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AZORBACK UBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, FAYETTEVILLE TOMMY WILSON, EDITOR MAITLAND RUTLEDGE, BUSINESS MANAGER MAP OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS I. Little Rock Stadium annex, where the Spring practice game is held. 2. Vet ' s Village. 3. Practice Field, the best place to see the Hogs in action. 4. Racqueteer ' s Rendezvous. 5. Campus Fire Fighters. 6. Field House, capacity one-half. 7. After the game is over. 8. The Hollow, scene of Spring picnics. 9. Terry Village. 10. All the comforts of home. I I. Battleground. 12. Going up, the newest pride of the campus. 13. Marty ' s mu¬ sical marvels. 14. Gentlemen farmers. 15. Chicken Houses. 16. Melody makers. 17. Neophyte home makers. 18. The place not to go if you ' re sick. 19. The library, hang-out of pledges and Phi Beta Kappas. 20. Home of budding young journalists. 21. Full of frogs, pre-meds, and would-be chemists. 22. Greek Theater. 23. Top secret work at Ordark. 24. Making merry at the Student Union. 25. House of Glamazons. 26. Girl ' s football field. 27. Future barristers in the Law Barn. 28. $24,000 bells tinkling in Old Main. 29. Spoofer ' s Stone, where those little white lies are told. 30. The aim of all students—their name on Senior Walk. 31. Future executives, discovering the mysteries of the business world. 32. Tau Beta Pi for BMOC Engineers. 33. Hup, two, three, four. 34. Engineer ' s Haven. 35. Surveyors enjoying a Spring afternoon. 36. Seeing the stars under the stars. 37. Fun-loving students relaxing at the Bubble Club. 38. Sunday night feasts at Mack ' s Steak House. 39. The Rainbow for that hurried snack before date-call. 40. More feasting at the Wishing Well. 41. The Trolley, now defunct. 42. Vet ' s Hospital for hospitalized Vets. 43. Swimming pool, strictly summer school stuff. 44. Slow train through Arkansas. 45. Bowling and other in¬ door sports at the U-Ark Bowl. 46. U-Ark for the ' latest ' shows. 47. Die, will ya! 48. Baseball at the Fair¬ grounds. 49. Future fun-loving students. 50. Still feast¬ ing at the Blue Mill. 51. Local P. O. 52. Shopping on the Square. 53. The Ozark for Year ' round air condi¬ tioning. 54. Mt. Sequoyah—no comment! 55. The road HOME and all points South. The Big Wheels of the President ' s Cabinet—left to right—Henry Harold Kronenberg, Education; George Francis Branigan, Engineering; Robert Allen Leflar, Law; Virgil William Adkisson, Gradu¬ ate; Thorgny Cedric Carlson, Vice-President and Treasurer; Lewis Webster Jones, President; Jeanette Scudder, Dean of Women; Paul W. Milam, Business Administration; Guerdon David Nichols, Arts and Sciences; John Earl Shoemaker, Dean of Men; Lippert Spring Ellis, Agriculture. THE UNIVERSITY AT MID-CENTURY T HE new half century began at the University of Arkansas with planning for greater growth in the next few decades. President Lewis Web¬ ster Jones was in his third year as head man at the University, and was rapidly making plans for its continued growth. The transition year 1950 saw the University in its 77th year of operation. From its one-building beginning Arkansas ' s only University had grown to an investment of $8,000,000. Indications were that the Ozarkian school would grow as much in the next half-century as it had in the last. Although the main campus of the University remained in Fayetteville, its influence had far exceeded those boundaries. The long arms of the University extended over the state as exten¬ sion centers were established at Little Rock, Har¬ rison, and El Dorado. These centers were giving opportunity of education to high school teachers and others who could not come to the Fayette¬ ville campus. Extension centers promised to bring education closer to home in the new half- century. Agricultural extension was doing its share to extend the boundaries of the campus over the state. Already firmly established it was expand¬ ing more yearly. Experiment stations throughout Arkansas were doing much to make the farmer realize the University ' s significance. While the University was in its transition year, enrollment remained at its peak of nearly 5,000. S. I. enrollment was dropping at the rate of nearly 700 a semester, but a large influx of fresh¬ men kept the total high. The University population was rapidly shifting. Fresh high school graduates were replacing vet¬ erans, and Agriculture and Education students were replacing Engineering an d Business stu¬ dents. Total enrollment, however, was little re¬ duced. Blue Key, honorary fraternity, carried on a campaign to keep enrollment high. It publi¬ cized the University by sending student speakers over the state, showing a color movie of the campus, and sending out records of school songs. If enrollment remained high, provision would have to be made for living accommodations. Housing was not forgotten in plans for continued growth. The University agreed to finance con¬ struction of Greek houses under a new plan which brought three fraternity houses and a sorority house in one year. The plan, which was likely to attract other Greeks, provided that the Univer- sity would issue bonds for building the houses, and retire the bonds with the room rent. The athletic department was revamped to get ready for the new half century. Otis Douglas was signed as head football coach, leaving John Barnhill free to devote all his time to being ath- lictic director. He planned to build up sports in all its phases throughout the state. Presley Askew became head basketball coach in the transition year. Plans were enacted to build a new field house and add 5,000 seats to the west side of Razor- back stadium. The field house would be big enough to seat all the student body and other spectators also. It would have a swimming pool inside. A new coliseum, soon to be built in Little Rock, would help put basketball on a paying basis. Academic life got its boost for the new half century. A month before 1949 went out, Presi¬ dent Jones announced to the state that the Uni¬ versity would begin offering work leading toward the Ph. D. degree in September, 1950. Fifty assistantships were offered for graduate study in the coming year. More money from the Gen¬ eral Assembly brought in more and better teach¬ ers to improve the quality of instruction. Prospects for an Improved Arts and Science college were assured as a million dollar Fine Arts building went up at mid-century. The building was designed to house the departments of art, architecture, music, and dramatics. One section was to house an experimental theater. Other buildings were planned for the coming half century. Lawyers we,re to get a new, mod¬ ernistic style building in which to house their studies. An auditorium big enough to seat the entire student body was hoped for within the decade. This would bring more important lectur¬ ers, bands, and entertainers to the campus. The Student Union was enlarged in 1950. The new addition was to house the post office and book store, leaving more room for other func¬ tions in the older part of the building. The new was developing, but the old was not forgotten. Historic Old Main got new stairs, an elevator, and decision to retain it indefinitely. Campus publications started off the new era by purchasing a $60,000 printing plant. It was used to print the Arkansas Traveler and other publications. Next step for the Traveler was to get a news service and begin daily publication. All signs pointed to a continued, stable growth for the University. A future generation of stu¬ dents celebrating the 100th anniversary in 1971 could look back and call this the year when their University shifted in high gear. It looks now as if the going will be speedy, steady, and sure. DR. LEWIS WEBSTER JONES President of the University The Vol Walker Memorial Library • . . START WITH THE RUGGED BEAUTY OF A CAMPUS NESTLED IN THE OZARK HILLS A S the snow and bare lines of winter give way to the fresh greenness of spring, the towers of Old Main look down on a scene that is ever-changing and ever-lovely. Facing across Fayetteville to the hazy Boston Moun¬ tains, the campus combines traditional beauty with modern functionalism in a most agreeable manner. And to the students who slip and slide across its icy surface in January, or stroll in its shade in May, it is still what one Univer¬ sity board of trustees called it, 76 years ago, " a campus surpassingly beautiful. " THINGS TO LOOK Agriculture Building Greek Columns ifjnwi m - f ' A ' ■ m 1 1 FOR AT The Tower A leisurely afternoon stroll across campus RKANSAS The Snow Covered Hills • • • • AS EIGHT O ' CLOCKS BECKON WATCH THE BUSTLING ACTIVITY IN PREPARATION FOR A BUSY DAY F OR early morning classes do come, even to the most Careful of schedule planners, and woe to the doubly unfortunate ones who must clambe to the third floor of Old Main to get knowledge. From sorority row and dorms stu¬ dents come, converging and crossing paths i in a confusing hustle— fe|ig lawyers with a rs with slide rul es, d frown, and chic coeds laden with books. There is usually time, thoug standin or ll v mid-morning break in the Union, in the coffee line and engaging in snatches of non-academic conversation before the ten-till belf heralc next class. a fran+ic dash to the " Coffee with, please. " Reluctant trek to an eight o ' clock Talking it over Headed for that ten o ' clock break ' +en - m ' nute rush between classes Homecoming Torchlight Parade—to encourage the Hogs on to Victory ENJOY THE COLOR AND PAGEANTRY WHICH MARK .Jar A? lliwffinffir j vr ‘ ‘ " v WM L I ftK. t.. .V 1 (A and jfpec ighftal bon ar flbais£y ' ' mart s-rfhear6 are ; the things which compose big celebrations and pep rallies at the University. Two annual parades introduce the biggest of all campus celebrations. Throngs line the streets of Fayetteville every year to see the beginnings of Homecoming and Gaebale. The Razorback band is a big part of every school rally. It provides the musical spirit for the people as they celebrate. Romeo and Juliet invade GAEBALE ' s Varsity Show Betty Murphy is crowned Queen of the annual GAEBALE Spring Festival celebrations of Arkansas ' special days ith her maids, reigns over the annual Homecoming Celebration OBSERVE THE SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE • • • FOR HERE GREAT NAMES ARE BORN u I N lab, a student experiments for a pre-determined result, and Satisfied with his own analysis, goes on to the next £ rfcblem. Learning by doing, engineers ponder ove practical problems which help them to become builders of the future. And over in Pea¬ body Hall, a practice teacher drills her class, teach¬ ing and learning at the same time. The library is a center for everybody, those feverishly studying for an exam, or graduate students intent on a topic for a thesis. Study plays its outst»ding part in Univer¬ sity life, aided by learning and research facilities which are constantly being augmented. Agriculturalists Soils Research Lab Future Teacher of America Students bus Y surve Y In 9 Concentrated study in the Main Reading Room of the Library CS t O THE PLACE A. The City of Fayetteville B. University Campus C. University Buildings s c O THE PEOPLE A. Administrators B. Classes C. Personalities O THE PEOPLE IN ACTION A. Features B. Athletics C. Organizations O RESIDENCES OF THE PEOPLE A. Dorms B. Sororities C. Fraternities S ITUATED 1,500 feet above the sea, sur¬ rounded by Ozark hills, is the University of Arkansas. For thousands of knowledge-seekers every year, this is the place—the place where they live, learn, work, play. It has been the temporary home and office for tens of thousands of students. Six sororities, fourteen fraternities, six dormi¬ tories, and hundreds of privately operated houses furnish homes for nearly 5,000 students. Sprawled over 160 acres in Fayetteville are about 28 build¬ ings, which, directly and indirectly, provide the place for study. Seventy-seven years ago the people of Fayette¬ ville gave $30,000 toward establishment of the Arkansas Industrial School. Today that school, with a different name, has nearly $8,000,000 in¬ vested in this northwest Arkansas city. Students are not the only persons for whom the University is the place. For sports fans throughout the country it is the place where mighty Southwest Conference teams are born. To industry it is a source of trained personnel. For farmers it is the place of experimenting for better crops. For all Arkansas, it is the place where state growth begins. Dormitories, classroom buildings, libraries, stu¬ dent union, Greek houses, stadium, farm, field house, cafeterias—all are part of one big place, a place where learning lives. r--s if ft ft tt iH» :iHiKir y ' : wci The place as viewed by an aerial photographer Students of l c )5() view cornerstone of 1862 1 7v Shadows fall on Senior Walk East entrance of women’s gym Greek theater, home of pep rallies, entertainments, and commencements. Where future tycoons learn their trade Razorback Stadium—20,000 seats in an Ozarkian natural bowl Home of ABCD ’s—addresses, basketball, concerts, and dances All football fans can solve this maze of stairs S 3a jl Peabody hall, lab for education students Twentieth Century Student Union with Nineteenth Century Old Main in background Engineering—where every man wears his trusty slide rule. Home Economics—recipes reviewed Law—study for the bar Students walk cautiously on campus snow blanket mmm ■ wMwm v c ' mmur,. «§l1 jjjEjffir. HE people are the living part of the campus, never far from its influence, gaining a con¬ stant aid in association with one another. Singing carols around the campus Christmas tree, dancing to a name band in the Student Union ballroom, working and playing together, they are united by a common bond that makes their stay in college even more pleasant and profitable. They like and respect each other, and in a group so compact, yet with such diverse interests, each has something to give the other, and each has something to learn from the other. At convocations, faculty teas, and other group gatherings, they also become better acquainted with another group of people who play such an important role in their lives—the faculty and administrative officials. On campus or off, at study or in recreation, friendships grow and under¬ standing broadens as the people work together to make the University of today an even greater cen¬ ter of learning and living tomorrow. PERSONALITIES ddmbuAitudtaM Page 33 GREETINGS pwm I am often asked: “What makes a university really great—what character¬ istics give it distinction among other institutions?” It is readily apparent that many things contribute to the welfare of an institution of higher learning. Adequate fi¬ nancial support, suitable buildings, pleasant and comforta¬ ble surroundings, and many other things of similar nature contribute to the growth and development of a university. They are essential material—attributes without which no in¬ stitution can achieve its potential maturity of thought and action. It seems to me, however, that the real secret of greatness of a university is to be found in the academic traditions of the institution and in the seriousness of purpose of its fac¬ ulty and its students—in short, in the place and the people. These are intangible values, in that they cannot be meas¬ ured with exactness, but they are very real in that their presence—or lack of presence—is keenly felt on any cam¬ pus. Also, they are interdependent values, for one cannot exist without the other. In every institution to which can be applied the term “great”, there is to be found a rich tradition—a tradition of scholarship, of striving for excellence, of love of truth, of seriousness of purpose. In most instances it is a tradition which has been estab¬ lished and safeguarded by generations of men and women who have served on faculty and staff and by generations of earnest students who have sought to follow truth wherever it may lead. Those of us now on the campus of the University of Ar¬ kansas have received a rich heritage from those who have labored here in former years. The noble traditions of the past, which others have established and safeguarded for us, have been put into our keeping that we may profit from them, that we may work and study here and add luster to the greatness of this institution. And equally important, that we may hand them down without tarnish to the generations of faculty and students who will follow us here. Lewis Webster Jones Student President Turner introduces University President Jones. The Joneses take in a pep rally. Executive Assistant Joe E. Covington Page 34 Page 35 Governor Sidney McMath, an alumnus of the University and Arkansas’ young governor, has supported the Univer¬ sity in its efforts at expansion. He is now working to help the University get a new fieldhouse. Governor McMath was president of associated students in 1936 and business manager of the 1935 RAZORBACK. He served as lieutenant colonel in the war, and was elected governor in 1948. Page 36 7ront Row Vice-President T. C. Carlson, Herbert Thomas, President Louis Webster Jones. Back Row: Joe Hardin, Henry Yocum, Raymond Orr j. C. Black, P. E. Murphy, Presidential Assistant Joe Covington. UNIVERSITY BOARD ol TRUSTEES Ten men compose the University Board of Trustees, llc 1 is the governing body of the institution. Appointed the governor of the state, the men serve for a period of en ears each. Their terms of office are staggered so that neu member is appointed every year. Joe Hardin, Grady, was appointed in 1949 to replace Euclid Smith, Hot Springs, who retired. Dr. Smith s eim was to have expired in 1952. Henry S. Yocum, El or ado, replaced J. W. Dickey, former board member Wl °se term expired in 1949. Other members of the board and the years of the expira- 1011 °f their terms are: Herbert Thomas, Fayetteville, 1955. Mr. Thomas is Chairm an of the board. John Clinton Black, Rogers, 1950, chairman of the Per- Sonn el Committee. Pied I. Brown, Little Rock, 1951, chairman of the Re- s earch Committee. P. E. Murphy, Junction City, 1953. Raymond Orr, Fort Smith, 1954, chairman of the Build¬ ing Committee. W. W. Sharp, Brinkley, 1956, chairman of the Agricul¬ ture Committee. W. T. Jones, Madison, 1957. Jack Stephens, Little Rock, 1958. The board made several forward steps during the school year. Per haps the most important of these was taking in¬ itial action toward construction of a new $6,000,000 Medi¬ cal Center, to be used in conjunction with the LIniversity Medical School in Little Rock. The board also approved construction of several new houses for students during the year. Four new Greek houses were authorized, with the University issuing bonds to finance construction. The board also agreed to purchase bonds from promoters of a new 4-H house for girls on the campus, to help defray building costs. VICE-PRESIDENT T. C. CARLSON enterprises involved in operating the University. The Registrar’s office is headed by Mr. Fred L. Kerr, registrar, and Mr. Carter Short, assis¬ tant registrar. Duties of the office include keeping accurate and up-to-date records of students’ work, issuing transcripts to other universities, recording grades, and determining a student’s eligibility to partici¬ pate in certain activities. Special examinations are given by the Regis¬ trar’s Office for students trying for advanced credit or for higher grades after receiving condi¬ tional grades. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the computation of the student’s grade average. The income of the University is derived from various sources: funds from the federal govern¬ ment, the state legislature, student fees, interest on endowment funds, and various other sources. BUSINESS OFFICE REGISTRAR S OFFICE The Business Office of the Uni¬ versity controls all finances of the University at Fayetteville, the School of Medicine and the hospi¬ tal at Little Rock, the various state agricultural experiment stations, and the Agricultural Extension Ser¬ vice at Little Rock. Since 1923, it has grown into a big business enter¬ prise, handling a four million dol¬ lar budget. The staff of the Business Office is headed by Financial Vice- President T. C. Carlson. The various activities of the Bus¬ iness Office include purchasing, budget control, receipt and dis¬ bursement of funds, accounting and financial reports, auditing, and su¬ pervision of the many business Page 38 COLLEGE OF ARTS SCIENCES degree from the University of Iowa, and his M. A. and Ph. D. from the University of Nebraska. The scholastic honor society for the college is Phi Beta Kappa, es¬ tablished here in 1931. Qualifica¬ tions for membership are high moral character and outstanding scholarship. Completion of the Fine Arts building will boost achievement of the college. An experimental thea¬ ter, with the latest in stage equip¬ ment, will furnish a modern labora¬ tory for speech and dramatics ma¬ jors. Art and architecture students will have modern, well-lighted stu¬ dios, among the best in the country. Two new ' degrees were offered in the College of Arts and Sciences in school year 1949-50. These are the Bachelor of Architecture and the Bachelor of Journalism degrees. Architecture w ' as trans¬ ferred from the College of Engineering, and jour¬ nalism students formerly received only the B. A. degree, which is now optional. In addition to these, the college also offers the B. S., B. A., B. M., and B. S. in Social Welfare degrees. Courses in the college are designed to give a broad, liberal education. The college s concerts, dramatics, and exhibits extend its influ¬ ence over the entire University. Area majors were introduced in the college in 1949-50. These are special curricula designed to give the student a broad knowledge of regions of the world. They are offered for Latin-America, the United States, and Western Europe. Dr. G. D. Nichols is dean of the college. He was appointed to the position in 194 . Before coming to the University in 192 , he taught at the Colorado School of Mines. He got his B. A. DEAN G. D. NICHOLS Page 39 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE The College of Agriculture of¬ fers many opportunities for future farmers and homemakers. It awards a bachelor of science degree in agri¬ culture and in home economics. The major work in any of the various departments of study is supported by study in other fields of learning, and thus enables the student to secure an education in a professional field and at the same time a general education. In addi¬ tion to offering thorough classroom and laboratory instruction, the college aids in the development of agriculture and home economics through its experiment stations, its agricultural extension service, and the secondary schools. DEAN LIPPERT S. ELLIS Students in the college receive instruction in the fundamental sciences and arts for the techni¬ cal studies in agriculture and home economics. The college includes the following departments: agri¬ cultural chemistry, agricultural engineering, agron¬ omy, animal husbandry, bacteriology, veterinary science, entomology, home economics, horticulture and forestry, plant pathology, and rural econom¬ ics and sociology. Dean Lippert S. Ellis is head of the College of Agriculture. He worked as research and teaching assistant in Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical College. He received his B. S. degree from the University of Wisconsin and his Ph. D. from the same school three years later. Directly before coming to the University of Arkansas as dean of the College of Agriculture, Dean Ellis was re¬ gional agricultural analyst for the bureau of agri¬ cultural economics in Little Rock. i Page 40 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION tinuing its regular program designed to give each student the essential training for a business career. For administrative purposes, the College of Business Administration includes the department of econom¬ ics, which, under the general rules of the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a major and a minor in eco¬ nomics leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The curricula in business administration therefore provide for a broad cultural educa¬ tion in economics and other liberal subjects as well as for applied busi¬ ness and public administration. DEAN PAUL W. MILAM he College of Business Administration was or¬ ganized as a four-year college in 1937, having operated as a two-year senior division school for eleven years. The college now offers curricula in general busi- o ess , accounting, banking and finance, marketing, istributive education, management, public admin- ‘stration. and business teacher training. It awards f e bachelor of Science in Business Admin- ' stration to students who meet the specific require¬ ments. Advanced study of these curricula is based U P° n freshman and sophomore work in economics, statistics, and accounting, and other basic founda- , ' °n c °urses offered in the various colleges of the University. Dean Paul W. Milam is a native of Arkansas, e took his master’s degree from the University cxas and his doctorate from New York Uni- crsity. Dean Milam was responsible for the in¬ auguration of the special two-year ' curriculum. n addition to this innovation, the college is con- Page 41 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Made a separate college in 1917, the College of Education is now organized into three main divisions: general education, vocational edu¬ cation, and physical education. The first of these is concerned with the preparation of teachers for the elementary schools and for the academic hi h school work. The department of vocational teacher education is concerned with the preparation of teachers in agricul¬ ture, commercial education, distrib¬ utive educational occupations, home economics, and industrial education. The department of physical educa¬ tion serves as a service department for the entire University, providing DEAN HENRY KRONENBERC courses in physical education required of stu¬ dents enrolled in other colleges, and in addition to this, it provides courses designed to prepare stu¬ dents to be teachers of health and physical edu¬ catio n and coaches in secondary and elementary schools. Dean Henry Kronenberg received his doctor’s degree from the University of Minnesota. He came to the University of Arkansas in 1935. Dean Kronenberg is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, and Phi Delta Theta. He is a member of the Lions Club. The college provides curricula for elementary school teachers, a two-year course leading to a four-year state certificate. It also provides curricula for secondary school teachers, on both the junior and the senior high school levels. There is a curriculum in physical education, health, and recreation; and there is a curriculum in public school music. Page 42 g m • COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING more than 16,000 volumes and a seating capacity of 50. The library is a depository for several technical organizations. Dean George Branigan is head of the college. A native of Ne¬ braska, he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Ne¬ braska, and his master’s from Kan¬ sas State College. He came here from Iowa State. Saint Patrick’s Day is the time of celebration for engineers. Students select a Saint Pat and Saint Patricia, who are crowned at a convocation. An Engineers ball climaxes the cel¬ ebration day. DEAN GEORGE BRANIGAN Degrees in agricultural, chemical, civil, electri- a l, industrial, and mechanical engineering are of- tr ed at the University of Arkansas College 01 Engineering. Students get practical experience in the laboratory plus classroom work. Aeronautical engineering has recently been added to the me¬ chanical curriculum. The college also offers advanced work leading to the Master of Science degree. Professional de § r ees are offered in some fields. Top fraternity of the college is Tau Beta Pi, an honorary group. Theta Tau and Alpha Chi pgnia are professional fraternities within the col e ge. The American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers maintain student branches in the college. The .Arkansas Engineer is a publication of the college, edited by students. Its articles appeal to hoth professional engineers and students. Ehe college has an Engineering library Mti Page 43 GRADUATE SCHOOL The Graduate School contributes a great deal to the welfare of the state. In its important function of offering opportunities to those who wish to specialize further in their particular field, the Graduate School does much to supply the state with expert and intelligent citizens. Dr. V. W. Adkisson, appointed Dean of the Graduate School last summer, did his undergraduate work at Drury College and received his Ph. D. from the University of Pennsylvania, where he taught for four years. He came to the Univer¬ sity of Arkansas in 1930. Dr. Adkisson believes that the University can and must have an DEAN V. W. ADKISSON increase in graduate facilities. This is in keeping, he reasons, with the constant demand for well- qualified people who can cope with the rising prob¬ lems of our society. At present, the University awards the degrees of master of arts and master of science, as well as the professional degrees in engineering. The re¬ quirements for the master’s degree are: (1) thirty weeks’ residence; (2) twenty-four semester hours of credit; (3) a thesis; (4) an oral comprehensive examination. The Graduate School of the Uni¬ versity is represented in the Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools and in the Associa¬ tion of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities. Late this spring Dr. Adkisson announced that beginning with the fall semester of 1950 the Ph.D. degree will be offered in several fields and the Doctor of Education degree in the field of edu¬ cation. Page 44 LAW SCHOOL DEAN ROBERT A. LEFLAR Law School Dean Robert Leflar was absent rorn his duties as head man in 1949-50 while he Sat on the Arkansas Supreme Court. In his ab Scn ce Ray Trammell, assistant dean, took over t e reins of the school. The assistant dean graduated Lom the University of Arkansas Law School in ,L) 44. He is a native of Russellville. Dean Leflar received his B. A. degree here in -2, and then went to Harvard where he got [ he LL. B. and S. J. D. degrees. A native of Si- ,0 am Springs, he joined the law faculty in 192 ar| d became dean of the school in 1943. He is a member of the Arkansas Bar Association, t e • ' American Bar Association, and Phi Beta Kappa. The School of Law was established here in ly 24. Since 1926 it has been a member of the American Bar Association. It is also a member Oi the Association of American Law Schools, an or ganization composed of leading law schools o America. The school follows standards o t ie American Bar Association. The Arkansas Law Review is a quarterly publication edited by stu¬ dents in the school. Originated in 1946, the publication is designed to oive information to all members of the legal profession, but to Arkan¬ sas lawyers in particular. Law day is the main period of celebration for the legal eagles. Held in the spring, its main fea¬ tures include a moot court trial and a dance. Moot courts are also held at other periods of the year. The school has an honor system for student self government. The Honor Council is in charge of disci¬ plinary matters of the students. OFFICIAL NOTICES Page 45 DEAN OF WOMEN According to Miss Jeannette Scudder, Dean of Women, a Uni¬ versity coed, to be a useful campus citizen, should develop social, intel¬ lectual, spiritual, and leadership qualities. To help coeds achieve this goal is one of her primary interests. Dean Scudder is a graduate of Purdue University. As an under¬ graduate, she majored in English and psychology. She received her master ' s degree from Columbia University Teacher’s College, where she held a Grace H. Dodge fellowship. The Dean of Women is the offi¬ cial representative of the women students in all matters pertaining to DEAN JEANNETTE SCUDDER their welfare. As Dean of Women, Miss Scudder is responsible for the general welfare of all women students, for the general counseling of students, and for the administration of women’s affairs. Much of her time is spent in individual interviews. Housing, advice to the Association of Women Students, and advice to the various women’s or¬ ganizations are included in her duties as Dean of Women. Many young women come to the University for training in some particular profession and find that they need aid in social development. Or they come for social development and find that they need encouragement in intellectual pursuits. Or they come for intellectual pursuits and discover that perhaps they can turn these pursuits to some economic purpose. It is the work of the Dean of Women to present wider horizons to students and to open up to them new and broader avenues of interest. Page 46 DEAN OF MEN DEAN JOHN SHOEMAKER The Dean of Men aids in the smooth operation of fraternities on the campus. It is his duty to check on the grade points of fraternity pledges and to supervise fraternity rushing every semester. He an¬ nounces fraternity grade point av¬ erages for every semester and re¬ leases the names of new pledges. Personal counseling is one of the dean’s functions. He willingly gives advice to all men students who c come to him for aid. He helps them in their personal and academic problems and gives advice in choos¬ ing a course of study. Men’s activities function more smoothly because of the work of the Dean of Men. John Shoemaker completed his second year as eari °f Men at the University of Arkansas in the s Q ch °ol year 1949-50. He assumed his duties in September, 1948. Dean Shoemaker was assistant director of Or- ar k Research Project, located on the campus, be- 0re he became Dean of Men. He was born in eattle, Washington, but has spent much of his e in Arkansas. He moved to Little Rock from j eat Je. He attended Harvard University, where e f eceived a cum laude degree in chemical engi¬ neering and a master of science degree in metal- Ur gical engineering. It was this background that ed him to his work with the Ordark Research Project. hen the University got Dean Shoemaker in ' 48, it also got a new title for his job. Formerly eans who filled the position he holds were known as deans of students; now they are known by the more widely-used name, Dean of Men. In gen- the Dean of Men is responsible for the non- ( assroom phases of a male student’s collegiate life. Page 47 IFirsl Row: Donna Swank; Rctha Thompson; Carol Sittler; Louise Williams; Bob Dougherty; Georgeanna Hurst; Paula Reagan; Frances Barton; Barbara Wood. Second Row.- Ernest Bennet; Dean Yow; Weldon Ramey; Marvin Demuth; Walter Williams; Jim Griffith; Bob Light. Third Row • Maitland Rutledge; Alvin C. Duke; Fred Webb; Winston Baber; John Thompson; Franklin Presson. Student Senate The Student Senate is composed of the officers of the Associated Students, representatives from all of the schools and colleges on the campus, and committees appointed by its officers. It is the official governing body of the Univer¬ sity students. Its aim is an honest administration of student affairs and the betterment of student welfare. Last May, the Independent Party, for the third consecu¬ tive year, came into office on a landslide. The 1949-50 Stu¬ dent Senate kept its good record of efficient administration. Their work seemed to fit well into the birth of a new era in the University’s program of expansion and progress. In an effort to improve the textbook situation the Senate appointed a committee to investigate the high cost of new textbooks and the low price received for used text books. It took the first step to ease the parking problem on the campus when it appointed a committee to investigate the possibility of more parking areas. The buildings and grounds committee came up with a set of five concrete pro¬ posals aimed at improving the parking situation on campus. A judiciary committee was appointed by Senate President Bob Dougherty to work with the Student Court in defining the scope of the court’s power and to work up legislation to increase the court’s jurisdiction. The Student Senate entertainment committee, under the leadership of Charles Kittrell, sponsored a Claude Thornhill dance and concert and the Tex Beneke dance. The entertainme nt committee broke away from the tradi¬ tion of bringing only name dance bands to the campus when it sponsored Sigmund Romberg and his concert orchestra. In past years all other concerts have been sponsored by the committee on distinguished lecturers and artists of the fac¬ ulty. The Senate passed a resolution that a committee be ap¬ pointed to investigate the meal refund situation in Univer¬ sity housing. It passed a statute setting up a University chest. The chest was overwhelmingly accepted by the students in a campus-wide poll. Any drives other than the one conducted by the University chest are outlawed by the statute. All money collected by illegal drives will be forfeited, and the money will be placed in the University chest fund. The Senate also set up a permanent Gaebale board to assist the Gaebale chairman in planning the spring festival. A five-man board was appointed to work with the Gaebale chairman. The board consists of a junior, senior, senate member, and two faculty members. The senior serves as chairman of the board, with the junior member automati¬ cally moving up to chairman each successive year. A statute was passed ordering that all students making a trip on senate funds must check with the publicity office be¬ fore making any trip in order to get material to promote publicity for the University. Page 48 Left to right: Bobby Simmons; Bob Dougherty; Aubrey Turner; Donna Swank; Charles Kittrell. Student Body Officers The Independent Party made a clean sweep of the an- Htial student elections last Spring. Aubrey Turner was elected president of the Associated Students. The president is the official representative of the students at all social and public occasions and deals directly NN ith the members of the student body to a greater extent than does any other student official. °b Doughery was elected vice president. The vice pres- dent is the presiding officer of the Student Senate and is ex ' °fficio member of all Student Senate committees. Donna Swank served as secretary of Associated Students this year. The secretary keeps records of Senate meetings, Publicizes them, and performs other administrative details the Senate. John Thompson served as treasurer during the first half of the school year. When he left school at mid-term, his Place was taken by Bobby Simmons. The treasurer super- v tses the financial affairs of the Associated Students and serve s as chairman of all financial committees established by the Student Senate. He must make a monthly financial re- f )(), t to the Senate and sign all Senate appropriations and requisitions. The following senators were elected last year: Ernest Bennett and Louise Davis, agriculture; Jimmy Griffith, Ra| ph Ritchie, Winston Baber, and Bob Light, business; Charles M. Kittrell, John H. Marlowe, and Marvin L. Demuth, engineering; Barbara Wood, Dean Yow, Franklin 1 f esson, and Carol Sittlcr, arts and sciences; Alvin C. Duke, education; and Chris Hogin, graduate. The senior class officers elected were Leland Campbell, president; and Fran¬ ces Barton, secretary-treasurer. The Senate consists of various committees formed to look after special student interests. The admissions committee maintains a study of LIniversity entrance requirements, and formulates policies concerning the admission of all students. The artists and concert series committee makes all ar¬ rangements for, and administers all matters pertaining to the artists and concerts series sponsored by the University. The buildings and grounds committee recommends order and location of specific buildings with reasons for its recom¬ mendation. The discipline committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Student Court when so directed by the chairman of the University Senate. The distinguished lecture series committee has charge of making all arrangements for the distinguished lecture se¬ ries. The athletics committee enforces the rules and regu¬ lations of the Southwest Athletic Conference. The enter¬ tainment committee has charge of bringing all name bands and other feature entertainment to the campus. The student honors and awards committee works with the Student Council of Honor Societies in providing appropriate recognition for student achievement. The student loan com¬ mittee has charge of all matters pertaining to the administra¬ tion of University student loan funds. Other senate com¬ mittees are: debating committee, convocations, student pub¬ lications, and student relationships. Page 49 William E. Dc Caulp; Donald E. Farris; Judy Price, Edward B. Dillon; Billy S. Clark. Student Court Five students sit in judgment every Monday at 4 p.m. over University people charged with violation of rules. These five students comprise the Student Court. It is a body set up to keep the University functioning as a little community. Members of the court are appointed as prescribed in the Student Constitution. The chief justice is appointed by the dean of the School of Law. Bill DeCaulp, Fayetteville, served in this capacity for school year 1949-50. Joe Kemp served as attorney general. Appointment to this position is made by the president of Associated Stu¬ dents He makes his selection from among three candidates submitted by the dean of the Law School. It is required that the candidates be at least of second year law standing. The attorney general presents cases before the court. It is required that at least one woman be a member of the court. She is appointed by the Dean of Women, who appointed Judy Price for 1949-50. Other members of the court were: Ed Dillon, appointed by the president of the University Harry Erwin, appointed by the president of Associated Students; and Don Farris, appointed by the Dean of Men. The court has jurisdiction over cases in which students are charged with violating a rule set up by the Student Sen¬ ate, Board of Trustees, or the University Senate. It may also decide disputes between student organizations and all other disputes, arising under the constitution or under stat¬ utes enacted by the Student Senate. The court also has jurisdiction to decide questions affecting student govern¬ ment certified to it by the Student Senate or by the presi¬ dent of the University. By an act passed by the Student Senate in September, 1949, the court now has authority to fine persons charged with cheating. The fines run from $10 to $25. The court also has authority to put students charged with cheating on disciplinary probation. Fines which the court collects go into the student organizations fund of the Student Senate. This does not include traffic fines, which go into a separate fund. Convicted parties have the right of appeal before the Uni¬ versity discipline committee. Cases involving moral turpi¬ tude, at the request of the Dean of Men, go before the dis¬ cipline committee. The right of appeal to the committee is not meant to restrict the actions of the court, but is set up so that defendants will have every chance for a just trial. The Student Court is an example of democratic action at the University. It was set up so that students would have the chance to defend themselves in a fair way. Students on trial are allowed to speak in their own defense, obtain coun¬ sel to defend them, and summon witnesses. No one is con¬ victed unless his guilt is proved beyond any reasonable doubt. The court is the judiciary branch of the people’s government. Page 50 S nwhl L SsWiDh QlaAA, FIRST ROW JOSEPH B. ABELL, Mena, Engineering, AX2, TBIT, OAK, AlChfc Scabbard and Blade, HMB. • BERNARD ELLWYN ADAMS, F a - ' " ettcville, Business Administration. • BOB ADAMS, Mulberry, cation. • HAROLD E. ADAMS, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, B ase ball. SECOND ROW JANE ADAMSON, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, KKT, Root» n Rubes, YWCA, AWS, Razorback Beauty ' 49. • PERRY LEE KISSON, Blytheville, Agriculture, ATP AZ r Interfratefl 1 1 ' Council, Business Manager, Arkansas Jgriculturist, ADA, Ani Industry Club. • JESSE CARL AIKEN, Crossett, Business Adrf 1 ' 11 istration. • NEAL BASIL ALBRIGHT, Fort Smith, Engineer ASCE. THIRD ROW JACK WARREN ALLEN, Texarkana, Engineering, K2 AlChE- SUZANNE ANGELA ALLISON, DeQueen, Arts Sciences, AAA, t A0, Vice President, Sophomore Class. • FAYE ALMO- Brinkley, Education, AI Blackfriars, YWCA, AWS. • CHA SPENCER ANDERSON, JR., Osceola, Business Administrate 1IKA. FOURTH ROW JOHN HAROLD ANDERSON, Mt. Holly, New Jersey, Arts Scr ences, 211, Scabbard and Blade, University Lodge, 2TE, Canted ' Club, Branner Geology Club. • ROLAND HERBERT ANDERSO Bristol, Maryland, Business Administration. • RALPH EDWA A NTO L I K , Cleveland, Ohio, Engineering. • ALEXANE GEORGE ANTONIO, Hot Springs, Engineering. FIRST ROW—BELOW JOHN ELLIS ARMSTRONG, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, Press Club. • ROY B. ARMSTRONG, Fayetteville, Business Ad¬ ministration. • ROBERT PAUL ARNN, Alicia, Business Adm» nr stration. Page 52 SECOND ROW ADLAI FRANKLIN ARNOLD, Russellville, Agriculture, AZ, tv • GREGORY HALE ATKINS, Blytheville, Education. • WA Y LEWIS ATKINS, Gentry, Agriculture. adair CRi .. FIRST ROW French r;| ATKINSON, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, IIK‘I», Adminis RE E ®. ATKINSON, Little Rock, Business lstrat| on, Football. " A” Club. • JAMES WILEY ATKIN- ASCE. • ALVIN C. AUBTIN, Cara- w ay N ' En " 0 Bluff ' Engineeri ng. ' Sneering. ROBERT D , SECOND ROW Club ( v AYRES, JR., Little Rock, Agriculture, Animal Industry ,TI ' n istrat ' A1ART1.N DIXON BAILEY, Little Rock, Business Ad- BAIR B ' ° n ' Markctin g Club, Photography Club. • REX WILSON KER c Cnt0nv,,lc - Business Administration. • CURTIS GENE BA- ' r ‘ Sn, ith, Arts Sciences. jack l third row CHARLES Faycttevi,,e ' Arts Sciences, IIME. • THOMAS America • EEB ' JR., Springdale, Education, Future Teachers of ing, UK V 1LUAM LEWIS BALDWIN, Texarkana, Enginecr- en ces IlK CARROLL F. HALL, Newport, Arts Sci- ' k ' banner Geology Club. CECIL c. H F °URTH ROW REDERk k Rock, Engineering, AIEE, IRE. • Acting q 1fj LVIN BALL, Hardy, Business Administration, Mar- min istration % HURSCHEL S - BALLARD, Fenter, Business Ad- A- l« v 4 n ' JACK STOKES BALLARD, Gravette, Education, ' M ixed Chorus. wsMam i below AR REN EUr; FIRST ROW OLIVER ty- ■ . BANKS, JR., Hot Springs, Busi ness Administration, — • Barber w NDELL BAR BAREE, El Dorado, Education. • LAMAR GUILLIAN Busin arren ' Education - • VINCENT HARTON BARBER, Little Rock, AS ME. • ni,nistrat «on, AX A • JOHN ARTHUR BARD, Benton, Engineering, -AR % AMES EDWARD BARHAM, Little Rock, Business Administration, E ‘ Ba RNES, Batesville, Arts Sciences, S E, Press Club. SECOND ROW ROBERT SMITH BARNES, North Little Rock, Arts Sciences, AXX. • TOM¬ MIE CAROL BARNES, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, Sophomore Council, AWS, YWCA, Art Guild • BOBBY DALE BARNETT, Springdale, Agriculture, AZ Blue Key 1 2, Future Farmers of America, Animal Industry Club. • HERSCHEL OI IS BARNETT, Fayetteville, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. • HARRIETTE JOYCE BARTLETT, Chicago, Ill., Arts Sciences. • FARRY FRANCES BAR¬ TON Charleston, Agriculture, President, Carnall Hall, Band, YWCA, AWS, WAA Home Ec Club, Press Club, Jgriculturist staff, Wesley Players, Coterie, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, Secretary, ADA. • MALIRICE EDGAR BAR¬ TON Fayetteville, Business Administration, Secretary, A‘M2, Wesley Players, ABC, President, University Religions Club. S nw i QLoaa, FIRST ROW SARA JEAN BARTON, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, AAA, Un vcrsity Religions Club, IT, Sophomore Council, Boots and Spu rs - BILLY GLENN BASS, Smackover, Business Administration, F°° f ball, Track, AK . o MARY JANE BATEMAN, Clarendon, Busi¬ ness Administration, X12 r X®, AWS, WAA, Blackfriars. • EA ' WILSON BATES, Little Rock, Business Administration, UniversK ' Masonic Lodge. SECOND ROW FRANK R. BATTISTO, North Little Rock, Engineering, AS® Newman Club. • DAVID JUDSON BAUMGARDNER, Malve 1 ' Arts Sciences, UKA, Scabbard and Blade. • JAMES WATS BAXTER, Siloam Springs, Arts Sciences, Branner Geology • WILLIAM FINIS BEAUCHAMP, Texarkana, Arts Science IIKA, Pre-Mcd Club. THIRD ROW bT, ADRIAN BECKER, Brooklyn, New York, Arts Sciences, p AK I 2, Prc-Med Club. ® JOHN LUTHER BED WELL, ArW ton, Virginia, Arts Sciences, 2N ; Spanish Club. • RALPH A SON BEEGLE, JR., Hot Springs, Business Administration. • NlA BEL GOREE BELL, Springdale, Education. FOURTH ROW FERD McMILLIAN BELLINGRATH, Pine Bluff, Business Adm stration, XAE, AICI Scabbard and Blade, ABC, Commerce G u ‘ Executive Council, Editor, Quild Jicker. © REGINALD JUS 1 BENEUX, Fort Smith, Business Administration, K2, Band. CLETA SUE BENNETT, Washington, D. C., Business Adminis tf3 ' tion, President, AAA X® Panhellenic Council, Mortar Board, .1 • CA, AWS Executive Board, Rootin’ Rubes, Sophomore Council- D. L. BENNETT, Boydsville, Business Administration. FIRST ROW—BELOW ERNEST M. BENNETT, Carlisle, Agriculture, Student Senate, Animal Industry Club. • ROBERT H. BENTON, Fordyce, Arts i ‘ Sciences, K2. • EDWARD CHARLES BESHONER, Paris, Busing Administration, Marketing Club. SECOND ROW WAYMON ASHLEY BETTERTON, Alma, Business Administrate 0 University Lodge. • CHARLES EDWIN BIGGS, Little Rock, Arl Sciences, Prc-Med Club. • BOBBY KAY BINGHAM, BentonV ' IK Arts Sciences, ZTA r Pre-Med Club, AWS. Page 54 larry first row p rcs HOMPSON BIRD, Fayetteville, Engineering, Secretary, CHS bi " C ' aSS ' K “ ' ASCE ' Ncwman Club. MARTHA FRAN- t ar y -ONG, Carlisle, Business Administration, HB I , Secre- ED Wa Rd P 1CfCe GUild ' Secrctai T ' AWS, YWCA, X0. • ROBERT dustry q J - A CK, Tempe, Arizona, Agriculture, AZ, Animal In- tj 0n JOE GLENN BLACK, Rogers, Business Administra- XVI LLIAM A. SECOND ROW ELOISE BUCK , Earle, Business Administration, XII. • Mkansa ACKMOR , ar anna Arts Sciences, Society Editor, Union p RaZ0Rback Staff, Blackfriars, Press Club, Student ct tevill c U ‘ ,Clt C ° mmittce FRANKLIN MARTIN BLAIR, Fay- A griculture DOUci v ’ uuurc ' ADA, Animal Industry Club • JOSEPH LAND, Prairie Grove, Engineering, AIEE. 1 ' • blevins ™ mD ROW Manaeo ' not P nn gs, Business Administration, Business Stude 1 Usurer Cc nwood ent directory, Marketing Club, Masonic Lodge, Terry Vi,la ge Council • ROBERT ELMO BLEVINS, STER ,CK M Engmecrin I1MK • WINSTON CARROLL BLEW- WlLLiA M a8n ° lia ' Enginecrin g A2 , TBII, AIEE, IRE, BSU. ® r casnr BL °«, R ara gould, Business Administration, AXA, ey “surer A«? • ' ' ' ociated Students, Interfraternity Council, AK ' P, Blue j °seph Ho FOURTH ROW ences Ijj ACE BLOUNT, JR., North Little Rock, Arts Sci stra tion % BRU CE ROE BOALS, Clarendon, Business Adniini inistraH LYNTON BOAS, JR., Fort Smith, Business Ad Arts Sci • WILLIAM SLATER BODENHAMER, El Dorado, •cnees K v —, Arkansas Traveler Staff. BELOW Ed ar d EUr FIRST ROW R YROn ,RSs, F BOHE, Fayetteville, Engineering, AIEE, TIME. • BRUCE Bcnt °nviH c n D ° N ' Faycttcvill C Agriculture. • LLOYD WILLIAM BOLING, feusinoe- . Us,ncss Administration. • KENNY MITCHELL BONDS, Lepanto, l ‘ sincs Adi ! 