Rock. Tommy Lewis RANKIN: Education; 2X; Basketball; Jonesboro. Dihanbakhsh RASTEGAR: Mechanical Engineering; Tehran, Iran. Dorothy June RATCLIFF: Education; AT, Vice President; Elementary Club; SNEA; KAII; North Little Rock. William E. RATER, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; Daytona Beach, Fla. Franklin Jared RAY: Journalism; Little Rock. Powell Poynter Price, D. Price, J. F. Price, S. L. Pridemore Proctor Purifoy Putnam Rackley Ragan Ragland, J. A. Ragland W. R. Ragsdale Raible Raines Rainey Rains Rainwater Raley Ramey Ramsay Raney Rankin Rastegar Ratcliff Rater Ray 133 First Row: Rita Sue READER: Business Education; ZTA• Hot Springs. Owenita Ilene REAGAN: Home Economics; Carnall Hall; Colhecon; Noel, Mo. Van C. REEDER: Electrical Engineering; William House; BSU; AIEE; Nashville. Mary Lou REINHART: Music; Carnall Hall; Newman Club, President; 2AI ? Treasurer; Coterie; Stuttgart. Larry V. RHODES: Accounting; Fort Smith. Mary Olive RHODES: English; KKX; Canterbury Club; Harrison. Patsy Sue RICE: Busi¬ ness Education; Violet Hill. Second Row: William Rodney RICE: Chemical Engi¬ neering; North Little Rock. Gene RICH: Education; Baseball; Springdale. Carl Lee RICHARDS: Industrial Engineering; AXA ? Vice President; AIIE; SAM; Ben¬ ton. J. Eric RICHARDSON: Management; 2N; Blue Key, Secretary; Razorback Staff, SAM; El Dorado. Jim C. RIEFF: Banking and Finance; K2; Prairie Grove. Barbara Lee RIGSBY: German and Music; Xft 5 Vice President; Nashville. Floyd Kelly RIGSBY: Electrical Engineering; Lonsdale. Third Row : Martha Ann RILEY: Journalism; Hol¬ combe Hall; DeWitt. Keith Edward RINEHART: Ani¬ mal Nutrition; FarmHouse; Animal Industry Club; ASA, President; AZ ? President; OAK ? IFC; McCaskill. Janice RITTERSHOUSE: Psychology; AAII; Spring- field, Mo. Barbara Jayne ROBERTS: History; AAII; Crossett. Haskell H. ROBERTS: Agriculture; Farm- House; AT A, Vice President; Harrison. Henry Lee ROBERTS: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; North Little Rock. Paul David ROBERTS: History; Fouke. Fourth Row: J. C. Thomas ROGERS, Jr.: Market¬ ing; SAM; Marketing Club; Urbana, Ill. William P. ROGERS: Industrial Engineering; Stamps. Howard David ROSS: Accounting; Rogers. Alice Marian ROTHERT: Mathematics; X« ? Treasurer; AAA; Mortar Board; Civic Club, Secretary; IFPC; TIME, Vice Di¬ rector; Camden. Phillip Ray ROWE: General Agricul¬ ture; $H2; AZ; Hope. Mildred Lillian ROWLAND: History; XO; Razorback Beauty; Hot Springs. William B. RUDASILL: General Business; Ripley House, Sec¬ retary; KK ; ABC; MIHC, President; Maryland Park, Md. Reader Reagan Reeder Reinhart Rhodes, L. V. Rhodes, M. 0. Rice, P. S. Rice, W. R. Rich Richards Richardson Rieff Rigsby, B. L. Rigsby, F. K. Riley Rinehart Rittershouse Roberts, B. J. Roberts, H. H. Roberts, H. L. Roberts, P. D. Rogers, J. C. Rogers, W. P. RoS9 Rothert Rowe Rowland Rudasill 134 Ruggles Russell, A. Russell G. W. Saeler Sandefur Sanders, J. W. Sanders, J. Sanders, J. Sanders, S. R. Sanders, W. M. Satterfiel d Sax Schirmer Schnipper Schramm Schulz Schwarz Seay Seiter Selig Sharrah Sharum Shelby Shell ' Shelnut Sherland Shewmake Shockey First Row: Charles Bryan RUGGLES: Marketing; Arnold Air Society; Marketing Club; Hope. Alan RUSSELL: Geology; SN; Russellville. George W. RUSSELL, Jr.: General Business; Lewisville. Julie Ann SAELER: English: : AT; Arkansas Traveler, Busi¬ ness Manager; University Theater; Collegiate Singers; Sophomore Counselor; Little Rock. Sandra Lynn SANDEFUR: Bacteriology; Ar ; AAA; Mena. Jack Walker SANDERS: Mechanical Engineering; 2N; ASME; Little Rock. Jerry SANDERS: Architecture; 2 l E, President; Camden. Second Row: John SANDERS: Architecture and Art; 2J4 E; IFC; AIA; Camden. Sara Rebecca SAND¬ ERS: Elementary Education; Ar ; ])SF, Secretary; Ele¬ mentary Club; SNEA; Marshall. William Marshall SANDERS: Industrial Engineering; Saratoga. Ham¬ mond H. SATTERFIELD: History; AO ; OAK; Scab¬ bard and Blade; Little Rock. Charles Edward SAX: General Agriculture; Arp, Secretary; Newman Club, Treasurer; Alius. William Earl SCHIRMER, Jr.: Finance; William House; Nashville. Don Martin SCHNIPPER: Pre-Law; K2; IFC; Debate Team; Texarkana. Third Row: Paula Ellen SCHRAMM: Journalism; Carnall Hall; Hartford. Mary Josephine SCHULZ: Ele¬ mentary Education; KKl 1 , Vice President; Elementary Club, Secretary; Newman Club, Vice President; Sopho¬ more Counselor; Fayetteville. Lester Lloyd SCHWARZ: Geology; Acacia; 2TE; Blackfork. Shelia Wallace SEAY: General Business; Jonesboro. Louis Herman SEITER, Jr.: Chemical Engineering; Newman Club; AIChE; 24 E; Fort Smith. Philip Andrew SELIG: Civil Engineering; OT; MIHC: Newman Club, Vice Presi¬ dent; ABC; AXE; ASCE; Corning. Ronald Paul SHARRAH: Romance Languages; Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Raymond Jerome SHARUM: Geology; Branner Geology Club; Newman Club; Fort Smith. Gary SHELBY: Marketing; 211 9 Vice President; AKSP; Fort Smith. William Starke SHELL: Architecture; Lit¬ tle Rock. Conard R. SHELNUT: Electrical Engineer¬ in g; IRE; HKN. President; Engineering Council; Ben¬ ton. Ann SHERLAND: Education: Xft; Sophomore Counselor; McGehee. Dan W. SHEWMAKE: Geology; Branner Geology Club; 2 PE; Wheaton, Mo. Donald Kent SHOCKEY: Industrial Management; Gladson House; SAM; Little Rock. Shoemake Shollmier Shook Showers Shull Shults Shumate Simonds Simpson Sims Sink Smith, F. R. Smith, F. T. Smith, L. D. Smith, R. H. Smith, R. R. Smittle, D. A. Sowle, J. K. Spann, N. L. Spencer Spikes, A. T. Spikes, W. E. Standridge, C. Standridge, L. Stanley Starling Starr Steele First Roiv: Lyman Boyce SHOEMAKE: Agronomy; Agronomy Club, Secretary; ASA; Osceola. Richard Norman SHOLLMIER: Mechanical Engineering; AS- ME; Pine Bluff. George Washington SHOOK: Engi¬ neering; Clarksville. Charles G. SHOWERS: Trans¬ portation; Fayetteville. Laura Louise SHULL: English and Journalism; Carnall Hall; AWS; WRA; Scotts- ville. Bobby L. SHULTS: Accounting; 2$E 9 Vice Presi¬ dent; IFC, Treasurer; AK ' E; ; Commerce Guild; Marvell. Jack Roger SHUMATE: Real Estate and In¬ surance; Charleston. Second Row: Charles M. SIMONDS: Music; $MA; Schola Cantorum; Opera Workshop; Springdale. Elaine Green SIMPSON: Home Economics; ASA; Alpena. Marjorie Sue SIMS: Home Economics; Xft; 4 TO, Sec¬ retary; Colhecon; Sophomore Counselors, President; West Memphis. Glenn Neil SINK: Architecture; 2X; AIA; Newport. Floyd Ross SMITH: Education; 211 9 Secretary; Mineral Springs. Fred Thomas SMITH: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; Warren. Lawrence Dean SMITH: Architecture; AIA; Springdale. Third Row : Robert Harvey SMITH, Jr.: Finance; d ' Ae, Secretary; Walnut Ridge. Ronald R. SMITH: General Business; 2N; Distinguished Military Student; Marketing Club; Booneville. Doyle Allen SMITTLE: Agriculture; Llope. John Knight SOWLE: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Married Students Club, Secretary; Jonesboro. Nancy Louise SPANN: Secondary Edu¬ cation; Carnall Flail; Civic Club; Coterie; WIHC; Stuttgart. Randy SPENCER: General Business; William House; Channing Club, President; Scabbard and Blade; SAM; Marketing Club; Debate Team; Pershing Rifles; Arnold Air Society; Fort Smith. Ann Trieschmann SPIKES: Elementary Education; nB$; Little Rock. Fourth Row: William E. SPIKES, Jr.: Marketing; K2; Young Democrats; Marketing Club; SAM; Com¬ merce Guild; Walnut Ridge. Charles Gary STAND¬ RIDGE: Geology; 2N 9 President; IFC; Mount Ida. Linda Louise STANDRIDGE: Home Economics; AAII; Colhecon, Vice President; ASA, Secretary; Mount Ida. Ronald Alwin STANLEY: Botany; Wesley Foundation: Everton. Albert Gregory STARLING: Electrical Engi¬ neering; QT; IRE; Joiner. Claude Richard STARR: Civil Engineering; Buchanan House; AX2, Treasurer; ASCE; Alexandria, Va. John Walter STEELE: Sec¬ ondary Education; Fayetteville. First Row: Donald Erwin STEELY: Electrical Engi¬ neering; 211; IFC; Lonoke. Charles David STEPHENS: Industrial Engineerin g; AIIE; North Little Rock. Dorothy Ann STEVENSON: Electrical Engineering; KKT ; AWS, Legislative Board; DeWitt. Jerry Randel STONE: Agronomy; FarmHouse; ASA; Agronomy Club; Altheimer. John 1 . STOVALL: Industrial Engi¬ neering; 211; nME; AITM; AIIE; AIRE; Young Demo¬ crats; Blytheville. Janes Albert STOVER: Physical Education; PEM Club, Secretary; Casa. Teddy Don STROUD: Industrial Management; Ripley House; SAM; Campus Ambassadors, President; Student Re¬ ligious Council; Morrilton. Second Row: James Hyatt SUDDRETH: General Business; Acacia; Fort Smith. Alice Christine SULCER: English; Xfi; Marion. Cecelia Beth SUMMERS: Ele¬ mentary Education; Holcombe Hall, Vice President; SNEA; BSU; WIHC; El Dorado. William Harris SUMMERS: Marketing; SAM; Marketing Club; ABC; Midland, Tex. John Thomas SUSKIE: Pre-Med; New¬ man Club; DeValls Bluff. Marianne SUTHERLAND: Marketing; Xft; IFPC; Junior Panhellenic, President; XO, Secretary; Marketing Club; Sophomore Counselor; Lamar, Mo. Fred C. SWAYZE: Mathematics and Sci¬ ence; Scabbard and Blade; Moscow. Third Row: Barry Layne SWITZER: General Busi¬ ness; Wilson Sharp; Crossett. Ernest Lenwood TALIA¬ FERRO, Jr.: journalism; K2; Arkansas Traveler; Young Democrats; Fayetteville. Lloyd James TARK- INGTON: Chemical Engineering; AX2; AIChE; North Little Rock. Janet Sue TARPLEY: History; KKT, Sec¬ retary; $A0; AT; ' EX; Fort Smith. James Samuel TAYLOR: General Business; Pine Bluff. John Travis TAYLOR: Art; 2 t E ; Civic Club; ABC; Blackfriars; X; Clarksville. William Reginald TAYLOR: General Business; 2X; SAM; Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: John D. THOMASON: Business; 2N ? Treasurer; Arnold Air Society; Little Rock. Royce Jo THOMPSON: Elementary Education; ZTA; Elementary Club; Batesville. Billy G. THORNTON: Civil Engineer¬ ing; AX 2; ASCE, Secretary; Engineering Council; Ozan. Mary Sue THORNTON: Mathematics; nB t ; Mortar Board; Razorback Staff; nME; i 0K; Muskogee, Okla. Joyce Lavern TILLMAN: Home Economics; 4-H House; Colhecon; $TO; BSU; Royal. John Thomas TODD: Accounting; BT2 5 President; Buchanan House, President; SAM, Secretary; BA ' E, Treasurer; ABC; Commerce Guild; H2; Heber Springs. William Roy TOOLEY: Electrical Engineering; TBn ; t H2 ; nME; Wesley Players, President; Hope. Steely Stephens Stevenson Stone Stovall Stover Stroud Suddreth Sulcer Summers, C. B. Summers, W. H. Suskie Sutherland Swayze Switzer Taliaferro Tarkington Tarpley Taylor, J. S. Taylor, J. T. Taylor, W. R. Thomason Thompson Thornton, B. G. Thornton, M. S. Tillman Todd Tooley 137 Home Economics; AAA; Colhecon; Little Rock. Jerre Max VAN HOOSE: Farm Management; 2 t E; Fayette¬ ville. Donald Lynn VAUGHT: Agronomy; AZ; Agron¬ omy Club: Hazen. Audette Lee VICK: Electrical Engi¬ neering; Monticello. Sandra VOUGA: English; St. Louis. Mo. Patricia Lea WAGES: Home Economics; Fayetteville. First Row : Donald Lane TOON: Pre-Med; ATP; OAK; AZ; ATA. President; ASA, Treasurer; Student Senate; Young Democrats, President; Animal Industry Club, Treasurer; Cove. Walter Stuart TOWNS: Speech; 2X; OAK; Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer; Wesley Foundation, President; TKA. Vice President; A Club; Forrest City. Bobbie Jae TREADWAY: Home Eco¬ nomics; Fayetteville. Benny Otis TRUSTY, Jr.: Chemi¬ cal Engineering; AIChE, President; Engineering Coun¬ cil; AX2. Treasurer; Russellville. Ellen Jean TRUSTY: Elementary Education; AP; Elementary Club; Little Rock. Durwin G. URSERY: Architecture; AIA, Secre¬ tary; Camden. Ruth VALENTINE: Home Economics; Decatur. Second Row: Wayne Everett VAN BUREN: Civil Engineering; Neosho, Mo. Ruth Ann VANDERBURG: Third Row: Harold P. WALES: Business Admin¬ istration; Ripley blouse; ABC; Scabbard and Blade; Marketing Club; Natchitoches, La. Barbara WALKER: Music; 2 AT; AT; Little Rock. Steven P. WALKER: Chemical Engineering; AX2; AIChE: Engineering Council: Tulsa, Okla. Raymond 1). WALL: Electrical Engineering; AIEE: Rison. Minor Gordon WALLACE. Jr.: Architecture; AIA, Treasurer; Texarkana. Reg WALLIN, Jr.: Journalism; K2; West Memphis. Carole Inez WALLIS: Education; TlB t ; Elementary Club; Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Billy Mac WALSH: Animal Nutrition; FarmHouse; Animal Industry Club; Rogers. Margaret Ann WARD: Psychology and Sociology; Holcombe Hall; Arkadelphia. John Allen WATSON: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Fort Smith. John William WAT¬ SON: Mathematics; Malvern. Ralph Dean WATSON: Mechanical Engineering; IIT2; TBIT; Fordyce. Fred L. WAYMACK: Economics; Pine Bluff. Judy Curtis WEAR: General Business; X0, Secretary; Fort Smith. Toon Towns Treadway Trusty, B. 0. Trusty, E. J. Ursery Valentine Van Buren Vanderburg Van Hoose Vaught Vick Vouga Wages Wales Walker, B. Walker, S. P. Wall Wallace Wallin Wallis Walsh Ward W atson, J. A. W atson, J. W. W atson, R. D. Way mack Wear 188 Weaver Webb, J. M. Webb, L. R. Weger Welsh Wesson West, A. J. West, D. R. West, G. M. Wheeler, J. B. Wheeler, P. D. Whitaker White, J. G. White, J. A. White, M. White, R. C. Whitehead Whittier Whittle Wiggins Wilcox Wiley W ilkerson Wilkins W illiams, A. L. Williams, B. W r . Williams, J. E. Williams, K. First Roiv: Jackie Lee WEAVER: Electrical Engi¬ neering; Prescott. James Murphy WEBB: Architecture; AIA; Pine Bluff. Linda Rozan WEBB: Home Economics; 4-H House; Wesley Foundation; Interna¬ tional Club; Rogers. William C. WEGER: Electrical Engineering; IRE; Benton. M. Ruth WELSH: Ele¬ mentary Education; Alma. John Carl WESSON: Civil Engineering; El Dorado. Alice Jeanette WEST: Home Economics; Carnall Hall; Colhecon; Coterie; Crossett. Second Row: Donald Ray WEST: Personnel Ad¬ ministration; -IT; Young Democrats; Crossett. George Meredith WEST: Industrial Management; Marketing Club; SAM; North Little Rock. Jim Bob WHEELER: Marketing; Fayetteville. Patrick Douglas WHEELER: Art; -ll; Mena. Mary Lou WHITAKER: Home Eco¬ nomics; Carnall Hall; Razorback Band, President; TB2 ? Vice President; Wesley Foundation; Pine Bluff. James George WHITE: Mechanical Engineering; TKE; ASME; MIHC; Blue Eye, Mo. John Austin WHITE, Jr.: Industrial Engineering; 2N; AIIE; SAM; Conway. AHM ; IFC; Blytheville. Nancy Sue WIGGINS: Market¬ ing; nB t ; XO; Marketing Club; Fort Smith. Jerry C. WILCOX: Architecture; nKA; IFC, Vice President; Student Senate; AIA; Little Rock. Fourth Rovj : Clyde Haddock WILEY: Civil Engi¬ neering; Droke House, Treasurer; ASCE; Fort Smith. L. Louis WILKERSON: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Pine Bluff. Rex Edward WILKINS: " Architec¬ ture; AIA; Joplin, Mo. Aaron Lee WILLIAMS: Gen¬ eral Business; Accounting Club; SAM; Mansfield. Billie Winifred WILLIAMS: Journalism and English; Ark¬ ansas Traveler; Springdale. James Edwin WILLIAMS: Chemical Engineering; Rifle Team; AIChE; Fort Smith. Kay WILLIAMS: Secondary Education; Hol¬ combe Hall; Xo. SNEA; Methodist Student Fellow¬ ship; Memphis, Tenn. Third Row: Martha WHITE: Chemistry; Xft; TB2, Treasurer; Orchesis; Dance Workshop; Helena. Robert Coleman WHITE: Architecture; AIA; Little Rock. J. David WHITEHEAD: Agriculture; FarmHouse, President; Entomology Club; ATA; Osceola. Raymond W. WHITTIER: Psychology; 2N; Little Rock. Eddie Joe WHITTLE: Industrial Engineering; 217; SAM; Williams, W. H. Willis Wilson, B. L. Wilson, E. A. Wilson, J. Wilson, J. L. Wilson, K. L. Wilson, P. S. Wilson, R. E. Wilson, T. B. Wilson, V. K. Wimpy Winborn Wolfe Wood Woodson Wooten Wright Yager Yarbro Yates, A. J. R. Yates, H. R. Yeargan Young Zimmerman Zotti First Row: William Harvey WILLIAMS: Chemical Engineering; Gladson House; Bauxite. Alice Ann WILLIS: General Business; ZTA; BT2, Vice President; X0 ? President; Wesley Foundation; Fayetteville. Bob L. WILSON: Chemical Engineering; ©T, President; Arkansas Engineer, Editor; A Book, Editor; $H2; OAK; AIChE; Board of Publications; Malvern. Edmund Allenby WILSON: Architecture; AIA; Helena. Janette WILSON: Education; Ar; Secretary; Civic Club; SNEA, President; Collegiate Singers; Nashville. Jerry Lee WILSON: Mechanical Engineering; Hope. Kenneth Lee WILSON: Civil Engineering; Hamburg. Second Row: Patricia Sue WILSON: Education; ZTA; Elementary Club; Joiner. Richard Eugene WIL¬ SON: Marketing; AK 9 Treasurer; Marketing Club, Treasurer; Guild Ticker, Assistant Editor; Pershing Rifles; Pine Bluff. Thomas Bruce WILSON: Engineer¬ ing; MIHC; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Arkansas Engineer; ASME; Razorback Hall, Vice President; North Little Rock. Virginia Kirkland WIL¬ SON: English; Arkansas Traveler; Arkansas Engineer; Portland. Marion Jo WIMPY: Secondary Education; KKF; SNEA; Harrisburg. Dena Mcllroy WINBORN: Marketing; AAIT ? Treasurer; X0; Sophomore Counselor; Ozark. Robert Leon WOLFE: Personnel Management; 2 t E; Rogers. Third Row: Leon WOOD: Industrial Management; El Dorado. James Harold WOODSON: Chemical Engi¬ neering; 211; AIChE; ABC; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Stuttgart. Ronnie D. WOOTEN: General Business; Mansfield. Dennis Wayne WRIGHT: Botany and Bacteriology; Prescott. Robert Hughes YAGER: Electrical Engineering; Ripley House; Wesley Founda¬ tion; AIEE; IRE; Magnolia. Hubert Ernest YARBRO: General Business; Huntsville. Fourth Row: Anita Joyce Ratcliff YATES: Speech Correction; 2AH; Gentry. Helen Ruth YATES: Gen¬ eral Business; 4-H House, Treasurer; X0; SAM; Center Point. Jerry Reese YEARGAN: Electrical Engineering; HKN ; Kirby. Sharon Audra YOUNG: Bacteriology; Xft; Cheerleader; ABC; Sophomore Counselor; Ark¬ ansas Traveler; Little Rock. Charles Richard ZIM¬ MERMAN: Mechanical Engineering; Carlisle. Wanda Lee ZOTTI: Speech; Huntsville. Lawyers DAZEY: AA; Student Bar Association, Vice President; Fort Collins, Colo. Jon Alan DERMOTT: 2N; Blue Key; Civic Club; Student Senate; IFC; Pre-Law Club; La¬ mar, Mo. Gordon Fred ENGELER, Jr.: 2X; 3 AA ? Pres¬ ident; Student Bar Association; Gamaliel. Lewis E. EP- LEY, Jr.: Student Bar Association; t»AA; KKar • Razor- back Band; Springdale. First Row: Phillip Elwood ALLEN: OAK ? Treasurer; Br2; TKA; A0 I ; Student Bar Association; Law Review; North Little Rock. James M. BARKER, Jr.: A0 £; Bradley. George Morgan BARNWELL: $A0 ? Sec¬ retary; nME ? President; $112; Pershing Rifles; Little Rock. Jerry BERRY: Accounting Association; $AA; Student Bar Association; Blytheville: Edwin R. BETH- UNE: K2; Little Rock. Thomas M. BRAMHALL: 2AE; Student Bar Association; $AA; Little Rock. Guy BRINKLEY: Student Bar Association; Turrell. Franklin Delano BURCHFIELD: McNeil. Second Row: Richard Colburn BUTLER: Little Rock. James Altus BUTTRY: 2AE; Jonesboro. Rodney Thayer CHAMBERS: $AA; Student Bar Association; Magnolia. Jerry Paul CHILDS: nKA, Treasurer; AK ' P; A0 t ; Student Bar Association; Hot Springs. Earl L. Third Row: E. C. GILBREATH: OAK; Student Bar Association; Mena. Henry Noble GILL: Student Bar Association; Young Democrats; Dell. David Fetters G1LLISON, Jr.: 2AE ; Lake Village. Karl Daly GLASS, Jr.: t AA; Young Democrats; SAM; Student Bar Asso¬ ciation; Paris. Hubert E. GRAVES: DeQueen. James Cecil HALE, Jr.: Student Bar Association; A0$; Marion. Lance Lamar HANSHAW: UKA; Student Bar Association; $AA; Jonesboro. Everett Edsel HARBER: Student Bar Association; A0 t ; Blytheville. Fourth Row: Jack H. HAYES: A0 £; Fayetteville. William Edward HENSLEE: $AA ; Pine Bluff. Shirley Richard HIPP: 2 t ; A0 t ; Student Bar Association; Young Democrats; Blytheville. Raebern Brooks HITCH¬ COCK. $AA; Student Bar Association; Little Rock. Ray¬ mond Howell HIXSON: Paris: Phillip David HOUT: K2; A0 i ; AK ' P; Student Bar Association; Newport. Frank HUCKABA, Jr.: nKA; $AA ; Student Bar Asso¬ ciation; Oil Trough. Doyle JuaDon HUNEYCUTT: ( l A0; Student Bar Association; Young Democrats; Camden. Allen Barker Barnwell Berry Bethune Bramhall Brinkley Burchfield Butler Buttry Chambers Childs Dazey Dermott Engeler Epley Gilbreath Gill Gillison Glass Graves Hale Hanshaw Harber Hayes Henslee Hipp Hitchcock Hixson Hout Huckaba Huneycutt 142 Jackson Kinard Lewis McHenry McRae Mattingly Mooney Moran Newbern Nutt Patton Patty Pinson Plaster Purifoy Raff Redpath Reed J. A. Ross R. D. Ross Roten berry Simmons D. E. Smith K. R. Smith R. M. Smith W. R. Smith Spears Streetman Sullards Thomas Tilmon Wade Walton Wrape First Row: Earl Fletcher JACKSON: K2; Lonoke. Milam Michael KINARD: Young Democrats; Magnolia. Paul Kihler LEWIS, Jr.: 211; A0 i ; Pocahontas. Robert M oore McHENRY, Jr.: Student Bar Association, Presi¬ dent; Conway. Thomas Chipman McRAE: 2AE; Young Democrats; El Dorado. Lasly Weaver MATTINGLY: 4 AA; Student Bar Association; Hatton. Charles Marion MOONEY: IRE; A() t ; Student Bar Association; Jones¬ boro. Donald Pat MORAN: Student Bar Association; 1 AA. Vice President; Young Democrats. William David NEWBERN; SAE; 1FC; ABC; AA ; Civic Club; Blue Key; Razorback Staff; Law Review; Student Bar Asso¬ ciation; Fayetteville. Second Roiv: Robert Mitchell NUTT: AXA; t AA; Fayetteville. Jimmy Dale PATTON: $AA; Student Bar Association: Young Democrats; Belleville. Claibourne Watkins PATTY, Jr.: B0IT; hAA, Treasurer; Law Re¬ view, Associate Editor; Little Rock. Jerry Dean PIN¬ SON: 2AE; Harrison. George Nicholas PLASTER: IT KA; BA ' E, President; A0 t ? Secretary; Little Rock. Philip Bruce PURIFOY: K2; Texarkana. Arthur Eu¬ gene RAFF, Jr.: K2; TKA; AK ' I ' ; OAK; A0 f»; Student Bar Association; West Helena. James Robert RED- PATH: ITKA ; Little Rock. Joe Bradford REED: Law Review. Business Manager; Student Bar Association: SAM; Young Democrats; Springdale. Third Row: James A. ROSS, Jr.: AA; Student Bar Association; Young Democrats; Monticello. Robert Dwain ROSS: Student Senate: $AA; Student Bar Asso¬ ciation; Hope. Burl Conrad ROTENBERRY: Law Re¬ view. Editor; Blue Key: $AA; Little Rock. James Martin SIMMONS: ATO; Pine Bluff. Don Edward SMITH: El Dorado. Kenneth Ronald SMITH: 2 I E; i AA ; Student Bar Association: Yellville. Richard M. SMITH: 2N; Pre-Law Club; Poplar Bluff, Mo. Wilbur Read SMITH: K2; El Dorado. Fourth Row: Jim B. SPEARS: ITKA; Jasper. Thomas S. STREETMAN: $AA; Law Review; Student Bar As¬ sociation; McNeil. Bob Ray SULLARDS: AXA ? Vice President; AK ' P; £AA ; Law Review; Student Bar Asso¬ ciation; Young Democrats; Little Rock. Albert Janney THOMAS, Jr.: A0 £; West Memphis. Charles Erbie TILMON: Texarkana. Lynn Fields WADE: 2N; IFC; Student Bar Association; $AA, Secretary; Fayetteville. James M. WALTON: Little Rock. Robert Louis WRAPE, Jr.: Student Bar Association; Paragould. Adarve Aleman Arosemena Arrington Bagley Bartee Beal Black Boyd Brewington Brown Clanton Cole Combs Crouch Davis Deema Dekker Dingier Dixon Dyck Floyd Franks Fulford First Row: Rodrigo ADARVE: Medellin, Antioguia, Colombia. Rodolfo Ernesto ALEMAN: Panama, Pana¬ ma. Jaime Antomio AROSEMENA: r A; International Club, President; Panama City, Panama. Jimmy L. AR¬ RINGTON: 2TE; Jacksonville. Bill W. BAGLEY: New¬ man Club; Paris. John I). BARTEE: Trenton, Ky. Second Row: Thomas E. BEAL: Rector. Lowell Lynn BLACK: AZ. Treasurer; Norman, jo Beth BOYD: Commerce, Tex. William Iven BREWING!ON: Ak; Farmington. Taylor Peninger BROWN: Lepanto. Quin- ten David CLANTON: srE; t BK ; Granby, Mo. Third Row: Carol Lisbeth COLE: Civic Club; Stu¬ dent Senate; Commerce Guild; ABC; SAM, Secretary; Coterie; Wesley Foundation; Fayetteville. George D. COMBS: TBIT; AXS; AIChE; ACS; Fort Smith. Walter H. CROUCH: Weatherford, Okla. George Vernon DAVIS: FarmHouse, Secretary ' ; Conway. Prayoon DEEMA: Nampad, Utaradit, Thailand. Donald Neal DEKKER: A TO; McAllen, Tex. Fourth Row: Doyce M. DINGLER: Kirby. John William DIXON: Excelsior Springs, Mo. Raymond Lee DYCK: OAK; AZ;X2A; N. Newton, Kan. Harold David FLOYD: Fayetteville. Burleigh Don FRANKS: Blue Key; Fayetteville. Richard Stewart FULFORD: Little Rock. Graduates First Row: Jeremy Richard FUNK: Calico Rock. Henry T. GARNER: Elementary Club; Administrators Club, President; Secretary; KAII; Vivian, La. Katherine Ann GERLOFF: Bland, Mo. Jessamine Dag¬ gett GIST: Carnall Hall; $BK; Marianna. John T. GOS¬ SETT: t BK; Blue Key; 2AE; st ' X; Fayetteville. Emdry Allen GROVES: Emporia. Third Row : Winfred Don HARRIS: az ; rSA ; Agronomy Club; Bradford. Linda Marie HOUSTON: Little Rock. William G. HOWARD: BAS ; Owensboro, Ky. Billy R. HUMPHREY: North Little Rock. Theodore C. HUMPHREY: Morrison. Okla. John Lane IDOL, Jr.: Boone, N. C.. Second Row: Joseph Martin GUENTER: North Little Rock. James Alford GUNN: BASE ' , President; BBS ; Monticello. James Carl GUNNELS: Tyler, Tex. Diana Vinson LI ALL: AB; Prairie Grove. Kenneth Paul HANKINS: S i E ; Vidor. Ronald B. HARPER: Little Rock. Fourth Row : Flernoy Glenn JONES: Tichnor. Frieda Ann JONES: Muskogee, Okla. Kenneth E. JONES: Lewisville. Ronald JONES: Searcy. Glen E. KELLEY: Crossett. Tommy H. KELLEY: Hazard, Ky. Funk Garner Gerloff Gist Gossett Groves Guenter Gunn Gunnels Hall Hankins Harper Harris Houston Howard B. Humphrey T. Humphrey Idol F. G. Jones F. A. Jones K. E. Jones R. Jones G. E. Kelley T. H. Kelley 145 Graduates First Row: George William KEULKS: Collinsville, Ill. Donald L. KYLE: Magnolia. Helen Louise LAW- BAUGH: Fulbright Hall. Counselor; Little Rock. Vir¬ ginia Elaine LIPINSKY: New York, N. Y. Milburn J. LITTLE: AK ; $AK; Pittsburg, Kan. Harry Reese LIT- TRELL: Fordyce. Third Row: Paige Elliot MULHOLLAN: KS ; BF2; OAK; Arkansas Traveler, Business Manager; Student Di¬ rectory, Business Manager; Fort Smith. William Van MUSE: TKE; SAM; Blue Key; Union, Miss. Benson Gregory NASH: Smackover. Lloyd George NICHOLS: Secondary Elementary Club; Carlisle. Eldon Joe NO¬ SARI: nME; OAK; Little Rock. Robert B. OWEN: BSU; Pine Bluff. Second Row: Beth Marion LOGAN: KKF; IIME; x; Fayetteville. Leighton Robert McGILL: Chidester. Martha J. McNEIL: Rector. Richard Harper MASON: Norphlet. Thomas Herbert MATHIAS: Fayetteville. Carolyn Elaine MOAK: AMA; SAM: Port Arthur, Tex. Fourth Row: Emmanelle OWENS: Warded, Mo. Jacob R. PHILLIPS: Newport. Madelyn PICKENS: Pickens. Charles Alfred POE: Waldron. Veronica Eliza¬ beth PORTEOUS: Shreveport. La. Daniel Wayne PUCKETT: Searcy. Keulks Kyle Lawbaugh Lipinsky Little Littrell Logan McGill McNeil Mason Mathias Moak Mulhollan Muse Nash Nichols Nosari Owen Owens Phillips Pickens Poe Porteous Puckett MG Rose Schaeffer Sharp Siler Simmons A. Simpson T. Simpson D. Smith L. J. Smith W. F. Smith Swaim Taylor Trammell Treadway Treece Wallace Ward Warren Watson White Wilson Witherspoon Wray First Row: Louis Allen ROSE: TBIT; HKN; IRE; Mineral Springs. William Frederick SCHAEFFER: Springfield, Mo. Warren Hubbard SHARP: Branner Geology Club, President; Secretary; Scabbard and Blade; Wesley Players; Sulphur Springs. Alva Bay SILER: AZ; Pleasant Plains. John Herbert SIMMONS: °AK; Springfield, Mo. Anne SIMPSON: AT, Secretary; AAA; H2$ ? Secretary; ITME; f BK; Fayetteville. Second Row: Thomas J. SIMPSON: Mena. Don SMITH: Fayetteville. Rev. Louis John SMITH: Little Rock. William F. SMITH: Maysville. Loyal Wayne SWAIM: A gronomy Club; Waldron. Bobby Louis TAY¬ LOR: Imboden. Third Row: Robert R. TRAMMELL: X ; Little Rock. John F. TREADWAY: Fayetteville. Neill Hamil¬ ton TREECE: Leslie. William T. WALLACE: Gillett. James Everett WARD: KAII; 4 AK; Dardanelle. L. Brad¬ ley WARREN: Animal Industry Club; Agronomy Club; AZ; Cherry Hill. Fourth Row: Tommy Gene WATSON: Healdton, Okla. Audrey Anderson WHITE: Storm Lake. Iowa. Yvonna Ann WILSON: Batesville. Robert Paul WITH¬ ERSPOON: AK; Conway. Donald Edward WRAY: nKA, President; IFC; ASA; AZ; Des Arc. i-fifc d OFFICERS Fall Semester President__Sara Bridenthal Vice President__Shirley Golden Secretary_Linda Lee Jones Treasurer_Judy Chivers Spring Semester President _ Judy Sandusky Vice President __ _ Willie Sheeks Secretary _ Suzanne Doshier Treasurer _ Pat Johnson Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi’s social calendar included a banquet in honor of the Razorback football team, a pledge dance, a faculty tea, a spring formal, an open house for both Alpha Tau Omega and Acacia Fraternity in honor of their sweethearts, and a Christmas Party for underpriveleged children in Fayetteville. Along with having top scholarship, Alpha Delta Pi is well represented on the A.W.S. Executive Board, holds four major offices in the Women’s Recreational Association, and has earned many other activities and awards. Alpha Delta Pi was founded May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. Delta Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi came to the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas in the fall of 1957. Alpha Delta Pi ' s celebrate their house decorations victory which was achieved during the homecoming festivities. 150 First Row: Doris Ann Anderson, Patricia Diane Balay, Vir¬ ginia Lea Macdonald Balch, Norma Gail Baldwin, Margaret Ann Barton, Martha Temple Bellamy, Judy Bird, Sara Lee Bridenthal, Zoe Ann Bridenthal, Gail Mignon Campbell, Judith Anne Chivers. Fourth Row: Suzanne Lane, Neena Victoria Ledbetter, Linda Lehnhard, Betty Ann Leverette, Sally Ann McCune, Margaret Virginia Malloy, Martha Ann Milum, Melinda Louise Mosley, Marilyn Lou Pettibon, Mary Sue Porter, Judith Ann Presley. Second Row: Nancy Cina, Susan Arden Cina, Nancy Crutch- field, Diana Daulton, Suzanne Doshier, DeAnne DuVall, Ann Amerson Engeler, Patricia Ann Flowers, Letitia Jeanne Grano, Charlene Adele Haddad, Linda Rae Hathaway. Third Row: Mary Kathleen Hawkins, Judith Taylor Hefley, Joyce Lea Jenkins, Sharon Louise Jennings, Patricia Belle Johnson, Linda Lee Jones, Mary Lou Jones, Robbie Louise Juniel, Nina Claire Keaton, Beverly Ann Kelley, Lana Lamkin. Fifth Row: Nancy Puckette, Janice Rittershouse, Barbara Jayne Roberts, Rita Lynn Rogers, Judy Gwyn Sandusky, Mari¬ lyn Sue Savage, Lora Frances Scott, Willie L. Sheeks, Winnie Lee Sheeks, Elaine Smith, Linda Louise Standridge. Sixth Row: Linda Lou Stephens, Virginia Waldron, Mary Kay Walls, Nancy Carol Watkins, Jeanne Louise Williams, Sandra Darlene Williams, Sue Quinn Wilson. Dena Mcllroy Winborn, Alice Clara Wingfield, Kathryn Lucille Woodruff. 151 First Row: Jacquelyn Sue Anderson, Diane Ball, Nancy Barn¬ hill, Gail Blossom, Kay Karolyn Bray, Dolly Bretherick, Patricia Robbs Brunner, Anabeth Cadwell, Becky Cockrill, Frances Rogers Cockrill, Rebecca Cooper. Second Row: Mary Carolyn Cox, Signa Louise Crowe, Carolyn Polk Curtis, Mary Clare Dowell, Sue Dunson, Lou Ellen East. Mary Dupree Eldridge, Mary Eppler, Mary Ann Evans, Melinda Lou Felt, Georgann Fisher. Third Row: Suzanne Fuess, Madge Urquhart Gregory, Mollie Cross Haley, Susan Hunter Hamilton, Virginia Ann Hays, Grace Ann Heath, Sue Stephanie Heidgen, Sandy Hillman, Gloria Carolyn James, Luellen Ashley Jones, Suzanne Jones. Fourth Row: Roslyn Sears Lander, Jane Gardner Landers, Betty Jane Leggett, Carolyn Lewis, Dolly Wade McAdams, Mild¬ red Kay McCarty, Kay McCollum, Ann Martin, Mary Jane Melton, Rosemary Millwee, Frances Mitchell. Fifth Row: Jenny Lee Mitchell, Marilyn Blanche Montgomery, Roberta A. M. Montgomery, Sue Noland, Julie Perry, Carol Ann Peters, Susan Kirkland Pettus, Mary Wheeler Prewitt, Sherry Lynn Ragsdale, Phyllis Anne Rainer, Carol Anne Raines. Sixth Row: Anne Reutzel, Barbara Lee Rigsby, Alice Marian Rothert, Mildred Lillian Rowland, Julie Ann Saeler, Ann Sherland, Marjorie Sue Simms, Sydney F. Slack, Helen Hamil¬ ton Smith, Mary Kay Stevenson, Alice Christine Sulcer. Seventh Row: Marianne Sutherland, Patti Lucille Trimble, Sand ra Trust, Anne C. Turner, Jamie Umsted, Peggy Warner, Martha White, Mary Beth Wilson, Bridget Katherine Wright, Sharon Audra Young. 152 Chi Omega Chi Omega listed as its social activities this year a pledge dinner dance, a faculty tea, a Christmas party, a spring formal, and other drop-ins and receptions. Along with their social and civic service program, Chi Omega distributed Thanksgiving baskets and gave a party for underprivileged chil¬ dren at Christmas. Chi Omega was well represented on campus with members of Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, and girls in “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities”. They also won beauty honors and ranked high in scholar¬ ship. Psi Chapter, the mother chapter of Chi Omega, was chartered on the University of Arkansas campus on April 5, 1895. One of its founders, Miss Jobelle Holcombe, is a resident of Fayetteville and a very active alumna. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Mary Jane Melton Vice President_Barbara Rigsby Secretary _ Roslyn Lander Treasurer __ Alice Rothert Spring Semester President _Mary Beth Wilson Vice President _ _ Sue Dunson Secretary _ Carolyn Lewis Treasurer _ __Carolyn Kendrick Chi O ' s aid photographer in lining up pledges for pictures during rush week. 153 OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Sara Jane Melton Vice President _ Linda McGee Secretary __ Dorothy Kay Jones Treasurer _ Sara McGregor Spring Semester President _ Vicki Lindsey Vice President_Garlanda Green Secretary _ Patty Barrow Treasurer_ Prissy Lowe Delta Delta Delta Tri Delta opened their social season with a pledge debut, followed shortly by a Christmas party, an Apple Polishing Party for the faculty, a Bridge Party for Alumnae, the Old South Ball, and a Pansy Breakfast honoring the Tri Delt seniors. Tri Delta is well rounded in campus and religious activities. Many are officers of campus, religious and academic organizations, including the State Vice President of AWS. They also have several beauty title winners. Delta Delta Delta traces its founding t o Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University. November 15, 1913, marked the birth of Delta Iota chapter of Tri Delta on the University of Arkansas campus. Tri Delt member Kathy Edwards displays her present during the sorority ' s annual Christmas Party. 154 First Row : Laura Jo Agre, Nita Jon Anderson, Donna Idelle Axum, Patti Barrow, Bess Beasley, Molly Jo Beasley, Roberta Jo Best, Elois O ' Dell Bleidt, Jane Marie Brady, Sharon Kay Brooks. Second Row: Cookie Cain, Lynda Sue Childers, Sandra Carole Clements, Mary B. Connell, Holly Ann Corrotto, Sandy Kay Crabtree, Elizabeth Crane, Patricia Susan Crone, Nancy Nations Dohoney, Barbara Anita Duncan. Third Row: Betty Sue Dunlavy, Jane Durham, Connie Ann Edrington, Carolyn Ann Edwards, Kathryn Louise Edwards, Patricia Jo Elcan, Linda Marie Ferrell, Sue Clair Fincher, Susie Meming, Jeanne Fullerton. fourth Row: Laura Edwina Fuqua, Nancy Ann Garner, Betty Gates, Garlanda Greene, Judith Lynn Gunn, Paula Jean Haile, Beverly Gayle Hankins. Dorothy Ann Harkey, Mebane Harri¬ son, Elizabeth Annette Heliums. Fifth Row: Susan Hogan, Emily Carol Johnson, Cindy Jones, Dorothy Kay Jones, Gloria Elaine Junkin, Shelby Jean Kimes, Mary Ellen Lenggenhager, Alice Anderson Lindsey, Sandra Lee Lovegrove, Priscilla Ann Lowe, Patricia Jane McAdams. Sixth Row: Judith Love McEntire, Sara Frances McGregor, Jenett McNiel, Anita Elizabeth McWaters, Linda Ellis Magee, Sarah Jane Melton, Jo Lynne Newsum, Joyce Marketta Nor¬ wood, Barbara Adams Osborne, Dorothy Elise Rumph. Mary Susan Seeger. Seventh Row: Emaly Louise Shuman, Helen Ruth Smith, Sally Smoot, Billye Jean Scores, Mary Ann Stout, Ruth Ann Vandenberg, Bettie Cazort Vaughan, Bonnie Wassell, Judith West, Mary Ann Williams, Linda Kay Wilson. 155 First Row: Carole Adams, Elizabeth Ann Baker, Kay Baker, Kitten Barnett, Lynda Beth Borum, Sandra Louise Bowers, Lela Mary Calhoun, Donna Ellen Carter. Second Row: Elizabeth Ann Conery, Patricia Sue Congour, Patricia Sue Cralley, Saundra I). Dean, Rosemary Feemster, Peggy Marie Foiles, Joy Lea Foil, V. Anne Hart. Third Row: Becky Hawkins, Carolyn Anne Hoffman, Sharon Lynn Horton. Russa Lou Howerton, Erma Sue Howerton, Lillie Lee Johns, Pat A. Johnson, Shirley Ruth Jones. Fourth Row: Susan Kennon, Barbara Lynn King, Elizabeth Leah King, Donna Rae Kirk, Sylvia Ann Lay, Patricia Ann Matthews, Judith McGalin, Patsy Ann Moberly. Fifth Row: Deanna Moore, Patty Lou Morrison, Emily Katurah Owen, Sammye Louese Phelan, Nancy Belle Plow¬ man, Sammye Lou Price, Dorothy June Ratcliff, Betty Carol Russell. Sixth Row: Sandra Lynn Sandefur, Sara Rebecca Sanders, Joan C. Shockley, Sara Charlotte Smith, Suzanne Mary Ston¬ er, Jo Terrell, Sandra Treadwell, Janette Wilson. 156 Delta Gamma Included in the social season of Delta Gamma this year were their annual Faculty Tea, the Pinafore Party, Founder’s Day, a spaghetti supper and their spring formal, the Anchor Ball. Delta Gamma joined with Sigma Phi Ep¬ silon fraternity to give underprivileged children a Christmas Party. Among the honors that Delta Gamma received this year were two mem¬ bers tapped for Mortar Board, two members placed on “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities”, and one member elected for member¬ ship in Phi Beta Kappa. The University of Mississippi was the sight of the founding of Delta Gamma sorority on December 5, 1873. Alpha Omega of Delta Gamma originated on the University of Arkansas campus in October of 1903. OFFICERS Fall Semester President __Peggy Foiles Vice President Susan Kennon Secretary _ ___ Sammye Phelan Treasurer _ Carole Adams Spring Semester President _ _Lee Johns Vice President __ Nancy Plowman Secretary _ ___ Pat Cralley Treasurer _ _ Liz King In conjunction with the Sig Eps, Delta Gamma gives a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. 157 OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Nona Proctor Vice President _ Mary Jo Shultz Secretary _ Gail Ramsey Treasurer _ Emily Kitchens Spring Semester President _ Diane Simpson Vice President_ Jo Ellen Clark Secretary _ _ Sara Smith Treasurer _ _ Monica Hartstein Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa has had a busy year in academic accomplishments, social events, and campus activities. Charlotte Petree travelled to New York with the College Bowl team to represent the University on General Electric’s televi¬ sion program. A football banquet and Christmas decorating party pro¬ vided added excitement to the normal exchange dinner and drop-in routine. Two Who’s Who members, two Mortar Board members, the vice-president and secretary of AWS, chairman of the Student Union Governing Board, a homecoming maid and an honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel are a few of the achievements of Kappas in the past year. The big gfay house on the corner of Maple and Leverette is filled this year to capacity with an active group of girls who wear the key of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Monmouth College at Monmouth, Illinois, was the site of the first chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma in 1870. Gamma Nu chapter, on the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas campus, was founded on April 15, 1925. First Row: Jeanette Adams, Elizabeth Ann Alexander, A. Joan Anderson, Mary Doll Ashby, Brenda Barham, Gale Bot¬ kin Barrows, Martha Anne Booth, Jeanne Bowman, Linda Bragg, Jerry Kay Braucher, Brenda Bullion. Second Row: Alary Linda Burton, Alargo Ann Byers, Diane Cadenhead, Susan Preston Canine, ,Jo Ellen Clark, Connie Jean Clulow, Barbara Allen Coleman, Lynda Lou Cook, Sandy Elaine Cook, Margaret Tippett Cravens, Darlene Diane Cross. Third Row: Delia Destlu, Georgia Louise Dortch, Judith Gail Eoff, Dee Rae Fossum, J. Jean Fowler, Lanelle Fuller, Linda Gardenhire, Jan Gardner, Judith Annette Gray, Janet C. Grohoski, Barbara Jean Hall. Fourth Row: Anne Thalia Haas, Monika Hartstein, June Hooten, Maribeth Hornsby, Charlotte Hudspeth, Brenda Joyce Ingram, Susie Jenkins, Sandra Kay Johnson, Linda Joyce, Patty Kelly, Carol Anne Kirby. Fifth Row: Emily Rowena Kitchens, Beth Marion Logan, Carol Ann McNair, Jane Anne McNew, Mary Ned Mallory, Sueilen Marlin, Mary Ann Mitchell, Marcia Ann Parker. Lyn¬ da Lou Parnell, Sandra Sue Pate, Charlotte Maxine Petree. Sixth Row: Nona Glenn Proctor, Janet Sherrill Kagan. Gail Kathleen Ramsay, Sylvia Rose Rankin, Ann Marie Rhodes, Mary Olive Rhodes, Patti Richmond, Judy Ritgerod, Anna Louise Rudder, Mary Josephine Schultz, Mary Agnes Scott. Seventh Row: Louisa Ann Sedwick, Dianne Claire Simpson, Sally Simpson, Janis Elizabeth Skipper, Sara Anne Smith. Janet Sue Tarpley, Jane Beatrice Tudor. Judy Vardner. Marion Jo Wimpy, Ety Wolf, Walda Jean Wright. 159 First Row: L’Moore Fontaine Alford, Mary Martha Anderson, Andrea Anthony, Carol Ann Bailey, Linda Jean Bartlett, Vicki Jo Borman, Freda Kay Bragg, Betty Kate Brown, Margaret Vesta Butler, Martha Dale Cooley. Second Row: Jo Ann Cooper, Elizabeth B. Copeland, Mildred Cromwell, Jane Dills, Elinor Duschl, Carolyn Rosalind Eason, Donna Jo Edwards, Judy Edwards, Cynthia Ann England, Rose¬ mary Fones. Third Row: Paula Kay Hamm, Cherry Ann Harkey, Marilyn Louise Harris, Brenda Gail Heck, Rebecca Ann Hudson, Mary Jane Huno, Shirley Ann Jackson, Judith Mary Johnson, Susan A. Jones, Diane Kelley. Fourth Row: Barbara Sue King, Jane Kitchen, Jane Lewis, Susan Linebarger, Jerrie Ann McAdoo, Marianne McCauley, Patsy Lee McMahen, Susan Ethel McShane, Priscilla Rose¬ mary Maddox, Alary Bess Alalone. Fifth Row: Daryl Jane Malone, Patricia Mayes, Marian Guerard Moore. Janet Morley, Nancy Morrison, Dorothy Louis Nelson, Judy Newman, Lucy Lee Oglesby, Cynthia Anne Pad¬ gett, Carolyn Sue Phelps. Sixth Row: Judith Ann Ragland, Sharon Raney, Josephine Rasco, Cita Elizabeth Rogers, Mary Ella Russell, Susan Pinson Seaboro, Julianne Seale, Ann Henri Shaw, Sharri Kaye Smith, Suellen South. Seventh Row: Judith Anne Stallings, Linda Kay Swaney, Mary Sue Thornton, Hope VanAIeter, Carole Inez Wallis, Judy Gaye Wheeler. Joyce Ellen White, Nancy Sue Wiggins, Mary Elizabeth Wilkie, Sandra Wilson, Sandra Sue Yates. 160 Pi Beta Phi The well-developed social program of Pi Beta Phi this year included a Christmas Party, a pledge dinner-dance, a Pancake Supper, a Christmas Alumnae Dinner, a pledge lockout, evening vespers and the spring formal, as well as various drop-ins and receptions. Outstanding in almost every phase of campus activity, Pi Phis held high offices in AWS. including the Chairman of AWS Judicial Board, and the Treasurer of AWS. Besides many beauty honors, Pi Beta Phi has mem¬ bers in Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa and “Who’s Who in American Col¬ leges and Universities.” Pi Beta Phi dates it national founding to April 28, 1867, on the campus of Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. Arkansas Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi was established at the University of Arkansas on December 29, 1909. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Sharon Raney Vice President_ _ Judy Ragland Secretary _ Sandra Yates Treasurer Mildred Cromwell Spring Semester President _ _ Pat McMahen Vice President _ Sandra Yates Secretary _ _ Judy Stallings Treasurer_ _ Jane Dills OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Sonja Dehan Vice President _ Kay Kolb Secretary _ Ann McCracken Treasurer _ Lynn Grant Spring Semester President _ Liz Robinson Vice President _ Teeter Stanley Secretary_ Linda Roeder Treasurer _ Connie Capers Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta’s social calendar was quite full during the year. Among the ac¬ tivities are included a pledge dinner-dance, a Christmas party for under¬ privileged children, a faculty tea, the annual pledge cakewalk, a banquet honoring the Razorback football team, the Mardi Gras spring formal and a Founder’s Day Banquet. In campus activity, Zeta placed first in Sig ma Nu Relays. Outstanding in many areas of campus leadership, Zeta was well rep¬ resented in .several honor fraternities, AWS leaders, Mortar Board and student publications, as well as campus beauties. The mother chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was established at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, on October 15, 1898, and Epsilon chapter of Zeta joined the University of Arkansas Greek system in 1903. Zetas hold a short celebration after their triumph in the Sigma Nu relays with Sigma Nu president Gary Standridge. 162 First Row: Bette Bonita Barnett, Virginia Carolyn Beale, Ashley Beauchamp, Nina J. Bishop, Jimmie Lou Brigance, Barbara J. Bryan, Coretta Jane Bury, Charlotte Hampton Byrn, Connie Capers, Nora Alice Carlson. Second Row: Norma Carolyn Cearley, M. Carolyn Clinc¬ hes, Robin Lee Cole, Vivian Ann Cowger, Nancy Katherine Cox, Vicki Lou Crabb, Joyce Mae Crabtree, Mary Cay Crow, Jean Estelle Cummings, Donna Kay Cypert. Third Row: Emily Ann Davis, Sonja A. Dehan, Judith Jo Doolin, Linda Anne Dunn, Marian Azelle Estes, Pud Hoyd, Mary Lee Franklin, Carol Gieck, Jessie Lynn Galloway, Lynne Grant. Fourth Roiv: Louise Guisinger, Barbara Jayne Guthunz, Syl¬ via Ann Hack, Linda Annette Hall, Anne Hansen, Elizabeth Ann Head, Sherry Leon Holley, Gretchen Jett, Becky Lea Kin¬ caid, Judy Ann Kinslow. Fifth Row: Kay Ela Kolb, Karen Anne Kozel, Mary Beth Laws, Cynthia Joan Ligon, Margaret Ann Little, Ann S. Mc¬ Cracken, Willa Nell McCuistion, Martha Anna Martin, Barbara Elizabeth Moberg, Virginia Sue Moore. Sixth Row: Marilyn Nell Morris, Melaine Parker, Sara Annelle Patterson, Linda Clair Perry, Carolyn Sue Petty¬ john. Marilyn Joan Pharr, Judith Ann Phillips, Carolyn Raley. Phyllis Ann Rainwater, Judy Carolyn Rateliff. Seventh Row: Rita Sue Reader, Elaine Elizabeth Robinson, Linda Margaret Roeder, Norma Jean Russell, Mary Ann Sallee, Mary JaNoel Smith, Mary Edna Smith, Lela Vernelle Stanley, Katie N. Taylor, Royce Jo Thompson. Eighth Row: Judy Turner, Jackie Elaine VanSickle, Karen Kay Warren, Nancy Watson, Judith White, Sue Ann Wilker- son, Alice Ann Willis, Priscilla Sue Wilson, Jimmy Lea Wright. 163 First Row: Kay Bray, Sara Trager, Jo Best, Sara Briden- Melton, Sue Quinn Wilson. Third Row: Jo Terrell, Sonja Delian, thal. Second Row: Nona Proctor, Sharon Raney, Sarah Jane Charlotte Hudspeth, Mary Jane Melton. First Row: William A. Anderson, Jr., Jerry Wilcox, Box Shults, Stan Martin, Gary Shelby, Richard Mayfield, Kietli Rine¬ hart. Second Row: Bob Bass, Kenneth Galloway, Jerry Sanders, Steve O’Kelley, Larry Fry, Gaston Gibson, Jr. Third Row: David Whitehead, Dick Stewart, Charles Daniel, Buddy Die- hold, E. D. Yancey, Martin Gilbert, Jack Williams, Billy Wilson. Fourth Row: Larry L. McGouron, Jim Minmier, Tom Rogers, John Moore, Donald McKnight, Don Schnipper, Loyd Hurst, Neil Schmidt, Bill Helbron. First Row: Lee Bowman, Jack Roberts, Doll Ashly, Denny Hurley, Susan Seeger, Diane Cadenhead, Joan Ligon, Suzanne Fuess, Sara Charlotte Smith, Judy Agre, Larry G. Phillips. Second Row: Alice Wingfield, Betty Leverette, Sharon Horton, Sharri Smith, Mary Wheeler Prewitt, Mike Meistrell, Jimmie Lea Wright, Michael Horan, Paul Johnson, David Foust. Third Row: Richard T. Kushmaul, Winston Futrell, William Kidder, Jim C. Bowman, John D. Hale, Robert W. Mackey, William Vangilder. Fourth Row: Paul Revis, Edward Lofton, Lee Stewart, Leonard McKinney, John Garmon, Earle Long, Steve Stevens, Bill Hawkins, Jim Cox, Bob Parker. Pan Hellenic Council Every year the sorority pledge class with the highest grade point is awarded a trophy by the Panhellenic Coun¬ cil. Panhellenic aids in promoting inter-sorority relations and is the governing board for all campus sororities. The Council is composed of the president and rush chair¬ man of each sorority. Each year the Council sets the rush rules for sororities. This year one of the main ac¬ tivities was the reviewing of petitions from various na¬ tional sororities. As a result of the Council’s efforts. Alpha Chi Omega is to be installed on the University campus and will be housed in Davis Hall. OFFICERS: Kay Bray, President; Sara Trager, Secretary; Jo Best, Treasurer; Sue Quinn Wilson, Handbook Chairman. Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council serves as the mediation board for the Greek-letter fraternities on the University of Arkansas Campus. It governs and coordinates the ef¬ forts of all the fraternities toward making just policies and effective rush programs. Through the efforts of the IFC the fraternities are directed toward the common goals of leadership and schol¬ arship in addition to the usual social fraternity activities. IFC has been entrusted with wide disciplinary powers by the University. OFFICERS: William A. Anderson, Jr., President; Jerry Wilcox, Vice-President; Bob Shults, Treasurer. Interfraternity Pledge Council The Interfraternity Pledge Council is composed of two representatives from each fraternity and sorority on the campus. The principles of the IFPC are basically the same as Panhellenic and IFC. It serves as an administrative and directive body to encourage cooperation between pledge classes. An annual Pledge dance is held each year by the IFPC. OFFICERS: Lee Bowman, President; Jack Roberts, Vice- President; Doll Ashby, Secretary; Denny Hurley, Treasurer. OFFICERS Fall Semester President__ _ Stephen O’Kelley Vice-President_Teddy Shannon Secretary _ Kenneth Galloway Treasurer _ Stuart Harris Spring Semester President_Stephen O’Kelley Vice-President_Teddy Shannon Secretary _ Kenneth Galloway Treasurer _ _ Stuart Harris Acacia The fact that Acacia’s name contains no Greek letters tends to set the fraternity apart from the other social groups on campus. This year fraternity social life was accented with such functions as the Night on the Nile Party, the Halloween Party, the Christmas Dance, the Valentine Ball, the Black and Gold Formal and a Housemothers Tea. During the Christmas season Acacia played host to underprivileged children with a Christmas party in their behalf. Probably the accomplishment most treasured by Acacia men was the winning of the Acacia National Growth Achievement Award. Their Home¬ coming decoration also brought the men a first-place trophy. The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor was the sight of the first chapter of Acacia on May 13, 1904. The Arkansas chapter of Acacia Fra¬ ternity is one of the University’s youngest, having its beginning April 14. 1951. Acacia members and pledges attempt to break the national record for Volkswagens as their dinner a- waits for the hard-working men. 166 First Row: M orris Edward Boyd. Roy K. Burks, Larry Keith Evans, Kenneth Lynn Galloway, John Wesley Garmon, Edward W. Gass, Tom J. Gentry. Second Row: Jack Weber Guerin, David Loy Hale, Thomas Stuart Harris, Robert M. Jeffery Jr., R. Bruce Keene, Dennis S. Lepp, John M. Little. Third Row: Woodrow Wilson Mann Jr., Robert Behrens Mitchell, John Stephen O’Kelley, Dan Olsen, Thomas Harold Owens, Charles Kenneth Panned, David Paul Ross. Fourth Row: Carl Max Russell, Paul Todd Sanders, Lester Lloyd Schwartz, Ralph Theodore Shannon, Ernest Howard Simpson II, James Hyatt Suddreth, Jarrell H. Teague, Dee Vaughn Wresche. 167 First Row: Bobby F. Blackstone, William Jason Cain, James Keith Cooksey, Larry Lee Fry, Daniel Baxter Gladden, Freddy Marion Hale, Robert Arlon Hill. Second Row: Jasper 0. Hoggard, Jimmie Ralph Little, James E. Marrs, Ronald Sherman Maxwell, Gary Fred Norris, Charles Edward Sax, Thomas Lester Smith, Jr. Third Row: Arlie D. Sparkman, Donald Lane Toon, Doyle Wayne Treat, William Monroe Vangilder, Billy Lynn Wilson, Earl Wayne Wilson. AGR member Charles Sax hopefully talks to a prospective date in the house ' s telephone booth. 168 Alpha Gamma Rho It was repair time around the Alpha Gamma Rho house this year. The boys got together and gave their house on Arkansas Avenue a general face¬ lifting, preparing it for this year’s occupancy. Although busy with their house, the fraternity did not neglect the social calendar for the year. The major functions for this year included a Rooster Day Dance, which had a western or farm theme, the Pink Rose Formal, held annually in the spring, and a spring outing at the end of May. Other minor activities included drop-ins after home football games. Being primarily an agricultural fraternity, the members of Alpha Gamma Rho work closely with the clubs in the College of Agriculture. Alpha Gamma Rho was founded April 4, 1908, when local fraternities at the University of Illinois and the University of Ohio combined to form a national fraternity. Alpha Iota chapter of AGR at the University of Ar¬ kansas was chartered April 28, 1934. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Larry Fry Vice President _ Bob Hill Secretary - Charles Sax Treasurer_ J. 0. Hoggard Spring Semester President _ Larry Fry Vice President _ Bob Hill Secretary _ Charles Sax Treasurer_ J. 0. Hoggard AGR men Earl Wilson, Daniel Gladden and James Cooksey look on while Larry Fry plays a short game of solitaire. 169 OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Dick Stuart Vice President_John Hudman Secretary _ Joe Blankenship Treasurer__ C. R. Dale, Jr. Spring Semester President_Dick Stuart Vice President_John Hudman Secretary__ Joe Blankenship Treasurer _ _ C. R. Dale, Jr. Alpha Tau Omega The very well-developed social program of Alpha Tau Omega this year included the annual winter formal, the Snow Flake Whirl; the Yard- and-a-Half Party; the T-Rose Ball and seven other parties. In keeping with ATO’s national “Help Week” instead of Hell Week policy, Alpha Xi sponsored a trophy which is given each year to the fraternity on campus having the best “Help Week” project. This program is designed to be a community service. In addition to having a complete program of social events and service activities, ATO also fared very well in leadership, having men in many areas of responsibility. Alpha Tau Omega was the first social fraternity founded after the Civil War on September 11, 1865. A few years later the University of Ar¬ kansas began its fraternity system with Alpha Xi of ATO. chartered March 13, 1882. During the day ATO men find it a relax ing pastime to lounge around their liv¬ ing room and exchange daily routines. 170 First Row: James Errol Arthurs, Charles Eugene Bell, Car¬ rol Fairfax Blakemore, Joseph Rayburn Blankenship, Jr., Wil¬ liam Kemper Burton, Jr., Jack Eugene Buffington, Ronald Wayne Chunn. Second Roiv: Russell Mack Cumberland, Cecil R. Dale, Jr., Donald Neal Dekker, Carter Ware Ferguson, Richard Lee Green, L. Allan Hall, J. William Helborn. Third Row: John Thomas Hudman, Darrell L. Lucas, Robert Wade Mackey, Paul Albert Marinoni, ' lorn E. Owens, Francis Wilkins Parker, Joe Emil Pouzar. Fourth Row: Donald Wayne Satterfield, Luis Seneriz. James Martin Simmons, David Alan Stewart, James Lee Stewart, Mar¬ vin A. Stuart, Carl Don Watson, Roger Wayne Wilkerson. ATO members and pledges gather around the piano during a short study break to hear the artistic abilities of one brother. 171 In FarmHouse scholastic achievements are stressed so Jerry Stowe decides to undertake his nightly session. First Row: Richard L. Bell, Curtis J. Bequette, Claude M. Bonner, Danny Ray Bourland, Imon Lynn Brown, Thomas James By ram, Doyle Ray Campbell. Second fowiMilton M. Dahlke, Dwight Edward Davis, George Vernon Davis, James Lawrence Grigsby, William Travis Hen¬ drix, Weldon Leon Peters, Dale Price. Third Row: Robert Paul Rainey, Keith Edward Rinehart, Haskell H. Roberts. Frank Louis Scaramuzza, Larry Joe Smith- son, Jerry Randel Stowe, Bill Mac Walsh, J. David Whitehead. 172 F armHouse The fraternity’s major interests and activities are in the field of agricul¬ ture and membership is restricted to those whose majors lie in the College of Agriculture. Activities for this year included the Bowery Ball, a semi-formal Christ¬ mas Dance, and the annual Sweetheart Dance. Open houses and Founders’ Day were also features of this year. Homecoming was highlighted for the fraternity by the Association Breakfast. FarmHouse men are extremely proud of their scholastic record. They have been the highest ranked scholars of the social fraternities since 1954. The FarmHouse Fraternity came into existence at the University of Mis¬ souri on April 15, 1905, and the Arkansas chapter, which was founded October 2, 1954, is one of the University’s youngest fraternities. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_David Whitehead Vice President_ Dwight Davis Secretary _ Frank Scaramuzza Treasurer __ _ Claude Bonner Spring Semester President _ Larry Smithson Vice President_Frank Scaramuzza Secretary _ Jim Grigsby Treasurer_ Richard Bell FarmHouse men relax during a short break and look at various current newspap¬ ers, magazines and apparently a glove. 1 78 OFFICERS Fall Semester President - Don McKnight Vice President _ David Lambert Secretary _ _Robin Davis Treasurer_ - _ Fallon Davis Spring Semester President Richard Hatfield Vice President ____ Joe Jim Thornton Secretary _ Jay Willis Treasurer _ Fallon Davis Kappa Sigma 711 West Dickson (referred to by some as Kappa Sigma) was active on the campus only one semester this year. The only major social activity of the fraternity was its Christmas Formal (which was squeezed in just before the crest was torn from the house), for which Joe Turner performed. Social life being rather subdued, the house w ' as forced to turn to the legitimate practice of earning honors. In addition to winning the top prize for their homecoming float, the men w ere w 7 ell represented in Blue Kev, Gaebale leaders, intramurals and cheerleading, which, after all, was worth somthing. Kappa Sigma traces its beginning to the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869. Xi, the University of Arkansas chapter, received chap¬ ter status May 29, 1890. Fraternity status being what it was. Kappa Sigs turned to the activity of bird watching for amusement. STS Kr. v f A ■ Bp -Hr Mr , fS z c f Hi R- ■f . j ' ■ 4SS 174 First Row: Robert Blair Bailey, Edwin R. Bethune, Charles Paul Bowie, Barnett Porter Brings, Jim Robert Bush, James Carver, Bill Clax, John Ralph Clayton, Henry Lee Cooper, Charles Robert Cronin. Second Row: William Hiram Cross, Jerry Lee Davis, Richard Harding Davis, Jr., David George Dodd, Dwight Driver, Charles Edward Dye, John Sidney Fogg, Claiborne Raoul Fletcher, Al¬ ston Randolph Fussell, John Richard Gillenwater. Third Row: Thomas Boykin Goldsby, Albert Joseph Gornatti, Don C. Graves. David Ellis Haddad, Nathan Patrick Hale, Louis Atkins Hardman, Jr., Wilson Richard Hatfield, William Mills Hawkins, John David Hill, Phillips David Hout. Fourth Roic: Robert Lee Hutcherson, William Kent Ingram, Jr., Earl Fletcher Jackson, Wesley John Ketz, Jr., David Patter¬ son Lambert, David Nichols Laser, John William Lieblong, Jr., Fletcher Long, Jr., Charles Jefferson McCall, Gordon Edward McCarty, Jr. Fifth Row: Lemuel Clarence McCrary, Donald T. McKnight, George E. McLeod. Don Yancey Majors, Shelby Vance Mont¬ gomery, Jr., Burton Allan Moore, J. William Moore, Jr., William Henry Morris, Paige Elliott Mulhollan, Stephen Frederick Peters. Sixth Row: Jon Harold Phelps. John Robert Purdy, Philip Bruce Purifoy, Arthur Eugene Raff, Jr., Jim C. Rieff, James M. Rowe, Preston Arthur Rudisill, Danny Saig. Don Martin Schnipper, Zelton Dave Sharp, Richard T. Smith. Seventh Row: Ross Smith, Wilbur Reed Smith. William E. Spikes, Jr., Walter Edwin Stevens, III, Scott Stuart, Benjamin Wesley Taliaferro, Ernest Lenwood Taliaferro, Jr., Norman Patrick Thompson, Harve Bell Thorn, III, Reg Tallin, Jr., John Dickson Watkins. Eighth Row: Charles B. Whiteside, III, Charles David Wil¬ liams. Robert Young Williamson, Jay Milton Willis, James Rob¬ ert Wilson, Harvey Erwin Wood. Henry Clay Woods, Robert Louis Wright, Jr., Clay Yoe, Michael Ernest Zaleski. 175 First Row: Kenneth Wayne Adams, Hugh Alexander, James F. Arnold, James Winfred Bass, Bill F. Baugh, Charles Wayne Bell, Milton David Brown, Charles S. Buckner, Jr., Charles David Burnett. Second Row: Larry Henry Burrough, William Dale Calvert, Mike Clayton Castling, Paul Raymond Causey, J. Owen Craw¬ ford, Robert E. Culp, Derek Dishongh, Melvin Bruce Dobbs, Lawrence C. Dum. Third Row: John Endicott. Glen Eric Erickson, T. David Fenix, Ralph Doerr Fox, Clyde Homer Grennert, Jr.. John W. Greenert, Fred Mack Griffin, Kirk K. Hale J., William Nietz Haller. Fourth Row: Jim J. Hawkins, David Gilbert Hendricks. John Patrick Horan, Thomas Michael Horan, Gary C. Houston, Terry Dermott Hunt, James Claud is Jacks, Jr., Robert Harrison Janes, Jr., Carlton George Jerry, II. Fifth Roiv: John B. Landers, Dallas E. Lewter, Thomas LI. Luter, Larry L. McGowan, Robert Ware McMurtrey, II, Marion Monk, James Lee Moore, Paul Morehart, Barry Niswanger. Sixth Row: Robert Mitchell Nutt, William Ray Overton, Allan Woods Phillips, Glenn Albert Railsback, III, Carl Lee Richards, Jr., Larry Allen Robertson, William Lee Schwieger, Charles Eddie Smith, Vin Speck. Seventh Row: Jack T. Stone, Louis M. Strasner, Bob Roy Sullaros, H. A. Taylor, Charles R. White, Berry James Willcox, Jack Michael Williams, George William Woods, Douglas Melvin Yamnitz. 176 bda Chi Alpha Highlighting the social calendar for Lambda Chi this year were the annual Play-boy Party, the spring Black and White Formal and the spring outing. Lambda Chi s Founders Day was climaxed by a dinner for alumni and affiliates. Before every Razorback home football game, the fraternity held a buffet luncheon for members, dates and parents, and finished the day with an open house and dance in the evening. The fraternity was also well represented in such honor societies as Blue Key and ODK. On November 2, 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha had its beginning at Boston University. Gamma Chi Chapter of Lambda Chi at the University of Arkan¬ sas was founded May 23, 1925. OFFICERS Fall Semester President __Stan Martin Vice President _ Glen Erickson Secretary _ _ Hob McMurtrey Treasurer Kirk Hale Spring Semester President _ Clyde Greenert Vice President _ John Endicott Secretary _ Milton Brown Treasurer_ Jim Arnold Lamba Chi playboys and their respec¬ tive play-mates enjoy themselves at the fraternity ' s Playboy Party. 177 OFFICERS Fall Semester President-Jim Dennis Vice President_Jim Minmier Secretary-Ronny Udoj Treasurer _ Bob Bass Spring Semester President_Bob Bass Vice President_Hugh Pollard Secretary_Ronny Udoj Treasurer_ Danny Butler Phi Delta Theta Landscaping became the first thought of the Phi Delts this year, hut they by no means let the social events lag. On the calendar for this year were the Buccaneers Ball, the Viking Party in the last week of April, the Christmas Party and the spring and fall outings. The March 15 Founders’ Day saw the fraternity trekking to Little Rock for a banquet and April 22 was marked by Community Service Day. Leadership was displayed by the fraternity’s men in various campus organizations. Miami University in Oxford. Ohio, is the mother chapter of Phi Delta Theta founded December 26, 1848. Exactly one hundred years later Arkan¬ sas Alpha of Phi Delt had its beginning on November 19, 1948. Phi Delts and their dates sit around after the Christmas banquet and talk of sex and other full-stomach topics. 178 First Row : Oliver Lee Adams, Jr., John J. Anderson, Walter Anderson, William Albion Anderson, Jr., George Morgan Barn¬ well, Robert W. Bass, Lloyd Charles Bellamy, Jr., William Dan Bennett, Calvin McRae Bracy, John M. Breitzmann. Second Row: William Morgan Brewer, III, Danny Joe Butler, William Clitus Coe, Jr., Robert M. Crisp, Carl K. Creekmo re, James Louis Dennis, Robert W. Denton, David Wilson Dubbell, Charles Leon Filial t eau, Benny James Fratesi. Third Row: Robert Hodge Hall, Michael Terry Hayes, Kenny C. Hill, Carter Edwin Hixon, J. Robert Holcomb, Jr., Robert F. hook, Doyle Juadon Huneycutt, William Buck Johns, Paul Ray Johnson, Charles Sumner Kauffman. Fourth Row: Chester Lee Kitchens, Robert Stevenson Laney, William Kenneth McGehee, Jr., Daniel Warren McGuire, Jr., Clayton Ward McWhorter, Russwurm Baker Mauldin, Michael Leonard Meistrell, James Graham Merrick, James Guy Minmier. Fifth Row: Edwin L. Olds, Allan Wayne Parse, Johnny A. Pharis, Jr., Hugh Hart Pollard, David Tracy Putnam, John C. Rains, James Luther Rea, James Kirby Riffel. Michael Davy Riggs. Sixth Row : Bill M. Robertson, Donald Howard Smith, Robert Harvey Smith, Jr., Buford Joseph Suffridge, John William Teel, Jr., Lawrence Glenn Trammel, Jr., Ronald Herman Udouj, Michael Adrian Willis, Damon Michael Young. 179 tiTi Itfi First How: H. Frank Allen, John Peyton Anderson, Jr., Wil¬ liam Sidney Baldwin, Joe Vance Bauer, Carwin Rodell Bleidt, Nevil Amos Boone, Herschel A. Bowman, Thomas Edward Boyer, William Bradley Brady. Second Row: Rupert E. Bragg. James 0. Burnett, Jan Keith Calhoon, James Stanley Camarata, Billy Roy Capps, James Austin Capps, Jr., Robert Larry Cargile, Gerald Eugene Carman, Jerry Paul Childs. Third Row: George Kirby Coffman, Douglas Stephan Cole¬ man, Carl Eugene Combs, James Loy Cox, Corky C. Crouch, John E. Darnell, Lloyd A. Diebold, Jr., Lynn J. Forrest, Stephen Lynn Fronabarger. Fourth Row: David Winston Futrell, Joe Gill, Bill C. Graue, David F. Gruenewald, Albert Patrick Hanby, Philip Carroll Hanby, Robert “Butch” Hanby, James Edward Hurlbut, Don Wayne Jordan. Fifth- Roiv: Gary Lee Keeter, Charles Maurice Lewis, Jr., Gene Little, Lloyd D. McDaniel, Robert Holt McGill, Charles “Butch” Marino, Lee I). Mason, Jerry Don May, William Herman Neu- bert, Lowell Nicholas. Sixth Row: Morris E. Norsworthy, Gary Malloy Orendorff, Phillip Jerry Pascoe, John William Peters, George Nicholas Plaster, Clinton Dale Pope. Phillip Wayne Porter, Jim H. Poynter, Jr., James Robert Redpath, Robert Estes Ritchie, II. Seventh Row: Tom William Rogers, Jim B. Spears, Charles franklin Stahr, Jerry C. Stamps, John David Stamps, Mike Jerome Taylor, Joe Franklin Watson, John Marvin Wesson, Jerry C. Wilcox, Donald Edward Wray. 180 r Pi Kappa Alpha When it came to social functions, the Pikes were outdone by no one, with such activities as the Roarin’ 20’s costume party, the Christmas Brunch, and the Dream Girl Formal, which featured Janet Crane as this year’s winner. Homecoming was parents’ and alumni’s day, February 27 was Founders’ Day, Christmas was for local children, and Clean-up Week was the time for tidying Arkansas Avenue. Mothers’ Day was held in May and receptions and dances highlighted home football games. The fraternity contributed much to the campus this year with men in many places of leadership. Pi Kappa Alpha was established as a social fraternity at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. Alpha Zeta chapter of PiKA gained status on the University of Arkansas campus November 2, 1904. OFFICERS Fall Semester President ___Buddy Diebold Vice President_Lee Mason Secretary_Lynn Forrestt Treasurer _ Philip Pascoe Spring Semester President _ Jim Poynter Vice President _ Maurice Lewis Secretary __ _ Jerry Carmon Treasurer _ __ Philip Pascoe 1 1 Several Pikes take a breather from studying and other assorted activi¬ ties to get in a short hand of gin. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ _Martin Gilbert Vice President . _ Jack Williams Secretary _Curtis Hodge Treasurer _ Tom Carter Spring Semester President_ Tom Carter Vice President_ _Ted Drake Secretary _Joe Keene Treasurer_Wilbur Giles a Alpha Epsilon It was Paddy Murphy costume party time in the SAE house this year, celebrating the end of probation for SAE. Other social activities, were not neglected, however. Included w ? ere the spring and fall outings, drop-ins during football season, and Founders’ Day in conjunction with initiation. Greatest among the assets of Alpha Upsilon chapter are its campus leaders. They were represented by six members on Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, ten members of Blue Key, four student senators and the president of Theta Tau. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa on March 9, 1865, and at the University of Arkansas July 9, 1894, making Arkansas Alpha Upsilon chapter the third oldest fraternity on the campus. SAE members put pledges to a good use landscaping the fraternity ' s grounds last fall. 182 IMT CTS O £ ft o - W- ' - i .-. 1 -! 1m mk r o 4 M,; FirsJ Row: Harold Seth Adams, Joe Paul Alberty, John Ed¬ win Anthony, Jerry Walter Baber, Lewis Allen Barnard, Neil Edgar Beachem, Paul Conrad Berry, Donald Lynn Boothe, Wil¬ liam Cecil Bridgforth, J. 0. Buckley, Jr. Second Row : James Quitman Burgess, III, Bill Butler, George Harrison Butler, James Altus Buttry, Thomas Michael Carter, James H. Chadick, Jr., Joe Barrett Colclasure, Eldon Dickey Cooley, Helm Hobbs Cooper, David Lee Crawford. Third Roiv: Jim Charles Davis, John Ridgeway Fletcher, Jerry Lynn Franks, Donald John Froning, Thomas Howard Fuqua, Thomas Ford Gibson, Martin Greeson Gilbert, David Fetters Gillison, Jr., Wilbur Mack Giles, Charles Stewart Greeson. Fourth Row ; Jack C. Hammett, Jr., Frederick Daniel Harrel- son, Robert McNabb Haynes, James A. Iiervey, Jack Edward Hill, Curtis Delough Hodge, Thomas Leighton Hodges, John Michael Hughey, Lowell Dallas Johnson, Allen N. Jones. Fifth Row: Joseph Wright Keene, Jr., Donn Cox Kerby, Roy Chadwick Kumpe, (1 King Laughlin, William Earle Love, Jerry Glowers McClain. William Wightman McCrary, James H. Mc¬ Kenzie, Bob George McKuin, Dorsey Alexander McRae, III. Sixth Roiv: Thomas Chipman McRae, Jack Dickey Mahle, Jr., Charles Stephen Mangan, II, Edmund McDowell Massey. Richard Lamar Massie, Charles Fred Mayfield, Jr., Carl Dean Miller, Jr., James Lawrence Mosley, Gordon Boler Mott, Jim S. Mulhollan. Seventh Row: Dan P. Murphy, Dick M. Murphy, William David Newbern, James Lloyd Nowell, Charles Robert Parker, Jim Fred Patton, Jerry Dean Pinson, Hugh Baty Proctor, Jr., Philip Foy Rice. Eighth Row: Charles E. Sharpe, Jr., Jerold Brent Shinall. John G. Tedford, Ted C. Treadway, Frank E. Wait, Jr., Royce S. Weisenberger, Teddy Harold Westerficld. Daniel Moody Whitehead, Jack L. Williams. 183 A Mi A First Row: John Winfield Adamson, James Newell Akers, Quentin D. Anderson, Norman Thomas Austin, John Gordon Banks, Royce M. Barrett, Charles Beavers, A. Koehler Blanken¬ ship, C. Conlee Bodishbaugh. Second Row: Samuel Lee Bowman, Larry G. Brown, Dick Carson, Billy Gene Carter, Bill Clark, Elvin Lephiew Denning- ton, James Ray Diffee, Lewis Hunter Gammill, Frank Harold Gardner. Third Row: James Carl Gilbert, Charles Edgar Grinstead, Carl Edward Hendrix, Neison P. Henry, Jr., Joseph Barlow Herget, Philip Ronald Higginbotham, Bill R. Holloway, Alvin Huffman, III, John R. Jackson, Jr. Fourth Row: George 0. Jernigan, Jr., Howard Jones, Jr., Lawrence Edwund Jones, Charles Phillip Keese, Harry Edward King, Jr., Uvalde ‘’Rex” Lindsey, Edward Emory Locke, John valter Logan. Gary Keith Looney. Fifth Row: Phillip McDonald, Edward Marvin Mann, Jr., Guy Maris, III, Bill Matthews, Bill Perry May, John Berton Maves, Richard W. Miles, J. Louis Moles, John Hartwell Moore. Sixth Row: Thomas Jerald Moore, Dennis Paddie, Robert Ceroid Parham, Tommy Ray Polk, George W. Proctor, L. Craig Rains, Tommy Lewis Rankin, Matthew Herman Rothart. Seventh Row: Jerry Leo Scriber, William B. Sigler, Kirk M. Smith, Armil L. Snow, Roberto Stadthagen, William Reginald Taylor, Walter Stuart Towns, William David Watkins. 