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published by the associated students H university of arkansas | fayetteville, arkansas james i. tuohey, jr. J editor donald h. morehart business manager i one.features two.administration three . greeks four .halls five. beauties six. athletics seven.classes eight . personalities nine ... military ten . publications eleven.arts twelve .organizations thirteen . advertising rogress and research Roberta Fulbright Hall c parts of the campus at Fayetteville during the year as men and machines built Roberta Fulbright dormitory for women, Brough Commons for men, and Carlson Terraces as married student ' s apartments. The Razorback football team got new practice facilities next to the stadium and the new Catholic student center opened this spring. 7 8 grounding of corona tubes pho tos courtesy of Bern Keating checking accelerator performance tomic research co-ordinated by Dr. Richard Fink involving the bombardment of various samples with ions for the production of neutrons to further bombard " targets " to be studied is being carried on in the Ion Accelerator buried beneath the Chemistry building. adjusting the accelerator lid collecting ticks from various mammals . nsects take the spotlight in two University research projects. Entomologist Jessie Lancaster heads research concerning the identification and classification of ticks found on a variety of different Arkansas small mammals. Dr. Frances Clayton X-rays fruit flys to study inherited abnormalities. an oscillograph for measuring nerve and muscle activity in a rat measuring a volunteer ' s reac¬ tions to monotony and restraint edical research in future years will take place in a new research wing that is to be added to the University ' s Medical School in Little Rock. This wing has been made a reality by the contribution of $600,000 to the project by Colonel T. H. Barton of El Dorado. Also under construction is a 9-story dorm. IS Dr. Dowling explaining color phases istorical research at Pea Ridge Battlefield by Dr. W. L. Brown is part of the History Department ' s on the spot studies. Dr. Herndon Dowling of the Zoology Department is studying the color phases of garter snakes. 14 Dr. Brown at Pea Ridge p pi Dr. Ridder and chair tests eclining research is conducted in the Home Economics Department by Dr. Clara Ridder in her search to find the " perfect chair. " Doctors Fry, Kruh, and Sharrah, operating equipment of a more conventional nature, are exploring X-ray diffraction and infrared rays. i m 16 18 T£ iological activities and micro-biological activities are studied in some of the many and scattered laboratories and other buildings housing research equipment. In the Animal Science building, the digestion and utilization of feed by farm animals are studied for improvement of feed. testing for digestion in ruminants Dr. Corey and the 60,000 power electron microscope Dr. Schmid and scalogram 20 evelopments in the field of education by Dr. John Schmid through the use of a scalogram board for a Guttman analysis are helping him to identify characteristics of teachers. Dr. Perry Johnston is studying the development of bone through the use of audio radiograms. Pi Beta Phi raternity and sorority construction included new houses for Pi Beta Phi and Phi Delta Theta as Sigma Chi and Chi Omega remodeled. Building began this spring for Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Gamma Rho, Sigma Nu, Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Gamma. Acacia and Sigma Pi have laid tentative plans. Sigma Chi Sigma Phi Epsilon ' XL Alpha Gamma Rho Phi Delta Theta HANDSHAKING session is about to begin as rushees embark on the Sigma Chi ' s for one of the six non-preferential rush parties held during rush week. Sore hands, forced smiles, and all night " bull sessions " typified the week at U of A. sore hands, dainty napkins, talk ALPHA DELTA PI ' S, participating in their second fall rush since their founding on campus, entertained rushees at one of the afternoon parties. The Greeks came back to school first to clean up, paint up, and fix up their houses for fall rush. Practice parties were staged and neophytes were given propaganda pushing programs by veter¬ ans. The rushees decended on the Greeks in one big hand shake and a hug. Nerves were unsteadied, lungs strained, voices were lost, and the parties pro¬ gressed. The inevitable preferential time rolled around and the die was cast. Finally, bids were ex¬ tended to one hundred and eighty two women and two hundred and eight men on Saturday. After farcical rush parties, Greeks showed new pledges how partying is really done. Everyone who was coming returned for registration and it was met with the traditional comment, “Is this really neces- sary : 2(3 LAST MINUTE appeal to rushee to return ar d take another look at the house and boys is made by PiKA President Joe Ford as fraternities competed for the first time under new IFC rule which limited number °f bids to 30 instead of the usual 40. ABIDING by Panhellenic rush rules, only the Pi Beta Phi President, Karo Kampbell, and rush captain, Jan Graham, are out¬ side house to greet rushees. Panhellenic requires that all sorority members except the president and rush chairman stay in¬ side when rushees arrive and leave. 27 INFORMAL atmosphere prevailed at Lambda Chi Alpha house as coats came off and ties were loosened as the party progressed. Mac McDonald and a group of Lambda Chi ' s tell rushees advantages and assets of pledging their fraternity, attempt to answer the rushees questions. got a lot of recs on this guy, but... FUNNY rush skit was presented by emcee Carolyn Harris and her Monroe-type contestant, Norma White, in hopes that the rushees would get the message and " Go ChiO " . SIGNS to distinguish their cars in the jam outside the Union were prepared by Sigma Nu. President Lynn Campbell gives go ahead word to his drivers as the afternoon rushees have been released. 2 S KAPPA KLOWNS Cindy Dew, Diane CaHail, and Virginia Ingram perform for rushees in order to ease tension and break monotony of the two hour parties. Skits usually iasted 30 minutes with the remainder of the time spent sipp¬ ing cokes, and balancing cookies on a napkin, and discussing sororities. 29 SAE PLEDGE Dickie Cooley receives his pin outside the Union from new fraternity brother Jim Foster. Pride, excitement, and victorious shouts reigned after the new fraternity men burst through the door. RUSH CHAIRMAN Bob Dudley makes one of his celebrated rush week appear¬ ances at one of the convocations which were held before each party. The effects of the week can easily be estimated by the angle rushees head droops. new pledges and a happy ending LONE GIRL is visible in front of the Union on Saturday when fraternities extend bids. Greeks bring their signs and banners and station themselves in front of the door to wait for their new pledges who pour out into waiting arms when it is all over. 30 JUBI LANT Pi Phi ' s greet their new sisters with hugs, embraces, songs, cheers, claps and welcome words. Excited pledges ran all the way from Holcombe and literally fell into the arms of the crowd waiting on the corner. JAN BRINKER is congratulated by one of his new Kappa Sigma brothers, Mike Thompson, after he received his bid slip inside. A quick tour of the sorority houses, luggage pick up, and room assignment await Jan before he and his new brothers have their pledging party. ' _ ■» Mm » tm . : Y i a w ml Ht CONFUSION prevailed after tedious ordeal with advisors and train tickets as students jam the class card table in an effort to get in a section before it closed. But, many students found that sections the advisor had suggested, dean approved, were closed. “sorry, that section is closed” NECK WEARY members of Razorback staff. Bob Dawson and Etta Sue Ward, harangue students for a suitable time to make their annual pictures. Without the slighest hesitation, the profs got the ball rolling and opened up with assignments on the new and the old alike. The Baylor game kicked off another football season and even if it wasn’t successful, students still migrated to Little Rock. Porker spirit can be highly commended as the pep rallies got bigger and better, especially when Dickey Trammel’s Arkansas Booster Club marched everyone to Wilson Sharp in the rain. President Caldwell addressed a packed house at the fourth annual Lniversity convocation and stressed the need for more money to meet rising educational costs. Delta Delta Delta walked, sawed, kicked, and hopped their way to victory in the fifth annual Sigma Nu Relays. Chi Omega and Pi Beta Phi fought it out in traditional fashion for second and third respectively. 32 DISGUSTED expression of Alan Sugg over the cost of a book at the University Bookstore reflected attitude of most students as alleged “non profit " policy seemed doubtful at times. DISCUSSING possibility of letting more students sign for speech section that had previously been reported closed, Dr. Blair Hart attempts to get Tommy Murch¬ ison in desired section. Late registrants found difficulty in gaining admission into any sections except those which met late in afternoon or on Saturday. 33 ATTENDING college classes was old stuff to these law students who were attend¬ ing the University for the seventh year; but to the bewildered freshman it was an unnerving experience. Many wander¬ ed about the campus trying to find someone to interpret their schedule and tell them where UH 308 was located. fever for football, start of class RED-WHITE game gave students and Frank Broyles a preview of the ' 58 Razorbacks. Coach Merrill Green of the Red team gives instructions to Kyser, Stone and Alberty. 34 ENTHUSIASTIC students pack the Greek Theatre for the first pep rally of the year in preparation for the Baylor game in Little Rock. Coach Frank Broyles was in¬ troduced at the rally and won immediate favor and approval of the student body. jL 1 m - L mi - - p@|| || HP H II! |pe [S ' ? 1 • STANDING for the University alma mater, a capacity crowd heard President John Tyler Caldwell speak on the need for greatly enlarged facilities, faculty, and bud¬ get to handle the increasing number of students expected in the next few years. STRAINING for victory and escape from the mud pit, Pi Beta Phi ' s successfully de¬ fended their tug-of-war championship. Lead tuggers Hansi Lecklitner and Elsie Shipp give it the old heave as captain Joan Graham gives the command to pull. BALANCING dangerously on stilts, contestants hoist up for the first heat of the stilt race. The giant steps of Tri-Delts Phyllis Smith- wick and Marilane Sulcer helped them walk away with the event. tri-delts win sigma nu relays 36 BOUNCING into the lead in the sack race is Tri-Delt Margaret Whistle. Fighting for second spot is ChiO Harryette Oswald and ADPi Pat Gies. Margaret ' s team¬ mate waiting at the end of the lane hopped just as well and the Tri-Delts emerged victors in the burlap bounce. STAGGERING down the lane, Zeta Linda Durham sets sights on next tube as Pi Phi Mimi Kerr loops ring overhead in an effort to block her vision. ChiO Alice Rothert found winning combination to stumble across finish line in record time. HULA HOOP craze created a new event for the relays and Zeta Tau Alpha established the first hoop record. In the first heat, ChiO Connie Noland was able to swing down the lane, but Tri-Delt Sue Rutherford could only get the hoop rotating and was unable to move forward. DADS take the spotlight during the annual Dad ' s Day game as fathers of football players were given sideline seats to see Razorbacks perform. Cheers of fathers were in vain as Rice triumphed. and legislators Legislators and the Rice Owls came up for the weekend. The Owls took home a 24-0 win and the legislators went home with more knowledge on certain issues. The student directory, which was the center of much controversy in ’57 when it was two months late, arrived in record time for distribution. Blue Key recommended deferred rush to IFC while parachutist Wallace Saunders and his cohorts were jumping from airplanes. IFC re¬ treated to Noel, Mo. for a weekend and unanimous¬ ly voted down deferred rush. An impromptu pep rally was staged before the Ole Miss game and over 1,000 students marched in the rain to Wilson Sharp. University students signed a petition en¬ dorsing the 3% sales tax and it was presented, along with petitions from other schools, to Gov Faubus at the Ole Miss game. a day for dad’s FOILED momentarily as arrangements are completed inside, the Marching Razorbacks and Cheerleaders await turn to make noise for legislators. 38 SIGMA CHI spider web was too far from the stadium to ensnare the wary Rice Owls who ruled the day, 24-0. Organized houses were urged by the Booster Club to decorate yards and houses in honor of the University dads. INSIDE the Student Union, legislators and wives drop forks, food and stare in amaze¬ ment as Razorback drum cadence thunders through the ballroom. Getting into the spirit of the thing, the diners soon rose to lend their renditions of " calling the hogs " at an impromptu pep rally. INSTRUMENTS are raised and throats cleared in an all-too-human preliminary to heavenly music. Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians charmed the University audience with original arrangements ranging from college fight songs to religious music. Extensive sound equip¬ ment added to audience appreciation. a hi fi holiday from fred waring FRED WARING and a member of his entourage accept compliments, sign auto¬ graphs, and smile broadly at admiring fans following his three-hour concert. COSTUMES changed to suit the mood of the music, the Pennsylvanians await maestro Waring ' s downbeat to soar off on another musical excursion. The or¬ chestra and singers, fifty in all, played to a capacity house in the Men ' s Gym. 40 GEORGE COLE DAY was proclaimed as the Razorbacks met Hardin-Simmons in Little Rock. Board of Trustee member L. C. Carter read the proclamation and pre¬ sented the assistant athletic director an automobile in recognition of his service. ' ll DIGNITARIES by the score entered Fayette¬ ville for the Homecoming festivities and many found themselves in convertibles during the oarade Saturday morning. Included among them was Secretary of State C. G. " Crip " Hall, one of the founders of U of A Homecoming. PREDICTION by the Sigma Chi weather vane proved appropriate as the Razorbacks won the Homecoming clash and the Ski ' s placed first in the house decoration judging for the second consecutive year. friday rain postpones judging 42 GIANT WORM manned by Sigma Nu pledges clad in green trousers won third place trophy in the men ' s division of the parade. Sixty foot worm did several clever, coordinated movements for crowd and judges as they " inched to victory " but slowed down parade. Worn Wu to VICTORY. EXPECTATION of a victory by Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon depicted an over¬ grown stork delivering a Razorback win in its beak. The float drew com¬ ments, praise of children, adults, and judges as it walked off with first place in the float competition. OFF COUNT BEATS of the Schniglefritz band amused the crowd with various antics including marching in and out of parade column moving down Dickson Street, but failed to amuse the ROTC drill teams who found difficulty keep¬ ing correct march time with the parading Schniglefritzers. WINNER in the women ' s house division was the Chi Omega bananas. Football fans stopped to admire the colorful characters on their way down Maple to Razorback Stadium and gave their approval to the judge ' s decision. homecoming day right for parade ELABORATE Kappa Sigma house decoration drew attention, caused con¬ troversy on campus after it placed third behind Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu. Arkansas alums were glad to he Arkansas alums as the Razorbacks humbled Meeks, Meredith, and their Mustangs, 13-6. Governor Fauhus crowned Janelle Dixon as Queen before 28,000 football fans. Rain hampered Homecoming events as the house judging was postponed from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. Sigma Chi and Chi Omega removed the rain covers from their decorations to take first places. Sigma Nu and Holcombe Hall copped second place honors and third place prizes in the two divisions went to Kappa Sigma and Kappa Kappa Gamma. SAE, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Nu finished 1,2,3, in the men’s float compe¬ tition. Zeta Tau Alpha and the Kappas tied for first and Chi Omega and Holcombe Hall tied for second in the women’s competition. 44 S MU, ZETA ' S pinned their hopes on a non-too- benevolent King Porker and the bene¬ volent judges pinned a first place ribbon on their efforts as they tied with Kappa ' s. COMPLETION of Kappa float is at last in sight for these sleepy laborers who wish for insomnia or a relief crew. The Kappa ' s planned early, finished early, and took a first place trophy for a tie with the Zeta ' s in the women ' s division of the float competition. The annual Homecoming parade was revived this year after last year ' s layoff during the flu epidemic. 45 FRESHMEN were pullin ' for a victory and not only pulled in a win over the Mus¬ tangs, but also two trophies as Holcombe Hall placed second in the women ' s house decorations and tied Chi Omega for second place in the float division. mmm a victory for queen janelle TRI-DELT float drew the most attention as it carried Queen Janelle Dixon, a Tri-Delt, and her Homecoming Court on their royal rip to the stadium. FLAMING TORCHES and a crowd esti¬ mated at 500 gathered outside President Caldwell ' s home climaxing the Homecom¬ ing weekend with cries of “we want a holiday " . Dr. Caldwell explained that it was not the University ' s policy to dis¬ miss classes for winning football games. 46 HIGHLIGHT of the day came at halftime when Governor Faubus crowned Homecoming Queen Janelle Dixon. In the background are Maid Alice Kay Moffett and her escort, Eddie McRell. Queen Janelle ' s day was perfect as the rain and SMU were stopped. 47 ENTERTAINING while the judges stepped to the wings to make their decision is John Tolleson who led Christmas carols then sang a few of his special numbers. Joining John on the program were Sally Miller, who sang two numbers, and Bob Flowers, who played his version of " The Flight of the Bumble Bee " . KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA delighted the crowd with a medley of " The Night Before Christmas " and also delighted the judges as director Emily Sue Damon was called to the stage to accept the first place trophy in the women ' s division. a singfony win for kappa, phi delt CONFERRING with Singfony judges Richard Brothers, Miss Edna Earle Massey, and Dr. Marx Pales about procedure to be followed in announcing winners is chairman Dale Green. After careful note taking, the three judges departed to a private room where, after a long conference, the final decision was made. 48 METICULOUS PLANNING right up to the time they went on the stage accounted in part for Phi Delta Theta ' s win in Singfony. Extensive practice, musical knowledge and ability, and the direction of Bill Taylor rounded out the reasons for their beautiful music. HAPPY with their accomplishment, Carnall Hall leader Joy Sanders beams with pride as she accepts the second place trophy from Dale Green. The girl ' s song didn ' t stop the show, but their shouts and screams of victory did. PAUSING between numbers, Roger Williams peers into platter containing requests and ponders over which number he will play next. Talented fingers and a toy piano named Sabastian kept a packed gym delighted. roger williams and saint nick 50 RELAXED and friendly, students who crowded autograph table found pianist Williams as enjoyable off stage as on. Roger Williams and his little friend Sabastian dueled in the Men’s Gym to a delighted audience. A delighted Jim Gattis was crowned “Saint Nick” at the AWS Christmas Ball and an even more de¬ lighted Margaret Whistle was dubbed “Merry Christmas”. To the surprise of all and the chagrin of some, the Razorback beauties were presented to the student body and a statewide radio audience at halftime of a Razorback basketball game. Tele¬ vision finally came to Fayetteville when a crew moved in to broadcast the Arkansas-Tech game over a six state area. Santa Claus never had so many imitators as each organized house threw up some tensil and lights, dressed for the occasion and wished everyone a very merry Christmas. SAINTLY Jim Gattis, Sigma Nu candidate for Saint Nick, stands by as his date, Tri-Delt Mar¬ garet Whistle, receives a corsage and the title of " Merry Christmas " . Carol Hinkle made the awards at the annual AWS Christmas dance. TILTING DANGEROUSLY over the Christmas tree at Wilson Sharp House is resident Jim Collier. The athletes living in Wilson Sharp took an increased interest in campus af¬ fairs this year and added many new innovations to their social calendar. 51 CRESTFALLEN, or rather beard-fallen be¬ cause his Christmas present seems to have been broken in transit, Santa Claus Bill Bagby begins to consider other ways to spend the evening. Sigma Nu Presi¬ dent Don Mehlburger saved the day by producing another present from the bottom of his sack — this one full. santa clauses come to town KAPPAS and helpers spread greenery and bright lights above the snows surrounding their house in preparation for Christmas. Workers were rewarded with coffee and donuts. JOLLY RED DAVIS, Razorback tennis coach, plays Santa for a group of underprivileg¬ ed children at the SAE house. The Alph ' s party has become an annual affair. Last Christmas most of the University ' s orga¬ nized houses held similar parties for kids. 52 CONTEMPLATING the scarcity of the beautiful food. Kappa Sigs and their dates can rest assured that, in terms of etiquette, their menu is correct. Passing through the hors d ' oeuvre line are Ann Martin, Jack Tucker, Jim Limberg, Peggy McKinnon, Mark Williamson, and Betty Clark. 53 SPORTSMANSHIP exhibited all year by Razor- back fans was rewarded at the annual Cot¬ ton Bowl game. Charles Roth, at right, ac¬ cepted the award for the University of Ar¬ kansas. Co-winner with Arkansas was TCU, whose representative, Paul Youngdahl, is to the left of presentor Pete Huff of Rice. — Courtesy of Dallas Times Herald BEAUTIES BEAM just after their presentation at haltftime of the Ark. - Texas A M basketball game. They are, from left, Martha Harris, Peggy Perry, Barbara Barnes, Connie Buell, Maureen Vincent, and DiAnne Gordon. beauties, tv, and a trophy TELEVISION FIRST occurred on January 3rd as a network covering the states of Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana and Kansas broadcast the Ar- kansas-Texas Tech game from Barnhill Fieldhouse. The six-state audience saw the Razorbacks beat the Red Raiders in Arkansas ' conference opener, 61-57. 54 DARIEN, CONNECTICUT DECEMBER U. 1958 MISS JO ANN FINLEY, BEAUTY ED, PI BETA PHI HOUSE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS DEAR EDITOR: IT WAS A PLEASURE TO LOOK OVER THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF ALL TWENTY SIX CANDIDATES, I HAVE CHOSEN SIX FROM THESE AS YOUR RAZQRBACK BEAUTIES FOR 1 9 SO THEY ARE: 1. PEGGY PERRY 2. MARTHA HARRIS 3. B ARBARA BARNES 4. CONNIE BUELL 5. MAUREEN VINCENT 6. DIANE GORDON WITH MY BEST WISHES. SURPRISED as she is announced as one of the 1959 Razorback beauties, Kappa Martha Harris seems to be looking around for someone to tell her it ' s really true. Finally convinced, she was escorted to the center of the court to receive her bouquet. " COOLING IT " in one of the year ' s numerous snowfalls, Zeta Lydia Lincoln enjoys a quick trip around the block. Lydia ' s ride came to a premature end when someone stepped on Ed Dozier ' s little car and pushed it completely out of sight beneath the snow. and studies The end of the semester very seldom brings anything exciting. True, snow falls in fluries, grades fall in fluries, graduates leave in fluries, and stu¬ dents flury through registration, but that’s about it. More people went through semester rush than ever before and Buddy Argo and the IFC got the fra¬ ternity rush program organized for a change. Over 5,500 students got in on the last chance to register for $75. As usual, the annual semester snowfall waited until the last day of final exams to unload on northwest Arkansas and many dispairing stu¬ dents decided that they would hit the roads anyway after their miserable final exam performance. Class¬ es started to no ones delight but our wage earning faculty. snow, coffee, SIDETRACKED temporarily from planning their January wedding, student body president Jim Connaway and his fiancee, An¬ nette Lendal, study for final exams in the main library. 56 UNWINDING after the first session in the night-long vigil in preparation for final ex¬ ams, Zetas have a big laugh. It seemed that the longer the girls stayed up, the less it took for a laugh and the more incentive it took to make them hit the books again. MYSTERIOUS light glows in front of the ChiO house between semesters. The rea¬ son it is mysterious is because I can ' t fig¬ ure out what this damn picture signifies. The only reason it is in the book is that it ' s pretty and the only reason that I ' m writing about it is because there is a place for writing next to the picture. It is kind of a nice picture, though. 57 SPECIAL PROGRAM of music was present¬ ed by the Schola Cantorum at the gradua¬ tion exercise instead of the usuai im¬ ported speaker. The Schola Cantorum was organized two years ago primarily for the exposition of religious music. Since its inception, it has been di¬ rected by Professor Richard Brothers. adding names to the alumni files HONORARY DEGREE was bestowed on prominent Little Rock industrialist Fred I. Brown by Board of Trustees Chairman, Judge Henry Yocum of El Dorado, Arkansas. GRADUATES WALK onto the floor of John Barnhill Fieldhouse to receive their vari¬ ous degrees from their colleges and be¬ come, in most cases, alumni of the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas. However, an in¬ creasing number of the graduates stayed to enter graduate work in their fields. 58 f mmmm fPLATMMS aVJ CLOSING PRAYER of the graduation exercises signaled an end of college life and a beginning, or commencement, of careers in the arts, business, or science. Since John Barnhill Fieldhouse was built it has served as the scene of mid-year grad¬ uation, the spring graduation being held in the Razorback Stadium. 59 DELTA GAMMAS and rushees form a punch line for much needed refreshment at one of the semester rush parties. Second semester rushees were divided into groups and visit¬ ed each sorority house for a preliminary par¬ ty. Preferential parties were the next night. MORE ORGANIZED, relatively speaking, due to the absence of so many totally dis¬ organized freshmen, second semester enrollment was over 5,500 students. registration and rush - riots MOB SCENE took place at the Chi Omega house during semester rush. After visiting each sorority house for a preliminary party, rushees were submitted to two further ordeals when they returned to the two houses of their choice for further mutual inspection. 60 TOP-LEVEL DECISION is required and the department head, Dr. Claude Faulkner, is called in. Decision-mak¬ ers in all departments were plagu¬ ed by a lack of logic in nomen¬ clature of courses among the de¬ partments, the unnecessary paper¬ work, and the remarkable du¬ plicity of information blanks. " ALL THAT MONEY - SHOT " seems to be the attitude of Kappa Pat Parker after paying a combinaion of her tuition, student entertainment fee, sports fee, lab fees, and other miscellaneous fees which are all lump¬ ed together in one back-breaking registration fee. SERETOMA CLUB of Little Rock honored University of Arkansas Athletic Director John Barnhill with its annual " Service to AAankind " award. Head Coach Frank Broyles and Assistant Athletic Director George Cole were on hand for the presentation. — Courtesy of Arkansas Democrat spring social world starts whirling WATCHFULLY WAITING for the presentation of the Honorary Cadet Colo¬ nels, Air Force cadets and their dates scan the stage at the Men ' s Gym. Simply, the Military Balls were successful. This is due partly to the fact that co-chairmen Nick Weedman and Lewis Barnard got a superior per¬ formance from Ralph Marterie and chairman Geo¬ rge Jordan thanked his lucky stars that the Cell Block Seven were able to perform this visit. Stu¬ dent Union Week provided free coffee, attractive trash barrels, and a good excuse to cut class to use the Union for once as it should be used. Pi Phi Janet Rowland was the darling of the pledge classes as she was crowned IFPC Queen. Mike Cooney proved most popular in football huddles and was named “King Porker”. And, it’s a shame that the year couldn’t have ended after the Kingston Trio concert for anything else is certainly anticlimactic. 62 RALPH MARTERIE and his Marlboro Men, so called possibly for purposes of advertise¬ ment, played for the annual Air Force Ball in the Men ' s Gym. Marterie ' s group was picked by Down Beat magazine as the year ' s best dance band for colleges. RISKING DECAPITATION by the hands of Army ROTC cadets who might be unstead¬ ied by her brilliant smile, Hon. Cadet Colo¬ nel Sally Miler passes through the Sabre Arch to be formally presented to the ca¬ dets and their dates. Sally made many such appearances during the year, either as a Colonel or as Miss Arkansas. 63 FORMAL ATTIRE was in order for the Army Ball also held in the Men ' s Gym. Dressing in formal uniforms was relative¬ ly simple for the cadets since their formal uniform consists of the regular drill uni¬ form with a white shirt and black bow tie. Female dress was more complicated. judges pick flowers at talent show AUDITIONING for a spot in the Southwest Intercollegiate Talent Show is freshman singer Penny Keen, accompanied by Bob Flowers, acting out the message of her song. 64 BOB FLOWERS and his Buds were easy winners in the Student Union Talent Show for the second consecutive year. Flowers and his trio presented an Errol Garn¬ er arrangement of " Angel Eyes " . STARRY-EYED new IFPC Queen, Pi Phi Janet Rowland, her starry eyes rather immersed in tears, clutches her roses in happiness after announcement. IFPC Presi¬ dent Jerry Franks steps back to allow an admiring crowd a look at Queen and Court. 65 TUNING UP before appearing to a very ap¬ preciative audience in the Men ' s Gym, Dave Guard plucks his " long joe " . Being the acknowledged leader of the group. Guard kept the merriment going between acts with his quick humor and caustic wit. ABSORBED in their music and rhythm, the Trio advises the audience not to marry a zombie by relating a tale of the adventures of a non-zombie as he attends a graveyard " Zombie Jamboree " held on Long Island. saro jane, saints and zombies 66 KING PORKER, Mike Cooney, is presented at intermis¬ sion by Jim Connaway. Being called " King Porker " might seem a somewhat dubious honor, but no one at the University thinks this since they know that the award is made to the senior football player who is considered most outstanding by his teammates. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE is received from the Trio ' s bass player. Buckwheat, by combination bongo drum player and guitarist, Nick Reynolds. Taking a last drag in the corner before going on stage is Bob Shane. BASS BOOMS OUT as Buckwheat puts his arm into it to help the " tu a j on9 ' n their rendention of They ' re Rioting in Africa " . Dur- ln 9 the satirical song, seated guitarist Bob Shane only looked long enough to utter " and I don ' t like anybody very much " . SAINTS of the College of Engineering become almost hopelessly emeshed in a combination of trophies, flowers, handshakes, and congratulatory kisses when St. Patrick, Charles Yates, comes to the stage to be crowned by the new St. Patricia, Tri-Delt Carol Swihart. engineer’s pick THE LAST AGRI is dragged through the fire hydrant outside the Engine Building in the annual Engineer ' s Day tug-o-war. The engineer ' s victory ended a seven-year losing streak. swihart, yates With the usual comments and some complaints about the activities of Engineer’s Week, especially the Engineer’s Rally, the activities of the engineer’s proceeded to a successful conclusion in the election of St. Pat and St. Patricia. Tri-Delt Carol Swihart was elected to the St. Patricia title and Charles Yates, representing the A.I.I.E., was chosen St. Pat. REW went off smoothly although attendance at the night convocations was a faculty inflicted problem. The principle REW speaker was Dr. Martin Marty of Chicago, the associate editor of “Christian Cen¬ tury”. The Civic Club made $1,800 for charity through the Campus Capers and awarded first prize to SAE-Chi Omega, second prize to Kappa Sigma- Holcombe, and third prize to Sigma Nu-Pi Beta Phi. PiKA Jerry Nall was installed as the new “Campus Lover”. 68 AT PRACTICE ADPi ' s Sondra Hall, Sara Bri- denthal, and Sue Quinn Wilson run through routine in support of O ' Perciful for St. Pat¬ rick. Their dance was good but was in vain. AT THE RALLY on the day preceding elec¬ tion day for the Saints, Zeta Barbara Browne does imitation of an Indian dance for the Engineers. Although the dance did not stir any redskins present to go on the warpath, all of the red-blooded white- skins present were certainly stirred. 69 NINTH ANNUAL Sales Seminar con¬ ducted by the Little Rock Sales Ex¬ ecutive Club in conjunction with the Marketing Department of the College of Business was climaxed at a lunch¬ eon meeting. Gerald Nesbitt and Chris Finkbeiner summarized the seminar message which was " Stay in Arkansas. " ; IM 4 fcSfou- jfWAA | l n religion emphasized on weekdays CHEERLEADER hopefuls worked vigorously each afternoon on the Old Main lawn. Ce¬ leste Cranor goes through the paces under the watchful eyes of Sarah Jane Melton. THUMBING through the book selection in the Union lobby, casual observers ponder the messages presented. Books were loaned to the REW committee by the Baptist Bookstore of Little Rock. 70 DR. MARTIN MARTY addresses one of the evening convocations held in the Union. Members of the REW committee on stage, Ann Hutsell and Richard Bell, and the other committee members were plagued by sparse attendance because the faculty refused to dismiss classes for the religious talks. 71 SAILOR ' S SALOON is one of the scenes from the Acacia-ADPi skit, " The Old Man and the Sea " . Other scenes depicted phases of the old man ' s lost youth. Continuity throughout the scenes was achieved by the presence of the nostalgic old man, at side. FIRST PLACE winners, SAE Chi Omega sat around the campfire while Ann Sherland, Roslyn Lander, and Carol Reavis portrayed three happy hoboes. sae-chio skit tops campus capers BING went the strings of world traveler Tom Capshaw ' s heart in the Kappa Alpha-Kappa Kappa Gamma skit as Ann Patton and her dark skinned natives convince Tom and Dr. Freud that Hawaii is an interesting island. 72 SIGMA NU-PI PHI skit was given third place for the presentation of their version of man-hungry wom¬ en stranded on an island occupied by the stand-offish soldiers. Dan¬ cers are Ruth Jeryo, Gary Carroll, Janet Rowland, and Jack Sanders. PATTING the cheek of PIKA Jerry Nall, the 1959 Campus Lover, is the co-chairman of the Campus Lover contest, Jan Graham. Civic Club President Benny Hays waits his turn to present the other trophies seen on the stage. CUTTING SATIRE amed at the University ' s infirmary was the theme of this scene from the Kappa Sigma- Holcombe skit. Participating in the satire are Dick Upton, Carol Ann Peters, and Ann Turner. Other schools in the State also came under fire as the skit walked away with a second place trophy. capers nets $1,800 for charity CO-CHAIRMEN of the 1959 Campus Capers, Marial Hantz and Bill Byrd, check trophies and wait for the re- cepients to come forward to lay claim to them. Chester Lauck, “Lum” of the “Lum ’n Abner” radio series, made a point, a good one, and made it in an interesting and humorous fashion when he at¬ tacked the assumption of the national debt by future generations at t he annual Commerce Day ban¬ quet. Chi Omega Anne Shaw was selected Com¬ merce Queen and announced in the Guild Ticker at the banquet. The Agriculture students had their day, too, and their queen. Carolyn Files of the 4-H House was selected Agri Queen and Joyce Jen¬ kins, also of the 4-H House, was selected Maid of Honor. In national competition at Washington. D.C., Carolyn Harris was named Cherry Blossom Princess. In intramural debate, Sigma Chi took the men’s crown from SAE and Tri-Delt scored over Washington Hall in women’s competition. MOST HUMOROUS skit of the evening was the William-Carnall presentation of a " ty¬ pical " ROTC inspection day, including other activities such as the selection of the Honorary Cadet Colonel and the ca¬ dence call, " M-l-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E " . SOLDIERS, or, should we s ay, soldierettes, in regulation combat fatigues march in a scene from the Sigma Chi-Delta Delta Delta skit entitled " Looking for Kilroy " . The Sigma Chi ' s in the marching scene are ob¬ scured by the leggy Tri-Delts, but, you know the old Chinese saying, " Who cares? " 75 GUEST SPEAKER at the Commerce Day banquet was Chet Lauck, presently pub¬ lic relations director for Conoco, and form¬ erly Lum of the " Lum ' n Abner Show " . tycoons, farmers have their days RIDING fence while watching fellow students compete in the bull riding contest, Agri ' s took the day off and headed to the University farm for a " genuine good time. " G ANTICIPATION reigns a s Commerce Guild President Dickey Ray Trammel steps to the microphone to announce the ' 59 Commerce Queen. Chi Omega Anne Shaw was named and brought to the front to be crowned by the out¬ going Queen, Kappa Patty Payne. PRESENTATION of the candidates for Agri Queen was made in the BA auditorium. Carolyn Files (in glasses) was chosen by the group, but the announcement was not made until Agri Day. Joyce Jenkins, (in the dark formal), was Maid of Honor. 77 COUNSELS Dick Adkisson and Conrad Knauts confer with plaintiff Jim Tuohey in his Moot Court suit against Scotty Scholl and the Arkansas Traveler. Libelous material written by Scholl calling Touhey a crook was the |est of the case that caused campus stir. HUGGING her Father, Rep. Oren Harris, newly crowned Cherry Blossom Princess Carolyn Harris radiates her joy. Representing Arkansas in the annual Washington affair, Carolyn was tabbed in this year ' s winning spin. —Courtesy UP I politics change the spring mood WASHINGTON HALL debaters, Saundra Carter and Linda Lehmhard, confer on a point presented by the op¬ posing Tri-Delt team composed of Betty Becker and Joan Freeze in ihe women ' s finals of the intramural debate tournament. The affirmative Tri-Delt team took the crown by proving the U. of A. should have honor system. 78 INTRODUCING candidates for the Junior Arts and Sciences Senate seat, Student Body President Jim Connaway stares in awe at the number of applicans for the post. Nine students vied for the single seat won by Alice R o t h e r t . MARCHING through the annual election dance, a Law School band strutted and sounded off for their presiden¬ tial candidate, Jack Files. The band was only a por¬ tion of candidates ' appeals which resulted in a hot¬ ter campaign with greater interest and a larger vote. SHARON YOUNG waves cards for presidential candidate Alan Sugg on the Union steps as Sugg backers were out in numbers at the primary and helped the junior force Jack Files into a runoff. “will you vote for me for • • Alan Sugg, Sigma Chi from Helena, defeated Jack Files, Law student from Hunter, 1361 to 1296, to become the new President of the Associated Stu¬ dents. Interest in campus politics was at an all-time high as witnessed by the record number of votes cast. Campaign procedures such as rallies, sound cars, and pamphlets which would have been con¬ sidered ostentatious in recent years were accepted by harried students as part of another burden to bear. In a campaign highlighted by charges and counter-charges about the existence of a “machine”. Bob Fussell beat out Gerald Bowen for the Vice- Presidency. Lynn Wilcox was elected Secretary of the Associated Students over Elizabeth Brister in the run-off of a race which originally had five entrants. Ray Waters won out over Joe Buffalo, a write-in candidate, in the contest for Treasurer. 80 AWED by campaign appeals of Barbara Barnes, Jeannie Bussell, Pat Neu- meister, and Jim Minmier, a bewildered student figures how to escape. EXCITEMENT runs high as results of various races are posted on the tally board in the Student Union. Interested students came ear¬ ly and stayed late until the final tabula¬ tion was complete shortly before date call. ;£ ! UNDERGRADUATE Alan Sugg pledged hon¬ esty, sincerity, and competence in his pre-election address in the Student Union ballroom. Opponents Max Reed and Jack Files both propsed lengthy point platforms in their speeches at the pre-election dance. 81 GRATITUDE and acceptance speech is made by Peggy Sue Limbaugh after she was crowned Miss University of Ar¬ kansas by outgoing queen Weezie Car¬ ter. Maids Mary Lynn Schwarz and Susie Jackson look on approvingly as Weezie and emcee Green happily grin. beauty crowning starts gaebale POINTERS on beauty show techniques are given by co-chairman and Miss UofA Weezie Carter to the 14 contestants veying for the crown. Weeks of rehearsals and practices went into the beauty show. BOB GREEN, University alum, pauses in the midst of reading one of the contestant ' s per¬ sonal sketches to drop an anec¬ dote, much to the pleasure of capacity crowd who sat under clear skies at the Greek Theatre watching the beauty pageant. 82 BEGINNING reign as Miss University of Arkansas, Peggy Sue Limbaugh, Chi Omega entree, takes her place on the queen ' s throne climaxing the beauty show festivities. Peggy Sue will represent the University in the Miss Arkansas contest this summer. 83 TYPICAL engineer John Moore stam¬ mered through a brief but humorous skit which necessitated the manipula¬ tion of his slide rules so that his words would be confirmed by an authority. ENGLISH LORD Reggie (Gordon Rogers) halts his carriage, driven by the Butler (Dudley Bumpass) to plead with his lady love, emcee Delona Anderson. Antics in front of curtain kept audience entertained while stage hands made changes. a show with a professional touch RESTROOM inspector (Jon DuVal) has just roared into your " good Gulp " station to see his lady fair, Ethel Gas (Nikki Polychron), before checking his pride and joy, the head. Tragedy struck in the restroom when the inspector found " dust on the faucet " . 84 COMIC STRIP characters Peanuts, L:onaus, Charlie Brown and their good griefing " friends came to life on stage to recreate many of the zany antics read daily in the Traveler. Highlight of the skit was Uonaus ' quote, " I wanna go. " KULTURE in the form of Granny ' s folksongs hit the hillbillies of the Ozarks but granny, portrayed by Marilyn Jones, just kept on drinking hooch and sing¬ ing about her ole hounddog and his lost bone. HAZARDOUS journey down Maple Street hill begins for Buchanan and Acacia racers. Despite intense safety campaign conducted by classic chairman Mehlburger, four accidents occured in¬ cluding the Acacia entree whose driver crashed through the hay barrier at the base of the hill. crashing at the coaster classic The 1959 version of Gaebale, under the skillful direction of Dale Green, proved to be one of the most successful ever to hit the campus. The weekend provided a variety of events including a beauty show, varsity show, coaster classic, a concert and a dance. Miss Peggy Sue Limbaugh, a Chi Omega from Pocahontas, was named Miss U of A to get the festivities underway. Friday night was devoted entirely to the “professionalized” production of the varsity show, “Satires of ’59”. Early Saturday after¬ noon the classics raced out of control down Maple Street taking several casualities. Male vocalist A1 Hibbler encored his way through a well received concert in the late afternoon. Green concluded his weekend schedule with the Gaebale dance which fea¬ tured Chuck Berry, famous rock ’n roll star. A good weekend, not readily forgotten. LAST MINUTE instructions are given Acacia driver John Vise by two fraternity brothers as he prepares to embark on the downhill drag. CAPACITY crowd was on hand for the Al Hibbler concert in the Men ' s Gym Saturday afternoon. Hibbler, with his varied style, kept the crowd entertained throughout the concert and found them applauding for more as the big show came to an end. GAEBALE DIRECTOR Dale Green assem¬ bled a varied and successful weekend with several " firsts " that met the ap¬ proval of the crowds. Green instituted a " professional " varsity show with original song, book and lyrics by Bob Green. Green also switched the con¬ cert to the afternoon, concluded the weekend with a rock ' n roll band. 87 AL HIBBLER one of the most versatile names in show business, entertained a capacity crowd in the Men ' s Gym with an afternoon concert. The renown blind vocalist sang several old selections then changed tempo and gave his renditions to numerous modern day ballads. sings as chuck swings CLANKING guitarist Charles ' Chuck " Berry kept the majority of the student body on campus for the dance and halted usual precedent of the Shamrock for Gaebale dances. 88 FIRST PLACE trophy for both speed and design was presented to the Ph i Delta Theta driver. Competition was keen, but limited as only a bare majority of the racers reached the finish line intact. . ■ . SENSATIONAL CLIMAX for all of the University ' s ' 59 features was the big fire at the Kappa Gamma house. Firemen estimated the damage of the third floor blaze at $20,000, mostly from water. 89 iM m rKlfclNLM .t personamy or governor Faubus is in evidence everywhere there are people because he can always find time to stop and chat as he does here in Razorback stadium at the Tulsa game. governor of arkansas ORVAL E. FAUBUS An ardent booster of the University of Arkansas, Gov¬ ernor Orval E. Faubus has found time for active partici¬ pation in University affairs. For example, he attended the Dad’s Day and Tulsa games here and also crowned the Homecoming Queen this fall. The Governor played an instrumental role in last November’s passing of the- increase appropriation for the University. Faubus was born, raised, and educated in nearby Madison County. Following a tour of duty in the Army in World War II, he returned to Arkansas to become county clerk in Madi¬ son County, postmaster at Huntsville, a member of the State Highway Commission, and administrative assistant to former Governor Sid McMath. Elected first in 1954. then re-elected in 1956 and 1958, he is now serving an almost unprecedented third term as Governor of the State of Arkansas. The Governor is a member of the Baptist Church, the Masonic Lodge, and is a 32nd Degree Mason. board of trustees HENRY YOCUM is chairman of the Board. He lives at El Dorado, is a U of A graduate. PAULINE HOELTZEL, an English instructor at Little Rock Univ. is another U of A graduate. L. CLYDE CARTER, a Stuttgart rice grower, received his de¬ gree in Agriculture from U of A. ROY C. RITTER, Springdale, U of A student, operates a res¬ taurant and insurance agency. PAUL SULLINS, Crossett attorney, U of A Law graduate, is a past president of Alumni Association. ROBERT H. SMITH, Board ' s new¬ est member, from Walnut Ridge, is a noted agricultural figure. EARL WILDY, Manila farmer and active civic leader, is still another graduate of U of A. FRED H. PICKENS, a Newport law¬ yer, attended Hendrix and grad¬ uated from U of A Law School. EXPRESSING need for financial aid for education¬ al costs. President Caldwell speaks at convocation. university president JOHN TYLER CALDWELL President of the University John Tyler Caldwell has attained nation¬ al prominence in the field of education. He has served in such positions as a junior economist with the United States Resettlement Administra¬ tion, and educational consultant to the Ministry of Education for the Ford Foundation in Pakistan. Dr. Caldwell came to the University seven years ago from Alabama College in Montevallo, Alabama. Progress has been the keynote of his administration. The academic program has been broadened and strengthened by upgrading scholastic standards. Completion of new Medical Center and construction of eleven major buildings on the Fayetteville campus have taken place during his tenure in office. A new freshmen girl’s dormitory will be ready for use next fall. Dr. Caldwell is characterized at the University by his cordial atti¬ tude toward students, and ambition for high education. He received his B.S. degree from Mississippi State College in 1932. He earned his Ph.D. in 1939 from Princeton University and became an instructor of political science at Vanderbilt University. Following the war, he became President of Alabama College where he remained until accepting his present position with the University. 91 - university of arkansas senate “Resolved, that past-graduates be permitted to attend any lectures or recitations free of charge except as con¬ tinent deposit $7.00 per term for Chemicals excerpt from faculty minutes May 23, 1879. tk lhe Graduate Council recommends the approval of a Doctor of Phi¬ losophy program in Business Administration ex¬ cerpt from faculty minutes December 19, 1958. Today, the University Senate is the ruling legislative body of the University on the educational policies and programs of the University. The Senate functions under the Board of Trustees which sets the over-all policy of the Univer¬ sity. Members of the Senate are the administrative of¬ ficers of the University as well as professors who have had at least two years of experience on the faculty. The Senate is broken down into two sections: the main body located on the Fayetteville Campus, presiding over gen¬ eral academic policies; and the second portion located at Little Rock, with primary jurisdiction over the Schools of Medicine. Pharmacy, Nursing, and the Grad¬ uate Center. Dr. Claude W. Faulkner is presently serving as President of the U of A Senate. The Senate Council is the legislative body of the Senate. It is composed of one member elected for each 25 members of each col¬ lege factulty. and representatives of the administration. The Council reviews legislation introduced by the Senate and has the power to initiate as well. The President of the LIniversity, John T. Caldwell, is Chairman of the Senate Council and Carter A. Short, Registrar, is acting as secretary for both the Senate and Senate Council. READING a report on progress of Nursing School located in Little Rock, is the Dean, Julia Miller. vice-president and provost LEWIS H. ROHRBAUGH As Vice President and Provost, Dr. Lewis H. Rohr¬ baugh performs a dual role. As Vice President of the University he is the “Number 2” executive and in this capacity is responsible for budget development and cer¬ tain other phases of fiscal management and coordination of University research. As Provost, he is chief academic officer. The Colleges, schools, and centers in Fayetteville and Little Rock, except the Medical Center, are respon¬ sible to him as are the libraries, registrar, and division of student affairs. Dr. Rohrbaugh, a native of Maryland, came to the University in 1954 from the American Council on Education where he was Special Associate to the President. He attended Dickinson College and did graduate work at Cornell and University of Pennsyl¬ vania. His degrees include Ph.B.. Ph.D., and Sc.D. With more than a quarter of a century’s experience in educa¬ tional administration, he has served in both interna¬ tional and domestic positions. Last July-September Dr. Rohrbaugh was in Peru as a consultant to the World Bank, having been borrowed by the Bank to advise on organization and administrative problems of the Repub¬ lic of Peru. vice-president and treasurer JAMES E. POMFRET Business operations at the Main Campus of the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas and the Medical Center in Little Rock are the primary function of the Vice-President for Business. His duties include: operation of auxiliary ser¬ vices such as housing, food service, and maintenance of the physical plant. The person responsible for these areas is James E. Pomfret. a graduate of the College of Business Administration, who joined the staff in 1948. Steadly rising, he was promoted to chief accountant in 1949, and became purchasing agent and controller in 1954, and then business manager in 1957. A native of Philadelphia. Penn., he graduated from South Philadel¬ phia High School for Boys. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and Charles Morris Price School in Philadelphia, before coming to the University of Arkan¬ sas. His past work experience includes business positions with Philadelphia Electric Co.. Kresge Co., and Sears- Roebuck. He is a veteran of World War II. Drafted in 1941 as a private, he was discharged a captain in 1945. Pomfret is 43 years old and is a member of the Board of Elders of the First Presbyterian Church at Fayette¬ ville. He is married and the father of three children. ALL TYPES of art are taught in Fine Arts Center, left, all types of sciences in the Chemistry Building, right. college of arts and sciences Headquartered in the historic landmark Old Main, the College of Arts and Sciences has the largest enrollment and encompasses the most varied fields of any of the colleges. Founded with the University, the College of Arts and Sciences has now grown in enrollment to more than 1,500 students who may be found attending classes in more than half of the buildings on the campus. In order to furnish a broad bases for the graduate of Arts and Sciences, all students who enter this college are required to follow its basic program which, along with a major subject, leads to one of the four degrees offered. Besides having the largest number of departments—twenty-three—and the largest variety of major fields on the campus, the “Arts” school boasts a faculty which accomplishes almost sixty percent of the teaching done at the University. The man who manages to hold all these departments together and keeps them functioning smoothly is Dean Guerdon D. Nichols, a native of Iowa who as¬ sumed his position in 1947. With the able assistance of O. W. McMillen, Dean Nichols hand¬ les not only the administrative affairs of the college, but also maintains high educational stand¬ ards despite the handicaps of inadequate space and increased enrollment. The adoption of an honors program by the College of Arts and Sciences enables all students maintaining a B aver¬ age or better to pursue independent advanced study beyond that which is required for grad¬ uation. By selected reading, extensive research, and participation in certain honor sections the student is eligible for graduation with honors. DEAN GUERDON D. NICHOLS COMPARING drawings, asking questions and telling jokes are commonplace in the architect ' s drawing room in the Fine Art ' s Center. The better student work is displayed on special boards around the walls so that others may profit by observation as well as offer critical analysis which will be beneficial in doing their own work. 97 ALL AGRI students have passed through the doors in the building on the left, and all home ec girls have done the same in the building on the right. college of agriculture, home economics DEAN LIPPERT S. ELLIS In 1874 the first separate division of the original Arkansas Industrial University came into being as the division of Agriculture. As the value of this division to Arkansas agrarian economy became more evident, the Board of the University decided in 1892 to create the College of Agriculture. The Department of Home Economics was moved from the College of Education to the Agri School in 1914 where it remains today as an integral part of the cur¬ riculum. Although the “Agri School” has operated its experimental projects as far from the campus as Panama, its most outstanding work has been done here in the state. Service to the farmers of Arkansas is rendered through experimental stations located throughout the state. These experimental centers, as well as numerous substations, conduct research projects de¬ signed to aid in the scientific advancement of Arkansas farming methods. Degrees offered by the College of Agriculture and Home Economcis include B.S.A. and B.S.H.E. The student may choose from a large variety of major fields. Physical expansion has been rapid in re¬ cent years. The construction of a new animal science building and an open-air pavillion in the Agricultural park have added valuable space to this expanding College. Dean Lippert S. Ellis serves as director of the University’s numerous agricultural experimental stations and supervises the overall program of the College of Agriculture. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Dean Ellis taught at Oklahoma A M and worked with the U.S. Department of Agriculture before coming to Arkansas in 1946. COW wth a hole in his side is being fed through the opening by one of the agri students working on the experiment. A window for feeding was placed in the cow ' s side during infancy, and all feedings are made through this opening. The growth progress of this animal is being compared with normal cows on the flanks. 98 DEAN PAUL W. MILAM POLITICAL caucuses are held before Com¬ merce Guild meeting so that members can get support of measures before presenting them to the group. This activity is characteris¬ tic of BA groups whose purposes are to pre¬ pare college students for the business world. college of business administration Since the College of Business Administration changed to a four year course in 1937, it has been growing steadily. Before that, it was a two year division of Arts and Sciences. Now it offers over fifty different courses from which a student may choose. The fall enrollment was 1,133 students. Nine hundred and thirty-five of these are hoys, and one hundred ninety-eight are girls. Compared to the figures of several years ago, this certainly proves that the female sex has invaded the business world. One feature of the Business School which is quite out¬ standing is its wide range of activities with large student partic¬ ipation and its program of student government. Dean Paul W. Milam heads the college. A native of Arkansas, he came to the University in 1944, having earned his Ph.D. at New York Uni¬ versity. Dr. M. G. Bridenstine directs long-range research car¬ ried through the Bureau of Business and Economic Research which publishes a quarterly bulletin on business conditions in Arkansas. Other parts of the school’s activities include helping the state find locations for industry and boosting industrial pos¬ sibilities. Job conferences for future graduates are arranged, and Commerce Day and sales seminars are other well known functions. SOUTH of Old Main — business headquarters. 99 DEAN HENRY H. KRONENBERG PROBLEMS that teachers face everyday are experienced by two students who practice teach in Peabody Hall. Classes in grades one through twelve are held in Peabody, thus giving student a chance to pick his number. college of education HIDDEN in the trees — Peabody Hall. With the emphasis today on education and qualified teachers, the College of Education serves as a vital part of the U. of A. Although it has only 650 students, the college offers educa¬ tion courses to students in other colleges. These visitors are qualified as teachers if the have planned their schedule cor¬ rectly. They usually come from the Colleges of Business, Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, and Home Economics. Any qualified stu¬ dent who wishes to find a teaching position may file an applica¬ tion to the Teacher’s Placement Bureau. These applications are then sent to several schools along with character references and a transcript of the student’s grades. Usually, the Bureau finds the applicant a suitable position. In 1917 the College of Educa¬ tion was established as a separate division of the Arkansas Industrial University. Training is now offered in three fields of teaching: elementary and secondary education, vocational education, and physical education. The prospective teachers get classroom experience in the University training school located in Peabody Hall. Students may also train to be teachers of the deaf through the use of facilities at the Arkansas School for the Deaf. This requires three years of training in Eayetteville and one year in Little Bock. 100 DEAN GEORGE F. BRANIGAN WATCHFUL Chemical Engineering students in units operations lab check velocity of centri¬ fugal pump by use of light flashing equipment. Experiment is a determination of heat transfer. college of engineering If the percentages of past years hold true, about forty per¬ cent of the 1,225 students enrolled in the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas at the present time will eventually graduate with a degree from this college. According to Dean George F. Branigan. this is actually a good record. It indicates why this school is noted for its tough curriculum. Ihere are six fields from which a student may choose his major: agricul¬ tural, civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and industrial engi¬ neering. Of the eight girls in the college, six are majoring in chemical engineering, one in electrical engineering, and one in industrial engineering. Space shortages are the main dif¬ ficulties of the college at the present. This was somewhat allevi¬ ated when the University received the old Oberman Building which accomodates drawing and design labs as well as the Gen¬ eral Extension Office. There are no immediate plans for a new building, but expansion is hoped for in the future. Students of this college can usually he recognized by the slide rules they carry, or by the beards they sport in the spring. The beards are grown for “Engineers Week.’’ a gala festival lopped off by St. Patrick’s Day and the election of St. Pat and St. Patricia. ENGINE building — slide rule center. 101 DEAN VIRGIL W. ADKISSON READING spectroscope plate, Francis Sharpton, graduate student, is obtaining information to prove his special project, " Zeeman Effect " . OLD Main — focal point of graduate school. graduate school Late hours, hard work and inevitable rewards are only a few of the numerous characteristics of the Graduate School. This academic program is under the capable guidance of Dean Virgil Adkisson. The school offers advanced degrees in nearly fifty different fields, with emphasis placed on research work on the graduate level. Although a majority of the graduate work is done in science, the student may choose his graduate speciality in fields ranging from physical education to political science. Under the direction of Dean Adkisson, director of the Graduate School since 1949, the department has been greatly expanded by progressive planning and coordination of student activity on an individual level. A number of new innovations are being planned for 1959. These include the expansion of the PhD pro¬ gram with special emphasis placed on literature, and expansion of the new Graduate Institute of Technology in Little Rock. This new unit occupies a part of the old site of the University Medical School, and was provided for by a $6,000,000 appropri¬ ation from the State Legislature. The Graduate School also ex¬ pects to qualify early next year for participation under the Na¬ tional Defense Education Act. 1 his is a plan that provides for financial assistance to universities for expansion and develop¬ ment of their graduate programs. 102 school of law The University of Arkansas School of Law was established in 1924. It follows the standards of legal education prescribed by the American Bar Association, and since 1927 has been a fully accredited member of the Association of American Law Schools. In 1953, the School moved into Waterman Hall, which is an attractive new building planned for the special need of law students and faculty. For study purposes, there is the spaci¬ ous library containing 35,000 volumes. Also, much activity is found in the modernistic courtroom where moot court is held frequently; and where the University Student Senate rules on violations of University regulations. The entire program of the Law School is capably directed by Ralph Clayton Barnhart, who assumed the position of Dean and Professor of Law this fall. Dean Barnhart received his LL.B. degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1934 and has been at the University for the past thirteen years as a teacher. Graduates of the Law School here have joined law firms, gone into government service, or accepted positions in the business world. A number however, still successfully follow the old American tradition of hanging out a shingle for private practice in their own offices. WINDOWS of Waterman Hall that always stay lighted. 103 medicine, pharmacy and nursing One of the outstanding features of the University of Arkansas, which is pointed out with pride by those con¬ nected with it, is the Medical Center located in Little Rock. Built at a cost of over fourteen million dollars and dedicated in the spring of 1957, it ranked among the out¬ standing medical facilities in the nation. Practicality is stressed at the Center. The students, under the strict guidance of their instructors, participate in diagnosis as well as laboratory work for each of the patients. Thus, when a student graduates from the Medical School, he has had a great deal of actual experience as well as classroom instruction. This also holds true for Pharmacy and Nursing students. The entire program of the center is under the direction of Dr. F. Douglas Lawrason, the University’s Provost for Medical Affairs. Also included in these facilities is the University’s School of Pharmacy. It is headed by Dean Stanley G. Mittelstaedt and is the smallest college of the University of Arkansas. Another important part of the Medical Center is the School of Nursing, under the direction of Dean Julia M. Miller. Started in the 1952-1953 school year, it is the youngest college in the University program. It is also among the newest of some two hundred university schools of nursing. The plan offers a split curriculum of two years in Fay¬ etteville and two years in Little Rock for a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Practical experience is also stressed here as time is spent in such fields as the hospital, public health agencies, and the home. The School of Nursing is accredited by the National League for Nurs¬ ing, and the program of the School of Nursing has been approved by the Arkansas State Board of Nurse Exam¬ iners, the licensing body of the State. The newest addition to the Medical Center will be a dormitory for the stu¬ dents. It should be available for use by the fall term. MEDICAL CENTER, built at a cost of over fourteen million dollars, is one of the finest equipped of its kind. Located in Little Rock, the modern brick, glass structure was dedicated in spring of 1957. EXAMINING patients provides an excellent opportunity for stu¬ dent doctors to gain practical knowledge and experience be¬ fore entering their profession. F. DOUGLAS LAWRASON heads the Medi¬ cal Center as Provost for Medical Affairs. DIRECTING the University of Arkansas School of Nursing is Dean Julia M. Miller. DEAN D. WHITNEY HALLADAY has been director of the Division of Student Affairs since 1955. Final responsibility for discipline problems of students rest on Dean Halladay ' s shoulders. Success of his efforts is shown in the fact that no grave discipline problems have arisen which affected entire student body since his arrival. the division of student affairs 1 he Division of Student Affairs serves as the nerve center for student activities at the University of Arkan¬ sas. On any given day the office will receive some sixty- seven telephone calls and an average of fifty-four stu¬ dents will drop by for one reason or another. A look at daily activities would disclose staff members counsel¬ ing with students about personal and financial problems. Also, in a nearby room a group of students will be in a discussion with another staff member concerning stu¬ dent government, fraternities, sororities or other cam¬ pus activities. The telephone will ring and someone will arrange for an appointment. A second phone will ring and a student will inquire about a meeting time and place. Still another call from a Traveler staff writer to inquire if any serious automobile accidents occurred over a holiday period. The next would reveal a student calling to make arrangements for an aptitude exam¬ ination. The people who staff this central office are Dr. D. W. Halladay, Dean of Students, who is in charge of the total program of the Division of Student Affairs which includes the central office, student housing, stu¬ dent health services, student placement, food service, the Student Union program, testing program and the other out-of-class activities of students at the University. DISTRIBUTING fraternity bid slips at final convocation of fall rush week, Dean Halladay was present during week long session to guard against infringements and to keep activities running smoothly. 10G CONCENTRATION by Dean James Scott reflects serious aspect of discussion concerning deferred rush which he and others of Interfraternity Coun¬ cil pondered at weekend retreat in Noel, Mo. Unanimous vote against plan was recorded in direct opposition to unanimous approval by Blue Key. Directly assisting in this broad program is Miss Eleanor Tyler, Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Women, who is responsibile also for the women’s program. As¬ sisting Miss Tyler is Miss Grace Vineyard who has the major responsibility for freshmen women. Serving as assistant Dean of Men is Mr. James H. Scott who is directly concerned with the fraternity program, international students, and the University¬ wide counseling program. The broad area of student aid which includes scholarships and loans is handled by Mr. Robert L. Jones, Assistant Dean of Students. Mrs. joy Heird and Mrs. Lovena Wallace, both student wives, serve as secretaries. Departments within the Division of Student Affairs are headed by Mr. R. M. Jones, University Housing; Dr. Fount Richardson, Student Health Service; Mr. Louis D. Trager, Placement Office; Mr. Walter Werman, Food Service; Mrs. Earle Law¬ rence, Student Union; Dr. Glenn Cole, University Test¬ ing Service. Formerly, the direct administration of stu¬ dent affairs consisted only of a Dean of Men and a Dean of Women. However, in 1955, with the addition of Halladay to the staff, the Division of Student Af¬ fairs was installed and set up on its present basis. CONTROLLING all affairs of women students at the University is Miss Eleanor Tyler, Dean of Women. Miss Tyler has been serving in this capacity since 1955 and is also the Assistant Dean of Students. hirst Row: Peggy Alley, Joeline Alsup, Margaret Barton, Sara Bridenthal, June Bridger, Lynn Buford, Deanna Carner, Judy Gail Carter, Judith Chivers. Second Row: Carole Ann Coe, Nancy Lee Cole, Suzanne Conley, Pat Dangeau. Bobbie Ann Davis, Mary Louisa Davis, Julia Dickinson, Gail Gateley, Pat Geis. Third Row: Virginia Gibson, Louise Givens, Lititia Crano, Stella Grano, Nancy Grimes, Sondra Hall, Patsy Harrison, Linda Hathaway, Marilyn Hathaway. Fourth Row: Polly Hervey, Shirley Hunter, Mary Keith Hurley, Donna Jester, Marilyn Jones, Betty Lee Kelly, Betty King, Libba McClelland, Sally McCune. Fifth Row: Mildred McGrew, Dena Mcllroy, Martha Mc¬ Kay, Martha Ann Milim, Carole Miller, Mama Jo Omo, Barbara Orler, Emily Owens, Elda Ann Prager. Sixth Row: Mary Renshaw, Janice Rittershouse, Barbara Roberts, Bettie Ann Sewell, Emily Sheeks, Linda Standridge, Donna Stillons, Barbara Anne White, Gail Ziegenhorn. 110 delta delta chapter of ALPHA DELTA PI The wearers of the diamond pin entered into their second successful year on the campus of the University with many activities and honors attached to their name. With its new housemother, Mrs. E. J. Dyess, and a suc¬ cessful rush, Alpha Delta Pi began the year participating fully in all phases of campus life. The ADPi’s had a full social calendar which included such social events as the introductory tea for their housemother and the officers in the fall, dinner for the football team, ex¬ change dinners, dinner-dance honoring their new pledge class, Christmas party for their dates, Plantation Gar¬ den formal, and the annual spring outing. Although Alpha Delta Pi is young, it has attained a good part of the honors in organizations offered on campus. Gail Gately was elected to Mortar Board and was secretary of ASA and Phi Upsilon Omicron; Marilyn Hathaway led the AWS vocational guidance committee, was editor of Phi Upsilon Omicron, and was also home ec editor of the Agriculturist; Patsy Harrison was chosen as chairman of SU office management committee and sec¬ retary of the AWS legislative board; Stella Grano was elementary club treasurer; Libba McClelland was co- chairman of Singfony; Judy Carter held IFPC secre¬ tary; Sondra Hall was Panhellenic secretary; Betty Kelley was AED secretary; Nancy Grimes was crowned Sigma Phi Epsilon sweetheart and Barbara Roberts reigned as Acacia sweetheart. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_ Vice-President Secretary_ Treasurer _ Betty King Shirley Hunter Mary Lou Davis Donna Stillons Spring Semester President _ Sondra Hall Vice-President Deanna Carner Secretary _ Donna Jester Treasurer _ Marilyn Hathaway ANXIOUSLY awaiting the arrival of their new pledge class, Alpha Delta Pi actives inch down Maple Street dapping hands, cheering and singing songs as evidence of feeling of success. Ill psi chapter of CHI OMEGA Chi Omegas brought to the mother chapter honors in scholarship, beauty, and activities this past year. Weezie Carter won the Miss U of A title; Ann Martin was chosen Pershing Rifles Honorary Captain; Ann Shaw was elected Air Force Lt. Colonel and Commerce Queen; Peggy Perry was selected Razorback beauty; and fraternity sweethearts: Norma White, Sigma Pi; Jane Brockman, Lambda Chi Alpha; and Barbara Han¬ nah, Sigma Nu. Besides their beauty awards, the soror¬ ity had many campus leaders. Patty Pyeatt, Pat Cross, Eleanor Ellis, Jeanne Middleton, and Billie Ann Beau¬ mont, Mortar Board; Eleanor Ellis, Patty Pyeatt, Ann Foster, and Jeanne Middleton, Phi Beta Kappa; Eleanor Ellis, Patty Pyeatt, Pat Cross, Who’s Who; Edwene Stevens, Lambda Iota Tau president and Razorback class editor; Marjorie Sims was elected sophomore counselor president; Polly DuVal represented the edu¬ cation college in the student senate; Marilyn Crawford served as Orchesis president; Carolyn Harris was head cheerleader and Homecoming maid; and Barbara Braly was a senior counselor. During the Homecoming festiv¬ ities, Chi Omega took 1st place in house decoration with their “banana bongoers” and a second place trophy was won for their Homecoming float in a tie with Holcombe. The women’s scholarship cup also went to Chi Omega for the highest women’s grade point last year. In ad¬ dition, the ChiO’s were runner-ups in the Sigma Nu re¬ lays, placed third in Singfony, and won Campus Capers. LIBERACE visited the ChiO house in the person of Marilyn Crawford as she dropped in for a talk about Chi Omega with Carolyn Harris in a skit presented to benefit the rushees. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _Patty Pyeatt Vice-President _ Pat Cross Secretary _ -Polly DuVal Treasurer _Valerie St. John Spring Semester President _ Vice-President Secretary _ Treasurer Edwene Stevens Ann Yancey Lindley Williams Carol McCartney First Row: Keitha Andrews, Doris Ann Baggett, Billie Ann Beaumont, Marcelia Bent, Jane Bird, Katherine Ann Bond, Nancy Bostic, Barbara Braly, Kay Bray, Suzanne Buerkle, Weezie Carter. Second Row : Nancy Cole, Marilyn Crawford, Patricia Cross, Lynn Custer, Bety Cutrer, Judy Denton, Susan Dubbell, Sandra Dumas, Polly DuVal, Eleanor Ellis, Liz Eubank. Third Row : Dell Fogleman, Ann Foster, Patty Fulbright, Judy Gaines, Barbara Guthrie, Barbara Hannah, Carolyn Har¬ ris, Virginia Ann Hays, Grace Ann Heath, Betty Hendrix, Mar¬ tha Hicky. Fourth Row: Olivia High, Sissy Hurley, Roslyn La nder, Carol McCartney, Mirtice McCormick, Georgia McKinney, Mary Mann, Marilyn Markle, Ann Martin, Mary Jane Melton, Sarah Miller. Fifth Row: Bonnie Mills, Paula Mixon, Nancy Newcome, Connie Noland, Harryette Oswald, Peggy Perry, Patricia Pyeatt, Sherry Ragsdale, Carol Raines, Carol Reaves, Barbara Rigsby. Sixth Row: Alice Rothert, Sue Russell, Julie Saeler, Ann Shaw, Ann Sherland, Marjorie Sims, Sylvia Small, Ann Smith, Jayme Smith, Edwene Stevens, Valerie St. John. Seventh Row: Gaye Waddell, Sharon Ward, Rebecca Was¬ son, Martha White, Norma White, Carol Williams, Lindley Wil¬ liams, Wendy Wilson, Ann Yancey, Mary Youmans, Sharon Young. 113 First Row: Cora Ann Abington, Barbara Ballard, Betty Becker, Elois Bleidt, Beth Bittick, Nancy Bittick, Ann Buchan¬ an, Patricia Burke, Connie Buell, Billie Jo Carmack. Second Row: Mary Ann Clark, Ellen Compton, Elizabeth Crane, Carolyn Diet rick, Janelle Dixon, Nancy Dixon, Ann Fincher, Susie Fleming, Donna Fogg, Jo Ann f reeman. Third Roiv: Joann Freeze, Nancy Garner, Susan Graham, Carole Ann Handles, Mebane Harrison, Loretta Hersher, Penny Hicks, Anne Holmes, Jane Hopkins, Barbara Horton. Fourth Roiv: Mona Hughes, Conita Jernigan, Ruth Mary Johnson, Norvvyn Johnston, Dorothy Jones, Mary Sue Jordan, Barbara Lewis, Martha Luffman, Beverly Mack, Linda Magee. Fifth Row: Virginia Manaugh, Joespbine Matlock, Liz Mel¬ ton, Sarah Jane Melton, Patricia Middleton, Patricia Orsburn, Frances Osborne, Carol Bess Proctor, Linda Rayder, Judy Ann Robertson. Sixth Row: Sarah Robins, Julia Mae Rumph, Sue Ruther¬ ford, Sally Jo Seeger, Becky Semasek, Mary Ann Sharp, Anita Smith, Anne Smith, Phyllis Smithwick, Patricia Springer, Mar- olyn Summers. Seventh Row: Carol Swihart. Marilane Sulcer, Betty Toll. Toni Thompson, Bette Van Pelt, Ruthie Jane Wasson, Margaret Whistle, Beverly Wilbourn, Jo Ellen Wilbourn, Jennie Wren, Patti Wright. 114 delta iota chapter of DELTA DELTA DELTA Tri Delts carried a full social and activity season this past year bringing many awards in numerous fields to their sorority. In the social field, the Delta Iota chapter entertained at their annual pledge debut dinner-dance, football banquet, Christmas party, Hallo¬ ween party, faculty tea, fall tea, scholastic banquet, Founder’s Day banquet, and “coke-tail” parties honoring the campus fraternities. In the beauty competition, Jan- elle Dixon reigned as Homecoming queen for the Raz- orbacks and Nancy Garner served as a maid; Connie Buell was selected as Razorback beauty; Margaret Whis¬ tle was chosen as Miss Merry Christmas and Miss U of A runnerup. Carol Swihart reigned as the Engineer’s Saint Patricia. In the activity field, jo Wilbourn, Eliza- abeth Osborne, and Margaret Whistle were elected to Mortar Board; Jo Wilbourn, Who’s Who; Sarah Jane Melton, cheerleader; Ellen Compton, AWS secretary and senior counselor and was chosen AWS president for next year; Carol Bess Proctor, senior counselor; Norwyn Johnston, AWS chairman for fashion and eti¬ quette; Elizabeth Melton, AWS social chairman and chairman of Commerce day; Elizabeth Osborne, Chi Theta president; Julia Mae Rumph, Traveler feature ed¬ itor; Jo Wilbourn, PiKA Dream Girl; and the sorority placed first in the Sigma Nu relays. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_ Jo Ellen Wilbourn Vice-President Jewell Anne Smith Secretary Elizabeth Osbourn Treasurer Carolyn Dietrich Spring Semester President_ Elizabeth Melton Vice-President Ellen Compton Secretary _Ann Holmes Treasurer _ Susie Graham DUNKED but not discouraged, Tri-Delt tug-of-warrers enjoyed the whole thing because there was no pressure, the team had clinched their second trophy in three years in earlier events. 115 alpha omega chapter of DELTA GAMMA Expansion was the big word this spring at the DG house as workmen began tearing down the annex so that construction could begin on their new addition. Socially, the Delta Gamma’s held the Pinafore party, football banquet, pledge dinner-dance, exchange din¬ ners, cookie shines after date call, Little Rock Alumni Christmas tea, Founder’s Day dinner, Mother’s Day luncheon and a spring outing. Those entering into active campus affairs were Carol Hinkle, who was elected AWS president, selected for Who’s Who and Mortar Board, and was a member of the student senate; Marsha Craw¬ ford, who was president of Panhellenic, a member of the senate, selected for Who’s Who and elected secre¬ tary of the senior class in Business School; Julie Dil¬ lard, who was elected secretary of the Marketing Club and vice president of Chi Theta; Maretta Moore, who was chosen historian of Chi Theta; Betty Houchin, who worked capably as Traveler society editor, chairman of the Elementary Club publicity committee, and on the executive committee of the Elementary Club; Virginia Price, who was associate editor of the Agriculturist; Diana Vinson, who served as a senior counselor and was chairman of the AWS office management committee; Jan Khilling, who was on the WRA executive board. Delta Gamma’s special project this year was coordinated with the fraternity’s national project, sight conserva¬ tion and aid to the blind. PINAFORE PARTY is the big event of the year for Delta Gammas, it was also a big event for Bill Donald and Joyce Hoover who found the conversation and the whole evening amusing. 116 OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Carol Hinkle Vice-President - Beverly Bales Secretary - Patty Douthat Treasurer - Yvonne Fite Spring Semester President - Beverly Cross Vice-President - Paula Faris Secretary - Virginia Price Treasurer ___ Chick Burnett First Row: Beverly Bales, Lynda Beth Borum, Georgia Bur¬ nett, Ruth Ann Caperton, Donna Carter, Evelyn Cokerham, Marsha Crawford, Beverly Ann Cross, Julie Dillard, Patricia Dillon. Fourth Roiv: Barbara Lightfoot, Martha McGahan, Billie Mays, Lynda Maxey, Maretta Moore, Mayne Moore, Sara Lou Morris, Patty Lou Morrison, Emily Owen, Carol Page. Second Row : Patricia Douthat, Jacqueline Elliott, Paula Ruth Faris, Rosemary Feemster, Yvonne Fite, Peggy Foiles, Joy Foil, Lila Gardner, Mary Girdner, Susan Glover. Fijtli Row: Peggy Parks, Bettie Parrott, Virginia Price, Dot- tie Ratcliff, Sandra Sandefur, Rebecca Sanders, Anne Simpson, Barbara Smith, Paulette Spencer. Third Row: Dollie Gorrod, Patsy Griffin, Carol Hinkle, Joyce Hoover, Betty Houchin, Betty Jackson, Anne Jarvis, Susan Kennon, Jan Khilling, Barbara King. Sixth Row: Mary Sue Stonecipher, Judy Ruth Teller, Jean Thompson, Maria Ann Varner, Diana Vinson, Leah Vogel, Margaret White, Fernie Williams, Janette Wilson. 117 First Row: Jan Akers, Gale Barrows, Billie Jean Breedlove, Katherine Brocchus, Brenda Bullion, Suzanne Bullock, Jean Bussell, Diane CaHail, Celia Ann Crowe, Sue Darby, Ann Darby. Second Row: Ann Dearth, Cindy Dew, Tappy Dickens, Lana Douthit, Susie Evans, Gretchen Felton, Judy Franks, Sara Frese, Linda Grohoski, Peggy Hamm, Marial Hantz. Third Row: Martha Harris, June Hooten, Donna Hunt, Ann Hutsell, Virginia Ingram, Sue Jobe, Neita Ann Kincaid, Gail Knapp, Georgiana Lange, Francis Lepine, Beth Logan. Fourth Row: Carolyn McKissack, Ann McLemore, Kathryn Massey, Sherry Mizell, Alyce Kaye Moffett, Pat Neumeister, Jan Nix, Ann Nowell, Nancy Pafford, Teddie Panos, Pat Parker. Fifth Row: Ann Patton, Patty Payne, Nona Proctor, Ray¬ mond Pyott, Sherrill Ragan, Gail Ramsey, Sandra Ramsey, Mary Olive Rhodes, Rosemary Ridgdill, Ann Ritter, Martha Rock. Sixth Row: Mary Jo Schulz, Sylvia Swaim, Janet Tarpley, Etta Sue Ward, Carolyn Webster, Alice Jane Whitaker, Jo Wimpy, Martha Jane Womack, Sue Wood, Sarah Katherine Yawn. 118 gamma mi chapter of KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA The golden key of Kappa shone brightly in all phases of campus life this past year. Social events in¬ cluded Founder’s Day, football banquet, Christmas de¬ corating party, spring formal and outing, pledge dance, Singfony victory party with the Phi Delts, Wilson Sharp hula hoop contest, ATO help week, and the Theta Province convention which Gamma Nu hosted. On the campus, Nancy Pafford was chosen AWS vice president and to Who’s Who; Sue Jobe, Sue Wood, and Nancy Pafford were named to Mortar Board; Ann Pat¬ ton was a cheerleader; Sue Jobe, Marial Hantz and Di¬ ane CaHail counseled the freshmen as senior counselors; Jeannie Bussell was Sigma Chi Sweetheart and Katherine Brocchus was Kappa Alpha Rose; jan Akers served as ABC secretary; Jan Nix and Pat Neumeister were Commerce Guild secretaries; Marial Hantz was on the SU central planning board and press representative for AWS; Beth Logan was elected Psi Chi secretary; Pat¬ ty Payne was chosen Chi Theta secretary; Nona Proctor and Sherry Mizell were AWS sophomore secretaries. Beauty honors went to Alyce Kaye Moffett and jeannie Bussell who were selected as Army Lt. Colonels. Sue Jobe was an Air Force Lt. Colonel. Cindy Dew and Alyce Kaye Moffett were Homecoming maids. Martha Harris was named a Razorback beauty. The Kappa but¬ terfly captured a first place tie for Homecoming floats and “The Night Before Christmas” drew the highest trophy in Singfony competition. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Pat Neumeister Vice-President Jeannie Bussell Secretary_ _ Sandra Ramsey Treasurer_ . Beth Logan Spring Semester President _ Patty Payne Vice-President _ Pat Parker Secretary _ Martha Jane Womack Treasurer _ _ Pat Neumeister EMILY DAMON accepts first place Singfony trophy from chairman Dale Green as she led Kappas to victory in women ' s competition, directing them in a medley of " The Night Before Christmas. " 119 arkansas alpha chapter of PI BETA PHI Rush week for the Pi Phis provided the kick-off for another eventful year in which participation in campus affairs and social activities was successfully combined. Highlighting the year was the visit of Mrs. Lowell L. Knipmeyer, Province President, and Mrs. James F. Speaker, Grand Secretary. Also included in the social world were the pledge dance, Christmas party, Christmas faculty tea, fall outing, lock-out and Hallo¬ ween party, and the annual formal. Active in campus ac¬ tivities were Jan Graham, who was elected president of Mortar Board and vice president of ABC;jane Collier, who served as a cheerleader and arrangement chairman for Gaebale; Barbara Simpson, who was also tapped by Mortar Board and was vice president of the Business School; Judy Gilbert, who worked as a senior coun¬ selor; Nikki Polychron, who was elected student body secretary; Karo Kampbell, who was AWS treasurer and senior class secretary; Jane Parkin, who served in the student senate; Jo Ann Finley, who was Razorback beauty editor; Karo Kampbell, Jan Graham, and Bar¬ bara Simpson, who were chosen to Who’s Who; Mar¬ garet Head, who was AWS student-faculty relations committee head. Beauty winners included Sally Miller who was chosen Honorary Cadet Colonel of the Army ROTC and was the reigning Miss Arkansas; Jackie Sanders and Patti Pulliam who were chosen Honorary Lt. Colonels of the Air Force; and Janet Rowland who was named pledge queen at the IFPC dance. BOBBING for apples was one of the games Pi Phi actives were subjected to by pledges as the climax to Halloween party. Here, Judy Edward ' s apple dangles precariously as pledges cheer. OFFICERS Fall Semester President - — Karo Kampbell Vice-President - Margaret Malone Secretary - Francy McShane Treasurer _ -J ane t Byrd Spring Semester President - J u d y Gilbert Vice-President-Patsy Rutledge Secretary-Mary Ann Davenport Treasurer-- Rosemary Fones 120 ws First Row: Rita Beaty, Kay Bragg, Margie Browne, Mary Gale Bullock, Janet Byrd, Jane Collier, Mary Ann Davenport, Ann Davis, Jane Douthit, Judy Edwards. Karo Kampbell, Mimi Kerr, Hansi Lecklitner, Lynne McCoy, Judy McFall, Francy McShane, Bess Malone. Second Row: Patty Ellis, Beverly Ferguson, Jo Ann Finch, Jo Ann Finley, Rosemary Fones, Carolyn Forte, Lynne Francis, Anna Gamble, Judy Gilbert, Laura Lou Goyne. Third Roiv: Jan Graham, Shirley Grayson, Kay Hampton, Joy Hannah, Sue Harper, Betty Mae Harris, Ellen Hawbecker, Sarah Jane Hayes, Margaret Head, Judy Hollensworth. Fourth Row: Nancisue Irby, Ruth Jeryo, Sammye Johnston, Fifth Row: Margaret Malone, Sally Miller, Molly Molitor, Suzanne Murphy, Pam Norris, Eleanor Obee, Julia O’Daniel, Anne Padgett, Jane Parkin, Nikki Polychron. Sixth Row: Barbara Pope, Janet Porter, Patti Pulliam, Judy Ragland, Sharon Raney, Joyce Nell Richardson, Janet Rowland, Patsy Rutledge, Jackie Sanders, Mary Lynn Schwarz. Seventh Row: Elsie Shipp, Barbara Simpson, Phoebe Speer, Carol Tatum, Mary Sue Thornton, Mary Ann Tompkins, Ann Trieschmann, Janis Walls, Susie Wiggins. 