05 " 1688 Adminis LESTer d ' niStration ' SX , AK 1 ' , Scabbard and Blade, Commerce Cuild. • Fa yettevil| e a NDS ' Shirlc yL Arts Sciences. • JAMES FREDERICK BONE, CHARLES n Scienccs ' Canterbury Club, Wesley Players, Blackfriars, Band. " LLIAM BONSTEEL, Harrison, Business Administration, 3IKA, and. SECOND ROW MARY MASON BOSTIAN, Center Ridge, Education. • LEE EDWARD BOUL- DEN, JR., Gurdon, Engineering, AIEE. • JOHNIE EDWIN BOUNDS, Little Rock, Engineering, ASME. • GEORGE ROBERT BOWEN, Fayetteville, Engi¬ neering, XX, President, TBII, President, ASME, Secretary, Blue Key, Treasurer, IIME, ‘MIX, Interfraternity Council, A M2, Vice President, 8T. • JAMES FO BOWEN, Altheimer, Engineering, XAE, AIEE • ROBERT GILBERT BO WLAN, Fayetteville, Business Administration, KA, Marketing Club. • JEANNE DO¬ LORES BOYDSTON, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, OIW, ' LX. I r . V ' ■f j i f Jill 1 k WKM ■ (fl:. • Ssmmh QlaAA. FIRST ROW VIRGIL BRACKEN, Fort Smith, Business Administration. • D 1 ' THURLOW BRADFORD, Plumerville, Agriculture, BSU, ! ' sity Lodge, Animal Industry Club. • WILLIAM STERLING BR- ,! FORD, Harrisburg, Business Administration, — AE, Track, Club. • JOHN W. BRADLEY, Lavaca, Agriculture. SECOND ROW BRAXTON VICTOR BRAGG, Fayetteville, Education. • RAP G. BRANTLEY, Hamburg, Agriculture, Animal Industry Ch ' k RAYMOND W. BRANTON, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, eT GORDON L. BRAZIL, Bauxite, Engineering. THIRD ROW EDWARD ELVIS BREASHEARS, Plainview, Arts Sciences- BILLYE ANN BREIMO, El Dorado, Arts Sciences, Xfl, Bb 1 friars. Student Union Committee, AWS, YWCA, WAA- CHARLES DWIGHT BREWER, Malvern, Engineering, 11 KA, A • JACK DEMPSEY BREWER, El Dorado, Business Administra 1 " B1’2. FOURTH ROW LEONARD WEAVER BREWER, JR., Fayetteville, Business Ad " istration, KX. • JOSEPH RENTZ BRIDGES, Pine Bluff, Busi " ‘ Administration. • MARY ELIZABETH BRICANCE, Marked T " Arts Sciences, IIB I , Treasurer, AWS, YWCA, Met Club, Bb £ friars. Sophomore Council. • WILLIAM DELBERT BRIGHT, f Smith, Engineering, 0T, Wesley Players, ASME. FIRST ROW—BELOW ROBERT GILBERT BROCKMANN, Tuckerman, Business Ad " " ’ stration, 2X. • AUSTIN LeROY BROOKS, Prairie Grove, £ ni necring, OT, TBII, IIMK, Blue Key, ‘MIX, Engineering Cot " 1 Jrkansas Engineer, AIChE. • JOHNNY M. BROWKO, North 1 tie Rock, Arts Sciences. Page 56 SECOND ROW CHARLES LESLIE BROWN, Bentonville, Agriculture. • °° JUAN BROWN, JR., Sheridan, Agriculture, AFP, OAK, An ' " Industry Club, AZ, National Intercollegiate Poultry Judging • EMORY N. BROWN, Statcshore, Georgia, Agriculture. GERALD nn FIRST ROW Branner C Van Buren, Arts Sciences, 2LE, Sciences 222 C,Ub ' J ° ANN BROWN ' E1 Dorado, Arts Business aj JOHN LE GRANDE BROWN, Lancaster, Texas, Rock P • C mm,stration - JOSEPH WESLEY BROWN, Little ' tn gineering, 2AK LHLAND WAn, SECOND ROW AIEE, 0T % BROWN, North Little Rock, Engineering, Sciences AAA EARLENE BROWN, Springdale, Arts French Club • BlaCkfriarS ' WAA ' Notin’ Rubes, YWCA, AWS, ences, i)AF p GRA A N LEON BROWN, Jonesboro, Arts Sci- E1 Dorad n CrShing Rifles ‘ ROB ERT RICHARD BROWN, JR., ° ' Usiness Administration, Kl, William VI THIRD ROW Nation, K v f H OWNING, Little Rock, Business Adminis- A BC, Y]VlCy Scabbard Blade, Newman Club, Vice President, Scabb OLENDON C. BRUCE, Beebe, Engineering, BT Beebe a 0 . Blade ' YMc A • MILDRED HOMERA BRUCE, ' gnculture v „„i Club, ADA • CY Eoundation, Wesley Players, Home Ec ■stration CARSON BRYAN, Bcntonville, Business Admin- JACK KENDALL FOURTH RO W JAMES RUFqi q ANT, Fayetteville, Engineering, ASCE. • Industry ci BRYANT ' Camdcn - Agriculture, FFA, ADA, Ani- - ' •“E. • jQg HARVEY PRIMM BULL, Wright, Agriculture, DLL, Mansfield, Agriculture. BEL w lua m all rv FIRST ROW KQBERT CARR BULL ARD, Little Rock, Business Administration, El. • r obert a Mnptc Bl LOCK ' Camdcn ' Business Administration, 211, AK ' P, n’s Club • BULLOCK, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, Faculty Wo- tion - • MELVIN B RT CARL BURGESS ' J°P lin Missour b Business Administra- OR, Marketi n E EEY BURGESS, Ridgeway, Virginia, Business Administra¬ te. • FRAMi ,Ub ' JAMES FRANKLIN BURKE, Helena, Engineering, 2X, ALLEN BURKHALTER, Rogers, Engineering, ASCE. o w SECOND ROW JOHN DONALD BURNETT, Wynne, Business Administration, KA. • CLIFF C. BURNS, El Dorado, Business Administration. • GRAYDON J. BUSHART, JR., Fort Smith, Engineering, Kl, IIME, 0T, AIEE, IRE. • HARRY DIXON BYNUM, Dermott, Education. • IMOGENE ELIZABETH BYNUM, Boonevillc, Mississippi, Agriculture, 4 T0, Home Ec Club, Coterie, University Religious Club. • BARRY CLINTON BYRD, Ozark, Agriculture • JOHN DONALD BYRD, Little Rock, Engineering, AX2, IIME, TBII, AIChE. Page 58 FIRST ROW REBA Z. BYRD, Mountain Home, Education, WAA, Elemental Club. • CALVIN J. CALDWELL, Columbus, Agriculture. ERNEST LEROY CALHOUN, Searcy, Arts Sciences. • D° N EDWARD CALLAHAN, Nashville, Engineering, BT, A1EE, Eng 1 ' neering Council. SECOND ROW CLINTON EUGENE CALVERT, Oakdale, Louisiana, Engineering IRE, A1EE. • BARBARA WERTHEIM CAMPBELL, Fayettevil 1 Arts Sciences, KKF, AAA, bBK, IIME, KAII, FTA, Sophotn 1 Council. • CASSIE MARIE CAMPBELL, Oneida, Education, 2AI, YWCA, AWS, WAA. • JAMES WANSLEY CAMPBEL 1 " Imboden, Arts Sciences. THIRD ROW JAMES WITHERS CAMPBELL, Fayetteville, Business Adminis 3 ' tion,. Marketing Club. •LELAND CAMPBELL, Fayetteville, E n - ' neering, IIME THIl ASCE, Senior Class President. • ROBERT CAMPBELL, Little Rock, Business Administration, —X. • VCdk LIAM HOY CANNON, Crossett, Business Administration. FOURTH ROW GUS CARAS, Pine Bluff, Business Administration, AXA, • ALLAN WILSON CARL, Fayetteville, Arts and Sciences- PAUL LAKE CARLTON, DeQueen, Arts Sciences, -KA, Pre-M Club. © JEANNE CARMICHAEL, Fayetteville, Business Adminis tra tion. FIRST ROW—BELOW JOHN RAMEY CARNEY, Fayetteville, Business Administration JOHN CLIFTON CARPENTER, JR., Crossett, Business Administf ' tion. • BARBARA ANN CARR, Newport, Business Administrati° n ' Rush Chairman, ZTA, X0, Treasurer, YWCA, Cabinet, AWS, Co merce Guild. SECOND ROW EDWIN D. CARSON, Fayetteville, Business Administration, Acad 3 ' President, Interfraternity Council. • LEE ROY CARSON, Faye ttc villc. Engineering, ASME. • BUD TRAVIS CARTER, Little Ro ck ' Business Administration. S nwh QIcl a D FIRST ROW E - CARTER, Rector, Business Administration. • WIL- J0HN CARTER, West Fork, Business Administration. • EAGLE CASEY, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, Pershing Rifles, Br anner c i neology Club. • VIRGIL ODIS CASEY, Magnolia, Edu¬ cation. VE SECOND ROW AYv CASON, Fountain Hill, Agriculture • CLAUDE CASSIDY, Huffman, Education, ATP. • ERBY LEON EY ' Br iggsville, Education. • KEITH ANGUS CATTO, Farm- ' n§t0n - Arts Sciences. LUNDY] THIRD ROW E LAVENDER, North Little Rock, Business Administration, PORT V,RC,L EUGENE CAWOOD ; Bentonville, Education. • Jane R ACKLIN CHADICK, Pine Bluff, Engineering. • CLARA Eayettevi " e, Arts Sciences, Baptist Student Union s °phom. or e Council, Met Club. jobert nn fourth row lu, U °UGLAS CHEYNE, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, TA - , Sri LlJGEAN LESTER CHILCOTE, Little Rock, Arts fences i n x- CHILD ' HT ' Arch ' tects Club. • ROBERT DANVERS a shvill Agriculture, AAA, President, Animal Industry Stuu ' V « Judging Team. • MERYL N. CHRISTENSEN, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club, ADA. BE Raymond FIRST ROW ASP L c DALE CHRISTY, Fort Smith, Business Administration, AXA, A WJ, • r ' cker, IRC. • ELMER B. CHURCH, Trumann, Engineering, nKA - PAUL C| C CHUR CHILL, JR., Texarkana, Arts Sciences, K2. • ERNEST tai n Hom LONE ' Wh ' ArtS Sciences ’ THOMAS LEE CLARK ' M ° U " ' A2 |, ° me ' Bus ' tess Administration, Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation Council, nia £n n,Versi ty Religious Club. • CEORCE R. CLARKSON, Barstow, Caiifor- HARord Cr ' n ’ ' ' c e President, Scabbard and Blade, ASME. • JAMES EARY, Buckner, Engineering, AIEE. LOW SECOND ROW SAMUEL MATTHEW CLAWSER, JR., Atkins, Engineering. • DWAIN L. CLAXTON Alicia, Agriculture. • ARTHUR RICHARD CLEVELAND, Sulphur Rock Engineering. • JOHN H. COBB, Texarkana, Business Administration • MARY JEAN CODD1NGTON, Fayetteville, Education, Coterie, Treasurer, OIW, Historian WAA, Publicity Chairman, Major-Minor Club, Rootin’ Rubes, New¬ man Club, Elementary Club. • POLLY COLE, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, +X Vice President, AT, Vice President, AAA, President, HB h, Treasurer, AWS, Executive Board, IRC, French Club, WAA Planning Board. • MARY JANE COLEMAN, Prescott, Arts Sciences, ZTA, AWS, Panhellenic, Rootin ' Rubes. FIRST ROW THOMAS HARRY COLEMAN, Camden, Engineering. • M aR ' GARET JEAN COLLIER, Cillett, Education, AA-i, YWCA, A 1 ' 5 ' Home Economics Club. • ROBERT E. COLLIER, JR., Lowell, Ad s Sciences. • DAVID ANDERSON COLLINS, JR., Fayettev Engineering, K2, TBII, IT ME, I H2, ABC, ASME, Track, CM ef ' leader. SECOND ROW ROBERT LOWELL COLLINS, Bald Knob, Agriculture, All, Bla ck friar, Wes ley Players, Animal Industry Club. • JACK COMPTO 1 Prescott, Business Administration, CS, Football. • WILLIAM R COMPTON, Fayetteville, Business Administration, Band, Preside 1 101+. • MICHAEL J. CONNAUGHTON, Paris, Business Admi " ' 5 ' tration, AK X I Newman Club. THIRD ROW GEORGE LUTHER CONNER, JR., Richland, Washington, EnginH ing, IRE, AIEE. • ROBERT MALLORY CONWAY, Hope, Busin Administration, Scabbard and Blade. ® JOSEPH CULLEN CO R Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, M12. • RITA VIRGINIA COO K ' Fayetteville, Business Administration, Vice President, OIW, WA A ' President, DSF, President, Coterie, AWS. FOURTH ROW THOMAS HUNTER COOK, Moss Point, Mississippi, Arts “ Sciences, OAK, AI1 AT, Press Club, International Relations Boots and Spurs, Traveler Staff, Scabbard Blade. • VAN OLIVER COOK, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, AFE, TI, Scabba and Blade, Branner Geology Club, DSF, Student Christian Couf c • WILLIE WALTON COOK, Conway, Education. • HERMA N HAMPTON COOPER, JR., Rogers, Business Administration. Ssmxoh QIoaa FIRST ROW—BELOW JAMES A. CORBETT, Marmaduke, Engineering, AXA, ASME JOHN LOUIS COTHAM, Arkansas City, Engineering, AIEE, • MORRISON AUTHER COTNER, Booneville, Arts Sciences- Page 60 SECOND ROW WILLIAM THOMAS COUCH, Parkin, Arts Sciences. • PH 1 ROY COULTER, Fayetteville, Business Administration. • nor r,s DEAN COUNTS, Wesley, Agriculture. j FIRST ROW H DOW COVEY, Gentry, Business Administration, 2X. Marvin CARL COVEY, Gentry, Business Administration, 2X. COWLING, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences. • ALLYN BERT ' a y e tteville, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club, ADA. JAMES Te arka, Robert SECOND ROW ROBERT COX, Clarksville, Agriculture. • JOAN COX, Education, KKE, AWS, YWCA, Elementary Club. IP» CEE COX, Pine Bluff, Business Administration, 2AE. • CLARK CRABTREE, Bradley, Engineering, ASME. W LUam Millie THIRD ROW EDWARD CRAIG, Scott, Agriculture, f ABC. Lgy x . CRAIG , Bentonville, Business Administration. • STAN- G AIN, Pine Bluff, Arts Sciences, 2N. • VICTOR OOD CRAINE, Hope, Business Administration. EDWARD rv FOURTH ROW CRINER ° LIVER CRANDELL, Perry, Education • JAMES H. CROFT Ea cttev ' Re, Engineering, AIEE, IRE. • KENNETH A. ville A Sa8C ' A8riculture - JOHN WILLIAM CROSS, Blythe- 81 Sciences, IIKA, Student Senate. BE Mary bo FIRST ROW Resident Little Rock, Arts Sciences, AAA, A I, Blackfriars, Tice ARD McM a- ' Student Relations Board, Mortar Board, YWCA. • Merten rJ OROSSETT, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, UKA. • KENNET necrin 8 Alruc LiUlc Rock ' Engineering. • JAMES G. CRUSE, McGehee, Engi- tion - Ncwrn hE ' MARY ANN CUMNOCK, Little Rock, Business Admimstra- Animal l n i’ 3 " C,ub ' OIW - • JOHN AMIS CUNKLE, Fayetteville, Agriculture, n ? inis tration US ' T. Club MARGARET ANN CURRY, Monticello, Business Ad- Xe , Market- A ' Execut ' ve Board, AWS, Executive Board WAA, Rootin’ Rubes, ences , 0,w ' ng C,Ub ' NELLE ELIZABETH CURRY, Fayetteville, Arts Sci- Council Cot Mortar Board, Rootin’ Rubes, Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation So Phom ' ore c ' e ' Univcrsit y Religions Club, AWS, Met Club, Student Senate, LOW SECOND ROW RUTH ANN DANIELS, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, Xfi, WAA, YWCA, AWS, Cheerleader. • CLEO H. DARK, Hardy, Agriculture, AXA. • NATALIE MAX¬ INE DARK Hardy, Business Administration. • JAMES LESTER DAVENPORT, Maumee Agriculture. • BURL EDWARD DAVIDSON, Fayetteville, Business Administration, 2N, Scabbard and Blade, YMCA, Marketing Club. • CAROL DAVIDSON, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, Boots and Spurs, -I ' AH, AT. • ROSE¬ MARY SALOME DAVIDSON, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, KKT, Met Club, Kappa Alpha Sweetheart. • CARL OSWALD DAVIS, Pine Bluff, Education, 2N, Blackfriars, FTA. FIRST ROW EDDIE MACK DAVIS, Waldron, Arts Sciences, 2AE. • JOH F. DAVIS, Rogers, Agriculture. • ALLEN DEISLINCER, F or “ Smith, Business Administration, —Id, TA, • CHARLES EM DEITZ, Little Rock, Engineering, —N, AIEE, Chairman, IRE, Sca bard and Blade, Engineering Council. SECOND ROW JOHN ARTHUR DELALOYE, Fort Smith, Engineering, Newm 3fl Club. • JOHN B. DELILLE, Bald Knob, Engineering, ASCE- CHARLES FRANKLIN DELLER, Wichita, Kansas, Business Adm in ' istration, XII, AK P, Scabbard and Blade, Commerce Guild- COLLEEN ELLEN DELZELL, Van Buren, Arts Sciences, - 1 ' Sophomore Council, ' I ' X, Secretary, French Club, Met Club, A 1 YWCA. THIRD ROW HELEN J. DENT, Imboden, Education, Major-Minor Club, WA- A ' Wesley Players. • JOHN GREGORY DEPAGTER, Eureka Spring Engineering, AIChE, AXX, A M . • ELIZABETH JOYCE DERD ' San Antonio, Texas, Arts Sciences, ZTA, Rootin’ Rubes, Press Club, Traveler Staff, AWS, WAA, YWCA. • JOHN LOU ' 5 DIAMOND, Arkadelphia, Business Administration, AAIM. FOURTH ROW FLOYD B. DICKERSON, Clarksville, Engineering, ASCE. • SAM WILLIAM DICKEY, Sanatorium, Arts Sciences. • WALTER MONROE DICKINSON, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, A04 , U” 1 ' versity Masonic Lodge, Treasurer, Student Bar Association- WILLIAM ROBERT DIFFEE, Little Rock, Business Administrate” ' 2X. FIRST ROW—BELOW DAPHNE DILLAHA, Little Rock, Business Administration, • WILLIAM BURT DILLAHA, Little Rock, Engineering, AIEE, IRE. • CHARLES RICHARD DILLON, Morrilton, Busin” Administration, KX. Ssmioh QIoaa. Page 62 SECOND ROW ELMO DILLON, Cotton Plant, Business Administration, K2, Ba n ' Varsity Combo. • MACK DON DILLPORT, Walnut Ridge, Ag r1 ' culture, ATP. • JAMES CHARLES DILLS, Osceola, Agriculture B FIRST ROW L)MYTRYSHYN, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences. • THEO- A E BUR RELL DOBBS, Little Rock, Business Administration, P " ' ASPL , RC, Pan-American Club. • JIMMIE LOU DOBKINS, 1 ett eville. Education, Coterie, OIW, FTA, Wesley Players, Wes- e Foundation, Major-Minor Club. • CARL H. DOEPEL, Fort omith r. • siness Administration, — IT, TA, Mixed Chorus. , l v SECOND ROW L ' ., DONEGAN, JR., Warren, Arts Sciences, l’AO KRx k hum • ' nars Band, Press Club, Assistant Editor, Razor back, RICHARD VICTOR DORAMUS, Lake Charles, Blackfi Traoel er Staff. • Loui: Sell ,l:Slilna ' Bu sincss Administration. » BETTY JEAN DOUGLAS, n ' Missouri, Agriculture, WAA, Home Economics Club, FREDERIC NICHOLAS DREHER, JR., El Dorado, Busincss Administration. Dan third row DRESCHER, Texarkana, Texas, Business Administra- Ht " Marketin g Club. • JOE N. DREW, Lake Village, Engineering, bid ' EULAS MONROE DRYE, Bauxite, Agriculture, Animal Ustr ) Club. • JEROME PATRICK DUFFIE, Hope, Business Ad- m, mst ration, Marketing Club. ALVI FOURTH ROW FlAPMAN DUKE, Drumright, Oklahoma, Education, Cap- tball Basketball Captain, Track, “A” Club, President Ra- 2 orback H 11 , |)]|v ‘ Fr ANK M. DULANEY, JR., Earle, Arts Sciences, Fayett Treasurer ' Pre-Med Club. • LELAND D. DUNCAN, Httcvillo, Agriculture, I H2. • DALE ROSS DUNN, Madison, Arts c Sciences, IIKA, KK Prc-Med Club, Band, Treasurer, ABC. BE PAT Dl FIRST ROW Art URHAM ' Helena, Arts Sciences, IIB I , Historian, IRC, Vice President, Gl " ld ' YW CA, AWS, Rootin ' Rubes. • GLORIA JOSEPHINE DUSEK, Good- Bus ' Educatl0n ' E, ementary Club. • WILLIAM MARTIN EADS, Fort Smith, ustness Administration, Football, SAE. • NORMAN J. EANS, Griffithville. Cl b U,L F RANK M. EASLEY, Gravette, Business Administration, Marketing T ' ‘ EARVIN ELWOOD EASLEY, Gravette, Business Administration. • AS J. EBY, JR v North Little Rock, Arts Sciences, T , Branner Geology Club , ymca. LOW SECOND ROW MAX A. ECKELS, Aurora, Missouri, Business Administration, IIKA, President, Blackfriars, Commerce Guild, Treasurer, OAK, Secretary, Interfraternity Council, Marketing Club. • JOHN THOMAS EDERINGTON III, Warren, Business Ad¬ ministration, SAE. • BILLY CHARLES EDMISTEN, Rogers, Agriculture, UK A, ADA, Animal Industry Club, FFA. • LINDSEY JAMES EDMONDSON, Fayette¬ ville, Engineering, AIEE. • LESLIE ELLIS EDWARDS, Rector, Business Admin¬ istration. • LINDSEY HUGH EDWARDS, Gentry, Business Administration, I I1A, BT2. • ROBERT B. EDWARDS, Fayetteville, Engineering, ‘I’lI—, IIME , TBII, AX2, AIChE, DSF FIRST ROW ZALICK MAURICE EISENBERG, Little Rock, Business Administra¬ tion. • LOUIS WELLING EISENMANN, Little Rock, Business Ad¬ ministration, K2, Golf Team. • GUY MILFORD ELEY, Nashville, Business Administration. • BILLY N. ELLEDGE, Fort Smith, Bu s ' ness Administration, IIKA. SECOND ROW JODIE BYRD ELLEN, El Dorado, Agriculture. • JACK LEONARD ELLIOTT, Little Rock, Business Administration, KZ, AAIM- FRANK ELLIS, Pocahontas, Agriculture, AGR, Animal Industr) Club, Board Director. • ROBERT WARNOCK ELMORE, J R ' Little Rock, Business Administration, Kw ABC. THIRD ROW CLARENCE RAYMOND ELROD, Little Rock, Engineering, ASCE- • RAYMOND HERMAN ELROD, Little Rock, Business Admini s ' tration, AXA, AK ' f r Scabbard and Blade. • JOHN ELLIS EL$ ' LANDER, Driver, Engineering, AIEE, 0T. • WINONA JOYCE ELY, El Dorado, Arts Sciences, AWS, YWCA. FOURTH ROW ROSE EMRICH, Tyronza, Education, KKT, WAA, YWCA, ANVS, Major-Minor Club. • FRANK C. ENOCH, Lockesburg, Business Administration. • HARRY CHARLES ERWIN, JR., Little Rock, Business Administration, KA, Bl’X, ASPL, Associate Justice, Student Court. • HARVEY D. ERWIN, Van Buren, Business Administra- tion, Marketing Club. FIRST ROW—BELOW GEORGE HENRY ESTELL, Hamburg, Agriculture. • BRUCE H- ESTES, Hawesville, Kentucky, Engineering, 0T, President, nM® Jrkansas Engineer Staff, AIEE, IRE. • GEORGE WADE ETHER- IDGE, Crossett, Business Administration. SECOND ROW VIRGINIA LOUISE ETHRIDGE, Wynne, Business Administration- • JOE TOM EUBANKS, Searcy, Business Administration. ELLIS MACK FAGAN III, Little Rock, Business Administration IIKA. S nioA QLoaa. Page 64 Max first row i -p NCOLN FAIRLEY, Osceola, Business Administration, UK A. BaRv WILLIAM FANCHER, Osage, Agriculture, Acacia. • p FJGENE FARMER, Fort Smith, Agriculture. • JOHNNY AN FARMER, Harrison, Business Administration, FI. Harry second row Don ARTER FARR, Blytheville, Business Administration. • F f esid EDWA RD FARRIS, Alma, Agriculture, President, AZ, YHovi ' Key, £2, Animal Industry Club, ADA. • k EVAR T FAUST, West Helena, Business Administration, °un c ' i FF2 AK ' P r Commerce Guild Executive en ces S ' ‘ A MARY FERGUSON, Fort Smith, Arts Sci- A 4 i Xe , Ctar ' OIW, Coterie, Wesley Players, DSF, Rootin’ Rubes, Chorus, Met Club. w, Lu THIRD ROW i 2 % Sp ARLIN FERGUSON, Marshall, Agriculture, AFP, AZ, • BO HEN CHAEL Providence, Rhode Island, Education. Club AW FERRARI, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, Newman Adm;«- WILLIAM CALHOUN FINCH, Crossett, Business ««. ». AA1M. FOURTH ROW BROWNE Brooklyn, New York, Agriculture. • HARR LOUIS P) Port Business Administration, 2AE. Carl FITt ISH ' Star City ' En S inecrin g AIEE, BSU. • WILLIAf ' Paris . Engineering, ASCE. BELOW •lliam FIRST ROW ' LSOm s EEl K, Helena, Business Administration, AAIM. • HAROLD Sprinedal EMINC, Monticello, Agriculture. • JOHN LYNN FLETCHER, P FOop) p bciences, Track, Cross Country, ft A” Club. • AMOS O’NEAL Arts C . l ‘ rryvi,le - Agriculture. • PHILIP NEWTON FLUM, JR., Fayetteville, Cl encoQ v F °LLFTt ' ' Presidcn L chess Club, FBK. • MARY FRANCES Pre sident OlW Agriculture, Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation, Vice LILLIE Fo ' Home Economics Club, Sophomore Council. • AWs. ' Marianna, Arts Sciences, American Chemical Society, YWCA, SECOND ROW WADENE FOREMAN, Kensett, Wesley Players, Vice President, Wesley Founda¬ tion Council, Coterie, University Religious Club, Sophomore Council. • DWIGHT LEE FORESEE, Lead Hill, Engineering, AIEE. • ALLEN LOEY FORMBY, Magnolia, Engineering, AIChE. • MILLARD I. FORMBY, JR., Lewis¬ ville, Arts Sciences, AXA, A M2. • JOHN FORTENBERRY, Fayetteville, Edu¬ cation, KK Band, President. • HAROLD EDWARD FOSTER, Hamburg, Agriculture, ADA, FFA, Animal Industry Club. • JEANNINE FRANCIS, Stan¬ ford, Arts Sciences, YWCA, AWS, IRC, Home Economics Club. mmmm SmUOA QLcidu JL FIRST ROW ROBERT JAMES FRANKLIN, Southwest City, Missouri, Arts Sciences, H, President, TKA x President, IRC, LAB AT r Debat e Team. • ROBERT LOUIS FRANTZ, Fort Smith, Engineering, eT ' I1ME, 1 H2, AIChE, Jlrkansas Engineer Staff. • JAMES KYLE FRASER, Fort Smith, Business Administration, ILKA, ABC, YMCA • CHARLES VAN FREEMAN, Harrisburg, Arts Sciences, hA Vice President, Branner Geology Club, Radio Amateur Club. SECOND ROW EVELYN JUNE FREEMAN, Huntsville, Agriculture, ADA, Hon Economics Club, Secretary, Young Republican Club, Secretary, C° " terie. • GEORGE FREEZE, West Fork, Education. • RICHARD MAURICE FRENCH, Charleston, Engineering, A M2, AXS, AIChE- • CIFFORD RAYMOND FRIEDBERG, Mountain View, Agricul ' ture, Animal Industry Club, FFA, ADA. THIRD ROW AARON ODELL FRY, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences. • ZELMA FRY, Morilton, Engineering, KA r President, ASCE, Engineer Coufl ' cil. • LEU RELLE FULMER, Little Rock, Engineering, ASCE. 9 WALTER W. FURNER, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, University Religions Club, Wesley Players. FOURTH ROW JOE THOMAS GALLEGLY, Corning, Business Administration, k " ' • EDWARD LEE GAMMILL, Pine Bluff, Engineering, 6T, Tiff 1 , I1ME, Blue Key, ‘FID), ASME, President, Engineering Council- LAURA ANN GARANFLO, Hope, Education, AAA, AWS, WAA, YWCA, Rootin’ Rubes, R azorback Beauty, Interfraternity Plefffl e Sweetheart. • WILBER T. GARLAND, JR., Corning, Business A h ministration, AXA. FIRST ROW—BELOW WILLIE MAE GARNER, Ash Flat, Business Administration, Gi s 4-H, Treasurer, President, Coterie. • DAVID CLAYBOURb GARRETT, JR., Little Rock, Business Administration. • FRANCE VIRGINIA GARRETT, Hampton, Arts Sciences, KKT Vice Pre ' dent, Sophomore Council, YWCA. Page 66 SECOND ROW GEORGE HAROLD GARRETT, Benton, Agriculture. • RO sE MARY GASKILL, Huntsville, Arts Sciences, Orchesis, WA AWA. • OLIVER W. GATCHELL, JR., Lamar, Missouri, Engine? 1 " ing, ASCE, Varsity Track, Cross Country Team, Westminst ef Fellowship, Student Christian Council. B FIRST ROW Y C °LQUETTE GATHRIGHT, El Dorado, Arts Sciences. g R - GHUNT, Little Rock, Business Administration, —AH GEORGE BAKER GENTRY, Eureka Springs, Engineering, E, BSLI • HUGHIE D. GIBBS, Jonesboro, Business Adminis¬ tration. R SECOND ROW Y DAVID GILLHAM, Hot Springs, Engineering, —AH, Ch " PreSident ' ASCE - HT - ™E, «I H2, Scabbard and Blade. • LES B. CULLILAND Beebe, Agriculture, AFP Animal In¬ dustry ri. u ' • JANIE LOU GIPSON, Augusta, Arts Sciences, Loterie n G . ' Koot,n, Rubes, Press Club, BSU, AWS. • JAMES EARL V, Greenway, Arts Sciences, AFP Wesley Players, ress Club. PAT THIRD ROW CARLYN GOCKE, Coffeyville, Arts Sciences, Klvl an ' American Club, FTA, «l A(- . • JOHNYE CO DLEY, Spring- sale, Arts ». e ■ neer Scicnces J ACK CONE GODWIN, Camden, Engi- ln g, ASCE. • JAMES F. GOLDEN, Greenway, Agriculture. VlL| FOURTH ROW 1AM Warren GOOCH, Winchester, Business Administra- tion, Ka p t President, Interfraternity Council, Scabbard and Blade, F and Compass. • HARLEY WILLIAM GOODMAN, JR., m dli, Engineering, —X, 0T, Scabbard and Blade, Arkansas " ,eer Staff, ASME. • PATSY RUTH GOODWIN, Fort Smith, Arts e - Dq Clenc es, KKT, X, Met Club, YWCA, AWS. • CHARLES ALD CRADDY, Little Rock, Arts Sciences. BELOW JIM D rnin . FIRST ROW ADDY, Bee Branch, Agriculture, FFA, Animal Industry Club. • STANLEY GRAHAM, Fayetteville, Business Administration, —FI w, Y ' Vlarketi ng Club, Scabbard and Blade, Commerce Guild Executive Council, P Cc President, Senior Class. • HOMER HERNDON GRANTHAM, Marvell, " gineering. JOHN M. GRAVES, Camden, Arts Sciences, -X, A0 h, Vice- f n JOHN WILLIAM GRAVES, Pine Bluff, Engineering, KA, 0T, Jrkansas YM CA, AIChE. • CHARLES KENNETH GRAY, Fort Smith, Arts e ' ences, 2AE, AEA, Scabbard and Blade. • THOMAS HAMPTON GRAY, L,ttk R « . Agriculture. SECOND ROW GORDON L. GRAYSON, Corning, Engineering, AXA ASCE. • JOHN GREEN, Little Rock, Agriculture. • KELLEY REED GREEN, Little Rock, Business Ad¬ ministration. • MARION B. GREEN, Batcsvillc, Business Administration. • MAVIS J. GREEN, Malvern, Engineering, AIEE, IRE. • PATRICIA ELIZABETH GREEN, Fort Smith, Education, WAA, AWS, Major-Minor Club, Executive Board Carnall Hall, YWCA. • RICE ANDREW GREEN, Hot Springs, Business Administration, -X, Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer, Marketing Club, YMCA, Young Democrats Club. S U0A QlaAAu FIRST ROW MARY GAY GREER, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, AAA, Sophomore Council, Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation Council, Chorus. ROBERT LOUIS GRIFFEY, Helena, Business Administration. • JACK L. GRIFFIN, Waldo, Engineering, BT A2 F AIChE. JAMES CLAUDE GRIFFITH, Little Rock, Business Administration, KA ; ART ' , Scabbard and Blade, Executive Council Commerce Guild, Student Senate, Blue Key. SECOND ROW JOEL WILLIAM GRIFFITH, Muskogee, Oklahoma, Engineering Scabbard and Blade, AIEE. • WILLIAM HAROLD GRIFFITH, Rogers, Business Administration, XX, Commerce Guild Execute Council, Marketing Club, YMCA. • JAMES HAROLD GRIGGS, De Queen, Business Administration. • H. AUSTIN GRIMES, Ne ' port. Arts Sciences, K , Pre-Med Club. THIRD ROW JAMES WILLIAM GRIMES, Rogers, Agriculture. • BEVERb ' 1 EILEEN GROESBECK, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, AWA, DSF, Mixed Chorus. • JOHN I. GROSS, Jonesboro, Arts Sciences, 24 E r AKA, Interfraternity Council, Debate Team. • JOHN CUR ' TIS GUNN, De Queen, Arts Sciences, TIKA. FOURTH ROW EDWARD EUGENE HAGGARD, Van Buren, Business Administra¬ tion, Marketing Club. • JIMMY LUTHER HAGLER, Little Rockr Arts Sciences, Pre-Med Club, BSU. • ROBERT JACKSON HAU¬ LER, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, Pre-Med Club. • ROBERT HALE, Emmet, Agriculture. FIRST ROW—BELOW CHARLES VINDUS HALL, Ash Flat, Agriculture, 211, President, Animal Industry Club, Interfraternity Council. • JOHN EGBERT HALL, Searcy, Engineering, ASCE, Treasurer. • WALTER HALL, Sage, Agriculture. SECOND ROW GLENN A. HALSTEAD, Pine Bluff, Business Administration, “A” Club, Marketing Club, Football. • EDWARD A. HALTER, JR., Conway, Arts Sciences, Newman Club. • EVERETT ADAM HAM, JR., Little Rock, Agriculture. Page 68 FIRST ROW RENE HAMBY, Prescott, Business Administration. • HAR- T. HAMILTON, Glenwood, Business Administration, 6T, Sca bbard and Blade. • CHARLES ERLE HAMMANS, JR., Stutt- gart ' Agriculture, ABC, President, 2AE. • HOWARD S. HAM- Stuttgart, Agriculture, 2AE f ADA. SECOND ROW ELY N JEANE HAMMONS, North Little Rock, Arts Sciences, CSs Club, Traveler Staff, Razorback Staff, AWS. • GERALD Vi RCIL HAMMONS, Little Rock, Business Administration, ASPL. ORl ' LET HAMZY, Clarksville, Education, Major-Minor Club. HILL E. HANEY, Springdale, Arts Sciences. H THIRD ROW H GERALD HANNAH, Heber Springs, Engineering, ASCE. • MES LE E HANRY, JR., El Dorado, Arts Sciences, Press Club. EVERETT EDSEL HARBER, Blythcville, Business Administration, ansas Traveler Staff, Arkansas Marketing Club, Business Man- T ' Guild Ticker. YMCA, Scabbard and Blade. • DEANE V, Malvern, Arts Sciences, HKA Press Club, Traveler taff Razorback Staff, OAK. M FOURTH ROW ARt HA MAE HARLAN, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, HB‘I , la ckfriars, Art Guild, AWS, YWCA. • DANIEL R. HARPER, nsfield, Engineering. • MAXWELL DEAN HAPPER, Malvern, 1 culture. • GEORGE FRANK HARRELL, JR., Haynes, Business ministration, 2AE, Marketing Club. BELOW j FIRST ROW Hp H EDWARD HARRIS, Lockesburg, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. • ei RLA ND J. HARRIS, Bearden, Agriculture. • WILLIAM THOMAS HARRIS, Dor ado, Engineering, ASME. • WIRNER LEE HARRIS, Monticello, Agricul- UlrC ‘ A LICE SMITH HARRISON, Bcntonville, Education, OIW, Major-Minor ,Ub ' Coterie, Rootin 3 Rubes, Blackfriars, WAA, AWS, Executive Council. • | Hx CLAYTON HARRISON, Bcntonville, Engineering, Blue Key, TBIT, IIME, Engineering Council, President, AIChE, Editor, Jrkansas Engineer, YMCA. FRED WYATT HARROD, Vick, Agriculture. SECOND ROW HENRY EUGENE HART, Pine Bluff, Engineering, AIEE. • ALLEN MILTON HARVEY, Benton, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. • BARRY JACKSON HAWKINS, Fayetteville, Business Administration, 2N, Blackfriars, Canterbury Club, Marketing Club. • HARLON H. HAWKINS, Parks, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. • JOE HAWKINS, Clarksville, Engineering, AIEE. • JOHN EDWARD HAWKINS, Dcrmott, Engineering, T, IIME, ASCE, Blue Key, Stu¬ dent Senate, RONS. • THEODORE THOMAS HAYES, Fayetteville, Business Administration, A- ! , IT, AAIM, YMCA, BSU. FIRST ROW AUBRY LYNCH HAYS, Florence, Engineering, ASCE. • BILL PAUL HAYS, Westville, Oklahoma, Arts Sciences, 211, KK . Secretary-Treasurer, ‘hi 12, Band, Pan-American Club. • DILMIl H. HEARNSBERGER, Thornton, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club FFA, ADA, Masonic Lodge. • ALBERT JULES HEDRICK, Little Rock, Engineering. SECOND ROW STEPHEN AUGUST HEIM, Paris, Engineering, Newman C!« b - ASCE. • BONNIE JEWELL HENDRICKSON, Greenbrier, Business Administration, Vice President, Carnall Hall, Vice President, WesW Players, YWCA Cabinet, Publications Board. • LLOYD OLI HENDRIX, Benton, Agriculture, ADA, Animal Industry Club. CHARLES C. HENRY, Bluff City, Agriculture. THIRD ROW ELBERT AUGUSTUS HENRY, JR., Little Rock, Engineering, K 2 ' 6T, AIChE. • SETH E. HENRY, Enola, Agriculture, h2. •WIN¬ FRED DALE HENRY, Nashville, Engineering, K2, ASCE. • HAR¬ OLD E. HENSON, JR., Springdale, Business Administration, Football, “A” Club, Golf. FOURTH ROW HERBERT RAY HERNDON, Rogers, Business Administration. LEWIS EDWARD HERSHBERGER, Bentonville, Agriculture, Anim 1 Industry Club, AZ, 1 2. • JOHN M. HESTIR, JR., Little Rock, Ar» Sciences. • H. A. HIGGS, Clarksville, Business Administration II KA V Marketing Club. FIRST ROW—BELOW TOM NORWOOD HIGGS, Colt, Business Administration. LESLIE HUNTER HILEMAN, Pea Ridge, Agriculture. • BOB ED ' WARD HILL, Mountain Pine, Engineering, 0T f AIEE, YMCA. Page 70 SECOND ROW DWIGHT MALCOLM HILL, Radcliff, Business Administration. HARRY MILLS HILL, Jonesboro, Engineering, AIEE. • CARL ED ' WARD HODGES, Rogers, Agriculture. , FIRST ROW EDWARD HOELSCHER, Pocahontas, Agriculture, AFP ADA isj ' ' £ ' 1Nlewr nan Club. • HUBERT R. HOLLAND, Heber Springs, Sneering, ASCE. • MAJOR JOE HOLMES, Rison, Business Ad- miniSt ration, K . • ROBERT EARL HOLMES, Pine Bluff, Engi- neerin §, ASME. Po SECOND ROW v KAY HOLSTED, North Little Rock, Arts Sciences, H4 E. DR HOLTHOFF, Gould, Arts Sciences, n.KA Interfrater- °uncil, Sports Editor, Traveler , Sports Editor, Razorback, E J CUry ' A BC, Press Club, YMCA, ASPL, States Righters. • HOMESLEY, Elkins, Business Administration. • PAT- dust HONEYCUTT, Nashville, Agriculture, K2, Animal In- Hub, ADA, AZ f Vice President, Blue Key, Scabbard and Oscar i p c THIRD ROW g HONOMICHL, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences. • PAUL H00t KER ' Higman, Missouri, Agriculture. • HERBERT EARL Guy, Agriculture, Animal Industry. • M. E. HOPKINS, vjrove a r s Sciences, rE, Branner Geology. PEGGY FOURTH row jp HOTTINGER, Ola, Education. • JOSEPH F. HOTTLE, ' anks ' Engineering, AIEE. • THOMAS ANTHONY HOTZ, council Ri. a r- ' n , uns - Engineering. • ANIHL H. HOUSE, North Little ' Engineering. BELOW ira dep FIRST ROW , EIOUSE, Little Rock, Business Administration. • WILLIAM JAMES m . . ' Ga ssville, Agriculture. • FAYE HOUSTON, Trumann, Business Ad¬ miration. • JOHN WAYNE HOWARD, Morrow, Engineering, ASME. • LLOYD El D hridg wnilNC nUWAKU, JVlOrrOW, Cllguitci mg, pi _ POW HOWARD, Crossett, Agriculture. • LOUIS WARD HOWARD, ° rad ° ' Engineering, AIEE, IRE. • ROBERT BURNHAM HOWARD, JR., ieport, Connecticut, Engineering, —AH, ASCE. SECOND ROW RUTH ALEEN HOWARD, Forrest City, Arts Sciences, AT, Classics Club. • BRYANT HOWELL, Delight, Business Administration. • JOHN D. HOWELL, Fort Smith, Business Administration, 2AE. • LESLIE B. HOWELL, Hackett, Engineering. • NORFLEET JEROME HOWELL, Wabash, Arts Sciences, K2, YMCA, YDC. • SAMUEL THEODORE HUCKE, JR., Fayetteville, Arts Sci¬ ences, I A0 ABC, Canterbury Club. • NOVIE O. HUDSON, Green Forest, Engineering, ASCE. S IWA (fla A, FIRST ROW ROBERT CARNAHAN HUDSON, Pine Bluff, Business Administr 3 ' tion, K2, AK Pershing Rifles, ABC. • GERALD BERT HUD S ' PETH, St. Joe, Education, Co-Captain, Basketball, Major-M Club, “A” Club. • DONALD FLOURNOY HUENEFELD, Gf ory, Agriculture, President, ATP, Interfraternity Council, Secret ) ' OAK YMCA, Cabinet, AZ, Vice President, RONS. • WILBUR C HUFF, Carlisle, Agriculture. SECOND ROW DOiSE LONNIE HUGHES, Bryant, Arts Sciences, 24 E, 2 rf ' Branner Geology Club. • ANDREW HOWARD HULSEY, Mot " 1 ' Ida, Agriculture, AZ. • CURTIS ROLAND HUTCHISON, F»f| ettcville, Engineering. • BILLY JOE HUTTON, Manila, Engin eCf ing, ASME. THIRD ROW ALVIN S. HYDE, Brooklyn, N. Y., Arts Sciences, nH2, A ei I 2, AT. • GUY B. IRBY, JR., Little Rock, Engineering, ASME- HOLCOMB B. IRBY, Watson, Engineering, 0T. • JAMES IRVIN, Russellville, Engineering AIEE. FOURTH ROW ROBERT BARNARD IRWIN, Texarkana, Business Administration K2. • WILLIAM E. ISAACS, Nettleton, Engineering, ASC ' ERNEST E. JACKS, Reiser, Arts Sciences, I1ME, President, Al • CONLEY DOYLE JACKSON, Bradford, Agriculture, Animal I " ' dustry Club, FFA, ADA, BSU, Masonic Lodge. FIRST ROW—BELOW DOROTHY JEANNE JACKSON, Waldo, Arts Sciences, 1 ' President, Rootin’ Rubes, Vice President, Mortar Board, Vice P reSl dent, Sophomore Council, Treasurer, A© Secretary, WAA, A ' Executive Board, Secretary, Orchesis. • OLAN EMERSON JA SON, JR., Brinkley, Business Administration. • SUZANNE JA SON, Helena, Arts Sciences, ZTA, AWS, YWCA, CanterbuO Club. 1 ) Page 72 SECOND ROW JOHN WINBURN JACOBS, Fort Smith, Education. • DAV ' 0 HERBERT JAMES, Pocahontas, Engineering, A1 P @T r TreasUf ef ' TBII, Secretary, ASPL, ASME, YMCA. • FRANK JAMES, JR., ° la ' Agriculture. FIRST ROW R MAN s. JAMES, Fail-land, Oklahoma, Engineering, nME. • t ,NITi CE WALTER JAMES, Fayetteville, Business Administration. V " E PPJ L. JEAN, Bienville, Louisiana, Business Administration, • RALPH W. JEFFERSON, JR., Harrison, Business Adminis- tra ti 0n . 1% SECOND ROW ,p JEFFETT, Helena, Business Administration. • JACK T. Blytheville, Arts Sciences. • MARIAN RUTH JEN- Clinton, Education, Elementary Club, Dames Club. • J °UNG JEU, Gould, Arts Sciences, AWS, Sophomore ° Unci l Pre-Med Club, Met Club, YWCA. MI THIRD ROW AEE JOFFE, Fayetteville, Engineering, nME, Treasurer, AX f Terry Village, Student Senate, AlChE. • HAROLD Tg JOHANSEN, Russellville, Agriculture, AFP. • DREW Vj c ‘ ON, Hot Springs, Engineering, Secretary, IIAlChE, ce Pr esident, Student Christian Council, TBII Treasurer, AX2. • PREMOl NT ELLIS JOHNSON, Batesville, Agriculture. Jam fourth row S p ROBERT JOHNSON, Little Rock, Business Administration, j 0an JESSE ROY JOHNSON, JR., Lockesburg, Agriculture. • n JOHNSON, Ashdown, Education, Home Economics v iub % | - p JOE PAUL JOHNSON, Cave City, Agriculture, 211, FFA, n,nial Industry Club. BELOW JOHN FIRST ROW 1 od JOHNSON, JR V Emmett, Business Administration, A2 t , Masonic . MarR eting Club. • LUCIAN DWAYNE JOHNSON, Flippin, Engineer- p n8, AIEE • °LAF DEAN JOHNSON, Yellville, Agriculture, AIT. • THOMAS PP SON, JR., Little Rock, Arts Sciences, Pledgemastcr. • ARTHUR IYjq JOHNSTON, Tuckerman, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. • FRE- p P JOHNSTON, Batesville, Agriculture. • LAWSON M. JOINER, Mag- Business Administration, A2«I SECOND ROW BRYAN STEELE JONES, Amarillo, Texas, Arts Sciences. • CLINTON DON¬ ALD JONES, Patmos, Engineering, Cadet Lt. Col., Scabbard and Blade, ASME. • DAN JONES, De Queen, Business Administration. • DENVER BENSTON JONES, Waldron, Agriculture. • EDGAR WILLARD JONES, Black Rock, Engi¬ neering, AIEE, ASME. • IRA FULTON JONES, JR., Fort Smith, Business Ad¬ ministration, K2. • JAY LYNN JONES, Little Rock, Business Administration, 2X, ABC, Cheerleader, YMCA, YDC. h W V ' w - : 1 1 l! k mw ;1 n S mofi QLcUl u FIRST ROW JIMMY M. JONES, Batesville, Arts Sciences, K2, Press d 11 ' Jrkansas Traveler Staff. • JOEL LAZ JONES, Magnolia, Engin ctr ' ing, ASME. • KENNETH DALE JONES, Garfield, Education ' LEWIS LAWRENCE JONES, Bradley, Agriculture. SECOND ROW LLOYD WESLEY JONES, Vandalia, Missouri, Engineering, Al ' Vice President, Lloyd Halls, President, Student Senate Hou? ,flr Committee, YMCA. • BERT SPENCER JORDAN, JR., Little R° ct ' Engineering, HKA, ASME. • CALVERT PETTUS JOYCE, field, Engineering. • HERALD DAFFKA, Jonesboro, Business A ministration. THIRD ROW ALLEAN HELEN KARNES, Cave Hill, Business Administrate 11 ' Sophomore Council. • BEN L. KAUFMAN, Hot Springs, Engird ing, -AE ; Scabbard and Blade, AIEE. • JOSEPH ALLEN KA ' MAN, Hot Springs, Engineering, 2AE, Scabbard and Blade, Al • DEAN WATSON KELLEY, Springdale, Arts Sciences. FOURTH ROW HAROLD ANDREW KELLEY, Fort Smith, Engineering, Jrkati Engineer Staff, ASCE, Secretary, TBII • BILLY G. KELLO Walnut Ridge, Engineering. • CECIL LA MOND KELLY, Little Rock, Business Administration. • HOWARD CLYDE KEL$ ' Greenbrier, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club, FFA, Masofl ' c Lodge, Agronomy Club. FIRST ROW—BELOW WILLIAM D. KENNEDY, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, N man Club, Branner Geology Club • HOMER T. KENNEY, Lift Rock, Business Administration, AK ' P • BLISTER KETON, Swift 0111 Engineering. Page 74 SECOND ROW C. E. KETTLER, East Rochester, N. Y., Business Administratin ' 1 ' Band, President, Marketing Club. • SAMUEL KEY, Carthage, A? 0 culture. • SARAH ALICE KIECH, Jonesboro, Arts Scien ce ' Sophomore Council, Blackfriars, President, 2AI r IRC. JEan dei FIRST ROW ANN RIGHT, Malvern, Business, President, ZTA, Vice Presi- Mortar Board, President, AWS, Senate. • CATHERI- KlR, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, KKT. • JOHN H. KIL- J RE , Fordyce, Arts Sciences, KS. • VERNON LEROY kim- ball f ' a ycttevillc, Business Administration, KA President, Ama¬ teur Bad 1 10 Club, President, Independent Party, Chairman, President, U ° yd Halls, Senator. Jambs , SECOND ROW ARRELL RING, Marked Tree, Business Administration, Tm D. RING, Pine Bluff, Business Administration. • de AS RINSER, JR., Hope, Education, R , RR ' P, ff’MA, Presi- ' Band - Varsity Combo. • DWIGHT EDWARD KINSEY, Mey- Us iness Administration. EDW THIRD ROW ARD CLAYTON KINSEY, Fayetteville, Education, £ I E. • " V -VlAE KINSEY, Meyers, Agriculture, Jlgriculturist, ADA, Wadd Econ °mics Club, Rootin ' Rubes, BSU, Vice President, c r ars. • ROBERT CLARENCE KIRBY, Fayetteville, Engineer- In g, Alpr; ' tt. • p AUL KENNETH KIRKPATRICK, Walnut Ridge, Us ness Administration XX. r; H FOURTH ROW j MINOR KITTRELL II, Gregory, Engineering, 2AE, Stu¬ dent ( CnatC ' -Eairman, Treasurer, Engineering Council, Vice Presi- i. v V AAIM, Board of Publications, J 48. • WOOD DEWEV knight Liam CARg-j- Little Rock, Arts Sciences, IIME. • HERBERT WIL- KNOPF, Little Rock, Business Administration. • MAR¬ INE KNOWLES, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, X, l.e.o, rayeuevine, atis Y Cr ' K°ots and Spur, President, Student Christian Council, «tminster Fellowship BELOW ber FIRST ROW RD JOSEPH KOBIELLA, Chicago, III., Arts Sciences, University The- atre I rk . d ' ' Agri c ' ° AK ' Blackfriars - HILLMAN S. KOEW, JR., Little Rock, ORMCm Team, Animal Industry Club, ADA. • PAUL ANTHONY ASM Beacon, New York, Engineering, QT f Arkansas Engineer Staff, Vlt • william CALVIN KRAMP JR. Little Rock, Business Administra- ll °n, AK ' P f . • ARVILLE E. KRAUS, Clarksville, Arts Sciences, I’AB, Black- Ir, ars ' jj ILIP c lona Collegiate Players, Interfraternity Pledge Council. • SAMUEL hLOYp) ew York, New York, Arts Sciences, Acacia. • EZRA KYT LE, Mountain Home, Education, Vice President, AI P, I I, FTA. SECOND ROW JOHN EDWARD LACHOWSKY, JR., Conway, Agriculture, AZ, ADA, Animal Industry Club, Newman Club. • MARY JEAN LACHOWSKY, Morrilton, Busi¬ ness Administration, KKT, YWCA, AWS, Rootin ' Rubes, Quild Jicker Staff. • ROBERT M. LACK, Magnolia, Business Administration • MAISIE LACKEY, Mountain View, Arts Sciences, President, KKT, Cheerleader, Rootin’ Rubes, Sophomore Council, Treasurer, Panhellcnic, Secretary, New Deal Party, Secre¬ tary, Gaebale, Central Committee. • DOROTHY LADD, Hamburg, Education, BSU, Vice President, 2AI. • ROB J. LADY, Lauratown, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club, FFA, Treasurer. • HAROLD L. LADY, Lauratown, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club, Vice President, AZ. FIRST ROW DARIS GROUER LAFFRETY, Patmos, Agriculture. • MARGAR£ T RUTH LAIRD, Malvern, Business Administration, AWS, YWC ' Vice President, X0, Vice President, Junior Class, Commerce Gu ' ' Executive Board, AAA. • LAURENCE HOSEA LAMBERT, Poliak ' Engineering, TBI1, IIMK, 0T, ASCE, THX. • WILLIAM HERM- aN LAMBERT, Van Burcn, Engineering, KA, ASCE. SECOND ROW JAMES COPELAND LANDES, Lewisville, Arts Sciences, Bra " ' ner Geology Club, ABC, AXA. • RODNEY ROUTT LANDE 5 ’ Lewisville, Engineering. XAE, AXX, AIChE. • CHARLES LANGSTON, Bradley, Agriculture, XII. • SARAH LALlR ' ' LANGSTON, Luxora, Education, AI ' , Treasurer, WAA, Execuh ' 1 Board, YWCA, AWS, Major-Minor Club, Rootin’ Rubes. THIRD ROW BETTA ADRION LANIER, Forrest City, Arts Sciences, KAt -) . JAEQUELYN MARIE LANKARD, Coffeyville, Kansas, Arts Sc, ‘ ences, ZTA. • ROBERT S. LASER, Forrest City, Arts Science 5 ' I1KA, Songleader, AIA. • WILLIAM N. LAUGHIN, Kane, P 3 " Business Administration. FOURTH ROW DOROTHY JEAN LA VOICE, Foreman, Agriculture, YWCA, R° ot ' in ' Rubes. • CLYMER CLEMENS LAW, Fayetteville, Agricultu f£ ' Animal Industry Club. • BETTY SUE LAWRENCE, Greenwood Mississippi, Arts Sciences, XS2. • MALCOLM PINKERTEL LAWRENCE, Fayetteville, Business Administration, XX, flM- ' •MIX. Sonioh tfla A FIRST ROW—BELOW vTj. MUNCIE MAX LAWRENCE, Alco, Business Administration, - • GRACE STOKENBURY LAWSON, Elkins, Education- 9 BILLY EDMOND LAZENBY, Atkins, Business Administration. SECOND ROW DON VICTOR LEATHERMAN, JR., Little Rock, Business Admi” ' istration. • HAROLD B. LEE, Pittsburgh, Penna., Arts Science 5 ' Met Club. • NORMAN WILLIS LEE, Jonesboro, Agriculture, - ,|1 ' Animal Industry Club. Page 76 FIRST ROW JOSEPH OGDEN LEGG, Bentonville, Agriculture, AZ, • ALBERT JOSEPH LEHMAN, Wynne, Business Administration. • C ARROLL CHRISTIAN LEONARD, JR., England, XAE. • JOHN LEROUX, El Dorado, Arts Sciences, President, Press Club. SECOND ROW M ARK ERBER LESEM, North Little Rock, Engineering, A XX, IIAIK , AIChE. o JAMES HERBERT LESLIE, Warren, Agriculture. • HERMAN L. LESTER, Lewisville, Arts Sciences, AXA, Vice Resident, AX1 , Branner Geology Club. • ALFRED JUNIOR VlN, Jopiin, Missouri, Business Administration, President, P1, re 3surer, Interfraternity Council. THIRD ROW 1 ARL WINFORD LEWIS, Hartford, Business Administration. • R ° Y HAMPTON LEWIS, El Dorado, Business Administration, 2AE. • JAMES o. LIDE, Camden, Engineering, XII, AAIM. • WIL- U AM FRED LIGON, JR., Aubrey, Agriculture, Arkansas Jgricul- lr ' s t Staff, Pershing Rifles, Treasurer, AFP, AZ, OAK, Treasurer, ymca. FOURTH ROW J°HN EDWARD LILLICRAP, Osceola, Engineering, ASME. • M. LINCOLN, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, XAE. • BER- X ’ARD WESTBROOK LINDER, Little Rock, Engineering, ASME, • CHESTER R. LINEBAR1ER, Camden, Business Administra- n , — AL, club, Scabbard and Blade, Track, Football. BELOW FIRST ROW HAR LES M. LITTLE, Malvern, Arts Sciences. • ROBERT C. LOBDILL, Buren, Business Administration. • JACK CLIFTON LOCKEBY, Murfrees- k ()ro , Education. • JAMES HARVARD LONDON, Rocky, Oklahoma, Engineer- ,ng ' AXX, MIX, AIChE, Engineering Council, Jrkansas Engineer Staff. • ! LLIAM EUGENE LONG, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, AXA, Scabbard and Bladc ' international Relations Club, YMCA, Band, Varsity Club Orchestra, “A” Club. • STACY GROBE LOONEY, Vinita, Oklahoma, Education, “A” Club, Io otball. • THELMA M LORENZO, Waldron, Business Administration, WAA, AWS , Hand, SAM. SECOND ROW JAMES ELBERT LOWDER, Hot Springs, Engineering, ASCE. • JOHN SAN¬ FORD LUCAS, JR., Springdale, Agriculture, FTA. • ROBERT M. LUCK, Mag¬ nolia, Business Administration. • WALTER H. LUCY, JR., Helena, Business Administration, XX. • JOHN LYNN LUNDGREN, Eureka Springs, Engineer¬ ing, BT, IIME, MIX, Vice President, TBII, AIEE. • JOHN HENRY LUNNEY, Fort Smith, Business Administration, Football, “A” Club, KX. • ROBERT BRYAN LUPER, Fayetteville, Business Administration, Scabbard and Bladc. 1 L S UOA QLcUUl. FIRST ROW THOMAS ALLEN LYON, Altheimer, Engineering, 2X, nM E - AIEE, TBn, YMCA. • SCOTT JACKSON LYSINGER, Tulsa- Oklahoma, Arts Sciences, XN, 2FE, Scabbard and Blade, Brann ef Geology Club. • BOYCE O. McBRJOE, Burbank, California, Arts Sciences. • JAMES HUDDLESTON McBRIEN, ArkadelpW 3 ' Engineering, 2AE r AIEE. SECOND ROW JAMES CURETON McCAA, West Memphis, Business Administf 3 tion, 2X, Commerce Guild, AK ' P Marketing Club. • LILLlA JOHNSON McCAIN, England, Education, Home Economics • OTIS EVATT McCAIN, Pine Bluff, Engineering, IRE, AIEE. 9 WILLIAM JAMES McCLANAHAN, England, Engineering, AIEE, Vice President, Student Union Board. THIRD ROW HERSCHEL HERBERT McCLURKIN, Mulberry, Agriculture, Secre ' tary, K2, AZ f Wesley Players, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifl eS ' Animal Industry Club, Editor, Arkansas Agriculturist. • JAMES McCONNELL, Fort Smith, Business Administration. • HERMAN D. McCORMICK, Aly, Agriculture, FFA, AZ. • WILLIAM GA ' RETT McCRACKEN, Jonesboro, Business Administration, A M2. FOURTH ROW NORMAN BRYAN McCREARY, JR., Little Rock, Business Adm 11 ' istration, KA, ABC. • BETH CATHERINE McCURDY, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Arts Sciences. • JAMES EDWIN McCURR ' Texarkana, Engineering, AIEE. • FRANK McCUTCHEON, R llS ' sellville, Arts Sciences, ABC, Pre-Med Club. FIRST ROW—BELOW NATHAN A. McDANIEL, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, ©T. 9 BRUCE BARTON McDONALD, Camden, Engineering, XII, AlChk • DAVID C. McDONALD, Stuttgart, Business Administration, IRC. Page 78 SECOND ROW JAMES JULIUS McDONALD, Oakley, Kansas, Business Admin 5 ' tration, 2N AK ' P Commerce Guild. • HAROLD D. McDON ' ALD, Fayetteville, Business Administration, x PX Marketing SAM. • MARTHA JAY McDONALD, Texarkana, Texas, Educa ' tion, YWCA, AWS, Elementary Club, Texarkana Club. FIRST ROW p ARL ANNE McDOWELL, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, IIB , an American Club, IRC, YWCA, AWS, French Club. • FRANK McGEHEE, Pine Bluff, Business Administration, Presi- L -Ah, 3 i ue j C y President, Commerce Guild, AKSP, Business na 8 er , Razorback, Scabbard and Blade, ABC, Canterbury Club. Y PHINE TATE McGILL, Camden, Agriculture, XS2, AWS, WAA, Home Economics Club. • BETTY JANE McGIN- ' Ron do, Arts Sciences, XS2 r AKA, PA r AWS Executive Board, ° ph °niore Council. SECOND ROW McILROY, Ozark, Agriculture. • WENDELL O. McKIN- ' beebe, Education, XX, Student Director of Intramurals. • McKNIGHT, Helena, Arts Sciences, HB I , Classics Club, t . S ' Y CA. • VERA PEARL McKNIGHT, Hot Springs, Educa- ' a tional Collegiate Players, Blackfriars, Band. Iu THIRD ROW DARREL McKOWN, Little Rock, Engineering, ASME, Uni- ll rSlty Lod gc. • WILLIAM W. McLENDON, Mena, Engineering, “ r 11 t Treasurer, TBII, Secretary-Treasurer, AIEE, IRE. • g EST,N] E ANN McLEOD, Dc Queen, Agriculture, ‘PTO, Home gnomics Club. • JOSEPH ARCH McMAHAN, Trumann, Agri- Urc , Board of Publications, Editor, Arkansas Jlgriculturist. FOURTH ROW k McRAE, Sheridan, Arts Sciences. • ROBERT CHASE MOLDS, Siloam Springs, Business Administration, —AH. • EUGENE MACKEY, Hot Springs, Business Administra- • LESTER HAROLD MACUMBER, Russellville, Agriculture. BELOW FOr FIRST ROW :ST CLENN MADDOX, West Fork, Business Administration. • WILLIS I n r MAD °°X, West Fork, Agriculture. • KALE DICK MADDUX, Mena, " B ' neering, ASME, 6T, Jrkansas Engineer Staff. • CALVIN RAY MAHAN, arleston, Arts Sciences. • PAUL EDWARD MALONE, West Helena, Engi- ' ’ 1 j r ' ng ' HMK TBII, AIEE. • ETHEL LOUISE MANN, Desha, Business m, nistratio n . • VAN ELMORE MANNING, JR., Little Rock, Business Ad- I ™ n| stratio n , K2 Scabbard and Blade. SECOND ROW GERALD ARMAND MARAK, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, AXA. • PHILLIP ANTON MARAK, Hazcn, Engineering, AXA, ASME. • RAYMOND J. MAR- BUT, Purdy, Missouri, Engineering, ASME. • ROLAND LEE MARIOll, Rav- enden Springs, Business Administration, President, 1 I, YMCA, ASPL. • VIRGIL WANER MARKS, Little Rock, Business Administration, XX, " A” Club, Varsity Golf Team. • CRAWFORD COOPER MARSHALL, Little Rock, Business Ad¬ ministration. • JUANITA FERN MARTENS, Mena, Education, Elementary Club. S moA QLoaa. FIRST ROW FLOYD LEE MARTIN, Harrison, Business Administration. PEGGY VIRGINIA MARTIN, Rogers, Education, Rootin’ Ru beS ' Sophomore Council, FTA, Elementary Club. • WILLIE EA b MARTIN, Camden, Engineering, AI EE, Band. • LEE ALLEN M aR ’ TINS, Hot Springs, Arts Sciences, ASE, Scabbard and Blade. SECOND ROW MILLARD MORTON MASHBURN, Fayetteville, Arts Science ' IIME, KiAII, TX. « FARREL EUGENE MASON, Newport, Busi¬ ness Administration, XX, Treasurer, AKtP, Commerce Guild Exec 11 tive Committee, Quild Jicker, YMCA. • JAMES LOUIS MASOH Swifton, Agriculture. • RALPH MASON, Hardy, Agriculture. THIRD ROW PAUL RICHARD MASSEY, Little Rock, Business Administratin ' 1 ' KX. • ERNEST B. MATKIN, JR., Little Rock, Business Adminis¬ tration, XX, AK ' P, ABC. • WILLIAM RAY MATNEY, Rog ef5 ' Business Administration. • WALLACE H. MATTHEWS, EnO Agriculture, Collegiate Chapter, FFA. FOURTH ROW ROBERT HENRY MATTOX, North Little Rock, Engineering, ASCE- • MARION COWLES MEAD, JR., Berryville, Engineering, S ' !’ 1 -- ' AIEE, IRE • JOHN RICHARD ME ADE, Gravette, Business A ministration. • LYNN G. MEDLIN, Lincoln, Business Administr 3 tion. FIRST ROW—BELOW FLORENCE DANA MEEKS, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, Treas urer, Mortar Board, President, Met Club, Vice President, YWC ' KKr Central Planning Committee of Student Union. • MA CATHERINE MEGEE, Joplin, Missouri, Arts Sciences, KKF, M e Club, YWCA, Pan-American Club, AWS. • CHARLES R. TON, Ozark, Business Administration, Arkansas Marketing Club- SECOND ROW CHARLES FAGAN MELZE, Texarkana, Arts Sciences. • )■ C ‘ MELTON MERRITT, Greenbrier, Agriculture. • JIMMY R. M£ CALF, Mansfield, Engineering. Page 80 FIRST ROW C£ ORGE BURNETT MEYER, JR., Mabclvalc, Agriculture. • C£ ORGE DONALD MEYER, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Business “ ministration. • ROBERT H. MICKEL, Siloam Springs, Engineer- ' n S- • JOHN P. MIDDLETON, Harrison, Engineering, 1IME, AX2, AlC| iH, ABC. SECOND ROW TEX AS A. MILHOLLAND, Little Rock, Business Administration. DONALD WILSON MILLER, JR., Helena, Business Administra- tlo n, K£ ABC, IRC. • GENE WARREN MILLER, Holly Crove, F • n 8 ' neering. " MARILYN LOUISE MILLER, Fayetteville, Agricul- tUre ' ZT A, AWS, Rootin ' Rubes, YWCA, ADA. THIRD ROW ANN MILLS, Wichita Falls, Texas, Arts Sciences. • A ’K L. MILLS, Garfield, Business Administration. • GEORGIA LS, Augusta, Arts Sciences, ZTA, I A0 President, AT, ' PX, Mixed Chorus, Met Club, Razorback Staff, Traveler Staff. • ’LL] AM ROBERT MINTEN, Fort Smith, Business Administration. FOURTH ROW X N MISENHIMER, Fay ' etteville, Education, AAA, Business Man- a 8 er , -Arkansas Traveler, Press Club, FTA • CORA ANN MITCH- DL, Kansas City, Missouri, Business Administration. • EDWARD M TCHELL, Camden, Agriculture, ‘1 2. • CERALD ERNEST ' TCHELL, Homer, Louisiana, Engineering, IRE, AIEE. BELOW FIRST ROW f 1AX LEROY MITCHELL, Fayetteville, Engineering, AIEE. • JAMES FRANK- . ' OBRa, Wyandotte, Oklahoma, Education, Football. • CHARLES WAYNE ;°NTCOMERY, Van Buren, Arts Sciences, AX2. • WALTER H. MOON, ma ' business Administration, 211, Scabbard and Blade, AK ' P. • BERRY LEE DORE, El Dorado, Arts Sciences, AKA, Football. • CAROLYN EUGENIA ,(J ORE, Magnolia, Agriculture, Home Economics Club, Wesley Players, Wesley Inundation Council, FTA. • HATTIE WEST MOORE, Helena, Business Admin- ■stration, XU, Treasurer, XO, House Manager ' s Council, Canterbury Club, Stu- cnt Christian Council " Secretary, Religious Emphasis Week Committee, Black- triars Boots and Spurs, Secretary, Sophomore Council, YWCA, AWS, WAA. SECOND ROW HOWARD GORDON MOORE, JR., Booneville, Engineering, AIEE, Wesley Foun¬ dation • MARTHA ANN MOORE, Osceola, Arts Sciences, KKT f Secretary, Sophomore Class, President, Sophomore Council. • ROLAND EDWARD MOORE, Mena, Engineering, ASME. • THOMAS LEE MOORE, Fayetteville, Engineering. • WILLIAM L. MOORE, Booneville, Engineering, ASCE. • EARL WESLEY MORELAND, Fort Smith, Education. • CAROL MORGAN, Camden, Agriculture, X12 f Vice President, Home Economics Club, President, ‘MPO, Black- friars, WAA, AWS, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Spanish Club, International Rela¬ tions Club. S nwh QIoaa, FIRST ROW GEORGIA LEE MORGAN, Gentry, Education, Elementary Club. 9 NORMAN OTHO MORGAN, Lamar, Business Administration. 