184 The Sigma Chis turned out another elaborate social calendar this year, including a Christmas Formal, A Riverboat Party and a Sweetheart Formal. I here were numerous other minor social events such as receptions, drop- ins and exchange dinners with sororities. A chapter news letter for alumni was printed each semester by the fraternity. Very active in all phases of campus life, Sigma Chi boasted leaders in publications and student body offices and members in ODK and Blue Key. The Sigma Chi Fraternity traces its beginning to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with the founding date of June 26, 1855. The University of Arkansas gave rise to Omega Omega Chapter of Sigma Chi in 1905 and the fraternity has been active on campus since that time. OFFIERS Fall Semester President _ _ Elmer Dale Yancey Vice President S. E. Hendrix Secretary _ Jerry Moore Treasurer _ George Jernigan Spring Semester President _ Howard Jones Vice President _ _John Jackson Secretary _ Conlee Bodishbaugh Treasurer __ _ George Jernigan OFFICERS Fall Semester President_Gary Standridge Vice President _ Gene Rackley Secretary _ Hank Jennings Treasurer John McFerran Spring Semester President _ __ Gene Rackley Vice President_ Don Hunnicutt Secretary _ Ross Anderson Treasurer _ Larry McCord a Nu Sigma Nu remained active this year in all phases of campus life. In the fall, the annual Sigma Nu Relays, a comical girls’ track meet and obstacle course, was held with all sororities on the campus competing. High¬ lighting the fall social season were Sadie Hawkins Day and a Christmas Party. Spring brought on the White Rose Formal and the spring o uting, and homecoming was set off by the alumni banquet. Active individuals on campus, including St. Nick, Sr. class president, senate members, Blue Key and ODK members. The fraternity was also outstanding in intramurals. New Year’s Day, 1869 marks the beginning of the Sigma Nu Fraternity at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, and was founded by three cadets, two of whom were Arkansans. Gamma Upsilon chapter of Sigma Nu was established on the University of Arkansas campus in 1904. Sigma Nu men spend their time dating, drinking and even sometimes play¬ ing volleyball as this rare scene shows. 186 M ft A w-A _ 1 11 First Roiv: William C. Adair, Ross Anderson, Jr., Vetal Snow¬ den Armstrong, Jo Tom Backus, Hugh Ramor Bonner, Jimmy Darrell Bonner, William Harold Boswell, William C. Brazil, Gary Leonard Brown, Michael Burns, Richard Michael Cain, James Charles Carpenter. Second Row: Garry Carroll, P. Robin Clatworthy, Joseph Raymon Clingan. Bennett Alexander Clubbs, Ernest Harper Cooper, Henry Mac Core, Joe Bailey Crunipler, Jr., Stephen John Cummings, Jon Alan Dermott, Edmund Luther Dohoney, William Unger Donald, John Lee England. Third Row : James Register Epperson. Chester Keith Estes, John Gary Feilke, James Robert Frazier, Thomas Hilliard Free, Billy C. Furlow, Dean Allison Garrett, Claude Louis Gibson, Gaston Pelham Gibson, Jr., John Giller, Ralph 1). Goff, Gene (diaries Graham. Fourth Row : Wade Eldon Hahn. Granville T. Harper, Wil¬ liam Thomas Harper, Jr., John K. Harris, Junious David Hill, Tim C. Hinkle, Richard Hodges, Robert Carroll Hudspeth, Lloyd Milton Hughes, Willard “Fiz” Hughes, Donald Bruce Hunnicutt, James Taylor Hurst. Fifth Row: Ralph Hank Jennings, Henry Lamar Jones, George Kalmbach, Arthur Garrie Kellam. Lemuel Harriss Kerr, Wil¬ liam Milton Kidder, R. Collins Kilgore, Jr., George Edwin Knight. Bobby Lecky, Ronald Richard Liles, Charles Earl Lloyd, Charles F. Long, Jr. Sixth Row: Chester Clarence Lowe. Larry Reed McCord, John A. McFerran, Clay Carl McKinney, Steven King McKinney, Robert E. McLelland, Jr.. Michael Bradley Millen, Charlie Ken¬ neth Moore. James N. Moss, Elwin M. Myers, Harold Wayne Neaville, James Mayne Parker. Seventh Row: Knox Patterson, Larkus Howard Pesnell, Gene Allen Rackley, John Eric Richardson. Don L. Rigsbee. Jr., Clarence Anderson Roberts, HI. Russell Lynn Roberts, Alan Russell, William Rutherford Sadler, Jack Walker Sanders, Ricky Darrell Saunders, Jerry Thomas Scott. Eighth Row: Richard M. Smith. Charles Gary Standridge, Thomas Wilcox Stephens, Samuel William Sullivan, James M. Terry, John 1). Thomason, Donald A. Thompson, Stephen Douglas Tollett, Ellis Patterson Trumbo, Lynn Fields Wade, John Alfred White, John Austin White, jr., Raymond W. Whittier. 187 First Row : James Henry Arkins, John Tyler Arnold, ill, Michael John Babbidge, L. Sparky Beard, James Claudius Be- quers, Charles Fay Bell, Robert Lewis Bennett, Jim C. Bow¬ man, Forrest Glynn Brown, Guy Eastman Brown, II, Thomas Watson Brown. Second Row: Edward Barham Bryson, Richard Delos Bush, William Dicky Bushmiaer, Joe Dan Byars, James William Collier, Roger Barrett Collins, Greene Berry Colvin, III, Deland T. Cot¬ ton, Charles David Daniel, Charles Eugene Daniel, Jr., Tom Edwin DeMier. Third Row : David Lee Ellison. John D. Fenno, James (). Graham, Charles John Grano, John D. Hale, Roger L. Hall, Kenneth Paul Hankins, James Powell Hendricks, Steven Drew House, Tommy Dewey Hudson, Ronny Paul Jones. Fourth Row: Sam Bernard Kirby, Victor Joseph Kordsmeier, Byers Mack Lindsey, B. Bryant McCarley, Bobby Joe Martin, Edward Paul Mason, Ronnie H. Minnick, Robert Ellis Morrow, John W. Ramsey, Norman E. Revis, Samuel W. Robbins. Fifth Roiv: J. Alfred Rowton, William A. Runyan, Jerry Sanders, John Sanders, Howard James Schlosser, Bobby L. Shults, Frederick Morris Smith, John Walter Steele, Maurice Glenn Stokenberry, John Travis Taylor, Bobby Lynn Treat. Sixth Row: Edward Austin Tucker, Donald Lloyd Turner, Jerre Max Van Hoose, Scott Van Moose, Robert Bruce Waters, Hiram Russell Webb, James Murphy Webb, Sammy Allen Weems, Don C. Willard, Robert Leon Wolfe. 188 Phi Epsilon Steel guitars and hula skirts were features of the Hawaiian Luau Party, the main social function of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Also on the calendar were the Christmas Dance and the Golden Heart Ball, held this spring. Fraternity honors were an outstanding feature of SPE this year, with the men winning two first places and one second place in intramural com¬ petition. During homecoming festivities, SPE also captured second place in the float division. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded November 1, 1901, at Richmond Col¬ lege in Virginia, now the University of Richmond. Six years later the University gave rise to Arkansas Alpha of SPE, September 26, 1907. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _____ Jerry Sanders Vice President_Bob Shults Secretary _ Dickey Bushmeier Treasurer _ Joe Dan Byers Spring Semester President_ Guy Brown, II Vice President_John Sanders Secretary _ Maurice Stokenberry Treasurer _ Mike Babbidge Wayne Harris and wife seem to be enjoying themselves at the SPE pagan party held last fall. ISO OFFICERS Fall Semister President_ Richard Mayfield Vice President __ Gary Shelby Secretary _ Floyd Smith Treasurer _ Ray Graves Spring Semester President _ Rill Grimes Vice President_ Gary Shelby Secretary_Floyd Smith Treasurer _ _ Joe Bridgforth a Pi A new home and a growing year were the by-words of the Sigma Pi fraternity. The fraternity was again socially highlighted by the annual White and Gold Ball and the Orchid Formal which was named for their official flower. Voodoo was emphasized in the fraternity when the voodoo costume party was held, but was abandoned when time came for the sweet¬ heart tea which featured Ann Hart. The main project within the fraternity was the move it made to the old KA house which was vacated last year. Scholarship is stressed in Sigma Pi and it is well represented in various campus honor fraternities. The Sigma Pi fraternity was originally founded at Vincennes University in Indiana on February 26, 1897. Alpha Sigma of Sigma Pi is one of the younger fraternities on the University of Arkansas campus, being established in 1948. Sigma Pi men stand and sit for what is obviously a posed picture for this obviously little thought of cut line. 190 First Row: Joe Keith Bridgforth, Michael Ferrell Busick, Lindsay Walton Chandler, Jr., Charles Clyde Chesley, Ilarold Everett Chesley, Howard Larry Clyburn, Oscar 4 Lee” Fletcher. Second Row : David D. Foust, Larry Wayne Garrett, Bill Eugene Grimes, John Frank Gibson, Jr., Shirley Richard Hipp, Walter Byron Jenkins, Jr., Covin McKinley Jordan. Third Row: Janies Charles Luker, John David McCay, Gary Lee McClain, Leonard Evan McKinney, Johnny Lee Orier, Joe Michael Parker, Luther Ray Pigg. Fourth Roiv: Gary Shelby, Floyd Ross Smith, Phillip Lance Smith, Donald Erwin Steely, John R. Stovall, Nathan Edward Strickland. Fifth Row: Donald Ray West, Patrick Douglas Wheeler, Eddie Joe Whittle, Charles Crain Winning, Jerry Lynn Wood, James Harold Woodson. 191 First Row: Michael David Allum, Lannis E. Campbell, Harold Joseph Conrad, Terry Bill Cooper, Jeff Russell Delezen, Lonnie Earl Estes, John Nolyn Faris, Augustine Joseph Fredrich, Robert Edward Gibbs. Second Row: John Wendall Goodwin, David Howe Gover, John William Graves, Loyd I). Hurst, Minor Ross Jenkins, Sidney Ervin Johnson, Louis C. Kayser, Jr., Laurence Joseph Lipsmeyer, George Austin Lockhart. Third Row: Charles Alfred McClendon, Robert Guy Malcolm, Ronald Fayette Meade, Joe Taylor Miller, Robert Roy Miner, Derrel Wayne Mullins, William Van Muse, Jay Frank Myers, James Earl Norwood. Fourth Row: Jim Cecil Pate, Fred M. Perkins, Jr., John Mor¬ gan Pollard, Paul Neil Revis, James Garry Roberts, Joel Wil¬ liam Robinson, Neil Martin Schmitt, James George White. During the Christmas ball Tekes requested many fast-moving songs of which the results of one is depicted here. J ( Jli Tau Kappa Epsilon I he University of Arkansas received another addition to the frater¬ nity system with the arrival of Tau Kappa Epsilon. All this year. TKE was a colony, hut they received their charter in May. Although new to the campus, TKE was not left in the dust when il came to social activities. Events which they held during the year included several drop-ins. a Thanksgiving Buffet, Christmas Formal, a Homecoming Dance and a reception for their Housemother, Mrs. Trilby Dortch. The colony also contributed leadership to the campus. They were represented in all phases of student body activities and also were successful in intramural sports. The Tekes’ request of colony status was granted by the 1FC on April 28, 1960. They are now in the midst of one year waiting period during which they must meet the chapter requirements of the I EC and Tau Kappa Epsilon National Fraternity. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Neil M. Schmitt Vice President__ Joe Schenke Secretary _ _Sid Johnson Treasurer _ John Faris Spring Semester President _Bill Cooper Vice President __ _ George Lockhart Secretary __ _John Graves Treasurer_John Nolyn Faris UNrvmxrf Qf AnzarnM Tekes iook over their scrapbook of photographs taken during their one-and-a- half years of being a University colony. 193 OFFICERS Fall Semester President-Jack C. Hammett, Jr. Vice President_Vetal S. Armstrong Secretary-Jimmy H. Hinton Treasurer_Gary L. McClain Spring Semester President-Vetal S. Armstrong Vice President_Lewis A. Barnard Secretary - Gilbert A. Kane Treasurer - Larry G. Brown Theta Tau Being primarily concerned with scholarship, the only activity of Theta Tau this year was the annual Founders’ Day Banquet on October 16. Guest speaker for the occasion was Professor Heiple, head of the Civil Engineering Department at the University. The sports program at Theta I au was stepped up with the fraternity entering every sport offered in AA competition. Members of I beta lau continued to show leadership ability in many phases of campus life and were especially outstanding in various engineering organizations. Founded in Minneapolis, October 15, 1904, as a mining engineering fraternity, Theta Tau was established on the University of Arkansas campus April 7, 1928. The fraternity is composed of students majoring in engineer¬ ing and geology who have met high academic requirements. Members must live in the Theta Tau house for at least one semester after accepting a bid to the fraternity. Chuck Friley and David Foust com¬ bine their talents to solve a problem which requires a slide rule to figure. 194 First Row: Ross Anderson, Snowden Armstrong, Charles Brazil, Ralph Brodie. Larry Brown, Mike Burns, Gary Campbell, Lindsay Chandler, Charles Evans. Second Row: Earnest Fant, Lee Fletcher. David Foust, Rus¬ sell Fox, Travis Galloway, Jack Hammett, John Harton, Jim Hefley, Jim Hinton. Third Row: Bill Hodge, Herman Ivester, Howard Jones, Covin Jordan, Gilbert Kane, Wayne Langley, David McCay, Gary Mc¬ Clain, Bob McKuin. Fourth Row: Joe Marlar, Dean Miller, Bob Miner, John Moore, Wayne Norton. Robert Norwood, Bob Owen, Phil Selig, Albert Starling, Mike Zeleski. With the help of several Theta Taus, Philip Selig manages to make an intelligent bridge play. 195 Carnall Hall OFFICERS President__ Sandra Plummer Vice President_Belle Thompson Secretary-Sissy Hays Treasurer _ Jolene Pendergrass The residents of Carnall experienced one of their best years in campus participation this year. Sally Putnam was president of Sigma Alpha Iota, secretary of Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, and was selected to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Sandra Plummer was PEM president; Elizabeth Brister was Mortar Board vice president and Wesley Foundation president; Nancy Spann, Trish Rains, Nancy Logan, Jolene Pendergrass, Carolyn Wiley, Joicie McConnell, Mary Horsey, and Sandra Plummer were members of Coterie; Mary Lou Reinhart served as Newman Club president; and Fern Hubbard was selected to Alpha Epsilon Delta. Socially, the fall Sweater Hop was held immediately following the first pep rally and ' a blanket invitation was issued to all University men: Yuletide brought the annual Christmas Dinner-Dance; there was a stag party before the AWS Vice-Versa dance; and to top everything off, the spring formal was a big success. In addition to social activities, residents of Carnall have also participated in intramural sports competition and other types of campus functions and activities. Carnall girls take to the grass to cheer on fraternity teams in their practice ses¬ sions on the Hall ' s big front lawn. 198 First How: Lois Ann Adams, Judith Ann Arthurs, June Eliza¬ beth Bauer, Sara Roberta Beauchamp, Becca Beckman, Alice Ann Bentley, Mary Eloise Bethel, Eunice Ann Blauw, Janice Bee Blaylock, Peggey Ann Brink, Elizabeth Ross Blister, N. Wilma Bullington. Second How: Carolyn R. Cagle. Barbara Ann Call, Darleen Hope Daniels, Dianne Susan Daniels, Judith Ann Davis, Wilma Carol Downum, Patricia Ann Dudley, Nancy Lee Edwards, Mary Lynn Felder, Nora Lee Ford, Nancy Jane Fox, Elizabeth Ann Gipson. Third How: Jessamine Daggett Gist, Oleta M. Goodner, Pa¬ tricia M. Graham, Mary Elizabeth Gray, Carol Anita Griffith, Mary Ruth Guthary, Mary Jane Hampton, Georgia Joanne Hard¬ esty, Holly L. Hart rick, Mareelle Haynes, Ardavene May Hays, b ranees Joyce Hecker. Fourth How: Sara Elizabeth Hoffmeister, Margaret Kathryn Holderby, Mary Janice Horsey, Fern Hubbard, Lila Elaine Jackson, Jana Dee Kelley, Betty Kinley, Elia Marjatta Kontiai- nen, Dolores Lee, Nancy Louise Logan, Diana Dickerson Loy, Judy McAlister. Fifth How: Joice Faith McConnell, Judy Carole McDonald, Sally Jo McGloflin, Patricia Ann McIntyre, Ramona Sue Man- derville, Janet Lucretia Miller, Judy I. Miller, Rose Ann Miller, Jane Morris, LaVonne Ott, Sondra Lerene Pace, Linda Susan Park. Sixth How: Carolyn Parks, Barbara Jolene Pendergrass, Linda Lee Perdue, Patricia Ann Phillips, Sandra Plummer, (Henna Jean Pridemore, Sally Ann Putnam, Patricia Bernice Rains, Geraldine Ramey, Jane Elizabeth Reagan, Owenita llene Reagan. Seventh How: Mary Lou Reinhart, Paula Ellen Schramm, Barbara Carol Shull, Laura Louise Shull, Nancy Louise Spann, Joyce Marie Spinar, Marilyn Stevens, Betty Lucille Sweaney, Belle Knight Thompson, Judith Lynn Toll, Billie Vernice Tucker. Eighth How: Linda Juanita Underwood, Laretta Lee Van- Meter, Alice Jeanette West, Mary Lou Whitaker, Alice June Wigginton, Carolyn Sue Wiley, Margo Jane Williams, Rebecca Victoria Wilson, Jeanne Marie Wingo, Margaret Gordon Yost, Carolyn Sue Young. 199 OFFTCERS First Semester President_ Vice Presidents Secretary- Treasurer _ _Ann Erwin _Judy Smith Georganna Lowe Suzy VanDover Fran Douglas _ Charlotte Dryer Lynn McWhorter Second Semester President_Cecila Swain Vice Presidents _Sue Dupree Judy Broach Charlotte Morris Lynn McWhorter Secretary _ _ Sherri Hankins Treasurer Donna Wellhausen Fulbright Hall Under the Panhellenic rules of the University of Arkansas, freshmen women are not allowed to participate in rush. As a result, they are all housed in Fulbright Hall. The freshmen won many honors this year as Sharon Cherry was named Honorary Colonel of the Army ROTC; Claudette Smith was named as Army ROTC Honorary Lt. Colonel; and Karen Jo Nowell was selected as Air Force ROTC Honorary I A. Colonel. Sarah Juniel served as vice president of the ABC pledge class, and Betty Lane was secretary of the Young Democrats. Starting with an open house during registration, the Fulbright social season was off with a running start. Included on the calendar were the Harvest Moon Ball and the Spring Formal. Sweater hops and after-date-call parties kept things moving between the big events. Learning to participate in the activities was the first lesson for the Fulbright girls. By working on Home¬ coming, AWS committees, and Gaebale, the freshmen women took part in every phase of campus life. Signing in and singing out is routine regimentation for Fulbright girls. Forgetting also calls for routine regimentation—call downs. l 200 First Row: Carol Lisbeth Cole, Barbara Dennard, Helen Louise Lawbaugh, Anne Simpson, Yvonna Ann Wilson, Martha Ann Archer, Martha Elizabeth Adam, Dorothy Ann Adams, Barbara Lee Akin, Marian Carole Alford. Second Row: Merrily Allen, Mary Nell Allen, Clara Jewel Anderson, Clara Sue Arnold, Linda Kae Ashland, Lynetta Ruth Atwell, Cyndie Baber, Miki Louise Bailey, Sally Lynn Baird, W. Kay Baker. Third Row: Joann Gaye Ballenger, Patricia Joyce Barton, Sherron Baslee, Mary Jane Bass, Barbara Bates, Mary M. Baxter, Caron Jean Beebe, Judy Bell, Evelyn Patricia Benson, Jean Ann Bercher. Fourth Row: Barbara Anne Best, Mary Lou Black, Ann Penny Bloxsom, Beverly Ann Boatwright, Carol Elizabeth Boellner, Judy Sterling Bond, Linda Lee Borden, Judy Lee Boyd, Jane Boyer, Betty Lajuan Brackin. Sixth Row: Jerri Jane Braswell, Linda Kaye Bratton, Susan Kay Brian, Judith Carol Broach, Helen Jane Brown, Patricia Lee Brown, Phoebe Ann Brown, Roger Lynn Brown, Peggie Margaret Brueggeman, Carolyn Louise Bryant. Seventh Row: Anna Rebecca Buffington, Judy K. Burgess, Blanche Louise Burke, Janet Burson, Linda Ruth Campbell, Margaret Anne Cannon, Dianne Carey, Maggie Jo Castleberry, Esthor Jane Center, Gene Chambers. Eighth Row: Delphia Claudene Chamness, Cathy Chance, Carolyn Chesshire, Harriet Cheyne, Susan Kay Choate, Doris Ann Coger, Sue Ellen Coleman, Anna Carol Cone, Mary Eliza¬ beth Connelly, Martha Sue Conrey. Ninth Row: Carole Ann Cook, Linda Kay Coomer, Ann Lee Cooper, Linda Kay Cooper, Barbara Ann Copeland, Scarlett Cornwell, Judy Faye Cotner, Carolyn Anne Cottrell, Maxie Gayle Creek, Barbara Maria Croom. 201 First Row : Elizabeth Annis Cross, Carolyn Crowley, Carol Sue Cruse, Carolyn Raye Culbertson, Pamela Pryor Davidson, Elizabeth Ann Davis, Martha Lou Davis, Amanda Dawson, Karen Ilise Dean, Sheila Marilyn Dedman. Second Row: Alice Ann Denny, Eileen Frances Derning, M. Louise Dilday, P. Frances Dilliard, Fran M. Douglas, Theda Kathleen Doyle, Sharon Sue Drake, Charlotte Lee Dryer, Susan Matilda Dulan, Carolyn Sue Dupree. Third Row: Carlanna Dyer, Virginia Sue Earnest, Barbara Ann Edwards, Claire Jean Effinger, Connie Phyllis Ekman, Linda Sue Ellis, Diane Elrod, Donna Sue Erickson, Ann Erwin, Nancy Louise Estes. Fourth Row: Patricia Estes, Judi Lynn Evans, Nancy Lee Evans, Dolores Ann Farrar, Bettye Lou Fellinger, Anita Reuelene Fenton. Kay Fitzgerald, Mary L. Fletcher, Melissa Carnley, Jen¬ nifer Anne Ford. Fifth Row: Nancy Earle Ford, Kathryn Foster, Margaret Nell Fraser, Margaret Jeanette Frazier, Rebecca Ann Frazier, Linda Kaye Flicker, Normandie Frigillana, Carol Ann Galvin. Sarah Sue Gambill, Patsy L. Garner. Sixth Row: Anne Thomas Gilchrist, Diane Gilliam, Joan Madolyn Gleghorn, Patricia Ellen Golden, Alice Ann Graham, Janet Ellen Gray, Linda Sue Green. Donna Louise Groom, Joyce Elayne Gullick, Sue Gwin. Seventh Row: Kay Almarie Hafenbrak, Nedra Carol Haggard, Barbara Haile, Judith Jan Halbert, Jeanie Hale, Virginia Mosby Hale, Sandra Kay Haley, Sandra Jean Hall, Sandra Nadair Hall, Sherrie Anne Hankins. Eighth Row: Barbara Ann Hasty, Nancy Elouise Henderson, Mari Ann Hendricks, Patricia Laverne Hendricks, Gayla Hixson, Judy Charlene Holderby, Martha Trusten Holder, Donna Holley Linda Joyce Holloway, Jo Carol Hubbard. 202 First Row: Caren Sue Humphrey, Annette Grace Jackson, Sue Carolyn Jackson, Martha Anne Jamison, Darla Ann John¬ son, Gayle A. Johnson, Jan Johnson, Judy Sue Johnson, Jerre Lou Jones, Robin Jane Jordan. Nine Fulbright girls make a pretty picture peeping over the wall. Actually they are happily contemplating freedom. Second Row: Sarah Evelyn Juniel, Jane Kallenherger, Carol Kerby, Marty Kerksieck, Doris Ann Kilgore, Sallie Jane Kinman, Sallie W. Ladage, Phyllis Anne LafoUette, Sheere Lynn Lam- mers, Hetty Faye Lane. Fourth Roiv: Julia Arleen McAfee, Jenny Wren McCalla, Diane Katherine McCarty, Pamela McCashland, Julie Ann Mc¬ Clain, Rosyln McCollum, Brenda Lynn McGavock, Sharon Kay McGinity, Vivian McHone, Patricia Ann McLendon. Third Roiv: Mary Judith Larimer, Glenda Corale Lee. Carol Ann Litson, Julia Margaret Little, Marilyn Suzanne Little, Myrna Dee Lockhart, Carolyn J. Lowe, Georganne Lowe, June Lum, Sallie Ann Luplow. Fifth Row: Judith Oanesi McNutt, Suzanne Macy, Linda Carolyn Maloney, Carole Sue Martin, Dorothy Ann Martin, Joyce Sue Martin, Melinda Meek, Carol Jean Miller, Jerrilee Ming, Fran Mitchell. 203 Fulbright Hall, in its immensity, has many problems, one of which is the telephone situation. Even the pay phones draw a crowd. Third Row: Ina May Persing, Priscilla Jane Peterson, Lynda Joan Phillips, Alice Dell Phil pot t, Nelta Jean Pinkerton, Penny Corrine Porter, Maribeth Prewitt, Barbara Lee Price, Linda Kay Ragsdale, Bobbie Jean Reagan. First Row: Patricia Ann Mitchell, Helen Moore, Martha Frances Moore, Charlotte Corinne Morris, Barbara Jane Mulkey, Madeline Annette Nail, Marie Estelle Narisi, Linda Sue Nevins, Doris Bernice Newman, Diane Elizabeth Nobles. Second Row: Sally Anne Norman, Diane Lucile Nystrom, M. Susan Olbrich, Maybelle Osborne, Carole Virginia Pabian, Patricia Gale Palmer, Nancy S. Parr, Nikii Ernestine Parscale, Audrey Dean Pemberton, Glenda Sue Perciful. Fourth Row: Waynette Hill Redfield. Karen Jean Reece, Rebecca Ann Rhodes, Vicki Ellen Rhodes, Rachel Gail Richard¬ son, Dianne Grace Rife, Betty Catherine Riggan, Charlotte Ann Rike, Mary Suzanne Robbins, Frances Jane Roberts. Fifth Row: Sandra Gail Roberts, Ramona Jeraldean Roe, Dana Jean Rogers, Edith Carolyn Ross, Susan Jane Ross, Judith Ann Rowe, Linda Ann Rowe, Sandy Rupert, Cecelia Louise Ryser, Sandra Katherleen Saliba. 204 First Row: Judith Elaine Sanchez, Shirley Mae Sanders, Ellen Carole Schwartz, Eleanor Sue Seale, Sandra Fay Seaver, Dorothy Ann Setliff. Sharon Shaddox, Rose Marie Sheddy, Jo Anna Sheffield. Linda Blanche Shepard. Second Row: Glenda Rene Shockley, Charlotte Sue Short, Edwina Silcott, Vicki Lynne Simmons, Jeanne Fran Skipper. Linda Loriane Slocum, Claudette Smith. Ellen G. Smith, Judith Ann Smith, Myrna Louise Smith. Third Row: Susan Smith, Alice Ann Sowell, Caryl Stephens, Jimmie Patricia Stephens, Lola Virginia Stewart. Georgene Adele Stone, Rita Gaye Story, Wanda Carolene Stovall, Merrilee Arafaith Streun, Charlotte Sulcer. Fourth Row: Cecilia Mildred Swaini, Jane Marie Terry, Alice Eue Thompson, Elizabeth Robinson Thweatt, Kate Elia I indie, Mary Kay Tinker, Kay Ann Torbett. Sharon Elizabeth I rapp, Linda Lou Treischmann, Janna Lynn Tull. Fifth Row: Jeanie Ann Tullous, Becky Utley. Roberta Lee Vaughan, Vivian Frances Wadsworth, Bobbie Jean Walker, Carolyn Margaret Walker, Patricia Ann Wall. Sarah Grace Walters, Ramona Charlotte Walton, Beverly Ward. Sixth Row: Carolyn Louise Warriner, Janet Lina Watson. Kaaren Joyce Weaver, Mary Frances Weaver, Mary Louise Webb, Donna Wellbausen, Martha Jane Wesley. Vivian Marie Westerman, Patti Jean Westmoreland, Carroll Jean Whaley. Carol Jayne White. Seventh Row: Margo Elaine White, Patricia Kay White, Patsygail White, Billie .lean Wilkison, Ann Tucker Williams, Carole Lynn Williams, Cornelia Williams, Kay Williams, Marci Ann Williams, Frankie Ann Williamson. Nancy Lee Wills. Eighth Row: Judith Wilson, Mary Jo Wilson, Sharon Kay Wilson, Shellie Wilson, Shirley Ann Wilson, Glenda Gail Wor¬ ley, Retha Hill Wyatt. Wanda Sue Yancey, Carolyn Gille Young, Sarah Elizabeth Zachry, Mary Patricia Zimpel. 205 Holcombe Hall OFFICERS President_Pat Dial Vice President_Cecilia Beth Summers Secretary_Mary Jo Hammond Treasurer_Janie Cook Holcombe Hall this spring completed its second year as a University hall for upperclass women. Under the able guidance of Pat Dial, president, the girls at Holcombe carried on a full and successful social season, high¬ lighted by two annual dances — the inter-hall Harvest Moon Ball in October, and the much-anticipated spring formal. Other social functions included an open house for all University men, and regularly scheduled exchange dinners with the men’s residence halls. Housing more than 150 girls, the hall was represented in almost every phase of campus activity. The upperclass women won many honors this year as Jan Hand} was named an Honorary Ut. Colonel of the Air Force ROTC. And Carole Harper was chosen a Razorback Beauty. Dixie Green was treas¬ urer of the International Club; Mira Van Patlen served as president of Or- chesis; Linda Odom was elected a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta. During Homecoming and Gaebale, a spirit of cooperation among the residents of Holcombe was demonstrated by the girls’ willingness to help with floats, skits, and house decorations. Holcombe Hall is a well-equipped dorm. When you don ' t have a date, you can at least do something with the girls — like gather around the piano and sing. 206 First Row: Donna Jean Alley, Judith Dianne Armstrong, Nancy Lynn Armstrong, Carol Marcia Arpin, Betty Jean Baker, Bonney Kay Bailey, Elinor Beckman, Nancy Kay Bell, Florence Marie Bolen, Sue Ellen Booth, Pamela Bramhall, Sharon Kay Brewer, Jessie May Bridges. Second Row: Barbara Beth Broaddus, Martha Sue Buchanan, Rebecca Joan Burke. Betty Carol Campbell, Donna Mildred Carson. Mary Jean Carter, Barbara Ann Clauser, Mellie Ann Cole, Janie Cook, Carole Jane Copeland. Virginia Cornelius, Kitty Crow, Janice Kay Dandy. Third Row: Lynda Kay Davis, Jo Ann Dew, Sara Frances Dewoody, Patricia Anne Dial, Patricia Ann Dodgen, Fran Eaton, Susan Crosby Edmonston, Mary Elizabeth Eidson, Rita Pat Ellis, Marguerite A. Engelke, Paggy Anne Foster, Shelia Foster, Judy Ann Fraser. Fourth Row: Norma Beth Frost, Judith Ann Futral, Julia Claire Genero, Eileen Marie Goodloe, Dixie Lee Green, Rebecca Anne Griffin, Nancy A. Grimmette, Delores Jean Grubbs, Janis Gunnels, Mary Jo Hammond, Carole Lynn Harper, Lyna Jane Harriman, Martha Lee Hemphill, Sallye Beth Hinson. Fifth Roiv: Melissa Holder, Judy Kaye House, Linda Lee Johns, Suzanne Jones, Peggy Kendall. Linda Young Kennedy. Margaret Ellen McHenry, Nancy Jeanette Malone, Bertie Carolyn Meredith, Brenda Burlene Meredith. Jean Anne Mesavage, Re¬ becca Meror Mewis, Joyce Mikeska. Caryl Ann Miller. Sixth Row: Martha Louise Mitchell, Joyce Ann Morgan, Mary Carolyn Morris, Jen Bob Moseley, Martha Belle Murdock, Mary Margaret Neely, Betty J. Nystrom, Patricia Anne O’Brien, Linda Lou Odom, Carolyn Ruth Osborne, Catherine Murry Pence, Donna Sue Pierce, Maria Lia Pigretti. Seventh Row: Sherry Lynn Pintado, Carol Grace Potter. Sharon Lee Powell, Patricia Carroll Prewitt, Rosemary Diane Privett. Dorothea Jean Reed, Martha Ann Riley. Claudia Louise Robbins, Anne Robins, Judy Lynn Rogers, Marilou Rogers, Con¬ stance Elizabeth Rudolph, Rita Helen Rusgis, Sandra Jane Rutherford. Eighth Row: Suzanne Savage, Sarah Kathryn Seay, Virginia Shore, Susan Rebecca Shuman. Freeda Carolyn Smith. Lynda Fay Stair, Darolyn L. Strong, Lucille Suggs, Mary Ellen Sulli¬ van. Cecilia Betli Summers, Laura Beth Thompson, Linda Anne Tipton, Carolyn Louise Vanglider, Mira Anne Van Patten. Ninth Row: Tommie Jeanette Wacaster. Mary Jane Walker, Willie Jean Wallace, Cynthia Sue Walsh. Margaret Ann Ward, Caroline Ruth Whetstone, Geneva Ann Whitefield. Mary Whit¬ tington, Susan Whittington, Patricia Ann Wiggins, Kay Wil¬ liams. Linda Ann Wingfield, Camille Mary Yore. Julette Mariah Young. 207 OFFICERS President ___ Elizabeth Bright Vice President_ _ Saundra Carter Secretary _Carole Helm Treasurer _Barbara Patterson 4-H House The girls in 4-H House enjoyed one of their most successful years on the University campus and partici¬ pated in numerous campus affairs and social activities. Among those sharing campus honors were Carol Bar- num who was named to Mortar Board and served as president of WIHC and Phi Upsilon Omicron; Suzanne Kuester. who was assistant editor of the Agriculturist; Emma Jean Owen, Kathy Pedley, and Brenda Upton, who were WIHC representatives; Barbara Patterson, Elizabeth Bright, and Kathy Pedley who were Civic Club members; and Lucy Oyer, Jo Coleman, Suzanne Kuester, Annetta Brannon, Joyce Tillman, Barbara Pat¬ terson, and Elizabeth Bright. Phi Upsilon Omicron. Socially, 4-H House held a sock hop in September, a Christmas party, their annual Pollyanna banquet, a Valentine dinner-dance, a faculty tea, a spring outing, and a spring formal. First Roiv: Gloria Jean Adams, Carol Barnum, Karol Barron, Helen Sue Bartholomew, Annetta Brannon, Elizabeth Bright, Carolyn N. Carter, Mary Portia Coffman, Jo Coleman. Carolyn Culp. Third Row: Kathryn Jeffery. Kaye Lucille Johnson, Jo Anne Koettel, Suzanne Jean Kuester, Bobbye Jean McDaniel, Glenda June McLaughlin. Celia Rose Maloch, Nancy Martin, Sharon Kaye Meeks, Emma Jean Owen. Second Row: Elizabeth Juanita Douglas, Lucy Beth Dyer, Tommie Carol Dyer, Betty Jean Files, Peggy Ann Fletcher, Oneida Fern Foster. Bobbie Dean Guffey, Christine Sandra Heard, Carole Rose Helm, Anice Alene Hurst Fourth Row: Barbara Anne Patterson, Katherine Evelyn Pedley, Sandra Sue Snowden, Sandra Sue Starnes, Janice Marie Stone. Margaret Irene Thompson, Joyce Lavern Tillman, Brenda Jo Upton, Linda Rozan Webb, Rose Marie Willis, Helen Ruth Yates. First Row: Carol Barnum, Sandra Plummer, Emma Jean Owen. Pat Dial, Suzy Van Dover, Barbara Best. Second Row: Gille Young, Trish Rains, Jo Anne Koettel, Barbara Patterson, Linda Borden, Georganne Lowe, Wilma Downum. Third Row: Kathy Pedley. Belle Thompson, Fran Douglas, Carole Lynn Williams, Ann Erwin, Layla Miller, Jo Coleman. Women’s Interhall Council Women’s Interhall Council is composed of the presi¬ dent. social chairman, and house manager from each independent women’s dorm. They meet twice a month and set committees to co-ordinate the activities of the independent dorms. Two of the very active committees have been those relating to scholarship and foreign stu¬ dents, which have sponsored a scholarship to a foreign student living in an independent dorm with the highest scholastic average. The activities of each dorm are sponsored by the money from its soft drink machine. Arkansas WHIG belongs to the Association of Col¬ lege and University Residents and is the only college from the South represented in the organization. The main social function is the Harvest Moon Ball held in the fall for all residents of the independent women’s dorms. Just begun this year was the Wednesday night guest dinner at Brough Commons for guests from the independent women’s dorms. Contrary to the belief and suspicions of the men on the campus, the rules and regulations governing the halls and concerning such matters as date call are voted on and approved by this Council as well as the Associa¬ tion of Women Students. Perhaps this explanation will serve to pacifv the men who are usually writing nastv letters to the Traveler and calling the housemothers of the women’s dorms to assail them with words of deris ion and disgust. OFFICERS: Carol Barnum, President: Sandra Plummer. Secre¬ tary-Treasurer; Emma Jean Owen. Publicity Chairman. ‘209 Razorback Hall President Vice President Secretary _ Treasurer _ Carl Garner Joe Cook Jerry McKinney Sam Stewman Razorback Hall was active in almost all phases of campus activity this year — intramural sports, social events, and leadership organizations. Led by intramural Manager Bobby Banks, Razorback was able to offer competi¬ tion in all the major areas of the school’s intramural program. Social activities for the year were numerous and varied in Razorback Hall. A semi-formal dance, a Christmas dance, a spring outing, and other incidental parties were held during the year. The hall was represented in Circle K. ()1)K, Phi Eta Sigma. MIHC, REW. Commei ce Guild, the various engineering fraternities, and all the campus church organizations. Under the guidance of their upperclassmen counselors, the men of Razorback Hall strive to develop good habits of study and maintain a high scholastic average. Freshmen boys are usually full of life and find many ways to entertain them¬ selves, such as reading risque maga¬ zines; some boys are musically talented. 210 First How: Paul Albert Abdella, James Muse Anthony, John Philip Anthony, Robert Clark Banks, Jr., Daniel Eugene Bartell, Beau Browning Beard, Frank Pierce Blair, Larry L. Blanton, William Carson Boothe, Ben Allen Bratcher, Van Harper Brown¬ ing. Second How: Herman Welch Bush, Jr., Reedy Robert Buzbee, Gary Wade Campbell, Philip G. Chidester, Ansel Lynn Con- dray, Joseph Lister Cook, James T. Curtis, Phillip Wayne Daugh¬ erty, Jerry Frank Davidson, George Wayne Davis III, Charles Henry Digby. Third How: Ralph W. Donaldson, James Edwin Dorre, James Allan Dunkle, Ronald Earl Eddy, Gary Edwards. Robert Allen Taulkner, W. Glenn Fielder, Jim Finch, Robert Howard Fraine, Tommy R. Frazier, Carl W. Garner. Fourth How: James E. Gauntt, Jr., Walter G. Grace, Donald Joe Graf, Paul Junior Graf. M. Reed Greenwood, Ronald L. Hamby, Ralph Conant Hamner, Jr., Fulton Morrell Haynes, Iro.y ], i°yd Henson, Jake William Hinshaw, Robert Lewis Hodges, Fifth How: Charles Douglas Hooks, Donald Richard LIuckely, Doyle Murphy Hughes, Melvin Charles Ireland, Hugh Michael Jones, Thomas L. Jundersfeld, Michael James Komar, James Robert Lusby, Raymond Wayne McHughes, Jerry Doyle Mc- Kenney, Tom Harding Magness. Sixth How: Rex Albert Martin, Danny Byron Mulhollen, Robert Neighbors, Chris Charles Nelson. Jr.. Eddie James Neu- meier, John Robin Nix, Stanley Ray Patterson, Stephen Win¬ field Pelphrey, Tommy Alkin Reed, James R. Rhyne, Jasper Otis Richardson, Jr. Seventh How: Michael Gene Rothman, Kenneth F. Schrantz, Jr.. Joe Frank Sewell, Gary Lovis Smith, Buddy Brown Spivey, Rodney Terry Stanger, Randell Clay Stephens, Sam Joe Stew- man. Virgil Ray Sullivan, R. Stephen Tarpley, John Hugh Taylor. Eighth How: Thomas A. Thomas, Paul Louis Tiley, Lewis Carl Tilley, Charles W. Vanemburg, John Blair Ward, Charles Edward Webb, James Marcus Williams, James Melvin Williams. Ronald Nelson Williams, James Brice Wood, Roy Allen Wor¬ ley, Howell Furlen Wright. 211 SEDGEWELL OFFICERS President_Terry Bean Vice President_ _ John Tyler Secretary-Treasurer_Don Allen WILLIAM OFFICERS President_Delbert Herman Vice President_Anton Odeh Secretary-Treasurer_ Josh White Gregson Hall Gregson Hall is the largest men’s dormitory on campus, housing over 200 men. It is divided into two separate houses: William House, housing up¬ perclassmen and Sedgewell House, housing freshmen men. This division was made to facilitate self-government and organization within the dorm. The men of Sedgewell House had an active social year both through their attendance at the various MIHC social functions, the dances and parties held by the organized women’s houses, and informal parties of their own held throughout the year. William residents had an active social schedule of their own, with ex¬ change dinners, informal gatherings, and spring outings being only some of the functions held in a busy social calendar. Hot-wiring a car is a very intricate process as demonstrated by this Gregson Hall boy. Or maybe he is just checking the oil. 212 SEDGEWELL HOUSE First Row: Donald Ross Allen, John Garcia Alvarez, Alvin Wayne Ball, Terry Robert Bean, Ronald Walter Bennett, Carl E. Beutelschies, (diaries Phillip Bilbrey, David Allen Bond, David R Bragg, Robert F. Bunch, Houston John Burford. Second Row: Bobby Joe Chesser, Sidney Lehman Coonce, Michael Joe Deck, Samuel Arthur Diffee, Gary Mac Draper, Clyde J. Dunavent, James J. Edwards, Denton C. Emanuel, Walter Robert Fabinsky, Freddie G. Favor, Cyrus Joshua Fears. Third Row: Johnny Bruce Floyd, Jack Alexander Giles. Don¬ ald Scott Goodner, William L. Hancock, Travis Eugene Harrell, George U. Harris, Paul Ed Harrison, Waily Jung Haw, Oscar August Helmrich, R. V. Henley, William A. Henley. Fourth Row: Ron E. Hill, Jerry Robert Hollingshead, Robert L. Hudson, William A. Johnson, Ragon Don Kinney, James Dale Linebarger, Joe Bateman Locke, Johnny Newton McCain, Charles McDuffie, Robert L. Maertens, William Lee Mason. Fifth Roiv: Floyd John Massey, Larry W. Meyer, Raymond Eugene Meyers, Clarence Bryan Moery, Lackey Gene Moody, James Heburn Moore, Jr., Thomas Stephen Moore, George W. -Morgan, Ted Bryan Nichols, James Robert Norton, James Robert Norwood. Sixth Row: Jerry Don Oiler, Kenneth Lee Oswalt, Jerry K. Ott, William Doyle Pate, Hardy Preston Peacock, Joe Neil Pender, Joe Scott Pennington, Jerry Lee Plummer, Jerry Lee Potter, Douglas Everett Proctor, Robert Ted Ramer. Seventh Row: James L. Ridley, Sidney C. Roberts, Edmund Taylor Rucks, Richard Allen Schultz, William Sneed Shaw, James Bryant Shelton, Paul D. Siepman, Kenneth Robert Skil- lern, Jeff David Smith, John Edw r ard Smith, Clifton Michael Spruell. Eighth Row: William Thomas Stephens, Lance G. Sullen- berger, Robert Earl Sumner, Ronald Wilton Sutton, David Wes¬ ley Terry, Donald Fay Tibbits, James Edward Tranum, James Larry Turner, John Robert Tyler, Charles Thomas Wahl, John Nelson Walker, Jimmy C. Woodson. 213 WILLIAM HOUSE First How: John R. Alexander. Ronald Courtney Baldwin, Don Clark Barnett, James H. Bassham, Tony R. Beattie, Billy Warren Bell, Owen Jackson Bell, Janies Robert Blackburn, John Stewart Bohlson, Robert Jean Bradberry, Charles C. Brazil. Second Row: Edgar Eads Britt, Reginald Xyzen Brown, Lundy R. Col vert, Jerry Lynn Crouse, Billy Leon Davis. Rhesa Winfred Davis, James Elmo Dawson, John Astor Dearien, Jr., Daniel Alexander Doughty, Jesse Ray Dull, Joe Robert Dyer. Third Row: George Rudy Essig, Donald H. Evatt, Earnest William Fant, Charles B. Farris, John Charles Forrester, Jerry Don Friddle. John Seth Cates, William Robert Green, Delbert Martin Herman, Stephen G. Hild, Farrel Dean Horton. Fourth Row: Thomas Lee Huckaby, Jr.. Doyle Hurst, Charles Raymond Jones, Robert Dale Kee, Eugene Theodore Kelley, David Roscoe King, Billy Kay Knowles, Conrad Douglas Lawson, James T. Leigh, Hosea Webster McAdoo, Jr., Boh D. McDonald. Fifth Row: James Earl McDonald, Edward Lee Maddox. Jimmie Kay Maples, Robert Mar, Billy Howard Marlow, Joel Ogden Mayhugh, Jerry Shirrell Moody, C. Allen Mullins, Virgil Howard Newman, David William Phillips, John Arthur Phillips. Sixth Row: Joseph Albert Plunkett, John W. Prather, Jr., Robert Royce Prince, Van C. Reeder, John Ray horn Regan, Ed¬ ward A. Richter. Johnny Ray Rumley, William Earl Schirmer, Jr., James Buford Sivley, James Maxwell Skipper. Seventh Row: Schuler Baird, Harry Alan Sneed, Randy Spencer, Benny E. Swindell, Jimmy Wayne Tate, Charles Win¬ ston Taylor, Wendell Martin Taylor, George Robert Teiber, Henry C. Thibault, Benjamin Franklin Thomson. Eighth Row: Lyndell Harlan Walraven, James Travis Webb, Thomas George Weiss, Jr., Philip Maurice West, Horace Vernon Whitten, Maurice Edward Williams, Terry Donald Williams, Gene E. Witte, John Kelleam Woodruff, James M. Woolly. 214 First Row: Louis Bryant Barry, Peter Terrell Bledsoe, Barry Bernard Boswell, Michael Lane Buffington, Edward Woods Cain, Jr., Bruce Wayne Coleman, Richard Nolen Denton, Harold Gay- Ion Didday, Jacques Stephen Drazsnzak, Robert Fred Driggers, Nel White Duncan. Third Row: John H. Lancaster, William Glenn Martin, Henry Milton Meinecke. John T. Mills, Sam Hugh Park, Benny Carroll Payne, Lanrence Dale Pharr, Joe Bob Poole, David Richard Riggs, James Edward Shirk. Second Row: Richard Ivy Ezell, James C. Fine, Louis Skepper George, Jr., William A. Goodrum, Russell Charles Graw, Arnold A. Haynie, Janies L. Hines, Harris McDowell Hogue, Jr., James W. Horton, William John Kelly, James R. Kukar. Fourth Row: Don Buenos Sikes, James Ponder Smith, James Paul Soden, Paul C. Stephens, John McKinney Tucker, Jr., Mart Vehik, Robert J. Welborn, Don Wood, Robert Doyne Wun- nenberg, Cookie Yates. Davis Hall-Scott House This was the first time that Davis Hall and Scott House have housed men; they had originally been in¬ tended for upperclass women. The residents of the houses are governed by a con¬ stitution of their own design and operate in coordina¬ tion with the Men’s Interhouse Congress which regulates all undergraduate dormitories. All officers are elected in the fall for both semesters. Social events for the resi¬ dents range from listening parties during football sea¬ son to all-day outings in the spring. The men have shown a great deal of interest in the intramural program throughout the entire year. The interests of the men are varied and cover every phase of campus life. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary _ Treasurer _ Paul Soden Bruce Coleman Joe Norcross Gaylon Dilday 215 OFFICERS President_Charles Nutt Vice President_Gary Adams Secretary _ William Linam Treasurer _ Richard Brown Buchanan House Residents of Buchanan House have had a full year, highlighted by participation in intramural sports com¬ petition, a full social calendar, and representation in campus activities. The men of Buchanan House took an active interest in campus organizations being represented in such groups as Circle K. ABC, MIHC, Commerce Guild, Alpha Tau Alpha, the various professional engineering fraternities, all campus church organizations, and other honorary and professional fraternities and service groups on the campus. A busy social schedule was filled out by the MIHC Christmas Dance, exchange dinners, informal gather¬ ings, a spring formal, and the spring outing which was held at Roaring River. In addition to participation in campus affairs, Buchanan House residents endeavored to maintain a high scholastic standing to fulfill their primary reason for college attendance. First Row: John I). Bankston, Richard Allen Brown, Robert H. Brown, James Kenneth Byers, Max Edward Carter, David Lowell Clark, Clarence Cecil Collum, A. Joel Frazier, James Robert Glasgow, Marshall Percy Goodwin. Third Row: David Emanuel Lubin, William Murry McKin¬ ley, Daniel Clifton Nipper, Lewis Jan Nordin, Charles P. Nutt, William Odell Pearcy, Theodore Charles Peter, James Roy Phil¬ lips, John David Porter, Bill Priakos. Second Row: Michael Edward Gray, Robert J. Harlan. Billy Duane Hicks, Edward Noble Hill, Don Howlett, Maung Ye Htut, Lester Frank King. William C. Linam. Miles Whitaker Lowe, Joseph Loy. Fourth Row: Dale Roe, Claude Richard Starr. Charles Patton Streetman, Ronald Wayne Toothaker, Jaan Vehik, Charlie Bob Weaver, John David Webb, Lyle Russell Williams, William Thural Youngblood. First How: W. C. Anderson, Janies C. Arnold, William Rob¬ ert Barling, George Athanasios Bavelis, Roy Glenn Bishop, Terry Patrick Burns, John E. Culp, Jr., Joseph Warren Dalzell, James Earl Dyer, Thomas L. Edwards. Third Row: John Paul Kirkpatrick, John Glenden Kistler George William Lavender, Albert L. Lowrance, Ross Edward Mc- Crory, David Alan Magness, Jerry Dale Magness, Frank Akira Nakamura, Glen Allan Overby, Jesse Thomas Peacock IIJ. Second How: John Edward Erickson, Buddy V. Fong, Bill C. Fowler. James Albert Greer, Edward Lane Harrison, Ruben Wooten Haye, Charles David Henderson, James E. Hicks, Joe Allen Jones, Roy Keith, Jr. Fourth How: Lynn 0. Primm. Dan 0. Ransom, Charles Louis Ray, Donald Ray Smeltzer, Michael B. Smith, James Kirby Taylor, Tommy Lee Vaught, Clyde Haddock Wiley, James William Withem, Jr., Robert Larkin Young. Droke House Droke House this year completed its seventh year as a residence hall for upperclassmen. During the year, the men of Droke House participated actively in many phases of campus activity. Individual residents of ihe house held memberships in such campus organizations as MIHC, ABC, the vari¬ ous engineering fraternities, and church organizations. 1 he residents of the house are governed by a constitu¬ tion and operate in coordination with the Men’s Inter¬ hall Congress which regulates all undergraduate dormi- otries. All officers are elected in the fall for both semesters. Social events for the residents range from listening parties during football season to all-day outings in the spring. The interests of the men are varied and cover every phase of campus life. OFFICERS President ___ _Bill Fowler Vice President _ Johnney Culp Secretary _ _Oren Jones Treasurer_ ___ Clyde Wiley 217 Wilson Sharp House OFFICERS President_Dean Garrett Vice President __ Jerry Mazzanti Secretary-Treasurer — Tommy Fowler Wilson Sharp House, the newest and most modern dormitory on the campus, houses the University athletes. First opened to residents in Septem¬ ber, 1956, and formally dedicated in February, 1957, it is named for the late Mr. Wilson Sharp, a former chairman of the Board of Trustees Athletic Committee. Wilson Sharp is located on the high hill above Barnhill Fieldhouse, and it is only a short walk to practice fields and courts for residents. The dorm houses over 110 varsity and freshman athletes. In addition to claiming several All-Southwest Conference Athletes and gaining many athletic honors for them¬ selves and the University, the men of Wilson Sharp also prove themselves to be capable men by their leadership and participation in all facets of campus life, including members in Blue Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, Civic Club, and many campus church organizations and leadership groups. Something has evidently caught the atten¬ tion of these relaxing football players. Dare we hope that they are listening to a tutor? 218 First Row: Joe Paul Alberty, Robert William Anderson, Jr., McDonald, Leslie Thomas McKnelly, George McKinney. John William Bailey, Frank Walter Blew, Tommy Boyer, Pat¬ rick Joseph Brignole, Ralph Gray Brodie, David Reed Carder. Second Row: Jerry Dale Carlton, Marl Dean Carter, Mike Castling, William Walter Clay, Jim Collier, Charles Daniels, Larry Dale Hogue, Gaiy Jay Howard. Fourth Row: James Edward Magness, Marvin Mann, Jerry Moore, Jimmy Doyle Mote, Jack Nelson, Tommy Ray Polk, Jim Presley, Gary Robinson. Third Row: Robert Hudspeth, Jim Porter John, James Loyd Jones, Samuel E. Keilberg, Timothy Coy Langston, Gary Alan Fifth Row: Roger Delmas Rogers, Brent Shinall, Barry Layne Switzer, Larry Vest, Gary Weaver, Jack Franklin Willock, Jim¬ my G. Wilson, Jerry J. White. 219 OFFICERS President_Jim Cottey Vice President _ Clarence Chalfant Secretary-Treasurer __ Pat Throneberry Gladson House Occupying the south half of the northern dorm. Glad¬ son House enjoyed a full year, highlighted by a full social calendar, representation in campus activities, and participation in intramural sports. It was the men of Gladson House along with some of the Ripley house residents who were responsible for the “Lower the boom on SMU” sign which they hung from the top of the crane beside the future Humphries Hall. Active support of the Razorback athletic teams and a strong sense of school spirit rounded out the attitude with which the men of Gladson House approached and lived through the past year at the University. First Row: Majed B. Amary, Billy Ed Angel, Farouk Bajour,« Walton Leon Baldwin, Robert Vernon Borg, Charles Aubrey Brittain, Charlie Lee Brown, Michael Curtis Buttrum, William R. Canino. Third Roiv : Richard Matthew Lambert, Glen Edward Mc¬ Clain, Carl Brook McSpadden, Joseph Frederick Metrailer, Dick Pils, James D. Rosenberry, Donald Ray Rowe, Stephen Horton Rowland, Jay Edwin Sanders. Second Row: William Norman Casey, Clarence E. Chalfant, Larry Lynn Cheatham, Elliot Randolph Coleman, Donald Wayne Douglas, Bryan Wilson DuVall, John Lee Garrett, Bill Rav Green, William Creighton Holly. Fourth Row: Lloyd Wade Sherrill, Donald Kent Shockey, Jr., Philip Melvin Spray, Milton Lee Thompson, Alfred Pat Throne- berry, Byron VanDover, E. Renlyn Walden, Jr., John H. Wil¬ liams, William Harvey Williams, John F. Wright. First Row: Tom Bradley Barham, Gary Doyle Black, Jim D. Brazil, Gene Brownd, Tommy Wayne Burgess, Larry Allen Campbell, Johnny Ovan Cicuta, Jimmie Lee David, William D. Evans, Lonnie Dale Ferguson, James Max Garrett, Albert Lewis Good. Third Row: Charles Glenn Lewis, E. Delos McCauley, Jr., William Carl Martin, Jr., Jimmy Edwin Mauney, Ramon Anthony Myers, Robert Eugene Myers, Philippe David Nave, Byron Dick¬ son Neal, Tommy A. Papageorge, Dale Glynn Purifoy, Perry Raley. Second Row: Walter L. Graves, Robert Larlon Green, Jr., Jerry W. Hagood, Francis L. Harrison, Douglas Cox Haynie, Eugene Emmett Heard, Tommy Wesley Holloway, Herman Ivester, Max Morris Johnston, Wolford Rene Jordan, Jim Mahlon Keesee, Jack L. King. Fourth Row: Jerry R. Rogers, William B. Rudasill, Michael Alan Snetzer, Jarry Dee Starnes, Teddy Don Stroud, Charles Larry Thompson, Harold P. Wales, Harold Curtis Walker, Joseph Bernard Wankum, Robert Hughes Yager, Doy Lawrence Zachry. Ripley House This has been another active year for the men who live in Ripley House. Their social calendar was well filled with activities, including a spring outing, a spring formal, exchange dinners, and informal gatherings. Ripley took an active part in campus organizations being represented in Tau Beta Pi, Phi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, ABC, and SAM. In addi¬ tion to participation in campus affairs Ripley house residents endeavored to maintain a high scholastic standing and their house placed very high in the house ranking for grade point average. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Lonnie Ferguson Larry Thompson Bill Mart in 221 OFFICERS: William Rudasill, President; Miles Lowe, Secre¬ tary; Norman Casey, Social Chairman; Jim Potter, Vice Presi¬ dent; Delbert Herman, Treasurer. Men’s Interhall Council Men’s Interhall Council is the student governing body for the men’s residence dorms. It is composed of eighteen men, two from each dorm and two of the counselors in the dorms. Their aims are to promote scholarship, instill fellowship and leadership, further welfare of its members, satisfy future and current needs of the dorms. Organized in 1952, the council has co-ordinated with the Dean of Men to provide a well-rounded program for independent men. Social functions have included MIHC Day in cooperation with WIHC, a Christmas formal, and several TV listening parties. MIHC is working with other campus organizations to develop a leadership and scholarship program for participation of independent men in more campus activities. These efforts are already producing tangible results insofar as several of the independent men were success¬ ful in the student government elections this spring. More specifically, senators from several different colleges and the treasurer of the associated students for next year are Independent men. In future years, the council will undoubtedly prove invaluable in coordinating the affairs of the expanding University dorm system just as it has done in the past. The council is constantly seeking to discover and instigate new and helpful ideas and con¬ cepts for the welfare of its charges. First Row: William Rudasill, Jim Potter, Miles Lowe, Del¬ bert Herman, Norman Casey. Jim Fine, Reed Greenwood. Second Row: Tommy Brown, Joel Frazier, Howell Wright, Third Row: Mike Buffington, William Henley, Bill Fowler, Guy Stanton, Lonnie Ferguson, James Leigh, Klaus Woeltjen. 222 Left to Right: Max Garrett, James Whitham, John McKinney Tucker, Byron Van Dover, Claude Monta Walters, Pat Streetman. Men’s Interhall Court The Men’s Interhall Court is responsible for handling disciplinary problems in the men’s residence halls, act¬ ing as an advisory group for counselors and other ad¬ visors in the dorms. Not only are they a helping hand to the heads of the dorms but they are also an advisory group to the University administration when matters arise concerning action to be taken against delinquent men. When infractions occur, the Court is convened and cases argued. Within the realms of its responsibility come the charges of providing fair and just treatment for all men and of maintaining this type of atmosphere in any problem that arises. These requirements of justice and respect of one’s rights are mandatory in the execution of powers of any committee of this type. Those matters which usually come under its juris¬ dictional and supervisional areas are problems which may arise any day on the University campus or those which occur once a semester, such as probation of an individual or a group of individuals. Its wide range of powers makes obvious the serious nature of its duties. OFFICERS: Max Garrett, Chief Justice; James Whitham, Court Recorder; John McKinney Tucker, Prosecuting Attorney. 223 Off Campus Third Row: Jim R. ATKINSON, Business, Fordyce; Leslie Lee ATKINSON, Engineering, Fort Smith; John Thomas ATTEBERY, Dairy ' Husbandry, Bearden; John Russell AULT, Engineering, North Little Rock; J. L. AUSTIN, Arts Sciences, Blytheville; John W. AUSTIN, Engineering, Daisy; Verna AUSTIN, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Gordon Glenn BABB, Engineering, Stephens; Bill W. BAGLEY, Graduate, Paris; Fredric L. BAILEY, Agriculture, Portland, Ind.; Sam R. BAILEY, Engineering, Springdale. Fourth Row: William Frank BAILEY, Business, Benton- ville; Ray C. BAKER, Social Studies, Fort Smith; George Watson BAKER. Engineering, Glen wood; Jerry Lee BAKER. Finance, Springdale; Phil E. BAKER. Mechanical Engineering, Lonoke; Shirley Naomi BAKER, Elem. Education, Fayette¬ ville; Terry Ross BALCH, Chemical Engineering, Batesville; Jon E. BALDWIN, Arts Sciences, Waldo; Dale BALL, Jr., Marketing, Bauxite; Charles Martin BANKS, Arts Sciences, Hindsville; James M. BAKER, Jr., Law, Bradley. First Row: Doc ABINGTON, Business, Beebe; John Paul ABRAMCZYK, Physical Education, Milwaukee, Wise.; Byron A. ADAMS, Business, Bath. N. Y.; Donald Joe ADAMS, Arts Sciences, Yellville; Walter Norman ADAMS, Finance, Hot Springs; Rodrigo ADARVE, Graduate, Madellin Antiogvia, Colombia, S. A.; Rodolfo Ernesto ALEMAN, Graduate, Pana¬ ma, Panama; Mary Ruth ALEXANDER, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Gerald Stuart ALLEN, Civil Engineering, Benton; James David ALLEN, Engineering, Fayetteville; John Owen ALLEN, Business, Bentonville. Second Row: Linda Jane ALLEN, Arts Sciences, Spring- dale; Nancy Kay ALLEN, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Phillip El wood ALLEN, Law, North Little Rock; Carlton Eugene ANDERS ON, Agriculture, Little Rock; John M. ANDRES. Accounting, Nashville; Walter Clark ANGEL, Arts Sciences, Harrison; John R. ARCHER, Civil Engineering, Pocahontas; Newton Dale ARNOLD, Business, Texarkana; Jaime Antonio AROSEMENA, Graduate, Panama City, Panama; Jimmy L. ARRINGTON, Graduate, Jacksonville; Robert Walker ARRING¬ TON, Engineering, Nashville. Fifth Row: Jerry Regnier BARNES, Transportation, Cros- sett; R. Bruce BARNES. Business, Fort Smith; Ortus Webb BARNETT, Jr., Plant Pathology, Sherrill: James C. BAR¬ RETT, Engineering, Little Rock: John I). BARTEE, Graduate, Trenton, Kent.: Howard Hudson BASS, Education, Fort Smith; Terence Patrick BASS. Agriculture Engineering, Gillett: Glen- don Wayne BASSETT. Chemical Engineering, Greenwood: Tommy Mack BAUGHN, Engineering. Tuckerman; Thomas E. BEAL, Graduate. Rector; Billy O. BEAM, Accounting, Mt. Ida. Sixth Row: Stuart Monroe BEARUP, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Carl T. BECK, Arts Sciences, Prescott; Mary Lou Scobey BENNETT, Education, Warren: Robert I). BECKHAM, Engineering, Swaim; Judith BENTON, Arts Sciences, Fayette¬ ville; Gerald Walter BEOUETTE, Education, Farmington; Robert Francis BERG, Engineering, Stuttgart; Lawrence BERNER, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Gerald C. BEROSET, Mechanical Engineering, Little Rock; Jerry BERRY, Law, Blytheville; Robert Marion BERRY. Agriculture, DeWitt. First Row: Joe Charles BESSENBACHER, General Busi¬ ness, Kansas City, Mo.; Carolyn Jean BIRD. English, Fayette¬ ville; Eddie Dinsmore BLACK, Secondary Education, Benton- ville; Lowell Lynn BLACK, Graduate, Norman; Richard Cor¬ win BLACK, Engineering, Prairie Grove; Donnie Gene BLACK- ERBY, General Agriculture, Pine Bluff; Jean Smith BLACK- ERBY, Education, Pine Bluff; Ramon Lee BLACKLOCK. Flectrical Engineering, Little Rock; Robert Emmet BLACK¬ MAN, Agriculture, Fayetteville; John Joseph BLAKE. Civil Engineering, Forrest City; Kenneth Lynn BLANKENSHIP, Business, West Memphis. Second Row: Thomas William BLANKENSHIP, Arts Sciences, McGehee; David Edward Raymond BLANTON, Arts Sciences, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; John Wade BLASINGAME, General Business, Monette; Shirley Ann BLASINGAME, Ele¬ mentary Education, Franklin Grove, Ill.; James Garland BLAY¬ LOCK, Arts Sciences, Hamburg; Lawrence Charles BLEV¬ INS, Engineering, Van Buren; Larry Clinton BOHANNAH, Education, Huntsville: Darrell Moss BOLDING, Arts Sci¬ ences, Alma; Robert William BOLDING, Engineering, Bald Knob; Clarence Allen BOLIN, Electrical Engineering, Pine Bluff; Mary Nell BOLINGER, Home Ec. Education, Fayette¬ ville. neering, North Little Rock; Wilson Duane BRILEY, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Guy BRINKLEY, Law, Turrell. Fifth Row: Morris Virgil BROOKHART, Architecture, Searcy; Betty Allen BROOKS, Agriculture, Fayetteville: Donna Kay BROWN, Nursing, Fayetteville; Elvin I). BROWN, Agri¬ culture. Springdale; Gary Dean BROWN, Business, Fayetteville; Jack E. BROWN, Physical Education, Alma; Joyce Marie BROWN, Education, Fayetteville; Judy Isabelle BROWN, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Ralph Preston BROWN, Jr., Arts Sciences, El Dorado; Roger E. BROWN, Engineering, Fayetteville; Stanley Allen BROWN, Arts Sciences, Spring- dale. Sixth Row: Taylor Peninger BROWN, Graduate, Lepanto; Thomas Oscar BROWN, Agriculture. Ft. Worth, Texas; Bobby Dale BRYANT, Education, New Edinburg; Merle Franklin BRYANT, Mechanical Engineering, New Edinburg; Frances Ann BRYNIARSKI, Arts Sciences, Mountain Home; Teresa R. BRYNIARSKI. Education, Mountain Home; Bob BUL¬ LOCK, Arts Sciences, North Little Rock; Ronald Denny BURCHETT. Arts Sciences, Bartlesville, Okla.: Franklin Delano BURCHFIELD. Law, McNeil; Edward Lee BURGESS, Electrical Engineering, Hot Springs; Linda Gilbert BURKE. Education, Hope. Third Row: Jimmie Lee BOOHER, Civil Engineering, Al- theimer; Carlene Sue BOOTH, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Richard Joseph BOWLES, Business, Favetteville: Jimmie Lee BOWLING, Crops Agronomy, Prairie Grove: Cornelia Price BOWMAN, Education, Fayetteville: Jo Beth BOYD, Graduate Commerce. Texas: Joe David BOYD. Education. Cabot: James Allen BOYDSTUN, Arts Sciences, Rogers: Jerrv P. BRACK- IN. Education, West Helena- Linford BRADFORD. Engineer¬ ing, Mt. Ephraim. N. J.; A. T. BRAINERD, General Business, Flippin. Fourth Row: Thomas M. BRAMHALL, Law. Little Rock; Robert Clark BRANNAN, Arts Sciences, Nowata, Okla.: Dale Eugene BRASLIELL, Civil Engineering, Van Buren; Gene Wilson BREWER, Electrical Engineering, Beebe: James Ed¬ ward BREWER, Engineering, Irving, Texas: William Iven BREWINGTON, Graduate, Farmington; Jimmie Autry BREW¬ STER, Education, Magazine; Frances Jo BRICKEY, Arts Sciences, Marietta, Ga.; James Lloyd BRILEY, Civil Engi- Boxes, animate and inanimate, were evident at the AWS box luncheon held during the fall at the Chi Omega Greek Theatre. First Row: William BURKS, Speech, Springdale; Kent BURNETT, Arts Sciences, Pettigrew; James Rae BURRIS, General Business, Fayetteville; Dennis Allen BURSON, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, Fayetteville; Bobby L. BURTON, Business, Springdale; James David BURTON, Engineering, Newport; Jim Edwin BUSHMIAER, Geology, Van Buren; John Edward BUTT, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Richard Colburn BUTLER, Law, Little Rock; Jerry Don BYERS, Mechanical Engineering, Hope; Ross CALDWELL. Arts Sciences, Tulsa, Okla.; Charles Homer CALDWELL, Arts Sciences, North Little Rock. Second Row : Creed CALDWELL, Jr., Electrical Engineering, Pine Bluff; Hall McCoy CALHOUN, III, General Agriculture, Morrilton; James Carroll CALLAHAN, Secondary Education, Belle Fonte; Janice Ann CALVERT. Business, Prairie Grove; Darrell Duane CAMPBELL. Electrical Engineering, Berryville; Cary Douglas CAMPBELL, Engineering, Lead Hill; Jean T. CAMPBELL, Education, Mt. Ida; Lonnie D. CAMPBELL, Business, Mt. Ida; Phyllis Carol CAMPBELL, Secondary Edu¬ cation, Fayetteville; Peggy Bess CANTRELL, Social Welfare, Fayetteville; Wilma Dean CARMACK, Education, Springdale. The selection of sponsors for Army ROTC proves to be too much for this cadet. C ' mon lad, we know they were gorgeous, but . . . Third Row: Paul CARRASCO, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, Los Angeles, Calif.; Austin Eugene CARTER. General Business, Calico Rock; Peggy Ann CARTER, Education, Fayetteville; William Byars CARTER, Business, Lowell: Bob Ed CARY, Engineering, Little Rock; Billy Jerrel CASTLEBERRY, Busi¬ ness, Hot Springs; William Gary CATHEY, Engineering, North Little Rock; Ed E. CATO, Arts Sciences. Rogers; James Gordon CATON, Marketing, Fort Smith; Rhode Blanchard CAUSEY, Engineering, North Little Rock; Kerry L. CAVA- NESS, Engineering, Yellville. Fourth Row: John Lee CAZORT, Business, Little Rock; Kay Selph CAZORT, Business, Little Rock; Boyce L. CEARLEY, Arts Sciences, Nashville; Rodney Thayer CHAMBERS, Law, Magnolia; To Kwong (’HAN, Engineering, Kowloon, Hong Kong; Ila Jean CHANEY, Elementary Education, England; William Philip CHAPMAN, III, Business, Pine Bluff; J. Sher¬ wood CHARLTON, Engineering, Fayetteville; Stephen Edward CHENEY, Engineering, Lonoke; David Edward CHRISTIAN, Jr., Agriculture, Harrison; Quinten David CLANTON, Grad¬ uate, Granby, Mo. Fifth Roiv: David Alan CLARK, Arts Sciences, Fayette¬ ville; Don Richard CLARK, Business, Rogers: Rex Lee CLARK, Engineering. Fayetteville; Jerry L. CLARKSON, Agriculture, Colt; Ann Jones CLAY TON, Elementary Education, Benton; Michael Rowe CLAYTON, History, Little Rock; Paul C. CLAY¬ TON, General Business, Salem; Donald L. CLEGG, Mechanical Engineering, Van Buren; James Edgar CLEVELAND, Arts Sciences, Neward; Robert Morris CLINEHENS, Electrical En¬ gineering, Fayetteville; Rema Mary CLINEHENS, English, Fayetteville; James Richard CLOER, Arts Sciences, Spring- da L. Sixth Row: Carl William CLYNE, Engineering, Fayetteville: James Carthal COBB, Engineering, Fayetteville Roger Noel COCKRUN, General Business, DeWitt; Bonnie Jane COBUN, Secondary Education, Rogers; Kenneth D. COFER, Agriculture, Searcy; Larry Wilson COFER, Agricultural Engineering, Searcy; J. David COGDELL, Engineering, Camden; Charles Edward COGER. Arts Sciences, Huntsville; Jerry Lee COLE¬ MAN, Arts Sciences, Camden; Bryan G. COLLINS, Agri¬ culture, Forrest City. First Row: Barbara Jean COMBS, Education, Fayetteville; James Samuel Arthur COLLINS, Transportation, Lewisville; Fred Clinton COLLINS, Agriculture, Lincoln; George D. COMBS, Graduate, Fort Smith; Robert Lee COMBS, Agri¬ culture, Fayetteville; Sidney L. COMBS, Business, Fayette¬ ville; Stewart Michael CONDREN, Arts Sciences, Van Buren; Jerry CON DRY, Education, Mansfield; Charles Barton CON- 1NE, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; John Paul CONNOR, Elec¬ trical Engineering, Monette; Harold G. COOGAN, Secondary Education, Mena. Second Row: Peggy COOK, Agriculture, Atkins; James N. COOPER, Engineering, Magazine; Wendell Ray COSTON, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Webster Taylor GOTTEN, Engi¬ neering, Malvern; Margaret Gail COTTON, Elementary Edu¬ cation, Fayetteville; Bill COUCH, Arts Sciences, Benton; Kyle William COUCH, Electrical Engineering, El Dorado; Bailey Martin COULTER, Engineering, North Little Rock; Kathryn Frances COUNTS, Arts Sciences, Wesley; James Clifton COURTNEY, Electrical Engineering, Fayetteville; Robert G. COW1E, Business, Paris. Third Row: Ronald Oliver COX, Marketing, Beloit, Wise., James Harold CRABTREE, Management, Alma; Lytle Id. CRAIG, Industrial Engineering, Bryant; Sloan Oliver CRAIG, Business, Memphis; Tenn.; William Harold CRAIG, Engi¬ neering, Camden; Nadine CRAWFORD, Education, Ashdown; Walter H. CROUCH, Graduate, Weatherford, Okla.; James Daniel CROWNOVER, Engineering, Clinton; David Eugene CRUMPACKER, Pre-Pharmacy, Springdale; Claude Bailey CRUMPLER, Jr., Personnel Administration, El Dorado; Frankie Lee CRUTCHER, Electrical Engineering, Guidon. Fourth Row: Harold Lloyd CULP, Engineering, Paragould; William Charles CUMMINGS, Electrical Engineering, Berry- ville; Jack Boykin CUNNINGHAM, General Business, Texar¬ kana; Samuel Walter CUPPS, Mechanical Engineering, Fayette¬ ville; Elizabeth Jeanette CURTIS, Elementary Education, Prairie Grove; Bryce Eugene CURTSINGER, Engineering, Prairie Grove; John H. CUSICK, Banking Finance, Little Rock; Richard G. DAIdLEN, Government, Branson, Mo.; Lawrence Raymond DAILY, Agriculture, Seneca, Ill.; Johnny W. DALE, Engineering, Fort Smith; Robert James DALEY, Business, Hope. Off Campus Fifth Row: Gerald Leroy DALL, Arts Sciences, Peoria, Ill.; Robert Lewis DALLAS, Engineering, Blytheville; Leota Pauline DANIEL, Education, Vandervoort; Jim L. DANIELS, Agriculture, Bodcaw; Lathan Bernard DANIELS, Agriculture, Fordyce; Roland Lewis DANIELS, Business, North Little Rock; Dale Lee DAVENPORT, Speech, Springdale; James DAVIES, III, Business, Bauxite; Carlton E. DAVIS, Business, Warren; Daniel Patrick DAVIS, Agriculture, Horatio; Donald Duain DAVIS, Mathematics, Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Donald Duane DAVIS, Animal Industry, Siloam Springs; Frieda Carol DAVIS, Secondary Education, Fort Smith; John Michael DAVIS, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Ken Bruce DAVIS, Arts Sciences, Texarkana; Michael Mon¬ roe DAVIS, Spanish, Ozark; Owanda Faye DAVIS, Education, Fayetteville; Ronnie DAVIS. Engineering, Little Rock; William Louis DAVIS, Jr., Business, Ashdown; Alfred Bobby DAW¬ SON, General Business, North Little Rock; Earl L. DAZEY, Law, Ft. Collins, Colo.; John David DEARDO RFF, Arts Sciences, Wichita, Kansas. Off Campus First How: Ronald Layne DEASON, Business, Rogers; Prayoon DEEM A, Graduate, Nampad, Utaradit, Thailand; J. W. DEERE, Engineering, Malvern; Allen Brown DELAMAR, Engineering, Arkadelphia; Nancy Bea DELAMAR, Arts Sciences, Arkadelphia; Carole Jean DENNIS, Business, Win¬ slow; Cecil Watson DENNIS, Jr., Education, Magnolia; Richard 0. DENTNER. Industrial Engineering, Columbus, Ohio; Ed Fletcher DePRIEST, Engineering, Little Rock; Geraldine F. DESKIN, Education, Fayetteville; Leon A. DEW, III, Business, Mountain Home. Second Row: Don B. DEWEESE, Arts Sciences, Fayette¬ ville; Ray DICKENS, Agriculture, Green Forest; Harold Kenneth DICKERSON, Animal Industry, Ozark; Robert H. DICKSON, III, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Robert Henry DILDAY, Agriculture, Tuckerman; Jerry Edward DILL, Busi¬ ness, Fayetteville; Katherine Sue DILL, Accounting, Fayette¬ ville; Doyce M. DINGLER, Graduate, Kirby; Nquyen Qui DINH, Agriculture, Saigon, Viet Nam; William Brian DISNEY, Engineering, Springdale; John William DIXON, Graduate, Excelsior Springs, Mo. Third Row: Stuart Bennett DIXON, General Business, Little Rock; James Francis DOBBINS, Jr., Personnel Management, Long Beach, Calif.; Delwin Earl DODD, Chemical Engineering, Greenwood; Anthony Donald DONAT, History, Fayetteville; Billy Carl DONNELL, Engineering, Judsonia; Hugh Lee DON¬ NELL, Electrical Engineering, North Little Rock; John Marion DOUGLAS, Accounting, Bentonville; Johnnie Edward DRIS- K1LL, Engineering, Sulphur Rock; Ralph Lloyd DUGGER, Personnel Management, Charlotte; Alfred Grady DUNCAN, Jr., Accounting, Stuttgart; Mildred Glee DUNLAVY, Education, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Hughie DUNNAHOE, Electrical Engineering, Pine Bluff; Frances Elaine DURBIN, Business, Camden; Jerry Pat DURHAM, Agriculture, Prairie Grove; Jim Hampson DURHAM, Mechanical Engineering, Wilson; Gary Allen DuVALL, Social Welfare, Benton; Raymond Lee DYCK, Grad¬ uate, N. Newton, Kansas; John Phillip EAGLE. Arts Sci¬ ences, Fayetteville; Barbara Elaine EARP, Education, Spring- dale; James Edward EAST, Business, Rosston; Harvey Orval EDWARDS, Arts Sciences, Harrison; James Edward EGNER, Chemical Engineering, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Carl A. ELKINS, General Business, Spearfish, South Dakota; Juanita Marie ELLEBRECHT, Agriculture, Bentonville; Lynn Blaine ELLIOTT, Business, Kansas City, Mo.; Kenneth Daniel ELLIS, Management, Hot Springs; Richard Owen ELLIS, Mechanical Engineering, Forrest City; Herbert Lee ELLISON, Management, Fort Smith; Gary Herbert ELSNER, Agriculture, Gentry; Kathleen Sue EMERY, Edu¬ cation, Springdale; Gordon Fred ENGELER, Jr., Law, Camaliel; Cecil D. ENGLES, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith: James Lee ENSLEY, Arts Sciences, Springdale. Sixth Row: William B. EOFF, Jr., Engineering, Fayetteville; John D. EPLEY, Accounting, Green Forest; Lewis E. EPLEY, Jr., Law, Springdale; Gladys Evelyn ERWIN, Journalism, Fayetteville; Kirby Lee ESTES, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Lindel Eugene ESTES, Arts Sciences, Ash Flat; Jerry Lee EUBANKS, Business, Fort Smith; Robert Gordon EUBANKS, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Roger Douglas EUBANKS, Busi¬ ness, Ward; Betty EVANS, Arts Sciences, Rogers; Lloyd Junior EVANS, Engineering, Siloam Springs. ik K| lO ' 4- 1 n J - I T !? s r - f mMj M v 1 f m l First Row: James Arthur EZELL, Business, Fayetteville; Renay Michel FARIS, Education, Rogers; Henrietta Maureen FARMER, Arts Sciences, Texarkana; James Ronald FARM¬ ER, Business, Texarkana; Ikey Robin FAUBUS, Business, Elkins; Martha Jo FAUBUS, Education, Huntsville; Joe D. FEE, Business, Fort Smith; H. Max FELTON, Engineering, Fayetteville; Jerry Watha FERGUSON, Education, Bluffton; Donna Fay FINCHER, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Lynnah Kay FISHER, Arts Sciences, Van Buren. Fifth Row: Eddie E. GAY, Agriculture, Springdale; Dewey Aubrey GENTRY, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, Marianna; John Arthur GEORGE, Vocational Agriculture, Ola; Katherine Ann GERLOFF, Graduate, Bland, Mo.; Betty Carolyn GEURIN. Business, Fayetteville; Richard Carlton GIBBONS, Engineer¬ ing, Bauxite; Charles Henry GIBSON, Arts Sciences, Rogers; E. C. GILBREATH. Law, Mena; Henry Noble GILL, Law, Dell; Lucie Belle Murphy GILLER, Psychology, El Dorado; Kenneth Edward GINTHER, Engineering, Harrison. Second Row: Edna Muriel FITZJARRELL, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Ann FLETCHER, Agriculture, Fayetteville; Thomas Michael FLOWERS, Agricultural Engineering, Stuttgart; Harold David FLOYD, Graduate, Fayetteville; Jack Edward FORREST, Marketing, Little Rock; Homer Donald FOX, Chemical Engi¬ neering, Pine Bluff; Russell D. FOX, Civil Engineering, Little Rock; Ruth Eleanor FRANCIS, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Burleigh Don FRANKS, Graduate, Fayetteville; Larry Erbin FRANKS, Agriculture, Waldo; Henry Eugene FRAZIER, Engi¬ neering, Lakeview. Third Roiv: Mary Lynn FREEMAN, Business, Fayetteville; Shirley Elizabeth Stauber FRIEND, Agriculture, Noel, Mo.; Paul Odell FRITH, Jr., Agriculture, Little Rock; Howard Donald FRIZIELLE, Engineering, Clarendon; Dorothy Anne FRONING, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; James Howard FROST, Engineering, Benton; James Douglas FUCHS. General Business, Mena; Terrv F. FUG ITT, Agriculture, Republic, Mo.; James Robert FUHR, Arts Sciences, Ventura, Calif.: Richard Stewart FULFORD, Graduate, Little Rock; Donald Keene FULLER, Marketing, Wilmot. Fourth Row: Roy J. FULLER, Electrical Engineering, Mal¬ vern; Jeremy Richard FUNK, Graduate, Calico Rock; Lola Janice GARDENHIRE, Education, Fayetteville; Wilma Joyce GARDENHIRE, Business Administration, Fayetteville; Henrv T. GARNER, Graduate, Vivian, La.; Herbert Ronald GARNER, Physical Education, Hot Springs: Joe E. GARNER, Engineer¬ ing, Benton; James Henry GARNETT, Business, Cabot; Paul Ray GARRETT, Business, Fort Smith: Sidney Wilks GAR¬ RETT, Arts Sciences, Fort Gibson. Okla.; James E. GASTON, Insurance Real Estate, El Dorado. Sixth Row: Allan Douglas GIST, Electrical Engineering, Hackett; Karl Daly GLASS, Jr., Law, Paris; Lawson Edward GLOVER, Arts Sciences, Malvern; Marshall Guy GOINS, Arts Sciences, Hot Springs; Tommy GOODMAN, Elec¬ trical Engineering. Malvern; John T. GOSSETT, Graduate. Fayetteville; Gerald Grant GRAHAM, Engineering, Walnut Ridge; Mansal Gale GRAHAM, Industrial Engineering, Walnut Ridge; Jim V. GRAMLICH, Agronomy, Charleston; Hubert E. GRAVES, Law, DeQueen; Martin Luther GRAY, General Busi¬ ness, Blytheville. Kay McCollum gets a bee ' s eye view of the Homecoming game through her bouquet of roses. Hope there are no stickers. First Row: Richard Wilson GREEN, Arts Sciences, Little Rock; Russell B. GRESS, Engineering, Little Rock; James D. GRIFFIN, Engineering, Austin; James Doelas GRIFFIN, Business, Malvern; Marvin Franklin GRIFFIN, Engineering, Seneca, Mo.; Paul G. GRIFFITH, Jr., Agriculture, Piggott; James Ree GRIM, Electrical Engineering, Berryville; James F. GRINSTEAD, Architecture, Braggadocio, Mo.; Terry Louise GROSS, Secondary Education, Ashdown; Thomas Jackson GROSS, Electrical Engineering, Texarkana; Emory Allen GROVES, Graduate, Emporia, Kansas. Third Row : Daniel Irwin HALL, Civil Engineering, Prairie Grove; Diana Vinson HALL, Graduate, Prairie Grove; Harold Glenn HALL, Electrical Engineering, Van Buren; Kenneth M. HALL, Civil Engineering, Wynne; Milton Ray HALL, Elec¬ trical Engineering, Stuttgart; Paul F. HALL, Business, Fayette¬ ville; Robert Lester HALL, Mathematics, Marshall; Chad HALLFORD, Business, Charleston; Caroline Seiz HAMILTON, Mathematics, Hot Springs; John Charles HAMILTON, Engi¬ neering, Gould; John HAMRIC, Agriculture, Hickory Plains. Second Roiv: Joseph Martin GUENTER, Graduate, North Little Rock; Jaime Gabriel GUERRA-K, Vocational Education. David, Chiriqui, Panama; Charles Earl GUESS, Zoology, North Little Rock; Catsy Collard GUNN, Agriculture, Little Rock; James Alford GUNN, Graduate, Monticello; James Carl GUN¬ NELS, Graduate, Tyler, Texas; Judith Ann GUTHRIE, Ac¬ counting, Siloam Springs; William Edward GUTHRIE, Engi¬ neering, West Helena; James Cecil HALE, Jr., Law, Marion; Patricia HALE, Education, Marion; James H. HALFORD, Business, Hot Springs. Governor Orval Faubus crowns Gail Blossom, Chi Omega from San Antonio, Texas, as queen of Arkansas Homecoming festivities. Fourth Row: David Eugene HAND, Business, North Little Rock; Bishop J. HANKINS, Vocational Agriculture, Bates- ville; Roberta Ann HANKINS, Social Welfare, Fayetteville; Lance Lamar HANSHAW, Law, Jonesboro; Everett Edsel HARBER, Blytheville; Joe Nathan HARBOUR. Business, Little Rock; John S. HARBOUR, Business, Little Rock; Oscar Oakley HARDAWAY, Management, Blytheville; Jerald Joe HARDIN, Agriculture, Fayetteville; Harvard Reland HARP, Accounting, Springdale; James W. HARPER, Arts Sciences, El Dorado. Fifth Row: Joyce Rozzell HARPER, Arts Sciences, Little Rock; Ronald B. HARPER, Graduate, Little Rock; Ging er Ann HARRELL, Education, Hampton; Searcy Wood HARRELL, Jr., Business, Hampton; Charles P. HARRINGTON, Archi¬ tecture, Hardy; Daphne June HARRINGTON, Business, Hardy; Winfred Don HARRIS, Graduate, Bradford; Jack Bland HAR- ROD, Jr., Engineering, Pine Bluff; Bobby Dale HARVEY, Electrical Engineering, Swifton; Christine Ashley HARVEY, Arts Sciences, Swifton; Don Powell HAYES, Electrical En¬ gineering, Bradford. Sixth Row: Francis Lee HAYES, Arts Sciences, Fayette¬ ville; Jack H. HAYES, Law, Fayetteville; Ralph J. HAYES, Business, Fayetteville; Becky Sue HAYNES, Education, Poca¬ hontas; Bill Lee HAYNES, Electrical Engineering, Huntsville; Chris Knapp HAYNES, General Business, Bedford, New York; Charles Willis HAYNIE, Jr., Engineering, Prescott; Patrick A. HAYS, Engineering, Springdale; Charles Everett HEAD, Arts Sciences, Prescott; James Morton HEFLEY, Industrial Engi¬ neering, Little Rock; Jerald Dee HENDERSON, Engineering, Gentry. First Row: Kenneth B. HENDRICKSON, Civil Engineering, North Little Rock; James Thomas HENRY, Accounting, De- Queen; William Edward HENSLEE, Law, Pine Bluff; Larry Lee HERBAUGH, Agriculture, Bentonville; Kenneth Ray HER¬ MAN, Arts Sciences, North Little Rock; Patricia Sue HER¬ MAN, Education, Dallas, Tex.; Royce Wayne HERNDON, Arts Sciences, Little Rock; Arlen Glen HERRINGTON, Business, Fayetteville; Robert Michael HICKMAN, Business, North Little Rock; Ruth May HICKMAN, Education, Fort Smith; Joel Thomas HICKS, Engineering, Siloam Springs. Second Row: Cora Ruth HIGHTOWER, Business, Prairie Grove; Robert George HILD, Arts Sciences, Avalon, Cal.; Carl Allen HILL, Education, Walnut Ridge; John M. HILL, Business, Monette; Ralph Wayne HILL, Business, Harrison; Ruth Carolyn HILL. Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Wilmajean Oliver HILLMAN, Education Dietetics, Rector; Linda Jean HILTON, Education, Fayetteville; Allen Carl HINSLEY, Engi¬ neering, Hot Springs; Carol Plaisance HINTON, Business Edu¬ cation, West Memphis; Raebern Brooks HITCHCOCK, Law, Little Rock. Third Row: Raymond Howell HIXSON, Law, Paris; George Lowrance HODGE, Industrial Engineering, Lewisville; William Harold HODGE, Engineering, DeQueen; Dwight Arden HOL¬ COMB. Chemistry, Fort Smith: James Oliver HOLCOMB, Busi¬ ness, Gentry; Mildred HOLDAR, Arts Sciences, Ozark; Virgil Harold HOLDER, Education, Swifton; Kenny M. HOLLAND, Engineering, Maysville; K. Priscilla HOLLAND, Business, Fayetteville; Rayna Louise HOLLEY, Business, Fort Smith; Gilbert Ray HOLLIS, Animal Husbandry, Greenway. Fourth Row: Max M. HOLLOWAY, Civil Engineering, De- Witt; Perry Don HOLMES, Arts Sciences, Hot Springs; David Benjamin HOLT, Engineering, Nashville; John Rodney HOLT, Engineering, Arkadelphia; LaRama Jeanette HOLT, Chemistry Pre-Med, Fayetteville; Billy Osca HONEYCUTT, Business, Jacksonville; Robert Lewis HOPE, Industrial Engi¬ neering, Fort Smith; Linda Marie HOUSTON, Graduate, Little Rock; Marvin Gene HOUSTON, Business, Springdale; Robert HOWARD, Arts Sciences, North Little Rock; William G. HOWARD, Graduate, Owensboro, Ky. Fifth Row: Jack HOYT, Business, Little Rock; Frank HUCK- ABA, Jr., Law, Oil Trough; Thea Dwayne HUD SON, Anthro¬ pology, El Dorado; Billy A. HUMPHREY, Graduate, North Little Rock; Theodore C. HUMPHREY, Graduate, Morrison, Okla., Sammie R. HUNTER. Agricultural Engineering, Fayette¬ ville; Edmund Walter HURLBUT, Business, Springdale; Terron James HURLBUT, Business, Elm Springs; Howard H. HUT- SELL, Jr., History, Fort Smith; Gary R. HUTSON, Business, Fort Smith; Lemly O. HUTT, Jr., Arts Sciences, Fouke. Sixth Row: L. Wayne HYDEN, Pharmacy, Springdale; John Lane IDOL, Jr., Graduate, Boone N. C.; Ralph W. INGRAM, Engineering. Calico Rock; Edwin Lee INZER, Arts Sciences, Camden; Richard H. INZER, Business, Camden; Wayne Charles IRSCH. Engineering, Tulsa, Okla.; Paul Vernon IS¬ BELL, Business, Forrest City; David Wayne ISON, Business, Fayetteville; Jimmy Wyatt IVEY, Mathematics, North Little Rock; John David IZARD, Speech, Little Rock; James A. JACKSON, Arts Sciences, Hot Springs. Off Campus First Row: John Edward JACKSON, Engineering, Leach- ville; Lynn T. JAMES, Business, Little Rock; James L. JAMI¬ SON, Electrical Engineering, Gillham; James John JANSEN, Electrical Engineering, Fort Smith; Don C. JEFFERSON, Marketing, Rogers; Hugh Milton JEFFUS, Civil Engineering, Siloam Springs; Lynn Page JENKINS, Civil Engineering, Little Rock; Tom Davis JESTER, Jr., Marketing, Ashdown; Jerry Wayne JOHNS, Business, West Memphis; Donald Joe JOHN¬ SON, Chemical Engineering, Malvern; Doris Evelyn JOHNSON. Business, Springdale. Second Row : John Farrar JOHNSON, Business, El Dorado; Joseph Vick JOHNSON, Arts Sciences, Corning; James Robert JOHNSTON, Engineering, Conway; Linda Walton JOHNSTON, Education, Clarksville; William King JOHN¬ STON, Engineering, Clarksville; Charles William JONES, III, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Clara Dickson JONES, Educa¬ tion, Fort Smith; Cleveland Marion JONES, Business, Bates- ville; Dorsey William JONES, Marketing, Fayetteville; Flernoy Glenn JONES, Graduate, Tichnor; Freida Ann JONES, Grad¬ uate, Muskogee, Okla. Third Row: Harry D. JONES, Engineering, Mineral Springs; James H. JONES, Arts Sciences, Hope; Johnny Lee JONES, Electrical Engineering, Dardanelle; Kenneth E. JONES, Grad¬ uate, Lewisville; Levi Jeff JONES, Arts Sciences, Broken Bow, Okla.; Mary Karolyn JONES, Arts Sciences, Fayette¬ ville; Paul Lee JONES, Arts Sciences, P ' ranklin, Mich.; Robert N. JONES, Engineering, Fayetteville; Ronald JONES, Graduate, Searcy; Stephen Macaulay JONES, Agriculture, Hot Springs; William Lewis JONES, Engineering, Lansing, Ill. Fourth Row: Daryl Lynn JORGENSEN, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Lillian Mary Jane JOYNER. Nursing, Fayette¬ ville; Freddie Lee KABELL, Engineering, Miller, Mo.; Jerry Mac KARBER, Agriculture, Amity; Bill R. KARCH, Arts Sciences, Sulphur Springs; George Russell KECK, Arts Sciences, Rogers; Jack KECK, Mechanical Engineering, Ash¬ down; Joe Neil KEETON, Arts Sciences, Mansfield; Edwin Lewis KEITH, I ndustrial Engineering, Bentonville; Suzanne Gay KEITH, Arts Sciences, Bentonville; William C. KEITH, Jr., Arts Sciences, Magnolia. Fifth Roiv: James Stephen KELLAR, Arts Sciences, Fay¬ etteville; Glen E. KELLEY, Graduate, Crossett: Tommy H. KELLEY, Graduate, Hazard, Ky.; William Donald KELLY, Business, Little Rock; Carolyn Sue KENDRICK, Education, Springdale; Henry Herman KETCHER, III, Business, North Little Rock; George William KEULKS, Graduate, Collinsville, Ill.; Jo Ann KEULKS, Arts Sciences, Collinsville, Ill.; Howard Delain KILLIAN, Engineering, Dierks; McLean KIL¬ PATRICK, Chemical Engineering, Marianna; Bobby Joe KIM- BERLING, Engineering, West Helena; Henry Stephen KIM¬ BROUGH, Engineering, Pine Bluff. Sixth Roiv: Milam Michael KINARD. Law, Magnolia; Clyde C. KINGERY, Business, Little Rock; Larania Ann KINION, Nursing, Prairie Grove; Billy Ray KISOR, Engineering, Hunts¬ ville; Jim Charles KIZZIAR, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith: David Lee KNOX, Industrial Engineering, Fort Smith; Harry KOLB, Jr., Industrial Engineering, Magnolia; Phillip KILB. Business, McGehee; Stephen Lowell KOOKER, Engineering. Lowell; David M. KOONCE, Business, Little Rock. First Row : Tim Manning KRONE, Jr., Business, Fort Smith; Donald L. KYLE, Graduate, Magnolia; William H. LACEFIELD, Engineering, DeQueen; Ralph Sidney LACOTTS, Arts Sciences, DeWitt; Robert Harold LACY, Electrical Engineering, Jacksonville; Leland Dwight LAMB, Industrial Engineering, Leola: Russell LAMKINS, Engineering, Newport; David Win¬ field LANE, Engineering, Nashville; Leota Carole LANE, Agri¬ culture, Fayetteville; Robert Cline LANE, Jr., Engineering, Rapid City, S. I).; David Curtis LANEY, Jr., Engineering, Camden. Second Row: Garland Harper LATTA, Jr., Electrical Engi¬ neering, North Little Rock; Melvin M. LATTA, Business, Rog¬ ers; Patricia Avila LAWRENCE, Arts Sciences, Memphis, Tenn.; Jerry Allen LEACH, Mechanical Engineering, Dutch Mills; Charles A. LEDBETTER, Arts Sciences, Benton; Billy Ray LEE, Vocational Agriculture, Delight; Joe Edwin LEE, Agriculture, Damascus; William Charles LE1DY, Arts Sci¬ ences, Little Rock; Dorothy Elaine LESLIE, Education, Spring- dale; James Edward LESLIE, Arts Sciences, Springdale; James Edward LESLIE, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Wayne Martin LEVITT, Industrial Management, Goodwin. Third Row: Marrene Kathleen LEWIS, Arts Sciences, Fay¬ etteville; Pat Roy LEWIS, Business, Ashdown; Paul Kibler LEWIS, Jr., Law, Pocahontas; James Harold LILES, Engineer¬ ing, North Little Rock; James Caraway LILLY, Engineering, Little Rock; Dean R. LINDSEY, Engineering, Batesville; Vir¬ ginia Elaine LIPIN SKY, Graduate, New York, N. Y.; John Barret LITTLE, Education, Osceola; Milburn J. LITTLE, Graduate, Pittsburgh, Kansas; David Leon LITTRELL, Hor¬ ticulture, Huntsville; Harry Reese LITTRELL, Graduate, For- dyce. Fourth Row: James William LOCKE, Engineering, DeQueen; Jane Burt LOCKE, Arts Sciences, Crossett; Arlis James LOGAN, Engineering, Berryville; Everett William LONG, Busi¬ ness, Springdale; Billy Hay den LOUDERMILK, Education, Perryville: Larry Dwain LOUX, Education, Fort Smith; Daisy Carlo LOVELESS, Education, Sulphur Springs; Scott LOVETT. Business, Star City; Douglas Reid LOW, Industrial Engineer¬ ing, Little Rock; Emmons B. LOWE, Business, Natural Dam; Guy Alvin LOWES, Engineering, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Gene LOWREY, Agriculture, Paris; Robert Earl LUDINGTON, Business, Fort Smith; Albert James LUZIETTI, Engineering, Altheimer; .Margaret Jo LYNCH, Education, Rog¬ ers; Arland Wayne LYONS, Secondary Education, Nashville; Bob McBRIDE, Business, Fayetteville; Columbus McCALL, Engineering, North Little Rock; Allen Papin McCARTNEY, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Clinton H. McCARVER, General Agriculture, Siloam Springs; Trenton H. McCARVER, Agri¬ culture, Springdale; Silas Evan McCAULEY, Industrial Man¬ agement, Rison. Sixth Row: John Wesley McCREARY, Little Rock; Mark Henry McCUNE, Business, North Little Rock; Margie B. Mc- DANIEL, Education, Fayetteville; Charles Dewayne McELROY, Engineering, Ravenden Springs; Linda Karen McFARLAND, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Phyllis Grace McFARLAND, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; David Lee McFERRAN, Engineer¬ ing, Charleston; James Dell McGAHEY, Secondary Education, Fayetteville; Frank McGARY, Architecture, Heber Springs; William McGEE, History, Bradley; Donald Wilbanks McGILL, Zoology, Fort Smith. Homecoming for 1960 was designated " Goldie Jones Day " by the athletic department. Here Goldie expresses her gratitude. First Row: Leighton Robert McGILL, Graduate, Chidester; Robert Moore McHENRY, Jr.. Law, Conway; David McKEN- ZIE, Business, Hope; Morris Miles McLEOD, Industrial Man¬ agement, Little Rock; Richard Arnold McMILLAN, Business, Mt. Ida; Martha J. McNIEL, Graduate, Rector; Alexander MACLEAN, Engineering, Westfork; James Eugene MADDOX, Accounting, North Little Rock; Linda Rose MAEDER, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; James Lewis MALOCH, General Agri¬ culture, Osceola; Dennis Eugene MALONE, Agriculture, Ben- tonville. Third Row: Jack Shannon MATHIS, education, Pine Bluff; Wadette MATTHEWS, Education, Greenbrier; William J. MATTHEWS, Electrical Engineering, Greenbrier; Lesly Weav¬ er MATTINGLY, Law, Hafton; Jerry Vernon MAULDIN, Engi¬ neering, Marion; Davis Taafe MAULDING, Biology, Foreman; Max David MAYES, Geology, Fayetteville; W. Neil MAYNARD, Business, Winthrop; David Gene MEADOR, Civil Engineering, Prescott; Thomas R. MEADORS, Civil Engineering, Alma; Douglas Eugene MEADOWS, Engineering, Osceola. Second Row: William Scott MAN ATT, Engineering, Hot Springs; Charles Curtis MANN, Mechanical Engineering, North Little Rock; Max O ' Ferrell MARKS, General Business, Fordyce; Jay Alvin MARTENS, Agriculture, Springdale; Art Bradley MARTIN, Jr., Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Gary Lee MARTIN, Industrial Management, McCrory; George 0. MAR¬ TIN, Jr., Engineering, Adona; James Monroe MARTIN, Jr., Industrial Management, Solgohachia; Paul Loyd MARTIN, Industrial Management, Fayetteville; Richard Harper MASON, Graduate, Norphlet; Thomas Herbert MATHIAS, Graduate, Fayetteville. G. D. Nichols, dean of the college of arts and sciences, has a discussion with a few of his department heads at registration. Fourth Row: Jerry August MEIER, Engineering, Fort Smith; Philip Ray MEINERT, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Way- mond C. MEINS, Engineering, Stuttgart; John William MERE¬ DITH, Engineering, Fayetteville; Joe K. MERRICK, Engineer¬ ing, Miller, Mo.; Charles H. MILLER, Arts Sciences, Prairie Grove; George MILLER, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Layla Elizabeth MILLER, Home Economics, Fayetteville; Nancy Lee MILLER, Education, Fayetteville; William Edward MILLER. Engineering, Paris; Donald Livingston MILLS, Engineering, Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada. Fifth Row: Bill Merle MITCHELL, Business, Gentry; Don Neal MITCHELL, Industrial Engineering, Monticello; Carolyn Elaine MOAK, Graduate, Port Arthur, Tex.; Robert Joseph MOIX, Engineering, Conway; Horace L. MONTGOMERY. Agri¬ culture, Grubbs; Jesse Troy MONTGOMERY, Accounting, Pine Bluff; Danny MONTS, Business, Hope; Charles Marion MOONEY, Law, Jonesboro; Bobby Booth MOORE, Engineer¬ ing, North Little Rock; Don L. MOORE, Arts Sciences, Mt. Vernon, Mo.; Mayme Louise MOORE, Chemical Engineering, Little Rock. Sixth Row: Thomas Frank MOORE, Mechanical Engineer¬ ing, Tucson, Ariz.; Dale Clark MOREN, Engineering, Sheridan; Doyle Wayne MORGAN, Agriculture, Fayetteville; Herbert Newton MORGAN, Engineering, Little Rock; Thomas Dixon MORRIS, Mechanical Engineering, Heber Springs; Doyle Edwin MORRISON, Jr., Engineering, Fayetteville; William McDonald MORTON, Horticulture, Helena; Hurley Joe MOSELEY, En¬ gineering, Pine Bluff; Raymond Arnold MOSELEY, General Business, Alicia; George Ronald MOTLEY, Engineering, Little Rock; Winfred C. MULLEN, Accounting, Heber Springs. First Row: Billye Newell MURPHEY, Education, Fayetteville; I honias Dee MURPHY, Advertising, McGregor, Texas; Thomas Michael MURPHY, Business, El Dorado; Milo Gene Myers, Engineering, Fayetteville; Clarke Edwin NALLY, Engineering, Fort Smith; Charles Duncan NASH, Engineering, Arkadelphia; Rondall Lee NEASE, Dairying, Hot Springs; Charles Mack NEELEY, Arts Sciences, Pine Bluff; Johnnie L. NEILL, Engi¬ neering, Springdale; Ronnie NEISLAR, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; Robert C. NELSON, Engineering, Fayetteville. Second Row: Lon Raymond NETHERTON, Business, Spring- dale; Darrel Dean NEWKIRK, Arts Sciences, Hot Springs; Larry Jelf NEWKIRK, Mechanical Engineering, Hot Springs; Gloria Sue NEWMAN, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Tillman Eugene NEWMAN, Jr., Engineering, Van Buren; Lloyd George NICHOLS, Graduate, Carlisle: Jo Ann NICKELL, Nursing, Fayetteville; Charles L. NOFZIGER, Marketing, Little Rock; Sarah NORTHCROSS, Physical Education, Huntsville; Garnet Ernest NORWOOD, Business, DeQueen; Eldon Joe NOSARI, Graduate, Little Rock. Third Row: Bobby NUCKOLS, Business, Dumas; Carol Tatum NUTT, Education, Fayetteville; Judith Anna NUTT, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; David Bonner OATES, Agriculture, Potts- ville; John Edward OFFUTT, Arts Sciences, El Dorado; Robert Aris OFFUTT, Electrical Engineering, Pine Bluff; Kazuo OISHI, Engineering, Scott; Toshio DISHI, Engineering, Scott; Gary Don OLIVER, Engineering, Alma; Jimmy Wayne OLIVER, Engineering, Greenwood; Nancy LaRee OLIVER, Agriculture, Mulberry. Fourth Row: Ronald E. ORT, Engineering, Little Rock; Hilton Freeland OSBORNE, Agriculture, Fayetteville; Myralyn G. OSBURN, Education, Fayetteville; Bill M. OVERTON, Me¬ chanical Engineering, Roseland: Teddy J. OVERTON, Business, Springdale; Dale Landon OWEN, Psychology, Van Buren; Robert B. OWEN, Graduate, Pine Bluff; Emmanele OWENS, Graduate, Warded, Mo.; Jerry M. OWENS, Business, Junction City; Olin W. OWENS, Industrial Management, Junction City; Milford Thompson OXFORD. Agricultural Engineering, Spring- dale. Off Campus Fifth Row: Eugene Merritt PAGE, Mathematics, Springdale; Pamela Kate PALMER, Education, Fayetteville; Ada Ann PARISH, Agriculture, Fayetteville; Jerry B. PARK, Agriculture, Clarksville; Don G. PARKER, Business, Poyen; Lee Roy PARKER, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Billy Wayne PARKS, Business, Rogers; Edwina Sue PARKS, English, Fayetteville; Robert Dale PARSONS, Agriculture, Springdale; Frank Gary BATCHER, Engineering, Siloam Springs; Danny Lee PATRICK, Agriculture, Delaney. Sixth Row: Thomas Earl PATRICK, Pharmacy, Pettigrew; John Kenneth Patterson. Electrical Engineering, North Little Rock; Jimmy Dale PATTON, Law, Belleville; Robert Thomas PATTON, Mechanical Engineering, North Little Rock; Clai- bourne Watkins PATTY, Jr., Law, Little Rock; Scott Horton PELTON, Real Estate Insurance, Benton; Foye W. PENN, Engineering, Lynn; James Edward PENN, Education, Fort Smith; Paul Gene PERRIER, Industrial Engineering, Mulberry; Bobby PERRY ' , Engineering, Monticello; Peggy Anne PETER¬ SON, English, Fayetteville. Off Campus First Row: Dennis Clark PETTY, Business, Springdale; Del¬ bert Wayne PHILLIPS, Engineering, Siloam Springs; Jacob R. PHILLIPS. Graduate, Newport; Lucia Ann PHILLIPS, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Saundra Sue PHILLIPS, Business, Fayetteville; Madelyn PICKENS, Graduate, Pickens; Clinton Albert PIERCE, History, Eureka Springs; Leonard Maxwell PIKE, Vocational Agriculture, Hot Springs; Roxy Ann PETERS, Home Economics, Hot Springs; Carlos Maynard PINKSTON, Jr., Arts Sciences, Otis Air Force Base, Mass.; Daniel Jacob PIPKIN, Engineering, Malvern. Second Row: John M. PITTMAN, Arts Sciences, Little Rock; James Louis PITTS, Engineering, Lonoke; Roger Mor¬ row PITTS, Vocational Agriculture, Lincoln; Delbert Samuel PLANTE, Jr., Engineering, Texarkana; Michael Richard PLATT, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Thomas Wood PLUN¬ KETT, Engineering, Little Rock; Melvin Everett POAGE, Marketing, Fayetteville; Charles Alfred POE, Graduate, Wal¬ dron; Joe Alan POLK, Accounting, Hope; Don G. PONTIER, Social Studies, Inglewood, Calif.; Arlen Dee POOLE, Geology, Fayetteville. Third Row: Lafayette Earl POOLE, Geology, Heber Springs; Wesley Eugene POOLE, Engineering, Nashville; Rob¬ ert Darrell POPE, Business, Fayetteville; Tommy Dan POPE. Engineering, Fort Smith; Veronica Elizabeth PORTEOUS, Graduate, Shreveport, La.; Jim R. PORTER, Arts Sciences, Hackett: James Herald PORTERFIELD, Arts Sciences, Hope; Nancy Ellen POWELL, Secondary Education. Bentonville; Mary Gene POYNOR, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Ruth Anne POYNOR, Business, Fayetteville; Charles Robert PRATT, Arts Sciences, Bentonville. Fourth Row: Daryl Scott PRICE, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Duane Carleton PRICE, Arts Sciences, Springdale; James Fred PRICE, Zoology, North Little Rock; Nathan PRIVITT, Arts Sciences, Heber Springs; Daniel Wayne PUCKETT, Graduate, Searcy; Charles Floyd PUDLAS, Engineering, Green¬ wood; Owen Lloyd PUGH, Business, Harrison; Judy Ann PYEATTE, Education, Fayetteville; William Robert RAGLAND. Electrical Engineering, Fort Smith; Robert Lee RAIBLE, Agri¬ culture, Charleston; Danny Bert RAKES, Engineering, Ben¬ tonville. Fifth Row: Thomas Embry RALEY, Vocational Agriculture, Harrison; Djhanbakhsh RASTEGAR, Engineering, Tehran, Iraq: William E. RATER, Jr., Electrical Engineering, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Franklin Jared RAY, Journalism, Little Rock; Thomas Richard RAY, Engineering, Camden; Luther Maple REAGAN, Arts Sciences, Noel, Mo.; Tommy Eugene REAMES, Engineering, Hampton; Henry Field RECTOR, Arts Sciences, Hot Springs; Joe Bradford REED, Law, Spring- dale; James Glenn REEVES, Arts Sciences, Houston. Texas; John Russell REEVES, Jr., Engineering, Little Rock. Sixth Row: Richard H. REID, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Walter Ralph RELYE A, Engineering, Almyra: Hoyte Ray REY- NALDS, Business, Hot Springs: Edwin A. REYNOLDS, Engi¬ neering, Sheridan; Larry V. RHODES, Accounting, Fort Smith; Rufus Dee RHODES, Engineering. Rison; Monty Hugh RIAL. Business, McGehee; Jerry M. RICE, Business, Fort Smith; Patsy Sue RICE, Business Education, Violet Hill; William Rodney RICE, Chemical Engineering, North Little Rock; Gene RICH, Education, Springdale. First Row: Fontaine K. RICHARDSON, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Billie Frank RIDER, Engineering, Little Rock; Eva Jo RIEFF, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Floyd Kelly RIGSBY, Electrical Engineering, Lonsdale; Ralph Dale RIM- MER, Engineering, Sheridan; Carol Anne RINER. Arts Sciences, Carlisle; David Wylie RINER, Engineering, Carlisle; Edwina Lorene ROARK, Nursing, Springdale; Judy Stokes ROBBINS, Education, Marion; Sandra Ann ROBBINS, Educa¬ tion, Pontiac, Mo.; Charles Edwin ROBERTS, Business, Fay¬ etteville. FIFTH ROW: William Marshall SANDERS, Industrial Engi¬ neering, Saratoga; Glenn D. SANDLIN, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith: Leslie E. SARBOROUGH, Engineering, Judsonia; Ham¬ mond H. SATTERFIELD, History, Little Rock; Ramon S. SATTERWHITE, Engineering, Little Rock: William Frederick SCHAEFFER. Graduate, Springfield, Mo.; Anthony Paul SCHERREV, Education, Fort Smith; Robert W. SCHROEDER, Jr., Business, Star City; Elizabeth Ann SCHULZ, Education, Fayetteville; Paul L. SCOTT, Jr., Arts Sciences, Texarkana; Ronald L. SCOTT, Education, Marianna. Second Row: Errol Wade ROBERTS, Business, Jessieville; Gary Michael ROBERTS, Agriculture, Dumas; Henry Lee ROBERTS. Electrical Engineering, North Little Rock; Paul David ROBERTS, History, Fouke; W. R. ROBINSON, Business, West Memphis; J. C. Thomas ROGERS, Jr., Marketing, Ur- bana. Ill.; William P. ROGERS, Industrial Engineering, Stamps; Suellen Mary ROLNIAK. Nursing, Fayetteville; Harold Paul ROOKS, Engineering, Conway; Alan ROSE, Business, Fayette¬ ville; Louis Allen ROSE, Graduate, Mineral Springs. Third Row: Margaret Creekmore ROSE, Education, Moun- tainburg; Eugene ROSS, Engineering, North Little Rock; Howard David ROSS. Accounting, Rogers; James A. ROSS, Jr., Law, Monticello: Robert Dwain ROSS, Law, Hope; Burl Conrad ROTENBERRY, Law, Little Rock: Lvnda Lo-dse ROWDEN, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville: Phillip Ray ROWE, Agriculture, Hope; George E. ROWLAND, Jr., Business, De- Witt: Thomas Harlan ROWLAND, Business, El Dorado; Mary Jane ROWLETT, Arts Sciences. Fourth Row: Charles Bryan RUGGLES. Marketing, Hop 0 ; William B. RUNYAN, Business, Crossett; Regina Rae RUSH¬ ING, Business, Fayetteville; George W. RUSSELL, Jr.. Business, Lewisville; Karen Jeanne RUSSELL, Arts Sciences, Favette- ville; Donnie Wayne RUTLEDGE, Business, Springdale; Sonia Ann RUTLEDGE, Education, Fort Smith; Douglas Gene RHY, Arts Sciences, Fort Smith; John Wallace SALLIS, Engineer¬ ing, Clarksville; Gary Van SANDERS, Engineering, Siloam Springs, Wanda Fay SANDERS, Nursing, Warren. Sixth Row: Milton Dewitt SEALES, Engineering, Anderson. Mo.; Shelia Wallace SEAY. Business, Jonesboro; Thomas Patrick SEAY, Business, Hot Springs; Louis D. SEITER, En¬ gineering, Conway; Louis Herman SEITER, Jr., Chemical Engineering, Fort Smith; Jerry B. SEITZ, Engineering, Berry - ville; Betty Jo SHARP, Arts Sciences, Prairie Grove; Warren Hubbard SHARP, Graduate, Sulphur Springs; Ronald Paul SHARRAH, Languages, Fayetteville; Hugh Francis SHARUM, Agriculture, Fort Smith: Raymond Jerome SHARUM, Geology, Fort Smith. The editor had to have one of his shots in the Razorback, so . . . Give up guessing what it is? No one else can figure it either. First Row: Robert Van SHAVER, Agriculture, Cave City; Cheste r L. SHAW, Engineering, Pine Bluff; John William SHAW, Engineering, North Little Rock; Phillip Ray SHEF¬ FIELD, Engineering, Hot Springs; Frederic Byron SHELBY, Arts Sciences, North Little Rock; William Starke SHELL, Architecture, Little Rock; Conrad R. SHELNUT, Electrical Engineering, Benton; Dan W. SHEWMAKE, Geology, Wheaton. Mo.; Martin N. SHIMEK, Arts Sciences, Hazen; Kenneth L. SHIREMAN, Arts Sciences, Stuttgart; Don Wade SHOE- MAKE, Engineering, Osceola. Third Row ; Alva Ray SILER, Graduate, Pleasant Plains; John Herbert SIMMONS, Graduate, Springfield, Mo.; Charles M. SIMONDS, Music, Springdale; Carl David STMPSON, Arts Sciences, Humphrey; Elaine Green SIMPSON. Home Econom¬ ics, Alpena; Thomas J. Simpson, Graduate, Mena; Kenneth Franklin SIMS, Arts Sciences, Hot Springs; Robert Lee SIMS, Business, Mt. Ida; Glenn Neil SINK, Architecture, New¬ port; Charles Paul SISCO, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Rich¬ ard Donald SKINNER, Engineering, Greenwood. Second Row: Lyman Boyce SHOEMAKE, Agronomy, Osceola; J. Kenneth SHOLLMIER, Business, Pine Bluff; Richard Nor¬ man SHOLLMIER. Mechanical Engineering, Pine Bluff; George Washington SHOOK, Engineering, Clarksville; Gerald SHOOK, Agriculture, Bentonville; John Harold SHOOK, Education, Bentonville; Charles G. SHOWERS, Transportation, Fayette¬ ville; Tommy S. SHRUM, Business, Huntsville; Jack Roger SHUMATE, Real Estate Insurance, Charleston; Sandra Marie SHUPIK, Business, Passaic, N. J.; Charles Freeman SHUSTER, Arts Sciences, Huntsville. Coke bottles, slide rules, and distressed looks all lend an atmosphere of study to the overcrowded engineering lounge. Fourth Row: Barbara Barlow SMITH, Dermott; Billy G. SMITH, Engineering. Benton: Charles E. SMITH, Jr., Engineer¬ ing, Little Rock; Don SMITH, Graduate, Fayetteville; Don Edward SMITH, Law, El Dorado; Fred Thomas SMITH. Chemi¬ cal Engineering, Warren; Janice Palmer SMITH. Education, Fayetteville; Kenneth Ronald SMITH. Law, Yellville; Law¬ rence Dean SMITH, Architecture, Springdale; Rev. Louis John SMITH, Graduate, Little Rock; Mary Alice SM ITH, Education, Springdale. Fifth Row: Paul Douglas SMITH, Business, Searcy; Perry Frank SMITH, Education. West Fork; Ronald R. SMITH, General Business, Booneville; Walter Edward SMITH, Arts Sciences, Colville, Wash.: William F. SMITH, Graduate, Maysville; Dovle Allen SMITTLE, Agriculture, Hope: Mary Elaine SNYDER. Education, West Fork: Ralph M. SNYDER, Engineering, Camden; Jerry Lynn SONDEREGGER, Engineer¬ ing, Fort Smith; John Knight SOWLE, Industrial Engineering. Jonesboro; Elliott E. SPARKMAN. Business, Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Oswald SPARKS, Business, Marianna; Bobby Lee SPEARS, Agriculture. Mountainburg; Larry R. SPENCE, Engineering, Texarkana; Forrest K. SPENCER, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Tommy J. SPENCER, Engineering, Plainview; Martha B. SPICER, Education, Fayetteville; Ann Trieschmann SPIKES, Elementary Education, Little Rock: Art SQUIRE, Jr., Arts Sciences, Quincy. Ill.: Ronald Alwin STANLEY, Botany, Everton; Joseph David STARLING, Engineering, Joiner; James Thomas STEED, Agriculture, Forrest City. First Row: Ellen Brown STEEL, Business, Gillham; William Frederick STEINKAMP, Jr., Business, Little Rock; Charles David STEPHENS, Industrial Engineering, North Little Rock; Dorothy Ann STEVENSON, Elementary Education, DeWitt; Betty June STEWART, Education, Fayetteville; Judy E. STICK¬ LER. Education, Prairie Grove; Donald Wayne STOCKTON, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Martha Elizabeth STOKES, Education, Fayetteville; Laura Mae STOUT, Business, Fayette¬ ville; James Albert STOVER, Physical Education, Casa; Dawn Elizabeth STOWE, Education, Fayetteville. Second Row: James Edward STRAUB, Engineering, West Helena; Thomas S. STREETMAN, Law, McNeil; Curtis Thomas STRIEGLER, Agriculture, Fayetteville; Roger H. SUBLETT, Education, Greenwood; John Beaty SUMMERS, Engineering, Little Rock; William Harris SUMMERS, Marketing, Midland, Tex.; John Thomas SUSKIE, Pre-Med. DeValls Bluff; O’Neal SUTTER, Arts Sciences, Pleasant Plains; Loyal Wayne SWAIM, Graduate, Waldron; Albert Kent SWANSON, Arts Sciences, Sheridan; Fred C. SWAYZE, Math Science, Moscow. Third Row: John C. SWAYZE, Engineering, Moscow; Loyd Ray SWOPE, Business, Elkins; Lloyd James TARKINGTON, Chemical Engineering, North Little Rock; Harlis R. TATE, Business, Mena; Jon Roger TATE, Arts Sciences, Little Rock; Thomas Taylor TATUM, Arts Sciences, Pine Bluff; Benny Don TAYLOR. Arts Sciences, El Dorado; Bobby Louis TAYLOR, Graduate, Imboden; James Samuel TAYLOR, Gen¬ eral Business, Pine Bluff; Mary Beth TEAS, Education, Fay¬ etteville; Jim Robert TEETER. Business, Monticello. Fourth Row: Phillip Arthur TERRY, Arts Sciences, Harri¬ son; Frank Gibson THIBAULT, Arts Sciences, El Dorado; A1 Wallace THOMAS, Arts Sciences, Dermott; Albert Janney THOMAS. Jr., Law. West Memphis; David W. THOMAS, Business, West Memphis; Lloyd THOMAS, Engineering, Leach- ville: David Eugene THOMASON, Business, Alpena: Billy G. THORNTON, Civil Engineering. Ozan; Joe Anne Thuringer, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Marty THURLBY, Arts Sci¬ ences, Fayetteville; Charles Erbie, Law, Texarkana. mm f. Off Campus m£ .£ ' . _... Fifth Row: Jack Donald TIPTON, Engineering, New Edin¬ burg; Grace Yvonne TISDALE, Education, Fayetteville; Helen Delores TISDALE, Education, Fayetteville; Doris Ann TODD, Arts Sciences, Heber Springs; John Thomas TODD, Account¬ ing, Heber Springs; Thomas Eli TOLER. Engineering, Malvern; William Roy TOOLEY, Electrical Engineering, Hope; Robert R. TRAMMELL, Graduate, Little Rock; Bobbie Jae TREAD¬ WAY, Home Economics, Fayetteville; John F. TREADWAY, Graduate, Fayetteville; Jeweldean TREECE, Education, Leslie. Sixth Row: Neill Hamilton TREECE, Graduate, Leslie; Nadine Faye TROLINGER, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Gary I). TRUE, Engineering, Bentonville; Benny Otis TRUSTY, Jr., Chemical Engineering, Russellville; Ellen Jean TRUSTY, Ele¬ mentary Education. Little Rock; Charles Ray TUCKER, Engi¬ neering, Muskogee, Okla.; Darrell Newby TUCKER, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Jenny Belle TUCKER. Arts Sciences, Los Altos, Calif.; Theo M. TUCKER, Arts Sciences, Salem; Lehman R. TURNER, Agriculture, Salem; Robert Eugene TURNER, Arts Sciences, Greenwood. Off Campus Third Row: Raymond I). WALL, Electrical Engineering, Rison; Jim Lee WALLACE, Agriculture, Springdale; Minor Gordon WALLACE, Jr., Architecture, Texarkana; William T. Wallace, Graduate, Gillett; Cleo Ade WALTON, Jr., Engineer¬ ing, Mt. Ida; James M. WALTON, Law, Little Rock; Carlton V. WANN, Agriculture, Cave City; George Max WANN, Engi¬ neering, Cave City; James Everett WARD, Graduate, Dardan- elle; E. Elizabeth WARNOCK, Education, Alma. Fourth Row: L. Bradley WARREN, Graduate, Cherry Hill; Harold Gene WATERS, Business, Western Grove; John Allen WATSON, Mechanical Engineering, Fort Smith: John William WATSON, Mathematics, Malvern; Ralph Dean WATSON, Mechanical Engineering, Fordyce; Tommy Gene WATSON, Graduate, Healdton, Okla.; Fred L. WAYMACK, Economics, Pine Bluff; Judy Curtis WEAR, General Business, Fort Smith; Jackie Lee WEAVER, Electrical Engineering, Prescott; Jeffer¬ son T. WEBB, Business, Fort Smith. First Row: Durwin G. URSERY, Architecture, Camden; Carl G. UTLEY, Engineering, Hardy; Ruth VALENTINE, Home Economics, Decature; Wayne Everett VAN BUREN, Civil Engi¬ neering, Neosho, Mo.; David Bozzel VANDERSLICE, Engineer¬ ing, Fayetteville; Sanford Lee VARNELL, Jr., Engineering, Pine Bluff; Bill Otis VAUGHN, Engineering, Springdale; Donald Lynn VAUGHT, Agronomy, Hazen; Audette Lee VICK. Electri¬ cal Engineering, Monticello; Kent Alan VICK, Education, Kansas City, Mo. Second Row: Jerry Wayne VIRDEN, Engineering, Atkins; John David VISE. Arts Sciences, Little Rock; Sandra VOUGA, English, St. Louis, Mo.; Jimmy E. WACASTER. Business, Harrison; Patricia Lea WAGES, Home Economics, Fayetteville; Andy Warner WALDO, Business, North Little Rock: Barbara WALKER, Music, Little Rock; Jerry David WALKER, Business, Siloam Springs; Roy Leon WALKER, Engineering, Greenwood; Steven P. WALKER, Chemical Engineering, Tulsa, Okla. Fifth Row: William C. WEBER, Electrical Engineering, Ben¬ ton; Joseph Berton WELLS, Business, North Little Rock; Bobby D. WELSH, Education, Hackett; M. Ruth WELSH, Elementary Education, Alma; Melissa Jane WELTY, Arts Sciences, Fay¬ etteville; John Carl WESSON, Civil Engineering, El Dorado; George Meredith WEST, Industrial Management, North Little Rock; Kent Coleman WESTBROOK, Arts Sciences, Clarks¬ ville; Parker WESTBROOK, Arts Sciences, Nashville; Jim Boh WHEELER, Marketing, Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Bud W. G. WHETSTONE. Business, El Dorado; Robert Ben WHITAKER, Jr., Arts Sciences, Bee Branch; Ellwood F. WHITCHURCH, Jr., Business, Fayetteville; Mar¬ garet Louise WHITCHURCH, Education, Fayetteville; Audrey Anderson WHITE, Graduate, Storm Lake, Iowa; Drexel Clyne WHITE, Business, Springdale; Esther Marie WHITE. Business, Drayton, N. I).; Nancy June WHITE. Drayton, N. D.; Robert Coleman WHITE, Architecture, Little Rock; Everette L. WHIT- FORD, Engineering, Little Rock. First Row: Truman Dellorise WHITWORTH, Agriculture, Swifton; Alpha P. WIGGINS, Agriculture, Fort Smith; James William WIGGINS, Arts Sciences, Paris; James Leonard WILHELM, Business, Springdale; Joyce Anne WILHELM, Arts Sciences, Springdale; Aris Dean WILKERSON, Education, Pea Ridge; L. Louis WILKERSON, Mechanical Engineering, Pine Bluff; Maurice L. WILKINS, Engineering, Fayetteville; Rex Edward WILKINS, Architecture, Joplin, Mo.; Aaron Lee WILLIAMS, General Business, Mansfield. Second Row: Anita WILLIAMS, Education, Van Buren; Billie Winifred WILLIAMS, Journalism, Springdale; Harold Eugene WILLIAMS, Engineering, Boydsville; James Edwin WILLIAMS, Chemical Engineering, Fort Smith; Warren Charles WILLIAMS, Business, Rogers; Carl Garrett WILLIS, Education, Hope; Helen Margaret WILLS, Nursing, Siloam Springs; Bob L. WILSON, Chemical Engineering, Malvern; Charles Newell WILSON, Jr., Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; David P. WILSON, General Business. Calico Rock. Fifth Row: Shelby Vaughn WOODS, Engineering, Dumas; Herman Franklin WOOLARD, Jr., Engineering, West Helena; Martha Kay WOOTEN, Education. Durham; Ronnie D. WOOTEN, Ceneral Business, Mansfield; Robert Louis WRAPE, Jr., Law, Paragould; Dennis Wayne WRIGHT, Botany, Pres¬ cott; Orville Eugene WRIGHT, Agriculture, Amity; Connie A. WYNN, Jr., Education, Fayetteville; Hubert Ernest YARBRO, General Business, Huntsville; Anita Joyce Ratcliff YATES, Speech Correction, Gentry. Sixth Row: Joe Elton YATES, Business, Gentry; Jane Evans YEARGAN, Education, Murfreesboro; Jerry Reese YEARGAN, Electrical Engineering, Kirby; Cecil Clinton YOUNG, Engineer¬ ing, Little Rock; Henry Eugene YOUNG, Engineering, Warren; Paul YOUNG, III, Business, Fayetteville; Jane YUST, Arts Sciences, Wichita; Charles Richard ZIMMERMAN. Mechanical Engineering, Carlisle; Wanda Lee ZOTTI, Speech. Huntsville: Sir Cecil ZURD, Dragon Killing, Camelot, England. Third Row: Edmund Allenby WILSON, Architecture, Helena: Emily WILSON, Education, Little Rock; Jerry Lee WILSON. Mechanical Engineering, Hope; Kenneth Lee WILSON. Civil Engineering, Hamburg; Marsha Lou WILSON, Arts Sciences, Fayetteville; Paul Hudson WILSON, Arts Sciences, Camden: Richard Conway WILSON, Education, North Little Rock; Richard Eugene WILSON, Marketing, Pine Bluff; I homas Bruce WILSON, Engineering, North Little Rock; Virginia Kirk¬ land WILSON, English, Portland. Fourth Row: Earl W1NFREE, Business, Little Rock; Thomas Edwin W1NNINGHAM, Arts Sciences, Bradford; Judith Raney WISLEY, Booneville; Paul Gene WISLEY, Agriculture, Bonneville; Robert Paul WITHERSPOON, Graduate, Conway; William S. WOMBLE, Engineering, Fort Smith; Jimmie Edward WOOD, Art Sciences, Texarkana; Leon WOOD, Industrial Management, El Dorado; Virgie Ruth WOOD. Business, Wins¬ low; Edward G. WOODS, Engineering, Little Rock. Lance Alworth views a Razorback game from the sidelines for a moment while having his |ersey replaced by the manager. Student Government Student government is one of the main centers of student interest and activity. Spring campaigns and elections give impetus to student participation that carries throughout the year. The responsibility of self-government is delegated by the student body to the organization known as the Associated Students of the University of Arkansas. This organization may be broken into three governmental branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. Student Body President, Secretary, and Treasurer constitute the execu¬ tive branch. These most esteemed positions require optimum effort for each display of the minimum power allotted to each. Effort in relation to each office is expended more at the time of campaigning for spring elections than in tenure of service, usually in reply to outbursts from the misinformed on campus about a nebulous political machine. However, the student body of¬ ficers do serve faithfully in their enviable positions to an all too often un¬ appreciative student body. The Student Senate, executing the powers of the students, and the Student Court, prosecuting student offenses, represent and fulfill the balance of power for student government. The Student Senate, chaired by the Vice-President, receives delegates according to the enrollment in the various colleges, each college being as¬ sured one senator regardless of its enrollment. A greater majority of gov¬ ernmental activity is concentrated in the Student Senate. Student entertain¬ ment, organizations, and student-faculty relations are representative of some of the Senate’s legislative endeavors. The Judicial branch of the student government consists of an Attorney General and the Student Court. The Attorney General is responsible for the prosecution of all student offenses over which the Student Court has juris¬ diction. Student Court is composed of five judges selected by the Dean of Law School, Dean of Women, Dean of Men, President of the University, and the President of Associated Students. It has jurisdiction to try students for viola¬ tion of any disciplinary statute. The court can also decide disputes between student organizations, elec¬ tion questions, and any other complication affecting student government. The Disciplinary Committee, a branch of Student Court, hears any appeal from any student who is dissatisfied with the Court’s judgement. Participation of the Administration is minimized to an advisory capacity, affording the students probably one of the greatest amounts of self-govern¬ ment in any of America’s state institutions of higher learning. Sandra Yates Secretary George Jernigan Treasurer Dick Dahlen President Bill Adair Vice President 246 STUDENT SENATE: First Row: Bill Adair, Sandra Yates, George Jernigan, Dick Dahlen, Sue Anderson, Joyce Crabtree. Second Row: Joe Dickey Powers, Gaston Gibson, Mary Jane Melton, George Hodge, Helen Ruth Smith, Carol Cole. Third Row: Jerry Wilcox, Claude Bonner, Mike Burns, Buddy Diebold Steve McKinney. Fourth Row: Robert Hall, Bill Fowler, John Giller. STUDENT COURT: M. J. Probst, Associate Justice; Bill Ma- Associate Justice; Jayme Smith, Associate Justice, gee, Associate Justice; Lynn Wade, Chief Justice; Bob Hall, 247 Craig Rains Sarah Jane Melton Head Cheerleader Cheerleaders Jenny Mitchell Fallon Davis Marian Moore Butch Marino Sharon Young Mike Terry 248 Bill Adair Blue Key; Student Senate, President; Asso¬ ciated Students, Vice President; Board of Publications, Chairman; Arkansas Booster Club; Head Cheerleader; Student-Faculty Forum; All Intramural Football; Sigma Nu, Rush Chairman; loud, boorish, animalistic. Joe Paul Alberty Blue Key; Civic Club; Football, 3 Varsity Letters; All Southwest Conference Scholastic Team; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice President; A Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Only Jock in Who ' s Who. Phillip Allen Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer; Beta Gam¬ ma Sigma, President; Tau Kappa Alpha, President; Delta Theta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Law Review; Terry Village, Mayor; Student Bar Association; Oldest and Baldest. Bill Andsrson Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President; Alpha Kappa Psi; Interfraternity Council, President; Civic Club; Circle K; Phi Delta Theta, Presi¬ dent, House Manager, Pledge Trainer; Big Frog in Little Pond. 249 Carol Barnum Mortar Board; Women ' s Interhall Council, President; Phi Upsilon Omicron, President; 4-H House, President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Shown above surprised during meditation in dark room. Tommy Carter Blue Key, Treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi, Presi¬ dent; Commerce Guild, President; Interfra¬ ternity Council, Rush Committee; Marketing Club; Arnold Air Society, President; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, Treasurer; IFC Pro¬ bation Committee, Chairman. Dick Dahlen Associated Students, President; Student Union Board; Tau Kappa Alpha, President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Varsity Debate; Phi Eta Sigma; Southwest Conference Sportsman¬ ship Committee; Student-Faculty Forum, Chairman; MIHC; Not in a Fraternity. Judy Doolin Mortar Board, Treasurer; AWS Legislative Board; Student-Faculty Relations Committee; Sigma Delta Pi, Vice President, Secretary; Preview, Editor; International Club; SU Central Planning Committee; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pocahontas ' Gift to Fine Arts. Lee Fletcher Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Pi Mu, Secretary; Theta Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Circle K; A11E; Razorback Hall, President; Sigma Pi, Vice President, Outstanding Ac¬ tive; Friendly But Not Very Smart. 250 P e ggy Foiles Mortar Board; AWS Executive Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Panhellenic Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Civic Club; Alpha Kappa Delta; SU Central Planning Committee; Delta Gamma, President; Only Girl on the Page. Reed Greenwood Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President; Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary; Pi Mu Epsilon; Student Court; MIHC; Pride of the Independents. Martin Gilbert Blue Key; Interfraternity Council; Dis¬ tinguished Military Student; All Intramural Football; Pre-Law Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President; Not as Sharp as His Sister. Robert Hall Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice President; Kappa Kappa Psi; Student Court; Student Senate; Razorback Band; Plays the String Bass. Jack Hammett Omicron Delta Kappa; Theta Tau, President, Vice President; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu; Engineering Council; Arkansas Engineer Staff; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Almost Outstanding EE. 251 Jim Hefley Blue Key, President; Theta Tau, President; Engineering Council, President; Student Court; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi; Arkansas Engineer, Editor; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Presi¬ dent; Engineering Apathy Award. Mary Jane Melton Mortar Board; Student Senate; AWS, Presi¬ dent, Secretary; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Gam¬ ma Sigma Delta; Senior Counselor; Panhel- lenic; Student-Faculty Forum; Board of Pub¬ lications; Arkansas Booster Club; Chi Omega, President; Maid of Cotton Loser. Sarah Jane Melton Panhellenic Council; Chi Theta; Arkansas Booster Club; Razorback Staff; Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Homecoming Queen; Cotton Bowl Princess; Delta Delta Delta, President; Mary Jane ' s Cousin. John Moore Omicron Delta Kappa, President; 1961 Raz¬ orback, Editor; A-Book, Editor; Arkansas En¬ gineer, Editor, Business Manager; Theta Tau; Kappa Kappa Psi; Engineering Council; Inter¬ fraternity Council; Student-Faculty Forum; AFROTC, Outstanding Sophomore; Sigma Chi, REW Service Award. Emily Owen Mortar Board, Scholarship Chairman; AWS Executive Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Civic Club; Senior Counselor; Delta Gamma; Noted File Clerk Usually Lost in Files. 252 Charlotte Petree AWS, Judicial Board; Phi Beta Kappa, Execu¬ tive Board, Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tau Kappa Alpha, Secretary; Varsity Debate; Panhellenic; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Scholar¬ ship Chairman; Out of State Social Climber and Joiner. Sally Putnam Mortar Board, Secretary; Sigma Alpha lota. President; Senior Counselor; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; Coterie; AWS; Wesley Foundation; Plays Piano and All the Girls Like Her. Nona Proctor Mortar Board; AWS, Vice President, Judicial Board; Student Union Central Planning Com¬ mittee; Sophomore Counselor, Secretary; Arkansas Booster Club; Kappa Kappa Gam¬ ma, President; You Wonder Where the Yaller Went. Sharon Raney Panhellenic; AWS, Executive Board, Judicial Board; Psi Chi; WRA, Executive Board; Discipline Committee; Student Senate; Ar¬ kansas Booster Club; Pi Beta Phi, President, Vice President; Help Send This Girl to Camp. Barbara Rigsby Mortar Board; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; AWS, Student-Faculty Relations Com¬ mittee; Sigma Alpha lota, Treasurer; Inter¬ national Club; Panhellenic; Wesley Founda¬ tion, Vice President; Chi Omega, Vice Presi¬ dent; Likes Tall Boys. 253 Keith Rinehart Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Zeta, President; ASA, President; Animal Industry Club, Presi¬ dent; FarmHouse; Never Been Seen Out of the Agri-Building. Alice Rothert Mortar Board; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon; Student Senate; Civic Club, Secretary; AWS; WRA; Student-Facul¬ ty Relations Committee; Honors Program; Chi Omega, Treasurer; Socially Inept, Buries Herself in Books. Jayme Smith Mortar Board, President; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Civic Club, Secretary; Arkansas Booster Club; AWS, Judicial Board, Executive Board; Student Court; Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer; Her Parents Couldn ' t Spell. Who’s Who ■fed Elmer Dale Yancey Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary; Alpha Kap¬ pa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma, President; Theta Tau; Traveler Staff; Engineer Staff; Gaebale Com¬ mittee; Distinguished Military Student; Sigma Chi, President, Vice President, Secretary; People Call Him " Ears " . 254 Sharon Young Cheerleader; Arkansas Booster Club; Arkan¬ sas Traveler Staff, Advertising Manager; WRA, Executive Board; Chi Omega, House Manager; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi—Finally. WmMP: u 1 S ® siiS T int ' D i£s ■ y.. ‘ V r ' ‘ - ' 1 :,. VfeV VC. j M oCinda — Kcippa Kappa Cja WL ' IJniversih of _Jd. andad (Loretta (J$i ury 2eta Jau sdlph a NlVs? StTf «yef e ,,;, J c© levin. e ' Ark, : «C3B 5 arte ZbJu ZbJu ZM. 259 Q ueend an did and if 3ntcrfvatcrnHxj leJcjc c ounci IQ necn Kappa Kappa Gamma s ari C ii Alpha Delta Pi 261 Chi Omega Zeta Tau Alpha 262 Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Delta Delta 263 Hopeful Razorback Beauty Candidates take a last minute look at their pic¬ tures before going in to individual interviews with the Four Freshmen. Freshmen Find Fair Femmes This year marked an innovation in the method of selecting Razorback beauties. In the past, the winners were chosen from photographs sent to the judges, who always expressed delight and diffi¬ culty in performing this job. This year the delight was increased and the difficulty minimized with personal interviews by the judges of each of the candidates. According to the Four Freshmen, this year’s judges, it was a pleasure to meet the girls and afforded them an opportunity to measure the poise of each. The selection was made in the Student Union on the afternoon before the Four Freshmen’s concert that night in the Men’s Gym. The girls introduced and identified themselves one by one while the Freshmen, armed with photographs, compared and determined their photogenic ability. Bob Flanagan compared and determined their datability. Cutting the entries from thirty to six was a hard job for three of the Freshmen, while the fourth enjoyed tak¬ ing a last look at the entries as they left the Blue Room. 264 Trying to make the Razorback Beauty hopefuls feel at ease, Bob Flanagan of the Four Freshmen group introduces himself and ex¬ plains that he possesses the majority of the talent for the group — this warrants a laugh from cohorts an d Editors Moore and Melton. Dimly lighted Men ' s Gym shows faintly in the background as 1961 Razorback Beauties Marty Kerkscieck, Scarlett Cornwell, Carol Lynn Williams, Marilyn Pharr, Carol Harper, and Marianne Sutherland are presented to the crowd who attended the Four Freshmen Concert. 265 1961 Razorback Beauty Fulbright Hall dcludette Smith Fulbright Hall Fulbright 272 •Sudan Slamitton Chi Omega 273 University of Arkansas Athletics Glen Rose Rose completed his eighteenth year as Arkansas basketball coach. The dean of Southwest coaches, he is respected throughout the basketball world. John Barnhill Much of the credit for Arkansas ' rise to a major college athletic power is directly attributable to Barnhill. Since joining the athletic department in 1946, Barnhill has used his ability and de¬ termination to set the Porker program at its present all-time high. Frank Broyles In finishing his third year at the University, Broyles added a second championship to his record. The young coach is one of the game ' s most respected. George Cole Cole has served the athletic program both as a coach and in his present capacity as assistant athletic director. He now heads recruiting for the Porkers. C. A. y Ab ' Bidwell Track P. A. ' Duddy ' Waller Baseball and Shoat Basketball Bob Zander Golf UKIVXaJXTY OF Rmm$M Hovtsiag Qtfcoe Fayetteville Arkansas 277 " This year ' s victories are now history, and there ' s always next season. " Broyles relays this sentiment to the returning Razorbacks from whom he must com¬ pile a team to defend the two-time SWC championship. The nucleus is there, now to find the proper combinations. Familiar scene outlines worry on the face of the Ar¬ kansas mentor as Broyles ponders the opposition. Split- second decisions were much of the Porker success story. 278 Steed White Freshmen Doug Dickey Defensive Backfield Wilson Matthews Ends and Linebackers Of Monsters and Options Again this year the season opener looked rather discouraging, but the trend reversed and went from fair to good to better to the second straight SWC championship for the hard-driving Razorbacks. The season featured it all, if one was avid enough to catch each of the games, and ended with a record of eight wins and two defeats in the regular season, and another reversal in the 1961 Cotton Bowl battle with Duke. As is generally the case in the Southwest Conference, it took it all—the ability, the coaching, the drive, the depth, and a goodly share of the breaks before the Hogs garnered the victor’s trophy. It took the toe of Mickey Cissell several times. It required the circus catches of Jimmy Collier coupled with the run-or-pass excellence of George McKinney and Bill Moore. It took the countless assists of Wayne Harris, and the punt re¬ turns of Lance A1 worth, and the bruising drives of Curtis Cox and Billy Joe Moody, and again, a goodly share of the breaks of football. It took it all, and the Porkers had it all. It resulted in a great season for the team, the school, and the state. Merrill Green Offensive Backfield 279 Season’s Record September 1 7 Arkansas 9 Oklahoma State Little Rock 0 October 22 Arkansas 7 Mississippi Little Rock 10 September 24 Arkansas 48 Tulsa Fayetteville 7 October 29 Arkansas 7 Texas A M College Station 3 October 1 Arkansas 7 Texas Christian Ft. Worth 0 November 5 Arkansas 3 Rice Little Rock 0 October 8 Arkansas 14 Baylor Fayetteville 28 November 1 2 Arkansas 26 Fayetteville Southern Meth. 3 October 1 5 Arkansas 24 Texas Austin 23 November 1 9 Arkansas 34 Texas Tech Lubbock 6 Alworth goes high to receive pass as opposition closes in on the Lancer. Ability as a receiver made Alworth a continual sore spot with league foes. Wayne Harris All-American All-Southwest It’s no simple matter for a lineman on a conference¬ winning team to compile twice the defensive points of the next nearest man, particularly when none of the other leaders are exactly slouches, but this is exactly the feat that the “Thumper” pulled in his senior year. It made him such a stand-out that he was selected, among other things, as Arkansas’ second All-American in as many years. In addition to the selection by Look magazine and other rating groups, Harris was also named by Sports Illustrated as “Lineman of the Week” following the vital Rice contest. At Homecoming, Harris surprised no one by receiving the Crip Hall award as the out¬ standing player in the annual classic. Many state that the Rice game was Harris’ greatest, hut it would actually amount to a measurement of the degree of greatness he achieved on any given Saturday. There were no “off” days for him, nor any breaks for opposing runners. In the 190 pound class, he probably packed more dynamite than any college player in the nation. All-American Harris found few times like this —watching the Razorbacks from the sidelines. Alworth eludes tackier as he sets out for another of his break-away long-yardage runs. Lance Alworth All-Southwest In his junior year with the Razorbacks, the Brookhaven flash continued to come up to the expectations of greatness which Porker scouts saw in him three years ago. Named to the first unit of the All-Southwest team, Alworth strengthened his coming bid for All- American honors by being placed on the honorable mention squad of the United Press selections. Beginning the season with an injured knee, and finishing it with a had shoulder, Alworth failed to slow up at any time, even when he was allowed only limited playing time due to injuries. It was against Texas that Alworth came in late in the fourth quarter to move the ball from the 37 to the 17 and into kicking territory for Mickey Cissell. Time and again, he made the big play in the Razor- hack drives. Punt returns were his specialty, if it can be assumed that he did anything better than he did everything else, and it was one of these which gave Arkansas their only points in the post-season game with Duke. One can only speculate on next year, hut it’s a safe bet that the Lancer will be even greater. Jimmy Collier All-Southwest “One of the most incredible pass plays of all time.” This is a broad statement for an experienced sports writer to make, but it was the only way the catch by Jimmy Collier of a Billy Moore pass in the Rice game can be described. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so sensational had it been the only one of its kind of the year, but Collier made the seemingly impossible ones look easy all season. It is hard to figure the real worth of Collier to the 1960 season, since you can’t measure the psychological effect he had on opposing teams. If they bottled up Alworth, and centered on the up-the-middle drives of Cox and Moody, while watching the runs of Moore and Mc¬ Kinney, something had to let up. In many cases, it was the pass defense, and here a circus catch by Collier would force opponents to close this gap. If they did, they let someone else get away. With both quarterbacks returning next year and looking for re¬ ceivers, Collier will have ample opportunity to repeat his tremendous play, and look for another All-Southwest berth. Collier gathers in touckdown pass in Baylor game, one of his many fine receptions of the season. Arkansas 9 - Oklahoma State 0 It was probably a good thing that the OSU contest was the season opener, and a non-confer¬ ence game. Arkansas failed to live up to the pre¬ season expectations of coaches and fans alike as they ekked out a 9-0 decision over the Cowboys. Much of the credit for the victory belongs to quarterback George McKinney, who picked up 166 yards while completing eight of 18 aerial attempts. It was his pass to Lance Alworth over the heads of OSU defenders which resulted in the only touch¬ down of the game, and gave the Porkers a more comfortable margin than the 2-0 lead they nursed following an early safety. Arkansas was forced to take to the air as the ground attack stalled with only 128 yards for the night. It was up to McKinney to provide the extra boost that led to the first victory of the new season. While it was no dazzling contest, it did point up the mistakes which the Porkers must remedy, and stressed development of the bench strength for the long season ahead. STATISTICS ARKANSAS OSU 15 First Downs 8 7 Rushing 6 7 Passing 0 1 Penalty 2 283 Total Offense 120 128 Net Rushing 120 19 Passes 7 8 Completed 0 2 Intercepted 1 155 Yards Passing 0 38.8 Punt Average 37.0 73 Yards Penalized 70 2 Fumbles Lost 2 104 Kick Return 22 I960 Arkansas Razorbacks—successful defen¬ ders of the Southwest championship crown. 284 Arkansas 48 - Tulsa 7 Joe Paul Alberty Fullback Moore turns the corner as op¬ ponent grabs for what isn ' t there. Arkansas continued their winning ways in fine form as the Tulsa Golden Hurricane managed to slow the Hogs only in the first quarter. Toward the end of that period. Billy Joe Moody moved across from the 11 to break into the scoring column. Cissell added the point, and Arkansas led 7-0. In the second period, George McKinney found Jimmy Collier with a 39 yard pass, and Collier added the last five for the second score. Again Cissell converted. I ulsa then capped a long drive for their only tallv of the game, and had it wiped out by a 55 yard drive ending when Billy Moore sprinted 4 yards for the touchdown. The second half was all Arkansas, with touch¬ downs by Jarrell Williams on a Moore pass. Jim Gaston on another aerial from Moore, and two added scores from the third unit late in the game. These were on a 10 yarder by Langston, and a 65 yard interception by Jim Worthington. Ronny Blakely Tackle Danny Brabham Guard STATISTICS ARKANSAS TULSA 19 First Downs 14 12 Rushing 6 6 Passing 7 1 Penalty 1 317 Total Offense 231 190 Net Rushing 110 9 Passes 18 6 Completed 9 0 Intercepted 2 157 Yards Passing 121 32.0 Punt Average 36.5 66 Yards Penalized 29 0 Fumbles Lost 3 81 Kick Return 105 Jesse Branch Hafback Steve Butler End John Childress Tackle Arkansas 7 Texas Christian 0 The Razorbacks pulled the unexpected in their victory over Texas Christian, they made their score on sheer power—supposedly all belonging to TCU in this contest. It was a typical Southwest conference game, with the first half remaining scoreless while the two teams fought for position in Fort Worth’s Amon Carter stadium. The game began with TCU putting together a hard 81 yard march to the Arkansas eight-yard line before the attack ran out of steam and the Hogs took over. For the most part, the first half was played in Razorback territory with the de¬ fensive unit being called upon to stop three pene¬ trations inside the Arkansas 30 yard line. The Porker scoring drive was hard-fought against superior weight, and was a one step at a time affair. When Cissell sealed it with his con¬ version, one formidable foe had been left behind. Mickey Cissell Fullback Billy Clay Tackle Curtis Cox Fullback Harris watches awkwardly as TCU is stopped by fellow Razorback. STATISTICS ARKANSAS TCU 12 First Downs 11 12 Rushing 6 0 Passing 4 0 Penalty 1 200 Total Offense 195 189 Net Rushing 141 5 Passes 13 1 Completed 5 2 Intercepted 2 11 Yards Passing 54 31.5 Punt Average 40.4 10 Yards Penalized 25 0 Fumbles Lost 0 77 Kick Return 76 286 Arkansas 14 - Baylor 28 STATISTICS Baylor’s three Ronnies were just too much for the Razorbacks, as the Dad’s day crowd watched ARKANSAS BAYLOR Arkansas go down to a bitter defeat—actually worse 8 First Downs 24 than the score indicated. 2 Passing 7 It was a bad day for the Porkers, and probably the year’s best for the Bears, as they rolled up 387 6 Rushing 16 yards while the best Arkansas could do was 147. 0 Penalty 1 The first touchdown came in the initial period 147 Total Offense 387 when Baylor drove 89 yards in 8 plays to take a 115 Net Rushing 250 7-0 lead. In the next quarter, the Hogs got a break when Wayne Harris and Marlin Epp recovered a 7 Passes 18 Baylor fumble on the 48. The Razorbacks drove 2 Completed 10 from there to a score by Joe Paul Alberty, with an assist from Jimmy Collier. Collier covered the end 0 Intercepted 1 zone fumble of Alberty. 32 Yards Passing 137 In the same period, Bull and Goodwin drove to 43.8 Punt Average 42.3 pay-dirt again and the half-time score read 14-7. 37 Yards Penalized 45 The last Arkansas score came on a McKinney keeper from the 7, with Cissell adding the point after. The 0 Fumbles Lost 1 rest of the way was Baylor and plenty of it as the 92 Kick Return 39 Bears temporarily dampened Razorback spirits. Baylor stopped, but not often enough. Five Porkers close in to stop progress of already victorious Bears. 287 Arkansas 24 - Texas 23 Broyles probably said it all after the Texas game. “It was the greatest comeback I ever saw.” For this was a game in which superlatives were not quite good enough, and where Mel Allen lost what voice was left from the World Series. It was one of those games where the Hogs play¬ ed catch-up all night, and went ahead when it was too late for the Texans to come back. The first quarter was uneventful, but Texas scored twice in the second stanza to take a 14 point lead. Just before the half, McKinney found Collier for a Hog touchdown and halftime found it 14-7. After the break, McKinney hit Butler for an¬ other score and the Longhorns countered with a 25-yard field goal. Texas then recovered an Arkan¬ sas fumble on the one and scored again—23-14. McKinney hit Williams in the end zone and the stage was set. Arkansas got to the Texas 17, and called on Cissell for kicking chores. He came through with 8 inches to spare and 15 seconds left on the clock. It was George McKinney’s finest hour. STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS 17 First Downs 9 9 Rushing 6 6 Passing 1 2 Penalty 2 233 Total Offense 152 95 Net Rushing 112 18 Passes 9 9 Completed 4 1 Intercepted 1 138 Yards Passing 40 34.4 Punt Average 37.3 45 Yards Penalized 67 3 Fumbles Lost 1 135 Kick Return 112 This field goal was never in doubt. From the toe of Mickey Cissell, it sealed the fate of the Longhorns. Ole Miss 10 Arkansas 7 It was a bad week end for heart patients and an over-anxious referee, and not real good for the Razorbacks as Mississippi took a last-seconds vic¬ tory on a much-disputed field goal. The Porkers started it off with a McKinney to Jim Gaston aerial which covered the final two yards of a 52 yard drive before 41.000 War Memorial Stadium fans. Cissell added the extra point and it was 7-0. The Mississippi power finally pushed across a touchdown of their own. added the point, and it looked as though the two national powers were going to deadlock at the finish. Then, however, came Mr. Green. His first attempt at the field goal was undoubt¬ edly good, but time had been called. On the next attempt, it was not so decisive, and even Coach Broyles ventured an opinion on the accuracy of the kick. The verdict stood, though, and Arkansas picked up their second defeat of the season. The Thumper closes in for the kill as a Rebel picks up unused blocking. STATISTICS ARKANSAS ► OLE MTSS 15 First Downs 14 8 Rushing 11 6 Passing 3 1 Penalty 0 218 Total Offense 244 131 Net Rushing 138 13 Passes 8 7 Completed 4 1 Intercepted 0 87 Yards Passing 106 29.5 Punt Average 40.7 5 1 ' ards Penalized 35 1 Fumbles Lost 2 115 Kick Return 32 Johnny Fields Guard Dean Garrett Guard James Gaston End Billy Gramlich Center Paul Henderson Tackle Harold Horton Halfback 289 Arkansas 7 Texas A M 3 Two Arkansas sophomores provided the bulk of the action thrills in the tight contest with the cadets from Aggieland. Jerry Mazzanti recovered an A M fumble on the opponents 28 yard line to set the stage for the running of fullback Billy Joe Moody. Moody scored the Porkers lone touchdown from the 13, as Arkansas came from an early three point deficit. Running without the services of either the first or second string fullbacks, the Razorbacks called on Moody for 50 minutes of play and as many yards, as the tough sophomore finished the night second only to Lance Alworth in the rushing de¬ partment. The Aggies received the opening kick-off and marched 80 yards in 18 plays to the Arkansas four before they were stopped and forced to go for the field goal. The victory left Arkansas with three remaining conference foes to overcome. Leslie Letsinger End Tim Langston End Jerry Lineberger Center Ball-hawking Cadet grabs for ball, but Moody ' s grip is firm as he charges hard for short yardage. STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS A M 10 First Downs 13 0 Rushing 11 0 Passing 1 1 Penalty 1 179 Total Offense 198 172 Net Rushing 178 5 Passes 6 1 Completed 3 1 Intercepted 1 7 Yards Passing 20 30.1 Punt Average 37.3 3 Fumbles Lost 3 47 Yards Penalized 28 36 Kick Return 32 Jerry Mazzanti Tackle George McKinney Quarterback Billy Joe Moody Fullback 290 Arkansas 3 - Rice 0 STATISTICS ARKANSAS RICE 15 First Downs 14 11 Rushing 11 4 Passing 2 0 Penalty 1 282 Total Offense 178 203 Net Rushing 138 18 Passes 13 5 Completed 5 1 Intercepted 1 79 Yards Passing 40 30.1 Punt Average 37.9 0 Fumbles Lost 1 52 Yards Penalized 20 90 Kick Return 57 Jess Neely’s highly-touted Owls came to Little Rock, played nearly flawless hall for 58 minutes, then congratulated the Hogs and went back to Houston. They had encountered Wayne Harris at his very finest, Mickey Cissell with usual accuracy, Jimmy Collier with one of the greatest catches ever, and field marshal Billy Moore to top it off. It was too much, and the final two minutes gave Arkansas a 3-0 win. Harris aided in 24 tackles, broke up two pass plays, and killed the last spark of a rally with an interception at the Arkansas three yard line. Collier had performed the impossible on a wobbly pass from Billy Moore to set up a field goal on the 18, then the Porkers had moved it to the nine where Cissell split the uprights for the deciding points. Moore played excellent ball throughout the game, and particularly in killing time with his run¬ ning game, both conducting it, and doing a good share of the actual performance. Now only SMU and Texas Tech remained in the way. Diving attempt at Jim Collier saves Rice from another 7 points on their loss. Arkansas didn ' t need them anyway. 