121 First Row: Elizabeth Ann Adams, Sallie Jo Anderson, Jim¬ my Lou Brigance, Mary Bowden, Barbara Browne, Betty Jo Burchfield, Carol Ann Caldwell, Judith Callaway, Camelia Chambless, Willa Charlton. Fourth Row: Emily Jo Joyce, Peggy Killough, Judy Ann Kinslow, Kay Kolb, Karen Lawman, Beth Laws, hay Nell Ligon, Lydia Lincoln. Ann McCracken, G. G. Minyard. Second Row: Sue Cheatham, Bette Cooper, Sally Cravens, Marilyn Dean, Sonja Dehan. Judy Doolin, Philia Drew, Linda Durham, Carolyn Ferguson, Alice Fullbright. Fijth Row: Paula Sue Pond, Rita Sue Reader, Rosie Robert¬ son, Elaine Robinson, Judy Rothe, Joy Stewart, Dean Stoddard, Peggy Tautm, Nancy Trigg. Third Row: Sue Gearhart, Carol Gieck, Lynn Goldthwaite, Linda Goodwin, Diane Gordon, Carrie Lynn Hansen, Mary Herring, Nita Hultsman, Nettilou Jackson, Ruth Ann Jolly. Sixth Row: Marybeth Warren, Carolyn Whitaker, Lynn Wil¬ cox, Alice Ann Willis, Bebe Jo Wilson, Niesje Ann Wirsig, Martha Jane Worley, Betsy Wright, Jo Ann Yancey. 122 epsilon chapter of ZETA TAU ALPHA The Zetas proved to be an active group on the campus this year by attaining many of the high honors and offices in campus organizations and capturing num¬ erous beauty awards. Linda Goodwin and Ruth Jolly served as maids in the Homecoming court; DiAnne Gordon was selected as Razorback beauty; Willa Charl¬ ton was elected to Who’s Who, Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, and served as honors council president and chair¬ man of the SU board; Bette Cooper was selected to Who’s Who, served as secretary of SU central planning board and editor of the Preview; Dean Stoddard was REW chairman, ass’t. editor of the Preview, AWS pub¬ licity chairman; Sue Claughton was selected for Mortar Board; Ann Adams was Tau Beta Sigma vice-president; Linda Durham served as SU talent committee chairman; Sallie Jo Anderson held chairmanship of SU film com¬ mittee; Lynn Wilcox was Razorback exchange editor; Nickie Hultsman and Mary Bowden were senior coun¬ selors; Peggy Tatum served as Alpha Lambda Delta president; Faye Nell Ligon and Philia Drew were mem¬ bers of the student senate; Peggy Killough was treasurer of Panhellenic council; and Judy Rothe was secretary of the national honorary Spanish fraternity. Zeta tied with the Kappas for first place in the Homecoming float competition. Their social activities included ex¬ change dinners, pledge dinner-dance, Christmas party, faculty tea, cake walk by the pledge class, Mardi Gras spring formal and open houses for fraternities and football players. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Willa Charlton Vice-President _ Sally Cravens Secretary_Sue Gearhart Treasurer _ Karen Lawman Spring Semester President__Linda Goodwin Vice-President_Mary Bowden Secretary _ Carolyn Whitaker Treasurer _ Sallie Anderson OFF TO CLASS are Zetas who stop at door to admire their unique Christmas decorations. Each Active and her pledge daughter put their name on a stocking and hung them on front columns. 123 OFFICERS: Bob McDougal, Secretary; John Ed Freeman, Vice President; Max Reed, President; John Gossett, Treasurer. interfraternity council In serving as the coordinating body for all of the frat¬ ernities here at the University, the IFC mediates fraternity differences and serves as the governing body for male Greeks. The biggest undertaking of the year for IFC was the retreat at Noel, Missouri where the problem of deferred rush was discussed. It was the unanimous opinion of IFC that deferred rush was not acceptable for the fraternity system here at the University. First Roiv: John Ed Freeman, Sigma Chi; Robert McDougal, Sigma Pi; Wayne Beard, Phi Delta Theta; Wilbourne McCollough, Alpha Tau Omega; Bobby Fussell, Kappa Sigma. Second Row: Bill Cole, Farm House; Don Brooks, Farm House; Lynn Campbell, Sigma Nu; John Gossett, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Warren Argo, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; John Love, Kappa Alpha. Third Row : Cal¬ vin Mitchell, Acacia; Jim Mills, Alpha Gamma Rho; Jon Dermott, Sigma Nu; Max Reed, Alpha Tau Omega; Bob Dudley, Phi Delta Theta; Jerry McAnear, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fourth Row: Joe Ford, Pi Kappa Alpha; Bob Dawson, Pi Kappa Alpha; Bob Spurlin, Acacia; Perk Williams, Alpha Gamma Rho; Mike Thomas, Sigma Chi; Ray Waters, Sigma Pi; Bob Medley, Kappa Alpha. 124 OFFICERS: Gene Rackley, Vice President; Bruce Huddleston, Treasurer; Judy Carter, Secretary; Jerry Franks, President. interfraternity pledge council Serving the same purpose as IFC and Panhellenic, the IFPC serves both the fraternity pledges and the sorority pledges. Each fraternity and sorority is entitled to two representatives and their main job is to supervise the an- anual pledge dance. At this dance, Miss Janet Rowland, a Pi Beta Phi pledge, was selected as Pledge Queen of 1958 by a popular vote of all male pledges here at the University. First Row: Sherry Mizell, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Susan Ken- non, Delta Gamma; Beverly Wilbourn, Delta Delta Delta; Sarah Jane Melton, Delta Delta Delta; Mary Jane Melton, Chi Omega; Emily Owen, Delta Gamma; Alice Rothert, Chi Omega; Sally Mill¬ er, Pi Beta Phi; Susie Wiggins, Pi Beta Phi; Judy Doolin, Zeta Tau Alpha; Sallie Jo Anderson, Zeta Tau Alpha; Judy Carter, Alpha Delta Pi; Lynn Buford, Alpha Delta Pi. Second Row : David Furrow, Alpha Tau Omega; Marshll Koons, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Quentin Martin, Sigma Phi Epsilon; M. J. Probst, Sigma Chi; David Walt, Kappa Sigma; Bruce Huddleston, Lambda Chi Alpha; Tommy Drake, Lambda Chi Alpha; Barry Statham, Phi Delta Theta; Garry Carrol, Sigma Nu; Gene Rackey, Sigma Nu; Tom Kirspel, Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: John Jackson, Sigma Chi; Louis Bracy, Acacia; Johnny Vise, Acacia; John Hewitt, Kappa Sig¬ ma; Larry Cone, Kappa Alpha; Dan McGuire, Phi Delta Theta; Jimmie Little, Alpha Gamma Rho; Kenneth Lance, Alpha Gamma Rho. panhellenic council Each year Panhellenic Council awards a cup to the pledge class which makes the highest grade avereage. Again, this trophy was presented to the Chi Omega pledges for their outstanding scholarship. Panhellenic is composed of the presidents and rush captains of each sorority and it is the governing board for sororities here at the University. Any disciplinary matters concerning the sororities are brought before Panhellenic for vote on recommended ac¬ tion. The matter is then turned over to the Dean’s office for enforcement. First Roiv : Sondra Hall, Alpha Delta Pi; Libba McClelland, Alpha Delta Pi; Marsha Crawford, Delta Gamma; Peggy Killough, Zeta Tau Alpha; Mona Hughes, Delta Delta Delta. Second Row : Jan Graham, Pi Beta Phi; Patty Pyeatt, Chi Omega; Peggy Hamm, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pat Neumeister, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Willa Charlton, Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: Sue Russell, Chi Omega ; Karo Kampbell, Pi Beta Phi; Carol Hinkle, Delta Gamma; Jo Wilbourn, Delta Delta Delta. OFFICERS: Peggy Killough, Treasurer; Peggy Hamm, Hand¬ book Chairman; Sondra Hall, Secretary; Marsha Crawford, President. 125 First Row : Eugene Aldington, George Alexander, Lewis Biacy, Dudley Bumpass, Roy Burks, Milburn Carrithers, Pa¬ trick Closkey, Robert Grafton, Larry Evans, James Freeman. Second Roiv: Jack Geurin, Robert Gillson, Henry Griffith, Reynolds Griffith, Dwain Hawkins, Ed Jeter, Allen Johnson, Ronald Keene, John Little, Max Lough. Third Row: Charles McCarthy, James McDougal, Woodrow Mann, Courtenay Mathey, William Merriman, Paul Michaelis, Calvin Mitchell, Gary Morris, David Oakes, Harold Owens. Fourth Roiv: John Parker, Clyde Pope, Lester Schwarz, VIKING SHIP was the Acacia float entry in the Homecoming parade Charles Shaddox, Robert Spurlin, James Suddreth, Melton and although it did not win a prize, many considered it to be one Thompson, John Vise, James Ward, of the most colorful and one of the top entries in the parade. 126 arkansas chapter of ACACIA Acacia has earned the reputation of producing men of leadership and scholarship at Arkansas. Annually, the fraternity ranks among the campus leaders for over all men’s cumulative grade average. On the campus this year were Louis Bracy who was president of the pledge class of the Arkansas Booster Club; Dudley Bumpass who was a member of the Interfraternity Council rush committee; Ed Jeter who was photography editor of the Razorback; Reynolds Griffith and Charlie McCarthy who were on the executive council of the Young Demo¬ crats Club; Charles Shaddox who was president of Tau Kappa Alpha and a member of the crack University debating team. Social events included the Shipwreck Ball, the spring formal, the Founder’s Day banquet, sorority exchange dinners, open houses after the foot¬ ball games, and a host of weekend parties at the house. Nationally, Acacia was founded by Master Masons who named it after an eastern evergreen. The fraternity has maintained very strong ties with the Masons who this year launched a statewide drive to raise funds for the Acacia building fund. Plans are being formulated by the fraternity to build a new house on Stadium Drive between Wilson Sharp and the Phi Delta Theta house. This house will be of modern design and will greatly expand the facilities of this young and growing brotherhood. The members of the fraternity hope to complete their drive by the end of this year. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Calvin Mitchell Vice-President_Dudley Bumpass Secretary_ David Oakes Treasurer_ George Alexander Spring Semester President_Calvin Mitchell Vice-President _ Dwain Hawkins Secretary_David Oakes Treasurer Dudley Bumpass SERENADING their housemother, the men of Acacia form their fraternity pin for the serenade. Such symbols of fraternalism are ever present in the white frame house on Arkansas Avenue. 127 alpha iota chapter of ALPHA GAMMA RHO Known nationally for its contribution of leading men to the field of agriculture, Alpha Iota strives to uphold this goal on a local level. Outstanding men of AGR on the campus included Don Toon who was tapped by Omicron Delta Kappa and also served as a member of the student senate; Clark Crum who handled finances for the Arkansas Agriculturist as the business manager; and Jim Mills who served as president of the Animal Industry Club. Alpha Gamma Rho does not participate in the fall and semester rush programs, preferring to extend bids by the more selected method of open rush. It does however participate in all other Greek activities on the campus. Socially, the members enjoy the annual Rooster dance to top off fall activities and the Pink Rose formal in the spring. In addition, the house is always open to guests after football games, as well as on week¬ end nights for members and their dates. Alpha Gamma Rho also stresses scholarship and the fraternity ranks high every year in scholarship. The men will soon leave the old house at the corner of Arkansas Avenue and Maple Street for a new home to the west of the football stadium. This house is being designed by the prominent Arkansas alumni and architect Ed Stone. It will be a very modern construction and the plans have been completed. Construction began on the first of May and the present work schedule calls for the house to be completed by the beginning of school next fall. PADDLING dates was quite the fad at the fall Rooster dance as AGR men had to beware the big stick. Dancing was popular because the men were cautious of sitting after the paddle party. OFFICERS President-Perk Williams Vice-President - Jim Mills Secretary-Treasurer_ Joe Finney 128 First Row : Irvin Ashley, George Berger. William Boyer, Clark Crum, Joe Finney, Larry Fry, Harold Hill, Norman Hill. Second Row: Robert Hill, John Houston, Jack Ivy, John James, Jerry Johnson, Herman Jones, Max Kelley, James Kim¬ brough. Third Row: Jimmie Little. James Mills. William Parish, Roscoe Pendergrass, Wayne Pyles, Charles Sax, Donald Toon, Billy Wilson. STUDYING is verv important to Herman Jones and all of the mem¬ bers of Alpha Gamma Rho since their cumulative grade point is one of the highest of the organized houses on the University campus. 129 EXCHANGE DINNER at the ATO house meant extra work for hashers Oscar Hall and Keith Garton as the fraternity went all out this year when the sorority girls were due to visit. First Row: William Alclen, Rex Blasingame, George Brady, Gene Brewer, Jack Buffington, Donald Dekker, Zane Franks. Second Row: Robert Eichberger, Keith Garton. Roy Goin, William Halbert, Oscar Hall, Bill Helbron, Delbert Hunt. Third Row: Jerry Hobbs, Thomas Kirspel, F. I). Kisor, Charles Lentz, Weems McArthur, Wilbourn McCollough, John McGill. Fourth Row: Franklin Oler, Joe Pouzar, Max Reed, Henry Staggs, Charles Stewart, Robert Stewart, Edgar Todd, William Wallace. 130 alpha xi chapter of ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded on the University campus in 1882, Alpha Xi chapter started the year with a reception for their new housemother, Mrs. Ruth Johanson of Tulsa. “Help Week” got under way soon after this event as the ATOs asked the members of Kappa Kappa Gamma to join them in working on their annual project. Together, the two Greeks fixed up an old widow’s home by painting, papering and repairing inside, reroofing the top, and constructing a new porch. In campus activities. Alpha Xi was represented by Max Reed who served as treas¬ urer of the student body, president of the Interfraternity Council, vice president of the College of Business, a member of the student senate, a member of the student- faculty forum, was selected for Who’s Who and tapped by Omicron Delta Kappa. Bob Eichberger was named Air Force Provost Marshall and ser ved as pledge master for Scabbard and Blade. In addition, he was initiated into the Arnold Air Society and served as chairman of the reception committee for the Air Force Ball. Socially, the members of ATO enjoyed their Snow Flake Whirl, Sack Hop, White Tea Rose Ball, and the Playboy Party. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_Wilbourne McCollough Vice-President_Roland McArthur Secretary_Bob Eichberger Treasurer_ William Alden Spring Semester President_Max Reed Vice-President _ Donald Dekker Secretary _Bob Eichberger Treasurer _William Alden SATIRICAL choo-choo constructed for Homecoming by the ATOs was one of the cleverest and most original decorations for the big day. Although it did not win, it drew wide interest. ,.x ■■■ 131 arkansas chapter of FARM HOUSE For the ninth consecutive semester Farm House has led all other houses on the University campus in cumulative grade average. Striving for scholastic ex¬ cellence is the goal of this fraternity. Nationally, the fraternity leads all other social fraternities in grade point cumulative. However, the men here at Arkansas do not neglect their social life as they have their an¬ nual Christmas dance, the Farm House Sweetheart banquet, pledge party and outing, and many parties and open houses after the football games and on week¬ ends. Farm House is particularly active in campus ac¬ tivities, especially in the College of Agriculture. In its ranks are members of Alpha Zeta. Animal Industry Club, the judging team, and the Agri Student’s As¬ sociation. Also, the fraternity competes in the full in¬ tramural program as well as being a member in full standing of the Interfraternity Council. Membership in this fraternity is restricted to male students whose studies will eventually lead to a degree in agriculture. Needless to say, prospective members must rank high scholastically in their chosen field of agriculture. GATHERING around the piano after supper is a favorite pastime of the men in the Farm House. These leaders maintain that relaxation after meals is a good start to a good night ' s studying. President_ Vice-President Secretary _ Treasurer OFFICERS James Me Loud _ Keith Rinehart _Richard Bell _Donald Ward 132 First Row: Richard Bell. Claude Bonner, Donald Brooks, Dwight Davis, George Davis, Gary Eisner, William Hendrix. Second Row: Robert Latimer, James McLoud, Bill McPher¬ son, William Phillips, James Solomon, Jerry Stone. CLEANING snow off his car is Dwight Davis who knows that to be sharp for his date everything must be sharp, even the car. So, with a little swinging sweep of the hand, everything is sharp. 133 MAIL CALL is the same at the KA house as it is everywhere. Jim Dick¬ son and Donald Free check their box to see if its bills, mon¬ ey from Dad, a letter from the girl or a notice from Uncle Sam. First How: Alfred Baxley, William Bennett. Frederick Boss, Robert Brocchus, Tom Capshaw, Gene Cherry, Larry Cone, James Dickinson, James Dobbins. Second How: Sam Farris, John Flanagan, Donald Free, Wil¬ liam Hanson, William Harrison, Chester Hayes, Thomas Hubbs, Dorsey Jones, Ronald Jones. Third How: John Love, Bob Medley, James Miller, Jack Shumate, Bob Taylor, William Trigg, Bass Trumbo, Woody Whitchurch, Franklin Yost. 1 34 alpha omicron chapter of KAPPA ALPHA Founded in 1865 on the campus of Washington and Lee. Kappa Alpha came to the University of Arkansas in 1895. Since its arrival at the University many pro¬ minent Arkansans have worn the KA pin from Alpha Omicron. Presently, Kappa Alpha is active in all phases of campus activities and the chapter strives to achieve a well rounded life for her members. Southern spirit always runs high and these Southern gentlemen revive the spirit each time they have a party. Included on the social calendar are the French Pigalle party, the Convivium Ball to honor the birthday of their spiritual founder, Robert E. Lee, the Kappa Alpha Rose Ball, and the annual spring formal. In addition, the KAs joined the Kappas in Campus Capers competition and were among the seven skits selected for presentation. Each summer the fraternity puts on an extensive rush¬ ing program and its rush parties are numbered among the biggest and best in the state. INTERESTING ihings pop up at the Pigalle Party and these two pair are no exception. Actually, ' ts all for laughs when the KAs transform their house into a Paris nightclub. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_Bob Medley Vice-President__ Bill Harrison Secretary_Bobby Taylor Treasurer_Sam Farris Spring Semester President_ Vice-President_ Secretary_ Treasurer_ _Bob Medley _Bill Harrison Woody Whitchurch _Sam Farris 135 xi chapter of KAPPA SIGMA Xi chapter of Kappa Sigma, the oldest active fra¬ ternity on the University campus, started another top year under the leadership of President Bob Fussell. Fussell was administration editor of the Razorback, president of the Business junior class, an associate jus¬ tice of the Student Court, and was tapped by Blue Key. John Stroud served as president of Blue Key. Gamier Puryear and John Cooper were members of the cheer¬ leading squad. Serving in publications were Don Mc- Knight, business manager of the Traveler; Mike Thomp¬ son, business manager elect of the Traveler; Phil An¬ derson, editor of the Law Review; and Dick Craiglow, circulation manager of the Traveler, joe Pillow was elected to the presidency of 1FC and Billy Tranum was elected president of Wilson Sharp. Bill Byrd was co- chairman of Campus Capers as well as organization editor of the Razorback and vice president of Civic Club. Xi was represented in sports by football players Billy Tranum, George McLeod, Red Barnett, and Mickey Cissell. Socially, Kappa Sigma had their an¬ nual Christmas formal. Valentine party, Horror party, Stardust Ball, and many informal house parties and open houses. The KZs joined Holcombe Hall to finish second in Campus Capers competition. ROCKIN ' RYTHM of the Philharmonics attracts a large crowd around the bandstand as formal atmosphere of KZ Christmas formal succumbed to the sounds coming from the stand. OFFICERS ball Semester President Vice-President Secretary_ Treasurer _ Bob Fussell Martin Walt Don McKnight Boyd Hawkins Spring Semester President_ Joe Pillow Vice-President _ Ed Stevenson Secretary Herschel Garner Treasurer_ Boyd Hawkins 136 First Row: Richard Akers, Duke Allison, Punch Anderson, Joe Bell, Steve Bernard, Bud Bloomfield, William Boon, Charles Bowie, Jan Brinker, Snuggs Brown, Berry Broyles, Bill Byrd. Second Row: Thomas Callaway, Larry Clark, John Clay, Hiram Cross, Mack Crow, Sidney Crimes, Joe Cunningham, Hugh Dillahunty, Tony Dowell, Jerry Driver, Mollitor Ford, Winston Foster. Third Row : Randy Fussell, Bob Fussell, William Gaddy, Herschel Garner. Clifford Garrison, Compton George, Grant Green, Richard Green, Tom Grunden, Eugene Hale, Nathan Hale, Rob Hale. Fourth Row : James Harris, Mickey Harbour, Richard Hat¬ field. Ernest Hawkins, John Hewitt. Phillip Hout. Donald Hud¬ son, James Jansen, John Jacobs, Robert Knapp, David Knox, Roger Knox. Fifth Row: David Lambert, Luther Lieblong, Jim Limberg, Wayne Lindsey, Vernon Lockhart, William McCartney, Lemuel McCrary, Allen McKnight, Donald McKnight, George McLeod, Dan McNeill, Kenneth Moore. Sixth Row: Anthony Owens, Ed Perry, Philip Purifoy, Gam¬ ier Puryear, David Primm, Jeff Rieff, William Dallas Robbins, Jerry Roberts, James Rowe, Charles Rush, Don Schnipper, Clif¬ ton Senhausen. Seventh Row: Mike Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Stephen¬ son, Ed Stevenson, Wes Spikes, John Stroud, Ronald Tabor, Ernest Taliaferro, Benny Thompson, Michael Thompson, Tommy Thrailkill. Eighth Row: Bobby Tranum, Jack Tucker, Richard IJpton. Skip Wallin, David Walt, Martin Walt, Charles Williams, Mark Williamson, Paul Williams, Dick Wilson, Bill Wilson. 137 First Row: Kenneth Adams, Robert Baker, Robert Bennett, Robert Boyd, Lowell Brewster, Bob Brooks, David Burrough, John Carmack, Tommy Cave, David Christman. Second Row : Cliff Davis, Tommy Drake, Eugene Elsberry, William Estes, Charles Evans, Donald Fitzgerald, Ralph Fox, William Gray, Ronnie Grisham, David Hallam. Third Row: Joe Harbour, Melvin Hart, David Hendricks, William Hibbard. Don Holeman, Delton Houston, Earnest Huck- elbury, Bruce Huddleston, Larry Hunt, Terry Hunt. Fourth Row: Gary Jones, William Kantz, Bill Keys, Henry Kirby, John Langston, Charles Lewis, Stanley Martin, Ronald Mateer, Fred McDonald, Larry McGowan. Fifth Row: James McKenzie, John McMillan. Robert Mc- Murtrey Don Morehart, James Moring, William Nelson, Barry Niswanger. Robert Nutt, Kenneth Orlicek. Sixth Row: William Overton, Stan Paris, Bobby Parker. Hoyte Pyle, Carl Richards, John Rogers, Loren Samons, Scotty Scholl, Lewis Scott. Seventh Row: Norman Self. Frank Sharp. Don Simmons, James Smith, Tommy Smith, William Sudderth, Bobby Sullards, William Taylor, Eddie Walker. m. Hill a chi zeta chapter of LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Gamma Chi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha experienced another fine year of activity and leadership at the Uni¬ versity. Arkansas Lambda Chi’s served as host to the Southwest Area Conclave, which is made up of thirteen chapters located in the Southwestern part of the United States. On the hill, Scotty Scholl was editor of the Trav¬ eler, a member of Blue Key, chairman of the Board of Publications, and chosen for Who’s Who. Don Morehart was also very active in publications as he worked as business manager of the Razorback. Stan Martin was a member of the Student Union Central Planning Com¬ mittee and the Student Union Board. Mac McDonald was elected vice president of the Interfraternity Council and Bruce Huddleston served 1FPC as treasurer. Lamb¬ da Chi was represented on the gridiron by quarterback James Monroe and tackle Eddie Walker. Monroe was tapped by Blue Key and also named to the All-South¬ west Scholastic team. Don Morehart was tapped by Blue Key and he and Monroe joined old members David Burrough and Scotty Scholl in Blue Key. The biggest event of the social season is the Black and White formal where the Crescent Girl is named. Also, the Lambda Chi’s enjoy their Goofball and Alphatraz parties and the Christmas formal. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_ Vice-President Secretary_ Treasurer _ Buddy Evans Janies Moring Jim Stahlkopf Don Morehart Spring Sejnester President _ _ Don Morehart Vice-President _ Carl Richards Secretary_Phil Cate Treasurer_ Stan Martin PINNING serenade at the Zeta house brings out all of the brothers and housemother, Mrs. Blanch Snow, in the cold weather as the fraternity joins together in song to say congratulations. arkansas alpha chapter of PHI DELTA THETA This fall was the year that Phi Delts at Arkansas have been waiting for since their arrival on campus in 1948. For the first time since they had come to Arkan¬ sas. the Phi Delts had their house. Although they moved in last spring, this is the first year that the chapter had been able to start off in the house that had been planned for so long. It was a good year too, as the Phi Delts walked off with first place in Singfony. On the campus, Boh Dudley supervised the summer rush program as IFC rush chairman. Benny Rice was sports editor of the Razorback and John Greer was military editor of the Razorback. Greer was also pep rally chairman and vice president of the Marketing Club. Lewis Sharp was presi¬ dent of the Marketing Club and Rice was president of the Press Club. Henry Hawkins was in the student senate. Lou Hobson and C. B. Newton were on the varsity base¬ ball team. Jim Minmier was campus editor of the Traveler. Monte Hopper was president of Alpha Phi Omega and Dick Bennett was treasurer of Tau Beta Pi. Socially, the Phi Delts enjoyed the She Delta Theta par¬ ty, a Founder’s Day trip to Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs and a banquet at the Little Rock Club. “Heaven and Hell” party, and the spring formal and outing. ACCEPTING for the group which he had so ably just directed to first place in Singfony is Bill Taylor. The Phi Delts sang " Deep River " and " Hallelujah Amen " on their way to the trophy. OFFICERS Fall Semester President___ Wayne Beard Vice-President Ernest Dietrich Secretary-Bill Anderson Treasurer_Dick Bennett Spring Semester President_Jim Gaston Vice-President_ Bud McCune Secretary_ _ Warren Mercer Treasurer _ Robert Smith 140 First Row : Oliver Adams, Philip Atterberry, George Balmat, Robert Bass, Wayne Beard, Richard Bennett, Thomas Bond, Ken Brasfield Fourth Row: 0. Hall, Carter Hixon, Jerry Hobbs, Monte Hopper, Ed Kirkpatrick, Ross McCrory, Wendell McCune, Clay¬ ton McWhorter. Second Row: Edwin Bullington, Clark Buschner, William Cobb, Steve Cockerham, James Dennis, Robert Dudley, Jeff Duty, John DuVal. Third Row: Marvin Elkins, Benny Fratesi. James Gaston, Bill Goodrich. John Greer, John Gregory, Kenneth Griggs, Charles Gundlach. Fifth Row: Homer May, Warren Mercer, James Minmier, Kenneth Parr, Olin Ramoly, James Rea. Bennie Rice, David Sanderson, Joe Sewell. Sixth Row: Lewis Sharp, David Smith. Robert Smith, William Snow, William Sugg, Jack Wagoner, Phillip Whiting, Michael Willis, Robert Wray. 141 mf) 4 First Row : Julian Archer, John Arnold, William Baldwin, Jackie Beavert, Jim Bedell. Ora Lee Boss, Gerald Bowen, Ralph Brooks, Willard Burks, Jan Keith Calhoon. Second Row : Roger Chambers, Henry Childs, Jerry Childs, James Colvert, Richard Daniel. John Darnell, Robert Dawson, Buddy Diebold, Bernard Ekdahl. Bobby Fincher. Third Row: William Foote, Joe Ford, Bruce Fullerton, Paul Garrett, Karl Gosnell, Dale Green, Ralph Griggs, David Gruene- wald, Robert Hamm, Philip Hanby. Fourth Row : Robert Hanby, Ben Harpole, Peter Hartstein, Roy Edward Hayden, Thomas Horn, Edwin Huenefeld, Donald Hunt, James Johnson, Gary Keeter, Kelly Kelly. Fifth Row: Nelson Lewallyn. Jackson Lineback, Billy Joe Mc¬ Afee, Bob McBride, John McElroy, William Mann. Lee Mason, Hal Mitchell, David Mulkey, Jerry Nall. Sixth Row: William Nutter, Charles Ormond, Phillip Pascoe, Jerry Perciful, John William Peters, John Pharr, George Plaster, William Poe, James Poynter, Terry Poynter. Seventh Row: John Prater. James Prescott, Bobby Reynolds, Tommy Rogers, Jeff Sandy. James Shaddox, David Shapley, Wil¬ liam Sherman, Morrison Smith. Eighth Row: Alex Streett, Andrew Walls, John Wesson, George West, Norvell West, Tommy Dick Whiting, Jerry Wilcox, Charles Wilson, Donald Wray. 142 alpha zeta chapter of PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha contributes many campus leaders each year. Noteable among its leaders were Joe Ford who was president of Alpha Kappa Psi, vice president of IFC, tapped for Blue Key and chosen for Who’s Who; Bob Dawson who was editor of the A Book, as¬ sociate editor of the Razorback, tapped by Blue Key and elected editor of the 1960 Razorback; Dale Green who was director of Gaebale, chairman of Singfony, tapped by Blue Key and chief of the PIO; Gerald Bowen who was business manager of the Guild Ticker, served in the student senate and tapped by ODK; Bill Sherman who served in the senate and was tapped by ODK; Charles Wilson who was vice president of Alpha Kappa Psi and president of Arnold Air Society; Bill Poe who was assistant editor of the Razorback. PiKA was rep¬ resented in sports by football captain Bill Michael, freshmen football stars Lance Alworth and Bruce lul- lerton, and basketball player Ora Lee Boss. Jerry Nall was named Campus Lover in the Campus Chest Charity Drive. Socially, the Pikes had their annual Quo Vadis Party which is a Roman style party that is not soon forgotten, the annual Dream Girl Formal, the Christ¬ mas brunch, spring outing, open houses on Dad’s Day and after each football game, and several house parties and outings. OFFICERS Fall Semester President_ _Joe Ford Vice-President__ Dale Green Secretary_Morrison Smith Treasurer_Jerry Childs Spring Semester President _ - Buddy Wray Vice-President _ John Arnold Secretary_.lerry Perciful Treasurer__Peter Hartstein LINING UP for breakfast at the annual Christmas Brunch held on the Sunday before the holidays begin are PiKAs and dates who have just returned to the house from church. 143 alpha upsilon chapter of SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Alpha Upsilon has steadily grown to new heights as it brings new activities and honors to add to its already high prestige. In activities, SAE has excelled with Pat Fleming, vice president of the student body; Mack Moore, Jim Hefley, Jim Tompkins and Pat Fleming serving on the student senate; Jim Tompkins, president of the senior class and the ASGA; John Gossett, treas¬ urer of IFC; Jerry Franks, president of the IFPG; Chad Kumpe, president of the Business freshman class; Jim Hefley, co-editor of the Arkansas Engineer; Ed Dozier, associate editor and editor-elect of the Traveler; Jim Van Dover, vice president of Wilson Sharp; B. Smith, Jim Van Dover, Jim Tompkins and Pat Fleming selected for Who’s Who; B. Smith, Mack Moore. David Newbern. Jim Tompkins, Jim Van Dover, John Gossett, and Jim Hefley as members of Blue Key; Justin Farns¬ worth, Bob Wanasek. and Pat Fleming as members of ODK. Athletically, SAE is represented by Marlin Epp, Joe Paul Alberty, and Jim Van Dover. The fraternity took first place in the Homecoming float competition and joined with the ChiOs to win Campus Capers. Also, the wearers of the purple and goal took the intramural sweepstakes award and a second place finish in Sing- fony. The “69” party is their latest social creation. LAST MINUTE details are being worked out in the wee small hours of the morning by SAE pledges, but it was all worth it as the stork made alot of Alphs happy with first place award. OFFICERS Fall Semester President-John Gossett Vice-President _ Pat Fleming Secretary-Jim Hefley Treasurer_Chuck Nangle Spring Semester President _ Mack Moore Vice-President _ Joey Giroir Secretary_ John Henry Moore Treasurer_ Bill Tedford First Row: Dick Adkisson, John Ed Anthony, Jerry Baber, Lewis Barnard, Cecil Bell, Paul Berry, Joe Bissett, Tom Bram- hall, Byron Brown, James Buttry. Second Row: Thomas Carter, Steve Castleberry, James Cha- dick, Dickie Cooley, Donald Corbin, Carl Dalrymple, Jay Dickey, Ed Dozier. Ted Drake, Edwin Dupree. Third Row: Justin Farnsworth, Pat Fleming, Jim Foster, Robert Franklin, Jerry Franks, Jack Freshour, Donald Froning, Ford Gibson, Martin Gilbert, John Gossett. Fourth Row: Paul Green, Buddy Griffith, Gary Gross, Ro¬ bert Hall, Jack Hammett, James Hefley, Louis Henderson, Bill Henslee. Curtis Hodge, David Hughey. Fifth Row: Cyrus Huie, George Jordan, Mike Kelly, Don Kerby, Harry Kolb, James Kraft, Joel Ledbetter, William Mc¬ Nulty, Steve Mangan, Rufus Martin. Sixth Row: Edmund Massey, Bobby Joe Matlock, Jay Med- len, Danny Moore, Mack Moore, Larry Mosley, John Mott, Wil¬ liam David Newburn, John Ostner, Jerry Parker. Seventh Row: Dave Phillips, Jim Powell, James Robert Rhodes, James Simpson, David Sloan, Warner St. John. David Stockford, William Tedford, Ted Treadway, Jim Tompkins. Eighth Row: Wimpy Tucker, James Van Dover, Drew Vel- vin, Robert Wanasek, James Weedman, Royce Weisenberger. Jack Williams, Ralph Williams, James Withem, Kelvin Wyrick. 145 First Row: Freddy Akers, Gene Alexander, Beryl Anthony, Robert Austin, David Banks, Rovce Barrett, A. K. Blankenship, William Bishop, John Burnett, David Carpenter, Billy Gene Carter. Second Row: Jack Coker, James Collier, David Cox, Charles Dewall, Robert Daily, James Diffee, Charles Dorland, E. D. Dorland, Mike Dunn, Robert Elliott, John Freeman. Third Row: Tommy Fowler, Jim Gadberry, Frank Gardner. James Gilbert, Jack Green. Hap Hazzard, Carl Hendrix, Nelson Huey, Bo Huffman, Bill Hurt, John Jackson. Fourth Row: George Jernigan, Jere Johnson, Glenn Jones, Howard Jones, Jim Jones, Lawrence Jones, Phil Keese, Jerry Kesterson, Richard Lankford, Uvalde Lindsay, Larry Luft. Fifth Row: Bill Luplow, Zach McClendon, Phillip McDon¬ ald, Toby McDonald, George Mattar, Lawrence Moeller, John Moore, Thomas Moore, Gordon Morris, Noel Parrish, Frank Peters. Sixth Row: William Pickens, Allan Pirnique, Taylor Pre¬ witt, M. J. Probst, Craig Rains, Tommy Rankin, Jimmy Price, Bill Ross, James Sadler, Tommy Schallhorn, Kent Shreeve. Seventh Row: Alan Sugg, Roberto Stadthagen, Bill Stover, William Taylor, Mike Thomas, Stuart Towns, Dickey Ray Trammel. Charles Warfield, J. C. Welch, Elmer Yancy. ■H omega omega chapter of SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi at the University of Arkansas is well known for its combination of activities, leadership and athletics. This combination has produced Taylor Prewitt who was president of ODK, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and chosen for Who’s Who; Kent Shreeve who was president of the Engineering Council, Cadet Colonel of the Air Force ROTC and chosen for Who’s Who; Dickey Ray Trammel who was president of the Bu siness College and of ABC; Larry Moeller who was Cadet Colonel of the Army ROTC; Tommy Schallhorn who was president of Alpha Kappa Psi; John Moore who was co-editor of the Arkansas Engineer: David Carpenter who was news editor of the Traveler; and Phil Keese who was a cheerleader. Jere Johnson and Jim Sadler joined Taylor Prewitt and Kent Shreeve as members of ODK. Alan Sugg and Jim Gadberry joined Dickey Ray Trammel in Blue Key. Sigma Chi took their second consecutive Homecoming trophy in the house decoration competition and placed second in the float competition. Parties included the Kiddie Party, Christmas formal, Gold Rush, the Sweetheart formal and many open houses. Representing the fraternity in athletics were Freddy Akers, Bill Luplow, Billy Kyser. Alan Sugg, Tommy Rankin, Bill May, George Edwards, Bo Huffman. Jerry Moore, Tommy Polk, Stuart Towns, and Tommy Fowler. The fraternity basketball team reached the intramural finals. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ John Ed Freeman Vice-President Jere Johnson Secretary — Richard Perdue Treasurer __ David Banks Spring Semester President _ . Jere Johnson Vice-President _ Alan Sugg Secretary_ Jim Sadier Treasurer _ George Jernigan SPRING house cleaning day rolled around at the Sigma Chi house and Beryl Anthony and Dickie Lankford manned the brooms as Bill Taylor chopped away with the clippers. 147 gamma upsilon chapter of SIGMA NU As it continues to grow and expand, Sigma Nu encompassed more honors and activities again this year. In publications. Bill Barksdale was editor of the Agri¬ culturist, Buddy McWilliams was editor of the Guild Ticker, Jim Manville was co-editor of the Student Di¬ rectory. Jim Tuohey was editor of the Razorback and Dick Blake was business manager of the Engineer. On the hill, Benny Hays was president of the Civic Club: Boh Middleton was vice president of ODK; Bill Adair was a cheerleader; Hugh Kincaid was chief justice of the student court; and Gene Racklev was vice president of the 1FPC. Bob Middleton, Dick Blake, Jim Manville, Benny Hays and Don Mehlburger were chosen for Who’s Who. Jim Tuohey and Ed Ragsdale were tapped by ODK. Blue Key tapped Charles Hughes, Jay Carpen¬ ter and Lynn Campbell. In sports, Jim Mooty was named to the All-Southwest football team and Jay Carpenter was co-captain of the basketball team. John Boles was on the varsity football team. In intramurals, fraternity teams won football, basketball, volleyball, softball and golf. The fraternity placed second in Home¬ coming house competition and third in the float judg¬ ing. Also, Sigma Nu joined the Pi Phi’s for Campus Capers and their skit was picked for third place. BUSES were plastered with signs as the members of Sigma Nu and their dates prepared for a weekend trip to the Ole Miss game in Little Rock, and a party after the game in Hot Springs. 148 OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Lynn Campbell Vice-President Charles Hughes Secretary ___ Nick Weedman Treasurer Rill Burton Spring Semester President_ Don Mehlburger Vice-President_ _ Jim Gattis Secretary _ Joe Crumpler Treasurer Bill Burton First Row: Bill Adair, Snowden Armstrong, Bob Ashby, Bill Barksdale, Bob Bell. Dick Blake, John Blue, Darrell Bon¬ ner, Bill Bromley, Jack Budd, Bill Cain, Mike Caldwell, Jay Carpenter. Second Row: Garry Carroll, Harper Cooper, Buster Crook. Joe Crumpler, Dennis Cuendet, John Cuffman, James Daniel, Don Davis, Jon Dermott, Bill Donald, Billy Dooly, Jim Epper¬ son, Ken Gibbons. Third Ro?v: Jerry Green, Richard Earl Griffin. Wade Hahn. Leon Hall. Tommy Harper, Benny Hays, Larry Head. David Horne, Charlie Hubbard, Don Hunnicutt, Dick Hunt, Charles Hughes, Charles Johnston. Fourth Row: George Kalmbach. Garrie Kellam, Bill Keltner, Hugh Kincaid, Paul Kingsborough, John Lathrop. Ike Laws, Chester Lowe, J. W. McAllister, Ace McCord, Clay McKinney, Steve McKinney, Tommy McMillin. Fijth Row: Buddy McWilliams, Jodie Mahony, Jim Man- ville, Don Mehlburger, Max Mehlburger, Larry Meyers, Tom Mooney, John Paul North, Ernie O ' Hara, Dimitris Papaleo- nardos, Larkus Pesnell, Bob Phelps. Sixth Row: Larry Piebenga, John Pitcock, Joe Dickey Powers, Gene Rackley, Ed Ragsdale, Alan Rennick, Eric Richardson, Tommy Runyon, Jack Sanders, Jim Sandlin, Bob Scudder, Ron¬ nie Smith Seventh Row: Richard Smith. Truman Smith, Gary Stand- rdige, Jerry Stewart, Pat Sullivan, Bill Teeter, Mike Terry, John Thomason, Bill Thurman, John Tolleson, Steve Tollett, Ellis Trumbo. Eighth Row: Jim Tuohey, Lynn Wade, Nick Weedman, Jim Bob Wheeler, John White. John White. Larry Whitley, Randy Williams, Preston Woodruff, Ronnie Woodruff, Ed Young, Paul Young. 149 First Row: Janies Adrian, David Barnes, Charles Bell, Rob¬ ert Bennett, Robert Berry, Garth Bishop, Forrest Brown, Guy- Brown, Thomas Butcher. Fourth Row: Donald Langston, George Makepeace, Quentin Martin, James McAdams, Jerald McAnear, George McConnell, Robert Pitts, John Ramsey, Wesley Reese. Second Row: William Chambers, James Chaney, David De- Witt, Norman Dudley, Harvey Edwards, Larry Englehart, James Fawcett, Joe Fee, Dickie Finley. Fifth Row: Archie Ryan, William Robinson, Charles Sam¬ ple. Charles Scamardo, Charles Smith, Maurice Stokenberry, George Stowers, Don Stumbaugh, Randall Terry. Third Row: Robert Finley, Robert Flowers, Edmund Glea¬ son, David Goodsell, Lee Roy Grimes, James Hendricks, Larry Isaacs, Marshall Koons, Richard Lanford. Sixth Row: David Thomas, Charles Thornton, Robert Tye, Jerre Van Hoose, Hiram Webb, Robert Whitcomb, Charles Yauger, James Youree, Robert Zierak. 150 arkansas alpha chapter of SIGMA PHI EPSILON Anxiously awaiting completion of plans for a new house, the men living behind the red door at 753 W. Dickson were laying plans for future expansion. The architect’s drawing of the new house is pictured on this page and it will be located south of the SAE house on fraternity row. The Sig Eps were active in campus activities and intramurals. In varsity sports they were represented by track man James Taylor. Basketball was the highlight of the intramural program as their favor¬ ed team moved through the season undefeated only to be upset in the fraternity playoffs. Talent was abundant in the SPE house as Bob Flowers won the Student Union talent show for the second straight year and represented the University at the Southwest Talent Show at Texas A M. Jerre Van Hoose was active in the National Collegiate Players and held the lead in several University Theatre plays including “Macbeth”. Any¬ one listening to the radio in Fayetteville could hear the familiar voice of SPE Guy Brown who was a Disc Jockey. Socially, the Sig Eps passed through the red door dressed for the Golden Heart formal, spring out¬ ing. Moonshiner’s Ball. April Fool’s Masquerade party, and many informal open houses after the football games and on weekends. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Don Stumbaugh Vice-President _ _ Bob Zierak Secretary _ James Chaney Treasurer_Wesley Reese Spring Semester President _ Vice-President Secretary_ Treasurer _ Jerry McAnear _ Bob Berry Bob Flowers __ Dave DeWitt BASKETBALL was the big intramural sport for SPE as they showed superior strength during the season only to have several of their key players injured in a wreck and be upset in playoffs. 151 alpha sigma chapter of SIGMA PI Sigma Pi was established on the University of Ar¬ kansas campus in 1948 and as such is one of the youngest fraternities on the campus. Like the other new fraternities, Sigma Pi is working for the future and it is only a matter of time when they too will begin construction of the new house which they have planned. In activities, Ray Waters tossed his hat into the political ring this spring when he announced that he would seek the post of treasurer of the student body. Boh McDougal served as secretary of the Inter- fraternitv Council. Tom Glaze represented Sigma Pi in athletics on the varsity baseball team. Lee Fletcher was seen often in his green stripped coat as he cam¬ paigned for St. Patrick representing the AI IE. Socially, Sigma Pi held its annual White and Gold Ball and the Orchid formal. On a lighter note were the Beat Generation Valentine party, the annual outing, Found¬ er’s Day banquet, weekend house parties, drop-ins, ex¬ change dinners, and listening parties for the out of town football games. The Sigma Pi house decoration received much notice and comment during Homecom¬ ing especially when it did not place because many ob¬ servers considered it to be one of the top decorations of the day. WATCHING TV is a favorite pastime of the Sigma Pi ' s. A big crowd of members and dates were found on Saturday afternoon when the Razorbacks were featured on the game of the week. OFFICERS President _ Vice-President Secretary _ Treasurer _ Ray Waters Lee Fletcher David Burton Robert Carter 152 First Row: David Adams, William Bates, David Burton, James Carter, Robert Carter, Lindsay Chandler, James Chas¬ tain, Harold Chesley, William Crain, Wayne Daniel. Second Row: Lee Fletcher, Henry Fountain, John Ford, John Gibson, Clifton Giles, Thomas Glaze, Rea Graves, Leborn Griffin, Richard Hipp, James Jones. Third Roiv: Webb Laseter. Gary McClain, Robert McDougal, Ross Mayfield. John Measel. Peter Morse, John Robinson, Geo¬ rge Russell, Ned Russell, William Sanders. Fourth Roiv: Gary She lby, Floyd Smith, Donald Steely, John Stovall, Ralph Tiffin, Ray Waters, Donald West, Eddie Whittle, Billy Wiley, Eddie Wilkerson. SCRAPBOOK holds the interest of John Ford and Peter Morse, looking at pictures of the Beat Generation Party and how beat they were. 153 COKE break at the Theta Tau house is likely to come at any time of the day or night as these engineering students spend long hard hours with the slide rules and books. First Row: Lewis Barnard, Richard Blake, Jay Carpenter, Lindsay Chandler, Randal Colvert, Joe Crumpler, Donald Dallas, James Fawcett, Lee Fletcher. Second Row: Robert Gentry, Jack Hammett, Hap Hazzard, James Hefley, John Hoskyn, Jere Johnson, Howard Jones, Wil¬ liam Keltner, Gary McClain. Third Row: Carl McLees, James Manville, Ross Mayfield, Donald Mehlburger, John Moore. Jerry Perciful, William Wal¬ lace Perdue, Jimmy Lee Reed, Bobby Gene Reynolds. Fourth Roiv: Thomas Ross, James Sadler. Kent Shreeve, Roberto Stadthagen, William T. Strickland, Nick Weedman, Bob Wilson, Elmer Yancey. 154 upsilon chapter of THETA TAU Theta Tau is a professional engineering fraternity which strives to maintain a high standard of profes¬ sional interest among its members as well as unite them in fraternal friendship. Leading among the members of Theta Tau on the campus were Dick Blake, Kent Shreeve and Jim Manville who were named to Who’s Who; Thomas Ross and Jere Johnson who were tapped by ODK; Jim Hefley and Jay Carpenter who were tapped by Blue Key; Charles Yates, Jim Sadler, Kent Shreeve, and Donald Dallas who were named to Tau Beta Pi; Kent Shreeve who was president of the Engi¬ neering Council; Charles Yates who was elected Saint Patrick; Jim Hefley and John Moore who were co¬ editors of the Arkansas Engineer; Bob Wilson who is editor elect of the Engineer; Jim Hefley and Bob Reynolds who were members of the student senate; Jay Carpenter who was captain of the basketball team and Joe Crumpler who was on the golf team; Lewis Barnard and Nick Weedman who were co-chairmen of the Air Force Ball. During the fall semester, Theta Tau had their annual Founder’s Day banquet and in the spring the members hosted the Saint Patricia candidates at a banquet. Spring time also found the members on their annual outing. OFFICERS President _ Vice-President _ Secretary_ Treasurer_ John Hoskyn _ Jere Johnson Tom Strickland Buster Jones CARDS are a popular pastime for engineers but Theta Tau Jim Sadler has reached the point of indecision because he doesn ' t know whether Hap Hazzard is bluffing on that last raise or not. : 155 gigg First Row: Carole Adams, Jeannette Adams, Antoinette Adamson, Doris Anderson, Lynn Atwood, Norma Bailey, Bev¬ erly Barham, Barbara Barlow, Barbara Barnes, Betty Barnes, Kathryn Barnett, Patricia Barrows. Second Row: Della Ann Barwick, Mary Ann Bates, Pearl Bates, Linda Bean, Sara Beauchamp, Bettye Bercher, Roberta Jo Best, Lois Bexacon, Judy Blankenship, Gail Blossom, Sharon Bonner, Jo Lynn Braden. Third Row: Bonnie Bretherick, Peggy Brink, Betty Kate Brown, Katherine Burns, Nancy Bury, Betty Callahan, Connie Capers, Cean Carter, Connie Carter, Rose Childress, Ruth Choate, Susan Cina. Fourth Row: Betty Clark, Jo Ellen Clark, Ellen Cleveland, Mary Clinehens, Karla Clinton, Jacquelyn Cloud, Connie Clulow, Susan Lynn Cobb, Rebecca Cockrill, Carol Cole, Robin Lee Cole, Barbara Coleman. Fifth Row: Joan Coleman, Lynda Cook, Susanne Cooley, Jo Ann Cooper, Anne Corson, Martha Cox. Ruth Cox, Joyce Crab¬ tree, Celeste Cranor, Signa Crowe, Martha Culwell, Carole Cup- pies. Sixth Roiv: Donna Kaye Cypert. Nancy Daniel, Saundra Dean, Carolyn Dick, Georgia Dortch, Linda Dunn, Sue Dunson, Lola Dwyer, Betty Dyer, Annette Eagle, Connie Edrington, Bar¬ bara Elkins. Seventh Row: Judy Eoff. Mary Eppler, Mary Ann Evans, Mary Faust, Nelda Fielder. Vivian Fielding, Nora Ford, Peggy Beth Ford, Mary Franklin, Patricia Frazier, Judith French, Mary Fulks. Eighth Row: Betsy Garner, Betty Garrett, Gloria Gary, Mar¬ garet Gates, Shirley Golden, Nancy Goldthwaite, Roselyn Good¬ man. Lynne Grant, Danette Graves, Linda Gray, Ginger Great- house, Dixie Green. 158 HOLCOMBE, SCOTT and WASHINGTON Under the Panhellenic rules of the University of Arkansas, freshmen women are not allowed to partici¬ pate in rush. As a result, all freshmen women at the University live either in Holcombe Hall. Washington Hall or Scott House. The freshmen won many honors this year as Luellen Jones of Washington was named the Honorary Cadet Colonel of the Air Force ROTC. Betsy Garner of Holcombe was named an Honorary Lt. Colonel of the Army ROTC. Barbara Barnes of Holcombe was chosen a Razorback beauty. Holcombe won second place trophies for their Homecoming float and house decorations. Betty Hemphill of Scott was named the Acacia Queen of Hearts. Kaycille Woodruff °f Washington was chosen Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl for next year. Saundra Dean and Anne Robins of Holcombe won seats in the Commerce Guild when they were elected in BA freshmen elections. Kappa Sigma and Holcombe teamed up in Campus Capers and each took a second place trophy hack to their houses for their efforts. This is the last year that the freshmen women will be housed in seperate quarters at the University since construction of the new Fulbright dormitory will be finished by the opening of the fall ’59 term. Gone will be the morning bus ride to and from down¬ town Washington and the walk from Scott over to Holcombe for meals. Holcombe was the scene of an attempted panty raid this fall after the pep rally at President Caldwell’s house. Nothing came of the affair except a campus for the residents of Holcombe for their participation and some harsh words to the boys who were thought to have engineered the raid. OFFICERS Holcombe President --- Signa Crowe Vice-President Charlotte Petree Secretary ____ Sally Simpson Treasurer __ Sara McGregor W ashington President - Carol Cole Vice-President _ Luellen Jones Secretary - Gail Wilson Treasurer _ Carolyn Dick Scott President _ Vice-President Secretary_ Treasurer _ Betty Hemphill Ann Edwards Kathy Schmidt Janet Jerome DIGGING holes for posts which were a part of their house decoration was well worth the effort for these Holcombe girls as both their house and float entries received second place awards. 159 First Row: Garlanda Greene, Marguerite Gun¬ nels, Elizabeth Gullett, Mary Guthary, Linda Hall, Rebecca Hall, Joyce Hankins, Mary Har¬ mon, Virginia Hart, Betty Hemphill, Mary Hend¬ ricks. Second Row: Melissa Holder, Judy Huddleston, Martha Huddleston, Charlotte Hudspeth, Shirley Jackson, Sue Jenkins, Shirley Jennings, Janet Jerome, Diane Jimerson, Lillie Johns, Emily Johnson. Fourth Row: Susan Lampley, Sylvia Lay, Neena Ledbetter. Betty Jane Leggett, Linda Lehnhard, Mary Lenggenhager, Lin¬ da Leverette, Nancy Lewis, Viki Lindsey, Meredith Little, Pris¬ cilla Lowe. Third Row: Jill Johnson. Pat Johnson, Pat Johnson, Luel- len Jones, Priscilla, Jones, Robbie Juniel, Nina Keaton, Joyce Kelly, Peggy Kendall, Martha Carolyn Kendrick, Carol Ann Kirby. Fifth Row: Claudette McCollum, Judy McCurdy, Sara Mc¬ Gregor, Peggy McKinnon, Patsy McMahen, Jane McNew, Priscilla Maddux, Nancy Malone, Brenda Marcellini, Roberta Martin, Sue Martin. 160 First Row : Mary Matthews, Nona Maxey, Mary Medlin, Anna Meeks, Mary Merrell, Caryl Miller, Wanda Mitchell, Bennie Moon, Deanna Moore, Nancy Moyers, Rebecca Murphy, Joan Murray. Second Row: Donna Needham, Jo Lynne Newsum, Joyce Norwood, Betty Nystrom, Marilyn Orton, Margaret Pace, Hene- leyetta Parker, Barbara Patterson, Catherine Pence, Myrna Perry, Carol Ann Peters, Charlotte Petree. Third Row: Nancy Plowman, Doreen Pope, Mary Porter, Tomya Potter, Judy Presley, Patricia Prioleau, Judy Purifoy, Betty Pyle, Josephine Rascoe, Rebecca Richardson, Lois Rich¬ mond, Anne Robins. Fourth Row: Linda Roeder, Cynthia Rogers, Rita Rogers, Alma Rowland, Betty Russell, Jerri Saling, Judy Sandusky, Suzanne Savage, Kathleen Schmidt, Virginia Schultz, Mary Scobey, Brenda Scott. Fifth Row: Mary Agnes Scott, Louisa Sedwick, Willie Sheeks. Winnie Sheeks, Sally Simpson, Susanne Smarr, Helen Smith, Anita Snoddy, Catherine Spence, Forrest Spencer, Jean Spotts, Anne Stanley. Sixth Row: Judy St. John, Danna Staples, La Wanda Stegall, Marianne Sutherland, Betty Sweaney, Judy Taylor, Virginia Teel, Lela Terrell, Barbara Trager, Marilyn Trammell, Sandra Trust, Jane Tudor. Seventh Row: Anne Turner, Laretta VanMeter, Bettie Vaughan, Sarah Vaughn, Christine Wahlstrom, Dovon Walker , Willie Wallace, Hassie Waller, Karen Warren, Pat Welti, Mary White, Patricia Whiteman. Eighth Row: Kay Wiggins, Patricia Wiggins, Margot Wil¬ liams, Mary Ann Williams, Gail Wilson, Mary Jane Wilson. Sue Quinn Wilson, Margot Wimberly, Norma Wood, Kaycille Wood¬ ruff, Sandra Yates. 161 First Row : Marilyn Arwood. Virginia Baker, Carolyn Bar¬ ham, Mary Bethel, Claudia Black, Betty Blew, Margaret Burn¬ side, Martha Callahan, Martha Caple. Rosalie Causbie, Carolyn Cloud. Second Row: Glenda Craft, Susanne Derning, Oita DeWitt. Wolma Downum, Mary Eidson, Roberta Eidson, Sally Feathers- ton, Frances Ferguson, Susanne Files, Susanna Flake, Virginia Floyd. Third Row : Nancy Garland. Susan Gathman, Jessimine Gist, Pat Graham. Helen Habig. Sally Haley. Mary Harder. Sissy Hays, Sue Henson, Linda Hill, Carolyn Hilliard. Fourth Row: Mar lene Hill in, Helon Hogan, Clarissa Hop¬ kins, Mary Jackson, Maetta Jacobs, Fay Ann Jew, Sandra John¬ son, Jana Kelley, Elisa Lee, Jane Loyd. Nancy Lucas. Fifth Row: Bonnie McEver, Anita Me Waters, Evelyn Mack. Virginia Marcantel, Barbara Medrick, Elnora Meeker, Linda Miles, Jane Morris. Wilma Oliver, Sondra Pace. Sixth Row: Sara Patterson. Sandra Plummer, Lois Price. Sally Putnam, Anita Ratcliff, Billie Ratcliff. Mary Ray, Martha Rich, Sarah Robinson, Myra Rose. Seventh Row: Frederica Russell. Joy Sanders, Jo Shewmake, Sonja Simmons, Georgene Sorrells, Dorothy Spratlin, Jayne Steen, Jamie Stevens, Dorothy Swindle, Maureen Vincent. Eighth Row: Betty Waggoner, Miranda Wai, Margaret Ward. Deanna Weaver, Phyllis Weaver, Alice West. Julia White. Pat Wiley, Barbara Williams, Ann Wilson. 162 CARNALL HALL The residents of Carnall experienced one of their top years in campus participation this year. Sally Feath- erston was one of the top women on the campus be¬ cause she was president of the Women’s Interhall Coun¬ cil, chairman of the AWS judicial board, and chosen for Who’s Who. Martha Callahan was tapped by Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board tapped Sally Featherston. Maureen Vincent was named a Razorback beauty, was one of the six finalists in the Saint Patricia contest, and held leading roles in many of the University Theatre plays. Marlene Hillin was head majorette of the March¬ ing Razorback Band and was also Alpha Gamma Rho Sweetheart. Joy Sanders led the women of Carnall to a second place finish in Singfony. In intramurals, the hall won first place in ping pong singles and sec¬ ond place in ping pong doubles. Socially, a sock hop was held each semester; everyone enjoyed the annual Christmas Dinner-Dance; there was a stag party before the AWS Vice-Versa dance; and to top everything off. the annual spring formal was a big success. This is the last year that upper class women will be housed in Carnall because plans are being made to move all these facilities to Holcombe next year when the freshmen move to the new Fulbright dormitory. OFFICERS Fall Semester President __ Vice-President _ Secretary_ Treasurer _ Sally Featherston Carolyn Hilliard _ Linda Hill Mary Ray Spring Semester President _ Virginia Marcantel Vice-President ___ Fritzie Russell Secretary _ Jessamine Gist Treasurer _ _ Linda Miles SECOND PLACE trophy was presented to the girls from Carnall as Joy Sanders directed them to victory with the singing of " A Snow Legend " and " In the Still of the Night " . 163 FITZGERALD DAVIS, and UNIVERSITY Davis Hall had one big objective in mind as the year begun and that was to retire the intramural sweep- stakes trophy which they had won for the past two years. They made good progress by taking first place in volleyball, second place in ping pong and third place in bowling. In activities, Annette Lendal was chosen as the Rotary Exchange Student of the Month: Lucinda Greig was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for study in New Zealand; Frankie Lynn Baker was chosen as an Honorary Lt. Colonel of the Air Force ROTC; Sue Hatchett was president of WRA; Carol Parker was a sophomore secretary; Hazel Holzhauer was a Traveler staff writer and editor of the Co-Eds Code; Alice Feath- erston, Jane Goodwin and Louise Pistole served as senior counselors. Socially, the residents of Davis and University enjoyed a sock hop, the annual Christmas Dinner-Dance, a Christmas decorating party, a tea honoring their new housemother — Mrs. Louise Van Hoose, a Christmas party for underprivileged children, a senior breakfast, the spring formal and a spring out¬ ing. For the first time this year Fitzgerald housed fresh¬ men women because of the crowded conditions in the other dorms. However, Fitzgerald was torn down second semester to make way for the Zeta addition and the residents moved into Holcombe. DANCING at the Christmas Dinner-Dance is Julia McCartney and her date. The annual affair is quite an event at Davis and the dance is preceeded by a formal dinner for residents and dates. OFFICERS Davis and University Fall Semester President _ Betty Douglas Vice-President Mary Lou Freund Secretary_ Alice Featherston Treasurer - Norma Gillenwater Spring Semester President- Sue Hatchett Vice-President _ Carolyn Fry Secretary_ _ Shirley Boyd Treasurer _ Carol Parker Fitzgerald President _ Judy Newman Vice-President_ Betty Jones Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Dennard 164 First Row : Jean Alley, Linda Austin, Frankie Baker, Car¬ olyn Barton, June Bauer, Shirley Been, Marian Benson, Shirley Boyd, Margie Brown, Judy Carson. Second Row : Charlotte Chidester, Ruth Cox, Alice Cunning¬ ham, Tommye Darnell, Barbara Dennard, Betty Douglas, Ann Edans, Shirley Edwards, Alice Featherston, Betty Files. Third Row: Mary Lou Freund, Carolyn Fry, Norma Gillen- water, Ruth Goner, Lucinda Greig, Sylvia Hack, Marie Hall, Sue Hatchett, Nancy Holt, Hazel Holzhauer. Fourth Row : Jane Horne, Sammye Hynds, Betty Jones, Mar¬ ilyn Krestsinger, Helen Lawbaugh, Sandra Ledford, Annette Lendal, Bobby Littlejohn, Nancy Logan, Diana Loy. Fijtli Row: Gwen Lyons, Sarah Lytle, Julia McCartney, Kay McRae, Tyler Marsh, Nancy Matlock, Iligene Miller, Barbara Moberg, Carol Moon. Sixth Row: Sara Jane Newland, Judy Newman, Carol Parker, Alice Porter, Patricia Rains, Mary Lou Reinhart, Shirley Riggs, Jane Russell, Mary Sanford. Seventh Row: Margaret Steelman, Bette Stroud, Grace Wag¬ goner, Betty Ward, Mary Whitaker, Wanda Whitney, Jayne Williams, Mary Wilson, Sue Wilson. 165 OFF-CAMPUS WOMEN Starting the year with the largest number of girls since the founding of OCW, Nona Brooks capably led the group as it expanded their program of campus participation. Not only did the group enter a float in the annual Homecoming parade as it has in the past, but OCW also had an entry in the house decoration contest. Their entry was located near the tennis court on the corner of Maple and Garland Streets. The girls spent a lot of time planning and working on their house decoration and were quite justably proud of the results. Carol Cole was elected to the Commerce Guild and was very active in Business School activities. Socially, the big Valentine party was held this year in the Student Union Blue Room and was acclaimed as one of the best OCW parties ever. Also, the group had an afternoon get- together at Nancy Allen’s house and several other informal social hours in the Student Union. OCW is affiliated with the Women’s Interhall Council and has a seat at its meetings. This is the second year that the group has gone by the name of Off Campus Women. Originally, it was known as Organized Independent Women and went by this title from its founding in 1946 until the change in 1957. The purpose of the organization is to provide unaffiliated women at the University a means by which they can participate in campus activities. OFFICERS President_Nona Brooks Vice-President Mardell Christello Secretary-Treasurer Carol Cole First Row: Judy Albin, Nancy Allen, Naomi Baker, Zoe Bridenthal, Nona Brooks, Georgianna Byars, Phyllis Campbell, Mardell Christello, Carol Cole, Sue Dill. Second Row: Elaine Durbin, Peggy Elkins, Gay Erwin, Susan Fletcher, Pat Franks, Marilyn Green, Marlene Hahn. Peggy Kean, Carol Lee. Kannye McKenny. Third Row: Nancy Patterson, Peggy Peterson, Owenita Rea¬ gan. Anna Reitz, Yvonne Robinson, Sue Rye, Sue Sappington, Polly Sweetzer, Mary Teas, Eva Watkins. The girls at the 4-H House enjoyed one of their most successful years on the University campus. Tops in campus organizations were Carolyn Files who was named to Who’s Who, served as president of Phi Upsilon Omicron, was assistant manager of the ASA, and was a member of the student senate; Doris Boykin who was elected president of Colhecon; Linda Lewis who worked as recording secretary of Phi Upsilon Omicron; Sue Kuester who was song leader of Coterie; Gennie Kelly who served as vice president of WRA and librarian of the PEM Club; Carol Barnum who was a sophomore secretary; and Shirley Barrick, Nan McConnel, Emma Jean Owen, Carolyn Files, Bea Lane and Doris Boykin who were WIHC representatives. 4-H took both spots of honor in the Agri Queen co ntest as Carolyn Files was named the winner and Joyce Jenkins was named Maid of Honor. Socially, the 4-H House held a sock hop in September, a Christmas Dinner-Dance, their annual Polly anna Banquet, a costume party given by the pledges, a Valentine Dinner-Dance, a faculty tea, a spring formal and a spring outing. A pledge- ship is required of new members of 4-H House just as in the fraternity- sorority system. Formal initiation is held for the pledges and they have a sorority pin of their own which they wear with pride. The group at Arkansas is affiliated with the national organization of 4-H Houses for women on college campuses. OFFICERS President_ Vice-President_ Secretary_ Treasurer _ _ Bea Lane Shirley Barrick Carol Barnum Sue Plunkett First Row : Judy Barnett, Carol Barnum, Shirley Barrick, Carol Barron, Doris Boykin, Elizabeth Brister, Carolyn Carter, Connie Coffman, Lucy Dyer, Bettye Edwards. Second Row: Rebecca Etheridge, Carolyn Files, Mary Gar¬ ner, Wanda Gore, Elaine Green, Elaine Griffith, Bobbie Guffey, Bettye Helm, Carole Helm, Jean Hunnicutt. Third Row: Joyce Jenkins, Cynthia Jones, Willene Jones, Gennie Kelley, Jo Ann Koettel, Sue Kuester, Bea Lane, Linda Lewis, Nan McConnel, Bobbie Jean McDaniel. Fourth Row: Glenda McLaughlin, Barbara Mazzantie, Ann Milan, Ema Owens, Pat Parette, Kathy Pedley, Sue Plunkett. Pat Scroggins, Joy Sweet, Linda Webb, Helen Yates women’s interhall council Serving as the governing body for the women’s dorm¬ itories of the University, the W1HC is composed of rep¬ resentatives from each of these dorms. Included in WIHC jurisdiction are Carnall, 4-H, Davis, University, Fitzgerald. Holcombe, Washington and Scott. One big project of the WIHC is to sponsor social activities for the halls which it serves. The biggest undertaking of the council socially is to sponsor the annual Harvest Moon Ball, a fall formal held each year in the Student Union Ballroom. The Council also legislates on disciplinary infractions by the dorms. First How: Connie Capers, Signa Crowe, Carolyn Files. Bar¬ bara Barnes, Betty Douglas, Mary Lou Freund, Emma Jean Owen, Jane McNew. Second Row: Susie Savage, Betty Jones, Shirley Boyd, Shirley Barrick, Fritzi Russell, Martha Callahan, Sylvia Rich. Betty Hemphill. Third Row: Judy Blankenship, Vicki Lindsey, Mary Eppler, Sally Featherston, Carolyn Hilliard, Nan McConnell, Doris Boykin, Diana Loy, Carol Cole. OFFICERS: Sally Featherston. President; Carolyn Files, Senate Representative; Mary Lou Freund, Secretary and Treasurer. 168 men’s interhall council Undertaking the responsibility of sponsoring the Miss MIHC contest, the MIHC Day sweepstakes, and a fall and spring formal are only a part of the duties of the Men’s Interhall Council. This group is the governing body for all activities of the men’s dormitories and is also respon¬ sible for the financial affairs of the dorms. The group holds regular meetings and discusses any problems or difficulties which a dorm might be having. In addition, the Council also goes over ways and methods of improving unity and friendship among the dorms. First Row: Dale Green, David Lubin, Delbert Herman, Larry David, Joe Runsick, Olin Owens, Ron Liles. Second Row: Loy Aikman, Wilbur Giles, David Sain, Eddie McRell, Tommy Roberts, George Taylor, William McMillan. OFFICERS: Dale Green, Senate Representative; Olin Owens, Treasurer; William McMillan, Vice President; Eddie Mc¬ Rell, President; Delbert Herman, Secretary; David Lubin, Social Chairman. men’s interhall court Interpreting and upholding the constitution of the Men’s Interhall Council is the chief responsibility of the Men’s Interhall Court. The court is actually the judiciary divison of the MIHC and it is composed of one represent¬ ative from each of the participating houses. Handling dis¬ ciplinary problems recommended to it by the MIHC is the chief function of the court although it has the power to take independent action on its own. All students ac¬ cused of committing an infraction are brought to trial before the court and sentenced or excused depending on the outcome of the trial. First Row: Charles Santifer, Paul Battreal, Kenneth Hendrick¬ son, Preston Bynum, David Hampton, Charles Wilson, Bob H ickman. OFFICERS: David Hampton, Advisor; Kenneth Hendrick¬ son, Chief Justice; Boh Hickman, Secretary. 169 F.rst Row: Phillip Almond, W. C. Anderson, Melvin Atkin¬ son, John Austin, David Axtell, Michael Babbidge, Tom Barham, Charles Beavers, Charles Bell, Charles Brazil, Charles Brittain, Eldon Brown. Second Row: Charles Buckner, Danny Butler, Russell Cald¬ well, Cary Campbell, Larry Campbell, Sammy Cannon, James Capps, Howard Clyburn, Gerald Dahal, Richard Dahlen, Charles Darnall, Phillip Daugherty. Third Row: Carl Dean, Ronald Deason, Patrick Derning, William Drewry, David Dubell, Dick Eriksson, Charlie Evans, Earnest Fant, John Farris, John Faye, John Feno, John Fletcher. Fourth Row: Lynn Forrest, David Foust, Clifford Goodson, William Green, Paul Harrison, Waily Haw, Douglas Haynie, Edgar Henley, Delbert Herman, Gerald Hickman, Robert Hick¬ man, Jack Hill. FJth Row: Buddy Hulett, James Hurl but, Eddie Enzer, Joe Johnson, John Johnson, Benjamin Keahey, Howard Killian. John Kleinegger, Dallas Lewter, Otta Livingston, Arlis Logan, David Lubin. Sixth Row: James McDonald, Don Majors, James Merrick, Wilfred Miller, Larry Murray, Gary Niemeyer, Delbert Phillips, Ivan Ransom, Jimmy Reed, Stephen Rowland, David Sain, Glenn Sandlin. Seventh Row: Jerry Seitz, David Sidwell, James Sivley, Har¬ vey Smith, Paul Smith, Armil Snow, George Sorrells, Oneal Sut¬ ter, Charles Taylor, Winded Taylor, George Teer, Willis Thomp¬ son. Eighth Row: Alfred Throneberry, James Towler, Thomas Tubb, Donald Turner, Ronald Vandament, Jerome Vaught, Ro¬ bert Wagner, Gary Webb, Jack Williams, Gary Wood, Bill Woods, James Woolly. 170 RAZORBACK HALL Offering a friendly atmosphere with comfortable surroundings, Razorback Hall is a good place for men to get acquainted with college during their freshman year. Participation is the most important thing to the members of Razorback as they stress that each stu¬ dent do his part so that a feeling of unity and friend¬ ship will be created. Razorback sponsored a full in¬ tramural program and brought back some trophies in the process. David Wellhansen won the singles of ten¬ nis and he teamed with John Fletcher to take the doub¬ les title. Sam Johnson and Dickie Finley teamed to¬ gether to win the badmitton doubles championship. Participation in campus activities was also very high with head freshman counselor David Sain leading the way. Armil Snow became one of the few freshmen to ever attain the position of Traveler News Editor in their first year. He took over the job after David Car¬ penter dropped out of school and was quite an asset to the staff. David Lubin held the important position of being social chairman of the Men ' s Interhall Council. On his back fell the load of making arrangements for all organized parties. Bob Hickman was secretary for the Men’s Interhall Court and was required to be on hand at each session. Socially, the residents of the hall enjoyed an open house after the Dad’s Day and Home¬ coming football games, a faculty tea, exchange dinners with the women’s dorms, a spring outing and formal. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ Vice-President Secretary_ Treasurer _ Delbert Herman Gary Campbell John Faris Lynn Forrest Spring Semester President_ Vice-President Secretary _ Treasurer _ Delbert Herman _ Gary Campbell _John Faris _Jack Hill PLAYING ukes and a trumpet in a make shift jam session helps freshmen of Razorback Hall kill time on a dreary fall afternoon in Fayetteville. SEDGEWELL HOUSE Residents of SedgewelJ House are freshmen and find the facilities of the house excellent for their adjustment to college life. Socially, the residents sponsored a very successful Thanksgiving dance and have also had many informal stag parties. In activities. Dan Byars has writ¬ ten several articles for the Traveler in which he reviews campus plays and concerts. Sexton Orms ran the mile on the freshman track team. Counselor Billy Rye was company commander of Co. B in the Army ROTC. The men of Sedgewell constantly rank high in scholarship, always ranking high above the over-all men’s average. Participation is stressed and a full intramural program is provided for the residents. Sedgewell is the north half of the former Gregson Hall, but the building was divided to facilitate self-government and organization within the dorm. The building was named for William Sedgewell “Pop” Gregson, former University chaplain. Sedgewell has representatives on the Men s Interhall Council and it is also represented in many of the cam¬ pus organizations such as ABC, Civic Club, Circle K, Psi Chi, Arnold Air Society and others. COMBING his hair for a big date is Dan Byars who gets professional advice from his buddy Franklin McGary with whom he is going to double. OFFICERS Fall Semester President _ -Wilbur Giles Vice-President . _ Woody Harrell Secretary-Wayne Emanuel Treasurer- R on Cloclasure Spring Semester President_David Cardin Vice-President _ Woody Emanuel Secretary_ Derrell Mullins Treasurer_ Ron Cloclasure 172 First Row : Don Alexander, James Arnold, Ronald Baldwin, Joseph Blankenship, Larry Bohannan, Edward Brandt. Joe Bridg- forth, Otis Brinkley, Larry Brown, Dan Byars, David Cardin. Second Row : Ronald Chunn, Larry Clayton, Ronald Clo- clasure, Joe Col e, William Conatsen, Terry Cooper, Robert Dil- day, Wayne Emanuel, Donald Evatt, Donald Forrest, B. C. Furlow. Third Row : Dallis Gilbreath, Wilbur Giles, Max Goolsby, Richard Gordon, David Hampton, Searcy Harrell, Kenneth Hill. John Hudman, Paul Isbell, Cleveland Jones, Paul Jones. Fourth Row : Wendell Jones, William Keith, Edward Kelly, William Kelly, William Lacefield, Harold Leimer, Ron Liles, Dennis Loudon, Darrell Lucas, Albert Luzetti. Preston McMillan. Fifth Row: Robert Mar, Dale Moren. Ronald Morris, Derrel Mullins, Eddie Myhand, Jerry Nichols, Morris Norsworth, Har¬ per Oates, John O’Kelley, Sexton Orms, Jerry Owens. Sixth Row: Thomas Owens, Joe Parker, James Pate, Joseph Plunkett, Charles Roper, Carl Russell, Billy Rye, Frank Scar- amuzza, Ernest Scholtz, Robert Schroeder, Ralph Shannon. Seventh Row: Jerry Stringfellow, Harry Thomason, Donald Thompson, James Trimble, Byron Van Dover, William Vangilder, Janies Wilson, Paul Wilson, Jimmie Wood, Vida Woodward. 173 hXM First Row: Walter Abbott, John Allen, Thomas Alston, Joseph Anderson, Tommie Baughn. Robert Beard, John Black. William Blackburn, John Bohlson, Clarence Bolin, Jackie Brooks. Second Row: David Brown, Donald Bryant, Edward Buffalo, Lionel Burkes, Dorsey Byars, James Caton, Jess Cavenar, Jar¬ rell Chapman, Larry Cofer, Morris Coston, Guy Crawford. Third Row: Robert Daley, Don Day, Carlton Denney, Hugh Donnell, Terence Faulkner, Augustine Fredrich, Gary Galbraith, Robert Gibbs, Howard Hall, Winfred Harris, Todd Hedgecock. Fourth Row: James Hogan, Bruce Hopper. Charles Hudson, Bob Hulett, Sammie Hunter, James Johnson, Wray Jones, Don Jordan, Edwin Keith, MacClean Kilpatrick, Sing-Yue Lung. Fifth Row: George McGrary, Franklin McGary, Morris Mc¬ Leod, Charles Mahan, Henry Mahan, Jimmy Maples, Don Mart¬ in, Grady Martin, Richard Mason, Charles Morgan. Sixth Row: Doane Newton, Gerald Nicholson, Robert Owen, Jerry Park, Charles Phillips, William Pinkerton, Jimmy Potter, Pierce Purifoy, Floyd Rigsby, Tommy Roberts. Seventh Row: James Rucker, John Sage, Raymond Sale, Charles Santifer, William Schirmer, Phillip Selig, Alva Siler, Harold Smith, Loyd Tarkington, James Taylor. Eighth Row: George Taylor. Thomas Van Meter, Charles W. Vines, Harold Wales, James Watson, Ray Whetstone, James White, Thomas B. Wilson, Robert Winter, William Winter. 174 WILLIAM HOUSE Providing a residence for upperclass men, William House became more than just a place to live this year. Participation in campus activities was high and Mike Allen led the way. He was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and was selected to Who’s Who. Joe Buffalo was tapped by Blue Key and th e law student was also chosen for Who’s Who. Charles Vines was a company com¬ mander in the Army ROTC program and Tom B. Wil¬ son, former Pershing Rifle PIO. was promoted to Pershing Rifle Lieutenant. On the lighter side, the res¬ idents of William House sponsored a Christmas party for a group of underprivileged children. One of the highlights of the year for residents was the completion of the Brough Commons, new men’s cafeteria. The food and service for these upperclassmen improved as did their appetites. Intramural participation was very high and William posed a threat in each sport which it enter¬ ed. The grade point of the house was way above the all¬ men’s average. William is the south wing of the old Gregson Hall and it too was named for William Sedge- well “Pop” Gregson, former University chaplain. Wil¬ liam has the reputation of producing many campus lead¬ ers, such as James Connaway, president of the student body, who is a former president of William House. OFFICERS President_ Tommy Roberts Vice-President _ Gerald Nicholson Secretary _ Don Bryant Treasurer- - John Black CHECK OUT counter in Gregson Cafeteria was abandoned by Frank Peters and other residents of William House who started walking across the street to the new facilities of Brough Commons. 175 WILSON SHARP HOUSE Wilson Sharp House provides housing facilities for those members of the University athletic teams. Located on the high hill above the Barnhill Fieldhouse, it is only a short walk to the practice fields and courts for residents. Those participating in activities other than their sport are Richard Bell, Jim Van Dover, James Monroe and Jay Carpenter who were tapped by Blue Key; Ray Dyke and Joe Nosari who were tapped by Omicron Delta Kappa; Richard Bell, Jim Van Dover, Jon Dermott, and Bill Tranum who were members of the Civic Club; Van Dover and Bell who were chosen for Who’s Who; Jon Dermott who was the reigning Campus Lover; Jim Van Dover who was Brigade Ex¬ ecutive Officer in the Army ROTC program; Richard Bell who was president of the PEM club. In athletics, Jim Mooty was named to the first team All-Southwest football team and Clyde Rhoden was named to the second team All-Southwest basketball team. Billy Gil- bow and James Monroe were named to the first team All-Southwest scholastic football team. Socially, social chairmen Jim Gaston and Jon Dermott arranged for an open house honoring their new housemother — Mrs. Earl Bird, a Christmas formal and party, many week¬ end parties and dances and the football banquet. Paul Henderson represented the dorm in the campus bridge tournament. Wilson Sharp surprised the whole campus when the residents upset Kappa Kappa Gamma in a hula hoop contest. Also, each sorority had a special dinner and party in honor of the football team. VICTORY in a hula hoop contest with the members of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Wilson Sharp ' s Terry Arenz and Earl Bond read official challenge and boast a bit about how they can swing it. OFFICERS Fall Semester President- _ John Boles Vice-President _ Jim Van Dover Secretary-Treasurer _ Earl Bond Spring Semester President_Bill Tranum Vice-President James Monroe Secretary-Treasurer Tommy Rankin 176 First Row: Freddy Akers, John Blasingame, Earl Bond, Ora Lee Boss, Ralph Brodie, David Carder, Jay Carpenter, Mike Clayton. Jimmy Collier. Fourth Row : John Lancelot, Reed McConnell, George Mc¬ Leod, Jerry Mazzant, Jerry Moore, Alan Morrison, Jim Neces¬ sary, Jackie Nelson, John Nix. Second Row: Jon Dermott, Paul Dudley, Raymond Dyck. Marlin Epp, John Ferguson, Tommy Fowler, Bruce Fullerton, Zane Hankins, Rhodes Harbert. Third Row: Wayne Harris, Paul Henderson, Jimmy Hol¬ lander, Bobbie Hudspeth. Alvin Huffman, Charles Jinks, George Jordan, John Kerr, Billy Kyser. Fijtli Row: Thomas Oakley, Larkus Pesnell, Tommy Rankin, Buddy Reuter, Jimmy Sellers, Jim Sheeve, Richard Smith, Alan Stolt, Harry Thompson. Sixth Roiv: James Vance, Jack Vandergrift, Jimmy Van Dover, Larry Vest, Eddie Walker, Gary Weaver, Jerry White, Billy Whitfield, Bobby Williams, Jarrell Williams. 177 BUCHANAN HOUSE Residents of Buchanan House have had a full year, highlighted by par¬ ticipation in intramural sports competition. The men of Buchanan won the sweepstakes trophy in intramural competition for the second consecutive year. In varsity sports, Jewell Self lettered as a member of the Razorback basketball team and Randy Spencer was a member of the varsity tennis team. A busy social schedule was filled out by the MIHC Christmas Dance, the MIHC spring dance, and many informal gatherings. Buchanan took an active part in campus organizations being represented in such groups as Tau Beta Pi, Phi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, ABC. MIHC, SAM, the various engineering fraternities and campus service groups. In addition to participa¬ tion in campus affairs, Buchanan House residents endeavored to maintain a high scholastic standing and their house placed very high in the house rank¬ ings for grade point average. Buchanan is the last section of the two modern dorms recently constructed to provide housing facilities for upperclassmen. The other half of the building is Droke House, but the two are separated by a partition in the middle. OFFICERS President_ Vice-President Secretary_ Treasurer _ __ Olin Owens Ron Cogburn Benny Barnes Frank Nichols First Row: Hugh Adams, Benny Barnes, Donald Bingham, Ramon Blacklock, Doyl Broomfield, John Cogburn, James Criner, Ronald DeLong, William Dipert, X Dotson, Adie Frazier. Second Row: Carlton Hamm, William Heason, M. J. Hensley, Marvin Kirk, Robert Lacy, Bobby McMahan, Marion Manning, Gary Martin, David Meador, Robert Moery, Alvin Naylor. Third Row: Frank Nichols, Robert Olmstead. Byron Oury, Olin Owens, Murl Parker, James Peters, Joe Phillips, Harold Pierce, Rupert Rogers, Jewell Self, Harold Shaddox. Fourth Row: Randy Spencer, Joe Swaffar, Jack Thomas, Hugh Thompson, John Todd, Haskel Walker, James Weaver, Walker Wells, Charles Wilson, Robert Wilson, Frank Zanoff. GLADSON HOUSE Winning the intramural football championship was the biggest victory for Gladson House this year. The championship team was unbeaten, untied and unscored upon in all competition. The basketball team did almost as well as it was beaten out by the Baptist Student Union in the intramural cage finals. Participating in activities were Kenneth Hendrickson who was chief justice of the Men’s Interhall Court and a Pershing Rifle platoon leader; Dale Green who was the MJHC senate representative; Jack Thetford who was secretary of the Engineering Council. Socially, Gladson participated in all of the MIHC functions but also had an outing of their own at Monte Ne near Rogers, Arkansas. It was a big day for residents and dates as all of the resort facilities were made available to the group. Gladson House is the southern portion of the first of the two independent upperclass men’s dormitories. Eating facilities are not in the house as all meals are eaten at the new Brough Commons. Scholastically, Gladson has yet to win the top grade average award, but its members cumulative is well above the all-men’s average. OFFICERS First Semester President _ Lawrence Fletcher Vice-President _ Jim Britt Secretary_Jim Camarata Treasurer_John Kolb Second Semester President_Lawrence Fletcher Vice-President_Jim Britt Secretary_ Robert Kumpe Treasurer_ John Kolb First Row : Anson Aikman, Glen Allen, David Barber, Don Barnett, James Barnett, Bobby Bell, Don Boatman, Robert Brad¬ ford, James Britt, Howard Brooks. Second Row : Richard Brooks, George Brotherton, James Camarata, John Campbell, Ronald Coiner, John Collins, Stanley Davenport, Billy Davis, Herbert Davis, Gary DuVall. Third Row : John Estelle, Charles Farris, Lawrence Fletcher, Larry Franks, Mansal Graham, Dale Green, Kenneth Hendrick¬ son, Harris Hogue, Sidney Johnson, John Kolb. Fourth Row: Robert Kumpe, Charles Lamb, Joseph Marlar, Gorden Miller, Raymond Morris, Rex Murdock, Jay Myers, Robert Prislovsky, William Ragland, Phillip Rowe. Fifth Row: Joe Runsick, Dennis Sims, Charles Stephens, Jackie Thetford, Billy Thornton, William True, William Wil¬ liams, James Williamson, Arvin Wilmoth, James Woodson, Karl Worst. DROKE HOUSE Occupying the north half of the southern clorm. Droke House produced several top leaders on campus this year. Eddie Joe McRell was president of the Men’s Interhall Council, vice president of the Blackfriars, a member of numerous committees, tapped by Omicron Delta Kappa, and selected for Who’s Who. Reed Greenwood was secretary of Phi Eta Sigma, national honorary fraternity for scholastic achievement. Charles Poe was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and worked actively in that organization. In addition, the resi¬ dents of Droke participated fully in the many activities and campus organiza¬ tions. Maintaining a high grade average is most important to the men of Droke and their cumulative average is among the top ones each semester. Although not claiming any championships, Droke participated fully in the independent men’s intramural program and their teams were quite good com¬ petitors. Participation in MIHC activities was the biggest thing for the house and its residents took full advantage of the MIHC social program. OFFICERS President _ Eddie McRell Vice-President Richard Starr Secretary_James Dyer Treasurer_Connie Meyer First Row: Eugene Aist, James Anderson, John Anthony, James Arnold, Augustine Baker, George Barnwell, Melvyn Bell, Richard Bordsen, Louis Burch, Robert Clinehens, George Combs. Second Row: Jackie Cooper, Ronald Cox, John Crangle, Larry David, Gene Deal, James Dyer, James Eichler, Billy Fowler, Donald Gilbreath, Melvin Greenwood, Milton Hall. Third Row: Gerald Jamison, William Kelly, Joe Kindrick, John Kirkpatrick, Garland Latta, Darnell Lowrance, Eddie Mc¬ Rell, John Maus, Charles Poe, Jimmy Powers. Fourth Row: Lowell Reed, Louis Rose, Gary Sanders, James Satterfield, Virgil Smith, James Toler, Gerald Trammell, Rich¬ ard Wilson, Wiley Wolfe, Leopold Zellner. RIPLEY HOUSE OFFICERS President_ Vice-President Secretary_ Treasurer _ . Loy Aikman _ jerry Black _ Max Sutton Larry Aikman Ripley residents are very proud of the fact that they have now won the Robert M. Jones Scholarship Plaque for three consecutive semesters. Their cumulative grade point was highest for all men’s residences on the campus. Ripley also produced some outstanding leaders in the person of Joe Kunkel who was treasurer of the Civic Club, Saint Patrick of 1958, president of the ASCE, a member of the student senate, and chosen for Who’s Who; Max Sutton who was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and served as chairman of the counselor committee; John Sallis who maintained a 4.0 average and was a Phi Beta Kappa; Donald Dallas who was a member of Tau Beta Pi and Theta Tau; and David Bostian who was a member of Beta Alpha Psi. Socially, the house participated in the MIHC activities and had a fall outing at Monte Ne. Intramural competition was stressed and the house was well represented by its football and basketball teams. Ripley is the northern wing of the first of the two men’s dorms and is perhaps the most desirable resi¬ dence since it is the closest to Brough Commons and the campus classroom buildings. First Row: Larry Aikman. Loy Aikman, Rodolfo Aleman, Glenn Arey, Jaime Arosemena, Ronald Avery, James Bacon, Otus Barnett, William Barnes, James Battreal. Second Roiv: Paul Battreal, Jerry Black, David Bostain, James Briley, Gerald Carman, Jerry Coleman, J. B. Cone, Fred Crum, Donald Dallas, Ira Eubanks. Third Row: Marion Farmer, James Fisher, Roy Fuller, James Garrett, Hubert Hackney, Don Hayes, Jimmy Ivey, James Keesee, Joe Kunkel, Phillip Langley. Fourth Row: Kenneth McClain, Robert McClure, Donald Mc- Kissack, William McMillan, William Martin, Jimmy Mauney, Elvie Mooty, Guy Morgan, Henry Pang, Fred Perkins. Fifth Row: Tommie Price, James Rainwater, Don Rogers, William Rudasill, John Sallis, Joe Saunders, Cleon Shackelford, William Stroud, Max Sutton, Joe Wilson. maids miss university of arkansas treesie carter chi amcfftt JACKIE SANDERS Pi Beta Phi MARGARET WHISTLE Delta Delta Delta 185 NANCY GARNER Delta Delta Delta CINDY DEW Kappa Kappa Gamma KAY WIGGINS Holcombe Hall homecoming queen und court janelle dixnn thditt doHu didiu ALYCE KAYE MOFFETT Kappa Kappa Gamma LINDA GOODWIN Z eta Tau Alpha 187 queens saint patricia CAROL SWIHART Della Delta Delta ufjri queen CAROLYN FILES 4 -H House pletlge queen JANET ROWLAND Pi Beta Phi 189 FILLING her cup from the team water barrel, cheerleader Sarah Jane still keeps up with the game. maid of cotton finalist surah jane melton Representing her home state of Mis¬ souri, Sarah Jane Melton was one of 17 women from 19 states selected to com¬ pete in the finals of the Maid of Cotton pageant in Memphis. Here at the Uni¬ versity, Sarah Jane is a cheerleader and a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. miss america finalist sally miller Competing in the Miss Arkansas pag¬ eant as Miss Pine Bluff, Sally Miller won that title. In Atlantic City, Miss Ar¬ kansas was one of the ten finalists for the Miss America title. Here at the Uni¬ versity, Sally is Honorary Cadet Colonel of the Army ROTC and affiliated with Pi Beta Phi sorority. WAVING to the Homecoming crowd is Honorary Colonel Miller, driver is Cadet Colonel Moeller. ACACIA SWEETHEART Barbara Roberts Alpha Delta Pi SWEETHEART OF ALPHA GAMMA RHO Marlene Hillin Carnall Hall fraternity m PHI DELTA THETA DREAM GIRL Betty May Harris Pi Beta Phi LAMBDA CHI ALPHA CRESCENT GIRL Jane Brockman Chi Omega 192 PI KAPPA ALPHA DREAM GIRL Jo Wilbourn Delta Delta Delta SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI Jeannie Bussell Kappa Kappa Gamma sweethearts SIGMA PI SWEETHEART Norma White Chi Omega SIGMA PHI EPSILON QUEEN OF HEARTS Nancy Grimes Alpha Delta Pi SWEETHEART OF SIGMA NU Barbara Hannah Chi Omega 193 Chi Omega z mm Gamma Carnall Hall I finalists JUDY EOFF REBECCA ETHERIDGE SUSIE EVANS GAYLE FERGUSON Holcombe Hall 4 -H House Kappa Kappa Gamma CarnalI Hall LOUISE GIVENS MARY HENDRICKS DELTHA HUNNICUTT NANCISUE IRBY Alpha Delta Pi Scott House 4 -H House Pi Be ta Phi 200 DOROTHY JARVIS PENNY KEEN BARBARA KING NANCY LEWIS Alpha Delta Pi O. C. W. Delta Gamma Washington Hall FAY NELL LIGON ANNETTE LENDAL ANN MARTIN SARAH JANE MELTON Z eta Tau Alpha Davis Hall Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta finalists PATTI PULLIAM Pi Beta Phi JANE ROBINSON Davis Hall 201 vvn v s y v lift mM mm ■mi Ml® «3r»®w5£ IS i50Svfe •5 s! s35 •• % H v His IIlSI tlile JOHN BARNHILL came in contact with the athletic pro¬ gram in 1946 and the progress made during his tenure as coach, director is a tribute to ability and dedication. directors of razorback athletic fortunes GLEN ROSE entered his sixteenth year as Arkan¬ sas basketball coach and his first win of the season was a coaching milestone — win 300. He is dean of the Southwest coaches. GEORGE COLE completed his twenty-fifth year with the athletic program and his second year as assistant athletic director. He heads recruiting. FRANK BROYLES was well received as he enter¬ ed and ended his first year at Porker grid helm. Keen of mind, he holds respect of profession. 