9 ROY WILLIAM MORLEY, West Memphis, Business Administration, 2AE, AAIM, Canterbury Club. • JOE PETER MORRIS, J R ' Gravette, Engineering, AX2, AIChE. SECOND ROW MARGUERITE ELEANOR MORRIS, England, Arts Sciences, Vice-President, nB f , YWCA, AWS, Treasurer, IRC. • ROBER T WARING MORRIS, Keo, Business Administration, 2X, Scabba and Blade, Mixed Chorus, YMCA. • WILLIAM PERRY MOR ' RISON, JR., Fox, Business Administration, 2II Marketing Club. 9 SELMER E. MORSE, Dyer, Agriculture. THIRD ROW JACK ROLAND MOSIER, Texarkana, Business Administration- JAMES LEWIS MOSLEY, Fort Smith, Education, Golf. • JOE H MOTT, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, Branner Geology Club ALLAN MOUNT, JR., Jonesboro, Engineering, 2N, ASME, Scab ' bard and Blade, IIME. FOURTH ROW JACK GILL MOLLEN, Rogers, Agriculture. • MARILYN JEAN MUNSON, North Little Rock, Business Administration, President Hill Hall, Treasurer, Carnall Hall, AWS, YWCA. • GUY MURPHY, Ola, Business Administration. • MARTHA EDl MURPHY, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, Press Club, Black ' friars. FIRST ROW—BELOW WILLIAM ARCHIE MURPHY, El Dorado, Business Administration Ben, AKdr, guild Ticker Staff. • L. B. NASH, Gurdon, Agricu 1 ' ture, 2n, FFA, Animal Industry Club. • HAYDEN V. NAUMAN Batesville, Agriculture. SECOND ROW MARY JANE NAYLOR, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Education, Sophomo re Council, YWCA, WAA, AWS, Vice President, Major-Minor Cln b ' Vice President, AAA. • ROBERT T. NEEL, Nettleton, Busies 5 Administration, AXA, Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade. • FL O ' 1 ® F. NEELEY, Camden, Engineering, 2AE, ASCE. Page 82 FIRST ROW LlAM EVERETT NEIGHBORS, Rosston, Agriculture. • DAN NELSON, Sheridan, Business Administration. • DENVER NEST NETTLES, Piggott, Agriculture. • NEAL WATSON WE LL, JR., Little Rock, Engineering, ASME, ABC. R SECOND ROW ARD WALES NEWBY, Little Rock, Engineering, AIEE, IRE, HARRELL GENE NEWMAN, Bigelow, Arts Sciences, Yj JAMES R. NEWMAN, Dumas, Engineering. • CURRIN AIRY NICHOL, Pine Bluff, Arts Sciences, Jv2 Canterbury Ub ' Pr e-Med Club. INa third ROW ko NICHOLAS, Newark, Business Administration, IIB , j ° tln Rubcs , WAA, YWCA, X0. • JESSE EDGAR NICHOLS, ‘ggott, Education, Masonic Lodge, TKE Square and Com¬ pass n ' porter. • LAWRENCE RAY NICHOLS, Ozark, Business Admi " istration. ler ces, IIB F YWCA, AWS, WAA. NANCY ANN NICKERSON, Little Rock, Arts Hob fourth row d- J CKS, Forrest City, Business Administration, Vice Prcsi- V ' Vlce_ President, AK ' l ABC, Secretary, Arkansas Traveler ' Guild j icker Staff B[uc R Gaebalc. • LYNNE NIXON, n , M 0El ck ' Arts Sciences, XT A. • NEWTON GRAHAM IRE- C ' NeWport ' Engineering, HME, ASME, AIEE, Vice-President, Se Royce cr etary and Treasurer, Amateur Radio Club. • HANSEL -h.OLEN, Prescott, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. BELOW r 0bert FIRST ROW LYNlV NORRIS, Dumas, Arts Sciences, Pre-Med Club. • HUGH C HaUl NUTT ' Hambu Agriculture, BSU, FFA, Animal Industry, FTA. • Wirj j OCKRIDGE OATES, San Angelo, Texas, Business Administration. • By n. AM OL,V E R OATES, Pottsville, Agriculture. • GAYLE ARDEN OGLES- ' Hne Bi n ff A He r n ' rts Sciences, IIKA, Band, President, Photography Club, Bran- ANNIE JO OLIVER, El Dorado, Education, AWS, YWCA, Geology Club. Crr entar v r , , „ $ ci lxxb ' footin’ Rubes. • BILL REED OLIVER, Fort Smith, Arts ces Kv t) 1 Ka nd, Branner Geology Club. SECOND ROW WILLIAM COY O’NEAL, Malvern, Agricult ure, Animal Industry Club. • LAWRENCE OSWALD, JR., Winchester, Arts Sciences, President, Pan- American Club, International Relations Club. •BOBBY GENE OWEN, Ozark, Arts Sciences. • ROBERT L. OWEN, Dallas, Texas, Business Administration, -AK. • EDWARD ALPHIN OXFORD, Texarkana, Engineering, ASME. • HUGH D. OZIER, JR., Harrison, Business Administration. • EDWARD LEO PACE, Wilmar, Agriculture. Ssmmh QLoaa. FIRST ROW EDGAR RONALD PACKARD, Camden, Business Administration- • JULIA ANN PAISLEY, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, YWCA WAA, AWS, Met Club, Blackfriars, Canterbury Club, Xfl GEORGE PARIS, JR., Hot Springs, Arts Sciences, K2S. • VIC¬ TOR PETER PAPOULIAS, Hot Springs, Engineering, IRE, AlE Radio Amateur Club. SECOND ROW DUANE HOWARD PARKER, Rayville, Louisiana. • JAM BOAZ PARKER, Hot Springs, Engineering, XX, AIEE. • L BRYAN PARKER, JR., Dermott, Arts Sciences, I 2. • HAR Ol V STEPHENSON PARKS, Conway, Arts Sciences, Branner Geolog) Club. THIRD ROW JOHNIE JOE PATE, McAlester, Oklahoma, Agriculture. • AR EDWARD PATERSON, Fayetteville, Business Administration, Secretary, AK ' P, Vice-President, Interfraternity Council, Scabba and Blade, A M2, University Lodge F. A. M. • JAMES CAL$ WELL PATTERSON, Melbourne, Arts Sciences, o JAMES J PATTERSON, Alpena Pass, Agriculture, ATP, Animal IndustO Club, YMCA, ADA. FOURTH ROW PEGGY ANN PATTERSON, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, Stride " 1 Christian Association, AWS. • RALPH CURTISS PATTERSO Camden, Education, University High Basketball Coach. CHARLES CLINTON PATTON, Little Rock, Agriculture. 9 HERSCHEL McCONNELL PAYNE, JR., Texarkana, Texas, Arts Sciences, Canterbury Club, Student Christian Council, XAE, YM Cabinet. FIRST ROW—BELOW ALLEN JACKSON PEEBLES, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Engineeri 1 AIEE. • NOAH S. PECK, Rison, Agriculture, ADA, PEA YDC, BSU, IRC, Animal Industry Club. • ROBERT RAY PER ' FULL, Carlisle, Business Administration, Xri AK ' P Market Club. SECOND ROW GLENN E. PERKINS, Tyronza, Agriculture. • RICHARD EUGE ' PERKINS, Norphlet, Business Administration. • FLAVE WA NOCK PETERS, Russellville, Business Administration, XAE. Page 84 FIRST ROW XE LOUISE PETERSON, Cassville, Missouri, Arts Sciences, ' Treasurer, Sophomore Council, Treasurer, Sophomore Class, CncR Club, Vice President, ‘I’A0, Secretary, International Rela- . ns Club, Vice President, d’BK, IRC, Secretary. • ROBERT 1 NRY PETERSON, Blytheville, Arts Sciences, 2X, YMCA, " tra mural Bowling Manager. • JOSEPH PETRAY, JR., Malvern, Culture. • MELVIN KARL PETTY, Springdale, Arts Soi¬ rees. ERNest Up S, Mai SECOND ROW EDWIN PFEIFER, Dardanelle, Agriculture. • J. D. PHIL- LEW bard App ' vern, Agriculture, AFP, Animal Industry Club. • JAMES PHILLIPS, Fort Smith, Business Administration, KA, Scab- and Blade. • WILLIAM S. PHILLIPS, Grubbs, Agricul ture, , AZ Animal Industry Club. WlL liam amuel leo THIRD ROW KENNETH PIERCE, Paris, Business Administration. WYATT PINKSTON, Crossett, Engineering, ASCE. OLME! ARNOLD PITCHFORD, Norfolk, Agriculture, FFA. • JACK and Bladi S PITTMAN, Rison, Arts Sciences, 2N, ABC, Scabbard e ' Branner Geology Club. WlLl FOURTH ROW Ia M GENE PITTMAN, El Dorado, Arts Sciences, 2 FE, Kr anner n i . Geology Club, 2FE. • ATTIE SUE PLUMMER, Shreve- P°rt T p. • ' °tusiana, Arts Sciences, XS2. « ARLEE ERVIN POLLARD, Union M ii tur L Agriculture. • COY P. PONDER, Nashville, Agricul- C ' An ' mal Industry Club. BELOW ge 0RgFc FIRST ROW LROD POOL, Little Rock, Business Administration, AXA, IRC, JOHN TH °MAS C. POPE, Walnut Ridge, Business Administration. • YRUn P °UNDERS, Little Rock, Business Administration. • EVA GER- Wc P °W Little Rock, Arts Sciences, Pre-Med Club, AKA, AWS, Waa, Wesley Foundation. Arts Sp Sc • EDITH FLETCHER PRATT, Little Rock, . fences, KKF p reS s Club X. • FRANKLIN L. PRESSON, Hot ►rings a ' L lub ' c ences r Vice President, Razorback Hall, International Relations ' Stude nt Senate, University Lodge. • DELTON E. PRICE, Vandervoort, ' gr, culture, ZN SECOND ROW CORBA EARL PRINCE, Morrilton, Engineering, AIEE, 2 I E. • JOE E. PROPPS, Nashville, Business Administration. • WILLIAM E. PRYOR, JR., Camden, Busi¬ ness Administration, 2AE, Treasurer, AK ' P, Commerce Guild, President, West¬ minster Fellowship, President, Student Christian Council, (juild Jicker. • ROBERT DEAN PUGH, Pine Bluff, Agriculture, 2AE, Scabbard and Blade. • MARY JOE PURCELL, Rector, Education, President, AT, YWCA, AWS, Rootin ' Rubes, Blackfriars, WAA. • LADISLAU PUSHKARSKY, Slovac, Arts Sci¬ ences, Pre-Med Club. • JOHN J. PYSKLO, North Little Rock, Business Admin¬ istration, 211, Newman Club. FIRST ROW HOMER ADOLPH RABJOHN, Little Rock, Engineering, ASCE. ELIZABETH SUE RAGAN, Little Rock, Business Administration, Sophomore Council, Treasurer, Blackfriars, Treasurer, AWS, P reSl dent, X0, Mortar Board. • TED RAMER, North Little Rock, Bu s ‘ ness Administration. • WELDON ODELL RAMEY, Van Buren, Business Administration, Debate Team, Vice President, TKA, Ma ° r Veteran’s Village, International Relations Club. SECOND ROW HUBERT WAYNE RANKIN, Leola, Agriculture. • OTTO R aY ' MOND RANKIN, JR., Jonesboro, Arts Sciences. • GRACE WIL¬ LIAMS RATCLIFF, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, KKT, ' RX, Mix etl Chorus, Canterbury Club. • THURMAN L. RAY, Collins, Ag r ‘ culture. THIRD ROW PAULA SUE REAGAN, Danville, Arts Sciences, President, YWCA, AWS, Executive Board, Panhellenic President, Secretary Student Senate, Mortar Board, Secretary, I A@, Sophomore Council or, Blackfriars • JORDAN DOUGLAS REAMEY, Little R° ck ' Business Administration, K2. • ROBERT DUNLAP RECTOR, Lit Rock, Business Administration, X—• JIM FRANKLIN REEL Springdale, Agriculture, SIT. FOURTH ROW WILLIAM MARSHALL REED, Alleene, Engineering, AIEE- MARJORIE MAE REEKS, Shreveport, Louisiana, Business Admin lS ' tration, X12. • JAMES A. REEVES, Camden, Business Administra ' tion, XAE. • WILLIAM LAMAR REEVES, Camden, Business A d ' ministration, 2AE. S tioA QIoaa. FIRST ROW—BELOW JERE NORRED REID, Blytheville, Business Administration. • DEL¬ BERT P. REMALEY, Oil City, Pennsylvania, Education. • ROBERT M. RENNER, Fayetteville, Business Administration, XX, Band. SECOND ROW JOHN MARSHALL RHOADS, Malvern, Business Administratis 1 IIKA, YMCA, Blackfriars, Scabbard and Blade. • CLAREN RICE, Corning, Agriculture, AZ, ADA, Manager, Animal Industry Club, Livestock Judging Team. • MARGUERITE ENGLISH RlC Little Rock, Arts Sciences, AWS, YWCA. Page 86 r FIRST ROW Carles EDWIN RICHARDS, North Little Rock, Business Ad- m,n, stration. • PAUL SCOTT RICHARDSON, Mountainburg, Ed¬ ition. • RUTH RIDDICK, Morrilton, Arts Sciences, IIB I , ac kfriars, AWS, YWCA, Arkansas Traveler Staff. • HUGHIH RIGGS, Fort Smith, Business Administration. „ SECOND ROW -HARD ray RIGGS, Camden, Engineering, AIEE. • BOB p Little Rock, Arts Sciences, XX, Blue Key, Student Senate, r «ident, YDC, President, MI2, ABC, Press Club, TAB, Inter- ni ‘y Council. • CHARLES ALEXANDER RINGLER, Big Cexas, Business Administration, AK X P, Marketing Club, Ma- ° n ' C Lod 8c- • CHARLES WILLIAM RIPLEY, El Dorado, Arts bcie nces, 2AE. r aten kAT THIRD ROW HERIne VENETA RISING, Texarkana, Arts Sciences, AT, Olackfr’ Iriars , AWS. • WILLIAM PATTON RIVES, Augusta, Busi- T SS Administration. • CARLE A. ROBBINS, JR., Fort Smith, Busi- Ss Administration, 2X. • JOSEPH BRADFORD ROBERTS, Fay- Arts Sciences, Branner Geology Club. FOURTH ROW Wesley robertson, DcWitt, Business Administration. • CLAYTON ROBINS, Mt. Ida, Agriculture. • NEILL R. p ARls MEarl P °HINS, Little Rock, Engineering, XX, AIEE. • JOE T. RODDY, ° nettc ' Agriculture. BELOW EDWap FIRST ROW E ' ROGERS, Magnolia, Engineering, ASCE. • SAM JAMES ROGERS, ' ot Springs, Business Administration. • STEWART E. ROGERS, Benton- v i Uq p n • Sneering, AXX, TBIL, Engineering Council, AIChE. • W. WARREN Little Smackove L Arts Sciences, AXA. • JOHN MERRICK ROLLOW, ° c k, Business Administration, FA0 ROTC, Scabbard and Blade. • ROB- q , LR, Halstead, Kansas, Arts Sciences. • MILTON L. ROSCOE, ag C Engineering, ASME. SECOND ROW SUE DEARING ROSS, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, KKT, Met Club, AWS YWCA. • HAROLD CLIFFT ROTHERUM, Fort Smith, Business Administration IIKA. • THOMAS STEPHENSON ROTHROCK, Springdale, Arts Sciences ' AXX, President, XIIX, Treasurer, LIKA, HME. • WILLIAM EDWIN ROWE, Berryville, Agriculture. • ECKEL WRIGHT ROWLAND, Hot Springs, Arts Sciences, Football, Pan-American Club. • WILBERT E. ROWND, DeWitt, Engi¬ neering, ASCE. • ROSEMARY COLQUITT RUCKER, Little Rock, Arts Sci¬ ences, AT, Canterbury Club, Secretary-Treasurer, House Managers Association. FIRST ROW CATHERINE LETITIA RUTHERFORD, Pine Bluff, Arts Scie Rootin ' Rubes, Net Club, Blackfriars, Pan-American Club, A YWCA, Elementary Club. IRC. • JAMES MAITLAND LEDGE, Pine Bluff, Business Administration, Blue Key, AT Student Senate, Westminster Fellowship, Interfraternity CounC President, Scabbard and Blade, Executive Council Commerce G$- Quild Ticker, Business Manager, 1950 Razorback. • LOYD VOHN RUTLEDGE, Havana, Engineering. • MORRIS T. SA Texarkana, Agriculture. SECOND ROW CLARANCE DANA SANDERS, JR., Camden, Business Adminis tion. • JACK H. SANDERS, Little Rock, Engineering. • JOH ' PAUL SANDERS, Hope, Engineering, President, A2 1 ©T, YM President, TBTI, OAK IlME, Wesley Players, Student Christ ' 3 Council, Wesley Foundation Council, AIChE, Interfraternity Co ‘ f cil. • JAMES J. SANDOR, Stuttgart, Education, Newman 0$ Major-Minor Club. THIRD ROW GEORGE ASHFORD SAYRE, Spencer, Iowa, Arts Sciences. DENNY P. SCHAFER, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, Branner CO 1 ogy Club. • REMLEY K. SCHIFF, Dermott, Business Adminis tion, AA F, Treasurer FI Westminster Fellowship. • WILLl ' EMERSON SCHILLER, Memphis, Tennessee, Arts Sciences, IRC, Newman Club. FOURTH ROW DANIEL JOHN SCHLEEF, Fort Smith, Engineering, TBII, ASM { TIME, I H2, TA. • GILBERT F. SCHNEIDER, Prairie View, ness Administration. • HARRY LEHMAN SCOTT, Wynne, ness Administration, 2X. • JAMES SIDNEY SCOTT, Con " ' 3 ' Business Administration, Vice President, A i J2 Historian, ASPL, YMCA. FIRST ROW—BELOW REECE SUD SCOTT, Dardanelle, Agriculture. • ROBERT JAC 1 ' SON SCOTT, Fayetteville, Business Administration, Varsity Club- CALVIN CHRIS SCHNEIDER, Malvern, Engineering, ASME- SECOND ROW CHARLES CULPEPPER SCHREINER, Little Rock, Business Adm ' istration, 2AE. • ROBERT SHELDON SCHWARTZ, West Hele " ’ Arts Sciences, Press Club, Advertising Manager, Arkansas 7rav c ' Razorback Staff. • JAMES BENJAMIN SEARCY, Little Rock, A rt Sciences, KA. SdinwA QIaMu Page 88 FIRST ROW ' LUam HAFFORD SEATON, Memphis, Tennessee, Engineer- ln s • WILLIAM NELSON SESSIONS, Lake Village, Engineering, as CE, BT. • DONALD STEWARD SETTLE, Bentonville, Business AH • Ministration, LIT, Pershing Rifles. • CHARLES R. SEWELL, crn , Arts Sciences, FI, Branncr Geology Club, Wesley Play- ' Masonic Lodge. k SECOND ROW RAY SEWELL, Texarkana, Business, K—. • THOMAS H. . ' Waldo, Business Administration. • JOHN L. SHADDOX, Sl Shville - Education, Football, “A” Club. • MILLIE NOBLE a C Dox, Ethel, Education. Robert THIRD ROW GLENN SHADDOX, Western Grove, Engineering, ASCE. V| ARTHA JANE SHAW, Pine Bluff, Agriculture, nB t • WIL- LlAM S «bb Ton McDermott SHAW, Lewisville, Engineering, -AE, 0T, ard and Blade, AIChE, TBI1. • CALVIN WILSON SHEL- 01a , Engineering, ASCE. M FOURTH ROW SHEPARD, Star City, Agriculture. • SARAH ELLEN . , v Fort Smith, Education AI ' Secretary, KAII, DSF, YWCA, WS Ll ' ome Economics Club, Rootin’ Rubes. • ANTHONY A. CK ' Conway, Agriculture. • HAROLD GLENN SHOFNER, lkiriQ d. ' smess Administration. BELOW Helen, FIRST ROW SHn UFERN sh OOK, Bentonville, Education. • WILLIAM EUGENE ing c 0t R r ' n s ' Engineering, President, ‘I‘T, AIEE, ASME, IIME, Engineer- s H0U UnCil ' Interfratcrnit y Council, TBII Blue Key. • FRANCES TRESSALYN kubes lytheville, Arts Sciences, President, Mortar Board, President, Rootin’ Vice President, AF, AT, AWS Executive, YWCA Cabinet, AWS Judicial r c Rlackfriars, Pan American Club FTA. • JOHN RAYMOND SHUTACK, JOllQt 111- 1 14 - 4 -i m ° ls , Arts Sciences, Prc-Med Club. • LOUIS EDWARD SIMMEN, kittle R n i Arts ' ArtS Sciences - • SIMEON EVERLY SIMONSON, Arkadelphia, Sciences. • WILLIAM BOLER SIMPSON, Franklin, Agriculture. SECOND ROW JOSEPH PAUL SIPES, Lonoke, Agriculture • CHARLES GORDON SKILLERN, Fayetteville, Engineering, BT Treasurer ASME, Arkansas Engineer Staff. • CLARENCE MERLE SKILLERN, Fayetteville, Engineering, ASME, Arkansas En¬ gineer. • HARRY LOUIS SLATER, JR., Fayetteville, Agriculture, Masonic Lodge, Boots and Spurs, Animal Industry. • CHARLES THOMAS SLOAN, Strawberry, Agriculture, 2X. • ETHEL ELSIE SMART, Pine Bluff, Arts Sciences, YWCA Cabinet, AWS, Canterbury Club, Rootin’ Rubes, Mets Club, Mixed Chorus. • BENJAMIN MATHIS SMITH, Hot Springs, Business Administration. FIRST ROW BOYCE MILES SMITH, Tull, Engineering, AIChE, AX2. • BRVA ' KEATHLEY SMITH, JR., Little Rock, Engineering. • CECIL VIN SMITH, Little Rock, Business Administration, AK ' R. • THIA ANN SMITH, Tyler, Texas, Arts Sciences, KKT, Y V C ’ ' IRC, AWS. SECOND ROW DONALD ELTON SMITH, Hot Springs, Engineering, ASME ‘ ELMER MELVIN SMITH, Fort Smith, Business Administrate 2AE, Football, Scabbard and Blade. • HAROLD L. SMITH, ticello, Engineering, ASCE. • JACK ROBERT SMITH, Spring Engineering, ASME. THIRD ROW JARRETTE DEAN SMITH, Searcy, Education, Football, Basket 1 • JOHN EDMOND SMITH, Plainview, En gineering. • JOS£ ff WALTER SMITH, Swifton, Arts Sciences, OT, Branner Geol Club. • LARON BENSON SMITH, Fayetteville, Education. FOURTH ROW RICHARD WAYNE SMITH, Plainview, Engineering, ASCE. • Rl BERT GERALD SMITH, Everton, Agriculture, FFA, Animal ,f dustry Club, Jgriculturist Staff. • RONALD JAMES SMITH, $ al ing, Education. • THELMER PAYTON SMITH, Foreman, gineering, ASME. S niDA QlaAA. FIRST ROW—BELOW MARTHA ELLEN SNELLGROVE, Jonesboro, Arts Sciences, Blackfriars, AWS, YWCA, IRC, Rootin ' Rubes. • DAVID BE 1 ' JAMIN SNODDY, Monticello, Engineering. • FRANK O SNYDER, Green Forest, Agriculture. SECOND ROW MARY ANN SNYDER, Star City, Agriculture. • CURTIS THO ' 1 AS SPAULDING, Fayetteville, Business Administration. • JUNIOR SPENCE, Malvern, Business Administration. Page 90 ed first row q SPENCER, Chidester, Agriculture, Animal Industry ASM e FFA ' WILLIAM ROE SPENCER, Little Rock, Engineering, ’ JAMES EDWARD SPICER, Magnolia, Engineering, l , • RAY T. SPILLERS, Van Buren, Engineering, Scab- rd and Blade, ASCE. P AUl D SECOND ROW • g. SPRADLIN, Okolona, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. SPRATT, Higginson, Engineering, ASCE. • EMILIO tratio THAGEN, Managua, Nicaragua, Business Adminis- nttrn ational Club, Pan-American Club, Newman Club. • ANCIL, Earle FHi iraHrtn Frtrtf Fall L, Earle, Education, Football Elbert THIRD ROW ASiVlE AMES ST ANLEY, Hot Springs, Engineering, RONS, ne att- COY STANPHILL, JR., Little Rock, Engineer¬ s ' AIEF IDn Ulinois ’ Kt HARRY ALLEN STAPLES, Western Springs, ERlrL ' S ' ness Administration Acacia, Treasurer. • BILL FRED- r , ' CK St ark, Waln Llub, FEa ilnut Ridge, Agriculture, ATP Animal Industry h ARris FOURTH ROW ill. STARNES, JR., Walnut Ridge, Arts Sciences IIHv RY STATMAN, Brooklyn, New York, Arts Sciences BOB c c ' ' Cc President, l x, Treasurer, ' PX, German Club. 1 HER Man " " N, Fort Smith, Business Administration, XAK. « WIN STAVELY, Nashville, Agriculture. BELOW Fr EDri c r LittI, FIRST ROW .... Rock TFE LE, Gentry, Engineering. • EARL MILTON STEPHEN, JR., Engin eerit J " peering, AIEE. • KERMIT QUINTEN STEPHENSON, DeWitt, POLAND STEVENS, Texarkana, Education, xa er ' ng, AIEE. • PATRICIA , KAli E1 - —- A SCE. • M " rT,cntar y Club. • JACK c. STEVENSON, Springdale, Engineering, Wesl P T MacELREE STEVENSON, Russellville, Arts Sciences, a ers. • BILLY E. SEWARD, Conway, Agriculture, FFA. SECOND ROW BRYANT FRY STEWART, JR., Blytheville, Business Administration. • JOSEPH VAL STEWART, Huntsville, Business Administration. • LENARD U. STEW¬ ART, Murfeesboro, Agriculture. • MARY ELLEN STEWART, Joplin, Missouri, Arts Sciences, Met Club, YWCA, AWS, AAA. • JAMES MORRIS STILES, Paris, Business Administration, IT. • KENNETH C. STILES, Mabelvale, Busi¬ ness Administration, 211, Scabbard and Blade, Young Democrats Club, Com¬ merce Guild. • ROY CHESTER STILL, Hot Springs, Engineering. S nwA (fla A, FIRST ROW EVELYN CRISSMAN STRONG, Bentonville, Education. • EL f ‘ ABETH BRENDA STUCK, Jonesboro, Arts Sciences. • J STUCKEY, Lepanto, Business Administration, ITKA AK ' P, O rnerce Guild. • LUTHER THOMAS STUCKEY, Fayetteville, ness Administration. SECOND ROW MARY JANE STUCKEY, Lepanto, Arts Sciences, HB f , Pres Mortar Board, Rootin ' Rubes, IRC, Pan American Club, YWCA. • DON MILLARD STUEART, Hot Springs, Business ministration, -AE ; Scabbard and Blade. • DABBS SULLIVAN,) Little Rock, Business Administration, Tennis, XX. • KENI0? DALE SUTHMER, Willard, Missouri, Agriculture. THIRD ROW CHARLES DELANEY SUTTON, Texarkana, Business Admin ' st ' tion • ROBERT KELTNER SUTTON, Little Rock, Arts Scien £t Square and Compass Club, — II, President, IRC, Vice President, Law Society, ‘MXK, Gaebale, Chairman, LAH, AT, Scabbard r Blade. • C. B. SWAIM, JR., Aly, Agriculture. • DONNA JEA SWANK, Marked Tree, Arts Sciences, President, Davis AWS, Secretary, Student Senate, Secretary, Press Club, Jrat 1 ' ' Staff, Mortar Board. FOURTH ROW VIRGINIA DORIS SWEARENGEN, Blytheville, Education, YWCA, AWS, WAA. • JOSEPH PLUMMEY SWEAT, JR., don. Business Administration, SIX. • JOE T. TALBERT, Tcxark 3 Business Administration, AAIM. • ROBERT O. TALBERT, Ne° s Missouri, Agriculture, T—, Animal Industry Club, Arkansas culturist , Business Manager. FIRST ROW—BELOW JOHN HENRY TALBOT, Pine Bluff, Arts Sciences, I A0, Canterbury Club. • WILLIE TALIAFERRO, JR., Louisville, tucky, Arts Sciences, 2n. • PATRICIA ANNE TARLETON, Springs, Arts Sciences, Corresponding Secretary, Xft, Press Traveler Reporter, Blackfriars, Newman Club. SECOND ROW WILLIAM RICHARD TARVER, Warren, Arts Sciences. • ANP ' TARVIN, Glendale, California, Arts Sciences, Business Mana? c Arkansas Traveler, Press Club. • EUGENE LOUIS TATE, P 3 " gould, Arts Sciences, Pre-Med Club. Page 92 c FIRST ROW r PAUL TAYLOR, Harrison, Business Administration. • TAYLOR, Marvell, Business Administration, K2, YMCA. raf CAR SON TAYLOR, Mountain Pine, Business Adminis- Ka ' n JACK LLOYD TAYLOR, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, ca bbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles. JAMhs SECOND ROW •fjjjj EDW ARD TAYLOR, Berryville, Engineering, LH2, LIME, Arts PrCS ' dent ' Band - GEORGE ARNOLD TAYS, JR., Barling, Scicn «s. • JOHN PAUL TEAGUE, Alma, Business Admin- trat ' o n Ri w litt] ' ckfnars - WILLIAM JOSEPH TEMPLETON, North Rocl , Engineering, HME, AIChE, AXS. HUgh b third row Lysj BE L TERRY, Rogers, Business Administration. • MADE- TERRY Little Rock, Business Administration, AT A °otin’ d. 1 A . es ‘ • MARMAN DOUGLAS TERRY, Rogers, Business aTr, lnistraf ness 10n - • KENNETH ALLEN THAXTON, Newport, Busi- min ' stration, 2X ( Blackfriars, ABC, A l tt. Jame fourth row C. -pj. THOMAS, Nashville, Arts Sciences, K2. • JAY T HOMp MASSON ' Delight, Engineering. • BILLIE JANICE Pa rasoii |d N ' Green Forest, Agriculture. • J. W. THOMPSON, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. BELOW «et Hs rhf t first row Sen ate TOMPSON, Fayetteville, Education, President, OIW, Student Play ers q ' ' AA, Vice President, Wesley Foundation, Vice President, Wesley PHasis Y C ,C, a i or ' M‘ nor Club, Sophomore Council, Co-Chairman Religious F °°tball • DuV AL COATES THORNTON, Hot Springs, Education, " PHOR j p Club, Major-Minor Club, Masonic Lodge. • JAMES ELMORE PENN -pi, ' F ° rt Business Administration, AIEE, SAM. • LAWTON THi EET p Sheridan Business Administration. • ROBERT WETZEL Busi ness A d rattSVillc ' En 8« cering, ASCE. • CHARLES L. THORP, Fayetteville, tion, AAlVl n Strat ‘ on - • HUGH F. THURMAN, McRae, Business Administra- SECOND ROW JAMES ASHLEY TIDWELL, Fort Smith, Business Administration. • RAY BRYAN TILLEY, Little Rock, Business Administration, ABC, AAIM, 2X. • ROSS D. TITTLE, Hot Springs, Education. • ROBERT W. TOLER, DeWitt, Agriculture. • WILLIAM E. TOLLESON, Hope, Engineering. • IVY L. TOM¬ LIN, Camden, Engineering, President, XII, AIEE, IRE, Interfraternity Council. • JOHN DONALD TOWNSEND, Russellville, Arts Sciences. warn FIRST ROW WILEY WINTON TRACY, Anderson, Missouri, Education. ' JOHN AFTON TREAT, Bigflat, Agriculture, Animal Industry • WILLIAM D. TREWHITT, Lincoln, Arts Sciences, 2n, W man Club. • VICTOR ELVIN TROST, Green Forest, Engineer IRE. SECOND ROW JOHN WILLIAM TROUTT, JR., Jonesboro, Arts Sciences, sas Traveler, Editor, Chairman, Board of Publications, Blue R £ ' Press Club, 2X. • DELMAR VERNON TUCKER, JR., Con ' " " A rts Sciences. • DENNIS LOYD TUCKER, Pine Bluff, AS culture. • MARY ALICE TUCKER, Texarkana, Texas, Arts ' Sciences, HB4 , YWCA, AWS, IRC. THIRD ROW RALPH EUGENE TUCKER, Little Rock, Education, President, W ley Players, 2X, FTA, IRC. • JOHN LEANDER TURNER, 11 Marvell, Arts Sciences, K—, A M2, ABC, Pre-Med Club. EUGENE ROY UPCHURCH, JR., Fort Smith, Business Adminis‘ r ’ tion, Newman Club, Student Senate. • CHARLES MACK UN ' C Fayetteville, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. FOURTH ROW LOIS VANDERBILT, Texarkana, Business Administration. • FR JOSEPH VENNER, JR., Little Rock, Business Administrati 0 " " AAIM. • RUTH ANN VEST, Waldron, Arts Scien Pre-Med Club. • HORACE CURTIS VINCENT, Crossett, 8« sl ' ness Administration. Ssmioh QIoaa, FIRST ROW JAMES ALVIN VIZZIER, Gillett, Arts Sciences, XX, House Manager, 0T President, Newman Club. • REX O. VOWELL, Monticello, Business Administra¬ tion. • DOUGLAS M. WADELL, Arkadelphia, Agriculture. • MELVIN STONE WAGGONER, Osceola, Business Administration, 2N. • JAMES ALVIN WATTS, Alma, Business Administration, 211. • MASON WAITS, Mammoth Spring, Agri¬ culture. SECOND ROW ELIZABETH ANN WAKEFIELD, Ozark, Arts Sciences, AAA, Blackfriars, WA Arkansas Engineer. • WILBURN O. WALDEN, Paragould, Engineering, A$£ • DAVID LOUIS WALKER, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences. • ROBERT WALKER, Little Rock, Business Administration. • WARREN WALKER, ville, Missouri, Arts Sciences. • GLORIA ANN WALLACE, Newport, Arts 1 Sciences, Xft, President, WAA, AWS, Executive Board, YWCA, Blackfriars, S e c(C tary, NCP, Traveler Staff. FIRST ROW 1ES ANDREW WALLACE. Newport. Arts Sciences, XX c it ca bbard and Blade, Branner Geology Club. • ROBERT T. . ACE, Pine Bluff, Business Administration, XII, AK ' P. • WIL- V K ENER WALLER, Claremore, Oklahoma, Arts Sciences, y ' EcBto L Razorback, President, Press Club, Scabbard and Blade, e er Staffs Secretary, Board of Publications. • ROBERT £ b E WARDLOW, Knights Landing, California, Arts n ces, UKA, R us h Captain, Vice President, YMCA, ABC, Art Guild. Masc second row j TRUMAN WARE, JR., Spring Valley, Agriculture, Ani- Industry Club, Arkansas Agriculturist. • PATRICIA ANN ' VAR E W as hi n Rooti n’ Rub ' Art ungton, D. C., Arts Sciences, WAA, AWS, YWCA, ,es • CECIL RANDOLPH WARNER, JR., Fort Smith, Xt ' 81 Sci «nces, 2AE ( 4 HS ( eBK, Golf. • PATSY RUTH WAR- S - Little Rock, Education, YWCA, AWS, Elementary Club, °° 0t ' n Rubes, AAA. Don third row • El LUGENE WARREN, Berryville, Agriculture, AZ, ATP. L. WARREN, Calico Rock, Agriculture. • HARRIETT R ckf Holly Grove, Arts Sciences, Xlf. Vice President, ars ' Lanhellenic Scholarship Committee. • MARY JANE INS ' Se arcy, Arts Sciences, HB t , AWS, YWCA, -At, AT. A FOURTH ROW s Urer UN, JR., fort Smith, Engineering, — N, Lloyd Hall Trea- AIEE, Arkansas Engineer. • BOBBY CARROLL • Usceola, Education, UKA, YMCA, Major-Minor Club. Majo A NE WEAVER, Prairie Grove, Education, YWCA, AWS, Playc ' n ° r AII, Met Club, Elementary Club, Wesley WEAV aVlS Treasurer, Wesley Foundation. • JOHN CECIL R ' °P e Arts Sciences. BELOW clarenc FIRST ROW pp E WEBB, JR., Portia, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club, ADA, Tittle R WEBB, Marianna, Engineering, ASCE. • JAMES L. WEBBER, N ew Busin ess, Acacia, Baptist Student Union. • HOWARD WEINSTEIN, Basketb ° rR ' Arts Sciences, BT, Secretary, AEA, I X, ' I ' X, Intramural Ernest % JEAN FEILD WEIR, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, Coterie. • Pst ME LVIN WEITZ, New York, New York, Arts Sciences, AEA, 4 2, SECOND ROW RAYMOND E. WELLS, Charleston, Education. • W. F. WELLS, Manila, Arts Sciences. • NANCY JANE WENDROTH, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, X£2, WAA, AWS, Classics Club. • MADGE WOOTEN WESTBROOK, Hot Springs, Arts Sciences, IIB4 , Associate Editor, 1950 Razorback, Gaebale Secretary, IRC. • BERLE STEELE WHEELER, Muskogee, Oklahoma, Arts Sciences, UKA, p rc - Med Club, University Debate Team, A K2. • JOY WILLIAM WHISTLE, Cara¬ way, Engineering, IIME, Terry Village Councilman, ASME. FIRST ROW ERNEST HARL WHITE, Hot Springs, Business Administration ROBERT M. WHITE, Agriculture, FFA, ADA, Animal Industry Club. • ANDREW OLAF WIKMAN, Van Buren, Engineering. i H2, AX2, HME, TBII, AIChE. • JOSEPH M. WILKINSON 1 . Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, XX. SECOND ROW OTIS EMMETT WILLIAMS, JR., Little Rock, Business Administr 2 ' tion, XX. • POLLY ANNA WILLIAMS, Hope, Education, KK 1 " , YWCA, AWS, FTA. • WALTER PRESLEY WILLIAMS, JR., M 0 " ' ticello, Business Administration, AXA, AK ' P, Scabbard and Blau e ‘ • WILLIAM FINLEY WILLIAMS, Little Rock, Engineering, 0T ' ASCE. THIRD ROW ADRIAN WILLIAMSON, JR., Monticello, Business Administrati 011 ' Ben, Circulation Manager, Quild Ticker , Student Union Comm ' 1 ' tee. • EARL CARROLL WILLIS, Corbin, Kentucky, Engineering. ASME. • CLAUDE B. WILSON, JR., North Little Rock, Engineer¬ ing, ASCE. • DAWNE WILSON, El Dorado, Education, Xfi FOURTH ROW HORACE LEE WILSON, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Business Administrate • JAMES D. WILSON, Fayetteville, Engineering, Newman ASCE. • J. B. WILSON, Education, IRC, FTA. • JOHN FRAN 7 ' LIN WILSON, Dumas, Business Administration. BELOW FIRST ROW NORA STEPHENS WILSON, Magnolia, Business Administration, OIW, AWS, Society of Management. • OLEN CLARENCE WILSON, Mountain View, Agri¬ culture. • WILLIAM JAMES WINDHAM, Gurdon, Agriculture, Masonic Lodge, Lloyd Halls Council, ADA, Animal Industry Club. • CHARLES ROBERT WINN, JR., Little Rock, Arts Sciences. • JACK O’NEAL WISEMAN, Searcy, Business Administration. • FRANCIS EARL WISNER, Cotton Plant, Arts Sciences, Band, KK . • DOROTHY JEAN WOOD, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Arts Sciences, AF Secretary, Rootin’ Rubes, Press Club, AWS, YWCA. SECOND ROW MARVIN L. WOOD, North Little Rock, Engineering, AIChE., IRE. • MAR Y JOE WOOD, Mena, Education, AAA, YWCA, Panehellenic, AWS, WAA, Major ' Minor, Orchesis. • OLIVER CHISM WOOD, JR., Texarkana, Business Admini 5 ' tration, XAE. • GEORGE WALTON WOODWARD, Rogers, Engineering AX F YMCA, AIChE. • BETTY FRANCES WOODSON, Blytheville, Arts Sciences, XQ, Historian, AT, Rootin’ Rubes, FTA, KAIT, AWS, YWCA. 9 WILLIAM ALLEN WOODS, Rogers, Business Administration. • G. JOYCE WOLF, Mountain Home, Arts Sciences, KKT, ' PX, Met Club, AWS, YWCA- r . FIRST ROW Llp FORD JULIAN WOMACK, Charleston, Engineering. • BERT- Ray WORKSHAM, Atkins, Arts Sciences, Masonic Lodge, r ° ' Med Club. • HERBERT MARVIN WRIGHT, Marshall, Engi- " ' cr ' ng, n Scabbard and Blade, ASME. • LLOYD CONNOR Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Engineering. SECOND ROW SCOTT WRIGHT, Bentonville, Business Administration. • S. WRIGHT, McKamie, Business Administration. • bob HoMa t A COOKE WUNDERLICH, Blytheville, Arts Sciences, A L S ° CiaI Chairman , AT , Rootin’ Rubes, FTA, AT KAII. • HAL °rche: V ICK, Neosho, Missouri, Agriculture, KK Band, Concert n estra. M THIRD ROW F YENAWINE Hot Springs, Arts Sciences, Sophomore Council e BkOw CCrCtary ' Davis Hal1 Rootin’ Rubes. • CHARLES pi. YOUNG, Little Rock, Engineering, AIEE. r RLK RAY YOUNG, Chester, Illinois, Education Football, A r a c k % ■ CARTEL YOUNG, Quitman, Business Administration. Haro fourth row shing D EUGENE YOUNG, Nashville, Engineering, ASCE, Pcr- es. • BRYSON REX YOUNGER, Mt. Pleasant, Business dminist Ad " iinist a d°n. Acacia • SCOTT YOWELL, Mansfield, Business at ' °n. • EVELYN ZACK, Pine Bluff, Arts Sciences, c ‘ r bury Club, YWCA, AWS, Rootin ' Rubes. ___ 1 » -v- it, i 1 r... Li I v . It c s iiti BELOW bob Gene _ FIRST R OW Z| Egler ZEn °R, Praire Grove, Business Administration. • ROBERT HENRY Arkady ' Llttlc R°ck, Business Administration, 2AE. • BEN E. ZIMMERMAN, ‘ure a-! ' a ' Afts 81 Sc ' coces. • GEORGE ESLIE ZIMMERMAN, Ulm, Agricul- ’ A , I V D j C° LEMan ' President, Animal Industry Club, FTA. • CATHERINE RUTH erm an . Eayett eville, Business Administration. • MARISUE GRAHAM, Tuck- ROEIsI l CUEure ' B‘1’, AWS, YWCA, Home Economics Club. • JEAN McBEE tffc Rock, Agriculture. SECOND ROW ANNE LOUISE LEYSSIUS, Breda, Holland, Arts Sciences, AWS, YWCA, AT. • INGEBORG ELIZABETH LOTZ, Berlin, Germany, Arts Sciences. • RUTH JEANNETTE MEDARIS, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences. • ROGER ALEXANDRE MEINDRE, Lyon, France, Agriculture, 211. • JAMES VIRGINUS SIMMONS, Pine Bluff, Engineering. • KATHERINE KATE SISCO, Delmar, Business Admin¬ istration, Boots and Spurs. • JAMES GAILER WHITE, Fort Smith, Arts Sci¬ ences, wAE, ABC, Cheerleader, Pre-Med Club. Jhsz haduai du FIRST ROW JOE DAVID ADAMS, England, Business Administration, XN, AK ' J ABC, “A” Club, Varsity Tennis, YMCA. • JO ANN RIEDEL A ' KINS, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, Band, Chorus. • DARR EVERT BAKER, Russellville, Education. • JAMES EDWA BAKER, Little Rock, Business Administration, Br . SECOND ROW JOHN C. BAKER, Muncie, Indiana, Arts Sciences. • JOSEPH BERMARDIN, Cohoes, New York, Arts Sciences. • JAMES 0- BLACK, Earle, Graduate School. • RUTH E. BLACKSHIRE, H r ' rison, Arts Sciences, ' LX. THIRD ROW LOUIS EDWARD BOHLEN, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, AXA H2. • DAVID VERNON BOSTIAN, Morrilton, Agriculture, Animal Industry Club. • JOHN HAYNES BOWEN, Little R° ck ' Arts Sciences, President, X. • LAWRENCE ROBERT BRAND 1 ' Springfield, Missouri, Arts Sciences. FOURTH ROW JOSEPH LEE BROWN, Little Rock, Business, 2N. • LERO V BROWNLEE, JR., Jonesboro, Education, FFA. • LOREN L. BU " f ' LER, II, Sheridan, Graduate School, IIKA, AX2, t A6, IRC. CHRISLINE CALVERT, Marked Tree, Agriculture. FIRST ROW—BELOW JAMES N. CAMPBELL, Little Rock, Education. • B. W. CHAFFl JR., Magnolia, Graduate, 2AE, ABC, Branner Geology Club. AUSTIN BEMIS CHAPPELLE, Prescott, Arts Sciences, Lloyd Ha 11 Council, President, 2112. Page 98 SECOND ROW HARRY KEATTS CHENAULT, Little Rock, Education. • JOE CLABORN, Creswell, Oregon, Education, Major-Minor Club, Fof 1 ' ball. • MARGARET ELLEN COFFEY, Fayetteville, Education WAA, AWS, YWCA, Orchesis, Major-Minor, Newman Club, SeC ' retary, Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Pan-American Club. r| FIRST ROW HARL ES HARRIS COLEMAN, Siloam Springs, Arts Sciences. HUGHIE DOUGLAS COOPER, Norman, Arts Sciences, a }or. Vet Village, Student Senate, 2U—, Vice President, Secre- 0 • VAN ROBERT COX, Prairie Grove, Business Administra- • CURTIS SHERMAN CROUCH, SR., Fayetteville, Educa- tl0n - Met Club. SECOND ROW ARVEL CURL, Tallulah, Louisiana, Arts Sciences. • LLACE LEE DUVALL, Charleston, Education. • DAN CABE v ‘ ' DS, Clarksville, Arts Sciences, Branner Geology Club, • LEAMON D. EPPINETTE, JR., Benton, Arts Sciences. THIRD ROW ALD WALTER FLOCKS, Fort Smith, Arts Sciences, KA, Branner Geology Club, Newman Club. • OREN J. FOUST, Si] ° r Spr ‘ n B s Arts Sciences. • JAMES CARROLL GARTMAN, p tndan ' Education • WORTH WESLEY GIBSON, Fayetteville, dent, Wesley Foundation AXA Treasurer, Wesley Players, Scabb rd and Blade. br fourth row Spri N T ' GRAY - Gu X ' Education. • CHARLES E. GRAY, JR., " ngfield, Missouri, in • MARGARET LOUISE GREIG, Van Education. • JACK W. HALL, Fayetteville, Agriculture, AZ, KK ' l- - IIKA Animal Industry Club, Band. BELOW CE0Rge FIRST ROW ALLEN HAMILTON, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Business Administra- % r AUL EDWARD HAMMONS, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Graduate School. •°mb PRED HARINGTON, JR., Little Rock, Graduate School, Varsity • WALTER JAMES HARMAN, El Dorado, Arts Sciences, AIIE, DPnr- lAM ELLIS HAYES, Batesville, Graduate. • ELEANOR EVELYN HEN- vill ' Fayetteville, Graduate. • RAYMOND CLIFTON HENRY, Fayette- Bui ,ness Administration, President, Marketing Club, AK ' P. SECOND ROW PRESTON JOHN HILL, Hot Springs, Arts Sciences, AX2. • DELLA MAE HILTON, Fayetteville, Education. • EDWARD MARTIN HOLST, Pueblo, Colo¬ rado, Agriculture. • JOHN H. HOPPER, Briggsville, Agriculture, Animal Indus¬ try Club, ADA. • ROBERT EVERETT HOWARD, Little Rock, Arts Sciences. • FAYE HUNNICUTT, Clinton, Education. • JOE H. HUNNICUTT, Clinton, Agriculture, Blue Key, Student Senate, FFA. FIRST ROW GEORGE ANNA HURST, Fayetteville, Arts Sciences, X12, Stu¬ dent Senate, T ' X, Treasurer, AAA, Treasurer, ASPL, Sophomore Council, AWS, WAA, IRC. • WILLIAM HOY HUTCHESON, Bentonville, Agriculture. • JOHN M. JACKSON, Tyronza, Agri ' culture, 1 £. • GEORGE F. DALTON JENNINGS, Cross Roads, Arts Sciences, ‘LAB. SECOND ROW LORAN L. JOHNSON, Conway, Agriculture, ATP, FFA, Animal Industry Club. • MADGE BRYANT JOHNSON, Warren, Edu¬ cation. • BILLIE JO JONES, Murfreesboro, Education. • MARIE BROWNER KIMBALL, Cotton Plant, Agriculture, El, Secretary, Home Economics Club, Social Chairman, BSU, Vice President, Student Christian Council, Student Senate, Vice President, Coterie, AWS, ASA, YDA. THIRD ROW WILLIAM J. KIRBY, JR., Little Rock, Graduate. • JULIUS MICH¬ AEL KOMARNY, Franklin, New Jersey, Arts Sciences. • S. K. DELMAR McCLURE, Morrillton, Graduate, IRC. • ASHTON PUGH McCOMBS, JR., Hamburg, Arts Sciences. FOURTH ROW DARREL EDWARD McFARLAND, Fayetteville, Business Adminis¬ tration. • JULIAN SANGSTER MAJORS, Dardanelle, Business Administration. • GEORGE BUNYON MAY, Little Rock, Business Administration. • E. C. MILES, Little Rock, Arts Sciences. BELOW FIRST ROW ROBERT H. MILL1S, Rohwer, Agriculture. • ARTHUR FRANKLIN MOORE, Texarkana, Graduate. • KERMIT C. MOSS, Warren, Business Administration, AX4 • LEON MOSS, JR., Ozark, Graduate, IT, Scabbard and Blade, YMCA. • DONALD LEROY NILLES, Evanston, Illinois, Business Administration. • HARRY J. OLMSTEAD, Fayetteville, Business Administration. SECOND ROW JEANNE OWENS, Little Rock, Arts Sciences. • JOHN HENRY PALM, Albany, Texas, Arts Sciences, International Relations Club. • JOEL REEDUS PALMER, Beaverton, Alabama, Graduate. • HUBERT B. PATTON, Belleville, Graduate, A2. • CONSTANCE HOLLISE PINKERMAN, Sacramento, Califor- nia, Arts Sciences, AKA, 1 2, Pre-Med Society, WAA, AWS, YWCA, Boots and Spurs. • DAVID LESTAN RAGGIO, Natchitoches, Louisiana, Arts Sciences, Branner Geology Club. • MARY ELLEN RANDOLPH, Fayetteville, Arts Sci¬ ences, PBK AT, WAA, Secretary, Council National Scholastic Honor Societies, Secretary, Art Guild, French Club, Pan American Club. FIRST ROW PRANK J. REYNOLDS, Spokane, Missouri, Arts Sciences. • C. DAVID ROBINSON, Abilene, Texas, Arts Sciences. • CHARLES B - ROBERTS, Black Rock, Education. • DORIS MARTHA ROB¬ SON, Osborne, Kansas, Arts Sciences, Band. SECOND ROW Walter A. ROSSINGTON, Newport, Graduate. • FLOYD B UNKER SESSIONS, Lake Village, Engineering. • JERRY MIL- TON SHAW, Pine Bluff, Arts Sciences, d H2, AKA, ‘I —, ' PX. EARL a. SHELTON, Maryville, Missouri, Arts Sciences. THIRD ROW E-HaRLEY S. SHOPE, Okolona, Business Administration. • AMOS EDWIN SIMPSON, Mena, Education. • CHARLENE MAJORS SERINGGATE, Little Rock, Education, AAA, KA1I, I A0 ( AT, AKa • JAMES C. STARBIRD, Alma, Graduate. FOURTH ROW ERUaIL L. STARR, Conway, Business Administration. • GEORI- ANiN| A STEINBACH, Little Rock, Arts Sciences, KAII ( Wesley 0Un dation, Wesley Players, AWS Executive Board. • WILLIAM LARK STEVENS, Bentonville, Graduate. • JOHN L. STONE, Alonticello, Business Administration. BELOW FIRST ROW ARL C. STOREY, Fayetteville, Business Administration, OAK. • HENRY CUR¬ T ' S TERRELL, Camden, Business Administration • GEORGE MELVIN TOW, R °g«s, Arts Sciences • BOBBIE LEE WARREN, Ozone, Graduate. • ROSA Mae Warren, Calico Rock, Education. • NEOMA LYON WILLIAMS, Scott, Education. SECOND ROW CREIGHTON L. WILSON, JR., Batesville, Mississippi, Arts Sciences. • DON¬ ALD LEE WILSON, Clarksville, Business Administration. • WILLIAM CODY WILSON, Hardy, Education, Student Senate, Wesley Foundation Council, Wes¬ ley Players. • ALLEN WOOD, Little Rock, Graduate, IIKA, Branner Geology Club. • CARROLL CAMPBELL WOODRING, Walnut Ridge, Education. • GEORGE MILLARD WYATT, St. Maurice, Louisiana, Education. • GERT ZIM¬ MERMAN, Arkadelphia, Education. JPiq £awjy AA, FIRST ROW HOWARD H. ABERCROMBIE, Prairie Grove, Law III. • DON¬ ALD WILLIAM ALLEN, Smackover, Law II, AXA. • ERNEST GUY AMSLER, JR., Little Rock, Law III, XX, Ae I . • WILLIAM M. APPLE, Little Rock, Law 1, XX, Student Union Board, Ad !). SECOND ROW WILLIAM JOSHUA ARNOLD, Jamestown, Law III, KX, Blue Key, Secretary, ' HI-, TKA, President, Secretary, Student Senate, Univer¬ sity Men’s Bible Class Vice President, University Debate, Treasurer, Honor Council Law School, AB«I . • CARY EDWARD ASHLEY, Little Rock, Law II, IIKA. • ROBERT RHEA AUCHARD, Fayette- ville, Law I, 211. • E. J. BALL, Monette, Mo., Law Ill, Jrkaiisas Law Review, Editor-in-Chief, BGS. THIRD ROW WILLIAM KENNETH BALL, Little Rock, Law II, KX, AB I , t AB, Student Senate. • JOE NEFF BASORE, Bcrryville, Law II, Arkan¬ sas Student Political League, President, IIKA, YMCA, IRC, Student Bar. • FINES FRANK BATCHELOR, JR., Van Buren, Law III, Stu¬ dent Bar, Treasurer, ASPL • WILLIAM LAMAR BENNETT, Ward, Law III. FOURTH ROW DWIGHT L. BICKFORD, Fayetteville, Law III, Student Bar. • BILLY LEWIS BLAIR, Little Rock, Law II, AXA, AK , ABd , Band, Men’s Chorus. • IRA L. BLANCHFILL, Lincoln, Law I. • LOUIS WILLIAM BONE, Walnut Ridge, Law III, XX. FIRST ROW—BELOW FRANK ALLEN BOWDEN, JR., Wynne, Law III, ABC, 2X, AB F, Student Bar. • DONALD S. BOWERS, Fort Smith, Law III, K2, A0 f . • MAX OWEN BOWIE, Newport, Law I, 2X Page 102 SECOND ROW ELDON KENNETH BOWLES, Little Rock, Law III, Student Bar. • WAYNE BOYCE, Tuckerman, Law II, I AB, Blue Key, President, Interfraternity Council, President, Student Senate. • ROBERT EUGENE BOYER, Fort Smith, Law III, IIKA, AB 1 . FIRST ROW R0Y H. BRAY, JR., Dardanclle, Law II. • KENNETH R. BROCK, Ca mthersvillc, Missouri, Law III. • GERALD PARKER BROWN, Hggott, Law II, t BK, I AA, I AH, Arkansas Law Review. • LESSEE K. BROWNING, Fayetteville, Law I, —N, Student Bar, Pershing Rifles. SECOND ROW JOHN HOWARD BRUNSON, Prescott, Law III, I AA Arkansas r w Review, Editorial Board. • HUBERT LAWRENCE BURCH, Lovv ell, Law III. • DANIEL MOODY BURGE, Nettleton, Law I. DAVID J. BURLESON, Fayetteville, Law II. THIRD ROW -ONLEY F. BYRD, Evening Shade, Law III. • JOSEPH E. BYRD, Ma gnolia, Law I. • FLOYD CANNADAY, Clinton, Law III. • ED WaRD PAUL CAPERTON, JR., Pine Bluff, Law II, AKd ' , TKA, a hbard and Blade, —X Canterbury Club, Student Christian Coun¬ cil. ( FOURTH ROW °HN PHILLIP CARROLL, Fort Smith, Law III, K2, Vice Presi- RR, c Key, President, A -)‘I , TKA, Debate Club, Newman Club, Rodent Senate. • VAN HOUSTON CHAPMAN, Griffithville, ' ’ Student Bar, Masonic Lodge, ASPL. • RICHARD L. HOATE, Walnut Ridge, Law II, Afl l . • BILLY SUNDAY LARK, Little Rock, Law II, A84 r President. BELOW FIRST ROW ( NA LD A. CLARKE, Monticello, Law III, I AA. • WILLIAM DANE CLAY, rt Smith, Law I, I AA. • CEORCE PLEASANT COLLIER, JR., Hot Springs, aVV AE , Aw,| , Student Social Committee, Chairman. • ROBERT CURRAN L °M p TON, Little Rock, Law I, K2, Blue Key. • ORVILLE BEN CORE, Paris, Z BI ’ 2 - “-AA Review. • LLOYD P. COX, Ward, Law II, H • JAMES A. CRUMPLER, Camden, Law I. SECOND ROW PAUL CARRAWAY CRUMPLER, Magnolia, Law II. • WILLIAM EDGAR De CAULP, Fayetteville, Law III, OAK, President, ASPL, President, ‘FAO, President, Law Review, Comments Editor, Student Senate, ‘FAA, Student Court, Chief Justice. • ROBERT E. DILES, Little Rock, Law III, Masonic Lodge, A( ) I . • TED A. DILLAHA, Little Rock, Law II, K2. • EDWARD B. DILLON, JR., North Little Rock, Law III, K2, President, Blue Key, Law Review, Casenote Edi¬ tor, Student Court Associate Justice, Jraveler Staff, Interfraternity Council, Student Bar Association, Young Democrats Club, Newman Club. • WILLIAM HENRY DODGE, Little Rock, Law II. • PRESTON EDWARD DOWD, Texar¬ kana, Law II, Student Bar. JJtA JjCUVlj JLdu FIRST ROW CHARLES WOODROW EDWARDS, Little Rock, Law I. NEYRON DEE EDWARDS, Fort Smith, Law II, Masonic Lodge. ‘I’AA. • STANLEY W. FAST, Cord, Law II. • HAROLD KlN FEIOCK, Louisville, Kentucky, Law III, Student Bar, ASPL, RONS t AA. SECOND ROW KENNETH J. FORRESTER, JR., Atkins, Law II. • JAMES TRO FOSTER, Alicia, Law III. • JOSEPH ROBINSON FOSTER, Eng¬ land, Law I. • CHARLES R. GARNER, Pine Bluff, Law III, 4 A» Law Review , Student Court. THIRD ROW EMMETTE F. GATHRIGHT, El Dorado, Law II, K2, President, Blue Key, Student Senate, International Relationship Club, Masoni £ Lodge, Young Democratic Club, Interfraternity Council- CHARLES S. GOLDBERCER, Pine Bluff, Law III, Student Bar, Ex¬ ecutive Committee. • JOHN WESLEY GOODSON, Texarkana, Law II, Student Bar. • GEORGE O. GREEN, Stuttgart, Law II. FOURTH ROW JAMES KELLY GRIMES, Newport, Law I, IIKA. • GEORGE V 7 ' HALEY, Pine Bluff, Law I. • WILLIAM ROBERT HASTINGS, JR., Siloam Springs, Law II. • JEROME K. HEILBRON, Forf Smith, Law III, Student Bar. FIRST ROW—BELOW JOHN GRAY HOLLAND, Little Rock, Law II, ICS, A0 I . • ALVA LEE HOLLEY, Malvern, Law I. • GEORGE N. HOLMES, Rison, Law III, K2, A0 I , RONS. Page 104 SECOND ROW JACK HOLT, JR., Little Rock, Law II, AX, Pre-Law Society, Base¬ ball, Young Democrats, YMCA. • HERBERT D. HORTON, Fay¬ etteville, Law I. • EDWIN TRAWKLIN JACKSON, Rogers, LaW III, 2X, I AA Arkansas Law Review , Student Bar. FIRST ROW Cl A UDE E. JARRETT, Dallas, Texas, Law 11. • RANDOLPH FRENCH JEFFRIES, Morrilton, Law II. • ELBERT S. JOHNSON, B| ytheviUe, Law II. • JOHN HUDCEN JOYCE, Fayetteville, Law HI, AB b Student Baf K2. SECOND ROW JOSEPH CHARLES KEMP, Little Rock, Law II. • MARVIN LEWIS KIEFFER, Weiner, Law II. • BUFORD DE WITT KREBS, est Memphis, Law I. • MORRIS E. LAMMERS, Fayetteville, Law I. THIRD ROW Sp ENCE LEAMONS, Sparkman, Law I. • WILLIAM L. LEE, Mln den, Louisiana, Law I. • GEORGE LENNOX, Roe, Law I, K2. JOHN NORMAN LESTER, North Little Rock, Law I. FOURTH ROW OHARLES JAMES LINCOLN II, Little Rock, Law I, AIM , AB I . • Earl OTIS LINEBARIER, Camden, Law II. • EDWIN LOUIS lochmoeller, Webster Groves, Missouri, Law II, AB I • R OBERT H. LOVE, El Dorado, Law II, A(-) t I Interfraternity Coun- 0AA, Student Bar. BELOW L FIRST ROW B. McCAIN, Cabot, Law III, AE, Student Bar, Westminister Fellowship, MCa - • JAMES HOWARD McCLELLAN, Camden, Law II, K2, A04 . • JACK Ray McCray, Benton, Law I. • ROBERT WILEY McCUISTION, Little oc E, Law I, 2AE, ABC, Scabbard and Blade, Traveler Staff. • HARRY ED¬ WARD McDermott, jr., wiimot, Law in, ks, AN , ab i . • thomas k. C ONOUGH, St. Louis, Missouri, Law I. • WALLACE GORDON MALONE, ' • ' lena, Law I, Pre-Law Club, President, ' I’ll—, Vice President, d’AB, Student Bar. SECOND ROW CECIL C. MATTHEWS, North Little Rock, Law II. • KAY LANDIS MATT¬ HEWS, Calico Rock, Law I. • STEPHEN A. MATTHEWS, Calico Rock, Law II, I AA. • E. T. MAY, Bodcaw, Law II, t AA. • GERALD E. MEACHUM, Mon- ette, Law III. • HUBERT JENNINGS MEACHUM, Batesville, Law II, Vice President, Student Bar. • CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS MERCER, JR., Pine Bluff, Law I. FIRST ROW GERALD OTTO MERRITT, Camden, Law I. • RUFUS HENR ' MILLS, Little Rock, Law I. • WILLIAM ROY MITCHELL, H« Springs, Law II, 211, Student Bar. • ALFRED JEFFERSON MOB ' LEY, Mt. Iba, Law II, AXA, Student Bar. SECOND ROW WITHERS McALISTER MOORE, Arkadelphia, Law I. • JAM HILEY MULLINS, Pine Bluff, Law I, 2AE, Track. • JOHN WiE LIAM MURPHY, Fayetteville, Law III. • RALPH CUSTER MLlB ' RAY, Nashville, Law I. THIRD ROW CECIL BOONE NANCE, JR., Marion, Law II, 2X, A0 I . SHELTON ROSS NELSON, Texarkana, Law ill, Radio Amatetf Club, Terry Village Council. • JOSEPH CHARLES NEME JR., Little Rock, Law I, A04 r 1IKA Student Bar. • EARL E ' GENE OWEN, Franklin, Missouri, Law I. FOURTH ROW EDWARD MAURICE OWENS, Newport, Law II, K2, A0 I . RICHARD B. PARKER, Little Rock, Law I. • GERALD EDWARP PEARSON, Jonesboro, Law II. • TOM PEARSON, JR., Fayette ' ville, Law I, Executive Council of Commerce Guild, 2X, hll " AK ' k, Pershing Rifles, ASPL, YMCA, Student Bar. Jh Jjcuvy idu FIRST ROW—BELOW JOE MARION PIRTLE, Des Arc, Law II. • ALBERT A. POfc Hayti, Missouri, Law I. • ODELL N. POLLARD, Union Half Law II. SECOND ROW C. GERALD PONDER, Little Rock, Law II. • RICHARD LEE PRATT, Newport, Law I, 2X, President, A I S2, Chairman, CaebaR Committee, YMCA. • BILL I. PREWETT, Little Rock, Law ■ Student Bar. Page 106 FIRST ROW J0E EDWARD PURCELL, Warren, Law II. • JOHN INGRAM URTLE, Conway, Law III, Vice President, Razorback Hall, ASPL, Stu dent Bar. • JAMES M. RAMSEY, Fort Smith, Law I, AXA. • URR Y EARLE RANDALL, Fort Smith, Law I, KA, Scabbard and ' a de, Student Bar, Interfraternity Council. SECOND ROW " -L RICHARDSON, Fayetteville, Law II, AH I . • ROBERT DEAN K ' DCEWAY, Hot Springs, Law II. • JAMES A. ROBB, Walnut Rld ge, Law III, t A6, I AA, Uw Review. • FELVER A. ROWELL, JR - Malvern, Law I, KZ. THIRD ROW ERA JEANNE ROWLETTE, Texarkana, Law III, Student Bar o T OMMY H. RUSSELL, North Little Rock, Law II, AO Football. A LFRFD C. SASS, Fort Smith, Law III • BILLY L. SATTER- ELD, North Little Rock, Law I. FOURTH ROW E. SAWYER, Hamburg, Law II, Student Bar, Secretary, A(-) 1 CH ARLES EDWARD SCHARLAU, JR., Mountain Home, Law ■ OENE L. SCHIEFFLER, West Helena, Law II. • JACK AN °LER SEARCY, JR., Lewisville, Law III. BELOW FIRST ROW !°HN K. SHAMBURCER, Little Rock, Law III. • JAMES L. SHAVER, Wynne, " • JAMES EDWARD SHOFFEY, Fort Smith, Law II. • JACKIE LA- ND SHROPSHIRE, Little Rock, Law II. • RUDOLPH A. SHUPIK, Fay- Oteville, Law II. • EUGENE ROBERT SINGLETON, Fort Smith, Law II, ' I ' AH A (-) { % JAMES F. SLOAN III, Black Rock, Law I, Student Bar. SECOND ROW IVAN H. SMITH, Little Rock, Law II, UKA Masonic Lodge. • JAMES N. SMITH, McGhee, Law III. • BILLY BLAND SORRELS, Perryville, Law I. • JACK R. SPRINGATE, Seattle, Washington, Law I. • WILLIAM T. STAHL, Siloam Springs, Law III. • JOHN P. STANFORD, Hope, Law II. • EDWARD INGRAM STATEN, Forrest City, Law II, II KA A0 f FIRST ROW DON STEEL, Nashville, Law II. • JAMES WILLIAM STEINSlEE Conway, Law I. • JAMES FAUCETTE STEPHENS, Hot Spring ' Law I, KA, ABC, Scabbard and Blade. • CHARLES WESLE 1 ’ STEWART, Fayetteville, Law II, 2N, AKf A M2, Student Bar. SECOND ROW JAMES D. STOKER, Ashdown, Law II, AXA, Student Bar, Trea 5 ' urer, Blackfriars. • JOE M. SUDDUTH, Paris, Law III, 2 1 E, A0 i Interfraternity Council. • ROBERT KNOX SWAN, Forrest City Law I. • JOHN B. TALLEY, Springdale, Law II. THIRD ROW JACK L. TICKNER, Springdale, Law II. • THOMAS RANDOLPH TRAHIN, Siloam Springs, Law II. • KERN LEE TREAT, Flipp 0 Law I. • EUCENE L. TRELINSKI, Jonesboro, Law I. FOURTH ROW DONALD BRUCE TRIMBLE, Branson, Missouri, Law II, I ' AA. AUBREY L. TURNER, Rison, Law III, Student Bar, Vice President A0 1 , OAK, Vice President, ASPL, President, Associated Student • JOE DARRELL VILLINES, Harrison, Law II. • THOMAS D WALBERT, Little Rock, Law II, XAE. BELOW FIRST ROW JOHN CLETIS WATKINS, Caraway, Law II, IIKA F A M, Masonic Lodge, Student Christian Council. • JAMES EDWIN WEST, Van Buren, Law I, 2 t E, I II2l AT, TKA, Classics Club, Basketball and Track, Debate. • JAMES TER¬ RELL WEST, Hope, Law III, ‘FAA, Arkansas Law " Review Board. • PERRY VAN WHITMORE, De Queen, Law II. • LYLE F. WILLIAMS, Bentonville, Law III, Student Bar. • RANDALL WILLIAMS, Monticello, Law III, ASPL, YDC, Stu¬ dent Bar, Masonic Lodge, Executive Bar Committee. SECOND ROW RICHARD ELMO WILLIAMS, Rogers, Law III, 2X, AW. • VIRGIL BE WOFFFORD, JR., El Dorado, Law III, A(-) h. • DANIEL HON WOODS, Fort Smith, Law II, Blue Key, Scabbard and Blade, ABC, Press Club, Traveler, RazoR ' back, Debate Team, Intramural Manager, K2, TKA, Varsity Track Manager. 