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V llfllit. E often speak of the University of Arkansas as a "community", and correctly so. It em- braces the common interests and the diver- gent viewpoints characteristic of every commu- nity. lt linds continuity of purpose in the desire for knowledge and the striving for excellence, Its interests are broad in aspect, reaching into every portion of Arkansas and embracing all phases of our educational, economic and cultural life. It is a part of the vast community of Arkansas. It should reflect the best in organized living as a leavening process in the larger community which it exists to serve. LEWIS WEBSTER IONES F081 SVMTH F M E11 EVXLLE LNTLE R061 SPRNGS llM'L P IXRK NIKE BLUFF TU-IXRHKIKR EL DBRRDO JMIESB BUT REV ILLE BRD RELEIW 4 X. f' X ,. fi, ,593 X 3 RAZURBACK .af V Mau Q-v 1 1::,,. X .3 an .w -Ia 1, 1, . 'ffff .'.,f. ,.,,, ,i.....-'.,-if -, -V I w W ,, wg-'n iL e '?"?"lm1: wfllkz., f pg' ff L 'r. 3. 2 ..,, N "in A? W. SQ 'fit far -it its it 'Wm , NX: X HT if cyl 11 .WY S H 51 Cash TU FURIVI UUR ERE at the University of Arkansas, we have our own community, one which has much in common with the state's other communities-with its villages, towns and cities. ln the greater community of Arkan- sas, our campus is the home of the student, the scientist, the poet, and the businessman, lawyer and farmer, each preparing to take his place in our forward-striding state. We function as a community: we have our own student government, we issue our own publi- cations, we produce our own entertainments. Strengthened by the traditions of democracy and intellectual freedom, we meet the every- day problems of our small community as students and citizens building for a better 'M Yfmbxix Wi x .F we AJ SFU state and nation. WW fwfr T. A Wg mpg 'J Qqfvf , l Kg 1 l I "' A 1 li , nn: CULLEGIATE COMMUNITY Q XX ER C ING NEW --'KF' ACAUEIVIIC IVIILESTUNE HE 47-48 year saw -the University of Arkansas blossom into an even liner aca- demic institution. V President Iones set the pace as hejltourecl the state proclaiming the virtues of general education. new gradu- ate program in science Was begun under the guidance of Grigorieff. '1pDr. Barnett Sure receivedffnation-Wide prominence when he made new discoveries in the nutrition Held. Many new faculty appointments added stat- ure to an already imposing array of teaching talent, The new annex to the Business Ad- ministration building was completed and fur- nished facilities for many more students. Possibly the greatest impetus to theferection of new academicgmilestonestwas given by the returning Gl's. They made alltiof us toe the mark. mum , ll'-Lefflk ' Nga.-: ' .Ya ti, E. YSL 3 if, PA USING FU s PLAY J' ,V A K , 1 .- V , V, . 1 ,V offered Ourlcommunity f"af'briefQcbut joyous respite from fbooks and classroomsglltasigstudenrs joinedlin' on the fun. Parties, plays. cheek to cheek dancing, andlf' itball all Helped to break up the grind of into a more palatable diet. to play so ,long that soon pausing only momentarily to very .interesting arrar not too practical. vu, -, HE music was sweet and the dialogue was classic as Bitsy and William Shakespeare combined talents to lit the motif of the new words and music pattern at the University of Arkansas. Such was the diversified fare offered to all of us during the departed year. The year was replete with entertainment from the fresh- man orientation dance through the student production of State of the Union and right down to the last note of the Gaebale hop. w L? y AS A NEW ERA HE new era at the University meant many things, lt meant the eventful inauguration of President Iones and his shaping of our academic future and the com- munity idea at the University. It meant the new athletic program di- rected by Iohn Barnhill and the bowl-bound football teams which have made the Razorbacks feared all over the Southwest. The new SlNAUGU era meant the largest student body in the history of the University. Students from many states and for- eign nations now attend our school. Coeds sported the new look and this fashion inaugural gave the campus a Changed appearance. Another new development was the presence of proud parents wheeling their baby Carriages past the beaming towers of Old Main. v ,ir , iv Q iff if ' Ka i 4 , H 9 ii 4-vm r Q af 1 Q sg If Q if 9-0 V . . its 5 . ' 'ii ,U .i 5 ,Q M' X Mfg. V ' XA ff -5 4 Wa., , . A 1 If J f--W , 4 SY H+ 'Sf Lf 2' 3 Q . 2. 6, Q? . W YN 7 qv F flue fi? ss- , ,MK wi ,, -nw. C gm., Qfwigff ggx CUNTENTS Arwunn Adminisrraiion Publica+ions Communily Leaders Honor Socie+ies Milifary Arr Classes Fea+ures Sororifies Fra+erni+ies Universi+y Housing Men's Residences Women's Residences Al PLAY Fooiball Baskeiball Baseball Track Beaufies Organiza+ions ' 9 W fx' , f I! ', ,f :I 1, I x ui i IIEII mn IIIII mu Ili 0. e Ng, rI Iliff f IIEQ' nifi 6 I I 1 um Ialil l I ' 4,- '55 :I .:.. P vA".l444-:,-'1 175' h 41? --van I ,,,,,. It' I HV' JPN., uv...-0 ,..,' I F ' .N NIJ... Y-I t. . ... .,.,,5z-.N-v'-W - -N' A THE COMMUNITY AT WURK I f fi V' 'FXR' Wk c cy Y i mmm wire? wg - .A W' 'sf i ,,.z Eat we X in NF? -A at X dsl fs- nr, 'a r rg? Y ,Q rf " . M ' mir . CN ii. Vthfihiitiiih who -J' . if W? Kiiwi d idirims tin rnunity at work rnanitested itsei ' g this postfyvar year. ine desire to W L- HE corn durin genu ' roper . rnany ways erried to he a cy iunction 9 d nurnhers tl if There se make our Kittie dernocra Students went to the pohs in recor to instaii their ieaders in office. President Xones sounded our cornrnunity caii tor a greater university and a greater state when he cahed together Xeaders ot science, husif ness and industry tor a coordination oi the resources oi the Wonder State. HE conirnnnity went to work on the current bngahoofthe high cost oi hvingfand xv e bniit our ovvn cooper- ative grocery. Qacnity and students aiihe pitched in and niade it a success. Pinothet iine exarnpie oi the cornrnnnity at vvorh in the 47 A8 year vv as evidenced vvhen sorority and independent giris gracionsiy rninded babies when the mothers and dads oi the snh- nrhan university protects sponsored a Vetsf 'Yerryfxfihage dance in the Rah. The cornrnnf nity at vvorh vi! as a dehnite reahty this year w U 53 V ,,.- -f - M w r rum, W f qs 3.1 . "lei ig ? it 2 , Fl-15' - ,J :-, .J 5,1 T, jg.-',.':. ,wi aw Q W Upper left: The dentist fills a gap in the yap. Upper right: The Uni- versity Press Club puts out the Rogers Daily News. Center: Denver Hutson calls the piggies in Agri fashion. Lower left: President Iones and Governor Laney meet with industrial leaders in big research confab. I A 'Ki Q it i . gi, V, i wg if M W wid M Q 1133? IN 'fu Above: Mr. Huber and asso- ciates tackle that housing problem. Center: Law Stu- dent Ralph Stephens sells that 400th Co-op Grocery share to Leland Brown as Eugene Sin- gleton looks on and another community project gets under way. Below: Mr. Pentz lec- tures on the finer points of business procedure to Dick White and some interested and disinterested students in the Business Library. ,.r3,,.EWA, 'fm zimfwm . , V l 1 l Q , 5 W nw: 1 f.3'-,figs W E. .. .r F' 55, at X Egg? :K .fn'fl"! Q 55 QU' r Jw 1411 R W? W!! 'W gf-1,1g3i'z v, Q, 15:5-" ,Ml 1 L M Q 8 S X n t 4-, ll 1 r 1, Q- ,t f wg. ff 1 V eww- -Q ,Q 4312 , 5124? A .Q T ma WASIIIXIQ U14 PETS iHSiH.l"l'lIl.Y !'R0llllilI'l'lIli snub l ! I K fi: mmwlwl Upper left: A hubby dutifully swabs the deck over in the Trailer Camp laundry. Upper right: Irv Saphirstein tallies the results of the World Student Service Fund drive as Ann Misenhimer and the Colemans watch. Center: Col. O'Day and Capt. Evans do the honors as Porter England receives his cadet commission in ROTC. Lower left: Registration for the fall term in the Field House. Page 22 "5-..., Above: The sorority girls get together over in Davis Hall to make plans for registration for fall rush week. Center: Fa- mous columnist Marquis Childs is presented a gold Press Club key by Pendleton Woods as a climax to Iournalism Day. Pres- ident Iones looks on. Below: Iohn Lyles is the keynote speaker at a religious convoca- tion held in the ballroom of the Student Union Building. fn 355 'iw .1ffI.I2R,La-is 4... fs 1 , X fi y ,J V f,,1, .V ef! e 1 ,I ,,,,...A if "' 1 N' N9 A.,,,,- M , I 5 4, ' t E , fa' K 6 , ' ' FZ EES, l e A 1 .55 3 1 K 515535 , ,I ,,.fy:v, E ' if ?-,! A 2. Q 7 ,asf A if 5 5 1' F illvvlnlsfvp ARTHUR M. I-IARDING The community of the University of Arkansas lost one of its most able and well beloved leaders when Dr. Arthur M. Harding passed away. A native of Arkansas, Dr. Harding was connected with the University of Arkansas for forty-eight years. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1904 and a year later, he joined the faculty as an instructor of mathematics. He became, in turn, the Registrar and head of the Extension Department. He climaxed his success story by becoming President of the University in 1941. Dr. Harding saw the University grow into a powerful institution as he moved through many administrative and teaching posts and to him goes credit for much of that growth. Page 25 THE PRESIDE The leader of our collegiate community is President Lewis Webster Iones. An ardent advocate of the community idea, Dr. lones has done much this past year to put that idea into operation here on the University of Ar- kansas campus. ln fact, to him goes credit for the basic theme of the 1948 RAZORBACK, the University as a community When we dropped over to the presidents office to interview him for the material on this page, Dr. Iones told us he was born in Ne- braska but left there at the tender age of three months to move to Oregon. It was at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, that he hrst became interested in the field of educa- tion. As Dr. Iones put it, Reed College was reformist and buzzing with ideas, encourag- ing its students to apply constructive methods to teaching and such. "Of course, I had read William Iames in high school," Dr. Iones added, in explaining how he chose the educational profession. However, Dr. lones did not become an educator at once. He did graduate work at Columbia, was a research economist and trav- eled through England, France, Germany and Switzerland, Then after a brief period of handling publications and working in general affairs, Dr. Iones became president of a pro- l President lones solves a community problem. i I The Iones family meets the Henry family. gressive young college, Bennington, in Ver- mont. "Bennington was only a girls' college by accident, you know," said Dr. Iones. "We wanted the best students possible for our ex- periment in progressive education and since Harvard and Yale had priorities on the bet- ter men students, that left the women." Here, Dr. Iones explained, the students were encouraged to participate in the town activi- ties and by doing this they not only aided the town and college, but also prepared them- selves for their later responsibilities in their own communities. Dr. Iones disclosed the fact that the cele- brated Miss Hush, Martha Graham, had taught at Bennington College. ln fact, Dr. Iones appointed her to the faculty as an in- structor of dance. This modest man with the deliberate speech and studious air looks philosophically at the occasional tiffs between town and students. He claims it is a common college problem, but is less of a problem here because it is out in the open. Dr. Iones' first statement upon coming to the University was, "The call from Arkansas presents a challenge which any educator would welcome." Students, faculty and citi- zens of the state are more than convinced that President Iones has met that challenge. Page 26 LEWIS WEBs'rER IONES President Lewis Webster ones in his lirst ear at the Llniversit has clone much for Universit and Y Y Y state. Ma'or accom lishments Were: lans for develo ment of a State Medical Center at Little Rock, reater l P P P Q expansion of University research program. aclvancmeii 1' of extension work, Careful gtudy of University agndennq program with emphasis on general education along with scientific and technical education. yu The Head ot the Entire Communityi G0 ER 0R B LA EY Governor Ben Laney directs the destiny of the entire community of Arkan- if 'L Q vi 'L MN.. . . . . . . . . lafrf-ghfifmzfimget:ff-,A sas. His progressive administration has been an invaluable asset in the build- ,,, , fe - ., ,f ,. Q .J Q . X .A j A -fr Y- 5145. ing of a greater Arkansas and a greater University. Always a firm believer in 1' if state pride, Governor Laney has done much in his term of ofHce to make us rightfully proud of Arkansas. Q Governor Laney was horn in 1896 on a farm that his grandfather settled in the southern part of Arkansas. I-le went to Hendrix College until he entered the armed forces during the first World War. After returning from the war, he attended State Teachers College at Conway where he received his AB, l Miz, R degree. ' , M, ,x I to I-'H ,l 1 Une of our finest governors. Mr. Laney's departure from the state capitol , V AWMg,,,L.- yf will be a definite loss to the state and University. Page 28 The U IVER ITY BOARD of TR STEE erves as the Communit Council l E First row: Chairman Herbert Thomas, W. W. Sharp, Raymond Orr, Iohn Clinton Black, W. T. Iones. Second row: Henry Yocum, Dr. Euclid Smith, Fred I. Brown, lay Dickey, P. E. Murphy. The Board of Trustees is the Community Council, and, in this capacity, the prominent business and professional leaders who make up the membership of this board decide the policies of our University Community. Heading the list of important actions of the Board of Trustees was the inau- guration of President Lewis Webster Iones. Then, nearly a year later in the spring of '48, the board took another tremendous stride forward by its authori- zation of the construction of a million dollar Fine Arts Building. Further milestones to the trusteeship were: the establishment of a Medical Center around the nucleus of the Medical School in Little Rock, the decision to erect two badly needed dormitories, and the granting of permission to students to build a co-op grocery store. Page 29 M if I YTQX ,f 6 5f'X,i'lx VA P--11563 4 Qi ' vzrw eff? its 534 f"i -E 'I l i A-- "T ""- 20 f3v'lfX'?'fi,?4 ' p .O ' rg, 3 s", O Lg 'us' Q 'fx li ' , . . x - ! ww' 'Z " 'U 727' x X Q! L o a fi ' s" A 'il 3 - 5 'Q O V x s 0 , . gill gs: zzz: sa.- - an i :Q l I ll XNNQ raw' .I Qld ll K . U, I S .E-fl li ' nam Eh! 4 what-B hhki ill! 553515 nm 'QQ 2 g a QF :lit 'Q Qi ggg! ' lniilm as Q91 is 1- 5 A . . Q ji f if A ' xg 1 K, if .'x:"',if., 'elf 3115 Wr 'Q5'?"X 5 ' ' M 'Y fm Rf gm: A-www I W.-.HM 1' .Xb sr 1 ,. .. h7 .. .arg 5 . Q J" w Nmmnm Q M. 3 3 K, ark. ff, mfg.-r " ' 5- V M ,V .W ,M ,Vg - Y V"'w.'Eaf"p' n. ww U 2? 1 Operation Test Tube in the Chemistry Building. Future barristers hold sway in the Law Building. N""N.R- ' '-A-.i..,NM Y, Q. W"'w um w wk 4 'bm ff, A. 1 .Aa-1' ..