204 BILL FERRELL Trainer and Baseball P. T. “DUDDY” WALLER Baseball and Shoat Basketball JOHN “RED ’ DAVIS Tennis and Concessions BOB CHEYNE Publicity MRS. GOLDIE JONES Ticket Sales 205 STEED WHITE Freshmen all’s well that ends well Frank Broyles came to Arkansas with visions of fleet backs scoring from everywhere. After three games he faced the reality that a graduated line corps had depleted his front ranks and that a revamped offense was necessary. Much work was involved and most of the mid-year rebuild¬ ing burden fell on Hog linemen. It was their dogged determination that stopped an Arkansas losing streak at six games, almost five. Appropriately, 180-pound guard Bill Gilbow earned the Crip Hall Homecoming award. Arkansas tripped Texas A M 21-8, walloped Hardin-Sim- mons 60-15, upset SMU 13-6, and edged T-Tech 14-8 to finish at 4-6 and with a conference mark of 2-4, identical to the 1957 record. Halfback Jim Mooty played a rags to riches role as he rose from an Arkansas fourth team position to all-conference. Mooty and Billy Kyser sped for un¬ precedented 100-yard kickoff returns against Hardin-Simmons on “George Cole Day.” These runs broke Wear Schoonover’s 1929 school scoring record. Donnie Stone gained bids to the East-West game and Senior Bowl. Tackle Bill Michael played for the Southwest All-Stars un¬ der the direction of Broyles and helped dump the Nationals, 22-13. The first unit, excepting many first-year coaching experiments, usually read: Bill Tranum, LE; Michael, LT; Gilbow, LG: Wayne Harris, C; Bill Luplow. RG; Marlin Epp, RT; Richard Bell, RE; James Monroe or Mike Cooney, QB; Mooty, LH; Stone, FB; and Don Ritschel or Don Horton, RH. WILSON MATTHEWS Ends and Linebackers DOUG DICKEY Defensive Backfield DEPICTING the drive that molded the Razorbacks into a winning team, Frank Broyles could be seen from week to week with his shirttail in the side¬ line breeze. Arkansas responded to a remarkable degree to energies of this youthful grid mentor. 207 season’s record BILL MICHAEL slams into a dummy in one of the many exercises harping on perfecting fundamentals —Courtesy of Arkansas Gazette Arkansas 0 — Baylor 12 Arkansas 14 — Tulsa 27 Arkansas 7 — Texas Christian 12 Arkansas 0 — Rice 24 Arkansas 6- — Texas 24 Arkansas 12 — Mississippi 14 Arkansas 21 — Texas A M 8 Arkansas 60 — Hardin Simmons 15 Arkansas 13 — Southern Meth. 6 Arkansas 14 _ Texas Tech 8 Conference Gaines CURIOUS Texas fans watch the Porkers troop out of the dressing room tunnel for action with the Texas Christian Horned Frogs. 208 MOOTY breaks into the open against Ole Miss and blockers Alberty (45), Dud¬ ley (31), Horton (43), Bell (87), Stone (42), and Green (60) rush to his aid. Mooty turned in a sterling performance. all-southwest Parallel with the upward surge of the Razorbacks was the emergence of halfback Jim Mooty as an all-conference selection. Mooty began the season as a starter, but dropped from the squad for personal reasons after the Tulsa game. He returned to the squad after missing one contest and was demoted to a fourth team position. Returning to the line¬ up against Texas, Mooty was the “flyback” in the revamped Arkansas offense and was unstoppable on the ground in the contests that followed. The El Dorado junior consistently flashed into the opposition’s secondary and was equally tough on defense. His perseverance under fire won the re¬ spect of fans and players. 209 OPENING NIGHT for Coach Broyles and the Arkansas Razor- Stone (42), Harris (55), and Boles (75) were in the thick of backs brought an emphasis on defensive ground play as the action much of the night, receiving a preview of opposition hefty Baylor Bears attempted to mass-move lighter Porker forwards. offensive tactics which were employed in the early games. baylor - 12 arkansas - 0 STATISTICS ARKANSAS BAYLOR 3 First Downs 13 2 Rushing 8 1 Passing 5 0 Penalty 0 60 Total Offense 291 48 Net Rushing 193 12 Yards Passing 98 13-3 Passes 18-10 Attempted 1 Passes 2 Intercepted By 9-40.7 Punted Against 6-39.3 2 Fumbles 4 1 Own Fumbles Lost 3 6 Yards Penalized 75 2 Penalties 7 It was with great anticipation of a wide-open offensive show that some 36,000 fans crammed into Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium to witness the first outing of the multiple-offensive Arkansas Razorbacks. Instead of witnessing long scoring jaunts by fast hacks, the fog-shrouded night ushered in the preview of what would be facing the Porkers the first half of the year. Heavier and more experienced Baylor linemen found relish in shoving Arkansas hack for consistent short gains, and keeping with the temperament of the contest, both Bear scores came on short plunges. Baylor touchdowns came in the first half and second-half strategy called for keeping the Razorbacks on their heels and out of scoring position. Arkansas couldn ' t get its multiple offense to function properly as quarterbacks Jim Monroe and Mike Cooney received their first taste of directing it under real competitive conditions. Arkansas netted 60 yards, was held to three first downs, and came closest to scor¬ ing when reaching the Baylor 36-yard line. Halfback Jim Mooty was Arkansas’ most successful ground gainer with 17 yards in three carries. Fullback Larry Hickman led Baylor with 92 yards. RICHARD BELL Co-Captain End BILL MICHAEL Co-Captain Tackle DONNIE STONE Fullback 210 STATISTICS ARKANSAS TULSA 14 First Downs 11 7 Rushing 7 7 Passing 3 0 Penalty 1 300 Total Offense 195 80 Net Rushing 144 220 Yards Passing 51 28-13 Passes Attempted 7-5 1 Passes 2 Intercepted By 7-37 Punted Against 8-31 3 Fumbles 2 3 Own Fumbles Lost 2 80 Yards Penalized 95 10 Penalties 9 JIM MOOTY Halfback BILL GILBOW Guard, DON HORTON Halfback tulsa 27 - arkansas 14 Tulsa broke a 39-year Arkansas home jinx in whipping the Hogs in Razorback Stadium, as the last TU win on Arkansas soil dated back to 1919. Tulsa scored first, recovering a blocked second-quarter punt in the end-zone. The Gale scored again in the second period on a three-yard run. Arkansas made its first touchdown as Monroe threw a first play second-half pass to Bell for 82 yards. Midway in the third period, Tulsa scored on a 28-yard pass play, and in the last stanza inter¬ cepted a pass for a 44-yard TD. Monroe passed to Barnes for the second Pig score. He also hit Barnes for the PAT. STRONGER than usual, a Tul¬ sa Golden Hurricane swirl¬ ed through Razorback Stad¬ ium with transfer Ronnie Morris (42) of Fayetteville doing much of the damage. Morris was stopped here by Jim Monroe (10). Bell (87) made University of Arkansas ' first TD of the season. 211 STATISTICS JIM MONROE Quarterback JERRY GREEN Guard BILL TRANUM End texas Christian 12 - arkansas 7 Much needed confidence was gained in this sterling defensive effort as the Hogs gave pre-season pick and eventual Southwest Conference champ Texas Christian a bad case of the upset jitters. Leading until the final five minutes, it appeared as if the Razorbacks were on their way to victory, when fullback Jack Spikes broke up the middle for 39 yards to give the Frogs new life. Three plays later TCU scored the winning touchdown. TCU scored first, but Arkansas stormed back in the second period as Stone plunged over from the one. Horton converted. Stone led Hog runners with 21 yards. ARKANSAS TCU 5 First Downs 13 1 Rushing 10 4 Passing 2 0 Penalty 1 122 Total Offense 268 78 Net Rushing 233 44 Yards Passing 35 9-4 Passes 13-5 Attempted 1 Passes 1 Intercepted By 12-36.7 Punted 5-42.6 Against 4 Fumbles 5 1 Own Fumbles Lost 4 51 Yards Penalized 50 3 Penalties 6 AGRESSIVE gang-tackling shocked Texas Christian and the eventual South¬ west champions were pres¬ sed in outscoring Arkan¬ sas, 12-7. Bill Tranum (83) and Freddy Akers (17) put the clincher on a Frog ball carrier as Richard Bell (87) closes in as insurance. 212 LEAPING over blockers from Rice Institute, end Charles Barnes (86) observes Richard Smith (73), Freddy Akers (17), and Gerald Gardner (56) as they converge on an Owl ball carrier. Other Razorbacks pictured in the Dad ' s Day action are Bill Tranum (83), Steve Butler (84), Jerry Green (60), and Marlin Epp (79). Broyles made many experiments in the game, looking for right men. Spirits reached a low point for the year in this Dad’s Day contest as the Razorbacks struggled through 60 minutes of tormenting football while the Rice Owls methodically strode to three touchdowns and kicked one field goal. After the good defensive effort against TCU, the Porkers were battered and bruised and the 200-plus Rice linemen had a field day with the lighter Hog forwards. Then too, Arkansas’ offensive efforts generated little yardage until the late stages and much of that came on desperation passes between the 30-yard stripes. Rice jumped into an early lead on a seven-yard field goal, and following the ensuing kickoff, a clipping penalty shoved Arkansas back to its one. Rice took the early- down punt and quickly made the short ground march, scoring on a one- yard plunge. The conversion was good, the score was 10-0, and Arkansas morale was suffering. The Porkers stopped an Owl second-quarter drive on the one, and this was one of the high points of the day. Thirty seconds before halftime Rice scored on a 36-yard pass play. Rice tallied in the final five minutes on a one-vard run. Stone led the Arkansas ground attack, with 62 yards in 11 tries. rice - 24 arkansas - 0 STATISTICS ARKANSAS RICE 12 First Downs 22 4 Rushing 14 8 Passing 7 0 Penalty 1 221 Total Offense 398 104 Net Rushing 225 117 Yards Passing 173 20-11 Passes 20-11 Attempted WAYNE HARRIS Center MARLIN EPP Tackle MIKE COONEY Quarterback 0 Passes I Intercepted By 8-35 Punted Against 4-37 0 Fumbles 0 Own Fumbles Lost 2 65 Yards Penalized 95 5 Penalties 9 213 CRUSHED beneath Arkansas defenders, a Texas ball carrier falls Gerald Gardner (56), Donnie Stone (42) look for a loose ball as co¬ short of a first down, as spirited Porker linemen played one of captains Richard Bell (87), Bill Michael (68) bulldog falling Longhorn, their better games against the high-geared Steers. Linebackers Texans had as much trouble disposing of Arkansas as with Oklahoma. texas - arkansas STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS 10 First Downs 22 8 Rushing 14 1 Passing 6 X Penalty 2 222 Total Offense 363 211 Net Rushing 283 11 Yards Passing 99 12-2 Passes Attempted 20-9 2 Passes Intercepted By 1 3-35 Punted Against 7-38.9 1 Fumbles 1 I Own Fumbles Lost 1 65 Yards Penalized 80 7 Penalties 8 24 - 6 Undefeated Texas defeated winless Arkansas as was expected, but despite the score there were moments of hope. Arkansas dominated opening play and early in the second period Gerald Gardner intercepted a Texas pass on the Texas 24. A personal foul penalty against Texas put Arkansas on the seven and in three plays Stone scored from the three for a 6-0 Arkansas lead. There was little time for pleasant reflections, though, as two minutes later Rene Ramirez bolted off tackle for 48 yards and a score. The kick was good. On the next series of downs, Arkansas fumbled on its own 31 and eight plays later Texas scored. Twenty-five seconds before halftime the Steers booted a 12-yard field goal and Jed 17-6. Texas passed 14 yards in the last quarter for its final score. Their third extra point attempt was good. For Arkansas, Mooty made a large step toward attaining all-conference status in his first appearance after dropping from the squad two weeks previously. The El Dorado runner averaged 7.0 yards on 11 carries. In addition, Mooty logged five unassisted tackles which was the top total for both teams. Cooney played considerable time on offense and ran the option for 54 yards. BILL LUPLOW Guard BILLY KYSER Halfback DON RITSCHEL Halfback 214 STATISTICS ARKANSAS OLE MISS 17 First Downs 18 13 Rushing 15 4 Passing 3 0 Penalty 0 284 Total Offense 311 237 Net Rushing 256 47 Yards Passing 55 14-5 Passes Attempted 13-5 1 Passes Intercepted By 0 5-43 Punted Against 0 1 Fumbles 2 1 Own Fumbles Lost 0 5 Yards Penalized 60 1 Penalties 6 JOHN BOLES Guard JOE PAUL ALBERTY Fullback PAUL HENDERSON Tackle ole miss 14 - arkansas 12 Once again the winless Porkers met an undefeated squad, but this time the score was closer and Arkansas walked off the field with a moral victory. Ole Miss scored first on a six-yard run, but Arkansas came back on a darting 23-yard dash by Mooty. The conversion missed, leaving the Rebels ahead, 7-6. Ole Miss scored again, kicked, and held a 14-6 halftime lead. Mooty, enjoying a banner day, scored from the 10 in the second half and Arkansas elected to try for two points. Monroe sought Bill Tranum, found him covered, and a desparate pass sailed just past the fingertips of Mooty. FALLING forward and bare¬ ly on his feet, quarterback Mike Cooney (15) looks to trailer Don Ritschel (23) for a pitchout on the quarter¬ back keeper play. Arkansas gained much-needed confi¬ dence against the nation¬ ally ranked Ole Miss Rebels. 215 STATISTICS CHARLES BARNES End BARRY SWITZER Center FREDDY AKERS Halfback arkansas 21 - texas a and m 8 Striking hurriedly at the beginning of each half, the Porkers gained their first win and also unveiled a three-man line in stunning the air-minded Aggies. Wayne Harris recovered an opening kickoff fumble at the A M 19 and Monroe swept left end eight yards for a score. Horton converted. Arkansas stopped two long A M drives, but the persistent Cadets scored 16 seconds before halftime and passed for two points and an 8-7 lead. Soph Joe Alberty raced the second-half kickoff 77-yards to the A M 16. Mooty scored from the one and Monroe passed to Tranum. Alberty later scored around left end. ARKANSAS TEXAS A M 12 First Downs 24 12 Rushing 7 0 Passing 17 0 Penalties 0 258 Total Offense 384 248 Net Rushing 106 10 Yards Passing 278 3-1 Passes Attempted 42-21 1 Passes Intercepted By 1 5-36 Punted Against 8-42 2 F umbles 3 1 Own Fumbles Lost 3 60 Yards Penalized 20 8 Penalties 2 JOE PAUL ALBERTY filled in for injured Don Stone and provided the key plays that brought Arkansas its first victory, 21-8 over A M. Jim Hollander (72) and John Boles (75) provide block¬ ing as Alberty returns a kickoff 77 yards to furn¬ ish the winning impetus. 216 WATCHED from every angle, senior halfback Don Horton gathers in a touchdown pass against Hardin-Simmons. Pork¬ ers borrowed this play from Sammy Baugh ' s pro-type reper¬ toire. Partisan Little Rock fans were very receptive to the 60-point Arkansas offensive display. For assistant athletic director George Cole, his " day " couldn ' t have been better. arkansas - 60 hardin- simmons - 15 STATISTICS HARDIN- ARKANSAS SIMMONS 20 First Downs 12 18 Rushing 7 2 Passing 3 0 Penalties 2 393 Total Offense 256 340 Net Rushing 163 53 Yards Passing 96 7-2 Passes Attempted 26-11 3 Passes Intercepted By 1 1-36 Punted Against 4-38 X Fumbles 4 1 Own Fumbles Lost 4 95 Yards Penalized 65 7 Penalties 7 Hardin-Simmons was supposed to put the football into orbit, but it was the old fashioned infantry attack that paced Arkansas in this record setting win. The War Memorial scoreboard failed to register after 49 points, but the third unit seemed unaware of this as they scored three last-quarter touchdowns to set the Stadium single game and team scoring records. Big moments in this game, of course, were the 100-yard kickoff returns by Mooty and Kyser. Stone opened point production with a four- yard blast and was followed by Monroe on an eight-yard run. Hardin- Simmons scored from the two, setting the stage for Mooty’s touchdown run, the longest in school history. In the third quarter, Stone scored from from the five. Hardin-Simmons drove for 61 yards and six points, but once again the efforts of the Cowboys went for nil as Kyser made the second century dash of the day. In the fourth quarter, Horton ran over from the one, Jarrell Williams scored from the 39 and two, and Letsinger intercepted and ran for 40 yards. Williams scored from the two with eight seconds remaining. Monroe tossed three passes for two-poiniers. Stone headed Arkansas rushers with 90 yards. STEVE BUTLER End LESLIE LETSINGER End JIM HOLLANDER Tackle 217 Bill Gilbow (61) played an outstanding game in winning the Crip Hall Homecoming award. Following the senior Blythe- ville guard are Bill Michael (68) and Joe Paul Alberty (45). HARRASSED constantly by charging Arkansas linemen, All- American Don Meredith often cocked his eyes instead of his arm, resulting in a major Homecoming upset for Porkers. arkansas - southern methodist STATISTICS ARKANSAS SMU 13 First Downs 17 12 Rushing 10 0 Passing 7 1 Penalty 0 274 Total Offense 250 255 Net Rushing 133 19 Yards Passing 117 7-3 Passes Attempted 29-11 0 Passes Intercepted By 3 4-33 Punted Against 1-13 6 Fumbles 6 4 Own Fumbles Lost 3 50 Yards Penalized 45 6 Penalties 5 13 - 6 Arkansas linemen hamstrung touted SMU tailback Don Meredith, and after fitting this key piece, the rest of the homecoming puzzle settled into place for a sweet Arkansas victory. Four times Meredith led his Mustang mates inside the Arkansas 25, but the unawed Razorbacks refused to wilt to the pressure. Monroe and Stone provided the Arkansas offensive punch by rolling up 99 yards between them, but the big play was a 38-yard gallop by Halfback Billy Kyser. Speeding around right end, Kyser scored six points to wipe out a late first-half Southern Method¬ ist score by Meredith. Horton converted and the Hogs were never headed. Insurance was added seven minutes later as the Porkers again took ad¬ vantage of an intercepted pass to set up their score. From the Arkansas 28, it took six plays before Monroe connected on a 17-yard pass to tali Charlie Barnes, who simply outreached the SMU defender. Meredith was harassed constantly by Barnes, Leslie Letsinger, Richard Bell. John Boles, Marlin Epp. Billy Gilbow, Jerry Green, Wayne Harris, Bill Michael, Buddy Reuter, Billy Tranum, and others. It was this type play that earned Gilbow the Crip Hall Homecoming award. PAUL DUDLEY Fullback GERALD GARDNER Center BUDDY REUTER End 218 STATISTICS ARKANSAS TEXAS TECH 15 First Downs 15 13 Rushing 7 I Passing 8 i Penalty 0 238 Total Offense 277 209 Net Rushing 132 29 Yards Passing 145 4-1 Passes Attempted 27-15 0 Passes 1 Intercepted By 6-37 Punted Against 7-35 1 Fumbles 4 0 Own Fumbles Lost 1 15 Yards Penalized 15 1 Penalties 3 JARRELL WILLIAMS H aljback JIM VAN DOVER Guard JOHNNY FIELDS Fullback arkansas 14 - texas tech 8 This was the end of the road for the 1958 Razorbacks, and most of the Porkers were saddened at the end of it. Victory was almost a necessity to make the Arkansas comeback complete, hut during most of the contest, hard-hitting Tech play kept Hog fans on edge. Arkansas scored with 6:15 remaining in the third period when Monroe sneaked over from the one. Horton’s attempt was blocked. The clincher came with 13:05 left as Stone capped a 60-yard drive on a one-yard plunge. Monroe tossed to Mooty for the two points. Tech scored on a 30-yard drive and went through the line for two points. ENDING his college career in fitting fashion, fullback Donnie Stone rams into the middle of the Texas Tech forward wall. Stone was a halfback his soph and junior years, but shifted to full his senior year to become " Mr. Inside " for the Razorbacks. 219 PRIMED for action, the Razorbacks leave dressing room in search of a home court victory. Porkers provided thrills for the home fans. BENCH receives word of advice from Coach Rose during a time out. Arkansas mentor seldom displayed emotion, even in heated contests. sophomore sparkle spices season ‘ Lack of speed and defense will hurt us more than anything else,” commented Glen Rose after two weeks of pre-season practice. Rose’s prophesy proved too true as the defending Southwest Co-Champions found trouble hit¬ ting their stride in a below average 9-15 season. Sen¬ sational sophomore play influenced the Porkers more than any other factor. In a year of close, exciting fin¬ ishes the sophs contributed to the inexperience, yet it was their shooting that kept the Razorbacks up. Senior co-captains Jay Carpenter and Harry Thompson formed the nucleus of the team, providing the rebound¬ ing and a steady influence. Guard Tommy Rankin en¬ tered the campaign labeled as “another Freddy Grim,” hut the junior letterman developed back trouble and saw limited duty. Sophs Clyde Rhoden, Pat Foster and Ronnie Garner began as unknowns, but before the year ended they were the talk of the conference. Rhoden, Carpenter and Foster led Hog scorers. Clyde was sec¬ ond-team all-SWC. " DUDDY " WALLER served as assistant var¬ sity and head freshman basketball coach and was invaluable in many ways. Here he assists guard Tommy Rankin after a flurry of fast action on the court. GLEN ROSE is a by-word in Southwest Conference basketball circles. He has de¬ livered more conference titles than any other coach, here imparts some chalk talk knowledge from his well of experience. STRETCHING Oklahoma defenders try to stop ef¬ forts of Sneed (21). Thompson (34), Hankins watch. Arkansas opened away from home against Missouri, and the Porkers gave a spirited but losing performance against the Tigers. The score was 36-38 at halftime and was knotted 61-61 at the end of regulation time. But Mizzou waltzed away with a 74-71 overtime victory. In this game, Rose set the early pattern of playing his sophomores and juniors with deliberate frequency. Rhoden, Thompson, Carpenter, Rankin and Foster started, but Ora Lee Boss, Ronnie Garner, Zane Hankins, Brice Sneed and LaVerne Grindle saw considerable action. Rose soon decided to discard his favored man-for-man defense for a zone — more suited to his material. Player ex¬ periments continued through pre-conference games in an effort to add rebounding strength and develop other specialties. Rose finally settled on a sextet of Carpenter, Thompson, Rhoden, Foster, Garner and Rankin to log most of the playing time. The Big Red of Oklahoma gave Arkansas its first home opposi¬ tion and consequently its first victory. The Porkers fashioned a 30-26 halftime lead and maintained the pace for a 61-52 tri¬ umph before 4.500 cheering fans. Carpenter gunned in 24 points and was followed by Foster with 15. basketball JAY CARPENTER (25) out- rebounds a taller opponent in the Phillips Oiler game. Thompson fights for position against a " 66 " screen as the Porkers battled game¬ ly with the semi-pro cagers. DOUBLE-TEAMING Texas Tech play¬ ers sank on Ronnie Garner when soph hook shot artist tried to shoot. 222 JAY CARPENTER Co-Captain Center HARRY THOMPSON Co-Captain Forward CLYDE RHODEN Guard PAT FOSTER Guard Arkansas opened a two-game road trip against Louisiana State in Shreveport and the short, speedy Tigers raced to a 67-58 win. Ark¬ ansas held a 28-26 halftime margin, but could¬ n ' t keep up with LSU’s fast break, which brought a 41-point second-half splurge. Foster netted 14 points and was followed by Carp¬ enter with 12. The Porkers hit the win column against Ole Miss, primarily because of 20- plus performances by Rhoden and Carpenter. The Porks led 41-39 at half, but Mississippi rallied for a 75-75 tie at the end of the game. Rhoden and Carpenter played tremendously in the clutch spots and scored all the over¬ time points in the 83-81 triumph. Clyde totaled a season high of 29 and Jay had 22. The Phillips “66’ers” impressed Arkansas players and fans with a 62-54 win on the Fayetteville court. The semi-pro perennials headed Arkansas 35-27 at halftime and played slow, deliberate second-half basketball against the Razorback zone. Rhoden scored 18, while Carpenter and Foster both tallied 11. Arkansas played the Tulsa Hurricane on the last day before Christ¬ mas vacation and the Gale found relish in gain¬ ing a 54-52 victory. The game was close throughout with Tulsa tenaciously holding a 31-30 halftime lead. Arkansas’ main difficulty was at the free-throw line where the Porks hit only eight of 17 charity shots. Carpenter paced Razorback scorers with nine points and was followed by guards Rankin and Foster with eight each, and Garner with seven. MANEUVERING for a shot, soph Pat Foster (12) keeps the ball out of reach against a Red Raider defender. The Porkers bounced back from a Holi¬ day tournament loss for a regional TV win over this same team. 223 basketball GARNER is surrounded by Tulsa players as he gets set to launch a spinning right-handed hook shot. RRKRM Arkansas entered the Southwest Conference Holiday Tourn¬ ament with dark-horse chances and played its first tourney game against Southern Methodist, co-title holder of the pre¬ vious year. Bobby James paced his Pony mates to a narrow 65-64 win although Arkansas owned a 35-32 halftime lead. The Porker trio of Rhoden, Carpenter, and Foster scored consistently, but in a vain effort. Rhoden tallied 23, Carpenter netted 18, and Foster had 16 as the Porkers were shoved into the losers’ bracket. Arkansas fared better in its second game of the Houston tournament. The Porkers jumped to a 35-31 halftime margin over Baylor and never relinquished their lead. Rose substituted freely in an effort to find the best combination for conference use. The entire 12-man squad made the scoring column against Baylor. Rhoden with 13, Garner with 11, and Foster with 10 paced the 60-57 Arkansas win. Arkansas ended tourney play with a 72-62 loss to Texas Tech, who proved to be the biggest nemesis Arkansas faced all year. The Red Raiders were the only team to defeat Ark¬ ansas by 10 points — and they did it twice. Arkansas led 35-32 at halftime with Carpenter the leading scorer at 10. FAKED . . . Well-scouted teams guarded Rhoden close¬ ly, but sometimes the de¬ fenders became a little over-zealous. Such was the case with Texas A M as the shoulder-shooting soph¬ omore draws a foul shot. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS show con¬ cern for the impending fall of Zane Hankins (32) who wrestles an unidentified Rice Owl. 224 RONNIE GARNER Forward TOMMY RANKIN Guard ORA LEE BOSS Guard ZANE HANKINS Forward Regional television favored Arkansas over Texas Tech as the Porkers sought revenge over their tournament tormentors. The Red Raiders led 29-28 at halftime, but Arkansas was hitting from the outside and couldn’t be denied. Final score was 61-57, favor of the Hogs. Carpenter scored 15 points, Rhoden had 13 and Thomp¬ son had 11 in this first conference game. On a one-game trip into Texas, Arkansas suffer¬ ed a fatal first half against strong Texas Christ¬ ian. The Froggies shot to a 27-20 halftime lead and coasted to a 52-45 decision. Arkansas defenses centered on H. E. Kirchner and limit¬ ed the big boy to five points, but outside shooters countered effectively. Rhoden paced Arkansas with 12 while Foster scored 11. Ar¬ kansas returned to Fayetteville and 5,000 fans crowded Barnhill Fieldhouse for the battle with Rice. Arkansas came out strong and fin¬ ished even stronger for its largest victory margin of the season. Halftime score was 34- 30 and after 40 minutes the suspended score- board read 72-61. Rhoden sank 21 points to lead the Hog cause. Carpenter had 15 and Garner hooked for 13. Texas A M took an¬ other one-point decision from Arkansas and the Hogs stood at the .500 mark for the last time. The Aggies edged Arkansas 63-62 on a late rally that erased an Arkansas lead that stood most of the game. Halftime score was 40-32, Arkansas. Rhoden scored 20, Rank¬ in scored 15, and Carpenter tallied 11 points. WHISTLING while he works, Foster (12) maintains sole possession of the ball as Rice players concentrate on making a steal. Peer¬ ing over their outstretched hands is forward Harry Thompson. 22 basketball ALERT for an infraction, the ref eyes the basket¬ ball, Foster, and a AAustang suspended in mid-air. After semester break Arkansas played non-conference Tulsa as a warm-up for a continuance of loop wars. The Tulsa contest was more than a breather, however, as the Gale con¬ tinued its mastery over the Hogs, 61-54. Tulsa led at half- time, 29-25. Rhoden was the only Porker in double figures with 15. Returning to conference play against Baylor, the Razorbacks hit more than 40 percent of their shots, but the Bears were equally warm. Baylor led at intermission 30-27 and stayed ahead for a 64-58 decision. Thompson led Ark¬ ansas with 17 and Rhoden followed with 15. Southern Method¬ ist made the long Ozark trip next, and the game that fol¬ lowed was another case of the close one that got awa . Arkansas shot to an early lead, but SMU eked out a 26-22 halftime lead. Arkansas rallied to tie the game in the second half, but a cold spell gave the Ponies enough breathing room to score a 59-50 victory. Carpenter tallied 12 and Thompson had 10 to lead Arkansas. The Hogs returned to TV and thrash¬ ed Texas in overtime, 77-74. Rhoden and Garner were sen¬ sational in a second-half come-back. Rhoden drove for 29 points while Garner hooked in 21. Halftime score was 35-33, Texas. LEAP FROG is not the game but " Frenchy " seems to think so as he straddles Rhoden under basket. GIANT Longhorn center reach¬ es over the head of 6-6 Jay Carpenter to bat away a re¬ bound. The taller Texans en¬ countered more than they had expected from the shorter Hog rebounders and dropped the Fayetteville finale, 63-56. 226 BRICE SNEED Guard LAVERNE GRINDLE Center JEWELL SELF Center LOYD JONES Forward Hot-shooting Rice stymied Arkansas in Houston as the Owls hit 50 percent of their field attempts. Dale Ball drove for 29 Rice points and was the big thorn in Arkansas attempts. Halftime score was Rice 34-Arkansas 32. Thompson scored 18 and Carpenter hit 13 for Arkansas. Texas Christian grabbed an¬ other close decision from the Porkers, by 76- 71. Foster, Garner, and Rhoden led the Ark¬ ansas offense with 20, 19, and 14 points re¬ spectively as Frog outside shooters again gave the Arkansas defense trouble. Arkansas bounc¬ ed back against Baylor, 59-53. Carpenter led Arkansas with 17 points and 15 rebounds. Rhoden and Garner followed with 12 and 10 points. Baylor led in shooting percentages, 43 to 33, but the Hogs held an important re¬ bound edge, 56-40. Arkansas’ three soph sen¬ sations took charge against A M in College Station and the result was a hardearned 72- 71 win over the Cadets. Foster hit 23 clutch markers to pace the Porker attack. Rhoden fol¬ lowed with 20 fiery tallies and Garner registered 15 points. Carpenter had another good rebound game with 14 grabs. Arkansas finished the two-game Texas stand against SMU in Dallas and the Mustangs repeated over the Hogs in another close contest. Halftime score was 28- 28, but the more experienced Ponies prevail¬ ed, 56-51. Sophomores once again led Arkan¬ sas scorers. Garner was tops with 13, while Foster and Rhoden notched 12 each. Thomp¬ son had 14 rebounds. LOOSE for a lay-in, Clyde Rhoden demonstrates the type of play which elevated him from an unknown sophomore to the number six position on the Conference All-Star team. The A M Aggies were typical of most SWC teams who found it necessary to assign two men to try and stop Rhoden. 227 season’s record Arkansas 71_ _ .Missouri 74 Arkansas 61_ Oklahoma 52 Arkansas 58 . Louisiana State 67 Arkans as 83 Mississippi 81 Arkansas 54_ Phillips Oilers 62 Arkansas 52_ _ Tulsa 54 Arkansas 64 Southern Methodist 65 Arkansas 60_ Baylor 57 Arkansas 62_ Texas Tech 72 Arkansas 61__ Texas Tech 57 Arkansas 45 Texas Christian 52 Arkansas 72_ Rice 61 " " Arkansas 62_ _ _ Texas A M 63 Arkansas 54 _ _ ___ Tulsa 61 Arkansas 58_ Baylor 64 Arkansas 50 _ _ -Southern Methodist 59 " " Arkansas 77_ Texas 74 " " Arkansas 62_ Rice 68 " " Arkansas 71_ _ Texas Christian 76 " " Arkansas 51_ Southern Methodist 56 Arkansas 63_ Texas 56 Arkansas 69_ _ _ Texas Tech 80 ' " Conference Game Overtime HOOK SHOT by Jay Carpenter (25) is good for two more points against Tulsa. Rhoden (24) rounds the key hole in a play pattern and heads for rebounding position. BEAUTIFUL rebounding position by Carpenter (25) and Thompson (34) on Rhoden ' s jump shot show how shorter Hogs kept in the board game. Arkansas closed before home fans with a 63-56 win over the Texas Longhorns. Seniors Harry Thompson and jay Carpenter led the attack with strong support¬ ing roles coming from the three sophs and Rankin. Thompson swished seven field goals for 14 points while Carpenter scored 13 tallies. Arkansas held a command¬ ing 34-22 halftime lead. The Season ended as hard- to-handle Texas Tech took a home court advantage to task in winning, 80-69, worst defeat of the year. Half¬ time score was 41-35 and the Raiders extended their lead. Garner scored 24, Rhoden had 15, and Foster tallied 12. GREEN FOREST DUO of Brice Sneed (21) and Ora Lee Boss (30) figure in play against Texas Tech. Hot Spring ' s Rhoden and Garner gave Porkers a double hometown duo. 228 cross country SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CROSS COUNTY CHAM¬ PIONS. First Row: Stuart Towns, Jerry Carter, Joe Bessen- Arkansas added its third consecutive cross-country championship as the Porkers continued to build a repu¬ tation of strength in distance running. Student assistant Earl Bond assumed the duties of departed assistant coach James Brown and under the direction of “Ab” Bidwell, he whipped a strong letterman nucleus into an undefeated combination. Returning lettermen includ¬ ed Joe Bessenbacher, Jerry Carter, Ray Dyck, Tommy Oakley, Alan Rennick, James Taylor and Stuart Towns. Highly regarded sophomore Jack Nelson, holder of the freshman mile run record, joined those seven to give the Razorbacks both depth and strength. Nelson paced the Razorbacks in the Southwest Conference meet held in Fort Worth as the Porkers finished well ahead of second-place Southern Methodist and third-place Texas. Following Nelson in the conference meet were Oakley, Rennick, Dyck, Bessenbacher, and Taylor. Al¬ though no records were broken during the season, the squad had strong balance and participated in the NCAA meeting in East Lansing, Michigan. The Porker harriers placed a strong ninth, bettering a thirteenth place finish of the previous year. Coach Bond, only graduate off the 1957 squad, participated with five of the regular Hog runners. Oakley and Carter are the only squadmen to be lost by graduation. Oakley was the leading runner of the year. bacher, Tom Oakley. Second Row: Coach Earl Bond, Alan Ren¬ nick, Janies Taylor, Jack Nelson, Ray Dyck. ALL ALONE, Hog cross country runners hit two-mile point against Oklahoma State. 229 baseball Anticipated bad weather and a dangerously thin mound corps caused the 1959 baseball schedule to be cut from the normal 22 games to 14. Lefthander Lou Hobson and righthander John Kerr constituted the only returning letterman hurlers and along with H. C. Hall started a majority of the games played by the Razorbacks. Graduation also caused major changes in both the infield and outfield and the season was large¬ ly one of adjustment. The Porkers showed sparkle at times as the conversion of players to new positions caused inconsistent play. But the team rounded into good shape toward the end of the season with prospects bright for the following year. Hobson and shortstop C. B. Newton are the only players to leave by graduation and several highly regarded freshman pitchers will be available. Included on the schedule were games with Wichita, Buena Vista, Emporia State, Missouri, Tulsa, and Centennary. Arkansas made only two trips — a swing through Kansas and Missouri during the Easter Holidays and a two-game stand in Tulsa. “Duddy” Waller and Bill Ferrell shared coaching duties on the baseball team, marking the first year that the Pork¬ ers have had two staffed baseball supervisors. The batting powerhouse was provided by a trio of Newton, Pat Foster, and Tom Glaze. Two-sport letter- man Foster played first and hit cleanup while both Newton and Glaze switched to new positions. Newton moved from the outfield to short and Glaze shifted from catcher to right field. The rest of the lineup in¬ cluded Joe Nosari, catcher; Max Holloway, second base; John Abramczyk, third base; Sam Lum, left field; and Jarrell Williams, centerfield. Jim Mooty started out in left field but dropped from the squad for spring football practice. Arkansas opened at home against Wichita and fell 8-3 but bounced back for its first win against Buena Vista by 6-5. Emporia State fell victim in a road-trip double-header, 4-3 and 14-13. The winning streak was extended to four games against Wichita on the strength of a 4-3 win, but the win skein was halted by Wichita in the second game, 11-5. Strong Missouri was next and the national collegiate finalists had little trouble in 11-0 and 13-0 wins over Arkansas. The Hogs defeated Tulsa 5-2, but dropped the second game of a home double-header 3-1. Two games each with Tulsa and Centennary completed the 1959 playing schedule. the nucleus JOE NOSARAS, approaching first base, looks for extra bases in open¬ ing game. Good with bat, Joe steadied Porkers from catcher position. FOLLOWING THROUGH, righthander John Kerr squares off against the batter. Kerr and Hobson were the only letter- men hurlers on the squad and bore the brunt of pitching. 230 Harry Heidelberg, Lou Hobson. Third Row : Coach Bill Ferrell, C. B. Newton, Bill Overton, Pat Foster, John Kerr, Coach Duddy Waller. 1959 BASEBALL TEAM. First Row : Max Holloway. Joe Nosari. David Horne, Jim Mooty, Gene llich. Sam Lum. Second Row: John Abramczyk, H. C. Hall, Jarrell Williams, Tom Glaze 281 INDOOR batting practice was made possible this year by the addition of a new pitching machine and new batting cage installed beneath the east football stands. track Track continued on the road to improvement under the fourth year of Coach Ab Bidwell and his new assistant, Earl Bond. A sweep of the meet with Pittsburg State Teachers and Coffeeville Junior College and the Mid-South Relays in Memphis set the Porkers on the road to a seemingly fine season. Although weak in the weight events, the Hog thinclads made up the difference in the distances and the sprints. At the Fayetteville meet, Terry Arenz won the 100 yard dash in 9.6 and Alvin Arnold took the 220 yard dash in 21.5. Mack Newton won the 440 yard dash in 49.1; Ray Dyck won the 880 yard run in 1:59.6; Tom Oakley won the mile run in 4:25.6: and jack Nelson took the two-mile run in 10:18. In the field events, Alan Sugg won the pole vault with a leap of 13 0” and Arenz took honors in the javelin throw with a heave of 174’1”. He also placed second in the broad jump. Two new Razor- back records were established at the Texas Relays as the sprint medley team of Mack Newton, Wayne McCollum, Alvin Arnold, and Ray Dyck posted a time of 3:26.2. However, they did not take the Texas event. The mile relay team also set a new Razorback record at Texas even in defeat. A team composed of Terry Arenz. Ray Dyck, Wayne McCollum, and Mack Newton posted a 3:16 time. At the Kansas Relays, Terry Arenz, runner-up last year, again entered decathalon competition. Other Porkers who were forcasted to make good in the meet were Tom Oakley in the steeplechase and Alan Sugg in the pole vault. The top freshman track team to come along in many years forcasted a bright future for the U. of A. track program. 1959 TRACK TEAM. First Row: Larkus Pesnell, Jack Nelson, Carter, Ken Farris, Wayne McCollum, Gary McDonald. Third Joe Bessenbacher, Tom Oakley, Alvin Arnold, Don Timberlake. Row: Coach Ab Bidwell, Terry Arenz, Jim Collier, Alan Ren- Second Row: James Taylor, Ray Dyck, Stuart Towns, Jerry nick, Billy Doyle White, Frank Peters, Mack Newton, Joe Day. 232 BREAKING the tape at the end of a 880 yard run is Razorback Ray Dyck. Trailing but placing, are Taylor and Towns. FAST ACTION in the hurdles was snapped as Terry Arenz, in¬ side lane, tries to out run and jump three of his oponents. ROUNDING the north curve in Razorback Stadium, Wayne McCollum, black trunks, stretches hard to beat teammate Mack Newton, in glasses, in stretch of 440 yard dash. McCollum failed in his bid as Razor- back record holder Newton finished faster. tennis The tennis program at Arkansas is one that is build¬ ing toward the future. With three returning lettermen, seniors David Abernathy and James Dyke, and junior Rudy Martin to bolster the squad, Coach John “Red” Davis has an attractive 10-match non-conference sched¬ ule drawn up for 1959. The team dropped its open¬ ing match 7-0 to Oklahoma, considered to be one of the strongest teams on the schedule. The team is ex¬ pected to finish at a .500 pace at the completion of the season. Several promising transfers and freshmen should combine to step up the net program at Arkansas for 1960. The lone returnee who finished with a win¬ ning individual record for the year is Rudy Martin — currently ranked No. 8 among the state’s amateurs. Other members of the tennis team are juniors Robert Pikes and Bob Franklin and sophs John Henry Moore and Randy Spencer. The Razorbacks have not partici¬ pated in the SWC tennis program for several years, but have been sending representatives to the league’s spring tournament in May. This same procedure will be followed this year. A return to loop play is definitely planned for the near future — possibly 1960. JOHN HENRY MOORE throws up another practice serve as he and mates do each afternoon west of Holcombe. 1959 TENNIS TEAM. Left to Right , Dickie Lankford, John Henry Moore. David Abernathy. Coach John “Red” Davis, Bob Franklin, Randy Spencer, Rudy Martin. 234 1959 GOLF TEAM. Left to Right , Joe Crumplcr, Donn Kerby, Ralph Williams, Jerry Breckinridge, Coach Bob Zander, Louis Henderson, Mack Moore, John Lewis. SINKING a putt in match play with Tulsa at Fayette¬ ville is Razorback number one, Louis Henderson. Arkansas’ first Southwest Conference champion golf team found its hands full trying to defend its title. Three opening match losses tarnished the Arkansas record, but Bob Zander’s crew conceded nothing in the early stages. With 50 percent of the team departed, Arkansas faced a considerable rebuilding job. A pair of hard-hitting seniors who helped engineer that first links title paced the team. Returnees Louis Henderson and Jerry Breckenridge are tested Southwest Confer¬ ence veterans who can be counted on for stability. Henderson’s individual play in the league last year showed a record of 5% to 1 V 2 of seven points possible while Breckenridge won five out of seven. As for two men to fill the top four positions left vacant by number one man Ray Bob Barnes and number four man Bob Waldron, Zander expects spring competition to be the determining factor. Replacing Barnes will be difficult but Zander hopes to compensate for Waldron’s loss by strength in numbers. Other members of the squad are Joe Grumpier Jr., Donn Kerby, and Beryl Anthony. One thing is certain — now that Arkansas has had its taste of golf success, and with fine young golfers moving into Razorback frosh ranks — the Porkers will be a contender in the future. 235 shoat football Undefeated and ballyhoed. the 1958 Arkansas Shoats are one of the most publicized freshman football teams in Arkansas athletic history. The yearlings startled Southern Methodist, 30-6, in their Texarkana opener to set the stage for a year of anticipated thrills. Names such as Lance A1 worth, Bruce Fullerton, Sonny Holmes, Billy Moore, Mickey Cissell, Curtis Cox and Norman Reavis became common vernacular as five opponents fell victim. Arkansas scored 148 points while limit¬ ing the opposition to 19. Following SMU, the Shoats had trouble in gaining a 12-7 decision from Oklahoma State as gambles backfired against the stubborn Cowboy defense. The Arkansas B-Team battle in Fort Smith followed, and the contest resembled a spring training scrimmage as varsity aspirants strove to show their wares. The Shoats triumphed 13-6. Highly rated Texas Tech journeyed to Little Rock and returned to Lubbock after absorbing a 33-0 defeat. Two Arkansas units scored at will against the Picadors. In the last game of the season, a large crowd turned out to witness the only Fayetteville performance of the year — a 60-0 shellacking of the Tulsa frosh. First and second units scored practically every time they received the ball, and the third unit actually logged the most playing time. Long runs and pin-point passing against Tulsa left Razorback fans with visions of future improve¬ ment. Shoat linemen and backs are expected to give the already thin varsity ranks a strong boost. PASS from quarterback Holmes has a double chance of being caught as end Langston (83), halfback Alworth (23) go up in SMU end zone. SHOAT FOOTBALL TEAM. First Row: Bill Sevier, Corky McConnel, Jack Vandergrift, Frank Meyers, Hoover Evans, Lance Alworth, Sonny Holmes, Kenneth Sayle. Jerry Line- berger, Bobby Hudgens, Harry Thompson. Second Row: Rhodes Harbert, Huey Hicks, Charley Kauffman, Jerry White, Bud Branison, Jerry Humphries, Guy Aaron, Curtis Cox, Jimmy Shreeve, Ronnie Barris, Bruce Fullerton, Jerry Mazzanti. Third Row: Charles Jinks. Herbie Hanks, Bill May, Jerry Moore, Tim Langston, Tommy Fowler, Harry Shannon, Skippy Tackett. Earl McPike, Whitney McFarland, Dean Garrett, Ronnie Blackley. Fourth Row: John Childress, Larry Peebles, Bob Hudspeth. Paul Mazzanti, Norm Reavis, Billy Moore, Brent Shinall, Mickey Cissell, Tommy Polk. ■rHMRi JflPR ' IWinM pi OK fjt ‘fw frf ML .. CT " I Mjdm j i _ ' W W ■ T ( C ]rl ■■•Ml Jfr T -- JR EfcL ru!i fit , ’ 4 jflL M :ac vL; ' ll [ WRESTLING Alworth (23) to the ground are two SMU tacklers who found it difficult to stop the freshman flash. Coming up to help is fullback Tackett (37). Other Shoats are May (66) and Lineberger (53). BRUCE FULLERTON (22) bobbles a short flat pass from Billy Moore in the SMU battle at Texarkana. Shoats in the play include tackle Earl McPike (76), guard Bill May (66) and center Bob Hudspeth (51). GANG tackling by SMU was the only way they could stop the Shoat backs and four of them jumped Ronnie Barris (40). Also in the play are Lance Alworth (23), Bill May (66) and Norm Reavis (34). 237 shoat basketball “Nothing succeeds like success,” and a prime ex¬ ample would he the Arkansas freshman basketball team under “Duddy” Waller. The 1958-59 Shoats completed the most successful season of the post-war years and the two-year record of Waller-coached frosh cage teams now stands at. 21-3. The Baby Porkers dropped their first game to Joplin JC 68-63 but won the remaining 11 games on their schedule. Leading scorer of the year was guard Jerry Carlton and the Sheridan whiz eclips¬ ed the frosh scoring record set the previous year by Clyde Rhoden. Carlton scored 242 points for a 20.3 average, compared to Rhoden’s 235 point record. Carl¬ ton’s high total was 26 against Fort Smith JC. Follow¬ ing Carlton was Alan Morrison with 188 points and a 15.7 average. After the opening contest, Arkansas won by scores of 49-44 against Connors A M; 70-47 against Bacone JC: 56-43 against the Tulsa Frosh: 62-47 against Texarkana JC; 102-51 against Fort Smith JC; 80-48 against Joplin JC; 76-53 against Bacone JC; 59-48 against Connors A M; 62-45 against the Tulsa Frosh; 69-55 against Texarkana JC; and 91- 45 against Fort Smith JC. FAMILIAR scene to basketball fans was the sight of Jerry Carlton shooting himself to a new frosh record. SHOAT BASKETBALL TEAM. First Row: Gary Weaver, Skippy Coffman, Jim Mote, Darrell Peters. Second Row : Jerry Humphries, Jerry White, Lee Walpole, Coach Duddy Waller, Alan Morrison, Larry Vest, Jerry Carlton. ArHtfHCKMftTftb TO! J 1 238 SHOAT TRACK TEAM. First Row: Norm Reavis, Jim Mote, Jerry Hughes, James Chitham. Second Row: Hoover Evans, Ralph Brodie, Bill Runyan, Charles Weston, Lynn James, Coach Earl Bond. shoat track CLEARING pole set at 13 ' 4 " for a new Univers¬ ity vaulting record is frosh jumper Jerry Hughes. Big news for the Arkansas track picture and top performances came from the Shoat track team this year. Jerry Hughes set a new University vaulting record in the pole vault with a jump of 13’4” in the meet held in Fayetteville. At the meet, he beat all contestants in both the freshman and varsity divisions. Ralph Brodie set new marks in both the 120 high hurdles and the 220 lows. At the Texas Relays, Brodie broke his own University record of 14.9 with a time of 14.7. His record breaking time for the lows was 24.2. Larry Vest set a new high jump record with a leap of Lance Alworth, the speedy football player, tied two freshman sprint marks by recording times of 9.6 in the 100 yard dash and 21.4 in the 220 yard dash. The 440 relay team composed of Alworth, Bruce Fullerton, Jim Holley, and Brodie set a new frosh mark of 42.2. They made this record breaking run in competition at the Texas Relays. 239 intramurals HOLCOMBE HALL, women’s softball champions. First Row: Sandra Yates, Betty Bercher, Helen Ruth Smith, Prissy Lowe. Second Row : Marianne Sutherland, Shirley Golden, Carolyn Clinchens, Polly Poole, Sandy Trust, June Jennings. CHI OMEGA, women’s archery champions. Weezie Carter, Bonnie Mills, Shorty Cole. The intramural program of the University is under the direction of the Health. Physical Education, and Recreation department. This department has a two-fold purpose at the University. One purpose is to train leaders and teachers in the field of physical education. This is accomplished through the physical education program offered by the College of Education. In ad¬ dition, activities such as the PEM Club and acting as officials in the various intramural contests aid the de¬ partment in their instruction. The second purpose of the department is to offer a full intramural program to the students of the University. The intramural pro¬ gram is divided into men’s and women’s and the men’s is further divided into Greek and independent. Compe¬ tition is provided in sports such as football, basket¬ ball, archery, tennis, bowling, softball, golf, horseshoes, badminton, ping pong and volleyball. Houses compete each year for the coveted sweepstakes trophy. Defend¬ ing champions are Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Davis Hall, and Buchanan House. While the intramural program is the most encompassing single activity of the depart¬ ment, the program outlined by the department also provides extensive work in modern dance and a dance program is presented yearly in the Fine Arts Center, usually in conjunction with Orchesis. Facilities used by the intramural department include the Men’s Gym, the Women’s Gym, and the Leroy Pond intramural fields south of Terry Village. SIGMA NU, fraternity football champions. First Row: Richard Earl Griffin, Bill Adair, Randy Williams, Wade Hahn, Tom Mooney, Ernie O’Hara. Second Row: Don Neumeier, David Horne, Harper Cooper, Charlie Hubbard, John Blue. 240 DAVIS HALL, women’s volleyball champions. Left to Right: Margie Browne, Julia McCartney, Sue Hatchett, Kathy Lytle, Sandra Plummer, Jane Williams. ALPHA DELTA PI, women’s howling champions. Left to Right: Betty King, Roberta Waring, Barbara Roberts, Bar¬ bara Miller. RAZORBACK HALL, independent tennis champions. Left to Right : Howard Finley, John Fletcher, Sam Johnson. SICMA NU and SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, fraternity golf and tennis champions. Left to Right : Chester Lowe and Joe Crumpler (Sigma Nu), Joe Bissett and John Henry Moore (SAE). GLADSON HOUSE, independent football champions. First Row: Ken Hendrickson, Charles Stevens, Joe Runsick, Bill Ragland. Second Row: Dale Green, George Brotherton, Bill Williams, Gary DuVal, Do¬ well Hogue. BUCHANAN HOUSE, independent volleyball champions. First Row : Charlie Wilson, Bob McMahan, Bill Heaston. Second Row : Joe Swaffar, Don Bingham, Ron Cogburn. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, fraternity ping pong and badminton champions. Lejt to Right: David Abernathy and Rudy Martin. SIGMA NU, fraternity basketball champions. First Row: Wade Hahn, Bill Adair, George Kalmbach. Second Row: Chester Lowe, Bill Thurman, Joe Crumpler, Don Davis. HOLCOMBE HALL, women’s basketball champions. First Row: Sandra Yates, Betty Hemphill, Carolyn Clinehens. Second Row: Anice Hurst, Priscilla Lowe, Diane Jimerson. 2d 2 intramural winners FRATERNITY Football_ Badminton (singles) Badminton (doubles) Basketball _ Horseshoe (singles) Horseshoe (doubles) Volleyball Ping Pong (singles) Ping Pong (doubles) Snooker (singles)_ Snooker (doubles) __ Golf _ Tennis (singles)_ Tennis (doubles) Sigma Nu Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon _Sigma Nu . Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon _ Sigma Nu Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon _ Kappa Sigma _Kappa Sigma _Sigma Nu _Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon INDEPENDENT Footb all_ Badminton (singles) Badminton (doubles) Basketball _ Horseshoe (singles) _ Horseshoe (doubles) Volleyball Ping Pong (singles) Ping Pong (doubles) Snooker (singles) __ Snooker (doubles) Golf _ Tennis (singles) _ Tennis (doubles)_ _ Gladson Law School _ Law School Baptist Student Union Law School _Law School _ Buchanan Baptist Student Union Law School Sedgewell Buchanan _ Law School Razorback _Razorback WOMEN Volleyball _ Basketball (first half) Basketball (second half) Archery_ Softball (first half)_ Bowling _ Basketball Free Throw Ping Pong (singles)_ Ping Pong (doubles) _ Badminton (singles) _ Badminton (doubles) Davis Hall Holcombe Hall Carnall Hall _Chi Omega Holcombe Hall Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma - Delta Delta Delta _Alpha Delta Pi Delta Delta Delta BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, independent basketball cham¬ pions. First Row: Jimmy Hinton, Leland Tollett, Earl Bond, Jimmy Collier, Gary Bush. Second Row: Eddy Farr, Otis Mc- Elhannon, Earlton Sanders, Melvyn Bell, Don Lewis, Jeff Webb. LAW SCHOOL, independent golf and ping pong champions. Left to Right: Conrad Knauts and Dave Phillips. SIGMA NU. fraternity volleyball champions. First Row: Larry Head, Jay Carpenter, Wade Hahn. Second Row: John Tolleson, Jim Gattis, Rod Hubbard, Dimitris Papaleonardas. OFFICERS of senior class, president Tompkins and secretary Kamp- bell pose for photographer before discussing class business. Abington Aizpurua Allen, J.M. Alston Anderson, L. L. Asher Baker, A. Abston Akers Allen, J. W. Anderson, B. J. Anthony Bacon Baker, R. D. Adrian Albin Allison, C. D. Anderson, D. C Arey Baggett Baker, T. Y. Aikman Alden Allison, M. Y. Anderson, J. R. Arwood Baird Bales First Row: CORA ANN ABINGTON: Home Eco¬ nomics; 4AA; Beebe. JAMES WILBURN ABSTON: Agriculture; Blue Key; AZ; Agri Students Association. Manager; Wesley Players, President; Tillar. JAMES A. ADRIAN: Pre-Med; 2 t E ; BSU; nMA; Branner Club; Pershing Rifles; North Little Rock. LOY M. AIKMAN: Ripley; Industrial Engineering; AIIE; A.B.C.; S.A.M., President, Ripley; Bluffton. Second Row: RAFAEL GUILLERMO ATZ°URUA: History; Panama. RICHARH MILLER AKERS: Pmsi- ness Administration: K2; LiHe Rock. TUDY AT N: Speech and Dramatic Arts; Blackfriars: O.C W.: Westminster Fellowshio . K.U.A. Staff; Favetteville. WILLIAM THOMAS ALDEN: Marketing: ato : New¬ man Club; S.A.M.; Marketing Club: A.T.O.. Treas¬ urer; Mountainburg. Third Row: JOHN MICHAEL ALLEN: Account¬ ing; William House, President: President Treasure- BA ' I ' ; Student Senate; O.D.K.; M.I.H.C.; Bradley. JOHNNY W. ALLEN. JR.: Mechanical Engineering: O.D.K.; TBIT ; TFME; President. A.S.M.E.; Ratesmlle. CECIL DUKE ALLISON: Finance; K2: Vice-PresLW Junior Class Business: Commerce Guild; Pme RhifL MARTHA YOUNG ALLISON: Education; Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: THOMAS JOE ALSTON P nh-1— . William House: Bald Knob. BILLY JOE ANDER¬ SON: Accounting; Pettigrew. DELONA CAR 1ER ANDERSON: Speech and Drama; - A_ ; Fa-efe- ' lle. JOSEPH ROBERT ANDERSON: Genlog-: William House: Vice-Presidert Club; Fort Smith Geo¬ logical Society; North Little Rock. Fifth Row: LOUIS L. ANDERSON: Industrial Management; S.A.M.: A.J.I.E.; Blytheville. JOHN R. ANTHONY: Industrial Engineering; Droke House; A.I I.E.; Bearden. GLENN AREY: Electrical Engineer¬ ing: Ripley House; Haskell. MARILYN GAYLE AR¬ WOOD: Education; Carnall; Mena. Sixth Row: GERALD EUGENE ASHER: Adver¬ tising; Marketing Club; Joplin, Missouri. JAMES L. BACON: Mechanical Engineering; Riplev House; A.S.M.E.; Chidester. DORIS ANN BAGGETT: Edu¬ cation: XO; Fort Smith. JULIUS SHERMAN BAIRD : t Agricultural Engineering; A.S.A.E.; TBIT; Engineer¬ ing Council; Fayetteville. Seventh Row: AUGUSTINE BAKER: Electrical En¬ gineering; Droke House; Floral. ROBERT DOWDEN BAKER: Personnel Management; AXA; North Little Rock. TROY YOUNG BAKER: Vocational Agriculture: Lamar. BEVERLY DIANE BALES: Pre-Med: Ar ; Vice- President; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; $ME; Searcy. 246 Ball Barnes, D. L. Beath Bennett Banks, D. R. Barnhart Beaty Bent Banks, J. S. Barren tine Beaumont Berg Barber Barron Becker Berger Barham Barton Been Berry, C. M. Barker Battreal Bell, B. V. Berry, R. M. Barksdale Bauman Bell, C. W. Betterton Barnes, B. B. Beard Bell, M. L. Bingham First Row: ROBERT JOSEPH BALL: Architecture; Loving, New Mexico. DAVID RUSSELL BANKS: Bank¬ ing and Finance; 2X; Harrison. JOHNNIE SUE BANKS: Business Education; Hinasse. BILLY MUR- RAH BARBER: Industrial Education; Osceola. CARO¬ LYN SUE BARHAM: Home Economics, Education: Carnall; Sophomore Counselor, Colhecon; Prescott. CHARLES ROBERT BARKER: Geology; Branner Geology Club: Harrison. WILLIAM EVANS BARKS¬ DALE: General Agriculture; O.D.K.; AZ ; Editor, Agriculturist; 2N ' ; Fort Smith. BENNY BOB BARNES: Electrical Engineering; Buchanan; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Benton. Third Row: RONALD JOHN BEATH: Transpor¬ tation; Little Rock. RITA L. BEATY: General Business; XB; A.W.S.; Baptist Student Union; Siloam Springs. BILLIE ANNE BEAUMONT: English; XO, Personnel Chairman; Mortar Board. Vice-President: A.B.C., Co-Chairman Homecoming; AIT; Wesley Foun¬ dation: Young Democrats; Distinguished Lectures Com¬ mittee; A.W.S. Committee; Newport. BETTY BECKER: History and Government; AAA. Social Chairman; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Volunteer Service Committee: Wesle Foundation: Camden. SHIRLEY ANN BEEN: English: University House; Little Rock. BOBBY VERNON BELL: Chemical Engineering; Gladson Hall: A.T.Ch.E.; Pine Bluff. CECIL WAYNE BELL: 2AE ; So cial Studies: Forrest City. MELVYN LEROY BELL: Electrical En¬ gineering; Droke; A.I.E.E.; Fort Smith. Second Row: DAVID LEE BARNES: Mechanical Engineering; 24 E; LaCanada, California. LLOYD PA1- TERSON BARNHART: Physics and Math; hz ; nME; sns ; Fayetteville. WILLIAM LEWIS BARRENTINE: Agronomy; AZ; Agronomy Club; Rifle Team, Co- Captain; Agri Students Association; Elaine. PAT PHILIP BARRON: Electrical Engineering; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E.; Wesley Foundation; Fayetteville. CAROLYN EVONNE BARTON: English; University; Magnolia. CONRAD BATTREAL: Civil Engineering; Ripley; En¬ gineering Council: A.S.C.E., Vice-President; M.I.H.C. Court; Varsity Baseball; Newman Club; Malvern. LEONARD P. BAUMAN: Industrial Education; Fort Smith. WAYNE HILTON BEARD, JR.: Agriculture; t A©, President; I.E.C.; Cardinal Society; Young Demo¬ crats; Newport. Fourth Row: RICHARD LEO BENNETT: Industrial Engineering; t , A0. Treasurer; Aim. Treasurer; IT ME. Treasurer; A.I.I.E., Treasurer. MARCEL!A RUTH BENT: Psychology and Sociology; Xft; AKA. Secretary; Weslev Foundation; Fayetteville. SAM LEON RETCC• Electrical E ngineering: A.I.E.E.: I.R.E.; North Tittle Rock. ROSE BOGAN BERGER: Chemistry; ztv : W.R.A.; A.W.S. Social Committee; S.U. Special Pro¬ jects Committee; Baptist Student Union: Jonesboro. CHARLES MADISON BERRY: Pre-Med; Donaldson. ROBERT MILES BERRY: Psvchologv; 24 E; ' EX; Huntsville. ROBERT LEE BETTERTON: Marketing- Alma. DONALD RAY BINGHAM: Architecture; Buch¬ anan; A.I.A.; Wynne. 247 Bird Bishop, G. W. Bishop, W. H. Bittick Black Blake Bloodworth Bloomfield Boatman Bolin Bond Booher Boss Bosshart Boyd Boydston Boyer Boykin Bradford Brady, D. R. Brady, J. P. Breedlove, B. J. Breedlove, M. M. Breedlove, R. C. Brenner Britt Brocchus Brock Brooks, D. E. Brooks, G. H. Brooks, R. L. Brown First Row: CAROL JANE BIRD: Elementary Edu¬ cation; Xfi; A.W.S.: R.E.W.: Elementary Club; W.R.A.; Little Rock. GARTH WAYNE BISHOP: Electrical En¬ gineering; 2 f E; Newman Club; A.I.E.E.; Arkansas Research Rocket Society; Staff. Arkansas Engineer; Fort Smith. WILLIAM HARDY BISHOP: Geology; XX; Stuttgart. NANCY LEE BITTICK: Music Educa¬ tion; AAA, Song Leader; 2AI; Canterbury Club; Opera Workshop; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Fayetteville. JOHN K. BLACK: Geology; William House; Lewisville. RICH¬ ARD ALBERT BLAKE: Industrial Engineering; XN; President, TBII; Business Manager, Associate Editor, Arkansas Engineer; President, Treasurer, Secre¬ tary, OAK; Vice-President, Secretary, A.I.I.E.; Engi¬ neering Council; Amt; IIME; 0T; Fayetteville. CHARLES CLYDE BLOOD WORTH: Accounting; S.A.M.; Searcy. BUD BLOOMFIELD: Business; K2; Rogers. Third Row : IRMA LITTLE BOYER: Elementary Education; Fayetteville. DORIS RUTH BOYKIN: Home Economics; 4-H House; Jacksonville. ROBERT C. BRADFORD: Accounting; Gladson; Marshall. DON¬ ALD RAY BRADY: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Gregory. JOHN PHILLIP BRADY: Civil Engineering; Santa Barbara, California. BILLY JEAN BREEDLOVE: Education; KKE; TB2; Razorback Band Majorette; Elementary Club; Central Planning Board; Chairman. S.U. Committee; Wagoner, Oklahoma. MELVIN MAX¬ WELL BREEDLOVE: Electrical Engineering; Mont¬ rose. ROBERT CECIL BREEDLOVE: Industrial Man¬ agement; S.A.M.: Pine Bluff. Second Row: DON ALTON BOATMAN: Electrical Engineering; Gladson; Fort Smith. JIM BERT BOLIN: General Business: Greenwood. EARL GENE BOND: Marketing; Wilson Sharp; Fort Smith. LEHMAN J. BOOHER: Marketing; S.A.M.; Marketing Club; Even¬ ing Shade. FREDERICK Y. BOSS: Personnel Manage¬ ment; KA; Muskogee, Oklahoma. WALT BOSSHART: Speech and Dramatic Arts; Vice-President, National Collegiate Players; National Collegiate Players Acting Award; Little Rock. FLOYD B. BOYD: Mechanical Engineering; Leslie. BILLY HUGH BOYDSTON: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; IIME; Gravette. Fourth Row: CHARLES L. BRENNER, JR.: Gen¬ eral Business; Hot Springs. JAMES J. BRITT: Account¬ ing; Gladson; Rogers. KATHERINE LOUISE BROC- CHUS: Secondary Education; Blackfriars; Secretary, KKT; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; S.U. Committee; Fort Smith. ROLAND V. BROCK: Accounting; S.A.M.; Young Democrats; Camden. DONALD EUGENE BROOKS: Agriculture; Farm House; A.S.A.; A.I. Club; I.F.C.; Siloam Springs. GENE H. BROOKS: General Business; AK ; Hot Springs. RICHARD L. BROOKS, JR.: Mark¬ eting; Gladson; Crossett. FOY WILLIAM BROWN, JR.: Industrial Engineering; Baptist Student Union: A.I.I.E.; Fort Smith. 248 SCIENTIFIC equipment in the classroom gives stu¬ dents a chance to acquire knowledge of com¬ plex equipment for which they have been trained. Brown Buechley, J. H. Bunch Burks, M. A. Byers Caldwell, M. S. Cameron Browne Buechley, T. C. Burcham Burks, W. R. Byrd Callaham Caple Brumley Bullington Burgess Burnett Byroade Callahan, M. M. Carpenter Bryant Bullock Burkett Burns Caldwell, C. A. Callahan, M. J. Carrithers First Row : GERALD RICHARD BROWN: Plant Pathology; AshfJat. MARJORIE ANN BROWNE: Edu¬ cation; iib ; A.W.S.; Little Rock. DAVID FORD BRUMLEY: Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Col¬ legiate Singers; Opera Workshop; Fort Smith. DON¬ ALD H. BRYANT: Geology; William House; Bran- ner Geology Club; Secretary, William House; Spark¬ man. Second Row: JOHN HAROLD BUECHLEY: Elec¬ trical Engineering; A.l.E.E.; Jacksonville. THOMAS CARROLL BUECHLEY: Chemical Engineering; AX2; A.I.Ch.E.; Baptist Student Union; Jacksonville. EDWIN HUEY BULLINGTON: Zoology; A0 ; A.P.O.; Young Democrats; Army Rifle Team; nMA; Westminster Fel¬ lowship. SUZANNE BULLOCK: Sociology; KKF; Eu¬ reka Springs. Third Row: CHARLES ROBERT BUNCH: Account¬ ing; Huntsville. GRADY DALE BURCHAM: Biology; Cecil. JAMES F. BURGESS: Geology; El Dorado. JIMMY D. BURKETT: Natural Science; 2AE; Little Rock. Fourth Row: MARTHA ANN BURKS: Secondary Education; A.W.S.; Razorback Band; Collegiate Sing¬ ers; W.R.A.; Searcy. WILLARD REPPARD BURKS: Architecture; UK A ; A.I.A.; Lonoke. ROBERT REX BURNETT: Electrical Engineering; A.l.E.E.; North Little Rock. FRANK MILTON BURNS: Chemistry; AEA; 1TMA; North Little Rock. Fifth Row: DORSEY WAYNE BYERS: Mechanical Engineering; William House; Hope. JANET BYRD: History; nB$; ATT; Blackfriars; Elementary Club; A.W.S.; Kansas City, Missouri. G. ASHTON BYRO¬ ADE: Chemical Engineering; Fayetteville. CAROL ANN CALDWELL: Elementary Education; Carnall; Fort Smith. Sixth Row: MICHAEL SHELTON CALDWELL: Marketing; 2N ; Marketing Club; Hot Springs. MAX EARL CALLAHAM: Industrial Management; 0T; A.I.I.E.; S.A.M.; Engineering Council; Nashville. MARTHA MARIE CALLAHAN: Math; Historian, AAA; IIME; ' FX; Coterie; Blackfriars; Housemanager, Carnall; A.W.S. Legislative Board; W.I.H.C.; Benton MICHAEL JAMES CALLAHAN: Insurance; Hot Springs. Seventh Row: SYDNEY ALGERNON CAMERON: History and Government; K2; Treasurer, Student Christian Council; Vice-President, Canterbury Club; h ayetteville. MAR I HA L. CAPLE: Elementary Edu¬ cation; Carnall; A.B.C.; Elementary Club; Benton JAMES CHARLES CARPENTER: Industrial Engineer¬ ing; Wilson Sharp; 2N; Wesley Foundation; A.I.I.E.; 0T ; A Club; Fresno, California. MILBURN LOWELL CARRITHERS: Psychology; Acacia; X ; Married Students Club; Little Rock. 249 DISTINGUISHED military student Larry Moeller, Army ROTC Cadet Col¬ onel, is awarded one of the tweniy citations by President Caldwell. Carruth Chambers, R. W. Charlton Chism Clary Clifton Cogburn Carver Chaney.. J. R. Chastain Christman, D. Clayton, J. E. Cloud Cole Chaffin Chambers, J. H. Chaney, R. C. Chapman Cheek Chesshir P. Christman, M. A. Clark Clayton, M. B. Clevenger Cochran Cody Coleman Colvert in ¥) Ik Tr .i | ■ First Row: HUGH CARRUTH: Marketing; VXA ; Marketing Club: l)e Queen. ROBERT A. CARVER: Education; N.E.A.; A.E.A.; Mena. SAMMY UEVON CHAFFIN: Chemical Engineering; President, Baptist Student Union; AXE ? Treasurer, A.I.Ch.E.; Pershing Rifles; Men’s Counselor; Magnolia. JOE HENRY CHAMBERS: Entomology; Carlisle. Second Row: ROGER WESUEY CHAMBERS: Psy¬ chology and Sociology; UKA; Mountain Home. JAMES RAYMOND CHANEY: Civil Engineering; Treasur¬ er, A.S.C.E.; Secretary, 2 t E; Newman Club; Stuart. Nebraska. ROBERT C. CHANEY: Vocational Agri¬ culture; ata ; England. JARREUU WIUBERT CHAP¬ MAN: Civil Engineering; William House; Bigelow. Third Row: WIUUA M. CHARUTON: Psychology; Treasurer, Mortar Board; President, Secretary, Treas¬ urer, ZTA; Chairman, Student Union Board; Chairman, Student Union Central Planning Committee; Business Manager, Preview; Treasurer, AAA; Secretary-Treas¬ urer, AIT; X; Panhellenic Council; A.W.S. Sophomore Secretary; $BK; Fayetteville. J. DEE CHASTAIN: Elec¬ trical Engineering; A.I.E.E.; HAWye; Gentry. HUGH AUTON CHEEK: Industrial Education; Hartman. JAMES WIUUIAM CHESSHIR: Agriculture; Nash¬ ville. Fourth Row: JERRY JEROME CHISM: Personnel Administration; S.A.M.; Smackover. DAVID PALM- ER CHRISTMAN: Accounting; AXA; AK ; Joplin, Missouri. MARY ANN CHRISTMAN: English; ZTA; AIT; A.W.S.; Student Union Committee; Joplin, Mis¬ souri. JAMES VERNON CLARK: Agriculture; Secre¬ tary, Agronomy Club; Heber Springs. Fifth Row: JOAN TURNER CLARY: Home Eco¬ nomics; Albion, Oklahoma. JOE EDWARD CUAYTON: Agricultural Engineering; TBH; IIME; Married Stu¬ dents Club; A.S.A.E.; Terry Villiage Representative Council. MYRTLE BIGGS CLAYTON: Math; KAn, Vice-President; ITME; AAA; Married Students Club; S.N.E.A.. Vice-President. ALEX CLINTON CLEVENG¬ ER: Accounting; North Little Rock. Sixth Row: BOBBY LEE CLIFTON: Vocational Agriculture; Wheatley. CAROLYN SUE CLOUD: Phy¬ sics; Carnall: Secretary, International Club; Gillett. RUTH ANN COCHRAN: Home Economics; EO; Presi¬ dent, State Treasurer. Colhecon: Sophomore Counselor: W.R.A.; Carnall Hall; A.S.A.; Byron. RICHARD DEN¬ NIS CODY: Industrial Management; Young Demo¬ crats; S.A.M.; Little Rock. Seventh Row: JOHN RONALD COGBURN: Per¬ sonnel Administration; Buchanan; Smackover. NANCY LEE COLE: Elementary Education; AAll; Elementary Club; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Fayetteville. JACK COLEMAN: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Fort Smith. RANDAL J. COLVERT: Electrical Engineering; Sheridan. 25Q Combs Conatser Cone Connell Cooper Cox, J. E. Cox, R. Craft Crafton Cravens Crawford, K. E. Crawford, M. Crawford, M. H. Criner Crosby Cross Crouch Crow Crowe Cruce Cuendet Cuffman Cullum Cunningham Currier Currington Daily Daniel Darby Davenport Davis Deal First Row: GEORGE DONALD COMBS: Chemical Engineering; Droke; Secretary, A.I.Ch.E.; Recorder, AXS; Tim; Fort Smith. JAMES D. CONATSER: Elec¬ trical Engineering; Ozark. J. B. CONE, JR.: Ci ' il En- gineering : Ripley; A.S.C.E.: Parkdale. EDWARD bODn CONNELL: Chemical Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; Newman Club; AXS; Eavetteville. BETTE ANN COOP¬ ER: English and Spanish; A.W.S. Executive B-ard: Ritual Chairman, ZTA; Chairman. Student Union Dance Committee; Secretary, Student Union Central Planning Board; News Editor, Arkansas Traveler: Editor. Pre¬ view; Campus Elections Committee; Civic (dub: Press Club; Young Democrats, R.E.W. Committee: Weslev Foundation; Ft. Worth. Texas. JAMES EDWARD COX: Insurance; De Queen. RUTH COX: Home Economics: University House; SAT; Blue Eve. Missouri. GLENDA LEE CRAFT: Elementary Education; Pine Bluff. Second Row: ROBERT LOUIS CRAFTON: Elec¬ trical Engineering; Acacia; A.I.E.E.; Vice-President, Treasurer. Acacia. SALLY ANN CRAVENS: Business Education: ZTA; XO; Civic Club; A.W.S.: Paris. KENNETH EDISON CRAWFORD: Electrical Engi¬ neering; A.I.E.E., I.R.E.; Farmington. Illinois. MARI¬ LYN CRAWFORD: English; P resident. Orcheses; Housemanager, Xfi; Vice-President, Student Union Board; Sophomore Counselor; Chairman, Legislative Board; A.W.S. Social Committee; W.R.A.; D.S.F.; Secretary, Central Planning Board; Chairman, Student Union Dance Committee; Judicial Board; A.W.S. Ex¬ ecutive Board; Fort Smith. MARSHA HELEN CRAW¬ FORD: Marketing; Student Senate; Rush Chairman, SY ; President, Panhellenic; Secretary, Senior Business Class; Commerce Guild; X0; Young Democrats; Orch¬ eses; Razorback Band: Marketing Club: S.A.M.; Ark- adelphia. DAVID G. CRINER, JR.: Psychology and Sociology; AAK; ' PX; Little Rock. C. KELLER CROS¬ BY: Psychology; ' PX; Batesville. PATRICIA ANN CROSS: Home Economics; Mortar Board; Vice-Presi¬ dent, Xfi; ‘PTO; Bauxite. Third Row: GENEVA CHARLENE CROUCH: Home Economics; Hector. PHILIP CRAVENS CROW: Transportation; Springdale. CELIA ANN CROWE: Art; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Historian, KKT; Guidon. BON¬ NIE CRUCE: Home Economics; 4-H House; Monti- cello. DENNIS GALE CUENDET: Psychology; XN ; Monett, Missouri. JOHN MACK CUFFMAN: Market¬ ing; XN; Commerce Guild: Malvern. SHERMAN DE- LINDELL CULLUM: Animal Husbandry; Piggott. ALICE JEANNE CUNNINGHAM: Chemistry; Uni¬ versity House; nMA; Legislative Board; Wesley Foun¬ dation; XO; A.W.S.; Walnut Ridge. Fourth Row: DON W. CURRIER, JR.: Geology; Branner Geology Club; Cotton Plant. CHARLES DE WAYNE CURRiNGTON: Electrical Engineering; A.I.¬ E.E.; Malvern. ROBERT 0. DAILY: Advertising; XX; Muskogee, Oklahoma. JAMES N. DANIEL. JR.: In¬ dustrial Management; XX; Commerce Guild; A.I.I.E.; Forrest City. BETTY SUE DARBY: Elementary Edu¬ cation; kkx ; Little Rock. STANLEY LEE DAVEN¬ PORT: Mechanical Engineering; Gladson: A.S.M.E.; Social Chairman, Gladson; Little Rock. HERBERT VICTOR DAVIS: Mechanical Engineering; Gladson: Pine Bluff. GENE HOGAN DEAL: Marketing; Droke; Crossett. 251 21 Delong Dickert Dickson Dietrich Dillard Dillman Dixon Dodds Dooly Dorland Dortch Dotson Douglas, B. J. Douglas, G. R. Douthat Douthit, D. J. Douthit, L. S. Downs Dozier Drewry Driggers Duckett Duclos, A. L. Duclos, M. R. Dudley DuVal Dwyer Edens Edwards, B. J. Edwards, J. L. Edwards, S. j. Eichberger First Row: RONALD HOMER DELONG: Market¬ ing; Marketing Club; S.A.M.; Buchanan: Eau Claire, Wisconsin. GUY EMANUEL DICKERT: General Busi¬ ness; Fouke. JAMES PORTER DICKSON: Chemistry; Circle K, District Treasurer; KA 9 Historian; Brink- ley. CAROLYN DILL A DIETRICH: Chemistry; aaa ; Camden. JULIE GAY DILLARD: Marketing; Ar ; Cor¬ responding Secretary; Marketing Club, Secretary; XO, Vice-President; S.A.M.; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; Mineral Springs. BUDDY LeROY DILLMAN: Agriculture; A.S.A.; Agriculture Economics Club, Secretary; Gar¬ field. NANCY ANN DIXON: Journalism; AAA; A.W.S.; Fashion and Etiquette: Traveler; Press Club; W.R.A.: Blytheville. WILLIAM AEIRON DODDS: Civil En¬ gineering; Pine Bluff. Second Row : BILLY B. DOOLY: Industrial Man¬ agement; SN; Distinguished Military Student; Wesley Foundation; Concert Band; Rifle Team: Fort Smith. CHARLES KENNETH DORLAND: Industrial Engi¬ neering; 2X; OT; Engineering Council; Gabale Com¬ mittee; Arkansas Engineer Staff; American Institute of Industrial Engineering; Booneville. HERSHEL FLOYD DORTCH: Electrical Engineering; I.R.E.; Sheridan. HERMAN KAY DOTSON: Education; Huntsville. BETTY JEAN DOUGLAS: English; Davis Hall, Presi¬ dent, Secretary; Mountain Home. GILBERT RENO DOUGLAS: Chemistry; AXA; Pine Bluff. PATRICIA ANN DOUTHAT: Elementary Education; A.W.S. Sec¬ retary; Social Chairman, Secretary; Newman Club, Secretary; W.R.A.; Sophomore Counselor; Elementary Education Club; Civic Club; Joplin, Missouri. DORO¬ THY JANE DOUTHIT: Social Welfare; HB t ; Clarks¬ ville. Third Row: LANA SHARRON DOUTHIT: English; KKT; Civic Club; Traveler, Society Editor; W.R.A.; A. W.S. Student Faculty Committee; Student Union Public¬ ity Committee; Campus Entertainment Committee; Stu¬ dent Union Film Committee; Little Rock. JAMES I. DOWNS: Marketing; Marketing Club: S.A.M.; New¬ man Club; De Queen. ED WOODS DOZIER: Business Administration; 2AE; Associate Editor Traveler; Press Club; Guild Ticker. Feature Editor; Blue Key; Fayet¬ teville. WILLIAM ALTON DREWRY: Civil Engineer¬ ing; Razorback Hall; A.S.C.E.; Gladson, President; M.I.II.C.; Mens Counseling Staff; Hughes. WILLIAM JENNINGS DRIGGERS: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; TBIT; ITME; Nashville. WILLIAM M. DUCKETT: Gen¬ eral Business; Hope. ALVIN L. DUCLOS: Agriculture; Newman Club; A.S.A.; Agronomy Club; Osceola. MAG¬ DALEN ROSE DUCLOS: Home Economics; Davis Hall, Housemanager, Vice-President: House Manager’s Council; Secretary, Newman Club; t TO; Conway. Fourth Row : ROBERT GERALD DUDLEY: Indus¬ trial Management; President; I.F.C., Rush Chair¬ man; A.I.I.E., Secretary; Little Rock. POLLY GENE DUVAL: Elementary Education; Xf2 ? Secretary; Senior Counselor; Student Senate; Elementary Education Club; Canterbury Club; Shreveport. Louisiana. DON IVAN DWYER: Math; Yellville. WILLIAM STILLMAN EDENS: Electrical Engineering; A.I.E.E.; Hot Springs. BETTY JUNE EDWARDS: Home Economics; 4-H House; Pine Bluff. JERRY LOIS EDWARDS: Chemical Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; Blytheville. SHIRLEY JEAN EDWARDS: Psychology; Davis Hall. Scholarship Chairman; Collegiate Singers; Coterie; Women’s Inter Hall Council; Bentonville. ROBERT LEROY EICH- BERGER: Electrical Eng.; Arnold Air Society, Scab¬ bard and Blade; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; ATfl, Secretary; Little Rock. •252 CLASSROOM TV consisting of art programs correlating class studies are presented weekly to third graders by Norman DeMarco, left, and his radio-tv class. Eidson Elkins, P. L. Estes Faith Ferguson Floyd Foster, A. Elam Ellis Eubanks Farnsworth Files Foote Foster, J. Elred Elsken. Evans Fay Flake Ford Foster, W. P. Elkins, M. 1. Ervin Evers Featherston Fleming Forte Fowler First Row : ROBERTA ANN EIDSON: Home Eco¬ nomics; Carnall; Springdale. FRED ELDON ELAM: Geology; 2EE; Scabbard and Blade; Fayetteville. CHARLES RICHARD ELDRED: Chemical Engineer¬ ing; A. I. E., AX£; Sulphur Springs. MARVIN I. EL¬ KINS: Geology; AG; Key West Florida. Second Row: PEGGY LAVONNE ELKINS: Educa¬ tion; President. P.E.M. Club; Treasurer, O.C.W.; A.B. C.; Lowell. ELEANOR ELIZABETH ELLIS: English; President, Holcombe; President, AAA; AIT; Secretary, Civic Club; XI ; President, Student Christian Council; W.I.H.C.; Mortar Board; BK; Fayetteville. DONALD S. ELSKEN: Personnel Management; Newman Club; Paris. DON ROBERT ERVIN: General Business; Fay¬ etteville. Third Row: JIMMIE LEE ESTES: Chemical Eng.; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; A.I.Ch.E.; Fayetteville. JAMES RUSSELL EUBANKS, JR.: Pre- Med; miA; AEA; Baptist Student Union; Fort Smith. CHARLES F. EVANS, JR.: Chemistry; AXA; Newman Club; President, Vice-President, AXA; Fort Smith. JERRY A. EVERS: Geology; Norphlet. Fourth Row: BARBARA JO FAITH: Elementary Education; Fayetteville. JUSTIN EARL FARNS¬ WORTH: Engineering; 2AE; Assistant Editor, Ar¬ kansas Engineer; $H2; OAK; TBIT; Fort Smith. JACK REVELLE FAY: General Business and Physical Ed¬ ucation; P.E.M.; S.A.M.; KA4 ; S.N.E.A.; Joplin, Missouri. SALLY ANN FEATHERSTON: Home Eco¬ nomics; President, W.I.H.C.; President, Carnall; Chair¬ man, A.W.S. Judicial Board; A.B.C.; Civic Club; Col- hecon; Mortar Board; Paris. Fifth Row: CAROLYN FERGUSON: Elementary Ed¬ ucation; ZTA; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Elementary Club; Blackfliars; Little Rock. CAROLYN JEAN FILES: Dietetics; President, 4-H House; Sophomore Counselor; A. W.S. Legislative Board, Executive Board; Colhecon; W.I.H.C.; Student Senate; Secretary, President, $T0; B. S.U.: W.R.A.; Piggott. SUZANNA JEANETTE FLAKE: Music Education; Carnall; Little Rock. PAT FLEMING: History; 2AE; Westminster Fellowship, President; Vice-President, Student Body; OAK; AT; Fayetteville. Sixth Row: VIRGINIA ANN FLOYD: Secondary Education: Carnall: Little Rock. WILLIAM EUGENE FOOTE, JR.: Insurance and Real Estate; tlKA; Ham¬ burg. JOET. FORD: General Business; IIKA; President, AK ' I ' ; President, UK A; Blue Key; Civic Club; Traffic Committee; Conway. CAROLYN ANN FORTE: Speech Therapy; R.E.W. Publicity Chairman; Student Christ¬ ian Association; Social Chairman, IIB$; Newman Club; Lake Village. Seventh Roiv: ANN FOSTER: History; Xfi; 4 BK; $A0; Parkdale. JIM FOSTER: General Business; 2AE; AK ' P; Marketing Club: S.A.M.; Hot Springs. WINS¬ TON P. FOSTER. JR.: Insurance and Real Estate; K2; Marvell. SHIRLEY FOWLER: Home Economics; Grav- ette. •253 PRACTICE teaching by education students found many seniors spending long and weary hours working with grade schoolers in Peabody. Frankel Fratesi F rese Fuller Galbraith, J. B. Garton Gentry Franklin Freeman, J. G. Friedman Fulmer Garner. H. S. Gaston Gibbons Franks Freeman, J. E. Fullbright Gaines Garner. W. V. Gateley Gillen water, j. Franz F reeze Full) right Galbraith, G. B. Garrison Genevay P. Gillenwater, N. R. First Row: LEONA HARRIETT FRANKEL: Eng¬ lish and Mathematics; Trenton, New Jersey. ROBERT M. FRANKLIN: Chemistry; 2AE; AEA; Magnolia. PAT M. FRANKS: Home Economics; Magnolia. JIMMY F. FRANZ: General Business; S.A.M.; Texarkana, Texas. Second Row: BENNY JAMES FRATESI: Agricul¬ ture; Newman Club; Pine Bluff. JOANN GENE FREEMAN: Home Economics; AAA; A.S.A.; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; Young Democrats; Colhecon; Poughkeepsie. JOHN EDERINGTON FREEMAN: Marketing; Presi¬ dent, 2X; AIC ; Marketing Club; S.A.M.; El Dorado. JOAN LEE FREEZE: Speech Correction; AAA; Vice- President, Freshman Class; Debate Squad; Jonesboro. Third Row: SARA FRANCES FRESE: General Business; KKT; Jonesboro. JAY FREDRICK FRIED¬ MAN: General Business: Young Democrats: Debase Team; Fort Smith. ALICE MARIE FULLBRIGHT: Ele¬ mentary Education; ZTA ; Elementary Club: Muskogee. Oklahoma. PATTY WAIJGH FULRIUGHT: History; Xfl; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; A0 ; Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: RICHARD LEE FULLER: Account¬ ing: Wilmot. DOYLE W. FULMER: Real Estate and Insurance: K2; Little Rock. JUD11H SIRA1 ION GAINES: Elementary Education; Xft; Elemental Club: A. W.S.: W.R.A.: Student Union Committee: Lake Vil¬ lage. GARY BROWN GALBRAITH: Electrical Engi¬ neering; William House: I.R.E.; A.I.E.E.; B.S.U. Exec¬ utive Council; El Dorado. Fifth Row: JESSE BRENT GALBRAITH: Mechani¬ cal Engineering. A.S.M.E.: Crossett. HERSCHEL SMITH GARNER: General Business: K2 : AK : Persh¬ ing Rifles; Rifle Team: Rison. WOODROW VF.NSON GARNER: Secondary Education; DeOueen. JAMES SMITH GARRISON, JR.: Psychology; Pershing Rifles; H2$: ' PX; TTMA; Northwest Arkansas Sports Car Club; B. S.U.; Little Rock. Sixth Row: KEITH B. GARTON: Insurance; ATfi; Kingston. JAMES STEPHEN GASTON: Personnel Management; PA0; Pine Bluff. GAIL GATELEY: Home Economics; Mortar Board; Civic Club; XT; Sec ¬ retary. Agri Students Association; Secretary, A Air: Stu¬ dent Union Central Planning Committee; Student Union Office Management Committee: Weslev Foundation; Colhecon; Danville. JOHN EDWARD GENEVAY: Elec¬ trical Engineering; A.I.E.E.: Arkansas Rocket Society; Pine Bluff. Seventh Row: ROBERT DALE GENTRY: Mechan¬ ical Engineering: ©T; A.S.M.E.: Fayetteville. KEN¬ NETH GILDART GIBBONS: Pre-Med: Economics and Government; 2N ; El Dorado. JOHN PRICE GILLEN¬ WATER: Psychology; Hot Springs. NORMA RUTH GILLENWATER: Education; University House; A.W. S.; Elementary Club; Treasurer, Davis Hall; Treasurer. University House; Alma. 254 Gilleylen Gillihan Gilpatrick Gladden Glass Glasscock Glover Gore Gordon Gosnell Goss Gossett Gottlober Goyne Grace, L. E. Graf Grahm Gray, j. A. Gray, W. N. Grayson Green, D. Green. D. M. Green, W. W. Greenfield Greer Gregory Greig Griffin Good Grace, A. 1). Green, D. 0. Griffith First Row: JAMES W. GILLEYLEN: General Busi¬ ness; A.B.C.: Delight. CAROLYN LOUISE GILLI- HAN: H ome Economics; 4-H House, Secretary, Treas¬ urer; Violet Hill. CALVIN L. GILPATRICK: Electri¬ cal Engineering; A.I.E.E.; Pleasant Plains. HARRY BLAKE GLADDEN: Accounting; S.A.M.; Little Rock. KARL DALY GLASS: Public Administration; Market¬ ing Club; Paris. HAROLD WAYNE GLASSCOCK: ' Electrical Eng.; A.I.E.E., Treasurer; nA Wye; TAII; IIME; Hot Springs. FREEMAN FRANKLIN GLOVER; Physical Education: P.E.M. Club; Malden, Missouri. MERRILL ROBERT GOOD: Chemical Eng.; Westmin¬ ster Fellowship; K K ; 6MA; A.I.Ch.E.; Band; Fay¬ etteville. Second Row: WANDA SUE GORE: Agriculture: 4- H House; A.S.A.; W.R.A.; Farmington. DI ANNE GORDON: Psychology; ZTA; A.W.S.; X ; W.R.A.; Dallas, Texas. KARL THOMAS GOSNELL: Pre- Den¬ tal: Newman Club: Russellville. FABER JOE GOSS: Industrial Engineering; A.I.I.E.; Voloria. JOHN THOMAS GOSSETT: Psychology; 2AE, Treasurer. President; $BK; 4 H2; Student Union Radio Committee; Committee for Distinguished Lecturers; Razorback, Per¬ sonality Editor; Civic Club; ' J ' X; I.F.C., Treasurer; Blue Key; Fort Smith. ETHEL ALICE GOTTLOBER: Latin; Petersburg, Virginia. LA LIRA LOU GOYNE: English Literature: A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Young Democrats; nB i ; Dallas, Texas. ALLAN DALE GRACE: Geology; M.I. H.C.; Pershing Rifles; Branner Geology Club; Alexan¬ dria, Virginia. Third Row: LLOYD ELLIS GRACE: Agriculture; Agronomy Club; Dardanelle. PAUL FITCH GRAF: Me¬ chanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Fayetteville. JAN GRAHAM: History: nB4 . Rush Captain; Mortar Board. President; A.B.C., Vice-President: 4 A0 ? Secretary; A. W.S. Executive Board; Panhellenic; Civic Club: W.R. A.; Little Rock. JOSEPH ARTHUR GRAY: Chemical Engineering; A.I.Ch.E.; Hope. WILLIAM NEAL GRAY: Architecture; AXA; Social Chairman; A.I.A.; Baptist Student Union; Collegiate Singers; Pershing Rifles: North Little Rock. SHIRLEY ANN GRAYSON: English; Secretary: ' J ' X; Sophomore Counselor; A.W.S.; Student Union Committee; R.E.W. Publicity Committee: Little Rock. DALE GREEN: Speech; IIKA, Vice-President; Civic Club: Scabbard and Blade; Gae- bale Director; Singfony Director; A t i : Student Union Planning Board; Student Union Committee; Razorback Staff; Malvern. DALE OSBORNE GREEN: Electrical Eng.; Gladson House, President; M.I.H.C.; A.I.E.E.; Student Senate; Bauxite. Fourth Row: DAVID MICHAEL GREEN: Market¬ ing: Little Rock. WILLIAM W. GREEN: Marketing; Marketing Club; International Students Club: S.A.M.: Hot Springs. ROY EUGENE GREENFIELD: Insurance: S.A.M.; Little Rock. JOHN THOMAS GREER: Public Relations and Advertising; Razorback Band. Presi¬ dent: Marketing Club, Vice-President; A.B.C.: Traveler. Assistant Sports Editor: Razorback. Military Editor: KKt; 4 MA; Baptist Student Union: Press Club: Ozark. JOHN TILLERY GREGORY: Real Estate; A0 ; ak ; Canterbury Club; Little Rock. JULIA LUCINDA GREIG: Social Welfare; University Guild Ticker Staff; Student Union Central Planning Board: Student Union Photography Committee, Chairman; Eudora. Griffith Griggs Grimes Grimsley Guthrie Hackney Haid Hall. F. P. Hall, K. G. Hall. M. L. Hall, L. Hall, 0. J. Hall, R. A. Hallam Ham-. W. R. Hamm Hampton, D. L. Hampton, M. K . Hankins Hanna Hanson Harper Harr Harris, C. M. Harris, M. A. Harrison, P. J. Harrison, W. H. Hart Hale Ham, B. N. Hardcastle Hasley First Row: JAMES EDGAR GRIFFITH: Agricul¬ tural Engineering: A.S.A.E.: Elaine. KEENETH WAYNE GRIGGS: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Jacksonville. LEE ROY GRIMES: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Intramural Manager, Ripley House; Russellville. KENT D. GRIMSLEY: Electrical Engineering; A.I.E.E.; Rocky Ford. Colorado. HUD- NAL HOLMES GUTHRIE: Mechanical Engineering; Hilleman. H. WAYNE HACKNEY, JR.: Electrical En¬ gineering; Vice-President, Ripley House: Treasurer, D.S.F.: A.I.E.E.: A.B.C.; Joplin, Missouri. JOHN M. HA ID, JR.; Agriculture; Vice-President, Blue Key; Student Senate; Chancellor, AZ; Men’s Counselor; Na¬ tional President, Future Farmers of America; Forensic Society; TKA; Siloam Springs. EUGENE BENJAMIN HALE, JR.: Insurance and Real Estate; Student Sen¬ ate: President, Sophomore Business Class; Interfra¬ ternity Council; AK ' P; Grand Scribe, K2; A.B.C.; Executive Council, Commerce Guild; Commencement Committee; Prescott. Second Row: FRANK PRESTON HALL. JR.: Gen¬ eral Business; Little Rock. KENNETH GEORGE HALL: Education; Batesville. MARIE LEONA HALL: Ele¬ mentary Education; University House; Pleasant Grove. MELVIN LEON HALL: Banking and Finance; 2N; Stu¬ dent Union Board; S.A.M.; Bentonville. ORVILLE JACQUELIN HALL. JR.: Mechanical Engineering; A© : A.S.M.E.; Fayetteville. ROBERT ALLEN HALL: Marketing; AKt; Marketing Club; S.A.M.; Newman Club; Little Rock. DAVID CLAYBOURNE HALL AM: Chemistry; AX2; Razorback St aff: Vice-President, So¬ cial Chairman, Pledge Trainer. Ritualist, AXA; Military Ball Committee; Carthage, Missouri. BETTY NEILL HAM: Elementary Education; Birmingham, Alabama. Third Row: WILLIAM ROBERT HAM: General Agriculture; Shirley. ROBERT CLINTON HAMM: In¬ dustrial Engineering; IIKA; A.I.I.E.; Arnold Air So¬ ciety; Newman Club; Fort Smith. DAVID LEE HAMP¬ TON: Electrical Engineering: Sedgewell House; A.I. E.E.: Asst. Head Freshman Counselor; Van Buren. MARY KAY HAMPTON: Mathematics; nB t ; A.W.S.; Stuttgart. CAROL FRANK HANKINS: Agricultural Engineering; A.S.A.E.; Pine Bluff. JOY HANNA: Ele¬ mentary Education; nB t ; El Dorado. WILLIAM C. HANSON: Accounting; KA; Shreveport. Louisiana. BENJAMIN GILL HARDCASTLE, JR.: Accounting; Fort Smith. Fourth Row: ELEANOR SUE HARPER: Education; JIB4 ; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; Young Democrats: Elementary Club; Hot Springs. CLYDE LOUIS HARR: Marketing; Marketing Club; Fort Smith. CAROLYN MARIE HAR¬ RIS: Elementary Education; Xft; Head Cheerleader; Elementary Education Club; A.W.S. Executive Board: B.S.U.; Vice-President, Holcombe Hall; El Dorado. MARTHA ALMA HARRIS: Music; KKr ; Orchestra: B.S.U.; W. R.A.; A.W.S. Volunteer Service Committee; Secretary, Student Union Music Committee; SAT; Little Rock. PATSY JEAN HARRISON: Secondary Educa¬ tion; A.B.C.; Chairman, Student Union Office Manage¬ ment; Student Union Central Planning Board; Secre¬ tary, A.W.S. Legislative Board; A.W.S. Fashion and Eti¬ quette Committee; Asst. Treasurer, AAII. Women’s Rec¬ reation Assoc.; B.S.Ll Executive Council: Crossett. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON, III: Geology; Presi¬ dent. Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Record¬ ing Secretary, KA; Brentwood. LOUIS WILLIAM HART, JR.: Industrial Engineering: TBll; IIME; A.I. I.E.; Newman Club; Little Rock. CHARLES HASLEY, JR.: Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Arkadelphia. 25G WEIGHING water by instruments takes students hours in all-afternoon labs. Haynes, E. L. Haynes, J. H. Head Heindselman Henderson, L. C. Hendricks Herndon Herring Hibbard, W. High Hilliard Hillin Hipp Hobbs Haynes, W. D. Heizman Hendrix Hewitt Hightower Hilton Hogue Hays Henderson, L. A. Herman Hibbard, J. Hill Hinkle Holdar First Row : EDWARD L. HAYNES: Psychology; Fort Smith. JAMES HENRY HAYES: Electrical Engi¬ neering; TBIT; IIAWye; Rocket Society; Treasurer. Am¬ ateur Radio Club; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; B.S.U.; Hope. WAL¬ TER DUCOTE HAYNES: Pre-Med; Fort Smith. BEN¬ NY RUSSELL HAYS: Psychology; President, Vice President, Civic Club; $AIA; D.S.F.; Social Chairman, 2N; Collegiate Singers; Campus Capers, Chairman; Gaebale Committee; Blytheville. Second Row : HARLAN NEIL HEAD: Chemical En¬ gineering; TIME; AX2; TBII; Engineering Coun¬ cil; Arkansas Engineer; Treasurer, Arkansas Rocket Research Society; Treas., D.S.F.; A.I.Ch.E.; Fayette¬ ville. PAUL WARREN HEINDSELMAN: Physics; Pres., 2n2; Harrisburg. FRANCIS C. HEIZMAN: Elec¬ trical Eng.; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Conway. LAWRENCE ALEXANDER HENDERSON: Mec. Eng.; Hot Springs. Third Row: LOUIS CLIFTON HENDERSON. JR.: Accounting; 2AE; BAM ; $H2; Br2; Golf Team; Little Rock. ANDY S. HENDRICKS: Banking and Finance; AKt; S.A.M.; Newman Club; Fort Smith. BETTY ANN HENDRIX: Speech; Xft; Secretary, Blackfriars; Sec¬ retary, N.C.P.: A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Tulsa, Oklahoma. JAMES REAGAN HERMAN, JR.: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; A.I.E.E.; Scabbard and Blade; Branner Geology Club; Wesley Foundation; North Little Rock. Fourth Row : CHARLES SIDNEY HERNDON: Ag¬ ricultural Engineering; Little Rock. MARY JEWELLE HERRING: Elementary Education; ZTA • A.W.S.: W.R.- A. ; Elementary Club; Prescott. DON CARL HEWITT: Secondary Education; Moran, Kansas. JANICE L. HIB¬ BARD: Music Education; Song Leader, ZTA; 2AI; Vice President, Opera Workshop; Lincoln. Fifth Row: WILLIAM HOLMES HIBBARD: Arch¬ itecture; Rush Chairman, AX A; A. I. A.; North Little Rock. OLIVIA ANN HIGH; Psychology; Xft; AAA; Sophomore Counselor; A.W.S.; West Memphis. MICH¬ AEL BARRY HIGHTOWER. Agri. Ed.; Midland. MAU¬ RICE W. HILL: Accounting; S.A.M.; Fort Smith. Sixth Row: CAROLYN JERRINE HILLIARD: Home Economics; Vice President, Carnall Hall; Civic Club; Publicity Chairman, A.S.A.; Wesley Foundation; Calender Committee; Colhecon; W.I.H.C.; A.W.S.; Russellville. DORIS MARLENE HILLIN: Elementary Education; Carnall Hall: Head Majorette; Band: TB2; B. S.U.; Baytown, Texas. AMANDA HILTON: Elemen¬ tary Education: n B$; A.W.S.; Elementary Club; Fay¬ etteville. CAROL LOUISE HINKLE: Elementary Edu¬ cation; President, AT 1 ; President, A.W.S.; Elementary Club; Student Senate; Civic Club; Student Faculty Committee, Motar Board; Fayetteville. Seventh Row: RICHARD HIPP: General Business; 2H; Y.D.Y.; Student Union Publicity Committee; S.A.- M.; Commerce Club; Blytheville. JERRY WAYNE HOBBS: Electrical Engineering; AT12; Bald Knob. AL¬ BERT DONALD HOGUE: Industrial Management: Monticello. MARY ANNE HOLDAR: Botany; Ozark. 257 FAMILIAR pose of campus cop Is d emonstrated as peace officer writes off another student dollar for parking in a zone reserved for faculty. Hollander Hopper, B. Horne Howard, D. B. Huenefeld Hunt, C. A. Hunt, R. E. Holleman Hooper, M. J. Hoskyn Howard, R. L. Hughes Hunt, D. L. Hurley Holmes Horn, C. L. Houchin Huckelbury Halsey Hunt D. M. Hurst Hoover Horn, D. L. Houston Hudson Hunnicutt Hunt, L. G. Hurt First Roiv : JIMMY CHRIS HOLLANDER: Educa¬ tion; Wilson Sharp: Football; Harrisburg. JAMES F. HOLLEMAN JR.: Pre-Med; Camden. WALLACE KEITH HOLMES; Chemistry; El Dorado. JOYCE ANN HOOVER: Secondary Education; AF; Legislative Board; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Little Rock. Second Row : BRUCE HOPPER: Art; William House; President, Blackfriars; Secretary, Razorback Hall; National Collegiate Players; Wesley Foundation; Bauxite. MONTE JOHN HOPPER: Mathematics; t A0 ; Treasurer, I.F.P.C.: President, A t Q; Plainview. CHAR¬ LES LEE HORN: Business; Circle K; Fort Smith. DENNIS RAY HORN: Secondary Education; Nashville. Third Row: ALLAN W. HORNE: General Business; Hot Springs. JOHN PAUL HOSKYN: Agricultural En¬ gineering; President, QT; Treasurer, Blue Key; Engi¬ neering Council; Treasurer, Wesley Foundation; A.S.- A.E.; Stuttgart. BETTY VIRGINIA HOUCHIN: Ele¬ mentary Education; AF; A.B.C.; Elementary Club; Traveler Staff; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Orchesis; Young Democrats; Little Rock. JOHN SAMUEL HOUSTON: Agriculture; A.B.C.; Secretary, Animal Industry Club; Treasurer, ATA; Treasurer, AFP; Booneville. Fourth Row: DANIEL B. HOWARD: Accounting; Recording Secretary, BA ' I ' ; Benton. REBECCA LEE HOWARD: Insurance and Real Estate; KAII ; XG ; Benton. EARNEST C. HUCKELBURY: Industrial Man¬ agement; Social Chairman, Secretary, AX A; President, I.F.P.C.; A.S.M.E.; Fort Smith. CHARLES LEE HUD¬ SON: Electrical Engineering; TBIT; FEME; A.I.E.E.; North Little Rock. Fifth Row: EDWIN R. HUENEFELD: General Bus¬ iness; tiKA; S.A. M.; Lincoln. MONA MACK HUGHES: Secondary Education; Rush Chairman; AAA; A.B.C.; Panhellenic Council; Jonesboro. WILLIAM KENNETH HALSEY: Mechanical Engineering; Malvern. DELTHA JEAN HUNNICUTT: Home Economics; Colhecon; A.- W.S.; B.S.U.; A.S.A.; Song Leader, 4-H House; Wing. Sixth Row: CARL A. HUNT: Accounting; BA ' P; Br , President; Pine Bluff. DONALD LEE HUNT: Banking and Finance; UKA; Commerce Guild; Searcy. DONNA MAE HUNT: Secondary Education; KKF; A.- W.S.; N.E.A.; W.R.A.; B.S.U.; Searcy. LARRY GENE HUNT: Electrical Engineering; AXA; Fayetteville. Seventh Row: RAYMOND EDWARD HUNT: Mu¬ sic: Band; Brass Ensemble; ivK ' P; MA; Nowata. Okla¬ homa. MARIAN WATSON HURLEY: Sociology; XQ ; Vice President. Westminster Fellowship; Student Union Film Committee; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Camden. GERALD WAYNE HURST: Accounting; Flippin. BILLY 0. HURT: Civil Engineering; Student Chapter, A.S.C.E.; Little Rock. 258 Huston James, J. H. Joerden Jones, C. Ingels Jamison Johnson, j. D. Jones, G. M. Isaacs Jan way Johnson, J. M. Jones, G. W. Jackson, B. L. Jarvie Johnson, j. M. J ones, j. F. Jackson, B. D. Jayroe J ohnson, R. E. Jones, W. H. Jackson, J. A. J ernigan Johnson, R. M. Jordan, B. C. Jackson, W. E. Jewel I Johnston Jordan, G. W. James, E. A. Jobe Jones, B. Kampbell First Row: RAPHAEL W. HUSTON: Chemistry; Fayetteville. NEIL BARTON INGELS: Electrical En¬ gineering; Recording Secretary, ITAWye; Secretary, TIME; Arkansas Rocket Research Society; Wesley Foun¬ dation; Arkansas Engineer; Senior Representative, En¬ gineering Council; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Military Ball Com¬ mittee: Pershing Rifles; Fayetteville. LARRY WAYNE ISAACS: Electrical Engineering; 2 £E; Manila. BETTY LARUE JACKSON: Elementary Education; AB; Or- chesis; Elementary Education Club; Young Democrats; Bentonville. BOBBY DAMON JACKSON: General Bus¬ iness; S.A.M.; Bank. JERRY ALLEN JACKSON: Gen¬ eral Agriculture; Cincinnati. WILLIAM EVANS JACK- SON: Industrial Engineering; Corresponding Secretary, AIIM; President, A.I.I.E.; Rogers. EDWARD ARCH JAMES: Electrical Engineering; Dierks. A.W.S. Management Committee; W.R.A.; Sikeston, Missouri. Third Row : LARRY KNOX JOERDEN: General Business; 2AE ; Pine Bluff. JAMES DUNAWAY JOHNSON: Journalism; nKA; Conway. JERE MARK- LE JOHNSON: Civil Engineering; Vice President, President, 2X; Vice President, ©T ; TBII; OAK; hme, A.S.C.A.; Little Rock. JIMMY MARSHALL JOHNSON: History; Benton. ROBERT EUGENE JOHNSON: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Coffer. ROSEMARY McROBERTS JOHNSON: English; Lit¬ tle Rock. NORWYN JOHNSTON: Home Economics; AAA; Jonesboro. BRUCE JONES: Education; Amity. Second Row: JOHN HAMMOND JAMES: Voca¬ tional Agriculture; A.S.A.; Animal Industry Club; Vice President, AIT; I.F.C.; Arkansas Folklore Club; ATA; Flippin. GERALD R. JAMISON: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; Droke House; Gillham. EDWARD RAY JAN- WAY: Electrical Engineering; El Dorado. WILLIAM JOHN JARVIE: Business Administration; Heavener. JOE ALLEN JAYROE: Marketing; Marketing Club; Springdale. CONITA JERNIGAN: Government; A.W.- S.; W.R.A.; Young Democrats; AKA; Lepanto. ORSON BRUCE JEWELL: Civil Engineering; Royal. DORO¬ THY SUE JOBE: Secondary Education; KKF; Secre¬ tary, Mortar Board; KAII; Senior Counselor; Chairman, Fourth Row : CLYDE JONES. JR.: Agriculture; A.S.A.; A.T.A.; Wickes. GARY MARTIN JONES: Agriculture; AXA; Rison. GLENN WILCH JONES, JR.: History; 2X; Searcy. JAMES FRANKLIN JONES: General Business; Alpena. WRAY HENRY JONES: Chemical Engineering; William House; AXS; A.I.Ch.E.; Batesville. BOBBY CARL JORDAN: Insurance and Real Estate; Russellville. GEORGE WILLIAM JOR¬ DAN, JR.: Marketing; 2AE; AKT; Scabbard and Blade; Secretary, Wilson Sharp; Director. Military Ball; Camden. CAROLYN ANN KAMPBELL: English; President, nB l ; Treasurer, A.W.S.; Senior Counselor; Sophomore Counselor; Secretary, Senior Class; Editor, Preview; Little Rock. 259 Kaufman Keith Kelley, I. G. Kelley, M. P. Kelley, W. C. Keltner Kirby Killough King Kj eldsen Kleese. G. D. Kleese, S. G. Knowles Kolb Kratz Kresse Krugh Kunkel Lyle Lamb, B. G. Lamb, C. W. Lane Lawbaugh Lawson Lecklitner Lender man Lewallyn Lewis, B. J. Lewis, D. E. Lewis, G. B. Lewis, I. N. Lewis, J. M. First Row: THEODORE PHILLIP KAUFMAN: Electrical Engineering; Mathematics; Tutoring Chair¬ man. nME • Secretary, nAT; TBII; Everton. NOR¬ MA J. KEITH: Geography; A.W.S.; North Little Rock. IVA GENE KELLEY! Physical Education; 4-H House; Vice President, W.R.A.; P.E.M. Club; Inter¬ national Club; A.W.S.; Wesley Foundation; North Little Rock. MAX PRESTON KELLEY: Agriculture; AFP; Fort Smith. WILLIAM CHARLES KELLEY: Electrical Engineering; North Little Rock. KENNETH WILLIAM KELTNER: Industrial Engineering; Sec¬ retary, 2N; President, A.B.C.; Vice President, A.I.I.E.; Blue Key; Who’s Who’s; ©T; Arkansas Engineer, staff; Engineering Council; Wesley Foundation; Homecom¬ ing Chairman; I.F.P.C.; R.E.W. Committee; Fort Smith. JAMES LEE KIRBY: Chemical Engineering; TBII; AX2; IIME; President, A.I.Ch.E.; Mount Ida. PEGGY LEE KILLOUGH: Home Economics; ZTA; Searcy. Second Row: BETTY KING: Marketing; Vice Presi¬ dent. Secretary, AAII; XB; Marketing Club; W.R.A.; Salem. RICHARD G. KJELDSEN: General Business; Chicago, Ill. GENE DAVID KLEESE: Geology; Scab- hard and Blade; Little Rock. SUE GEARHART KLEESE: Education; Secretary, ZTA; Newman Club; Fayetteville. STAN F. KNOWLES: Geology; Rogers. JOHN GAMBLE KOLB: Law; Gladson House; H2d ; I H2; B.S.U.; Student Bar Association; Fort Smith. DALE LEE KRATZ: Elementary Education; Elemen¬ tary Club; Fayetteville. LAWRENCE MARTIN KRESSE: Chemistry: Blackfriars; AX2 Little Rock. Third Row: WAYMAN SEARL KRUGH: Chem¬ istry; President, Razorback Band; KK ' P; Little Rock. JOSEPH EARL KUNKEL: Civil Engineering; Ripley House; ©T; Student Senate; Student Court; Counsel¬ ing Staff; President, Razorback Hall; Treasurer, Civic Club; President, Vice President, A.S.C.E.; St. Patrick; Engineering Council; Traffic Committee; Student Sen¬ ate Entertainment Committee; Newport. LUTHEN BURBANK LYLE: General Agriculture; Vandervoort. BOBBY GREEN LAMB: Electrical Engineering; Leola. CHARLES WENDELL LAMB: Chemical Engineering; ©T; A.I.Ch.E.; Chief Justice M.I.H.C. Court; Leola. BEA LANE: Home Economics; President, 4-H House; A.B.C.; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; Colhecon; Coterie; A.S.A.; Agriculturist; Newport. HELEN LOUISE LAW- BAUGH: Psychology; Davis Hall; Vice President, Wesley Players; Little Rock. SAMUEL DAVID LAW- SON, JR.: Electrical Engineering; Camden. Fourth Row: HANSI LECKLITNER: Elementary Education; IIB3 ; A.W.S.; P.E.M. Club; Orchesis; Ele¬ mentary Club; A.B.C.; W.R.A.; Razorback Staff; Hot Springs. WILLIAM CHARLES LENDERMAN: Psy¬ chology; A.B.C.; Scabbard and Blade; North Little Rock. NELSON LEWALLYN: Marketing; Rush Chair¬ man, UK A; Guild Ticker; Marketing Club; Cardnial Society; Hot Springs. BARBARA JANE LEWIS: Jour¬ nalism; Publicity Committee, A.W.S.; Publicity Committee. W.R.A.; Razorback Staff; Traveler Staff; Press Club; Bauxite. DONALD ELWIN LEWIS: Elec¬ trical Engineering; A.I.E.E.; Institute of Radio Engi¬ neers; Magnolia. GEORGE BLAKE LEWIS: Electrical Engineering; A.I.R.E., A.I.E.E.; Danville. IRA NEAL LEWIS: Accounting; Vice President, BA ' F; t H2 : West¬ minister Fellowship; El Dorado. JACK MEDLIN LEW¬ IS: Speech; Pangburn. 260 s 6 n i0r s ATMOSPHERE in the reading room of the main library was more con¬ ducive to study after library attendants booted our fraternity pledges. Lewis Lieblong Ligon Lindsey. W. E. Linsley, J. L. Little, B. J. Little, J. R. Little, W. D. Littlejohn Lloyd Loe Lovell Low Loy Luffman Lussky Lyons Lytle McAdams McAllister McCarthy McCarver McClain McClanahan McClung McCollough McCollum McCormack First Row : WRIGHT VERMYLIA LEWIS: Me¬ chanical Engineering; Little Rock. LUTHER HARRIS LIEBLONG: Agriculture; KZ; Agronomy Club; A.S.- A.; Forrest City. FAY NELL LIGON: Marketing; ZTA; Student Senate; Commerce Guild; Guild Ticker Staff; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; Sophomore Counselor; Au¬ brey. WAYNE EDWIN LINDSEY: Geology; KS ; Mena. Second Row: JOSEPH LEE LINSLEY: Physics; Little Rock. BERL JOE LITTLE: Finance; Fayette¬ ville. JAMES ROBERT LITTLE: Civil Engineering; Osceola. WILLIAM DOYLE LITTLE: Industrial Educa¬ tion ; Huntsville. Third Row: BOBBY JACK LITTLEJOHN: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Earle. ROBERT GLENN LLOYD: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Marshall. DALE FRANKLIN LOE: Civil Engineering; William House; Prescott. JESSIE LOUISE LOVELL: Home Economics; O.C.W.; Colhecon Club; Dierks. Fourth Row: TOMMY RAY LOW: Chemical Engi¬ neering; A.I.Ch.E.; Batesville. DIANA DICKERSON LOY: Music Education; Social Chairman, Davis Hall; Women’s Interhall Council; Blackfriars; Opera Work¬ shop; Little Rock. MARTHA LUFFMAN: Accounting; AAA; R.E.W. Committee; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; Rogers. JOHN F. LUSSKY: History; Treasurer, $A0; Treas¬ urer, Scabbard and Blade; Treasurer, Military Ball; Pershing Rifles; Fayetteville. Fifth Row: GWEN LYONS: Speech Correction; Davis Hall; President, 2 AH; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; England. SARAH KATHLEEN LYTLE: Elementary Education; Davis Hall; Batesville. JAMES WESLEY McADAMS: Geography; 2$e ; KK ; Van Buren. JAMES EUGENE McALLISTER: Electrical Engineering; Griffithville. Sixth Row: CHARLES LEWIS McCARTHY: Gen¬ eral Business; Acacia; A.B.C.; Young Democrats; Lit¬ tle Rock. MILDRED ADA McCARVER: Education; McRae. KENNETH I. McCLAIN: Personnel Admini¬ stration; Ripley House; Smackover. GUS IRWIN Mc- CLANAHAN: Education; Nashville. Seventh Row: HENRY JAMES McCLUNG, JR: Chemical Engineering; Sophomore Counselor; AX2; A.I.Ch.E.; Newport. WILBOURNE FARRISE McCOL- LOUGH: Industrial Engineering; President, ATO; A.B.C.; Reporter, A.I.I.E.; Circulation Manager, Ar¬ kansas Engineer; B.S.U.; Pine Bluff. RUSSELL LEA- LAND McCOLLUM: Mathematics; 2X; Varsity Ten¬ nis; Stuttgart. ROBERT E. McCORMACK: Accounting, Calico Rock. 261 s ■N n iQr s VIEWING the Razorbacks from the press box. Professor Charles Russell, left center, and Bob Cheyne, down left, prepared statistics and data. McCune McDougai McElhaney McElhannon McEver McFadden McFall McFarland McGill McGrew McIntyre McGee McKeever McKnight McLess McLendon McMahan McMillan McNully McPherson McRell McWilliams Mace Mack Maddox Malone, B. J. Malone, M. B. Manaugh First Row: WENDELL WADE McCUNE: Music Education; $40; t MA; Band; University Symphony; Joplin, Missouri. ROBERT FRANKLIN McDOUGAL: Geography; President. Social Chairman, 211; Secretary, l.F.C.; Judsonia. CURTIS WILLIS McELHANEY: Ag¬ riculture; Fayetteville. OTTIS BOYD McELHANNON: Agriculture Engineering; Foreman. " Second Row: BONNIE MARILYN McEVER: Chem¬ ical Engineering; Carnall Hall; Russellville. JIMMY ROYCE McFADDEN: Mechanical Engineering; A.S.- M.E.; North Little Rock. JUDITH LEE McFALL: Gov¬ ernment and Economics; Pledge Trainer, IIB$; Pre¬ view Staff; Young Democrats; W.R.A.; Pocahontas. CARY BRUCE McFARLAND: Journalism; Press Club; Banks. Third Row: JOHN ROGER McGILL: Agriculture; A TO ; Wesley Players; Westminster Fellowship; Chide- ster. JAMES KENNETH McGREW: Civil Engineering; TBIT ; TIME ; A.S.C.E.; Mellwood. EDWARD A. McIN- TYRE: Pre-Med; Russellville. JOSEPH LEONARD Mc- GEE, JR.: Electrical Engineering; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E.; Harrison. Fourth Row: WILLIAM DEAN McKEEVER: Geo¬ logy; 2TE; Branner Geology; Fort Smith. C. ALLEN McKNIGHT: Chemistry; K2 ; Cheerleader; Art Commit¬ tee; TIMA ; Parkin. CARL EDWARD McLEES: Chem¬ ical Engineering; 6T ; TBIT; A.l.Ch.E.; Little Rock. MILLARD SAMUEL Mc.LENDON: Industrial Engineer¬ ing; A.I.I.E.; Jonesboro. Fifth Row: BOBBY MADISON McMAHAN: Agri¬ culture; Buchanan; ATA; A.B.C.; M.I.H.C.; A.S.A.; Trumann. JOYCE STAIR McMILLAN: Chemistry; AAA; IT ME; International Club; W.R.A.; Heber Springs. CLAUDE VICTOR McNULLY: Geology; President, Branner Geology Club; Horatio. BILL NAIHANIEL McPHERSON: Agriculture; Farm House; Animal In¬ dustry Club; A.S.A.; A.T.A.; International Club; Poul¬ try Judging Team; Russellville. Sixth Row: EDDIE J. McRELL: Secondary Educa¬ tion; President, M.I.H.C.; President, Droke; 2AH; Vice- President, Blackfriars; A.B.C.; Bentonville. JOSEPH SAMUEL McWILLIAMS: Real Estate and Insurance; 2N; Editor, Guild Ticker; Marketing Club; Vice-Presi¬ dent, Business School; Commerce Guild; S.A.M.; El Dorado. PHILLIP NEAL MACE: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; Chairman, A.LE.E.-I.R.E.; Secretary, TBIT; HAWye; HME; t H2; Wesley Foundation; Fayetteville. EVELYN DIANE MACK: Zoology; Carnall; Little Rock. Seventh Row: LLOYD C. MADDOX: Physical Edu¬ cation; Mena. BOBBY J. MALONE: General Agricul¬ ture; Clinton. MARGARET BRANCH MALONE: Art; IIBT ; Editor, Student Directory; Society Editor, Trav eler; Greek Editor, Razorback; Secretary, Civic Club Preview Staff; Co-Chairman, Campus Chest; Camden VIRGINIA ANN MANAUGH: Elementary Education AAA; Elementary Club; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Fayetteville. 262 Mann Manning Manville Marlar Martin, B. E. Martin, R. 0. Martin. T. L. Mason, N. H Mason, R. H. Matlock Mat ti son May, A. May, B. B. Mayes, B. J. Mayes, W. Mays Medley Mehlburger, D.L. Mehlburger,M.C. Mercer Metcalf Meyers Middleton Milam Miller. A. V. Miller, G. E. Miller, M. II. Mills Mitchell Mixon Moeller Moon First Row: WILLIAM H. MANN: Marketing; nKA; Marketing Club; Carlisle. MARION DALE MANNING: Architecture; Buchanan; A.I.A.; Vice- President, William House; North Little Rock. JAMES GRISWOLD MANVILLE: Electrical Engineering; 2N; 0T, Vice-President; Blue Key; Editor, Arkansas Engineer; Co-Editor, Student Directory; A.I.E.E.; ' Board of Publications; D.M.S.; Mount Ida. CLIFFORD HUDSON MARLAR. JR.: Chemical Engineering; A.I.- C.E.; Drill Team; Texarkana. BILLY EARL MARTIN: Agriculture; Russellville. RICHARD 01 10 MARTIN: Pre-Med; AX2; Blytheville. TREVA LAVONNE MAR¬ TIN: Home Economics; Carnall; Colhecon; A.S.A.; B.S.U.; A.W.S.; Mansfield. NORMAN HAROLD MA SON: Geology; Branner Geology Cluh; srE ; Arnold Air Society; Hot Springs. Second Row : RICHARD HARPER MASON: Geo¬ logy; William House; Norphlet. JOSEPHINE MA I - LOCK: Elementary Education; AAA; W.ll.A.; Elemen¬ tary Club; A.W.S. Film and Social Committee; Mem¬ phis. HARRY D. MATTISON: Electrical Engineering; DeQueen. ALVIN MAY, JR.; Electrical Engineering- Amateur Radio Cluh; I.R.E.; Lonoke. BILLY BURNE1 MAY: General Business; Lonoke. BILLY JACK MAYES: Secondary Education; Springdale. WILNTI A MAYES: Elementary Education; Fayetteville. BILLIE SILVERWOOD MAYS: Elementary Education; Ar ; A.B.C., Elementary Club; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; Wood- bridge, Virginia. Third Row: JAMES L. MEDLEY: General Busi¬ ness; Hampton. DONALD LEE MEHLBURGER: Civil Engineering; XN ? President; ©T; O.D.K.; Gaebale Di¬ rector; A.S.C.E.; I.F.C.; Traffic Board; Commence¬ ment Committee; Little Rock. MAX C. MEHLBURG¬ ER: Pre-Med; 2N ; Little Rock. WARREN A. MERC¬ ER: Banking and Finance; A©; Little Rock. JANICE MAPLES METCALF: Home Economics; A.W.S., Stu¬ dent-Faculty Relations Committee, Chairman; W.I.H.C. Secretary-Treasurer; 4-H House, Vice-President; W.- R.A., Vice-President: A.S.A.; Colhecon; Alpena. LAR¬ RY W. MEYERS: Chemical Engineering; 2N; AXE; Scabbard and Blade; Staff. Arkansas Engineer; A.I.- C.E.; Hot Springs. JEANIE BROUGHTON MID¬ DLETON: English; XS2; Mortar Board; Student Union Committee Chairman; R.E.W. Committee Chairman; A.W.S. Committee Chairman; Class Editor, Razorback; Milo, Missouri. VIRGINIA ANN MILAM: Home Eco¬ nomics; 4-H House; Camden. Fourth Row: ALICE VICTORIA MILLER; Home Economics; B.S.U.; Colhecon; Searcy. GAYLON EU¬ GENE MILLER: Agriculture; Wesley Foundation; President, Agriculture Economics Cluh; DeValls Bluff. MARIANNE HASKELL MILLER: Elementary Edu¬ cation; Elementary Cluh; nAK; Fayetteville. JAMES LEE MILLS: Agriculture; ArP; AT A; President, Ani¬ mal Industry Cluh; Agri Students Association; Agrono¬ my Club; Young Democrats; l.F.C.: Booneville. CHAR¬ LES RUSSELL MITCHELL: Chemistry; Benton. PAU¬ LA MIXON: English; Xt2; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Preview Staff;R.E.W.; Marianna. LAWRENCE BRUNO MOEL¬ LER: Marketing; 2X; Marketing Club; Fort Smith. ONETA CARROL MOON: Personnel Administration; Davis; Alma. 263 Mooney, T. D. Mooney, W. F. Moore, J. M. Moore, M. C. Moore, R. H. Morgan Morris, G. R. Morris, G. E. Morris, J. H. Morris, R. S. Morris, S. L. Morrison, D. H. Morrison. W. H. Mott Nall Neil Nelson, B. J. Nelson, E. M. Newcome Newland Newton Nichols Noel Norton Norwood Nowell Nunnally Nutt Nutter Nyunt Oakes Oakley First Row: THOMAS DAVIS MOONEY: Geology; 2TE; Branner Geology Club; Cardinal Club; Student Union Committee; 2N; Monette. Missouri. WALTER FAYNE MOONEY: Social Studies; Clarksville. JOHN MALCOLM MOORE: Pre-Med.; 2AE, Rush Chairman. President: Blue Key; Student Senate: Debate Team; Arkadelphia. MARETTA CONNELL MOORE: Market¬ ing; - r, Publicity Chairman; Historian; SAM, Publicity Chairman: Razorback, Assistant Class Editor; Guild Ticker, staff; Fort Smith. ROBERT HARRIS MORE: Business Administration; 2AE; Springdale. ANNE MARTHA MORGAN: Business Education; Rog¬ ers. GARY R. MORRIS: Business Administration; Acacia; SAM; Arnold Air Society; Kansas City, Mis¬ souri. GORDON EARL MORRIS: Industrial Engineer¬ ing; 2X; Harrison. keting Club; Blytheville. CAROLYN TISDALE NEIL: Music; 2AI; Springdale. Third Row: BILLY JIM NELSON: Electrical En¬ gineering; Judsonia. ELSIE MAE NELSON: Home Economics; Judsonia. NANCY PUGH NEWCOME: Social Welfare; X 2; Wesley Foundation; A.W.S.; W.- R.A.; Student Union Committee; Portland. SARAH JANE NEWLAND: Home Ecomomics; Davis Hall; A.W.S.; Colhecon; A.S.A.; Wesley Foundation; Little Rock. CHRISTOPHER MACK NEWTON: Physical Education; Track; P.E.M.; Red Davis House; Fore¬ man. FRANKLIN FRANK NICHOLS: Accounting; Buchanan House, Treasurer; Commerce Guild; SAM; Baptist Student Union; Booneville. ROBERT E. NOEL: Electrical Engineering; Fayetteville. JOHN LONNIE NORTON: General Business; Young Democrats; Smackover. Second Row: JOLTON HOWARD MORRIS: His¬ tory; $A©; President; H24 ; Student Union Music Com¬ mittee; Farmington. RAYMOND S. MORRIS: Govern¬ ment; Student-Faculty Relations; Gladson House; Car¬ lisle. SARA LOU MORRIS: Education; AF; Forrest City. DOYLE HOWARD MORRISON: Industrial En¬ gineering; A.I.I.E; Ward. WILLIE HAYWARD MOR¬ RISON: Chemical Engineering; A.I.C.H.E.; Wesley Foundation. Treasurer; Pershing Rifles; Engineering Council; Carthage, Texas. JOHN KNEELAND MOTT: Architecture; 2AE ? Secretary, Pledge Trainer; A.I.A, Historian; Student Senate Committee; Razorback, Halls Editor; Traveler, sports editor; Preview Staff; Fort Smith. JERRY BYRON NALL: Marketing; HKA; Mar- Fourth Row: DON LOYD NORWOOD: Industrial Engineering; A.I.I.E.; Lincoln. ANNE GALEN NO¬ WELL: Elementary Education; B.S.U.; Elementary Club; A.W.S.; W.1LA.; KKX; Nashville. MARTHA SUE NUNALLY: General Business; Little Rock. DONALD RAY NUTT: Civil Engineering; TBII; FEME; A.S.C.E., Secretary; Scabbard and Blade; M.I.H.C.; Ripley; Mineral Springs. WILLIAM KEITH NUTTER: Mar¬ keting; Civic Club; Marketing Club; UK A • Crossett. RAPHAEL SEIN TIN NYUNT: Electrical Engineering; Rangoon. Burma. DAVID L. OAKS: General Business; Acacia, Secretary; Band; Springdale. THOMAS D. OAKLEY: Marketing; A Club; Wilson Sharp House; Little Rock. 264 HELPING HAND turns on light for one of the many squinting architects as students spent long, tedious hours hovered over drawing boards. Orsburn Oswald. H. L. Owens, 0. W. Page, E. M. Panos Parker, M. V. Patterson Orton Oswald, N. Pace Page, M. B. Papaleonardos Parkin Patton, A. M. Osborne Oury Pack Pang Parker, B. J. Parks Patton, J. D. Ostner Owens, C. R. Pafford Pangle Parker, J. G. Parrott Payne Firs t Row : PATRICIA ANN ORSBURN: Educa¬ tion; AAA; Sophomore Counselor; S.U. Committee; Razorback Staff; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Fort Smith. TRA¬ VIS G. ORTON, JR.: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Little Rock. FRANCES ELIZABETH OSBORNE: Personnel Administration; Mortar Board; aaa. Secretary; Presi¬ dent, XB; Senior Counselor; Secretary, S.A.M.; Gurdon. JOHN L. OSTNER: Insurance and Real Estate; SAE; Civic Club; Debate Team; Vice-President, Senior Class Business; Little Rock. Second Row: HARRYETTE LEE OSWALD: Home Economics; Xl ; Vice-President, Colhecon; Vice-Presi¬ dent, Orchesis; Historian, North Little Rock. NOLAN OSWALD: Agriculture; Mena. BYRON EU¬ GENE OURY: Math; Buchanan; North Little Rock. CARL ROY OWENS: Accounting; S.A.M.; Marble. Third Row: OLIN W. OWENS: Mechanical Engi¬ neering; Vice-President, A.S.M.E.; President, Buchan¬ an; Junction City. JAMES W. PACE: Marketing; Mar¬ keting Club; Gravette. ROSCOE CHARLES PACK: General Business; Springdale. NANCY CARROLL PAFFORD: Government and History; KKT; Vice-Presi¬ dent, A.W.S.; Judical Board; S.U. Board; Mortar Board; Vice-President, $AB; W.R.A.; A.W.S. Commit¬ tee; I.F.P.C.; Fort Smith. Fourth Row: EUGENE MERRITT PAGE: Math; Springdale. MERLYN BRYAN PAGE: Zoology; Fay¬ etteville. HENRY PANG: Psychology and Sociology; Ripley; West Helena. CURTIS GLEN PANGLE: Civil Engineering; Yellville. Fifth Row: THEODORA PANOS: Elementary Edu¬ cation; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Orchesis; Y.D.C.; Social Chairman. KKT; R.E.W. Committee; Little Rock. DI¬ MITRIS P. PAPALEONARDOS: Mechanical Engineer¬ ing; 2N; A.S.M.E.; International Club; Athens, Greece. BOBBY JOE PARKER: Civil Engineering; AXA; A.S.- C.E.; A.B.C.; Pershing Rifles; Dermott. JERRY G. PARKER: General Business; 2AE; Arnold Air Society; Guild Ticker; S.A.M.; Camden. Sixth Row: MANURED V. PARKER, JR. ; Civil Engineering; Huntsville. JANE PARKIN: English; Stu¬ dent Senate; HB4 ; Y.D.C. Blackfriars; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Little Rock. PEGGY LOUISE PARKS: English; aaa ; Sophomore Counselor; Newman Club; Editor, New¬ man Guide; AT; Cardinal Club; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Fort Smith. BETTIE JAN PARROTT: Dietetics; Colhecon; Vice-President, AF; S.U. Committee; W.R.A.; R.E.W.: A.W.S.; S.A.M.; Garland, Texas. Seventh Row: RICHARD I. PATTERSON: Archi¬ tecture; Fayetteville. ANN MARIE PATTON: Eng¬ lish; Cheerleader; AIT; A.B.C.; KKF; Wesley Founda¬ tion; I.F.P.C.; Fort Smith. JEWEL D. PATTON, JR.: Marketing: Marketing Club; S.A.M.; Little Rock. FRANK LYNN PAYNE: Music; MA ; Little Rock. 265 s ,jr XI iHr WMKB s PREPARING plaster for sculptural work requires the very Fine Art ' s students to get hands and elbows in the mixture for proper blending. Pearcy Peel Peeler Penney Perdue Perry Peterson Phelan Phelps Phillips, C. H. Phillips, R. F. Phillips, W. W. Pinkerton Pippin Pitts Plant Poe Polychron Pond Prater Prescott Prewitt Price, J. L. Price, L. E. Price, L. G. Prideaux Primm Proctor First Row: ERVIN EUGENE PEARCY: General Business; S.A.M.; Greenwood. ROBERT E. PEEL: Secondary Education; Eureka Springs. CLAY PEEL¬ ER: Civil Engineering; Russellville. WILLIAM ROY PENNEY: Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Arkin- dy. Second Row: WILLIAM WALLACE PERDUE: Chemical Engineering; QT; IIME; A.I.C.E.; Little Rock. JOE R. PERRY: Electrical Engineering; Hot Springs. BETTY LOUISE PETERSON: Home Economics; A.- S.A.; Student Union Activities Board; Colhecon; Minot, North Dakota. BOBBY GENE PHELAN: Education; Prairie Grove. Third Row: H. ROBERT PHELPS: Commercial Art; EN ? Social Chairman; Cheerleader; A.B.C.; Civic Club; Young Democrats; Gaebale Varsity Show Com¬ mittee; El Dorado. CHARLES HENRY PHILLIPS: Mechanical Engineering; William House; A.S.M.E.; S.A.M.; Ashdown. RICHARD FRED PHILLIPS: In¬ dustrial Engineering; Bentonville. WILLIAM WAL¬ LACE PHILLIPS: Agriculture; Farm House; Vander- voort. Fourth Row: WILLIAM ELZE PINKERTON: Me¬ chanical Engineering; William House; New Hope. ARGUS KENNETH PIPPIN: Agriculture Economics; Terry Village; Ozark. ROBERT SAMUEL PITTS, JR.: Civil Engineering; 2 t E; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club; Clarksville. GARRATT PROCTOR PLANT: Govern¬ ment and Sociology; Hot Springs. Fifth Row: CHARLES ALFRED POE: Philosophy and Psychology; Droke House; O.D.K.; President, Wesley Foundation; Counselor; Waldron. NIKKI POLYCHRON: English; nB4 ; Student Senate, Agenda Committee; Secretary of A.S.A.; Preview Staff; A.- W.S.; Little Rock. PAULA SUE POND: Marketing; ZTA ; Marketing Club; Joplin, Missouri. JOHN WIN- DELL PRATER: General Business; HKA; Harrison. Sixth Row: JAMES W. PRESCOTT, JR.: General Business; nKA; Hughes. TAYLOR ARCHIE PRE¬ WITT: Pre-Med.; President, O.D.K.; PHE; Vice-Presi¬ dent, Wesley Foundation; Council of Honor Societies; Secretary, 2X; AEA; R.E.W. Planning Board; Arkan¬ sas Traveler Staff; McGehee. JIMMY L. PRICE: Elec¬ trical Engineering; £X; GT; I.R.E.; Arkansas Engineer, staff; Mena. LARRY EUGENE PRICE: Electrical En¬ gineering; Little Rock. Seventh Row: LOIS GERALDEANE PRICE: Educa¬ tion; Carnall; KAii ; S.N.E.A.; Secretary; A.W.S.; Hel¬ ena. JEAN PAUL PRIDEAUX: Mechanical Engineer¬ ing; A.S.M.E.; North Little Rock. DAVID HENDER¬ SON PRIMM: Marketing; KE; Marketing Club; Smackover. CECIL S. PROCTOR: Mechanical Engi¬ neering; Cotton Plant. 266 Purdy Ray, H. A. Reynolds. B. G. Ridodill Purifoy Ray. M. E. Reynolds, M. S. Roberts, C. W. Pyeatt Rayder Rhoades Roberts, J. 1). Pyle Reaves Rice, B. E. Roberts, J. L. Ragland Raiford Reed, I. M. Reed, J. L. Rice, D. E. Richards Roberts, T. L. Robertson Rainwater Reese Richardson Robins Ramsey Reinhart Richter Robinson First Row: DARRELL JOE PURDY: Electrical Engineering; Harrison. PIERCE H. PURIFOY : Geo¬ logy; William House; Fouke. PATRICIA GUINN PYE¬ ATT: English; $BK; President, XS2; Who’s Who; AAA; A.W.S. Judicial Board; ATT; Sophomore Counselor; R.E.W. Planning Board; Vice-President, Mortar Board: Panhellenic Council; Student Court; Fayette¬ ville. HOYTE R. PYLE: Pre-Med: AXA; nMA; Little Rock. DOROTHY WEST RAGLAND: Secondary Edu¬ cation; niME; S.N.E.A.; Leslie. WILLIAM ROBERT RAIFORD. JR.: Industrial Education; Mineral Springs. BILLY J. RAINWATER: Engineering; Fort Smith. JOHN WILLIAM RAMSEY: Marketing; 2 e; Market¬ ing Club; Young Democrats; Prairie Grove. Second Row: HILARY A. RAY: Mechanical Engi¬ neering; A.S.M.E.; Jonesboro. MARY EUGENIA RAY: Math; Secretary, Baptist Student Union; Treas¬ urer, Carnall; Little Rock. LINDA RAYDER: Elemen¬ tary Education; aaa ; Blytheville. GORDON THOMAS REAVES: Accounting; Little Rock. IRA MAX REED: Accounting; Circle K; Commerce Guild; Business Manager, Guild Ticker; S.A.M.; AK ; Vice-President. President, I.F.C.; Treasurer, Associated Students ; Student Senate; Young Democrats; Baptist Stu¬ dent Union; Secretary, Treasurer, ATfi; Rison. JIMMY LEE REED: Industrial Engineering; Razorback; A.- I.I.E.; Secretary-Treasurer, Engineering Council; Scab¬ bard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Baptist Student Un¬ ion; BT; Men’s Counselor; Pine Bluff. A. WESLEY REESE: Math. 2 t E ; Hot Springs. CHARLES LAW¬ RENCE REINHART: Agricultural Engineering; Stutt¬ gart. Third Row: BOBBY GENE REYNOLDS: Electrical Engineering; nKA; Student Senate; Engine Council: TI ri; Staff, Arkansas Engineer; IIME; ita. Wye; BT; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.; Ray, North Dakota. MAT- TIE SUE REYNOLDS: Secondary Education; Benton- viile. SAM F. RHOADES: Industrial Engineering; Wes¬ ley Foundation; Secretary, M.I.H.C.; A.I.I.E.; Vice- President, aitM ; Clinton. ' BENNIE ELBERT RICE: Journalism; Sports Editor, Managing Editor, Arkansas Traveler; Sports Editor, Razorback; I.F.C.; Rush Chairman, AB; Young Democrats: Press Club; Jack¬ sonville. DONALD E. RICE: Business; Blytheville. CARL LEE RICHARDS. JR.: Industrial Management; AXA ; A.I.I.E.; Benton. JOYCE NELL RICHARDSON: Marketing; nB4 ; XB; Lepanto. DARRALL ALAN RICHTER: Agricultural Engineering; Gillett. Fourth Row: ROSEMARY RIDGDILL: Education; KKY: i ka; Little Rock. CHARLES WESLEY ROB¬ ERTS: Pre-Med; Camden. JAMES DAVID ROBERTS: Mechanical Engineering; Pine Bluff. JERRY LEE ROB¬ ERTS: Electrical Engineering; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.; Mar- maduke. TOMMY L. ROBERTS: Marketing; Market¬ ing Club; President. William House: M.I.H.C.: Cros¬ sed ROSE MARIE ROBERTSON: Elementary Educa¬ tion; ZTA; Elementary Club; Secretary, Freshman Bus¬ iness Class; Student Union Committee; A.W.S.; Little Rock. SARAH SANDRA ROBINS: Education; aaa ; Elementary Club; A.B.C.; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; Hope. JOHN R. ROBINSON: General Business; 2 IT ; Piggott. 267 f Rock Roth. G. A. Sanders, J. M. Scholl Rockwell Roe Runner Russell Sanders, W. M. Sandy Scott Scroggins Rogers, J. C. Rutherford Sangster Scudder Rogers, R. D. Ryan Santifer Sehnert Rogers, T.D. Rye Saunders Self Ross Saba Sawyer Sellingman Roth, C. N. Sallis Schallhorn Sessions First Row: MARTHA ROCK: Chemistry; KKX; Opera Workshop; Schola Cantorium: Collegiate Singer; Opera “Martha”; Student-Faculty Committee; Modern Dance Club; Little Rock. JOHN ALLEN ROCKWELL: Chemistry; Fort Smith. JOSEPH LEO ROE: General Business; Little Rock. JOHN C. ROGERS: Insurance and Real Estate: AX A. President. Treasurer. Rush Chair¬ man; I.F.C.; Little Rock. RALPH DALE ROGERS: Agriculture; Waldo. TED D. ROGERS: General Busi¬ ness; AXA• A Club; Little Rock. THOMAS HOWARD ROSS: Chemical Engineering; BT, Secretary; TBIT ? Vice President; A.I.Ch.E., Treasurer; n lE; t H2; Treasurer; OAK; Stuttgart. CHARLES NELSON ROTH: Marketing; Marketing Club, Treasurer; S.A.- M.; President; AKt; Student Senate; Blue Key; Stutt¬ gart. Second Row : GEORGIA ANN ROTH: Accounting; ZTA, Pledge Trainer, Vice President; Sophomore Counselor; X0, Vice-President; Commerec Guild, Treasurer; S.A.M., Treasurer; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; Stu¬ dent Union Photography Committee; A.B.C.; Shreve¬ port, Louisiana. ROBERT CHAPIN RUNNER: History and Government; Fort Smith. ELIZABETH SUE RUS¬ SELL: Elementary Education; XS ; Pine Bluff. ELIZA¬ BETH SUSAN RUTHERFORD: English; AAA; Major¬ ette, Band; TB2; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Student Union Committee; Texarkana. ARCHIE BENNETT RYAN, JR.: Psychology; £4 E; Bentonville. WILLIAM CHAR¬ LES RYE: Marketing; Sedgewell House, Counselor; Baptist Student Union; Marketing Club; Russellville. PHILIP B. SABA: Electrical Engineering; A.I.E.E., Fayetteville. JOHN C. SALLIS: Mathematics; Ripley House; iiME; Helena. Third Row: JOY MAE SANDERS: Music Educa¬ tion; XAI, President; W.I.H.C., President; A.W.S. Ex¬ ecutive Board; Student Christian Council. Secretary; Executive Council, B.S.U.; R.E.W. Planning Board; Carnall Hall. House Manager, Song Leader; Flippin. WILLIAM MARSHALL SANDERS: Industrial Engi¬ neering; 2 ll; Saratoga. JEFF DAVIS SANDY: Ac¬ counting; nKA; Searcy. ROBERT DANIEL SANG¬ STER: Personnel Administration; S.A.M.; Marketing Club; Fort Smith. CHARLES STUART SANTIFER: Agronomy; M.I.H.C.; Texarkana. JOHN LOUIS SAUNDERS: Math and History; Newman Club; H2 t , Vice-President; IIME; 3 AG; 4 H2; West Memphis. JACK H. SAWYER; Marketing; Marketing Club: Little Rock. JOHN DAVID SCHALLHORN: Chemical Engineer¬ ing; AX2; A.I.Ch.E.; DeWitt. Fourth Row: STEWART WILSON SCHOLL: Jour¬ nalism; AXA, Secretary, Social Chairman; Blue Key, Secretary; Traveler, Editor; Board of Publications, Chairman; Traffic Committee; Press Club, Publicity Chairman; Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Com¬ mittee; Fayetteville. KENNETH RAY SCOTT: General Agriculture; Jacksonville. PATRICIA ELISIE SCROG¬ GINS: Home Economics; 4-H House; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Wesley Foundation; Agriculture Students Association; Colhecon; Van Buren. ROBERT WILLIAM SCUD¬ DER: Chemical Engineering; AX2; A.I.Ch.E.; Ar¬ kansas Engineer Staff; Gaebale Committee; XN; Hot Springs. JAMES ELLIS SEHNERT: Math and Physics; IIME; KKt ; Band; Fayetteville. JEWELL EARL SELF: Accounting; AB ; A.B.C.; Buchanan House; Little Rock. MITCHELL SELLIGMAN: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Little Rock. MARHTA RAE SESSIONS: Psychology; X; Fayetteville. 268 s e n. • 1 0r s ACCEPTING the ASGA petition, endorsing the 3% sales tax, from Jim Tompkins, right. Gov. Faubus praised students for concern and interest. Shackelford Shaddox, C.R. Shaddox, C. H. Shaida Sharp Sharum Sherman Shipley Shipp Shockley Shores Shreeve Shumate Sidler Sigman Simco Simmons, M. Simmons, 0. W. Simmons, S. Simpson Sink Sloan Slutter Small, E. L. Small, S. Smith, J. L. Smith, J. A. Smith, J. E. First Row: CLEON JOSEPH SHACKLEFORD. JR.: Math; Ripley; DeWitt. CHARLES RUSSELL SHAD- DOX: Speech: Acacia: TKA; AKSP : President. Forensic Society; B.S.U.; Fayetteville. CURT H. SHADDOX: Civil Engineering; Buchanan; Western Grove. PETER L. SHAIDA: Secondary Education; Fayetteville. Second Row: LEWIS BATEMAN SHARP: Market¬ ing; A0; A.S.C.E.; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Circle K; Tuckerman. URBAN EUGENE SHA- RUM: Chemistry; AX2; Newman Club; Fort Smith. JOHN K. SHERMAN, JR.: Industrial Engineering; President. AllM; TBII; A.I.I.E.; Fort Smith. MARI- LYNN JANE SHIPLEY: Elementary Education; Prair¬ ie Grove. Third Row: ELSIE ELIZABETH SHIPP: Elemen¬ tary Education; ITB £; A.W.S.; W.R.A: Elementary Club; Little Rock. ALLEN BRYAN SHOCKLEY: Me- chancal Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Traskwood. CECIL EDWARD SHORES: Marketing; A.B.C.; Band; Black- friars; Marketing Club KK ' B; Cave Springs. KENT EVANS SHREEVE: Civil Engineering; XX; West Hel¬ ena. Fourth Row: DOUGLAS OMER SHUMATE: Psy¬ chology; Charleston. PAUL DAVIS SIDLER: Account¬ ing; S.A.M.; Wesley Foundation; Fort Smith. VAMIS KEITH SIGMAN: Geology ; Lucas. TOM FRANK SIM- CO; Animal Nutrition; A.S.A.; Animal Industry Club; Economics Club; Westminster Fellowship; Mountain- burg. Fifth Row: MARILYN SIMMONS: Secondary Edu¬ cation; aaa ; B.S.U.; Fort Smith. ORMAN WINFIELD SIMMONS: Pre-Med; SN; Pershing Rifles; North Lit¬ tle Rock. SONJA SIMMONS: Elementary Education; Carnall; Shreveport, Louisiana. BARBARA ALLEGRA SIMPSON: Business Teaching; HB t ; Mortar Board; AAA ? Secretary; Treasurer and Junior Representative, Business School; X0; BT2 ? Vice-President; KAII; Sopho¬ more Counselor; A.W.S., Committees and Sophomore Secretary; Student Union Film Committee. Sixth Row: GLENN N. SINK: Architecture; XX; Newport. DAVID WATSON SLOAN: Architecture; 2AE; A.I.A.; Newman Club; Fort Smith. MARION EDWARD SLUTTER: Industrial Engineering; A.I.I.- E.; Pittsburg, Kansas. EUGENE LOWELL SMALL: Electrical Engineering; Hot Springs. Seventh Row: SYLVIA SMALL: Education; Xfi; Elementary Club; Student Union Committee; Shreve¬ port, Louisiana. JAMES LESLIE SMITH: Electrical Engineering; President, AXA; Treasurer, I.F.C.; Bus¬ iness Manager, Arkansas Engineer; Student Union Com¬ mittee; A.I.E.E.; Engineering Council; Stuttgart. JEW¬ ELL ANNE SMITH: English; Sophomore Counselor; W.R.A.; A.W.S., Volunteer Service Committee; R.E.W. Publicity Committee; Vice-President, Pledge Trainer, AAA; Texarkana. JOE EDSEL SMITH: Architecture; A.I.A.; Van Buren. 2(59 CONCERNED Commerce Guild officers served coffee and doughnuts at their meetings designed to create more interest and larger attendance. Smith, M. F. Snell Spencer Stanley Stepp Stewart. J. K. Stillwell Smith, V. E. Snow Springer Steele Stevens Stewart. J. R. St. John Smith, W. C. Sohn Standefer Steen Steward Stewart. R. M. Stockton, B. R. Smittle Solis Standridge Stephens Stewart. C. R. Stiedle Stockton, J. R. First Row: MORRISON F. SMITH: Business; HKA ; Fayetteville. VIRGIL ERNEST SMITH: Electrical En¬ gineering; Droke; Baptist Student Union; I.R.E.; Chief Engineer, K.U.A.; Norman. WILLIAM GRADY SMITH: Animal Nutrition: A.S.A.; A.I. Club; Agri- Econ. Club; Dover. ROBERT IRVIN SMITTLE: Gen¬ eral Agriculture; Bodcaw. Second Row: MARY WILLIS SNELL: Psychology; Hope. WILLIAM ALBERT SNOW: Business; AK ; Arnold Air Society; Secretary. $A0; S.A.M.; Cane Hill. JAMES L. SOHN: Electrical Engineering; I.R.E.; Am¬ ateur Radio Club; Conway. BETTY ANN SOLIS: Eng¬ lish: Fayetteville. Third Row : LEWIS WAYNE SPENCER: Personnel Administration; Fort Smith. PATRICIA ANN SPRING¬ ER: Education; AAA; AAA; KAII; W.R.A.; A.W.S.; R.E.W.; Baptist Student Union; Sheridan. HAROLD RUSSELL STANDEFER: Architecture; Jonesboro. HAROLD H. STANDRIDGE: Electrical Engineering; Opal. Fourth Row: BILL B. STANLEY: Electrical Engi¬ neering; A.I.E.E.; Pine Bluff. MAX L. STEELE: Me¬ chanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; TBH; IIME; Monette. JANE ANN STEEN: Business Administration: Carnall; Joplin, Missouri. DANNY BRYAN STEPHENS: Pre- Med; Secretary, AX2; President KK ' P; AEA; XXMA; It .ME; Razorback Band; Concert Band; Fort Smith. Fifth Row: WILLIAM B. STEPP: Geology; Young Democates; Brainier Geology Club; Pettigrew. ETHEL JANE STEVENS: Elementary Education; Elementary Club; Fayetteville. LORIS FAYE STEWARD: Dietet¬ ics; Springdale. CHARLES REX STEWART: Chemical Engineering; A TO; A.LCh.E.; Piggott. Sixth Row: JERRY K. STEWART: General Bus¬ iness; 2N; l.F.C. Rush Committee; Fayetteville. JOY RAE STEWART: Accounting; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Sec¬ retary, BA ; Treasurer, X0; Historian, ZTA; Baptist Student Union; Fayetteville. ROBERT MAX STE¬ WART: Mechanical Engineering; A.B.C.; Married Stu¬ dents Club; President ATO; l.F.C.; Piggott. PAUL PIERSON STIEDLE: Electrical Eng ineering; A.I.E.E.- I.R.E.; TBIT : President, IIAWye; IIME; West Helena. Seventh Row: MORGAN DALE STILLWELL: Ge¬ ology; Branner Geology Club; Humphrey. VALERIE LEE ST. JOHN: History; Treasurer X 2; Treasurer, Holcombe; Sophomore Counselor: Razorback, Halls Ed¬ itor; Razorback, Beauty Editor; AIT; A0; R.E.W. Publicity Committee; A.W.S.; S.U. Committee; Mena. BUDDY RALPH STOCKTON: Marketing; A.B.C.: Wesley Players; Marketing Club; Camden. JOE RICH¬ ARD STOCKTON: Geology; XFE; 4 H2; Branner Ge¬ ology; Alma. 270 Stonecipher Streetman Strickland, J. R. Sugg Sutton Swaffar Taylor, T. N. Teeter Thomas, A. J. Thompson, H. E. Thompson, H. A. Thornton Strickland, W. T. Stroud, R.C. Sweatman Swindle Thomas, C. K. Thomas, C. C. Tolleson Tollett Stroud, M. K. Tankursley Thomas, J. J. Tomlin Stumbaugh Styles Tatom Taylor, J. E. Thomas, T. M. Thompson, D. F. Tompkins, G. W. Tompkins, J. F. First Row: MARY SUE STONECIPHER: Elemen¬ tary Education; Delta Gamma; Elementary Club; Fay¬ etteville. TOMMY S. STREETMAN: Law; aa ; Stu¬ dent Bar Association; Law School Honor Council; Young Demorcrats; McNeil. JERRY ROGERS STRICK¬ LAND: Chemical Engineering; AXX; A.I.Ch.E.; Blythe- ville. WILLIAM THOMAS STRICKLAND, JR.: Chem- ' ical Engineering; TBII; Secretary, 9T; Vice-Presi¬ dent; A.I.Ch.E.; n me • Little Rock. BETTY CHRISTINE STROUD: Education; Davis; Huntsville. MARIE! TA KIMBALL STROUD: Elementary Education; KKF; Ele¬ mentary Cluh; Law Wives; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; De Queen. EVERETTE DON STUMBAUGH: Business; I.F.C.; President, 2 E ; Clarksville. JAMES DOYLE STYLES: Agriculture; Bauxite. Third Row : TED N. TAYLOR: Geology; Branner Geology Club; Gaebale Committee; Fort Smith. WIL¬ LIAM FRANKLIN TEETER: Agriculture; SN; Tillar. ALBERT J. THOMAS: Accounting; West Memphis. CAROL KEELING THOMAS: Home Economics; Col- hecon; Baptist Student Union; St. Joe. CHARLES COFFMAN THOMAS: Physics and Math; North Little Rock. JACK J. THOMAS: Mechanical Engineering; Buchanan; Jasper. THOMAS MICHAEL THOMAS: Industrial Management; 2X; I.F.C.; Little Rock. DON- ALDFRED THOMPSON: Pre-Med; Pershing Rifles; 1 reasurer, UMA; Counselor, Sedgewell; Baptist Student Union; ' J ' X; North Little Rock. Second Row: WILLIAM SIDNEY SUGG: Indus¬ trial Engineering; A(); Student Senate; Civic Club; Engine Council; AIIM; A.I.I.C.; Fort Smith. MAX KEITH SUTTON: English; Ripley; OAK• AIT ? Vice- President; Wesley Foundation; Student Christian Coun¬ cil, Vice-President; Ripley, Treasurer, Secretary; Hunts¬ ville. JOE T. SWAFFAR: Architecture; Buchannan; Little Rock. JAMES EDWARD SWEATMAN: Electri¬ cal Engineering; Camden. DOROTHY GENE SWIN¬ DLE: Music; Carnal!; 2AI ; Moscow. JOHN C. TAN¬ KURSLEY: Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Dallas, Texas. BONNIE LOUIS TATOM: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; North Little Rock. JAMES EDWIN TAYLOR: Chemistry: William House; Arnold Air Society; Spark¬ man. Fourth Row: HARRY EDDIE THOMPSON: His¬ tory; Wilson Sharp; Co-Captain, Basketball: A Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Mt. Pleasant. HUGH A. THOMP¬ SON: Banking and Finance; Buchanan; S.A.M.; Bear¬ den. CHARLES CRAIG THORNTON: Personnel Man¬ agement; 2$E; S.A.M.; El Dorado. JOHN HARRISON TOLLESON: Music Education; 2N; Vice-President Raz- orback Band; KKM ' ; President, MA; Orchestra; Green¬ wood. JAMES REED TOLLETT: Mechanical Engi¬ neering; A.S.M.E.; Okay. ROY JACE TOMLIN: Math; Booneville. GAIL WHITSITT TOMPKINS: Social Wel¬ fare; nB ; A.B.C.; Burdette. JAMES F. TOMPKINS: General Business; 2AE; President, Senior Class; Presi¬ dent, A.S.G.A.; Student Senate; Burdette. Towery Townsend | r i o ' cr Trowbridge True Uhm Van Dover Van Meter Van Pelt Vanhook Vick Vincent Vines Vowels Waddell Wallace, M. E. Wallace, M. G. Wallace, W. E. Wanasek Warr Turner Tye Vanlandingham Veasey Waggoner. L. R. Waggoner, J. Warren Wasson, R. G. Tyndall Velvin Wallace, D. C. Wasson, R. J. First Row: FRANKLIN DELANO TOWERY: Elec¬ trical Engineering; Cove. ROBERT WILLIAM TOWN¬ SEND: Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Conway. NANCY VINZANT TRIGG: History; ZTA; $A0; Augusta. RUTH EVANGELEEN TROWBRIDGE: Home Eco¬ nomics Education; Kingston. WILLIAM JACKSON TRUE: Mechanical Engineering; Gladson House; Ben- tonville. ARLIE G. TURNER. JR.: Electrical Engineer¬ ing; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.; Harrison. ROBERT H. TYE: Business Administration; Emmett. JOHN N. TYN¬ DALL: Geology; Nashville. Third Row: EARL WAYNE VICK: General Busi¬ ness; Star City. JEANNA MAUREEN VINCENT: Mus¬ ic-Drama; Carnall; Joplin, Missouri. CHARLES WEN¬ DELL VINES: Secondary Education; William House; KAII; AIT; S.N.E.A.; Arkansas Folklore Society; D.M.- S.; Waldron. GARY BRUCE VOWELS: Architecture; Jonesboro. MARY GAYE WADDELL: English; Xfi ; Osceola. LESTER RAY WAGGONER: Accounting; Glenwood. JACK WAGONER: Pre-Med; A0 ; Vice- President. AEA; Wesley Foundation; Little Rock. DON CLARK WALLACE: Personnel; A.B.C.; National Psy¬ chology Club; B.S.U.; Magnolia. Second Row: BILL K. UHM: Architecture; 211; I.S.C.; A.I.A.; Wesley Foundation; Seoul, Korea. JAMES RICHARD VANDOVER: Accounting; Wilson Sharp; 2AE; ‘A’ Club, Treasurer; Scabbard and Blade, Secretary; Wilson Sharp, Secretary; ART ' ; Civic Club; Military Ball Committee, Secretary; Varsity Football; North Little Rock. THOMAS WARREN VAN METER: Mechanical Engineering; William House; A.S.M.E.; North Little Rock. BETTE VAN PELT: Elementary Education; AAA; Elementary Club; Magnolia. JACK D. VANHOOK: Secondary Education; Clifty. DEL¬ BERT RAY VANLANDINGHAM: Civil Engineering; Redfield. JAMES EDWARD VEASEY: Industrial Man¬ agement; Monticello. BENJAMIN DREW VELVIN: History; 2AE; Lewisville. Fourth Row: MARVIN EDWARD WALLACE: Gen¬ eral Business; Lincoln. MINOR GORDON WALLACE, JR.: Architecture; A.I.A.; Texarkana. WILLIAM ED ¬ WIN WALLACE: Architecture; ATft; A.I.A.; Glen Allen, Mississippi. ROBERT EDWARD WANASEK: Geology; 2AE; ATE, Secretary; Canterbury Club, Treas¬ urer; Fayetteville. DONALD RAY WARR: Chemical Engineering; Smackover. LEON BRADLEY WARREN : Agronomy-Soils; Agronomy Club; Cherry Hill. RO¬ BERT G. WASSON: General Business; Student Union Committee, Chairman; Young Democrats; Siloam Springs. RUTHIE JANE WASSON: Education; AAA; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; R.E.W. Committee; Harrison. SEARCHING for the proper file card, this distraught student looked to no avail, finally called one of the librarians who quickly found it. Waymack Weaver, P. A. West, P. J. Whitaker Wilbourn Williams, M. B. Wilson, B. J. Wear Webb Westmeyer Whitcomb Wilkins Williams, P. L. Wilson, D. Weaver, J. S. Welch Whetstone White, G. C. Williams, F. Williams, W. F. Wilson, J. K. Weaver, L. D. West, C. Whistle White, R. A. Williams, J. E. Williamson Wilson, J. L. First Row: FRED L. WAYMACK: Economics; AX A ; Pine Bluff. JAMES OTTO WEAR: Chemistry; Fort Smith. JAMES SCOTT WEAVER: Electrical En¬ gineering; Buchanan House: Prescott. LAWRENCE D. WEAVER: Physics; TIME; XHX ? Secretary; Marshall. Second Row: PHYLLIS ANN WEAVER: Business Education; XB; Carnall Hall: A.W.S.: W.R.A.; Jack¬ sonville. GILBERT HOWELL WEBB: Marketing; Ro¬ gers. J. C. WELCH: Business; £X; pj ne Bluff. CHAR¬ LES WEST: Education; Gallup, New Mexico. Third Row: PEGGY JO WEST: Elementary Educa¬ tion; Elkins. EDWARD ROBERT WESTMEYER: Elec¬ trical Engineering; I.R.E.: Fayetteville. RAY TERRAL WHETSTONE: Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.: Bradley. MARGARET ANN WHISTLE: Education; AAA; Mortar Board, Historian; Civic Club; Dell. Fourth Row: ALICE JANE WHITAKER: Physical Education; KKF. Corresponding Secretary; W.R.A., Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer; PEM Club. Secre¬ tary; A.W.S.; Harrison. ROBERT HOWARD WHIT¬ COMB: Accounting; KK ; S.A.M.; Tulsa, Okla¬ homa. GEORGE CARL WHITE: Finance; Fort Smith. ROBERT A. WHITE: Electrical Engineering; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E.: Morrilton. Fifth Row: JO ELLEN WILBOURN: Elementary Education; AAA. President; Mortar Board; Senior Counselor; nKA Dream Girl; Elementary Club, Secre¬ tary; Panhellenic Council ; Conway. REX E. WIL¬ KINS: Architecture: Joplin. Missouri. FERNIE WIL¬ LIAMS: Speech; sr ; Benton. JAYNE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS: Home Economics; Davis Hall; Beech Grove. Sixth Row: MARIBELLE BLEW WILLIAMS: Sec¬ ondary Education; AAA; TIME; KAII ; Farmington. PA¬ TRICIA LUCILLE WILLIAMS: Home Economics; Carnall Hall; Garfield. WILLIAM FLOYD WILLIAMS: Electrical Engineering; I.R.E.; Hackett. BILL B. WIL¬ LIAMSON: Geology; Russellville. Seventh Rou): BEBE JO WILSON: Education; ZTA; Magnolia. DICK WILSON: General Agriculture; K2; Joiner. JEFF KENNETH WILSON: Chemical Engineer¬ ing; A.I.Ch.E.; Little Rock. JOE LESLIE WILSON: Electrical Engineering; Ripley House; Magnolia. NOT SO FLASHY card section sponsored by Booster Club was discontinued after initial showing because of disinterest, poor condition of cards. Wilson, L. D. Wintory Wommack Woodson Worst, J. L. Wyatt Wilson, M.A. Wisner Wood Woody Worst, K. E. Wyrick Youmans Wilson, S. C. Winifred Woodman Woolsey Wray Yancey Zellner Winningham Witherspoon Woodruff Word Wright Yarbrough Zierak First Row: LOREN DUANE WILSON, JR.: His¬ tory; SAE; KA ; Marketing Club; Little Rock. MARY ANN WILSON: Home Economics; Davis; A.S.A.; Bap¬ tist Student Union; Colhecon; Malvern. SUE CARO¬ LYN WILSON: Secondary Education; University House; Areata, California. JOHN G. WINNINGHAM: General Business; KA; Jacksonville. Second Row: CORA WINTORY: Education; Fort Smith. BARBARA A. WISNER: Elementary Club; 0.- C.W.; Baptist Student Union; Gentry. JIM WINIFRED WITHERSPOON: General Business; Mena. DAVID E. WOMACK: Agriculture; Dardanelle. Third Row: RICHARD L. WOMMACK: Account¬ ing; Fayetteville. SUE ANN WOOD: Home Economics; KKT; Vice-President, Historian, Colhecon; Sopho¬ more Counselor; Mortar Board; A.W.S.; W.R.A.; Rus¬ sellville. LLOYD WOODMAN, JR.: Business Admin¬ istration; K2; Newport. R. PRESTON WOODRUFF, JR.: Accounting; 2N; Westminster Fellowship; Fayette¬ ville. Fourth Row: JAMES HAROLD WOODSON: Chem¬ ical Engineering; Gladson; A.I.C.E.; A.B.C.; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Stuttgart. HAROLD LEE WOODY: Electrical Engineering; A.I.E.E.; Greenwood. DENVER WILLIAM WOOLSEY: Accounting; Ozark. HARRY DEAN WORD: Agriculture; Rison. Fifth Row: JAMES LOUIS WORST: Electrical En¬ gineering; TIME; TBH ; riAYye: I.R.E.; Fort Smith. KARL EDWARD WORST: Electrical Engineering; Gladson; Fort Smith. DONALD EDWARD WRAY: Agriculture; AZ; A.S.A.; A.I. Club, Vice-President; I.F.C.; Judging Team; President, nKA• Des Arc. PAT¬ TI DEEN WRIGHT: Elementary Education; AAA ; A.¬ W.S.; W.R.A.; Elementary Club; Blytheville. Sixth Row: ROBERT R. WYATT: Electrical Engi¬ neering; President, HME; Secretary, A.I.E.E.; Staff, Arkansas Engineer; Council of Honor Societies; Rogers. WALTER KELVIN WYRICK: Speech: 2AE ; Wesley Foundation, A S2 ; Magnolia. JO ANN YANCEY: Ele¬ mentary Education; ZTA; Elementary Club; W.R.A.; F.T.A.; Little Rock. BILLY DEAN YARBROUGH: Electrical Engineering; A.I.E.E.; Green Forest. Seventh Row: MARY CATHERINE YOUMANS: Elementary Education; XS2; Fort Smith. LEOPOLD ERNEST ZELLNER: Civil Engineering; Droke; Stutt¬ gart. ROBERT ANDREW ZIERAK: Personnel Admin¬ istration; Scabbard and Blade; Vice-President, Newman Club; S.A.M.; Secretary, Pledge Trainer, 23 e. MIDNIGHT OIL burns brightly as law students prepare notes, assignments. Adkiss on Barnes Barrett Bohannan Boone Bramhall Buffalo Cain Capshaw Carter Cypert Davis Duty Epley Futch Gillaspie Ginger Glover Goodrich Harkey Hawkins Henslee Huckaba Jesson Kincaid Knauts Ksara Langston First Row : RICHARD ADKISSON: 2AE ; a© ; Student Bar Association; Young Democrats; Fayette¬ ville. JAMES KEENER BARNES: Fayetteville. ED¬ WARD RUSH BARRETT: Jonesboro. MARY ALLINE BOHANNAN: Harrison. Second Row: JOE C. BOONE: 2X ; I.F.P.C., Presi¬ dent; A© i ; El Dorado. THOMAS M. BRAMHALL: 2AE; Little Rock. EDWARD JOSEPH LEMONT BUF¬ FALO: William House; ‘i’AA. Clerk; Head Men’s Upper- Class Counseler; AK ' V; KK ' E ; Carlisle. JAMES WIL¬ LIAM CAIN: SN; Young Democrats; Eayetteville. Third Row : TOM DEAN CAPSHAW: KA; I.F.C.; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. CARTER ODELL CLIF¬ TON: S.A.M.; Mountain View. JIMMIE DEAN CY- PERT: 2N, Treasurer; AKAE; AO i ; Honor Council; Springdale. SIDNEY PARKER DAVIS: Honor Coun¬ cil; Prescott. Fourth Row : JEFF DAVIS DUTY: t A© ; 4 BK ; 4 ha ; fiAK; • Rogers. LEWIS EPLEY: KW; Circle K; Razorback Band; Springdale. CHARLES A. FUTCH: Huttig. DONNY GENE GILLASP1E: Magnolia. Fifth Row : HENRY DOUGLAS GINGER: Lake City. DORSEY D. GLOVER: 2N ; A© t ; Malvern. WIL¬ LIAM RUSSELL GOODRICH: t A©, President; AK , Secretary; A.B.C.; I.F.C.; Civic Club; Circle K, Treas¬ urer: Gaebale; Student Bar Association, Treasurer; Little Rock. JOHN NORMAN HARKEY: Law Review; A0 t , Secretary; Treasurer, Young Democrats; Student Bar Association; Batesville. Sixth Row: ERNEST BOYD HAWKINS: KZ ; Treas¬ urer, AH ' i ' ; Student Bar Association: Fordyce. WIL¬ LIAM HENSLEE: 2AE; Pine Bluff. FRANK HUCK- ABA: B.S.U.; Student Bar Association; Oil Trough. BRADLEY JESSON: A© ; Tulsa, Oklahom a. Seventh Row: HUGH REID KINCAID: 2N ; OAK; Student Bar Association; Student Court, Chief Justice; Arkansas Law Review Staff; Fayetteville. CONRADE WARRINGTON KNAUTS: Student Bar Association; Dumas. PAUL EDWAR D KSARA: 2n ; Sulphur Springs. DONALD RAY LANGSTON: 2 E ; Coal Hill. 275 □ |a,j ■w y e T s DISMAYED law student John Stroud locates necessary books, briefs, and other pertinent information before beginning nightly study ritual. First Roiv: IKE ALLEN LAWS, JR.: 2N; A0 i ; Rus¬ sellville. JERRY T. LIGHT: SAE; AG ; AK ; Law Re¬ view Staff; Little Rock. HAYES C. McCLERKIN: Blue Key; Law Review Staff; Civic Club; President, A0 t ; Student Bar Association; Monticello. DAN McCRAW: nivA; Hot Springs. ROBERT M. McHENRY, JR.: Con¬ way. GAIL OWEN MATTHEWS: Wynne. LESLY WEA¬ VER MATTINGLY: Hotton. WILLIAM DAVID NEW- BERN: 2AE; Civic Club; A.B.C.; Student Court; Razor- back Staff; Blue Key; Fayetteville. Second Row : BONNIE MERCEDES NUNLEY: Stu¬ dent Bar Association; ASA; X; ITSA; Vice-President, Student Council at T.C.U.: Lincoln. DAVID YATES OBERLE: Conway. CLAIBOURNE WATKINS PAT¬ TY, JR.: B0n; Little Rock. THOMAS ADRIAN PED- RON: Hope. DAVID H. PHILLIPS: 2AE ; Fort Smith. GEORGE NICHOLAS PLASTER: HKA; BA ; Little Rock. CARROLD E. RAY: BA ; AO t ; Vice-President, Student Bar Association; Wilson. ELTON ALLISON RIEVES, III: Student Bar Association; Treasurer, A0 ; SAE; Marion. Third Row: GERALD W. SCOTT: Student Bar As¬ sociation; Malvern. ISAAC ALEXANDER SCOTT, JR.: Law Review; A0 i ; Student Court; Intra-Mural Man¬ ager; Fayetteville. JAMES MICHAEL SHAW: ao i , President; Blue Key. Vice-President; Fort Smith. GENE T. SMITH: Norman. JULIAN DUVAL STREETT: Camden. JOHN F. STROUD, JR. K2; President, Blue Key; Business Manager, Law Review; Civic Club; A.B.- S.; Secretary, A03 ; Texarkana. BOBBY ROY SULL- ARDS: AXA; AK ; Circle K; Cardinal Society; Publi¬ cations Editor, Razorback; Little Rock. ALFRED AUS¬ TIN TENNISON: Texarkana. Fourth Row: CHARLES BASS TRUMBO: KA ; A0$; OAK, Treasurer: Student Bar Association; Fay¬ etteville. WINFRED LEE TUCKER: 2AE ; AO t ; Ben¬ ton. LYNN FIELDS WADE: SN ; I.F.C.; Fayetteville. FRANK D. WISER: A.S.A.; Havana. EDGAR A. WOOLSEY, JR.: President, Student Bar Association; Marshal, t AA; Young Democrats; Charleston. ED¬ WARD L. WRIGHT, JR.: Little Rock. JAMES ED¬ WARD YOUNGDAHL: Editor, Arkansas Law Review; Secretary, Student Bar Association; Law School Honor Council; Legal Research Committee; Executive Com¬ mittee, Young Democrats; OAK; Fayetteville. Laws Light McClerkin McCraw McHenry Matthews Mattingly Newbern Nunley Oberle Patty Pedron Phillips Plaster Ray Rieves Scott. G. W. Scott, I. A. Shaw Smith Streett Stroud Sullards Tennison Trumbo Tucker Wade Wiser Woolsey Wright Youngdahl 276 r EL a JL EL □ © S ISOTOPE shift is being discussed by Doctor R. H. Hughes at one of two weekly lectures that Physics graduate students are required to attend. Adams Adkisson Bariola Barton Begood Bednar Bell, J. W. Bell, W. M. Bennett Blanton Bodurtha Bowen Braun Burrough Byrd Casner Childs Clardy Coleman Daugherty Davis Dia Dimitt Dingle DuVal Facen Finkelstein Fong Gaddy Gifford Goodwin Griffin Griffith Harp Hartman First Row: MARVIN AUGUSTA ADAMS: A Club; P.E.M.; Caddo. Oklahoma. LILA MATTHEWS AD- KISSON: Fayetteville. LOUIS ANTHONY BARIOLA: Vice-President, Newman Club; Entomology Club: Lake Village. THOMAS LIONEL BARTON: AZ ; rsA ; Mag¬ nolia. DALE R. BEDGOOD: Saltilleo, Texas. Second Row: ELIZABETH ANN BEDNAR: Jones¬ boro. JOHN WALTER BELL: Farm House; az ; rSA ; OAK; A.I. Club; Pea Ridge. WARREN MILLER BELL: TBII; A.S.C.E.; Magnolia. FRANKLIN DALE BEN¬ NETT: Carlisle. MILBURN W. BLANTON: President, i AK; KA4 : Wickes. Third Row : PAUL R. BOURTHA: Rome, New York. KENNETH BOWEN: Mena. ALBERT GEORGE BRAUN: Altona, Canada. DAVID LIVINGSTON BUR- ROUGH: BTS; Vice-President, AIv ' I ' ; President, Rush Chairman, AXA; Scabbard and Blade; Vice-President, Civic Club; Circle K; Vice-President, Treasurer, Blue Key; Treasurer, I.F.C.; Who’s Who; Organizations Ed¬ itor, Razorback; Treasurer, R.E.W.; Alma. RICHARD I). BYRD: McHue. Fourth Row: MARY JEAN CASNER: KAn ; iir.M; Baptist Student Union; Jonesboro. WILLIAM VES CHILDS: AXS; A.C.S.; Magnolia. EDWIN KELLY CLARDY: A.C.S.; I.S.A.: I.R.E.; AXS ; A.I.Ch.E.; Mal¬ vern. DARREL WAYNE COLEMAN: Rudy. JACQUE¬ LINE JARRETT DAUGHERTY: Dallas, Texas. Fifth Row: DUANE A. DAVIS: Magnolia. VITA DURAN DIA: International Club; Westminster Fellow¬ ship; Legaspi, Philippines. HELEN INMAN DIMITT: Dardanelle. ROBERT L. DINGLE: Houston, Texas. JOHN CALMES DU VAL: t AO ; Fort Smith. Sixth Row: GENEVA ZENOBIA FACEN: Garland House; West Monroe, Louisiana. SAMUEL LOUIS F1NKELSTEIN: 2; New York, New York. HENRY FONG: Widener. WILLIAM DOYNE GADDY: KS ; Marketing Club; El Dorado. ARTHUR SHOLLEY GIF¬ FORD: Fayetteville. Seventh Row: TOMMY GOODWIN: Farm House; AZ; OAK; A.S.A.; A.I. Club; Conway. HAROLD E. GRIFFIN: Greenwood. REYNOLDS GRIFFITH: Presi¬ dent, BrS; J HX; AKSP ; President, Circle K; President, Acacia; Student Senate; Young Democrats; I.F.C.; Little Rock. ANN OLIVER HARP: Ozark. ROGER D. HARTMAN: 2IIS ; IvME; American Institute of Phy¬ sics; Excelsior Springs, Missouri. 2 s T EL 3. UL EL □ e s DISCHARGING the accelerator tube that bombards particles is part of experimentation being done by Ivor Priess on his chemistry Ph.D. Hodges James Jesser Jones Kimbro King Koban Laferney Lanston Lentz Lessley Lewis Lockhart Looper Lytle McGalin McMillan McTyre Mathey Mathias Mauzy Mayes Mesvin Metcalf Miller Nelson Oclglen Owen Pagan Papapanayotou Parette Place Pryor Pyron Ragland First Row : HOWARD L. HODGES: Little Rock. PAT VERNEL JAMES: Magnolia. WALTER DANIEL JESSER: Fayetteville. FREIDA ANN JONES: Musko¬ gee, Oklahoma. CHARLES HUGHEN KIMBRO: Bran- ner Cluh; McGehee. Second Row : JOHNNIE ODIS KING: New Edin¬ burg. MARIE PIRRE KOBAN: Robat Maroc. PRES¬ TON E. LAFERNEY: Griffithville. J. LEO LANGS¬ TON: Dumas. CHARLES E. LENTZ: Little Rock. Third Row : BILLY VHARD LESSLEY: AZ ; rsA ; Agri-Economics Club; B.S.U.; A.S.A.; Ozark. BILLY G. LEWIS: Manila. ANDREW PHILIPS LOCK¬ HART: AXS; eBti; A.I.Ch.E.; Van Buren. CHARLES GENE LOOPER: Huntington. JAMES B. LYTLE: North Little Rock. Fourth Row: SHIRLEY ANNE McGALIN: Little Rock. WILLIAM L. McMILLAN: atsi ; tihi ; E.k N • Little Rock. JOHN H. McTYRE: llK f ; i ak’ : Natchitoches, Louisiana. F. COURTENAY MATHEY: A.S.M.E., Secretary; A.B.C.; Acacia; Arkansas Engi¬ neer Staff; Wesley Players; Warren. HARLE LYNN MATHIAS: Prairie Grove. Fifth Row: MARY ELIZABETH MAUZY: Charles¬ ton. PAUL CLARENCE MAYES: Jasper. WILLIE MORRIS MELVIN: Strong. VIRCIL ALONZO MET¬ CALF: AZ; Agri-Econ Club; Blue Key; Charleston. TOMMY LEE MILLER: A ugusta. Sixth Row: WILLIAM P. NELSON: Agriculture Economics Club; Agronomy Club; Animal Industry Club; North Little Rock. GLENN E. ODGLEN: Entomo¬ logy Club, Vice-President; Grubbs. CHARLES R. OWEN: Stuttgart. JAMES LYNWOOD PAGAN: Hut- tig. PANOS CHRISTOS PAPAPANAYOTOU: Saloni¬ ka, Greece. Seventh Row: BILLIE EUGENE PARETTE: Mor- rilton. GERALD ALAN PLACE: Gillett. BILLY P PRYOR: Kensett. HOWARD D. PYRON: Fayetteville. JAMES BRYAN RAGLAND: ATA; tsa ; az ; Agron- nomy Club; Animal Industry Club; Leslie. 278 Riggan Shafer Thrash Whittle Rivers Shepherd Tollett Wilkerson Rogers Sild Treadway Williams Wingard Rorex Rorie Solomon Stagg Trigg Turner, H. Woodman Wright. Rosales Ruby Staggs Stark Turner, R. Venus J. C. Wright, W. D. Yates Runner Starland Van Wann Yauger, C. Scurlock Sudderth Whidden Yauger, S.A. First Row : HAROLD HUGH RIGGAN: AXS ; A.I. C.E.; Benton. THOMAS DONALD RIVERS: Magnolia • ROBERT THOMAS ROGERS: Marketing Club Stamps. ROBERT ALBRIGHT ROREX: El Dorado DUANE KEITH RORIE: Yellville. ARMANDO ROS ALES: International Club, Newman Club; Managua Nicaragua. MARY SYDNEY RUBY: Atkins. DORO THEA LOU RUNNER: Fort Smith. EARL C. SCUR LOCK, JR.: Trumann. Second Row : JOHN W. SHAFER: Pershing Rifles; Little Rock . RAYMOND L. SHEPHERD: ATA; Agron¬ omy Club; Arkadelphia. CHARLES SILD: Clintondale, New York. JAMES D. SOLOMON: Farm House; AZ ; Entomology Club; Bee Branch. LOUIS CHARLES STAGG: $BK; Baptist Student Union; nKA ; AX; De Quincy, Louisiana. H. GERALD STAGGS: ATO; Step¬ hens. JERRY BARNETT STARK: Heber Springs. VIC¬ TOR D. STARLAND: Forrest City. WILLIAM EDWIN SUDDERTH: A f A; Fort Smith. Third Row: MELVIN CUE THRASH: Hope. LE- LAND EDWARD TOLLETT: az ; A.S.A.; A.I. Club; Nashville. JOHN F. TREADWAY: Yellville. WILLIAM WALKER TRIGG: Little Rock. HENRY TURNER: Warren. RUTH MC COY TURNER: Ha rrison. CHAR¬ LES EDWARD VENUS: Pine Bluff. VAN WANN: AZ; 4 HA; American Society For Horticulture; CAVE City. JOHN P. WHIDDEN: A i E; Jonesboro. Fourth Row : WILLIAM ROBERT WHITTLE: Fort Smith. LYLE ALAN WILKERSON, JR.: Little Rock. JAMES DENNIS WILLIAMS: Ae; i»eK ; s A6 ; Little Rock. GEORGE THOMAS WINGARD. JR.: Norman. NANCY CARPENTER WOODMAN: Newport. JOE C. WRIGHT: Bauxite. WILLIAM I). WRIGHT: El Dora¬ do. JEROME DOUGLAS YATES: A.S.A.; Animal In¬ dustry Club; Center Point. CHARLES YAUGER: Fore¬ man. SANDRA ELAINE YAUGER: Crossett. 279 Beel Fairley Freeman Gibson Graham Guildford Kirby Lendal Morris Shull Thomas Webb Williamson Wiser First Row. BOBBY BEEL: ' frX; Batesville. NANCY 0. FAIRLEY: Osceola. GARY C. FREEMAN: Vice- President, nMA; AEA; AX; IITH; IIKA; IIKA; Fort Smith. JOHN FRANK GIBSON, JR.: 2n ; Dermott. HARRY EDWIN GRAHAM: New Castle. Pennsylvania. LIV GUILDFORD: Oslo, Norway. HELEN COOK KIR¬ BY : Harrision. Second Row: ANNETTE LENDAL: Davis; Svend- borg, Denmark. JUSTIN ROY MORRIS: axa ; ata ; T2A; Nashville. RICHARD P. SHULL: Lonoke. SHER¬ RIE SHELTON THOMAS: North Little Rock. JOHN DAVID WEBB: Nashville. JAMES ROELAND WIL¬ LIAMSON: Gladson; Grubbs. BEATRICE FAYE WIS¬ ER: Green Forest. OBSERVING the University heating control system is Pritam Singh of India First Row: Waller Hoyt ABBOTT, William House, North Little Rock; Charles David ADAIR, Harrison: Elizabeth Ann ADAMS, Zeta Tau Alpha. Hope; George Edward ADAMS, Camden; Hugh Gary ADAMS, Buchanan, St. Joe; Larry Pat. AIR¬ MAN, Ripley, Bluffton. Second Row : Eugene Hiatt AIST, Droke, Bates- ville; Freddy Sanford AKERS, Wilson Sharp, Bly- iheville; Janice Lee AKERS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Harrison; Sonja Jean ALDERSON, Stilwell, Okla¬ homa; Rodolfo Ernesto ALEMAN, Ripley, Panama; Gene Paul ALEXANDER, Sigma Chi, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Third Row: George Baker ALEXANDER, Acacia, Fayetteville; Susan Kay ALEXANDER, University House, Fort Smith; Carolyn Elizabeth ALFREY, Carnall, Bentonville; Glen Dale ALLEN, Gladson, Alicia; Peggy Janet ALLEY, Alpha Delta Pi, Moun¬ tain Home; Quentin D. ANDERSON, Sigma Chi, Rogers. Fourth Row: Punch ANDERSON. Kappa Sigma. Hot Springs; Beryl F. ANTHONY, Jr., Sigma Chi. El Dorado; Julian ARCHER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fay¬ etteville; John M. ARNOLD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mon- ette; Jaime Antonio AROSEMENA, Ripley, Pan¬ ama; Jimmy L. ARRINGTON, Jacksonville. Fifth Row: Sydney ASHBRIDGE, Hot Springs; Irvin Ester ASHLEY, Jr., Alpha Gamma Rho, Keis- er; James Bourland ATKINS, Gary, Indiana; Philip Kay ATTERBERRY, Phi Delta Theta, Van Buren; Linda Jean AUSTIN, Davis, Joplin, Missouri; John T. BABB, Evansville. Sixth Row: Billy Wayne BAGLEY, Paris; Law¬ rence Hoyt BAGLEY, Paris; Frankie Lynn BAKER, University House, Hot Springs; Richard Charles BAKKIJM, La Crosse, Wisconsin; Ralph E. BALCH, Theta Tau, Nashville; Barbara Jean BALLARD, Delta Delta Delta, Gravette. Seventh Row: George Louis BALMAT, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; Bill C. BARDRICK, Fort Smith; James David BARNETT, Gladson, Valley Springs; Jon Hall BARNETTE, Fayetteville; William Dogan BARNS, Ripley, Plainview; Shirley Ann BAR RICK, 4-H House, Hot Springs. Eighth Row: Phyllis Mae BARTHOLOMEW, , Prairie Grove; Roy 0 BASKIN, Jr., Magnolia; Paul Warren KATTREAL, Ripley, Malvern; Alfred L. BAXLEV, Jr., Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Robert E. BEARD. William Flouse, Glendale; James Eu¬ gene BELKNAP, Blytheville. Ninth Row: Robert B. BENNETT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith; Arthur Louis BERGER, Hot Springs; George Albert BERGER, Alpha Gamma Rho. Weiner; Steve BERNARD, Kappa Sigma, Hughes; James Russell BERRY, Springdale; Carol Beth BITTICK, Delta Delta Delta. •lenth Row: Jerry Dale BLACK, Ripley, Wynne; Lowell Lynn BLACK, Norman; Ramon Lee BLACK- LOCK, Buchanan, Little Rock; Ronald J. BLAIR, William, Lucas; John Wade BLAS1NGAME, Wilson Sharp, Monette; Betty Ruth BLEW, Carnall, Farm¬ ington. Eleventh Row: James Lloyd BOARDMAN, Fort Smith; Norris G. BOGAN, Fayetteville; Arlette Detonne BOGLE, Briggsville; Thomas R. BOND, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; Paul Daniel BOONE, Bentonville; Richard Vincent BORDSEN, Droke, Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Ora Lee BOSS, Wilson Sharp, Green Forest; David Thomas BOSTIAN, Ripley, Morrilton; Nancy BOSTIC, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Mary Gibson BOWDEN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Gerald BOWEN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mena; Richard William BOX, Pine Bluff. 281 iff If If SMILING Miss U of A, Weezie Carter, was one of the many highlights featured at the University ' s annual Homecoming parade. First Row: Robert Stanley BOYD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Mt. Ida; Shirley jane BOYD, Davis, Bentonville; Lewis Fletcher BRACY, Acacia, Little Rock; Alan Meredith BRADLEY. Mena; Marvin Francis BRADNEY, Montrose; Ardell T. BRAINERD, Flippin; Barbara Ann BRALY, Chi Omega, Shreveport, Louisi¬ ana; Ken BRASFIELD, Phi Delta Theta, Dumas; Chris Ed¬ ward BREWER, Newport; William Iven BREWINGTON, Farm¬ ington; James Lloyd BRILEY, Ripley, North Little Rock. Second Row: William Richard BROMLEY, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Howard Leroy BROOKS, Gladson, Berryville; Nona BROOKS, Fayetteville; Doyl Erwin BROOMFIELD, Buchanan, Pencil Bluff; George Carroll BROTHERTON, Gladson, Bauxite; Jackie Raymond BROWN, Watson; William Kenneth BROWN, Little Rock; Barbara BROWNE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Berry BROYLES, Kappa Sigma, Prairie Grove; Ronald Bland BRUMLEY, Fort Smith; Merle Franklin BRYANT, New Edinburg. Fourth Row: John L. BURNETT, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Dennis Allen BURSON, Jr., Fayetteville; David Owen BUR¬ TON, Sigma Pi, Newport; Jim Edwin BUSHMIAER, Van Buren; Jean Marie BUSSELL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, West Helena; Thomas Carroll BUTCHER, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ris- on; Coetta Elizabeth BYRD, Fayetteville; David Gordon BYRD, Camden; William C. BYRD, Kappa Sigma, Newport; Betty Diane CAHAIL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Neosho, Missouri; Creed CALDWELL, Jr., Pine Bluff. Third Row: Ann BUCHANAN, Delta Delta Delta, Fort Smith; Connie BUELL, Delta Delta Delta, Bentonville; Suz¬ anne BUERKLE, Chi Omega, Stuttgart; Jack Eugene BUFF¬ INGTON, Alpha Tau Omega, Westville, Oklahoma; Mary Gale BULLOCK, Pi Beta Phi, Dardanelle; Willie Charlotte BUL¬ LOCK, Prescott; Clyde BUNTON, Jr., Russellville; Betty Jo BURCHFIELD, Davis, Lake Village; Lionel Seaton BURKES, William House, Hindsville; Milton James BURKS, Alpha Gam¬ ma Rho, Blytheville; Georgia Lou BURNETT, Delta Gamma, Mena. Fifth Row: Judith CALLAWAY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Jose Rogelio CALVO, Panama; Charles Larry CAMP¬ BELL, Eudora; John W. CAMPBELL, Gladson, Pocahontas; Ruth Ann CAPERTON, Delta Gamma, Cotton Plant; Lawrence Alan CARLSON, Little Rock; Billie Jo CARMACK, Delta Delta Delta, North Little Rock; John Anthony CARMACK, Lambda Chi Alpha, North Little Rock; Deanna Lou CARNER. Alpha Delta Pi, Shreveport, Louisiana; Leo Carlton CARR. Port Neches, Texas; Paul CARRASCO, Jr., Los Angeles, Cali¬ fornia. 282 First Row: Barbara Ann CARRITHERS, Dallas, Texas; Jerry Carrol CARTER. Greenbrier; Kelly Moss CARTER. Texarkana; Robert P. CARTER, Sigma Pi, Crossett; Weezie CARTER, Chi Omega, El Dorado; Paul David CATE, Greenland. Second Row: Larry W. CATES, Pine Bluff; Ros¬ alie CAUSBIE, Carnell, Hardy; Jesse 0. CAVENAR. William House, Batesville; Charlie Cole CHAFFIN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Malvern; Thomas L. CHAFFIN, Magnolia; Charlotte CHAMBERS, Carlisle. Third Row: James Sidney CHASTAIN, Sigma Pi, Rogers; Sue CHEATHAM, Zeta Tau Alpha, Texarkana; Harold E. CHESLEY, Sigma Pi, Cros¬ sett; Jerry Paul CHILDS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hot Springs; Mardell Alice CHRISTELLO, Alma; Raul Rogelio CISNEROS, Panama. Fourth Row: Quinten David CLANTON, Gran¬ by; Paul J. CLARK, Sheridan; Robert Morris CllINEHENS, Droke, Gravette; Dan B. CLINTON, Hot Springs; William Henry COBB, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; Evelyn Elise COCKERHAM, Della Gamma, Manila. Filth Row: Steve COCKERHAM. Phi Delta Theta, Manila: Larry Wilson COFER, William House, Searcy; Connie Sue COFFMAN, 4-H House, Hopper; Lloyd Asa COGER, Springdale; Ronald Earl COINER, Gladson, Fort Smith; Carol COLE, Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Nancy Ann COLE, Chi Omega, Fay¬ etteville; Gloria Jane COLLIER. Pi Beta Phi, Fay¬ etteville; James Richard COLLIER, Sigma Chi, Harrison; James H. COLVERT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Ellen Kay COMPTON, Delta Delta Delta, Bentonville; Suzanne CONLEY, Alpha Delta Pi, Green Forest. Seventh Row: Davey Lee COOK; McRae: Doyle L. COOK, Star City; Jackie Leon COOPER. Droke, Mt. Home; James L. COOPER, Fort Smith; Donald L. CORBIN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Texarkana; Mary Frances CORNELIUS, Delhi, Louisiana. Eighth Row: Morris L. COSTON, William House, Malvern; James C. COURTNEY, Fayetteville; Thom¬ as William CRAFTON, Blytheville; Lytle H. CRAIG, Bryant; John W. CRANGLE, Droke House, Wynne; Guy CRAWFORD, William House, Smackover. Ninth Row: Franklin L. CRAWFORD, Mena; Jerry CRAWFORD. Hope; Patty Waugh CRITTEN¬ DEN, Fayetteville; Beverly Ann CROSS, Delta Gam¬ ma. Little Rock; Beverly Jean CRUDUP, Fayette¬ ville; Fred (.RUM, Ripley House, Helena. Tenth Row: Roger Clark CRUM, Jr., Alpha Gamma Rho, Stuttgart; Billy Harold CUMMINS, Conway; Lynn CUSTER, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Carl DALR ' l MPLE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres¬ cott; Pat DANGEAIJ, Alpha Delta Pi, Russellville; Wayne DANIEL, Sigma Pi, North Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Larry Gene DAVID, Droke, Bee¬ be; Jerry Dale DAVIDSON, North Little Rock; Cliff Tanner DAVIS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Stuttgart; George Vernon DAVIS, Farm House, Conway; Mary Jo DAVIS, Stuttgart; Mary Louisa DAVIS, Alpha Delta Pi, Russellville. Twelfth Row: Mary Ann DAVENPORT, Pi Beta Phi, Tuckerman; Robert T. DAWSON, Pi Kappa Alpha, Camden; Don DAY, William House, Texar¬ kana; Marilyn DEAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Rogers; Donald Neal DEKKER, Alpha Tau Omega, McAllen, Texas; Edward C. DENHAM, Fayetteville. n .3 First Row: Carleton E. DENNY, William House, Delight; Judy DENTON, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Cynthia Ann DEW. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mt. Home; Luther E. DEWEESE, Tuckerman; David L. DEWITT, North Little Rock; Oita Jo DEWITT, Carnall, Fort Smith. Second Row: Tappy DICKENS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Magnolia; Julia Harriet DICKINSON, Al¬ pha Delta Pi, Little Rock; James Ray DIFFEE, Sig¬ ma Chi, Little Rock; Hugh Monty DILLAHUNTY, Kappa Sigma, Hughes; Patricia Sue DILLON. Delta Gamma, Fort Smith; Jerry Morris DOLLINS, Pi Kappa Alpha, North Little Rock. Third Row: Kay Jobe DONATHAN, Sikeston, Missouri; Hugh Lee DONNELL, William House, North Little Rock; Tony DOWELL, Kappa Sigma, Walnut Ridge; Duncan Thomas DOZIER, Charles¬ ton; Charles Conley DRAKE, Charleston; Mary Philia DREW Zeta Tau Alpha, Roswell, New Mex¬ ico. Fourth Row: Michael M. DREXLER, Phi Delta Theta, Springdale; Susan Jane DUBBELL. Chi Omega, Rogers; Norman Fred DIDLEY, Ashdown; Sandra May DUMAS, Chi Omega, North Little Rock; Linda Bettie DUNCAN, Huntsville; Jon Michael DUNN, Sigma Chi, Pocahontas. Fifth Row: Jim H. DURHAM, Wilson; Linda DURHAM, Zeta Tau Alpha, Shreveport, Louisiana; Phillip M. DUVALL, Texarkana; Raymond Lee DYCK, Wilson Sharp, Newton, Kansas; James Earl DYER, Droke, Mineral Springs; Robert E. ED- MISTEN, Huntsville. Sixth Row: Judy EDWARDS, Pi Beta Phi, Bald Knob; Jacqueline ELLIOTT, Delta Gamma, North Little Rock; Patty ELLIS, Pi Beta Phi. Spring- field, Missouri; John ESTELLE, Gladson, Crossett; Anne Elizabeth EUBANK. Chi Omega, Newport; Larry Keith EVANS, Acacia, Yellville. Seventh Row: Lindsey Johnson FAIRLEY, Os¬ ceola; Paula Ruth FARIS, Delta Gamma, Benton- ville; James Thomas FAUGHT, Fort Smith; Ter¬ rence FAULKNER, William House, Little Rock; Alice Jean FEATHERSTON, Fitzgerald House, Ben- tonville; Rosemary FEEMSTER, Delta Gamma, De- cator. Eighth Row: Gayle FERGUSON, Carnall. De Queen; Allen FERRELL, Rogers; Ann FINCHER, Delta Delta Delta, Jonesboro; Barbara FINCHER, Fayetteville; Joe FINNEV, Alpha Gamma Rho, Batesville; James Robert FISHER, Ripley, North Little Rock. Ninth Row: Yvonne FITE, Delta Gamma, Benton; Donald FITZGERALD, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fay¬ etteville; John FLANAGAN, Kappa Alpha, Fort Smith; Lawrence H. FLETCHER, Gladson, Dumas; Lee FLETCHER, Sigma Pi, Paragould; Thomas M. FLOWERS, Stuttgart. Tenth Row: Donna Deane FOGG, Delta Delta Delta, Forrest City; Dell FOGLEMAN, Chi Omega, Marion; Herman M. FOSTER, Jr., Yellville; Henry MacFOUJNTAIN, Sigma Pi, Sulphur Springs; Bill C. FOWLER, Droke, Eudora; Homer Donald FOX, Pine Bluff. Eleventh Row: Lynne FRANCIS, Pi Beta Phi, Joplin, Missouri; Don FRANKS, Forrest City; Joel FRAZIER, Buchanan, Texarkana; Donald FREE, Kappa Alpha, West Helena; James R. FREEMAN, Acacia, Pine Bluff; Omar D. FREEMAN, Fort Smith. Twelfth Row: Mary Lou FREUND, Davis, Neo¬ sho, Missouri; Carolyn FREY, Davis, Paragould; George E. FRITZ, Fort Smith; Donald John FRON- ING, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fayetteville; Robert Foreman FUSSELL, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City; Jim GADBERRY, Sigma Chi, Crossett. CONCENTRATING on the exact duplication of their subject, several students of art dotted the campus with charcoal and boards. First Row : Kathryn Anna GAMBLE, Pi Beta Phi, Fayette¬ ville; Mary Evelyn GARNER, 4-H House, Camden; Nancy Ann GARRISON, Fayetteville; John Edward GATTIS, Paris; Patricia Anne GEIS, Alpha Delta Pi, Pineville, Missouri; Cecil C. GENTRY, Haynes; Dewey Aubrey GENTRY, Marianna; M. B. GENTRY, Searcy; J. C. GEORGE, Drasco; Milton Irwin GERDES, Muskogee, Oklahoma; Gary Wayne GEREN, Fort Smith. Second Row: Theodore R. GIFFORD, Leola; Judy GIL¬ BERT, Pi Beta Phi, Prescott; Donald Lee GILBREATH, Droke, Summers; Clifton Louis GILES, Sigma Pi, Judsonia; Harold Dean G1LHAM, Little Rock; Barbara Lou GILLUM, Wing; Jessamine Daggett GIST, Carnall, Marianna; Louise Blue GIVENS, Alpha Delta Pi, Little Rock; Thomas A. GLAZE, Sigma Pi, Joplin, Missouri; Edmund H. GLEASON, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Groton, New York; Martin Owen GLENN, Greenbrier. Fourth Row: Stella Natalie GRANO, Alpha Delta Pi, Cros¬ sed; John F. GRAVES, Siloam Springs; Red Freeman GRAVES, Sigma Pi, Mineral Springs; John Gary GRAY, Cam¬ den: Elaine GREEN, 4-H House, Alpena; Grant S. GREEN, Jr., Kappa Sigma, San Francisco, California; Jack L. GREEN, Sigma Chi, Pine Bluff; Robert Lee GRIFFIS, Jr., Camden; Ralph Edward GRIGGS, Pi Kappa Alpha. Hughes; Nancy Farrol GRIMES, Alpha Delta Pi, Russellville; James F. GRINSTEAD, Braggadocio, Missouri. Third Row: David Delbert GOINS, Green Forest; Jane GOODWIN, Washington, Marshall; Linda GOODWIN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Russellville; David Rolland GOODSELL, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Groton, New York; James H. GORDON, Mc¬ Alister, Oklahoma; Dollie GORROD, Delta Gamma, Joplin, Missouri; Martha Jean GOULD, Fayetteville; John A. GRAB- GE, Stuttgart; Clyde E. GRADY, McAlister, Oklahoma; Mansal Gale GRAHAM, Gladson, Walnut Ridge; Susan Helen GRA¬ HAM, Delta Delta Delta, Grove, Oklahoma. Fifth Row: Marcellus Gibson GROSS. Texarkana, Texas; James A. GUNN, Monticello; A. Ray GUSTIN, Alpena; Bar¬ bara J. GUTHRIE, Chi Omega. Hope; Winston Maurice GUTHRIE, Hillemann; H. C. HALL, Yellville; Oscar Max HALL, Alpha Tau Omega, Little Rock; Sondra Sue HALL, Alpha Delta Pi, Conway; Warner Alonzo HALL, Conway; Joseph T. HAMILTON, Harrison; Carlton Gene HAMM, Buchanan, Little Rock. 285 Second Row: Lester Andrew HARRIS, Cotton Plant; Win¬ fred Don HARRIS, William House, Bradford; Peter HART- STEIN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Rosemary Patrick HASH, Springdale; Melba Sue HATCHETT, Davis Hall, Neosho, Mis¬ souri; Marilyn K. HATHAWAY, Alpha Delta Pi, Rogers; Dolan Gene HAWKINS, Eureka Springs; Sarah Jane HAYES, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Bill Lee HAYNES, Shoshone. Idaho; Charles Willis HAYNIE, Jr., Prescott; Garth 0. HAYS, Hot Springs. SOLVING for the percentage of components in solutions was a problem of this student in the quantitative analysis classes. First Row: Margaret Anne HAMM. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Rock; James Kenneth HAMRIC, Beebe; Clyde Zane HANKINS, Wilson Sharp House, Newport; Barbara Sue HAN¬ NAH, Chi Omega, Fayetteville; Lawrence Hamilton HAN¬ NON, Forrest City; Carrie Lynn HANSEN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Marial Eleanor HANTZ, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Cheyenne, Wyoming; O. 0. HARDAWAY, Blytheville; Mary Diane HARDER, Carnall Hall, Fort Smith; Arthur Ray HAR- RELSON, Arlington, Texas; Betty May HARRIS, Pi Beta Phi, Tuckerman. Fourth Row: M. J. HENSLEY, Buchanan, Texarkana; War¬ ren Alexander HENSLEY, Clinton; Sue Lorraine HENSON, Joplin, Missouri; Loretta Gray HERCHER, Delta Delta Delta, North Little Rock; John Allen HICKMAN. Pea Ridge; Penny HICKS, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock; Harold Dean HILL, Alpha Gamma Rho, Center Ridge; Linda May HILL, Carnall Hall, Little Rock; Norman G. HILL, Alpha Gamma Rho, Cove; William E. HILLMAN, Fordyce; Billy Guy HINSON, Forrest City. Third Row: Margaret Louise HEAD, Pi Beta Phi. Memphis, Tennessee; William Irving HEASTON, Buchanan House, Cot¬ ter; Todd Scott HEDGECOCK, William House. Wilton; Vernie E. HEIRI). Pine Bluff; Paul Robert HENDERSON, Wilson Sharp, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Kim Dexter HENDREN, Gravette; Kenneth B. HENDRICKSON, Gladson House, North Little Rock; Ronald Dewey HENLEY, Monticello; Billy Gene HEN¬ RY, Monticello; James Thomas HENRY, Warren; Robert Raymond HENRY, Jr., Thornton. Fifth Row: Jerry Lee HOBBS, Phi Delta Theta, Fayette¬ ville; Donald Dean HOGAN, North Little Rock; Halon Jean HOGAN, Carnall, Siloam Springs; William K. IIOGAN, Casa; Charles Wayne HOGUE, McGehee; Dwight Arden HOLCOMB, Fayetteville; Don J. HOLEMAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock, Edward L. HOLIFIELD, Piggott; Sandra Jean HOLI- MAN, Little Rock; Judy Ann HOLLENSWORTH, Pi Beta Phi, Warren; Charles A. HOLLIS, Greenway. 286 First Row : Ann HOLMES. Delta Delta Delta, Memphis, Tennessee; Hazel HOLZHAUER, Davis Hall, Gillett; Chuck HONEY, Prescott; Clarissa Lea HOPKINS. Zeta Tau Alpha, Joplin, Missouri; Jane Elizabeth HOPKINS, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock: Jane HORNE, Davis Hall, Paris. Second Row: Billy Curtis HOUSTON, Phi Delta Theta, McCrory; Donna Gene HOUT. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Harrison; Phillip David HOUT, Kappa Sig¬ ma. Newport; Nancy Kathleen HOWARD, Fayette¬ ville; Charlie G. HUBBARD, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Nelson E. HUEY, Sigma Chi, El Dorado. Third Row: Charles D. HUGHES, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; R. David HUGHEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jonesboro; Bob R. HULETT, William House. Swifton; Nita Claire HULTSMAN, Zeta Fau Alpha, Wayne; Roy C. HUMMEL, Rogers; Martha Ramsay HUNT, Pine Bluff. Fourth Row: Terry D. HUNT, Lambda Chi Al¬ pha, Fayetteville; Sammie R. HUNTER. William House. Huntington; Shirley Ann HUNTER, Alpha Delta Pi, Neosho, Missouri; Lynne HUOVINEN, Piedmont. California; Loyd D. HURST, Fort Smith; Ann HIJTSELL, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Virginia INGRAM, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Lavaca; Nancisue IRBY. Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Jacy Thomas IVY, Alpha Gamma Rho, Bis¬ marck: James E. JACKSON, Beebe; Nettilou JACK- SON, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Maetta JACOBS, Carnall, Fort Smith. Sixth Row: James L. JAMISON, Gill ham; James Mansfield JANSEN, Kappa Sigma, Walnut Ridge; Anne E. JARVIS, Delta Gamma, Texarkana, Texas; Finis B. JENNINGS, Dover; Donna Ellis JESTER. Alpha Delta Pi. Memphis, Tennessee; Edward S. JETER. Acacia, Camden. Seventh Row : Fay Ann JEW, Carnall, Altheimer; Alan Myers JOHNSON, Clarksville; Billy Ray JOHNSON, Fort Smith; Donald Joe JOHNSON, Mal- vem; Donna Sue JOHNSON, Springdale; Charles JOHNSTON, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Sam my e JOHNSTON, Pi Beta Phi, e Heber Springs; Sybil Chaffin JOHNSTON, Fayette¬ ville; Ruth Ann JOLLY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fayette¬ ville; Charles R. JONES, Greenwood; Donald JONES, William House, Strong; Edward Paul JONES, Sigma Chi, Nickerson, Kansas. Ninth Row: Marsha Lynn JONES, Little Rock; Denney JORDAN, Russellville; Mary Sue JORDAN, Delta Delta Delta, Mulberry; Emily Jo JOYCE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fayetteville; Phyllis Jean JUDKINS, Atkins; James M. KEESEE, Ripley House, Malvern. Tenth Row: Kelley Granger KELLEY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Berryville; Betty Lee KELLY, Alpha Delta Pi, Sheridan: John Michael KELLY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock; Carl M. KENDRICK, Lowell; John H. KERR. Wilson Sharp, Ada, Oklahoma; Marian KERR, Pi Beta Phi, El Dorado. Eleventh Row: Bill KEYS, Lambda Chi Alpha, North Little Rock; Jan KHILLING, Fort Smith; Rex Edward KILGORE, Fort Smith; McLean KIL¬ PATRICK, William House, Marianna; James J. KIMBROUGH, Alpha Gamma Rho, Batesville; Mrs. James R. KIMZEY, Magnet Cove. Twelfth Row: Joe Carroll KINDRICK, Droke House, Atkins; George D. KING, Ash Flat; Paul Eldon KINGSBOROUGH, Sigma Nu. Joplin, Mis¬ souri; Henry Hudson KIRBY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Harrison; Sam Bernard KIRBY, Little Rock; Mar¬ vin Norwood KIRK, Buchanan, Fort Smith. 287 First Row: William Earl KIRKPATRICK. Theta Tau, Malvern; F. I). KISOR. Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Huntsville; Robert Warren KNAPP. Kappa Sigma. Little Rock; Roger Thomas KNOX. Kappa Sigma Fort Smith; James Ernest KOEHLER. North Little Rock; Harry U. KOLB, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Magnolia. Second Row: James KRAFT, Sigma Alpha Ep¬ silon, Deerfield, Illinois; Robert Louis KUMPE, Gladson, Mabelvale; Billy Thomas KYSER. Wilson Sharp, Camden; Stephen A. LANE, Little Rock; Richard Louis LANFORD, Sigma Phi Epsilon, De- Valls Bluff; Phillip Wayne LANGLEY, Ripley House, Little Rock. Third Row: Karen LAWMAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Smith; Arthur Everett LEATH, Pine Bluff; Edward A. LEDING, Jr. Fort Smith: Frances A. LEPINE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, DeWitt; Charles Harrell LEWIS, Theta Tau, Little Rock; Linda Lou LEWIS, 4-H House, Newport. Fourth Row: Carolyn Lindsey LIEBLONG, N ew¬ port; Lydia Elizabeth LINCOLN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Mildred Jean LINDSEY, Alpha Delta Pi. Bearden; John M. LITTLE, Acacia, Benton; Phillip Vaughn LIVINGSTON, Hot Springs; John LIZOTTE, Jr., Hot Springs. Fifth Row: Edward Zane LUFTON, William House, Mountain Home; Beth Marion LOGAN, Kap¬ pa Kappa Gamma, Fayetteville; Joseph L. LOONEY, Magnolia; Jimmy A. LOVELL, North Little Rock; Arthur Durwood LOVETT. Booneville; Darrell James LOWRANCE, Droke House, Joplin, Missouri. Sixth Row: Robert LUM. Camden; Sing-Yue LUNG, Hong Kong; Harry William LIJPLOW II. Sigma Chi, Parkin; Billy Joe McAFEE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Wilson: J. W. McALLISTER, Sigma Nu, Gravette; Jerald L. McANEAR, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Clarksville. Seventh Row: Weems Roland McARTHUR. Al¬ pha Tau Omega, Lepanto; Carol Jean McCART- NEY, Chi Omega, Fort Smith; Julia Kathryn Mc- CARTNEY. Davis Hall, Newport: William Addison VIcCARTNEY HI. Kappa Sigma, Texarkana. Texas; Billy Earl McCHRISTIAN, Mansfield; Gary Lee McCLAIN, Sigma Pi, Crossett. Eighth Row: Libba McCLELLAND. Alpha Delta Pi, San Antonio, Texas; Zach McCLENDON, Jr.. Sigma Chi, Monticello; Robert Conway McCLIJRE. Ripley House, Texarkana; Wayne P. McCOLLlJM, Ashdown; Nan McCONNELL. 4-H House, Green¬ wood; Mirtice Jane McCORMICK. Chi Omega. Baux¬ ite. Ninth Row: Kent McCULLOUGH, North Little Rock; John Franklin McDANIEL. Benton; Barbara Ann McDONALD. Carnall. Charleston; Fred Leon McDONALI). Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Toby McDONALD, Sigma Chi. Weldon; Betty R. Mc- DOWELL. Tenth Row: Bruce L. McFADDEN, Hickory Ridge; James B. McFERRAN, Texarkana; Martha Linda McGAHAN, Carnall. Little Rock; Frank Mc- CARY, William Llouse, Heber Springs; Mildred Jeanette McCREW, Alpha Delta Pi, Pine Bluff; Martha Elizabeth McKAY, Alpha Delta Pi, Lamar, Missouri. Eleventh Row: Georgia McKINNEY, Chi Omega, El Dorado; Carolyn McKISSACK. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Rosston; Donald Ray McKISSACK, Rip¬ ley, Camden; Donald T. McKNIGHT, Kappa Sigma. Parkin; Judith Langston McKNIGHT, Little Rock; John C. McLEOl), Hope. Twelfth Row: Morris Miles McLEOD. William House, Little Rock; James H. McLOUD, Farm House, Huntsville; John E. McMILLAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; William Francis McMIL¬ LAN, Ripley House, Fort Smith; Billy I. McMlJR- TRY, Wynne; Frances Ann McSHANE, Pi Beta Phi, Fort Smith. 288 SIDELINES at Sigma Nu Relays found ' fraternity, sorority housemothers chatting, comparing notes. First Row: Charles Edward MAHAN, William House Lit¬ tle Rock; Joseph Kirby MAHONY, Jr., Sigma Nu, El Dorado; George MAKEPEACE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Elkins; Virginia MARCANTEL. Carnall, Shreveport, Louisiana; Marilyn MAR- KLE. Chi Omega Jonesboro; Don Wright MARTIN, William House, North Little Rock; Grady Lynn MARTIN, William House. Conway; Robert C. MARTIN, Texarkana; Rufus A. MARTIN, Jr.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Stanley A. MARTIN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith; William Carl MAR¬ TIN, Jr., Ripley House, Mabelvale. Second Row: Joaquin Antonio MARTINEZ de ANDINO, Cuayama, Puerto Rico; Kathryn Elizabeth MASSEY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Heber Springs; Thomas Herbert MATHIAS, Fayetteville; Oscar Norwin MATLOCK, Pine Bluff; Homer L. MAY, Phi Delta Theta, Newport; Max David MAYES, Fay¬ etteville; Barbara Paula MAZZANT1. 4-H House, Lake Village; David Gage MEADOR, Buchanan, Prescott; Jay D. MEDLEN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fort Smith; Robert Lynn MEDLEY, Kappa Alpha, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Barbara MEDRICK, Carnall, Greenwood. Fourth Row: Sally MILLER. Pi Beta Phi. Pine Bluff; Sara M. MILLER. Chi Omega, El Dorado; Bonnie MILLS, Chi Omega, Keiser; Calvin M. MITCHELL, Acacia, Green Forest; Alyce Kaye MOFFETT. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fresno, California; Billy J. MOORE, Beebe; John Hartwell MOORE. Sigma Chi, Paragould; Mayme Louise MOORE. Delta Gamma, Little Rock; Neal E. MOORE, Fort Smith; Don H. MORE- HART, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Leon G. MORGAN, Elkins. Third Row: Elnora Jean MEEKER. Carnall, Gentry; Curtis C. MELTON, Ozark; Mary Elizabeth MELTON, Delta Delta Delta. Malden. Missouri; Paul E. MICH A ELIS Acacia, Fay¬ etteville; Patricia Ann MIDDLETON, Delta Delta Delta, Fort Smith; Linda MILES, Carnall, DeWitt; Charles Kent MILLER. Dardanelle; Gordon H. MILLER, Gladson, Bauxite; Iligene MILLER. University House, Hinsdale, Illinois; Reda Carolyn MILLER. Searcy; Robert Glenn MILLER. Searcy. Fifth Row: James Marvin MORING. Lambda Chi Al¬ pha, Pine Bluff; Jane MORRIS. Carnall, Texarkana; Glenn Donald MORRISON; Fox; James I. MORTON; William Mc¬ Donald MORTON, Helena; James Dale MOSELEY, Spring- dale; Joe Emmett MOSLEY, Eudora; Rex H. MURDOCK. Jr., Gladson, Fort Smith; Suzanne Elizabeth MURPHY, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Alvin L. NAYLOR, Buchanan, Conway; Carl Mer- rell NELSON, Texarkana. 289 REGISTRATION is nearly over for Mike Kelly as he obtains his class card after waiting in long line. First Row: Bobby Bruce NETHERTON, Maysville; Patricia Ann NEUMEISTER. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Belvidere, Illinois; Gerald Leon NICHOLSON, William House, Swifton; Jan NIX, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pine Bluff; Paula Lois NIX, Pi Beta Phi, Tulsa, Oklahoma; William Giles NOLEN, Lincoln; John Paul NORTH, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Eldon Joe NOSARI, Lit¬ tle Rock; Robert Mitchell NUTT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Hot Springs; Julia Ann O’DANIEL, Pi Beta Phi, Waldo; Joe OBERSTE, Clarksville. Second Row : Franklin Louis OLER, Alpha Tau Omega, Aldon, Iowa; Kenneth D. ORLICEK, Lambda Chi Alpha, England; Charles L. ORMOND, Pi Kappa Alpha, Morrilton; Robert B. OWEN, William House, Pine Bluff; Tony OWENS, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Emily F. OWENS, Alpha Delta Pi, Newport; Kenneth OWENS, Huntsville; Thomas H. OWENS, Acacia, Fort Smith; Deryle Gene OXFORD, Spring- dale; Patricia Ann PARETTE, 4-H House, Morrilton; Robert Wilford PARHAM, Fordyce. Fourth Row: Jerry Cecil PERCIFUL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Lit¬ tle Rock; Fred M. PERKINS, Jr., Ripley, Carlisle; Paul Gene PERRIER, Mulberry; James PETERS, Jr., Buchanan, Van Bur- en; Zelma K. PETTY, Springdale; Joe 0. PHILLIPS, Bucha¬ nan, Benton; Roy Lynn PHILLIPS, Texarkana; Larry William PIEBENGA, Sigma Nu, Springdale; Harold H. PIERCE, Buc¬ hanan, Kansas City, Missouri; Joseph W. PIERCY, Texarkana; Ann Dilday PINKSTON, DeWitt. Third Row: Stan N. PARIS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith; James Richard PARKER, DeWitt; Patricia Lee PARK¬ ER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lewisville; Kenneth M. FARR, Phi Delta Theta, Tuckerman; Phillip Terry PASCOE. Pi Kappa Alpha, Conway; Patricia Ann PAYNE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mena; Donald R. PEACOCK. Monticello; Jacky Paul PEARCE, DeQueen; Virginia Perry PEEL, Fayetteville; Joe PELTON, Benton; John W. PENNINGTON, Bruno. Fifth Row: Louise PISTOLE, Washington Hall, Crossett; John A. PITCOCK, Sigma Nu, Van Buren; Roger Morrow PITTS, Lincoln; Glen Brown PLUMMER, Marianna; Sue Ann PLUNKETT, 4-H House, Little Rock; William B. POE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fort Smith; Barbara POPE, Pi Beta Phi, Marvell; Janet PORTER, Pi Beta Phi, Monticello; Jimmy Ed POWERS, Droke House, Dardanelle; James Fred PRICE, North Little Rock; Tommie Phillips PRICE, Ripley House, Fort Smith. gfil J|; 290 First Row: Virginia Ann PRICE, Delta Gamma, Bentonville; Robert Leo PRISLOVSKY, Gladson, Stuttgart: Carol Bess PROCTOR. Delta Delta Delta. Cotton Plant; Pat PRYOR, Searcy; Patti Lee PULLIAM, Pi Beta Phi. Jonesboro; Gamier K. PUR YEAR. Kappa Sigma, Little Rock. Second Row : Albert Braley PYLAND, Lepanto; Wayne Evan PYLES, Alpha Gamma Rho, Boone- ville; Gene Allen RACKLEY, Sigma Nu, Russell¬ ville; William Robert RAGLAND, Gladson, Fort Smith; Edward Floyd RAGSDALE, Sigma Nu, Rus¬ sellville; Robert L. RAIBLE, Charleston. Third Row: S. Lanier RAINES, Little Rock; James Michael RAINWATER. Ripley, North Little Rock; Brinton Miller RAMOLY, Jr., Little Rock; Sandra May RAMSEY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fort Smith; Tommy Lewis RANKIN, Sigma Chi, Jones¬ boro; Billie Lou RATLIFF, Carnall, Dutton. Fourth Row: James Wiley REED, Swaim; Lo¬ well C. REED, Droke House, Rison; Dale Royce REEVES, Prairie Grove; David Earl REEVES, Har¬ rison; Lloyd Andrew REUTER, Jr., Wilson Sharp, El Dorado; Martha Sylvia RICH, Carnall, Forrest City. Fifth Row: Marvin Lee RICHARDSON, Green¬ wood; Carl William RICK. Jr., Austin; Jerry D. RIDER, Little Rock; Vencil L. RIGGAN, Malvern; Floyd Kelly RIGSBY, William House, Lonsdale; Ann RITTER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tyronza. Sixth Row: Judy Ann ROBERTSON, Delta Delta Delta. Fayetteville; Don W. ROGERS, Jr., Ripley, North Little Rock; John N. ROGERS, Jr., Fort Smith; Rupert ROGERS, Buchanan, Carthage, Mis¬ souri; Owen G. ROLLISON, Jr., DeWitt; Lyman Edward ROOT, Greenwood. Seventh Row: Allen ROSE, Droke, Mineral Springs; Myra M. ROSE, Carnall, Flippin; James A. ROSS, Monticello; Robert Henry ROTH, Mena; Judith Ann ROTHE, Zeta Tau Alpha, El Dorado; C. L. ROY, Theta Tau, Little Rock. Eighth Row: James William RUCKER, William House, Malvern; Joe T. RUNSICK, Gladson, New¬ port; Charles R. RUSH. Kappa Sigma, Harrison; Parker David RUSHING. Fayetteville; Frederica Rae RUSSELL, Carnall, Memphis, Tennessee; Patri¬ cia Jean RUTLEDGE, Pi Beta Phi, Fort Smith. Ninth Row: Roberta Sue RYE, Alma; Robert Paul SABIN, Fort Smith; John Allen SAGE, William House, Prescott; David A. SAIN, Razorback Hall, Holly Grove; Raymond Lowell SALE, William House, Little Rock; Loren Jerome SAMONS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Malvern. Tenth Row: Carlton Emmett SANDERS, Pine Bluff; Jack W. SANDERS, Sigma Nu, Little Rock; Rebecca SANDERS, Delta Gamma, Marshall; James G. SANDLIN, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; Alice M. SAN¬ FORD, Fayetteville; Milton SATTERFIELD, Droke, Abbott. Eleventh Row: Joe Thomas SAUNDERS, Rip¬ ley, Dierks; Tommy SCHALLHORN, Sigma Chi, De- Witt; Kenneth Charles SCHENK, Fort Smith; Ber¬ nard A. SCHIEFER, Fox; Leonard John SCH¬ MITZ, Paris; Donald D. SCHOFIELD, Isabella, Mis¬ souri. Twelfth Row: Leo W. SCHRADER, Joplin, Mis¬ souri; Lester Lloyd SCHWARZ, Acacia, Mena; Bob¬ by K. SCOTT, Star City: Robert Henry SEAY, Fay¬ etteville; Sally Jo SEEGER, Delta Delta Delta, Les¬ lie; Louis Herman SEITER, Fort Smith. 291 First Row: Bettie Ann SEWELL. Alpha Delta Pi, Morrilton; Dale K. SEWELL, Springdale; Joe L. SEWFLL, Springdale; Jon Charley SEWELL. Springdale; James Rodney SHADDOX, Pi Kappa Alpha, Harrison; Frank SHARP, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fayetteville. Second Row: Warren Hubbard SHARP, Sulphur Springs; Ronald P. SHARRAH, Fayetteville; Ray¬ mond J. SHARUM, Fort Smith; Marguerite Anne SHAW, Chi Omega, Conway; Sidney S. SHAW, Jonesboro; Emily SHEEKS, Alpha Delta Pi, Corn¬ ing. Third Row: William S. SHELL, Ripley, Little Rock; Marvin Howard SHEPPARD, Gumlog; Wil¬ liam F. SHERMAN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mt. Home; Richard Norman SHOLLMIER, Pine Bluff; George W. SHOOK, Clarksville; Henry Benson SHREVE, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Jack R. SHUMATE, Kappa Alpha, Charleston; Alva Ray SILER, William House, Plea¬ sant Plains; George B. SIMKINS, Rogers; Billy Frank SIMPKINS, Little Rock; Charles M. SIM¬ ON DS, Springdale; Anne SIMPSON, Delta Gam¬ ma, Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Thomas J. SIMPSON, Mena; Dennis Norwood SIMS, Gladson, Little Rock; Patrick J. SINGLETARY, Springdale; George Mack SIZE¬ MORE, Magnolia; Walter V. SMILEY, Hope; Bob¬ by 0. SMITH, Me Gehee. Sixth Row: Charles Elmer SMITH, Jr., Little Rock; Don SMITH, Fay; Elizabeth Anne SMITH, Chi Omega, Monticello; Floyd Ross SMITH, Sigma Pi, Mineral Springs; Harold D. SMITH, North Lit¬ tle Rock; Michael Richard SMITH, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock. Seventh Row: Robert Harvey SMITH, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Walnut Ridge; Truman Henry SMITH, Jr., Sigma Nu, Paris; Phyllis Clyde SMETHWICK, Delta Delta Delta, North Little Rock; John R. SNIDER, Little Rock; Georgana SORRELLS, Car¬ nal!, Stuttgart; Quinn G. SPANN, Little Rock. Eighth Row: Paul M. SPENCER, Fayetteville; Byron Don SPILLMAN, Fort Smith; Don Morrison SPIVEY, Buchanan, Little Rock; Robert M. SPIJR- LIN, Acacia, Berryville; Albert W. SQUIRES, Ber- ryville; Roberto STADTHAGEN, Sigma Chi, Man¬ agua, Nicaragua. Ninth Row: Charles Gary STANDRIDGE, Sig¬ ma Nu, Mt. Ida; Donald Erwin STEELY, Sigma Pi, Lonoke; Charles D. STEPHENS, Gladson, North Little Rock; Edwene STEVENS, Chi Omega, For¬ rest City; Jamie Ann STEVENS, Carnall, Tillar; Edward W. STEVENSON, Kappa Sigma, Cove. Tenth Row: B. H. STEWART. Pine Bluff: Ralph Joseph STIEFVATER, Conway; Donna STILLIONS, Alpha Delta Pi, Earle; Warner A. ST. JOHN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock; David Morris STOCK- FORD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fayetteville; Clara Dean STODDARD, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Johnnie K. STOKES, Hot Springs; John R. STOVALL, Sigma Pi, Blytheville; William Jan STOVER. Sigma Chi, Camden; Geo¬ rge Walter STOWERS, Jr., Rosston; James E. STRAHN, Pine Bluff; Donald Ray STRICKLAND. Lake City. Twelfth Row: Teddy Don STROUD, Ripley, Morrilton; Charles Norman STUCKEY, Fayette¬ ville; James Hyatt SUDDRETH, Acacia, Fort Smith; Barney Alan SUGG, Sigma Chi, Helena; Marilane SULCER. Delta Delta Delta, Forrest City; William Harrell SULLIVAN, Searcy. 292 ACCOMPANIST for Sally Miller, Julia O ' Daniel is assisted by a Scabbard and Blade pledge. First Row : Charles R. SUMMERFORD, Star City; Marolyn SUMMERS, Delta Delta Delta, Arkadelphia; Jimmy E. SWAF¬ FORD, Fort Smith; Carol SW1HART, Delta Delta Delta, Leachville; Jack F. SWOPE, Fayetteville; Ernest Lenwood TALIAFERRO, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Fayetteville; Ernest Len¬ wood TALIAFERRO, Sr., Fayetteville; Bob V. TAYLOR. Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; George D. TAYLOR, William House, Sparkman; John Travis TAYLOR, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Clarks¬ ville; William Knox TAYLOR, Lambda Chi Alpha, Hamburg. Second Row: William R. TAYLOR, Sigma Chi, Pine Bluff; William Lee TEDFORD, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock; Randall K. TERRY, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Little Rock; Tom B. TERRY, Fayetteville; Jack Lee THETFORD, Gladson, Fort Smith; Stuart P. THOMAN. Jr., Elkins; Tommy THRAIL- K1LL, Kappa Sigma, Waldo; Ralph H. TIFFIN, Sigma Pi, Ashdown; Jimmie Earl TOBEY, North Little Rock; Edgar Earl TODD, Alpha Tau Omega, Clifty; Patrick A. TODD, Fort Smith. Fourth Row: John E. VALENTINE, Decatur; Jerre Max VAN HOOSE, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Diana VINSON, Delta Gamma, Little Rock; Sandra VOUGA, St. Louis, Missouri; Grace Ellen WAGGONER, Davis, Amity; Haskel Earl WALK¬ ER, Buchanan, Fort Smith; Henry Edwin WALKER, Jr., Wilson Sharp, Fort Smith, Andrew Jackson WALLS, Jr., Pi Kap¬ pa Alpha, North Little Rock; Charles Rayburn WALLS, Des Arc; Janis WALLS, Pi Beta Phi, England; Martin Lee WALT, Kappa Sigma, Dumas. Third Row: Carl Gerald TOLER, Phi Delta Theta, Newport; Betty Pearl TOLL, Delta Delta Delta, Hazen; Eugene E. TOLLETT, Nashville; Donald Lane TOON, Alpha Gamma Rho, Cove; Dickey Ray TRAMMEL, Sigma Chi, Pocahontas; Duane C. TREAT, Mt. Home; Neill Hamilton TREECE, Leslie; Benny O. TRUSTY, Russellville; James Frederick TUOHEY, Jr., Sigma Nu, Little Rock; Patricia Gale TURNER, Delta Delta Delta, Harrison; Durwin G. URSERY, Camden. Fifth Roiv: Betty Lou WARD, Davis, Green Forest; James Hollis WARD, Acacia, McCrory; Rose Marie WARDLAW, Lockesburg; Rebecca WASSON, Chi Omega, Fayetteville; Ray Allen WATERS, Jr., Sigma Pi, Texarkana; Ralph Dean WAT¬ SON, Fordyce; Lester WAYMACK, Pine Bluff; Deanna WEA¬ VER, Carnall, Marshall; Alvin B. WEBB, Gravette; James Murphy WEBB, Pine Bluff; Carolyn Jean WEBSTER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fayetteville. 293 STRAIN of registration is depicted on face of journalism advisor William Good. Second Row: Norma Louise WHITE, Chi Omega, Crossett; Ronald Leon WHITELEY, Lincoln; Tommy Dick WHITING, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gillett; Jerry B. WHITWORTH, Blytheville; Ernest E. WHORTON, Fort Smith; Jo Ann Rainwater WHOR- TON, Fort Smith; Jerry C. WILCOX, Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Lynn WILCOX, Zeta Tau Alpha, Shreveport, Louisiana; Patricia Ruth WILLEY, Carnall, Joplin, Missouri; Paul X. WILLIAMS, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Booneville; Ralph M. Williams, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Arkadelphia. First Row : Harry Nichols WEEDMAN, Sigma Nu, Blythe¬ ville; Lynn Warren WEIR, Fayetteville; Ronald Douglas WELLS, El Dorado; Walter Lewis WELLS, Buchanan, Lewis¬ ville; Donald Ray WEST, Sigma Pi, Crossett; George Meredith WEST, Pi Kappa Alpha, North Little Rock; Keith Ann WHALEN, Fort Smith; Carolyn Sue WHITAKER, Zeta Tau Al¬ pha, Heber Springs; Barbara Anne WHITE, Alpha Delta Pi, Monticello; James George WHITE, William House, Blue Eye, Missouri; Margaret Ruth WHITE, Delta Gamma, Clarksville. Fourth Row : Thomas B. WILSON, William House, North Little Rock; Troy L. WILSON, Fordyce; William Curtis WIN¬ TER, William House, Garden City, Missouri; Niesje Ann W1RSIG, Fayetteville; Gilbert P. WITSELL, Little Rock; Way- mon Earl WITTMAN, Stuttgart; Martha Jane WOMACK, Kap¬ p a Kappa Gamma, Marked Tree; Clara N. WOOD. Flippin; Leon J. WOOD, El Dorado; Charlene Grady WORDEN, Little Rock; Martha Jane WORLEY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Shreveport, Louisiana. Third Row: Randy WILLIAMS. Sigma Nu, Nashville; Ruth Lindley WILLIAMS, Chi Omega, Newport; S. Albert WIL¬ LIAMSON, Jr., Hot Springs; Ann Louise WILSON, Carnall, Fort Smith; Bob L. WILSON, Theta Tau, Malvern; Charles A. WILSON, Buchanan, Hot Springs; Charles E. WILSON, Pi Kappa Alpha. Hardy; Charles F. WILSON. Little Rock; Ed¬ mund A. WILSON, Helena; John Joseph WILSON, Jr., Hot Springs; Robert Lynwood WILSON, Buchanan, Heber Springs. Fifth Row: Glen Dale WORTHINGTON, Springdale; Chris¬ tie WRAY, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Fayetteville; Jennie WREN, Delta Delta Delta, Wilson; Betsy WRIGHT, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Rock; Ann YANCEY, Chi Omega, Marianna; Elmer Dale YANCEY, Sigma Chi, Searcy; Milton L. YATES, Bis¬ marck; Sarah Kathryn YAWN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Cam¬ den; James Henry YOUREE, Bonham, Texas; Frank F. ZAN- OFF, Buchanan, North Little Rock; Donald L. ZIMMERMAN, Ulm. 294 3 O Ixgjioa First Row : William C. ADAIR, Sigma Nu, Fay¬ etteville; David Whetley ADAMS, Fort Smith; Ken¬ neth Wayne ADAMS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Dumas; Walter Norman ADAMS, Hot Springs; John R. ADDINGTON, Lockesburg; Anson Robert AIK- MAN, Gladson, Bluffton. Second Row: Donna Jean ALLEY, Davis, Moun¬ tain Home; Joeline Flora ALSUP, Alpha Delta Pi, Harrison; James Dean ANDERSON, Droke, Black Springs; Max H. ANDERSON. Hot Springs; Sallie Jo ANDERSON, Zeta Tan Alpha, Russellville; Wil¬ liam Albion ANDERSON, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Wal¬ nut Ridge. Third Row: Keitha Rhea ANDREWS, Chi Om¬ ega, El Dorado; John Ed ANTHONY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Woodville, Texas; John R. ARCHER, Po¬ cahontas; Edward L. ARNOLD. Newark; James C. ARNOLD. Jr., Droke, Falls Church, Va.; William Alvin ARNOLD, Wilson Sharp, Paragould. Fourth Row: Ronald Edwin AVERY, Ripley, Sweet Home; Thelma Louise BAGGETT, Benton- ville; William Sidney BALDWIN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Twist; Virginia Lou BAKER, Carnall, Harrison; Jerry Lee BAKER, Springdale; David Glen BAR¬ BER, Gladson, Bauxite. Fifth Row: Gale Botkin BARROWS, Kappa Kap¬ pa Gamma, Glen Ellyn, Ill.; Don Clark BARNETT, Gladson, Bradley; Eugene Hendrix BARNETT, Jr., Little Rock; Ortus Webb BARNETT, Jr., Ripley, Pine Bluff; Royce M. BARRETT, Sigma Chi, Har¬ rison; Carol BARNUM, 4-H House, Edgemont. Sixth Row: George Morgan BARNWELL, Droke, Little Rock; Margaret Ann BAR I ON, Alpha Delta Pi, Charleston; Wm. Danny BATES, Sigma Pi, Fort Smith; June Elizabeth BAVER, Davis, Vivian, Lou¬ isiana; Tommy Mack BAUGHN, William House, Tuckerman; Neil Edgar BEACHEM, Benton. Seventh Row: Jackie Dan BEAVERT, Pi Kappa Alpha, El Dorado; Jim Kent BEDELL, Springdale; Charles Fay BELL, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville; Robert Aylmer BELL, Sigma Nu. Pine Bluff; Wm. Danny BENNETT, Kappa Alpha, Corning; Marian Virginia BENSON, Davis, Russellville. Eighth Row: James Earl BENTLEY, Russellville; Joe Charles BESSENBACHER, Kansas City, Mis¬ souri; Mary Eloise BETHEL, Carnall, Nola; Carolyn Jean BIRD, Fayetteville; Claudia Villette BLACK. Carnall. Rogers; William David BLACKBURN, Wil¬ liam House, Corning. Ninth Row: Billy Dean BLAKE, Piggott; Doilus Dwayne BLAKE, Piggott; John Joseph BLAKE, Forrest City; August Koehler BLANKENSHIP. Sig¬ ma Chi. Dell; Dorothy Mae BLANTON, Wickes; Elois O’Dell BLEIDE, Delta Delta Delta, Searcy. Tenth Row: Done Dale BOGARD, Fayetteville; John Stewart BOHLSON, Will iam House, Hot Springs; Clarence Allen BOLIN, William House, Pine Bluff; Katharine Anne BOND, Chi Omega, Lit¬ tle Rock; Claude M. BONNER, Farm House, Lux- ora; Jimmy D. BONNER, Sigma Nu, Marvell. Eleventh Row: William H. BOON, Kappa Sigma, Centerton; Lynda Beth BORIJM, Delta Gamma, Booneville; Hollis H. BOWEN, Fouke; James W. BOWEN, Wilson Sharp, Harrison; Jimmie Lee BOWLING, Prairie Grove; Cecil I). BRADY, Im- boden. Twelfth Row: Kay BRAGG, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Kay K. BRAY, Chi Omega. Marked Tree; Charles F. BREESE, Siloam Springs; Gene W. BREWER, Beebe; June Carole BRIDGER, Alpha Delta Pi, Jonesboro; Sara Lee BRIDENTHAL, Al¬ pha Delta Pi, North Little Rock. 295 € First Row: Jimmie Lou BRIGANCE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Poteau, Oklahoma; Elizabeth BRISTER, 4-H House, Blytheville; Morris Virgil BROOKHART, Searcy; Bob Rows BROOKS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith: Jackie Glynn BROOKS, Crossett; Ralph P. BROOKS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Second Row: Fotine BROOMAS, Little Rock; Byron D. BROWN, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock; David R. BROWN, William House, Little Rock; Eldon BROWN, Razorback Hall. Wichita. Kansas; Margie Ann BROWN, Davis, El Dorado; Clark A. BUCHNER, Phi Delta Theta, El Dorado. Third Row: Jack Austin, BUDD, Sigma Nu, Fay¬ etteville; Lynn S. BUFORD, Alpha Delta Pi, Checo- tah, Oklahoma; Brenda BULLION, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fordyce; Dudley M. BUMPASS. Acacia, Little Rock; Dean BUNCH, Harrison; Louis T. BURCH, Droke, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Henry H. BURGE, Hardy; Mar¬ garet BURNSIDE, Carnall, Jonesboro; Patricia Gayle BURKE, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock; Jim Robert BUSH, Kappa Sigma, Helena; James Altus BUTTRY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jonesboro; Georgi- anna BYARS, Alma. Fifth Row: Jan Keith CALHOON, Pi Kappa Alpha, El Dorado; Marlin Loy CALL, Wynne; Jim Stanley CAMARATA, Pi Kappa Alpha, Russellville; Phyllis Carol CAMPBELL, Fayetteville; Peggy Bess CANTRELL, Fayetteville; Betty Jeanne CAPPS, Fayetteville. Sixth Row: David Reed CARDER, Wilson Sharp, Texarkana, Texas; Gerald E. CARMAN, Ripley, Wynne, David I). CARPENTER, Sigma Chi, Dumas; Donna M. CARSON, Stilwell, Oklahoma; James William CARSON, Fayetteville; Judith Ann CAR- SON, Davis, El Dorado. Seventh Row: Billy Gene CARTER, Sigma Chi, Leachville; Carolyn N. CARTER. 4-H House, Mur¬ freesboro; Donna Ellen CARTER, Delta Gamma, Fayetteville; Judy Gail CARTER, Alpha Delta Pi, Dumas; Thomas Michael CARTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mundelein, Illinois; Steve CASTLEBERRY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newport. Eighth Row: Jame Gordon CATON, William House, Fort Smith; William DOW, Jr., Clarksville; Camelia Ann CHAMBLESS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Searcy; Judith Anne CH1VERS, Alpha Delta Pi, Dardanelle; Hurshal Sherlan CLARK, Nashville; Larry Castel CLARK, Kappa Sigma, Ozark. Ninth Row: Mary Ann CLARK. Delta Delta Del¬ ta, Texarkana; John Charles CLAY, Kappa Sigma, Fort Smith; Mike Rowe CLAYTON, Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; Paul Clavin CLAYTON, Salem; R. E. CLINE, Hartman; Bonnie Jane COBERN, Rogers. Tenth Row: Carole Ann COE, Alpha Delta Pi, Little Rock; Walter Joe COLEMAN, Holly Grove; Curtis COLLIER, Fort Smith; James William COL¬ LIER, Wilson Sharp, Van Buren; James Samuel COLLINS, Lewisville; John Neely COLLINS, Glad- son, Paragould. Eleventh Row: Georgie Lee COMBS, Springdale; Harold G. COOGAN, Mena; Dorothy Jean COOP- ER, Fayetteville; Henry Mac CORE, Little Rock: William Gene COTTON, Fayetteville; David Wayne COURTNEY, Mabelvale. Twelfth Row: Ray Stanford COURTNEY, Mabel¬ vale; Bobby Wayne COWLING, Texarkana; C. L. COX, Searcy; Dick Smith COX, Little Rock; Ronald Oliver COX, Droke, Beloit, Wisconsin; Elizabeth CRANE, Delta Delta Delta, Memphis, Tennessee. r 296 DUAL-PIANIST team of Bill and Pat Medley are being interviewed by news reporting class. First Row: Ralph E. CRIGLER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith; James C. CR1NER, Buchanan, Little Rock; William Harold CROOK, Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff; William Hitman CROSS, Kappa Sigma, Lepanto; Alfred Leon CROW, Donald¬ son; Joe Bailey CRUMPLER, Jr., Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; Frankie Lee CRUTCHER, Gurdon; R. Sidney CRYMES, Lo¬ noke; Robert E. CULP, Rocky Comfort, Missouri; Kenneth Wayne CULPEPPER, Dumas; Joseph Thomas CUNNING¬ HAM, Kappa Sigma, West Helena. Second Row: Samuel W. CUPPS, Fayetteville; Elizabeth J. CURTIS, Prairie Grove; Keith Edwards CURTIS, Little Rock; Bety Marilyn CUTRER, Chi Omega, Smackover; Jerry Herbert CYGAN, Fayetteville; Dick DAHLEN, Razorback Hall, Mt. Home; Robert J. DALEY, William House, Hope; Martha Kathryn DALTON, Fayetteville; Hardy Lamar DANIEL, Jr., Fayetteville; Richard L. DANIEL, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Hot Springs; Virginia Ann DARBY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Sonja DEHAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Shreveport, Louisiana; James L. DENNIS, Phi Delta Theta, Paris; Suzan¬ ne Ellen DERNING, Carnall, North Little Rock; Richard Har¬ vey DE VAZIER. Forrest City; Charles Edward DEWALL, Sig¬ ma Chi, Pine Bluff; David Randall DE WITT, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rogers; Harold Kenneth DICKERSON, Ozark; Jay Woodson DICKEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Katherine Sue DILL, Fayetteville; William Dan DIPERT, Buchanan, Damascus; Lloyd A. DIEBOLD, Jr., Pi Kappa Alpha, Hickory Ridge. Third Row: John Ed DARNELL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hot Springs; Tommye Irene DARNELL, Davis, Monticello; Billy Leon DAVIS, Gladson, Hope; Bobbie Ann DAVIS, Alpha Delta Pi, Ashdown; Charles M. DAVIS, Brinkley; Donald Wayne DAVIS, Sigma Nu, Hamburg; Dwight Edward DAVIS, Farm House. Conway; Margaret Ann DAVIS, Pi Beta Phi, Clarks¬ ville: Richard Harding DAVIS, Jr., Stamps; Monte Eugene DE AKINS, Harrison; Anne Carol DEARTH, Kappa Kappa Gamma, El Dorado. Fifth Row: Derek Earl DISHONGH, Pine Bluff; Frances Janelle DIXON, Delta Delta Delta, Texarkana; James F. DOB¬ BINS, Kappa Alpha, Alamogordo, New Mexico; Delwin Earl DODD, Greenwood; William U. DONALD, Sigma Nu, Glen¬ dale, Missouri; G. Elward DONLAVY, Dallas, Texas: Judy DOOLIN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pocahontas: Mary Clare DOWELL, Chi Omega, Walnut Ridge; Ned DOWNIE, Little Rock; Wilma Carol DOWNUM, Carnall, Fort Smith; Tommy E. DRAKE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Malvern. 297 p nranaHrE MARCHING RAZORBACKS practice routines at War Memorial Stadium before Ole Miss game. First Row: Jerry B. DRIVER, Kappa Sigma, Osceola; Paul R. DUDLEY, Wilson Sharp, Sallisaw, Oklahoma; Ralph Lloyd DUGGER, Charlotte; Peter Warren DUPREE, III, Jackson¬ ville; Gary Allen DU VALL. Gladson, Benton; Bobby Ray EASTERLING, Wesley; Ann Karlene EDENS, Davis, El Do¬ rado; James William EICHLER, Droke, Gillett; Mary Eliza¬ beth EIDSON, Carnall, Springdale; Bernard John EKDAHL, Mt. Home; Clarence Ward ELDRED, Sulphur Springs. Second Row: Richard 0. ELLIS, Forrest City; F. Eugene ELSBERRY, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pine Bluff; Cynthia Ann ENGLAND, Pi Beta Phi, Walnut Ridge; Larry Keith ENCLE- HART, Fayetteville; Marlin Jake EPP, Wilson Sharp, Haysville, Kansas; James R. EPPERSON, Sigma Nu, Clarksville; Gay ERWIN. Fayetteville; William Wendell ESTES, Lambda Chi Alpha, Corning; Rebecca Ann ETHERIDGE, 4-H House, Ham¬ burg; Ira Donald EUBANKS, Ripley, Fort Smith; Charles Norman EVANS, Decatur. Fourth Row: John Wright FERGUSSON, Jr., Wilson Sharp. Pine Bluff; Joel B. FIELDS. Fayetteville; Susanne FILES, Carnall, Parkdale; Jo Ann FINCH, Pi Beta Phi, Marked Tree; Bobby Lynn FINCHER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Stephens; Jo Ann FINLEY, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Susie FLEMING, Delta Delta Delta, Fayetteville; Robert L. FLOWERS. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Huntsville; Peggy Marie FOILES, Delta Gamma, Booneville, Joy Lea FOLL, Delta Gamma, Newport; Bobby Dalton FONDREN. Fort Smith. Third Row: Lloyd J. EVANS, Siloam Springs; Susan EVANS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Marion R. FARMER, Ripley, Pine Bluff; Charles R. FARRIS, Gladson, Smackover; Sam R. FARRIS, Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Mar¬ ion E. FAULKNER, Smackover; Joe D. FEE, Fort Smith; Gretchen FELTON, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Little Rock; Robert Dale FELTS, Viola; Lonnie Dale FERGUSON, Oden; Beverly FERGUSSON, Pi Beta Phi, Altheimer. Fifth Row: Rosemary FONES, Pi Beta Phi. Rogers; Buddy FONG, Marianna; John Wayne FORD, Sigma Pi. Rogers; Roy Molitor FORD. Kappa Sigma, Marvell; Judy FRANKS. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Hope; Larry E. FRANKS, Gladson, Waldo; Zane K. FRANKS, Alpha Tau Omega, Decatur; Edward Leo FRANZ, Malvern; Augustine Joseph FREDRICH, William House, Little Rock; Jack Eugene FRESHOUR, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, North Little Rock, Larry Lee FRY, Alpha Gamma Rho, Green Forest. First Row : Roy J. FULLER, Ripley, Malvern; Alston Randolph FUSSELL, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City; Mary Louise GABBARD, Combs; Wilma Joyce GARDENHIRE; Frank Harold GARDNER, Sigma Chi, Parkdale; Lila Dulaney GARDNER. Delta Gam¬ ma, Paragould. Second Row: Nancy Karen GARLAND, Carnall, Paragould; Nancy GARNER, Delta Delta Delta, Ris¬ en; Edward Lee GARRETT, Conway; James Max GARRETT, Ripley, Benton; Susan GATHMAN, Carnall, Lamar, Missouri; Larry Compton GEORGE, Kappa Sigma. Third Row : Robert Edward GIBBS, William House, Crossett; Thomas Ford GIBSON, Sigma Al¬ pha Epsilon, Shreveport, Louisiana; Virginia GIB¬ SON, Alpha Delta Pi, Fort Smith; Carol GIECK, Zeta Tau Alpha, Heber Springs; James Carl GIL¬ BERT, Sigma Chi, Hope; Martin Greeson GILBERT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Prescott. Fourth Row: Mary Elizabeth GIRDNER, Delta Gamma, Warren; Clyde Chaney GLENN, Clarendon; Susan Doris GLOVER. Delta Gamma, Fayetteville; Bobbie Dean GUFFEY, 4-H House, Grubbs; Lynn GOLDTHWAITE, Zeta Tau Alpha, St. Louis, Mis¬ souri; Tommy GOODMAN, Malvern. Fifth Row: Becky Ann GOSS, Mena; Selwyn Geore GOSS, Mena; Patricia M. GRAHAM, Carnall, Sulphur Springs; Jim V. GRAMLICH, Charleston; Gary Dean GRAMMER, Springdale; Letitia Jean¬ ne GRANO, Alpha Delta Pi, Crossett. Sixth Row: Jerry Michael GREEN, Sigma Nu, Brentwood, Missouri; Clyde Homer GREENERT, Lambda Chi Alpha, North Little Rock; M. Reed GREENWOOD, Droke Hall, Hickory Ridge; Richard Earl GRIFFIN, Sigma Nu, El Dorado; Diana GRIF¬ FITH, North Little Rock; Bobbie Neal GRIGGS, Bentonville. Seventh Row: James Ree GRIM, Berryville; Mary Linda GROHOSKI, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Rock; Thomas Jackson GROSS, Texarkana; David F. GRUENWALD, Pi Kappa Alpha, North Little Rock; Tom GRUNDEN, Kappa Sigma, El Dorado; Charles Earl GUESS, North Little Rock. Eighth Row: William Allan GUINN, Fayette- , ville; Charles Mack GUNDLACH, Phi Delta Theta, Rogers; Helen HAB1G, Carnall, Little Rock; Rit a Marlene HAHN, Fayetteville; Wade Eldon HAHN, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; William David HALBERT, Alpha Tau Omega, Malvern. Ninth Row: Sally Marie HALEY, Carnall, Pine Bluff; Daniel Irwin HALL, Prairie Grove; Howard Leon HALL, William House, Mena; Milton Ray HALL, Droke, Stuttgart; Robert H. HALL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Camden; Robert Lester HALL, Raz- orback, Marshall. Tenth Row: Tamar Louise HALL, Waco, Texas; Jack Curtis HAMMETT. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lit¬ tle Rock; Carole Ann HANDLES, Delta Delta Delta, Walnut Ridge; Martha Kay HANKINS, Durham; Roberta Ann HANKINS, Fayetteville; Joe Nathan HARBOUR, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Carrol Wayne HARRIS, Wilson Sharp, El Dorado; James Stephen HARRIS, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City; Mebane HARRISON, Delta Delta Delta, Brentwood; James Richard HART, Pine Bluff; Melvin G. HART, Lambda Chi Alpha, Grove, Oklahoma; Wilson Richard HATFIELD, Kappa Sigma, Fort Smith. Twelfth Row: Linda Rae HATHAWAY, Alpha Delta Pi, Rogers; Jerry Arn old HAVENS, Lonoke; Waily HAW, Razorback, Earle; Ellen HAWBECK- ER. Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Dwain HAWKINS, Acacia, Mt. Home; Don Powell HAYES, Ripley, Bradford. 299 First How: James Richard HAYES, Fayetteville; Ardavene May HAYS, Carnall, Blytheville; Virginia Ann HAYS, Chi Omega, Prescott; Larry D. HEAD. Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; Grace Ann HEATH, Chi Omega, Marion; J. William HELBRON, Alpha Tau Omega, Little Rock. Second Row: Betty Anne HELM, 4-H House, Wideman; Junios Von HENDERSON, Mountain View; David Gilbert HENDRICKS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fayetteville; James Powell HENDRICKS, Little Rock; Carl Edward HENDRIX, Sigma Chi, Horatio; Charles D. HENLEY, Jr., Little Rock. Third Row: Michael Lee HERNDON, Little Rock; Polly HERVEY, Alpha Delta Pi, Houston, Texas; John W. HEWITT, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Martha HICKY, Chi Omega, Forrest City; Jerry Milton HILL, Bassett; Robert Arlon HILL, Alpha Gamma Rho, Center Ridge. Fourth Row: Jimmy Houston HINTON, West Memphis; Donna Carleen HOCKMAN, Green For¬ est; Jasper 0. HOGGARD, Cave City; Harris Mc¬ Dowell HOGUE, Jr., Gladson, Bauxite; Gilbert HOL¬ LIS, Greenway; La Rama Jeanette HOLT, Fayette¬ ville. Fifth Row: Nancy Sue HOLT, Davis, Manila; Robert Caldwell HOLT, Blytheville; Oma June HOOTEN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fort Smith; Tim¬ my Rush HOOTEN, El Dorado; Bobby Lewis HOPE, Fort Smith; Thomas Jerry HORN, Mt. Home. Sixth Row: David B. HORNE, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Barbara W. HORTON, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock; Thomas M. HU BBS, Kappa Alpha, Joplin, Missouri; Donald O. HUDSON, Kappa Sig¬ ma, Helena; Linda Lee HUDSON, Huntsville; Vic¬ tor B. HUEY, Jr., Malvern. Seventh Row: Alvin HUFFMAN, Wilson Sharp, Blytheville; Carra Lee HULSEY, Malvern; Robert Richard HUNT, Sigma Nu, Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Mary Keith HURLEY, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpena; Bob G. HURST, Flippin; Bill HURT, Sigma Chi, Jonesboro. Eighth Row: H. H. HUTSELL, Fort Smith; Sam¬ my Lee HYNDS, Davis, Gentry; John David IZARD. Little Rock; Jimmy Wyatt IVEY, Ripley, North Lit¬ tle Rock; Mary Katherine JACKSON, Carnall. Mal¬ vern; John Howze JACOBS, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City. Ninth Row: Jim John JANSEN, Fort Smith; Paul Edmond JAWORSKI, North Little Rock; George Olin JERNIGAN, Jr., Sigma Chi. Little Rock; Ruth D. JERYO, Pi Beta Phi, Van Buren; Clarence Ed¬ gar JOHNSON, Fayetteville; James Clinton JOHN¬ SON, William House, Van Buren. Tenth Row: Ruth Mary JOHNSON, Delta Delta Delta, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Sandra Kay JOHNSON, Carnall, Crossett; Sidney Ervin JOHNSON, Glad¬ son, Crossett; William Roy JOHNSON, El Dorado; Dorsey William JONES, Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; Dorothy Kay JONES, Delta Delta Delta, Tulsa, Okla¬ homa. Eleventh Row: Howard JONES, Jr., Sigma Chi, Little Rock; James Rodney JONES, Little Rock; Lawrence Edward JONES, Sigma Chi, Pine Bluff; Linda Lee JONES, Huntsville; Marilyn Jane JONES, Alpha Delta Pi, Fayetteville; Mary Lou JONES, Springdale. Twelfth Row: Russell Dean JONES, Decatur; Don Wayne JORDAN, William House, Crossett; Fred J. KAUFFELD, Clarksville; Ronald Bruce KEENE, Acacia, Little Rock; Charles Phillip KEESE, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Gary Lee KEET- ER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mt. Home. 300 c DANCING a I ively step, William Black and troup pro¬ duced H.M.S. Pinafore for tour of Eastern Arkansas. First Row: Edwin Lewis KEITH, William House, Benton- ville; William Perry KELLY, Droke, Sheridan; Jana Dee KELLEY, Carnall, Gentry: Larry James KELLEY, Huntsville; Raymond Gerardo KENNETT. Theta Tau, Managua. Nicaragua; Susan KENNON, Delta Gamma. Paris; Donn Cox KERBY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, North Little Rock; Jerry KESTERSON, Sigma Chi, Pine Bluff; Neita Ann KINCAID, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fayetteville: Barbara Lynn KING, Delta Gamma, Mal¬ vern; Judy Ann KINSLOW, Zeta Tau Alpha, Arkansas City, Kansas. Second Row: Tom 0. KIRSPEL. Alpha Tau Omega. North Little Rock; John P. KIRKPATRICK. Droke, Magnolia; Lee Fredrick KLEESE, Little Rock; Gail KNAPP, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Leslie; David Lee KNOX. Kappa Sigma. Fort Smith; Kav Ela KOLB, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Smith; Suzanne Jean KlJESTER, 4-H House, Hot Springs; Robert Harold LACY, Buchanan, North Little Rock; David Patterson LAMBERT, Kappa Sigma, West Memphis; John H. LANCELOT. Wilson Sharp, Wichita, Kansas; Roslyn Sears LANDER. Chi Omega, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Jimmy Ray LEWIS, Wheaton, Missouri; Bar¬ bara Kay LIGHTFOOT. Delta Gamma, Nashville; Dean Ray LINDSEY. Batesville; Jackson E. LINEBACK. Pi Kappa Alpha, Brinkley; Jimmie Ralph LITTLE, Alpha Gamma Rho, Mena; Bobbye Jeane LITTLEJOHN, Davis, Manila; James William LOCKE, De Queen; Nancy Louise LOGAN, Davis, Huntsville; John Alan LOVE, Kappa Alpha, Springfield, Missouri; Chester Clarence LOWE. Sigma Nu, Little Rock, Jane Suzanne LOYD, Carnall, Me Gehee. Third Row: Georgiana LANGE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lit¬ tle Rock: Richard Jordan LANKFORD, Sigma Chi, El Dorado; Robert Hal LATIMER. Farm House, Lockesburg; Garland Har¬ per LATTA, Droke, North Little Rock; George William LAV¬ ENDER, Texarkana: Beth LAWS. Zeta Tau Alpha. Russell¬ ville: Jerry Allen LEACH. Dutch Mills; Philip Arthur LEA- SURE. Hot Springs; Charles Ray LEDBETTER. Fayetteville; Elisa LEE, Carnall, Dumas; James T. LEIGH. Onawa, Iowa. Fifth Row: Nancy J. LUCAS, Carnall, Pine Bluff; Fred Larry LUFT, Sigma Chi, Pine Bluff; Jo Ann LUNA, Spring- dale; William Clary LUNSFORD, Hughes; Gerrald Jaime LYNCH, Springdale; Arland Wayne LYONS, Nashville; Kay McCARTY, Chi Omega. Helena; Patrick McCLOSKEY, Acacia, Hughesville; Lynne McCOY, Pi Beta Phi. Little Rock; Ann Sale McCRAKEN, Zeta Tau Alpha. Russellville; George Autrey McCRARY, William House, Nashville. 4 s o p B XXL s 2? QUIZZING " non-profit " bookstore employee. Sherry Ragsdale appears representative of student attitude. First Row: Lemuel Clarence McCRARY, III, Kappa Sigma, Lonoke; Ross Elward McCRORY, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; Salley Ann McCUNE, Alpha Delta Pi, Carthage. Missouri; Bob- bye Jean McDANIEL, 4-H House, Des Arc; Phillip McDON- ALD, Sigma Chi, Newport; James B. McDOUGAL, Acacia, Bradford; John Hansell McELROY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Ozark; Donald Wilbanks McGILL, Fort Smith; Larry L. McGOWAN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith; Dena L. McILROY, Alpha Delta Pi, Ozark; Dannye Mac McKENNEY, Paris. Second Row: James R. McKENZIE. Lambda Chi Alpha, Hot Springs; Clay Carl McKINNEY, Sigma Nu, Siloam Springs; Steven King McKINNEY, Sigma Nu, Siloam Springs; Martha Anne McLEMORE, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Shreveport, Lou¬ isiana; George McLEOD, Wilson Sharp, Walnut Ridge; Robert Ware McMURTREY, Jr.. Lambda Chi Alpha. Fort Smith; Mary Ann McPHERSON. Russellville: Anita Elizabeth Mc- WAtERS, Carnall, Blytheville; Clayton Ward McWHORTER. Phi Delta Theta, Rogers; Beverly May MACK. Delta Delta Del¬ ta, Paragould; Bobby J. MADDOX, Hot Springs. Fourth Row: James M. MARTIN, Jr., Morrilton; Lee Del¬ bert MASON, Pi Kappa Alpha, Springdale; Randall Gene MASON, Calico Rock; Edmund McDowell MASSEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Morrilton; Nancy Ann MATLOCK, Davis, Pine Bluff; Joe MATTHEWS, Buchanan, Greenbrier; Jimmy E. MAUNEY, Ripley, Norphlet; John Bernard MAUS, Droke. Morrilton; Lynda MAXEY, Delta Gamma. Bentonville; George Barnett MAYS, Little Rock; Mary Jane MELTON, Chi Omega, Jonesboro. Third Row: James Eugene MADDOX, North Little Rock; Paul Thomas MADDOX, Hot Springs; Linda Ellis MAGEE, Delta Delta Delta, Fort Smith; James Louis MALOCH. Osceloa; Mary Bess MALONE, Pi Beta Phi, Camden: Mary MANN, Chi Omega, Marion; Jimmie Kay MAPLES, William House. Berry- ville; Joseph F. MARLAR, Gladson, Van Buren: Ann MART¬ IN, Chi Omega, Blytheville; Bobby Joe Martin, Yellville; Gary Lee MARTIN, Buchanan, McCrory. Fifth Row: Sara Jane MELTON, Delta Delta Delta, Malden, Missouri; Carole Yvonne MILLER. Alpha Delta Pi, Liberty, Missouri; Martha Ann MILUM, Harrison; James Guy MIN- MIER. Phi Delta Theta. Paris; G. G. MIN YARD. Zeta Tau Alpha, Fort Smith; Hal Stanley MITCHELL, Pi Kappa Alpha. Tulsa, Oklahoma; Johnetta MITCHELL. Scott; Thomas Glin MITCHELL. Stamps; Virginia Sherwood MIZELL, Kappa Kap¬ pa Gamma, Little Rock; Robert E. MOERY, Buchanan, Carlisle; Molly Davison MOLITOR, Pi Beta Phi, Marvell. 302 First Row: Jesse T. MONTGOMERY, Pine Bluff; Harry Dan MOORE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Spring- dale; Kenneth Charles MOORE, Harrison; Robert Lewis MOOSE, Morrilton; Elvie E. MOOTY, Jr., Ripley, El Dorado; Charles Arthur MORGAN, Wil¬ liam House, Pine Bluff. Second Row: Doyle W. MORGAN, Fayetteville; Guy A. MORGAN, Ripley, Warren; Douglas Lee MORRIS, Paris; Ruby Lee MORRIS, Nashville; Patty Lou MORRISON, Delta Gamma, Leslie; Lar¬ ry MOSLEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, El Dorado. Third Row: Grace Evelyn MOTHERSHED, Gar¬ land House, Little Rock; David Allen MULKEY, Pi Kappa Alpha. Fayetteville; Wayne I). MURPHY, Foreman; Jay F. MYERS, Gladson, Siloam Springs; Hannein NADIMI, Tehran, Iran; James E. NECES¬ SARY, Wilson Sharp, Hot Springs. Fourth Row: Jack NELSON, Wilson Sharp, Ne¬ vada, Missouri; Larry Jeff NEWKIRK. Llot Springs; Doane M. NEWTON, William House, Stuttgart; Joe Jerry NICHOLS, Pea Ridge; Barry NISWANGER, Lambda Chi Alpha, Malvern; John O. NIX, Wilson Sharp, LI ope. Fifth Row: Charles NOFZIGER, William House, North Little Rock; Connie NOLAND, Chi Omega, Shreveport, Louisiana; Elizabeth Ann NORRIS, Pi Beta Phi, El Dorado; Eleanor L. OBEE, Pi Beta Phi, Hot Springs; Wilma Jean OLIVER, Carnall, Rector; Mama Jo OMO, Alpha Delta Pi, Camden. Sixth Row: Barbara ORLER, Carnall, Pineville, Missouri; Bill M. Overton, Roseland; William Ray OVERTON, Lambda Chi Alpha, Malvern; Emily K. OWEN, Carnall, Crossett; Emma Jean OWEN, 4-H House, Grady; Don Ray OWENS, William House, Little Rock. Seventh Row: Sondra L. PACE, Carnall, Grav- ette; Cynthia Anne PADGETT, Pi Beta Phi, Bates- ville; Carol Marie PAGE, Delta Gamma, Sikeston, Missouri; Charles M. PARETTE, Morrilton; Jerry Allen PARK, William House, El Dorado; Carol Jean PARKER, Davis, Eureka Springs. Eighth Row: Noel PARRISH, Sigma Chi, Pine Bluff; Mary Ruth PASCHAL, Fayetteville; Marilyn Jo PATRICK, Elkins; Sara Annelle PATTERSON, Carnall, Fort Smith; Gerald Ray PEEPLES, Fay¬ ette; Scott Horton PELTON, Benton. Ninth Row: Ed Emrich PERRY, Kappa Sigma, Marked Tree; Peggy Lynn PERRY, Chi Omega, Lamar, Missouri; Larkus Howard PESNELL, Wil¬ son Sharp, El Dorado; Frank Jacob PETERS, West Helena; Peggy Ann PETERSON, Fayetteville; James Lewis PETTIT, Newport. Tenth Row: John Davidson PHARR, Pi Kappa Alpha, Memphis, Tennessee; Sammye Louese PHE¬ LAN, Elkins; Jon Harold PHELPS. Booneville; Billy Wayne PHILLIPS, Springdale; Judy Ann PHILPOT, Mena; Ronnie David PICKENS, De Queen. Eleventh Row: Allan Stark P1RNJQUE, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Carol Jean PLAISANCE, West Memphis; Nancy Belle PLOWMAN, Little Rock; Sandra PLUMMER, Carnall, Mexico City, Mexico; Jon Walter POOL, Hot Springs; Arlen Dee POOLE, Fayetteville. Twelfth Row: Mary Alice PORTER, Davis, Nash¬ ville; Jimmy R. POTTER, William House, Dumas; Joe E. POUZAR, Alpha Tau Omega, Little Rock; Jim Wilson POWELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Ben- tonville; James H. POYNTER, Jr., Pi Kappa Al¬ pha, Centre, Alabama; Elda Ann PRAGER, Carnall, Hot Springs. 303 304 3 XT- ■k 4r SJ 5 ■I Z3 m ° P lx First Row: Glenna Jean PRIDEMORE, Lincoln; Nona PROCTOR, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Little Rock; Philip Bruce PURIFOY, Kappa Sigma, Tex¬ arkana; Sally Ann PUTNAM, Carnall, Fort Smith; Raymond Elizabeth PYOTT. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Houston, Texas; Janet Sherrill RAGAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Searcy. Second Row: Judith Ann RAGLAND, Pi Beta Phi, Stuttgart; Sherry Lynn RAGSDALE, Chi Ome¬ ga, Russellville; Leon RAIBLE, Altus; Carol Ann RAINES, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Patricia Bernice RAINS, Davis, North Little Rock; Ann RAIN¬ WATER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Springdale. Third Row: Olin F. RAMOLY, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; Gail Kathleen RAMSAY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pine Bluff; Sharon RANEY, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Anith Joyce RATCLIFF, Carnall, Gen¬ try; Dottie RATCLIFF, Delta Gamma, North Little Rock; Franklin J. RAY, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Rita Sue READER, Zeta Tau Alp¬ ha, Hot Springs; Owenita Ilene REAGAN, Noel, Missouri; Carol Jane REAVIS, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Mary Lou REINHART, Davis, Stuttgart; Ro¬ bert E. REMY, Kappa Sigma, Booneville; Alan Lee RENNICK, Sigma Nu, Wichita, Kansas. Fifth Row: Mary Douglas RENSHAW, Alpha Delta Pi, Pine Bluff; Bill K. RENOLDS, El Dorado; Edwin A. RENOLDS, Grapevine; Alary Olive RHODES, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Terry G. RICH¬ ARDS, Benton; Glen Gene RICHARDSON, Mal¬ vern. Sixth Row: John Eric RICHARDSON, Sigma Nu, El Dorado; Jim C. RIEFF, Kappa Sigma, Prairie Grove; Barbara Lee RIGSBY, Chi Omega, Nashville; Keith Edward RINEHART, Farm House, McCaskill; Janice Margo RITTERHOUSE, Alpha Delta Pi, Springfield, Missouri; Barbara Jo ROBERTS, Alpha Delta Pi, Little Rock. Seventh Row: Elaine Elizabeth ROBINSON, Zeta Tau Alpha, Rogers; Jane ROBINSON, Davis, Eng¬ land; Sarah Nelle ROBINSON, Carnall, West Mem¬ phis; Yvonne ROBINSON, Stuttgart; William Pres¬ ley ROGERS, Stamps; William Porter ROSS, Sigma Chi Pine Bluff. Eighth Row: Alice Marian ROTHERT, Chi Ome¬ ga, Camden; Joye Colleen ROUSE, Fayetteville; Phillip Ray ROWE, Gladson, Hope; Janet Allene ROWLAND, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; James T. RUCKER, Camden; William B. RUDASILL, Mary¬ land Park, Maryland. Ninth Row: Charles Bryan RUGGLES, Hope; Julia Mae RUAIPH, Delta Delta Delta, Camden; George W. RUSSELL. Jr., Sigma Pi, Lewisville; Jane Gail RUSSELL, Davis, Tulsa, Oklahoma; David RUSENBERGER, Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Julie Ann SAELER, Chi Omega, Little Rock. Tenth Row: Charles Glenwood SAMPLE, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Iowa City, Iowa; Sanda Lynn SAN DEFUR, Delta Gamma, Vandervoort; Van SANDERS, Droke, Siloam Springs; Jackie SAND¬ ERS, Pi Beta Phi, Fort Smith; William Powell SANDERS, Fort Smith; Sara Elizabeth SAVAGE, Crossett. Eleventh Row: Virginia G. SAVERS, Chi Omega, Camden; Alyce Ann SAWYER, Manmee, Ohio; Charles Edward SAX, Alpha Gamma Rho, Altus; Charles Wayne SCAMARDO, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fort Smith; William Frederick SCHALLHORN, III, DeWitt; William George SLHEIDERER, Stuttgart. Twelfth Row: William Earl SCHIRMER, Jr., William House, Nashville; Don Martin SCHNIPPER, Kappa Sigma, Texarkana; Alice Gant SCHOOL¬ CRAFT, Van Buren; Mary Jo SCHULZ, Kappa Kap¬ pa Gamma, Fayetteville; Mary Lynn SCHWARZ, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Norman Farley SELF, Lamb¬ da Chi Alpha, Fort Smith. RESISTANCE test is run by Jim Kimzey and cohart in electronics lab. First Row: Jimmy Dale SELLERS, Wilson Sharp, Conway; Philip Andrew SELIG, William House, Corning; Becky SEMA- SEK, Delta Delta Delta, Little Rock; Laura B. SHAIDA, Fay¬ etteville; David Anthony SHAPLEY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gruver, Texas; Mary Ann SHARP, Delta Delta Delta, Fayetteville; Gary Don SHELBY, Fort Smith: Ann SHERLAND, Chi Omega, Me Gehee: Dan W. SHEWMAKE, Wheaton, Missouri; Jo Ann SHEWMAKE, Carnall, Little Rock; Lyman SHOEMAKE, Osce¬ ola. Second Row : J. Kenneth SHOLLM1ER, Pine Bluff; Bobby L. SHULTS, Marvell; Don Lee SIMMONS, Lamda Chi Alpha, Hot Springs; James A. SIMPSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, North Little Rock; Marjorie Sue SIMS, Chi Omega, West Memphis; Thomas Wilson SLUSHER, Fayetteville; Anita Jean SMITH, Delta Delta Delta, Fort Smith: Barbara SMITH. Delta Gamma, Little Rock; David Andrew SMITH, Phi Delta Theta, Camden; Harold Dale SMITH, William House, Siloam Springs; Jayme Lee SMITH, Chi Omega, Bauxite. Fourth Row: Wes SPIKES, Kappa Sigma, Walnut Ridge; Dorothy Ann SPRATLIN, Kappa Kappa Gamma, De Witt; Ed¬ gar E. SPURGEON. Rogers; Donald L. STAMPS, Newport: Linda STANDRIDGE, Alpha Delta Pi, Mt. Ida; Willie Mae STAPLETON, Farmington; Albert Gregory STARLING, Joiner; James Thomas STEED, Forrest City; Margaret Ann STEEL¬ MAN, Davis, Pine Bluff; Ronald Allen STENSENG, Fayette¬ ville; Robert Carl STEPHENSON, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock. Third Row: Larry D. SMITH, Fayetteville; Richard M. SMITH, Wilson Sharp, Poplar Bluff, Missouri; Ronald R. SMITH, Sigma Nu, Booneville; Tommy SMITH. Lambda Chi Alpha, North Little Rock; Allen Leonard SOSEBEE, North Little Rock; John Knight SOWLE Jonesboro; Roy Gene SPEARS, Siloam Springs; William S. SPEARS, Fayetteville; Phoebe Lynn SPEER, Pi Beta Phi, Fort Smith; Paulette SPENCER, Delta Gamma, Fayetteville; Randy SPENCER, Buchanan, Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Thomas Allen STOLT, Wilson Sharp, Pocahon¬ tas; Jerry Randel STONE, Farm House, Altheimer; Alex G. STREETT. Pi Kappa Alpha, Camden; Burl Randolph STUE- ART, Nashville; James Patrick SULLIVAN, Sigma Nu, Burdet¬ te; William Harris SUMMERS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Midland, Texas; John Thomas SUSKIE. De Vails Bluff; Don L. SUT¬ TON, Hope; Sylvia Jewell SWAIM, Kappa Kappa Gamma, North Little Rock; Ronald Eugene SWAN, Fayetteville; Fred C. SWAYZE, Mascow. V. t 305 e REMOVING unknown sample from the drying oven, Ronnie Wells prepares to run experiment. First Row: Joy Faye SWEET, 4-H House, Luxora; Ronald Edward TABOR, Kappa Sigma Little Rock; Joe C. TALLEY, Gravette; Lloyd James TARKINGTON, William House, Little Rock; Janet Sue TARPLEY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fort Smith; Carol TATUM, Pi Beta Phi, Springdale; Peggy TATUM, Zeta Tau Alpha, Paris; Annette Marie TAYLOR. Garland House, Little Rock; Benny Don TAYLOR, El Dorado; Judy Ruth TELLER, Delta Gamma, Bentonville; Gayle A. TERRY, Fort Smith. Second Row: Belva Jo THOMAS, Springdale; Jerry M. THOMAS, Rogers; Shirley Ann THOMAS, Rogers; John Doyle THOMASON, Sigma Nu, Little Rock; Benny H. THOMPSON, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Jean THOMPSON, Delta Gamma, Little Rock; Michael Greenwood THOMPSON, Kappa Sigma, Marked Tree; Toni Nanette THOMPSON, Delta Delta Delta, Hope; Billy G. THORNTON, Gladson, Ozan; James A. THORN¬ TON, III, Mena; Mary Sue THORNTON, Pi Beta Phi, Mus¬ kogee, Oklahoma. Fourth Row: Donald Lindsey TURNEY, Harrison; Clydene TYREE, Prairie Grove; Richard Hugh UPTON, Kappa Sigma, West Memphis; O’Neal UTLEY, Hardy; Ida Ruth VALENTINE, Fayetteville; James Alfred VANCE, Wilson Sharp, Paragould; Maria Ann VARNER, Delta Gamma, Poteau, Oklahoma; Leah Carolyn VOGEL, Delta Gamma, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Larry Alden WADE, Seligman, Missouri; Betty A. WAGGONER, Carnall, Texas City, Texas; Ruth Ann WAGGONER, Davis, Amity. Third Row: Donald Edwin TIMBERLAKE, Sigma Chi, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; John Thomas TODD, Buchanan, Heber Springs; Donald Earle TOLER, Little Rock; James Ray¬ mond TOLER, Droke, Crossett; Stephen D. TOLLETT, Sigma Nu. Nashville; William Roy TOOLE Y, Hope; Mary Ann TOMPKINS, Pi Beta Phi, Burdette; Walter Stuart TOWNS, Sigma Chi, Forrest City, Gerald Max TRAMMELL, Droke, Gentry; Martha Ann TRIESCHMANN, Pi Beta Phi, Little Rock; Jack Randolph TUCKER, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Miranda Kam Han WAI, Carnall, Hong Kong, China; Harold Paul WALES, William House, Corning; Norman Dean WALKER, Springdale; Steve WALKER, Tulsa, Okla¬ homa; Skip WALLIN, Kappa Sigma, Earle; Billy Mac WALSH, Rogers; Sandra Sue WALSH. Rogers; Etta Sue WARD. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Berryville; Margaret Ann WARD, Carnall, Arkadelphia; Sharon Elizabeth WARD, Chi Omega, Little Rock; Charles Connelly WARFIELD, Jr., Sigma Chi, West Helena. PERSHING RIFLES drill team stepped out snappily but slowed down floats which followed them in the Homecoming parade. First Row: Mary Beth WARREN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Hunts¬ ville; Sharon Sue WASSON, Siloam Springs; James Otis WAT¬ SON, William House, Plainview; John Allen WATSON, Fort Smith; Hiram House WEBB, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Paris; Linda Smith, Hiram Russell WEBB, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Paris; Linda Rozan WEBB, 4-H House, Rogers; James Bernard WEEDMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, El Dorado; Alice Jeanette WEST, Car- nail, Crossett; Norvell Edward WEST, Pi Kappa Alpha, North Little Rock; Randy William WEWERS, Fort Smith. MARKET Second Row: Jim Bob WHEELER, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; Mary Lou WHITAKER, Davis, Pine Bluff; Daniel Charles WHITE, Fort Smith; John Austin WHITE, Jr., Sigma Nu, Har¬ rison; Julia Rebecca WHITE, Carnall, Texarkana; Martha Thelma WHITE, Chi Omega, Helena; William Clarence WHIT¬ FIELD, Wilson Sharp, Fayetteville; Wanda Joann WHITNEY, Davis, Manila; Eddie J. WHITTLE, Sigma Pi, Blytheville: Susie WIGGINS, Pi Beta Phi, Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Hazel Lee WILSON, Garland House, Little Rock; Janette Wilson, Delta Gamma, Nashville; Patricia Sue WILSON, Zeta Tau Alpha. Joiner; Richard E. WILSON, Fort Smith; Richard Eugene WILSON, Droke, Pine Bluff; Wendy WILSON, Chi Omega, Pittsburg, Kansas; Marion Jo WIMPY, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Harrisburg; Robert Marion WINTER, William House, North Little Rock; James E. WITH EM, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Benton; Wiley T. WOLFE, Droke, Bentonville. Third Row: Beverly Ann WILBOURN. Delta Delta Delta, Conway; Barbara Jean WILLIAMS, Carnall, Nashville; Billie W. WILLIAMS, Springdale; Bobby Neal WILLIAMS, Wilson Sharp, Bentonville; Carol Louise WILLIAMS, Chi Omega, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Donald Leon WILLIAMS, Farmington; Jarrell E. WILLIAMS, Wilson Sharp, Fort Smith; William Harvey WILLIAMS, Gladson, Bauxite; Alice Ann WILLIS, Fayette¬ ville; Arvin Charles WILMOTH, Gladson, Bauxite. Fifth Row: Denzil Ray WOODRUFF, Nashville; Birkett Arch WYLIE, Hope; Connie A. WYNN, Jr., Fayetteville: Hu¬ bert Ernest YARBRO, Huntsville; Helen YATES, 4-H House, Center Point; William Franklin YOST. Kappa Alpha. Little Rock; Paul YOUNG, III, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; SHARON A. YOUNG, Chi Omega, Little Rock; George A. ZANONE, Mem¬ phis, Tennessee; Norma Gail ZIEGENHORN, Alpha Delta Pi, Earle; Wanda Lee ZOTTI, Huntsville. 307 First Row : Eugene H. ABINGTON, II, Acacia, Beebe; Oren ADAIR, Hartford; Carole ADAMS, Washington, Odessa, Texas; Jeanette ADAMS, Hol¬ combe, Camden; Oliver Lee ADAMS, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Hope; Antoinette Tillar ADAMSON, Hol¬ combe, Little Rock. Second Row : Donald Allen ALEXANDER, Sedge- well, Mt. Home; Nancy Kay ALLEN, Fayetteville; Phillip Lee ALMOND, Razorback, Little Rock; Ed¬ die M. ALTEMUS, Friendswood, Texas; Doris Ann ANDERSON, Holcombe, Nashville; James Milton ANDERSON, Hindsville. Third Row: John P. ANDERSON, Jr„ Fayette¬ ville; Owen Arthur ANDERSON, Rogers; W. C. ANDERSON, Razorback, Cherry Valley; Snowden ARMSTRONG, Sigma Nu, Forrest City; James Fred ARNOLD, Sedge well, Corning; Carol Marcia ARPIN, West Fork. Fourth Row : John L. ARTHURS, Springdale; Bob Milton ASHBY, Sigma Nu, Benton; William Robert ATKINS, Chidester; Melvin Dennis ATKIN¬ SON, Razorback, North Little Rock; Lynn AT¬ WOOD, Holcombe, Bentonville; Jarrell S. AUSTIN, Mt. Ida. Fifth Row : John R. AUSTIN, Razorback, Pine Bluff; Robert Thomson AUSTIN, Jr., Sigma Chi, Waxahachie, Texas; David Henry AXTELL, Razor- back, Peoria, Illinois; Michael John BABBIDGE, Razorback, Rogers; jerry Walter BABER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Hope; Joe Tom BACKUS, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Mary BAGGETT, Fayetteville; Fred- ric L. BAILEY, Portland, Indiana; John Marshall BAILEY, Fayetteville; Norma Jean BAILEY, Wash¬ ington, Conway; Jerry A. BAKER, Augusta; Naomi BAKER, Fayetteville. Seventh Row : Ronald C. BALDWIN, Sedgewell, Des Arc; Dale J. BALL, Bauxite; James William BALLARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; Beverly Rebecca BARHAM, Holcombe, Mena; Tom B. BARHAM, Razorback, Prescott; Barbara BARLOW, Holcombe, Dermott. Eighth Row: Herbert Newell BARNARD, Fort Smith; Barbara BARNES, Holcombe, Little Rock; Betty Carolyn BARNES, Washington, Paragould; Judith Ann BARNETT, 4-H House, Valley Springs; Willie Kathryn BARNETT, Washington, Stuttgart; Carol Ruth BARRON, 4-H House, Rogers. Ninth Row: Patti BARROW, Washington, North Little Rock; Charles K. BARROWS, Fort Smith; Della Ann BAR WICK, Holcombe, Hope; Robert Woods BASS, Phi Delta Theta, Little Rock; Mary Ann BATES, Washington, Pocahontas; Pearl Eliza¬ beth BATES, Holcombe, Pine Bluff. Tenth Row: Bill F. BAUGH, West Memphis; Billy 0. BEAM, Mt. Ida; Linda Lee BEAN, Wash¬ ington, Blytheville; Charles Alan BEAUCHAMP, Fayetteville; Sara Roberta BEAUCHAMP, Hol¬ combe, Mena; Charles BEAVERS, Sigma Chi, North Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Carolyn BEDNAR, Jonesboro; Charles Wayne BELL, Razorback, Benton; Evelyn Frances BELL, Wesley; Joe BELL, Kappa Sigma, Parkin; Richard L. BELL, Farmhouse, Pea Ridge; Robert Lewis BENNETT, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Van Buren. Twelfth Row: R. Lollen BENSON, Me Gehee; Bettye Frances BERCHER, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Paul Conrad BERRY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fayette¬ ville; Lois Ann BESANCON, Washington, Little Rock; Roberta Jo BEST, Holcombe, Wynne; Billy Ray BINDLEY, Fayetteville. 308 c SENIOR COUNSELORS for the freshmen dorms are: sitting, Jane Goodwin, Carol Bess Proctor, Louise Pistole, Alice Featherston, and Judy Gilbert; standing, Diane Vinson, Barbara Braly, Niky Huttsman, Sue Jobe, Diane CaHail, and Ellen Compton. First Row: Joe K. BISSETT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fayette¬ ville; William A. BLACKBURN, Texarkana; Mary Jo BLAND, Rogers; Joseph Rayburn BLANKENSHIP, Jr., Sedgewell, Poc¬ ahontas; Judith Evelyn BLANKENSHIP, Washington, Moscow; Rex B. BLASINGAME, Alpha Tau Omega, Little Rock; Gail BLOSSOM, Holcombe, Little Rock; John R. BLUE, Sigma Nu, Muskogee, Oklahoma; Larry Joe BOGAN, Fayetteville; Larry Clinton BOHAN NAN, Sedgewell, Huntsville; Karen Sue BOND, Fayetteville. Second Row: Sharon Lea BONNER. Washington. Charleston; Lyndal Lee BOOTH, Mt. Ida; Charles Paul BOWIE, Kappa Sigma, Helena; James A. BOYDSTON, Rogers; William Paul BOYER, Fayetteville; Jo Lynn BRADEN, Washington, Russell¬ ville; Joel Eugene BRADFORD, Piggott; George Lee BRADY, Alpha Tau Omega, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; John Dennis BRANDON, Bentonville; Edward Oliver BRANDT, Sedgewell, Carlisle; Bob Clark BRANNAN, Nowata, Oklahoma. Fourth Row: Robert F. BROCCHUS, Kappa Alpha, Fort Smith; Ralph Gray BRODIE, Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; Waldo Glen BRONSON, Little Rock; Betty Kate BROWN, Washington, Hot Springs; Forrest Glynn BROWN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Little Rock; Guy Eastman BROWN, II, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville; Larry Gene BROWN, Sedgewell. Poca¬ hontas; Leslie Snuggs BROWN, Kappa Sigma. El Dorado; Edward B. BRYSON, Prescott; Charles S. BUCKNER, Jr.; Razorback, Hazen; W. J. BUDD, Jr. Magnolia. Third Row: Ida Sue BRASHEARS, Combs; Benny BRATCH¬ ER, Forrest City; Charles C. BRAZIL, Razorback, Newport; Dolly BRETHERICK, Holcombe, Marion; Lowell Stanley BREWSTER. Fort Smith; Zoe Ann BRIDENTHAL, Dallas, Texas: Joe Keith BRIDGFORTH, Sedgewell, Corning; Peggy Ann BRINK, Holcombe, Bentonville; Jan A. BR INKER, Kappa Sigma, Hardy; Otis Theodore BRINKLEY, III, Sedgewell, Horatio; Charles Aubrey BRITTAIN, Razorback, Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: John BUNKER, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega, Lake Village; Roy Kessler BURKS, Acacia, Little Rock; Ann BURNS, Holcombe, Camden; Nancy BURY, Holcombe, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Danny Joe BUTLER, Razorback. Herber Springs; Dan Hollis BYARS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Camden; Joe D. BYARS, Alma; Robert James BYERS, Nashville; Russell Herman CALDWELL. Razorback, North Little Rock; Betty Lea CALLAHAN, Hol¬ combe, Benton; Thomas Rankin CALLAWAY, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock. EXHIBITING of the award winning photographs to Traveler reporter Julia Rumph, William Good shows a first place entree. First Row: Gary Wade CAMPBELL, Razorback, Mena; Larry Allen CAMPBELL, Razorback, Bauxite; Sammy Lee CANNON, Razorback, Little Rock; Connie CAPERS, Holcombe, Dallas, Texas; James Austin CAPPS, Razorback, Gurdon; David W. CARDIN, Sedgewell, Beebe; Garry CARROLL, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Gean G. CARTER. Holcombe, Joplin, Missouri; Connie Ann CARTER, Holcombe, Little Rock; David R. CART¬ ER, Fayetteville; James Allen CARTER, Sigma Pi, Crossett. Second Row: Tommy Fletcher CAVE, Lambda Chi Alpha, North Little Rock; John Lee CAZORT, Little Rock; Kay Selph CAZORT, Little Rock; James H. CHADICK, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Pine Bluff; Ila Jean CHANEY. England: Wil¬ liam Philip CHAPMAN, III, Pine Bluff; Gene Alan CHERRY, Kappa Alpha, Springdale; Charlotte CHIDESTER, Fitzgerald, Madison. Wisconsin, Molly Rose CHILDRESS, Holcombe, Bly- theville; Henry Berg CHILDS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Hot Springs; Ruth LaNelle CHOATE, Holcombe, Pocahontas. Third Row: Ronald Wayne CHUNN, Sedgewell, Arkadel- phia; Susan Arden CINA, Washington, Glendale, Missouri; Betty CLARK, Washington, Walnut Ridge; Jo Ellen CLARK, Holcombe, Little Rock; Larry Lynn CLAYTON, Gregson, Haz- en; Graham Dillard CLEGG, Nashville; Ellen Frances CLEVE¬ LAND, Washington, Atkins; M. Carolyn CLINEHENS, Hol¬ combe, Gravette; Rema Mary CHINEHENS, Gravette; Karla Ingrid CLINTON, Holcombe, Hot Springs; James Richard CLOER. Springdale. Fourth Row: Jackye CLOUD, Holcombe, Camden; Larry Neil CLUCK, Greenway; Connie Jean CLULOW. Holcombe, Little Rock; Howard Larry CLYBURN, Razorback, El Dorado; Susan Lynn COBB. Holcombe, Little Rock; Becky COCKRILL, Holcombe, Little Rock; Joseph CODD1NGTON, Fayetteville; Charles Elward COGER, Huntsville; Jack Barnett COKER. Sigma Chi, Stuttgart: Joe Charles COLE, Sedgewell, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Robin Lee COLE, Holcombe, Malvern. Fifth Row: Una Carol COLE, Washington, Paragould; Ron¬ ald David COLCLASURE, Sedgewell, Little Rock; Barbara Allen COLEMAN, Holcombe, Lonoke; Jerry Lee COLEMAN, Ripley, Camden; Jo COLEMAN, Washington, Mountainburg; William Robert COLEMAN, Alma; Franklin Wayne COLVIN, El Dorado; William Dean CONATSER, Sedgewell, Delight; Martha R. CONDRY, Mansfield; Larry Charles CONE. Kappa Alpha, Harrison; Mary Buford CONNELL, Fayetteville. 310 First Row: Lynda Lou COOK. Holcombe, Wy¬ nne; Eldon Dickey COOLEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Hot Springs; Susanne COOLEY, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Ellen Gail COOPER, Fayetteville; Ernest Harper COOPER, Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff; Jo Ann COOPER, Holcombe, Marked Tree. Second Row: Lysle M. COOPER, West Fork; Terry Bill COOPER, Sedgewell, Little Rock; Anne Reed CORSON, Holcombe, El Dorado; Larry Ray COUCH, Fayetteville; William B. COUCH. Fay¬ etteville; David Allen COX, Sigma Chi, Tulsa, Okla¬ homa. Third Row: Martha Frances COX, Holcombe, North Little Rock; Ruth Ann COX, Scott. Mem¬ phis, Tennessee; Joyce Mae CRABTREE, Washing¬ ton, Fort Smith; Paul Clinton CRAIG, Little Rock; William Steve CRAIN, Sigma Pi, Hope; Celeste Anne CRANOR, Alpha Delta Pi, Little Rock. Fourth Row: Milan Standish CREIGHTON, Hot Springs; Clay Rice CROSS, Dumas; Mack CROW, Kappa Sigma. Marked Tree; Signa Louise CROWE, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Gary CULP, West Fork; Martha Jo CULWELL, Holcombe, Huntsville. Fifth Row: Carol Ann CUPPLES, Washington, Little Rock; Lloyd Alan CURTIS, Siloam Springs; Anna Maude CUZICK, Morrow; Donna Kaye CY- PERT, Holcombe, Springdale; Gerald Leroy DAHL, Razorback, Peoria, Illinois; Nancy Elizabeth DAN¬ IEL, Holcombe, West Memphis. Sixth Row: Charles Thomas DARNALL, Razor- back, Murfreesboro; Linda Jean DARNELL. Wash¬ ington. Denison, Texas; Phillip Wayne DAUGHER¬ TY, Razorback. Bauxite; James Michael DAVIS, Morrilton; Carl DEAN, Razorback, Hot Springs; Saundra 1). DEAN, Holcombe, Little Rock. Seventh Row: Ronald DEASON, Razorback, Ro¬ gers; Jasper W. DEERE, Benton; Barbara DEN- NARD, Fitzgerald. Tyler, Texas; Patrick J. DERN- ING, Razorback, North Little Rock; Don B. DE- WEESE. Fayetteville; Carolyn Gail DICK, Wash¬ ington, Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Ray DICKENS, Green Forest; Ro¬ bert Henry DILDAY, Sedgewell. Tuckerman; Tanja Anita DOEGE, Fayetteville; Anthony Donald DO¬ NAT. Fayetteville; Eldridge Douglass DORLAND, Sigma Chi. Booneville; Georgia Louise DOR 1CH, Holcombe, Scott. Ninth Row: John Marion DOUGLAS, Benton- ville; Robert Mercer DOZIER, Fayetteville; Richard Lee DRACH, Ratcliff; Ted Norton DRAKE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Nancy Carol DRYER. Huntsville; David Wilson DUB BELL, Razorback, Rogers. Tenth Row: Russell J. DUCLOS, Osceola: Betty Sue DUNLAVY, Fayetteville; Donald Lee DUNN, Fayetteville; Linda Anne DUNN, Holcombe, North Little Rock; Sue DUNSON, Holcombe, Houston, Texas; Edwin Darius DUPREE. Ill, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff. Eleventh Row: Frances Elaine DURBIN, Cam¬ den; Jane DURHAM, Delta Delta Delta, El Dorado; Betty Ann DUSK IN, Fayetteville; Lola Ann DWY¬ ER. Washington, Yellville; Betty Joyce DYER, Holcombe, Nashville; Lucy Beth DYER, 4-H House, Alma. Twelfth Row: Annette EAGLE, Holcombe, Lon¬ oke; Elizabeth Ann EARP, Springdale; Connie Anne EDRINCTON, Holcombe, Osceola; Ann ED¬ WARDS, Scott, Tulsa, Oklahoma ; Harvey Orval ED¬ WARDS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Marble Falls; Bar¬ bara Sue ELKINS, Washington, Pine Bluff. 311 1 f 1 3 r L f 3? e s n a. iYrsJ Row : Robert Edwin ELLIOTT, Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Gary Herbert ELSNER, Farm House, Gentry; Wayne M. EMANUEL, Sedgewell, Sulphur Springs; Judith Gail EOFF, Holcombe, Springdale; Mary jean EPPLER, Washington, Hope; Richard C. ERIKSSON, Razorback, Hot Springs. Second Row: Bob Glen ESTES, Hayerman, New Mexico; Chester Keith ESTES, Little Rock; Charles Wesley EVANS, Jr., North Little Rock; Charlie Edward EVANS, Razorback, Heber Springs; Clar¬ ence Morrison EVANS, El Dorado; Mary Ann EVANS, Holcombe, North Little Rock. Third Row: Donald H. EVATT, Sedgewell, Wal¬ dron; James Arthur EZELL, Jrayeteville; Allen Carl FALLEN, Fayetteville; Earnest William FANT, Razorback, Fort Smith; John Nolyn FARIS, Razor- back, Bentonville; Ikey Robin FAUBUS, Elkins. Fourth Row: Mary Cornelia FAUST, Holcombe, North Little Rock; John M. FAYE, Razorback, Hot Springs; John Dea FENNO, Razorback, Siloam Springs; Nelda Sue FIELDER, Holcombe, North Little Rock; Vivian FIELDING, Scott, Rogers; Betty Jean FILES, Kingsland. Fifth Row: Dickie Zane FINLEY Razorback, North Little Rock; Robert A. FINLEY, Sigma Phi Epsilon, North Little Rock; Juanita L. FITZGER¬ ALD, Fitzgerald, Fayetteville; Sidney Smith FITZ¬ GERALD, Razorback, North Little Rock; John Ridgeway FLETCHER, Razorback, Bauxite; Susan Elizabeth FLETCHER, Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Frank Edwin FOLL, Newport; Ken¬ neth Max FORD, Cave City; Nora Lee FORD, Washington, Batesville; Peggy Beth FORD, Hol¬ combe, Luxora; Donald Arthur FORREST, Sedge¬ well, Corning; Lynn J. FORREST, Razorback; Grosse lie, Mich igan. Seventh Row: Jimmy C. FOSTER, Fort Smith; David Delynn FOUST, Razorback, Heber Springs; Tommy FOWLER, Wilson Sharp, Mountain Home; Ralph D. FOX, Lambda Chi Alpha, Fort Smith; Mary Lee FRANKLIN, Holcombe, Little Rock; Jerry Lynn FRANKS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Hope. Eighth Row: Pat FRAZIER, Holcombe, West Memphis; Julia Jan FRENCH. Washington, Bee Branch; Richahl Leon FRITCHEY; Mary Frances FULKS, Washington, Mountain View; Billy Charles FURLOW, Sigma Nu, Camden; Travis V. GALLO¬ WAY, Little Rock. Ninth Row: Betsy Lou GARNER, Holcombe, Rison; Betty Earlene GARRETT, Holcombe, Rogers; Paul Mitcham GARRETT, Pi Kappa Alpha, North Little Rock; Clifford Davis GARRISON, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City; Gloria Jean GARY, Holcombe, Nashville; Darlene Kathryn GASPARD, Fayette¬ ville. Tenth Row: Margaret Elizabeth GATES, Hol¬ combe, Little Rock; Jack Weber GEURIN, Acacia, Fort Smith; Dallas Edwid GILBREATH, Jr., Sedge¬ well, Greenwood; Wilbur Mack GILES, Sigma Al¬ pha Epsilon, Texa rkana; Robert G. GILLSON, Aca¬ cia, Poteau, Oklahoma; Donald Crawford GLEASON, Fayetteville. Eleventh Row: Gene Keith GLEASON, Hot Springs; Roy A. GOIN, Alpha Tau Omega, Little Rock; Shirley Ann GOLDEN, Holcombe, West Mon¬ roe, Louisiana; Nancy Lee GOLDTHWAITE, Hol¬ combe, Webster Groves, Missouri; Roselyn GOOD¬ MAN, Washington, Jonesboro; Clifford Mark GOOD- SON, Razorback, Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Max Carroll GOOLSBY, Sedge¬ well, Sheridan; Richard Harold GORDON, Sedge¬ well, Gillett; Lynne GRANT, Holcombe, Shreveport, Louisiana; Margaret Danette GRAVES, Washington, Pine Bluff; Gean Walter GRAY, Fayetteville; Linda Sue GRAY, Washington, Jacksonville. 312 c DRAWING equipment from the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps supply room brings dejected expression from these basic cadets. First Row: Ginger M. GREATHOUSE, Washington, Spring- dale; Anita GREEN, Stilwell, Oklahoma; Dixie GREEN, Hol¬ combe, Fulton; Paul Lewis GREEN, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Richard Wilson GREEN, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; William Robert GREEN, Razorback. Sparkman; Garlanda GREENE, Holcombe, Forrest City; Marilyn Louise GREENE, Pea Ridge; Judith Anne GREGORY, Fayetteville; Leborn David GRIFFIN, Razorback, Mena; James David GRIFFIN, Austin. Second Row: Henry Dale GRIFFITH, Acacia, Little Rock; Vivian Elaine GRIFFITH, 4-H House, Green Forest; Ronnie E. GRISHAM, Lambda Chi Alpha, Altheimer; Gary Golden GROSS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Arkadelphia; Elizabeth Ann GULLETT, Holcombe, North Little Rock; Charles W. GUISE, Fayetteville; Marguerite Mary GUNNELS, Washington, Eudora; Mary Ruth GUTHARY, Scott, Gentry; Sylvia Ann HACK, Fitzgerald, Alton, Illinois; Kirk K. HALE, Jr., Fayetteville; Nathan Patrick HALE, Kappa Sigma, Prescott. Fourth Row: William Joseph HARKLEROAD, Salem: Mary Frances HARMON, Holcombe, Kansas City, Missouri; William Thomas HARPER. Jr., Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Ben Ward HAR- POLE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Blytheville; Searcy Wood HARRELL, Jr., Sedgewell, Hampton; Paul Ed HARRISON, Razorback. Huntington; Virginia Anne HART, Washington, Paris; Carl H. HARTMAN, Fayetteville; Roy Edward HAYDEN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mountain View; Chester B. HA ES, Gideon, Missouri; Ralph .1. HAYES, Fayetteville. Third Row : Rob HALE, Kappa Sigma, Marion; Linda An¬ nette HALL, Washington, El Dorado; Rebecca Hope HALL, Holcombe, Pine Bluff; John Charles HAMILTON, Gould; Philip Carroll HANBY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Berryville; Robert -Butch” HANBY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Berryville; Joyce L. HANK¬ INS, Holcombe, Harrison; Margaret Claudette HANKINS, Pine Bluff; Robert Rhodes HARBERT, Wilson Sharp, Memphis, Tennessee; Mickey HARBOUR, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Laurence McNeil HARDY, Pea Ridge. Fifth Row: Douglas Cox HAYNIE, Razorback, Prescott; Richard Lloyd HEIDBREDER, Piggott; Carole Rose HELM, 4-H House, Wideman; Elizabeth Miller HEMPHILL, Scott, Monroe, Louisiana; Robert F. HENDERSON. Jr.. Tuckerman; Jim Larry HENDREN, Gravette; Mary Emily HENDRICKS, Scott, Tulsa, Oklahoma; William Travis HENDRIX. Farm House, Malvern; Eddie HENLEY, Razorback, Norphlet: James Thomas HENRY, De Queen; Larry Lee HERBAUGH. Bentonville. TECHNICAL director Preston MacGruder and staff assistants work on scenery for MacBeth. First Row: Delbert Martin HERMAN, Razorback, North Little Rock; David Patrick HERNDON, Little Rock; Gerald Charles HICKMAN, Razorback, Hopkinsville, Kentucky; Robert Michael HICKMAN, Razorback, North Little Rock, Cecil Wil¬ liam HILL, Little Rock; Edward Noble HILL, Razorback, Stutt¬ gart; Jack Edward HILL, Razorback, Rogers; Janet G. HILL, Fort Smith; Kenneth Clark HILL, Sedgewell, Little Rock; Laurence Douglas HILL, Helena; Carter Edwin HIXON, Phi Delta Theta, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Second Row : Curtis D. HODGE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Ben¬ ton; Carolyn Anne HOFFMAN, Fayetteville; James Leon HO¬ GAN, William House, Newport; James Oliver HOLCOMB, Gen¬ try; Cecil J. HOLDER, Smithville; Melissa HOLDER, Wash¬ ington, Little Rock; David B. HOLT, Nashville; Delton Henry HOUSTON, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; James A. HUBBELL, Grady; Bruce HUDDLESTON. Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Judy Margaret HUDDLESTON, Holcombe, North Little Rock. Fourth Row: Robert R. Hurst, Mt. Home; Edwin Lee IN¬ ZER, Razorback, Camden; David Wayne ISON, Little Rock; Paul Vernon ISBELL, Sedgewell, Forrest City; John Richard JACKSON, Jr., Sigma Chi, Pocahontas; Sheila Kay JACKSON, Fitzgerald, Rogers; Shirley Ann JACKSON, Holcombe, Har¬ rison; Lynn T. JAMES, Little Rock; Robert Harrison JANES, Jr., Lambda Chi Alpha, Jacksonville; Joyce Lea JENKINS, 4-H House, Paragould; Sue JENKINS, Holcombe, Harrison. Third Row: Martha B. HUDDLESTON, Washington, Bly- theville; Robert Howard HUDGENS, Fayetteville; John Tho¬ mas HUDMAN, Sedgewell, Guy; Charlotte HUDSPETH, Hol¬ combe, Harrison; Robert Carroll HUDSPETH, Wilson Sharp, De Witt; David Loyd HUFFAKER, Lincoln; Cyrus Richard HUIE. Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Arkadelphia; Buddy HULETT, Razorback, Swifton; Donald Bruce HUNNICUTT, Sigma Nu, Dumas; D. Wayne HUNT, Alpha Tau Omega, Huntsville; James Edward HURLBUT, Razorback, Stilwell, Oklahoma. Fifth Row: Frances Ann JENNINGS, Wynne; Ralph JEN¬ NINGS, Sigma Nu, Benton; Shirley June JENNINGS, Holcombe, Augusta; Janet Sue JEROME, Scott, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Gene Earl JESTER, Me Caskill; Marilyn Diane JIMERSON, Hol¬ combe, Augusta; Charles David JINKS, Wilson Sharp, El Dora¬ do; Lillie Lee JOHNS, Holcombe, Paris; Allen E. JOHNSON, Acacia, Little Rock; Emily Carol JOHNSON, Holcombe, Poca¬ hontas; Jerry Paul JOHNSON, Alpha Gamma Rho, Lincoln. 314 First Row : Jill Andrea JOHNSON, Washington, Rogers; Joe R. JOHNSON, Razorback, Hot Springs; John I). JOHNSON, Razorback, Maynard; Pat JOHNSON. Scott, Mountain Home; Pat JOHNSON, Holcombe, Little Rock; Walter Gill JOHNSON, El Dorado. Second Row: Anna Maria JOINER, Garland, Little Rock: Wilene JONES, Magazine; Betty Sue JONES, Fitzgerald, North Little Rock; Bill JONES, Fort Smith; Cleveland Marion JONES, Sedgewell, Batesville; Cynthia Louise JONES, 4-H House, De Queen. Third Row: Herman Marshall JONES, Fayette¬ ville; James Henry JONES, Alpha Tau Omega, Hope; Jim Baugh JONES, Sigma Chi, Searcy; Luel- len Ashley JONES, Washington, McGehee; Paul Lee JONES. Sedgewell, Franklin, Michigan; Pris¬ cilla Alden JONES, Washington, Lincoln. Fourth Row: Ronald Marion JONES, Kappa Al¬ pha, Fayetteville; Wendell Oren JONES, Sedgewell, Green Forest; Robbie Louise JUNIEL, Washington, Houston, Texas; Emmett Presley JUNKIN, Little Rock; George KALMBACH, Sigma Nu, Shreveport, Louisiana; William Edward KANTZ, Razorback, Dallas, Texas. Fifth Row: Benjamin Franklin KEAHEY, Razor- back, Dumas; Nina Claire KEATON, Washington, Jacksonville; Anna Sue KEEN, Fayetteville; Linda Lee KEEN. Burley, Idaho; Merrill Douglas KEITH, North Little Rock; William C. KEITH, Magnolia. Sixth Row: Arthur Carrie KELLAM, Sigma Nu, Russellville; Blenda Joyce KELLY, Scott , El Dora¬ do; Edward Hugh KELLY, Sedgewell, Fort Smith; William Donald KELLY, Sedgewell, Little Rock; Peggy KENDALL, Holcombe, Springdale; Carolyn KENDRICK, Holcombe, Shreveport, Louisiana. Seventh Row: Johnny Howard KENDRICK, Springdale; Arthur Don KENNIKER, Springdale; Howard Delain KILLIAN, Razorback, Dierks; Becky Lea KINCAID, Fayetteville; Carol Anne KIRBY, Holcombe, Harrison; Edward Lee KIRKPATRICK, Phi Delta Theta, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eighth Row: John C. KLEINEGGER, Razorback, Fort Smith; George E. KNIGHT, Little Rock; Jo Anne KOETTEL, 4-H House, Newport; Marshall 11 William KOONS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bentonville; Marilyn Jean KRETSINGER, Fitzgerald, Sherman, Texas; William H. Lacefield, Sedgewell, De Queen. Ninth Row: Susan Lee LAMPLEY, Holcombe, Pine Bluff; David Curtis LANEY, Camden; John Wade LANGSTON, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Webb LASETER, III, Sigma Pi, Hope; John Eric LATHROP, Sigma Nu, Muskogee, Oklahoma; Sylvia Ann LAY, Holcombe, Marshall. Tenth Row: Joel Yowell LEDBETTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock, Neena Victoria LED¬ BETTER, Holcombe, Benton; Sandra Lee LED¬ FORD, Fitzgerald, Neosho, Missouri; Aaron Travis LEE, McKenzie, Alabama; Carol Elizabeth LEE, Fayetteville; Betty Jane LEGGETT, Holcombe, Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Linda LEHNHARD, Washington, McAlister, Oklahoma; H. Wayne LEIMER, Sedge¬ well, Little Rock; Mary Ellen LENGGENHAGER. Scott, Little Rock; James M. LEONARD, Fayette¬ ville; Dorothy Elaine LESLIE, Springdale; Linda Faye LEVERETTE, Holcombe, Denison, Texas. Twelfth Row: Burett LaFayette LEWIS, Fayette¬ ville; Carolyn LEWIS, Fayetteville; Charles F. LEW¬ IS. Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Charles Glenn LEWIS, Razorback, Little Rock; Dennis Lorell LEWIS, Lowell; Nancy Kathryn LEWIS, Washing¬ ton, Paris, France. 315 First Row: Dallas E. LEWTER, Razorback. Mal¬ vern; Ronald Richard LILES, Sigma Nu, Aurora, Missouri; Jim LIMBERG, Kappa Sigma, Fort Smith; Uvalde Rex LINDSEY, Sigma Chi, Harrison; Vicki LINDSEY, Washington, Little Rock; John Barrett LITTLE, Osceola. Second Row: Meredith Ann LITTLE, Holcombe, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Bernard LIVINGSTON, Razor- hack, Bearden; Vernon B. LOCKHART, Kappa Sig¬ ma, Forrest City; Arlis James LOGAN, Razorback, Berryyville; Dennis E. LOUDON, Sedgewell, Cam¬ den; Max E. LOUGH, Rogers. Third Row: Emmons B. LOWE. Jr., Tulsa. Okla¬ homa; Priscilla Ann LOWE, Holcombe, Gillett; David E. LUBIN, Razorback, Pine Bluff; Darrell Lynn LUCAS, Gregson, Hot Springs; Robert David LUEBBEN, Hot Springs; Lee LUM, Jr., Camden. Fourth Row: Franklin LUTHER, Quitman; Al¬ bert James LUZIETTI, Sedgewell, Altheimer; Step¬ hen C. McALISTER, Fayetteville; Bob McBRIDE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; Allen P. McCART- NEY, Fort Smith; Claudette McCOLLUM, Wash¬ ington, Stuttgart. Fifth Row: George Lewis McCONNELL, Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville; Reed L. McCON¬ NELL, Wilson Sharp. El Dorado; Larry Reed Mc- CORD, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Judy McCURDY, Washington, Wichita, Kansas; James Earl McDON- ALD, Razorback, Scott; Kermit Frank McDONALD, Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Sara Frances McGREGOR. Holcombe, Cotton Plant: Peggy McKINNON, Holcombe. Little Rock; Glenda June McLAUGHLIN, 4-H House, Paragould; Patsy Lee McMAHEN, Holcombe, Augus¬ ta; A. Thomas McMILLIN, III. Sigma Nu, Hot Springs; Preston Hill McMILLAN, Sedgewell, Mon¬ roe, Louisiana. Seventh Row: Dan McNEILL, Kappa Sigma, Holly Grove; Jane Anne McNEW, Holcombe, Carth¬ age, Missouri; William Randolph McNULTY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pine Bluff; Kay McRAE, Fitzgerald. Delight; John Robert McVEY, Yellville; Priscilla Rosemary MADDUX, Holcombe, Springfield. Eighth Row: Henry E MAHAN. William House, Little Rock; Don Yancey MAJORS, Kappa Sigma, England; Nancy Jeanette MALONE, Washington. West Helena; Charles Stephen MANGAN, Jr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, North Little Rock; Woodrow Wilson MANN, Jr., Acacia, Little Rock; Robert MAR, Sedgewell, Marked Tree. Ninth Row: Brenda B. MARCELLINI. Holcombe, West Memphis; Tyler Jean MARSH, Fitzgerald, Arkansas City, Kansas; Joe Williams MARTIN. Hickory Valley, Tennessee; Quentin Arthur MART¬ IN, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fayetteville; Roberta MART¬ IN, Holcombe, Little Rock; Sue Ann MARTIN, Holcombe, Sherman, Texas. Tenth Row: Ronald E. MATEER. North Little Rock; Martha Ellen MATHIAS, Fayetteville; Bob¬ by Joe MATLOCK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Memphis, Tennessee; George Gerard MATTAR, Sigma Chi, Hot Springs; Mary Ann MATTHEWS, Holcombe, Little Rock; Nona Dell MAXEY, Holcombe, Crossett. Eleventh Row: Jerry E. MAZZANTI, Wilson Sharp, Lake Village; John William MEASEL, Sigma Pi, Texarkana; Mary Ann MEDLIN, Scott, Little Rock; Anna Claire MEEKS, Scott, Bauxite; Samuel E. MELHORN, Parkin; Mary Frances MERRELL, Holcombe, Little Rock. Twelfth Row: James C. MERRICK, Razorback. North Little Rock; William Mims MERRIMAN, Acacia, San Antonio, Texas; Fred N. Mertin, Scran¬ ton; John H. MILBURN, Harrison; Robert D. MIL¬ LARD, Harrison; Caryl Ann MILLER, Holcombe, Shreveport, Louisiana. 316 FRESHMAN-PRINCIPAL conference was held for the purpose of orientating principals on subjects to offer high school students. First Row : James W. MILLER, Kappa Alpha, Harrison; Wilfred Lewis MILLER, Razorback, Morrilton; Robert Roy MINER, Fayetteville; Wanda Lou MITCHELL, Scott, Joplin, Missouri; Barbara MOBERG, Fitzgerald, Prescott; Dale MONT¬ GOMERY, Springdale; Bennie Sue MOON, Holcombe, North Little Rock; Deanna MOORE, Washington, Benton; Kenneth MOORE, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Robert Glenn MOORE, Bauxite; Dale Clark MOREN, Sedgewell, Sheridan; Bobby E. MORRIS, Paris. Second Row : Ronald M. MORRIS, Sedgewell, Nashville; James Alan MORRISON, Wilson Sharp, Texarkana; James D. MORRISON, El Dorado; Margie MORROW ' ; 4-H House, Yell- ville; Jeannie MORSE, Fayetteville; Peter S. MORSE, Sigma Pi, Dayton, Ohio; Nancy Kaye MOYERS, Holcombe, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Winfred C. MULLEN, Heber Springs; Richard L. MULLER, Russellville; Derrel Wayne MULLINS, Sedgewell, Diamond, Missouri; John H. MULLINS, Jr., Magnolia; Marcia Ann MULLINS, Springdale. Fourth Row: Wylie E. NOLEN, Springdale; Joyce M. NOR¬ WOOD, Holcombe, Morrilton; Morris E. NORSWORTHY, Sedgewell, Weiner; Betty NYSTROM, Scott, Mt. Home; Robert James S. O’BRIEN, Indianapolis, Indiana; Ernest C. O’HARA, Jr., Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; John S. O’KELLEY Sedgewell. Ben¬ ton; Harper Lee OATES, Sedgewell, Joiner; Kazuo OISHI, Scott; Brenda Joyce OLIPHANT, Fayetteville; Gary Don OLIVER, Alma; Robert Neal OLMSTEAD, Buchanan, Beebe. Third Row: Thomas 0. MURCHISON, Coy; Becky Lynn MURPHY, Washington, Fullerton, California; Joan MURRAY, Holcombe, Springfield; Larry MURRAY, Razorback, Huntsville; Eddie Leon MYHAND, Sedgewell, Dumas; Donna Sue NEED¬ HAM, Scott, Berryville; William F. NELSON, Lambda Chi Alpha. Little Rock; Roger C. NETTLES, Piggott; Judith Ann NEWMAN, Fitzgerald, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Jo Lynne NEWSUM, Washington, Fort Smith; Jerry Dallas NICHOLD, Sedgewell, Ozark; Gary M. NIEMEYER, Razorback, North Little Rock. Fifth Row: George ORMS, Sedgewell, Dallas, Texas; Marilyn ORTON, Holcombe, Ashdown; Jerry Martin OWENS, Sedge¬ well, Junction City; Tom E. OWENS, Sedgewell, Vinita, Okla¬ homa; Margaret Ann PACE, Holcombe, Caraway; William C. PARISH, Alpha Gamma Rho, Booneville; Henleyetta PARKER, Washington, Lowell; Joe Michael PARKER. Sedgewell, El Do¬ rado; John Edward PARKER, Malvern; Murl Wayne PARKER. Buchanan, Rolla; James Cecil PATE, Sedgewell, Clinton; Bar¬ bara Anne PATTERSON, Washington, Perryville. 317 BRAVE fans in the Union lounge watch team get tromped by Yankees in World Series play. First Row: Nancy Mae PATTERSON, Pea Ridge; Katherine Evelyn PEDLEY, 4-H House, Gillham; Charles Larry PEEBLES, Wilson Sharp, Augusta; Jessie Richard PEEVY, Dyer; Gary Oliver PELTON, North Little Rock; Catherine Murry PENCE, Washington, Conway; Roscoe Royce PENDERGRASS, Alpha Gamma Rho, Gepp; N. Kirby PENICK, Fayetteville; Foye Wal¬ lace PENN, Lynn; Myrna Ann PERRY, Washington, Noel, Mis¬ souri; Carol Ann PETERS, Holcombe, Little Rock. Second Row : John William PETERS Pi Kappa Alpha, Rus¬ sellville; Charlotte Maxine PETREE, Holcombe, Caldwell,Ida¬ ho; Delbert Wayne PHILLIPS, Razorback, Siloam Springs; Saundra Sue PHILLIPS. Fayetteville; William S. PICKENS. Sigma Chi, Little Rock; Joseph Albert PLUNKETT, Sedgewell, Fort Smith; Richard W. POOL, Hot Springs; Bobby Hugh POND, Fayetteville; Wesley Eugene POOLE, Nashville; Clyde 1). POPE, Jr., Acacia, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Doreen Inda POPE, Washington, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fourth Row: Carl Edwin RAABE, Almyra; Mildred Ann RAIBLE, Charleston; L. Craig RAINS, Sigma Chi, North Little Rock; Ivan Porter RANSOM, Razorback, Downers Grove, Illi¬ nois; Josephine RASCOE. Holcombe, El Dorado; William Elmer RATER, Daytona Beach, Florida; John Martin RAY, Fort Smith; James Luther REA, Phi Delta Theta, Cabot; Kenneth Ray REED, Fayetteville; Richard Henry Reid, Fayetteville; Anna Beth REITZ, Fayetteville. Third Row: Jimmie Ray PORTER, Hackett; Mary Sue PORTER. Holcombe, Malvern; Tomya Sue POTTER, Wash¬ ington, Fort Smith; Joe Dickey POWERS, Sigma Nu, Fort Smith; Terry M. POYNTER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mountain Home; Judith A. PRESLEY, Washington, Houston, Missouri; Patsy Ann PRIOLEAU, Washington, North Little Rock; Max John PROBST, Sigma Chi, North Little Rock; Judith Ann PURIFOY, Holcombe, Fouke; Ronny Jones PYEATT, Fayetteville; Betty Katherine PYLE, Holcombe, Little Rock. Fifth Row: Earl Edward RENFROW, Tulsa, Oklahoma; James Roberts RHODES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, DeValls Bluff; Rufus Dee RHODES, Rison; Becky RICHARDSON, Scott, Little Rock; Lois Luetta RICHMOND, Washington, West Helena; Billie Frank RIDER, Little Rock; William Dallas ROB¬ BINS, Kappa Sigma, Osceola; Jerry ROBERTS, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Art A. ROBERTSON, Fort Smith; Anne ROB¬ INS, Holcombe, Forrest City; William Robert ROBINSON, Sig¬ ma Phi Epsilon, West Memphis. 