9 JOE D. WOODWARD, Magnolia, Law I, K2. • RICHARD HARTLEY WOOT ' TON, Hot Springs, Law II, 2AH, AW I • WILLIAM J. WYNNE, Little Rock, Law I. • DENNIS ALEXANDER YORK, Warren, Law III, AH I , Chief Justice of Student Court, Student Publication Board. lAndoJvzlaAAM n, Page 109 FIRST ROW: Adams, Caroline; Adams, Kenneth Elmo; Ahne, Jerry J., Allen, Jr., Chester Cameron; Allen, Clyde Wayne; Allen, Harold L.; Almon, F. Eugene; Alpuente, Jr., Edward Victor; Ambler, Ralph Eldon; Ambrose, Harry E. SECOND ROW: Anderson, Edgar; Anderson, Jr., Milton M.; Andrews, George Ford; Andrews, Johnnie Frank; Arey, David; Arthur, Clayton; Ashley, Thomas Jefferson; Baber, Mary Kay; Baber, Winston C.; Bailey, Fred O. THIRD ROW: Bailey, Joe David; Bailey, R. Robert; Baker, Amos W.; Baker, Frank Elroy; Baker, Mary Jane; Baker, Mary Jean; Baldridge, Howard Dcvane; Ballard, Roy Daniel; Banks, Virginia; Bankston, Marvin S. FOURTH ROW: Bard, Wathena; Barker, Bill Kappen; Barling, Robert Frazier; Barnett, Jr., Gideon Franklin; Barrett, Monroe C.; Barrier, Betty; Bartholomew, W. D.; Basden, Jack Rodgers; Basham, Robert Russell; Bauer, Rudolph Leo. Jhe fjUMOA CLoaa, FIFTH ROW: Bayley, Paul Edwin; Beard, Katherine A.; Beavers, Jona¬ than Thurman; Bcisel, Jr., David Dean; Bell, Margaret Louise; Ben- brook, Mary Margaret; Benny, Patricia Ann; Benton, Buddy; Berry, Jr., Beverly Kindall; Bess, Jr., W. W. SIXTH ROW: Bethel, James Claude; Bickerstaff, C. Raymond; Bivens, Eudcll F.; Black, Eugene Corydon; Black, Sarah; Blackman, James Har¬ old; Bledsoe, Harley Louis; Blevins, Victor Gene; Boehmer, Nancy Eliz¬ abeth; Bogard, Francis H. SEVENTH ROW: Boles, Edwin Vaulx; Bollen, Wallace Lyndell; Bollinger, Paul H.; Bone, Nelson Ray; Boone, Robert Earl; Boren, Ben E.; Bowers, Victor Snow; Bowlin, Frankie Alton; Box, Robert Lee; Boyd, Alvin Ann. EIGHTH ROW; Boyett, Guy Warren; Bracy, Eugene Daniel; Bradley, James E.; Brandon, Joe Campbell; Branncn, Charles; Brantley, Mollie; Brian, Janis Meredith; Britt, Wilbur Frederick; Broaddus, Clarice Jane; Brocchus, Diane. NINTH ROW: Brooks, III, John Edwin; Brooks, Robert Autry; Brown, Jack G.; Brown, Sidney Charles; Brown, William Buddy; Browning, George W.; Bryant, Virgil; Bryant, William Henry; Bullard, Marie; Bumpers, Betty Carolyn. Page I 10 1IRST ROW: Buries, Lavonia Clark; Burkett, Thomas; Buhkhalter, Hubert Wilse; Burnett, William Anderson; Butefish, William Lewis; Sutler, Jerry W.; Caldwell, Charles Elmer; Callahan, Rosemary; Cam¬ ion, Allen M.; Cameron, Bonnie Evelyn. SECOND ROW: Campbell, Ada Susan; Campbell, Jeannine Elizabeth; Campbell, Jr., Ray Audrey; Canfield, Donna Marie; Cannon, Winston Jesse; Caple, Joe Alan; Cardncaux, Carson A.; Carlisle, James Hale; Carlisle, Jo; Carroum, Elouise Teletha. FHIRD ROW: Carter, Jack Burton; Carter, Jimmie Don; Casey, Mary Ann; Cash, F. T.; Cauby, Omar D.; Cauthron, Euralsdene; Cavaness, George C.; Cazort, James Robert; Chamberlain, Robert Kenneth; Chancey, Wanda Bess. 1OURTH ROW: Chandler, Jr., Joel Dougan; Charlesworth, James Russell; Chellgren, Norton Walfrid; Chester, Olga D. ; Chivcrs, Alden; Clardy, Edwin Kelly; Clark, Carroll B. ; Clark, Henry F. ; Clayton, Uesha; Clever, Audrey Louise. FIFTH ROW: Clingman, Billy Joe; Cockrell, Creighton Allen; Codding- ton, James P.; Coleman, Jr., Virgil Clayton; Coleman, Winona E.; Collar, Oliver C.; Cook, James W.; Copcman, Jack ' Cornelius; Corley, Mary Margaret; Cox, Earl J. SIXTH ROW: Crandcll, DeWitt Leslie; Cranford, Duane; Crass, Arlen Marten; Crawford, Byron Eugene; Crawford, Jim B.; Creekmore, Emily; Crites, John H.; Croft, Mable Colene; Cross, Charles Thomas; Cross, Howard Paul. SEVENTH ROW: Cross, June Carolynn; Crouch, Jr., Curtis Sherman; Crowson, Charles Wesley; Culkin, Mary Anna; Cummings, Wallace C.; Cumnock, Frank Louis; Cutting, Sally Ruth; Dameron, Gretta; Daniel, Dorothy Faye; Daniel, Jack. EIGHTH ROW: Dark, Harris Verloyn; Davenport, Edward E.; Davies, David Buford; Davis, Jr., Roy Wesley; Day, Delmar Perkins; Deaton, Vander J.; Deitz, Karl Lewis; Deitz, Kermit R.; Dejarnett, Presley Leon¬ ard; Delaney, Charles W. NINTH ROW: Delaney, Lyles Ray; Delony, Lawson Leonard; Dennis- ton, Joe Tom; Denton, Dorothy Jean; DePayter, James Kieth; DeRoul- hac, Joseph H.; Derrick, Jr., Clyde Hardy; DeWitt, Jack Eberle; Dial, Jr., Jere H. Jh Quniah (fla A. Page I I I FIRST ROW: Dickinson, Marvin Adolph; Dill, Nan; Dillport, Jeanne Waford; Dolci, Francis J.; Donaldson, Joan Futrall; Dorough, Bill M.; Downs, Harry Fred; Doyle, James Robert; Dozier, Charley; Dozier, Jr., John Henry. SECOND ROW: Drake, James William; Duffie, Jack Norwood; Dun¬ can, Jr., Alfred Grady; Dunn, Blakely P.; Dunn, Robert Earl; Eargle, Robert Gray; Eberle, Jr., Eugene G.; Eberle, Mary; Eckert, George John; Edmonds, William Frank. THIRD ROW: Edwards, Donald Lee; Egan, Robert E.; Ellen, Jane; Elliott, Bobbye Jean; Ellis, George Jefferson; Ellison, William N.; Elmer, Charles Dixion; Ely, Cherry Lorraine; Epperson, Lee Morris; Eppes, Jr., Robert Emmett. FOURTH ROW: Espy, Billy James; Evans, Leo Edwin; Everett, Clyde T.; Fain, William Thomas; Farmer, Carol Ann; Faulkner, Billy June; Ferguson, Jean Carey; Ferguson, Sammye Lou; Ferguson, William Earl; Files, James B. Jkc Qunbo i CLaAA FIFTH ROW: Fish, Roy J.; Fleming, Jr., Paul; Foley, Marietta; Foo, Shun; Ford, Harrell T.; Forsee, Wilford; Fortenberry, Maxine; Fortune, Colleen Marie; Foster, Archie Ralph; Foulke, Emerson. SIXTH ROW: Fowler, Lee Clifton; Fox, Rosalou; Francis, Russell Ray; Franklin, Robert D.; Friend, Wanelle; Fry, Myron Joe; Fullerton, John R.; Galloway, Jacqueline; Galloway, William Perry; Gammill, William Dell. SEVENTH ROW: Gardner, Walter; Gardner, William Camall; Gates, Don Barker; Gatling, Chambliss Williams; Gearhart, John Alexander; Gee, William A.; Ghent, Carthel A.; Gifford, Arthur S.; Giles, Charles P.; Giles, Doyce Wilson. EIGHTH ROW: Giles, Lawrence G. ; Gill, Frank Wright; Gillmore, John W.; Glasgow, Joan Marilyn; Glasscock, Jr., Dewey G.; Gleason, Margaret Janann; Glenn, Ervin L.; Glenn, Morris Compton; Glidewell, Al Dexter; Goff, Lloyd N. NINTH ROW: Goldammer, Robert V.; Gooden, Sam K.; Gordon, Halton Howard; Gordon, Joyal Dean; Gore, Joe T.; Gowen, Billy B.; Grace, John Allen; Graf, Eugen Lincoln; Gray, Charles Samuel. Page I I 2 1 IRST ROW: Green, Dalton Leo; Green, Monice Theo; Greene, Loretta J°yce; Greenwood, Ann; Greenwood, Ramon; Gregory, James B.; Greg- or y, Janet; Gregory, Mary Fat; Grenier, Roger Louis; Griffee, John Franklin. SECOND ROW: Grimsley, Roy Lee; Groseclos, Betty Jo; Grubbs, Calvin E. ; Hackler, John H. ; Hale, John Warren; Hall, Charles T.; Hambleton, Clarence Earl; Hambrick, Ray; Hamer, Grey; Hamilton, W A THIRD ROW: Hampton, Richard Owen; Haney, Robert J.; Hardin, Thomas Edward; Harms, Edward H.; Harper, James H. ; Harris, Gerald Lee; Harris, Shirley; Harrison, Jr., Robert Daniel; Harvey, Earl Francis; blastings, Gordon Lee. FOURTH ROW: Hayes, Donald Rex; Hayes, Rufus Harold; H’Doubler, f eter Bemis; Hcaron, Wallis Trull; Heim, Margaret Charline; Heisserer, Lawrence John; Hemme, Ed; Hendershott, Jr., Charles Henry; Hender¬ son, Margaret Glee; Henderson, Eugene. FIFTH ROW: Henson, Lloyd; Herring, Hugh Donald; Hess, Jack Wil- liam; Hickman, Robert Carl; Higginbottom, Jewel. Ray; Higgins, Jr., James Nolan; Hill, Marijim; Hill, Oliver Wendell; Hirsch, Alan Henry; Ffitt, Don Melvin. SIXTH ROW: Hoag, Jr., Basil S.; Hobson, Wallace Benjamin; Hocker- smith, James Lee; Hogue, Ernest L.; Holcomb, Joe Crondell; Holder, Bertie Lee; Holland, Carrie Louise; Holley, Joseph Eugene; Hollinger, Sam D.; Holloway, David L. SEVENTH ROW: Holt, Francis Richard; Holt, John Christopher; Holt, Mary Virginia; Homard, Richard Bandell; Hooker, Mary Dell; Horton, Bill M.; Hoskins, Bill; Howard, William R.; Howell, Charles Franklin; Hudson, Donna. EIGHTH ROW: Hudson, William M.; Hudspeth, Vealess Franklin; Huenefeld, Paul Rowland; Humphreys, Virginia; Hunnicutt, Jr., Elbie Lee; Hurley, Jane; Huxtable, Betty Ann; Hyde, Howard Irwin; Jacks, James Fred; Jackson, Neil Edward. NINTH ROW: Jackson, Robert Marion; Jacobs, Jack R. ; James, Wanda Louise; Jameson, Miles W.; Jamison, Jewell Kermit; Jarman, Jane Whit¬ ley; Jarvis, William Daniel; Jarvis, Bcrniece Stinnett; Jayson, Milton. JJic Qunioh QLclaa Page 1 I 3 FIRST ROW: Jennings, Billie Jo; Jennings, Johnny; dc Jesus, Jorge L.; Jeter, Alice Catherine; Johnson, Arthur Watson; Johnson, Raymond Morgan; Johnston, Garland Dean; Jones, Betty Lou; Jones, Bill Myron; Jones, Billy R.; Jones, Eugene L. SECOND ROW: Jones, Flernoy Glenn; Jones, Jr., Frank; Jones, George Howard; Jones, John E.; Jones, John Newton; Joyner, Louise; Kadow, William Bruce; Keeling, Joe E.; Kehn, Russell Harold; Kern, Thomas Mathew; Kelly, Martha Wood. THIRD ROW: Kemp, Charles Edward; Kimberling, Patricia Maxine; Kincaid, Lewis William; Kirk, William B.; Kirkpatrick, Wathen T.; Kiser, Edscl; Knoble, Helen Katherine; Knowles, Winfred Ray; Knox, Ellen Adair; Koonce, James F.; Koone, Carl D. Jhs Quurwoh CLnAA. FOURTH ROW: Koone, Harold D.; Kurzner, Howard; Kyler, Jr., Harry O.; Lambert, Deraid; Lambert, James Lee; Lambert, Jr., Jordan Bennett; Lambert, Walter Monroe; Lane, Connie Lou; Langevin, Ger¬ ard Edmund; Langston, James Wallace; Langston, Jr., Jesse James. FIFTH ROW: Lassiter, James Rayburn; Lawless, J. C.; Lay, Shelby Kenneth; Ledet, Camilla Nordeen; Leeper, Molly Tee; Lewis, Robert Daryl; Li, Eric Fookchuen; Lierly, Thomas Walker; Lindsay, Richard A.; Lines, William Bert; Links, Nancy. SIXTH ROW: Litterell, Elmer Virgil; Little, E. Elvis; Loe, Robert Hursel; Logsdcn, Robert Lee; Longfellow, Conrad D.; Longino, Jane; Loveless, Donald Everett; Lovell, Robert James; Lowman, Gale W.; Lueg, Russell; Luther, Charles H. SEVENTH ROW: Lyon, Lewis Harley; Lytle, Jimmie Elwyn; McArthur, Margie Ann; McCargo, Perry E.; McClan, Freddie; McClellan, Mary Alice; McClurkin, John Daw; McCord, Robert Sanford; McCreary, Charles Robert; McDaniel, Albert Sidney; McDonald, Jr., James T. EIGHTH ROW: McDonald, Mary Ann; McDonald, Jr., Ralph; Mc- Gaughy, Hugh Herron; McGill, James Winters; McGill, Leighton Rob¬ ert; McGill, Lovick William; McHenry, Ann; Mclnish, Harve O.; McIntosh, Charles Milton; McIntyre, Jr., Ray Marion; McKinstry, Joe Lee. Page I 14 FIRST ROW: McKoy, Marguerite; McLachlan, William Clayton; McMillan, Donald Gray; McMullen, Richard Dale; McMullen, Jr., Russell Martin; McWaters, Gene Wallace; Maddux, Brooks; Maestri, James Albert; Malone, Jr., George Wooten; Mange, Mary Ann; Mann, Claud E. SECOND ROW: Marks, Robert Lowell; Martin, Jr., Albert Lewis; Mason, Betty Runsick Ann; May, William David; Mayfield, Sarah Lou; Mazzanti, Jr., Geno; Melton, Clifford B.; Melton, Joe Bob; Mhoon, James Earl; Middleton, Leroy; Milbrodt, Paul E. THIRD ROW: Miller, Darrell Levon; Miller, Tommy Lee; Mills, Boyd Owen; Millwce, Joseph Bruce; Minton, Wyndal I.; Mitchell, Calvin Dewey,- Mitchell, Martha Jean; Mitchell, Ramona; Mitchell, Walter E.; Mitchell, William Winspear; Mock, Neva Lou. FOURTH ROW: Moe, Robert Lee; Moore, Ed D.; Moore, Jim Joe; Moore, Roger Neil; Moore, Willis Trueman; Moreland, Jr., Irl Hicks; Morgan, Beth; Morgan, Harold R.; Morgan, Nelson D.; Morgan, Paul Nolan,- Morris, Thomas Ward. FIFTH ROW: Morrison, Billy Wayne; Moseley, .Charles E.; Motley, Fee R.; Mouser, David Edwin; Murphy, Carl E.; Murray, Jr., James Robert; Murray, Virginia Ann; Murrey, Dorothy Louise; Nauman, Hu¬ bert E.; Neel, Jr., Sidney; Neiharte, Ralph Loren. SIXTH ROW: Nelson, Charles W. ; Nelson, James Russell; Nesbit, Robert Wesley; Newell, Gregory H.; Newman, Jack B.; Newport, James W.; Newtown, Bobbie Jean; Niblock, George W.; Niblock, Walter Ray¬ mond; Nichols, Barbara Ann; Niell, Gloria. SEVENTH ROW: Nieves, Miguel; Norlin, Warren George; Norman, Walter McLean; North, Omcr Cole; Norwood, Glen Noel; Nuckols, Jr., Walter J.; Oglesby, Gayle; Olive, Jr., Jess Harris; O ' Roark, Jerry Noble; Orrick, Esther Sharron; Overby, Frederick. EIGHTH ROW: Overton, Dewey E.; Paddock, Alice Ann; Paden, Bar¬ bara Nell; Page, Billie Clyde; Page, Leroy Earl; Papageorge, George John; Parkey, William Robert; Parks, Jr., Limuel Guy; Parrish, Elbert Gray; Patterson, Calvin G.; Pay, David Wesley. JAc QiuuoA (fla A. Page I I 5 FIRST ROW: Pearce, Joe Lloyd; Pearson, Charles Wayne; Pell, James S.; Pendleton, Thomas Dwayne; Perley, Mac; Perryman, Billy Ray; Pettigrew, Martha James; Phillips, Carmen Joann; Phillips, Jacob Robin¬ son; Phillips, James Avery; Phillips, Ted Mark. SECOND ROW: Pianalto, Abraham James; Pierce, Patricia Joy; Pierce, Robert Lewis; Piles, Charles F.; Pitchford, Kenneth Lee; Pittman, Jane Evelyn; Pittman, James Arnold; Pitts, McKee; Pitts, Robert E.; Pope, Robert Cowan; Porter, Lloyd George. THIRD ROW: Powell, Jr., John Marcus; Powers, Clovita; Powers, James Patrick; Presley, Mary Kathleen; Presnell, Robert L.; Price, Gerald G.; Price, Julied Erin; Price, Smith M.; Ptak, Wilburn Udell; Puckett, Boyd J.; Queen, Bill M. JAe Qwruoh ia A FOURTH ROW: Ragon, John C. ; Raible, Leonard John; Raines, Will; Ramey, Jr., Harmon, Hobson; Ramsay, Dwight Samuel; Rankin, Paul W.; Rapley, Eugene Gilbert; Ratcliff, Charles Taylor; Ray, Arthur Eugene; Ray, Betty; Ray, Patricia Ellen. FIFTH ROW: Records, Rose Clare; Reeks, Mary Ann; Reese, Travis Calvin; Reeves, Virginia; Rcichardt, Rose Kathryn; Reid, Dorothy Diane; Reinold, Marvin L.; Richardson, Kenneth Kile; Richardson, Paul H.; Richmond, Nathaniel Thomas; Rider, Bruce. SIXTH ROW: Ridley, Norma June; Ring, Ralph Clark; Ripley, Carolyn Rose; Ripley, William Lee; Rippy, Kenneth W.; Ritter, Suzanne; Rixse, Charles Everett; Robbins, Billy Alvin; Roberts, Jr., Carson B.; Roberts, Dan A.; Robertson, Robert W. SEVENTH ROW: Robinson, Evelyn Margaret; Robinson, James Cheno- weth; Robinson, William Charles; Robison, Martha Margaret; Robirds, Harold Edwin; Rockwood, Jr., Earl Charles; Rodgers, Sarah Carolyn; Roebuck, Roy Edgar; Rodgers, Buddy; Rogers, J. Richard; Rogers, Mary Elizabeth. EIGHTH ROW: Rogers, Patricia Nan; Rollins, Paul Cortez; Rose, Nick; Rowland, Jack Perry; Rowland, Joe Hendrix; Sanders, Louis Lee; San¬ ders, Robert G.; Sanders, Robert Norred; Sauter, George Albert; Sawyer, David Watson; Schmitz, Marjorie Jean. Page I 16 FIRST ROW: Schmuck, Harry Wallace; Schultz, Blake William; Scott, Arthur McNeil; Scott, Lester Franklin; Scott, Milton Bard; Scroggin, Carolyn; Scruggs, Carolyn Virginia; Searcy, William Edward; Scnyard, Corley Price; Sessions, Jeannine Tushek; Sewell, Ruth Evans. SECOND ROW: Shamley, Freida Mae; Sharp, Marion James; Shaver, Allen A.; Shaver, James David; Shaw, Mildred Vick; Shawgo, Jack E.; Sheeks, Eddie V.; Sheets, Ronald Eugene; Shell, Sara Elizabeth; Shofncr, Alice Gilliaum; Shofner, William Keith. THIRD ROW: Sholtus, Edward Thomas; Shook, Alise Luana; Shuford, Emir Hamvasy; Sigmon, Armard Theron; Simmins, Betty Jo; Simmons, hobby Jewel; Simonds, Ruth Marie; Simpson, Travis L.; Sims, Vernon C; Singer, Alvin C.; Ski Hern, James Riley. FOURTH ROW: Slinkard, Clifford Harold; Sloan, Jack M.; Smith, Arthur McDanel; Smith, Jr., Benjamin Eugene; Smith, Betty Ann; Smith, Hetty Faye; Smith, Edward F.; Smith, E. Winton; Smith, Frances Mae; Smith, Jentie Lea; Smith, Marianne. FIFTH ROW: Smith, Marshall Clint; Smith, Mary Ann; Smith, Merle Bennett; Smith, Milton Samuel; Smith, Raymond Carroll; Smith, Steve F-; Smith, Sydney Howland; Smyth, Leo Carr; Snider, Mary Jac; Sny¬ der, Robert F.; Spaude, Arthur, Jr. SIXTH ROW: Sparks, Ermon Barrett; Spears, Jr., Luther Thomas; Spears, Ruth; Spencer, Joe William; Spinelli, William Anthony; Spur¬ lock, Rebecca Mildred; Stadthagen, Oscar; Stafford, Fay Marie; Staple- ton, James Keith; Stark, James M.; Stebbins, Charles Wallace. SEVENTH ROW: Stephens, Lloyd W.; Stevens, Joseph Marion; Stew¬ art, Robert Edward; Stockton, Harold R. ; Story, William Charles; Stringfellow, Mose Alexander; Stuart, Cleta; Stuck, Jean; Stuck, Muriel; Sullivan, Ferrel E.; Sullivan, Joanne. EIGHTH ROW: Sumner, Elwood Odell; Sunderman, Robert Earl; Swaim, Loyal Wayne; Swan, Jr., Felix D.; Sweeden, Thomas Oden; Sweet, Will D.; Swindle, Bob L.; Swofford, Eugenia Florence; Tait, George R.; Talley, Jr., Arthur Marshall; Taylor, Carolyn Ann; Taylor, Jr., John Dayton. Jhe Qunioh QIoal Page 117 FIRST ROW: Taylor, Kenneth O.; Temple, Charles R.; Tenney, A. Leigh; Terry, Winston Churchill; Thach, John D.; Thomas, Henry Lowry; Thompson, Elsie Louise; Thompson, Hal Richard; Thornton, Neil E.; Tims, Gerald G.; Tittle, Walter Herman. SECOND ROW: Toney, Janet; Torrans, Thomas E.; Travis, B. J.; Trimble, Robert Coy; Tuttle, Robert P.; Tyer, Arnold Jerome; Van Gilder, Donald Owen; Vickers, George Thomas; Vickers, Ruth Petway; Villee, Margaret Tyler; Vodrazka, Jr., Adolph. THIRD ROW: Voss, Raymond George; Waggoner, Jr., Arlington; Wai- bel, Jeanne Carol; Walker, Mildred Virginia; Wallace, Bryson; Wallace, Jr., John Claud; Wallace, Johnnie Marie; Wallace, Patricia Ann; Waller, Prentice Terry; Ward, Richard A.; Ware, Jr., George W. JJu QjUMJOA QlaAtL. FOURTH ROW: Warnock, William Francis; Watkins, Richard Thomas; Watson, Jr., John D.; Watson, Patricia Ann; Watts, Harley A.; Weaver, Robert M.; Webster, Jr.; William W.; Weems, Charles Lynn; Welborn, Norman Lloyd; Wells, Clifton Turner; West, James Henry. FIFTH ROW: Wheat, Ann; Wheeler, Eugene W.; White, James E. ; White, Joan; White, John A.; White, William Eugene; Whitehead, Marilyn Martha; Whittington, Otto Wiseman; Wikman, Lenard Ray; Wilkinson, Mitchell Malloy; Wilcox, Ethel Louise. SIXTH ROW: Williams, Jr., Bill Marion; Williams, Claude McKinley; Williams, Edmund Lewis; Williams, Louise Davis; Williams, Peggy Lou; Williams, Robert James; Willis, Robert W.; Wilson, Bruce Edward; Wilson, Joe Benny; Wilson, Tommy Lee; Wilson, William Bromo. SEVENTH ROW: Winburn, Mary; Windsor, Louis Ray; Wise, Herbert Lee; Wise, Mary Louise; Wolf, Jeanne; Wood, Barbara Ivy; Wood, Beauton; Wood, Eleanor; Wood, George F.; Wood, Weldon W.; Wood- small, William M. EIGHTH ROW: Wooley, George Stephenson; Word, Jr., Ulyss C; Wright, Frances Louise; Wright, Henry Leon; Wright, Robert Douglas; Wright, Walter Allison; Wynne, Mary Agnes; Yarbrough, James F.; Yarbrough, Roy Dean; Young, Albert Leon; Zeglin, Suzanne Claire. Page I I 8 FIRST ROW: Abel, Madge S.; Abernathy, Nell; Abraham, Judy; Abrams, Wallace Nash; Ackerman, Cecil Hugh; Agee, Jake; Alexander, Robert Charles; Allen, Gregory Walton; Allen, Nancy Sue; Anderson, Kenneth Lee; Andrews, Luther David. SECOND ROW: Arnn, Edgar G.; Arnold, Nancy Kay; Atkinson, Joe Frank; Avants, Henry Taylor; Ault, Ruey A.; Aumick, Alice Amanda; Autrey, Ralph Paul; Bailey, Randall Eugene; Baker, James C.; Baker, Ralph Lanier; Baker, Thomas Andrew. THIRD ROW: Baldwin, Donald Ray; Ball, James Donald; Barnard, Harry Ernest; Barrett, Jr., Edward Rush; Bartle, Bill J.; Basdcn, Gene B.; Hasden, Jack R.; Baumann, Elizabeth Ann; Bautovich, John; Beach, James Larkin; Beasley, George Hcrschel. FOL1RTH ROW: Beasley, Norma Lea; Beasley, Orville Thomas; Beaty, Alfred E.; Beckett, Helen Irene; Bell, Ollie Newton; Bclva, Charles Ray¬ mond; Bemis, Kate S.; Benedict, Donald G.; Bennett, Benny Harrison; Beverly, Nolan Floyd; Bickerstaff, C. R. FIFTH ROW: Biggs, Clark; Billingsley, May Turner; Black, Patsy Ann; Blackmun, Rupert Beall; Blagg, Barbara Rae; Blakeley, Roy James; Bluhm, Orville Loyde; Boaz, Ralph Scott; Boaz, Rodney E.; Bohannan, Bill Joe; Boling, H. Don. SIXTH ROW: Bolinger, Earl Richard; Bollen, Edmond Allen; Bonner, Carl Edward; Bottorff, Betty Sue; Bowen, James Reece; Box, Ivan Hugh; Bracey, Bill Eugene; Bradshaw, Stanley K.; Braht, Fred W.; Bransford, Jr., John McKinnis; Bransford, Richard Boyd. SEVENTH ROW: Breitzke, Madalyn Toy; Brewer, Patricia; Bridger, Jr., Wylie Franklin; Brill, James Abram; Brooks, Martha Frances; Broth¬ ers, John Edward; Brown, Ann; Brown, George Alfred; Brown, Ralph O’Neele; Browne, Berlc E.; Bruce, Tommy Allen. EIGHTH ROW: Bryant, Joel Williams; Bryant, L. Vada ; Buchanan, Helen Francis; Buckley, Jimmy W.; Bumpers, John Clay; Burbank, Zer- lenne Elanne; Burns, Bo ice Augustus; Burrow, James Preston; Burrow, Mildred Travis; Burt, Thomas J.; Busch, Patricia Lucille. NINTH ROW: Cairns, William D.; Calvin, John; Campbell, Terri; Cantley, S. Russell; Carey, Thomas W.; Cargill, Charles B. ; Carllee, Lewis Stanley; Carlisle, William Joplin; Casey, Nell; Cason, Jane Phil¬ lips; Cason, Wanda Lee. JJm SopJwmDA£ Icl a, Page I 19 FIRST ROW: Cates, Patricia Ann; Cates, Sue; Catto, Florence Night¬ ingale; Chapman, Evelyn Sue; Cheeseman, Charles; Cheyenne, William A.; Christian, James Aubrey; Churchill, John Paul; Clark, Geneva Yvonne; Clement, James Charles; Clifton, Thelma Louise. SECOND ROW: Clifford, Jr., Twomey Michael; Cobb, Homer How¬ ard; Coffman, Jacquelyn; Coleman, Thomas Allen; Cole, Pollye Ra; Coley, Glen Lamar; Collins, Joyzelle; Colvin, John Lewis; Combs, Charles Wayne; Cone, Quintin Turner; Conner, Medford Leon. THIRD ROW: Conw ' ay, William Lile; Coward, Willa May; Cox, Doro¬ thy; Cox, Ernest Harley; Crane, Carolyn Belfour; Crawford, William Weldon; Crawley, Patricia A.; Crigger, Charles; Croom, Charles Horace; Cunningham, Sarah Roselee; Dalton, II, Marvin Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Daniel, Sam Vance; Dary, Gilbert L.; Dashiell, Ben L.; Daugherty, Floy Marie; Davis, Jack Ernest; Dawson, George Don¬ ald; Deck, Mary Ann; Delzell, Bobbie Jean; Demuth, Marvin Loyed; Dewitt, John Franklin; Dial, Margaret Ann. Jhz SofihojfwAc QlaAdu FIFTH ROW: Dickey, James Stuart; Dickinson, Evelyn; Dickman, Janet Key; Diggs, Mary Martha; Dilatush, Robert E.; Dillion, Frances Carolyn; Dodson, C. Dwight; Donaldson, Ted S.; Dorsey, Hugh Carter; Dorsey, Joe; Dortch, Jr., Robert Leake. SIXTH ROW: Dortch, William Pinkney; Douglas, Ada Mae; Draper, Kelley; Dugan, Joe W.; Dunn, Bobby Joe; Dykes, Diann; Easterly, Edgar Ardell; Edmonson, Park Dale; Egbert, Wade; Elkins, Edwin C.; Ellis, Mary Ann. SEVENTH ROW: Elrod, John W.; Ely; Joe Keith; Emery, James Carle- ton; Emrich, Mary; Erwin, Miles Thompson; Ethridge, Willenc Hick¬ man; Failla, John Patrick; Farmer, Adarin Dean; Farrell, Bill; Farrell, Bob; Fawcett, Albert Lee. EIGHTH ROW: Felts, James Vernon; Ferguson, S. A.; Ferrari, Louise; Finley, Roland Leon; Fisey, J. Allen; Floyd, Charles Henry; Flucht, Elmer Louis; Fong, Kci Man; Forbes, Edward Albert; Fore, Joe Monson; Forrest, Cloyce B. NINTH ROW: Foster, Glcnna Ruth; Foulke, Eldridge; Francis, Dolores Marie; Freeman, Garrett Wilburn; Freeman, Jr., George Evan; Frost, Jr., H. G.; Garland, Mildred Anne; Gelazin, Paul; Gill, Abner Erwin; Glas¬ gow, Elaine; Godat, Grace. Page 120 FIRST ROW: Golden, Billie Lee; Goodwin, William Francis; Gosser, Joan; Gossom, Walter B.; Green, James B.; Green, L. Frank; Green, Lucille Pounders; Greene, Jr., Albert; Griffin, Ida Rebecca; Guinn, Gene; Hackett, Jim R. SECOND ROW: Haile, Harry; Halk, Jo Annette; Hall, Eleanor Jane; Hall, Jr., Lewis Watson; Hall, Nancy Anne; Hall, Wallace Legette; Halley, John Llewellyn; Hammans, Myra Jane; Hammock, Gordon Lee; Hampton, Jay Parker; Hampton, Ray Porter. THIRD ROW: Hampton, Robert Gene; Hankins, Mack E.; Hanna, Betty Leon; Harp, Donald Leon; Harrel, David Thomas; Harris, Donna Ellen; Harris, Robert E.; Hartley, Jcannine; Haseloff, James Earl; Hawk¬ ins, Harvey Eugene; Hawkins, Janis Monett. FOURTH ROW: Hawley, Zita Collins; Haws, Virginia Lee; Hayden, Frances Ann; Haynie, Dewey Harris; Hazelwood, Alexander Hughes; Heerwagcn, Virginia; Hemphill, Betty Anne; Henderson, Billy Eugene; Hendrix, Richard Earl; Henry, Hubert Douglas; Henry, Jim. FIFTH ROW: Henry, Walter Page; Henslee, Mary; Hestir, William Henry; Hickey, Margaret Ann; Hickman, Charles Thomas; Hill, Jerome B.; Hiller, Nancie Anne; Hodgson, Harold Everett; Hogan, Harl Troy; Hogg, Donald Lee; Hollingsworth, Gerald. SIXTH ROW: Holt, William Braz; Honeycutt, Wesley Mage; Hoover, Fred Arthur; Hopkins, Charles Turner,- Hopper, Bernard C.; Hopson, Charles L.; Hornor, Bob; Huber, Albert Lewis; Hudson, George Wil¬ liam; Hudson, John Leland; Hughes, Jr., Charles. SEVENTH ROW: Hulse, Elizabeth; Huenefcld, Bernard Eugene; Isler, Finley T.; Irwin, Joseph S.; Ivy, Sonya; Izard, Clyman Edward; Jackson, Elizabeth Diane; Jamell, Joe Harry; Jenkins, A. D.; Jenkins, Wanda Lee; Johnson, Charles Reagan. EIGHTH ROW: Johnson, Donald Ray; Johnson, F. Franklin; Johnson, Ruth Ayline; Joiner, Esther Ruth; Jones, Allen Jackson; Jones, Beverly Mai; Jones, Billy Ray; Jones, James Laurence; Jones, Lewis Dee; Jones, Lloyd M.; Jones, Mary Elizabeth. NINTH ROW: Jones, Rosalyn; Jones, William Evan,- Jones, William Olliver; Kanis, Emma Louise; Kaylor, Leo J.; Kehn, Shirley Jane; Kelley, Elizabeth Ann; Kemp, Thomas Joseph; Kendrick, Joe; Kennedy, Herman Randolph; Kenney, James Benson. Jhj2 SofikomoAc QLoaa, Page 121 FIRST ROW: Kerr, Lavern Dewitt; Kiersky, Jr., Louis Bernard; King, Eugene; King, James A.; Kirk, Patricia; Kniggc, Jr., Carl E.; Knott, Joe Anne; Koenig, Clemons Albert; Koger, Raymond Mayfield; Krueger, Carolyn. SECOND ROW: Lambert, Robert Jones; Lane, Nancy Cravens; Lash- ley, Lorita; Lawson, Doy Faye; Lee, Dawn; Lee, Robin Bruce; Lee, William Roscoe; LeFevers, Pauline Ann; Leibenguth, Don Monroe; Leonard, William Carroll. THIRD ROW: Lester, Janet; Lewis, Thomas Eugene; Li, Fook Kong; Light, Robert V. ; Livingston, Johnny Lee; Lock, Helen; Lofton, Wayne Junior; Logue, Donald L.; Long, Billye McNeill; Long, James Ray. FOURTH ROW: Looney, Joe Edd; Lovoi, Vincent Salvadore; Low, Carl Clayton; Luckinbill, Patrick McShane; Luster, Joe S.; Lutz, Her¬ man A.; Lynch, Juanita Hix; Lynch, Roger V.; McChristian, Jim B.; McClendon, Lewis Karl. JAc SopAojrWM tfla A. FIFTH ROW: McCullough, John S.; McDaniel, Octavia Carolyn; Mc¬ Daniel, Robert Price; McFarland, Terry Mae; McGee, Eleanor Frances; McGinty, John Park; McKenzie, James Arthur; McKenzie, Patricia Ann; McKinney, Robert Staten; McKinnon, Joe S. SIXTH ROW: McKinnon, Martha Bunn; McKnight, Joan; McKnight, Walter Frederick; McLaughlin, Patricia; McNair, Pauline Ann; McNutt, Margaret Louise; Mabrey, Wanda Lee; Maddox, Mary Anne; Magruder, Lewis F.; Malone, Archie D. SEVENTH ROW: Maltsberger, Darrell Gene; Marlow, Jean; Martin, Betty Ray; Martin, Roy Wingfield; Mason, Mary Eleanor; Mauldin, Ed¬ ward L.; Meachum, Carl C.; Measeles, Marion June; Medley, Robert Tilden; Medlin, Raymond H. EIGHTH ROW: Melton, Billy L.; Melville, Cecil Eugene; Messenger, William Philip; Middleton, Franklin Wayne; Miller, Betty Jane; Miller, Ethel Bransford; Miller, John Clarence; Miller, Meredith; Miller, Sally; Millner, Betty Ann. NINTH ROW: Mills, Catherine Louise; Miner, lone Rudolph; Moffett, Marion Ann; Monaghan, Barbara Jane; Monk, Aubrey Faye; Mont¬ gomery, Lula Muldrow; Moody, Kenneth Beauchamp; Moore, Betty Frances; Morgan, Edward Shoffner; Morris, Billie Bob. Page 122 FIRST ROW: Morris, Jr., Walter Dewitt; Morrison, Thomas Arthur; Morse, Jane Karen; Morse, Stephen Vance; Morse, Wendell Whitson; Morton, Rex B.; Moss, Ruth Elizabeth; Mozingo, Eckels S.; Mullen, Kathleen; Mulligan, Donald Keith. SECOND ROW: Mullins, Charles Grover; Murphy, Jr., Henry Bruce; Mussett, Jack Douglas; Myers, Mary; Myers, Robert Emmett; Neal, William Scott; Nelms, Charles Franklin; Nelson, Ross Laverl; Nelson, Talmadge Seab; Nesbit, Winston Elvis. THIRD ROW: Newbern, David Harton; Newman, James Killis; Nei- Kurg, Bill W.; Nimocks, Walter Buford; Noble, Billy Ray; Norman, Carl Sutton; Northrop, Gaylord Marvin; Nunn, Harrell Trussell; Nunnelee, Killy Ray; Obert, Onas Miles. FOURTH ROW: Odom, Doyle O’Brien; Oliver, J ames M.; Oman, Charla Lu; Orf, Victor Michael; Orlicek, Melba June; Ortloff, Wayne Dale; Osburn, Betty E.; Face, Sally Ann; Page, Frank Homer; Park, Jr., James Marvin. FIFTH ROW: Parker, Bernie Clifford; Parker, Paul E.; Parks, Dolores; arsons, Max Glenn; Patten, Gerrald W.; Patten, Jackie C.; Pearah, Martin Baba; Pearson, C. W.; Pegram, Shirley Ruth; Penix, Robert L. SIXTH ROW: Percefull, Ronald; Perry, Bill L.; Peterson, Sarah E.; Phillips, Charles Dwane; Phillips, Earl William; Phillips, John Patrick; Philpot, Fred Albert; Pillstrom, Lawrence Gene; Pitts, Helen M.; Plant, Mary Ann. SEVENTH ROW: Poe, McDonald; Porter, Stewart; Porterfield, Harold Ray; Poteet, Robert Pembroke; Pugh, Marian Elizabeth; Pugh, Thomas Robert; Ragland, James Henry; Rains, Woodrow W.; Ramsay, Virginia Lee; Rand, Hayden Gillman. EIGHTH ROW: Ray, Harold G.; Rea, George H. ; Reams, Maxine K. ; Redding, Frankie; Redyard, Norma Sue; Reed, Jr., Charles Walter; Reed, Mary Janet; Reid, Clarence Henry; Reynolds, Jerry Lee; Rhoads, James Loaid. NINTH ROW: Rice, William Roderick; Richardson, Walter; Riggs, Byron Lawrence; Rise, Edwin Norman; Robbins, Benson; Roberts, Billie Jeanne; Robertson, Frank Thomas; Robinson, Malcolm Maier; Robinson, Virginia; Rodgers, Kathryn. Jhs SopJwmjAsi QIoaa, Page 123 FIRST ROW: Rogers, Albert J.; Rogers, Betty Ann; Rogers, Henry B.; Rogers, Robert E.; Roselius, Charles Gerald; Ross, G. G.; Rowin, Lonnie John; Rudder, Milton Clarence; Rueswald, Rosalie Theresa; Rule, Charles S. SECOND ROW: Rushing, Betty Ray; Sample, Dwight E.; Sanders, Kenneth Zac; Sandlin, Mary Louise; Sands, David Alan; Sanstead, Patricia Ann; Sann, Mike Eugene; Santine, Frances; Santos, Charles Emmett; Sawyer, Luther John. THIRD ROW: Schwartz, Lila Mae; Scroggin, Jr., Martin Monroe; Sckavec, Evelyn; Sekavec, Guy; Selph, Carl L.; Sewell, James Wesley; Shadd, Lee Virgil; Shadwick, Twyla Angelynn; Shaw, Luther Odell; Shillman, Jr., Vincent Ewing. J he SopJwmjfic QIoaa. FOURTH ROW: Shores, Donny Lewis; Simmons, Jr., Fred L.; Sittler, Carol Marie; Skillern, Mary John; Smith, Arthur M. ; Smith, Bill How¬ ard; Smith, Donald Wayne; Smith, J. Boyd; Smith, Jr., Leon K. ; Smith, Lloyd. FIFTH ROW: Smith, Patricia Ann; Smith, Patricia Gypsy; Smith, Rob¬ ert Freeman; Smith, Virginia Lee; Smith, William Arthur; Smith, Wil¬ liam Joseph; Smithson, Jack Eugene; Snow, Norman E.; Snyder, William Warren; Sockey, Clennon Eugene; Soret, Emil Shelton. SIXTH ROW: Spark, Sam Lawrence; Sparks, Jr., James Dibrell; Spawr, Jr., E. Frank; Speer, Dorothy Inez; Spink, Heyward Taylor; Spurlock, Paul Martin; Stadthagen, Alejandro; Stanberry, Ernest; Stawley, A. D.; Starr, Shelia Elizabeth; Stevens, Bob J. SEVENTH ROW: Stewart, Bob Earl; Stewart, Sylvia Sue; Stith, Lloyd W.; Stockley, James Ridgway; Stokenbury, Mary Ann; Stokenbury, William Dolph; Strauss, Doris Marie; Stubblefield, Anna Louise; Sulli¬ van, Janie; Sutton, Marjorie F.; Swaty, Albert Markham. EIGHTH ROW: Tackett, Cecil Clair; Tackett, J. C.; Talbot, Patricia Ann; Tansacha, Visit; Tate, James R.; Taylor, Aaron T.; Taylor, Harvey Alan; Taylor, Herman Lee; Taylor, Katheryn Eloise; Taylor, Keith Howard; Tennant, Forrest Martin. Page 124 FIRST ROW: Terhunc, Margaret; Terrell, Mary Ann; Thomas, Mary Elizabeth; Thompson, Gene H.; Thompson, Lois Agatha; Thompson, Marshall Ray; Thompson, Jr., Tommy Glenn; Thompson, William N.; Thomsen, Marnelle Nina; Thomson, Benjamin Moody. SECOND ROW: Tobin, Margaret Ann; Trawick, Onita; Treat, Ralph Ausbon; Treece, Jo; Tresslcr, Doris Elaine; Trusty, Marcia Ann; Tuck, Jo Ann; Tucker, W. B.; Turner, Betty Carolyn; Turney, H. A. THIRD ROW: Turney, Joe A.; Tyson, Donald John; Vaccaro, Leo; VanDenBerg, Jacob; Vandergriff, Jimmy Wayne; Venters, Jr., Richard Frank; Vest, George W.; Villareal, Judith Gwynne; Vire, Verlin; Vowan, Robert Paul. FOURTH ROW: Waddill, Jerry; Walker, Mack Alfred; Wallace, James Price; Ward, Willis Franklin; Warden, Treva June; Warnock, Victor Van; Warren, Jr., Lloyd M.; Watson, Calvin Benjamin; Watson, Paul Alexander; Wease, Lynne Joyce. FIFTH ROW: Webb, Lee Otis; Webb, Thomas Harold; Webb, Zada Jewell; Weis, Patricia Ann; Werntz, Frank. David; Wheeler, Katherine; White, Bobby Doyle; White, J ames Jeffrey; Whittenberg, Alice L.; Wiggans, Ann; Wight, Walter Lee. SIXTH ROW: Wilbourn, Jo Ann; Wilkinson, Tom; Willey, E. Birch; Williams, Jesse D.; Williams, Lee; Williams, Martha Charline; Williams, Wayne Neal; Wilson, Charles E.; Wilson, Esther Lou; Wilson, Evelyn Holt; Wilson, Harry Howard. SEVENTH ROW: Wilson, Herbert R. ; Wilson, Thomas Edwin; Wilson, William Breckenridge; Wimberly, Tom Frank; Winfrey, Onita Lee; Wisner, Robert Edgar; Wolff, Jo Annette; Wood, John A.; Wood, John Sam; Woodson, Martha Sue; Wooley, Betty John. EIGHTH ROW: Wright, Charles W. ; Wright, Walter Gene; Wymer, Orian Henryetta; Yetter, Greyson Troutman; Young, James E.; Young, Max E.; Young, Robert Lafayette; Younkin, James R.; Younkin, William B.; Zembsch, Robert James; Ziegler, Norval Finn. Jhe SopJwmxfio QIoaa. Page 125 FIRST ROW: Abbott, Luther Eli; Adkisson, Gail Louise; Aldridge, Mary Beauchamp; Allbright, Charles Wilson; Andrews, Joseph Knox; Armstrong, Charles Dean; Arrington, Kenneth Howard; Atkinson, Robert Joseph; Atebury, Robert L.; Austin, Mildred; Baber, Jr., Quinn Morton. SECOND ROW: Backer, Genevie Bredehoeft; Bailey, Norman Lewis; Baker, Charles Rodney; Baker, Jerrie Jeanette; Baker, Penelope; Barbee, Jane Watson; Barham, Marietta; Bass, Gloria Jean; Batte, III, Charles Richard; Baugh, L. Rarrell; Bean, James Wilkes. THIRD ROW: Beeler, Theodore Lee; Bemis, Mildred Meredith; Bennett, Dick; Berry, Betsy Lloyd; Bettis, Louis Winford; Beverly, Marilyn; Bill¬ ingsley, James F.; Bird, Jimmie M.; Bishop, Edward Dean; Blagg, Billy Justin; Blagg, Kenneth Berzent. Jh Jhsi hman (Jla A FOURTH ROW: Blair, Virginia Jean; Blanks, Carolyn; Blomstrad, Greg R.; Bond, John Lee; Bonner, James Gordon; Boozman, Barbara Jean; Boyce, Sam Harvey; Brandt, Molly Sue; Branigan, George Eimers; Brasel, Virginia Nadene; Braun, Barbara Jean. FIFTH ROW: Brewer, Bobby Lee; Brewster, Marilyn Christine; Bridg- forth, Carolyne Elizabeth; Brown, Carmon Max; Brown, Claudia Ann; Brown, James Arthur; Brown, II, Severree Archibald; Browning, Daryl C.; Bryan, Suzanne; Bryant, Robert Marsman; Buchanan, Louis P. SIXTH ROW: Bullington, Mildred; Burleson, Carolyn Roberts; Burns, Bill B.; Burton, Billie Jean; Bushart, Dorothy Frances; Buttram, Dale Edward; Buttram, Ray B.; Buzbce, Richard Edgar,- Bylander, Nancy Flo, Byrd, Barbara Ann; Caleb, Jr., Phillip Ivor. SEVENTH ROW: Campbell, Marcia Louise; Caplan, Milton Roy; Carlile, Milton E.; Carlton, Langston W.; Carpenter, Martha Sue; Car- ruth, Lynn; Cavender, Mary Joan; Cavin, Jr., Wylie D.; Chaffin, Tom¬ my; Chappell, Kenneth Warren; Chastain, Lottie Sue. EIGHTH ROW: Clark, William Forrest; Coe, Eugene; Coker, Tom Phillip; Cole, Jr., John Dorsey; Coleman, Addie Virginia,- Coleman, Claire Anne; Collard, Lee Ellsworth; Collier, Shirley Ann; Collins, Charles William; Collins, Donald Neal; Cook, Noble Elwin. Page 126 FIRST ROW: Cooper, Hiram W.; Cooper, Tommy Towell; Corder, Eva Jane; Corley, Guy M.; Corn, Beverly Brenda; Cornett, Rctha Mari¬ lyn; Cowan, Dejah Yvonne; Cowden, David Allen; Cox, Robert Elvon; Cox, Wilburn Wayne; Coxwell, Carolyn. SECOND ROW: Coxwell, Cathryn; Craig, Thomas Steele; Crossley, Joe; Crouch, James Phillips; Cullins, James Andrew; Cunningham, Bethel Eayton; Curry, Roylee Dean; Curtis, Fred Robert; Daniels, J. F.; Davis, Billy Massie; Davis, Gene. THIRD ROW: Davis, William O.; Deal, Phillip Lawrence; Deal, Pink¬ ney M. ; Denton, Mary Joyce; Derrick, Martin Melby; Dixon, Martha Dale; Doerring, Jerry Jean; Donovan, Patrick Converse; Duke, Mary Louise; Dumas, Jr., Herbert Monroe; Durham, Linda. FOURTH ROW: Dyes, John C.; Easley, Charles William; Edmondson, Max Lewis; Edmonson, Wendell Dean; Edwards, Jr., Ralph Benjamin; Edwards, Raymond Thomas; Elkins, Clyde Jerome; Eiscntraut, Haroldine Beatrice; Elgin, Robert Warren; Ellis, Barbara Lucille; Epperson, Mary Jane. FIFTH ROW: Evans, Bobby Lee; Falls, Patricia Ann; Farr, Betty Marie; Farrar, Donald Wayne; Faulkner, Clarence Vol; Faulkner, Jr., James Herschel; Feilke, Glenn Thaddeus; Felton, Barbara Ann; Ferguson, Mary Alice; Files, William Shelby; Fillingham, Barbara Jean. SIXTH ROW: Fitzgibbon, III, David William; Folliott, Jack Alfred; Forbes, Barney H.; Ford, Herschel Vaughn; Foresee, Ila Beulah; Foster, Atchinson M.; Franklin, Ben Ralph; French, Robert Harold; Frizzell, Glen Wayne; Fulmer, Mary Jane; Gaines, Mary Frances. SEVENTH ROW: Garrett, Arlena Gurgeson; Garrett, Lee Roy; Garrett, Peggy Jane; Gee, Artie Elizabeth; George, David Stephen; Gibson, Cor¬ ley Edward; Glass, Jr., Orin Jerome; Glastein, Morton Wilbert; Glenn, Thurman D.; Godbold, Betty Jo; Goff, John Proctor. EIGHTH ROW: Goree, Vera Lou; Graham, Morrow E. ; Crammer, Marianna Jo; Grant, Olen; Greathouse, Joan; Green, Jean Rutherford; Green, Raymond Joseph; Greenway, Charles Radford; Griffin, Jr., Paul Yearwood; Griffith, Horace Lee; Guinn, James Terrell. JJw JhsLdkman CIoaa Page 127 FIRST ROW: Hall, Carolyn; Hampson, Leonard Lewis; Hanna, Doris W.; Hannah, Gene Keith; Harcrow, Harry William; Hardcastle, Char¬ lotte W.; Hargraves, Richard Harrison; Harkness, Norma Jeanne; Harris, James Willits; Harris, Patricia Ann; Harrison, Richard Gilford. SECOND ROW: Hatfield, Bobby Frank; Hays, Lloyd Leon; Hearn, G. Dennis; Heffington, William Edward; Hembree, Hugh Lawson; Hemp¬ hill, Mary Jane; Henderson, Betty Jo; Henderson, Don T.; Hendrix, Edith Ann; Henslee, Alcorn Jenkins; Herndon, James Dale. THIRD ROW: Hickman, J. Gerald; Higgins, John Edward; Higgins, Mary Frances; Higgs, Bartley Darrell; Hill, Robert William; Hodges, Wilma Rae; Hogue, Larry Bennett; Holland, Betty Nell; Honeycutt, James Gordon; Hoover, Geneva Lois; Hopkins, Jack E. Jhz J’AnAkman QLoaa FOURTH ROW: Houk, Polly Anna; Howard, James E.; Howard, James Roy; Howell, Eva Jewel; Hudson, Don Swift; Hultz, Maxine; Hunt, Jack Wilson; I ngels, Sally J.; Izard, John Dicken; Jackson, Bobby Lee; James, Robert A. FIFTH ROW: Jines, Elnora Gertrude; Jones, Hershel; Jones, Mark Perrin; Jones, Victor Murel; Johnston, Emma Lou; Johnston, Rufus Lind; Kaiser, John; Kaiser, Nancy Kay; Karnes, Marlene Margaret; Keeter, Bob J.; Keith, Doris Jean. SIXTH ROW: Kclleher, Kathleen Sue; Kelley, Edward Carl; Kendall, Ronnie Fenton; Kerr, Kenneth Eugene; King, Harold Eugene; King, Mary Lee; Kinney, Bobby; Kinsey, Catherine Doris; Kirkland, Billie Mar¬ garet; Knoll, Hugh R.; Knox, Burnal Ray. SEVENTH ROW: Koban, Jr., Albert R.; Kuechenmeister, Rachel Ann; Lambert, Eugene Wasdon, Jr., Lambert, James Donald; Langston, Rob¬ ert Hunt; Lawrence, Martena Belle; Lea, James Milton; Lee, Cecil Blanton; Lee, Jerry J.; Leslie, George Robert; Liddell, Stewart Henry. EIGHTH ROW: Lincoln, Lucy Carolyn; Lineback, Jackson Eugene; Linebarrier, Bobby Joe; Little, Dorothy Jean; Lockhart, Ellanette; Long- necker, Joe L.; Lovell, Donald Charles; Lucke, Joel David; Lusk, John Paul; Luther, Homer Gene. Page 128 FIRST ROW: Lyle, Michael Charles; Lyon, Jimmy M.; Lyons, Billy Freston; McBay, Jr., Thomas; McCain, Barbara Jean; McCall, Harry Lee; McCarty, Jane Ann; McCoy, Bennie Joe; McCutchen, Joe Hamil¬ ton; McDaniel, Jack W. SECOND ROW: McGaugh, Robert Neal; McGhee, James Reed; Mc¬ Intyre, Jean Carol; McKeon, Jr., Chester Dolphin; McKinney, Marilyn Ann; McKinney, Sara Anne; McMahon, Sam Henry; McMakin, Mary Jo; McMullen, Billie Rose; McNeil, Joe Pete. THIRD ROW: McVey, Shirley Lee; Maddox, Edsel D.; Malone, Eliza¬ beth Ann; Mann, Albert Howell; Mann, Jr., Marvin Lee; Maries, Joseph Francis; Marks, Lloyd Watson; Marsh, Paul F.; Marsh, Riley Burl; Martin, Irene. FOURTH ROW: Martin, W. Aubert; Mashburn, Joseph Leon; Massey, Roberta Lee; Masters, Gene Carl; Mayes, Jr., Hubert; Meller, Lois Anne; Mcrrell, Frank F.; Milburn, Jr., Frank Herbert; Miles, Alan Reid; Miller, George R. FIFTH ROW: Minor, Andrew J.; Miskovsky, Emil Frederick; Mitchell, Mary Jean; Mitchell, Raymond D.; Mix, Dwight Franklin; Mogel, Louis F; Moore, French; Moore, Joe Pickens; Moore, Patricia; Moore, III, Waddy Willi am. SIXTH ROW: Morley, Barbara Dean; Morris, Barbara Burns; Morris, Evelyn B.; Morrison, Marie; Morton, Jr., Charles F.; Muehlhauser, Ed¬ ward Grove; Murchison, Jr., Frank Benjamin; Myers, Irving; Neal, Paul Leon; Neeley, Ruel J. SEVENTH ROW: Nelson, Carolyn Fay; Newell, Robert Wilmans; Nichols, Laurel Ann; Nieckarz, Edward; Nitz, Charlene; Norwood, O’Tar; Olson, Joe Dean; Oswald, Dorothy Louise; Oswalt, Philip Ross; Oxford, Charles Nolan. EIGHTH ROW: Oxford, Milford Thompson; Pappas, James John; Parker, Eunethyl Walters; Partlow, Jr., Haywood Graham; Patrick, Bob T.; Paty, Margaret; Pennell, Bobbie Jean; Pennington, Charles Singletary; Perry, Jack Denton; Perry, V. Bryan. Jh J’MAkman QLoaa Page 129 FIRST ROW: Pettigrew, Donald Dinning; Pettus, Harold Eugene; Pierce, Charles Donald; Pierce, Thomas; Pile, George Ann; Pillstrom, Irene Marie; Pittman, Jimmy J. ; Poe, Edgar Allan; Pollock, Edwin Harmon; Pope, Mary Lu. SECOND ROW: Porter, Gene Tunney; Porterfield, Thomas; Posey, Arnold Dean; Post, Estella A. ; Powers, Deryl Gene; Powers, Richard C.; Presson, Ruthe Ellen; Pridcmore, Harold Crockett; Pugh, Jacqueline Adele; Pyne, James Edward. THIRD ROW: Ragland, Fred E. ; Ramsay, Rodney Booth; Rankin, Raymond; Rapier, Rose Marie; Rauch, Gloria; Rhea, Marie Louise; Rhea, Robert Donald; Richardson, James Cisco; Richardson, Joe Bryan; Richardson, Thomas Earle. Jhc J ' hSL hMMl £Loa FOURTH ROW: Richardson, William Ernest; Riegler, Andrew Henry; Rise, Darlene Gwendolyn; Rison, Donald Max; Rives, S. Elizabeth; Riviello, Bernard; Roberts, Charlisle Ann; Robinson, Chester D.; Rob¬ inson, Jane Louise; Robinson, Laura Louise. FIFTH ROW: Rollins, James Austin; Ronan, James Francis; Rossi, Her¬ bert William; Rossman, William W.; Rosso, John Martin; Rouse, Fred L.; Rundell, Daniel Jerry; Runsick, Willine; Runyan, John Paul; Russell, Norman Arthur. SIXTH ROW: Saig, Emile Joe; Sammons, Joyce Marie; Sanders, James Ray; Saunders, Horace Edward; Schaefer, William Cornelius; Scott, Darrell Beck; Shackleford, Dennis L.; Shaffer, Daniel Fred; Shankle, Glen Ray; Shannon, Emroy Laud. SEVENTH ROW: Sharp, Jr., Jacob; Shaw, Sam Morris; Sheeks, Becky; Shelton, Wilma Dean; Sherman, Betty; Simon, Jr., Mose Farris; Simons, Carol Lee; Sims, James Austin; Sims, Mary Elizabeth; Sisk, Eva Jane. EIGHTH ROW: Smith, Bobby Ross; Smith, Charles William; Smith, Elizabeth; Smith, L. Geneva; Smith, Marion Randolph; Smith, Mary Jane; Snoddy, Rita Jean; Sorrels, Jr., Hardie Vaughan; Spiva, Joy; Stacy, Gilbert. Page 130 FIRST ROW: Stanley, Charles Ervin; Stapleton, Walter Albert; Staton, Edward Ewing; Stephens, Jerry L.; Stettnisch, Clarence H.; Stevenson, II, Wesley Edward; Stith, Ray C.; Stone, Chester Eugene; Stubblefield, Norma Jean; Sutton, Jack Edward. SECOND ROW: Sutton, Wilma Jean; Talbert, Margaret Ellen; Tal- hurt, Dale Clarence; Tatman, Donald Mac; Taylor, James Dale; Taylor, J r v William Minor; Thom, Sidney Mattheus; Thomas, Mary Lou; Thomas, Mary Patricia; Thompson, George H. THIRD ROW: Thomson, V, James Overton; Throgmorton, Glenburn L.; Thurman, Betty Jean; Todd, William Allen; Townsend, William Albert; Trower, William Howard; Turner, Helen Mary; Turner, Jack; Turner, James Oliver; Turner, Joe Ray. FOURTH ROW: Van Patten, Herman; Van Pool, Mary Lou; Van andt, Jerry Bryan; Vaughan, J. Alvin; Vestal, Frank Gunnels; Walker, Martha Sue; Walker, Mildred Irene; Walker, Will Rogers; Wallace, Oliver; Wanslow, Robert. FIFTH ROW: Ward, Shirl W. ; Wassell, H. Lynn ; Watkins, Earl Wil¬ liams; Watkins, Mary Jane; Watts, John Comer; Weathers, James Thomas; Welchman, Charles Raymond; Wells, Nola Marie; Wells, Rodney Eugene; West, Donald Moody. SIXTH ROW: Whalen, Sylvia Lee; Whcrley, Mary Sue; Whistle, Donna June; White, Anna Belle; White, Wanda Marette; Whitley, John Edward; Whitmore, Robert Dean; Whittington, Paul Frank; Wiederkchr, Matthew Herman; Wilhelm, Billye Frank. SEVENTH ROW: Wilkerson, James Monroe; Williams, Fred Leon; Williams, Jerry Ray; Williams, John Alden; Williams, Patricia Ann; Williams, Roger Craig; Williams, Jr., T. E.; Williamson, Emma Lee; Williford, Bruce Whitten; Willis, Gerald D. EIGHTH ROW: Wilson, Bettie Leah; Wilson, Jr., Olcie Lee; Winters, Thaddeus Hassel; Wood, Olen Duane; Woolard, Carolyn Boyce; Wright, Jack Dean; Wright, Robert Ross; Wulff, Carolyn E.; Yancey, Sammy Jean; Younes, Johnny. Jhe J ' AcAhman ( Ioaa Page 131 Page 133 Page 134 (foMpJUA. MAISIE LACKEY: President, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sophomore Counselor; Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic Council; Secretary, Gaebalc Central Committee; Rootin’ Rubes; Cheerleader. BILL WALLER: Editor, 1949 Razorback; Kappa Sigma; President, Press Club; Scabbard and Blade; Managing Editor, Jrkansas Traveler? Secretary, Board of Publications. FRANCES BARTON: President, Carnall Hall; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class; Secretary, ADA; Student Senate Calendar Committee; Social Chairman, Razorback Band; Coterie; President, Wesley Players; YWCA; AWS; WAA; Reporter, Home Economics Club; Press Club; Entertainment Committee; Com¬ mencement Committee; Jlgriculturist Staff. CLETA SUE BENNETT: President, Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board; Pan- Hellenic; Chi Theta; AWS Executive Board; Sophomore Counselor; Commerce Guild; Rootin’ Rubes; President, YWCA. BOB RILEY: Sigma Chi; Blue Key; Student Senate; President, YDC; President, Phi Eta Sigma; ABC; Press Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Interfraternity Council; Traveler Staff. Jav ubiA, JOHN TROUTT: Editor, Arkansas Jraveler, Chairman, Board of Publica- tions ; Blue Key ; Press Club; Sigma Chi. AITLAND RUTLEDGE: Kappa Sigma; Blue Key; Alpha Kappa Psi; Stu- c e nt Senate; President, Interfraternity Council; Business Manager, 1950 Razor- B VCK ; Managing Editor, 1948-49 Cjuild dicker; Scabbard and Blade; Chair- ma n, Student Union Board; Westminster Fellowship; Executive Council; Com¬ merce Guild. AULA REAGAN: President, Pi Beta Phi; AWS Executive Council; President, ar -Hellenic Council; Student Senate; Senate Budget and Entertainment Com¬ mittee; Sophomore Counselor; Blackfriars; Treasurer, WSSF Drive. RSCF1EL McCLURKIN: Secretary, Kappa Sigma; Alpha Zeta ; Wesley a yers ; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Danforth Fellowship; Sears cholarship; Animal Industry Club; President, Wesley Foundation; Editor, Arkansas Agriculturist. OY HARRISON: Blue Key; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Epsilon; Phi Eta ; Jgma; Engineering Council; Pres- ' ent, AIChE; Editor, Arkansas Engineer- YMCA. Page 135 QcLMpJULdu ALVIN C. DUKE: Captain, Football Team; Captain, Track Team; President, “A” Club; President, Razorback Hall; Varsity Basketball; Blue Key; Student Senate. MARY BOB CROSS: Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda Tau; President, Black- friars; Vice-President, AWS; Secretary, Delta Gamma; Student Union Board; Student Relations Board; Mortar Board; YWCA. PHIL CARROLL: President, Blue Key; Vice-President, Kappa Sigma; Delta Theta Phi; Tau Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Student Senate; President, Junior Class. JEAN ANN KIGHT: President, Zeta Tau Alpha; Vice-President, Chi Theta; Mortar Board; President, AWS; Student Senate; Pan-Hellenic Council. WAYNE BOYCE: President, Blue Key; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Theta; President, Interfra¬ ternity Council; Student Senate. Page 136 BOB BOWEN President, Sigma Chi; President, Tau Beta Pi; Secretary ASME; Treasurer, Blue Key; Theta Tau; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Presi dent, Interfraternity Council; Vice-President, Alpha Phi Omega; Honor Coun cil. FRANCES SHOUSE: President, Mortar Board; President, Rootin’ Rubes; Vice- President, Delta Gamma; Lambda Tau; AWS Executive Council; YWCA Cab¬ inet; AWS Chairman, Judicial Board; Blackfriars; Pan-American Club; Future teachers of America. FRANK McGEHEE: President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Blue Key ; President, Commerce Guild; Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Manager, 1949 Razorback; Scabbard and Blade; ABC; Canterbury Club. FJELL CURRY GUINN: Vice-President, OIW; Secretary, Mortar Board; Rootin ' Rubes; Secretary, Wesley Players; Secretary, Wesley Foundation Coun¬ cil; Vice-President, Coterie; Secretary, University Religious Club; AWS; Met Club; Student Senate; Sophomore Council. K O S S PRICHARD: Football; captain, Track Team; Vice-Presi- cnt . Blue Key; Phi Alpha Theta; Lambda Tau; ,f A” Club. Wrtmhi Page 138 0m Page 139 Page 140 Page 141 Page 142 Page 143 Page 144 Page 145 Pat Ray causes mixed emotions here. Congratulations to Xing Porker! Plashing that old Beneke smile. Jcx (B mkfb lex Beneke poses with four of the winning Razorback Beauties. i Everybody wonders who they will be. Arkansas beauty at its best It was a hard choice to make . . . SALLY CUTTING Honorable ' Mention Razorback Beauty Pi Beta Phi (fjOMpJUJu INA BELLE NICHOLAS Honorable Mention BEVERLY JONES Homecoming Queen Delta Gamma Qiu m l joan Mcknight Engineering Queen Kappa Kappa Gamma Page |49 MARTHA WOODSON Commerce Queen Kappa Kappa Gamma tfampjuA, MARY HENSLEE Pledge Queen Chi Omega Page 150 GLENNA FOSTER A$ri Queen Pi Beta Phi QjUiWU L p age 151 JOAN GLASGOW 7exas Roundup Princess Kappa Kappa Gamma O " 0- %0 ° sa Ih 6 ’ rJO ' " ’ ' •? £“ 01 «S£3Ss -c to « ? , Tetv 9 v o 9 o?? 0 £s ; pie ' p A w VO- t® ® a s a " ? e ' s to eW er ot e t VJ ve V e w n V « S? 5?. „V 3- Vk rO 1 ® -,»f e , tY °° as a s c 0 •s c o e , e ° y. $.»” . “ ' • v 0 iC ' , , a s M® a e 0 ° x P ' P® i f W it ' r- X 3 - ' C VO 2. c V ocra s c " ’ . 3 - 9 ° , r eS aY JOY V « 2JS« ' vSksZ ” .« ’ ' ' naV fS o» a , " ■“ ' Page 152 A CTIVITY bustles every day on the Univer- sity campus. Energetic people find many ways of pursuing their professional and social interests. Social activities flourish throughout the school year. Fraternities, sororities, and residence halls have their annual dances. Banquets, stag parties, open houses, and all-campus dances fill the week¬ ends. Special days of celebration mean more activity for students. Gaebale’s gala weekend is high¬ lighted by a parade, dance, varsity show, beauty contest, and the carnival itself made up of side shows by campus organizations. Pre-meds, engi¬ neers, agris, business students, and lawyers have their own special “days” of celebration. Every spring major political campaigns start off another round of hot political activity. Speeches, pamphlets, posters, and rallies flood the campus as candidates seek office. The people govern them¬ selves through the Student Senate and the Student Court. The people do not depend on the outside world to do their work. They produce their own plays, stage concerts, publish a twice-weekly paper, fine magazines, and the yearbook, and take part in intramural sports. Students here from all parts of the globe com¬ bine their ideas and talents in an effort to make the University a place where students can establish a foundation for their future. ORK AND AT PLAY MPETITION IN UNIFORM IN HONORARY GROUPS IN COOPERATIVE ENDEAVOR CH (jJtfik and at fitai Page 157 Phi Delts sing lustily for rushees. A good time was had by all. " Shooting the breeze ” for a while. (RuAh wfxk Jissie Wallace mugs at the mike for party at Chio House. cdt (hikmUkOA, Pi Phis pose prettily during rush. R qiAlhcdwn b Jhis is the scene of battle as viewed from above. Jbe door guards got pretty tough about it all. Some guys registered the hard way. Muscles tries to help , but still Qriffin chokes. Aiill hDuqk. Some of the few smiling faces left. CHECK REGISTRATION CARDS HERE " Xerr’s Short Torm " made registering easier. John Shaddox turns on charm as crowd cheers madly. Sig Alphs won first with their railroad. Jhe bonfire was almost as hot as the crowd, Pi Phis said , “Jhey died with their boots on! " sas,ehu Captain Duke performs duty while crowd gapes and Prexy Jones srniw MV££p JwJWAA, Chi Omegas " Red Hen " was blue ribbon chick Cheerleaders plead for Hog win — they did! XZ ' s forecast proved pleasingly correct. Xappa Sigs bring back the " good old days.” Candidates relax backstage at Beauty Show. And they really meant it, too! tjazbak, 0W1 President Jones opens carnival while Buddy and Jrv make sure. Sfvdnq holiday A capacity crowd enjoyed the Variety Show. ;Tor a dime, the Pi XA ' s displayed the " Congo. " Jbe costumes and lack of them in D ogpatcb. Steadies stroll across the campus. Chow bounds sweat line at Qregson. Jissie bangs out a welcome at Qaebale. Ibis was the long and the short of registration. Jacc ues sign really bore fruit! Sheets sneaks in some magazine research. “Jhe Hying Hogs " embark for Jexas again. v V Architect’s drawing reveals the new Jine Arts Center A new campus “personality” at Arkansas. Aiaybe Charlie can explain this. XZ’s and their dates talk it over. Ross flew down for the Baylor disaster. Independents sweep another election. Richards gulps while Buddy poses. St. Louis Cards get honorary awards. 