- Q.. nun -ni5 M ,...N..., "Nu , W-Mg W ,ur 1 ,. ,, fx? ' .f . -wi-Q ITM' fT'QS',T" . Q, J, g . ge 5 Q X f... if my? L, F tm "' Q6 Af' lib Flin S x Q Q. Q as x, VICE-PRESIDENT CARLSON ML. The growth of the University of Arkansas is reflected in the expansion of the Business Office. ln 1923, when the Business Qflice was organized. only three people were required to handle all the business. During the past year, Financial Vice-President T. C. Carlson and his assistants, who include Mr. lacob Sharp, Controller in the main office: Mr. George Stubblefield, Assistant Treasurerg Mr. Bunn Bell, Chief Accountant: Mr. K. W. New- man, Administrator of the School of Medicine and the University Hospitalg Mr. Elwood Walker, Controller of the School of Medicine and the Hos- pitalg and Mr. Perry Mason, Business Manager of the Agricultural Extension Service, have di- rected a large staff of employees in the apportion- ment of a budget totaling around four million dollars. The Business Qffice controls the finances of the University at Fayetteville, the School of Medi- cine and the Hospital at Little Rock, the various agricultural experiment stations over the state, and the Agricultural Extension Service at Little Rock. The Registrar's Office is another important ad- ministrative ofjiice. Mr. Fred L. Kerr is the Reg- istrar and Mr. Carter Short is the Assistant Reg- istrar. A large staff of assistants keeps files on a record enrollment with the aid of IBM machines. Duties of the Registrars Office include keeping records of students' work, issuing transcripts to other universities, recording grades, and deter- mining a student's eligibility to participate in cer- tain activities. The work has been simplified to a great extent by the installation of IBM machines during the second semester to take care of the enormous amount of records. The necessity of typing tran- scripts has been eliminated by the use of photo- static copies. Special examinations are given by the Regis- trar's Office for students who are privileged to try for higher grades after receiving conditional grades, and for students who are trying for ad- vanced standing credit. The College of Arts and Sciences, through its varied curriculum, offers a broad general educa- tion and can also give its students specialized training in one field. Practically every student in the University is reached through the work of the departments included in this college. English, ancient and modern languages, art, history, chem- istry, journalism, mathematics, sociology, and zo- ology are a few of the many courses offered. Under the expert guidance of Dean Guerdon David Nichols, the College of Arts and Sciences has helped many of us to understand the hold of the past and the hope of the future, found in the clasic and the modern. Dean Nichols was born in Iowa Falls, Iowa. and received his B.A. degree from the University of Iowa. He received both his master's and his doctor's degrees from the University of Nebraska. Before coming to the University of Arkansas in 1927, Dean Nichols taught at the Colorado School of Mines. When the dean is not involved with the many and varied duties of his office, he can usually be found on his twenty-acre farm, where he raises a garden and keeps livestock. His honors include membership in Sigma Psi, national honor society for graduate students in the sciences. Dean Nich- ols is also a member of the American Mathemati- cal Society. The college offers curricula leading to degrees of Bachelor of Arts CB.A.l, Bachelor of Science lB.SS.l, Bachelor of Music and Bache- lor of Science in Social Welfare CBS. in S.W.l. Besides these, there are two-year curricula which will give Certificates of Associate in Arts and Associate in Science. The scholastic honor society for the College of Arts and Sciences is Phi Beta Kappa. The chapter here was established in 1931. Each year, faculty members of the chapter elect to member- ship students from the upper ten per cent of the senior class of the College. The basis of election to this society is good moral character and high scholarship. Sage 75 DEAN NICHoLs DEAN ELLIS --- COLLEGE 0F AGRICULTURE In this modern World the operation of a success- ful farm is the job of an educated person. With this in mind, the College of Agriculture attempts to give its students the diversified knowledge which will permit them to operate any sort of farm. Dean Lippert S. Ellis is head of the College of Agriculture. He was born on a farm near Bridge- port, Michigan, and he spent his early childhood in that locality. Upon finishing high school, he did a short stint in the army. In 1923, Dean Ellis received his B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin and his Ph,D. at the same institution three years later. Shipyard Worker and landscape gardener were among his varied occupations. After holding various positions in the Agricul- tural and Mechanical College at Wisconsin, Dr. Ellis was appointed regional agricultural analyst for the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, with headquarters in Little Rock. From this position he came to the University. Under the supervision of Dean Ellis, educa- tional opportunities in both agriculture and home economics are offered by the College of Agricul- ture. The College not only offers classroom edu- cation, but it also aids in the state-wide develop- ment of agriculture and home economics through its agricultural extension service, experiment sta- tions, and the secondary schools. Since sooner or later in the life of almost every Woman the management of a home will be her chief responsibility, the College of Agriculture in its Home Economics department offers many practi- cal courses pertaining to successful home-making. An annual fixture on the University campus is Agri Day, This year, the Agris promised to spend a sane and sensible Agri Day-no painting of white feet-no fighting with Engineers.. Stu- dents who remembered past years had to see it to believe it. The Agri Day Association is the group which handles all the details for this tradi- tional holiday. Page 36 0LLEGE 0F BUSINESS ADMI ISTRATIO War and post-War conditions have had world shaking effects on our economic system and have made necessary trained leaders in business and public life. lust ahead of Arkansas and the South lies a great period of prosperity. To meet this pe- riod, the state must have informed, well educated leaders, The College of Business Administration is providing our state and community with these leaders in annually increasing numbers. Chaotic economic conditions make it extremely difficult for this department to keep abreast of the times, but textbooks and teaching methods are very modern and compare favorably with the best in the country. Dean of the College of Business Administration and a native Arkansan is Paul W. Milam, Dean Milam received his bachelors degree at State Col- lege, San Marcos, Texas. His masters degree is from the University of Texas, and his doctors degree from New York University. Dr. Milam was made dean of the College of Business Ad- ministration in 1934. Dean Milam was responsible for the inaugura- tion of the special two-year curriculum which was designed to meet the need of returning veterans. ln addition to this innovation, the College is con- tinuing its regular program designed to give each student the essential training for a business career. ln the realm of four-year curricula, more than fifty specialized courses are offered in addition to the basic sophomore and freshman classes. A few of them are: auditing, cost accounting, transpor- tation, labor problems, consumer economics, money and banking, investments, sales manage- ment, and field work in marketing. The Business Library is part of the general Uni- versity library, and has approximately 20,000 vol- umes on business and economics. It is one of the best equipped business libraries in this region. Students poring over the many periodicals re- ceived at the library will attest to that fact. Page 37 DEAN MILAM , ,wmnxw W , .. ,. ,nz-.ww DEAN KRONENBERG COLLEGE OF EDUCATIO The field of education at the present is under- going a major test, and only time will tell the re- sults. We are experiencing one of the Worst teacher shortages in the history of the United States, and it is this problem which the education colleges must solve. The College of Education at the University, under the leadership of Dean Henry Kronenberg, is devoting much time to this problem, and is trying to make the education branch of training a more lucrative one-one that can compete with other fields on the Wage scale. Dean Kronenberg was born in South Haven, Minnesota, received his high school education in Pine River, Minnesota, then went to Illinois Col- lege where he received his bachelor's degree in 1926. He won a scholarship to the University of Illinois, and received his master's degree there in 1929. Dr. Kronenberg linished his graduate work at the University of Minnesota, where he secured his doctor's degree. He came to the University of Arkansas in 1935. The College of Education is now divided into three main divisions: General education, physi- cal education, and vocational education. The general education branch is concerned with pre- paring teachers for work in elementary and high schools. The vocational education school trains teachers in agriculture, commercial education, home economics, industrial education, and dis- tributive occupations. The third division, physical education, serves a double purpose: It trains teachers in physical education and coaches in secondary and elemen- tary schools, and at the same time offers students courses in physical education which are usually required by other schools. The College is approved by the State Board of Education as a vocational teacher educational in- stitution. The College maintains a Teachers' Placement Bureau for the purpose of filling va- cancies with suitable teachers. This service has been a great aid to recent graduates. Pogo 38 COLLEGE 0F ENGINEERI G The College of Engineering has a three-fold purpose: to train men for professional engineer- ing, for the industries, and for citizenship. To accomplish this purpose, the college offers a gen- eral course of study along scientific lines and tech- nical training in the fields of engineering. Supervising the training of the engineering stu- dents is Dean George Patrick Stocker. The dean is a native of Wisconsin, l-le received his mas- ter's degree from lowa State College, and his graduate work was completed at Cornell. Before he came to the University of Arkansas, he taught at New Mexico State College, at Mississippi Ag- ricultural and Mechanical College, and at Swarth- more College, where he was head of the depart- ment of civil engineering. During his long educational career, the dean has become a member of Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineering fraternity, and of the American So- ciety of Engineering Education. Dean Stocker's office has a unique feature in what he calls his Rogues Gallery. Individual pic- tures of all engineering students are kept in an open file in the oflice of the dean's secretary. The dean prides himself on his ability to recognize students in his college. Under Dean Stocker's supervision, the College of Engineering offers four fields of study to the Bachelor of Science degree in the respective fields, namely: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineer- ing, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engi- neering. Professional degrees of Chemical Engi- neer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, and Me- chanical Engineer are granted to students who meet certain high requirements. The publication of The Arkansas Engineer is an activity of the Students of the College of En- gineering. It is published four times during each school year and contains articles of interest not only to students of the College, but to practicing engineers over the state. This year saw the pub- lication of many interesting articles. DEAN STOCKER DEAN IORDAN GRAD ATE CHO0L The Graduate School contributes a great deal to the Welfare of the state. ln its important func- tion of offering specialization opportunities to those who wish to delve deeper into their particu- lar field, the Graduate School does much to sup- ply the entire community of Arkansas with expert and intelligent citizens. The Graduate School has three planks in its platform for the betterment of the individual and Arkansas. First, it provides an advanced student with some opportunity for increased information in his field of specialization. Second, it introduces him to the methods of advanced study and re- search. Third, it prepares some of its most capa- ble students for continuing in their careers of scholarship toward the doctorate in any of the large graduate schools in the country. Under the leadership of Dean Iohn Clark Iordan, this pro- gram has become a real benefit to the state. Dr. lordan has shaped the policy of the Gradu- ate School since 1927 when he organized the school and became its director. He first came to the University of Arkansas in 1918 as a professor of English. A year after his arrival he became University Examiner, in charge of special exam- inations and of transferred credit. In 1925 he became Dean of the College of Arts and Science, and held that position for two years. Dr. Iordan is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, and many other honorary organizations. He has been national president of Blue Key National Honor fraternity since 19341, and is to serve in that position for three more years, having been re- elected at the recent national convention, Dean Iordan has many hobbies. His interest in music led him to promote that popular Student Union function, the Musical Coffee Hour, He has never lost interest in speech and play produc- tion, and he usually plays a prominent part in the Community Theater productions here in town. In line with his teaching of English, Dr. Iordan spends much time on one of his fondest hobbies, the identification of characters in Shakespeares history plays. Page 40 SAW SHOL From a small handful of students who were the nucleus of the first law college of U of A in 1924, the law school of the University has grown to 210 students. Basic fundamentals of the legal profession from Blackstone to Brandeis are stressed, but purposes of the law school have broadened considerably since its meager beginning. Headed by an admirable faculty and equipped with one of the best law libraries in the Southwest, students supplement classwork by assisting in publishing the Arkansas Law Review, conducting moot courts, participating in a Student Bar