318 First Row: Cynthia Jane ROGERS, Washington, Fort Smith; Rita Lynn ROGERS, Holcombe, Sher¬ rill; Tommy William ROGERS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Harrison; Linda Margaret ROEDER. Washington Hall, Piggott; Charles Douglas ROPER, Sedgewell, Russellville; James Malcolm ROWE, Kappa Sigma, Forrest City. Second Row: Alma Jane ROWLAND, Washing¬ ton, Paris; Stephen Horton ROWLAND, Razorback, Pickens; Phillip Thomas RUNYAN, Sigma Nu, Nevada, Missouri; William B. RUNYAN, Wilson Sharp. Crossett; Betty Carol RUSSELL, Scott, For¬ rest City; Carl Max RUSSELL, Sedgewell. Rogers. Third Row: Ned RUSSELL, Sigma Pi, Lewis¬ ville; Margaret Betsy SAGE, Fayetteville; George Kenneth SALIBA, Alma; Jerri Tom SALING. Wash¬ ington, Sherman, Texas; David Stuart SANDERSON, Phi Delta Theta, Houston, Texas; Glenn D. SAND¬ LIN, Razorback, Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Judy Gwen SANDUSKY, Holcombe, Dallas. Texas; Mary Sue SANFORD. Fitzgerald, Searcy; Carolyn Sue SAPPINGTON, Rocky Com¬ fort, Missouri; Ramon S. SATTERWHIT, Little Rock; Cecil Wayne SAVAGE, Siloam Springs; Suzanne SAVAGE, Scott, Crosset. Fifth Row: Frank Louis SCARAMUZZA, Greg- son, Hackett; Gene W. SCHAY, Little Rock; Karl Walter SCHMIDT, North Little Rock; Kathy SCH¬ MIDT, Scott, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Ernest Charles SCHOLTZ, Gregson, Gillett; Robert William SCH- ROEDER, Jr., Sedgewell, Star City. Sixth Row: Elizabeth Ann SCHULZ, Fayette¬ ville; Mary Virginia SCHULTZ, Washington, North Little Rock; Mary Lou SCOBEY, Holcombe, War¬ ren; Brenda Sue SCOTT, Holcombe, Little Rock; Lewis Edward SCOTT, Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Rock; Mary Agnes SCOTT, Holcombe, Little Rock. Seventh Row: Milton Dewitt SEALES, Anderson, Missouri; Louisa Ann SEDWICK, Holcombe, Kenil¬ worth, Illinois; Jerry Burr SEITZ. Razorback, Berry- ville; Clifton Scott SENHAUSEN. Kappa Sigma, West Memphis; Ralph T. SHANNON, Sedgewell, North Little Rock; Willie L. SHEEKS, Holcombe, Corning. Eighth Row: Winnie Lea SHEEKS, Holcombe, Corning; Gerald Dean SHEFFIELD, Mountain Pine; Martin SHIMEK, Hazen: Kenneth LaFayne SHIRE- MAN, DeWitt; James Edward SHREVE, Wilson Sharp, Fayetteville; Beverly Antoinette SHULTZ, Washington, Pine Bluff. Ninth Row: David Albert SIDWELL, Razorback, Jacksonville; Sally SIMPSON, Holcombe, Spring- field, Missouri; James B. SIVLEY, Razorback, Dan¬ ville: Suzanne SMARR, Holcombe, Tulsa, Oklahoma; David Lee SMITH, Van Buren; Harvey Keith SMITH, Razorback, Jacksboro, Texas. Tenth Row: Helen Ruth SMITH, Holcombe, Little Rock; Kenneth Ronald SMITH, Yellville; Paul Douglas SMITH, Razorback, Searcy; Richard Henry SMITH, Kappa Sigma, Fordyce; Anita SNOD- DY, Washington, Van Buren; John Patrick SNOD¬ GRASS, Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Armil SNOW, Razorback, Fort Smith; Conrad H. SNYDER, Forrest City; George W. SORRELLS, Razorback, Stuttgart; Catherine Jean SPENCE, Washington, Texarkana; Forrest K. SPENCER, Washington, Springdale; Martha B. SPICER, Fayetteville. Twelfth Row: Billye Jean SPOTTS, Holcombe, Little Rock; Del Ray STANAGE, Hot Springs; Phyl¬ lis Anne STANELY, Holcombe, North Little Rock; Danna I. STAPLES, Holcombe, Calion; Lawanda Joyce STEGALL, Holcombe, El Dorado; William Frederick STEINKAMP, Jr., Little Rock. 319 First Row : Paul Kurtz STEVENS, New Rich¬ mond, Ohio; Billy R. STEWART, Fayetteville; Judy Cecilia ST. JOHN, Holcombe, Mena; Maurice Glenn STOKENBERRY, Fayetteville; D awn Elizabeth STOWE, Fayetteville; Sue STRIBLING, Me Rae. Second Row : Don E. STRICKLAND, Mena; Cur¬ tis Thomas STRIEGLER, Fayetteville; Jerry B. STRINGFELLOW, Sedgewell, Hampton; Merideth Elaine STUBBLEFIELD, Fayetteville; Buford Joseph SUFFRIDGE, Phi Delta Theta, Perryville; Marianne SUTHERLAND, Holcombe, Lamar, Missouri. Third Row: Luther Oneal SUTTER, Razorback, Pleasant Plains; Betty Lucille SWEANEY, Washing¬ ton, Morrow; Polly Anna SWEETSER. Greenland; Betty Sherlene SWOPES, Siloam Springs; Farris Ray TABOR, Little Rock; Charles Winston TAYLOR, Razorback, Mansfield. Fourth Row: Judith Ann TAYLOR, Holcombe, Fort Smith; W. Martin TAYLOR, Razorback, Mans¬ field; Mary Elizabeth TEAS, Fayetteville; Virginia Corinne TEEL, Holcombe, Camden; George Albert TEER, Razorback, Little Rock; Lela Jo TERRELL, Washington, Hot Springs. Fifth Row: James Michael TERRY, Sigma Nu, Blytheville; James Robert TEETER, Star City; Bil¬ lie J. THOMAS, Fayetteville; David Wheeler THO¬ MAS, West Memphis; Harry Zell THOMASON, Gregson, Hampton; Milton Lee THOMPSON, Aca¬ cia, Hot Springs. Sixth Row: W. Wesley THOMPSON, Razorback, Fort Smith; Pat Alfred THRONEBERRY, Razor- back, Pine Bluff; William A. THURMAN, Sigma Nu, Berryville; Grace Yvonne TISDALE, Fayette¬ ville; Joyce Marie TODD, Garland, Little Rock; Jim W. TOWLER, Razorback, El Dorado. Seventh Row: Barbara Lorraine TRAGER, Hol¬ combe, Fayetteville; Marilyn Sue TRAMMELL, Washington, Gentry; Bobby Edward TRANUM, Kap¬ pa Sigma, Wilson; Bobbie Joe TREADWAY, Yell- ville; Ted TREADWAY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock; James Larry TRIMBLE, Sedgewell, De Queen. Eighth Row: Ellis Patterson TRUMBO, Sigma Nu, Fayetteville; Sandra TRUST, Holcombe, Shreve¬ port; Thomas Elmo TUBB, Razorback, West Helena; Jane Beatrice TUDOR, Holcombe, Kansas City, Missouri; Anita Marie TUNNELL, Prairie Grove; Anne Carolyn TURNER, Holcombe, Fort Smith. Ninth Row : Donald Lloyd TURNER, Razorback, Dierks; Donald Lynn VANDAMENT, Razorback, Line Rock; Jack C. VANDEGRIFT, Wilson Sharp. El Dorado; Byron VAN DOVER, Sedgewell, Rogers; William Monroe VANG1LDER, Sedgewell. Rector; Laretta Lee VANMETER, Washington, Charleston. Tenth Row: Betty Cazort VAUGHAN, Holcombe, Wynne; Bill 0. VAUGHN, Springdale; Everett Wil¬ liam VAUGHN, Fayetteville; Sarah VAUGHN, Wash¬ ington, Russellville; Jerome Dean VAUGHT. Razor- back, Little Rock; Larry Carl VEST, Wilson Sharp, Texarkana. Eleventh Row: Kenneth Gayle VICK, Rogers; John E. VISE Jr., Acacia, Little Rock; Robert Mc¬ Lean WAGNER, Razorback, Bryant; Tennie WAHL- STROM, Washington, Fort Smith; H. Dovon L. WALKER, Holcombe, Pine Bluff; Marvin Leslie WALL, Horatio. Twelfth Row: Claude L. WALLACE, Jr., Lincoln; Willie jean WALLACE, Washington, North Little Rock; Hassie Mildred WALLER, Holcombe, Temple, Oklahoma; John David WALT, Kappa Sigma, Du¬ mas; Carlton Victor WANN, Cave City; George Max WANN, Cave City; Ebbie H. WARD, Van Buren. 320 TWO-HEADS are better than one is the opinion of these two fresh¬ men architects as they pool knowledge in an effort to solve problems. First Row: Karen Kay WARREN, Holcombe. Huntsville; Eva Lou WATKINS, Fayetteville; Walter A. WATKINS, Spring- dale: Ronald Neal WATSON, Fort Smith; Gary Francis WEA¬ VER. Wilson Sharp, Stephens; Gary Dale WEBB. Razorback, Norphlet; Jefferson Thomas WEBB. Fort Smith; Royce Stewart WEISENBERGER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Hope; Bobby D. WELSH. Hackett; Patricia Ann WELTI. Washington, Sheboy¬ gan, Wisconsin; John Marvin WESSON. Pi Kappa Alpha, Little Rock; Boyce W. WEST, Leslie. Second Row : Gharles WESTON, Lawton, Oklahoma; Ell- wood F. WHITCHURCH, Kappa Alpha, Fayetteville; Jerry J. WHITE, Wilson Sharp, Star City; John A. WHITE, Sigma Nu, Monette. Missouri; Mary Elizabeth WHITE, Holcombe, Little Rock; Patricia Diane WHITEMAN. Holcombe, Little Rock; Phillip R. WHITING, Phi Delta Theta, Jacksonville; Larry Curtis WHITLEY, Sigma Nu, Benton; Dowler Ferris WHIT¬ MAN, Razorback, Gravette; James William WIGGINS. Paris; Kay Leigh WIGGINS, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Patricia Ann WIGGINS, Holcombe, Crossett. Fourth Roiv: Mark Valentine WILLIAMSON, Kappa Sigma, Little Rock; Michael Adrian WILLIS, Rogers; Billy Lynn WIL¬ SON, Alpha Gamma Rho, Batesville; Curtis Harold WILSON, Fayetteville; James Richard WILSON, Sedgewell. Harrison: Lillian Gail WILSON, Washington, Helena; Alary Jane WIL¬ SON, Holcombe, Hot Springs; Paul Hudson WILSON, Sedge- well, Camden; Sue Quinn WILSON, Alpha Delta Pi, Osceola; William A. WILSON, Jr., Kappa Sigma, Walnut Ridge; Dwight Monroe WINBORN, Alma; Margor Beth WIMBERLY, Hoi combe, Shreveport, Louisiana. Third Row: Edwin S. WIGHT, Troy, Ohio; Kirkland A. WILCOX, Gentry; Billy Wayne WILEY, Razorback, Wilson; Edward I). WILKERSON, Sigma Pi, Fort Smith; Maurice L. WILKINS, Fayetteville; Charles David WILLIAMS, Kappa Sig¬ ma, Booneville; Horace Kelley WILLIAMS, Jr., Bauxite; Jack L. WILLIAMS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Texarkana; Jack M. WILLIAMS, Razorback, Jacksonville; Margo Jane WILLIAMS. Washington, Harrison; Mary Ann WILLIAMS, Washington, Morrilton; Maurice Edward WILLIAMS, Neosho, Missouri. Fifth Row: Gene Edward WITTE, North Little Rock; Danny Leon WOMACK, Dardanelle; Gary Phillip WOOD, Razorback, North Little Rock; Jimmie Edward WOOD, Sedgewell, Texark¬ ana; Norma Jean WOOD, Washington, La Puente, California; Kathryn Lucille WOODRUFF. Washington. Fayetteville; Ron¬ ald Garner WOODRUFF, Sigma Nu. Fayetteville; Bill WOODS, Razorback. Huntington; Vida Othello WOODWARD, Sedgewell, Pine Bluff; Jim WOOLLY, Razorback, Little Rock; Sandra Sue YATES. Holcombe, Blytheville: Eddie Mac YOUNG, Sigma Nu, Pine Bluff. 321 MARKET The Student Senate, legislative branch of the Associated Stu¬ dents of the University, is composed of those who have actively campaigned for and been victorious in the annual spring elections. As Senators, they represent their respective classes and schools in an attempt to bring the ideals of democractic self-government to actual realization in the form of legislative enactments. The dif¬ ficulties inherent in this policy making task became most evident this year when the Senate’s decision concerning a class ring sale proposal by Blue Key was overruled by the University. The Stu¬ dent Court, functioning as the judicial body for the Associated Students, realizes the ideals of law and justice in its decisions con¬ cerning student disciplinary measures. Both of these bodies, through their tireless efforts and consistent valid decisions, have rightly earned the respect of those whom they represent, the stu¬ dent body of the University of Arkansas. the student voice in action STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS: Pat Fleming, vice Connaway, president of Associated Students; and Max Reed, president of Associated Students and president of the Student treasurer of Associated Students. Senate; Nikki Polychron, secretary of Associated Students; Jim 324 STUDENT COURT. Sitting: Mary Bowden, associate justice; Bob Fussell, as¬ sociate justice; Hugh Kincaid, chief justice; Willis B. Smith, associate justice; Dale Wise, associate justice. Standing : Phil Dixon, attorney general; Jack Files, court clerk. FULFILLING one of the speaking engagements re¬ quired as president of Associated Students, Jim Connaway addresses orientation convocation STUDENT SENATE. First Row: Mary Ann Clark, Nikki Polychron, Polly Du- Val, Carol Hinkle, Jane Parkin. Carolyn Files, Fay Nell Ligon, Marsha Crawford, Ann Pinkston, Philia Drew. Second Row: John Ed Freeman, Phil McDonald. Jim HefJey, Mack Moore, John Maid, Henry Hawkins, Gerald Bowen, Calvin Mitchell. Third Row: Charles Russell, Pat Fleming. Jim Connaway, Joe Buffalo, Dale Wise, Don Toon. Bill Sherman, Bob Reynolds, Reynolds Griffith, Max Reed, Charles Roth. GREETING the Texas Longhorn ' s mascot, cheerleaders Jane Collier and Bill Adair chat with keepers during the pre-game festivities at Austin. keepin’ ’em callin’ the Student spirit is a valuable and intragal part of any educational institution and the University cheerleaders strive to keep the spirit at the highest possible level. When the Razorbacks are winning, the duties of the cheerleaders require only an abundance of energy and endurance. But when the score is running against the team, they must bring out the latent enthusiasm and con¬ fidence of the students. Through the coordinated and concentrated efforts of the cheerleaders and the Arkan¬ sas Booster Club, school spirit and sportsmanship has been at an all-time high this year. The University was announced as the co-winner of the Southwest Confer¬ ence sportsmanship trophy during half-time ceremonies at the Cotton Bowl. This award was possible only be¬ cause of the channeling of spirit and sportsmanship demonstrated by the cheerleaders. Long tiring trips, exhausting practices, sore throats, and inspiring per¬ formances characterized the University cheerleaders. These eight students are campus leaders of a very spec¬ ial type — leaders of our cheers, spirit, and enthusiasm for the fighting Razorbacks. VIVACIOUS head cheerleader Carolyn Harris demonstrates some of the enthusiasm characteristic of the entire cheerleading squad. 326 327 JIM TOMPKINS: Senior Class, President; Arkansas Student Government Association, President; Blue Key; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Senate; Razorback, Advertising Ed¬ itor; Guild Ticker, Associate Business Man¬ ager; Commerce Guild; Alpha Kappa Psi. IffiKiillllfSI " W " JOE FORD: Pi Kappa Alpha, President; Alpha Kappa Psi, President; Blue Key; Senior Representative, College of Business; Civic Club; University Traffic Board; Inter¬ fraternity Council; Interfraternity Pledge Council. CAROL HINKLE: Student Senate; A.W.S., President; Delta Gamma. President; Pan- hellenic Council, Secretary; Mortar Board; Civic Club; Student Union Board: Sopho¬ more Counselor; John Rust Scholarship; Stu¬ dent-Faculty Forum; A.W.S. Judicial Board. JO WILBOURN: Delta Delta Delta. Presi¬ dent; Mortar Board; Holcombe Hall, Senior Counselor; Panhellenic Council; A.W.S. Queen’s Committee; Elementary Club, Sec¬ retary; Womens Recreational Association. MAX REED: Student Senate; Treasurer of Associated Students; Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, Secretary; Interfraternity Council, President; Guild Ticker. Business Manager; Omicron Delta Kappa; Commerce Guild, Vice-President; Alpha Kappa Psi. 328 JIM MANVILLE: Blue Key; Student Di¬ rectory. Editor; Sigma Nu; Arkansas Engi¬ neer, Editor; Theta Tau. Vice-President; Engineering Council; Board of Publications; National ECMA Convention, Arrangements Chairman; AIEE-IRE. SCO ITY SCHOLL: Arkansas Traveler, Ed¬ itor, Associate Editor; Board of Publications, Chairman; Lambda Chi Alpha. Secretary; Blue Key, Secretary; Arkansas Student Gov¬ ernment Association, Publicity Director; Press Club; Traffic Committee; Student- Faculty Forum; SWC Sportsmanship Com¬ mittee. JAN GRAHAM: Pi Beta Phi. Rush Chair¬ man; Mortar Board, President; Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary; Interfraternity Pledge Council; Panhellenic Council; A.W.S. Ex¬ ecutive Board; Arkansas Booster Club, Vice- President; Gaebale Beauty Pageant Decora¬ tions Committee, Chairman. PAT CROSS: Mortar Board; Chi Omega. Vice-President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Historian; Senior Coun¬ selor; Sophomore Counselor, President; John Rust Scholarship; Colhecon, Publicity Chair¬ man; R.E.W. Program Committee. DALE WISE: Student Senate; Student Court; Blue Key; Psi Chi, President; Men’s Interhall Council. Treasurer; Honors Coun¬ cil; Men’s Counselor; Student-Faculty Re¬ lations Committee; Spring Elections Com¬ mittee; Honors Day Awards Committee, Chairman. 329 NANCY PAFFORD: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Scholarship Chairman; A.W.S., Vice-Presi¬ dent; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-President: Ju¬ dicial Board; Student Union Board; Mor¬ tar Board; Interfraternity Pledge Council; Delegate to Student Conference on National Affairs. BOB MIDDLETON: Sigma Nu, President, Treasurer; Student Senate; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Civic Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; Guild Ticker; Law Review Staff: Commerce Guild, Vice-President; Interfra¬ ternity Pledge Council, Vice-President; In¬ terfraternity Council; Student Union Central Planning Board. RICHARD BELL: “A” Club; Football Co- Captain; Blue Key; Wilson Sharp, Vice- President; Civic Club, Vice-President; PEM Club, President. WILLA CHARLTON: Zeta Tau Alpha, President; Mortar Board, Tre asurer; Pre¬ view, Business Manager; Student Union Board, Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer; Lambda Iota Tau, Secretary- Treasurer; Psi Chi; Student Union Central Planning Committee, Chairman. KENT SHREEVE: Sigma Chi, President; Theta Tau, Secretary; Arkansas Engineer, Associate Editor; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Council, Presi¬ dent; Interfraternity Council; American So¬ ciety of Civil Engineers. 330 ELEANOR ELLIS: Phi Beta Kappa; Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer; Holcombe Hall, President; Alpha Lambda Delta, President; Sophomore Counselor; Lambda Iota Tau; Mortar Board; Civic Club, Secretary; Cam¬ pus Capers, Co-Chairman; Womens Inter- Hall Council; AWS Scholarship Chairman. JOHN HAID: Student Senate; Blue Key, Vice-President; Future Farmers of America, National President, Southern Regional Rep¬ resentative to Great Bri tain; Razorback Hall Counselor; Tau Kappa Alpha; Alpha Zeta. Chancellor. B. SMITH: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President; Interfraternity Council, Vice-President; Stu¬ dent Court; University Disciplinary Com¬ mittee; Blue Key; Student-Faculty Forum; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Association. KARO KAMPBELL: Pi Beta Phi, Presi¬ dent; Secretary of Senior Class; Preview, Editor; Sophomore Counselor; Senior Coun¬ selor; A.W.S., Treasurer; Board of Pub¬ lications; Panhellenic Council; A.W.S. Ex¬ ecutive Board; Student Union Dance Com¬ mittee; WRA. EDDIE McRELL: Men’s Interhall Con¬ gress, President; Droke House, President; Blackfriars, Vice-President; Sigma Alpha Eta; Arkansas Booster Club; Circle K; Stu¬ dent-Faculty Forum; Student National Edu¬ cation Association, District Treasurer; Omi- cron Delta Kappa. 331 BARBARA SIMPSON: Pi Beta Phi, Sec¬ retary; Mortar Board; Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-Pr esident; Commerce Guild, Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary; Chi Theta, Vice-President: Kappa Delta Pi; Sophomore Counselor; Razorback Staff; Guild Ticker Staff. BENNY HAYS: Civic Club, President; Sig¬ ma Nu, Social Chairman; Psi Chi; Phi Mu Alpha Singfonia; Commerce Guild; Market¬ ing Club; Campus Chest, Chairman; Campus Capers, Chairman; Disciple Student Fellow¬ ship; Singfony, Program and Publicity Chairman. PAT FLEMING: Student Senate, President; Vice-President of Associated Students; Sig¬ ma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Alpha Theta, Treasurer; Student Christian Council; Student-Faculty Forum; Westminster Fellowship, President. BE I TE COOPER: Arkansas Traveler, News Editor; AWS Executive Board, Press Rep- presentative; Student Union Central Plan¬ ning Committee, Secretary; Preview, Editor; Civic Club; Press Club; Zeta Tau Alpha, Ritual Chairman. 332 JOE BUFFALO: Student Senate; Guild Ticker; Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treasurer; Ripley Hall Counselor; M.I.H.C. Executive Council; Head Upper-Class Men’s Coun¬ selor; M.I.H.C. Advisor; Razorback Band; Calendar Committee; Blue Key. DICK BLAKE: Arkansas Engineer. Business Manager, Associate Editor; Theta Tau; Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Secretary; Tau Beta Pi, President; Phi Eta Sigma, President; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Pi Mu; Sigma Nu, Reporter; American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Vice-President. PATTY PYEATT: Chi Omega, President; Motar Board; Phi Beta Kappa; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer; Student Court; AWS Judicial Board; Psi Chi, Vice-President; Preview; Sophomore Counselor; Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda Iota Tau; Holcombe Hall Standards Board. MIKE ALLEN: Student Senate; Omicron Delta Kappa; Men’s Interhall Council; Beta Alpha Psi, President; William House, Pres¬ ident; Razorback Hall, Representative; Cheerleaders Committee, Chairman. MARSHA CRAWFORD: Student Senate; Delta Gamma, Rush Chairman; Senior Class Secretary-Business School; Chi Theta; Tau Beta Sigma; Panhellenic Council, President; Marketing Club; Commerce Guild Executive Council; AWS Executive Council. 333 JOE KUNKEL: Student Senate; Student Court; Razorback Hall, President; Theta Tan; Saint Patrick; M.I.H.C. Council; Civic Club, Treasurer; American Society of Civil Engineers, President; Traffic Committee; Engineering Council; Men’s Counselor. r;.i TAYLOR PREWITT: Sigma Chi, Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, President; Presi¬ dent of Freshman Class, Business School; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Secretary; Arkansas Traveler, Staff; Council of Honor Societies, President; Wesley Foundation, Vice-Presi¬ dent. SALLY FEATHERSTON: Carnall Hall. President; Mortar Board, Reporter; AWS Executive Board; AWS Judicial Board, Chairman; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Chaplain; Women’s Interhall Council, President; Civ¬ ic Club; Ar kansas Booster Club. DON MEHLBURGER: Sigma Nu, President, Vice-President, Secretary; Gaebale Director; Arkansas Engineer, Associate Editor; Com¬ mencement Committee; Traffic Board; In¬ terfraternity Council; American Society of Civil Engineers. CAROLYN FILES: Student Senate; 4-H House, President; Phi Upsilon Omicron, President; Arkansas Agriculturist Staff; AWS Executive Board; Women’s Interhall Council; Colhecon; Sophomore Counselor. 334 LEADING the mob which had gathered outside his house after the Homecoming weekend. President John Tyler Caldwell diverted groups ' holiday desires by directing a chorus of " calling the Hogs " . 335 army rote Two slogans of the ROTC aptly describe its mis¬ sion. They are: “Better prepared to better serve,” and “Learn today — Lead tomorrow.” No one ever wants to go to war, and it is the history of this nation that its wars have been forced upon it. However, no matter how great his aversion to war is, the wise and prudent man knows that war may come and prepares for it. This can be done in the Army ROTC. ROTC here at the University began back in 1917, and since that time the unit has compiled an enviable record in accomplish¬ ing its mission; which is, the turning out of basically trained second lieutenants of high potential value to the service for duty in the Organi zed Reserve Corps of the United States Army and in the regular army. At the University, all male students, except veterans, who are physically qualified, are required to take two years of military training in the ROTC. However, students electing to take the advanced course are carefully screened by a board of officers for character, intelli¬ gence, leadership, alertness, and aptitude before being accepted. Last year, the University became one of the selected five colleges and universities in the Fourth Army area to receive the army flight training program. By the end of this school year, twenty-one cadets will have received their half-wings. This program is open only to senior cadets who are able to meet the rigid physical requirements set down by the Department of the Army. Upon graduation, these selected cadets will first attend their selected branch school and from there will go to flight training school at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The evidence of high esteem which Fourth Army head¬ quarters holds in the Corps here at the University is proven by the fact that this year 17 cadets applied for a regular army commission and all of them were ac¬ cepted. ARMY SERGEANTS: First Row : Sfc. Jacob Wood, Sfc. Archie Baker, M Sgt. Paul Marney, M Sgt. Albert Doane, Sfc. Jack Sexon. Second Row: M Sgt. Roger Mitchell (Retired), M Sgt. Jesse Boyd, M Sgt. Kenneth Gruschow, M Sgt. Jean Edwards, M Sgt. Paul Panned. COLONEL RALPH T. SIMPSON PMS T ARMY FACULTY: First Row: Maj. Wilfred Sexsmith. Lt. Col. Edward Murray, Col. Ralph Simpson, Lt. Col. Max Barron, Lt Col. M. H. Jackson. Second Row: 1st Lt. Don¬ ald Costello, Maj. William McLean. Maj. Roger Quacken- bush, Capt. William Teal. 388 brigade staff Front: Cadet Colonel Larry Moeller. Left to Right : Cadet Lt. Col. Jim Van Dover, executive officer; Cadet Major Dick Blake, S-l; Cadet Major Louis Henderson, S-2; Cadet Major Ken Dorland, S-3; Cadet Major Neal Gray, S-4; Cadet Captain Dale Green, PIO. army rote band First Row: Moore, R. G.; Arnold, J. F.; Dorland, E. D.;Slusher, T. L.; Richardson, J. L.; Darnell, J. E.; Gram¬ mar, G. D.; Bohannon, L. C.; Kelly, W. B.; Parker, J. E. Second Row: Remy, R. E.: Bowie. C. P.: Blankenship. J. R.; Ford, J. W.; Steed, J. L.; Willis, M. A.; Drake, T. E.; Niswanger, B.: Inzer, E. L. Third Row: Hall. B. L.; Vandement, R. L.; Byers, D. H.; Bailey, J. N.; Faris, J. N.; Griffin, L. D.; Brandt, F. D.; Selig, P. A. army sponsors JEANNIE BUSSELL Honorary Lt. Colonel Kappa Kappa Gamma 340 SALLY MILLER Honorary Cadet Colonel Pi Beta Phi WIND BLOWN candidates gather around Cadet Captain Richard Poole as he ex¬ plains procedure cadet corps will follow in selection of honorary cadet colonels. air force rote COLONEL ROBERT L. VAN AUSDALL PAS lT “Tomorrow’s Air Force leaders are today’s students in the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps Pro¬ gram.” The mission of the Department of Air Science and Tactics at the University of Arkansas is to provide an opportunity for the study of subjects of recognized military and educational value supplementing the reg¬ ular program of study and assisting the student to lay the foundation of intelligent citizenship. In time of peace or war, the United States Air Force looks toward the universities and colleges for its future leaders. In the freshman year the cadets concentrate mostly on the fundamentals of close order drill and discipline. In the classroom they learn such things as Air Force avia¬ tion, geography in the air age, and organization of the Air Force. The sophomore year the cadets begin to as¬ sume responsibility by taking charge of a seven man squad. Their classroom studies consist of elements of aerial warfare concerning targets, weapons, various types of aircraft, and Air Force bases. Then there is a screening process to choose those who are to continue in advanced ROTC, eventually receiving commissions in the Air Force Reserve. Starting with their junior year, the cadets really concentrate on learning the role they will be expected to play as officers. Such courses, as public speaking, creative thinking, the officer and his staff, weather, and military law help them prepare for this role. The seniors polish off their training with courses on Air Force leadership and management, mili¬ tary aspects of geography, and briefing on the com¬ mission service. At summer camp, the cadets get the chance to fly with crews of Air Force planes and par¬ ticipate in practice maneuvers. This gives the cadets the chance to see various types of planes and weapons. It also gives them a preview of the type of equipment they will use after receiving their commissions. AIR FORCE SERGEANTS: First Row: T Sgt. Charles Kelly, S Sgt. Arlen Herrington, M Sgt. H. M. Hardy. Second Row: T Sgt. William Austin, S Sgt. Howard Baugh, S Sgt. Charles Gentry. AIR FORCE FACULTY: First Row: Lt. Col. Jack W. Chapman, Col. Robert L. Van Ausdall, Major Dal O. Hollingsworth. Second Row: Capt. Vernon j. Tirey, Capt. Dwight C. McDowell, Major Bob E. Cooper, Capt. George Jennings. 342 wing staff Front : Cadet Colonel Kent Shreeve. Left to Right : Cadet Lt. Colonel Jerry Parker, Cadet Lt. Colonel Bill Harrison. Cadet Lt. Colonel Sam Rhoades, Cadet Lt. Colonel Jim Haynes, Cadet Lt. Colonel Scotty Scholl. Cadet Lt. Colonel Bob Eichberger. air force rote band First Roiv : George Jernigan, Gerald Dahl, Buddy Diebold, Richard Fritchey, Howard Hall, Roy Fuller, Bill Kelly, David Allum, Gerald Wallis, Charles Scarnardo. Second Row: John Anderson, Donald Gleason, Allen Johnson, Patrick McCloskey, Jim Minmier, William Lacefield, Joe Marlar, Waldo Bronson, Arlen Poole, Jim Garrett. Third Row : Stephen Rowland, James Wooly, Everett Vaughn, Carl Hartman, John O ' Kelly, Bill Cooper, Richard Osborne. Fourth Row: David Wellhansen, Charles Roper, Tracy Brand, John Coan. air force sponsors LUELLEN JONES Honorary Cadet Colonel Washington Hall JACKIE SANDERS Honorary Lt. Colonel Pi Beta Phi SUE JOBE Honorary Lt. Colonel Kappa Kappa Gamma ANNE SHAW Honorary Lt. Colonel Chi Omega 344 PATTI PULLIAM Honorary Lt. Colonel Pi Beta Phi BROWSING in front of Holcombe before going to the drill field for presentation of the cadet corps are the honorary colonel candidates and several of the higher ranking officers. Kneeling : C. D. Henley, D. C. Haynie, Jim Williams, Billy Bert Dooly, G. M. Barnwell, Max Garrett. Standing: Captain Wm. H. Teal, J. E. Parker, Herschel Garner, H. 0. Jackson, Charles Campbell, G. D. Sandlin, William Barrentine, M Sgt. Paul Pannell. army rote rifle team The team which has been the most consistent win¬ ner for the University and the team which has received the least praise is the Army ROTC rifle team. When this group of riflemen loose, it is a rare thing. Not only did they place second in Hearst Trophy competition which ranks them second nationally, but they also took the Mid-Western League title and defended t heir Gov¬ ernor’s Cup for the state title. Starting the year off with a bang, the team journeyed to Fort Chaffee and sound¬ ly beat the best the Army had to offer by a score of 1910 to 1839. Mid-Western League competition opened and Arkansas scored first in match number one with a total of 1906. Match number two also went to the ROTC men with a 1909 score. Teams from Arkansas and East¬ ern Oklahoma met at Fort Chaffee for the 4th Army preliminary and Arkansas was winner of the meet by scoring 3716 points. OSU slipped up on the riflemen in match number three by taking it 1901 to 1894. Ar¬ kansas came back to take number four with 1908 and number five with 1910. OSU took number six 1906 to 1890, but the Army team came back with a win in num¬ ber seven by shooting 1915. OSU also dropped the NRA sectional championship to Arkansas by a 1423 to 1400 score. Southwest Missouri also was humiliated by two lopsided victories, 1903 to 1838 and 1426 to 1376. PRACTICING everyday in the rifle range located in the basement of Greek Theatre helps team coach Sgt. Pannell keep team in top form as well as keeping him posted on a member ' s progress and accuracy. 346 DISMOUNTED drill point is confirmed by Pershing Rifle sponsor Lt. Colonel Max Barron for the regiment com¬ mander, Jimmy Reed. Proficiency in drill is the Pershing Rifles goal, so fine points are watched very close. pershing rifles Pershing Rifles is a tri-service organization offer¬ ing training in military leadership, customs and organi¬ zation, and fostering a spirit of friendship among mem¬ bers of the two armed service ROTC’s. Pershing Rifles is a national honorary military society. It was started by and bears the name of General of the Armies John J. Pershing, leader of the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe during World War I. Pershing Rifles was started as a small drill unit by Pershing when he was an instructor of military science at the University of Nebraska in 1894. This drill team won many honors for proficiency, and is still the main point stressed by this organization. A person is eligible for membership in the organization upon his application and successful completion of hazing week. During this hazing week, or pledgeship, the candidates are required to wear their uniform and carry a wooden rifle. By the end of pledge week, the candidate must have every active member’s name written on it. In addition to this, the pledges are required to know all information about the fraternity, and on the day prior to their initiation, must attend a drill period at 5:00 A.M. ASSEMBLED for a group picture, members of the Pershing Rifles took time off from a rigid drill schedule to oblige a waiting yearbook photo¬ grapher. The size of the organization has shown a great increase over the past years as the regiment ' s prestige continues to keep growing. HAZING Scabbard and Blade pledge during their " hell week " are members Jimmy Reed, Gene Kleese and Fred Isgrig. The poor pledges were a fami¬ liar site serving as goats of members. scabbard and blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary organization for juniors and seniors who are cadets in the Army ROTC. Cadets are selected for mem¬ bership on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and ef- ficieny in ROTC work. The objectives of the organiza¬ tion, the ultimate military honorary represented here at the University, include: to raise the military stand¬ ards in American colleges and universities, to unite a closer relationship between their military departments, to encourage and foster the essential qualities of ef¬ ficient officers, and to promote friendship among cadet officers. The company here at the University of Ar¬ kansas, Company B of the Second Regiment, is one of the oldest societies of Scabbard and Blade, having been founded in 1916, one year before the ROTC program was started on the campus. One of their most widely known activities is the firing of the cannon to start pep rallys off with a bang, lhe cannon was also used during football games when the Razorbacks scored a touchdown. Some of the other events include the form¬ ing of the saber arch at the Army Military Ball for the Honorary Cadet Officers to pass through before lheir formal presentation to the Cadet Corps. SCABBARD AND BLADE: First Row : Jim Van Dover, George Jordan, John Lussky, Gene Kleese. Jimmy Reed. Second Row: James Spikes, Jimmie Estes, Fred Elam, Donald Nutt, Fred Isgrig, Charles Lendermon, Tom Lum. Third . Row: Wallace Saunders, Rodney Jones, Kenneth McClain, Dale Green, David Abernathy, Lee Kleese, E. Covington, Tom B. Wilson, Dewey Gentry. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY. First Row: Bob Eichberger, Sponsor Anne Shaw, Norman Mason, Bill Harrison, Jim Gaston, James Taylor, Bob Hamm, Jerry Hobbs, Jerry Parker, Garry Morris, Captain Dwight McDowell. Second Row: Bruce Netherton, Mike Dunn, Max Mayes, Nicky Weedman, Ken Parr, Ed Jones, Lewis Bernard, Charles Wilson, George Mason, Lee Fletcher, Kent Shreeve. Third Row: Terry Arenz, Mike Babbage, Lynn Forrest, Larry Clyborn, Edger Henley, Jerry Baber, Darrell Bonner, David Herndon, Otto Livingston, Bob Hickman. Fourth Row: Max Lough, Joe Parker, George Woods, James Caton, Gary Culp. John Johnson, Sidney Crimes, George Mays, Elmer Rich. Fifth Row: Elvie Mooty, Snowden Armstrong, Peter Mose, John Bohlson, Tom Carter, Jim Mosely. arnold air society The Arnold Air Society is a national honorary organiza¬ tion benefiting those in the advanced AFROTC program hav¬ ing a 3.00 grade average in air science and a 2.0 overall aca¬ demic grade point average. Also, those cadets electing to join this honor unit must have demonstrated excellent leadership characteristics and have a high degree of interest in aviation. The Arnold Air Socie ty strives to improve student-faculty re¬ lations and inter-school ROTC relations. Perhaps the most im¬ portant objective is a broad program of public relations where¬ by the layman may better know and understand the Air Force and as a result, raise the standards of the Air Force. Their numerous activities include a banquet in honor of the Honorary Cadet Colonel and the Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonels, after which several of the society members have their annual debate on air power. New members are not pledged until spring and their duties consist of obtaining each members signature on a cardboard F-102 which must be worn around their neck during their week of pledgeship. During this time, the candidates are required to wear their uniform and are given a complete test on the founding and principles of Arnold Air Society. One of the latter big events of the year is the Air Force Ball. The Arnold Air Society assumes responsibility for and supervision of this Air Force event. DRILL FIELD discussion on tentative plans for the next Arnold Air meeting is being held by its group leaders Bob Eichberger, Norman Mason and Capt. Dwight McDowell. JIM TUOHEY Editor . MMHbHHHN six cents, a hi-fi, and a slow clock Someone always needed six cents for a coke. The Kingston Trio keep the hi-fi busy. The clock in Old Main’s tower chimed slowly away. This is how the year in the Razorback office got its start. This austere be¬ ginning had a rude awakening when two photographers from New York set up in the Student Union to photo¬ graph the list which almost wasn’t compiled during registration because Mr. Keller wanted to kick our lone table from within his gym. After many coffee breaks, heart attacks, ilines,s, fights, early leaves and exposed film, the job of coaxing the greatest number of stud- DON MOREHART Business Manager BOB DAWSON Associate Editor CRAZY Razorback staff members climbed on the closets when the photographer appeared so that they could look more natural — like the closet cases they are. The poor pitiful people are John Gossett, Jim Tomp¬ kins, Etta Sue Ward, Ronnie Woodruff, and Bill Byrd. Actions such as this are typical of the Razorback staff. ents to be photographed for the class section was finished. Then, any group who could find a reason to he called an organization stood on the music de¬ partment’s beloved bleachers to have their picture made for the organization section. Homecoming meant the first big picture order and then it was Christmas time — a time to send in all the Greek and class panels, an undersirable job. Proofs started coming back after the first of the year and the work really began. It resulted in a two way battle and rush between printer and engraver. If a deadline wasn’t coming up for one, it was for the other. The attendants at the bus station got so use to seeing a Razorback staff mem¬ ber coming in with proof for (Continued on Page 354) JOHN MOORE EDWENE STEVENS BILL POE CHARLES HUGHES Feature Editor Class Editor Assistant Editor Managing Editor 353 SUMMIT MEETING of the yearbook powers took place In Hill Hall when printers Wallace and Bill Hurley, engraver R. C. Walker, and editor Jim Tuohey sat down to discuss plans for the ' 59 edition. SMILING staffers McLemore, Pitcock, and Hantz relax and joke about the job they are suppose to be doing. CURSES says class chief Edwene Stevens about guiding her confused staff of Richardson, Martin, and Noland. razorback the 10:30 bus that they could write the ticket by heart. Things progressed smoothly for the staff until late spring when the realization that time was running out took hold. An Easter in Fayetteville helped out immensely, but it still required later and many more hours for staff writers and photographers. Finally, David Shaw’s Gaebale push finished it. And so, the 1959 Razorback has been written. 354 BULL SESSIONS were quite the fad in back room as workers Don Davis, Marilane Sulcer, Lynn Wilcox, and Bob Fussell get together to spread reds. razorback staff OVERLOADED photographer Ed Jeter staggers around the dark¬ room with equipment as he prepares to carry out another of the editor ' s long and frustrating assignments which is already late. Editor- Jim Tuohey Feature Editor - John Moore Photography Editor (first semester) _ Van Thomas Photography Editor (second semester) _ Ed Jeter Associate Editor_ Boh Dawson Class Editor _ Edwene Stevens Assistant Editor _ Bill Poe Managing Editor _ _ _ Charles Hughes Organizations Editor __ Bill Byrd Sports Editor- -Benny Rice Fraternity Editor - John Pitcock Sorority Editor - Marial Hantz Hall Editor - Anne McLemore Beauty Editor _ __ Jo Ann Finley Index Editor _ Etta Sue Ward Military Editor _ John Greer Administration Editor _ Bob Fussell Exchange Editor _ Lynn Wilcox Arts Editor __ Mebane Harrison Personality Editor _ John Gossett Cover Design _ _ ___ Jerry Green and Jim Tuohey Editorial Secretary _ _- - Mary Sue Thornton Photographic Contributions _ Jac k Moncrief. Jim Sadler. Bob Janes, John Rockwell. Terry Guinn, Danny Petty, Parker David Rushing, and Jim Tuohey. Beauty l hotographer_ Bob’s of Fayetteville Staff Assistants Ann Martin, Connie Noland, Eric Richard¬ son, Judy St. John. Sandy Sandefur, Marilane Sulcer, Doc Lambert, Ronnie Woodruff, Don Davis, Sherrie Mizell, Hugh Pollard, Linda Ward, Dick Trammel, Polly DuVal, Suzanne Conley, Mike Dunn, Tommy Wilson, Priss Madux. Business Manager - Don Morehart Advertising Manager- Jim Tompkins Advertising Sales Staff Jim Powell, Ronnie Woodruff. Kaycille Woodruff. 355 five days a week and “apathy” DON McKNIGHT Business Manager , First Semester MIKE THOMPSON Business Manager , Second Semester What did the Traveler accomplish, and what did its staff members do during the 1958-59 school year? First, the Traveler got the news out five days each week, Monday through Friday. Second, the staff mem¬ bers worked like hell. Led by its chief gripe-getter, Scotty Scholl, the Arkansas Traveler attempted to main¬ tain its place on a campus already overcrowded with people eager to prove their abilities as molders of public opinion. The staff worked from 12 midnight to 12 midnight each day, a schedule which could have been many hours shorter were it not for calls from enraged Holcombe Hall counselors whose wards were “actually offended” by panty raids, or calls notifying the Traveler it had mispelled the phrase “student apathy.” ( Continued on Page 357) ED DOZIER Associate Editor 356 WATCHING the day ' s issue of the Traveler roll off the flat-bed press in the University printing plant are editor-elect Ed Dozier, press operator Jim Murphy, and editor Scotty Scholl. Editors arrived each morning at 7:30 to " button " the issue, then started planning again for the next one. Of course, The Traveler misspelled many words during its first year of publishing five days a week. But many words were spelled correctly among the total of about 1,360,000 which appeared on its pages. And they described events which happened every day on the UofA campus, in Little Rock and the chambers of the 1959 Legislature, and all over. The staff of the 1958- 59 Traveler was the largest and best organized of its history. Its efficiency was sparked by Ed Dozier, Associate Editor; Jim Johnson, Managing Editor; the freshman-with-guts Armil Snow, News Editor; Sports Editor Jim Standard; Society Editor Betty Houchin, and the many other greats who substituted and did the work for the editors. (Continued on Page 358). JIM JOHNSON Managing Editor DAVID CARPENTER Neivs Editor, First Semester ARMIL SNOW News Editor, Second Semester JIM STANDARD Sports Editor 357 NIGHT WATCH is in progress as Ed and Scotty ponder and discuss a problem. Many cigarettes vanish in smoke nightly as Traveler editorial heads pit foot work and typewriter work against daily deadlines. traveler ACTING like a scan-a-graver expert, writer Marty Judge awes fellow writer Julia Mae Rumph. Later, Julia learned the truth. BETTY HOUCHIN compiled society news each week from tiny bits of paper turned in. Minmier covered campus. The Traveler rallied to the support of the University as its usual hazardous encounter with the Legislature came around. It poked fun at a few and offered suggestions to higher education and to Governor Faubus. Its editors visited other Southwest Conference schools and compared them with the UofA. And the staff had its fun . . . such as the time suit was threat¬ ened for “breach of trust” in an interview. But, there were the end-of-publication parties for forgetting about the trials of newspapering. And. there was companion¬ ship and that stuff. INSANITY takes a high toll in Hill Hall and the biggest sufferer was Traveler photographer Parker David Rushing who could often be heard ranting and raving in the darkroom. SLY GRIN of the business staff indicates that sneaky Razorback photo¬ grapher caught them doing somehing they shouldn ' t have been doing. traveler staff DROPPING IN to see if any important announcement has appeared on the staff bulletin board for her, some¬ time staff member and sometime visitor Mimi Kerr stopped Jenny Mitchell to ask her where the bulletin board was. Editor - Scotty Scholl Associate Editor_ Ed Dozier Managing Editor-Jim Johnson Sports Editor -Jim Standard Society Editor _ Betty Houchin News Editor (first semester) David Carpenter News Editor (second semester) ___ _ Armil Snow Campus Editor - Jim Minmier Feature Editor-Julia Mae Humph Exchange Editor - Jenny Mitchell Sports Writer- Ed Stevenson Chief Photographer (first semester) Van Thomas Chief Photographer (second semester) Parker David Rushing Cartoonist_A. L. Berger Reporters __ Marty Judge, Richard Wells, Terry Poynter, Billie Williams, Gay Erwin. Garlanda Green, Phil Cate, Buddy Estes. Editorial Assistant _ _ Camelia Chambliss Business Manager (first semester) Don McKnight Business Manager (second semester) _ Mike Thompson Circulation Manager - Dick Craiglow Credit Manager- Peggy Killough 359 PLANN!NG business strategy for each issue of the Agriculturist fell on the shoulders of Clark Crum and his staff, Wilson and Dunn. agriculturist BILL BARKSDALE Featuring activities in the College of Agriculture and Dome Economics, the Arkansas Agriculturist in¬ cluded subjects ranging from the most intense research studies to student projects. Two issues of the maga¬ zine were written and edited by students each semester under direction of Chief Editor Bill Barksdale and Associate Editor Virginia Price. Business Manager Clark Crum was in charge of advertising and circu¬ lation. Functioning as the official organ of the Agri Students Association, the Agriculturist published the traditional Agri Day edition April 25, featuring Queen Carolyn Files. Another highlight was the special Febru¬ ary issue dedicated to the Home Economics depart¬ ment and its many’ activities. For agri and home ec students who have traces of printer’s ink mingled in their blood, the Agriculturist provided opportunities for good journalistic training. An average of 2,000 copies of each issue were printed and distributed to Arkansas high schools, county agents and other agri colleges throughout the United States. Even the art and photography work was done by students in agri and home economics. The number of actual staff posi¬ tions was whittled to a minimum this year in order to have only the required departmental editors. This ulti¬ mately resulted in more students writing articles and contributing in the office work of magazine production. Special departments included features, home ec and agri news, art and photography. The success of the new staff theory was proven when students not di¬ rectly associated with the magazine suggested some of the most interesting Agriculturist feature stories. Built on this framework, the Arkansas Agriculturist devoted a year’ s publishing activities to telling students, the State of Arkansas, and the nation about the oppor¬ tunities in agriculture and home economics. CLARK CRUM Business Manager 360 agriculturist staff Editor _ Bill Barksdale Associate Editor _Virginia Price Assistant Editor _ _ Sandy Ramsey Feature Editor_Ann Hutsell Home Ee. Editor _ Marilyn Hathaway Art Editor_ _Bill Horton Photography Editor _ Ray Dyck Business Manager _ Clark Crum Assistant Business Manager _ _ Jerry Johnson Circulation Manager_Mike Dunn Staff Assistants _ Billy Wilson, Jim Kimbrough, Joan Freeman. TECHNICAL work for the Agri magazine was hand¬ led by Ray Dyck, who sandwiched photography in with his track schedule, and art editor Bill Horton. TOPIC of discussion at this meeting concerns the stories for the Home Ec edition of the Agriculturist as Home Ec editor Marilyn Hathaway goes over her plans with editorial board composed of Virginia Price, Sandy Ramsey and Ann Hutsell. Their plans were later submitted to editor Bill Barksdale for his approval. engineer It should be pointed out that the representations on this page of the persons involved in the publication of the Arkansas Engineer are, to use journalistic jargon, slanted. The word “slanted ’ means that the persons are shown in an incorrect light in respect to their true character and the character shown in the pictures. For example, at the top of the page is Jim Hefley, the co-editor of the magazine. Jim seems to be about the most wonderful combination of journalist, scientist, and politician that has ever graced our campus. His journalistic nature is shown by the magazine he holds, his scientific nature by the formula on the board, and his ever-present ridiculous grin signifies his polit¬ ical achievements. Anyone who really knows this Hefley fellow also knows that he is neither a journalist, scient¬ ist, or politician. He is a clod. Similarly, Dick Blake, the so-called Business Manager, seems to be saying in his picture, “Look at me, I am a good guy and 1 get rewarded by getting honors and I’m so modest.” This is also not true. It is general knowledge that Blake has just “backed into” any honors that may have been conferred on him. like when he was named the Outstanding Graduate of the College of Engineer¬ ing. The picture of John Moore, the other co-editor, is the closest to being a representation of the real he, the real he being unshaven, sleepy-eyed, lazy, and crepy. He said that he was growing a beard for En¬ gineers Day and that he didn’t know the picture was being taken, but then, he always seems to have some explanation for his mistakes — many explanations and many mistakes. The three staff members at the top JIM HEFLEY Co-Editor of the second page are the three that have done the work all year and have supported the three imbeciles on the other page. The bald-headed guy in the pic¬ ture at the bottom of the right-hand page is the one who censored the work of the three incompetants and the three workers. The magazine, in its entirety, was written, laid out, and printed by Prof. A. W. Blake of the University Printing Plant. — an editor s view. POSING in the unfamiliar confines of the Engineer office are staff members Jim Sadler, Jim Price and Tom¬ my Bruce Wilson. Actually, you can tell the picture is posed because Sadler never conferred with business wheels Price and Wilson unless it was to hear another of Tommy Bruce Wilson ' s thrilling PR adventures. engineer staff Editors_ _ _John Moore and Jim Hefley Associate Editors _ Boh Wilson and Justin Fransworth Copy Editors_ Nick Weedman and Jim Moody Photographers_ Neil Ingels and Jim Sadler Artists _ _ Bob Phelps and Jim Kraft Staff Writers_ Jim Kimzey, Jack Hoskyn, Kent Shreeve, Jack Hammett, Wilbourne McCullough, Bill Picken s, Bob Reynolds, Garth Bishop, Bob Scudder, Larry Meyers, Joe Grump¬ ier, Fred Crum, Gary Culp. Business Manager__ Dick Blake Assistant Business Manager Jim Price Advertising Manager __ __ Chuck Nangle Circulation - Tommy Bruce Wilson, Jim Colvert, Joe Clayton, Bob Wyatt. Advisor-Prof. J. R. Bissett MUCH NEEDED censoring of the jokes is taking place as advisor Bissett grimaces at some of the off-color stories and editors Moore and Hefley are thinking of sensation if only their jokes would pass. 363 buddy McWilliams Editor guild ticker Twenty one years of successful publication make history for the Guild Ticker, the official magazine of the College of Business Administration. The Ticker is published once each year to serve as a source of in¬ formation about Business School Organizations, and a pleasant reminder of your year at the University of Arkansas. The Guild Ticker is published not only for the students of the College of Business Administra¬ tion, but it also serves as the college’s ambassador of good will to businesses and high schools throughout the state. Buddy McWilliams published his edition of the Guild Ticker with the help of his staff of B. A. students. This year’s edition featured informal pictures of all graduating Business Administration seniors, the new faculty members, the Commerce Queen, the queen candi¬ dates, and a variety of other photographs and feature articles. The Ticker has been issued each year as business students celebrate Commerce Day. Selected for the feature article this year was the success story of recent University graduate Lee Bodenhamer and his rise to a very high position in the field of management. One of the other top features of the Ticker was the interpretive cover drawn by artist Bob Phelps. His theme was centered around a business ticker with a dime and graph also depicted. GERALD BOWEN Business Manager 36.4 guild ticker staff Editor - Buddy McWilliams Assistant Editor Etta Sue Ward Staff Writers _ Ed Stevenson, Doc Lambert, Ronnie Smith, Ed Dozier, Maretta Moore, Sarah Jane Melton, Grace Ann Heath, Julia Mae Rumph, Buddy Griffith, Marilyn Jones. Business Manager_Gerald Bowen Assistant Business Manager _ Bill Byrd Business Staff _ _ Peggy Tatum, Liz Melton, Phil Mc¬ Donald, Jim Baugh Jones, Bill Poe. Advisors _ _ Prof. W. A. Guinn, Dr. Orville J. Hall, Mr. David M. Robinson. OVER-STAFFED business staff included Gerald Bowen, Bill Poe, Bill Byrd, Peggy Tatum, Liz Melton, Phil McDonald and other associates. FIXEDLY GAZING at editor Buddy McWilliams (not pictured) who is running through a lengthy report of the trials and tribulations of being an editor are Sarah Jane Melton, Maretta Moore, Etta Sue Ward, Grace Ann Heath, and Ronnie Smith. The staff understood and rushed off to work, but McWilliams still worried. 134 $$? i i|! 1313 $4 iomma jtmmm 365 preview The Preview is the publication of the College of Arts and Sciences, published each year in the spring. The publication of the magazine is largely a two-man (or women) job with one doing the selection of ma¬ terial to be printed and the other handling the art work and mechanics. The two men or women doing the job this year (although it’s pretty definite who is which) are Bette Cooper and Bob Phelps. Bette done the se¬ lection and Bob done the art work. Bette’s work in¬ volved selecting what the English professors told her was good and rejecting what the English professors told her was bad, while all the while these profes¬ sors were making her believe that she was doing the selecting. Bob’s job involved running interference be¬ tween Mr. Whitlatch of Sculpture, Mr. McPheeters of Architecture, Mr. Durst of Painting, Mr. Rorex of Woodcutting, and Mr. Reif of Commercial Art (he is also chief kibitzer and gritcher). The reason for this running of interference on Bob’s part was that, of course, each department was the most important, de¬ pending on whom Bob was talking to. Bob handled his job in a very tactful manner, or, to be more explicit, he was two-faced, three-faced, or four-faced as the oc¬ casion demanded. Phelps seems to think that mention should be made of Jim Kraft in spite of the fact that at the first of the year Jim didn’t have a staff position. Phelps seems to think that the fact that Kraft did more work than any of the staff members justifys the mention of his name. However, it is not PREVIEWING the Preview for last year ' s staffer Nikki Polychron is art editor Bob Phelps who is justifiably showing off his art work. BETTE COOPER Editor the policy of the Razorback to mention any person not mentioned as being a staff member. We regret that the name of Jim Kraft will not appear in this year’s Razorback. The remainder of the staff can be divided into two groups, the working and the ornamental. The former group is composed of Dean Stoddard, Gail Ramsey, Max Sutton, and Mary Robertson. The latter group consists of Nikki Polychron, a Razorback beauty of 1958, and the Drake Relays Queen of the UofA. Nikki’s purpose on the staff and on this page is purely ornamental. — an outsider s view. GAIL RAMSEY Business Manager 366 MIXED EMOTIONS prevail at the conference as the associate editor, business manager, and editor take their first look at the finished product. The editor is understandably proud and happy. The associate editor forces a smile, pondering the job which lies ahead and the business manager is glum thinking of the cost. preview staff Editor _ _ Bette Cooper Irt Editor- - Bob Phelps Assistant Editor ___ Dean Stoddard Staff Assistants Linda Durham, Sally Jo Anderson. Judy Doolin, Max Sutton. Ralph Late, Patsy Griffin, Sue Cheatham, Beth Laws, Mary Robertson, Nickie Hultsman. Art Assistant Jim Kraft Business Manager _ Gail Ramse Advisors Wesley Ford Davis, Rubin Reif, A. W. Blake. BOR PHELPS Art Editor .307 JIM YOUNGDAHL Editor , Fall Semester PHIL ANDERSON Editor , Second Semester BUSINESS MANAGERS John Stroud, left, and Hayes McClerkin, right, work with advisor Fred Spies, liasion man for law faculty staff. law review The Arkansas Law Review and Bar Association Journal is mailed to every member of the Arkansas Bar Association, every state and territory of the Union, and copies reach as far as Belgium and Australia. It has been termed the most outstanding scholarly pub¬ lication in any field in Arkansas. The quarterly is published by the School of Law and the Arkansas Bar Association, acting through a non-profit, benevolent corporation, which was formed for this purpose in 1947. What loosely could be classified as a predeces¬ sor of the Law Review is the old University of Ark¬ ansas Law School Bulletin, an irregularly published pamphlet that first appeared in 1929 and served the bar until 1946. The Law School Bulletin, however, consisted primarily of faculty work The Law Review is, for the most part, a student endeavor. The student work is complimented with articles by leading jurists, consisted primarily of faculty work. The Law Review has been cited as authority in decisions by the Ark¬ ansas Supreme Court, federal courts and courts of other states. Text from its gray pages has been cited and reprinted in casebooks, textbooks, legal treaties and legal journals covering such fields as taxation, trusts, and banking. Material for the quarterly is com¬ piled and edited by the student editorial board, which contributes almost all of the student work that is published. Members of the editorial staff receive credit hours toward graduation for work on the Law Review. Each published student article is accorded a fractional credit hour. A student seeking membership on the editorial staff must meet certain grade-point require¬ ments and submit one or more articles of acceptable quality. Student work is confined principally to case notes and comments. A case note is a short treatment of a recent decision that has particular significance to Arkansas law. Comments are articles of broader scope and deal with recent trends in areas of Arkansas law. m law review staff FALL SEMESTER Editor - Janies E. Youngdahl Associate Editor _ Donald H. Smith Comments _ Isaac A. Scott Case Notes _ Philip S. Anderson Citations__ Hugh R. Kincaid Business Manager _ _John F. Stroud Staff Writers Donald P. Callaway, Sidney P. Davis, Jr., John N. C. Harkey, Jerry T. Light, Hayes C. McClerkin, Robert F. Middleton, John T. Purtle, Charles Bass Trumbo. SPRING SEMESTER Editor _ Philip S. Anderson Associate Editor __ Isaac A. Scott Comments_ _ Hugh R. Kincaid Case Notes _ John F. Stroud Citations _ _Jerry T. Light Business Manager _ Hayes C. McClerkin Staff Writers H. Carl Bonner, Joe Buffalo. John Burris. Sidney P. Davis Jr.. Philip E. Dixon, Bradley D. Jesson, John Kolb. Robert F. Middleton. STAFF EDITORS Sid Davis, Hugh Kincaid, Jerry Light, and Ike Scott supervised the preparation of student work that was channelled through their departments. STUDENT EDITORIAL BOARD, in addition to staff editors and the business manager, was comprised of Carl Bonner, Robert Middleton, Bradley Jesson, John Burris and Philip Dixon. Not pictured are Joe Buffalo and John Kolb. Board members pre¬ pared articles for publication and assisted freshman writers. OCTOBER 15TH was the date that Jim Manville and Glen- don Self promised to deliver the Student Directory to the student body and the two posed with their directories for a Traveler picture to be run on the 15th to announce that the directories had arrived. student senate publications JIM MANVILLE Student Directory, Co-Editor What once was a troubled publication ran verv smoothly this year simply because two editors kept their word In the spring of 1958, Jim Manville and Glendon Self told the Student Senate that they would personally guarantee de¬ livery of the directories on October 15th the earliest date in history. 1 he Senate took them at their word and gave them the job. On the night of October 14th, the two men walked into Scotty Scholl’s office with their directories for a picture to announce the arrival. The Directory is, of course, a publication of the names, addresses, hometowns, and phone numbers of all students and faculty at the University. Bob Dawson started to work on the “A” Book in the spring of ’58 and his edition of the publication was distributed in the Student Union shortly after school opened. The “A’’ Book is the handbook of information for University students, containing constitutions, rules and other pertinent informa¬ tion. 370 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS. Left to Right: Jim Tuohey, Razor- back; Buddy McWilliams, Guild Ticker; E. A. Walker, Busi¬ ness Representative; Scotty Scholl, Traveler; A. W. Blake, Di¬ university board It is the duty of the University Board of Publica¬ tions to set and regulate journalism policies of the University. Permanent members of the Board include the editor of the Traveler, the editor of the Razorback, the chairman of the Journalism Department, a faculty representative, and a business representative. Filling out the Board for this year were the editor of the Law Review, the editor of the Guild Ticker, the editor of the En gineer, and the editor of the Agriculturist. The editor of the Traveler is chairman and votes only in case of a deadlock. At the February meeting, Ed Dozier, associate editor of the Traveler, was elevated to Traveler editor for ’59-’60. Bob Dawson, associate editor of the Razor- hack, was stepped up to Razorback editor of I960. Mike Thompson, advertising editor of the Traveler, was pick¬ ed as Traveler business manager for second semester as well as for next year. Jim Tuohey, editor of the Razor- back, was given the financial duties of the Razorback for I960. The Board also selected John Moore, editor of the Engineer, as “A” Book editor. rector of Printing; R. L. Jeske, Faculty Representative; Bill Barksdale, Agriculturist; Jim Hefley, Engineer; Absent, Phil Anderson, Law Review. of publications SCOTTY SCHOLL Chairman of (he Board ;, » ; ' ' % : f Ipk. BQHBHHripHMH » a » .► }%-» ' v • :ifr -j ,? •. J2 ♦ a ;• - ; desk set CONFETTI showers down on dancers at the office Christmas party as Elsa (Delona An¬ derson) and Richard Sumner (Walt Bosshart) wiggle and waltz away, unnoticed by the celebrants who are full of Christmas cheer. DISGUSTED Ruthie Saylor (Julie Saeler) catches Elsa and Richard Sumner cuddling in a chair. I ' 1 CAST SADEL MEYER _ _Judy Gilmore PEC COSTELLO _ Pearl Henson RUTHIE SAYLOR_Julie Saeler RICHARD SUMNER _ _ Walt Bosshart BUNNY WATSON _ _ Marilyn Bosshart ABE CUTLER _ Rick Wiles THE MAN IN SHIRT-SLEEVES _ Gordon Rogers THE LADY IN THE BLUE SUIT_Marlene Benton KENNY _ Dick Alhin MR. BENNETT _____James Downey ELSA _ Delona Carter Anderson MISS WARRINER _ Mickey McCalin A REPORTER_ Bill Merriman PHOTOGRAPHER _Kim Russell CAST BLOODY SWORD in his hand, Macbeth backs up steps as his enemies press forward to deal the death blow. MACBETH _ Edwin Van Woert LADY MACBETH_Judy Gilmore KING DUNCAN _Vince Black MALCOLM_Larry Kresse DONALBAIN _Art Robertson BANQUO_Jon DuVal FLEANCE_ Ronny Meade M CDUFF _ Gordon Rogers LENNOX _ Paul Burns ANGUS _ James Downey ROSS _ Ken Wilkerson MENTIETH _ George Bone CAITHNESS _ Tom McRae YOUNG SIWARD_Ralph Late SEYTON _ Art Robertson SERGEANT_ Bill Merriman DOCTOR_Gene Gleason PORTER_Vince Black LADY MACDUFF_ Betty Hendrix MACDUFF’S SON _ Bill Fairchild GENTLEWOMAN _ Sue Reynolds SERVANT TO MACBETH_Alike Kelly macbeth PLOTTING the assi- nation of the king, Macbeth (Edwin Van Woert) gives final in¬ struction to Lady Mac¬ beth (Judy Gilmore). 375 CAST FATHER Vincent Black VENNIE _ Betty Hendrix CLARENCE _ David Axtell JOHN ____ _ Dick Albin WHITNEY _ Charles Ford HARLAN _ Stuart Miller CORA _ _ Martha Harris MARY SKINNER ___ Maureen Vincent REV. DR. LLOYD __ Bill Merriman DR. HUMPHREYS _ Ralph Late DR. SOMERS _ Kenneth Owens MARGARET _ Judy Kinslow ANNIE _ Judy Edwards DELIA _ Sue Cheatham NORA ____ _ Patsy Griffin MAGGIE _ Beth Bittick WAITING for their cue, " Life With Father " players figit and rehearse their lines for their first showing. life with father ROMANCE in the Day ' s living room brings ecstacy to the face of Clarence (David Axtell), confidence to Mary Skinner ' s (Mau¬ reen Vincent) expressions, reproach to the voice of Father Day (Vincent Black), and that " isn ' t that wonderful look " , which all mothers have, to the stares of Vennie (Betty Hendrix). HUSSY Musetta (Carolyn Webster) crys out for cafe patrons to " stand and look at me " . Standing and not looking is Colline. Sitting, looking, and listening are Marcel, Rudolph, and his campanion, Mimi. la boheme CAST RUDOLPH_Jon Vorisek — James Kneebone MARCEL _ Billy Doyle White — Lawrence Rosenbaum COLLINE _ Hugh Kincaid - Darrell Lowrance SHAUNARD.. Ed McClelland Ronald Watson BENOIT ____ _Jon DuVal MIMI _ Emily Sue Damon — Maureen Vincent MUSETTA- _ Carolyn Webster — Lynne Huovinen ALCINDORO - . _ William Vincent Black PARPIGNOL_Tom Owens PUTTING ON finishing touches of makeup, Caro¬ lyn Webster dots lipstick smear before appear¬ ance as Musetta in Puccini ' s opera " La Boheme. " the crucible ACCUSING Betty Parris of witchcraft resulting from her illness, Abigail Williams and her fellow witches, Mercy Lewis and Mary Warren, lead town ' s people astray to cover up their own sourcery practices. CONFESSING to the truth, Mary Warren reveals all her false accusations. Francis Nurse is disgrunted. CAST BETTY PARRIS . REVEREND SAMUEL PARRIS _ TITUBA _ ABIGAIL WILLIAMS _ SUSANNA WALLCOTT MRS. ANN PUTNAM _ THOMAS PUTNAM _ MERCY LEWIS MARY WARREN _ JOHN PROCTOR . REBECCA NURSE _ GILES COREY REVEREND JOHN HALE ELIZABETH PROCTOR FRANCIS NURSE _ EZEKIEL CHEEVER _____ JOHN WILLARD JUDGE HATHORNE DEPUTY-GOVERNOR DANFORTH MARTHA COREY . SARAH GOOD _ HOPKINS ___ _ Beace Miller _ Ken Wilkerson _ Mimi Marr _Mez Gibson _ Judy Edwards Mickey McGalin ._ Jon DuVal Delona Anderson _ Beth Bittick __ __ Jerry McAnear _Pearl Henson _T. L. Roberts _ Ralph Late _ Betty Hendrix Parker David Rushing _ Don Hogan _ Richard Bush _Gordon Rogers Rick Wiles Mary Ann Dillard _ Judy Gilmore _ Gene Gleason CAST FAILING repeatedly to line up Horace with a suitable mate for mar¬ riage, matchmaker Mrs. Levi ends up matching herself with Horace. HORACE VANDERCELDER AMBROSE KEMPER JOE SCANLON GERTRUDE „ CORNELIUS HACKL _ ERMENGARDE MALACHI STACK _ MRS. LEVI_ BARNABY TUCKER _ MRS. MOLLOY . MINNIE FAY . A CABMAN _ RUDOLPH _ AUGUST_ MISS FLORA VAN HUYSEN HER COOK_ _Gordon Rogers _ _ Jack Little _ Duane Parker __ Tyler Marsh _ Art Robertson _Patsy Griffin Parker David Rushing _Pearl Henson _Molitor Ford _ Sue Cheatham _ Penny Keen _ William Rudasill _ Rudolph Hoepner _Jeff Pemberton _Mickey McGalin _Tyler Marsh the matchmaker INFORMING clerks Cornel¬ ius Hackl and Barnaby Tuc¬ ker of his plans, Horace Vandergelder states that he is off to New York to marry. collegiate singers The outstanding performance of the Collegiate Sing¬ ers for the year was their joint Christmas concert with the University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra when the combined groups presented Handel’s “Messiah”. In addition, the group also presented a very successful spring concert. The Collegiate Singers is composed en¬ tirely of University students and numbered 45 this year. Auditions were held at the start of each semester and those whose voices are most suited for blending were chosen. Practice is held three times a week at one o’clock on Monday. Wednesday, and Friday. Participants in the Collegiate Singers program receive an hour’s credit for their work and attendance is naturally required. The group is very capably directed by Mr. Richard Brothers of the Music Department. The only dim spot of the year was that arangements could not be made so that the group could lake their annual singing tour of the state. LEADING Collegiate Singers is their director, Mr. Richard Brothers. The group rehearses each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at one. COLLEGIATE SINGERS. Jeannie Alley, Eddie Alfemus, Paul Berry, Clinta Blackard, Anne Bowman, Betty Kate Brown, Ca- melia Chambless, Jo Ellen Clark, Mike Clayton, Carol Cole, Barbara Coleman, Suzanne Condon, Harper Cooper, Pat Dan- geau, Ann Edwards, Cynthia England, Rosemary Feemster, Leborn Griffin, Barbara Hall, Melissa Holder, Maetta Jacobs, Bob Janes, Shirley Jennings, Bill Keith, Ed Kirkpatrick, Dennis Loudon, Priscilla Lowe, Allen McCartney, Barbara Medrick. Brenda Oliphant, Kirby Pennick, Jim Powell, Craig Rains, James Rhodes, Sue Sappington, Milton Satterfield, Kathy Sch¬ midt, Richard Sholimeir, Richard Smith, Martha Spicer, James Suddreth, David Walt, Janette Wilson, Mary Jane Wilson. SCHOLA CANTORIJM. First Row : Mr. Richard Brothers, Lynn Huovien, Penny Keen, Loretta Hercher, Wilma Downum, Susan Reynolds, Judy McCury, Mary Jordan, Marsha Mullins. Second Row : Guy Brown, Phil Chapman, Warren Mercer, Bill Ander¬ son, Larry Rosenbaum, Sylvia Rich. Peggy Peterson, Margaret Barton, Edith Crane, Dorothy Swindle. Third Row : James Rhodes, Wayne Meneley, Tom Owens, Bill Heath, Paul Berry. schola cantorum The honor group of singers at the University is the Schola Cantorum which was organized on campus just last year. Included on the program schedule for the group was a Christmas concert, a spring concert, and trips to Joplin, Missouri and to Morriiton for concerts. Like the Collegiate Singers, this group is also very capa¬ bly directed by Mr. Richard Brothers. In his absence, many of the practice sessions are conducted by Larry Rosenbaum, a graduate assistant in music. Practice ses¬ sions are held every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday and members of the group receive an hour’s academic credit for their work The group was originally established with twenty-three outstanding members and that number has remained intact this year even though there has been a personnel change. The Schola Can¬ torum presented a special musical program at gradua¬ tion this fall which took the place of the customary commencement speaker. Although it is young, the group has established itself on campus and its concerts are most popular. LARRY ROSENBAUM subs for absent Mr. Bro thers, but still keeps up the rigorous practice pace. .381 DRIVING symphony orchestra through night practice session, Dr. Pales rehearses for presen¬ tation of Handel ' s " Messiah " . uni ver sity-f ay ett e v ille phony Presenting five programs on campus in the Fine Art’s Concert Hall, the University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra truly adds to the culture of the University. Highlight of the year was the joint presentation before a packed house of nine hundred people of Handel’s “Messiah”. Each year, the orchestra joins with the Col¬ legiate Singers to present an opera at Christmas. Other activities for the group included concerts in Harrison. Eureka Springs, Springdale, Fort Smith and Muskogee. Oklahoma. In addition, distinguished members of the orchestra presented special programs. Cello soloist, Mr. Fritz Magg, gave “The Dvorak Cello Concert” and piano soloist, Mr. Max Carr, performed the “3rd Piano Con¬ certo” by Beethoven. The sixty instrument orchestra consists of musicians from Fayetteville townspeople, University faculty and students, and Fayetteville high school students. Direction is by Dr. Marx Pales of the University Music Department. The orchestra is sup¬ ported by scholarship aid from the Fayetteville Society. CORRECTIVE glance of con¬ ductor lets violinists know that he is not satisfied. Musi¬ cal knowledge and talent of Dr. Marx Pales helps him ex¬ act the desired perfection. FORMAL picture of the University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra was taken on stage before one of five concerts presented in the Fine Art ' s Center Concert Hall. PENSIVE tympani drummer Marcia Moody relaxes at her kettle drums and follows the score of the orchestra, waiting to re¬ sume her part. Whiie resting, Marcia seems to ponder the larger number of drums and the smaller number of her hands. 383 POMP takes over at a Razorback football game as Homecoming Queen Janelle Dixon is crowned by Governor Orval E. Faubus. The Razorback band forms the traditional outline of Old Main and plays melody of chimes heard from Old Main towers each hour. the razorback band INVASION of the Marion Hotel in Little Rock takes place in the afternoon before the Arkansas-Ole Miss game. Leading the invasion is a sound barrier supplied by the drummers. During the year, the Marching Razorbacks, in addition to their many miscellaneous shows, per¬ formed at all Fayetteville football games, three Little Rock games, and one out-of-state game. The band, usually numbering around 100, was led by Drum Majors George Jernigan and Clyde Pope and Head Majorette Marlene Killin and was directed by Dr. Richard Worthington. The three Little Rock trips were for the Baylor game, the Ole Miss game (with a stop-off in Morrilton for a high school game), and the Hardin-Simmons game (with a stop- off for another game in Russellville). In October, the band took a week end trip to Fort Worth to perform at the Arkansas-TCU game. Other band ac¬ tivities included marching at the Arkansas Live¬ stock Show and in the Homecoming parade in Fay¬ etteville. 384 WHOOPING Razorback bandsmen arrive at the Worth Hotel in Fort Worth for the re¬ newal of rivalries with TCU. High-spirited band members, isolated in hostile Texas ter¬ ritory, bravely called the Hogs and extolled the virtues of Arkansas at every opportunity. MOTIONLESS Dr. Richard Worthington plots halftime strategy with Drum Major George Jernigan while the band marches in place. With the football-type Razorbacks ahead at halftime, the marching-type Razorbacks pro¬ ceeded from in place to precision marching wowing Arkansans at War Memorial Stadium. 385 INTENT on the bandsmen performing on the field in front of him, Dr. Worthington pre¬ pares to give the band the downbeat. From his position on elevated stand on 50 yard line, conductor is able to see entire band spread from one end of field to the other. HATS AWRY and out of formation, Marching Hundred weave way in and out of crowd on field of Razorback Stadium in snake dance after 13-6 win over SMU. the razorback band IGNORED drum majors George Jernigan and Clyde Pope march to the end of the Greek Theatre stage while all eyes fastened on strutting majorettes led by Marlene Hillin. Girls in band seemed to have no trouble keeping up to the 220 steps-per-minute drum cadence, one of the fastest among the national collegiate bands. 386 LEAVING the field with the familiar strains of " Dixie " , the Marching Razorbacks complete their halftime show and head for their seats in the stands. Crowds were amazed throughout the year by the fact that the seemingly hopeless jumble of musicians always managed to make the right figure at the right time. SLEEPY band members stow away their baggage for long out-of-town trip to TCU. In order to get to Fort Worth in time to practice and eat before the game, it was necessary for band members to leave at 10 p.m. and drive all night. ■■■■Hi OFFICERS: Louise Pistole, Treasurer; Jan Graham, Vice- President; Dick Trammel, President; Jan Akers, Secretary; Phyllis Smithwick, Pledge Trainer. arkansas booster club The Arkansas Booster Club undertakes the sponsor¬ ship of the pep rallies in the Greek Theatre, the Home¬ coming parade and house decorations, card stunts and other activities connected with Homecoming and Dad’s Day. The Club also sent its traditional 500 foot telegram to the team in Fort Worth as well as gathering 1,000 stu¬ dents at Wilson Sharp for an impromptu pep rally. First Row: Alyce Kaye Moffett, Jan Akers, Ann Patton, Marial Hantz, Diane CaHail. Jane Goodwin, Louise Pistole, Carolyn Harris, Lindley Williams, Jan Graham, Jane Collier, Beverly Ferguson, Judy Gilbert, Nona Brooks, Beverly Wilbourn, Sarah Jane Melton. Bob Haynes. Second Row: Carl Dalrymple, Phil Keese, Tommy Schall- horn, Nancy Grimes, Patsy Harrison, Betty Kelly, Edwene Stevens, Billie Anne Beaumont, Sue Hatchett. Betty Houchin, Judy Rothe, Georgia Roth, Ann Adams, Eddie Delap. John Greer. Third Row: Ray Waters, Hall Calhoun. Dan Dipert, James Gilleylen, Sue Plunk¬ ett, Shirley Barrick, James Freeman. Calvin Mitchell, Bill Adair, Howard Jones, Dan Moore, Charles Lenderman. Gamier Puryear, David Lambert. Fourth Row: Lawrence Bagley, Charles McCarthy, Wilbourne McCollough, Bill Keys, Jim McDougal, Bob Dawson, Jim Tuohey, Dick Trammel. OFFICERS: Jim Van Dover, President; Harry Thompson, Sec¬ retary; Zane Hankins, Treasurer; Richard Bell, Social Chair¬ man. a club Only the outstanding athletes at the University of Ar¬ kansas, wearers of the coveted red and white varsity “A” letter, are eligible for membership in the “A” Club. The organization is for all those who have won a varsity letter, highest athletic letter bestowed by the University, in bas¬ ketball. football, track, tennis, or baseball. Their outstand¬ ing social function of the year is the annual spring picnic for members and their dates. Here, the spring letters are presented and mock athletic events are held. First Row: Jerry Carter, Joe Nosari, Don Ritshel, John Boles, Billy Michael. Second Row: Buck Rennick, Billy Gilbow, Barry Switzer, Terry Arenz, Jim Van Dover, Tom Oakley. Third Row: Billy Kyser, Ray Dyck, Wayne McCollum, Tommy Rankin, John Kerr, C. B. Newton. Fourth Row: Mack Newton. Bill Tranum. Jay Carpenter, Harry Thompson, Zane Hankins, Richard Bell, Lew Hobson. 390 arkansas booster club Each organized house on the campus is entitled to elect two new representatives to ABC each year. These representatives pledge for a semester to ABC and do most of the work in preparation for ABC’s activities in order to earn pledge points toward initiation. First Row. Bobbie Dean Guffey, Sara Bridenthal, Bettye Berc- her, Canielia Chambless, Ruth Cox, Sharon Voung, Sally Haley, Carol L. Cole, Jo Ann Finch, Sharon Raney, Jane Tudor, Carol Barnum, Margie Ann Brown, June Jennings. Second Row: Lynn Hansen, Mariellen Montgomery, Patti Barrow, Martha Huddleston. Meredith Little, Rose Childress, Mary Jane Melton, Judy Teller, Carol Cole, Etta Sue Ward, Nona Proctor, Linda Magee, Peggy Tatum. Third Row: Cliff Schroder, Reed Greenwood, Bill Rudasill, M. J. Probst, Larry Clyburn, Berry Lindsey, Tommy Rogers, Jim Miller, Mark Williamson, Paul Bowie, Bob Robinson. Fourth Row: Ronnie Cogburn, Lewis Bracy, Don Davis, Johnny Vise, Earl Grif¬ fin, Jewell Self, Bobby Joe Matlock, John Jackson, Philip A. Selig. PLEDGE OFFICERS: Jo Ann Finch, Secretary-Treasurer; Louis Bracy, President; M. J. Probst, Vice-President. 391 agronomy club Students from the College of Agriculture who are pri¬ marily interested in the sciences directly connected with crop production make up the membership of the Agronomy Club. Promoting qualities of leadership and encouraging faculty-student relationships are among the primary goals of the organization. First Row: Gerald Brown, John L. Hughes, Jerry R. Stone, William L. Barrentine, Wayne Hogue. Second Row: Bill Cole, Jim Gramlich, Larry Woodard, O. W. Barnett, Jr., Ben Killian, Bradley Warren. Third Row: Leroy Brooks, Wally Phillips, James Clark, Jerry Place, E. Moye Rutledge. OFFICERS: James Clark, Secretary; Ben Killian, Treasurer: Gerald Brown, President; Jim Gramlich, Corresponding Sec¬ retary; Larry Woodard, Vice-President. 392 agri students’ association The Agri Students’ Association is an important link in promoting the agricultural development of the state. The association is made up of students from the College of Agri¬ culture and Home Economics. First Row: Lowell Black, Joyce Jenkins, Pat Parette, Jamie Stevens, Carole Helm, Cynthia Jones, Wilene Jones, xMary Eloise Bethel, Bettie Sewell, Donna Stillions. Phyllis Judkins, Betty Peter¬ son, Bea Lane, Betty Helm, Shirley Barrick, Carol Barnum, Bobbie Dean Guffey, Nona Brooks. Second Row: Bill Cole, Don Toon, Suzanne Kunster, Louise Lonell, Linda Standridge, Barbara White, Katherine Pedley, Jane Goodwin, Harryette Oswald, Marilyn Hath¬ away, Sally Seeger, Judy Chivers, Emma Jean Owen. Joy Faye Sweet, Gail Gately, Judy Barnett, Deltha Hunnicutt, Glenda Mc¬ Laughlin, Bill Wilson, Joe Finney, John Houston. Third Row: Ray Dyck, Jerry Yarbrough, Gary Eisner, Claude Bonner, Eugene Tollett. James Kimbrough, Lucy Dyer, Wilma Jean Oliver, Rosalie Causbie, Betty Pearl Toll, Bobbye Jean McDaniel, Sue Plunkett, Nan Mc¬ Connell, Doris Boykin, Carolyn Hilliard. Linda Webb, Margie Mor¬ row, Elaine Green. Jim Mills, Bill Parish. G. A. Berger. Fourth Row: Richard Bell, Bill McPherson, Bob Hill. Bill Barksdale. Lester Way mack, X Dotson, Earl ton Sanders, William Hendrix, Bob Latimer, Charles Sax, Keith Rinehart, Jimmie R. Little, Clark Crum, Leroy Brooks, Jerry Johnson, Paul Tompaw. OFFICERS: Jim Abston, Manager; Gail Gately, Secretary; Carolyn Hilliard, Publicity Manager. Standing: Bill Cole, Treasurer. a i a The Arkansas chapter of AIA is beginning its tenth year at the University. The goal of the organization is to promote understanding and appreciation within the field of architecture. Lectures by outstanding architects and persons in related fields, movies, and periodicals made available to members, are used to promote interest and understanding in their chosen field. First Row: Dale Manning, Bill K. Uhm, Harold L. Griffin, W. Neal Gray, James M. Webb, Donald Bingham. Second Row: Joseph Stevenson, Durwin G. Ursery, John Mott, David Sloan, Jerry C. Wilcox, Willard Burks. Third Row: Minor Wallace, Jr., Jack L. Stiles, William E. Wallace, John V. Robinson, Dewaine Beisner, Rex Wilkins. Fourth Row: Joe T. Swaffer, Richard Patterson, Fred M. Griffin, Richard Hargrove, Frank McGary, Glenn Sink, Fay Jones. OFFICERS: Sitting: Fay Jones, Faculty Advisor; Harold Griffin, Secretary; John K. Mott, Historian. Standing: Jack L. Stiles, Treasurer; Rex E. Wilkins, Vice-President; Joe T. Swaffer, President. m a i c h e Awarness of recent achievements in the field of chemi¬ cal engineering and promotion of interest of students en¬ rolled in chemistry are the primary interests of this organi¬ zation. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers holds bi-monthly luncheon meetings where guest speakers ac¬ quaint members with the latest developments in chemistry. First How: J. Arthur Gray, Mack Baughn, Ken Brasfield, Bar¬ bara Patterson, Mac Kilpatrick, Elmer I). Yancey, James L. Kilby. Second How: Bill Stover, Mike Babbidge, Jerry Perciful, Bill Per¬ due, Tom Slusher, Tom Strickland, Hap Hazzard, Carl McLeeves, Charles R. Stewart. Th.rd How: John H. Moore, Bill Pickens, Jim Colvert, Allan Parse, Cary Culp, George Combs, G. A. Byroade, Stephen Rowland, Jeff K. Wilson. Fourth How: Robert Cood, David Mulkey, Charles W. Haynie, Jr., Tommy Low, Jr., Ben Trusty, Bob L. Wilson, C. L. Roy, Harlan N. Head, E. F. Henley, Jr., Nacky Parker. OFFICERS: George Combs, Secretary; Tom Strickland, Vice- President; James Kilby, President. Hjl% -ijnj n Pm U ' 1 1 Li k mi fi Ml . ■ ' Iri m.- i • MmA i ' WMKMi. i a till 1 MMLiTlIi fi; 41, 2 1 Jr-- ' J ' »r ' ■mnifan iflml ?| 1 1 gk: Ia %mi " I - aw I i l mJP 1 OFFICERS: Sitting: Jack Thetford, Junior Engr. Council Rep.; Dick Blake, Vice-President; Jim Reed, Senior Engr. Council Rep.; Richard Bennett, Treasurer. Standing: William E. Jackson, President. a i i e Correlation of industrial problems and processes with academic studies is the primary aim of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers. To promote this end, members are supplied with advanced statistical information and visits are made to various industrial plants in the state. First How: Joe L. Looney, R. E. Cline, Charles Stephens, Don L. Norwood, David Paul Davison, Richard L. Bennett, Gordon Mor¬ ris, Jim Hefley, John F. Morris, Leonard Schmitz, Roy Donnell. William C. Winter. Second How: Guy E. Brown, Jr., Wayne Treat, Jack Thetford, Kester A. Hogan, James Arnold, Bobby H. Evatt, Robert C. Hamm, Thomas T. Cooper, Doyle H. Morrison, M. S. McLendon, G. W. Russell, Jerry Hobbs, Phillip M. DuVall. Third How: Robert Young, Duane C. Treat, George E. Martin, Louie M. Heerwagen, Jr., M. E. Slutter, Max E. Callahan, John R. Anthony, Jimmy L. Reed, Loy M. Aikman, John K. Sherman, Palmer Terrell, Walter Fabrycky, John L. Imhoff, John R. Stovall. Fourth How: Lee Fletcher, Paul E. Jaworski. Kelly M. Carter, Glendon Self, Sam Rhoades, Sid Sugg, Dick Blake, Bill Jackson, Terry Faulkner, Joe Goss, Jim Moody. 394 aiie - ire This organization is a joint student b ranch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the In¬ stitute of Radio and Electronics. The AIEE is made up of students of electrical engineering. First Row: Benny Bob Barnes, Gary Galbraith. Ramon Sat- terwhite, Philip B. Saba, Gavino Q. Lloren, Joseph L. McGee, Jr.. James Sweatman, Wayne Hackney, John Genevay, Harold W. Glasscock, J. Dee Chastain, Sam L. Berg, Harold Woody, Jim Price, Harry Mattison, Raphael Nyunt. Jim Herman, W. G. Kelley, W. W. Cannon. Second Row: Mitchell Selligman, William Heaston. Donald Dallas, Paul Sabin, Bob Reynolds, J. S. Weaver, K. E. Crawford, William F. McMillan, Don A. Boatman, Melvyn Bell, Hugh Brewer, Phil Mace, Albert Williamson, Arlie Turner, Jr., Francis C. Heizman, Harry Kolb, Robert H. Lacy, Jon George, Andrew Michel, George Sizemore, David Hampton. Third Row: Lyman Root, Larry O’Malley, Teddy Stroud, Glenn Arey, Robert Owen, James Fawcett, Jim Sadler, Hershel F. Dortch, Joe Leslie Wilson, Jerry Roberts, Jack Hammett, David Gruenewald, Lester Harris, James E. Bradley, William Hook, Robert A. White, Tommy Price, James Worst, Robert E. Butler, Paul P. Stiedle. Fourth Row: Edwin Clardy, Pat Barron, Bob Lamb, Ray Jan way, Donald Lewis, Bob Burnett, Neil Ingels, Tom Grafton, Jim Manville, Ger¬ ald Jamison, Kelly Kelly. Fifth Row: Melvin M. Breedlove, Robert L. Eichberger. 3tffw nil 9 ■ msm f Jj»i OFFICERS: Phil Mace, Chairman; Bob Butler, Vice-Chair¬ man; Bill Hook, IRE Secretary; Jim Sadler, Junior Engr. Council Rep.; Neil Ingels, Senior Engr. Council Rep.; Wayne Glasscock, Treasurer. 395 alpha epsilon delta Membership in Alpha Epsilon Delta is restricted to pre-medical students who have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership, scholarship, and character. The ob¬ ject of the organization is to keep members informed on medical school requirements and encourage general in¬ terest in their chosen field by showing films and featuring speakers outstanding in the world of medicine. First Row: Chris Wray, Jesse Cavenar. Andrew Deak, Russ Eu¬ banks, Jack Wagoner, Steve McKinney, Bob A. Bell, George Taylor. Second Row: Byron McLees, Jon C. Sewell, Joe L. Sewell. David M. Stockford, Larry Piebenga, Ed Ragsdale, Don Spivey. OFFICERS: Byron McLee, President; Jack Wagoner, Vice- President; Chris Wray, Treasurer; Edward Ragsdale, Sec¬ retary. 