9n fijiint Page 171 THE 1950 RAZORBACK TOMMY WILSON, Editor MAITLAND RUTLEDGE, Business Manager The 1950 Razorback encountered many difficulties this year, the major one being the changing of editors in October. Chris Hogan, who had been chosen as editor, resigned because of ill health, and the present editor was then ap¬ pointed. Chris initiated many of the innovations that appear in this year’s book and credit for the first lay-out and organization goes to her. The theme of this year’s Razorback is The Place and The People. We felt that a general theme would be easier to handle and would allow more flexibility in make-up. This year we inaugurated a new policy concerning write-ups of honoraries and organizations. Instead of devoting a page to each organization, as had previously been the custom, two organizations were placed on each page, and the amount of copy devoted to each was greatly reduced. As a result, more space was available for sports and general feature pictures, which we felt would interest a greater proportion of the student body. We hope that the students will like the caricatures appearing in the opening section of the book. Andrei Dugo, one of the outstanding artists in the country, did the work. He was sent a number of pictures of each subject and did his drawing entirely from these pictures. Because of the delay encountered in changing editors, the staff picture was somewhat confused during the early Fall. But we were aided greatly by the experience and generous help of Madge Westbrook, Janie Sullivan, Pat Pierce, and Richard Ward. A group of newcomers to the game, including Perrin Jones, Gene Sheets, Janet Diekman, Jane Hall, Grace Godat, and Terry Guinn, helped to make the job much easier for the editor. As usual, Professor Joseph Thalheimer, faculty advisor, was the indispensable man in this production. Maitland Rutledge and his small but efficient business staff has done a won¬ derful job on the advertising and helped the editorial department on many oc¬ casions. Feature pictures have been interspersed frequently throughout the advertising section to help brighten it up. Our thanks also go to Mr. R. C. Walker, the engraver; Mr. R. J. Collins, the printer; and Mr. Harold Beckett, representative for the cover manufacturer. EDITORIAL STAFF—1950 Tommy Wilson Editor Madge Westbrook Associate Editor Janie Sullivan Assistant Editor Pat Pierce Assistant Editor Richard Ward .Copy Editor Gene Sheets . Photography Editor Perrin Jones .Greeks Editor Deane Hardy .Sports Editor Charlie Rixse .Sports Editor Charles Allbright Assistant Sports Editor Jimmy Faulkner . Intramural Editor Alice Paddock t . . Exchange Editor Editorial Assistants Jane Hall Terry Guinn Janet Diekman Lou Wilson Mary Jo McMakin Mary John Skillern Sylvia Whalen Ann Wiggans Grace Godat Nancy Sue Allen Photographers Marvin Demuth Ted Donaldson W. Aubert Martin BUSINESS STAFF—1950 Maitland Rutledge . , Business Manager Bill Espy . Associate Business Manager Marian Pugh Assistant Business Manager Don Settle . Advertising Manager Page 173 I § 111 1 1 1 m • ; r , V—A ■ £ Rill JOHN TROUTT, Editor ANDY TARVIN, Business Manager THE ARKANSAS TRAVELER Moving to a new home was the big event for the Arkansas Traveler in 1949. Formerly the paper was composed in an office in the Student Union building and was printed in uptown Fayetteville; now the offices and printing plant are both located in the same building, Hill Hall. Several changes in Traveler methods were instigated under the guidance of John Troutt, editor for 1949-50. All minor news items (club announcements, initiations, etc.) were printed under one heading, called “On the Campus.” Sport news, except major events which made the front page, occupied the back page. Letters were run under the heading “Letters To the Editor.” All letters received were published except those which bore no name. In the first semester four columns were continued from the year before. They were: The Pig Pen, by Vic Holthoff; From the Hogs’ Trough, by Deane Hardy; Traveling a society column; and Sparks From the Grindstone, by Ro¬ bert S. McCord. Several new columns were begun during the year. The Pig Pen was dis¬ continued at mid year because its writer was graduated from school. Charles Rixse, who succeeded Holthoff, instigated a new column, Sportalk. Other col¬ umns run during the year were: The Managing Editor Speaks, written by the two managing editors on alternate weeks; Nosin’ Around, by “Waljo” (Bill Waller and Jimmy Jones); and Razorback Ramblin’s, by Jimmy Jones. The staff underwent a few changes at mid year. Robert McCord was pro¬ moted to associate editor and Jerry O’Roark took over as news editor. Richard Ward became managing editor, replacing Jimmy Jones, who resigned to do column work. The business department, headed by Andy Tarvin, took care of circulation, advertising, and financial matters. Both local and national advertising were carried by the Traveler. The Traveler continued to use modern make-up methods, which the paper first used in 1948. Pictures were used frequently to brighten up the pages. A cartoon, editorials, and columns were features of the editorial page every Friday. A calendar of events for succeeding days was published in each issue. The paper carried four pages on Tuesdays and eight on Fridays. Every source of campus news was tapped by the Traveler. Football provided big news for the fall semester. Gaebale and the college “days” were featured in many spring semester editions. Student Senate sessions, Student Court, and other important meetings were covered. Engagements, concerts, dances, poli¬ tics, sports, administrative news, and student activities were a part of every issue. EDITORIAL STAFF John Troutt, Jr. Editor Robert McCord. Associate Editor Bill Waller and Richard Ward. Managing Editors Jerry O’Roark .News Editor Deane Hardy and Charlie Rixse. Sports Editors Bob Zembsch, Charles Allbright, and Jerry McConnell .... Sports Writers Pat Pierce. Society Editor Joan Donaldson . . . Assistant Society Editor Bob Riley. Editorial Secretary Donna Swank .Features Marvin Demuth .Photographer Bob Eppes Perrin Jones Bob Wright Reporters Jimmy Faulkner Alfred Beaty Craig Basse BUSINESS STAFF Andy Tarvin Ed Harber and Barbara Larson . Lulabelle McPhail and Terry Campbell Mary Wise Business Manager Advertising Managers Advertising Assistants Circulation Manager p age 175 FERD BELLINGRATH, Editor GENE RAPLEY, Business Manager THE GUILD TICKER The Quild Jicker is the business magazine published once each semester by students at the University of Arkansas who are in the Buisness School. The magazine is planned for the cons umption of business students at the Univer¬ sity and of businessmen throughout the state, with the purpose of furnishing information to its readers about the newest and largest industries over the state. With a brand new office in reconverted Hill Hall and a brand new, enthusi¬ astic staff, Editor Ferd Billingrath and Business Manager Gene Rapley began work on the 1949-50 Quild Jicker. Bill Bodenhamer’s drawing, which depicted industry in Arkansas, appeared on the cover of the Fall issue. Articles on the rice industry in Arkansas and on the opportunities of our state for advancement and improvement were fea¬ tures of this edition. Also featured in the Fall Jicker was a summary of the talk on progress in Arkansas which was given by C. Hamilton Moses, Presi¬ dent of Arkansas Power and Light Company and President of the Arkansas Economic Council. The address was given at a Fayetteville meeting of busi¬ ness, professional, and agricultural leaders of the state. Articles by Dean Milam and the Presidents of the Commerce Guild Executive, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Chi Theta were included in this issue. Also featured was a special page of pictures of outstanding business students elected by each organized house on the campus. Paralleling this feature, in the Spring edition there was a group of pictures depicting the typical day in business school. This issue also carried out¬ standing articles on economic problems of current interest to the students. These included articles on the Du Pont suit, the controversey over ownership of farm surpluses, oil well supplies within the state, and current problems of international trade. Bill Pryor, who served as executive editor, and Bill Murphy, who was the managing editor, did their share of the work and much more. These two men worked with the editor for many long and late hours trying to meet the two deadlines. In addition, Bill Pryor contributed his wit to the magazine when he suggested a number of ideas for cartoons. The financing of this year’s Quild Jicker was ably handled by Gene Rapley, the Business Manager, and his competent staff. The Circulation Manager, Adrian Williamson, was in charge of distributing copies of the two editions to a mailing list comprised of approximately twelve hundred businesses, high schools, and past editors of the Jicker throughout the state. EDITORIAL STAFF Fred Bellingrath .Editor William E. Pryor .... Executive Editor William A. Murphy .... Managing Editor Archie Paterson and Walter Nimocks .... Assistant Editors R. Dale Christy. Feature Editor William Bodenhamer .Artist Editorial Assistants Marie Bullard Carolyn Ripley Ina Belle Nicholas Margaret Villee Martha Woodson BUSINESS STAFF Eugene G. Rapley .... Business Manager Basil S. Hoag . . . Associate Business Manager Harley Cox . . . Associate Business Manager Edsel Harber . . . Associate Business Manager Ralph McDonald .Picture Editor Adrian Williamson . . . Circulation Manager Gene Mason .Copy Editor Martha Birdsong . . . . . Copy Editor FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD Arthur Moss Merwyn Bridenstine Robert Hay William Guinn Louie Walter Walter Shell Thomas Smith Roy Jones Page 177 ARCH McMAHAN, Editor 5 ROBERT TALBERT, Business Manager THE AGRICULTURIST The Agriculturist has served as the official mouthpiece for the students and faculty of the College of Agriculture since 1924. The magazine is published each month by the students in the College of Agriculture, and contains articles and features material of interest and guidance to Agriculture and Home Econ¬ omics students. News about campus organizations, editorials, technical reports on recent scientific developments in agriculture, and bits of contemporary gossip are topics of particular interest which are regularly included. A lively and expressive pride in the College is apparent in all of the writing of the staff. The Agriculturist assumes the role of the voice of the students, and any gripes, comments, or opinions are expressed in it. One of the most popular and most thoroughly read pages in the Agricultur¬ ist is “Grunts and Squeals ’ the joke page where all the chuckles currently circulating around the Agri College are concentrated. The Dean’s page is another regular feature which was run in the maga¬ zine this year. In each issue there appeared on this page a message to the students written by Dean Lippert S. Ellis. This section has become an im¬ portant link between the students and the Dean. Another feature of the magazine this year has been a series of outstanding students in the College of Agriculture. These students were chosen by the editors and the staff of the publication, and the selection was based on schol¬ astic and service records. “Betty Lamp” is the section of the Agriculturist which is devoted to the students in the School of Home Economics. This section contains news about the department, short items of interest for Home Ec students, and news about the Home Ec Club. Also included in this section each month was a feature of so me outstanding girl in the College. The honoree was chosen by the staff. The traditional pink-cover issue of the Agriculturist , published in April, was the biggest and most important issue of the year, and highlighted the thirty-fifth anniversary of Agri Day. This issue was devoted to pages about organizations in the college and to Agri Day activities. It also featured the Agri Queen and those chosen for Who’s Who in the College, which is based on scholastic and leadership records. The Agriculturist is financed by both national and local ads plus a pro¬ portion of ADA dues. It is sponsored by the Agri Students Association, and the editor and buisenss manager are selected each year prior to Agri Day. EDITORIAL STAFF Arch McMahan .Editor-in-Chief Robert Talbert. Business Manager Gerald Smith. Associate Editor Tom Wilkinson. Assistant Editor Miles Jameson .News Editor Janis Hawkins .Betty Lamp Bob Toler . . . Experimental Station Reporter Staff Workers Clarence Rice Joan Cobb Harold Lady Pat Brewer Norman Eans Catherine Kinsey William O’Neal John McClurkin Tom Wilkinson Bill Carlisle Harmon Ramey Evelyn Sekavec BUSINESS STAFF Advertising Talmadge Nelson, Manager Joe Spencer Margaret Dial A. D. Stanley Tom Sloan Dee Brittenum Circulation Don Hitt, Manager Charles Weems Billy Hester Donald Ray Baldwin George Miller Collection C. W. Webb, Manager Floyd Hendrix G. B. Swaim Page 179 ROY HARRISON, Editor - KU SAS CMCIIMtflt THE ENGINEER The general belief that engineers are non-literary creatures is disproved by the staff of The Arkansas Engineer. Four copies each year are produced by and for the engineering students at the University of Arkansas, covering the pertinent engineering developments in industry and on the campus. The maga¬ zine contains articles of interest not only to students of the College but to practicing engineers over the State. For the past thirty years there have al¬ ways been a few ink-stained engineers who have undertaken the publication of this magazine. And those years have seen an Engineering magazine evolve which is truly a credit to the University of Arkansas and particularly to the College of Engineering. A wide variety of experience and opportunity is available to the ambitious underclassman who begins work on The Arkansas Engineer. Gross commer- cialists belong on the business staff, which is directly concerned with circu¬ lation, advertising, publicity, and the general managing of finances. Those with creative ability may contribute their talents to the editorial staff. The red ink was brought into sharp focus this year, due to an excess of ‘ ' accounts payable” which have accumulated over the past two years of publi¬ cation. The staff took this handicap in its stride and cut costs at every turn, while still publishing one of the higher quality engineering college magazines in the Engineering College Magazines Associated. Even with these difficulties the members of both the business and the editorial staff are to be commended for a job well done. Some interesting articles which have been featured in the magazine this year are " Cybernetics,” by Cameron Allen; " Our Underwater Oil Reserve,” by Jack Griffin; " Arkansas 5 Working Waters 5 by Bruce H. Estes; and an article about synthetic rubber by Bill Seaton. One of the few " female 55 engineers contributed a very complete report on Prestressed Concrete. " Cracked Retorts 5 which is the joke page, and " Hawg Waller 5 which gives the " low-down” on the higher-ups, are two of the most popular and most universally read of the features regularly included in the magazine. On Saint Patrick’s Day, which is the Engineer ' s Day on the campus, Ibe Arkansas Engineer issues a special edition. In it are announced St. Pat and his Queen, their Guards of Honor and Maids in Attendance. Also included in this issue is a complete history of Engineer’s Day on the University of Arkansas campus. EDITORIAL STAFF Roy Harrison . Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Rippy . Managing Editor John Sanders . Make-Up Editor Jean Coddington . Copy Editor Bill Goodman . Feature Editor Harold Kelley Feature Editor Dick Maddux Feature Editor Bill Robbins Feature Editor Merle Skillern Feature Editor Andy Wikman . Feature Editor Marvin Demuth . Photo Editor Bob Frantz . Engraving Editor Nathan McDaniel . .Artist Jim Vizzier .... .Artist BUSINESS STAFF A. Leroy Brooks .Business Manager Chester McKeon . . Associate Business Manager Corley Senyard . . General Advertising Manager Wayne Williams .... Circulation Manager Prof. H. W. Risteen . . . Board of Publication Pa 9e 181 E. J. BALL, Editor HUGH HARDIN, Associate Editor THE LAW REVIEW Four years from its foundation in the spring of 1946, the Arkansas Law Review has attained the rank of “the outstanding scholarly publication in the state,” with a circulation upwards of 1,400 copies throughout Arkansas and other states. The first issue was published for Arkansas lawyers in January of 1947. In the summer of tha t year, a group of prominent attorneys, representing the Arkansas Bar Association, formed a corporation to publish the Review. With the summer issue of 1947, the format of the publication was changed to Arkansas Law Review and Bar Association Journal , and since then it has be¬ come a joint enterprise of the Bar Association and the faculty and students of the Law School. The Review is distributed to University of Arkansas law stu¬ dents, members of the Arkansas Bar Association, and to a large number of other law schools throughout the country. Patterned after the publications of older law schools, the Review consists of critical and analytical legal writing on topics of interest to the Arkansas bench and bar. Full length articles written by faculty members, outstanding lawyers, and authorities of other states constitute the bulk of the publication. Contri¬ butions of the student staff include comments on legal problems of current interest and brief case notes on recent significant decisions by the courts throughout the country. Jbe Law Review has been cited as authority on decisions of the Arkansas Supreme Court as well as the courts of other jurisdictions. Also, the newly published Arkansas Statutes Annotated makes numerous references to Law Review articles as authority for various points of law. A large office complete with library is provided in the basement of the Law Building. Here the members of the staff read and screen the decisions of higher courts, write and revise the short articles which form an important part of the Law Review. Each year the staff is selected from those in the student body of the Law School who have a grade point of over 4.0. In addition to this requirement, at least two publishable articles are necessary for a student ' s name to be carried on the masthead. Law Review work is considered invaluable training for a law student inas¬ much as it affords an opportunity to do original research on legal problems such as the practicing attorney must do. Articles written for publication are considered and criticized by the Student Board, thus also providing experience for the Board members. The writers profit by having defects in their work pointed out. LAW REVIEW STAFF E. J. Ball .... .Editor Hugh Hardin Associate Editor Jamls L. Sloan Associate Editor William Dl Caulp Comments Edward B. Dillon, Jr. . Casenotes Glrald P. Brown Casenotes James A. Robb . Casenotes John H. Brunson Staff Member O. J. Butler Staff Member W. Dane Clay . Staff Member Orville Ben Core . Staff Member Charles Garner Staff Member Edwin Jackson . Staff Member Stephen Matthews Staff Member Bill Richardson Staff Member James T. West . Staff Member Dan Woods .... Staff Member JOHN TROUTT, Chairman This year, John Troutt, the editor of the Arkansas 7rav- eler, served as the Chairman of the Board of Publications, and Bill Waller, president of the Press Club, served as the secretary. The other members composing the Board this year were Professor Joseph Thalheimer, member of the Journalism faculty; Mr. Bunn Bell, member of the business office staff; Professor Charles Oxford, member of the Engi¬ neering School faculty; Tommy Wilson, editor of the Ra- ZORBACK; Ferd Bellingrath, editor of the Quild 7icker f Arch McMahan, editor of the Agriculturist,- and Dennis York, selected by the president of Associated Students. The regular duty of the Board of Publications is to choose the editors and business managers of the 7raveler, the Razorback, and the “A” Book. In addition, the Board lets the contracts for the printing and engraving of the student publications and for the pictures to be used in them. Through the efforts and influence of the Board, the Uni¬ versity press was secured for the purpose of instructing Journalism students and of printing the many student publi¬ cations. This press has been a great asset to Hill Hall. Page 184 Page 185 JOHN BARNHILL, Director of Athletics OTIS DOUGLAS, Head Football Coach THE COACHING STAFF This year saw the first major changes in the University of Arkansas athletic department since 1946 when John Barnhill and his staff moved in from Tennessee to introduce the rock- ribbed defense and Tennessee single-wing that have made his teams famous. Barnhill was moved up to a full-time job as director of athletics and Otis Douglas, former assistant coach of the professional Philadelphia Eagles, was given the head coaching job. Douglas proceeded to install assistants who ar e familiar with the new type of football to be employed at Arkansas. William Ferrell, former assistant at William Mary and Drexel Institute, where Douglas formerly coached, was the first coach named by the new regime. Ferrell also serves as head baseball mentor during the spring. Charles Hanks was selected as the new line coach. A for¬ mer grid star at Pennsylvania State Teachers, Shippensburg, Hanks met Douglas during his stay at Drexel. Dick Humbert, new end coach, played college football for the University of Richmond four years and immediately moved up to the Philadelphia Eagles, where he played end until coming to Arkansas with Douglas. George Cole, Clyde Van Sickle, and Charles Gray were members of the Barnhill staff that re¬ mained to help Douglas in his new job. Spring football practice at Arkansas resembled a small-scale Philadelphia Eagle camp. Several Eagle greats were on hand to tutor the Razorbacks in the new types of offense and defense to be used during the 1950 season. Among those present for the drills were Neil Armstrong, former All-American end with Oklahoma A M; Tommy Thompson, outstanding T quarter¬ back with the Eagles; Cliff Patton, place-kicking specialist for the pro champs; and former Arkansas All-American Clyde Scott, who helped teach the halfbacks the finer points of ball¬ carrying. The squad thrived under the direction of these men and spring practice games point to bigger and better things in Arkansas football next season. The 1949 season produced a record of 5 wins and 5 losses, with four of the defeats being inflicted by Southwest Confer¬ ence teams. The Porkers started off the season in War Memo¬ rial Stadium in Little Rock by out-running the North Texas Eagles in a crowd-pleasing 33-19 win. Moving up to Fayette¬ ville for the conference opener, the Hogs smashed TCU and their ace passer, Lindy Berry, to wrap up a 27—7 win in a rough and tumble clash before 16,000 fans. Then disaster struck at Waco, as usual, and the Baylor Bears romped to a 35-13 win, via Adrian Burk passes and a strong ground attack. In Little Rock the next week, Razorback fans saw a 14-0 Arkansas lead at half time evaporate in a flurry of Paul Camp¬ bell passes and Texas had annexed a 27-14 win. A 7-6 win over Vanderbilt at Nashville portrayed the old Barnhill defense and the next Saturday, a smashing ground game helped the Porks hand the Texas Aggies a 27-6 Homecoming defeat at Fayetteville. In Houston, Rice finally emerged with a 14-0 win and then the roof fell in at Dallas. All-American Doak Walker was just that as he led the SML1 Mustangs to a 34-6 victory. William Mary disappointed a Little Rock crowd of 16,000 by hand¬ ing the Razorbacks a 20-0 defeat but the Hogs enjoyed a field day in their season finale in Fayetteville. Tulsa University was ground into the turf, 40-7, as Barnhill went out in a blaze of glory, ending a 4-year tour of duty as Arkansas’ head football coach. DICK HUMBERT, Assistant Coach WILLIAM FERRELL, Assistant Coach GEORGE COLE, Assistant Coach CHARLES HANKS, Assistant Coach Page 187 ARKANSAS-33 N. TEXAS-19 Last half touchdowns by bantam-like Sammy Furo and bone-crushing Muscles Campbell broke a 19-19 halftime tie and gave the Razor- backs a 33-19 win over the surprisingly strong JOHN LUNNEY TOM STRINGER LOUIE SCHAUFELE LEON CAMPBELL ALVIN C. DUKE North Texas State Eagles in the season’s opener at Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium. The first half was not exciting from an offensive stand¬ point. Arkansas managed a 6-0 lead on Don Logue’s 24 yard run just before the whistle. They built it to 12-0 two minutes into the third quarter on Campbell’s fine 56 yard run through the entire Eagle eleven. Then Cecil Martin began to throw for the Texans, and in a flash the Denton eleven had moved ahead 13-12. Arkansas’ number one attack unit came back in and Ray Parks and Campbell spearheaded a drive to the Eagle 30. From there Charlie Temple hit Pat Summerall with a pass on the three. Logue sneaked over from there two plays later and Arkansas again led 19-13. The Eagles came right back to score on a long end zone pass from Cecil Martin to A. D. Cate. Then Furo and Campbell struck. Furo first, on a twisting 35 yard scamper through the arms of the Eagles. Campbell iced it on a great 76 yard gallop with a Logue pitchout. North Texas compiled 19 first downs to Arkansas’ 10, but the Hogs’ win was a convincing one, and they soundly out¬ played the Eagles. John Ferguson, Theron Roberts, Louie Schaufele, John Lunney, Billy Hix, Frank Fischel and Pat Summerall turned in fine games on defense. Page 188 ARKANSAS-27 T. C. II.-7 Two lightning fast Arkansas offensive thrusts set highly favored Texas Christian ' s Horned Frogs back on their heels in the first quarter, and a hell-for-leather, Berry-bent defense kept JIM RINEHART FRED WILLIAMS STACEY LOONEY RAY PARKS JOE BALDRIDGE them there the remainder of the game as the Hogs rolled to an impressive 27-7 win in their conference opener. Some 16,000 persons sat under cloudless skies in Razor- back Stadium to watch the Porkers engineer the upset. Here’s how it happened. Don Logue, a questionable starter, who played a whale of a game, fired two first period TD passes, one to Billy Hix, the other to Pat Summerall, to shoot Arkansas into a 1 3-0 lead. TCU caught hold in the second period, with John Mor¬ ton, a fine soph fullback, spearheading an 80 yard ground drive good for a score. Ludiker’s conversion made it 1 3-7 at halftime. After intermission the Froggies played dead and Logue scampered for two markers in the final period to make it a rout. Arkansas’ defense was terrific. Their job was to stop the heralded Lindy Berry and they did that in a most convinc¬ ing manner. Berry tried 24 passes, completing only 7, far below his great average of .651. Hog defenders intercepted 4 of his wild aerials. Play after play Berry found himself facing hard charging Buddy Brown, star of the game, Billy Hix, Frank Fischel, Fred Williams, Jimmy Smith, and Louie Schaufele. Page 189 ARKANSAS-13 BAYLOR-35 It was the same old story at Waco. The Baylor Bears hung a convincing 35-13 defeat on the Porkers, the third straight Baylor beating of a Barnhill eleven. H w ? i«I v t varos m THERON ROBERTS BILLY BASS J. D. SMITH DON LOGUE DON RIEDERER That good ole’ Baylor line blocked down everything but the goal posts, little Buddy Parker came off the bench to be¬ fuddle big I log tacklers, and sharp-shooting Adrian Burk completed pass after pass through a disorganized Hog aerial defense. The Porks fought back, but it was Baylor Day at Waco’s Municipal Stadium. Arkansas scored first, a little past the four minute mark. Fred Williams fell on a Bear fumble on the Texans’ 32. Nine plays later Logue fell over from the 1 on a sneak. Thornton’s conversion attempt was good. But moments later Baylor was on the scoreboard via a Burk to Jeffrey aerial. Dickerson’s toe tied it at 7—7. Then came a fateful second period that saw the Bears score three quick ones. Burke sneaked over from the 1, Buddy Parker scatted 45 yards for one and two yards for another. Dickerson’s three conversion tries were good and it was 28-7 at halftime. Arkansas rallied briefly after the half. Hard running Geno Mazzanti moved it out to the Hog 38 and from there came the best play of the game. Logue faded to pass, gave off to swift Joe Dugan on a Statue of Liberty, and Dugan fled up the sidelines for 62 yards and Arkansas’ final touch¬ down. Baylor tallied its fifth touchdown minutes later and it was a 35-13 ball game. Page 190 ARKANSAS-14 TEXAS-27 Texas ' Longhorns staged a desperate, four touchdown, last half rally to overcome a 14-0 Arkansas halftime lead and hand the Porkers a 27-14 licking, their eleventh straight at the hands of the Orange and White. LLVAL THORNTON BUDDY BROWN JOHN FERGUSON FRANK FISCHEL BILL STANCIL For three quarters the Hogs made a battle of it, then Muscles Campbell went out with a severe knee injury and the Hog offense seemed to collapse. There Blair Cherry’s men caught fire, and with Paul Campbell’s deadly chucking paving the way, pulled even with, then away from the fading Porkers. A blocked punt and Bobby Coy Lee’s fumble on a punt try set up Arkansas’ two touchdowns. First came Frank Fischel’s block of Lee’s punt from the Texas 14. Alert Buddy Brown got the bounding ball on the Steer 22 and Arkansas began to move. Two running plays put it on the 16, then a Logue to Fischel aerial had it on the 4. From there Logue sneaked it over, and Thornton’s try for point was good. Just before the first period ended it happened again. Lee fumbled a fourth down punt attempt and was swarmed down by Brown on the Texas 22. The payoff play was a six yard jump pass from Logue to Summerall in the end zone. Thornton split the uprights again. Arkansas fought back hard in the closing minutes to close the gap, but the game ended with the Hogs holding the ball on the Texas 17. The injury to Leon Campbell in this game to all intents and purposes ended the great fullback’s collegiate career. Page 191 ARKANSAS-7 VANDERBILT-6 The Razorbacks clipped a page from their scrapbook of 1946 successes and pasted it in the 1949 season records for a 7-6 triumph over the heavily favored Vanderbilt Commodores. PAT SUMMERALL BILL WARD HAROLD STOCKTON TRACY SCOTT JACK RUSHING The game, the first of a new intersectional series, was played at Nashville’s Dudley Field. The Hogs got a lightning fast TD early in the second period, added a vital extra point, then threw up a rock- wall defense reminiscent of ’46 to fight off late Vandy chal¬ lenges and take the victory. Geno Mazzanti hypoed Hog hopes in the second period with a brilliant 77 yard gallop to the Vandy 2. Louie Schaufele spelled the winded Mazzanti and literally dived over for the big six. Thornton converted. Flamin’ Jimmie Wade, Vandy’s fine quarterback, sparked a third period Commodore drive that was good for 81 yards and a touchdown. Sub back Bill Burton scooted the last 22 yards to get credit for the TD. Spirits of Vandy fans soared high momentarily, but Billy Hix sent them plunging as he broke through beautifully to bat down Cannon Mayes’ attempt for the point. The rest of the way it was a dogged Hog defense scrap¬ ping hard to fight off desperate Commodore drives. Vandy almost made it late in the third period, but the Porkers dug in and held on their own 2. Vandy’s last big drive was halted when Louie Schaufele got his hands on a wayward Wade aerial. Page 192 ARKANSAS-27 TEXAS A M-6 General ineptness on the part of Texas A M’s Aggies, coupled with a solid Arkansas ground attack, gave the Razorbacks a 27-6 Homecoming win. Twenty thousand partisan JOE DUGAN GENO MAZZANTI TRAVIS SIMPSON GHARLIE TEMPLE JACK BAILEY fans were on hand to cheer the Hogs 5 fine performance. The Aggies made a game of it for the first half, but superior Arkansas line strength began to tell and the last half was a rout. Harry Stiteler sent his Farmer backs into split T forma¬ tions, the straight T, and the double wing, and from these varied patterns A M quarterbacks chucked a total of 31 passes. It was a good try but the aerial attack backfired. Arkansas’ pass defense, though leaky, drug down five timely interceptions directly responsible for two Razorback touchdowns. Jim Rinehart snagged three of the intercep¬ tions. It was Rinehart’s interception of a pass that set the stage for Logue’s TD toss to Summerall for an early Porker lead. Soph Dan Gardemal led the Ags right back to a score and it was close, 7-6, at halftime. Schaufele boomed into the end zone, fumbled, and saw teammate Bill Stancil recover for the second Hog tally. Great defensive play by Travis “Earthquake” Simpson set the stage for another Arkansas score. Simpson broke through three straight plays to hand Ag backs stiff losses and put them in a hole. A short drive by the Porkers car¬ ried back to the Ag 3 and Mazzanti ploughed over from there. Page 193 ARKANSAS-0 RICE-14 Rice’s Owls, big Birds of the Southwest, had to fight and fight hard to maintain their lofty perch in loop standings, defeating the resurgent Razorbacks 14-0. It was Homecoming for the ‘ BUDDY ROGERS BILLY HIX JIM SMITH ROSS PRITCHARD DAVE HANNER Owls, and the partial Houston crowd got a real thrill be¬ fore the proud Blue and Gray wrapped up the win. Doped as easy victors, Jess Neely’s crew had to use two scoring passes to Froggie Williams for their victory margin, at the same time stalling a trio of Arkansas drives deep into their territory. It looked like a rout in the offing when the Owls took the opening kickoff and moved it right back 83 yards to score, but that was all the point making until another 81 yard drive in the fourth period netted the Birds their final points. Arkansas scored once, Don Logue prancing over on a quarterback sneak, but a penalty nullified that effort and the Owls took over on downs a moment later. Logue almost scored again, breaking loose at midfield with Hog blockers in front of him, then being accidentally tripped up by Referee Don Looney. Arkansas’ defensive performance was brilliant in defeat. Except for those two costly aerials to Williams the pass de¬ fense was good. Tracy Scott spoiled Tobin Rote’s season record of having no passes intercepted by snagging two of the Owl back’s heaves. Rice’s supposedly superior line could do no good against the big Hogs except on those two scoring drives. Page 194 ARKANSAS-6 S. M. II.-34 SMU’s Mustangs didn’t wait for the last seven seconds to prove their superiority over the Razorbacks this year. The Ponies un¬ leashed a wham-bam first quarter offensive that Ch ARLES MILAM GEORGE ECKERT DREXEL ATKINSON GEORGE PAPAGEORGE BOB GRIFFIN shot them into a 20-0 lead at the 15 minute mark, then added two more tallies in the last half to complete the rout, 34-6. Doak Walker, very un-All-American against Arkansas for the two seasons past, really had himself a field day against the Hogs. He chunked two passes good for 47 yards to the Hog 1, then went over himself for the first SMU points. Rote’s 34 yard reverse put it on the Hog 10 minutes later, and from there Walker danced into the end zone again. A halftime rest seemed to help Arkansas, and the Porkers came back to march 50 yards for a third period score, Parks going over from the 4. But Arkansas’ glimmer of hope died quickly. Walker Co. came right back with a 72 yard ground drive, Doak going the final yards that made it SMU 27, Arkansas 6. Geno Mazzanti’s fine running moved Arkansas to the Pony 5 in the fo urth period, but the drive stalled and the Ponies opened their final march from there. Fred Benners covered most of the distance. Arkansas’ entire offense was Geno Mazzanti. The big Lake Village senior banged out 110 yards on 16 carries to pace all ball carriers and run his season’s total fo 494 yards, good for second place in the conference. Page 195 ARKANSAS-0 William Mary-20 William Mary’s Indians used a 77 yard scoring drive and the inopportune fumbling of the Porkers to power their way to a 20-0 win before 16,000 disappointed Arkansas fans at MARVIN STENDEL BOB AMBLER JOHN SHADDOX CODY GRAY SAM BUTZ Memorial Stadium. The win gave William Mary a 2-1 edge in the recently inaugurated series between the two schools. Arkansas won the first tilt 21-19 in the 1947 Dixie Bowl Classic. W M took last year’s game 9-0. With Mazzanti and Campbell blasting away in the first half it looked like Arkansas’ day, but a second period drive stalled on the Indian 1 and the Porker offense seemed to cool off. Campbell went out with a recurrent knee injury early in the last half, and from there on it was William Mary’s show. The bright spot for Arkansas, if there was one, was the return to form of Theron Roberts. The Texarkana Terror played himself a real ball game, and was the one strong spot in the big Hog line. For the third straight week Arkansas’ offense effort was practically nil, especially when the Hogs moved within range of the Indian double stripe. It marked Arkansas’ sec¬ ond blanking of the season. Their offensive records showed only one touchdown, that against SMU, in their last three outings. Campbell ' s injury in this game marked the end of his col¬ legiate career, and the big Bauxite Buster headed for Balti¬ more and a delicate knee operation in order to be ready for his pro debut with the Baltimore Colts. Page 196 ARKANSAS-40 TULSA-7 The Razorbacks finally lived up to the pre¬ season hopes and dreams of their followers in the last two quarters of the season as they soundly trounced Tulsa’s Golden Hurricane, SAMMY FURO ECKEL ROWLAND JAKE DAVIS BILLY GILBREATH Tester linebarier 40-7. Barnhill’s charges had to spurt from a 7-7 halftime tie to annex the decision. Arkansas’ offensive power fell mainly on the ground, with Jim Rinehart directly the assault, but Don Logue’s overhead barrage was good for 99 yards and a touchdown. Geno Mazzanti turned in his top performance of the year, scoring two touchdowns, one on a 67 yard sprint through the entire Tulsa team. Pistol Pete Annex, the Tulsans’ fine passer, shot the Hur¬ ricane into an early lead as they scored the first time they got possession of the ball. Arkansas had to fight and fight hard to gain a 7-7 halftime score, Louie Schaufele tallying the Hog touchdown from the six inch line. Then the Porkers began to open up. Early in the third period they reeled off a 60 yard drive good for a touch¬ down, Alvin Duke going the final yards. Tulsa continued to fight gamely, but then Mazzanti broke loose for a 67 yard payoff run that broke the Hurricane spirit and the rest of the game was easy. J. D. Smith tallied one of the last three touchdowns on a 20 yard end zone pass from Don Logue. Joe Baldridge skirted left end from the Tulsa 13 for the fifth Hog touch¬ down, and Mazzanti went over from 1 3 yards out for the last Porker points. Page 197 CLYDE VAN SICKLE, Coach FRESHMAN TEAM A flock of light but fleet young Shoats dropped three of five clashes in 1949. Coached by Clyde Van Sickle the fledgling Razorbacks were forced to traverse a rough path left by the cleat marks of their marvelous predecessors and were generally underrated as a team despite some very gifted material. Opening against the glory-bound Little Rock Jay-cees the Piglets were crushed 34-0. In their sec¬ ond struggle the young Porks slipped by a good Oklahoma Aggie frosh 27-19. Performing in Little Rock’s War Me¬ morial stadium the Porker plebes were clipped 19-13 by Ole Miss’s junior Rebs. The Shoats stomped East Okla¬ homa’s Aggie’s 43-15, but were massacred by Tulsa’s little Hurricane 61-12. first Row, Left to Right: Case; Pryor; Pittman; Cross; Britt; Story; Hogue; Gilbert; Wells. Second Row: Wilkerson; Glover; Snider; Linebarier; Cole; Hargrove; Jones; Love; Feilke; Bushong. Jhird Row Johnston; Carpenter; Jones; Baker, Turner; Mann; Lucke; Smith, Fitzgibbon; Malone; Sutton; McCargo. first Row, Left to Right. Duddy Waller; Bob Adams; Jack Hess; Don Logue; Gerald Hudspeth; D. L. Miller; Bob Williams. Second Row.- Norman Price; Jimmy Cathcart; Walter Kearns; Bob Ambler; Elmo Adams; John Borgsmiller; Pat Summerall; Sammie Smith. BASKETBALL Arkansas 5 completely unpredictable Razorbacks racked up their second consecutive Southwest Conference co-cham¬ pionship this year behind the able tutelage of their new coach, Presley Askew. Despite a mediocre season record of 12-12, the Razor- backs stormed through their Southwest Conference schedule and wound up in a deadlock for the laurels with the Baylor Bears. The Bruins were awarded the District Six champion¬ ship and a trip to the Western NCAA in Kansas City on the basis of two conference beatings administered to the Porkers. After a split in their first two games, a 59-41 win over Pittsburg Teachers and a heartbreaking 43-41 loss to the Oklahoma Aggies at Stillwater, the I logs swung through Louisiana, dropping at 62-46 decision to LSLI and upend¬ ing Tulane, 42-41. Turning north, the travel-weary Razor- backs were sidetracked by Illinois, 65-53, and Indiana, 75-50. Back in Little Rock, the Porks were chilled by the Okie Aggies again, 44-36. A jaunt to the All-College extrava¬ ganza in Oklahoma City produced a 41-33 win over Ala¬ bama and losses to Wyoming, 40-26, and the pesky Aggies again, 57-33. Another trip to Little Rock resulted in a near-upset vic¬ tory over Kentucky, but the Wildcats came from behind to win, 57-53. Conference play found the Razorbacks defeat¬ ing Texas in Fayetteville, 60-51, and then stumbling before the Texas Aggies, 43—35, in College Station. Rice fell in Houston to the tune of 60-56. Page 199 SMU was mauled in Fayetteville, 63-55, but disaster struck in Little Rock as the Baylor Bears romped, 60-49. Texas was stopped in Austin, 51-37, but Baylor again pre¬ sented itself with a 52-42 win over the hot and cold Hogs. A non-conference clash in Little Rock with Pittsburg was taken by the Hogs, 41-36. The Texas Ags were taken in Fayetteville, 52-46, and TCU was walloped 52-43. The Porks then slaughtered Rice, 61-38, to take the SWC lead. A clear-cut championship slipped away from the Hogs in Dallas as SMU triumphed, 58-47. The season finale saw the Razorbacks rack up TCU, 45-39, and take their second straight co-championship home to the Ozarks. PRESLEY ASKEW, Head Coach The Razorback debut was an inauspicious affair, a facile 59-41 triumph over the rag¬ ged Pittsburg (Kans.) Teachers on the Ar¬ kansas lumber. John Borgsmiller drove in for a quick layup to boost the Hogs in front for good. Dropping a 43-41 heart-wrencher to Oklahoma A M at Stillwater, the Porks nar¬ rowly missed making it two straight. Gale McArthur, Aggie holdover from the 1949 NCAA finalists, swished a long set shot in the last six seconds to provide the edge. Arkansas ' Gerald Hudspeth, senior sharp¬ shooter, equaled a brilliant shooting per¬ formance in the opener with 17 points. Ar¬ kansas outhit the Ags from the field, 15-14. Sallying in the swamps of the Bayou state, the Arkansas cagers began their travelin ' traits by confronting two of Louisiana ' s best college clubs. LSU mangled the Porks 62-46 with a torrid fast break. Bob Meador of the Cats snapped loose in the final period and ended up with 19 point. Jimmy Cathcart was high for the Razorbacks with 12 tallies. A clutch free throw by rusty-haired Norm Price, Mansfield forward, in the final five seconds presented Arkansas with a 42-41 uphill victory over Tulane. The Greenies ' firehorse style was de¬ railed by the ball-controlling Askewns upping their season slate to 2-2. Deceptive dribbling and sparkling floor chores brought D. L. Miller overwhelming plaudits from the New Orleans audience. Turning north, the travel-weary Hogs searched long and fruit¬ lessly for the solution to the racetrack brand of basketball em¬ ployed by Illinois and Indiana. The classy Illini sprinted past the Hogs 65-53 at Champaign. A troupe of lightfooted marksmen overcame a 20-15 Hog halftime margin. Roy Gatewood and Ox Osterkorn split point plaudits for the winners with 11 markers apiece. Still, the protagonist of the fray was Gerald Hudspeth whose uncanny push shots accounted for 23 points. Over at Bloomington the Hogs were trampled 75-50 by the hurtling Hoosiers. D. L. Miller checked in with a fine 15 point job for the Porks, but Bill Garrett of the winners piled up 20. Page 200 The Porks had another fling at the Okla¬ homa Aggies at Little Rock, the first of four brawls in the capital city, as a sort of warm¬ up for the star-sprinkled All-College tourna¬ ment in Oklahoma City. But the Iba-tutored Cowpokes dished out some more of the same bitter medicine, chilling the Hogs 44-36. A Robinson Auditorium capacity crowd of 2,300 peered on while the Cowboys surged from behind midway in the second half. Arkansas presented the Ags with a 12 point pre-Christmas gift on foul shots in the final period, and the charity tosses spelled the difference. Veteran center Jack Shelton and Bob Seymour supplied the heavy artillery in the A M attack. JACK HESS NORMAN PRICE SAMMY SMITH The All-College spectacle boasted some of the country’s classi¬ est clubs in Wyoming, Oklahoma A M, Vanderbilt, etc. The Askewmen drew Alabama’s Crimson Tide as a first round oppo¬ nent and underwent few difficulties in crushing the Dixie Wave, 41-33. Jim Cathcart wrecked chaos in the Southerner’s mechanism with his savage backboard work and a 16 point production. Slim Sam Smith, Razorback soph guard, was second high with eleven. Tiny Dyson Hamner, 5-9 ’Bama captain, was top man for his charges with the same total. Moving into the semi-finals, Arkansas ran afoul a towering Wyoming five from the Skyline conference. With a 6-4 height average, the Cowpunchers easily monopolized the boards to win, 40-26. Arnie Flynn collected 12 points to lead the lads from the Rockies. Big Bob Ambler meshed 10 to top Porker pointmakers. Contributing heavily to the Hog setback was an inability to hit from the 15-foot mark. Arkansas failed on 10 of 16 charity at¬ tempts and turned in the lowest point total of the tourney. While Oklahoma City LI. and Wyoming fought for the tourna¬ ment title, the Porks challenged the Oklahoma Aggies in the con¬ solation finals. And for the third time, the Ibamen annihilated the frustrated Hogs, 57-33. The Pokes molded a miraculous 73.8 per¬ centage from the field, pouring in 19 of 27 field goal attempts. A Puncher sophomore, Don Haskins, hit six out of seven from more than 30 feet out to ruin the Hogs. Returning to the capital city, the Askewns were pitted against the mighty Kentucky Wildcats, 3 49 NCAA champs, and their re¬ doubtable mentor, Adolph Rupp. And if it hadn’t been for an obscure little man and a lofty, string-bean center, the Black Baron of Lexington would have been forced to with¬ draw his vaunted Felines from the Wonder State with an ignominious beating blazoned on their record. Completely disdainful of the Cats’ mighty reputation, the fired-up Hogs slipped into an early lead, which they didn’t relinquish until near the finish. Unsung little guard Bobby Watson and seven-foot Bill Spivey collaborated for 42 points to over¬ take the Hogs, 57-53. JOHN BORGSMILLER GERALD HUDSPETH JAMES WEST Texas’ Longhorns rolled up to Fayetteville to establish the SWC season in Arkansas. Jack Gray’s scrappy Steers threw up a tight zone around the Porkers’ basket, but the hopped-up Hogs hit from outside to triumph, 60-51. Once again husky Jim Cath- cart performed in superlatives, cleaning the defensive boards and notching 17 tallies with a two-hand set shot. In addition, Big Jim stopped Tom Hamilton, balding Texas hookshot sensation, with one fielder in the first period. Nevertheless, the Steer captain chipped in with 16. The Razorbacks sauntered south for their first Texas tour clutching a meager 4—8 record, but counted as favorites neverthe¬ less. Then the Porks were shocked by the tall and talented Texas Aggies, 43-35. Somewhat wearied by 20 continuous hours of bus and train travel caused by timetable complications, Arkansas couldn’t locate the bucket while the Cadets were consistent marks¬ men. Marshalled by Jewell McDowell, diminutive guard, who sacked 1 markers, Marty Karow’s crew was unthreatened. But it was a different tale over in Houston where the rested Razorbacks peeled their shooting eyes to salvage the finale of the road trip, nipping Rice’s downtrodden Owls 60-56. The brawl nip-and-tucked throughout the first half, but the fatal orb of Gerald Hudspeth unlocked the struggle with 17 points. The Ninner tossed in 14 while Jack Hess, fancy blond guard, and Bob Ambler dropped 11 each. Page 202 A phenomenal display of shooting accu¬ racy carried the Hogs past Southern Metho¬ dist’s proficient young Mustangs, 63-55, and into the loop lead. Laboring for only the third time on their home floor Arkansas crammed in 54 per cent of their field goal attempts. It was undoubtedly the best night of the season for Jim Cathcart and the hus¬ tling senior couldn’t seem to miss, concluding with 20 points. With only one senior on the starting five, the Ponies made a battle of it, tieing the count a half dozen times, until the Porks burst loose a little before intermis¬ sion on Cathcart’s firing. Junior Charlie Lutz, stupendous Methodist guard, led the Ponies with 14 tallies. M9MK HmsSH BOB AMBLER BOB ADAMS DON LOGUE The conference chase settled into a strenuous grind from there on out with SMU, A M, Baylor, and Arkansas the top contend¬ ers. Askew herded his Hogs back to Little Rock to joust with the ferocious Baylor Bruin in an unprecedented fray—the first home SWC game ever played away from Fayetteville by the Porkers. And it turned out to be disastrous. The Grizzly, red-hot, mauled the Askewns, never strong on the auditorium wood, 60-49. Stalemated in a four-way snare for the top spot, Arkansas em¬ barked on another two-tilt march through the land of cattle and oil. Although bulldogging the Texas Steer at Austin 51-37, the Pigs had to settle for a split as they charged headlong into that Waco whammy. Baylor knifed the Hogs 52-42. Tom Hamilton proved Texas’ most consistent and only accurate marksman as he worked his hookshot for 17 points. Bob Ambler and Jim Cathcart sank a pair of 12’s to spearhead the Porks. Just as in Little Rock the Baptists were heated to a blast-furnace pitch, dunking 44 per cent of their shots from the floor. Cathcart and Ambler again slated high point orchids with 11 each for Arkansas, although Baylor’s Bill “Shorty” Strack dropped 14. Scheduled as a breather and headline attraction for Little Rock fans, Pittsburgh’s puny Panthers, coached by venerable Doc Carlson, troubled the Hogs no end before yielding 41-36. Shifted to the pivot post Cathcart popped in 20. For the ragged Cats, Center George McCrossin slipped loose for 17. Page 203 Turning point of the season for the Red- and-White came at Fayetteville, site of the second Arkansas-Texas Aggie squabble. The Hogs slapped the lanky Cadets 52-46 in a spine-tingler which unseated the Ags from the SWC leadership. Jack Hess with 15, Ambler with 14, and Cathcart with 13 pro¬ vided the scoring punch. Arkansas prepared to host TCU and Rice with a 5-3 slate. The Horned Frogs were pushovers after an impervious sinking man-to-man defense ruined their offense. Arkansas copped 52-43. By clobbering the Owls 61-38, the Hogs pirated their final home clash to move into the circuit forefront with a 7-3 mark. ELMO ADAMS WALTER KEARNS RALPH PATTERSON Manager And so the Porkers moved down to Dallas with a clear shot at the loop diadem—if they could win their wind-up pair of brawls on the Texans ' own stomping grounds. However, woefully enough, the searing Southern Methodist Ponies set a blistering first half pace to outdistance the Hogs 58-47. With a secure 16 point mar¬ gin at halftime, SMLl cannily decelerated into a semi-stall. Al¬ though the Porks gave out with a noble effort they could never quite catch the Hosses. Hess staged a brilliant show for the Hogs with 15 tallies and a fine defensive performance, but slender Charlie Lutz canned 19 points. The Dallasites checked in with a good 39 per cent from the field, while Arkansas compiled only a poor 30.6 percentage. The big edge was at the foul line, though. SMLl slipped in 16 of 20 gift tosses while Arkansas was striving to come from behind in the last stanza . Jumping over to Fort Worth, the Askewmen needed only to wallop the Toads to split the conference crown with the victor of the SMLl-Baylor drama at Waco. And the Hogs came through for their slice with a 45-39 gigging of the Frogs while Baylor drubbed SMU 70-61. Captain Cathcart sparkplugged the Razor- back finale with 17 tallies and a glistening backboard chore. Trailing Ninny in the scoring list were Jack Hess with nine, and Bob Ambler and Gerald Hudspeth with ten apiece. Deft George McCleod, TCLPs first-year pivot man, rained 15 counters through the nets. Page 204 Tirst Row, Left to Right: Wilburn Wood; Tryon Lewis; Gerald Bryant; Joel Lucke. Second Row: Don Trumbo; Billy Hester; Gene Lambert. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Arkansas’ 1949-50 freshman basketball team was really one for the books. A hand-picked group of fledgling cagers, heralded as the finest frosh quintet in the history of the school, stirred widespread interest in the ranks of Arkansas by authoring an 11-1 record for the campaign. Only once did the Shoats yield, and then to a strong Louisiana inde¬ pendent aggregation. Billy “Toar” Hester, 6 feet 11 inches of growing boy, whom Razorback coaches nabbed from under the noses of dozens of national hardwood powers, was the bell-weather of the frosh machine. One of the na¬ tion’s most widely sought-after players after his graduation from Hall Summit, La., last spring, Hester took up the Porker system like an old hand and began shedding his youthful awkwardness immediately under the watchful eye of Coach Ralph Ward. Coaches who saw Toar in action compared him with George Kok, former Arkansas great, and Bob Kurland, the Oklahoma A M All-American, in their first year of college ball. Fayetteville contributed three capable competitors in Gene RALPH WARD, Coach Lambert, Tryon Lewis, and Don Trumbo. Lambert, son of the former Razorback cage mentor, played only until mid¬ term, but displayed enough finesse to assure himself of var¬ sity action in the future. Lewis was Hester’s best scoring mate, and was the live-wire of the team. He and Trumbo, whose frosh career was nipped short by a leg injury, were all-staters in their fin al year of prep competition. Gerald Bryant, Joel Lucke, and Wilburn Wood rounded out the small squad. Lucke is from Pine Bluff, while Wood played with Hester at Hall Summit, and Bryant was all-state at Many, La., High. Development of these sparkling young¬ sters next year will fall to Coach Presley Askew, who re¬ marked more than once this year that most any coach would be glad to begin building with a similar group. His plans for fitting the gigantic Hester and his mates into the 1950-51 varsity set-up were begun long ago and Arkansas fans are eagerly looking forward to seeing these plans un¬ fold. The schedule was a tough one from start to finish. Billy Hester, averaging 20-plus points per game, was, of course, the marked man. Tall “Toar " began his career at Ar¬ kansas by registering 21 points as the Shoats took the measure of Oklahoma A. and M. Tech., 47-36, to inaugurate the season in the local field house. College of the Ozarks, co-champions of the AIC, was the next vic¬ tim, by a 53-47 margin, in a game played at Van Buren. Hester sank 24 points in that one. January 18, Toar and Lewis, who came to be dubbed “big ’un " and “little ' un, " pro¬ vided the spark for a 45—39 decision over the Tamko Roofers of St. Joseph, Mo., in a pre¬ liminary to a varsity game here. It was the JOEL LUCRE GENE LAMBERT TRYON LEWIS first of two verdicts to be posted over the Missourians. Coach Ward’s team suffered its first and only setback of the season at the beginning of a road trip on which they succumbed to a power¬ ful Caushatta, La., five composed of former college stars. It was a close decision, too, 63-61, with Toar bucketing 23 points. Swing¬ ing back into Arkansas, the frosh, led by Hester again, whipped the Malco Flyers at Hot Springs. The big center’s tally was 27 points. The following Saturday Toar pulled up with a charley horse as the Shoats came from behind to nip Prescott ' s Legion¬ naires, 53-43, with Lewis and Bryant shouldering the scoring bur¬ den. Big Toar counted his lowest total of the schedule, 10 points, but it gave his mates a chance to grab off the spotlight and they delivered in veteran fashion. The Shoats returned to home grounds to engage the Tamko Roofers in a return match and once more came up with the blue chips, 45-43, but only after a serious threat by the visitors. It was a tough one all the way and only a second half surge allowed the triumph. The scoring was equally distributed among Hester, Bryant, Lewis and Trumbo, with Toar’s vicious rebounding in the closing minutes making the difference. Little Rock ' s Robinson Auditorium was the scene of the next freshman battle, and Little Rock Junior College was the opposi¬ tion. The frosh avenged a severe beating handed them on the gridiron, by turning back the Trojans in handy fashion, 53-30. Hester was the big noise with a 29-point total, but the overall Page 206 floor game of Lewis, Trumbo and Lambert caught the fancy of the capital city gallery. Another tilt was carded with the Jaycees for later in the season, but the clubs never got together again. One of the biggest feathers in the already flourishing caps of the frosh was their triumph over KC-Carlisle, another independent aggregation. For a fast and furious half, the independents, captained by former Little All-American Ken Crossell, made a real scrap of it. During the second heat, however, the well conditioned Shoats began to administer some telling licks and closed with a rush to win out, 49 to 35. It was a duel between Hester and Crossell, hook shot stylist, that drew the raves of the WILBURN WOOD BILLY HESTER GERALD BRYANT DON TRUMBO crowd, and even though he was held to 14 points, Toar’s shadow¬ ing of the lanky Little Rockian won the plaudits of Little Rock sports writers. Other members of the KC team were Alan Carter, former Arkansas star, and J. V. Fullerton, long a leader in Little Rock’s independent loops. The drums were beating for the future Razorback stars and they headed toward the wire with a 9-1 rec¬ ord, and it was the general consensus that at least two of them, Lewis and Hester, were ready for varsity competition then. Pres¬ cott was next on the card, and the Shoats tucked away their sec¬ ond win over the South Arkansas quintet by a cut-and-dried 54- to-46 decision. Hester and Lewis meshed 19 points each to earn scoring honors, and Bryant followed close behind with 14. Throughout the latter half of their schedule, they played without the services of Lambert and Trumbo, but Lucke, Wood, and Jack Hill filled in adequately. Lambert’s freshman eligibility terminated and Trumbo was sidelined with a leg injury. The Shoats put a fine touch to their season by closing the card with a 45-to-30 nod over the Okmulgee Aggies. The game was played in the field house as a benefit for the Razorback Band, and Coach Ward’s outfit put on one of their best shows of the season. Hester, writing the end of a great frosh career, turned on the steam to bucket 21 points, and then he didn’t see full-time duty. The 240-pounder showed marked improvement over the season’s inaugural, indi¬ cating a banner season for the varsity next year. Page 207 First Row, £eft to Right: Hardin; LcFebvre; Andrews; Scott; Cairns; Fish; Brown; Wilson. Second Row.