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UP ■ZTf-tO 4 r Published by the Associated Students, University of Arkansas. Robert T. Dawson, Editor James F. Tuohey, Jr., Business Manager IKE 19N i The chimes in the North Tower of Old Main toll the last six strokes and the school year is ended. Now only memories remain of what once was, but can never be again. On the following pages of the I960 Razorback, we have attempted to recapture and portray the varied activities and institutions that have made this year one that will never be forgotten. A fastly fading way of life that will forever have a special meaning to those who have known it. I ¥ Features — Page 24 Administration — Page 90 Classes — Page 108 Chapter 1 Features Page 24 Chapter 2 Administration Page 90 Chapter 3 Classes Page 108 Chapter 4 Personalities Page 192 Chapter 5 Beauties Page 206 Chapter 6 Athletics Page 224 Chapter 7 Military Page 272 Chapter 8 Publications Page 286 Chapter 9 Arts Page 308 Chapter 10 Greeks Page 324 Chapter 11 Halls Page 372 Chapter 12 Organizations Page 400 Chapter 13 Advertising Page 448 Sports — Page 224 Military — Page 272 Arts Page 308 Greeks — Page 324 Halls — Page 372 6 Advertising — Page 448 Personalities — Page 192 CONTENTS Beauties — Page 206 Publications - p age 286 Organizations — Page 400 7 c_ .. attending classes in the search for edu¬ cation. It includes certain intangibles which are unexplainable, but ever present. It is a composite of a pep rally and a football game. It is a night of studying and a coffee ■ Hr 1. i ran 7 j Students crowd Student Union patio for mid-morning coffee and talk during break in their schedule of morning classes. Class change sends students scurrying to next class, to the Union for a break, or pausing to chat with friends. Study sessions in the various libraries on campus became more prolonged and intense with final exams approaching. break. It is thought and action, night and day. For 5500, it is a way of life. 8 Lights of Main Library cast a symbolic reflection as a beacon of knowledge after a light Spring shower. 10 Pharmacy students take notes from instructor at University Division in Little Rock. A ■ | center of knowledge and seeking for knowledge, a center of les¬ sons to learn and lessons learned, this is the University of Arkansas. Modern facilities plus the latest methods of instruction combine to offer the student the best possible atmosphere conducive to self¬ advancement by education. Here is found knowledge about science, knowledge about the arts, knowledge about nature, knowledge about people, and knowledge about knowledge. First and foremost, the Uni¬ versity is an institute of knowledge. Distinguished lecturer, Senator J. W. Fulbright, addresses capacity crowd in Union. Designed by world famous UA graduate Ed Stone, Fine Arts Center has been termed the most modern structure of its kind. 12 S ' Brough Commons dedicated this year, serves 1,000 male students. ver the past decade, the University has progressed in enrollment and in educational standards with a corresponding growth in facilities, both on the Fayette¬ ville campus and the Little Rock Division. Progress has been the by -word as modern structures have been erected and the University ' s services to the State have expanded. Modern General Extension serves over 8,000 non-resident stu¬ dents with correspondence courses. Five Graduate Centers, including a Tech¬ nological Center in Little Rock, are located throughout the State. General Exiension serves over 8,000 with correspondence courses. Traditional Symbol of the University, The North Tower of Old Main. Fog drifts over Senior Walk, containing the names of all graduates. School spirit and loyalty are depicted in weekly pep rallies in the Greek theater that finds majority of student body ' calling the hogs ' attempting to create even more enthusiasm for the game. D elief in education as a whole and the belief in the utility of the University of Arkansas in particular form the bases of school loyalty and tradition. More aesthetic are the values of cheering for the school team, supporting the institution after graduation, and searching for John P. Woods and Dr. John L. Shipley reminisce at reunion of Class of 1909. a name on Senior Walk. These feelings and be¬ liefs combine to form a sense of loyalty and tradition that have marked the University for almost a century. Thousands of alums return yearly and with a sense of pride proclaim, This is our Alma Mater, the University of Arkansas. 15 interest in Religion as a phase of campus life is encouraged from the registration of the student as a freshman. Nine student church groups are active on campus with daily services and churches of all denominations have some phase of their programs devoted entirely to students. They attempt to guide and direct the student in his searching and probing of life by offer¬ ing spiritual guidance during the most formative part of the student ' s life. Students enjoy both fellow¬ ship and recreation before daily afternoon Wesley Ser¬ vices at the Student Center. Lindley Williams, Chairman of Religious Emphasis Week, answers question of in¬ terested student after evening seminar. Evening Vesper Services are dismissed at Baptist Student Center on campus. 17 An All-campus dance, such as the Air Force ROTC Military Ball, is a major highlight of the social season. A ■ In educated mind, a literate mind, cannot exist by itself, for it must depend on others, both for the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of friendship. The University, realizing the value of the social development of one ' s personality, sponsors and sanctions varied soci al activities through¬ out the school year. Fraternities and sororities as well as all other living- groups on campus, have programs that include a wide variety of social activities for its members. LIFE photog caught Ski ' s, Susan Jones, hunkerin ' as craze orginated on campus spread to neighboring states. A ■ ■ Iways striving to prepare and improve are the two main goals of the University, both in curriculum and in facilities. Continous progressive planning has enabled the University to keep well abreast with the changing times and current trends. Dedication of 400-capacity Fulbright Hall for frosh coeds. Modern structures are designed always with the ever increasing enrollment and other needs of the future in mind. The University is definitely an in¬ stitute with eyes to the future. 20 Classroom television proved to be successful in City ' s Grade Schools. Hallad a Yi Williams, and Jones discuss possible construction locations. Army ROTC cadets prepare for future military service. J ust a beginning and not an ending as college days draw to a close. A new way of life must begin with the utilization of the years of preparation and training received at the University. With college days gone, so must the graduates go to prepare the 22 Homecoming game with Texas A M ends victoriously as jubilant fans storm field to congratulate players. 23 Kappas sing and ' get-the-spirit ' as Tappy Dickens and Patty Payne step on the porch to greet approaching rushees at afternoon party. Rush Starts Year Sans Top Leaders University students returned in the fall to find that their school was lack¬ ing two highly-placed officials. The President, John Tyler Caldwell, had accepted a Chancellorship at North Carolina State, and Vice President and Provost, Lewis Rohrbaugh, had gone to Boston University to accept a similar position. Arkansas administrators started the search for new personnel, and the Greeks started Rush Week in search of pledges. Gay parties, forced smiles, frank discussions, and, occasionally, disappointments, again characterized Rush. At the conclusion of Rush Week, one hundred eighty men and a record of one hundred ninety women had pledged. After Rush Week, University students picked up their Travelers to find that about twenty of the campus leaders elected in the spring had been dis¬ qualified, and that new elections would be held. The Dean’s office contended that the disqualifying was done for scholastic reasons. Rushees encountered handshaking sessions preceding every fraternity rush party as frat men lined-up for shaking ritual. 26 Pi Phis, Mary Bullock, Janet Porter, and Peachy Murry enact skit showing beginning of sorority in Wild West. 27 Rushees juggle purses, gloves, pencils, punch, and assorted Chi Omega cake as they make their way down the line. Parties, Promises, and New Pledges Pi Beta Phis jubilantly embrace new pledges after their 3-block run down Maple Street Hill before escorting them into the Pi Phi House. 28 Outside the Union, some fraternities wait for new pledges to be announced as others leave with their new fraternity brothers. Tension mounts among Greeks as pledges are announced and rush to cheers and congratulations of their respective chosen fraternity brothers. 29 New freshman girls are appraised by over anxious males in the disguise of suitcase-carrying, civic-minded bellboys wanting to do their part. F reshmen, Fire-eaters, and a Lull Student Senate President Bob Fussell and Student Body President Alan Sugg greet new students in the Union Lounge during the ' meet-the-wheels ' party. 30 The new Greek pledges moved in and began to feel as if things were not the same as during Rush Week. The pledges began to get regimented and the freshmen began to get oriented. They met the officals who ran the University, plus the student leaders and the campus politicians. They got the opportunity to meet a football coach headed for the Southwest Conference championship and the conference’s most successful basketball coach. The County Fair was in town and anyone who was interested could see a fire-eating dwarf and a girl who was bored at the knives thrown at her. The football players were in town and the student saw a preview of the SWC champions in action in the Red-White game. Registration once more provoked confusion in the Men’s Gym. Students encountered the raised tuition fees of $100 and the out-of-state fee of $135 for the first time. Final enrollment figures showed that the University was unexpectedly below the preceding year. Students received a preview of a winning season to come at the annual Red-White game played before a lively crowd at Razorback Stadium. Senior Bill Kyser carries the ball through a closing hole. New students got a chance to talk to the Dean of Southwest Conference basketball coaches, UA ' s Glen Rose. Fire-eater and disinterested girl, who kept same expression while knives were thrown at her, were two of the attrac¬ tions at the Washington County Fair. 31 Block-long waiting line greeted students who arrived late to pick up class registration cards in the basement of Old Main. Confusion 105X or Consent Registration was not only trying to students but to chess playing advisors who were also faced with the problem of where-to-move-next. 32 Razorback staff members and a few recruited friends, acquaintances, and passers-by are pressed into service by harried appointment-makers at the registration desk. Somehow able to work up a smile after a two-hour registration, Chi O Peggy Lynn Perry poses for her activity card picture while others wait. Out-of-state sophomore Pat Dial dejectedly eyes the rising figures in the registration cash register as it penalizes her geographic status. 33 IBS +■ 1x TnTfm ' v ' iL» l£zwwt L- J fmf w mHPnm SMgfci SBr wtM f Ak. mSi WM Students and fans stand for Alma Mater before opening game with Tulsa preceding the start of classes on following Monday. The Formation of Habit Patterns With the coming of classes comes the freshman who seems perpetually lost, the upperclassman who is bored before the professor opens his mouth, the cocky, loquacious, student who takes issue with every point his instructor makes and proceeds to flunk the course, the quiet individual in the back who never says a word and sets the “A” bracket so high that its unapproachable. With classes and with the students comes the first football game and then Dad’s Day. With suitable hoopla, the dads arrive on the campus and proceed to relive their college days. They visit the old fraternity house and brag about how rough they had it when they were pledges, while their smiling wives stand by understandingly. The Razorback photographers from Randelle arrive and the pictures are made in the Union. The photographers leave and everyone settles into his pattern with few interruptions. Coach Frank Broyles addresses first pep rally of year and predicts gloomy season for the SWC-title-bound Hogs. 34 First morning 7:30 classes proved to °ld students after a summer of be trying for both new and arising at-a-not-so-early-time. New Fulbright freshmen coeds were feted with teas by PiKA and other fraternities on campus. Randelle photographer Jerry Rosetti poses Bettie Vaughan for yearbook class section photograph. 35 Exuberant Dads of football players leap to their feet at rain drenched Razorback Stadium as Hogs defeat TCU. A Three-Point Victory for Dads University Acting President Storm Whaley addresses a wet audience in a brief half¬ time dedication ceremony of newly construc¬ ted Brough Commons and Carlson Terraces. 36 The Zetas house decoration proved prophetic as the Razorbacks, later in the day, went on the literally kick their way to victory. From the shelter of the original school- house used by Albert Pike, a disgruntled Dad ponders the advisability of the long walk through the rain to Razorback stadium. 37 Bouncing gaily around the stage, an enthused Stan Kenton gestures wildly and his musicians respond creatively. Kenton Show, Music Loud Low Taking a stint at the piano, Kenton shows yet another facet of his many- sided genius at making good music. The interruptions of classes come thick and fast as the musicians began showing up. Kenton was first and set a standard for other campus enter¬ tainers to try to reach. His own arrangements, like flatted fifths and aug¬ mented thirteenths and five trumpets a half step apart, wowed the audience and hurt the ears of the more classical-minded members of the audience. The Four Freshmen were included in the Kenton package and delivered their usual show stoppers to a most appreciative audience. Vocalist June Christy rounded out the program, but due to illness, performed only sparingly. With the approach of the Sigma Nu relays, the sorority houses began looking like the Razorback practice field. The girls invited dates over for such diverse entertainment as pulling against them in their practice for the tug-o-war, blowing up baloons for Baioon Bust practice, etc., etc. The weatherman smiled on the day set for the Relays and the Tri-Delts won again, the ChiO’s coming in second and the ADPi’s third. The Frosh, favorites at the University, begin yet another of their original arrangements for a capacity audience consisting of students, faculty, and many people from town. 38 Frosh antics-puller Bob Flanagan in¬ terrupts Four Freshmen long enough to present his own humorous inter¬ pretation of how song should sound. " No hablo Ingles " was the motto of the Stan Kenton ' s South American bon¬ go player, but his music certainly was not prone to any lack of communication. 39 While the Tri-Delt team looks around apprehensively for possible intruders, the ChiO ' s and Zetas so.uare off in the Baloon Bust. Tri-Delts Hassle to Relays Victory The first Zeta gets her foot wet in their ill-fated pull in the tug-o-war as supporters and hecklers rave on. 40 Tho ChiO entrant feels around for her mysterious assailant and the DG thrashes on in the attack on the egg and only, incidentally, her head. Pi Phi jumper Betty Clark seems to be coming out of her sack but she retains her lead over well-sacked but floundering opponents in sack race. Clean-shirted Gene Rackley makes his getaway from pledges made suddenly aggressive by the Sigma Nu tradition of dunking members. 41 Pi Beta Phi argyle sock made by a Pig walked off with first place honors in the women ' s division of the house decoration judging. Homecoming Under Cloudy Skies With the end in mind of improving the quality of the Homecoming decorations and at the same time making less work for the living groups building them, ABC decided that each house just has to build one decoration either a yard decoration or a parade float. The happy houses complied and the results were spectacular. In the women’s division, the Pi Phi’s socked the judges as well as the Aggies and took first place.The Zetas got second and the Tri-Delts, third. The Sigma Nus ran away with the men’s division trophy and no one objected. The Lambda Chi’s were second and the Kappa Sig’s, third. The SAE’s train and the ADPi’s donkey cart won the float prizes with the Acacias and the Kappas second and the Pikes and the ChiO’s third. Governor Faubus, Homecoming Queen Sarah Jane Melton, and an em¬ barrassed maid, Mickey Barrow who lost her slip, were the main attractions at the Homecoming football game as the Hogs beat the Aggies, 12-7. Simple, but unique. Acacia float won second place honors as a coon-dog on a leash barked at a coon tied in tree. 42 Rebecca W. Wasson begins time consuming job of stuffing tail-end of ' Irvin, the Dragon ' , in preparation for the approaching parade. Founder of Homecoming, Secretary of State C. G. ' Crip ' Hall, waves to crowd along Dickson Street. Giant Razorback gets support and a boost from Alpha Tau Omega in the mid-morning parade. 43 Lambda Chi Alpha house decoration, depicting a ' Porker ' game was awarded second place in men ' s division. Decorations, Apes, and Politicians Three-coach train ' that could ' , did, as elaborate mechanism of Sigma Alpha Epsilon steamed and roared to a first place in men ' s float division. 44 ■■■ BSStaai Head table at annual State Legislators Banquet included Board Chairman L. C. Carter and wife and Governor and Mrs. Orval Faubus. •’(f i - ZrUX :, w ,c. JfojfT « m Forty-foot high crepe paper Ape of Sigma Nu caused comment, laughter, and was awarded the first place trophy in the men ' s house decorations division. 45 Artistic float of Alpha Delta Pi, with a donkey delivering a victory, brought awe and comment and to no one ' s surprise was awarded the first place float award. Homecoi flfl Ends Without a Slip Precision Air Force ROTC Drill Team proved to be a crowd favorite as group ' hunkered ' to a cadence call in the Homecoming morning parade. 46 And then Homecoming was over and the football season was done and all that remained to be done was to pick up the loose ends of football season and back to the booky grind. One of the loose ends brought the University as much publicity as the whole season as the Gator Bowl extended an invitation to Arkansas to face Georgia Tec h on nation-wide television on January second in Florida. The Hogs went and thousands of Arkansans went with them and the Engineers were beaten in what national magazines called “the best bowl game of the year.” Halfback Jim Mooty earned recognition right and left which was capped by his being named All-America by the Associated Press. Jim toured the state and took his bows. The Young Democrats raised a lot of hell, but no one was quite sure what it was about and The AWS chose John Tolleson as their St. Nick. Limelight of crowning of Homecoming Queen was shifted from Queen Sarah Melton to Maid Mickey Barrows as her slip slips to the ground before a capacity crowd and regional TV hook-up. Remaining members of the 1909 Razor- back team are honored by proclamation read by Assistant Athletic Director George Cole in pre-game ceremonies. Roses and traditional kiss are pre¬ sented Homecoming Queen Sarah Jane Melton by Governor Orval E. Faubus during halftime crowning ceremonies. 47 Athletic Director John Barnhill signs contract that will fete Hogs against Georgia Tech in Gator Bowl as Officials and Coach George Cole look on. Awards, A Pianist, Controversy World famous pianist Jose Iturbi chats with Carolyn Webster and Diane CaHail after his concert to a capacity crowd in Men ' s Gym. 48 For his outstanding play exhibited in the Homecoming game, Jim Mooty receives the Crip Hall Award at basketball halftime. Reynolds Griffith, a member of the State Young Democrats Executive Com¬ mittee, addresses the local chapter before ihe election of new officers. 49 Singfony winners from Fulbright Hall watch director Deanne Fleener as she sets the beat, mouthes the words, and encourages them. Songs of the Season for Charity After only about a month of school, trouble began and what has been called the “saga of Jim Standard” became an event of student and faculty controversy. On the lighter side, Singfony was held for a packed house. The Phi Delts won again in the men’s division and Fulbright Hall took the women’s top trophy. The Kappas and the Alphs took second and the Pi Phis and the Sigma Chis won the cakes and had a party together. In the Senate, discussion was heard on the advisibility of having all the various college “days” on one day. with the engineers violently objecting. Christmas and Christmas parties approached and the Air Force Military Ball was held and then everyone, or almost everyone went home for the holidays. Song director Emily Damon leads Kap¬ pa Kappa Gamma through two selec¬ tions and to a second place trophy at the annual campus ' Singfony 7 . After helping her Fulbright Hall group, Mary Louise Core entertains while the judges retire. Scoring their second consecutive Singfony men ' s division victory. Bill Taylor ' s Phi Delts were the crowd favorites. The six winners of the two divisions get onstage to pose with their four trophies and two cakes. 51 Perturbed Kappa Sigmas, their tempers up after having been canceled out by Huey P. Smith ' s band, hung him in effigy. St. Nick Makes the Scene It was difficult to determine who was being entertained and who was doing the entertain¬ ing at the annual Acacia Children ' s Party. Dressed in formal attire, Air Force cadets and dates enjoy the Military Ball, the social highlight of the AFROTC program. With his beard askew, Paul Kingsborough plays Santa Claus, assisted by good-looking helpers sorting presents at the Zeta house. 53 Resting before the big game, Jim Mooty, Jim Monroe, Joe Paul Alberty, and Dean Garrett watch the antics of a playful porpoise with a football. An Adventure in Gator-Land Governor Orval Faubus of Arkansas greets the crowd at Jacksonville and extends to them greetings from Arkansas and also a few wry jokes. The Porkers tied for the Southwest Conference Championship and earned a chance to face Georgia Tech in the Gator Bowl. The team and thousands of Arkansans streamed into Jacksonville, Florida to see Arkansas win, 14-7. Arriving back at school to start the long last stretch toward finals, stu¬ dents discovered that they were snowed in, and they remained so for six weeks as the snow kept falling. The snow proved encouraging for study for some, but for others it merely meant that there was another distraction, going out and snowballing or being snowballed. The Fine Arts center came out with a dance to provide still another diversion. Acting President Storm Whaley went to Little Rock in another capacity for the University as the Board of Trustees announced the selection of David Mullins as President. Finals came. After the Razorbacks ' 14-7 win over Georgia Tech in the Gator BowL Razorback head coach Frank Broyles receives the trophy from Gator Bowl Association President John Piombo at the banquet. 54 Prepared by the Arkansas State Parks and Publicity Commission, the Arkansas float makes its way down the palm- lined streets of sunny Jacksonville. Miss America, Linda Meade of Missis¬ sippi, special guest at Gator Bowl, greets visitors at the annual classic. While dates gather snowballs and pelt passing cars, Pi Phis Betty Kate Brown, Martha Dale Cook, and Rayanne Heine catch their breath. Snow, Study, Finals and Miracles Some psychology students, thinking a white rat to be a suitable " snowman " for their building, begin building it. 56 In every class there seems to be one student that takes the whole exam period no matter how easy the course or how short the kind teacher makes the exam. With the coming of final exams, many students find the work stacked up and make a hasty retreat to the Library as did ChiO Ann Martin. In her role in the University production of ' The Miracles ' , Belle Thompson, freshman from Waldron, displays her Thespian ability. 0 Governor Orval Faubus, on the campus for semester graduation, gets acquainted with new President, David Mullins. A New President Addresses Grads The students, except the ones sweating graduation, and the faculty made it to the semester break and rested, or decked themselves out in hot, awkward robes for graduation. Most of the students got their first look at their new president as he came to the campus from Auburn University to address the graduates. He also found time to meet legislators and deans as he started getting acquainted. The graduation exercise was held in the Barnhill Fieldhouse again, the planners taking no chance on the weather. With only a few mishaps and little confusion, the graduation took place and no one was seen to be jerked out of the line. Everyone registered and the new students were oriented and inspired and it was time for another try at making grades. After four years of drill and training, ROTC cadets receive their commissions and are sworn in at official ceremonies. With Dr. Mullins not yet assuming his duties. Acting President Storm Whaley hands out scrolls. An orderly maelstrom takes place in the Barnhill Fieldhouse as mid-year graduates make their way to the elevated seats. Milling around on the indoor football prac¬ tice field, graduates form lines for entrance. 59 For the second time of the year, registrants fill out forms and hope for the arrival of the IBM machines. Registration With a Flu-Bug Near Assistant Dean of Students Eleanor Tyler begins the orientation procedure for wom¬ en entering the University at semester by informing them of the AWS house rules. r.o Unhappy students line up for the last time in the campus non-profit bookstore to get rid of their last big expense, textbooks. Settled at the Army ROTC desk mainly to help attract potential recruits for Army cadetship, Liz Hollenberg fills our forms for attracted student cadet. 61 Chi Omegas Caroline Cox, Anne Shaw, and C. K. Kendrick display winning smiles dur¬ ing at semester rush party at ChiO House. Rush With Threat of an Epidemic Meanwhile, over at the Phi Delta The¬ ta House, a rushee was being liter¬ ally " torn in two " by well-meaning rushers in their crowded front hall. A flu scare delayed the start of classes for two days, but then the smiles were put on again by the Greeks and the fraternities pledged 49 men. The girls sweated, talked it up, and then screamed as has become their habit in rush and 35 girls were pledged, with, of course, every sorority getting just the girls they wanted. The Traverler situation began a long stay in different committees and in the Student Senate with everyone signing petitions but no one was quite sure what it was all about. The snow was still on the ground, only this time it glazed over and university students began borrowing sleds from little kids to go down hills. With suitable fanfare, the Army Military Ball arrived along with a few complaints from the cadets on the choice of bands. None of the young ones had even heard of Ted Weems. But everyone went anyway and “a good time was had by all.” 62 Confusion is the by-word at the corner of Oakland and Maple Streets as the new pledges rush out of the Student Union to meet their new " big sisters. " 63 Delta Gamma rushers, shown above with white hearts, entertain rushees, shown above with dark hearts, at rush party. As the Army sponsors line up in front of the bandstand, Ted Weems and his band, fresh from their 1932 triumph with " Heartaches " , rest. Balls, Resolutions, and More Snow As the students came back to school from an unseasonably warm semester break, the skies opened and snow was here for an unprecedented six weeks. 64 The traditional saber arch and salute is given honorary Army ROTC Sponsor Coretta Bury at the annual Militay Ball held in the Men ' s Gym. Senate President Bob Fussell commends the group after their acceptance of a resolution to place the Traveler back under student jurisdiction. Delight is expressed by Pershing Rifles Honorary Sponsor Donna Axum at a ballon souvenir given her by PR Cadet Captain Ken Hendricson. 65 Razorback Beauties Miller, Grohoski, Jerome, Carlson, Lucas, and Roland pose at the Porker Party after being named beauties. Play-Time, Awards, and a Newness According to the Traveler, Kai Winding flunked geography and played the continent of Europe, instead of the Porker Party as was an¬ nounced. John Tolleson subbed for the missing Winding and the Party went off as scheduled to a sparce crowd of athletes and beauty candidates. Gerald Gardner was named King Porker and TV Star Boh Cummings selected six Razorback Beauties. Student Union Week was here as the Union attempted to emphasize its facilities to serve students. All American Jim Mooty received his AP certificate and the University got a President, as David W. Mullins, former vice-president at Auburn, took over the Presidential duties. The Greek pledges had their annual IFPC dance and crowned Kappa Carol Kirby as Queen. Jose Greco and his troupe of Spanish dancers, under trying circumstances, presented an enjoyable concert. Strange wierd-like light appears for the second straight year and it is still pretty and baffling to this writer. 66 Rock and Roller John Tolleson and his bunch provided the music for the Student Union Week dance, as they did for the King Porker Party. Newly selected University President David W. Mullins assumes the position and duties as President during his first day, March first. Scene stealer with a broom, who expected All- American Mooty and friends to move out of his way, caused commotion, laughter, in Fieldhouse. 67 Newly-announced Interfraternity Pledge Queen, Carol Anne Kirby, addresses Greek pledges and dates with acceptance speech. Greeks, Greco, Independents Dance Beatniks and non-conformists galore were on hand at the Men ' s Interhall Council ' Beat Generation Party ' held at Sedgwell House. 68 Jose ' the man ' Greco, dancing, star of ' Around the World in 80 Days, ' stomps to a Spanish beat with his partner on flat sounding, dust covered stage. 69 Engineers, dates, and guests dance in the decorated Union ballroom following the banquet and preceding the annual announcement of St. Pat and St. Patricia. A Non-Technical Day for Engineers Shaking to the Charleston, Zeta Billie Waters entertains the ca¬ pacity crowd preceding the voting for St. Patricia by the engineers. 70 The Engineers had their day, after maneuvering the Student Senate to alter its ‘no-days’. More and more shamrocks began to appear on campus and at the conclusion, Jack Hammett and Carol Johnson were named St. Pat and St. Patricia. The business students, not to be outdone, had their day and heard State Chamber of Commerce President, Marvin Melton of Jonesboro, speak on “Arkansas’ Progress—Our Business”. Tri-Delt Joyce Norwood was named Commerce Queen at the banquet concluding Commerce Day. Spring formals began to appear with their more-than-elaborate decora¬ tion themes. Random House President and TV panelist Bennett Cerf de¬ livered an informative speech on the changing trends in American humor. University President Mullins presented Cerf an ‘Arkansas Traveler’ certif¬ icate before his speech. St. Pat candidate resorted to a somewhat leggy chorus line of Sandy Hillman, Janet McNeil, Vicki Borman, Phyllis Rainer, and Kay McCollum, in an attempt to swing votes in the election. Newly-crowned St. Pat and St. Patricia, Jack Hammett and Carol Johnson, dance at the Engineers ' Ball in the Union following the announcement of the honor. Daisy Mae, portrayed by St. Patricia candidate Marian Moore, depicted life and the trying times of Dogpatch for an appreciative group of engineers. 71 Dignitaries at the head table of the Commerce Day banquet heard State Chamber of Commerce leader Marvin Melton speak on Arkansas ' progress. Cerf, Formats, the Business Outlook Business students crowd the polls to elect student government officials and a commerce queen, to be an¬ nounced at Commerce Day banquet. 72 Zeta pledges decorate in the Union ballroom for their approaching Spring Formal, as the formal season got underway at the University. Outgoing Commerce Queen Ann Shaw extends a trophy and congratulations to the incoming Queen, Joyce Norwood, at the Commerce Day banquet. Noted humorist, columnist, and President of Random House, Bennett Cerf, addresses a capacity crowd on the changing trends in American humor. 73 Students bow their heads for the convocation prayer, delivered by former Southern Baptist Convention President, Brooks Hays. A Week with Emphasis on Religion Religion during the week was emphasized as Religious Emphasis Week got underway. Brooks Hays, former Arkansas Congressman, was the feature speaker for the week. Morning convocations were held at 11:30 daily with classes dismissed early to allow all students to attend. Evening convocations, bull sessions, and classroom visitations rounded out the REW program. Attorney General Bruce Bennett, a candidate for Governor, addressed the Young Democrats Club, and attacked the automobile license tax. Other orators were expounding as the intramural debate tournament got under¬ way. Sigma Chi, Teke, and ADPi won first place honors. Campus Chest began without Campus Capers for the first time. The Student Senate ruled out Capers because of time element involved, but the usual dances, coffee sales, and a campus lover contest, won by Sigma Nu Chester Lowe, highlighted the charity raising drive. Religious Emphasis Week Chairman Lind- ley Williams addresses the first convo¬ cation speaking of plans, events, and scheduled speakers for the coming week. 74 Featured REW Speaker Hays answers questions of interested stu¬ dents at the conclusion of a sermon entitled, ' The Cosmos and You ' . Hays delivers the first sermon of Religious Emphasis Week to a capacity crowd in Union. Episcopal Bishop Robert Brown answers a question posed at an evening seminar and ' bull session ' . ' J Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Bennett addresses the Young Demo Club and pledges an automobile tax cut, if elected. Campus Chest, Orators, Charges Civic Club President Buster Jones presents the Campus Lover trophy to Sigma Nu Chester Lowe at the conclusion of Campus Chest Drive. 76 Bermuda short clad ' Trebles ' rock and roll for the Campus Chest Supper Dance for charity in the Union ballroom. Firey oration of Jim Hefley in opposi¬ tion to theory of capital punishment, won second place for Sigma Alpha Epsi¬ lon in the intramural debate tournament. 77 Ground moves up rapidly as Brahma Bull unloads untactfully its passenger of a few seconds at the annual Agri Rodeo. May-Day for Farmers and Lawyers Defense Attorney Don Ryan makes a funny point to his star witness, Ann Yancey, before the Moot-Court Law- Day trial of a typewriter thief. 78 The Agri Students had a field day with bucking broncs, a cow milking contest, and an all Agri dance and barbeque. The Agrarians named ADPi Sondra Hall as Agri Queen over four other candidates. The Lawyers selected no queen, but had a day on May-Day that in¬ cluded a moot court trial and a banquet-dance. Politics filled the air as speeches were delivered in a rally and pre-election dance in the Union ball¬ room. Despite no publicity of the rally, approximately 200 turned out to boost the candidates. Jim Dennis and Dick Dahlen filed for President of Associated Students, while Bill Adair drew no opposition for Vice President. Three candidates were in the running for Secretary and two entered the race for Treasurer. Senate Seats had to be filled and a host of students filed. ‘Politiking’ began. Quarterback Billy Moore pitches out to halfback Bruce Fullerton for an eight yard gain in the first Red-White spring practice game as the Red team sneaked by the Whites, 18-14. Bull bucks in an unsuccessful attempt to unseat its rider. Bull, not giving up, tried several more times and at last, rather abruptly, sheds the rider. Agri Queen candidate Judy Phillips squeezes out a first place victory in the cow-milking contest at the Agri Pavilion to start the day ' s festivities. 79 Campus politicians and vote-getters encircle the entrance to the polls in order to approach any uld-be-voters with recommendations. Politicians Are Seen and Heard Secretarial candidate Alice R othert talks for votes at rally in Union. Alice and Sandra Yates won in the primary, and then Yates took the run-off election by a slim margin. 80 Unopposed, but yet fearful of a possible write- in Vice President candidate, Bill Adair addresses the crowd with the usual campaigners speech Student Body Prexy Alan Sugg chats with the candidates before announc¬ ing the positions and allowing candidates a speaking opportunity. 81 ' Happy 7 group of Sigma Nu ' s in a Vote-Wagon invade the heretofore pedestrain area only to be asked to leave by a campus cop. Pressure by a Personal Appeal After a last minute rush to the polls, all was over but the counting. This came later and in the final tabulation, Dick Dahlen defeated Presi¬ dential Candidate Jim Dennis, 1498-791. Unopposed Vice President candi¬ date Bill Adair, save for a few votes for Alfred E. Newman, had no write-in opposition. Sandra Yates, in an organized high-pressure campaign, edged ChiO Alice Rothert 912 to 864. George Jernigan easily defeated Dudley Bumpass for Treasurer, J017 to 640. Gaebale started with the beauty pageant in the Greek Theater, but rain forced the show to be moved into the Men’s Gym. Pi Phi Patti Pulliam was crowned Miss University of Arkansas by outgoing Miss UofA and Miss Arkansas, Suzie Jackson. A talent division of the pageant was inaugurated for the first time, and Zeta Coretta Bury and Kappa Lynda Cook were named first and second Miss UofA Maid respectively. 82 Pi Phi ' s Carolyn Smith and Ginger Murray discuss issuance of ' Yates for Secretary ' literature at the polls. Card-clad veteran campaigner Suzanne Conley discusses candidates, issues, with a campaign cohort at their post on the Union sidewalk. Successful Presidential candidate Dahlen chats with a voter, while a Dennis supporter listens. Mass of candidates and friends form an impas¬ sable barricade at the entrance to the polls. 83 A drenched beauty audience enters the Men ' s Gym after a downpour halted the show in the open-air Greek Theater. Gaebale Begins on a Wet Note Patti Pulliam receives the traditional kiss from Suzie Jackson, as Patti is named Miss University of Arkansas. Patti modeled hats that she designed for her talent selection. 84 Line-up of candidates in formals provided a better chance of comparison by judges, spectators, minutes before the rains came. First runner-up Coretta Bury answers a question concerning importance of Khru¬ shchev ' s visit to U.S. Emcee Steve Stev¬ ens posed question to five finalists. 85 A well drenched, rather bleak Gaebale booth was half erected the night the Carnival was to be held. Sun came out and the Carnival was held the next day ‘Gaebale 60’ Revived with Sun Tommy Bond waits with Phi Delt racer before the announcement of his race. Phi Delt, previous winner of last three derbies, took another first trophy. 86 The rains continued to come and the Gaebale outlook looked dim, causing the cancellation of the Carnival on Friday night. The sun appeared Saturday and the Carnival was rescheduled for that night. The racers again crashed down the hill and sometimes into the crowd. Phi Delta Theta took the first place honors for both design and speed. Chris Conner, who sang at Gaebale two years ago, was on hand again for an afternoon concert. After Chris came the Carnival, which was revived after a three year lapse. After the Carnival came the dance which concluded Gaebale, with three rock and roll groups providing the music. Gaebale Director Dudley Bumpass, despite charges of Student Senate and pressure from the Admin¬ istration, assembled both an enjoyable and a profitable Gaebale, thus vir¬ tually insuring its continuance. A spur-of-the moment dance in the Student Union ballroom was held as continued rain forced the postponement of the scheduled carnival. The dance drew an unusually large crowd. i ' r ■ iw nBBf KM t K 1 L ' ML Lr ' ' .4 pi Two entrants including the wooden ' crate ' of Kappa Sigma race off the starting point. Hastily constructed KZ racer finished, but finished last. 87 A packed house, or rather tent, enjoys a laugh at the PiKA-ChiO version of ' Pokey and Bess ' , one of the attractions on the mid-way. Chris and the Carnival Reappear Chris Conner selects music at inter¬ mission with members of her orches¬ tra for the next half ' s presentation. 88 $ig Alphs construct their booth for the presentation °f the KKG-SAE award winning movie, The Untouch- a bles, featured Al Capone and his brother, Guiseppe. Lines form-up for the Kappa Sigma-Third Floor Fulbright presentation of ' Back- stage at the Peep Show, ' featuring Gypsy Rose and newcomer Bell Button. Chi Omega ' s leggy loop-throwing booth consisted of two girls swing¬ ing and the object, according to the barker, was to loop their legs. 89 I Orval Eugene Faubus is serving his sixth year as Governer of Arkansas, a record which is almost unparalled in the history of the state. Governor Faubus ponders a question directed from a faculty member while he was on campus during the Act 10 controversy last spring. Governor of Arkansas Serving an almost unprecedented third term as Governor of the State of Arkansas, Orval E. Faubus has become one of the most outstanding political figures in the United States. An able legislator and a capable ad¬ ministrator, Governor Faubus has during the last six years seen much prog¬ ress over the state. A varied career of service to the state constitutes the background of our present Governor. Following a tour of duty in the army during World War II, Faubus returned to Arkansas to become postmaster of his hometown, Huntsville, county clerk of Madison County, a member of the State High¬ way Commission, and. later, administrative assistant to former Governor Sid McMath. Despite his busy schedule, Governor Faubus has taken an active interest in University affairs. On New Year’s he headed a delegation of some 7000 fans to boost the Razorbacks to victory at the Gator Bowl. In the past, Faubus has called for increased funds for the University, and has avidly supported its program in the State Legislature. Dallas P. Raney Little Rock Appointed 1951 Paul Sullins Crossett Appointed 1953 Roy Ritter Springdale Appointed 1954 Pauline Hoeltzel Little Rock Appointed 1950 Board of Trustees L. C. Carter Chairman of the Board Stuttgart Appointed 1 952 Preston L. Hathcock Fayetteville Appointed 1955 Earl H. Wildy Leachville Appointed 1 957 Robert H Smith Walnut Ridge Appointed 1 958 Robert A. Young Jr. Fort Smith Appointed 1 959 93 University President Dr. David Wiley Mullins, a man of unusual ability and a ded¬ icated educator, has been recently appointed 14th President of the University of Arkansas. Dr. Mullins succeeds Dr. John T. Caldwell, who resigned in August to assume the position of Chancellor at North Carolina State. For the past eleven years, President Mullins has been the Executive Vice President of Auburn where he has been in charge of the institution’s legislative program. A native of Arkansas, Dr. Mullins was born on a farm near Ash Flat. He was one of a family of nine, six of whom graduated from the University of Arkansas. Upon graduation from the Uni¬ versity, Mullins earned his Master of Arts degree at Colorado, and in 1941 he obtained his Ph.D. at Columbia with emphasis on edu¬ cation administration and finance. In the interim between presidents, Storm Whaley assumed the prime executive duties and, with the appointment of Dr. Mullins, goes to Little Rock as chief administrator and Assistant to the President. A graduate of the University, President Mullins assumed his duties as the ad¬ ministrative head of the entire Univer¬ sity on March 1, leaving the executive vice-presidency at Auburn University. Storm Whaley acted as president for several months and now goes to the Little Rock branch as Vice President. 94 University of Arkansas Senate The University of Arkansas Senate functions directly under the Board of Trustees, which sets the over-all pol¬ icy of the University. The Senate is broken down into two sections. The main body is located on the Fayetteville Cam¬ pus and presides over general academic policies, while the second portion, located at Little Rock, has primary juris¬ diction over the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and the Graduate Center. Members of the Senate are the administrative officers of the University as well as professors who have had at least two years experience on the faculty. The Senate Council is the legislative body of the Senate. Composed of one mem¬ ber elected for each 25 members of each college faculty, and representatives of the administration; the Council form¬ ulates and reviews legislation introduced by the Senate and has the power to initiate as well. The Legislative Council meets four times annually, while the Senate itself meets twice. The President of the University, David Wiley Mullins, is Chairman of the Senate Council, with Carter A. Short, Registrar as acting secretary for both the Senate and Senate Council. Senate secretary Carter A. Short and R. K. Bent distribute proposed amendment, one of many studied by senate each year. A measure brought before the senate which, if passed, will change the University ' s constitution, is seriously contemplated by senate members. 95 Vice President for Business James E. Pomfrei James E. Pomfret, Vice-President for Business at the University of Arkansas, centers his attention on the business operations of the Main Campus and the Medi¬ cal Center in Little Rock. A graduate of the College of Business Administration, Pomfret joined the Univer¬ sity staff in 1948. In a steadily rising career, he was appointed to chief accountant in 1949, became pur¬ chasing agent and controller in 1954, and business man¬ ager in 1957. He succeeded T. C. Carlson as Vice-Presi¬ dent for Business in May, 1958. A native of Philadelphia, Penn., Pomfret graduated from South Philadelphia High School for Boys. He at¬ tended the University of Pennsylvania and Charles Morris Price School in Philadelphia before coming to the University of Arkansas. In the past, he has held positions with Philadelphia Electric Co., Kresge Co., and Sears-Roebuck. Pomfret is 44 and a member of the First Presbyterian Church and the Kiwanis Club. He is married and the father of three children. John D. White Vice President for Agriculture Familar with every phase of Arkansas Agriculture, l)r. John D. White assumed the duties of Vice-President for Agriculture at the LIniversity of Arkansas in July, 1959. When Dr. White succeeded Dean Lippert Ellis, the University Division of Agriculture was reorganized, and the position of Dean and Director of Agriculture became Vice-President for Agriculture. A native of Arkansas, Dr. White earned his B.S.A. at the University in 1935. He did graduate work at the University of Minnesota where he received his M.S. degree in 1939 and his Ph.D. in 1943. He became head of the rural economics department in 1947 and served in that capacity until he became Associate Director of the University’s Agricultural Experiment Station in 1953. He was assistant director of the Rice Branch Ex¬ periment Station at Stuttgart before moving to Fayette¬ ville in 1947. In 1957 Dr. White was named “Man of the Year” in service to Arkansas agriculture, an award made by Progressive Farmer Magazine. 96 College of Arts and Sciences Chemistry Building — A search for the unknown. The College of Arts and Sciences offers the largest variety of courses of study of the schools at the University. It attempts to guide its students toward acquaintance with leading ideas as well as the mastery of habits of thought and methods of work in the liberal arts field. Known as the ‘mother college’, it boasts twenty-three departments and a faculty which accomplishes almost sixty percent of the teaching done on the campus. Most students on campus have an acquaintance with the ‘Arts’ school, and nearly everyone enrolled in the Uni¬ versity is required to enroll in at least one of its courses. By following the required basic program along with a major subject, students work toward one of four degrees. Under the guidance of Dean Guerdon D. Nichols, with the able assistance of Dean 0. W. McMillen, the college has managed to maintain high educational standards de¬ spite a lack of classroom space due to increased enrollment.. A recently adopted honors program enables students maintaining a high grade average to pursue independent advanced study in order to be eligible for graduation with honors. Dean O. W. McMillen 1 Dean G. D. Nichols Sculpturing class taught in ultramodern Fine Arts Center finds student Carol Swihart carving a statue of the thinking-man. 97 Dean Gerald T. Hudson Agriculture Building — Headquarters for scientific farming. College of Agriculture, Home Economics With increasing emphasis on research and experi¬ mentation, the University of Arkansas College of Agri¬ culture and Home Economics leads the way in serving the state’s agrarian interests. It has operated experimental projects as far from campus as Panama, but it concentrates its most vigorous efforts within the State where there are eleven University experimental farms. All research is coordinated on the Fayetteville campus. The College of Agriculture was established in 1892, and in 1914, the Department of Home Economics was transferred from the College of Education to the Agri¬ culture School. Over the years, it has remained an in¬ tegral part of the curriculum. The student may choose from a large variety of major fields, and the degrees offered include B.S.A. and B.S.H.E. Dr. Gerald T. Hudson is serving his first year as dean of the college, replacing Dr. Lippert S. Ellis. Watermelons are inoculated with spores to test their resistance to various diseases in experiment by Phil Rowe and Dr. V. M. Watts. College of Business Administration Business Administration — A training in economics. With its purpose of educating young men. and women for positions of leadership and responsibility in adult life, the College of Business Administration is one of the fastest growing schools at the University. It has been a member of The American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business since 1931, and became a fully accredited college with a four year course in 1937. The college offers some fifty different courses from which a student may choose his curriculum, leading to any of three degrees. An outstanding feature of the Business School is its elaborate program of student participation in governing student activities of the college. The focal point of all Business School activities is the office of Dean Paul W. Milam. A native of Arkansas, Dean Milam has been serving as Dean of Business Administra¬ tion since 1944. Dr. M. G. Bridenstine directs a long range research pro¬ gram called the Bureau of Business and Economic. Re¬ search, which publishes a quarterly bulletin on business conditions in Arkansas. Dean Paul W. Milam Commerce Guild representative Patty Payne serves BA Dean Paul Milam coffee at Guild ' s annual meeting for students, faculty. Dean Henry H. Kronenberg Peabody Hall — A practice in educating. College of Education Training in education and the application of that training are the keystones of the College of Education. Students enrolled in this college not only receive instruc¬ tion in the latest methods of teaching, but they also are allowed to employ these methods in a grade school and high school on the campus known as Peabody Hall. Teacher training is offered in the fields of elemen¬ tary and secondary education, physical education, and vocational education. Specialization courses may be ob¬ tained in almost any field, and students in other colleges may acquire the credits necessary for a Teacher’s Cer¬ tificate. The Teacher’s Placement Bureau assists the students in obtaining future positions. The College of Education was established in 1916 and since 1935, has functioned under the supervision of Dr. Henry H. Kronenberg. Kindergarten student Lynn Moncrief acts out a story of Norway for teacher Catherine McHugh as practice teacher Anne Jarvis observes. College of Engineering Engine Building — Mechanism comprehension center. Probably the greatest standing campus controversy is whether or not the College of Engineering has the most difficult curriculum. Be that as it may, the graduates of the College are annually given the rush by personnel direc¬ tors representing major engineering firms whose business is to appraise engineers. Degrees are available in six different fields of engineer¬ ing: chemical, civil, electrical, agricultural, industrial, and mechanical. A graduating engineer receives a degree as a Bachelor of Science. The College of Engineering at present occupies two buildings, the Engineering Building and the West Avenue Annex. The Annex, received as a gift last year from the City of Fayetteville, houses the drawing classes and the Industrial Engineering senior projects laboratories. The Engineering Experiment Station, which does re¬ search on highway projects in connection with the State Highway Department, is also located on the campus and comes under the jurisdiction of the College of Engineering. Dean George F. Braniaan Chemical Engineering students operate Double Stage Evaporator to increase concentration of an unknown substance in lab experiments. 101 Dean Virgil W. Adkisson Old Main — Specialization by higher education. Graduate School Students wishing to further their education after graduation from college can do so under the auspices of the University Graduate School. Its focal point is the historic landmark, Old Main, but it spreads into what is perhaps the most diversified college on the campus. Under the supervision of Dean Virgil Adkisson, it offers degrees in nearly fifty different fields. Most of the graduate work is done in science, but there are many other areas including drama, literature, music, and edu¬ cation. Interest and expansion are cited with the extension of the Ph.D. program with special emphasis on litera¬ ture and the new Graduate Institute of Technology in Little Rock. This new unit occupies a part of the old site of the Medical School, and was provided for by a $6,000,000 appropriation by the State Legislature. On the Fayetteville campus, new scientific equipment will make possible a more advanced graduate science program. 102 Department Head Kessel Schwartz jokes with Spanish grad students Bette Drewry, Barbara Graham, and Diane Dodson before class meeting. School of Law Waterman Hall — Legality in question night and day. Since the University of Arkansas School of Law was established in 1924, it has been growing steadily in prestige as well as enrollment. In 1953, the School moved from the present Psychology Building into spacious, modern Water¬ man Hall. This building was designed specifically for the needs of law students with provisions for the expected increase in enrollment of the school. Noted for its quiet, studious atmosphere, the law library contains over 35,000 volumes. The Law School follows the standards of legal education prescribed by the American Bar Association, and since 1927 has been a fully accredited member of the Association of American Law Schools. Its entire program is directed by Ralph Clayton Barn¬ hart, who assumed the position of Dean and Professor of Law in 1958, having been an instructor at the University for the preceding thirteen years. Moot court attracts interest as does the modern court¬ room where it is held. The courtroom is also the scene of the Student Court where justice is dealt for the student, by the student. Dean Ralph C. Barnhart The ' Flying Judge ' , Distinguished Law Professor Robert A. Leflar, arrives at Fayetteville for 3-day session on Torts and Conflicts before returning to New York University for similar 3-day session. 103 Dr. F. Douglas Lawrason As provost of Medical Affairs, Dr. Lawrason is in charge of all the Medical School activity. Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing Ranked among the most modern medical institutions in the nation, the University Medical Center represents one of the outstanding features of the University of Arkansas. The Med Center, dedicated in 1957, was constructed at a cost of more than fourteen million dol¬ lars. Recently, a new dormitory was completed to house the ever-increasing number of medical students. The entire program of the Center is under the guid¬ ance of Dr. F. Douglas Lawrason, who is the Univer¬ sity’s Provost for Medical Affairs. The medical program includes the School of Pharmacy, which is headed by Dean Stanley G. Mittelstaedt, and is the smallest college in the University. The School of Nursing, which is di¬ rected by Dean Julia Miller, was opened in 1952. During the past five years it has featured a split curriculum of two years training at Fayetteville and two years in Little Rock. Diagnostical situations as well as laboratory work are provided for the medical students, since many peo¬ ple come to the Center for medical attention. In this way, the students receive not only detailed classroom in¬ struction in their prospective fields, but also obtain a great deal of experience in the application of this knowl¬ edge. Dean Stanley G. Mittelstaedt In his role as Dean of the Pharmacy School, Dean Mittelstaedt directs all of the functions of the School. 104 Dean Julia M. Miller Supervising the Nursing School at Little Rock, Dean Miller heads the newest University college. Multi-million dollar Medical Center at Little Rock is regarded as one of the most modern in the nation, utilizing the latest equipment in serving both the medical students and patients. Medical students view actual operation at Med-Center as part of curriculum directed at acquainting student with operation procedures. Division of Student Affairs The Division of Student Affairs is a composite of the offices of the Dean of Students, the Associate Dean of Students, and the Dean of Women. The personnel of the Division of Student Affairs at¬ tempt to coordinate the activities of the students with the activities of the University as a whole. They are also responsible for keeping track of the status and progress of the students and relating the information to the stu¬ dent’s parents and other interested persons. The Division supervises the Student Counseling Service, Infirmary, Food Services, Student Union, Book Store, Placement Office, Financial Aid and Part-time employment. They also work with all student organizations. The offices are located in the Student Union with the exception of the Housing Office, which occupies Razorback Annex. The Housing office is responsible for finding ac¬ commodations for all women students and for recording the residences of men students at the University. Dean Eleanor Tyler In her capacity as Dean of Women, Dean Tyler directs and coordinates all phases of the co-ed campus activity. Dean D. Whitney Halladay For the past four years. Dean Halla¬ day has served as director of the Division of Student Affairs, which supervises student activity. An Army Reserve Lt. Colonel, he participates actively in Fayetteville as well as campus affairs. Dean Grace Vineyard Assistant Women ' s Dean Vineyard assists in all phases of program, but concentrates on fresh¬ men. Dean James Scott As assistant Dean of Men, Dean Scott is concerned with fraternities, international students, and student counseling pro¬ gram. Deans Halladay and Tyler chat with new students during Orientation get-to¬ gether in the Student Union in an attempt to get to know the students, help work out problems or answer o.uestions the student may have about University. 107 Adams, G. J. Alexander, H. Anderson, J J. Arthurs Avery Ball Barnette Baxter Beazley Bennett, H. Bird Adams, R. F. Alexander, J. Anderson, J. Ashby Axum Banks Barron Beard Beckham Benston, 0. J. Bishop, N. J. Agre Allen Anderson, N. Ault Bain Barham Bartlett Beasley Beebe Bentley, A. A. Bishop, R. G. Akers Alworth Anderson, E. Austin, N. T. Baker, B. J. Barlow Bass Beattie Bell Bequette Blackburn Alexander, B Anderson, A. Anderson, R. Austin, R. M. Baker, K. Barnes Bassham Beauchamp Bellamy Berg Blackmon Alexander, E. Anderson, S. Anthony Austin, V. S. Balay Barnett Bauer Beaver Bennett, B. Besancon Blackstock First Row : Gloria Jean ADAMS, 4-H House; Fouke; Robert Fontaine ADAMS, Bath, New York; Laura Jo AGRE, Fulbright, Hot Springs; James Newell AKERS, Jr., Sigma Chi, Harrison; Benny ALEXANDER, Alpha Tau Omega, Anderson, Mis¬ souri; Elizabeth Ann ALEXANDER, Fulbright, Hel¬ ena. Second Row: Houston Harry ALEXANDER, Raz- orback, Hot Springs; John Raymond ALEXANDER, Sedgwell, Camden; H. Frank ALLEN, Sedgwell, Crossett; Betty Jeanne ALWORTH, Brookhaven, Mississippi; Alethye Joan ANDERSON, Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Jacquelyn Sue ANDERSON, Ful¬ bright, Camden. Third Row: John J. ANDERSON, Razorback, Du¬ mas; Nita Jon ANDERSON, Fulbright, Helena; Nor¬ man Anthony ANDERSON, Fayetteville; Ralph Ed¬ win ANDERSON, Jr., Sedgwell, North Little Rock; Ross ANDERSON, Jr., Sedgwell, El Dorado; John Lee ANTHONY, Sigma Chi, El Dorado. Fourth Row : Judith Ann ARTHURS, Fulbright, Springdale; Doll ASHBY, Fulbright, Benton; John Russell AULT, North Little Rock; Norman Thomas AUSTIN, Sigma Chi, Waxahachie, Texas; Rose Mary AUSTIN, Fayetteville; Verna Sue AUSTIN, Ful¬ bright, Springdale. Fifth Row : Francis Elma AVERY, Jr., Razorback, Sweet Home; Donna Idelle AXUM, Fulbright, El Dorado; Barbara Sue BAIN, Fulbright, Springdale; Betty Jean BAKER, Fulbright, DeQueen; Kay BAK¬ ER, Fulbright McGregor, Iowa; Patricia Diane BA¬ LAY, Fulbright, Neosho, Missouri. Sixth Roiv : Hobie Burrow BALL, Kappa Sigma, West Memphis; Charles Martin BANKS, Hindsville; Brenda BARHAM, Fulbright, Mena; Bob BARLOW, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Paris; Fred Ewing BARNES, Sigma Nu, Warrensburg, Missouri; Bette Bonita BARNETT, Fulbright, Bradley. Seventh Row: Lynne BARNETTE, Fulbright, Fay¬ etteville; Marilyn Louise BARRON, Fayetteville; Linda Jean BARTLETT, Fulbright, Fort Smith; James Winfred BASS, Razorback, Fort Smith; James Harry BASSHAM, Sedgwell, Mountainburg; Joe Vance BAUER, Sedgwell, Bentonville. Eighth Row : Ronald Dean BAXTER, Spring- dale; Beau Browning BEARD, Sedgwell, Camden; Edwina Bess BEASLEY, Fulbright, Hughes; Tony R. BEATTIE, Sedgwell, Fort Smith; Ashley BEAU¬ CHAMP, Fayetteville; Elizabeth Cobb BEAVER, Fulbright, Rogers. Ninth Row: Virginia Leigh BEAZLEY, Fulbright, Conway; William Dwight BECKHAM, Sedgwell, Swain; Charles Milo BEEBE, Warrensburg, Mis¬ souri; Owen Jackson, BELL, Sedgwell, DesArc; Martha BELLAMY, Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Brian Stewart BENNETT, Newport. Tenth Row: Howard Waite BENNETT, Jr., Aca¬ cia, Searcy; Orlando Joel BENSTON, Sedgwell, Mal¬ vern; Alice Ann BENTLEY, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Curtis Jackson BEQUETTE, Lowell; Robert Francis BERG, Stuttgart; Charles Eugene BESANCON, Jr., Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Judith Elizabeth BIRD, Fulbright, Earle; Nina Jane BISHOP, Fulbright, Hatton; Roy Glenn BISHOP, Norphlet; James Robert BLACK¬ BURN, Razorback, Corning; James Franklin BLACK¬ MON, DeKalb, Texas; Charles Edward BLACK- STOCK, Camden. Blankenship,K. Blankenship,T.Bledsoe Booth Boothe Borman Brantley Bratton Brazil Brown, J. I. Brown, M. D. Brown, R. P. Burnett Burns Burt, A. I. Blevins Bolding, D. Bowles, A. L. Bowles, R. J. Brewer Brickey Brownd Bruton Burt, J. G. Burton, B. Bolding, R. Bolen Bowman, J. C. Bowman, M. Britt Broaddus Bryant Bryniarski Burton, M. L. Bush Bolin Boyd, C. J. Brown, B. Buchanan Bushmiaer Boling Boyd, J. D. Brown, E. D. Buckley Busick Bone Bonewell Boyer Brady Brown, G. D. Brown, J. M. Bump Bumpass Butler, B. Butler, M. V. First Row: Kenneth Lynn BLANKENSHIP, West Memphis; Thomas William BLANKENSHIP, Sigma Chi, McGehee; Nor¬ man Orell BLEDSOE, Sigma Pi, El Dorado; Lawrence Charles BLEVINS, Van Buren; Darrell M. BOLDING, Alma; Robert William Lee BOLDING, Razorback, Bald Knob; Florence Marie BOLEN, Fulbright, Rogers; James Donald BOLIN, Gentry; Allen Steven BOLING, Bentonville; James Porter BONE, Kappa Sigma, Batesville; Dorothy Ellen BONEWELL, Fulbright, Rudy. Second Row: Carlene Sue BOOTH, Fayetteville; Donald Lynn BOOTHE, Wilson Sharp, Hope; Vicki Jo BORMAN, Ful¬ bright. Stuttgart; Ann Leinn BOWLES, Fulbright, Westville; Richard .J. BOWLES, Fayetteville; Jim Carroll BOWMAN, Raz¬ orback, North Little Rock; M. Celeste BOWMAN, Fayetteville; Carolyn Janet BOYD, Fulbright, Little Rock; Joe David BOYD, Jacksonville; Thomas Edward BOYER, Wilson Sharp, Fort Smith; William Bradley BRADY, Sedgwell, Gregory. Third Row: David Myers BRANTLEY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Forrest City; William Douglas BRATTON, IJeber Springs; James D. BRAZIL, Razorback, Searcy; William Morgan BREW¬ ER, III, Phi Delta Theta, Pine Bluff; Frances Jo BRICKEY, Marietta, Georgia; Edgar Eads BRITT. Razorback, Rogers; Barbara Beth BROADDUS, Fulbright, Austin. Texas; Berna- dine BROWN, Winslow; Elvin Dale BROWN, Springdale; Gary Dean BROWN, Fayetteville; James Marvin BROWN, Sedgwell, Carthage. Fourth Row: Judy Isabelle BROWN, Fayetteville; Milton David BROWN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Hot Springs; Ralph Pres¬ ton BROWN, Jr., Razorback, El Dorado; Joseph Eugene BROWND, Razorback, Newport; William Kemper BRUTON. Alpha Tau Omega, Blytheville: Morgan Bennette BRYANT, Sedgwell, Alma; Teresa Rose BRYNIARSKI, Fulbright, Moun¬ tain Home; Martha Sue BUCHANAN, Fulbright, Pine Bluff; J. O. BUCKLEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Arkadelphia; Charles Freddie BUMP, Seneca, Illinois; Charles Stephen BUMPASS, Acacia, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Charles David BURNETT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Blytheville; Michael Dean BURNS, Sedgwell, El Dorado; Alice Irene BURT, Fulbright, Fayetteville; James Gordon BURT, Razorback, Magnolia; Bobby BURTON, Springdale; Mary Linda BURTON, Fulbright, Newport; Richard D. BUSH, William House, Neosho, Missouri; William Dicky BUSHMIAER, Van Buren; Michael F. BUSICK, North Little Rock; Bill BUTLER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Hope; Margaret Vesta BUTLER, Ful¬ bright, Memphis, Tennessee. Library study sessions helped freshmen with new curriculum. Byers Bryn Cadenhead Cadwell Cain Cal da re ra Calhoun Call Campbell, B. Campbell, G. Campbell, L Campbell,! ' . Canine Cannon Carlson Carter, C. W. Carter, H. P. Carter, P. A. Castleberry Castling Cathey Cato Causey, L. L. Causey, R. B. Cavaneau Cavaness Cearley, B. L. Cearley, N. C. Charlton Chase Cheatham Cheney Chesley Childers Cicuta Cina Clark, D. R. Clark, T. D. Clifford Clingan Clubbs Clyne Cobb Coe, W. C. Coe, W. P. Cofer Coffman, G. Coffman, M. Cogdell Coggs Colclasure Cole Collett Collier Collins Combs, B. A. Combs, S. F. ( ' ombs, S. L. Comley Compton. E. C: mpton, L. Cone Congour Conine Conner Cook, J. First Row: Margo Ann BYERS, Fulbright, Mans¬ field; Charlotte Hampton BYRN, Fulbright, Ham¬ burg; Diane CADENHEAD, Fulbright, Shreveport, Louisiana; Anabeth CADWELL, Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Richard Michael CAIN, Sigma Nu, Fay¬ etteville; Bernard Michael CALDARERA, Wilson Sharp, North Little. Secojid Row: Lela Mary CALHOUN, Fulbright, Morrilton; Barbara Ann CALL, Fulbright, Piggott; Betty Carol CAMPBELL, Fulbright, Bossier City, Louisiana; Gail Mignon CAMPBELL, Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Lannis E. CAMPBELL, Jr., Raz- orback, Seneca, Missouri; Trula Ann CAMPBELL, Fulbright, Springfield, Missouri. Third Row: Susan Preston CANINE, Fulbright, Hot Springs; Samuel Lee CANNON, Little Rock; Nora Alice CARLSON, Fulbright, Aurora, Missouri; Charles William CARTER, Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Harold Phillip CARTER, Rogers; Peggy Ann CARTER, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Kenneth H. CASTLEBERRY, Sig¬ ma Alpha Epsilon, Newport; Michael Clayton CAST¬ LING, Wilson Sharp, Marianna; William Gary CA¬ THEY, North Little Rock; Ed E. CATO, Razorback, Rogers; Lynda Lou CAUSEY, North Little Rock; Rhode Blanchard CAUSEY, North Little Rock. Fifth Row: Jerry Winston CAVANEAU, Razor- back. Rogers; Kerry L. CAVANESS, Yellville; Boyce L. CEARLEY, Jr., Nashville; Norma Carolyn CEAR- LEY, Fulbright, Fayetteville; James Sherwood CHARLTON, Fayetteville; Larry Jean CHASE, Springdale. Sixth Row: Larry Lynn CHEATHAM, Sedgwell, Little Rock; Stephen E. CHENEY, Sedgwell, Lon¬ oke; Charles Clyde CHESLEY, Sedgwell, Crossett; Lynda Sue CHILDERS, Fulbright, Little Rock; John¬ ny Ovan CICUTA, Razorback, El I igre, Anzoategui, Venezuela; Nancy Elizabeth CINA, Fulbright, Glen¬ dale, Missouri. Seventh Row: Don Richard CLARK, Rogers; I homas D. CLARK. Razorback, Fort Smith; Nikiata CLIhhORD, Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Joseph Ravmon CLING AN, Sedgwell, El Dorado; Bennett Alexander CLUBBS, Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff; Carl Willia m CLYNE, Fayetteville. Eighth Row: John Phillip COBB, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; William C. COE, Phi Delta Theta, Tuckerman; William Paul COE, Razorback, Fort Smith; Kenneth D. COFER, Sedgwell, Searcy; George Kirby COFFMAN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Harri¬ son; Mary Portia COFFMAN, 4-H House, Hopper. Ninth Row: J. David COGDELL. Sedgwell, Cam¬ den; Helen V. COGGS, Garland, Fort Smith; Joe Barrett COLCLASURE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sher¬ rill; Arthur H. COLE, Razorback, Crawfordsville; Kay Gentry COLLETT, Springdale; Carl M. COL¬ LIER, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville. Tenth Row: Fred Clinton COLLINS, Lincoln; Benny Albert COMBS, Hot Springs; Shirley Frances COMBS, Fort Smith; Sidney Lou COMBS, Fayette¬ ville; Jim William COMLEY, Springfield, Missouri; Edna Ann COMPTON, Fulbright, Bentonville. Eleventh Row: Lynn COMPTON, Fulbright, Lit¬ tle Rock; Larry Charles CONE, Kappa Alpha, Har¬ rison; Patricia Sue CONGOUR, Fort Smith; Charles Barton CON1NE, Fayetteville; William Longley CONNER, Marianna; Janie COOK, Fulbright, El Dorado. Cooper Core Cotton Counts Coutchie Cox, D. E. Cox, J. Crabtree Craig Crain Cravens Crawford Creekmore Crider Crone Cross Crouch Crum packer Crutchfield Cummings Curtis Daily Dallas Dalton Dalzell Daniels Daulton Davis, D. P. Davis, J. R. Davis, K. T. Davis, M. R. Davis, R. W . Dearien Dennis, C. J. Dennis, C. W. Destler Dickson, J. Dickson,R. Dillard Dobbs Dohoney Donaldson, B. Donaldson, R Donathan Doshier Doughty Douglas Douglass Dudley Dunaway, H. Dunaway, J. Duncan Dunlavy DuVall, D. DuVall, J. D. First Row: Rebecca Borum COOPER, Fulbright, West Mem¬ phis; Mary Louise CORE, Fulbright, Little Rock; Delano Tal¬ bert COTTON, Wilson Sharp, Fayetteville; Kathryn Frances COUNTS, Wesley: Suzanne Gay COUTCHIE, Fulbright, Ben¬ ton ville; Donald Edward COX, Piggott; Judy COX, Fulbright, North Little Rock; Sandra Kay CRABTREE, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Sloan Oliver CRAIG, Kappa Alpha, Memphis, Tennes¬ see; Larry Paul CRAIN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Searcy; Margaret Tippett CRAVENS, Fulbright, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Second Row: J. Owen CRAWFORD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pine Bluff; Carl K. CREEKMORE, Van Buren; Michael Don CRIDER, Greenland; Patricia Susan CRONE, Fulbright, Spring- field, Missouri; Clay Rice CROSS, Sedgwell, Dumas; Corky C. CROUCH, Clifton, South Carolina; David Eugene CRUM- PACKER, Springdale; Nancy CRUTCHFIELD. Fulbright, Jack¬ sonville; Jean Estelle CUMMINGS, Fulbright. Shreveport, Louis¬ iana; Sandra Sue CURTIS, Fulbright, Nowata, Oklahoma; Lawrence Raymond DAILY, Seneca, Illinois. Third Row: Robert Lewis DALLAS, Phi Delta Theta, Blythe- ville; Gary Thomas DALTON, Sedgwell, Piggott; Joseph Warren DALZELL, Calion; Roland Lewis DANIELS, North Little Rock; Diana DAULTON, Fulbright, Caruthersville, Missouri; Daniel Patrick DAVIS, Horatio; James Robert DAVIS, Little Rock; Karl T. DAVIS, Razorback, Pryor, Oklahoma; M. Ronald DAVIS, Little Rock; Rhesa Winfred DAVIS. Sedgwell, Forrest City; John Astor DEAR1EN, Jr., Razorback, Mountain View. Fourth Row: Carole Jean DENNIS, Winslow; Cecil Watson DENNIS, Jr., Razorback, Magnolia; Delia DESTLER, Fulbright, Kansas City, Missouri; John Fort DICKSON, Razorback, Joiner; Robert H. DICKSON, III, Razorback, Fort Smith; Kathryn Ann DILLARD, Fulbright, Rogers; Melvin Bruce DOBBS, Razorback, North Little Rock; Edmund Luther DOHONEY, Sigma Nu, Shreveport, Louisiana; Bob DONALDSON, Springdale; Ralph Wesley DONALDSON, Razorback, North Little Rock; Susan Kay DONATHAN, Fulbright, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Suzanne DOSHIER, Fulbright, Flint, Michigan; Daniel A. DOUGHTY, Sedgwell, Springhill, Louisiana; Elizabeth Juanita DOUGLAS, 4-H House, Marianna; Wayne Lee DOUG¬ LASS, Sedgwell, Hot Springs; George Christopher DUDLEY, Razorback, Swifton; Harlin Don DUNAWAY, Fayetteville; Janice Lucille DUNAWAY, Fayetteville; Barbara Anita DUN¬ CAN, Fulbright, Searcy; Mildred Glee DUNLAVY, Fayette¬ ville; DeAnne DUVALL, Fulbright, Bauxite; John Daniel DU¬ VALL, Fayetteville. Young Democrats Chairman Charles Honey spins a yarn before intro¬ ducing McClelland, Fulbright, Harris, and Trimble at county forum. FRESHMEN 113 Dyer Eagle, J. P. Edwards, J. Edwards, K. Ellebrecht Elliott, L. B. Engelko Estes, L. E. Evans, S. Evans, B. Ferguson Ferrenberg Fisher Fitzgibbon Folks Foote Fowler, B. T. Fowler, J. Freeman Friddle Fugit Fulenwider Eagle, S. L. Edwards, M. Elliott, W. B. Estes, M. A. Featherston Filiatreau Fleener Ford Fowler, J. T. Friley Fuqua Eason Edwards, N. Ellis Eubank Feilke Fincher, J. M. Fletcher. C. Forrester Fox Frith Futrell Edmonston Elcan Endicoti Eubanks Felder Fincher, S. C. Fletcher, P.A. Fossum Francis Frost Gardenhire, L. Edwards, G. Elkins Engeler Evans, B. Felt Finley Floyd Foster Freeland Fuess Gardenhire, J. First Row: Joe Robert DYER, Sedgwell, Mineral Springs; John Phillip EAGLE, Fayetteville; Sondra Lee EAGLE, Fulbright, Wichita. Kansas; Carolyn Rosalind EASON, Fulbright, Texarkana, Texas; Susan Crosby EDMONSTON, Fulbright, Topeka, Kansas; Gary EDWARDS, Razorback, Newark. Second Roiv: ludith EDWARDS, Fulbright, Leachville; Kathryn Louise EDWARDS, Fulbright, Tupelo; Mary Florence EDWARDS, Fayetteville; Nancy Lee EDWARDS, Fulbright, Huntsville; Patri¬ cia Jo ELCAN, Fulbright, Waldo; Carl A. ELKINS, Nome, Alaska. Third Row: Juanita Marie ELLEBRECHT, Ben- tonville; Lynn Blaine ELLIOTT, Razorback, Salem; William Bailey ELLIOTT, Kappa Sigma, Marked Tree; Bill Jamieson ELLIS, Ripley, Helena; John Roy ENDICOTT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Hot Springs; Ann Amsrson ENGELER, Mountain Home. Fourth Row: Marguerite Ann ENGELKE, Ful¬ bright, Margarita, Canal Zone, Panama; Lindel Eu¬ gene ESTES, Razorback, Ash Flat; Marian Azelle ESTES, Fulbright, El Dorado; Billy Ralph EU¬ BANK, Kappa Alpha, Mountain Home; Robert Gordon EUBANKS, Fort Smith; Betty EVANS, Rogers. Fifth Row: Sharon EVANS, Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Bill EVANS, Sedgwell, Little Rock; Betty Joyce FEATHERSTON, Fulbright, Murfrees¬ boro; John Gary FEILKE, Sigma Nu, Stuttgart; Mary Lynn FELDER, Fulbright, McGehee; Melinda Lou FELT, Fulbright, New Orleans, Louisiana. Sixth Row: Leon Marvin FERGUSON, Sedgwell, Opal; Judy Jane FERRENBERG, Fayetteville; Char¬ les Leon FILIATREAU, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; lohn Mack FINCHER, Clarksville; Sue Clair FINCHER. Fulbright, Jonesboro; Charles Layton FINLEY, Kappa Sigma, Marion. Seventh Row: Lynnah Kay FISHER, Van Buren; Raymond Dwight FITZGIBBON, Little Rock; Dean- ne FLEENER, Fulbright, Little Rock; Claiborne R. FLETCHER, Kappa Sigma, Pine Bluff; Peggy Ann FLETCHER, 4-H House, Springdale; Johnny Bruce FLOYD, Sedgwell, Huntington. Eighth Row: Yvonne Anna Lorraine FOLKS, Ful¬ bright, Mountainburg; Jeff Sawyer FOOTE, Pi Kap¬ pa Alpha, Hamburg; Val Thomas FORD, Rogers; John Charles FORRESTER, Razorback, Mena; Dee Rae FOSSUM, Fulbright, Chicago, Illinois; Gwen¬ dolyn L. FOSTER, Fulbright, North Little Rock. Ninth Row: Boyd Thomas FOWLER, Razorback, Fort Smith; Jean FOWLER, Fulbright, Harrison; Jimmy Ivan FOWLER, Ponca; Calvin Leon FOX, Farm House, Gentry; Ruth Eleanor FRANCIS, Fay¬ etteville; Harvey Robert FREELAND, Kappa Sigma, Marianna. Tenth Row: Mary Nell FREEMAN, Fulbright, Pine Bluff; Jerry Don FRIDDLE, Sedgwell, Chester; Charles B. FRILEY, Razorback, Pittsburg, Kansas; Paul Odell FRITH, Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Norma Beth FROST, Fulbright, Clarksville; Suz¬ anne FUESS, Fulbright, Pine Bluff. Eleventh Row: Paula Christina FUGIT, Fulbright, Fayetteville; Loyd Richard FULENWIDER, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Newport; Laura Edwina FUQUA, Ful¬ bright, North Little Rock; David Winston FUTRELL. Sedgwell, North Little Rock; Linda GARDENHIRE. Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Lola Janice GARDEN- HIRE, Fayetteville. Garner Garnett Gehrean Geliy Glenn. L. Glover Gray, H. G. Gray, M. Grubbs Guanella Garney Garrett, J. L. Garrett. L. W. Garrett, M. R. Gass Gaston, C. T. Gaston, J. M. Gates Gaylo Gerdes Geurin Gibbons Gibson Gill Gillenwater Gilliland Gipson Glenn, C. E. Goebel Goff Goldsby Goodloe Graf Graham Grammer Grano Graves Green Greenert Greer Grice Griffin. R. Griffin, S. I. Griffith Grimes Grohoski G underman Hairr Hale Haley Halford Hall, E. R. Hall, P. F. Hall, R. D. Hall, R. L. First Row: Joe Ed GARNER, Benton; James Henry GAR¬ NETT, Sedgwell, Cabot; Tommy R. GARNEY, Nashville; John Lee GARRETT. Sedgwell, Gravette; Larry Wayne GARRETT, Sedgwell. Hope; Milford Rhett GARRETT, Sedgwell, Crossett; Edward William GASS, Sedgwell, Booneville; Charles Thomas GASTON, Razorback, Sparkman; John Marshall GASTON, Wilson Sharp, Sigma Nu, El Dorado; John Seth GATES, Sedgwell, Berryville; Rita Irmine GAYLO, Fulbright, Benton. Second Row: Frances Kay GEHREAN, Fayetteville; Joyce Ann GELLY, Fulbright, Van Buren; Valerie GERDES, Ful- bright, Springfield, Missouri; Betty Carolyn GEURIN, Fay¬ etteville; Richard Carlton GIBBONS, Bauxite; Gaston Pelham GIBSON, Sigma Nu, Lake Village; Joe D. GILL, Sedgwell, Crossett; John Richard GILLENWATER, Razorback, Little Rock; Rebecca Jean GILLILAND, Fulbright, Texarkana; Elis¬ abeth Ann GIPSON, Fulbright, Benton; Caroline Eleanor GLENN, Fulbright, North Little Rock. Third Row: Loralei GLENN. Fulbright, Bonham, Texas; Robert Albert GLOVER, Little Rock; Mary Frances GOEBEL, Fulbright. Fort Smith; Ralph D. GOFF, III, Sigma Nu, Fay- ettevilfe; Thomas Boykin GOLDSBY, Kappa Sigma, Lepanto; Eileen Marie GOODLOE, Fulbright, Benton; Donald Joe GRAF, Razorback, Mulberry; Gerald Grant GRAHAM, Walnut Ridge; Sharon GRAMMER. Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Charles John GRANO, Razorback, Crossett; Don C. GRAVES, Kappa Sigma, Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: Harry Gale GRAY, Acacia, Fayetteville; Mari- beth GRAY, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Richard Lee GREEN, Alpha Tau Omega, Alma; John Wayne GREENERT, Razorback, North Little Rock; Bette R. GREER, Fayetteville; Brooksie Donald GRICE, Wilson Sharp, Crossett; Randy GRIFFIN, Jr., Razor- hack, Fort Smith; Shirley Irene GRIFFIN, Fulbright, Mena; Carol Anita GRIFFITH, Elkins; Bill Eugene GRIMES, Harrison; Janet Claire GROHOSKI, Fulbright, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Delores Jean GRUBBS, Fulbright, Forrest City; Mary Lee GUANELLA, Fulbright, Little Rock; William Syl¬ vester GUNDERMAN, Wilson Sharp, Morrilton; Bill HAIRR, Sigma Chi, Hope; David Loy HALE, Acacia, Belleville; Mollie Cross HALEY, Fulbright, Pine Bluff; James Herman HAL¬ FORD, Razorback, Hot Springs; Emily Ruth HALL, Fulbright, Little Rock; Paul F. HALL, Akron, Ohio; Richard D. HALL, Acacia, Little Rock; Roger Lewis HALL, Razorback, Pine Bluff. Freshman Sue Anderson, along with some 400 other young coeds, made the long trek from Fulbright to the campus early each morning. FRESHMEN 115 Hall, S. P. Hall, S. L. Haller Hamner Hampton, M. Hance Hand Hankins Hardage Hardgrave Harlow Harper Harriman Harris, D. D. Harris, J. K. Harrison Harrod Hart Harton Hartstein Hawkins, J. Hawkins, K. Hawkins, R. Hayes Head Heck Hecker Heinemann Hendrix Hicks Hild Hill, J. M. Hill, R. W. Hill, R. C. Hillman Hoffmeister Hoggard Hoi derby Hollenberg Holley Holly Horan Hornsby Horsey Horton, F. D, House Howerton. E. Howerton. R. Howie Hoyt Huckaby Hudson Huffman Humphres Hunt, L. D. Hampton, S. J. Harkey Harris, T. S. Hatfield Heard Higginbotham Hilton Hollingsworth Horton, W. A. Hubbard Hunt, M. J. First Row : Samuel Pointer HALL, Sedgwell, Marvell; Sherry Lynne HALL Stuttgart; William Neitz HALLER, Jr., Razorback, North Little Rock; Ralph Conant HAMNER, Razorback, Bradley; Mary Jane HAMPTON, Fulbright, Morrilton; Susan Joyce HAMPTON, Fulbright, Helena. Second Row: Jamie Louise HANCE, Fulbright, Texarkana, Texas; David Eugene HAND, North Little Rock; Lebeta Mae HANKINS, Fulbright, Har¬ rison; Lloyd Franklin HARDAGE, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Malvern; Robert Donald HARDGRAVE, Little Rock; Dorothy Ann HARKEY, Fulbright, Sallisaw, Oklahoma. Third Row: Joseph Watt HARLOW, Malvern; Carole Lynn HARPER, Fulbright, Hot Springs; Lyna Jane HARRIMAN, Fulbright, Hamburg; Donald Davis HARRIS, Fayetteville; John Kent HARRIS, Sedgwell, Springfield, Missouri; Thomas Stuart HARRIS, Stamps. Fourth Row: Donna Joyce HARRISON, Ful¬ bright, Joplin, Missouri; Jack Bland HARROD, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Pine Bluff; Jerry Paul HART, Sedgwell, Corning; John James HARTON, Razor- zack, El Dorado; Monika HARTSTEIN, Fulbright, Little Rock; Patricia Marie HATFIELD, Harrison. Fifth Row: Jimmy J. HAWKINS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Kathleen HAWKINS, Fulbright, El Dorado; Rebecca Jane HAWKINS, Fulbright, North Little Rock; Michael Terry HAYES, Phi Delta Theta, Fort Smith; Charles Everett HEAD, Prescott; Christine Sandra HEARD, 4-H House, Etowah. Sixth Row: Brenda Gail HECK, Fayetteville; Frances Joyce HECKER, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Betsy HEINEMANN, Fulbright, Hot Springs; George A. HENDRIX, Jr., Fayetteville; Joel Thomas HICKS, Little Rock; Philip Ronald HIGGINBOTHAM, Jr., Razorback, Crossett. Seventh Row: Stephen Glenn HILD, Razorback, Arkansas City, Kansas; John M. HILL, Monette; Ralph Wayne HILL, Harrison; Ruth Carolyn HILL, Fulbright, Fayetteville; Sandy HILLMAN, Fulbright, Stuttgart; Linda Jean HILTON, Bald Knob. Eighth Row: Sara Elizabeth HOFFMEISTER, Fulbright, St. Louis, Missouri; Gene HOGGARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Lake Village; Richard Henry HOLD¬ ER BY, Bentonville; Elizabeth C. HOLLENBERG, Fulbright, Little Rock; Sherry Leon HOLLEY, Ful¬ bright, Little Rock; Judith Ann HOLLINGSWORTH, Cave Springs. Ninth Row: William C. HOLLY, Razorback, Stutt¬ gart; John Patrick HORAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fay¬ etteville; Maribeth HORNSBY, Fulbright, Wagoner, Oklahoma; Mary Janice HORSEY, Fulbright, Little Rock; Farrell Dean HORTON, Harrison; Wanda Ann HORTON, Fulbright, Hot Springs. Tenth Row: Judy Kaye HOUSE, Fulbright, Mor¬ rilton; Erma Sue HOWERTON, Fulbright, Noel, Missouri; Russa Lou HOWERTON, Fulbright, Noel Missouri; John Anders HOWLE, Pine Bluff; Jack HOYT, Little Rock; Fern HUBBARD, Fulbright, Huntsville. Eleventh Row: Thomas Lee HUCKABY, Jr., Sedg¬ well, Fort Thomas, Kentucky; Rebecca Ann HUD¬ SON, Fulbright, Fayetteville; Geraldine Louise HUFFMAN, Fulbright, Piggott; Carolyn Sue HUMPHRES, Fulbright, Garland; Loye Dawn HUNT, Fayetteville; Mary Jane HUNT, Fulbright, Cincinnati, Ohio. Hurlbut Inzer Jeffery Jendrysik Johnston, W. Jones, C. Keene Keilberg Kincheloe King, C. A. Invester Jennings Jones, J. D. Kelley King, E. L. Jackson, D. Jett Jones, J. A. Kelly Kinley Jackson, G. Johns, L. L. Jones, J. K. Kendrick Kirk Jackson, S. Johns, W. B. Jones, J. L. Ketcher Kirklin Jacobs, J. L. Johnson, A. Jones, S. A. Key Kisor, B. R. Jacobs, J. R. Johnson, J. Jones S. Kilgore Kisor, B. K. James Johnson, S. Jordan, C. Kimberling Kooker Jarrett Johnson, l). Jordan, W. Kimery Koonce Jean Johnston, L. Keaton Kimes Kushmaul First Row : Edmund Walter HURLBUT, Springdale; Rich¬ ard H. INZER, Camden; John Herman IVESTER, Sedgwell, Grady; Darrel Marvin JACKSON, Sedgwell, Noel, Missouri; Grace Ann JACKSON, Fulbright, Little Rock; Sheila Sue JACKSON, Fulbright, Van Buren; Jerre Lynne JACOBS, Ful¬ bright, Rogers; Jimmy Robinson JACOBS, Kappa Sigma, For¬ rest City; Gloria Carolyn JAMES, Fulbright, Little Rock; Rosa¬ lind JARRETT, Fulbright, Poughkeepsie; William Vernon JEAN, Sedgwell, Moro. Second Row : Kathlyn Nell JEFFERY, 4-H House, Mount Olive; Richard F. JENDRYSIK, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hot Springs; Sharon Louise JENNINGS, Fulbright, Benton; Mary Gretchen JETT, Fulbright, Wickes; Linda Lee JOHNS, Fulbright, Amity; William Buck JOHNS, Razorback, Paris; Alice Elizabeth JOHN¬ SON, Fulbright, Carthage, Missouri; Judith Mary JOHNSON, Fulbright, Springfield, Missouri; Sandra Estelle JOHNSON, Fulbright, Jonesboro; James David JOHNSTON, Sigma Chi, Hot Springs; Linda Walton JOHNSTON, Clarksville. Third Row: William King JOHNSTON, Clarksville; Cindy JONES, Fulbright, Fort Smith; James Dennis JONES, Van Buren; Joe Allen JONES, Sedgwell, Wickes; Joe Keith JONES, Lambda Chi Alpha, Maynard; Joyce Lynn JONES, Fulbright, Cabot; Susan Allaire JONES, Fulbright, Searcy; Suzanne JONES, Fulbright, Batesville; Covin M. JORDAN, Sedgwell, Crossett; Wolford Rene JORDAN, Sedgwell, Batesville; Glen Philip KEATON, Jacksonville. Fourth Row : Joseph Wright KEENE, Jr., Sigma Alpha Ep¬ silon, Hot Springs; Samuel Edwin KEILBERG, Wilson Sharp, Alvin, Texas; Diane KELLEY, Fulbright, Benton; Patty KELLY, Fulbright, Little Rock; Carolyn Sue KENDRICK, Springdale; Henry Herman KETCHER. Ill, Phi Delta Theta, North Little Rock; Winnie Sue KEY, Fulbright, Guidon; R. Collius KIL¬ GORE, Jr., Sigma Nu, Wichita, Kansas; Bobby Joe KIMBER¬ LING, Razorback, West Helena; Martha Marie KIMERY, Ful¬ bright, Hot Springs; Shelby Jean KIMES, Fulbright, Berryville. Fifth Row : Kay KINCHELOE, Van Buren; Charles Avila KING, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Forsyth, Missouri; Elizabeth Leah KING, Fulbright, McAlester, Oklahoma; Bettye KINLEY, Ful¬ bright, England; Bethel Lea KIRK, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Toni V. KIRKLIN, Fulbright, Little Rock; Billy Ray KISOR, Huntsville; Bobby Kay KISOR, Huntsville; Stephen Lowell KOOKER, Lowell; David KOONCE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Richard Theadore KUSHMAUL, Pine Bluff. Commerce Guild President Gerald Bowen presides at orientation for BA Freshmen to discuss the forthcoming Freshmen elections. FRESHMEN 117 First Row : Leon Isaac LACHAT, Razorback, Forrest City; Ralph Sidney LACOTTS, Wilson Sharp, DeWitt; Lana LAMKIN, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Robert Cline LANE, Jr., Springdale; David Nichols LASER, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City; Melvin Monroe LATTA, Rogers. Second Row : Alice Jo LAWRENCE, Fulbright, Hot Springs; Conrad Douglas LAWSON, Sedgwell, Malvern; Robert Andrew LECKY, Sigma Nu, El Dorado; Charles Austin LEDBETTER, Benton; De- lores Lai LEE, Fulbright, Dumas; Michael Vinson LEE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Morgan City, Louisiana. Third Row : Peggy Joyce LEE, Fulbright, Rich¬ ardson, Texas; Bobby Jay LEMING, Farm House, Malvern; Linda Rene LEOPOULOS, Fulbright, Hot Springs; Dennis LEPP, Rogers; James Edward LES¬ LIE, Springdale; James William LESTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lewisville. Fourth Row : Betty Ann LEVERETTE, Fulbright, Denison, Texas; Morris Henry LEVINE, Wilson Sharp, Pine Bluff; Burett LaFayette LEWIS, Fay¬ etteville; Charles Leo LEWIS, Sedgwell, El Dorado; Helen Marie LEWIS, Fayetteville; James S. LEWIS, Razorback, Camden. Fifth Row: Josephine LEWIS, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Larry Allen LEWIS, Fayetteville; Shirley Ann LEWIS, Garland House, Sweet Home; Larry Edward LICHTY, Kappa Sigma, Fort Smith; Burl W. LIEBLONG, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City; Cynthia Joan LIGON, Fulbright, North Little Rock. Sixth Row: Allan L. LILLEY, Morrilton; William C. LIN AM, Razorback, Rector; Mary Kerth LIN¬ DAHL, Fulbright, Kirkwood, Missouri; Susan LINE- BARGER, Fulbright, Little Rock; Margaret Ann LITTLE, Fulbright, Benton; JOHN W. LOGAN, Sigma Chi, Blytheville. Seventh Row: Kadelia Dair LONG, Fulbright, Pine Bluff, Sandra Lee LOVEGROVE, Fulbright, Van Buren; Daisy Carlo LOVELESS, Sulphur Springs; Patricia LUCK, Fulbright, Paragould; Dolly Wade McADAMS, Fulbright, West Memphis; Judith Anne McALISTER, Fulbright, Fort Smith. Eighth Row: John David McCAY, Razorback, Crossett; Kay McCOLLUM, Fulbright, Stuttgart; Mary Frances McCOY, Fulbright, Harrison; Margie B. McDANIEL, Fayetteville; Donald Edward Mc- FALL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pocahontas; David Lee McFERRAN, Razorback, Charleston. Ninth Row: Carl Andrew McGAUGH, Fayette¬ ville; Roy Allen McGILL, Hot Springs; Salley Jo McGLOFLlN, Fulbright, Morrilton; Sally McGRE- GOR, Fulbright, Cotton Plant; Patricia Ann Mc- INTYRE, Fulbright, Carthage, Missouri; James H. McKENZIE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Prescott. Tenth Row: William Murray McKINLEY, Jr., Fort Smith; Leonard Evan McKINNEY, Razorback, Sheridan; Bob McKUIN, Sedgwell, Morrilton; La- Vina Charlene McLOUD, Huntsville; Sandy Sidney McMATH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock; Don¬ ald Ray McMEANS, West Memphis. Eleventh Row: Carol Ann McNAIR, Fulbright, Little Rock; Janett McNIEL, Fulbright, Searcy; Ronald Wilson McNULTY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Pine Bluff; Susan Ethel McSHANE, Fulbright, Fort Smith; John Robert McVEY, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Yellville; Roger S. MABRY, Springdale. Lachat LaCotts Lawrence Lawson Lee, P. J. Leming Leverette Levine Lewis, J. Lewis, L. A. Lilley Linam Long Lovegrove McCay McCollum McGaugh McGill McKinley McKinney McMair McNiel Lamkin Lane Lecky Ledbetter Leopoulos Lepp Lewis, B. L. Lewis, C. L. Lewis, S. A. Lichty Lindahl Linebarger Loveless Luck McCoy McDaniel McGloflin McGregor McKuin McLoud McNulty McShane Laser Latta Lee, D. L. Lee, M. V. Leslie Lester Lewis, H. M. Lewis, J. S. Lieblong Ligon Little Logan McAdams McAlister McFall McFerran McIntyre McKenzie McMath McMeans McVey Mabry Mack Marshall Mayhugh Mikeska Mitchell, A. Mackey Maddox Mader Maeder Martin, E. M. Martin, S. A. Martin, W. R. Marye Maynard Mays Meadows Medrick Miles, J. E. Miles, R. W. Miller, C. D. Miller, J. K. Mitchell, R. Moberly Moix Monk, A. M. Mailer Matthews Meier Miller, J. Monk, P. E. Mairs Maxwell Meinert Miller, J. F. Mont Moore, B. F. Moore, N. A. Moore, V. S. Morey Morris, M. C. Morris, W. H. Morrison Mann Marino May, J. D. May, W. G. Meistrell Meredith Miller, N. L. Miller, W. E. Montgomery, Montgomery, D. M. Moseley Mosley Markley Marlow Mayes Mayfield Merrifield Mesavage Mitchell, F. Mitchell, M. Montgomery, Montgomery, S. T. Mothershed Moyers First Row: Mary Catherine MACK, Fulbright, Jacksonville; Alice Jo MACKEY, Fulbright; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Edward Lee MADDOX, Sedgwell, Oden; Rita Rose MADER, Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Linda Rose MAEDER. Fayetteville; Cathe¬ rine Roberta MAILER, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Rita Phillips MAIRS, Fayeteville; Edward Marvin MANN, Jr., Wilson Sharp, Hickory, Virginia; Charles William MARINO, Jr., Pi Kappa Al¬ pha, Camden; Elizabeth Mae MARKLEY, Huntsville; Billy Howard MARLOW, Rogers. Second Row: Lillian Rae MARSHALL, Fulbright, Muskogee, Oklahoma; Esta M. MARTIN, Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; Sara Ann MARTIN, Fulbright, Hot Springs; William R. MARTIN, Fort Smith; Susan Louise MARYE, Fulbright, Dallas, lexas; Bill MATTHEWS, Sigma Chi, El Dorado; Ronald Sherman MAXWELL Alpha Gamma Rho, Booneville; Jerry Don MAY, Sedgwell, Little Rock; Willard Gordon MAY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; John Berton ' MAYES, Blytheville; Charles tied MAYFIELD, Razorback, El Dorado. Third Row: Joel Ogden MAYHUGH. Razorback, North Little Rock; Neil MAYNARD, Winthrop; John MAYS, Razor- back, Greenwood, Louisiana; Douglas Eugene MEADOWS, Os¬ ceola; Roma Danelle MEDRICK, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Jerry August MEIER, Fort SMITH; Philip Ray MEINERT, Fay¬ etteville; Michael Leonard MEISTRELL, Fayetteville; Brenda Burlene MEREDITH, Fulbright, Little Rock; Martha Evelyn MERRIFIELD, Fulbright, Helena; Jean Ann MESAVAGE, Fulbright, Harrison. Fourth Row: Joyce Ann MIKESKA, Fulbright, Kilgore, Texas; John Evans MILES, Fayetteville; Richard W. MILES, Harrison; Carl Dean MILLER, Jr., Parkdale; James Kennith MILLER, Acacia, Danville; Janet MILLER, Lead Hill; John Fremont MILLER, Razorback, Paris; Nancy Lee MILLER, Fayetteville; William Edward MILLER, Razorback, Paris; Flora June MITCHELL. Fayetteville; Martha Louise MITCHELL, Fulbright, Stamps. Fijth Row: Mary Ann MITCHELL, Fulbright, Little Rock; Robert Behrens MITCHELL, Fayetteville; Patsy Ann MOBER¬ LY, Fulbright, Bentonville; Robert Joseph MOIX, Conway, Arlie Marion MONK, North Little Rock; Pledger E. MONK, Jr., Razorback, North Little Rock; Theodore MONT, Jr., Wil¬ son Sharp, Hightstown, New Jersey; Duke MONTGOMERY, Kappa Sigma, West Memphis; Marilyn Blanche MONTGOM¬ ERY, Fulbright, Helena; Shelby Vance MONTGOMERY, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Helena; Tom MONTGOMERY, Kappa Sigma, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sixth Row: Boyce Freeman MOORE, Sigma Nu, Blytheville; Nelda Ann MOORE, Fayetteville; Virginia Sue MOORE, Ful¬ bright, Benton; Norman Warren MOREY, Razorback, DeWitt; Mary Carolyn MORRIS, Fulbright, Harrison; William Henry MORRIS, Kappa Sigma, Lonoke; Doyle Edwin MORRISON, Jr., Kappa Alpha. Fayetteville; Jeri Bob MOSELEY, Fulbright. Port Smith; Melinda Louise MOSLEY, Fulbright, Little Rock; Donald Joe MOTHERSHED, Swifton; Pat Marion MOYERS, Kappa Alpha, Ruston, Louisiana. FRESHMEN Mugg Mulhollan Murphey Munn Myers Nakamura Nations Neely Newcome Newingham Newman Nicholas Nichols Nicholson Noland Nordin Norris Norton Norwood, J. Norwood, W. Nuckols Nutt Nystrom Odum O’Hara Oishi Oliver Orange Orler Osborne Oxley Pannell Parish Park Parker, J. M. Parker, L. L. Parker, M. Parker, S. Parker, W. R. Parks, C. L. Parks, B. W. Parnell Parsons Pate Payne Pearey Pendergrass Perdue Perkins Perry Petty Pharr Phelps Phillips, A. W. Phillips, C. K. Phillips, J. A. Phillips, J. A. Phillips, P. A. Piazza Pickens Pintado Pipkin Plunkett Pollard Ponder Pool First Row: J. I). MUGG, Sedgwell, LaFayette, Indiana; Jim S. MULHOLLAN, Sigma Alpha Ep¬ silon, Fort Smith; Billye Newell MURPHEY, Fay¬ etteville; Susan Jean MUNN, Fulbright, Stigler, Oklahoma; Milo Gene MYERS, Fayetteville; Frank Akira NAKAMURA, Razorback, Scott. Second Row: Nancy Eleanor NATIONS, Ful¬ bright, North Little Rock; Mary Margaret NEELY, Fulbright, DeQueen; Robert Benton NEWCOME, Sigma Chi, Portland; Eddie Jane NEWINGHAM, Farmington; Virgil Howard NEWMAN, Sedgwell, Hot Springs; Lowell NICHOLAS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Piggott. Third Row: Robert Pipkin NICHOLS, Razorback, Little Rock; Clarence Dale NICHOLSON, Phi Delta Theta, Swifton; Sue NOLAND, Fulbright, Shreveport; Lewis Jan NORDIN, Alpha Tau Omega, Alma; Gary Fred MORRIS, Alpha Gamma Rho, Green Forest; Ennis Wayne NORTON, Sedgwell, Mena. Fourth Row: James Robert NORWOOD, Sedg¬ well, DeQueen; William Lewis NORWOOD, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, El Dorado; Bobby Joe NUC- KOLS, Dumas; Judith Anna NUTT, Fayetteville; Betty NYSTROM, Fulbright, Mountain Home; Lin¬ da Lou ODUM, Fulbright, Cabot. Fifth Row: Pat M. O’HARA, Fayetteville; Toshio OISHI, Razorback, Scott; Kenneth OLIVER, Jr., Sigma Chi, El Dorado; David Lee ORANGE, Wes¬ ley; Johnny Lee ORLER, Sedgwell, Anderson, Mis¬ souri; Carolyn Ruth OSBORNE, Fulbright, Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Patsy Jean OXLEY, Fulbright, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Charles Kenneth PANNELL, Acacia, Stephens; Ada Ann PARISH, Fayetteville; Linda Susan PARK, Fulbright, Van Buren; James Mayne PARKER, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Leona Lou PARK¬ ER, Fulbright, Alma. Seventh Row: Melanie PARKER, Fulbright, Lewisville; Shirlee PARKER, Fulbright, Fort Smith; William Robert PARKER, Buchanan, Rolla; Billy Wayne PARKS, Rogers; Carolyn LaVern PARKS, Fulbright, Joplin, Missouri; Lynda Lou PARNELL, Fulbright, Cotton Plant. Eighth Row: Robert Dale PARSONS, Springdale; Sandra Sue PATE, Fulbright, Clinton; Donna Fan- chon PAYNE, Fulbright, El Dorado; William Odell PEARCY, Altheimer; Barbara Jolene PENDER¬ GRASS, Fulbright, Crossett; Linda Lee PERDUE, Fulbright, Little Rock. Ninth Row: Noel Jan PERKINS, Little Rock; Linda Clair PERRY, Fulbright, Springdale; John Dandridge PETTY, North Little Rock; Marilyn Joan PHARR, Fulbright, Grosse Pointe, Michigan; Caro¬ lyn Sue PHELPS, Fulbright, Little Rock; Allan Woods PHILLIPS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith. Tenth Row: Charles Keith PHILLIPS, Fayette¬ ville; John Arthur PHILLIPS, Sedgwell, Hunting- ton; Judith Ann PHILLIPS, 4-H House, Fort Smith; Patricia Ann PHILLIPS, Fulbright, Hindsville; Har¬ vey Settimo PIAZZA, Little Rock; Reuben Andrew PICKENS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pickens. Eleventh Row: Sherry Lynn PINTADO, Ful¬ bright, Glenwood; Patsy PIPKIN, Fulbright, Mal¬ vern; Thomas Wood PLUNKETT, Sedgwell, Little Rock; Hugh POLLARD, Phi Delta fheta, Little Rock; Harry L. PONDER, III, Kappa Sigma, Wal¬ nut Ridge; Richard W. POOL, Kappa Sigma, Hot Springs. Pope Porter, J. D. Puckette Pugh Rankin Rateliff Richardson Rickard Robertson, B. Robinson, R. Rudd Rudder Porter, P. W. Potter Purdin Puryear Rathbun Ray Riggs Riner Rogers, J. R. Rogers, M. Rudisill Rumley Poynor Prather Prewitt, M. Prewitt, P. C. Privitt Proctor, G. W Proctor, H. B. Putnam Pyle Railsback Rainer Rains Raley Ramsey Reagan, J. E. Reagan, L. M. Rector Regan Reid Reynolds Rhodes Ritgerod Robbins, H. G. Robbins, J. S. Robbins, S. A. Roberts, C. E. Roberts, J. G. Roberts, W. Rogers, R. D. Rogers, W. W. Ross, D. P. Ross, E. Rothert Rowland Rowlett Rusgis Rushing Russell Rutledge Saliba Sanders, E. Sanders, K. First Row: Robert Darrell POPE, Little Rock; John David PORTER, Booneville; Phillip Wayne PORTER. Razorback, North Little Rock; Carol Grace POTTER, Fulbright, Marshall; Mary Gene POYNOR, Fayetteville; John W. PRATHER, Sedg- well, Little Rock; Mary Wheeler PREWITT, Fulbright, Me- Gehee; Patricia Carroll PREWITT, Fulbright, Pine Bluff; Nathan Lee PRIVITT, Razorback, Heber Springs; George W. PROCTOR, Razorback, Cotton Plant; Hugh Baty PROCTOR, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock. Second Row : Nancy PUCKETTE, Fulbright, Houston, Texas; Owen Lloyd PUGH, Harrison; Sharon Lynn PURDIN, Fulbright, Dallas, Texas; Linda Lee PURYEAR, Fulbright, Tulsa, Okla¬ homa; David Tracy PUTNAM, Razorback, Little Rock; Patsy Jo PYLE, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Glenn Albert RAILSBACK, III, Pine Bluff; Phyllis Anne RAINER, Fulbright, El Dorado; John C. RAINS, North Little Rock; Carolyn Gene RALEY, Ful¬ bright, Star City; John W. RAMSEY, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Malvern. Third Row: Sylvia Rose RANKIN, Fulbright, Lake Village; Judy Carolyn RATELIFF, Fulbright, Hope; Rita Ann RATH- BUN, Fulbright, Caney, Kansas; Judith Carol RAY, Fulbright, Conway; Jane Elizabeth REAGAN, Fulbright, Sacramento, Cali¬ fornia; Luther Maple REAGAN, Noel, Missouri; Henry Field RECTOR, III, Razorback, Royal; John Rayborn REGAN, Razor- back, Malvern; Lucy Evelyn REID, Fulbright, Pine Bluff; Dan William REYNOLDS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Camden; Ann Marie RHODES, Fulbright, Harrison. Fourth Row: Fontaine K. RICHARDSON, Fayetteville; Curt¬ is E. RICKARD, Sedgwell, Benton; Michael D. RIGGS, Phi Delta Theta, Pine Bluff; David Wylie RINER, Razorback, Carlisle; Judy RITGEROD, Fulbright, Little Rock; Hermes G. ROBBINS, Springdale; Janice Sue ROBBINS, Fulbright, Bentonville; Sandra Ann ROBBINS, Pontiac, Missouri; Charles Edwin ROBERTS, Acacia, Fayetteville; James Garry ROBERTS, Sedgwell, Harrison; Wayne Preston ROBERTS, Texarkana. Fifth Row: Bill Max ROBERTSON, Phi Delta Theta, Fort Smith; Robin ROBINSON, Razorback, England; Jerry Row¬ land ROGERS, Sedgwell, North Little Rock; Marilou ROGERS, Fulbright, Stamps; Roger D. ROGERS, Wilson Sharp, Stamps; William Weston ROGERS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fayetteville; David Paul ROSS, Fayetteville; Eugene ROSS, North Little Rock; Matthew Herman ROTHERT, Sigma Chi, Camden; Thomas Harlan ROWLAND, Sigma Phi Epsilon, El Dorado; Mary Jane ROWLETT, Springdale. Sixth Row: Sandra Elizabeth RUDD, Fulbright, Tulsa, Okla¬ homa; Anna Louise RUDDER, Fulbright, Pine Bluff; Preston Arthur RUDISILL, Kappa Sigma, Monroe, Louisiana; Johnny 1L RUMLEY, Razorback, Rogers; Rita Helen RUSGIS, Ful¬ bright, Henderson; Charles Delloyd RUSHING, Piggott; Mary Ella RUSSELL, Fulbright, Little Rock; Sonja Ann RUTLEDGE, Fulbright, Fort Smith; Sandra Katherleen SALIBA, Fulbright, Alma; Elizabeth SANDERS, Fulbright, Dallas, Texas; Kath¬ erine Ann SANDERS, Fulbright, Chillicothe, Ohio. FRESHMEN 121 Sanders Scriber Shalmy Shuli Simmons Sixbey Smith, C. E. Smith, J. A. South Stamps, J. C. Stephens, L. Schenke Scuclder Sharpe Shupik Simpson, D. Skipper, J, Smith, E. Smith, K. Sparks Stamps, J. I). Stephens, T. Sclvwieger Seeger Shaw Shutler Simpson, J. Skipper, E. Smith, F. C. Smith, M. Speck Stanley Stevens, C. Scott, D. S. Seiter Shelnutt Sigler Simpson, M. Sloan Smith, G. Smith, P. Spencer Starnes Stevens, M. Scott, J. T. Selby Shenep Silaz Sims Smeltzer Smith, H. Smith, S. Spray Steed Stewart, B. Scott, L. F. Selph Shockley Silliman Sisemore Smith, C. A. Smith, J. W. Smoot Stair Steetle Stewart, D. First Row: William David SANDERS, Sedgwell, Newport; William A. SCHENKE, Little Rock; Will¬ iam Lee SCHWIEGER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Shreve¬ port, Louisiana; Delya Sue SCOTT, Fulbright, North Little Rock; Jerry Thomas SCOTT, Sigma Nu, Mount Ida; Lora Frances SCOTT, Fulbright, Ward. Second Row: Jerry Leo SCRIBER, Sedgwell, Crossett; Julie Ann SCUDDER, Fulbright, Hot Springs; Mary Susan SEEGER, Fulbright, Leslie: Louis Dan SEITER, Conway; Robert Daniel SELBY, Portland; Hewell Wayne SELPH, Sedgwell, Malvern. Third Row: Donald Lewis SHALMY, Sigma Al¬ pha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Charles E. SHARPE, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Texarkana; Ann Henri SHAW, Fulbright, Little Rock; Alfred Earl SHELNUTT, Benton; James T. SHENEP, Helena; Joan C. SHOCKLEY, Fulbright, Harrison. Fourth Row: Barbara Carol SHULL, Fulbright, Scottsville; Sandra Marie SHUPIK, Houston, Texas; Helen Kay SHUTLER, Fulbright, Arkansas City, Kansas; William Byron SIGLER, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Mary Virginia SILAZ, Fulbright, Conway; Bill SILLIMAN, Razorback, Sparkman. Fifth Row: Sue Marie SIMMONS, Fulbright, Dardanelle; Dianne Claire SIMPSON, Fulbright, Parkin; Joyce Jean SIMPSON, Springdale; Mary June SIMPSON, Mena; Joni Claudene SIMS, Ful¬ bright, Fort Worth, Texas; David Allen SISEMORE, Acacia, Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Hope SIXBEY, Fulbright, Conway; James Maxwell SKIPPER, Sedgwell, Cleveland; Janis Elizabeth SKIPPER, Fulbright, North Little Rock; Neill Moore SLOAN, Jr., Sigma Chi, Lake Village; Donald Ray SMELTZER, Norphlet; Carl Austin SMITH, Acacia, Berryville. Seventh Row: Charles Eddie SMITH, Lambda Chi Alpha, Stuttgart; Elaine SMITH, Fulbright, Paris; Freeda Carolyn SMITH, Fulbright, Pocahon¬ tas; Gary Louis SMITH, Razorback, Bentonville; Helen Hamilton SMITH, Fulbright, West Memphis; James William SMITH, Sigma Chi, Muskogee, Okla¬ homa. Eighth Row: Judith Ann SMITH, Fulbright, Jane, Missouri; Kirk M. SMITH, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Mary Edna SMITH, Fulbright, Heber Springs; Phil¬ lip Lance SMITH, Razorback, Mountain View; Sharri Kaye SMITH, Fulbright, Little Rock; Sally SMOOT, Fulbright, Waldron. Ninth Row: Suellen SOUTH, Fulbright, Pine Bluff; Carolyn Faye SPARKS, Fulbright, Little Rock; Bette Lynn SPECK, Fulbright, Osceola; Dana SPENCER, Fulbright, Denison, Texas; Philip M. SPRAY, Razorback, Malvern; Lynda Fay STAIR, Fulbright, Heber Springs. Tenth Row: Jerry Clarence STAMPS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; John David STAMPS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; James Don STANLEY, Fay¬ etteville; Harry Dee STARNES, Walnut Ridge; Jerry Rex STEED, Forrest City; Susie K. STEETLE, Fulbright, Pittsburg, Kansas. Eleventh Row: Linda Lou STEPHENS, Ful¬ bright, Houston, Texas; Tommy Wilcox STEPHENS, Sigma Nu, Hot Springs; Courtney Anne STEVENS, Fulbright, Joplin, Missouri; Marilyn STEVENS, Ful¬ bright, Urbana; Billy Ray STEWART, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; David Alan STEWART, Alpha Tau Omega, Danville. Stokes Suos Thibault Torbett VanMeter Stone Stout, G. F. Stout, M. A. Strasner Streeter Streetman Sullins Sullivan, E. Sullivan, M. Sullivan, S. Summers Swayze Swift Swindell Swope Tabler Tarkington Tate, J. S. Tate, J. W. Taylor Tedford Terry Thomas Thompson, B. Thompson, D.Thompson, PThomson Thornton Todd, J. H. Todd, R. L. To-Kwong Toll Toothaker Treece Trimble Tucker Tuggle Turney, E. R. Turney, J. R. Udouj Underwood, J.Underwood, L. Van Hoose VanPatten VanSickle Vardner Vick Wacaster Wait Waldron Walker Wall Wallace First Row: Martha Elizabeth STOKES, Fayetteville; Jack Thomas STONE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pine Bluff; Garlin F. STOUT, Pine Bluff; Mary Ann STOUT, Fulbright, Blytheville; Louis M. STRASNER, Razorback, North Little Rock; Jan Reter STREETER, Joiner; Charles Patton STREETMAN, Wal¬ do; Paul John SULLINS, Sedgwell, Crossett; Edward Holden SULLIVAN, Kappa Alpha, Shreveport, Louisiana; Mary Ellen SULLIVAN, Fulbright, Monett, Missouri; Samuel William SULLIVAN, Burdette; John Beaty SUMMERS, Sigma Chi, Little Rock. Second Row : Someth SUOS, Razorback, Phnom Penh, Cam¬ bodia; John Charles SWAYZE, Razorback, Moscow; Jack Ber¬ nard SWIFT, Charleston; Benny Edgar SWINDELL, Sedgwell, Gravette; Loyd Ray SWOPE, Elkins; Roy Tom TABLER, Sedgwell, DeQueen; ' Sandra Sue TARKINGTON, Fulbright, Cotton Plant; James Stewart TATE, Sigma Chi, Hope; Jimmy Wayne TATE, Sedgwell, Des Arc; Katie TAYLOR, Fulbright, Sheridan; John Grobmyer TEDFORD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock; Da vid Wesley TERRY, Sedgwell, Benton. Third Row: Henry C. THIBAULT, II, Sedgwell, Norphlet; David W. THOMAS, West Memphis; Belle Knight THOMP¬ SON, Fulbright, Amman, Jordan; Donald Albert THOMPSON, Razorback, Gurdon; Paul Freeman THOMPSON, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Benjamin Franklin THOMSON, Razorback, North Little Rock; John G. THORNTON, Kappa Sigma, Mena; Jack Harold TODD, Kappa Sigma, England; Richard Lee TODD, Razorback, Magnet Cove; Chan TO-KWONG, Razor- back, Hong Kong; Judith Lynn TOLL, Fulbright, Hazen; Ron¬ ald Wayne TOOTHAKER, Van Buren. Fourth Row: James TORBETT, Sedgwell, Morrilton; Jewel- dean TREECE, Leslie; Patti Lucille TRIMBLE, Fulbright, Bauxite; Theo M. TUCKER, Razorback, Salem; Lloyd Don TUGGLE, Malvern; Edwin Ray TURNEY, Harrison; Junette Rose TURNEY, Fulbright, Harrison; Ronald Herman UDOUJ, Phi Delta Theta, Fort Smith; John David UNDERWOOD, Sigma Chi, Mountain View, Oklahoma; Linda Jaunita UNDER¬ WOOD, Fulbright, Hot Springs; Scott VAN HOOSE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Anita Hope VAN METER, Fulbright, Marvell; Mira Anne VAN PATTEN, Fulbright, Searcy; Jackie Elaine VANSICKLE. Fayetteville: Judy VARDNER. ' Fulbright, Little Rock; Kent Alan VICK, Kansas City, Missouri; Tommie Jean¬ ette WACASTER, Fulbright, Harrison; Frank Evans WAIT, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock; Margie Virginia WAL¬ DRON, Fulbright, El Dorado; Joe Byron WALKER, Gentry; James Mormon WALL, Hamburg; Larry Ray WALLACE, Razor- back, Monette. Basketball Coach Glen Rose subs as Public Address Announcer dur¬ ing home football games and adds anecdotes throughout the game. FRESHMEN 123 Wallis Warren Watson, N. West, P. White, J. Whittington,S. Williams, J. Wilson, E. W. inn Wood, S. Yoes Walls Washburn Watson, W. B Westbrook White, J. E. Wigginton illiams, S. Wilson, L. K. Wise Woodruff, J. Yost Walsh Watkins, L. G. Weatherly Wharton White, L. E. Wilkerson Williams, T. Wilson, R. V. W is well Woodruff, S. Young, B. M. Walton Watkins, N. C. Weaver Whetstone, B. White, M. A. Willard Williams, W. Wilson, S. Wofford Woods, H. Young, T. Wankum Watkins, W. Webb Whetstone, R. Whiteside Willcox Wilmoth Winfree Womble Wright, J. L. Young, C. S. Wann Watson, F. L. West, J. White, E. M. Whittington,M. Williams, B. Wilson, C. S. Wingfield Wood, S. E. Wright, J. F. Zaleski First Row: Doyle Raymond WALLIS, Jr. Lamb¬ da Chi Alpha, Malvern; Mary Kay WALLS, Ful- bright, Des Arc; Dorice Jeneva WALSH, Rogers; Beatrice Lavon WALTON, Garland, Fort Smith; Joseph Bernard WANKUM, North Little Rock; Cyn¬ thia Ann WANN, Fulbright, Joplin, Missouri. Second Row: Billy Ivan WARREN, Friendship; Mary Frances WASHBURN, Fulbright, Cabot; Lu¬ cinda Gene WATKINS, Fulbright, Hot Springs; Nancy Carol WATKINS, Fulbright, Heber Springs; William David WATKINS, Sigma Chi, Hope; Frank Lee WATSON, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Shreve¬ port, Louisiana. Third Row: Nancy WATSON, Fulbright, Mal¬ vern; William Brock WATSON, Farm House, Tuck- erman; Fred Milton WEATHERLY, Farm House, Tillar; Johnny WEAVER, Jacksonville; James Tra¬ vis WEBB. Razorback, Thornton; Judith S. WEST, Fulbright, Berryville. Fourth Row: Phillip Maurice WEST, Sedgwell, Fort Smith; Kent Coleman WESTBROOK, Clarks¬ ville; Joe B. WHARTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, El Dorado; Bud W. G. WHETSTONE, Sigma Nu, El Dorado; Ruth WHETSTONE, Fulbright, El Dora¬ do; Esther Marie WHITE, Drayton, North Dakota. Fifth Row: Judith WHITE, Fulbright, Hot Springs; Judy E. WHITE, Fulbright, Forrest City; Larry Ennis WHITE, Sigma Chi, Kirkwood, Mis¬ souri; Mary Ann WHITE, Fulbright, Rogers; Char¬ les B. WHITESIDE, Kappa Sigma, Fort Smith; Mary WHITTINGTON, Fulbright, Hot Springs. Sixth Row: Susan WHITTINGTON, Fulbright, Hot Springs; Alice June WIGGINTON, Fulbright, Cave City; Roger Wayne WILKERSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Alma; Don Clarence WILLARD, Razorback, Marionville, Missouri; Berry James WILLCOX, Lambda Chi Alpha, Hot Springs; Barbara Nadine WILLIAMS, Farmington. Seventh Row: John Ronald WILLIAMS, Har¬ rison; Sandra Darlene WILLIAMS, Fulbright, Deni¬ son, Texas; Terry Donald WILLIAMS, Sedgwell, Malvern; Warren Charles WILLIAMS, Rogers; Woodrow R. WILMOTH, Sedgwell, Gravette; Car- roll Sue WILSON, Fulbright, Walnut Ridge. Eighth Row: Earl Wayne WILSON, Alpha Gam¬ ma Rho, Gepp; Linda Kay WILSON, Fayetteville; Rebecca Victoria WILSON, Fulbright, Texarkana; Sandra WILSON, Fulbright, Little Rock; Earl WINFREE, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Alice Clara WINGFIELD, Fulbright, Mount Ida. Ninth Row: Robert WINN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fort Smith; James Robert WISE, Droke, Mountain Home; Sue Ann WISWELL, Fulbright, Prairie Grove; Larry Taylor WOFFORD, Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; William Stephen WOMBLE, Razorback, Fort Smith; Susan Ellen WOOD, Fulbright, Little Rock. Tenth Row: Susie WOOD, Fulbright, Dallas, Texas; John Kelleam WOODRUFF, Sedgwell, Van Buren; Sam I. WOODRUFF, Ozark; Henry Clay WOODS, Kappa Sigma, Hornbeak, Tennessee; Jim¬ mie Lea WRIGHT, Fulbright, North Little Rock; John Franklin WRIGHT, Wilson Sharp, Trumann. Eleventh Row: Janice YOES, Greenland; Mar¬ garet Gordon YOST. Fulbright, Memphis, Tennes¬ see; Billie M. YOUNG, 4-H House, Dardanelle; Terry YOUNG, Pi Kappa Alpha, El Dorado; Carolyn Sue YOUNG, Fayetteville; Michael Ernest ZALE¬ SKI, Razorback, Magnolia. FRESHMEN Abington A1 worth Ashcraft Balch Barrow Adams, C. Anderson, J. Atkins Baldwin Bass Adams, J. Adams, O. L. Age Alexander Allen, E. A. Allen, J. 0. Anderson, 0. Anderson, W. Anglin Armstrong, N. Armstrong, V. Arnold Atkinson Austin Aycock Baber Backus Baggett Ball Barham, B. Barham, T. B. Barnes, B. Barnes, R. B. Barnett, J. Baugh Beam Beauchamp, C. Beauchamp, S.Beavers Beck Allen, N. K. Arpin Bailey, C. A. Barnett, K. Bell, C. W. Allum Arrington Bailey, F. L. Barnhill Bell, E. F. Altemus Arthurs Baker Barron Bell, J. D. First Roiv: Doc ABINGTON, Beebe; Carole ADAMS, Delta Gamma, Odessa, Texas; Jeanette ADAMS, Kappa Kappa Gam¬ ma, Fallon, Nevada; Oliver Lee ADAMS, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Berryville; Edith Annette AGE, Garland House, Casscoe; Shar¬ on ALEXANDER, Pi Beta Phi, El Dorado; Elizabeth Ann ALLEN, Holcombe, Bismarck; John Owen ALLEN, Benton- ville; Nancy Kay ALLEN, Fayetteville; Michael David ALLUM, William House, Gravette; Eddie Merle ALTEMUS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Friendswood, Texas. Second Row: Lance Dwight ALWORTH, Pi Kappa Alpha, Brookhaven, Mississippi; John P. ANDERSON, Jr.. Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; Owen Arthur ANDERSON. Sigma Chi. Rogers; Walter ANDERSON, Buchanan. Dumas; Lee Roy ANG¬ LIN, Cotter; Nancy Lynn ARMSTRONG, Holcombe, Crossett; Vetal Snowden ARMSTRONG. Sisma Nu, Forrest City; Jim ARNOLD, Lambda Chi Alpha. Corning; Carol Marcia ARPIN. West Fork: William Ray ARRINGTON. Blytheville; John Lloyd ARTHURS, Springdale. Third Row: Douglas Warner ASHCRAFT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock: William Robert ATKINS, Chidester; Melvin Den¬ nis ATKINSON. Droke, North Little Rock: John Robert AUSTIN, Sigma Pi, Pine Bluff; Cecil Earl AYCOCK, Blythe¬ ville, Jerry Walter BABER. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Merrieta, Georgia; Joe Tom BACKUS, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; Mary BAGGETT, Fayetteville; Carol Ann BAILEY, Pi Beta Phi, Siloam Springs; Fredric L. BAILEY, Fayetteville; Shirley Naomi BAKER, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Terry Ross BALCH Batesville: Ronald Court¬ ney BALDWIN. William House, Des Arc; Dale J. Ball. Baux¬ ite; Becky BARHAM, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Mena: Tom B. BARHAM, Razorback, Prescott; Barbara BARNES. Holcombe, Little Rock; R. Bruce BARNES, Fort Smith; Judy BARNETT, 4-H House, Valley Springs; Kitten BARNETT, Delta Gamma. Stuttgart; Nancy BARNHILL, Chi Omega, Fayetteville; Carol BARRON, 4-H House, Rogers. Fifth Row: Patti BARROW, Delta Della Delta, North Little Rock; Robert W. BASS, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; Bill Fredrick BAUGH, Lambda Chi Alpha, West Memphis; Billy 0. BEAM, Mt. Ida; Charles Alan BEAUCHAMP, Fayetteville; Sara Roberta BEAUCHAMP, Davis, Mena: Charles BEAVERS, Sigma Chi, North Little Rock; Carl T. BECK, Prescott; Char¬ les Wayne BELL, Gladson House, Benton; Evelyn Frances BELL, Wesley; Joe D. BELL, Kappa Sigma, Parkin. Dean James Scott critically examines a Mortar Board calendar and finding it scott-free of controversial material, buys one. SOPHOMORES 125 Bell, L. W. Blakemore Bodishbaugh Boyette Bretherick Bridgman Brodie Brown, G. E. Bullock Bury Cain Bell, R. L. Bennett Best Beutelschies Black Blankenship, JBlankenship,E.Blasingame Blaylock Blossom Bohannan Bowie Bowman, A. Bowman, J. Boyer Bracy Bradford Brannan Brannon Brazil Brewer, J. E. Brewer, S. K. Bridenthal Bridgforth, J. Bridgforth, W. Briggs Brink Brinkley Brittain Brocchos Bronson Brooks, B. A. Brooks, B. R. Brown, B. K. Brown, F. G. Brown, L. G. Brown, R. D. Bryan Bryson Buckner Burchett Burgess Burks Burnett Burroughs Busby Butler, D. J. Butler, M. T. Byars Byrne Callahan Callaway Campbell,G. Campbell,L. Campbell,L.D. First Row : Larry Wayne BELL, Prairie Grove; Richard L. BELL, Farm House, Pea Ridge; Robert Lewis BENNETT, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Van Buren; Roberta Jo BEST, Delta Delta Delta, Wynne; Carl Edward BEUTELSCHIES, Ripley, DeQueen; Gary Doyle BLACK, Buchanan, Fort Smith. Second Row: Carroll Fairfax BLAKEMORE, Al¬ pha Tau Omega, Blytheville; Joseph Rayburn BLANKENSHIP, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Pocahon¬ tas; Judith Evelyn BLANKENSHIP, Delta Delta Delta, Moscow; Rex B. BLASINGAME, Little Rock; Janice Dee BLAYLOCK, Davis, Hamburg; Gail BLOSSOM, Chi Omega, San Antonio, Texas. Third Row: C. Conlee BODISHBAUGH, Sigma Chi, North Little Rock; Larry Clinton BOHANNAN, William House, Huntsville; Charles Paul BOWIE, Kappa Sigma, Helena; Alice Anne BOWMAN, Chi Omega, McGehee; Jeanne BOWMAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Magnolia; William Paul BOYER, JR., Al¬ pha Gamma Rho, Morrilton. Fourth Row: Hal Wade BOYETTE, Razorback, Fort Smith; Calvin McRae BRACY, Little Rock; Linford BRADFORD, Mt. Ephraim, New Jersey; Ro¬ bert Clark BRANNAN, Nowata, Oklahoma; Annetta BRANNON, Holcombe, Marion; Charles C. BRAZIL, Gladson, Searcy. Fifth Row: Dolly BRETHERICK, Chi Omega, Marion; James Edward BREWER, Irving, Texas; Sharon Kay BREWER, Holcombe, Malvern; Zoe Ann BRIDENTHAL, Alpha Delta Pi, Dallas, Texas; Joe Keith BRIDGFORTH, Corning; William Cecil BRIDGFORTH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Forrest City. Sixth Row: Stanley Dale BRIDGMAN, Cotter; Porter BRIGGS, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Peggy Ann BRINK, Bentonville; Otis T. BRINKLEY, Horatio; Charles Aubrey BRITTAIN, Gladson, Pine Bluff; Robert F. BROCCHOS, Kappa Alpha, Fort Smith. Seventh Row: Ralph Gray BRODIE, Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; Waldo Glen BRONSON, Little Rock; Betty Allen BROOKS, Fayetteville; Boh Rowe BROOKS, Fort Smith; Betty Kate BROWN, Pi Beta Phi, Hot Springs; Forrest Glynn BROWN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Little Rock. Eighth Row: Guy Eastman BROWN, II, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville; Larry Gene BROWN, Sigma Chi, Pocahontas; Robert Duane BROWN West Fork; Barbara Jean BRYAN, Zeta Tau Alpha ' Carthage, Missouri; Edward Barham BRYSON, Sig¬ ma Phi Epsilon, Prescott; Charles S. BUCKNER, Jr., Droke, Hazen. Ninth Row: Robert W. BULLOCK, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sacramento, California; Ronald Denny BURCHEU, Bartlesville, Oklahoma; Tommy Wayne BURGESS, Van Buren; Roy K. BURKS, Little Rock; James Oliver BURNETT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayette¬ ville; Odis Robert BURROUGHS, Ripley, Bismarck. Tenth Row: Nancy Eileen BURY, Zeta Tau Al¬ pha, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dixie Lee BUSBY, Spring- dale; Danny Joe BUTLER, Razorback, Heber Springs; M. Tucker BUTLER, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Joe Dan BYARS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alma; Donn Howard BYRNE, Sigma Nu, Blytheville. Eleventh Row: Carolyn Ann CAIN, Delta Delta Delta, Fort Smith; Betty Lea CALLAHAN, Hol¬ combe, Benton; Thomas Rankin CALLAWAY, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Gary W. CAMPBELL’ Razorback, Mena; Larry Allen CAMPBELL, Rip¬ ley, Bauxite; Lonnie D. CAMPBELL, Mount Ida. Campbell Chaney Clegg Colclasure Cook, L. L. Campster Capers Capps Chapman, S. Chapman. W. Chastain Cleveland, E. Cleveland, J. Cloer Cole, J.C. Cole, U. C. Cole, R L. Cook, M. D. Cook, S. E. Cooksey Cardin Chunn Clinehens Coleman, B. Cooley Carlton Carroll Cina Cissell Clulow Clyburn Coleman. J. L. Coleman, J. Cooper, E. G. Cooper, E. H. Carter Cate Clark, B. A. Clark, J. E. Coan Cockrill Conery Connell Cooper, J. A. Cooper, T. I Cazort Chadick Clark, W. K. Clayton Coger Coker Connor Cook, J. P. 1. Core Coulter First Row: Rob Roy CAMPBELL. Harrison; George Robert CAMPSTER. Jr., Monticello; Connie CAPERS, Zeta Tau Al¬ pha, Dallas, Texas; James Austin CAPPS, Razorback, Gurdon; David W. CARDIN. Acacia. Beebe; Jerry Dale CARLTON, Wilson Sharp, East End; Garry CARROLL, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; William Byars CARTER, Lowell; Bill Norris CATE, Phi Delta Theta, Walnut Ridge; John Lee CAZORT, Little Rock; James H. CHADICK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff. Second Row: Ila Jean CHANEY, England; Stanley Lane CHAPMAN, Quitman: William Philip CHAPMAN, III, Pine Bluff: James W. CHASTAIN, Branch; Ronald Wayne CHUNN, William House, Arkadelphia; Susan Arden CINA. Alpha Delta Pi, Glendale, Missouri; Michael Eugene CISSELL. Wilson Sharp, Wilson; Betty A. CLARK, Pi Beta Phi. Walnut Ridge; Jo Ellen CLARK. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Rock; William Ken CLARK. Springdale; Larry Lynn CLAYTON, Hazen. Third Row: Donald L. CLEGG, Van Buren; Ellen Frances CLEVELAND. Pi Beta Phi. Atkins; James Edgar CLEVELAND, Newark: James Richard CLOER, Springdale; M. Carolyn CLI¬ NEHENS, Zeta Tail Alpha, Fayetteville; Connie Jean CLU¬ LOW, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Little Rock; Howard Larry CLYBURN, Sigma Pi, El Dorado; John K. COAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Camden; Becky COCKRILL, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Charles Edward COGER. Huntsville; Jack Barnett COKER, Sigma Chi, Stuttgart. Fourth Row: Ronald D. COLCLASURE, Little Rock; Joe Charles COLE, Buchanan, Eureka Springs; U. Carol COLE, Delta Delta Delta, Paragould; Robin Lee COLE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Malvern; Barbara Allen COLEMAN, Kappa Kappa Gam¬ ma, Lonoke; Jerry L. COLEMAN, Phi Delta Theta, Camden; Jo COLEMAN, 4-H House, Mountainburg; Elizabeth Ann CON¬ ERY, Delta Gamma, Pine Bluff; Mary B. CONNELL, Delta Delta Delta, Fayetteville: John Paul CONNOR, Monette; John Paul COOK, Fort Smith. Fijth Row: Lynda Lou COOK, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Wyn¬ ne; Martha Dale COOK. Pi Beta Phi, Hot Springs; Sandra Elaine COOK, Kappa Kappa Gamma, North Little Rock; James Keith COOKSEY. Fort Smith; Eldon Dickey COOLEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hot Springs; Ellen Gail COOPER, Kappa Kap¬ pa Gamma, Fayetteville; Ernest Harper COOPER, Sigma Nu. Pine Bluff; Jo Ann COOPER. Pi Beta Phi, Marked Tree; Terry Bill COOPER. Riplev House, Little Rock; Henry Mac CORE. Sigma Nu, Little Rock; Martha Neal COULTER, Davis, Ash¬ down. Archery is one of the sports women engage in during PE classes and a visiting archery ace instructs Kappa pledge Jeanette Adams. SOPHOMORES 127 Courtney Cox, D. A. Cox, M. C. Crabtree Crain Crisp Cromwell Crouse Crowe Culp Culwell Cupples Curtis Cypert Dahl Dale, J. W. Dale, N. W. Daley, R. J Daniel, E. D. Daniel, R. L. Daugherty, B. Daugherty, P. Davis, B. L. Davis, C. iVl Davis, K. B. Davis, 0. F. Davis, S. J. Dean, C. A. Dean, J. L. Dean, S. 1). Deason Deere Delezen Deweese Dial Dick Dickens Dilday Dingledine Dishongh Dodd Donnell Dorland Dortch Downs Douglas Drach Drake Dryer Dubbell Dunlavy Dunn, G. A. Dunn, L. A. Dunson Durbin Duskin Duty Dwyer Dyer East Edrington Edwards, C. Edwards, D. Elliott Elsberry Eisner First Row: David Wayne COURTNEY, Little Rock; David Allen COX, Sigma Chi, Tulsa, Okla¬ homa; Mary Caroline COX, Chi Omega, Hope; Joyce Mae CRABTREE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Smith; William Steve CRAIN, Sigma Pi, Hope; Robert M. CRISP, Phi Delta Theta, Fort Smith. Second Row: Mildred CROMWELL, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Jerry L. CROUSE, Sheridan; Sigma Louise CROWE, Chi Omega, Fort Smith; Gary CULP, Acacia, West Fork; Martha Jo CULWELL, Zeta Tau Alpha, Huntsville; Carol Ann CUPPLES, Holcombe, North Little Rock. Third Row: Caroline CURTIS, Chi Omega, Helena; Donna Kaye CYPERT, Holcombe, Spring- dale; Gerald Leroy DAHL, Sigma Pi, Peoria, Illi¬ nois; Johnny Wayne DALE, Fort Smith; Norman Wayne DALE, Springdale; Robert James DALEY, William House, Hope. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Doll DANIEL, Pi Beta Phi, Hot Springs; Richard L. DANIEL, Jr., Pi KAP- pa Alpha, Hot Springs; Becky DAUGHERTY, Delta Delta Delta, Camden; Phillip Wayne DAUGHERTY, Razorback, Bauxite; Billy Leon DAVIS, William House, Hope; Charles Monroe DAVIS, Brinkley. Fifth Row: Kenneth Bruce DAVIS, Jr., Sigma Chi, Texarkana; Owanda Faye DAVIS, Fayetteville; Sarah Jane DAVIS, Holcombe, Ashdown; Carl A. DEAN, Hot Springs; Jerry Lee DEAN, Alma; Saun- dra Darace DEAN, Holcombe, Little Rock. Sixth Row: Ronald Layne DEASON, Gladson, Rogers; J. W. DEER E, Malvern; Jeff Russell DELE- ZEN, Gladson, Camden; Don B. DEWEESE, Fay¬ etteville; Patricia Ann DIAL, Holcombe, Pampa, Texas; Carolyn Gail DICK, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Smith. Seventh Row: Ray DICKENS, Green Forest; Ro¬ bert Henry DILDAY, Phi Delta Theta, Tuckerman; Donald Carl DINGLEDINE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fay¬ etteville; Derek Earl DISHONGH, Pine Bluff; David G. DODD, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Billy Carl DONNELL, Sigma Pi, Judsonia. Eighth Row: Eldrige Douglass DORLAND, Fay¬ etteville; Georgia Louise DORTCH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Scott; Garry Eugene DOWNS, Benton; John Marion DOUGLAS, Bentonville; Richard Lee DRACH, Fayetteville; Ted Norton DRAKE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff. Ninth Row: Nancy Carol DRYER, Holcombe, Huntsville; David Wilson DUBBELL, Phi Delta Theta, Rogers; Betty Sue DUNLAVY, Delta Delta Delta, Fayetteville; Ginger Ann DUNN, Holcombe, Hampton; Linda Anne DUNN, Zeta Tau Alpha, North Little Rock; Sue Ellen DUNSON, Chi Omega, Houston, Texas. Tenth Row: Frances Elaine DURBIN, Camden; Betty Ann DUSKIN, Fayetteville; James Andrew DUTY, Rogers; Lola Ann DWYER, 4-H House, Yellville; Lucy Beth DYER, 4-H House, Alma; Lou Ellen EAST, Holcombe, Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Connie Ann EDRINGTON, Delta Delta Delta. Osceola; Carolyn Ann EDWARDS, Delta Delta Delta, Tulsa, Oklahoma; David Charles EDWARDS, Acacia, Tupelo; Robert Edwin ELLI¬ OTT, Sigma Chi, Searcy; F. Eugene ELSBERRY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pine Bluff; Gary Herbert ELS- NER, Gentry. Emanuel England Eoff Eppler Erickson, G. Erickson, J. Estes, C. K. Estes, L. E. Evans, C. E. Evans, M. A. Ezell Fant Faris Faubus Faye Fee Fendley Fenno Ferguson Fielder Fielding Finley Fisher Fitzgerald Fletcher, J. Fletcher, S. Flowers Ford, K. M. Ford, N. L. Forrest, D. A. Forrest, L. J. Foster Foust Fowler. C. E. Fowler, T. D. Fox, M. E. Fox, R. D. Franklin Franks Fredrich Fritchey Fuller Fullerton Furlow Galloway Garrett Gaspard Gates Gathings Gaylord Gentry Geurin Gibson Gilbert Giles First Row: Wayne Milton EMANUEL, William House, Sul¬ phur Springs; John L. ENGLAND, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Judith Gail EOFF. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fayetteville; Mary Jean EPPLER, Chi Omega. Hope; Glen Eric ERICKSON, Fort Smith; John Edward ERICKSON, Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Chester Keith ESTES, Sigma Nu, Little Rock; Lonnie Earl ESTES, Harrison; Charlie Edward EVANS, Buchanan, Heber Springs; Mary Ann EVANS, Chi Omega, North Little Rock; James Arthur EZELL, Fayetteville. Second Row: Earnest William FANT, William House, Fort Smith; John Nolyn FAR1S, William House, Bentonville; Ikey Robin FAUBUS, Elkins; John M. FAYE, William House, Hot Springs; Joe I). FEE, Fort Smith; Olen FENDLEY, Hot Springs; John Dea FENNO. Droke, Siloam Springs; Nanci FER¬ GUSON, Davis, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Susie FIELDER, Holcombe, North Little Rock; Vivian FIELDING, Holcombe, Rogers; Ho¬ ward Noah FINLEY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Crossett. Third Row: Georgann FJSHER, Chi Omega, Walnut Ridge; Sidney Smith FITZGERALD. Ripley, North Little Rock; John Ridgeway FLETCHER. Bauxite; Susan Elizabeth FLETCHER, Fayetteville; Patricia Ann FLOWERS, Alpha Delta Pi, Earle; Kenneth Max FORD, Alpha Gamma Rho, Cave City; Nora Lee FORD, Holcombe, Batesville; Donald Arthur FORREST, William House, Wynne; Lynn J. FORREST, Pi Kappa Alpha, Grosse lie, Michigan; Jimmy Caroll FOSTER, Fort Smith; David D. FOUST, Razorback, Heber Springs. Fourth Row: Carl Eugene FOWLER, Baxley; Thomas Den¬ ton FOWLER. Wilson Sharp, Mountain Home; Mary Elizabeth FOX, Holcombe, El Dorado; Ralph Doerr FOX, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith; Mary Lee FRANKLIN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Jerry Lynn FRANKS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Hope; Augustine Joseph FREDRICH, William House, Little Rock; Richard Leon FRITCHEY, Van Buren; Butler FULLER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Arkadelphia; Bruce Evans FULLERTON, Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Billy C. FURLOW, Sigma Nu, Camden. Fifth Row: Travis J. GALLOWAY, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; John GARRETT, Buchanan, Fort Smith; Darlene Kath¬ ryn GASPARD, Fayetteville; Betty GATES. Delta Delta Delta, Wheaton, Illinois; Tolise Kirkpatrick GATHINGS, Pi Beta Phi, West Memphis; William Charles GAYLORD, Fayetteville; Tom J. GENTRY, Gregson, Little Rock; Jack Weber GEURIN, Fort Smith; John Frank G IBSON, Jr., Sigma Pi, Dermott; James Carl GILBERT, Sigma Chi, Hope; Wilbur Mack GILES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Texarkana. Conglomeration of oil paints smeared onto canvas in confusing patterns lead non-arts students to ask, whatinthehellisit anyway? SOPHOMORES 129 Girdner Gist Gleason, D. Gleason, G. Golden Goldthwaite Gover Grant Graves Gray Green, A. Green, D. Green, W. Greene Gress Griffin Griffith Grimmette Gross Guise Guisinger Guthary, M. Guthrie, J. Guthrie, W. Hack Haddad Hagood Hale, K. Hall, L. Hale, R. Hall, L. Hall. R. Hamilton Han by, P. Hanby, R. Hankins Harbert Hardcastle Hardesty Harper Harpole Harrell Harris Harrison Hart Hatfield Hawkins Hayes Haynie Head Heien Helm Hemphill, E. Hemphill, M. Hendricks Hendrix Henley, B. Henlev, E. Heniy Herbaugh Herman Herrington Hickman Hill, E. Hill, J. Hill, J. D. First Row: John Charles GIRDNER, Sigma Nu, Warren; Allan Douglas GIST, Hackett; Donald Crawford GLEASON, Fayetteville; Gene Keith GLEASON, Hot Springs; Shirley Ann GOLDEN, Alpha Delta Pi, West Monroe, Louisiana; Nancy Lee GOLDTHWAITE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Webster Groves, Missouri. Second Row: David Howe GOVER, William House, Fort Smith; Lynne GRANT, Zeta Tau Al¬ pha, Shreveport, Louisiana; Walter L. GRAVES, Ripley, Kensett; Linda Sue GRAY, Holcombe, Jack¬ sonville; Anita Mae GREEN, Stilwell, Oklahoma, Dixie Lee GREEN, Holcombe, Fulton. Third Row: William Robert GREEN, William House, Sparkman; Garlanda Joan GREENE, Delta Delta Delta, Forrest City; Russell B. GRESS, Little Rock; James David GRIFFIN, Austin; Paul G. GRIFFITH, Jr., Piggott; Nancy Anntoinette GRIM- METTE, Holcombe, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Gary Golden GROSS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Arkadelphia; Janet Ruth GUISE, Fayette¬ ville; Louise GUISINGER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fayette¬ ville; Mary Ruth GUTHARY, Davis Hall, Gentry; Judith Ann GUTHRIE, Holcombe, Siloam Springs; William Edward GUTHRIE, West Helena. Fifth Row: Sylvia Ann HACK, Holcombe, Alton, Illinois; Charlene Adele HADDAD, Alpha Delta Pi, Earle; Jerry W. HAGOOD, Ripley, Swifton; Kirk K. HALE, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Fayetteville; Nathan Patrick HALE, Kappa Sigma, Prescott; Ralph Robinson HALE, Kappa Sigma, Marion. Sixth Row: Linda Annette HALL, Zeta Tau Al¬ pha, El Dorado; Robert David HALL, Hot Springs; John Charles HAMILTON, Gould; Philip Carroll IJANBY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Berryville; Robert HAN- BY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Berryville; Joyce Lucille HANKINS, Alpha Delta Pi, Harrison. Seventh Row: R. Rhodes HARBERT, Wilson Sharp, Memphis, Tennessee; Ronnie HARDCASTLE, Pi Kappa Alpha, El Dorado; Georgia Joanne HAR¬ DESTY, Holcombe, Siloam Springs; William Tho¬ mas HARPER, Jr., Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; BEN Ward HARPOLE. Pi Kappa Alpha, Blytheville; Searcy Wood HARRELL, Jr., Sedgwell, Hampton. Eighth Row: Marilyn Louise HARRIS, Pi Beta Phi, El Dorado; Paul Ed HARRISON, William House, Huntington; Anne HART, Delta Gamma, Paris; Mary Virginia HATFIELD, Harrison; Ralph Anderson HAWKINS, Huntsville; Ralph Junior HAYES, Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Douglas Cox HAYNIE, Ripley Hall, Prescott; Elizabeth Ann HEAD, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Rayanne HEIEN, Pi Beta Phi, Stutt¬ gart; Carole Rose HELM, 4-H House, Wideman; Elizabeth Miller HEMPHILL, Delta Delta Delta, Monroe, Louisiana; Martha Lee HEMPHILL, Davis Hall, Lake Village. Tenth Row: David P. HENDRICKS, El Dorado; William T. HENDRIX, Farmhouse, Malvern; Bruce H. HENLEY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Ed HENLEY, Acacia, Norphlet; James Thomas HENRY, De Queen; Larry Lee HERBAUGH, Bentonville. Eleventh Row: Delbert Martin HERMAN, Droke House, North Little Rock; Arlen Glen HERRING¬ TON, Fayetteville; Robert Michael HICKMAN, William House, North Little Rock; Ed Noble HILL, Buchanan House, Stuttgart; Jack Edward HILL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rogers; Junious David HILL, Sigma Nu, Marvell. Hill Honeycott Hunnicutt Jackson, S. Johnson, E. Hixon Hope Hurlbut James Johnson, J. Hockersmith Hodge, C. D. Hodge, W. H. Hodges Hoffman Holcomb Holmes Holt, D. B. Holt, J. R. Howard Huddleston, J. Huddleston, M. Hudman Hudspeth, C. Hudspeth, II Hudspeth, R. Humphrey Humphries Hurst Hutcherson Ingram Inzer Isbell Ison Jacks Jackson, J. R. Jackson, S. A. Janes Jenkins, J. L. Jenkins, S. C. Jennings, E. Jennings, R. Jerome Jester Jinks Johns Johnson, M. Johnson, P. Johnson, A. Johnson, S. Johnston, E. Jones, A. W. Jones, B. S. Jones, C. W. Jones, C. M. First Row: Kenny Clark HILL, Buchanan, Little Rock; Carter Edwin HIXON, Phi Delta Theta, Tulsa, Oklahoma; James Harvey HOCKERSMITH, Pi Kappa Alpha, Benton; Curtis Delough HODGE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Benton; Will¬ iam Harold HODGE, Gladson, DeQueen; Richard HODGES, Sigma Nu, Siloam Springs; Carolyn Anne HOFFMAN, Delta Gamma, Fayetteville; James Oliver HOLCOMB, Gentry; Percy Don HOLMES. Hot Springs; David Benjamin HOLT, Nashville; John Rodney HOLT, Arkadelphia. Second Row: Billy Osco HONEYCOTT. Droke, Jacksonville; Patsy C. HOPE, Little Rock; Rosemary HOWARD, Davis, Kansas City, Missouri; John Locke HUDDLESTON, Texarkana; Judy Margaret HUDDLESTON, Kappa Kappa Gamma, North Little Rock; John Thomas HUDMAN, Alpha Tau Omega, Guy; Charlotte HUDSPETH. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Harrison: Hilton Daniel HUDSPETH, Fayetteville; Robert Carroll HUDSPETH. Wilson Sharp, DeWitt; James Garland HUMPHREY, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fort Smith; Jerry Halbert HUMPHRIES, Wilson Sharp, Sheridan. Third, Row: Donald Bruce HUNNICUTT, Sigma N 11 , Dumas; James Edward HURLBUT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Stilwell, Okla¬ homa; Anice Alene HURST, 4-H House, Hartman; Robert Lee HUTCHERSON. Kappa Sigma, Walnut Ridge; Brenda Joyce INGRAM, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lavaca; Edwin Lee INZER, Military balls held on campus brought out formal ROTC attires and medals along with lengthly explanations of how medals were acquired, by both Air Force and Army cadets, such as Tom Wilson. Camden; Paul Vernon ISBELL, William House, Forrest City; David Wayne ISON, Little Rock; James Claudis JACKS, Buch¬ anan, Pine Bluff; John Richard JACKSON, Jr., Sigma Chi, Pocahontas; Shirley Ann JACKSON, Pi Beta Phi, Harrison. Fourth Rotv: Suzanne JACKSON, Chi Omega, North Little Rock; Lynn T. JAMES, Little Rock: Robert Harrison JANES, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Jacksonville; Joyce Lea JENKINS, 4-H House, Paragould; Sue Carol JENKINS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Harrison; Elizabeth Betty JENNINGS, Wynne: Ralph Hank JENNINGS, Sigma Nu. Benton; Janet Sue JEROME, Delta Delta Delta, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Gene Earl JESTER. Blevins; Charles David JINKS, Wilson Sharp, El Dorado; Lillie Lee JOHNS, Delta Gamma, Paris. Fifth Row: Emily Carol JOHNSON, Delta Delta Delta, Pocahontas; John Dee JOHNSON, Lambda Chi Alpha, May¬ nard; Mary Ann JOHNSON, Holcombe, Parsons, Kansas; Pat JOHNSON, Alpha Delta Pi, Mountain Home; Pat A. JOHN¬ SON, Delta Gamma, Little Rock; S. Paul JOHNSON, Pi Kap¬ pa Alpha, Little Rock; Elizabeth Louise JOHNSTON, Pi Beta Phi, Birdeye; Anne Wilene JONES, 4-H House, Magazine; Betty Sue JONES, Delta Gamma, North Little Rock; Charles William JONES, III, Fort Smith; Cleveland Marion JONES, Droke, Batesville. SOPHOMORES 131 Jones, C. L. Jones, J. B. Jones, L. A. Jones. P. L. Jones, R. A. Jones, S. R. Jones, S. Jones, W. 0. Joyce Juniel Junkin. E. P. Junkin, G. E. Kalmbach Karch Kayser Keahey Keaton Keen Keeter Keith Kellam Kelly Kendrick, C. Kendrick. J. H. Kenealy Kenniker Kimbrough Kincaid Kinlev Kirby Kitchens Knight Koettel Kumpe Lacefield Laney Laseter Lathrop Lay Ledbetter, J. Ledbetter, N. Lee Leggett Lehnhard Leonard Leslie Leverette Lewis, C. Lewis. C. G. Lewis, N. K. Lew ter Liles Limberg Lindsey, I. B. Lindsey, U. Lindsey, V. Lineberger Lineh Lipsmeyer Little Livingston Logan Longinotti Lookingbill Lough Lowe, E. B. First Row: Cynthia Louise JONES, 4-H House, DeQueen; Jim Baugh JONES, Sigma Chi, Searcy; Luellen Ashley JONES, Chi Omega, McGehee; Paul Lee JONES, Franklin, Michigan; Richard Andrew JONES, Strong; Shirley Ruth JONES, Davis, Little Rock. Second Row: Suzanne JONES, Chi Omega, Pine Bluff; Wendell Oren JONES, Droke, Green Forest; Linda JOYCE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fort Smith; Robbie Louise JUNIEL, Alpha Delta Pi, Houston. Texas; Emmett Presley JUNKIN, Roland; Gloria Flaine JUNKIN, Delta Delta Delta, Fort Smith. Third Row: George KALMBACH, Jr., Sigma Nu, Shreveport, Louisiana; Bill R. KARCH, Sul¬ phur Springs; Louis C. KAYSER, Jr., North Little Rock; Ben F. KEAHEY, Acacia, Dumas; Nina Claire KEATON, Holcombe, Jacksonville; Linda Lee KEEN, Delta Gamma, Burley, Idaho. Fourth Roiv: Gary Lee KEETER, Pi Kappa Al¬ pha, Mountain Home; William C. KEITH, Magnolia; Carrie KELLAM, Sigma Nu, Russellville; Edward Hugh KELLY, Gladson, Fort Smith; Carolyn KEN¬ DRICK, Chi Omega, Shreveport, Louisiana; Johnny Howard KENDRICK, Springdale. Fifth Row: William Patrick KENEALY, Roches¬ ter, New York; Arthur Don KENNIKER, Spring- dale; Henry Stephen KIMBROUGH, Pine Bluff; Becky Lea KINCAID, Fayetteville; Eleanor Carroll KINLEY, Pi Beta Phi, Beebe; Carol Anne KIRBY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Harrison. Sixth Row: Emily KITCHENS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Magnolia; George Edwin KNIGHT, Sigma Nu, Little Rock; Jo Anne KOETTEL, 4-H House, Newport; Chad KUMPE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock; William H. LACEFIELD, William House, DeQueen; David C. LANEY, Jr., Camden. Seventh Row: Webb LASETER, III, Sigma Pi, Hope; John Eric LATHROP, Sigma Nu, Muskogee, Oklahoma; Sylvia Ann LAY, Delta Gamma, Mar¬ shall; Joel Yowell LEDBETTER, Sigma Alpha Ep¬ silon, Little Rock; Neena Victoria LEDBETTER, Alpha Delta Pi, Benton; Carol Elizabeth LEE, Hol¬ combe, Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Betty Jane LEGGETT, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Linda LEHNHARD, Holcombe, Mc- Alester, Oklahoma; James Marion LEONARD, Fay¬ etteville; Dorothy Elaine LESLIE, Springdale; Lin¬ da Faye LEVERETTE, Alpha Delta Pi, Denison, Texas; Carolyn LEWIS, Chi Omega, Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Charles Glenn LEWIS, Ripley, Little Rock; Nancy Kathryn LEWIS, Holcombe, North Little Rock; Dallas E. LEWTER, Lambda Chi Al¬ pha, Malvern; Ronald Richard LILES, Sigma Nu, Aurora, Missouri; Jim Kay LIMBERG, Kappa Sig¬ ma, Fort Smith; Iwon Berry LINDSEY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Camden. Tenth Row: Uvalde Rex LINDSEY, Sigma Chi, Harrison; Vicki LINDSEY, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock; Jerry Dale LINEBERGER, Wilson Sharp, Texarkansas, Texas; Charles Jerry LINEH, Harrison: Laurence J. LIPSMEYER, William House, Little Rock; John Barrett LITTLE, Osceola. Eleventh Row: Otto Bernard LIVINGSTON, Bearden; Arlis J. LOGAN, William House, Berry- ville; Louis James LONGINOTTI, Hot Springs; Timothy J. LOOKINGBILL, Springdale; Max E. LOUGH, Rogers; Emmons Beaul LOWE, Natural Dam. Lowe, P. McCauley McGaugh McRae Martin Lubin McChristian McGregor Macdonald Mason Lucas Luebben Lum Luther McConnell, G. McConnell, J. McConnell, R. McCord McGuire McKinney, G. McKinney, S. McKinnon Maddux Mairs Majors Malcolm Mathias Matlock Maxey May Luzietti McCuistion McLaughlin Malone Mazzanti, J. McBride, B. McDonald, J: McMahen Mangan Mazzanti, P. McBride, J. McDonald, , McMillin Mann Meadors McCartney McFadden McNew Mar Medlin McCarver McFerran McNulty Marsh Meeks First Row: Priscilla Ann LOWE, Delta Delta Delta, Gillett; David Emanuel LUBIN, Acacia, Pine Bluff; Darrell Lynn LUCAS, William House, Hot Springs; Robert David LUEB¬ BEN, Hot Springs; Lee LUM, Jr, Camden; Franklin LUTHER, Quitman; Albert James LUZIETTI, William House, Altheimer; Bob McBRIDE, Fayetteville; Jimmy Dorsey McBRIDE, Leslie; Allan P. McCARTNEY, Fort Smith; Clinton H. McCARVER, Springdale. Second Row : Richard Allen McCAULEY, Buchanan, Pine Bluff; James Curtis McCHRISTIAN, Jr, Mansfield; George Lewis McCONNELL, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville; Joicie Faith McCONNELL, Holcombe, Greenwood; Reed Lackland McCONNELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, El Dorado; Larry Reed McCORD, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Willa Nell McCUISTION, Zeta Tau Alpha, Siloam Springs; Bob D. McDONALD, Buch¬ anan, DeQueen; James Earl McDONALD, Scott; Ray Dale McFADDEN, McFadden; John A. McFERRAN, Sigma Nu, Salina, Kansas. Third Roiv: James Donald McGAUGH, Fayetteville; Sara Frances McGREGOR. Delta Delta Delta, Cotton Plant; Steve McGUIRE, Sigma Chi, Blytheville; George F. McKINNEY, Wilson Sharp, Texarkana, Texas; Steven King McKINNEY, Sigma Nu, Siloam Springs; Peggy McKINNON, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Glenda June McLAUGHLIN, 4-H House, Para- gould; Patsy Lee McMAHEN, Pi Beta Phi, Augusta; A. Tho¬ mas McMILLIN, Sigma Nu, Hot Springs; Jane Anne McNEW, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Carthage, Missouri; William Randolph McNULTY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: Kay McRAE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Delight; Virginia Lea MACDONALD, Alpha Delta Pi, Springdale; Priscilla Rose¬ mary MADDUX, Holcombe, Springfield, Missouri; Adrian Braxton MAIRS, Fayetteville; Don Yancey MAJORS, Kappa Sigma, England; Robert Guy MALCOLM, Gladson, Camden; Nancy Jeanette MALONE, Holcombe, Helena; Charles Stephen MANGAN, II, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, North Little Rock; Wood- row Wilson MANN, Jr., Acacia, Little Rock; Robert MAR, William House, Marked Tree; Tyler Jean MARSH, Holcombe, Arkansas City, Kansas. Fifth Row: Ronald G. MARTIN, William House, Texarkana; Lee D. MASON, Pi Kappa Alpha, Springdale; Martha Ellen MATHIAS, Fayetteville; Bobby Joe MATLOCK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Memphis, Tennessee; Nona Dell MAXEY, Holcombe, Crossett; Bill Perry MAY, Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; Jerry Edward MAZZANTI, Wilson Sharp, Lake Village; Paul An¬ thony MAZZANTI, Wilson Sharp, Lake Village; Thomas R. MEADORS, Alma; Mary Ann MEDLIN, Holcombe, Little Rock; Anna Claire MEEKS, Holcombe, Bauxite. Many married couples took a night out and attended the annual married students Christmas Dance-Party held in the Student Union. Meins Merrick Millard Mills Miner Misenheimer Mitchell Moberg Moore, D. Moore, K. Moore, M. Moore, R. G. Moore, T. J. Moren Morley Morris Morrison Morrow Morse Mullins Muncy Murphy Nash Neal Netherton Nettles Newman Newsum Niemeyer Nolen, B. Nolen, W. Norsworthy Norwood, J. E. Norwood, J. Oates Oishi O’Kelley Oliver Ormond Ort Osburn Owens, J. M. Owens, T. E. Ozment Pace Papageorge Parker, D. G. Parker, H. Parker, J. M. Parker, M. W. Patterson Patton Payne Pedley Peevy Pence Pendergrass Penn Perry Peters, C. A. Peters, J. W. Peters, S. Petree Phillips, D. Phillips, D. W. Phillips, M. First Row: Waymond C. MEINS, Stuttgart; James Graham MERRICK, Phi Delta Theta, North Little Rock; Robert I). MILLARD, Harrison; Don¬ ald Livingstone MILLS, Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada; Robert Roy MINER, Fayetteville; Bobby Wayne MISENHEIMER, Mountain View. Second Row: Jenny Lee MITCHELL, Chi Omega, Fayetteville; Barbara MOBERG, Zeta Tau Alpha, Prescott; Deanna MOORE, Delta Gamma, Benton; Ken MOORE, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Marian MOORE, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Robert Glenn MOORE, Bauxite. Third Row: Thomas Jerald MOORE, Sigma Chi, Harrison; Dale Clark MOREN, Sheridan; Janet MORLEY, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Ronald Mack MORRIS, Gladson, Nashville; James Alan MORRI¬ SON, Texarkana; Margie MORROW, 4-H House, Yellville. Fourth Row: Jeannie MORSE, Pi Beta Phi, San Francisco, California; Derrel Wayne MULLINS, Dia¬ mond, Missouri; Leander Jennings MUNCY, Jr., North Little Rock; Bucky Lynn MURPHY, Alpha Delta Pi, Fullerton, California; Charles D. NASH, William House, Arkadelphia; Byron Dickson NEAL, Ripley, Heber Springs. Fifth Row: Lon Raymond NETHERTON, Spring- dale; Roger C. NETTLES, Piggott; Judith Ann NEWMAN, Pi Beta Phi. Tulsa, Oklahoma; Jo Lyn¬ ne NEWSUM, Delta Delta Delta, Fort Smith; Gary M. NIEMEYER, Ripley, North Little Rock; Bob E. NOLEN, Phi Delta Theta, North Little Rock. Sixth Row: Wylie E. NOLEN, Springdale; Mor¬ ris E. NORSWORTHY, William House, Weiner; James Earl NORWOOD, William House, Little Rock; Joyce Marketta NORWOOD, Delta Delta Delta, Mor- rilton; Harper Lee OATES, Sigma Pi, Joiner; Kazuo OISHI, Scott. Seventh Row: John Stephen O’KELLEY, Acacia, Benton; Gary Don OLIVER, Alma; Elizabeth Ann ORMOND, Morrilton; Ron E. ORT, Gladson, Little Rock; Patricia Jean OSBURN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fayetteville; Jerry M. OWENS, Buchanan, Junction City. Eighth Row: Thomas E. OWENS, Buchanan, Vi- nita, Oklahoma; Kerry Lowell OZMENT, Sigma Nu, Camden; Margaret Ann PACE, Holcombe, Caraway; Tommy A. PAPAGEORGE, Ripley, North Little Rock; Donnie Gene PARKER, Poyen; Henleyetta PARKER, Delta Gamma, Lowell. Ninth Row: Joe Michael PARKER, Sigma Pi, El Dorado; Murl Wayne PARKER. Buchanan, Rolla; Barbara Anne PATTERSON, 4-H House, Perryville; Jim Fred PATTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fort Smith; Susan Janette PAYNE, Chi Omega, Malvern; Katherine Evelyn PEDLEY, 4-H House, Gillham. Tenth Row : Jessie Richard PEEVY, Alpha Tau Omega, Dyer; Catherine Murry PENCE, Holcombe, Conway; Roscoe Royce PENDERGRASS, Alpha Gamma Rho, Gepp; Roye Wallace PENN, Lynn; Myrna Ann PERRY, Holcombe, Noel, Missouri; Carol Ann PETERS, Chi Omega, Little Rock. Eleventh Row: John William PETERS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Russellville; Sammy PETERS, Sigma Nu, Little Rock; Charlotte Maxine PETREE, Kappa Kap¬ pa Gamma, Caldwell, Idaho; David William PHIL¬ LIPS, William House, Bentonville; Delbert Wayne PHILLIPS, Droke, Siloam Springs; Marion PHIL¬ LIPS, Fayetteville. Pickens Posey Rasberry Richburg Rogers, C. Pierce Plunkett Poirier Polk Poole Pope, C. D. Pope, C. D. Porter, J. Porter, L. Porter, M. Powers Presley Probst Purifoy Raabe Rackley Ragar Rains Raines Rakes Rascoe Rea Reid Renner Revis Reynolds Rhodes, J. Rhodes, R. Rice Richardson Richter Rider Riffel Ritter Robbins, J. Robbins, S. Roberts Robertson Robinson Roeder Rogers, R. Rogers, T. Rose Ross Rowland Rumph Runyan Rush Russell, B. Russell, C. First Row: Bill PICKENS, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Donna Sue PIERCE, Davis Hall, Clarksville; Joseph Albert PLUN¬ KETT, William House, Fort Smith; Ernest Joseph POIRIER, Jr., Chester, Pennsylvania; Tommy Ray POLK, Sigma Chi, Hope; Wesley Eugene POOLE. Nashville; Clinton Dale POPE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Warren; Clyde D. POPE, Jr., Acacia, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Jimmie Ray PORTER, Hackett; Linda Katherine PORTER, Hackett; Mary Sue PORTER, Alpha Delta Pi, Malvern. Second Row: John Edward POSEY, Gladson House, Sheri¬ dan; Joe Dickey POWERS, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Judith Ann PRESLEY, Alpha Delta Pi, Houston, Missouri; M. J. PROBST, Sigma Chi, North Little Rock; Judith Ann PURIFOY, Hol¬ combe, Fouke; Carl Edwin RAABE, Almyra; Peggy RACKLEY, Davis Hall, Atkins; Anthony F. RAGAR, Pine Bluff; L. Craig RAINS, Sigma Chi, North Little Rock; Roy Harold RAINES, Charleston; Danny Bert RAKES, Bentonville. Third Row: Mary Helen RASBERRY, Chi Omega, Helena; Josephine RASCOE, Pi Beta Phi, El Dorado; James Luther REA, Phi Delta Theta, Cabot; Richard Henry REID, Fay¬ etteville; Ruth Riley RENNER, Fayetteville; Norm E. RE- VIS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Santa Barbara, California; Edwin A. REYNOLDS, Gladson House, Sheridan; James Robert RHODES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, DeValls Bluff; Rufus Dee RHODES, Rison; Philip Foy RICE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Becky Anne RICHARDSON, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Dennis Byron RICHBURG, Bentonville; Ed¬ ward Allen RICHTER, Droke, Texarkana, Texas; Billie Frank RIDER, Little Rock; James Kirby RIFFEL, Ripley House, Little Rock; Edwin J. RITTER, Fayetteville; Julia Stokes ROB¬ BINS, Marion; Samuel W. ROBBINS, Marion; Clarence A. ROBERTS, Jr., Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff; Ellis Gregory ROBERT¬ SON, Little Rock; Bob ROBINSON, Sigma Phi Epsilon, West Memphis; Linda Margaret ROEDER, Piggott. Fifth Row: Cynthia Jane ROGERS, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Rita Lynn ROGERS, Alpha Delta Pi, Sherrill; Tom William ROGERS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Harrison; Fred N. ROSE, Fayette¬ ville; Joe L. ROSS, Prairie Grove; Stephen Horton ROWLAND, Gladson House, Pickens; Dorothy RUMPH, Delta Delta Delta, Camden; William B. RUNYAN, Crossett; Donald Gene RUSH, Bentonville; Betty Carol RUSSELL, Delta Gamma, For¬ rest City; Carl Max RUSSELL, Acacia, Rogers. Homecoming Royalty views critical play from their 50-yard-line cinder seats and watch the Razorbacks deliver them a victory. 135 Russell Sadler Saliba Sandusky Savage Scaramuzza Schenke Schmidt, K. Schmidt, L. Schmitt Schulz Scobey Scott, B. S. Scott, M. A. Seales Sedwick Seitz Self Seneriz Shannon, H. Shannon R. Shannon, T. Sheeks. Willie Sheeks, Winnie Sheffield Shimek Shinall Shireman Shoemake Shook Shreve Sidwell Simpson, C. Simpson, S. Sisemore Sivley Skinner Slack Smith, C. J. Smith, C. Smith, H. R. Smith, J. E. Smith, J. P. Smith, K. R. Smith, M. A. Smith, P. D. Smith. P. F. Smith, R. Smith, R. H. Smith, S. A. Smithson Snoddy Snow Sorrells Sparks Speck Spence Spencer Spicer Spikes Spotts Spradlin Stallings Stanley Stanton Stegall First Row: Tennie Taylor RUSSELL, Bentonville; William Rutherford SADLER, Sigma Nu, Little Rock; George K. SALIBA, Alma; Judy Gwyn SAN¬ DUSKY, Alpha Delta Pi, Dallas, Texas; Suzanne SAVAGE, Holcombe, Crossett; Frank Louis SCAR- AMIJZZA, Farm House, Hackett. Second Row: Joseph James SCHENKE, Little Rock; Kathleen Gail SCHMIDT, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Lee SCHMIDT, Springdale; Neil Martin SCHMITT, Ripley, Little Rock; Elizabeth Ann SCHULZ, Fayetteville; Mary Lou SCOBEY, Holcombe, Warren. Third Row: Brenda Sue SCOTT, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Mary Agnes SCOTT, Holcombe, Little Rock; Milton Dewitt SEALES, Anderson, Missouri; Louisa Ann SEDWICK. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ken¬ ilworth, Illinois; Jerry Burr SEITZ, William House, Berryville; Norman Farley SELF, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Luis SENERIZ, Caguas, Puerto Ri¬ co; Harry Dan SHANNON, Droke, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Ralph Theodore SHANNON. Acacia, North Little Rock; Tommy Lynn SHANNON, Lincoln; Willie L. SHEEKS, Alpha Delta Pi, Corning; Winnie Lea SHEEKS, Alpha Delta Pi, Corning. Fifth Row: Phillip Ray SHEFFIELD, Hot Springs; Martin S. SHIMEK, Hazen; Jerold Brent SHINALL. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Ken¬ neth L. SHIREMAN, Stuttgart; Donald W. SHOE- MAKE, Osceola; Gerald SHOOK, Bentonville. Sixth Row: James Edward SHREVE, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; David Albert SIDWELL, Droke, Jack¬ sonville; Carl David SIMPSON, Humphrey; Sally SIMPSON, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Springfield, Mis¬ souri; Noel Lee SISEMORE, DeWitt; James Buford SIVLEY, William House, Danville. Seventh Row: Richard Donald SKINNER, Green¬ wood; Sydney Frances SLACK, Chi Omega, Arka- delphia; Carl Jay SMITH, Van Buren; Carolyn SMITH, Pi Beta Phi, Fayetteville; Helen Ruth SMITH, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock; James Er¬ nest SMITH, Jr., Minden, Louisiana. Eighth Roiv: James Ponder SMITH, Nashville; Kenneth Ronald SMITH, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Yell- ville; Mary Alice SMITH. Fayetteville; Paul Doug¬ las SMITH, Searcy; Perry Frank SMITH, West Fork; Ross SMITH, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock. Ninth Row: Richard Henry SMITH, Kappa Sig¬ ma, Fordyce; Sarah Anne SMITH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fayetteville; Larry Joe SMITHSON, Droke, Scott; Anita L. SNODDY, Delta Delta Delta, Van Buren; Armil SNOW, Sigma Chi, Fort Smith; George Wallace SORRELLS, Stuttgart. Tenth Row: Oswald SPARKS. Marianna; Jon Alan SPECK, Alma; Catherine Jean SPENCE, Davis, Texarkana; William R. SPENCER, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Martha B. SPICER, Fayetteville; William R. SPIKES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pocahontas. Eleventh Roiv: Billye Jean SPOTTS, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock; Dolores Georgeanna SPRADLIN, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Judy STALLINGS, Pi Beta Phi, Morrilton; Lela Vernelle STANLEY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Beebe; Edward Guy STANTON, William House, McAlester, Oklahoma; LaWanda Joyce STE¬ GALL, Holcombe, El Dorado. Steinkamp Stevens Sweaney Sweetser Teer Teeter I oler, T. E. Towler I urner, D. L. Utley Stewart Tabor Terrell Trager Vandament Stockburger Tackett Terry, J. M. Trammell Van Dover Stokenberry Taliaferro Terry, J. A. Treadway Vaughan Stowe Stubblefield Suffridge Tarver Taylor, C. W. Taylor, J. A. Thompson, C. Thompson, J. Thrailkill Trumbo Trust Tubb Vaughn Vaught Venable Sutherland Sutter Taylor, W. M. Teas Throneberry Thurman Tucker Tudor Vest Vise Swantner Teel Toler, D. E. Turner, A. C. Wade First Row: William Frederick STEINKAMP, Jr., Little Rock; Paul Kurtz STEVENS, New Richmond, Ohio; Richard Wylie STEWART, Alpha Tau Omega, Danville; Judy Gaye STOCK- BURGER, Fayetteville: Maurice Glenn STOKENBERRY, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville; Dawn Elizabeth STOWE, Fayetteville; Meredith STUBBLEFIELD, Delta Delta Delta, Fayetteville; Bu¬ ford Joseph SUFFRIDGE, Phi Delta Theta, Perryville; Mari¬ anne SUTHERLAND, Chi Omega, Lamar, Missouri; Luther 0- neal SUTTER, Droke, Pleasant Plains; Mary Jean SWANTNER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Rogers. Second Row: Betty Lucille SWEANEY, Davis, Morrow; Polly Anna SWEETSER, Fayetteville; Farris Ray TABOR, Little Rock; Skippy TACKETT, Wilson Sharp, Texarkana; Benjamin Wesley TALIAFERRO, Kappa Sigma, Fayetteville; Vernon T. TARVER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Charles Winston TAYLOR, William House, Mansfield; Judith Ann TAYLOR, Alpha Delta Pi, Fort Smith; Wendell Martin TAYLOR, William House, Mansfield; Mary Elizabeth TEAS, Fayetteville; Virginia C. TEEL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Camden. Third Row: George Albert TEER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; James Robert TEETER, Monticello; Lela Jo TERRELL, Delta Gamma, Hot Springs: James Michael TERRY, Sigma Nu, Blytheville; Julie Anne TERRY, Pi Beta Phi, St. Charles; Charles Larry THOMPSON, Ripley, Nashville; Joseph Carter THOMPSON, Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Patricia THRAIL¬ KILL, Mena: Pat Alfred THRONEBERRY, Gladson, Pine Bluff; William A. THURMAN, Sigma Nu, Berryville; Donald Earle TOLER, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Thomas E. TOLER, Malvern; Jim W. TOW¬ LER, Gladson, El Dorado; Barbara Lorraine TRAGER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fayetteville; Marilyn Sue TRAMMELL, Holcombe, Gentry; Bobbie Jae TREADWAY, Fayetteville; Ellis Patterson TRUMBO, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; Sandra TRUST, Chi Omega, Shreveport, Louisiana; Thomas Elmo TUBB, Droke, West Hel¬ ena; Charles Leanord TUCKER, Oil Trough; Jane TUDOR, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kansas City, Missouri; Anne C. TURN¬ ER, Chi Omega, Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Donald Lloyd TURNER, Ripley, Dierks; Orace O’Neal UTLEY, Hardy; Ronald L. VANDAMENT, Droke, Little Rock; Byron VAN DOVER, Gladson, Rogers; Bettie Cazort VAUGHAN, Delta Delta Delta, Wynne; Bill Otis VAUGHN, Springdale; Jerome Dean VAUGHT, Little Rock; Jo Ann VEN¬ ABLE, Springdale; Larry Carl VEST, Wilson Sharp, Texarkana; John Edwin VISE, Jr., Little Rock; Robert Frank WADE, Pi Kappa Alpha, North Little Rock. Sebastian was his name and a funny shape was the fame of a sculpture figure carved by Liz Eubank for a Fine Arts class. SOPHOMORES 137 Waggoner Wahlstrom Wales Walker Wall Wallace, C. L. Wallace, D. L. Wallace, W. Walpole Walraven VValt Wann, C. V. Wann, G. M. Warner Warren Weaver W eeks Weisenberger Welti Wesson West, B. W. West, R. E. White, C. R. White, C. T. White, J. J. White, J. A. Wickard Wiggins, .1. Wiggins, P. Wight Wilcox Wiley, B. W. Wiley, C. S. Wilhelm Wilkins Williams, A. G, Williams, C. Williams, H. Williams, H. Williams, J. Williams, J. Williams, M. J. Williams, M. Williamson Willis, J. M. Willis, M. A. Wilson, B. L. Wilson, C. H. Wilson, 1). L. Wilson, L. D. Wilson, M. B. Wilson, T. C. Winborn Witte Wobbe Wood, G. P. Wood, J. L. Wood, J. E. Woodruff, K. Woodruff, R. Woods, B. Woodward Wresche Yarbrough Yates Young Zachry First Row : Charlotte Nan WAGGONER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fayetteville; Christine Jane WAHL- STROM, Alpha Delta Pi, Fort Smith; Harold Paul WALES, William House, Corning; Jerry David WALKER, Droke, Siloam Springs; William L. WALL, Little Rock; Claude Laurence WALLACE, Lincoln. Second Row: Darrell L. WALLACE, Springdale; Willie Jean WALLACE. Holcombe, North Little Rock; Alan Leigh WALPOLE, Wilson Sharp, Groton, New York; Lyndell H. WALRAVEN, William House, Fort Smith; John David WALT, Kappa Sigma, Du¬ mas; Carlton Victor WANN, Cave City. Third Row: George Max WANN, Cave City; Peg¬ gy WARNER, Holcombe, Walnut Ridge; Karen Kay WARREN, Holcombe, Huntsville; Gary WEAVER, Wilson Sharp, Stephens; Winford Wayne WEEKS, Sigma Nu, Hope; Royce Stewart WEISENBERGER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Hope. Fourth Row: Patricia Ann WELTI, Holcombe, Sheboygan, Wisconsin; John Marvin WESSON, Little Rock; Boyce Wayne WEST, Leslie; Robert E. Lee WEST, Buchanan, Berryville; Charles R. WHITE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Hot Springs; Charles Thomas WHITE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Aurora, Mis¬ souri. Fifth Row: Jerry J. WHITE, Wilson Sharp, Star City; John Alfred WHITE, Sigma Nu, Monett, Mis¬ souri; Margaret Lynn WICKARD, Chi Omega, Little Rock; James William WIGGINS, Paris; Patricia Ann WIGGINS, Holcombe, Crossett; Edwin Stanton WIGHT, Troy, Ohio. Sixth Row: Kirkland A. WILCOX, Gentry; Billy Wayne WILEY, Wilson; Carolyn Sue WILEY, Hol¬ combe, Osceola; James Leonard WILHELM, Spring- dale; Maurice L. WILKINS, Fayetteville; Alfred Graham WILLIAMS, Fort Smith. Seventh Row: Charles David WILLIAMS, Kappa Sigma, Booneville; Horace Kelley WILLIAMS, Jr., Bauxite; Hugh Elliott WILLIAMS, Little Rock; Jack L. WILLIAMS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Texar¬ kana; Jack M. WILLIAMS, Jacksonville; Margo Jane WILLIAMS, Holcombe, Harrison. Eighth Row: Mary Ann WILLIAMS, Delta Delta Delta, Morrilton; Mark Valentine WILLIAMSON, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Jay Milton WILLIS, Kappa Sigma, Van Buren; Michael Adrian WILLIS, Phi Delta Theta, Rogers; Billy Lynn WILSON, Al¬ pha Gamma Rho, Batesville; Curtis Harold WIL¬ SON, Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Douglas Linn WILSON, Phi Delta Theta, Fayetteville; Lloyd Duane WILSON, Fay¬ etteville; Mary Beth WTLSON, Holcombe, Little Rock; Thomas C. WILSON, Shreveport, Louisiana; Dwight Monroe WINBORN, Alpha Tau Omega, Alma; Gene Edward WITTE, Buchanan, North Little Rock. Tenth Row: Thomas Harry WOBBE, Springdale; Gary Phillip WOOD, Droke, North Little Rock; Jerry Lynn WOOD, Sigma Pi, Judsonia; Jimmie Edward WOOD, Texarkana; Kathryn Lucille WOODRUFF, Alpha Delta Pi. Fayetteville; Ronald Garner WOOD¬ RUFF, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville. Eleventh Row: Bill WOODS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Huntington; Vida Othello WOODWARD, Buchanan, Pine Bluff; Dee Vaughn WRESCHE, Fort Smith; Jerry YARBROUGH, Farm House, DeQueen; San¬ dra Sue YATES, Pi Beta Phi, Blytheville; Eddie Mac YOUNG, Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff; Doy L. ZACH- RY, Ripley, Nashville. SOPHOMORES Acheson Alley Baker, D. Barnwell Bell, C. F. Adair Anderson, C. Baker, J. E. Barrett Bell, R. A. Adams, K. W. Adams, L. G. Adams, W. N. Addington Adkisson Anderson,.). Anderson, M. Anderson, W. Anderson, A. Andrews Baker, P. E. Baker, V. L. Baldwin, G. Baldwin, W. Barber Barrows Barton Bass, M. M. Bass, T. P. Baugh Bennett Benson Bentley Bessenbacher Bethel Alberty Albey Alexander Allen Anthony Arnold Avery Bailey Barnett, D C. Barnett, E. H. Barnett, 0. W. Barnum Baughn Beachem Beaver Beck Bird Black Blackburn Blackman First Row: Samuel Stuart ACHESON, Droke, Mountain Home; William C. ADAIR, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; Kenneth Wayne ADAMS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Dumas; Lyle Gage ADAMS, Pi Kappa Alpha, North Little Rock; Walter Norman ADAMS, Hot Springs; John R. ADDINGTON, Lockesburg; Earl Rodney ADKISSON, Blytheville; Joe Paul ALBERTY, Wilson Sharp, Fort Smith; Franklin Arlen ALBEY, Malvern; Gene Paul ALEXANDER, Sigma Chi, Muskogee, Oklahoma; Gerald Stuart ALLEN, Benton. Second Row: Donna Jean ALLEY, Holcombe, Mountain Home; Carlton Eugene ANDERSON, Little Rock; James Dean ANDERSON, Droke, Black Springs; Mary Martha ANDERSON, Pi Beta Phi, Beebe; W. C. ANDERSON, Droke, Cherry Valley; William Albion ANDERSON, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Walnut Ridge; Keitha Rhea ANDREWS, Chi Omega, El Dorado; John Edwin ANTHONY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Woodville, Texas; James C. ARNOLD. Jr., Droke, Falls Church, Virginia; Ronald Edwin AVERY, Ripley, Sweet Home; Edward Evans BAILEY, Kappa Sigma, El Dorado. Third Row: Diane BAKER, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Jerry Eugene BAKER, Pi Kappa Alpha, M ountain Home; Phil Earl BAKER, Lonoke; Virginia Lou BAKER, Davis, Harrison; Gail BALDWIN, Earle; William Sidney BALDWIN, Twist; David Glen BARBER, Gladson, Bauxite; Don Clark BARNETT, Wil¬ liam House, Bradley; Eugene Hendrix BARNETT, Jr., Little Rock; Ortus Webb BARNETT, Jr., Pine Bluff; Carol BARNUM, 4-H House, Edgemont. Fourth Row: George Morgan BARNWELL, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; Royce M. BARRETT, Sigma Chi, Harrison; Gale Botkin BARROWS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Margaret Ann BARTON, Alpha Delta Pi, Charleston; Mary Martha BASS, Davis, McNeil; Terence Patrick BASS, Gillett; Lewis Fletcher BAUGH, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pine Bluff; Tommy Mack BAUGHN, William House, Tuckerman; Neil Edgar BEACHEM, Benton; Laura Virginia BEAVER, Rogers; Ray¬ mond Louis BECK, McGehee. Fifth Row: Charles Fay BELL, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayette¬ ville; Robert Aylmer BELL, Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff; William Dan BENNE l T, Kappa Alpha, Corning; Marian Virginia BEN¬ SON, Delta Gamma, Russellville; James Earl BENTLEY, Rus¬ sellville; Joe Charles BESSENBACHER, Kansas City, Missouri; Mary Eloise BETHEL, Holcombe, Nola; Carolyn Jean BIRD, Fayetteville; Eddie Dinsmore BLACK, Bentonville; William David BLACKBURN, William House, Corning; Carl 1). BLACK¬ MAN, Fort Smith. Numerous wait-in-line sessions during registration began as stu¬ dents line up for distribution of their class cards at Old Main. «■ KHiMffl— JUNIORS 139 Blake, B. D. Blake, D. D. Bohlson Bolin Bonner, J. D. Booher Bowman Boyd Breese Brewer Brookhart Brooks Buie Bullion Bury Bush Caldwell Calhoon Campbell, P. Canine Carson, J. W. Carter, B. G. Blake, J. J. Blankenship Bleidt Blythe Bolinger Bollard Bond Bonner, C. M. Borg Borum Bowers Bowling Boyette Bragg, K. Bragg, L. Bray Bridenthal Brigance Bright Brister Brown, B. D. Brown, D. R. Bryant Buford Bumpass Burgess Burke Burnside Butler Byers Byram Caddell Calhoun Calico Campbell, D. Campbell, D.R. Cantrell Carder Carman Carson, D. M. Carter, C. N. Carter, D. E. Carter, J. G. Carter, T. A. First Row : Billy Dean BLAKE, Piggott; Doilus Dwayne BLAKE, Piggott; John Joseph BLAKE, For¬ rest City; Koehler August BLANKENSHIP, Sigma Chi, Dell; Elois O’Dell BLEIDT, Delta Delta Delta, Searcy; Billy B. BLYTHE, Booneville. Second Row: John Stewart BOHLSON, William House, Hot Springs; Clarence Allen BOLIN, William House, Pine Bluff; Mary Nell BOLINGER, Spring- dale; Gene C. BOLLARD, Razorback, Warren; Kath¬ arine Anne BOND, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Claude M. BONNER, Farm House, Luxora. Third Row: Jimmy Darrell BONNER, Sigma Nu, Marvell; Jimmie Lee BOOHER, Altheimer; Robert Vernon BORG, Gladson, Eureka Springs; Lynda Beth BORUM, Delta Gamma, Booneville; Sandra Louise BOWERS, Delta Gamma, Corning; Jimmie Lee BOWLING, Prarie Grove. Fourth Row: Cornelia Price BOWMAN, Fayette¬ ville; Frances G. BOYD, Bentonville; John E. BOY¬ ETTE, Carlisle; Kay BRAGG, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Linda BRAGG, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Rock; Kay Karolyn BRAY, Chi Omega, xMarked Tree. Fifth Row: Charles F. BREESE, Gladson, Siloam Springs; Gene Wilson BREWER, William House, Beebe; Sara Lee BRIDENTHAL, Alpha Delta Pi, North Little Rock; Jimmie Lou BRIGANCE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Poteau, Oklahoma; Elizabeth BRIGHT, 4-H House, Bentonville; Elizabeth Ross BRISTER, 4-H House, Blytheville. Sixth Row: Morris Virgil BROOKHART, Searcy; Jackie Glynn BROOKS, Gladson, Crossett; Byron D. BROWN, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sheridan; David Reed BROWN, William House, Little Rock; Merle Franklin BRYANT, New Edinburg; Lynn Searcy BUFORD, Alpha Delta Pi, Checotah, Okla¬ homa. Seventh Row: Marion BUIE, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Brenda BULLION, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fordyce; Dudley Max BUMPASS, Acacia, Little Rock; Edward Lee BURGESS, Hot Springs; Jimmy Franklin BURKE, William House, North Little Rock; Margaret Nola BURNSIDE, Alpha Delta Pi, Jonesboro. Eighth Row: Coretta Jane BURY, Zeta Tau Al¬ pha, Fort Smith; Jim Robert BUSH, Kappa Sigma, Helena; Steve Arnold BUTLER, Wilson Sharp, Ar¬ kansas City, Kansas; Jerry Don BYERS, William House, Hope; Thomas James BYRAM, Farm House, Parks; Donald Lee CADDELL, Paris. Ninth Row: Creed CALDWELL, Jr., Pine Bluff; Jan Keith CALHOON, Pi Kappa Alpha, El Dorado; Hall McCoy Cx LHOUN, Morrilton; Zula Lee CAL¬ ICO, Huntsville; Darrell Duane CAMPBELL, Berry- ville; Doyle Ray CAMPBELL, Farm House, Dar- danelle. Tenth Row: Phyllis Carol CAMPBELL, Fayette¬ ville; Gene Ray CANINE, Scott, Hot Springs; Peggy Bess CANTRELL, Fayetteville; David Reed CAR¬ DER, Wilson Sharp, Texarkana, Texas; Gerald Eu¬ gene CARMAN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Wynne; Donna M. CARSON, Holcombe, Stilwell, Oklahoma. Eleventh Row: James William CARSON, Fay¬ etteville; Billy Gene CARTER, Sigma Chi, Leachville; Carolyn Nell CARTER, 4-H House, Mur¬ freesboro; Donna Ellen CARTER, Delta Gamma, Fayetteville; Judy Gail CARTER, Alpha Delta Pi, Dumas; Thomas Allen CARTER, Little Rock. Carter, T. M. Casey Castleberry Caton Clark, C. M. Clark, L. C. Clarkson Clayton, M. Collier, C. Collier, J. W. Collins, B. G. Collins, J. S. Couch Courtney Cowger Cox, N. K. Cruse Crutcher Culp, J. E. Culp, R. E. Causey Chalfant Chambers Chambless Clayton, P. C. Clinehens, R. Clinehens, M. Cobun Colvert Comfort Connell Cooper, H. L. Cox, R. 0. Cupps Craig Curtis Crane Cusiek Cross Dahike Chitwood Chivers Cochran Cofer Cooper, L. M. Corbell Crow Crowell Dahlen Dale Christian Coiner Corbin Crumpler Daniels, D. First Row: Thomas M. CARTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mundelein, Illinois; William Norman CASEY, Gladson, Benton; Stephen Lorn CASTLEBERRY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newport; James Gordon CATON, William House, Fort Smith; Paul Ray¬ mond CAUSEY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Clarence Elbert CHALFANT, Gladson, Augusta; William Dow CHAM¬ BERS, Jr.. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Clarksville; Camelia Ann CHAMBLESS, Zeta Tau Alpha. Searcy; Jerry Don CHITWOOD, Dyer: Judith Anne CHIVERS, Alpha Delta Pi, Dardanelle; David Edward CHRISTIAN, Harrison. Second Row: Charles Markham CLARK, Droke, Locust Grove, Oklahoma; Larry Castel CLARK. Kappa Sigma, Ozark; Jerry L. CLARKSON, Colt; Mike Rowe, CLAYTON, Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; Paul Calvin CLAYTON, Salem; Rema Mary CLINEHENS, Fayetteville; Robert Morris CLINEHENS. Fayetteville; Bonnie Jane COBUN, Rogers; Doye Rex COCH¬ RAN, Greenwood; Larry Wilson COFER, Searcy; Ronald E. COINER Gladson, Fort Smith. Third Row: Curtis COLLIER, Sigma Pi, Fort Smith; James William COLLIER, Wilson Sharp, Van Buren; Bryan G. COL¬ LINS, Forrest City: James Samuel Arthur COLLINS, Lewisville; Lundy Ray COLVERT. Droke. Thornton; Carole M. COMFORT, Holcombe, Bentonville; John David CONNELL, Sigma Phi Ep¬ silon, Fayetteville; Henry Lee COOPER. Batesville; Lysle M. COOPER, West Fork; Carroll Edward CORBELL, Droke, Min¬ eral Springs; Donald Louis CORBIN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Texarkana. Fourth Row: Kyle William COUCH, El Dorado; James Clif¬ ton COURTNEY, Fayetteville; Vivian Ann COWGER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Gulfport, Mississippi; Nancy Katherine COX, Zeta Tau Alpha, Springdale; Ronald Oliver COX, Droke, Beloit, Wisconsin; Robert Earl CRAIG, Fort Smith; Elizabeth CRANE, Delta Delta Delta, Memphis, Tennessee; William Hiram CROSS, Kappa Sigma, Lepanto; Alfred Leon CROW, Donaldson; David Nathan CROWELL. Phi Delta Theta, Jacksonville; Joe Bailey CRUMPLER, Jr., Sigma Nu, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Martha Nell CRUSE, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock; Frankie Lee CRUTCHER, Gurdon; John Everett CULP, Jr., Gurdon; Robert E. CULP, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rocky Com¬ fort, Missouri; Samuel Walter CUPPS, Fayetteville; Elizabeth Jeannette CURTIS, Prairie Grove; John Howard CUSIEK, Little Rock; Milton M. DAHIKE, Farm House, Mountain Home; Dick DAHLEN, Razorback, Branson, Missouri; Cecil R. DALE, Wil¬ liam House, Danville; Darleen Hope DANIELS, Davis, Fort Smith. Daniels, J. L. Darby Darnell Davidson Davis, B. R. Davis, D. D. Davis, D. E. Davis, M. A. Davis, R. H. Dawson Dehan Dennis Dermott Derning Dickerson Dickey Diebold Dill Dillahunty Dobbins Dodd Donat Donnell Doolin Dowell Downum Drake Duckett Dudley Dunnahoe Durham Duschl DuVall Dyer Egner Ellis, C. Ellis, R. 0. Ellison, D. L. Ellison, H. L. Fngland Epp Epperson Erwin, G. E. Erwin, L. L. Eubanks Evans, C. N. Evans, L. K. Evans, L. J. Farlow Farris Felts Fergusson Ferguson Fields, J. B. Fields, N. E. Files Finch Finley, D. J. Finley, J. A. Fisher Fleming Flowers Floyd, H. D. Floyd, P. Foiles Foil First Roiv: Jim L. DANIELS, Bobcaw; Virginia Ann DARBY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Rock; John E. DARNELL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hot Springs; Jerry Dale DAVIDSON, North Little Rock; Boyce R. DAVIS, Fayetteville; Donald Dwain DAVIS, Fort Smith. Second Row : Dwight Edward DAVIS, Farm House, Conway; Margaret Ann DAVIS, Pi Beta Phi, Clarksville; Richard Harding DAVIS, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Stamps; Alfred Bobby DAWSON, North Little Rock; Sonja DEHAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Shreve¬ port, Louisiana; Jim DENNIS, Phi Delta Theta, Paris. Third Row: Jon Alan DERMOTT, Sigma Nu, Lamar, Missouri; Suzanne Ellen DERNING, Hol¬ combe, North Little Rock; Harold Kenneth DICK¬ ERSON, Ozark; Jay Woodson DICKEY, Sigma Al¬ pha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Buddy DIEBOLD, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Hickory Ridge; Katherine Sue DILL, Fayetteville. Fourth Row : Doyle Ray DILLAHUNTY, Ozark; James Francis DOBBINS, Kappa Alpha. Long Beach. California; Delwin Earl DODD, Greenwood; An¬ thony Donald DONAT, Fayetteville; Hugh Lee DON¬ NELL, North Little Rock; Judith Jo DOOLIN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pocahontas. Fifth Row: Mary Clare DOWELL, Chi Omega, Walnut Ridge; Wilma Carol DOWNUM, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Thomas Edward DRAKE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Malvern; James M. DUCKETT. Lambda Chi Alpha, Pine Bluff; Patricia Ann DUDLEY, Hol¬ combe, Swifton; Hughie DIJNNAFIOE, Pine Bluff. Sixth Row: Jane DURHAM, Delta Delta Delta, El Dorado; Elinor DUSCHL, Pi Beta Phi, Jonesboro; Cary Allen DUVALL, Cladson, Benton; James Earl DYER, Mineral Springs; James Egner EGNER, Glad- son, Little Rock; Connie ELLIS, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock. Seventh Row: Richard Owen ELLIS, Forrest City; Dave Lee ELLISON, El Dorado; Flerbert L. ELLI¬ SON, Fort Smith; Cynthia Ann ENGLAND, Pi Beta Phi, Walnut Ridge; Marlin J. EPP, Wilson Sharp, Haysville, Kansas; James Register EPPERSON, Sig¬ ma Nu, Clarksville. Eighth Row: Gladys Evelyn ERWIN, Fayetteville; Lyndel Lee ERWIN, Warren; Don EUBANKS, Phi Delta Theta, Fort Smith: Charles Norman EVANS, Decatur; Larry Keith EVANS, Acacia, Yellville; Lloyd Junior EVANS, Siloam Springs. Ninth Row: Larry Lester FARLOW, Buchanan, Havana, Kansas; Charles R. FARRIS, William House, Smackover: Robert I). FELTS, Viola; John Wright FERGUSSON. Jr.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Lonnie Dale FERGUSON. Ripley, Oden; Joel B. FIELDS, Fayetteville. Tenth Row: Nancy Ellen FIELDS, Holcombe, Bentonville; Betty Jean FILES, 4-H House, Kings- Jand; Jo Ann FINCH, Pi Beta Phi, Marked Tree; Donna Jane FINLEY. Delta Gamma, Joplin, Mis¬ souri; Jo Ann FINLEY, Pi Beta Phi, Fayetteville; James Robert FISHER. Droke, North Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Susie FLEMING, Delta Delta Del¬ ta, Fayetteville; Robert Lyle FLOWERS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Huntsville; Harold David FLOYD, Fayette¬ ville; Pud FLOYD, Zeta Tau Alpha, Benton; Peggy Marie FOILES, Delta Gamma, Bonneville; Joy Lea FOLL, Delta Gamma, Newport. Fones Ford Galloway Gammill Gentry George Goodman Goodwin Grindle Grisham Fowler Fox, H. D. Fox, R. D. Franks Frazier Freeman Fuller Fussell Futral Gardenhire Gardner, F. Gardner, J. Garland Garner, H. Garner, N. Garrett Gately Gathman Gibbs Gibson Gieck Gilbert Giller Gillison Girdner Glasgow Goldthwaile Gramlich Grano Graves Greenert Greenwood Griffin Griggs. D. IJ. Griggs. G. P. Grim Gross Gruenewald Guess Guffey Hahn Hale, J. C. Hale, J. D. Hall, B. J. Hall, D. I. First Row : Rosemary FONES, Pi Beta Phi, Rogers; John Wayne FORI), Sigma Pi, Rogers; Billy Carroll FOWLER, Rip¬ ley, Eudora; Homer Donald FOX, Pine Bluff: Russell D. FOX, Little Rock; Larry E. FRANKS. Waldo; James Robert FRAZ¬ IER, Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff; James R. FREEMAN, Pine Bluff; Roy Joe FULLER, Ripley, Malvern; Alston Randolph FUSSELL, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City; Judy FUTRAL, Holcombe, Fort Smith. Second Row: Kenneth Lvnn GALLOWAY, Acacia, Little Rock; Lewis Hunter GAMMILL, Pine Bluff; Wilma Joyce GAR- DENHIRE, Fayetteville; Frank Harold GARDNER, Sigma Chi, Parkdale; Janet C. GARDNER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Wynne; Nancy Karen GARLAND, Holcombe, Paragould; Herbert Ron¬ ald GARNER. Hot Springs; Nancy Ann GARNER, Delta Delta Delta, Rison: James Max GARRETT, Ripley, Benton; Robert C. GATELEY, Plainview; Susan GATHMAN, Holcombe, Lamar, Missouri. Third Row: Dewey Aubrey GENTRY, Marianna; John Ar¬ thur GEORGE; Ola; Robert Edward GIBBS, William House, Crossett; Thomas Ford GIBSON. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Shreve¬ port, Louisiana; Carol (HECK. Zeta Tau Alpha, Heber Springs; Martin Greeson GILBERT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Prescott; Wal¬ ter John CILLER, Sigma Nu, El Dorado; David Fetters GILLI- SON, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lake Village; Libby GIRDNER, Delta Gamma, Warren; James R. GLASGOW, Buchanan, Eure¬ ka Springs; Lynn GOLDTHWAITE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Webster Groves, Missouri. Fourth Row: Tommy GOODMAN, Malvern; John Wendall GOODWIN, Edna, Kansas; Jim V. GRAMLICH, Charleston; Letitia Jeanne GRANO, Alpha Delta Pi, Crossett; John F. GRAVES, Siloam Springs; Clyde Homer GREENERT, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha. North Little Rock; M. Reed GREENWOOD, Droke, Hickory Ridge; James D. GRIFFIN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Donna Hockman GRIGGS, Green Forest; Guy P. GRIGGS, Jr., El Dorado; James Ree GRIM, Berryville. Fifth Row: Travis La Verne GRINDLE, Wilson Sharp, Over- ton, Texas; David R. GRISHAM, Jonesboro; Thomas Jackson GROSS, Texarkana; David F. GRUENEWALD, Pi Kappa Al¬ pha, North Little Rock; Charles Earl GUESS, North Little Rock; Bobbie Dean GUFFEY, 4-H House, Grubbs; Wade Eldon HAHN, Sigma Nu. Fayetteville; Jay HALE, Little Rock; John Dean HALE, Ripley, Morrilton: Barbara Jean HALL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; Daniel Irwin HALL, Fayetteville. Hi-wire window worker makes repairs on 84-year-old Old Main while his cohort silently contemplates how far he would fall if he fell. 143 Hall, H. G. Hall, J. D. Hall, M. R. Hall, R. L. Hamilton Hammett Handles Hankins Harness Harp Harris Harrison, E. L. Harrison, M. Hart Hartman Hatfield Hathaway, L. Hathaway, W. Havens Haw Hawkins, D. Hawkins, H. Hayes, D. P. Hayes, J. R. Hays, A. M. Hays, V. A. Hazzard Heath Heinen Helbron Henderson Hendricks, D. Hendrix, C. E. Hendrix, M. Hensz Hicky Hill, J. M. Hill, L. Hill, R. A. Hilton Hinton Hodge Hoggard Hogue Holcomb Hollis Holloway Holt Hooten Hope Horne Hudson Huffman Hughes Hunt, R. R. Hunt, T. D. Hurst Hutsell Ivey Izard Jacobs Jarrell Jenkins Jernigan Jester Johnson, J. C. First Row : Harold Glenn HALL, William House, Van Buren; Jon Douglas HALL, Fayetteville; Milton Ray HALL, Stuttgart; Robert Lester HALL, Mar¬ shall; Susan Hunter HAMILTON, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Jack Curtis HAMMETT, Sigma Alpha Epsi¬ lon, Little Rock. Second Row: Carole Ann HANDLES, Delta Delta Delta, Walnut Ridge; Roberta Ann HANKINS, Fay¬ etteville; Virginia Sue HARNESS, Holcombe, North Little Rock; Harvard Reland HARP, Springdale; James Stephen HARRIS, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City; Edward Lane HARRISON, Droke, Texarkana. Third Row: Mebane HARRISON, Delta Delta Delta, Fayetteville; James Richard HART, Buchanan, Pine Bluff; Carl H. HARTMAN, Fayetteville; Wil¬ son Richard HATFIELD, Kappa Sigma, Fort Smith; Linda Rae HATHAWAY, Alpha Delta Pi, Rogers; William Charles HATHAWAY, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Jerry Arnold HAVENS, Lonoke; Waily HAW, Sedgwell, Earle; Dwain HAWKINS, Acacia, Mountain Home; Henry Meek HAWKINS, Phi Delta Theta, North Little Rock; Don Powell HAYES, Ripley, Bradford; James Richard HAYES, Green Forest. Fifth Row: Ardavene May HAYS, Holcombe, Blytheville; Virginia Ann HAYS, Chi Omega, Pres¬ cott; Hap HAZZARD, Sigma Chi, DeWitt; Grace Ann LIEATH, Chi Omega, Marion; Barbara Ann HEINEN, Holcombe, Verona, Missouri; J. William HELBRON, Alpha Tau Omega, Little Rock. Sixth Row: Charles David HENDERSON, Droke, Lepanto; David Gilbert HENDRICKS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fayetteville; Carl Edward HENDRIX, Sigma Chi, Horatio; David Max HENDRIX, Hope; Shirley Ann HENSZ, Fort Smith; Martha HICKY, Chi Omega, Forrest City. Seventh Row: Jerry Milton HILL, Bassett; Lou- anna HILL, Chi Omega, Fort Smith; Robert Arlon HILL, Alpha Gamma Rho, Center Ridge; William Henry HILTON, Bald Knob; Jimmy Houston HIN¬ TON, Theta Tau, West Memphis; George Lowrance HODGE, Lewisville. Eighth Row: J. 0. HOGGARD, Alpha Gamma Rho, Cave City; Harris McDowell HOGUE, Jr., Glad- son, Bauxite; Dwight A. HOLCOMB, Fort Smith; Gilbert HOLLIS, Greenway; Max HOLLOWAY, De- Witt; LaRama Jeanette HOLT, Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Oma June HOOTEN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fort Smith; Bobby Lewis HOPE, Fort Smith; David B. HORNE, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Theo Dwayne HUDSON, El Dorado; Bo HUFFMAN, Wilson Sharp, Blytheville; Willard V. HUGHES, Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff. Tenth Row: Robert Richard HUNT, Sigma Nu, Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Terry Demott HUNT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fayetteville; Bob G. HURST, Flippin; Howard H. HUTSELL, Jr., Fort Smith; Jimmy Wyatt IVEY, Ripley, North Little Rock; John David IZ¬ ARD, Little Rock. Eleventh Row: John Howze JACOBS, Kappa Sig¬ ma, Forrest City; Joe Prentice JARRELL, Hot Springs; Lynn Page JENKINS, Droke, Little Rock; George Olin JERNIGAN, Jr., Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Tom Davis JESTER, Jr., William House, Ash¬ down; James Clinton JOHNSON, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Van Buren. Johnson, R. F. Johnson, S. K. Jones, H. D. Jones, H. Keene Keese Kimzey Kincaid Knapp Knox Johnson, S. E. Jones, J. L. Keesee King, B. L. Kolb Johnson, W, Jones, J. L. Keith King, J. L. Kozel Johnston, J. Jones, L. E. Kelley, J. D. Kingery Kremer Johnston, M. Jones, L. L. Kelley, L. J. Kinslow Kuester Johnston, R. Jones, M. J. Kelly Kirby Kumpe Jones, A. P. Jones, M. L. Kennon Kirchman Lacy Jones, C. R. Jordan Kerby Kirkland Laing, G. N. Jones, D. K. Jorgensen Kesterson Kirkpatrick Laing, S. T. Jones, D. W. Kane Kilpatrick Kistler Lamb First Row: Ramona Frances JOHNSON, Davis, Greenwood; Sandra Kay JOHNSON, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Crossett; Sid¬ ney Ervin JOHNSON, Gladson, Crossett; William Roy JOHN¬ SON, El Dorado; James Robert JOHNSTON, Conway; Max Mor¬ ris JOHNSTON. Ripley, Mountain View; Roscoe H. JOHN¬ STON, Jr., Fort Smith; Ann Parham JONES, Holcombe, Benton; Charles R. JONES, Droke, Camden; Dorothy Kay JONES, Delta Delta Delta, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dorsey William JONES, Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville. Second Row: Harry Dean JONES, Forrest City; Howard JONES, Jr., Sigma Chi, Little Rock; James Loyd JONES, Wilson Sharp, Cane Hill; Johnny Lee JONES, Dardanelle; Lawrence Edward JONES, Sigma Chi. Pine Bluff; Linda Lee JONES, Alpha Delta Pi, Huntsville; Marilyn Jane JONES, Alpha Delta Pi, Fayetteville; Mary Lou JONES, Alpha Delta Pi, Springdale; Don Wayne JORDAN, William House, Crossett; Daryl Lynn JORGENSEN, Fayetteville; Gilbert Alexander KANE, Rogers. Third Row: R. Bruce KEENE, Acacia, Little Rock; Charles Phillip KEESE, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Jim M. KEESEE, Rip¬ ley, Malvern; Edwin Lewis KEITH, William House, Bentonville; Jana Dee KELLEY, Holcombe, Gentry; Larry James KELLEY, Huntsville; William Donald KELLY, William House, Little Rock; Susan KENNON, Delta Gamma, Paris; Donn Cox KER¬ BY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, North Little Rock; Jerry KESTER¬ SON, Sigma Chi, Pine Bluff; Mac KILPATRICK, William House, Marianna. Fourth Row: James Revell KIMZEY, Malvern; Neita Ann KINCAID, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fayetteville; Barbara Lynn KING, Delta Gamma, Malvern; Jacky Lynn KING, William House, Havana; Clyde C. KINGERY, Acacia, Little Rock; Judy Ann KINSLOW, Zeta Tau Alpha, Arkansas City, Kansas; Sam Bernard KIRBY ' , Sigma Phi Epsilon, Little Rock; David R. KIRCHMAN, Van Buren; Ginger Ann KIRKLAND, Davis, Port¬ land; John Paul KIRKPATRICK, Droke, Magnolia; John Glen- don KISTLER, Droke, Rogers. Fifth Row: Gail Bryan KNAPP, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Les¬ lie; David Lee KNOX, Fort Smith; Kay Ela KOLB, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Smith; Karen Anne KOZEL, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Smith; William Raymond KREMER. Scranton; Suzanne Jean KUESTER, 4-H House, Hot Springs; Carra Lee Hulsey KUMPE. Malvern; Robert Harold LACY, North Little Rock; G. Nelson LAING, Jr., Little Rock; Sybil Todd LAING, Little Rock; Le- land Dwight LAMB, Leola. Mid-morning coffee break in the Student Union finds Max Reed and Gerald Gardner ignoring Luellen Jones for the cameraman. JUNIORS 145 Lambert Lander Lankford Latimer Latta Lavender Laws Leach Ledbetter Lee Leigh Lindsey Little Locke, E. E. Locke, J. W. Lockhart Lookingbill Lovell Lowe Loy Lucas Luft Lung Luter Lyon Lyons McAdams McCarty McCasland McCauley McClendon McCloskey McCollum McCracken McCrary, G. A. McCrary, L. C. McCrory McCune McDaniel McDonald, G. , McDonald, P. McElroy McFerran McGalin McGill McGowan Mcllroy, D. L. Mcllroy, W. H. McKi nney McKnight McLemore McLeod, G. McLeod, M. M.McMurtrey McWaters McWhorter Maddox Magee Mahle Maloch Malone Mann, G. Mann, G. E. Maples Maris Marlar First Row : David Patterson LAMBERT. Kappa Sigma, West Memphis; Roslyn Sears LANDER, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Richard Jordan LANKFORD, Sigma Chi, El Dorado; Robert Hal LATIMER, Farm House, Lockesburg; Garland Harper LATTA, North Little Rock; George William LAVENDER, Droke, Texarkana. Second Row : Mary Beth LAWS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Russellville; Jerry A. LEACH, Dutch Mills; Larry LEDBETTER. Fayetteville; Billy Ray LEE, Gladson, Delight; James T. LEIGH, Gladson, Onawa, Iowa; Dean Ray LINDSEY, Batesville. Third Row: Jimmie Ralph LITTLE, Alpha Gam¬ ma Rho, Mena; Edward Emory LOCKE, Sigma Chi, Crossett; James William LOCKE. DeQueen; George Austin LOCKHART, Prairie Grove; Sarah Sue LOOKINGBILL, Springdale; Lynda Irene LOVELL, Dierks. Fourth Row: Chester Clarence LOWE, Sigma Nu, Little Rock; Joseph LOY, Buchanan, Helena; Nancy Jane LUCAS, Holcombe, Pine Bluff; Fred Larry LUFT, Sigma Chi, Pine Bluff; Sing-Yue LUNG, Wil¬ liam House, Hong Kong; Thomas H. LUTER, Lamb¬ da Chi Alpha, Corning. Fifth Row: Betty Lou LYON, Holcombe, Jones¬ boro; A Hand Wayne LYONS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Nash¬ ville; Patricia Jane McADAMS, Delta Delta Delta, Texarkana, Texas; Kay McCARTY, Chi Omega, Helena; Deanna Beth McCASLAND, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jefferson, Texas; E. Delos McCAULEY, Ripley, Pine Bluff. Sixth Row: Charles Alfred McCLENDON, Ripley, Warren; Patrick McCLOSKEY, Acacia, Hughesville, Pennsylvania; Wayne Paschal McCOLLUM, Ash¬ down; Ann Sale McCRACKEN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Russellville; George Autrey McCRARY, William House, Nashville; Lemuel Clarence McCRARY, Kap¬ pa Sigma, Lonoke. Seventh Row: Ross Edward McCRORY, Little Rock; Sally Ann McCUNE, Alpha Delta Pi, Carth¬ age, Missouri; Bobbye Jean McDANIEL, 4-H House, Des Arc; Gary Alan McDONALD, Wilson Sharp, Glenwood; Phillip McDONALD, Sigma Chi, New¬ port; John Hansell McELROY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Ozark. Eighth Row: James B. McFERRAN, Texarkana; Judith McGALIN, Delta Gamma, Little Rock; Don¬ ald W. McGILL, Fort Smith; Larry L. McGOWAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith; Dena Loye Mc- JLROY, Alpha Delta Pi, Ozark; William Hayden McILROY, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Clay Carl McKINNEY, Sigma Nu, Siloam Springs; Steve D. McKNIGHT, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Hughes; Martha Anne McLEMORE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Shreveport, Louisiana; George Mc- LEOD, Kappa Sigma, Walnut Ridge; Morris Miles McLEOD, Little Rock; Robert Ware McMURTREY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith. Tenth Row: Anita Elizabeth McWATERS, Delta Delta Delta, Blytheville; Clayton Ward McWHOR- TER, Phi Delta Theta, Rogers; James Eugene MAD¬ DOX, North Little Rock; Linda Ellis MAGEE, Delta Delta Delta, Fort Smith; Jack Dickey MAHLE, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newport; James Louis MA- LOCH, Osceola. Eleventh Row: Mary Bess MALONE, Pi Beta Phi, Camden; George MANN, Corning; George Eugene MANN, North Little Rock; Jimmie Kay MAPLES, Ripley, Berryville; Guy MARIS, III, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Joseph Franklin MARLAR. Van Buren. Martin, A. Martin, B. J. Martin, G. L. Mays Melton, M. J. Melton, S. J. Mitchell, T. G. Mizell Moles Morrison Moseley Mullen Niswanger Nix Nofziger Martin, J. M. Miller Molitor Murry Noland Martin, P. L. Massey Millwee Milum Montgomery Moody Myers Nadimi Northcross Nowlin Matthews, P. Matthews, W. Maulding Mauney Minmier Mitchell, C. M. Mitchell, D. N.Mitchell, F. Moore, H. D. Moore, J. H. Mooty Morgan Nease Nelson Neubert Newkirk Offutt Oglesby Oliver Orler May Mitchell, H. S. Morris Newton Osborne First Row: Ann MARTIN, Chi Omega, Fort Worth, Texas; Bobby Joe MARTIN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Yellville; Gary L. MARTIN, William House, McCrory; James M. MARTIN, Jr., Morrilton; Paul Loyd MARTIN. Fayetteville; Edmund Mc¬ Dowell MASSEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Morrilton; Pat MAT¬ THEWS, Delta Gamma, Magnolia; William Joseph MAT¬ THEWS, Greenbrier; Davis Taaffe MAULDING, Foreman; Jim¬ my Edwin MAUNEY, Ripley, Norphlet; Dean H. MAY, Borger, Texas. Second Row: George Barnett MAYS, Little Rock; Mary Jane MELTON, Chi Omega, Jonesboro; Sarah Jane MELTON, Delta Delta Delta, Malden, Missouri; James Franklin MILLER, Clarendon: Rosemary MILLWEE, Chi Omega, Fayetteville; Mar¬ tha Ann MILUM, Alpha Delta Pi, Harrison; James Guy MIN¬ MIER. Phi Delta Theta, Paris; Calvin Mace MITCHELL, Aca¬ cia, Green Forest; Don N. MITCHELL. Monticello; Frances MITCHELL, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Hal Stanley MITCHELL, Pi Kappa Alpha. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Third Row: Thomas Glin MITCHELL, Stamps; Virginia Sherwood MIZELL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Rock; J. Louis MOLES. Jr., Sigma Chi, Harrison; Molly MOLITOR. Pi Beta Phi, Marvell; Jesse Troy MONTGOMERY, Pine Bluff; James Reunions were prevelant during Homecoming parade as spectacle turned into a family affair, like the James H. Rumph family. Max MOODY, Sigma Chi, El Dorado; H. Dan MOORE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Springdale; John Hartwell MOORE, Sigma Chi, Paragould; Elvie Eli MOOTY, Jr., Ripley, El Dorado; Joyce Ann MORGAN, Elkins; Thomas Dixon MORRIS, Heber Springs. Fourth Row: Patty Lou MORRISON, Delta Gamma, Leslie; Raymond Arnold MOSELEY, Alicia; Winfred C. MULLEN, Heber Springs; Ginger Lee MURRY, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Jay Frank MYERS, Gladson, Siloam Springs; Hossein NADIMI, Tehran, Iran; Rondall Lee NEASE, Hot Springs; Jack NELSON, Wilson Sharp, Nevada, Missouri; William Herman NEUBERT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Carthage. Missouri; Larry Jeff NEWKIRK, Hot Springs; Doane M. NEWTON, Droke, Stuttgart. Fifth Row: Barry NISWANGER. Lambda Chi Alpha, Mal¬ vern; John Olin NIX, Wilson Sharp, Hope; Charles NOFZIGER. North Little Rock; Connie NOLAND, Chi Omega, Shreveport, Louisiana; Sarah NORTHCROSS, Huntsville; Jack NOWLIN. Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Arkadelphia; Robert Aris OFFUTT. Pine Bluff; Lucy Lee OGLESBY, Pi Beta Phi, Fort Smith; Wil¬ ma Jean OLIVER. Holcombe, Rector; Barbara Rozella ORLER. Alpha Delta Pi, Pineville, Missouri; Barbara OSBORNE, Delta Delta Delta, Gurdon. JUNIORS 147 Overby Overton, B. Overton, W. Owen, D. L. Owen, E. K. Owen, E. j. Owens, T. H. Pace Padgett Parette Parks Pascoe Patterson, A. Patterson, I. Patton Pavig Pellin Pelton Perkins Perry Pesnell Peters, F. J. Peters, W. L. Peterson Pettit Phelan Phelps Philley Pierce Pirnique Plaisance Plowman Plummer Poage Poole Porter Pouzar Powell Poynter Price, D. Price, J. F. Price, S. L. Pridemore Proctor Purifoy Putnam Pyles Pyott Rackley Ragan Ragland, J. A. Ragland, W. R.Ragsdale Raines Rainey Rains Rainwater Raley Ramey Ramsay Raney Ratcliff, A. J. Ratcliff, D. Reader Reagan Reavis First Row : Glen Allan OVERBY, Droke, Moun¬ tain Pine; Billy Max OVERTON, Roseland; Wil¬ liam Ray OVERTON, Lambda Chi Alpha, Malvern; Dale Landon OWEN, Van Buren; Emily Katurah OWEN, Delta Gamma, Crossett; Emma Jean OWEN, 4-H House, Grady. Second Row : Thomas Harol d OWENS, Acacia, Fort Smith; Sondra Lerene PACE, Holcombe, Grav- ette; Cynthia Anne PADGETT, Pi Beta Phi, Bates- ville; Charles M. PARETTE, Morrilton: Edwina Sue PARKS, Fayetteville; Phillip Terry PASCOE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Conway. Third Row: Annelle PATTERSON, Zeta Tau Al¬ pha, Fort Smith; John Kenneth PATTERSON, North Little Rock; Nicholas Harrel PATTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lewisville; Bernard D. PAVIG, Tontitown; lohnny Edward PELLIN, Tontitown; Scott Horton PELTON, Benton. Fourth Row: Fred M. PERKINS, Jr., Ripley, Carlisle; Peggy Lynn PERRY, Chi Omega, Lamar, Missouri: Larkus Howard PESNELL, Wilson Sharp, El Dorado; Frank Jacob PETERS, Helena; Weldon Leon PETERS, Bentonville; Peggy Anne PETER¬ SON, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: James Lewis PETTIT, Newport; Sam- mye Lou PHELAN, Elkins; Jon Harold PHELPS, Kappa Sigma, Booneville; Nancy E. PHILLEY, Eu- dora; Clinton Albert PIERCE, Eureka Springs; Al¬ lan Stark PIRNIQUE, Sigma Chi, Little Rock. Sixth Row: Carol Jean PLAISANCE, Holcombe, West Memphis; Nancy Belle PLOWMAN, Delta Gamma, Little Rock; Sandra PLUMMER, Davis, Mexico City, Mexico; Melvin E. POAGE, Fayette¬ ville; Arlon Dee POOLE, Fayetteville; Bob Ed PORTER, Alpha Gamma Rho, Fort Smith. Seventh Row: Joe Emil POUZAR, Alpha Tau Omega, Little Rock; Jim Wilson POWELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bentonville; James H. POYNTER, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Centre, Alabama; Dale PRICE, Farm House, Harrison; James Fred PRICE, North Little Rock; Sammye Lou PRICE, Delta Gamma, Bentonville. Eighth Row: Glenna Jean PRIDEMORE, Davis, Lincoln; Nona Glenn PROCTOR, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Rock; Philip Bruce PURIFOY, Kappa Sigma, Texarkana; Sally Ann PUTNAM, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Wayne Evan PYLES, Alpha Gamma Rho, Booneville; Raymond Elizabeth PYOTT, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Houston, Texas. Ninth Row: Gene Allen RACKLEY, Sigma Nu, Russellville; Janet Sherrill RAGAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Searcy; Judith Ann RAGLAND, Pi Beta Phi, Stuttgart; William Robert RAGLAND, Fort Smith; Sherry Lynn RAGSDALE, Chi Omega, Rus¬ sellville; Carol Anne RAINES, Chi Omega, Little Rock. Tenth Row: Robert Paul RAINEY, Atkins; Pa¬ tricia Bernice RAINS, Davis, North Little Rock; Phyllis Ann RAINWATER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Spring- dale; Thomas Embry RALEY, Harrison; Geraldine RAMEY, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Gail Kathleen RAMSAY, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pine Bluff. Eleventh Row: Shaion RANEY, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Anita Joyce RATCLIFF, Holcombe, Gentry; Dottie RATCLIFF, Delta Gamma, North Little Rock; Rita Sue READER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Hot Springs; Owenita Ilene REAGAN, Noel, Mis¬ souri; Carol Judith REAVIS, Chi Omega, Little Rock. Redpath Reeder Reinhart Remy Rennick Richardson, G.Richardson, J. Richardson, S. Richmond Rieff hittershouse Roberts, B. J. Roberts, H. H. Roberts, H. L. R obinson Rudasill Ruggles Rumph Rushing Russell, A. Satterwhite Savage Savers Sax Schallhorn Renshaw Revis Rigsby, B. L. Rigsby, F. K. Rogers Rothert Russell, G. W. Saeler Schirmer Schnipper Reynolds Riley Rouse Sallee Schramm Rhoden Rinehart Rowe Sandefur Schulz Rhodes Richards Riner Ripley Rowland, J. A. Rowland, M. L. Sanders, J. W. Sanders, W. P. Schwarz Seiter First Row: James Robert REDPATH, Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Van C. REEDER, Buchanan, Nashville; Mary Lou REIN¬ HART, Davis, Stuttgart; Robert Eugene REMY, Kappa Sigma, Booneville; Alan Lee RENNICK, Wilson Sharp, Wichita, Kan¬ sas; Mary Douglas RENSHAW, Alpha Delta Pi, Pine Bluff; Paul Neil REVIS, William House, Benton; Bill K. REYNOLDS, El Dorado; Clyde Lauderdale RHODEN, Wilson Sharp, Hot Springs; Mary Olive RHODES, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Harrison; Terry Gordon RICHARDS, Benton. Second Row: Glen G. RICHARDSON, Lambda Chi Alpha, Malvern; John Eric RICHARDSON, Sigma Nu, El Dorado; Sarah Nelle RICHARDSON, Fayetteville; Gordon Mayo RICH¬ MOND, Fort Smith; Jim Clinton RIEFF, Kappa Sigma, Prairie Grove; Barbara Lee RIGSBY, Chi Omega, Nashville; Floyd Kelly RIGSBY, William House, Lonsdale; Martha Ann RILEY, Holcombe, DeWitt; Keith Edward RINEHART, Farm House, McCaskill; William Newton RINER, Holly Grove; John Earl RIPLEY, Little Rock. Third Row: Janice RITTERSHOUSE, Alpha Delta Pi, Springfield, Missouri; Barbara Jayne ROBERTS, Alpha Delta Pi, Crossett; Haskell H. ROBERTS, Harrison; Henry Lee ROBERTS, North Little Rock; Elaine Elizabeth ROBINSON, Zeta Tau Alpha, Rogers; William P. ROGERS, Stamps; Alice Marian ROTHERT, Chi Omega, Camden; Joyce Colleen ROUSE, Fayetteville; Phillip Ray ROWE, Hope; Janet Allene ROW¬ LAND, Pi Beta Pi, Little Rock; Mildred Lillian ROWLAND, Chi Omega, Hot Springs. Fourth Row: William B. RUDASILL, Ripley, Maryland Park, Maryland; Charles Bryan RUGGLES, Hope; Julia Mae RUMPH, Delta Delta Delta, Camden; Parker David RUSHING, Fayette¬ ville; Alan RUSSELL, Russellville; George W. RUSSELL, Jr., Lewisville; Julie Ann SAELER, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Mary Paschal SALLEE, Fayetteville; Sandra Lynn SANDEFUR, Delta Gamma, Mena; Jack Walker SANDERS, Sigma Nu, Little Rock; William P. SANDERS, Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Ramon S. SATTERWHITE, Little Rock; Sara Elizabeth SAVAGE, Fulbright, Crossett; Virginia G. SAVERS, Chi Omega, Camden; Charles Edward SAX, Alpha Gamma Rho, Altus; William Frederick SCHALLHORN, III, DeWitt; William Earl SCHIRMER, Jr., William House, Nashville; Don Martin SCHNIPPER, Kappa Sigma, Texarkana; Paula Ellen SCH¬ RAMM, Holcombe, Hartford; Mary Jo SCHULZ, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fayetteville; Lester Lloyd SCHWARZ, Acacia, Black- fork; Louis Herman SEITER, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fort Smith. JUNIORS Foreign car craze tested intelligence and often meant bedlam for the campus cops as they attempted to write parking tickets. 149 Selig Shaddox Shaffer Sharp, M. A. Sharp, R. F. Sharum Shelby Shelnut Sheri and Shewmake, D.Shewmakc, J. Shockey Shollmier, J. Shollmier, I .. Shook Shults Shumate Sikes Simonds Simpson Sims Slusher Smith, B. Smith, D. A. Smith, J. L. Smith. J. Smith, J. E. Smith, L. D. Smith, R. M. Smittle Snyder Sowell Sowle Spann Spears Spencer, R. Spencer, T. J. Spikes Spratlin Spurgeon Stadthagen Standridge, C. Standridge, L. Starling Starr Steed Stephenson Stevens Stokes Stolfi Stone Stroud Stuck Stueart Sulcer Summers Suskie Swayze Taliaferro Tanner Tarkington Tarpley Tatum Taylor Thomas Thomason First Row: Philip Andrew SELIG, William House, Corning; James Rodney SHADDOX, Harrison; Billy Earl SHAFFER, Fort Smith; Mary Ann SHARP, Delta Delta Delta, Fayetteville; R. Frank SHARP, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fayetteville; Raymond J. SHA- RUM, Fort Smith. Second Row: Gary SHELBY, Sigma Pi, Fort Smith; Conard Roe SHELNUT, Benton; Ann SHER- LAND, Chi Omega, McGehee; Dan W. SHEW¬ MAKE, Wheaton, Missouri; Jo Ann SHEWMAKE, Holcombe, Little Rock; Donald Kent SHOCKEY, Buchanan, Little Rock. Third Row: J. Kenneth SHOLLM1ER, Pine Bluff; Richard Norman SHOLLMIER, Pine Bluff; George Washington SHOOK, Clarksville; Bobby L. SHULTS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Marvell; Jack Roger SHUMATE, Kappa Alpha, Charleston; Robert Smith SIKES, Alleene. Fourth Row: Charles M. SIMONDS, Spring- dale; Charles Bob SIMPSON, Waldron; Marjorie Sue SIMS, Chi Omega, West Memphis; Thomas Wil¬ son SLUSHER, Fayetteville; Barbara SMITH, Delta Gamma, Little Rock; David Andrew SMITH, Phi Delta Theta, Camden. Fifth Row: Jayme Lee SMITH, Chi Omega, Baux¬ ite; Jeannie SMITH, Delta Delta Delta, Fort Smith; Joe E. SMITH, Van Buren; Lawrence Dean SMITH, Fayetteville; Richard M. SMITH, Wilson Sharp, Pop¬ lar Bluff, Missouri; Doyle Allen SMITTLE, Hope. Sixth Row: Mary Elaine SNYDER, West Fork; Marvin L. SOWELL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Searcy; John Knight SOWLE, Jonesboro; Nancilu SPANN, Davis, Stuttgart; William S. SPEARS, Fayetteville; Randy SPENCER, Fort Smith. Seventh Row: Tommy Joe SPENCER, Plainview; William E. SPIKES, II, Kappa Sigma, Walnut Ridge; Dorothy Ann SPRATLIN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, De- Witt; Edgar Eugene SPURGEON, Rogers; Roberto STADTHAGEN, Sigma Chi, Managua, Nicaragua; Charles Gary STANDRIDGE, Sigma Nu, Mount Ida. Eighth Row: Linda Louise STANDRIDGE, Alpha Delta Pi, Mount Ida; Albert Gregory STARLING, Joiner; Claude Richard STARR, Droke, Alexandria, Virginia; James Thomas STEED, Forrest City; Rob¬ ert Carl STEPHENSON, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Nancy Ann STEVENS, Murfreesboro. Ninth Row: Johnnie STOKES, Hot Springs; Bru¬ no F. STOLFI, Tontitown; Jerry Randel STONE, Farm House, Altheimer; Teddy Don STROUD, Rip¬ ley, Morrilton; Sally STUCK, Scott, Jonesboro; Burl Randolph STUEART, Nashville. Tenth Row: Alice Christine SULCER, Scott, Mar¬ ion; William Harris SUMMERS, Midland, Texas; John Thomas SUSKIE, DeValls Bluff; Fred Cosby SWAYZE, Moscow; Ernest Lenwood TALIAFERRO, Kappa Sigma, Fayetteville; Thomas Eugene TAN¬ NER, Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Lloyd James TARKINGTON, North Little Rock; Janet Sue TARPLEY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fort Smith; Carol TATUM, Pi Beta Phi, Topeka, Kansas; James Samuel TAYLOR, Pine Bluff; Belva Jo THOMAS, Holcombe, Springdale; John Doyle THOMASON, Sigma Nu, Little Rock. Thompson J. T ooley Verlee Ward, L. L. Weldon Thompson, M. Thompson, T. Towns Trager Vick Vines Ward, M. A. Warren West, A. J. West, D. R. Thornton, B. Trieschmann Vise Waters West, G. N. Thornton, J. Trusty Waggoner Watson, L. A. West, N. E. Thornton, M. Tillman Tilmon Timberlake Tyree Upton Valentine Van Buren Wai Walker Wall Wallin Watson, J. W. Watson, R. D. Wear Webb Wewers Wheeler, J. B. Wheeler, P. D. Whitaker Timms Vandenberg Wallis Weddington White, J. A. Todd Vaught Walsh Weger White, M. T. First Row: Jean THOMPSON, Delta Gamma, Little Rock; Michael Greenwood THOMPSON, Kappa Sigma, Marked Tree; Toni Nanette THOMPSON, Delta Delta Delta, Hope; Billy G. THORNTON, Ozan; James A. THORNTON, III, Kappa Sigma, Mena; Mary Sue THORNTON, Pi Beta Phi, Muskogee, Okla¬ homa; Joyce Lavern TILLMAN, 4-H House, Royal; Nancy Mari¬ lyn TILMON, Scott House, Texarkana; Donald Edwin TIM¬ BERLAKE, Sigma Chi, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Robert Bart TIMMS, Little Rock; John Thomas TODD, Buchanan, Heber Springs. Second Row : William Roy TOOLEY, Hope; Walter Stuart TOWNS, Sigma Chi, Forrest City; Sara Anne TRAGER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fayetteville; Martha Ann TRIESCHMANN, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Benny Otis TRUSTY, Gladson, Russell¬ ville; Clydene TYREE, Prairie Grove; Richard Hugh UPTON, Kappa Sigma, West Memphis; Ruth VALENTINE, Decatur; Wayne Everett VAN BUREN, Neosho, Missouri; Ann VAN¬ DENBERG, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock; Don Lynn VAUGHT, Gladson, Hazen. Third Row : Richard Lee VERLEE, Fayetteville; Audette L. VICK, Pine Bluff; Bill D. VINES, Kappa Sigma, Fort Smith; James Clayton VISE, Little Rock; Betty Arlene WAGGONER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Texas City, Texas; Miranda Kam Han WAI, Holcombe, Hong Kong, B.C.C.; Steven Patrick WALKER, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Raymond Don WALL, Rison; Reg WALLIN, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Earle; Carole Inez WALLIS, Pi Beta Phi, Fort Smith; Billy Mac WALSH, Rogers. Fourth Roiv: Linda Lue WARD, Berryville; Margaret Ann WARD, Holcombe, Arkadelphia; Mary Beth WARREN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Huntsville; Billie Louise WATERS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Texarkana; John Allen WATSON, Fort Smith; John William WATSON, Magnet Cove; Ralph Dean WATSON, Jr., Fordyce; Judy Curtis WEAR, Fort Smith; Linda Rozan WEBB, 4-H House, Rogers; Ralph E. WEDDINGTON, Phi Delta Theta, Fayetteville; William C. WEGER, Benton. Fifth Row: Douglass William WELDON, Hot Springs; Alice Jeanette WEST, Holcombe, Crossett; Donald R. WEST, Sigma Pi, Crossett; George Meredith WEST, North Little Rock; Nor- vell Edward WEST, Pi Kappa Alpha, North Little Rock; Randy William WEWERS, Gladson House, Fort Smith; Jim Bob WHEELER, Fayetteville; Patrick Douglas WHEELER, Mena; Mary Lou WHITAKER, Davis, Pine Bluff; John Austin WHITE, Jr., Sigma Nu, Conway; Martha T. WHITE, Chi Omega, Helena. Honorary sponsors and campus big-wigs fall in formation for the passing in review of the Air Force ROTC cadets ending Fall drill. First Row: David WHITEHEAD, Farm House, Osceola; William Clarence WHITFIELD, Fayette¬ ville; Wanda Joann WHITNEY, Holcombe, Manila; Eddie Joe WHITTLE, Sigma Pi, Blytheville; Nancy Sue WIGGINS, Pi Beta Phi, Fort Smith; Paul Wes¬ ley WIKE, El Dorado. Second Row: Beverly Anne WILBOURN, Delta Delta Delta, Conway; Virginia R. WILBURN, Scott House, Texarkana; Clyde Haddock WILEY, Droke, Fort Smith; L. Louis WILKERSON, Pine Bluff; Aaron Lee WILLIAMS, Mansfield; Barbara Jean WILLIAMS, Holcombe, Nashville. Third Row: Billie Winifred WILLIAMS, Spring- dale; Bobby Neal WILLIAMS, Wilson Sharp, Ben- tonville; Carol Louise WILLIAMS, Chi Omega, Tul¬ sa, Oklahoma; Donald Leon WILLIAMS, Farming- ton; Kay WILLIAMS, Holcombe, Memphis, Ten¬ nessee; William Harvey WILLIAMS, Gladson, Bau¬ xite. Fourth Row: Alice Ann WILLIS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fayetteville; Janette WILSON, Delta Gamma, Nash¬ ville; Jerry Lee WILSON, Hope; Kenneth Lee WIL¬ SON, Hamburg; Richard WILSON, Fort Smith; Richard Eugene WILSON, Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: Sue WILSON, Zeta Tau Alpha, Join¬ er; Sue Quinn WILSON, Alpha Delta Pi, Osceola; Wendy WILSON, Chi Omega, Pittsburg, Kansas; Marion Jo WIMPY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Harris¬ burg; Bob Leon WOLFE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rog¬ ers; James Clark WOOD, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Little Rock. Sixth Row: Leon WOOD, El Dorado; David Gor¬ man WOODARD, Clarksville; Paula Jean WOOL- SEY, North Little Rock; Ronnie D. WOOTEN, Mans¬ field; Robert Hughes YAGER, Magnolia; Hubert Ernest YARBRO, Huntsville. Seventh Row: Helen R. ates, 4-H House, Center Point; William Franklin YOST, Kappa Alpha, Mem¬ phis, Tennessee; Henry Eugene YOUNG, Warren; Paul YOUNG, III, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; Sharon A. YOUNG, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Wanda Lee ZOTTI, Huntsville. Whitehead Whitfield Whitney Whittle Wiggins Wike Wilbourn Wilburn Wiley Wilkerson Williams, A. L. Williams, B. J. Williams,B.W. Williams,B.N. Williams, C. Williams, D. Williams, K. Williams, W.H. Willis Wilson, J. Wilson, J. L. Wilson, K. L. Wilson, R. Wilson, R. E. Wilson, S. Wilson, S. Q. Wilson, W. Wimpy Wolfe Wood, J. C. Wood, L. Woodard Woolsey Wooten Yager Yarbro Yates Yost Young, H. E. Young, P. Young, S. A. Zotti Snow flurries found snow flying at the Pi Phi house as Pi Phi forces were joined by Sigma Chi ' s to rain havoc on passing cars, pedestrians. Abbott Aleman Archer, J. W. Abraham Allen Arenz Adair Anderson, D. C. Arnold Adams, E. A. Anderson, J. R. Arosemena Adams, G. E. Anderson, W. M. Arrington Agha Anthony, B. F. Ashbridge Aikman Anthony, C. A. Ashley Aist Archer, J. R. Atherton First Row: Walter Hoyt ABBOTT: Banking and Finance; William House; Baptist Student Union; North Little Rock. J. Thomas ABRAHAM: Geology; Branner Geology Club; Fort Smith Geological Society; Lonoke. Charles David ADAIR: Physical Education; Harrison. Elizabeth Ann ADAMS: Music; ZTA ? Music Chairman; Razorback Band. Secretary; ABC; TB2; WRA; Student Union Committees; Berryville. George Edward ADAMS: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Camden. Faruk AGHA: Me¬ chanical Engineering; International Club; Beirut, Leba¬ non. Larry Pat AIKMAN: Personnel Management; Ripley House, President; Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade; Vice-President, MIHC; AK : ; SAM; Bluffton. Eugene Hiatt AIST: Vocational Agriculture; Animal In¬ dustry Club; Wesley Foundation; Batesville. Second Row: Rodolfo Aleman ALEMAN: Soil Chemistry; Ripley House, Vice-President; ABC; Inter¬ national Club; Panama. Glen D. ALLEN: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Alicia. Delona Carter ANDER¬ SON: Speech and Drama; AAA; Blackfriars; SNEA; Fayetteville. Joseph Robert ANDERSON: Geology; William House; North Little Rock. William McRee AN¬ DERSON: General Business; K2; Arnold Air Society; AK ; Hot Springs. Beryl Franklin ANTHONY, Jr.: General Business; 2X; AK ; El Dorado. Charles Au¬ gustus ANTHONY: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; IRE; Lonoke. John R. ARCHER: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Newman Club; Pocahontas. Third Row: Julian P. W. ARCHER: Government; IIKA; Debate Team; Young Democrats; International Club; Fayetteville. Terry Ralph ARENZ: Physical Edu¬ cation; A Club; PEM Club; Arnold Air Society; Neo¬ sho, Missouri. John M. ARNOLD: General Business; IIKA, President; AK ; ODK; IFC; Monette. Jaime Antonio AROSEMENA: Animal Husbandry; Droke House; International Club; Newman Club; Ani¬ mal Industry Club; Panama. Jimmy L. ARRINGTON: Geology; Jacksonville. Sydney ASHBRIDGE: Business Administration; Hot Springs. Irvin Ester ASHLEY, Jr.: Agriculture; AIT; AT A, Secretary; Agronomy Club; Young Democrats; Osceola. Mary Ann ATHERTON: Education; Little Rock. SENIORS Dr. Robert Kruh, Senators Cort Mathey and Alan Sugg enjoy talk, exchange jokes before the more serious student senate meeting. 153 Atkins Atterberry Attwood, D. W. Attwood, V. G Austin Bagley, B. Bagley, L. H. Baker Baltz Barbour Bardrick Barnard Barnett Barnette Barns Barrett Barrick Bassett Battreal Baxley Baxter Belknap Berger, A. L. Berger, G. A. Bernard Berry, J. R. Berry, R. M. Biggs Bird Bittick Bivens Black. J. D. First Roiv: James Bourland ATKINS: Electrical Engineering; TBIT; HKN ; IRE; East Gary, Indiana. Philip Ray ATTERBERRY: Math; A© ; T H2 ; AX2 ; TIME ; Van Buren. Dawne Warren ATTWOOD: Eng¬ lish; ABC; House Manager, Fitzgerald; Little Rock Victor Gray ATTWOOD: Entomology; K2; KK ' P ; Traveler Staff; Commerce Guild; Entomology Club; Animal Industry Club; Rison. Second Row : Linda Jean AUSTIN: Elementary Education; Davis Hall, Social Chairman; Elementary Club; AWS; Coterie; Joplin, Missouri. Bill BAGLEY: Secondary Education; Newman Club: National Sci¬ ence Foundation; Honorary Research Program; Paris. Lawrence Hoyt BAGLEY: Accounting; AK ' B; Young Democrats; ABC; Treasurer, Newman Club; Paris. Frankie Lynn BAKER: Spanish; AT; 2AII; Newman Club; AWS; AFROTC Sponsor; Little Rock. Third Row : Nancy Jane BALTZ: Music; Sym¬ phony Orchestra; Timpson, Texas. Benny J. BAR¬ BOUR: Civil Engineering; XX; ASCE; Engineering Council; Fort Smith. Bill C. BARDRICK: Social Studies and Education; A0; SNEA; Fort Smith. Lewis Allen BARNARD: Chemical Engineering; XAE; 0T; AIChE; Blue Key; Cadet Colonel, AFROTC; Little Rock. Fourth Row: James David BARNETT: Civil Engi¬ neering; Gladson House; ASCE; MIHC Court, As¬ sociate Justice; Valley Springs. Jon Hall BARNETTE: Mechanical Engineering; 3 H2; IIME. President; nT2 ? Treasurer; ASME, Secretary; TBIT ; Fayetteville. Will¬ iam Dogan BARNS: Mechanical Engineering; Ripley House; ABC; ASME; Plainview. Barbara BARRETT: Music; Fayetteville. Fifth Roiv: Shirley Ann BARRICK: Home Eco¬ nomics; 4-H House, Secretary; WRA; AWS; ABC; Colhecon; Sophomore Counselor; WIHC, Secretary and Treasurer; Hot Springs. Glendon Wayne BAS¬ SETT: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; Greenwood. Paul Warren BATTREAL: Marketing; Ripley House; ABC; SAM; Young Democrats; Marketing Club; Newman Club; MIHC Court; Malvern. Alfred Leo BAXLEY, Jr.: Chemical Engineering; KA; IIME; AIChE; Little Rock. Sixth Row : William hlerman BAXTER: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Pine Bluff. James Eugene BELK¬ NAP: Civil Engineering; Blytheville. Arthur Louis BERGER: Psychology; ' EX; Traveler and Neat Staffs; Hot Springs. George A. BERGER: Agriculture Educa¬ tion; AFP; ATA; Weiner. Seventh Row : Steve Butler BERNARD: Business Administration; K2 9 President; Civic Club; IFC; Hughes. James Russell BERRY: Civil Engineering; ASC E; Springdale. Robert Miles BERRY: Psychol¬ ogy; Vice-President; " EX; Huntsville. Leonard R. BIGGS: Mechanical Engineering; Buchanan; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Edward Eugene BIRD: Electrical En¬ gineering; AIEE; Camden. Carol Beth BITTICK: Speech and Theatre; AAA; Blackfriars; National Col¬ legiate Players, President; UMA; Canterbury Club; WRA; AWS; Dallas, Texas. Felix BIVENS, Jr.: Chem¬ ical Engineering; Camden. Jerry Dale BLACK: Chem¬ ical Engineering; Droke House, Counselor; Engineer¬ ing Council; AIChE, President; Wynne. 154 Black, L. L. Blacklock Blair ordsen Boss Bostian °yd, R. S. Boyd, S. J. Bracy Blasingame Boatman Bogan Bogle Boone Bostic Bowden Bowen, G. Bowen, H. H. Box Bradley, A. M. Bradley, G. W. Bradley, J. D. Bradney Brady First Row: Lowell Lynn BLACK: General Agricul¬ ture; Norman. Ramon Lee BLACKLOCK: Electrical Engineering; Buchanan; MIHC; Wesley Foundation; Wesley Players, Vice President; Little Rock. Ronald J. BLAIR: Accounting; William House; BA ; SAM; Mansfield. John Wade BLASINGAME: Accounting: Wilson Sharp; Monette. Bob R. BOATMAN: General Business; SAM; North Little Rock. Norris Gayle BO¬ GAN: Marketing; Fayetteville. Arietta Detonne BOGLE: Business Education; Holcombe; Briggsville. Paul Daniel BOONE: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; AX2; Ren- tonville. Second Row: Richard Vincent BORDSEN: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Little Rock. Ora Lee BOSS: Edu¬ cation; ITKA; Green Forest. David Thomas BOSTIAN: Accounting; Buchanan, Head Counselor; BA , Secre¬ tary; Morrilton. Nancy Kay BOSTIC: Elementary Edu¬ cation; Xft; 2X Province Sweetheart; 2X Sweetheart; Army ROTC Honorary Lieutenant Colonel; Elementary- Education Club; Little Rock. Mary Gibson BOWDEN: English; ZTA, Vice President; Holcombe Hall, Secre¬ tary; AAA, President; Sophomore Council; AT, Presi¬ dent: Student Court; AWS, Vice President; Wesley Dad ' s Day football game, played in a rain, saw one dad come prepared with umbrella, two hats, and a camouflaged slicker. Foundation, Vice President; Civic Club; Senior Coun¬ selor, Fulbright; Judicial Board; Mortar Board; Little Rock. Gerald BOWEN: Marketing; IIKA, Secretary; Civic Club; OAK; Student Senate; Commerce Guild, President; Guild Ticker, Business Manager; AK ; Mar¬ keting Club; Forensic Society, Secretary and Treasurer; Mena. Hollis H. BOWEN: General Agriculture; AZ; ATA, Treasurer; Fouke. Richard William BOX: Indus¬ trial Management; Pine Bluff. Third Row: Robert Stanley BOYD: General Busi¬ ness; AX A ; Mount Ida. Shirley Jane BOYD: Education; Davis Hall, Secretary; Elementary Club; Westminster Fellowship; Bentonville. Lewis Fletcher BRACY: Psy¬ chology; ABC, President of pledges; Young Democrats; x ; IFPC; Little Rock. Alan Meredith BRADLEY: Secondary Education; Mena. Grace Waggoner BRAD¬ LEY: Elementary Education; Wesley Foundation; SN- EA; Elementary Club; Amity. James E. BRADLEY: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Des Moines, Iowa. Mar¬ vin F. BRADNEY: Entomology; Farm House; ASA; Entomology Club; Montrose. John Phillip BRADY: Civil Engineering; Santa Barbara, California. SENIORS 155 Braly Brewster Bromley Brotherton Brown, W. K. Bryant Buffington Burks, W. R. Brasfield Bridgers Brooks, H. L. Brown, J. R. Browne Buck Bullock Burnett, G. L. Brewer Briggs Brooks, R. L. Brown, L. E. Broyles Buell Burkes Burnett, J. L. Brewington Briley Broomas Brown, R. B. Brumley Buerkle Burks, M. J. Burson First Row : Barbara Ann BRALY: Elementary Edu¬ cation; Xfi; Pledge Trainer; Westminster Fellowship, President; Senior Counselor; Sophomore Counselor; Mortar Board; AWS Executive Board; KAII, Presi¬ dent; Shreveport, Louisiana. Ken BRASFIELD: Chem¬ ical Engineering; $A0; AIChE; Little Rock. Chris Edward BREWER: Mechanical Engineering; Newport. William Iven BREWINGTON: Secondary Education; Farmington. Second Row: Jimmie Autry BREWSTER: Geol¬ ogy; Magazine. Clifford William BRIDGERS, Jr.: Bus¬ iness; 2AE; AIOE; Hope. William Clifton BRIGGS: Chemical Engineering; K2; 0T; AIChE; Muskogee, Oklahoma. James L. BRILEY: Civil Engineering; AS- CE; North Little Rock. Third Row: William Richard BROMLEY: Busi¬ ness; 2N; Fort Smith. Howard Leroy BROOKS: Vo¬ cational Agriculture and Entomology; AZ; AT A, Vice President; Agronomy Club; Entomology Club; Berry- ville. Richard L. BROOKS, Jr.: Marketing; Gladson; Marketing Club; SAM; Crossett. Fotine BROOMAS: Psychology; ArA; Little Rock. Fourth Row: George Carroll BROTHERTON: Me¬ chanical Engineering; Bauxite. Jackie R. BROWN: Agriculture; Entomology Club; ATA; Watson. Luther Ernest BROWN: Education; Fayetteville. Rex Bennett BROWN: Physical Education; PEM Club; OCM Club; Star City. Fifth Row: William Kenneth BROWN: Civil En¬ gineering; ASCE; Little Rock. Barbara Aynes BROWNE: Secondary Education; ZTA; AWS: WRA; Little Rock. Berry BROYLES: Pre-Dental; K2; Prairie Grove. Ronnie Bland BRUMLEY: Education; SNEA; $A0; Fort Smith. Sixth Row: James Edward BRYANT: Mechanical Engineering; IIME; Pine Bluff. Troy Wayne BUCK: Agriculture; Alpine. Connie BUELL: Education; AAA, Rush Chairman; Senior Class, Secretary; Razorback Beauty; Sweetheart of 2X; Elementary Club; Army ROTC Sponsor; Texas Round-Up; Panhellenic Coun¬ cil; Bentonville. Suzanne Margareta BUERKLE: Art; AWS; Xfi; Stuttgart. Seventh Row: Jack Eugene BUFFINGTON: Civil Engineering; ATfi, Treasurer; ASCE; Westville, Okla¬ homa. Mary Gale BULLOCK: Psychology; IIB$; AWS; WRA; Dardanelle. Lionel S. BURKES: Zool¬ ogy; Hindsville. Milton James BURKS: Secondary Education; AIT, Vice President; $H2; ABC; Agron¬ omy Club; FTA; Blytheville. Eighth Row: Willard Reppard BURKS: Architec¬ ture; nKA; AIA; Lonoke. Georgia Louise BURNETT: Business Education; Ar ? Treasurer; DSF, Secretary and Editor; X0, Secretary; WRA; SNEA; Mena. John L. BURNETT: Insurance and Real Estate; 2X, House Manager; AK k; Young Democrats; Little Rock. Den¬ nis Allen BURSON, Jr.: Mechanical Engineering; Fay¬ etteville. 156 Burton, D. 0. Burton, E. 0 Bushmiaer Bussell Buttram Byrd, C. E. Byrd, D. G. Byroade CaHail Callahan Callaway Calvo, J. Ramon Calvo, J. Rogelio Camarata Campbell, C. L. Campbell, J. W. Caperton Caple Carmack, B. J. Carmack, J. A. Carver Carr Carter, J. C. Carter, K. M. First Row: David Owen BURTON: Agriculture; -II; AZ; Newport. Emily Owens BURTON: Marketing; A An. Corresponding Secretary; Marketing Club; X0; Newport. Jim Edwin BUSHMIAER: Geology; Van Buren. Jean Marie BUSSELL: Business Education: KKT ; Pledge Captain; Majorette; Commerce Guild; BSU; X9; West Helena. Ray BUTTRAM; General Busi¬ ness; Rogers. Coetta Elizabeth BYRD: Advertising; Holcombe; Marketing Club; Newman Club; Fayette¬ ville. David Gordon BYRD: Electrical Engineering; IRE; Amateur Radio Club; Camden. G. Ashton BY¬ ROADE: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; Canterbury Club: Fayetteville. Second Row : Betty Diane CAHAIL: Elementary Education; KKT; Mortar Board; KAII; Civic Club; Stu¬ dent Christian Council; Neosho, Missouri. Michael James CALLAHAN: Insurance; Hot Springs. Judith CALLAWAY: Secondary Education: ZTA, Historian; AWS; WRA; Little Rock. Jose Ramon CALVO: Arch¬ itecture; William House; Newman Club; International Club; AIA; Panama. Jose Rogelio CALVO: Agricul¬ ture Engineering; ASAE; International Club; Panama. Jim Stanley CAMARATA: Chemical Engineering; nKA; AIChE; Newman Club; Russellville. Charles Larry CAMPBELL: General Business; Eudora. John William CAMPBELL: General Business; Gladson House, Presi¬ dent; MIHC. President; SAM; Pocahontas. Third Row: Ruth Ann CAPERTON: Elementary Education; AI " ; Young Democrats; SNEA; AWS; WRA; Elementary Club; Cotton Plant. Vinus C. CA¬ PLE: Mechanical Engineering; Benton. Billie Jo CAR¬ MACK: English; AAA; North Little Rock. John Anthony CARMACK, Jr.: Geology; AXA; North Little Rock. Deanna L. CARVER: Elementary Education; AAII. Vice President and Pledge Trainer; Shreveport, Louisiana. Leo Carlton CARR: Geology; 2rE ? Vice President; Port Neches, Texas. Jerry Carrol CARTER: Math; A Club; BSU; Track, Cross Country; Greenbrier. Kelly Moss CARTER: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; ITME; Tex¬ arkana. Coach Broyles predicts a gloomy season for newsmen Mullis, Doz¬ ier, Snow, Standard, and Bell during an early practice session. SENIORS 15 Carter Cate Causbie Chaffin, C. Chaffin, T. L. Cham blee Chandler Chaney Chastain Cheatham Chesley Christello Christian Cisneros Clanton Clark Clay Clinton Cluck Cockerham Cole, C. L. Cole, S. A. Collier, G. J. Collier, J. R Colvert Colvin Compton Conley Cook, Davey Cook, Doyle Cooper Cordes First Row: Robert D. CARTER: Marketing; 211, Treasurer; Marketing Club; Crossett. Paul David CATE: Geology; 2FE; Greenland. Rosalie CAUSBIE: Home Economics: ASA; Colhecon; Coterie; Legisla¬ tive Board; Hardy. Charlie Cole CHAFFIN: Second¬ ary Education; ZTA; AAA; AEA; KAIT; SNEA; BSU; Malvern. Second Row: Thomas Lafayette CHAFFIN: Me¬ chanical Engineering; DT, Pledge Master; ASME, President; BSU, nT2; Arkansas Engineer; Magnolia. William Don CHAMBLEE: Mechanical Engineering; Texarkana. Lindsay W. CHANDLER: Agriculture En¬ gineering; 2ii; 0T; ASAE; Wilson. James R. CHAN¬ EY: Civil Engineering; 2 l E, Secretary; ASCE, Treas¬ urer; Newman Club; Stuart, Nebraska. Third Row: James Sidney CHASTAIN: Market¬ ing; 2H, Social Chairman; Marketing Club; Band; KK ' E; Rogers. Sue CHEATHAM: English; ZTA; WRA; Preview Staff; National Collegiate Players, Sec¬ retary; ATT; Texarkana. Harold Everett CHESLEY: Chemical Engineering; 211; t H2; AIChE; Young Democrats; Crossett. Mardell Alice CHRISTELLO: Elementary Education; Scott House, Vice-President; Elementary Club, Vice-President; Coterie, Historian; Wesley Foundation; Wesley Players; Alma. Fourth Row: Jerald Dee CHRISTIAN: Architec¬ ture; Fayetteville. Raul Rogelio CISNEROS: Voca¬ tional Agriculture; ATA; Panama. Quinten David CLANTON: Geology; Branner Geology Club; 2TE; Granby, Missouri. Ruby May CLARK: Elementary Education; Elementary Club; Lowell. Fifth Row: Paul Eugene CLAY: Mechanical Engi¬ neering; KA; ASME; ABC; Student Union Central Planning Committee; Shreveport, La. Dan CLINTON: Civil Engineering; Hot Springs. Evelyn Eutonia CLUCK: Art; AF; SNEA; Van Buren. Evelyn Elise COCKERHAM: Home Economics; AT; ASA; Col¬ hecon; WRA; Manila. Sixth Row: Carol Lisbeth COLE: Business Educa¬ tion; Student Senate; AWS Executive Board; OCW, President: SAM, Secretary; Commerce Guild; X0; Wesley Foundation, Secretary; Coterie; ABC; FTA; Wesley Players; Fayetteville. Sarah A. COLE: Ac¬ counting; Russellville. Gloria Jane COLLIER: English; nB$; ABC; Cheerleader; Fayetteville. James Richard COLLIER: Marketing; 2X; AK ; Marketing Club; Harrison. Seventh Row: James Harvey COLVERT: Chemical Engineering; nKA; 0T, Treasurer; TBII; T II2, Vice- President; nME; AIChE, Vice-President; Little Rock. Carroll Prowse COLVIN: Architecture; AIA; Argenta. Ellen Kay COMPTON: Education; AAA, Vice-Presi¬ dent; IFPC; Senior Counselor; $A0; KAIT; AWS, Pres¬ ident; Student Senate; Westminster Fellowship; Ben- tonville. Suzanne CONLEY: English; AAII, Rush Chairman; Panhellenic, President; Student Senate; AWS Executive Board; 2AH; X; Razorback Staff; SNEA; WRA; Singfony Chairman; Green Forest. Eighth Row: Davey Lee COOK: Secondary Educa¬ tion; McRae. Doyle L. COOK: Agriculture Business; ASA, President; Agriculture Economics Club, Presi¬ dent; Star City. Thomas Towell COOPER: Industrial Engineering; AIIM, President; AIIE; Hot Springs. Martha Jewell CORDES: Elementary Education; Springdale. 158 Coston Crudup Damon Crabtree Crafton Craig Crawford, G. E. Crawford, J. A. Crittenden Cross Crum, F. S. Crum, R. C. Cullum Cummins Dace Dailey Dallas Dangeau Daniel, J. N. Daniel, W. E. David Davis, C. T. Davis, G. V. Davis, G. L. First Row: Morris L. COSTON: Secondary Educa¬ tion; William House. Social Chairman; DMS; SNEA; Magnet Cove. James H. CRABTREE: Personnel Admin¬ istration; Buchanan; Alma. Thomas William CRAF- TON: Electrical Engineering; AIEE, Secretary; IRE; Blytheville. Lytle H. CRAIG: Industrial Engineering; Bryant. Guy Ed CRAWFORD: Industrial Management: William House, Treasurer; Smackover. John Ashley CRAWFORD: Business; K2; Commerce Guild; Trave¬ ler Staff; Little Rock. Patty Waugh CRITTENDEN: Marketing; Marketing Cluh. Secretary; Fayetteville. Beverly Ann CROSS: Sociology; AP ? President; Pan- hellenic; Young Democrats, Vice President; AKA; WRA; AWS; judicial Board; Little Rock. Second Row: Beverly Holt CRUDUP: Elementary Education; Elementary Club; Fayetteville. Fred Stovall CRUM: Chemical Engineering; Ripley; $H2; ITME; TBII; AX2; Arkansas Engineer Staff; Helena. Roger Clark CRUM, Jr.: Animal Nutrition; ATP; Animal In¬ dustry Club; ASA; ArP ? President; Young Democrats; IFC; Stuttgart. Sherman D. CULLUM: Agriculture; Animal Industry Cluh; Piggott. Billy H. CUMMINS: Chemical Engineering; BT; AIChE; Conway. Donald F. DACE: Agriculture; Agronomy Club; Little Rock. John Rex DAILEY: General Business; McRae. Donald M. DALLAS: Electrical Engineering; BT; TBII; HKN; DME; AIEE; IRE, President; Engineering Council; Wynne. Third Row: Emily Sue DAMON: Music; KKP; 2AI ; Sophomore Counselor; AWS; WRA; Blytheville. Pat DANGEAU: Music Education; AAII; 2AI ? Secretary; Schola Cantorum; AWS; WRA; Russellville. James N. DANIEL, Jr.: Business; 2X; Marketing Club; Com¬ merce Guild; Forrest City. Wayne Edmond DANIEL: Electrical Engineering; 211; AIEE; IRE; Rocket Soci¬ ety; North Little Rock. Larry Gene DAVID: Industrial Engineering; Droke House; AITM ? Secretary; $112; IIME ; MIHC, Secretary; TBII; Beebe. Cliff Tanner DAVIS: Secondary Education; AXA ; ABC; SNEA; Stuttgart. George Vernon DAVIS: Dairy Husbandry: Farm House; Animal Industry Club; ASA; ABC; Dairy Judging Team; Conway. Gerald Lester DAVIS: Elec¬ trical Engineering; Parks. Cheerleader Sarah Melton bends low before rising slowly with the Wooo in calling the Hogs during home opener with Tulsa. SENIORS 159 Davis, H. V. Davis, J. L. Davis, M. J. Davis, M. L. Davis, S. L. Dawson Dean Dekker Delozier Denham Dennett Dentner Denton Dew DeWitt Dickens Dickinson Diffee Dollins Donelson Dowell Dozier Drew Dunn Durham, J. H. Durham, L. L. Duty Duvall DuVall Dyck Edmisten Edmiston First Row: Herbert Victor DAVIS: Mechanical En¬ gineering; Gladson House; Pine Bluff. Jackie Lee DAVIS: Management; 24 E; Marshall. Mary Jo DAVIS: Secondary Education; Stuttgart. Mary Louise DAVIS: Sociology; AMI; Russellville. Second Row: Samuel L. DAVIS: Civil Engineer¬ ing; ASCE; AXE; Little Rock. Robert T. DAWSON: Government; nKA; ABC, Pledge President, Co-Chair¬ man, Homecoming; Managing Editor, Traveler; As¬ sociate Editor, Editor, Razorback; Editor, “A” Book; Blue Key; Editor, IFC Rush Book; Senior Class Presi¬ dent; Board of Publications, Secretary; Civic Club: Assistant Director, Gaebale; Camden. Marilyn Gay DEAN: Speech; ZTA; Newman Club; Student Christ¬ ian Council; Rogers. Donald Neal DEKKER: History; ATfi, Vice President; Student Union Planning Com¬ mittee Chairman; McAllen, Texas. Third Row: Ronnie Keith DELOZIER: Agricul¬ ture; AZ; Animal Industry Club; Springdale. Edward Chapline DENHAM: Math; H2 ; ITME ; KAIT ; Fayette¬ ville. Roger D. DENNETT: Mechanical Engineering; TBII; ASME; nME ? Vice President; nT2 ? Correspond¬ ing Secretary; Fayetteville. Richard Ottis DENTNER: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; AITM ; Columbus, Ohio. Fourth Row: Judy Ellen DENTON: Government and History; XD, Chapter Correspondent; $A0; New¬ man Club; Little Rock. Cynthia Ann DEW: Elemen¬ tary Education; KKF; AWS; WRA: Elementary Club; Mountain Home. Oita Jo DEWITT: Home Economics; Holcombe; Colhecon; Wesley Players, Historian; Fort Smith. Tappy DICKENS: Sociology, Psychology; KKT, Rush Chairman; Panhellenic; AFROTC Spon¬ sor; Magnolia. Fifth Row: Richard P. DICKINSON: Civil Engi¬ neering; ASCE; Little Rock. James Ray DIFFEE: Marketing; 2X. Pledge Trainer; Student Senate; Mar¬ keting Club; Little Rock. Jerry Morris DOLLINS: Marketing; IIKA; AKSk ; Marketing Club; Commerce Guild; Newman Club; North Little Rock. Samuel O’Donnell DONELSON: German; Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Walter Anthony DOWELL, III: Bank¬ ing and Finance; K2; Young Democrats; Guild Tick¬ er, Circulation Manager; Walnut Ridge. Duncan Tho¬ mas DOZIER: Commercial Art: Charleston. Marye Philia DREW: Elementary Education ; ZTA, Secretary; AWS; WRA; SNEA; Student Senate; Elementary Club; Roswell, New Mexico. Jon Michael DUNN: Ag¬ riculture; 2X; ASA, Pocahontas. Seventh Row: Jim Hampson DURHAM: Mechani¬ cal Engineering; ASME; Wilson. Linda LaRue DUR¬ HAM: English; ZTA. House Manager; Senior Coun¬ selor, Fulbright; Student Senate; REW Planning- Board; BSU; AWS, Legislative Board; Student Union Talent Committee, Chairman; Shreveport, Louisiana. Susan Dubbell DUTY: Education; Xft; Student Union Board; AWS; KAII; Rogers. Freddie Ellis DUVALL: Geology; BSU; Russellville. Eighth Row: Phillip Michael DUVALL: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; DSF; Sedgwell. Vice President; Texarkana. Raymond Lee DYCK: General Agricul¬ ture: Wilson Sharp; OAK, Secretary; AZ; ASA; Wes¬ ley Foundation, Treasurer; “A” Club; North Newton, Kansas. Robert Eugene EDMISTEN: Journalism; Huntsville. Willis H. EDMISTON: General Business; Wilson Sharp; Cane Hill. 160 Edwards Eichberger Elam Elkins Elliott Ellis Estelle Eubank Evensen Fairley Faris Farrell Farris Faught Faulkner Fawcett Ferrell Fikes Fincher, A. Fincher, B. S. Finney Fitzgerald Flake Flanagan First Row : Jerry Louis EDWARDS: Chemical En¬ gineering; AIChE; Blytheville. Robert LeRoy EICH¬ BERGER: Electrical Engineering; ATft; Arnold Air So¬ ciety; Scabbard and Blade; Falls Church, Virginia. Fred Eldon ELAM: Geology; Scabbard and Blade; DMS; Branner Geology Club; 2rE; Fayetteville. Marvin I. ELKINS: Geology; FA0; Springdale. Kenneth Patrick ELLIOTT: Mechanical Engineering; American Rocket Society; ASME; Seneca, Missouri. Patty ELLIS: Mar¬ keting; IIB i ; Springfield, Missouri. John Wayne ES¬ TELLE: Education; Crossett. Ann Elizabeth EUBANK: Art; Xfi 9 Historian; Chairman, Student Union Com¬ mittee; WRA; AWS; Newport. Second Row : Coralee EVENSEN: Education; AAIT; Elementary Club; Neosho, Missouri. Lindsey Johnson FAIRLEY: General Business; Osceola. Paula Ruth FARIS: AF; Bacteriology; AWS; WRA; DSF; Bacter¬ iology Club; REW Committee; Bentonville. William Ed¬ ward FARRELL: Agriculture Economics; 2N; Clarke- dale. Sam R. FARRIS, Jr.: Psychology; KA, President; IFC; " FX; Little Rock. James Thomas FAUGHT: Eng¬ lish; Ozark. Terry Wayne FAULKNER: Industrial En¬ gineering; William House; AITM 9 Vice President; AIIE; Little Rock. James Marvin FAWCETT: Electrical Engi¬ neering; 2$E; 0T ; HKN ? Treasurer; nME; IRE; AIEE; TBIT • Little Rock. Third Row: Allen Larkin FERRELL: Personnel Ad¬ ministration; SAM; ' FX; Rogers. Robert Lee FIKES: Insurance; Pine Bluff. Ann FINCHER: General Busi¬ ness; AAA; X0 ; AWS; WRA; Jonesboro. Barbara Sue FINCHER: Home Economics; Fayetteville. Joe David FINNEY: Agriculture; Arp ? Secretary and House Man¬ ager; ASA; IFC; Young Democrats; Animal Industry Club, President; Batesville. Donald Killough FITZGER¬ ALD: Finance; AXA; Fayetteville. Suanna Jeanette FLAKE: Music Education; Holcombe, Song Leader; Opera Workshop; Blackfriars; Little Rock. John Tho¬ mas FLANAGAN: Electrical Engineering; KA; AIEE; Fort Smith. Library Director Marvin Miller and assistant Don Deweese shelve new books to a 400,000 volume collection in the Main Library. SENIORS 161 Fletcher, L. H. Fletcher, 0. L. Flowers Fogleman Forrest Francis F ratesi F razier Free Freeze Freund Frey Fullerton Fussell Gadberry Gaither Galbraith Garner Gartman Gaston Gattis Gentry, M. B. George Geren Franks F reeman Froning Gaines Garrison Gentry, C. C. Gibbons First Row: Lawrence Herman FLETCHER: Civil Engineering; ASCE; MIHC; Gladson House, Presi¬ dent; Dumas. Oscar Lee FLETCHER: Industrial En¬ gineering; 2n ? Vice President: ©T ? Pledge Class Presi¬ dent; AITM, Secretary; nME; IFC; Arnold Air Soci¬ ety; TBIT; AIIE; MIHC; Paragould. Thomas Michael FLOWERS: Agricultural Engineering; ASAE; KK I ' ; Stuttgart. Donna Deane FOGG: Elementary Educa¬ tion; AAA; Elementary Club; ' FX; Forrest City. Second Row: Dell FOGLEMAN: Elementary Edu¬ cation; Xft; Marion, jack Edward FORREST: Market¬ ing; KK ' F; Marketing Club; ‘FAX, President: Razor- back Band; Little Rock. Lynne Alice FRANCIS: Ele¬ mentary Education; ITB$; AWS; Elementary Club: Joplin, Missouri. Burleigh Don FRANKS: Physical Education: PEM Club, Secretary; Weslev Foundation. President; MSM. State President: Forrest City. Third Row: Benny James FRATESI: General Ag¬ riculture; AB; Newman Club; Young Democrats: Pine Bluff. Joel FRAZIER: Geology: Buchanan House; Texarkana. Donald Lowell FREE: Chemical Engineering; KA; AIChE; West Helena. Omar D. FREEMAN: Marketing; Marketing Club; Fort Smith. Fourth Roiv: Joan Lee FREEZE: Speech Therapy; AAA; AWS; SNEA; 2AH; FX; Elementary Club; Jonesboro. Mary Lou FREUND: Social Welfare; Davis Hall, Vice President; WIHC; WRA; DSF; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Judical Board, Chairman: AWS Executive Board; Neosho. Missouri. Carolyn Mychel FREY: Education; Davis Hall. Vice President; Coterie, President; Student Senate; WIHC; Wesley Players; AWS Legislative Board; Paragould. Donald John FRONING: Architecture; 2AE; Newman Club. Vice President; AIA; Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Carol Bess FULLERTON: Speech Cor¬ rection; Civic Club; AWS Judicial Board, Secretary and Chairman; AAA; 2AH, Vice President; Senior Counselor; Cotton Plant. Robert Foreman FUSSELL: General Business; K2. President; Student Senate, Pres¬ ident; Student Court; Vice President. Associated Stu¬ dents; Blue Key; Razorback Staff; AF F, Secretary; Civic Club; Gaebale, Treasurer; Guild Ticker, Assist¬ ant Editor; Junior Business Class, President; IFC; Forrest City. Jim GADBERRY: Mechanical Engineer¬ ing; 2X, Vice President; $H2 9 Historian; ITME; ITT2; IFPC; TBIT; Crossett. Judith Stratton GAINES: Ele¬ mentary Education; Xft; Elementary Education Club: Young Democrats; AWS; WRA; Lake Village. Sixth Row: L. C. GAITHER: Mechanical Engineer¬ ing; ASME; Hot Springs. Gary Brown GALBRAITH: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; IRE; BSU; El Dorado. Mary Evelyn GARNER: Home Economics Education; 4-H House; Camden. Nancy Ann GARRISON: English and History; $A0; AT;Symphony Orchestra; Fayette¬ ville. Seventh Row: Don GARTMAN: Pre-Med; 2AE, Parliamentarian; AEA; Fort Smith. James E. GAS¬ TON: Insurance and Real Estate; 2N; El Dorado. James D. GATTIS: General Business; SN; BT; Fort Smith. Cecil C. GENTRY: Industrial Engineering; Haynes. Eighth Row: M. B. GENTRY: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Searcy. Lyndell J. C. GEORGE: Civil Engineer¬ ing; AXE. Vice President; Drasco. Gary Wayne GER- EN: Geology; Fort Smith. John Felgon GIBBONS: Geology; IIKA; Bauxite. 162 Gibson Glenn Graham, M. G. Gifford Goins Graham, S. H, Gigoux Good Grano Gilbert Gordon Graves Giles Gorrod Gray Gillham Gillum Gould Grabbe Green Gregory Gist Grace Griffin, F. M. First Row: Mervyn Dunlap GIBSON: Electrical En¬ gineering; BSU. President; Gladson House, Secretary; MIHC; AIEE; Kirby. Theodore R. GIFFORD: Electri¬ cal Engineering; Leola. Mary Jane GIGOUX: Home Economics Education; Hailey ville, Oklahoma. Judy GILBERT: Personnel Administration; nB i ? President; Mortar Board; Civic Club; ABC; Br2; Senior Counse¬ lor; Xe • Prescott. Clifton Louis GILES: Geography; judsonia. Harold Dean GILLHAM: Civil Engineer¬ ing; ASCE; Little Rock. Barbara Lou GILLUM: Ele¬ mentary Education; Elementary Club; SNEA; OCW: Wesley Foundation; Wing. Jessamine Daggett GIST: English and History; Holcombe Hall, Secretary; $A0; AT , Publicity Chairman; Coterie, Reporter; Marianna. Second Row: Martin Owen GLENN: General Busi- • ness; Greenbrier. David Delbert GOINS: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Green Forest. Merrill Robert GOOD; Chemical Engineering; AIChE; KK I ' ; t MA; Westminster Fellowship; AFROTC; Band; Fayetteville. James Herndon GORDON: Electrical Engineering; Can¬ terbury Club; Amateur Radio Club; McAlester, Okla¬ homa. Dollie GORROD: Secondary Education; Ar; ABC; SNEA; Orchesis; Young Democrats; Joplin, Missouri. Martha Jean GOULD: Elementary Education; Elementary Club; AWS; WRA; BSU; Fayetteville. John August GRABBE: Agriculture; Stuttgart. Gene Lee GRACE: Transportation; Rogers. Third Row: Mansal Gale GRAHAM: Industrial En¬ gineering; Gladson; Walnut Ridge. Susan Helen GRA¬ HAM: General Business; AAA ? Treasurer; X0 9 Vice President; AWS; Grove, Oklahoma. Stella Natalie GRA¬ NO: Elementary Education; AAJI; Student Senate; Ele¬ mentary Club, President; ABC; Wesley Foundation; AAA; Crossett. Rea Freeman GRAVES: Education; 211; ABC; Young Democrats; Mineral Springs. John Gary GRAY: Personnel Management; UKA; Camden. Jack L. GREEN: Civil Engineering; 2X; ASCE; AXE; pine Bluff. John Tillery GREGORY: Real Estate and Insur¬ ance; $A0; AKSE r ; Canterbury Club; SAM; Little Rock. Fred Mack GRIFFIN: Architecture; AX A; AIA, Secre¬ tary; Malvern. Libby Crane critically views the unknown specimen assigned to her •n a chemistry laboratory in an attempt to identify the solution. SENIORS 163 Griffin, H. L. Grinstead Guthrie, B. J. Hall, H. C. Hamm Ilantz Hartstein Hathaway Griggs, B. N. Gross Guthrie, W. M. Hall, K. G. Hamric Hardaway Hash Hawkins, 1). G. Griggs, R. E. Gunn Guthunz Hall, S. S. Hannon Harder Hatch Hawkins, E. B. Grimes Gustin Hale Hall, W. A. Hansen Harris Hatchett Hawkins, M. L. First Row : Harold Lloyd GRIFFIN: Architecture; AIA, Vice President; Fort Smith. Bobbie Neal GRIGGS: History; Bentonville. Ralph Edward GRIGGS: Marketing; nKA; AIOE; Marketing Club; SAM; Hughes. Nancy Carrol GRIMES: Marketing; A All. Pledge Trainer; ABC; Marketing Club; WRA; Russellville. Second Row: James F. GRINSTEAD: Architecture; AIA; Braggadocio, Missouri. Marcellus Gibson GROSS: Civil Engineering; ASCE; BSU; Texarkana, Texas. James Alford GUNN: Accounting; BA ' P; SAM; Monticello. A. Ray GUSTIN: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Alpena. Third Row: Barbara J. GUTHRIE: English; Xft; AWS; Orchesis; Hope. Winston Maurice GUTHRIE: Marketing; Marketing Club; Hillemann. Barbara Jayne GUTHUNZ: Elementary Education; ZTA; AWS; SNEA; Elementary Club; Little Rock. Milas Howard HALE: Law; ABC; TKA; Young Democrats; $AA; Student Bar Association; Belleville. Fourth Row: H. C. HALL: Insurance and Real Estate; Yellville. Kenneth George HALL: Secondary Education; Batesville. Sondra Sue HALL: Dietetics; AAIT ? President; Student Senate; Panhellenic, Secre¬ tary; Treasurer; AWS; ASA; WRA; Conway. Warner Alonzo HALL: Pre-Med; Conway. Fifth Row: Peggy HAMM: English; KKX, Rush Chairman; Panhellenic; AIT; Little Rock. James Ken¬ neth HAMRIC: Marketing; Marketing Club; Beebe. Lawrence Hamilton HANNON: Marketing; Marketing Club; SAM; Forrest City. Carrie Lynn HANSEN: English; ZTA ? Pledge Trainer; ABC; Mortar Board, Vice President; AT; Little Rock. Sixth Row: Marial Eleanor HANTZ: History; KET; Mortar Board; Civic Club, Secretary; $A0; Chairman of Student Union Board; Senior Counselor; ABC; Traveler Staff; Razorback Staff; AWS Executive Board; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Oscar Oakley HARDA¬ WAY: Management; Blytheville. Paul Id. HARDER: Pre-Med; Fort Smith. Winfred Don HARRIS: Agri¬ culture; William House; AZ; Agronomy Club, Vice President; Bradford. Seventh Row: Peter HARTSTEIN: General Busi¬ ness; nKA, Treasurer; Commerce Guild; Business Senior Class, Vice President; Little Rock. Rosemary Patrick HASH: Music; Springdale. Janice Elaine HATCH: English; Huntsville. Sue HATCHETT: Math Education; Davis, President; Mortar Board; WRA, President; AWS Executive Board; WRA Executive Board; Wesley Foundation; WIHC; Neosho, Missouri. Eighth Row: Marilyn Kae HATHAWAY: Home Economics; AAII ; Rogers. Dolan Gene HAWKINS: Physical Education; Eureka Springs. Ernest Boyd HAWKINS: Business; K2; AK ; AB4 ; Student Bar Association; Fordyce. Mark LaFayette HAWKINS: Agriculture; Parkdale. 164 Hayes Henderson Herndon Head, L. D. Hendren Hervey Head, M. L. Hendrickson Hicks Heaston Henley Hill, H. D. Hedgecock Hensley, M. J. Hill, R. W. Heerwagen Hensley, W. A. Hillman Hefley Henson Hinson Heird Hercher Hobbs First Row: Sarah Jane HAYES: Education; nB t ; Little Rock. Larry D. HEAD: Accounting; 2N; BA ' P. Treasurer; Fayetteville. Margaret Louise HEAD: Ele¬ mentary Education; nB$, House Manager and Censor; AWS Executive Board; Legislative Board; Elementary Club; Memphis, Tennessee. William Irving HEASTON: Electrical Engineering; Buchanan, President; £H2; HME; HKN; TBII, Treasurer; Cotter. Todd Scott HEDGECOCK: Pre-Med; William House; Wilton. Louie Martin HEERWAGEN, Jr.: Industrial Engineering; AIIE, President; TBII; AIIM, Secretary and Treasurer; t H2; HME; Springdale. James Morton HEFLEY: Industrial Engineering; 2AE, President; HT; Engineer¬ ing Council, President; Blue Key, Vice President; Ar¬ kansas Engineer, Editor; Student Court; Student Gov¬ ernment Association, Secretary; Student Senate; IFC; Little Rock. Vernie E. HEIRD: Mechanical Engineering; IIT2 9 President; Engineering Council; ASME, Vice President; Pine Bluff. Second Row: Paul Robert HENDERSON: Industrial Management; Wilson Sharp; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kim Dexter HENDREN: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Gra- vette. Kenneth B. HENDRICKSON: Civil Engineering; Gladson; ASCE; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Chief Justice, MIHC Court; Board of Directors, Intra¬ mural Sports; North Little Rock. Ronald Dewey HEN¬ LEY: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; Monticello. M. J. HENSLEY: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Texarkana. Warren Alexander HENSLEY: Accounting; Clinton. Sue Lorraine HENSON: English; Holcombe; Joplin, Missouri. Loretta Gray HERCHER: Music and English; AAA; 2AI, President; DSF, President; AT; AWS; WRA; North Little Rock. Third Row: Thommie Duke HERNDON: Engineer¬ ing; IRE; Little Rock. Mary Pauline HERVEY: Ele¬ mentary Education; AAII ; Canterbury Club; Elementary Club; Houston, Texas. Penny Koen HICKS: Home Eco¬ nomics; AAA; Little Rock. Harold Dean HILL: Agricul¬ ture; ATP, President; IFC; Young Democrats; Animal Industry Club; ABC; ASA; Center Ridge. Robert Wil¬ liam HILL: Marketing; SAM; Marketing Club; Fay¬ etteville. William Edward HILLMAN: Chemical Engi¬ neering; AIChE; Fordyce. William Guy HINSON: Electrical Engineering; IRE; Forrest City. Donald Tracy HOBBS: Math; Buchanan; Fountain Hill. Experimentation of the cooking quality of milled white rice is performed by Agri students Denny Jordan and Louise Lovell. 165 Hobbs, J. L. Hollander Holman Honey Horton Howard, N. K. Hulett Hunt, D. L. Hogue Holleman Holmes, A. P. Hopkins, C. L. Hoskyn Hubbard Hultsman Hunter Holi field Holley Holmes, W. K. Hopkins, E. J. Houston Huey Hummel Hutsell Holiman Hollis Holzhauer Horne Howard, E. L. Hughey Hunt, C. R. Ingram First Row : Jerry Lee HOBBS: Industrial Manage¬ ment; $A0 ? President; IFC; Arnold Air Society; AIIE; Fayetteville. Charles Wayne HOGUE: Agrono¬ my; AZ; ASA; Agronomy Club, Treasurer; McGehee. Edward L. HOLIFIELD: Agronomy; AZ; Piggott. Sandra HOLIMAN: Psychology; Holcombe; ' EX; Ger¬ man Club; Little Rock. Second Row: jimmy Chris HOLLANDER: Physi¬ cal Education; Wilson Sharp; “A” Club; PEM Club; Harrisburg. Phyllis Jean HOLLEMAN: Home Eco¬ nomics; AWS; ASA; Colhecon; Atkins. Mabel Sue HOLLEY: Elementary Education; Elementary Club; Fort Smith. Charles Albert HOLLIS: Agriculture; AZ; Animal Industry Club; Greenway. Third Row: Dayton HOLMAN: Agriculture; ATA; Mena. Anne Park HOLMES: Psychology; AAA, Secre¬ tary; ' EX; Memphis, Tennessee. Wallace Keith HOL¬ MES: Chemistry; El Dorado. Hazel Grace HOLZ¬ HAUER: Journalism; Davis, Reporter; AWS Publicity Committee Chairman: AWS Executive Board; Travel¬ er Staff; Press Club; WRA; Gillett. Fourth Row: Charles Leroy HONEY: Political Science; Young Democrats, Washington County Presi¬ dent; Prescott. Clarissa Lea HOPKINS: French; ZTA; AWS; WRA; Goldsboro, North Carolina. Elizabeth Jane HOPKINS: Psychology; AAA; Little Rock. Ida Jane HORNE: Flome Economics; Davis, Chaplin; Col¬ hecon, Vice President; Westminster Fellowship; ASA; AWS; Paris. Fifth Row: Edward Jackson HORTON: Mechanical Engineering; North Little Rock. John Paul HOSKYN: Agricultural Engineering; OT; Blue Key; Wesley Foundation; Engineering Council; ASAE; Stuttgart. Billy Curtis HOUSTON: Accounting; EA0 ? Treasurer; AK ;KK ; A K2 ; Band; McCrory. Elsie Louise HOW¬ ARD: Elementary Education; De Queen. Sixth Row: Nancy Kathleen HOWARD: Home Economics; Young Democrats; ASA; AWS; Fayette¬ ville. Charlie Godston HUBBARD: General Business; 2N; ABC; Fort Smith. Nelson Eddy HUEY: Finance; XX; Cheerleader; ABC; El Dorado. R. David HUGH¬ EY: Marketing; XAE; Marketing Club; Jonesboro. Seventh Row: Bob R. HULETT: General Agricul¬ ture; Swifton. Nita Claire HULTSMAN: History and English; ZTA, President; Mortar Board; Senior Coun¬ selor; $A0 ? Vice President; AAA; Preview Staff; Can¬ terbury Club; Wynne. Roy C. HUMMEL: Agriculture; Agronomy Club, President; ASA; Rogers. Claude Reece HUNT: Marketing; XN; Marketing Club; “A” Club; Joplin, Missouri. Eighth Row: Donald Lee HUNT: Banking and Fi¬ nance; UKA; Commerce Guild; Searcy. Sammie Rae HUNTER: Agricultural Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; ASAE; Huntington. Martha Ann HUTSELL: Home Economics; KKF, Chaplain; TO, Vice Presi¬ dent; Civic Club; REW, Secretary; BSU; Fort Smith. Virginia Ray INGRAM: Education; KKF, Scholarship Chairman; AWS; WRA; Elementary Club; Lavaca. 166 Jackson Jacobs Jamison, G. R. Jamison, J. L. Jansen Jarvis Jester Jeter Jew joerden Johnson, A. M. Johnson, B. R. Johnson, C. E. Johnson, D. J. Johnson, D. S. Johnson, J. M. Johnston, C. Johnston, J. H. Johnston, S. C. Jones, B. A. Jones, C. J. Jones, C. R. Jones, E. P. Jones, M. L. First Row: James Ed JACKSON: Languages; Beebe. Maetta JACOBS: Music; Holcombe; Fort Smith. Gerald Rader JAMISON: Electrical Engineering; Gillham. James Lloyd JAMISON: Electrical Engineering; Gill- ham. James Mansfield JANSEN: General Business; K2; Newman Club; Walnut Ridge. Anne Elizabeth JARVIS: Elementary Education; AP; Orchesis; Elementary Club; SNEA; Texarkana, Texas. Lester Rodger JESTER: Civil Engineering; AXE; Glenwood. Edward Shannon JETER: Physics; Acacia; 2112; Razorback; Little Rock. Second Row: Fay Ann JEW: Chemistry; Holcombe; AAA; International Club; American Chemistry Society; Altheimer. Larry Knox JOERDEN: General Business; William House; Marketing Club; SAM; Commerce Guild; Pine Bluff. Alan Myers JOHNSON: Math; Clarksville. Billy Ray JOHNSON: Marketing; Market¬ ing Club; Fort Smith. Clarence Edgar JOHNSON: In¬ dustrial Education; Fayetteville. Donald Joe JOHNSON: Chemical Engineering; William House; Malvern. Don¬ na Sue JOHNSON: Commercial Education; Springdale. Jere Markle JOHNSON: Civil Engineering; 2X ? Presi¬ dent; ©T, Vice President; OAK; TBII ; IIME; t H2 ; ASCE; Little Rock. Third Row: Charles JOHNSTON: 2N; Animal Nutri¬ tion; ASA; AZ; Animal Industry Club; Fayetteville. Jerry Hartsell JOHNSTON: Mechanical Engineering; Crossett. Sybil Chaffin JOHNSTON: Elementary Educa¬ tion; ZTA; Elementary Club; AWS; Fayetteville. Bar¬ bara Ann JONES: Home Economics Education; Russell¬ ville. Carol Jenine JONES: Elementary Education; Tichnor. Charles Richard JONES: Accounting; BA ' P; Greenwood. Edward Paul JONES: Business; 2X; Nick¬ erson, Kansas. Marsha Lynn JONES: Speech Therapy; Holcombe; 2AH; BSU; Little Rock. Former University President James W. Fulbright chats with Engi¬ neering Dean, George Branigan, before speech in Student Union. SENIORS 167 Jones, P. D. Jones, R. D. Jones, W. T. Jordan, B. C. Jordan, M. S. Joyner Keener Kelley Kelly Kendrick Kerr, J. H. Kerr, M. T. Keys Khilling Kilgore Kimbrough Kimzey Kindrick King Kingsborough Kirby Kirk Kisor Knapp Knox, A. M. Knox, R. R. Koehler Kolb Kraft Kruger Krugh Ksara First Row : Paul Donald JONES: Industrial Man¬ agement; William House; Strong. Russell Dean JONES: Math Education; Gravette. William Thomas JONES: Electrical Engineering; IRE; Jacksonville. Bobby Carl JORDAN: General Business; Russellville. Second Row: Mary Sue JORDAN: Sociology; AAA; ' J ' X; Mulberry. Gerald Wayne JOYNER: Civil Engi¬ neering; Judsonia. J. W. KEENER: Vocational Agri¬ culture; AT A; Mena. Kelley Granger KELLEY: Electri¬ cal Engineering; ITKA; ARRS; IRE - AIEE; Pershing Rifles; Berryville. Third Row: Betty Lee KELLY: Pre Med.; AAII; TBS; Band; AEA; WRA; AWS; Sheridan. Henrietta Jeannette KENDRICK: Education; Springdale. John H. KERR: Marketing; Varsity Baseball; A Club; Ada, Oklahoma. Marian T. KERR: English; Traveler; Razorback; El Dorado. Fourth Row: Bill KEYS: Speech; AXA; ABC; North Little Rock. Jan KHILLING: Physical Educa¬ tion; PEM Club; Fort Smith. Ethel Marie KIL¬ GORE: Secondary Education; Fayetteville. James J. KIMBROUGH: Animal Husbandry; ATP; ASA; Ani¬ mal Industry Club; Livestock Judging Team; Bates- ville. Fifth Row: Ann KIMZEY: Elementary Education; Blackfriars; KUA, Manager; Elementary Club; Mag¬ net Cove. Joe Carroll KINDRICK: Agriculture; At¬ kins. George Dewey KING, Jr.: Agriculture Engineer¬ ing; ASAE; Ash Flat. Paul Eldon KINSBOROUGH: General Business; 2N; AKt; SAM; Marketing Club; Joplin, Missouri. Sixth Row: Henry Hudson KIRBY: Pre-Med.; AXA; Harrison. Marvin N. KIRK: Pre-Med.; Buchan¬ an, Social Chairman; BSU; Brotherhood, Pres.; Ft. Smith. F. D. KISOR, Jr.: Civil Engineering; ATft; AXE; ASCE; Young Republicans; Huntsville. Robert Warren KNAPP: History; K2; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Alfred Marion KNOX: Physical Ed¬ ucation; PEM; Bentonville. Ronald Robert KNOX: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Bonesteel, South Dakota. James Ernest KOEHLER: Accounting; SAM; North Little Rock. Harry KOLB, Jr.: Industrial Engineering; Magnolia. Eighth Row: Jim N. KRAFT: Commercial Art; XAE; Deerfield, Illinois. Oliver Elden KRUGER: Mar¬ keting; Marketing Club; Cherokee, Kansas. Waymon Searl KRUGH: Chemistry; KK X P; Razorback Band; Little Rock. Edward Paul KSARA: Education; 211; Sulphur Springs. 168 Kumpe Kyser Lamb Lawman Leath Leding Lltt le, J. M. Littlejohn Lizotte Laminack Lance Leggett Lepine Lofton Logan Lane Leu Looney Lanford Langley Lincoln Little, j. R. Lovell Low First Row: Robert Louis KUMPE, Jr.: Civil Engi¬ neering; ASCE; Mabelvale. Billy Thomas KYSER: Gen¬ eral Business; 2X; Varsity Football; Camden. Norman Ray LAMB: General Business; Little Rock. George B. LAMINACK, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; IRE; Pine Bluff. Kenneth Wayne LANCE: General Management; Young Democrats; SAM; Cove. Stephen Allen LANE: Personnel Management; SAM; x ; Little Rock. Richard Louis LANFORD: Mechanical Engineering; IITS, Vice President; nME ; ASME; DeValls Bluff. Wayne LANGLEY: Civil Engineering; A0; 0T ; ASCE; Little Rock. Second Row: Karen LAWMAN: Social Welfare; ZTA ? Treasurer and Housemanager; WRA, Executive Board; AWS, Legislative Board, Secretary; Fort Smith. Arthur Everett LEATH: Geology; x rE, Secretary- Treasurer; Pine Bluff. Edward LEDING, Jr.: Account¬ ing; BA ; Fort Smith. Joseph Edwin LEGGETT: Ag¬ riculture; Gladson, Secretary; Wilmar. Frances Anita LEPINE: General Business; KKT; X0; DeWitt. Robert Wayne LEU: Industrial Management; Rogers. Lydia Elizabeth LINCOLN: Home Economics; ZTA ? Social Chairman; Little Rock. James Robert LITTLE: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Osceola. Third Roiv: John M. LITTLE: Geology; Acacia; BSU; Young Democrats; Benton. Bobby Jack LITTLE¬ JOHN: Civil Engineering; Earle. John LIZOTTE: Music Education; £MA; Hot Springs. Edward Zane LOFTON: Civil Engineering; William House; ASCE; Mountain Home. Beth Marion LOGAN: Psychology; KKT; Fay¬ etteville. Joseph LaFayette LOONEY: Industrial Engi¬ neering; AIIE; Magnolia. Jackson Keith LOVELL: Business Admi nistration; Benton. Yung Shing LOW: Electrical Engineering; HKN; Hong Kong, China. Young Democrats Drive for membership in Union was successful, but charges were filed against President Sandy McMath for issuing membership cards and collecting money at later date. SENIORS Loy McAllister, J. W. McCartney, C. J. McClain, K. I. McDaniel McGahan McGill McLeod Luplow McAnear McCartney, J. K. McClure McDonald McGary McGrew McLoud McAfee McArthur McCauley McConnell McDowell McGee J. L. McGuire McMillan McAllister, E. M. McCarroll McClain, G. L. McCormick McFadden McGee, W. McKinney McNully First Row : Diana Dickerson LOY: Music Educa¬ tion; Davis Hall, Social Chairman; Blackfriars; Little Rock. Llarry William LUPLOW, II: Pre-Med.; 2X ? Secretary; Student Senate; “A” Club; Razorback Foot¬ ball, Tri-Captain; Parkin. Billy Joe McAFEE: Math; IIKA; Wilson. Emily Jo McALLISTER: Music Educa¬ tion; AAA; 2AT; Wesley Foundation; ZTA ? Historian; KAIT; Chairman, Student Union Committee; Fayette¬ ville. Second Row: J. W. McALLISTER: Accounting; 2N; I H2; BA ? President; AKBr2 ; Gravette. Jer¬ ald L. McANEAR: Speech; 24 e ? President; IFC; Civic Club; Clarksville. William Charles McARTHUR: Gen¬ eral Business; Little Rock. William Ryan McCAR- ROLL: Insurance and Real Estate; 2X; North Little Rock. Third Row: Carol Jean McCARTNEY: Math; XO, Treasurer; LIME; Student Senate; Civic Club; AWS; WRA; IFPC; Mortar Board; Fort Smith. Julia Kath¬ ryn McCARTNEY: Speech and English; Davis Hall, Sports Manager; AWS; WRA; 2AH; Young Demo¬ crats; Newport. Silas Evan McCAULEY: Mechanical Engineering; Rison. Gary Lee McCLAIN: Electrical Engineering; 211. Vice Presidtnt; QT; IIME; A$D; Crossett. Fourth Row: Kenneth Ivan McCLAIN: Personnel Management; Ripley, Social Chairman; MIHC; Scab¬ bard and Blade; SAM; Smackover. Robert Conway McCLURE: Civil Engineering; Gladson House; AS- CE; Texarkana. Frances Nan McCONNELL: Home Economics; 4-H House, House Manager; WIHC; WRA; AWS; ASA; Colhecon; Greenwood. Mirtice jane McCORMICK: Education; Xfi. Rush Chairman; SNEA; Panhellenic, Secretary; Orchesis; Bauxite. Fifth Row: Tommy Landon McDANIEL: Person¬ nel Administration; McRae. Alvin Toby McDONALD: General Business; 2X; AK k; Commerce Guild; Wel¬ don. Betty Ruth McDOWELL: Secondary Education; Campbell, Missouri. Bruce L. McFADDEN: Civil En¬ gineering; ASCE; Hickory Ridge. Sixth Row: Martha Linda McGAHAN: English; AT ; AWS; WRA; Young Democrats; SNEA; AIT; Little Rock. Franklin Pierce McGARY: Architecture; Buchanan House; AIA; Heber Springs. Joseph Leon¬ ard McGEE, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; IRE; Harrison. William McGEE: History; William House; Bradley. Seventh Row: John Roger McGILL: General Agri¬ culture; ATD; Westminster Club; Wesley Players; Chidester. Mildred Jeanette McGREW: Psychology; AAn ? House Manager; Young Republicans, Secretary; Pine Bluff. Daniel Warren McGUIRE, Jr.: Industrial Engineering; AD; AIIE; Engineer Council; Scabbard and Blade; Dardanelle. Georgia McKINNEY: Spanish; XD ? Social Chairman; Orchesis; AWS; WRA; El Do¬ rado. Eighth Row: John C. McLEOD: Electrical Engi¬ neering; Hope. James H. McLOUD: General Agricul¬ ture; Farm House, President; IFC; Huntsville. Wil¬ liam Francis McMILLAN: Electrical Engineering; Sedgwell; MIHC, Vice President; AIEE; Fort Smith. Claude Victor McNULLY: Geology; Branner Geology Club, President; Horatio. 170 McRae, D. A. Martin, G. E. Mattana McRae, T. C. Martin, G. L. May Malone Martin, R. A. Mayner Mann Martin, W. C. Mazzanti Manning Marcantel Martinez de Andino Mason Medrick Melton, C. C. Martin, D. W. Massey Melton, M. E. Martin, F. D Mathias Merritt First Row : Dorsey A. McRAE: General Business; 2AE; Hope. Thomas Chipman McRAE: History; 2AE; Young Democrats; El Dorado. Charles Kent MALONE: Marketing; Fort Smith. Charles Curtis MANN: Mechan¬ ical Engineering; North Little Rock. Dale MANNING: Architecture; Buchanan House, Secretary and Counse¬ lor; AIA, Vice President; North Little Rock. Virginia MARCANTEL: English; Holcombe, President; WIHC, President; AT 5 President; Civic Club; Student Senate; Coterie; AWS Executive Board; Shreveport, Louisiana. Don Wright MARTIN: Animal Husbandry; William House, Sports Manager; North Little Rock. Frank Ed¬ ward MARTIN: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Dar- danelle. Second Row : George Edward MARTIN: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; ' I ' X; Arnold Air Society; Young Democrats; Royal. Grady Lynn MARTIN: Mechanical Engineering; William House; Conway. Rufus Algernon MARTIN, Jr.: Marketing; 2AE ; Rush Chairman; AK F ? Treasurer; OAK; Marketing Club; Civic Club; Tennis Team; Commerce Guild; Pine Bluff. William Carl MAR¬ TIN, Jr.: Mechanical Engineering; Ripley; ASME; Mabelvale. Joaquin Antonio MARTINEZ de ANDINO: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Guayama, Puerto Rico. John Hugh MASON: Architecture; AIA; Little Rock. Kath¬ ryn Elizabeth MASSEY: Music; KKF; Heber Springs. Thomas Herbert MATHIAS: Finance; SAM; Fayette¬ ville. Third Row: John MATTANA: Education; Droke; Baltimore, Maryland. Billy Burnet MAY: General Busi¬ ness; nKA; Lonoke. Doyle W. MAYNER: Industrial Engineering; Young Democrats; AIIE; Mulberry. Bar¬ bara Paula MAZZANTI: Home Economics; 4-H House; Lake Village. Barbara Gail MEDRICK: Music Educa¬ tion; Holcombe; BSU; Fort Smith. Curtis Cox MEL¬ TON: Animal Husbandry; Animal Industry Club; Ozark. Mary Elizabeth MELTON: Business Education; AAA ? President; Commerce Guild; Student Court; AWS Executive Board; X0; Mortar Board; Panhellenic Coun¬ cil; Malden, Missouri. Hiram Prentice MERRITT, III: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Little Rock. SENIORS Intermediate frequency state of a Linear Amplifier is checked by using a Signal Generator and the Cathode Ray Oscilloscope. 171 Michaelis Miller, I. Mitchell Moore, N. E. Morgan Mosley Murray Naylor Middleton Miller, R. G. Mooney Moore, R. D. Moring Mott Myers Neeley Miles Misenheimer, B. V. Moore, B. J. Moose Morris, J. Mulkey Nangle Neer Miller, C.K. Misenheimer, G. L. Moore, K. C. Morehart Morris, J. F. Murdock Napier Neifer First Row : Paul MICHAELIS: Math; Acacia; AXS; ITME • Rocket Society; KK ' F; Band; Fayetteville. Patricia Ann MIDDLETON: Home Economics; AAA; Mortar Board; Civic Club; BSU, President; TO; Fort Smith. Linda May MILES: Elementary Education; Holcombe, Treasurer; Coterie; DeWitt. Charles Kent MILLER: Electrical Engineering; Dardanelle. Second Row: Iligene MILLER: Physical Educa¬ tion; AF; AWS; WRA; PEM Club; Orchesis; Hins¬ dale, Illinois. Robert Glenn MILLER: Geology; Young Democrats; BSU; Searcy. Betty Virginia MISENHEI¬ MER: Elementary Education; Mountain View. Glenn Lester MISENHEIMER: Vocational Agriculture; Mountain View. Third Row: Robert Buck MITCHELL: Electrical Engineering; Pine Bluff. David Palmer MOONEY: General Management; 2 t E; SAM; Hot Springs. Billy Jerald MOORE: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Beebe. Kenneth Charles MOORE: General Business; Harrison. Fourth Row: Neal E. MOORE: Chemical Engineer¬ ing; AX2; AIChE; Fort Smith. Robert Dan MOORE: Engineering; AIChE; Fort Smith. Robert Lewis MOOSE: Electrical Engineering; Terry Village Coun¬ cilman; Morrilton. Don H. MOREHART: Finance; AXA, President; Blue Key, Treasurer; IFC; Civic Club; AK ; Razorback, Business Manager; Student Senate; Little Rock. Fifth Row: Jon Ralph MORGAN: Chemistry; AX2; Piggott. James Marvin MORING: Chemical Engineer¬ ing; AXA ? President; AIChE; HME; IFC; Pine Bluff. Jane MORRIS: Music; Scott; XAI. Vice President; Garland. John Franklin MORRIS: Industrial Engineer- ing ; AIIE; Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Joe Emmett MOSLEY: Insurance; Band; Eudora. John Kneeland MOTT: Architecture; 2AE ? Secretary, Vice President; AIA, President; Stu¬ dent Senate; Razorback, Sports Editor; IFC; OAK; Traveler Staff; Preview Staff; Fort Smith. David Allen MULKEY: Pre-Med; HKA 5 Historian; Vice Presi¬ dent; nME; Fayetteville. Rex Hal MURDOCK: Elec¬ trical Engineering; Fort Smith. Seventh Row: Jimmy joe MURRAY: Civil Engi¬ neering; Gladson. Vice President; ASCE; Valley Springs. Wilbur Jay MYERS: Mechanical Engineer¬ ing; ASME; Rogers. E. Charles NANGLE: Electrical Engineering; 2AE; Newman Club; REW Treasurer; Hot Springs. Toy Lee NAPIER: Education; Lincoln. Eighth Row: Alvin Louis NAYLOR: Electrical En¬ gineering; AIEE; Conway. Suzanne Patrick NEELEY: Home Economics Education; AAA; t TO; Jonesboro. Harold M. NEER: Electrical Engineering; Southwest City, Missouri. Violet NEIFER: Education; KAri; Eureka, South Dakota. 172 Neil Netherton, B. B. Netherton, B. B. Neumeister Nicholson Nolen North Nosari Novak Nutt Nyunt O’Daniel Offutt Oishi Oler Onwiler Orlicek Ormond Oury Owen Owens Oxford Palmer Parette First Row: Carolyn Tisdale NEIL: Music; Spring- dale. Barbara Ballard NETHERTON; Physical Educa¬ tion; AAA; WRA, Publicity Chairman; ABC; PEM Club, President; Gravette. Bobby Bruce NETHERTON: Agricultural Engineering; Arnold Air Society; ASAE; Wesley Foundation; Maysville. Patricia Ann NEUMEI¬ STER: Business Education; KKI Treasurer and Presi¬ dent; Commerce Guild; AWS, Treasurer; X0; Mortar Board, President; Belvidere, Illinois. Gerald Leon NICH¬ OLSON: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Swifton. William Giles NOLEN: Accounting; SAM; BA ; Lincoln. John Paul NORTH: Marketing; 2N; Marketing Club; Fort Smith. Eldon Joe NOSARI: Math; OAK; n me ; “A” Club: Little Rock. Second Row: Joseph Joel NOVAK: Industrial Engi¬ neering; Droke; Mountain View. Wynelle Poole NUTT: Secondary Education; Thornton. Raphael Sein Tin NYUNT: Electrical and Mechanical Engineering; Ran¬ goon, Burma. Julia Ann O’DANIEL: Marketing; IIB4 ; Final scene sketches are prepared by Preston Magruder and Marty Gilbert for one of the six stage productions in the FA Theatre. Marketing Club; AWS; WRA, Secretary; Waldo. Ancel M. OFFUTT: Electrical Engineering; Pine Bluff. Hiro¬ shi OISHI: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; IRE; Wesley Choir; Scott. Franklin Louis OLER: Geology; Wesley Players; Branner Geology Club; Alden, Iowa. Walter Newton ONWILER: Electrical Engineering; TBII; HKN; TIME; Springdale. Third Row: Kenneth D. ORLICEK: Personnel Man¬ agement; AXA; England. Charles Louis ORMOND: In¬ surance and Real Estate; nKA; Morrilton. Byron Eu¬ gene OURY: Math; William House; H2 £; North Little Rock. Robert B. OWEN: Electrical Engineering; ©T; TBII; HKN; IRE; BSU; Pine Bluff. Kenneth Labe OWENS: History; Huntsville. Deryle Gene OXFORD: Agriculture; AZ; Animal Industry Club; Springdale. Edwin Thomas PALMER: Personnel Management; Lit¬ tle Rock. Patricia Ann PARETTE: Home Economics; 4-H House; Colhecon; ASA; Morrilton. SENIORS 173 Parham Parker, P. L. Patrick Payne, P. A. Pelton Peters Philpot Pistole Paris Parr, B. H. Patterson Peacock Perciful Petty Pickens Pitcock Parker, B. J. Parr, K. M. Patton Pearce Perdue Pharr Pierce, H. H. Pittas Parker, C. J. Parson Payne, A. G. Peel Perrier Phillips Pierce, J. W. Pitts First Row : Robert Wilford PARHAM: Animal Husbandry; AZ; Animal Industry Club; Fordyce. Stan N. PARIS: Industrial Management; AXA, Rush Chair¬ man and Social Chairman; Fort Smith. Bobby Joe PARKER: Civil Engineering; AXA; ASCE; ABC; IFC; Pershing Rifles; Dermott. Carol Jean PARKER: English; Holcombe; AAA; H2 l . President; Eureka Springs. Second Row: Patricia Lee PARKER: Secondary Education; KKr ? Vice President; AWS; Chairman Student Union Game Committee; Lewisville. Betty Harris PARR: General Business: X0; Marketing Club; nB$; Tuckerman. Kenneth Monroe PARR: Agricul¬ ture; AG; Tuckerman. Lonnie Voe PARSON: Civil Engineering; Glenwood. Third Row: Marilyn Jo PATRICK: Secondary Ed¬ ucation; Elkins. Felix Eugene PATTERSON: Voca¬ tional Agriculture; Marvell. Robert T. PATTON: Mechanical Engineering; North Little Rock. Andrew Guy PAYNE: History; XX; Young Democrats; Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: Patricia Ann PAYNE: Business Edu¬ cation; KKT, President; Mortar Board; XG. Vice Presi¬ dent; Commerce Guild; Senior Business Class, Secre¬ tary; Mena. Donald Raines PEACOCK: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; Monticello. Jacky Paul PEAR¬ CE: Agriculture; ATA; DeQueen. Virginia Perry PEEL; Commercial Education; Rogers. Fifth Row: Joe Ernest PELTON: Education; Ben¬ ton. Jerry C. PERCIFUL: Chemical Engineering; nKA 5 Secretary; GT; t H2 ? Vice President; ITME; AI ChE; Little Rock. Richardson Milan PERDUE: Gen¬ eral Business; XX; ABC; Pine Bluff. Paul Gene PER¬ RIER: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Mulberry. Sixth Row: James S. PETERS, Jr.: Civil Engineer¬ ing; Buchanan House; ASCE; ABC; Van Buren. Zel- ma Kumpe PETTY: Elementary Education; Spring- dale. Virginia Gibson PHARR: Elementary Education; AAII; Elementary Club; Fort Smith. Joe Oliver PHIL¬ LIPS: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Benton. Seventh Row: Judy Ann PHILPOT: Elementary Education; Scott; Mena. Ronnie David PICKENS: General Business; DeQueen. Harold Heber PIERCE: Agricultural Engineering; William House, Vice Presi¬ dent; ASAE, Scribe; Kansas City, Missouri. Joseph William PIERCE: General Agriculture; ATA; Texar¬ kana. Eighth Row: Louise Ryland PISTOLE: Business Education; Holcombe ; ABC, Treasurer; Coterie, Pres¬ ident; BSU; Crossett. John A. PITCOCK: History; 2N; Van Buren. Panos PITTAS: Government; Salon¬ ika, Greece. Roger Morrow PITTS: General Agricul¬ ture; Lincoln. 174 Plant Poularikas Raible Plegge Plummer Plunkett Poe Polk Pope Porter Powers Price Prislovsky, G. S. Prislovsky, R. L. Puryear Raff Ragsdale Rainwater Ralston Ramoly Rankin Ratliff Reed, J. W. Reed, L. C. First Row: Garratt Proctor PLANT: Sociology and Government; Hot Springs. Franklin Clifford PLEGGE: General Business; Wilson Sharp; XAE; North Little Rock. Glen Brown PLUMMER: General Business; Mari¬ anna. Sue Ann PLUNKETT: Home Economics; 4-H House Manager; ABC; WRA; AWS; ASA; Colhecon; Little Rock. William B. POE: Marketing; IIKA ? Alumni Chairman; Marketing Club; Blue Key; Guild Ticker, Assistant Business Manager; Razorback, Managing Edi¬ tor; Guild Ticker Staff; Fort Smith. Joe Alan POLK: Accounting; Hope. Goldie Lou POPE: Elementary Edu¬ cation; AAII • Elementary Education Club; Warren. Janet PORTER: Elementary Education; AWS; WRA; Elementary Club; Monticello. Second Row : Alexander D. POULARIKAS: Electri¬ cal Engineering; TBII; International Club; Kalamata, Greece. Jimmy Edd POWERS: Agriculture; Droke House; Dardanelle. Virginia Ann PRICE: Home Eco¬ nomics; AP ? Secretary; Board of Publications; Arkansas Agriculturist, Editor; J TO ; Colhecon; ASA; Wesley Foundation; Bentonville. Georgene Sorrells PR1SLOV- SKY: Home Economics and English; $TO; Stuttgart. Robert Leo PRISLOVSKY: Marketing; A t S7; Stuttgart. Gamier King PURYEAR: Banking and Finance; K2, Social Chairman; ABC; Cheerleader; IFPC; Little Rock. Robert Hines RAFF: Education; K2. Vice Presi¬ dent; PEM Club; Marketing Club; West Helena. Ed¬ ward Floyd RAGSDALE: Psychology and Chemistry; 2N ; $ BK ; OAK; PX ? President; t H2; AEA; Newman Club; Russellville. Third Row: Robert Lee RAIBLE: Agriculture; Agro¬ nomy Club, Secretary; Newman Club; Charleston. James Michael RAINWATER: Marketing; Ripley, Social Chairman; Young Democrats; SAM; Marketing Club; North Little Rock. Mary Sue RALSTON: Elementary Education; Elementary Club; Ar; Rogers. Brinton Mil¬ ler RAMOLY, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; HKN ? Vice President; IRE, Secretary; AIEE; Little Rock. Tommy Lewis RANKIN: Education; XX; Wil SO n Sharp, Secre¬ tary and Treasurer; Jonesboro. Billie Lou RATLIFF: Business Education; Holcombe; ' PX; SNEA, Secretary; Dutton. James Wiley REED: Mechanical Engineering; Swain. Lowell C. REED: Banking and Finance; Ripley; Marketing Club; AKSk; Rison. Stage make-up is applied by Cleveland Harrison to fit the part for his lead role in Happy-Time, which Harrison also directed. SENIORS 175 Reeves Rich, E. E. Richmond Roberts Rogers, J. N. Rose Rucker, J. T. Ryles Reuter Rich, M. S. Rick Robertson Rogers, R. S. Ross Rucker, J. W. St. John Reynolds, B. P. Richards Riggan Robinson Rogers, R. 0. Rowe Runsick Sabin Reynolds, R. L. Richardson Ritter Rogers, D. W. Root Roy Russell Sadler First Row: Dale Royce REEVES: Mechanical En¬ gineering; Prairie Grove. Lloyd Andrew REUTER. Jr.: General Business; Wilson Sharp; “A” Club; El Dorado. Betty Pearl REYNOLDS: Home Economics; Colhecon; ASA; Hazen. Robert Lyle REYNOLDS: Entomology; AZ; Entomology Club; Jersey. Second Row: Elmer Eugene RICH: English; Dra¬ ma Club, President; Springdale. Martha Sylvia RICH: Elementary Education; Holcombe; Westminster Fel¬ lowship; Elementary Club; Forrest City. Carl Lee RICHARDS: Industrial Management; AXA, Vice Pres¬ ident; AIIE; Benton. Marvin Lee RICHARDSON: Mechanical Engineering; Greenwood. Third Row: Robert D. RICHMOND: Electrical En¬ gineering; Huntington. Carl William RICK, Jr.: Elec¬ trical Engineering; AIEE; IRE; Austin. Vencil Lee RIGGAN: Poultry; AZ; Animal Industry Club; Mal¬ vern. Ann RITTER: Secondary Education; KKT ? Ac¬ tivities Chairman, House Manager; AWS Legislative Board; Tyronza. Fourth Row: Tommy L. ROBERTS: Marketing; Ripley; Marketing Club; SAM; William House, Presi¬ dent; Student Senate; MIHC; Crossett. James Ira ROBERTSON: Civil Engineerin g; ASCE; Engineer¬ ing Council; Poplar Bluff, Missouri. John Vincent ROBINSON: Architecture; Little Rock. Don W. ROG¬ ERS: Civil Engineering; Ripley House; AXE, Treas¬ urer; ASCE, Treasurer; North Little Rock. Fifth Row: John Nicholas ROGERS, Jr.: Civil En¬ gineering; ASCE, Secretary; Fort Smith. Ronald Ste¬ phen ROGERS: Chemical Engineering; AIChE; El Dorado. Rupert 0. ROGERS: Mechanical Engineer¬ ing; Buchanan House; ASME; Carthage. Lyman Ed¬ ward ROOT: Electrical Engineering; TBIT; HKN; AI EE; Greenwood. Sixth Row: Louis Alien ROSE: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; HS; TBIT. Secretary; IIME; HKN, Secretary; Mineral Springs. William P. ROSS: General Business; 2X; Pine Bluff. Charles Edward ROWE: Personnel Management; AKSk; Civic Club; Young Democrats; OCM; Little Rock. C. L. ROY: Chemical Engineering; QT; AIChE; Wesley Foundation; Little Rock. Seventh Row: James Thomas RUCKER: Market¬ ing; Marketing Club; Camden. James William RUCK¬ ER: Industrial Management; William House; Malvern. Joe T. RUNSICK: Agricultural Engineering; ASAE; Grubbs. Frederica Rae RUSSELL: Home Economics Education; Holcombe, Vice President; WIHC; Civic Club; Colhecon; Coterie; Memphis, Tennessee. Eighth Row: David Herman RYLES: Vocational Agriculture; Booneville. Andrew Warner ST. JOHN, Jr.: General Business; 2AE; Commerce Guild; Little Rock. Robert Paul SABIN: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; IRE; APO; Westminster Fellowship; Fort Smith. James C. SADLER: Electrical Engineering; 2X ? Secretary; ©T, Treasurer; TBII, President; t H2, President: HKN; IIME; IRE; BSU; Engineering Coun¬ cil, Treasurer; OAK, Vice President; Razorback and Engineer Staffs; Pine Bluff. 