396 alpha chi sigma Alpha Chi Sigma, a national honorary fraternity for students in the field of chemistry, has been active in af¬ fairs of the University for more than thirty years. Each year it presents an award to the outstanding senior stu¬ dent majoring in the field of chemistry. In addition to its primary function in helping to advance chemistry as a science and profession, the fraternity sponsors a safety program and a tutoring service in chemistry. First Row: Charles R. Mitchell. Clyde Greenert, Jr., Wray Jones, George Combs, Sam Chaffin. Homer I). Fox. Second Row: Jerry R. Strickland. Thomas Scroggins, Neal E. Moore, Dan Step¬ hens, Thomas C. Buechley, Urban E. Sharum. Third Row: Ves Childs, Richard Martin, Harlan N. Head, James L. Kilby, Felix Bivens. OFFICERS: Yes Childs, Master of Cermonies; George Combs, Recorder; Harlan N. Head, Treasurer; James L. Kilby, Vice- Alchemist; Sam Chaffin, Master Alchemist. Standing: Thomas C. Buechley, Reporter. 1 OT ' 1 m 1 . . J if jpga i jjrT tj ' ‘ . ' S, ' iM m - IMIIkJeI 1 alpha kappa psi Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest business fraternity in the country, keeps abreast to progress in the business field by frequent tours to inspect progress and the application of modern methods in established plants. The semi-monthly meetings are enlivened by speakers outstanding in the bus¬ iness world. First Row: Bobby Fussell, John L. Burnett, Dick Trammel. Gerald Bowen. Gene Brooks, John Ed Freeman, Jim Foster. Second Row: Charles N. Roth, Beryl Anthony, Toby McDonald, Charles E. Wilson, Larry Aikman. Max Reed, Tom Carter, Charles Griffith. Bill Mann, Andy Hendricks. Third Row: Waymon Wittman. Roland Mullins, Joe Ford, Charles Hughes, Jim Tuoliev, Tommy Schall- horn, Lawrench Bagley, Dr. Orville J. Hall, Malcolm Robinson. Fourth Row: Ben Hardcastle, Andrew Walls, Melvin Thrash, John Arnold, Jerry Childs. Ralph Griggs, Bob Hall, Paul Kingsborough, David Burrough, William Duckett, Jr. OFFICERS: Charles Hughes, Treasurer; Tommy Schallhorn, Vice-President; Joe Ford, President; Bobby Fussell, Secre¬ tary ; Max Reed, Master ot Rituals. 397 alpha lambda delta Outstanding scholarship is a requirement for member¬ ship in Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honorary society for freshman women. A three point five grade average for the first semester or a cumulative three point five for both semesters is a basic requirement for membership. The or¬ ganization sponsors a tea for outstanding freshman women each semester. First Row: Sallie Joe Anderson, Alice Ann Willis, Sharon Sue Wasson. Elizabeth Brister, Jane Robinson, Susie Fleming. Second Row: Sandra Sandefur, Sally Haley, Jayme Smith, Peggy Tatum, Alice Rothert. Third Row: Sally Putnam. Carol Parker, Peggy Foiles, Toni Thompson, Barbara Rigsby. OFFICERS: Sitting: Peggy Tatum, President; Susie Fleming, Vice-President. Standing: Sally Putnam, Treasurer; Alice Ann Willis, Secretary; Toni Thompson, Historian. alpha zeta To help promote and encourage leadership in the field of agriculture, Alpha Zeta selects its membership on the basis of outstanding scholarship, good character, and qualities of leadership. The chapter has been active at the University since 1917. Ftrst Row: Leon Braddy, John Haid, Bob Kendrick, Jim Ab- ston, Bill Barrentine, Van Wann, Bill Horton. Second Row: Buddy Wray, Philip Tugwell, John Bell. Bob Hendrix, Lionel Barton, Leland Tollett, Bill Barksdale, Robert Redfern. 398 OFFICERS: Sitting: John Haid, Chancellor; Bill Barksdale, Chronicler; Philip Tugwell, Treasurer; Van Wann, Censor. Standing: Buddy Wray, Chaplain; Leon Braddy, Scribe. alpha pi mu Junior and senior students in industrial engineering who rank high scholastically are eligible for membership in Alpha Pi Mu. A senior must rank in the upper one third of his class and a junior in the upper one fifth in order to qualify for membership. The fraternity takes an active part in projects and surveys that may help the Uni¬ versity or improve equipment and facilities in the In¬ dustrial Engineering Department. First Row: Roy Donnell, Louis Hart. Glendon Self, Richard Bennett, Sam McLendon, Palmer Terrell, John Stovall. Second Row: J. L. Imhoff, Wray Wilkes, John Sherman, Larry David, Thomas T. Cooper, Louie M. Herrwagen, Jr., Doyle Morrison. Third Row: Dick Blake, Bill Jackson, Sid Sugg, Sam Rhoades, Lee Fletcher, Terry Faulkner. OFFICERS: Roy Donnell, Recording Secretary; Sam Rhoades, Vice-President; John Sherman. President; Sid Sugg, Cor¬ responding Secretary; Richard Bennett, Treasurer. 399 OFFICERS: Harold Pierce, Scribe; Glen E. Jones, Vice- President; B. G. Haynie, President; James L. Janski, Sec¬ retary; Carrol F. Hankins, Treasurer. a s a e The primary purpose of the American Association of Agricultural Engineers is to acquaint tlie student with the application of engineering principles to the problems of agriculture. They deal mainly in four fields; power and machinery, rural electrification, soil and water manage¬ ment, and farm structures. Meetings are held bi-weekly to advocate social activities and to encourage the members to become better acquainted with both their fellow mem¬ bers and current advancements in agricultural engineering. First Row: Kyle Engler, Glen Jones, George B. Simkins, Ottis McElhannon, Carrol F. Hankins, Harold Pierce. Second Row: Tommy Whiting, E. G. Arnn, K. Q. Stephenson, Carl T. Peters, Joe T. Runsick, B. G. Haynie, Roberto Stadthagen. Third Row: John Hoskyn, Charles Reinhart, Thomas Curtis, George King, David Cowart, Joe Clayton, James Janski, Larry Cofer. 400 animal industry club The prime requisite for membership in the Animal Industry Club is an interest in the field of animal hus¬ bandry. The primary purpose of the membership of the club is to stimulate interest in judging livestock, as well as sponsoring judging teams that take part in inter¬ collegiate contests. Founded in 1950, the club has steadily expanded as the interest it has stimulated in animal hus¬ bandry has grown and its winning judging teams have reflected this interest. First Row: M. C. Herk, Gilbert Hollis, Sherman Cullum, Royce Pendergrass, James J. Kimbrough, W. C. Parish, Billy Wilson, Jerry Paul Johnson. Second Row : Gary Eisner, Dwight Davis, Donald Ward, Bill N. McPherson. George Berger. Wayne Pyles, Jimmie R. Little, Charles A. Hollis. Third Row : Richard Bell, Bob Latimer, Charles McKay, Buddy Wray, Joe Finney, Max R. Wise. Fourth Row : William T. Hendrix, Don Toon, Jim Mills, Bob Hendrix, Earl- ton Sanders, John Bell, Keith Rinehart, John Houston, Jr. OFFICERS: Jim Mills, President; Buddy Wray, Vice- Pres¬ ident; John Houston, Jr., Secretary; Keith Rinehart, Reporter. Standing: Don Toon, Treasurer. J f? ■ ' I a s c e In addition to forming closer ties between the civil engineering students who are the members of the or¬ ganization, the ASCE also serves the members by being the means for providing them with practical and tech¬ nical information. This is done through the speakers at the organization’s weekly meetings. These speakers are representatives of industries in which civil engineers are employed as well as civil engineers themselves. First Row: James Suddreth, Marcellus G. Gross, L. Zellner, William S. Arnett, Richard V. Bordsen, Joe Kunkel, Don Nutt, Dick Cox. John R. Archer, L. W. Mahone, Don Brady, John N. Rogers, Russell D. Fox. Second Row: Conrad Battreal, Robert E. Johnson, Russell M. Cumberland, Jack E. Buffington, John I . Ostrander, Billy G. Thornton, Charles Morgan, James Chaney, James Robertson, Robert H. Seay, Ray Gustin, Robert R. Henry. Third, Row: Quinn G. Spann, Robert W. Townsend, Billy H. James, Delbert R. Van- landingham, John J. Blake, Wayne Langley, Harold I). Smith, John Phillip Brady, James I,. Briley, Robert G. Lloyd, Jimmy Joe Mur¬ ray, Kenneth Schenk, William A. Dodds. Fourth Row: Joe Pouzar, Do n Rogers, F. D. Kisor, James S. Peters, James 1). Barnett. Travis G. Orton, Gilbert A. Kane, Charles Nofziger, Phillip A. Selig. OFFICERS: Donald Nutt. Secretary; Joe Kunkel, Presi¬ dent; Conrad Battreal, Vice President; James Chaney, Treas¬ urer. 401 OFFICERS: Sitting, Orville J. Hall, Jr., Treasurer; Johnny Allen, President; Max L. Steele, Secretary; Olin Owens, Vice- President. Standing, F. K. Deaver, Faculty Advisor. a s m e Mechanical engineering has to do with, as its name implies, the mechanics of engineering. Included under mechanics of engineering are such things as the design and maintenance of machinery and the integration of machinery into production lines. In addition to these main functions, mechanical engineering is almost limitless in the scope and variety of its works. Activities designed to broaden the members knowledge include meetings, smokers, field trips, and two regional conferences each year. First Row : Hilary Ray, Allen Shockley, James R. Tollett, Max L. Steele, Carl Stover, Ed Kirkpatrick, Robert L. Wilson, Hiram P. Merritt, T. J. Huddleston, H. H. Guthrie, James A. Curtis. Sec¬ ond Row: James L. Bacon, R. D. Gentry, W. R. Penney, W. C. Mart¬ in. J. P. Prideaux, R. H. George, J. E. Barry, R. M. Stewart, Olin Owens, David Brumley, Johnny Allen, F. K. Deaver, j. B. Gal¬ braith. Third Row: Tom Chaffin, John C. Tankursley, Orville J. Hall, Jr., Dorsey W. Byers, John A. Watson, Tom Van Meter, James White, Glynn Brown, Richard Lanford, David L. Barnes, Charles J. Hasley, Vernie E. Heird, Norman F. Dudley. Fourth Row: Richard Drach, Morris V. Brookhart, Jimmie Kay Maples, Harold Owens, James D. Roberts, Ray T. Whetstone, Paul F. Graf, Rupert Rogers, Jimmy R. McFadden, Sam B. Kirby, Glenn D. Allen. baptist student union OFFICERS: Sitting , Emily Owen, Patsy Middleton, Wanda Whitney, Jeannie Alley. Standing, Gary Galbraith, Darrel Cole¬ man, Anita Ratcliff, Joy Sanders, Linda Durham, Jim Maloch. Functioning as the student organization of the Baptist Church, the Baptist Student Union has a recently com¬ pleted building of its own on the campus. The Center, located a block from the Student Union building on Maple Street, contains housing for students, recreational facilities, and a chapel. Each evening the Baptist Stu¬ dent Union sponsors vesper services. The students them¬ selves plan and coordinate all activities of the BSU. First Row: Ramon Satterwhite, Bobbye Littlejohn, Nancy Holt, Jeannie Alley, Shirley Riggs, Sammy Lee Hynds, Georgi Byars, Mary Ruth Guthary, Joe Fay Sweet, Cynthia Jones, Elaine Griffith, Joy Sanders, Nancy Dixon. Second Row: Max Reed, Suzanne Kuiester, Mary Frances Fulks, Luetta Richmond, Jana Dee Kelley, Suzie Jackson, Wanda Whitney, Barbara Barnes, Patsy Middleton, Linda Hill, Anita Ratcliff, Mary H. Williams. Third Row: Jamie L. Jones, Jr., Marvin N. Kirk, Jr., Sing Yue Lung. Darrel Coleman, Bill Brown, Emily K. Owen, Jo Ann Freeman, Sally Featherston, Linda Durham, Gary Galbraith, Dan Dipert. Fourth Row: Jim Maloch. Lyman Shoemake, David Laney, Russ Eubanks, Bob Owen, Hoyt Abbott, Donald Lewis, Ronnie Blair, Ronnie Coiner. 402 aws executive board All women studying on the undergraduate level at the University of Arkansas are members of the Associated Women Students. The AWS Executive Board has control of the coordination of the activities and rules pertaining to its members. The board is composed of the Legislative Board, the Judicial Board, ten committee chairmen, two AWS representatives and the presidents of all women’s houses and organizations in addition to the four elected officers of the association. The AWS sponsors the annual Vice-Versa dance in the fall. First Row : Nona Brooks, Marsha Crawford, Betty Douglas, Mar¬ garet Head, Ellen Compton, Linda Hill. Second Row: Carol Cole, Karo Kampbell, Dean Stoddard. Peggy Tatum. Diane CaHail, Elizabeth Melton. Third. Row : Nancy Pafford, Norwyn Johnston, Carol Hinkle, Hazel Holzhauer, Marilyn Crawford, Marjorie Sims, Fourth Row: Maria! Hantz, Diane Vinson, Sue Hatchett, Carolyn Hilliard, Susan Duhbell, Marilyn Hathaway. OFFICERS: Karo Kampbell, Treasurer; Ellen Compton, Secretary; Nancy Pafford, Vice-President; Carol Hinkle, Pres¬ ident. 403 OFFICERS: Maureen Vincent, Pledge Trainer; Sally Ar¬ mour, President; Eddy Shores, Treasurer; Betty Hendrix, Secretary; Eddie McRell, Vice-President. blackfriars Membership in the Blackfriars is open to all students interested in the legitimate theatre regardless of the status or college. This year, the Blackfriars, through the Uni¬ versity Theatre have sponsored “Desk Set”, “Macbeth”, “Life With Father”, “La Boheme”, “The Crucible”, and “The Matchmaker”. At the end of the year, the Black¬ friars hold a banquet at which time the Blackfriar awards for the best actor, actress, supporting actor, and support¬ ing actress are presented. The National Collegiate Players award is presented to the outstanding freshman or sopho¬ more in acting. First Row : Betty Hendrix. Diana Loy, Jeff Pemberton, Maureen Vincent, Janet Byrd, Sarah IN. Robinson. Second Roiv: Paulette Spencer, Martha Callahan, Art Robertson, Paul Burns, Peggy Peter¬ son, Libby Girdner. Third Row : David Axtell, Eddie J. McRell, Sally Armour, Bruce Hopper, Eddy Shores. 404 beta alpha psi Alpha Iota, the local chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, be¬ came a member of this national scholastic and professional accounting fraternity in 1951. Activities of Beta Alpha Psi center around monthly business-banquet meetings. Many speakers, outstanding in the fields of business and accounting, add interest to these meetings. The stated aim of the local chapter as well as the national organization is the furtherance of the field of accounting in business. The members of Alpha Iota of Beta Alpha Psi are chosen of the basis of scholarship and leadership. First Row: Carl A. Hunt. Daniel B. Howard, Richard L. Worn- mack, Ira N. Lewis, John M. Allen, Joy R. Stewart, William H. Eldridge. Second Row: Warren Banks, Louis C. Henderson, Jr., Clinton Clevenger, Ivan L. Hall, Jewell Self, J. W. McAllister, Jim Gooden. OFFICERS: First Row: Joy Stewart, Corresponding Sec¬ retary; Ira N. Lewis, Vice-President; J. W. McAllister, Treas¬ urer. Second Row: Daniel B. Howard. Recording Secretary; Carl A. Hunt, Activity Coordinator; John M. Allen, President. blue key Blue Key is one of the foremost national honor fra¬ ternities for the recognition of leadership among college men. The oldest men’s leadership honorary at the Uni¬ versity, Blue Key has promoted numerous campus im¬ provement projects, instituted the student placement ser¬ vice, and founded Gaebale. At its weekly luncheon meet¬ ings, Blue Key discusses proposals, projects, and prob¬ lems of a campus nature brought before the group by its membership. The committee system, in which thorough investigation and discussion of each project or proposal preceeds group action, is utilized extensively by the or¬ ganization. The national motto of “Serving, We Live” aptly describes Arkansas’ Marble Arch chapter. First Row: Jim Tompkins, Bobby Fussell, John Gossett, Jim Hefley, Dick Trammel, Scotty Scholl, Jim Abston. Second Row: Isaac A. Scott, Jr., Jim Connaway, Richard Bell, Ken Bowen, John F. Stroud, Jim Van Dover, Joe T. Ford. Third Row: John Haid, Hayes McClerkin, Willis B. Smith, Don Morehart, Dale Wise, Jim Manville, Bill Keltner. Fourth Row : Donald H. Smith, Charles Hughes, Ed Dozier, John Hoskyn, Bob Dawson, Jay Carpenter. OFFICERS: Dick Trammel, Alumni Secretary; John F. Stroud, President; John Haid, Vice President; John Hoskyn, Treasurer. branner geology club The application of the technical and academic aspects of geology to field trips and excursions for the benefit of students in a professional way is the purpose of the Branner Geology Club. Named for John Branner, a famed early geologist of Arkansas, the club is open to any stu¬ dents interested in the field of geology. In addition to its many excursions into the caves and mountains of the Ozarks, the club also sponsors speakers, who are prominent geologists, representatives of companies em¬ ploying geologists, or ex-students. First Row : Sheila Shinn, Dr. Robert J. Willard, Raymond Shar- um, Dr. James H. Quinn, Warren H. Sharp, G. Edward Donlavy, Peggy Steelman. Second Row: Claude V. McNully, David 0. Cox. Dan Shoemake, Dean Conatser, Jim Herman, Franklin Oler. Third Row : Robert Millard, David Clanton, Bob Anderson, Jim Hulsey, James Raymond Toler, William B. Stepp. OFFICERS William B. Stepp, Field Chairman; Bob An¬ derson, Vice-President; Claude V. McNully, President; Jim Herman, Social Chairman. central planning committee The chairmen of the eleven Student Union Com¬ mittees plus the elected chairman and secretary compose the membership of the Student Union Central Planning Committee. The committees are: dance, special projects, art, games, publicity, film, photography, office manage¬ ment, talent, music, and married students. The Central Planning Committee is responsible for the coordination of all the activities of the committees. The special project of this committee concerns the activities connected with Student Union Week. The planning for this year’s Stu¬ dent Union Week includes activities of a wider scope than ever before. First Row: Judy Edwards, Rebecca Wasson, Bette Cooper, Marial Hantz, Patty Payne, Sallie Jo Anderson. Second Row: Linda Durham, Bill Sherman, Stan Martin, Paul Kingsborough, Bob Was¬ son, Patsy Harrison. OFFICERS: Bette Copper, Secretary; Marial Hantz Chair¬ man. JOB canterbury club The Canterbury Club offers a well planned worship and study program as well as an active social program for the Episcopal students of the University. Rev. George Small guides and directs the varied activities of the club. The Canterbury Club of the University is a member of the Association of Canterbury Associations, a national organization whose members are college students affiliated with the Episcopal Church. First Row: Polly Hervey, Dean Stoddard, Margo Williams, Jean- nie Morse, Betty Hem phill, Nickie Hultsman, Polly DuVal, Ruth Cox. Second Row: G. A. Byroade, James H. Gordon, Samuel 0. Donelson, Edgar E. Shippey, George M. Small, Sydney A. Cameron. OFFICERS: Polly Hervey, Secretary; Rev. George M. Small, Chaplain; Dean Stoddard, President; Syd Cameron, Vice President; Judith Gregory, Freshman Representative. 407 OFFICERS: Margaret Malone, Secretary; Benny Hays, President; Bill Byrd, Treasurer. civic club The Civic Club is unique among campus organizations in that all the proceeds from the club’s activities for the year are donated to charity. In the fall, the Civic Club sponsors the annual Singfony when the organized houses enter singing groups. The spring activity of the Civic Club is the Campus Chest drive, which includes all na¬ tional charities and other organizations for which contri¬ butions are asked. To raise money for the Campus Chest, the Civic Club sponsors a varsity show, a campus lover contest, and the supper dance. First Row: Lana Douthit, Margaret Malone, Jan Graham, Libba McClelland, Jan Akers, Patty Douthat, Carol L. Hinkle. Second Row: Suzanne Conley, Carol Bess Proctor, Marial Hantz, Judy Gilbert, Sara Lou Morris, Edwene Stevens, Gail Gateley, Carol McCartney. Third Row: Bobby Fussell, Tommy Schallhorn, Dale Green, Buddy Argo, John Ostner, Joe Kunkel, Dick Trammel, Fourth Row: Gerald Bowen, Jon Dermott, Bill Byrd, Benny Hays, Bob Dawson, Bob Phelps, Steve Bernard. 408 chi theta This local professional sorority for commerce stu¬ dents was founded at the University in 1948. The stated purpose of Chi Theta is to encourage school spirit, to further academic study, and to promote a standard in civic and professional enterprise. The members of the sorority assist the College of Business Administration in its many projects every year. Each spring, on Commerce Day, the outstanding member of Chi Theta is awarded a key. Since its conception, Chi Theta has continually grown in responsibility as its membership has grown. First Row: Carol L. Cole, Frances Lepine, Yvonne Fite, Julie Dillard, Elizabeth Melton, Marsha Crawford, Liz Osborne, Jean Bussell. Second Rovj: Rebecca Howard, Chick Burnett, Joy Stewart, Pat Neumeister. Phvllis Smithwick, Judy Gilbert, Georgia Ann Roth. Third Row • Barbara Simpson, Diana Vinson, Marty McKay, Jan Nix, Patty Payne. OFFICERS: Liz Osborne, President; Joy Stewart, Treas¬ urer; Julie Dillard, Vice-President; Patty Payne, Secretary. colhecon Colhecon membership is made up of home economics majors interested in solving problems which may con¬ front them in their post-graduate work. The organization is affiliated with the state home economics association and the American Home Economics Association. The members work toward increasing understanding of the value of their profession through acquaintance with those who are successfully participating in this field. First Row: Battle Ann Sewell. Patricia Ann Parette, Mary Eloise Bethel, Barbaia Mazzanti, Wilene Jones, Joyce Lea Jenkins, Katherine E. Pedley, Carol Barnum, Jane Goodwin, Ann Hutsell, Linda Lou Lewis. Second Rovj: Gail Gateley, Donna Stillions, Lin¬ da Standridge, Winnie Sheeks, LaWanda Stegall, Lucy Beth Dyer, Joy Sweet, Mary Ann Bates, Mary Mann, Marjorie Sims, Nancy Howard. Third Row: Carole Adams, Fritzi Russell, Judy Barnett, Margie Morrow, Barbara White, Doris Boykin, Bobbie Dean Guf¬ fey, Margo Williams, Nan McConnell, Betty Pearl Toll, Rosalie Causbie. OFFICERS: Linda Lou Lewis, Treasurer; Doris Boykin, President; Betty Pearl Toll, Secretary. 409 commerce guild The executive council of the Commerce Guild is both the governing body of the Commerce students and the students’ voice in Business College affairs. All members of the College of Business Administration are members of the Commerce Guild, but the members of the Executive Council are chosen at the spring elections. The Guild is responsible for Commerce Day, Commerce Queen elec¬ tions, Executive Council elections, and the freshman orien¬ tation program. The student President of the College of Business serves as president of the Guild and the Council. First Row: Marsha Crawford, Patty Payne, Elizabeth Melton, Barbara Simpson, Judy Gilbert, Saundra Dean, Jan Nix, Nettilou Jackson, Fay Nell Liaon, Anne Robins, Grace Anne Heath. Second Row : Berry Lindsey, Dick Trammel, Bobby Fussell, Phil McDon¬ ald, Max Reed. Conrad Snyder, Gerald Bowen, John Ostner, Chad Kumpe, Tom Rogers, David P. Lambert. Third Row: Toby Mc¬ Donald, Charles Griffith, Rhea West, Jerry Moore, George Jernigan, Bill May, Jim Tuohey, Buddy McWilliams, Buddy Argo. OFFICERS: Dick Trammel, President; Barbara Simpson, Treasurer; Jan Nix, Secretary; Max Reed, Vice-President. OFFICERS: Loretta Hercher, President; Mrs. Herschel Ford, Director; Chick Burnett, Recording Secretary; Judy Franks, Vice-President. Standing: Betty Jennings, Correspond- 410 j n g Secretary; Jerre Van Hoose, Treasurer. d s f Through their student center at Leverett and Douglas, the members of the Disciples of Student Fellowship pursue a worthwhile social and religious life. Students are free to come and go at the DSF house at any time. The members of this student organization sponsor Bible study programs, a vigorous social program, and a program of religious education. First Row: Phillip Duval, Garry Duvall, Joan Lee Freeze, Betty Jennings, Barbara King, Susan Cina, Judy Franks, Loretta Hercher, Darlene Gaspard. Becky Murphy, Rebecca Sanders, Nancy Howard. Second Row: Lee Johns, Paula Ruth Faris, Chick Burnett, Char¬ lotte Hudspeth Susie Wiggins, Sally Simpson, Winnie Sheeks, Mrs. Herschel Ford, Sara Beauchamp, Frances Jenning, Lucy Beth Dyer, Marilyn Crawford, Diane CaHail. Third Row: Don Stone, Ron Liles, Carl Russell, Bob Hickman, Bill Overton, Leroy Per¬ kins, Jerre Van Hoose, Jimie Van Hoose, Jimie Sexon, Jim Millew, Jerry Hobbs, Benny Hays, Kent Grimsley. delta theta phi The Joe T. Robinson Senate of Delta Theta Phi, a professional legal fraternity, has as its primary purpose the promotion of fellowship among the law students. The joe T. Robinson Senate points to its success in encourag¬ ing and fostering leadership by naming some of its out¬ standing alumni, among them Senator John McClellan and former Governor Francis Cherry. Not primarily a scholar¬ ship fraternity, the qualities of scholarship are encouraged and the group has in its permanent possession the National Scholastic Trophy. First Row: E. B. Hawkins, J. T. Dyke, J. W. Cain, E. J. Ma- zander, J. D. Files, H. C. Bonner, H. C. McClerkin. Second Row: Richard B. Adkisson, Bob Middleton, John F. Stroud, Jr., James C. Bobo, J. Michael Shaw Carrold E. Ray, Albert M. Witte, fac¬ ulty advisor. Third Row: Elton A. Rieves III, Bradley D. Jesson, Donald S. Ryan, Charles B. Trumbo, Julian D. Street, Curtis L. Ridgway, George N. Plaster. OFFICERS: Elton A. Rieves III, Treasurer; J. Michael Shaw, Master of The Ritual; H. C. McClerkin, Dean; J. D. Files, Bailiff: A. M Witte, Faculty Advisor. 411 engineering council OFFICERS: Joe Kunkel, Treasurer; Jack Hoskyn, Vice- President; Kent Shreeve, President; Jack Thetford, Secretary. The Engineering Council is made up of two members of each professional society, one junior and one senior, the two senators of the College, the editor and business manager of the ARKANSAS ENGINEER, and six mem¬ bers elected from the student body by the Council. The members elected from the student body include one fresh¬ man and one sophomore. In addition to its duties as gov¬ erning body for the students of the College of Engineer¬ ing, the Council also plans and carries out the St. Patricia election, the banquet, dance, and other activities that mark the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. First Row: Jim Turpin. Vernie Heird, Donald Dallas, Joe Kun¬ kel, Jimmy Reed, Sam Rhoades. Second Row: Jerry Black, Jack Thetford, Dick Blake, Bob Wilson, Kent Shreeve, Jack Hoskyn, Jim Sadler. 412 elementary club Students interested in the field of elementary edu¬ cation are eligible for membership in this club. The club takes an active part in the Future Teachers of America activities and cooperates with participation in the conven¬ tion of FTA when held on the University campus. First Row: Sarah Harrison, Mardell Christello, Philia Drew, Ann Prager, Anne Dearth, Martha Milum, Cinny Gibson, Polly Hervey, Margie Ann Brown, Patti Wright, Sharon Wasson, Pat Pryor, Mary Youmans, Jane Bird, Judy Gaines. Second Row: Janet Byrd, Ruth Ann Caperton, Joy Hanna, Jeannie Smith, Geo- rgiana Lange. Carol Caldwell, Neita Ann Kincaid, Nancy Lee Cole, Martha Gould. Margaret White, Rebecca Sanders, Betty Houchin, Margaret Head, Bonnie Mills, Polly Du Val, Doris Ann Baggett. Third Row: Sue Russell, Sylvia Small, Stella Grano, Susan Gath- man, Mary Jo Schulz, Virginia Ingram, Sandra Ramsey, Vivian Cowger, Jo Wilbourn. Carol L. Hinkle, Patty Douthat. Janet Porter, Connie Buell, Deanna Garner, Peggy Foiles. Fourth Row: Rose¬ marie Robertson, Ellen Hawbecker, Sylvia Rich, Betty Ruth Blew, Patricia Willey, Jean Thompson, Patricia Graham, Sonja Simmons, Diane CaHail. OFFICERS: Jo Wilbourn, Secretary; Sandra Ramsey, Vice-President; Connie Buell, Historian; Stella Grano, Treas¬ urer; Sonja Simmons, President; Sarah Harrison, Advisor. international club The International Club, composed of students from all countries represented on the University Campus as well as American students, has as its primary objective the promotion of understanding between students of all nations. Members are encouraged to participate in dances, special music programs and other activities based on the customs of all countries represented in the organization. Among social events included in the calendar are fall picnics and the varied activities of International Weekend. First Row: Frances Boyd, Carolyn Sue Cloud, Ann L. Wilson, Claudine Wajs, Sandra Plummer, Miranda Wal, Anita Green, Fay Ann Jew, Julia Rebecca White, Mary Katherine Jackson, Liv Guildford, Annette Lendal. Second Row: Panos Papapanayotou, Jaen C. Eudoro, Raphael Nyunt, Hossein Nadimi, Joe Rogelio Colvo, Raul Rogelio Cisneros, Mohammed Sayeed Khan, William M. Morton, David A. Dahl, Panos Pittas, Roberto Stadthagen, Bill Uhm. Third Row: Rodolfo Aleman, Luis Grateron, Ken Gibbons, Tonis Kask, Eduardo Fernandez. OFFICERS: Bill K. Uhm, Treasurer; Carol Sue Cloud, Vice-President; Roberto Stadhagen, President; Julia Rebecca White, Secretary; William Morton, Public Relations. OFFICERS: Paul Loyd Martin, President; Paul Michaelis, Vice-President; Dee Poole, Treasurer. kappa kappa psi Outstanding bandsmen make up the membership of this honorary fraternity. The fraternity has as its primary aims the promotion of musical interest and the welfare of the University band. Mutual interests and abilities of members tend to promote a strong bond of fellowship. Pledges to Kappa Kappa Psi participate in a week-long hazing, during which they are conspicious on the campus because of their band overalls, required dress for the hazing period. First Row : Richard A. Worthington. Howard L. Hall, Eddy Shores, Dee Poole Second Row: John Greer, Danny Stephens, Paul Michaelis, Waymon Krugh. Third Row : Mike Flowers, Bob Hall, Raymond E. Hunt, Paul Loyd Martin. marketing club All marketing majors are eligible for membership in the Marketing Club. Business in operation is made available to study by frequent field trips of the club. Outstanding business men and women of the country are frequent guest speakers at club meetings. The market¬ ing smoker is an outstanding event on the social calendar. First Row : Coetta Byrd, Patty Crittenden. Diana Vinson, Julie Dillard, Nancy Grimes, Marty McKay, Betty King. Fay Nell Ligon, Jean Hogan, Deanna Weaver. Paula Pond. Second Row: Robert W. Bell, Tommy L. Roberts, Paul W. Battreal. Charles E. Wilson, Car- mon M. Brown, Richard Poole, Barton A. Westerlund, John Greer, Gerald Asher. Third Row: Richard Brooks, Bill Mann, Bill Poe, Ralph Griggs, J. W. Pace, Lehman Booher, James R. Collier, Tom¬ my Schallhorn. Charles Lentz Fourth Row: William T. Alden, Robert Betterton, Buel Campbell, Hugh Carruth. James Downs, Bob Hall, Clyde L. Harr, Russell McConnell, Charles N. Roth, William W. Green. OFFICERS: Sitting: John Greer, Vice-President; Julie Dillard, Secretary; Charles N. Roth, Treasurer. Standing: Richard Poole, President. 414 lambda iota tau Outstanding literary ability is recognized by member¬ ship in Lambda Iota Tau. This honorary English fra¬ ternity strives to encourage further literary endeavor by discussion of literary works and by individual criticism and encouragement of originality in writing. On Honors Day, the organization presents an award for creative writ¬ ing. A similar award on secondary educational level is offered annually to the top creative writer of Fayetteville High School. First Row: Gave Waddell, Loretta Hercher, Ann Patton, Mary Bowden, Judy Rot he. Mean Stoddard, Patty Pyeatt. Second Row: Willa Charlton, Janet Bvrd. Lynn Hansen, Stella Grano, Carolyn Barton, Marianne Miller. OFFICERS: Patty Pyeatt, Secretary; Mary Bowden, Presi¬ lt; Willa Charlton, Vice-President; Janet Byrd, Treasurer. 415 OFFICERS; Standing: Jan Graham, President. Sitting: Margaret Whistle, Historian; Billie Anne Beaumont, Vice- President; Sue Jobe, Secretary; Willa Charlton, Treasurer. mortar board This senior women’s honorary becomes a by-word each December on the campus when the Mortar Board calendars are sold. These calendars, intended for use for an entire year, are in book form and contain a space for each day where appointments may be written in ad¬ dition to athletic schedules and the like. The organization itself was established for the furtherance of cooperation between societies, the promotion of college loyalty, the advancement of the sp irit of service and fellowship among university women, the maintenance of a high standard of scholarship, and the stimulation and development of a finer type of college woman. First Row: Jin Graham. Carol L. Hinkle, Patty Pyeatt, Liz Osborne, Mrs. Brady, Margaret Whistle. Second Row: Mrs. Blake. Barbara Simpson, Billie Anne Beaumont, Eleanor Ellis, Gail Gately, Willa Charlton. Third Row: Nancy Pafford, Sue Jobe, Sally Featherston, Jeanne Middleton, Jo Wilbourn, Pat Cross. Absent : Sue Wood, Dr. J. A. Vizzier. 416 mens counselors The coordination of student life in men’s residence halls is in the hands of these carefully selected men who work in close coordination with the Dean’s Office. The head counselor of each hall is responsible for supervising activities of the hall and helps solve problems that may arise. The counselors are selected at the close of the spring semester for their work for the following school year. First Row: Waily Haw, Billy G. Thornton, Charles Poe, Don¬ ald Nutt, Joe Kunkel, Billy Rye. Second Row : Donald Thompson, Bob Hall, David Sain, William Drewry, David Hampton, Jimmy Reed, Harold Pierce. OFFICERS: David Hampton, Assistant Head Freshman Counselor; David Sain, Head Freshman Counselor. newman club The main activity for the Newman Club this year was moving into its beautiful new center at Douglas and Lev- erett. The center takes the place of the old one room center on West Dickson. In addition to a much needed office space and classroom space, the center has its own churclt which will seat 250 students at each mass. The Newman Club is under the supervision of chaplain Rev. John C. O’Dwyer who is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the students, and offering classes of religious instruction. First Row: Barbara Mazzanti, Bettye Bercher, Carol Page, Carolyn Bednar, Carol Cupples, Linda Grohoski, Gaye Waddell, Mary Youmans, Katherine Ann Bond, Jerome Poschel, Russell Du- clos, Father John C. O’Dwyer. Second Row: Jim Camarata, Della Duclos, Mary Lou Reinhart, Margaret Gunnels, Patti Barrow, Virginia Schultz, Carolyn Forte, Leonard Schmiz, Louis Hart, John R. Archer, Philip A. Selig. Third Row: Bill Helbron, Alvin H. Du¬ clos, Miranda Wai, Mary Jo Schulz, Nancy Pafford, Betty Jones, Charles L. Reinhart, James Downs, Ed Ragsdale, Jim Tuohey, Charles Hughes, A. J. Fredrick. Fourth Row: Louis Seiter, Jr., Gordon T. Reanes, William T. Alden, Donald Elsken, Paul Jawoe- ski, Laurence Bagley, Jim Jansen, Frank Zunoff, Bill Bagley, Ken¬ neth Schenk. OFFICERS: Don Ironing, Second Vice-President; Linda Grohoski, Recording Secretary; Lawrence Bagley, Treasurer; Father John C. O’Dwyer, Chaplain; Becky Semasek, Corre¬ sponding Secretary; Louis Hart, President. 417 omicron delta kappa The principle project of Beta Beta Circle of Omic- rom Delta Kappa was the establishment of a scholar¬ ship program for the University in conjunction with the service clubs throughout the state. Other projects for the year included an investigation and Senate report of the counseling program in each college, and the installation of an award to be given each year to two outstanding in¬ structors in the University. ODK is a national leadership fraternity for men who have excelled in the fields of scholarship, government, athletics, publications, speech and dramatic arts. First Row: Bill Barksdale. Pat Fleming, Don Mehlburger. Max Reed, Dick Blake. Second Row: Delbert Swartz, John Bell, Bill Sherman, Jim Tuohey, Jere Johnson, Johnny Allen. Third Row: Bass Trumbo, Hugh Kincaid, Max Sutton, Bob Middleton, Taylor Prewitt. OFFICERS: Bob ' Middleton, Vice-President; Bass Trum¬ bo, Treasurer; Taylor Prewitt, President; Dick Blake, Secre¬ tary. OFFICERS: Professor Frederick K. Spies, Faculty Ad¬ visor; Rodney T. Chambers, Treasurer; Donald H. Smith, Justice; Edgar A. Woolsey, Jr., Marshall. phi alpha delta This is the fifty-sixth year for this national fraternity for law students and alumni. There are, at present, over seventy active chapters for student members and 14 chap¬ ters for alumni. The college chapters sponsor a publication for the exchange of ideas among member chapters and the providing of professional information for all Phi Alpha Delta members. The two great aims of this fraternity are the advancement of scholarship and the establishment of comradeship among members of the legal profession. First Row: Jim Patton, Lesly W. Mattingly, George Peters, Don Langston, Ed Woolsey, Gary Eubanks, Don Smith, Frederick K. Spies, C. M. Milum. Second Row: Burl C. Rotenberry, Henry Ginger, Fred Engeler, David Y. Oberle. Frank Huckaba, Adrian Pedron, Thomas Bramhall, Lynn Wade, Bill Spicer. Third Row: Pat Pate, Gerald Scot!, Odell Carter, John B. May, Tommy Street- man, Lohnes T. Tiner, A1 Holcombe, Clay Patty. Fourth Row: Robert M. McHenry. William Raczkowski, John A. Burris, Wm. David Newbern, Rodney T. Chambers, Lewis Epley, Pat Moran, Billy Pease. p e m club To be eligible for membership in this organization, a student must be a physical education major or minor and profess an interest in the development of physical educa¬ tion in the college environment, as well as in other fields such as high school sports. The reason that a student must show an interest in these things is that the whole purpose of the PEM Club is that the physical education of students will not be neglected. Many male members of the PEM Club are active in varsity athletics as well as physical edu¬ cation. First Row: Barbara Ballard, Susie Smarr, Eloise Bleidt, Re¬ becca Wasson, Sylvia Hack. Virginia Ann Hays, Shirly Hunter, Peggy Elkins, Alice Jane Whitaker. Second Row: Polly Poole, Genese Kelly, Jan Khilling, Sandra Plummer, Barbara Swopes, Iligene Miller, Faye McLarty, Joeline Alsup. Third Row: Lloyd C. Maddox, Richard Bell, Lewis Hobson, Terry Arenz, James Hol¬ lander, Harvey Smith, Jerry Green, Jack Fay. OFFICERS: A bee Jane Whitaker, Secretary; Wayne Boles. State Rep resen ta live: Jerry Green, Treasurer; Standing: Peg¬ gy Elkins, President, Womens PEM; Richard Bell, President, Mens PEM; IJoyd Maddox, Vice-President, Mens PEM; Genese Kelly, Librarian, Womens PEM; Rebecca Wasson, Vice-President, Womens PEM. 419 OFFICERS: Henry Hawkins, Vice-President; Howard Jones, President; Reed Greenwood, Secretary; Larry New¬ kirk, Historian; Dick Blake, Senior Advisor. phi eta sigma Scholarship is the basic requirement for membership in Phi Eta Sigma, national honorary fraternity for under¬ classmen. A grade average of 3.5 for the freshman year is the minimum for membership. Phi Eta Sigma was organized for the purpose of recognition of high scholastic achievement and to offer scholastic benefit to students on campus. The necessary grade point average may be obtain¬ ed by a cumulative average of 3.5 for the two semesters of freshman work. The primary function of the fraternity is to offer benefits to students throughout the remaining three years of undergraduate work in view of outstanding achievement during the first year in college. First Row: Andrew Derk, Reed Greenwood, Allan Pirnique, George Barn well, Howard Jones, Larry Newkirk. Second Row: James Ward, Elmer Yancey, Henry Hawkins, Allen Rose, Jim Sadler, Jerry Perciful, Fred Crum. Third Row: Calvin Mitchell, Bob Hall, David Mulkey, Thomas Hicks, Dick Blake, George Alexander. 420 phi alpha theta The University of Arkansas served as the cradle for the Alpha Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta which was founded here in 1921. There are now nearly two hundred chapters of Phi Alpha Theta and the membership of this oldest honorary history fraternity is truly national in scope. This group encourages high standards of scholarship among students of history, promotes a genuine interest in the study of history, provides a medium for the presentation and publication of the results of historical research, and fosters a spirit of fellowship among its members. First Row: Nancy Garrison, Nita Hultsman, Nancy Pafford, Ann Foster, Patty Fulbright, Marial Hantz, Valerie St. John. Sec¬ ond Row: Charles Sild, John Lussky, Robert E. Reeser, John Mor¬ ris, John A. Johnson, Pat Fleming. OFFICERS: Robert E. Reeser, Faculty Advisor; John F. Lusky, Treasurer; John H. Morris, President; Nancy Pafford, Vice-President. phi upsilon omicron Character, leadership and scholarship are basic re¬ quirements for membership in Phi Upsilon Omicron, a national professional organization for women in the field of home economics. The chapter has been an active part of campus life since it was chartered at the university in 1943. The chief aim of the sorority is to sponsor projects which will be of benefit to students in home economics. The freshman with the highest scholastic average in home economics each year is presented an award by the organ¬ ization. Through its meeting, the sorority keeps alert to the most modern trends in home economics and related fields. First Row: Alice Featherston, Carolyn Files, Nona Brooks, Lin¬ da Lou Lewis, Sondra Hall, Donna Stillings. Second Row: Pat Cross, Norwyn Johnston, Virginia Price, Della Duclos, Barbara White, Gail Gateley. Marilyn Hathaway. OFFICERS: Gail Gateley, Recording Secretary; Marilyn Hathaway, Editor; Linda Lou Lewis, Corresponding Secretary; Carolyn Files, President; Alice Featherstone, Treasurer; Nor- wyu Johnston, Marshall; Barbara White, Librarian. 421 eta kappa nu Eta Kappa Nu successfully petitioned their national or¬ ganization this year and was installed at the beginning of the first semester. Eta Kappa Nu was organized as a local fraternity for outstanding juniors and seniors in the field of Electrical Engineering. In order to qualify for membership in Eta Kappa Nu. the chapter was required to have an electrical engineering honor society for a period of one year. Professors Brown and Cannon of the Electri¬ cal Engineering Department were instrumental in the organization of the chapter. OFFICERS: James Worst, Vice President; Paul Stiedle, President; Jim Haynes, Treasurer; Neil Ingles, Correspond¬ ing Secretary; Ted Kaufman, Secretary; Wayne Glasscock, Bridge Correspondent. First Row : Patrick Hurley, J. Dee Chastian, Harry Vinson, Robert E. Butler, Wryne Glasscock, Donald M. Dallas, William C. Kelley. Second Rov:: W. W. Cannon, Faculty, James B. Atkins, Robert R. Wyatt, James Worst, Paul Stiedle, William G. Hook, Benny B. Barnes. Third Row: Theodore P. Kaufman, James H. Haynes, Lester Wisly, Charles Hudson, Brinton Ramoly, Robert B. Owen, Lymon Root, Bob Reynolds. kJELJ l ; ) " i mu 1 i . W 1 f Ifllpi a . i 1 ! OFFICERS: Barbara Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer; Benny Rice, President; Nancy Dixon, Social Chairman. press club Highlight of the year for members of the Press Club was being the guests of the Arkansas Press Association at the national meeting of the National Editorial Association in Hot Springs. Twelve members of the University Press Club were guests of the host group for three days in Plot Springs. No other activity made any greater contribution to the purpose of the club which is to acquaint journalism majors with their field. Another highlight was Bob Wim¬ berly’s talk at the Christmas banquet on journalism op¬ portunities in Arkansas. First Row: Nancy Dixon, Barbara Lewis, Ann Pinkston, Vince McWilliams, Hazel Holzhauer, Gay Erwin. Second Row: Ed Dozier, Bob Dawson, Jim Tuohey, Jo Ann Finley, John Greer, Homer May, Benny Rice. 422 pi mu epsilon Pi Mu Epsilon has as its purpose the promotion of scholarship in mathematics among students in academic institutions on a university level. Students with outstanding scholastic records in the field of mathematics are eligible for membership. A minimum three-point grade average in mathematics through calculus and a 2.5 accumulative is a requirement for membership in the fraternity. Pi Mu Epsilon also sponsors tutoring sessions to help students with problems in the field of mathematics. First Row: Stuart Thomas, Louis Hart, Mary Ray, Dorothy Rag¬ land, Maribelle Williams, Kay Hampton, Martha Callahan, Myrtle Clayton, Anne Simpson, Bill Perdue, Donald Nutt, Jerry Perciful, Second Row: Bill Attebery, James E. Scroggs, Paul P. Stiedle, William I. Heaston, James Fawcett, Neil B. Jngels Jr., Joe E. Clay¬ ton, James E. Bryant, Jack Hammett, Robert Wyatt. Third Row: Bob Reynolds, Harlan N. Head, Wray H. Jones, Lawrence 1). Weav¬ er, Don 1. Dwyer, Billy H. Boydston, William J. Driggers, Theodore P. Kaufman, William G. Hook, Johnny Allen, Frank Crutcher. OFFICERS: Sitting: James E. Swaggs, Faculty Advisor; Robert R. Wyatt, President; Neil B. Ingels, Secretary. Stand¬ ing: Theodore P. Kaufman, Tutoring Chairman; Joe E. Clay¬ ton, Vice-President; Bob Reynolds Treasurer. 423 r e w planning board OFFICERS: Louis Hart, Vice-Chairman; Dean Stoddard, Chairman; Ann Iiutsell, Secretary. The success of Religious Emphasis Week is in the hands of the REW Planning Board. The Board makes ar¬ rangements for guest speakers who address the student convocations and also supervises all other phases of this important campus activity. Religious Emphasis Week is a combined effort of all church organizations of the student body. Held each spring, the activity holds increasing in¬ terest for the University as its activities are expanded with an increasing enrollment and the increased interest of the school in religious activities. First Row: Carolyn Forte, Nona Proctor, Ann Hutsell, Patsy Middleton, Dean Stoddard, Rebecca Sanders, Lynn Hansen. Second Row: Barbara Braly, Lindley Williams, Louis Hart, Syd Cameron, Jim Abston, Linda Durham, Anne Simpson. 424 psi chi Psi Chi requires a high scholastic average for mem¬ bership, including 12 hours in psychology with a grade point average of 2.5 and an average of 2.0 in all other subjects. Early in the year plans are made for a series of lectures on various phases of psychology. Meetings which include speakers are open to any interested students. Stu¬ dent participation in psychological experimentation, which is always under way in the department, is encouraged by Psi Chi. Participation in these experiments consists of the members actually taking tests given by someone in the department or a graduate student, or, in some cases, giving the tests themselves. First Row: Martha Callahan, Oneta Moon, Patty Pyeatt, Rae Sessions, Willa Charlton, Shirley Edwards, Marcelia Bent, Mary Sue Jordan. Second Row: George Wigard, Jerry Chism, R. C. Mar¬ tin, Beth Logan, Joan Lee Freeze, Jennie Wren, Anne Holmes. Third Row: H. C. Wilcoxen, Donald Thompson, Ed Ragsdale, James Harrison. Steve Lane, A. L. Berger, Benny Hays. OFFICERS: Sitting: Patty Pyeatt, Vice-President; Ed Ragsdale, President; Beth Logan, Recording Secretary. Stand¬ ing: Oneta Moon, Corresponding Secretary; Rae Sessions, Treasurer. s a m The purpose of the Society for the Advancement of Management is to belter our standard of living by research and study. Some of the activities of SAM are plant tours in the spring and fall, a book exchange for the Business school, and assistance to the school in many matters. The members have a chance to hear outstanding speakers on business affairs at their bi-monthly meetings. Members are chosen on scholarship, leadership, and interest in the field of management. First Row: Tom Treat. Roland Brock, Maurice W. Hill, Bess Hardcastle, Rhea West, Marsha Crawford, Diana Vinson, Oneta Moon, Liz Osborne, fom Carter, Georgia Roth, Maretta Moore, Julie Dillard, Dennis Cody. Second Row: V. E. Cangelosi, Gordon Reaves, Gary Morris, R. C. Breedlove, Robert Wasson, Jim Gunn, Carol Cole, Jerome R. Poschel, Bobby Fincher, Ed Huenefield, Max Reed. Charles Griffith. Edward Mosby, Charles Lentz, Roy Greenfield, Paul Sidler. Third Row: Max Callahan, Clois Coon, Billy Pryor, Frank Nichols, Jim Gooden, Bob Boatman, Jerry Chism, James Britt, Charles Roth, James R. McKenzie, Warren Mercer, Ralph Griggs, Billy Joe Anderson, Jewel D. Patton, Jr., Harry B. Gladden, Jr.. Jack Fay. Fourth Row: Donald Elsken, William Alden, Joe Reed, William Duckett, Jr., Harrell Lewis, Ronald Blois, Robert Betterton. OFFICERS: Joe B. Reed, Vice-President; Georgia A. Roth, Treasurer; Charles N. Roth, President; Liz Osborne, Secretary. OFFICERS: Sitting, Loretta Hercher, Chaplin; Pat Dan- geau, Corresponding Secretary; Joy Sanders, President; Jane Morris, Treasurer. Standing, Kay Mowry, Sgt. at Arms; Doro¬ thy Swindle Reporter; Carolyn Webster, Recording Secretary; Judy Edwards, Vice-President. sigma alpha iota The Arkansas chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota was estab¬ lished on the campus in 1925. Sigma Alpha Iota is an honorary music fraternity for women, and members are chosen on the basis of scholarship and music ability. In addition to honoring outstanding women musicians, the aims of the fraternity are to promote musical interest and to further the welfare of the University band. The fraternity also furnishes a bond of fellowship among members for each has a mutual interest in music. First Row : Carol Gieck, Mary Lou Reinhart, Carolyn J. Web¬ ster, Loretta Hercher. Margaret Ann Barton. Second Row: Ann McCracken, Barbara Smith. Dorothy Swindle, Janice Hibbard, Joy Sanders, Pat Dangeau. Third Row: Judy Edwards, Jane Morris, Sally Putnam, Barbara Rigsby, Emily Jo McAllister, Barbara Heinen, Kay Mowry OFFICERS; Mvrtle Clayton, Vice President; Mike Clayton, President; Jerry Price, Secretary; R. K. Bent, Sponsor. s n e a An organization for those who plan to teach, SNEA takes an active part in encouraging students interested in the teaching profession who are now attending the state’s secondary schools. The chapter has been active on the University campus for ten years. Members also visit schools in the Fayetteville area and assist in organizing Future Teachers of America Clubs. The outstanding pro¬ ject each year is FT A Day, held on the campus each spring. This activity draws several hundred members of FT A clubs in Arkansas to the University campus. First Row: Jerry Price, Janette Wilson, Myrtle Clayton, Billie Ratliff, Marianne Miller, Grace Waggoner, Rosemary Feemster. Second Row: Dennis Horn, Jack Fay, Zane Franks, Glover Free¬ man, Eddy Oliver. Third Row: Mike Clayton, Jim Poynter Jr., Bruce Jones, R. K. Bent. 426 sigma gamma epsilon An honorary fraternity for students of the earth sci¬ ences. Sigma Gamma Epsilon was installed on the Uni¬ versity campus in 1949. The aim of the organization is to foster the scholastic, scientific, and social advancement of its members and to extend friendship and assistance between the scientific schools and colleges of the United States. Films, guest speakers and discussion groups form an interesting part of meetings which also include an ex¬ change of information on field trips and collections. First Row: Not man H. Mason, Don P. Neumeier, Arthur E. Leath, Joe F. Cava lies, Robert D. Jolly, Clarence J. Raible, Fred E. Elam, Warren H. Sharp. Second Row: Thurman Ralph Mc¬ Clellan, James A. Hulsey, David Cate. Ray T. Johnson, William H. Bishop, Tom D. Mooney, Robert E. Wanasek, Charles H. Kimbro, Joe R. Stockton, William B. Slepp. OFFICERS: Robert E. Wanasek, Secretary-Treasurer; Norman H. Mason, Vice-President; Robert Jolly, President; Tom D. Mooney, Corresponding Secretary, Editor. 427 student nurses association To stimulate new thinking and to achieve leadership in the various branches in the field of nursing are the primary aims of the Student Nurses Association. Through the activities of this group, members are prepared for their training at the University Medical Center in Little Rock. Lectures b y students and instructors help familiarize the future nurses witli their expected activities when they begin training in the University’s modern Medical Center. The nursing school offers a split curriculum with two years at the Fayetteville campus and two years at the Medical Center. First Row: Virginia Schuitz, Mary Ann Clark, Becky Semasek, Susan Glover, Mary Ruth Guthary, Tommye Darnell, Nona Makey, Paulette Spencer, Patsy Prioleau. Second Row: Jill Johnson, Dannye McKenney, Patti Barrow, Linda Grohoski, Betty Dyer, Ruth John¬ son, Mary Jackson, Ruth Waggoner. Third Row: Robert Moore, Danna Lou Staples, Pud Summers, Susan Fletcher, Lynda Maxey, Dixie Green, Anna Meek ' s, Buries Norman. OFFICERS: Ruth Johnson, Vice-President; Lynda Maxey, Secretary; Linda Grohoski, President; Becky Semasek, Treas¬ urer; Ruth Waggoner, Reporter. 428 sophomore council Members of the Sophomore Council are chosen from outstanding freshmen women of the preceeding year. Assisting freshmen women in orientation and adjustment to college life is the primary function of the Council. First Row: Phyllis Campbell, Sally Putnam, Jo Ann Finley, Layla Miller, Linda Grohoski. Jo Ann Finch, Gretchen Felton, Sharon Young, Sarah Jane Melton, Gail Ramsay, Ruth Mary Johnson. Second Row: Helen Yates, Sharon Wasson, Lynn Buford, Mary Kieth Hurley, Ann Sherland, Wendy Wilson, Sara Bridenthal, Beverly Fergusson, Nancy Logan, Dena Mcllroy, Ann Dearth, Con¬ nie Noland, Janet Tarpley, Janet Rowland, Ruthie Jeryo, Sherry Ragsdale, Martha Milum. Grace Ann Heath, Carol Barnum. Third Row: Suzanne Huester, Sallie Jo Anderson, Alice Ann Handles, Linda Stondrige, Judy Gail Carter, Etta Sue Ward, Judy Franks, Vir¬ ginia Ann Hays, Toni Thompson, Peg Lynn Perry, Jeanne Smith, Kietha Andrews, Carol Williams, Beverly Ann Wilbourn, Marjorie Sims, Sara Trager. Fourth Row: Bobbie Dean Guffey, Bobbye Jean McDaniel, Joy l " aye Sweet, Betty Anne Helm, Sharon Ward, Ann Davis, Nona Proctor, Mickey Barrows, Alice Rothert, Mary Jo Schulz, Susie Wiggins, Linda Magee. Ann Martin, Beverly Mack, Peggy Tatum, Donna Ellen Carter. Fifth Row: Wanda Whitney, Linda Webb, Kay Bray, Susan Evans, Ellen Harwubecker, Mary Mann, Barbara Rigsby, Julie Saeler, Jayme Smith, Carol Raines. student union board The Student Union Board is the governing and policy making body of the Student Union. The annual budget for carrying out the program of the Union must be ap¬ proved by the Board. The Board also serves in an advisory capacity for the Central Planning Committee. Membership of the Student Union Board is made up of the Vice-Presi¬ dent of Associated Women Students, the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women, the Student Union Supervisor, two faculty members chosen by the President of the University, and four elected student members. Luncheon meetings are held twice a month to carry out the business of the Board. First Row: D. A. Slack, Willa Charlton, Mrs. Malcolm Law¬ rence, Marilyn Crawford, Dean Whitney Halladay. Second Row: Jim Connaway, Marial Hantz, Miss Tyler, Nancy Pafford, Susan Dubbell, Stan Martin. OFFICERS: Susan Dubbell, Secretary; Willa Charlton, Chairman; Marilyn Crawford, Vice-Chairman. 429 tau beta pi The ultimate in scholastic attainment in the College of Engineering is exemplified by the members of Tau Beta Pi. In addition to scholastic requirements, members are selected on the basis of integrity, breadth of interests both inside and outside of engineering, adaptability, and un¬ selfish activity. Seniors in engineering in the upper fifth of their class are eligible for admission. Juniors in the upper eighth, scholastically, in their class are also eligible for admission. The activities of the local chapter are co¬ ordinated with the activities in other schools by the nation¬ al Tau Beta Pi organization. First Row : Johnny W. Allen, William J. Driggers, Carl E. Mc- Lees, Tom Strickland, Donald Nutt, Wayne Glasscock, Louis Hart. James L. Kilby, Roy Donnell. Second Row : James B. Atkins, Dick Blake, James Worst, Phil Mace, Jere Johnson, Palmer Terrell, John Sherman. Third Row : Paul Stiedle, Tom Ross, Harlan N. Head, L. R. Kirby, Faculty Advisor, Charles Hudson, Glendon Self, Joe E. Clayton, William G. Hook, Robert E. Butler. OFFICERS: Sitting. Tom Ross, Vice-President; Dick Blake, President; Phil Mace, Corresponding Secretary. Stand¬ ing: Jim Turpin, Cataloguer; James Worst, Treasurer. OFFICERS: John Hoskyn, Treasurer; Carol Cole, Secre¬ tary; Charles Poe, President; Alice Featherston, Vice-Presi¬ dent. wesley foundation As the student religious organization of the Methodist Church, the Wesley Foundation of the University is direct¬ ly affiliated with the Central Methodist Church of Fayette¬ ville. The students of the Wesley Foundation are responsible for morning meditation and evening vesper services. First Row: Sarah Robinson, Grace Waggoner, Georgene Sor¬ rells, Judy Barnett, Mardell Christello, Katherine Pedley, Bobbye McDaniel, Sue Rye, Linda Webb, Barbara Patterson, Camelia Chambless, Lynn Hansen, Nona Brooks, Carol Cole. Elizabeth Brister, Alice Featherston, Alice Ann Willis. Second Row: Frish Rains, Joyce Todd, Carole Helm, Ruth Waggoner, Barbara Rigsby, Oita DeWitt, Barbara White, Mary Bowden, Marcelia Bent, Judy Chivers, Stella Grano, Gail Gateley, Jo Terrell, Wilma Downum, Sally Putnam, Carolyn Sue Cloud, Layla Miller. Joyce Rouse, Marianne Millei. Helen Laubaugh. Third Row: Raymond Dyck, Jerry Jackson, Margie Morrea, Mike Clayton, Pat Barron. Gene Aist. Tonis Kask, Bill Tooley, Jack Hoskyn, Phil Mace, Ramon Blacklock, Terry Cooper, Bill Kelly, Don Franks, Jim Abston, James Britt, Paul Sidler, Vida Woodward. Fourth Row: Franklin Oler, Charles Poe, Gary Campbell, G. W. Sorrells, Max Sutton, Taylor Prewitt. Gail Cowart, Bruce Jones, Charles Lendermon, Jim Her¬ man, Bill Uhm. 430 tail beta sigma Outstanding bandswomen make up the membership of this honorary fraternity. The fraternity has its primary aims the promotion of musical interests among women members of the University band. Mutual interests and abilities of members tend to promote greater harmony in the band. Pledges of Tau Beta Sigma are selected on scholarship, leadership, and musical ability. First Row : Ann McCracken, Wendy Wilson, Oneta Moon, Mar¬ garet Barton. Second Row: Peggy Tatum, Barbara Orler, Susan Gathman, Kay Meinert, Ann Adams. OFFICERS: Susan Galhman, President; Ann Adams, Vice- President; Oneta Moon, Corresponding Secretary; Margaret Barton, Recording Secretary; Kay Meinert, Treasurer. 431 OFFICERS: Sitting. Pat Fleming, President; Harry Thompson, Treasurer. Standing , Sissy Hurley, Vice-President; Mebane Harrison, Secretary. Westminster fellowship The Presbyterian students of the University take an active part in church work through the student-directed programs of the Westminster Fellowship. In addition to its many religious activities, the fellowship members pursue an active and varied social life through the organization’s building on the campus. The religious and social program seeks to follow the Westminster Fellowship purpose: “To discover God’s will for our lives and do it.” First Row: Carol Lee, Ellen Compton, Mebane Harrison, Lynn Wilcox, Judy Rothe, Margie Brown, Dawn Stowe. Second Row: Jim Johnson, Bruce Wilson. Jim Gunn, John McGill, Ronnie Woodruff. Pat Fleming, Preston Woodruff. Third Row: Neal Lewis, Sissy Hur¬ ley, Sylvia Rich, Jeane Horne, Carol Hinkle, Sherry Ragsdale, Car¬ rie Kellam. 432 wesley players Even though it is sponsored by the Methodist Church, the Wesley Players opens its membership to any student who is interested in producing, acting, or studying religious drama no matter what their religious affiliation is. Activi¬ ties of the organization include plays, readings, skits, a Christmas play and an Easter pageant. Kappa chapter of the National Society of Wesley Players was organized on the campus of the University of Arkansas in 1931. First Row: Carol Cole, Joyce Todd, Sarah Robinson, Carolyn Frey, Trish Rains. Second Row: Georgene Sorrells, Jo Terrell. Wilma Downum, Oita Jo DeWitt, Helen Lawbough. Barbara Pat¬ terson. Third Roiv: Jerry Jackson, Ramon Blacklock, Tonis Kask, Franklin Oler, John McGill, Bill Tooley, Jim Abston. OFFICERS: John McGill, Co-Reporter; Oita Jo DeWitt, Co-Reporter; Carolyn Frey, Secretary and Ireasurer; Helen Lawbaugh, Vice President; Bill Tooley, Historian; Jim Abston, President. i 1 nf .t " ■Hj : m jBlp mm 1 Bk - : 7 Mm Hr —- wk c?| women’s recreational association Included among the activities of the women’s recre¬ ational association are basketball, volleyball, softball, bad- mitton, tennis, and bowling. It is the purpose of this organization to provide active participation in these ac¬ tivities for women students at the University of Arkansas. WRA is governed by a board elected from among organ¬ ized houses and it is the responsibility of this board to serve as managers of each tournament and sports man¬ agers of each organization which they represent. First Row: Gail Cook, Barbara Browne, Libba McClelland. Sharon Raney. Karen Lawman. Second Row: Genie Kelly, Sue Hatchett, Bobbie Dean Guffey, Alice Jane Whitaker. OFFICERS: Sitting: Alice Jane Whitaker. Treasurer; Libba McClelland, Recording Secretary; Gail Cook, Correspond¬ ing Secretary; Sue Hatchett, President. Standing: Karen Lawman, Publicity; Genie Kelly, Vice President. 433 student index a Abbott, Walter Hoy: 281 Aldington, Cora Ann: 246 Abington, Eugene H.: 308 Abston, James Wilburn: 246 Adair, Charles David: 295 Adair, Oren: 308 Adair, William C.:295 Adams, Carole: 308 Adams, David Whetley: 295 Adams, Elizabeth Ann: 281 Adams, George Edward: 281 Adams, Hugh Gary: 281 Adams, Jeanette: 308 Adams, Kenneth Wayne: 295 Adams, Marvin Augusta: 277 Adams, Oliver Lee, Jr.: 308 Adams, Walter Norman: 295 Adamson, Antoinette Tillar: 308 Addington, John R.: 295 Adkisson, Lila Matthews: 277 Adkisson, Richard Blanks: 275 Adrian, James A.: 246 Aikman, Anson Robert: 295 Aikman, Larry Pat: 281 Aikman, Loy M.: 246 Aist. Eugene Hiatt: 281 Aizpurua, Rafael Guillermo: 246 Akers, Ereddy Sanford: 281 Akers, Janice Lee: 281 Akers, Richard Miller: 246 Albin, Judy: 246 Alden, William Thomas: 246 Alderson, Sonja Jean: 281 Aleman, Rodolfo Ernesto: 281 Alexander, David Allen: 308 Alexander, Gene Paul: 281 Alexander, George Baker: 281 Alexander, Susan Kay: 281 Alfrey, Carolyn Elizabeth: 281 Allen, Glen Dale: 281 Allen, John Michael: 246 Allen, Johnny W., Jr.: 246 Allen, Nancy Kay: 308 Alley, Donna Jean: 295 Alley, Peggy Janet: 281 Allison, Cecil Duke: 246 Allison, Martha Young: 246 Allum, Michael David: Almond, Phillip Lee: 308 Alston, Thomas Joe: 246 Alsup, Joeline Flora: 295 Altemus, Eddie: 308 Anderson, Billy Joe: 246 Anderson, Delona Carter: 246 Anderson, Doris Ann: 308 Anderson, James Dean: 295 Anderson, James Milton: 308 Anderson. John P.. Jr.: 308 Anderson, Joseph Robert: 246 Anderson, Louis L., Jr.: 246 Anderson, Max H.: 295 Anderson, Owen Arthur: 308 Anderson, Quentin D.: 281 Anderson, Sallie Jo: 295 Anderson, W. C.: 308 Anderson, William Albion: 295 Anderson, William McRae: 281 Andrews, Keitha Rhea: 295 Anthony, Beryl Franklin, Jr.: 281 Anthony, John Ed: 295 Anthony, John R.: 246 Archer, John R.: 295 Archer, Julian: 281 Arey, Glenn: 246 Armstrong, Snowden: 308 Arnold, Edward L.: 295 Arnold, James C., Jr.: 295 Arnold, James Fred: 308 Arnold, John M.: 281 Arnold. William Alvin: 295 Arosemena, Jaime Antonio: 281 Arpin, Caroi Marcia: 308 Arrington, Jimmy L.: 281 Arthurs, John L.: 308 Arwood, Marilyn Gayle: 246 Ashbridge, Sydney: 281 Ashby, Bob Milton: 308 Asher, Gerald Eugene: 246 Ashley, Trvin Ester, Jr.: 281 Atkins, James Bourland: 281 Atkins, William Robert: 308 Atkinson, Melvin Dennis: 308 Atterberry, Philip Ray: 281 Atwood, Lynn: 308 Austin, Jarrell: 308 Austin, John R.: 308 Austin, Linda Jean: 281 Austin. Robert Thomson, Jr.: 308 Avery. Ronald Edwin: 295 Axtell, David Henry: 308 b Babb, John Tack: 281 Babbidge, Michael John: 308 Baber, Jerry Walter: 308 Backus, Joe Tom: 308 Bacon, James L.: 246 Baggett, Doris Ann: 246 Baggett, Mary: 308 Baggett, Thelma Louise: 295 Bagley, Billy Wayne: 281 Bagley, Lawrence Hoyt: 281 Bailey, Fredric L.: 308 Bailey, John Marshall: 308 Bailey, Norma Jean: 308 Baird, Julius Sherman: 246 Baker, Augustine: 246 Baker, Frankie Lynn: 281 Baker, Jerry Austin: 308 Baker, Jerry Lee: 295 Baker, Naomi: 308 Baker, Robert Dowden: 246 Baker, Troy Young: 246 Baker, Virginia Lou: 295 Bakkum, Richard Charles: 281 Balch, Ralph Elias: 281 Baldwin, Ronald Courtney: 308 Baldwin, William Sidney: 295 Bales, Beverly Diane: 246 Ball, Dale J.: 308 Ball, Robert Joseph: 247 Ballard, Barbara: 281 Ballard, James William: 308 Balmat, George Louis: 281 Banks, David Russell: 247 Banks, Johnnie Sue: 247 Barber, Billy Murrah: 247 Barber, David Glen: 295 Bardrick, Bill C.: 281 Barham, Beverly Rebecca: 308 Barham, Carolyn Sue: 247 Barham, Tom B.: 308 Bariola. Louis Anthony: 277 Barker, Charles Robert: 247 Barksdale, William Evans: 247 Barlow, Barbara: 308 Barnard, Herbert Newell: 308 Barnard, Lewis Allen: 281 Barnes, Barbara: 308 Barnes, Benny Bob: 247 Barnes, Betty Carolyn: 308 Barnes, David Lee: 247 Barnes, James Keener: 275 Barnett, Don Clark: 295 Barnett, Eugene Hendrix. Jr.: 295 Barnett, James David: 281 Barnett, Judith Ann: 308 Barnett, Ortus Webb, Jr.: 295 Barnett, Willie Kathryn: 308 Barnette, Jon Hall: 281 Barnhart, Lloyd Patterson: 247 Barns, William Dogan: 281 Barnum, Carol: 295 Barnwell, George Morgan: 295 Barrentine, William Lewis: 247 Barrett, Edward Rush, Jr.: 275 Barrett, Royce: 295 Barrick, Shirley Ann: 281 Barron, Carol Ruth: 308 Barron, Pat Philip: 247 Barrow, Patti: 308 Barrows, Charles Kenneth: 308 Barrows, Gale Botkin: 295 Bartholomew, Phyllis Mae: 281 Barton, Carolyn Evonne: 247 Barton, Margaret : 295 Barton, Thomas Lionel: 277 Barwick, Della Ann: 308 Baskin. Roy Oscar, Jr.: 281 Bass, Robert Woods: 308 Bates, Mary Ann: 308 Bates, Pearl Elizabeth : 308 Bates, William Danny: 295 Battreal, Conrad: 247 Battreal, Paul Warren: 281 Bauer, June Elizabeth: 295 Baugh, Bill Fredrick: 308 Baughn, Tommy Mack: 295 Bauman. Leonard P.: 247 Baxley, Alfred L.: 281 Beachem, Neil Edgar: 295 Beam, Billy O.: 308 Bean, Linda 308 Beard, Robert E.: 281 Beard, Wayne Hilton, Jr.: 247 Beath, Ronald John: 247 Beaty, Rita L.: 247 Beauchamp, Charles Alan: 308 Beauchamp, Sara Roberta: 308 Beaumont, Billie Anne: 247 Beavers, Charles: 308 Beavert, Jackie Dan: 295 Becker, Betty: 247 Bedell, Jim Kent: 295 Bedgood, Dale R.: 277 Bednar, Carolyn: 308 Bednar, Elizabeth Ann: 277 Beel, Bobby: 280 Bean, Shirley Ann: 247 Belknap. James Eugene: 281 Bell, Bobby Vernon: 247 Bell, Cecil Wayne: 247 Bell, Charles Fay: 295 Bell, Charles Wayne: 308 Bell, Evelyn Frances: 308 Bell, Joe: 308 Bell. John Walter: 277 Bell, Melvyn LeRoy: 247 Bell, Richard L.: 308 Bell, Robert Aylmer: 295 Bell, Warren Miller: 277 Bennett, Franklin Dale: 277 Bennett, Richard Lee: 247 Bennett, Robert B.: 281 Bennett, Robert Lewis: 308 Bennett, Win. Danny: 295 Benson, Marian Virginia: 295 Benson, R. Lollen: 308 Bent, Marcelia Ruth: 247 Bentley, James Earl: 295 Bercher, Bettye Frances: 308 Berg, Sam Leon: 247 436 at the sign of the Lion! You get top-quality Lion gasolines with Lionite, the exclusive additive that actu¬ ally supercharges your motor . . . naturally - better Naturalube Heavy Duty Motor Oil .. . Lion Dependable Lubricatic t. . . and a special kind of courteous, considerate service that assures the best in motoring comfort and safety for you and your family . . , when you stop at the Sign of the Lion! Yes, the top-quality products and “good neighbor” services offered by friendly Lion Oil dealers help you keep your car running better — longer. So, stop regularly at the familiar Lion sign—you’re always welcome! (O ' , LION OIL COMPANY pVr«L , Bj « A DIVISION OF MONSANTO CHEMICAL COMPANY 1 | Monsanto . EL DORADO, ARKANSAS ROMANCE can be found in strange places and this is one of the strangest places this writer has ever scene. Berger, Arthur Louis: 281 Berger, George Albert: 281 Berger, Rose Mae Bogan: 247 Bernard, Steve: 281 Berry, Charles Madison: 247 Berry, James Russell: 281 Berry, Paul Conrad: 308 Berry, Robert Miles: 247 Besancon, Lois Ann: 308 Bessenbacher. Joe Charles: 295 Best, Roberta Jo: 308 Bethel, Mary Eloise: 295 Betterton, Robert Lee: 247 Bindley, Billy Ray: 308 Bingham, Donald Ray: 247 Bird, Carol Jane: 248 Bird, Carolyn Jean: 295 Bishop, Garth Wayne: 248 Bishop, William Hardy: 248 Bissett. Joe Knight: 309 Bittick, Carol Beth: 281 Bittick. Nancy Lee: 248 Black, Claudia Villette: 295 Black, Jerry Dale: 281 Black, John K.: 248 Black, Lowell Lynn: 281 Blackburn, William Albert: 295 Blackburn, William David: 309 Blacklock, Ramon Lee: 281 Blair, Ronald J.: 281 Blake, Billy Dean: 295 Blake, Doilus Dwayne: 295 Blake, John Joseph: 295 Blake, Richard Albert: 248 Bland, Mary Jo: 309 Blankenship, August Koehler: 295 Blankenship, J. Rayburn. Jr.: 309 Blankenship, Judith Evelyn: 309 Blanton, Dorothy Mae: 295 Blanton, Miiburn W.: 277 Blasingame, John Wade: 281 Blasingame, Rex lb: 309 Bleidt, Elois O’Dell: 295 Blew, Betty Ruth: 281 Bloodworth, Charles Clyde: 248 Bloomfield, Bud: 248 Blossom, Gail: 309 Blue, John Rayner: 309 Boardman, James Lloyd: 281 Boatman. Don Alton: 248 Bodurtha. Paul R.: 277 Bogan, Larry Joe: 309 Bogan, Norris G.: 281 Bogard, Don Dale: 295 Bogle, Arlette Detonne: 281 Bohannan, Larry Clinton: 309 Bohannan, Mary Alline: 275 Bohlson, John Stewart: 295 Bolin, Clarence Allen: 295 Bolin, J im Bert: 248 Bond, Earl Gene: 248 Bond, Karen Sue: 281 Bond. Katharine Anne: 295 Bond, Thomas Ridgely: 309 Bonner, Claude M.: 295 Bonner, Jimmy Dannell: 295 Bonner, Sharon Lea: 309 Booker, Lehman J.: 248 Boon, William H.: 295 Boone, Joe C.. Jr.: 275 Boone. Paul Daniel: 281 Booth, Lyndal Lee: 309 Bordsen, Richard Vincent: 281 Borum, Lvnda Beth: 295 Boss, Frederick L.: 248 Boss, Ora Lee: 281 Bosshart, Walt: 248 Bostian, David Thomas: 281 Bostic, Nancy: 281 Bowden, Mary Gibson: 281 Bowen, Gerald: 281 Bowen, Hollis H.: 295 Bowen, James W.: 295 THE CROSSETT COMPANY " PROGRESS THROUGH FOREST-MANAGEMENT " ★ Kraft Paper ★ Bleached Food Board ★ Pine Lumber ★ Hardwood Flooring ★Chemicals ★Charcoal • M ' v. ; • CROSSETT, ARKANSAS 438 Bowen, Kenneth: 277 Bowie, Charles Paul: 309 Bowling, Jimmie Lee: 295 Box, Richard William: 281 Boyd, Floyd B.: 248 Boyd, Robert Stanley: 281 Boyd, Shirley Jane: 282 Boydston. Billy Hugh: 248 Boydstun, James A.: 309 Boyer, Irma Little: 248 Boyer, William Paul, Jr.: 309 Boykin, Doris Ruth: 248 Bracy, Lewis Fletcher: 282 Braden, Jo Lynn: 309 Bradford, Joel Eugene: 309 Bradford, Robert C.: 248 Bradley, Alan Meredith: 282 Bradney, Marvin Francis: 282 Brady, Cecil D.: 295 Brady, Donald Ray: 248 Brady, Georg Lee: 309 Brady, John Phillip: 248 Bragg, Kay: 295 Brainerd, Ardell T., Sr.: 282 Braly, Barbara Ann: 282 Bramhall, Thomas M.: 275 Brandon, John Dennis: 309 Brandt, Edward Oliver: 309 Brannan, Bob Clark: 309 Brasfield, Ken: 282 Brashears, Ida Sue: 309 Bratcher, Benny: 309 Braun, Albert George: 277 Bray, Kay Karolyn: 295 Brazil, Charles C.: 309 Breedlove, Billy Jean: 248 Breedlove, Melvin Maxwell: 248 Breedlove. Robert Cecil: 248 Breese, Charles F.: 295 Brenner, Charles L., Jr.: 248 Bretherick, Dolly: 309 Brewer, Chris Edward: 282 Brewer, Gene Wilson: 295 Brewington, William Iren: 282 Brewster, Lowell Stanley: 309 Bridenthal, Sara Lee: 295 Bridenthal, Zoe Ann: 309 Bridger, June Carole: 295 Bridgforth, Joe Keith: 309 Brigance. Jimmie Lou: 296 Briley, James Lloyd: 282 Brink, Peggy Ann: 309 Brinker, Jan A.: 309 Brinkly, Otis Theodore III: 309 Brister, Elizabeth Ross: 295 Britt. James: 248 Brittain, Charles Aubrey: 309 Brocchus, Katherine: 248 Brocchus, Robert: 309 Brock, Roland: 248 Brodie, Ralph: 309 Bromley, William Richard: 282 Bronson, Waido Glen: 309 Brookhart, Morris Virgil: 296 Brooks. Bob Rowe: 296 Brooks, Donald Eugene: 248 Brooks, Gene: 248 Brooks, Howard Leroy: 282 Brooks, Jackie Glynn: 296 Brooks, Nona Edwina: 282 Brooks, Ralph Perriman: 296 Brooks, Richard: 248 Broomas. Fotine: 296 Broomfield, Doyl Erwin: 282 Brotherton, George Carroll: 282 Brown, Betty Kate: 309 Brown, Byron: 296 Brown, David Reed: 296 Brown, Eldon: 296 Brown, Forrest Glynn: 309 Brown, Foy William: 248 Brown, Gerald Richard: 249 Brown, Guy Eastman, II: 309 Brown, Jackie Raymond: 282 Brown, Larry Gene: 309 Brown, Leslie Snuggs: 309 Brown, Margie Ann: 249 UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS Gold Touch-Electric Touchmaster Standard The New Touch In Typing Students: Come in or call tor a demonstration Ozark Office Machines Company 25 N Block HI 2-8531 ALL MAKES OF PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS TELEPHONE: POplar 2-2005 BULK PLANT HIGHWAY 18 WEST ALLEN PETROLEUM COMPANY Marketers of Petroleum Products Post Office Box 405 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Penney’s ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! 439 «“ »|ijSP«« Members F.D.I.C. and Federal Reserve System FIRST NATIONAL BANK Garrison at Sixth Fort Smith, Arkansas BACKSTAGE at the Trio concert included the Kingston troup and the entertainment chairman Gerald Bowen. Brown, William Kenneth: 282 Browne. Barbara Ayres: 282 Browne, Marjorie Ann: 296 Broyles, Berry: 282 Brumley, David Ford: 249 Brumley, Ronald Bland: 282 Bryant, Donald H.: 249 Bryant, Merle Franklin: 282 Bryson. Edward Braham: 309 Buchanan, Perthenia Ann: 282 Buchner. Clark Alvarado: 296 Buckner, Charles S.: 309 Budd, Jack Austin: 296 Budd. W. J.: 309 Buechley, John Harold: 249 Buechley, Thomas Carroll: 249 Buell. Connie: 282 Buerkle. Suzanne Margareta: 282 Buffalo, Edward Joseph L.: 275 Buffington, Jack Eugene: 282 Buford, Lynn Searcy: 296 Bullington, Edwin Huey: 249 Bullion, Brenda: 296 Bullock, Mary Gale: 282 Bullock, Suzanne: 249 Bullock, Willie Charlotte: 282 Bum pass, Dudley M.: 296 Bunch, Charles Robert: 249 Bunch, Joe Dean: 296 Bunker, John, Jr.: 309 Bunton. Clyde: 282 Burch, Louis Truman: 296 Burchman, Grady Dale: 249 Burchfield, Betty Jo: 282 Burge, Henry H.: 296 Burgess, James F.: 249 Burke. Patricia Gayle: 296 Burkes, Lionel Seaton: 282 Burkett, Jimmy D.: 249 Burks, Martha Ann: 249 Burks, Milton James: 282 Burks, Roy Kessler: 309 Burks, Willard Reppard: 249 Burnett, Georgia Lou: 282 Burnett, John L.: 282 Burnett, Robert Rex: 249 Burns, Ann: 309 Burns. Frank Milton: 249 Burnside, Margaret: 296 Burrough, David Livingston: 277 Burson, Dennis Allen, Jr.: 282 Burton. David Owen: 282 Bury, Nancy: 309 Busby, Dixie Lee: 309 Bush. Jim Robert: 296 Bushmiaer, Jim Edwin: 282 Bussell, Jean Marie: 282 Butcher, Thomas Carroll, Jr.: 282 Butler, Danny Joe: 309 Buttry, James Altus: 296 Byars, Dan Hollis: 309 Byars, G eorgianna: 296 Byars, Joe D.: 309 Byers, Dorsey Wayne: 249 Byers, Robert James: 309 Byrd, Coetta Elizabeth: 282 Byrd, David Gordon: 282 Byrd, Janet: 249 Byrd, Richard D.: 277 Byrd, William Chaney: 282 Byroade, G. Ashton: 249 C CaHail, Betty Diane: 282 Cain, James William, Jr.: 275 Caldwell, Carol Ann: 249 Caldwell, Creed, Jr.: 282 Caldwell. Michael Shelton: 249 Caldwell, Russell Herman: 309 Calhoon, Jan Keith: 296 Call, Marlin Loy: 296 Callaham, Max Earl: 249 Callahan, Betty Lea: 309 Callahan, Martha Marie: 249 Callahan, Michael James: 249 Callaway, Judith: 282 Callaway, Thomas Rankin: 309 Calvo, Jose Rogelio: 282 Camarata, Jim Stanley: 296 Cameron, Sydney Algernon: 249 Campbell, Charles Larry: 282 Campbell, Gary Wade: 310 Campbell, John W.: 282 Campbell, Larry Allen: 310 Campbell. Phyllis Carol: 296 Cannon, Sammy Lee: 310 Cantrell, Peggy Bess: 296 Capers, Connie: 310 Caperton, Ruth Ann 282 Caple, Martha L.: 249 Capps, Betty Jeanne: 296 Capps, James Austin: 310 Capshaw, Tom Dean: 275 Carder, David Reed: 296 Cardin, David W.: 310 Carlson, Lawrence Alan: 282 Carmack, Billie Jo: 282 Carmack, John Anthony: 282 Carman, Gerald Eugene: 296 Carner, Deanna Lou: 282 Carpenter, David Denson: 296 Carpenter, James Charles: 249 Carr. Leo Carlton: 282 Carrasco, Paul, Jr.: 282 Carrithers, Barbara Ann: 283 Carrithers, Milburn Lowell: 249 Carroll, Gariy: 310 Carruth, Hugh: 250 Carson, Donna M.: 296 Carson, James William: 296 Carson, James William: 296 Carson, Judith Ann: 296 Carter, Billy Gene: 296 Carter, Carolyn N.: 296 Carter, Cean G.: 310 Carter, Constance Anne: 310 Carter, David R.: 310 Carter, Donna Ellen: 296 Carter, James Allen: 310 Carter. Jerry Carrol: 283 Carter, Judy Gail: 296 Carter, Kelly Moss: 283 Carter, Odell Clifton: 275 Carter, Robert P.: 283 Carter, Thomas Michael: 296 Carter, Weezie: 283 Carver, Robert A.: 250 Casner, Mary Jean: 277 Castleberry, Steve: 296 Cate, Paul David: 283 Cates, Larry W.: 283 Caton, James Gordon: 296 Caushie. Rosalie: 283 Cave, Tommy Fletcher: 310 Cavenar, Jesse 0.: 283 Cazort, John Lee: 310 Cazort, Kay Selph: 310 Chadick, James H., Jr.: 310 Chaffin, Charlie Francis Cole: 283 Chaffin, Sammy Levon: 250 Chaffin, Thomas Lafayette: 283 Chambers, Charlotte: 283 Chambers, Joe Henry: 250 Chambers, Roger Wesley: 250 Chambers, William Dow, Jr.: 296 Chambless, Camelia Ann: 296 Chandler, Lindsay Walton: 283 Chaney, 11a Jean: 310 Chaney, James Raymond: 250 Chaney, Robert C.: 250 Chapman, Jarrell Wilbert: 250 Chapman, William Philip: 310 Charitwn, Willa M.: 250 Chastain. J. Dee: 250 Chastain, James Sidney: 283 Cheatham, Sue: 283 Cheek, Hugh Alton: 250 Cherry, Gene Alan: 310 Chesley, Harold E.: 283 Chesshir, James William: 250 Chidester, Charlotte: 310 Childress, Molly Rose: 310 Childs, Henry Berg: 310 Childs, Jerry Paul: 283 Childs, William Ves: 277 Chism, Jerry Jerome: 250 Chi vers, Judith Anne: 296 Choate, Ruth LaNelle: 310 .111 CHOICE STEAKS THE MIDWAY Hiway 71 Between Fayetteville and Springdale REASONABLE PRICES CLINE HEN ' S FAY ETTEVILLE DRUG The only drug store on the square Ph. HI 2-7345 Christello, Mardell Alice: 283 Christman, David Palmer: 250 Christman, Mary Ann: 250 Chunn. Ronald Wayne: 310 Cina, Susan Arden: 310 Cisneros, Raul Rogelio: 283 Clanton, Quinten David: 283 Clardy. Edwin Kelly: 277 Clark. Betty: 310 Clark, Hurshal Sherlan: 296 Clark, James Vernon: 250 Clark, Joe Ellen: 310 Clark, Larry Castel: 296 Clark, Mary Ann: 296 Clark, Paul J.: 283 Clary, Joan Turner: 250 Clay, John Charles: 296 Clayton, Joe Edward: 250 Clayton, Larry Lynn: 310 Clayton, Mike Rowe: 296 Clayton, Myrtle Biggs: 250 Clayton, Paul Calvin: 296 Clegg, Graham Dillard: 310 Cleveland, Ellen Frances: 310 Clevenger, Alex Clinton: 250 Clifton, Bobby Lee: 250 Cline, R. E.: 296 Clinehens, M. Carolyn: 310 Clinehens, Rema Mary: 310 Clinehens, Robert Morris: 283 Clinton, Dan B.: 283 Clinton, Karla Ingrid: 310 Cloer, James Richard: 310 Cloud, Carolyn Sue: 250 Cloud, Jackye: 310 Cluck, Larry Neil: 310 Clulow, Connie Jean: 310 Clyburn, Howard Larry: 310 Cobb, Susan Lynn: 310 Cobb, William Henry: 283 Cobun, Bonnie Jane: 296 Cochran, Ruth Ann: 250 Cockerham, Evelyn Elise: 283 Cockerham, W, Steve: 283 Cockrill, Becky: 310 Coddington, Joseph: 310 Cody, Richard Dennis: 250 Coe, Carole Ann: 296 Cofer, Larry Wilson: 283 Coffman, Connie Sue: 283 Cogburn, John Ronald: 250 Coger, Charles Edward: 310 Coger, Lloyd Asa: 283 Coiner, Ronald Earl: 283 Coker, Jack Barnett: 310 Colclasure, Ronald David: 310 Cole, Carol Lisbeth: 283 Cole. Joe Charles: 310 Cole, Nancy Ann: 283 Cole, Nancy Lee: 250 Cole. Robin Lee: 310 Cole, Una Carol: 310 Coleman, Barbara Allen: 310 Coleman, Darrel Wayne: 277 Coleman, Jack: 250 Coleman, Jerry Lee: 310 Coleman, Jo: 310 Coleman, Walter Joe: 296 Coleman, William Robert: 310 Collier, Curtis: 296 Collier, Gloria Jane: 283 Collier, James Richard: 283 Collier, James William: 296 Collins, James Samuel Arthur 296 Collins, John Neely: 296 Colvert, James H.: 283 Colvert, Randall J.: 250 Colvin, Franklin Wayne: 310 Combs, George Donald: 251 Combs, Georgie Lee: 296 Compton, Ellen Kay: 283 Conatser, James D.: 251 Conatser, William Dean: 310 Condry, Martha Rhoena: 310 Cone, J. B„ Jr.: 251 Cone, Larry Charlee: 310 Conley, Suzanne: 283 Connell, Edward Dodd: 251 Connell, Mary Buford: 310 Coogan, Harold G.: 296 Cook, Davey Lee: 283 Cook, Doyle L.: 283 Cook, Lynda Lou: 311 Cooley, Eldon Dickey: 311 Cooley, Suzanne: 311 TOP HAT DRIVE-IN COLLEGE AVENUE AND LAFAYETTE A rkans as Western [Jas C ompany " Helping Build North and West Arkansas 99 CITIZEN ' S LAUNDRY CLEANERS SPECIAL STUDENT SERVICE 326 N. WEST ST. PHONE 2-5394 442 Cooper, Ernest Harper: 311 Cooper, Bette Ann: 251 Cooper. Dorothy Jean: 296 Cooper, Ellen Gail: 311 Cooper, Jackie Leon: 283 Cooper, James Leslie: 283 Cooper. Jo Ann: 311 Cooper, Lysle M.: 311 Cooper, Terry Bill: 311 Corbin. Donald Louis: 283 Core, Henry Mac: 296 Cornelius, Mary Frances: 283 Corson, Anne Reed: 311 Coston, Morris L.: 283 Cotton, William Gene: 296 Couch, Larry Ray: 311 Couch, William B.: 311 Courtney, David Wayne: 296 Courtney, James C.: 283 Courtney, Ray Stanford: 296 Cowling, Bobby Wayne: 296 Cox, C. L.: 296 Cox, David Allen: 311 Cox, Dick Smith: 296 Cox, James Edward: 251 Cox, Martha Frances: 311 Cox, Ronald Oliver: 296 Cox. Ruth: 251 Cox. Ruth Ann: 311 Crabtree, Joyce Mae: 311 Craft, Glenda Dee: 251 Crafton, Robert Louis: 251 Grafton, Thomas William: 283 Craig, Lytle H.: 283 Craig, Paul Clinton: 311 Crain, William Steve: 311 Crane, Elizabeth: 296 Crangle, John W.: 283 Cranor, Ceieste Anne: 311 Crawford, Franklin L.: 283 Crawford, Guy Ed: 283 Crawford, Jerry: 283 Crawford, Kenneth Edison: 251 Crawford, Marilyn: 251 Crawford, Marsha Helen: 251 (havens, Sally Ann: 251 Creighton, Milan Slandish: 311 Crigler, Ralph Ewing: 297 Criner, David G., Jr.: 251 Criner, Jim: 297 Crittenden, Patty Waugh: 283 Crook, William Harold: 297 Crosby, C. Keller: 251 Cross, Beverly Ann: 283 Cross, Clay Rice: 311 Cross, Patricia Ann: 251 Cross, William Hiram: 297 Crouch, Geneva Charlene: 251 Crow, Alfred Leon: 297 Crow, Mack: 311 Crow, Philip Cravens: 251 Crowe, Celia Ann: 251 Crowe, Signa Louise: 311 Cruce, Bonnie: 251 Crudup, Beverly Jean: 283 Crum, Fred Stovall: 283 Crum, Roger Clark, Jr.: 283 Grumpier. Joe Bailey, Jr.: 297 Crutcher, Frankie Lee: 297 Crymes, R. Sidney: 297 Cuendet, Dennis Gale: 251 Cuffman, John Mack: 251 Cullum, Sherman Delindell: 251 Culp, Gary, Jr.: 311 Culp, Robert E.: 297 Culpepper, Kenneth Wayne: 297 Culwell, Martha Jo: 311 Cummins, Billy Harold: 283 Cunningham, Alice Jeanne: 251 Cunningham, Alice Jeanne: 251 Cupples, Carol Ann: 311 Cupps, Samuel W.: 297 Currier, Dow W., Jr.: 251 Crrington, Charles DeWayne: 251 Curtis, Elizabeth Jeannette: 297 Curtis, Keith Edwards: 297 Curtis, Lloyd Alan: 311 Custer. Barbara Lynn: 283 Cutrer, Bety Marilyn: 297 Cuzan, Jerry Herbert: 297 Cuzick, Anna Maude: 311 Cypert, Donna Kaye: 311 Cypert, Jimmie Dean: 275 d Dahl, Gerald Leroy: 311 Dahlen, Dick: 297 Daily, Robert ().: 251 Daley, Robert James: 297 Dallas, Donald Murray: 283 Dalrymple, Carl Dubose: 283 Dalton, Martha Kathryn: 297 Dangeau, Pat: 283 Daniel, Hardy Lamar, Jr.: 297 Daniel, James N., Jr.: 251 Daniel, Nancy Elizabeth: 311 Daniel, Richard L., Jr.: 297 Daniel, Wayne Edmond: 283 Darby, Betty Sue: 251 Darby, Virginia Ann: 297 Darnell, Charles Thomas: 311 Darnell, Linda Jean: 311 Darnell. Tommye Irene: 297 Darnell. John Ed: 297 Daugherty, Jacqueline J.: 277 Daugherty, Phillip Wayne: 311 Davenport, Mary Ann: 283 Davenport, Stanley Lee: 251 David, Larry Gene: 283 Davidson, Jerry Dale: 283 Davis, Billy Leon: 297 Davis, Bobbie Ann: 297 Davis, Charles M.: 297 Davis, Cliff Tanner: 283 Davis, Donald Wayne: 297 Davis, Dwight Edward: 297 Davis, Duane A.: 277 Davis, George Vernon: 283 Davis, Herbert Victor: 251 Davis, James Michael: 311 Davis, Margaret Ann: 297 Davis, Mary Jo: 283 Davis, Mary Louisa: 283 Davis, Richard Harding, Jr.: 297 Davis, Sidney Parker, Jr.: 275 Dawson, Robert T.: 283 Day, Don Charles: 283 Deakins, Monte Eugene: 297 Deal, Gene Hogan: 251 Dean, Carl: 311 Dean, Marilyn Gay: 283 Dean. Saundra Darace: 311 Dearth, Anne Carol: 297 Deason, Ronald Layne: 311 Deere, Jasper W.: 311 Dehan. Sonja: 297 Dekker. Donald Neal: 283 DeLong, Ronald Homer: 252 Denham, Edward Chapline: 283 Dennard, Barbara: 311 D ennis, James L.: 297 Denny, Carleton E.: 284 Denton, Judy Ellen: 284 Dermott, Jon Alan: 297 Derning, Patrick J.: 311 Derning. Susanne Ellen: 297 DeVazier, Richard Harvey: 297 Dew, Cynthia Ann: 284 DeWall, Charles Edward: 297 Deweese, Don B.: 311 Deweese, Luther E.: 284 DeWitt, David L.: 284 DeWitt, David Randall: 297 DeWitt, Oita Jo: 284 Dia, Vita Duran: 277 Dick, Carolyn Gail: 311 Dickens, Ray: 311 Dickens, Tappy: 284 Dickerson, Harold Kenneth: 297 Dickert, Guy Emanuel, Jr.: 252 Dickey, Jay Woodson: 297 Dickinson, Julia Harriet: 284 Dickson, James Porter: 252 Diebold, Buddy: 297 Dietrich, Carolyn Dilla: 252 Diffee, James Ray: 284 Dilday, Robert Henry: 311 Dill, Katherine Sue: 297 Dillahunty, Hugh Monty: 284 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS BOOK STORE STUDENT UNION BUILDING EVERYTHING THE STUDENT NEEDS TEXTBOOKS: NEW AND USED REFERENCE BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Stationery Montag • Eldridge • Elliott Hallmark Cards • Pennants and Novelties Fountain Pens and Pencils Esterbrook • Parker • Sheaffer Engineering Supplies Equipment Dietzgen • Gramercy O Keuffel Esser Post • Roark Templates Art Materials American Crayon • Crescent Cardboards • Grumbacher Permanent Pigments • Strathmore Papers Marks Lamps Tufide Brief Cases Sundrries Store Hours 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mondays thru Fridays 8:00 A.M. to 12 Noon Saturdays 443 A ■ a.A GREETING guests at their annual Christmas party held at the Little Rock Country Club are University Pi Phi ' s. Dillard, julie Gay: 252 Dillman, Buddy Leroy 252 Dillon, Patricia Sue: 284 Dimitt, Helen Inman: 277 Dingle, Robert L.: 277 Dipert, William Dan: 297 Dishongh, Derek Earl: 297 Dixon, Frances Janelle: 297 Dixon, Nancy Ann: 252 Dobbins, James E.: 297 Dodd. Delwin Earl: 297 Dodds, William Aaron: 252 Doege, Tanja Anita: 311 Dollins, Jerry Morris: 284 Donald, William Unger: 297 Donat, Anthony Donald: 311 Donathan, Kay Jobe: 284 Donlavy, G. Edward: 297 Donnell, Hugh Lee: 284 Donnell, Roy H., Jr.: 252 Doolin, Judy: 297 Dooly, Billy B. 252 Dorland, Charles K., Jr.: 252 Dorland, Eldridge Douglass: 311 Dortch, Georgia Louise: 311 Dortch. Hershel Floyd: 252 Dotson, Herman Kay: 252 Douglas, Betty Jean: 252 Douglas, Gilbert Reno: 252 Douglas, John Marion: 311 Douthat, Patricia Ann: 252 Douthit, Dorothy Jane: 252 Douthit, Lana Sharron: 252 Dowell, Mary Clare: 297 Dowell, Tony: 284 Downie, Ned: 297 Downs, James E.: 252 Downum, Wilma Carol: 297 Dozier, Duncan Thomas: 284 Dozier, Ed Woods: 252 Dozier, Robert Mercer: 311 Drach, Richard Lee: 311 Drake, Charles Conley: 284 Drake, Ted Norton: 311 Drake, Tommy E.: 297 Drew, Mary Philia: 284 Drewry, William Alton: 252 Drexler, Michael M.: 284 Driggers, William Jennings: 252 Driver, Jerry Blackwood: 298 Dryer, Nancy Carol: 311 Dubbell, David Wilson: 311 Dubbell, Susan Jane: 284 Duckett, William M.: 252 Duclos, Alvin L.: 252 Duclos, Magdalen Rose: 252 Duclos, Russell J.: 311 Dudley, Norman Fred: 284 Dudley, Paul E.: 298 Dudley, Robert Gerald: 252 Dugger, Ralph Lloyd: 298 Dumas, Sandra May: 284 Duncan, Linda Betlie: 284 Dunlavy, Betty Sue: 311 Dunn, Donald Lee: 311 Dunn, Linda Anne: 311 Dunn, Jon Michael: 284 Dunnahoe, Hughie: 284 Dunson, Sue: 311 Dupree, Edwin Darius, III: 311 Dupree, Peter Warren, III: 298 Durbin, Frances Elaine: 311 Durham, Jane: 311 Durham, Jim Hampson: 284 Durham, Linda: 284 Duskin, Betty Ann: 311 Duty, Jeff Davis: 275 DuVal, John Calmes: 277 DuVal, Polly Gene: 252 DuVall, Gary Allen: 298 HELENA RUBENSTEIN COSMETICS REVLON 22 East Center QUAKER DRUG STORE NO. 1 Free Delivery Ph. HI 2-4246 COMPLIMENTS OF. , . . CHAPMAN ' S SERVICE STATION Main Division Sts. PHILLIP 66 QUALITY PRODUCTS FRIENDLY SERVICE PHONE: PO 2-2563 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS 11 FOR THE SMARTEST FASH IONS... m TlTi ( vlf Tvt O ' TPt 11 fCULTw 33 Years In Fayetteville DuVall, Phillip Michael: 284 Dwyer, Don Ivan, Jr.: 252 Dwyer, Lola Ann: 311 Dyck, Raymond Lee: 284 Dyer, Betty Joyce: 311 Dyer, James Earl: 284 Dyer, Lucy Beth: 311 6 Eagle, Annette: 311 Earp, Elizabeth Ann: 311 Easterling, Bobby Ray: 298 Edens, Ann Karlene: 298 Edens, William Stillman, Jr.: 252 Edmisten, Robert E.: 284 Edrington, Connie Anne: 311 Edwards, Ann: 311 Edwards, Bettye June: 252 Edwards. Harvey Orval: 311 Edwards, Jerry Louis: 252 Edwards, Judy Martha: 284 Edwards, Shirley Jean: 252 Eichberger, Robert LeRoy: 252 Eichler, James William: 298 Eidson, Mary Elizabeth: 298 Eidson, Roberta Ann: 253 Ekdahl, Bernard John: 298 Elam, Fred Eldon: 253 Eldred, Charles Richard: 253 Eldred, Clarence Ward: 298 Elkins, Barbara Sue: 311 Elkins, Marvin I.: 253 Elkins, Peggy Lavonne: 253 Elliott, Jacqueline Gail: 284 Elliott. Robert Edwin: 312 Ellis, Eleanor Elizabeth: 253 Ellis, Patty: 284 Ellis, Richard ().: 298 Elsberry, F. Eugene: 298 Elsken, Donald S.: 253 Eisner, Gary Herbert : 312 Emanuel, Wayne M.: 312 England, Cynthia Ann: 298 Engle wart, Larry Keith: 298 Eoff, Judith Gail: 312 Epley, Lewis E.. Jr.: 275 Epp, Marlin Jake: 298 Epperson, James Register: 298 Eppler, Mary Jean: 312 Eriksson, Richard C.: 312 Ervin, Don Robert: 253 Erwin, Gay: 298 Estelle. John Wayne: 284 Estes. Bob Glen: 312 Estes, Chester Keith: 312 Estes, Jimmie Lee: 253 Estes, William Wendell: 298 Etheridge. Rebecca Ann: 298 Eubank, Anne Elizabeth: 284 Eubanks, Ira Donald: 298 Eubanks. James Russell. Jr.: 253 Evans, Charlie Edward: 312 Evans, Charles F., Jr.: 253 Evans, Charles Norman: 298 Evans, Charles Wesley, Jr.: 312 Evans, Clarence Morrison: 312 Evans, Larry Keith: 284 Evans, Lloyd J.: 298 Evans, Mary Ann: 312 Evans, Susan: 298 Evatt. Donald H.: 312 Evers, Jerry A.: 253 Ezell, James Arthur: 312 f Facen, Geneva Zenobia: 277 Fairley, Lindsey Johnson: 284 Fairley, Nancy Ohlendorf: 280 Faith, Barbara Jo: 253 Fallen. Allen Carl: 312 Fant, Earnest William: 312 Faris, John Nolyn: 312 Faris, Paula Ruth: 284 Farmer, Marion R.: 298 Farnsworth, Justin Earl: 253 Farris, Charles R.: 298 Farris, Sam R.: 298 Faubus, Ikey Robin: 312 Faught, James Thomas: 284 Faulkner, Marion E.: 298 Faulkner, Terrence Wayne: 284 Faust, Mary Cornelia: 312 Fawcett, James Marvin: 284 Fay, Jack Revelle: 253 Faye. John M.: 312 Featherston, Alice Jean: 284 Featherston, Sally Ann: 253 Fee, Joe D.: 298 Feemster, Rosemary: 284 Felton, Gretchen Loretta: 298 Felts, Robert Dale: 298 Fenno, John Dea: 312 Fergusson, Beverly Nelle: 298 Ferguson, Carolyn: 253 Ferguson, Gayle: 284 Ferguson, Lonnie Dale: 298 Fergusson, John Wright, Jr.: 298 Ferrell. Allen Larkin: 284 Fielder, Nelda Sue: 312 Fielding, Vivian: 312 Fields. Joel B. : 298 Files, Betty Jean: 312 Files, Carolyn Jean: 253 Files, Susanne: 298 Finch, Jo Ann: 298 Fincher, Ann Elizabeth: 284 Fincher, Barbara: 289 Fincher, Bobby Lynn: 289 Finkelstein, Samuel Louis: 277 Finley, Dickie Zane: 312 Finley, Jo Ann: 298 Finley, Robert A.: 312 Finney, Joe David: 284 Fisher. James Robert: 284 Fite, Yvonne: 284 Fitzgerald, Donald K.: 284 Fitzgerald, Juanita: 312 Fitzgerald, Sidney Smith: 312 Flanagan, John Thomas: 284 Flake, Suanna Jeanette: 253 Fleming, Pat: 253 Fleming, Susie: 298 Fletcher, John Ridgeway: 312 Fletcher, Lawrence Herman: 284 Fletcher. Lee: 284 Fletcher, Susan Elizabeth: 312 Flowers, Robert Lyle: 298 Flowers, Thomas Michael: 284 Floyd, Virginia Ann: 253 Fogg, Donna Deane: 284 Fogleman, Dell: 284 Foiles, Peggy Marie: 298 Foil, Frank Edwin: 312 Foil . Joy Lea: 298 Fondren, Bobby Dalton: 298 Fones, Rosemary: 298 Fong, Buddy: 298 Fong, Henry: 277 Foote, William Eugene, Jr.: 253 Ford. Joe T. 253 Ford, John Wayne: 298 Ford, Kenneth Max: 312 Ford, Nora Lee: 312 Ford, Peggy Beth: 312 Ford, Roy Molitor: 298 Forrest, Donald Arthur: 284 Forrest, Lynn J.: 312 Forte. Carolyn Ann: 253 Foster, Ann: 253 Foster, Herman M.. Jr.: 284 Foster. Jim: 253 Foster. Jimmy C.: 312 Foster, Winston B., Jr.: 253 Fountain, Henry Mac: 284 Foust, David Delynn: 312 Fowler, Bill C.: 284 Fowler, Shirley: 253 Fowler, Tommy 312 Fox. Homer Donald: 284 Fox, Ralph D.: 312 Francis, Lynne Alice: 284 Frankel, Harriett Leona: 254 SERVE---- HOLSUM BREAD WITH EVERY MEAL Shipley Baking Company 311 WEST DICKSON FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS -145 Franklin, Mary Lee: 312 Franklin, Robert Morgan: 251 Franks, Burleigh Don: 284 Franks, Jerry Lynn: 312 Franks, Judy: 298 Franks, Larry E.: 298 Franks, Fat: 254 Franks. Zane K.: 298 Franz, Edward Leo: 298 Franz, Jimmy F.: 254 Fratesi, Benny James: 254 Frazier, A. Joel: 284 Frazier, Pat: 312 Fredrich, Augustine Joseph: 298 Free, Donald Lowell: 284 Freeman, Gary C.: 280 Freeman. James R.: 284 Freeman, Joann Genene: 254 Freeman, John Ederington: 254 Freeman, Omar D.: 284 Freeze, Joan Lee: 254 French, Julia Jan: 312 Frese, Sara Frances: 254 Freshour, Jack Eugene: 298 Freund, Mary Lou: 284 Frey, Carolyn Mychel: 284 Friedman, Jay Fredrick: 254 Fritchey, Richard Leon: 312 Fritz, George Edward: 284 Froning, Donald John: 284 Fry, Larry Lee: 298 Fulbright, Alice Marie: 251 Fulbright, Patty Waugh: 251 Fulks, Mary Francos: 312 Fuller, Richard Lee: 254 Fuller. Roy J.: 299 Fullerton, Bruce Evans: 312 Fulmer, Doyle W.: 254 Furlow, Billy Charles: 312 Fussell, Alston Randolph: 299 Fussell, Robert Foreman: 284 Futch, Charles A.: 275 8 Gabbard, Mary Lou-ise: 299 Gad berry, Jim: 284 Gaddy, William Doyne: 277 Gaines, Judith Stratton: 251 Galbraith- Gary Brown: 254 Galbraith, Jesse Brent: 254 Galloway, Travis J.: 312 Gamble, Anna Kathryn: 235 Gardenhire, Wilma Joyce: 299 Gardner, Frank Harlod: 299 Gardner, Liha Deulaney: 299 Garland, Nancy Karen: 299 Garner. Betsy Lou: 312 Garner, Herschel Smith: 251 Garner, Mary Evelyn: 285 Garner, Nancy: 299 Garner, Woodrow Venson: 254 Garrett, Betty Earlene: 312 Garrett, Edward Lee: 299 Garrett, James Max: 299 Garrett, Paul Mitcham: 312 Garrison, Clifford Davis: 312 Garrison- James Smith, Jr.: 254 Garrison, Nancy Ann: 285 Carton, Keith B.: 254 Gary, Gloria Jean: 312 Gaspard, Darlene Kathryn: 312 Gaston. James Stephen: 254 Gateley, Gail: 254 Gates, Margaret Elizabeth: 312 Gathman, Susan: 299 Gattis. John Edward: 285 Geis, Patricia Anne: 285 Genevay, John Edward: 254 Gentry, Cecil C.: 285 Gentry, Dewey Aubrey: 285 Gentry, M. B.: 285 Gentry, Robert Dale: 254 George, J. C.: 285 George, Lary Compton: 299 CONWAY TWIDDY and his group dropped in to pick and grin at the Sigma Nu Sadie Hawkins shindig. COMPLIMENTS OF MOBLEY CONSTRUCTION CO. MORRILTON ARKANSAS 446 RANDELLE, INC. Formerly Chidnoff-Block 149 Church Street New York 7 , N.Y. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS for the 1959 RAZORBACK TRADITIONALLY BETTER YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHS ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE FOR FUTURE ORDERS Gerdes, Milton Irwin: 285 Geren, Gary Wayne: 285 Geurin, Jack Weber: 312 Gibbons, Kenneth Gildart: 254 Gibbs, Robert Edward: 299 Gibson, John Frank, Jr.: 280 Gibson, Thomas Foro: 299 Gibson, Virginia: 299 Gieck, Carol: 299 Gifford, Arthur Sholley: 277 Gifford, Theodore R.: 285 Gilbert, James Cail: 299 Gilbert, Judy: 285 Gilbert, Martin Greeson: 299 Gilbreath, Dallas Edwin. Jr.: Gilbreath, Donald Lee: 285 Giles, Clifton Louis: 285 Giles, Wilbur Mack: 312 Gillaspie, Donny Gene: 275 Gillen water, John Price: 254 Gillenwater, Norma Ruth: 254 Gilleylen, James W.: 255 Gillham, Harold Dean: 285 Gillihan, Carolyn Louise: 255 Gillson, Robert G.: 312 Gillum, Barbara Lou: 285 Gilpatrick, Calvin L.: 255 Ginger, Henry Douglas: 275 Girdner, Mary Elizabeth: 299 Gist, Jessamine Daggett: 285 Givens, Louise Blue: 285 Gladden, Harry Blake, Jr.: 255 Glass, Karl Daly, Jr.: 255 Glasscock, Harold Wayne: 255 Glaze, Thomas Arthur: 285 Gleason. Donald Crawford: 312 Gleason, Edmund Howe: 285 Gleason, Gene Keith: 312 Glenn, Clyde Chaney: 299 Glenn, Martin Owen: 285 Glover, Dorsey D.: 275 Glover, Freeman Franklin: 255 Glover, Susan Doris: 299 Golden, Shirley Ann: 312 Goldthwaite, Lynn: 299 Goldthwaite, Nancy Lee: 312 Goins, David Delbert: 285 Good. Merrill Robert: 255 Goodman, Roselyn: 312 Goodman, Tommy: 299 Goodrich, William Russell: 275 Goodsell, David Rolland: 285 Goodson, Clifford Mark: 312 Goodwin, Jane: 285 Goodwin, Linda: 285 Goodwin, Tommy: 277 Goolsby, Max Carroll: 312 Gordon, DiAnne: 255 Gordon, James Herndon: 285 Gordon, Richard Harold: 312 Gore, Wanda Sue: 255 Gorrod, Dollie: 285 Gosnell, Karl Thomas: 255 Goss, Becky Ann: 299 Goss, Faber Joe: 255 Goss, Selwyn George: 299 Gossett, John Thomas: 255 Gottlober, Ethel Alice: 255 Gould, Martha Jean: 285 Goyne, Laura Lou: 255 Grabbe, John August: 285 Grace, Allan Dale: 255 Grace, Lloyd Ellis: 255 Grady, Clyde E.: 285 Graf, Paul Fitch: 255 Graham, Harry Edwin: 280 Graham, Jan: 255 Graham, Mansal Gale: 285 Graham. Patricia M.: 299 Graham, Susan Helen: 285 Gramlick, Jim Vandle: 299 Grammer, Gary Dean: 299 Grano, Letitia Jeanne: 299 Grano. Stella Natalie: 285 Grant, Lynne: 312 Graves, John F.: 285 Graves, Margaret Dannette: 312 Graves. Rea Freeman: 285 Gray, Gean Walter: 312 Gray, John Gary: 285 Gray, Jos. Arthur, III: 255 Gray, Linda Sue: 312 Gray, William Neal: 255 Grayson, Shirley Ann: 255 Greathouse, Ginger M.: 313 Green, Anita: 313 Green, Dale: 255 Green, Dale Osborne: 255 Green, David Michael: 255 Green. Dixie: 313 Green, Elaine: 285 Green, Grant S., Jr.: 285 Green, Jack Lucian: 285 Green, Jerry Michael: 299 Green, Paul Lewis. Jr.: 313 Green, Richard Wilson: 313 Green, Wm. Robert: 313 Green, William Waller: 255 Greene, Garlanda: 313 Greene. Marilyn Louise: 313 Greenert, Clyde Homer, Jr.: 299 Greenfield, Roy Eugene: 255 Greenwood, M. Reed: 299 Greer, John Thomas: 255 Gregory, John T.: 255 Gregory, Judith Anne: 313 Greig, Julia Lucinda: 255 Griffin, Harold E.: 277 Griffin, James David: 313 Griffin, Leborn David: 313 Griffin, Patsy A.: 255 Griffin, Richard Earl: 299 Griffis. Robert Lee, Jr.: 285 Griffith, Charles J., Ill: 255 Griffith, Diana: 299 Griffith. Henry Dale: 313 Griffith, James Edgar: 256 Griffith, Reynolds: 277 Griffith, Vivian Elaine: 313 Griggs, Bobbie Neal: 299 Griggs, Kenneth Wayne: 256 Griggs, Ralph Edward: 285 Grim, James Ree: 299 Grimes, Lee Roy: 256 Grimes, Nancy Carrol: 285 Grimsley, Kent I).: 256 Grinstead, James F.: 285 Grisham, Ronnie Elder: 285 Grohoski. Mary Linda: 299 Gross, Gary Golden: 313 Gross, Marcellus Gibson: 285 Gross, Thomas Jackson: 299 Gruenewald, David F.: 299 Grunden, Tom: 299 Guess, Charles Earl: 299 Guffey, Bobbie Dean: 299 Gullett, Elizabeth Ann: 313 Guildford, Liv: 280 Guinn, William Allan: 299 Guise, Charles W.: 313 Gundlach, Charles Mack: 299 Gunn, James A.: 285 Gunnels, Marguerite Mary: 313 Gustin, A. Ray: 285 Guthary, Mary Ruth: 313 Guthriee, Barbara: 285 Guthriee. Hudnall Homes: 256 Guthrie, Winston Maurice: 285 h Habig, Helen: 299 Hack. Sylvia Ann: 313 Hackney, Wayne H., Jr.: 256 Hahan, Rita Marlene: 299 Hahn, Wade Eldon: 299 Haid, John M., Jr.: 256 Halbert, William David: 299 Hale, Eugene Benjamin, Jr.: 256 Hale, Kirk K., Jr.: 313 Hale, Nathan Patrick: 313 Hale, Rob: 313 Haley, Sally Marie: 299 Hall, Daniel Irwin: 299 FOLLOW THE RAZORBACKS through the columns of the NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES SPORTS PAGES CROCKETT ' S • FOR MEN • ' Fayetteville ' s Finest ' 104 N. Block Phone 2-4031 we know we know cleaning " UPTOWN " LEWIS BROS. COMPANY ★ ALL SPORTING GOODS 448 COMPLIMENTS OF FASH8QN CLEANERS FORT SMITH ARKANSAS Hall, Frank Preston, Jr.: 256 Hall. H. C.: 285 Hall, Howard Leon: 299 Hall, Kenneth George: 256 Hall, Linda Annette: 313 Hall, Marie Leona: 256 Hall, Melvin Leon: 256 Hall. Milton Ray: 299 Hall, Orville Jacquelin, Jr.: 256 Hall, Oscar Max: 285 Hall, Rebecca Hope: 313 Hall. Robert Allen: 256 Hall. Robert H.: 299 Hall, Robert Lester: 299 Hall, Sondra Sue: 285 Hall, Tamar Louise: 299 Hall. Warner Alonzo: 285 Hallam. David Claybourne: 256 Ham, Betty Neill: 256 Ham, William Robert: 256 Hamilton, John Charles: 313 Hamilton, Joseph T.: 285 Hamm. Carlton Gene: 285 Hamm, Margaret Anne: 286 Hamm, Robert Clinton: 256 Hammett, Jack Curtis: 299 Hampton, David Lee: 256 Hampton, Mary Kay: 256 Hamric, James Kenneth: 286 Hanby, Philip Carroll: 313 Hanby, Robert: 313 Handles, Carole Ann: 299 Hankins, Carrol Frank: 256 Hankins, Clyde Zane: 286 Hankins, Joyce Lucille: 313 Hankins. Margaret C.: 313 Hankins, Martha Kay: 299 Hankins, Roberta Ann: 299 Hanna, Joy: 256 Hannah, Barbara Sue: 286 Hannon, Lawrence H.: 286 Hansen, Carrie Lynn: 286 Hanson, William C.: 256 Hantz, Marial Eleanor: 286 Harbert, Rhodes Robert: 313 Harbour. Joe Nathan: 299 Harbour, Mickey: 313 Hardaway, 0. 0.: 286 Hardcastle, B. Gill. Jr.: 256 Harder, Mary “Diane " : 286 Hardy, Laurence McNeil: 313 Harklegad, William Joseph: 313 Harkey, John Norman: 275 Harmon, Frances Mary: 313 Harp, Zoe Ann Oliver: 277 Harper, Eleanor Sue: 256 Harper, William T., Jr.: 313 Harpole, Ben Ward: 313 Harr, Clyde Louis: 256 Harrell, Searcy Wood, Jr.: 313 Harrelson, Arthur Ray: 286 Harris, Betty May: 286 Harris, Carolvn Marie: 256 Harris, Carrol Wayne: 299 Harris, James Stephen: 299 Harris, Lester Andrew: 286 Harris, Martha Alma: 256 Harris, Winfred Don: 286 Harrison, Mebane: 299 Harrison, Patsy Jean: 256 Harrison, Paul Ed: 313 Harrison, William H., Ill: 256 Hart, James Richard: 299 Hart, Louis William, Jr.: 256 Hart, Melvin G.: 299 Hart, Virginia Anne: 313 Hartman, Roger D.: 277 Hartman, Carl H.: 313 Hartstein, Peter: 286 Hash, Rosemary Patrick: 286 Hasley, Charles Junior: 256 Hatchett. Melba Sue: 286 Hatfield, Wilson Richard: 299 Hathaway. Linda Rae: 299 Hathaway, Marilyn Kae: 286 Havens, Jerry Arnold: 299 Haw. Waily: 299 C. J. WOODY poses for photographer in his familiar role of sweeping up at Razorback basketball games. Hawbecker, Ellen: 299 Hawkins, Dolan Gene: 286 Hawkins, Dwain: 299 Hawkins, Ernest Boyd: 275 Hayden, Roy Edward: 313 Hayes, Chester B.: 313 Hayes, Don Powell: 299 Hayes, James Richard: 300 Hayes, Ralph J.: 313 Hayes, Sarah Jane: 286 Haynes, Bill Lee: 286 Haynes, Edward L.: 257 Haynes, James Henry: 257 Haynes, Walter Ducote: 257 Haynie, Charles Willis: 286 Haynie, Douglas Cox: 313 Hays, Ardavene May: 300 Hays, Benny Russell: 257 Hays, Garth O.: 286 Hays, Virginia Ann: 300 Hazzard, Hap: 300 Head. Larry I). 300 Head, Harlan Neil: 257 Head, Margaret Louise: 286 Heaston. William Irving: 286 Heath, Grace Ann: 300 Hedgecock, Todd Scott: 286 Hefley, James Morton: 286 Heidbreder, Richard Lloyd: 313 Heindselman, Paul Warren: 257 Heird, Vernie E.: 286 Heizman. Francis C.: 257 Helbron, J. William: 300 Helm, Betty Anne: 300 Helm, Carole Rose: 313 Hemphill, Elizabeth Miller: 313 Henderson, Junius Von: 300 Henderson, Lawrence A.: 257 Henderson, Louise C., Jr.: 257 Henderson, Paul Robert: 286 Henderson, Robert F., Jr.: 313 Hendren, Jimm Larry: 313 Hendren, Kim Dexter: 286 Hendricks, Andy S. 257 Hendricks, David Gilbert: 300 Hendricks, James Powell: 300 Hendricks, Mary Emily 313 Hendrickson, Kenneth B.: 286 Hendrix, Betty Ann: 257 Hendrix, Carl Edward: 300 Hendrix, William Travis: 313 Henley, Charles D., Jr.: 300 Henley, Eddie: 313 Henley , Ronald Dewey: 286 Henry, Billy Gene 286 Henry, James Thomas: 286 Henry, James Thomas: 313 Henry, Robert Raymond. Jr.: 236 Henslee, William Edward: 275 Hensley, M. J.: 286 Hensley, Warren Alexander: 286 Henson. Sue Lorraine 286 Herbaugh, Larry Lee: 313 Hercher, Loretta Gray: 286 Herman, Delbert Martin: 314 Herman, James Reagan, Jr.: 257 Herndon, Charles Sidney: 257 Herndon, David Patrick: 314 Herndon, Michael Lee: 300 Herndon, Thommie 1).: 286 Herring, Mary Jewelle: 257 Hervey, Polly: 300 Hewitt, Don Carl 257 Hewitt, John Wadell: 300 Hibbard, Janice L.: 257 Hibbard, William H.: 257 Hickman, Gerald Charles: 314 Hickman, John Allen: 286 Hickman. Robert Michael: 314 Hicks, Penny: 286 Hicky, Martha: 300 High, Olivia Ann: 257 Hightower, Michael Barry: 257 Hill, Cecil William 314 Hill, Edward Noble: 314 Hill, Harold Dean: 286 Hill, Jack Edward: 314 CONGRATULATIONS MOUNTAIN INN Fayetteville ' s Leading Hotel FERGUSON ' S CAFETERIA AND DINNING ROOM Customer Courtesy Parking BOB STOUT ' S SERVICE STORE PHILLIPS 66 PETROLEUM PRODUCTS SPORTING GOODS Fayetteville, Arkansas 123 N. College 450 Hill, Janet Githens: 314 Hill. Jerry Milton: 300 Hill, Kenneth Clark: 314- Hill. Laurence Douglas: 314 Hill, Linda May: 286 Hill, Maurice W. 257 Hill, Norman G.: 286 Hill. Robert Arlon: 300 Hilliard, Carolyn Jerrine: 257 Hillin, Doris Marlene: 257 Hillman, William Edward: 286 Hilton, Amanda: 257 Hinkle, Carol Louise: 257 Hinson, Billy Guy: 286 Hinton, Jimmy Houston: 300 Hipp, Richard: 257 Mixon, Carter Edwin: 314 Hobbs, Jerry Lee: 286 Hobbs, Jerry Wayne: 257 Hockman. Donna Carleen: 300 Hodge. Curtis Delough: 314 Hodges, Howard L.: 278 Hoffman. Carolyn Anne: 314 Hogan, Donald Dean: 286 Hogan, Halon Jean: 286 Hogan, James Leon: 314 Hogan, William Kin: 286 Hoggard, Jasper O.: 300 Hogue, Albert Donald: 257 Hogue, Charles Wayne: 286 Hogue, H. McDowell. Jr.: 300 Holcomb, Dwight Arden: 286 Holcomb. James Oliver: 314 Holdar, Mary Anne: 257 Holder, Cecil J.: 314 Holder, Melissa: 314 Holeman, Don J.: 286 Holifield, Edward L.: 286 Holiman. Sandra Jean: 286 Hollander, Jimmy Chris: 258 Holleman, James F., Jr.: 258 Hollensworth, Judy Ann: 286 Hollis, Charles A.: 286 Hollis, Gilbert: 300 t Holmes. Anne: 287 Holmes, Wallace Keith: 258 Holt. David B.: 314 Holt. LaRama Jeanette: 300 Holt, Nancy Sue: 300 Holt. Robert Caldw ' dl: 300 Holzhauer. Hazel: 287 Honey, Charles Leroy: 287 Hooten, Tommy Rush: 309 Hooten, Oma June: 300 Hoover. Joyce Ann: 258 Hope. Bobby Lewis: 300 Hopkins. Clarissa Lea: 287 Hopkins, Jane Elizabeth: 287 Hopper. Bruce: 258 Hopper Monto John: 258 Horn, Charles Lee: 258 Horn, Dennis Ray: 258 Horn, Thomas Jerrv: 300 Horn, William Charles: 314 Horne. Allan W : 258 Horne. David B.: 300 Horne. Jane: 287 Horton, Barbara Wagner: 300 Hoskvn. John Paul: 258 Houchin. Betty Virginia: 258 Houston, Billy Curtis: 287 Houston. Delton Henry. Jr.: 314 Houston, John Samuel: 258 Hout, Donna Gene: 287 Hour, Phillip David: 287 Howard, Daniel B.: 258 Howard, Nancy Kathleen: 287 Howard. Rebecca Lee: 258 Hubbard. Charles Garnsey: 287 Hubbs, Thomas Michael: 300 Hubbell. James A.: 314 Huckelbury, Earnest C.: 258 Huckaba, Frank. Jr.: 275 Huddleston, Judy Margaret: 314 Huddleston, Bruce: 314 Huddleston, Martha B.: 314 Hudgens, Robert Howard: 314 Hud man, John Thomas: 314 Hudson, Charles Lee: 258 Hudosn, Donald O ' Neal: 300 Hudson, Linda Lee: 300 Hudspeth, Charlotte: 314 Hudspeth, Robert Carroll: 314 Huenefe ld, Edwin R.: 258 Huey, Nelson Eddy: 287 Huey, Vic ton B., Jr.: 300 Huffaker, David Loyd: 314 Huffman, Alvin: 300 Hughes, Charles David: 287 Hughes, Mona Mack: 258 Hughey, R. David: 287 Huie, Cyrus Richard, Jr.: 314 Hulett, Bob R.: 287 Hulett, Buddy: 314 Hulsey, Carra Lee: 300 Hulsey. William Kenneth: 258 Hultsman, Nita Claire: 287 Hummel. Roy C.: 287 Hunnicutt, Deltha Jean: 258 Hunnicutt, Donald Bruce: 314 Hunt, Carl A.: 258 Hunt, Donna Mae: 258 Hunt, Donald Lee: 258 Hunt, D. Wayne: 314 Hunt, Larry Gene: 258 Hunt, Martha Ramsay: 287 Hunt, Raymond Edward: 258 Hunt, Robert Richard: 300 Hunt, Terry D.: 287 Hunter, Sammie R.: 287 Hunter, Shirley Ann: 287 Huovinen, Lynne: 287 Hurlbut, James Edward: 314 Hurley, Marian Watson: 258 Hurley, Mary Keith: 300 Hurst, Bob G.: 300 Hurst, Gerald Wayne: 258 Hurst, Loyd D.: 287 Hurst, Robert R.: 314 Hurt, Bill: 300 Hurt, Billy ().: 258 Huston, Raphael W.: 259 Hut sell, Ann: 287 Hutsell, H. H.: 300 Hynds, Sammy Lee: 300 • 1 Ingels, Neil Barton: 259 Ingram, Virginia: 287 Inzer, Edwin Lee: 314 Irby, Nancisue: 287 Isaacs, Larry Wayne: 259 Isbell. Paul Vernon: 314 Ison, David Wayne: 314 Ivey, Jimmy Wyatt: 300 Ivy, Jacy Thomas: 287 Izard, John David: 300 • j Jackson. Betty LaRue: 259 Jackson, Bobby Damon: 259 Jackson, James Edward: 287 Jackson, Jerry Allen: 259 Jackson, John Richard. Jr.: 314 Jackson, Mary Katherine: 300 Jackson, Nettilou: 287 Jackson, William Evans: 259 Jackson, Sheila Kay: 314 Jackson. Shirley Ann: 314 Jacobs, John Howze: 300 Jacobs, Maetta: 287 James. Edward Arch: 259 James, John Hammond: 259 James, Lynn T.: 314 James, Pat Vernel: 278 Jamison, Gerald R.: 259 Jamison, James Lloyd: 287 James, Robert Harrison. Jr.: 314 COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 HEIN IE ' S STEAK HOUSE Jansen, Jimes Mansfield: 287 Jansen, Jim John: 300 Janway, Edward Ray: 259 Jarvis, Anne Elizabeth: 287 Jarvis, Dorothy Ann: 300 Jarvie, William John: 259 Jaworski. Paul Edmond: 300 Jayroe, Joe Allen: 259 Jenkins, Joyce Lea: 314 Jenkins, Sue Carol: 314 Jennings, Finis Bringle: 287 Jennings, Frances Ann: 314 Jennings, Ralph: 314 Jennings. Shirley June: 314 Jernigan. Conita: 259 Jernigan, George 01 in, Jr.: 300 Jerome, Janet Sue: 314 Jeryo, Ruth Daleska: 300 Jesser, Walter Daniel: 278 Jesson, Bradley D.: 275 Jester, Donna Ellis: 287 [ester. Gene Earl: 314 Jeter, Edward S.: 287 Jew, Fay Ann: 287 Jewell, Orson Bruce: 259 Jimerson, Marilyn Diane: 314 Jinks, Charles David: 314 Jobe, Dorothy Sue: 259 Joerden, Larry Knox: 259 Johns, Lillie Lee: 314 Johnson, Alan Myers: 287 Johnson, Allen E.: 314 Johnson, Billy Ray: 287 Johnson, Clarence Edgar: 300 Johnson. Donald Joe: 287 Johnson, Donna Sue: 287 Johnson, Emily Carol: 314 Johnson, James Clinton: 300 Johnson, James Dunaway: 259 Johnson, Jere Markle: 259 Johnson, Jerry Paul: 314 Johnson, Jill Andrea: 315 Johnson, Jimmy Marshall: 259 Johnson, Joe R.: 315 Johnson, John D.: 315 Johnson, Pat: 315 Johnson, Pat: 315 Johnson, Robert Eugene: 259 Johnson, Rosemary McRoberts: 259 Johnson, Ruth Mary: 300 Johnson, Sandra Kay: 300 Johnson, Sidney Ervin: 300 Johnson, Walter Gill: 315 Johnson, William Roy: 300 Johnston, Charles: 287 Johnston, Norwyn: 259 Johnston, Sammye: 287 Johnston, Sybill Chaffin :287 Joiner, Anna Maria: 315 Jolly, Ruth Ann: 287 Jones, Betty Sue: 315 Jones, Bill: 315 Jones, Bruce: 259 Jones, Charles Richard: 287 Jones, Cleveland Marion: 315 Jones, Clyde Junior: 259 Jones, Cynthia Louise: 315 Jones, Donald: 287 Jones, Dorsey William: 300 Jones, Dorothy Kay: 300 Jones, Edward Paul: 287 Jones, Freida Ann: 278 Jones, Gary Martin: 259 Jones, Glenn Welch, Jr.: 259 Jones, Herman Marshall: 315 Jones, Howard, Jr.: 300 Jones, Janies Franklin: 259 Jones, James Henry: 315 Jones, James Rodney: 300 Jones, Jim Baugh: 315 Jones, Lawrence Edward: 300 Jones, Linda Lee: 300 Jones, Luellen Ashley: 315 Jones, Marilyn Jane: 300 Jones, Marsha Lynn: 287 Jones, Mary Lou: 300 Jones, Paul Lee: 315 Jones, Priscilla Alden: 315 Jones, Ronald Marion: 315 Jones, Russell Dean: 300 Jones, Wendell Oren: 315 Jones, Wilene: 315 Jones, Wray Henry: 259 Jordan, Bobby Carl: 259 Jordan, Denney: 287 Jordan, Don Wayne: 300 Jordan, George William, Jr.: 259 Jordan, Mary Sue: 287 Joyce, Emily Jo: 287 Judkins, Phyllis Jean: 287 Junel, Robbie Louise: 315 Junkin, Emmett Presley: 315 k Kalmbach, George: 315 Kampbell, Carolyn Ann: 259 Kantz, William Edward: 315 Kauffeld, Fred J.: 300 Kaufman, Theodore Phillip: 260 Keahey, Benjamin Franklin: 315 Keaton, Nina Claire: 315 Keen, Anna Sue: 315 Keen, Linda Lee: 315 Keene, Ronald Bruce: 300 Keese, Charles Phillip: 300 Keesee, James Mahlon: 287 Keeter, Gary Lee: 300 Keith, Edwin Lewis: 300 WHEN THINKING OF GOOD FOOD AND GOOD FRIENDS, COME TO . . . CAMPUS GRILL Corner of fhe University Campus In Fayetteville it ' s CAMPBELL-BELL for Authentic Razorback Apparel Phone 2-4392 Trademark Reg. U. S. Patent Office 452 HUNG at the Kappa Sigma Horror Party was Molitor Ford whose ordeal looks to be pretty horrible. Keith. Merrill Douglas: 315 Keith. Norma J.: 260 Keith. William C.: 315 Kellam, Arthur Carrie: 315 Kelley, Iva Gene: 260 Kelley, Jana Dee: 300 Kelley, Kelley Granger: 287 Kelley. Larry James: 300 Kelley. Max Preston: 260 Kelley. William Charles: 260 Kelly, Betty Lee: 287 Kelly. Blenda Joyce: 315 Kelly. Edward Hugh: 315 Kelly, John Michael: 287 Kelly, William Donald: 315 Kelly, William Perry: 300 Keltner, Kenneth William: 260 Kendall, Peggy: 315 Kendrick, Carl M.: 287 Kendrick. Carolyn: 315 Kendrick, Johnny Howard: 315 Kennett, Raymond Gerardo: 300 Kenniker. Arthur Don: 315 Kennon, Susan: 300 Kerby, Donn Cox: 300 Kerr, John H.: 287 Kerr, Marian: 287 Kesterson, Jerry: 300 Keys, Bill: 287 ' Khilling, Jan: 287 Kilhy, James Lee: 260 Kilgore, Rex Edward: 287 Killian, Howard Delan: 315 Killough, Peggy Lee: 260 Kilpatrick, McLean: 287 Kimbro, Charles Hughen: 278 Kimbrough, James J.: 287 Kimzey, James R. Mrs.: 287 Kincaid, Becky Lea: 315 Kincaid, Hugh Reid: 275 Kincaid, Neita Ann: 301 Kindrick. Joe Carroll: 287 King, Barbara Lynn: 301 King, Betty: 260 King, George Dewey: 287 King, Johnnie Oris: 278 Kingsborough, Paul Eldon: 287 Kinslow, Judy Ann: 301 Kirby, Carol Anne: 315 Kirby, Heien Cook: 280 Kirby, Henry Hudson: 287 Kirby, Sam Bernard: 287 Kirk, Marvin Norwood: 287 Kirkpatrick, Edward Lee: 315 Kirkpatrick, John P.: 301 Kirkpatrick, William Earl: 288 Kirspel. Tom O.: 301 Kisor, F. D., Jr.: 288 Kjeldsen, Richard G.: 260 Kleese, Gene David: 260 Kleese, Lee Frederick: 301 Kleese, Sue Gearhart: 260 Kleinegger, John C.: 315 Knapp, Gail: 301 Knapp, Robert Warren: 288 Knauts, Comrade Warington: 275 Knight, George E.: 315 Knowles, Stan F.: 260 Knox, David Lee: 301 Knox, Roger Thomas: 288 Koban, Marie-Pierre: 278 Koehler, James Ernest: 288 Koettel. Jo Anne: 315 Kolb, Harry U., Jr.: 288 Kolb, John Gamble: 260 Kolb, Kay Ela: 301 Koons, Marshall William, Jr.: 315 Kraft, James: 288 Kratz, Dale Lee: 260 Kreese, Lawrence Martin: 260 Kretsinger, Marilyn Jean: 315 Krugh, Waymon Searl: 260 Ksara, Edward Paul: 275 Kuester, Suzanne Jean: 301 Kumpe, Robert Louis, Jr.: 288 BALLMAN-CUMMINGS FURNITURE COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF FINE BEDROOM FURNITURE FORT SMITH, ARKANAS Compliments of . . . W. D. JEFFREY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AND RELATED FIRMS 4201 TOWSON FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS PHONE SUnset 2-5029 COMPLIMENTS OF ARKHOLA SAND GRAVEL CO. FORT SMITH — FAYETTEVILLE — LOWELL — MUSKOGEE 453 TELEPHOTO shot of pass from Monroe (10) to Kyser (27) was caught by an Arkansas Gazette photographer. Kunkel, Joseph Earl: 260 Kyle, Luther Burbank: 260 Kyser, Billy Thomas: 288 l Lacefield. William H.: 315 Lacy, Robert Harold: 301 LaFerney, Preston E.: 278 Lamb, Bobby Green: 260 Lambert, David Patterson: 301 Lamb, Charles Wendell: 260 Lampley, Susan Lee: 315 Lancelot, John H.: 301 Lander, Roslyn Sears: 301 Lane, Bea: 260 Lane, Stephen A.: 288 Laney, David Curtis: 315 Lanford, Richard Louis: 288 Lange, Georgianna: 301 Langley, Phillip Wayne: 288 Langston, Donald Ray: 275 Langston, J. Leo, Jr.: 278 Langston, John Wade: 315 Lankford. Richard. Jordan: 301 Laseter, Webb: 315 Lathrop, John Eric: 315 Latimer, Robert Hal: 301 Latta. Garland Harper: 301 Lavender. George William: 301 Lawbaugh. Helen Louise: 260 Lawman. Karen: 288 Laws, Beth: 301 Laws, Ike Allen, Jr.: 276 Lawson, Samuel David, Jr.: 260 Lay, Sylvia Ann: 315 Leach, Jerry Allen: 301 Leasure, Philip Arthur: 301 Leath, Arthur Everett: 288 Lecklitner, Hansi C.: 260 Ledbetter, Charles Ray: 301 Ledbetter, Joel Yowell: 315 Moncrief STUDIOS 316 N. University FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Phone: Hlllcrest 2-7467 Member Professional Photographers of America Inc. Ledbetter, Neena Victoria: 315 Ledford. Sandra Lee: 315 Leding, Edward A., Jr.: 288 Lee, Aaron Travis: 315 Lee. Carol Elizabeth: 315 Lee, Elisa: 301 Leggett, Betty Jane: 315 Leigh, James T.: 301 Leimer, N. Wayne: 315 Lendal, Annette: 280 Lehnard, Linda: 315 Lendermon, William Charles: 260 Lenggenhager, Mary Ellen: 315 Lentz, Charles E.: 278 Leonard, James: 315 Lepine, Francis Anita: 288 Leslie, Dorothy Elaine: 315 Lessley, Billy Vhard: 278 Leverette, Linda Faye: 315 Lewallyn, Nelson: 260 Lewis, Barbara Jane: 260 Lewis, Billy Gene: 278 Lewis, Burett LaFayette: 315 Lewis, Carolyn: 315 Lewis, Charles F.: 315 Lewis, Charles Glenn: 315 Lewis, Charles Harrell: 288 Lewis, Dennis Lorell: 315 Lewis, Donald Elwin: 260 Lewis, George Blake: 260 Lewis, Ira Neal: 260 Lewis, Jack Medlin: 260 Lewis, Jimmy Ray: 301 Lewis, Linda Lou: 288 Lewis, Nancy Kathryn: 315 Lewis, Wright Vermylia: 261 Lewter, Dallas E.: 316 Lieblong, Carolyn Lindsey: 288 Lieblong, Luther Harris: 261 Light, Jerry T.: 276 Lightfoot, Barbara Kay: 301 Ligon, Fay Nell: 261 454 tiii: company, l c. IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF THE 1959 RAZORBACK SERVING AS PRINTER AND BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK CAMDEN, ARKANSAS FINE LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING Liles, Ronald Richard: 316 Limberg. Jim: 316 Lincoln Lydna Elizabeth: 288 Lindsey, Dean Ray: 301 Lindsey, Mildred Jean: 288 Lindsey, Uvalde Rex: 316 Lindsey, Vicki: 316 Lindsey, Wayne Edwin: 261 Lineback, Jackson Eugene: 301 Linsley. Joseph Lee: 261 Little, Berle Joe: 261 Little, James Robert: 261 Little, John Barrett: 316 Little, Jimmie Ralph: 301 Littlejohn M.: 288 Little, Meredith Ann: 316 Little. William Doyle: 261 Littlejohn. Bobby Jack: 261 Littlejohn, Bobbye Jeane: 301 Livingston, 0. Bernard: 316 Livingston, Phillip Vaughn: 288 Lizotte. John N., Jr.: 288 Lloyd, Robert Glenn: 261 Loe. Dale Franklin: 261 Locke, James William: 301 Lockhart, Andrew Phillips: 278 Lockhart, Vernon B.: 316 Loffon, Edward Zane: 288 Logan. Arlis James: 316 Logan, Beth Marion: 288 Logan, Nancy Louise: 301 Looney, Joseph L.: 288 Looper, Charles Gene: 278 Loudon, Dennis Eugene: 316 Lough. Max E.: 316 Love, John Alan: 301 Lovell, Jessie Louise: 261 Lovell, Jimmy A.: 288 Lovett, Arthur Durwood: 288 Low, Tommy Ray: 261 Lowe, Chester Clarence: 301 Lowe, Emmons Beaul. Jr.: 316 Lowe, Priscilla Ann: 316 Low ranee, Darrell James: 288 Loy, Diana Dickerson: 261 Loyd, Jane Suzanne: 301 Lubin, David Emanuel: 316 Lucas, Darrell Lynn: 316 Lucas, Nancy J.: 301 Luebben, Robert David: 316 Luffman, Martha: 261 Luft, Fred Larry : 301 Lum, Lee. Jr.: 316 Lum, Robert: 288 Luna. JoAnn: 301 Lung, Sing-yue: 288 Lunsford, William Clary: 301 Luplow, Harry William, Jr.: 288 Lussky, John F.: 261 Luther, Franklin: 316 Luzietti, Albert James: 316 Lynch, Gerrald Jaime: 301 Lyons, Arland Wayne: 301 Lyons, Gwen Joi: 261 Lytle, James B.: 278 Lytle, Sarah Kathleen: 261 me McAdams, James Wesley: 261 McAfee. Billy Joe: 288 McAlister, Stephen C.: 316 McAllister, James Eugene: 261 McAllister, J. W.: 288 McAnear, Jerald L.: 288 McArthur, Weems Roland: 288 McBride, Bob: 316 McCarthy, Charles Lewis: 261 McCartney, Allen Papin: 316 McCartney, Carol Jean: 288 McCartney, Julia Kathryn: 288 McCartney, William Addison, II: 288 McCarty, Kay: 301 McCarver, Mildred Ada: 261 McChristian. Billy Earl: 288 McClain. Gary Lee: 288 McClain. Kenneth L: 261 McClanalan. Gus Irwin: 261 McClelland, Libba: 288 McClendon, Zach, Jr.: 288 McClerkin, Hayes C.: 276 McCloskey, Patrick: 301 McClung, Henry James: 261 McClure, Robert Conway: 288 McCollough, Wilborne Farrise: 261 McCollum, Claudette: 316 McCollum, Russell Lealand, Jr.: 261 McCollum, Wayne Paschal: 288 McConnell, George Lewis, Jr.: 316 McConnell, Nan: 288 McConnell, Reed Lackland: 316 McCord. Larry Reed: 316 McCormick, Mirtice Jane: 288 McCormack, Robert E.: 261 McCoy, Lynne: 301 McCracken, Ann Sale: 301 McCrary, George Autrey: 301 McCrary, Lemuel Clarence.III: 302 McCraw, Dan: 276 McCrory, Ross Edward: 302 McCullough, George Kent: 288 McCune, Sally Ann: 302 McCune, Wendell Wade: 262 McCurdy, Judy: 316 McDaniel, Bobbye Jean: 302 McDaniel, John Franklin: 288 McDonald, Barbara Ann: 288 McDonald, Fred Leon: 288 McDonald. James Earl: 316 McDonald, Kermit Frank: 316 McDonald. Phillip: 302 McDonald, Toby: 288 McDougal, Robert Franklin: 262 McDowell, Betty R.: 288 McElhanes, Curtis Willis: 262 McElhannon, Ottis Boyd: 262 Me Elroy, John Hansell: 302 McElroy, John Man McEver, Bonnie Marilyn: 262 McFadden, Bruce Li: 288 McFadden, Jimmy Royce: 262 McFall, Judith Lee: 262 McFarland, Gary Bruce: 262 McFerran, James B.: 288 McGahan, Martha Linda: 288 McGalin, Shirley Anne: 278 McGary, Frank: 288 McGee. Joseph Leonard, Jr.: 262 McGill, Donald Wilbanks: 302 McGill, John Roger: 262 McGowan. Larry L.: 302 McGregor, Sara Frances: 316 McGrew. James Kenneth: 262 McGrew, Mildred Jeanette: 288 McHenry. Robert M., Jr.: 276 Mcllroy, Dena Loye: 302 McIntyre, Edward A.: 262 McKay, Martha Elizabeth: 288 McKeever, William Dean: 262 McKenney, Dannye Mac: 302 McKenzie, James Rector: 302 McKinney, Clay Carl: 302 McKinney, Georgia: 288 McKinney, Steven King: 302 McKinnon, Peggy: 316 McKissack, Carolyn: 288 McKissack, Donald Ray: 288 McKnight, C. Allen: 262 McKnight. Donald T.: 288 McKnight. Judith Langston: 288 McLaughlin, Glenda June: 316 McLees, Carl Edward: 262 McLemore, Martha Anne: 302 McLeondon, Millard Samuel: 262 McLeod, George: 302 McLeod, John C.: 288 McLeod, Morris Miles: 288 McLoud, James Harold: 288 McMahan, Bobby Madison: 262 McMahan. Patsy Lee: 316 McMillan, John Emerson: 288 McMillan, Joyce Ann Stair: 262 McMillan, Preston Hill: 316 45 () " Backing the Razorbacks " THE ROLLING PIN DOUGHNUTS, DOUGHNUTS, DOUGHNUTS!! 9 South School HI 2-9630 TRI-DELT HOUSEMOTHER, Mrs. Josephine Haight, got quite a kick out of one of her Christmas gifts. McMillan, William Francis: 288 McMillan, William L.: 278 McMillin, A. Thomas, III: 316 McMurtrey, Robert Ware, III: 302 McMurtry, Billy I.: 288 McNeil, Dan: 316 Me New, Jane Anne: 316 McNulty, Claude Victor: 262 McNulty, William Randolph: 316 McPherson, Bill Nathaniel: 262 McPherson, Mary Ann: 302 .McRae, Kay: 316 McRell, Eddie J.: 262 McShane, Frances Ann: 288 McTyre, John H.: 278 McVey, John Robert: 316 McWaters, Anita Elizabeth: 302 McWilliams, Joseph Samuel: 262 McWhorter. Clayton Ward: 302 m Mace, Phillip Neal: 262 Mack, Beverly May: 302 Mack, Evelyn Diane: 262 Maddox, Bobby J. 302 Maddox. James Eugene: 302 Maddox, Lloyd C.: 262 Maddox, Paul Thomas 302 Maddux, Priscilla Rosemary: 316 Magee, Linda Ellis: 302 Mahan. Charles Edward: 289 Mahan, Henry E.: 316 Mahony, Joseph Kirby, II: 289 Majors, Don Yancey: 316 Makepeace, George: 289 Maloch. James Louis: 302 Malone, Bobby J.: 262 Malone, Margaret Branch: 262 Malone, Mary Bess: 302 Malone, Nancy Jeannette 316 Manaugh, Virginia Ann: 262 Mangan, Charles Stephen, Jr.: 316 Mann, Mary Milburn: 302 Mann, William H.: 253 Mann, Woodrow Wilson, Jr.: 316 Manning, Marion Dale: 263 Manville. James Griswald: 263 Maples, Jimmie Kay: 302 Mar, Robert: 316 Marcantel, Virginia: 289 Marcellini, Brenda Beatrice: 316 Markle, Marilyn: 289 Marsh, Tyler Jean: 316 Marlar, Clifford Hudson, Jr.: 263 Marlar, Joseph Franklin: 302 Martin, Ann: 302 Martin. Billy Earl: 263 Martin, Bobby Joe: 302 Martin, Don Wright: 289 Martin, Gary Lee: 302 Martin, Grady Lynn: 289 Martin, James M., Jr.: 302 Martin, Joe Williams: 316 Martin, Quentin Arthur: 316 Martin, Richard Otho: 263 Martin, Roberta: 316 Martin. Robert Chris: 289 Martin, Rufus A.. Jr.: 289 Martin, Stanley A.: 289 Martin, Sue Ann: 316 Martin, Treva LaVonne: 263 Martin, William Carl, Jr.: 289 Martinez de Andino, Joaquin Antonio: 289 Mason. Lee Delbert: 302 Mason, Norman Harold: 263 Mason, Randall Gene: 302 Mason. Richard Harper: 263 Massey, Edmund McDowell: 302 Massey, Kathryn Elizabeth: 289 Mateer, Ronald Eugene: 316 Mathey, F. Courtenay: 278 Mathias, Harle Lynn: 278 Mathias. Martha Ellen: 316 Mathias, Thomas Herbert: 289 Matlock, Bobby Joe: 316 Matlock. Josephine: 263 Matlock, Nancy Ann: 302 Matlock, Oscar Norwin: 289 Mattar, George Gerard: 316 Matthews. Gail Owen: 276 Matthews, Mary Ann: 316 Matthews, Joe: 302 Mattison, Harry I).: 263 Mattingly, Lesley Weaver: 276 Mauney, Jimmy Edwin: 302 FRANKS Turn left on Leverett at the Kappa House DOUGHNUTS Tom ' s Toasted PEANUTS JOE HEWGLEY, Dist. Mgr. Rogers, Arkansas COLLIER REXALL DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS COSMETICS HOUSEHOLD NEEDS 100 W. Dickson Northwest Arkansas’ Outstanding Drug Store Complete Lines Everything in Color Photography PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES SUNDRIES FIRST AID SUPPLIES Phone 26262 The well-dressed man has the advanage auman 6 303 Main Street, Little Rock Maus, John Bernard: 302 Mauzy, Mary Elizabeth: 278 Maxey, Lynda: 302 Maxey, Nona Dell 316 May. Alvin, Jr.: 263 May. Billy Burnet: 263 May, Homer L.: 289 Mayes, Billy Jack: 263 Mayes, Max David: 289 Mayes, Paul Clarence, Jr.: 278 Mayes, Wilnita: 263 Mayfield, Ross Richard: 289 Mays, Georgs Barnett: 302 Mays, Billie Silverwood: 263 Mazzanti, Barbara Paula: 289 Mazzanti, Jerry Edward: 316 Meador, David Gene: 289 Measel, John William: 316 Medlen, Jay D.: 289 Medlin, Mary Ann: 316 Medley, James L.: 263 Medley, Robert Lynn: 289 Medrick Barbara: 289 Meeker, Elnora Jean: 289 Meeks, Anna Claire: 316 Mehlburger, Donald Lee: 263 Mehl burger, Max C.: 263 Melhorn, Samuel E.: 316 Melton, Curtis Cox: 289 Melton, Mary Elizabeth: 289 Melton, Mary Jane: 302 .Melton, Sarah Jane: 302 Mercer, Warren A.: 263 Merrell, Mary Frances: 316 Merrick, James Graham: 316 Merriman, William Mims: 316 Mertin, Fred Nicholas: 316 Mervin, Willie Morris: 278 Metcalf, Janice Maples: 263 .Metcalf, Virgil Alonzo: 278 Meyers, Larry W.: 263 Michaelis, Paul EIo: 289 Middleton, Jeanie Broughton: 263 Middleton, Patricia Ann: 289 Milam, Virginia Ann: 263 Miles, Linda May: 289 Milburn, John Henley: 316 Millard, Robert Davis: 316 Miller, Alice Victoria: 263 Miller. Carole Yvonne: 302 Miller, Caryl Ann: 316 Miller, Charles Kent: 289 Miller. Gaylon Eugent. 263 Miller, Gordon Harvey: 289 Miller, lligene: 289 Miller, James Walter: 317 Miller, Marianne Haskell: 263 Miller, Reda Carolyn: 289 Miller. Robert Glenn: 289 Miller, Sally: 289 Miller.. Sara Margaret: 289 Miller, Tommy Lee: 278 Miller, Wilfred Lewis: 317 Mills, Bonnie Patricia: 289 Mills, James Lee: 263 Milum. Martha Ann: 302 Miner, Robert Roy: 317 Minmier. James Guy: 302 Minyard. G. G.: 302 Mitchell. Calvin M.: 289 Mitchell, Charles Russell: 263 Mitchell, Hal Stanley: 302 Mitchell, Johnetta: 302 Mitchell, Thomas Glin: 302 Mitchell, Wanda Lou: 317 Mixon, Paula: 263 Mizell, Virginia Sherwood: 302 Moberg, Barbara: 317 Moeller, Lawrence Bruno: 263 Moery, Robert E.: 302 Moffett, Alyce Kaye: 289 Molitor, Molly Davison: 302 Montgomery, Dale: 317 Montgomery, Jesse Troy: 303 Moon, Bennie Sue: 317 Moon. Oneta Carrol: 263 Mooney, Thomas Davis: 264 Mooney, Walter Fayne: 264 Moore, Biily Jerald: 289 Moore, Deanna: 317 Moore. Harry Dan: 303 Moore, John Hartwell: 289 Moore, John Malcolm, Jr.: 264 Moore, Kenneth Charles: 303 Moore, Kenneth: 317 Moore, Mayme Louise: 289 Moore, Maretta Connell: 264 Moore, Neal E.: 289 Moore, Robert Harris: 264 Moore, Robert Glenn: 317 Moore, Thomas Jerald: 317 Moose, Robert Lewis: 303 Mooty, El vie Eli, Jr.: 303 Morehart, Don H.: 289 Moren. Dale Clark: 317 Morgan, Anne Martha: 264 Morgan, Charles Arthur: 303 Morgan, Doyle Wayne: 303 Morgan, Guy Alexander: 303 Morgan, Leon G.: 289 Moring, James Marvin: 289 Morris, Bobby Eugene: 317 Morris, Douglas Lee: 303 Morris, Gary R.: 264 Morris, Gordon Earl: 264 Morris, Jane: 289 Morris, John Howard: 264 Morris, Justin Roy: 280 Morris, Raymond S.: 264 Morris, Ronald M.: 317 Morris, Ruby Lee: 303 Morris, Sara Lou: 264 Morrison, Doyle Howard: 264 Morrison, Glenn Donald: 289 Morrison, James Alan: 317 Morrison, James David: 317 Morrison, Patty Lou: 303 Morrison, Willie Hayward, Jr.: 264 Morrow, Margie: 317 Morse, Peter Stillwell: 317 Morse, Jeannie: 317 Morton, James I.: 289 Morton, William McDonald: 289 Moseley, James Dale: 289 Mosley, Larry: 303 Mosley, Joe Emmett: 289 Mothershed, Grec Evelyn: 303 Mott, John Kneeland: 264 Moyers, Nancy Kaye: 317 Mu I key, David Allen: 303 Mullen, Winfred C.: 317 Mullen, Richard Louis: 317 Mullins, Derrel Wayne: 317 Mullins, John H.. Jr.: 317 Mullins, Marcia Ann: 317 Murchison, Thomas Oliver: 317 Murdock, Rex H., Jr.: 289 Murphy, Becky Lynn: 317 Murphy, Suzanne Elizabeth: 289 Murphy, Wayne Dale: 303 Murray, Jimmy Joe: 289 Murray, Joan: 317 Murray, Larry: 317 Myers, Jay Frank: 303 Myhand. Eddie Leon: 317 n Nadimi, Hossein: 303 Nall Jerry Byron: 264 Naylor, Alvin Louis: 289 Necessary, James Edward: 303 Needham, Donna Sue: 317 Neil, Carolyn Tisdale: 264 Nelson, Billy Jim: 264 Nelson, Carl Merrell: 289 Nelson, Elsie Mae: 264 Nelson, Jack: 303 Nelson, William F.: 317 Nelson, William P.: 278 Netherton, Bobby Bruce: 290 Nettles, Roger C.: 317 Newbern, Wm. David: 276 Newcome, Nancy Pugh: 264 Newkirk, Larry Jeff: 303 Newland, Sarah Jane: 264 Newman, Judith Ann: 317 Newsum. Jo Lynne: 317 Newton, Christopher Mack 264 Newton, Duane M.: 303 Neumeister, Patricia Ann: 290 Nichols, Frank Franklin: 264 Nichols, Jerry Dallas: 317 Nicholas, Joe Jerry: 303 Nicholson, Gerald Leon: 290 Niemever. Gary M.: 317 Niswanger, Barry: 303 Nix, Jan 290 Nix, John Olia: 303 Nix, Paula Lois: 290 Noel, Robert E.: 264 Nofziger, Charles: 303 Noland, Connie: 303 Nolen, William Giles: 290 Nolen, Wylie E.: 317 Norris, Elizabeth Ann: 303 Norsworthy, Morris E.: 317 North, John Paul: 290 Norton, John Lonnie: 264 Norwood, Don Loyd: 264 Norwood, Joyce Marketta: 317 Nosari, Eldon Joe: 290 Nowell, Anne Galen: 264 Nunley. Bonnio Mercedes: 276 Nunnally, Martha Sue: 264 Nutt, Donald Ray: 264 Nutt, Robert Mitchell: 290 Nutter, William Keith: 264 Nystrom, Betty: 317 Nyunt, Raphael Sein Tin: 264 O O’Brien, Robert James: 317 O’Daniel, Julia Ann: 290 O’Hara, Ernest C., Jr.: 317 O Kelley, John Stephen: 317 Oakes, David L.: 264 Oakley, Thomas D.. Jr.: 264 Obee, Eleanor Louise: 303 Oeberle, David Yates: 276 Oberste, Joe J.: 290 Odglen, Glen E.: 278 Oishi, Kazuo: 317 Oler. Franklin Louis: 290 01 ipliant. Brenda Joyce: 317 Oliver, Gary Don: 317 Oliver, Wilma Jean: 303 Olmstead, Robert Neal: 317 Omo, Mama Jo: 303 Orler, Barbara Rozella: 303 Orlicek, Kenneth D.: 290 Ormond, Charles Louis: 290 Orms, Sexton George: 317 Orsburn, Patricia Ann: 265 Orton, Marilyn: 317 Orton, Travis G., Jr.: 265 Osborne, Frances Elizabeth: 265 Ostner, John L.: 265 Oswald, Harryette Lee: 265 Oury, Byron Eugene: 265 Overton, Bill Max: 303 Ovtrton, William Ray: 303 Owen, Charles R.: 278 Owen, Emily Katuratt: 303 Owen. Emma Jean: 303 Owen, Robert B.: 290 Owens, Anthony: 290 Owens, Carl Ray: 265 Owens, Don Ray: 303 Owens, Emily Frances: 290 Owens, Jerry Martin: 317 Owens, Kenneth Labe: 290 Owens, Olin W.: 265 Owens, Tom Edward: 317 Owens. Thomas Harold: 290 Oxford, Deryle Gene: 290 p Pace, James W.: 265 Pace, Margaret Ann: 317 WHEELER’S DRIVE-IN Downtown Dickson WE DELIVER - TELETRAY SERVICE DIAL 2-8244 Pace, Sondra Lerene: 303 Pack, Roscoe Charles: 265 Padgett, Cynthia Anne: 303 Pafford, Nancy Carroll 265 Pagan, James Lynwood: 278 Page, Caroi Marie: 303 Page, Eugene Merritt: 265 Page, Merlyn Bryan: 265 Pang. Henry: 265 Pangle, Curtis Glen: 265 Panos, Theodora: 265 Papaleonardos, Dimitris P.: 265 Papapanayotou, Panos Christos: 275 Parette, Billie Eugene: 278 Parette, Charles M.: 303 Parette, Patricia Ann: 290 Parham, Robert Wilford: 290 Paris, Stan N.: 290 Parish. William Carolan: 317 Park, Jerry Allen: 303 Parker, Bobby Joe: 26 Parker, Carol Jean: 303 Parker, Henleyetta: 317 Parker, James Richard: 290 Parker. Jerry G.: 265 Parker, Joe Michael: 317 Parker. John Edward: 317 Parker, Mandred Vol. Jr.: 265 Parker, Murl Wayne: 317 Parker, Patricia Lee: 290 Parkin, Jane: 265 Parks, Peggy Louise: 265 Parr, Kenneth Monroe: 290 Parrish, Noel: 303 Parrott, Bettie Jan: 265 Paschal, Mary Ruth: 303 Pascoe, Phillip Terry: 290 Pate, James Cecil: 317 Patrick, Marilyn Jo: 303 Patterson, Barbara Anne: 317 Patterson, Nancy Mae: 318 Patterson, Richard I.: 265 Patterson. Sara Annelle: 303 ' Patton, Ann Marie: 265 Patton. Jewel D., Jr.: 265 Patty. Claibourne Watkins, Jr.: 276 Payne, Frank Lynn: 265 Payne, Patricia Ann: 290 Peacock, Donald Raines: 290 Pearce, Jacky Paul: 290 Pearcy. Ervin Eugene: 266 Pedley. Katherine Evelyn: 318 Pedron. Thomas Adrian: 276 Peebles, Charles Larry: 318 Peel. Robert E.: 266 Peel, Virginia Perry: 290 Peeler, Clay: 266 Peeples, Gerald Ray: 303 Peevy, Jessie Richard: 318 Pelton, Gary Oliver: 318 Pelton, Joe: 290 Pelton, Scott Horton: 303 Pence, Catherine Murry: 318 Pendergrass, Roscoe Royce: 318 Penick. N. Kirby: 318 Penn, Fove Wallace: 318 Penney, William Roy: 266 Pennington, John W.: 290 Perciful, Jerry Cecil: 290 Perdue, William Wallece: 266 Perkins, Fred M., Jr.: 290 Perrier, Paul Gene: 290 Perry. Ed Erich: 303 Perry, Joe R.: 266 Perry, Myrna Ann: 318 Perry, Peggy Lynn: 303 Pesnell. Larkus Howard: 303 Peters, Carol Ann: 318 Peters, Frank Jacob: 303 Peters, James, Jr.: 290 Peters, John William: 318 Peterson, Betty Louise: 266 Peterson, Peggy Anne: 303 Petree. Charlotte Maxine: 318 Pettit, James Lewis: 303 Petty, Zelma Kumpe: 290 Pharr, John Davidson: 303 Phelan, Bobby Gene: 266 Phelan, Sammye Louese: 303 Phelps, H. Robert: 266 Phelps, Jon Harold: 303 Phillips, Billy Wayne: 303 Phillips, Charles Henry: 266 Phillips, David H.: 276 Phillips, Delbert Wayne: 318 Phillips, Joe Oliver: 290 Phillips, Richard Fred: 266 Phillips, Roy Lynn: 290 Phillips, Saundra Sue: 318 Phillips, William Wallace: 266 Philpot, Judy Ann: 303 Pickens, Ronnie David: 303 Pickens, William S.: 318 Piebenga, Larry William: 290 Pierce, Harold H.: 290 Pierce, Joseph William: 290 Pinkerton, William Elze: 266 Pinkston, Ann Dilday: 290 Pippin, Argus Kenneth: 266 Pirnique, Allan Stark: 303 Pistole, Louise: 290 Pitcock, John A.: 290 Pitts, Roger Morrow: 290 Pitts, Robert Samuel, Jr.: 266 Place, Gerald Alan: 278 Plaisance, Carol Jean: 303 Plant, Garratt Proctor: 266 Plaster, George Nicholas: 276 Plowman, Nancy Belle: 303 Plummer, Glen Brown: 290 Plummer, Sandra: 303 Plunkett. Joseph Albert: 318 Plunkett, Sue Ann: 290 Poe, Charles Alfred: 266 Poe, William B.: 290 Polychron, Nikki: 266 Pond, Bobby Hugh: 318 Pond. Pauia Sue: 266 Pool, Jon Walter: 303 Pool, Richard W.: 318 Poole, Arlen Dee: 303 Poole, Wesley Eugene: 318 Pope, Barbara: 290 Pope, Clvde D.. Jr.: 318 Pope, Doreen Inda: 318 Porter, Janet: 290 Porter. Jimmie Ray: 318 Porter, Mary Alice: 303 Porter, Mary Sue: 318 Posey, John Edward: 318 Potter, Jimmy R.: 303 Potter, Nomya Sue: 318 Pouzar. Joe Emil: 303 Powell, Jim Wilson: 303 Powers. Jimmy Edd: 290 Powers, Joe Dickey: 318 Poynter, James H., Jr.: 303 Poynter, Terry M.: 318 Prager, Elda Ann: 303 Prater, John Winded: 266 Prescott, James W., Jr.: 266 Presley, Judith A.: 318 Prewitt, Taylor Archie: 266 Price, James Fred: 290 Price, Jimmy L.: 266 Price, Larry Eugene: 266 Price, Lois Geraldeane: 266 Price, Tommie Phelps: 290 Price, Virginia Ann: 291 Prideaux, Jean Paul: 266 Pridemore, Glenna Jean: 301 Primm, David Henderson: 266 Prioleau, Patsy Ann: 318 Prislovsky, Robert Leo: 290 Probst, Max John: 318 Proctor. Carol Bess: 291 Proctor, Cecil S.: 266 Proctor, Nona: 304 Pryor, Billy P.: 278 Pryor, Pat: 291 APPEALING song was rendered at Campus Capers by Judy Eoff who sang while stage hands changed sets. McILROY BANK " Oldest Bank in Arkansas " 1871—our 88th Year-1959 Complete Bank and Motor Bank Service For Students and Faculty it Member of Federal Reserve System ★ Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 459 Pulliam, Patti Lee: 291 Purdy, Darrell Joe: 267 Purifoy, Judith Ann: 318 Purifoy, Philip Bruce: 304 Purifoy, Pierce H.: 267 Puryear, Gamier K.: 291 Putnam. Sally Ann: 304 Pyeatt. Patricia Guinn: 267 Pyeatt, Ronny Jones: 318 Pyland, Albert Braley: 291 Pyle, Betty Katherine: 318 Pyle, Hoyte R.: 267 Pyles, Wayne Evan: 291 Pyott, Raymond Elizabeth: 304 Pyron. Howard D.: 278 r Raabe, Carl Edwin: 318 Rackley, Gene Allen: 291 Ragan. Janet Sherrill: 304 Ragland, Dorothy Janell West: 267 Ragland, James Byran: 278 Ragland, Judith Ann: 304 Ragland, William Robert: 291 Ragsdale, Edward Floyd: 291 Ragsdale. Sherry Lynn: 304 Raible, Leon: 304 Raible, Mildred Ann: 318 Raible, Robert L.: 291 Raiford, William Robert, Jr.: 267 Raines, Carol Anne: 304 Raines, S. Lanier: 291 Rains, L. Craig: 318 Rains, Patricia Hemic:: 304 Rainwater, Ann: 304 Rainwater, Billy J.: 267 Rainwater. James Michael: 291 Ramoly, Brinton Miller, Jr.: 291 Ramoly, Olin F., Jr.: 304 Ramsay, Gail Kathleen: 304 Ramsey, John William: 267 Ramsey, Sandra May: 291 Raney, Sharon: 304 Rankins, Tommy Lewis: 291 Ransom, Ivan Porter: 318 Rascoe, Josephine: 318 Ratcliff, Anita Joyce: 304 Ratcliff, Dottie: 304 Rater, William Elmer: 318 Ratliff. Billie Lou: 291 Ray, Carr old E.: 276 Ray, Franklin Jared: 304 Ray, Hilary A.: 267 Ray, John Martin: 318 Ray, Mary Eugenia: 267 Rayder, Linda: 267 Rea. James Luther: 318 Reader, Rita Sue: 301 Reaves, Gordon Thomas: 267 Reavis, Carol J.: 304 Reed, fra Max: 267 Reed, James Wiley: 291 Reese, A. Wesley: 267 Reeves, Dale Royce: 291 Reeves. David Earl: 291 Reid, Richard Henry: 318 Regan, Owenita Ilene: 304 Reinhart, Charles Lawrece: 257 Reinhart, Mary Lou: 304 Reitz, Anna Beth: 318 Remy, Robert E.: 304 Renfrew, Earl Edward: 318 Rennick, Alan Lee: 304 Renshaw, Mary Douglas: 304 Reuter, Lloyd Andrew, Jr.: 291 Reynolds, Bill K.: 304 Reynolds, Bobby Gene: 267 Reynolds, Edwin A.: 304 Reynolds, Mattie Sue: 267 MUSIC at the Delta Gamma Christmas party was pro¬ vided by the McClelland Combo, a popular campus group. of fayettville © distinctive portraiture 25 north block dial 24782 OFFICIAL BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1959 RAZORBACK 460 Rhoades, Sam F.: 267 Rhodes, James Robert: 318 Rhodes, Mary Olive: 304 Rhodes, Rufus Dee: 318 Rice, Bennie Elbert: 267 Rice, Donald E.: 267 Rich, Martha Sylvia: 291 Richards, Carl Lee, Jr.: 267 Richards, Terry G.: 304 Richardson, Becky: 318 Richardson, Glen Gene: 304 Richardson, John Erice: 304 Richardson, Joyce Nell: 267 Richardson, Marvin Lee: 291 Richmond, Lois Luetta: 318 Richter, Darrall Alan: 267 Rick, Carl William. Jr.: 291 Rider, Billie Frank: 318 Rider, Jerry D.: 291 Ridgdill, Rosemary: 267 Reiff, Jim C.: 304 Rieves, Elton Allison, III: 276 Riggan, Harold Hugh: 279 Riggan, Vencil Lee: 291 Riggs, Shirley Ann 304 Rigsby, Barbara Lee: 304 Rigsby, Floyd Kelly: 291 Rinehart, Keith Edward: 304 Ritter, Ann: 291 Rittershouse, Janice Marjo: 304 Rivers, Thomas Donald: 279 Robbins, William Dallas: 318 Roberts, Barbara J.: 304 Roberts, Charles Wesley: 267 Roberts, James David: 267 Roberts, Jerry: 318 Roberts, Jerry Lee: 267 Roberts, Tommy L.: 267 Robertson, Art A. 318 Robertson, Judy Ann: 291 Robertson, Rosemarie: 267 Robins, Anne: 318 Robins, Sarah Sandra: 267 Robinson, Elaine Elizabeth: 304 Robinson, Jane: 304 Robinson, John R.: 267 Robinson, Sarah Nelle: 304 Robinson, Veta Yvonne: 304 Robinson, William Robert: 318 Rock, Martha Key: 268 Rockwell, John Allan. Jr.: 268 Roe, Joseph Leo: 268 Roeder, Linda Margaret: 319 Rogers, Cynthia Jane: 319 Rogers, Don W.. Jr.: 291 Rogers, John C.: 268 Rogers, John N., Jr.: 291 Rogers, Ralph Dal : 268 Rogers, Rita Lynn: 319 Rogers, Robert Thomas: 279 Rogers, Rupert: 291 Rogers, Ted D.: 268 Rogers, Tommy Williams: 319 Rogers, William Presley: 304 Rollison, Owen G., Jr.: 291 Root, Lyman Edward: 291 Roper, Charles Douglas: 319 Rorex. Robert Albright: 279 Rorie, Duane Keith: 279 Rosales, Armando: 279 Rose, Louis Allen: 291 Rose, Myra Madelyn: 291 Ross, James A.: 291 Ross, Thomas Howard: 268 Ross, William Porter: 304 Roth. Charles Nelson: 268 Roth, Georgia Ann: 268 Roth, Robert Henry: 291 Rothe, Judith Ann: 291 Rothert, Alice Marian: 304 Rouse, Joye Colleen: 304 Rowe, James Malcolm: 319 Rowe, Phillip Ray: 304- Row land, Alma Jane: 319 Rowland, Janet Aleene: 304 Rowland, Stephen Horton: 319 Roy, C. L.: 291 Ruby, Mary Sydney: 279 Rucker, James T.: 304 Rucker, James William: 291 Rudasill, William B.: 304 Ruggles, Charles Bryan: 304 Rumph, Julia Mae: 304 Runner, Dorothea Lou: 279 Runner. Robert Chaplin: 268 Runsick, Joe T.: 291 Runyan, Phillip Thomas: 319 Runyan, William B.: 319 Rush, Charles Richard: 291 Rushing, Parker David: 291 Russell, Betty Carol: 319 Russell, Carl Max: 319 Russell, Elizabeth Sue: 268 Russell, Frederica Rae: 291 Russell, George W., Jr.: 304 Russell, Jane Gail: 304 Ruseell, Ned: 319 Russenberger, David: 304 Rutherford, Elizabeth Susan: 268 Rutledge, Patricia Jean: 291 Ryan, Archie Bennett, Jr.: 268 Rye, Billy Charles: 268 Rye, Roberta Sue: 291 S Saba, Philip B.: 268 Sabin, Robert Paul: 291 Sadler, James Carroll: 291 Saeler. Julie Ann: 304 Sage, John Allen: 291 Sage, Margaret Betsy: 319 Sain, David A.: 291 Sale, Raymond Lowell: 291 Saliba, George Kenneth: 319 Saling, Jerri Tom: 319 Sallis, John C.: 268 Samons, Loren Jerome: 291 Sample, Charles G., Jr.: 304 Sandefur. Sandra Lynn: 304 Sanders, Earlton Emmett: 291 Sanders, Gary Van: 304 Sanders, Jack W.: 291 Sanders, Jackie: 304 Sanders, Joy Mae: 268 Sanders, Rebecca: 291 Sanders, William Marshall: 268 Sanders, William Powell: 304 Sanderson, David Stuart: 319 Sandlin, Glenn I).: 319 Sandlin, James G.: 291 Sandusky, Judy Gwen: 319 Sandy, Jeff Davis, Jr.: 268 Sanford, Alice M.: 291 Sanford, Mary Sue: 319 Samgster, Robert Daniel: 268 Santifer, Charles Stuart: 268 Sappington, Carolyn Sue: 319 Satterfield, Milton: 291 Satterwhite, Ramon S.: 319 Saunders, Joe Thomas: 291 Saunders, John Louis: 268 Savage, Cecil Wayne: 319 Savage, Sara Elizabeth: 304 Savage, Suzanne: 319 Savers, Virginia G.: 304 Sawyer, Aiyce Ann: 304 Sawyer, Jack H.: 268 Sax, Charles Edward: 304 Scamardo, Charles Wayne: 304 Scaramuzza. Frank Louis: 319 Schallhorn, John David: 268 Schallhorn. Tommy: 291 Schallhorn, William Frederick, III: 304 Schanlaber. William Charles: 291 Schay, Gene W.: 319 Scheiderer. William George: 304 Schenk, Kenneth Charles: 291 Schiefer. Bernard Achatz: 291 Schirmer, William Earl, Jr.: 301 Schmidt, Karl Walter: 319 Schmidt, Kathy: 319 Schmitz, Leonard John: 291 Schnipper, Don Martin: 304 Schofield, Donald D.: 291 Scholl, Stewart Wilson: 268 Scholtz, Ernest Charles: 319 Schoolcraft, Alice Gant: 304 Schrader, Leo W.: 291 Schroeder, Robert William, Jr.: 319 Schultz, Mary Virginia: 319 Schulz, Elizabeth Ann: 319 Schulz, Mary Jo: 304 Schwartz, Lester Lloyd: 291 Schwarz, Mary Lynn: 304 Scobey, Mary Lou: 319 Scott. Bobby Keith: 291 Scott. Brenda Sue: 319 Scott, Gerald W.: 276 Scott, Isaac Alexander, Jr.: 276 Scott. Kenneth Ray: 268 Scott, Lewis Edward: 319 Scott. Mary Agnes: 319 Scroggins, Patricia Elsie: 268 Scudder, Robert William: 268 Scurlock, Earl C., Jr.: 279 Seales, Milton Dewitt: 319 Seay, Robert Henry: 291 Sedwick. Louisa Ann: 319 Seeger, Sally Jo: 291 Sehnert, James Ellis: 268 Seitz, Jerry Burr: 319 Seiter, Louis Herman: 291 Self. Jewell Earl: 268 Self. Norman Farley: 304 Selig. Philip Andrew: 305 Sellers, Jimmy Dale: 305 Selligman, Mitchell, HI: 268 Semasek. Becky: 305 Senhausen. Clifton Scott: 319 Sessions. Martha Rae: 268 Sewell, Bettie Ann: 292 Sewell, Dale Kenley: 292 Sewell. Joe Luman: 292 Sewell, Jon Charles: 292 Sewell, Orson Bruce: 268 Shackelford, Cleon Joseph. Jr.: 269 Shaddox, Charles Russell: 269 Shaddox, Curt H.: 269 Shaddox, James Rodney: 292 Shafer, John W.: 279 Shaida, Laura B.: 292 Shaida, Peter L.: 269 Shannon, Ralph: 319 Shapley, David Anthony: 305 Sharp, Lewis Bateman: 269 Sharp, Mary Ann: 292 Sharp, R. Frank: 292 Sharp, Warren Hubbard: 292 Sharrah, Ronald Paul: 292 Sharum, Raymond J.: 292 Sharum, Urban Eugene: 269 Shaw, James Michael: 276 Shaw, Marguerite Anne: 292 Shaw. Sidney S.: 292 Sheeks, Emily: 292 Sheeks, Willie L.: 319 Sheeks, Winnie Lea: 319 Sheffield, Gerald Dean: 319 Shelby. Gary Don: 305 Shell, William Starke: 292 Shepherd, Raymond L.: 279 Sheppard, Marvin Howard: 292 Sherland, Ann: 292 Sherman, John K., Jr.: 269 Sherman, William F.: 292 Shewmake, Dan W.: 305 Shewmake, Jo Ann: 305 Shimek, Martin: 319 Shipley, Marilynn Jane: 269 Shipp, Elsie Elizabeth: 269 Shireman, Kenneth LaFavne: 319 Shockley, Allen Bryan: 269 Shoemake, Lyman: 305 Shollmier, Kenneth J.: 305 Shollmier, Richard Norman: 292 Shook, George W.: 292 Shores, Cecil Edward: 269 Shreeve, Kent Evans: 269 Shreve, Henry Benson: 292 Shreve, James Edward: 319 Shull, Richard P.: 280 Shults, Bobby L.: 305 Shultz, Beverly Antoinette: 319 Shumate, Douglas Omer: 269 Shumate, Jack Roger: 292 Sidler, Paul Davis: 269 Sidwell, David Albert: 319 Sigman, Vanis Keith: 269 Sild, Charles: 279 Siler, Alva Ray: 292 Simco, Tom Frank: 269 Simkins, George B.: 292 Simmons, Don Lee: 305 Simmons, Marilyn: 269 Simmons, Orman Winfield: 269 Simmons, Sonja: 269 Simonds, Charles M.: 292 Simpkins, Billy Frank: 292 Simpson, Anne: 292 Simpson, Barbara Allegra: 269 Simpson, James A.: 305 Simpson, Sally: 319 Simpson, Thomas J.: 292 Sims, Dennis Norwood: 292 Sims, Marjorie Sue: 305 Singletary, Patrick J.: 292 Sink, Glenn N.: 269 Sivley, James B.: 319 Sizemore, George Mack: 292 Sloan, David Watson: 269 Slusher, Thomas Wilson: 305 Slutter, Marion Edward: 269 Small, Eugene Lowell: 269 Small, Sylvia: 269 Smarr, Suzanne: 319 Smiley, Walter Vance: 292 Smith. Anita Jean: 305 Smith, Barbara: 305 Smith, Bobby Oland: 292 Smith. Charles Elmer, Jr.: 292 Smith, David Andrew: 305 Smith, David Lee: 319 Smith, Don: 292 Smith, Elizabeth Anne: 292 Smith, Floyd Ross: 292 Smith. Gene T.: 276 Smith. Harold Dale: 292 Smith, Harold Dixon: 292 Smith, Harvey Keith: 292 Smith, James Leslie: 269 Smith, Jayme Lee: 305 Smith, Jewell Anne: 269 Smith, Joe Edsel: 269 Smith, Kenneth Ronald: 319 Smith, Larry D.: 305 Smith, Michael Richard: 292 Smith, Morrison F.: 270 Smith. Paul Douglas: 319 Smith, Richard Henry: 319 Smith, Richard M.: 305 Smith, Robert Harvey. Jr.: 292 Smith, Ronald R.: 305 Smith, Truman Henry, Jr.: 292 Smith, Tommy: 305 Smith, Virgil Ernest: 270 Smith. William Grady: 270 Smithwick, Phyllis Clyde: 292 Smittle, Robert Irvin: 270 Snell. Mary Willis: 270 Snider, John R.: 292 Snoddy, Anita: 319 Snodgrass. John Patrick: 319 Snow, Armil: 319 Snow, William Albert: 270 Snyder. Conrad H.: 319 Sohn. James L.: 270 Solis, Betty Ann: 270 Solomon, James I).: 279 Sorrells, George W.: 3-9 Sorrels, Georgene: 292 Sosebee, Allen Leonard: 305 Sowle, John Knight: 305 Spann, Quinn G.: 292 Spears, Roy Gene: 305 Spears, William S.: 305 Speer, Phoebe Lynn: 305 Spence, Catherine Jean: 319 Spencer. Forest K.: 319 Spencer, Lewis Wayne: 270 Spencer, Paul Melville: 292 Spencer. Paulette Mattie: 305 Spencer. Randy: 305 Spicer, Martha B.: 319 COMPLIMENTS OF CALVERT McBRIDE Printing Company FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Students ' Bank Total Resources —$14,400,000.00 Fayetteville, Arkansas OLDEST AND STRONGEST NATIONAL BANK IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 462 BABY CHATTER. By: COLLEGE CLUB DAIRY, INC. 207 Wes! Dickson Street—Dial 2-471 I—Fayetteville, Ark. It ' s not easy to diagnose you But one thing for sure COLLEGE CLUB Vitamin D symptoms. Milk is always a good remedy. Spikes, Wes: 305 Spillman, Byron Don: 292 Springer, Patricia Ann: 270 Spivey. Don .Morrison: 292 Spotts, Billye Jean: 319 Spratlin, Dorothy Ann: 305 Spurgeon, Edgar Eugene: 305 Spurlin, Robert Meyer: 292 Squires, Albert W.: 292 Stadthagen, Roberto: 292 Stagg, Louis Charles: 279 Staggs, H. Gerald: 279 Stamps, Donald L.: 305 Stanage, Del Ray: 319 Standefer, Harold Russell: 270 Standridge, Charles Gary: 292 Standridge, Harold H.: 270 Standridge, Linda: 305 Stanley, Bill B.: 270 Stanley, Phyllis Anne: 319 Staples, Danna L.: 319 Stapleton, Willie Mae: 305 Starlard, Victor D.: 279 Starling, Albert Gregory: 305 Stark, Jerry Barnett: 279 Steed, James Thomas: 305 Steele, Max L.: 270 Steelman, Margaret Ann: 305 Steely, Donald Erwin: 292 Steen. Jane Ann: 270 Stegall, Lawanda Joyce: 319 Steinkamp, William Frederick, Jr.: 319 Stenseng, Ronald Allen: 305 Stephens, Charles D.: 292 Stephens, Danny Bryan: 270 Stephenson. Robert Carl: Stepp, William B.: 270 Stevens, Edwene: 292 Stevens, Ethel Jane: 270 Stevens, Jamie Ann: 292 Stevens, Paul Kurtz: 320 Stevenson, Edward. W.: 292 Steward, Loris Faye: 270 Stewart, B. H.: 292 Stewart, Billy R.: 320 Stewart, Charles Rex: 270 Stewart, Jerry K.: 27G Stewart. Joy Rae: 270 Stewart, Robert Max: 270 Stiedle, Paul Pierson: 270 Stiefvater, Ralph Joseph: 292 Stillions, Donna Lou: 292 Stillwell, Morgan Dale: 270 St. John, Judy Cecilia: 320 St. John, Valerie Lee: 270 St. John, Warner Andy: 292 Stockford, David Morris: 292 Stockton, Buddy Ralph: 270 Stockton, Joe Richard: 270 Stoddard, Clara Dean: 292 Stokenberry, Maurice Glenn: 320 Stokes, Johnnie Kelsey: 292 Stolt, homas Allan: 305 Stone. Dawn Elizabeth: 320 Stone, Jerry Randel: 305 Stonecipher. Mary Sue: 271 Stovall, John R.: 292 Stover, William Jan: 292 Stowers, George Walter, Jr.: 292 Strahn, James, E.: 292 Streetman, Tommy S.: 271 Streett, Alex G.: 305 Streett, Julian Duval: 276 Stribling, Sue: 320 Strickland, Don E.: 320 Strickland, Donald Ry: 292 Strickland, Jerry Rogers: 271 Strickland. William Thomas, J ' r.: 271 Striegler, Curtis Thomas: 320 Stringfellow, Jerry B.: 320 Stroud, Bette Christine: 271 Stroud, John F„ Jr.: 276 Stroud, Marietta Kimball: 271 Stroud, Teddy Don: 292 Stubblefield, Meredith Elaine: 320 Stuckey, Charles Norman: 292 Stueart, Burl Randolph 305 Stumbaugh, Everetle Don: 271 Styles, James Doyle: 271 Suddreth, James Hyatt: 292 Sudderth, William Edwin: 279 Suffridge, Buford Joseph: 320 Sugg, Barney Alan: 292 Sugg, William Sidney: 271 Sulcare. Marilane: 292 Sullards, Bobby Roy: 276 Sullivan, James Patrick: 305 Sullivan, William Harrel: 292 Summerford, Charles Ray: 293 Summers, Marolyn: 293 Summers, William Harris: 305 Suskie. John Thomas: 305 Sutherland, Marianne: 320 Sutter, Luther Oneal: 320 Sutton, Don Lavelle: 305 Sutton, Max Keith: 271 Swaffar, Joe T.: 271 Swafford, Jimmy Edward: 293 Swaim, Syivia Jewell: 305 Swan, Ronald Eugene: 305 Swayze. Fred Cosby: 305 Sweaney, Betty Lucille: 320 Sweatman, James Edward: 271 Sweet, Joy Faye: 306 Sweetser, Polly Anna: 320 Swihart, Carol: 293 Swindle, Dorothy Gene: 271 Swope, Jack Faral: 293 Swopes, Betty Sherlene: 320 t Tabor, Farris Ray: 320 Tabor, Ronald Edward: 306 Taliaferro, Ernest Lenwood, Jr.: 293 Taliaferro, Ernest Lenwood, Sr.: 293 EARLY sideline scenes revealed a dejected Frank Broyles as he and his aids suffered through opening disappointments. “FAYETTEVILLE’S FINEST’ Phone 2-2337 Corner School Dickson PRESTON WOODRUFF R. G. WOODRUFF 464 Talley, Joe C.: 306 Tankursley, John C.: 271 Tarkington, Lloyd James: 306 Tarpley, Janet Sue: 306 Tatom, Bonnie Louis: 271 Tatum, Carol: 306 Tatum, Peggy 306 Taylor, Annette Marie: 306 Taylor, Benny Don: 306 Taylor, Bob Vaught: 293 Taylor, Charles Winston: 320 Taylor, George Delaughter: 293 Taylor, James Edwin: 271 Taylor, John Travis: 293 Taylor, Judith Ann: 320 Taylor. Ted N.: 271 Taylor, W. Martin: 320 Taylor. William Knox: 293 Taylor. William Reginald: 293 Teas, Mary Elizabeth: 320 Tedford, William Lee, Jr.: 293 Teel. Virginia Corinne: 320 Teer, George Albert: 320 Teeter, James Robert: 320 Teeter, William Franklin: 271 Teller, Judy Ruth: 306 Tennison, Alfred Austin: 276 Terrell, Lela Jo: 320 Terry, Gayle A.: 306 Terry, James Michael: 320 Terry, Randall K.: 293 Terry, Tom B.: 293 Thetford, Jack Lee: 293 Thomas, Albert J.: 271 Thomas, Belva Jo: 306 Thomas, Billie J.: 320 Thomas. Carol Lynn Keeling: 271 Thomas, Charles Coffman: 271 Thomas, David Wheeler: 320 Thomas, Jack J.: 271 Thomas, Jerry M. 306 Thomas, Sherrie Shelton: 280 Thomas, Shirley Ann: 306 Thomas, Stuart P., Jr.: 293 Thomas, Thomas Michael: 271 Thomason, Harry Zell: 320 Thomason, John Doyle: 306 Thompson, Benny H.: 306 Thompson, Donald Fred: 271 Thompson, Har ry Eddie: 271 Thompson, Hugh A.: 271 Thompson, Jean: 306 Thompson, Michael Greenwood: 306 Thompson, Milton Lee: 320 Thompson, Toni Nanette: 306 Thompson, W. Wesley: 320 Thornton, Billy G.: 306 Thornton, Charles Craig: 271 Thornton, James A., Ill: 306 Thornton, Mary Sue: 306 Thrailkill, Tommy: 293 Thrash, Melvin Cue: 279 Thorneberry, Pat Alfred: 320 Thurman, William A.: 320 Tiffin, Ralph Hopson: 293 Timberlake, Donald Edwin: 306 Tisdale, Grace Yvonne: 320 Tobey, Jimmie Earl: 293 Todd, Edgar E.: 293 Todd, John Thomas: 306 Todd, Joyce Marie: 320 Todd, Patrick A.: 293 Toler, Carl Gerald 293 Toler, Donald Earle: 306 Toler, James Raymond: 306 Toll, Betty Pearl: 293 Tolleson, John Harrison: 271 Tollett, Eugene E.: 293 Tollett, James Reed: 271 Tollett, Leland Edward 279 Tollett. Stephen Douglas: 306 Tooley, William Roy: 306 Tomlin, Roy Jack: 271 Tompkins, Gail Whitsitt: 271 Tompkins, James Feagin: 271 Tompki ns, Mary Ann: 306 Toon, Donald L.: 293 Towery, Franklin Delano: 272 Towler. Jim W.: 320 Towns, Walter Stuart: 306 Townsend, Robert William: 272 Trager, Barbara Lorraine: 320 Trammell, Gerald Max: 306 Trammell. Marilyn Sue: 320 Tranum, Bobby Edward: 320 Treadway, Bobbie Jae: 320 Treadway, John F.: 320 Treadway, Ted: 320 Treat, Duane C.: 293 Trece, Neill Hamilton: 293 Trieschmann, Martha Ann 306 Triggo, Nancy Vinzant: 272 Trigg, William Walker: 276 Trimble, James Larry: 320 Trowbridge, Ruth Evangeleen: 272 True, William Jackson: 272 Trumbo, Charles Bass: 276 Trumbo, Ellis Patterson: 320 Trust, Sandra: 320 Trusty, Benny Otis: 293 Tubb, Thomas Elmo: 320 Tucker, Jack Randolph: 306 Tucker, Winfred Lee: 276 Tudor. Jane Beatrice: 320 Tunnell, Anita Marie: 320 Tuohey, James Frederick, Jr.: 293 Turner, Anne Carolyn: 320 Turner, Arlie G., Jr.: 272 Turner, Donald Lloyd: 320 Turner, Henry: 279 Turner, Patricia Gale: 293 Turner, Ruth Kay McCoy Turney, Donald Lindsey: 306 Tye, Robert H.: 272 Tyndall, John N.: 272 Tyree. Clydent: 306 U Ohm. Bill K.: 272 Upton, Richard Hugh: 306 Ursery, Durwin G.: 293 Utley. Grace O’Neal: 306 V Valentine, Ida Ruth: 306 Valentine, John E.: 293 Vance, James Alfred: 306 Vandament, Ronald Lynn: 320 Vandegrift, Jack C.: 320 Van Doren, Byron: 320 Van Dover, James Richard: 272 Vangilder, William Monroe: 320 Vanhook, Jack I).: 272 Van Hoose, Jerre Max: 293 Vanlandingham, Delbert Ray: 272 Vanmeter, Loretta Lee: 320 Van Meter, Thomas Warren: 272 Van Pelt, Bette: 272 Varner, Maria Ann: 306 Vaughan, Bettye Cazort: 320 Vaughn, Bill O.: 320 Vaughn, Everett William: 320 Vaughn, Sarah: 320 Vaught, Jerome Dean: 320 Veasey, James Edward: 272 Velvin, Benjamin Drew: 272 Venus, Charles Edward: 279 Vest, Larry Carl: 320 Vick, Earl Wayne: 272 Vick, Kenneth Gayle: 320 Vincent, Jeanna Maureen: 272 Vines, Charles Wendell: 272 Vinson, Diana: 293 Vise, John E., Jr.: 320 Vogel, Leah Carolyn: 306 Vouga, Sandra: 293 Vowels, Gary Bruce: 272 W Wade. Larry Alden: 276 Wade, Lynn Fields: 306 Waddell, Mary Gaye: 272 Waggoner, Betty Arlene: 306 Waggoner, Grace Ellen: 293 Waggoner, Lester Ray: Waggoner, Ruth Ann: 306 Wagner, Robert McLean: 320 Wagoner, Jack: 272 Wahlstrom, Teenie: 320 Wai, Miranda Kam Han: 306 Wales, Harold Paul: 306 Walker, H. Dovon L.: 320 Walker, Haskel Earl: 293 Walker, Henry Edwin, Jr.: 293 Walker, Norman Dean: 306 Walker, Steve: 306 Wall, Marvin Leslie: 320 Wallace, Claude L., Jr.: 320 Wallace, Don Clark: 272 Wallace, Marvin Edward: 272 Wallace, Minor Gordon, Jr.: 272 Wallace, William Edwin: 272 Wallace, Willie Jean: 320 Waller, Hassie Mildred: 320 Wallin, Skip: 306 Walls, Andrew Jackson, Jr.: 293 Walls, Charles Rayburn: 293 Walls, Janis: 293 Walsh, Billy Mac: 306 Walsh, Sandra Sue: 306 Walt, Martin Lee: 293 Walt, John David: 320 Wanasek, Robert Edward: 272 Wann, Carlton, Victor: 320 Wann, George Max: 320 Wann, Van: 279 Ward, Betty Lou: 293 Ward, Ebbie H.: 320 Ward, Etta Sue: 306 Ward, James Hollis: 293 Ward, Margaret Ann: 306 Ward, Sharon Elizabeth: 306 Wardlaw, Rose Marie: 293 Warfield, Charles C., Jr: 306 Warr, Donald Ray: 272 Warren, Karen Kay: 321 Warren, Leon Bradley: 272 Warren, Mary Beth: 306 Wasson, Rebecca: 293 Wasson, Robert G.: 272 Wasson, Ruthie Jane: 272 Wasson, Sharon Sue: 306 Waters, Ray Allen, Jr.: 293 Watkins, Eva Lou: 321 Watkins, Walter A.: 321 Watson, James Otis: 307 Watson, John Allen: 307 Watson, Ralph Dean: 293 Watson, Ronald Neal: 321 Waymack, Fred L.: 273 Way mack, Lester: 293 Wear, James Otto: 273 Weaver, Gary Francis: 321 Weaver, Deanna: 293 Weaver, James Scott: 273 Weaver, Lawrence D., Jr.: 273 Weaver, Phyllis Ann: 273 Webb, Alvin B.: 293 Webb, Gary Dale: 321 Webb, Gilbert Howell: 273 Webb. Hiram Russell: 307 Webb, James Murphy: 293 Webb, Jefferson Thomas: 321 Webb, John David: 280 Webb, Linda Rozan: 307 Webster, Carolyn Jean: 293 Weedman, Harry N.: 293 Weedman, James Bernard: 307 Weir, Lynn Warren: 293 Weisenberger, Royce S.: 321 Welch, J. C.: 273 Wells, Ronald Douglas: 293 Wells, Walter Lewis: 294 Welsh, Bobby D.: 321 Welti, Patricia Ann: 321 Wesson, John Marvin: 321 HOTEL ARKANSAS Northwest Arkansas ' Newest Finest " Center of the Ozark Resorts " Rogers, Arkansas —FREE PARKING — Fire Proof Air Conditioned 465 COFFEE BREAK at the ADPi house always found Libba McClelland joking and jibbing with someone. West, Alice Jeanette: 307 West, Boyce W.: 321 West, Charles: 273 West, Donald Ray: 294 West, George Meredith: 294 West. Norvell Edward: 307 West, Peggy Jo: 273 West, Willard W., Jr.: 279 Westmeyer, Edward Robert: 273 Weston, Charles: 321 Wewers, Randy William: 307 Whalen, Keith Ann: 294 Wheeler, Jim Bob: 307 Whetstone. Ray Terral: 273 Whidden, John P.: 279 Whistle, Margaret Ann: 273 Whitaker, Alice Jane: 273 Whitaker, Carolyn Sue: 294 Whitaker, Mary Lou: 307 Whitchurch, Ell wood F., Jr.: 321 Whitcomb, Robert Howard: 273 White, Barbara Anne: 294 White, Daniel Charles: 307 White, George Carl: 273 White, James George: 294 White. Jerry J.: 321 White, John A.: 321 White, John Austin, Jr.: 294 White, Julia Rebecca: 307 White, Margaret Ruth: 294 White, Martha Thelma: 307 White, Mary Elizabeth: 321 White, Norma Louise: 294 White, Robert A.: 273 Whiteley , Ronald Leon: 294 Whiteman, Patricia Diane: 321 Whitfield, William C., Ill: 307 Whiting, Phillip R.: 321 Whiting, Tommy Dick: 294 Whitley, Larry Curtis 321 Whitman, Dowlen Ferris: 321 Whitney, Wanda Joann: 307 Whittle, Eddie J.: 307 Whittle, William Robert: 279 Whitworth, Jerry B.: 294 Whorton, Ernest E.: 294 Whorton, Jo Ann Rainwater: 294 Wiggins, James William: 321 Wiggins, Kay Leigh: 321 Wiggins, Patricia Ann: 321 Wiggins, Susie: 307 Wight, Edwin S.: 321 Wilbourn, Beverly Anne: 307 Wilbourn, Jo Ellen: 273 Wilcox, Jerry C.: 294 Wilcox, Kirkland A.: 321 Wilcox, Lynn: 294 Wiley, Billy Wayne: 321 Wilkerson, Edward D.: 321 Wilkersor , Lyle Alan, Jr.: Wilkins, Maurice L.: 321 Wilkins, Rex E.: 273 Willey, Patricia Ruth: 294 Williams, Barbara Jean: 307 Williams, Barbara Jean: 307 Williams, Billie Winifred: 307 Williams, Bobby Neal: 307 Williams, Carol Louise: 307 Williams, Charles David: 321 Williams, Donald Leon: 307 Williams, Fernie: 273 Williams, Horace Kelley, Jr.: 321 Williams, Jack L.: 321 Williams, Jack Michael: 321 Williams, James Dennis: 279 Williams, Jarrell E.: 307 Williams, Jayne Elizabeth: 273 Williams, Margo Jane: 321 Williams, Maribelle Blew 273 Williams, Mary Ann: 321 Williams, Maurice Edward: 321 Williams, Patricia Lucille: 273 Williams, Paul X., Jr.: 294 Williams, Ralph M., Jr.: 294 Williams, Randy: 294 Williams, Ruth Lindley: 294 COMPLIMENTS FORT SMITH STRUCTURAL STEEL COMPANY FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS HUNT ' S Nationally Known Brands at Popular Prices 466 Williams. William Floyd, Jr.: 273 Williams, William Harrey: 307 Williamson, Bill B.: 273 Williamson, James Roeland: 280 Williamson, Mark Valentine: 321 Williamson, S. Albert, Jr.: 294 Willis, Alice Ann: 307 Willis, Michael Adrian: 321 Wilmoth. Arvin Charles: 307 Wilson, Ann Louise: 294 Wilson, Bebe Jo: 273 Wilson. Billy Lynn: 321 Wilson, Bob L.: 294 Wilson, Charles Arthur: 294 Wilson. Charles E.: 294 Wilson, Charles Franklin: 294 Wilson, Curtis Harold: 321 Wilson. Dick: 273 Wilson, Edmund Allenby: 294 Wilson. Hazel Lee: 307 Wilson, James Richard: 321 Wilson, Janette: 307 Wilson, Jeff Kenneth: 273 Wilson, Joe Leslie: 273 Wilson, John Joseph, Jr.: 294 Wilson, Lillian Gail: 321 Wilson, Loren Duane, Jr.: 274 Wilson, Mary Ann: 274 Wilson, Mary Jane: 321 Wilson, Patricia Sue: 307 Wilson, Paul Hudson: 321 Wilson, Richard E.: 307 Wilson, Richard Eugene: 307 Wilson, Robert Lynwood: 294 Wilson, Sue Carolyn: 274 Wilson, Sue Quinn: 321 Wilson. Thomas Bruce: 294 Wilson, Troy Lamar: 294 Wilson, Wendy: 307 Wilson, William A.. Jr.: 321 Wimberly, Margot Beth: 321 Wimpy, Marion Jo: 307 Winborn, Dwight Monroe: 321 Wingard, George T., Jr.: 279 Winningham, John G.: 274 ' » Winter, Robert Marion: 307 Winter, William Curtis: 294 Wintory, Cora: 274 Wirsig, Niesje Ann: 294 Wiser, Beatrice Faye: 280 Wiser, Frank D.: 276 Wisner, Barbra A.: 274 Witherm, James E.: 307 Witherspoon, Jim Winifred: 274 Witsell, Gilbert Postell: 294 Witte, Gene Edward: 321 Wittman, Waymon Earl: 294 Wolfe, Wiley Thaddens: 307 Womack, Danny Leon: 321 Womack, David Elvon: 274 Womack, Martha Jane: 294 Wommack, Richard L.: 274 Wood. Clara Nadyne: 294 Wood, Gary Phillip: 321 Wood, J. Leon: 294- Wood. Jimmie Edward: 321 Wood, Norma Jean: 321 Wood, Sue Ann: 274 Woodman, Lloyd, Jr.: 274 Woodman, Nancy Carpenter: 279 Woodruff. Denzil Ray: 307 Woodruff, Kathryn Lucille: 321 Woodruff, R. Preston, Jr.: 274 Woodruff, Ronald Garner: 321 Woods, Bill: 321 Woodson, James Harold: 274 Woodward, Vida Othello: 321 Woody, Harold Lee: 274 Woolly, Jim: 321 Woolsey, Denver William: 274 Woolsey, Edgar A., Jr.: 276 Word, Harry Dean: 274 Worden, Charlene Grady: 294 Worley. Martha Jane: 294 Worst, Karl Edward: 274 Worst, James Louis: 274 Worthington, Glen Dale: 294 Wray, Donald Edward: 274 Wray, Robert Christie, Jr.: 294 Wren, Jennie: 294 Wright, Betsy: 294 Wright, Edward L., Jr.: 276 Wright. Joe C.: 279 Wright, Patti Deen: 274 Wright. William 1).: 274 Wyatt. Robert R. 274 Wylie, Birkett Arch: 307 Wynn, Connie A.. Jr.: 307 Wyrick. Waiter Kelvin: 274 y Yancey, Ann: 274 Yancey, Elmer Dale: 294 Yancey, Jo Ann: 274 Yarbro, Hubert Ernest: 307 Yarbrough, Billy Dean: 274 Yates, Helen: 307 Yates, Jerome Douglas: 279 Yates, Milton L.: 294 Yates, Sandra Sue: 321 Vauger, Charles: 279 Yauger, Sandra Elaine: 279 Yawn. Sarah Kathryn: 294 Yost, William Franklin: 307 Youmans, Mary Cat herine: 274 Young, Eddie Mac: 321 Young, Paul. Ill: 307 Young, Sharon Audra: 307 Youngdahl, James Edward: 27 ' Youree, James Henry: 294 Z Zanone, George A.: 307 Zanott, Frank F.: 294 Zellner, Leopold Ernest: 274 Zimmerman, Donald L.: 294 Zierak. Robert Andrew: 274 Ziegenhorn, Norma Gail: 307 Zotti. Wanda Lee: 307 Jlutiltiii EXCLUSIVES READY-TO-WEAR North Block Phone 2-4321 NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES SPAUDINGS ATHLETIC GOODS COMPANY, INC. 513 Center Little Rock THE METCALFE RECORD SHOP 628 West Dickson Street FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS NUNN BUSH BUSTER AIR STEP ROBLE BROWN LIFE STRIDE COWAN ' S i SHOE STORE HUBERT R. COWAN. Owner Res. Phone 2-5297 6 E. Center Bus. Phone 2-6372 Fayetteville, Arkansas 467 Dance Nightly To — JOHN TOLLESON and HIS BUNCH AT DAYTON ' S SHAMROCK CLUB England Bros. Truckline Terminals Fort Smith St. Louis Springdale Kansas City Memphis Dallas Little Rock Hugo Big Enough To Serve You Small Enough To Know You J. FRED PATTON, Pres. COLONY SHOP FAYETTEVILLE’S SMARTEST NEW DRESS SHOP OKLAHOMA GAS AND ELECTRIC FORT SMITH Live Better Electrically 468 BUST LINE is the most pleasing aspect of ROTC as candidates vie for Honorary Colonel in the fall. In Serving The City — We Are Helping The University THE FAYETTEVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE COMPLIMENTS ' Underwoodi Cdoile e eweleri NORTHWEST ARKANSAS ' ONLY ACCREDITED GEMOLOGIST s COMPLI MENTS MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS HANNA GULF SERVICE Catering To The Students and Faculty QUALITY GULF PRODUCTS 607 W. Dickson 2-9741 QUAKER DRUG STORE NO. 2 Aleva nder-Cowine Prescription 2-4500 Pharmacists 808 N. College 469 PRICE-PATTON ' lAJacpc oner J The Finest in Men ' s Wear STYLEMART and CAPPS Suits ★ MANHATTAN Shirts Fine PHOENIX Hosiery North Side of Square Bread and Pastries COLEMAN SHOE STORE COMPLIMENTS Home of Peters Shoes MILLER ' S South Side of the Square Leading Jewelers FAYETTEVILLE 2-5281 FORT SMITH ARKANSAS 470 Celebrating the opening of the new offices of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission. The achievement of 31 y years on display in the rotunda of the State Capitol, products now being manufactured in Arkansas. Since July 1955 over 300 plants have chosen to locate or expand in Arkansas. Over 30.000 new jobs have been announced in apparel, metal working, rubber, machinery, chemical, paper, leather and other major classifications of manufacturing. The University of Arkansas, through its Industrial Research and Extension Center, has contributed significantly to this achievement. The Arkansas Industrial Development Commission. State Capitol, Little Rock. R K A N S A A Salute To The Class of 1959 University of Arkansas from the City of Fayetteville EXCLUSIVELY WHOLESALE EADS BROS. FURNITURE CO. FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS Tired Of Expensive Washing? Come To — Francis ' Wee Wash-lt Fayetteville SPARKLING batons were a part of Bess Malone ' s act which she presented at Saint Patricia Engine rally. BOB MAEDER LION SERVICE • Lubricating • Wheel Balancing • Washing • Globe Battries • Polishing • Kelly Tires 271 N. College 2-5162 472 Always The Best Movies At The Ozark Theater Fayetteville ' s Finest Congratulations Grads from Major Wilfred Sexsmith and the Army ROTC PIO Staff GEORGE S MAJESTIC LOUNGE ARKANSAS ' FINEST LOUNGE SPAGHETTI PIZZA RAVIOLI WE DELIVER 2-4273 519 W. DICKSON 473 T O W ARDS TO MORROW Established in 1889, Fordyce Lumber Company was early in inaugurating planned forest management. Today, under this firmly established program, it ranks among the state’s leading lumber manu¬ facturers and looks forward to continuing operations through the years. The significance of this outlook to you who seek business opportunities following high school or college is that from time to time we have openings for quali¬ fied graduates. L „ Correspondence invited. ' Manufacturers of Arkansas Soft Pine, Fordyce Royal Oak Flooring, Hardwoods of Quality, “Wolmanized” Treated lumber and Timbers - r r RAY ' S FLOWERS RAY ADAMS Hiway 71 South Compliments of A FRIEND SCREAMING Chi Omega ' s Sissy Hurley and Sandra Dumas em¬ brace their new pledge, Alice Rothert of Camden, on bid day. PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM SAFE—PURE—RICH FAYETTEVILLE MILK COMPANY " A Home Owned Institution " 330 N. West Street Telephone 2-4162 Fayetteville, Arkansas BUTTERMILK COTTAGE CHEESE CHOCOLATE MILK ORANGEADE I 12 West Walnut St. PHONE 471 ' rewer A MEN ' S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS ROGERS, ARKANSAS Wheel Balancing LET ' S BACK THE RAZORBACKS lee and McWhorter esso " Your One Stop Headquarters " Polishing Waxing Complete Service Phone 2-6642 313 W. Dickson Careers Await You In Growing Arkansas Industries Office Machine Assembly at Clary Corp., Searcy Technology at Southern Extrusions, lnc. f Magnolia A76 Crossett Company ' s Paper Mill located at Crossett KELLY BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY Kelley For Kwality Serving Northwest Arkansas Since 1921 Wholesale and Retail Building Materials FAYETTEVILLE VAGRANTS Jim Hefley and John Moore were appre¬ hended by Hill Hall ' s favorite peace officer, Mr. Fletcher. CAMPUS LEADER Jim Tompkins dictates his orders for the day to secretary Karo Kampbell. “nobody knows de trubble i seen” It all started one hot summer evening in the Lounge of the Tulsa Club. Mr. R. C. Walker, Miss Gene McRae, Stokely Hays, and I were sitting and sipping and the con¬ versation ranged widely. Then, someone said, “What are your plans for the ’59 Razorback?” I haven’t been the same for a year. I would credit most of my allusions at the Tulsa Club or maybe at Pierre’s or was it the Southern Hills Country Club, well anyway, the allusions which 1 was having that night were repro¬ duced on paper in the form of sketches the next day. While I slaved away in two boring summer school courses, Gene and Auxier made up toe dummy for the ’59 Razorback. In Fayetteville, P rmter vs - engraver the Traveler editor and I were going to school in the morning, sleeping in the afternoon, and talking in the local pubs at night. A brief trip to Tulsa in late summer for dummy approval and the stage was set. Before I get into my story, I would like to say to all of you at Southwestern that I am grateful for your help and aid. It truly is you who put out such fine yearbooks for the University. It is amazing how you can not only take the ideas and thoughts of an editor and mold them into a workable yearbook, but also take a young college man and give him the inspiration to carry on through the vear even though you and he both know that he does not have the ability to be an editor. Trips to Tulsa will always be cherished by editors because you undoubtedly show us the time of our lives. In addition, you in¬ troduce us to a group of the finest people I have ever known. Mr. Hurley, you and your staff work miracles for the Razorback. I don’t know how you make our deadlines, and I don’t really think you do either. But, just as sure as the sun rises, someone is calling each week to spur us here in Fayetteville. Brock, you certainly have cared for us this year, especially me and my Greek headlines and my class section type size. All of this is a part of your job, but it becomes more than a job to take care of way¬ ward editors in Fayeteville. To say the least, our Summit Meeting in Fayetteville is something that I will not soon forget. It was quite a strain on us all for each of us had our own idea about how this book was finally going to be done. About all I can say about the result of the meeting is that I know that it wasn’t going to be done my way. I was more or less a pawn in the printer vs. en¬ graver chess game. Well, it is time to get back here to Fayetteville. School finally started and so did my troubles. The big problem in a job such as this one is searching through a long list of applicants to find a capable staff. Very fortunately, I found one. This staff had no great journalistic giants among its ranks, just hard working people. Take Edwene Stevens for instance. There never has been a class editor who has done the job so efficiently and in so short a time. Edwene, 1 can only compliment you on the way you handled your office. You faithfully marched your pledges over and 1 can safely say that the classes were the only sec¬ tions I never worried about being fin¬ ished. But, tell me, if you will, how you finished two classes that night when Poe and I could do only one? Eric, I remember what bad shape I found the office in after you had stayed up all night working. Ann, you and Connie not only marched over faithfully, but you added that extra something to this dull place. Scotty, you and Ed didn’t work with us on this book, but it was through your cooperation and help that we always got the needed space in the Traveler to make our appeals to the stu¬ dents so that production schedules could be met. Even if I sued you for $75,000 in moot court, Scotty, we could never forget the night we dreamed up the publications division opener. Ed, we directed a lot of jokes your way and a lot of Van’s bill collectors too, but you took each in your good natured way. P.S., I really do think your car is cute, though. Fussell, I have never enjoyed watching a writer sweat and strain over a section like you and Mari- lane did. Your sweat paid off because you did a top job. Rice, your copy was never on time, but the copy you turn¬ ed in really showed journalistic know¬ ledge and ability. Poor pledge Pollard, he really slaved at that typewriter for you. The Greeks were capably done, Marial and John. And, you should be proud that your copy was good enough that I didn’t think that it would need a rewrite to avoid having the more petty groups call the Razorback and complain about how they only had 124 pictures a,nd another group had 125 pictures. McLemore, I skeptically put you on the staff, but you made up in willingness what you lacked in experience, even com¬ ing up to type the frosh forms the night you were to leave for Easter vacations. You are truly a good Razorback staffer. Etta Sue, I pitied your sister for typing most of the index, but as I told you, all 1 wanted was for it to be done. Lynn, the PIO staff enjoyed your drill visits to keep us exchanging news with other publications. Charlie, I’ve never seen anyone enter a field so enthusiastically when they didn’t know a damn thing about it. I guess that journalism will always be a mystery to you, but without your help a good portion of this book wouldn’t have been completed. Polly’s picture on your desk was a new inno¬ hill hall associates scholl dozier stavens I morehart vation and it sure did help me when I got angry and would stomp around the office, about to utter certain phrases. And. I’ll never forget our 8:30 in Dr. Kennedy’s boring Money and Banking course. Don, we had our policy dif- ferencies, but once you got your feet on the ground, you never let me down. I ' m sorry that our class section and Greek section workers always cluttered up your desk, and let us not forget some of those bills, if you know what I mean. Tompkins, with all your campus activities, a wife, and a baby, 1 don’t know how you got the ad section done. But. with the help of one of your pledges and the Woodruff twins, you got it done. You didn’t record any record sales-figures, just ads to meet the budget. And, after the budget is met, who really cares? Byrd, you and Ronnie slaved away at the organization sec¬ tion for four weeks. The job you did was tops, I just wished that you had told me that you had promised to re¬ turn the music department’s bleachers two weeks earlier so I wouldn’t have told the lady to go to . . . when she called and accused me of being a thief. Van, wherever you are or wherever you may be, thanks a lot for your photographic con¬ tributions. I could write about you all day. I do want to tell you that President Caldwell and Coach Broyles almost went crazy this semester without you around to call in for a confidential talk. The rumors you started about the Razorback beauties actually turned out to be pretty funny in the long run. And, 1 know that you thought that we could never finish it without you, but by some miracle we did. Oh yeah, how do you like Jeter’s bush on the fifth page? Jeter, Stokely and Don Millsap told me that someone would come along to take over my photography worries, and you did. I know that your grades slipped and you tired after your all night sessions, but you did a great job for which I will ever be indebted. Perhaps the highlight of the year was our night in Hill Hall when I came in from a visit with an old fraternity alum and joined you in one of your nightly printing rituals. The coffee was lousy, but that trip to the R S with the frost- £ r B| ed windows livened us up a bit. To you, 1 say thanks for saving the Razorback. Sgt. Billpoe, you too came to us with no journalistic experience, but took over every rough and dirty job that was passed up. Without staff members such as you. the yearbook would have never been done. You also took a lot of good natured ribbing, especially about your fear of birds and your “Quackenbush” haircut. Also, your note to me when index numbers was so funny that I for posterity so that you won’t ever forget. “There are some 3,500 lost souls contained herein and at this point, which is incidentaly 1:00 in the morn¬ ing, all I can say is that the . . . are finished. There must be a better way, if there isn’t, there ain’t no justice.” Bob, you served in a most unusual way for a “number 2” man. Actually, you did little work on the Razorback, but je»er dawson you finished the have reprinted it you served as a counsel and as a friend. Problems arose daily that really got me down, but it was you who goated me on to finish this job that 1 had started. Our experiences are too numerous and too many to name, but they will forever linger in our minds as part of his Hill Hall bond which we share. I know that you will make an excellent editor next year and feel confident that this book will only serve to help you put out a better one. John, in you I found the writer I had hoped to find somewhere. Your words are printed on almost every page for you have done so much. We had our little Drake Re¬ lay committee, our differences about the music we wanted on the hi-fi and our ever present worldly discussions in which we solved almost all of the world’s problems. It was you who work¬ ed so hard during Easter and put us ahead of production schedule. Your copy has added that zest which has spiced up a once drab feature section. No one will ever know the pleasure we got out of the simple phrase, “crazy Americans send only one plane. Keep at it like you do, and after you have reached the top, don’t forget your close friend whom you stole blind and irritated to death for your publication down the hall. I wish that I could tell you how I truly feel, but it would get “gooey”. For me, it has been a wonder¬ ful year. The reason that I say it was wonderful is because I have learned a valuable lesson which I can carry with me all the days of my life. I have found in this venture a cross-section of people who make up this world. And, I have learned that each of these people are dif¬ ferent and that each must be treated in a special way. True, there were trying times with class photographers, with faculty advisors, with photographers, with rumors, with deadlines, with production schedules, with studying, wih uncooperative professors, and without getting enough sleep, but it was worth it. No one can ever know what an enriching feeling it is to work with people like R. C. Walker, Gene McRae. Auxier. Wallace Hurley and Brock unless they have the pleasure of doing it themselves. Nor c a n anyone know what a feeling it is to publish for posterity your in¬ terpretation of a year in the life of 5,000 peo¬ ple. 1 am indebted to a lot of people for a lot of work and a lot of friendship, but I am more deeply indebted to each and every stu¬ dent of the University of Arkansas for giving me this opportunity to serve them.—Tuohey. " the chief " moore THE 1959 RAZORBACK was printed and bound by the yearbook division of The Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. The cuts are 133-line copper en¬ gravings by the Southwestern Engraving Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover was manufactured by the Kingskraft Division of the Kingsport Press, Inc. of Kings¬ port, Tennessee. Printing is by letterpress on 80 lb. Warren ' s Lustro Gloss paper. Heads are set in 36 point and 24 point Bodoni Bold lower case. Body copy is set in 10 point Bodoni Book. Identification cutlines are set in 8 point Bodoni Book. Feature cutlines are set in 8 point Spartan with read-ins in Spartan Heavy caps. Beauty headlines are set in Bodoni Black Italic Lower Case.

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