291 Arkansas 26 - SMU 3 The league-leading Razorbacks trailed the cellar¬ dwelling Mustangs for 29 minutes and 10 seconds of Homecoming, then came on to beat SMU by the largest margin in the history of the meetings of the two schools. The Methodists drew first blood with an early wind-aided field goal, and held the lead until the final 20 seconds of the half when Curtis Cox plunged for an Arkansas touchdown. This followed an SMU fumble brought about by Marlin Epp and covered by Red Henderson for the Porkers. After the half, it was all Arkansas. Alworth went across from the two early in the third, and an attempted two-point conversion failed, leaving it at 12-3. Billy Moore than carried from a yard out to cap a twin-engineered 68 yard drive, and Cissell apologized for his first miss by adding the place¬ ment. The final score came on the second time Jim Worthington touched the ball this season. The first was a 65 yard interception against Tulsa, and this was a 49 yard punt return behind excellent third unit blocking. Cissell again converted, and it ended 26-3. STATISTICS ARKANSAS SMU 15 First Downs 8 12 Rushing 5 3 Passing 3 0 Penalty 0 301 Total Offense 126 219 Net Rushing 83 11 Passes 11 4 Completed 7 0 Intercepted 0 82 Yards Passing 43 26.0 Punt Average 38.6 1 Fumbles Lost 1 14 Yards Penalized 0 130 Kick Return 50 Gaping hole opens for Curtis Cox after receiving hand-off from McKinney. Razorbacks took Homecoming event, 26-3. 292 Arkansas 34 Texas Tech 6 The people of Lubbock welcomed the Razor- backs with blood in their eyes, and eager for the spoilers’ role in the SWC race. The battle royal between the Thumper and the Beast gave added impetus to the season finale. It all didn’t really do much good, though, cause the Raiders offered little resistance to the bowl-bound Porkers. Curtis Cox began the scoring with an eight yard burst into the end zone early in the first peri¬ od. Then an interception by Jarrell Williams led to a McKinney to Alworth touchdown pass and a 13-0 lead before E. J. Holub came through. “The Beast” intercepted an Arkansas aerial on the Porker 40 yard line and turned it into Tech’s lone scoring play. From there, McKinney hit Col¬ lier for 22 yards and a touchdown, then Billy Moore used his running talents to add another, and Mc¬ Kinney supplied the finisher with a 44 yard pass to Brent Shinall. While Holub was definitely at his best, the game was hardly fair basis for a judgment of the merits of he and Harris. There was too much difference " The Beast " closes in on Alword late in in the teams for a good comparison, the final game of the regular season. Billy Moore Quarterback Charlie Moore Guard Brent Shinall End Ray Trail Guard STATISTICS ARKANSAS TECH 21 First Downs 7 13 Rushing 3 7 Passing 4 1 Penalty 0 448 Total Offense 136 228 Net Rushing 60 21 Passes 18 10 Completed 7 1 Intercepted 3 220 Yards Passing 76 40.0 Punt Average 40.0 2 Fumbles Lost 4 80 Yards Penalized 30 79 Kick Return 169 Bobby Williams D- Williams J. Williams J. Worthington Center Halfback Hafback Halfback 293 flu jfag k Jii i(S i After a season on the sidelines following an early injury, fullback Joe Paul Alberty was able to aid the Porkers in the Cotton Bowl classic. 294 Duke 7 - Arkansas 6 This was the year in which Arkansas fans got an answer to their oft-repeated question of “Duke Who?” The Blue Devils met the Southwest conference champ¬ ions in the 25th edition of the post-season classic, and gained a 7-6 decision as the Razorbacks finally fought to a lead and held preciously to it, only to see it erased in the second half. As the contest ended, it was more a matter of keeping the score at only one point difference, as the clock ran out with the Blue Devils on the Ar¬ kansas one and pushing for another marker. For Arkansas, it was a great day for the junior from Mississippi, Lance Alworth. Selected as the back of the day, Alworth scored Arkansas’ only touchdown on a punt return that left the crowd gasping and the punter faked out and feeling rather ridiculous. It was also a good day and a fitting end to the college career of Wayne Harris, as the Thumper met the charge of the visitors for virtually the entire game. A high point was the near victory which slipped through the finger-tips of Lance Alworth on an attempt¬ ed pass interception. Had he been able to hang on, no one could have been within 10 yards of him when he sewed up the game. The tremendous passing combination of the Devils proved too much for the Porkers in the closing minutes of the game, and the Arkansas partisans watched the elusive Cotton Bowl crown slip once again away from the Razorbacks. It was a well-played game between two national greats, and forced many Porker fans to content them¬ selves with winning the parties afterward. McKinney prepares to throw, but has his plan interrupted by a charging Blue Devil lineman. Rose plots strategy during time-out in local contest. Now in in his eighteenth year as head coach, he has more conference championships to his credit than any other coach in the league. 296 Basketball SEASON S RECORD Arkansas 84 Missouri 75 Arkansas 50 Oklahoma State 59 Arkansas 94 N. Texas State 80 Arkansas 77 Mississippi 71 Arkansas 59 Tulsa 64 Arkansas 71 Centenary 61 Arkansas 83 Alabama 76 Arkansas 89 Tennessee 76 Arkansas 58 Texas 68 Arkansas 76 Southern Methodist 74 Arkansas 62 Texas A M 81 Arkansas 80 Rice 55 Arkansas 66 Tulsa 58 Arkansas 74 Baylor 58 Arkansas 88 Texas Christian 75 Arkansas 66 Texas Tech 72 Arkansas 84 Rice 72 Arkansas 74 Texas 59 Arkansas 81 Texas Tech 87 Arkansas 96 Texas Christian 76 Arkansas 70 Baylor 48 Arkansas 88 Southern Methodist 82 Arkansas 68 Texas A M 70 Clyde Rhoden goes for two against last place Baylor in Barnhill field house. Ronnie Garner protects and prepares to grab rebound. Sparse crowd watches beginning of second half of tight Southwest conference game in local field house. 297 All-Southwest Pat Foster now stands as the third highest scorer in the history of Arkansas basketball. This is by virtue of three good years, capped by the past season, in which he led the Razorbacks in point production with 355 for the year, and 252 in league play. Foster served again this year as co-captain of the Porkers, and as such was one of the few men ever selected by the team to serve in this capacity for two consecutive years. The 6-3, 175 pound senior came to the University with an outstanding high school record, and improved on it steadily throughout his varsity career. This season was the icing, however, as he averaged 15.4 points per game to take the scoring crown from team¬ mate Clyde Rhoden. As part of the three man combination which will go down in history as Arkansas’ greatest, Foster stands third only to George Kok and Rhoden in total point production for his career. Known throughout the league for his steady, de¬ pendable play, as well as his accuracy from the field and the charity stripes. Foster was particularly effec¬ tive when the pressure was on. Clyde Rhoden Co-Captain k Pat Foster Co-Captain For the second year, Clyde Rhoden was selected for the all-confernce team, and did it this year while nursing injuries part of the season. He still managed to hit for 239 points for the season and 188 in the league play, and made himself the second top scorer in Arkansas history. His three year total of 978 points insures him of a place in the history books of the University. Rhoden was also selected for the second straight year to guide the Razorbacks from the co-captain posi¬ tion, and while doing so averaged 11.4 per game for the season. Conference games brought out the best in Rhoden, however, as his average rose to 13.4 against league rivals. Perhaps Rhoden will be best remembered for the unique off-the-shoulde r shot which he fired while fall¬ ing away from the basket. This effective, if unorthodox, shot has become the trademark of the marksman of the Razorbacks. Few people expected Rhoden to better his mark of the previous year, when lie scored 389 points and led Porker scorers for the third year in a row, and it is noteworthy that while his senior year fell below par, he had compiled enough points to easily graduate with the highest point total on the squad. Rhoden addecl another record to his list this year, when his .480 average for the free throw set a new school mark for conference games. He also holds the record for number of successful charity tosses in league play, and has three 29 point efforts to his credit in the record books. Jerry Carlton The only Razorback picked for all-conference hon¬ ors, and returning to the squad next year, is junior Jerry Carlton of Sheridan. Carlton pumped in 345 points this year to come in second by 10 to Pat Foster for scoring honors on all games. His 15.0 average was also second high for the club. Carlton set a school record this year on his percent¬ ages from the free throw line all year. He sank 101 of his 117 chances for an .863 average. After a record breaking freshman year, Carlton improved in 1959, as he hit for 259 points. With his total for this year, things look good for the 6-1 junior. He is now less than 200 points away from moving into the slot now filled by Ronnie Garner as the fourth highest scorer in Arkansas history. With 284 points next year he could go higher and nudge Pat Foster out of the number three posi¬ tion for a varsity career with the Razorbacks. In addition to his duties on the hardwood, Carlton also led the baseball team in hitting this year with a .375 average. This is the second year in a row that Carlton has paced the Razorbacks on the diamond. From a high school record which included two selec¬ tions to the all-state team, and two records in the state tournament, Carlton has been adding polish and ac¬ curacy to his marksmanship, and is now one of the most dangerous men in the conference — particularly from the charity stripe. With three big guns graduating this spring, Carlton will be called on to lead the Porkers on the court next year, and if his improvement continues, more records will fall to the Sheridan flash. li 299 Basketball Arkansas began the 1960-61 basketball season on a good note as they traveled to Columbia to meet the Uni¬ versity of Missouri in a non-conference contest. The game remained interestingly close all night, but the Porkers were never in serious trouble in hanging up their first victory of the infant season. Things got warmer the next game, however, as the Hogs journeyed to Stillwater to meet the Cowboys of Oklahoma State. Arkansas controlled late in the game, but a pair of steals by OSU led to a deadlock at the final gun, and forced an overtime play-off of the con¬ test. In the additional period, it was all OSU, as they counted for 13 points while the Porkers could only add four to their total. Jerry Carlton started the night on a high note by pumping in 10 points during the first half, but then cooled off and added only two in the final period, as the Cowboys came to life. The two largest men on the Razorback squad, Ronnie Gar¬ ner and Alan Morrison, were unable to find the basket, as both went scoreless for the evening. The 59-50 defeat left Arkansas at one and one for the pre-conference play. Pat Foster pushes a one-hander home against the Bears, with sophomore Bobby Anderson setting for the rebound. Sophomore Tommy Boyer aims from the side and drops two for the Razorbacks. Boyer should lead the team next year. The situation was reversed when the Porkers finally got on the home court to meet North Texas State in the local opener. This time Morrison made up for the bad night with OSU by pouring in 20 points to lead the Arkansas attack. He was followed by Carlton with 17, and sophomore Tommy Boyer, who got 14. One of the Boyer baskets came in the dying seconds of the first half when he fired a desperation shot from 60 feet out as the buzzer sounded. The Razorbacks hit a healthy .563 from the field in sending North Texas down to defeat. The Porkers then put their 2-1 record on the road to neutral Memphis for a bout with the Rebels of Mis¬ sissippi. As in football, the two teams were close, but this time the Razorbacks came out on the long end of a 77-71 score. As a result of this contest, Jerry Carlton climbed into the number five position among Southwest scorers. An out-of-town game with Tulsa gave Arkansas their second loss against three victories. After playing close ball for the first half, the Hogs saw a polished Hurri¬ cane move into a commanding lead and hold it the rest of the contest. Carlton and Garner tied for top honors for the Razorbacks, with 15 points apiece. 1 he loss of the full-time services of All-Southwest Clyde Rhoden seemed to be the difference as Tulsa took a five point victory, 64-59. At this point in the season, Pat Foster was yet to make himself heard, and Jerry Carlton was running away with scoring honors, nearly double his nearest opponent. 300 Ronnie Garner Loyd Jones Marvin Mann Alan Morrison After a victory over Centenary College, which prov¬ ed little except that the Porkers preferred to play on the Fayetteville court, the Razorbacks prepared to meet two non-conference foes in the first annual Aluminum Bowl Classic in Little Rock over the Christ mas vaca¬ tion. Texas and Arkansas represented the Southwest conference, and made short work of the visitors for the event, Alabama and Tennessee. Arkansas first downed Alabama 83-76, then on the next night met and defeated Tennessee by a score of 89-76. During this vacation, Rhoden began to enter the picture again after being sidelined for two games with an ankle injury. The real business of the season got under way after the vacation as the Porkers met Texas in their first league battle of the year. It was, however, a discour¬ aging start, as the Longhorns rolled back Arkansas by a 10 point margin. The low scoring game was marked with equally low percentages from the field, as the Hog marksmen were unable to find the basket and the right combination to the Texans. Three nights later the Hogs evened their league mark as Southern Methodist came to Fayetteville for a conference game in Barnhill field house. The Porkers continued to win at home by slipping past the Mustangs 76-74 in the closest contest to date. The outcome was in doubt until the closing seconds, but the now intact starting unit of the Razorbacks held the slim lead through a determined attack by SMU. Razorbacks get high to clear boards after missed shot. Morrison and unidentified Porker combine for the grab. 301 Basketball Arkansas put their .500 league mark on the line three days later as they prepared to meet Texas A M, a pre-season choice as a possible conference champion. The Aggies behaved according to their role, as Carroll Broussard and company handed the Porkers a decisive 81-62 defeat. Arkansas stayed close during the first half, trailing by only five points at intermission. After the break, however, it was a different story, as Brous¬ sard poured in 18 points to go with his first period total of 19, and ended the night with 37 and a new school record. The Razorbacks hit for only .386 of their attempts from the floor, while the Cadets scored over half their attempts. Four Porkers hit in the double figures during the losing cause, with Pat Foster continuing his leadership with 16 points. Rhoden and Carlton hit for 11, and Garner had 10. The loss left the Porkers at 1-2 for the conference play. Arkansas quickly evened up the record again, with a decisive 80-55 romp over the Rice Owls on the Fay¬ etteville court. The visitors were no match for the Razorbacks, as the Hogs realized that they must play with excellence to remain in the conference race. Foster, Garner, and Wofford surround opponent as they await the outcome of a shot by Jerry Carlton. Foster takes aim in contest with Southern Meth¬ odist. Ronnie Garner moves into positon for rebound. This drive remained with the Porkers as they met Tulsa and avenged the early season loss to the Golden Hurricane. The win left the Hogs a record of 9-4 for the season, as the home stretch neared and the con¬ ference race got under way in earnest. With two straight wins under their belts, the Hogs traveled to Waco to meet the Baylor Bears, and prompt¬ ly handed them a 74-58 defeat. The win placed Ar¬ kansas above the .500 mark in league play, with a long slate before them. Clyde Rhoden led the attack with 17 points, while Foster added 16, and Garner and Boyer pumped in 12 each. Texas Christian came to Fayetteville and found the fired-up Razorbacks too much to handle, as they went to defeat, 88-75. The win moved the Hogs into the sec¬ ond place position in the conference, and championship talk began to spring out again. It was left to Texas Tech to put a damper on the Porker spirits, and this they did as the Hogs faltered and the Raiders gained a 72-66 victory. Early in the second half. Arkansas led by 14 points, but Del Ray Mounts got the Raiders moving, and they over-took the tiring Razorbacks. Carlton and Foster were the big guns for the losers. The Rice Owls again became victims of the Porker attack as they fell 84-72 on the Houston court. The win placed Arkansas in position to move again into second place in the coming game with the Texas Long¬ horns. This is just what did occur, as the Arkansas quintet solved the Texans who had beaten them earlier in Jim Mote Jerry Rogers Larry Vest Larry Wofford the season. Ronnie Garner paced the Hogs with a fine 21 point performance, and was followed by Foster with 16 and Rhoden with 15. Texas Tech again stopped any thought of Arkansas championship, as they stopped the Hogs 87-81 in the Porkers last attempt at the title. The win put Texas Tech in the driver’s seat, with only A M having a chance to keep them from the league championship. Arkansas again moved back into second place with a 96-76 win over TCU. The Christians tied the score early in the game, hut then watched the Razorbacks lengthen their lead into victory. Clyde Rhoden led the scoring attack with 24 points, while Pat Foster hit for 16 and Larry Wofford turned in his best performance with 13 points. Baylor fell easily to the Porkers, while Texas Tech lost to Rice, and again the Arkansas people could see a glimmer of the trophy awaiting the conference cham¬ pions. SMU still remained as a stopping place. Arkansas put on their most tremendous effort of the year in beating the Mustangs 88-82 behind the shooting of Jerry Carlton. It left the Porkers just a chance at the title. Carlton, Foster, and Boyer all hit for 20 points to further the Arkansas cause, and Garner followed close with 18. Then it all fell through as the Red Raiders finished the season winning, and Texas A M edged the Porkers 70-68 in the season finale. It was an up and down race, with Arkansas in it right up till the final night. Rhoden pumps his patented push shot from the corner, as opponents jockey for position under the basket. 303 Track The track season entered the University campus with several Razorbacks touted as possible record breakers for the past school marks. Before the end of the sport, some of these were to live up to expectations. An in¬ jured shoulder hindered Lance Alworth in the sprints, and accordingly part of the Porkers hopes for SWC superiority. Little Jerry Hughes continued his assault on the pole vault records, as he smashed the Arkansas mark with a vault of 14 feet even. Also turning in good performances for Coach Ah Bidwell was Ralph Brodie, the seventh ranked hurdle man in the country. Brodie’s best time this year was a 14.1 in the 120 yard high hurdles. Brodie ran a tre¬ mendous heat in the Arkansas Relays, only to come in second to Stuckey of Kansas State. Other high points included Jack Nelson’s times in the mile and two-mile contests. Nelson clocked at 4:17.3 in the one-mile event, and at 9:17.2 in the two mile. In addition, Nelson is now rated as the number one three-mile man in the nation. Gary McDonald was the Razorback mainstay in the medium distances, with a 48.5 in the 440 yard dash. New school records were also set in the two mile relay, the 880-yard relay and the distance medley relay. Ralph Brodie turns in one of his best performances to date, only to come in second to a mighty Kansas State hurdler. Pole shows the strain as Jerry Hughes strives to better his mark of 14 feet in the pole vault. 304 f ■ m SIB j HmH v 1 1 F JP jjy.; HP jJL v l ,♦ m. ; -..T- 4 a Jk |Rp ' 1 g 4 Jl • iWI n ■ ■1 1 Jf.l .Ra (£| v ® ' iSr X WxfcJJB 1 MP v V iJSBB 1 v ■ 1 ral ■,| “ Iv jr - • ftH JP4 ' Bl ■ JP? TRACK TEAM: Lance Alworth, Gary McDonald, Ken Blanken- Haydn Hicks, Stuart Towns, Lynn James, Jackie Nelson, Ralph ship, Paul Dudley, Charles Davis, Gary Brown, Jimmy Tate, Brodie, Jerry Hughes, Danny Brabham, Billy Joe Moody, Bill Runyan, Ken Blankenship, Wendall Goodwin, Eddie Black, Larry Vest, Alan Morrison, Frank Wait, Howard Holthhoff. 1 Gary McDonald crosses the wire first in the 440 yard dash of the Arkansas relays. McDonald clocked a 48.5 in the event. Baseball In a year which suffered from a lack of real power hitters, and a replacement job throughout the team, the Razorbacks salvaged a 9-8 record for the season. The play of Jerry Carlton, Jarrell Williams, and David Horne paced the Hogs offensively, while Rex McCaughtry and Jerry Wheeler led the mound staff for the break-even Razorbacks. Arkansas downed Tulsa, Buena Vista, TCU, Southern Methodist, Oklahoma City, and Emporia State, while losing to Tulsa in three other contests, Buena Vista once, SMU once, Baylor for a pair, Wichita twice, and Emporia State once. Jerry Carlton led the Porkers for the second year in a row at the plate with an average of .375, and was followed by Williams at .354. David Horne hit for a .348 mark, and John Abramczyk rounded out the top four with a .309 percentage. On the mound, McCaughtry had a 2-0 record, followed by Wheeler with 2-1, Peters with 2-2, Ted Mont with 2-2. and Gary Weaver with 1-1. In conference competition, the Razorbacks finished with a mark of 2 wins against 3 defeats for the season. BASEBALL TEAM: Skippy Coffman, Jim Bone, David Horne, Darrell Peters, Jerry Wheeler, Ted Mont, Delano Cotton, Jerry Lance Alworth, Rex McCaughtry, Darrell Williams, Gary Carlton, Coach Duddy Waller, Coach Bill Ferrell, Pat Foster, Weaver, John Abramczyk, Billy Joe Moody, Jarrell Williams, David Owens, Jim MacKenzie. 306 Coach Ferrell looks on as Razorbacks begin warm¬ up session in preparation to 17 game schedule. Pat Foster grimaces as he cuts at a pitch in conference game with SMU. Foster finished number five in the final hitting averages. Seasons Record Arkansas 6 Buena Vista 10 Arkansas 9 Tulsa 6 Arkansas 2 Tulsa 8 Arkansas 2 Buena Vista 0 Arkansas 7 Texas Christian 4 Arkansas 1 Southern Meth. 7 Arkansas 11 Southern Meth. 7 Arkansas 2 Baylor 16 Arkansas 1 Baylor 5 Arkansas 9 Oklahoma City 2 Arkansas 10 Centenary 2 Arkansas 2 Wichita 7 Arkansas 4 Wichita 5 Arkansas 2 Emporia State 4 Arkansas 15 Emporia State 10 Arkansas 12 Tulsa 2 Arkansas 12 Tulsa 3 Pitcher Gary Weaver releases a pitch in practice while the Hogs get ready to begin against Buena Vista. 307 Cross Country The defending Southwest conference champion Razorbacks set out to defend their crown with only three lettermen returning from the previous year’s team. Even with this meager start, quantity-wise, the Porkers got through a rough regular season schedule by a 2-3 record, and placed second in the conference meet to a mighty team from Texas University. It was the first time in five years that the Razorbacks had not won the league championships. Returning lettermen Jackie Nelson, Eddie Black, and Stuart Towns held down the top three positions on the team, with Lynn James occasionally replacing Towns as the number three man. Nelson, currently ranked as the number one man on the three-mile distance, came through the season with a perfect record for the five meets and the con¬ ference play-offs. The crew of Coach Ab Bidwell began the season with a match against Oklahoma of the Big Ten, and this resulted in a losing start for the Hogs. Following this the Razorbacks traveled to Wichita to defeat the Kansans, and later in the year defeated Kansas State College for the other victory of the season. Besides the loss to Oklahoma, the Porkers dropped matches to Kansas, who is the NCAA champion, and Oklahoma State, currently champs of the Big Eight conference. The 2-3 finish in the season competition was the poorest for the Porkers in some time, but is not too alarming considering the competition faced by the harriers. While the Porkers fell from the ranks of SWC champions this year, good returning letterman strength is boosting the prospect for the coming season. The return of Nelson, and the added experience of the team should cause a real battle as the Porkers look to next year with the aim of returning the conference cham¬ pionship to the University campus. The 1960 Cross Country team. Razorbacks lost conference competition for first time in five years, came in second to University of Texas. 308 Jackie Nelson, number one ranked three-miler in the coun¬ try, was undefeated in six matches as the Porkers claimed a second place SWC finish after four championship teams. 309 Tennis The Razorback tennis team managed to match their fine record of last year, as they played non-conference foes to a 6-1 season mark on the courts. Since Ar¬ kansas doesn’t enter into Southwest conference play officially, there will be no league record. The Porkers, however, will send representatives to the SWC spring tournament as in past years. The big guns for the Razorback squad this year were jay Dickey and Joe Bissett. Up until this season, Dickey had never been defeated in match singles play, but this year dropped one series to finish with a fine 6-1 mark for the year. Bissett also polished off six foes while only dropping one match to the opponents. The Hogs opened by taking two matches from the squad from Northeast Oklahoma, and followed these with a 7-0 swamping of Southwest Missouri. The Porkers then defeated Drury College by the same 7-0 mark and moved on to down Missouri by 6-1. They then met the Southwest Missouri team again and defeated them decisively, and lost their perfect record by dropping a 1-6 contest to Tulsa on the home courts. Mike Meistrell, Randy Spencer, Jack Bailey, and Tommy Stephens round out the 1961 squad. Seasons Record Arkansas 4 NE Oklahoma 3 Arkansas 5 NE Oklahoma 2 Arkansas 7 SW Missouri 0 Arkansas 7 Drury College 0 Arkansas 6 Missouri 1 Arkansas 7 SW Missouri 0 Arkansas 1 Tulsa 6 Left to right ' . Tommy Stephens, Mike Meistrell, Jay Dickey, Jack Bailey, Joe Bissett, Randy Spencer. 310 R. H. Sikes, Dick Murphy, Dan Murphy, Richard McCauley, Gary Gross, Don Kirby, Jody Crumpler, Beryl Anthony. R. H. Sikes lines up a shot in a practice session at the F ayetteville Country Club. Sikes led the Razorbacks in all but one of their six conference matches for the spring season. Golf The Razorback golf squad carries a record of 7 wins, 4 defeats, and two ties into the Southwest Con¬ ference meet in the middle of May. This season mark is good enough to indicate that, at the very least, the Porkers will improve on their seventh place finish of last year. With R. H. Sikes pacing the team, the Razorbacks downed Tulsa, Centenary, Northeast Oklahoma, Mem¬ phis State, Rice, and Texas, while losing to Tulsa in a return match, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas A M. In addition, the Hogs played SMU and Baylor to 3-3 ties. At this time Sike is leading the team by winning all but one of the matches on medal scores, and boasts a one under par record for the six SWC matches. The promise of the transfer of the Murphy twins from Tex¬ arkana Junior College lifts the hopes of Coach Ellis Bogan, for even stronger teams in the coming two years. As usual, the inclement weather of the Ozarks lim¬ ited the available practice time of the Arkansas squad, while the Texas climate allowed for nearly three months of practice. This is partially off-set by the fact that the Razorbacks play home matches on the Hardscrabble course in Fort Smith, and have the advantage of knowl¬ edge of the tough course. 311 Freshman Football After an undefeated season in 1958, followed by a complete reversal with no victories in 1959, the 1960 edition of the Shoats split the difference and came out with a record of three wins against two defeats for the season. Under the eye of Coach Steed White, and the active leadership of three varsity graduates, the shoats began the season with a win over Texarkana Junior College for the season opener. The Red Raiders of Texas Tech were next on the agenda, and they avenged their varsity team loss by taking a one touchdown margin of victory in the game at Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium. The Baby Hogs then journeyed to Stillwater and lost to the Oklahoma State Cowboys before they resumed their winning habits. The season closed out with victories over Wichita in the Kansas stadium, and a run-away effort of the Tulsa little twisters in the season finale. The purpose of the frosh squad is to train for the champion Razorback varsity team, and this year should supply several men to be in contention for a berth on the Arkansas units. Quarterbacks Fred Marshal and Gordon Guest move into the shadow of Georg e McKinney and Billy Moore, while Tommy Moore will move up to aid Lance Alworth in the punting chores. Wesley Bryant could plug a gap in the interior line, and Jim Grizzle will be bidding for a slot at the end position. Small crowd of students were on hand for only home game of the season, as the Shoats took the wind out of the Tulsa Gales. 312 Referee catches rules infraction in Shoat game with Tulsa in Razorback stadium at Fayetteville. The Porkers close the season in this game with a run-away win over the baby Hurricane team. Quarterback Gordon Guest prepares to launch a pass against Tulsa as his protection holds out would-be tacklers. Future Razorback sets sail for the goal line on one of Arkansas ' many touchdowns against Tulsa. Good interference was key to 3-2 season. 313 Freshman Basketball Coach ‘Buddy’ Waller turned in another successful season as mentor of the freshman basketball squad, and ran his four-year record here to 38 wins against only nine defeats. The Shoats encountered trouble in their contests with Tulsa. Fort Smith Junior College, and the Coffeyville, Kansas teams, losing to the latter twice and spliting two-game series with the other two. The starting unit — consisting of Larry Hogue, Jim Magness, Randy Walker, Jackie Whillock, and Marl Carter sent the Texarkana Junior College quintet to defeat twice; beat Bacone twice; eased past Connors A M; and took wins over Tulsa and Fort Smith JC. The big guns for the Shoats were Jim Magness and Larry Hogue, with Magness leading the scoring battle until a late season injury side-lined him and gave Hogue a shot at the top slot. With Coach Glen Rose’s varsity troops being severely crippled by graduation this spring, it is certain that it will once again be up to the Shoats to furnish part of the material for a bid to the conference championship. Jim Magness sets himself to receive a possible rebound as Randy Warford sites in on the basket. First Row : Marl Carter, Michael Komar, Jackie Whillock. Jim Magness, David Alan Clark. Second Row: Keller Alexander, Larry Hogue, Randy Warword, 314 1960 FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM: Glenn Babb, John Dear- dorff, Mike Edwards, Fulton Haynes, Gerald Hopper, Wayne Irsch, Jerry Johns, Phillip Kolb, Jim Lea, Gary Looney, Jim Magness, Fred Marshall, Jim Martindale, Johnny Meadors, Ed Rendrow, Jack Vance, George Walker, Howell Wright. Freshman Track In freshman track this year, as is usually the case, the emphasis was not so much on over-all team strength as it was towards building replacements and potential varsity candidates. With the 1960 season coming in, the outlook was only for a moderate team, and this is largely what was received. Also as usual, much of the squad takes on the track chore only during the off¬ season for football, and as a result the team is some¬ what depleted by the time the SWC meet rolls around in mid-May. Top sprinters were Jim Lea and Johnny Meadors, while Glenn Babb and Philip Kolb did the work in the middle distances. In the mile and over, the top men were Wayne Irsch with a 4:25, and John Dear- dorff, hovering around the 4:30 mark. The frosh participated in four meets during the legular season play, and are now in preparation for the annual conference meet this month. Here Irsch, Deaidoiff, Lea, and Looney will be able to show in the track events, while the field weight division rests laigely on the 220 pound shoulders of Jim Martindale. A large squad of prospects are in the off ing for future varsity duties, with 13 men listed in the fresh¬ man roster. Of these, five will not be available for com¬ petition in the league meet this month, due to the foot¬ ball committments tied with spring practice. The frosh are coached by Ab Bidwell and assistant James Taylor. 315 Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation The Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is organized as a department of the College of Education. Since it was officially organized in 1948, the department has developed into one of the largest departments on the campus from the standpoint of student services. Headed by Dr. Troy Hendricks, the department provides through a variety of programs, worthwhile opportunities for all students and the faculty and staff at the University. The department provides a program of specialized training for students majoring in health, physical edu¬ cation and recreation on the undergraduate and grad¬ uate levels, a basic instructional program in physical education for all freshman and sophomore women enrolled in the University and all of the University’s intramural sports programs. Dr. Troy Hendricks 316 Touche. Coach looks on as modern-day fencers parry, thrust, and all that. Learning the fundamentals of archery, women ' s gym class takes careful aim at line of targets. Girls physical education classes flock to the Hol¬ combe courts daily then re¬ turn for added improvement. One of the more enjoyable of the services of the department of recreation is the social dance class. Intramural Sports In intramurals this year, Sigma Nu jumped off to an early lead in football, and has never relinquished it as the league moves into the final three sports with the Snakes in front of Sigma Chi 227.5 points. This still leaves a mathematical possibility that Sigma Nu can be over-taken, hut the chances for this look very slim. In compiling their lead the Snakes won football, golf, snooker doubles, Ping Pong Doubles, basketball, and volleyball. In bowling, SAE took the first semester competition, 2 o O o H CJ ctf a S3 Football 40 25 55 Tennis, Singles 55 25 115 Tennis, Doubles 75 40 130 Golf 90 40 145 Badminton, Singles 90 40 205 Badminton, Doubles 90 40 225 Snooker, Singles 90 55 245 Snooker, Doubles 90 70 290 Ping Pong, Singles 90 70 335 Ping Pong, Doubles 90 70 350 Basketball 115 70 395 Volleyball 115 70 545 Horseshoes, Singles 115 85 565 Horseshoes, Doubles 115 125 625 and thus is assured of a spot in the play-offs. Sigma Chi is currently leading the second half, but Sigma Nu has an outside chance to move into this slot too. In the A A league the Ski-Bees are currently on top of the heap, with the Rangs, Party Boys, Teke, and the Snakes following them in that order. In the independent competition, Ripley is in first place going into the final three sports, with Wesley, Baptist Student Union and Razorback hall fighting for the top position. d Phi Delt PiKA SAE Sigma Cl Sigma Pi Sigma Ni Ch W bD c 5 55 70 140 100 40 170 - 55 90 140 115 40 210 - 75 105 140 175 40 250 15 95 120 160 190 80 310 35 115 120 160 230 100 325 50 115 120 175 290 120 325 75 130 165 190 305 180 345 100 145 180 215 305 195 405 115 165 180 230 365 210 420 135 185 195 230 405 225 480 135 240 270 382.5 510 310 657.5 200 295 385 427.5 590 365 847.5 235 310 430 447.5 650 380 862.5 250 310 445 467.5 650 380 877.5 250 318 Wilbur Giles looks on as Sigma Nu Ron Liles sets to receive a David Horne pass in intramural football action against SAE. Jerry Franks attempts to stop a shot by David Horne of Sigma Nu in play-off game with Sigma Alpha Ep¬ silon. The Snakes were too much, took championship. In spring intramural action, Alpha Tau Omega slugger awaits pitch in early softball contest on intramural field. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS Housing Offio© Fayetteville, Aikanaaa 319 In a sad lament, Madame Dubonnet chas¬ tises Mr. Brown, as she sings " You Don ' t Want to Play With Me Blues. " Guests at Polly ' s Party happily take part in the finale after Polly and Tony are reunited. The Boy F riend This gay, nostalgic play, which was a gentle bur¬ lesque of the “Roaring Twenties”, was a tremendous success. Diane Ball as Polly Brown was a perfect romantic heroine. Mary Eldridge as Maisie was defi¬ nitely the “cat’s pajamas” of the play when she sang brassily “There’s Safety in Numbers”. Bobby, played by Ronnie Fields, was extremely weak and not well cast. Tony, played by Ronnie Watson, was a perfect match for Polly, and their duets were quite charming. The wonderful choreography and direction were very obvious. The chorus all seemed to be having a good time. The character parts were perfectly cast. The Diary of Anne Frank Following too soon the rollicking success of “The Boy Friend,” “The Diary of Anne Frank” did not rank as an unqualified success. The cast never seemed to have their roles under control and many of the characters were grossly miscast. Clyde Smallwood, in the role of Mr. Van Dann, exhibited one of the most polished jobs of over¬ acting and scene-stealing ever witnessed. In the title role, Linda Ashland was a bit too overcome with her attitude of “sweetness and light” and not at all aware of her plight. The only enjoyable portion of the play were those scenes including Brenda Lee, whose com¬ bined warmth and wenchiness rang all too true. Throughout the play, the viewer was struck with the feeling that there was less to the story than met the eye. In all. the plot seems an unsuitable one for a play in the first place. Tension mounts as the Frank family, friends await arrival of Nazis. St. Joan University theatre-goers were jerked out of the lethargy surrounding most amateur productions and treated to one of the best evenings in the theatre in many years. A well trained, beautifully-balanced cast interperted the Shaw work to the satisfaction of al¬ most everyone who saw it. Tyler Butler, as Joan, was as full of warmth and inspiration as any saint could be. Niel Bibler gave a touching performance as the weakling Dauphine. The Douvois of Parker David Rushing was, per¬ haps, too full of fire but certainly not unpleasantly. John Broome and William Bond were convincingly Machiavellian to please the most hardened heart. As the Bishop of Beauvais and Earl of Warwick they skillfully guided Joan to the stake. Sets and costumes were magnificent, as usual. 324 Some performances were very outstanding, such as those of Andy Davis and Cleveland Harrison. Henry IV Part I Prince Hal receives his charge from King Henry for loyal support of his country. Shakespeare was received with mixed emotions. General opinion held that the play was turned into a romantic comedy rather than an Elizabethan his¬ torical play. Cleveland Harrison’s Falstaff, while as funny a portrayal as has been seen, was, for many, a departure from the usual conception of Falstaff. His actions were often too effete for a roistering sack¬ drinking reprobate. Andy Davis was convincing as the madcap prince who takes hold of himself at the eleventh hour. He, Harrison and William Bond, as Hotspur, were the only ones who seemed to have their parts under control. Bond’s bursts of wrath and enthusiasm were in nice contrast to Hal’s (Davis) easygoing love of life. If the theory that “two heads are better than one” was used in this play, as indeed it must have been in the double-casting of Ron Fields and Kenneth Gilliam as the king, this production should squelch it for ever. Make-up was, on the whole, not up to University Theatre standards. Nardolph’s nose and Mistress Quickley’s eyebrows looked like something one might find on the vaudeville stage. Shadow and Substance William Bond portrays a Catholic clergy¬ man who is involved in religious quarrel. Religious conflict added to the effectiveness of theatre-in-the- round made Shadow and Substance an excellent production. Shadow and Substance would have been interest¬ ing for the sole reason of its experimenting with theatre-in-the-round. However, it was an excellent study of the conflict between emotional and rational religion. Pat Johnson played Brigid with fervent but not saccharine, emotion. William Bond, who was the epi¬ tome of rational, orthodox Catholicism, and Andy Davis argued well the question of whether the Church’s practices were dated and no longer filled the need of the present age. The character parts of Miss Katy Cooney, Francis Ignatius O’Conner, and Thomasina Cancannon were all well done. The only weak parts were those of Father Carr Ritchie and Father Kowan. They were much too stiff and awkward. La Traviata La Traviata, this year’s offering by the University Opera Workshop, was well received. Nan Canfield and Caroline Curtis interchanged in the part of Violetta on different nights. Both did excellently, although Mrs. Canfield’s voice is more dramatic than coloratura. Wesley Abbott and Ed Higgins also interchanged in the role of Alfred. Abbott displayed more singing than acting ability and his low notes far surpassed his high. Ed Higgins should never have been allowed to sing, for he can’t. Enough cannot be said of Steve Elmore’s perform¬ ance as George Germont. His command of the role as well as his singing was, without a doubt, the high point of the evening. In the minor roles, John Moore as the Baron and Elaine Smith and Sharon Baslee as the two Floras, Violetta’s side-kick, were outstanding. The whole chorus did an outstanding job. Costumes by Bruce Hopper and Mary Davis were little short of spectacular. Sets by Marty Gilbert were excellent as usual. The Baron, John Moore, threatens vengeance upon Alfredo, Wes Abbott, after Alfredo had insulted Violetta, Nan Canfield. 327 fv Art student pensively regards her subject, or just pensively regards. Art Department The Department of Art at the University of Ark¬ ansas offers an individual one of the most modern educational plants in the country, where sculpture, painting, commercial art, graphic arts, art education, the history of art provide a well-rounded variety of activities. The art curriculum at the University is based on the idea that the purpose of education is to teach one to approach problems on one’s own initiative and to find equilibrium and harmony within oneself and society. The Department of Art strives to create the environment in which one will develop skills in various media as the individual develops and grows within his area of imagination and creative effort. Dr. David Durst Head of Art Department Art forms are created and changed as students learn, practice, and learn some more in sculpture labs. Music Department Assistant professor of cello and chamber music Robert C. Collins, Professor of Violin Marx Pales, and Assistant Professor of Piano William Gant prepare for one of their Faculty Trio programs. w int E 1960-1961 Schola Cantorum Schola Cantorum Schola Cantorum, which consists mainly of music majors with highly trained voices, has won a wide reputation for its excellence and perfection. The group is limited to thirty members. Practice sessions are held each day of the school week, but there are some rewards. Schola tours the state every other year and makes frequent appearances in neighboring states. In addition to many concerts this year on campus, Schola sang at President Mullin’s inauguration. Dr. Richard Brothers, director of University Chorus, Collegiate Singers, and Schola Can¬ torum, goes over choral arrangements before submitting them to his melodious masses. 331 University-Fayette ville Symphony Student member of orchestra grinds away at her part as do so many others whose sounds arouse variety of emotions. Orchestra The University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra had one of its most outstanding years musically. They performed such noteworthy works as Tschaikow- sky’s Fifth Symphony, Copeland’s “Appalachian Spring”, Brahm’s “Violin Concerto”, with Dr. Richard Worthington as soloist, and the “St. Matthew Passion” presented in conjunction with the University choral groups. One of the highlights of the year was a tour by the orchestra to central and eastern Arkansas. This tour exposed many high school students to orchestral music for the first time. The orchestra also did a television show in Little Rock which was put on video tape and sent to television stations. The University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra is composed of talented students, faculty members, and citizens of Fayetteville along with some exceptionally gifted high school students. Scholarship assistance is derived from the patronage of the Fayetteville S ym¬ phony Society. The orchestra is gaining a national reputation every year for its hard, perfecting work and the musical excellence derived thereby. The University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra. 332 Dr. Marx Pales shows members how certain stanza should be played. Dr. Bruce Benward stands in the lobby outside the Fine Arts Concert Hall, listening to the strains of the symphony orchestra practicing. University of Arkansas Band Razorback band gives blaring welcome to the few dads who could make an appearance on Saturday morning. One of the organizations most associated with the University of Arkansas is the Razorback Band, for they have captured the bombastic spirit of the school. As the one hundred marching bandsmen move on to the football field, they immediately win admiration for the exactness and originality of their formations, planned by band director Dr. Richard Worthington and his Assistant Director, Fred Miller. Other band activities include a concert group, which is limited to seventy, and a symphonic wood ensemble, made up of forty-five performers. These two groups also make road trips, as well as campus performances. 334 The Marching Razorbacks rehearse in full uni¬ form on the UofA Air Force drill field al¬ though there is no one to watch them. Band members must stand tall as if they don ' t already stand tall enough in their bearskin hats which add two feet to each band member. Majorettes " shine " and provide an answer as to what the Razorbacks have to fight for. U of A Band Scarlett Cornwell, known as America ' s Most Beautiful Majorette, practices to retain title. 336 Kay McCollum, head majorette, intently studies muddy field before the halftime performance. Other bands were glad to march behind Razor- backs instead of horses in Cotton Bowl Parade. Dr. Worthington ' s work with the Marching Razor- backs makes him worthy to replace the bust of Bach which usually rests on top of the music file. 337 340 ROTC M. H. Jackson Li. Col., Exec. Officer H. E. Gray, Jr. Capt., MS IV R. W. Fisher Capt., MS III W. R. Hanks Lt. Col., MS II J. W. Morse Capt., MS I Thomas Oberly Capt., MS I Linwood Griffin, Jr. Colonel, PMS T “Learn today — Lead tomorrow” exemplifies the educational ♦purpose of the Reserve Officer Training Corps. Most male students are introduced at the University to an American military organi¬ zation. Since 1917 the Army ROTC has offered modern training to hundreds of cadets on this campus. Its mission is “training, equipping, organizing, and directing Army forces to conduct prompt and sustained operations to seize, occupy, and defend land areas.” Freshmen cadets are instructed in basic military principles, the modern weapons of the Army, and United States’ military his¬ tory. During the sophomore year, the cadets are directed toward more detailed aspects of the Army’s role in national defense. Leadership responsibilities begin during the second year of the Military Science program. Advanced cadets are chosen by a board of officers on the basis of leadership, character, alertness, aptitude, and intelligence. Tactics, instruction methods, logistics, leadership techniques, and military law are taught and practiced by these cadets prior to their commissioning as second lieutenants in the regular or reserve branch of the United States Army. Front : SFC L. .1. Wisniewski; First row: SFC K. T. Joyner; Second row: M S P. G. Marney, M S A. H. Jinks; Third Row: M S P. H. Pannell, M S P. N Westfall, M S K. G. Gruschow. Brigade Staff Front: Cadet Colonel H. H. Satterfield; First row: Cadet Lt. Col. Cadet 1st Lt. H. H. Hutsell, Cadet 1st Lt. D. K. Stephens, Cadet M. G. Gilbert, Cadet Lt. Col. L. D. Ferguson; Second row: 1st Lt. J. P. Sullivan, Cadet 1st Lt. D. L. Gruenewald. Rifle Team First row: M S P. H. Panned, James Williams, Roy 0. Walters, Doyle Campbell, Joe A. Jones, Charles D. Hooks, Capt. James W. Morse; Second row: Rhesa Davis, Gary Black, Max Gar¬ rett, Kenneth Schrantz, J. D. Wood, Roy Bishop. 341 ■MaiHg Senior The sixty-nine senior Army ROTC Cadets have the difficult task of operating the brigade and its major divisions. They apply their knowledge of Army leader¬ ship and management techniques on the drill field. In the classroom the young men learn the hows and whys Junior The Military Science Department boasts eighty-five junior cadets in training for second lieutenant’s commis¬ sions upon completion of their senior year. Each junior has the responsibility of instructing a small group of freshman and sophomores during their Leadership Lab¬ oratory periods on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. In Captain R. N. Fisher’s classroom, third-year cadets Officers of the United States Army’s role in national defense. In addition, several of the seniors have qualified for the Army Flight Training Program. Topmost in the minds of the senior cadets is the U. S. Army commission that each will receive upon graduation from the University. Officers are taught the Infantry, tactics, weapons, communica¬ tions systems, and instruction methods of the Army. Each of these men will attend ROTC Summer Camp this year at Fort Hood, Texas, to prepare them for positions of leadership in the Cadet Brigade next year and, eventu¬ ally, in the U. S. Army. Front row : Greenert, Graf, Dear, Spence, Rhyne, Sullenberger, Miss Axum, Bradbury, Neal, Eddy, Shirk, Clark, Walters; Second row : Brazil, Hill, Bartel, Crutchfield, Fabinsky, McCune, Mc¬ Clain, Beasley, Coe, Bledsoe; Third row : Brownd, Alford, Cupp, Pershing The Pershing Rifles, a national honorary military so¬ ciety for basic cadets in the Military Science program, was founded in 1894 by General John J. Pershing. It has steadily grown until today it is represented on 145 college campuses. The members are selected on the qualities of leadership, proficiency in drill, and partici¬ pation in ROTC activities. The most energetic project undertaken by the Persh¬ ing Rifles this year was the acquisition of a private of- Glover, Shelton, Barham, Guinn, Tyler, Selph, Brown; Fourth row: Graf, Howard, Stanger, Plante, Pelphrey, Capt. Oberly, Schmitt, Connolly, Haye, Starbird, Harbour. Rifles fice at the Greek Amphitheatre. Other services rendered were ushering at University athletic contests and per¬ forming as honor guard for dignitaries and inspecting officers of the 4th Army. One facet of the Army ROTC program is the Pershing Rifles’ Drill Team. This expert group marched in the Mardi Gras parade in New Or¬ leans, and it participated in the 7th Regiment Drill Com¬ petition at Oklahoma State University in May. With the familiar cadence calls echoing off the walls of Old Main, the Pershing Rifles expert drill team goes through its paces in preparation for competition. 343 Sharon Cherry Honorary Cadet Colonel Fulbright Hall Lynda Cook Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Kappa Kappa Gamma Holly Corrotto Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Delta Delta Delta 344 Ann Shaw Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Pi Beta Phi Judy Gunn Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Delta Delta Delta Band Front: Cadet M Sgt. E. L. Inzer; First row: Band Commander Cadet Captain J. E. Darnell, T. W. Plunkett, J. E. Pollard. H. F. Woolard, G. B. Mott; Second row: J. R. Lusby, J. F. David¬ son, R. W. Donaldson, D. R. Bragg; Third row: C. R. Thompson, B. B. Spivey, D. W. Tiberiis, C. Wahl; Fourth row: S. Fritchey, A. M. Mayfield, M. F. Busick, D. J. Wood; Fifth row: S. V. Montgomery, Jr., R. Germaine, J. A. Leone, S. H. Park; Sixth row: M. K. Kemp, T. W. Blankenship, D. Clark, L. A. Hardman; Seventh row: J. A. Rowton, L. S. Stiles. Absent: R. E. Bullok. 345 Air Force ROTC L. L. Dunlap, Jr. R. K. Peterson Major, AS IV Capt., AS III N. H. Hardin, Jr. Lt. Col., AS II G. W. Sullivan Capt., AS II E. G. Kruggle Capt., AS I R. E. Phelps Major, AS I Robert L. Van Ausdall Colonel, PAS Over eighty per-cent of all recent Air Force junior officers are products of the one hundred and seventy-seven Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps similar to the Department of Air Science on our campus. To attain the AFROTC mission, eight hundred cadets were educated this year at the University of Arkansas “for informed citizenship in an Aerospace Age.” First-year cadets are taught military aviation history, prin¬ ciples of flight, and opportunities on the Aerospace Team. Sophomore cadets study aerial warfare, military history, and man’s exploration of space. Many sophomores are given minor assignments on the drill field to prepare them for future respon¬ sibilities as cadet officers when they enter the advanced AFROTC program. Having met the physical and mental requirements of the advanced corps, the junior and senior cadets, guided by de¬ tachment officers, are charged with the fulfillment of the Cadet Wing mission which is the training of cadets. Academically, the juniors become practiced in creative thinking, public speaking, base organization, leadership and management, and military law. Several bases in the United States hold Summer Training Camps that the junior cadets at¬ tend for one month for an intensive program of officer im¬ provement. Senior cadets study military geography, logistics, and tactics; they hold positions of major responsibility on the Cadet Wing preceding their commissioning as second lieuten¬ ants in the United States Air Force. First row: A 1 E. N. Champlin, Jr., T Sgt J. R. Bowles; Second row: T Sgt K. A. Haberkorn, S Sgt H. R. Baugh, T Sgt W. H. McConnell. I Wing Front : Cadet Colonel Charles E. Ruggles; First row: Cadet Lt. Col. Gary Baber, Cadet Lt. Col. Tom Carter, Cadet Lt. Col. John Thomason, Cadet Lt. Col. Bill Rudasill; Second row : Cadet Lt. Staff Col. Rea Craves, Cadet Lt. Col. Gordon Caton, Cadet Lt. Col. Joe Marlar. Cadet Officers Front row : James Mosley, Charles Beavers, Howard Stice, Lynn Forrest, Gene Cherry, Sonny Norsworthy, Wylie Nolen, Howard Jones; Second row: James Fenix, Ray White, Mike Babbidge, Darrell Lucas, Dennis Richburg, Troy Brand, Neil Beachem, Guy Brown, II; Third row: Steve Walker, John Bohlson, Char les Grinstead, Bruce Fullerton, Mike Flowers, Sammy Hunter, Bill Spencer, Jerry Baber, Gary Culp. 347 Sue Fincher Honorary Cadet Colonel Delta Delta Delta Andrea Anthony Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Pi Beta Phi Air Force Sponsors Susan Jones Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Pi Beta Phi Marilyn Pharr Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Zeta Tau Alpha Karen Jo Nowell Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Fulbright Hall Mary Kay Stevenson Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Chi Omega AFROTC Band Front : Band Commander Cadet 2nd Lt. Scott Stuart, Cadet T Sgt B. A. Combs; J. D. Allen, J. G. Alvarez, J. E. Ball, J. G. Blaylock, W. D. Briley, J. D. Burton, P. R. Clatworthy, C. W. Clyne, E. R. Coleman, W. T. Cotton, A. G. Croxton, J. C. Davis, J. L. Davis, J. S. Drazanzak, D. C. Emanuel, S. Franobarger, R. L. Fritchey, T. E. Harrell, W. A. Henley, L. J. Hurlbut, P. A. Kolb, D. N. Laser, W. C. Leidy, L. A. Meusch, W. E. Miller, T. S. Moore, J. Norwood, J. L. Nowell, H. P. Peacock, D. E. Proctor, C. F. Pudlas, D. R. Riggs, G. E. Rouse, C. P. Sisco, F. Smith, J. E. Smith, j. W. Stanley, C. W. Vanemburg, G. W. Wallis, R. J. Welborn, J. M. Williams. 349 Army ROTC cadets spend an enjoyable evening in March dancing to the music of the Glenn Miller Orchestra at the Military Ball sponsored by Scabbard and Blade. Scabbard Blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary organization for students enrolled in the ad¬ vanced course of Army and Air Force ROTC. The mem¬ bers of this group are elected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and interest in, the military program. They pledge to “raise the military standards in American col¬ leges and universities, to unite a closer relationship be¬ tween their military departments, to encourage and foster the essential qualities of efficient officers, and to pro¬ mote friendship among cadet officers.” Scabbard and Blade had its beginning on the Uni¬ versity campus in 1916 with the establishment of “B” Company of the Second Regiment. As in years past, this group sponsors the Army ROTC Military Ball. They make the arrangements for the orchestra, decorations, and invitations; they also form the traditional saber arch through which the honorary cadet sponsors are formally presented. First row: Captain R. W. Fisher, E. W. Fant, Ford Gibson, Gary Roderick, Nelson Laing, Dave Ellison, Stuart Towns, Randy Spencer, John Wesson, H. K. Williams; Second row : Bill Fowler, Tommy Wilson, George Jernigan, T. M. Baughn, John Darnell, Sammy Hunter, Howard Hutsell, Ed Bryson; Third row: Paul Wisley, Jack Hill. Phil Baker, R. M. Clinehens, Milton Thompson, Bing Colvin, A1 Guinn, J. K. Riffel, Mike Willis. 350 Front row : Charles Andrus, James Fenix, Lynn Forrest, Bruce Fullerton, Charles Grinstead, Mike Babbidge, Darrell Lucas; Second row : Charles Ruggles, Alan Rose, Tommy Brown, John Floyd, Troy Brand, Earl Winfree, Charles Beavers, Larry Rob¬ ertson; Third row: John Bohlson. Roger Hall, Guy Brown, II, Rod Carlisle, John Tucker, Milo Myers, David Koonce, Larry Taunt, Vance Bauer. Arnold Air Society The Arnold Air Society, a national honorary Air Force ROTC organization, was founded in 1947 to honor General of the Air Force H. H. “Hap” Arnold. Cadets are selected on their academic and leadership merits to “further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of National Defense; promote American Citizenship and create a close and more efficient relationship among the Air Force Officer Training Corps Cadets.” The local squadron sponsors the AFROTG Drill Team which participated in numerous competitions and public events in a three-state area and in the New Or¬ leans’ Mardi Gras. Arnold Air Society members staged “A Knight in Blue” with Ralph Marterie’s Orchestra providing dance music for the entire Cadet Wing. The Air Force ROTC Drill Team com¬ manded by Cadet 1st Lt. Bill Spencer entertains at the Air Force Ball follow¬ ing their appearance at the Mardi Gras. 351 Ward 202-Incurable Psychotics John Hartwell Moore Editor Razorback Traditionally, the editor of the Razorback officially interjects himself in only a few places in the yearbook. I hereby interject myself. The purpose of this interjection is to tell interested persons, in general, how this damn yearbook (nicknamed nothing) came into being, and who done it and why who done it done it. This is all on the assumption that people who are supposed to do it done it and done it right, because, at this writing (May 1) it is not at all certain. Take this particular evening, for instance. Having promised the printer that I would have all the sports section completed by last Friday, it is only this very evening that Jim Minmier has begun writing up the football games. Dolly McAdams, who is doing the index for the back of the book, just went home after getting half way through the B’s. The section was due last week. Having been taught the alphabet and given a Stu¬ dent Directory, Hal Ponder is presently trying to find someone in the Band so that he can find out something about their functions. The only functions that he is presently certain about is that they all vibrate the air and wear the same kind of clothes. His section was due late in November. Presently visiting the 4-H house, after having harassed most of the rest of the people in the College of Agriculture, is Bob Fraine, trying to get the list of staff Edmund Luther Dohoney Business Manager Babyface Lambert Freshman Fraine Associate Editor Assistant Editor members for the Agriculturist. He was somewhat handi¬ capped in that, for some reason, there seems to he a correlation between agriculture and religion and most of the people went to church on this Sunday night. It occurs to me that it would probably be better to relate the editing of a yearbook chronologically rather than by a “stream of consciousness” process which tends to be more enlightening concerning my mental processes than concerning the mechanics of yearbook-getting-out¬ ing. And so — chronology. Last spring, with one yearbook nearing completion, (or. as it was said at that time, “a white elephant was in the developer” — said by some, that is, not by me, I never was too addicted to this type of affected jargon, Bigbody White Menial McAdams Off-Campus Associate Editor and, despite severe criticism and social pressure, 1 in¬ sisted on calling the production a “yearbook,” to the amusement of my friends) the time came to elect the editor for the next year. The time passed and the editor was selected and it was me. Yearbook genesis. I would like to point out now that such things as how I was elected, general confessions, intimate mo¬ ments, character assasinations, acute observations, cam¬ pus perceptions, and such are reserved for the ad sec¬ tion of the book (this book) which is the other place where the editor traditionally interjects. It was at this time that the staff was named and positions assigned. It was my goal at that time to so organize the work that I would not have to do anything Guy Brown acts silly like this a lot of the time. He thinks that this is the key to social acceptance. He ' s wrong. ODD Whispering Smith, master of subtlety and the understatement, is responsible for the cutlines in the feature section. He can be found most often at the Traveler office by the irate. Garry Carroll is a Sigma Nu and he is the editor of the per¬ sonalities section of the yearbook and he draws several bad cartoons for the Traveler. Mostly he ' s a Sigma Nu. Razorback at ail, except for speaking engagements, and I hopefully divided all the work three ways and appointed three as¬ sociate editors to be in complete charge. Eric Richardson was one of the associate editors. The last time I saw him was at the Sigma Nu Relays although I understand he is still in school. Ann Martin was another associate editor. She got married and moved to Little Rock. Doc Lambert was the third associate editor. He came in the office last week and asked if there was anything he could do to help. I haven’t made a speaking engagement all year. My secondary line of defense against working was that each section had an editor who was to be in com¬ plete charge. Here, too, people defected. Of the ones who were left, it turned out that Luanna Hill couldn’t type, Hal Ponder couldn’t write, Carolyn Smith couldn’t organize, and Garry Carroll couldn’t do anything. But there was a credit side of the balance sheet. Ann Martin could do anything, and demonstrated this for as long as she was in school. Bob Fraine, un¬ known freshman child from Texas, was willing to try anything and usually did it on the third try at the latest. Dolly ended up doing whatever it was that no one else had done, in addition to picking up where Ann left off. Commendable performances were turned in by Parker David Rushing (see back of book under “char¬ acter assasinations”), John Ciller, Jovce White, Pat Matthews, Sandra Wilson, Noble Hill (his real name), Guy Brown, Sarah Jane Melton, and good ole Jim Minmier, who is reading over my shoulder. The two most general adjectives are probably “good” and “bad”. The most general noun for a group of events is probably “times.” Generally speaking, the publication of this year’s “yearbook”, if you’ll excuse the expression, involved good times and bad times, the former far out¬ weighing the latter. It was a general and broadening experience. Pat Matthews is very nice and edited the Administration section. She is posed here with books all around her be¬ cause we were running out of ways to pose people so they looked psychotic. 356 ZORBACK OFFICE Noble Hill is the editor of the dormitories section and he only appropriate. Noble is not only noble in thought but is very noble, which, I think you will probably agree, is in deed and everyone likes him because he is so — so noble. Razorback Staff Editor_ John Moore Associate Editors _ _ David Lambert Ann Martin Dolly McAdams Bob Fraine Assistant Editors _ Jim Minmier John Giller Doug Smith Photography Editor _ Parker David Rushing Features Editor_David Lambert Administration Editor _ Pat Matthews Sororities Editor_ Sandra Wilson Fraternities Editor_Bob Fraine Dormitories Editor _Noble Hill Off-Campus Editor _ Joyce White Class Editor_ _ _ _ _ Dolly McAdams Personalities Editor _ Garry Carroll Beauties Editor Sarah Jane Melton Military Editor _ Guy Brown, II Sports Editor_ Jim Minmier Arts Editor _Hal Ponder Organizations Editors John Giller Carolyn Smith Index Editor_Dolly McAdams Business Manager __ _ _ Ed Dohoney Assistant Business Manager Nancy Dohoney Advertising Sales Staff __ Ed Dohoney Milton Hughes Careless Smith Organizations Muscles Minmier Sports Editor Obese Wilson Sororities Pan Ponder Arts Editor Freedom Barbara Clauser Editor Sandy Hillman Business Manager Four Times a Week Traveler The Traveler had only one editor this year, and she wasn’t much bigger than the teletype machine. But complaints, date call, and disorderly staff members did not interfere. The paper began to once again provide a medium for student expression. Although the critics yelled that the paper was still being censored, indeed if it ever had been, the Univer¬ sity exercised no prior restraint. The editorial office re¬ mained virginal — unspoiled and untouched by would- be abductors. The most obvious progress made by the Traveler was the institution of a once-a-week editorial page for the first time since Jim Standard made his pilgrimage to Mecca. A net result of the page was an influx of letters to the editor, ranging from bilious threats to qualified praise. Associate editor Armil Snow and columnists Doug Smith and Bart Mullis were the most frequent contributors. But John Moore’s infrequent Penthrust was probably the most controversial. Mullis fought “Operation Abolition”, claiming that its distortions should be examined before the projector started clicking. And Moore fought REW, claiming the same thing. Smith’s editorials carried no bylines, naturally, and thus he received few personal intimidations. Besides a few people thought he didn’t really exist since he didn’t say very much or try to join some of the campus club¬ houses. Snow, the angry young man, grew less angry and more silent. His first semester productions, though a 358 Lynn Rogers Editorial Assistant Jenny Mitchell Society Editor Ruthann Luedicke Feature Editor ) Phil Cate Editorial Assistant bit Mailerish and unintelligible, advocated some needed academic reforms. Typically, nothing was done to re¬ vise the outmoded grading system — but he chopped away a few branches. Snow will be the Traveler editor next year, hut says he would rather write a good novel about truckdrivers. The news coverage of the Traveler was about the same as always — from bad to fair. Phil Cate and Lynn Rogers were the chief reporters, hut carried prestige titles as “editorial assistants.” They wrote good copy when they weren’t arguing about who should get to use the best typewriter. When the “King of the World” visited the Univer¬ sity, Cate followed him around and got sixty-two pages of notes on a stenographer’s pad. “The Shiek”, as he is called by drunken stevedores, said the King “was a pretty nice old guy.” Then he cocked his head hack and said, “But I don’t think he’ll get elected president.” One night Mullis, Snow, and Jimmy Jones, stayed up and helped Cate do a series of copyright stories on integration at the University of Georgia. They claimed they called every Negro leader south of Maine. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Governor Vandiver, the whitest man in Georgia, provided the best copy. Terry Poynter handled sports, but he never did learn how to spel. However, he wrote nice copy and learned to type a lot better. His greatest problem was how to put out a presentable sports page around all the Associate editor Armil Snow claims he is talking to Governor Faubus about running for president in 1965. Actually the call was from Felix Watterson, who wanted to get a notice in the paper. The other phone in Snow ' s hand is supposed to make him look busy. " Just a minute and I ' ll let you talk to one of our reporters, " Snow says, prov¬ ing that he doesn ' t talk to fust anybody. 