Asso- ciation, and haggling over minor points at quasi- permanent bull sessions in the basement "salon" The Arkansas Law Review first appeared in the winter of 716. lt is published four times yearly, and goals of the more illustrious students are to have case notes or short articles on legal research printed therein, bearing their respective Iohn Han- cocks. The Review stresses Arkansas law, as does all legal work in the school. A pre-law society was formed this year to help students prepare themselves more adequately for their entrance to law school. Moot courts are held throughout the year. Va- rious stages of trial Work are carried on by stu- dent-attorneys, with faculty members serving as "honorable judges." The year 19418 saw the admittance of the first Negro in law school. Heading the Ship of State is Dean Robert A. Leflar, U of A alumnus, with Harvard L.B. and S.I.D. degrees. He holds membership in the Ar- kansas Bar Association las do all students of the school upon graduationl, the American Bar As- sociation and Phi Beta Kappa. The law school is approved by the A.B.A. It trains future attorneys in fundamental legal prin- ciples and reasoning. The case book system of study, Widely approved, is used. Page 41 DEAN LEFLAR THEY GOVER The 1947-48 Student Senate fashioned a fine record and in the process gave the stu- dent body one of the most eflicient adminis- trations that the campus has seen for at least a decade. Their work seemed to fit well into the birth of a new era in the University's his- tory-an era whose beginning was marked by a new President, a dynamic athletic setup, a general postwar regeneration of the com- munity spirit, and active participation in the problems of the scholastic community. Despite the fact that the Independent Party held a majority in the Senate, party differences were soon forgotten and both groups worked hand in hand on the problems that confronted them. The election battle which saw the Inde- pendent Party come into office was furious from the standpoint of interest and activity. It brought out a vote of nearly 3000 students to set an all-time record. The Independent Party was swept into power by an over- whelming majority in all but a few offices. Many outside observers agreed that the cam- paigns of last spring's election matched those Student Body Officers: In circle: President Lloyd A. Henry. Seated at table: Treasurer john G. Phillips, Secretary Nancy Daggett Vice-President Marie Browner, Majority Leader Vernon L. Kimball of most Arkansas cities in intensity, ballyhoo and significance. It was a red letter year that proved our students take their school politics seriously. In Lloyd Henry, third year law student from Augusta, the student government had a leader who bulldozed his way through prob- lems that were tough all year round. To Lloyd must go credit for many victories in the interest of the students. The perseverance, ability and integrity shown by Lloyd in his Presidents post will make him a well-remem- bered University personality for years to come. As for the accomplishments of the 1947-48 Student Senate, after somewhat of a struggle they secured a general fund with which to meet the expenses of the student government. This fund was also available to various or- ganizations whose activities were sponsored for the general welfare of the student body. One of the first undertakings of the Stu- dent Senate was the publication of the A book. This book was a general information handbook printed for the purpose of inform- Page 42 Front row, left fo right: Barbara Brady, lVlary Helen Scurlock, Mary Frank Nicholson, Demetra Bradshaw, Willa Iean Calloway, Betty Lou Knierim. Second row: Earl Clemmons, Lee Hensley, ll'-i M1N0R1-ry Robert M. Wilson, Iames Barnett, Philip Fry, Wallace Wilson, Frank Gill, lack Deacon. Third LEADER row: Walter Freeman, lack Derdeyn, Reginald Baxter, Robert Taylor, Richard Stites, Calvin Ellis, Rex Sallis. MCCLELLAN ing new students of the various phases of University life. The expenses of publishing the A book came from the Student Senate general fund. During the summer of 1947, the Senate voted to have the University of Arkansas join the National Students Association, and sent delegates to the national convention at the University of Wisconsin. The Social Committee of the Senate did a fine job in bringing outstanding name bands to the campus for concerts and dances, These included: Del Courtney, Hal Mclntyre, El- liot Lawrence, Buddy Moreno and Sam Don- ohue. The Student Senate also furnished the leadership and finances for the second Gae- bale celebration. The Student Directory was published by the Senate and distributed free to the stu- dents. The Senate went to bat for the students in such matters as opposing a rent increase in the Veterans housing units, working out stu- dent complaints over a local theater problem, Page 43 campus beautification and a definite program to solve the parking situation. One of the outstanding accomplishments of the Senate was that of securing a three- day Thanksgiving holiday for the first time in University of Arkansas history. The Senate named a committee to draw up a new constitution that would insure the stu- dent body its proper voice in school affairs, This committee worked hard with a faculty committee chosen by President Lewis Web- ster Iones, and near the end of the spring semester they completed a document that in- sured the students a good legal framework to guide them in their activities and conduct. In any other year, the excellent administra- tive work of the 1947-48 Student Senate might have been pointed out with pride by the firmly entrenched Independent Party and viewed with alarm by the outnumbered New Deal Party, but in line with the coming of age of politics at the University, both parties did a grand job and all concerned can be equally proud of their concerted efforts for a better community government. Legi lature MAJORITY LEADER KIMBALL ASSOClATIO of W0 E TUDE T PRESIDENT SuE BARAN Jackson. Through the channels of the Association of Women Students, the women students of our community have an opportunity to assume the responsibility of self-government. Every under-graduate woman who enrolls in the University is a member of this organization which has as its aims the promotion of good fellowship among the women students and the upholding of the highest standards of loyalty to the University. Sue Baran was president of this important organization during the past year and under her leadership AWS sponsored festivals, teas, luncheons, dances and a career confer- ence in the spring of '48. Mortar Board members were tapped at the AWS Spring Festival of '47, which featured a buffet sup- per in the amphitheatre and a fashion show called "Through the Ages." AWS assumed the responsibility of spon- soring the Sophomore Council and in addition gave a listening party and a Weiner party for the councilors. Then in mid-fall AWS had its annual Fashion Show and the new look took over the spotlight as many models sported the latest in dress fashions. When Christmas time rolled around, AWS got around to the pleasant business of pick- ing a Santa Claus for the AWS Vice-versa V Front row, left to right: Mary Bob Cross, Ernestine Gipson 1TreasurerL, Ann Iordan fVice- Presidentl, S B ra fpresidentj K t' Io fSecretar J, Rit Simmons. ue a n , a ie yner y a Second row: Marcel McKeehan, Thelma Becquett, Betsy Aycock, Ioyce Carroll, Mary Eliza- beth Brigance, Irene Batten, Maxine Yenawine. Third row: Betty Horne, Frances Benton. Sybil Thompson, Georgena Wright, Dorothy lean Christmas Dance. At this event the girls turned the tables on the boys and escorted them to and from the dance, During the past year AWS was respon- sible for many improvements on the campus. AWS committees worked diligently and suc- cessfully on two vital community needs: namely, new parking regulations and compul- sory fire-drills for organized houses. Dean Scudder played a great part in the smooth functioning of this organization. Vi- tally interested in AWS affairs, she was one of the keynote speakers at the Career Con- ference held at the University of Texas in the spring. Ann Iordan, vice-president of AWS this past year, arranged for our own Career Con- ference held here March 15, at which time ten outstanding women representatives of different professions-medicine, science, jour- nalism and other fields-were featured speak- ers. ln March of '48 an election for new officers was held and Ernestine Cvipson took over the position of president for the '49 year. Other executive positions were filled by Nan Hop- per, vice-president: lean Ann Kight, secre- tary: Betty Ragan, treasurer. Page 44 0ClAL COMMITTEE Social Committee: Front row: Warren Bass, Margaret Grieg, Wanda Davis, Dick White. Second row: Bob McClure, Iohn Russell Reinmiller, William Wright. PRESIDENT WARREN BASS Furnishing recreational facilities for our community was the job of the Social Com- mittee. After being selected by the Student Senate, this committee discovered that it had quite a job on its hands. The Committee was not too baffled by the problem of granting dates to the various cam- pus organizations, but the problem of where to hold the various functions was really a headache. According to Chairman Warren Bass, it seemed as if every organization on the campus wanted to get together on the same night and pitch a large celebration. The problem was relieved somewhat, how- ever, by the completion of the U-Ark Bowl. This new location gave the Committee an- other spot to assign for the many dances and banquets. The Student Union Ballroom received no rest and it carried the greatest social load in history. In addition to the many formals, Engineers and Agri functions, the Beaux Arts and Vets-Terry Village dances were inaugu- rated and held in the Ballroom. Another popular recreational spot during the 1947-48 year was the Field House and the Social Committee arranged for many big name bands to appear there. Buddy Moreno, Sam Donohue, Elliot Lawrence, Hal Mcln- Pcge 45 tyre all brought their troupes into the Field House to play concerts and dances. The fin- est Sigma Nu Sadie Hawkins Dance in his- tory was held in the Field House before a notable collection of Dogpatchers. Leon Mc- Auliffe and his band furnished the music for this affair. All was not smooth sailing for the Social Committee. They had to take the rap when Del Courtney and his band members did not show up for a pep rally in the Field House. It seems that somebody forgot to call the boys at a hotel down town and they slept right through the pep rally but awakened in time for the dance later, so everybody was happy, including the blameless Social Com- mittee. ' The 1947-48 year was one of the many ac- complishments for this hard working group. Possibly the greatest tipoff on the merit of their work can be discovered from the fact that even though every organization granted a date by the Committee has the privilege of making complaints to the Student Union Board if they are dissatisfied in any way, at the time we went to press not one group had filed a complaint with that body. We think this is a fine indication of the Social Com- mittee's work. DEAN ANDERSON EAN of W0lVlE As Dean of Women, Miss Ieannette Scud- der is entrusted with the well-being of all Women students in the University community. She is responsible for the maintenance of the high standards of their living quarters. She helps many girls in their adjustments to life on the campus and aids them in meeting many situations they have not previously en- countered. She is an understanding woman in a position that requires much of that virtue. A graduate of Purdue University, she ma- jored in English and psychology. She later received her master's degree at Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University, where she held a Grace H. Dodge fellowship. Her graduate major was personnel administration. Miss Scudder came to the University of Arkansas in 1940. ge 46 DEA of TUDET As coordinating factor in the life of the University community, the Dean of Students is responsible for many activities outside of the classroom. Dr. john P. Anderson, a na- tive of Arkansas, came to the University in june, 1946, to take up his duties in this capacity. Directly responsible for the Student Union and its activities, Dean Anderson helped bring about the purchase of a projection ma- chine by the Union, and the creation of a Student Union Board. Dean Anderson carries on an extensive ac- tivity in the Way of counseling. He is instru- mental in helping students Work out their own problems and in bringing about adjustments that constantly need to be made in a complex university life. The dean is a member of Sigma Alpha Ep- silon social fraternity, Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, and the American Psychol- ogy Association. He is also active in the lo- cal Blue Key chapter. DEAN SCUDDER x54-1 -.'K.,, -.Q-4.1 N .."'s" 'N 0 'S N w,,,, Q. Dvi in 0' 'FAQ N X Vu x K -A Q' Nufx' ig xx-w . R., v .1 N p f f. N, 0 . ,A ' ,L w 'Q 'M ' an AIM f Q my -Q up x 85 Q, X -Q :L an-.. "' 6 Q a-QXN. 'GN v-.MV we wgkp m H ln Nu. -f--x Q .,2'f'-N xv." A -Q99 Q33 W :st aw L 1 '-ll, Q , 'QW' ak? 11" M551 51. X A. ' 'Vx a N Vs. Q. N in . ' if K 6. 