- Wilkinson; Yarbrough; Payne; Duke; Price; Bradford; Gatchcll; West. Jbird Row-. Smith; Adams; Judd; Ferguson; Ambler; Barnett; Berry; Bass. TRACK TEAM Bill Bradford is nosed out in the 880. When the 1950 Razorback was hustled off to press, the LIA thinclads had journeyed to two big meets and cracked two Arkansas records. Under the tutelage of the new Head Coach, Johnny Morriss, formerly of Southwestern Louisi¬ ana Institute, the Hogs raced into third place at the South¬ western Recreation Meet at Fort Worth in their first compe¬ tition. Then on the following weekend the Hogs moved into Stillwater for the Oklahoma A M Relays, there toppling a pair of meet and school marks. Beverly Berry slashed the old high jump record with a leap of 6-5The two-mile relay team composed of Sam Smith, Oliver Gatchell, Bill Bradford, and James Brown lowered the previous mark to 7:58.8. An amazingly potent Porker cross country crew—Tom Hardin, Bill Cairns, Oliver Gatchell, Bill Bradford, James West, James Brown, and Jim Mullins—astonished the SWC entries last fall by grabbing off a second place in the loop meet. The Hog Harriers had already swept a triangular meet in Dallas with SMU and TCU, taking all of die first five places. Big event of the 1949 season was the thirty-fourth annual SWC meet which was unfolded in Fayetteville for the first time in conference history. Hobe Hooser’s Razorbacks could manage only a fourth as five records fell and one was tied. Texas A M, the new champ, shattered five of the marks for first. Texas finished a tight second, and Rice contributed a strong third. The Porkers entered seven other meets with not too much success. Page 208 First Row, £eft to Right. Rushing; Hughes; Adams,- Long; Williams; Cox; Thomason. Second Row.- Kilgallen; Gelazin; Brown; Shawgo; Schaufele; Smith; Stendel; Porter; Ratcliff; Alexander. The 1949 baseball team, under the guidance of Coach Deke Brackett, logged a commendable 7-5 record that spoke well of its efforts, considering the strength of the schedule. The Razorback nine opened on an auspicious note by sweeping a double-header from Washington Uni¬ versity, then went on to decision Tulsa twice, Poe Motor Company of Little Rock, Kansas, and Washington for a third time, while bowing to Bradley, Oklahoma A M, the Fayetteville Merchants, a strong independent aggregation, and Washington and Kansas in return engagements. Bill Ferrell, former professional catcher, was at the helm when the 1950 diamond edition buckled to another tough intersectional card. Veteran strength in the persons of Catchers Chris Brown and Bob Williams, Infielder Dewey Thomason, and Outfielders Marvin Stendel and Louie Schaufele formed a stout opening day nucleus. Ferrell dug into a polished group of freshman graduates to come up with a well-balanced team. Jack Shawgo and John Bailey were on the firing line as the team’s best pitchers, but they re¬ ceived occasional mound help from other squad members. The 1950 team was the fourth nine to be fielded by Arkansas following a lapse of 17 years in which baseball was not listed on the spring sports agenda. Progress displayed under Ferrell’s tutelage gave promise of big inn ings for Razorback diamond fortunes in years ahead. Plans are to increase the number of games each year until the schedule is on a par with the most formidable in this section. BASEBALL TEAM Hitting the dirt at third base! Page 209 INTRAMURALS Ceft to Right: Lane; Faulkner; Akerman; McKinnon; Pat¬ terson. An ever-expanding intramural program at the University of Arkansas caught the attention of every student on the campus at one time or another during the year. SAE, making a strong bid to carry the intramural “sweep¬ stakes” trophy home with them again this year, out-passed, out-ran, and simply out-classed all opposition in their touch football league as they swept through an undefeated season. They were equally potent in the play-oif tourney as they rolled unmercifully through their preliminary games and then dropped Sigma Chi in the championship round. The Sig Alphs continued their domination in other sports as they took first place in the cross-country race, the free- throw tournament, and volleyball. Though Jim Bean, Lloyd Hall, set the record-breaking pace in the cross-country, SAE placed enough men in runner-up positions to take first place points. Their tall, experienced volleyball team had little trouble in repeating a victorious performance given last year. Once more Sigma Chi took the second-place slot. A record-breaking entry of forty teams failed to halt the powerful Razorback Hall aggregation as they annexed the basketball trophy to the athletic dorm for the second straight year. They went through the regular season with a 7-0 record and defeated Sigma Nu in the final round of the play-off tourney. An All-Intramural basketball team was selected this year by the Arkansas Jraveler on a basis of individual ability, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The team was chosen from the entire field of forty teams. The first squad was com¬ posed of Hal Cochran, Sigma Nu; J. D. Smith, Razorback Hall; Gray Eargle, Eagles; Hugo Ackerman, Redbirds; and Edwin Rise, Kappa Sigma. Claborn, Cowden, Griffee, Cof¬ fee, and Anderson made up die second All-Intramural team. Kappa Sigma was given permanent possession of the box¬ ing and wrestling trophy, as they took top honors in the annual slugfest for the third successive year. This phase of the intramural program drew more attendance than any other. A crowd of some 2500 witnessed the thrilling final bouts. Kappa Sigma amassed a total of 218 in winning first place, far ahead of their nearest rival, SAE, who garnered only 122. At press time, Sigma Alpha Epsilon had a strong grip on first place in the “sweepstakes” standings, but was still with¬ in the reach of runner-up Kappa Sigma and not too far from Sigma Chi and Razorback Hall, holding down third and fourth, respectively. Coming to Arkansas this year from the University of Missouri was Frank Myers. Through his capable guidance as faculty advisor and supervisor of the intramural depart¬ ment, vast strides were taken in the intramural program of expansion and improvement. Student managers Ralph Pat¬ terson and Hugo Ackerman worked hand in hand with Mr. Myers to keep the huge intramural system in excellent con¬ dition. Four new playing fields were constructed for touch foot¬ ball this year in a move to ease and better the crowded facilities on the campus. They are located in the old Camp Leroy Pond area. For the first time this year, an intramural handbook was published by the department in order that all students might better understand the program. INTRAMURALS 9 l TAnjtf iwL Page 213 COL. RAY M. O’DAY ARMY ROTC This year, under the direction of Colonel R. M. O’Day, the Army section of the Military Department and Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps has made an enviable record. The Department of the Army Inspecting Team, composed of high ranking Army officers used these phrases to describe the Corps in the written report to Headquarters, Fourth Army: “This is an excellent corps”, “high quality of leadership demonstrated by cadet officers and cadet non¬ commissioned officers”, “rifles were better aligned while marching than is usually noted in Regular Army troops,” “training and discipline is superior.” Since the founding of the University in 1872 a course in Military “Tactics” has been taught, as provided for in the Morrill Act. The first catalogue of the University states: “All able-bodied male students will be required to drill twice a week.” For the school year 1872-73, Lieut. Edwin C. Curtis was assigned to supervise this activity. In the in¬ tervening 77 years the Cadet Corps has developed from a small group, with no uniforms or equipment, to a well- rounded organization giving specialized training in tactics, leadership, and personnel management in the Signal Corps and Infantry, with all the latest equipment. For example, the Signal Corps unit has a 400 watt short-wave radio sta¬ tion, with an operational radius of several thousand miles, which is licensed for both military and civilian amateur op¬ eration. The successful completion of the Advanced Course, which is the last two years of ROTC training, leads to a commis¬ sion in the Organized Reserve Corps. The graduates from this course are the principal source of the thousands of officers necessary in times of national emergency. The students taking the ROTC Advanced Course are carefully selected for character, intelligence, alertness and aptitude. The calibre of the Advanced ROTC students at the University of Arkansas is attested by the splendid re¬ cord of achievement at summer camps. At last summer’s camp, where the U. of A. Cadets were in competition with hundreds of Cadets from other colleges and universities, two of the four highest awards, “Outstanding Company Cadet,” were won by two Arkansas men, Cadets Charles “Chuck” Milan and William “Buddy” Brown. Awards of “Outstand¬ ing Cadets” were won by Ca dets Maitland Rutledge and Larry E. Randall. In addition, as a result of demonstrated proficiency and aptitude for the military service five mem¬ bers of the class graduating in June have been tendered com¬ missions in the Regular Army. They are: Clinton D. Jones, William E. Long, Joel W. Griffith, Charles F. Dietz and Harold D. Yow. MAJ. EARL T. HOLIK Page 214 LT. COL. MERTON L. PARKS AIR FORCE ROTC The beginning of the school year 1949-50, marked an¬ other milestone in the history of the Air Force ROTC Program since its activation at the University of Arkansas in 1946. This year for the first time the Air Force ROTC Program of instruction was offered to the basic students. In addition the unit was given co-equal status with other ROTC pro¬ grams, and the direction of the program was transferred to the Professor of Air Science and Tactics. During the first year of autonomous operation, under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Merton L. Parks, USAF, the Air Force ROTC Program was among the finest in history. Aprroximately forty-five cadets received their Sec¬ ond Lieutenant’s bars. The Air Force ROTC Cadet Corps strength was over four hundred as the non-veterans again continued to fill the freshman and sophomore classes. Last year the Summer Camp for Air Force Cadets was held at Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, Colorado, in the Tenth Air Force Area. Here the Cadets from the LIniversity of Arkansas trained and pitted their skills against cadets from the states of the Middle West. The Air Force Cadet Corps this year was comprised of a Wing, with two Groups of two Squadrons each. The Wing was commanded by Cadet Colonel B. W. Schultz. The successful completion of Advanced Air Force ROTC entitles a Cadet to a commission as a Reserve Officer in the LISAF, and is open to veterans or students who have suc¬ cessfully completed the Basic ROTC course. If selected by the PAS T, these students enter the cuorse to train six hours weekly and attend one six-weeks summer camp. Those students designated as Distinguished Military Graduates by virtue of their outstanding qualities of leadership and apti¬ tude for military service, and who desire a military career as Regular Officers in the United States Air Force. In June, 1949, Regular Air Force Commissions were accepted by the following students: M. L. Brown, J. R. Cross, J. Jenkins, and W. R. Stapleton. Since the Air Force ROTC was inaugurated in the Fall of 1946, Air Force Reserve Commissions have been awarded to 185 students, and Regular Air Force Commissions have been tendered to ten students. Major Thomas W. Spurgin, the Plans and Training Officer and Instructor for Advanced Administration course is the Senior Air Force Instructor. Captain Herbert C. Burton, the Instructor for freshmen is the Adjutant for the Unit. Captain Claude A. Hughes, Jr., is the Instructor for the Advanced Maintenance Engineering Course and also in¬ structs in sophomore classes. MAJ. THOMAS W. SPURGIN Page 215 ARMY ROTC FACULTY STAFF first Row, Left to Right: Maj. E. T. Houk; Capt. F. N. Moseley; Col. R. M. O’Day; Maj. R. B. Bullock; Maj. R. H. Evans. Second Row, Left to Right- M. Sgt. R. E. Hodges; Sgt. 1 cl. J. E. Helm; Sgt. A. L. Johnston; Sgt. A. B. Car son; Sgt. 1 cl. E. S. McReynolds; M. Sgt. R. F. Doran. Jhird Row, Left to Right: M. Sgt. P. W. Stauffer; Sgt. A. C. Ulvog; Sgt. 1 cl. K. H. Truitt; M. Sgt. R. E. Mitchell; M. Sgt. J. H. Vanlandingham. AIR FORCE ROTC FACULTY STAFF first Row, Left to Right: Maj. T. V. Spurgin; Lt. Col. M. L. Parks; Capt. H. C. Burton; Capt. C. A. Hughes. Second Row, Left to Right: M. Sgt. W. W. Condon; S. Sgt. W. Umphress; S. Sgt. F. W. Har¬ grave; T. Sgt. C. L. Mutter. Page 216 ARMY ROIC BATTALION STAFF Left to Right: Lt. Col. Clinton D. Jones; Major John H. Anderson; Col. Charles F. Dietz; Major Homer H. Cobb; Major Roy D. Yarbrough. ARMY ROIC REGIMENTAL STAFF Left to Right: Major Robert M. Conway; Capt. James H. Phillips; Lt. Col. Maitland Rutledge; Capt. Paul J. Kennedy; Capt. Dwight S. Ramsey. Page 217 ARMY CADET OFFICERS first Row, £.eft to Right: R. M. Conway; C. M. Milam; H. H. Cobb; R. D. Yarbrough; C. J. Womack; J. L. Fletcher; J. H. Anderson; D. S. Ramsay; C. E. Deitz; C. D. Jones; W. A. Murphy; J. H. Phillips; W. F. Sonneman; M. A. Cotner; W. W. Reed; J. R. Bryant; F. M. Bellin- grath. Second Row.- L. E. Randall; V. O. Cook; D. W. Smith; B. L. Kaufman; J. A. Kaufman; J. E. Dewitt; J. C. Griffith; C. S. Obee; P. J. Kennedy; C. O. Davis; R. E. Wardlow; W. B. Brown; R. M. Crossett; W. W. Morse; F. C. Enoch; H. J. Underwood. Third Row. J. C. Bil¬ lingsley; B. C. Howell; R. D. Pugh; J. D. Shaver; J. E. Armstrong; F. T. McGehee; M. A. Daniel; J. D. Reamey; W. M. Reed; F. D. Smith; T. H. Cook; F. T. Cash; W. F. Ligon; D. E. Callaham. fourth Row: J. D. Smith; B. E. Haney; W. H. Martin; F. F. Neeley; J. H. Talbot; J. A. Corbett; L. R. Delaney; H. W. Goodman; W. E. Schiller; V. E. Manning; L. E. Guinn; B. N. Elledge; E. W. Lewis; J. E. Smith; Buster Keton. fifth Row-. E. P. Caperton; W. V. Browning; L. A. Goodwin; J. P. Crouch; J. P. Powers; J. A. Vaccaro; H. D. Yow; D. J. Baumgardner; B. R. Terry; M. L. Wood, A. Mount; R. L. Combs; H. P. Bull. Army Cadet Non-commissioned Officers first Row, £eft to Right: B. E. Wilson; W. S. Reynolds; G. W. Hudson; V. Peel; D. W. Sawyer, A. F. Batham; M. W. Jameson; R. S. McKin¬ ney; P. L. Dejarnett; J. H. Ragland; W. G. Malone; J. M. Taylor; J. E. Davis; C. L. Weems; R. E. Rogers. Second Row. K. E. Adams; W. M. Williams; B. R. Nunnelee; R. T. Watkins; G. R. Dillon; J. A. Christian; R. J. Franklin; J. V. Murphy; W. D. Cairns; W. B. Kirk; W. M. Hud¬ son; N. R. Bone; J. B. Millwee; A. E. Gill. Third Row: L. E. Page; R. M. Weaver; W. W. Wood; E. G. Arnn ; B. C. Hopper; B. R. Morris; M. T. Billingsley; F. E. Sullivan; J. P. Wallace; J. W. McGill; F. W. Gill; E. G. Parrish; R. P. Autrey; C. P. Giles, fourth Row.- W. R. Mit¬ chell; C. D. Robinson; R. D. Elkins, fifth Row.- N. K. Price; T. E. Scott; E. L. Jones; J. W. Harris; K. J. Carpenter; J. R. Marlowe; J. J. Ahne; W. I. Prewett; R. A. Ward; R. R. Florence; Walter Morris; C. D. Pierce; G. E. Langevin; J. F. Vallery. Sixth Row.- J. G. Brown; D. G. McMillan; G. W. Ware; W. E. Taliaferro; P. A. Watson; C. S. Crouch; J. P. McGrath; S. L. Sparks; Ray Rowland; B. Jones; J. P. Failla; F. J. Dolci. HEADQUARTERS COMPANY first Row, left to Right: C. M. Milan; W. H. Martin; W. B. Brown; F. T. McGehce; V. E. Manning; F. M. Bcllingrath; J. E. Armstrong; F. T. Cash; D. T. Baumgardner; H. P. Bull; T. H. Cook; R. L. Combs; W. M. Hudson. Second How.- C. Biggs; C. S. Crouch; C. W. Combs; K. L. Anderson; T. M. Clifford; C. R. Baker; W. W. Cox; D. N. Collins; H. E. Cox; C. M. Brown; J. A. Brown; R. O. Brown; G. W. Hudson; C. R. Dillon. Third Row: J. G. Brown; C. H. Floyd; J. C. Cole; J. D. Cole; Q. M. Baber; J. R. Campbell; Erwin Baird; J. K. Andrews; J. M. Beegle; S. H. Boyce; Edsel Ford; J. E. Davis; K. E. Adams, fourth Row: J. W. McGill; K. B. Blagg; O. T. Beasley; D. C. Browning; C. L. Basse; L. E. Abbott; B. E. Bracey; W. D. Conrey; E. S. Allison; G. H. Beasley; R. L. Attebery; W. V. Browning; R. D. Elkins, fifth Row: D. C. Mc¬ Millan; H. E. Buckley; G. E. Branigan; J. L. Bond; B. R. Adams; T. T. Cooper; G. B. Basden; J. A. Cullins; J. C. Bumpers; E. L. Boyce; M. T. Billingsley; J. S. Butz. Sixth Row: E. L. Jones; C. T. Chaffin; E. A. Bollcn; F. R. Curtis; J. G. Coffey; D. E. Buttram; R. E. Bailey; Joe Bald¬ ridge; R. B. Buttram; Tommy Britt; J. W. Bean. COMPANY A first Row, left to Right: B. E. Haney; C. J. Womack; B. Keton; M. L. Wood; G. W. Ware; W. M. Reed; W. G. Malone; H. W. Goodman; J- A. Corbett; J. J. Ahne; A. Mount; E. G. Arnn ; J. C. Billingsley; J. R. Marlowe; J. M. Taylor; F. J. Dolci; W. B. Kirk. Second Row: W. E. Campbell; P. A. Watson; J. W. Blair; J. M. Bransford; J. M. Eldridge; D. W. Farrar; E. L. Elmer; B. M. Thomson; B. R. Franklin; R. E. Sturtz; R. F. Smith; R. B. Edwards; B. J. Whittle; J. R. Mitchell; A. L. Huber; T. N. Brown; A. E. Gill. Third Row: W. J. Prewett; H. L. Griffith; B. P. Englsking; P. L. Deal; F. L. Simmons; S. K. Gooden; H. G. Frost; W. R. Rice; D. L. Edwards; J. K. McGrew; R. H. Davis; T - c. Clement; A. D. Stanley; J. R. Rasch; P. L. Dejamett; J. A. Christian, fourth Row R. A. Ward; R. D. Right; H. C. Dorsey; J. A. Brill; L. W. Kidder; A. A. Hamblen; K. J. Morris; B. W. Nieburg; C. J. Elkins; B. H. Forbes; W. C. Leonard; A. E. Beaty; D. T. Harrel; C. L. Selph; J. P. Failla; D. E. Callaham. fifth Row: F. W. Gill; B. T. Gilbert; L. E. Simmcn; D. R. Hale; G. T. Yetter; G. K. Hannah; I. H. fi ox; G. T. Feilke; L. R. Garrett; A. L. Dunn; J. E. Mhoon; L. V. Bryant; C. R. Greenway; J. V. Murphy; N. R. Bone; L. E. Page. Sixth %°W: G. P. Elbert; J. B. Henry; L. S. Carllee; F. E. Davis; J. H. Garrison; M. M. Derrick; D. R. Doty; G. A. Brown; N. W. Chellgren; E. L. Mauldin; M. M. Scroggin; D. Hanner; M. E. Graham; J. D. McGrath; G. E. Langevin. COMPANY B first Row, Left to Right: R. D. Pugh; L. A. Goodwin; J. P. Crouch; V. O. Cook; H. D. Yow; B. N. Ellcdgc; R. M. Crossett; J. E. Dewitt; L. R. Delaney; F. C. Enoch; F. O. Davis; M. A. Cotner; H. J. Underwood; J. P. Wallace; W. Morris; R. D. Gillham. Second Row- R. M. Weaver; H. T. Hogan; Albert Koban; B. E. James; W. R. Lee; J. A. King; J. P. Lynn; J. C. Dow; H. L. Hembree; B. F. Hatfield; J. J. Lee; J. G. Hickman; J. L. Jones; J. H. Ragland; W. D. Cairns; W. S. Reynolds. Third Row: L. B. Kiersky; Vernon Peel; G. H. Bryant; J. D. Lucke; F. F. Johnson; B. W. McFarland; E. E. Kirwan; E. C. Kelley; L. O. Harris; W. P. Lyons; D. S. Hudson; A. M. Heagler; A. J. Henslee; C. C. Meacham; R. W. Rogers; David Sawyer; W. W. Wood, fourth Row: B. M. Williams; Harry Harcrow; L. E. Lines; J. W. Love; B. G. Haynie; Johnny Livingston; J. R. Garrison; Bobby Kinney; J. L. Hudson; C. A. Liddle; J. D. Lambert; J. W. Hunt; R. M. Johnson; B. S. Jones, fifth Row.- N. K. Price; G. Lambert; H. G. Jones; R. A. Gardner; D. C. Lovell; J. D. McCargo; W. P. Henry; J. E. Higgins; B. J. McCoy; Larry Hogue; G. E. Jones; Bob Fritts; Walter Gardner; Jack Hopkins. COMPANY C first Row, Left to Right: W. A. Murphy; C. S. Obee; J. C. Griffith; L. E. Guinn; F. F. Neeley; E. P. Caperton; J. D. Shaver; E. W. Lewis; W. W. Morse; J. D. Reamey; R. E. Sibley; W. F. Ligon; R. J. Franklin; A. F. Batham. Second Row: J. B. Millwee; R. P. Autrey; W. F. Moye; H. E. Pcttus; R. D. Pryor; E. D. Maddox; G. C. Masters; T. E. Richardson; R. J. Neeley; D. B. Scott; R. N. McGaugh; R. L. Penix; M. G. Par¬ sons; J. F. Vallery; M. W. Jameson. Third Row: Alan Miles; C. D. Robinson; H. B. Murphy; P. L. Neal; J. G. Richardson; M. L. Mann; M. M. Robinson; C. G. Morgan; P. E. Parker; G. R. Miller; Henry Rogers; J. L. Pappas; P. E. Pritchett; J. W. Harris; B. C. Hopper, fourth Row: R. S. McKinney; A. D. Posey; W. J. Myers; J. R. Moore; F. A. Philpot; K. B. Moody; A. H. Riegler; J. M. Rosso; H. G. Partlow; C. E. Mel¬ ville; R. W. Martin; K. Z. Sanders; B. R. Morris; K. J. Carpenter, fifth Row: C. D. Pierce; R. L. Mitchell; J. P. Moore; R. D. Mitchell; D. L. Miller; J. J. Rinehart; R. D. Rhea; J. E. Pyne; P. R. Oswalt; S. H. McMahon; J. D. Perry. Sixth Row.- H. G. Rand; C. R. Payne; M. T. Ox¬ ford; W. D. Mitchell; N. R. Runyan; F. L. Mills; B. F. Murchison; F. L. Rouse; J. P. Pyeatte; O. Norwood; D. J. Ryan; N. A. Russell; L. E. Mogel. COMPANY D 7 ' rst Row, Left to Right: W. W. Reed; B. E. Wilson; J. D. Smith; D. W. Smith; J. H. Talbot; F. D. Smith; J. L. Fletcher; W. E. Schiller; M. A- Daniel; W. F. Sonneman; B. R. Terry; R. E. Wardlow; J. A. Vaccaro; J. E. Smith. Second How-. W. S. Shelton; W. R. Mitchell; J. L. bright; L. O. Shaw; W. R. Walker; E. H. White; W. B. Tucker; W. E. Stevenson; L. V. Shadd; S. M. Shaw; H. A. Turney; R. C. Williams; E- Scott; S. L. Sparks. Third Row: B. R. Nunnelce; F. M. Tennant; G. L. Throgmorton; J. E. Snider; T. G. Vernon; D. L. Shores; M. F. S’nion; D. Thomason; J. L. Stephens; M. FI. Wiederkehr; D. C. Talburt; F. E. Sullivan; R. R. Florence, fourth Row: R. T. Watkins; D. L. Smith; J. A. Sims; T. FI. Winters; C. L. Temple; E. E. Turner; O. D. Wood; D. T. Thom; J. E. Young; A. K. Wyatt; O. L. Wiedrick; R. L. Young; C. P. Giles, fifth Row: P. N. Summcrall; R. A. Treat; P. Smith; P. F. Whittington; M. O. Woodbridgc; D. F. Shaffer; W. R. Giles; C. Stith; R. R. Wright; W. A. Vaughn; H. V. Sorrels; C. L. Weems. Sixth Row: W. E. Taliaferro; W. Smith; L. W. Wood; Bob Stewart; John Watts; G. C. Wright; S. Emroy; E. F. Spawr; C. E. Santos; H. D. Wright; O. Wallace; R. Rowland. ROTC RIFLE TEAM first Row, Left to Right: O. T. Beasley; G. R. Dillon; W. D. Conrey; W. T. Pierce; L. D. Andrews; J. N. Duffie; C. W. Smith; F. L. Rouse; J L. Mashburn; C. C. Kinter. Second Row.- C. B. Melton; C. G. Morgan, Jr.; W. J. Myers; J. M. Lyon; T. McBay; O. D. Wood; B. G. Hay- n ie ; G. B. Basden; R. L. Johnston; S. L. Sparks. Third Row. F. M. Tennant; C. R. Welchman; F. D. Werntz; G. T. Yetter; S. Million; G. Feilke; M. O. Woodbridgc; B. E. James; J. T. Calcote; G. Queen. AIR FORCE ROIC WING STAFF Left to Right: Front—Cadet Colonel B. W. Schultz, Wg. Co. Rear—Cadet Major P. S. Honeycutt, Wg. Adjt.; Cadet Capt. W. M. Waller, Wg. Asst. Adjt.; Cadet Lt. Col. C. E. Jones, Wg. Ex. O. AIR FORCE ROIC GROUP STAFFS Left to Right : Gp. 1—Cadet Major J. L. Phillips, Ex. O.; Cadet Lt. Col. W. M. Shaw, Gp. Co. Cadet Capt. K. C. Stiles, Adjt. Gp. 2—Cadet Major C. R. Linebarier, Ex. O.; Cadet Lt. Col. H. S. Hammans, Gp. Co. Cadet Capt. R. A. Green, Adjt. AIR FORCE ROIC CADET OFFICERS 7irst Row, Left to night: C. C. Kinter; J. S. Ballard; H. H. McClurkin; E W. Moreland; K. C. Stiles; R. L. Morris; R. A. Green; B. W. Schultz; J- L. Phillips; P. S. Honeycutt; W. M. Waller; W. M. Shaw; C. R. Linebarier; H. S. Hammans; C. E. Jones. Second Row: H. E. Young; D. S. Graham; P. L. Carlton; R. W. Morris; L. R. Clark; C. J. Lincoln; B. G. Bass; R. W. Branton; W. S. Furner; G. Mazzanti; T. P. Roberts; W. H. St ancil; G. G. Tims; R. T. Wallace; D. M. Stueart. Third Row: B. D. Krebs; W. E. Banks; K. R. Coffee; E. E. Harber; J. G. Mullen; J. P. Johnson; W. S. Bradford; R. R. Sewell; J. H. Lunney; C. R. Young; G. B. Hudspeth; L. A. Martin; A. E. Paterson; B. E. Davidson; C. E. McSwain. Air Force ROTC Non-commissioned Officers ysf Row, £eft to Right: M. J. Sharp; C. A. Cockrell; H. E. Nauman; W. T. Hearon; R. H. Kchn; R. E. Sheets; E. L. Glenn; J. R. Doyle; H. Nunn; A. H. Hirsch. Second Row-. H. L. Thomas; D. M. Hitt; J. E. West; L. D. Andrews; J. M. Sloan; R. C. Hickman; A. S. Ercolano; E Hampton; A. J. Pianalto; J. B. Carter; C. W. Wright; J. N. G riffin; J. L. Rushing. Third Row: E. E. Hemme; J. H. West; N. D. Mor¬ gan; D. Arey ; T. E. Lewis; S. S. Reeves; C. F. Howell; J. B. Lambert, Jr. ; B. J. Espy; R. L. Bauer; R. C. Hudson; J. I. Moore; B. E. Boren. otirfb R 0W; j) l. Crandell; R. M. Hart; D. A. Roberts; D. M. Riederer; R. M. McMullen; W. W. Apple; H. C. Crain; D. E. Sample; J. N. Duffie; H. D. Duckett; J. W. Hale; C. R. Dozier; J. S. Prager. fifth Row: L. M. Epperson; B. S. Hoag; D. C. McLin; E. H. Goodwin, Jr. ; J P. Hampton; B. M. Queen; J. E. Shawgo; R. B. Westesson; J. W. Cook; J. A. Gearhart; R. C. Smith; R. L. Logsden; N. L. Brown. Sixth ° w T. L. Wilson; E. F. Harvey; H. L. Cochran; M. L. Reinold; R. W. Nesbit; E. C. Black; C. B. Melton; C. F. Piles; J. E. Bailey; J. L. Gardner; J. F. Griffee; T. L. Simpson; L. J. Schaufele; G. J. Eckert. SQUADRON E first Row , Ceft to Right: C. E. McSwain; J. G. Mullen; G. B. Hudspeth; W. S. Furner; C. W. Bulman; B. G. Bass; T. P. Roberts; B. E. Da¬ vidson; E. E. Harber. Second Row: G. O. Merritt; R. W. Nesbit; T. L. Wilson; R. C. Lobdill; R. E. Sheets; J. M. Sloan; W. T. Hearon; D. M. Hitt; J. H. West; J. I. Moore; D. Arey; J. E. H olley; T. E. Lewis; T. L. Simpson; H. L. Cochran. Third Row.- J. Bird; G. F. Mooney; R. L. Logsden; R. C. Hickman; S. S. Reeves; C. R. Dozier; J. N. Griffin; R. W. Childers; B. G. Burns; L. B. Campbell; A. A. Chivers; J. L. Colvin; N. E. Coe; F. W. Carl, fourth Row-. J. Billingsley; L. E. Collard; B. Bohannan; B. L. Brewer; J. Burnett; R. M. Bryant; W. F. Clark; T. A. Coleman; G. D. Dawson; W. D. Edmonson; R. H. Cross; C. W. Collins; E. H. Cox. fifth Row: E. Barrett; D. Allison; D. R. Baldwin; J. R. Bennett; C. R. Batte; W. A. Cheyne; S. V. Daniel; R. E. Buzbee; W. W. Crawford; J. Dorsey; C. W. Easley; R. E. Cox; H. W. Cooper. Sixth Row.- J. G. Belew; T. A. Bruce; C. R. Belva; H. Bolinger; J. G. Bonner; J. D. Ball; D. A. Cowden; R. N. Anderson; A. J. Baker; J. C. Dyes; M. L. Edmondson; P. M. Deal; B. J. Blagg; M. L. Dalton; P. G. Donovan; S. Bradshaw. SQUADRON F first Row , Ceft to Right: J. R. Doyle; D. M. Stueart; A. E. Paterson; L. A. Martin; P. L. Carlton; C. J. Lincoln; W. S. Bradford; J. P. John¬ son; J. H. Lunney; W. H. Stancil; O. S. Graham. Second Row. R. B. Westesson- R C. Smith; J. A. Gearhart; N. D. Morgan; W. M. Apple; B. E. Boren; J. E. West; C. W. Wright; H. E. Nauman; A. J. Pianalto; M. J. Sharp; H. T. Nunn; A. H. Hirsch. Third Row: H. Kraus; B. R. Jones; J. F. Koonce; R. L. Johnston; R. H. Langston; E. F. Harvey; M. L. Reinold; J. L. Gardner; J. F. Griffee; E. C. Black; S. H. Liddell; J. R. Howard; D. T. Henderson; L. F. Green, fourth Row: S. M. Gray; W. P. Dortch ; A. L. Fawcett; M. L. Demuth; B. L. Evans; R. W. El¬ gin; R. S. Eason; J. T. Guinn; A. L. Edwards; W. R. Fulk; J. S. Dickey; J. E. Ely; T. D. Glenn, fifth Row-. R. J. Lambert; B. R. Knox; B. L. Jones; B. J. Keeter; J. L. Lackey; B. D. Hoskins; K. E. Kerr; C. C. Hcringer; L. L. Hampson; W. E. Hefhngton; J. P. Goff; O. P. Hillard; J. D. Izard; G. R. Leslie. Sixth Row.- G. D. Hearn; W. H. Hcstir; B. J. Linebarier; R J. Heaston; J. E. Lineback; W. S. Hollis; R. G. Harrison; R. H. French; V. J. Ferrari; J. M. Fore; C. R. Johnson; L. J. Kaylor; E. L. Flucht. Seventh Row.- J. B. Judd; M. W. King. ,rs ' Row, Left to Right: R. W. Branton; K. H. Coffee; C. R. Young; R. R. Sewell; G. Mazzanti; R. W. Morris; G. Tims; C. B. Melton; W ■ Ban1 s; C. C. Kinter. Second Row: E. H. Goodwin, Jr.; J. E. Shawgo; D. L. Crandell; R. M. Hart; D. A. Roberts; D. M. Riederer; B. J Espy; R. L. Bauer; J. B. Lambert, Jr. ; J. N. Duffie; C. F. Howell; J. L. Rushing; J. W. Hale; J. B. Carter; R. H. Kchn. Third Row. M. C C; T. A. Morrison; J. B. McChristian; C. G. Mullins; J. E. Bailey; L. M. Epperson; G. J. Eckert; L. J. Schaufele; R. M. McMullen; A. H arshall II; R. V. Light; W. L. Burroughs; V. B. Perry; J. L. Lessenberry; R. B. Ramsay. fourth Row: W. B. Nimocks; B. W. Presley; D D- Pettigrew; E. H. Pollock; D. W. Miller; E. W. Phillips; E. N. Rise; H. G. Ray; D. L. Logue; J. E. Looney; C. S. Norman; W. D. Ortloff; Queen; W. M. Lambert, ‘fifth Row: J. R. Percefull; W. T. Pierce; J. M. Park; J. H. McCutchen; B. L. Perry; R. L. Mayes; F. E. Ragland; T L. Mashburn; I. C. Myers; W. T. Murphy; R. B. Marsh; B. P. Minor; S. H. Mayes; B. T. Patrick; J. P. McGinty; W. A. Martin; B. R. Noble. ixI 7 Row. W. L. Wight; L. E. Poague; F. T. Robertson; J. Kaiser; J. P. McNeil; J. J. Pittman; S. Million; A. B. Robbins; J. B. Richardson M. Oliver; T. McBay, Jr. ; F. H. Milburn; A. H. Mann; J. M. Lyon; P. F. Marsh; E. F. Miskovsky. ‘ rs Row, Left to Right: D. C. McLin; R. L. Morris; E. W. Moreland; R. T. Wallace; L. R. Clark; H. H. McClurkin; S. S. Ballard; B. D. Tebs. Second Row.- C. A. Cockrell; R. P. Hampton; J. P. Hampton; B. M. Queen; H. D. Duckett; H. L. Thomas; R. C. Hudson; A. S. Er- colano; E. E. Hcmme; L. D. Andrews; H. C. Crain; J. S. Prager; E. L. Glenn. Third Row.- W. G. Wright; R. J. Zembsch; L. Vaccaro; J. W. -ook ; B. S. Hoag; C. F. Piles; N. L. Brown; D. E. Sample; E. B. Willey; B. W. Williford; M. W. Glatstein; J. A. Rollins; J. Sharp, Jr. fourth ow: D. M. West; E. Stanberry,- B. Wilson; H. H. Wilson; B. H. Smith; C. W. Stewart, Jr.; E. N. Stickler; C. W. Smith; J. F. Clacote; D. M. at man ; J. O. Thomson; C. B. Watson; J. B. VanZandt. fifth Row: R. E. Wells; J. F. Yarbrough; J. A. Vaughan; J. W. Wolf; T. E. Wil- a ms ; J M. Wise; L. C. Wright; G. F. Thomason; J. R. Tate; J. W. Vandergriff; L. J. Rowin; B. R. Story; E. J. Saig. Sixth Row: B. R. bmith; B. Riviello; H. L. Wassell; G. D. Willis; G. F. Wood; E. J. Wilmoth; G. W. Vest; J. E. Whitley; C. R. Welchman; R. J. Atkinson; E. 1 ' Watkins; H. E. Thomas; W. H. Sutton; R. T. Edwards; J. O. Turner; J. Smith; L. A. Thompson. SQUADRON fi SQUADRON H PERSHING RIFLES first Row, Left to Right: H. L. Thomas; J. A. Gearhart; R. C. Hudson; R. S. McKinney; G. D. Dawson; H. E. Young; A. L. Fawcett; O. T. Beasley; C. L. Weems; D. M. Hitt; D. L. Crandell; T. L. Wilson. Second Row: J. E. Lineback; N. L. Brown; J. J. Lee; R. L. Johnston; P. I. Caleb, Jr. ; S. H. Mayes; W. D. Ortloff; C. G. Morgan; M. H. Wiederkehr; L. J. Kaylor; F. M. Tennant; J. W. Cook. Third Row: C. T. Chaffin; B. R. Jones; G. B. Basden; P. F. Marsh; R. J. Neeley; R. B. Ramsay; B. E. James; L. E. Simmon; M. O. Woodbridge; E. W. Wat¬ kins. fourth Row.- D. C. Talburt; F. W. Carl; J. J. Pappas; D. N. Collins. R TC RAND first Row , Left to Right: M. S. Bankston; D. J. Rundell; J. Hacket; M. R. Caplan; R. M. Idornor; B. M. Fortune. Second Row: D. A. Sands; C. F. Morton; T. Keahey; B. P. Hays; A. W. Hamilton; F. D. Werntz; T. F. Wimberly; R. F. Ault. Third Row.- D. F. Mix; H. W. Van Pat¬ ten; E. H. Shuford; J. H. Faulkner; M. A. Walker; W. M. Honeycutt; D. H. Newbern; H. R. Knoll, fourth Row.- R. M. Apple; F. G. Vestal; R. P. McDaniel; B. L. Riggs; D. S. George; C. M. McFarland; H. E. Barnard; H. S. Shcarin; J. E. Taylor; C. M. McIntosh, fifth Row. L. D. Baugh; B. E. Davis; U. V. Warnock; J. P. Runyan; W. C. McLachlan; R. M. Kolb; J. E. Smithson; J. H. Johnston; C. M. Baker; J. S. Wood. R. F. Ault, Band Drum Major Ubl: J y Malone Ma nha Brooks Sissie Hcnslee Julia Ann Paisle Patty Goodwin " nJsSvR Barbara Braun Elouise Carrouni Jeannine Hartley (A Be »V Bass I ouise Lincoln Carolvn Rodgers 9 L Jfon UVlip j WJUpA, Page 229 CMpha Qhi Sigma fihofsiAAional homl dAy J-hai Anjty first Row: Eldon C. Boers; Rodney R. Landes; Drew T. Johnson; Joe P. Morris, Jr.; Steve Rothrock; Andrew Wikman; Stewart Rogers; James W. McGill; Jess Olive; William H. Seaton; Peter B. H’Doubler. Second Row : William J. Templeton; Joseph B. Abell; John G. DePagter; Charles W. Montgomery; John P. Middleton; Eugene L. Graf; John Donald Byrd; Mark E. Lcsem; Sam D. Hollinger; Michael Joffe. Third Row: Allen Formby; George Sauter; Robert B. Edwards; Richard M. French; Robert J. Heaston; Robert S. Barnes; Preston John Hill; Lawrence R. Moffett, Jr.; James Haryard London; Jay Thomasson; Robert A. Brooks. CUpha fcpAikm (Dsrita (OodtohA of Joirwhhow first Row: Walter R. Moody; Berry Lee Moore; Mary Alice McClellan; Eva Power; Ruth Vest; Connie Pinkerman; Riley Murphy; Jerry Shaw. Second Row.- Elvis Little; James T. McDonald, Jr.; Frank M. Dulaney, Jr.; Peter B. H’Doubler; John I. Gross. filpha £mnbda (DsdJba J’MAhmsm (jJomsmS diorwJuViy First Row : Patricia Pierce; Mary John Skillcrn; Joan Gosser; Polly Cole; Carol Sittler; Ann McNair. Second Row: Ruth Vickers; Patricia Smith; Dolores Parks; Nannie Lou Dill; Jeanne Carmichael; Anne Peterson. OFFICERS: Polly Cole, President; Carol Sittler, Secretary; Mary John Skillern, Treasurer. GipPia Siudswi flqjii Jjiad M k°w : George Vickers; Herschel McClurkin; Donald Farris; Patrick S. Honeycutt; Ernest Bennett; W. S. Phillips; A. L. Neumann; J. O. Legg; R. D. Pugh. tt-nd Row. William F. Ligon, Jr.; Clarence Rice; Virgil Reading; Jack Phillips; John E. Lachowsky; Leland Duncan; Robert Child; William S. Ferguson; C. L. Weems. ’d Row: Ernest E. Pfeifer; Robert E. Black; Harold L. Lady; Lewis E. Hershberger; Vernon Bostian; Don J. Brown, Jr.; Perry Lee Adkisson. (Bsda ' fyamma §iqma Jop fijuMnoAA dCorwAoJiy first Row: James E. Baker; Robert C. Bullock; Dorothy Novak; Orville Ben Core; Jeanne Carmicheal; E. J. Ball; M. G. Bridenstine; Robert D. Hay. Second Row: Donald S. Graham; Frank T. McGehee; Jack R. Mosier; Thomas E. Faust; Lawson M. Joiner; William A. Murphy; Tom Hancock. (BLm Jisuj diiqk CfctuwGMSLnJt in Jthsi J mdsihAhip J judd first Row: Daniel H. Woods; Clarence Rice; William E. Shook; Donald E. Farris; Edward B. Dillon; Carter Short; Wayne Boyce; Ross Prit¬ chard; Bob Bowen; Bob Riley; Jimmy Griffith; Bill Block. Second Row : Ernest Bennett; John Troutt; Edward L. Gammill; Alvin C. Duke; Roy C. Harrison; Leroy Brooks; Phil Carroll; Herschel Mc- Clurkin; Maitland Rutledge. Jhird Row.- Ferd Bcllengrath; Frank T. McGehee; Blake W. Schultz; Bob Compton; Tom Faust; Bobby Barnett; Patrick S. Honeycutt; Bob Nimocks; Walter Williams, Jr. Chi Jhsda Bummlaa (OomsurOk (pAoftL AWJw Jhaisumih irst Row.- Margaret Curry; Barbara Ann Carr; Margaret Laird; Betty Ragan; Carolyn Ripley; Jean Ann Kight; Cleta Sue Bennett. Second Rou : Barbara Padcn; Jane Bateman; Alice Paddock; Johnnie Wallace; Hattie Moore; Judy Price; Margaret Villee. Third Row. Virginia Reeves; Alvin Ann Boyd; Betty Huxtable; Rose Records. CDsrfJta Jhsda (phi Tlcdtwmd Jaw Society dffiUaJts fr • lrSt 0M,; John G. Holland; Edward B. Dillon; John H. Joyce; Walter M. Dickinson; Cecil B. Nance; John M. Graves; Tommy Russell; Robert ‘ Dougherty; James H. McClellan; Harry E. McDermott; Joe M. Sudduth. ° n d Odell Pollard; Richard L. Choate; Glyn E. Sawyer; Joe C. Nemec, Jr.; Bob Compton; Phil Carroll; Richard Hart; Felver A. Row- e ll, Jr.; Herbert D. Horton. Row: William K. Ball; Robert E. Diles; Eugene Singleton; George N. Holmes; John Killough; Edward M. Owens; Bill Richardson; Otis Linebarier; Major J. Holmes; Robert W. McCuisti on; William L. Terry. Jiappa (Dsriia (pi ?(oJwAaAy fcjducaiion $oci hj. first Row: Denver B. Hutson; Helen Graham; Sarah Ellen Shipley; Jeanne Carmichael; Charlene Majors Springgate; Donna Wunderlich; Rud- yard K. Bent. Second Row: Richard B. Kilgallen; Jack Stokes Ballard; Frances Shouse; Betty Woodson; John G. Nardin; Carl R. Reng; Charles H. Cross. Kappa Kappa (pAi lAmvsLhAihj (BandAmcn first Row: Robert L. Presnell; Billy Edward Davis; John Fortenberry; Bill Hays; Mack A. Walker; Harvey Donegan. Second Row: David H. Newbern; Marvin Bankston; Earl Wisner; John D. Watson, Jr.; Bill Compton; Charles McIntosh. Third Row. Bobby Joe Dunn; Walter Mitchell; Bob P. McDaniel; James E. Taylor. lambda Jau dimwAcUiy fcnqliAh JhaisAnihj first Row: Joyce Derden; Mary Jane Watkins; Polly Cole; Georgia Mills; Donna Wunderlich; Frances Shouse; Betty Woodson. cond Row.- Ruth Howard Martin; Robert J. Franklin; Thomas H. Cook; Carol Davidson; W. Bruce Kadow; Robert K. Sutton; Charles McIn¬ tosh. WoAiafi (BoaJud SdwlaA kip, ctfiadzAAkip, and SsJwiai First Row.- Florence Meeks; Frances Shouse; Mary Bob Cross; Donna Swank. Second Row: Paula Reagan; Dorothy Jeanne Jackson; Betty Ragan. Omichon (Delia (Kappa JeadeAAhip dionah Society first Row.- Andrew Wikman; Drew T. Johnson; John Paul Sanders; Dave James; Dave Collins; Don Graham; Charles Kittrell; Bill DeCauIp; Davis Richardson; Max Eckels; Floyd Sessions; Louie Walter; Jerry Shaw. Second Row.- Leonard Brewer; Fred Ligon; Bill Phillips; George Zimmerman; Harold Lady; Don Brown; Bob Franklin; Tom Cook; Jack Bal¬ lard; Richard Kilgallen; Tommy Kinser. Third Row: Bob Edwards; Joe Abell; C. W. Oxford; C. H. Cross; Steve Matthews; Bill Heffelfinger; James Sloan; P. H. Hardin; Forrest Long; Ben Core; Lewis Webster Jones; Wylie Davis; G. P. Stocker. Phi CUpha Jhsdta TlaJtiomd ddtdohy dinnohaMj. first Row.- Ingeborg Von Groll; Peggy Williams; Paula Reagan; Eleanor Morris; Dorothy Jeanne Jackson; Georgia Mills; Anne Peterson; Carol Davidson. Second Row: Lawrence Oswald, Jr.; Loren L. Butler; Jack S. Ballard; Wallace Gordon Malone; Harlin J. Perryman; Richard J. Hostetter; Rob¬ ert Franklin; Amos E. Simpson; William A. Burnett. 5 Phi Alpha (DsrfJta £1oa “01 ' o taw SJbuud vdA first Ron’: Charles Garner; James T. West; Robert Robbs; Ed Jackson; Ben Core; Ray Trammell. Second Row.- Jim Slaon ; Cecil Matthews; Neyron D. Edwards; Bill DeCauIp; Perry Whitmore; Jack Brunson; Danny Woods. Third Row: Gerald Parker; William Clay; E. J. Ball; Hugh Hardin,- Steve Matthews; Wiley Davis. Phi (Bsda Kappa OhtA and Sdsmcc Qnlsdlupmi ia first Roiv: Mary Bob Cross; Anne Peterson; H. G. Hotz; Nadine Ray; Barbara Campbell. Second Row.- Delbert Swartz,- Gerald P. Brown; Bernard J. Kobiclla; E. Wertheim; M. E. Hopkins. m (phi £ia $iqma J ' AoAhmsmA Scholarship dionohaftij first Row-. N. W. Powell; N. W. Chellgren; L. H. Lambert; H. Cox; O. North; N. Ziegler; J. H. London; R. C. Harrison; L. Brooks; E. F. Li. Second Row: P. Malone; W. Malone; R. J. Lovell; R. B. Edwards; L. D. Duncan; H. D. Boling; R. L. Frantz; W. N. Williams; L. L. Chilcote; A. O. Wikman. Third Row.- R. Grimsley; J. VanDenBerg; D. A. Collins; R. Gillham; R. Heaston; L. Page; J. M. Shaw; N. E. Snow; R. K. Sutton. fourth Row: D. H. Newbern; J. E. Taylor; B. E. Henderson; W. P. Henry; A. D. Malone; W. R. Moody; B. C. Hopper; R. Lueg; C. McIntosh. (phi SLqma Siunidcdw i of (Bioloqical fi MWich first Row: Connie Pinkerman; George Vickers; Mary Anne McDonald; Bob Ayres; Mary Alice McClellan; Bob Talbert. Second Row. Barbara Carson; Walter Harmon; Ernest Melvin Weitz; Dewitt Crandell; John Jackson; Clarence Rice. Third Row. Willard Thomas; Lee Parker; Howard Weinstein; Seth Henry; Adlai Arnold. fourth Row: Harry Statman; George Zimmerman; Gordon Barnes; Virgil Reading; Joe Legg. fifth Row.- Dr. S. C. Dellinger; Dr. Delbert Swartz; Don Farris; Emory Brown; Jerry Shaw. Sixth Row.- W. J. Wiser; Lewis Hershberger. Phi lApAilon Omwwn diaMJZ-VfljakszAA of Mid J ' uiuAc sl kow : Betty Jean Douglas; Imogene Bynum; Ruth Marie Simonds; Mescal Johnston; Carol Morgan; Helen Schafer; Marie B. Kimball; Ernestine A. McLeod. ec °»id Row. Martha Kelly; Martha Phillips Shaw; Mary Jane Baker; Louise Davis Williams; Mary Frances Follett; Marilyn Miller; Jane Longino. Pi WUi dlpha Sinfyonia ynuAic diorwhahij ' ' Sf ow Marx J. Pales, Faculty Sponsor; Lawrence E. Guinn; John R. McFann; Thomas Kinser, Jr.; Bill Perryman; Bill Hays; Mike E. Sann; Louis B. Kiersky, Jr. ec ° n d Row. Robert Lincoln; Bobby J. Dunn; George W. Clifford; Alexander W. Hamilton; Jim Hackett; E. J. Marty. (pi Vyiu £fiduUon Wjcrih maJtkA disjjwhahy first Row.- Bruce Estes; Ed Alpucnte; Omer North; Corley Senyard; Bill Spinelli; John P. Sanders; Eric Fook Chuen Li; Robert James Lovell; Howard Hyde; Russell Lueg; James Nelson; Millard M. Mashburn; Leland Campbell; Byron E. Crawford. Second Row: Barbara Campbell; Paul Malone; Edward L. Gammill; Leroy Brooks; Bob Doyle; Betty McGinnis; Steve Rothrock; Drew T. John¬ son; Michael Joffe; John D. Byrd; Robert E. Boone; Theresa M. Renner; D. V. Tucker, Jr.; Graydon J. Bushart. Jhird Row.- Roy V. Simpson; V. W. Adkisson; William J. Templeton; Bob Edwards; Roy C. Harrison; Newton Noell; George R. Tait; Nat Richmond; W. E. Shook; W. C. Robinson; Jess Olive; Francis H. Bogard; Stacy L. Hull. fourth Row: Davis P. Richardson; Stewart E. Rogers; Glen Bruce; Bob Frantz; Andrew Wikman; Richard B. Homard; Jim Fullerton; Mark E. Lesem; Jack L. Baker; Clay L. Perry; Bernard H. Gundloch; Bill H. Seaton. Tlcdtional (pAydwioqy HonoAaAy $ocisdy first Row-. Nan Nickerson; Mary Bob Cross; Jeanne Boydston; Jane Knowles; Polly Cole; Colleen Delzell; Elise Richmond; Beverly Groesbeck; Marguerite Rice. Second Row: A. M. Roshal, Sponsor; J. H. Bowen; R. E. Mackey; John T. Fletcher; J. M. Shaw ; S. P. Kurn; H. D. McDonald; C. M. Cassidy. Supna CUfika 9oia VYIuawoI Qo dh diorwhaMj first Row: Anna Mary Ferguson; Jeannine Sessions; Alice Kiech; Dorothy Ladd; Joyce Ely. Second Row : Janet Lester; Nancy Cravens Lane; Mary Anne Maddox; Nan Dill. ScablcUid and {Black WlLiiaAij HoiwkaAu 7 ' rst Row: C. M. Milam; C. Jones; J. S. Ballard; H. H. McClurkin; H. W. Goodman; V. O. Cook; A. E. Patterson; F. M. Bellingrath; H. S. Hammans; B. W. Schultz; H. H. Cobb; P. S. Honeycutt; A. Mount; F. T. McGehee; V. E. Manning. Second Row. W. M. Waller; J. L. Phillips; R. T. Wallace; W. M. Shaw ; C. Tims; E. E. Harber; R. W. Morris; G. Mazzanti; J. E. Davis; M. A. David; B. L. Kaufman; J. A. Kaufman; D. J. Baumgardner; J. M. Rutledge; J. E. Smith; W. W. Reed; J. C. Griffith. 7hir d Row : D. M. Stueart; C. R. Linebarrier; B. E. Davidson; D. S. Graham; W. E. Banks; L. A. Martin; J. P. Johnson; R. J. Franklin; T. H. Cook; J. P. Caperton; R. M. Conway; W. V. Browning; B. E. Haney; J. H. Anderson; F. T. Cash; L. Randall. fourth Row B. D. Krebs; C. E. McSwain; L. R. Clark; C. J. Lincoln; R. A. Green; K. C. Stiles; R. D. Pugh; F. F. Neeley; J. D. Shaver; E. M. Smith; D. W. Smith; R. D. Gillham; W. S. Reynolds; H. D. Yow ; C. E. Deitz; J. A. Vaccaro; C. D. Jones. Pm Snpvm jamma padLon jGDloqjLj. dlonjDAaAy first Row. M. E. Hopkins; James W. Baxter; Vance O. Cook; Billy G. Brown; Gerald W. Flocks; Jack Anderson. Second Row. William D. Diggs; Doise L. Hughes; Paul H. Richardson; Edward W. McRae; Raymond B. Stroud. SLqma (pi Sigma fiwloqy TYlapAA and TYlinoAA first Roiv: Geo. D. Lingelbach; L. B. Ham; Steve Rothrock; Hughe D. Cooper; Austin B. Chappelle; Robert D. Stallard; Paul C. Sharrah. Second Row.- John Camus; Bob Clark; C. C. Steyer; J. A. Doughty; Z. V. Harvalik; R. L. Morse. Suphomote found! CldvLbJDAA Jto J ' MAhmsm J sLmmsL lrst Row: Carol Sittlcr; Glcnna Foster; Martha Woodson; Pat McLaughlin; Betty Anne Hemphill; Pat Weis; Bobbie Jean Delzell; Lorita Lash- ,c y; Fl°y Daugherty; Katherine Wheeler; Ann McNair. econd Row: Nancy Anne Hall; Virginia Haws; Mary John Skillcrn; Janie Sullivan; Nancy Lane; Virginia Heerwagen; Patricia Cates; Patricia nn Smith; Mary Anne Maddox; Barbara Monaghan; Patricia McDonald. Row: Carolyn Krueger; Joan Gosser; Joyzelle Collins; Emma Louise Kanis; Grace Godat; Ann Wiggans; Marian Pugh; Nancy Allen; Marion Measeles; Jerry Waddill; Judy Villareal. Jau (Bsdta pi OutdJtandinq fcnqinsuihinq ShidswJtA lrst ' Row. Andrew O. Wikman; Drew Tea Johnson; Robert L. Frantz; John D. Byrd; Stewart E. Rogers; James H. London; Omer C. North; George Robert Bowen; David A. Collins; Wm. W. McLendon; Leroy Brooks; Laurence H. Lambert; Nixon W. Powell. e cond R 0W: p au j Malone; Graydon Bushart; Roy Harrison; Harold Kelly; Edward Gammill; George B. Gentry; Daniel J. Schleef; Robert E. 7] ev ns ; Jack Smith; John L. Lundgren; William E. Shook. h ' rd Row: William C. Robinson; John P. Sanders; Joe F. Hottlc, Jr. ; Newton G. Noell; William H. Seaton; Mark E. Lesem; Frank W. Lewis; Joel W. Griffith; Kenneth M. Croy; Joy W. Whistle; Leland Campbell. 9n foop uriwc fcndocw iA, Page 245 m f ' Tm X | j i k f% % ■ T ( U i CbikanAjaA (BooM aa (flub Qhsuui (da ihn dioma Jsam first Row. Joe Jamcll; Dwight Sample; Bill Espy; Scott Boaz; Danny Woods; John L. Turner; Charlie Hammans; Walter R. Niblock; Winston Nesbit; Bill Wilson; David A. Collins; Jim Buckley; Jim Emery. Second Row-. Robert Wardlow; Dennis Shackleford; Bob Hickman; Ralph McDonald; Don Loveless; Earl Bolinger; Chic Brannen; Edwin H Pollock; Bob Penix; Grady Hinson; Jay Jones; Tom Mix. Jhird Row.- Vic Holthoff; Joe Pete McNeil; Bill Bonsteel; Jerry Williams; Pat Russell; George Miller; George W. Niblock; Bill Campbell; Clif¬ ford B. Melton; Tom Wilson; Richard Van Frank. fourth Row-. A1 Haraway; Gaylord Northrop; Birch Willey; Albert Koban, Jr.; Gerald Tims; Watson Hall; Wally Hall; Walter Nimocks; Beverly Berry. dcajuniinq Club jujum c p -s and audhcM, first Row.- William G. Easter; Ira D. House; William R. Minten; W. R. Rives; Roy H. Jones; C. Cooper Marshall; Robert R. Logan. Second Row : Lynn G. Medlin; Robert D. Elkins; Guy Boyett; Les Edwards; Carl H. Doepel; Jack R. Mosier; Michael E. DeSalvo; W. N. Abrams. (x)gjcVi£AA of ihc Qovsdsud fisud JjdJteA Z lrst How : B. Brown; T. Simpson; B. Rogers; B. Stancil; B. Hix; T. Roberts; R. Pritchard; G. Mazzanti; F. Fischel; D. Thomason; C. Linebarier. econd How. B. Williams; G. Hudspeth; J. Lunney; D. A. Collins; J. Smith; T. Hardin; B. Bradford; L. Schaufele; D. B. Atkinson; M. Stendel. lr d How : M. Tallent; E. Rowland; D. Thornton; J. Rushing; J. Dugan; J. Shawgo; G. A. Halstead; B. Egan; J. Baldwin; G. Eckert, J. Shaddox. ° Ur th How.- D. Logue; H. Stockton; F. Williams; J. Cathcart; K. Gray; J. McGuire; B. Berry; S. Looney. Gqhovwmi} QLub (pAc-pAv. jAcuninq and. fcxpsJusLnai U Alcxandcr ; Logg; Hickman; Kchn; Johnston; Penix; Baker; Rollins; Miller; Minton; Hale. 0W: Rodd y; Par g er ; Turney; Spencer; Nelson; A. Martin; W. Martin; Aures; Ward; Brown; Johnson; Swaty; Groddy; Thurman. y lr “ Rom ’ McMahan; Davis; Todd; Gates; Burns; Foster; Phillips; Pollard; Lee; Arnold; Livingston; Sawyer; Glenn. How. Smith; Kelso; Sams; Nolen; Stewart; Stavely; Dortch; Caldwell; Bivens; Ray; Holloway; Ashley; McGhee; Overton, v J How Hinkle; Harms; Koone; Masters; Ramey; Swaim; Steward; Sn yder; Jacks; Henson; Peel; Pay; Cummings; Toler; Nowlin. lxt b How: Hammans; Griffith; Pettigrew; Eans; R. Smith; Fleming; Bryant; Clark; Docnig; Craig; McGrew; Miller. Cimsihiam QnJdiJtuisi of ClhdvJtsudtA first Row. Nathan McDaniel; Charles Curry; Charles Ripley; Fay Jones; Earnest Jacks; Harold Adams; Joe Wilkinson; Bob Laser. Second Row.- Woody Knight; Hershel McConnell; J. D. Murchison; Dan Cowling; Raymond Branton; Robert Peterson; C. E. Stousland. Jbird Row. D. V. Tucker, Jr.; J. C. Holcomb; George W. Spangler; Lugean Chilcote; Richard Van Franky; Steve Battisto; Robert F. Barling; John G. Williams. CbnsLfikan Qyudihdc of Qh mioai fcMpnsuiAA first Row-. Andrew Wikman; Drew T. Johnson; John G. DcPagter; Joseph B. Abell; Robert B. Edwards; Roy C. Harrison; John D. Byrd; Michael Joffe; Robert L. Frantz; William H. Seaton; A. Leroy Brooks. Second Row.- James Harvard London; Aniel H. House; Joe P. Morris, Jr.; Stewart E Rogers; George W. Woodard; Mark E. Lesem; Sam D. Hollinger; Janes E. White; James W. McGill; Michael C. Lyle. Jbird Row: William J. Templeton; Jay Thomasson; Allen Formby,- Jess Olive; John P. Middleton; James G. Cruse; Eldon A. Boers; Edwin Clardy; Ralph L. Baker; Robert J. Heaston. fourth Row.- Rodney R. Landes; John P. Sanders; John W. Graves; Richard M. French; George Sauter; M. L. Wood; Jack L. Griffin; James E. Spicer. a$ChS ir st Row.- W. Carroll Hlewster; Richard Newby J ; Louis Howard; Joel W. Griffith; Don E. Callaham; Bill Shook; Bill Robbins; Joe N. Drew; Marvin A. Dickinson; George L. Conner. e c°nd Row; I. L. Tomlin; Louis H. Fish; William M. Reed; Joe Kaufman; Ben Kaufman; Loyd L. Rutledge; Leslie B. Howell; J. C. Holt. nr R° w - Willie E. Martin; N. G. Noell; J. Louis Cotham; Gerald E. Mitchell; R. C. Kirby; Buster Keton. a US CbnsLhkan Qrudihdts. of fclsxihkal fcnqim AA $ rSt 0W: William W. McLendon; C. E. Deitz; H. J. Arnold; W. B. Stelzner; L. W. Jones; Bob E. Hill; Graydon J. Bushart; Arthur S. Brown. j, C0 ” d % ow : Harry M. Hill; Bryan K. Smith, Jr. ; Charles D. Brewer; Holcomb B. Irby; Bruce H. Estes; James A. Irvin; Dwight L. Foresee. UT( Row: Arthur E. Ray ; Marion C. Mead; Kenneth M. Croy; William J. McClanahan; Leland W. Brown; Victor P. Papoulias; Richard R. ‘ggs; Arthur R. Cleveland. tflphei Jiappa (pAi JiriuM (OikcwAcu fiuAwsi Am n First Row: Paul Caperton; Bill Espy; Maitland Rutledge; Ferd Bellingrath; Prof. Edward W. Reed; Louie Walter; Bill Block; Archie Patterson; Bill Pryor; Prof. John E. Kane; Prof. Merwyn G. Bridenstine; Don Graham; Charles Ringler. Second Row.- Ed Smith; Gus Caras; Walter Nimocks; Walter Niblock; Arnold Roberts; Homer Kenny; Jim Griffith; Nash Abrams; Herbert Knoff; Billy Ray Jones; Lundy Cavender; Mike Connaughton. Third Row: Robert Hudson; Jordan Lambert; Jim McDonald; Raymond Elrod; Bill Kramp; Walter Williams; Cecil Smith; Bill Williams; Rudolph Bauer; Bill Browning. (burned QnAiudJuj, Qiub (burned dluAbancLAy [First Row: G. Friedberg; P. Honeycutt; J. Spencer; F. Ellis; L. Hammonds; R. Kehn; M. McClung; R. Child; M. Heck; M. Norwood; E. Bennett; D. Brown, Jr.; H. Lady. Second Row-. L. Hershberger; R. Black; J. Lambert; D. Baldwin; J. Carter; C. Weems; J. Treat; H. Foster; J. Davis; P. Browning; H. Koen. Third Row.- J. Phillips; V. Reading; R. Talbert; C. Gates; F. Snyder; H. Nolen; D. Farris; A. Stanley; G. Perkins; C. Ponder; F. Ligon; F. Blair. Fourth Row: C. Rice; E. Harms; O. Hillard; P. Phillips; J. Lachowsky, Jr.; J. Johnson; W. Cummings; D. May; D. Hitt; B. Collins; J. Bryant. Fifth Row.- J. Coe; R. Pugh; B. Barnett; L. Hendrix; H. Slater, Jr. (ttpha (phi Omsiqjoi yiaiionai SrzAoicc J ' AaJbihnihf. First Row: Hugh Knoll; Sam Sparks; Jerol Garrison; Ralph McDonald, Jr.; Bob Rogers; Alan Hirsch. Second Row- Doug Wright; Ben Jones; Bob Smith; Perrin Jones; Bob Newell; Dick Pratt. Jbird Row.- Sam Boyce; Charles Hopkins; Lim Parks; Guy Boyett; Myron Fry. (hi t’wild { cLMpjbLA fiicaA jDA and (Ooodb First Row.