176 Sage Sain Sanders, E. E. Sanders, Jerry Sanders, John Sanders, M. E. Sanders, S. R. Sanders, W. M. Sandy Satterfield Saunders Schallhorn Schenk Scheuerman Schiefer Schmitz Schofield Schoolcraft Schrader Seay Secrest Seeger Sewell, B. A. Sewell, D. K. First Row : John Allen SAGE: William House; ASCE; Prescott. David A. SAIN: Psychology; Student Senate; Counselor; Holly Grove. Earlton Emmett SAN¬ DERS: Agriculture; ASA; ATA; Pine Bluff. Jerry SANDERS: Architecture; 2 J E; AIA; Camden. John SANDERS: Architecture; 2$E; Camden. Marica Ear- lene SANDERS: Secondary Education; Murfreesboro. Sara Rebecca SANDERS: Elementary Education; AF, Projects Chairman; DSF, Secretary; Elementary Club. Historian; REW; Marshall. William Marshall SAN¬ DERS: Industrial Engineering; Saratoga. Second Row: Jeff Davis SANDY, Jr.: Pre Law; 11K A; Searcy. Milton SATTERFIELD: Marketing; Ab¬ bott. Joe Thomas SAUNDERS: Math; Ripley; Scab¬ bard and Blade; Dierks. Tommy SCHALLHORN: Busi¬ ness Administration; 2X, Social Chairman; AIOE. Presi¬ dent; Civic Club; ABC; Blue Key; DeWitt. Kenneth SCHENK: Civil Engineering; Newman Club; ASCE; AXE; Fort Smith. Ronald Lee SCHEUERMAN: Electri¬ cal Engineering; AIEE; Stuttgart. Bernard Achatz SCHIEFER: General Agriculture; ASA; Agronomy Club; Agri Club; Newman Club; Fox. Leonard John SCHMITZ: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Newman Club; Paris. Third Row: Donald D. SCHOFIELD: Mechanical Engineering; ASME; IIT2; Isabella, Missouri. James Joseph SCHOOLCRAFT: Electrical Engineering; Van Buren. Leo W. SCHRADER: Real Estate and Insurance; SAM; AKSP ' ; Joplin, Missouri. Robert Henry SEAY: Civil Engineering; ASCE; BSU; Fayetteville. C. Grady SECREST: Accounting; WO; Fort Smith. Sally Jo SEE¬ GER: Home Economics; AAA, Recommendations Chair¬ man; AWS; WRA; ASA; Colhecon; Wesley Founda¬ tion; Leslie. Bettie Ann SEWELL: Home Economics; AAri; Colhecon; ASA; WO, Historian; AWS; WRA; Morrilton. Dale Kenley SEWELL: Geology; Springdale. Loan Desk at Main Library provides information, helpful sugges¬ tions, as well as reference material for the searching student. SENIORS 177 Sewell, J. L. Shaw, M. A. Shores Siler Simpson, T. J, Smiley Smith, F. R. Smith, L. M. Shanks Shaw, S. S. Shumate Simkins Sink Smith, B. 0. Smith, H. Dale Smith, R. H. Sharp Sheeks Sikes, B. A. Simonds Sizemore Smith, D. Smith, H. Dixon Smith, R. C. Sharrah Sherman Sikes, J. E. Simpson, B. F. Sloan Smith, E. A. Smith, K. L. Smith, T. H. First Row: Joe Luman SEWELL: Education; Fay¬ etteville. Edgar Allen SHANKS: Physical Education; Blytheville. Warren Hubbard SHARP: Geography; Branner Geology Club, President; Wesley Players; In¬ ternational Club; 2FE; Sulphur Springs. Ronald Paul SHARRAH: Languages; Fayetteville. Second Ro w: Marguerite Anne SHAW: Business Education; Xfi; X0; Commerce Guild; Conway. Sid¬ ney Stanford SHAW: General Agriculture; Jones¬ boro. Emily SHEEKS: Elementary Education; AAII, Registrar; Elementary Club; DSF; WRA; Corning. William F. SHERMAN: Math and History; nKA• OAK, President; Student Senate; HME; i A0; Debate Team; Student Union Central Planning Committee; Traveler Staff; Heber Springs. Third Row: Cecil Edward SHORES: Marketing; Marketing Club, Vice President; Band; Blackfriars, Treasurer; SAM; KK k; ABC; Cave Springs. Douglas Omer SHUMATE: Psychology; ' EX; Charleston. Bob¬ bie Ann SIKES: Elementary Education; Elementary Club; AWS; Ashdown. James Estel SIKES, Jr.: Me¬ chanical Engineering; K2; Band; KK ' E; ASME; Al- leene. Fourth Row: Alva Ray SILER: Agriculture; Wil¬ liam House; AZ; Pleasant Plains. George B. SIM¬ KINS: Agricultural Engineering; ASAE, Secretary; Wesley Foundation; Pershing Rifles; Rogers. Lau¬ rence Howard SIMONDS: Accounting; Springdale. Bonnie Faye SIMPSON: Physical Education; Hol¬ combe, Counselor; WRA; PEM Club; Russellville. Fifth Row: Thomas J. SIMPSON: Pre Med; Mena. Glenn Neil SINK: Architecture; 2X; AIA; Newport. George Mack SIZEMORE: Electrical Engineering; IRE; AIEE; Magnolia. David Watson SLOAN: Ar¬ chitecture; -AE; Newman Club; AIA; Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Wayne Maurice SMILEY: Music Edu¬ cation; Schola Cantorum; Hope. Bobby 0. SMITH: Accounting; SAM; OCM, Treasurer; BSU; McGehee. Don SMITH: Math; Fayetteville. Elizabeth Anne SMITH: English; XQ ; AWS; WRA; Young Demo¬ crats; SNEA; Monticello. Seventh Row: Floyd Ross SMITH: Secondary Edu¬ cation; 211; Mineral Springs. Harold Dale SMITH: Education; William House, Vice President; Siloam Springs. Harold Dixon SMITH: Civil Engineering; ASCE; North Little Rock. Kay Louise SMITH: Ele¬ mentary Education; Little Rock. Eighth ?ow;:Linda May SMITH: Psychology; ' kX; IAWS Correspondent; BSU; Little Rock. Robert Har¬ vey SMITH, Jr.: History; $A0, Secretary and Treas¬ urer; Walnut Ridge. Ronnie Carl SMITH: Insurance and Real Estate; 2N; Marketing Club; Nevada, Mis¬ souri. Truman H. SMITH, Jr.: Business and Industrial Management; SN; Paris. 178 Smithwick Sowder J te ele Steely tove r Strahn Spann Speer Stephens Stevens Stubblefield Stuckey Spencer Stevenson Sugg Spicer Stiefvater Sulcer Spurlin Stillions Sullivan Stanley Stovall Summerford First Row: Phyllis Clyde SMITHWICK: Insurance and Real Estate; AAA, Scholarship Chairman; ABC, Vice President; AWS Finance Chairman; AWS Execu¬ tive Council; Pine Bluff. Norman Glenn SOWDER: Education; 2 l E; Fayetteville. Quinn G. SPANN: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Hensley. Phoebe Lynn SPEER: Elementary Education; HB$; Elementary Club; AWS; WRA; Fort Smith. Paul Melville SPENCER: General Business; Fayetteville. Thomas 0. SPICER: History; KK ; Band; $MA; Fayetteville. Robert Meyer SPUR¬ LIN: Education; Acacia; Civic Club; Berryville. James Woodrow STANLEY, Jr,: Chemistry and Pre-Med; AEA, Vice President; ITMA, President; North Little Rock. Second Row : John Walter STEELE: Education; 2 t E; Fayetteville. Donald Erwin STEELY: Electrical Engineering; 211; Lonoke. Charles David STEPHENS: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; North Little Rock. Ed- wene STEVENS: English; XQ, President; Mortar Board; AT, President; Civic Club; ABC; Razorback Class Editor; Sophomore Counselor; Council of Honor Societies, Secretary; Panhellenic; Forrest City. Edward W. STEVENSON: Business; K2, Vice President; Com¬ merce Guild; Traveler Editor; Guild Ticker, Associate Class change at the cross-walk behind Old Main during Fall rain. Editor; Razorback Staff; Cove. Ralph Joseph STIEF¬ VATER: Civil Engineering; ASCE; Newman Club; Conway. Donna Lou STILLIONS: Home Economics; A All, Reporter; $?(), President; ASA; Colhecon; AWS; WRA; Wesley Foundation; Earle. John R. STOVALL: Industrial Engineering; 2IT, Secretary; AITM, Secretary; IT ME ; Young Democrats; DSF; AIIE; Blytheville. Third Roiv: William Jan STOVER: Mechanical En¬ gineering; 2X; Razorback Staff; Arkansas Engineer Staff; Camden. James Edmon STRAHN: Marketing; Marketing Club; SAM; Pine Bluff. Ramona Marie STUBBLEFIELD: Elementary Education; Elementary Club; BSU; Fort Smith. Charles Norman STUCKEY: Geology; Fayetteville. Barney Alan SUGG: Banking and Finance; 2X, President; Associated Students, President; Student Senate; AK B, Secretary; Blue Key; “A” Club; Helena. Marilane SULCER: History; AAA, House Man¬ ager; OA0, Secretary and Treasurer; Razorback Staff; AWS; WRA; Forrest City. William Harrel SULLIVAN: Electrical Engineering; HKN; IIME; T0II; IRE; Searcy. Charles Ray SUMMERFORD: Civil Engineering; Star City. SENIORS 179 Swafford Swihart Switzer Sypher Taylo Taylor, J. T. Taylor, W. L. Teague Tedford Terry, R. K. Terry, T. B. Thetford Thomas Thompson, K. IF. Thompson, R. J. Thrailkill Tiffin Todd Toler Tolleson Tollett Tompaw Toon Trammel Tranum Treat Treece Tuohey Uhm Underwood Ursery Valentine First Row: Jimmy Edward SWAFFORD: Account¬ ing; Fort Smith. Carol SWIHART: Art; AAA; Saint Patricia; AWS; WRA; Leachville. Barry Layne SWIT¬ ZER: General Business; Wilson Sharp, President; “A” Club; Football Tri-Captain; Crossett. Bill M. SYPHER: Business Education; Farmington. Second Row : James Thomas TAYLO: Math; nME; Ravana. John Travis TAYLOR: Psychology; 2 t E. Historian; X; ABC; Civic Club; Young Democrats: Blackfriars; Traveler Cartoonist; Clarksville. William LeRoy TAYLOR: Music Education; F Ae. Vice Presi¬ dent; OAK; President; Symphony Orchestra; Band; Joplin, Missouri. Jarrell Haskell TEAGUE: Music Education; Band; Stamps. Third Row : William Lee TEDFORD, Jr.; Market¬ ing; 2AE ? Treasurer; AKF ' ; Marketing Club; Little Rock. Randall Kent TERRY: Marketing; 2F e. Rush Chairman; ABC; SAM; Marketing Club; Little Rock. Tom Bradley TERRY: General Business; Fayetteville. Jack Lee THETFORD: Industrial Engineering; Razor- back; AIIE; Student Senate; Engineering Council; Fort Smith. Fourth Row : John Ervine THOMAS: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Searcy. Kenneth Harlan THOMP¬ SON: General Business; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Royce Jo THOMPSON: Education; ZTA; Elementary Club; SNEA; AWS; Batesville. Daniel B. THRAILKILL: Education; Scabbard and Blade; Mena. Fifth Row : Ralph Hopson TIFFIN: Industrial En¬ gineering; 211; AIIE; Ashdown. Patrick A. TODD: General Business; Fort Smith. James Raymond TO¬ LER: Education; Droke; Branner Club; BSU; Cros¬ sett. John Harrison TOLLESON: General Business; 2N; t MA ? President; Band, Vice President; Orchestra; KK ' P; Greenwood. Sixth Row: Eugene E. TOLLETT: Animal Hus¬ bandry; Farm House; Animal Industry Club; ASA; BSU; Nashville. Paul G. TOMPAW: General Agricul¬ ture; AZ, Scribe; Animal Industry Club, Secretary; Agronomy Club; ASA; Caraway. Donald Lane TOON: Pre-Med; AIT, President; AT A, President; Young Democrats, President; ASA, Treasurer; AZ; OAK; Agronomy Club; Student Senate; Animal Industry Club, Treasurer; Cove. Dickey Ray TRAMMEL: Gen¬ eral Business; 2X, Rush Chairman; Blue Key, Presi¬ dent; ABC, President; Commerce Guild, President; AK ' P; Civic Club; Cheerleader; Pocahontas. Seventh Row: Bill L. TRANUM: Chemistry; K2; Civic Club; Wilson Sharp, President; OAK; “A” Club; Football; Driver. Duane Clayton TREAT: In¬ dustrial Engineering; Mountain Home. Neill FI. TREE- CE: Agriculture; Leslie. James Frederick TUOHEY, Jr.: Marketing; 2N, President; Razorback, Editor, Business Manager; IFC; Student Senate; ABC; AKT; OAK; Marketing Club, Treasurer; Commerce Guild, Treasurer; Newman Club; Board of Publications; Press Club; Gaebale Committees; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Bill K. UHM: Architecture; 211; In¬ ternational Club, President; AIA, Treasurer; Wesley Foundation; Seoul, Korea. William Gravely UNDER¬ WOOD: General Business; 2X; Fayetteville. Durwin C. URSERY: Architecture; AIA; Camden. John E. VALENTINE: Agriculture; AT A; Decatur. 180 Vaughn Velvin Vetter Walker, H. E. Walker, H. E. Walker, W. D. Wallace Walls, A. J. Walls, C. R. Walls, J. Walt Walters Wanasek Ward Wardlaw Warren Wasson Waters Watson Waymack Weaver Webb, A. B. Webb, J. M. Webb, N. L. First Row: Gary Lynn VAUGHN: Mechanical En¬ gineering; Fort Smith. Benjamin Drew VELVIN: His¬ tory; 2AE; Lewisville. John Steve VETTER: Civil En¬ gineering; ASCE; AXE ; Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Haskel Earl WALKER: Math; Buchanan; Fort Smith. Henry Edwin WALKER: Industrial Management; AXA; Fort Smith. Warren Dean WALKER: Psychology; Bran- ner Club; Young Democrats; Huntsville. Minor Gor¬ don WALLACE, Jr.: Architecture; AIA; Texarkana. Andrew Jackson WALLS: General Business; Sec¬ retary; AK ' k; Vice President; North Little Rock. Second Row: Charles Rayburn WALLS: Architect¬ ure; Des Arc. Janis WALLS: Home Economics; nB t 9 Corresponding Secretary; ASA, Secretary; Col- hecon; Wesley Foundation; Agriculturist Staff; Eng¬ land. Martin Lee WALT: Agriculture; K2, President; Student Court; Blue Key; Gaebale Treasurer; Dumas. Edward Louis WALTERS: Electrical Engineering; New¬ man Club; Branch. Robert Edward WANASEK: Geol¬ ogy; XAE, Chaplain; 2FE ? Secretary-Treasurer; Canter¬ bury Club, President; OAK; Student Christian Council; Muskogee, Oklahoma. James Hollis WARD: Pre-Med; Acacia, President; UMA, Vice President; Band; A t 2 ? Secretary; $H2 ; McCrory. Rose Marie WARDLAW: Home Economics; Holcombe; BSU; Colhecon; Lockes- burg. Leon Bradley WARREN: Agronomy; Agronomy Club; Animal Industry Club; AZ; ASA; Cherry Hill. Third Row: Rebecca Elizabeth WASSON: Educa¬ tion; House Manager; Chairman, Legislative Board; AWS Judicial Board; Student Union Board, Secretary; Cheerleader; ABC; Orchesis; PEM Club, Vice Presi¬ dent; KAll; AWS Executive Board; Fayetteville. Ray Allen WATERS., Jr.: Banking and Finance; 2II ? Presi¬ dent; IFC, President; AK ; ABC; Civic Club; A t fi ; Commerce Guild; Student Senate; Associated Students, Treasurer; Texarkana. Daniel Ray WATSON: Mechan¬ ical Engineering; ASME; Newman Club; Springdale. Lester B. WAYMACK: Animal Nutrition; Pine Bluff. Deanna WEAVER: Marketing; Holcombe; Marketing Club; Commerce Guild; SAM; AWS; WRA; ABC; Marshall. Alvin B. WEBB: Chemical Engineering; Gravette. James Murphy WEBB: Architecture; 2 t E- AIA, I ine Bluff. Nancy Louise WEBB: Secondary Edu¬ cation; Springdale. Slide rules, cigarettes, and staggered seating were in order for lengthly three-hour semester final exams held on campus. SENIORS 181 Weber Wells White, B. A. White, R. C. Wilcox, J. C. Williams, N. Williamson, S. A. Wilson, C. E. Webster Westervelt White, J. G. Whiteley Wilcox, L. L. Williams, R. M, Wilson, A. L. Wilson, C. F. Weedman Whalen White, M. R. Whitfield Willey Williams, R. L. Wilson, B. L. Wilson, E. A. Weir Whitaker White, N. L. Whitworth Williams, K. M. Williamson, J. B. Wilson, C. A. Wilson, R. L. First Row : Richard Thomas WEBER: Math; Springdale. Carolyn Jean WEBSTER: Music Educa¬ tion; KKX; 2AI; AWS; Fayetteville. Harry N. WEED- MAN : Chemical Engineering; 2N; ABC; Civic Club; AIChE; Arnold Air Society; Student Directory, co- Editor; Blytheville. Lynn Warren WEIR: Speech; Fay¬ etteville. Second Row: Walter Lewis WELLS: Natural Sci¬ ence; William House; Lewisville. Ann WESTERVELT; Journalism; Treasurer; Canterbury Club; Student Christian Council; AWS; WRA; Hot Springs. Keith Ann WHALEN: Art; AAA; Channing Club; In¬ ternational Club; $BK; Fort Smith. Carolyn Sue WHITAKER: Business; ZTA, Secretary; X0 ; AWS; WRA; Heber Springs. Third Row: Barbara Anne WHITE: Home Eco¬ nomics; AAn Secretary and House Manager; ASA; c t TO ? Librarian; Colhecon, Secretary; Wesley Founda¬ tion; AWS Legislative Board; Monticello. James George WHITE: Mechanical Engineering; William House; ASME; MIHC, Treasurer; Blue Eye, Missouri. Margaret Ruth WHITE: Elementary Education; AT; SNEA; Elementary Club: Wesley Foundation; AWS; Clarksville. Norma Louise WHITE: Education; Xft; KAll; AWS; Elementary Club; WRA; Crossett. Fourth Row: Robert Coleman WHITE: Architec¬ ture; Little Rock. Ronald Leon WHITELEY: General Business; Springdale. Ruth Ann WHITFIELD: Ele¬ mentary Education; ZTA; Elementary Club; WRA; AWS; Homecoming Royalty; Fayetteville. Jerry B. WHITWORTH: Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Bly¬ theville. Fifth Row: Jerry C. WILCOX: Architecture; DKA; AIA; IFC; Little Rock. L. Lynn WILCOX: Education; ZTA, Rush Chairman; Civic Club; Associated Students Secretary; Panhellenic; AWS; WRA; Shreveport, Louisiana. Patricia Ruth WILLEY: Elementary Educa¬ tion; Holcombe; Elementary Club; SNEA; ABC; Jop¬ lin, Missouri. Kathleen M. WILLIAMS: Elementary Education; Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Nancisue WILLIAMS: Elementary Ed¬ ucation; HB$; Elementary Club; AWS; Young Demo¬ crats; Little Rock. Ralph McPherson WILLIAMS, Jr.: General Business; XAE, Rush Chairman; IFPC, Presi¬ dent; Arkadelphia. Ruth Lindley WILLIAMS: Educa¬ tion; XO, Secretary; REW Chairman; Wesley Founda¬ tion; AWS; WRA; ABC; Newport. James Blake WILLIAMSON: Agricultural Engineering; ASAE; Star City. Seventh Row: Silas Albert WILLIAMSON, Jr.: Electrical Engineering; AIEE; Hot Springs. Ann Louise WILSON: Education; Holcombe; International Club; Fort Smith. Bob L. WILSON: Chemical Engi¬ neering; ©T, President; AIChE; BSU; Engi¬ neering Council; Malvern. Charles Arthur WILSON: Chemical Engineering; Buchanan House; Hot Springs. Eighth Row: Charles Edward WILSON: Pre Law; IIKA; Commerce Guild; AK I ' ; Civic Club; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Marketing Club; Blue Key; Hardy. Charles Franklin WILSON: Agri¬ cultural Engineering; ASAE; Wesley Foundation; Wesley Players, Treasurer; Little Rock. Edmund Al- lenby WILSON: Architecture; Helena. Robert Lyn¬ wood WILSON: Mechanical Engineering; Buchanan; ASME; nT2, Secretary; Heber Springs. 182 Wilson, T. B. Wimberly Winter Wirsig Wise W iser Wiswell Witsell Wittman Wofford W ' omack Woodruff Woods Worthington Wortz Wren Wright Yancey, A. Yancey, E. D. Yates, C. E. Yates, M. L. Yawn Young Youree Zanoff Zimmerman, C. Zimmerman, D. First Row: Tommy Bruce WILSON: Mechanical En¬ gineering; ASME; Arkansas Engineer; Westminister; Army ROTC; North Little Rock. Edward Eugene WIM¬ BERLY: Architecture; Ripley House; AIA; North Little Rock. William Curtis WINTER: Industrial Engineering; AIIE, Secretary; Garden City, Missouri. Niesje Ann WIRSIG: Elementary Education; ZTA; Elementary Club; Fayetteville. Max Ronald WISE: Animal Husband¬ ry; Arp, Vice President; Booneville. Frank D. WISER: Vocation Agriculture; Havana. Donald Lee WISWELL: Mechanical Engineering; Student Senate; ASME; Engi¬ neering Council; Prairie Grove. Gilbert Posted WIT- SELL: General Management; XX; Commerce Guild; SAM; Guild Ticker Staff; Little Rock. Leonard Max WITTMAN: Industrial Management; Stuttgart. Second Row : Jack Raymond WOFFORD: Civil En¬ gineering; ASCE; North Little Rock. Martha Jane WO¬ MACK: Education; KK1 Secretary; AWS Legislative Board; Marked Tree. Chester Edward WOODRUFF: Education; KK P; Band; Ozark. Charles R. WOODS: Geology; Crossett. Glen Dale WORTHINGTON: Phys¬ Cotton leaves are separated from petioles as part of cotton fer¬ tilizer experiment by Dr. G. W. Hardy, John Garrett, William Cole. ical Education; PEM Club; Fayetteville. Gail WORTZ: Sociology; KKT; Fort Smith. Jennie WREN: Speech Therapy; AAA; Wesley Foundation; AWS; WRA; X; 2AH; Wilson. Tommy Dean WRIGHT: Industrial Man¬ agement; SAM; Sheridan. Ann YANCEY: Math; Xfi, Vice President; IIME, Secretary; AWS; WRA; Razor- back Greek Editor; Marianna. Third Row: Elmer Dale YANCEY: Banking and Finance; 2X; «t H2 ? President; OAK; Traveler Staff; Searcy. Charles Edward YATES: Civic Engineering; Sedgwell; 0T, Marshall; H2 ; IIME; TBIT, Vice Presi¬ dent; ASCE, President; AXE, Secretary; Nashville. Mil- ton Leon YATES: Chemistry; Bismarck. Sarah Kathryn YAWN: Secondary Education; KKX; Camden. Bobby Jack YOUNG: Physical Education; Tyronza. James Henry YOUREE: Zoology; 2 t E ? Pledge Trainer; Young Democrats; Bonham, Texas. Frank J. ZANOFF: Elec¬ trical Engineering; ©T; North Little Rock. Charles Richard ZIMMERMAN: Mechanical Engineering; Car¬ lisle. Donald Leon ZIMMERMAN: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; AIEE; Ulm. SENIORS 183 Allen Boone Bramhall Buffalo Bullock Burchfield Butler Carter Childs Grumpier Davis Engeler Epley Files Ginger Glass Goodrich Hanshaw Harbar Hass Hayes Henslee Hipp Hitchcock Hood Horne Hout Huchaba Kolb Langstom Lewis McGraw First Row: Phillip E. ALLEN: Terry Village May¬ or; President; TKA; $H2; Student Bar Associa¬ tion; Arkansas Forensic Society; North Little Rock. Joe C. BOONE: 2X; IFPC President; Student Bar As¬ sociation; Law Review; El Dorado. Thomas Muldrew BRAMHALL: Fayetteville. Edward Joseph Lemont BUFFALO. Jr.: $AA ? President; Blue Key; Student Senate; Law Review; William House; Carlisle. Second Row : William R. BULLOCK: Student Bar Association; Dardanelle. Franklin Delano BURCH¬ FIELD: Student Bar Association; McNeil. Richard Colburn BUTLER: Little Rock. Odell Clifton CART¬ ER: PAD; Mountain View. Third Row : Jerry Paul CHILDS: nKA; AK F; A0 t ; Hot Springs. Claude Bailey CRUMPLER. Jr.: El Dora¬ do. Sidney Parker DAVIS. Jr.: Student Court, Chief Justice; Arkansas Law Review; Prescott. Gordon Fred ENGELER, Jr.: 2X; 3 AA ; Gamaliel. Fourth Row: Lewis E. EPLEY, Jr.: Razorback Band; KK ? Secretary; Circle K; Student Bar Associa¬ tion; $AA; Springdale. Jack Dale FILES: A0$; Stu¬ dent Senate; Hunter. Henry GINGER: Lake City. Karl Daly GLASS, Jr.: Student Bar Association; Young Democrats; $AA; SAM; Paris. Fifth Row: William Russell GOODRICH: A0, President; AK F ? Secretary; Student Bar Association, Treasurer; IFC; ABC; Civic Club; Circle K, Treas¬ urer; Student Senate; A0$; Little Rock. Lance Lamar HANSHAW: nKA; BSU; Jonesboro. Everett Edsel HARBER: Student Bar Association; Blytheville. Will¬ iam Ralph HASS: Dermott. Sixth Row: Jack H. HAYES: A0 t ; Fayetteville. William Edward IIENSLEE: 2EA; t AA; Pine Bluff. Richard HIPP: 211; Young Democrats, President; Civic Club, Treasurer; SAM; Marketing Club; Student Bar Association; Blytheville. Raebern Brooks HITCH¬ COCK: Little Rock. Seventh Row: John Richard HOOD: $AA; Pine Bluff. Allan Wade HORNE: Student Bar Association, President; AA. Treasurer; Hot Springs. Phillip David HOUT: K2; ABC; AK 3 ; Student Bar Association; Newport. Frank HUCHABA, Jr.: nKA; BSU; SCC; AA; Student Bar Association; Oil Trough. Eighth Row: John G. KOLB: Gladson Hall; BK; A0 t ; BSU; Fort Smith. Donald Ray LANGSTON: 2 t E; t AA; Student Bar Association; Young Demo¬ crats; Coal Hill. Jack Medlin LEWIS: Student Bar Association; Pangburn. Dan McGRAW: nKA; A0 t ; Hot Springs. 184 Matthews Phillips Smith Mattingly Plaster Streetman Middleton Mooney Nutt Oberle Raff Ridgway Rieves Ross Sullards Thomas Tilmon Tiner Patty Pedron Rotenberry Rothwell Wommack Woolsey First Row: Gail Owen MATTHEWS: $AA; Law Review; MACH; Wynne. Lesly Weaver MATTINGLY: 3 AA; Hatton. Robert Francis MIDDLETON: 2N ? Presi¬ dent, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman; Law Review, Editor; $A0; OAK; Student Union Board; IFC; Commerce Guild. Vice President; Civic Club; AK ' P; IFPC, Vice President; Sophomore Class Vice President; Nevada, Missouri. Charles Marion MOONEY: Jones¬ boro. Robert Mitchell NUTT: AXA; Hot Springs. David Yates OBERLE: Student Bar Association; $AA; Con¬ way. Claiburne Watkins PATTY, Jr.: BGII; 3 AA; IITM; Little Rock. Thomas Adrian PEDRON: AA; Hope. Second Row: David H. PHILLIPS: 2AE; $AA; F or t Smith. George Nicholas PLASTER: IIKA; BA ' P; A4 I; Little Rock. Arthur E. RAFF, Jr.: K2 ; AK ; TIC A ; Stu¬ dent Bar Association; Arkansas Forensic Society; West Helena. Curtis L. RIDGWAY, Jr.: A0 i ; Hot Springs. Elton Allison IIIEVES: Student Bar Association, Presi¬ dent; A04 ? President; Honor Council; Legal Research Committee; SAB ; Marion. James A. ROSS, Jr.: Mont- icello. Burl C. ROTENBERRY: Law Review Staff; $AA; Little Rock. William D. ROTHWELL: Hope. Third Row : Don Sanders SMITH: SAE; Student In¬ termural Manager; Stephens. Thomas S. STREETMAN: McNeil. Bob Roy SULLARDS: AXA ? Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Rush Chairman, House Manager; AKSk ; i AA; Little Rock. Albert Janney THOMAS, Jr.: West Memphis. Charles E. TILMON: Razorback Hall, Secretary; Varsity Debate; A0 £; AK ' P ; BAT ' . Secretary; OAK ? Treasurer; Wesley Foundation Program Chair¬ man; Texarkana. Lohnes T. TINER: Student Senate; Attorney General; Young Democrats; Student Bar As¬ sociation; Weiner. Lynn Fields WADE; 2N; IFC; $AA 5 Secretary; Stud ent Bar Association; Student Legal Re¬ search Committee, Chairman; Fayetteville. Richard Lane WOMMACK: Joplin, Missouri. Edgar Allen WOOL¬ SEY: Student Bar Association, President; $AA ? Mar¬ shal; American Law Student Association, Representa¬ tive; Assistant Attorney General; AA; Legal Research Committee; Young Democrats; Charleston. Early morning study session in the Law Library finds one student snoozing and two studying diligently in preparation for law classes. LAWYERS 185 Foreign students Klaus Popp of Germany, Kitty De Vries of Holland, Raul Cis¬ neros of Panama, discuss the different Christmas customs of their countries. SPECIAL First Row: Edith Mae BARRETT: Harrison. Rich¬ ard L. BENNETT: mg ; tbii ; iime ; AiiM; AIIE; Fort Smith. Frida BJORNSDOTTIR: Holcombe; Reykjavik, Iceland. Nancy D. CARROLL: Fayetteville. Keong Chye CHEAH: Zoology; Wesley Foundation; Georgetown, Penang, Malaya. Maris-Claude DEPRAZ: Davis; An¬ necy, Haute-Savoie, France. Herbert Carlton DOUP: Pine Bluff. Second Row: Nancy Ohlendorf FAIRLEY: Osceola. Grete Torunn FOLLESDAL: KKT; International Club, Vice President; Askim, Norway. Lee D. GRIFFIN: 211; ; Mena. Helen Cook KIRBY: Harrison. Sigfrid Carl Erik LEIJONHUFVUD: 2AE; Umia, Sweden. Harry Dean WORD, Rison. Ali Gultekin YILDIZ: Izmir, Tur¬ key. Barrett Bennett Bjornsdottir Carroll Cheah Depraz Doup Fairley Follesdal Griffin Kirby Leijonhufvud Word Yildiz 186 Abbott Amos Armstrong Asher Baker, B. B. Baker, C. P. Bal ch Baltz Banks Barron Becker Boutwell Bramhall Brown Browne Bryant Bubblis Bullington Burrough Chaffin Chaney Childs Clardy Combs Crow Da Gama D’Angelo First Row : Wesley C. ABBOTT: $MA; Schola Can- torum; Medina, Ohio. George AMOS: BSU; Kissimmee, Florida. Conrad Glynn ARMSTRONG: nKA; Newman Club; AIChE; AES; Fort Smith. Gerald Eugene ASH¬ ER: Marketing Club; SAM; Fayetteville. Billy Bert BAKER: AK; Gilbert. Calvin Philip BAKER: Pyatt. Ralph Elias BALCH: Nashville. Richard Bruce BALTZ: OAr; East St. Louis, Illinois. Johnnie Sue BANKS: Hiwasse. Flat. Lloyd Eugene BROWNE: Entomology Club; Sheri¬ dan. Robert Lee BRYANT: Little Rock. Frank Willard BUBBLIS: 2n ; Huttig. Edwin Huey BULLINGTON: $A0; Fayetteville. Second Row: Marcelia Bent BARRON: ' J ' X; AKA; Fayetteville. Betty BECKER: AAA; AWS; WRA; t AT ; Camden. Jerry Dean BOUTWELL: Cotton Plant. Jane Smith BRAMHALL: nB4 ; Brs ; Little Rock. Ger¬ ald Richard BROWN: AZ ; Agronomy Club; ASA; Ash Third Row: John M. BURROUGH: AX A; Alma. Sammy Levon CHAFFIN: BSU, President; AX2 ? Presi¬ dent; AIChE, Treasurer; Pershing Rifles; MIHC; Mag¬ nolia. Robert Cheathum CHANEY: ATA; England. Will¬ iam Ves CHILDS: ASC; AX2; Magnolia. Edwin Kelly CLARDY: AChS; IRE; AIChE; Malvern. George Donald COMBS: TBII; AIChE; AX2 ? President; Fort Smith. Patrick 0. CROW: Benton. Alice Spinola DA GAMA: Davis; Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jose Alejandro D’AN¬ GELO: AXA; Agricultural Engineering; Lima, Peru. Physics graduate student Larry Weaver observes the spectrum from gaseous discharge in one of many Optics laboratory experiments. GRADUATES 187 Davis Evans Graham Hall, D. V. Helms, D. J. Hogan, T. Hyde James Dawson Fay Green Hall, 0. J. Hendrix Hogins Idol Johnson, C. P. Dodson Fox Griffin Harder Hite Holbrook Ingle Johnson, J. P. Dwyer Fulton Griggs Hatfield Hodges Hope Jackson, B. D. Johnson, R. T. Enoch Golden Gungor Helms, B. D. Hogan, T. V. Hutchins Jackson, C. E. Jones, F. G. First Row : Lawrence Arnette DAVIS, Jr.: Pine Bluff. Hugh Robin DAWSON: Camden. Diane DOD¬ SON: 2AII; Fayetteville. Don Ivan DWYER, Jr.: HME; Yellville. Rex ENOCH: BSU; 2AE; Bolivar, Tennessee. Second Row: Charles F. EVANS, Jr.: AXA ? Presi¬ dent; IFC; Newman Club; Circle “K”; Fort Smith. Jack Revelle FAY: Br2 ; KAII; PEM Club; SNEA; Young Republicans; Joplin, Missouri. David Nolan FOX: HKN; AIEE; IRE; Talihina, Oklahoma. Bobbie Eugene FULTON: Henderson, Kentucky. Benny Joe GOLDEN: Searcy. Third Row: Barbara Jeanette GRAHAM: 2AII ? Vice President; Bristol, Connecticut. Bernal L. GREEN: Alpena. Patsy GRIFFIN: Prescott. Kenneth Wayne GRIGGS: A9 ; Jacksonville. R. Behic GUN¬ GOR: AIEE; Ankara, Turkey. Fourth Row: Diana Vinson HALL: Ar; SAM; Marketing Club; AWS Committee Chairman; Fayette¬ ville. Orville Jacquelin HALL, Jr.: $A9; ASME; Fay¬ etteville. Henry L. HARDER; Newman Club; Fort Smith. Lynn LaMar HATFIELD: Harrison. Boyce D. HELMS: Newport. Fifth Row: Don J. HELMS: Tuckerman. James William HENDRIX: AZ; Farm House; Greenville, North Carolina. Maxine Ripley HITE: Prairie Grove. Howard Lawrence HODGES: ACS; nME; Little Rock. Thomas Wagner HOGAN: Miami, Florida. Sixth Row: Turner HOGAN: Conway. Jack N. HOGINS: Blue Key; Elementary Club; Dover. Thomas HOLBROOK: AK ; SAM; Circle K; OCM; Young Democrats; Commerce Guild; BSU; TICE; Mark¬ ed Tree. Robert C. FIOPE: Little Rock. Lester H. HUTCHINS, Jr.: Damascus. Seventh Row: David L. HYDE: Little Rock. John Lane IDOL, Jr.: Boone, North Carolina. Patricia INGLE: Grandview. Texas. Bobby Damon JACKSON: SAM; Banks. Charles Edward JACKSON: Atkins. Eighth Row: Pat Vernel JAMES: Magnolia. C. Philip JOHNSON: ASCE; Starkville, Mississippi. Jerry Parish JOHNSON: North Little Rock. Ray Tho¬ mas JOHNSON: TICE; 2FE ? President; Scabbard and Blade; Jonesboro. Flerndy Glenn JONES: Entomology Club; Tichnor. 188 Jones, F. A. Jones, W. H. Kaye Keith Kenna Kent Kjeldsen Kyle LaFerney Lautz Lawbaugh Lea Lessley Linsley Looney Lovell Lybarger McCaleb McElhaney McGill McRell Mathey Men on Miller, L. F. Miller. R. V. Moore Morris Morton Neifer Nunnally Nutt Odglen Ookuni Ozturk Pang Patton First Row: Freida Ann JONES: Muskogee, Okla¬ homa. Wray Henry JONES: AX2 ; TIME ; TBIT; AIChE; Batesville. Becky KAYE: Little Rock. Norma Jean KEITH: AWS; North Little Rock. Bernard Thomas KENNA: AX2, Secretary; K2K; Winslow. John L. KENT: Mt. Judea. Richard G. KJELDSEN: Newman Club; Fayetteville. Daniel Guin KYLE: Magnolia. Pres¬ ton E. LAFERNEY: rsA ; ata ; Griffithville. Second Row: Richard Eugene LAUTZ: Kenmore, New York. Helen Louise LAWBAUGH: Fulbright, Counselor; Wesley Players; x ; Little Rock. Stanley E. LEA: Joplin, Missouri. Billy Vhard LESSLEY: AZ; t ' XA; Agriculture Economics Club; Ozark. Joseph Lee LINSLEV: Little Rock. Marvin 0. LOONEY: Gaines¬ ville, Missouri. Jessie Louise LOVELL: 4 T0; Dierks. James Harold LYBARGER: El Dorado. James A. Mc- CALEB: -l’E; Batesville. Third Row: Curtis Willis McELHANEY: Fayette¬ ville. Bruce D. McGILL: Chidester. Eddie J. McRELL: Razorback; Student Court; 2AH; OAK; Bentonville. F. Courtenay MATHEY: Student Senate; Acacia, SAM, ABC- Warren M. P. MENON: Kandassankadavu, Ker¬ ala. India. Laird Foulis MILLER: AChE; Colorado Springs, Colorado. Robert Victor MILLER: Rochester, New York. James C. MOORE: X ; Little Rock. Justin Roy MORRIS: axa ; ATA; rSA; Nashville. Fourth Row: Edward Lionel MORTON: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Leo John NEIFER: Aberdeen, South Dakota. Martha Sue NUNN ALLY: Fulbright, Coun¬ selor; Little Rock. Donald Ray NUTT: TBIT; AXE, President; HME; Scabbard and Blade; ASCE; Mineral Springs. Glen E. ODGLEN: Entomology Club; Grubbs. Ikwo OOKUNI: Tokyo, Japan. Orhan OZTURK: Is¬ tanbul, Turkey. Henry PANG: West Helena. Jimmy Dale PATTON: Student Bar Association; Young Demo¬ crats; $AA; Belleville. - GRADUATES 189 Petersen, M. B Petersen, R. G. Phillips, C. W. Phillips, P. L. Plants Purifoy Ragland Rapp Rogers, 0. A. Rogers, R. T. Rorex Rosa Sessions Shaida Shankle Sharum Simco Smith Steele Stokenbury Trammell Treadway Tug we 11 Veuleman Watson, R. L. Wear Wesley Westbrook Whitaker Whitmore Wilks Wilson, F. Pippin Reed Scogin Shull Teeter Watson, R. H. Whidden Wilson, J. L. First Row : Melba Bass PET ERSEN: North Little Rock. Robert Gregg PETERSEN: North Little Rock. Charles William PHILLIPS: Elkins. Paula Lee PHIL¬ LIPS: Russellville. Argus Kenneth PIPPIN: Ozark. Second Row : Robert W. PLANTS: AKII; Elemen¬ tary Club; Hosston, Louisiana. Pierce Hensley PURI- FOY: Fouke. James Bryan RAGLAND: AZ; ATA; T2A; Leslie. Walclean Glenn RAPP: Junction City, Kansas. Ira Max REED: ATO, President; OAK; IFC; Student Senate; AK ; BSU; SAM; Rison. Third Row : Oscar Allan ROGERS, Jr.: A A; KAII; AK; New Orleans, Louisiana. Robert Thomas ROG¬ ERS: Stamps. Robert Albright ROREX: El Dorado. Billy J. ROSA: Mountain View. Henry David SCO¬ GIN: Monticello. Fourth Row: Martha Rae SESSIONS: ' PX; Fay¬ etteville. Peter L. SHAIDA: New York, New York, jimmy E. SHANKLE: Chidester. Urban Eugene SHA- RUM: Newman Club; AX2 ; Fort Smith. Richard P. SHULL: Marketing Club; SAM; Lonoke. Fifth Row: Thomas Frank SIMCO: AZ ? Chancel¬ lor; PXA; Animal Industry Club; ASA; Mountainburg. William Grady SMITH: AZ ? Chancellor; T2A; ASA; Animal Industry Club; Young Democrats; Dover. Ger¬ ald Carmel STEELE: Hartford. Lorna STOKEN- BURY: IIB ; £PN; BT2; Mortar Board; Fayetteville. Ernestine TEETER: Tillar. Sixth Row: Robert R. TRAMMELL: ' PX; Little Rock. John F. TREADWAY: Fayetteville. Noel Phil¬ ip TUGWELL: Donaldson. Malcolm Wayne VEULE- MAN: Lake Charles, Louisiana. Robert Howard WAT¬ SON: Wynne. Seventh Row: Robert L. WATSON: Farm House; AZ; Plainview. James Otto WEAR: Fort Smith. Charles Eugene WESLEY: Band; Orchestra; Russellville. Eliz¬ abeth WESTBROOK: Benton. John P. WHIDDEN: 2«t E; Jonesboro. Eighth Row: Alice Jane WHITAKER: KKT; Coun¬ selor, Fulbright; WRA; Harrison. James Hobson WHITMORE: AZ; ASA; Blue Key; ATA; r2A; Nash¬ ville. Charles B. WILKS: Springhill, Louisiana. Fran¬ ces WILSON: Magnolia. Joe Leslie WILSON: Mag¬ nolia. 190 And for the select, who complete the specified curriculum requirements, now comes graduation, ending years of work, study, and preparation for the event. Alan Sugg Bob Fussell President, Vice President, Associated Students Associated Students Lynn Wilcox Secretary, Associated Students Ray Waters Treasurer, Associated Students Democracy With A Student Twist Student government has long been a center of stu¬ dent interest and activity. Beginning with concerted efforts of the candidates in the Spring campaigns, the administration of student affairs by the students begins to evolve. The Executive Officers, the Student Senate, and the Student Court fulfill the alleged balance of power in the functions of student government. However, the great majority of governmental activity is concentrated in the Senate, where legislative action in such areas as organizations, student entertainment, and student-facul¬ ty relations evidences the efforts of the Senators. The Student Court, although relatively new in ser¬ vice, has already established a reputation for competence and objectivity in the consideration of student disci¬ plinary measures. STUDENT SENATE: First Row : Lynn Wilcox, Ray Waters, Sandra Yates, Carol Cole, Carolyn Dick, Sara Trager, Ellen Compton. Second Row: Gary Campbell, David Sain, Jim Dennis, Alice Rothert, Linda Durham. Stella Grano, Suzanne Conley. Third Row : Jim Tuohey, Alan Sugg, Jon Dermott, Jack Thetford, Charles Brazil, Court Mathey. STUDENT COURT: From left: Bill Sherman, associate justice; first semester; Jim Hefley, associate justice; Martin Walt, Elizabeth Melton, associate justice; Sid Davis, chief justice, associate justice; Dick Horn, chief justice, second semester. Prosecution cross-examines student Sonny Ek- dahl on a traffic violation case held in Student Court. Student Justices heard case and return¬ ed a verdict of guilty, but lowered the amount of the fine involved. Ekdahl, with lawyers George Plaster and Jerry Childs, appealed case from University Traffic Bureau to the Court. 195 Enthusiasm Channelled Into A Winning Season The journalistic and verbal applause pointing out the wonder¬ ful spirit of the students and fans at Razorback contests em¬ phasized the energetic activities of the University cheerleaders. School spirit and pride in the University of Arkansas are both a vital part of the educational growth experienced by college students. And the realization of this ephemeral quality called school spirit is the aim of this dedicated group. Throughout a year characterized many times by hard work, exhausting practices, sore throats, and long trips, the cheer¬ leaders set the example for spirited support with their abundant enthusiasm. Cheering the Co-Champion Razorback football team in a sea¬ son of considerable success might at first glance seem to be an easy job, but upon second thought one remembers the several occasions when the Hogs had to come from behind to take a close victory. The success with which the cheerleaders rallied the fans behind the team in these crucial moments cannot be forgotten either. The accomplishments of these eight students in the field of leadership have been truly outstanding, for they have provided the guidance and inspiration to the student body that is necessary for a university to enjoy such a successful and spirited year. Riding to the next cheering point, cheerleaders pre¬ pare to lead Homecoming visitors in ' calling the Hogs ' . Preceding the Texas Tech game in Little Rock, cheerleaders and band members lead second rally of the day at the Riverdale Country Club. Rebecca Wasson Phil Keese Jane Collier 197 Don Morshart Blue Key, Treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi; Civic Club; Interfraternity Council; Arkansas Razor- back, Business Manager; Interfraternity Pledge Council; Commerce Guild; Student Senate Con¬ vocations Committee; Student Union Commit¬ tee; Military Ball Committee; Lambda Chi Al¬ pha, President, Treasurer. Mary Lou Freund Judicial Board, Chairman; AWS Legislative Board; Mortar Board; AWS Executive Board; Women ' s InterHall Council, Secretary, Treas¬ urer; Psi Chi; AWS Publicity Committee; AWS Fashion and Etiquette Committee; Diciples Stu¬ dent Fellowship; Davis Hall, Vice President. Bill Sherman Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Pi Mu Ep¬ silon; Phi Alpha Theta; Student Senate; Tra¬ veler, Reporter; University Disciplinary Com¬ mittee; Forensic Society, Vice President; Stu¬ dent Union Central Planning Committee; De¬ bate Team; Military Ball Committee; Pi Kappa Alpha. Bob Fussell Blue Key; Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary; Inter¬ fraternity Council; Student Senate, President- Associated Students, Vice President; Student Court, Associate Justice; Student-Faculty For¬ um; Junior Business Class, President; Arkan¬ sas Razorback; Gaebale, Treasurer; Civic Club; Kappa Sigma, President. Ellen Compton Holcombe Hall, Treasurer, Senior Counselor; Sophomore Council, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; AWS, President, Secretary; Phi Alpha Theta; AWS Publicity Committee; Interfrater¬ nity Pledge Council; Student Union Publicity Committee, Secretary; Mortar Board; Student Senate; Student-Faculty Forum; Delta Delta Delta, Vice President. 198 I Rebecca Wasson Kappa Delta Pi; Judicial Board; AWS Execu¬ tive Board; Legislative Board, Chairman; Cheer¬ leader; Student Union Board, Secretary; Stu¬ dent Union Central Planning Board; Student Art Committee, Chairman; AWS Social Com¬ mittee; PEM Club, Vice President; Arkansas Booster Club; Orchesis; Chi Omega. Diane CaHail Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board; AWS Executive Board; AWS Queen ' s Committee, Chairman; Senior Counselor; Elementary Club, Secretary; Sophomore Counselor; Elementary Club Coun¬ cil; Student Union Special Projects Committee; Women ' s Recreational Association; Arkansas Booster Club; Civic Club; Kappa Kappa Gam¬ ma. ims WHO Charles Hughes Blue Key, President, Alumni Secretary; Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer; Arkansas Razorback, Managing Editor, Military Editor; Commerce Guild, Senior Representative; Interfraternity Council, Secretary; Newman Club, Executive Committee; Guild Ticker; Interfraternity Pledge Council; Circle K; Sigma Nu, President. James Monroe Blue Key; Alpha Chi Epsilon; Football, 3 Var¬ sity Letters, Captain; All Southwest Confer¬ ence Scholastic Team; " A " Club, Vice Presi¬ dent; American Society of Civil Engineers; Wilson Sharp House, Vice President; Lambda Chi Alpha. Suzanne Conley Panhellenic, President; Student Senate; Stu¬ dent-Faculty Forum; AWS Executive Board; Sigma Alpha Eta; Psi Chi; Arkansas Razorback; Student Union Committee; Civic Club; Stu¬ dent National Education Association; Wesley Foundation; Women ' s Recreation Association; Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Captain, Standards Chair¬ man. Barbara Braly Kappa Delta Pi, President; Holcombe Hall, Vice President; Mortar Board; AWS Executive Board; Elementary Club, Yearbook Editor; AWS Fashion and Etiquette Committee; Stu¬ dent Union Dance Committee; Student Union Special Projects Committee; Senior Counselor; Women ' s Recreational Association; Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer. Pat Neumeister Mortar Board, President; AWS, Treasurer; AWS Fashion and Etiquette Committee; AWS Pub¬ licity; Commerce Guild, Secretary; Chi Theta; Panhellenic Council, Alpha Lambda Delta; Sen¬ ate Entertainment Committee; Student Union Office Management Committee; Women ' s Rec¬ reational Association; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, Treasurer. David Sain Student Senate; Student-Faculty Forum; Men ' s InterHall Congress, Advisor; Civic Club, Vice President; Senate Reorganization Committee; Calendar Committee; Society for the Advance¬ ment of Management; Counseling Program, Head Advisor; Off-Campus Men. Dick Trammel Blue Key, President, Treasurer, Alumni Secre¬ tary; Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Ritual; Com¬ merce Guild, President, President of Junior Class; Civic Club; Interfraternity Council; Traf¬ fic Board; Commerce Day, Co-Chairman; Ar¬ kansas Booster Club, President, Treasurer; Sig¬ ma Chi, Vice President, Rush Chairman. whvs WHO Patsy Middleton Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian; Mortar Board, Secretary; AWS Executive Board; Colhecon; AWS Social Committee; AWS Publicity Com¬ mittee; Women ' s Recreational Association; Washington Hall, President; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Sophomore Counselor; Civic Club; Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Sponsor Chairman. Martin Walt Blue Key; Interfraternity Council, Student Court, Justice; Gaebale Treasurer; Agronomy Club; Agricultural Associated Students; Mil¬ itary Ball Committee; Kappa Sigma, President, Vice Presdent, Intramural Manager, Board of Governors. Sue Hatchett Mortar Board, Financial Chairman; Women ' s Recreational Association, President; Executive Board; Arkansas Booster Club; AWS Executive Board; AWS Vocational Committee; Student- Faculty Relations Committee; Wesley Founda¬ tion, Public Relations Committee; Davis Hall, President, Sports Manager, House Council. William Goodrich Student Senate, Agenda Commiltee; Interfra¬ ternity Council, Investigation Committee; Al¬ pha Kappa Psi, Secretary; Delta Theta Phi; Gaebale, Treasurer; Student Bar Association, Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer; Ar¬ kansas Booster Club; Civic Club; Circle K, Treasurer; Phi Delta Theta, President, Treasurer. Ray Waters Blue Key; Associated Students, Treasurer; In¬ terfraternity Council, President, Treasurer; Stu¬ dent Senate; Civic Club; Arkansas Booster Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Kappa Psi; Stu¬ dent-Faculty Forum; Gaebale, Tickets Com¬ mittee, Artists and Concerts Committee; Sig¬ ma Pi, President; Treasurer. Jessamine Gist Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda Tau; Phi Alpha Theta; AWS Scholarship Committee; AWS; Coterie, Reporter; " A " Book, Staff; Honors Program; Holcombe Hall, Reporter, Secretary; Carnall Hall, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Etiqu¬ ette Chairman, Reporter, Standards Commit¬ tee Chairman, Big Sister Program Chairman. 201 Jim Tuohey Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Kappa Psi; In¬ terfraternity Council, Rushbook Editor; Stu¬ dent Senate; Arkansas Razorback, Editor, Sports Editor, Business Manager; Student Di¬ rectory, Co-Editor; Board of Publications, Sec¬ retary; Arkansas Booster Club; Marketing Club, Treasurer; Debate; Sigma Nu, President. Sandra Hall Student Senate; Panhellenic Council, Secretary; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treasurer; Agricultural Student Association, Executive Committee; AWS Queen ' s Committee; AWS Orientation Committee; AWS Fashion and Etiquette Com¬ mittee; Panhellenic Scholarship Committee; Coihecon; Alpha Delta Pi, President, Rush Chairman. Tommy Schallhorn Blue Key; Alpha Kappa Psi, President, Vice President; Civic Club; Arkansas Booster Club, Homecoming Parade Committee; Student-Fa¬ culty Committee; Gaebale, Beauty Pageant Decorations Chairman; Marketing Club; Sing- fony, Decorations Chairman; Commerce Guild; Sigma Chi, Social Chairman. Mary Bowden Mortar Board; AWS, Vice President; AWS Judicial Board; Alpha Lambda Delta, President- Lambda Tau, President; Student Court, Associ¬ ate Justice; Student Union Board; Civic Club; Religious Emphasis Week, Chairman, Arrange¬ ments Committee; Sophomore Council; Hol¬ combe Hall, Secretary; Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice President. Bill Luplow Blue Key; Student Senate; " A " Club; Football, 3 Varsity Letters, Tri-Captain; Pi Mu Delta; Wilson Sharp House, Social Chairman; Sigma Chi, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Sec¬ retary, National Convention, Delegate, Service Key. 202 Phillis Smithwick Chi Theta, Special Projects Chairman; AWS Executive Board; AWS Legislative Board; AWS Publicity Committee; AWS Queen ' s Committee; Arkansas Booster Cub, Vice President, Pledge Trainer; Women ' s Recreational Association; Student Union Talent Committee; Elections Committee; Delta Delta Delta, Scholarship Chairman. Bob Dawson Blue Key, Alumni Secretary; Arkansas Razor- back, Editor, Associate Editor; Traveler, Man¬ aging Editor; " A " Book, Editor; President of Senior Class; Interfraternity Council, Rushbook Editor; Arkansas Booster Club, Pledge Presi¬ dent, Homecoming Co-Chairman; Board of Publications, Secretary; Pi Kappa Alpha. Carole Cole Jim Gadberry Blue Key; Pi Mu Epsilon, Tutoring Committee; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi, Membership Com¬ mittee, Banquet Committee, Proctor of Pledge Exam; Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer, Historian; Track, Freshman Letterman; All Intramural Football; ROTC Band; Sigma Chi, Intramural Manager, Scholarship Chairman, Vice Presi¬ dent. Marial Hantz Mortar Board; Phi Alpha Theta; Arkansas Razorback, Co-Greek Editor; " A " Book, fea¬ ture Writer; Traveler, Society Editor; Arkansas Booster Club, Co-Publicity Chairman; AWS Executive Board, Press Agent; AWS Judicial Board, Senior Representative; Civic Club, Sec¬ retary; Student Union Board, Chairman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Student Senate; Commerce Guild, Junior Rep¬ resentative, Senior Representative; AWS Ex¬ ecutive Board; AWS Queen ' s Committee; AWS Student-Faculty Relations Committee; AWS Vocation Information Committee; Arkansas Booster Club; Coterie; Civic Club; Student- Faculty Forum; Society for the Advancement of Management. 203 Alan Sugg Blue Key; Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary; " A " Club; Student Senate; Associated Students, President; Commerce Guild; Student Union Board; University Athletic Committee; Student Senate, Agenda Committee; Student-Faculty Forum, Chairman; All Intramural Football; Track, Varsity; Baptist Student Union; Sigma Chi. Elizabeth Melton Mortar Board, Scholarship Chairman; Student Court, Associate Justice; AWS Executive Board; AWS Social Committee, Chairman; Commerce Guild, Executive Council; Chi Theta; Guild Ticker; Panhellenic Council; Student Union Dance Committee; Women ' s Recreational As¬ sociation; Commerce Day, Co-Chairman; Delta Delta Delta. Stella Grano Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda Tau; Student Senate; Student Organization Recognizing Com¬ mittee, Chairman; Sigma Alpha Eta; Elemen¬ tary Club, President, Treasurer; Arkansas Booster Cub; AWS Fashions and Etiquette Committee; Student Union Music Committee; Women ' s Recreational Association; Alpha Delta Pi, Chaplain. James Sadler Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President; Tau Beta Pi, Pres ' dent; Theta Tau, House Treasurer- Phi Eta Sigma, President, Senior Advisor; Pi Mu Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu; Arkansas Razor- back, Photographer; Arkansas Engineer, Photo¬ grapher; Engineering Council, Treasurer; Young Democrats Club; Sigma Chi, Secretary, Historian. WITS WHO Charles Wilson Blue Key; Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice President; Student Publications Committee; Commerce Guild, President of Senior Class, Executive Council; Guild Ticker, Associate Editor; Civic Club; Marketing Club; Student Union Publicity Committee; Gaebale, Assistant Director, Pro¬ duction Manager; Pi Kappa Alpha, President. Marilyn Hathaway Mortar Board, Historian; AWS Executive Coun¬ cil; AWS Scholarship Committee; AWS Volun¬ tary Service Committee; AWS Vocational Gui¬ dance Committee; Colhecon; Student Union Publicity Committee; Women ' s Recreational Association; Student Union Special Projects Committee; Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer, Execu¬ tive Council. Young Democrats President Sandy Mc- Math lashes back at malpractice charges by State Young Demo President, Milas Hale. Efforts by McMath were futile as campus organization selected a new president and squelched an attempt by McMath to organize a similar organiza¬ tion. McMath was accused of issuing membership cards on a ' pay later ' basis. Miss University of Arkansas Homecoming Queen Miss Sarah Jane Melton Delta Delta Delta 210 Miss Cindy Dew Kappa Kappa Gamma Miss Tyler Marsh Holcombe Hall Miss Nell McCuistion Zeta Tau Alpha Homecoming Queen And Court Miss Coretta Bury Zeta Tau Alpha Miss Mickey Barrows Kappa Kappa Gamma 211 Miss MIHC Miss Judy Barnett 4-H House Queen Commerce Queen Miss Joyce Norwood Delta Delta Delta 213 Mary Jane prepares to answer the question asked the finalists. Maid of Cotton Finalist Mary Jane Melton Of over 400 entrants in the Maid of Cotton Contest, Mary Jane Melton, representing the State of Arkansas, was selected as one of the ten finalists in the annual pageant at Memphis. Representatives from the 17 cotton growing states par¬ ticipated in the contest seeking the title to represent the cotton industry throughout the world. Mary Jane is a junior Arts and Science student from Jonesboro. She is a member of Chi Omega sorority and is currently serving as President of the Association of Women Students at the University. Razorback Beauty Photographer Bob Huff of Bob ' s of Fayetteville discusses the type of poses desired with the 1960 Razorback Beauties. Cummings Selects Razorback Beauties Each organized house on the University campus selected two candidates for the 1960 Razorback Beauty contest. Full length unretouched pictures of each girl were then sent to noted television star Bob Cummings for the selection of the beauties. The announcement of the Beauties was to be made at intermission of the Porker Party by Kai Winding, but due to a contract mix-up, Winding was on the continent of Europe. John Tolleson and his rock and roll group substituted for Kai and the six beauties were announced. Co-beauty editors Barbara Barnes and Jeanette Adams directed and planned the entire beauty section of the year¬ book. Several new changes and styles were initiated by the beauty editors for the 1960 Razorback, including the Montage style of photography for the Razorback Beauties and Miss Arkansas and Miss University of Arkansas. The beauties selected by Cummings are Janet Jerome, Delta Delta Delta; Millie Rowland, Chi Omega; Janet Gro- hoski, Fulbright Hall; Nora Carlson, Fulbright Hall; Layla Beth Miller, Off-Camp us Women; and Nancy Lucas, Hol¬ combe Hall. Movie and television star Bob Cummings selected the 1960 Razor- back Beauties from photographs from his studio in Hollywood. 1960 Razorback Beauty Delta Delta Delta 1960 Razorback Beauty 196G Razorback Beauty Fulbright Hall 1960 Razorback Beauty 1960 Razorback Beauty Off-Campus Women 1960 Razorback Beauty Holcombe Hall ,u 24 Finalists Miss Anne Turner Chi Omega Miss Jeannie Bussell Kappa Kappa Gamma Miss Penny Keen Miss Rosemary Howard Miss Carol Cupples Miss Marilyn Pharr Delta Gamma Davis Hall Holcombe Hall Fulbright Hall Miss Linda Cook Miss Meredith Little Miss Dottie Rumph Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Delta Delta 222 Miss Judy Phillips Miss Sue Quinn Wilson Miss Shirley Parker 4-H House Alpha Delta Pi Fulbright Hall Miss Barbara Moberg Miss Pat Johnson Miss Martha Hemphill Miss Marion Moore Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Gamma Davis Hall Pi Beta Phi Miss Virginia Wilburn Miss Bobbie Jean McDaniels Miss Sharon Alexander Scott House 4-H House Pi Beta Phi 223 John Barnhill Barnhill came to the University in 1946 as a coach and since 1949, as Director of Athletics, has been responsible for the tre¬ mendous expansion of the entire Razorback athletic plant. His ability and determination have put the University among the nation ' s leaders in athletics. U of A Athletic Program Directors Glen Rose Rose completed his seventeenth year as Arkansas basketball coach. The dean of Southwest coaches, he is respected throughout the basketball world. Frank Broyles Broyles finished his second year as leader of Razorback football. One of the youngest coaches in the nation, he holds respect of the profession. 226 Mrs. Goldie Jones Ticket Sales Bob Cheyne Publicity C. A. ' Ab ' Bidwell Track John " Red 7 Davis Tennis and Concessions George Cole Cole has been connected with University athletics for more than a quarter of a century as coach and now Assistant Athletic Director. He heads recruiting. Bill Ferrell Trainer and Baseball P. A. ' Duddy ' Waller Baseball and Shoat Basketball Bob Zander Golf 227 Describing his offense to the team, Broyles ' keen mind and knowledge had much to do with determin¬ ing the outcome of the SWC race and Gator Bowl game. Wilson Matthews Ends and Linebackers Steed White Freshmen Doug Dickey Defensive Backfield A Cinderella Story It started with Tulsa and ended with Georgia Tech. Arkansas’ Cinderella team of tough, lean Hogs did what could be called the impossible, according to pre-season predictions. Outweighed and outnumbered in every position, Coach Frank Broyles’ Razorbacks hit and hit hard. After a skeptical start against non-conference foes, Tulsa and Oklahoma State, Arkansas’ multiple offense climbed to national recognition quickly and convincingly. The Dad’s Day crowd watched Freddy Aker’s field goal beat TCU in the rain. Then came the win over Baylor. Even after losing to highranked Texas their rating improved, then fell with the defeat by Ole Miss. Homecoming saw Texas A M outpunched by the rebounding Razorbacks. Billy Kyser came off the bench to help beat Rice. Some 5000 Arkansas fans made the trip to Dallas for the SMU game and saw Alworth and com¬ pany cinch a share of the SWC crown. Texas Tech was just another victim of the Razorback attack. Arkansas had its share of individual honors. Jim Mooty was chosen ‘All-Ameri¬ can’, All-SWC, and received the Crip Hall Homecoming Award. He played for the South in the annual Senior Bowl game. Wayne Harris was everybody’s choice for center in the SWC, and every first unit Porker was included in one of the first three conference teams. The Big Red unit usually started with Steve Butler and Bill Tranum at ends, Marlin Epp and Jim Hollander at tackles, Bill Luplow and Gerald Gardner at guards, Wayne Harris at center, Jim Monroe at quarterback, Jim Mooty and Lance Alworth at halfbacks, and Joe Paul Alberty at fullback. Dixie White Offensive Line Merrill Green Offensive Backfield Jim Mackenzie Defensive Line 229 Lance Alworth stole the limelight from SMU ' s Don Meredith with his spectacular performance against the Ponies. The Brookhaven, Mississippi, sophomore ran for 131 yards to beat SMU and cinch a share of the SWC crown for Arkansas. Bill Tranum (83) provides blocking for one of the long gains that brought the ' Back of the Week ' honor to Alworth. 230 Season’s Record September 1 9 Arkansas 28 Tulsa Fayetteville 0 September 26 Arkansas 13 Oklahoma State Little Rock 7 October 3 Arkansas 3 Texas Christian Fayetteville 0 October 10 Arkansas 23 Baylor Waco, Texas 7 October 17 Arkansas 12 Texas Little Rock 13 October 24 Arkansas 0 Mississippi Memphis, Tenn. 28 October 31 Arkansas 12 Texas A M Fayetteville 7 ' November 7 Arkansas 14 Rice Houston, Texas 10 ' November 14 Arkansas 17 Southern Meth. Dallas, Texas 14 November 21 Arkansas 27 Texas Tech Little Rock 8 January 2, 1960 Arkansas 14 Georgia Tech Jacksonville, Fla 7 Conference games Steve Butler outsteps a would be Texas Tech tackier after catching a Monroe pass. The Hogs rolled up 420 yards beating Tech 27-8. Frank Broyles dispelled any contract-jumping rumors when he signed a new pact calling for another salary boost. Athletic Director John Barnhill and Acting President Storm Whaley witness the head coach ' s signature. 231 Jim Mooty All-American All-Southwest Living up to more than pre-season expectations, left halfback Jim Mooty from El Dorado was chosen as the best there is in College football — All American. For the Razorbacks, he did everything. Not since the days of Clyde Scott have fans risen to their feet each play, expecting the rugged, Mooty-style type of running, and they usually saw it. Mooty led the Porkers in total rushing, gaining 539 yards on 93 plays despite a leg injury that kept him on the sidelines with limited action for three games. Other than being a top kickoff return man, he caught passes and returned punts, being among the leaders in each depart¬ ment. He scored 30 points with five touchdowns. Also, Mooty was an excellent defensive halfb ack. His best ballgame could well have been Homecoming. After his fine performance, he was named ‘Back of the Week,’ and was given the ‘Crip Hall Homecoming Award.’ Mooty ' s rugged running against Texas A M was typi¬ cal of play that brought him All-American honors. 232 % Wayne Harris All-Southwest Harris ' quick pursuit and hard tackling against SMU was a sample of his brilliant season ' s play. Throughout the stadium on any given Saturday there wasn’t a doubt that Wayne Harris couldn’t hit as hard, or harder, than anyone on the field. In fact, he hit so hard that you could hear it up in ‘the nickel seats.’ Because of his comparatively small size and desire for rough contact, he was affectionately called ‘The Thumper.’ Harris led the Champion Razorbacks each game on defense — his specialty. Playing middle linebacker, he was in on more tackles than any other player on the field, and was the Porkers’ leader in pass interceptions. His de¬ fensive play being more outstanding, nevertheless he was an excellent offensive center and blocker, playing with the same determination and skill as with Mackenzie’s Raiders, the Razorback defensive units. ‘Sports Illustrated’ summed up Harris’ play in that Harris was the hardest hitting lineman in the ‘SWC.’ 233 Gator Bowl Arkansas 14 - Georgia Tech 7 STATISTICS ARKANSAS TECH 15 First Downs 13 218 Yards Rushing 172 21 Yards Passing 64 239 Total Offense 236 6 Passes 18 2 Completed 7 1 Intercepted 1 56 Yards Penalized 15 1 Fumbles Lost 0 4-37 Punts 4-41 As the Razorback story had been all year, the Hogs were again under¬ dogs. Never had such a light but fast team thrilled a crowd — ever expecting the spectacular play which had become a Razorback trademark. The entire first quarter was Georgia Tech’s. Arkansas ran one series of downs and kicked, being unable to move the ball. Tech scored on quarterback Tibbett’s option, keeping the ball for 51 yards and the go ahead score. Trailing 7-0, the Hogs swapped kicks and then started to move. Jim Monroe, his tattered jersey flapping in the breeze, engineered the drive while the Big Red line cleared the way. Alberty crashed over from the one and Akers’ kick was good to tie the score at halftime. In the third quarter, the Razorbacks were again on the move. Jim Mooty showed his speed and determination by picking up most of the yardage. Arkansas’ All-American halfback burst through the Tech defenders at the Engi¬ neer’s 19 yard line and spun and twisted his way for the score. Akers’ conversion was again good, putting the Hogs ahead to stay. Spectacular defensive play from linebackers Gardner and Harris combined with the entire Razorback team highlighted the rest of the game. With Tech filling the air with despiration passes the clock ran out and the Hogs had their first Gator Bowl victory. Mooty was the leading ground gainer with 99 yards and was named the game’s outstanding player. It w as a perfect ending for the ninth ranked team in the nation. Coach Frank Broyles paces the sidelines as he bests his old teacher, Bobby Dodd of Tech. Joe Paul Alberty (45) scores the first Arkansas touchdown on a fake pitch- ' ■M? Jim Mooty carries on the fly play and follows Monroe, Alberty and Alworth around end for 19 yards and the winning TD. — Photo Courtesy Jacksonville Daily News Gardner (56), Hollander (72), Epp (79) and Harris (55) close in on a play typical of the defensive work of the Hog line. Jim Mooty (24) drives into the Tulsa secondary following the blocking of Joe Paul Alberty (45) on the fly play that brought him fame. Arkansas 28 - Tulsa 0 STATISTICS ARKANSAS TULSA 17 First Downs 13 12 Rushing 7 3 Passing 5 2 Penalty 1 269 Net Rushing 81 319 Total Offense 224 12 Passes 24 4 Completed 14 1 Intercepted 2 65 Yards Penalized 55 2 Fumbles Lost 6 5-39 Punts 5-33 Arkansas’ ‘Big Red’ and ‘Wild Hog’ units hit with enthusiasm as they brought victory to the Razorbacks and extended their winning streak from last year to five in a row. Coach Frank Broyles’ multiple offense was never better. Jarring tackles caused the Golden Hurricane to lose the ball six times on fumbles. Arkansas made its first three touchdowns on drives of 59, 44 and 28 yards as a result of Tulsa’s miscues. A Monroe to Butler pass gave the Hogs their third touchdown. All-Southwest Conference halfback Jim Mooty scored once on a 10 yard run and set up blocks for Monroe’s two touchdowns. Monroe legged the ball around left end for 16 yards and the final Razorback score. Freddy Akers’ place kicking added to the brilliant start toward national recognition for the Hogs. Mooty was the big yardage-maker of the day, carrying for 96 yards while Monroe carried 10 times for 47 yards. Arkansas’ sensational sophomore halfback Lance Alworth’s booming kicks of 76, 69, and 49 yards constantly kept Tulsa in the hole. After the game, Coach Broyles said, ‘I think the people of Arkansas will be very proud of the Razorbacks on many other occasions. We won’t be embarrassed this year.’ This was only the beginning. James Monroe Quarterback Tri-Captain Billy Luplow Guard Tri-Captain Barry Switzer Center Tri-Captain Jim Mooty Halfback Arkansas 13 - Oklahoma State 7 Oklahoma State furnished the final tune-up for conference play with sophomore brilliance scattered all over the field. Big Red fullback Curtis Cox and halfback Darrell Williams put the Razorbacks in the lead and Lance Alworth again kept the Hogs out of trouble with his kicking. Oklahoma State was a threat several times but the hard hitting and spectacular defensive play of Arkansas linemen and linebackers made the difference. Cox carried eight times for 43 yards on the 74 yard sustained drive that brought the Razorbacks’ first score. Extra point specialist Freddy Akers con¬ verted and the score stood 7-0. Alworth took an OSU kick and returned it 44 yards to the State 36 yard line. Fullback Paul Dudley’s block and Williams’ carry eight plays later gave the Hogs a 13-0 lead in the first half — and then the rains came. The second half seemed more like a mud-fight and the heavier OSU line pushed the light but fast Razorbacks back for their lone score. Oklahoma State was on the move again in the fourth period but a timely recovery by Jim Mooty on the Arkansas 22 ended the threat. Guard Bill Luplow and center Wayne Harris made outstanding defensive plays, and Mooty was again the big ground- gainer picking up 65 yards on nine tries. Lance Alworth eludes a swarm of OSU tacklers with his high-stepping style of running. Wayne Harris Center Lance Alworth Halfback STATISTICS ARKANSAS OSU 11 First Downs 14 10 Rushing 7 0 Passing 5 1 Penalty 2 181 Net Rushing 148 181 Total Offense 252 1 Passes 19 0 Completed 9 1 Intercepted 0 49 Yards Penalized 50 0 Fumbles Lost 3 8-35 Punts 6-36 237 Arkansas 3 - Texas Christian 0 Billy Tranum End Freddy Akers Halfback STATISTICS ARKANSAS TCU 10 First Downs 12 8 Rushing 9 2 Passing 2 0 Penalty 1 144 Net Rushing 154 166 Total Offense 188 5 Passes 12 2 Completed 4 3 Intercepted 2 50 Yards Penalized 25 2 Fumbles Lost 4 6-40 Punts 6-41 Outweighed and outmanned, but not outhit, the Razorbacks waded into the defending Southwest Conference champion Horned Frogs like it was a Tuesday practice session. Constant rain and a wet field kept excessive ball handling down to a minimum. Halfback Darrell Williams, who replaced Lance Alworth in the second unit backfield to give Lance a chance to run and kick with the Big Red unit, was the leading ball carrier with 45 yards on five carries. Four plays after the second period started, specialist Freddy Akers kicked the field goal that accounted for the only score in the game. From then on it was a defensive effort as the Razorbacks gained a net 56 yards in the last half. Three TCU fumbles were stolen by Hog defensive units, dubbed ‘Mackenzie’s Raiders’, while Alworth gave his best kicking performance of the year, despite a six yard out of bounds boot, averaging 39 yards per try. With less than four minutes left in the game, Wayne Harris picked off a Froggie pass deflected by Gerald Gardner — seeming to be TCU’s last hope. The partisan crowd of 20,000 stood in the relentless rain as Jim Monroe ran out the remaining seconds on quarterback sneaks, as the Porker fans counted off the last 30 seconds of the game in unison. The Hog line digs in for Freddy Akers ' winning field goal as Jim Monroe (10) holds. 238 Letsinger (88), Akers (17), Epp (79), Hollander (72), and Harris (55) converge on a Bear back in the rugged manner of Hog defensive plays. Arkansas 23 - Baylor 7 Playing against a 20 minute 7-0 Baylor lead, Arkansas got its first break of the game when Mooty quick-kicked to the Bear one yard line. Mooty returned a weak Baylor first down kick to the Bears’ 21 yard line — then later carried the last six yards for the first Razorback touchdown. Freddy Akers’ conversion tied the score at halftime. Mooty returned an intercepted pass 37 yards in the third quarter and Akers kicked a fourth down field goal, good for 27 yards and putting the Porkers ahead to stay. A fumble recovery by Billy Gramlich set up the next Razorback score. A George McKinney pass was tipped and deflected by a Baylor defender to intended receiver Les Letsinger who sprinted the remaining 28 yards for the touchdown. The final Arkansas score came on a 34 yard drive started by Let- singer’s fumble recovery after end Steve Butler dumped the Baylor passer. The Big Red ground out the yardage and Jim Mooty slammed over from one yard out. Once again Arkansas scores came as a result of fumble recoveries caused by the same rugged style of defensive play of Mackenzie’s Raiders. Baylor tried to play the Razorback style of football, and almost succeeded. By winning the con¬ test, the Hogs were a threat to all teams to come — being ranked Number 12 in the nation. STATISTICS ARKANSAS BAYLOR 10 First Downs 22 7 Rushing 11 2 Passing 9 1 Penalty 2 140 Net Rushing 198 177 Total Offense 363 6 Passes 23 3 Completed 16 0 Intercepted 3 60 Yards Penalized 30 3 Fumbles Lost 3 5-46 Punts 4-29 Marlin Epp Tackle Joe Paul Alberty Fullback Steve Butler End Jim Hollander Tackle Jim Monroe (10) rambles for big yardage on the option in his top performance of the year. Epp (79) and J. Williams (26) lead the way. Texas 13 - Arkansas 12 STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS 16 First Downs 13 8 Rushing 11 8 Passing 2 0 Penalty 0 141 Net Rushing 205 251 Total Offense 234 17 Passes 9 12 Completed 4 2 Intercepted 0 25 Yards Penalized 5 4 Fumbles Lost 4 3-33 Punts 3-31 Playing the roll of Baylor the week before, the Porkers led in every depart¬ ment except scoring. On the second play from scrimmage, a Texas fumble was recovered by tackle Marlin Epp on the 24. Cox, Monroe, and Mooty brought the ball to the five and on third down Monroe hit Butler with a perfect pass in the endzone for the score. Akers’ kick was wide, but still the Hogs were in the lead. Texas showed its power and speed by bringing the ball to the Arkansas 18 yard line, but there the Big Red dug in, taking over on downs. An anticipated quick-kick by Akers was returned to the Porker 40 and again Texas put on the pressure. The Hogs were tough, but the Longhorn attack was persistant. After holding for two downs on the one yard line, the Porkers had their third touch¬ down of the year scored on them. Texas recovered an Arkansas fumble deep in Arkansas territory, but again was held on fourth down. Both teams swapped kicks, fumbles, and passes but neither could muster a scoring threat until Arkansas drove the ball for 89 yards, climaxed by Monroe’s tally from the three. Texas received its big break when Alworth fumbled a Long¬ horn kick on the Hogs’ 31. A pass in the first part of the fourth period accounted for the winning points. Gerald Gardner Guard Jerry Green Guard Jarrell Williams Halfback Leslie Letsinger End Arkansas 0 - Ole Miss 28 A tough Mississippi line and a transplanted Arkansan named Charlie Flowers who scored two TD’s were too much for the Razorbacks as Ole Miss ran rough-shod over the Hogs, 28-0. The Rebels were primed for this one. After suffering more than their share of upsets in this rivalry they were not to be denied. Arkansas was over-anxious and several penalties caused by this prevented them from moving the ball. The first period was surprisingly tight, almost to the advantage of Arkansas, but the Rebels finally found a big passing play and scored from the one as the quarter ended. This seemed to break the ice for Ole Miss and spelled doom for the Hogs. The charges of Frank Broyles punted badly and the dam broke. The Rebels came roaring back to score again in six plays. Too eager to get back into the game, the Porkers tried a passing game which fizzled with a Mississippi interception and a third fast score. By halftime it was 21-0. Poor field position and another poor kick gave the Rebels still another opportunity in the third period and they quickly racked up the fourth TD. The Wild Hogs moved 90 yards late in the game, but were prevented from scoring by the first string Rebel line as the game ended. A sad disappointment, but the Hogs were to bounce back. Flowers scores despite McKinney ' s back-breaking effort. Cox (31), Luplow (65) add support. Billy Kyser Halfback Paul Henderson Tackle STATISTICS ARKANSAS OLE MISS 13 First Downs 21 i Rushing 13 3 Passing 6 3 Penalty 2 106 Net Rushing 203 159 Total Offense 310 11 Passes 16 5 Completed 8 3 Intercepted 0 76 Yards Penalized 117 1 Fumbles Lost 3 7-21.6 Punts 4-30.3 241 Arkansas 12 - Texas A M 7 George McKinney Quarterback Curtis Cox Fullback STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS A M 19 First Downs 11 17 Rushing 6 2 Passing 4 0 Penalty 2 313 Net Rushing 203 350 Total Offense 310 10 Passes 16 6 Completed 8 2 Intercepted 0 65 Yards Penalized 117 3 Fumbles Lost 3 1-54.0 Punts 4-30.3 What looked like a frustrating afternoon turned out for the best as a wild bunch of Hogs followed on the swift heels of halfback Jim Mooty for a 12-7 Homecoming victory over Texas A M before 30.000 fans. Fighting against a defensively tough Aggie line the Porker backs moved for 183 yards in the first half only to see three fumbles and two pass interceptions stop each attack. The teams went to the half houses with a scoreless tie. The Aggies took the third quarter kickoff and marched 62 yards on field general Charlie Milstead’s passing to go ahead, 7-0, only four minutes deep in the quarter. The Razorbacks responded in true championship form. Soph Lance Alworth raced 51 yards down the sidelines with the opening kickoff. On the first play from scrimmage George McKinney, subbing for the injured Jim Mon¬ roe, handed off to Mooty who flew for 38 yards leaving only eight yards for the TD. Mooty made these easily, but Akers missed the point after, leaving the score 7-6. Again the Porkers moved the length of the field, but this time a field goal try was no good and time was becoming a factor. Mooty again provided the spark, capping his 112 yards rushing for the day with a burst of speed at the six yard line for the deciding touchdown. Jim Mooty catapults the Aggie line for a first down and a portion of his 112 yards rushing. 242 Razorback end Leslie Letsinger (88) is blocked out of play, but Wayne Harris (55) grabs Rice quarterback Bill Bucek from behind. Arkansas 14 - Rice 10 Playing without the services of injured Jim Monroe, Jim Mooty and Steve Butler, the Razorbacks had their work cut out as they invaded Houston against winless Rice, fired-up for an upset. The Owls jumped off to a quick lead when quarterback Bill Bucek sprinted 74 yards for the opening touchdown. A 26 yard field goal in the middle of the second quarter to make the score 10-0 blackened the picture for the Hogs. As he had against Texas A M, Lance Alworth took the kickoff and raced 40 yards. Wild Hog quarterback, George McKinney engineered a 57 yard drive in five plays, the big gainer being Billy Kyser’s spectacular grab of an Alworth pass on the one yard line. McKinney scored the TD, Akers converted and the half ended with the score 10-7 in favor of the Owls. Famous for their second half finishes, the Porkers came out strong as al¬ ways. The fact that Mooty and Monroe were sidelined left much to be done, but Kyser and Alworth provided a thrilling combination. They gained 76 yards in an 80 yard drive to the Rice goal in the third period to put the Hogs on top. Again a 27 yard pass play from Alworth to Kyser was the big play with Kyser carrying over for the touchdown. The point after was good and Arkansas led, 14-10. The Hog line held Rice scoreless throughout the second half and the Hogs had win number six. STATISTICS ARKANSAS RICE 9 First Downs 16 5 Rushing 10 3 Passing 6 1 Penalty 0 125 Net Rushing 209 202 Total Offense 308 4 Passes 18 4 Completed 8 0 Intercepted 1 0 Yard Penalized 20 1 Fumbles Lost 1 9-37.2 Punts 7-38.4 Dean Garret; Guard Darreli Williams Halfback James Gaston End Johnny Fields Guard A long pass from Monroe is too tall for the outstretched hands of Steve Butler (84) but is hauled in by Billy Kyser (27) against SMU. Arkansas 17 - SMU 14 STATISTICS ARKANSAS SMU The Razorbacks moved into the Cotton Bowl against Southern Methodist University’s spread needing a victory to keep their championship hopes alive. With Jim Mooty still on the injured list, Lance Alworth realized his finest day, 22 First Downs 10 rambling for 131 yards and scoring the winning points. The Hogs took the open¬ 21 Rushing- 7 ing kickoff and moved 67 yards only to fumble on the SMU five yard line. Set for the Pony passing game, the Porkers saw Meredith guide a bruising Mustang 0 Passing 3 ground game for 80 yards and the first score. The PAT was good and Arkansas 1 Penalty 0 trailed, 7-0. Under the brilliant leadership of Jim Monroe the Razorbacks marched 400 Net Rushing 132 downfield and scored when Alworth scampered around end for 13 yards. Akers 413 Total Offense 206 converted and the score was knotted at 7-7. Going into their aerial spread the 9 Passes 9 Mustangs moved downfield once again with Meredith passing for the go-ahead touchdown. Arkansas left 5000 shivering partisans worried as they trailed at 2 Completed 6 the half, 14-7. 0 40 Intercepted Yards Penalized 0 50 As had been the case all year, the Razorbacks came back a stronger team and played their finest half of football in ’59. The winning TD came when Joe Paul Alberty picked his way for 24 yards and the score. Not satisfied with a tie, 3 Funbles Lost 1 the Hogs gambled and sent Alworth catapulting across for the two points and the 4-22.5 Punts 6-31.8 winning margin. Marlin Epp recovered a loose ball for a safety and the game ended with the Razorbacks holding a 17-14 edge and a share of the SWC title. Buddy Reuter Jimmy Collier John Childress Paul Dudley End End Tackle Fullback am 4 Arkansas 27 - Texas Tech 8 The Razorbacks finished their regular season’s play against Texas Tech in War Memorial Stadium. The Hogs had signed to go to the Gator Bowl previous to the game, and it was indeed a bowl-bound performance that defeated the Red Raiders, 27-8. Before the game was 25 minutes old, the Porkers had a safe 21-0 lead. Jim Monroe executed a perfect pass play for 30 yards to Lance Alworth for the opening touchdown, and Freddy Akers booted the first of three extra points. Within a minute, Tech had fumbled and offered another opportunity. Jarrell Williams went wide on a reverse, cut back and sailed 31 yards for the second score. With the score 14-0, the Raiders could do nothing against a fine defense and punted. The Wild Hogs went to work and marched 40 yards to send rugged Curtis Cox over from the five. The half ended, 21-0. It was again Cox, this time from the two, who scored for the Wild Hogs in the third quarter. With the score 27-0 the Thunderin’ Third caught all of the fourth quarter action. The Raiders scored once, on a 58 yard pass play, and ran for the PAT. A balanced Razorback attack hit its offensive high with 420 yards. All- American Jim Mooty entered the game after Williams’ injury and led all rushers with 66 yards to pass the 1000 yard mark for his career. Mooty (24) leads interference for a first down by Cox (31) on handoff from Monroe (10). — Photo Courtesy Arkansas Democrat Sonny Holmes Quarterback Billy Gramlich Center STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS TECH 21 First Downs 7 15 Rushing 2 6 Passing 5 0 Penalty 0 287 Net Rushing 52 420 Total Offense 163 15 Passes 23 7 Completed 9 1 Intercepted 1 55 Yard Penalized 29 1 Fumbles Lost 2 5-42-4 Punts 9-41.2 245 Glen Rose, with his non-emotional expression, watches his charges in action. The name Rose is a by-word in basketball circles as he has delivered more conference titles than any other coach. 246 Assistant Coach Duddy Waller contemplates the court sadly as the Hogs run into trouble Basketball SEASON ' S RECORD Arkansas 76 Phillips Oilers 79 Arkansas 71 Missouri 75 Arkansas 54 Oklahoma State 50 Arkansas 65 Tulsa 51 Arkansas 63 Mississippi 78 Arkansas 75 Centenary 55 Arkansas 71 Baylor 66 Arkansas 56 Southern Methodist 67 Arkansas 68 Texas 58 Arkansas 74 Texas Christian 60 Arkansas 90 Baylor 83 Arkansas 66 Texas 72 Arkansas 74 Rice 63 Arkansas 65 Tulsa 78 Arkansas 79 Texas Tech 82 Arkansas 70 Southern Methodist 72 Arkansas 68 Texas A M 77 Arkansas 66 Texas Christian 61 Arkansas 77 Texas Tech 55 Arkansas 61 Texas A M 82 Arkansas 94 Rice 74 Arkansas 57 Texas 71 Arkansas 83 Baylor 74 " Arkansas 82 Southern Methodist 93 Conference Game Conference Overtime Alar Morrison drives under to lay in two points as Pat Foster is set to rebound in a nightly practice session. 247 Clyde Rhoden All-Southwest With the close of the 1959-60 basketball sea¬ son co-captain Clyde Rhoden, Hot Springs junior, became the 47th Razorback to be named All-South¬ west Conference. With one year left to play Clyde has already become one of the outstanding players in this part of the country. His unorthodox style of shooting and aggressive brand of play has made him a favorite of fans and writers alike. In the next to last game of the season Rhoden broke Freddy Grim’s record for the most points made in conference play by an Arkansas player and went ahead to score 258 conference points, second in the league. With only a moderate season next year he stands to break Arkansas’ three year con¬ ference scoring mark. Following the season’s end Rhoden received an honor seldom accorded to a Razorback athlete, that of being voted by his teammates to repeat as co¬ captain of the 1960-61 basketball team. Typical fall-away jump shot of Rhoden nets him two of his seventeen points against the Baylor Bears. 248 Ronnie Garner fights for a loose ball as Alan Morrison moves in under the Missouri basket, but a leaping grab by a Tiger player gives Missouri a scoring chance as they defeated the Razorbacks, 75-71, in the first home game for the Hog cagers. Basketball Arkansas opened away from home against the semi- pro Phillips Oilers. After fighting a determined battle for most of the game the Porkers faltered in the last five min¬ utes and lost in a close thrilling game. After trailing 44-34 at halftime the Hogs came back strong, however, the strength of the experienced 66’ers was too much in the final minutes and they prevailed 79-76. It was evident that a lack of speed and physical strength would be the two main roadblocks in the Razorbacks’ drive for victory. Rose finally settled on a quintet of Rhoden, Foster, Garner, Morrison and Carlton as his usual starters. The Tigers of Missouri provided the opposition for Ar¬ kansas’ first home game and marred the opener with a 75-71 victory. It was a case of too much offense on the part of the Tigers. Missouri hit the bucket for a 50% scoring average. For Arkansas Garner and Foster were the high scorers with 22 points each. Arkansas continued its three game home stand against Oklahoma State, usually one of the nation’s best, and eked out a 54-50 victory in a low scoring game. This was the first win that Hog cagers had registered over the Cowboys in 15 years. The Porkers led most of the way and left at the half in possession of a 35-29 lead. However, the quintet from State came back to within a point near the end of the game. It was Foster who hit a long jump shot to put the Hogs safely into the lead. For the Porkers Foster led the scoring with 12 points, followed by Morrison with 10. The Razorbacks breezed to their second win of the season by calming the Tulsa Hurricane, 65-51. Foster led the Pat Foster drives around the screen set up by John Blasingame (14) as Ronnie Garner (15) breaks for a rebounding position. The Hogs defeated Oklahoma State, 54-50, for the first win over the Cowboys in 15 years. 249 Pat Foster arches a jump shot from the side as Garner (15) and Rhoden (24) poise for a rebound in the victory over the Tulsa Hurricane. Basketball Porker attack with 16 points followed by Loyd Jones who came off the bench to hit for 12. Neither team could hit consistently, but the Hogs’ rebounding ability kept them ahead most of the way. Arkansas opened a two-game road trip against Ole Miss in Little Rock and the sharp Rebel offense took a 78-63 win. The Razorbacks trailed by only one, 37-36, at halftime, but the ability of the Rebels to hit from out¬ side forced the Hogs out of their preferred zone defense and then went on a 41-point splurge in the second half. Foster netted 24 points as the only bright spot of the evening. The Razorbacks headed for Shreveport to tackle the Gents of Centenary in the month’s final non-conference game in advance of the SWC Tournament. Clyde Rhoden found the range, and Foster and Garner played their usual high scoring games. This was by far the Porkers’ best game to date as they won easily by a 75-55 score. The entire team saw action in an offsensive show which saw the Razorbacks hit the net for 45% average from the field. Rhoden hit for 18 points as did Foster. They were followed by Garner with 15. Going into the SWC Holiday Tournament the charges of Glen Rose had been unable to find the com¬ bination that would assure them success. To make Pat Foster Guard Co-Captain Clyde Rhoden Forward Co-Captain Ronnie Garner Center Alan Morrison Forward matters worse, Clyde Rhoden had been unable to regain his sophomore sparkle. Entering the tourna- ent in Houston the Razorbacks were given little chance of playing a determining role, but quickly jumped into the role of darkhorse after the opening round of play. The two Hot Springs juniors, Garner and Rhoden, paced the Hogs to a 71-66 victory over Baylor. The Porkers, with a strong offense, came from a six-point deficit, 28-22, late in the first half to gain a 42-37 advantage by halftime. The score read 61-60 in the Hogs’ favor with three minutes left and the Razorbacks went into a stall getting two easy buckets to put the game on ice. Garner scored 20 points to lead the scoring with Rhoden trailing him with 17. Southern Methodist’s thoroughbred Mustangs tried to stampede the Razorbacks in the second round of the tournament, but found it couldn’t be done. The experienced Ponies had to dominate one 5-minute stretch to pull out a 67-55 victory. The overflow crowd gave the porkers a standing ovation as they left the floor. Garner zeroed in his hooking eye for 19 points followed by Foster with 10. An emergency appendectomy cost the Razor- backs the services of high-scoring Pat Foster just before the Texas game, but they won third place with Rhoden leading an inspired second half come¬ back. Clyde hit 21 points and Arkansas won, 68-58. Garner and Carlton followed with 17 and 15 points. The Razorbacks opened their conference season on a winning note in John Barnhill Fieldhouse, belting TCU, 74-60. It was the Porkers’ sixth victory in ten outings. The Hogs only led by 33-30 at the half, but the speed added to the lineup by Coffman’s replacing the ailing Foster held the Froggies in check while the Razorbacks romped through the second half. Rhoden scored 23 points followed by Garner with 19. Arkansas and Baylor needed two overtime per¬ iods before the Razorbacks finally prevailed, 90-83. John Blasingame, 6-5 reserve, poked in a field goal with 35 seconds left to enable the Hogs to stretch their lead to three points and he then dropped in two free throws with 22 seconds left to put the Porkers out of reach. The game was close through¬ out as both teams were hot from the field. Rhoden Grindle, one of the few big men, uses his superior height to outstretch Texas and add two points on a rebound shot. Beautiful rebounding position by Morrison and Rhoden (24) on Garner ' s tip-in shows how shorter Hogs kept in the game. 251 Alan Morrison hooks over the outstretched hands of a Rice defender as Grindle (10), Dickey (20) and Rhoden (24) set for a rebound. Basketball continued on his hot streak, leading Porker scorers with 29 points, equaling his varsity high, followed by Garner and Carlton with 21 each. Arkansas lost its leading scorer with four minutes to play and Texas handed the Hogs their first confer¬ ence defeat, 72-66, in Austin. Rhoden who sparked a second-half Arkansas rally and totaled 22 points went to the bench with the score, 64-62 and the game was all Texas from there on out. The Porkers rallied gamely after spotting the Longhorns a 40-28 halftime lead. The Hogs’ second-half scoring splurge erased the lead and tied the game at 60-60 just seconds before Rhoden foul¬ ed out. Garner and Carlton followed Rhoden with 15 points each. The Razorbacks leaped back into the Southwest Con¬ ference lead with a convincing 74-63 victory over the Rice Owls in Fayetteville. The highlight of the slow type ball game was the continued brilliant work of the Hogs’ Clyde Rhoden. He hit 24 for the evening and broadened his lead in total points scored in the confer¬ ence. The Porkers had the game under control midway of the first half and led at halftime, 36-28. Rhoden was followed in the scoring column by Carlton with 15 points. The Razorbacks returned from the semester break to find that their already weak bench had been de- Jerry Carlton Guard John Blasingame Forward Loyd Jones Tommy Rankin Forward Guard The league leading Razorbacks journeyed to Lubbock to take on the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Clyde Rhoden had his own personal battle with little Del Ray Mounts of Tech for the conference scoring lead. The Porkers lost both battles as Mounts ran wild, scoring 35 points and leading the Raiders to an 82-79 victory. Rhoden continued his high scoring pace with 28 points followed by Gar¬ ner with 22. The Mustangs of Southern Methodist traveled to Fayetteville for a do-or-die game as far as Razor- back league title aspirations were concerned. The overflow crowd saw the most thrilling game of the year, the second overtime battle for the Hogs. The Ponies led, 39-35, at the half, but Arkansas pulled even only to have SMU’s Kim Nash give the Mustangs a 67-65 lead with 13 seconds left. Rho¬ den, who hit only one of 14 from the field, was fouled and sank the tying points as the regulation time ended. With the score knotted at 70-70 and two minutes remaining, SMU’s Max Williams went into a one-man stall. With 8 seconds left it was again Nash, this time with a 20 foot jump shot, that gave the Ponies the 72-70 victory. Garner led the Hog scoring with 18 points followed by Foster with 14. The Razorbacks found the Texas Aggies a bit too rugged as they fell for the fourth straight time, 77-68. It was Pat Foster who kept the Hogs close, scoring 20 points. The Porkers went to the dress¬ ing room trailing 41-35 at the half. They threw a brief scare into A M early in the last frame, but the Aggie offense was too much. After three straight conference losses the Razor- backs had to change objectives as they headed for Fort Worth to meet TCU before regional TV. Garner gets away his favorite shot, a hook from the corner, to score 18 points against the Aggies in a losing effort. pleated. Skippy Coffman and Ora Lee Boss were lost because of academic reasons. Jay Dickey con¬ tacted a case of polio and was told that he could never return to active basketball. Arkansas took on non-conference Tulsa as a warmup for a continuance of loop wars. The Pork¬ ers were cold and trailed throughout the game. Tulsa led at the half, 40-33, and came back strong to win, 78-65, hitting 58% of their shots. For the Hogs Carlton hit for 21 points followed by Rhoden with 18. Leaping SMU defender checks a jump shot by Pat Foster. The faster Ponies defeated the Hogs in overtime 72-70. 