9- , Q, ' nf Qs. n 4.3 The 194 RAZIPRBA K 0iiiciaI Yearbook The job of RAZORBACK Editor was a challenging one right from the beginning. Your editor first real- ized this last spring when he was campaigning for this position. ln his endeavors to get out the family vote, he put up a picture of his wife and baby on his campaign poster. He returned the next day to find a mustache painted on the baby's picture. Such was the beginning of the headaches and heartaches which have continued right on through to the writing of this copy, which is the last, thank heavens! Not that the job has been completely thankless-the ex- perience and creative satisfaction gained have been very valuable. We had our troubles but, in the final analysis, we enjoyed our work. Last summer when we were making plans for the 1948 RAZORBACK we thought that perhaps we were giving ourselves undue prominence by placing our RAZORBACK pages at the beginning of the Commu- nity at Work section, but after a year of backbreak- ing labor we feel that we definitely rate this position. We have published the largest yearbook in the his- tory of the University of Arkansas and more copies have been printed than ever before. That takes care of the quantity, as for the quality, well, that decision rests with the individual reader. We worked out our theme, the Community at Work, at Home and at Play, because we felt that our growing University has taken the form of a BOB L1NToN WARREN THEIS typical community. We have tried by pictures and copy to show those features of the campus which best portray our community life. We did not plan to make our yearbook too documentary and we feel that throughout our theme there still exists the happy atmosphere connected with college life. We will admit that we have approached our theme in an idealistic manner and have glossed over those aspects of the community which are not so exem- plary. We felt that a yearbook should contain the more optimistic phases of our community and since we had no particular ax to grind, we felt that it was the duty of the Traveler and not the RAZORBACK to show any of the less unified segments of our campus life. Our main difficulty was that in a book this size it was impossible to get too many students and or- ganizations into the features. By the same token, our job was made more difficult by the fact that the community has grown so large that it is hard to capture the individual personality of the school and student. For that reason, we have felt that a year- book representing the community as a whole would suffice. The line separating the Business Manager and the Editor has been a formidable one in recent years but this year we were fortunate to have a Business Manager like Warren Theis who handled his ad- Page 48 Row I: Boren, Campbell, Donegan, East, Fry, Graham, Grundy, Hardy. Row 2: Hurley, Iordan, Linton, McCord, McGehee, Magie, Mills, Misenhimer. Row 3: Moore, Neil, Phillips, Riggs, Riley, Schwartz, Steinbach, Stevens. Row 4: Stewart, Sullivan, H. Taylor, I. Taylor, Terrell, Theis, Waller, Walker, Woods. vertising section excellently and helped us with our work upon many occasions. Also, Warren dressed up his advertising section with a few features in order to give our advertisers a better deal. We can't thank Mr. Thalheimer too much for his kindness in helping us over the rougher obstacles that came up during the year. His technical advice gave to the book the little polish itimay have. Phil Fry did an excellent job of making many of the lay- outs for the book and he was a tower of strength all year long. Ralph Riley and his hardworking organi- zations staff took care of the overwhelming amount of clerical work which gave the editor more oppor- tunity to work on the creative end of the book. Bill Waller and Pat Sullivan were also a great help dur- ing the year as were the printer and engraver. Editor . . . Associate Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Copy Editor . Page 49 RAZORBACK STAFF ' . . . . . . BOB LINTON . . PI-IIL FRY . RALPH B. RILEY . XNILLARD STEVENS . BILL WALLER Copy Editor . . Organizations Editor Organizations Editor Organizations Editor Sports Editor . Sports Editor . Sports Editor . Fraternity Editor . Sorority Editor . Senior Editor . Iunior Editor . . Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor Military Art Editor . Staff Writer . . Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Staff Writer Photographer . Photographer Photographer . Business Manager . Staff Assistant . Staff Assistant . Staff Assistant . . PAT SULLIVAN . . BEN BOREN . HARVEY DONEGAN . . ROBERT SCHWARTZ . DEANE HARDY . HEBER TAYLOR . . IERRY NEIL . . IOE HURLEY . MILLIE Lou RIGGS MARY NELL BRUCE MADELINE GuLLIcIc . . LOIS WALKER GEORGIANA STEINEACI-I PENDLETON Wooos . . NEIL TERRELL . ANN MISENHIIVIER MARY Lou CAMPBELL . GEORGIA MILLS . Bos MCCORD . BILL LEONARD . RALPH STEWART BUSINESS STAFF . WARREN THEIS . BECKY JORDAN . FRANK MCGEHEE . . JACK EAST THE All SAS TR VELER Campus Ne spaper Editor Wassner started crusading from the open- ing bell and beat out a merry, semi-weekly assault on the powers-that-be, both in and out of our com- munity. Throughout the year, Wanda wheeled around in her Traveler editorial chair and fired blasts at all and sundry in an attempt to improve the lot of the students and the University. To some, the cru- sading got old after a time, but to many, Wanda's was one of the articulate voices on the campus. An insight into the Wassner personality can be gathered from the fact that when Wanda entered the campaign for election last spring, she minced no words in explaining to the Independent hands that were feeding her that she would bite them if they expected her to pay back any patronage. Wanda was and is a very independent Independent. She was determined not to straddle the fence on any is- sue but to draw the line and battle firmly for what she considered right. She did so. Operating on the theory that one picture is worth a thousand words, Wanda brought more pictures to the Traveler than students had seen there in recent years. She was ably abetted in this project by the fine work of Bob McCord who snapped the shutter on many a newsworthy item. Though the Traveler was far from a tabloid, it did manage to present the pictorial highlights of the week. Wanda inaugurated a Hne idea in student publi- cations when she canvassed the student body to get WANDA WASSNER DOROTHY WILLIAMS student opinion on really important community prob- lems. The survey concerning reaction of students to the admittance of the first Negro to the Univer- sity since reconstruction days was particularly en- lightening and did much to bring that controversial subject out into the open where it belonged. Wanda and her staff received many compliments from inter- ested organizations all over the United States for the intelligent handling of this item. No Traveler would be complete without a running commentary on the activities of a certain theater magnate in town and the 1947-48 Traveler was no exception, but this year, through the efforts of Stu- dent Senate committees and the Traveler staff, there seemed to be a more grown-up approach to the prob- lem. Of course, there was the usual amount of dia- tribes hurled on both sides but factions from both camps did get together and attempt a solution for the benefit of the community at large. In past years, RAZORBACK editors have filled in many lines of copy with an account of the "borrow- ing" that goes on between the Traveler and RAZOR- BACK staffs. According to reports, anything which is not nailed down has come to be legitimate prey for the hard-up editors who sometimes need a stray typewriter or two. The RAZORBACK staff borrowed half of Wanda's workshop all during the spring semester because we just 'lgrowedn out of our office and Wanda never batted an eye. In the event that Page 50 Row I: Ioyce Carroll, Bill Courtney, Bob Douglas, Ruth Faulkner, Miriam Graham, Betty Grundy, Deane Hardy, Glenn Hodges, Virginia Holmes, Vic Holthotf. Row 2: Pat Johnston, Doug Iones, Iimmy Iones, Harold Keller, Bud Lemke, Hal Lockman, Robert McCord, Mary lane McDonald, Stephen Mathews, Wanda Faye Nichols. Row 3: Libby Nick, Robert Rhodes, Carol Schoen, Bill Secrest, Kenneth Sewell, Wilma Spiller, Willard Stevens, Phil Stratton, Clifford Taylor. Row 4: Heber Taylor, Ira W. Taylor, john Thomas, Bob Vandergriff, Wanda Wassner, Dorothy Williams, Danny Woods, Pendle- ton Woods, Doug Yadon. we missed a feature picture in the difiicult task Of trying to cover as many student functions as possible, Wanda was only too happy to retaliate with same. Publications Row was a harmonious place with Wanda around. The Traveler increased circulation three times during the year, proving that whether or not students liked it, they were still reading it at every Oppor- tunity. Editor . . Managing Editor Managing Editor Managing Editor News Editor . Society Editor . Society Editor . Sports Editor Sports Editor . Sports Writer . Sports Writer Sports Writer . Sports Writer Exchange Editor . . . . . WANDA PLANT WASSNER . BOB RHODES . BOB DOUGLAS . HEBER TAYLOR . BILL SECREST . MARY IANE MCDONALD . JOYCE CARROLL . DEANE HARDY PENDLETON WOODS . VIC HOLTHOFF . JIMMY IONES . HAL LOCKMAN MIRIAM GRAHANI . PAT JOHNSTON Circulation Manager . WILLARD STEVENS Page 51 A Assistant Circul Photographer . Feature Editor Feature Writer Feature Writer Feature Writer Feature Writer Copyreader . Copyreader Intramurals . Intramurals Cartoonist . Cartoonist . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . ation Manager BUSINESS STAFF BETTY GRLINDY . BOB MCCORD , IOHN THOMAS BILL COURTNEY CAROL SCHOEN . IRA TAYLOR . DOLIC JONES BOB VANDERGRIFF R. B. MAYEIELD STEVE MATTHEWS . DAN WOODS HAROLD KELLER PHIL STRATTON . LIBBY NICK . BUD LEMKE MARTIN HOLMES CLIFFORD TAYLOR KENNETH SEWELL Business Manager. . . . . . DOROTHY WILLIAMS Adertising Assistant . . LAVVRENCE WITHERSPOON Advertising Assistant . . . RUTH FAULKNER Advertising Assistant . . VIRGINIA HOLMES Advertising Assistant . . PATRICIA IOHNSON Advertising Assistant . . . BLANCHE CROuSE Advertising Assistant . . WAND.A FAYE NICHOLS Advertising Assistant . . . WILMA SPILLER THE GUILD TICKER Business Publication Faced with the task of turning out two editions of the Guild Ticker, and with only a few other hold- overs from the staff of the 1946-47 Guild Ticker back in the fold, Editor Iim Stallworth and Business Man- ager Arthur Holiman took their typewriter, a dozen sheets of dim carbon paper, gathered around them a staff of neophyte journalists, and brought a "new look" to the group of newspapers, magazines, and yearbooks which grow out of the offices along pub- lications row on the second floor of the Student Union. The fall edition of the Guild Ticker was different from any other which had ever been published at the University of Arkansas, and the policy was contin- ued in the spring edition with another entirely differ- ent setup being employed. The first edition, which came out in Ianuary, saw a return to the traditional commerce blue on the cover after a succession of pastel-hued numbers in the preceding issues. The spring edition sported a silver metallic-colored cover for the first time. Gther innovations in style included a new design for the masthead. Imbued with the belief that the Guild Ticker is primarily a business publication, planned for the consumption of business students and businessmen, Editor Stallworth proceeded to deviate from the pre- vious editorial policies of the Ticker. The trend was away from business as viewed from an academic IIM STALLWORTH ARTHUR HOLIMAN standpoint and toward a tie-in of academic condi- tions with current conditions and personalities. The first edition carried articles on such contro- versial issues as the Taft-Hartley Labor Act, the question of regulation for Arkansas insurance agents, and the international bank. The Ticker attempted to present these subjects to the student with an im- partial coverage of both sides of the question, and to acquaint the student with the problems without editorializing in favor of either faction. Another feature appearing in the fall edition of the Ticker for the first time was the biographical sketch of a well-known Arkansas businessman, in this case, that of lay Fulbright, former business and civic leader of Fayetteville. The short biographies will continue to be regular features according to present plans. An altercation of minor proportions grew out of Editor Stallworth's decision to omit the joke page, "Ticker Ticklersf' but still strong in his convictions of editing a business publication for businessmen, breasted a wave of protests and set up both editions, sans joke page. The editor was not a man entirely without humor, however, and the cartoons of Phil Fry and Ruth Mclntyre escaped the censorial shears. The critical position of financing the Ticker fell to the business manager and his staff, but a natural Page 52 Row I: Baldridge, Barnett, DeWitt, East, Fry, Graham, Holiman. Row 2: Hopper, Ieu, McAdams, Mclntyre, McKeehan, Makris, Oudin. Row 3: Piper, Skillern, Smith, Sorrels, Stallworth, Stapleton, Stewart, Walt. tenacity coupled with the 'Afoot-in-the-door" tech- nique gained on last year's business staff enabled A'Huckster" Holiman to sell enough advertising copy in Fayetteville and surrounding provinces to put out both editions of the Ticker without forcing any un- due frugality on the editor in the matter of expenses. Now another school year is over. Both editions of the Guild Ticker are out of the way, the students have been briefed on all the latest business develop- ments and trends, the advertisers are satisfied, and the members of the Ticker staff, with no more dead- lines hanging over them, have had a good time and gained invaluable experience. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ........ IAMES D. STALLVVORTH Executive Editor . . JAMES BARNETT Managing Editor . , JESSE WALT Page 53 Assistant Editor . . MARC OUDIN Feature Editor . . RALPH SMITH Artist . . . . . PHIL FRY Artist .... . RuTH MCINTYRE Editorial Assistant . . . SUZIE IELI Editorial Assistant . . MARY C. GASTON Editorial Assistant . . BETTY DEWITT Editorial Assistant . . . . NAN HOPPER Editorial Assistant . . . MARTHA ANN SKILLERN Editorial Assistant . . CHARLENE SORRELLS BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ...... ARTHUR HOLIMAN Associate Business Manager WINSTON BALDRIDGE Associate Business Manager . . . IACK EAST Associate Business Manager . IOHN MCADAMS Associate Business Manager . DoN GRAHAM Associate Business Manager CHARLES STEWART Circulation Manager . . . DAVID PIPER Proof Manager . . PETE MAKRIS THE AGRICULTURIST ! College oi griculture Publication The Agriculturist, official publication of the Col- lege of Agriculture, retained its ranking position among the other college publications this year. Since 1924 this monthly magazine has served as a mouth- piece for the students and faculty of the Agri college. This year the reins of responsibility fell into the hands of Denver Hutson, editor, Troy Cox, associate editor: and Smith Greig, business manager. It was through eflicient organization of the editorial and business staffs that these men were able to come through with flying colors. News about campus organizations, editorials, tech- nical reports on recent scientific developments in agri- culture, and bits of gossip are of particular interest to Agri students. A live and expressive pride in the college is apparent in all the writings of the staff. "Variety" was the slogan of the editor this year, and many schemes in make-up and cover pictures were used. Cartoons, an added attraction, and more pictures of student activity met with wide approval. More and shorter articles took the place of fewer and longer ones. While planning the contents of the va- rious issues, the editor and business manager recog- nized the need for a larger magazine, but high print- ing costs and limited finances held the size of the monthly publication to a minimum. In each issue Dean Lippert S. Ellis wrote an article on some timely subject which was applicable to Agri DENVER I-IuTsoN W. SMITH GRIEG students, and Dr. G. T. Hudson, assistant dean, pre- sented timely remarks concerning student problems. One of the most popular and most