- Catherine Rutherford; Brenda Stuck; Tommie Carol Barnes; Pat Durham; Jane Jarman; Carolyn Taylor. Second Row: Chuck Graddy; Dick Watkins; Beverly Jones; Robert Wardlow; Joe Pete McNeil; Harry Buckley. asa Ciqhi ShidsmidL OA ocLaiion OFFICERS: Curtis R. Powell, Treasurer; Evelyn Freeman, Assistant Manager; Clarence Rice, Manager; Frances Barton, Secretary; Miles Nor¬ wood, Publicity Manager. asp t Muwaoa Siwd niL (poUikal Jjmo jm Left to Right: Burrell Dobbs; Weldon O. Ramey; Joe Neff Basore; George W. Niblock; Fines Batchelor, Jr. hrst R 0W: F. Webb; N. Powell; N. Albright; L. Campbell; W. Isaacs; J. Copeman; K. Rippy; L. Wikman; H. Kelley; E. Rogers; J. Atkinson. Second Row: R. Gillham; W. Walden; J. Burke; J. Wilson; A. Hays; C. Longfellow; H. Bledsoe; S. Pinkston; J. Bryant; F. Battisto. Jhird Row: C. Womack; L. Fulmer; J. Hawkins; W. Moore; R. Hardy; V. Bryant; J. Stevenson; W. Tolleson; J. Lowder; J. Newman. ourtb Row: R. Threet; F. Burkhalter; R. Shaddox; H. Rabjohn; R. Smith; J. Smith; J. DeLille; E. Spratt; L. Whitford. OSCS (Imsihimn Socisdy of (?wil fcnxjinsuiJiA 7lrst R° w - R. C. Wray, Sponsor; Z. B. Fry; John E. Hall; Kenneth Joe Carpenter; James E. Howe; Johnnie F. Andrews; H. E. Hawkins; George R. Tait; K. L. Deitz; C. B. Wilson. Second Row: Harold E. Young; Alice Joe; H. L. Smith; J. Robert Doyle; Kenneth Pitchford; Alvin C. Austin; William F. Williams; William C. Fitts; Lee Fawcett; Don H. Boling. T Wd Row: Edward S. Morgan; Orville L. Bluhrn; Guy M. Corley; James L. Rhoads; Charles V. Owen; Lawrence H. Lambert; H. G. Hannah; Will Raines; W. L. Hall; W. H. Lambert. SfTTL ' T ' .. . —, V 111) until First Row.- J. C. Brandon; L. G. Porter; O. C. North; L. Spears; W. D. Bright; J. Lillicrap; N. W. Newell; G. Brazil; E. F. Ecker; L. Crabtree; B. Gammill. Second Row-. R. E. Dunn; A. Duncan; G. Malone; L. Hodges; H. Thompson; W. R. Parker; E. J. Stanley; D. P. Combs. Jhird Row.- C D. Jones; L. R. Carson; R. J. Marbut; R. E. Moore; E. E. Billingslea; E. A. Oxford; G. Bowen. asms Cbnsihkan Soasrity j of Wjxkankal fcnqin siAA First Row: D. E. Smith; J. L. Jones; E. L. Gammill; W. T. Harris; J. R. Smith; C. G. Skillern; H. W. Risteen; J. D. McKown; W. R. Spencer; W. L. Baldwin; D. H. James; B. Shook. Second Row-. G. H. Jones; N. Richmond; D. Huckabay; C. M. Skillern; J. W. Howard; B. S. Jordan; J. B. Gregory; D. E. Mouser; J. A. Bard; J. H. Talbot; G. B. Irby, Jr. Jhird Row.- W. E. Searcy; J. A. Corbett; A. M. Talley; P. A. Marak; N. G. Noell; D. A. Collins; R. E. Bowman; J. W. Whistle; G. R. Clarkson; B. J. Hutton; W. C. Robinson. Fourth Row: M. L. Roscoe; L. W. Stephens; E. W. Jones; C. C. Schneider; H. M. Wright; J. E. Taylor; R. E. Holmes; C. P. Senyard. CUjCn j of Woman ShidanJtA CHI Woman Siudanib first Row: Elouise Carroum; Donna Swank; Mary Bob Cross; Jean Ann Kight; Peggy Paty; Frances Barton. Second Row: Patricia J. Pierce; Retha Thompson; Frances Shouse; Tissie Wallace; Judy Price; Mary Elizabeth Brigance. ftaptiid Shmdsmi Union Sindsmi J aUowMp 7 ' rst Row: A. D. Bate; Ellen Kinsey; Dorothy Ladd; Dolores Francis; Betty Woolley; Faye Houston; Nan Dill; Terry McFarland; Mary Jane Baker; Betty Hanna; Otis Horton. Secon d Row : Sammy Gray; Bob Nunnelly; Willis T. Moore; Boyd Mills; Roy Fish; Lynn Nutt; Curtis R. Powell; Bob Elmore, Jr. During the past year the Razorback band, under the direction of E. J. Marty, performed at all football games and pep rallies and climaxed the year by a trip to the Mardi Gras, where it was the official band of King Rex. (Ra ohhcudi (Band (pop and fihifJthm (oh fcvstoj. $am Left to Right: Pat Moore; Mary Ann Maddox; Franklin Ault; Jeannine Hartley; Alice Aumick; Mary Wise. I ulw pm mk Mr. l j- 0% • —mem wk m yr " s If „ j bk H MM m ( d bHm I m. f ■ li il l MX I U_ 1 Y t .: m . 4 iBk i 91 m ■ ' k ifgk iu. ii T ’ JmSm t JM 8 1 si 1 ». BlcuckpriaM Student 0Acwtcdi£ ClAAociation first Row.- Sheila Starr; Gloria Wallace; Katherine Rising; Suzanna Cubbage. Second Row-. Bill Edmonds; Harvey Donegan; Arville Kraus. (Booth and SpWc lAjuvcAhliif (Ridinq QLub ' rSt Rom ’ : Eva Jane Cordcr; Joe Ely; Nancy Boehmer; Paul Bollinger; Barbara Morely; Lee Williams; Lois Thompsen; Myron Fry. COtl Row: Harry Slater; Martha Brooks; Gene Almon; Judy Abraham; John Paul Runyon; Terri Campbell; Gay Markham; Nancy Bylander; Jean Woodman. jsto b. v . j f jy m —y 1. (r wM . , safe- H p 7 ) jflp iCyff : ' w r • m v ihn mt jppi |||g 1 ■■ - iMmini-j . - 1 Jr® - j - jp } ' ■ IP (BcumsJi Ij Dloqjy Qlub (HoiwhaM}, Soda ' fyhoup first Row.- Charles W. Deloney; Keith Stapleton; Dan C. Edwards; Vance O. Cook; Roy Hille; M. E. Hopkins. Second Row.- Chuck Sewell; Charles San Freeman; Earl Wisner,- J. D. Casey; George S. Woolley. QanisUibiihij Qlub Shjudswi £pjiAa)pati£WA first Row.- Currin Nichol; Lim Parks, Jr. ; Mary Ann Ellis; Basil Hoag, Jr.; S. Lyle Johnson; Rev. Marius Lindloff; Paul Caperton, Jr. ; Bill Mes¬ senger; J. H. Anderson. Second Row.- Happy Shuford; Edwin Vaulx Boles; Lawson Delony; Nancy Lane; Margaret McNutt; Barbara Ellis; Jimmy Pappas; Edward E. Staton; Elmer Flucht; Lynn Wassell. Third Row: Edmund Williams, Jr.; Bob Newell; Suzanne Bryan,- Gail Adkisson; Rosemary Rucker; Frances Wright; Wade Egbert; James N. Higgins, Jr. C nihai (planninq Qom. (pAinjcipa lAnion Qommiiisui first Row: Jim Johnson; Ruth Ann Daniels; Janet Lester; Bob Laser. Second Row: George Rea; Jack Brown; Bill McClannahan; Gayle Oglesby; Edwin Vaulx Boles. Ch tfdswud hA foh the fold and (tfJiite first Row-. Ruth Ann Daniels; Desha Clayton; Jeannine Campbell; Jacque Galloway; Alice Hamilton. Second Row: Scott Boaz; Jay Jones; David A. Collins. fommahai )juiLd (pAomjojtwn of fiii bwAA foJU q first Row : Ferd Bellingrath; Carolyn Ripley; Margaret Villee; Frank McGehec; Martha Birdsong; Agnes Wynne; John Rhodes. Second Row : Quintin Cone; Charlie Wright; Don Graham; Ralph McDonald; Ed Hemme; Bill Pryor. Third Row: Max Eckels; Tommy Kemp; Ed Smith. fourth Row: Bill Rice; Walter Niblock; Dennis Shackleford; Jim Griffith; Bob Bailey; Prof. Arthur Moss. fifth Row-. Walter Nimocks; Bill Goodwin; Sam Wood; Jake Stuckey; Bill Williams. Qoisum Qid danjdiw} lAnaffUJudsd fosudd first Row-. Tommie Fox; Janie Gipson; Anna Mary Ferguson; Rita Cook; Carlyn Clark; Jean Coddington; Nelle Curry Guinn. Second Row: Jimmye Lou Dobkins; Jean Weir; Mary Jane Baker; Willa Mae Garner; Fay Houston; Retha Thompson; Joan Cobb. Third Row: Barbara Paden; Wadene Foreman; Imogene Bynum; Carolyn Rodgers; Alice Harrison; Peggy Williams. (fiamsA PLub (Oiv A of iRsLbid idt Siujdsmitk Tirst " Row-. Johnston; Murchison; Young; Cheyne; Morris; Sessions; Wells; Black; Joffe; Jones; Gist. Second Row: Keeling; Murray; Bailey; V. Smith; P. Smith; Webb; Howell; Kirby; Fulmer; Connolly; Martin. Third Row.- Clarkson; Knigge; Ballard; Garrett; Riggs; Pittman; Card; Blevins; Jones; Tarvin; Roberts . 7-ourth Row: McDonald; Walker; Gunn; Southworth; Amason; Hale; McKown; Malone; Leroux. (Di jdph StudenJ: J Uoiv Ahip QhhLbJtmn (fhiVudh Siudsmid first Row : Willa Mae Coward; Joyzelle Collins; Lou Wilson; Rita Cook; Marilyn Miller; Pat Sandstead. Second Row.- Burl Davidson; Chester McKeon; Wayne Williams; Sarah Ellen Shipley; Mildred Austin; Carolyn Kreuger; Steve Smith. Third Row-. Vance Cook; Bob Ed Allen; Andy Minor; Max Fairley; John Brown; Jerry Rundell. fcnqimsihinq Council Skufard fonqinsuLM first Row: Wayne N. Williams; Zelma B. Fry; James B. Gregory; Edward Gammill; Charles M. Kittrell; Roy C. Harrison; Corley P. Senyard Second Row.- Leroy Brooks; Calvin Grubbs; William E. Shook; Billy A. Robbins; James W. McGill; Chester McKeon; Stewart E. Rogers. J ' Ohm diouM (flub tiqhi Social )houp first Row: Gerald Hickman; Clarence Rice; Meryl Christiansen; Howard Voelker; Joe Spencer; Donald Farris; Robert Toler; Billy Greene Wallace Cummings; Lavoid Holloway. Second Row.- Jerry T. Stephens; Bob Haynie; Donald R. Johnson; James R. McGhee; Kenneth E. Kerr; Harmon H. Ramey; Martin M. Derri ck James R. Campbell; Glen W. Frizzell; Richard R. Gray. mm s J ' JuiuM JoAmgM jog ChmJtka 3 joa fisdti A J ' CUunA 7lrst Kow: Glen E. Perkins; Harold E. Foster; Chester L. Gates; Frank O. Snyder; Joe Spencer; John H. Grigsby; G. B. Swaim, Jr. ; C. W. Webb, Jr.; Bob J. Lady; Joe P. Johnson. ' ec ond -Row ; George E. Zimmerman; Edward D. Spencer; Donald E. Farris; Denver B. Hutson; Jim D. Graddy; Thurman L. Ray; Miles J. Norwood; Hugh L. Nutt. J ' UiuM JjzcucAgaa of OmsiAma J ' Oh fisdi Ji SdwoL i f ' rs( Ro " ’- ' Major Tallent- Bettv Jane Weaver- Faye R. Eubanks Swift; William B. Nutt; Douglas L. Hall; William L. McCuller; Donna Wunder¬ lich. Second Row: Joann Phillips; Doris Hanna; Anna Brown; Lou Wilson; Bertha Lewis; Margaret Anne Dial; Betty Woodson. 7b,rd Kow: Don Van Gilder; John E. Beattie; Jack Stokes Ballard; Robert L. Morris; W. Bruce Kadow; Jesse J. Lampton, Jr. ; Wathcn T. Kirk- Patrick. first Row: George R. Clarkson; D. L. Bennett; Ralph L. Neiharte; Archie R. Foster; Joe S. McKinnon. Second Row: Roland Mariott; Raymond H. Elrod; Vance O. Cook; Remley Schiff. 2{jDm foconomkA (flub (phofjsLA wnal tfJwup tjamma 9ola lAniusAdtiitj UsdcAanA! (flub first Row: Elizabeth Rives; Frances Smith; Joann Phillips; Carol Morgan; Alice Shofner; Janis Hawkins; Carolyn Rodgers; Evelyn Sekavec Mildred Walker; Dorothy Mitchell; Pat McLaughlin; Ann McHenry. Second Row-. Melba Huckabay; Jeanne Dillport; Imogene Bynum; Margaret Ann Dial; Mrs. Mary Burton, Advisor; Vera MacNair; Bobbie Newtown; Virginia Blair; Ethel Louise Willcox; Ann Wiggans; Josephine McGill; Sharon Orrick. fhird Row.- Ann Snyder; Mildred Burrow; Wilma Jean Sutton; Marion Measeles; Sue Walker; Brooks Maddux; Joan Glasgow; Marilyn White¬ head; Martha Williams; Frances Barton; Jo Annette Halk; Barbara Nichols. QnJbzAncd ' I fislaiionA Qivuwii £,vwi Study ri sl Row. Janet Toney; June Cross; Carolyn Patton; Pat Durham; Jean Stuck; Eleanor Morris; Madge Westbrook; Anne Petersen; Jeannine Francis. S “ond How. Ladi Pushkarsky; Bob Wright; Bob Franklin; Weldon O. Ramey; John H. Palm; Loren L. Butler; Franklin I. Presson. QnJtsuinai. Shudswlbl 0luh Johsiqn SJtwdsinlA!. f)wup 7irst Row: O. W. McMillan, Sponsor; Maude Blondeau, Sponsor; Fook Kong Li; Jean Chapman; Peggy Heim; Ingeborg von Groll; Ann Leys- sius; Inge Lotz; Eric Fook Chuen Li. Ci °nd How-. Miguel Nieves, Jr.; Alejandro Stadthagen; Visit Tansacha; Jose G. Salichs; Emilio A. Stadthagen; Manuel Garay; Ernesto Torres,- Weldon O. Ramey. Rote. Sac Ma Keli; Edward Nieckarz; Martin Pearah; Kei Man Fong; Jose Mercado; Jorge L. de Jesus; Oscar Stadthagen; Roger A. Meindre. 9fi£ Qrudiiidsi of fbcudio fcnqinssiAik First Row.- Victor E. Trost; Willie E. Martin; Victor P. Papoulias; George H. Scott; George L. Conner; Marvin A. Dickinson; Richard Newby; Louis W. Howard. Second Row: N. G. Noell; C. E. Grubbs; I. L. Tomlin; William W. McLendon; C. E. Deitz; Guy Sekavec; Louis W. Bettis; D. M. Rison. CThird Row: W. Carroll Blewster; James R. Bowen; J. Louis Cotham; Gerald E. Mitchell; Clinton E. Calvert; Graydon J. Bushart; Will Raines; Bob Woolfolk. yyiaph- VYUnoh (fLuJb (W.on) (phi}. £d. Studld First Row: Jack Rushing; Bob Williams; James Sandor; Gerald B. Hudspeth; Charles Young; Joe Claborn; Bobby C. Watson; Wesley Moreland. Second Row.- Frank Myers, Sponsor; D. L. Miller; Dewey Thomason; Calvin Lane; John Shaddox; John Garrison; Walt Lambert; James A. Maestri. Jhird Row-. Jack Hess; Jack Shawgo; George Eckert; Al Ercolano; Walter Kearns; Henry Curtin; Wayne Costley; Paul S. Richardson; Earl W. Phillips; Thomas Hardin. WajjoA- Winch QLub (U)om n) (pky. £d. Studcnid T ' rst R° w - Mary Jo Wood; Rosemary Callahan; Jimmye Lou Dobkins; Barbara Rae Blagg; Sarah Langston; Mary Purcell; Billie Joe Jones; Caro- lyn Futrell; Lynne Nease; Betty Jo Simmons. ec °nd -Roiv: Alice Harrison; Margaret Tobin; Pat Weis; Nell Parker; Retha Thompson; Jean Coddington; Rosemary Meriwether; Mary Jac 7) Snider; Sall Y Ann Pace; Donna June Whistle. htrd Row: Mary Jane Naylor; Jerry Waddill; Jean McIntyre; Pat Smith; Pat Thomas; Bobbie Jean Delzell; Elsie Thompson; Carrie Louise Holland; Helen J. Dent; Jeannine Campbell. Vyisthdiandhinq and Wxvdvdinq TTlapoAA T ‘ rst Ro «’- Charles Sutton; Eddie Beshoner; Charles Melton; A. B. Moss; Rice Green; C. E. Kettler; Gene Eberle; Ruth Riddick; Harold McDon- aid; Lawson Delony. ccond -Row. Melvin Burgess; Bill Ellcdge; Max Eckles; Max Fairley; Glen Halstead; Ed Harber; Jack Duffle; Jerome Duffle; Abe Pianalto. y d Rote.- Paul Arnn; A1 Levin; J. B. Johnson; Archie Foster; Mac Joiner; Richard Thompson; Ralph Neiharte; Wilbur Lacht; Harry Pierce. 0, rth Row: Alan Hirsch; Gordon Hastings; H. L. Wilson; Omar Cauby; Winton Smith. TmChtb Social (xlolfyate majoM first Row-. Mary Ellen Stewart; Pat Ware; Mary Megee; Marv Myers; Zerlenne Burbank; Professor Sylvia Temple; Rosemary Davidson; Marie Morrison. Second Row: Sissy Cunningham; Emma Louise Kanis; Catherine Rutherford; Mattie Cal Maxted; Kate S. Bemis; Margaret Bell; Harold B. Lee IAjuv. VYUx d QhohuA £riAJLmJbk, (fJtoAal Sinqinq. The University Mixed Chorus, under the direction of Professor Harry E. Schultz, is composed of the finest singers on the campus. The requirements for membership are a basic knowledge of music and the ability to read notes. Some previous choral training, such as that available in high school, is highly desirable. One hour credit is given for Mixed Chorus. The aim of Mixed Chorus is to improve the quality of ensemble singing at the University of Arkansas and at the same time, to provide students with an opportunity to gain experience in choral singing. The Chorus uses the best choral literature in its concerts. yisiwjntctn £lub c a w £ studsmu First Row Phil Carroll; Jerry Lee Reynolds; Bohen Marie Ferrari; Rev. Francis J. McKee; Jim Vizzier; Gilbert F. Schneider; Patricia Ann Benny; Rosalie T. Ruesewald; Michael C. Lyle; Alice Whittcnberg; Marie Louise Rhea. Second Row. Leonard Raible; Vincent Lovoi; Virginia L. Scudder; Ellen Coffey; Tony Daniel; Rosalyn Jones; Matt Wiedenker; A. J. Rocken- haus; Jerome Ahne; J. A. Vaccaro; Geno Mazzanti. Fhird Row : Ed Halter, Jr.; Roy Upchurch, Jr.; Charles Hughes, Jr.; Frank Cumnock; Mike Clifford; Abe Pianalto; Pat Failla; Clemons A. Doenig; Frank R. Battisto. (pcw-Ctmsihican (flub Study of Jjrfln CbvuLhka First Row : James Oliver Turner; Darlene Rise; Grace Godat; Janet Lester; Jacquelyn Coffman; Retha Cornett; Flora Hawkins; Brik Dumas. Second Row: James Franklin Billingsley; William Minor Taylor, Jr. ; Jack Frost; Graham Partlow; Alejandro Stadthagen; Jere H. Dial, Jr.; Earnest W. Martin, Jr.; Waddy W. Moore; D. V. Tucker, Jr. (plsudq Qowudl (BnhdsAA QnioJi-J ' hcdsihmhj (RsdaiwnA First Row.- Charla Oman; Rosemary Meriwether; Mary Jac Snider; Diann Dykes; Marion Pugh; Betty Ann Rogers; Mary Hcnslee; Floy Daugh¬ erty; Pat Weis; Mary John Skillern. Second Row: Morton Glatstein; Edwin Pollock; Alfred Duncan; Bill Martin; Mike Clifford; Bob Compton; Greg Newell; James Clement. Fhird Row.- Sam Boyce; Paul C. Collins; Rupert B. Blackmun; Chic Brannen. (pte- FTflsud (flub (RsicMcdion $da J’lctuAc 7 71. (D.a First Row.- Louis Mogel; Phil Deal; Nancy Allen; Jean Chapman; Eva Power; Rosalie Ruesewald; Leo J. Kaylor; Robert B. Westessou; H. Austin Grimes. Second Row.- Charles R. Baker; Ladi Pushkarsky; Roger N. Anderson; Eugene Tate; Walter Rossington; John Watts; John D. Watson, Jr.; George Pakis, Jr. Jhird Row-. Quin Baber; James Ronan; O’Tar Norwood; Paul E. Parker; Charles E. Kemp; William C. Story; Henry Rogers; DcWitt Crandell; Donny Loveless. (Ph AA Qlub CL pirdnq JouM-£Aiai A first Row-. Donna Swank; Martha Murphy; Marnelle Thomsen; Jimmy M. Jones; Bill Waller; Bob McCord; Dorothy Wood; Pat Pierce. Second Row.- John Troutt; Perrin Jones; Tommy Wilson; Deane Hardy; Alfred Beaty; Richard Ward. fioolin! (RubsA Cl (BooaI go a the fiohksM first Row: Mary Joan Lachowsky; Martha Woodson; Jane Adamson; Pat Harris; Joan Glasgow; Frances Shouse; Earlene Brown; Jane Morse; Ann McNair; Mary Anne Maddox; Bobbie Jean Delzcll; Marnelle Thomsen. Second Row. Dorothy Wood; Maggie Curry; Barbara Braun; Evelyn Sekavec; Joan McKnight; Anna Belle White; Ann Kelley; Laura Ann Gar- anflo; Mary John Skillern; Cassie Campbell; Virginia Haws; Betty Jo Simmons. 7hi rd Row. Joanne Sullivan; Betty Sue Bottorff; Aubrey Faye Monk; Billie Jeanne Roberts; Pat Wallace; Jerry Lee Reynolds; Beverly Jones; Marilyn Beverly; Anna Mary Ferguson; Mary Jean Mitchell; Mil Bemis; Sue Redyard. fourth Row: Sally Peterson; Eleanor McGee; Rosemary Meriwether; Margaret Helen Marks; Patricia McKenzie, Mar) Ann Plant, Lou Wilson, Mary Jane Watkins; Susan Campbell; Jean Marlow; Dorothy Murrey. mtniit ||||g|t : Mws ■ - Ssff i JaP- 7 w i J ' fA 7 . i If m s n P ■ ' ♦ mjm. j ■ [ Jjj Hi % ' N B sam Socisdti} foA ihn Cidvanxjwuwi of fYlanciqsmumi first Row.- W. G. Holder; James O. Lide; Robert C. Bullock; Allen Deislinger; John L. Brown; Jack L. Elliott; Nora Ellen Stephens; Thelma M. Lorenzo; Ray Tilley, Jr.; T. W. Smith. Second Row.- James E. Thornton; Guy M. Eley; W. K. Parks; Donald Carter; Howard H. Frost; Calvin D. Mitchell; Elwood K. Gelster; Theo¬ dore L. Hayes; Harold R. Morgan; Carl W. Mathews, Jr. fhird Row.- R. A. Beegle, Jr.; Harold D. McDonald; Leonard W. Brewer, Jr.; Joseph R. Bridges; Fred J. Venner; Charles F. Deller; Adarin D. Farmer; Maurice E. Barton; George E. Freeman, Jr. Stud- ChuAdi-Siud. J’sriiowAhip first Row : Sarah Ellen Shipley; Elizabeth Hulse; Mary Ann Ellis; Dorothy Ladd; Janet Toney; Johnnie Wallace. Second Row: Drew Johnson; Wendell Morris; John Paul Sanders; Bill Pryor; John Watkins; Bob James; Dr. Harrison Hale. I First How : Dean Jeanette Scudder; Mrs. Malcolm Lawrence; Catherine McHugh; Mary Bob Cross. Second How.- Maitland Rutledge; Bill Browning; Bill McClanahan; Edward W. Reed; Bill Apple. Stud. Union Boahd (policy Johyniny {Body iAniv. c YYIsma {Bills CIcl a Bilk Study $Aoup The University Men’s Class is the largest organized group in the student program of the Central Presbyterian Church. The class recognizes the importance of the development of Christian fellowship in University of Aikansas campus life. In addi¬ tion to the regular Sunday morning classes, special days such as Homecoming, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mothers Day are suitably celebrated. In accordance with a custom of nearly twenty-five years, members of the football and basketball ieams are honor guests each season. OaMihj. Qombo OamsiJi l £hoksi foh (R -(Bop oh COcdi Seated: Polly Rogers; Leo Benson; Jerry Barnes; Stewart Rogers; Tom Kinser; Conrad Harington; Bernard Adams. Standing: Joe Wilkinson; Elmo Dillon; Bob Lincoln. (jJsi lsilJ ' foundation BcdamsA Jjigs (By Cfoiudian Jjwiny Tirst Row-. Wanda Murrah; Joyce Hunt; Carolyn Moore; Worth Gibson; Retha Thompson; Mrs. A. W. Blake, Counselor; Rosa Lou Fox. Second Row: Robert Bork; Eugene King; Edgar Anderson; Tom Clark; LcRoy Middleton; Bill Robbins; A. W. Blake, Counselor. Jhird Row.- Herschel H. McClurkin; Carrie Holland; Georgianna Steinbach; Kathcryn Rodgers; Mildred Bruce; McDonald Poe; C. Wayne Banks, Director. (x) a1sul} (pkuj iA Siujd£jd-Cldjid MiqjuouA (Dhamnit first Row : Shirley MeVey; Sue Walker; Wanda Jenkins; Carolyn Moore; Sarah Mayfield; Georgianna Stcinbach; Kathryn Rodgers; Jean Ann Kimberling; Retha Thompson; Carolyn Bumpers. Second Row: Bill Stahley; Johnnie Wallace; Carrie Louise Holland; Jeannine Campbell; Helen J. Dent; Bonnie J. Hendrickson; Reba Byrd; ‘ Mardie Stevenson; Margaret Terhune; Bill Robbins. Third How. Robert Bork ; Alvin Voughan; Tom Clark; Paul Davis; Ira Parsons; Worth Gibson; Maurice Barton; Douglas Wayland; David Sands. Cdn rmnA CUklsdic (faju ' n Clihlsrtjuc (phomoiiDn first Row: Dorothy Jeanne Jackson; Sarah Langs ton; Mary Purcell; Gloria Wallace; Retha Thompson; Jean Coddington; Jerry Waddill. Second Row.- Betty Wakefield; Betty Jo Simmons; Bobbie Jean Dclzell; Barbara Wood; Ruth Vickers; Pat Weis. f i j i mh . M JlU 7 ijmca C lpMM} TflunS fihhhJtian UdMjjcicdtwn first Row .- John Paul Runyan; Richard Batte; Chic Branncn; George W. Woodard; John P. Sanders; John Bumpers; Graham Partlow; Jack Frost; James Higgins; Edward E. Staton. Second Row.- Phil Deal; Harrell Newman; Lee E. Poague; Martin H. Scroggins, Jr.; Charles H. Mullins; Steve Rothrick; Max L. Fairley; Ches¬ ter McKeon; Buddy Ward; Walter Mitchell. Third Row.- Winston C. Baber; Leo J. Kaylor; Robert Presnell; Ralph Edwards; Herschel McClurkin; Ralph P. Autrey; Charles E. Kemp; Joe Adams; Frank Morchison; E. R. Barrett; L. L. Fawcett. fourth Row: James O. Turner; Charles W. Collins; Paul C. Rollins; Tommy Wilson; Frank David Werntz; George Miller; L. J. Sawyer; Fred Ligon, Jr.; C. L. Weems. ( ljjounq U)omswA QkhhJdwt CiAADcicdion first Row: Martha Kelly; Sally Cutting; Janet Toney; Judy Price; Flossy Meeks; Mary Purcell; Jane Pitman. Second Row: Mimi Brcitzke; Ethel Smart; Peggy Williams; Margaret Ann Hickey; Molly Leeper; Mary Jac Snider. ESIDENCES OF THE PEOPLE . 1. ' mv kflMy; ' 1 ■kUl . . aS 5 Jp IP ' ioNk j£Nj •• m w Wm agKpS REflBs. g. L- TP HE people live on or near the campus, making " a private life for themselves outside the close- knit interests of the campus and group social life. However, their private lives are always closely intermingled with and influenced by the campus. Living together, in dorms, sorority or fraternity houses, or private boarding houses, they are drawn closer together, and each gets an insight into the problems and outlook of the other. In these com¬ fortable University residences, the people play to¬ gether, enjoy life together, but even there they must work together, too, to make the facilities of their particular group function for the good and advancement of all the residents. So Greeks and dorm residents elect house officers or governing boards to represent their interests at home. In such well-organized living groups as are found on the campus, the individual quickly finds a place for himself, works to make his residence a true home and a congenial gathering-place, and thus takes another step on the road to becoming a well- rounded and capable person. TERNITIES (B twidu Page 281 GREGSON HALE This year the newest dormitory on the campus celebrated its second anniversary. It was in the fall of 1948 when some two hundred men officially opened the massive hall named for W. S. “Pop” Gregson, the University Chaplain and famous campus per¬ sonality. Gregson Hall, with its spacious cafeteria, handy snack bar, laundry room, barber shop, lounge, and mail room, is one of the most modern dorms in the southwest. Harold Hamilton and Ed Gammill were the industrious counselors who worked with an efficient staff of hard¬ working officers. The 1949-50 officers were John Hawkins, president; John Cobb, vice-president; Bob Vowen, sercetary- historian; Texas Milholland, treasurer; E. O. Sumner, ath¬ letic director; and Ed Hemme, social chairman. The coun- first Row-. Jerry Ahne; Alvin M. Austin; Earl Wilson Bates; Winston Baber; Jack R. Basden; Marvin Baukston; O. T. Beasley; Alfred E. Beaty; D. L. Bennett; Roy Blakely; Lester Bonds; Kenneth Brock. Second ‘Row.- John L. Brown; Gerald D. Brown; Melvin W. Burgess; J. W. Campbell; Henry F. Clark; John H. Cobb; John Dorsey Cole, Jr.; Glen L. Coley; Orville Core; Lloyd P. Cox; Leslie Crabtree; Sam Vance Daniel. Third Row: Edward Davenport; James L. Davenport; James K. DePagter; J. F. Dewitt; Frances J. Dolci; Bobby Joe Dunn; Robert E. Dunn; Frank Dulaney; Norman Eans; Louis H. Fish; Shun Foo; Richard M. French. fourth Row: A. O. Fry; Bill Gammill; Doyce W. Giles; John Wesley Goodson; Billy Gowen; Charlie T. Hall; Thomas Hardin; Harold Hamilton; Eugene Henderson; Hubert D. Henry; Tom Higgs; Jerome Buford Hill. fifth Row-. Carl Hodges; Larry Hogue; Robert Howard; M. E. Hopkins; George W. Hudson; Arthur Johnson; Clinton D. Jones; Frank Jones, Jr.; Hershel Jones,- Herald Kaffka; B. G. Kellow; Louis B. Kiersky, Jr. Sixth Row-. Edsel Kiser; Howard Kurzner; Lawrence Lambert; J. J. Laugston, Jr.; Lewis Carl Lee; Mark E. Lesem; Eric Foak Chuen Li; Robert C. Lobdill; Robert Luck; Joel Donald Lucke; Jimmie E. Lytle; Boyce O. McBride; S. K. Delmar McClure. OFFICERS John Hawkins . John Cobb . Bob Vowen . Texas Milholland . President Vice-President Secretary . Ti •easurer cil was composed of Richard French, Lewis Carllee, Charles Montgomery, D. V. Tucker, A1 Rockenhars and Carl Hodges. The Gregsonites participated in social, athletic, and aca¬ demic activities. One of the three dances given was a soft candlelight affair staged in the Hall’s own cafeteria. Intra- murals command a tremendous amount of interest from the men, and several of the residents are varsity athletes. First Row-. Ashton McCombs, Jr. ; James McConnell; Paul E. Malone; Marvin L. Mann; Floyd Martin; James A. Mastri; William David May; Marvin Wood; K. S. Matthew; Steve Matthews; George Meyer; Texas Milholland. Second Row.- Irl Hicks Moreland; Thomas A. Morrison; Charles Montgomery; Roland Moore; William L. Moore; William E. Neighbors; Robert W. Nesbit; J. B. Newman; Walter R. Niblock; Jess H. Olive; William C. O’Neal; Hugh Ozier. Third Row.- George Papageorge; William Parkey; Elbert Parrish; Jimmy Pitman; Odell Pollard; Arlee E. Pollard; Gerald Ponder; Ladislar Push- karsky; Woodrow Rains; O. R. Rankin, Jr. ; Charles W. Reed, Jr.; Charles Rixse. Fourth Row: Frank T. Robertson; Tommy Russell; Kenneth Sauders; Glyn Sawyer; Guy Sekavec; Thomas H. Sewell; Calvin W. Shelton; Benja¬ min M. Smith; James N. Smith; John E. Smith; Robert Gerald Smith; Ray Spillers. Fifth Row: Oscar Stadthagen; James M. Stiles; Mose A. Stringfellow; Harold R. Stockton; Elwood Sumner; Robert Sundermann; Jack E. Sutton; Thomas O. Sweeden; Frank Taylor; William J. Templeton; Jay Thomasson; Marshall Thompson. . Sixth Row.- Ross D. Tittle; Robert Toler; Victor E. Trost; Delmer V. Tucker, Jr.; H. A. Turney; Lois Vanderbilt; Robert P. Vowan; Richard Ward; Harley Watts; James H. West; James Tervell West; William J. Windham; Louis R. Windsor. Aldridge, Austin, J. Baker, P. Baker, Barbee, Barham, Bass, Bemis, Beverly, Black- Blanks, Boozman, Brandt, Braun, Bridgforth, Brown, Bryan, Burleson, Burton, Bushart. Bylander, Byrd, Carpenter, Carruth, Chastain, Coleman Collier, Corder, Corn, Carolyn Coxwell. Cathryn Coxwell, Cowan, Denton, Dixon, Doering, Duke, Durham, Farr, Felton, Ferguson. Fillingham, Fulmer, Gained Garland, Garrett, Gee, Godbold, Green, Griffin, Hall. Hardcastle, Heim, Hemphill, Hendris, Henderson, Higgins, Holland, Howell, Huxtable, Ingels. Johnston, Joiner, Karnes, Kirkland, Kuechenmcister, Little, Lockhart, Lincoln, McCarty, McIntyre. M. McKinney, S. McKinne) McMakin, McMullin, McVey, Malone, Massed Mellor, Morley, Moore. Morris, Morrison, Nelson, Nichols, Nitz, Oswald, Paty, Pope, Post, Presson, Pugh. Rapier, Redyard, Roberts, J. Robinson, L. Robinson, Runsick, Rutherford, Sammons, Sheeks, Sherman, Sisk. Smith, Snoddy, Spiva, Steinback, Sutton, Talbert Thomas, Turner, Van ?°° ' Martha Walker, Mildred Walker. Ware, Watkins, Wells, Whalen, Wherley, A. W h ' tC| W. White, Whistle, Woolard, Wulff, Yancy. Page 284 HOLCOMBE HALL Holcombe Hall, the resident hall for freshmen women, was named for Miss Jobelle Holcombe, emeritus professor of English and the first dean of women at the University. The Harvest Moon Inter-Hall Dance, pajama parties, Open House for the men students, monthly birthday din¬ ners, and weekly faculty dinners were outstanding events on the Fall social calendar. The Valentine party and the Holcombe Hall Spring Dance climaxed the social events of the year. There were also weekly exchange dinners with Carnall and Davis halls which were enjoyed by everyone. Holcombe residents shared many campus honors this year. The Hall was awarded second place for Homecoming House Decorations. The “A” and “B” volley ball teams won first place. In the beauty line, Barbara Braun was a Maid to the Homecoming Queen, and Betty Coldren was a finalist for St. Patricia. Among those active in Blackfriars were Dolores Alexander, Barbara Felton, Lynn Carruth, and Sue Red- yard. Seven of the girls were in the Razorback Band, and Pat Moore was a drum majorette. Peggy Paty was on the A.W.S. executive committee, and Rita Snoddy was Y.W. C.A. representative. OFFICERS Peggy Paty Carolyn Hall . Gail Adkisson . Rita Snoddy President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page 285 Mary Kay Baker, Mary Jane Baker, J. Baker, Bartlett, Barnes, Barton, Brian, Byrd, Chancey, Cason. C ates, Cauthron, Chapman Coleman, Crawley, Culkin, Deck, Dent, Denton, Douglas. C. Ely, J. Ely, Ferguson, Ferrari, Fong, Fox, Francis, Freeman, Gaskill, Glasgow Gordon, Green, Gregory, Greig, Groesbeck, Hoisted, Holland, Holt, Hotinger. Hudson, Jennings, Jeu, Johnson, Knowles, Ladd, Lanier, Lawson, Lavoice, Lock. Lorenzo, McCurdy, McKnight, Mills, Mitchell, Moffett, Moore, Murray, Muncon, Niell. Oliver, Orrick, Pace, Paden, Patterson, Peterson, Pierce, Presley, Reichardt, Ridley. D. Robinson, Robenson, V. Robinson, Rowlette, Santine, Schwartz, Shadwick, Shell, Smith, Spears. Stevenson, Strauss, Sutton, Talbot, Terhune, Thomas, B. Thompson, E. Thompson Trawick, Trusty. Webb, Weir, Whittenberg, Williams, Willcox, Wilson, Wise, Wood, Wooley. Page 286 CARNAL! HALL Gracious, spacious Carnall Hall, led through one of its most successful years by its president, Frances Barton, was home for 114 upper class women students this year. A tradition was born this year when the girls initiated the first all-campus stag party for girls, given before the A.W.S. vice-versa dance. A faculty tea was held in Febru¬ ary. High on the calendar for good times was the annual “come-as-you-are” Christmas party. The traditional Spring Formal climaxed the social season. The girls of Carnall Hall assumed their share of campus leadership. Frances Barton was elected secretary-treasurer of the senior class, served as a student senator, and as secretary of A.S.A ., and was on the A.W.S. Executive Board. Barbara Wood was secretary of the house manager’s council, and also served as a student senator. Pat Pierce was society editor of the Jraveler, assistant editor of the Razorback, and was on the A.W.S. Executive Board. A nn Peterson was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and was secretary of I.R.C. Dot LaVoice was secretary of Y.W.C.A., and Peggy Williams served on the Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. OFFICERS Frances Barton Harriette Bartlett Peggy Williams Marilyn Munson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page 287 first Row.- Nancy K. Arnold; Patricia Benny; Imogene Bynum; Jo Carlisle; Evelyn Dickinson; Virginia Ethridge; Wadcnc Foreman; Janie Gip¬ son; Evelyn Hammons; Donna Harris. Second Row: Jeanninc Hartley; Margaret Henderson; Marijim Hill; Mary Dell Hooker; Faye Houston; Virginia Humphreys; Wanda Lee Jen¬ kins; Mary Jones; Allean Karnes; Pat Kimberling. Jhird Row: Dawn Lee; Louise Mann; Neva Lou Mack; Virginia Martin; Sarah Mayfield; Betty Frances Moore; Shirley Pegram; Eva Power; Carolyn Rodgers; Katheryn Rodgers. fourth Row-. Mary E. Rogers; Rosalie Ruesewald; Frances Mae Smith Dorothy Speer; Cleta Stuart; Donna Swank; Betty Jane Weaver; Ann Wheat; Lois Thompson; Maxine Yenawine. DAVIS HALL Davis Hall has been well represented in many of the clubs, honorary societies, and religious organizations this year. Donna Swank, president of the Hall, was secretary of the Student Senate, secretary of A.W.S., and a member of Mor¬ tar Board. Eva Power was secretary of Pi Mu Delta and a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Imogene Bynum was sec¬ retary of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Frances Smith was secre¬ tary-treasurer of the University Religion Club, and the sec¬ retary of the B.S.U. council was Faye Houston. Sarah May- field was secretary of the Wesley Players. On the business side, Glee Henderson was secretary of the Marketing Club. Carolyn Rodgers was treasurer of the Home Ec Club. Taking the beauty spotlight in any crowd was Joanne Campbell, who was chosen a Razorback beauty, and cover girl for the Southern Coach and Athlete magazine. Jeannine Hartley was the head band majorette of the famous Razorback band that led the Mardi Gras parade. The Davis Hall girls enjoyed their busy social season highlighted by a skating party, the Harvest Moon Inter-Hall formal, and many other events during the year. OFFICERS Donna Swank . Mary Dell Hooker Pat Busch .... Betty Weaver . Mary Dell Hooker President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Page 288 Jxrsi How: Mollie Brantley; Pat Brewer; Patsy Falls; Willie Mae Garner; Catherine D. Kinsey; Ellen Kinsey; Marguerite McKoy. Second Row Marion J. Measeles; Helen M. Pitts; Evelyn Sekavec; Geneva Smith; Jerry Waddell; Emma Lee Williamson. GIRLS ' 4-H The Girl’s Four-H House has the distinction of being the first house of its kind organized in the United States, and the first Cooperative House on the campus. It is a member of the Central League of Campus Co-ops, which is an organ of the National Consumer’s Cooperative Association. This year’s social activities began with the annual back¬ yard buffet supper in honor of the new girls. A skating party, candy making party, sweater hop, and other occasions preceded the Christmas “Holly Day” Banquet, which cli¬ maxed the Fall social activities. The Founder’s Day Ban¬ quet was an outstanding feature of the Spring semester. There are several Four-H Champions and scholarship win¬ ners among the group . Mildred Bruce has won national honors in Home Management; Evelyn Sekavec is National Clothing Champion, State Achievement Champion, and win¬ ner of a Danforth Award; Jerry Waddill placed second in State Home Improvement Contests for two years; Marian Measeles and Pat Falls are winners of Kroger Scholarships; Geneva Smith has been state champion in gardening for two years and National Champion for one year; and Pat Brewer was state winner in clothing. OFFICERS Willie Mae Garner Joan Cobb .... Evelyn Sekavec Willie Mae Garner President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page 289 RAZORBACK HALL The high-point of the year at Razorback Hall was the arrival of the long-awaited new furniture which came right after the Christmas Holidays. The new beds with inner spring mattresses were a great improvement over the old army bunks, and the in¬ dividual desks were just what was needed for those who studied. Cushioned chairs and bed tables were other additions which made the men ' s comfort more complete. Another improvement was the return of the plan for only two men to live in a room. For the last three years the men have been living three in a room. Alvin Duke was again elected president of the Hall, and handled all of the business and activities with his usual efficiency and tact. first Row: Joseph Abell; Lee Boulden; G. F. Barnett, Jr.; Monroe Barrett; Frank R. Battisto; Waymon A. Betterton; F. H. Bogard; Wm. S. Bradford. Second Row-. Jack Brewer; Johnny Browko; Joe W. Clayborn; Jack N. Duffie; Jerome P. Duffle; Alvin C. Duke; Guy Eley; Lee M. Epperson. Third Row. James T. Foster; Paul Gelazin; Jay Hampton; Ray Hampton; R. H. Hayes; Jack W. Hess; Dan Hitt. fourth Row-. H. T. Hogan; Bryant Howell; Gerald Hudspeth; Meltan Jayson; Randolph Jeffries; Buster Keton; John E. Lillicrap. OFFICERS Alvin Duke ' President James Foster Counselor Theron Roberts Counselor Francis Bogard Counselor This year, the athletes were divided up somewhat. They lived in all sections of the Hall, and some were moved to Gregson Hall. Nevertheless, Razorback Hall was still con¬ sidered the official home of the Razorbacks. M Informality w 7 as the keynote of the outstanding event of the Razorback social season, which w ' as the annual spring outing. It was held after the spring football practice. first Row: Charles M. Little; Chester R. Linebarier; Edwin L. Lochmoeller; Don Logue; John Lunney; Lloyd B. McCain; Willie Earl Martin; D. L. Miller. Second Row. Talmadge S. Nelson; Neal Watson Newell, Jr. ; William Oates; John Purtle; Victor P. Papoulias; Buddy Rogers; Edward Rogers; Eckel Rowland. ‘ ?bird Row: J. C. Searcy, Jr. ; Charles E. Scharlaw,- Daniel J. Schleef; Jarrettc Dean Smith; Bill Stancil; William Tarver; Charles R. Temple; Jack Turner. ILOYD HALLS Lloyd Halls are dormitories purchased from the government at the close of the war and placed in the University housing program as housing for approximately two hundred seventy-five men. These six dormitories have been in use since the Fall of 1946. Due to the provisions in the contract, this is probably the last year that Lloyd Halls will be in operation as a residence for men students at the University of Arkansas. The name Lloyd Halls is derived from that of a Fayette¬ ville man who was killed in World War II. Governing bodies are maintained in each of the halls, and George Niblock is president this year. Counselors are placed in each hall by the University, with the responsibility of advising the men, maintaining order, and acting as general firsi Row: Johnie Andrews; David Arey; Curtis G. Baker; Ralph Baker; Gene Basden; James W. Bean; Louis W. Bettis; Nolan Beverly; Ira L. Blanchfill; Gene Blevins; James R. Bowen; Victor Bowers; Bill Bracey. Second Row.- Fred Braht; James A. Brown; Joel Bryant; William H. Bryant; William Cairns; Charles Elmer Caldwell; Erby Leon Cathey; Austin B. Chappelle; Norton Chcllgrcn; Meryl N. Christiansen; Edwin Kelly Clardy; John Dorsey Cole, Jr.; Noble E. Cook. Third Row: David Cowden; Charles Croom,- Elroy Curl; Billy Davis; Gene Davis; George Dawson; John Arthur Delaloye; Clyde Derrick; Martin Derrick; Theodore Burrell Dobbs; Max Lewis Edmondson; Robert E. Egan; Jeff Ellis, Jr. fourth Row.- John E. Elslander; J. P. Failla; Donald Farrar; Donald Edward Farris; S. A. Ferguson; Roy Fish; Paul Fleming, Jr.; Barney Forbes, Glen W. Frizzell; Walter Furner; Jack C. Godwin; Walter B. Gossom; H. L. Griffin. Fifth Row: Calvin E. Grubbs; John W. Hale; Glenn Halstead; Keith Hannah; James H. Harper; William T. Harris; H. E. Hawkins; H. H. Hawkins; William E. Heffmgton; Gerald Hickman; Richard Hendrix; James L. Hockersmith; Hubert R. Holland. Sixth Row: Bernard Hopper,- William J. Houser; James E. Howard; John Leland Hudson; Novil O. Hudson; James A. Irvin; Lucian Johnson; gtpr op r P ' l a , di d: ii. OFFICERS George Niblock .... President Don Ferris, James Hockersmith, David Mouser, Bill Houser, Jeff Ellis, Mike Desalvo . . Counselors house managers. This year the counselors were James Hock¬ ersmith, Don Ferris, David Mouser, Bill Houser, Jeff Ellis, and Mike Desalvo. The Lloyd Hall men have shown keen interest in the University ' s intramural program. This year they had out¬ standing football, basketball, volleyball and softball teams. first Row: Bob Keater; H. E. Kelso; Kenneth E. Kerr; Paul King; Hugh Knoll; Burnall Ray Knox, Raymond Mayfield Koger; Robert Laugston; Bill Lagenby; Spence Leamons; Jerry Lee; Thomas Lewis; Robert Logsdcn. Second Row.- John Paul Lusk; Charles H. Luther; Homer Luther; Harry McCall; Bennie J. McCoy; James McGhee; Gerald Marak; Lloyd W. Marks,- Robert L. Marks; Robert Medley; Paul Milbrodt; Allen Reid Miles; Gene W. Miller. Third Row.- Joseph B. Millwee; Berry Lee Moore; Joe P. Moore; Earl Moreland; Rex R. Morton; Ralph Murray; Irving Myers; Charles W. Nel¬ son; George W. Niblock; Miguel Nieves; Billie C. Page; Duane H. Parker; David Pay. fourth Row: Charles Pennington; Jack Denton Perry; Joseph Petray, Jr. ; James Avery Phillips; Albert Poe; Thomas Porterfield; Harmon H. Ramey, Jr.; Thomas Richardson; Donald Max Rison; Bernard Rivella; James Francis Ronan; John Martin Rosso; L. J. Rowin. fifth Row: Emile Saig; Morris T. Sams; Gene Schieffler; G. F. Schneider; Reece S. Scott; Carl Selph; Lee Shadd; Odell Shaw; Jack E. Shawgo; E. T. Sholtus; Louis Simmens; Arthur M. Smith; Boyce M. Smith. Sixth Row: Bryan K. Smith; Donald E. Smith; David B. Snodley; Hardie Vaughan Sorrels; Luther Spears; Heyward Spinks; E. J. Stanley; Edgar C. Stanphill; Harry Staples; Jerry L. Stephens; James Dale Taylor; Forrest Tennant; John D. Thach; William Townsend. First Row: Lavonia Buries; Ann Brown; Marilyn Brewster; Jeanne Boydston; Jean V. Blair; Patsy Black; Betsy Lloyd Berry; Norma Lea Beasley; Nelle Curry; Mary Ann Cumnock; Willa May Coward; Retha Cornett; Rita Cook. Second Row: Joyzelle Collins; Mary Jean Coddington; Jeannine Campbell; Rosemary Callahan; Jimmye Lou Dobkins; Nan Dill; Mary M. Diggs; Anna Mary Ferguson; Betty Groseclos; Alice Harrison; Shirley Harris; Pat Harris; Nancy Kay Kaiser. Third Row.- lone Rudolph Miner; Elizabeth S. Rives; Gloria Rauch; Elizabeth Smith; Jo Treece; Betty Thurman; Retha Thompson; Mary Thomas; Esther Lou Wilson; Nora S. Wilson; Louise D. Williams; Mildred Walker. 0. I. w. Organized Independent Women was founded on the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas campus for the benefit of town girls. The membership is composed of girls from Fayetteville who are not affiliated with any organized house on the campus. OIW is well represented in the officialdom of campus honorary organizations. Nelle Curry is secretary of Mortar Board; Nan Dill is treasurer, and Anna Mary Ferguson is secretary of Sigma Alpha Iota. Louise Davis Williams is a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron. In Coterie, Rita Cook is president, Nelle Curry is vice-president, and Jean Cod¬ dington is treasurer. Alice Aumick is one of the drum major¬ ettes for the famous Razorback band. Ingeborg Von Groll, an exchange student from Berlin, Ger¬ many is an honorary member of OIW. This year was a very successful one from the social standpoint, too. The annual bar-b-q, the first party of the fall semester, was great fun, although it had to be held indoors because of rain. A dessert party was held before the Vice-Versa dance at Christmas. The spring semester was highlighted by a Valentine Dance, picnic, and sock hop. OFFICERS Retha Thompson Rita Cook .... Anna Mary Ferguson . Jimmye Lou Dobkins President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page 294 first Row.- Joe T. Dcnniston; Presley Dejarnctt; James A. Cullins; Roylee Dean Curry; H. F. Downs; Joe T. Eubanks; L. E. Evans; John E. Hall; Richard B. Homard. Second Row. Billy R. Jones; Bobby Kinney; Charles F. Piles; Travis Reese; Mose Simon; Joe B. Wilson; Jack Wiseman; Robert L. Young; Ivan Box. (J-ARK ANNEX Its convenient location and the friendship present are two things which make the LI-Ark Annex very popular with all the young men who live there. It is situated a short distance from the edge of the campus and only a few steps from all of the favorite spots located in Schuler Town. Its neigh¬ bors include a bowling alley, a theater, a coffee shop, a grill, a record shop, and a church. George’s is also within the block. Any new freshman will be surprised at how friendly every one is. He can always find someone who will help him with anything from psychology and philosophy to trouble with the opposite sex and homesickness. This year the Annex was best known for its all night study and bull sessions. Bull sessions were prevalent. Dur¬ ing finals many lights burned all night and trips to Creigh¬ ton’s were made on the hour and half hour. Everyone will be a long time forgetting the night Mom forgot to turn on the heat. That happened the week Fayetteville was isolated from the rest of the state by ice and snow. All in all, this has been a great year for the LI-Ark Annex boys. The U-Ark Annex (right) is located at 626 West Dickson. The building was completely remodeled in September, 1948. It is the home of thirty-three Arkansas students. Page 295 tjAC kdu Page 297 Judy Abraham; Zerlene Burbank; Billye Ann Breimo; Madolyn Toy Breitzke; Kate Bemis; Margaret Louise Bell; Katherine Beard; Elizabeth Baumann. Betty Barrier; Jane Bateman; Sally Cutting; June Cross; Emily Creekmore; Desha Clayton: Susan Campbell; Joan Donaldson. Ruth Ann Daniels; Mary Eberle; Louise Ferrari; Janann Gleason; Jacque Galloway; George Anna Hurst; Jane Hurley; Mary Henslee. Virginia Heerwagen; Ann Hayden; Dorothy Jeanne Jackson; Helen Knoble; Patricia Kirk; Martha Kelley; Betty Sue Lawrence; Mary Myers. Dorothy Murrey; Carol Morgan; Hattie Moore; Ethel Miller; Meredith Miller; Ann McHenry; Betty McGinnis; Josephine Tate McGill. Mary Alice McClellan; Si ,e Plummer; Julia Ann Paisley; Alice Ann Paddock; Betty Rushing; Betty Rogers; Suzanne Ritter; Mary Ann Reeks. Marjorie Reeks; Pat Ray; Betty Ray; Virginia Lee Ramsey; Muriel Stuck; Patricia Poland Stevens; Janet Toney; Pat Tarletofl- Judy Villareal; Agnes Wynne; Donna Wunderlich; Betty Frances Woodson; Ann Wiggans; Nancy Jane Wenderoth; Harriett Washington; Gloria Wallace; Evelyn Zack. Page 298 CHI OMEGA Psi chapter of Chi Omega, the mother chapter, has taken honors in all phases of campus life this year. The excitement began when the chapter won first place for its Homecoming house decorations. Pat Ray was Maid-of-Honor to the Homecoming Queen and Dottie Murrey was a Homecoming Maid. Other beauty honors went to Ann Hayden, queen of the Arkansas-Texas game, and Pat Ray, Razorback beauty. Chi Omega, having the highest grade-point average among the sororities for the fifth consecutive semester, had mem¬ bers in many honorary societies. Some of these were: Doro¬ thy Jeanne Jackson, Mortar Board; Mary Alice McClelland, Phi Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Alpha Lambda Delta; Donna Wunderlich and Patty Woodson, Kappa Delta Pi and Lambda Tau; Jacque Galloway, Billye Anne Briemo, Helen Knoble, and June Cross, Lambda Tau; Billye Anne Briemo, Psi Chi; Martha Kelly and Carol Morgan, Phi Upsilon; and Betty McGinnis, Pi Mu Epsilon. Janet Toney was secretary of Y.W.C.A.. Tissie Wallace was president of W.A.A. and Blackfriars, and was presented with the Hazel-Heines-Briggs Award for the outstanding junior girl. OFFFICERS Maby Alice McClelland Harriett Washington Jane Hurley Janet Toney President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page 299 Nancy Allen; Suzanne Allison; Carolyn Adams; Jo Ann Brown; Earlene Brown; Alvin Ann Boyd; Cleta Sue Bennett. Margaret Collier; Bonnie Cameron; Carolyn Dillon; Bobbie Jean Delzell; Floy Daugherty; Colleen Fortune; Carol Ann Farmer. Laura Garanflo; Janis M. Hawkins; Sonya Ivey; Louise Joyner; Alice Jeter; Jo Anne Knott; Ann Kelly Lorita Lashley; Margaret Laird; Ann McNair; Margie McArthur; Jane Morse; Lula Muldrow Montgomery; Barbara Monaghan. Anne Misenhimer; Betty Ray Martin; Mary Anne Maddox; Wanda Mabrey; Mary Jane Naylor; Julied Erin Price; Mary Ann Plant; Carolyn Rose Ripley Sylvia Stewart; Mary Ellen Stewart; Fay Stafford; Marianne Smith; Patricia Ann Smith; Carolyn Taylor; Margaret Villee; Mary Jo Wood. Jo Annette Wolff; Jo Ann Wilbourn; Joan White; Katherine Wheeler; Pat Weis; Patricia Watson; Elizabeth Wakefield; Patsy R. Warntjes. Page 300 DELTA DELTA DELTA The girls of the Delta Shelter have been active in campus organizations, and many of them have received honors. Cleta Sue Bennett was tapped for Mortar Board, and Suz¬ anne Allison was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Others hon¬ ored were Judy Price, president of Y.W.C.A.; Margaret Laird, vice-president of Chi Theta; and Carolyn Ripley, sec¬ retary of Chi Theta. In the Sophomore Council there is Pat Weis, president; Bobbie Jean Delzell, vice-president; and eight other representatives. Five Tri-Delts are representa¬ tives on the Executive Board of W.A.A. Margie McArthur is secretary of Pen-Hellenic. Fay Marie Stafford was selected by the Arkansas Chapter of Sigma Chi as candidate for the Tulsa Alumna Sweet¬ heart. Alice Jeter was a U. of A. candidate for the Maid of Cotton Contest in Little Rock, and was chosen by Tex Beneke as one of the 1950 Razorback Beauties. Jane Morse and Bonnie Cameron were attendants to the Queen at the Texas game in Little Rock. Delta Iota offers an annual scholarship to an outstanding junior or senior university woman, the winner being chosen on the basis of scholarship and leadership. OFFICERS Cleta Sue Bennett Julied Price Patricia Watson Suzanne Allison Patsy Warntjes President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Page 301 Faye Almond; Helen Beckett; Margaret M. Benbrook; Barbara Blagg; Betty Sue Botorff; Donna M. Canfield. Eloise Carroum, Mary Ann Casey; Mary Bob Cross; Colleen Delzell; Margaret Ann Dial; Billy Jun e Faulkner. Joan Gosser; Pat Gregory; Beverly Jones; Rosalyn Jones; Carolyn Krueger; Sarah Langston. Nancy Links; Aubrey Faye Monk; Kathleen xMullen; Martha Murphy; Mary Joe Purcell; Jerry Lee Reynolds- Katherine Rising; Martha Robinson; Rosemary Rucker; Sarah Ellen Shipley; Frances Shouse; Carol Sittler. Mary Ann Smith; Virginia Swearengen; Madelyn Terry; Marnelle Thomson; Doris Tressler. Betty Turner; Patricia Wallace; Treva June Warden; Dorothy Wood; Frances Wright. Page 302 DELTA GAMMA Fun, parties, and happiness constitute the atmosphere of the buff brick house at the end of sorority row where the Delta Gammas live. The social whirl began with the pledges giving an open house for all other sorority pledges on the campus. Next came the faculty tea and an open house for the football boys. The largest social function of the fall semester in the DC House was the Christmas dinner party. Gordon Gray¬ son played Saint Nick and distributed toys to all the dates. Jerry Lee Reynolds was selected as a maid to Miss Ar¬ kansas for the Arkansas-Texas game in Little Rock. Bev Jones was named Homecoming Queen to reign over the U. of A. annual Homecoming celebration, with Dorothy Wood as one of her maids. Mary Bob Cross was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, tapped for Mortar Board, and won the Tri-Delt Scholarship. Frances Shouse was tapped for Mortar Board and elected its president. Carol Sittler served as secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta. Elouise Carroum and Bev Jones were selected as R.O.T.C. sponsors. Bev was also selected as one of the finalists in the National Maid of Cotton Contest in Memphis. OFFICERS Mary Joe Purcell . President Frances Shouse Vice-President Dorothy Wood Secretary Sarah Langston Treasurer Eloise Carroum Housemanager Page 303 Jane Adamson; Joan Cox; Jacquelyn Coffman; Greta Dameron; Rose Emrich; Patsy Ruth Goodwin. Patricia Gocke; Grace Godat; Joan Glasgow; Frances Virginia Garrett; Elizabeth Hulse; Mancie Hiller. Jo Annette Halk; Diane Jackson; Catherine Kik; Emma Louise Kanis; Janet Lester; Molly Lee Leeper. Mary Jean Lachowsky; Maisie Lackey; Joan McKnight; Octavia McDaniel; Martha Moore; Sally Miller. Florence Dana Meeks; Jane Pitman; Mary Janet Reed; Rose Records; Joanne Sullivan; Mary Jac Snider. Cynthia Smith; Orian Wymer; Martha Woodson; Jeanne Wolf; Joyce Wolf; Polly Anna Williams; Martha Williams. Page 304 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Gamma Nu chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma has taken many top honors in scholarship and campus activities. Some of those honored were: Flossie Meeks, president of the Met Club, vice-president of Y.W.C.A., Mortar Board, and on the S.U. Board; Mary Louise Ingram, outstanding senior girl in the school of business administration last spring, and member of Beta Gamma Sigma; Virginia Hicks, Phi Beta Kappa; Martha Williams, Alpha Lambda Delta, and sec¬ retary of the A.W.S. judicial board; Nell Parker, president of the Major-Minor club and treasurer of W.A.A.; Gretta Dameron, secretary of the S.Ll. planning board. Football season brought a special thrill when Joan Mc- Knight was elected a Homecoming maid and Mary Ernrich served as maid to Miss Arkansas at the Texas game. Rosie Davidson was chosen KA sweetheart. Patty Godwin was elected an R.O.T.C. sponsor. Maisie Lackey was selected as a University of Arkansas contestant for the Maid of Cotton Contest. Socially active as well, Kappa entertained with a sweater hop to introduce the new pledges, a Christmas tree party, chapter banquets, Homecoming parties, after date parties, and the annual spring formal. OFFICERS Maisie Lackey .President Jean Garrett .... Vice-President Jane Pitman . . . Recording Secretary Pat Gocke .Treasurer Nell Parker .... Housemanager Page 305 Nell Abernathy; Marie Bullard; Elizabeth Brigance; Martha Birdsong; Carolyn Crane; Dorothy Cox; Polly Cole. Terri Campbell; Diann Dykes; Pat Durham; Janet Diekman; Dorothy Faye Daniel; Jeanine Francis; Glenna Foster. Ann Greenwood; Loretta J. Green; Marisue Graham; Zita Hawley; Betty Anne Hamphill; Martha M. Harlan; Jane Hammans. Nancy Anne Hall; Jane Hall; Jane Jarman; Alice Kiech; Nancy Lane; Jane Longino; Pat McLaughlin. Mary McKnight; Patricia Ann McKenzie; Carl Anne McDowell; Eleanor Morris; Betty Ann Milner; Brooks Maddux; Nan Nickerson. Ina Belle Nicholas; Marion E. Pugh; McKee Pitts; Ruth Riddick; Marguerite Rice; Diane Reid; Paula Reagan. Mary Jane Stuckey; Jean Stuck; Brenda Stuck; Dibby Snellgrove; Virginia Smith; Betty Ann Smith; Mitzic Shaw. Alice Tucker; Jo Ann Tuck; Ann Terrell; Carolyn Virginia Scruggs; Eleanor Wood; Marie Winburn; Mary Jane Watkins; Madge Westbrook. Page 306 PI BETA PHI Arkansas Alpha began the year by winning first place for its Homecoming float. It also secured the Scholarship Cup for the highest fall grade-point of all the women’s houses. Among the many campus leaders were: Mary Jane Stuck¬ ey and Paula Reagan, Mortar Board; Elaine Butler, Phi Beta Kappa; Mary Lou Campbell, winner of the Senior Scholar Key, with the highest grade-point in the senior class; Polly Cole, Psi Chi and Lambda Tau vice-president, and Alpha Lambda Delta president; Martha Birdsong, Commerce Guild secretary; Liz Brigance, A.W.S. treasurer; Alice Keich, S.A.I. president; Eleanor Morris, I.R.C. president; and Brenda Stuck, Art Guild president. Beauty honors went to Betty Anne Smith, maid at the Texas game; Betty Anne and Madge Westbrook, Univer¬ sity representatives to the Cotton Contest; Alice Keich, Colonel’s Lady; and Glenna Foster, Agri Queen. This year’s social calendar included individual open houses for the fraternities. The social highlight was the annual Winter Wonderland formal, followed by a breakfast at the chapter house. To climax the evening the Pi Phis serenaded the organized men’s residences. OFFICERS Jane Longino Ann Greenwood Jane Jarman Carolyn Patton Dorothy Faye Daniel President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Page 307 Bobbie Bingham; Nancy Boehmer; Carolyn Bumpers; Barbara Ann Carr; Cassie Campbell; Patricia Cates. Audrey Clever; Mary Jane Coleman; Mary Margaret Corley; Roselee Cunningham; Margaret Ann Curry; Joyce Derden. Daphne Dillaha; Mary Ann Ellis; Wanelle Friend; Virginia Haws; Margaret Ann Hickey; Suzanne Jackson. Jean Ann Kight; Jacqueline Lankard; Connie Lou Lane; Eleanor McGee; Jean Marlow; Marilyn Miller. Georgia Mills; Ruth Moss; Barbara Ann Nichols; Lynne Nixon; Charla Lu Oman; Sarah Peterson. Martha Jim Pettigrew; Virginia Reeves; Patricia Nan Rogers; Patricia Sandstead; Carolyn Scroggin; Jcanninc Sessions; Betty Jo Simmons. Mary John Skillern; Janie Sullivan; Margaret Ann Tobin; Johnnie Wallace; Marilyn Whitehead; Beauton Wood; Suzanne Zeglin. Page 308 ZETA TAU ALPHA The traditional Zeta friendliness was in full swing when Zeta’s Holiday Hop, honoring the new pledges, started the season’s social whirl. A tea was given in October in honor of Mrs. Charles N. Sloan, Zeta’s new housemother. An open house for the football players and Zeta’s fifty-first anniversary banquet climaxed the social calendar for Octo¬ ber. Two candlelight dinners were held for the Zetas and their dates before the semester closed, and the annual, color¬ ful Mardi Gras Ball began the new term. Zeta won honors in scholarship as well as in campus activities. Some of these were: Georgia Mills, president of Lambda Tau and member of Phi Alpha Theta; Mary John Skillern, Bobbe Larson, and Pat Rogers on the A.W.S. Executive Board; Jean Ann Right, tapped by Mortar Board; Virginia Reeves, Bobbe Larson, and Johnnie Wallace, in¬ itiated into Chi Theta; Ruth Moss, S.A.I. pledge; Mary Ann Ellis, co-chairman of the Student Union Publicity Commit¬ tee; and Janie Sullivan, assistant editor of the Razorback. Zeta beauties were: Betty Jo Simmons, Homecoming Maid; Marie Glover, R.O.T.C. sponsor; and Bobbie Larson, Razorback beauty. OFFICERS Jean Ann Right Cassie Campbell Audrey Clever Virginia Reeves Margaret Ann Curry President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Page 309 First Row.