359 i ' u Traveler Group therapy is practiced by Pat Trimble, Johnny Whalen, and Sandy Hillman, members of the Traveler business staff. Psychologists claim that paper-doll cutting is most effective in cases of this type. Jimmy Jones, the big guy under the umbrella, and Jenny Mitchell try to look funny. They ar e covered by bits of wire copy from the teletype. All they succeeded in doing was to look pretty foolish, completely out of character. advertising. But he did get a few good trips to Texas, so he just moaned on Tuesday mornings. Barbara Clauser, the editor who was described in the first paragraph, was responsible for organizing these staff members, all good case studies for any psychology clinic. Since she was the first girl editor the paper had had in many years, some feared the job might be too tough for her. She proved not only to be adequate, but actually superior. There wasn ' t a staff member who could go six rounds with her without being knocked around or embarrased by his lack of expletives to duel verbally. Barbara aptly led the Traveler in its oft-vaunted ef¬ fort to have a place on a campus already crowded with people eager to prove their abilities as molders of public opinion. As always the staff maintained a 24-hour schedule each day except for girls who sometimes went home at date call. Everybody kept expecting Jim Standard to come back and hold some seminars or Bob Dawson to write a book on freedom of the press. But these were only idle dreams. Scotty Scholl, editor in ’58 came in to look over the offices and then quietly left to fly planes in France. And Kenny Danforth, editor before your time, wrote a couple of letters and was somewhat reserved in his praise. Regardless of the past the Traveler stayed on a course of progression. There were some who bewailed the liberality of its viewpoints, claiming that the paper should be a reflection of student opinion. Staff mem¬ bers said that such a reflection would be so contradic¬ tory that no one would be really sure whether he was a fundamentalist republican minister or a Jewish socialist. The question of censorship hovered over the paper once or twice, but not one of its 1,360.000 words was deleted. Sometimes there was the question of whether the Administration would get disturbed over a story, Johnny Woodruff, Traveler photographer, poses underneath one of his electronic machines. Woodruff takes lots of pictures, but some are pretty fuzzy. Judging from the way he looks under that thing, it ' s not hard to understand why. Anybody that would pose for a picture like that would mess up any kind of film. He thought he was being mirthful. 360 Armil Snow and Doug Smith, who want to start a comedy team for nightclubs, look over the type for the next day ' s issue. Snow looks discouraged, but he ' s mad because somebody left out one of his bylines. Smith looks as if he were in some strange world. Neither knows a thing about printing, but they put on a good pretense. Mr. Blake made them leave after the picture was taken. Traveler but generally this was resolved by printing it and find¬ ing out. Near the end of the year the undesirable elements of the student body proved to represent a far greater threat than the student body. One night in March some¬ one took a shot at the windows of the editorial offices, but since nobody got killed there was no uproar. This was the first time anybody had ever fired upon Hill Hall except for the possible exception of Jim Stand¬ ard, who threw rocks at it before he left. The business staff, composed of Chi 0 ' s started off a little shakily in its efficiency but quickly got organized. Sandy Hillman, who will have the job again next year, has the only unlittered section of the office, but two or three guys plan to dirty it up some night when she’s gone. Most of the present staff will be back next year, and Snow plans to start having five issues a week, instead of the four now being published. I’d like to have a Sun¬ day paper,” Snow said, “but everybody in the print shop has to go to church.” He also plans to run more eight page editions and he wants to make slight changes in the typographical format. But that’s next year. This year provided a sound basis for new approaches and lifted respect for the Traveler to greater heights. And there was fun. and companionship — but it was all pretty mundane. Jimmy Jones Sports Writer Terry Poynter Sports Editor Len Taliaferro Managing Editor Mike Riggs Staff Writer 361 Larry Franks and Sue Kuester Co-Editors Agriculturist Room 111, Hill Hall, was the scene of much work this year as students in the College of Agriculture and Home Economics prepared the quarterly issues of the Arkansas Agriculturist. Editors Larry Fra nks and Suzanne Kuester empha¬ sized the college, its graduates, and its faculty in each issue. ASA publicity manager, Kathy Pedley, reported the activities of this group in a lively and interesting manner. Circulated throughout the state in high schools and extension offices, the Agriculturist is designed to attract students to the University by showing them some of the activities of the Agri school. Outstanding students such as the Danforth and 4-11 winners, scholarship winners, and students elected to membership in honorary organi¬ zations have been featured. The contents of the Agri Day issue is kept secret for weeks before the big event, for this copy features the Agri Queen and her court, the winners of ASA keys and Who’s Who in Agri school. Staff members of the Agriculturist are selected from the student body of the school and they gain valuable experience in working on this publication. 362 Joyce Tillman Managing Editor UNIVERSITY Of ARKANSAS Housing Ofc.ce Fayetteville, Aikan»s Agriculturist Staff Co-Editors _ Suzanne Kuester and Larry Franks Managing Editor __ Joyce Tillman Agriculture Editor _ Bruce Keene Home Economics Editor Lucy Beth Dyer Photography Editor Bill Boyer Business Manager Nancy Crutchfield Staff Assistants Rose Maloch, Christine Heard Shoemake, Alice Wingfield, Carole Helm, Carol Barron, Jenifer Ford, Kathy Pedley, Elizabeth Bright, and Barbara Patterson. Staff members busily hand things to each other to show their in¬ dustry for photographer Bill Boyer. This person ' s name is George Knight. He circulates. That is to say that he is the circulation manager. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that his intended function is circulation. Arkansas Engineer Representing the College of Engineering, the Arkansas Engineer is published four times a year — in November. January, March, and May. It depicts a way of life — some¬ times subtly, sometimes brazenly, but always a way of life. George Branigan is dean of Engineering. Actually, the Arkansas Engineer doesn’t depict a way of life, but it features a joke page just inside the back cover. This page is usually the highlight of the magazine. There is also a Dean’s Page and an Editor’s Page. The Editor’s Page comes before the Dean’s Page. Always. The March issue has lots of pretty girls in it because March is when engineers celebrate Engineer’s Day, with all its splendour and free love. The May issue sometimes has pretty girls in it, too, because some people don’t get to read the March issue. Except for the joke page, the November and January is¬ sues aren’t really very interesting; they’re concerned mainly with engineering subjects and articles of general scientific interest. There are funny stories in almost all the Arkansas Engineer magazines, though. Professor J. R. Bissett, who is only incidentally the father of the Business Manager, has a function. His function is to censor jokes. Bob Miner Editor Joe Bissett Business Manager Engineer Staff Editor _ Business Manager Circulation Manager Copy Editor Engine House News Assistants Artists Board of Publication Bob Miner - -Joe Bissett George Knight _ Wayne Langley -David Foust Jim Rea. Joe Wankum. Kazuo Oishi. Jim Kimzey, Chuck Fri- lcy, A. j. Fredrich, Gary Campbell, Richard Meyer. Bill Donald and Barry Carroll Prof. J. R. Bissett Dean G. F. Branigan David Foust, not to be outdone, also has a function. His function, aside from normal physiological ones, is to write the portion of the magazine known as Engine House News. He was supposed to be editor next year but can ' t. Joe Powers Editor Guild Ticker I wenty-three years of successful publication make history for the Guild Ticker. Editor Joe Powers combin¬ ed the talents of his staff to produce what has been labeled the best of any of the official publications of the business school. The fifty-four page letter-press publication contained articles of interest to all students enrolled in the College of Business Administration. One of the unique features of the hook was the section covering the 1961 Com¬ merce Day. This section included all of the Day’s activi¬ ties which were climaxed that evening by the presenta¬ tion of honors and awards. The Commerce Queen of 1961. Miss Vicki Borman, was featured in the Ticker along with the other maids. Pat Hale Business Manager Who’s Who in the College of Business Administra¬ tion was also announced in the publication. Fourteen outstanding students were selected for this honor. The magazine also featured the outstanding seniors who had achieved a high scholastic standing for the Fall Semester of 1960-61. Brenda Heck, Garrie Kellam, Dwight Holley, Molley Haley, Dick Wilson 366 Jim Minmier, left, is featured here and in the Razorback section and in last year ' s Traveler section. Ron Liles, right, is fea¬ tured wherever friendly people gather. Guild Ticker Staff 1 ( l ' l(,r - Joe Powers Assistant Editor Jim Minmier Lditorial Assistants Dick Wilson. Ron Liles, Brenda Heck, Dwight Holley, Molley Haley, Garrie Kellam. Bill Kid¬ der, Johnny Ramsey. Business Manager Pat Hale Assistant Business Manager Danny Saig Business Assistants Judy Sandusky. Monika Hart- stein, Butch Ketz. Louis Hard¬ man, Scott Stewart. John Purdy, David Koonce, John Grobmeyer, Lephiew Denning- ton. Faculty Advisors Prof. W. A. Guinn, Dr. Orville Hall. Miss Doris Cook, Prof. Darrell Spriggs, Mr. Harry Ainsworth, Prof. Robert Hay. John Purdy, Monika Hartstein, Judy Sandusky, Scott Stewart, David Koonce I •167 The well-lighted, roomy lobby of the Fine Arts Center serves as a show- place for student artwork, the best of which is reprinted in Preview. Preview Preview appears in the spring just in time to disrupt study habits of people who are vainly trying to pull their grades through. The magazine is published yearly and is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college on the campus. The contents of the magazine include work from pri¬ marily the English and Art departments in the fields of fic¬ tion. poetry, painting, woodcutting, and illustration, although the layout of the hook is not confined to these areas. During the year competition is held in various depart¬ ments for student entries in writing and art to he included in Preview. In some departments, awards are made other than simply having the winning work appear in the publi¬ cation. Preview magazine is rapidly assuming a place among the leading annual and quarterly college magazines printing student work. Connie Capers, Becky Hawkins, Jo Terrell, and Lillian Marshall meet to discuss manuscripts submitted for publication. Jo Terrell Business Manager Preview Staff Editor- Connie Capers Co-Art Editor __ Bill Tinker Co-Art Editor _ _ _Carole Hammett Business Manager_Jo Terrell Staff Assistants Lillian Marshall, Becky Hawkins, Judith McGalin, Ann Rainwater, Teeter Stanley, Mary Lee Dubell. Connie Capers Editor The sculpture room of the Fine Arts Center houses the college ' s budding young artists and, while they are in other classes, becomes a storeroom for their work. - Burl C. Rotenberry Editor, Second Semester Law Review I he ancestor of the present Arkansas Law Review and Bar Association Journal was the Law School Bulle¬ tin. It first appeared in 1946 with the majority of the work on it being done by the students, a change from the faculty work of the Bulletin. Additional articles for the Law Review are prepared by prominent jurists, with the majority of this work being done by the University Law School’s faculty. Student members of the editorial staff receive credit hours toward graduation for work on the Law Review. Each published student article is accorded a fractional credit hour. Students seeking membership on the staff must meet grade point requirements and must submit one or more articles of acceptable quality. The quarterly publication can be cited in court as authority on such cases as taxation, trusts, and banking. Every member of the Arkansas Bar Association auto¬ matically receives a copy of each issue with circulation even reaching as wide an area as from Belgium to Aus¬ tralia. The articles appearing in the Law Review can be generally classif ied into three categories, recent de¬ cisions, case notes, and comments. The articles are under the supervision of the student editorial board and a faculty advisor. Phillip Allen, Recent Decisions; Thomas Streetmen, Associate Editor; Don Smith, Comments and Case Notes; John Sizemore; and James Ross, Citations. Claibourne W. Patty, Jr. Business Manager Eugene F. Mooney Faculty Advisor Law Review Staff Editor_Wm. David Newbern Associate Editor _ — Thomas S. Streetman Comment and Case Note Editor __ Don S. Smith Recent Decisions Editor - Phillip Allen Citations Editor _James Ross Staff Assistants Homer Paul Jackson. Burl C. Rotenberry, Joe B. Reed, Bob R. Sullards. Business Manager _ Claibourne W. Patty, Jr. John Sizemore Editorial Assistant 371 Student Senate Publications The A-Book is the official handbook of student information for the University of Arkansas. It is published in the spring and distri¬ buted each fall to entering freshmen during the orientation program. The book is also available to any student or faculty member during the year at the Student Information Desk. The editor is selected by the Board of Publications in conjunction with the Student Senate. A 2.5 grade point average is required for candidacy for editor. The publication’s budget is approximately $1,000 and the editor receives This year’s A-Book, in addition to serving as the handbook of student information, contained other features concerning activities at the University. Editorship of the Student Directory mainly concerns a mad rush in the fall to tabulate names, addresses, and phone numbers of 5,000 students and getting them in proper form for the printer. The Direc¬ tory also contains some artwork and a minimum of ads. The editor is chosen in the spring by the Board of Publications from applications accepted at large from the student body. The main selling point for prospective editors is an early distributing date in the fall. Nick Weedman Co-Editor, Directory Bob Wilson Editor, A-Book 372 John White Co-Editor, Directory Ready references, the Student Directory and the A-Book are usually found hanging on any nail in almost anyplace, at the first of the year, that is. By second semester, these references are at a premium and are well hidden. A : Si L ■t SU m ■t ' % D. Whitney Halladay, Dean of Students; Jess Covington, Head of Hughes, Director of Information; Kay Bray, President of Pan- Journalism Department; Bill Adair, Chairman of Board; William Hellenic Council; Delbert Herman, President, Men ' s Interhall Council. Board of Publications Finally adopting some semblance of organization and motivation, the Board of Publications this year func¬ tioned under the changes voted in last spring by the student body. Membership on the Board rotates among the presi¬ dents of the major campus living group organizations, with the permanent members being the Head of Journal¬ ism, the Director of Information, and a presidential ap¬ pointee. The Vice-President of the student body serves as the chairman of the board. Ex officio membership on the Board of Publications is extended to the editors and business manag ers of the Traveler and Razorback and to the editors of smaller campus publications. The Board has the responsibility for seeing that journalistic ethics are adhered to in all publications and it also elects the editors of all-campus publications. The members of the board also control the letting of contracts for printing, engraving and other services. Ed Dohoney, candidate for Editor of the Razorback, submits his applications, eight copies, for the board members ' consideration. 373 mSSmmm OFFICERS: Howard Jones, President; John Jackson, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Janet McNeil, Secretary; Paul Bowie, Treasurer. ABC A student organization to provide support for the Razorbacks, the Arkansas Booster Club was organized in 1919 with the motto “A greater University and a greater State.” ABC began as a men’s booster club and has expanded until today every organized house on campus selects two members each year, with the exception that Fulbright Hall selects 12 pledges. First Row: Howard Jones, John Jackson, Janet McNeil, Paul Bowie, Sharon Raney, Linda Bartlett, Marion Moore. Sara Bri- denthal, Doll Ashby, Jane Tudor, Carol Cole, Shirley Golden, Butch Marino. Second Row: Trish Rains, Sandra Plummer, A nn Hankins. Patti Barrow, Sarah Jane Melton. Phillip Keese, Charlotte Hudsepeth, Sharon Young, Sid Johnson, Lynne Grant, Chris S’jlc°r, Sandra Yates, Linda Magee. Third Row: Nora Carlson, Mary Lee Franklin, Buddy Diebold, Barbara Coleman, Danny Doughty, Don Wdlard, Jim Miller, Sam Kirby, John Moore, Nancy Barnhill, and Pat McMahen. Fourth Row: Larry Clyburn, Larry Crain, Tom Rogers, Jon Anderson, Robbie Juniel, Matthew Rothert, Mike Terry, Larry White, Woodrow Mann, Alien Pool e. Jenny Mitchell, Bill Adair, John Gibson, Guy Maris. OFFICERS: Clyde Rhoden, President; Steve Butler, Vice-Presi dent; Ralph Brodie, Secretary-Treasurer; George McKinney, So¬ cial Chairman. “A” Club Only the athletes who have won a varsity letter, the highest athletic award bestowed by the university, in football, basketball, track, tennis, or baseball, are elegible for membership in the “A” Club. Founded in 1922 with only a few members, the A Club has as its primary aim to promote loyalty to the University throughout the student body, and to make the red sweater a symbol of achievement and sportsmanship. The first members believed that athletics were a neces¬ sary part of college life and that they aid in bringing the student body together. The “A” Club’s spring let¬ ters are awarded at the annual spring picnic. First Row: Steve Butler, Marlin Epp, Jerrell Williams, George McKinney, Pa ul Henderson, Don Kirby, Eddie Black, Jerry Carl¬ ton. Second Row : Darrell Williams, Johnny Fields, Joe Paul Alberty, Darrell Peters, Jerry Hughes, Bubba Davis, Wendell Goodwin, Curtis Cox. Third Row: Jimmy Collier, Jim Gaston, Clyde Rhoden, Ralph Brodie, Larry West, Levern Grindle, John Blasengame, Lloyd Jones, Pat Foster, Gary McDonald, Dean Garrett. 376 ABC Pledges Membership in the Arkansas Booster Club con¬ sists of equal quotas from each organized house on campus, with each group selecting its own representa¬ tives for a semester to ABC. First Row : Sarah Juniel, Susan Lineberger, Becky Hawkins, Louise Dilday, Claudene Chammess, Sandy Crabtree, Mary Kay Beavers, Jean Wright, Sue Jackson, Jamie Umsted, Betty Cope¬ land, KaycilJe Woodruff, Patty Kelly, Margaret Cotton, Mary Ned Mallory, Blanche Burke, Susan Choate, Judy Boyd. Second Row: Ellen Schwartz, Carlanna Dyer, Donna Kirk, Judy Phil¬ lips, Judy White, Mary Kay Stevenson. Linda Kay Wilson, Mary Fletcher, De Anne DuVall, Joyce Spinor, Beth Teas, Derrel Mullins, Walter Graves, Rene Jordan, Bryant Barry. Third Row: Marvin Stuart, Joyce Mikeska, Charles McDuffie, Mac Mc- Gehee. Jerry May, John McFerran, James Wood, Rebecca Wil¬ son, Vin Speck, Kirby Taylor, Bob Yager, John Pollard, Michael Allum, Crain Winning, Bill McCrary, Mart Vehik, Richard Brown. Fourth Row: David Stewart, Robert Morrow, John Ramsey, James Moore, Ben Hawkins, John Banks, William Summers, John Garmon, James Cox, Todd Sanders, Bill Green, John Williams, John Bankston. Charles Ray, Robert Denton, Jim Davis. OFFICERS: Sarah Juniel, President; Susan Lineberger, Sec¬ retary. 377 A I Ch E Inspired by the purpose of encouraging and pursu¬ ing interests in chemical engineering, the Arkansas chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engi¬ neers was granted its charter in 1935. The organiza¬ tion strives to bring its members into closer contact with the ideals and ambitions of chemical engineers throughout the country. Luncheons are held bi-monthly where the members hear guest speakers discuss the latest developments in chemistry. Also enabling the members to learn more about their field are exhibits, spring and fall outings, and smokers. First Row: Ben Trusty, Del win Dodd, Louise Moore, Ed Wozencraft, Mack Baughn, Mac Kilpatrick, Milo Myers. Second Row: Steve Walker, John Smith, Robert Fenix, Troy Henson, Glen Overby, Louis Seiter, Douglas Coleman. Third Row: James Egner, Lloyd Tarkington, Lee Johns, Jim Williams, Clyde Creenert, Donald Johnson. OFFICERS: First Row: Ben Trusty, President; Louise Moore, Secretary; Mack Baugh, Jr. Representative. Second Row: Delwin Dodd, Vice President: Ed Wozencraft, Treasurer; Steve Walker, Sr. Representative. 378 A I A The American Institute of Architecture is the pro¬ fessional institute of our nation’s architects; its head¬ quarters are in Washington. D. C. and chapters are located in every state. Acting as a voice and a govern¬ ing body for architects, its primary purpose is to assist people in the profession to conduct services in a professional way. The student organization located on our campus has about the same aims with the exception of trying to gain insight into the profession. First Row: Cyrus Sutherland, Lawrence Smith, Fred Griffin, Durwin Ursey, Minor Wallace, Jay Myers, Robert White, Bill Hibbard. Second Row: Edmund Wilson, Jack Turber, Glenn Sink. James Webb, John Sanders, Jerry Sanders, Joseph Steven¬ son, Charles Walls. Third Row: Fred Perkins, Kenneth Shire- man. Jim Grinstead, George Kalmbach, Charles Harrington, Dick Daniel, Carl Smith, Paul Jones. Fourth Row: Gerald Stone, Marlin Call, Joseph Vykopal, Donald Loyd, Bill Wilson, Bill Shell. OFFICERS: Lawrence Smith, President; Fred Griffin, Vice- President; Durwin Ursey, Secretary; Minor Wallace, Treasurer. AIEE-IRE The American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers are joined together in their program of maintaining high professional standards in the field of engineering and fostering the necessary qualities of successful engineers. The AIEE was founded in 1884 for the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical engineering. The IRE, organized in 1912, strives toward the advancement of the theory and practice of radio and allied branches of engineering. First Row: Gary Campbell, James Grim, Bill Neubert, William Hinson, Frank Cruther, Kamm Satterwhite, Don Hayes, Jim Jacks, Kazuo Oiski, M. M. Cannon. Second Row: Hugh Don¬ nell, Tom Herndon, Carl Giggons, John Harton, Raymond Wall. Henry Yound, Ronald Chunn. B. I). Harvey, John Meredith. Third Row: Albert Starling, Tom Luter, Max Johnston, Robert Lacy, Stephen Kooker, Mac McGehee, Larry Brown, Robert Yager, Andrew Wheeler, Frank Leving. Fourth Row: Darrell Campbell, Jarold Hall. Joe Marlar, Jim Jansen. Jack King, Dan Nipper, Don Hewlett, James Courtney, Jim Stokes. OFFICERS: Gary Campbell, Chairman; James Grim, Vice Chair¬ man: Bill Neubert, Secretary; William Hinson, Secretary; Frank Cratchee, Treasurer. 379 A I I E The correlation of academic studies with industrial problems and processes is the primary aim of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers. Visits to various industrial plants in the state and programs which supply the members with advanced statistical information about industrial engineering are included in the activities of this organization. First How: Edwin Keith, David Foust, Sam Kirby, Frank Albey, Bill Rogers, Bob Crisp, William Johns, Earnest Fant. Second Row: Dale Pope, John White. Charles Stephens, Wil¬ liam Culberson, William Sanders, George Hodge, Tom DeMier, John Collins, Dewain Houck. Third Row: Richark, Dentner, Frilley Charles, Harold Adams, Bob McKuin, Robert Hope, Bobby Stevens, Rube Cline, Perry Raley. Fourth Row: Don Mitchell. John Addington, Bob Hurst, Vernon McBryde, Carl Richards, Delbert Phillips, John Endicott, Jimmy Mauney, Jim Arnold, Wayne Parker. OFFICERS: Edwin Keith, President: David Foust, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Sam Kirby, Secretary; Franklin Albey, Treasurer. OFFICERS: Russell D. Fox, President; Gilbert A. Kane, Vice- President; Wayne Langley, Treasurer; Bill G. Thornton, Secretary. A S C E The American Society of Civil Engineers is the oldest engineering society of its kind in the United States. The society was founded for the purpose of ad¬ vancing engineering and architectural knowledge and practice, maintaining a high professional standard among its members, and establishing a central point of reference and union for its members. First Row: Russell D. Fox, Gilbert A. Kane, Billy G. Thornton, Wayne Langley, Thomas R. Meadors, Jimmie Booher, Robert 1). Holloway. Kenneth M. Hall, Samuel S. Acheson. Second Row: Randy McNulty, Philip A. Selig, E. J. Fox, Joe P. Jarrell, Claude R. Starr, John J. Blake. S. A. Martinez de Andino, Michael D. Allum, Kenneth L. Wilson. Third Row: Richard H. Davis, Jr., Dale E. Brasuell, E. Delos McCauley, Jr., John R. Archer, Walter L. Graves, Lynn P. Jenkins, Larry A. Carlson. Oscar M. Hall, Jack Buffington. Fourth Row: Donald B. Hunnicutt, George E. Knight, Jimmy H. Hinton, Gerald W. Joyner, Dean R. Lindsey, Quinn G. Spann, A. W. Hardy, Jr., Daniel I. Hall, E. D. Kisor, David G. Meador, George A. Lockhart. 380 A S A E The Arkansas chapter of the American Society for Agricultural Engineers was founded on our campus in 1949 with the primary purpose of instilling in stu¬ dents understanding of agricultural engineering. Out¬ standing speakers are gained for their bi-monthly meetings from industrial interviewers and men within the department of agriculture. The national association is located at St. Joseph, Michigan, and it has some forty-three student chapters at land grant universities. The national goal is to bring better engineering into agriculture. This year Arkansas ASAE sent five mem¬ bers to the national convention in Memphis. Their social functions include the annual spring picnic and Christmas parties. First Row : Larry Cofer, Terence Bass, Sammie Hunter, Sam Robbins, Mike Flowers. Second Row: Eddie Gay, George Baker, Miles Lowe, Milford Oxford, Grover Reed, Russell Benedict. Third Row: Michael Rains, Lundy Colvert, David Bowman, Lindsay Chandler, Rex Clark, Charles Vaneburg, David Cowart. OFFICERS: Larry Cofer, President; Terence Bass, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Sammie Hunter, Secretary; Sam Robbins, Treasurer; Mike Flowers, Scribe. 381 OFFICERS: Mary Jane Melton, President; Nona Proctor, Vice- President; Charlotte Petree, Secretary; Carolyn Smith, Treas¬ urer (not pictured). AWS Executive Board While the membership of the Associated Women’s Students includes every woman undergraduate enrolled in the University, the executive board is the govern¬ ing body which decides the policies and activities of the organization. Composed of the chairmen of the various committees, presidents of the major women’s organizations, and the dormitory presidents, the board is headed by the four officers of AWS who are elected by general vote in the spring. Instrumental in planning for future growth and development of the AWS pro¬ gram on campus, the members of the board direct activities through the several committees which plan the balance of the active AWS functions. First Row: Mary Jane Melton, Nona Proctor, Charlotte Petree, Sharon Raney, Pat Johnson, Blanche Montgomery. Sec¬ ond Row : Sally McCune, Owanda, Davis, Connie Clulow, Judy Varkner, Joyce Jenkins, Sandy Trust, Sandy Cook. Third Row: Peggy Foiles, Mary Franklin, Sandra Plummer, Helen Smith, Kay Bray, Barbara Rigsby. 382 A S M E Founded in 1880, the American Society of Me¬ chanical Engineers, is a national organization of pro¬ fessional engineers. Like the parent organization, the goal of the student branch at the University of Arkansas is to foster the exchange of ideas and the maintenance of professional standards. The objective of A.S.- M.E. are to broaden the student’s acquaintanceship with the practical side of mechanical engineering, to make the library depositories of the society available to all interested, and to keep the students informed about engineering progress. First Row: Richard 0. Ellis, Charles Curtis Mann, James H. Liles, James C. Hale, Jim H. Durham, James L. Mosley, Larry J. Newkirk. Alfred L. Crow. Second Row : Charles Henderson, Louis Wilkerson, Larkus Pesnell, Gene Mann, Ronald Ort, William Martin, John Watson, Don Jordan. Third Row: Jack Sanders, Charles Jones, Richard Shollmier, Jerry Leach, Robert Patton, Merle Bryant, Jasper Deere. Fourth Row: Donald Douglas, Bill Green, Charles Farris, Donald Clegg, Jimmie Maples, Bill Overton, Stanley Bridgman. Accounting Association Founded in April of last year, the Accounting Association’s purpose is to further the profession of accounting through the students of the University of Arkansas. It was founded to furnish additional in¬ formation outside classroom material for students in the accounting professions. After its monthly banquet, a guest speaker from one of the fields of accounting (private accounting, public accounting, and govern¬ mental accounting) presents an oration to the group. First Row: James Henry, James Leigh, Bob Shults, Dan White, Alice Ann Willis, Bill Deaton. Second Row: James Pinkerton, Charles Mercer, Sue Dill, Jim Paschal, Bob Hall. Elaine Durbin. Third Row: Jesse Montgomery, Hulas Dixon, Bob Beaver, Paul Isbell, Delbert Herman, Bob Blythe, Gary Smith. Fourth Row: John Douglas, James Chittock, Bill Beam, Jerry Berry, Tom Higgins, Ed Miller, Robert Hall. OFFICERS: First Row: James Henry, President; Bob Shults, Secretary. Second Row: James Leigh, Vice-President; Dan White, Treasurer. 383 Agri Students Association OFFICERS: Keith Rinehart, President; Joyce Jenkins, Vice- President; Betty Files, Treasurer; Kathy Pedley, Publicity; Suz¬ anne Kuester, Co-editor; Larry Franks, Co-editor, Arkansas Agriculturist. The Agri Students Association is an important link in promoting the agricultural development of the state and is composed of students from the College of Agri¬ culture and Home Economics. The primary purpose of ASA is to foster a bond of fellowship and cooperation between the students and faculty of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. First Row : Keith Rinehart, Joyce Jenkins, Betty Files, Kathy Pedley, Suzanne Kuester, Larry Franks, Jeanne Skipper, Juanita Douglas, Jo Coleman, Christine Heark, Portia Coffman, Sandra Pate. Second Row: Bobbie Guffey, Layla Miller, Carole Adams, Carole Helm, Coris Coger, Nancy Evans, Carol Barnum, Evelyn Benson, Linda Webb, Kathlyn Jiffery, Jim Gramlich, Ronald Maxwell. Third Row: Brenda Ingram, Lila Jackson, Oneida Foster, Peggy Fletcher, Branda Upton, T. J. Byram, Richard Bell, Jim Daniels, Freddy Hale, Robert Raible, Boh Latimer, Curtis Bequette. Fourth Row: James Mans, Kanny Gladden. Thomas Smith, Danny Bourland, Claude Bonner, Larry Fry, Doyle Treat, Stanley Chapman. James McDonald, Larry Smith- son, Weldon Peters. OFFICERS: Richard H. David, Jr., President; Russell D. Fox, Vice-President; Gilbert A. Kane, Secretary; Claude R. Starr, Treasurer. Alpha Chi Epsilon Alpha Chi Epsilon is the honor fraterni ty for junior and senior engineering students. It is modeled after the national honorary civil engineering fraternity, Chi Epsilon. The national organization has a total enrollment of over a hundred chapters across the United States. The main project the fraternity has been in¬ terested in is developing its members through various projects, which are planned to give the members a better insight into some of the problems connected with a career in civil engineering. The Arkansas chapter has petitioned Chi Epsilon for a charter and it is hoped by the end of the spring semester that they will be fully associated with Chi Epsilon. First Row: Richard H. Davis, Jr., Russell 1). Fox, Gilbert A. Kane, Claude IL Starr. Second Row: Billy G. Thornton, Larry A. Carlson, E. Delos McCauley, Jr., Thomas R. Meadors. Third Row: John J. Blake, Daniel I. Hall, Philip A. Selig, F. D. Kisor, Jr. 384 Agronomy Club Students specifically interested in crop and soil sciences and their associated fields compose the mem¬ bers of the Agronomy Club. Its primary purpose is to increase the leadership potential of each of its members. It also aims to promote activities and inter¬ ests in the fields of agriculture, and to work on an improved faculty-student relationship. With these pur¬ poses in mind the Agronomy Club conducts its pro¬ gram in such a way as to stimulate interest in new farming methods and in various farm activities. It has sought to help students learn soil sciences which might, later, prove of value to them. First Row: Jim Gramlich, Robert Raible, Jim Daniels, Danny Bourland, Stanley Chapman, Fred Collins. Second Row: Ver¬ non Hall, Sponsor; Meill Treece, Donald Vaught, James Mc¬ Donald, David Christian Jr., T. J. Byram; Claude Bonner. OFFICERS: Jim Gramlich. President; Robert Raible, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Jim Daniels, Secretary: Danny Bourland, Corresponding Secretary; Stanley Chapman, Treasurer; Fred Collins, Corre¬ sponding Secretary. 385 OFFICERS: Larry Cofer, President; Mike Flowers, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Milford Oxford, Secretary-Treasurer. Alpha Epsilon Affiliated with Missouri Alpha founded in 1959, Arkansas Alpha Epsilon is the fifth organization of its kind to be established in the United States. Creat¬ ing interest and honoring students in Agricultural Engineering is the purpose of the club. It grew out of the practice of honoring one student at the end of each year. Because of the desire to honor more than this one student, Alpha Epsilon now selects its members from the upper third of the senior class and the upper fourth of the junior class. Graduate students are also admitted as honorary members. It has called meetings once or twice during each semester during which bids are appropriated for new members. First Row: Larry Cofer, Mike Flowers, Milford Oxford. Sec¬ ond Row: Russell Benedict, Gale Cowart, Tom Rokeby. 386 Alpha Chi Sigma Founded on this campus in 1928, Alpha Chi Sigma, a national professional chemistry fraternity, works to advance chemistry as a science and profession by honor¬ ing outstanding students in that field. To qualify for membership, students must be in the latter half of sophomore chemistry or furthur, and must have a good scholastic record. The fraternity is divided into three parts: collegiate members, composed of undergraduates; graduate members in the faculty; and professional members. Collegiate members may be¬ come affiliated with the professional branch upon grad¬ uation. A tutoring service in chemistry, a safety pro¬ gram, and award to the outstanding senior majoring in chemistry are Alpha Chi Sigma’s major activities. First Row: Don Roach, Jim Fenix, Lloyd Tarkington, Ben Trusty. Second Row : Homer Fox, Tom Slusher, Bernard Kenna, Ed Wozencraft, Mack Baughn, Third Row: Delwin Earl Dodd, Robert Fenix, Milo Myers, Steve Walker. OFFICERS: Don Roach, Master Alchemist; Jim Fenix, Vice- Master Alchemist; Lloyd Tarkington, Reporter; Ben Trusty, Treasurer; Robert Fenix; Steve Walker. Alpha Kappa Psi Students destined to become prominent Arkansas businessmen of the future are to be found in the ranks of Alpha Kappa Psi. This organization is a profes¬ sional fraternity for men who are candidates for de¬ grees in commerce, business administration or econom¬ ics. A genuine interest in commerce is required of all men who become candidates for membership in the fraternity. First Row: C. E. Hendrix, Ron Liles, Uvalde Lindsey, Dick Wilson, Jim Minmier, Tom Carter, George Jernigan, Frank Wait, Jr., (diaries Whiteside III, Bob McMurtrey. Second Row: Jon Phelps, Joe Powers, Boyce Moore, Randy Fussell, Bill Bridgforth, Paul Bowie, Craig Rains, Don Majors, Boh Bass, Bob Shults. Third Row: Steve McKinney, Darrell Bonner, Lem McCrary, Jack Forrest, Jim Rieff, Ronald Woodruff, J. C. Tho¬ mas Rogers, Jr., Gary Shelby. Fourth Row: John Harris, David Koonce, Mike Babbidge, David Watkins, Porter Briggs, John Mayes, Ronald Udouj, William A. Anderson, Jr., Gaston Gibson, Jr., Danny Butler, Dorsey W. Jones. OFFICERS: C. E. Hendrix; Uvalda Lindsey; Dick Wilson; Mr. Robert Bell, Sponsor; Ron Liles. 387 OFFICERS: Judy Vardner, President; Joyce Mikeska, Vice- President; Monika Hartstein, Secretary; Blanche Montgomery, Treasurer; Lynda Stair, Historian. Alpha Lambda Delta Membership in Alpha Lambda Delta is the reward received by freshmen women with outstanding scholar¬ ship. A 3.5 average for the first semester or a cumu¬ lative 3.5 for the freshman year is required for mem¬ bership in this national honorary society. Founded at the University of Illinois in 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta got its start on the Arkansas campus in 1942. Its purposes are to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshmen women. Activi¬ ties sponsored by the society include a tea for pro¬ spective members, tutoring services for freshmen, and an information booth at registration. First Row: Judy Vardner, Blanche Joyce Mikeska, Lynda Stair, Monika Hartstein, Mary Ellen Sullivan. Ann Rudder. Second Row : Nancy Crutchfield, Sandra Shupik, Martha Moore, Brenda Heck, Sandra Pate, Sandra Williams, Helen Smith. Third Row: Jackie Van Sickle, Janie Cook, Pat Congour, Judy Ritgerod, Judy Phillips, Mary Burton, Mary Wheeler Prewitt. OFFICERS: First Row: Bishop Hankins, President; Thomas Raley, Secretary; Jack Pearce, Reporter. Second Row: Haskell Roberts; John George, Treasurer; Dale Price, Sargent at Arms. 388 Alpha Tau Alpha Composed of prospective agriculture teachers, Alpha Tau Alpha furthers professional leadership training among its members. Founded at the University of Illi¬ nois in 1921, the fraternity has expanded with chapters all over the nation, and has many of its members engaged in teaching. Chi chapter was chartered on this campus October 19, 1954, and has increased in mem¬ bership since that time. With its program of centering interest on the farm community and its problems, Alpha Tau Alpha brings to light the responsibilities the future leader will face in their profession. First Row: Bishop Hankins. Haskell Roberts, Thomas Raley, John George, Jack Pearce, Dale Price. Second Row: J. C. Atherton, John Valentine, Donnie Blackerby, Roger Pitts, Den¬ ver Hutson. Third Row: David Whitehead, Bill Pherson, Leonard Pike, Donald Williams, Fredic Bailey. Fourth Row: Weldon Peters, Milton Dahlke, Bill Webb, T. 0. Brown, Earlton Sanders, Larry Young. Alpha Pi Mu Alpha Pi Mu is a fraternity which takes an active part in projects and surveys that may help the Uni¬ versity or improve equipment and facilities in the Industrial Engineering Department. Members of this organization are students of Industrial Engineering who rank scholastically in the upper one third of the senior class and upper one fifth of the junior class. Included in the service of this club are a University traffic survey and an industrial chart. Alpha Pi Mu, a relatively new organization, was formed in 1956 with membership increasing consistantly from year to year. First Row: Richard Q. Dentner, Cecil C. Gentry, C. L. Cox, Frank Albey. Second Row : M. Wayne Parker, Jim Hefley, George Hodge. Third Row: Wray Wilkes, Associate Professor; Vernon E. McBryde, Assistant Professor, Fourth Row: Edwin L. Keith. OFFICERS: Richard Q. Dentner, President; Cecil C. Gentry, Vice-President; C. L. Cox, Corresponding Secretary; Frank Albey, Treasurer. 389 OFFICERS: Bob Latimer, President; Max Wise, Vice-President; Richard Bell, Secretary; Wayne Pyles, Treasurer. Animal Industry Club The Animal Industry Club is made up of students who are directly and actively interested in animals. This animal husbandry organization has as its main objective the sponsorship of judging teams to inter¬ collegiate contests. Other aims of the club are to build a greater organization in the future and to finance the leaders in the various fields of animal industry and allied industries. The club is composed of students interested in the fields of animal and poultry hus¬ bandry. First Row: Bob Latimer, Max Wise, Richard Bell, Wayne Pyles, Larry Franks, Linda Perdue. Second Row: Bill Hawkins, Curtis Melton, Donald Williams, Billy Wilson, Nguyen Qui Dinh, Carol Potter. Third Row: Dale Price, Larry Phillips, Gilbert Hollis, Bernard Daniels, T. L. Smith, Frank Scaramuzza, Curtis Bequette. Fourth Row: Larry Fry, James Mans, Freddy Hale, Doyle Treat, Danny Gladdeny, Keith Rinehart, Larry Smithson, Bobby Spears. 390 Alpha Zeta Alpha Zeta, an honorary agriculture fraternity, was founded in 1897 at Ohio State University and was established at the University of Arkansas in 1917. It was founded for the purpose of encouraging and de¬ veloping leadership in the field of agriculture. Mem¬ bers are chosen from the students in the College of Agriculture that rank in the upper two-fifths of the senior, junior, and second semester sophomore classes. They are also selected on the basis of outstanding leadership and sound character. First Row : Keith Rinehart, Winfred Harris, Curtis Melton, Lowell Black, Kirk Hale. Second Row : David Christian, Pat Sullivan, Jo Hoggard, Claude Bonner, D. A. Slack, Jim Daniels. Third Row: Bill Boyer, 0. W. Barnett, Larry Fry, Bradley Warren, Jim Gramlich, Kenneth Harrison, John Attebury. OFFICERS: First Row: Keith Rinehart, President; Curtis Mel¬ ton, Scribe; Kirk Hale, Chronicler. Second Row: Winfred Harris, Censor; Lowell Black, Treasurer. Baptist Student Union The BSU is the Baptist Student’s “Church Home Away from Home” while on the University of Arkansas campus. Its purposes are to promote active local church membership, personal devotions, prayer, and fellowship. First Row: Jim Maloch, Lance Hanshaw, Suzanne Kuester, Margaret Cotton, June Stewart, Maxie Creek, Martha Buchanan, Nancy Wills, Nancy Logan, Carolyn Willy, Joan Shockley, Pris¬ cilla Holland. Ramon Satterwhite. Second Row: Michael Broadway, Gavle Gulledge, Jane Reagan, Judith Nutt. Jeannie Alley, Nancy Philley, Brenda Heck, Judy Smith, Donna Axum, Nancilu Spann, Alice Bentley, Laura Thompson, John Tyler. Third Row: Linda Slocum, Lawson Glover, Joicie McConnel, Sandra Starnes, Patsy White, Margaret Pinkerton, Joleta Brant¬ ley, Kay Williams, Ann Baker, Carole Adams, Kay Willson, A1 Hamilton, Billy Boswell, Linford Bradford. Fourth Row: Mar- celle Haynes, Martha McNeil, Peggy Peterson, Rose Maloch, Jamie Jones, O. W. Barnett, Lyman, Shoemake, Carl Beutike- hees, Eddie Morrison, Tommy Fowler, John Smith, Phillip Kolb, Charles Tucker, Ronald Hamby, Tom Watson. OFFICERS: Jim Maloch, President; Lance Hanshaw; Suzanne Kuester, Secretary; Peggy Peterson, Enlistment Director. 391 OFFICERS: James Gunn, President; John Douglas, Correspond¬ ence Secretary; John Todd, Treasurer; Delbert Herman, Vice- President; H. Reland Harp, Recording Secretary. Beta Alpha Psi The national accounting fraternity, known as Beta Alpha Psi, is an honorary scholastic and professional organization. Strengthening the accounting profession is the goal of this fraternity. To further this goal, the Alpha Iota chapter holds a business banquet meeting each month. Highlighting these meetings has been an address by a guest speaker who is outstanding in the field of business administration of accounting. The stated aim of the local chapter, as well as the national organization, is the furtherance of the field of account¬ ing in business. The members of Beta Alpha Psi are chosen on the basis of scholarship and leadership. First Row : James Gunn, Delbert Herman, John M. Douglas, H. Reland Harp. John Todd. Second Row: James T. Henry, Carl Hartman, Willard Elliott, Bob Shults, Charles R. Mercer, Hollis A. Dixon. OFFICERS: Hope Sixbey, President; Mike Snyder, Vice-Presi¬ dent; George Small, Chaplain. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is composed of the college members of the Episcopal Church in Fayetteville. This religious club pays a portion of the members’ monthly dues to the work of the World Student Federation, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The activities of the Canterbury Club in Fayetteville include the de¬ velopment of informative programs and the furthering of religious goals in the student body. Programs are centered around more affective worship, improved study goals, service to the University and to the Episcopal Church, unity, and evangelism. First Row : Hope Sixbey, Mike Snyder, Jeanne Louise Wil¬ liams, Ann Amerson Engeler, Judith Wilson, George Small. Second Row: Sally MacKinnon, Nancy Allen, Margo Williams, Virginia Lepensky, Judy Toll, Lois Adams, Diane Gilliam. Third Row: James Greer, John Giller, George Harris, James Dallen, LeRoy Huddleston, Jr., James D. McGahey, Tom Weiss, Sally McCune, Monk Gray. 392 Blue Key The Blue Key, a national honor fraternity, was founded at the University of Florida in 1924 by Major Bert Riley. The fraternity recognizes outstanding quali¬ ties in character, scholarship, student activities, leader¬ ship, and service among college men. Its purpose is to serve the University by co-operating with the faculty and by studying student problems. Arkansas’ Marble Arch Chapter of Blue Key has a luncheon meeting every week to investigate and initiate proposals and projects to improve campus life. First Row: Jim Hefley, Mike Thompson, Eric Richardson, Tom Carter, Craig Rains. Second Row : Ron Liles, Joe Paul Alherty, David P. Lambert, Jon Alan Dermott, Bill C. Adair, Jr., George O. Jernigan, Jr., Lewis Barnard. Third Row : Joe Powers, Lynn F. Wade, George McLeod, Richard, H. Davis, Jr., Martin Gil¬ bert, David Horne, John Jackson. Fourth Row: Jim Minmier, Mike Clayton, Don Smith, Jay Carpenter, Ralph Brodie, David Newbern, Donald McKnight, Gene Rackley. OFFICERS: Jim Hefley, President; Mike Thompson, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Eric Richardson, Secretary; Tom Carter, Treasurer. 393 Chancery Club OFFICERS: First Row : Ralph Broclie, Chief Justice; Bill Bridge- forth, Clerk of Court; Benny Combs, Court Reporter. Second Row: Frank Watson, Associate Justice; Woody Harrell, Bailiff; Jim McKenzie, Retiring Chief Justice. Founded in the spring of 1960 for Pre-Law stu¬ dents, the Chancery has as guest speakers lawyers and judges from around the state. The purpose of the organization is to acquaint those in the field of law with professional practices. The goal for this year is to become affiliated with the National Chancery Club. Founded on the basis of fellowship, Chancery Club strives toward a better understanding among its mem¬ bers as well as between it and the law profession. First Row: Ralph Brodie, Frank Watson, Benny Combs, Joe Coleclasure, Bob Green, Bill Kelly, John Stanley. Don Adams. Second Row: Curtiss Richard, Sam Park, Sam Weems, Dick Murphy, Hugh Pollard, Jim Graham, Bing Covin. Third Row: Lee Kitchens, Dan Murphy, Hal Cooper, Jerry Pinson, David Hall, Gary Brown, Jim McKenzie. 394 Cardinal Twenty Cardinal Twenty was founded in the spring of 1960 by Omicron Delta Kappa. The outstanding twenty fresh¬ men men are chosen at the end of each year with the requirements of at least a 2.5 grade average, offices held, and responsibilities carried out (athletics are also included). Their primary function is the orientation of freshmen and they are in complete charge of fall and spring orientation for men. Cooperating with the Dean of Men’s office, Cardinal Twenty has as its student advisor the vice president of Omicron Delta Kappa. Their major activity this year was the drafting of their constitution. First Row : Janies Robert Norwood, John Tedford, Charles Whiteside, Matthew Rothert, Bill Coe, William A. Anderson, Jr. Second Row: Frank E. Wait, Jr., Charles Marino, Jr., James W. Bass, Gaston Gibson, Jr., Jim Mulhollan, Mike Burns, Covin Jordan. Third Row: Hugh Pollard, Mike Meistrell, Larry White, David Watkins, Ed Dohoney. OFFICERS: James Robert Norwood. President; Charles White- side, Secretary; John Tedford, Vice-President; Matthew Rothert, Treasurer. Chi Theta Chi Theta, a professional sorority, was established in 1948 for the purpose of encouraging school spirit, furthering academic study, and to promote a standard in civic and professional enterprise. It concerns itself witii finding employment contacts for women graduates in various localities and particular fields open to women. It also endeavers to bring business women to this campus to speak of the part a woman plays in the business world. The sorority is active in support¬ ing and sponsoring the activities of the College of Business Administration. First Row: Judy Sandusky, Charlotte Hudspeth, Judy Wear, Joyce Gardenhire, Lynne Grant, Anna Rudder, Judy Ferrenberg. Second Row: Jan Skipper, Carolyn Sue Wiley, Linda Lou Stephens, Betty Nystrom, Sue Dill, Melanie Parker. Third Row: Kay Cazort, Ellen Steel, Dianne Simpson, Ginger Waldron, Monika llartstein, Brenda Heck, Jimmie Lou Brigance, Janie Cook, Marilyn Pharr. OFFICERS: Alice Ann Willis, President; Charlotte Hudspeth, Second Vice-President; Judy Wear, Corresponding Secretary; Judy Sandusky, First Vice-President; Joyce Gardenhire, Treasurer. 395 OFFICERS: Charles McClendon, President; John Brown, Sec¬ retary-Treasurer; Mrs. Mary Ford, Advisor. Christian Science Organization The Christian Science Organization was begun in 1959 with two primary purposes: to give the young Christian Scientist experience in the functions of church membership and to promote a better understanding of Christian Science on the campus. Membership is not restricted to Christian Scientists only but is open to the entire student body. The activities of the organization include eight weekly testimonial services in the Student Union and also an annual lecture given by an experienced Christian Scientist. First Row : Charles McClendon, John R. Brown, Mary S. Ford, Pat Cralley. Second Row: Mary Kay Tinker, Denton C. Emanuel, Leota Carole Lane. Third Row: W. J. Ketz, Jr., W. N. Murry III. OFFICERS: Joyce Lea Jenkins, President: Nancy Crutchfield, Secretary; Jo Coleman, Treasurer; Alice Wingfield, Membership Chairman. Colhecon The name Colhecon is a symbol of home economics. The club was organized for those students interested in professional home economics and homemaking, and is affiliated with the state home economics association. Colhecon promotes interest in various phases of home economics and gives valuable aid toward solving prob¬ lems which may arise in its members’ work after graduation. First Row: Joyce Lea Jenkins, Nancy Crutchfield, Jo Coleman, Sarah Seay, Sharon Jennings, Alice Wingfield, Sandra Pate, Jeanne Skipper, Mary Bethel, Betty Files, Carol Barnum. Sec¬ ond Row: Sharon Horton, Barbara King, Catsy Gunn, Carole Sue Martin, hern Hubbard, Suzanne Kuesten, Evelyn Benson, Clara Dickson Jones, Lucy Beth Dyer, Glenda McLaughlin, Carolyn Vangilder. Third Row: Wilma Jean Hillman. Carol Cupples, Carole Adams, Susan Hamilton, Nancy Edwards, Mar- celle Haynes, Carolyn Culp, Fern Foster, Lynda Davis, Carole Helm. Fourth Row: Doris Ann Coger, Bobbie Dean Guffey, Annetta Brannon, Brenda Upton, Nancy Evans, Kathlyn Jeffery. 396 Civic Club The University Civic Club is a representative or¬ ganization. made up of members from the various campus living groups, with a limited representation from each group. Membership is based on work done in various campus activities. The Civic Club has two major projects each year which are Singfony and the Campus Chest Drive. All of the proceeds from these activities go to charity. First Row : Porter Briggs, Jim Minmier, Cookie Mack, Linda Magee, Susan Hogan, Joyce Jenkins, Sara Bridenthal, Lynne Grant, Ann Sedwick, Becky Gilliland, Blanche Montgomery, Signa Crowe. Second Row: Joe Dickey Powers, Bob Crisp, Mil- ton Hughes, Louis Kayser, John Jackson, Don Callaway, John Gibson, Snowden Armstrong, Lewis Barnard, Robert Culp, Jim Willcox, Bob McMurtrey. Third Row: Mildred Cromwell, Janette Wilson, Peggy Foiles, Nancy Spann, Sandra Yates, Judy Ritgerod, Anne Hansen, Owanda Davis, Elaine Durbin, Joyce Mikeska. Third Row: Lee Johns, Barbara Shull, Judy Sandusky, Nancy Allen. OFFICERS: Porter Briggs, President; Jim Minmier, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Alice Rothert, Secretary. 397 Coterie Coterie is a service and social organization. Its members are selected from outstanding independent women, selection being based on leadership, loyalty, social ability, and character. The first successful attempt to establish Coterie on the University of Arkansas campus was in 1939. Since then it has served the University and promoted fellowship, leadership, and social activity among women students not affiliated with Greek letter sororities on this campus. Some of Coterie’s service activities include reading to the blind students and conducting tours to groups visiting the University. First Row: Carolyn Sue Wiley, Nancy L. Logan. Trish Rains, Joicie McConnell, Wilma Downum, Bill Wallace. Second Row: Nancy Armstrong, Mary Eidson, Sandra Plummer, Nancilu Spann, Elizabeth Bates, Mary Lou Reinhart, Betty Parsons. Third Row: M. Isabel Irwin, Sissy Hays, Barbara Dennard, Sally Ann Putnam, Nancy Allen, Jane Morris. OFFICERS: Carolyn Sue Wiley, President; Nancy L. Logan, Vice-President; Trish Rains, Secretary; Joicie McConnell, Treas¬ urer. 398 Commerce Guild An organization of students managed by students is one characteristic of the Commerce Guild. It is com¬ posed of all the members of the College of Business Administration. It brings outstanding speakers to the campus, gives publicity to the college, and unites more firmly the faculty and students. The Commerce Guild is governed by an executive council which consists of four executive officers and four representatives from each of the classes. This executive council plans all of the activities of the committees. New officers for the guild are chosen each year at spring elections. First Roiv: Tom Carter, C. E. Hendrix, Grace Ann Heath, Taylor Hurst, John Banks, John Todd, Lynne Grant, David Laser, Charles Whiteside III, Bob McMurtrey. Second Row : William Kidder, Steve K. McKinney, Ron Liles, Darrell Bonner, Earle Love, Charlotte Hudspeth, Marilyn Pharr, Judy Sandusky, Bob Baily. Third Row : Bucky Sharpe, Jimmy Akers, Jack Rob¬ erts, Gaston Gibson, Jr., Jim Minmier, Tommy Fuqua, Tommy Free, Pat Hale. OFFICERS: Tom Carter, President; Grace Ann Heath, Secretary; C. E. Hendrix, Vice-President. d s F Disciples of Student Fellowship is affiliated with the Fayetteville Christian Church and works with that group in its various functions. It sponsors a Sunday morning study class and a Sunday evening informal meeting with guest resource programs. Having various service projects for the year, it had a Christmas basket in December and sponsors a scholarship fund through the national organization. Vesper services are given at the Veteran’s Hospital as well as daily vesper services in connection with Student Religious Council. First Row: Joyce Crabtree, Darleen Daniels, Thomas Hucka- ley, Sissy Hays, Mrs. Herschel Ford. Rebecca Sanders, Le- Vonne Ott, Katheryn Froster, Lucy Beth Dyer. Second Row: Snellen Nanney, Sara Beauchamp, Brenda Upton, Lee Johns, James B. Wood, Gay Erwin, Eddie Strickland, Tom S. Moore. Third Row: John Anthony, E. Delos McCauley, Jr., J. E. Sanders, Richard McCauley, Darrell L. Lucas, Bill M. Overton, George Russell, Mac McGehee. OFFICERS: Joyce Crabtree, President; Darleen Daniels, Vice- President; Thomas Huckaley, Treasurer; Mrs. HerscheJ Ford, Director. 399 OFFICERS: Ann Jones Clayton, President; Robbie Juniel, Vice- President; Mary Jo Schulz, Secretary; Sue Dunson, Treasurer; Donna Cypert, Publicity Chairman. Elementary Club The problems of the future elementary teacher are confronted, discussed, and solved by this organization, which is composed of students in elementary education. First Row : Ann Jones Clayton, Robbie Juniel, Mary Jo Schulz, Sue Ounson, Donna Cypert. Second Row: Claire Effinger, Nikii Parscale, Judy Armstrong, Linda Wingfield, Jane Durham, Carolyn Beale, Phyllis Aton, Linda Lehnhard, Jerrie Ann McAdoo, Nancy Parr, Dorothy Nelon, Joyce White, Jean Wright, Carol Anne Kirby, Mary Agnes Scott, Barbara Guthunz, Sandy Bowers, Sharon McGinty, Sue Mandevillo. Third Row: Barbara King, Joan Gleghorn, Rebecca Sanders, Martha Bellamy, Betty Leverette, Sandra Williams, Suellen South, Donna Groom, Diane Elrod. Cita Rogers, Jane Tudor, Becky Barham, Judy Gary, Suzanne Fues, Sherrill Ragan, Ann Rutledge. Fourth Row: Andrea Anthony, Pat Balay, Carol Shepard, Blanche SutInner, Faculty Sponsor, Sue Billingsly, Wanda Gray, Lyle Skov, Ruth Shelton, Audrey White, Mary Jane Rowlett, June Hooten, Sandy Cook, Lynda Cook, Judy Vardner, Patricia Sue Wilson. Fifth Row: Nancy Garner, Mary Sue Porter, Marilyn Savage, Diane Cadenhead, Ginger Moore, Norma Russell, Sue Wilkerson, Jennie Lou Milton, Suz¬ anne Stoner, Pay Matthews, Sammye Phelan, Sally Simpson, Carolyn Kendrick, Jo Ellen Clark, Susan Canine, Laura Sue Fitzjarrell. OFFICERS: Sitting: Conard Shelnut, President; Roy Fuller, Secretary. Standing: Jack Hammett, Vice-President; Jack King, Treasurer. Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu, the honorary professional fraternity for electrical engineers, was founded in 1905 on the University of Illinois campus, by Maurice L. Carr. Installed on our campus in 1958, it has sponsored such service projects as assisting high schools with science fair projects, encouraging electrical engineer¬ ing as a profession, and tutoring electrical engineering students. Monthly meetings feature different aspects of electrical engineering and combine a social hour as well as the business meeting. Primarily, the organi¬ zation is composed of junior and senior students who have qualified for membership by attaining a high scholastic average and have shown professional interest in electrical engineering as a profession. First Row: Conrad R. Shelnut, Jack C. Hammett, Roy Ruller, Jim Jansen, Jack King. Second Row: Wally Haw, Jerry Year- gan, Joe Marlar. 400 Engineering Council Representatives from each engineering and tech¬ nical organization as well as the editor and business manager of the Arkansas Engineer compose the Engi¬ neering Council. Their main purpose is the promotion of engineering through cooperation with student organi¬ zations and representing the students interests of the College of Engineering. As a governing body for the engineers, they cooperate with the administration and faculty to solve any problems which might arise in the school year. Two of their main projects are the sponsor¬ ing of the Arkansas Engineer and Engineer’s Week. First How: Jim Dennis, David Foust, Jim Rea, Larry Cofer. Bob Crisp, Jay Hale, George Hodge, Larry Newkirk. Second Row: Jimmy Hinton, Richard Davis, Jack Hammett, Robert Patton, Richard Denter, John White, Mike Burns, Don Jordan, Mack Baughn. Third Row: Bob Miner, Steve Walker, George Knight, Ben Trusty, Sam Robbins, Richard Ellis, Dean Lindsey, Joe Marlar, Edwin Keith, Charles Henderson. OFFICERS: Jim Dennis, President; David Foust, Vice-President; Jim Rea, Secretary; Larry Cofer. Treasurer. 101 OFFICERS Jody Agre, : Joan Ligon, President; Sharri Smith, Secretary Treasurer. Junior Panhellenic The Junior Panhellenic, an organization of sorority representatives, consists of two pledges from each campus sorority. The purpose of the club is to better relations among pledge classes by helping them arrange their activities and by giving them a wider knowledge of sorority traditions. This Panhellenic group works with the Dean of Women and the Panhellenic Council in achieving these aims. Officers are selected on the rotation system on the basis of the order in which the sororities were founded. First Row: Joan Ligon, Zeta Tau Alpha; Susan Linebarger, Pi Beta Phi; Jody Agre, Delta Delta Delta; Suzanne Fuess, Chi Omega; Doll Ashby, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: Alice Wingfield, Alpha Delta Pi; Susan Seeger, Delta Delta Delta: Sara Charlotte Smith. Delta Gamma; Jimmie Lea Wright, Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: Sharri Smith, Pi Beta Phi; Betty Leverette, Alpha Delta Pi; Sharon Horton, Delta Gamma; Diane Cadenhead, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mary Wheeler Prewitt, Chi Omega. 402 International Club World conditions being what they are today, the International Club has a special vitality and importancy. It meets to discuss problems of importance and interest in the area of international, political, and social affairs. It welcomes anyone interested in international affairs into its membership. Members find a well-rounded schedule of events which include music programs, dances, and numerous social gatherings which are strictly based on the customs of the different countries. The main objectives of this club are to provide a com¬ mon meeting place for a discussion and to promote understanding among students of all nations. First Row: Gene Witte, Johnny Cicuta, Becky Griffin, Margue¬ rite Engelke, Dieter Klein, Nguyen Qui Dinh, Hannah Hall. Second Row: Selim Al-Nihanna, Dan Olsen, Rodolfo. Aleman, Pat McLendon, Jaime Arosemena, Maria Lia Pigrette, Ety Wolf. Third Row: Mrs. Al-Nihanna, Maung Tin-Mo, LeRov Hudelleston. Fourth Row: Krishna Das Ghanta, Keong Chey Chye, Dixie Green, Ismatl Shaltuni, Eila Kontianinen, Maung Ye Htnt, Farouk Bajour, Sarju Singh. OFFICERS: Gene Witte, President; Johnny Cicuta, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Becky Griffin, Secretary; Marguerite Engelke. Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi, an honorary fraternity for out¬ standing bandsmen, has as its primary aim the promot¬ ing of musical interest among its Arkansas bandmem- bers. The mutual interests and abilities of the members furnish a strong bond of fellowship and enthusiasm. The pledges of Kappa Kappa Psi must participate in a week of hazing. During this time they must wear their band uniforms. This honorary organization adds much to the welfare of the Razorback Band. First Row: Carl Hartman, Larry Bohannan, Robert Horwood, Rene Jordan, Michael Allum, Boh McDonald. Second Row: Charles Ledbetter, Larry Chase, Jim Webb. Ronald Chunn, Jim Wooly. Third Row: Charles Wesley, Mike Flowers, Bill Karch, Eddie Inzer, Stephen Rowland, John Nolyn Faris, Wil¬ liam Lacefield, Carl Clyne, Philip Spray. OFFICERS: Carl Hartman, President: Larry Bohannan, Vice- President; Robert Norwood, Secretary; Rene Jordan, Treasurer. 403 OFFICERS: Donna Carter, President; Sara Bridenthal, Secretary- Treasurer; Janet Tarpley, Membership. Lambda Fan Lambda Tau, the honorary English fraternity, strives to create and foster a large interest in literary ability, give recognition to those who possess writing skills and encourage their further literary endeavors. In its role as an honorary fraternity, Lambda Tau awards a prize for creative writing each year on Honor ' s Day at the University. A similar prize is awarded in Fayetteville High School for the outstanding English student. High scholastic standing and an interest in writing are required for stressing the promotion of originality in writing, individual criticism, and discussion of works. First Row: Donna Carter, Sara Bridenthal, Janet Tarpley. Lynn Rogers, Georgia Dortch. Second Row: Nancy Belle Plowman, Janette Wilson, Neena Ledbetter, Jo Terrell, Letitia Grano, Peggy Folies. Married Students’ Association Forming closer ties among the married students and providing recreational activities of common interest for them are the purposes of the Married Students’ Association. The organization recognizes all on-campus and off-campus married students as members. Some of its social activities are fall listening parties, a Christ¬ mas dance, and a spring picnic with a Bingo party. First Row: Ray McFadden, Paul Clayton, John Sawle, Jean McFadden, Barbara Clegg, Eva Dodd. Second Row: Darrell Campbell, Ola Mae Campbell, Nancey Sparks, Eva Jo Clayton. Third Row: Del win Dodd. Oswald Sparks, Donald Clegg. OFFICERS: Ray McFadden, President; John K. Sawle, Vice- President; and Paul Clayton, Secretary. 404 Marketing Club The Marketing Club, which is the unifying organ¬ ization for students majoring in the field of marketing, serves as a contact with business leaders. It not only brings outstanding business men and women to the University as guest speakers, but also provides for field trips where students can observe business and industry in operation. First Row : Dr. Fry, Ron Cox, Jim Minmier, Taylor Hurst, Dallas Lewter, Jim Rayler. Kathryn Woodruff, Charles Ruggles, Bob McMurphy, Bill Higgins. Second Row: Arthur Raft, Tom Carter, Dorsey Jones, Jim Figby, Ronald Holland, Judy Sand¬ usky, Bob Elliott, Sam Clyburn, Tommy Jester, Jim Finner. Third Row : Davis Wilkey, Joe Powers, Ron Lyles, David Evans. Jack Jordan, Tom Simmons, Reginald Brown, Paul Causey, Danny Butler, Jon Phelps. Fourth Row : Steve Ander¬ son, Charlie Girdner, Clay Jacobs, Oswald Sparks, Bobby Clyburn, Philip Newton, Glen Richardson, Randy Spencer, Jerry Vaught, Hugh Pollard, J. C. Thomas Rogers, Jr. OFFICERS: First Row: Ron Cox. President; Jim Minmier, Vice- President. Second Row: Donna Carson, Secretary; Dick Wilson, Treasurer. 405 Newman Club Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1939, the Newman Club strives to reach all Catholic students on the campus in order to provide them with a fuller and richer religious life while they are in the University. Its stated purpose is to “deepen the spiritual and to enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities.” It was brought to the University of Arkansas in 1937 and has, ever since that time, filled a definite place in the lives of the majority of the Catholic stu¬ dent body. First Row: Father Smith, Mary Reinhard, Don Froning, Windall Goodwin, Mary Connell, Charles Sax, Father O’Dwyer. Second Row: Patricia Dodgen, Cita Rogers, F. L. Harrison, Paul Abdella, Marvene Lewis, Jean Mesavage, Ronald Ort. Third Row: Patti Harrow, John Trone, Russell Germaine, Eileen Goodlse, Claudia Robbins, Taylor Hurst, Don Smith. Fourth Row: Dorsey Jones, Bill Helhron, Larry Lyesmeyer, Bow Cowie, Jim Jansen, Terry McCuen, A. J. Frederick. OFFICERS: Father Smith, Asst. Chaplain; Mary Lou Rein¬ hart, President; Don Froning, Vice President; Windall Good¬ win, Vice President; Mary Connell, Secretary; Charles Dax, Treasurer; Father O ' Dwyer, Chaplain. m Mortar Board Motar Board, a national honor society for senior women, was founded in February 1918. The purpose of the honor society is to promote university loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship in univer¬ sity women, to maintain high standards of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college women. Each year at the annual AWS spring festival the new members are tapped. At this time a Martha McKenzie Reid Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding woman on campus. The funds for this award come from the annual sale of Mortar Board Calendars. First Row: Jayms Smith, Elizabeth Blister, Sally Putnam. Judy Doolin, Sara Bridenthal. Second Row: Ann Jones Clay¬ ton. Susie Fleming, Nona Proctor, Sherry Mizell McAnear, Mary Sue Thornton, Carol Barnum. Third Row: Mary Jane Melton, Barbara Rigsby, Emily Owen, Alice Rothert, Nancy Fields Pow¬ ell, Peggy Foiles, Suzanne Kuester. OFFICERS: Jayme Smith, President; Elizabeth Brister, Vice- President; Sally Ann Putnam, Secretary; Judy Doolin, Treasurer; Sara Ivey, Mrs. D. S. Brady, Sponsors. Omicron Delta Kappa Members of Omicron Delta Kappa are tapped in both the spring and fall semesters from outstanding- leaders among junior and senior men who must have excelled in the fields of scholarship, athletics, leader¬ ship, publications, music, or dramatic arts. This nation¬ al leadership fraternity, one of the most active groups on this campus, sponsors Orientation Week and works with Blue Key and Mortar Board to sponsor Leader¬ ship School. Each year ODK conducts an investigation and Senate report of the counseling program in each college. The principal project of this club is the estab¬ lishment of a scholarship program for the University in conjunction with service clubs throughout the state. First Row: John Moore, William Anderson, E. D. Yancy, Phillip Allen, William Orton. Second Row: John Giller, Bob Hall, C. E. Hendriks, Stuart Towns, Dick Dahlen, C. E. Til- mon. Third Row: Ralph Eubanks, Arthur Raff, James Leigh, Snowden Armstrong, Reed Greenwood, Hammond Saterfield, Don Toon. OFFICERS: W ' illiam Orton, Advisor; John Moore, President; W ' illiam Anderson, Vice-President; E. D, Yandy, Secretary; Phillip Allen, Treasurer. 407 OFFICERS: Mira Van Patten. President; Carole Adams, Vice- President; Mary Kay Walls, Publicity Chairman: Ruth Whet¬ stone, Secretary-Treasurer. Orchesis The Greek word Orchesis means “to Dance”. The club is sponsored by the Department of Health. Physical Education, and Recreation and is an extra-curricular dance club. Anyone who is interested in studying crea¬ tive dance and composition may become a member. To stimulate understanding of contemporary dance in the community, a dance recital is given each year by the students of Orchesis. Through the work of this club a more thorough knowledge of the growing popu¬ larity of contemporary dance is conveyed to the students and members of the community. First Row: Mira Van Patten, Carole Adams, Ruth Whet¬ stone, Mary Kay Walls, Nancy Cina, Paula Hamm. Second Row: Judy Wheeler, Jerrie Ann McAdoo, Lucie Murphy Giller, Jerri Bob Moseley, Marian Moore. Third Row : Brenda Mc- Gavock, Suzanne Stoner, Mormandie Frigillana. OFFICERS: Lynn Wade, Justice; Karl Glass, Clerk; Earl Dazey, Marshal; Tommy Streetman, Vice Justice; C. W. Patty, Treas¬ urer. Phi Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Delta, national legal fraternity, is dedi¬ cated to the advancement of scholarship and establish¬ ment of comradeship among the members of the legal profession. It also serves the purpose of establishing a widespread medium in the Law School, among other law schools, and with the alumni, for the interchange in business and matters of common interest to members of the fraternity. The college chapter sponsors a publi¬ cation for the exchange of ideas among member chapters and the providing of professional information for all Phi Alpha Delta members. First Row: Lynn Wade, Tommy Streetman. Karl Glass, Patty Claibourne, Earl Dazey. Second Row: Wilbur Smith, Jim Spears, James Redpath, Bob Sullards, Kayo Harris. Third Row: Lesly Mattingly, Phillip Crume, Ralph Patterson, Frank English, James Feli. Fourth Row: Jerry Berry, Robert Mc¬ Henry, William Rothwell, Gordon Engeler, William Henslee, Lewis Epley. 408 PEM Club The Physical Education Club encourages the ad¬ vancement of physical education as a professional in¬ terest and the development of physical education on the high school and college levels. First Row: Wade Hahn, Sandra Plummer, Carolyn Cline- hens, Sandy Crabtree, James Storer, Owanda Davis, Mickey Barrows, Barbara Crain, Mari-Ann Hendricks, Judy Boyd, Carolyn Culbertson, Clara Anderson, Nancy Cina. Second Row: Lela Calhoun, Elois Bleidt, Kay Baker, Geraldine Duskin, Nancy Puckette, Nancy Reynolds, Pat McIntyre, Mira Van Patten, Rose Jarrett, Virginia Hale, Mary Sander, Harold Recard, Jesse Branch, Darrell Peters. Third Row: Guizzle Jimmy, Gerald Bequette, Lean Patten, Rodney Shaddox, Floyd Smith, Scott Van Hoose, Judy White, Sylvia Hank, Lynda Childers, Edwina Fuqua, Sandy Robbins, Nadine Crawford, Tommy Jackson, John Abramczyk. Fourth Row: Cecil Dennis, Tom McCoy, Bob Treat, Ronnie Garner, Jerry White, Jim Collier, James Callahan, Carl Hill, Coleman Ledbetter, Jim Robinson, Johnny Louel, Charles Kauffman, Robert Brown, Donnie Wilke, Jerry Haynes. OFFICERS: First Row: Sandra Plummer, Pres, of WPEM; James Storer, Sec. of MPEM; Owanda Davis, Treas., WPEM. Second Row: Wade Hahn, Pres., MPEM; Carolyn Clinehens, V.