thoroughly read pages in the Agriculturist was "Grunts and Squealsf' a joke page where all the chuckles currently circu- lating around Agri college were concentrated. The jokes were frowned upon by some students and fac- ulty members, but this style of column has been proven popular with the Agris, and that popularity was, after all, the only thing necessary to keep the editor publishing it. Betty Lamp, strictly the home economics section of the magazine, was edited this year by Mary Fran- ces Follett. This is the first year that Home Ec. school has been given a complete section in the Agri- culturist. Various departments in home economics and news of general interest were featured in each issue. Outstanding articles written by students during the year were "Dairy Improvement in Arkansas" by M. H. O'Bryant, 'AAnl'1ydrous Ammonia as a Fer- tilizer" by Carl D. Harris, "Breeding for the Ideal Broiler" by Mary Cornelius, and A'Greener Pastures for Arkansas" by Winford Hoover. GE course, edi- torials were popular features. The traditional pink-cover issue of the Agricul- turist, published in April, was the biggest and most important issue of the year and highlighted the thirty- Page 54 Row I: Chester Barnes, Winona Coleman, Mary Cornelius, Troy Cox, Donald Dace, Harry Douglas, Vance Edmondson, Mary Frances Follett, Lehman Fowler. Row 2: Batsine Frashier, Evelyn Freeman, Alice Gilliaum, William Greig, Carl Harris, Sue Hawley, William Heflin, William Henry, Ray Hester. Row 3: Iack Hogins, Winford Hoover, Denver Hutson, Irene Iohnson, Ellen Kinsey, Iames Kyle, Edmund Lee, Shelburn Lee. Row 4: Elizabeth Loss, Herschel McClurkin, Ruth McNeal, Edgar S. Milton, George Spencer, Iames Strang, Gladys Tallent, Charles Thornley. third anniversary of Agri Day. This issue was de- voted to pages about organizations in the college and Agri Day activities. It also featured the Agri Queen, Sue Hawley, and "Seniors' Who's Who in Agri School." The staff went all out for this edition, and the business manager almost sold 'iGruntS and Squealsn page for ads. The Agriculturist is financed by both national and local ads plus a proportion of ADA dues. It not only serves the students of the College of Agricul- ture, but is sent to other colleges, high schools throughout the state, extension agents, and farmers and other agri workers. Editor . . Associate Editor News Editor Betty Lamp . Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Staff Writer , Page 5 5 DENVER HUTSON . . . . TROY Cox . HERSCHEL MCCLURKIN . MARY FRANCES FOLLETT HARRY DOUGLAS MARY CORNELILIS . SUE HAWLEY Staff Writer . Staff Writer Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Staff Writer . Business Manager Advertising Manager . Collection Manager . Staff Member . Staff Member . Staff Member . Staff Member Staff Member . Staff Member Staff Member . Staff Member Staff Member . EVELYN FREEMAN . VANCE EDMONDSON . ALMA Cox . ELLEN KINSEY . JACK HOGINS LEHMAN FOWLER RuTH MCNEAL . IAMES KYLE WINFORD HoovER . BEN ISGRIG . E. S. MILTON W. SMITH GREIG . . BILL I-IEELIN . EDMOND LEE . RAY HESTER . CHARLIE HALL . SHELEURN LEE . . DONALD DACE . CHESTER BARNES . . IAMES STRANG ALICE RUTH GILLIALIM . GLADYS TALLENT CHARLES TI-IORNLEY THE ENGINEER l l Engineers' Magazine When the regular spring election of the College of Engineering came around last year and candidates for the positions of Editor and Business Manager were flouting their qualifications to anyone who would listen, two aspirants stood out head and shoul- ders above the rest. Early predictions hinted that they might run away with the race for their respec- tive offices, and on election day, as many people had prophesied, they were swept into office by one of the most overwhelming majorities ever polled at the Uni- versity of Arkansas. Although the one-sided victory was somewhat tempered by the fact that they were the only candi- dates in the race for the offices, it does not alter the fact that Editor Nolan Allison and Business Mana- ger Ralph Stewart have published the prescribed number of Arkansas Engineers, and have done no mean job of it. The first issue, although it drained the bank ac- count, turned out to be the largest issue ever pub- lished, and unwilling to revert to mediocrity after such an auspicious beginning, each ensuing issue was of the same size as the first, Editing such a publication was not without its problems, however. Allison's biggest headache was getting copy in, and Stewart's biggest problem was getting Allison to get his copy. Cuts for each issue NOL.AN ALLISON RALPH STEWART also posed a problem. They were nearly always late in getting back from the engravers, and as each dead- line drew near, the staff laid by reserve stores of edi- torial material in the event of a pictureless edition. The worst blow fell on the special Engineers' Day issue. With less than twenty-four hours before is- sue time, the engravings had not been received. Hampered by the year's record snowfall, the staff hurriedly dispatched dogteams and men an snow- shoes in various directions, but the engravings ar- rived on the morning on which the Engineer was due to be published, and no serious damage was wrought, Highlight of the year for the Editor and Business Manager was a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the annual convention of the Engineering College Magazines Associated. The purpose of this trip was to bring the various editors and business mana- gers of magazines from schools all over the United States together to discuss their mutual problems and ways and means of working them out. The Arkan- sas Engineer was so thoroughly worked out in its early days of existence, however, that little has been left for the present staff to worry about, A big change was made on the cover of the Engi- neer this year by changing from the usual two color to a full color spread and by using a new masthead design. New features which were added were an Page 55 First row: Nolan Allison, Marvin Boatright, Bill Bowers, Claude Brittain, Leroy Brooks, Bill Deaver, Chester Doty, Alice Gion, Iohn Graves. Second row: I. O. Grizzell, Roy Harrison, Ray Hedgecock, Paul Iasper, I. B. Iohnson, Charles Kent, Paul Kormondy, Bob Kuhlman, Atlas Lilly. Third row: Tom Lyle, Maclyn McKeehan, Bob Maddox, Iames Patridge, Lester Redmond, Bill Russell, lim Shivley, Ralph Stewart, lim Stice, Iohn Strange. alumni section, Open Forum, and I-lawg Waller thu- ASS0CiHf2 Editor . mor pagej, and others. Cracked Retorts, the joke Feature Editor page, still stands as the number one page to all engi- Feature Editor , Feature Editor neers, however. Professor Wray used his red pen- . l V - . I Feature Editor c1l overtime in censorlng the jokes used on this page. Feature Editor F t Ed't This year the Engineer has started a drive to re- ea ure for Feature Editor establish contact with every alumnus of the College Photo Editor Q of Engineering of the University of Arkansas, This Artist . Q u project has met with considerable success in the few Special . weeks since it has gone into effect, and promises to 5PeCi211 - be of much interest to the student body of the School Special . , S ' ' . of Engineering. pwal Special EDITORIAL STAFF . JIM SHIVLEY . BILL DEAVER CHESTER DOTY RAY HEDGECOCK . PAUL IASPER CHARLES KENT . TOM LYLE . Boa MADDOX . BILL RUSSELL . BILL BOWERS JOHN STRANGE CLAUDE BRITTAIN IAMES PATRIDGE . MARVIN BOATRIGHT . ATLAS LILLY Editor-in-Chief ....... NoLAN ALLISON Managing Editor I B IOHNSOX1 Business Manager ....... RALPH STEWART Assistant Managing Editor 1 I ROY HARRISON Associate Business Manager . . I. O. GRIZZELL Make-up Editor BOB Kum-MAN General Advertising . . . MACLYN MCKEEHAN Associate Editor AUCE GION Retail Advertising . . LEROY BROOKS Associate Editor IOHN GRAVES Circulation Manager . . PAUL KORMONDY Associate Editor . IIIvI STICE Bulletin Board . . LESTER REDMOND Page 57 THE LAW REVIEW Lawyers' Magazine Although the Arkansas Law Review is the youngest publication on the campus, already the staff, as well as the law students and practicing lawyers over the state of Arkansas like to think of it as the Uoutstanding schol- arly publication in the state." The Review was organized in the spring of 1946, and the first issue was published and distributed to the lawyers of the state in Ian- uary of 1947. During the summer of 1947 a group of prominent lawyers in the state repre- senting the Arkansas Bar Association, formed a corporation to publish the journal. With the summer issue of 1947 the format of the publication was changed to the Arkansas Law Review and Bar Association Iournal, and during the past year the publication has been a joint enterprise of the Bar Association and the faculty and students of the law school. Distribution of the Review is made to students of the law school, members of the Bar Association throughout the state, and to a large number of other law schools through- out the country. Patterned after the publications of older law schools, the Review consists of critical legal writing on topics of current interest to WILUAM A. ECKERT MAURICE BEDWELL Arkansas lawyers. Full length articles writ- ten by the faculty, outstanding lawyers, or authorities from outside the state make up the bulk of the publication. Contributions of the student staff to each issue include comments on current legal problems and brief case notes on recent significant decisions by the courts throughout the country. During the past year the statutes passed by the 1947 Arkan- sas legislature were reviewed and commented upon by the student board and faculty of the law school. In the fall of this year the Review found a permanent "home", A large office, complete with library, was provided in the basement of the Law School. Here, surrounded by the volumes of ancient legal lore, the student staff read the decisions of the higher courts, at- tempted to screen the significant from the or- dinary, wrote and rewrote the short articles that were finally published, and enjoyed the entire process immensely. Work on an issue began about six months before the final publi- cation date, yet the four printer's deadlines always hung like a dark cloud on the other- wise sunny horizon of the Law Review office. Page 58 Student Contributions .... ED LESTER First row: Nancy Daggett, William A. Eckert, Ir., William H. Enfield, I. W. Gallman, William P. Hamilton, Robert L. Iones, Iames E. Lester. Second row: Homer E. McEwen, Iohn Mann, Lawrence S. Morgan, Ioe F. Nowlin, Ed Penick, Floyd L. Reed. The staff was selected from those in the student body of the law school having a grade point of over four. In addition to this requirement, at least two publishable articles were necessary for a student's name to be car- ried on the masthead. Law Review work is considered invaluable training for a law student inasmuch as it af- fords an opportunity to do original research on legal problems such as the practicing attor- ney must do. Articles written for publication are considered and criticized by the Student Board, thus providing experience for the Board members. The Writers should profit by having defects in their Work pointed out. Dean Leflar has repeatedly pointed to the high educational value of both Writing for the Arkansas Law Review and in acting as a Board member. Extracurricular activities of the staff in- cluded the supervision of having Volume One Page 5 9 of the Law Review bound in book form, and an annual breakfast for all past staff members at the State Bar Association meeting in Hot Springs. THE ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW STAFF Editor ...... WILLIAM A. ECKERT Comments .... Case Notes . Case Notes . . . ROBERT L. IONES WILLIAM H. ENFIELD . . . ED PENICK Board Member . EDWARD E. BEDWELL Board Member . MAURICE BEDWELL Board Member . NANCY DAGGETT Board Member . IOHN C. DEACON Board Member . JAMES W. GALLMAN Board Member . HOMER E. MCEWEN Board Member . . IOHN W. MANN Board Member WILLIAM M. MOORHEAD Board Member LAWRENCE S. MORGAN Board Member . . r IOE F. NOWLIN Board Member . FLOYD L. REED Board Member . WILLIAM B. RILEY Board Member . IAMES D. STOREY B0 RD of P BLICATIONS First row: Brown, Bell, Hendrickson, Thalheimer. Second row: Tipton, Greig, McHugh, Good. As the RAZORBACK went to press, it looked as though the Publications Board system of former years was going to sing its swan song. For late in the spring, the Student Senate submitted a Constitution for student ap- proval which called for an entirely different system of selecting publications officers. This was no reflection upon the personnel of this year's Publications Board who did a fine job, but it was felt that a new system would pro- vide an even fairer and more impartial plan for student participation in publications. According to the newly planned set-up, the student members of the board would be se- lected by: the Editor of the Traveler, who was to be Chairman: the Editor of the RAZOR- BACK! the President of the Press Club: two students selected by the President of the Uni- versity from the editors and business mana- gers of official student publicationsg and a Iunior or a Senior selected by the President of the Associated Students. The faculty membership was to be made up of a member of the Iournalism faculty and of the Business Qflice staff, both to be appointed by the Pres- ident of the University, and one other mem- ber who was to be selected by the Senate and approved by the University President. This board was to make the final selection on all publications candidates. No longer would candidates have to go be- fore the student body in the regular spring election after being nominated by the board. The reasons for this change were obvious. The Senate wished to avert the political pit- falls of the past in choosing Editors and Busi- ness Managers. They reasoned that publi- cations officers should be picked by publica- tions and student leaders rather than by the student body who were never quite sure which candidates were really qualified. Page GU my fi ew 'WP' s ,Ki Q 75 5 W SA. N.. L 21 3. 'Shi J , K. uw. -wr THE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS Page 62 A COMMUNITY 5- nsxmmmnas BOB ABERNATHY Business Administration Mena WILMA JEAN AHLEMEYER Arts Denver, Colo. ll B 'P Pres., Mortar Bd., QAQEAL 'I' X, Sec. AWS, Gaebale Queen, Fr. Queen NANCY j'EANNE APPEL, Arts Tulsa, Okla. H B 42 Pledge Mistress, Boots and Spurs, Blackfriars, Spanish Club, RAZORBACK NANCY ATTWOOD Education Fordyce XQ, Rootin' Rubes, Black- friars, AWS, Home Ec Club, Met Club CHARLES WILLIAM BAILEY Arts and Science Greenwood I' T, Pre-Med Club NANCY BRINT BAKER Arts and Science Amarillo, Tex. E A T GEORGE W. BALDRIDGE Business Little Rock 21 N, Pres. Sr. Class, Bus. School, Guild Ticker, Square and Compass IOHN EDWIN ABERNATHY Business Administration Little Rock NOLAN BYRD ALLISON Engineering Hot Springs 9 T Pres., House Mgr., Engineering Council V.