253 Loose for a lay-in, Clyde Rhoden demonstrates the type of play which justified his spot on the All-Conference team. Basketball They now had to concentrate on a .500 or better rec¬ ord and a first division finish. In a slow starting game the Razorbacks capitalized on the Froggies miscues to take a 28-26 halftime lead. The second half saw the Hogs lead most of the way. In the waning minutes of the half TCU came storming back to take a 61-60 lead, but the Porkers were equal to the task and Jones, Carlton, and Garner each connected two free throws with less than a minute to play to make the final score read 66-61, Arkansas. Rhoden and Foster led the scor¬ ing with 14 points each. The Razorbacks roared back across the .500 mark for the conference season in John Barnhill Fieldhouse Laverne Grindle Jim Mote Center Guard with a 77-55 victory over the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Hogs were eager to avenge an earlier loss suffered in Lubbock and rolled up a 35-25 halftime lead. The Porkers came back even stronger in the second half, grabbing 24 of 36 total rebounds in the final frame. Rhoden, who went into the game the leading scorer in conference play, increased his lead by two points. How¬ ever, it was a reserve, John Blasingame, who took the scoring show away from the big guns. He led all scorers with 17 points in his best outing in college play. The Razorbacks than made the journey to College Station to meet the league leading Cadets of Texas A M. The big man was Kelly Chapman of A M who Jay Dickey Skippy Coffman Forward Guard Houston. The win gave Arkansas a 6-5 league mark. The Hog offense was a complete reverse from their previous game as they ripped the net for a 51% average. Clyde Rhoden shook off his scoring trou¬ bles as he again led the Porker scorers with 24 points, followed by Foster with 22 and Garner with 18. Moving back to Fayetteville for the last home stand of the year the Razorbacks needed one more victory to post a .500 conference record. However, this had to wait as a strong team from Texas had too good a scoring eye. The Porkers jumped to a quick lead, but Texas had too many big guns and after the midway point of the first half went ahead for good, winning, 71-57. Rhoden was again the high point man with 19, followed by Carlton with 15. The Hogs got off to a slow start in their last home game against Baylor. They could hit only 25% of their shots in the first half as the Bears led bv five. However, with a late surge the Hogs bound¬ ed back to take an 83-74 victory. Rhoden, who led the scoring, set a new Arkansas record for the most points made in conference play by an Arkansas player. Rhoden tallied 21 points for his evening’s work, followed by Carlton with 18. The Razorbacks ended their season’s play be¬ fore regional TV as they lost to Southern Methodist, 93-82. This left the Hogs at the break -even point, not only for the entire slate, 12-12, but also in the conference with 7-7. Once again, the Ponies’ fast break was too much for the slow Porkers and Wil¬ bur Marsh and Max Williams ran circles around the defense late in the game to take the win. Ronnie Garner led Arkansas scorers with 25 points, fol¬ lowed by Foster with 18 points. Jerry Carlton shows his speed by driving for a lay-in as Garner and Foster are in position in case he should miss. Tall Texan reaches from behind Blasingame to bat away a re¬ bound. Texas was too tall and too accurate for the Hogs. came off the be nch in the second half to score 16 points and lead the Aggies as they rolled over a cold Razorback five, 82-61. Arkansas could only hit 24% from the field compared to A M’s 46%. The league’s leading scorer, Rhoden, was held to one field goal in 13 attempts by the tight Aggie defense. Foster led the Porker scorers with 16 points. The hot-shot junior trio led the Razorbacks to a 94-74 victory over the punchless Rice Owls in Cross Country Arkansas won its fourth consecutive cross country championship by an overwhelming margin in the con¬ ference meet held in Fayetteville and continued to build a reputation of strength in distance running. Student assistant Ed Morton, former great Arkansas distance runner, assumed the duties of departed as¬ sistant coach Earl Bond and under the direction of “Ab” Bidwell, he turned an experienced group of lettermen into a championship team. During regular season competion the team wound up with a 2-2 record, their poorest in years, but this was compiled in meets with some of the nation’s finest teams. Returning lettermen included Joe Bessenbacher, Ray Dyck, Jackie Nelson, Alan Rennick, James Taylor and Stuart Towns. Eddie Black joined these six to make up the team that retained the conference title. Ray Dyck paced the Razorbacks in the conference meet as the Porkers finished far ahead of second-place Texas. Following Dyck in the conference meet were Nelson, Rennick, Towns, Bessenbacher, Taylor, all in the first ten, and Black. The outstanding win was the fourth in a string of victories dating back to 1956 when assistant coach Ed Morton led the team to an upset win over Texas. Competition in the SWC meet with Arkansas runners in dark jerseys, was heated and stiff; Arkansas emerged victorious for fourth year. Southwest Conference Cross Country Champions: Lejt to Right: Coach Ed Morton, Eddie Biack, Ray Dyck, Alan Rennick, Joe Bessenbacher, James Taylor, Stuart Towns, Jackie Nelson. Jackie Nelson, one of the Hog ' s leading runners, warms up preceding the SWC meet. Nelson ran a very fine third in 15:22. Cross-country harriers also serve as distance men for Hog track. Members of the Porker four mile relay team await their call in a home track meet. Zi3 1960 Baseball Team. First Row : Max Holloway, Joe Nosari, Gary Weaver, H. C. Hall. Second Row: Darrell Peters, Rex Mc- Caughtry, Darrell Williams, Tom Glaze, Lance Alworth, John Abramczyk, Jarrell Williams. Third Row: Coach P. T. ‘Duddy’ Waller, Jerry Wheeler, Jerry Carlton, Don Martin, Pat Foster, John Kerr, Norman Revis, Coach Bill Ferrell. Baseball A stronger pitching staff plus nine returning lettermen gave coaches Bill Ferrell and Duddy Waller some hope of better¬ ing last year’s poor diamond showing. The big question mark was in the hitting department which would have to improve over its anemic status of 1959. Playing a split schedule, the first 12 games at home and the remaining 11 on the road, the Razorbacks started strong as they wound up their extended home stand with a 10-2 mark. They faltered on the road, hut ended the season with a respectable 14-9 record. Overall, the team jumped to a fine .281 batting average with catcher Joe Nosari, first baseman Pat Foster and short¬ stop Jerry Carlton pacing the parade of hitters with an identi¬ cal .341 percentage. The pitching staff turned in a commendable 3.57 ERA with steady righthander John Kerr posting a 5-2 record in¬ cluding an outstanding ERA of 1.50. Other marks included Rex McCaughtry, 3-0, Darrell Peters, 3-2, and Don Martin, 2-4. Seasons Record Even a pitcher must know how to lay one down at the right time. Pitch¬ er Gary Weaver squares around to bunt during Porker baseball practice. Arkansas 7 Wichita 6 Arkansas 9 Wichita 5 Arkansas 11 Kansas 6 Arkansas 19 Emporia St. 11 Arkansas 11 Emporia St. 4 Arkansas 8 Missouri 21 Arkansas 9 Missouri 8 Arkansas 10 Buena Vista 4 Arkansas 1 Buena Vista 3 Arkansas 17 Colorado 2 Arkansas 8 Colorado 2 Arkansas 8 Baylor 0 Arkansas 1 LSU 5 Arkansas 2 Mississippi St. 3 Arkansas 11 N.E. Louisiana 8 Arkansas 4 N.W. Louisiana 3 Arkansas 6 Loyola 11 Arkansas 5 Loyola 9 Arkansas 11 LSU 5 Arkansas 5 Louisiana College 12 Arkansas 12 Centenary 13 Arkansas 2 Centenary 3 Catcher Tom Glaze digs in and takes his cuts in an early spring game played in Fayetteville. The Ho gs started strong, playing their first 12 games at home and left on an ex¬ tended road trip with a 10-2 record. Pat Foster, the club ' s leading hitter last year, continued his fine play and again led the team, along with Jerry Carlton and Joe Nosari, with a .341 mark. 259 Track Track continued to attract popularity as a spring sport during the fifth year of Coach Ab Bidwell. Ed Morton, former great Razorback distance runner, took over as assistant after the departure of former assistant Earl Bond. As has been the case for many years the Hogs were again strong in the distance and relay events, but weak in the remaining segments, especially the weights. The Porkers soundly trounced Memphis State in a dual meet and trailed Pittsburg State by only one point in a triangular meet. In addition, Hog thinclads entered the Kansas State Invitational, OSU Relays, Texas Relays, Memphis State Relays, Kansas Relays and the Drake Relays. The Razorbacks served as the host for the Arkansas Relays which drew many of the nation’s best teams and a great number of Olympic hopefuls. Several University records were broken during mee s this year. The sprint medley relay team of Wayne McCollum, Charles Davis, Gary McDonald and Ray Dyck established a new time of 3:22.3 at the Texas Relavs. Ray Dyck bettered his old 880 yard run time by clocking 1:49.0 at the Drake Relays. Jerry Hughes and Alan Sugg added to the pole vault record several times and each cleared the bar a t 13’8” in a triangular meet in Fayetteville. 200 I960 Track Team. First How: Jerry Hughes, Don Timberlake. Stuart Towns, Jackie Nelson, Joe Bessenbacher, Eddie Black, Charles Davis, Wendall Goodwin, Raymond Dyck. Second Row : Coach Ab Bidwell, Frank Peters, Allan Rennick, Bill Runyan, Ralph Brodie, Lynn James, Gary McDonald, James Taylor, Coach Ed Morton. President of the Student Body and record-holding pole vaulter, Allan Sugg clears 12 , 9 to win at the Memphis State Relays. Ralph Brodie clears the hurdles a split second ahead of his opponent, but went ahead to win easily as the Hogs defeated Memphis State. Sprinter Lance Alworth breaks the tape of the 100 yard dash. Alworth, who doubled in baseball, turn¬ ed in a 9.7 before returning to the diamond. 261 I960 Tennis Team. First Row : Joe Bissett, Randy Spencer, Rudy Martin, Alan Beauchamp. Second Row: Coach John ‘Red’ Davis, Jack Bailey, Jay Dickey, Coach Dr. John Kane. Letterman Rudy Martin in motion to return a shot at the net in a tennis match on the University courts. T ennis After a .500 season last year the Razorback tennis team appeared to be in position for a winning spring schedule this year. Gone were lettermen Bob Franklin, David Abernathy and Dickie Langford, but three returning lettermen, an out¬ standing transfer and three promising local boys made the tennis future look bright. Rudy Martin, John Henry Moore and Randy Spencer re¬ turned from last year’s net wars to join force with Joe Bis¬ sett, Alan Beauchamp and Jack Bailey, all of Fayetteville, and transfer Jay Dickey from Hendrix. Dickey, fourth ranking player in the state, contacted polio during basketball season and had to drop the sport, but has recovered to move into the number one tennis position. In addition to these new netmen, the Razorbacks added Dr. John Kane to the coaching staff to work with coach John VRed’ Davis. The Porkers started strong and improved along the way to post a very fine 6-1 season record in non-conference play. The Razorbacks have not competed in SWC tennis for several years, but have been sending representatives to the league’s spring tournament in May each year. 262 Golf Last year the Razorback golf team slipped to seven¬ th place after having won the Southwest Conference title the previous year. Coach Bob Zander hoped for an improvement over this last place finish, but it was not in the books. Three lettermen, Joe Crumpler, Donn Kerby and Beryl Anthony, returned, but the loss suffered by the graduation of Louis Henderson and Jerry Brecken- ridge hurt considerably. The team was chosen from the scores of a 72-hole match at Hardscrabble Country Club in Fort Smith and resulted in the addition of two very fine sophomores, Gary Gross and Richard McCauley, to the five man team. McCauley won the Arkansas State junior title and the Arkansas JC junior crown last summer and went on to the national JC and national USGA junior tournament while team-mate Gross placed high in both tournaments. The handicap of having to endure poor spring practice weather in comparison to the year-round con- di v ions in Texas worked a hardship on the Porker team as they were unable to win a match in the early part of the season. Razorback home games were split this year between Fayetteville Country Club and Hardscrabble Country Club in Fort Smith. Richard McCauley, one of the state ' s outstanding junior golfers, steadies himself for an important putt. 1960 Golf Team. From Left: Beryl Anthony. Richard McCauley, Coach Boh Zander, Donn Kerby, Gary Gross, Joe Crumpler. Billy Joe Moody evades two tacklers in his backfield as he goes around right end for considerable yardage in a practice session scrimmage. prinn Freshman Football After the undefeated season of last year’s Shoat team any unsimilar performance by this year’s freshman team would have been anticlimatic. However, the complete reversal of last year’s results, in that the 1959 version of the baby Hogs won none and lost five, was indeed amazing because of the tremendous pros¬ pects that Coach Frank Broyles and his recruiting staff had secured. It should be remembered that the object of the freshman team is to supply the varsity and the poor record of this year’s Shoats will not interfere with that in any way. Names such as Billy Joe Moody, Danny Brabham, Tommy Brasher, Buddy Tack¬ ett and Chuck Tempfer will resound in football circles for years to come. When it looked as if the freshman team was going to go all the way, Coach Steed White was transfered to varsity coaching duty, leaving the Shoats in the hands of graduate assistants. This plus an abundance of injuries plagued the team throughout the year. The Shoats lost their five games in this manner: T-Team, 22-3; Tulsa, 22-7; Texas Tech, 26-6; T-Team. 34-0; OSU. 20-14. 264 Shoat quarterback Chester Miller (14) grabs for the Oklahoma State fullback, but in vain as paydirt looms ahead. The Shoats lost their fifth ballgame of the season to the Oklahoma State congregation in the only freshman game in Fayetteville by the score of 20-14. The entire Shoat team converges on an Oklahoma State ball carrier to pre¬ vent a first down. In the foreground are Tommy Brasher (50), Billy Joe Moody (37) and Danny Brabham (51). The team runs through blocking and tackling drills as the coaching staff stresses fundamentals in early sessions to ready freshmen for varsity duty. 265 Shoat Basketball Team. First Row: Roger Rogers, Jerald Hen- Second Row : Larry Wofford, Bob Anderson, Sam Keilberg derson, Bob Cary, Jerry Rogers, Mayne Parker, Cecil Dennis. Marvin Mann, Tom Boyer, Horace Morgan. Freshman Basketball Since ‘Duddy’ Waller took over the job of coaching the freshman basketball teams a successful season seems to be the rule rather than the exception. This year’s Shoat aggrega¬ tion was no exception as they romped through a 12 game schedule, winning 10 and losing two. This brought Waller’s three-year record to 31-5. The Baby Porkers only had trouble with the freshman team of Tulsa University. The leading scorer of the year was Fort Smith’s Tommy Boyer, the state’s outstanding schoolboy player and high school All-American in 1059. He eclipsed Jerry Carlton’s rec¬ ord set the previous year which had, in turn, wiped out Clyde Rhoden’s marks. Boyer scored 245 points for a 20.4 average. His high single game total was 35 points. With the exception of wo losses to the Tulsa Gales the remainded of the games were in Arkansas’ favor by scores of 66-22 against Texarkansas JC; 60-65 loss to Tulsa; 57-36 against Conners A M; 50-47 against Bacone JC; 64-49 against Joplin JC; 75-48 against Bacone JC; 61-56 against Fort Smith JC; 86-41 against Joplin JC; 77-51 against Texarkana JC; 52-55 loss to Tulsa; 73-66 against Fort Smith JC; and 80-48 against Conners A M. A familiar sight was the Shoats ' superiority under the net. Keilberg (25) leaps while Wofford (14) waits. Freshman Track The outlook for 1960 was only moderate for fresh¬ man track, especially where overall team strength was concerned. The Shoat aggregation was designed more to fill the needs of upcoming varsity teams, with several strong mid-distance runners and more emphasis on the shot and discus. The outstanding figures appeared to be sprinter Kary Brown, the state’s top dash man in the 1959 high school ranks; quarter-miler Ken Blankenship; 440-880 ace Haydn Hicks; and quarter-miler Jimmy Tate. They more than lived up to expectations as they formed a mile relay team which shattered the Oklahoma S’ate Relays record by 5.2 seconds, turning in a fine 3:21.2. In the weight division, a weak spot in varsity circles for many years, the Shoats had Danny Brabham and Billy Joe Moody, a pair of footballers who were among the best in Louisiana and Arkansas prep ranks last year. The Baby Porkers entered a majority of the same events as did the varsity team and made a stronger showing than had been hoped for in many quarters. Their last meet will he the Southwest Conference Meet, and record break-performances are expected from the mile relay team and sprint medley relay team of Brown, Blankenship, Hicks and Tate. Working on the finer points, sprinter Frank Wait practices his starting technique during the daily workouts in the stadium. 1960 Freshman Track Team. First Row: Frank Wait, Bud Whetstone, Kent Vick. Sec¬ ond Row: Ken Blankenship, Gary Brown, Jimmy Tate, Haydn Hicks, Ralph Brickey. In the final tournament game James Gilbert gathers in a pass for Sigma Chi as Ron Liles and Charlie Hubbard move in for Sigma Nu. Intramurals The fraternity division of intramurals was split into a major and minor league this year to assure more even competition. Membership was deter¬ mined by group size and all agreed that it worked well. In fraternity competition Sigma Alpha Epsilon led the sweepstakes race throughout the year followed closely by Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu. The Alphs won basketball, badminton singles, horseshoe singles, ping pong singles and doubles, snooker doubles and tennis. The Skis took football, volleyball and snooker singles while the Snakes won badminton singles and gold. The Pikes won horseshoe doubles. In independent competition Wesley Foundation led throughout the year followed by the Bauxite Miners. Weslev won badminton, horseshoes, ping pong and snooker. The Miners took football and volleyball while the Village Idiots won basketball. Buchanan took golf and Williams and Sedgwell tied for tennis. Freddy Falls is stopped from behind by Bill Adair with Charlie Hubbard lending support. Sigma Chi won on penetrations. 2(58 Pike ' s Arenz lays one in while Alworth and SAE ' s Vernon Tarver wait for rebound. SAE won 45-37. M. J. Probst, Sigma Chi, stretches high to score in the final game with Phi Delt which the Skis won. 269 Freddy Akers stretches for every inch possible as he broad jumps for Sigma Chi in the track meet. Akers ' jump was good enough for third place. Action in a volleyball game is typical of the daily scene at the men ' s field- house. With 400 people taking part in intramurals the facilities are crowded. Action in a AA softball game, the Rangatangs against Little Blue. Fraternities ' second teams are put in the minor league. Phi Dell Bowlers. Kneeling : Benny Fratesi, Clay McWhor¬ ter. Standing: Kenny Griggs, Phil Atterberry, Bill Taylor. SAE ' s Championship Snooker Team. Tommy Sto- baugh looks on as Jerry Franks lines up shot during tournament play in the Student Union. mm ? Colonel Linwood Griffin, Jr. Professor of Military Science Tactics M. H. Jackson Lt. Colonel Assistant PMS T E. H. Murray Lt. Colonel Military Science IV Mrs. Mildred P. Brandli Administrative Assistant R. W. Quackenbush Major Military Science III William C. McLean Major Military Science I William H. Teal Captain Military Science II 274 Thomas E. Oberley Captain Military Science I Robert W. Fisher Captain Military Science II ROTC ROTC—The Reserve Officers Training Corps, for many the male undergraduates of the University this represents their first contact with the land forces of the American military establishment. The embroilment of the United States Army in our last two armed conflicts found a large percentage of its junior officer personnel possessing an ROTC background. The purpose of this unique program is the training of college graduates to assume executive positions in order to enable the Army to accomplish its overall mis¬ sion of 4 training, equipping organizing, and directing Army forces to conduct prompt and sustained opera¬ tions to seize, occupy, and defend land areas.” A freshman selecting Army ROTC in order to com¬ plete his required two years service in a branch of the armed forces on the collegiate level, finds himself re¬ ceiving instruction in the operation and usage of the basic combat weapons of the Army. As a sophomore, the cadet learns the techniques of fire control, map reading, and investigates the role of the Army in national defense. After choosing to enter the advanced course, the cadet begins a stepped up course in tactics, methods of instruction, and the jobs and missions of the branches of the Army. Following a six week period of practical application at Ft. Hood, Texas during the summer, the senior cadet officers return to study logistics, tactics, military law, and the role of the national defense team. After their commissioning in June, as regular or reserve officers, the seniors are assigned to regular army units. ASSISTANT INSTRUCTORS: First Row : lM Sgt. Otto H. Siever, SFC Leo J. Wisniewski. M Sgt. Paul H. Marney. Sec¬ ond Row : M Sgt. Jesse C. Boyd, M Sgt. Kenneth G. Gruschow, Sgt. Major Abbott L. Johnston, M Sgt. Paul H. Pannell. Brigade From left: Cadet Lt. Colonel Jon R. Morgan, Executive Officer; Cadet Major Larry P. Aikman, S-l; Cadet Major Jim Hefley, S-2; Cadet Colonel Morris Coston, Brigade Commander; Cadet Staff Major Joe Nosari, S-3; Cadet Major Max Garrett, S-4; and Cadet Captain James F. Tuohey, PIO. Army ROTC Band Front Row : Robin Moore, Larry Bohannon, John Foreston. Jim Darnell, John Mays, Larry Bryant, James Arnold. Second Row : Ronald Vandament, Berry Selman, Carl Heineman, Eddie Inzer, Shelby Montgomery, Robin Robinson, Thomas Plunkett, Elridge Dorlund. Third Row: John Thornton, John Bailey, Joe Blankenship, John Faris, Dan Byars, Charles Bowie, Michael Busick. Coretta Bury Honorary Cadet Colonel Zeta Tau Alpha Army Sponsors Liz Hollenberg Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Fulbright Hall Marianne Sutherland Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Chi Omega Barbara Barnes Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Holcombe Hall Donna Axum Honorary Captain, Pershing Rifles Fu I bright Hall Honorary Army Sponsors are presented bouquets and certificates by Colonel Linwood Griffin, Jr., before being presented to their respective Battle Groups that they represent in the Corps of Cadets. Colonel R. L. Van Ausdall Professor of Air Science Jack Chapman Lt. Colonej Air Science IV E. D. Jennings Captain Air Science I E. G. Kruggel Captain Air Science I Lloyd L. Dunlap Major Air Science III D. C. McDowell Captain Air Science II diH V. J. Tirey Captain Air Science I Air Force ROTC “Peace through strength in the Aerospace Age”, a well understood creed to today’s Air Force ROTC cadet. An AFROTC cadet need never again be affiliated with the military to understand the importance of geography and international diplomacy as they’re affected by air power. One hundred seventy seven leading colleges and universities over the nation provide a large part of the Air Force’s junior officer requirement. At the University of Arkansas this year, more than seven hundred and fifty men donned the Air Force blue. As freshmen, these student airmen delved in to the his¬ tory or aviation and the theories behind flight and rockets. While the freshmen studied in these areas the sophomores investigated further into some of the basic information about what takes place on and behind a launching pad. Going above and beyond the required two years military instruction required of all undergraduate men, the advanced cadets assumed command of the Cadet Wing under the watchful supervision of their cadre in¬ structors. After a four week summer camp at various airbases around the country, the activities of these ad¬ vanced cadet carried them into the AFROTC Leader¬ ship Laboratory and Flight Instruction Programs lead¬ ing to private licenses. In connection with these pursuits, the fliers become familiar with techniques of navagation, weather, and principles of military law. Upon graduation and com¬ missioning, these men will join regular Air Force units as valuable members of the “Aerospace” team. ASSISTANT INSTRUCTORS: First Row : T Sgt. William L. Austin, T Sgt. Kenneth A. Haberkorn, T Sgt. James R. Bowles. Second Row : A 1C Noble Champlin, Jr., S Sgt. Charles E. Gen¬ try, T Sgt. Charles H. Kelly, S Sgt. Howard R. Baugh. Wing Staff Back Row : Cadet Lt. Col. Charles Wilson, Cadet Lt. Col. Bobbie Martin, Cadet Major William Anderson, Cadet Major Rex Netherton, Cadet Lt. Col. John McCallister, Cadet Lt. Col. Harry Murdock. Front : Cadet Col. Lewis Barnard. Weedman, Cadet Lt. Col. Oscar Fletcher, Cadet Major George Air Force ROTC Band First Row : Band Commander A. D. Poole, M. D. Allum, C. H. Hartman, Joe D. Boyd, William H. Lacefield, Bill R. Karch, Richard L. Fritchey, John P. Anderson, G. W. Sorrells. Second Row: Waldo Bronson, Tom J. Gentry, Don Dingledine, Donald Gleason, Troy Brand, Wayne Emanuel, Robert Norwood, Stephen Rowland. Third Row: Benny A. Combs, WiRiam E. Miller, William R. Martin, Philip M. Spray, Steve O’Kelley, John W. Ramsey, Scott Stuart, Terry B. Cooper. Fourth Row: Gary Wood, Bob Winn, Leon Bayley, Rene Jordan, William Kelly, Charles Kearien. Suzie Jackson Honorary Cadet Colonel Chi Omega Air Force Sponsors Merideth Stubblefield Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Delta Delta Delta Tappy Dickens Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Kappa Kappa Gamma Sue Quinn Wilson Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Alpha Delta Pi Dot Harkey Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Fulbright Hall Marian Moore Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Pi Beta Phi Honor Ribbons for the best drilled Flight during the pre¬ ceding drill are awarded by Honorary Cadet Colonel and Miss Arkansas, Suzie Jackson during Fall drill ceremonies. Carol Anne Kirby Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Kappa Kappa Gamma Dottie Rumph Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Delta Delta Delta i M First Row : Edgar Britt, Douglas Haynie, Bruce Barnes, Honor¬ ary Sponsor Liz Hollenberg, Jim Williams, Johnny Huchingson, Doyle Campbell. Second Row : M Sgt. Paul Panned, Robert D. Hall, Rliesa W. Davis, Charles Campbell, Harry Jackson. Jr., Gaiy Black, Max Garrett, Glenn Bishop, Advisor Major W. C. McLean. Army ROTC Rifle Team A synonym for excellance, the ROTC rifle team. This unit holds the Midwest League Championship, the Fourth Army Area Championship, the Arkansas Rifle Championship, and as a result, the Arkansas Governors Cup. At the beginning of the season, these men found their ranks depleted due to the loss of several veteran shooters. However, mainstays Charles Campbell and All American firer, Max Garrett, formed the nucleus around which coach Paul Pannell constructed a mainly freshman team. These new members augmented and soon soundly supported the old hands. In addition to championship meets, the teams have defeated Wichita University and the University of Oklahoma in individual matches al¬ ready this season. In the halls of the military department hang trophies which range from the Chicago Tribune-Randolph Hearst trophies to plaques for victories over individual in¬ stitutions which are too numerous to list. These symbols point to a tradition of superior performance of which all can well be proud. Firers-on-line at the Firing Range in the Greek Theatre practice in an afternoon session in preparation for approaching meet. 282 Pershing Rifles 14 .lafi IS, 3 w L jJ? IL Preparatory command is given by PR Head Ken Hendrickson before supplementary command that will send unit into a precision maneuver. John J. Pershing formed the Pershing Rifles in 1894 and in the ensuing years it spread over the nation under the auspices of the ROTC. As an entirely volun¬ teer organization, the company attempts to acquire a high degree of proficiency in drill through extra prac¬ tice sessions. In addition to participating in regular drills on Tues¬ day and Thursday mornings, the rifles occasionally sponsor activities which include demonstrations, rifle matches, field trips, and furnishing honor guards for visiting dignitaries. This fall the company sent delegations to their na¬ tional assembly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they pa r¬ ticipated in the Homecoming parade, and were present at the Hot Springs Christmas parade. Last Spring the company rifle team defended its national championship and the drill team returned to Mardi Gras in New Orleans in addition to serving as ushers at several basketball games and appearing on numerous television shows. The four platoons that compose the Pershing Rifles Company at photographer. The PR unit, through extra practice sessions, the University, form-up in Inspection Formation for Razorback attempts to acquire a high degree of proficiency in drill. 283 First Row: Sponsor Major Roger W. Quackenbush, Tom Lum, Lee Kleese, Larry P. Aikman, Dewey Gentry. Second Row: Ronald Avery, Tommy Bruce Wilson, E. D. Yancey, Dan Mc¬ Guire, Jimmie Estes, Larry C. Clark, Dudley Bumpass. Third Row: Ken B. Hendrickson, John Darnell, George Jernigan, Carl Hendrix, Hammond Satterfield, Jon Morgan, Dan Thrailkill. Fourth Row: Randy Spencer, Dutch Hutsell, Ken McClain, Fred Isgrig, Sammie Hunter, Joe Saunders, John Blasingame. Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade, the honorary organization for advanced students in the Army ROTC. Members in this organization must meet a scholarship requirement of a “B” average in military subjects, from this basis further criteria for selection are an interest in the mili¬ tary, and a high degree of efficiency on the drill field. The local unit of Scabbard and Blade, “B” Company of the Second Regiment, was established in 1916. Per¬ haps their activity with which students are most fam¬ iliar is the cannon fire punctuating pep rallys and foot¬ ball games. In addition to artillery support, they provide the saber arch at the Military Ball and conduct a week long hazing ritual in the fall during their pledging period. Each spring, Scabbard and Blade becomes the driv¬ ing force behind the major social event of the Army ROTC activities for the year, the Military Ball. The unit makes financial arrangements, arrives at a decoration theme, and supervises its construction. This organiza¬ tion is built on a military tradition, and considers ser¬ vice a duty and privilege. Representatives of all Army ROTC classes meet with members of Scabbard and Blade to discuss forthcoming Army Military Ball. 284 Arnold Air Society To become a member of the Arnold Air Society, an AFROTC advanced cadet must maintain an 2.00 overall grade average and a 3.00 average in the ad¬ vanced course in Air Science. This organization accepts only those advanced cadets who have demonstrated a high degree of leadership capability. The objectives and purposes of Arnold Air to im¬ prove the relations between students and faculty, and those of the various institutions in this area who offer courses in Air Science. The most important activity of this group is their attempts to increase improved public relations between the general public and the Department of Air Force. They hope that through this increased awareness on the part of the American people that ultimately the standards of the Air Force itself will be raised and the nation as a whole will benefit in the end. New members are pledged to this unit in the spring they are rapidly integrated into the group activities involved in pro¬ moting the Air Force Ball and directivities in honoring the honorary cadet sponsors. First Row: George Martin, Bruce Netherton, Terry Arenz, Charles Wilson, Phillip Anderson, Captain McDowell. Second Row: Vance Bauer, Elmer Faust, Mike Flowers, Joe Dickson, Mike Miestreal, Darrell Lucas, Garry Woods, Gordon Caton. Third Row: Bob Bass, William Lerch, Tony Beattie, Herman Gatter, Tom Carter, Jack Ruggles, Joe Marlar, Bruce Fullerton. 285 Razorback Robert T. Dawson Editor An Elephant in the Developer It’s impossible to pin-point the exact date that the 1960 Razorback or perhaps better known as the White Elephant, the book with the backward look, had its beginning. It can be traced back to early last summer when the skinny editor made a trip to Southwestern Engraving Co. in Tulsa to plan page lay-outs for the hook. Starting from nothing, the 496 page monstrosity soon began to take shape as staff members began their routine with the open¬ ing of school. As if the confusion of registration in the Men’s gym wasn’t enough, the Razorback threw up a bottle¬ neck at the exit of the gym with the appointment tables for the scheduling of pictures for the publica¬ tion. For the next six weeks, choas was the word as 3745 students were photographed by Randelle Studio’s of New York for the book. Pictures for the Organizations Section of the book went off on schedule in the crowded lounge of the Student Union. The engraver started scream¬ ing for pictures and the printer needed copy, and the 1960 Razorback was off to the races. James F. Tuohey, Jr. Business Manager 288 The class co-editors were efficient and good looking and more and more young men became interested in seeking positions on the yearbook. The Razorback office began to look like a ChiO pledge meeting as the pictures came back from Randelle for filing in the class section. A capable young man named Poe, apparently dazed from his work on the preceding yearbook, volunteered to handle the operation end of the yearbook. John Moore, associate editor, began planning copy schedules that never seemed to be on time, but as Moore put it, one can dream. From fabulous Xi of Kappa Sigma came the guiding star of the 1960 White Elephant, Doc Lambert. Lambert was Greek Editor and had the T want to do more’ look on his face, and was made assistant editor in charge of everything. Eric Richardson, the organizations editor, completed his section early and forgot to leave the office and therefore worked in almost every capacity for the next seven months. From the world of sports came Bill Stover, who with poetic jargon kept up with a winning season of the Razorbacks. Uncle Sam called and so went Stover, leaving behind an architect student named Mott to com¬ plete the section. Several firsts were incorportated into the 63rd version of the Razorback. A color shot was added to the opening section and the entire yearbook was changed in some manner. The housemothers went in and the Greek sweethearts came out as the new look was supposedly added as the Razorback, without saying so, tried to ‘Swing into the Sixties’. Problems did arise on every section of the book and items that seemed the simplest often caused the most trouble. The Class Section Photographers asked for an extension in the deadline from December 1st to the 10th, which left five days to complete the section. A call to New York on the 10th found that the pictures had been mailed, but had apparently been lost. Five days later the pictures arrived from New York postmarked December 13 out of New York. And then when the pictures finally were filed, 400 Fulbright Hall pictures were stolen out of the office. Panic was the word until the pic¬ tures were found in the hands of the thief. Then he panicked, and then it was the Razorback’s turn again as photographers for the Feature Sec¬ tion became few and far between. The staff somehow managed to scrounge for pictures long enough to have this corrected somewhat, but photographers presented, by far, the greatest problem to the staff. The first signatures were returned from the printer and the staff Beauty Editors Barbara Barnes and Jeanette Adams discuss plans for the revision of the beauty section with staffer Judy Taylor and Sudent Government Editor Jim Patton. John Moore Associate Editor Bill Poe Managing Editor David Lambert Assistant Editor Eric Richardson Organizations Editor 289 Razorback Staff Editor_Bob Dawson Associate Editor_ John Moore Managing Editor_Bill Poe Assistant Editor_ David Lambert Organization Editor_Eric Richardson Sports Editor (first semester) _ Bill Stover Sports Editor (second semester) _ John Mott Co-Class Editor_ Ann Martin Co-Class Editor_Connie Noland Greek Editor_ Ann Yancey Co-Beauty Editor _ Jeanette Adams Co-Beauty Editor _ Barbara Barnes Administrative Editor_ Marilane Sulcer Co-Personalities Editor_Jane Collier Co-Personalities Editor _ Jim Hefley Exchange Editor_ Pat Parker Index Editor _ Betty Clark Military Editor_ Charles Hughes Staff Assistants _ Dolly McAdams, Hal Ponder, Dick Smith, Rebecca Cooper, Lynn Wickard, Helen Smith, Jim Patton, Sandy Trust, Sue Dunson, Judy Taylor, Sue Noland, Jeannie Morse, Eleanor Duschl, Sandra Wilson, Vicki Lindsey, Linda Magee, Judy Stallings, Judy Newman, Anabeth Cadwell, Chad Kumpe, Daryl Malone, Mary Martha Anderson, Joyce White, Suzie Jackson Business Manager_Jim Tuohey Assistant Business Manager_Ed Dohoney Advertising Manager_ Jim Powell Advertising sales staff_Jim Mulhollan, Joe Keene, Bill Poe Business assistants inform assistant chief Ed Dohoney that they will never sell any ads if he doesn ' t hold the phone correctly. Photographic Contributions _ Jack Moncrief, Jack Moses, David Chandler, Dick Edwards of Univer¬ sity News Service, David Rushing, Ed Jeter, Johnny Woodruff, Jim Tuohey, Lambert of Dickson, Harry Kolb, Ed Gass, Paul Michaelis, A 1C Champlin, Jacksonville Daily News, Arkansas Democrat, and Bob Dawson. Color Shot_Jack Moncrief Beauty Photographer _ Bob’s of Fayetteville Index staffers Duschl, Morse, Clark, Stallings, Newman, Malone, Anderson, White, and Wilson, clown before the job of compiling 3750 names. 290 Razorback photographers Woodruff and Rushing compare blank negatives and offer meek excuses for obtaining no pictures of the King Porker Party. saw that perhaps it wasn’t as futile as it often times seemed. Enthusiasm was the word and the book was sailing smoothly until the day the Printer and the Engraver called and said that the book would never get out on time. ‘Hurry’ was the word until the end of school. Betty Clark and the Pi Phi pledge class took over and said that we would have an index, and we did. All night sessions became more frequent as the Big Book with the backward look, went into the home stretch. Excellent cooperation between the Printer, the Hurley Company of Camden, and the Engraver, Southwestern of Tulsa, enabled the Razorback to include Gaebale, the seventh of may, into a book that was slated for distrubution 16 days later. The staff slowed down for the first time in nine months and couldn’t believe that the White Elephant was really complete. The 1960 Razorback represents the sum efforts of some 60 staff members and countless other people who helped and assisted in some way. The book was out and the staff sighed and waited for student reaction. Bill Stover First Semester Sports Editor John Mott Second Semester Sports Editor Connie Noland Co-Class Editor Ann Martin Co-Class Editor Class workers Trust, Dunson, Cooper, Smith, Wickard, and McAdams prepare to do it. 291 Jim Minmier Co-Editor Censorship Four Times a Week Probably the most trying and hectic year that any publication has even known has just been concluded by the Traveler. The chain of events listed six editors, censorship, and a cut-back to four issues during the school year. It started when Ed Dozier, the editor selected by the Board of Pub¬ lications in the Spring was disqualified and ruled inelgible by the Dean’s Office for scholastic reasons. Taking supposedly emergency action, Act¬ ing President Storm Whaley then appointed a freshman named Jim Standard to the position of editor. The Board meeting the first week of school confirmed the appointment and the Traveler started publish¬ ing the usual five days a week. Then a budget document with the proposed 10 per cent cut in the Julie Saeler Business Manager, First Semester Guy Maris Business Manager, Second Semester appropriations of all University agencies was stolen off the desk of the Acting President and appeared in the Traveler the next day. An emer¬ gency session of the Board of Publications was called that afternoon in an attempt to find how Standard had obtained the document. Jim contended that he was innocent and had obtained the document in good faith from a reliable source that he refused to identify. Then on Monday, October 12, Acting President Whaley checked by the Printing Plant in Hill Hall and after checking the proofs of the paper that day, stopped publication and called a meeting of the board. The paper contained a news story and an editorial on the front page con¬ demning the purge that the editor was being subjected to. The Board of Publications then voted to suspend that issue of the Traveler and to further investigate how Standard had obtained the document. The University Disciplinary Committee meeting early that week placed Standard on probation, thus making him inelgible to hold the position of editor. The Committee said that after a thorough investigation, they had proven that Standard and a staff member had taken the docu¬ ment. Later Standard admitted taking the document. Standard loaded up and left and the Traveler was again without an editor. The Board then appointed Armil Snow, a sophomore with Traveler experience, to the position of acting editor until the position could be filled. Snow served until the day the Board was to meet to interview 4 applicants for the position. A proposal for the creation of a committee, other than the Board itself, was submitted by a faculty member of the Board. Finding the proposal unacceptable, the Board voted it out, and was attempting to work out a more workable solution to the problem, when a letter from President Whaley was read to the group by the faculty Board member. The letter stated that if in the event that the proposal of the Administration was not acceped, then all jurisdiction over the Traveler was thereby removed from the Board of Publications. The Traveler was placed in the department of Journalism. The previously independent, student controlled, newspaper now was Co-Editors Stevenson and Minmier, along with Advertising Manager Young, directs last minute page make-up with Printing Plant employees Hanthorne and Murphy in Hill Hall. Julia Rumph Managing Editor Phil Cate Editorial Assistant Terry Poynter Sports Editor Sharon Young Advertising Manager 293 Traveler Staff Co-Editor _ Ed Stevenson Co-Editor_Jim Minmier Managing Editor_Julia Mae Rumph Editorial Assistant _ Phil Cate Sports Editor_Terry Poynter Society Editor_ Carlanda Greene Feature Writer _ Pat Parker Columnist _ John Moore Staff Writers _ Betty Parsons, Elizabeth Bates, Georgia Dortch, Jenny Mitchell Photographer _ Johnny Woodruff Business Manager (first semester) _Julie Saeler Business Manager (second semester) _ Guy Maris Circulation Manager _ _ _ John Crawford Advertising Manager__ __ Sharon Young Stevenson checks final proof at 7:30 before putting paper on presses. faculty-supervised and checked daily for controversial material. The Journalism Department immediately ap¬ pointed two of the applicants for editor, Ed Stevenson and Jim Minmier, as co-editors. The next day, the issue containing the account of the acting board of publications chairman on actually what had happened at the Board meeting was censored by Dr. David Bergin, Chairman of the Journalism De¬ partment. The Traveler co-editors, fighting faculty con¬ trol at every turn, began the tedious ritual of putting Staff assignments and instructions along with a few ' wise words ' , are given staffers Parsons, Parker, and Bates by Co-Editor Minmier. Staffers Greene and Parker send copy down the new copy-chute to the Plant. out a newspaper under trying circumstances. Despite this handicap, an outstanding paper was published by the staff. A record on the number of pages published in one issue was established by the staff, as a special Gator Bowl edition of 24 pages, that honored the Southwest-Conference co-champions and the Gator Bowl winners. The issue was proclaimed over the State and extra copies were sent to dignitaries and alumni. But all was not over, and a committee appointed by President David Mullins formed a new Board of Publications and abolished the old Board. The new Board in its first meeting elected Barbara Clauser, a newcomer to the Traveler, as editor and the entire old staff including co-editors Minmier and Stevenson resigned. With their resignations, Barbara was forced to move up from editor-elect to editor, thus making number six. A trying year for the Traveler and one that will never be forgotten. Garlanda Greens Society Editor Elizabeth Bates Staff Assistant Betty Parsons Staff Assistant Pat Parker Feature Writer Rumph and Stevenson critique campus happenings before making the page dummies. 295 Agriculturist The Arkansas Agriculturist, a student magazine in the true sense of the word, has been devoted to inform¬ ing University students, potential students and alumni of activities in the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. The small efficient staff has worked hard toward a successful year for the publication. The students of the college have contributed ideas to the staff concern¬ ing the type of publication they desired and the articles they wanted to read. Virginia Price, Editor, used a college theme in pre¬ senting the four issues. The freshman issue was de¬ voted to orientation of new students. The sophomore and junior issues discussed research and the opportun¬ ities in agriculture and home economics. The senior issue was devoted to the Agri Day activities as well as honoring the leaders in the college. Circulation rose as Business Manager Billy Wilson and his staff put the 2000 copies of each issue out to students, Arkansas high schools and to extension work¬ ers. This efficiency has created new interest in the pub¬ lication for many potential University students. Offering journalistic opportunity to interested agri¬ culture and home economics students has been a goal for this publication. Much valuable experience is gained from work on its pages. Virginia Price Editor Business Manager Billy Wilson and assistant Sue Kuester dis¬ cuss budget and problems relating to the business side of the Agriculturist. Wilson and Kuester also were in charge of advertising. Billy Wilson Business Manager Staff Editor _ Virginia Price Associate Editor _ Marilyn Hathaway Feature Editor_Janis Walls Home Economics Editor_Sue Kuester Photography Editor_Ray Dyck Art Editor _ Bill Horton Business Manager_ Billy Wilson Assistant Business Manager_ _Mary Nell Bolinger Circulation Manager _ Larry Franks Staff Writers . _Elizabeth Bright, Lucy Beth Dyer, Nancy Howard, Brenda Ingram, Barbara Patterson, Ann Hutsell, Larry Franks Staff photographer Ray Dyck explains the art of developing in the developing-tank to interested feature editor Janis Walls. Dyck shot majority of pictures for the four-times-yearly publication. Mary Nell Bolinger and editor-elect Larry Franks file the freshman issue of the publi¬ cation for future reference. The issue ori¬ ented new students to the Agri College. 297 Circulation Manager and Exchange Editor Richard Mayfield prepares to send the award winning pub¬ lication to neighboring colleges. Mayfield also directed the distribution of magazines on campus. Engineer Bob Wilson Editor John ' me-worry ' Moore Business Manager Capping another outstanding year for the Engineer, it took two awards in the national Engineering College Magazines Associated competition. The awards were in the categories of Best Cover and Best Recurring Feature. The Arkansas Engineer is the official publication of the College of Engineering and publishes four times a year, in November, January, March, and May. The highlight of the year is the March Engineers’ Day issue which contains the pictures of the candidates for St. Pat and St. Patricia and articles on the Engineers’ Day festivities in addition to the regular technical articles. The technical articles contained in the Engineer are aimed at the College of Engineering student body in general and are intended to be understood by any stu¬ dent there, no matter what his major or classification. In addition to articles on strictly engineering topics, the Engineer also contains features on subjects of general scientific interest. 298 Advisor, Professor J. R. Bissett, along with editor Bob Wilson and editor-elect Bob Miner, take a sneak-preview of the Engineering Day ' Engineer ' edition. Staff Editor - Bob Wilson Associate Editor _ Joe Bissett Layout Editor _ Bob Miner Copy Editor_Jim Hefley Circulation Manager_Richard Mayfield Staff Assistants_Jim Kimzey, Jack Hammett, Tom Chaffin, Jerry Perciful, Jim Colvert, Fred Crum, Bob Owen, Gail Cowart, Ernest Fant, Alfred Luzietti, Ted Shannon, Bill Neubert, John Hoskyn, Jim Sadler, Howard Jones, Frank Zanoff Business Manager _ John Moore Advisors__ Prof. J. R. Bissett, Dean G. F. Branigan Editor-elect Bob Miner and business manager-elect Joe Bissett review preceding editions of the Engineer searching for ideas and possible forms to follow for the four editions next year. 299 Guild Ticker The 22nd version of the Guid Ticker has been tabled the largest and the best of any of the offical publicatins of business school. Editor Julia Rumph combined the talents of some forty staff members to insure the success of the publication. The fifty-eight page letter-press publication contain¬ ed aricles of interest to all students enrolled in the Col¬ lege of Business Administration. One of the unique features of the book, was the senior section, which for the first time carried individual pictures of all graduating seniors. The publication was distributed during the Com¬ merce Banquet which concluded Commerce Day. The Commerce Queen of 1960, Miss Joyce Norwood, was featured in the Ticker along with the other maids. Who’s Who in the College of Business Administra¬ tion was also announced in the publication. Fourteen outstanding seniors were selected for this honor. The magazine also contained articles about the BA honoraries and did a brief character sketch on the new faculty members. A success story featuring chain-store president, owner Sam Walton was the business high¬ light of the Ticker this year. Julia Mae Rumph Editor Staffer Marianne Sutherland points to cohort Sarah Jane Melton, while Joe Powers looks at her like she fell out of a tree. Anyway, she didn ' t and all three worked in some way on the Ticker. Paul Bowie Business Manager Staff Editor _ Julia Rumph Assistant Editor_Joe Powers Editorial Assistants_Dick Wilson, Sarah Jane Melton, David Lambert, Joe Powers, Marianne Sutherland, Ken Moore, Annelle Patterson, Ed Jester, Brenda Heck, Marian Benson Business Manager_Paul Bowie Business Assistants_Tony Dowell, Uvalde Lindsey, Henleyetta Parker, Jim Rieff, Bob Alsobrook, Mollie Haley, John Phelps, Gene Remy, Gilbert Witsell Faculty Advisors_Prof. W. A. Guinn, Dr. Orville J. Hall, Miss Doris Cook, Prof. Darrell Spriggs Guild Ticker staff assistants observe a picture of a commerce queen candidate in the Hill Hall darkroom. Lambert of Dickson, shown guiding the tour, took no pictures for the publication. Almost-too-numerous business staff poses around the Hill Hall ' round table ' for the Razorback photog. The staff combined tal¬ ents to sell ads for the 58-page Ticker. •301 Assistant Editor Mary Lee Franklin and Publicity Manager Connie Capers discuss the forthcoming Preview edition as well as the plans for Preview distribution and publicity. Preview Judy Doolin Editor Edwena Parks Business Manager Preview magazine is rapidly assuming a place among the leading annual and quarterly college maga¬ zines printing student work. The contents of the magazine include work from primarily the English and Art departments in the fields of fiction, poetry, painting, woodcutting, and illustra¬ tion, although the layout of the book is not confined to these areas. The magazine is published yearly and is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college on the campus. Preview appears in the spring just in time to disrput study habits of people who are vainly trying to pull their grades through. During the year, competition is held in various de¬ partments for student entries in writing and art to be included in Preview. In some departments, awards are made other than simply having the winning work ap¬ pear in the publication. The work is divided between the editor and art editor of Preview, with the editor choosing literary ef¬ forts for publication and the art editor handling the art contributions and the layout of the magazine. 302 Staff assistants Eutonia Cluck, Beth Laws, Sallie Jo Anderson, and Jo Ter¬ rell, file extra copies of Preview in the Fine Arts Library for future reference. Staff Editor _ Judy Doolin Art Editor_Jim Kraft Assistant Editor _ _Mary Lee Franklin Publicity Manager_Connie Capers Staff Assistants_Eutonia Cluck, Jo Terrell, Beth Laws, Sallie Jo Anderson, Edwena Parks Preview editorial staff gathers around for a discussion and to select one of several short stories submitted for pub¬ lication in the spring Preview issue. 30 S Law Review The ancestor of the present Arkansas Law Review and Bar Association was the University of Arkansas Law Review. It first appeared in 1946 with the majority of the work on it being done by the students, a change from the faculty work of the Bulletin. Additional articles for the Law Review are pre¬ pared by prominent jurists, with the majority of this work being done by the University Law School’s faculty. Student members of the editorial staff receive credit hours toward graduation for work on the Law Review. Each published student article is accorded a fractional credit hour. Students seeking membership on the staff must meet grade point requirements and must submit one or more articles of acceptable quality. The quarterly publication can be cited in court as authority on such cases as taxation, trusts, and banking. Every member of the Arkansas Bar Association auto matically receives a copy of each issue with circulation even reaching as wide an area as from Belgium to Australia. The articles appearing in the Law Review can be generally classified into three categories, case notes, citations, and comments. The articles are under the supervision of the student editorial board and a faculty advisor. Robert F. Middleton Editor, First Semester Members of Law Review staff dis¬ cuss an article in their widely read magazine preceding the date of publication. The Quarterly is published by law school students. Carl Bonner Editor, Second Semester Staff First Semester Editor_ Associate Editor_ Co-Case Notes Editor_ Co-Case Notes Editor_ Comments Editor_ Citations Editor_ Business Manager_ Faculty Advisor_ _ Robert F. Middleton _ Sidney E. Davis _ __ A. D. Holcombe John G. Kolb - Joseph Buffalo - Burl C. Rotenberry - Carl Bonner -Eugene F. Mooney Second Semester Editor _ Associate Editor_ Case Notes Editor _ Comments Editor __ Citations Editor _ Business Manager __ Faculty Advisor_ _ Carl Bonner _John G. Kolb -Burl C. Rotenberry _ Walter W. Davidson _A. D. Holcombe Claibourne W. Patty Jr. _Eugene F. Mooney Staffer Buddy Rotenberry examines a legal brief before submitting it to Editor Middleton, who will in turn then determine if the case warrants space in the Review. Law Review associate editors John Kolb and Sidney E. Davis, Jr., discuss and review a case for determination of its inclusion into the next Law Review. 305 John Moore TV Book Editor Jim Tuohey Co-Editor, Directory Nick Weedman Co-Editor, Directory Student Senate Publications The A-Book is the official handbook of student information for the University of Arkansas. It is published in the spring and distributed each fall to entering freshmen during the orientation program. The book is also available to any student or faculty member during the year at the Student Information Desk. The editor is selected by the Board of Publications in con¬ junction with the Student Senate. A 2.5 grade point average is required for candidacy for editor. The publication’s budget is approximately $1,000 and the editor receives $100. This year’s A-Book, in addition to serving as the handbook of student information, contained other features concerning activities at the University. The A-Book was distributed to high school seniors by the members of Blue Key on their state tour. Editorship of the Student Directory mainly concerns a mad rush in the fall to tabulate names, addresses, and phone num¬ bers of 5,000 students and getting them in proper form for the printer. The Directory also contains some artwork and a minimum of ads. The editor is chosen in the spring by the entire student senate from applications accepted at large from the student body. The main selling point for prospective editors is an early distributing date in the fall. Student Directory Editors Tuohey and Weedman work out typing plans and arrangements with an Editorial Service employee. The Editorial Service compiled names, while the co-editors supervised the work. H w 1 4 ft K» : ■ Nr. | HI N From Ze t: A. W. Blake, Journalism Department; E. A. Walk¬ er, Business Office; Virginia Price, Agriculturist; Bob Middle- ton, Law Review; Bob Dawson, Acting Chairman, Razorback; Bob Wilson, Engineer; Julia Rumph, Secretary, Guild Ticker. University Board of Publications A controversial year for the Board of Publications that in the end saw the abolishment of the Board. The usual problems, plus a frequent turnover of Traveler editors, made this by far, the busiest year that the Board had ever seen. Traveler Editor Jim Standard stole a document out of the Acting President’s office to start the chain of events. Acting President Storm Whaley then proposed a plan for the reorganization of the Traveler to include a board, other than the Board of Publications, to reg¬ ulate the publication. The Board turned this proposal down only to have a letter read by a faculty member from Storm Whaley, which removed the Traveler from the jurisdiction of the Board and placed it in the hands of the Journalism Department. A committee, appointed by President Mullins, work¬ ed an entirely different Board consisting of three facul¬ ty members and three student members, which was then passed by the Student Senate. The old Board did however select the editor of the Razorback, John Moore, the business manager, Ed Dohoney, and 4 A’ Book editor Bob Wilson. Board members Bob Middleton and Bob Wilson interview an ' A ' Book applicant at the final meeting of the Board of Publications. 307 CAST Bibi _ Papa _ Naman _ Grandpere _ Unde Desmonde Uncle Louis_ Aunt Felice_ Mignonette _ Sally_ Doctor Gagnon _ Alfred ___ Mr. Frye _ _David Axtell _ Cleveland Harrison _ Tyler Marsh _ Jerry Talley _ Parker David Rushing _ John Balfe _Linda Darrow Delona Carter Anderson _Mary Nell Freeman _ Robert W. Bullock _Register Epperson _Neil Bibler The Bonnard living room becomes a scene of argu¬ ment over the domestic situation in the first act. Happy Time The skeletons in the family closet are hilariously portrayed in this comedy depicting the trials of the youngest male of a French Canadian family in Montreal during the twenties. The youngest son is torn between the demonstrations of his mother and the rougish antics of his typically Gallic uncles. Casting, settings and all the other things that go to make a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the theatre an experience to relish were present in this gay farce. Be¬ tween the French maid, an uncle with a roving eye, and another whose propensity to consume the nectar of the grape is phenomenal, the young fellow doesn’t have a chance. It was gay theatre well done. The amorous Grandpere, Jerry Talley, scorns the assistance of his sons and the doctor in a scene from the Happy Time. Beth Bettick and her husband Ed Ragsdale, as Precious Stream and Hsieh, prepare to witness an Execution in the classic oriental manner. Lady Precious Stream A touching and often amusing story about a wife’s faith in her husband formed the central theme around which Lady Precious Stream was constructed. Set in a Chinese background, the play was done in the traditional Chinese style and details were carried out to perfection to ultimately result in a good story well told and much enjoyed by all who came. Costuming, lighting and setting were perhaps the most impressive components of this production of the University Theatre. A relatively large cast combined to deliver a unique and enlightening performance. Experi¬ ments of this type by the Theater group tend to provide the University audience with a variety of farce that is seldom equaled on the Collegiate level. CAST Honorable Reader_Patsy Griffin Property Men_Lyn Bradford, Kay Bragg Attendants_ Oren Adair, Clyde Pope His Excellency Wang Yun _ Travis Taylor Madam Wang_Keith Ann Whalen Su ___ Duane Parker Wei _ Gene Gleason Golden Stream_Kay Kincheloe Silver Stream_ Barbara Coleman Precious Stream_ Beth Bittick Her Maid _ Sarah Hagy Hsieh Ping-Kuei_Edward Ragsdale The Princess of the Western Regions_Suanna Flake Wolf sky _ Bill Nelson Lambovitch_Lloyd Tuggle Maid to the Princess_ Linda Hall Warden of the Pass_ Don Caddell General Mu_John Balfe Executioner_James Bone The Minister of Foreign Affairs_Sigfrid Leijonhufvud Musicians-Barbara Barrett, Jeremy Ferguson, Kent McCullough, Elaine White Kay Kincheloe, as Golden Stream, waits for an on stage cue just before the second part of Lady Precious Stream. Realism has an important place in psychological roles as is shown by the dramatic presentation and effective stage make-up. Six Characters in Search of an Author Six actors are rehearsing for a play when six strange characters enter and demand that they be allowed to assume the roles of the first cast. The play and actors are placed on the empty stage of a theatre as psy¬ chological drama unfolds before the eyes of a rapt audience. The plot roams between the world of reality and the unknown as the author Luigi Pirandello de¬ velops the characters from creation to actual appearance. By using this style, the theatre audience is allowed to eavesdrop on the creative moods of an author at work. Here the artistic method becomes the subject of dramatized production. This offering was well received by University audiences and the hope was expressed that in the future more drama of this type can be ob¬ tained and exposed. A tense scene takes place as the plot of Luigi Pirandello unfolds. CAST The Manager_John Lathrop Leading Lady_Helen Shutler Leading Man_Register Epperson Second Lady_Pat Thrailkill Second Man _ Sigfrid Leijonhufvud Young Girl_Sue Cheatham Young Boy_Klaus Laermann Property Man _ Jim Cooper Prompter _ Ed McCrory Door-Keeper _ Charles Baird The Father _ John DuVal The Mother_ Joyce Smith The Step-daughter_Nanci Ferguson The Son_Boyce Davis The Boy _ Charles Ford The Child_Karen Rudolph, Chere Amie Carney Madame Face_Judy Kinslow THE IMPRESARIO CAST Mr. Scruples _ John Balfe Mr. Bluff_ J ack Little Mr. Angel_ Wes Abbott Madame Goldentrill _ _ Elizabeth Howick, Caroline Curtis Miss Silverpeal_Kay Kold, Maureen Vincent Carolyn Curtis makes a final adjustment on the costume of Maureen Vincent just before curtain time for The Impresario. The Cloak and University Theatre and the Music Department work¬ ed together to produce The Impresario and The Cloak. The first production, The Impresario concerned the trying experiences of an impresario as he attempts to hold the last remnants of a once great opera company together in the face of possible financial ruin. The scene is set in old Salzburg and the unusual conclu¬ sion caused much comment among the uniformed. THE CLOAK CAST Michele_ Ronald Watson, Steve Elmore Louis_ Charles Simonds, Ed Higgins Ti nca _Tom Owens Talpa_ James Vise Georgette_ Carolyn Webster, Penny Keen Frugola_ _ Lynne Huovinen, Elaine Smith Vendor_John D. Broome Organ Grinder_ Guy Brown, II Chorus of Stevedores _ Jim Barnes, Guy Brown,II, Chris Sanford, Jerrell Teague Chorus of Midinettes_ __ Margaret Barton, Judy Eoff, Lynda Parnell, Nancy Matlock Set on the Seine River in the middle of Paris, The Cloak deals with love and murder among the wharves of the Paris riverfront. The University-Fayetteville Symphony provided musical background for members of the cast as this offering was favorably received by all who chanced to attend. Members of the cast came from both the Music department and the University theatre and the collaboration proved to be a happy one. The Impresario The scene of happy revelment erupts into violence as Penny Keen (Georgette) and Ed Higgins (Louis) face a crowd whose emotions are mixed. CAST Nana_ Michael_ Mrs. Darling_ John_ Wendy_ Mr. Darling_ Peter Pan_ Liza_ Slightly_ Tootles_ Curly _ Nibs _ The Twins_ Captain Hook_ Starkey _ Smee_ Jukes _ Cecco _ Mullins_ Noodler_ Cookson _ Skylights_ The Crocodile_ Tiger Lily_ Big Chief Panther _ David Axtell _ Ricky Durst _Dinda Darrow _ Charles Ford _ Betsy Sage _Travis Taylor _ Beth Bittick _Mary Poynor _._Larry Bell _Allen Carney _ David Widder _ Rick Ford David Hantz, Edwin Hantz _ Charles Baird _Jerry McAnear _ Bill N. Cate _ Bill Nelson _Ed McCrory _ Bob Janes _ Guy Brown II _Earl Win f ree _ Franklin Yost _David Axtell _ Kay Kincheloe _ Bruce Hopper Preston McGruder makes final improvements on Peter Pan portrayed by Beth Bittick as she prepares to move on the flight line. Peter Pan Peter Pan opened to standing room only audiences late in March. Beth Bittick played a thoroughly charm¬ ing “Peter Pan” and managed to hold the audience transfixed throughout each performance. The Mer¬ maids’ Lagoon scene was particulary delightful as Cap¬ tain Hook failed to capture Peter again. The dog Nana was portrayed by David Axtell and his enthusiasm was carried effortlessly to the audience. Norman DeMarco directed the offering as it was performed in three parts and contained scenes in the nursery, the home for “lost boys”, and in Never land. This offering ran for five days and could have packed the house for another five had the Theatre group seen fit. The back stage crew was particularly adept at scene changing, lighting cues, and assorted tasks. On the whole it might be said that the entire show was carried off in top drawer style. Delicate and dangerous movements by wire were carried off in an effortless manner as Peter prepares to take flight to never-never land. The cynosure of attention for the rest of the cast as well as for the audience was Naomi Baker, playing a humorous and subtle Laura Partridge. Solid Gold Cadillac As a witty commentary on the business scene, the University theater production of Solid Gold Cadillac gave theatre goers an enjoyable evening for their money. Concentrating its attention on the lighter side of stockholder meetings, senate investigations, and bus¬ iness practices in general, this farce reduced the aver¬ age American tycoon to a buffoon in blind quest for the much sought dollar. Laura Partridge, the little old lady who throws a modern corporation into a flop was portrayed by Naomi Baker. Boh Bullock played Edward L. McKeever and gave commendable performances as a thoroughly com¬ petent slate of supporting performers rendered able assistance. CAST Narrator_ T. John Blessington _ Alfred Metcalfe_ Warren Gillie _ Clifford Snell_ Mrs. Laura Partridge Amelia Shotgraven Mark Jenkins_ Miss L’Arriere_ Edward L. McKeever Miss Logan _ The A.P._ The U.P.I._ A Little Old Lady — Bill Parker __ Dwight Brookfield — Estelle Evans_ _Medford R. Burrow Parker David Rushing _ William Rudasill _ Bob Janes _John DuVal _Naomi Baker _Judy Kinslow _Bill Vines Rosemary Howard Robert Bullock _ Kay Kincheloe _Charles Marino _ Bob Dickson Kay Kincheloe _Michael Rody _ Charles Baird _Tyler Marsh Butler The ' lighest ' side of the comedy was shown in the per¬ formances of William Rudasill, David Rushing and John DuVal. Syd Ashbridge, Marian Benson, Roberta Jo Best, Diana Loy, Nina Bishop, Pat Bush, Donna Carson, Charles Carter, Bill Cate, Ellen Cleveland, Gary Creighton, Joe Blankinship, Lin¬ ford Bradford, Connie Clulow, Buddy Diebold, Lynn Forrest, Elisabeth Gipson, Charlie Girdner, Maribeth Gray, Ed Hig¬ gins, Janies Hockersmith, Mary Jane Hunt, Bob Janes, Beverly Kelley, William Keith, Patty Kelley, Bethel Kirk, David Koonce, Penny Keen, Ron Liles, Berry Lindsey, Billy May, Billy Joe McAfee, Joicie McConnell, Mary Ann Meolin, John O’Kelley, Henleyetta Parker, Lynda Parnell, Patricia Prewitt, Nathan Priuitt, Mary Gale Bullock, Jerry May, Sylvia Rankin, Susie Savage, Donald Shalmy, Jerry Scott, Helen Shutler, Wayne Smiley, Dick Smith, Paul Sparkman, Carolyn Sparks, Susie Steetle, Marilyn Stevens, Bettie Vaughan, David Walt, Peggy Warner, Linda Webb, Mary Ann Williams, Charles Wilson, Alice Wingfield, Janice Yoes. Collegiate Singers As in any area, hard work and long rehearsals result in near per¬ fection in their weekly production for these Collegiate Singers. The Collegiate Singers have attempted and have been successful at many projects in their somewhat short history but their successful performance of Judas Maccabaeus in observance of the two hundredth an¬ niversary of the death of its composer, Handel, was perhaps the most ambitious and well received among the discerning observers on the campus of the University. This concert also coincided with the Jewish Festival of Lights. During the spring the Singers collaborate with other choral groups to make presentations which are generally considered to be highly competent inter¬ pretations of the material presented. This spring saw the Singers perform in their annual spring concert which consists of random selections from their exten¬ sive range of music. A student seeking to work in Collegiate Singers must first demonstrate a marked ability to handle the material undertaken by the organization and in addi¬ tion, a genuine desire to participate in the hard work and rehearsal schedules which are sure to follow. On several occasions in the past the Singers have worked hand in glove with other departments such as the modern dance groups in presenting programs pleasing to senses, sight and sound. 316 Schola Cantorum Schola Cantorum climaxed a highly successful year with a spring concert consisting a general material from its repertoire. During the first semester the group con¬ ducted a five day tour in which ten concerts were given averaging two a day. A trip to Joplin, Missouri, saw the performance of a highly successful program during the first part of the second semester. Schola is made up of music majors for the most part and the organization probably conducts more re¬ hearsals than any other choral group on campus. Prac¬ tice sessions are held each day of the school week and many weekends see the lights burn bright in the third floor windows of the Fine Arts Center as Schola pre¬ pares for another concert. Originally the group was organized around a twenty- three member organization concept and as of this year that plan remains essentially unchanged. As in all Uni¬ versity choral groups, entrance into this group is on the basis of acceptable audition. As the activities of The Cantorum increase its popularity grows and its stature among groups of its kind expands. First Row: Nancy Miller, Elizabeth Alexander, Wilma Dow- num, Donna Axum, Freed Smith, Elaine Smith, Loretta Hercher, Margaret Barton. Second Row: Phil Chapman, William Ander¬ son, Lawrence Rosenbaum, Jack Little, Peggy Peterson, Margo A quartet puts the finishing touch on a composer ' s work before upcoming concert of Schola in the Fine Arts Concert Hall. Williams, Priscilla Lowe, Kay Hayden, Richard Brothers. Third Row: Ronald Helvie, John Moore, Guy Brown III, Charles Si- monds, Terry Hayes, Paul Berry, Mike Clayton, Wesley Abbott. Members of the University-Fayetteville Orchestra pose for Razorback photographer before the first concert of the season. University-Fayetteville Symphony Wind Section of the Fayetteville-University Symphony Orchestra readies for the next movement in Rhapsody in Blue Concert. The University of Arkansas—Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra is made up of talented students, faculty mem¬ bers from different colleges of the University, and ta¬ lented citizens of Fayetteville along with some excep¬ tionally gifted high school students. Scholarship as¬ sistance is derived from the patronage of the Fayette¬ ville Symphony Society. The first concert of the season given by the Sym¬ phony featured Jerome Rappaport as piano soloist. Other performances by the group consisted of a con¬ cert given at Bates Elementary School which was spon¬ sored by the Parent Teachers organization at the school for the purpose of buying stringed instruments. The highlight of this pop concert was the performance of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and performed in this instance by William Gant of the piano faculty in the Music department of the University. In addition to the previous performances, the Sym¬ phony cooperated with the Theatre and Opera Work¬ shops to produce the Impresario and the Cloak in a five performance operation which was favorably re¬ ceived in all quarters. The annual concerto program featured senior stu¬ dents and graduate degree candidates who performed as soloists and directors over the sixty-five member group. 318 jV. Dr. Marx Pales directs the orchestra through a practice session before the final concert of the season. Dr. Pales, utilizing Fayette¬ ville and University talent, assembles one one of the finest orchestras of its type. Violin section performs during a practice session pre¬ ceding the production of the Cloak and the Impresario, in which the Orchestra furnished the background music. 319 Band Day in Razorback Stadium finds the crowd watching 28 bands from North Arkansas, Oklahoma performing in combined maneuvers. University of Arkansas Band Probably one of the best public relations instruments possessed by the University of Arkansas is the Razorback Band. One hundred strong and moving out at breath catching pace, the high stepping musicians execute the most complex maneuvers with the ease of a group which has trained intensively and drilled endlessly, which is exactly what has taken place. These ambassadors have appeared all the way from New York to Jack¬ sonville, thoroughly delighting all who have had the pleasure of watching their performances. The band is not confined to music students as their number is made up of members of practically every college on the campus. Compliments and outright praise were common in regard to the performance of the band on their appearance in Jacksonville, Florida, for the Gator Bowl. The marching Razorbacks swung down the route of march on the main street of Jacksonville and the approval of everyone watching the parade was heard over and over. 320 Despite threating rain, band leads dignitaries, floats, in Homecoming Parade down Dickson Street. 1909 undefeated football team is honored in Homecoming ceremonies as the band forms ' 09 for presentation of players to capacity crowd. Pregame ceremonies before the three home games included formation of USA for national anthem. 321 Piggy-Bank formation at Homecoming honored the 1909 football team and the ' wonderful year, 1909 ' when Christmas Saving Banks began. Music With a Hurried Tempo Last minute practice session is held before execution of pregame routine of the opening home game with Tulsa. 322 Assistant Director Fred Miller and Director, Dr. Richard Worthington critically view an after¬ noon practice session for flaws, weak points. Homecoming pregame festivities directed a salute to bandless Texas A M that included the alma mater and fight song of the visiting Aggies. Cheerleaders, with aid of booming drum section of band, lead visitors, Razorback fans, in ' calling the Hogs ' in lobby of Marion Hotel. 323 I11 . mm- First Row : Mrs. Alma Mitchell, housemother; Howard Ben¬ nett, Charles Bumpass, Dudley Buinpass, David Cardin, Gary Culp, David Edwards, Larry Keith Evans, Kenneth Lynn Gallo¬ way. row Mann, Patrick McCloskey, Paul Michaelis, James Miller, Calvin Mitchell, Robert Mitchell. Fourth Row: Stephen O’Kelley, Thomas Owens, Charles Pan¬ ned, Clyde Pope, Charles Roberts, David Ross, Carl Russell, Second Row: Harry Gray, David Hale, Richard Hall, Thomas Lester Schwarz. Harris, Dwain Hawkins, Ed Henley, Edward Jeter, Ben Keahey, Ronald Keene. Fifth Row: Ralph Shannon, David Sisemore, Carl Smith, Robert Spurlin, Garlin Stout, Jarrell Teague, James Ward, Dee Third Row: Clyde Kingery, John Little, David Lubin, Wood- Wresche. 326 Avidly boosting the conference co-champ¬ ion Razorbacks at one of the Greek Thea¬ tre pep rallies, the men of Acacia hold their banner high and deliver a cheer during the highly competitive " roll call. " Acacia The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor was the sight of the OFFICERS first chapter of Acacia on May 13, 1904. The Arkansas chapter of Acacia Fraternity is one of the University’s youngest Greeks, having a emester it’s beginning April 14, 1951. President-James Ward and a formal in the spring, as well as numerous house parties. During the Christmas season Acacia was host to underpriviledged Secretary-Patrick McCloskey children, by the giving of a party in their behalf. Treasurer __ _ Dudley Bumpass A new first lady was present in the Acacia household the past two semesters as Mrs. Alma Mitchell completed her initial year as housemother. . Spring Semester Probably the accomplishment this year of which Acacia is proud- President-Thomas Owens est is the completion of plans for a new house, to be located on Vice President ■ Dwain Ha wkins Stadium Drive. Their new home which soon will be a reality is to be very modern and will accommodate over forty men. Construction Secretary - Edgar Henley plans are for late summer or early autumn. Treasurer_David Edwards During one of the fall semester prefer¬ ential rush parties, Alpha Delta Pi ' s conduct the final part of an impressive and inspiring ceremony for rushees. Alpha Delta Pi Founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, Alpha Delta Pi was the first secret society for college women in the world. On the University of Arkansas campus Delta Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi is the youngest sorority and has made remarkable growth in both leadership and accomplishments since its begin¬ ning in the fall semester of 1957. The ADPi’s were quite active during the year with a varied social calendar including a banquet in honor of the Razorback foot¬ ball team, a crazy hat party for KKG, a brunch honoring ZTA, a pledge dance, a faculty tea, a spring formal, an open house for Lamb¬ da Chi in honor of their sweetheart, and a party at Christmas for Fayetteville underpriviledged children. Leadership-wise, ADPi contributed officers in many areas of responsibility, and placed four girls on ‘Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities’ this past year. OFFICERS Fall Seniester President _Sondra Hall Vice President _ Deanna Carner Secretary _ Goldie Pope Treasurer_ Marilyn Hathaway Spring Semester President _Sara Bridenthal Vice President_ Lynn Buford Secretary _ Margaret Burnside Treasurer_Judy Chivers First Row : Mrs. E. J. Dyess, housemother; Margaret Ann Barton, Sara Bridenthal, Zoe Ann Bridenthal, Lynn Buford, Margaret Burnside, Deanna Carner, Judy Gail Carter, Judith Anne Olivers, Susan Arden Cina. Fourth Row: Linda Faye Leverette, Sally Ann McCune, Mil¬ dred Jeanette McGrew, Dena Mcllroy, Virginia Lea Macdonald, Martha Milum, Bucky Lynn Murphy, Barbara Rozella Orler, Goldie Pope. Second Row: Suzanne Conley, Pat Dangeau, Mary Louisa Davis, Patricia Ann Flowers. Shirley Golden, Letitia Grano, Stella Grano, Nancy Carrol Grimes, Charlene Haddad, Sondra Sue Hall. Fifth Row: Mary Sue Porter, Judith Ann Presley, Mary Douglas Renshaw, Janice Rittershouse, Barbara Jayne Roberts, Rita Lynn Rogers, Judy Sandusky, Bettie Ann Sewell, Emily Sheeks. Third Row: Joyce Lucille Hankins, Linda Rae Hathaway, Marilyn Hathaway, Pat Johnson, Linda Lee Jones, Marilyn Jane Jones, Mary Lou Jones, Robbie Louise Juniel, Betty Lee Kelly, Neena Victoria Ledbetter. Sixth Row: Willie L. Sheeks, Winnie Lea Sheeks, Linda Louise Standridge, Donna Lou Stillions, Judith Ann Taylor, Christine Jane Wahlstrom, Barbara Anne White, Sue Quinn Wilson, Kathryn Lucille Woodruff. 329 Joe Finney and Clark Crum take an active part in the traditional Christmas decorating, an added feature of fraternity life. First Row : Mrs. Boh Moore, housemother; Irvin Ashley, George Berger, Bob Blackston, William Boyer, Howard Brooks. Second Row: Clark Crum, Joe Finney, Robert Hill, J. O. Hoggard, James Kimbrough, Ronald Maxwell. Third Row: Gary Norris, Bob Ed Porter, Wayne Pyles, Charles Sax, Billy Lynn Wilson, Earl Wilson, Max Wise. 330 Enjoying the rustic atmosphere effectively created by their decorations and dress, Alpha Gamma Rhos and dates pose for a picture of the annual Rooster Day Dance in the U Ark Bowl, which is a highlight of fall social season. Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Gamma Rho was founded April 4, 1908 when local fra¬ ternities at the University of Illinois and the University of Ohio combined to form a national fraternity. Alpha Iota chapter of AGR at the University of Arkansas was chartered April 28, 1934. The major social functions of Alpha Gamma Rho are a Rooster Day Dance, which has a western or farm theme, and the Pink Rose Formal held annually in the spring. Being primarily an agricultural fraternity, the members of Alpha Gamma Rho work very closely with the clubs in the college of Agriculture and hold numerous offices in Alpha Zeta arid Alpha Tau Alpha. OFFICERS Fall Semester President - - Clark Crum Vice President _ Max Wise Secretary_ Irvin Ashley Treasurer - Joe Finney Spring Semester President - Bob Blackston Foremost in the minds of the members of Alpha Gamma Rho Vice President - Wayne Pyles concerning fraternity progress is moving into a new house next Secretary . __. |im Kimbrough spring on Razorback Road across from the stadium. Treasurer _ J. 0. Hoggard The Fayetteville Country Club was the scene last winter for Alpha Tau Omega ' s ' Snow Flake Whirl ' , a yearly Christmas affair during which the ATO sweetheart for the year is announced and presented. Alpha Tau Omega OFFICERS President_ Vice President Secretary_ Treasurer _ _Dick Stewart _ John Hudman Don Satterfield Jack Buffington Alpha Tau Omega was the first social fraternity founded after the Civil War on September 11, 1865. A few years later the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas began its fraternity system with Alpha Xi of ATO, chartered March 13, 1882. Under the guidance of Mrs. FI. C. Manaugh, ATO had a full schedule of social and campus-wide activities. Among these were numerous house parties and drop-ins, and an annual winter formal, the Snow Flake Whirl. In keeping with ATO’s national ‘Help Week’ program, Alpha Xi sponsored a trophy which is given each year to the fraternity on campus having the best ‘Help Week’ project. This program is designed to be a community service. In addition to having a complete program of social events and service activities, ATO also fared very well in leadership, having men in many fields of responsibility. Leadership groups, political clubs and academic societies were all strengthened this year by ATO. 332 First Row: Mrs. Myrtle Manaugh, housemother; Benny Alexander, Carroll Blakemore, Joe Blankenship, Bill Bruton, Jack Buffington, Don Dekker. Second Row : Bob Eichberger, Richard Green, John Hudman, F. D. Kisor, John McGill, Jan Nordin, Tom Owens. Third Row: Dickie Peevy, Joe Pouzar, Max Reed, Dave Ste¬ wart, Dick Stewart, Roger Wilkerson, Dwight Winborn. While Dick Stewart and Mary Ann Cumberland look on. President Max Reed presents a gift to new ATO sweetheart, Judy Chivers. 333 First Row : Mrs. Dan Jennings, housemother; Keitha Andrews, Diane Baker, Nancy Barnhill, Gail Blossom, Katharine Anne Bond, Nancy Bostic, Alice Anne Bowman, Barbara Braly, Kay Bray. Fifth Row: Mirtice McCormick, Georgia McKinney, Ann Martin, Mary Jane Melton, Rosemary Millwee, Frances Mitchell, Jenny Mitchell, Connie Noland, Susan Payne, Peggy Perry. Second Row: Dolly Bretherick, Suzanne Buerkle, Rebecca Cockrill, Caroline Cox, Signa Crowe, Caroline Curtis, Judy Den¬ ton, Mary Dowell, Sue Dunson, Mary Eppler. Sixth Row: Carol Ann Peters, Sherry Ragsdale. Carol Raines, Helen Rasberry, Carol Reavis, Barbara Rigsby, Alice Rothert, Mildred Rowland, Julie Saeler, Virginia Savers. Third Row: Liz Eubank, Mary Ann Evans, Georgann Fisher, Dell Fogleman, Judith Gaines, Barbara Guthrie, Susan Hamil¬ ton, Virginia Ann Hays, Grace Ann Heath. Martha Hicky. Seventh Row: Anne Shaw, Ann Sherland, Marjorie Sims, Sydney Slack, Anne S mith, Jayme Smith, Edwene Stevens, Mari¬ anne Sutherland, Sandra Trust, Anne Turner. Fourth Row: Louanna Hill, Suzanne Jackson, Luellen Jones, Suzanne Jones, Carolyn Kendrick, Roslyn Lander, Betty Jane Leggett, Carolyn Lewis, Carol McCartney, Kay McCarty. Eighth Row: Rebecca Wasson, Martha White, Norma White. Lynn Wickard, Carol Williams, Lindley Williams, Wendy Wil¬ son, Ann Yancey, Sharon Young. 334 I After two hours of relating the qualities, ideals and advantages of Chi Omega to prospective pledges, sister ChiO ' s lend ardent support to Mirtice McCormick and Edwene Stevens in bidding rushees a warm farewell at the close of a fall rush party. Chi Omega Both the national and local dates of the founding of the Chi Omega Fraternity are celebrated on the same day on the University of Arkansas campus by Psi Chapter of Chi Omega. Psi, the mother chapter, was chartered on April 5, 1895. Mrs. Jobelle Holcombe, one of the founders, is a resident of Fayetteville and a very active alumnus. The very well developed social program of Chi Omega this year listed a faculty tea, a Christmas party for dates, a spring formal, a pledge dinner dance, and Founders’ Day activities, as well as various drop-ins and receptions. Giving a Christmas party for under- priviledged children and distributing Thanksgiving baskets for the needy were among the benevolent activities in which Chi Omega participated. At Honors Day every year ChiO gives two awards to deserving students. Outstanding in all areas of leadership, the ChiO house furnished three girls in ‘Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities’ and provided three members of Mortar Board. OFFICERS Fall Semester President Edwene Stevens Vice President _ Ann Yancey Secretary _ Carol McCartney Treasurer ____ Lindley Williams Spring Semester President _ _Carol Reavis Vice President Mary Jane Melton Secretary_ _Roslyn Lander Treasurer _ _Alice Rothert Standing on the front porch at date call, Tri Delt pledges enthusiastically give their approval for members to come back in the house after the traditional ' locking-out ' of members for the night by their pledges. Delta Delta Delta OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Elizabeth Melton Vice President _ Ellen Compton Secretary _ Beth Bittick Treasurer_Susie Graham Spring Semester President _ Sarah Jane Melton Vice President _ Linda Magee Secretary _ Dorothy Kay Jones Treasurer_Sara McGregor Delta Delta Delta traces its national founding to Thanksgiving Eve 1888, at Boston University. November 15, 1913 marks the birth of Delta Iota chapter of Tri Delta on the University of Arkan¬ sas campus. Opening their annual social season with a pledge debut, Tri Delt followed shortly after with a Christmas party, a spring formal and garden party, an Apple Polishing Party for the faculty, and a Pansy Breakfast honoring the Tri Delt seniors. As well as completing many group accomplishments this year, which included winning the Sigma Nu Relays for the second con¬ secutive year, DDD’s individually took numerous honors such as having five girls representing various fraternities as their sweet¬ hearts. Placing four members on the rolls of 4 Who’s Who in Amer¬ ican Colleges and Universities’ was an example of the leadership responsibility assumed by the wearers of the silver, gold and blue at 920 Maple. First Row: Mrs. Josephine Haight, housemother; Patti Bar- row, Jo Best, Beth Bit tick, Judy Blankenship, Elois Bleidt, Connie Buell, Cookie Cain, Billie Carmack, Carol Cole. Second Row: Ellen Compton, Mary Connell, Libby Crane, Martha Cruse, Becky Daugherty, Sue Dunlavy, Jane Durham. Connie Edrington, Ann Edwards, Ann Fincher. Third Row: Susie Fleming, Donna Fogg, Joan Freeze, Nancy Garner, Betty Gates, Susie Graham, Garlanda Greene, Carole Handles, Mebane Harrison, Betty Hemphill. Fourth Row: Loretta Hercher, Penny Hicks, Anne Holmes, Jane Hopkins, Janet Jerome, Carol Johnson, Dorothy Kay Jones, Mary Sue Jordon, Gloria Junkin, Patty McAdams. Fifth Row: Sara McGregor, Anita McWaters, Linda Magee, Elizabeth Melton, Sarah Jane Melton, Patsy Middleton, Jo Lynne JNewsum, Joyce Norwood, Barbara Osborne. Sixth Row: Becky Richardson, Dottie Rumph, Julia Mae Rumph, Sally Jo Seeger, Mary Ann Sharp, Helen Ruth Smith, Jeannie Smith, Phyllis Smithwick, Anita Snoddy. Seventh Row: Billye Jean Spotts, Merideth Stubblefield, Marilane Sulcer, Carol Swihart, Toni Thompson, Ann Vanden- berg, Beverly Wilbourn, Mary Ann Williams, Jennie Wren. 337 First Row : Mrs. Dorothy Wilcox, housemother; Frankie Lynn Baker, Kitten Barnett, Marian Virginia Benson, Lynda Beth Borum, Sandra Bowers, Georgia Louise Burnett, Ruth Ann Caperton, Donna Ellen Carter. Second Row: Evelyn Elise Cockerham, Evelyn Cluck, Eliza¬ beth Conery, Beverly Ann Cross, Paula Faris, Donna Finley, Peggy Foiles, Joy Foiles, Mary Elizabeth Girdner. Third Row : Nancy Garland, Dollie Gorrod, Anne Hart, Carolyn Hoffman, Anne Jarvis, Lillie Lee Johns, Pat Johnson, Betty Sue Jones, Shirley Jones. Fourth Roiv: Linda Lee Keen, Susan Kennon, Barbara King, Sylvia Lay, Martha McGahan, Judith McGalin, Pat Matthews, Iligene Miller. Fifth Row: Deanna Moore, Patty Lou Morrison, Emily Owen, Henleyetta Parker, Nancy Plowman, Sammye Lou Price, Vir¬ ginia Price, Dorothy Ratcliff. Sixth Row: Betty Carol Russell. Sandra Sandefur, Sara Rebecca Sanders, Barbara Ann Smith, Lela Jo Terrell, Jean Thompson, Margaret Ruth White, Janette Wilson. 338 At a reception in the chapter house before the Delta Gamma Pinafore Party, Randy Terry awesomely observes a DG antique ship, made in 1872. Pinafore Parties are included annually in the social curriculum of every Delta Gamma chapter in the nation. Delta Gamma The University of Mississippi was the sight of the founding of the Delta Gamma sorority on December 5, 1873. Alpha Omega of Delta Gamma originated on the University of Arkansas campus in October of 1930. Among the many social activities of DG during the year were was the annual Pinafore Party, a Christmas party, the Anchor Ball which is a spring formal, a party for children of the alumni, and a spaghetti supper. DG was also host to a number of drop-ins and receptions. Delta Gamma added to its laurels last year by winning the Province Award for having the largest percentage of graduating seniors who had attended Arkansas for four years. The local chapter actively participated on various committees over the campus and were well represented at posts of responsibility on publications and campus plays. OFFICERS Fall Semester President __ _Peggy Foiles Vice President _Susan Kennon Secretary _ Dottie Ratcliff Treasurer _ _ Patty Morrison Spring Semester President __ Peggy Foiles Vice President_ _Susan Kennon Secretary _ Patty Morrison Treasurer_Henleyetta Parker 339 Cards expressing seasons greetings to the FarmHouse Fraternity are closely examined by Frank Scaramuzza and Jerry Yarbrough. David Whitehead, left, focuses his atten¬ tion on a Christmas greeting from another FarmHouse chapter in the Arkansas region. House The FarmHouse Fraternity came into existence at the University of Missouri on April 15, 1905, and the Arkansas chapter, which was founded October 2, 1954, is one of the University’s youngest fra¬ ternities. The social calendar of FarmHouse includes three annual func¬ tions: the Bowery Bowl, a Christmas party, and the Sweetheart Dance which is a spring formal. Numerous outings are also a part of the social life of the fraternity as well as a fully developed intra¬ mural program. The local chapter is noted for its excellence in scholarship and perenially maintains the highest fraternity grade-point on campus. Being an agriculture major is a prerequisite for membership into FarmHouse and consequently FarmHouse plays a very active roll in the agricultural clubs and societies at the University. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_Marvin Bradney Vice President_Keith Rinehart Secretary_Richard Bell Treasurer _ Donald Ward Spring Semester President_David Whitehead Vice President_Dwight Davis Secretary _ Frank Scaramuzza Treasurer _ Claude Bonner 340 First Row : Richard L. Bell, Claude M. Bonner, Marvin F. Bradney. Thomas James Byram, Doyle Ray Campbell, Milton M. Dahlke, Dwight Edward Davis, George Vernon Davis. Second Row: Calvin Leon Fox, Robert Hal Latimer, Bobby Jay Leming, James H. McLoud, Dale Price, Thomas Embry Raley, Keith Edward Rinehart, Haskell H. Roberts. Third Row: Frank Louis Scaramuzza, Jerry Randel Stone, Eugene E. Tollett, William Brock Watson, Fred Milton Weatherly, David Whitehead, Jerry Yarbrough. Dates and guests enjoy the fireside hospitality offered them by FarmHouse during the annual pledge outing at Johnson Creek. 341 KA ' s found that their modern recreation room was quite conducive to such leisurely pastimes as cards, reading, and piano playing. First Row: Mrs. Howard Magruder. housemother; Alfred Leo Baxley, William Dan Bennett, Robert Brocehus, Charles William Carter, Paul Eugene Clay, Larry Charles Cone, Sloan Oliver Craig. Second Row: James Francis Dobbins, John Edward Erickson, Billy Ralph Eubank, Sam Farris, John Thomas Flanagan, Donald Lowell Free, Dorsey William Jones, Esta M. Martin. Third Row : John Evans Miles, Doyle Edwin Morrison, Pat Marion Moyers, Jack Roger Shumate, Edward Holden Sullivan, Joseph Carter Thompson, William Franklin Yost. 342 The spacious front lawn of Kappa Alpha on Stadium Drive afforded its members ample opportunity to engage in outdoor sports and to practice intramural football. _ Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Order was founded nationally at Washington and Lee University in Virginia at the close of the War Between the States in 1865. It was in 1895 when the University of Arkansas fraternity system added Kappa Alpha Order to the campus. KA s social season was highlighted this year by the Pigalle Party, which follows the theme of the left bank of Paris. KA also played host to several open houses and drop-ins. Nationally, the fraternity annually celebrates a Convivium Ball to honor its spiritual founder, Robert E. Lee. At the beginning of second semester, the Arkansas chapter of KA left the campus of its own volition. They staled that their choosing to leave was in the best interest of the fraternity and that they would not become active at the University again until renewed interest was shown in the establishment of a new chapter. OFFICERS President - Dorsey Jones Vice President-Elwood Whitchurch Secretary-William Yost Treasurer __ -James Dobbins 343 Each year with fall rush come the famil¬ iar skits, and added attraction eagerly an¬ ticipated by rushees. Clown Cindy Dew sits poised while Marial Hantz, as a circus ' fat- lady ' , spreads good-will for Kappa Kappa Gamma during a return party rush skit in the game room as amused rushees look on. Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded nationally on October 25, OFFICERS 1870, at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. Gamma Nu Chapter came to the University of Arkansas campus April 15, 1925, Fall Semester and has been continuously active since. President_ Patty Payne A socially active year for Kappa included many parties with Vice President- Pat Parker much variety. Among these social events were a Kappa boy legacy Secretary_Martha Jane Womack party which was for all boys on campus who have Kappa relatives, an annual football banquet, a Christmas decorating party, the Kappa Ireasurer - - Pat Neumeister Formal, a faculty tea, National Founders Day Banquet, a pledge mother-daughter banquet, a pledge sweater hop, a scholarship banq¬ uet, exchange dinners with fraternities, and after-dates parties on Spring Semester weekends. President_Nona Proctor Kappa Kappa Gamma was surpassed by no one in campus lead- y ice p res ident_ Mary Jo Shultz ership and these efforts were rewarded by the placing of four mem¬ bers on the rolls of ‘Who’s Who in American Colleges and Univer- Secretary- Gail Ramsay sities. Treasurer_J une Hooten First Row: Mrs. Laura B. Jennings, housemother; Jeanette Adams, Becky Barham, Mickey Barrows, Jeanne Bowman, Linda Bragg, Brenda Bullion, Jean Bussell, Diane CaHail, Jo Ellen Clark. Second Row : Connie Clulow, Barbara Coleman, Lynda Cook, Sandra Cook, Gail Cooper, Emily Damon, Ann Darby, Cindy Dew, Tappy Dickens, Georgia Dortch. Third Row: Judy Eoff, Janet Gardner, Barbara Hall, Peggy Hamm, Marial Hantz, June Hooten, Judy Huddleston, Charlotte Hudspeth, Ann Hutsell, Brenda Ingram. Fourth Row: Virginia Ingram, Susie Jenkins, Sandra John¬ son, Linda Joyce, Carol Kirby, Emily Kitchens, Gail Knapp, Frances Lepine, Beth Logan, Anne McLemore. Fifth Row: Jane Anne McNew, Kathryn Massey, Sherry Mizell, Pat Neumeister, Pat Parker, Patty Payne, Charlotte Pe- tree, Nona Proctor, Raymond Pyott. Sixth Row: Sherrill Ragan, Gail Ramsay, Mary Olive Rhodes, Ann Ritter, Mary Jo Schulz, Ann Sedwick, Sally Simpson, Sarah Smith, Dorothy Ann Spratlin. Seventh Row: Janet Tarpley, Virginia Teel, Jane Tudor, Charlotte Waggoner, Carolyn Webster, Jo Wimpy, Martha Jane Womack, Gail Wortz, Sarah Kathryn Yawn. 345 iktk First Row: Mrs. Orlean McClerkin, housemother; Punch Anderson, Pete Attwood, Eddie Bailey, Hobie Ball, Joe Bell, Steve Bernard, Jimmy Bone, Paul Bowie, Porter Briggs, Berry Broyles. Second Row: Marion Buie, Janies Bush, Tom Callaway, Mickey Cissell, Larry Clark, John Crawford, Hi Cross, Robin Davis, Tony Dowell, Bailey Elliott, Cubby Fletcher. Third Row: Bobby Freeland, Randy Fussell, Bobby Fussell, Tommy Goldsby, Don Graves, Pat Hale, James Harris, Dick Hatfield, Boyd Hawkins, Phil Flout, Bobby Hutcherson. Fourth Row: Jimmy Jacobs, John Jacobs, James Jansen, Robert Knapp, David Lambert, David Laser, Larry Lichty, Burl Lieblong, Jim Limberg, Don Majors, Lem McCrary. Fifth Row: George McLeod, Duke Montgomery, Tom Mont¬ gomery, Vance Montgomery, Ken Moore, Bill Morris, Jon Phelps, General Clinton Albert Pierce, Hal Ponder, Dickie Pool, Phil Purifoy. Sixth Row: Gamier Puryear, Gene Raff, Robert Raff, Gene Remy, James Clinton Rieff, Preston Rudisill, Don Schnipper, James Sikes, Jim Smith, Dick Smith. Seventh Roiv: Ross Smith, Wes Spikes, Robert Stephenson, Ed Stevenson, Mike Thompson, James Thornton, John Thornton, Jack Todd, Billy Tranum, Dickie Upton. Eighth Row: Bill Vines, Skip Wallin, David Walt, Martin Walt, David Williams, Mark Williamson, Jay Willis, Charlie Whiteside, Clay Woods, Jim Wood. 346 Mike Smith and Patty Payne admire the yuletide decorations created by Kappa Sigs for their Christmas Formal, while Don Schnipper and Mary Ann Evans look on from back. This annual festive occasion, which was the highlight of the Kappa Sig winter social season, followed a ' toyland ' theme. Kappa Sigma The oldest continuously active fraternity on the University of Arkansas campus, Xi of Kappa Sigma received chapter status May 29, 1890. Its national origin is traced to the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869. Oustanding social events are a trademark of Kappa Sigma and those this year were no exception. Parties after all home football games started the social season and were followed by a Christmas formal, a poverty premier costume party, a Valentine’s party, a Bermuda Shorts party, and a spring outing at Western Hills. There were also numerous drop-ins and exchange dinners with sororities. Kappa Sigma played an active roll during the year in campus leadership placing men at many posts of responsibility and on such honorary listings as 4 Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universi¬ ties’. Campuswide activities were also actively supported by the men of Xi Chapter. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_ Martin Walt Vice President_George McLeod Secretary_ Randy Fussell Treasurer_ Dick Hatfield Spring Semester President__Mike Thompson Vice President_George McLeod Secretary _ Robin Davis Treasurer_Dick Hatfield Lambda Chis spend much time in the infor¬ mal surroundings of their spacious base¬ ment. Many organized houses utilize their basements and game rooms to the fullest extent as a place for weekend drop-ins, parties and various types of meetings. Lambda Chi Alpha OFFICERS On November 2, 1909 Lambda Chi Alpha had its beginning at Boston University. Gamma Chi Chapter of Lambda Chi at the Uni- F a U Semester versity of Arkansas was founded May 23, 1925. President _ Don Morehart Lambda Chi had quite a varied social calendar this year with after football game dances, exchange dinners with sororities, the annual Playboy Party, and an outing at Lake Weddington. The fraternity took an active roll in civic affairs during the school year by undertaking such projects as painting the Little League bleachers and distributing baskets to the needy at Thanks¬ giving and at Christmas. Gamma Chi Chapter also strengthened the leadership on campus having men serving the school in many responsible positions as well as participating actively in numerous other campus activities. Vice President_Bob McMurtrey Secretary_Tom Luter Treasurer_Tom Drake Spring Semester President- Stan Paris Vice President_Clyde Greenert Secretary_ Bob McMurtrey Treasurer_Tom Drake First Row: Mrs. Harold R. Snow, housemother; Ken Adams, Jim Arnold, Bill Baugh, Boh Boyd, Milton Brown, David Bur¬ nett, Mac Burrough, John Carmack. Second Row : Paul Causey, Owen Crawford, Robert Culp, Cliff Davis, Tommy Drake, Jim Duckett, Gene Elsberry, John Endicott, Glen Erickson. Third Row: Buddy Evans, Don Fitzgerald, Ralph Fox, Clyde Greenert, Freddy Griffin, Kirk Hale, Frank Hardage, Jim Haw¬ kins, David Hendricks. Fourth Row: Bruce Henley, Pat Horan, Terry Hunt, Bob Janes, John Johnson, Joe Jones, Henry Kirby, David Koonce, Mike Lee. Fifth Row: Dallas Lewter, Tom Luter, Bob McMurtrey, Don Morehart, James Moring, Barry Niswanger, Rob Nutt, Ken Orlicek, Bill Overton. Sixth Row: Stan Paris, Bobby Joe Parker, Allan Phillips, Carl Richards, Glen Richardson, Weston Rogers, Lee Schwieger, Norman Self, Frank Sharp. Charles Eddie Smith. Seventh Row : Jack Stone, Bob Sullards, George Teer, Paul Thompson, Eddie Walker, Buddy Wallis, Chuck White, Bill Woods, John Sullins, Kenny Shollmier. 349 First Row: Mrs. G. C. Nielson, housemother; Oliver Lee Adams, William A. Anderson, Philip Ray Atterberry, George Morgan Barnwell, Robert W. Bass, Ken Brasfield, William Morgan Brewer III, Edwin Huey Bullington, Bill Norris Cate. Second Row: John Phillip Cobb, William C. Coe, Joe Charles Cole, Jerry L. Coleman, Robert M. Crisp, David Nathan Crowell, Robert Lewis Dallas, Jim Dennis, David Wilson Dubbell, Marvin I. Elkins. Third Row: Don Eubanks, Charles Leon Filiatreau, Benny James Fratesi, Loyd Richard Fulenwider, William Russell Good¬ rich, John Tillery Gregory, Kenneth Wayne Griggs, Orville Jacqueline Hall, Jack Bland Harrod, Jr., Henry Meek Hawkins. Fourth Row: Michael Terry Hayes, Paul Robert Henderson, Carter Edwin Hixon, Jerry Lee Hobbs, Billy Curtis Houston, Henry Herman Ketcher, Daniel Warren McGuire, Clayton Ward McWhorter, James Graham Merrick. Fifth Row: James Guy Minmier, Raymond Arnold Moseley, Clarence Dale Nicholson, Bob E. Nolen, Kenneth Monroe Parr, Hugh Pollard, James Luther Rea, Michael D. Riggs, Bill Max Robertson. Sixth Row: C. Grady Secrest, David Andrew Smith, Robert Harvey Smith, Buford Joseph Suffridge, William LeRoy Taylor, Ronald Herman Udouj, Ralph E. Weddington, Michael Adrian Willis, Douglas Linn Wilson. 350 Joyful acceptance speech is made by Deanne Fleener at the Phi Delta Theta Christmas Formal as she was announced Dream Girl for the year. Outgoing Dream Girl Betty May Parr and president Bill Anderson join in extending congratulations to Deanne. Phi Delta Theta Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, is the mother chapter of Phi Delta Theta founded December 26, 1848. Exactly one hundred years later Arkansas Alpha of Phi Delt had its beginning on November 19, 1948. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_Bill Anderson Phi Delts made a name for themselves in all areas of University life this year. They took the ‘Singfony’ trophy for the second con¬ secutive year and had a very active social calendar which included a Bucaneer’s Ball, Christmas Formal, a fall outing, a Viking party, and exchange dinners with various sororities. Founders Day celebra¬ tion w as another event which they commemorated. Vice President _ Bill Taylor Secretary _ Mike Willis Treasurer_Bill Houston Spring Semester Taking their share of worthwhile campus activities, the local President-Bill Anderson chapter engineered a Community Service Day Project. Ueadership y ice p res ident _ _ Bill Taylor was displayed this year by Phi Delt as they placed men in important positions of student offices and publications and in other fields of Secretary - George Barnwell achievement. Treasurer_ Dave Smith 351 After a hard-fought battle, Elinor Duschl and other Pi Phis finish short in a tug of war contest, one of the many events staged for girls at the annual Sigma Nu Relays. Athough they were unfortunate in the outcome of this particular match, the Pi Phis took many honors at the meet. Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi dates its national founding to April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Virginia. Arkansas Alpha Chapter of Pi Phi received chapter status on campus December 29, 1909. The social events of Pi Phi were numerous this year and included such features as exchange dinners with fraternities, a pledge walkout, a pledge lockout, open houses, after date-call parties, Christmas parties, a pledge dance, and desserts. Among the charitable actvities in which Pi Phi participated this year include the distribution of gaskets to the needy during Christ¬ mastime. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_ Judy Gilbert Vice President_Sharon Raney Secretary-Judy O’Daniel Treasurer_ Rosemary Fones Spring Semester President - Sharon Raney Contributing leadership to the campus was another mark of Pi Beta Phi. They were represented in all phases of student body activ¬ ities and also had their share of campus beauties. Vice President_Judy Ragland Secretary-Ginger Murray Treasurer- Carol Tatum 352 First Row: Mrs. Ruth Wayne, housemother; Sharon Alex¬ ander, Mary Martha Anderson, Carol Ann Bailey, Kay Bragg, Betty Kate Brown, Mary Gale Bullock, Tucker Butler. Second Row: Betty Clark, Ellen Frances Cleveland, Jane Collier, Martha Dale Cook, Jo Ann Cooper, Mildred Cromwell, Elizabeth Doll Daniel, Margaret Ann Davis. Third Row: Elinor Duschl, Connie Ellis, Patty Ellis, Cynthia England, Jo Ann Finch, Jo Ann Finley, Rosemary Fones, Lynne Alice Francis. Fourth Row: Tolise Gathings, Judy Gilber t, Marilyn Harris, Sarah Jane Hayes, Margaret Head, Rayanne Heien, Shirley Ann Jackson, Elizabeth Johnston. Fifth Row: Eleanor Kinley, Peggy McKinnon, Patsy Lee Mc- Mahen, Bess Malone, Molly Molitor, Marian Moore, Janet Morley, Jeannie Morse, Ginger Lee Murry. Sixth Row: Judith Ann Newman, Julia Ann O’Daniel, Lucy Lee Oglesby, Cynthia Anne Padgett, Janet Porter, Judith Ann Ragland, Sharon Raney, Josephine Rascoe, Janet Rowland. Seventh Row: Carolyn Smith, Phoebe Speer, Judy Stallings, Carol Tatum, Julie Ann Terry, Ann Trieschmann, Carole Inez Wallis, Nancy Sue Wiggins, Sandra Yates. 353 First Row: Mrs. Walter Sorrells, housemother; Lyle Adams, Lance Alworth, John Anderson, Julian Archer, Terry Arenz, Glynn Armstrong, John Arnold, Doug Ashcraft, Jerry Baker, Billy Sid Baldwin. Second Row: Fletcher Baugh, John Blasingame, Ora Lee Boss, Gerald Bowen, Tommy Boyer, Bill Brady, Willard Burks, Jim Burnett, Jan Calhoon, Jim Camarata, David Carder. Third Row: Jerry Carman, Jerry Childs, George Coffman, Jim Colvert, Larry Crain, Dick Daniel, John Darnell, Boh Dawson, Buddy Diebold, Jerry Dollins, Jeff Foote. Fourth Row: Paul Frith, John Gibbons, Joe Gill, Johnny Gray, Ralph Griggs, Howard Finley, Lynn Forrest, Gene Hog- gard, David Grueneuald, Phil Hanby, Butch Hanby. Fifth Row: Ronnie Hardcastle, Ben Harpole, Peter Hartstein, James Hockersmith, Jim Hurlbut, Rick Jendrysik, Don Hunt, Paul Johnson, Don Jordan, Gary Keeter, Granger Kelly. Sixth Row: Berry Lindsey, Billy Joe McAfee, John McElroy, Steve McKnight, Jim McBride, Butch Marino, Lee Mason, Gor¬ don May, Bill May. Jerry Mazzanti, Hal Mitchell. Seventh Row: David Mulkey, Bill Neubert, Lowell Nicholas, Charles Ormond, Phil Pascoe, John Peters, George Plaster, Bill Poe, Dale Pope, Jim Poynter, Tommy Rogers. Eighth Row: Jim Redpath, Jeff Sandy, Bill Sherman, Marvin Sowell, John Stamps, Jerry Stamps, Bob Wade, Jerry Wilcox, Charles Wilson, Terry Young, Jerry Perciful. 354 Pikes and dates enjoy pledge skit at the ' Roaring Twenties Party ' , as skit portrayed the paying of the last respects to big-time mobster ' Big-Looie ' , who was gunned down in gangland fashion the afternoon of party. Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha was established as a social fraternity at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. Alpha Zeta chapter of PiKA gained status on the University of Arkansas campus Novem¬ ber 2,1904. The social side of PiKA was highlighted this year by the Christ¬ mas brunch and the Dream Girl Formal. Other social activities for Pike include a tea for freshmen women, exchange dinners with all sororities, the Roaring Twenties Party, Homecoming party, the Quo Vadis Party and drop-ins every weekend at the chapter house. The fraternity contributed much to the University campus this year in the way of leadership by having men holding positions of esteem in publications, student offices and in various other student organizations. PiKA was also very well represented in varsity athletics. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ . John Arnold Vice President _ David Mulkey Secretary _ Gerald Bowen Treasurer _ Peter Hartstein Spring Semester President _ Charles Wilson Vice President _ Gerald Bowen Secretary _ Buddy Diebold Treasurer __ Peter Hartstein 355 Sigma Alpha Epsilon officers and dates greet guests, visitors, and Alphs in the receiving line of the reception in the chapter house, preceding the annual SAE Christmas Formal. Alpha Epsilon OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ jim Hefley Vice President_John Mott Secretary _ Nick Patton Treasurer _ Bill Tedford Spring Semester Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Ala¬ bama in Tuscaloosa on March 9, 1865 and at the University of Arkansas July 9, 1894, making Arkansas Alpha Upsilon chapter the third oldest fraternity on the campus. The Sig Alph social season began early in the year with a party for the fall pledge class at the chapter house. Since that time they have had a fall outing at Monte Ne, a Christmas Formal, numerous house parties and drop-ins at the chapter house in¬ cluding a Homecoming and a Dads’ Day party, a spring formal, a spring outing and a Club 69 Party. President_ Lewis Barnard Vice President_John Mott Secretary _ Joe Bissett Treasurer_Tom M. Carter SAE was outstanding in all areas of campus activity with men at top ranks in the ROTC program, leaders in most of the campus organizations, and members holding various other positions of responsibility. In intramural competition they were strong con¬ tenders in every sport. First Row: Mrs. Kitty Glasscock, housemother; Joe Paul Al- berty, John Edwin Anthony, Jerry Walter Baber, Lewis Allen Barnard, Donald Lynn Boothe, David Myers Brantley, Clifford William Bridgers, William Cecil Bridgforth, J. 0. Buckley, Bill Butler. Second Row : Thomas Carter, Kenneth Castleberry, Stephen Castleberry, James Chadick, John Coan, Joe Barrett Colclasure, Eldon Dickey Cooley, Donald Louis Corbin, Jay Woodson Dickey, Ted Norton Drake, Marlin Epp. Third Row : John Wright Fergusson, Jerry Lynn Franks, Don¬ ald John Froning, Butler Fuller, Don Gartman, Thomas Ford Gibson, Martin Greeson Gilbert, Wilbur Mack Giles, David Fet¬ ters Gillison, Gary Golden Gross, Jack Curtis Hammett. Fourth Row: James Morton Hefley, Jack Edward Hill, Curtis Delough Hodge, David Hughey, Joseph Wright Keene, Donn Cox Kerby, Jim Kraft, Chad Kumpe, James William Lester, Reed Lackland McConnell, Donald Edward McFall. Fifth Row: James McKenzie, Sandy Sidney McMath, Ronald Wilson McNulty, William Randolph McNulty, Dorsey McRae, Thomas Chipman McRae, Jack Dickey Mahle, Rufus Algernon Martin, Edmund McDowell Massey, Bobby Joe Matlock. Sixth Row: Dan Moore, John Kneeland Mott, Jim Mulhollan, William Lewis Norwood, Jack Nowlin, Jim Fred Patton, Nicho¬ las Harrel Patton, Reuben Andrew Pickens, Franklin Clifford Plegge, Jim Wilson Powell. Seventh Row: Hugh Baty Proctor, Dan William Reynolds, James Robert Rhodes, Philip Foy Rice, Donald Lewis Shalmy, Charles Sharpe, Jerold Brent Shinall, William Spikes, David Watson Sloan, Andrew Warner St. John. Eighth Row: Vernon Tarver, William Lee Tedford, John Grobmyer Tedford, Benjamin Drew Velvin, Frank Evans Wait, Robert Edward Wanasek, Frank Lee Watson, Royce Stewart Weisenberger, Joe B. Wharton, Jack Williams. 357 First Row: Mrs. W. W. Scroggins, housemother; James N. Akers, Gene Alexander, Owen Anderson, Beryl Anthony, John Lee Anthony, Norman Austin, Royce M. Barrett, Charles Beavers, Koehler Blankenship, Thomas William Blankenship. Second Row : Conlee Bodishbaugh, Larry Gene Brown, John L. Burnett, Billy Gene Carter, Jack Coker, James Richard Col¬ lier, David Allen Cox, Kenneth Bruce Davis, James Ray Diffee, Jon Michael Dunn, Robert Edwin Elliott. Third Row : Frank Harold Gardner, James Carl Gilbert, Jack L. Green, Bill Hairr, Hap Hazzard, Carl Hendrix, Nelson Huey, Bo Huffman, John Richard Jackson, George Olin Jernigan, Jere Johnson. Fourth Row: James David Johnston, Edward Paul Jones, Howard Jones, Jim Baugh Jones, Lawrence Edward Jones, Phil¬ lip Keese, Jerry Kesterson, Billy Kyser, Richard Lankford, Uval¬ de Lindsey, Edward Emory Locke. Fifth Row: John Logan, Larry Luft, William Luplow, Ryan McCarroll, Toby McDonald, Phillip McDonald, Steve McGuire, George McKinney, Guy Maris, Bill Matthews, Bill May. Sixth Row: J. Louis Moles, James Moody, Thomas Jerald Moore, John Hartwell Moore, Robert Benton Newcome, Ken¬ neth Oliver, Andrew Payne, Richardson Milam Perdue, Bill Pickens, Tommy Polk, M. J. Probst. Seventh Row: Tommy Rankin, Craig Rains, William P. Ross, Matthew Rothert, James Sadler, Tommy Schallhorn, William Byron Sigler, Neill Moore Sloan, James William Smith, Kirk M. Smith, Armil Snow, William Spencer. Eighth Row: Roberto Stadthagen, William Jan Stover, Barney Alan Sugg, John Beaty Summers, James Stewart Tate, Stuart Towns, Dickey Ray Trammel, John David Underwood, William G. Underwood, William David Watkins, Larry Ennis White, Elmer Dale Yancey. 358 Hunkerin ' as seen in Time Magazine, found Sigma Chis, supposedly the orginators of the short-lived craze, demonstrating the technique for the photographer and seven million Time readers. The fad spread rapidly over the campus and to neighboring states. . ‘ ; v a Chi The Sigma Chi Fraternity traces its beginning to Miami Uni¬ versity in Oxford, Ohio with the founding date of June 26, 1855. The University of Arkansas gave rise to Omega Omega Chapter of Sigma Chi in 1905 and the fraternity has been active on campus since that time. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_ _Alan Sugg Vice President Jim Gadberry Included in the elaborate Sigma Chi social calendar were a Christ¬ mas Formal, Riverboat Party, a Sweetheart Formal and a spring outing. There were numerous other minor social events such as receptions, drop-ins and exchange dinners with sororities. Very active in all phases of campus life, Sigma Chi boasted leaders in many student organizations and honorary groups. They were unmatched by any other organized house on campus in placing men on ‘Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities’. Sigma Chi was also well represented in varsity athletics. Secretary_ _ Jim Sadler Treasurer _ George Jernigan Spring Semester President_ Jim Gadberry Vice President __ Elmer Yancey Secretary_ Allan Pirnique Treasurer _ George Jernigan Living it up on a hayride before Sadie Hawkins Hillbilly costume party, Sigma NUs are pulled over campus in a tractor-drawn wagon to get dates preceding a banquet in the chapter house. The party is a social highlight for Sigma Nu first semester. a Nu OFFICERS Fall Semester President_Charles Hughes Vice President_Truman Smith Secretary _ John White Treasurer _ John Thomason Spring Semester New Year’s Day, 1869 marks the beginning of the Sigma Nu Fraternity at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, and was found¬ ed by three cadets, two of whom were Arkansans. Gamma Upsilon chapter of Sigma Nu was established on the University of Arkansas campus in 1904, and this year initiated its 1,000th member. Among the numerous social activities of Sigma Nu during the year were the Sadie Hawkins costume party, the annual Sigma Nu Relays for sororities, a Christmas party, and the yearly White Rose Formal at which a sweetheart is chosen for the year. President _ Jim Tuohey Vice President_Gary Standridge Secretary _ Larry McCord Treasurer_Snowden Armstrong The fraternity was well represented in all phases of campus activity during the school year having leaders in many organizations, having a well developed social and civic program, and having strong contenders in all intramural sports. 360 First Row: Mrs. Harvey Joyce, housemother; William C. Adair, Snowden Armstrong, Joe Tom Backus, Fred Ewing Barnes, Robert Alymer Bell, Jimmy Darrell Bonner, William Richard Bromley, Donn Byrne, Richard Michael Cain, Garry Carroll. Second Row : Bennett Alexander Clubbs, Ernest Harper Cooper, Carl Collier, Henry Mac Core, Joe Bailey Crumpler, James Newton Daniel, Jon Dermott, Edmund Luther Dohoney, James Register Epperson, John England, Chester Keith Estes. Third Row: John Gary Feilke, James Robert Frazier, Billy C. Furlow, James Gaston, John Marshall Gaston, James Gattis, Gaston Gibson. Walter John Giller, John Charles Girdner, Wade Eldon Hahn, William Thomas Harper. Fourth Row: I,arry Head, Junious David Hill, Richard Hodges, David Horne, Charlie Hubbard, Robert Carroll Hud¬ speth, Willard Hughes, Donald Bruce Hunnicutt, Richard Hunt, Claude Reece Hunt. Ralph Hank Jennings. Fifth Row: Charles Johnston. George Kalmbach, Garrie Kel- lam, Collins Kilgore, Paul Kingsborough, George Edwin Knight, John Eric Lathrop, Robert Andrew Lecky, Ronald Richard Liles, Chester Lowe, J. W. McAllister. Sixth Row: Larry Reed McCord, John McFerran, William Hayden Mcllroy, Clay McKinney, Steven McKinney, Thomas McMillin, Robert Middleton, Boyce Freeman Moore, Kerry Oz- ment, James Mayne Parker, Larkus Pesnell. Seventh Row: Sammy Peters, John Pitcock, Joe Dickey Powers, Gene Allen Rackley, Edward Ragsdale, Alan Lee Ren- nick, Eric Richardson, Clarence Roberts, Alan Russell, Jack Sanders, William Rutherford Sadler. Eighth Row: Jerry Thomas Scott, James Edward Shreve, Richard M. Smith, Ronnie Carl Smith, Truman H. Smith, Charles Gary Standridge, Billy Ray Stewart, James Michael Terry, John Doyle Thomason, William Thurman, John Tolleson. Ninth Row: Ellis Trumbo, James Frederick Tuohey, Lynn Wade, Harry N. Weedman, Winford Wayne Weeks, Jim Bob Wheeler, John Alfred White, John Austin White, Ronald Garner Woodruff, Eddie Mac Young, Paul Young. 361 First Row : Mrs. Carrie Green, housemother; Eddie Altemus, Boh M. Barlow, Charles F. Bell, Robert M. Berry, Lawrence C. Blevins, Guy E. Brown, Edward B. Bryson, Robert W. Bullock. Second Row: William D. Bushmiaer, Joe Dan Byars, James Chaney, James W. Collier, David Connell, Delano T. Cotton, James R. Davis, James Fawcett, Robert L. Flowers. Third Row: James C. Johnson, Charles A. King, Samuel B. Kirby, Bobby J. Martin, Jerald L. McAnear, George McConnell, John R. McVey, David P. Mooney, John W. Ramsey, Jr. Fourth Row: Norman E. Revis, Edwin J. Ritter, Thomas H. Rowland, Jerry Sanders, John Sanders, Louis Seiter, Bobby Shults, Kenneth Smith, Glen Sowder. Fifth Row: John W. Steele, Maurice Stokenberry, John Tra¬ vis Taylor, Randle K. Terry, Ronald W. Toothacker, James M. Webb, John Whidden, Robert J. Winn, Robert Wolfe, James Youree. 362 Remnants of lumber and materials remained in yard as new Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter house on Stadium Drive was barely finish¬ ed in time for fall rush. SPE ' s are shown here entertaining rushees during the fall rush tours of all the fraternity houses. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded November 1, 1901 at Rich¬ mond College in Virginia, now the University of Richmond. Six years later the University gave rise to Arkansas Alpha of SPE, September 26, 1907. This fall the men of SPE had the pleasure of moving into their new chapter house, one of the nations most modern and a new con¬ cept in fraternity houses. The living quarters are designed to give each man an outside entrance. The fraternity has had visitors from all over the nation to see the structure. A house dedication was the initial social function of SPE this fall. Other major social activities included a Beatnik Party,• Recog¬ nition Dinner, a Voo Doo Party, the Golden Hearts Ball which is a spring formal, a Hawaiian Luau Party, a State Alumni Dinner in Little Rock and a spring outing. SPE was also very active in all facets of campus life with leaders in all areas of responsibility. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_ _____ Jerry McAnear Vice President _ Robert Berry Secretary _ Richard Langford Treasurer- Bob Shults Spring Semester President- Jerry Sanders Vice President _ Bob Shults Secretary - Kenneth Smith Treasurer_Joe Dan Byars 363 Housemother Mrs. Thelma Dodson is shown in receiving line with other Sigma Pi dignitaries as they entertain guests and dates at reception preceding their Christ¬ mas formal, the White and Gold Ball. Sigma Pi OFFICERS President_ Vice President Secretary _ Treasurer_ __Eddie Whittle Richard Mayfield _ Larry Young _Gary Shelby The Sigma Pi fraternity was originally founded at Vincennes University in Indiana on February 26, 1897. Alpha Sigma of Sigma Pi is one of the younger fraternities on the University of Arkansas campus, being established in 1948. Like the other new fraternities, Sigma Pi is working for the future and it is only a matter of time before construction of a new house which they have planned. Socially, Sigma Pi held its annual White and Gold Ball and Orchid Formal. On the lighter note was the Beat Generation party, the annual outing, Founders Day banquet, weekend parties, house parties, teas, exchange dinners, drop-ins and listening parties for the out of town football games. In activities and organizations on campus Sigma Pi was well represented in every field. The rapid strides they made in leader¬ ship during the year were shown on the rolls of nearly every organization at the University. First Row: Mrs. Thelma Dodson, housemother; John Robert Austin, Norman Orell Bledsoe, Joe Keith Bridgforth, Frank Willard Bublis, David Owen Burton, Robert P. Carter, Lindsay W. Chandler, James Sidney Chastain. Second Row: Harold Everett Chesley, Howard Larry Cly- burn, Curtis Collier, William Steve Crain, Gerald Leroy Dahl, Wayne Edmond Daniel, Billy Carl Donnell, Oscar Lee Fletcher, John Wayne Ford. Third Row: John Frank Gibson, Jr., Clifton Louis Giles, Rea Freeman Graves. Lee D. Griffin, Bill Eugene Grimes, J. M. Hinton, Richar d Hipp, Edward Paul Ksara, Webb Laseter III. Fourth Row: Gary Lee McClain, Harper Lee Oates, Joe Michael Parker. Marshall Sanders, Gary Shelby, Floyd Ross Smith, Donald Ervin Steely, John R. Stovall. Fifth Row: Ralph Hopson Tiffin, Bill K. Uhm, Ray Allen Waters, Jr., Donald R. West, Patrick Douglas Wheeler, Eddie Joe Whittle, Billy Wayne Wiley, Jerry Lynn Wood. S65 Slide-rule, coffee cups, and at times, concentration, were ty¬ pical of the nightly study sessions in the Theta Tau House. First Row: Snowden Armstrong, Gary Campbell, J im Colvert, Bill Cummins, Don Dallas, Jim Fawcett, Lee Fletcher, Travis Galloway. Second Row: Jack Hammett, Ben Harpole, Hap Hazzard, Jim Hefley, Jerry Hill, Jack Hoskyns, Jere Johnson, Gilbert Kane. Third Row: Wayne Langley, Gary McClain, Bob Minor, Jim Moody, John Moore, M. J. Probst, Ronnie Rogers, C. L. Roy. Fourth Row: Jim Sadler, Bill Spencer, Roberto Stadthagen, Albert Starling, Ralph Steifwater, Charles Yates, Frank Zanoff. 366 During a study break from their engi¬ neering schedule, Don Dallas and C. L. Roy listen to an informal banjo jam-ses¬ sion by Buster Jones and Frank Zanoff. Theta Tau Founded in Minneapolis October 15. 1904, as a mining engi¬ neering fraternity. Theta Tau was established on the University of Arkansas campus April 7, 1928. The fraternity is composed of stu¬ dents majoring in engineering and geology who have met high academic requirements. Members must live in the Theta Tau house for at least one semester after accepting a bid to the fraternity. Although Theta Tau is concerned primarily with scholarship, social life was not neglected. Events in which Upsilon Chapter par¬ ticipated during the year included a Founders Day Banquet on October 15, a listening party for the Rice game, a semi-formal dance at the Springdale Country Club, and the annual St. Patricia Ban¬ quet held on March 10. The men of Theta Tau showed leadership ability in many phases of campus life and were especially outstanding in various engineer¬ ing organizations. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ _ Bob Wilson Vice President Jack Hammet Secret an _ Jim Kimzey Treasurer _ Buster Jones Spring Semester President _ Jim Hefley Vice President _ Jerry Perciful Secretary _ Charles Yates Treasurer _ Bob Wilson Zetas beam proudly at the dedication cere¬ mony of the recently completed addition to the Zeta Tau Alpha House. The remodeling and addition to the structure was started in the summer and completed in time for Rush. Zeta Tau Alpha OFFICERS Fall Semester President_Nickie Hultsman The mother chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was established at Long- wood College i n Farmville, Virginia on October 15, 1898 and Epsilon chapter of Zeta joined the University of Arkansas Greek system in 1903. Vice President_Mary Bowden Secretary _ Carolyn Whitaker Treasurer_Sallie Jo Anderson Spring Semester President_Sonja Dehan The social calendar of Zeta was quite active during the year, listing such events as exchange dinners with fraternities, a pledge dinner-dance, a Christmas party, a faculty tea, a pledge class cake walk, Mardi Gras spring formal, a football banquet honoring the varsity football team, an open house for housemothers, and a Found¬ ers Day Banquet. In competitive campus activity Zeta placed sec¬ ond in the Homecoming house decorations. Vice President_Kay Kolb Secretary_Ann McCraken Treasurer_Lynne Grant Outstanding in many areas of campus leadership and activities, Zeta was well represented in Mortar Board, student body offices and publications, as well as campus beauties. 368 First Row: Mrs. R. R. Robinson, housemother; Elizabeth Adams, Mary Bowden, Jimmie Lou Brigance, Barbara Browne, Barbara Jean Bryan, Coretta Bury, Nancy Bury, Judith Calla¬ way, Connie Capers. Second Row: Sue Cheatham, Carolyn Clinehens, Robin Cole, Vivan Ann Cowger, Nancy Katherine Cox, Joyce Crab¬ tree, Martha Jo Culwell, Marilyn Dean, Sonja Dehan, Carolyn Dick. Third Row: Judith Doolin, Philia Drew, Linda Dunn, Linda Durham. Pud Floyd, Mary Lee Franklin, Carol Gieck, Lynn Goldthwaite, Nancy Goldthwaite, Lynne Grant. Fourth Row: Louise Guisinger, Barbara Jayne Guthunz, Lin¬ da Hall, Lynn Hansen, Elizabeth Ann Head, Clarissa Hopkins, Nita Claire Hultsman, Judy Kinslow, Kay Kolb, Karen Kozel. Fifth Row: Karen Lawman, Mary Beth Laws, Lydia Lin¬ coln, Deanna Beth McCasland, Ann McCracken, Nell McCuis- tion, Kay McRae, Barbara Moberg, Patricia Osburn, Annelle Patterson. Sixth Row: Phyllis Ann Rainwater, Rita Sue Reader, Elaine Elizabeth Robinson, Linda Margaret Roeder, Kathleen Gail Schmidt, Brenda Sue Scott, Lela Vernelle Stanley, Mary Jean Swantner, Jo Thompson. Seventh Row: Barbara Trager, Sara Anne Trager, Betty Waggoner, Mary Beth Warren, Billie Louise Waters, Lynn Wil¬ cox, Alice Ann Willis, Sue Wilson, Niesje Ann Wirsig. 369 OFFICERS: From Left: Suzanne Conley, President; Jo Ann Finch, Treasurer; Tappy Dickens, Reporter; Barbara King, Handbook Chairman. Pan Hellenic Council Every year the sorority pledge class with the highest grade point is awarded a trophy by the Panhellenic Council, Panhellenic aids in promoting inter-sorority relations and is the governing board for all the sorori¬ ties. The Council is composed of the president and rush chairman of each sorority. Each year the Council sets the rush rules for sororities. First Row : Suzanne Conley, Jo Ann Finch, Tappy Dickens, Barbara King, Lynn Wilcox, Beverly Cross. Second Row: Eliza¬ beth Melton, Connie Buell, Sonie Hall, Patty Payne, Nickie Hultsman, Judy Gilbert. 370 Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council serves as the mediation board for the Greek letter fraternities on the University of Arkansas Campus. They govern and coordinate the efforts of ail the fraternities toward making just policies and effective rush programs. Through the efforts of the IFC the fraternities can experience fairness and con¬ tinued growth. First Row : Ray Waters, Charles Hughes, Henry Hawkins, Robert Stephenson, Jon Dermott, George McLeod, Alan Sugg, John Sanders, Joe David Finney. Second Row: William A. Anderson Jr., Jim Hefley, Eddie Whittle, Jerry Wilcox, David Horne, Martin Walt, John Arnold, Clark Crum, Calvin Mitchell. OFFICERS: From Left: Charlie Hughes, Secretary; Ray Waters, President; Henry Hawkins, Vice President. Interfraternity Pledge Council The Interfraternity Pledge Council is composed of two representatives from each fraternity and sorority on the campus. The principles of the IFPC are basicly the same as Panhellenic and IFC. It serves as an admin¬ istrative and directive body to encourage cooperation between pledge classes. An annual Pledge dance is held each year by the IFPC. First Row: Connie Ellis, Pat Flowers, Judie Presley, Peggy McKinnon. Carol Cole, Teeter Stanley, Charlotte Petree, Beckey Barham, Marianne Sutherland. Second Row: Jimmy Jacobs, Clay Woods, Jo Buckley, Jim Mulhollan, Dallas Lewter, Gaston Gibson. John Miles. Judy Blankenship. Third Row: Howard W. Bennett Jr., Ed Bryson, Paul Johnson, Pat Horan, Larry White, Jim Smith, Kerry Ozment, Charles Carter. OFFICERS: First Row : Mary Ann Evans, Reporter; Judy Blankenship, Secretary. Second Row: Dallas Lewter, Vice Presi¬ dent; Kerry Ozment, Treasurer; Gaston Gibson, President. 371 First Row: Mrs. Jane Jones, housemother; Laura Jo Agre, Elizabeth A. Alexander, Alethye Joan Anderson, Jacquelyn Sue Anderson, Nita Jon Anderson, Judith Ann Arthurs, Mary Doll Ashby, Verna Sue Austin, Donna Idelle Axum. Second Row : Barbara Sue Bain, Betty Jean Baker, Katherine Ann Baker, Patricia Diane Balay, Brenda Barham, Bette Bonita Barnett, Lynn Barnette, Linda Jean Bartlett, Edwina Bess Beas¬ ley, Elizabeth Cobb Beaver. Third Row : Virginia L. Beazley, Martha Temple Bellamy, Alice Ann Bentley, Judith Elizabeth Bird, Nina Jane Bishop, Florence Marie Bolen, Dorothy Ellen Bonewell, Vicki Jo Bor¬ man, Ann Leinn Bowles, Carolyn Boyd. Fourth Row: Barbara Broaddus, Teresa Rose Bryniarski, Martha Sue Buchanan, Alice Irene Burt, Mary Linda Burton, Margaret Vesta Butler, Margo Byers, Charlotte Byrn, Diane Cadenhead, Anna Elizabeth Cadwell. Fifth Row: Lela Mary Calhoun, Barbara Anne Call, Betty Carol Campbell, Gail Mignon Campbell, Trula Ann Campbell, Susan Preston Canine, Nora Alice Carlson, Carolyn Cearley, Lynda Sue Childers, Nancy Cina. Sixth Row: E. Nikiata Clifford, Dor a Lynn Compton, Edra Ann Compton, Janie Cook, Rebecca Borum Cooper, Mary Louise Core, Suzanne Gay Couthchie, Judith Cox, Sandra Kay Crab¬ tree, Margaret Cravens. Seventh Row: Patricia Crone, Nancy Crutchfield, Jean Cum¬ mings, Sandra Curtis, Diana Daulton, Delia Destler, Kathryn Dillard, Susan Donathan, Suzanne Doshier, Barbara Duncan. Eighth Row: DeAnne DuVall, Sondra Lee Eagle, Carolyn Eason, Susan Edmonston, Judith Edwards, Kathryn Edwards, Nancy Edwards, Patricia Elcan, Marguerite Engelke, Marian Estes. 374 Newly-oriented Fulbright Freshmen coeds Nina Bishop, Leona Parker, and Becky Hudson, chat and ' get acquainted ' wth the new routine of college and dormitory life during the opening days of the Fall semester. |ri » Freshmen Woi flfl en Because of the deferred rush rules at the University of Arkan¬ sas, freshman women do not participate in rush. Instead, they are all housed in the new Fulbright Hall, located above the old practice field. Fulbright has many firsts in its first year of existence, which will serve as precedents in the years to follow. Among these are representatives for Air Force and Army R.O.T.C. OFFICERS On October 11 Fulbright was formally dedicated. The principal President Pat Trimble speakers were Dean Eleanor Tyler and Senator Fulbright, after whose mother the dormitory is named. The singing voices of almost four hundred residents added to the program and helped to make Vice Presidents Sue Anderson Dee Desler Judy Vardner it one not soon to be forgotten. Secretary . Diane Cadenhead Other things Fulbright will sponsor annually are the Open House for faculty and FayetLeville friends, a Christmas party for under¬ privileged children, and their formal. All those events and the many good times of a girl’s freshman year will remain throughout her college days. Treasurer Vicki Bormann 375 Freshmen Women First Row: Sharon Evans, Betty Joyce Featherston, Mary Lynn Felder, Melinda Lou Felt, Deanne Fleener, Sue Clair Fincher, Yvonne Folks, Dee Rae Fossum, Gwendolyn Foster. Second Row: Jacquelyn Jean Fowler, Mary Nell Freeman, Norma Frost, Suzanne Fuess, Paula Fugit, Laura Fuqua, Linda Gardenhire, Rita Gaylo, Joyce Ann Geliy. COUNSELORS: Seated: Rosemary Fones, Linda Durham, Jayme Smith, Mary Jane Melton, Alice Jane Whitaker, Marial Hantz, Sue Hatchett. Standing: Mary Sue Thornton, Marilyn Dallas, Sara Savage, Mickey Barrows, Jeannie Smith, Elois Bleidt, Judy Gail Carter, Helen Lawbough, Sally Ann Putnam. Third Row: Valerie Gerdes, Rebecca Gilliland, Elizabeth Ann Gipson, Caroline Glenn, Loralei Glenn, Mary Frances Goebel, Eileen Goodloe, Sharon Grammer, Mary Beth Gray. Fourth Row: Shirley Griffin, Janet Claire Grohoski, Delores Grubbs, Mary Lee Guanella, Mollie Haley, Emily Hall, Mary Jane Hampton, Susan Hampton, Jamie Louise Hance. Fijth Row: Lebeta Hankins, Carole Lynn Harper, Lyna Jane Harriman, Donna Harrison, Monika Hartstein, Mary Kathleen Hawkins, Rebecca Jane Hawkins, Frances Hecker, Elizabeth L. Heinemann. 376 First Row: Ruth Carolyn Hill, Sandra Lucille Hillman, Sara E. Hoffmeister, Elizabeth Hollenberg, Sherry Leon Holley, Mari- beth Hornsby, Mary Janice Horsey, Wanda Ann Horton, Judy Kaye House, Erma Sue Howerton. Second Row: Russa Lou Howerton, Fern Hubbard, Rebecca Ann Hudson, Geraldine L. Huffman, Carolyn Sue Humphres, Mary Jane Hunt, Grace Ann Jackson, Sheila Sue Jackson, Jerre Lynne Jacobs, Gloria Carolyn James. Third Row : Rosalind Joan Jarrett, Sharon Louise Jennings, Mary Gretchen Jett, Linda Lee Johns, Alice Elizabeth Johnson, Judith Mary Johnson, Sandra Estelle Johnson, Cindy Jones Joyce Lynn Jones, Susan Allaire Jones. Fourth Row : Suzanne Jones, Diane Kelley, Patricia Nelle Kelly, Winnie Sue Key, Martha Marie Kimery, Shelby Jean Kimes, Sharon Kay Kincheloe, Elizabeth Leah King, Bettye An- butis Kinley, Bethel Lea Kirk. Fifth Row: Toni V. Kirklin, Lana Lamkin, Alice Jo Law¬ rence, Delores Lai Lee, Peggy Joyce Lee, Linda Rena Leopoulos, Betty Ann Leverette, Josephine Lewis, Cynthia Joan Ligon, xMary Keith Lindahl. Sixth Row: Susan Linebarger, Margaret Ann Little, Kadelia Dair Long, Sandra Lee Lovegrove, Patricia Luck, Dolly Wade McAdams, Judith Anne McAlister, Kay McCollum, Mary Frances McCoy, Sally Jo McGloflin. Seventh Row: Sally McGregor, Patricia Ann McIntyre, Carol Ann McNair, Janett McNiel, Susan Ethel McShane, Mary Cathryn Mack, Alice Jo Mackey, Rita Rose Mader, Catherine Roberta Mailer, Lillian Rae Marshall. Eighth Row: Sara Ann Martin, Susal Louise Marye, Roma Danelle Medrick, Brenda Borlene Meredith, Martha Evelyn Merrifield, Jean Anne Mesavage, Joyce Ann Mikeska, Martha Louise Mitchell, Mary Ann Mitchell, Patsy Ann Moberly, 377 Freshmen Women First Row : Blanche Montgomery, Mary Carolyn Morris, Jeri Bob Moseley, Melinda Louise Mosley, Susan Jean Munn, Nancy Eleanor Nations, Mary Margaret Neely, Natalie Sue Noland, Betty Jane Nystrom. Second Row : Linda Lou Odum, Carolyn Ruth Osborne, Patsy Jean Oxley, Linda Susan Park, Leona L. Parker, Melanie Parker, Shirlee K. Parker, Carolyn LaVern Parks, Linda Lou Parnell. Fulbright freshmen relax before dessert and the dally singing- session in the spacious modern dining-hall across from the dorm. Third Row : Sandra Sue Pate, Donna Fanchon Payne, Bar¬ bara J. Pendergrass, Linda Lee Perdue, Linda Clair Perry, Marilyn Joan Pharr, Carolyn Sue Phelps, Patricia Ann Phillips, Sherry Lynn Pintado. Fourth Row : Patricia Marjorie Pipkin, Carol Grace Potter, Mary Wheeler Prewitt, Patricia Carroll Prewitt, Nancy Doyal Puckette, Sharon Lynn Purdin, Linda Lee Puryear, Patsy Jo Pyle, Phyillis Anne Rainer. Fifth Row: Carolyn Gene Raley, Sylvia Rose Rankin, Judy Carolyn Rateliff, Rita Ann Rathbun, Judith Carol Ray, Jane Elizabeth Reagan, Lucy Evelyn Reid, Ann Marie Rhodes, Judith Miller Ritgerod. 378 First Row: Janice Sue Robbins, Marilou Rogers, Sandra Elizabeth Rudd, Anna Louise Rudder, Rita Helen Rusgis, Mary Ella Russell, Sonja Ann Rutledge, Sandra K. Saliba, Elizabeth Sanders, Katherine Ann Sanders. Second Row: Sara Elizabeth Savage, Delya Sue Scott, Lora Frances Scott, Julie Ann Scudder, Mary Susan Seeger, Ann Henri Shaw, Joan Cova Shockley, Barbara Carol Shull, Helen Kay Shu tier, Mary Virginia Silaz. Third Row: Dianne Claire Simpson, Joni Claudene Sims, Hope Sixbey, Janis Elizabeth Skipper, Elaine Smith, Freeda Carolyn Smith, Judith Ann Smith, Mary Edna Smith, Sharri Kaye Smith, Sally B. Smoot. Fourth Row: Suellen South, Carolyn Faye Sparks, Bette Lynn Speck, Dana Glynn Spencer, Lynda Fay Stair, Susan Kay Steetle, Linda Lou Stephens, Courtney Anne Stevens, Mary Ann Stout, Marilyn Stevens. Fifth Row: Sandra Sue Tarkington, Katie Nell Taylor, Belle Knight Thompson, Judith Lynn Toll, Patti Lucille Trimble, Junette Rose Turney, Linda Juanita Underwood, Anita Hope Van Meter, Mira Anne Van Patten. Sixth Row: Judith M. Vardner, Tommie Jeanette Wacaster, Margie Virginia Waldron, Mary Kay Walls, Cynthia Ann Wann, Mary Frances Washburn, Lucinda Gene Watkins, Nancy Carol Watkins, Nancy Watson. Seventh Row: Judith Squier West, Ruth Whetstone, Judith White, Judith Eleanor White, Mary Ann White, Mary Burbank Whittington, Alice June Wigginton, Barbara Nade William, Sandra Darlene Williams. Eighth Row: Carroll Sue Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Rebecca Victoria Wilson, Alice Clara Wingfield, Sue Ann Wiswell, Susan Buford Wood, Susan Ellen W ' ood, Jimmie Lea Wright, Margaret Yost. 379 Razorback Hall frosh find difficulty sleeping in their recently-assembled make-shift beds beneath their Homecoming float in an attempt to scare off any would-be vandals or prank¬ sters who might see fit to ' borrow ' the float. Freshmen Men Razorback Hall OFFICERS President _ James Bass Vice President _ _ Jim Bowman Secretary_ _ Robert Dickson Treasurer _ Ogden Mayhugh Razorback Hall had set many new goals at the first of the year, and due to excellent leadership of all the officers, most of the goals were met. When it came to pep rallies the men of the hall not only re¬ sponded well but insisted on having a new sign to represent them. In athletics the men carried on a full intramural program, which offered a good source of entertainment, fun and excitement. Their social life on and off the campus was enjoyed under the leadership of Jack Grano. One of their projects this year was the building of a tremendous homecoming float. The slogan for the featured hog was “Broyles Bred, Texas Fed”. Among the other social functions were a brunch for the faculty, Christmas dance, and open house before and after the Dad’s Day and Homecoming foot¬ ball games. 380 First Row: Houston H. Alexander, John J. Anderson, Francis Elma Avery, Tom B. Barham, James W. Bass, James R. Blackburn, Robert W. Bolding, Jim C. Bowman, Hal Boyette, James D. Brazil, Edgar E. Britt. Second Row: Ralph P. Brown, Joseph E. Brownd, James G. Burt, Gary W. Campbell, Lannis Campbell, James Austin Capps, Eddie Cato, Jerry Cavaneau, Johnny 0. Cicuta, Thomas D. Clark, Arthur H. Cole. Third Row: Richard G. Dahlen, Phillip W. Daugherty, Karl T. Davis. John A. Dearien, Cecil Dennis, John F. Dickson, Rob¬ ert H. Dickson, Melvin Bruce Dobbs, Ralph Donaldson, George C. Dudley, Lynn Blaine Elliott. Fourth Row: Lindel E. Estes, John C. Forrester, David D. Foust, Boyd Thomas Fowler, Charles B. Friley, Charles (Tom¬ my) Gaston. John R. Gillenwater, Donald Joe Graf, Charles John Grano, Randy Griffin, James H. Halford. Fifth Row: Roger L. Hall. William N. Haller, Ralph C. Hamner, John James Harton, Philip R. Higginbotham, Stephen Glenn Hild, William C. Holly, Farrell Dean Horton, William B. Johns, Bobby Joe Kimberling, Leon I. Lachat. Sixth Row: James S. Lewis, William C. Linam, John David McCay, David Lee McFarran, Leonard McKinney, Eddie Joe McRell, Charles Fred Mayfield, Joel Ogden Mayhugh, John Bass Mays, John Fremont Miller, William Edward Miller. Seventh Row: Pledger E. Monk, Norman Warren Morey, Frank A. Nakamura, Robert P. Nichols, Toshio Oishi, Phillip Wayne Porter, Nathan Lee Privitt, George Proctor, David Put¬ nam, Henry Field Rector, John R. Regan. Eighth Roiv: David Wylie Riner, Robin Robinson, Johnny Ray Rumley, Bill Silliman, Gary Louis Smith. Phillip Lance Smith. Philip Melvin Spray, Louis Strasner, Someth Suos, John C. Swayze, Jack B. Swift. Ninth Row: Jack Lee Thetford. Benjamin F. Thomson, Don¬ ald A. Thompson, Richard Lee Todd, Chan To Kwong, Theo Tucker, Larry Ray Wallace, James Travis Webb, Don Clarence Willard, Bill Stephen Womble, Michael E. Zaleski. 381 First Row: Mrs. Welch, Elizabeth Ann Allen, Donna Jean Alley, Nancy Lynn Armstrong, Barbara Barnes, Mary Eloise Bethel, Frida Bjornsdottir, Artlette Detonne Bogle, Annetta Brannon, Sharon Kay Brewer, Betty Lea Callahan, Donna Mil¬ dred Carson. Second Row: Mary Rosalie Causbie, Caroldene May Comfort, Carol Ann Cupples, Sarah Jane Davis, Saundra Darace Dean, Susanne Ellen Derning, Patricia Anne Dial, Wilma Carol Dow- num, Nancy Carol Dryer, Patricia Ann Dudley, Ginger Ann Dunn, Lou Ellen East. Third Row: Nelda Sue Fielder, Vivian Fielding, Nancy Ellen Fields, Suanna Jeanette Flake, Nora Lee Ford, Mary Elizabeth Fox, Judith Ann Futral, Susan Gathman, Jessamine Daggett Gist, Linda Sue Gray, Dixie Lea Green, Nancy Ann- toinette Grimmette. Fourth Row: Judith Ann Guthrie, Georgia Joanne Hardesty, Sylvia Ann Hack, Virginia Sue Harness, Ardavene May Hays, Barbara Ann Heinen, Sue Lorraine Henson, Maetta Lucille Ja¬ cobs, Fay Ann Jew, Mary Ann Johnson, Ann Parham Jones, Marsha Lynn Jones. Fifth Row: Nina Claire Keaton, Jana Dee Kelley, Carol Elizabeth Lee, Linda Lehnhard, Nancy Kathryn Lewis, Nancy Jane Lucas, Betty Lou Lyon, Joicie Faith McConnell, Priscilla Rosemary Maddux, Nancy Jeanette Malone, Virginia Marcantel, Tyler Jean Marsh. Sixth Row: Nona Dell Maxey, Mary Ann Medlin, Barbara Gail Medrick, Anna Claire Meeks, Linda May Miles, Wilma Jean Oliver, Margaret Ann Pace, Sondra Lerene Pace, Carol Jean Parker, Catherine Murry Pence, Myrna Ann Perry, Louise R. Pistole. Seventh Row: Carol J. Plaisance, Judith Ann Purifoy, Ger¬ aldine Ramey, Anita Joyce Ratcliff, Billie Lou Ratliff, Martha Sylvia Rich. Martha Ann Riley, Cynthia Jane Rogers, Frederuca R. Russell, Suzanne Savage, Paula Ellen Schramm, Mary Lou Scobey. Eighth Row: Mary Agnes Scott, Jo Ann Shewmake, Bonnie Faye Simpson, Dolores G. Spradlin, LaWanda J. Stegall, Belva Jo Thomas, Marilyn S. Trammell, Miranda Wai, Willie Jean Wallace, Margaret Ann Ward, Peggy Warner, Karen Kay Warren. Ninth Row: Deanna Weaver, Patricia Ann Welti, Alice Jeanette West, Wanda Joann Whitney, Patricia A. Wiggins, Carolyn Sue Wiley, Patricia Ruth Willey, Barbara Jean Will¬ iams, Margo Jane Williams, Ann Louise Wilson, Mary Eliza¬ beth Wilson. 382 Wierd strange-like decoration of Holcombe Hall attracted spectators, interest, and much favorable comment, but no award. The unique decoration was complete with a beat- nic version of the University fight song. Holcombe Hall For the first time this year Holcombe Hall houses upperclass women. This has been a year of participation in campus activities, as well as one of adjustment and reorganization. Many of the res¬ idents of Holcombe have been prominent in various activities and OFFICERS organizations. Jessamine Gist and Carol Parker, excelling in scho¬ lastic endeavors, were tappees for Phi Beta Kappa. President _ Virginia Marcentel Barbara Barnes serves as an Army ROTC lieutenant colonel, Vice President-Fritzie Russell while Tyler Marsh represented Holcombe in the 1959 Homecoming Secretary __ Jessamine Gist Court. Treasurer_ Linda Miles Holcombe’s intramural basketball team made itsway to the final playoffs and had three of its members, Rosalie Causbie, Carol Plaisance and Sue Trammel, named to the Varsity Team. 383 ' yvllK % is 1 ,1 fc - f. » w l ' 4 ft U .Ml Iftit First Row: Walter E. Anderson, James Eugene Belknap, Leonard R. Biggs, Gary Doyle Black, Ramon Lee Blacklock, Gene Clinton Bolland, David T. Bostian, James Crabtree, Charles Edward Evans, Larry Lester Farlow. Second Row: Joel Frazier, John Ifus Garrett, James Robert Glasgow, James Richard Hart, William Heaston, Edward Noble Hill, Kenneth Clark Hill, James C. Jacks, Marvin Norwood Kirk, Joseph Loy. Third Row: Richard A. McCauley, Bob D. McDonald, Frank¬ lin P. McGary, Marion Dale Manning, Jerry M. Owens, Murl Wayne Parker, William R. Parker, James Peters, Van C. Reeder. Fourth Row: Rupert O. Rogers, Donald Shockey, John T. Todd, Haskel Earl Walker, Robert E. Lee West, Charles Arthur Wilson, Robert L. Wilson, Gene Edward Witte, Vida 0. Woodward. Buchanan House Buchanan House is located in the south wing of one of the new dormitories overlooking the football stadium. An active participation in all phases of campus activity has marked this year’s program at Buchanan House. The house has enjoyed a full social calendar as well as a complete schedule of activities. Men from Buchanan House have been found in positions of leader¬ ship in campus government and activities. Intramural competition has been one of the high¬ lights of the past years. After winning for the third straight year in intramural sports, the house was given the Sweepstakes trophv. Buchanan was represented in such campus organizations as ABC, the various pro¬ fessional fraternities, the campus church organizations and others. A full variety of social functions held the attention in Buchanan House during the fall months. The house attended Fayetteville and Little Rock football games and organized listening parties for out of town games. OFFICERS President_ Vice President Secretary _ Treasurer _ __ Bill Heaston _Jim Hart Edward Nichols _Joel Frazier 384 I || S ! ■urarw™ — it. fciEiB Si S -- OFFICERS President_ Vice President Secretary _ Treasurer _ Claude Starr _ Ronald Cox _ Clyde Wiley Delbert Herman Droke House Droke shares the southern upper classmens’ dori- tory with Buchannan House. The residents of Droke House have pride in their consistently high grade points and this year they had the second highest grade point in the mens residence halls. The men also participate in many campus activities, such as Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Tau Sigma, ABC Civic Club, Marketing Club, SNEA and many others. Jerry Black, house counselor, was presi¬ dent of AIChE, Doane Newton was president of Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Ronald Cox was president of the Marketing Club. In intramural sports, Droke House won second place in football. Droke blouse supports many of the activities of MIHC, such as dances and outings. Our representative on the MIHC court this year was Doane Newton. First Row : Samuel Acheson, James Anderson, W. C. Ander¬ son, James Arnold, Jaime Arosemena, Melvin Atkinson, Jerry Black, Charles Buckner, Charles Clark, Carroll Corbell, Ronald Cox, John Culp. Third Row: Cleveland Jones, Wendell Jones, John Kirkpat¬ rick, John Kistler, George Lavender, James McDonald, John Mattana, Doane Newton, Joseph Novak, Glen Overby, Delbert Phillips, Jimmy Powers. Second Row: Larry David, James Dyer, John Fenno, James Fisher, Robert Green, Reed Greenwood, Edward Harrison, Charles Henderson, Delbert Herman, Billy Honeycutt, Lynn Jenkins, Charles Jones. Fourth Row: Edward Richter, Harry Shannon, David Sid- well, Larry Smithson, Claude Starr, Luther Sutter, James Toler, Thomas Tubb, Ronald Vandament, Jerry Walker, Clyde Wiley, James Wise, Gary Wood. One of the social highlights of the season for Davis Hall is the annual Christmas Party, held in the game room of the dorm. Davis Hall girls and dates decorate the Christmas tree and exchange gifts after dancing. Davis Hall and Scott House Davis Hall had a memorial Homecoming in ’59. In true Cape Canaveral style their rocket went up in flames. They were dis- DAVIS OFFICERS appointed, but other more memorable events highlighted the year. President _ Sue Hatchett Vice President_ _ Carolyn Frey Secretary _ _Shirley Boyd Treasurer _ Mary Reinhart SCOTT OFFICERS President__ _ Ruth Cox Vice President_Mardell Christello Secretary-Treasurer Gene Canine House Manager_Carole Ramsay Events went smoothly in the social world. Davis Hall followed its tradition and hosted a fall sweater hop to introduce new resi¬ dents, a meet-your-neighbor pajama party, and a reception for new residents. Events tied in with Christmas were the Christmas Dinner- Dance and a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. The senior breakfast, a formal dance, and an outing took place in the spring. Scott House, annex to Holcombe, during the 1959 fall semester, accomodated approximately 20 upperclass girls, who were very ac¬ tive in the womens program on the campus despite the fact that they were the smallest group. A formal dinner and dance preceded the closing of the hall in January was the main social event of the semester. First Row: Mrs. Louis Van Hoose, Davis Hall Housemother; Mrs. V. Howell, Scott House Housemother; Linda Austin. Mary Martha Bass, Sara Beauchamp, Janice Blaylock, Shirly Boyd. Second Row: Gene Ray Canine, Mardell Christello, Martha Coulter, Alice Da Gama, Darleen Daniels, Marie Depraz, Nanci Ferguson, Mary Lou Freund. Third Row: Carolyn Frey, Mary Ruth Guthary, Melba Hatchett, Martha Hemphill, Hazel Holzhauer, Ida Ja ne Horne, Rosemary Howard, Virginia Kirkland. Fourth Row: Diana Loy, Julia McCartney Jane Morris, Judy Philpot, Donna Sue Pierce, Sandra Plummer. Glenna Pridemore. Peggy Rackley, Patricia Rains. Fifth Row: Mary Lou Reinhart, Nancy Spann, Catherine Spence, Sara Stuck, Alice Sulcer, Betty Sweaney, Nancy Til- mon, Virginia Wilburn, Mary Lou Whitaker. 387 First Row: Mrs. Earl Bird, housemother; Joe Paul Alberty, Fletcher Baugh, John Blasingame, Tommy Boyer, Ralph Brodie, Gary Brown, Steve Butler. Second Row : David Carder, Bernard Caldarera, Jerry Carl¬ ton, Mike Castling, Mickey Cissell, Mike Clayton, Jimmy Col¬ lier, Jon Dermott. Third Row: Willis Edmiston, Marlin Epp, John Ferguson, Tommy Fowler, John Gaston, Don Grice, Travis Grindle, William Gundorman. Fourth Row: Rhodes Harbert, Paul Henderson, Jim Hol¬ lander, Charles Jinks, Loyd Jones, Samual Keilberg, Billy Kyser, Jerry Lineberger. Fifth Row: M. H. Levine, Gary McDonald, Edward Mann, Bill May, Jerry Massanti, Paul Mazzanti, Ted Mont, John Nix. Sixth Row: Mike Parker, Larkus Pesnell, Frank Plegge, Tommy Polk, Tommy Rankin, Norman Revis, Buddy Reuter, Clyde Rhoden, Roger Rogers. Seventh Row: Richard Smith, Barry Switzer, Skippy Tackett, Larry Vest, Gary Weaver, Jerry White, Larry Wofford, John Wright, Terry Young. 388 World Series games last Fall were the attractions of the hour as most members of Wilson Sharp spent every available moment in front of the television set, which proved to be a welcome change in the routine of daily study and classes. Wilson Sharp House “The House that Champions Built”, overlooks the plant and facilities that make up Arkansas’ athletic program. However, these excellent examples of collegiate athletics wouldn’t amount to a great deal without the efforts of the inhabitants of Wilson Sharp House. The people who live here are something besides box scores in the Sunday papers, they provide leaders in many other phases of campus life besides the basketball court or the cinder track. Some of the most prominent political characters on campus wear Arkansas jerseys as do leaders in the military and social departments. Social activities are not unfamiliar ground to these men as they have proved on numerous occasions. The scholastic record at Wil¬ son Sharp disproves the old concept of ‘dumb athletes’ as many of the men living here are found on various dean’s lists. “Building a new era in Arkansas athletics,” might well be an apt phrase to describe the record of the men from Wilson Sharp. First Row : Faruk Agha, David Glen Barber, James David Barnett, Charles Wayne Bell, Robert Vernon Borg, Charles C. Brazil, Charles F. Breese, Charles A. Brittan, Jackie Glynn Brooks, Richard L. Brooks, John W. Campbell. Third Row : Harris M. Hogue, Sidney E. Johnson, Edward Hugh Kelly, John G. Kolb, Billy Ray Lee, Joseph Edwin Leg¬ gett, James Toland Leigh, Robert C. McClure, Robert Guy Mal¬ colm, Gordon Harvey Miller, Ronald M. Morris. Second Row : William Norman Casey, Clarence E. Chalfant, Ronald Earl Coiner, Herbert V. Davis, Ronald L. Deason, Jeff Russell Delezen, Gary Allen DuVall, James Egner, Mansal Gale Graham, Kenneth Hendrickson, William H. Hodge. Fourth Row: Jimmy Joe Murray, Ron E. Ort, John Edward Posey, Edwin A. Reynolds, Stephen H. Rowland, Pat A. Throne- berry, James W. Towler, Benny Otis Trusty, Byron VanDover, Donald Lynn Vaught, William Williams. Gladson House In compliance with precedent set in former years, Gladson House continued its participation in all extra¬ curricular activities. Participating in activities were John Campbell, president of Men’s Interhall Council; Kenneth Hendrickson, company commander of Pershing Rifles; Jimmy Joe Murray, Alpha Chi Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi; James Egner, Alpha Chi Sigma; and Bob Brooks, Alpha Kappa Psi. Socially, highlights of the year were the outing and listening party and a dance held in the newly opened Recreation Room, where several new dances were taught to the men and their dates. The men of Gladson also took part in all of the MIHC and intramural activities. The winter semester was topped off with Christmas caroling. 390 OFFICERS President_John Campbell Vice President_ Jimmy Joe Murray Secretary _ Joe Leggett Treasurer_James T. Leigh 4 Off-Campus Women practice a selection for Singfony, as the group participated in all campus affairs for the first time this year. OFFICERS First Semester President_Carol Cole Vice President Layla Beth Miller Secretary_Naomi Baker Treasurer_ _Susan Fletcher OFFICERS Second Semester President_ Ownada Faye Davis Vice President_Layla Beth Miller Secretary_Susan Fletcher Treasurer _ Naomi Baker Off-Campus Women Off-Campus Women is an organization through which women students who live off the campus ' partici¬ pate in campus activities. Scholarship is encouraged and an award is presented at the spring banquet to the member with the highest scholastic achievement for that year. OCW is affiliated with WIHC and has a repre¬ sentative in Civic Club. OCW also made its first appearance in Singfony this year. For the Homecoming weekend, OCW entered the house decoration contest. The entry was at the side of Carnall Hall on Arkansas Avenue. During the football season, listening parties were held. A semi-formal dance was held to usher out the first semester, and during the month of February a Saint Patricks party was held. OCW is proud of its campus leaders. Among their members they have such leaders as the president of SNA, Tau Beta Sigma, and as well as mem¬ bers of Chi Theta, sophomore counselors and Who’s Who. OCW participates in intramurals and this year they won the singles table tennis championship. Razor- back beauty Layla Beth Miller and Maid of the Agri Queen Mary Nell Bollinger are among the members of OCW. First Row: Nancy Allen, Rose Mary Austin, Marilyn Bar- Third Row : Lola Gardenhire, Barbara Gillum, Ann Iiank- ron, Jo Brickey, Peggy Brink, Phyllis Campbell, Carol, Lisbeth ins, Daryl Jorgensen, Ann Moore, Judith Nutt, Ada Parish. Cole, Owanda Davis. Second Row: Sue Dill, Janice Dunaway, Elaine Durbin, Mary Edwards, Juanita Ellebrecht, Ann Engler, Susan Fletcher, Joyce Gardenhire. Fourth Row: Owenita Reagan, Sandra Shupik, Mary Snyder, Bobbie Treadway, Mary Beth Teas, Carolyn Young, Esther White. First Row: Larry Pat Aikman, Rodolfo E. Aleman, Ronald Avery, William D. Barns, Paul Warren Battreal, Carl E. Beutelschies, Odis Robert Burroughs, Larry Allen Campbell, Terry Bill Cooper, Fred Stovall Crum, William Jamieson Ellis, Lonnie Dale Ferguson. Third Row : Edrie Delos McCauley, Kenneth I. McClain, Charles A. McClendon, Jimmie Kay Maples, William Carl Martin, Jimmy E. Mauney, Elvie E. Mooty, Byron Dickson Neal, Gary Max Niemeyer, A. Tommy Papageorge, Fred M. Perkins, James Michael Rainwater. Second Row : Sidney S. Fitzgerald, Bill C. Fowler, Roy Joe Fuller, James Max Garrett, Jerry Wayne Hagood, John Dean Hale, Don Powell Hayes, Douglas Cox Haynie, Jimmy Wyatt Ivey, Max Morris Johnston, James M. Keesee, Charles Glenn Lewis. Fourth Row : Lowell C. Reed, James Kirby Riffel, Tommy L. Roberts, Don W. Rogers, William B. Rudasill, Joe Thomas Saunders, Neil Martin Schmitt, Teddy Don Stroud, Charles Larry Thompson, Donald L. Turner, Edward E. Wimberly, Doy Lawrence Zachry. Ripley House Ripley House holds the particular distinction of holding the highest scholastic grade average among men’s dorms for five consecutive semesters. This honor was attained by maintaining a grade point in excess of 2.35 for some two and a half years. Ripley also participates in all intramural activities and has maintained an enviable record in this area. MIHC activities are strongly supported by Ripley and they hold the MIHC Tug-of-War championship in con¬ junction with Brough Commons. The social world wasn’t neglected by Ripley’s resi¬ dents this year as outings and other social functions were held throughout the semester. OFFICERS President_ Larry Aikman Vice President_Rodolfo Aleman Secretary_Bill Rudasill Treasurer_Don Hayes 392 4-H House OFFICERS President_ Vice President Secretary_ Treasurer _ _ Carol Barnum Elizabeth Brister __ Kathy Pedley _Helen Yates The 4-H House proved to be an active group on campus this year by participating in numerous campus affairs and social activities. Active in campus activities were Carol Barnum who served as President of Colhecon and Corresponding Secretary of Phi Upsilon Omicron; Bobbie Guffey accepted the duties of treasurer of Col¬ hecon and Vice-President of WRA; Anice Hurst was Treasurer of WRA; Kathy Pedley was elected Historian of Colhecon and Editor of the Wesleyan; Joyce Jenkins, Sophomore Secretary of Vocational Guidance Com¬ mittee and State President of Colhecon. Elizabeth Brister was Secretary of Wesley Founda¬ tion and Secretary of Sigma Alpha Eta; Sondra Carter, Vice-President of Tau Beta Sigma and Reporter of the Band; Sue Kuester, Recording Secretary of Phi Upsilon Omicron; Shirley Barrick, Secretary of W1HC. Honors went to Emma Owen, Alpha Gamma Rho Prize Pullet; Ann Milam, Farmhouse Sweetheart; and Lucy Dyer was tapped for Alpha Lambda Delta. Social events included a sweater hop, a Christmas dance, the annual Pollyanna banquet, a Valentine din¬ ner-dance, a faculty tea, a Roman banquet given by the pledges, a spring outing, and a spring formal. First Row: Mrs. P. Williams, Housemother; Judy Barnett, Carol Barnum, Shirley Barrick, Carol Barron, Elizabeth Bright, Carolyn Carter, Portia Coffman, Jo Coleman. Third Row : Kathlyn Jeffery, Joyce Jenkins, Cynthia Jones, Wilene Jones, Jo Anne Koettel, Suzanne Kuester, Nan McCon¬ nell, Bobbie Jean McDaniel, Glenda McLaughlin, Barbara Maz- zantie. Second Row: Juanita Douglass, Lola Dwyer, Lucy Beth Dyer, Bettye Files, Peggy Fletcher, Mary Evelyn Garner, Bobbie Guffey, Christine Heard, Carole Helm, Anice Hurst. Fourth Row: Margie Morrow, Emma Jean Owen, Pat Parette, Barbara Patterson, Kathy Pedley, Judy Phillips, Sue Plunkett, Joyce Tillman, Linda Webb, Helen Yates, Billie Young. ■■■■ Sedgwell ' hay-wagon ' pulls slowly away from Fulbright Hall in a rather chilly outing last Fall. The hayride was climaxed with weiner roast and dinner-on-the-ground at the Agri Pavilion a few blocks away. Sedgwell House OFFICERS President_ _ Ross Anderson Vice President_Tom Gentry Secretary_Vance Bauer Treasurer_._Jerry Friddle The house on the hill, Sedgwell House is a freshman men’s residence. Sedgwell is the north half of former Gregson Hall. The residents were active in campus activities and organizations such as MIHC, ABC, Young Democrats, Arnold Air Society, Pershing Rifles, and others. Sedgwell did well in intramural sports as the resident participa¬ tion was good. Rhett Garrett won the tennis singles championship and teamed up with Mac Jordan to take the doubles championship. Sedgwell also ranked high in bowling and basketball. The dorm was well represented in athletics on the varsity level by Jimmy Tate, a member of the Freshman track team, and Bill Williams and Gary Orendorf in Shoat football. Social activities began soon after school opened, with exchange dinners with the Freshmen women. Other social activities included dances, a hayride and spring outings along with a spring formal. Informal drop-ins rounded out a full year socially. 394 First Row: John R. Alexander, Frank H. Allen, Frank Ross Anderson, James Harry Bassham, Beau Browning Beard, Tony Beattie, Owen Jackson Bell, Orlando Joel Benston, James Mar¬ vin Brown, Morgan B. Bryant. Second Row: Larry Cheatham, Stephen E. Cheney, Charles Clyde Chesley, Joseph R. Clingan, Larry Cofer, J. David Cog- dell, Clay Rice Cross, Gary Thomas Dalton, Rhesa Winfred Davis, Daniel A. Doughty, Wayne Lee Douglass. Third Row: Joe Robert Dyer, William D. Evans, Leon Mar¬ vin Ferguson, Johnny Bruce Floyd, Jerry Don Friddle, David Winston Futrell, James H. Garnett, John Lee Garrett, Larry Wayne Garrett, M. Rhett Garrett, John Seth Gates. Fourth Row : Tom J. Gentry, Samuel P. Hall, John Kent Harris, Waily Haw, Thomas Lee Huckaby, Darrel Marvin Jack¬ son, William V. Jean, Joe Allen Jones, Covin M. Jordan, Wol¬ ford Rene Jordan, Conrad D. Lawson. Fifth Row : Charles Lewis, Bobby George McKuin, William F. McMillan, Edward L. Maddox, Jerry Don May, J. D. Mugg, Virgil Howard Newman, Ennis Wayne Norton, James Robert Norwood, Johnny Lee Orler. Sixth Row : John Arthur Phillips, Thomas Wood Plunkett, John W. Prather, Curtis Evans Rickard, James Garry Roberts, Jerry R. Rogers, William David Sanders, Jerry Leo Scriber, Howell Wayne Selph, James M. Skipper. Seventh Row: Benny Edgar Swindell, Roy Tom Tabler, Jim¬ my Wayne Tate, David W. Terry, Henry C. Thibault, Phillip M. West, Terry Donald Williams, Woodrow R. Wilmoth, John K. Woodruff, Charles E. Yates. 395 First Row : Walter Abbott, Michael Allum, Joseph Anderson, Ronald Baldwin, Don Barnett, Tommy Baughn, William Black¬ burn, Ronald Blair, Larry Bohannan, John Bolison, Clarence Bolin. Second Row : Gene Brewer, David Brown, Joe Buffalo, Jim¬ my Burke, Richard Bush, Jerry Byers, Jose Calvo, James Caton, Ronald Chunn, Morris Coston, Guy Crawford. Third Roiu: Cecil Dale, Robert Daley, Billy Davis, Wayne Emanuel, Earnest Fant, John Faris, Charles Farris, Terrenes Faulkner, John Faye, Donald Forrest, Augustine Fredrich. Fourth Row: Robert Gibbs, David Gover, Harold Hall, Win¬ fred Harris, Paul Harrison, Todd Hedgecock, Robert Hickman, Paul Isbell, Tom Jester, Larry Joerden, Donald Johnson. Fifth Roiv : Paul Jones, Edwin Keith, William Kelly, McLean Kilpatrick, Jacky King, William Lacefield, Laurence Lipsmeyer, Edward Lofton, Arlis Logan, Darrell Lucas, Sing-Yue Lung. Sixth Row: Albert Luzietti, George McCrary, William Mc¬ Gee, Robert Mar, Don Martin, Gary Martin, Grady Martin, Ronald Martin, Charles Nash, Morris Norworthy. Seventh Row : James Norwood, Byron Oury, David Phillips, Joseph Plunkett, Paul Revis, Floyd Rigsby, James Rucker, John Sage, William Schirmer, Jerry Seitz. Eighth Row: Philip Selig, Alva Ray Siler, James Sivley, Ed¬ ward Stanton, Charles Taylor, Wendell Taylor, Harold Wales, Lyndell Walraven, Walter Wells, James White. 396 Saturday afternoon means a break in the study schedule and a time for rest and relaxation for the men of William House, whether it be a socialable bridge game or an afternoon spent ' doing nothing ' . William House William House has again this year been one of the outstanding independent men’s dorms. A full participation in social, athletic and scholastic activities has given every occupant an opportunity to utilize his talents. A Christmas party was given for underprivileged children, full teams were entered in e very intramural sport, and as usual the William House grade point was above the men’s average. The opening of the old cafeteria as a recreation room and dance hall was spearheaded by Gordon Caton, David Brown, and Phil Selig. Social Chairman Morris Coston arrangeed several exchange dinners, dances, and other social functions. Selig, besides his job as president of William House, was Social Chairman of the MIHC. Coston, too, served a dual role as he was Cadet Colonel of the Army ROTC and Outstanding Cadet. Richard Bush was Drum Major for the Razorback Band and several other residents were members of the band. Intramural Manager Don Martin was instrumental in the participation of William House in intramural sports. Ramon Calvo, A. J. Gredrich, and Larry Lipsmeyer headed the Decoration Committee and with the assistance of many others created some of the better decorations among the independent dorms. Honor societies had represent ation in William House also with senior counselor and law student joe Buffalo heading the list as a member of the Blue Key and a Who’s Who selection. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary_ Treasurer _ _ Phil Selig Dale Smith Ftarold Wales Guy Crawford OFFICERS: Seated: Larry Aikman, Vice President; John Campbell, President. Standing: Richard Todd, Corresponding Secretary; Larry David, Recording Secretary; Jim White, Treas¬ urer. Men’s Interhall Council Men’s Interhall Council has the responsibility of governing the men’s residence halls on the University campus. MIHC is composed of the seven house presi¬ dents and seven representatives from the various houses. This year the MIHC has sponsored such events as cos¬ tume dances, semi-formal dances, and a Spring formal. These functions come in addition to representing in¬ dependent men in all areas. First Row: John W. Campbell, Larry P. Aikman, Richard L. Todd, Larry G. David, Jim White, Charles Brazil. Second Row: Bob McKuin, Ross Anderson, James Bass, Ramon Black- lock, Reed Greenwood, Philip A. Selig, Bill Heaston. OFFICERS: From Left: Doyle J. Huneycutt, Chief Justice; Larry Garrett, Associate Justice; James D. Barnett, Associate Justice; David Phillips, Associate Justice; Larry Aikman, As¬ sociate Justice. Men’s Interhall Court The function of the Men’s Interhall Council Court is to serve in an advisory capacity to the University administration concerning disciplinary problems in the men’s residence halls. It is charged with the responsi¬ bility of seeing that all men are treated fairly and justly in matters coming under its jurisdiction and supervis- ional areas. From Left: Dave Phillips, Larry Aikman, Doyle Huneycutt, Larry Garrett, Jim Barnett. 398 Women’s Interhall Council The Women’s Interhall Council constitutes the gov¬ ernment of the women’s dormitories at the University. This organization consists of representatives from each of the women’s housing facilities operated by the Uni¬ versity. Their regular activities include sponsoring of various social events and conferring with the adminis¬ tration on rules of conduct for residents of their re¬ spective houses and dormitories. First Row : Kathy Pedley, Virginia Marcantel, Donna Cypert, Carol Barnum, Mardell Christello, Suzanne Coutchie, Margaret Ann Little. Second Row: Ann Jones, Carole Ramsay, Elizabeth Brister, Sue Anderson, La Wanda Stegall, Delia Destler, Jolene Pendergrass, Wanda Whitney. Third Row: Emma Jean Owen, Ruth Cox, Gene Canine, Pat Trimble, Bobbie Dean Guffey, Sue Hatchett, Judy Vardner. OFFICERS: Virginia Marcentel, President; Kathy Pedley, Secretary-T reasurer. 399 OFFICERS: Bottom Row: Jo Ann Finch, Pledge Trainer; Jayme Smith, Secretary; Phyllis Smithwick, Vice President. Top Row: Buster Jones, Treasurer; Calvin Mitchell, President. ABC By sponsoring cheerleader tryouts, Razorback pep rallies, torchlight parades, Homecoming p arades, house decorations, and a greased pig chase, as well as other activities connected with Homecoming and Dad’s Day, the Arkansas Booster Club remains one of the busiest and best known organizations on campus. First Row: Calvin M. Mitchell, Phyllis Smithwick, Jayme Smith, Buster Jones, Jo Ann Finch, Don Byrne, Sharon Young, Phillip Keese. Sarah Jane Melton, Bill Adair Jr., Rebecca Was¬ son, Craig Rains. Second Row: Don Toon, Carol Barnum, Bob¬ bie Dean Guffey, Carol Cole, Linda Magee, Sara Bridenthal, Patti Barrow, Meredith Little, Mary Jane Melton, Nona Proctor, Jane Tudor, Stella Grano, Carol Cole. Third Row: James R. Freeman, Don Jordan, Philip A. Selig, Lynn Hansen, Sue Hatchett. Judy Gilbert, Peggy Peterson, Ann Adams, Betty Kelly, Marial Hantz, June Jennings, and Sylvia Hack. 402 “A” Club The “A” Club is composed of the elite of the ath¬ letes at the University of Arkansas. Only the wearers of the coveted red and white “A” letter are eligible for membership in the “A” Club. The organization is for those men who have earned a varsity letter, highest ath¬ letic letter awarded by the University, in either football, basketball, track, tennis, or baseball. The “A” Club’s spring letters are awarded at the annual spring picnic. First How: James Taylor, Max Holloway, Jack Nelson, Joe Bessenbacher, Jim Mooty, Billy Kyser, Freddy Akers, Jim Hol¬ lander. Barry Switzer. Second Row: H. C. Hall, T. A. Glaze, Randy Spencer, Raymond Dyck, Alan Sugg, James R. Monroe, Steve Butler, Buddy Reuter, Joe Paul Alberty. Third Row: Buck Rennick, Wayne McCollum, Bill Luplow, Jerry Green, Paul Henderson. Wayne Harris, Marlin Epp, Jimmy Collier, Gerald Gardner. OFFICERS: Gerald Gardner, President; Clyde Rhoden, Vice President: Steve Butler, Secretary-Treasurer. iH ! r 1 1 ABC Pledges Each year every organized house on the campus is entitled to elect two new representatives to ABC. These representatives pledge to ABC doing work in prepara¬ tion for the various activities sponsored by ABC. First Row: Matthew Rothert, Woody Mann, Janet McNeil, Judy St. John, Mary Franklin, Linda Dunn, Linda Bartlett, Nancy Barnhill, Gail Blossom, Suzanne Coutchie, Helen Smith, Trish Rains, Sandra Plummer, Doll Ashly, Nora Carlson, Chris Sulcer, Mary Freeman. Second Row: Jon Anderson, Ann Hankins, Ruth Whetstone, Carol Plaisance, Susan Donathan, Lee Johns, Donna Finley, Barbara Coleman, Charlotte Hudspeth, Vicki Lindsey, Robbie J Uriel. William Chambers, Sam Kirby, Barbara Patterson, Mary Neely, Bobbye McDaniel. Third Roiv: Ron Liles, Larry White, Max Garrett, Vance Montgomery, Clay Woods, David Brown, Buddy Doughty, Terry Williams, Weston Rogers, Don Willard, Bruce Dobbs, Sid Johnson, John Todd, John England, Larry Crain. Fourth Row: Harold Wales, Graham Merrick, Dan Byars, Jerry Coleman, Dee Pool, Jim Hinton. Charles Cluck, Bill Cavender, Howard Bennett, Garlin Stout, Michael Lee, Larry C. Cone, Curtis Collier, Dan Reynolds, Vernon Tarver, Dave Barber. OFFICERS: Woody Mann, Vice President; Janet McNiel, Secre¬ tary-Treasurer; Matthew Rothert, President. 403 OFFICERS: Bill Uhm, Treasurer; John Mott, President; Harold L. Griffin, Vice President; Keith McPheeters, Faculty Adviser. A I A The Arkansas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects was granted its charter in 1949. It is associ¬ ated with the National AIA, whose purpose is to further the knowledge of architecture to all. Its goal is to pro¬ mote understanding and appreciation within the field of architecture. Activities of the AIA include lectures by noted architects and men of related professions, movies on architecture, and other similar projects. First Row : John Mott, Bill Uhm, Harold Griffin, Keith Mc¬ Pheeters, Richard Caulder, William Spears. Robert White, Don Froning, Pogo Wilcox, James Webb. Second Row: Fred Perkins, Glenn Sink, Durwin Ursery, Dennis Sims, Neil Beachem, Hossein Nadimi, Bill Shill, Larry Smith, Henry Chenault. Robert Harlan. Third Row: Jack R. Tucker, Edward Wimberly, Frank McGary, John Stiles, Torunn Follesdal, Jerry Sanders, Minor Wallace, John Mason, Eddie Wilson, Jim Grinstead, Dale Manning. OFFICERS: Back Row: Donald Dallas, President; Dwain Kitchel, Treasurer; Bryan Webb, Corresponding Secretary. Front Row: Pat Barron, Vice Chairman; Brinton Ramoly, IRE Secretary, Tom Crafton, AIEE Secretary. A i e e -1 R E Joined together in their program of preparatory training for electrical engineering students are the Amer¬ ican Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio and Electronics. The AIEE is an organization of all electrical engineers, while the IRE promotes ad¬ vancement of radio and electronics. First Row: Donald Dallas, Pat Barron, Brinton Ramoly, Tom Crafton, Dwain Kitchel. Bryan Webb, Wayne Daniel, Hiroshi Oishi, Ronald Chunn, Don Mitchell, Orhan Ozturk, Gary Camp¬ bell, Charles Brazil, James Holcomb. Second Row: James Brad¬ ley, Thommie Herndon. Kenneth Hatridge, Ronald Avery, Lester Harris, Gerald Davis, Kazuo Oishi, Carl Rick, Robert Yager, A. D. Poularikas, Robert Moose, Ramon Satterwhite, Paul Sabin. Third Row: David Byrd, Andrew Wheeler, Hughie Dunnahoe, Edwin Reynolds, Jerry Hill, Albert Williamson, Albert Starling, Harold Hall, Jack Hammett, Ward Eldred, Joe Marlar. Fourth Row: Jim Fawcett, Ronald Scheuerman, William Sullivan, Tom¬ my Price, Donald Zimmerman, John Thomas, Lonnie Ferguson, Lyman Root, Edwin Clardy, Robert Owen. 404 AIChE The Arkansas Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers strives to acquaint its members with the professional branch of the society and to pro¬ mote the interests of the students enrolled in that field. Bi-monthly luncheons are held where the members hear guest speakers discuss the latest developments in chemis¬ try. Smokers, spring and fall outings, and exhibits also enable members to learn about their field. First Row: C. S. Roy, Jim Colvert, Jerry Black, Fred Crum. Bill Cummins, William C. Briggs, James P. Smith, Milo Myers, Ed Wozencraft, Mac Kilpatrick. Second Row: Donald R. Pea¬ cock, Ken L. Brasfield, James M. Moring, Dennis F. Strahan. John Moore, Lloyd J. Tarkington, Tom W. Slusher, Paul D. Boone. Jerry C. Perciful, Robin G. Moore, Mack Baughn. Third Row: William E. Hillman, Ronald Rogers, Edwin Clardy, Hugh Kelly, Don Toler, Bobby Malcolm Neal Moore, Bill Dormon, Stephen Rowland, Bill Coe. Fourth Row: Donald Joe Johnson, Ronald D. Henley. James Robert Fislur, Felix Bivens, Boh L. Wilson, Travis J. Galloway, Robert D. Moore, M. Robert Good, G. Ashton Byroade. OFFICERS: Fred Crum, Secretary; Jim Colvert, Vice President Jerry Black, President; C. S. Roy, Treasurer. 405 OFFICERS: Front Row : Larry W. Cofer, Vice President; David C. Cowart, President. Back Row : Charles L. Reinhart, Secretary; Ottis McElhannon, Scribe; Milford T. Oxford, Treasurer. AS AE Four fields of study compose the main interests of the American Association of Agriculture Engineers while its primary purpose is to acquaint the students with the application of engineering principles to the problems of agriculture. Meetings, held bi-weekly, ad¬ vocate social activities and encourage the members to become better acquainted. First Row: David G. Cowart, Larry W. Cofer, Charles L. Reinhart, Milford T. Oxford, Ottis McElhannon, Kyle Engler, John Hoskyn, Russell Benedict. Second Row: E. G. Arnn, S. W. Robbins, J. M. Hill, George Simkins, Bruce Netherton, Roberto Stadthagen, Joe T. Runsick, James B. Williamson. Third Row: Carl Peters. Edwin Matthews, Lundy Calvert, Thomas Flowers, George King. Jan Streeter, Lindsay Chandler, Sammie R. Hunter, Terence Bass. 406 A 11 E The primary aim of the American Institute of In¬ dustrial Engineers is the correlation of industrial prob¬ lems and processes with academic studies. Its activities include visits to various industrial plants in the state and programs which supply the members with advanced statistical information about industrial engineering. First Row: Louie M. Heerwagen, William Winter, Edwin Keith, Daniel McGuire, Charles Stephens, James Arnold, Ronald Udouj, Terry Hayes, Phillip DuVall, Lytle Craig, Richard Cent¬ ner, Leonard S c h m i tz Harry Kolb, Joseph Looney. Second Row: Wray Wilkes, Frank Martin, Franklin Albey, Thomas Cooper, John Morris, Terry Faulkner, Dick Blake, George Martin, Bobby Hope, Doyle Mayner, Ron Cesar, Lee Fletcher. Third Row: Mansal Gale Graham, Duane Treat, George Hodge, Robert Craig, David Foust, Joe Phillips, Kelly Carter, Cecil Gentry, Paul Gene Perrier. Jimmy Mauney, Charles Clark, Jack Thetford, John Stovall, Jim Hefley. OFFICERS: Dan McGuire, Treasurer; Edwin Keith, Secretary; Louie Heerwagen, President; William Winter, Vice President. p m L 1 f " t J LJjBT j a Mr A s C E Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil En¬ gineers is the oldest professional engineering organiza¬ tion. Forming closer ties among the civil engineering students and providing them with practical and tech¬ nical information build the foundation for this group. First Row: Don Rogers, John Rogers, Charles Yates, Russell Fox, Kenneth Schenk, Delos McCauley, Robert McClure, James Briley, Jimmie Booher, Richard Bordson, Bobby Littlejohn. Sec¬ ond Row: J. C. George, John Blake, E. J. Fox, Marcell us Gross, Robert Seay. James Robertson, John Ostrander, Larry Carlson, Gilbert Kane, Philip Selig, Thomas Meadors. Third Row: Billy James, John Vetter, Bruce McFadden, Don Mills, James Little, John Collins, A. W. Hardy, Dale Brasuell, Richard Dickinson, John Brady, Ralph Stiefuater, Charles Summerford. Fourth Row: William Brown. James Barnett, Wayne Langley, James Peters, Harold Dean Gillham, Joe Pouzar, Jimmy Hinton, Ken Hen¬ drickson, Quinn Spann, Jimmy Murray, A. Ray Gustin, James Chaney, Jack Wofford. OFFICERS: Russell Fox, Vice President; Charles Yates, Presi¬ dent; John Rogers, Secretary; Don Rogers, Treasurer. 407 OFFICERS: Back Row: Jim Kimzey, Treasurer; Thomas Chaffin, President. Front Row : Jon Barnette, Secretary; Vernie Heird, Vice President. A s M E The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is composed of students from the College of Engineering who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the mechanics of engineering. ASME provides an oppor¬ tunity for its members to broaden the usefulness of the engineering profession by encouraging original re¬ search, developing technical competence, and acquaint¬ ing them with the various phases and latest develop¬ ments of industry. First Roiv: Thomas Chaffin, Vernie H ird, Jim Kimzey, Jon Barnette, William Martin, Charles Farris, John Watson, Robert Wilson, Dick Morris. Second Row: Roger Dennett, F. K. Deav- er, Phil Baker, Dave Goins, Glen Allen, Richard Lanford, Larry Newkirk, Richard Shollmier. Third Row: Gene Mann, B. M. Overton, Hiram Merritt, Donald Schofield, Richard Ellis, Morris Brookhart, Jimmie Kay Maples, Ron Ort, Hampson Durham, Curtis Mann, Jim Gadberry. 1 1 1 m Ft •• m ILo m Bp I ly JR‘|Tr? -v W ' I |p w 1 v w OFFICERS: Back Row: Don Toon, Treasurer; Doyle Cook, Presi¬ dent; Dean Hudson, Advisor; Mike Dunn, Publicity Manager. Front Row: Barbara White, Vice President; Janis Walls, Secre¬ tary. Agri Students Students from the College of Agriculture and Home Economics are eligible for membership in the Agri Stu¬ dents’ Association. Its primary purpose is promoting the agricultural development of the state. First Row: Doyle Cook, Mike Dunn, Don Toon, Barbara White, Janis Walls, Carol Barnum, Sharon Jennings, Peggy Brink, Sondra Hall, Donna Still ions, Betty Files, Judy Barnett, Billie Young, Juanita Douglas, Barbara Patterson. Second Row: Suzanne Kuester, Kathryn Jeffery, Carole Helm, Elizabeth Bright, Joyce Tillman, Christine Heard, Glenda McLaughlin, Kathy Pedley, Bobbye McDaniel, Mary Williams, Marilyn Hath¬ away, Linda Webb, Bobbie Dean Guffey, Judy Phillips, Wilene Jones. Third Row: Peggy Fletcher, Virginia Price, Gloria Jean Adams, Joe Finney, Raymond Dyck, David Coward, Glenn Mor¬ rison, Gene Aist, Irvin Ashley, Eugene Tollett, James Kimbrough, Lucy Beth Dyer, Jane Hoene, Portia Coffman. Fourth Row: Keith Rinehart, Joyce Jenkins, Dean Hudson, A. B. Clayton, Paul Tompaw, J. 0. Hoggard, R. S. Maxwell, Billy Wilson, Larry Fay, Clark Crum, Gary Norris, Charles Sax, Roy Hummel, Ann Leinn Bowles. 408 AWS Executive Board Undergraduate women enrolled in the University of Arkansas are members of the Associated Women Stu¬ dents. Coordinating and governing the women students and their activities is the purpose of the AWS. The board is composed of the Legislative Board, the Judicial Board, ten committee chairmen, two AWS representa¬ tives and the presidents of all women’s houses and or¬ ganizations in addition to the four elected officers of the association. The AWS Executive Board has control of the activities and rules of its members. First Row: Pat Neumeister, Mary Bowden, Ellen Compton, Mary Jane Melton, Suzanne Conley, Sara Bridenthal. Second Row: Sherry Mizell, Carol Cole, Hazel Holzauer, Vicki Lind¬ sey, Charlotte Hudspeth, Mary Lou Freund, Rebecca Wasson. Third Row: Phyllis Smithwick, Connie Clulow, Julia Rumph, Sue Hatchett, Emily Owen, Sallie Jo Anderson. OFFICERS: Mary Jane Melton, Secretary; Ellen Compton, Presi¬ dent; Mary Bowden, Vice President; Pat Neumeister, Treasurer. 409 OFFICERS: Donald Nutt, President; J. C. George, Vice Presi¬ dent; William Drewry, Secretary; Don Rogers, Treasurer. Alpha Chi Epsilon Formed in the spring of 1959, Alpha Chi Epsilon is the honorary fraternity for civil engineers at the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas. The objects of the fraternity are to contribute to the improvement of the Civil Engineering profession as an instrument for the betterment of society, to recognize the fundamental characteristics of the suc¬ cessful Civil Engineer, and to aid in the development of these characteristics. Membership is based on scholar¬ ship, character, and sociability. First Row : Donald Nutt, J. C. George, Don Rogers, William Drewry, Claude Starr, Kenneth Schenk, Harold Dean Gillham, Larry Carlson. Second Row: Charles Yates, Jimmy Murray, Dan¬ iel Hall, Ronald Knox, Delos McCauley, F. D. Kisor. Bruce Mc- Fadden, John Blake. Third Row: Lester Jester, Russell Fox, Edward Davison, John Brady, Ray Gustin, John Vetter, Boh Kumpe, Ed Corbell. 