-P., WP¬ EM; Sandy Crabtree, Sec., WPEM; Mira Van Patten, Lib.. WPEM. 409 OFFICERS: Tom Owens, President; Earnest Ligon, Treasurer; Charles Simonds, Vice-President; Wes Abbott, Warden. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, national men’s music fra¬ ternity, is founded to (1) foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, (2) advance the cause of music in America, (3) develop the truest fra¬ ternal spirit among its members, and (4) to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. To realize these goals Alpha Omicron Chapter presents an All-American concert featuring works by American composers, gives the Annual music department Christmas party, ushers for all concerts in the Fine Arts Center, and works with faculty of the music department, as the hosts to the different music festivals held here for the High School Students of the state. First Roiv: Tom Owens, Charles Simonds, Ernest Ligon, Larry Bohannon, Jarrell Teague. Second Row: Albert Spangler, Nathan Privitt, Wes Abbott, Charles Wesley, Bob McDonald. 410 Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta, an honorary history fraternity, is composed of history majors with a 3.25 average in at least fifteen hours of their major. Founded on Ar¬ kansas’s campus in 1921, the local chapter has grown to its present increased membership and activities. Evidence of one of its honors is the placque in the north reserve room of the library, given to tlie fraternity by the national association commemorating this chap¬ ter’s founding upon this campus. Promoting interest in the study of history is its main goal, but it also pro¬ vides fellowship and high scholastic ideals in accom¬ plishing its goals. First How: William Blackburn, Joe Paul Alberty, Sue Dun- son, Judy Ritgerod, Charlotte Petree. Second Row: Paul Roberts, Hammond Satterfield, Ann Sedwick, Janice Blaylock. Third Row: Guy Griggs, Raburn Anderson, William McGee, Wendell Jones, Dutch Hutsett. OFFICERS: William Blackburn, President; Joe Paul Alberty, Vice-President; Sue Dunsen, Secretary; Judy Ritgerod. Phi Upsilon Omicron As an honorary and professional organization for home economics girls, Phi Upsilon Omicron was es¬ tablished on the University campus in April, 1943. Phi Upsilon Omicron was organized for the advancement of home economics as a profession and in every day living. The members are selected on the basis of scholar¬ ship and leadership. They are chosen from the upper two-fifths of each class and must he interested in pursu¬ ing a professional career in home economics. The pri¬ mary aim is to sponsor projects to help students in the field of home economics. The freshman girl with the highest scholastic average in home economics is pre¬ sented an award by Phi Upsilon Omicron. First Row: Carol Barnum, Lucy Dyer, Shirley Friend. Sec¬ ond Row: Suzanne Kuester, Margo Williams, Barbara Patter¬ son, Mary Jane Melton. Third Row: Wilma Jean Hillman, Joe Coleman, Annetta Brannon. OFFICERS: Carol Barum, President; Lucy Dyer, Vice-President; Shirley Friend, Secretary. 411 Pi Mu Epsilon Pi Mu Epsilon is an honorary mathematics frater¬ nity founded to promote scholarship for the individual in all subjects and particularly in mathematics. Members are required to have a cumulative grade average of 3.00 in mathematics, to have finished calculus or be taking integral calculus, and to have a 2.5 accumulative. If a student needs help in mathematics, the fraternity provides it through its free tutoring services, and it also sponsors special programs with lectures on math and other subjects. First Row: George Barnwell, Alice Rothert, Ann Martin, Beth Logan, Nell Greer, Mary Sue Thornton, Ramon Satterwhite. Second Row: James Barksdale. Charles Head, Gilbert Kane, Kazue Oishi, G. W. Sorrells, Robert Mar, Larry Newkirk, Wil¬ liam Disney. Third Row: Robert Hall, Carroll Blakemore, Rob¬ ert Patton. Michael Weaver, Lee Johns. Holly Hartrick, James Holcomb, David Holt. Fourth Row: William Shipp, William Orton, David Dubbell, Glenn Sandlin, Richard Ellis, Joseph Plunkett, Edwin Keith, Justin Garrett; Roy Simpson. OFFICERS: First Row: George Barnwell, President; Ann Mar¬ tin, Secretary. Second Row: William Orton, Sponsor; Alice Rothert, Vice President; Bob Hall, Publicity. OFFICERS: David Lambert, President; Barbara Clauser, Vice- President; Jenny Mitchell, Secretary; Guy Erwin, Treasurer. Press Club Press Club was reorganized after a year’s absence on campus under the supervision of the editors of University publications and Jess Covington, head of the department of journalism. Membership is open to journalism majors and any person working on campus publications. Their purpose is to invite outstanding stu¬ dents in journalism and have an exchange of ideas among students of the University. One of the out¬ standing speakers this year was Ernie Dean, columnist for the Arkansas Gazette. hirst Row: David Lambert, Barbara Clauser, Jenny Mitchell, Gay Erwin, Lynn Rogers, Ramona Roe, Judy Turner. Second Row: Martha Riley, Linda Hathaway, Suzanne Kuester, Mar¬ garet Walker, Linda Campbell, Carolyn Raley, Laura Shull. Third Row: Johnny Woodruff, Joe Dickey Powers, John Giller, Garry Carroll, William Kidder, Pat Trimble, Parker Westbrook. Fourth Row: Ed Dohoney, Bob Miner, Hank Thorn, Jimmy Jones, Bruce Barnes, Len Taliaferro, Franklin Ray, Joseph Thompson. 412 Pi Tau Sigma The Arkansas Upsilon Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma was installed on the University of Arkansas campus May 8, 1959. Tau Upsilon Chapter has undertaken the project of arousing more student interest in grad¬ uate work in the Department of Mechanical Engineer¬ ing. Promoting the high ideals of the engineering profession, developing qualities necessary for significant leadership, and the supposition of the responsibilities of a citizen in a democracy are among the goals of the organization. For membership in Pi Tau Sigma, one must be a Mechanical Engineer in the top twenty-five per cent of the junior class or thirty-five per cent of the senior class and must be approved by the faculty for traits of character and leadership. First Row: Don Jordan, Charles Henderson, John Culp, Jerry Byers. Second Row: Ralph Watsom, Merle Bryant, Richard Ellis, Charles Farris, Larry Newkirk. OFFICERS: Don Jordan. President; Charles Henderson, Re¬ cording Secretary; John Culp, Corresponding Secretary; Jerry Byers, Treasurer. 113 OFFICERS: Ralph Dugger, President; Jim Keese, Vice-President; Henen Yates, Secretary; 0. O. Hardway, Treasurer. SAM The aims and purposes of SAM are to promote better standards of living by research and study. Some of the outstanding activities of the Society of Adva ncement of Management are plant tours in the spring and fall, a hook exchange for the Business School, and assistance to the school in many matters. In its bi-monthly meet¬ ings, its members have a chance to hear outstanding speakers on business affairs, see many educational films, and discuss methods for the advancement of the society. First Row: Ralph Dugger, Jim Keesee, Helen Yates, 0. 0. Hard way, Paul Clayton, William Davis, James Withern, Elaine Durkin. Claude Clumpier. Dr. J. E. Estes. Second Row: Dale Ball, John Cusick, Ellen Steel. Harold Floyd, J. R. Farmer, Sue Dill, James Dobbins, Roy Keith, Sue Arnold. Third Row: Edgar Britt, Charlie Girdner, Thomal Murphy, Reginald Brown, Newton Arnold, Jack Hoyt, Donald Shockey, Teddy Stroud, Stuart Dixon, Doyce Dingier. Fourth Row: James Frazier, Ken¬ neth Galloway, Tom Jester, William Sunnar, Terry Burns, Randy Spencer. James Crabtree, Ed McCrory, James Garrett, Leland Lamb. 414 Psi Chi Psi Chi. honorary psychology fraternity, is composed of members majoring in psychology and students who have shown interest in the field. The former are full members who are required to have a 2.5 grade average and 12 hours in psyschology while the latter have the same scholastic standard, but they are associates who are majoring in another field. Featuring speakers who present new aspects of the field, Psi Chi members gain new knowledge through question and answer periods following the lectures. Student participation is encourag¬ ed in the experiments and testing program of the phsy- chology department of the University. First Row: Janice Ritterhouse, Sherry Ragsdale, Lucie Cill¬ er, Keitha Estes, Tom Hazon, John Ciller. Second Row: Barbara Osbourne, Mary Lee Franklin, Hardy Wilcoxon, Barbara Wil¬ liams. OFFICERS: Lucille Giller, President; Barbara Williams, Secre¬ tary; Mary Lee Franklin, Corresponding Secretary. Second Row: Janice Ritterhouse, Vice-President; John Ciller, Treasurer. S N E A SNEA is a club organized exclusively for students who plan to go into the teaching profession. Their pri¬ mary concern is maintaining high standards in the field of education. To enlighten those majoring in edu¬ cation of the objectives of college teaching and to en¬ courage more students to enter the profession are the aims of Student National Education Association. First Row: Janette Wilson, Anne Hart, Sandy Cook, Deanna Moore, Judy Ritgerod, Jo Terrel, Sara Smith, June Stewart, Judy Miller, Rebecca Sanders, Sue Manderiffe, R. K. Bent. Second Row: Carolyn Sue Wiley, Carolyn Eason, Barbara King, Camille Yore, Delia Destler, Nancy Spann, Marie Bolen. Kay Baker, Yvonne Wilson, Patsy Rice, Mary Baxter, Rosemary Feemster. Third Row: Kitten Barnett, Nancy Logan, Linda McFarland, Sammy Phelan. Sazanne Stoner, Clara Jones, Caro¬ lyn Eagle, Georgia Dortch, Ann Baker, Lela Calhoun, Carl Tilley, La Verne Ott. Fourth Row: Wirt Johnson, Lloyd Nichols, Glenn Kelley, Terry McCuen, Cecil Dennis, Mac Fountain. Larry Young, James Toler, Larry Loux, John Warner, Doyle Hurst, Jack Mathis. OFFICERS: Janette Wilson, State President ASEA; Anne Hart, President; Sandy Cook, Vice-President; Deanna Moore, Secretary; Judy Ritgerod, Treasurer; Jo Terrell, Reporter; Jack Mathis, Historian. 415 OFFICERS: Dr. Ivey, Sponsor; Elizabeth Brister, President; Anita Yates, Vice-President; Darlene Daniels, Secretary; Sara Brindenthal, Corresponding Secretary. Sigma Alpha Eta In order to be eligible for membership in Sigma Alpha Eta, a student must be a speech correction or speech therapy major. Fifteen hours of speech and speech correction are requirements for admission to the organization, with a minimum of a 3.00 grade aver¬ age in these courses. The organization, an honorary fraternity which meets twice a month, sponsors informa¬ tive programs concerning speech therapy as a pro¬ fessional interest. Annually the club sponsors a party for children enrolled in the speech clinic. This gives the members an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding in their field. First Row : Elizabeth Brister, Anita Yates, Darleen Daniels, Sara Bridenthal, Sara Ivey. Second Row: Verna Austin, Marilyn Hodge, Sissy Hays, DeAnne DuVall. Third Row: Patricia Flowers, Anne Hanss, Pam Bramhall. ■HH OFFICERS: Lee Cadd, President; David Cate, Vice-President; Dan Shewmake, Secretary; Jim Arrington, Treasurer. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma Gamma Epsilon is an honorary organization composed entirely of geology students. It was founded on the University of Arkansas campus in 1949. The aims of the organization are to foster the scholastic, scientific, and social advancement of its members and to extend friendship and assistance to the scientific schools of the United States and Canada. Its meetings prove to he quite educational and enjoyable to the members. I hey have guest speakers, films, discussion groups, and exchange information on field trips and collections. Each year the members select a specific project on which all members of the fraternity work and advance their knowledge of geology. First Row: Lee Cadd, David Cate, Dan Shewmake. Second Row: Jim Arrington, Don Smith. Third Row: David Clanton. 416 Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota is an international fraternity for women, founded on June 12, 1903, at the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since then it has become one of the largest of the music fraternities for women. It was established on the University of Ar¬ kansas campus on November 25, 1925. The aim of the group is to promote loyalty to the school and to en¬ courage interest in music. A special object is to estab¬ lish a fuller understanding, through music, between America and other countries by supporting national projects. Membership is limited to those graduate and under graduate music students who meet the require¬ ments. They must be either majoring or minoring in music, show exceptional music ability, and possess a high scholastic rating. First Row: Sally Putnam, Barbara Rigsby, Caroline Curtis, Judy Eoff. Second Roiv: Barbara Walker, Wilma Downum, Mary Lou Reinhart. Third Row: Carolyn Hoffman, Jane Morris, Barbara Heinen. OFFICERS: Carolyn Webster, Secretary; Sally Putnam, Presi¬ dent. OFFICERS: Blanche Montgomery, President; Jan Skipper, Secretary; Mary Wheeler Prewitt, Treasurer; Suellen South, Social Chairman; Dee Fossum, Church Group Chairman. Sophomore Council Sophomore council, made up of outstanding fresh¬ men women, serves as an orientation committee for the next year’s freshman class. First Row: Blanche Montgomery, Jan Skipper, Mary Wheeler Prewitt, Suellen South, Dee Fossum, Vicki Borman, Sandy Hillman, Janett McNiel, Kay McCollum, Anabeth Cadwell, Sue Anderson, Suzanne Fuess, Margo Byers, Doll Ashby, Sherry Holley, Anna Rudder, Linda Gardenhire, Juanita Douglas. Second Row: Mary Ann Stout, Jody Agre, Hope Van Meter, Diane Simpson, Delia Destler. Ann Rhodes, Mary Russell, Susan Linebarger, Nancy Nations, Tippy Cravens, Carolyn Eason, Liz Alexander, Melanie Parker, Maribeth Hornsby, Joan Ander¬ son. Third Row: Margerite Engelke, Alice Wingfield, Susan Seeger, Sandy Crabtree, Judith West, Jon Anderson. Rebecca Hudson, Judy Johnson, Donna Axum, Sue Noland, Cindy Jones, Joan llign, Jean Cummings, Diane Cadenhead, Ginger Moore, Jimmie Lea Wright. Fourth Row: Nancy Crutchfield, Henen Smith, Jean Mesavage, Ann Rutledge, Sally Smoot, Betty Lever- ette, DeAnne DuVal 1, Becky Wilson, Barbara Duncan, Pat Trimble, Margaret Butler, Sylvia Rankin, Mary Burton, Susan Jones, Lynda Childers, Linda Odum, Judy Phillips, Kathlyn Jeffery, Edwina Fuqua, Pat Elcan, Susan Canine. •118 Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma is a national physics honor society. Membership is conferred upon the basis of scholarship, interest in physics, and promise of achievement. Can¬ didates for membership are selected from advanced courses, graduate and upper-class students, faculty mem¬ bers, and qualified alumni. The activities of the society include the sponsoring of seminar programs on both the graduate and undergraduate level. hirst Row: Bill Pendleton, Bob Hall, Sandra Yates, Martha Moore, Young Soo Kim, Bill Dixon. Second Row: James Barks¬ dale, Carroll Blakemore, Michael Weaver, Darrell Bolding, Charles Head, Charles Manka. Third Row: Glen Clayton, Law¬ rence Weaver, Frank Biggs, John Giller. OFFICERS: Bill Pendleton, President; Glen Clayton, Sponsor; Bob Hale, Vice-President. t|! fW: ■■■ ' : WmM t At ' 1 k ' |li - pr v £ ' W B JW ' TrM Wi ■ ' -Y ja |Hl 1 iml ! ' } ri r : T irfiL.-V f ; J i — ‘ f 1 ] If %||K jay r — ' Jan - WM : ' ■ rJmm ■ r !r erlTTl 11 , 1 ik At.: - ;. i K Vj iaSiBEft? 4 I --ijf .rc| ' ' I f y. ft® AM Student Nurses Association 1 he Student Nurses Association, an organization for students preparing for their training at the Univer¬ sity Medical Center at Little Rock, helps the members obtain a better knowledge of the nursing profession. I he luture nurses are given an insight into their com¬ ing activities through the lectures given by instructors and fellow students. The activities of the club strive to stimulate new ideas and promote leadership among its members. I he club also tries to help co-ordinate the nurses cirriculum with that of the School of Nursing. Iurst Row: Mary Horsey, Joan Shockley, Judy Gevero, Bette Barnett, Claudine Chamness, Susan Fletcher. Second Row: Karen Humphrey, Kay Brown, Carolyn Parks, Betty Jane Leggett, Lola Gardenhire, Barbara Shull. Third Row: Laura Beth Thomp¬ son, Leona Parker, Rose Mary Austin, Barbara Call, Susan Jonathan, Anna Claire Meeks. OFFICERS: First Row: Mary Horsey, President; Judy Genero, Vice-President; Margaret Neely, Secretary. Second Row: Joan Shockley, Margaret Little. 419 OFFICERS: First Row: John Bohlson, President; David Lubin, Treasurer. Second Row: Sissy Hays, Secretary; Mary Lou Reinhart, Publicity Chairman. Student Religious Council The success of Religious Emphasis Week is entirely in the hands of the REW Planning Board and its various committees. They are continually at work making ar¬ rangements for guest speakers who address the con¬ vocations and supervising all other phases of this important campus activity. Religious Emphasis Week is held each spring for the benefit of the students here on campus and it is holding an increasing interest to all of the students. Every year its activities expand and the convocations are filled with more and more inter ' ?sted young people and faculty members. First Row: John Bohlson, Sissy Hays, David Lubin, Mary Lou Rinehart, Sara McGregor, Ann Sedwick, Susie Fleming. Second Row : David Fenix, Steve O ' Kelly, Randy Spencer, M. H. Levine, Martha Moore, Mebane Harrison, Phil Rice. OFFICERS: Judy Doolin, Chairman; Connie Capers, Secretary. Student Union Central Planning Committee 1 he Central Planning Committee is composed of the chairmen and secretaries of each of the Student Union committees. The function of the committee is to co¬ ordinate the activities between these committees. The eleven committees supervised by the Central Planning Committe are: dance, talent, film, game, music, special projects, married students, office management, photog¬ raphy, publicity, and art. Each year in the spring the Central Planning Committee sponsors the Student l nion Week. First Row: Connie Capers, Willie Sheeks, Sara Trager, Ann Sedwick. Second Roiv: Judy Sandusky, Tommy Austin. Judy Ritgerod. 420 Student Union Board The Student Union Board is the governing and policy making body of the Student Union. The annual budget for carrying out the program of the Student Union must be approved by the Board and it also serves in an advisory capacity for the Central Planning Committee. Membership is composed of the President of Associated Students, the Vice-President of AWS, the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women, the Student Union Supervisor, two faculty members chosen by the President of the University, and four elected student members. Luncheon meetings are held twice a month to carry out the busi¬ ness of the Board. First Row : Sally Jo Anderson, Ann Sedwick, Mrs. Lawrence. Second Row: Dick Dahlen, Dee Fossum, Judy Doolyn, Nona Proctor. OFFICERS: Sara Jo Anderson, Chairman; Ann Sedwick, Sec¬ retary; Mrs. Malcom Lawrence, Manager. 421 OFFICERS: First Row: Larry Newkirk, President; Jim Jan¬ sen, Treasurer; Merle Bryant, Cataloguer. Second Row: F. L. Lewis, Advisor;Ed Locke, Vice-President; L. R. Kinly, Advisor. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi is a national honorary fraternity for engineering students. It was founded at Lehigh Uni¬ versity. June 1885; Alpha chapter was founded here at the University in 1894 and has been active ever since. Members are chosen from the upper fifth of the senior class and from the upper eighth of the junior class. Admission to the organization is based not only on distinguished scholarship but also on interests, honesty, and unselfish activity. Its purpose is to confer distinction upon honor students and to promote a spirit of culture in the engineering students in the institution in which its chapters are located. First Row: Larry Newkirk, Ed Locke, Jim Jansen, Frank Crutcher, Glendon Self. Second Row: Roy Fuller, Merle Bryant, Gerald Beroset, Jim Dennis, Ralph Watson. Third Row: Frank Lewis, Glendon Bassett. Robert Gibbs. Larry Cofer, L. R. Kirby. 422 TKA-UFS Tau Kappa Alpha, national honor forensic frater¬ nity, founded its Arkansas chapter in 1916, eight years after the first chapter was established at Indiana Uni¬ versity. Composed of students interested in public speak¬ ing, it furthers the aims of their organization (effective and responsible public speaking) by sponsoring the annual Razorback’s Forensics Tournament with their co-organization, University Forensic Society. This year the tournament attracted representatives from seven¬ teen schools from five neighboring states. In the spring the two sponsor an intramural debate in which all or¬ ganized houses compete in all types of speech activities. The University Forensic Society has a membership composed of those interested in debate who have a 3.00 grade point. First Row: Dick Dahlen, Stuart Towns, Charlotte Petree. Second Row : Phillip Allen, Arthur Raff, Paul Bowie. OFFICERS: Dick Dalhen, President; Stuart Towns, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Charlotte Petree, Secretary. Tau Beta Sigma Members of Tau Beta Sigma, honorary fraternity, are chosen on the basis of their ability in music, scholar¬ ship, and leadership. Made up of women in the Univer¬ sity band, the organization functions for the purpose of stimulating musical interests among its members. Established only recently here at the University of Ar¬ kansas, it operates on the same principle as its brother fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary musical fra¬ ternity for bandmen. Harmony is promoted among mem¬ bers of the band through the mutual interests of the members of Tau Beta Sigma. First Row: Nancy Allen. Mary Whitaker, Jean Mesavage, Jeanne Williams, Linda Park. Cathy Widmer. Second Row: Jane Kitchen, Nina Keaton, Carolyn Young, Judy Toll, Hope Van Meter, Linda Roeder. OFFICERS: Nancy Allen, President; Mary Whitaker, Vice- President; Jean Mesavage, Treasurer. 423 OFFICERS: Sally McCune, President; Ann Engler, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Bobby McDaniel, Treasurer; Owanda Davis, Secretary; Susan Cina. Secretary; Sandra Plummer, Publicity. WRA Executive Board The WRA Executive Board is comprised of elected members from organized houses and the manager of each tournament. The organization sponsors recreational activities which appeal to every University coed. These include basketball, volleyball, softball, badminton, ten¬ nis, and bowling. WRA’s purpose is to promote interest and provide an opportunity for participation in recrea¬ tional sports for all undergraduate women students of the University of Arkansas. The Executive Board’s pri¬ mary duty is to plan and govern the activities of the Women’s Recreational Association. First Row: Sally McCune, Ann Engler, Bobby McDaniel, Owanda Davis, Susan Cina, Sandra Plummer. Second Row: Sylvia Lay, Martha Wesley, Linda Bartlett, Mari Hendricks, Mira Van Patten, Virginia Earnest, Mary Wilson. Third Row: Billy Cain, Geraldine Deskin, Brenda Ingram, Anice Hurst, Carolyn Clinehens, Esther Center, Linda Perdue. Wesley Players Wesley Players is a dramatics club which presents plays to churches and civic clubs at Fayetteville, Spring- dale, Elm Springs, and other surrounding towns. They are sponsored by Wesley Foundation (the Methodist organization for University students), but are a separate group from it with their own officers. Wesley Players was chartered on the University campus on April 26, 1931 as Kappa chapter of the national organization. All those who express interest in dramatics are wel¬ comed to the club. Their primary purpose is to enact worship with drama. hirst Row: Ramon Blacklock, Nora Ford, John Rains, Rene Jordan, Linda Park, Janna Tull, Mrs. Martin. Second Row: Nancy Crutchfield, Linda Underwood, Barbara Nelson. Becky Gulliland, David Terry, Trish Rains. Third Row: Bill Karch, Ron Meade, Patricia Golden, Geraldine Deskin, Holly Hart- rick, Elizabeth Warnock, Margaret Holderby, David Blanton. b oarth Row: Bill Tooley, Norwood Jones, Jo Terrell, Roy Tab- ler, Rhesa Davis, Charles Johnson. 424 OFFICERS: Ramon Blacklock, President; Nora Ford, Vice-Presi¬ dent; John Rains, Treasurer; Rene Jordan, Publicity Manager; Linda Park, Historian. Wesley Foundation Wesley Foundation provides Christian fellowship, worship, and recreation for students of all denomina¬ tions on the University campus. Sponsored by the Meth¬ odist Church, it strives to provide a “home away from home” in its programs of spiritual development and religious exploration. First Row: Bill Tooley, Barbara Rigsby, Elizabeth Blister, Donna Carter, Anice Hurst, Ann Martin, Nancy Cutchfield, Alice Wingfield, Nora Ford, Linda Park, Cathy Widmer, Mrs. Martin, Dr. Martin. Second Row: Linda McFarland, Janna Tull, Shirley Wilson, Nancy Fox, Mary Sallee, Lijda Underwood, Barbara Nelsox, Peggy Brink, Rene Jordan, David Terry, Theda Doyle, Margaret Holderby, Helen Smith, Charles Kauffman. Third Row : Walter Graves, Max Johnston, Sally Putnam, Trish Rains, Ron Meade, Patricia Golden. Geraldine Deskin. Georgia Dortch, Holly Hartrick, Geraldine Ramey, Elizabeth Warnock, (Jiarles Johnson, John Rains. Fourth Row : Robert Yager, Ken¬ neth Galloway, Jane Morris, Taylor Brown, Bill Boyer, Helen Moore, Jo Terrell, Norwood Jones, Carl Hill, Bob Dirkson, Roy Tom Tabler, Bill Karch, David Blanton, Ramon Black- lock, Tommy Wahl, Stuart Towns. OFFICERS: Barbara Rigsby, Vice-President; Donna Carter, Vice-President; Elizabeth Brister, Vice-President; Bill Tooley, Vice-President; Anice Hurst, Secretary; Ann Martin, Treasurer. 425 We regret that this picture was unidentifiable because the subjects were too blindingly white. Zegregationists Zociety Composed of the whitest people in the world, this group is devoted to the preservation of the purity of the white race. The reason that this is important is that the white race is superior to all others. The reason that the white race is superior is because these charm¬ ing people are members of it. Some feller who thinks lie’s smart might try to find some illogic in these statements, but it is the opinion of this club that people who go too much by book-larnin’ don’t know much of anything anyway. Requirements for membership in this club are a Confederate flag, an American flag (in order of importance), a club for hitting those uppity colored folks, Biblical statements taken out of context to support segregation, and a white sheet for covering those Zegregationists who aren’t white enough to pass for Nordic when exposed. 426 Westminster Fellowship Designed to serve the Presbyterian students at the University of Arkansas, the Westminster Fellowship is a religious organization which has inspired hundreds of students throughout the many years that it has been active. The program is designed to deepen the spiritual convictions of its members through religious activities and social functions in the organization’s building here on the campus. First Row: Mebane Harrison, Fontaine Richardson, Sue Dunson, Robert Adams, Margo White, Margaret Whitchurch, Janet Watson. Second Row: Marilyn Wallace, Carolyn Young, Sheere Lemmers, Melinda Meek, Carlend Booth, Mary Weaver, Mary Webb, Mac McCune. Third Row: David Strong, Jane Yust, Rose Ann Miller, Kathlyn Jeffery, Becky Frazier, Ford Gibson, Rose Shoddy, Riehan Wilson. Fourth Row: George Gunn, Tommy Wilson, Troy Henson, James Capps, Billy Capps, Byron Adams, Jerry Vaught. OFFICERS: George Gunn, Pastor; Mebane Harrison, Modera¬ tor; Fontaine Richardson, Vice-Moderator; Sue Dunson, Secre¬ tary; Robert Adams, Treasurer. Zuper Zecret Zociety Founded in 1961 on the campuz of the Univerzity of Arkanzaz, the only purpose of thiz organization iz to fill up the zpace left when the number of organiza- tionz appearing in the yearbook waz not divizible by three. Thiz made a definite layout problem zince the pagez in the organizationz zection were zet up on a three-per-page baziz. I lie group’z name waz arrived at becauze it had to ztart with a “z” in order to be the lazt group lizted. It waz therefore inevitable that thiz group be formed quickly. I hiz was done, the memberz remaining zecret becauze it zeemed at that point that the yearbook would not be out on time and no one wanted to zhare in the blame. The organization iz prezently inactive but might be revived if the need arizez. 427 8 £ ♦ :_ • ___. - ' . ■ ■ ■ . • -- — ■ • ■.. ' ■■. " " ' Ssr Hi _ . i i ' 5 ?I1| ' ? " l ■ . ‘ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . . ' ' ■ ; ' " . __ - RH— T JSSff e ’x ‘ u r.-., m m mrpK ' STUDENT INDEX A Abdella, Paul Albert; El Dorado; Fr-A S: 211. Abington, Doc; Beebe; Jr-BA: 226. Abramczyck, John Paul; Milwaukee, Wise.; Sr-Ed: 114, 226. Acher, Martha Ann; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-A S: 201. Adair, William S.; Fayetteville; Sr-BA: 114, 187. Adam, Martha Elizabeth; Prescott; Fr-A S: 201. Adams, Byron A.; Bath, N. Y.; Fr-BA: 226. Adams, Carole; Odessa, Tex.; Jr-Agri: 156. Adams, Donald Joe; Yellville, So-A S: 226. Adams, Dorothy Ann; Fort Smith; Fr-BA: 201. Adams, Gloria Jean; Fouke; So-Agri: 208. Adams, Harold Seth; Morrilton; So-En: 183. Adams, Jeanette; Fallon, Nev.; Jr-Ed: 159. Adams, Kenneth Wayne; Dumas; Sr-A S: 114, 176. Adams, Lois Ann; Fort Smith; So-A S: 199. Adams, Oliver Lee; Berryville; Jr-BA: 179. Adams, Walter Norman; Hot Springs; Sr-BA: 114, 226. Adamson, John Winfield; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 184. Adarve, Rodrigo; Medellin, Antioguia, Colombia; Grad: 142, 226. Agre, Laura Jo; Hot Springs; So-A S: 155. Akers, James Newell; Harrison; So-BA: 184. Akin, Barbara Lee; North Little Rock; Fr-BA: 201. Alberty, Joe Paul; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 114, 219, 183. Aleman, Rodolfo Ernesto; Panama, Panama; Grad: 142, 226. Alexander, Elizabeth Ann; Helena; So-Ed: 159. Alexander, Hugh; Hot Springs; So-BA: 176. Alexander, John R.; Camden; So-A S: 214. Alexander, Mary Ruth; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 226. Alford, L’Moore Fontaine; Little Rock; So-A S: 160. Alford, Marian Carole; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 201 . Allen, Donald Ross; Conway; Fr-En: 213. Allen, Gerald Stuart; Benton; Sr-En: 114, 226. Allen, H. Frank; Crossett; So-BA: 180. Allen, James David; Fayetteville; Fr-En: 226. Allen, John Owen; Bentonville; Jr-BA: 226. Allen, Linda Jane; Springdale; Fr-A S: 226. Allen, Mary Nell; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 201. Allen, Merrily; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-A S: 201. Allen, Nancy Kay; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 226. Allen, Phillip Elwood; North Little Rock; Law: 146, 226. Allen, Thomas Brasfield; Hoxie; Fr-En: 219. Alley, Donna Jean; Mountain Home; Sr-Ed: 114, 207. Allum, Michael David; Tulsa, Okla.; So-En: 192. Alvarez, John Garcia; Greenwood; Fr-En: 213. Amary, Majed B.; Jerusalem, Jordan; Sr-En: 114, 220 . Anderson, A. Joan; Tulsa, Okla.; So-A S: 159. Anderson, Carlton Eugene; Little Rock; Jr-Agri: 226. Anderson, Clara Jewel; Hot Springs; Fr-Ed: 201. Anderson, Doris Ann; Nashville; Jr-Ed: 151. Anderson, Jacquelyn Sue; Camden; So-A S: 152. Anderson, John J.; Dumas; So-A S: 179. Anderson, John Peyton; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 226. Anderson, Mary Martha; Beebe; Sr-Ed: 114, 160. Anderson, Nita Jon; Helena; So-A S: 155. Anderson, Quentin D.; Rogers; Sr-BA: 114, 184. Anderson, Robert William; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 219. Anderson, Ross; El Dorado; So-En: 187. Anderson, W. C.; Cherry Valley; Sr-Ed: 114, 217. Anderson, Walter; Dumas; Jr-En: 179. Anderson, William Albion; Walnut Ridge; Sr-BA: 114, 179. Andres, John M.; Nashville; Sr-BA: 114, 226. Angel, Billy Ed; Parks; Jr-En: 220. Angel, Walter Clark; Harrison; Fr-A S: 226. Anthony, Andrea; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 160. Anthony, James Muse; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 211. Anthony, John Edwin; Woodville, Tex.; Sr-BA: 114, 183. Anthony, John Philip; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 211. Archer, John R.; Pocahontas; Sr-En: 114, 226. Arkins, James Henry; Casscoe; Fr-Pharmacy: 188. Armstrong, Judith Dianne; Crossett; So-Ed: 207. Armstrong, Nancy Lynn; Crossett; Jr-A S: 207. Armstrong, Vetal Snowden; Forrest City; Jr-En: 187, 195. Arnold, Clara Sue; Camden; Fr-BA: 201. Arnold, James C.; Falls Church, Va.; Sr-En: 114. 217. Arnold, James F.; Corning; So-En: 176. Arnold, John Tyler; Camden; Fr-En: 188. Arnold, Newton Dale; Texarkana; Jr-BA: 223. Arosemena, Jaime Antonio; Panama City, Panama; Grad: 142, 226. Arpin, Carol Marcia; West Fork; Sr-A S: 114, 207. Arrington, Jimmy L.; Jacksonville; Grad: 142, 226. Arrington, Robert Walker; Nashville; Fr-En: 226. Arthurs, James Errol; Springdale; Sr-A S: 114. 171. Arthurs, Judith Ann; Springdale; So-A S: 199. Ashby, Mary Doll; Benton; So-Nursing: 159. Ashland, Linda Rae; Clear Lake, Iowa; Fr-A S: 201 . Atkinson, Jim R.; Fordyce; Fr-BA: 226. Atkinson, Leslie Lee; Fort Smith; Jr-En: 226. Attebery, John Thomas; Bearden; Sr-Agri: 114, 226. Atwell, Lynnetta Ruth; Crossett; Fr-A S: 201. Ault, John Russell; North Little Rock; So-En: 226. Austin, J. L.; Blytheville; Fr-A S: 226. Austin, John W.; Daisy; So-En: 226. Austin, Norman Thomas; Waxahachie, Tex.; So- BA: 184. Austin, Verna; Springdale; So-A S: 226. Axum, Donna Idelle; El Dorado; So-A S: 155. B Babb, Gordon Glenn; Stephens; Fr-En: 226. Babbidge, Michael John; Rogers; So-BA: 188. Baber, Cyndie; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 201. Baber, Jerry Walter; Marietta, Ga.; Jr-BA: 183. Backus, Joe Tom; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 187. Bagley, Bill W.; Paris; Grad: 142, 226. Bailey, Bonney Kay; Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico; So-Ed: 207. Bailey, Carol Ann; Siloam Springs; Sr-Ed: 114, 160. Bailey, Fredric L.; Portland, Ind.; Jr-Agri: 226. Bailey, John William; Malvern; So-En: 219. Bailey, Miki Louise; San Antonio, Tex.; Fr-A S: 201 . . Bailey, Robert Blair; Cabot; Fr-BA: 175. Bailey, Sam R.; Springdale; Fr-En: 226. Bailey, William Frank; Bentonville; Fr-BA: 226. Baird, Sally Lynn; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 201: Bajour, Farouk; Beirut, Lebanon; So-En: 220. Baker, Betty Jean; DeQueen; So-BA: 207. Baker, C. Ray; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 114, 226. Baker, Elizabeth Ann; Bentonville; So-Ed: 156. Baker, George Watson; Glenwood; So-En: 226. Baker, Jerry Lee; Springdale; Sr-BA: 114, 226. Baker, Kay; West Plains, Mo.; So-Ed: 156. Baker, Phil E.; Lonoke; Sr-En: 114, 226.. Baker, Shirley Naomi; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 226. Baker, W. Kay; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 201. Balay, Patricia Diane; Neosho, Mo.; So-Ed: 151. Balch, Terry Ross; Batesville; Sr-En: 114, 226. Balch, Virginia Lea Macdonald; Springdale; Sr-Ed: 114, 151. Baldwin, Jon E.; Waldo; Fr-A S: 226. Baldwin, Norma Gail; Earle; Sr-BA: 114, 151. Baldwin, Ronald Courtney; Des Arc; Jr-En: 214. Baldwin, Walton Leon; Eudora; Jr-En: 220. Baldwin, William Sidney; Earle; Sr-BA: 114, 180. Ball, Alvin Wayne; Cherry Valley; Fr-Agri: 213. Ball, Dale Junior; Bauxite; Sr-BA: 114, 226. Ball, Diane; Nashville; So-A S: 152. Ballenger, Joann Gaye; Corning; Fr-A S: 201. Banks, Charles Martin; Hindsville; So-A S: 226. Banks, John Gordon; Harrison; Fr-BA: 184. Banks, Robert Clark; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 211. Bankston, John D.; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 216. Barham, Brenda; Mena; So-Ed: 159. Barham, Tom Bradley; Prescott; Jr-Agri: 221. Barker, James M.; Bradley; Law: 146, 226. f ortraits Jack Moiseis 316 N. University FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Phone: HI Merest 2-7467 432 Barling, William Robert; Fort Smith; So-En: 217. Barnard, Lewis Allen; Little Rock; Sr-En: 115, 183. Barnes, Jerry Regnier; Crossett; Sr-BA: 115, 226. Barnes, R. Bruce; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 226. Barnett, Bette Bonita; Bradley; So-Nursing: 163. Barnett, Don Clark; Bradley; Sr-Agri: 115, 214. Barnett, Kitten; Stuttgart; Jr-Ed: 156. Barnett, Ortus Webb; Sherrill; Sr-Agri: 115, 226. Barnhill, Nancy; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 152. Barnum, Carol; Edgemont; Sr-Agri: 115, 208. Barnwell, George Morgan; Little Rock; Law: 146, 179. Barrett, James C.; Little Rock; Fr-En: 226. Barrett, Royce M.; Harrison; Sr-BA; 115, 184. Barron, Karol; Rogers; Sr-Agri: 115, 208. Barrow, Patti; North Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 155. Barrows, Gale Botkin; Bronxville, N. Y.; Sr-Ed: 115, 159. Barry, Louis Bryant; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 215. Bartee, John D.; Trenton, Ky.; Grad: 142, 226. Bartell, Daniel Eugene; North Little Rock; Fr-BA: 211 . Bartholomew, Helen Sue; Earle; Fr-Ed: 208. Bartlett, Linda Jean; Fort Smith; So-A S: 160. Barton, Margaret Ann; Charleston; Sr-A S: 115, 151. Barton, Patricia Joyce; Alton, Ill.; Fr-A S: 201. Baslee, Sherron; Kansas City, Mo.; Fr-A S: 201. Bass, Howard Hudson; Fort Smith; Jr-Ed: 226. Bass, James Winfred; Fort Smith; So-En: 226. Bass, Mary Jane; Little Rock; Fr-Ed: 201. Bass, Robert W.; Li ttle Rock; Jr-BA: 179. Bass, Terence Patrick; Gillett; Sr-En: 115, 226. Bassett, Glendon Wayne; Greenwood; Sr-En: 115, 226. Basshm, James H.; Mountainburg; So-BA: 214. Bates, Barbara; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 201. Bauer, Joe Vance; Bentonville; So-BA: 180. Bauer, June Elizabeth; Vivian, La.; Sr-Ed: 115, 199. Baughn, Tommy Mach; Tuckerman; Jr-En: 226. Bavelis, George Athanasios; Thessaloniki, Greece; Jr-En: 217. Baugh, Bill F.; West Memphis; Jr-A S: 176. Baxter, Mary M.; Aurora, Mo.; Fr-Ed: 201. Beachem, Neil Edgar; Benton; Sr-A S: 115, 183. Beal, Thomas E.; Rector; Grad: 142, 226. Beale, Virginia Carolyn; Aurora, Mo.; Jr-Ed: 163. Beam, Billy O.; Mount Ida; Sr-BA: 115, 226. Bean, Terry Robert; Benton; Fr-En: 213. Beard, Beau Browning; Camden; So-En: 211. Beard, L. Sparky; Little Rock; Fr-En: 188. Bearup, Stuart Monroe; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 226. Beasley, Bess; Hughes; So-BA: 155. Beasley, Molly Jo; Blytheville; Jr-Ed: 155. Beattie, Tony R.; Fort Smith; So-BA: 214. Beauchamp, Ashley; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 163. Beauchamp, Sara Roberta; Mena; Jr-Ed: 199. More People Ride on Goodyear Tires — Than any other kind GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 40 E. Center — Fayetteville — Phone 2-6222 Fayetteville ' s Leading Hardware Store 1 S. Block Phone 2-8246 LEWIS BROTHERS In Fayetteville It ' s CAMPBELL-BELL for Authentic Razorback Apparel Phone 2-7371 Trademark Reg. U.S. Patent Office West Side Square 434 COLOANA STUDIOS, U C. 340 Westbury Avenue Carle Place, L.I., N.Y. Official Photographers for the 1961 RAZORBACK ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE FOR ORDERS Beavers, Charles; North Little Rock; Jr-BA: 184. Beavers, James Claudius; Little Rock; So-A S: 188. Beck, Carl T.; Prescott; Jr-A S: 226. Beckham, Robert D.; Swain; Fr-En: 226. Beckman, Becca; Fort Smith; So-A S: 199. . Beckman, Elinor; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 207. Beebe, Caron Jean; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 201. Bell, Billy Warren; Hickory Plains; Jr-A S: 214. Bell, Charles Eugene; Little Rock; Fr-En: 226. Bell, Charles Fay; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 188. Bell, Charles Wayne; Benton; Jr-BA: 176. Bell, Judy; Dallas, Tex.; Fr-A S: 201. Bell, Nancy Kay; Hot Springs; So-A S: 207. Bell, Owen Jackson; Des Arc; So-BA: 214. Bell, Richard L.; Rogers; Jr-Agri: 172. Bellamy, Lloyd Charles; Dallas, Tex.; Fr-A S: 179. Bellamy, Martha Temple; Tulsa, Okla.; So-Ed: 151. Bennett, Mary Lou Scobey; Warren; Jr-Ed: 226. Bennett, Robert Lewis; Van Buren; Jr-A S: 188. Bennett, Ronald Walter; Benton; Fr-A S: 213. Bennett, William Dan; Corning; Sr-A S: 115, 226. Benton, Judith; Fayetteville; Rr-A S: 226. Bentley, Alice Ann; Fort Smith; So-Nursing: 199. Benson, Evelyn Patricia; Russellville; Fr-Agri: 201 . Bequette, Curtis J.; Lowell; So-Agri:172. Bequette, Gerald Walter; Farmington; Fr-Ed: 226. Bercher, Jean Ann; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 201. Berg, Robert Francis; Stuttgart; So-En: 226. Berner, Lawrence; Springdale; Jr-A S: 226. Beroset, Gerald C.; Little Rock; Sr-En: 115, 226. Berry, Jerry; Blytheville; Law: 142, 226. Berry, Paul Conrad; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 183. Berry, Robert Marion; DeWitt; Fr-Agri: 226. Bessenbacher, Joe Charles; Kansas City, Mo.; Sr- BA: 115, 227. Best, Barbara Anne; Van Nuys, Calif.; Fr-A S: 201 . Best, Roberta Jo; Wynne; Jr-Ed: 155. Bethel, Mary Eloise; Nola; Sr-Agri: 115, 199. Bethune, Edwin R.; Little Rock; Law: 146, 227. Beutelschies, Carl E.; DeQueen; So-En: 213. Bilbrey, Charles Phillip; Blytheville; Fr-A S: 213. Bird, Carolyn Jean; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 115, 227. Bird, Judy; Earle; So-Ed: 151. Bishop, Nina J.; Mena; So-A S: 163. Bishop, Roy Glenn; Norphlet; So-Ed: 217. Black, Eddie Dinsmore; Bentonville; Sr-Ed: 115, 227. Black, Gary Doyle; Fort Smith; So-A S: 221. Black, Lowell Lynn; Norman; Grad: 142, 227. Black, Mary Lou; Harrison; Fr-Ed: 201. Black, Richard Corwin; Prairie Grove; Fr-En: 227. Blackburn, James Robert; Corning; So-A S: 214. VERSATILE? YES! AND IT ' S KEEPING PACE WITH PROGRESS -LP-GAS! When in need of the world ' s most versatile fuel, call your local liqui¬ fied petroleum dealer. His LP-Gas twins, butane and propane, are ready to go anywhere, any day, most every way. For information on the wonders of liquified petroleum gas, write: ARKANSAS LP-GAS ASSOCIATION, INC. Plaza Towers • Little Rock, Ark. Blackerby, Donnie Gene; Pine Bluff; Sr-Agri: 115, 227. Blackerby, Jean Smith; Pine Bluff; So-Ed: 227. Blacklock, Ramon Lee; Little Rock; Sr-En: 115, 227. Blackman, Robert Emmet; Fayetteville; Fr-Agri: 227. Blackston, Bobby F.; Berryville; Sr-A S: 115, 227. Blakemore, Carroll Fairfax; Blytheville; Jr-A S: 171. Blair, Frank Pierce; Jacksonville; Fr-A S: 211. Blake, John Joseph; Forrest City; Sr-En: 115, 227. Blankenship, A. Koehler; Dell; Sr-Agri: 115, 184. Blankenship, Joseph Rayburn; Pocahontas; Jr- A S: 171. Blankenship, Kenneth Lynn; West Memphis; So- BA: 227. Blankenship, Thomas William; McGehee; So-A S: 227. Blanton, David Edward Raymond; Poplar Bluff; Jr-A S: 227. Blanton, Larry L.; Peru, Nebr.; Fr-A S: 211.. Blasingame, John Wade; Monette; Sr-BA: 115, 227. Blasingame, Shirley Ann; Franklin Grove, Ill.; Sr- Ed: 115, 227. Blauw, Eunice Ann; Siloam Springs; Sr-A S: 115, 199. Blaylock, James Garland; Hamburg; Fr-A S: 227. Blaylock, Janice Dee; Hamburg; Sr-A S: 116, 199. Bledsoe, Peter Terrell; Hot Springs; Fr-En: 215. Bleidt, Carwin Rodell; Searcy; Fr-En: 180. Bleidt, Elois O’Dell; Searcy; Sr-Ed: 116, 155. Blevins, Lawrence Charles; Van Buren; So-En: 227. Blew, Frank Walter; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 219. Blossom, Gail; San Antonio, Tex.; Jr-A S: 152. Blossom, Ann Penny; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-Ed: 201. Boatwright, Beverly Ann; West Memphis; Fr-BA: 201 . Bodishbaugh, C. Conlee; North Little Rock; Jr-En: 184. Boellner, Carol Elizabeth; Arkadelphia; Fr-BA: 201 . Bohannan, Larry Clinton; Huntsville; Jr-Ed: 227. Bohlson, John Stewart; Hot Springs; Sr-A S: 116, 214. Bolding, Darrell Moss; Alma; So-A S: 227. Bolding, Robert William; Bald Knob; So-En: 227. Bolen, Florence Marie; Rogers; So-Ed: 207. Bolin, Clarence Allen; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 116, 227. Bolinger, Mary Nell; Fayetteville; Sr-Agri: 116. 227. Bond, David Allen; Batesville; Fr-En: 213. Bond, Judy Sterling; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 201. Bonner, Claude M.; Luxora; Sr-Agri: 116, 172. Bonner, Hugh Ramor; Turner; Fr-BA: 187. Bonner, Jimmy Darrell; Turner; Sr-BA: 116, 187. Booher, Jimmie Lee; Altheimer; Sr-En: 116, 227. Wt - CROSSETT MANUFACTURERS THE CROSSETT COMPANY OF FOREST PRODUCTS • CROSSETT, ARKANSAS 437 WHEELER’S DRIVE-IN Downtown Dickson WE DELIVER TELETRAY - SERVICE DIAL 2-8244 Boone, Nevil Amos; Tilton; Jr-A S: 180. Booth, Carlene Sue; Fayetteville; So-A S: 227. Booth, Martha Anne; Camden; Jr-A S: 159. Booth, Sue Ellen; Texarkana; Sr-A S: 116, 207. Boothe, Donald Lynn; Hope; So-A S: 183. Boothe, William Carson; Jonesboro; Fr-A S: 211. Borden, Linda Lee; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-A S: 201. Borg, Robert Vernon; Eureka Springs; Sr-A S: 116, 220. Borman, Vicki Jo; Stuttgart; So-BA: 160. Borum, Lynda Beth; Booneville; Sr-A S: 116, 156. Boswell, Barry Bernard; North Little Rock; Fr- En: 215. Boswell, William Harold; Waldo; Fr-A S: 187. Bourland, Danny Ray; Manila; Sr-Agri: 116, 172. Bowers, Sandra Louise; Corning; Sr-Ed: 116, 156. Bowie, Charles Paul ; Helena; Jr-BA: 175. Bowles, Richard Joseph; Fayetteville; So-BA: 227. Bowling, Jimmie Lee; Prairie Grove; Sr-Agri; 116, 227. Bowman, Cornelia Price; Fayetteville; Sr-Ed: 116, 227. Bowman, Herschel A.; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 180. Bowman, Jeanne; Magnolia; Jr-BA: 159. Bowman, Jim C.; North Little Rock; So-BA: 188. Bowman, Samuel Lee; McGehee; Fr-BA: 184. Boyd, Jo Beth; Commerce, Tex.; Grad: 142, 227. Boyd, Joe David; Cabot; So-Ed: 227. Boyd, Judy Lee; Alton, Ill.; Fr-Ed: 201. FOLLOW THE RAZORBACKS THROUGH THE Nnrtlmu ' st Arkansas umitrs i _ PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM SAFE—PURE—RICH FAYETTEVILLE MILK COMPANY " A Home Owned Institution " 330 N. West Street Telephone 2-4162 Fayetteville, Arkansas S H GREEN STAMPS CITIZENS LAUNDRY CLEANERS Special Student Service 326 N. West St. Phone 2-6394 438 Boyd, Morris Edward; Benton; So-En: 167. Boydston, James Allen; Rogers; Jr-A S: 227. Boyer, Jane; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 201. Boyer, Thomas Edward; Fort Smith; So-BA: 180, 219. Brackin, Betty LaJuan; Shreveport, La.; Fr-A S: 201 . Brackin, Jerry P.; West Helena; So-Ed: 227. Bracy, Calvin McRae; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 179. Bradberry, Robert Jean; Blytheville; So-A S: 214. Bradford, Linford: Mount Ephraim, N. J.; Jr-En: 227. Brady, Jane Marie; Helena; So-Ed: 155. Brady, William Bradley; Gregory; So-BA: 180. Bragg, David R.; Benton; Fr-En: 213. Bragg, Freda Kay; Little Rock; Sr-Ed: 116, 160. Bragg, Linda; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 116, 159. Bragg, Rupert E.; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 180. Brainerd, A. T.; Flippin; Sr-BA: 116, 227. Bramhall, Pamela; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 207. Bramhall, Thomas M.; Little Rock; Law: 146, 227. Brannan, Robert Clark; Nowata, Okla.; Jr-A S: 227. Brannon, Annetta; Marion; Jr-Agri: 208. Brasuell, Dale Eugene; Van Buren; Sr-En: 116, 227. Braswell, Jerri Jane; Fort Worth, Tex.; Fr-A S: 201 . Bratcher, Ben Allen; Paragould; Fr-En: 211. • TROPHIES S PLAQUES • MEDALS • AWARDS « RIBBONS DESK name PLATES j • PRESENTATION pins Machine Hand Engraving 2 Day Service Trophy Cytale?, available to Bowling f,e rues. Clubs. Organi¬ zations- Groups, Just Call 2-6357 VUc CLCfCfOner S Fine Bread and Pastries NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES—DIAMONDS—JEWELRY—CHINA—CRYSTAL—SILVERWARE SWIFT WATCH JEWELRY STORE PHONE 2-8062 27 N. BLO CK MR. WICK’S 5625 Kavanaugh • Little Rock ' TRADITIONAL CLOTHING " 439 “FAYETTEVILLE’S FINEST” Phone 2-2337 Corner School Dickson PRESTON WOODRUFF R. G. WOODRUFF 440 Bratton, Linda Kaye; Dumas; Fr-Ed: 201. Braucher, Jerry Kay; Monroe, La.; Jr-A S: 159. Bray, Kay Karolyn; Marked Tree; Sr-Ed: 116, 152. Brazil, Charles S.; Searcy; Jr-En: 214. Brazil, Jim D.; Searcy; So-En: 221. Brazil, William C.; Morrilton; Fr-BA: 187. Breitzmann, John M.; Evans ton, Ill.; Fr-A S: 179. Bretherick, Dolly; Marion; Jr-A S: 152. Brewer, Gene Wilson; Beebe; Sr-En: 116, 227. Brewer, James Edward; Irving, Tex.; Jr-En: 227. Brewer, Sharon Kay; Malvern; Jr-A S: 207. Brewer, William Morgan; Pine Bluff; So-En: 179. Brewington, William Iven; Farmington; Grad: 142, 227. Brewster, Jimmie Autry; Magazine; Sr-Ed: 116, 227. Brian, Susan Kay; Hot Springs; Fr-Ed: 201. Brickey, Frances Jo; Marietta, Ga.; So-A S: 227. Bridenthal, Sara Lee; North Little Rock; Sr-A S: 116, 151. Bridenthal, Zoe Ann; Dallas, Tex.; Jr-A S: 151. Bridges, Jessie May; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 207. Bridgforth, Joe Keith; Corning; Jr-BA: 191. Bridgforth, William Cecil; Forrest City; Jr-BA: 183. Brigance, Jimmie Lou; Poteau, Okla.; Sr-BA: 116, 163. Briggs, Barnett Porter; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 175. Bright, Elizabeth; Bentonville; Sr-Agri; 116, 208. Brignole, Patrick Joseph; Memphis, Tenn.; So-En: 219. Briley, James Lloyd; North Little Rock; Sr-En: 116, 227. Briley, Wilson Duane; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 227. Brink, Peggy Ann; Bentonville; Jr-Agri: 199. Brinkley, Guy; Turrell; Law: 146, 227. Brister, Elizabeth Ross; Blytheville; Sr-A S: 116, 199. Britt, Edgar Eads; Rogers; So-BA: 214. Brittain, Charles Aubrey; Pine Bluff; Jr-En: 220. Broach, Judith Carol; Camden; Fr-A S: 201. Broaddus, Barbara Beth; Austin, Tex.; So-A S: 207. Brodie, Ralph Gray; Little Rock; Jr-En: 219. Brookhart, Morris Virgil; Searcy; Sr-A S: 116, 227. Brooks, Betty Allen; Fayetteville; Jr-Agri: 227. Brooks, Sharon Kay; Crossett; So-Ed: 155. Brown, Betty Kate; Hot Springs; Jr-Ed: 160. Brown, Charlie Lee; Wynne; Jr-Agri: 220. Brown, Donna Kay; Fayetteville; Fr-Nursing: 227. Brown, Elvin D.; Springdale; So-Agri: 227. Brown, Forrest Glynn; Little Rock; Jr-Agri: 188. Brown, Gary Dean; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 227. Brown, Gary Leonard; Texarkana; So-BA: 219. Brown, Guy Eastman; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 188. Brown, Helen Jane; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 201. Brown, Imon Lynn; Prescott; Fr-Agri: 172. This sign of Lion invites you to stop and try modern Lion gasolines, oils and lubricants. Lion Oil Service Stations offer modern service for your car—and old-fashioned courtesy from trained Lion Dealers. Look for this Lion sign of superior service for you and your car. We hope you accept our... nvitation You’re More Than Welcome at the Sign of Lion LION A DIVISION Oil. COM PAN V OF MONSANTO CHEMICAL COMPANY Monsanto EL DORADO. ARKANSAS l 441 WHEN THINKING OF GOOD FOOD AND GOOD FRIENDS, COME TO . . . CAMPUS GRILL Corner of the University Campus QUAKER DRUG STORE NO. 2 Alexander-Conine Prescription 2-4500 Pharmacists 808 N. College CROCKETT’S INC. Featuring Campus Togs Melrose Slacks Catalina Enro Fayetteville ' s Finest Brown, Jack E.; Alma; Sr-Ed: 117, 227. Brown, Joyce Marie; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 227. Brown, Judy Isabelle; Fayetteville; So-A S: 227. Brown, Larry G.; Pocahontas; Jr-En: 184. Brown, Milton David; Hot Springs; So-En: 176. Brown, Patricia Lee; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-A S: 201. Brown, Phoebe Ann; Gravette; Fr-A S: 201. Brown, Ralph Preston; El Dorado; So-A S: 227. Brown, Reginald Xyzen; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 214. Brown, Richard Allen; Fort Smith; So-A S: 216. Brown, Robert H.; Gravette; So-Ed: 216. Brown, Roger E.; Fayetteville; Fr-En: 227. Brown, Roger Lynn; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 201. Brown, Stanley Allen; Springdale; Jr-A S: 227. Brown, Taylor Peninger; Lepanto; Grad: 142, 227. Brown, Thomas Oscar; Fort Worth; Jr-Agri: 227. Brown, Thomas Watson; Little Rock; Fr-En: 188. Brownd, Gene; Newport; So-A S: 221. Browning, Van Harper; Pine Bluff; Fr-En: 211. Brueggeman, Peggie Margaret; Little Rock; Fr- A S: 201. Brunner, Patricia Robbs; Marked Tree; So-Ed: 152. Bruton, William Kemper; Blytheville; So-En: 171. Bryan, Barbara J.; Carthage, Mo.; Jr-A S: 163. Bryant, Bobby Dale; New Edinburg; So-Ed: 227. Bryant, Carolyn Louise; Nashville; Fr-Agri: 201. Bryant, Merle Franklin; New Edinburg; Sr-Eng: 117, 227. Bryniarski, Frances Ann; Mountain Home; Jr- A S: 227. Bryniarski, Teresa A.; Mountain Home; So-Ed: 227. Bryson, Edward Barham; Russellville; Jr-BA: 188. Buchanan, Martha Sue; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 207. Buckley, J. O.; Arkadelphia; So-A S: 183. Buckner, Charles S.; Hazen; Jr-BA: 176. Buffington, Anna Rebecca; Lake Village; Fr-Ed: 201 . Buffington, Jack Eugene; Westville, Okla.; Sr-En: 117, 171. Buffington, Michael Lane; Newport; Fr-A S: 215. Bullington, M. Wilma; McCrory; Sr-Ed: 117, 199. Bullion, Brenda; Fordyce; Sr-A S: 117, 159. Bullock, Bob; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 227. Bunch, Robert F.; West Memphis; Fr-En: 213. Burchett, Ronald Denny; Bartlesville, Okla; So- A S: 227. Burchfield, Franklin Delano; McNeil; Law: 146, 227. . Burford, Houston John; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 213. Burgess, Edward Lee; Hot Springs; Sr-En: 117, 227. Burgess, James Quitman; Strong; Fr-A S: 183. Burgess, Judy K.; Hot Springs; Fr-Ed: 201. Burgess, Tommy Wayne; Van Buren; So-BA: 221. Burke, Blanch Louise; Marianna; Fr-A S: 201. Burke, Linda Gilbert; Hope; Jr-Ed: 227. Burke, Rebecca Joan; Fort Smith; So-A S: 207. Burks, Roy K.; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 167. Burks, William; Springdale; Sr-A S: 117, 228. •112 Burnett, Charles David; Blytheville; So-A S: 176. Burnett, James O.; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 180. Burnett, Kent; Pettigrew; Fr-A S: 228. Burns, Michael; El Dorado; So-En: 187. Burns, Terry Patrick; Texarkana; Jr-BA: 217. Burris, James Rae; Fayetteville; Sr-BA: 117, 228. Burrough, Larry Henry; Van Buren; So-En: 228. Burson, Dennis Allen; Fayetteville; Sr-En: 117, 228. Burson, Janet; Aurora; Fr-A S: 201. Burton, Bobby L.; Springdale; So-BA: 228. Burton, James David; Newport; Fr-En: 228. Burton, Mary Linda; Newport; So-A S: 159. Bury, Coretta Jane; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 117, 163. Bush, Herman Welch; Lubbock, Tex.; Fr-BA: 211. Bush, Jim Robert; Helena; Sr-BA: 117, 175. Bush, Richard Delos; Neosho, Mo.; So-A S: 228. Bushmiaer, Jim Edwin; Van Buren; Sr-A S: 117, 228. Bushmiaer, William Dicky; Van Buren; So-En: 188. Busick, Michael Ferrell; North Little Rock; So-En: 191. Butl, John Edward; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 228. Butler, Bill; Hope; So-A S: 183. Butler, Danny Joe; Heber Springs; Jr-BA: 179. Butler, George Harrison; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 183. Butler, Margaret Vesta; Memphis, Tenn.; So-Ed: 160. Butler, Richard Colburn; Little Rock; Law: 142, 228. Buttrum, Michael Curtis; Royal; Jr-En: 220. Buttry, James Allen; Jonesboro; Law: 142. Buzbee, Reedy Robert; Fort Smith; Fr-BA: 211. Byars, Joe Dan; Alma; Jr-BA: 188. Byers, James Kenneth; Hope; Jr-En: 216. Byers, Jerry Don; Hope; Sr-En: 117, 228. Byers, Margo Ann; Mansfield; So-BA: 159. Byram, Thomas James; Parks; Sr-Agri: 117, 172. Byrn, Charlotte Hampton; La Porte, Tex.; So-Ed: 163. c Cadenhead, Diane; Shreveport, La.; So-Ed: 159. Cadwell, Anabeth; Tulsa, Okla.; So-A S: 152. Cadwell, Ross; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-A S: 228. Cagle, Carolyn R.; Fort Smith; Jr-Ed: 199. Cain, Cookie; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 155. Cain, Edward Woods; Joiner; Fr-A S: 215. Cain, Richard Michael; Fayetteville; So-BA: 187. Cain, William Jason; Berryville; Fr-BA: 168. Caldwell, Charles Homer; Little Rock; So-A S: 228. Caldwell, Creed; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 117, 228. Calhoon, Jan Keith, El Dorado; Sr-A S: 116, 180. Calhoun, Hall McCoy, Jr.; Morrilton; Sr-Agri: 118, 228. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS BOOK STORE STUDENT UNION BUILDING EVERYTHING THE STUDENT NEEDS TEXTBOOKS: NEW AND USED REFERENCE BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Stationery Montag • Eld ridge • Elliott Hallmark Cards • Pennants and Novelties Fountain Pens and Pencils Esterbrook • Parker • Sheaffer Engineering Supplies and Equipment Dietzgen • Gramercy • Keuffel Esser Post • Roark Templates Art Materials American Crayon • Crescent Cardboards • Grumbacher Permanent Pigments • Strathmore Papers Marks Lamps Tufide Brief Cases Sundries Store Hours 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Fridays 8:00 A.M. to 12 Noon Saturdays 443 Calhoun, Lela Mary; Morrilton; So-Ed: 156. Call, Barbara Ann; Greenway; So-Nursing: 199. Callahan, James Carroll; Bellefonte; Sr-Ed: 228, 118. Calvert, Janice Ann; Prairie Grove; Fr-BA: 228. Calvert, William Dale; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 228. Camarata, James Stanley; Russellville; Sr-En: 118, 228. Campbell, Betty Carol; Bossier City, La.; So-Ed: 207. Campbell, Darrell Duane; Berryville; Sr-En: 118, 228. Campbell, Doyle Ray; Dardanelle; Sr-Agri: 228. Campbell, Gail Mignon; Tulsa, Okla.; So-A S: 151. Campbell, Gary Douglas; Lead Hill; Jr-En: 228. Campbell, Gary Wade; Mena; Jr-En: 211. Campbell, Jean T.; Mount Ida; Fr-Ed: 228. Campbell, Lannis E.; Seneca, Mo.; Fr-A S: 192. Campbell, Larry Allen; Bauxite; Jr-A S: 221. Campbell, Linda Ruth; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 201. Campbell, Lonnie D.; Mount Ida; Jr-BA: 228. Campbell, Phyllis Carol; Fayetteville; Sr-Ed: 118, 228. Canine, Susan Preston; Hot Springs; So-Ed: 159. Canino, William R.; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 220. Cannon, Margaret Anne; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 201 . Cantrell, Peggy Bess; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 118, 228. Capers, Connie; Dallas, Tex.; Jr-A S: 163. Capps, Billy Roy; Gurdon; Fr-A S: 180. Capps, James Austin; Gurdon; Jr-A S: 180. Carder, David Reed; Texarkana; Sr-BA: 118, 228. Carey, Diane; Morrilton; Fr-Nursing: 201. Cargile, Robert Larry; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 180. Carlson, Nora Alice; Aurora, Mo.; So-BA: 163. Carlton, Jerry Dale; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 219. Carmack, Wilma Dean; Springdale; Fr-Ed: 228. Carman, Gerald Eugene; Wynne; Jr-En: 180. Carpenter, James Charles; Fresno, Cal.; Sr-En: 118, 187. Carrasca, Paul, Jr.; Los Angeles, Cal.; Sr-En: 118, 228. Carroll, Garry; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 187. Carson, Dick; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-A S: 228. Carson, Donna Mildred; Stilwell, Okla.; Sr-BA: 118, 207. Carter, Austin Eugene; Calico Rock; So-BA: 228. Carter, Billy Gene; Leachville; Sr-BA: 118, 184. Carter, Carolyn N.; Murfreesboro; Sr-Ed: 118, 228. Carter, Donna Ellen; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 118, 228. Carter, Marl Dean; Lake City; Fr-Ed: 219. Carter, Mary Jean; Fort Smith; So-Ed: 207. Carter, Max Edward; Pine Bluff; Jr-A S: 216. Carter, Peggy Ann; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 228. Carter, Thomas Michael; Mundelein, Ill.; Sr-BA: 118, 228. (f 0 EADS BROS. FURNITURE CO. EXCLUSIVELY WHOLESALE SHOE STORE J FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS “Put Yourself in Our Shoes " South Side of Square Fayetteville 2-5281 KELLEY BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY Kelley For Kwality Serving Northwest Arkansas Since 1921 Wholesale and Retail Building Materials FAYETTEVILLE Carter, William Byars; Lowell; Jr-BA: 228. Cary, Bob Ed; Little Rock; So-En: 228. Casey, William Norman; Benton; Jr-En: 220. Castleberry, Billy Jerrel; Hot Springs; So-BA: 228. Castleberry, Maggie Jo; West Memphis; Fr-A S: 201 . Castling, Mike Clayton; Marianna; So-A S: 176, 219. Cathey, William Gary; North Little Rock; So-En: 228. Cato, E d E.; Rogers; So-A S: 228. Caton, James Gordon; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 118, 228. Causey, Paul Raymond; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 118, 176. Causey, Rhode Blanchard; North Little Rock; So- En: 228. Cavaness, Kerry L.; Yellville; So-En: 228. Cazort, John Lee; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 228. Cazort, Kay Selph; Little Rock; So-BA: 228. Cearley, Boyce L.; Nashville; So-A S: 228. Cearley, Norma Carolyn; Fayetteville; So-Agri: 163. Center, Esther Jane; Siloam Springs; Fr-A S: 201. Chadick, James H.; Pine Bluff; Jr-Ed: 183. Chalfant, Clarence E.; Augusta; Jr-En: 220. Chambers, Gene; Danville; Fr-A S: 201. Chambers, Rodney Thayer; Magnolia; Law: 142, 228. Chamness, Delphia Claudene; Quitman; Fr-Nurs- ing: 201. Chan, To Kwong; Kowloon, Hong Kong; So-En: 228. Chance, Cathy; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 201. Chaney, Ila Jean; England: Jr-Ed: 228. Chandler, Lindsay Walton; Wilson; Sr-En: 191, 118. Chapman, William Philip; Pine Bluff; Jr-BA: 228. Charlton, J. Sherwood; Fayetteville; So-En: 228. Cheah, Keong Chye; Georgetown, Penang, Malaya; Jr-A S: 228. Cheatham, Larry Lynn; Little Rock; So-En: 220. Cheney, Stephen Edward; Lonoke; So-En: 228. Chesley, Charles Clyde; Crossett; So-A S: 191. Chesley, Harold Everett; Crossett; Sr-En: 118, 191. Chesser, Bobby Joe; Biscoe; Fr-Agri: 213. Chesshire, Carolyn; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 201. Cheyne, Harriet; Fort Smith; Fr-BA: 201. Childers, Lynda Sue; Little Rock; So-Ed: 155. Childs, Jerry Paul; Hot Springs; Law: 142, 180. Chivers, Judith Anne; Dardanelle; Sr-Agri: 118, 151. Choate, Susan Kay; Pocahontas; Fr-Ed: 201. Christian, David Edward; Harrison; Jr-Agri: 228. Chunn, Ronald Wayne; Arkadelphia; Jr-En: 171. Cicuta, Johnny Ovan; El Tigre, Venezuela; Jr-BA: 221 . Cina, Nancy; Glendale; So-Ed: 151. Cina, Susan Arden; Glendale, Mo.; Jr-Ed: 151. The Campbell-Bell Shops For Men For Women UNIVERSITY SHOP CAMPUS SHOP 643 W. Dickson 641 W. Dickson U-ARK CENT ER " Bringing the Best — Closest " 445 PRICE-PATTON Men ' s and Ladies ' Apparel North Side of Square Phone 2-4431 Clanton, Quinten David; Granby, Mo.; Grad: 144, 228. Clark, David Alan; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 228. Clark, David Lovell; Pine Bluff; So-En: 216. Clark, Don Richard; Rogers; So-BA: 228. Clark, Jo Ellen; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 159. Clark, Rex Lee; Fayetteville; So-En: 228. Clarkson, Jerry L.; Colt; Sr-Agri: 118, 228. Clatworthy, P. Robin; Marvell; Fr-BA: 187. Clauser, Barbara Ann; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 118, 207. Clay, Bill; Marianna; So-Ed: 175, 219. Clayton, Ann Jones; Benton; Sr-Ed: 118, 228. Clayton, John Ralph; Dumas; Jr-A S: 175. Clayton, Michael Rowe; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 118, 228. Clayton, Paul C.; Salem; Sr-BA: 118, 228. Clegg, Donald L.; Van Buren; Sr-En: 118, 228. Clements, Sandra Carole; Cherry Valley; So-A S: 155. Chidester, Philip G.; Madison; Fr-A S: 211. Clark, Bill; Walnut Ridge; So-Ed: 184. Cleveland, James Edgar; Newark; Jr-A S: 228. Clinehens, M. Carolyn; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 163. Clinehens, Rema Mary; Fayettevile; Sr-A S: 118, 228. Clinehens, Robert Morris; Fayetteville; Sr-En: 118, 228. Clingan, Joseph Ramon; El Dorado; So-A S: 187. Cloer, James Richard; Springdale; Jr-A S: 228. Clubbs, Bennett Alexander; Pine Bluff; Fr-A S: 187. Clulow, Connie Jean; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 159. Clyburn, Howard Larry; El Dorado; Jr-BA: 191. Clyne, Carl William; Fayetteville; So-En: 228. Cobb, James Carthal; Fayetteville; Fr-En: 228. Cobun, Bonnie Jane; Rogers; Sr-Ed: 118, 228. Cockrill, Becky; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 152. Cockrill, Frances Rogers; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 152. Cockrum, Roger Noel; DeWitt; So-BA: 228. Coe, William Clitus; Tuckerman; So-En: 179. Cofer, Kenneth D.; Searcy; So-Agri: 228. Cofer, Larry Wilson; Searcy; Sr-En: 118, 228. Coffman, George Kirby; Harrison; So-Pharmacy: 18 0. Coffman, Mary Portia; Hopper; So-Agri: 208. Cogdell, J. David; Camden; So-En: 228.. Coger, Charles Edward; Huntsville; Jr-A S: 228. Coger, Doris Ann; Huntsville; Fr-Agri: 201. Colclasure, Joe Barrett; Altheimer; So-A S: 183. Cole, Carol Lisbeth; Fayetteville; Grad: 144. Cole, Mellie Ann; Monticello; So-Ed: 207. Cole, Robin Lee; Malvern; Jr-A S: 163. Coleman, Barbara Allen; Lonoke; Jr-Ed: 159. Coleman, Bruce Wayne; Mount Burg; Fr-Agri: 215. Coleman, Douglas Stephan; Siloam Springs; Fr- En: 180. Coleman, Elliott Randolph; Pine Bluff; So-En: 220. Coleman, Jerry Lee; Camden; Jr-A S: 228. Coleman, Jo; Mountainburg; Jr-Agri: 208. Coleman, Sue Ellen; El Dorado; Fr-A S: 201. Collier, James William; Van Buren; Jr-Ed: 183, 219. Collins, Bryan G.; Forrest City; Jr-Agri: 228. Collins, Fred Clinton; Lincoln; So-Agri: 229. Collins, James Samuel Arthur; Lewisville; Sr-BA: 118, 229. Collins, Roger Barrett; Oklahoma City, Okla.; So- A S: 188. Collum, Clarence Cecil; Fort Smith; So-En: 216. Colvert, Lundy R.; Thornton; Sr-En: 118, 214. Colvin, Greene Berry; Dermott; Jr-BA: 188. Combs, Barbara Jean; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 229. Combs, Carl Eugene; Springdale; Fr-BA: 180. Combs, George D.; Fort Smith; Grad: 144, 229. Combs, Robert Lee; Fayetteville; Sr-Agri: 118, 229. Combs, Sidney L.; Fayetteville; So-BA: 229. Condray, Ansel Lynn; Little Rock; Fr-En: 211. Condren, Stewart Michael; Van Buren; Fr-A S: 229. Condry, Jerry; Mansfield; Fr-Ed: 229. Cone, Anna Carol; El Dorado: Fr-Ed: 201. . Crabtree, Sandy Kay; Fort Smith; So-Ed: 155. Craig, Lytle H.; Bryant; Sr-En: 119, 229.. Craig, Sloan Oliver; Memphis, Tenn.; So-BA: 229. Craig, William Harold; Camden; So-En: 229. Cralley, Patricia Sue; Fayetteville; Jr-Agri: 156. Crane, Elizabeth; Memphis, Tenn.; Sr-A S: 119, 446 England Bros. Truck Line Big Enough to Serve You Small Enough to Know You J. Fred Patton, Pres. RAY’S FLOWERS RAY ADAMS Hi way 71 South 155. Cravens, Margaret Tippett; Bartlesville, Okla.; So- A S: 159. Crawford, David Lee; Little Rock; So-A S: 183. Crawford, J. Owen; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 176. Crawford, Nadine; Ashdown; Jr-Ed: 229. Creek, Maxie Gayle; Bentonville; So-Ed: 201. Creekmore, Carl K.; Van Buren; So-BA: 179. Crisp, Robert M.; Little Rock; Jr-En: 179. Cromwell, Mildred; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 160. Crone, Patricia Sue; Springfield, Mo.; So-A S: 155. Cronin, Charles Robert; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 175. Croom, Barbara Maria; Houston, Tex.; Fr-A S: 202 . Cross, Darlene Diane; North Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 159. Cross, Elizabeth Annis; Lepanto: Fr-Ed: 202. Cross, William Hiram; Lepanto: Jr-BA: 175. Crouch, Corky C.; Springdale; So-BA: 180. Crouch, Walter H.; Weatherford, Okla.; Grad: 144, 229. Crouse, Jerry Lynn; Sheridan; Jr-A S: 214. Crow, Kathryn Penelope; Warren; So-A S: 207. Crow, Mary Cay; Brinkley; Jr-Agri: 163. Crowe, Signa Louise; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 119, 152. Crowley, Carolyn; Stamps; Fr-A S: 202. Crownover, James Daniel; Clinton; So-En: 229. Conery, Elizabeth Ann; Pine Bluff; Jr-A S: 156. Congour, Patricia Sue; Fayetteville; So-Nursing: 156. Conine, Charles Barton; Fayetteville; So-A S: 229. Connell, Mary B.; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 155. Connelly, Mary Elizabeth; Memphis, Tenn.; Fr- A S: 201. Connor, John Paul; Monette; Sr-En: 118, 229. Conrad, Harold Joseph; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 192. Conrey, Marilyn Sue; Memphis, Tenn.; Fr-Ed: 201. Coogan, Harold G.; Mena; Sr-Ed: 118, 229. Cook, Carole Ann; Shreveport, La.; Fr-BA: 201. Cook, Janie; El Dorado; Jr-BA: 207. Cook, Joseph Lister; Branson, Mo.; Fr-A S: 211. Cook, Lynda Lou; Wynne; Jr-Ed: 159. Cook, Peggy; Atkins; Jr-Agri: 229. Cook, Sandy Elaine; North Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 159. Cooksey, James Keith; Fort Smith; Jr-Agri: 168. Cooley, Eldon Dickey; Hot Springs; Jr-BA: 183. Cooley, Martha Dale; Hot Springs; Jr-Ed: 160. Coomer, Linda Kay; Miami, Fla.; Fr-A S: 201. Coonce, Sidney Lehman; Corning; Fr-En: 213. Cooper, Ann Lee; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 201. Cooper, Ernest Harper; Pine Bluff; So-Agri: 187. Cooper, Helm Hobbs; Memphis, Tenn.; So-BA: 183. Cooper, Henry Lee; Batesville; Jr-En: 175. Cooper, James N.; Magazine; Sr-En: 229. Cooper, Jo Ann; Marked Tree; Jr-Ed: 160. Cooper, Linda Kay; Marked Tree; Fr-Nursing: 201. Cooper, Rebecca; Hardy; So-Ed: 152. Cooper, Terry Bill; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 192. Copeland, Barbara Ann; Decatur; Fr-A S: 201. Copeland, Carole Jane; Fort Smith; Jr-Ed: 207. Copeland, Elizabeth B.; Little Rock; So-A S: 160. Core, Henry Mac; Little Rock; Jr-En: 187. Cornelius, Virginia; Fort Smith; So-A S: 207. Cornwell, Scarlett; Dardanelle; Fr-A S: 201. Corrotto, Holly Ann; Fort Smith; So-A S: 155. Coston, Wendell Ray; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 229. Cotner, Judy Faye; Proctor; Fr-Ed: 201. Cotten, Webster Taylor; Malvern; Fr-En: 229. Cotton, Delano T.; Fayetteville; So-BA: 188. Cotton, Margaret Gail; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 229. Cottrell, Carolyn Anne; Fairborn, Ohio; Fr-A S: 201 . Couch, Bill; Benton; So-A S: 229. Couch, Kyle William; El Dorado; Sr-En: 118, 229. Coulter, Bailey Martin; North Little Rock; Jr-En: 229. Counts, Kathryn Frances; Wesley; So-A S: 229. Courtney, James Clifton; Fayetteville; Sr-En: 118, 229. Cowger, Vivian Ann; Gulfport, Miss.; Sr-Ed: 118, 163. Cowie, Robert G.; Paris; So-BA: 229. Cox, James Loy; Springdale; Jr-A S: 180. Cox, Mary Caroline; Hope; Jr-A S: 152. Cox, Nancy Katherine; Springdale; Sr-BA: 118, 163. THE HURLEY COMPANY, INC. IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF THE 1961 RAZORBACK SERVING AS PRINTER AND BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK. CAMDEN, ARKANSAS FINE LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING 448 Cox, Ronald Oliver; Beloit, Wise.; Sr-BA: 118, 229. Crabb, Vicki Lou; Sherwood, Tex.; So-A S: 163. Crabtree, James Harold; Alma; Sr-BA: 119, 229. Crabtree, Joyce Mae; Fort Smith; Jr-Nursing: 163. Crumpacker, David Eugene; Springdale; So-A S: 229. Crumpler, Claude Bailey, Jr.; El Dorado; Sr-BA: 119, 229.. Crumpler, Joe Bailey, Jr.; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 119, 187. Cruse, Carol Sue; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 202. Crutcher, Frankie Lee; Gurdon; Sr-En: 119, 229. Crutchfield, Nancy; Jacksonville; So-Agri: 151. Culbertson, Carolyn Raye; Lamar, Mo.; Fr-Ed: 202 . Culp, Carolyn; Rison; Sr-Agri: 119, 208. Culp, Harold Lloyd; Paragould; Jr-En: 229. Culp, John E., Jr.; Gurdon; Jr-En: 217. Culp, Robert E.; Rocky Comfort, Mo.; Sr-BA: 119, 176. Cumberland, Russell Mack; West Memphis; Jr-En: 171. Cummings, Jean Estelle; Shreveport, La.; So-Ed: 163. Cummings, Stephen John; Fayetteville; So-BA: 187. Cummings, William Charles; Berryville; Sr-En: 119, 229. Cunningham, Jack Boykin; Texarkana; Sr-BA: 119, 229. Cupps, Samuel Wacter; Fayetteville; Sr-En: 119, 229. Curtis, Caroline Polk; Helena; Jr-A S: 152. Curtis, Elizabeth Jeanette; Prairie Grove; Sr-Ed: 119, 229. Curtis, James T.; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 211. Curtsinger, Bryce Eugene; Prairie Grove; So-En: 229. Cusick, John H.; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 119, 229. Cupert, Donna Kaye; Springdale; Jr-Ed: 163. Dahlen, Richard G.; Branson, Mo.; Sr-A S: 119, 229. D Dahlke, Milton M.; Mountain Home; Sr-Agri: 119, 172. Daily, Lawrence Raymond; Seneca, Ill.; So-Agri: 229. Dale, Cecil R., Jr.; Danville; Sr-BA: 119, 171. Dale, Johnny W.; Fort Smith; Jr-En: 229. Daley, Robert James; Hope; Jr-BA: 229. Dali, Gerald Leroy; Peoria, Ill.; Jr-A S: 229. Dallas, Robert Lewis; Blytheville; So-En: 229. Dalzell, Joseph Warren; Calion; So-A S: 217. Dandy, Janice Kay; Springdale; So-A S: 207. Daniel, Charles David; Marshall; Jr-A S: 188. Daniel, Charles Eugene, Jr.; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 219. Daniel, Leota Pauline; Vandervoort; Jr-Ed: 229. Daniels, Darleen Hope; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 119, 199. Daniels, Dianne Susan; Norman, Okla.; So-BA: 199. Daniels, Jim L.; Bodcaw; Sr-Agri: 119, 229. Daniels, Lathan Bernard; Fordyce; Jr-Agri: 229. Daniels, Roland Lewis; North Little Rock; So-BA: 229. Darnell, John E.; Hot Springs; Sr-BA: 119, 180. Daugherty, Phillip Wayne; Bauxite; Jr-A S: 211. Doughty, Daniel Alexander; Taylor; So-A S: 188. Daulton, Diana; Caruthersville, Mo.; So-A S: 151. Davenport, Dale Lee; Springdale; Spec-A S: 119. David, Jimmie Lee; Rogers; Jr-A S: 221. Davidson, Jerry Frank; Rison; Fr-A S: 211. Davidson, Pamela Pryor; North Little Rock; Fr- A S: 203. Davies, James, III; Bauxite; Fr-BA: 229. Davis, Billy Leon; Hope; Sr-BA: 119, 214. Davis, Carlton E.; Warren; Fr-BA: 229. Davis, Daniel Patrick; Horatio; So-Agri: 229. Davis, Donald Duain; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 119, 229. Davis, Donald Duane; Siloam Springs; Sr-Agri: 119, 229. Davis, Dwight Edward; Conway; Sr-Agri; 119, 172. Davis, Elizabeth Ann; Neosho, Mo.; Fr-Agri: 203. Davis, Emily Ann; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 163. Davis, Frieda Carol; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 119, 229. Davis, George Vernon; Conway; Grad: 144, 172. Davis, George Wayne, III; Horatio; Fr-En: 211. Davis, Jerry Lee; Fort Smith; So-A S: 175. Davis, Jim Charles; Stephens; So-A S: 183. Davis, John Michael; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 229. Davis, Judith Ann; North Little Rock; So-A S: 199. Davis, Ken Bruce; Texarkana; Jr-A S: 229. Davis, Lynda Kay; DeKalb, Tex.; So-Agri: 207. Davis, Martha Lou; Piggott; Fr-BA: 203. Davis, Michael Monroe; Ozark; Sr-A S: 119, 229. Davis, Owanda Faye; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 229. Davis, Rhesa Winfred, Jr.; Forrest City; So-En: 214. Davis, Richard Harding, Jr.; Stamps; Sr-En: 119, 175. Davis, Ronnie; Little Rock; So-En: 229. Davis, William Louis, Jr.; Ashdown; Jr-BA: 229. Dawson, Alfred Bobby; North Little Rock; Sr-BA: 120, 229. Dawson, Amanda; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 203. Dawson, James Elmo; Benton; So-BA: 214. Dazey, Earl L.; Fort Collins, Colo.; Law: 142. Dean, Karen Ilise; Springdale; Fr-A S: 203. Dean, Saundra D.; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 156. Deardorff, John David; Wichita, Kans.; Fr-A S: 229. Dearien, John, Jr.; Mountain View; Jr-En: 214. Deason, Ronald Layne; Rogers; Jr-BA: 230. Deck, Michael Joe; Piggott; Fr-A S: 213. Dedman, Sheila Marilyn; Camden; Fr-BA: 203. Deema, Prayoon; Nampad Utaradit, Thailand; Grad: 146. Deere, Jasper William; Malvern; Jr-En: 2?). Dehan, Sonja A.; Shreveport, La.; Sr-Ed: i20, 163. Dekker, Donald Neal; McAllen, Tex.; Grad: 144, 171. Delamar, Allen Brown; Arkadelphia; So-En: 230. Delamar, Nancy Bea; Arkadelphia; Fr-A S: 230. DeMier, Tom Edwin; Joplin, Mo.; Fr-En: 188. Dennington, Elvin Lephiew; Dermott; So-BA: 184. Dennis, Carole Jean; Winslow; So-BA: 230. Denny, Alice Ann; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 202. Delezen, Jeff Russell; Camden; Jr-En: 192. Dennard, Barbara; Tyler, Tex.; Jr-A S: 202. Dennis, James Louis; Paris; Sr-En: 120, 179. Dentner, Richard O.; Columbus, Ohio; Sr-En: 120, 230. Denton, Richard Nolen; Harrisburg; Fr-En: 215. Denton, Robert W.; Tuckerman; Fr-BA: 179. DePriest, Ed Fletcher; Little Rock; Fr-En: 230. Dermott, Jon Alan; Lamar, Mo.; Law: 142, 187. Derning, Eileen Frances; North Little Rock; Fr- En: 202. Deskin, Geraldine F.; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 230. Destler, Delia; Kansas City, Mo.; So-Ed: 159. Dew, Jo Ann; Warren; So-Ed: 207. Dew, Leon A.; Mountain Home; Fr-BA: 230. Deweese, Don B.; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 230. Dewoody, Sara Frances; Prescott; Jr-Agri: 207. Dial, Patricia Ann; Pampa, Tex.; Jr-A S: 207. Dickens, Ray; Green Forest; Jr-Agri: 230. Dickerson, Harold Kenneth; Ozark; Sr-Agri: 120, 230. Dickson, Robert H.; Fort Smith; So-A S: 230. Diebold, Lloyd A.; Hickory Ridge; Sr-BA: 120, 180. Diffee, James Ray; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 120, 184. Diffee, Samuel Arthur; North Little Rock; Fr-BA: 213. Digby, Charles Henry; Norphlet; Fr-A S: 211. Dilday, Harold Gaylon; Tuckerman; Fr-A S: 215. Dilday, M. Louise; Lancaster, Ohio; Fr-A S: 202. Dilday, Robert Henry; Tuckerman; Jr-Agri: 230. Dill, Jerry Edward; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 230. Dill, Katherine Sue; Fayetteville; Sr-BA: 120, 230. Dilliard, D. Frances; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 202. Dills, Jane; Fort Smith; So-A S: 160. Dingier, Doyce H.; Girby; Grad: 144, 230. Dinh, Nguyen Qui; Saigon, Vietnam; Sr-Agri: 120, 230. Dishongh, Derek; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 176. Disney, William Brian; Springdale; So-En: 230. Dixon, John William; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; Grad: 144, 230. Dixon, Stuart Bennett; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 120, 230. Dobbins, James Francis, Jr.; Long Beach, Calif.; Sr-BA: 120, 230. Miss Claudette Smith Miss Arkansas bob’s of fayetteville distinctive portraiture 18 North Block Fayetteville dial 2-4782 OFFICIAL BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1961 RAZORBACK 450 Bobbs, Melvin Bruce; North Little Rock; So-En: 230. Dodd, David George; Little Rock; Jr-En: 175. Dodd, Delwin Earl; Greenwood; Sr-En: 120, 230. Dodgen, Patricia Ann; Alexander; So-Agri: 207: Dohoney, Edmund Luther; Shreveport, La.; So- A S: 187. Dohoney, Nancy Nations; North Little Rock; So- Ed: 155. Donald, William Unger; Glendale, Mo.; Sr-A S: 120, 187. Donaldson, Ralph W.; North Little Rock; So-BA: 211 . Donat, Anthony Donald; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 120, 230. Donnell, Billy Carl; Judsonia; Jr-En: 230. Donnell, Hugh Lee; North Little Rock; Sr-En: 120, 230. Doolin, Judith Jo; Pocahontas; Sr-A S: 120, 163. Dorre, James Edwin; Hot Springs; Fr-En: 211. Dortch, Georgia Louise; Scott; Jr-A S: 159. Doshier, Suzanne; Flint, Mich.; Jr-BA: 151. Douglas, Donald Wayne; Fort Smith; Jr-En: 220. Douglas, Elizabeth Juanita; Marianna; So-Agri: 208. Douglas, Fran M.; Houston, Tex.; Fr-A S: 202. Douglas, John Marion; Bentonville; Sr-BA: 120, 230. Dowell, Mary Clare; Walnut Ridge; Sr-Ed: 120, 152. Downum, Wilma Carol; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 120, 199. Doyle, Theda Kathleen; Bauxite; Fr-Ed: 202. Drake, Sharon Sue; Little Rock; Fr-Ed: 202. Draper, Gary Mac; Crossett; Fr-En: 213. Drazsnzak, Jacques Stephen; Rison; Fr-A S: 215. Driggers, Robert Fred; Norman; Fr-En: 215. Driskill, Johnnie Edward; Sulphur Rock; Jr-En: 230. Driver, Dwight; Osceola; Fr-A S: 175. Dryer, Charlotte Lee; Jonesboro; Fr-A S: 202. Dubbell, David Wilson; Rogers; Jr-En: 179. Dudley, Patricia Ann; Swifton; Sr-A S: 120, 199. Dugger, Ralph Lloyd; Charlotte; Sr-BA: 120, 230. Dulan, Susan Matilda; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 202. Dull, Jesse Ray; DeQueen; Fr-En: 214. Dum, Lawrence C.; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 230. Dunavent, Clyde J.; West Memphis; Fr-A S: 213. Duncan, Alfred Grady, Jr.; Stuttgart; Sr-BA. 120, 230. Duncan, Barbara Anita; Searcy; So-Agri: 155. Duncan, Ned White; Prescott; Fr-BA: 215. Dunkle, James Allan; Little Rock; Fr-En: 211. Dunlavy, Betty Sue; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 155. Dunlavy, Mildred Glee; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 230. Dunn, Linda Anne; North Little Rock; Jr-A S: 163. FOR THE SMARTEST FASHIONS. . . LDd cdib i dcDnxB 37 Years In Fayetteville Penney’s Ail WAYS FIRST Q U A l I 1 Y ! Remember, you can charge it at Penney’s! 451 Dunnahoe, Hughie; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 120. 