-P., Sec., Ed. Engi- neer, ASCE ANITA IEANNE ARRINGTON Business Administration Tulsa, Okla. K K T, AWS, YWCA HARRY SHOLARS AUTREY Engineering Texarkana AIChE ELLEN LARUE BAILEY Business Administration Greenwood ROBERT EUGENE BAKER Business Administration Fayetteville WARREN HBUD' BALDVVIN Business Little Rock E A E Pres., Head Cheer- leader, ABC CARL IEAN ADAMS Agriculture Perryville Amwx CARL R. AMASON Arts and Science El Dorado PEDRO ARROYO, IR. Arts and Science Santurce, P, R. A E A, Newman Club ELIZABETH ANN AYCOCK, Arts Forrest City X Q Pres., Mor- tar Bd., V.-P. Sr. Class, AWS Exec. Bd., Rootin' Rubes, Sec. Senate Activity Com. CHARLES GUY BAKER Agriculture Russellville Varsity Track VIRGIL LYLE BAKER, IR. Engineering Fayetteville T B H, AIEE, IRE SUE HOPPER BARAN, Arts Zephyrhills, Fla. Mortar Board, AWS Pres., Carnall Hall Pres., H E A, I' I, Blackfriars, Met Club VVILBURN C, ADAMS Agriculture Benton ERNEST GUY AMSLER, IR, Law I Little Rock E X, YMCA FRANK E. ATTWOOD Business Administration Fordyce K E, ABC DOUGLAS EUGENE BACON Arts and Science Rogers Geology Club GERALD GLADDEN BAKER Arts and Science Fayetteville Pre-Med Club, Dukes Club WARREN CHESTER BAKER Arts Berryville Pre-Med Club, Deutscher Verein TAMES LOUIS BAREFIELD Arts Texarkana K E, Young Democrats, Geology Club, YMCA LEWIS ALLEN HERBERT B. BAREFIELD BARENTINE Agriculture Business Mineral Springs Administration ADA, Agricul- Flushing, L. I., turalist Staff, N. Y. Wesley Players II K A Pres., YMCA CHESTER B. VERNER F-. BARNES BARNES Agriculture Business Sheridan Administration Animal Indus- El Dorado try Club WILLIAM EARL WARREN BASKINS, IR. KELLEY BASS Education Business Morrilton Little Rock E A E, Pres. Sr, Class, Pres. A K dv, Blue Key, Commerce Guild Exec. FRANCES IRENE REGINALD BATTEN ROBT. BAXTER Arts Engineering Para ould Cushman 9 Z T A Rec. Sec., Pres. Mortar Bd., Sec.-Treas. A T, AWS Exec. Bd. Pres. WAA, Edf of Preview, French Club Hall MARTHA ELIZABETH BEARD Arts Little Rock Z T A, YWCA, AWS, Mixed Chorus JOSEPH T. BELL Business Administration Ashdown THOMAS REY BIGGS Business Administration Poughkeepsie E A E, I' I, YMCA A X E, Pres. AlChE, Student Senate, Square and Compass, Engineering Council, Engineer SAMUEL IEROME BEARD, IR. Business Administration Augusta Z A E, Young Democrats, YMCA RUTH BELT Business Administration Alma K K F, AWS, YWCA PAULINE BIGHAM Agriculture Cherryvalley Home Ec Club, Blackfriars, AWS CARROLL ALLEN BARGE Agriculture Magnolia .X I' l' DOROTHY LEE BARR Education Macks MARTIN WILLIAM BATES Engineering Little Rock II M E, ASME WILLIAM ELLIS BEAN Business Administration Pine Bluff fb A X GRAYDON LEROY BEAVER Agriculture Fayetteville ERNEST CLARK BENTON, IR. Business Administration Fordyce K E, Pres. Sophomore Class DAVID E. BINO Arts and Science Marshall K II Pres. and V.-Pres., Art Guild LOIS ELAINE BARHAM Business Mena A A -3 Chaplain, Marshal, AWS Exec. Bd., Soph. Council, Student Senate ROBERT HENRY' BARTON Engineering Princeton, N. AIEE, IRE VIRGINIA HARRIS BATES Arts and Science Little Rock DOLORES BEARD Agriculture East Detroit, Mich. Home Ec Club, V.-Pres. Carnall MARY ELLA BEAVER Education Fayetteville OIW, Met Club, AWS. YMCA FRANCES EVELYN BENTON Arts Hot Springs Z T A Rush Chairman, Panhellenic, AWS Exec. Bd., Blackfriars HARRELL ROBERT BLACK Engineering Russellville E N , ABC, ASCE ag. W SQ Tv. 91:4 K E .,. is S X, XX Page 53 iii 'Ullvar Q 'ibm ROBBIE GENE BLAKEMORE Agriculture Clarksville fb T 0 Treas., Home Ec Club, Inter-Church Council, YVVCA JAMES MAcoN BLEVINS Business Little Rock Administration E X, Exec. Council of Commerce Guild CLYDE GUY BOGARD Engineering Fayetteville ASME BRYAN M. BONDS Arts and Science Lepanto YMCA WILLIAIRI EDXN'lN BOVVERS Engineering Helena E X, 4-I 11 -I1 M E, T B ll, AIEE, IRE, Track SAM KIRK BRASWELL Business Administration Camden CLAUDE CLIFTON BRITTAIN Engineering Shreveport, La. O T, Pres. ASME, Engineer ANN ALSTADT BLAND Arts and Science Rector A l', Met Club AWS, WAA PAUL R. BLEVV Education Fayetteville ff' A t-J ROBERT LESLIE BOGLE Arts and Science Vinita, Okla. Io CLAIRE ADAMSON BONNER Arts and Little Rock Science X Sl, AWS, YVVCA IAMES ROSS BRANDON Business Administration Fort Smith ll K A XAXVILLIAM ISIAII BRAY Education Fayetteville CHARLES BENNETT BROGDON Administration Springdale AuBREY GREGORY BLANKS Business Administration Little Rock K A, 1' I, ABC, Interfraternity Council IAMES A. BOATRIGHT Engineering Alma I' I+: Il, AIEE IULE EDMLIND BOLIO Arts and Science Fort Smith A T 53, Traveler Staff DAN M. BOONE, IR. Business Little Rock Z A E, ABC, Newman Club DORO'I'IIY JEAN BRANTING Arts Bauxite A A A, Ii Il, Boots and Spurs Orchesis, Mixed Chorus, Pan- American Club WILLIABI H. BRAZELL Business Administration McNeil JAMES EDWARD BROOKS Business Administration Fayetteville IOYCE ELLEN BLEDSOE Business Hot Springs Z T A Treas., Cor. Sec., House Mgr., Pres. Pan- American Club, Sec. Sr. Class Bus. School MARXfIN D. BOATRIGHT Engineering Fayetteville T Is ll, AIEE NANCY M. BOLLINGER Arts and Science Charleston 1' I Sec., Met Club IOHN HAYNES BOWEN Arts and Science Little Rock GLORIA RAE BRASHEARS Education Morris, Minn. HAROLD KENNETH BREWER Engineering Lavaca I-I T, T Is II, Chairman AIEE CONNELL IEAN BROWN Agriculture Everton A Z Sec., 'lf E, ADA, FFA, Animal Industry Club Page 64 , -- MARIE EVELYN BROWNER Agriculture Cotton Plant fb T 0, Seq, 1'I', BSU Exec. Council, Home Ec Club, V.-P. Assoc. Students, Coterie, SCC AuGuSTA MADGE BRYANT Agriculture Warren ADA, Pres. Girls' 4-H House, V.-Pres. Home Ec Club, AWS, VVAA RICHARD I. BURKE Engineering 'Hot Springs A X A, Pres., V.-Pres., Sec., Interfraternity Council, ASME, ASCE WILLIAM LANDON BIISH Agriculture Evansville VIOLA BELL CALLAHAN Agriculture Clover Bend OIW, Wesley Players, Home Ec Club, AWS. Rootin' Rubes, WAA JOHN O. CAMPBELL Education Harrison II K A, Major-Minor, Varsity Basketball THOMAS WM. CARROLL, Arts Little Rock E N Pledge- master, Marshal, Pre-Med Club, Interfraternity Council, 1' I, Boots and Spurs MARY ELIZABETH BROWNING Education Decatur Deutscher Verein COLYIN BERNARD BRYANT Agriculture North Little Rock A 1' P, RONS GEORGE I-I. BURLISON Business Harrison H K A, A Club. YMCA, Football THOMAS NORMAN BUTLER Business Monticello II K A, A -If Q, ABC NVILLA IEAN CALLOWAY Business Holly Grove K K l', Pan- hellenic, Student Senate, Guild Ticker, Treas. Commerce Guild Exec. Bd. GERALDINE CANBY Arts Little Rock X Q Pers. Chm., Cheerleader, Boots and Spurs, Blackfriars LYNDOL BYNUM CARTER Engineering Bentonville ASCE FRANCES LEE BROYLES Arts Farmington OIW, A A A, K A Il, Sopho- more Council, Pan-American HUGHES L. BUERGER, IR. Arts and Science Rogers Met Club JULIUS HAYS BURNSIDE Business Administration Lake Village E X T. B. BYLES Education Robeline, La. II K A, Major-Minor, Basketball, A Club FRANK LESLIE CAMPBELL, IR. Business Administration Van Buren H K A, RONS IOEL HENRY CARLSON Business Fayetteville 2 X, Newman Club, Commerce Guild VERNE ALAN CARTER Agriculture Hazen KE, Az, Varsity Basket- ball, Fresh. Football and Basketball ANNA RuTH BRUMMETT Arts Fort Smith K A II, fr 2, AWS Iudicial Board, YWCA ELLIS WARD BuRGIN Engineering Fayetteville II K A, AIEE ROY EDWARD BuRRIs Agriculture Russellville FFA IAMES P. BYRD Business Marion A 9 Rush Capt., Pres. Blue Key. A K fb, Interfra- ternity Council, Social Chm. IAMES REID CAMPBELL III Engineering Hot Springs II M E, AIEE. RONS CONWAY TAYLOR CARRIGAN Business Administration Little Rock GEORGE W. CATHEY Agriculture Evening Shade ge 65 THE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS Page 66 A COMMUNITY B. W. CHAFFIN, IR. Arts and Science Magnolia E A E, ABC LEE RANDALL CLABORN Business Administration Mansfield BETTY IEANNE COCHRAN Business Eudora Coterie, Black- friars, Wesley Players, Govern. Bd, Carnall Hall, Campus Chris- tian Council TOE ELLIS COKER Engineering Lavaca ASCE ANNE REED COI.I.IER Arts and Science Fort Worth. Tex. CIW, Blackfriars WILLIABI PATTON COMES Arts and Science El Dorado E X EDVVARD MAGRUDER COOK Arts Prairie Grove Deutscher Verein, Boots and Spurs, Track TACK APPLETON CIIAMBI.IN Business Administration Blytheville E A IC FRED B. CLARK Engineering Quitman AIRE ADRIENNE STOREY COCKRILI. Education Little Rock IT R fb, Mer Club, Young Democrats, AWS, YWCA Mixed Chorus JANE COLE Arts and Science New Orleans, La. .SAA HERMAN L. COLLIER Education Van Buren Major-Minor Club PEGGY CONNAELE Business Administration Memphis, Tenn. K K I', YWCA MARY KATHER- INE COOK, Arts Evanston, Ill. K K I' Pledge Mistress, Treas. AWS, Soph. Council, Treas. Home Ec Club, French Club CAROLYN CHERRY, Arts Texarkana H B 'I' Treas., V.-P. Blackfriars, YWCA Cabinet, II' X, Soph. Council, RAZOR- BACK, Rootin' Rubes WILLIAM M. CLARKsON Arts and Science Springdale STERLING ROBERTSON COCKRILL, IR. Business Administration Little Rock E X E. TACK COLEMAN Business Morrilton K E V.-Pres., Interfraternity Council, Fresh. Senator VALERIE COLLINS Education Texarkana K 9, YVVCA CHARLES IVIITCHELI. CONWAY Business Texarkana K I, Newman Club HARRH' FORWOOD COOKE Engineering Little Rock T B ll Corres. Sec., AIEE, IRE IAMES EDWIN CHERRY Business Administration Little Rock RONS EARL Hicks CLEMMONS, IR. Agriculture Tamo E N Pres., Treas Treas. ABC, Chancellor A Z, Blue Key, Student Senate MARGARET ELLEN COFFEE Education Fayetteville Major-Minor, Orchesis, Soph. Council, Sec. Newman Club, Pan-American Club GRANVILLE OTTIS COLEMAN Arts Prescott K E, Student Athletic Trainer, International Relations Club ROBERT HEARIN COMES Arts and Science El Dorado CHARLES EDWARD Cook Engineering Magnolia THLIRI, LEE COPELAND Arts and Science Cowell Met Club FRANK DAVIS CORLEY, IR. Engineering Little Rock CLAUDE MCWHORTER CRIDER, IR. Business Administration Eureka Springs IOSEPH BuRRuS CROUCH Business Administ :ation Rogers CHESTER CRONV Engineering El Dorado AIEE MARX' BETH DAMM Arts and Science Little Rock HARRY KENNETH DAUGHERTY Business Little Rock E A E, Baseball PAUL M. DAVIS Arts Paris A X E, Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation, YMCA MARY LESLIE ARLENE CORNELIUS PRESTON LORETTA Agriculture CRAFTON, IR. CRANFORD Russellville Business Business 'I' T 0, ADA, Administration Little Rock Home Ec Club Conway AWS, BSU, WAA, AWS, Treas. Carnall YWCA Hall CHARLES IEAN CHIPIVIAN CHARLES IACK CROCKETT CROIVI CROSS Business Agriculture Education Fayetteville Paragould Fayetteville E N, A A A, 'li' T O, E N, Square Cheerleader Home Ec Club, and Compass VVesley Players IOHN VVILLIAM LILLIAN BERT WILRS CROUSE BLANCI-IE CROW Engineering CROIISE Engineering Iasper Arts and Holly Grove ASCE Science A X 23, A Z, Iasper AIChE Wesley Foundation IAMES IOHN B. FRANCES NORNIAN CuNNINGHAIvI NELL DALE CROWDER Business Business Business Administration Alamogordo, Administration Fort Smith N. M, Springdale E A E A Il, E A I, Met Club, AWS, YWCA IOHN F. DORIS ANNE REBECCA S. DANNER, IR. DANIEL DANIEL Engineering Arts Agriculture Fort Smith Ionesboro Prescott T B H, AIEE ll B 42 X A, Home Ec Club, Newman Club, 4-H Club, Traveler Staff, Sec. YWCA, RAZORBACK Rootin' Rubes Staff IOE MEYLON CALVIN GEORGE I. DAVENPORT DAVID, IR. DAVIDSON, IR. Education Arts Agriculture High Point, Beebe Heber Springs Mo. Square and A 1' P Compass, Sec. YMCA, Reporter I' I TANDH' NEAL WANDA L. WILLIAM DAVIS, IR. DAVIS ELMER Business Business DAVIS Pine Bluff Rogers Business E X, Marine Guild Ticker, Administration Corps League Social Com- Fort Smith mittee, Rootin' Rubes , sms-g , 2 S LS ,, Qi, A ZW I tg, Y ,mf Q N A Q A Aw I '. . . graft -f .x,:s-..r-.f:g.::- V A li 2 rf 9 ,L e 5 'RI l 41, r . ,I X .lil mf uruvfnsm 0F ARKANSAS A conmunmf Page 67 R- , J., . wi I ga . . ...- I I VE x f 3? If , I -I .im ,. THE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS Page 6 8 A COMMUNITY TW . Ii 0 7? if 1 T A-' i A W.. qv 93 .I ., .,., in qu... at G HILIARY HERBERT DAWSON, IR. Business Administration Prescott K Z2 IACK HALL DERIJEYN Business Fort Smith E N, Student Senate, Business Exec. Council, Mixed Chorus MARY ELIZA- BETH DOAK Arts Little Rock -X l', Press Club, Mixed Chorus, AWS EDWIN GOODLETTE DOOLEY Arts and Science Fort Smith : A E, -Ii : ROBERT PARKER DOWNER Business Administration Center, Tex. WILLIAM HOIISTON DUNCAN Education Springdale AL EASON, IR. Business Fayetteville I A IC Treas., ROTC Cadet Capt., Interfra- ternity Council, Square and Compass, Guild Ticker DORINE BARRETT DEACON Arts Little Rock II Ia fb, Law Wives Club, AWS, YWCA LILLIA Lou DEWEES Arts Bartlesville, Okla. A A 3, Sec. II M E, Pres. X , Sec. Wesley Players DEENER E. DOBBINS, IR. Business Administration Searcy SAMMIE Io Doss Agriculture Beebe A F, Home Ec Club, YWCA Cabinet IANIES ANDREW DOYLE Engineering Texarkana AIChE LEAII FRANCES DUNCAN Arts Little Rock II Is fb, Pan- American Club, French Club. International Relations Club CLEO I. EASON Agriculture Malvern S, LAODA C. DEGOOD Business Weiner E II Pres., Interfraternity Council REBEKAH IIINE DICKERSON Arts Marked Tree ll B fb House Mgr., AWS, YWCA DELNIA D. DOCKINS Agriculture Calico Rock A I' P, A Z, 0 .I K, fb E, Animal Ind. Club, U of A Scholar- ship Club WILLIAM C. DOTY Engineering Pine Bluff ASME IAMES KENNETH Durr Business Administration Fond City, Pa. Z3 ll, Newman Club IAMES BEACH DUNN Arts and Science Fort Smith Geology Club IACK EAST Business Little Rock 5 A E, Guild Ticker, RAZOR- BACK, YMCA Cabinet, A K XP, Young Demo- crats, Boots and Spurs IOHN HARRINGTON DELAMORE Arts Little Rock K E Historian, Pre-Med Club IACK FRANKLIN DIGGS Business Administration Fayetteville GEORGE WASHINGTON DODSON, IR. Engineering Muskogee, Okla. GI T, ASME ROBERT R. DOUGLAS Arts and Science Kensett Traveler Staff FONDA SMITH DuGAL Education Magnolia EUGENE CLAYTON Du RAIN Business Administration McCehee VERNE ECHOLS Arts and Science Fordyce I H VANCE W. EIJMONDSON Agriculture Warren ADA, YMCA, BSU Pres. BETTY LEEPER ELLIS, Arts Shreveport, La. ,Ii K I1 pan, American Club, Met Club, YWCA, Inter- national Rela- tions Club, WAA, AWS STANLEY NELSON ELSON Arts New York, N. Y, I5 T, Blackfriars, A E A, Deutscher Verein, Pre- Med. Club IAMES KENNETH FALLIS Business Administration Batesville BETTY FERGUSON Agriculture Star City Z T A V.