410 Agronomy Club The Agronomy Club is composed of students from the College of Agriculture who are specifically inter¬ ested in crop and soil sciences and their associated fields. Established in 1949 with its purpose being to promote the activities and interest in these fields, it has expanded its interests to cover a program which serves to increase the leadership potential of its members. Among its many aims are promoting a closer acquaintance of the mem¬ bers with the sciences, and an improved faculty-student relationship. hirst Row: Roy Hummel, Winfred Harris, Lyman Shoemaker, Wayne Hogue, Claude Bonner, Robert Raible. Second Row: John Grabbe, Bradley Warren, Johnny Bunke, Charles Murdoch, Neill Treece. Third Row: Jim Gramlich, Bernard Schiefer, George Dohlke, John Feilke, Bob Dilday. OFFICERS: Roy Hummel, President; Vernon Hall, Sponsor; Robert Raible, Secretary; Claude Bonner, Secretary; Wayne Hogue, Treasurer; Lyman Shoemake, Secretary; Winfred Harris, Vice President; Glen Hardy, Faculty Sponsor. Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma, a national honorary fraternity for students in the field of chemistry, was founded on this campus in 1928. The objectives of the fraternity are the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession and the assistance of its members in their careers in chemistry. Chapter activities include a tutor¬ ing service in chemistry, a safety program, and its an¬ nual award to the outstanding senior student majoring in chemistry. Requisites for membership include such sterling qualities as leadership, character, and scholar¬ ship. First Row: George D. Combs, Lloyd Tarkington, Neal Moore, I red Crum, Jim Fenix, Bob Fenix, Ben Trusty. Second Row: Bernard Kenna, Wray Jones, Don Roach, Tom Slusher, Felix Bivens, Don Toler, Bill Dormon, Jerry Black, Ves Childs. OFFICERS: Back Row: Fred Crum, Treasurer; Neal Moore, Re¬ porter. Front Row: Lloyd Tarkington, Vice-Master Alshemist; George Combs, Master Alshemist. WM OFFICERS: Charles Wilson, Vice President; Tommy Schallhorn, President; Paul Kingsborough, Treasurer; Alan Sugg, Secretary. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest professional fraternity, is primarily concerned with the growth of new methods in established businesses and the development of inter¬ ests in activities connected with all forms of commerce. The year’s activities include bi-monthly luncheons at which guest speakers in the fields of economics, business, politics, and many other related fields give talks on mat¬ ters of current interest. By research projects and special school events, Alpha Kappa Psi promotes interest in the world of economics. First Row: Tommy Schallhorn, Charles Wilson, Paul Kings¬ borough, Alan Sugg, Tom Carter, Robert Bell, Dick Trammel, Larry Aikman, John Gregory. Second Row : Darrell Bonner, George Jernigan, Beryl Anthony, James Collier, Don Morehart, Jim Tuohey, Ray Waters, Dick Wilson, Bob McMurtrey. OFFICERS: Joe Finney, President; Roy Baskin, Vice President; Paul Tompaw, Secretary; Bob Porter, Treasurer; Charles Hollis, Reporter. Animal Industry Club A prerequisite for membership in the Animal Indus¬ try Club is an interest in the field of animal and poultry husbandry. This club encourages its members to build a greater organization in the future, and to make contacts with leaders in the various fields of animal industry. First Row: Bob Porter, Joe Finney, Charles Hollis, Roy Baskin, Paul Tompaw, Sherman Cullum, Jim Kimbro ugh, Robert Parham, Vencil Riggan, Bradley Warren. Second Row: Richard Bell, Frank Scaramuzza, John Attebury, Jacy Ivy, Rondell Nease, Gary Norris, Larry Frey, Clark Crrurm, J. 0. Hoggard. Third Row: Billy Wilson, Larry Franks, Alpha Wiggins, William Van- gilder, Gerald Shook, Carl Anderson, Ronnie Delozier, Donald Ward, Bob Latimer, Dwight Davis. Dr. Paul Nolan. Fourth Row: James Cooksey, James McLoud, Keith Rinehart, Leroy Brooks, Larry Smithson, Deryle Oxford, Eugene Jollett, George Davis. 412 Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta, the national honorary society for freshman women, requires outstanding scholarship. A 3.5 average for the first semester or a cumulative 3.5 for the freshman year is required for membership. The society sponsors a tea for prospective members, tutoring services for freshman, and an information booth for registration. Regular meetings are held once a month and on alternate months it meets for lunch with Phi Eta Sigma, scholarship fraternity for men. First Row: Connie Clulow, Prissy Lowe, Carolyn Kendrick, Millie Sheeks, Judy Huddleston, Sydney Slack, Gail Blossom. Second Row: Karen Haden, Sue Dunson, Georgia Dortch, Lee Johns, Judy Sandusky, Anna Claire Meeks, Ann Sedwick, Char¬ lotte Petree. OFFICERS: Willie Sheeks, Historian; Prissy Lowe, Vice Presi¬ dent; Connie Clulow, President; Judy Huddleston, Treasurer; Carolyn Kendrick, Secretary. 413 OFFICERS: Glenn Morrison, President; Leroy Brooks, Vice Presi¬ dent; Irwin Ashley, Jr., Secretary; Hollis Bowen, Treasurer; Claude Bonner, Reporter; Jackie Brown, Sgt.-at-arms; Dr. Denver B. Hudson, Adviser. AT A Alpha Tau Alpha is a national, professional, honor¬ ary, agricultural, educational fraternity that plays a vital role in the preparation of prospective teachers of voca¬ tional agriculture. Chi Chapter was established on the campus of the University of Arkansas, October 19, 1954 with 34 charter members. The fraternity aims at de¬ veloping leadership and a professional spirit among students desiring to become rural leaders as teachers of vocational agriculture. First Row: Glenn Morrison, Leroy Brooks, Irvin Ashley, Hollis Bowen. Claude Bonner, Jackie Brown, Jaime Guerra. Second Row : Frank D. Wiser, Bill McPherson, Joseph Lindsey, Billy Webb, Preston LaFerney, Bishop Hankins, Joseph Pierce. Third Row : Charles Jackson, Bobby Chaney, Earlton Sanders, Thomas Raley, G. D. Berger, Jacky Pearce, Lamar Brown. Fourth Row: J. W. Keener, John Valentine, Gene Aist, Bernal Green, David Ryles, James Ragland, Denver Hutson. 414 Alpha Pi Mu Established in 1956, Alpha Pi Mu recognizes stu¬ dents of Industrial Engineering who rank in the upper third of their senior class and upper one fifth of their junior class. The primary aims of the fraternity are pro¬ jects which will result in the advancement of the Indus¬ trial Engineering Department. Among its services are surveys that help the University and activities designed to improve equipment and facilities of the Industrial Engineering Department. Membership is based upon scholarship and leadership. First Row: Thomas Cooper, Terrence Faulkner, Larry David, Lee Fletcher Louie Heerwagon, John Stovall, Kelly Carter. Sec¬ ond Row: Duane Treat, Sam Rhoades, Richard Blake, Jim Cor¬ nelius, Edwin Keith, Richard Dentner, Franklin Albey. OFFICERS: Larry David, Recording Secretary; Louie Heerwagon, Treasurer; Thomas Cooper, President; Terry Faulkner, Vice Presi¬ dent ; Lee Fletcher, Corresponding Secretary. Alpha Zeta Members of Alpha Zeta, an honorary and profession¬ al fraternity, are selected on the basis of outstanding scholarship, good leadership, and sound character. The primary objective of the fraternity is to develop leader¬ ship in the field of agriculture. The Arkansas Chapter was organized in 1917. This was the 26th chapter of the organization which now has chapters in forty-three states. First Row: Tom Frank Simeo, Buddy Dillman, Paul Tompaw, Pat Sullivan. Deryle Oxford, Bill Weble. Raymond Dyck. Sec ond Row: Robert Parham, Grady Smith, Edward Halifield, Hollis Bowen, Wayne Hogue, Alva Siler, J. 0. Hoggard. Third Row: Larry Frey, Don Toon. Tonnie Delozier, Veneil Riggan, Leroy Brooks, Donald Ward, Keith Rinehart, Winfred Harris. OFFICERS: Standing: Pat Sullivan, Chronicler. Sitting: Paul Tompaw, Scribe; Buddy Dillman, Censor; Tom Simeo, Chancellor. 415 OFFICERS: Back Row : Frank Huckaba, Social; Bob Owen, Stew¬ ardship; Eddy Farr, Publicity; Jim Maloch, Vice President. Front Row : Suzanne Kuester, Devotionals; Emily Owen, Enlistments; Peggy Peterson, Center Chairman; Patsy Middleton, President. b s u The purpose of the Baptist Student Union is to give the college student initiative and opportunity to serve, and to have Christian recreation. First Row: Jim Maloch. Emily Owen, Patsy Middleton, Su¬ zanne Kuester, Rex Enoch, Maribeth Hornsby, Martha Buchanan, Joyce Jenkins, Jamie Jones, Betty Fibs, Carolyn Sue Wiley, Judy Phillips, Mary Ann Williams, Gloria Jean Adams, Elizabeth Ann Allen. Second Row: Hoyt Abbott, Nancy Malone, Margaret Cotton, Roma Medrick, Frank Huckaba, Carol Barnum, Alice Bentley, Nancilu Spann, Lance Hanshaw, George Amos. Third Row: Nancy Philley, Jo Brickey, W r anda Whitney, Joyce Fea- therston, Garry Galbraith, Phil Smith, Ramon Satterwhite, Byron Van Dover, Charles Brazil, Donna Sue Pierce, Peggy Peterson, Betty Lyon, Lola Gardenhire, Mary Ruth Guthary, Judy Brown. Fourth Row: Joan Shockley, Sherry Pintado, Carolyn Osborne, Linda Johns, Ralph Brickey, Marvin Kirk, Bob Owen, Carl Rick, Carl Beutelschies, Alan Sugg, Robert Seay, Ronald Deason, Joyce Gardenhire. Fifth Row: Sing-Yue Lung, Jerry Carter, Barbara Barnes, Gary Brown, Eddy Farr, Keith Rinehart, Van Reeder, Bill Hodge, Paul Revis, Quinn Spann, Dave Ellison, Ron Blair, Edwin Keith, Ronnie Coiner. Blue Key Blue Key, under the auspices of the Kiwanis Clubs of America is a national honorary fraternity for the recognition of leadership qualities of college men. The Arkansas Marble Arch Chapter has instituted the student placement service, and founded Gaebale. At its weekly luncheon meetings, Blue Key discusses proposals, pro¬ jects, and problems of a campus nature brought before the group by its membership. The national motto is “Serving, We Live.” First Row: Dick Trammel. Jim Hefley, David Lambert. Don Morehart, Charles Hughes, Don Franks, John Hoskyn, Mike Thompson, Buster Jones, Bill Poe. Second Row: Bobby Fussell, Burl Rotenberry, Joe Buffalo, Martin Walt, Bill Tedford, Alan Sugg, Tommy Schallhorn, Jim Gadberry, Bill Luplow, Jon Der- mott, Lewis Barnard, Ray Waters. 416 OFFICERS: Back Row: David Lambert, Secretary. Front Row: Charles Hughes, Alumni Secretary; Dick Trammel, President; Jim Hefley, Vice President; Don Morehart, Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi In 1951, the local chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Iota, became a member of this national scholastic and professional accounting fraternity. The monthly busi¬ ness-banquet meetings serve as the center of the organi¬ zation’s activities. They invite many speakers, outstand¬ ing in the fields of business and accounting, to speak at these meetings. The furtherance of the field of account¬ ing in business is the stated aim of the local chapter as well as the national organization. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship and leadership. First Row : Jim Gunn, David Bostian, Larry Head, William Nolen, J. W. McAllister. Second Row : George Fritz, Ronnie Blair, Charles Jones, Walter McNew, Edward Leding. OFFICERS: Jim Gunn, Corresponding Secretary; David Bostian, Recording Secretary; J. W. McAllister, President; William Nolen, Vice President; Larry Head, Treasurer. 417 OFFICERS: Back Row : W. C. Anderson, Treasurer; Bob Wan- asek, President. Front Row: Polly Hervey, Vice President; Jane McNew, Secretary. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club, composed of Episcopal stu¬ dents of the University, offers a well-rounded study program, many social activities, and opportunities to serve the University and the community. The Reverend George Small, associate rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Fayetteville, guides the varied activities of the club. Discussions ranging from the study of other religions to goal s in life provide the program material. First Row: Bob Wanasek, Polly Hervey, Jane McNew, W. C. Anderson, George Small, Susan Wood, Melinda Felt, Hope Six- bey, Liz Fox, Margo Williams, Nancy Allen, Ann Engeler, Lonnie Estes. Second Row: Nancy Puckette, Sue Noland, Judy Toll, Maribeth Gray, Rex Blasingame, Claibourne Bass, James Gor¬ don, Hugh Alexander, Jim McGahey, John DuVal, Aston By- roade. 418 Branner Geology Club The Branner Geology Club extends membership to geology majors and minors and to anyone interested in the field of geology. Chief functions of the club are spon¬ soring field trips into the caves and mountains of the Ozarks and promoting extra-curricular activities for all those enrolled in the geological services. Application of the technical and academic aspects of rocks and minerals for the benefit of students was the purpose of John Branner when he founded the club. First Row : Raymond Sharum, Franklin Oler, Warren Sharp, Sandra Plummer, Bob Anderson, Tomas Abraham, Mike Thomp¬ son. Second Row : Dr. Robert Willard, David Clanton, Benjamin Clardy, Claude McNully, Warren Walker, Davis Maulding, Dar¬ rell Lucas, Henry Holly. OFFICERS: Warren Sharp, President; Franklin Oler, Vice Presi¬ dent; Raymond Sharum, Secretary-Treasurer. Central Planning Committee The Central Planning Committee serves as co-ordi¬ nator for the eleven Union committees and plans the general policies of the Student Union Committee. The eleven committees supervised by the Central Committee are: dance, special projects, art, film, games, music, and married students. Membership is composed of the chair¬ men and the elected secretaries of the eleven committees. The special project of this committee concerns the acti¬ vities connected with Student Union Week, during which time each committee sponsors special activities. First Row: Sallie Jo Anderson, Patty Payne, Pat Parker, Nona Proctor, Letitia Grano, Peggy Foiles. Second Row : Sara Trager, Liz Eubank, Tommy McMillin, Ann Trieschmann, Judy Doolin. OFFICERS: Patty Payne, Secretary; Sallie Jo Anderson, Chair¬ man. 419 OFFICERS: Back Row: Alice Ann Willis, Treasurer. Front Row: Patty Payne, Vice President; Frances Lepine, President; Chick Burnett, Secretary; Carol Cole, Historian. Chi Theta Organized to encourage school spirit, to further academic study, and to promote a standard in civic and professional enterprise, Chi Theta, is a local professional sorority established in 1948. The members of the sorori¬ ty assist the College of Business Administration in its many projects each year. On Commerce Day each spring, the outstanding member of Chi Theta, who has contributed most to the club is awarded a key. First Row: Frances Lepine, Patty Payne, Chick Burnett, Alice Ann Willis, Carol Cole, Judy Huddlesten, Helen Yates, Grace Ann Heath. Second Row: Pat Mattews, Wanda Whitney, Shirley Hensz, Jimmie Lou Birgance, Joyce Gardenhire, Dena Mcllroy, Jeanne Bowman. Third Row: Bettye Vaughan, Yvonne Fite, Sue Dill, Pat Neumeister, Charlotte Hudspeth, Janet Gard¬ ner, Judy Sandusky, Zoe Ann Bridenthal, Anne Shaw, Sara Jane Melton. OFFICERS: Marial Hantz, Secretary; Jon Dermott, President. Civic Club Unique among campus organizations, the Civic Club donates all of the proceeds from the club’s activities for the year to various worthwhile charities. These include the Campus Chest drive, Singfony and others. To raise money for the Campus Chest, a campus lover contest and supper dance is sponsored. First Row: Jon Dermott, Marial Hantz, Ann Hutsell, Shirley Jackson, Carol McCartney, Elizabeth Brister, Lynne Grant, Judy Vardner, Sue Anderson, Lynn Buford, Willie Sheeks, Joyce Jen¬ kins. Second Row: Diane CaHail, Linda Magee, Patsy Middleton, Nancy Spann, Suzanne Conley, Betty Hemphill, Jayme Smith. Nancy Bury, Pat Trimble, Sigma Crowe, Delia Deslter, Barbara Patterson. Third Row: Joe Bissett, Jim Dennis, Lynn Wilcox, Nancy Fields, Emily Owen, Mildred Cromwell, Judy Gilbert, Peggy Foiles, Janette Wilson, Calvin Mitchell, George McLeod, Mike Clayton, Porter Bri ggs, William Anderson. Fourth Row: Charles E. Wilson, Jim Minmier, Gerald Bowen, Larry Evans, Steve Bernard, Donn Byrne, John England. Joe Grumpier, John Gibson, Harper Oates, Rudy Martin, Jack Nowlin Jr. 420 Christian Science Organization The purpose of the Christian Science Organization at the University is two-fold: to promote a better under¬ standing of Christian Science on the campus and to give the young Christian Scientist experience in the functions of church membership. Among the activities of the or¬ ganization are weekly testimonial services in the Student Union and an annual lecture given by an experienced Christian Scientist. All activities sponsored by the or¬ ganization are open to the entire student body, not just Christian Scientists. First Row: Mary Ford, Carol Reavis, Charles McClendon, Robert Crooks, Alice Sanford. Second Row: Wayne Emanuel, Leon Edengton, Charles Filiatreau. OFFICERS: Back Row: Charles McClendon, Secretary-Treasurer; Carol Reavis, President. Front Row: Mary Ford, Sponsor. 421 OFFICERS: Gerald Bowen, President; Jim Tuohey, Treasurer; Pat Neumeister, Secretary. Commerce Guild Composed of all the members of the College of Busi¬ ness Administration, the Commerce Guild aims to en¬ courage better relations between the students and faculty, and to promote interest in the school. The Executive Council is the governing body of the Guild and its members are chosen at the spring elections. The presi¬ dent serves as the chairman of the Guild and Council. The Commerce Guild sponsors Commerce Day and the Commerce Queen elections. First Row: Gerald Bowen, Jim Tuohey, Pat Neumeister, Gail Knapp, Patty Payne, Elizabeth Melton, Carol Cole, Saundra Dean, Grace Ann Heath. Second Row: Frank Wait, Jr., James Chadick, Paul Bowie, Steve McKinney, Chad Kumpe, Jean Bus¬ sell, Peter Hartstein, Charles Wilson, Robert Stephenson, Charles Whiteside. Third Row: David Laser, Jerry Moore, Bucky Sharpe, Pat Hale, Tommy Callaway, Dick Upton, John Ted ford, Tom Carter, David Lambert. 422 Colhecon Colhecon’s primary aims are encouraging friendly association among faculty and students interested in home economics, working together to share with others the value of their profession, and meeting people who are successfully practicing the profession of home eco¬ nomics. The membership is c omposed of home economics majors interested in solving problems encountered in their post-graduate work. First Row: Bobbie Dean Guffey, Carol Barnum, Joyce Jen¬ kins, Ann Leinn Bowles, Wilere Jones, Juanita Douglas, Sharon Jennings, Betty Fibs, Judy Barnett, Barbara Patterson, Judy Phillips, Christine Heard. Second Row : Suzanne Kuesler, Sonie Hall, Bettie Ann Sewell, Donna Stillions, Carolyn Raley, Loralei Blenn. Dorothy Bonewell, Mary Portia Coffman, Alice Wingfield. Joyce Featherston, Carole Adams, Owenita Reagan, Kathlyn Jef¬ frey, Carole Helm. Third Row: Billie Young, Glenda McLaugh¬ lin, Kathy Pedley, Wilma Jean Oliver, Peggy Fletcher, Gloria Jean Adams, Carolyn Cearley, Margo Williams, Annetta Bran¬ non, Peggy Rackley, Barbara King. OFFICERS: Bobbie Dean Guffey, Treasurer; Carol Barnum, Presi¬ dent; Joyce Jenkins, Membership Chairman. Elementary Club Membership in the Elementary Club is open to all students enrolled in Elementary Education. The club works with the Future Teachers of America and co¬ operates with its activities on this campus. First Row: Stella Grano, Mardell Christello, Diane CaHail, Sara Trager, Rebecca Sanders, Teddi Panos, Joyce Hankins, Mary Sue Porter, Goldie Pope, Donna Cypert, Emily Sheeks. Sherry Mizell, Polly Hervey, Carole Coe, Barbara Orler. Second Row: Sydney Slack, Pat Flowers, Shirley Boyd, Grace Bradley, Linda Austin, Cornelia Bowman, Margaret Ruth White, Donna Finley, Dottie Ratcliff, Judy Robbins, Louise Guisinger, Inez Wallis, Ann Trieschman, Jo Ellen Clark. Third Row: Susan Payne. Nancy Tilman, judie Presley, Linda Miles, Margaret Head, Elizabeth Westbrook, Sammyie Phelan, Sylvia Rich, Ra¬ mona Johnson, Ann Jones, Connie Buell, Jeanette Adams, Joan Lee Freeze, Sally Simpson. Fourth Row: Deanna Moore, Ruth Ann Caperton, Peggy Foiles, June Hooten, Dorothy Ann Spatlin, Coralee Evensen, Jean Thompson, Deanna Carner, Bob Plants, Jack Hogins, Gloria Junkin, Barbara Coleman, Mary Jo Schulz. OFFICERS: Front Row: Stella Grano, President; Mardell Christ¬ ello, Vice President. Back Row: Sara Trager, Treasurer; Diane CaHail, Secretary; Rebecca Sanders, Historian. 423 OFFICERS: Standing: Betty Jennings, Corresponding Secretary; Jerre Van Hoose, Treasurer. Sitting: Loretta Hercher, President; Mrs. Herschel Ford, Director; Chick Burnett, Recording Secre¬ tary; Judy Franks, Vice President. d s F DSF is under the auspices of the Disciples of Christ Church and under the direction of Mrs. Herschel Ford, student director of the First Christian Church of Fay¬ etteville. Students find the DSF house is o pen to mem¬ bers at any time. Balancing a successful religious life with a social and scholastic schedule is one of the main purposes of the Disciples of Student Fellowship. The members sponsor Bible study programs, a vigorous social program, and a program of religious education. First Row: Emily Sheeks, Donna Carson, Barbara King, Lee Johns, Paula Ruth Faris, Mrs. Herschel Ford, Rebecca Sanders, Yoko Kagawa, Willie Sheeks, Winnie Sheeks. Second Row: Rose Mary Austin, Chick Burnett, Sissy Hays, Thomas Huckaby, Delos McCauley, Darrell Lucas, Billy Overton, Diane CaHail. Eta Kappa Nu Beginning its second year on the University campus, Eta Kappa Nu is an honorary fraternity for juniors and seniors majoring in Electrical Engineering. To be eli¬ gible for membership a student must be in the upper fifth of his class, must have professional interest in the field of Electrical Engineering, and must show integrity of character. Events on the social calendar include the pledge banquet in the spring and bi-monthly meetings. A growing organization keeping pace with an expanding industry. First Row: Robert Owen, Brinton Ramoly, Lyman Root, James Fawcett. Second Row: Jim Sadler, Yang-Shing Low, Wal¬ ter Onwiler, William Heaston, Donald Dallas, Allen Rose. 424 OFFICERS: James Fawcett, Treasurer; Lyman Root, Recording Secretary; Brinton Ramoly, Vice President; Robert Owen, Presi¬ dent. Engineering Council Two members of each professional society, one junior and one senior, the two senators of the College, the editor and business manager of the Arkansas En¬ gineer, and six members elected from the student body by the Council compose the Engineering Council. Student elected members include one freshman and one sophomore. Carrying on duties as governing body for the students of the College Engineering, carrying out the St. Patricia election and other activities marking St. Patrick’s Day are some of the numerous functions per¬ formed by the group. First Row: Jim Dennis, Larry Cofer, Jim Sadler, Jim Hefley, Joe Looney, Vernie Heird, Ronald Avery, David Cowart. Second Row: Gary Campbell, Donald Dallas, Billy Thornton, Robert Owen, James Robertson, Louie Heerwagon, Jack Thefford, Tom Chaffin. Third Row: James Brodley, Jerry Black, Gene Rackley, Bruce Netherton, John Moore, Richard Ellis, Charles Yates. OFFICERS: Jim Dennis, Secretary; Jim Sadler, Treasurer; Larry Cofer, Vice President; Jim Hefl ey, President. 425 OFFICERS: Dee Poole, President; Carl Hartman, Vice Presi¬ dent; John Faris, Secretary; John Anderson, Treasurer. Kappa Kappa Psi Relatively new to the University of Arkansas cam¬ pus, Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary fraternity taking its members from the outstanding Razorback bandsmen. The ties that bind its members are mutual interests and abilities in the field of music. During a week of hazing, the new pledges of this group are required to wear their white band overalls, carry their instruments to class, and give a noontime concert on the steps of the library. First Row: Dee Poole, Carl Hartman, John Faris, John Ander¬ son, Bob McDonald. Ronald Chunn, Larry Bohannan, Eddie Inzer. Second Row: Lee Griffin, Donald Gleason, Fred Miller, Eddy Shores, Wayman Kongh, Richard Worthington, Chester Woodruff, Richard Fritchey. Third Roiv: Michael Allum, Wil¬ liam Karch, Jack Forrest, William Lacefield, Thomas Flowers. 426 International Club r Ihe International Club promotes understanding be¬ tween students of all nations. Taking part in dances, special music programs and other activities based on the customs of all countries represented in the organi¬ zation, members find a well rounded schedule of events. Composed of members which represent all countries who have students on the University campus as well as American students, the club encourages knowledge of all the countries. First Row: Bill Uhm, Jaime Arosemena, Torunn Follesdal, Sharon Grammer, Remy Montavon, Alice Spinola Da Gama, Frances Boyd, Fay Ann Jew, Marie-Claude Depraz, Yoko Kaga- wa, Kitty de Vries. Second Row: Johnny Cicuta, Keong Chye Cheah, Richard Blair Kay, Bagher Ghodsi, Ramon Calvo, Klaus Peter Laermann, Sigfrid Leijonhufvud, Panos Pittas, Someth Suos. Third Row: Young Soo Kim, Gilberto Alvarez, Marta La- terza, Jose D ' Angelo, Chan To-Kwong, Miranda Wai Kam Han, Majed Amary, Frida Bjornsdottir, Dimitris Papaleonardos, Alex¬ ander Poularikas. OFFICERS: Sitting: Torumm Follesdal, Vice President; Mar¬ guerite Engelke, Secretary. Standing: Remy Montavon, Soccer Coach; Bill Uhm, Public Relations; Sharon Grammer, Treasurer; Jaime Arosemena, President. M Lambda Tau Encouraging a greater interest in literary activity by recognizing those who have literary ability, and fostering further literary endeavor, Lambda Tau plays an active role as an honorary English fraternity. Two awards given by the organization are for the outstanding- contribution of creative writing on the University level and for the outstanding writer of Fayetteville High School. These are awarded on Honors Day of the respec¬ tive schools. Stressing individual criticism and discussion of literary works and promoting originality in writing are further goals of the group. First Row: Edwene Stevens, Virginia Marcantel, Nancy Gar¬ rison, Jessomine Gist, Donna Carter, Gail Ramsay, Sara Bri- denthal. Second Row: Beth Laws, Mary Bowden, Lynn Hansen, Carol Reavis, Roslyn Lander, Julie Sailer, Edwina Packs. OFFICERS: Front Row: Edwene Stevens, President; Jessomine Gist, Reporter. Back Row: Virginia Marcantel, Vice President; Nancy Garrison, Secretary-Treasurer. 427 OFFICERS: Jim Tuohey, Treasurer; Eddy Shores, Vice President; Lewis Sharp, President; Patty Crittenden, Secretary. Marketing Club Membership in the Marketing Club is open to all marketing majors. Taking field trips to various busi¬ nesses, having frequent guest speakers at meetings, and planning the annual marketing smoker are all integral parts of this outstanding business club. First Row: Lewis Sharp, Eddy Shores, Jim Tuohey, Patty Crittenden, Donna Carson, Marian Benson, Pat Matthews, Tennie Wahlstrom, Deanna Weaver, Nancy Grimes, Lowell Reed, Jack Forrest, Rudy Martin. Second Row : David Lambert, Tommy Drake, Bob McMurtrey, Glen Richardson, Danny Butler, Jim Griffin, Luther Deweese, Tommy Roberts, Omar Freeman, Jack Ruggles, Robert Prislovsky, Merrill Porter, Gerald Bowen, Dud¬ ley Bumpass. Third Row: Paul Causey, James Strahn, James Rainwater, John Todd, Oliver Kruger, Billy Ray Johnson, James Hamric, Don Hardgrave, James Richard Collier, Jack Jacobs, Dorsey Jones. Fourth Row: Robert Bell, Ed Massey, Ken Moore, Paul Battreal, Richard Brooks, Larry Joerden, Jim Minmier, Dick Wilson. OFFICERS: Sitting: Roberto Stadthagen, First Vice President; George Fritz, President. Standing: Mary Connell, Secretary; Law¬ rence Bagley, Treasurer; Mary Schulz, Second Vice President; Father John C. O’Dwyer, Chaplain; Barbara Mazzanti, Secretary. Newman Club Membership in the Newman Club is open to the Roman Catholic students on the University of Arkansas campus. Its purpose is to deepen the spiritual and en¬ rich the temporal lives of its members through a bal¬ anced program of religious, intellectual and social acti¬ vities. Activities for the year include spiritual retreats, and weekly meetings under Father John C. O’Dwyer. First Row: George Fritz, Roberto Standthagen, Mary Jo Schulz, Barbara Mazzanti, Mary Connell, Lawrence Bagley, Jean Anne Mesavage, Miranda Wai Kam Hau, Carole Ramsay, Pat Dial, Betty Jones, Sue Derning, Mary Frances Goebel, Father O’Dyer. Second Row: Patti Barrow, Sandy Crabtree, Ann Squires, Mary Lee Quanella, Philip Selig, A. J. Fredrick, Mary Reinhart, Ellien Goodloe, Sam Kirby, Jim Tuohey, Louis Seiter, Jr., Dorsey Jones. Third Row: Robert Dumboski, Urban Sharum, Raymond Beck, Lawrence Lipsmeyer, Charles Sax, Jim Jansen, Leonard Schmiz, Henry Harder, Kenneth Schenk, Wendall Goodwin, Raymond Sharum. Fourth Row: Bill Bagley, Pat O’¬ Hara, Paul Battreal, Charles Reinhart, Robert Berg. 428 Mortar Board Scholarship, leadership, and service are the bywords of the Mortar Board, an outstanding honorary senior women’s fraternity. Each December awareness of its existence begins with their annual sale of Mortar Board calendars. The proceeds go to the Martha McKenzie Scholarship Fund. The organization itself was establish¬ ed for the furtheran ce of co-operation between societies, the maintenance of a high standard of scholarship, and many other fine ideals. hirst Row: Pat Neumeister, Mary Lou Freund, Patsy Middle- ton, Lynn Hansen, Carol McCartney, Lorna Stokenbury. Second Row: Mrs. A. W. Blake, Edwene Stevens, Barbara Braly, Ellen Compton, Elizabeth Melton, Patty Payne, Sara Ivey. Third Row : Mary Bowden, Nickie Heltsman. Marial Hantz, Diane CaHail, Marilyn Hathaway, Sue Hutchett. OFFICERS: Patsy Middleton, Secretary; Mary Lou Freund, Treasurer; Pat Neumeister, President; Lynn Hansen, Vice Presi¬ dent. 429 OFFICERS: Sissy Hays, Secretary-Treasurer; Dorothy Jones, President; Margaret Hyden, Faculty Advisor. Orchesis Orchesis is a Greek word meaning “to dance”. The Univers ity of Arkansas Orchesis is an extra-curricular dance club, sponsored by the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Orchesis is open to all men and women students who are interested in the opportunity for creative dance study, composition, and performance. It serves to stimulate understanding of contemporary dance in the community. First Row: Dorothy Kay Jones, Sissy Hays, Trish Rains, Nancy Puckette, Mary Lee Quanella, Ann Leinn Bowles, Sharon Purdin, Margaret Hyden. Second Row: Judy McAlister, Anne Jarvis, Donna Finley, Rebecca Cooper, Mira Van Patten, Sandra Plummer, Rebecca Wilson. Third Row: Frances Joyce Hecker, Donna Harrison, Jolene Pendergrass, Edwina Fugua, Jo Terrell, Iligene Miller, Nancy Belle Plowman, Betsy Heinemann. 430 Omicron Delta Kappa ODK is a national leadership fraternity for men who have excelled in the fields of scholarship, government, athletics, publications, speech and dramatic arts. Prin¬ cipal projects of Beta Beta Circle was establishing a scholarship program for the University in conjunction with the service clubs throughout the state, and investi¬ gation and Senate report of the counseling program in each college, and the installation of an award to be given each year to two outstanding instructors. First Row : Charles Tilmon, Raymond Dyck. Jim Sadler, Bill Sherman, Joe Nosari, Dick Dahlen. Henry Hawkins, Gerald Bowen. Second Row : Bob Wanasek, Dick Blake, Eddie McRell, William Taylor, Bob Hall, Jere Johnson. Jim Tuohey. Third Row: Don Toon, John Mott, Bill Tranum, John Arnold, Charles Yates, Bob Wilson, John Moore, Hammond Satterfield, Rudy Martin. OFFICERS: Sitting: Jim Sadler, Vice President; Bill Sherman, President. Standing: Raymond Dyck, Secretary; Charles Tilmon, Treasurer. P E M Club The Physical Education Majors Club encourages the advancement of physical education as a professional in¬ terest, and the development of physical education on both the high school and college levels. Its membership is comprised of students majoring or minoring in physi¬ cal education and any others interested in furthering its aims. First Row: Barbara Netherton, Rebecca Wasson. Uigene Mil¬ ler, Elois Bleidt, Jo Brickey, Sylvia Hack, Riley Renner, Bonnie Simpson. Rebecca Cooper, Sandra Plummer, Sarah Northcross, Owanda Faye Davis, Billye Murphey. Second Row: Don Franks, Terry Arenz, Rodney Shaddox, Sandy Crabtree, Roma Medrick, Kay Baker, Nancy Puckette, Betty Hemphill, Jan Khilling, Ed- wina Fugua, Lynda Childers, Mira Van Patten, Patsy Pipkin, Sandra Robbins. Third Row: Wade Hahn. Rex Brown, Charles Adair, Davey Cook, A1 Knox, Dolan Hawkins. Joe Miller, Kent Vick, George McKinney, Glen Worthington, Larry Evans, Cole¬ man Ledbetter, Jr., James Callohen. OFFICERS: Sitting: Rebecca Wasson, Pres.; Iligene Miller, Sec.; Barbara Netherton, Pres.; Elois Bleiot, Treas. Standing: Don Franks, Pres.; Rodney Shaddox, Vice Pres.; Wade Hahn, Sec.; Rex Brown, Treas.; Terry Arenz, State Rep. OFFICERS: Pat Moran, Treasurer; Clay Patty, Vice-Justice; Gerald Scott, Justice; Billy Pease, Marshall; Lynn Wade, Secre¬ tary. Phi Alpha Delta A fraternity for law students and alumni, the two great aims of this fraternity are the advancement of scholarship and the establishment of comradeship among members of the legal profession. Sponsorship of a publi¬ cation for the exchange of ideas among member chapters and a provision for professional information for all Phi Alpha Delta members is further evidence of the ties formed by the group. Starting on its fifty-seventh year as a national fraternity, there are at present, over seven¬ ty active chapters for students and fourteen chapters for alumni. First Row: Gerald Scott, Clay Patty, Lynn Wade, Billy Pease, Pat Moran, Lewis Epley, Jr., Dick Horne. Second Row: Bob Sullards, Thomas Pedron, Milas Hale, Fred Engeler, Tommy Streetman. OFFICERS: Back Row: James Scroggs, Advisor; Jon Barnette, Director; George Barnwell, Vice-Director; Joe Nosari, Tutoring Chairman. Front Row: Carol McCartney, Publicity Chairman, Ann Yancey, Secretary-Treasurer. Pi Mu Epsilon Students with outstanding scholastic records in the field of mathematics are eligible for membership in Pi Mu Epsilon. It has as its purpose the promotion of scholarship in mathematics among students in academic institutions on a university level. Membership in the fraternity requires that a person have a minimum 3.00 grade point average in mathematics through calculus and a 2.5 accumulative. Its activities include tutoring sessions to help students with problems in mathematics. First Row: Jon Barnette, George Barnwell, Ann Yancey. Joe Nosari, Carol McCartney, Mary Sue Thornton, Franklin Albey, James Bryant. Second. Row: James Scroggs, James Dennis, Larry Newkirk, Jim Sadler, Calvin Mitchell, Alice Rothert, Jim Gad- berry, Ed Locke. Third Row: Walter Onwiler, David Mulkey, James Fawcett, Donald Dallas, Allen Prose, Bill Heaston, Louie Heerwagen, Jr., Kelly Carter, Jr. 432 Phi Alpha Theta Now claiming a chapter enrollment of nearly two hundred chapters, Phi Alpha Theta was founded here on the University campus in 1921. Requirements for membership include fifteen hours of history with a 3.25 in these hours and a 3.00 overall average. In 1946, the chapter was presented with a plaque commemorat¬ ing this by the national organization. Phi Alpha Theta encourages high standards of scholarship among stu¬ dents of history, promotes a genuine interest in the study of history and fosters fellowship among its mem¬ bers. First Row : Hammond Satterfield, Nickie Hultsman, Marilane Sulcer, Nancy Garrison, Marial Hantz, Janet Tarpley, Ellen Compton, Virginia Ann Hays, Judy Denton, Jessamine Gist, Bobbie Neal Griggs, Rosemary Millwee. Second Row: James Fain, William McGee, Mike Clayton, Bill Bardrick, Ronald Brumley, John Lussky, Dutch Hutsell, Robert Reeser, Betty Becker. OFFICERS: Back Roiv : Hammond Satterfield, President; Robert Reeser. Front Row : Nickie Hultsman, Vice President; Marilane Sulcer, Secretary-Treasurer. 433 OFFICERS: Back Row: Marilyn Hathaway, Chaplain; Wilma Oliver, Librarian; Suzanne Kuester, Secretary; Sondra Hall, Treasurer. Front Row: Bettie Sewell, Historian, Carol Barnum, Secretary; Donna Stillions, President; Ann Hutsell, Vice President. Phi Upsilon Omicron The local chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron was chart¬ ered in 1943 with character, leadership, and scholarship as the basic requirements for membership. It is a na¬ tional professional organization for women studying in the field of home economics and Ps primary aim is to sponsor projects that will be helpful to the students in the field of home economics. Each year the organiza¬ tion presents an award to the freshman with the highest scholastic average in home economics. Meetings are de¬ signed to bring the student in contact with the most modern trends in home economics. First Row: Donna Stillions, Ann Hutsell, Carol Bamum, Su¬ zanne Kuester, Sondra Hall, Bettie Ann Sewell. Second Row: Janis Walls, Patsy Middleton, Wilma Jean Oliver, Denney Jor- den, Marilyn Hathaway. 434 Pi Tau Sigma To be eligible for Pi Tau Sigma, one must be a mechanical engineer in the top 25% of the Junior Class or 35% of the Senior Class and must be approved by the faculty for traits of character and leadership. Begun at the University of Illinois in 1915, the six founders founded the organization to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in co¬ ordinate department activities, to promote mutual pro¬ fessional welfare of its members and to develop in stu¬ dents the attributes necessary for effective leadership. First Row: Vernie E. Heird, Roger D. Dennett, Robert L. Wilson, Jon Barnette, Larry J. Newkirk, Gerald C. Beroset. and Jim Kimsey. Second Row : David Watts, Donald Schofield, Merle Bryant, Chris Brewer, Morris Brookhart, Tom Lafayette Chaffin, Richard Ellis, and Don Jordan. OFFICERS: Back Row: Roger Dennett, Corresponding Secretary; Vernie Heird, President. Front Row: Jon Barnette, Treasurer; Robert Wilson, Recording Secretary. Psi Chi Membership in Psi Chi is open to students who have shown high scholastic ability in the field of psychology. A basic requirement which includes 12 hours in psycho¬ logy with a 2.5 grade-point average and an average of 2.0 in all other subjects must he fulfilled. Each year a program is outlined which includes a series of lectures on various phases of psychology. Psi Chi encourages student participation in psychological experimentation. Interested students are invited to the meetings which feature excellent speakers. First Row: Carol Arpin, Sylvia Lay, Pat Johnson, Mary Lee Franklin, Joan Lee Freeze, Beth Logan, Suzanne Conley, and Marcelia Barron. Second Row: Thomas Hogan, Robert Bryant, Lysle Cooper, North West, and Hardy Wilcoxin. OFFICERS: Beth Logan, Vice President; Rae Sessions, Treas¬ urer; Sandra Holiman, Corresponding Secretary; Barbara Os- burne, Recording Secretary; and Steve Lane, President. 435 OFFICERS: Ford Gibson, Treasurer; Ruth Lindley Williams, Chairman; Mebane Harrison. Secretary. RE W Planning Board Every year on the University of Arkansas campus Religious Emphasis Week is held. It is a combined ef¬ fort of all church organizations of the student body, and it attempts to focus importance upon regular church attendance and active participation in the church group of the student’s choice. Held during the spring, the activity holds increasing interest for the University as its activities are expanded with an increasing enroll¬ ment and the increased interest of the school in religious activities. First Row: Ruth Lindley Williams, Mebane Harrison, Ford Gibson, Sue Dunson, Donna Carter, Jo Ellen Clark, Lynn Wil¬ cox. Second Row : Raymond Dyck, George Jernigan, Gary Campbell, Linda Durham. Third Row : Carter Hixon, John Moore, Terry Hunt. OFFICERS: Jennie Wren, President; Pete Shaida, Vice Presi¬ dent; Elizabeth Brister, Secretary; Marsha Jones, Treasurer. Sigma Alpha Eta Sigma Alpha Eta is a national speech and hearing- honorary fraternity for students majoring in speech correction and speech therapy. Requirements for mem¬ bership are fifteen hours of speech and speech correc¬ tion and a 3.0 in these courses. In their bi-monthly meetings, the members have programs pertaining to speech correction as a professional interest. One of the main projects is a party each year for all the children enrolled in the speech clinic. First Row: Jennie Wren, Peter Shaida, Elizabeth Brister, Marsha Jones, Judy Kinslow, Joan Lee Freeze, Sissy H ays, Karen Kozel, Sara Bridenthal. Second Row: Carol Bess Fuller¬ ton, Pat Whiteman, Trish Rains, Julia McCartney, Mrs. Marilyn Hodge, Sara Ivey, Suzanne Conley, Anita Ratcliff, Susie Mc- Waters. 436 SAM Interest in the field of business management, leader¬ ship, and scholarship are the pre-requisites for member¬ ship in the Society for the Advancement of Management. This group assists the business school in many ways, one of the most outstanding being a book exchange for business students. SAM has for its ultimate purpose the betterment of our standard of living through research and study. Other activities include industrial tours and lectures. First Row : Joe Reed, Leo Schrader, Carol Cole, Bill Beam, Tom Carter, Phil Rice, Bill Bridgforth, John Todd, Anice Hurst, Helen Yates. Second Row : Tommy Wright, Raymond Beck, Larry Aikman, Herbert Ellison, Gilbert Witsell, Ronald Blair, Lowell Reed. T. L. Roberts, Donald Jones, Larry Joerden. Third Row: Ralph Duggar, Ed McCroy, Ken McClain, Thomas Mathias, Bob Smith, Milton Satterfield, Richard Cody, Hoyt Abbott, John Campbell, Vernon Tarver, Richard Brooks. OFFICERS: Carol Cole, Secretary; Joe Reed, President; Leo Schrader, Vice President; Bill Beam, Treasurer. 437 OFFICERS: Back Row: Arthur Leath, Secretary-Treasurer; Wil¬ liam Bishop, Corresponding Secretary. Front Row : Leo Carr, Vice President Historian; Ray Johnson, President. Sigma Gamma Epsilon This honorary fraternity for geology majors has the scholastic, scientific, and social advancement for its members as its primary purpose. Sigma Gamma Epsi¬ lon also encourages co-operation and friendship among the scientific schools of the United States and Canada. Individual projects, guest speakers, and films provide the basis for meetings, while increasing the general knowledge of the members. Sigma Gamma Epsilon chooses its members for scholarship, leadership, and in¬ terest in the earth sciences. First Row: Leo Carr, Ray Johnson, Arthur Leath, William Bishop, Tom Mooney. Second Row: David Cate, Charles Stuckey, Fred Elam, Warren Sharp. 438 Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota, an honorary music fraternity for women, was established on this campus in 1925. Mem¬ bers of this organization are chosen for musical ability and interest and scholarship. Besides promoting interest in music among students and honoring outstanding wo¬ men musicians, the group has a secondary aim in that it co-operates with other musical groups to further the welfare of the University Band. Sigma Alpha Iota also provides fellowship for Ls members through a mutual interest in music. First Row: Barbara Smith, Jane Morris, Mary Lou Reinhart, Loretta Hercher, Ann McCracken, Wendy Wilson, Carol Gieck. Second Row: Sally Putman, Pat Dangeau, Emily Jo McCallister, Barbara Rigsley, Barbara Heiner, Cynthia England. OFFICERS: Sitting: Carolyn Webster, Publicity Chairman; Lo¬ retta Hercher, President; Jane Morris, Vice President; Ann Mc¬ Cracken, Secretary. Standing: Mary Lou Reinhart, Treasurer; Caroline Curtis, Judy Eoff. S N E A The R. K. Bent Chapter of the SNEA was established on this campus in 1948 with its membership comprised of students interested in the teaching profession. This group is mainly concerned with promoting teaching as a professional interest, and in this capacity works active¬ ly with the Future Teachers of America in Fayetteville and its area. The FTS Day, which, is held each spring First Row: A. C. Anderson, Libby Girdner, Billie Ratliff, Janette Wilson, Sylvia Lay, Rebecca Sanders, Joye Bouse, Phyl¬ lis Campbell, Iligene Miller, Nancy Belle Plowman. Second Row: Joan Lee Freeze, Margaret Ruth White, Chick Burnett, Sandy Bowers, Henley Parker, Emily Owen, Jo Brickey, Nancy Puck- ette, Anne Hart. Third Row: Jolene Pendergrass, Marie Bolen, Sammye Price, Deanna Moore, Jo Terrell, Carolyn Hoffman, Marcella Grider, Lois Morris, Rebecca Cooper, Kay Baker. Fourth Row: Ron Brumley, Burl Hunt, Bill Bardrick, Steve Castleberry, Frank Smith, Bill Sypher, Sid Johnson, Edwina Fuqua, Lynda Childers, Anne Jarvis. OFFICERS: Libby Girdner, Treasurer; W. C. Anderson, Vice President; Billie Ratliff, Secretary; Janette Wilson, President. 439 Annual SNEA Christmas tea is one of the many special events sponsored by the group during the year. SNEA (Continued) on the University campus, is the outstanding project of the SNEA, and attracts several hundred FT A mem¬ bers from chapters throughout the state. Qualifications for membership are leadership, scholarship, and, above all else, patience and a deep understanding of the children who attend the elementary and high schools. SNEA membership is one of the largest on the Univer¬ sity campus and the organization is increasing its number yearly. First Row: Pat McMahen, Jo Ann Cooper, Betty Kate Brown, Ellen Cleveland, Martha Dale Cook, Betty Clark, Kitten Barnett, Detonne Bogle, Suzanne Conley, Judy Gail Carter. Second Row: Grace Bradley, Shirley Boyd, Peggy Foiles, Judy Ritgerod, Mary Jane Gigoux, James Foler, Russell Jones, Calvin Baker, Butch Marino. Third Row: Bert Stark, Lionel Burkes, Morris Coston, Eddie Black, Wendall Goodwin, Kent Vick, Joe Miller, Jim Mc- Gahey, Edward Penham, William Brewington. OFFICERS: Anna Claire Meek, Secretary; Susan Donathan, Treasurer; Mary Horsey, Vice President; Susan Fletcher, President. Student Nurses Association Student Nurses Association is composed of trainees preparing for the University Medical Center in Little Rock. Instructors familiarize the future nurses with their expected activities, as they begin training in the Univer¬ sity’s Medical Center. Offering a split curriculum with two years at the Fayetteville campus and two years at the Medical Center, the nursing school prepares student nurses in both practical knowledge and the newest theories in medicine. First Row: Susan Fletcher, Mary Horsey, Susan Donathan, Anna Claire Meeks, Marilyn Barron, Bette Barnett, Cathey Mail¬ er, Marguerite Engelke. Second Row: Barbara Call, Rose Mary Austin, Carolyn Parks, Mr. Robert Moore, Lola Gardenhire, Bar¬ bara Shull, Leona Parker. 440 Sophomore Council Outstanding freshman women are chosen by Mortar Board each spring and these women compose the Sopho¬ more Council. The Council functions as an orientation committee for the next year’s freshman and assists them in adjustment to University life. Qualifications are lead¬ ership. scholarship, personality, and. above all, patience. First Row: Hudspeth, Clark, Sutherland, McGregor, Williams, Greene, Petree, McKinnon, Grant, McNew, Wickard, Cleveland, Brown, Lehnhard, Smith, Woodruff, Lowe, Best, Jackson. Second Row: Braucher, Franklin. Dunn, Barrow, Sedwick, Trust, Bury, Dunson, Evans, Hemphill, Edwards, Coleman, Adams, Tridor, Juniel, Crowe, Presley, Jenkins. Third Row : Yates, Jenkins, Dyer, Adams, Wahlstrom, Dick, Lindsey, MacDonald, Spotts, Teel, Simpson, Kirby, Patterson, Pedley, Clulow, Lewds. Fourth Row: Johnston, Cole, Eppler, Bretherick, Savage, Cockrill, Meeks, Kendrick, Jerome, Blankenship, Fletcher, Allen, Clark, Newman, Mitchell, Peters, Edrington, Norwood. OFFICERS: Marianne Sutherland, Social Chairman; Betty Clark, Secretary; Charlotte Hudspeth, President. 441 OFFICERS: Rebecca Wasson, Secretary; Marial Hantz, Chairman; Paul Kingsborough, Vice Chairman. Student Union Board The membership of the Student Union Board is composed of the President of Associated Students, the Vice President of AWS, the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women, the Student Union Supervisor, two faculty members chosen by the President of the University, and four elected student members. It is the governing and policy making body of the Student Union. The annual budget for carrying out the program of the Union must be approved by the Board; it also serves in an advisory capacity for the Central Planning Committee. Luncheon meetings are held twice a month. First Row : Paul Kingsborough, Rebecca Wasson, Marial Hantz, Mrs. Malcolm Lawrence, Alan Sugg. Second Row: Patty Payne, Mary Bowden, Sallie Jo Anderson. 442 Student Sophomore Panhellenic Made up of two representatives from each sorority pledge class, the Junior Panhellenic works with the Dean of Women and the Panhellenic Council in regulating and co-ordinating the activities of sorority pledges. This is the first year for this organization, and it was instigated to create greater unity among the pledges, to help them arrange their functions, and to acquaint them with sorority traditions. The officers of this organization are elected by the rotation system fixed on the order the sororities were founded. First Row: Marianne Sutherland, Lynne Grant, Peggy Mc¬ Kinnon, Betty Russell, Patricia Flowers, Judie Presley. Second Row: Mary Ann Evans, Lynn Wilcox, Buell, Lee Johns, Carol Cole, Judy Blankenship. OFFICERS: Betty Russell, Social Chairman; Marianne Suther¬ land, President; Lynne Grant, Secretary; Peggy McKennon, Treas¬ urer; Pat Flowers, Historian. Tau Beta Pi Membership in Tau Beta Pi is the highest scholastic honor any engineering student may hope to attain. Mem¬ bers are selected from the upper fifth of the senior en¬ gineering class, and the upper eighth of the junior class. But these scholastic requirements are not the sole criter¬ ion for membership, members are also chosen for their integrity, interests outside engineering, unselfish acti¬ vity, and adaptability. The nationwide Tau Beta Pi co¬ ordinates the local chapters activities. First Row: Jim Sadler, Charles Yates, Robert Owen, Allen Rose, Bill Heaston, Louie Heerwagen, Jr. Second Row: Richard Blake, Walter Onwiler, Lyman Root, Jim Gadberry, Jere John¬ son, Fred Crum. Third Row: James Atkins, Donald Dallas, Jim Colvert, Roger Dennett, Jim Kimzey, Donald Nutt. OFFICERS: Sitting: Robert Owen, Recording Secretary; Jim Sadler, President; Charles Yates, Vice President. Standing: Allen Rose, Corresponding Secretary; Louie Heerwagen, Cataloguer; Bill Heaston, Treasurer. 443 OFFICERS: Nancy Allen, President; Saundra Carter, Vice Presi¬ dent; Ann McCracken, Secretary; Martha White, Treasurer. Tau Beta Sigma The primary aims of Tau Beta Sigma are the promo¬ tion of musical interests among women members of the University Band. Pledges of it are selected on scholar¬ ship, leadership, and musical ability. Outstanding women of the band make up the membership of this honorary fraternity. Mutual interests and abilities of members tend to promote greater harmony in the band. In many respects, it is the sister fraternity to the honorary society of the men of the band, Kappa Kappa Psi. First Row: Nancy Allen, Saundra Carter, Ann McCracken, Martha White, Wendy Wilson, Kitten Barnett, Linda Roeder. Second Row : Lee Johns, Kay Browne, Susan Gathman, Sara Beauchamp, Mary Lou Whitaker, Susan Fletcher. OFFICERS: Sitting: Mrs. A. W. Martin, Sponsor. Standing : Wil¬ ma Downum, Reporter; Bill Tooley, President; Jo Terrell, Secretary; Ramon Blacklock, Pledge Trainer; Trish Rains, Vice President. Wesley Players Wesley Players is an inter-denominational organiza¬ tion even though it is sponsored by the Methodist Church. Kappa Chapter of the National Society of Wes¬ ley Players was organized on the University of Arkansas in 1931. Membership is open to any student who is interested in producing, acting, or studying religious drama. Some of its activities are plays, readings, skits, a Christmas play, and an Easter pageant. First Row: Mrs. A. W. Martin, Bill Tooley, Trish Rains, Jo Terrell, Ramon Blacklock, Wilma Downum, Ann Edwards, Nora Ford, Barbara Patterson. Second Row: Becky Hawkins, Carol Potter, Warrren Sharp, Linda Underwood, Geraldine Ramsy, Judy Barnett, Linda Park, Mardell Christello. Third Row: Anice Hurst, Kathy Pedley, John Rains, Bill Karch, Cheah Keong Chye, Sheila Jackson, David Wesley Terry, Donna Harrison. Fourth Row: John McGill, Franklin Oler, David Sanders. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation offers a warm Christian atmosphere to all Methodist students on campus and is directly associated with the Methodist church. First Row: Don Franks, Mary Bowden, Elizabeth Brister, Ray¬ mond Dyck, Mrs. A. W. Martin, Mr. A. W. Martin, Virginia Sue Moore, Sheila Jackson. Mardell Christello, Linda Park, Donna Harrison. Nora Ford, Carol Cole, Janita Hoskyn, John Hoskyn. Second Row: Pat Elcan, Ruth Whetstone, Ann Jones, Nancy Fields, Geraldine Ramey, Pat Welti, Margaret Ruth White, Linda Underwood, Mary Ann Stout, Kay Baker, Trish Rains, Ann Edwards, Kathy Pedley, Judy Barnett, Barbara Patterson, Alice Wingfield, Elaine Smith, Holly Hartrick. Third Row : Diane Sallie, Nancy Tilmon, Loralei Glenn, Linda Webb, Mary Lou Whitaker, Anice Hurst, Barbara Call, Becky Hawkins, Wilma Downum, Annetta Brannon, Sally Putnam, Betty Geurin, Barbara Gillum, David Wesley Terry, Ramon Blacklock, Bruce Nether- ton. Fourth Row: Stuart Towns, John Harton, Bob Dickson, Gene Aist, Mike Clayton, C. L. Roy, Jane Morris, Peggy Carter, Jo Terrell. Bill Karch, Bob Yager, John Mays, John Rains, Bill Tooley, David Sanders, Cheah Keong Chye, Gary Campbell, Franklin Oler, Morris Boyd. OFFICERS: Standing: Janita Hoskyn, Secretary; Don Franks, President; Mary Bowden, Vice President; Elizabeth Brister, Sec¬ retary; Raymond Dyck, Treasurer; John Hoskyn, Assistant Di¬ rector. Sitting: Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Martin, Directors. 445 TKA: First Row : Paul Bowie, Hardy Wilcoxon, Milas Hale, Char¬ lotte Petree, Dock Dahlen. Second Row: Arthur Raff, Jr., Ralph Widener, Jr., Phillip Allen. TKA-UFS The University Forensic Society is composed of all the students who come out for debate who are in the upper third of their class and have a 3.00 overall grade point. Tau Kappa Alpha is a national honor forensic fraternity which was founded by six Indiana University students in 1908. It appeared on the University of Ar¬ kansas campus in 1916. The aim of both of these organi¬ zations is effective, intelligent, responsible public speak¬ ing. Intermural debates is one of their projects. First Row : Ralph Widener, Jr., Jimmy Burke, Curtis Rickard. Craig Rains, George Jernigan, Paul Bowie, Charlotte Petree, Ed Dohoney, Mike Clayton. Second Row : Randy Spencer, Richard Jones, Ted Drake, Jerry Franks, Don Schnipper, Stuart Towns, Dick Upton, Richard Rhea. , 446 M Westminster Fellowship The Westminster Fellowship is composed of the Presbyterian students at the University of Arkansas. Through this organization the students take an active part in the church and also pursue an active social life through their building on the campus. The various pro¬ grams of the students are all centered around the pur¬ pose of the Westminster Fellowship which is “To dis¬ cover God’s will for our lives and do it.” First Row : Paul Sabin, Lowell Black, John McGill, Barbara Braly, Carol Lee. Sue Dunson, Mebane Harrison, Carol Potter, Juanita Douglas, Suzanne Coutchie, Elizabeth Ormond. Second Row: Ruth Francis, Shirley Boyd,, Tippy Cravens, Emily Hall, Judy Ritgerod, Betty Gates, Kathlyn Jeffery, Ellen Compton, Sylvia Rich, Charles Orman. Third Row: Ralph Madison, Jr., Roger Wilkerson, Carroll Blakemore, James Capps, Steve Hild, Robert Adams, Warner St. John, Ralph Brown, Fontaine Rich¬ ardson. OFFICERS: Paul Sabin, Disbursing Treasurer; Carol Lee, Secre¬ tary; Barbara Braly, Moderator; Lowell Black, Receiving Treas¬ urer; John McGill, Vice Moderator. W R A Executive Board WRA is governed by the WRA Board. Besides the elected officers, members of the board are the managers of each tournament and the sports manager from each organization. The Women’s Recreational Association seeks to provide for all of the women of the University of Arkansas an opportunity for active participation in healthful recreational activity, and to further leadership training for future Physical Education Teachers. All intermural programs are conducted through WRA, and they distribute medals to winning players and trophies to winning houses. First Row: Gail Knapp, Beverly Wilbourn, Sharon Evans, Sandy Crabtree. Second Row: Judy Edwards, Sally McCune, Ed- wina Fuqua, Julia McCartney. OFFICERS: Beverly Wilbourn, President; Gail Knapp, Secretary. 447 at the sign off the Lion! You get top-quality Lion gasolines with Lionite, the exclusive additive that actu¬ ally supercharges your motor ... naturally- better Naturalube Heavy Duty Motor Oil ... Lion Dependable Lubrication ... and a special kind of courteous, considerate service that assures the best in motoring comfort and safety for you and your family .., when you stop at the Sign of the Lion! Yes, the top-quality products and “good nei ghbor” services offered by friendly Lion Oil dealers help you keep your car running better — longer. So, stop regularly at the familiar Lion sign—you’re always welcome! (SL NON OIL COMPANY • [Monsanto] ® A DIVISION OF MONSANTO CHEMICAL COMPANY II 1 ® EL DORADO, ARKANSAS c 450 Student Index a Abbott, Walter Hoyt: 153, 396 Abbott, Wesley C: 187 Abington, Doc: 125 Abraham, J. Thomas: 153 Acheson, Samuel S: 139,385 Adair, Charles David: 153 Adair, Wm: 139,361 Adams, Carole: 125 Adams, Elizabeth A.: 153, 369 Adams, George Edward: 153 Adams, Gloria Jean: 110 Adams, Jeanette: 125,345 Adams, Kenneth W.: 139, 349 Adams, Lyle Gage: 139,354 Adams, Oliver Lee, Jr.: 125, 350 Adams, Robert F.: 110 Adams, Walter Norman: 139 Addington, John R.: 139 Adkisson, Earl Rodney: 139 Age, Edith Annette: 125 Agha, Faruk: 153,390 Agre, Laura Jo: 110,374 Aikman, Larry Pat: 153,392 Aist, Eugene Hiatt: 153 Akers, James Newell, Jr.: 110,358 Alberty, Joe Paul: 139,357, 388 Albey, Franklin Arlen: 139 Aleman, Rodolfo Ernesto: 153,392 Alexander, Benny: 110,333 Alexander, Elizabeth Ann: 110,374 Alexander, Gene Paul: 139, 358 Alexander, Houston Harry: 110,381 Alexander, John Raymond: 110.395 Alexander, Sharon: 125,353 Allen, Elizabeth Ann: 125, 382 Allen, Gerald Stuart: 139 Allen, Glen D.: 153 Allen, H. Frank: 110 395 Allen, John Owen: 125 Allen, Nancy Kay: 125,391 Allen, Phillip E: 184 Alley, Donna Jean: 139,382 Allum, Michael David: 125, 396 Altemus, Eddie Merle: 125, 362 A1 worth, Betty Jeanne: 110 A1 worth, Lance Dwight: 125,354 Amos, George: 187 Anderson, Alethye Jean: 110,374 Anderson, Carlton Eugene: 1 9 Anderson, Delona Carter: 153 Anderson, Jacquelyn Sue: 110,374 Anderson, James Dean: 139, 385 Anderson, John J: 110,381 Anderson, John P., Jr.: 125, 354 Anderson, Joseph Robert: 153.396 Anderson, Mary Martha: 139.353 Anderson, Nita Jon: 110,374 Anderson, Norman Anthony: 110 Anderson, Owen Arthur: 125.358 Anderson, Ralph Edwin, Jr.: 110 Anderson, Ross, Jr.: 110,395 Anderson, Walter: 125,384 Anderson, William McRee: 153,346 Anderson, W. C.: 139,385 Andrews, Keitha Rhea: 139, 334 Anglin, Lee Roy: 125 Anthony, Beryl Franklin, Jr.: 153,358 Anthony, Charles Augustus: 153 Anthony, John Edwin: 139, 357 Anthony. John Lee: 110,358 Archer, John R.: 153 Archer, Julian P. W.: 153,354 Arenz, Terry Ralph: 153,354 Armstrong, Conrad Glynn: 187.354 Armstrong, Vetal Snowden: 125,361,366 Arnold, James C., Jr.: 139, 385 Arnold, Jim: 125,349 Arnold, John M.: 153,354 Arosemena, Jaime Antonio: 153,385 Arpin, Carol Marcia: 125 Arrington, William Ray: 125 Arthurs, John Lloyd: 125 Arthurs, Judith Ann: 110, 374 Ashbridge, Sydney: 153 Ashby, Doll: 110,374 Ashcraft, Douglas Warner: 125 354 Asher, Gerald Eugene: 187 Ashley, Irvin Ester, Jr.: 153, 330 Atherton, Mary Ann: 153 Atkins, James Bourland: 154 • Atkins, William Robert: 125 Atkison, Melvin Dennis: 125, 385 Atterberry, Philip Ray: 154, 350 Attwood, Dawne Warren: 154 Attwood, Victor Gray: 154, 346 Ault, John Russell: 110 Austin: John Robert: 125, 365 Austin, Linda Jean: 154,387 Austin, Norman Thomas: 110.358 Austin, Rose Mary: 110,391 Austin, Verna Sue: 110,374 Avery, Francis Elma, Jr.: 110,381 Avery, Ronald Edwin: 13S 392 Aycock, Cecil Earl: 125 Axum, Donna Idelle: 110, 374 b Baber, Jerry Walter: 125, 357 Backus, Joe Tom: 125,361 Baggett, Mary: 125 Bagley, Bill: 154 Bagley, Lawrence Hoyt: 154 Bailey, Carol Ann: 125 Bailey, Carol Ann: 125,353 Bailey, Edward Evans: 139, 346 Bailey, Frederic L.: 125 Bain, Barbara Sue: 110,374 Baker, Billy Bert: 187 Baker, Betty Jean: 110,374 Baker, Calvin Philip: 187 Baker, Diane: 139,334 Baker, Frankie Lynn: 154, 338 Baker, Jerry Eugene: 139, 354 Baker, Kay: 110,374 Baker, Phil Earl: 139 Baker, Shirley Naomi: 125 Baker, Virginia Lou: 139 Balay, Patricia Diane: 110, 374 Balch, Ralph Elias: 187 Baldwin, Gail: 139 Baldwin, Ronald Courtney: 125,396 Baldwin, William Sydney: 139,354 Ball. Dale, Jr.: 125 Ball, Hobie Burrow: 110,346 Baltz, Nancy Jane: 154 Baltz, Richard Bruce: 187 Banks, Charles Martin: 110 Banks, Johnnie Sue: 187 Barber, David Glen: 139 390 Barbour, Benny J.: 154 Bardick, Bill C.: 154 Barham, Becky: 125,345 Barham, Brenda: 110 374 Barham, Tom B.: 125,381 Barlow. Bob: 110,362 Barnard, Lewis Allen: 154, 357 Barnes. Barbara: 125,382 Barnes, Fred Ewing: 110,361 Barnes, R. Bruce: 125 Barnett, Bette Bonita: 110, 374 Barnett, Don Clark: 139.396 Barnett. Eugene Hendrix, Jr.: 139 Barnett, James David: 154, 390 Barnett, Judy: 125,393 Barnett. Kitten: 125.338 Barnett, Ortus Webb, Jr.: 139 Barnette. Jon Hall: 154 Barnette, Lynne: 110 374 Barnhill. Nancy: 125,334 Bams, William Dogan: 154, 392 Barnum. Carol: 139,393 Bamwel, George Morgan: 139,350 Barrett. Barbara: 154 Barnett, Edith Mae: 186 Bareet. Royce M.: 139.358 Barrick, Shirley Ann: 154, 393 Barron, Carol: 125.393 Barron, Marcelia Bent: 187 Barron, Marilyn Louise: 110, 391 Barrow, Patti: 125,337 Barrows, Gale Botkin: 139, 345 Bartlett, Linda Jean: 110, 374 Barton, Margaret Ann: 139, 329 Bass, James Winfred. 110, 381 Bass, Mary Martha: 139,387 Bass, Robert W.: 125,350 Bass, Terence Patrick: 139 Bassett, Glendon Wayne: 154 Bassham, James arry: 110, 395 Battreal, Paul Warren: 154, 392 Bauer, Joe Vance. 110 Baugh, Bill Frederick: 125. 349 Baugh, Lewis Fletcher: 139, 354,388 Baughn, Tommy Mack: 139, 396 Baxley, Alfred Leo, Jr.: 154, 342 Baxter, Ronald Dean: 110 Baxter, William Herman: 154 Beachem, Neil Edgar: 139 Beam, Billy O.: 125 Beard, Beau Browning: 110, 395 Beasley, Edwina Bess: 110, 374 Beattie, Tony R.: 110,395 Beauchamp, Ashley: 110 Beauchamp, Charles Alan: 125 Beauchamp, Sara Roberta: 125,387 Beaver, Elizabeth Cobb: 110, 374 Beaver, Laura Virginia: 139 Beavers, Charles: 125,358 Beazely, Virginia Leigh: 110,374 Beck, Carl T.: 125 Beck, Raymond Louis: 139 Becker, Betty: 187 Beckham, William Dwight: 110 Beebe, Charles Milo: 110 154,384 Belknap, James Eugene: Bell, Charles Fay: 139,362 Bell, Charles Wayne: 125, 390 Bell, Evelyn Frances: 125 Bell, Joe D.: 125,346 Bell, Larry Wayne: 126 Bell, Owen Jackson: 110,395 Bell, Richard L.: 126,341 Bell, Robert Aylmer: 139, 361 Bellamy, Martha: 110,374 Bennett, Brian Stwart: 110 Bennett, Howard Waite, Jr.: 110,326 Bennett, Richard L.: 186 Bennett, Robert Lewis: 126 Bennett, William Dan: 139, 342 Benson, Marian Virginia: 319 Benston, Orlando Joel: 110, 395 Bentley, Alice Ann: 110,374 Bentley, James Earl: 139 Bequette, Curtis Jackson: 110 Berg, Robert Francis: 110 Berger, Arthur Louis: 154 Berger, George A.: 154 330 Bernard, Steve B.: 154,346 451 Berry, James Bussell: 154 Berry, Robert Miles: 154,362 Besancon, Charles Eugene, Jr.: 110 Bessenbacher, Joe Charles. 139 Best, Roberta Jo: 126,337 Bethel, Mary Eloise: 139,382 Beutelschies, Carl Edward: 126,392 Biggs, Leonard R.: 154,384 Bird, Carolyn Jean: 139 Bird, Edward Eugene: 154 Bird. Judith Elizabeth: 110, 374 Bishop, Nina Jane: 110,374 Bishop, Roy Glenn: 110 Bittick, Carol Beth: 154,337 Bivens, Felix Jr.: 154 Bjornsdottir, Frida: 186,382 Black, Eddie Dinsmore: 139 Black, Gary Doyle: 126,384 Black, Jerry Dale: 154 385 Black, Lowell Lynn: 155 Blackburn, James Robert: 110,381 Blackburn, William David: 139,396 Blacklock, Ramon Lee: 155, 384 Blackman, Carl D.: 139 Blackmon, James Franklin: 110 Blackstock, Charles Edward: 110 Blackston, Bobby Frank: 330 Blair, Ronald J.: 155 396 Blake, Billy Dean: 140 Blake, Doilus Dwayne: 140 Blake, John Joseph: 140 jf ortraits b i Moncrief STUDIOS 316 N. U niversity FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Phone: HI Merest 2-7467 Member Professional Photographers of America Inc. Blakemore, Carroll Fairfax: 126,333 Blankenship, Joseph Rayburn, Jr.: 126 333 Blankenship, Judith Evelyn: 126,337 Blankenship, Kenneth Lynn:111 Blankenship, Koehler August: 140 358 Blankenship, Thomas William: 111,358 Blasingame, John Wade: 155,354,388 Blasingame, Rex B.: 126 Blaylock, Janice Dee: 126, 387 Bledsoe, Norman Grell: 111, 365 Bleidt, Elois O’Dell: 140,337 Blevins, Lawrence Charles: 111,362 Blossom, Gail: 126,334 Blythe, Billy B.: 140 Boatman, Bob R,: 155 Bodishbaugh, C. Conlee: 126,358 Bogan, Norris Gayle: 155 Bogle, Arietta Detonne: 155, 382 Bohannan,, Larry Clinton: 126,396 Bolison, John Stewart: 140. 396 Bolding, Darrell M.: Ill Bolding, Robert William Lee: 111,381 Bolen, Florence Marie: 111, 374 Bolin, Clarence Allen: 140, 396 452 Bolin, James Donald: 111 Boling, Allen Steven: 111 Bolinger, Mary Nell: 140 Bolland, Gene C.: 140,384 Bond, Katharine Anne: 140, 334 Bone, James Porter: 111 Bonewell, Dorithy Ellen: 111,374 Bonner, Claude M.: 140,341 Bonner, Jimmy Darrell: 140, 361 Booher, Jimmie Lee: 140 Boone, Joe C.: 184 Boone, Paul Daniel: 155 Booth, Carlene Sue: 111 Boothe, Donald Lynn: 111, 357 Bordsen, Richard Vincent: 155 Borg, Robert Vernon: 140, 390 Borman, Vivki Jo: 111,374 Borum, Lynda Beth: 140,338 Boss, Ora Lee: 155,354 Bostian, David Thomas: 155, 384 Bostic, Nancy Kay: 155,334 Boutwell, Jerry Dean: 187 Bowden, Mary Gibson: 155, 369 Bowen, Gerald: 155,354 Bowen, illis H.: 155 Bowers, Sandra Louise: 140, 338 Bowie, Charles Paul: 126,346 Bowles, Ann Leinn: 111,374 Bowles, Richard J.: Ill Bowling, Jimmie Lee: 140 Bowman, Alice Anne: 126, 334 Bowman, Cornelia Price: 140 Bowman, Jeanne: 126,345 Bowman, Jim Carroll, III: Bowman, M. Celeste: 111 381 Box, Richard William: 155 Boyd, Carolyn Janet: 111, 354 Boyd, Frances G.: 140 Boyd, Joe David: 111 Boyd, Robert Stanley: 155, 349 Boyd, Shirley Jane: 155,387 Boyer, homas Edward: ill, 354,388 Boyer, William Paul, Jr.: 126,330 Boyette, Hal Wade: 126,381 Boyette, John E.: 140 Bracy, Calvin McRae: 126 Bracy, Lewis Fletcher: 155 Bradford, Linford: 126 Bradley, Alan Meredith: 155 Bradley, Grace Waggoner: 155 Bradley, James E.: 155 Bradney, Marvin F.: 155,341 Brady, John Phillip: 155 Brady, William Bradley: 111,354 Bragg, Kay: 140,353 Bragg, Linda: 140,345 Braly, Barbara Ann: 156,334 Bramhall, Jane Smith: 187 Bramhall, Thomas Muldrew: 184 Brannon, Annetta: 126,382 Brannan, Robert Clark: 126 Brantley, David Myers: 111, 357 Action and a possible bloody mess threatened both blade wielders and front row spectators in the play, lady Precious Stream ' . Fayetteville ' s Newest Variety Store WALTON’S East Side of Square Phone 2-9652 453 4- " ' " MUI t r s - ■ ' ,. | ?j x 1v 1 r ■ " " : tT5s w « itz Z Mi v ►•♦ ; r « |M |9 i i£i§l Kmr ' i », ' j ' - " « , »rx» Brasfield, Ken: 156,350 Bratton, William Douglas: 111 Bray, Kay Karolyn: 140,334 Brazil, Charles C.: 126,390 Brazil, James D.: 111,381 Breese, Charles F.: 140,390 Bretherick, Dolly: 126,334 Brewer, Chris Edward: 156 Brewer, James Edward: 126 Brewer, Gene Wilson: 140, 396 Brewer, Sharon Kay: 126, 382 Brewer, William Morgan, III: 111,350 Brewington, William Iven: 156 Brewster, Jimmie Autry: 156 Brickey, Frances Jo: 111,391 Bridenthal, Sara Lee: 140, 329 Bridenthal, Zoe Ann: 126, 329 Bridgers, Clifford Wm., Jr.: 156.357 Bridgforth, Joe Keith: 126, 365 Bridgforth, William Cecil: 126.357 Bridgman, Stanley Dale: 126 Brigance, Jimmie Lou: 140, 369 Briggs, Porter: 126,346 Briggs, William Cliffton: 156 Bright, Elizabeth: 140,393 Briley, James L.: 156 Brink, Peggy Ann: 126,391 Brinkley, Otis T.: 126 Brister, Elizabeth Ross: 140 Britt, Edgar Eads: 111,381 Brittain, Charles Aubrey: 126,390 Broaddus, Barbara Beth: 111,374 Brocchus, Robert F.: 126,342 Brodie, Ralph Gray: 126,388 Bromley, William Richard: 156.361 Bronson, Waldo Glen: 126 Brookhart, Morris Virgil: 140 Brooks, Betty Allen: 126 Brooks, Bob Rowe: 126 Brooks, Howard Leroy: 156, 330 Brooks, Jackie Glynn: 140, 390 Brooks, Richard L., Jr.: 156, 390 Broomas, Fotine: 156 Brotherton, George Carroll: 156 Brown, Bernadine: ill Brown, Betty Kate: 126,353 Brown, Byron D., Jr.: 140 Brown, David Reed: 140,396 Brown, Elvin Dale: 111 Brown, Forrest Glynn: 126 Brown, Gary Dean: 111,388 Brown, Gerald Richard: 187 Brown, Guy Eastman, III: 126.362 Brown, Jackie R.: 156 Brown, Judy Isabelle: 111 Browm, James Marvin: 111, 395 Brown, Larry Gene: 126,358 Brown, Luther Ernest: 156 Brown, Milton David: 111, 349 Brown, Ralph Preston, Jr.: 111,381 Brown, Rex Bennett: 156 Brown, Robert Duane: 126 Brown, Wm. Kenneth: 156 Brownd, Joseph Eugene: Browne, Barbara Aynes: 156,369 Browne, Lloyd Eugene: 187 Broyles, Berry: 156,346 Brumley, Ronnie Bland: 156 Bruton, William Kemper, Jr.: 111,333 Bryan, Barbara Jean: 126, 369 Bryant, James Edward: 156 Bryant, Merle Franklin: 140 Bryant, Morgan Bennette: Bryniarski, Teresa Rose: 111,374 Bryson, Edward Barham: 126,362 Bubblis, Frank Willard: 187, 365 Buchanai Martha Sue: 111, 374 Buck, Troy Wayne: 156 Buckley, J. O.: 111,357 Buckner, Charles S., Jr.: 126,385 Buell, Connie: 156,337 Buerkle, Suzanne Margareta: 156,334 Buffalo, Edwiard Joseph Lemont, Jr.: 184,396 Buffington, Jack Eugene: 156,333 Bufford, Lynn Searcy: 140, 329 Buie, Marion: 140,346 Bullington, Edwin Huey: 187,350 Bullion, Brenda: 140,345 Bullock, Mary Gale: 156,353 Bullock, Robert W.: 126,362 Bullock, William R.: 184 Bump, Charles Freddie: 111 Bumpass, Charles Stephen: 111.326 Bunpass, Dudley Max, II: 140.326 Burchett, Ronald Denny: 126 Burchfield, Franklin Delano: 184 Burgess, Edward Lee: 140 Burgess, Tommy Wayne: 126 Burke, Jimmy Franklin: 140,396 Burkes, Lionel S.: 156 Burks, Milton James: 156 Burks, Roy K.: 126 Burks, Willard Reppard: 156,354 Burnett, Charles David: 111, 349 Burnett, Georgia Louise: 156,338 Burnett, James Oliver: 126, 354 Burnett, John L.: 156,358 Burns, Michael Dean: 111 Burnside, Margaret Nola: 140,329 Burrough, John M.: 187,349 Burroughs, Odis Robert: 126,392 Burson, Dennis Allen, Jr.: 156 King ' Farouk ' Cross of Xi poses with members of his harem before boat leaves for Slobovia, land of three nudes and a polaroid. CROCKETT ' S FOR MEN ' Fayetteville ' s Finest ' COLONY SHOP FAYETTEVILLE ' S SMARTEST NEW DRESS SHOP 5 455 In Fayetteville Its CAMPBELL-BELL for Authentic Razorback Apparel Phone 2-7371 Trademark Reg. U.S. Patent Office West Side Square 456 Burt, Alice Irene: 111,374 Burt, James Gordon: 111,381 Burton, Bobby Lee: 111 Burton, David Owen: 157, 365 Burton, Emily Owens: 157 Burton, Mary Linda: 111,374 Bury, Coretta Jane: 140,369 Bury, Nancy Eileen: 126,369 Busby, Dixie Lee: 126 Bush, Jim Robert: 140,346 Bush, Richard D.: 111,396 Bushmiaer, Jim Edwin: 157 Bushmiaer, William Dickey: 111,362 Busick, Michael F.: Ill Bussell, Jean Marie: 157,345 Butler, Bill: 111,357 Butler, Danny Joe: 126 Butler, M Tucker: 126,353 Butler, Margaret Vesta: 111, 374 Butler, Richard Colburn: 184 Butler, Steve Arnold: 140, 388 Buttram, Ray: 157 Byars, Joe Dan: 126,362 Byers, Jerry Don: 140.396 Byers, Margo Ann: 112,374 Byram, Thomas James: 140, 341 Byrd, Coetta E.: 157 Byrd, David Gordon: 157 Byrn, Charlotte Hampton: 112,374 Byrne, Donn Howard: 126, 361 Byroade, G. Ashton: 157 c Caddell, Donald Lee: 140 Cadenhead, Diane: 112,374 Cadwell, Anabeth: 112,374 CaHail, Betty Diane: 157, 345 Cain, Carolyn Ann: 126,337 Cain, Richard Michael: 112, 361 Caldarera, Bernard Michael: 112,388 Caldwell, Creed, Jr.: 140 Calhoon, Jan Keith: 140,354 Calhoun, Hall McCoy: 140 Calhoun, Lela Mary: 112,374 Calico, Zula Lee: 140 Call, Barbara Anne: 112 374 Callahan, Betty Lea: 126,382 Callahan, Michael James: 157 Callaway, Juidth: 157,369 Callaway, Thomas Rankin: 126,346 Calyo, Jose Ramon: 157 Calvo, Jose Rogelio: 157,396 Camarata, Jim Stanley: 157, 354 Campbell, Betty Carol: 112, 374 Campbell, Charles Larry: 157 Campbell, Darrell Duane: 140 Campbell, Doyle Ray: 140, 341 Campbell. Gai] Mignon: 1 i2, 374 Campbell, Gary W.: 126,366, 381 Campbell, John William: 157,390 Campbell, Lannis E., Jr.: 112,381 Campbell, Larry Allen: 126, 392 Campbell, Lonnie D.: 126 WHEELER’S DRIVE-IN Downtown Dickson WE DELIVER-TELETRAY SERVICE DIAL 2-8244 Bringing The Best - Closest The Campus U-Ark Center Phone 2-4392 HUNT ' S Nationally Known Brands at Popular Prices Campbell, Phyllis Carol: 140,391 Campbell, Rob Roy: 127 Campbell, Trula Ann: 112, 374 Campster, George Robert, Jr:. 127 Canine, Gene Ray: 140.387 Canine, Susan Preston: 112, 374 Cannon, Samuel Lee: 112 Cantrell, Peggy Bess: 140 Capers, Connie: 127,369 Caperton, Ruth Ann: 157, 338 Caple, Vinus C.: 157 Capps, James Austin: 127, 381 Carder, David Reed: 140,354, 388 Cardin, David W.: 127,326 Carlson, Nora Alice: 112,374 Carlton, Jerry Dale: 127,388 Carmack, Billie Jo: 157,337 Carmack, John Anthony, Jr.: 157,349 Carman, Gerald Eugene: 140,354 Carner, Deanna L.: 157,329 Carr, Leo Carlton: 157 Carroll, Garry: 127,361 Carroll, Nancy D.: 186 Carson, Donna M.: 140,382 Carson, James William: 140 Carter, Billy Gene: 140,358 Carter, Carolyn Nell: 140, 393 Carter, Charles William: 112,342 Carter, Donna Ellen: 140,338 Carter, Harold Phillip: 112 Carter, Jerry Carrol: 157 Carter, Judy Gail: 140,329 Carter, Kelly Moss: 157 Carter, Odell Clifton: 184 Carter, Peggy Ann: 112 Carter, Robert P.: 158,365 Carter, Thomas Allen: 140 Carter, William Byars: 127 Casey, William Norman: 140.390 Castleberry, Kenneth H.: 112.357 Castleberry, Stephen Lorn: 141.357 Castling, Michael Clayton: 112,388 Cate, Bill Norris: 127,350 Cate, Paul David: 158 Cathey, William Gary: 112 Cato, Ed E.: 112,381 Caton, James Gordon: 141, 396 Causbie, Rosalie: 158,382 Causey, Lynda Lou: 112 Causey, Paul Raymond: 141, 349 Causey, Rhode Blanchard: 112 Cavaneau, Jerry Winston: 112,381 Cavaness, Kerry L.: 112 Cazort, John Lee: 127 Cearley, Norma Carolyn: 112,374 Chadick, James H.: 127,357 Chaffin, Charlie Cole: 158 Chaffin, Sammy Levon: 187 Chaffin, Thomas Lafayette: 158 Chalfant, Clarence Elbert: 141.390 Chambers, William Dow, Jr.: Chambless, Camelia Ann: 141 Chamlee, William Don: 158 Chandler, Lindsay N.: 158, 365 Chaney, Ila Jean: 127 Chaney, James R.: 158,362 Chaney, Robert Cheathum: 187 Chapman, Stanley Lane: 127 Chapman, William Philio, III: 127 Charlton, James Sherwood: 112 Chase, Larry Jean: 112 Chastain, James Sidney: 158,365 Chastain, James W.: 127 Cheah, Keong Chye: 186 Cheatham, Larry Lynn: 112, 395 Cheatham, Sue: 158,369 Cheney, Stephen E.: 112,395 Chesley, Charles Clyde: 112, 395 Chesley, Harold Everett: 158,365 Childers, Lynda Sue: 112, 374 Childs, Jerry Paul: 184,354 Childs, William Ves: 187 Chitwood, Jerry Don: 141 Chi vers, Judith Anne: 141, 329 Christello, Mardell Alice: 158,387 Christian, David Edward, Jr.: 141 Christian, Jerald Dee: 158 Chunn, Ronald Wayne: 127, 396 Cicuta, Johnny Ovan: 112, 381 Cina, Nancy Elizabeth: 112, 374 Cina, Susan Arden: 127,329 Cisneros, Raul Rogelio: 158 Cissell, Michael Eugene: 127,346,388 Clanton, Quinten David: 158 C lardy, Edwin Kelly: 187 Clark, Betty A.: 127,353 Clark, Charles Markham: 141,385 Clark, Don Richard: 112 Clark, Jo Ellen: 127,345 Clark, Larry Castel: 141,346 Clark, Ruby May: 158 Clark, Thomas D.: 112,381 Clark, William Ken: 127 Clarkson, Jerry L.: 141 Clay, Paul Eugene: 158,342 Clayton, Larry Lynn: 127 Clayton, Mike Rowe: 141, 388 Clayton, Paul Calvin: 141 Clegg, Donald L.: 127 Cleveland, Ellen Frances: 127,353 Cleveland, James Edgar: 127 Clifford, Nikiata: 112,374 Clinehens, M. Carolyn: 127, 369 Clinehens, Rema Mary: 141 Clingan, Joseph Raymon: 112,395 Clinton, Dan: 158 Cloer, James Richard: 127 Clubbs, Bennett Alexander: 112,361 Cluck, Evelyn Eutonia: 158, 338 Clulow, Connie Jean: 127, 345 Clyburn, Howard Larry: 127,365 Clyne, Carl William: 112 PHONE L-6216 62V W DICKSON IflJaUpreeit efltfenc j. DRUG STORE 458 Frantic Frank Broyles, views the Razorbacks in action, kick¬ ing up dirt with his foot, minutes before his shirt comes out. McILROY BANK ' Oldest Bank in Arkansas ' 1871-our 90th Year—1960 Complete Bank and Motor Bank Service For Students and Faculty ★ Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Always The Best In Fayetteville The Mountain Inn Hotel Phone 2-7377 Razorback editor sent photographer Rushing on an assignment to the date call rush; anyway, it ' s a beautiful shot of a light. RANDELLE, INC. 149 Church Street 1 New York 7, N.Y. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS for the 1960 RAZORBACK TRADITIONALLY BETTER YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHS ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE FOR FUTURE ORDERS 460 Coan, John K : 127,357 Cobb, John Phillip: 112,350 Cobun, Bonnie Jane: 141 Cochran, Doye Rex: 141 Cockerham, Evelyn Elise: 158,338 Cockrill, Rebecca (Becky): 127 334 Coe, William C.: 112,350 Coe, William Paul: 112 Cofer, Kenneth D.: 112 Cofer, Larry Wilson: 141,395 Coffman, George Kirby: 112, 354 Coffman, Mary Portia: 112, 393 Cogdell, J. David: 112 395 Coger, Charles Edward: 127 Coggs, Helen V.: 112 Coiner, Ronald E.: 141,390 Coker, Jack Barnett: 127, 358 Colclasure, Joe Barrett: 112 357 Colclasure, Ronald D.: 127 Cole, Arthur H.: 112,381 Cole, Carol Lisbeth: 158 391 Cole, Joe Charles: 127,350 Cole, Robin Lee: 127,369 Cole, Sarah A.: 158 Cole, U. Carol: 127,337 Coleman, Barbara Allen: 127,345 Coleman, Jerry L.: 127,350 Coleman Jo: 127,393 Collett, Kay Gentry: 112 Collier, Carl M.: 112,361 Collier, Curtis: 141,365 Collier, Gloria Jane: 158,353 Collier, James Richard: 158, 358 Collier, Tonies William: 141. 362,388 Collins, Bryan G.: 141 Collins, Fred Clinton. 112 Collins, James Samuel Arthur: 141 Colvert, James Harvey: 158 354,366 Colvert, Lundy Ray: 141 Colvin, Carroll Prowse: 158 Combs, Benny Albert: 112 Combs, George Donald: 187 Combs, Shirley Frances: 112 Combs, Sidney Lou: 112 Comfort, Carole M.: 141,382 Comley, Jim William: 112 Compton, Edra Ann: 112,374 Compton, Ellen Kay: 158, 337 Compton, Lynn: 112,374 Cone, Larry Charles: 112, 342 Conery, Elizabeth Ann: 127, 338 Congour, Patricia Sue: 112 Conine, Charles Barton: 112 Conley, Suzanne: 158,329 Connell, John David: 141, 362 Connell, Mary B.: 127 337 Conner, William Longley: 112 Connor, John Paul: 127 Cook, Davey Lee: 158 Cook, Doyle L.: 158 Cook, Janie: 112,374 Cook, John Paul: 127 Cook, Lynda Lou: 127,345 Cook, Martha Dale: 127 353 Cook, Sandra Elaine: 127, 345 Strange wierd-like creatures of the sculpture room in the Fine Arts Building, often had no-heads and ones with heads, often had no bodies. Fayetteville ' s Leading Hardware Store — LEWIS BROTHERS 1 S Block Phone 2-8246 More People Ride on Goodyear Tires — Than any other kind GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 40 E. Center - Fayettevi I le - Phone 2-6222 4(il THE CROSSETT COMPANY Makers of Paper, Lumber, Charcoal and Chemicals — All From Managed Forests CROSSETT, ARKANSAS Pi Phi Marian Moore tells Santa that she has been a good girl all year; Santa tells her that he has too, but maybe they both have wrong idea. HOTEL ARKANSAS Northwest Arkansas ' Newest Finest " Center of the Ozark Resorts " Rogers, Arkansas —FREE PARKING — Fire Proof Air Conditioned Cooksey, James Keith: 127 Cooley, Eldon Dickey: 127, 357 Cooper, Ellen Gail: 127,345 Cooper, Ernest Harper: 127, 361 Cooper, Henry Lee: 141 Cooper, Jo Ann: 127,353 Cooper, Lysle M.: 141 Cooper, Rebecca Borum: 113.374 Cooper, Terry Bill: 127,392 Cooper, Thomas To well: 158 Corbell, Carroll Edward: 141,385 Corbin, Donald Louis: 141, 357 Cordes, Martha Jewell: 158 Core, Henry Mac: 127,361 Core, Mary Louise: 113,374 Coston, Morris L.: 159,396 Cotton, Delano Talbert: 113, 362 Couch, Kyle William: 141 Coulter, Martha Neal: 127, 387 Counts, Kathryn Frances: 113 Courtney, David Wayne: 128 Courtney, James Clifton: 141 Coutchie, Suzanne Gay: 113, 374 Cowger, Vivian Ann: 141, 369 Cox, David Allen: 128,358 Cox, Donald Edward: 113 Cox, Judy: 113,374 Cox, Mary Caroline: 128,334 Cox, Nancy Katherine: 141, 369 Cox, Ronald Oliver: 141,385 Crabtree, James H.: 159,384 Crabtree, Joyce Mae: 128, 369 Crabtree, Sandra Kay: 113, 374 Crafton, Thomas William: 159 Craig, Lytle H.: 159 Craig, Robert Earl: 141 Craig, Sloan Oliver: 113,342 Crain, Larry Paul: 113,354 Crain, William Steve: 128, 365 Crane, Elizabeth: 141.337 Cravens, Margaret Tippett: 113.374 Crawford, Guy Ed: 159,396 Crawford, J. Owen: 113,349 Crawford, John Ashley: 159, 346 Creekmore, Carl K.: 113 Crider, Michael Don: 113 Crisp, Robert M.: 128,350 Crittenden, Patty Waugh: 159 Cromwell, Mildred: 128.353 Crone, Patricia Susan: 113, Cross, Beverly Ann: 159,338 Cross, Beverly Ann: 159,338 Cross, Clay Rice: 113,395 Cross, William Hiram: 141, 346 Crouch, Corky C.: 113 Crouse, Jerry L.: 128 Crow, Alfred Leon: 141 Crow, Patrick O.: 187 Crowe, Signa Louise: 128, 334 Crowell, David Nathan: 141, 350 Crudup, Beverly Holt: 159 Crum, Fred Stovall: 159,392 Crum, Roger Clark, Jr.: 159, 330 Crumpaeker, David Eugene: 113 Crumpler, Claude Bailey, Jr.: 184 Crumpler, Joe Bailey, Jr.: 141.361 Cruse, Martha Nell: 141,337 Crutchfield, Nancy: 113,374 Crutcher, Frankie Lee: 141 Cullum, Sherman D.: 159 Culp, Gary: 128,326 Culp, John Everett, Jr.: 141, 385 Culp, Robert E.: 141,349 Culwell, Martha Jo: 128,369 Cummings, Jean Estelle: 113,374 Cummins, Billy H : 159 366 Cupples, Carol Ann: 128,382 Cupps, Samuel Walter: 141 Curtis, Caroline: 128,334 Curtis, Elizabeth Jeanette: 141 Curtis, Sandra Sue: 113,374 Cusick, John Howard: 141 Cypert, Donna Kaye: 128 d Dace, Donald F.: 159 Da Gama, Alice Spinola: 187 Dahlke, Milton M.: 141,341 Dahl, Gerald Leroy: 128,365 Dahlen, Dick: 141,381 Dailey, John Rex: 159 Daily, Lawrence Raymond: 113 Dale, Cecil R.: 141,396 Dale, Johnny Wayne: 128 Dale, Norman Wayne: 128 Daley, Robert James: 128, 396 Dallas, Donald M.: 159,366 Dallas, Robert Lewis: 113, 395 Dalton, Gary Thomas: 113, 395 Dalzell, Joseph Warren: 113 Damon, Emily Sue: 159,345 Dangeau, Pat: 159, 329 D’Angelo, Jose Alejandro: 187 Daniel, Elizabeth Doll: 128, 353 Daniel, James Newton, Jr.: 159.361 Daniel, Richard L., Jr.: 128, 354 Daniel, Wayne Edmond: 159,365 Daniels, Darleen Hope: 141, 387 Daniels, Jim L.: 142 Daniels, Roland Lewis: 113 Darby, Virginia Ann: 142, 345 Darnell, John E.: 142,354 Daugherty, Becky: 128,337 Daugherty, Phillip Wayne: 128,381 Daulton. Diana: 113,374 David, Larry Gene: 159,385 Davidson, Jerry Dale: 142 Davis, Billy Leon: 128,396 Davis, Boyce R.: 142 Davis, Charles Monroe: 128 Davis, Cliff Tanner: 159,349 Davis, Daniel Patrick: 113 Davis, Donald Duain: 142 Davis, Dwight Edward: 142, 341 Davis, George Vernon: 159, 341 Davis, Gerald Lester: 159 Davis, Herbert Victor: 160, 390 Daivs, Jackie Lee: 160 Daivs, James Robert: 113, 362 Davis, Karl T.: 113,381 Bob ' Darrow ' Dawson proposes the Board of Publications ' proposal for the reorganization of the Traveler. It unanimously passed the Student Senate and was unanimously defeated by a faculty committee. THE METCALFE RECORD SHOP 628 West Dickson Street FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS CLINEHEN ' S FAYETTEVILLE DRUG The only drug store on the square Ph. HI 2-7345 463 VERSATILE? YES! AND IT ' S KEEPING PACE WITH PROGRESS -LP-GAS! When in need of the world ' s most versatile fuel, call your local lique¬ fied petroleum dealer. His LP-Gas twins, butane and propane, are ready to go anywhere, any day, most every way. For information on the wonders of liquefied petroleum gas, write: ARKANSAS LP-GAS ASSOCIATION, INC. Hotel LaFayette • Little Rock, Ark. bob’s of fayetteville distinctive portraiture 18 north block Fayetteville dial 2-4782 I960 RAZORBACK OFFICIAL BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE Miss Suzi Jackson — Miss Arkansas 464 Davis, Kenneth Bruce, Jr.: 128,358 Davis, Lawrence Arnette: 188 Daivs, M. Ronald: 113 Davis, Margaret Ann: 142, 353 Davis, Mary Jo: 160 Davis, Mary Louisa: 160,329 Davis, O wand a Faye: 128, 391 Davis, Rhesa Winfred: 113, 395 Davis, Richard Harding, Jr.: 142,346 Davis, Samuel L.: 160 Davis, Sarah Jane: 128,382 Davis, Sidney Parker, Jr.: 184 Dawson, Alfred Bobby: 142 Dawson, Hugh Robin: 188 Dawson, Robert T.: 160,354 Dean, Carl A.: 128 Dean, Marilyn Gay: 160 369 Dean, Saundra Darace: 128, 382 Dearien, John As tor, Jr.: 113,381 Deason, Ronald Layne: 128, 390 Deere, J. W.: 128 Dehan, Sonja: 142,369 Dekker, Donald Neal: 160, 333 Delezen, Jeff Russell: 128, 390 Delozier, Ronald Keith: 160 Denham, Edward Chapline: 160 Dennett, Roger D.: 160 Dennis, Carole Jean: 113 Dennis, Cecil Watson, Jr.: 113,381 Dennis, Jim: 142,350 Dentner, Richard Ottis: 160 Denton, Judy Ellen: 160.334 Depraz, Marie-Claude: 186, 387 Dermott, Jon Alan: 142,361, 388 Derning, Susanne Ellen: 142 382 Destler, Delia: 113,374 Dew, Cynthia Ann: 160,345 Deweese, Don B.: 128 DeWitt, Oita Jo: 160 Dial, Patricia Anne: 128,382 Dick, Carolyn Gail: 128,369 Dickens, Ray: 128 Dickens, Tappy: 160,345 Dickerson, Harold Kenneth: 142 Dickey, Jay Woodson: 142, 357 Dickinson, Richard P.: 160 Dickson, John Fort: 113,381 Dickson, Robert H., Ill: 113, 381 Diebold, L. A. “Buddy”, Jr.: 142,354 Diffee, James Ray: 160,358 Dilday, Robert Henry: 128 Dill, Katherine Sue: 142,391 Dillahunty, Doyle Ray: 142 Dillard, Kathryn Ann: 113, 374 Dingledine, Donald Carl: 128 Dishongh, Derek Earl: 128 Dobbins, James Francis: 142,342 Dobbs, Melvin Bruce: 113, 381 Dodd, David G.: 128 Dodd, Delwin Earl: 142 Dodson, Diane: 188 Dohoney, Edmund Luther: 113,361 Dollins, Jerry Morris: 160, 354 Donaldson, Bob: 113 Donaldson, Ralph Wesley: 113,381 Donat, Anthony Donald: 142 Donathan, Susan Kay: 113, 374 Domelson, Samuel O’Donnell: 160 Donnell, Billy Carl: 128,365 Donnell, Hugh Lee: 142 Doolin, Judith Jo: 142 369 Dorland, Eldridge Douglass: 128 Dortch, Georgia Louise: 128, 345 Doshier, Suzanne: 113,374 Doughty, Daniel A. 113,395 Douglas, Elizabeth Juanita: 113,393 Douglas, John Marion: 128 Douglass, Wayne Lee: 113, 395 Doup, Herbert Carlton: 186 Dowell, Mary Clare: 142,334 Dowell Walter Anthony, III: 160,346 Downs, Garry Eugene: 128 Downum, Wilma Carol: 142, 382 Dozier, Duncan Thomas: 160 Drach, Richard Lee: 128 Drake, Ted Norton: 128,357 Drake, Thomas Edward: 142,349 Drew, Marye Philia: 160,369 Dryer, Nancy Carol: 128,382 Dubbell, David Wilson: 128, 350 Duckett, ames M.: 142,349 Dudley, George Christopher: 113,381 Dudley, Patricia Ann: 142, 382 Dunaway, Harlin Don: 113 Dunaway, Janice Lucille: 113,391 Duncan, Barbara Anita: 113, 374 Dunlavy, Betty Sue: 128, 337 Dunlavy, Mildred Glee: 113 Dunn, Ginger Ann: 128,382 Dunn, Jon Michael: 160,358 Dunn, Linda Anne: 128,369 Dunnahoe, Hughie: 142 Dunson, Sue Ellen: 128 334 Durbin, Frances Elaine: 128, 391 Durham, Jane: 142,337 Durham, Jim Hampson: 160 Durham, Linda LaRue: 160, 369 Duschl, Elinor: 142,353 Duskin, Betty Ann: 128 Duty, James Andrew: 128 Duty, Susan Dubbell: 160 DuVall, DeAnne: 113,374 Duvall, Freddie Ellis: 160 DuVall, Gary Allen: 142,390 Duvall, John Daniel: 113 Duvall, Phillip Michael: 160 Dwyer, Don Ivan, Jr.: 188 Dwyer, Lola Ann: 128 393 Dyck, Raymond Lee: 160 Dyer, James Earl: 142,385 Dyer, Joe Robert: 114,395 Dyer, Lucy Beth: 128,393 e Eagle, John Phillip: 114 Eagle, Sondara Lee: 114,374 Eason, Carolyn Rosalind: FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Students ' Bank Total Resources-$14,400,000.00 Fayetteville, Arkansas OLDEST AND STRONGEST NATIONAL BANK IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 4G5 Typical male, all hands, was constructed for the ChiO formal. 