230. Dunson, Sue; Corpus Christi, Tex.; Jr-Ed: 152. Dupree, Carolyn Sue; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 202. Durbin, Frances Elaine; Camden; Jr-BA: 230. Durham, Jane; El Dorado; Sr-Ed: 120, 155. Durham, Jerry Pat; Prairie Grove; So-Agri: 230. Durham, Jim Hampson; Wilson; Sr-En: 120, 230. Duschl, Elinor; Jonesboro; Sr-BA: 120, 160. Duvall, Bryan Wilson, Jr.; Benton; Jr-BA: 220. DuVall, DeAnne; Bauxite; So-A S: 151. DuVall, Gary Allen; Benton; Sr-A S: 120, 230. Dyck, Raymond Lee; Newton, Kan.; Grad: 144, 230. Dye, Charles Edward; West Memphis; Fr-BA: 175. Dyer, Carlanna; Van Buren ; Fr-Agri: 202. Dyer, James Earl; Mineral Springs; Sr-Ed: 120, 230. Dyer, Joe Robert; Mineral Springs; So-En: 214. Dyer, Lucy Beth; Alma; Jr-Agri: 208. Dyer, Tommie Carol; Rudy; Fr-A S: 208. E Eagle, John Phillip; Fayetteville; So-A S: 230. Earnest, Virginia Sue; Harrison; Fr-BA: 202. Earp, Barbara Elaine; Springdale; Fr-Ed: 230. Eason, Carolyn Rosalind; Texarkana, Tex.; So-Ed: 160. East, James Edward; Rosston; Jr-BA: 230. East, Lou Ellen; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 152. Eaton, Fran; Tulsa, Okla.; So-A S: 207. Eddy, Ronald Earl; Waldo; Fr-En: 211. Edmonston, Susan Crosby; Topeka, Kansas; So- A S: 207. Edrington, Connie Ann; Osceola; Jr-BA: 155. Edwards, Barbara Ann; Bentonville; Fr-BA: 202. Edwards, Carolyn Ann; Tulsa Okla.; Jr-A S: 155. Edwards, Donna Jo; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 160. Edwards, Gary; Newark; So-Agri: 211. Edwards, Harvey Orval; Harrison; Jr-A S: 230. Edwards, James J.; DeQueen; Fr-A S: 213. Edwards, Judy; Leachville; So-A S: 160. Edwards, Kathryn Louise; Tupelo; So-Ed: 155. Edwards, Nancy Lee; Huntsville; So-Agri: 199. Edwards, Thomas L.; North Little Rock; Jr-En: 217. Effinger, Claire Jean; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 202. Egner, James Edward; Little Rock; Sr-En: 121, 230. Eidson, Mary Elizabeth; Springdale; Sr-BA: 121, 207. Ekman, Connie Phyllis; Eureka Springs; Fr-BA: 202 . Elcan, Patricia Jo; Waldo; So-Ed: 155. Eldridge, Mary Dupree; Augusta; Jr-A S: 152. Elkins, Carl A.; Spearfish, S. D.; So-BA: 230. Ellebrecht, Juanita Marie; Bentonville; So-Agri: 230. Elliott, Lynn Blaine; Kansas City, Mo.; So-BA: 230. Ellis, Kenneth Daniel; Hot Springs; Sr-BA: 121, 230. Ellis, Linda Sue; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 202. Ellis, Richard Owen; Forrest City; Sr-En: 121, 230. Ellis, Rita Pat; England; So-A S: 207. Ellison, David Lee; El Dorado; Sr-BA: 121, 188. Ellison, Herbert Lee; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 121, 230. Elrod, Diane; Texarkana; Fr-Ed: 202. Eisner, Gary Herbert; Gentry; Jr-Agri: 230. Emanuel, Denton C.; Sulphur Springs; Fr-En: 213. Emery, Kathleen Sue; Springdale; Fr-Ed: 230. Endicott, John; Hot Springs; So-En: 176. Engeler, Ann Amerson; Gamaliel; So-A S: 151. Engeler, Gordon Fred, Jr.; Gamaliel; Law: 142. Engelke, Marguerite A.; Bentonville; So-Agri: 207. England, Cynthia Ann; Walnut Ridge; Sr-Ed: 121, 160. BABY CHATTER By: COLLEGE CLUB DAIRY, INC. 207 West Dickson Street—Dial 2-4711—Fayetteville, Ark. It ' s not easy to diagnose your But one thing for sure COLLEGE CLUB Vitamin D symptoms. Milk is always a good remedy. 452 England, John Lee; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 187. Engles, Cecil D.; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 230. Ensley, James Lee; Springdale; Fr-A S: 230. Eoff, Judith Gail; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 159. Eoff, William B., Jr.; Fayetteville; Fr-En: 230. Epley, John D.; Green Forest; Sr-BA: 121, 230. Epley, Lewis E., Jr.; Springdale; Law: 142, 230. Epperson, James Register; Clarksville; Sr-A S: 121, 187. Eppler, Mary; Hope; Jr-A S: 152. Erickson, Donna Sue; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 202. Erickson, Glen Eric; Fort Smith; So-BA: 176. Erickson, John Edward; Little Rock; Jr-En: 217. Erwin, Ann; McGehee; Fr-A S: 202. Erwin, Gladys Evelyn; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 121, 230. Essig, George Rudy; Paragould; So-En: 214. Estes, Chester Keith; Little Rock; Jr-En: 187. Estes, Kirby Lee; Fayetteville; So-A S: 230. Estes, Lindel Eugene; Ash Flat; So-A S: 230. Estes, Lonnie Earl; Harrison; Jr-A S: 192. Estes, Marian Azelle; El Dorado; So-A S: 163. Estes, Nancy Louise; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 202. Estes, Patricia; Conway; Fr-BA: 202. Eubanks, Jerry Lee; Fort Smith; Fr-BA: 230. Eubanks, Robert Gordon; Fort Smith; So-A S: 230. Eubanks, Roger Douglas; Ward; So-BA: 230. Evans, Betty; Rogers; So-A S: 230. Evans, Charlie Edward; Heber Springs; Jr-En: 195. Evans, Judi Lynn; North Little Rock; Fr-Ed: 202. Evans, Larry Keith; Yellville; Sr-Ed: 121, 167. Evans, Lloyd Junior; Siloam Springs; Jr-En: 230. Evans, Mary Ann; North Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 152. Evans, Nancy Lee; Humphrey; Fr-Agri: 202. Evans, William D.; Little Rock; So-A S: 221. Evatt, Donald H.; Waldron; Jr-En: 214. Ezell, James Arthur; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 231. Ezell, Richard Ivy; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 215. F Fabinsky, Walter Robert; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Fr-En: 213. Fant, Ernest William; Fort Smith; Jr-En: 214. Faris, John Nolyn; Grants, N. M.; Jr-BA: 192. Faris, Renay Michel; Rogers; Fr-Ed: 231. Farmer, Henrietta Maureen; Texarkana; Jr-A S: 231. Farmer, James Ronald; Texarkana; Jr-A S: 231. Farrar, Dolores Ann; Hamburg; Fr-BA: 202. Farris, Charles R.; Smackover; Sr-En: 121, 214. Faubus, Ikey Robin; Elkins; Jr-BA: 231. Faubus, Martha Jo; Huntsville; So-Ed: 163. Faulkner, Robert Allen; Paragould; Fr-En: 211. Favor, Freddie G.; DeQueen; Fr-A S: 213. Fears, Cyrus Joshua; Muldrow, Okla.; Fr-En: 213. FREE PICK-UP DELIVERY FOR PRESCRIPTIONS QUAKER DRUG STORE No. 1 22 E CENTER PHONE 2-4246 104 N. Block ( tyfC.GrfllMadp f — iflYf li 1 Phone 2-4031 we know we kn ow cleaning COMPLIMENTS OF ARKHOLA SAND GRAVEL CO. FORT SMITH - FAYETTEVILLE - LOWELL - MUSKOGEE A rkansas Western (Jas [C ompany " Helping Build North and West Arkansas” 453 Fee, Joe D.; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 231. Feemster, Rosemary; Siloam Springs; Sr-Ed: 121, 156. Feilke, John Gary; Stuttgart; So-Agri: 187. Felder, Mary Lynn; McGehee; So-A S: 199. Fellinger, Bettye Lou; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 202. Felt, Melinda Lou; New Orleans, La.; So-A S: 152. Felton, H. Max; Fayetteville; So-En: 231. Fenix, T. David; Joplin, Mo.; Fr-En: 176. Fenno, John D.; Siloam Springs; Jr-BA: 188. Fenton, Anita Reuelene; Texarkana; Fr-Ed: 202. Ferguson, Carter Ware; Nashville; Jr-A S: 171. Ferguson, Jerry Watha; Buffton; Jr-Ed: 231. Ferguson, Lonnie Dale; Opal; Sr-En: 121, 221. Ferrell, Linda Marie; Springfield; So-BA: 155. Fielder, W. Glenn; Jonesboro; Fr-En: 211. Files, Betty Jean; Kingsboro; Sr-Agri: 121, 208. Filiatreau, Charles Leon; Little Rock; So-BA: 179. Finch, Jim; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 211. Fincher, Donna Fay; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 231. Fincher, Sue Clair; Jonesboro; So-BA: 155. Fine, James C.; Van Buren; Fr-A S: 215. Fisher, Georgann; Walnut Ridge; Jr-Agri: 152. Fisher, Lynnah Kay; Van Buren; So-A S: 231. Fitzgerald, Kay; Shreveport, La.; Fr-Ed: 202. Fitzjarrell, Edna Muriel; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 231. Fleming, Susie; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 121, 155. Fletcher, Ann; Fayetteville; Fr-Agri: 231. Fletcher, Claiborne Raoul; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 175. Fletcher, John Ridgeway; Bauxite; Jr-A S: 183. Fletcher, Mary L.; Scott; Fr-Ed: 202. Fletcher, Oscar Lee; Paragould; Sr-En: 121, 191. Fletcher, Peggy Ann; Springdale; So-Agri: 208. Flowers, Patricia Ann; Earle; Jr-A S: 151. Flowers, Thomas Michael; Stuttgart; Sr-En: 121, 231. Floyd, Harold David; Fayetteville; Grad: 144, 231. Floyd, Johnny Bruce; Huntington; So-En: 213. Floyd, Pud; Benton; Sr-A S: 121, 163. Fogg, John Sidney; Widener; Fr-En: 175. Foiles, Peggy Marie; Booneville; Sr-Ed: 121, 156. Foil, Joy Lea; Newport; Sr-A S: 121, 156. Folsom, Melissa Carnley; Cullman, Ala.; Fr-A S: 202 . Fones, Rosemary; Rogers; Sr-Ed: 121, 160. Fong, Buddy; Marianna; Jr-A S: 217. Ford, Jennifer Anne; Siloam Springs; Fr-Agri: 203. Ford, Nancy Earle; Benton; Fr-A S: 203. Ford, Nora Lee; Batesville; Jr-A S: 199. Forrest, Jack Edward; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 121, 231. Forrest, Lynn J.; Grosse lie, Mich.; Jr-BA: 180. Forrester, John Charles; Mena; Fr-BA: 214. Fossum, Dee Rae; Chicago, Ill.; So-A S: 159. Foster, Katheryn; Memphis, Tenn.; Fr-Ed: 203. Foster, Oneida Fern; Havana; Fr-Agri: 208. Foster, Peggy Anne; Emerson; Jr-A S: 207. Foster, Sheila; Hope; Jr-A S: 152. FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Students ' Bank CAPITAL STOCK SURPLUS - $1,000,000.00 Fayetteville, Arkansas OLDEST AND STRONGEST NATIONAL BANK IN NORTHEAST ARKANSAS Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 454 Foust, David D.; Heber Springs; Jr-En: 191, 195. Fowler, Bill C.; Eudora; Sr-En: 121, 217. Fowler, J. Jean; Harrison; So-A S: 159. Fowler, Tommy D.; Mountain Home; Jr-BA: 219. Fox, Homer Donald; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 121, 231. Fox, Nancy Jane; Jay, Okla.; Jr-A S: 199. Fox, Ralph Doerr; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 176. Fox, Russell D.; Little Rock; Sr-En: 121, 231. Fraine, Robert Howard; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 211. Francis, Ruth Eleanor; Fayetteville; So-A S: 231. Franklin, Mary Lee; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 163. Franks, Burleigh Don; Fayetteville; Grad: 144. Franks, Jerry Lynn; Waldo; Jr-BA: 183. Franks, Larry Erbin; Waldo; Sr-Agri: 121, 231. Fraser, Judy Ann; Fort Smith; So-BA: 207. Fraser, Margaret Nell; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 203. Fratesi, Benny James; Pine Bluff; Sr-Agri: 121, 179. Frazier, A. Joel.; Texarkana; Sr-A S: 122, 216. Frazier, Henry Eugene; Lakeview; Fr-En: 231. Frazier, James Robert; Pine Bluff; Sr-BA: 122, 187. Frazier, Margaret Jeanette; Camden; Fr-A S: 203. Frazier, Rebecca Ann; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 203. Frazier, Tommy R.; Texarkana; Fr-En: 211. Fredrich, Augustine Joseph; Little Rock; Jr-En: 192. Free, Thomas Hilliard; Dumas; Fr-BA: 187. Freeman, Mary Lynn; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 231. Fricker, Linda Kaye; DeValls Bluff; Fr-A S: 203. Friddle, Jerry Don; Chester; So-Agri: 214. Friend, Shirley Elizabeth Stauber; Noel, Mo.; Sr- Agri: 122, 231. Frigillana, Normandie; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 203. Frith, Paul Odell, Jr.; Little Rock; So-Agri: 231. Frizielle, Howard Donald; Clarendon; Jr-En: 231. Fronabarger, Stephen Lynn; Wynne; Fr-A S: 180. Froning, Donald John; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 122, 183. Froning, Dorothy Anne; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 231. Frost, James Howard; Benton; So-En: 231. Frost, Norma Best; Clarksville; So-BA: 207. Fry, Larry Lee; Green Forest; Sr-Agri: 122, 168. Fuchs, James Douglas; Mena; Jr-BA: 231. Fuess, Suzanne; Pine Bluff; So-Ed: 152. Fugitt, Terry F.; Republic, Mo.; Fr-Agri: 231. Fuhr, James Robert; Ventura, Calif.; Fr-A S: 231. Fulford, Richard Stewart; Little Rock; Grad: 231. Fuller, Donald Keene; Wilmot; Sr-BA: 122, 231. Fuller, LaNelle; Hope; Jr-A S: 159. Fuller, Roy J.; Malvern; Sr-En: 122, 231. Fullerton, Jeanne; Fort Smith; So-A S: 155. Funk, Jeremy Richard; Calico Rock; Grad: 145, 231. Fuqua, Laura Edwina; North Little Rock; So-Ed: 155. Fuqua, Thomas Howard; Texarkana; Fr-BA: 183. Furlow, Billy C.; Camden; Jr-A S: 187. Fine Foods Steaks Chicken Seafood [ ! 1 7 % Vi,. Wtk i - m fgkr jgU ‘ IPfpIlM lO mi u » ’ i i . ' ! PIC AND BEULAH’S ROCKWOOD SUPPER CLUB Highway 71 South Dining Dancing 455 Fussell, Alston Randolph; Forrest City; Sr-BA: 122, 175. Futral, Judith Ann; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 122, 207. Futrell, David Winston; North Little Rock; So-BA: 180. G Galloway, Jessie Lynn; Pine Bluff; Jr-BA: 163. Galloway, Kenneth Lynn; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 122, 167. Galloway, Travis Jr.; Little Rock; Jr-En: 195. Galvin, Carol Ann; Kansas City, Mo.; Fr-BA: 202. Gambill, Sarah Sue; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-Ed: 202. Gammill, Lewis Hunter; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 122, 184. Gardenhire, Linda; Tulsa, Okla.; So-A S: 159. Gardenhire, Lola Janice; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 231. Gardenhire, Wilma Joyce; Fayetteville; Sr-BA: 122, 231. Gardner, Frank Harold; Parkdale; Jr-BA: 184. Gardner, Jan; Wynne; Sr-BA: 122, 159. Garner, Carl W.; Heber Springs; Fr-A S: 211. Garner, Henry T.; Vivian, La.; Grad: 145, 231. Garner, Herbert Ronald; Hot Springs; Sr-Ed: 122, 231. Garner, Nancy Ann; Rison; Sr-Ed: 122, 155. Garner, Patsy L.; Stamps; Fr-Ed: 203. Garmon, John Wesley; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 231. Garner, Joe E.; Benton; So-En: 231. Garnett, James Henry; Cabot; So-BA: 231. Garrett, Dean Allison; Benton; Jr-BA: 187. Garrett, James Max; Benton; Sr-BA: 122, 221. Garrett, John Lee; Gravette; So-A S: 220. Garrett, Larry Wayne; Hope; So-BA: 191. Garrett, Paul Ray; Fort Smith; So-BA: 231. Garrett, Sidney Wilks; Fort Gibson, Okla; Jr-A S: 231. Gass, Edward W.; Booneville; So-En: 231. Gaston, James E.; El Dorado; Sr-BA: 122, 231. Gates, Betty; Wheaton, Ill.; Jr-A S: 155. Gates, John Seth; Berryville; So-BA: 214. Gauntt, James E., Jr.; Little Rock; Fr-En: 211. Gay, Eddie E.; Springdale; Fr-Agri: 231. Gentry, Dewey Aubrey, Jr.; Marianna; Sr-En: 122, 231. Gentry, Tom J.; Little Rock; Jr-En: 231. George, John Arthur; Ola; Sr-Agri: 122, 231. George, Louis Skipper, Jr.; Osceola; Fr-A S: 215. Gerloff, Katherine Ann; Bland, Mo.; Grad: 145, 231. Genero, Julia Claire; Dermott; Jr-Agri: 207. Geurin, Betty Carolyn; Fayetteville; So-BA: 231. Geurin, Jack Weber; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 167. Gibbons, Richard Carlton; Bauxite; So-En: 231. Gibbs, Robert Edward; Crossett; Sr-En: 122, 192. Gibson, Charles Henry; Rogers; So-A S: 231. Gibson, Claude Louis; Bristow, Okla.; So-A S: 231. Gibson, Gaston Pelham, Jr.; Lake Village; So-BA: 187. Gibson, John Frank, Jr.; Dermott; Jr-BA: 191. Gibson, Thomas Ford; Shreveport, La.; Sr-A S: 122, 183. Gieck, Carol; Heber Springs; Sr-A S: 122, 163. Gilbert, James Carl; Hope; Jr-A S: 184. Gilbert, Martin Greeson; Prescott; Sr-BA: 122, 183. Gilbreath, E. S.; Mena; Law: 142, 231. Gilchrist, Anne Thomas; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 202. Giles, Jack Alexander; Texarkana; Fr-En: 213. Giles, Wilbur Mack; Texarkana; Jr-A S: 183. Gill, Henry Noble; Dell; Law: 142, 231. Gill, Joe; Crossett; So-BA: 180. Gillenwater, John Richard; Little Rock; So-A S: 175. Giller, John; El Dorado; Sr-A S: 122, 187. Giller, Lucie Belle Murphy; El Dorado; Sr-A S: 122, 231. Gilliam, Diane; El Dorado; Fr-A S: 202. Gillison, David Fetters, Jr.; Lake Village; Law: 142, 183. Ginther, Kenneth Edward; Harrison; Jr-En: 231. Gipson, Elisabeth Ann; Benton; So-A S: 199. Gist, Jessamine Daggett; Marianna; Grad: 145, 199. Gladden, Daniel Baxter; Dumas; Fr-Agri: 168. Glasgow, James Robert; Eureka Springs; Jr-BA: 216. Glass, Karl Daly, Jr.; Paris; Law: 142, 231. 456 CALVERT McBRIDE Printing Company " The Businessman ' s Department Store " Fort Smith, Arkansas 16-23 N. 8th SU 3-3171 Gist, Allan Douglas; Hackett; Sr-En: 122, 231. Gleghorn, Joan Madolyn; Neosho, Mo.; Fr-Ed: 202. Glover, Lawson Edward; Malvern; Fr-A S: 231. Goff, Ralph D.; Fayetteville; So-En: 187. Goins, Marshall Guy; Hot Springs; Jr-A S: 231. Golden, Patricia Ellen; Fairborn, Ohio; Fr-Ed: 202. Goldsby, Thomas Boykin; Lepanto; So-A S: 175. Good, Albert Lewis; Wheatley; So-A S: 221. Goodloe, Eileen Marie; Benton; So-BA: 207. Goodman, Tommy; Malvern; Sr-En: 122, 231. Goodner, Donald Scott; Waldron; Fr-A S: 213. Goodner, Oleta M.; Waldron; Fr-A S: 199. Goodrum, William A.; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 215. Goodwin, John Wendall; Edna, Kan.; Sr-Ed: 122, 231. Goodwin, Marshall Percy, Jr.; Holly Grove; So-En: 216. Gornatti, Albert Joseph; Fordyce; So-BA: 175. Gossett, John T.; Fayetteville; Grad: 145, 231. Gover, David Howe; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 192. Grace, Walter G.; Texarkana; Fr-Agri: 211. Graf, Donald Joe; Mulberry; So-En: 211. Graf, Paul, Jr.; Mulberry; Fr-En: 211. Graham, Alice Ann; Warren; Fr-A S: 202. Graham, Gene Charles; Blytheville; Fr-BA: 187. Graham, Gerald Grant; Walnut Ridge; So-En: 231. Graham, James O.; Grove, Okla.; Fr-BA: 188. Graham, Mansal Gale; Walnut Ridge; Sr-En: 231. Graham, Patricia M.; Sulphur Springs; Jr-Ed: 199. Gramlich, Jim V.; Charleston; Sr-Agri: 123, 231. Grano, Charles John; Crossett; So-BA; 188. Grano, Letitia Jeanne; Crossett; Sr-Ed: 123, 151. Grant, Lynne; Shreveport, La.; Jr-BA: 163. Graue, Bill C.; Fayetteville; So-BA: 180. Graves, Don C.; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 175. Graves, Hubert E.; DeQueen; Law: 142, 231. Graves, John William; Western Springs, Ill.; Fr- A S: 192. Graves, Walter L.; Kensett; Jr-En: 221. Graw, Russell Charles; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 215. Gray, Janet Ellen; Little Rock; Fr-A S; 202. Gray, Judith Annette; Little Rock; So-Ed: 159. Gray, Martin Luther; Blytheville; Sr-BA: 123, 231. Gray, Mary Elizabeth; Fort Smith; So-A S: 199. Gray, Michael Edward; Little Rock; So-A S: 231. Green, Bill Ray; Pine Bluff; Jr-En: 220. Green, Dixie Lee; Fulton; Jr-A S: 207. Green, Linda Sue; Malvern; Fr-Ed: 202. Green, Richard Lee; Alma; So-BA: 171. Green, Richard Wilson; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 232. Green, Robert Harlon, Jr.; North Little Rock; Jr- En: 221. Green, William Robert; Sparkman; Jr-BA: 214. Greene, Garlanda; Forrest City; Jr-A S: 155. Greenert, Clyde Homer, Jr.; North Little Rock; Sr- En: 123, 176. Greenert, John W.; North Little Rock; So-BA: 176. Greenwood, M. Reed; Hickory Ridge; Sr-A S: 123, 211 . Greer, James Albert; Rosston; Jr-A S: 217. Greeson, Charles Stewart; Altheimer; Fr-A S: 183. Gregory; Madge Urquhart; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 152. Gress, Russell B.; Little Rock; Jr-En: 232. Griffin, James D.; Austin; Jr-En: 232. Griffin, James Doelas; Malvern; Jr-BA: 232. Griffin, Marvin Franklin; Seneca, Mo.; Fr-En: 232. Griffin, Fred Mack; Malvern; Sr-A S: 123, 232. Griffin, Rebecca Anne; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 207. Griffith, Carol Anita; Elkins; So-Agri: 199. Griffifth, Paul G., Jr.; Piggott; Jr-Agri: 232. Grigsby, James Lawrence; Hartford; So-Ed: 172. Grim, James Ree; Berryville; Sr-En: 123, 232. Grimes, Bill Eugene; Harrison; So-BA: 191. Grimmette, Nancy A.; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 207. Grinstead, Charles Edgar; Braggadocio, Mo.; Jr- BA: 184. Grinstead, James F.; Braggadocio, Mo.; Sr-A S: 123, 232. Grohoski, Janet C.; Little Rock; So-Ed: 159. Groom, Donna Louise; Hot Springs; Fr-Ed: 202. Gross, Terry Louise; Ashdown; Sr-Ed: 123, 232. Gross, Thomas Jackson; Texarkana; Sr-En: 123, 232. Gossett, John T.; Fayetteville; Grad: 145, 232. Groves, Emory Allen; Emporia, Kan.; Grad: 145, 232. Gruenwald, David F.; North Little Rock; Sr-En: 123, 180. Grubbs, Delores Jean; West Helena; So-BA: 207. Guenter, Joseph Martin; North Little Rock; Grad: 145, 232. Guerra-K, Jaime Gabriel; David, Panama; Sr-Ed: 123, 232. Guess, Charles Earl; North Little Rock; Sr-A S: 123, 232. Guffey, Bobbie Dean; Grubbs; Sr-Agri: 123, 208. Guisinger, Louise; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 163. Gullick, Joyce Elayne; Muskogee, Okla.; Fr-A S: 202 . Gunn, Catsy Collard; Little Rock; Jr-Agri: 232. Gunn, James Alford; Monticello; Grad: 145, 232. Gunn, Judith Lynn; Van Buren; So-Ed: 155. Gunnels, James Carl; Tyler, Tex.; Grad: 145, 232. Gunnels, Janis; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 207. Guthary, Mary Ruth; Gentry; Jr-Ed: 199. Guthrie, Judith Ann; Siloam Springs; Sr-BA: 123, 232. Guthrie, William Edward; West Helena; Jr-En: 232. Guthunz, Barbara Jayne; Little Rock; Sr-Ed: 123, 163. Gwin, Sue; Sheridan; Fr-Ed: 202. H Hack, Sylvia Ann; Alton, Ill.; Jr-Ed: 162. Haddad, Charlene Adele; Earle; Jr-Ed: 151. Haddad, David Ellis; Earle; Fr-A S: 175. Hafenbrak, Kay Almarie; Shreveport, La.; Fr-Ed: 202 . Haggard, Nedra Carol; Springdale; Fr-A S: 202. Hagood, Jerry W.; Swifton; Jr-En: 221. Hahn, Wade Eldon; Fayetteville; Sr-Ed: 123, 187. Haile, Barbara; Newport; Fr-A S: 202. Haile, Paula Jean; Newport; So-A S: 155. Halbert, Judith Jan; Malvern; Fr-A S: 202. Hale, David Loy; Belleville; So-BA: 167. Hale, Freddy Marion; Berryville; Fr-Agri: 168. Hale, James Cecil; Marion; Law: 142, 232. Hale, Jeanie; Marion; Fr-A S: 202. Hale, John D.; Morrilton; Sr-BA: 123, 188. Hale, Kirk K.; Fayetteville; Jr-Agri: 176. Hale, Nathan Patrick; Prescott; Jr-BA: 175. Hale, Patricia; Marion; Jr-Ed: 232. Hale, Virginia Mosby; Crawfordsville; Fr-Ed: 202. Haley, Mollie Cross; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 152. Haley, Sandra Kay; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 202. Halford, James H.; Hot Springs; So-BA: 232. Hall, Barbara Jean; Fort Leavenworth, Kan.; Sr- Ed: 123, 159. Hall, Daniel Irwin; Prairie Grove; Sr-En: 123, 232. Hall, Diana Vinson; Prairie Grove; Grad: 145, 232. Hall, Harold Glenn; Van Buren; Sr-En: 123, 232. Hall, Kenneth M.; Wynne; Sr-En: 123, 232. Hall, L. Allan; Branch; Fr-En: 171. Hall, Linda Annette; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 163. Hall, Milton Ray; Stuttgart; Sr-En: 123, 232. Hall, Paul F.; Fayetteville; So-BA: 232. Hall, Robert Hodge; Camden; Sr-A S: 123, 179. Hall, Robert Lester; Marshall; Sr-A S: 123, 232. Hall, Roger L.; Pine Bluff; So-En: 188. Hall, Sandra Jean; Alma; Fr-Ed: 202. Hall, Sandra Nadair; Roy, Utah; Fr-Ed: 202. Haller, William Nietz; North Little Rock; So-A S: 176. Hallford, Chad; Charleston; So-BA: 232. Hamby, Ronald L.; Gentry; Fr-BA: 211. Hamilton, Caroline Seiz; Hot Springs; Sr-Ed: 123, 232. Hamilton, John Charles; Gould; Jr-En: 232. Hamilton, Susan Hunter; Little Rock; Sr-Agri: 123, 152. Hamm, Paula Kay; Memphis, Tenn.; So-Ed: 160. Hammett, Jack C.; Little Rock; Sr-En: 124, 183, 195. Hammond, Mary Jo; El Dorado; So-A S: 207. Hamner, Ralph Conant; Bradley; So-BA: 211. Hampton, Mary Jane; Morrilton; So-Ed: 199. Hamric, Joan; Hickory Plains; Jr-Agri: 232. Hancock, William L.; Shreveport, La.; Fr-A S: 213. Hanby, Albert Patrick; Berryville; Fr-BA: 180. Hanby, Philip Carroll; Berryville; Jr-BA: 180. Hanby, Robert; Berryville; Jr-Ed: 180. Hand, David Eugene; North Little Rock: 232. Hankins, Beverly Gayle; North Little Rock; So-Ed: 155. HUNT ' S Nationally Known Brands at Popular Prices HOLSUM BREAD from SHIPLEY BAKING COMPANY 311 WEST DICKSON FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS 458 Hankins, Bishop J.; Batesville; Sr-Agri: 124, 232. Hankins, Kenneth Paul; Vidor, Tex.; Grad: 145, 188. Hankins, Roberta Ann; Fayetteville; 124, 232. Hankins, Sherrie Anne; Hope; Fr-A S: 202. Hansen, Anne; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 163. Hanshaw, Lance Lamar; Jonesboro; Law: 142, 232. Hanss, Anne Thalia; Springfield, Mo.; So-A S: 159. Harber, Everett Edsel; Blytheville; Law: 142, 232. Harbert, R. Rhodes; Memphis, Tenn.; Jr-A S: 219. Harbour, Joe Nathan; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 232. Harbour, John S.; Little Rock; So-BA: 232. Hardaway, Oscar Oakley; Blytheville; Sr-BA: 124, 232. Hardesty, Georgia Joanne; Siloam Springs; Jr-BA: 199. Hardin, Jerald Joe; Fayetteville; Fr-Agri: 232. Hardman, Louis Atkins; Helena; Fr-BA: 175. Harkey, Cherry Ann; Batesville; Jr-Agri: 160. Harkey, Dorothy Ann; Sallisaw, Okla.; So-BA: 155. Harlan, Robert J.; Trumann; Jr-En: 216. Harp, Harvard Reland; Springdale; Sr-BA: 124, 232. Harper, James W.; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 232. Harper, Carole Lynn; Hot Springs; So-Ed: 207. Harper, Granville T.; Fort Smith; Fr-BA: 187. Harper, Joyce Rozzell; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 124, 232. Harper, Ronald B.; Little Rock; Grad: 145, 232. Harper, William Thomas; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 187. Harrell, Ginger Ann; Hampton; Jr-Ed: 232. Harrell, Searcy Wood; Hampton; Jr-BA: 232. Harrell, Travis Eugene; DeQueen; Fr-ED: 213. Harrelson, Frederick Daniel; Forrest City; Fr-BA: 183. Harriman, Lyna Jane; Hamburg; So-A S: 207. Harrington, Charles P.; Hardy; Sr-A S: 124, 232. Harrington, Daphne June; Hardy; Fr-BA: 232. Harris, George V.; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 232. Harris, John K.; Springfield, Mo.; So-BA: 187. Harris, Marilyn Louise; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 160. Harris, Thomas Stuart; Stamps; Jr-A S: 167. Harris, Winfred Don; Bradford; Grad: 145, 232. Harrison, Edward Lane; Texarkana; Sr-En: 124, 217. Harrison, Francis L.; Little Rock; So-BA: 221. Harrison, Mebane; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 124, 232. Harrison, Paul Ed; Huntington; Jr-En: 213. Harrod, Jack Bland; Pine Bluff; So-En: 232. Hart, V. Anne; Paris; Jr-Ed: 156. Harton, John James; El Dorado; So-En: 195. Hartrick, Holly L.; Hamburg; Jr-A S: 199. Hartstein, Monika; Little Rock; So-BA: 159. Harvey, Bobby Dale; Swifton; Sr-En: 124, 232. Harvey, Christine Ashley; Swifton; Fr-A S: 232. Hasty, Barbara Ann; Russellville; Fr-Agri: 202. Hatfield, Wilson Richard; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 124, 175. Hathaway, Linda Rae; Rogers; Sr-A S: 124, 151. Haw, Waily Jung; Earle; Sr-En: 124, 213. Hawkins, Becky; North Little Rock; So-A S: 156. Hawkins, Jim J.; Little Rock; So-En: 176. Hawkins, Mary Kathleen; El Dorado; So-A S: 151. Hawkins, William Mills; Lake Village; Fr-Agri: 175. Haye, Ruben Wooten; North Little Rock; Jr-En: 211 . Hayes, Don Powell; Bradford; Sr-En: 124, 232. Hayes, Francis Lee; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 232. Hayes, Jack H.; Fayetteville; Law: 142, 232. Hayes, Michael Terry; Fort Smith; So-BA: 179. Hayes, Ralph J.; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 232. Haynes, Becky Sue; Pocahontas; So-Ed: 232. Haynes, Bill Lee; Huntsville; Sr-En: 125, 232. Haynes, Chris Knapp; Bedford; Sr-BA: 124, 232. Haynes, Fulton Morrell; Wilmot; Fr-A S: 211. Haynes, Marcelle; Wilmot; Sr-Agri: 124, 199. Haynes, Robert McNabb; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 124, 183. Haynie, Arnold A.; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 215. Haynie, Charles Willis; Prescott; Jr-En: 232. Haynie, Douglas Cox; Prescott; Jr-BA: 221. Hays, Ardavene May; Blytheville; Sr-Ed: 124, 199. Hays, Patrick A.; Springdale; Fr-En: 232. Hays, Virginia Ann; Prescott; Sr-A S: 124, 152. Head, Charles Everett; Prescott; So-A S: 232. Head, Elizabeth Ann; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 163. Heard, Christine Sandra; Etowah; So-Agri: 208. 459 Heard, Eugene Emmett; Etowah; Jr-En: 221. Heath, Grace Ann; Marion; Sr-BA: 124, 152. Heck, Brenda Gail; Fayetteville; So-BA: 160. Hecker, Frances Joyce; Fort Smith; So-A S: 199. Hefley, James Morton; Little Rock; Sr-En: 124, 183, 195. Hefley, Judith Taylor; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 124, 151. Heidgen, Sue Stephanie; Russellville; Jr-Agri: 152. Helbron, J. William; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 124, 171. Heliums, Elizabeth Annette; Dumas; So-Ed: 155. Helm, Carole Rose; Wideman; Jr-Agri: 208. Helmich, Oscar August; Benton; Fr-A S: 213. Hemphill, Martha Lee; Lake Village; Jr-A S: 207. Henderson, Charles David; Lepanto; Sr-En: 124, 217. Henderson, Jerald Dee; Gentry; Fr-En: 232. Henderson, Nancy Elouise; Hot Springs; Fr-Ed: 202 . Henderson, Paul Robert; Tulsa, Okla.; Sr-BA: 124, 219. Hendricks, David Gilbert; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 124, 176. Hendricks, James Powell; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 124, 188. Hendricks, Mari-Ann; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 202. Hendricks, Patricia LaVerne; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 202 . Hendrickson, Kenneth B.; North Little Rock; .Sr- UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS Gold Touch-Electric Touchmaster Standard The New Touch In Typing Students: Come in or call for a demonstration Ozark Office Machines Company 25 N. Block HI 2-8531 ALL MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS En: 125, 233. Hendrix, Carl Edward; Horatio; Sr-BA: 125, 184. Hendrix, Wm. Travis; Malvern; Jr-Agri: 233. Henley, R. V.; Norphlet; Fr-BA: 213. Henley, William A.; McGehee; Fr-En: 213. Henry, James Thomas; DeQueen; Sr-BA: 125, 233. Henry, Nelson P.; Leachville; Fr-BA: 184. Henslee, William Edward; Pine Bluff; Law: 142, 233. Henson, Troy Floyd; Mount Holly; Fr-En: 211. Herbaugh, Larry Lee; Bentonville; Jr-Agri: 233. Herget, Joseph Barlow; Paragould; So-A S: 184. Herman, Kenneth Ray; North Little Rock; Fr- A S: 233. Herman, Delbert Martin; North Little Rock; Jr- BA: 214. Herman, Patricia Sue; Dallas, Tex.; So-Ed: 233. Herndon, Royce Wayne; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 233. Herrington, Arlen Glen; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 233. Hervey, James A.; Texarkana; So-Agri: 183. Hickman, Robert Michael; North Little Rock; Jr- BA: 233. Hickman, Ruth May; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 125, 233. Hicks, Billy Duane; Magnolia; So-A S: 216. Hicks, James E.; Bauxite; Jr-En: 217. Hicks, Joel Thomas; Siloam Springs; So-En: 233. Higginbotham, Philip Ronald; Crossett; So-A S: 184. Hightower, Cora Ruth; Prairie Grove; Jr-BA: 233. Fayetteville Building and Loan Association " Insured Savings and Home Loans " Fayetteville, Arkansas Telephone HI 2-4351 CLINEHEN ' S FAYETTEVILLE DRUG The only drug store on the square Ph. HI 2-7345 " Cards " 460 Hilburn, Sammy; Walnut Ridge; Fr-A S: 219. Hild, Robert George; Avalon; Fr-A S: 233. Hild, Stephen G.; Arkansas City, Kan.; So-A S: 214. Hill, Carl Allen; Walnut Ridge; Jr-Ed: 233. Hill, Edward Noble; Stuttgart; Jr-A S: 216. Hill, Jack Edward; Rogers; Jr-A S: 183. Hill, John David; Nashville; Fr-A S: 175. Hill, John M.; Monette; So-BA: 233. Hill; Junious David; Marvell; So-BA: 187. Hill, Kenny C.; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 179. Hill, Ralph Wayne; Harrison; So-BA: 233. Hill, Robert Arlon; Center Ridge; Sr-BA: 125, 168. Hill, Ron E.; North Little Rock; Fr-En: 213. Hill, Ruth Carolyn; Fayetteville; So-A S: 233. Hillman, Sandy; Stuttgart; So-BA: 152. Hillman, Wilma Jean Oliver; Rector; Sr-Agri: 125, 233. Hilton, Linda Jean; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 233. Hines, James L.; Dallas, Texas; Fr-A S: 215. Hinkle, Tim C.; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 187. Hinshaw, Jake William; Little Rock; Fr-En: 211. Hinsley, Allen Carl; Hot Springs; So-En: 233. Hinson, Sallye Beth; Des Arc; So-A S: 207. Hinton, Carol Plaisance; West Memphis; Sr-BA: 125, 233. Hinton, Jimmy Houston; West Memphis; Sr-En: 125, 195. Hipp, Shirley Richard; Blytheville; Law: 142, 233. Hitchcock, Raebern Brooks; Little Rock; Law: 142, 233. Hixon, Carter Edwin; Bellaire, Tex.; Jr-A S: 179. Hixson, Guyla; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 202. Hixson, Raymond Howell; Paris; Law: 142, 233. Hodge, Curtis Delough; Benton; Jr-A S: 183. Hodge, George Lowrance; Lewisville; Sr-En: 125, 233. Hodge, William Harold; DeQueen; Jr-En: 233. Hodges, Richard; Siloam Springs; Jr-En: 187. Hodges, Robert Lewis; Mena; Fr-A S: 211. Hodges, Thomas Leighton; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 183. Hoffman, Carolyn Anne; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 156. Hoffmeister, Sara Elizabeth; St. Louis, Mo.; So- A S: 199. Hogan, Susan; Conway; So-A S: 155. Hoggard, Jasper O.; Cave City; Sr-Agri: 168. Hogue, Harris McDowell; Bauxite; Sr-En: 215. Hogue, Larry Dale; North Little Rock; Fr-En: 219. Holcomb, Dwight Arden; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 233. Holcomb, James Oliver; Gentry; Jr-BA: 233. Holcomb, J. Robert, Jr.; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 179. Holdar, Mildred; Ozark; Jr-A S: 233. Holder, Martha Trusten; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 202 . Holder, Melissa; Hope; Jr-BA: 207. Holder, Virgil Harold; Swifton; Fr-Ed: 233. Holderby, Judy Charlene; Blytheville; Fr-A S: 202 . Holderby, Margaret Kathryn; Bentonville; So- A S: 199. Holland, Kenny M.; Maysville; So-En: 233. Holland, K. Priscilla; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 233. Holley, Donna; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 202. Holley, Rayna Louise; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 233. Holley, Sherry Leon; Little Rock; So-A S: 163. Hollingshead, Jerry Robert; Amity; Fr-Agri: 211. Hollis, Gilbert Ray; Greenway; Sr-Agri:125, 233. Holloway, Bill R.; Stilwell, Okla.; Jr-A S: 184. Holloway, Linda Joyce; Bentonville; Fr-Ed: 202. Holloway, Max M.; DeWitt; Sr-En: 125, 233. Holloway, Tommy Wesley; Griffithville; So-En: 221 . Holly, William Creighton; Stuttgart; So-A S: 220. Holmes, Perry Don; Hot Springs; Jr-A S: 233. Holt, David Benjamin; Nashville; Jr-En: 233. Holt, John Rodney; Arkadelphia; Jr-En: 233. Holt, LaRama Jeanette; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 125, 233. Honeycutt, Billy Osco; Jacksonville; Jr-BA: 233. Hook, Robert F.; Dallas, Tex.; Fr-BA: 179. Hooks, Charles Douglas; Prescott; Fr-Agri: 211. Hooten, June; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 125, 159. Hope, Robert Lewis; Fort Smith; Sr-En: 125, 133. Horan, John Patrick, Fayetteville; Law: 142, 176. Hornsby, Maribeth; Wagoner; So-A S: 125, 159. Horsey, Mary Janice; Little Rock; So-A S: 199. Horton, Farrell Dean; Harrison; So-En: 214. Horton, James W.; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-A S: 215. Horton, Sharon Lynn; Paragould; So-Agri: 156. House, Judy Kaye; Morrilton; So-BA: 207. House, Steven Drew; Alma; Fr-A S: 188. Houston, Gary C.; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 176. Houston, Linda Marie; Little Rock; Grad: 145, 233. Houston, Marvin Gene; Springdale; Fr-BA: 233. Hout, Phillip David; Newport; Law: 142, 175. Howard, Gary Jay; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-Ed: 219. Howard, Robert; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 233. Howard, William G.; Owensboro, Ky.; Grad: 145, 233. Howerton, Erma Sue; Noel, Mo.; Jr-Ed: 156. Howerton, Russa Lou; Noel, Mo.; So-Ed: 156. Howlett, Don; DeQueen; Jr-En: 216. Hoyt, Jack; Little Rock; So-BA: 233. Htut, Maung Ye; Monywa, Burma; Fr-En: 216. Hubbard, Fern; Huntsville; So-Agri: 199. Hubbard, Jo Carol; Little Rock; Fr-Ed: 202. Huckaba, Frank, Jr.; Oil Trough; Law: 142, 233. Huckaby, Thomas Lee, Jr.; Fort Thomas, Ky.; So- En: 214. Huckeby, Donald Richard; Lonoke; Fr-En: 211. Hudman, John Thomas; Guy; Jr-En: 171. Hudson, Rebecca Ann; Fayetteville; So-A S: 160. Hudson, Robert L.; Calico Rock; Fr-A S: 213. Hudson, Theo Dwayne; El Dorado; Sr-A S: 125, 233. Hudson, Tommy Dewey; Fordyce; So-En: 188. Hudspeth, Charlotte; Harrison; Jr-BA: 159. Hudspeth, Robert Carrol; DeWitt; Jr-Agri: 219. Huffman, Alvin; Blytheville; Sr-A S: 125, 184. Hughes, Doyle Murphy; Malvern; Fr-En: 211. Hughes, Lloyd Milton; Pine Bluff; Fr-A S: 187. Hughes, Willard; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 125, 187. Hughey, John Michael; Jonesboro; Fr-BA: 183. Humphrey, Billy A.; North Little Rock; Grad: 145, 233. Humphrey, Caren Sue; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 203. Humphrey, Theodore C.; Morrison, Okla.; Grad: 145, 233.. Humphries, Jerry Halbert; Sheridan; Jr-BA: 219. Huneycutt, Doyle JuaDon; Camden; Law: 142, 179. Hunnicutt, Donald Bruce; Dumas; Jr-En: 187. Huno, Mary Jane; Little Rock; So-A S: 160. Hunt, Terry Demott; Fayetteville; Sr-En: 125, 176. Hunter, Sammie R.; Fayetteville; Sr-En: 125, 233. Hurlbut, Edmund Walter; Springdale; So-BA: 233. Hurlbut, James Edward, Stilwell, Okla.; Jr-BA: 180. Hurlbut, Terron James; Elm Springs; Fr-BA: 233. Hurst, Anice Alene; Hartman; Jr-Ed: 208. Hurst, Doyle; Flippin; So-Ed: 214. Hurst, James Taylor; Lake Village; Fr-BA: 187. Hurst Loyd D.; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 125, 233. Hutcherson, Robert Lee; Walnut Ridge; Jr-A S: 175. Hutsell, Howard H., Jr.; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 125, 233. Hutson, Gary R.; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 233. Hutt, Lemly D., Jr.; Fouke; So-A S: 233. Hyden, L. Wayne; Springdale; Fr-A S: 233. i Idol, John Lane, Jr.; Boone, N. C.; Grad: 145, 233. Ingram, Brenda Joyce; Lavaca; Jr-Agri: 159. Ingram, Ralph W.; Calico Rock; So-En: 233. Ingram, William Kent, Jr.; West Memphis; Fr-En: 175. Inzer, Edwin Lee; Camden; So-A S: 233. Inzer, Richard H.; Camden; Fr-BA: 233. Ireland, Melvin Charles; Hiwassee; Fr-En: 211. Irsch, Wayne Charles; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-En: 233. Isbell, Paul Vernon; Forrest City; Jr-BA: 233. Ison, David Wayne; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 233. . Ivester, Herman; Grady; So-En: 221. Ivey, Jimmy Wyatt; North Little Rock; Sr-A S: 125, 233. . Izard, John David; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 125, 233. j Jackson, Annette Grace; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 204. Jackson, Earl Fletcher; Lonoke; Law: 175, 143. Jackson, James A.; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 233. Jacks, James Claudis, Jr.; Pine Bluff; Jr-En: 176. 462 This year’s industry has set a record for Arkansas: 13,516 new jobs. Since July 1955 a total of 51,066 new jobs has been announced. 10,300 10,383 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 The Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, State Capitol, Little Rock. 463 Jackson, John Edward; Leachville; Fr-En: 234. Jackson, John R., Jr.; Pocahontas; Jr-A S: 184. Jackson, Lila Elaine; Harrison; Jr-Agri: 199. James, Lynn T.; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 234. Jackson, Shirley Ann; Harrison; Jr-A S: 160. Jackson, Sue Carolyn; Pocahontas; Fr-A S: 204. James, Gloria Carolyn; Little Rock; So-A S: 152. Jamison, James L.; Gillham; Sr-En: 234, 125. Jamison, Martha Ann; Siloam Springs; Fr-A S: 204. Janes, Robert Harrison, Jr.; Jacksonville; Jr-A S: 176. Jansen, James John; Fort Smith; Sr-En: 125, 234. Jefferson, Don C.; Rogers; Sr-BA: 126, 234. Jeffery, Kathryn Nell; Sycamore; Sr-Agri: 208. Jeffery, Robert M., Jr.; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 167. Jeffus, Hugh Milton; Siloam Springs; Sr-En: 126, 234. Jenkins, Joyce Lea; Paragould; Jr-Agri: 208. Jenkins, Lynn Page; Little Rock; Sr-En: 126, 234. Jenkins, Minor Ross; El Dorado; Jr-En: 234. Jenkins, Susie; Harrison; Jr-BA: 159. Jenkins, Walter Byron, Jr.; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 191. Jennings, Ralph Hank; Benton; Jr-A S: 187. Jennings, Sharon Louise; Benton; So-Agri: 151. Jernigan, George O. Jr.; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 126, 184. Jerry, Carlton George, II; Junction City; So-En: 176. Jester, Tom Davis, Jr.; Ashdown; Sr-BA: 126, 234. Jett, Gretchen; Wilkes; So-A S: 163. John, Jim Porter; Stuttgart; So-BA: 219. Johns, Jerry Wayne; West Memphis; Fr-BA: 215. Johns, Lillie Lee; Paris; Jr-En: 156. Johns, Linda Lee; Amity; So-BA: 207. Johns, William Buck; Paris; So-En: 179. Johnson, Darla Ann; Springdale; Fr-Ed: 204. Johnson, Donald Joe; Malvern; Sr-En: 126, 234. Johnson, Davis Evelyn; Springdale; Fr-BA: 234. Johnson, Emily Carol; Pocahontas; Jr-Ed: 155. Johnson, Gayle A.; Glen Ellyn, Ill.; Fr-Nursing: 204. Johnson, Jan; Stuttgart; Fr-Ed: 204. Johnson, John Farrar; El Dorado; Jr-BA: 234. Johnson, Joseph Vick; Corning; Fr-A S: 234. Johnson, Judith Mary; Springfield, Mo.; So-Nurs¬ ing: 160. Johnson, Judy Sue; Malvern; Fr-Nursing: 204. Johnson, Kaye Lucille; Lincoln; Fr-Agri: 208. Johnson, Lowell Dallas; Piggott; So-BA: 183. Johnson, Pat A.; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 156. Johnson, Patricia Belle; Mountain Home; Jr-A S: 151. Johnson, Paul Ray; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 179. Johnson, Sandra Kay; Crossett; Sr-A S: 126, 159. Johnson, Sidney Ervin; Crossett; Sr-Ed: 126, 195. THE METCALFE RECORD SHOP 628 West Dickson Street Fayetteville, Arkansas Northwest Arkansas ' Most Complete Record Shop PROMPT, PERSONAL SERVICE OZARK CLEANERS LAUNDRY Cleaning and Storage 101 North Block St. Phone HI 2-2012 We give S H Green Stamps FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS COLLIER REXALL DRUG STORE Northwest Arkansas ' Outstanding Drug Store PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES COSMETICS Complete Lines SUNDRIES HOUSEHOLD NEEDS Everything in Color Photography FIRST AID SUPPLIES 100 W. Dickson Phone 2-6262 464 Johnson, William A.; Pine Bluff; Fr-En: 213. Johnston, James Robert; Conway; Jr-En: 234. Johnston, Linda Walton; Clarksville; Jr-Ed: 234. Johnston, Max Morris; Mountain View; Sr-En: 221, 126. Johnston, William King; Clarksville; Jr-En: 234. Jones, Allen N.; Scott Air Base, Ill.; Fr-BA: 183. Jones, Charles Raymond; Camden; Sr-En: 126, 214. Jones, Charles William; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 234. Jones, Cindy; Fort Smith; So-A S: 155. Jones, Cla ra Dickson; Fort Smith; Jr-Ed: 234. Jones, Cleveland Marion; Batesville; Jr-BA: 234. Jones, Dorothy Kay; Tulsa, Okla.; Sr-Ed: 155, 126. Jones, Dorsey William; Fayetteville; Sr-BA: 126, 234. Jones, Flernoy Glenn; Tichnor; Grad: 145. Jones, Freida Ann; Muskogee, Okla.; Grad: 145, 234. Jones, Harry D.; Mineral Springs; Jr-En: 234. Jones, Henry Lamar; Fordyce; So-BA: 187. Jones, Howard, Jr.; Little Rock; Sr-En: 184, 195. Jones, Hugh Michael; Grannis; Fr-Pharmacy: 211. Jones, James H.; Hope; Jr-A S: 234. Jones, James Loyd; Cane Hill; Sr-Ed: 126, 219. Jones, Jerre Lou; Westville, Okla.; Fr-BA: 204. Jones, Joe Allen; Wickes; So-BA: 217. Jones, Johnny Lee; Dardanelle; Sr-En: 126, 234. Jones, Kenneth E.; Lewisville; Grad: 234, 145. Jones, Lawrence Edward; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 126, 184. Jones, Levi Jeff; Broken Bow; Fr-A S: 234. Jones, Linda Lee; Huntsville; Sr-Ed: 126, 151. Jones, Luellen Ashley; McGehee; Jr-BA: 152. Jones, Mary Karolyn; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 234. Jones, Mary Lou; Springdale; Sr-A S: 126, 151. Jones, Paul Lee; Franklin, Mich.; Jr-A S: 234. Jones, Robert N.; Fayetteville; Fr-En. 234. Jones, Ronald; Searcy; Grad: 145, 234. Jones, Ronny Paul; Hope; Fr-En: 188. Jones, Shirley Ruth; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 156. Jones, Stephen Macaulay; Hot Springs; So-Agri: 234. Jones, Susan Allaire; Searcy; So-Ed: 160. Jones, Suzanne; Batesville; So-A S: 207. Jones, Suzanne; Pine Bluff; So-Ed: 152. Jones, William Lewis; Lansing, Ill.; Fr-En: 234. Jordan, Covin McKinley; Crossett; So-En: 191. Jordan, Don Wayne; Crossett; Sr-En: 126, 180. Jordan, Robon Jane; Pine Bluff; Fr-BA: 204. Jordan, Wolford Rene; Batesville; So-En: 221. Jorgensen, Daryl Lynn; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 126, 234. Joyce, Linda; Fort Smith; Jr-Ed: 159. Joyner, Lillian Mary Jane; Fayetteville; Fr-Nurs- ing: 234. Juniel, Sarah Evelyn; Houston, Tex.; Fr-A S: 204. Juniel, Robbie Louise; Houston, Tex.; Jr-Ed: 151. 465 Junkersfeld, Thomas L.; McLean, Va.; Fr-BA: 211. Junkin, Gloria Elaine; Fort Smith; Jr-Ed: 155. K Kabell, Freddie Lee; Miller, Mo.; Fr-En: 234. Kallenberger, Jane; Bartlesville, Okla.; Fr-BA: 204. Kalmbach, George; Shreveport, La.; Jr-A S: 187. Kane, Gilbert Alexander; Rogers; Sr-En: 126, 195. Karber, Jerry Mac; Amity; Fr-Agri: 234. Karch, Bill R.; Sulphur Springs; Jr-A S: 234. Kauffman, Charles Sumner; Texarkana, Tex.; Jr- Ed: 179, 219. Kayser, Louis C., Jr.; North Little Rock; Jr-BA: 192. Keaton, Nina Claire; Jacksonville; Jr-A S: 151. Keck, George Russell; Rogers; Fr-A S: 234. Keck, Jack; Ashdown; Sr-En: 234. Kee, Robert Dale; Monette; So-A S: 214. Keene, Joseph Wright, Jr.; Hot Springs; So-En: 183. Keene, R. Bruce; Little Rock; Sr-Agri; 167, 126. Keese, Charles Phillip; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 184, 126. Keesee, Jim Mahlon; Malvern; Sr-BA: 221, 126. Keeter, Gary Lee; Mountain Home; Jr-BA: 180. Keeton, Joe Neil; Mansfield; Fr-A S: 234. Keith, Edwin Lewis; Bentonville; Sr-En: 126, 23,4. Keith, Roy; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 217. Keith, Suzanne Gay; Bentonville; So-A S: 234. Kellam, Arthur Garrie; Russellville; Jr-BA: 187. Kellar, James Stephen; Fayetteville; So-A S: 234. Kellberg, Samuel E.; Alvin, Tex.; So-Ed: 219. Kelley, Beverly Ann; Mount Ida; Jr-Agri: 151. Kelley, Diane; Benton; So-Nursing: 160. Kelley, Eugene Theodore; Sr-BA: 126, 214. Kelley, Glen E.; Crossett; Grad: 234, 145. Kelley, Jana Dee; Gentry; Sr-Agri: 126, 199. Kelley, Tommy H.; Hazard, Ky.; Grad: 234, 145. Kelley, Patty; Little Rock; So-A S: 159. Kelley, William Donald; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 126. 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Underwood’s Jewelers of j Fayetteville COMPLIMENTS nderivood A C oMeye jewelers NORTHWEST ARKANSAS ' ONLY ACCREDITED GEMOLOGIST Cff ' CKH GO S uperior LAUNDRY CLEANERS " Personalized Service for Particular People " 399 N. West St. HI 2-4322 466 Kistler, John Glendon; Rogers; Sr-BA: 127, 217. Kitchen, Jane; Prescott; So-A S: 160. Kitchens, Chester Lee; Magnolia; Fr-A S: 179. Kitchens, Emily Rowena; Magnolia; Jr-BA: 159. Kizziar, Jim Charles; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 234. Knight, George Edwin; Little Rock; Jr-En: 187. Knowles, Billy Kay; Calico Rock; So-A S: 214. Knox, David Lee; Fort Smith; Sr-En: 127, 234. Koettle, Jo Anne; Newport; Jr-BA: 208. Kolb, Harry; Magnolia; Sr-En: 127, 234. Kolb, Kay Ela; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 127, 163. Kolb, Phillip; McGehee; Fr-BA: 234.. Komar, Michael James; Elm Grove; Fr-BA: 211. Kontiainen, Eila Marjatta; Tampere, Finland; Jr- A S: 199. Kooker, Stephen Lowell; Lowell; So-En: 234. Koonce, David M.; Little Rock; So-BA: 234. 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Lecky, Bobby; El Dorado; So-BA: 187. Ledbetter, Charles A.; Benton; So-A S: 235. Ledbetter, Neena V ictoria; Benton; Jr-A S: 151. Lee, Billy Ray; Delight; Sr-Agri: 127, 235. Lee, Delores; Dumas; So-A S: 199. Lee, Glenda Carole; Stuttgart; Fr-A S: 203. Lee, Joe Edwin; Damascus; Jr-Agri: 235. Leggett, Betty Jane; Little Rock; So-Nursing: 152. Lehnhard, Linda; McAlester, Okla.; Jr-Ed: 151. Leidy, William Charles; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 235. Leigh, James T.; Onawa, Iowa; Sr-BA: 127, 214. Lenggenhager, Mary Ellen; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 155. Lepp, Dennis S.; Rogers; So-BA: 167. Leslie, Dorothy Elaine; Springdale; Jr-Ed: 235. Leslie, James Edward; Springdale; So-A S: 235. Leverette, Betty Ann; Denison; So-Ed: 151. Levine, Morris Henry; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 219. Levitt, Wayne Martin; Goodwin; Sr-BA: 127, 235. The Clothes that gentlemen wear . . . 302 Main • Little Rock 407 Lewis, Carolyn; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 152. Lewis, Charles Glenn; Little Rock; Jr-En: 221. Lewis, Charles Maurice; Magnolia; Sr-BA: 127, 180. Lewis, Jane; Little Rock; So-A S: 160. Lewis, Marvene Kathleen; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 235. Lewis, Pat Roy; Ashdown; Jr-BA: 235. Lewis, Paul Kibler; Pocahontas; Law: 143, 235. Lewter, Dallas E.; Malvern; Jr-BA: 176. Lieblong, John William; Forrest City; Fr-BA: 175. Ligon, Cynthia Joan; North Little Rock; So-Ed: 163. Liles, James Harold; North Little Rock; So-En: 235. Liles, Ronald Richard; Aurora, Mo.; Jr-BA: 187. Lilly, James Caraway; Little Rock; Fr-En: 235. Linam, William C.; Rector; So-En: 216. Lindsey, Alice Anderson; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 155. Lir.dsey, Byers Mack; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 183. Lindsey, Dean R.; Batesville; Jr-En: 235. Lindsey, Uvalde; Harrison; Jr-BA: 184. Linebarger, James Dale; Morrilton; Fr-En: 213. Linebarger, Susan; Little Rock; So-Agri: 160. Lipinsky, Virginia Elaine; New York, N. Y.; Grad: 146, 235. Lipsmeyer, Laurence Joseph; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 192. Litson, Carol Ann; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-BA: 203. 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Long, Charles F.; El Dorado; So-En: 187. Long, Everett William; Springdale; Fr-BA: 235. Long, Fletcher; Forrest City; Fr-A S: 175. Looney, Gary Keith; Tulsa, Okla; Fr-BA: 235. Loudermilk, Billy Hayden; Perryville; Sr-Ed: 128, 235. Loux, Larry Dwain; Fort Smith; Jr-Ed: 235. Love, William Earle; Morrilton; Fr-BA: 183. Lovegrove, Sandra Lee; Van Buren; So-Ed: 155. Loveless, Daisy Carlo; Sulphur Springs; So-Ed: 235. Lovett, Scott; Star City; So-BA: 235. Low, Douglas Reid; Little Rock; Sr-En: 128, 235. Lowe, Carolyn J.; Gillett; Fr-Ed: 203. Lowe, Chester Clarence; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 187. Lowe, Emmons B.; Natural Dam; Jr-BA: 235. Lowe, Georganne; Hope; Fr-A S: 203. Lowe, Miles Whitaker; Monticello; So-En: 216. Lowe, Priscilla Ann; Gillett; Jr-BA: 155. Lowes, Guy Alvin; Fayetteville; Jr-En: 235. Lowrance, Albert L.; North Little Rock; So-En: 217. Lowrance, Patricia Avila; Memphis, Tenn.; Fr- A S: 235. Lowrey, Gene; Paris; Jr-Agri: 235. Loy, Diana Dickerson; Little Rock; Sr-Ed: 128, 199. Loy, Joseph; Helena; Sr-BA: 128, 216. Lubin, David Emanuel; Pine Bluff; Jr-En: 216. Lucas, Darrell L.; Hot Springs; Jr-A S: 171. Ludington, Robert Earle; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 235. Luker, James Charles; North Little Rock; Fr-En: 235. Lum, June; West Memphis; Fr-A S: 203. Luplow, Sallie Ann; Parkin; Fr-Ed: 203. Lusby, James Robert; Camden; Fr-A S: 211. Luter, Thomas H.; Corning; Sr-En: 128, 176. GILBOW TIRE SUPPLY CO. B. F. Goodrich Distributor Wheel Alignment a Specialty 123 W. Mountain HI 2-2552 468 Luzetti, Albert James; Altheimer; Jr-En: 235. Lynch, Margaret Jo; Rogers; Jr-Ed: 235. Lyons, Arland Wayne; Nashville; Sr-Ed: 128, 235. M McAdams, Dolly Wade; West Memphis; So-A S: 152. McAdams, Patricia Jane; Texarkana; Sr-Agri: 155, 235. McAdoo, Hosea Webster, Jr.; North Little Rock; So-A S: 214. McAdoo, Jerrie Ann; Hot Springs; So-Ed: 160. McAfee, Julia Arleen; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-Ed: 203. McAlister, Judy; Fort Smith; So-A S: 199. McBride, Bob; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 235. McCall, Charles Jefferson; Batesville; Fr-A S: 175. McCall, Columbus; North Little Rock; Fr-En: 235. McCalla, Jenny Wren; Blytheville; Fr-A S: 203. McCarley, B. Bryant; West Memphis; Jr-BA: 188. McCartney, Allen Papin; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 235. McCarty, Diane Katherine; Helena; Fr-Ed: 203. McCarty, Gordon Edward, Jr.; Helena; Fr-A S: 175. McCarty, Mildred Kay; Helena; Sr-A S: 128, 152. McCarver, Clinton H.; Siloam Springs; 128, 235. McCarver, Trenton H.; Springdale; So-Agri: 235. McCasland, Pamela; Jefferson, Tex.; Fr-A S: 203. McCauley, E. Delos; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 128, 221. McCauley, Marianne; Okmulgee, Okla.; Jr-A S: 160. McCauley, Silas Evan; Rison; Sr-BA: 128, 235. McCay, John David; Crossett; So-En: 191. McClain, Gary Lee; Crosse tt; Sr-En: 128, 195. McClain, Glen Edward; Fordyce; Jr-En: 220. McClain, Jerry Clowers; Tarry; Jr-A S: 183. McClain, Johnny Newton; North Little Rock; Fr- A S: 213, McClain, Julie Ann; Smackover; Fr-BA: 203. McClendon, Charles Alfred; Warren; Sr-BA: 128, 192. McCollum, Kay; Stuttgart; So-A S: 152. McCollum, Roslyn; Stuttgart; Fr-A S: 203. McConnell, Joicie Faith; Greenwood; Jr-Ed: 199. McCord, Larry Reed; Fort Smith; Jr-En: 187. McCracken, Ann S.; Russellville; Sr-Ed: 128, 163. McCrary, Lemuel Clarence; Lonoke; Sr-BA: 128, 175. McCrary, William Wightman; Memphis, Tenn.; Fr- En: 183. McCreary, John Wesley; Little Rock; Jr-En: 235. McCrory, Ross Edward; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 128, 217. McCuistion, Willa Nell; Siloam Springs; Jr-Agri: 163. McCune, Mary Henry, North Little Rock; Fr-BA: 235. McCune, Sally Ann; Carthage, Mo.; Sr-BA: 128, 151. McDaniel, Bobbye Jean; Des Arc; Sr-Agri: 128, 208. McDaniel, Lloyd D.; Little Rock; Jr-En: 180. McDaniel, Margie B.; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 235. McDonald, Bob D.; DeQueen; Sr-Ed: 128, 214. McDonald, Gary Alan; Glenwood; Sr-BA: 128, 219. McDonald, James Earl; Scott; Jr-Agri: 214. McDonald, Judy Carole; North Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 199. McDonald, Phillip; Newport; Sr-BA: 128, 184. McDuffie, Charles; Crossett; Fr-En: 213. McElroy, Charles Dewayne; Ravenden Springs; Fr- En: 235. McEntire, Judith Love; Stuttgart; Jr-Ed: 155. McFarland, Linda Karen; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 235. McFarland, Phyllis Grace; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 235. McFerran, David Lee; Charleston; So-En: 235. McFerran, John A.; Fort Smith; So-BA: 187. McGahey, James Dell; Fayetteville; Sr-Ed: 128, 235. McGalin, Judith; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 128, 156. McGary, Frank, Heber Springs; Sr-A S: 128, 235. McGavock, Brenda Lynn; Amarillo, Tex.; Fr-A S: 203. McGee, William; Bradley; Sr-A S: 128, 235. We wish to express our gratitude to those merchants of Fayetteville and the rest of the state who have so graciously supported the University and the Razorback by their pur¬ chase of advertising space in this edition. We especially want to thank the merchants of Fayetteville who depend upon the University for their existence and who realize their responsibility to the University. Thank you. 469 McGhee, William Kenneth; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 179. McGill, Donald Wilbanks; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 129, 235. McGill, Leighton Robert; Chidester; Grad: 146, 236. McGill, Robert Holt; Marked Tree; So-A S: 180. McGinty, Sharon Kay; Neosho, Mo.; Fr-Ed: 203. McGloflin, Sally Jo; Morrilton; So-Ed: 199. McGowan, Larry L.; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 129, 176. McGregor, Sara Frances; Cotton Plant; Jr-A S: 155. McGuire, Daniel Warren, Jr.; Dardanelle; Sr-En: 129, 236. McHenry, Margaret Ellen; El Dorado; Sr-A S: 129, 207. McHenry, Robert Moore; Conway; Law: 129, 143. McHone, Vivian; Lincoln; Fr-Agri: 203. McHughes, Raymond Wayne; North Little Rock; Fr-En: 211. McIntyre, Patricia Ann; Carthage, Mo.; So-Ed: 199. McKenney, Jerry Doyle; Fort Smith; Fr-BA: 211. McKenzie, David; Hope; Jr-BA: 236. McKenzie, James H.; Prescott; So-BA: 183. McKinney, Clay Carl; Siloam Springs; Sr-A S: 129, 187. McKinney, Leonard Evan; Sheridan; So-En: 191. McKinley, William Murray; Fort Smith; So-En: 216. McKinney, George; Texarkana, Tex.; Jr-Ed: 219. McKinney, Steven King; Siloam Springs; Sr-BA: 129, 187. McKnelly, Leslie Thomas; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 219. McKnight, Donald T.; Parkin; Sr-BA: 129, 175. McKvin, Bob George; Morrilton; So-En: 183. McLaughlin, Glenda June; Paragould; Jr-Agri: 208. McLelland, Robert E., Jr.; Pine Bluff; Fr-En: 187. McLendon, Patricia Ann; Paraguay; Fr-A S: 203. McLeod, George E.; Walnut Ridge; Sr-BA: 129, 175. McLeod, Morris Nices; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 129, 236. McMahen, Patsy Lee; Augusta; Jr-Ed: 160. McMillan, Richard Arnold; Mount Ida; Fr-BA: 236. McMurtrey, Robert Ware; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 129, 176. McNair, Carol Ann; Little Rock; So-A S: 159. McNew, Jame Anne, Carthage, Mo.; Jr-A S: 159. McNeil, Janett; Searcy; So-Ed: 155. McNeil, Martha J.; Rector; Grad: 146, 236. McNutt, Judith Oanesi; Houston, Tex.; Fr-BA: 203. McRae, Dorsey Alexander; Hope; Sr-BA: 129, 183. McRae, Thomas Chipman; El Dorado; Law: 143, 183. McShane, Susan Ethel; Fort Smith; So-A S: 160. McSpadden, Carl Brook; Moorefield; Jr-BA: 220. McWaters, Anita Elizabeth; Blytheville; Sr-Ed: 129, 155. McWhorter, Clayton Ward; Rogers; Sr-BA: 129, 179. Mackey, Wayne Ford; Rogers; Jr-A S: 236. Mackey, Robert Wade; Broomall, Pa.; Fr-BA: 171. MacLean, Alexander; Westfork; Jr-En: 236. Macy, Suzanne; Rogers; Fr-A S: 203. Maddox, Edward Lee; Oden; So-En: 214. Maddox, James Eugene; North Little Rock; Sr-BA: 130, 236. Maddox, Priscilla Rosemary; Springfield, Mo.; Jr- Ed: 160. Maeder, Linda Rose; Fayetteville; So-A S: 236. Maertens, Robert L.; Benton; Fr-En: 213. Magee, Linda Ellis; Forrest City; Sr-A S: 130, 155. Magness, David Alan; Dumas; Jr-Agri: 217. Magness, James Edward; Hot Springs; Fr-En: 219. Magness, Jerry Dale; Batesville; Jr-En: 217. Magness, Tom Harding; Branson, Mo.; Fr-A S: 211 . Mahle, Jack Dickey, Jr.; Newport; Sr-A S: 130, 183. Majors, Don Yancey; England; Jr-BA: 175. Malcolm, Robert Guy; Camden; Jr-A S: 192. Mallory, Mary Ned; Forrest City; So-Ed: 159. Malloy, Margaret Virginia; Dallas, Tex.; So-A S: 151. Maloch, Celia Rose; Osceola; Fr-Agri: 208. Maloch, James Louis; Osceola; Sr-Agri: 130, 236. Malone, Daryl Jane; Okemah, Okla.; Jr-Ed: 160. Malone, Dennis Eugene; Bentonville; Fr-Agri: 236. Malone, Mary Bess; Camden; Sr-A S: 130, 160. Malone, Nancy Jeanette; Helena; Sr-A S: 130, 207. Maloney, Linda Carolyn; Garfield; Fr-A S: 204. Manatt, William Scott; Hot Springs; So-En: 236. Manderville, Ramona Sue; Lincoln; Jr-Ed: 199. Maugan, Charles Stephen; North Little Rock; Jr- A S: 183. Mann, Charles Curtis; North Little Rock, Sr-En: 130, 236. Mann, Edward Maruin, Jr.; Hickory; So-A S: 184, 219. Mann, Woodrow Wilson; Houston, Tex.; Jr-BA: 167. Maples, Jimmie Kay; Heber Springs; Sr-En: 130, 214. Mar, Robert; Tyronza; Jr-A S: 214. Marino, Charles “Butch”; Camden; So-Ed: 180. Marinoni, Paul Albert; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 171. Maris, Guy; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 130, 184. Marks, Max O’Ferrell; Fordyce; Sr-BA: 130, 236. Marlar, Joseph Franklin; Van Buren; Sr-En: 130, 195. Marlow, Billy Howard; Rogers; So-A S: 214. Marrs, James E.; Magazine; Fr-Agri: 168. Martens, Jay Alvin; Springdale; Fr-Agri: 236. Martin, Ann; Fort Worth, Tex.; Sr-A S: 130, 152. Martin, Art Bradley; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 236. Martin, Bobby Joe; Yellville; Sr-A S: 130, 188. Martin, Carole Sue; Mabelvale; Fr-Agri: 204. Martin, Dorothy Ann; Rogers; Fr-BA: 204. 470 Martin, Gary Lee; McCrory; Sr-BA: 130, 236. Martin, George O.; Adona; Jr-En: 236. Martin, James Monroe; Solgohachia; Sr-BA: 131, 236. Martin, Joyce Sue; Benton; Fr-A S: 204. Martin, Martha Anna; Warren; Jr-A S: 163. Martin, Nancy; Camden; Jr-Agri: 208. Martin, Paul Loyd; Fayetteville; Sr-BA: 130, 236. Martin, Rex Albert; Marshall; Fr-En: 211. Martin, Suellen; Berryville; So-Ed: 159. Martin, William Carl; Mabelvale; Sr-En: 130, 221. Martin, William Glenn; North Little Rock; Fr-En: 215. Mason, Edward Paul; Hot Springs; So-Agri: 236. Mason, Lee D.; Springdale; Sr-BA: 130. Mason, Richard Harper; Grad: 146. Mason, William Lee; Norphlet; Fr-A S: 213. Massey, Edmund McDowell; Morrilton; Sr-BA. 130 183. Massey, Floyd John; Hot Springs; Fr-BA: 213. Massie, Richard Lamar; Little Rock; Fr-En: 183. Mathias, Thomas Herbert; Fayetteville; Grad: 146. Mathis, Jack Shannon; Pine Bluff; Jr-Ed: 236. Matthews, Bill; El Dorado; So-BA: 184. Matthews, Patricia Ann; Magnolia; Sr-Ed: 130, 156. Matthews, Wadette; Greenbrier; So-Ed: 236. Matthews, William J.; Greenbrier; Sr-En: 130, 236. Matingly, Lasly Weaver; Huffon; Law: 143. Mauldin, Jerry Vernon; Marion; Fr-En: 236. Mauldin, Russwurm Baker; West Helena; So-A S: 179. Maulding, Davis Taaffe; Foreman; Sr-A S: 130, 236. Mauney, Jimmy Edwin; Norphlet; Sr-En: 130, 221. Maxwell, Ronald Sherman; Booneville; So-Agri: 168. 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Meredith, Bertie Carolyn; Texarkana, Tex.; Jr-Ed: 207. Meredith, Brenda Burlene; Little Rock; So-Ed: 207. Meredith, John William; Fayetteville; Fr-En: 236. Merrick, James Graham; North Little Rock; Jr- A S: 179. Merrick, Joe K.; Miller, Mo.; Fr-En: 236. Mesavage, Jean Anne; Harrison; So-A S: 207. Metrailer, Joseph Frederick, Little Rock; Jr-En: 220 . Mewis, Rebecca Meroe; College Park, Md.; So- Agri: 207. Meyer, Larry W.; Mt. Vernon, Mo.; Fr-BA: 213. Meyers, Raymond Eugene; Benton; Fr-En: 213. Mikeska, Joyce; Kilgore, Tex.; So-A S: 207. Miles, Richard W.; Harrison; So-A S: 184. Miller, Carl Dean; Parkdale; So-En: 183. Miller, Carol Jean; Springfield, Mo.; Fr-A S: 204. Miller, Caryl Ann; Shreveport, La.; Jr-Ed: 207. Miller, Charles H.; Prairie Grove; Fr-A S: 236. Miller, George; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 236. Miller, Janet Lucretia; Lead Hill; So-Agri: 199. Miller, Joe Taylor; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 192. Miller, Judy I.; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 199. 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Mitchell, Robert Behrens; Fayetteville; So-BA: 236. Moak, Carolyn Elaine; Port Arthur, Tex.; Grad: 146. Moberg, Barbara Elizabeth; Prescott; Jr-A S: 163. Moberly, Patsy Ann; Bentonville; So-Ed: 156. Moery, Clarence Bryan; Wynne; Fr-Agri: 213. Moix, Robert Joseph; Conway; So-En: 236. Moles, J. Louis; Harrison; Sr-BA: 130, 184. Monk, Marion; North Little Rock; So-En: 236. Montgomery, Horace L.; Grubbs; Fr-Agri: 236. Montgomery, Jesse Troy; Pine Bluff; Sr-BA: 130t, 236. Montgomery, Marilyn Blanche; Helena; So-Phar- macy: 152. Montgomery, Roberta A. M.; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 152. Montgomery, Shelby Vance; Helena; So- Phar¬ macy: 175. Monts, Danny; Hope; Jr-BA: 236: Moody, Terry Shirrell; Mountain View; So-A S: 214. Moody, Lackey Gene; Batesville; Fr-A S: 213. Moone, James Lee; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 176. Mooney, Charles Marion; Jonesboro; Law: 143, 236. Moore, Bobby Booth; North Little Rock; So-En: 236. Moore, Burton Allan; Lonoke; Fr-A S: 175. Moore, Charlie Kenneth; El Dorado; Fr-En: 187. 