- Maisie Lackey; Mary Alice McClellan; Mary Jo Purcell; Paula Reagan; Jean Ann Right; Cleta Sue Bennett. Second Row: Jacque Galloway; Mary Ann Casey; Diane Reid; Carolyn Scroggin; Jane Pitman. (pan-disdlsunic Qomudl Co-opt. fimojuf SoaoaHjlqa Today on every campus where there are two or more National Pan-Hellenic Fraternity chapters, a local Pen- Hellenic must be established to carry out the Purposes, Creed, Standards of Ethical Conduct, and the Pan-Hellenic Compact. Rules and regulations for rushing and other mat¬ ters that pertain to all the groups alike are discussed at the bi-monthly meetings. Each spring the organization holds a retreat attended by four representatives from each sorority. Pledge training, scholarship, and other pertinent topics are discussed at this time. This year Pan-Hellenic sponsored a sweater hop which was held in the Union, for sorority members and their dates. The Pan-Hellenic Council is an organization made up of the presidents of all the sororities and of one member elected from each sorority house. It tries to work through the spirit of cooperation, rather than competition. There will always be rivalries among groups, but the activities of the organ¬ izations have done much to bring out the true worth of each sorority, and to relieve the tensions that tend to arise when organizations compete with each other. PAN-HELLENIC OFFICERS PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL MEMBERS Diane Reid . President Paula Reagan . . . . . Pi Beta Phi Margie McArthur Secretary Cleta Sue Bennett .... Delta Delta Delta Maisie Lackey Treasurer Jacque Galloway. Mary Jo Purcell Standards Chairman Mary Ann Casey .... Delta Gamma Mary Alice McClellan . Social Chairman Carolyn Scroggin. Jean Ann Right Handbook Chairman Jane Pitman. Page 310 first Roir. Ed Carson; Nat Richmond; John Sanders; Arch Paterson; Bill Shook; Bob Bowen; Max Eckels; Ezra F. Kytle; Vic Holthoff. Second Row: Maitland Rutledge; Ed Dillon; Al Levin; Graydon Bushart; Alan Hirsch; John Taylor; Ivy Tomlin; Pete H’Doubler; Don Huenefeld. ‘Third Row Frank T. McGehee; Wayne Boyce; Robert H. Love; Robert E. Pitts; Lancy E. Sandall; William Gooch; Bill Block. Q liSJl hcdtSihJnll faunal c Unihj goA jAaicAmtuiA The purpose of the Inter-Fraternity Council is to aid the Greek letter organizations on the campus, to mediate any differences which may arise between them, and to pro¬ mote the best interests of the University of Arkansas. The Council strives to help in the cementing of relations between the University and the social fraternities. The membership in this Council is limited to two rep¬ resentatives from each of the social fraternities on the campus. The meetings are held twice each month for the purpose of discussing problems and forming policies. Each year the Inter-Fraternity Council formulates the rules for the Spring and Fall fraternity rush. These rules encourage uniform rush policies and cooperation among the group. This year the Farm House Club was granted a non-voting seat on the Inter-Fraternity Council. One of the primary duties of the officers of the Council is to work in close cooperation with the Dean of Men and all other administrative personnel in social and business matters concerning the relationship of the fraternities with the University of Arkansas. COUNCIL MEMBERS INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Bill Block Alan Hirsch Robert E. Pitts OFFICERS Bob Bowen Vic Holthoff Nat Richmond Bob Bowen President Wayne Boyce Don Huenefeld Maitland Rutledge Bob Wardlow . Vice-President Graydon Bushart Ezra F. Kytle Lancy E. Sandall Ed Carson Al Levin John Sanders Ivy Tomlin Secretary Ed Dillon Robert H. Love Bill Shook Al Levin .... Treasurer Max Echels Frank T. McGehee Dick Seibold William Gooch Arch Paterson John Taylor Pete H’Doubler Ivy Tomlin Page 31 I Edwin C. Carson; John R. Ellison; Thomas W. Fancher; Myron Fry. Samuel P. Kurn; Roger Lynch; Warren Nolin; Fred Rouse. Harry L. Slater, Jr.; Harry Staples; Will D. Sweet; Calvin Watson. James L. Webber; Bryson R. Younger; Bob Zembsch. Page 312 ACACIA Acacia has made steady and lasting progress since first colonizing on the University of Arkansas campus in Decem¬ ber, 1948. The past year has seen the first Black and Gold formal and the entrance of Acacia into intramural athletics. The men of the fraternity are also proud of their contribu¬ tions to the two campus-wide festivities, Homecoming and Gaebale. The fraternity was founded at the University of Michigan in 1904, by a group of Master Masons. Because of the close associations with Masonry, the name Acacia, a Masonic symbol, was chosen for the fraternity instead of a combina¬ tion of Greek letters. The requirements for membership were amended in 1933 and the fraternity now admits sons of Masons and those men recommended by two Masons. The Masonic background and affiliation have had and still have a salutary effect upon the organization. Acacia, which is a charter member of the National Interfraternity Council, now has thirty-four active chapters distributed over the United States, chiefly in the larger universities. Prior to chartering, the Arkansas colony had one under¬ graduate member and seven faculty alumni on the campus. OFFICERS Jim Webber Harry E. Buckley Same Kurns Bryson Younger Bryson Younger President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Page 313 Perry Lee Adkisson; Donald Baldwin; James Brill; Don J. Brown, Jr.; Claude Cassidy; Charles Cheesman; James C. Clement. Thomas Coleman; Mack D. Dillport; Frank Ellis; William S. Ferguson; James E. Glasgow; Morris C. Glenn; Charles B. Gilliland. Roy L. Grimsley; James E. Hoebscher; Donald F. Huenefeld; Harold Johansen; Loran L. Johnson; Johnny E. Jones; Olaf Johnson. Joe Keeling; Thomas M. Kehn; Ezra F. Kytle; William Fred Ligon; Gale W. Lowman; Russell M. McMullen, Jr.; Gene Carl Masters. Carl C. Meacham; E. D. Moore,- James A. Patterson; Jacob R. Phillips; Wm. S. Phillips; J. D. Phillips; Hubert W. Rankin. M. L. Rcinold; Paul C. Rollins; James Rollins; Luther Sawyer; W. K. Shofner; A. D. Stanley. Bill F. Stark; Douglas Wadell; Donald E. Warren; James Thomas Weathers; Charles L. Weems; Paul Frank Whittington. Page 314 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Essentially an agricultural fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho was founded at the University of Illinois in 1908. Alpha Iota chapter is proud of its scholarship record. At least three different institutions have contributed scholarships or awards to its members: Fred Ligon was the Danforth winner; the Esso winners were A. D. Stanley, Jake Phillips, and Buddy Weems; and Bill Hestir was the Kroger winner. A large number of AGR ' s have been initiated into some of the honorary fraternities on the campus. Perry Adkisson, Fred Ligon, Bill Ferguson, Don Brown, Gene Warren and Bill Phillips are all members of Alpha Zeta. Omicron Delta Kappa has initiated Don Brown, Fred Ligon, David James, Bill Phillips, and Don Huenefeld. Perry Adkisson and Bill Ferguson belong to Phi Sigma. Rudy Bauer is an Alpha Kappa Psi and Gene Warren is a Kappa Kappa Psi. The group is very active in most of the campus activities and has several members on the Agriculturist staff . Rooster Day was an outstanding success this year and has become an annual tradition to the AGR’s and to all Agri students. OFFICERS Donald Huenfeld . Ezra Kytle Jacob Phillips . Perry Lee Adkisson President Vice-President Secretary Housemanager Page 315 KAPPA ALPHA The Kappa Alpha order was founded in 1865, at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia. Inspired by Robert E. Lee, who at that time was president of the school, the founders tried to instill the Southern ideals and traditions into their frater¬ nity members, and the customs have continued throughout the years. Established at the LIniversity of Arkansas in 1895, Alpha Omi- cron chapter of the all-Southern fraternity is one of the oldest groups on the campus. Linder the guidance of an excellent group of officers, this year has been a very suc¬ cessful one for the KA’s. The members of Kappa Alpha greeted campus social life in the Fall with their annual Pigalle costume party, which introduced Parisian culture into the KA house. The Con- Tirst Row W. N. Abrams; H. T. Avants; Raymond Belva; Robert G. Bowlan; Sydney Charles Brown; John Donald Burnett; Lake Carlton. Second Row: Kenneth Chappell; Allan Cockrell; Kelley Draper; Joe W. Dugan; Blakely Dunn; Harry Erw ' in; Franklin F. Johnson. J bird Row-. Charles Van Freeman; Z. B. Fry; David George; William W. Gooch; John William Graves; Frank L. Green; James C. Griffith. OFFICERS Bill Gooch . Frank Green . Jerry O’Roark . Wallace Abrams Jim Griffith President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager vivium Ball, another event of the fall season, celebrated Robert E. Lee’s birthday. Spring found the KA’s flooding the campus with “Confederate” soldiers and “southern gen¬ tlemen” with their traditional Dixie Ball. The event with its battle cry, “Save your Confederate money, the South will rise again,” is looked forward to every year. First Row.- Gordon L. Hastings; Donald Rex Hayes; O. W. Hill; James Farrell King; Walter Lambert; Norman McCreary; Kenneth B. Moody. Second Row. Walter D. Morris; Wendell W. Morse; Charles Grover Mullins; Billy R. Nunnelee; Jerry O’Roark; Bob T. Patrick; Larry E. Randall. Third Row. Robert D. Rhea ; David Sawyer; Ben Searcy; Martin Scroggin; Daniel Fred Shaffer; Eddie W. Sheeks; Clifton W. We lls. KAPPA SIGMA The home of the men who wear the crescent and the star is the largest fraternity house in the world. This year, the Kappa Sigs had a very successful social season that included such events as the Poverty Party, pledge dinner dances, and the Spring Formal, and a reception for the freshman girls. The greatest event of the season was the Christmas formal, followed by a breakfast at the chapter house. Kappa Sig has many members who are campus leaders. Maitland Rutledge was selected as the outstanding business student in the state this year. He is also President of the Inter-fraternity Council and Business Manager of the Ra- zorback. Ed Dillon is Case Note Editor of the Law ]Re¬ view, Associate Justice of the Student Court, and a member first Row: Bob Adams; Jake Agee; Jack W. Allen; Edward Alpuente; W. J. Arnold; Ralph Autrey; Joe Bailey; Donald Ball; Justin Beneux, Bobby Benton; James F. Billingsley; Jimmie Bird; Scott Boaz. Second Row: Rodney Boaz; Bill Bodenhamer; Ben Boren; Bill Bracey; L. W. Brewer; Delbert Bright; Wilbur Britt; Bob Brown; W. Allen Bushard; Graydon J. Bushart, Jr.; James Hale Carlisle; Ray A. Campbell; William Joplin Carlisle. Third Row.- Jimmie Carter; Phil Carroll; Alden Chivers; James A. Christian; Tom G. Churchill; Charles Collings; David Collins; Donald Neal Collins; Bob Compton; Jack Compton; Harley Cox; Paul Cross; Wesley Davis, fourth Row: Jack Daniel; Jack Dewitt; Jere H. Dial, Jr.; Ted Dillaha; Charles R. Dillon; Edward Dillon, Herbert Dumas; Ralph Edwards; Welling L. Eisenmann; Jack Elliot; R. W. Elmore; Billy J. Espy; J. Allen Fiser. fifth Row.- Pat Fore; Joe Gallegly; Emmette T. Gathright; Austin Grimes; Wallis T. Hearon; Don Henderson; E. A. Henry, Jr.; Winfred D. Henry; John G. Holland; George Holmes; Major J. Holmes; Mage Honeycutt; Patrick S. Honeycutt. OFFICERS Ed Dillon .President Joe Gallegly .... Vice-President Herschel McClurkin . . . Secretary Dick Hart .Treasurer Bill Waller .... Housemanager of Blue Key and Delta Theta Phi. Bill Waller and Jimmy Jones are the Managing Editors of the Jraveler, Bob Mc¬ Cord is the News Editor and Photographer, and Bill Boden- hamer is the Cartoonist. Ten Kappa Sigs are members of Blue Key. Bill Arnold is a member of the state legislature and an outstanding member of the debating team. Scott Boaz, Bill Sonneman, and Dave Collins are Cheerleaders. first Roiv-. Jack Hopkins; Bob Hornor; Jimmy Howard; Jere Howell; Robert Hudson; Joseph Irwin; Robert B. Irwin; Clyman Edward Izard; John Dicken Izard; Frank Jeffett; Ira Jones; Jimmy M. Jones; John Kilgore. Second Row-. Jordan Bennett Lambert, Jr.; James H. London; Joe Edd Looney; Donald Loveless; Walter Lucy; John Lunney; James H. McClel¬ lan; Herschel McClurkin; John Dow McClurkin; Robert S. McCord; Donald Gray McMillan; Van Manning; Dick Massey. Third Row: Don Miller; Waddy W. Moore; William Scott Neal; Currin M. Nichol; Omer C. North; George Pakis; Limuel Guy Parks, Jr.; James Lewis Phillips; Arnold D. Posey; Gene T. Porter; Jack Ragon, Jr.; Rodney Booth Ramsey; Marion Randolph Smith. fourth Row. Jordan Reamey; Edwin Rise; Dan A. Roberts; Herbert W. Rossi; Felver Rowell; Maitland Rutledge; Dwight Sample; Lloyd Smith; Merle B. Smith; Milton Samuel Smith; Ermon Barrett Sparks; Frank E. Spawr; Jim Stark. fifth Row: Conner Taylor; Henfy L. Thomas; James Allen Thomas; James Oliver Turner; John Turner; Will Walker; Bill Waller; Lloyd M. Warren, Jr.; Richard T. Watkins; John D. Watson, Jr.; Robert M. Weaver; Tom Wilkinson; Robert Wright; Jerry Bryan Van Zandt. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA In compliance with a national expansion program, Gamma Chi Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha completed arrangements this year to build a new fraternity house. The house will be located on fraternity row, and will be one of the most beautiful buildings on the campus. It is hoped that it will be completed and ready for occupancy by next Fall. The Lambda Chis can look back on a year full of outstanding achievements in every phase of campus life. A number of members held campus offices this year. Bill Block, the chap¬ ter president, was president of Alpha Kappa Psi. John Mar¬ lowe and Walter Williams were elected to the Student Sen¬ ate last Spring. Ed Hemme and Bill Goodwin were elected to the Commerce Guild. Bill Blair was elected chairman of first Row.- John E. Armstrong; Charles Baker; Vincent Horton Barber; Richard Batte; Billy Lewis Blair; Bill Block; Earl Bolinger; W. F. Bridger, Jr.; Jerry Butler. Second Row: Gus Caras; James A. Corbett; Cleo Dark; Phillip Deal; William B. Dillaha; Dwight Dodson; James W. Drake; Raymond H. Elrod; Wade Egbert. Third Row: Miles T. Erwin; Glenn Thaddeus Feilkc; M. 1. Formby; Wilbur Garland, Jr.; William F. Goodwin; G. L. Grayson; Harry Harcrow; David Harrel; Ed Hemme. OFFICERS Bill Block . Sonny Lester . Jimmy Drake Jim Scott . Wilbur T. Garland President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager the second-year law class, and Jim Stoker was chosen treas- mas formal, the traditional Spring Black and White formal, urer of the Student Bar Association. Frank Gill was secre- a “Shipwreck” costume party, a dance honoring the pledges, tary of Theta Tau. and a cocktail party for Tex Beneke and his orchestra. Important social events of the year included the Christ- Tirst Row.- Stormy Jenkins; Copeland Landes; James Lambert; Don M. Leibenguth; Herman L. Lester; William E. Long; Billy Lyons; Phillip A. Marak; Alfred Jefferson Mobley. Second Row: Robert T. Neel; Winston Nesbit; OTar Norwood; Jim Oliver; Geo. E. Pool; James M. Ramsey; Henry B. Rogers; W. Warren Rogers; G. G. Ross Third Row.- John P. Runyan; Norman A. Russell; Mike Sann; Jim Scott; Robert Smith; Sam L. Sparks; James D. Stoker; Mack Alfred Walker; Walter Williams; Tom F. Wimberly. Milton M. Anderson, Jr.; Sam Boyce; Wayne Boyce; T. A. Bruce; Delmar P. Day. Harvey Doncgan; James Emery; Richard Hargraves; S. T. Hucke; Finley Isler. Arville Kraus, R. H. Love; W. Aubert Martin; Greg H. Newell; Gaylord Northrop. Herman Van Patten; Bob Penix; Fred Ragland; Chester Robinson; John Rollow. S. D. Sparks; John H. Talbot; Fred Venner; R. D. Whitmore; E. Birch Willey. Page 322 PHI DELTA THETA Completing the Fall social activities, which included a hay-ride, smokers, and dinner parties, Phi Delta Theta cele¬ brated the end of its first year at Arkansas with a birthday banquet and party November 19. The national fraternity was 101 years old, and Arkansas Alpha was the centennial chapter. The Phi Delts had reason to celebrate. In one year they had accomplished a great deal in establishing a new frater¬ nity on the campus. Plans were nearing completion for building a new annex to their buff brick house on Storer Street in 1950, they had won the intramural bowling trophy for the 1948-49 season, and while they did not win intra¬ mural football, they went into the semi-finals against some tough opposition. The garage in back of the house had been miraculously converted into a game room with snack bar and all that goes with it. The Phi Delts were justly proud of their year. The future also looked bright. With the spring formal and the new Phi Delt Dream Girl, plus the annual Founders 5 Day banquet, the spring semester was eagerly awaited by a group of Phis determined to make Phi Delta Theta 5 s second year at Arkansas even greater than the first. OFFICERS Wayne Boyce Sam Hucke Lewis Thompson Bob Love .... Arville Kraus . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Page 323 PI KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Zeta Chapter of Fi Kappa Alpha, established at the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas, was the first chapter west of the Mississippi. The present group considers the year just completed to be one of its most successful ones. The social calendar featured a large variety of parties and dances, of which the annual Dream Girl formal was the most out¬ standing. The PiKA’s also celebrated Homecoming in fine style, and are proud of having won first prize for the best frater¬ nity float in the parade. One of the most outstanding boys wearing the Garnet and Gold on the campus this year was Geno Mazzanti. “Junior,” as he is known to all, placed second in total num¬ ber of yards gained by a football player in the Southwest Conference and was elected “King Porker” by his team¬ mates. first Row: G. W. Allen; Spencer Anderson; Cary E. Ashley; Quin Baker; William Baldwin; C. F. Ball; Robert F. Barling; Harry E. Barnard; David Baumgardner. Second Row: Wm. F. Beauchamp; Dick Bennett; Clark Biggs; Joseph Blount; Joe Basore; Charles Brewer; Bobby L. Brewer; Carroll Clark; Robert Elron Cox. Jhird Row: Dewitt L. Crandell; John W. Cross; Richard Crossett; Fred R. Curtis; Robert E. Dilatush; Dale Ross Dunn; Max Eckels; B. C. Edmisten; Billy N. Elledge. fourth Row: Ellis M. Fagan III; Max Fairley; James Herschcl Faulkner, Jr.; Eldridge Foulke; James Kyle Fraser; Abner Ervin Gill; Albert Green, Jr.; James K. Grimes; John C. Grinn; Robert Hampton. v OFFICERS Max Eckels .... Robert Wardlow . John Balay .... Austin Moore . Austin Moore . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager There were a number of other prominent PiKA ' s on the campus this year. Blake Schultz was a member of Blue Key and was Cadet Colonel of the Air Force. Vic Holthoff and Deane Hardy were Sports Editors of the Jraveler. Max Eckels was on the Commerce Guild, in ODK, and was Chairman of the 1950 Gaebale. Deane Hardy and John Rhoads were also ODK members. first Row: Deane Hardy; Don Herring; H. A. Higgs; Vic Holthoff; Bert S. Jordan; Ronnie F. Kendall; James Kenney; Wm, B. Kirk; B. D. Krebs, Jr- Second Row: Bob Laser; Jack Lineback; Bob McDaniel; Joe Pete McNeil; C. E. Mann; Billy B. Morris; Charles Morton; J. C. Nemec, Jr.; Bill W. Niebury. Third Row.- Gayle Oglesby; James M. Park; John Marshall Rroads; Clift Rotherum; Thomas Rothrock; Blake Schultz; Gilbert Stacy; Edward Staten; L. W. Stith. fourth Row: J. C. Stuckey; Felix D. Swan, Jr.; James R. Tate; James P. Wallace; Robert E. Wardlow; Bobby C. Watson; Wilburn Wayne Cox; William Webster; B. S. Wheeler; J. D. Wilson. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The residents of Sig Alph Hill have had a fortunate supply of campus leaders this year. Frank McGehee served as president of the Commerce Guild, and Ferd Bellingrath was the editor of the Quild Jicker. Bob Dougherty was elected vice-president of the student body. Charles Kittrell was this year ' s majority leader of the student senate, and served as chairman of the entertainment committee. Bill Pollard has achieved a remarkable record for his two years as pledge trainer. This year he was commended by National, and was requested to attend the national conven¬ tion to teach pledge training classes. Under athletic director Dick Gillham, Sig Alph is making a strong bid to win and retain the Sweepstakes Trophy, which was awarded to them last Spring. first Row: Robert Alexander; James Edward Barham; George Beasley; Ferd Bellingrath; Joseph W. Brown; Norman L. Brown; James F. Bowen; William Browning; Robert Bryant; Allen Cameron; F. T. Cash. Second Row: B. W. Chaffin, Jr.; Twomey Clifford; George P. Collier, Jr.; Hiram Cooper; Tommy Cooper; Jack Copeman; Robert L. Cox; Charles E. Crigger; James P. Crouch; Lawson Dclony; Robert L. Dortch. Third Row.- Hugh Dorsey; Joe Dorsey; Bill Eads; Eugene Ebcrle; John T. Edrington; R. E. Eppes, Jr.; Harry Farr ; Bill Farrell; Bob Farrell; Thomas Faust; H. B. Fink. fourth Row-. Elmer L. Flucht; Perry Galloway; John Gaunt; Charles K. Cray; Charles Hammans; Howard Hammans; George Frank Harrell, Jr.,- Hugh Hembree; Alcorn Henslee; Basil S. Hoag, Jr.; John D. Howell; Joseph Jean. OFFICERS George Collier Herschel Payne Frank Harrell . Allen Cameron Chism Wood President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager m lillif llliitif i Ifllilj V juHif iiiiiiiniiiimnniiiiiHiiiiiiium. The Sig Alphs are proud of having won first place for their house decorations during the 1949 Homecoming cele¬ bration. The social co-chairmen, Bob Myers and Dick Bransford, have provided a year of outstanding social functions for the Brothers. The beautifully decorated Christmas formal, and the annual Honky Tonk party were two of the most talked about events of the year. First Row: James Robert Johnson; Raymond Johnson; Ben L. Kaufman; Joe A. Kaufman; Robert Lambert; Rodney Landes; Carroll Leonard; George R. Leslie; Roy Lewis; Bob Linebarier; Joel Donald Lucke; James H. McBrien. Second Row.- Jack W. McDaniel; James T. McDonald, Jr. ; Frank T. McGchee; John Park McGinty; Albert Howell Mann; Lee A. Martin; Ray Morley; Charles E. Moseley; Henry B. Murphy; R. E. Myers; Floyd F. Neeley,- Bobby Gene Owen. Third Row: Herschel Payne; Flave W. Peters; Donald D. Pettigrew; Ted Mark Phillips; Bill Pryor; Robert Dean Pugh; Eugene G. Raplcy; James Reeves; William L. Reeves; James Shaver; Donald W. Smith. Fourth Row: Elmer Z. Smith; Wesley Stevenson; Tom Walbert; John C. Watts; Cecil Randolph Warner, Jr.; Lynn Wassell; James E. White; Richard H. Wootton; Sam Wood; Walter G. Wright; Robert Zeigler. SIGMA CHI Mrs. W. W. Scroggin, lovely house mother, and known to all as Mother Ring, is a charming hostess for the many social events held by the Omega Omega Chapter of Sigma Chi, which was in¬ stalled at the University in 1905. Among the highlights of the social season this year were: the Kid Party, the Gold Rush Party, the Winter Formal, the Sweetheart Dance, and many informal open houses. Sigma Chi is proud of its ma ny representatives in all campus activities, since it is equally well represented in extra-curricular and honorary organizations. Sigma Chi can boast of such athletes as basketball stars John Borgsmiller, Bob Williams, and Gene Lambert and three-year golf letterman Waner Marks. Bob Bowen, presi- Tirst " Row-. E. G. Amsler; Billy Apple; Robert R. Bailey; Tom Baker; W. D. Bartholomew; W. W. Bess; Mitchell Bonds; Louis W. Bone; Frank Allen Bowden, Jr.; Robert Bowen; Max O. Bowie; Eugene Daniel Bracy; Stanley Bradshaw. Second Row: Jim Buckley; John Bumpers; Paul Caperton, Jr.; Robert E. Campbell; Tom Baker; Quinton Cone; James W. Cook; M. Carl Covey; Dow Covey; Thomas Craig; William E. Craig; Bill Crawford; David Davies. Third Row.- James S. Dickey; W. R. Diffee; Patrick Donovan; A. G. Duncan; W. C. Finch; Jack Frost; Donald S. Graham; John M. Graves, Rice Green; William H. Griffith; Wallace L. Hall; L. Watson Hall; Leonard Hampson. Fourth Row.- Jim Henry; Robert Hickman; James Nolan Higgins; Gerald Hollingsworth; Jack Holt; Thomas F. Johnson, Jr.; Jay Jones; Perrin Jones, Tom Kemp; Kenneth Kirkpatrick; Hugh Knoll; Eugene Lambert; Malcolm Lawrence. Fifth Row: Elvis Little; Lewis Harley Lyon; Thomas A. Lyon; William G. McCracken; Hugh McGaughy; Ralph McDonald; David McDonald; Robert McKinney; Windell McKinney; Jim McKenzie; V. Waner Marks; Wingfield Martin. OFFICERS Bob Bowen . Waner Marks . Tom Lyon Kenneth Kirkpatrick Bill Finch . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager dent of Tau Beta Pi, is one of the chapter’s numerous out- back and John Troutt is editor of the Jraveler. The Sigs standing scholastic leaders. also have a voice in the state legislature, since Bob Riley is The two leading campus publications are headed by Sig- representative from Pulaski County, ma Chis. Tommy Wilson is serving as editor of the Razor- first Row: Farrell Eugene Mason; Ernest Matkin; Hubert Mayes; Gene Melville; J. C. McCaa; William Messenger; Louis E. Mogel; Robert Waring Morris; Sidney Neel, Jr.; David Newburn; Bob Nimocks; Walter Nimocks; Fred Overby. Second Row.- James Parker; Graham Partlow; Tom Pearson, Jr.; Mac Perley; Robert Peterson; Edgar Allen Poe; Harold Porterfield; John Powell; Richard L. Pratt; Tom Pugh; Harold Ray; Dwight S. Ramsey; William R. Rice. Jhird Row: Lawrence Riggs; Bob Riley; Jim Robinson; Harold Robirds; Nick Rose; Billy Richardson; Benson Robbins; Carl Robbins, Jr.; Charles Rule; Robert N. Sanders; David Sands; H. L. Scott; Jack Sloan. fourth Row: Charles T. Sloan; Dennis Shackleford; Alejandro Stadthagen; R. E. Stewart; Ray Stith; Dabbs Sullivan, Jr.; Ed F. Smith; W. M. Taylor; Sidney Thom; Kenneth Thaxton; Ray B. Tilley, Jr.; William Trower; John William Trout, Jr. fifth Row.- Ralph E. Tucker; Leo Vaccaro; James A. Vizzier; J. A. Wallace; Bill Marion Williams, Jr.; Sandy Williams; Robert J. Williams; Bruce Williford; Tommy L. Wilson; Thomas E. Wilson; William Wilson; Douglas Wright. SIGMA Nil Gamma Upsilon chapter was founded on the campus of the University of Arkansas in 1904. 1949, the forty-fifth year of the chapter, represents a new era in the chapter’s history. This year, final plans have been completed and construction has been started on a new chapter house. Gamma Upsilon members plan to move into the new house next Fall. Sigma Nu’s annual Sadie Hawkins dance, one of the most talked about costume parties of the year, provided hilarious Valley, a Hallowe’en party, a dinner dance, and the annual entertainment for the Sigma Nus and their guests. Other spring formal. social events on the agenda were the fall outing at Dream Several wearers of the five armed star made outstanding first Row.- Joe Adams; E. R. Barrett; Bill Bartle; John Bedwell; Eugene Black; Kenneth Blagg; Robert G. Brockmann; Lee Brown. Second Row: Winston Jesse Cannon; Omar D. Cauby; Tommie Chaffin; Gene Coe; Stanley W. Crain; Burl E. Davidson; Carl Oswald Davis; Charles Deitz. Jhird Row: Kermit R. Deitz; Karl Lewis Deitz; John C. Dyes; Thomas Jefferson Eby, Jr.; Raymond T. Edwards; Jack A. Folliott; Robert Harold French; Walter Gardner. fourth Row.- John A. Gearhart; Arthur S. Gifford; Paul Yearwood Griffin, Jr.; Earl Harvey; Barry J. Hawkins; Peter H’Doubler; Harold Hodgson; Ernest Hogue. OFFICERS Pete H’Doubler Stan Caldwell Paul E. Parker . Winston Cannon Scott Lysinger President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager records for themselves during the year. Charles Dietz was Colonel of the Army ROTC in the Military Department, and received a bid to Blue Key. Pete H’Doubler also re¬ ceived a bid to Blue Key. Allen Mount became a member of Tau Beta Pi. In athletics, Sam Butts and Jimmie Phillips were regulars on the varsity football team, and Earl Harvey was a member of the varsity basketball team. First Row: J. G. Honeycutt; Charles Hopkins; Bill Haskins; Charles F. Howell; Albert L. Huber; Charles Kemp ; Scott Lysinger; Frank McCutch- eon. Second Row.- Jim McDonald; Calvin D. Mitchell; Allan Mount; Frank Murchison; W. J. Nuckols; P. E. Parker; Arch Edward Paterson; Jack H. Pittman. Third Row: Robert Cowan Pope; Ralph C. Ring; Corley Senyard; Jacob Sharp; Sam Shaw; Raymond C. Smith; E. Winston Smith; Charles W. Stewart. Fourth Row.- Charles Sutton; John D. Townsend; Donald John Tyson; Melvin S. Waggoner; Bruce E. Wilson; Charles W. Wright; James R. Younkin. John H. Anderson; Robert Rhea Auchard; W. E. Banks; Paul E. Bayley; William A. Black, Jr.; Carmon M. Brown; Robert Carroll Bullock. Jim B. Crawford; Robert L. Collins; Thomas H. Cook; Allen Deislinger; Charles Deller; Carl H. Doepel; Charley Dozier. Ben Franklin; Robert James Franklin; Charles V. Hall; James W. Harris; Billy Paul Hays; Jewel Higgcnbottom; Joe P. Johnson. Albert Koban; Charles Langston; Muncie M. Lawrence, Norman W. Lee; J. O. Lide; Robert Lovell; Baice McDonald. Leroy Middleton; Willia 111 R. Mitchell; Walter H. Moon; L. B. Nash; Lawrence Oswald, Jr.; Robert Percefull; Ronald Percefull; John Pysklo. Jim F. Reed; William Rossman; William Schiller; Don Settle; Harrison B. Starnes, Jr.; Kenneth Stiles; Robert Sutton; Joseph P. Sweat, Jr. Clarence Talburt; W. E. Taliaferro, Jr.; Gerald G. Tims; Ivy L. Tomlin; William Trewhit; James A- Waits; Robert T. Wallace; John Whitley. Page 332 SIGMA PI This has been the Alpha Sigma chapter’s fourth year on the Unversity of Arkansas campus, and great strides have been made since its organization. Membership has grown to an average of sixty-five members from a nucleus of thirteen charter members. Sigma Pi ranks high scholastically and has assisted in every way possible in making the University of Arkansas a greater institution. Sigma Pi was privileged to have as their guest this year Roger Meindre of Lyons, France, the first male foreign ex¬ change student to attend the University. The members feel it was a good experience and that through this sort of rela¬ tionship international problems may be overcome. They think that Roger now has a better understanding of America and they of France. Numerous social functions were enjoyed by the Sigma Pis this year. These included a Christmas dance, a Spanish Fiesta dance, the traditional Orchid Ball, and individual drop-in parties for the sororities on campus. There was also the annual Founder’s Day celebration, which was attended by members from chapters in Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. OFFICERS Ivy L. Tomlin John M. Taylor Thomas H. Cook Walter H. Moon . Scot Elphingstone President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Page 335 Kenneth H. Arrington; William Butefish; Boicc Burns; Harvey Bull; Rupert Blackmun; Dean Bishop. Jack Barnes; A. L. Fawsctt; John Gross; James Green; Ervin L. Glenn; Don Gates. O. W. Gatchell; Doise Hughes; John Higgins; Bill Myron Jones; Lloyd M. Jones; Edward C. Kinsey. Russell Lueg; Joe S. McKinnon; Charles McIntosh; Walter Mitchell ' Marion C. Mead, Jr.; Edse D. Maddox. Charles Pearson; Earl Prince; Robert L. Presnell William G. Pittman;Jimmy Pappas. Clarence H. Reid; Joe Sudduth; Edward Staton; James E. West; George Wave. Page 334 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Beginning the second year of activities since its reactiva- vation in 1948, Sig Ep was off to an auspicious start in its new home at 213 N. Church Street. Continuing in the tra¬ ditions which began in 1901 with the founding of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Arkansas Alpha chapter has maintained an outstanding record in all campus activities. Social activities of the year included a party for new initiates, a Homecoming open house and dance, the Golden Heart formal, a hayride to Lake Wedington. Particularly outstanding in athletics is Edward “Hoot” Kinsey, who was elected Mr. Arkansas for the second con¬ secutive year, and was chosen to compete in the Mr. South¬ ern States contest. Scholarship is the aim of every Sig Ep, both for the indi¬ vidual and for the chapter. Among the honorary organiza¬ tions represented are Kappa Kappa Psi, A.B.C., Pershing Rifles, A.I.E.E., ODK, Phi Eta Sigma, Branner Geology Club, Lambda Tau, Pi Mu Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi, Black- friars, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, ASME, and AIChE, proving that Sig Ep is an organization of varied interests. OFFICERS Joe Sudduth Don Gates .... John Gross .... Robert Presnell Harvey Bull President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Page 335 Cameron Allen; Don Boling; Robert Boone; Raymond Branton; Leroy Brooks; Leland W. Brown; Glendon C. Bruce. Don Calahan; Lugean Chilcote; James Doyle; Joe N. Drew; Bruce H. Estes; Robert L. Frantz; Edward L. Gammill. Frank Gill; Richard D. Gillham; Bill Goodman; James Gregory; Roy C. Harrison; John E. Hawkins; Bob E. Hill. Holcomb Irby; James F. Koonce; Paul A. Kormondy; John L. Lundgren; Chester McKeon; Joe McKinstry; Kale M. Maddox. David Mouser; Omer C. North; Lloyd George Porter; Arthur Ray; Nat Richmond; Kenneth Rippey. Billy A. Robbins; William C. Robinson; William N. Sessions; William Shaw; William E. Shook; Charles G. Skillern. Luther Spears; William A. Spinelli; Shelton Soret; Hal Thompson; Wayne N. Williams; William F. Williams. Page 336 THETA TAU Theta Tau is a national professional engineering frater¬ nity, and has the two-fold purpose of developing and main¬ taining a high standard of professional interest among its members and uniting them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. The chapter maintains the highest fraternity-sorority grade-point average on the campus, but studies do not inter¬ fere with a well-rounded social program. The school year was highlighted by smokers, listening parties, the annual spring picnic, the Founders’ Day banquet, and the spring formal. Last year the fraternity resumed the awarding of its an¬ nual Theta Tau award, which is given to the outstanding senior in the College of Engineering each year. As always, Theta Tau has many campus leaders. Some of these are: Bob Bowen, President of Sigma Chi and Tau Beta Pi; John Sanders, President of Delta Sigma Phi and YMCA; Ed Gammill, President of the Engineering Council; Omer North, President of Phi Eta Sigma; John Hawkins, President of Gregson Hall; Bruce Estes, President of Pi Mu Epsilon; and Roy Harrison, Editor, and Leroy Brooks, business manager of the Arkansas Engineer ' . OFFICERS Bill Shook . Art Ray Corley Senyard James Koonce Don Calahan . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Page 337 Harry Ambrose; Thomas Clark; Jack L. Griffin; Theodore Hayes. Robert A. Jones; J. B. Johnson; Lawson Mack Joiner; Noah Peek. Ralph Neiharte; Robert E. Pitts; R. D. Rector. John Paul Sauders; Remley K. SchiflF; G. W. Woodward. Page 338 DELTA SIGMA PHI Delta Sigma Phi, a fraternity of international scope and activity, was one of the original members of the Inter-fra¬ ternity Council. The object of the organization is to form an enjoyable and lasting brotherhood among college men of good moral character and to provide an atmosphere of mu¬ tual helpfulness for the members. The Gamma Beta chapter of Delta Sigma Phi can be justly proud of its first year at the University of Arkansas. The fraternity was installed on March 6, 1949, by the national officers and by members of the Lambda chapter from Southern Methodist University. The group has been functioning on the University of Arkan¬ sas campus as a colony of the national fraternity since No¬ vember, 1946. Gamma Beta chapter has entered intramurals and has par¬ ticipated in Homecoming and other University activities. During the year the fraternity has held several social func¬ tions in its chapter house on Storer Street, among which was the first Sailors Ball, which will become an annual affair. The Carnation Ball was inaugurated in the Student Union Ballroom on March 14, and Founders ' Day was observed at a banquet attended by members and guests on December 10. OFFICERS John Paul Sanders . Jack Griffin Carrol Blewster Jack Ballard President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page 339 Adrian Becker; Milton R. Caplan; Morton W. Glatstein; Alan Hirsch; Alfred J. Levin; Edwin H. Pollock; Ernest M. Weitz. ZETA BETA TAU This year a charter was granted by the national Zeta Beta Tau fraternity to Beta Tau on the University of Arkansas campus. Beta Tau had been a colony of Zeta- Beta Tau here since February, 1947. Zeta Beta Tau was founded by a group of college men in New York City in 1898, and is the oldest and largest social fraternity for Jew¬ ish men. The fraternity has forty-nine chapters and forty- three alumni clubs in the United States and Canada. Charter members who were initiated into the national fraternity were: Adrian Becker, New York City; Charles H. Blustein, Little Rock; Morton W. Gladstein, Pine Bluff; Alan H. Hirsch, Marvell; Alfred J. Levin, Joplin, Mo.; Shepherd Stigman, Howard Weinstein, and Ernest M. Weitz, all of New York City. Gerald Bogoslavsky, Fort Smith; Milton Caplan, Pine Bluff; and Edwin H. Pollock, New York, comprised the pledge class. Members of Zeta Beta Tau who graduated last year and who were also initiated as charter members included: Donald Cohen, Fort Smith; Burton M. Feinsmith, New York; Edmund M. Hirsch, Jr., Marvell; and Charles S. Rubin, New York City. S. Irving Saphirstein and Herbert H. Wolf, who were members of Zeta Beta Tau before coming to the University, were also initiated as charter members. Highlighting the social events of the year were the Cin¬ derella Ball and the annual Zeta Beta Tau Bar-B-Q. The fraternity was not to be outdone in campus decorations, either, for it was awarded first place in the 1949 Gaebale booth construction, and honorable mention for its Home¬ coming house decorations. Zeta Beta Tau is also proud of achieving second place honors in scholarship. Although small in number, Zeta Beta Tau is large in ac¬ tivity. The members of the fraternity are active in many Greek letter honorary societies, such as Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Sigma, and Psi Chi. Professor S. C. Dellinger, head of the zoology depart¬ ment, was the faculty advisor of the group. The Zeta Beta Tau’s can look back on the past year’s activities with many happy remembrances and the feeling that it was a job well done. OFFICERS Alfred J. Levin .... President Howard Weinstein . Secretary Alan Hirsch .... Treasurer Ernest M. Weitz Historian Page 340 Jhe course everyone enrolls in — Vnion-ology. " Mama, buy me that for Christmas! ' ' PiXJ party for unfortunate kids. A giant skunk guards Pi Phis during JJoomecoming . Jhe hit of the Varsity Show—The Arkettes. Coming for that coffee before class. Bet we haven’t heard that one yet. Traveler staff picked cover girl from these. Dr. Jones joins crowd in eating bar-b-g on Agri Day. Zetas and pre-date calisthenics. XZ Poverty Party and well-dressed students. Cheerleaders lead parade a new way. 7he XA Pigalle Party was cjuite interesting. Lavish costumes at the XZ Poverty Party. D Q ' s and their annual picture in pajamas. Lambda Chis wanted Ags in cellar for good. Jerry Sloan gives out with the info. LAUNDRY CITIZEN ' S CLEANERS Phone 2146 (hulity UunJry and Dry Cleaners SportinJ 1 Goods LEWIS BROS. CO. py razori ! Press MclL °r bank r mevau. usas °ur 78 th n ° mv dvertisinq Year " u » Beni Ml " Uas " 1 ' % W MSM IS Page 345 We feel our responsibility to the parents of Arkansas and the young men and women p that make the University of Arkansas. So to better serve the people of Arkansas, O Fayetteville now boasts two of the finest, n most complete Drug Stores to be found. r 4 9 0 T H E These Drug Stores have more different brands of the top merchandise in the drug S field; more experienced and accommodat- Q ing personnel and more conveniences. u One store on the square and one store in the center of town where patrons may park p free any time. Ilf See the electronic automatic opening doors at the Dickson Street store. Page 346 (i)C DD ooooQ O O m 73 ( WE, who have known you gradu¬ ates all during your University career feel proud, yes, and a little sad, as we watch you leave your classrooms behind and go forth to adulthood and responsibility. It has been a privilege to have served you during these years. Come see us whenever you can. Again — Congratulations. FAYETTEVILLE FT. SMITH Page 347 THE 1950 RAZORBACK Printed and Bound by THE CLIO PRESS ANNUAL DIVISION of the Economy Advertising Co. IOWA CITY, IOWA Page 348 THE HARRIS HOTEL ®ic € rdinrt) Our Coffee Shop Reasonable Prices ROGERS. ARKANSAS ADAMS FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions • Phone 320 STUDENT CLEANERS " In Schuler Town " PHONE 1254 L. P. BLACKMON TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING 305 W. Dickson Phone I 82 Page 349 CLEANERSZDYfP$ tAUNDRY Phone 552 PRESTON WOODRUFF R. G. WOODRUFF Corner School and Dickson Page 350 • • • THE • • • MOUNTAIN INN Fayetteville ' s Largest and Most Modern Hotel ROY BRUMFIELD, Manager PLYMOUTH DODGE DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS FAYETTEVILLE CLARKSVILLE BOSTONIAN SHOES FOR MEN 3 East Mountain FORTUNET FOOTWEAR FOR WOMEN Phone 264 MIDWAY CAFE Steaks and Chicken HIGHWAY 71 —NORTH " RED " and " COTTON " PHONE 3383 PRICE PATTON Exclusively A Man’s Jtore Fayetteville, Arkansas Page 351 DEDICATED TO SERVING YOU! Courteously, Completely PALACE DRUG STORE “Student Headquarters for 45 Years” 422 WEST DICKSON PHONE 677 USE YOUR CREDIT NO INTEREST NO CARRYING CHARGES FORT SMITH FAYETTEVILLE ARKANSAS BOB ' S CAFE R. L. MADDOX It’s On The Square FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Page 352 THE 1950 RAZORBACK Is Bound in a Kingskraft Deluxe Cover KINGSPORT PRESS KINGSPORT, TENN. 325 W. Huron CHICAGO, ILL. Nnrtfymrst Arkansas intrs Evenings Daily Except Sunday Associated Press Leased Wire Northwest Arkansas ' Largest Newspaper All Sporting Goods • " UPTOWN " LEWIS BBOS. CO. FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE STUDENTS ' BANK Total Resources - $9,000 f 000.00 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS OLDEST AND STRONGEST NATIONAL BANK IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page 353 PHONE 272 MRS. BILLIE HAYES HEAD 101 N. BLOCK ST. " Where Cleaning is an Art " " Insured and Refrigerated Storage " SINES BODY SHOP Specializing in Tops, Seat Covers. Body and Fender Work Car Glass, Safety and Plain, Cut to Any Measure 227 W. DICKSON STREET PHONE 196 BOWL FOR HEALTH BOWL FOR PLEASURE Make Our Snack Bar Your First and Last Stop of the Day §im, (BsinLonA. BOWLING LANES The South s Finest Bowling Establishment 10 BRUNSWICK LANES Located. Just Off The Campus COMPLIMENTS OF MdLROY BANK FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS 1871 - Our 79th Year - 1950 “Oldest Bank in Arkansas” MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Page 354 GOOD NEIGHBOR ,,, ' HOME F6 CKS ,, [I Dorado. Arkansas Makers ot Naturalube Motor Oil Knix Knox and Ethyl Gasolines Heat Resisting Lubricants Page 355 THE STUMP FURNITURE CO. 603 W. DICKSON PHONE 3112 HERB LANIER ' S RAZORBACK CLEANERS 218 W. DICKSON PHONE 2382 PASTEURIZED MILK COMPANY 207 W. DICKSON Pasteurized Grade " A " Milk — Sealed with Red Sanitary Seal Caps COLLEGE CLUB BUTTER PHONE 530 Page 356 ABSHIER-BR Y AN MOTOR COMPANY 37th Year FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS RAY ' S FLOWERS At Your Service... The business-managed, tax-paying electric companies of America have established a long record of efficient service at lower and lower cost. Electric power for the wheels of progress. Southwestern GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY WASHINGTON HOTEL FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. HOTEL SAM PECK LITTLE ROCK, ARK. WHEELER S DRIVE IN Curb Service Phone 650 DOWNTOWN DICKSON We Deliver FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. THE BUSINESS MANAGER OF THE RAZORBACK AND HIS STAFF APPRECIATE THE COOPERATION OF THE ADVERTISERS WHO HAVE SUPPORTED THIS BOOK Page 357 - it was a pleasure working with you. The Official Photographer For The 1950 Razorback ★ We have your negatives in our files— additional photographs may be ordered at any time. ★ ECHLIN RED Photographers 116 MAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Page 358 FOR THE BEST IN FOOD AND SERVICE TRY THE WISHING WELL HIGHWAY 71 — NORTH A GAS RANGE Cooks FASTER FINER Arkansas Western Gas " Helping Build northwest Arkansas ' ' HELENA RUBINSTEIN COSMETICS DRUG STORE Always phone, }76 w e lcom e A. Complete Line of Drugs Page 359 Congratulations, graduates, from an institution that has literally ' grown up ' with the University. C-B was here when your parents matriculated and will be here when your children arrive for their freshman year. Good luck, graduates, and may each of you be successful. Page 360 BOB ' S STUDIO The Photographer of Razorback Beauty PHONE 858 25 N. BLOCK JOHNSON ' S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE • Mirrors and Glass 25 North Block FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. 0. K. Milady WE KNOW WE KNOW CLEANING 14 NORTH BLOCK PHONE 587 Page 361 iWfc Nationally Known Brands at Popular Prices LAUNDRY CITIZEN ' S CLEANERS Phone 2146 Quality Laundry and Dry Cleaners Page 362 Page 363 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Fayetteville ' s Most Economically Priced Department Store GOFF-McNAIR MOTOR COMPANY LINCOLN MERCURY PHONE 230 331 NORTH COLLEGE MAKE SUNDAY NIGHTS A HABIT . . . AT . . . • DeLuxe Eat Shop Phone 335 306 W. DICKSON • Breakfasts and Plate Lunches a Specialty READY TO WEAR AND ACCESSORIES Phone 145 Page 365 MOORE ' S GIFT SHOP • “The Gift Center” PHONE 352 25 N. BLOCK ST. Don’t Say Bread Say Northwest Arkansas’ Finest W. G. SHIPLEY BAKING CO., INC. FAYETTEVILLT, ARKANSAS McALESTER, OKLAHOMA Page 366 ADVERTISING INDEX Page Abshier-Bryan Motor Company.357 Adams Flower Shop.349 Arkansas Western Gas.359 Jim Benton ' s Bowling Lanes.354 Bob ' s Cafe.352 Bob ' s Studio.361 Boston Store.347 Brooks Men Store.359 Campbell-Bell Inc.360 Citizens Laundry and Cleaners.362 Coca-Cola.352 Collier Drug Store.346 Crossett Lumber Company.363 Deluxe Eat Shop.365 Echlin Red.358 Economy Advertising Company.348 Fayetteville Drug Company.361 First National Bank.353 Goff-McNair.365 Harris Hotel.349 Houston Taylor.351 Hunt ' s Inc.362 Irwin, Jeweler.351 J. C. Penney Co.365 Johnson Paint and Wallpaper.361 Kingsport Press.353 Lewis Bros. Co. ,353 Lion Oil Company.355 McAllister Shoe Store.351 Mcllroy Bank. Page . 354 Matilda’s. Midway Cafe. . . . 351 Miller’s, Inc. . . 352 Moore’s Gift Shop. . . . 366 Mountain Inn . Northwest Arkansas Jimes . . . 353 O. K. and Milady. . . . 361 Ozark Cleaners. . . . 354 Palace Drug Store. . . . 352 Pasteurized Milk Company . . . 356 Price-Patton. . . . 351 Quaker Drug Store. . . 359 Ray ' s Flowers. . . . 357 Razorback Cleaners. . . 356 Red Cross Drug Store. . 346 Silverman ' s. . . . 366 Sines Body Shop. . . . 354 Student Cleaners. . . . 349 Southwestern Gas and Electric . . . . 357 Southwestern Engraving Company . . . . 364 Stump Furniture Company 356 Vickers Cleaning Laundry . . . 350 Waggoner’s. 349 Washington Hotel. . . . 357 W. G. Shipley Baking Company . . . 366 Wheeler’s Drive-In. Wishing Well Coffee Shop . . . . . . 359 Page 367 A INDEX ABC .246 Acacia Colony .312 A Club .247 Administration . 33 Agriculture, College of. 40 Agriculturist .178 Agronomy Club .247 AIA .248 AIChE .248 AIEE .249 Alpha Chi Sigma.230 Alpha Epsilon Delta.230 Alpha Gamma Rho.314 Alpha Kappa Psi.250 Alpha Lambda Delta.231 Alpha Phi Omega.251 Alpha Zeta .231 Animal Industry Club.250 Arkansas Engineer .180 Arkansas Traveler .174 Art Guild .251 Arts and Sciences, College of. 39 ASA .252 ASCE .253 ASME .254 ASPL .252 Athletics .186 AWS .255 B Band .256 Baptist Student Union.255 Baseball .209 Basketball .199 Beauties .138 Beta Gamma Sigma.232 Blackfriars .257 Blue Key .232 Board of Publications.184 Board of Trustees. 37 Boots and Spurs.257 Branner Geology Club.258 Business Administration, College of . 41 Business and Registrar’s Office 38 c Campus Favorites .134 Canterbury Club .258 Carnall Hall .286 Central Planning Committee. .259 Cheerleaders .259 Chi Omega .298 Chi Theta .233 Classes . 51 Commerce Guild .260 Coterie .260 D Dames Club .261 Davis Hall .288 Dean of Men. 47 Dean of Women. 46 Delta Delta Delta.300 Delta Gamma .302 Delta Sigma Phi.338 Delta Theta Phi.233 Disciple Student Fellowship . .261 Dorms .281 Page 368 E Education, College of. 42 Engineering, College of. 43 Engineering Council .262 F Farm House Club.262 Features .157 FFA .263 Football .188 Freshman Football .198 Freshmen .126 FT A .263 G Gamma Iota .264 Girls’ 4-H House.289 Graduates .100 Graduate School . 44 Greeks .297 Gregson Hall .282 Quild Ticker .176 H Holcombe Hall .284 Home Economics Club.264 Honoraries .229 I Institute of Radio Engineers. .266 Inter-Fraternity Council .311 International Relations Club. .265 International Students Club . .265 Intramurals .210 j Jones, President Lewis Webster 34 Junior Class .110 K Kappa Alpha .... Kappa Delta Pi... Kappa Kappa Garni Kappa Kappa Psi. . Kappa Sigma .... L Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Tau. Caw Review . Law School. Lawyers . Lloyd Halls . M McMath, Governor Sydney. . . 36 Major-Minor Club (Men’s). . .266 Major-Minor Club (Women’s) .267 Marketing Club .267 Met Club .268 Military .214 Mixed Chorus .268 Mortar Board .235 316 234 304 234 318 320 235 182 45 102 292 N Newman Club .269 o Omicron Delta Kappa.236 Organized Independent Women .294 Organizations .245 P Pan-American Club .269 Pledge Council .270 Pan-Hellenic Council .310 Pershing Rifles .226 Phi Alpha Delta.237 Phi Alpha Theta.236 Phi Beta Kappa.237 Phi Delta Theta.322 Phi Eta Sigma.238 Phi Sigma .238 Phi Upsilon Omicron.239 Pi Beta Phi.306 Pi Kappa Alpha.324 Pi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.239 Pi Mu Epsilon.240 Pre-Med Club .270 Press Club .271 Psi Chi .240 Publications .171 Q Queens .148 R Razorback .172 Razorback Hall .290 Rifle Team .221 Rootin’ Rubes .271 ROTC Band .226 ROTC Sponsors.227 s SAM .272 Scabbard and Blade.241 Seniors . 52 Sigma Alpha Epsilon.326 Sigma Alpha Iota.241 Sigma Chi .328 Sigma Gamma Epsilon.242 Sigma Nu .330 Sigma Phi Epsilon.334 Sigma Pi .332 Sigma Pi Sigma.242 Sophomore Class .119 Sophomore Council .243 Student Body Officers. 49 Student Christian Council. . . .272 Student Court . 50 Student Senate . 48 Student Union Board.273 T Tau Beta Pi.243 Theta Tau .336 Track Team .208 u U-Ark Annex .295 University Men’s Bible Class.273 V Varsity Combo.274 w WAA .275 Wesley Foundation .274 Wesley Players.275 Y YMCA .276 YWCA .276 z Zeta Beta Tau.340 Zeta Tau Alpha.308

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