-Pres., Pledge Mistress. ADA, Home Ec Club, AWS, YVVCA CALVIN DANIEL FISHER Arts New York, N. Y. I3 'I' V,-Pres., Treas. XI' X FRANKLIN G. FOGLEMAN Agriculture Marion I X Ii' LAHOMA MILAINI EDWARDS Agriculture Fort Smith 'I' T 0, Home Ec Club, AWS IACK C. ELLIS Business Administration Russellville I N RUTH ESTES Arts and Science Malvern IOSEPHINE FAULKNER Education Russellville X EI, Sec, I A I AWS, YWCA' IOHN THOMAS FINCHER Business Administration Waldo K I BRUNSON IAMES FITZHUGH Agriculture Sherrill A Z, Animal Industry Club, Treas. ADA, Square and Compass, RONS FRANCIS O. FOREIIANIJ Engineering Texarkana K 3, ASME IOHN ROLFE ELDRIDGE, IR. Business Administration Augusta EAKYMCA THOMAS IAMES ELLSWORTH Arts Hot Springs E X, Boots and Spurs, YMCA MARIE GRADE' FAIR Education Vivian, La. OIW, Dames Club RUTH YOUNG FAULKNER Arts Helena Il B 'i'. Sec. IRE, Traveler, AWS, RAZORBACK, Canterbury Club, Press Club, YWCA CHARLES BRADLEY PINNEY Agriculture Batesville Animal Inclus- try Club, YMCA BURRELL ALEXANDER FLETCHER Business Administration Lonoke 1' I LEHMAN COLE FOWLER Agriculture Ash Flat A Z Treas., ff' E Pres., Blue Key, Mgr. ADA, V.-P. Animal Industry Club, U of A Scholar- ship Club Sec. ALMONT ELLIS Business Fayetteville K E Pres., Pres. 'I' ll 5, II M E, Blue Key. Student Senate CHARLES LESLIE ELSLANDER Agriculture Wilson PAUL RAY FAIR Education Okolona ALOYISE FERGUSON Business Nashville Z 'I' A, Rootin' Rubes, Boots and Spurs IAIVIES LEE FISCHER Engineering Gentry 0 A K, T I-I II, II M E, A X I, AIChE, Wesley Players, Treas. Sr. Class GEORGE BENJA- MIN FOGG, IR. Arts Forrest City Wesley Players. Square and Compass, YMCA, V.-P. University Reli- gions Club RAYMOND B. Foxx Business Manila Geology Club. I' I, YMCA 'C-if was-P L . . 2 U, Ai P . 1,11 fi. Page 69 MARILYN ANN FRANCIS Arts Springfield, Ill. Ran-American Club, Boots and Spurs, AWS, YWCA WALTER S. FREEMAN, IR. Business Augusta BSU Exec. Council, Bus. School Senator, YMCA, Pres. Brotherhood IOsERH IEFFERSON GADDIS Agriculture Bryceland, La. IOHN B. GARDNER, IR, Business Paragould A X A Pres., Pershing Rifles MARX' CAROLYN GASTON Arts North Little Rock ll B 'lk Guild Ticker ROBERT RICHARD GEREN Business Administration Fort Smith LAWRENCE RAY GIBSON Business Administration Monticello XAXILLIABI WYATT FRANCIS Business Administration Bauxite IAYN FRIEOLANDER Arts Oklahoma City, Okla. K K I' House Pres., Black- friars, AWS, Mixed Chorus, YVVCA DIXON TROTTER GAINES Business Administration Lake Village K A ROBERT L. GARDNER. IR. Business Paragould A X A, ABC EMMETTE FLETCHER GATIIRICHT, IR. Arts El Dorado K I Pres., Blue Key, lnterfrat. Council, Fresh. Senator. YMCA, Mixed Chorus IAMES VVAKEFIELD GIBBONS Business Administration Bentonville RONS, Mason DOROTHY IEANNE GILES Business Fayetteville OIVV. Rootinl Ruhes CARL ROBERT FREAR, IR. Business Scranton, Pa. fl' li 2, I' l Scabbard and Blade PHILIP VV. FRY Business Fort Smith A I fb Treas., A K XP, Pres. Art Guild, Assoc. Ed. RAZORBACK, Student Senate, Ed. A Book THELMAR ONEIL GALLOWAY Business Administration Hope lVlERlXVETlIliR LEWIS GARING Arts Little Rock I X, Varsity Track MURPIIX' MORRELL GATHRIGHT Business Pine Bluff Ia1':, A K YIQ Sec. Sr. Class. Blue Key, Pres. Commerce Guild CHARI.Es E. GIBNEY Business Administration El Dorado I X HOWARD RAY GILMER Business Administration Murfreesboro ERCEL FRANKLIN FREEMAN Business Gould E N, RONS, YMCA MARSHALL F. FUSSELL Business Forrest City 2 A II, ABC, YMCA ROBERT TAYLOR GAMNIILL Business Administration Camden 2 A E WILLIAM WOODS GARTSIDE Engineering Rogers "P T, ASME, Engineering Council GEORGE ANTHONY GEARHART Arts Fayetteville : N, A II II, Mixed Chorus IAMES GARLAND GIBSON Business Administration Monticello X X IOHN V. GILMORE Business Administration Little Rock I X , AM! Y . I igfff 5 ff iii i ROY CLIFFORD GILSTRAP Engineering Benton ASCE WARREN ELWYN GLEASON Business Los Angeles, Calif. ll M R, A fi: iz, V.-P. YMCA, Student Chris- tian Council, BSU HUGH DURELL GOOD Arts and Science Fort Smith Pre-Med Club WALTER WILLIAM GRAHAM, IR. Engineering Little Rock ASCE DWIGITT WILSON GRAY Arts and Science Fayetteville ANSON G. GREGORX' Agriculture Pine Ridge WILLIANT HACKLER GULLETTE Agriculture Van Buren A 1' P, Sears Scholar HOMER FLOYD GILZOVV Engineering Mabelvale ASCE CLARENCE LEROY GLENN Arts Hackett fb rg, A R A, 'I' H E, Pre-Med Club, Honor Council, Honor Roll DALTON GOODRICH Agriculture Greenbrier Animal lndustry Club, FFA Sentinel EMMA ADELE GRAvES Arts Fort Smith K K T, AWS, YWCA, Met Club ALFRED AARON GREEN, IR. Engineering Fort Smith 1 A PT. ASCE MARGARET LOUISE GREIG Business Van Buren Social Com., Blackfriars, YVVCA, AWS. Sec. Rootin' Rubes WM. MARCUS HALBROOK Business Batesville A K AP, Pres. 'I' K A, Blue Key, Debate Team, V.-P. Commerce Guild, YMCA ALICE GION Engineering Altheimer ll Bl E, ASCE, Ark. Engineer Staff, WAA, Geology Club RUFERT WM. GLENN Agriculture Bald Knob Animal lndustry Club, FFA, V.-P. BSU, University Re- ligions Club, YMCA JAMES ROBERT GOREE Business Administration VValdo DALTON LEROY GRAY, Arts DeValls Bluff Wesley Player Pre-Med Club, YMCA IRVING SPENCE GREER Business Administration Harrisburg K A THOMAS L. GRIFFIN Business El Dorado K E, YMCA JAMES LAWRENCE HALEY' Business Administration Fort Smith 2 S S, ROBERT LAFAYETTE GLADNEY Business Administration Lewisville RONS ELBERT EIIGENE GODVVIN Business Administration Camden IOIIN RALSTON GRAGG Agriculture Fayetteville A l' P DAN'ID CHADWICK GRAB' Business Administration Little Rock I X WILLIAM SMITH GREIG Agriculture Van Buren A Z, 'It 2, Animal lndustry Club, Bus. Mgr. Agriculturist, Sears Scholar BETTY ALICE GRIINDY, Arts Fayetteville OIW, Press Club, Pan- American Club, International Relations Club MAC LEROY HANIBLEN Agriculture Farmington A z, -If E, ADA, Animal lndustry Club 'rf' if ' ju - 5.2 V... A . if is 53 is M, . I , . ,Aki i THE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS A COMMUNITY Page 71 957 'S 4 ITV A 'HS' MARX' IANE HAMILTON Education Brooklyn, N. Y Z 'I' A IOHN FRANKLIN HANEY Business Atkins 2 N, Square and Compass, YMCA LEROY IOHN HARRINGTON, IR. Business Little Rock A 'I' 5, V,-Pres. A fl' Q IOSEPH EDWARD HARRIS Arts and Science Lockesburg DALE EUGENE HART Arts Fayetteville A X A, Radio Club. Black- friars, Band SUE HAWLEY Agriculture Tillar Z T A, Pres. fb T 0, Black- friars, ADA. V.-P. Ir. Class. Home Ec Club, Wesley Players PAuL KILLIAN HEERWAGEN, IR. Arts Fayetteville E N, RONS. Blackfriars. Pre-Med Club WILLIAM IOHN HAMILTON, IR. Business Little Rock K E Scribe, ABC MINNIE GOSSETT HANSON Business Administration Cotton Plant AUBREY LEE HARRIS, IR. Business Administration Forrest City I A H THERON LEE HARRIS Business Administration Paragould WINFRED R. HART Agriculture Norman Scabbard and Blade CHESTER L. HAYNES Engineering Nashville 4-I T, AIEE Vv'M. HERSCHEL HEFLIN Agriculture Gould A Z, fb 2, Animal Industry Club Pres., V.-P. FFA, Adv Mgr. Agricul- turist, Social Committee BETTIE SuE HAMM Agriculture Forester Home Ec Club, Sec. ADA, AWS ABBY WOLVERTON HARDY, IR. Business Administration Magnolia K E CARL DOUGLAS HARRIS Agriculture Earle ADA BEN IOHN HARRISON Arts Hot Springs E X, Pershing Rifles, Young Democrats, International Relations Club. SAMUEL Louis HAUERT Business Administration Fort Smith K E IOHN ANTHONY HAZELBAKER Agriculture Eudora A 1' I' ERNEST L. HEISTEN, IR. Engineering Carthage, Mo. ASCE GARLAND EUGENE HAMMOND Business Administration Hazen IACK CLINTON HARLAN Business Administration Prairie Grove HELEN G. HARRIS Arts and Science Lockesburg OIW NATALIE HARRISON Business Hot Springs KK F. Canter- bury Club, Met Club. AWS, YWCA FRANK CLAIBORNE HAWKINS Arts and Science Rogers RAYMOND HUGH HEDGECOCK Engineering Wilton 6 T Pres., Pres. Engineering Council, Blue Key., Sec.-Treas. ASCE, Engineer HOWARD WELDON HEMBREE Business Fayetteville E II Rush Capt.. Treas. A K W. 4: H E, Is I' E, I' I, Blue Key, Honor Roll, Young Democrats Page 72 E. WEBB HENDERSON Engineering Nashville A X E, YMCA, Sgg, ll M E, AIChE, Student Christian Council XIVILLIAM RAY HENRY Agriculture Russellville A Z, Blue Key, FFA Treas., Pres., Treas. ADA, Agricul- turisf, RAZOR- BACK, Student Senate PENELOPE VIRGINIA HlGGINBO'fTOM Business Administration Wickes MORRIS TALMAGE HILL Agriculture Monticello A fl' fl LOUIS EARLE HOLDER Education Waco, Tex. Scabbard and Blade, Interna- tional Relations Club, ROTC Cadet Oflicer SARAH VIRGINIA HOLMES Education Harrison Z T A Treas., YWCA Cabinet, Traveler Staff BETTY HORNE Arts Norman K II, Art Guild, Mixed Chorus IOE B. AUSTIN W. MITCHELL HENDERSON HENDRIX HENDRIX Agriculture Arts Business Pine Bluff Blevins Administration Met Club, Helena Student Senate WILLIAM C. ABIE RAY MARION SELMA HENSLEY HESTER HICKEY' Arts Agriculture Business Malvern Evening Shade Administration Pl N, Square E U, A Z, Helena and Compass, Animal lndustry YMCA Club WELLINGTON MARTHA LEE JOHN WALTER HURLEY HILEIVIAN HILL, IR. HIGGINS Education Engineering Business Pea Ridge Lepanto Administration A 1' T B Il Pres., Fayetteville 9 T, 'P ll 3. E N II M E, AIChE PRESTON IOHN WILLIAM JACK N. HILL, IR. PAGE HILL HOGINS Arts and Business Agriculture Science Administration Dover Hot Springs WILLIAM ROY HOLIFIELD Arts Osceola H K A, Pre- Med Club, Track, YMCA BILL HOLT Business Fayetteville ll Ii A, ABC, Student Senate, Interfraternity Council MARY KATHRYN HORNOR Arts McGehee A 1' Treas., Met Club Winchester K E EDITH MARIE HOLLY, Business Malvern Coterie Pres., Treas. Commerce Guild, Sec. Iudicial Bd., Student Senate, AWS Exec. Bd. BILLIE JEAN HOLT Arts Garfield Blackfriars, Rootin' Rubes HENRY PALMER HOTZ Arts Fayetteville 2 N, Il A1 l-I, Sec.-Treas. Square and Com ass, P YMCA FFA Pres., V.- Pres., V.-Pres. Animal lndustry Club IOSEPH WILsON HOLLEY Engineering Fort Smith -I X A, I-I T, AIEE, IRE GLADYS CHRISTINE HOOVER Education Cherry Hill OSCAR HARTMAN HOTZ Arts Fayetteville E N, O A R, fb A ei, ll AI E, fl? H E, ABC, Treas. Soph. Class, Scabbard and Blade 'VN it WA ff- . TEE? Rf Q fl ?R 33 A as Page "" AL', I iv I 'l-s H f a V-'tim sg? Nm .. an Q.: -: - Q ,J R 2 br, K ,Y ii lfsi i ' ' . 'ii X N My a t-H, A' I' . . ra, A T r R - ' ' li EK E f A X 4 fljifxilg V G2 5' a " 4 V - T31 , fu 2 , l as 'A' Y., 're at Page 74 3 5 ir.. 573 D' AJ fig if 2 Qi 1, rf' ,T ff JOHN LOYD HOUSE Agriculture Perryville SANFORD HOWARD Business Administration Smithville BYRON HUDDLESTON Agriculture Hot Springs Animal lndustry Club IAMES M. HULL Business Administration Paris IOHN ROBERT HUNTER Business Administration Forrest City DENW'ER BURKE HUTSON Agriculture Nashville A Z, fl' 15, Editor Agriculturist, Sec. FFA, Animal Industry Club BETTY BOYD IZARD Arts Van Buren X S2 Rush Capt., Sec., Met Club, AWS, WAA, YVVCA ALVIS NOYL HOUSTON Agriculture Trumann IEWEL ERNEST HOWELL Agriculture Paragould Animal lndustry Club IOSEPH MARION HUDSON Agriculture Dumas : N, A Z, ADA HERBERT HUNEYCUTT Agriculture Arkadelphia A z, fi: 2, Animal lndustry Club, BSU Council. 4-H Club, U of A Scholarship Club MARY FRANCES HURLEY, Arts Warren X 9 Social Chm., Blackfriars, Met Club, AWS Com., V.-P. Mixed Chorus, YWCA FRED CLARENCE INMAN, IR. Arts and Science Iudsonia Pre-Med Club MAURIGE STONE IABER Education Fort Smith MajorfMinor, Football EUGENE H. HOWARD Engineering Muskogee, Okla. iX X 21, AIChE, ' I ROLAND E. HOWELL Arts and Science Siloam Springs A I' I' LOYDE HAMILTON HUDSON Arts Bruno A Z, fb :, lyre-Med Club BETTY GEAN HUNT Arts Searcy K K F, Deutscher Verein, Rootin' Rubes, WAA, AWS, YWCA GEORGE ANNA HUIEST Arts Fayetteville X Sl, Soph. Council, YWCA Cabinet, WAA, Treas. A A 3, International Relations Club IAMES EDGAR ISBELL, IR. Business Administration Little Rock OHN M. ACKSON Arts Tyronza Christian Youth Fellowship, YMCA I. D. HOWARD Business Administration Fayetteville I ll Lois FRANCES HUBBARD Agriculture Strawberry Home Ec Club, House Mgr. Girls' 4-H House, Asst. Mgr. ADA MARY IANE HUDSON Agriculture Magnolia Home Ec Club IESS W. HUNTER Education Mulberry GLO HUTcHESON Arts Magnolia X SZ, Black- friars, Met Club WAA, AWS, YWCA BEN CHARLES ISGRIG, IR. Agriculture Little Rock : A I-I, A z, fl' E, ABC FRANK B. IAMES Engineering Fort Smith AIEE LOuISE JAMES Education Mulberry GEORGE F. DALTON JENNINGS Arts Cross Roads A I' P, fb A O, V.-P. Geology Club, Interna- tional Relations Club ELBERT SuRLILE JOHNSON Business Administration Luxora University Lodge V.-Pres. PATRICIA MAXINE JOHNSTON Arts Prairie Grove Press Club, Traveler Staff MARY ROSANNA JONES Agriculture Alpena Pass Qrqmz ADA, Wesley Players, AWS, Student Senate, Rootin' Rubes, YWCA ANN FLEMING JORDAN, Arts Fayetteville H B 'P Cor. Sec., Sec. 'T' A Pl, dw B K, A A A, Sec. Mortar Bd., Ed. RAZORBACK, Soph. Council JAMES RICHARD K.-XUFFMAN Business Administration Fordyce KI WILLIAM MARTIN JAMES, JR. Engineering Mem his Tenn. P Y K A, AIChE DANA JOYCE JESSWEIN Engineering Gillerr AlChE GERALDINE MEADOR JOHNSON Arts Texarkana OIW, fb I DON CHARLES JONES Business Administration Jasper NORMAN GORDON JONES Business Stuttgart A X A, AfI1i!, ABC, Pershing Rifles KENNETH DIxON JOWELL Arts and Science Piggott ll K A BETTY MARIE KEARNEY Arts and Science Aurora, lll. PAUL HAYES JAMESON Engineering Magnolia AIEE CARL EDWARD JOHNSTON, JR, Engineering Fayetteville AIEE, IRE JAMES BRuN JOHNSON Engineering Fort Smith II TK A, Pres, GI T, ASCE, Engineer, Fresh. Track, Engineering Senator EDNA MARIE JONES Arts Little Rock X Q, Canterbury Club, Young Democrats, AWS, YWCA PAuL HERNDON JONES Business Humboldt. Tenn. A K Al' JOHN CLAYTON JOYNER Business Administration Corning I' I BETTY NVHARTON KENDRICK Business Administration Lowell PAUL ROBERT JASPER Engineering Eureka Springs lil T, ASCE, Arkansas Engi- neer, Mason CHARLES B. JOHNSON Education Pine Bluff ll KA, A Club, Football, RAZOR- BACK Staff, Traveler Staff, Major-Minor JOHN CHARLES JOHNSON Agriculture Texarkana A z, A fb sz, FFA, Animal lndustry Club EUINE FAY JONES, JR. Engineering Little Rock K 2, A -1- sz, ABC, Head Cheerleader ROBERT COLE JONES Business Administration Helena K I Louis l'lOXVARD KAISER Education lmboden ROY MARVIN KENNEDY, JR. Business Administration Camden E A E THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS A CDMMUNITY Page O Q!! I l Lis Page 76 LEANNA IANE KENT Business Administration Harrison K K I' JEAN KING Business Sparkman Z T A, Pres. Rootin' Rubes, Sec. Commerce Guild, YWCA, AWS BETTY Lou KNIERIM Education Rogers Student Senate, Treas. Rootin' Rubes, WAA Exec. Bd., Boots and Spurs, YWCA KATHLEEN KOBEL Arts Fort Smith Z T A, Treas. Met Club IOHN CHARLES KuLzE, IR. Business Administration Memphis, Tenn. KI BETTIE HARRIS LAYNE Arts E A T V.