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Morris, Charlotte Corinne; North Little Rock; Fr- A S: 205. Morris, Jane; Garland; Sr-A S: 130, 199. Morris, Marilyn Nell; Fort Smith; Jr-Ed: 163. Morris, Mary Carolyn; Harrison; So-Ed: 207. Morris, Thomas Dixon; Heber Springs; Sr-En: 131, 236. Morris, William Henry; Lonoke; So-Agri: 175. Morrison, Doyle Edwon, Jr.; Fayetteville; So-En: 236. Morrison, Nancy; Springfield, Mo.; Jr-A S: 160. Morrison, Patty Lou; Leslie; Sr-Agri: 131, 156. Morrow, Robert Ellis; West Memphis; Fr-A S: 188. Morton, William McDonald; Helena; Sr-Agri: 131, 236. Moseley, Hurley Joe; Pine Bluff; Jr-En: 236. Moseley, Raymond Arnold; Alicia; Sr-BA: 131, 236. Mosley, James Lawrence; El Dorado; Sr-En: 131, 183. Moseley, Jeri Bob; Fort Smith; So-BA: 207. Mosley, Melinda Louise; Little Rock; So-A S: 151. Moss, James N.; McGehee; Fr-A S: 187. Mote, Jimmy Doyle; Monette; Jr-Ed: 219. Motley, George Ronald; Little Rock; Fr-En: 236. Mott, Gordon Boler; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 183. Mulhollan, Paige Elliott; Fort Smith; Grad: 146. Mulhollan, Jim S.; Fort Smith; So-A S: 183. Mulhollen, Danny Byron; Corning; Fr-En: 211. Mulkey, Barbara Jane; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 205. Mullen, Winfred C.; Heber Springs; Sr-BA: 131, 236. Mullins, C. Allen; Pueblo, Colo.; Jr-En: 214. Mullins, Derrel Wayne; Diamond, Mo.; Jr-BA: 192. Murdock, Martha Belle; Fort Smith; JrEd: 207. Murphey, Billye Newell; Fayetteville: So-Ed: 237. Murphy, Dan P.; Texarkana; Jr-A S: 183. Murphy, Thomas Dee; McGregor, Tex.; Sr-BA: 131, 237. Murphy, Thomas Michael; El Dorado; Fr-BA: 237. Muse, William Van; Union, Miss.; Grad: 146. Myers, Elwin M.; Hot Springs; Fr-BA: 187. Myers, Jay Frank; Siloam Springs; Jr-A S: 192. Myers, Milo Gene; Fayetteville; So-En: 237. Myers, Ramon Anthony; Hot Springs; Jr-A S: 221. Myers, Robert Eugene; Fordyce; Jr-En: 221. N Nail, Madeline Annette; Shreveport, La.; Fr-Ed: Nakamura, Frank Akira; Scott; So-A S: 217. 472 205. Nally, Clarke Edwin; Fort Smith; So-En: 237. Narisi, Marie Estelle; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 205. Nash, Benson Gregory; Smackover; Grad: 146. Nash, Charles Duncan; Arkadelphia; Jr-En: 237. Nave, Philippe David; Newport; So-En: 221. Neal, Byron Dickson; Heber Springs; Jr-En: 221. Nease, Rondall Lee; Hot Springs; Sr-Agri: 131, 237. Neaville, Harold Wayne; Benton; So-A S: 187. Neeley, Charles Mack; Pine Bluff; Fr-A S: 237. Neely, Mary Margaret; DeQueen; So-Agri: 207. Neighbors, Robert; North Little Rock; Fr-BA: 211. Neill, Johnnie L.; Springdale; Fr-En: 237. Neislar, Ronnie; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 237. Nelon, Dorothy Louise; Little Rock; So-Ed: 207. Nelson, Chris Charles, Jr.; Lonoke; Fr-En: 211. Nelson, Jack, Nevada, Mo.; Sr-A S: 131, 219. Nelson, Rober t C.; Fayetteville; Fr-En: 237. Netherton, Lon Raymond; Springdale; Jr-BA: 237. Neubert, William Herman; Carthage, Mo.; Sr-En: 131, 180. Neumeier, Eddie James; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 211. Nevins, Linda Sue; Mountain Home; Fr-A S: 205. Newbern, William David; Fayetteville; Law: 143. Newkirk, Darrel Dean; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 237. Newkirk, Larry Jeff; Hot Springs; Sr-En: 131, 237. Newman, Doris Bernice; Hot Springs; Fr-BA: 205. Newman, Gloria Sue; Springdale; Fr-A S: 237. Newman, Judy; Tulsa, Okla.; Jr-A S: 160. Newman, Tillman Eugene, Jr.; Van Buren; Jr-En: 237. Newman, Virgil Howard; Hot Springs; So-En: 214. Newsum, Jo Lynne; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 155. Nichols, Lloyd George; Carlisle; Grad: 146. Nicholas, Lowell; Piggott; So-A S: 180. Nichols, Ted Bryan; Star City; Fr-BA: 213. Nickell, Jo Ann; Fayetteville; Fr-Agri: 237. Nipper, Daniel Clifton; Magnolia; Jr-En: 216. Niswanger, Barry; Malvern; Sr-BA: 131, 176. Nix, John Robin; Camden; Fr-En: 211. Nobles, Diane Elizabeth; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 205. Nofziger, Charles L.; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 131, 237. Noland, Sue; Shreveport, La.; So-A S: 152. Nordin, Lewis Jan; Alma; So-A S: 216. Norman, Sally Anne; North Little Rock; Fr-Ed: 205. Norris, Gary Fred; Green Forest; So-Agri: 168. Norsworthy, Morris E.; Weiner; Jr-BA: 180. Northcross, Sarah; Huntsville; Sr-Ed: 131, 237. Norton, Ennis Wayne; Mena; So-En: 195. Norton, James Robert; Harrison; Fr-En: 213. Norwood, Garnet Ernest; DeQueen; Jr-BA: 237. Norwood, James Robert; DeQueen; So-En: 213. Norwood, James Earl; Little Rock; So-BA: 192. Norwood, Joyce Marketta; Morrilton; Jr-BA: 155. Nosari, Eldon Joe; Little Rock; Grad: 146, 237. Nowell, James Lloyd; Nashville; Fr-En: 183. Nuckols, Bobby; Dumas; So-BA: 237. Lance Alworth around the turn. Nutt, Carol Tatum; Fayetteville; Sr-Ed: 131, 237. Nutt, Charles P.; Mineral Springs; Jr-En: 216. Nutt, Judith Anna; Fayetteville; So-A S: 237. Nutt, Robert Mitchell; Fayetteville; Law: 143, 237. Nystrom, Betty J.; Mountain Home; So-BA: 207. Nystrom, Diane Lucile; Mountain Home; Fr-A S: 204. o Oates, David Bonner; Pottsville; Jr-Agri: 237. O’Brien, Patricia Anne; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 131, 207. Odum, Linda Lou; Cabot; So-A S: 207. Offutt, John Edward; El Dorado; Fr-A S: 237. Offutt, Robert Aris; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 137, 237. Oglesby, Lucy Lee; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 137, 160. Oishi; Kazuo; Scott; Jr-En: 237. Oishi, Toshio; Scott; So-En: 237. O’Kelley, John Stephen; Benton; Jr-En: 167. Olbrich, M. Susan; Bartlesville, Okla.; Fr-BA: 204. Olds, Edwin L.; Hot Springs; Fr-En: 179. Oliver, Gary Don; Alma; Jr-En: 237. Oliver, Jimmy Wayne; Greenwood; Fr-En: 237. Oliver, Nancy LaRee; Mulberry; Jr-Agri: 237. Olsen, Dan; Copenhagen; So-A S: 167. Orendorff, Gary Malloy; Sallisaw, Okla.; So-A S: 180. Orler, Jerry Don; Pir.eville, Mo.; Fr-BA: 213. Orler, Johnny Lee; Anderson, Mo.; So-Ed: 191. Ort, Ronald E.; Little Rock; Jr-En: 237. Osborne, Barbara Adams; Gurdon; Sr-A S: 131, 155. Osborne, Carolyn Ruth; Fort Smith; So-Ed: 207. Osborne, Hilton Freeland; Fayetteville; Fr-Agri: 237. Osborne, MayBelle; Bentonville; Fr-A S: 204. Osburn, Myralyn G.; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 237. Oswalt, Kenneth Lee; Helena; Fr-A S: 213. Ott, Jerry K.; Flippin; Fr-En: 213. Ott, LaVonne; Flippin; Jr-Ed: 199. Overb, Glen Allan; Mountain Pine; Sr-En: 131, 217. Overton, Bill M.; Roseland; Sr-En: 131, 237. Overton, Teddy J.; Springdale; So-BA: 237. Overton, William Ray; Malvern; Sr-BA: 176, 237. Owen, Dale Landon; Van Buren; Sr-A S: 131, 237. Owen, Emily Katurah; Crossett; Sr-A S: 156, 131. Owen, Emma Jean; Grady; Sr-Agri: 208, 131. Owen, Robert B.; Pine Bluff; Grad: 146, 156. Owens, Emmanelle; Wardell, Mo.; Grad: 146, 237. Owens, Jerry M.; Junction City; Jr-BA: 237. Owens, Olin W.; Junction City; Sr-BA: 131, 237. Owens, Thomas Harold; Fort Smith; 131, 167. Owens, Tom E.; Vinita, Okla.; Jr-Ed: 171. Oxford, Milford Thompson; Springdale; Sr-En: 131, 237. p Pabian, Carole Virginia; North Little Rock; Fr- A S: 204. Pace, Sondra Lerene; Gravette; Sr-Ed: 132, 199. Paddie, Dennis; Hope; So-A S: 184. Padgett, Cynthia Anne; Batesville; Sr-Ed: 132, 160. Page, Eugene Merritt; Springdale; Sr-A S: 132, 237. Palmer, Pamela Kate; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 237. Palmer, Patricia Gale; Marianna; Fr-A S: 204. Pannell, Charles Kenneth; Stephens; So-A S: 167. Papageorge, Tommy A.; North Little Rock; Jr-En: 221 . Parham, Robert Gerald; Camden; Fr-BA: 184. Parish, Ada Ann; Fayetteville; So-Agri: 237. Park, Jerry B.; Clarksville; Fr-Agri: 237. Park, Linda Susan; Van Buren; So-A S: 199. Park, Sam Hugh; Van Buren; Fr-A S: 215. Parker, Charles Robert; Lewisville; Fr-A S: 183. Parker, Don G.; Poyen; Jr-BA: 237. Parker, Francis Wilkins; Fr-A S: 237. Parker, James Mayne; Fort Smith; So-A S: 187. Parker, Joe Michael; El Dorado; So-En: 191. Parker, Lee Roy; Springdale; So-A S: 237. Parker, Marcia Ann; Marked Tree; So-A S: 159. Parker, Melanie; Lewisville; So-BA:163. Parks, Billy Wayne; Rogers; Jr-BA: 237. Parks, Carolyn LaVern; Joplin, Mo.; So-Nursing: 199. Parks, Edwina Sue; Fayetteville; So-A S: 132, 237. Parnell, Lynda Lou; Cotton Plant; So-A S: 159. Parr, Nancy S.; Hot Springs; Fr-Ed: 204. Parscale, Nikii Ernestine; Monett, Mo.; Fr-A S: 204. Parse, Allan Wayne; Tulsa, Okla.; Jr-En: 179. Parsons, Robert Dale; Springdale; So-Agri: 237. Pascoe, Phillip Terry; Conway; Sr-BA: 180. Patcher, Frank Gary; Siloam Springs; Fr-En: 237. Pate, Jim Cecil; Clinton; Jr-En: 192. Pate, Sandra Sue; Clinton; So-Agri: 159. Pate, William Doyle; Hot Springs; Fr-BA: 213. . Patrick, Danny Lee; Delaney; Fr-Agri: 237. Patrick, Thomas Earl; Pettigrew; So-Pharmacy: 237. Patterson, Barbara Anne; Perryville; Jr-Agri: 208. Patterson, John Kenneth; North Little Rock; Sr- En: 132, 237. Patterson, Knox; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 187. Patterson, Sara Annelle; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 132, 163. Patterson, Stanley Ray; Joplin, Mo.; Fr-BA: 211. Patton, Jimmy Dale; Belleville; Law: 143, 237. Patton, Jim Fred; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 183. Patton, Robert Thomas; North Little Rock; Sr-En: 132, 237. Patty, Claibourne Watkins, Jr.; Little Rock; Law: 143, 237. Payne, Benny Carroll; Tuckerman; Fr-En: 215. Peacock, Hardy Preston; Winchester; Fr-A S: 213. Peacock, Jesse Thomas; Winchester; Jr-Agri: 217. Pearcy, William Odell; Altheimer; So-Agri: 216. Pedley, Katherine Evelyn; Gillham; Jr-Agri: 207. Pelphrey, Stephen Winfield; Rogers; Fr-BA: 211. Pelton, Scott Horton; Benton; Sr-BA: 132, 237. Pemberton, Audrey Dean; Stilwell, Okla.; Fr-Ed: 204. Pender, Joe Neil; Hot Springs; Fr-BA: 211. Pendergrass, Barbara Jolene; Crossett; So-Ed: 199. Penn, Foye W.; Lynn; Jr-En: 237. Penn, James Edward; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 132, 237. Pennington, Joe Scott; Tuckerman; Fr-BA: 213. Pence, Catherine Murry; Conway; Jr-A S: 207. Perciful, Glenda Sue; Little Rock; Fr-Ed: 204. Perdue, Linda Lee; Little Rock; So-Agri: 199. Perkins, Fred M.; Carlisle; Sr-A S: 132, 237. Perrier, Paul Gene; Mulberry; Sr-En: 132, 237. Perry, Bobby; Monticello; Fr-En: 237. Perry; Julie; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 152. Perry, Linda Clair; Springdale; So-BA: 163. Persing, Ina May; Gravette; Fr-A S: 204. Pesnell, Larkus Howard; El Dorado; Sr-En: 132, 187. Peter, Theodore Charles; Vicksburg, Miss.; So- A S: 216. Peters, Carol Ann; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 152. Peters, John William; Russellville; Jr-BA: 180. Peters, Stephen Frederick; Malvern; Fr-A S: 175. Peters, Weldon Leon; Bentonville; Sr-Agri: 132, 172. Peterson, Priscilla Jane; Alton, Ill.; Fr-Ed: 204. Peterson, Peggy Anne; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 132, 237. Petree, Charlotte Maxine; Caldwell, Ida.; Jr-A S: 159. Pettibon, Marilyn Lou; Springfield, Mo.; Jr-A S: 151. Pettus, Susan Kirkland; Pine Bluff; So-A S: 152. Petty, Dennis Clark; Springdale; Fr-BA: 238. Pettyjohn, Carolyn Sue; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 163. Pharis, Johnny A.; Little Rock; Fr-En: 179. Pharr, Lanrence Dale; Siloam Springs; Fr-Agri: 238. Pharr, Marilyn Joan; Grosse Pointe, Mich.; So-BA: 163. Phelan, Sammye Louese; Elkins; Sr-Ed: 132, 156. Phelps, Carolyn Sue; Little Rock; So-A S: 160. Phelps, Jun Harold; Booneville; Sr-BA: 132, 172. Phillips, Allan Woods: Fort Smith; So-BA: 176. Phillips, David William; Bentonville; Jr-A S: 214. Phillips, Delbert Wayne; Siloam Springs; Jr-En: 238. Phillips, Jacob R.; Newport; Grad: 146, 238. Phillips, John Arthur; Huntington; So-BA: 214. Phillips, Judith Ann; Fort Smith; So-Agri: 163. Phillips, Lynda Joan; Malvern; Fr-A S: 204. Phillips, James Roy; Prescott; Jr-En: 216. Phillips, Lucia Ann; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 238. Phillips, Patricia; Hindsville; So-A S: 199. Phillips, Saundra Sue; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 238. Philpott, Alice Dell; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 204. Pickens, Madelyn; Pickens; Grad: 146, 238. Pierce, Clinton Albert; Eureka Springs; Sr-A S: 132, 238. Pierce, Donna Sue; Clarksville; Jr-Agri: 207. Pigg, Luther Ray; Mena; Jr-En: 238. Pig retti, Maria Lia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jr- Special: 199. Pike, Leonard Maxwell; Hot Springs; Sr-Agri: 238. Pike, Roxy Ann Peters; Hot Springs; Sr-Agri: 238. Pils, Dick; Little Rock; So-A S: 220. Pinkerton, Nelta Jean; Camden; Fr-BA: 204. Pinkston, Carlos Maynard; Otis Air Force Base, Mass.; Fr-A S: 238. Pirson, Jerry Dean; Harrison; Law: 183. Pintado, Sherry Lynn; Glenwood; So-A S: 207. Pipkin, Daniel Jacob; Malvern; Fr-En: 238. Pittman, John M.; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 238. Pitts, James Louis; Lonoke; Jr-En: 238. Pitts, Roger Morrow; Lincoln; Sr-Agri: 238. Plante, Delgert Samuel; Texarkana; Fr-En: 238. Plaster, George Nicholas; Little Rock; Law: 180. Platt, Michael Richard; Springdale; Fr-A S: 238. Plowman, Nancy Belle; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 156. Plummer, Jerry Lee; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 213. Plummer, Sandra; Mexico City, Mexico; Sr-Ed: 199. Plunkett, Joseph Albert; Fort Smith; Jr-En: 214. Plunkett, Thomas Wood; Little Rock; So-En: 238. Poage, Melvin Everett; Fayetteville ; Sr-Agri: 238. Poe, Charles Alfred; Waldron; Grad: 146, 238. Polk, Joe Alan; Hope; Sr-BA: 132, 238. Polk, Tommy Ray; Hope; Jr-A S: 219. Pollard, Hugh Hart; Little Rock; So-A S: 179. Pollard, John Morgan; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 192. Pontier, Don G.; Inglewood, Calif.; Sr-A S: 132, 238. Poole, Arlen Dee; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 132, 238. Poole, Joe Bob; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 215. Poole, Lafayette Earl; Heber Springs; Sr-A S: 132, 238. Poole, Wesley Eugene; Nashville; Jr-En: 238. Pope, Clinton Dale; Warren; Jr-En: 180. Pope, Robert Darrell; Fayetteville; So-BA: 238. Pope, Tommy Dan; Fort Smith; So-En: 238. Porteous, Veronica Elizabeth; Shreveport, La.; Grad: 146, 238. Porter, Jim R.; Hackett; Jr-A S: 238. Porter, John David; Booneville; So-En: 216. Porter, Mary Sue; Malvern; Jr-Ed: 151. Porter, Penny Corrine; Tauernier, Fla.; Fr-Ed: 204. Porter, Phillip Wayne; North Little Rock; So-A S: 180. Porterfield, James Herald; Hope; Jr-A S: 238. Potter, Carol Grace; Marshall; So-Agri: 207. Potter, Jerry Lee; Everton; Fr-En: 213. Pouzar, Joe Emil; Little Rock; Sr-En: 132, 238. Powell, Nancy Ellen; Bentonville; Sr-Ed: 133, 238. Powell, Sharon Lee; Mountain Home; So-Ed: 207. 4 Vi Gaebale rehearsal, 475 Poynor, Mary Gene; Fayetteville; So-A S: 238. Poynor, Ruth Anne; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 238. Poynter, Jim H.; Mountain Home; Sr-A S: 133, 238. Prather, John W.; Little Rock; So-En: 214. Pratt, Charles Robert; Bentonville; Fr-A S: 238. Presley, Jim Edward; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 219. Presley, Judith Ann; Houston, Mo.; Jr-Ed: 151. Prewitt, Maribeth; Tillar; Fr-A S: 204. Prewitt, Mary Wheeler; McGeHee; So-A S: 152. Prewitt, Patricia Carroll; Pine Bluff; So-A S: 207. Priakos, Bill; Fort Smith; So-En: 216. Price, Barbara Lee; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 204. Price, Dale; Harrison; Sr-Agri: 133, 172. Price, Daryl Scott; Springdale; So-A S: 238. Price, Duane C arleton; Springdale; Fr-A S: 238. Price, James Fred; North Little Rock; Sr-A S: 133, 238. Price, Sammye Lou; Bentonville; Sr-Ed: 133, 156. Pridemore, Glenna Jean; Lincoln; Sr-Ed: 133, 199. Primm, Lynn O.; Camden; Jr-En: 217. Prince, Robert Royce; Magnolia; Jr-En: 214. Privett, Rosemary Diane; Lonoke; So-Agri: 207. Privitt, Nathan; Heber Springs; So-A S: 238. Proctor, Douglas Everett; Wynne; Fr-En: 213. Proctor, George W.; Cotton Plant; So-BA: 184. Proctor, Hugh Baty; Little Rock; So-BA: 183. Proctor, Nona Glenn; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 133, 159. Puckett, Daniel Wayne; Searcy; Grad: 146, 238. Puckette, Nancy; Houston, Tex.; So-Ed: 151. Pudlas, Charles Floyd; Greenwood; Fr-En: 238. Pugh, Owen Lloyd; Harrison; So-BA: 238. Purdy, John Robert; Newport; So-BA: 175. Purifoy, Dale Glynn; Texarkana; Sr-BA: 133, 221. Purifoy, Phillip Bruce; Texarkana; Law: 143, 175. Putnam, David Tracy; Little Rock; So-BA: 179. Putnam, Sally Ann; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 133, 199. Pyeatte, Judy Ann; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 238. R Rackley, Gene Allen; Russellivlle; Sr-En: 133, 187. Raff, Arthur Eugene; West Helena; Law: 143, 175. Ragan, Janet Sherrill; Searcy; Sr-Ed: 133, 159. Ragland, Judith Ann; Stuttgart; Sr-A S: 133, 160. Ragland, William Robert; Fort Smith; Sr-En: 133, 238. Ragsdale, Linda Kay; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 204. Ragsdale, Sherry Lynn; Russellville; Sr-A S: 133, 152. Raible, Robert Lee; Charleston; Sr-Agri: 133, 238. Railsback, Glenn Albert; Pine Bluff; BA: 176. Rainer, Phyllis Anne; El Dorado; So-Ed: 152. Raines, Carol Anne; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 133, 152. Rainey, Robert Paul; Atkins; Sr-BA: 133, 238. Rains, John C.; North Little Rock; So-A S: 238. Rains, L. Craig; North Little Rock; Jr-BA: 184. Rains, Patricia Bernice; North Little Rock; Sr- A S: 133, 199. Rainwater, Phyllis Ann; Springdale; Sr-A S: 133, 163. Rakes, Danny Bert; Bentonville; Jr-En: 238. Raley, Carolyn; Star City; So-Agri: 163. Raley, Perry; Harrison; Jr-En: 221. Raley, Thomas Embry; Harris on; Sr-Agri: 133, 238. Ramer, Robert Ted; Williamsburg; Fr-A S: 213. Ramey, Geraldine; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 133, 199. Ramsay, Gail Kathleen; Pine Bluff; Sr-A S: 133, 159. Ramsey, John W.; Malvern; So-BA: 188. Raney, Sharon; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 133, 160. Rankin, Sylvia Rose; Lake Village; So-A S: 159. Rankin, Tommy Lew; Jonesboro; Sr-Ed: 133, 184. Ranson, Dan O.; Bradford; So-En: 217. Rascoe, Josephine; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 160. Rastegar, Djhanbakhsh; Tehran; Sr-En: 133, 238. Ratcliff, Dorothy June; North Little Rock; Sr-Ed: 133, 156. Rateliff, Judy Carolyn; Hope; So-A S: 163. Rater, William; Datona Beach, Fla.; Sr-En: 133, 238. Ray, Charles Louis; Arkadelphia; Jr-A S: 217. Ray, Franklin Jared; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 133, 238. Ray, Thomas Richard; Camden; Fr-En: 238. Rea, James Lugher; Cabot; Jr-En: 179. Reader, Rita Sue; Hot Springs; Sr-Ed: 134, 163. Reagan, Bobbie Jean; Danville; Fr-A S: 204. Reagan, Jane Elizabeth; Venezuela; So-A S: 199. Reagan, Luther Maple; Noel, Mo.; So-A S: 238. Reagan, Owenity Ilene; Noel, Mo.; Sr-Agri: 134, 199. Reames, Tommy Eugene; Hampton; En: 238. Rector, Henry Field; Hot Springs; So-A S: 238. Redfield, Waynette Hill; Houston, Tex.; Fr-A S: 204. Redpath, James Robert; Little Rock; Law: 142, 180. Reece, Karen Jean; Van Buren; Fr-A S: 204. Reed, Dorothea Jean; Gillett; Jr-Ed: 207. Reed, Joe Bradford; Springdale; Law: 143. Reed, Tommy Alkin; Pine Bluff; Fr-A S: 211. Reeder, Van C.; Nashville; Sr-En: 134, 214. Reeves, James Glenn; Houston, Tex.; Fr-A S: 238. Reeves, John Russell; Little Rock; So-En: 238. Regan, John Rayborn; Malvern; So-BA: 214. Reid, Richard H.; Fayetteville; Jr-A S: 238. Reinhart, Mary Lou; Stuttgart; Sr-A S: 134, 199. Relyea, Walter Ralph; Almyra; Fr-En: 238. Reutzel, Anne; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 152. Revis, Norman E.; Santa Barbara, Calif.; So-A S: 238. Revis, Paul Neil; Benton; Jr-En: 238. Reynalds, Hoyte Ray; Hot Springs; Fr-BA: 238. Reynolds, Edwin A.; Sheridan; Jr-En: 238. Rhodes, Ann Marie; Harrison; So-A S: 159. Rhodes, Larry V.; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 134, 238. Rhodes, Mary Olive; Harrison; Sr-A S: 134, 159. Rhodes, Rebecca Ann; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 204. Rhodes, Rufus Dee; Rison; Jr-En: 238. Rhodes, Vicki Ellen; Hazen; Fr-Ed: 204. Rhyne, James R.; Pine Bluff; Fr-A S: 211. Rial, Monty Hugh; McGehee; Fr-BA: 238. Rice, Jerry M.; Fort Smith; So-BA; 238. Rice, Patsy Sue; Violet Hill; Sr-Ed: 134, 238. Rice, Philip Foy; Pine Bluff; Jr-En: 183. Rice, William Rodney; North Little Rock; Sr-En: 134, 238. Rich, Gene; Springdale; Sr-Ed: 134, 238. Richards, Carl Lee, Jr.; Benton; Sr-En: 134, 239. Richardson, Fontaine K.; Fayetteville; So-A S: 239. Richardson, Jasper Otis, Jr.; Hot Springs; Fr-En: 211. Richardson, John Eric; El Dorado; Sr-BA: 134, 187. Richardson, Rachel Gail; North Little Rock; Fr- Ed: 204. Richmond, Patti; Warren; So-Ed: 159. Richter, Edward A.; Texarkana; Jr-A S: 214. Rider, Billie Frank; Little Rock; Jr-En: 239. Ridley, James L.; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-En: 213. Rieff, Eva Jo; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 239. Rieff, Jim C.; Prairie Grove; Sr-BA: 134, 175. Rife, Dianne Grace; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 204. Riffel, James Kirby; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 179. Riggan, Betty Catherine; Marion; Fr-A S: 204. Riggs, David Richard; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 215. Riggs, Michael Davy; Pine Bluff; So-A S: 179. Rigsbee, Don L., Jr.; Hot Springs; Fr-BA: 187. Rigsby, Barbara Lee; Nashville; Sr-A S: 152. Rigsby, Floyd Kelly; Lonsdale; Sr-En: 134, 239. Rike, Charlotte Ann; Nashville; Fr-A S: 204. Riley, Martha Ann; DeWitt; Sr-A S: 134, 207. Rimmer, Ralph Dale; Sheridan; Jr-En: 239. Rinehart, Keith Edward; McCaskill; Sr-Agri: 134, 172. Riner, Carol Anne; Carlisle; So-A S: 239. Riner, David Wylie; Carlisle; So-En: 239. Ritchie, Robert Estes, II; Pine Bluff; Jr-BA: 180. Ritgerod, Judy; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 159. Rittershouse, Janice; Springfield, Mo.; Sr-A S: 134, 151. Roark, Edwina Lorene; Springdale; Fr-Agri: 239. Robbins, Claudia Louise; Greenwood; Jr-Ed: 207. Robbins, Judy Stokes; Marion; Jr-Ed: 239. Robbins, Mary Suzanne; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 204. Robbins, Samuel W.; Marion; Jr-En: 239. Robbins, Sandra Ann; Pontiac, Mo.; So-Ed: 239. Roberts, Barbara Jayne; Crossett; Sr-A S: 134, 151. Roberts, Charles Edwin; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 239. Roberts, Clarence Anderson, III; Pine Bluff; Jr- BA: 187. Roberts, Errol Wade; Jessieville; Fr-BA: 239. Roberts, Frances Jane; Scott; Fr-A S: 204. Roberts, Gary Michael; Dumas; Fr-Agri: 239. Roberts, Haskell H.; Harrison; Sr-Agri: 134, 172. Thirteen was a lucky number. Roberts, Henry Lee; North Little Rock; Sr-En: 134, 239. Roberts, James Garry; Harrison; So-A S: 192. Roberts, Paul David; Fouke; Sr-A S: 134, 239. Roberts, Russell Lynn; Conway; Fr-BA: 187. Roberts, Sandra Gail; Binghamton, N. Y.; Fr-A S: 204. Roberts, Sidney C.; Little Rock; Fr-En: 213. Robertson, Bill M.; Fort Smith; So-BA: 179. Robertson, Larry Allen; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 176. Robins, Anne; Nashville; Jr-Ed: 207. Robinson, Elaine Elizabeth; Rogers; Jr-Ed: 163. Robinson, Gary; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 219. Robinson, Joel William; Siloam Springs; So-A S: 192. Robinson, W. R.; West Memphis; Jr-BA: 239. Roe, Dale; Gurdon; Jr-En: 216. Roe, Ramona Jeraldean; Yellville; Fr-A S: 204. Roeder, Linda Margaret; Piggott; Jr-Ed: 163. Rogers, Cita Elizabeth; Little Rock; So-Ed: 160. Rogers, Dana Jean; Tulia, Tex.; Fr-A S: 204. Rogers, J. C. Thomas; Urbana, Ill.; Sr-BA: 134, 239. Rogers, Jerry R.; North Little Rock; So-En: 221. Rogers, Judy Lynn; El Dorado; So-A S: 207. Rogers, Marilou; Stamps; So-BA: 207. Rogers, Rita Lynn; Sherrill; Jr-A S: 151. Rogers, Roger Delmas; Stamps; So-Ed: 219. Rogers, Tom William; Harrison; Jr-BA: 180. Rogers, William P.; Stamps; Sr-En: 134, 239. Rolniak, Suellen Mary; Fayetteville; Fr-Agri: 239. Rooks, Harold Paul; Conway; Jr-En: 239. Rose, Alan; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 239. Rose, Louis Allen; Mineral Springs; Grad: 147. Rose, Margaret Creekmore; Mountainburg; Jr-Ed: 134. Roseberry, James D.; Texarkana; Jr-BA: 220. Ross, David Paul; Fayetteville; So-A S: 167. Ross, Edith Carolyn; Shreveport, La; Fr-A S: 204. Ross, Eugene; North Little Rock; So-En: 239. Ross, Howard David; Rogers; Sr-BA: 134, 239. Ross, James A., Jr.; Monticello; Law: 143. Ross, Robert Dwain; Hope; Law: 143. Ross, Susan Jane; Joplin, Mo.; Fr-A S: 204. Rotenberry, Burl Conrad; Little Rock; Law: 143. Rothert, Alice Marian; Camden; Sr-A S: 134, 152. Rothert, Matthew Herman; Camden; So-BA: 184. Rothman, Michael Gene; Hot Springs; Fr-A S; 211 . Rowden, Lynda Louise; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 239. Rowe, Donald Ray; Van Buren; So-En: 220. Rowe, James M.; Forrest City; So-En: 175. Rowe, Judith Ann; Elm Grove, Wis.; Fr-A S: 204. Rowe, Linda Ann; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-BA: 204. Rowe, Phillip Ray; Hope; Sr-Agri: 134, 239. Rowland, George E., Jr.; DeWitt; Fr-BA: 134. Rowland, Mildred Lillian; Hot Springs; Sr-A S: 134, 152. Rowland, Stephen Horton; Dumas; Jr-En: 220. Rowland, Thomas Harlan; El Dorado; So-BA: 239. Rowlett, Mary Jane; Springdale; So-A S: 239. Rowton, J. Alfred; North Little Rock; Fr-A S: 188. Rucks, Edmund Taylor; Hot Springs; Fr-En: 213. Rudasill, William B.; Maryland Park, Md.; Sr-BA: 134, 221. Rudder, Anna Louise; Pine Bluff; So-BA: 159. Rudisill, Preston Arthur; Monroe, La.; So-BA: 175. Rudolph, Constance Elizabeth; Pine Bluff; Jr-A S: 207. Ruggles, Charles Bryan; Hope; Sr-BA: 135, 239. Rumley, Johnny Ray; Rogers; So-BA: 214. Rumph, Dorothy Elise; Camden; Jr-Ed: 155. Runyan, William A.; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 239. Runyan, William B.; Crossett; Jr-BA: 239. Rupert, Sandy; North Little Rock; Fr-BA: 204. Rusgis, Rita Helen; Henderson; So-BA: 207. Rushing, Regina Rae; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 239. Russell, Alan; Russellville; Sr-A S: 135, 239. Russell, Betty Carol; Forrest City; Jr-Agri: 156. Russell, Carl Max; Rogers; Jr-A S: 167. Russell, George W.; Lewisville; Sr-BA: 135, 239. Russell, Karen Jeanne; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 239. Russell, Mary Ella; Little Rock; So-A S: 160. Russell, Norma Jean; Magnolia; So-Ed: 163. Rutherford, Sandra Jane; Hot Springs; So-Ed: 207. Rutledge, Donnie Wayne; Springdale; Fr-BA: 239. Rutledge, Sonja Ann; Fort Smith; So-Ed: 239. Rye, Douglas Gene; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 239. Ryser, Cecelia Louise; Muskogee, Okla.; Fr-A S: 204. s Sadler, William Rutherford; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 187. Saeler, Julie Ann; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 135, 152. Saig, Danny; Earle; Fr-BA: 175. Saliba, Sandra Katherleen; Alma; Fr-A S: 204. Sallee, Mary Ann; Pocahontas; So-BA: 163. Sallis, John Wallace; Clarksville; Jr-En: 239. Sanchez, Judith Elaine; Rogers; Fr-A S: 205. Sandefur, Sandra Lynn; Mena; Sr-A S: 135, 239. Sanders, Gary Van; Siloam Springs; Jr-En: 239. Sanders, Jack Walker; Little Rock; Sr-En: 135, 239. Sanders, Jay Edwin; Los Angeles, Calif.; Jr-BA: 220 . Sanders, Jerry; Camden; Sr-A S: 135, 188. Sanders, John; Camden; Sr-A S: 135, 188. Sanders, Paul Todd; Danville; Fr-BA: 167. Sanders, Sara Rebecca; Marshall; Sr-Ed: 156. Sanders, Shirley Mae; Hamburg; Fr-Agri: 205. Sanders, Wanda Fay; Warren; Fr-Agri: 239. Sanders, William Marshall; Saratoga; Sr-En: 135, 239. Sandlin, Glenn D.; Fort Smith; Jr-A S: 239. Sarborough, Leslie E.; Judsonia; Jr-En: 239. Sandusky, Judy Gwyn; Dallas, Tex.; Jr-BA: 151. Satterfield, Donald Wayne; North Little Rock; Jr- BA: 171. Satterfield, Hammond H.; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 135, 239. Satterfield, Ramon; Little Rock; Jr-En: 239. Saunders, Ricky Darrell; Hot Springs; Fr-BA: 187. Savage, Marilyn Sue; Booneville; Jr-Ed: 151. Savage, Suzanne; Crossett; Jr-A S: 207. Sax, Charles Edward; Altus; Sr-Agri: 168. Scaramuzza, Frank Louis; Hackett; Jr-Agri: 172. Schaeffer, William Frederick; Springfield, Mo.; Grad: 147, 239. Scherrey, Anthony Paul; Fort Smith; So-Ed: 239. Schirmer, William Earl; Nashville; Sr-BA: 135, 214. Schlosser, Howard James; Mountain Home; Fr- A S: 188. Schmitt, Neil Martin; Little Rock; Jr-En: 192. Schnipper, Don Martin; Texarkana; Sr-A S: 135, 175. Schramm, Paula Ellen; Hartford; Sr-A S: 135, 199. Schrantz, Kenneth F.; Pine Bluff; Fr-A S: 211. 478 Schroeder, Robert W.; Star City; So-BA: 239. Schultz, Richard Allen; North Little Rock; Fr-En: 213. Schulz, Elizabeth Ann; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 239. Schulz, Mary Josephine; Fayetteville; Sr-Ed: 135, 159. Schwartz, Lester Lloyd; Black Fork; Sr-A S: 135, 167. Schwartz, Ellen Carole; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 205. Schwieger, William Lee; Shreveport, La.; So-En: 176. Scott, Jerry Thomas; Mount Ida; So-BA: 187. Scott, Lora Frances; So-A S: 151. Scott, Mary Agnes; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 159. Scott, Paul L., Jr.; Texarkana; Fr-A S: 239. Scott, Ronald L.; Marianna; So-Ed: 239. Scriber, Jerry Led; Crossett; So-BA: 184. Seabough, Susan Pinson; Springfield, Mo.; So-Ed: 160. Seale, Eleanor Sue; Lake Village; Fr-A S: 205. Seale, Julianne; Lake Village; Jr-A S: 160. Seales, Milton Dewitt; Anderson, Mo.; Jr-En: 239. Seaver, Sandra Fay; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 205. Seay, Sarah Kathryn; Rector; Jr-Agri: 207. Seay, Sheila Wallace; Jonesboro; Sr-BA: 135, 239. Seay, Thomas Patrick; Hot Springs; So-BA: 239. Sedwick, Louisa Ann; Kenilworth, Ill.; Jr-A S: 152. Seeger, Mary Susan; Leslie; So-Ed: 155. Seiter, Louis D.; Conway; So-En: 239. Seiter, Louis Herman; Fort Smith; Sr-En: 135, 239. Seitz, Jerry B.; Berryville; Jr-En: 239. Selig, Philip Andrew; Corning; Sr-En: 135, 192. Seneriz, Luis, Puerto Rico; Jr-En: 171. Setliff, Dorothy Ann; Tulsa, Okla.; Fr-A S: 205. Sewell, Joe Frank; Mount Holly; Fr-A S: 211. Shaddox, Sharon; Harrison; Fr-Ed: 205. Shallimier, J. Kenneth; Pine Bluff; Jr-BA: 239. Shallmier, Richard Norman; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 135, 239. Shannon, Ralph Theodore; North Little Rock; Jr- BA: 167. Sharp, Warren Hubbard; Sulphur Springs; Grad: 147, 239. Sharp, Zelton Dave; Lake Village; Fr-A S: 175. Sharpe, Charles E.; Texarkana; So-BA: 183. Sharrah, Ronald Paul; Fayetteville; Sr-A S: 135, 239. Sharum, Hugh Francis; Fort Smith; So-Agri: 239. Sharum, Raymond Jerome; Fort Smith; Sr-A S: 135, 239. Shaver, Robert Van; Cave City; Fr-Agri: 239. Shaw, Ann Henri; Little Rock; So-BA: 160. Shaw, Chester L.; Pine Bluff, Jr-En: 239. Shaw, John William; North Little Rock; Jr-En: 239. Shaw, William Sneed; Marked Tree; Fr-A S: 213. Sheddy, Rose Marie; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 205. Sheeks, Willie L.; Corning; Jr-A S: 151. Sheeks, Winnie Lee; Corning; Jr-Ed: 151. Sheffield, Jo Anna; Rector; Fr-Ed: 205. Through the Chi O trophy case. Sheffield, Phillip Ray; Hot Springs; Jr-En: 239. Shelby, Frederic Byron; North Little Rock; Fr- A S: 239. Shelby, Gary; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 135, 239. Shell, William Starke; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 135, 239. Shelnut, Conrad, Jr.; Benton; Sr-En: 135, 239. Shelton, James Bryant; Little Rock; Fr-En: 213. Shepherd, Linda Blanche; Dallas, Tex.; Fr-Ed: 205. Sherland, Ann; McGehee; Sr-Ed: 135, 152. Sherill, Lloyd Wade; Waldron; Jr-En: 220. Shewmake, Dan W.; Wheaton, Mo.; Sr-A S: 135, 239. Shimek, Martin W.; Hazen; Jr-A S: 239. Shinall, Jerold Brent; Pine Bluff; Jr-BA: 219. Shireman, Kenneth L.; Stuttgart; Jr-A S: 239. Shirk, James Edward; Jacksonville; Fr-En: 215. Shockey, Donald Kent, Jr.; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 220 . Shockley, Glenda Rene; Harrison; Fr-Agri: 205. Shockley, Joan C.; Harrison; So-Nursing: 156. Shoemake, Don Wade; Osceola; So-En: 239. Shoemake, Lyman Boyce; Osceola; Sr-A S: 135, 239. Shook, George Washington; Clarksville; Sr-En: 135, 239. Shook, Gerald; Bentonville; Jr-Agri: 239. Shook, John Harold; Bentonville; So-Ed: 239. Shore, Virginia; Little Rock; So-A S: 207. Short, Charlotte Sue; Salem; Fr-BA: 205. 479 Showers, Charles G.; Fayetteville; Sr-BA: 135, 239. Shrum, Tommy S.; Huntsville; Fr-BA: 239. Shull, Barbara Carol; Scottsville; So-Ed: 199. Shull, Laura Louise; Scottsville; Sr-A S: 135, 1S9. Shults, Bobby L.; Marvell; Sr-BA: 135, 188. Shuman, Emily Louise; Texarkana, Tex.; So-A S: 155. Shuman, Susan Rebecca; Texarkana, Tex.; Jr-BA: 207. Shumate, Jack Roger; Charleston; Sr-BA: 136, 240. Shupik, Sandra Marie; Passaic, N. J.; So-BA: 240. Shuster, Charles Freeman; Huntsville; Fr-A S: 240. Siepman, Paul D.; Scotia, N. Y.; Fr-BA: 213. Sigler, William B.; Little Rock; So-En: 134. Sikes, Don Buenos; DeQueen; Fr-Ed: 215. Silcott, Edwina; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 205. Siler, Alva Ray; Pleasant Plains; Grad: 147, 240. Simmons, James Martin; Pine Bluff; Law: 143, 171. Simmons, John Herbert; Springfield, Mo.; Grad: 147, 240. Simmons, Vicki Lynne; Siloam Springs; Fr-A S: 205. Simonds, Charles M.; Springdale; Sr-A S: 136, 240. Simpson, Anne; Fayetteville; Grad: 147, 240. Simpson, Carl David; Humphrey; Jr-A S: 240. Simpson, Dianne Claire; Parkin; So-BA: 159. Simpson, Elaine Green; Alpena; Sr-Agri: 136, 240. Simpson, Ernest Howard; Berryville; Fr-BA: 1 7. Simpson, Sally; Springfield, Mo.; Jr-Ed: 159. Simpson, Thomas J.; Mena; Grad: 147, 240. Sims,Kenneth Franklin; Hot Springs; So-A S: 240. Sims, Marjorie Sue; West Memphis; Sr-Agri: 136, 152. Sims, Robert Lee; Mount Ida; Fr-BA: 240. Sink, Glenn Neil; Newport; Sr-A S: 136, 240. Sisco, Charles Paul; Springdale; Fr-A S: 240. Sivley, James Buford; Danville; Jr-En: 214. Skillern, Kenneth Robert; Pompton Plains, N. J.; Fr-A S: 213. Skinner, Richard Donald; Greenwood; Jr-En: 240. Skipper, James Maxwell; Cleveland; So-En: 214. Skipper, Janis Elizabeth; North Little Rock; So- BA: 159. Skipper, Jeanne Fran; Cleveland; Fr-Agri: 205. Slack, Sydney F.; Arkadelphia; Jr-Ed: 152. Slocum, Linda Loriane; Pine Bluff; Fr-Ed: 205. Smeltzer, Donald Ray; Norphlet; Jr-Ed: 217. Smith, Barbara Barlow; Dermott; Jr-BA: 240. Smith, Billy G.; Benton; So-En: 240. Smith, Charles E.; Little Rock; Jr-En: 240. Smith, Charles Eddie; Stuttgart; So-BA: 176. Smith, Claudette; Star City; Fr-BA: 205. Smith, Don; Fayetteville; Grad: 147, 240. Smith, Don Edward; El Dorado; Law: 143, 240. Smith, Donald Howard; Little Rock; Fr-BA: 179. Smith, Elaine; Paris; So-A S: 151. Smith, Ellen G.; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 205. Smith, Floyd Ross; Mineral Springs; Sr-Ed: 191. Smith, Fred Thomas; Warren; Sr-En: 136, 240. Smith, Frederick Morris; Hope; Fr-Ed: 188. Smith, Freeda Carolyn; Pocahontas; So-A S: 207. Smith, Gary Louis; Bentonville; So-BA: 211. Smith, Helen Hamilton; West Memphis; So-A S: 152. Smith, Helen Ruth; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 155. Smith, James Ponder; Nashville; Jr-BA: 215. Smith, Janice Palmer; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 240. Smith, Jeff David; Augusta; Fr-A S: 213. Smith, John Edward; Smackover; Fr-En: 213. Smith, Judith Ann; McGehee; Fr-Agri: 205. Smith, Kenneth Roland; Yellville; Law: 143, 240. Smith, Kirk M.; Little Rock; So-A S: 184. Smith, Lawrence Dean; Springdale; Sr-A S: 138, 240. Smith, Louis John; Lttle Rock; Grad: 147, 240. Smith, Mary Alice; Springdale; Jr-Ed: 240. Smith, Mary Edna; Heber Springs; So-Ed: 163. Smith, Mary JoNoel; Blytheville; So-Ed: 163. Smith, Michael B.; Magnolia; So-BA: 217. Smith, Myrna Louise; Allison; Fr-Ed: 205. Smith, Paul Douglas; Searcy; Jr-BA: 205. Smith, Perry Frank; West Fork; Jr-Ed: 240. Smith, Phillip Lance; Mountain View; So-A S: 191. Smith, Richard H.; Fordyce; Jr-A S: 175. Smith, Richard M.; Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Law: 143, 187. Smith, Robert Harvey; Walnut Ridge; Sr-BA: 136, 179. Smith, Ronald R.; Booneville; Sr-BA: 136, 240. Smith, Ross; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 175. . Smith, Sara Charlotte; Marshall; Jr-Ed: 156. Smith, Sarah Anne; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 159. Smith, Schuyler Baird; North Little Rock; So- A S: 214. Smith, Sharri Kaye; Little Rock; So-A S: 160. Smith, Susan; Blytheville; Fr-Ed: 205. Smith, Thomas Lester; West Memphis; Fr-Agri: 168. Smith, Walter Edward; Colville; So-A S: 240. Smith, Wilbur Read; El Dorado; Law: 143, 175. Smith, William F.; Maysville; Grad: 147, 240. Smithson, Larry Joe; Scott; Jr-Agri: 172. Smittle, Doyle Allen; Hope; Sr-Agri: 136, 240. Smoot, Sally; Waldron; So-Ed: 155. Sneed, Harry Alan; Joplin, Mo.; Jr-BA: 214. Snetzer, Michael Alan; Alexandria, Va.; Jr-En: 221. Snow, Arrnil L.; Conway; Jr-BA: 184. Snowden, Sandra Sue; McRae; Fr-A S: 208. Snyder, Mary Elaine; West Fork; So-A S: 240. Snyder, Ralph M.; Camden; Jr-En: 240. Soden, James Paul; Tuckerman; Fr-A S: 215. Sonderegger, Jerry Lynn; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 240. Sorrells, George Wallace; Stuttgart; Jr-En: 195. South, Suellen; Pine Bluff; So-Ed: 160. Sowell, Alice Ann; Piggott; Fr-Agri: 205. Sowle, John Knight; Jonesboro; Sr-En: 136, 240. Spann, Nancy Louise; Stuttgart; Sr-Ed: 136, 199, 480 Sparkman, Arlie D.; Scotland; Fr-Agri: 168. Sparkman, E. Elliott; Fort Smith; Fr-BA: 240. Sparks, Oswald; Marianna; Jr-BA: 240. Spears, Bobby Lee; Mountain Burg; Jr-Agri: 240. Spears, Jim B.; Jasper; Law; 143, 180. Speck, Vin; Osceola; Fr-BA: 176. Spence, Larry R.; Texarkana; Fr-En: 240. Spencer, Forrest K.; Springdale; Jr-A S: 240. Spencer, Randy; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 214. Spencer, Tommy J.; Plainview; Jr-En: 240. Spicer, Martha B.; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 240. Spikes, Ann Trieschmann; Little Rock; Sr-Ed: 136, 240. Spikes, William E.; Walnut Ridge; Sr-BA: 136, 175. Spinar, Joyce Marie; Hot Springs; Jr-Agri: 199. Spiney, Buddy Brown; Erlton, N. J.; Fr-A S: 211. Spotts, Billye Jean; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 155. Spray, Philip Melvin; Malvern; So-En: 220. Spruell, Clifton Michael; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 213. Squire, Art; Quincy, Ill.; Fr-A S: 240. Stadhagen, Roberto; Managua, Nicaragua; Jr-Agri: 184, 195. Stahr, Charles Franklin; Manila; So-A S: 180. Stair, Lynda Fay; Heber Springs; So-A S: 207. Stallings, Judith Anne; Morrilton; Jr-A S: 160. Stamps, Jerry C.; Fayetteville; So-BA: 180. Stamps, John David; Fayetteville; So-BA: 180. Standridge, Charles Gary; Mount Ida; Sr-A S: 136, 187. Standridge, Linda Louise; Mount Ida; Sr-Agri: 136, 151. Stanger, Rodney Terry; Mountain Home; Fr-A S: 211 . Stanley, Lela Vernelle; Beebe; Jr-A S: 163. Stanley, Ronald Alwin; Everton; Sr-A S: 136, 240. Starling, Albert Gregory; Joiner; Sr-En: 136, 195. Starling, Joseph David; Joiner; So-En: 240. Starnes, Harry Dee; Walnut Ridge; So-En: 221. Starnes, Sandra Sue; Walnut Ridge; Fr-Agri: 208. Starr, Claude Richard; Alexandria, Va.; Sr-En: 136, 216. Steed, James Thomas; Forrest City; Jr-Agri: 240. Steel, Ellen Brown; Gillham; So-BA: 241. Steele, John Walter; Fayetteville; Sr-Ed: 136, 241. Steely, Donald Erwin; Lonoke; Sr-En: 137, 191. Steinkamp, William Frederick; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 241. Stephens, Caryl; Marion; Fr-Ed: 205. Stephens, Charles David; North Little Rock; Sr- En: 137, 241. Stephens, Jimmie Patricia; Hot Springs; Fr-Agri: 205. Stephens, Linda Lou; Houston, Tex.; So-BA: 151. Stephens, Paul C.; Blevins; Fr-A S: 215. Stephens, Randall Clay; Siloam Springs; Fr-A S: 211 . Stephens, Thomas Wilcox; Hot Springs; So-A S: 187. Stephens, William Thomas; Crossett; Fr-En: 213. oooooooo. Stevens, Marilyn; Urbana; So-BA: 199. Stevens, Walter Edwin; Forrest City; Fr-A S: 175. Stevenson, Dorothy Ann; DeWitt; Sr-Ed: 137, 241. Stevenson, Mary Kay; Little Rock; So-A S: 152. Stewart, Betty June; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 241. Stewart, David Alan; Danville; So-BA: 171. Stewart, James Lee; Danville; Fr-BA: 171. Stewart, Lola Virginia; Helena; Fr-A S: 205. Stewman, Sam Joe; Mena; Fr-A S: 211. Stickler, Judy E.; Prairie Grove; Fr-Ed: 241. Stockton, Donald Wayne; Springdale; Fr-A S: 241. Stokenberry, Maurice Glenn; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 188. Stokes, Martha Elizabeth; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 241. Stone, Georgene Adele; St. Louis, Mo.; Fr-A S: 205. Stone, Jack T.; Pine Bluff; So-En: 176. Stone, Janice Marie; Altheimer; Fr-Ed: 208. Stone, Jerry Randel; Altheimer; Sr-Agri: 137, 172. Stoner, Suzanne Mary; Coffeyville, Kan.; So-Ed: 156. Story, Rita Gaye; Enid, Okla.; Fr-A S: 205. Stout, Laura Mae; Fayetteville; Fr-BA: 241. Stout, Mary Ann; Blytheville; So-A S: 155. Stovall, John R.; Blytheville; Sr-En: 137, 191. Stovall, Wanda Carolene; Memphis, Tenn.; Fr- A S: 205. Stover, James Albert; Casa; Sr-Ed: 137, 241. Stowe, Dawn Elizabeth; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 241. Strasner, Louis M.; North Little Rock; So-BA: 176. 481 Straub, James Edward; West Helena; So-En: 241. Streetman, Charles Patton; Waldo; So-BA: 216. Streetman, Thomas S.; McNeil; Law: 143, 241. Streun, Merrilee Arapaith; Shreveport, La.; Fr- A S: 205. Strickland, Nathan Edward; Bald Knob; Fr-A S: 191. Striegler, Curtis Thomas; Fayetteville; Jr-Agri: 241. Strong, Carolyn L.; Hope; Jr-A S: 207. Stroud, Teddy Don; Morrilton; Sr-BA: 137, 221. Stuart, Marvin A.; Alma; Fr-En: 171. Stuart, Scott; Fort Smith; So-BA: 175. Sublett, Roger H.; Greenwood; Fr-Ed: 241. Suddreth, James Hyatt; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 137, 167. Suffridge, Buford Joseph; Perryville; Jr-A S: 179. Suggs, Lucille; DeQueen; Jr-Agri: 207. Sulcer, Alice Christine; Marion; Sr-A S: 137, 152. Sulcer, Charlotte; Palestine; Fr-Agri: 205. Sullards, Bob Roy; Little Rock; Law: 143, 176. Sullenberger, Lance G.; North Little Rock; Fr-En: 213. Sullivan, Mary Ellen; Monett; So-A S: 207. Sullivan, Samuel William; Burdette; So-BA: 187. Sullivan, Virgil Ray; Aurora, Mo.; Fr-A S: 211. Summers, Cecelia Beth; El Dorado; Sr-Ed: 137, 207. Summers, John Beaty; Little Rock; So-En: 241. Summers, William Harris; Midland, Tex.; Sr-BA: 137, 241. Sumner, Robert Earl; Carlisle; Fr-A S: 213. Suskie, John Thomas; DeValls Bluff; Sr-A S: 137, 241. Sutherland, Marianne; Lamar, Mo.; Sr-BA: 137, 152. Sutter, Oneal; Pleasant Plains; Jr-A S: 241. Sutton, Ronald Wilton; Benton; Fr-En: 213. Swaim, Cecelia Mildred; North Little Rock; Fr- A S: 205. Swaim, Loyal Wayne; Waldron; Grad: 147, 241. Swaney, Linda Kay; Hot Springs; So-A S: 160. Swanson, Albert Kent; Sheridan; So-A S: 241. Swayze, Fred S.; Moscow; Sr-A S: 137, 241. Swayze, John C.; Moscow; So-En: 241. Sweaney, Betty Lucille; Morrow; Jr-Ed: 199. Swindell, Benny E.; Gravette; So-A S: 214. Switzer, Barry Layne; Crossett; Sr-BA: 137, 219. Swope, Loyd Ray; Elkins; So-BA: 241. T Taliaferro, Benjamin Wesley; Fayetteville; Jr- A S: 175. Taliaferro, Ernest Lenwood, Jr.; Fayetteville; Sr- A S: 137, 175. Tarkington, Lloyd James; North Little Rock; Sr- En: 137, 241. Tarpley, Janet Sue; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 137, 159. Tarpley, R. Stephen; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 211. Tate, Harlis R.; Mena; So-BA: 241. Tate, Jimmy Wayne; Des Arc: So-A S: 214. Tate, Jon Roger; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 241. Tatum, Thomas Taylor; Pine Bluff; Fr-A S: 241. Taylor, Benny Don; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 241. Taylor, Bobby Louis; Imboden; Grad: 147, 241. Taylor, Charles Winston; Mansfield; So-Agri: 214. Taylor, H. A.; Pine Bluff; Jr-BA: 176. Taylor, James Kirby; North Little Rock; Jr-En: 217. Taylor, James Samuel; Pine Bluff; Sr-BA: 241, 137. Taylor, John Hugh; Rector; Fr-En: 211. Taylor, John Travis; Clarksville; Sr-A S: 137, 188. Taylor, Katie N.; Sheridan; So-BA: 163. Taylor, Mike Jerome; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 180. Taylor, Wendell Martin; Mansfield; Jr-Agri: 214. Taylor, William Reginald; Pine Bluff; Sr-BA: 137, 184. Teague, Jarrell H.; Stamps; So-A S: 167. Teas, Mary Beth; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 241. Tedford, John G.; Little Rock; So-A S: 183. Tell, John William; Camden; Fr-A S: 179. Teeter, Jim Robert; Monticello; Jr-BA: 241. Teiber, George Robert; Springfield, Mo.; So-A S: 214. Terrell, Jo; Hot Springs; Jr-Ed: 156. Terry, David Wesley; Benton; So-En: 213. Terry, James M.; Blytheville; Jr-BA: 187. Terry, Jane Marie; Blytheville; Fr-BA: 205. Terry, Phillip Arthur; Harrison; Fr-A S: 241. Thibault, Frank Gibson; El Dorado; Jr-A S: 241. Thibault, Henry C.; Norphlet; So-A S: 214. Thomas, A1 Wallace; Dermott; Fr-A S: 241. Thomas, Albert Janney; West Memphis; Law: 143, 241. Thomas, David W.; West Memphis; So-BA: 241. Thomas, Lloyd; Leachville; Fr-En: 241. Thomas, Thomas A.; Cove; Fr-En: 211. Thomason, David Eugene; Alpena; Fr-BA: 241. Thomason, John D.; Little Rock; Sr-BA: 137, 187. Thompson, Alice Sue; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 205. Thompson, Belle Knight; Amman, Jordan; So- A S: 199. Thompson, Charles Larry; Nashville; Jr-En: 221. Thompson, Donald A.; Gurdon; So-A S: 187. Thompson, Laura Beth; Searcy; So-Nursing: 207. Thompson, Margaret Irene; Wynne; So-Ed: 208. Thompson, Milton Lee; Hot Springs; So-En: 220. Thompson, Norman Patrick; Marked Tree; Fr- A S: 175. Thompson, Royce Jo; Batesville; Sr-Ed: 137, 163. Thomson, Benjamin Franklin; North Little Rock; So-BA: 214. Thorn, Harve Bell; Benton; Fr-A S: 175. Thornton, Billy G.; Ozan; Sr-En: 137, 241. Thornton, Mary Sue; Muskogee, Okla.; Sr-A S: 137, 160. Throneberry, Alfred Pat; Pine Bluff; Jr-En: 220. Thuringer, Joe Anne; Fayetteville; So-A S: 241. 482 Thurlby, Marty; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 241. Thweatt, Elizabeth Robinson; Marion; Fr-Ed: 205. Tibbits, Donald Fay; Natural Dam: Fr-BA: 213. Tiley, Paul Louis; Fort Smith; Fr-En: 211. Tilley, Lewis Carl; Harrison; Fr-Ed: 211. Tillman, Joyce Lavern; Royal; Sr-Agri: 137, 208. Tilmon, Charles Erbie; Texarkana; Law: 143, 241. Tindle, Kate Ella; Malvern; Fr-Ed: 205. Tinker, Mary Kay; Carlyle; Fr-Ed: 205. Tipton, Jack Donald; New Edinburg; Jr-En: 241. Tipton, Linda Anne; Stamps; Jr-A S: 207. Tisdale, Grace Yvonne; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 241. Tisdale, Helen Delores; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 241. Todd, Doris Ann; Heber Springs; Fr-A S: 241. Todd, John Thomas; Heber Springs; Sr-BA: 137, 241. Toler, Thomas Eli; Malvern; Jr-En: 241. Toll, Judith Lynn; Hazen; So-A S: 199. Tollett, Stephen Douglas; Nashville; Jr-A S: 187. Tooley, William Roy; Hope; Sr-En: 137, 241. Toon, Donald Lane; Cove; Sr-A S: 138, 168. Toothaker, Ronald Wayne; Van Buren; So-A S: 216. Torbett, Kay Ann; Morrilton; Fr-A S: 205. Towns, Walter Stuart; Forrest City; Sr-A S: 138, 241. Trammel, Lawrence Glenn, Jr.; Little Rock; Fr- En: 179. Trammell, Robert R.; Little Rock; Grad: 147, 241. Tranum, James Edward; West Memphis; Fr-En: 213. Trapp, Sharon Elizabeth; North Little Rock; Fr- A S: 205. Treadway, Bobbie Joe; Fayetteville; Sr-Agri- 138, 241. Treadway, John F.; Fayetteville; Grad: 147, 241. Treadwell, Sandra; El Paso; Jr-A S: 156. Treadway, Ted C.; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 183. Treat, Bobby Lynn; Marshall; So-Ed: 188. Treat, Doyle Wayne; Yellville; Fr-Agri: 168. Treece, Jeweldean; Leslie; So-: 241. Treece, Neill Hamilton; Leslie; Grad: 147, 241. Trieschman, Linda Lou; Blytheville; Fr-BA: 205. Trimble, Patti Lucille; Bauxite; So-A S: 152. Trolinger, Nadine Faye; Fayetteville; So-A S: 241. True, Gary D.; Bentonville; So-En: 241. Trumbo, Ellis Patterson; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 187. Trust, Sandra; Shreveport, La.; Jr-A S: 152. Trusty, Benny Otis, Jr.; Russellville; Sr-En: 138, 241. Trusty, Ellen Jean; Little Rock; Sr-Ed: 138, 241. Tucker, Billie Vernice; Jonesboro; Jr-Ed: 199. Tucker, Charles Ray; Muskogee, Okla.; So-En: 241. Tucker, Darrell Newby; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 241. Tucker, Edward Austin; Hamburg; Fr-BA: 241. Tucker, Jenny Belle; Los Altos, Calif.; Fr-A S: 241. Tucker, John McKinney, Arlington, Va.; Fr-A S: 215. Tucker, Theo M.; Salem; So-A S: 241. Clean fun in Traveler office. Tudor, Jane Beatrice; Kansas City, Mo.; Jr-Ed: 159. Tull, Janna Lynn; Crossett; Fr-A S: 205. Tullous, Jeanie Ann; Fort Smith; Fr-A S: 205. Turner, Anne C.; Fort Smith; Jr-Ed: 152. Turner, Donald Lloyd; Dierks; Jr-BA: 220. Turner, James Larry; DeQueen; Fr-A S: 213. Turner, Judy; Benton; So-BA: 163. Turner, Lehman R.; Salem; Fr-Agri: 241. Turner, Robert Euge ne; Greenwood; Fr-A S: 241. Tyler, John Robert; North Little Rock; Fr-En: 213. u Udouj, Ronald Herman; Fort Smith; So-BA: 179. Umsted, Jamie; Newport; So-A S: 152. Underwood, Linda Juanita; Hot Springs; So-A S: 199. Upton, Brenda Jo; Jasper; Jr-Agri: 208. Ursery, Durwin G.; Camden; Sr-A S: 138, 242. Utley, Becky; Blytheville; Fr-Ed: 205. Utley, Carl G.; Hardy; Fr-En: 242. V Valentine, Ruth; Decatur; Sr-Agri: 138, 242. Van Buren, Wayne Everett; Neosho; Sr-En: 138, 242. 483 Vandenberg, Ruth Ann; Little Rock; Sr-Agri: 138, 155. Vanderslice, David Bozzel; Fayetteville; Fr-En: 242. Van Dover, Byron; Rogers; Jr-Ed: 220. Vanemburg, Charles W.; Desha; Fr-En: 211. Van Hoose, Jerre Max; Fayetteville; Sr-Agri: 138, 188. Van Hoose, Scott; Fayetteville; Jr-Ed: 188. Vangilder, Carolyn Louise; Rector; So-Agri: 207. Vangilder, William Monroe; Rector; Jr-Agri: 168. Van Meter, Hope; Marvell; So-Ed: 160. Van Meter, Laretta Lee; Charleston; Jr-Ed: 199. Van Patten, Mira Anne; Searcy; So-Ed: 207. Van Sickle, Jackie Elaine; Fayetteville; So-A S: 163. Vardner, Judy; Little Rock; So-Ed: 159. Varnell, Sanford Lee, Jr.; Pine Bluff; Jr-En: 242. Vaughan, Bettie Cazort; Wynne; Jr-BA: 155. Vaughan, Roberta Lee; Wynne; Fr-Ed: 205. Vaughn, Bill Otis; Springdale; Jr-En: 242. Vaught, Donald Lynn; Hazen; Sr-Agri: 138, 242. Vaught, Tommy Lee; Fort Smith; So-En: 217. Vehik, Jaan; Fort Smith; So-BA: 216. Vehik, Mart; St. Joseph, Mo.; Fr-A S: 215. Vest, Larry Carl; Texarkana; Jr-Ed: 219. Vick, Audette Lee; Monticello; Sr-En: 138, 242. Vick, Kent Alan; Kansas City, Mo.; So-Ed: 242. Vines, Charles Wendell; Waldron; Jr-A S: 214. Virden, Jerry Wayne; Atkins; Jr-En: 242.. Vise, John David; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 242. Vouga, Sandra; St: Louis, Mo; Sr-A S: 138, 242. w Wacaster, Jimmy E.; Harrison; Fr-BA: 242. Wacaster, Tommie Jeanette; Harrison; So-A S: 207. Wade, Lynn Fields; Fayetteville; Law: 143, 242. Wadsworth, Vivian Frances; West Memphis; Fr- BA: 205. Wages, Patricia Lea; Fayetteville; Sr-Agri: 138, 242. Wahl, Charles Thomas; Little Rock; Fr-En: 213. Wait, Frank E., Jr.; Little Rock; So-BA: 183. Walden, E. Renlyn; Little Rock; Jr-BA: 220. Waldo, Andy Warner; North Little Rock; So-BA: 242. Waldron, Virginia; El Dorado; So-BA: 151. Wales, Harold P.; Natchitoches, La.; Sr-BA: 138, 221 . Walker, Barbara; Little Rock; Sr-Ed: 138, 242. Walker, Bobbie Jean; Eureka Springs; Fr-BA: 205. Walker, Carolyn Margaret; Mountain Home: Fr- A S: 205. Walker, Harold Curtis; Scranton; So-En: 221. Walker, Jerry David; Siloam Springs; Jr-BA: 242. Walker, John Nelson; Rineville, Mo; Fr-A S: 213. Walker, Mary Jane; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 207. Walker, Roy Leon; Greenwood; Fr-En: 242. Walker, Steven P.; Tulsa, Okla.; Sr-En: 138, 242. Wall, Patricia Ann; Kirkwood, Mo.; Fr-A S: 205. Wall, Peggy; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 160. Wall, Raymond D.; Rison; Sr-En: 138, 242. Wallace, Jim Lee; Springdale; So-Agri: 242. Wallace, Minor Gordon; Texarkana; Sr-A S: 138, 242. Wallace, William T.; Gillett; Grad: 147, 242. Wallace, Willie Jean; North Little Rock; Jr-A S: 207. Wallin, Reg; West Memphis; Sr-A S: 138, 175. Wallis, Carole Inez; Fort Smith; Sr-Ed: 138, 160. Walls, Mary Kay; Des Arc; So-A S: 151. Walraven, Lyndell Harlan; Fort Smith; So-BA: 214. Walsh, Billy Mac; Rogers; Sr-Agri: 138, 172. Walsh, Cynthia Sue; Texarkana; So-Ed: 207. Walters, Sarah Grace; Osceola; Fr-Ed: 205. Walton, Cleo Ade; Mount Ida; Fr-En: 242. Walton, James M.; Little Rock; Law: 143, 242. Walton, Ramona Charlotte; Clarksville; Fr-A S: 205. Wankum, Joseph Bernard; North Little Rock; So- En: 221. Wann, Carlton V.; Cave City; So-Agri: 242. Wann, George Max; Cave City; Jr-En: 242. Ward, Beverly; Heber Springs; Fr-Agri: 205. Ward, James Everett; Dardanelle; Grad: 147, 242. Ward, John Blair; Mansfield; Fr-En: 211. Ward, Margaret Ann; Arkadelphia; Sr-A S: 138, 207. Warner, Peggy; Walnut Ridge; Jr-A S: 152. Warnock, E. Elizabeth; Alma; Jr-Ed: 242. Warren, Karen Kay; Huntsville; Jr-BA: 163. Warren, L. Bradley; Cherry Hill; Grad: 147, 242. Warriner, Carolyn Louise; Pine Bluff; Fr-BA: 205. Wassell, Bonnie; Hope; Jr-Ed: 155. Waters, Harold Gene; Western Grove; Jr-BA: 242. Waters, Robert Bruce; Fort Smith; So-En: 188. Watkins, Nancy Carol; Heber Springs; So-Ed: 151. Watkins, John Dickson; Hope; Fr-BA: 175. Watkins, William David; Hope; So-BA: 184. Watson, Carl Don; Alma; So-A S: 171. Watson, Janet Lina; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 205. Watson, Joe Franklin; Hot Springs; Jr-A S: 180. Watson, John Allen; Fort Smith; Sr-En: 138, 242. Watson, John William; Malvern; Sr-A S: 138, 242. Watson, Nancy; Malvern; So-Ed: 163. Watson, Ralph Dean; Fordyce; Sr-En: 138, 242. Watson, Tommy Gene; Healdton, Okla.; Grad: 147, 242. Waymack, Fred L.; Pine Bluff; Sr-BA: 138, 242. Wear, Judy Curtis; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 138, 242. Weaver, Charlie Bob; Prescott; Jr-En: 216. Weaver, Gary; Stephens; Jr-BA: 219. Weaver, Jackie Lee; Prescott; Sr-En: 139, 242. Weaver, Kaaren Joyce; Eureka Springs; Fr-A S: 205. Weaver, Mary Frances; Crane, Mo.; Fr-Ed: 205. 484 Webb, Charles Edward; Rogers; Fr-En: 211. Webb, Hiram Russell; Paris; Jr-A S: 188. Webb, James Murphy; Pine Bluff; Sr-A S: 139, 188. Webb, James Travis; Thornton; So-A S: 214. Webb, Jefferson T.; Fort Smith; Jr-BA: 242. Webb, John David; Nashville; So-A S: 216. Webb, Linda Rozan; Rogers; Sr-Agri: 139, 208. Webb, Mary Louise; Dardanelle; Fr-A S: 205. Weber, William C.; Benton; Sr-En: 139, 242. Weems, Sammy Allen; Hazen; Jr-A S: 242. Weisenberger, Royce S.; Hope; Jr-BA: 183. Weiss, Thomas George; Pine Bluff; Jr-En: 214. Welborn, Robert, Jr.; Harrison; Fr-En: 215. Wellhausen, Donna; North Little Rock; Fr-Ed: 205. Wells, Joseph Berton; North Little Rock; Fr-BA: 242. Welsh, Bobby D.; Hackett; So-Ed: 242. Welsh, M. Ruth; Alma; Sr-Ed: 139, 242. Welty, Melissa Jane; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 242. Wesley, Martha Jane; Rogers; Fr-A S: 205. Wesson, John Carl; El Dorado; Sr-En: 139, 242. Wesson, John Marvin; Little Rock; So-BA: 180. West, Alice Jeanette; Crossett; Sr-Agri: 139, 199. West, Donald Ray; Crossett; Sr-BA: 139, 191. West, George Meredith; North Little Rock; Sr-BA: 139, 242. West, Judith; Berryville; So-Ed: 155. West, Phillip Maurice; Fort Smith; So-BA: 214. Westbrook, Kent Coleman; Clarksville; Jr-A S: 242. Westbrook, Parker; Nashville; Fr-A S: 242. Westerfield, Teddy Harold; Hazen; So-BA: 242. Westerman, Vivian Marie; West Helena; Fr-A S: 205. Westmoreland, Patti Jean; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 205. Whaley, Carroll Jean; Little Rock; Fr-A S: 205. Wheeler, Jim Bob; Fayetteville; Sr-BA: 139, 242. Wheeler, Judy Gaye; Pittsburg, Kan.; So-A S: 160. Wheeler, Patrick Douglas; Mena; Sr-A S: 139, 191. Whetstone, Bud D. G.; El Dorado; So-BA: 242. Whetstone, Caroline Ruth; El Dorado; So-BA: 207. Whillock, Jack Franklin; Clinton; Fr-A S: 219. Whitaker, Mary Lou; Pine Bluff; Sr-Agri: 199. Whitaker, Robert Ben; Bee Branch; Fr-A S: 242. Whitchurch, Ellwood F.; Fayetteville; Jr-BA: 242. Whitchurch, Margaret Louise; Fayetteville; Fr-Ed: 242. White, Audrey Anderson; Storm Lake, Iowa; Grad: 147, 242. White, Carol Jayne; Fort Smith; Fr-Agri: 205. White, Charles R.; Hot Springs; Jr-BA: 176. White, Drexel Clyne; Springdale; Fr-BA: 242. White, Esther Marie; Drayton, N. Dak.; So-BA: 242. White, James George; Blue Eye, Mo.; Sr-En: 139, 192. White, Jerry J.; Star City; Jr-Ed: 219. White, John Alfred; Monett, Mo.; Jr-A S: 187. White, John Austin; Conway; Sr-En: 139, 187. White, Joyce Ellen; Benton; Jr-Ed: 160. White, Judith; Hot Springs; So-Ed: 163. White, Margo Elaine; Joplin, Mo.; Fr-BA: 205. White, Martha; Helena; Sr-A S: 139, 152. White, Nancy June; Drayton, N. Dak.; Fr-Agri: 242. White, Patricia Kay; Clarksville; Fr-A S: 205. White, Patsygail; Summers; Fr-Ed: 205. White, Robert Coleman; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 139, 242. Whitefield, Geneve Ann; Texarkana; Jr-BA: 207. Whitehead, Daniel Moody; Augusta; Fr-BA: 183. Whitehead, J. David; Osceola; Sr-Agri: 139, 172. Whiteside, Charles B.; Fort Smith; So-BA: 175. Whitford, Everett L.; Little Rock; Fr-En: 242. Whitten, Horace Vernon; Mount Holly; So-A S: 214. Whittier, Raymond W.; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 139, 187. Whittington, Mary; Hot Springs; So-Ed: 207. Whittington, Susan; Hot Springs; So-A S: 207. Whittle, Eddie Joe; Blytheville; Sr-En: 139, 191. Whitworth, Truman Dellorise; Swifton; Fr-Agri: 243. Wiggins, Alpha P.; Fort Smith; Jr-Agri: 243. Wiggins, James William; Paris; Jr-A S: 243. Wiggins, Nancy Sue; Fort Smith; Sr-BA: 139, 160. Wiggirs, Patricia Ann; Crossett; Jr-Agri: 207. Wigginton, Alice June; Cave City; So-Agri: 199. Wilay, Clyde Haddock, Fort Smith; Sr-En: 139, 217. Wilcox, Jerry C.; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 139, 180. Wiley, Carolyn Sue; Osceola; Jr-BA: 199. Wilhelm, James Leonard; Springdale; Jr-BA: 243. Wilhelm, Joyce Anne; Springdale; Fr-A S: 243. Wilkerson, Aris Dean; Pea Ridge; Fr-Ed: 243. Wilkerson, L. Louis; Pine Bluff; Sr-En: 139, 243. Wilkerson, Roger Wayne; Alma; So-En: 171. Wilkerson, Sue Ann; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 163. Wilkie, Mary Elizabeth; Heber Springs; Jr-A S: 160. Wilkins, Maurice L.; Fayetteville; Jr-En: 243. Wilkins, Rex Edward; Joplin, Mo.; Sr-A S: 139, 243. Wilkison, Billie Jean; Hope; Fr-Agri: 205. Willard, Don C.; Marionville, Mo.; So-BA: 188. Willcox, Berry James; Hot Springs; So-En: 176. Williams, Aaron Lee; Mansfield; Sr-BA: 139, 243. Williams, Anita; Van Buren; Jr-Ed: 243. Williams, Ann Tucker; Brownsville, Tex.; Fr-A S: 205. Williams, Billie Winifred; Springdale; Sr-A S: 139, 243. Williams, Carole Lynn; Morrilton; Fr-A S: 205. Williams, Charles David; Booneville; Jr-A S: 175. Williams, Cornelia; Fort Smith; Fr-Ed: 205. Williams, Harold Eugene; Boydsville; Jr-En: 243. Williams, James Edwin; Fort Smith; Sr-En: 139, 243. Williams, Jack L.; Texarkana; Jr-BA: 183. Williams, Jack Michael; Jacksonville; Jr-BA: 176. Razorback booster. Williams, James Edwin; Fort Smith; Sr-En: 139, ♦ 243. Williams, James Marcus; Osceola; Fr-BA: 211. Williams, James Melvin; Camden; Fr-En: 211. Williams, Jeanne Louise; Oswego, Kan.; Jr-A S: 151. Williams, John H.; Fort Smith; So-A S: 220. Williams, Kay; Memphis, Tenn.; Sr-Ed: 139, 207. Williams, Kay; Hattiesville; Fr-Agri: 205. Williams, Lyle Russell; Marked Tree; Jr-En: 216. Williams, Marci Ann; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 205. Williams, Margo Jar.e; Harrison; Jr-Agri: 199. Williams, Mary Ann; Morrilton; Jr-Agri: 155. Williams, Maurice Edward; Neosho, Mo.; Jr-A S: 214. Williams, Ronald Nelson; Sheridan; Fr-A S: 211. Williams, Sandra Darlene; Denison, Tex.; So-Ed: 151. Williams, Terry Donald; Malvern; So-En: 214. Williams, Warren Charles; Rogers; So-BA: 243. Williams, William Harvey; Bauxite; Sr-En: 140, 220 . Williamson, Frankie Ann; Dallas, Tex.; Fr-A S: 205. Williamson, Robert Young; Little Rock; So-A S: 175. Willis, Alice Ann; Fayetteville; Sr-BA: 140, 163. Willis, Carl Garrett; Hope; Jr-Ed: 243. Willis, Jay Milton; Van Buren; Jr-BA: 175. Willis, Michael Adrian; Birmingham, Mich.; Jr- En: 179. Willis, Rose Marie; Monticello; Jr-Agri: 208. Wills, Helen Margaret; Siloam Springs; Jr-Agri: 243. Wills, Nancy Lee; Hazen; Fr-Ed: 205. Wilson, Billy Lynn; Batesville; Jr-Agri: 168. Wilson, Bob L.; Malvern; Sr-En: 140, 243. Wilson, Charles Newell; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 243. Wilson, David P.; Calico Rock; So-: 243. Wilson, Earl Wayne; Gepp; So-Agri: 168. Wilson, Edmund Allenby; Helena; Sr-A S: 140, 243. Wilson, Emily; Little Rock; Jr-Ed: 243. Wilson, James Robert; Lepanto; So-A S: 175. Wilson, Janette; Nashville; Sr-Ed: 140, 156. Wilson, Jerry Lee; Hope; Sr-En: 140, 243. Wilson, Jimmy G.; Cherry Valley; So-BA: 219. Wilson, Judith; Benton; Fr-Agri: 205. Wilson, Kenneth Lee; Hamburg; Sr-En: 140, 243. Wilson, Linda Kay; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 155. Wilson, Marsha Lou; Fayetteville; Fr-A S: 243. Wilson, Mary Beth; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 152. Wilson, Mary Jo; Hot Springs; Fr-A S: 205. Wilson, Patricia Sue; Joiner; Sr-Ed: 140, 163. Wilson, Paul Hudson; Camden; Jr-A S: 243. Wilson, Rebecca Victoria; Texarkana; So-A S: 199. Wilson, Richard Conway; North Little Rock; Fr- Ed: 243. Wilson, Richard Eugene; Pine Bluff; Sr-BA: 140, 243. Wilson, Sandra; Little Rock; Jr-A S: 160. Wilson, Sharon Kay; Springdale; Fr-Ed: 205. Wilson, Shellie; Harrison; Fr-A S: 205. Wilson, Shirley Ann; Aurora, Mo.; Fr-A S: 205. Wilson, Sue Quinn; Osceola; Jr-A S: 151. Wilson, Thomas Bruce; North Little Rock; Sr-En: 140, 243. Wilson, Virginia Kirkland; Portland; Sr-A S: 140, 243. Wilson, Yvonna Ann; Batesville; Grad: 147. Wimpy, Marion Jo; Harrisburg; Sr-Ed: 140, 159. Winborn, Dena Mcllroy; Ozark; Sr-BA; 140, 151. Winfree, Earl; Little Rock; So-BA: 243. Wingfield, Alice Clara; Mount Ida; So-Agri: 151. Wingfield, Linda Ann; Magazine; Jr-Ed: 207. Wingo, Jeanne Marie; Morrilton; So-A S: 199. Winning, Charles Crain; Ashdown; Jr-BA: 243. Winningham, Thomas Edwin; Bradford; Fr-A S: 243. Wisley, Judith Raney; Booneville; Jr-Agri: 243. Wisley, Paul Gene; Booneville; Jr-Agri: 243. Withem, James William; Ashdown; Jr-BA: 217. Witherspoon, Robert Paul; Conway; Grad: 147, 243. Witte, Gene E.; North Little Rock; Jr-BA: 214. Wolf, Ety; Apeldoorn, Holland; Jr-A S: 159. Wolfe, Robert Leon; Rogers; Sr-BA: 140, 188. Womack, Clyde L.; Smackover; So-En: 219. Womble, William S.; Fort Smith; So-En: 243. Wood, Don; Claremore, Okla.; Fr-A S: 215. Wood, Harvey Erwin; Marvell; Fr-A S: 175. Wood, James Brice; Little Rock; Fr-Agri: 211. Wood, Jerry Lynn; Judsonia; So-En: 191. 486 Wright, John F.; Trumann; So-A S: 220. Wright, Orville; Amity; Fr-Agri: 243. Wright, Robert Louis; Helena; Fr-A S: 175. Wright, Walda Jean; Texarkana, Tex.; So-Ed: 159. Wunnenberg, Robert Doyne; Bald Knob; Fr-En: 215. Wyatt, Retha Hill; Melbourne; Fr-Ed: 205. Wynn, Connie A.; Fayetteville; So-Ed: 243. Anyone for fishing? Wood, Jimmie Edward; Texarkana; Jr-A S: 243. Wood, Leon; El Dorado: Sr-BA: 140, 243. Wood, Virgie Ruth; Winslow; Fr-BA: 243. 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Young, Robert Larkin; Little Rock; Jr-En: 217. Young, Sharon Audra; Little Rock; Sr-A S: 140, 152. Youngblood, William Thural; Grannis; Jr-En: 216. Yust, Jane; Wichita, Kan.; Fr-A S: 243. z Zachry, Coy Lawrence; Nashville; Jr-A S: 221. Zachry, Sarah Elizabeth; Nashville; Fr-A S: 205. Zaleski, Michael Ernest; Magnolia; So-En: 175. Zimmerman, Charles Richard; Carlisle; Sr-En: 140, 243. Zimpel, Mary Patricia; Clarksville; Fr-BA: 205. Zotti, Wanda Lee; Huntsville; Sr-A S: 140, 243. Zurd, Sir Cecil; Camelot, England; Sr-Dragon- killing: 243. 487 The Degeneration of an Iconoclast by John A prospective writer should not write unless he has something to say. Until a writer has fed his own ego to the point that he truly believes that he has something to say, he cannot, in good conscience, write. After the writer has decided that he does have some¬ thing to say, it is for the reader to decide concerning the validity of the writer’s decision. I believe that I have something to say. A lot of what I have to say is of a personal nature, concerning personalities, and will he of interest only to these persons and the persons who know them. Other portions will be of a more general nature and will concern, as promised in the Publications Section, char¬ acter assassinations, observations, and attempted per¬ ceptions. The components of this section will be labeled as to their nature. PERSONAL GLIMPSES If pleasure is good, then, this year has been a good year for me. Comparatively speaking, it has been my best, it has been pleasurable. The greatest reason for this has been the persons with whom I have been as¬ sociated. Never have I received more pleasurable company than from the Filthy Four (or, rather, Three, one of the Four turning out to be socially acceptable, willingly so, to the collegiatese, and hence, Clean) and their companions. Conversationally, the most pleasurable of these was Bill Bond whom I must objectively admit, is. dammit, more witty than I. Other conversational pleasures ranged from wit through introspective assistance, motivation and goal determination, religion and the how of species continu¬ ation, and “ins”, “outs”, and “borderlines.” There was: Mr. Gibson, who insisted on identify¬ ing me with the fraternity system so that he could point out its faults; Turner, who didn’t have to do much to get dropped; Mary Beth, who punned her way to the presidency; Buster, who used to straighten me out and temper my extremism; Selig, who was more fun than anyone; Barnard, who shared my interest in Organic; the Pi Phi’s, who made me feel as though being house boy was the closest thing to Phi Beta Kappa: Craig, the world’s most pleasant person; Hefley, who has been my closest friend till marriage us did part: and good old Dolly and I better stop now before my heart fills so full of good feelings that I need a cardiograph. Moore There being no appropriate place for this sort of thing, I guess now is as good a time as any to mention the name of Julie Perry. The reason that I mention this name is that she forgot to have her picture made and I promised her that I would put her name in the book. Julie Perry. NOSTALGIA AND CONFESSIONS The time that: Hubbard, Standridge, and I kissed all the cooks at the Adolphus last new year’s; Eldridge got nervous at the Student Union talent show and caused us to lose; Garry Carroll got pinned by telephone; Snow broke all the coke bottles and helped search for the culprit next day; everyone fell down the elevator shaft; Bond was feathered on stage; Curtis drew the wrong Alfred; Joe Dickey and Gaston were caught sunning themselves on the sun deck; Roberta spilled the pepper; Gibson chased two loose women; Huffman took to the woods; Dahlen, Anderson, and I did such a good job of snowing the legislators; the IFC retreat decided 488 that drinking was bad; Mrs. Halladay played the ac- cordian; Jernigan ran for president; Adair and a group jeered at the cheerleader tryouts; Snowden convinced me that a psychopath was loose in the Tau house; Hefley was found to have a poor attitude. ABOUT THIS YEARBOOK There is hound to be some controversy about this particular book. Most of it will center around the be¬ ginning of the book. The primary purpose of the opening section is to show off the excellent pictures shot by Parker David Rushing in his tour around the state last summer. The secondary purpose is to make an editorial comment on, if you’ll excuse the choice of words, the state of the state. The only purpose of the feature section is to en¬ tertain. The most prevalent, if not the best source of entertainment on the campus is the practice of “cutting.” The feature section is cutting, thus entertaining. Doug Smith, who wrote the feature section, is prob¬ ably the best satirical writer on the campus. For in¬ stance, in speaking of the ADPi’s winning the house decoration trophy, he says; 4 We’re always for the underdog.” This is not intended as an insult to the ADPi’s. It merely means that Doug thinks that this comment is funny. If the reader will take a kind of “fun-loving” attitude toward the feature section, it will be enjoyable; if not. the reader will be offended. Some readers will be offended. This is the price of humor. CHARACTER ASSASSINATIONS I have decided not to assassinate any characters. This is unfortunate since I promised in the publications section that I would assassinate the character of Parker David Rushing. He really doesn’t deserve it. The only other person that I would even consider assassinating is Porter Briggs. 1 won’t do this, either, because Porter has a very good character and is one of the nicest persons on the campus. He is just complete¬ ly disorganized. I foresee at least two major campus crises because Porter forgot to do something or maybe did it wrong. My purpose in saying this is so that Porter will be on guard and, 1 hope, make a liar of me. THE FRATERNITY SYSTEM It is fortunate that the fraternity system on this campus has begun to practice what it preaches. Other¬ wise the system would have folded. A fraternity conscience has developed. This is why the IFC this year placed some erring fraternities on pro¬ bation and fined several others. These were actions without precedent on this campus. They indicate that the fraternity system is worried about its reputation and worried enough to take action. The present shift in emphasis from the purely social activities to an interest in scholarship, leadership, and activities is indeed encouraging. For too long, interest in these things has been confined to the pledge manual and “rush talk.” Fraternity men, too, are beginning to realize that there is no social stigma attached to being an independ¬ ent. A continuing trend along this line will minimize the inherent snobism of the fraternity system. The sys¬ tem of selective membership practiced by fraternities imparts a kind of snobism to its members, but it is only partially justified. Being a member of the fraternity system and feeling that I am in a fair position to judge, I would say that the fraternity system is, generally speaking, k a good thing.” It could he considerably better. MISCELLANEA At this time I would like to say a lot of nice things about Armil Snow: a lot of nice things about Armil Snow. Dean Halladay is the most competent person work ing with students on this campus. It is unfortunate that he is handicapped by the widespread characteristic of young adults, a resentment of any kind of authority. He does not deserve such resentment. Dr. Mullins is probably the most deceptive man any of us will ever meet. While lulling you with well-chosen questions and his extreme charm, he will digest what you say, correlate the facts, and out-think you before you can say, “Ash Flat.” This is true but maybe I shouldn’t have said it because of the dignity of his office. It is unfortunate that so many kinds of architecture are represented on the campus. Gray Hall and the Jour¬ nalism Building should be razed to the ground and tarpaulins erected. If I dedicated this book, it would be dedicated to R. C. Walker and Gene McRae because they put it out. I have never been able to understand the human characteristic which manifests itself when nothing but good is said about a deceased person or when people cry at graduations and weddings, but I think that I am beginning to understand it now. What does a con¬ firmed iconoclast say when he no longer feels like breaking images? Nothing. Doc Lambert and Ed Dohonev are good guys. The 1961 Razorback was printed and bound by the Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. The cuts are 133-line copper engravings by Southwestern Engraving Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover was manufactured by the Kingskraft Division of the Kingsport Press, Inc. of Kingsport, Tennessee. Printing is by letter- press on 80 lb. Warren ' s Lustro Gloss paper. Heads are set in 36 point and 24 point Bodoni Bold. Body copy is set in 10 point Bodoni Book. Identification group cutlines are in 8 point Bodoni Book and individual cutlines are in 9 point Spartan and Spartan Bold. Feature cutlines are set in 8 point Spartan.

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