114 374 East, Lou Ellen: 128,382 Edmisten, Robert Eugene: 160 Edmiston, Willis H.: 160,388 Edmonston, Susan Crosby: 114,374 Edrington, Connie Ann: 128, 337 Edwards, Carolyn Ann: 128, 337 Edwards, David Charles: 128 326 Edwards, Gary: 114 Edwards, Jerry Louis: 161 Edwards, Judith: 114,374 Edwards, Kathryn Louise: 114,374 Edwards, Mary Florence: 114,391 Edwards, Nancy Lee: 114, 374 Egner, James Edward: 142, 390 Eichberger, Robert Leroy: 161,333 Elam, Fred Eldon: 161 Elcan, Patricia Jo: 114,374 Elkins, Carl A.: 114 Elkins, Marvin I.: 161,350 Ellebrecht, Juanita Marie: 114,391 Elliott, Kenneth Patrick: 161 Elliott, Lynn Blaine: 114,381 Elliott, Robert Edwin: 128, 358 EADS BROS. FURNITURE CO. EXCLUSIVELY WHOLESALE FORT SMiTH, ARKANSAS BALLMAN-CUMMINGS FURNITURE COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF FINE BEDROOM FURNITURE FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS COMPLIMENTS FORT SMITH STRUCTURAL STEEL COMPANY FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS COMPLIMENTS OF ARKHOLA SAND GRAVEL CO. FORT SMITH — FAYETTEVILLE — LOWELL — MUSKOGEE The Place To Dance In Fayetteville MHOON ' S 71 CLUB Featuring Conway Twiddy Ronnie Hawkins John Tolleson Emcees ft Trebles 466 Elliott, William Bailey: 114, 346 Ellis, Connie: 142,353 Ellis, Patty: 161,353 Ellis, Richard Owen: 142 Ellis, William (Bill) Jamieson: 114, 392 Ellison, Dave Lee: 142 Ellison, Herbert L.: 142 Elsberry, F. Eugene: 128,349 Eisner, Gary Herbert: 128 Emanuel, Wayne Milton: 129,396 Endicott, John Roy: 114,349 Engeler, Ann Amerson: 114, 391 Engeler, Gordon Fred, Jr.: 184 Engelke, Marguerite Ann: 114,374 England, Cynthia Ann: 142, 353 England, John L.: 129 ; 361 Enoch, Rex: 188 Eoff, Judith Gail: 129,345 Epley, Lewis E., Jr.: 184 Epp, Marlin J.: 142 357,388 Epperson, James Register: 142,361 Eppler, Mary Jean: 129,334 Erickson, Glen Eric: 129,349 Erickson, John Edward: 129, 342 Erwin, Gladys Evelyn: 142 Erwin, Lyndel Lee: 142 Estelle, John Wayne: 161 Tom Dooly hangs his head while the Cloak hides his head in shame. COLLIER REXALL DRUG STORE Northwest Arkansas ' Outstanding Drug Store PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES COSMETICS Complete Lines SUNDRIES HOUSEHOLD NEEDS FIRST AID SUPPLIES Everything in Color Photography 100 W. Dickson Phone 26262 PRICE-PATTON The Finest in Men ' s Wear STYLEMART and CAPPS Suits MANHATTAN Shirts PHOENIX Hosiery North Side of Square The well-dressed man has the advantage. . . aumun j 303 Main Street, Little Rock 467 Feet, Feet, Feet, or A Study In Toes was the subject of an Art Class. Estes, Chester Keith: 129 361 Estes, Lindel Eugene: 114, 381 Estes, Lonnie Earl: 129 Estes, Marian Azelle: 114, 374 Eubank, Anne Elizabeth: 161,334 Eubank, Billy Ralph: 114,342 Eubanks, Don: 142,350 Eubanks, Robert Gordon: 114 Evans, Betty: 114 Evans, Charlie Edward: 129, 384 Evans, Chas. F., Jr.: 188,349 Evans, Charles Norman: 142 Evans, Larry Keith: 142,326 Evans, Lloyd Junior: 142 Evans, Mary Ann: 129 334 Evans, Sharon: 114 395 Evensen, Coralee: 161 Ezell, James Arthur: 129 f Fairley, Lindsey Johnson: 161 Fairley, Nancy Ohlendorf: 186 Fant, Earnest William: 12), 396 Faris, John Nolyn: 129.396 Faris. Paula Ruth: 161,338 Farlow, Larry Lester: 142, 384 Farrell, William Edward: 161 Farris, Charles R.: 142,396 Farris, Sam R., Jr.: 161,342 Faubus, Ikey Robin: 129 Faught, James Thomas: 161 Faulkner, Terry Wayne: 161,396 Fawcett, James Marvin: 161,362,366 Fay, Jack Revelle: 188 Faye, John M.: 129,396 Featherstone, Betty Joyce: 114,376 Fee, Joe D.: 129 Feilke, John Gary: 114,361 Felder, Mary Lynn: 114,376 Felt, Melinda Lou: 114,376 Felts, Robert D.: 142 Fendley, Olen: 129 Fenno, John Dea: 129,385 Ferguson, Leon Marrin: 114, 395 Ferguson, Lonnie Dale: 142, 392 Ferguson, Nanci: 129,387 Ferguson, John Wright, Jr.: 142,357,388 Ferrell, Allen Larkin: 161 Ferrenberg, Judy Jane: 114 Fielder, Susie: 129 382 Fielding, Vivian: 129,382 Fields, Joel B.: 142 Fields, Nancy Ellen: 142,393 Files, Jack Dale: 184 Filiatreau, Charles Leon: 114,350 Finch, Jo Ann: 142,353 Fincher, Barbara Sue: 161 Fincher, John Mack: 114 Fincher, Sue Clair: 114,376 Finley, Charles Layton: 114 Finley, Donna Jane: 142,338 Finley, Howard Noah: 129, 354 Finley, Jo Ann: 142,353 SERVE... HOLSUM BREAD WITH EVERY MEAL Shipley Baking Company 311 WEST DICKSON FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS 4G8 THE HERLEY COMPANY, INC. IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF THE 1960 RAZORBACK SERVING AS PRINTER AND BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK. CAMDEN, ARKANSAS FINE LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING 469 Finney, Joe David: 161,330 Fisher, Georgann: 129,334 Fisher, James Robert: 142, 385 Fisher, Lynnah Kay: 114 Fitzgerald, Donald Killough: 161,349 Fitzgerald, Sidney Smith: 129,392 Fitzgibbon, Raymond Dwight: 114 Flake, Suanna Jeanette: 161,382 Flanagan, John Thomas: 161,342 Fleener, Deanne: 114,376 Fleming, Susie: 142,337 Fletcher, Claiborne R.: 114, 346 Fletcher, John Ridgeway: 129 Fletcher, Lawrence Herman: 162 Fletcher, Oscar Lee: 162, 365,366 Fletcher, Peggy Ann: 114, 393 Fletcher, Susan Elizabeth: 129,391 Flowers, Patricia Ann: 129, 329 Flowers, Robert Lyle: 142, 362 Flowers, Thomas Michael: 162 Floyd, Harold David: 142 Floyd, Johnny Bruce: 114, 395 Floyd, Pud: 142,369 Fogg, Donna Deane: 162, 337 Fogleman, Dell: 162,334 Foiles, Peggy Marie: 142,338 Folks, Yvonne Ann Lorraine: 114,376 Foil, Joy Lea: 142,338 Follesdal, Grete Torunn: 186 Fones, Rosemary: 143,353 Foote, Jeff Sawyer: 114,354 Ford, John Wayne: 143,365 Ford, Kenneth Max: 129 Ford, Nora Lee: 129,382 Ford, Val Thomas: 114 Forrest, Donald Arthur: 129, 396 Forrest, Jack Edward: 162 Forrest, Lynn J.: 129,354 Forrester, John Charles: 114, 381 Fossurn, Dee Rae: 114,376 Foster, Gwendolyn Latan: 129 Foust, David D.: 129,381 Fowler, Billy Carroll: 143, 392 Fowler, Boyd Thomas: 114, 381 Fowler, Carl Eugene: 129 Fowler, Jean: 114,376 Fowler, Jimmy Ivan: 114 Fowler, Thomas Denton: 129,388 Fox, Calvin Leon: 114,341 Fox, David Nolan: 188 Fox, Homer Donald: 143 Fox, Mary Elizabeth: 129, 382 Fox, Ralph Doerr: 129,349 Fox, Russell D.: 143 Francis, Lynne Alice: 162, 353 Francis, Ruth Eleanor: 114 Franklin, Mary Lee: 129,369 Franks, Burleigh Don: 162 Franks, Jerry Lynn: 129,357 Franks, Larry E.: 143 Fratesi, Benny James: 162, 350 Frazier, James Robert: 143, 361 Frazier, Joel: 162,384 Fredrich, Augustine Joseph: 129 396 Free, Donald Lowell: 162, 342 Freeland, Harvey Robert: 114.346 Freeman, James R.: 143 Freeman, Mary Nell: 114, 376 Freeman, Omar D.: 162 Freeze, Joane Lee: 162,337 Freund, Mary L ou: 162,387 Frey, Carolyn Mychel: 162, 287 Friddle, Jerry Don: 114,381 Fritchey, Richard Leon: 129 Frith, Paul Odell: 114,354 Froning, Donald John: 162, 357 Frost, Norma Beth: 114,376 Fuess, Suzanne: 114,376 Fugit, Paula Christina: 114, 376 Fulenwider, Loyd Richard, Jr.: 114,350 Fuller, Butler: 129,357 Fuller, Roy Joe: 143,392 Fullerton, Bruce Evans: 129 Fullerton, Carol Bess: 162 Fulton, Bobbie Eugene: 188 Fuqua, Laura Edwina: 114, 376 Furlow, Billy C.: 129,361 Fussell, Alston Randolph: 143.346 Fussell, Robert Foreman: 162.346 Futral, Judy: 143 382 Futrell, David Winston: 114, 395 Gadberry, Jim: 162 Gaines, Judith Stratton: 162, 334 Gaither, L. C.: 162 Galbraith, Gary Brown: 162 Galloway, Kenneth Lynn: 143,326 Galloway, Travis J.: 129,366 Gammill, Lewis Hunter: 143 Gardenhire, Lola Janice: 114.391 Gardenhire, Linda: 114,376 Gardenhire, Wilma Joyce: 143.391 Gardner, Frank Harold: 143, 358 Gardner, Janet C.: 143,345 Garland, Nancy Karen: 143, 338 Garner, Herbert Ronald: 143 Garner, Joe Ed: 115 Garner, Mary Evelyn: 162, 393 Garner, Nancy Ann: 143,337 Garnett, James Henry: 115, 395 Garney, Tommy R.: 115 Garrett, James Max: 143,392 Garrett, John I.: 129,384 Garrett, John Lee: 115,395 Garrett, Larry Wayne: 115, 395 Garrett, Milford Rhett: 115, 395 Garrison, Nancy Ann: 162 Gartmani, Don: 162,357 Gaspard, Darlene Kathryn: 129 Gass, Edward William: 115 Gaston, Charles Thomas: 115,381 Gaston, James E.: 162,361 Gaston, John Marshall: 115, 361,388 Gateley, Robert C.: 143 Gates, Betty: 129,337 Gates, John Seth: 115,395 Gathings, Tolise Kirkpatrick: 129,353 Gathman, Susan: 143,382 Gattis, James D.: 162,361 Gaylo, Rita Irmine: 115,376 Gaylord, William Charles: 129 Gehrean, Frances Kay: 115 Geliy, Joyce Ann: 115 376 Gentry, Cecil C.: 162 Gentry, Dewey Aubrey: 143 Gentry, M. B.: 162 Gentry, Tom J.: 129,395 George, John Arthur: 143 George, Lyndell: 162 Gerdes, Valerie: 115,376 Geren, Gary Wayne: 162 Geurin, Betty Carolyn: 115 Geurin, Jack Weber: 129 Gibbons, John Felbon: 162, 354 Gibbons, Richard Carlton: 115 Gibbs, Robert Edward: 143, 396 Gibson, Gaston Pelham: 115, 361 Gibson, John Frank, Jr.: 129,365 Gibson, Mervin Dunlap: 163 Gibson, Thomas Ford: 143, 357 Gieck, Carol: 143,369 Gifford, Theodore R.: 163 Gigoux, Mary Jane: 163 Gilbert, James Carl: 129,358 Gilbert, Judy: 163,353 Gilbert, Martin Greeson: 143,357 Giles, Clifton Louis: 163,365 Giles, Wilbur Mack: 129,357 Gill, Joe D.: 115,354 Gillenwater, John Richard: 115.381 Giller, Walter John: 143,361 Gillham, Harold Dean: 163 Gilliland, Rebecca Jean: 115,376 Gillison, David Fetters, Jr.: 143,357 Gillum, Barbara Lou: 163, 391 Ginger, Henry: 184 Gipson, Elizabeth Ann: 115, 376 Girdner, John Charles: 130, 361 Girdner, Libby: 143,338 Gist, Allan Douglas: 130 Gist, Jessamine Daggett: 163.382 Glasgow, James R.: 143,384 Glass, Kari Daly, Jr.: 184 Gleason, Donald Crawford: 130 Gleason, Gene Keith: 130 Glenn, Caroline Eleanor: 115,376 Glenn, Loralei: 115,376 Glenn, Martin Owen: 163 Glover, Robert Albert: 115 Goebel, Mary Frances: 115, 376 Goff, Ralph D. Ill: 115 Goins, David Delbert: 163 Golden, Benny Joe: 188 Golden, Shirley Ann: 130, 329 Goldsby, Thomas Boykin: 115,346 Goldthwaite, Lynn: 143,369 Goldthwaite, Nancy Lee: 130,369 St. Patricia candidate Suzan Jones utilizes the floor during her dance. 470 Good, Merrill Robert: 163 Gcodloe, Eileen Marie: 115, 376 Goodman, Tommy: 143 Goodrich, William Russell: 184 350 Goodwin, John Wendell: 143 Gordon, James Herndon: 163 Gorrod, Dollie: 163,338 Gould, Martha Jane: 163 Gover, David Howe: 130,396 Grabbe, John August: 163 Grace, Gene Lee: 163 Graf, Donald Joe: 115,381 Graham, Barbara Jeannette: 188 Graham, Gerald Grant: 115 Graham, Mansal Gale: 163, 390 Graham, Susan Helen: 163, 337 Gramlich, Jim V.: 143 Grammer, Sharon: 115,376 Grano, Charles John: 115, 381 Grano, Lettia Jeanne: 143, 329 Grano, Stella Natalie: 163, 329 Grant, Lynne: 130,369 Graves, Don C.: 115,346 Graves, John F.: 143 Graves, Rea Freeman: 163, 365 Graves, Walter L.: 130 Gray, Harry Gale: 115,326 Gray, John Gary: 163,354 Gray, Linda Sue: 130,382 Gray, Mary Beth: 115,376 Green, Anita Mae: 130 Green, Bernal L.: 188 Green, Dixie Lea: 130 Green, Jack: 163,358 Green, Richard Lee: 115,333 Green, William Robert: 130, 385 Greene, Garlanda Joan: 130,337 Greenert, Clyde Homer, Jr.: 143.349 Greenert, John Wayne: 115 Greenwood, M. Reed: 143, 385 Greer, Bette: 115 Gregory, John Tillery: 163, 350 Gress, Russell B.: 130 Gr ice, Brooksie Donald: 115.388 Griffin, Elbert Randy Jr.: 115,381 Griffin, Fred Mack: 163,349 Griffin, Harold Lloyd: 164 Griffin, James David: 130 Griffin, James D.: 143 Griffin, Lee D.: 186,365 Griffin, Patsy: 188 Griffin, Shirley Irene: 115, 376 Griffith, Carol Anita: 115 Griffith Paul G., Jr.: 130 Griggs, Bobbie Neal: 164 Griggs, Donna Hockman: 143 Griggs, Guy P., Jr.: 143 Griggs, Kenneth Wayne: 188.350 Griggs, Ralph Edward: 164, 354 Grim, James Ree: 143 High-School assembly speakers Luplow, Drake, Schnipper, Alberty, Upton, and Widener, promoted the University with speeches, debates. CITIZENS’S LAUNDRY CLEANERS Special Student Service 326 N. West St. Phone 2-5394 471 Grimes, Bill Eugene: 115, 365 Grimes, Nancy Carroll: 164, 329 Grimmette, Nancy Anntionette: 130,382 Grindie, Travis La Verne: 143,388 Grinstead, James F.: 164 Grisham, David R.: 143 Grohoski, Janet Claire: 115, 376 Gross, Gary Golden: 130, 357 Gross, Marcellus Gibson: 164 Griss, Thomas Jackson: 143 Grubbs, Delores Jean: 115, 376 Gruenewald, David F.: 143, 354 Guazella, Mary Lee: 115 Guess, Charles Earl: 143 Guffey, Bobbie Dean: 143, 393 Guise, Janet: 130 Guisinger, Louise: 130,369 Gundorman, William Sylvester: 115,388 Gungor, R. Behic: 188 Gunn, James Alford: 164 Gustin, A. Roy: 164 Guthary, Mary Ruth: 130, 387 Guthrie, Barbara: 164,334 Guthrie, Judith Ann: 130, 382 Guthrie, William Edward: 130 Guthrie, Winston Maurice: 164 Guthunz, Barbara Jayne: 164,369 h Hack, Sylvia Ann: 130,382 Haddad, Charlene Adele: 130 3 29 Hagood, Jerry W.: 130,392 Hahn, Wade Eldon: 143,361 Hairr, Bill: 115,358 Hale, David Loy: 115,326 Hale, James C.: 143 Hale, John Dean: 143,392 Hale, Kirk K., Jr.: 130,349 Hale, Milas Howard: 164 Hale, Nathan Patrick: 130, 346 Hale, Palph Robinson: 130 Haley, Mollie Cross: 115, 376 Halford, James Herman: 115,381 Hall, Barbara Jean: 143,345 Hall, Daniel Irwin: 143 Hall, Diana Vinson: 188 Hall, Emily Ruth: 115,376 Hall, Harold Glenn: 144,396 Hale, H. C.: 164 Hall, Jon Douglas: 144 Hall, Kenneth George: 164 Hall, Linda Annette: 130, 369 Hall, Milton Ray: 144 Hall, Orville Jacquelin: 188, 350 Hall, Paul F.: 115 Hall, Richard D.: 115,326 Hall, Robert David: 130 Hall, Robert Lester: 144 Hall, Roger Lewis: 115.381 Hall, Samuel Pointer: 116, 395 Hall, Sherry Lynne: 116 Hall, Sondra Sue: 164,329 Hall, Warner Alonzo: 164 Haller, William Neitz, Jr.: 116,381 Hamilton, John Charles: 130 Hamilton, Susan Hunter: 144,334 Hamm, Peggy: 164,345 Hammett, Jack Curtis: 144, 357,366 Hamner, Ralph Conant: 116, 381 Hampton, Mary Jane: 116, 376 Hampton, Susan Joyce: 116, 376 Hamric, James Kenneth: 164 Hanby, Philip Carroll: 130, 354 Hanby, Robert “Butch”: 130.354 Hance, Jamie Louise: 116, 376 Hand, David Eugene. 116 Handles, Carole Ann: 144, 337 Hankins, Joyce Lucille: 130, 329 Hankins, Lebeta Mae: 116, 376 Hankins, Roberta Ann: 144, 391 Hannon, Lawrence Hamilton: 164 Hansen, Carrie Lynn: 164, 369 Hanshaw, Lance Lamar: 184 Hantz, Marial Eleanor: 164, 354 Harber, Everett Edsel: 184 Harbert, R. Rhodes: 130,388 Hard ' age, Lloyd Franklin: 116,349 Hardaway, Oscar Oakley: 164 Hardcastle, Ronnie: 130,354 Harder, Henry L.: 188 Harder, Paul H.: 164 Hardesty, Georgia Joanne: 130,382 Hardgrave, Robert Donald: 116 Harkey, Dorothy Ann: 116 Harlow, Joseph Watt: 116 Harness, Virginia Sue: 144, 382 Harp, Harvard Reland: 144 Harper, Carole Lynn: 116, 376 Harper, William Thomas: 130,361 Harpole, Ben Ward: 130, 354,366 Harrell, Searcy Wood, Jr.: 130 Harriman, Lyna Jane: 116, 376 Harris, Donald David: 116 Harris, James Stephen: 144, 346 Harris, John Kent: 116,395 Harris, Marilyn Louise: 130, 353 Harris, Thomas Stuart: 116, 326 Harris, Winfred Don: 164, 396 Harrison, Donna Joyce: 116, 376 Harrison, Edward Lane: 144, 385 Harrison, Mebane: 144,337 Harrison, Paul Ed: 130,396 Harrod, Jack Bland, Jr.: 116,350 Hart, Anne: 130,338 Pi Phi ' s use their once-a-year silver to entertain rushees as proper manners, etiquette, etc., come forth at preferential party. Coach Gloomy Glen Rose is shown pacing the floor during a game, which is unusual because he usually fust sits during the game. 472 Hart, James Richard: 144, 384 Hart, Jerry Paul: 116 Hartman, Carl H.: 144 Harton, John James: 116, 381 Hartstein, Monika: 116,376 Hartstein, Peter: 164,354 Hash, Rosemary Patrick: 164 Hass, William Ralph: 184 Hatch, Janice Elaine: 164 Hatchett, Sue: 164,381 Hatfield, Lynn LaMar: 188 Hatfield, Mary Virginia: 130 Hatfield, Patricia Marie: 116 Hatfield, Wilson Richard: 144,346 Hathaway, Linda Rae: 144, 329 Hathaway, Marilyn Kae: 164,329 Hathaway, William Charles: 144 Havens, Jerry Arnold: 144 Haw, Waily: 144,395 Hawkins, Dolan Gene: 164 Hawkins, Dwain: 144,326 Hawkins, Ernest Boyd: 164, 346 Hawkins, Henry Meek: 144, 350 Hawkins, Jimmy J.: 116,349 Hawkins, Kathleen: 116,376 Hawkins, Mark Lafayette: 164 Hawkins, Ralph Anderson: 130 Hawkins, Rebecca Jane: 116,376 Hayes, Don Powell: 144,392 Hayes, Jack H.: 184 Hayes, James Richard: 144 Hayes, Michael Terry: 116, 350 Hayes, Ralph, Jr.: 130 Hayes, Sarah Jane: 165,353 Haynie, Douglas Cox: 130, 392 Hays, Ardavene May: 144, 382 Hays, Virginia Ann: 144, 334 Hazzard, Hap: 144 358,366 Head, Charles Everett: 116 Head, Elizabeth Ann: 130, 369 Head, Larry D.: 165,361 Head, Margaret Louise: 165, 353 Heard, Christine Sandra: 116,393 Heaston, William Irving: 165,384 Heath, Grace Ann: 144 334 Heck, Brenda Gail: 116 Hecker, Frances Joyce: 116, 376 Hedgecook, Todd Scott: 165, 396 Heerwagen, Louise Martin, Jr.: 165 Hefley, James Morton: 165, 357,366 Heien, Rayanne: 130,353 Heinemann, Elizabeth: 116, 376 Heinen, Barbara Ann: 144, 382 Heird, Vernie E.: 165 Helborn, J. William: 144 Helm, Carole Rose: 130,393 Helms, Boyce D.: 188 Helms, Don J.: 188 Hemphill, Elizabeth Miller: 130,337 Spectators hide from the rain in non-rainproof Razorback Stadium. Hemphill, Martha Lee: 130, 387 Henderson, Charles David: 144.385 Henderson, Paul Robert: 165,350,388 Hendren, David Gilbert: 144 Hendricks, David P.: 130 Hendrickson, Kenneth B.: 165,390 Hendrix, Carl Edward: 144, 358 Hendrix, David Max: 144, 349 Hendrix, George A.: 116 Hendrix, James William: 188 Hendrix, William T.: 130 Henley, Bruce H.: 130,349 Henley, Ed: 130,326 Henley, Ronald Dewey: 165 Henry, James Thomas: 130 Henslee, William Edward: 184 Hensley, M. J.: 165 Hensley, Warren Alexander: 165 Henson, Sue Lorraine: 165, 382 Hense, Shirley Ann: 144 Herbaugh, Larry Lee: 130 Hercher, Loretta Gray: 165, 337 Herman, Delbert Martin : 130.385 Herndon, Tommie Duke: 165 Herrington, Arlen Glen: 130 Hervey, Mary Pauline: 165 Hickman, Robert Michael: 130,396 Hicks, Joel Thomas: 116 Hicks, Penny Koen: 165,337 Hicky, Martha: 144,334 Higgingbotham, Philip Ronald, Jr.: 116,381 Hild, Stephen Glenn: 116, 381 Hill, Ed Noble: 130,384 Hill, Harold Dean: 165 Hill, Jack Edward: 130,357 Hill, Jerry Milton: 144,366 Hill, John M.: 116 Hill, Junious David: 130,361 Hill, Kenny Clark: 131,384 Hill, Louanna: 334 Hill, Ralph Wayne: 116 Hill, Robert Arlon: 144,330 Hill, Robert William: 165 Hill, Ruth Carolyn: 116,377 Hillman, Sandy: 116,377 Hillman, William Edward: 165 Hilton, Linda Jean: 116 Hilton, William Henry: 144 Hinson, William Guy: 165 Hinton, Jimmy Houston: 144 Hipp, Richard: 184,365 Hitchcock, Raeburn Brooks: 184 Hite, Maxine Ripley: 188 Hixon, Carter Edwin: 131, 350 Hobbs, Donald Tracy: 165 Hobbs, Jerry Lee: 165,350 Hockersmith, James Harvey: 131 ; 354 Hodge, Curtis Delough: 131, 357 Hodge, Geoi ge Lowrance: 144 Hodge, William Harold: 131, 390 Hodges, Howard Lawrence: 188 Hodges, Richard: 131,361 Hoffman, Carolyn Anne: 131,338 Hoffmeister, Sara Elizabeth: 116,337 Hogan, Thomas Wagner: 188 Hogan, Turner: 188 Hoggard, Gene: 116,354 Hoggard, J. O.: 144,330 Hogins, Jack N.: 188 Hogue, Charles Wayne: 166 Hogue, Harris McDowell, Jr.: 144,390 Holbrook, Thomas: 188 Holcomb, Dwight A.: 144 Holcomb, James Oliver: 131 Holderby, Richard Henry: 116 Holifield, Edward L.: 166 Holiman, Sandra: 166 Hollander, Jimmy Chris: 166,388 Holleman, Phyllis Jean: 166 Hollenberg, Elizabeth C.: 116,377 Holley, Mabel Sue: 166 Holley, Sherry Leon: 116, 377 Hollingsworth, Judith Ann: 116 Hollis, Charles Albert: 166 Hollis, Gilbert: 144 Holloway, Max: 144 Holly, William C.: 116,381 Holman, Dayton: 166 Holmes, Anne Park: 166,337 Holmes, Perry Don: 131 Holmes, Wallace Keith: 166 Holt, David Benjamin: 131 Holt, John Rodney: 131 Holt, LaRama Jeanette: 144 Holzhauer, Hazel Grace: 166,387 Honey, Charles Leroy: 166 Honeycutt, Billy Osco: 131, 385 Hood, John Richard: 184 Hooten, Oma June: 144,345 Hope, Bobby Lewis: 144 Hope, Patsy C.: 131 Hope, Robert C.: 188 Hopkins, Clarissa Lea: 166, 369 Hopkins, Elizabeth Jane: 166,337 Horan, John Patrick: 116, 349 Horne, David B.: 144,361 Horne, Ida Jane: 166,387 Hornsby, Maribeth: 116,377 Horsey, Mary Janice: 116, 377 Horton, Edward Jackson: 166 Horton, Farrell Dean: 116, 381 Horton, Wanda Ann: 116,377 Hoskyn, John Paul: 166,366 House, Judy Kaye: 116,377 Houston, Billy Curtis: 166, 350 Hout, Phillip David: 184 346 Howard, Elsie Louise: 166 Howard, Nancy Kathleen: 166 Howard, Rosemary: 131,387 Howerton, Erma Sue: 116, 377 Howerton, Russa Lou: 116, 377 Howie, John Anders: 116 Hoyt, Jack: 116 Hubbard, Charlie Godston: 166 361 Hubbard, Fern: 116,377 Huckaba, Frank Jr.: 184 Huckaby, Thomas Lee, Jr.: 116,395 Huddleston, John Locke: 131 Huddleston, Judy Margaret: 131,345 Hudman, John Thomas: 131, 333 Hudson, Rebecca Ann: 116, 377 473 Kappa pledges momentarily leave their hard-working dates to pose working for the photographer. PASTEURIZED FAYETTEVILLE MILK COMPANY BUTTERMILK MILK AND CREAM " A Home Owned Institution " COTTAGE CHEESE 330 N. West Street Telephone 2-4162 CHOCOLATE MILK SAFE—PURE—RICH Fayetteville, Arkansas ORANGEADE m ac cj,one r 6 Fine Bread and Pastries COLEMAN SHOE STORE Home of Peters Shoes South Side of the Square FAYETTEVILLE 2-5281 474 Hudson, Theo Dwayne: 144 Hudspeth, Charlotte: 131, 345 Hudspeth, Hilton Daniel: 131 Hudspeth, Robert Carroll: 131,361 Huey, Nelson Eddy: 166,358 Huffman, Bo: 144,358 Huffman, Geraldine Louise: 116,377 Hughes, Willard V.: 144,361 Hughey, R. David: 166,357 Hulett, Bob R.: 166 Hultsman, Nita Claire: 166, 369 Hummel, Roy C.: 166 Humphres, Carolyn Sue: 116,377 Humphrey, James Garland: 131 Humphries, Jerry Halbert: 131 Hunnicutt, Donald Bruce: 131,361 Hunt, Claude Reece: 166,361 Hunt, Donald Lee: 166,354 Hunt, Loye Dawn: 116 Hunt, Mary Jane: 116,377 Hunt, Robert Richard: 144, 361 Hunt, Terry Demott: 144,349 Hunter, Sammie Rae: 166 Hurlbut, Edmund Walter: 117 Hurlbut, James Edward: 131,354 Hurst, Anice Alene: 131,393 Hurst, Bob G.: 144 Hutcherson, Robert Lee: 131.346 Hutchins, Lester H., Jr.: 188 Hutsell, Howard H., Jr.: 144 Hutsell, Martha Ann: 166, 345 Hyde, David L.: 188 • 1 Idol, John Lane, Jr.: 188 Ingle, Patricia: 188 Ingram, Brenda Joyce: 131, 345 Ingram, Virginia Ray: 166, 345 Inzer, Edwin Lee: 131 Inzer, Richard H.: 117 Isbell, Paul Vernon: 131,396 Ison, David Wayne: 131 Ivester, John Herman: 117 Ivey, Jimmy Wyatt: 144,392 Izard, John David: 144 • j Jacks, James Claudis, Jr.: 131,384 Jackson, Bobby Damon: 188 Jackson, Charles Edward: 188 Jackson, Darrel Marvin: 117,395 Jackson, Grace Ann: 117, 377 Jackson, James Ed: 167 Jackson, John Richard, Jr.: 131,358 Jackson, Sheila Sue: 117, 377 Jackson, Shirley Ann: 131, 353 Jackson, Suzanne: 131,334 Jacobs, Jerre Lynne: 117, 377 Jacobs, Jimmy Robinson: 117.346 Jacobs, John Howze: 144, 346 Jacobs, Maetta: 167,382 James, Gloria Carolyn: 117, 377 James, Lynn T.: 131 James, Pat Vernel: 188 Jamison, Gerald Rader: 167 Jamison, James Lloyd: 167 Janes, Robert Harrison, Jr.: 131,349 Jansen, James Mansfield: 167,346 Jarrell, Joe Prentice: 144 Jarrett, Rosalind: 117,377 Jarvis, Anne Elizabeth: 167, 338 Jean, William Vernon: 117, 395 Jeffery, Kathlyn Nell: 117, 393 Jendrysik, Richard F.: 117, 354 Jenkins, Joyce Lea: 131,393 Jenkins, Lynn Page: 144,385 Jenkins, Sue Carol: 131,345 Jennings, Elizabeth Betty: 131 Jennings, Ralph Hank, Jr.: 131.361 Jennings, Sharon Louise: 117,377 Jernigan, George Olin, Jr.: 144,358 Jerome, Janet Sue: 131,337 Jester, Gene Earl: 131 Jester, Lester Rodger: 167 Jester, Tom Davis, Jr.: 144, 396 Jeter, Edward Shannon: 167,326 Jett, Mary Gretchen: 117, 377 Jew, Fay Ann: 167,382 Jinks, Charles David: 131, 388 Joerden, Larry Knox: 167, 396 Johns, Lillie Lee: 131,338 Johns, Linda Lee: 117,377 Johns, William Buck: 117, 381 Johnson, Alan Myers: 167 Johnson, Alice Elizabeth: 117,377 Johnson, Billy Ray: 167 Johnson, Clarence Edgar: 167 Johnson, C. Philip: 188 Johnson, Donald Joe: 167, 396 Johnson, Donna Sue: 167 Johnson, Emily Carol: 131 337 Johnson, James Clinton: 144.362 Johnson, Jere Markle: 167, 358,366 Johnson, Jerry Parish: 183 Johnson, John Dee: 131,349 Johnson, Judith Mary: 117, 377 Johnson, Mary Ann: 131,382 Johnson, Pat: 131,329 Johnson, Pat A.: 131,338 Johnson, Ramona Frances: 145 Johnson, Ray Thomas: 188 Johnson, S. Paul: 131,354 Johnson, Sandra Estelle: 117,377 Johnson, Sandra Kay: 145, 345 Johnson, Sidney Ervin: 145, 390 Johnson, William Roy: 145 Johnston, Charles: 167,361 Johnston, Elizabeth Louise: 131,353 Johnston, James David: 117, 358 Johnston, James Robert: 145 Johnston, Jerry Hartsell: 167 Johnston, Linda Walton: 117 Johnston, Max Morris: 145, 392 Johnston, Roscoe H., Jr.: 145 Johnston, Sybil Chaffin: 167 Johnston, William King: 117 Jones, Anne Parham: 145, 382 Jones, Anne Wilene: 131,393 Jones, Barbara Ann: 167 Jones, Betty Sue: 131,338 Jones, Carol Jenine: 167 Jones, Charles R.: 145,385 Jones, Charles Richard: 167 Jones, Charles William, III: 131 Jones, Cindy: 117,377 Jones, Cleveland Marion: 131,385 Jones, Cynthia Louise: 132, 393 Jones, Dorothy Kay: 145,337 Jones, Dorsey William: 115, 342 Jones, Edward Paul: 167,358 Jones, Flernoy Glenn: 188 Jones, Freida Ann: 189 Jones, Harry Dean: 145 Jones, Howard, Jr.: 145,358 Jones, James Dennis: 117 Jones, James Loyd: 145,388 Jones, Jim Baugh: 132,358 Jones, Joe Allen: 117,395 Jones, Joe Keith: 117,349 Jones, Johnny Lee: 145 Jones, Joyce Lynn: 117,377 Jones. Lawrence Edward: 145,358 Jones, Linda Lee: 145,329 Jones, Luellen Ashley: 132, 334 Jones, Marilyn Jane: 145, 329 Jones, Marsha Lynn: 167, 382 Jones, Mary Lou: 145,329 Jones, Paul Donald: 168,396 Jones, Paul Lee: 132 Jones, Richard Andrew: 132 Jones, Russell Dean: 168 Jones, Shirley Ruth: 132,338 Jones, Susan Allaire: 117, 377 Jones, Suzanne: 117,377 Jones, Suzanne: 132,334 Jones, Wendell Oren: 132, 385 Jones, William Thomas: 168 Jones, Wray Henry: 189 Jordan, Bobby Carl: 168 Jordan, Covin M.: 117,395 Jordan, Don Wayne: 145,354 Jordan, Mary Sue: 168,337 Jordan, Wolford Rene: 117, 395 Jorgensen, Daryl Lynn: 145, 391 Joyce, Linda: 132,345 Joyner, Gerald Wayne: 168 Juniel, Robbie Louise: 132, 329 Junkin, Emmett Presley: 132 Junkin, Gloria Elaine: 132, 337 k Kalmbach, George, Jr.: 132, 361 Kane, Gilbert Alexander: 145,366 Karch, BillR.: 132 Kaye, Becky: 189 Kayser, Louis C., Jr.: 132 Keahey, Ben F.: 132,326 Keaton, Glen Philip: 117 Keaton, Nina Claire: 132, 382 Keen, Linda Lee: 132,338 Keene, R, Bruce: 145,326 Keene, Joseph Wright, Jr.: 117,357 Keener, J. W.: 168 Keese, Charles Phillip: 145, 358 Keesee, Jim M.: 145,392 Keeter, Gary Lee: 132,354 Keilberg, Samuel Edwin: 117,388 Keith, Edwin Lewis: 145, 396 Keith, Norma Jean: 189 Keith, William C.: 132 Kellam, Garrie: 132,361 Kelley, Diane: 117,377 Kelley, Jana Dee: 145,382 Kelley, Kelley Granger: 168,354 Kelley, Larry James: 145 Kelly, Betty Lee: 168,329 Kelly, Edward Hugh: 132, 390 Kelly, Patty: 117,377 Kelly, William Donald: 145, 396 Kendrick, Carolyn Sue: 117, 334 Kendrick, Henrietta Jeannette: 168 Kendrick, Johnny Howard: 132 Kendrick, M. Carolyn: 132 Kenealy, William Patrick: 132 Kenna, Bernard Thomas: 189 Kenniker, Arthur Don: 132 Kennon, Susan: 145,338 Kent, John L,: 189 Kerby, Donn Cox: 145,357 Kerr, JohnH:: 168 Kerr, Marian T.: 168 Kesterson, Jerry: 145,358 Ketcher, Henry Herman, III: 117,350 Key, Winnie Sue: 117,377 Keys, Bill: 168 Khilling, Jan: 168 Kilgore, Ethel Marie: 168 Kilgore, R. Collins, Jr.: 117, 361 Kilpratrick, Mac: 145,396 Kimberling, Bobby Joe: 117, 381 Kimbrough, Henry Stephen: 132 Kimbrough, James J.: 168, 330 Kimery, Martha Marie: 117, 377 Kimes, Shelby Jean: 117,377 Kimzay, Ann: 168 Kimzey, James Re veil: 145 Kincaid, Becky Lea: 132 Kincaid, Neeta Ann: 145 Kincheloe, Kay: 117 377 Kindrick, Joe Carroll: 168 King, Barbara Lynn: 145, 338 King, Charles Arilla: 117, 362 King, Elizabeth Leah: 117, 377 King, George Dewey, Jr.: 168 King, Jacky Lynn: 145,396 Kingery, Clyde C.: 145,326 Kingsborough, Paul Eldon: 168 361 Kinley, Bettye: 117,377 Kinley, Eleanor Carroll: 132,353 Kinslow, Judy Ann: 145,369 Kirby, Carol Anne: 132,345 “FAYETTEVILLE’S FINEST” Phone 2-2337 Corner School Dickson PRESTON WOODRUFF R. G. WOODRUFF 476 Kirby, Helen Cook: 186 Kirby, Henry Hudson: 168, 349 Kirby, Sam Bernard: 145, 362 Kirchman, David R.: 145 Kirk, Bethel Lea: 117,377 Kirk, Marvin N.: 168,384 Kirkland, Virginia Ann: 145, 387 Kirklin, Toni V.: 117,377 Kirkpatrick, John Paul: 145,385 Kisor, Bobby Kay: 117 Kisor, Billy Ray: 117 Kisor, F. D., Jr.: 168,333 Kistler, John Glendon: 145, 385 Kitchens, Emily: 132,345 Kjeldsen, Richard G.: 189 Knapp, Gail Bryan: 145,345 Knapp, Robert Warren: 168, 346 Knight, George Edwin: 132, 361 Knox, Alfred Marion: 168 Knox, David Lee: 145 Knox, Ronald Robert: 168 Koehler, James Ernest: 168 Koettel, Jo Anne: 132,393 Kolb, Harry, Jr.: 168 Kolb, John G.: 184,390 Kolb, Kay Ela: 145,369 Kooker, Stephen Lowell: 117 Koonce, David: 117.349 Kozel, Karen Anne: 145,369 Kraft, Jim N.: 168,357 Kremer, William Raymind: 145 Kruger, Oliver Elden: 168 Krngh, Waymon Searl: 168 Ksara, Edward Paul: 168, 365 Kuester, Suzanne Jean: 145, 393 Kumpe, Carra Lee Hulsey: 145 Kumpe, Chad: 132,357 Kumpe, Robert Louis, Jr.: 169 Kushmaul, Richard Theadore: 117 Kyle, Daniel Guin: 189 Kyser, Billy Thomas: 169, 358,388 l Lacefield, William H.: 132, 396 Lachat, Leon Isaac: 118,381 La Cotts, Ralph Sidney: 118 Lacy, Robert Harold: 145 LaFemey, Preston E.: 189 Laing, C. Nelson, Jr.: 145 Laing, Sybil Todd: 145 Lamb, Leland Dwight: 145 Lamb, Norman Ray: 169 Lambert, David Patterson: 146,346 Laminack, George B., Jr.: 169 Lamkin, Lana: 118,377 Lance, Kenneth Wayne: 169 Lander, Roslyn Sears: 145, 334 Lane, Robert Cline, Jr.: 118 Lane, Stephen Allen: 169 Laney, David C., Jr.: 132 Lanford, Richard Louis: 169 Langley, Wayne: 169,366 Langston, Donald Ray: 184 Lankford, Richard Jordan: 145,358 Laser, David Nichols: 118, 346 Laseter, Webb, III: 132,365 Lathrop, John Eric: 132,361 Latimer, Robert Hal: 145, 341 Latta, Garland Harper: 145 Latta, Melvin Monroe: 118 Lautz, Richard Eugene: 189 Lavender, George William: 145,385 Lawbaugh, Helen Louise: 189 Lawman, Karen: 169,369 Lawrence, Alice Jo: 118,377 Laws, Mary Beth: 145,369 Lawson, Conrad Douglas: 118,395 Lay, Sylvia Ann: 132,338 Lea, Stanley E.: 189 Leach, Jerry A.: 145 Leath, Arthur Everett: 169 Lecky, Robert Andrew: 118, 361 Ledbetter, Charles Austin: 118 Ledbetter, Joel Yowell: 132 Ledbetter, Larry: 145 Ledbetter, Neena Victoria: 132,329 Leding, Edward A., Jr.: 169 Lee, Billy Ray: 145,390 Lee, Carol Elizabeth: 132, 382 Lee, Delores Lai: 118,377 Lee, Michael Vinson: 118, 349 Lee, Peggy Joyce: 118,377 Leggett, Betty Jane: 132,334 Leggett, Joseph Edwin: 169, 390 Lehnhard, Linda: 132,382 Leigh, James T.: 145,390 Leijonhufrud, Sigfrid Carl Erik: 186 Leming, Bobby Jay: 118,341 Leonard, James Marion: 132 Leopoulos, Linda Rena: 118, 377 Lepine, Frances Anita: 169, 345 Lepp, Dennis: 118 Leslie, Dorothy Elaine: 132 Leslie, James Edward: 118 Lessley, Billy Vhard: 189 Lester, James William: 118, 357 Leu, Robert Wayne: 169 Leverette, Betty Ann: 118, 377 Leverette, Linda Faye: 132, 329 Levine, Morris Henry: 118, 388 Lewis, Burett LaFayette: 118 Lewis, Carolyn: 132,334 Lewis, Charles Glenn: 132, 392 Lewis, Charles Leo: 118,395 Lewis, Helen Marie: 118 Lewis, Jack Medlin: 184 Lewis, James S.: 118,381 Lewis, Josephine: 118,377 Lewis, Larry Allen: 118 Lewis, Nancy Kathryn: 132, 382 Lewis, Shirley Ann: 118 Lewter, Dallas E.: 132,349 Lichty, Larry Edward: 118, 346 Lieblong, Burl W.: 118,346 Ligon, Cynthia Joan: 118,377 Liles, Ronald Richard: 132, 361 Lilley, Allan L.: 118 Limberg, Jim Kay: 132,346 Linch, Charles Jerry: 132 NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES—DIAMONDS—JEWELRY—CHINA—CRYSTAL—SILVERWARE SWIFT WATCH JEWELRY STORE PHONE 2-475127 N. BLOCK FREE PICK-UP DELIVERY FOR PRESCRIPTIONS QUAKER DRUG STORE No. 1 22 E. CENTER PHONE 2-4246 VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION ON NORTH COLLEGE KEN ' S SPORTING GOODS PHONE 2-6357 Matiitla 9 s EXCLUSIVES READY-TO-WEAR North Block Phone 2-432 I NUNN BUSH ROBLE BUSTER BROWN AIR STEP LIFE STRIDE COWAN ' J HUBERT SHOE STORE R. COWAN, Owner Res. Phone 2-5297 Bus. Phone 2-6372 6 E. Center Fayetteville, Arkansas Lincoln, Lydia Elizabeth: 169,369 Lindahl, Mary Kerth: 118, 377 Lindsey, Dean Ray: 145 Lindsey, I won Berry: 132, 354 Lindsey, Uvalde Rex: 132, 358 Lindsey, Vicki: 132 Linebarger, Susan: 118,377 Lineberger, Jerry Dale: 132,388 Linsley, Joseph Lee: 189 Lipsmeyer, Laurence J.: 132, 396 Little, James Robert: 169 Little, Jimmie Ralph: 146 Little, John Barrett: 132 Little, John M.: 169,326 Little, Margaret Ann: 118, 377 Littlejohn, Bobby Jack: 169 Livingston, Otto Bernard: 132 Lizotte, John: 169 Locke, Edward Emory: 146, 358 Locke, James William: 146 Lockhart, George Austin: 146 Lofton, Edward Zane: 169, 396 Logan, Arlis J.: 132,396 Logan, Beth Marion: 169, 345 Logan, John W.: 118,358 Long, Kadelia Dair: 118,377 Longinotti, Louis James: 132 Lookingbill, Sarah Sue: 146 Lookingbill, Timothy, J.: 132 Looney, Joseph Lafayette: 169 Looney, Marvin Olen: 189 Lough, Max E.: 132 Lovegrove, Sandra Lee: 118, 377 Loveless, Daisy Carlo: 118 Lovell, Jackson Keith: 169 Lovell, Jessie Louise: 189 Lovell, Lynda Irene: 146 Lovett, Scott: Low, Yung Shing: 169 Lowe, Chester Clarence: 146,361 Lowe, Emmons Beaul: 132 Lowe, Priscilla Ann: 133 Loy, Diana Dickerson: 170, 387 Loy, Joseph: 146,384 Lubin, David Emanuel: 133, 326 Lucas, Darrell Lynn: 133, 396 Lucas, Nancy Jane: 146,382 Luck, Patricia: 118,377 Luebben, Robert David: 133 Luft, Fred Larry: 146,358 Lum, Lee, Jr.: 133 Lung, Sing-yue: 146,396 Luplow, Harry William, Jr.: 170,358 Luter, Thomas H.: 146,349 Luther, Franklin: 133 Luzietti, Albert James: 133, 396 Lybarger, James Harold: 189 Lyon, Betty Lou: 146,382 Lyons, Arland Wayne: 146 in McAdams, Dolly Wade: 118, 377 McAdams, Patricia Jane: 146,337 McAfee, Billy Joe: 170,354 McAlister, Judith Anne: 118, 377 McAllister, Emily Jo: 170 McAllister, J. W.: 170,361 McAnear, Jerald L.: 170,362 McArthur, William Charles: 170 McBride, Bob: 133 McBride, Jimmy Dorsey: 133 354 McCaleb, James A.: 189 McCarroll, William Ryan: 170,358 McCartney, Allan P.: 133 McCartney, Carol Jean: 170, 334 McCartney, Julia Kathryn: 170,387 McCarty, Kay: 146,334 McCarver, Clintin H.: 133 McCasland, Deanna Beth: 146,369 McCauley, E. Delos: 146,392 McCauley, Richard Allen: 133 384 McCauley, Silas Evan: 170 McCay, John David: 118,381 McChristian, James Curtis, Jr.: 133 McClain, Gary Lee: 170,365, 366 McClain, Kenneth Ivan: 170, 392 McClendon, Charles Alfred: 146 392 McCloskey, Patrick: 146,326 McClure, Robert Conway: 170,390 McCollum, Kay: 118,377 McCollum, Wayne Paschal: 146 McConnell, Frances Nan: 170.393 McConnell, George Lewis: 133,362 McConnell, Joicie Faith: 133,382 McConnell, Reed Lackland: 133 357 McCord, Larry Reed: 133, 361 McCormick, Martice Jane: 170,334 McCoy, Mary Frances: 118, 377 McCracken, Ann Sale: 146, 369 McCrary, George Autrey: 146,396 McCrary, Lemuel Clarence: 146,346 McCraw, Dan: 184 McCrory, Ross Edward: 146 McCuistion, Willa Nell: 133,369 McCune, Sally Ann: 146,329 McDaniel, Bobbye Jean: 146.393 McDaniel, Margie B.: 118 McDaniel, Tommy Landon: 170 McDonald, Alvin Toby: 170 358 McDonald, Bob D.: 133,384 McDonald, Gary Alan: 146, 388 McDonald, James Earl: 133, 385 McDonald, Phillip: 146,358 McDowell, Betty Ruth: 170 McElhanley, Curtis Willis: 189 McElroy, John Hansell: 146, 354 KELLY BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY Kelley For Kwality Serving Northwest Arkansas Since 1921 Wholesale and Retail Building Materials FAYETTEVILLE 478 Chi Omega members are locked-out of the House by the pledges, and are forced to enter through the basement, home of the closet cases. Mitchell Johns points in jest to the ' golden-toe ' of Freddy Akers after the TCU game, when field goal of Akers gave Hogs a 3-0 win. Pic and Beulah ' s — ROCKWOOD CLUB Highway 71 South Remodeled and Enlarged - To Meet The Student ' s Needs 479 In The United States The Grapette Company, Inc. CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Tel. TEmple 6-9311 5 r C v( _K_ ; | PEOPLE DRINK MORE GRAPETTE THAN ALL OTHER " GRAPE " DRINKS COMBINED ' CAUSE IT TASTES so GOOD! IMITATION FLAVOR FORTIFIED WITH REAL GRAPE JUICE In Canada GRAPETTE (CANADA) LTD. 11875 Ethier —Montreal Q. Canada Phone DAniel 2-6260 McFadden, Bruce L.: 170 McFadden, Ray Dale: 133 McFall, Donald Edward: 118,357 McFay, Donald Edward: McFerran, David Lee: 118, 381 McFerran, James B.: 146 McFerran, John A.: 133,361 McGahan, Martha Linda: 170,338 McGalin, Judith: 146 338 McGary, Franklin Pierce: 170,384 McGaugh, Carl Andrew: 118 McGaugh, James Donald: 133 McGee, Joseph Leonard, Jr.: 170 McGee, William: 170,396 McGill, Bruce D.: 189 McGill, Donald W.: 146 McGill, John Roger: 170, 333 McGill, Roy Allen: 118 McGloflin, Sally Jo: 118 377 McGowan, Larry L.: 146 McGregor, Sally: 118 McGregor, Sara Frances: 133,337 McGrew, Mildred Jeanette: 170,329 McGuire, Daniel Warren, Jr.: 170,350 McGuire, Steve: 133,358 Mcllroy, Dena Loye: 146,329 Mcllroy, William Hayden: 146.361 McIntyre, Patricia Ann: 118, 377 McKenzie, James H.: 118, 357 McKinley, William Murray, Jr.: 118 McKinney, Clay Carl: 146, 361 McKinney, George F.: 133, 358 McKinney, Georgia: 170,334 McKinney, Leonard Evan: 118,381 McKinney, Steven King: 133.361 McKinnon, Peggy: 133,353 McKnight, Steve D., Jr.: 146,354 McKuin, Bob: 118,395 McLaughlin, Glenda June: 133,393 McLemore, Martha Anne: 146,345 McLeod, George: 146,346 McLeod, John C.: 170 McLeod, Morris Miles: 146 McLoud, James H.: 170,341 McLoud, LaVina Charlene: 118 McMahen, Patsy Lee: 133, 353 McMath, Sandy Sidney: 118, 357 McMeans, Donald Ray: 118 McMillan, William Francis: 170 395 McMillin, A. Thomas: 133, 361 McMurtrey, Robert Ware, Jr.: 146,349 McNair, Carol Ann: 118,377 McNew, Jane Anne: 133, 345 McNiel, Janett: 118,377 McNully, Claude Victor: 170 McNulty, Ronald Wilson: 118.357 McNulty, William Randolph: 133,357 McRae, Dorsey A.: 171,357 McRae, Kay: 133,369 McRae, Thomas Chipman: 171.357 McRell, Eddie J.: 189.381 McShane, Susan Ethel: 118, 377 McVey, John Robert: 118, 362 McWaters, Anita Elizabeth: 146,337 McWhorter, Clayton Ward: 146,350 Mabry, Roger S.: 118 Macdonald, Virginia Lea: 133,329 Mack, Mary Cathryn: 119, 377 Mackey, Alice Jo: 119,377 Maddox, Edward Lee: 119, 395 Maddox, James Eugene: 146 Maddux, Priscilla Rosemary: 133,382 Mader, Rita Rose: 119,377 Maeder, Linda Rose: 119 Magee, Linda Ellis: 146,337 Mahle, Jack Dickey, Jr.: 146.357 Mailer, Catherine Roberta: 119,377 Mairs, Adrian Braxton: 133 Mairs, Rita Phillips: 119 Majors, Don Yancey: 133, 346 Malcolm, Robert Guy: 133, 390 Maloch, James Louis: 146 Malone, Charles Kent: 171 Malone. Mary Bess: 146,353 Malone, Nancy Jeanette: 133.358 Mangan, Charles Stephen, II: 133 Mann, Charles Curtis: 171 COMPLIMENTS OF DUCK-INN CAFE CAMDEN ' S FINEST 480 QUAKER DRUG STORE NO. 2 Alexander-Conine Prescription 2-4500 Pharmacists 808 N. College CALVERT McBRIDE Printing Company " THE BUSINESSMAN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE " FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS Mann, Edward Marvin, Jr.. 119,388 Mann, George: 146 Mann, George Eugene: 146 Mann, Woodrow Wilson, Jr.: 133,326 Manning, Dale: 171,384 Maples, Jimmie Kay: 146, 392 Mar, Robert: 133,396 Marcantel, Virginia: 171,382 Marino, Charles William, Tr • 1 1 Q 3 4 Maris, Guy. Ill: 146,358 Markley, Elizabeth Mae: 119 Marlar, Joseph Franklin: 146 Marlow, Billy Howard: 119 Marsh, Tyler Jean: 133,382 Marshall, Lillian Rae: 119, 377 Martin, Ann: 147,334 Martin, Bobby Joe: 147,362 Martin, Don Wright: 171, 396 Martin, Esta M.: 119,342 Martin, Frank Edward: 171 Martin, Gary L.: 147,396 Martin, George Edward: 171 Martin, Grady Lynn: 171, 396 Martin, James M., Jr.: 147 Martin, Paul Loyd: 147 Martin, Ronald G.: 133,396 Martin, Rufus Algernon, Jr.: 171,357 Martin, Sara Ann: 119,377 Martin, William Carl, Jr.: 171 392 Martin, William R.: 119 Martinez de Andino, Joaquin Antonio: 171 Marye, Susan Louise: 119, 377 Mason, John Hugh: 171 Mason, Lee D.: 133,354 Massey, Edmund McDowell: 147.357 Massey, Kathryn Elizabeth: 171,345 Mathey, F. Courtenay: 189 Mathias, Martha Ellen: 133 Mathias, Thomas Herbert: 171 Matlock, Bobby Joe: 133, 357 Mattana, John: 171,385 Matthews, Bill: 119 Matthews, Gail Owen: 185 Matthews, Pat: 147,338 Matthews, William Joseph: 141.358 Mattingly, Lesley Weaver: 185 Maulding, Davis Taaffe: 147 Mauney, Jimmy Edwin: 147, 392 Ma xey, Nona Dell: 133,382 Maxwell, Ronald Sherman: 119 330 May, Billy Burnet: 171,354 May, Bill Perry: 133,358,388 May, Dean H.: 147 May, Jerry Don: 119,395 May, Willard Gordon: 119, 354 Maye , John Berton: 119 Mayfield, Charles Fred, Jr.: 119,381 Mayhugh, Joel Ogden: 119, 381 Maynard, Neil: 119 Mayner, Doyle W.: 171 Mays, George Barnett: 147 Mays, John: 119,381 Mazzanti, Barbara Paula: 171,393 ADPi ' s pose with Dan the Donkey, the first place Homecoming winner. CONGRATULATIONS! RITA ' S HAIR FASHIONS HI 2-2742 OZARK CLEANERS LAUNDRY “Where Cleaning is an Art " 101 North Block St. Phone H! 2-2012 We give S H Green Stamps FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS 481 These 138 Arkansas communities know what questions an industry needs answered when it ' s looking for a location. Each of these 138 communities is making a labor survey, determining its plant financing capacity, mapping its industrial sites, developing a city planning program, taking a community inventory and printing an industrial report—part of its comprehensive 6 Point Program of Preparedness developed in cooperation with the Arkansas Industrial De¬ velopment Commission, State Capitol, Little Rock. gravette . • eureka springs 2 • bentonville 3 • berryville 2 decatur • rogers - green forest 1 • springdale 8 • harrison 6 siloam springs 4 • Fayetteville 2 A • huntsviiie » lincoln I . P fairie 3 rove 1 » mountain home » mammoth spring ' corning - • • cotter • flippin 1 » yellville % » marshall 1 mountain view ' « • piggott 1 • pocahontas " • rector 2 imboden • .wainut ridge ’ Aparagou|d , • leachville 1 Jonesboro 2 A • mone,fe •manila 2 A Blytheville • tuckerman ' • mulberry • vanburen 6 • ozark 2 Fort Smith 6 A charleston ' . » greenwood 2 . russellville 5 • booneville 3 dardanelle 2 • • morrilton 5 • danville 1 » heber springs 2 bald knob 2 • judsonia 1 • • augusta 2 • searcy 7 luxora 1 • umann 4 . osceola 3 . • lepanto 2 ( » harrisburg 1 Wl ■ n • marked tree 3 parkin 1 Hot Springs 3 A » alenwood 1 ► Conway 7 North Little Rock 4 A LITTLE ROCK ' ■ A Benton A Malvern 1 • beebe 2 • cabot 1 ► Jacksonville des arc 2 me crory wynne cotton plant 2 A West Memphis ■ • forrest city brinkley 4 » hughes z 2 hazen 1 e , , • • de vails bluff ' Carlisle • clarendon • holly grove , I A Stuttgart 1 » dierks 1 • sheridan 2 Pine Bluff 4 A » marvell west helena 6 • A Helena 1 __ 1 - • de queen 3 • horatio 1 » foreman ' • nashville 4 mineral springs murfreesboro ' • arkadelphia » • gurdon 2 • sparkman 1 • gould ' • rison 1 star c j t y j • ashdown 3 • hope’ • fordyce ► beorden 1 Texarkana 5 i Camden 2 A » Stephens 1 monticello 5 • warren 7 . wilmar hampton I me gehee 4 • arkansas city dermott 4 • waldo ' ev«» v, " e . • 3 . ' . stamps 3 Magnolia 1 A • smackover 2 exponents read in 1,000’s, 10,000’s, or 100,000’s depending on town symbols. • 500—10,000 A 10-100,000 ■ 100,0004- El Dorado ‘ lake village 2 • • hamburg 3 • crossett 5 eudora 3 • 40 W 138 ANSWERS FOR INDUSTRY 482 UofA-Southern State Brother-Sister Act of Hamp-Tappy Dickens won first place honors at Texas A M with their song-dance routine. Mazzanti, Jerry Edward: 133.354.388 Mazzanti, Paul Anthony: 133.388 Meadors, Thomas R.: 133 Meadows, Douglas Eugene: 119 Medlin, Mary Ann: 133,382 Medrick, Barbara Gail: 382 Medrick, Roma Danelle: 119, 377 Meeks, Anna Claire: 133,382 Meier, Jerry August: 119 Meinert, Philip Ray: 119 Meins, Waymond C.: 134 Meistrell, Michael Leonard: 119 Melton, Curtis Coy: 171 Melton. Mary Elizabeth: 171 337 Melton, Mary Jane: 147 334 Melton, Sarah Jane: 147,337 M. P. Menon: 189 Meredith, Brenda Borlene: 119,377 Merrick, James Graham: 134,350 Merrifield, Martha Evelyn: 119,377 Merritt, Hiram Prentice, III: 171 Mesavage, Jean Anne: 119, 377 Michaelis, Paul: 172 326 Middleton, Patricia Ann: 172,337 Middleton, Robert Francis: 185,361 Mikeska, Joyce Ann: 119, 377 Miles, John Evans: 119,342 Miles, Linda May: 172,382 Miles, Richard W.: 119 Millard, Robert D.: 134 Miller, Carl Dean, Jr.: 119 Miller, Charles Kent: 172 Miller, Gordon Harvey: 390 Miller, Iligene: 172,338 Miller, James Franklin: 147 Miller, James Kennith: 119, 326 Miller, Janet: 119 Miller, John Fremont: 119, 381 Miller, Laird Foulis: 189 Miller, Nancy Lee: 119 Miller, Robert Glenn: 172 Miller, Robert Victor: 189 Miller, William Edward: 119,381 Mills, Donald Livingstone: 134 Millwee, Rosemary: 147,334 Milum, Martha Ann: 147, 329 Miner, Robert Roy: 134,366 Minmier, James Guy: 147, 350 Misenheimer, Betty Virginia: 172 Misenheimer, Bobby Wayne: 134 Misenheimer, Glenn Lester: 172 Mitchell, Calvin Mace: 147, 326 Mitchell, Don N.: 147 Mitchell, Flora June: 119 Mitchell, Frances: 147,334 Mitchell, Hal Stanley: 147, 354 Mitchell, Jenny Lee: 134, 334 Mitchell, Martha Louise: 119,377 COMPLIMENTS OF FAP " A group of red-blooded American boys trying to keep the students free " " Backing the Razorbacks " THE ROLLING PIN DOUGHNUTS, DOUGHNUTS, DOUGHNUTS!! 9 South School HI 2-9630 48 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS BOOK STORE STUDENT UNION BUILDING EVERYTHING THE STUDENT NEEDS TEXTBOOKS: NEW AND USED REFERENCE BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Stationery Montag • Eld ridge • Elliott Hallmark Cards • Pennants and Novelties Fountain Pens and Pencils Esterbrook • Parker • Sheaffer Engineering Supplies Equipment Dietzgen • Gramercy • Keuffel Esser Post • Roark Templates Art Materials American Crayon • Crescent Cardboards • Grumbacher Permanent Pigments • Strathmore Papers Marks Lamps Tufide Brief Cases Sundries Store Hours 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mondays thru Fridays 8:00 A.M. to 12 Noon Saturdays Mitchell, Mary Ann: 119,377 Mitchell, Robert Behrens: 119,326 Mitchell, Robert Buck: 172 Mitchell, Thomas Glin: 147 Mizell, Virginia Sherwood: 147,345 Moberg, Barbara: 134,369 Moberly, Patsy Ann: 119,377 Moix, Robert Joseph: 119 Moles, J. Louis, Jr.: 147,358 Molitor, Molly: 147,353 Monk, Arlie Marion: 119 Monk, Pledger E., Jr.: 119, 381 Mont, Theodore, Jr.: 119,388 Mintgomery, Duke: 119,346 Montgomery, Jesse Troy: 147 Montgomery, Marilyn Blanche: 119,378 Montgomery, Shelby Vance, Jr.: 119,346 Montgomery, Tom: 119 346 Moody, James Max: 147,358, 366 Mooney, Charles Marion: 185 Mooney, David Palmer: 172,362 Moore, Billy Jerald: 172 Moore, Boyce Freeman: 119, 361 Moore, Deanna: 134,338 Moore, H. Dan: 147,357 Moore, James C.: 189 Moore, John Hartwell: 147, 358,366 Moore, Ken: 134,346 Moore, Kenneth Charles: 172 Moore, Marian: 134,353 Moore, Neal E.: 172 Moore. Nelda Ann: 119,391 Moore, Robert Dan: 172 Moore, Robert Glenn: 134 Moore, Thomas Jerald: 134, 358 Moore, Virginia Sue: 119 Moose, Robert Lewis: 172 Mooty, Elvie Eli, Jr.: 147, 392 Morehart, Don H.: 172,349 Moren, Dale Clark: 134 Morey Norman Warren: 119,381 Morgan, Jon Ralph: 172 Morgan, Joyce Ann: 147 Moring, James Marvin: 172, 349 Morley, Janet: 134 353 Morris, Jane: 172,387 Morris, John Franklin: 172 Morris, Justin Roy: 189 Morris, Mary Carolyn: 119, 378 Morris, Ronald Mack: 134, 390 Morris, Thomas Dixon: 147 Morris, William Henry: 119, 346 Morrison. Doyle Edwin, Jr.: 119,342 Morrison, James Alan: 134 Morrison, Patty Lou: 147, 338 Morrow. Margie: 134,393 Morse, Jeannie: 134,353 Morton, Edward Lionel: 189 Moseley, JeriBob: 119,378 Moseley, Raymond Arnold: 147,350 Mosley, Joe Emmett: 172 Mosley, Melinda Louise: 119,378 Mothershel, Donald Joe: 119 Mott, John Kneeland: 172, 357 Moyers, Pat Marion: 119,342 Mugg, J. D.: 120,395 Mulhollan, Jim S.: 120,357 Mulkey, David Allen: 172, 354 Mullen, Winfred C.: 147 Mullins, Derrel Wayne: 134 Muney, Leander Jennings, Jr.: 134 Munn, Susan Jean: 120,378 Murdock, Rex Hal: 172 Murphey, Billye Newell: 120 Murphy, Bucky Lynn: 134, 329 Murray, Jimmy Joe: 172, 390 Murry, Ginger Lee: 147,353 Myers, Jay Frank: 147 Myers, Milo Gene: 120 Myers, Wilbur Jay: 172 n Nadimi, Hossein: 147 Nakamura, Frank Akira: 120,381 Nangle, E. Charles: 172 Napier, Toy Lee: 172 Nash, Charles D.: 134,396 Nations, Nancy Eleanor: 120,378 Naylor, Alvin Louis: 172 Neal, Byron Dickson: 134, 392 Nease, Rondall Lee: 147 Neeley, Suzanne Patrick: 172 Neely, Mary Margaret: 120, 378 Neer, Harold M.: 172 Neifer, Leo John: 189 Neifer, Violet: 172 Neil, Carolyn Tisdale: 173 Nelson, Jack: 147 Netherton, Barbara Ballard: 173 Netherton, Bobby Bruce: 173 Netherton, Lon Raymond: 134 Nettles, Roger C.: 134 Neubert, William Herman: 147,354 Neumeister, Patricia Ann: 173,345 Newcome, Robert Benton: 120,358 Newingham, Eddie Jane: 120 Newkirk, Larry Jeff: 147 Newman, Judith Ann: 134, 353 Newman, Virgil Howard: 120,395 Newsum, Jo Lynne: 134,337 Newton, Doane M.: 147,385 Nicholas, Lowell: 120,354 Nichols, Robert Pipkin: 120, 381 Nicholson, Clarence Dale: 120,350 Nicholson, Gerald Leon: 173 Niemeyer, Gary M.: 134,392 Niswanger, Barry: 147,349 Nix, John Olin: 147,388 Nofziger, Charles: 147 Noland, Connie: 147,334 Noland. Sue: 120,378 Nolen, Bob E.: 134,350 Nolen, William Giles: 173 Nolen, Wylie E.: 134 Nordin, Lewis Jan: 120,333 Norris, Gary Fred: 120,330 Norsworthy, Morris E.: 134, 396 North, John Paul: 173 Northcross, Sarah: 147 Norton, Ennis Wayne: 120, 395 Norwood, James Earl: 134, 396 484 Norwood, James Robert: 120,395 Norwood, Joyce Marketta: 134,337 Norwood, William Lewis, Jr.: 120,357 Nosari, Eldon Joe: 173 Novak, Joseph Joel: 173,385 Nowlin, Jack A., Jr.: 147,357 Nuckols, Bobby Joe: 120 Nunnally, Martha Sue: 189 Nutt, Donald Ray: 189 Nutt, Judith Anna: 120,391 Nutt, Robert Mitchell: 185, 349 Nutt, Wynelle Poole: 173 Nystrom, Betty: 120,378 Nyunt, Raphael Sein Tin: 173 O Oates, Harper Lee: 134,365 Oberle, David Yates: 185 O’Daniel, Julia Ann: 173,353 Odglen. Glen E.: 189 Odum, Linda Lou: 120,378 Offutt, Ancel M.: 173 Offutt, Robert Aris: 147,353 Oglesby, Lucy Lee: 147 O’Hara, Pat M.: 120 Oishi, Hiroshi: 173 Oishi, Kazuo: 134 Oishi, Toshio: 120,381 O’Kelley, John Stephen: 134,326 Oler, Franklin Louis: 173 Oliver, Gary Don: 134 Oliver, Kenneth, Jr.: 120, 358 Oliver, Wilma Jean: 147,382 Onwiler, Walter Newton: 173 Ookuni, Ikuo: 189 Orange, David Lee: 120 Orler, Barbara Rozella: 147. 329 Orler, Johnny Lee: 120,395 Orlicek, Kenneth D.: 173, 349 Ormond, Charles Louis: 173, 354 Ormond, Elizabeth Ann: 134 Ort, Ron E.: 134,390 Osborne, Barbara: 147,337 Osborne, Carolyn Ruth: 120, 378 Osburn, Patricia Jean: 134, 369 Oury, Byron Eugene: 173, 396 Overby, Glen Allan: 148,385 Overton, Billy Max: 148 Overton, William Ray: 148, 349 Owen, Dale Landon: 148 Owen, Emily Katurah: 148, 338 Owen, Emma Jean: 148,393 Owen, Robert B.: 173 Owens, Jerry M.: 134,384 Owens, Kenneth Labe: 173 Owens, Thomas E.: 134,333 Owens, Thomas Harold: 148,326 Oxford, Deryle Gene: 173 Oxley, Patsy Jean: 120,378 Ozment, Kerry Lowell: 134, 361 Ozturk, Orhan: 189 p Pace, Margaret Ann: 134, 382 Pace, Sondra Lerene: 148, 382 Padgett, Cynthia Anne: 148, 353 Palmer, Edwin Thomas: 173 Pang, Henry: 189 Pannell, Charles Kenneth: 120,326 Papageorge, Tommy A.: 134 392 Parette, Charles M.: 148 Parette, Patricia Ann: 173, 393 Parham, Robert Wilford: 174 Paris, Stan N.: 171.349 Parish, Ada Ann: 120.391 Park, Linda Susan: 120,378 Parker, Bobby Joe: 174,349 Parker, Carol Jean: 174,382 Parker, Donnie Gene: 134 Parker, Henleyetta: 134,338 Parker, James Mayne: 120, 361 Parker, Joe Michael: 134, 365,388 Parker, Leona Lou: 120,378 Parker, Melanie: 120,378 Parker, Murl Wayne: 134, 384 Parker, Patricia Lee: 174, 345 Parker, Shirlee: 120,378 Parker, William Robert: 120,384 Parks, Billy Wayne: 120 Parks, Carolyn LaVern: 120, 378 Parks, Edwina Sue: 148 Parnell, Lynda Lou: 120, 378 Parr, Betty Harris: 174 Parr, Kenneth Monroe: 174, 350 Parson, Lonnie Joe: 174 Parsons, Robert Dale: 120 Pascoe, Phillip Terry: 148, 354 Pate, Sandra Sue: 120,378 Patrick, Marilyn Jo: 174 Patterson, Annelle: 148,369 Patterson, Barbara Anne: 134,393 Patterson, Felix Eugene: 174 Patterson, John Kenneth: 148 Patton, Jim Fred: 134,357 Patton, Jimmy Dale: 189 Patton, Nicholas Harrel: 148,357 Patton, Robert T.: 174 Patty, Claiborne Watkins, Jr.: 185 Pavig, Bernard D.: 148 Payne, Andrew Guy: 174, 358 Payne, Donna Fanchon: 120,378 Payne, Patricia Ann: 174, 345 Payne, Susan Janette: 134, 334 Peacock, Donald Raines: 174 Pearce, Jacky Paul: 174 Pearcy, William Odell: 120 Pedley, Katherine Evelyn: 134,393 Pedron, Thomas Adrian: 185 Peel, Virginia Perry: 174 Peevy, Jessie Richard: 134, 333 Pellin, Johnny Edward: 148 Pelton, Joe Ernest: 174 Pelton, Soott Horton: 148 Pence, Catherine Murry: 134,382 Pendergrass, Barbara Jolene: 120,378 Pendergrass, Roscoe Royce: 134 Penn, Roye Wallace: 134 Perciful, Jerry C.: 174,354 A rkansas Western (Jas C ompany " Helping Build North and West Arkansas 99 LUCY ' S GROCERY 10 MILES WEST OF EL DORADO " for the Best in Groceries " 485 Perdue, Linda Lee: 120,378 Perdue, Richardson Milam: 174,358 Perkins, Fred M., Jr.: 148, 392 Perkins, Noel Jan: 120 Perrier, Paul Gene: 174 Perry, Linda Clair: 120,378 Perry, Myma Ann: 134,382 Perry, Peggy Lynn: 148,334 Pesnell, Larkus Howard: 148,361,388 Peters, Carol Ann: 134,334 Peters, Frank Jacob, III: 148 Peters, James S., Jr.: 174, 384 Peters, John William: 134, 354 Peters, Sammy: 134,361 Peters, Weldon Leon: 148 Petersen, Melba Bass: 190 Petersen, Robert Gregg: 190 Peterson, Peggy Anne: 148 Petree, Charlotte Maxine: 134,345 Pettit, James Lewis: 148 Petty, John Dandridge: 120 Petty, ZelmaKumpe: 174 Pharr, Marilyn Joan: 120, 378 Pharr, Virginia Gibson: 174 Phelan, Sammye Lou: 148 Phelps, Carolyn Sue: 120, 378 Phelps, Jon Harold: 148,346 Philley, Nancy E.: 148 Phillips, Allan Woods: 120, 349 Phillips, Charles Keith: 120 Phillips, Charles William: 190 Phillips, David H.: 185,396 Phillips, David William: 134 In Fayetteville it ' s UARK BARBER SHOP 620 West Dickson St. Vi Block from Campus First and Always — Service to Please Phillips, Delbert Wayne: 134 385 Phillips, Joe Oliver: 174 Phillips, John Arthur: 120, 395 Phillips, Judith Ann: 120, 393 Phillips, Marion: 134 Phillips, Patricia Ann: 120, 378 Phillips, Paula Lee: 190 Philpot, Judy Ann: 174,387 Piazza, Harvey Settimo: 120 Pickens, Reuben “Andrew”: 120,357 Pickens, Bill: 135,358 Pickens, Ronnie David: 174 Pierce, Clinton Albert: 148, 346 Pierce, Donna Sue: 135,387 Pierce, Harold Heber: 174 Pierce, Joseph William: 174 Pintado, Sherry Lynn: 120, 378 Pipkin, Patsy: 120,378 Pippin, Argus Kenneth: 190 Pimique, Allan Stark: 148 Pistole, Louise Ryland: 174, 382 Pitcock, John A.: 174,361 Pittas, Panes: 174 Pitts, Roger Morrow: 174 Plaisance, Carol Jean: 148, 382 Plant, Garratt Proctor: 175 Plants, Robert W.: 190 Plaster, George Nicholas: 185,354 Plegge, Franklin Clifford: 175,357,388 Plowman, Nancy Belle: 148, 338 Plummer, Glen Brown: 175 England Bros. Truck Line Fort Smith Terminals St. Louis Springdale Kansas City Memphis Dallas Little Rock Hugo Big Enough To Serve You Small Enough To Know You J. FRED PATTON, Pres. 486 Plummer, Sandra: 148,387 Plunkett, Joseph Albert: 135,396 Plunkett, Sue Ann: 175,393 Plunkett, Thomas Wood: 120,395 Poage, Melvin E.: 148 Poe, William B.: 175,354 Poirier, Ernest Joseph, Jr.: Poirier, Ernest Joseph, Jr.: 135 Polk, Joe Alan: 175 Polk, Tommy Ray: 135,358, 388 Pollard, Hugh: 120,350 Ponder, Harry L., Ill: 120, 346 Pool, Richard W.: 120.346 Poole, Arlen Dee: 148 Poole, Wesley Eugene: 135 Pope, Clinton Dale: 135,354 Pope, Clyde D., Jr.: 135,326 Pope, Goldie Lou: 175,329 Pope, Robert Darrell: 121 Porter, Bob Ed: 148,330 Porter, Janet: 175,353 Porter, Jimmie Ray: 135 Porter, John David: 121 Porter, Linda Katherine: 135 Porter, Mary Sue: 135,329 Porter, Phillip Wayne: 121, 381 Posey, John Edward: 135, 390 Potter, Carol Grace: 121,378 Poularikas, Alexander D.: 175 Pouzar, Joe Emil: 148,333 Powell, Jim Wilson: 148,351 Powers, Jimmy Edd: 175,385 Powers, Joe Dickey: 135, 361 Poynor, Mary Gene: 121 Poynter, James H., Jr.: 148, 354 Prather, John W.: 121,395 Presley, Judith Ann: 135, 329 Prewitt, Mary Wheeler: 121, 378 Prewitt, Patricia Carroll: 121,378 Price, Dale: 148,341 Price, James Fred: 148 Price, Sammeye Lou: 148, 338 Price, Virginia Ann: 175,338 Pridemore, Glenna Jean: 148,387 Prislovsky, Georgene Sorrells: 175 Prislovsky, Robert Leo: 175 Pruitt, Nathan Lee: 121,381 Probst, M. J.: 135,358,366 Proctor, George W.: 121,381 Proctor, Hugh Baty, Jr.: 121,357 Proctor, Nona Glenn: 148, 345 Puckette, Nancy: 121,378 Pugh, Owen Lloyd: 121 Purdin, Sharon Lynn: 121, 378 Purifoy, Judith Ann: 135, 382 Purifoy, Philip Bruce: 148, 346 Purifoy, Pierce Hensley: 190 Puryear, Garnier King: 175, 346 Puryear, Linda Lee: 121,378 Putnam, David Tracy: 121, 381 Putnam, Sally Ann. 148 Pyle, Patsy Jo: 121,378 Pyles, Wayne Evan: 148,330 Members F.D.I.C. and Federal Reserve System FIRST NATIONAL BANK Garrison at Sixth Fort Smith, Arkansas UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS Gold Touch-Electric Touchmaster Standard The New Touch In Typing Students: Come in or call for a demonstration Ozark Office Machines Company 25 N. Block HI 2-8531 ALL MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS WHEN THINKING OF GOOD FOOD AND GOOD FRIENDS, COME TO . . . CAMPUS GRILL Corner of the University Campus OKLAHOMA GAS AND ELECTRIC FORT SMITH Live Better Electrically 487 By: COLLEGE CLUB DAIRY, INC. 207 West Dickson Street—Dial 2-471 I—Fayetteville, Ark. It ' s not easy to diagnose you But one thing for sure COLLEGE CLUB Vitamin D symptoms. Milk is always a good remedy. Pyott, Raymond Elizabeth: 148,345 r Raabe, Carl Edwin: 135 Rackley, Gene Allen: 148, 361 Rackley, Peggy: 135,387 Raff, Arthur E., Jr.: 185,346 Raff, Robert Hines: 175,346 Ragan, Janet Sherrill: 148, 345 Ragar, Anthony F.: 135 Ragland, James Bryan: 190 Ragland, Judith Ann: 148, 353 Ragland, William Robert: 148 Ragsdale, Edward Floyd: 175,361 Ragsdale, Sherry Lynn: 148, 334 Raible, Robert Lee: 175 Railsback, Glenn Albert, III: 121 Rainer, Phyllis Anne: 121, 378 Raines, Carol Anne: 148, 334 Raines, Roy Harold: 135 Rainey, Robert Paul: 148 Rains, John C.: 121 Rains, L. Craig: 135,358 Rains, Patricia Bernice: 148, 387 Rainwater, James Michael: 175,392 Rainwater, Phyllis Ann: 148,369 Rakes, Danny Bert: 135 Raley, Carolyn Gene: 121, 378 Raley, Thomas Embry: 148, 341 Ralston, Mary Sue: 175 Ramey, Geraldine: 148,382 Ramoly, Brinton Miller, Jr.: 175 Ramsay, Gail Kathleen: 148, 345 Ramsey, John W., Jr.: 121, 362 Raney, Sharon: 148,353 Rankin, Sylvia Rose: 121,378 Rankin, Tommy Lewis: 175, 358,388 Rapp, Waldean Glenn: 190 Rasberry, Mary Helen: 135, 334 Rascoe, Josephine: 135,353 Ratcliff, Anita Joyce: 148, 382 Ratcliff, Dottie: 148,338 Rateliff, Judy Carolyn: 121, 378 Rathbun, Rita Amn: 121,378 Ratliff, Billie Lou: 175,382 Ray, Judith Carol: 121,378 Rea, James Luther: 135,350 Reader, Rita Sue: 148,369 Reagan, Jane Elizabeth: 121, 378 Reagan, Luther Maple: 121 Reagan, Owenita Ilene: 148, 391 Reavis, Carol Judith: 148, 334 Rector, Henry Field, III: 121,381 Redpath, James Robert: 149, 354 Reed, Ira Max: 190,333 Reed, James Wiley: 175 Reed, Lowell C.: 175,392 Reeder, Van C.: 149,384 Reeves, Dale Royce: 176 Regan, John Raybom: 171, 381 Reid, Lucy Evelyn: 121,378 Reid, Richard Henry: 135 Reinhart, Mary Lou: 149,387 Remy, Robert Eugene: 149, 346 Renner, Ruth Riley: 135 Rennick, Alan Lee: 149,361 Renshaw, Mary Douglas: 149,329 Reusser, Charles Raymond: Reuter, Lloyd Andrew, Jr.: 176.388 Revis, NormE.: 135,362,388 Revis, Paul Neil: 149,396 Reynolds, Betty Pearl: 176 Reynolds, Bill K.: 149 Reynolds, Dan Wriliam: 121, 357 Reynolds, Edwin A.: 135,390 Reynolds, Robert Lyle: 176 Rhoden, Clyde Lauderdale: 149.388 Rhodes, Ann Marie: 121,378 Rhodes, James Robert: 135, 357 Rhodes, Mary Olive: 149,345 Rhodes, Rufus Dee: 135 Rice, Glenn Martin: Rice, Philip Foy: 135,357 Rich, Elmer Eugene (Gene): 176 Rich, Martha Sylvia: 176, 382 Rirhards, Carl Lee: 176,349 Richards, Terry Gordon: 149 Richardson, Becky Anne: 135,337 Richardson, Fontaine K.: 121 Richardson, Glen G.: 149, 349 Richardson, John Eric: 149, 361 Richardson, Marvin Lee: 176 Richardson, Sarah Nelle: 149 Richburg, Dennis Byron: 135 Richmond, Gordon Mayo: 149 Richmond, Robert D.: 176 Richter, Edward Allen: 135, 385 Rick, Carl William, Jr.: 176 Rickard, Curtis E.: 121,395 Rider, Billie Frank: 135 Ridgway, Curtis L., Jr.: 185 Rieff, Jim Clinton: 149,346 Rieves, Elton Allison, Jr.: 185 Riffel, James Kirby: 135, 392 Riggan, VencilLee: 176 Riggs, Michael D.: 121,350 Riysby, Barbara Lee: 149, 334 Rigsby, Floyd Kelly: 149,396 Riley, Martha Ann: 149,382 Rinehart, Keith Edward: 149,341 Riner, David Wylie: 121, 381 Riner, William Newton: 149 Ripley, John Earl: 149 Ritgerod, Judy: 121,378 Ritter, Ann: 176,345 Ritter, Edwin J.: 135,362 Rittershouse, Janice: 149,329 Robbins, Hermes G.: 121 Robbins, Janice Sue: 121,379 Robbins, Julia Stokes: 135 Robbins, Samuel W.: 135 Robbins, Sandra Ann: 121 Roberts, Barbara Jayne: 149,329 Roberts, Charles Edwin: 121,326 Roberts, Clerance A. (Buzzy), III: 135,361 Roberts, Haskell H.: 149,341 Roberts, Henry Lee: 149 Roberts, James Garry: 121, 395 Roberts, Tommy L.: 176,392 Roberts, Wayne Preston: 121 HANNA GULF SERVICE Catering To The Students and Faculty QUALITY GULF PRODUCTS 607 W. Dickson 2-9741 488 Robertson, Bill Max: 121, 350 Robertson, Ellis Gregory: 135 Robertson, James Ira: 176 Robinson, Bob: 135 Robinson, Elaine Elizabeth: 149,369 Robinson, John Vincent: 176 Robinson, Robin: 121,381 Roeder, Linda Margaret: 135,369 Rogers, Cynthia Jane: 135, 382 Rogers, Don W.: 176,392 Rogers, Jerry Rowland: 121, 395 Rogers, John Nicholas, Jr.: 176 Rogers, Marilou: 121,379 Rogers, Oscar Allan, Jr.: 190 Rogers, Rita Lynn: 135,329 Rogers, Robert Thomas: 190 Rogers, Roger D.: 121,388 Rogers, Ronald Stephen: 176,366 Rogers, Rupert 0.: 176,384 Rogers, Tom William: 135 354 Rogers, William P.: 149 Rogers, William Weston: 121,349 Root, Lyman Edward: 176 Rorex, Robert Albright: 190 Rosa, Billy J.: 190 Rose, Fred N.: 135 Rose, Louis Allen: 176 Ross, David Paul: 121,326 Ross, Eugene: 121 Ross, James A., Sr.: 185 Ross, Joe L.: 135 Ross, William P.: 176,358 Rotenberry, Burl C.: 185 Rothert, Alice Marian: 149,334 Rothert, Matthew Herman: 121,358 Rothwell, William D.: 185 Rouse, Joye Colleen: 149 Rowe, Charles Edward: 176 Rowe, Phillip Ray: 149 Rowland, Janet Allene: 149,353 Rowland, Mildred Lillian: 149,334 Rowland, Stephen Horton: 135,390 Rowland, Thomas Harlan: 121,362 Rowlett, Mary ane: 121 Roy, C.L.: 176, 366 Rucker, James Thomas: 176 Rucker, James William: 176,396 Rudasill, William B.: 149,392 Rudd, Sandra Elizabeth: 121,379 Rudder, Anna Louise: 121,379 Rudisill, Preston Arthur: 121,346 Ruggles, Charles Bryan: 149 Rumley, Johnny R.: 121,381 Rumph, Dorothy Elise: 135,337 Rumph, Julia Mae: 149,337 Runsick, Joe T.: 176 Runyan, William B.: 135 Rusgis, Rita Helen: 121,379 Rush, Donald Gene: 135 Rushing, Charles Delloyd: 121 Rushing, Parker David: 149 Russell, Alan: 149,361 Russell, Betty Carol: 135,338 Russell, Carl Max: 135,326 Russell, Frederich Rae: 176.382 Russell, George W., Jr.: 149 Russsell, Mary Ella: 121,379 Russell, Tennie Taylor: 136 Rutledge, Sonja Ann: 121,379 Ryles, David Heyman: 176 s St. John, Andrew Warner, Jr.: 176 Sabin, Robert Paul: 176 Sadler, James C.: 176,358, 366 Sadler, William Rutherford: 136.361 Saeler, Julie Ann: 149,334 Sage, John Allen: 177,396 Sain, David A.: 177 Saliba, George K.: 136 Saliba, Sandra Katherleen: 121,379 Sallee, Mary Raschal: 149 Sandefur, Sandra Lynn: 149.338 Sanders, Eariton Emmett: 177 Sanders, Elizabeth: 121,379 Sanders, Jack Walker: 149.361 Sanders, Jerry: 177,362 Sanders, John: 177,362 Sanders, Katherine Ann: 121,379 Sanders, Marcia Earlene: 177 Sanders, Sara Rebecca: 177.338 Sanders, William David: 122,395 Sanders, William Marshall: 177,365 Sanders, William Powell: 149 Sandusky, Judy Gwyn: 136,329 Sandy, Jeff Daris, Jr.: 177 354 Satterfield, Milton: 177 Satterwhite, Ramon S.: 149 Saunders, Joe Thomas: 177.392 Savage, Sara Elizabeth: 149 379 Savage, Suzanne: 136,382 Savers, Virginia G.: 149,334 Sax, Charles Edward: 149, 330 Scaramuzza, Frank Louis: 136,341 Schallhorn, Tommy: 177,358 Schallhorn, William Frederick, III: 149 Schenk, Kenneth Charles: 177 Schenke, Joseph James: 136 Schenke, William A.: 122 Scheuerman, Ronald Lee: 177 Schiefer, Bernark Achatz: 177 Schirmer, William Earl, Jr.: 149 396 Schmidt, Kathleen Gail: 136,369 Schmidt, Lee: 136 Schmitt, Neil Martin: 136.392 Schmitz, Leonard John: 177 Schnipper, Don Martin: 149,346 Schofield, Donald D.: 177 Schoolcraft, James Joseph: 177 Schrader, Leo W.: 177 Schramm, Paula Ellen: 149.382 Schulz, Elizabeth Ann: 136 Schulz, Mary Jo: 149,345 Schwarz, Lester Lloyd: 149.326 Schwieger, William Lee: 122 349 Scobey, Mary Lou: 136,382 Scogin, Henry David: 190 Scott, Brenda Sue: 136,369 Scott, Delya Sue: 122,379 Scott, Jerry Thomas: 122,361 Soctt, Lora Frances: 122,379 Scott, Mary Agnes: 136,382 Scriber, Jerry Leo: 122,395 Scudder, Julie Ann: 122,379 Seales, Milton Dewitt: 136 Seay, Robert Henry: 177 becrest, C. Grady, II: 177.350 Sedwick, Louisa Ann: 136, 345 Seeger, Mary Susan: 122,379 Seeger, Sally Jo: 177,337 Seiter, Louis Dan: 122,362 Seiter, Louis Herman, Jr.: 149 Seitz, Jerry Burr: 136,396 Selby, Robert Daniel: 122 Self, Norman Farley: 136, 349 Selig, Philip Andrew: 150, 396 Selph, ewell Wayne: 122,395 Seneriz, Luis: 136 Sessions, Martha Rae: 190 Sewell, Bettie Ann: 177,329 Sewell, Dala Kenley: 177 Sewell, Joe Luman: 178 Shaddox, James Rodney: 150 Shaffer, Billy Earl: 150 Shaida, Peter L.: 190 Shalmy, Donald Lewis: 122,357 Shankle, Jimmy E.: 190 Shanks, Edgar A.: 178 Shanonn, Harry Dan: 136,385 Shannon, Ralph Theodore: 136.326 Shannon, Tommy Lynn: 136 Sharp, Mary Ann: 150,337 Sharp, R. Rrank: 150,349 Sharp, Warren Hubbard: 178 Sharpe, Charles E., Jr.: 122,357 Sharrah, Ronald Paul: 178 Sharum, Raymond J.: 150 Sharum, Urban Eusene: 190 Shaw, Ann Henri: 122,379 ■ Shaw, Marguerite Anne: 178 334 Shaw, Sidney Stanford: 178 Sheeks, Emily: 178,329 Sheeks, Willie L.: 136,329 Sheeks, Winnie Lea: 136,329 Sheffield, Phillip Ray: 136 Shelby, Gary: 150,365 Shelnut, Conard Roe: 150 Shelnutt, Alfred Earl: 122 Shenep, James T.: 122 Sherland, Ann: 150,334 Sherman, William F.: 178,354 Shewmake, Dan W.: 150 Shewmake, Jo Ann: 150,382 Shimek, Martin S.: 136 Shinall, Jerold Brent: 136.351 Shireman, Kenneth L.: 136 Shockey, Donald Kent, Jr.: 150,384 Shockley, Joan C.: 122,379 Shoemake, Donald W.: 136 Shollmier, J. Kenneth: 150,349 Shollmier, Richard Norman: 150 Shook, George Washington: 150 Shook, Gerald: 136 Shores, Cecil Edward: 178 Shreve, James Edward: 136,361 Shull, Barbara Carol: 122 379 Shull, Richard P.: 190 Shults, Bobby L.: 150,362 Shumate, Douglas Omer: 178 Shumate, Jack Roger: 150,342 Shupik, Sandra Marie: 122,391 Shutler, Helen Kay: 122,379 Sidwell, David Albert: 136,385 Sigler, William Byron: 122,358 Sikes, Bobbie Ann: 178 Sikes, James Estel, Jr.: 178.346 Sikes, Robert Smith: 150 Silaz, Mary Virginia: 122 379 Siler,’Alva Ray: 178,396 Silliman, Bill: 122,381 Simco, Thomas Frank: 190 Simkins, George B.: 178 Simmons, Sue Marie: 122 Simonds, Charles M.: 150 Simonds, Laurence Howard: 178 Simpson, Bonnie Faye: 178 382 Simpson, Carl David: 136 Simpson, Charles Bob: 150 Simpson, Dianne Claire: 122,379 Simpson, Joyce Jean: 122 Simpson, Mary June: 122 Simpson, Sally: 136,345 Simpson, Thomas J.: 178 Sims, Joni Claudene: 122,379 Sims, Marjorie Sue: 150,334 Sink, Glenn Neil: 178 Sisemore, David Allen: 122,326 Sisemore, Noel Lee: 136 Sivey, James Buford: 136,396 Sixbey, Hope: 122.379 Sizemore, George Mack: 178 Skinner, Richard Donald: 136 Skipper, James Maxwell: 122,395 Skipper, David Watson: 178.357 Sloan, Neill Moore, Jr.; 122.358 Slusher, Thomas Wilson: 150 Smeltzer, Donald Ray: 122 Smiley, Wayne Maurice: 178 Smith, Barbara: 150,338 Smith, Bobby O.: 178 Smith, Carl Austin: 122,326 Smith, Carl Jay: 136 Smith, Carolyn: 136,353 Smith, Charles Eddie: 122.349 Smith, David Andrew: 150.350 Smith, Don: 178 Smith, Don Sanders: 185 Smith, Elaine: 122,379 Smith, Elizabeth Anne: 178,334 Smith, Floyd Ross: 178,365 Smith, Freeda Carolyn- 122,379 Smith, Gary Louis: 122,381 Smith, Harold Dale: 178 Smith, Harold Dixon: 178 Smith, Helen Hamilton: 122 Smith, Helen Ruth: 136,337 Smith, James Ernest, Jr.: 136.346 Smith, James Ponder: 136 Smith, James William: 122,358 Smith, Jayme Lee: 150,334 Smith, Jeannie: 150,337 Smith, Joe E.: 150 Smith, Judith Ann: 122,379 Smith, Kay Louise: 178 Smith, Kenneth Ronald: 136,362 Smith, Kirk M.: 122,358 Smith, Lawrence Dean: 150 Smith, Linda May: 178 Smith, Mary Alice: 136 Smith, Mary Edna: 122,379 Smith, Paul Douglas: 136 Smith, Perry Frank: 136 Smith, Phillip Lance: 122,381 Smith, Richard Henry: 136,346 Smith, Richard M.: 150,361,388 Smith, Robert Harvey, Jr.: 178,350 Smith, Ross: 136,346 Smith, Sarah Anne: 136,345 Smith, Sharri Kaye: 122,379 Smith, Truman H., Jr.: 178.361 Smith, William Grady: 190 Smithson, Larry Joe: 136,385 Smith wick, Phyllis Clyde: 179 337 Smittle, Doyle Allen: 150 Smoot, Sally: 122,379 Snoddy, Anita L.: 136,337 Snow, Armil: 136,358 Snyder, Mary Elaine: 150,391 Sorrells, George Wallace: 136 South, Suellen: 122,379 Sowd ' er, Norman Glenn: 179.362 Sowell, Marvin L.: 150,354 Sowle, John Knight: 150 Spann, Nancilu: 150,387 Spann, Quinn G.: 179 Sparks, Carolyn Faye: 122 379 Sparks, Oswald: 136 Spears, William S.: 150 Speck, Bette Lynn: 122,379 Speck, Jon Alan: 136 Speer, Phoebe Lynn: 179,353 Spence, Catherine Jean: 136,381 Spencer, Dana: 122,379 Spencer, Paul Melville: 179 Spencer, Randy: 150 Spencer, Tommy Joe: 150 Spencer, William R.: 136.358.366 Spicer, Martha B.: 136 Spicer, Thomas O., Jr.: 179 Spikes, William E., II: 150,346 Spikes, William R.: 136,357 Spotts, Billye Jean: 136,337 Spradlin, Dolores Georgianna: 136,382 Spratlin, Dorothy Ann: 150 345 Spray, Philip M.: 122,381 Spurgeon, Edgar Eugene: 150 Spurlin, Robert Meyer: 179,326 Stadthagen, Roberto: 150.358.366 Stair, Lynda Fay: 122,379 Stallings, Judy: 136,353 Stamps, Jerry Clarence: 122 354 Stamps, John David: 122,354 Standridge, Charles Gary: 150,361 St andridge, Linda Louise: 150,329 Stanley, James Don: 122 Stanley, James Woodrow, Jr.: 179 RAY ' S FLOWERS RAY ADAMS Hiway 71 South FOLLOW THE RAZORBACKS through the columns of the NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES SPORTS PAGES Stanley, Lela Vernelle: 136,369 Stanton, Edward Gay: 136,396 Starling, Albert Gregory: 150.366 Starnes, Harry Dee: 122 Starr, Claude Richard: 150,385 Steed, James Thomas: 150 Steed, Jerry Rex: 122 Steele, Gerald Carmel: 190 Steele, John Walter: 179,362 Steely, Donald Erwin: 179 365 Steele, Susie K.: 122,379 Stegall, LaWanda Joyce: 136,382 Steinkamp, William Frederick, Jr.: 137 Stephens, Charles David: 179 Stephens, Linda Lou: 122,379 Stephens, Tommy Wilcox: 122 Stephenson, Robert Carl: 150 Stevens, Courtney Anne: 122 379 Stevens, Edwene: 179,334 Stevens, Marilyn: 122,379 Stevens, Nancy Ann: 150 Stevens, Paul Kurtz: 137 Stevenson, Edward W.: 179,346 Stewar t, Billy Ray: 122,361 Stewart, David Alan: 122.333 Stewart, Richard Wylie: 137.333 Stiefrater, Ralph Joseph: 179.366 Stillions, Donna Lou: 179,329 St. John, Andrew Warner: 357 Stockburger, Judy Gaye: 137 Stokenbury, Lorna: 190 Stokenberry, Maurice Glenn: 137,362 Stokes, Johnnie: 150 Stokes, Martha Elizabeth: 123 Stolfi, Bruno F.: 150 Stone, Jack Thomas: 123, 349 Stone, Jerry Randel: 150,341 Stout, Garlin F.: 123,326 Stout, Mary Ann: 123,379 Stovall, John R.: 179,365 Stover, William Jan: 179,358 Stowe, Dawn Elizabeth: 137 Strahn, James Edmon: 179 Strasner, Louis M.: 123,381 Streeter, Jan Re ter: 123 Streetman, Charles Patton: 123 Streetman, Thomas S.: 185 Stroud, Teddy Don: 150,392 Stubblefield, Merideth: 137,337 Stubblefield, Ramona Marie: 179 Stuck, Sara: 150,387 Stuckey, Charles Norman: 179 Stueart, Burl Randolph: 150 Suffridge, Buford Joseph: 137,350 Sugg, Barney Alan: 179,358 Sulcer, Alice Christine: 150,387 Sulcer, Marilane: 179,337 Sullards, Bob Roy: 185,349 Sullins, Paul John: 123,349 CHOICE STEAKS THE MIDWAY Hiway 71 Between Fayetteville and Springdale REASONABLE PRICES Underwood ' s Jewelers of F ayettevill© £ , lD J % % % % ' GE ' 490 Compliments of GEORGE F. 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Block Q . itlilady Phone 2 - 4031 f ■MTT7 1 we know we know cleaning COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF I960 HEINIE ' S STEAK HOUSE 491 Sullivan, Edward Holden: 123 342 Sullivan, Mary Ellen: 123 Sullivan, Samuel William: 123 Sullivan, William Harrell: 179 Summerford, Charles Ray: 179 Summers, John Beaty: 123,358 Summers, William Harris: 150 Suos, Someth: 123,381 Suskie, John Thomas: 150 Sutherland, Marianne: 137,334 Sutter, Luther Oneal: 137,385 Swafford, Jimmy Edward: 180 Swantner, Mary Jean: 137,369 Swdyze, Fred Cosby: 150 Swayze, John Charles: 123,381 Sweaney, Betty Lucille: 137.387 Sweetser, Polly Anna: 137 Swift, Jack Bernard: 123,381 Swihart, Carol: 180 337 Swindell, Benny Edgar: 123.395 Switzer, Barry Layne: 180.388 Swcpe, Loyd Ray: 123 Slpher, Bill M.: 180 t Tabler, Roy Tom: 123,395 Tabor, Farris Ray: 137 Tackett, Skippy: 137,388 Taliaferro, Benjamin Wesley: 137 Taliaferro, Ernest Lenwood, Jr.: 150 Tanner, Thomas Eugene: 150 Tarkington, Lloyd James: 150 Tarkington, Sandra Sue: 123,379 Tarpley, Janet Sue: 150 345 Tarver, Vernon T.: 137,357 Tate, James Stewart: 123 358 Tate, Jimmy Wayne: 123,395 Tatum, Carol: 150,353 Taylor, James Thomas: 180 Taylor, Charles Winston: 137.396 Taylor, James Samuel: 150 Taylor, John Travis: 180,362 Taylor, Judith Ann: 137,329 Taylor, Katie Nell: 123,379 Taylor, Wendell Martin: 137,396 180,350 Teague, Jarrell Haskell: 180,326 Teas, Mary Elizabeth: 137,391 Tedford, John Grobmyer: 123.357 Tedford, William Lee, Jr.: 180.357 Teel, Virginia C.: 137, 345 Teer, George Albert: 137,349 Teeter, Ernestine: 190 Teeter, James Robert: 137 Terrell, Lela Jo: 137,338 Terry, David Wesley: 123, 395 Terry, James Michael: 137,361 Terry, Julie Anne: 137,353 Terry, Randell Kent: 180,362 Terry, Tom Bradley: 180 Thetford, Jack Lee: 180,381 Thibault, Henry Crawford, Jr.: 123,395 Thomas, Albert Janney, Jr.: 185 Thomas, Belva Jo: 150,382 Thoams, David W.: 123 Thomas, John Ervine: 180 Thomason, John Doyle: 150.361 Thompson, Belle Knight: 123,379 Thompson, Charles Larry: 137,392 Thompson, Donald Albert: 123.381 Thompson, Jean: 151,338 Thompson, Joseph Carter: 137,342 Thompson, Kenneth Harlan: 180 Thompson, Michael Greenwood: 151,346 Thompson, Paul Freeman: 123,349 Thompson, Royce Jo: 180.369 Thompson, Toni Nanette: 151,337 Thomson, Benjamin Franklin: 123,381 Thornton, Billy G.: 151 Thornton, James A., Ill: 151,346 Thornton, John G.. 123,346 Thornton, Mary Sue: 151 Thrailkill, Daniel B.: 180 Thrailkill, Patricia: 137 Throneberry, Pat Alfred: 137.390 Thurman, William A.: 137.361 Tiffin, Ralph Hapson: 180,365 Tillman, Joyce Laverne: 151 393 Tilmon, Charles: 185 Tilmon, Nancy Marilyn: 151,387 Timberlake, Donald Edwin: 151 Timms, Robert B.: 151 Tiner, Lohnes T.: 185 Todd, Jack Harold: 123, 346 Todd, John Thomas: 151,384 Todd, Patrick A.: 180 Todd, Richard Lee: 123,381 To-Kwong, Chan: 123,381 Toler, Donald Earle: 137 Toler, James Raymond: 180,385 Toler, Thomas: 137 Toll, Judith Lynn: 123,379 Tolleson, John Harrison: 180.361 Tollett, Eugene E.: 180,341 Tompaw, Paul G.: 180 Tooley, William Roy: 151 Toon, Donald Lane: 180 Toothaker, Ronald Wayne: 123.362 Torbett, James: 123 Towler, Jim W.: 137,390 Towns, Walter Stuart: 151.358 Trager, Barbara Lorraine: 137.369 Trager, Sara Anne: 151,369 Trammel, Dickey Ray: 180.358 Trammell, Marilyn Sue: 137.382 Trammell, Robert R.: 190 Tranum, Bill L.: 180,346 Treadway, Bobbie Jae: 137.391 Treadway, John: 190 Treat, Duane Clayton: 180 Treece, Jeweldean: 123 Treece, Neill H.: 180 Established in 1889, Fordycc Lumber Company was early in inaugurating planned forest management. 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Trieschmann, Martha Ann: 151.353 Trimble, Patti Lucille: 123,379 Trumbo, Ellis Patterson: 137,361 Trust, Sandra: 137,334 Trusty, Benny Otis: 151,390 Tubb, Thomas Elmo: 137,385 Tucker, Charles Leanord: 137 Tucker, Theo M.: 123,381 Tudor, Jane: 137,345 Tuggle, Lloyd Don: 123 Tugwell, Noel Philip, Jr.: 190 Tuohey, James Frederick, Jr.: 180,361 Turner, Anne C.: 137,334 Turner, Donald Lloyd: 137,392 Turney, Edwin Ray: 123 Turney, Junette Rose: 193 370 Tyree, Clydene, 151 u Udouj, Ronald Herman: 123,350 Uhm, Bill K.: 180,365 Underwood, Linda Jaunita: 123,379 Underwood, John David: 123,358 Underwood, William Gravely: 180,358 Upton, Richard Hugh: 151,346 Ursery, Durwin G.: 180 Utley, Orace O’Neal: 137 V Valentine, John E.: 180 Valentine, Ruth: 151 Van Buren, Wayne Everett: 151 Vandament, Ronald L.: 137,385 Vandenburg, Ann: 151,337 Van Dover, Byron: 137,390 Van Hoose, Scott: 123 Van Meter, Anita Hope: 123,379 VanPatten, Mira Anne: 123,379 VanSickle, Jackie Elaine: . 123 Vardner, Judy: 123,379 Vaughan. Bettie Cazort: 137 Vaughn, Bill Otis: 137 Vaughn, Gary Lynn: 181 Vaught, Don Lynn: 151,390 Vaught, Jerome Dean: 137 Velvin, Benjamin Drew: 181,357 Venable. Jo Ann: 137 VerLee, Richard Lee: 151 Vest, Larry Carl: 137,388 Vetter, John Steve: 180 Veuleman, Malcolm Wayne: 190 Vick, Audette L.: 151 Vick, Kent Alan: 123 Vines, Bill D.: 151,346 Vise, James Clayton: 151 Vise, John Edwin, Jr.: 137 w Wacaster, Tommie Jeanette: 123 379 Wade, Lynn Fields: 185,361 Wade, Robert Frank: 137.354 Waggoner, Betty Arlene: 151,369 W ' aggoner, Charlotte Nan: 138,345 Wahlstrom, Christine Jane: 138,329 Wai, Miranda Kam Han: 151.382 Wait, Frank Evans, Jr.: 123.357 Waldron, Margie Virginia: 123 379 Wales, Harold Paul: 138,396 Walker, Haskel Earl: 181,384 Walker, Henry Edwin (Eddie): 181,349 Walker, Jerry David: 138,385 Walker, Joe Byron: 123 Walker, Steven Patrick: 151 Walker, Warren Dean: 181 Wall, James Mormon: 123 Wall, Raymond Don: 151 Wall, William L.: 138 Wallace, Claude Laurence: 138 Wallace, Darrel L.: 138 Wallace, Larry Ray: 123,381 Wallace, Minor Gordon, Jr.: 181 Wallace, Willie Jean: 138.382 Wallin, Reg, Jr.: 151,346 Wallis, Carole Inez: 151,358 Wallis, Doyle Raywand, Jr.: 124,349 Walls, Andrew Jackson: 181 Walls, Charles Rayburn: 181 Walls, Janis: 181 Walls, Mary Kay: 124,379 Walpole, Alan Leigh: 138 Walranven, Lyndell H.: 138,396 Walsh, Billy Mac: 151 Walsh, Do rice Jeneva: 124 Walt, John David: 138,346 Walt, Martin Lee: 181,346 Walters, Edward Louis: 181 Walton, Beatrice La von: 124 Wanasek, Robert Edward: 181.351 Wankum, Joseph Bernard: 124 Wann, Carlton Victor: 138 Wann, Cynthia Ann: 124,379 Wann, Cynthia Ann: 124 517 Wann, George Max: 138 Ward, James Hollis: 181,326 Ward, Linda Lue: 151 Ward, Margaret Ann: 151.382 Wardlow, Rose Marie: 181 Warner, Peggy: 138,382 Warren, Billy Ivan: 124 Warren, Karen Kay: 138,382 Warren, Leon Bradley: 181 Warren, Mary Beth: 151,369 Washburn, Mary Frances: 124,379 Wasson, Rebecca Elizabeth: 181,334 Waters. Billie Louise: 151,369 Waters, Ray Allen, Jr.: 181,365 Watkins, Lucinda Gene: 124,379 Watkins, Nancy Carol: 124,379 Watkins, William David: 124.358 Watson, Daniel Ray: 181 Watson, Frank Lee, Jr.: 124 357 Watson, John Allen: 151 Watson, John William: 151 Watson, Nancy: 124,379 Watson, Ralph Dean, Jr.: 151 Watson, Robert Howard: 190 Watson, Robert L.: 190 Watson, William Brock: 124,341 Way mack, Lester B.: 181 Wear, James Otto: 190 Wear, Judy Curtis: 151 A White Elephant Is Born dozier lambert It’s all over but the shouting and for one I’m glad. A fine year, a good year, one that I will never forget. Here is where most former editors say never again. But there is not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t do it again, be¬ cause I know I would. Traditionally the Razorback editors have tried to keep all “mickey-mouse” material off of the preceding pages and have devoted the last two pages to telling just how things really were. Being a conformist and having a lot to say, here goes. To Miss Gene MacRae, I can never tell you how much I appreciated the advice and wise words of encouragement that you have given me during the year. I remember the time I called you and told you that I couldn’t send in the class section pictures, because 400 Full- bright Hall pictures had been stolen. You said, sure, but I knew that you didn’t believe me. It did sound ridicu¬ lous, but honestly, it did happen. To Mr. R. C. Walker, I owe much more than just the thanks for helping me edit the book. As one of the most respected men in the engraving business, it was an inspiration and a privilege to be associated with you. Mr. Hurley, with your fine Southern drawl, it’s no wonder that you ‘snowed’ everyone you came in contact with. You undoubtedly have the finest facilities and staff of any year¬ book printer in the nation. The coopera¬ tion we received from your fine firm is something that I will not soon forget. To the real editor of the 1960 Razor- back, Irvin Lyons, I say thanks for put¬ ting out the yearbook. As head of the letterpress printing division of Hurley, you assisted us in more ways than any¬ one could possibly ever imagine. I know you spent countless extra hours working on the Elephant, attempting to give us the best possible yearbook. This, I can never forget or express enough appreciation for. To Dozier, I’m indeed sorry that you didn’t get a crack at being editor of the Traveler, because after two years of work and worry together, I knew you were ready and would have done a top notch job. I remember our plans to build outer offices for the Razorback and Traveler, and how the Physical Plant said we couldn’t because we’d block a fire en¬ trance through a middle door in Hill Hall. The Physical Plant later bolted the only window leading to the fire escape and argued with me that if the building caught fire, the average person would automatically kick the window out anyway. Ed, I really believe that you received a blessing in disguise, for you now have a fine job with happiness galore. Then came Standard, the teen¬ age editor of the Traveler that I saw crucified. Jim, I enjoyed the good times, and I’m truly sorry about what happened, but you just got a taste of what the cruel world is really like earlier than the rest of us. Lambert, I can never forget. I remember Light- Foot, the campus cop, and the bump- kin-boy we asked rather abruptly to leave the highway in father-in-law’s car. I remember our darkroom experiments and the wit that you put out that at times seemed to keep the whole staff going. You did everything there was to do and then hunted for more. I remember our all-night study and work sessions. We’ve been through so much together, that it’s only proper that you be there June 18 when I take the fatal step. Poe, you have been more than a competent staff member on the year¬ book. You have served as a close friend for the past four years. I remember our late hour bull-sessions when we lived in the Pike House. I remember Mary Palace and the night Hughes and I took care of you. I remember Fort Hood and the two most un-gung-ho soldiers in the whole Army. I saw you take over the mechanics of a yearbook, and somehow make the whole operation work. I remember the time you told the Colonel about Thirty Dollars, and the good natured kidding we always directed at each other. A red-headed Kappa interfered with your work in the Spring, but those things happen, especially in the Spring, and you some¬ how managed to always complete the task that you had assigned yourself. At times, 1 have honestly believed that the editor could disappear and you and Lambert would put the book out without ever missing the skinny editor. To Moore, I say, best of luck next year with your version of the Razorback. With your multi-million jobs, I honestly don’t see how you ever get anything done, but you somehow poe moore eric 494 And It’s Over, Over, Over connie je+er rushing stevenson managed, on occasion, to turn us out some feature copy. Eric, I’ll never for¬ get the countless times that in jest, you’ve been fired, rehired, or quit. You handled all sections like a true champ and were always eager to do more. My troubles always ended up to be your troubles too, and together we always arrived at same decision. To Ann Mar¬ tin and Connie Noland, I really don’t believe that I could ever express enough gratitude for the outstanding job you did on the class section. I remember Ann’s problem and how it was finally solved by the social leader of fabulous Xi. Connie, you left us at semester, but 1 will always regard our friendship and association as a highlight of my college days. To Jeter, I’m glad that you final¬ ly learned how to focus, because you really helped us out first semester. I remember our afternoon coffee breaks in the Union and the Kenton concert that you almost forgot to shoot. You pulled us through and at times, we certainly needed pulling. To Rushing, I say grain or no grain, you’re a damn good photographer. I remember the more-than-arty pictures of tin cans, etc. that you turned in and called me un-cool for not using. I remember the Greco concert and how when you asked a male member of the troupe if they had any goodlooking girls with them, and he smiled and told you no, but the boys were pretty. Rushing also smiled, shot two pictures on the run, and left. Steven¬ son, you weren’t directly connected with the yearbook, but as neighbors both in Hill Hall and in Campus View, we came to be the closest of friends. I remember the nightly reds-session with Crawford and Woods at your apart¬ ment. I remember the time I called you and told you that I was Prof. White over at the Agri Department, and that I was mad as hell and was coming over to see you and set you straight on a few things. I remember how you hid out for the next few days. I remember our sessions to try and get the Traveler back in the hands of the students, which in a sense, proved to be futile. Minmier, I remember our differences when you began as co-editor of the Traveler, but after associating with each other for a while, we were both pretty amazed to find that we were not only getting tuohey along, we were good friends. I remem¬ ber our impersonations of the ‘good- fairy’ and how we both should write non-controversial style. To Tuohey, 1 say that you were as good a business manager as you were an editor. 1 ap¬ preciate more than anything, that no advice was given when it wasn’t asked for, and only on occasion did we here at the office hear of how things were in the good ole days. Towards the end, I did hear rumors of how far we were behind, but perhaps we were, so that didn’t matter either. I would like to see you and Jo Ann the night of June 18th, but since you have other plans, good luck. A fine year with the nicest associates that a person could ever ex¬ pect to have. Understanding instruc¬ tors like espanol profesoras Barbara and Diane, a competent staff, and co¬ operation from everyone somehow en¬ abled me to edit a yearbook. To my roomies Fussell and recent addition Tucker, with his clock radio with hill¬ billy music at 6 in the morning, I owe a lot. Bob, during the past two years as roommates, we’ve had some most memorable moments together. I remem¬ ber the blanket party at Monte Ne when your blanket caught on fire. I remember the political rumors that we always started and the lectures on why I should get up early every morning after being up most of the night on the Razorback that stirred me on to com¬ plete the Big Book. To Sports Editor Mott, I remember the night we finished the basketball section only to find the football signature that we had completed three months earlier missing. You groan- dawson ed and moaned, but turned some of the most interesting copy in the book. To Mr. Farmer, the Hill Hall custodian, I owe a lot. During our four years of association together, we’ve become to be good buddies and the ole Razorback Office was always the first one cleaned up and seemed to be the place you lingered longest. To my three little friends Dolly, Ponder, and Smith. I also say thanks for a job well done. In the closing days, it was you three who took over and did every job that came along. With the com¬ pletion of this last bit of copy, a country boy from Camden loads up the same green Ford that he drove on the campus four years ago and heads back over the mountains, carrying with him more than just a college diploma and a yearbook; the personal satisfaction that comes from having served in some way the students at the University of Arkansas— Dawson, Herdsman, 1960 White Elephant. Weatherly, Fred Milton: 124,341 Weaver, Deanna: 181,382 Weaver, Gary: 138,388 Weaver, Johnny: 124 Webb, Alvin B.: 181 Webb, James Murphy: 181,362 Webb, James Travis: 124,381 Webb, Linda Rozan: 151,393 Webb, Nancy Louise: 181 Weber, Richard Thomas: 182 Webster, Carolyn Jean: 182 345 Weddington, Ralph E.: 151,350 Weedman, Harry N.: 182,361 Weeks, Winford Wayne: 138.361 Weger, William C.: 151 Weir, Lynn Warren: 182 Weisenberger, Royce Stewart. Jr.: 138,357 Weldon, Douglass William: 151 Wells, Walter Lewis: 182,396 Welti, Patricia Ann: 138,382 Wesley, Charles Eugene: 190 Wesson, John Marvin: 138 West, Alice Jeanette: 151,382 West, Boyce Wayne: 138 West, Brook: West, Donald R.: 151,365 West, George Meredith: 151 West, Judith S.: 124,379 West, Norvell Edward: 151 West, Phillip Maurice: 124.395 West, Robert E. Lee: 138,384 Westbrook, Elizabeth: 190 Westbrook, Kent Coleman: 124 Westervelt, Ann: 182 Wewers, Randy William: 151 Whalen, Keith Ann: 182 Wharton, Joe B.: 124 357 Wheeler, Jim Bob: 151,361 Wheeler, Patrick Douglas: 151 365 Whetstone, Bud W. G.: 124 Whetstone, Ruth: 124,379 Whidden, John D.: 190,362 Whitaker, Alice Jane: 190 Whitaker, Carolyn Sue: 182 Whitaker, Mary Lou: 151.387 White, Barbara Anne: 182 329 White, Charles R.: 138,349 White, Charles Thomas: 138 White, Ester Marie: 124,391 White, James George: 182.396 White, Jerry J.: 138,388 White, John Alfred: 138,361 White. John Austin, Jr.: 151.361 White, Judith: 124,379 White, Judy E.: 124,379 White, Larry Ennis: 124,358 White, Margaret Ruth: 182,338 White, Martha Thelma: 151,334 White, Mary Ann: 124,379 White. Norma Louise: 182 334 White, Robert Coleman: 182 Whitehead, James David: 152,341 Whiteley, Ronald Leon: 182 Whiteside, Charles B.: 124.346 Whitfield, Ruth Ann: 182 Whitfield, William Clarence: 152 Whitmore, James Hobson: 190 Whitney, Wanda Joann: 152.382 Whitted, William Leonard: Whittington, Mary: 124,379 Whittington,, Susan: 124 Whittle, Eddie Joe: 152 365 Whitworth, Jerry B.: 182 Wickard, Margaret Lynn: 138,334 Wiggins, James William: 138 Wiggins, Nancy Sue: 152,353 Wiggins, Patricia Ann: 138.382 Wigginton, Alice June: 124 379 Wight, Edwin Stanton: 138 Wike, Paul Wesley: 152 Wilbourn, Beverly Anne: 152,337 Wilburn, Virginia R.: 152.387 Wilcox, Jerry C.: 182,354 Wilcox, Kirkland A.: 138 Wilcox, L. Lynn: 182,369 Wiley, Billy Wayn e: 138,365 Wiley, Carolyn Sue: 138,382 Wiley, Clyde Haddock: 152 385 Wilhelm, James Leonard: 138 Wilkersin, L. Louis: 152 Wilkerson, Roger Wayne: 124.333 Wilkins, Maurice L.: 138 Wilks, Charles B.: 190 Willard, Don Clarence: 124.381 Wilcox, Barry James, Jr.: 124 Willey, Patricia Ruth: 182 382 Williams, Aaron Lee: 152 Williams, Alfred Graham: 138 Williams, Barbara Jean: 152.382 Williams, Barbara Nadine: 124 379 Williams, Billie Winifred: 152 Williams, Bobby Neal: 152 Williams, Carol Louise: 152.334 Williams, Charles David: 138.346 Williams, Donald Leon: 152 Williams, Horace Kelley, Jr.: 138 Williams, Hugh Elliott: 138 Williams, Jack L.: 138,357 Williams, Jack M.: 138 Williams, John Ronald: 124 Williams, Kathleen M.: 182 Williams, Kay: 152 Williams, Margo Jane: 138.382 Williams, Mary Ann: 138,337 Williams, Nancisue: 182 Williams, Ralph McPherson, Jr.: 182 Williams, Ruth Lindley: 182,334 Williams, Sandra Darlene: 124,379 Williams, Terry Donald: 124,395 Williams, Warren Charles: 124 Williams, William Harvey: 152,390 Williamson, James Blake: 1 o ; Williamson, Mark Valentine: 138,346 Williamson, Silas Albert, Jr.: 182 Willis, Alice Ann: 152,369 Willis, Jay Milton: 138,346 Willis. Michael Adrian: 138,350 Wilmoth, Woodrow R.: 124,395 Wilson, Ann Louise: 182.382 Wilson, Billy Lynn: 238,330 Wilson, Bob L.: 182 Wilson, Carroll Sue: 124,379 Wilson, Charles Arthur: 182,384 Wilson Charles Edward: 182 354 Wilson, Charles Franklin: 182 Wilson, Curtis Harold: 138 Wilson. Douglas Linn: 138,350 Wilson, Earl Wayne: 124,330 Wilson, Edmund Allenby: 182 Wilson, Frances: 190 Wilson, Janette: 152,338 Wilson, Jerry Lee: 152 Wilson, Joe Leslie: 190 Wilson. Kenneth Lee: 152 Wilson Linda Kay: 124 Wilson, Lloyd Duane: 138 Wilson, Mary Beth: 138,382 Wilson, Michael Murphy: Wilson, Rebecca Victoria: 124 379 Wilson, Richard E.: 152 Wilson, Richard Eugene: 152 Wilson, Robert Lynwood: 182.384 Wilson, Sandra: 124,379 Wilson, Sue: 152 369 Wilson, Sue Quinn: 152,329 Wilson, Thomas Bruce: 183 Wilson, Thomas C.: 138 Wilson, Wendy: 152,334 Wimberly, Edward Eugene: 183,392 Wimpy, Marion Jo: 152,345 Winborn, Dwight Monroe: 138,333 Winfree. Earl Jr.: 124 Wingfield. Alice Clara: 124 379 Winn, Robert: 124,362 Winter, William Curtis: 183 Wirsig, Niesje Ann: 183,369 Wise, James Robert: 124,385 Wise, Max Ronald: 183,330 Wiser, Frank D.: 183 Wisell. Donald Lee: 183 Wiswell, Sue Ann: 124,379 Witsell, Gilbert Postell: 183 Witte, Gene Edward: 138.384 Wittman, Leonard Max: 183 Wobbe, Thomas Harry: 138 Wofford, Jack Raymond: 183 Wofford, Larry Taylor: 124,388 Wolfe, Bob Leon: 152,362 Womack, Martha Jane: 183 345 Womble, William Stephen: 124,381 Wommack, Richar d Lane: 185 Wood, Gary Phillip: 138,385 Wood, James Clark: 152,346 Wood, Jerry Lynn: 138,365 Wood, Jimmie Edward: 138 Wood, Leon: 152 Wood, Susan Ellen: 124,379 Wood, Susie: 124,379 Woodard, David Gorman: 152 Woodruff, Chester Edward: 183 Woodruff, John Kelleam: 124 395 Woodruff, Kathryn Lucille: 138,329 Woodruff, Ronald Garner: 138.361 Woodruff, Sam I.: 124 Woods, Bill: 138,349 Woods, Charles R.: 183 Woods, Henry Clay: 124,346 Woodward, Vida Othello: 138,384 Woolsey, Edgar Allen, Jr.: 185 Woolsey, Paula Jean: 152 Wooten, Ronnie D.: 152 Word, Harry Dean: 186 Worthington, Glen Dale: 183 Wortz, Gail: 183,345 Wren, Jennie: 183,337 Wresche, Dee Vaughn: 138.326 Wright, Jimmie Lea: 124,379 Wright, John Franklin: 124,388 Wright, Tommy Dean: 183 v J Yager, Robert Hughes: 152 Yancey, Ann: 183,334 Yancey, Elmer Dale: 183,358 Yarbro, Hubert Ernest: 152 Yarbrough, R. Jerry: 138 341 Yates, Charles Edward: 183,366 395 Yates, Helen R.: 152,393 Yates, Milton Leon: 183 Yates, Sandra Sue: 138,353 Yawn, Sarah Kathryn: 183,345 Yildiz, Ali Gultekin: 186 Yoes, Janice: 124 Yost, Margaret Gordon: 124 379 Yost, William Franklin: 152,342 Young, Billie M.: 124,393 Young, Bobby Jack: 183 Young, Carolyn Sue: 124,391 Young, Eddie Mac: 138,361 Young, Henry Eugene: 152 Young, Paul, III: 152,361 Young, Sharon A.: 152,334 Young, Terrv: 124,354,388 Youree, James Henry: 183.362 z Zachry, Doy L.: 138,392 Zaleski, Michael Ernest: 124,381 Zanoff, Frank J.: 183,366 Zimmerman, Charles Richard:183 Zimmerman, Donald Leon: 183 Zotti, Wanda Lee: 152 The 1960 Razorback was printed and bound by the Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. The cuts are 133-line copper engravings by Southwestern Engraving Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover was manufactured by the Kingskraft Division of the Kingsport Press, Inc. of Kingsport, Tennessee. Printing is by letter- press on 80 lb. Warren ' s Lustro Gloss paper. Heads are set in 36 point and 24 point Bodoni. Body copy is set in 10 point Bodoni Book. Identification group cutlines are in 8 point Bodoni Book and individual cutlines are in 9 point Spartan and Spar¬ tan Bold. Feature cutlines are set in 8 point Spartan. • i;

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