-Pres., Editor fb A 1-I, Mixed Chorus CHARLES NEEL LEMON Business Little Rock I A E, YMCA CHARLES HENRY' KILLIAN, IR. Business Administration Little Rock E. IANE KINKADE Arts and Science Springdale A A A ARCHIE CLYDE KNIGHT Agriculture Malvern Animal Industry Club, FFA GEORGE WILLIAM KOK Education Grand Rapids, Mich. H KA, Basket- ball, A Club, YMCA ROY E. LAMBERT Agriculture Camden CEDRIC ELTON LEE Agriculture Grapevine JULIUS BRLINO LIENHART Business Morrilton E H, RONS, Young Demo- crats, Newman Club, French Club, Interna- tional Rel's Club OTIS DALE KILLIAN Agriculture Calico Rock A 1' P, Interfra- ternity Council, Animal Industry Club, 1' I ROBERT HENRY KINTNU Business Administration Texarkana EDWIN HERSHAL KNIGHT Agriculture Sparkman Animal Industry Club GEORGE W. KRAMER Business Administration Rosie PAUL TODD LANDES, IR. Arts and Science Lewisville A X A SHELBuRN F ARRAH LEE Agriculture Grapevine Animal Industry Club, ADA IAMES ARTHUR LEWIS Business Administration Ashdown WILSON WHITAKER KIMBROUGH, IR. Arts and Science Springdale RONS FRANKLIN B. KIRBY, Arts Harrison ll KA, Pre- Med Club, - Marine Corps League, Chris- tian Youth Fellowship ROY ERNEST KNIGHT Business Administration North Little Rock ROBERT HARRY KUHLMAN Engineering Memphis, Tenn 9 T, ASCE, Ark. Engineer, Engineering Council CALVIN I. LANE Education Dierks A Club, Major-Minor THELMA L. LEE Education Fayetteville Major-Minor Club GuY LESCHER LEOPARD Business Administration Little Rock E N CARINIEN LEE LIERLY Education Fayetteville KAu+Aw HAI. DEAN LOCRMAN, IR. Arts Malvern Il KA, Blue Key, ll M II, V,-P, 'P II E, Honor Roll, Publica- tions Bd., V.-P. Press Club GLENN LOVETT Business Administration Grady X V.. Louis WILSON LYNCH Business Blytheville 5 A H, Young Democrats, ABC, YMCA ROBERT Y. MCCLURE Business Dardanelle A X A, Social Committee LEONARD EARL MCCRIOHT Agriculture Benton MARY IANE MCDONALD Arts Fort Smith X SZ, Met Club, Traveler Staff, Press Club, Soph. Council, AVVS, YWCA EDMLIND DEIIERRY LILLY Engineering Dumas ENAXE IIiIR,AlChE, V.-P, Square and Compass, ABC, YMCA MARILYN LONNA LONG Arts and Science Little Rock Boots and Spurs CECIL M. LOWE Business Administration Hot Springs I A E IOHN CALVIN MCADAMS Business Ionesboro I N Lt. Comdr., RAZORBACK, Young Demo- crats, Pre-Med Club, Art Cwuild, Guild Ticker KENNETH PYEATT MCCORMICK Education Fayetteville ARTHIIR THOMAS MCDANIEL Agriculture Farmington A.Z IAIvIEs DREW McDoNOuGH Engineering Crossett I X, ASME WILLIAM ROOK LINCOLN Arts and Science Little Rock IONATHAN HOUSTON LOOKADOO, IR. Arts and Science Arkadelphia I X BEN LUCY, IR. Business Elaine I X , YMCA FLOYD L. McAI.IsTER Arts and Science Cash I X DOROTHY EuNYcE MCCOY Education Hot Springs xuwru Home EC Club, AWS, YWCA HARRY EDWARD MCDERMOTT Business Wilmot KXAKW IAIvIEs ROBERT MCFARLIN Business Little Rock I X, ABC ROBERT S. LIPE Arts and Science Ionesboro Pre-Med Club ELIZABETH A, Loss Agriculture Hartford Home Ec, Club, Asst. Editor Agricizlturisf, Newman Club HARRX' THOMAS LYLE Engineering Mena H 'I' Pres., Treas. Engineering Council, Sec.- Treas, AIEE, Engineer IAMES ROBERT McCAuLEY, IR. Business Ionesboro E X, Blue Key, TKymH1 A K XV, Sec. Stu- dent Union Bd., Debate Squad, ABC IOHN HARRH' MCCRARY Business Administration North Little Rock IOHN EDGAR MCDERBIOTT Business Little Rock EXAKW HARRIET IANE MCGEE, Business Malvern X 32 Social Chm., Commerce Cvuild, AWS, Sr, Ring and Invitation Committee, YVVCA THE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS A COMMUNITY Page 7 LM Page 73 MARY HELEN MCGILL Business Camden X Q Treas., House Mgr.. Commerce Guild Soph. Council, YWCA Cabinet AWS, Mixed Chorus ROBERT A. MCGUIRE Engineering Lamar K E, ASME MACLYN MCKEEHAN Engineering Fayetteville 49 T, Pres, 0 .X K, V,-P, II M E, TBKTH1 Pres. YMCA, Sec. AIEE RUTII M.ARION MCNU'FT Arts Little Rock A A A, Met Club PETER ACHILLES MAKRIS, Business Pine Bluff :AEAKR Guild Ticker, Canterbury Club, Student Christian Council, ABC LEONARD RAY MANO Business Administration Little Rock E A E Treas. WILLIS ALEXANDER MARSHALL Arts Helena E X, Geology Club I ROBERT WOODRUEE MCGILL Arts Camden : A E, ABC, Deutscher Verein RUTH AILEEN MCGUIRE Business Administration Lamar IAY HOWARD MCLARTY Arts and Science Nashville KE JOHN THOMAS MCQUADE Business Administration El Dorado I A E MAR JORIE CLAIRE MALIN Arts Augusta Pre-Med Club, Blackfriars, Band, Young Democrats, Boots and Spurs WILLIAM CHARLES MARAK Engineering Little Rock A X A RAPHAEL L. MARTIN Business Administration Ash Flat 2 H SAMUEL DAVIS MCGILL, IR. Business Administration Camden I A E RUTH CoUcH MCINTYRE, Arts Pine Bluff Il Is 41, Arr Guild, Guild Ticker, Young Democrats, Mixed Chorus, YWCA, AWS CHARLES DAVID MCNEAL Business Administration Farmington ROBERT N. MADDOX Engineering Fayetteville 22 N, M, A. A X 2, 0 A K, A fb Q, AChS, V.-P, AIChE, Student Senate ALLEN Louis MALLIOUX Business Harrison ll K A, Cgm. merce Guild, Interfraternity Council, YMCA EDMOND CHESTER MARCUM Business Hope 1' l, Mgr. Camp LeRoy Pond ROBERT PAUL MARTIN Engineering Fayetteville A fb sz, AIEE, IRE, VVesley Foundation LEE WEBSTER MCGUIRE Business Administration Prescott NELL ROSE MCKAY Agriculture Camden Home Ec. Club, AWS RUTH ANN MCNEAL Agriculture Prairie View fl' T 0, ADA CAPTAIN PED G. MAGNESS Education Monticello Band EMILY LOUISE MALLORY Agriculture Little Rock LK K 1' Corr. Sec., Home EC Club, AWS. YWCA IEANNE MARKWELL Business Fort Smith Boots and Spurs, YWCA WAA HERNIAN YOUNG MARTINDILL Business Iudsonia K E, Marine Corps League FX 'tw . x i IOHN FRANK MORRIS D. STEPHEN ARCH ROBERT D. lVlA5TERS NAATTHENVS MAT'THliXN'S MAIIRPIR Engineering Business Arts Arts Lake Village Administration Calico Rock Arkadelphia ASME Morrilton .X I' V. Traveler K A. 'I' ll I Staff ROBERT CVRACE ELINORE CLIFTON LEON ROGER C. CLINTON NIAYFIELD, Arts MEADOR MEARs, IR. NTAXVVELL Fort Smith Dumas Arts Engineering K K V, Home I X, fl' A ici, Little Rock Fayetteville Ec Club, Inter- RONS, Young ll K A, ABC, ASME national Rela- Democrats, YMCA tions Club. International Rootin' Ruhes, Relations Club, AWS, YWCA YMCA YVAYNE IAMES RAY WILLIANI ALFRED ANDREW' lVlEI.TON RUSSELL LAwsON MEDLIN Engineering MELTON ME'FZ Education Warren Business Business Lincoln ASCE Administration Administration Ionesboro Fort Smith ENIILX' ROBINSON HAAINIoNs RICHARD VIRGINIA ANDER- MILLER, Arts CLIFFORD ANTHONY soN MOLL Little Rock MOBLEY Moix Business X 53, Rootin' Business Engineering Stuttgart Rubes. Spanish Administration Conway Il li 'l', Com- Club. Young Helena AIChE merce Guild Democrats, Exec. Council. YXVCA Asst. Ed. Guild Ticker, Com- merce Queen, Boots and Spurs XNVILLIAINI FLOYD VVAYNE LOLIIE ALFRED VAN A. CHARLES MONTGOMERY MOORE, IR. MooREs MOLL Agriculture Education Business Business Bono Roanoke, La. Administration Administration Animal Industry Russellville Stuttgart Club, EFA K 5 I X CORENA LEE MORG.AN VVILLIAAI R. IOIIN W. LOUISE Business MORRISON. IR. MOSLEX' NIOROAN Administration Agriculture Business Education VVinthrop Rogers Hot Springs Gillett l'I I II, 0 .X K, A K XII, V.-P. National Colle- giate Players. Pres. Blackfriars 1' l, Traveler LEON IAMES A. VVILLIANI BILL MuNcY Moss, IR. MuLLINs ALBERT Business Arts Business MULLINS Wilson Ozark Administration Arts ll K A, Scabbard 1' I, Scabbard Stephens and Blade, and Blade, YMCA Magnolia K E Football, Basketball if C IEW. 3 6 R., if A ,fi .., I W . ,gr K I A I I A' P if 'U :tl it -X X :Lag '5 . I mf. S55 wg Wi S an N 'X 2. 1 as - '.'f f ,,....-. Is.l3-,,.,, I 'I A "t-- 2 I.ti tit . ..I..I ' 1 ...J it s .Alf , I THE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS A COMMUNITY 4 an Qu..-., mf muvfnsm or ARKANSAS l Page 80 A COMMUNITY ODDIST DELNO MURPIIREE Arts and Science Little Rock Deutscher Verein BOBBYE SCARLEH NEWKIRK Arts Little Rock 'P 3, Orchesis, WAA, AWS WANDA FAYE NICHOLS, Arts Clarksville A 1' Corr. Sec., Traveler, Press Club, RAzoR- BACK, Deutscher Verein, Orches- tra JOHN BILL NORRIS Engineering Little Rock ASME IACK LYNN O'NEAL Business Administration Little Rock Commerce Guild RUTH DORIS OVERSTREET Education Balch Coterie Sec., Reporter, Corr. Sec. WAA, Major-Minor, YWCA, AWS LoTTIE MAY PALMER Arts Fayetteville OIW, Sec.- Treas. Univer- sity Religions Club, Christian Youth Fellowship DAN MAX NALL Arts and Science Eudora WILLIAM S. NEwsoM, IR. Arts and Science Wynne 2 X MARY FRANK NICHOLSON Education Harrison K K I' Pres., V.-P. K A H, Mortar Bd., WAA Exec. Bd., Panhellenic, Major-Minor IAMES WORTIIAB1 O'KEEFE Business Administration Rosston Square and Compass MERRILL I, OSBORNE Arts Manila H K A, ABC ROBERT RAY OW'ENS Engineering Greenwood AIEE FRANK CLEVELAND PAMRLIN, IR. Engineering Hot Springs ZZ X, ASCE HOYT NEILL Agriculture North Little Rock A P P EARL NICK NICHOLS Business Administration Little Rock LIBBY NICK Arts Helena OIW, Press Club, Traveler Staff MARY PATRICIA O'KELLY, Arts Fayetteville K K I', Hist. Mortar Bd., fb A 1-3, Pres, A T, Blackfriars, Soph. Council, RAZORBACK HELEN ATHERA OSWALT Education Gravette Major-Minor Club, Rootin' Rubes BETTY IO HARDIN PAGAN Agriculture Little Rock OTIS LYNN PARHAM Business Administration Bald Knob Il K A JERRY NEIL Arts Bentonville an H 2, A T, fb A 9, Press Club, RAZOR- BACK Staff NORMAN DEE NICHOLS Business Administration Altheimer PATRICK L. NOLAN Arts Fayetteville A X A, Newman Club EMON l'lAVIS OLIVER Business Administration El Dorado IOHN R. OTT Agriculture Yellville Square and Compass LARRY N. PAGE Engineering Harrison A fb Q, ASME, RONS, YMCA SUZANNE PARK Education Port Arthur, Tex. K K II, Sgt.-at- Arms 3 A T, AVVS, WAA, YWCA if DOUGLAS W. PARKER Arts Morrilton 'I' I, Geology Club MALCOLM R. PATTERSON Agriculture Yellville A 1' P WALTER D. PATTON Business Administration Alma IAMES HENRY PENICK, IR. Business Little Rock IXAKY HMEMM THEODORE ROSCOE PFRIMMER Agriculture Fayetteville A Z Censor, V,-P, 0 .S K muqmm 1 Animal Industry Club, Circ. Mgr. Traveler LAURA CHARLOTTE PICKENS Arts North Little Rock Met Club, AWS HOWELL LEE POE Engineering Little Rock H T, Sec.-Treas. ASME MABLE GILES PASLEY Agriculture Bloomburg, Tex. Home Ec. Club, Boots and Spurs, WAA, AVVS. YWCA SuE GOODWIN PATTILLO, Arts Little Rock X XI, V.-F, XP X, V.-P. Mortar Bd., V.-P. Westminster Fellowship, Met Club IOHNNIE E. PAY Agriculture Des Arc Animal Industry Club OSCAR A. PERRON Business Administration Bauxite I N IOHN G. PHILLIPS Business Camden I A Ii, Treas. Associated Students CHESTER HARRIS PIERCE Arts and Science North Little Rock IAISIES EDWARD FOMFRET Business Fayetteville Student Mgr, Student Union ""'h-.... WM. OcTAvIus PASSARELLI, IR. Arts Brooklyn, N. Y. 'I' II I, H M E, ASME, Sr. Scholar Key, University Band, Newman Club, Dance Band DWIGHT N. IJATTISON Business Administration Little Rock DAVID FORREST PECK Business Brinkley A 4' 53, Scabbard and Blade RAYMOND PETERS Education Morrilton Major-Minor Club, Football SIDNEY HORNOR PHILLIPS Business Little Rock ERARW IOYCE CLARENCE PIPKIN Education Malvern II K A, Blue Key, Pres. A Club, Scabbard and Blade, Football, Major-Minor CATHERINE CAHILL PONDER Arts and Science Little Rock ff 'Q I V' .,"",,g IESSE IAMES PATRIDGE, IR. Engineering Elaine II K A, ASCE. ABC BETTY Lou FATTON Education Gravette OIW, X A, WAA, AWS IOSEPH TROY PENDLETON Engineering Paris 4-I T ROBERT E. PETERSON Engineering Riverside, III. A X A, ASME, ABC ARCH PRENVITT IJICKENS, IR. Business Little Rock K I, ABC CLAIBORNE L. PITTMAN Engineering Bauxite AIEE, ASME, Engineering Council, Engineer THOMAS C. PONDER Engineering Little Rock AIChE, 1' I , -, fiffi f' if ,R.,. 5 M2 I M A ,pr Q 5 all Y tt ,3 QI if Q A ,V R ,.. if I qs- , Q , . X' , if . ,, .,.. A ' QQEMWE. AMA AMWSW ,,WgM Y ff f A K 542 4 . . .,,,.. .. .. wwomww. AAMNMMM e- , ,,i,Aagg5YI,q... Y Mir.-xv' , .s,w2mf:f.- 'I THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS A COMMUNITY Page 81 1 3 I ba , ',-' ' :J I my ' .151 - 'tim 743 12-.. I A - L ,I .,.. wg 5 Y . I1lEfillIllVERSIfY'f6F Page 82 A CUMMUNITYA IOE PRATER Education Fayetteville Major-Minor Club RICHARD EDWIN PREWITT Business Csceola K E, ABC CHARLES BOYKIN PYLES Business Administration Little Rock IDA IEAN REDMAN Education Morrilton Home Ec Club, Blackfriars, AWS, YWCA IOSEPH EDNVARD REYNOLDS, IR. Engineering Salina, Okla. Il K A, c-IT, T B II, Il M E, AIChE, Blue Key, St. Pat, Wesley Founda- tion Council BETTY IANE ROBINS Agriculture Hope X 53, Home EC Club, AWS, YWCA FAY KENNAN ROBINS Arts and Science Little Rock Xl' X Sec. ALLISON T. PRATOR Business Administration Texarkana IOHN SHERMAN PURNELL Business Pine Bluff A K XI' V.-Pres., V.-Pres. Sr. Class Business School, RONS WILLIAM I, RAINVVATER Business Administration Imboden I X IOHN EDWARDS REED Arts Hindsville Scabbard and Blade, V.-Pres. BSU ROBERT EUGENE RICE Agriculture Lonoke A 1' P, Interfra- ternity Council VVILLIS LOVVELL ROBERTS Agriculture Conway A I' P, A Z, 1' I GERALD BURNS ROBINS Education Little Rock K -Y, Councilman Vets Village MILES D. PRATOR, IR. Business Administration Texarkana WILLIANI ROY PUTT, IR. Arts and Science Little Rock MARY ELLEN RANDALL Arts Little Rock X il, Sec. Met Club, Black- friars, AWS, International Relations Club, YVVCA IOYCE L. REEVES Business Green Forest Rootin' Rubes, House Council, Student Union Board, YVVCA DONALD ORDELL RICHARDS Education Lexington, Neb. Football, Track, IANE MARIECE PRATT Arts Newport II B fb, YVVCA, AWS WAYNE WOODRUEE PYEATT Business Administration Searcy KE MARY ELLEN RANDOLPH Arts Fayetteville 4' B K, Pres., Treas., Sec. K U A T, Art Ed. Preview, Art Guild, Sec. WAA FRANCIS BENNETT REYNOLDS Business Administration Little Rock EDGAR KADER RIDDICK, IR. Engineering Walnut Ridge E X, ASME Major-Minor Club IOE CHRIS MARTHA PAY ROBERTSON ROBERTSON Arts Education Charleston Lonoke K Il, Art Guild GEORGE GLEN FRANKLIN WILLIAM ROGERS ROEBBEKE Business Business Administration Administration Little Rock Stuttgart RONS ROY LEE ROGERS, IR. Arts Pine Bluff K Z3 V.-Pres., Geology Club EDWIN I. RUNYAN Engineering DeQueen ASCE HAROLD M. SCHuLTz Engineering Texarkana KEMPNER RousE SCOTT Arts Hot Springs fb B K, -I- E, fb A D, fr ll 2, Pres. Geology Club WILLIAM STANLEY SECREST Arts Fort Smith Traveler Staff, Press Club BETTY SEAIMES Business Osceola X 9, Commerce Guild, RAZOR- BACK, Sec. Fresh. Class, AVVS, YWCA GERALD RAY SHARP Business Administration Fort Smith K E WARD FRANK- LIN ROSEN Engineering Fayetteville E N Comdr., Blue Key, fl' ll 3 A X E, II M II, AIChE, V.-P. ABC, RONS, Engineering Council NORMA IUNE SAVAGE Business Houston, Tex. Coterie, Rootin' Rubes, WAA IOHN M. SCHWENDIMANN Business Administration Wilmot MARIE SCOTT Arts and Science Little Rock Il B fb DON S. SEGRAVES Agriculture Strawberry -I, E, A Z, 4-H House, Treas. Soph. Class, ADA, Sears- Roebuck Fresh., Soph. Scholar- ship GEORGE TIDWELL SEMMES Business Administration Morrilton K E GERRY SHAVV Agriculture Rison z WARREN DALE ROSSON Engineering Fayetteville CAROL SCHOEN Arts Coffeyville, Kan Z T A, Press Club, Miss Ar- kansas Traveler Traveler Society Ed., E N Girl IAMES PARKER SCISSON Agriculture Biscoe A X A, FFA THOMAS DAVID SEAY, IR. Business Administration Forrest City HARRY A. SEIBERLING Arts West Plains, Mo. Xl' X Pres., Newman Club FLOYD Bu NKER SESSIONS Engineering Lake Village ASCE IEAN SHELTON Arts Monticello Z T A, Pre-Med Club, AWS, YWCA ERNEST PHILIP ROUSE Agriculture Fayetteville IRRANIR I SCHREIT IR Business Paraqould K X A Pres lnterfraternity Council ABC CLYDE LUTHER SCOTT Education Smackover lx X Athletic Counci Football Track Mayor Minor A Club IOIIIS BuRDETT SECREST IR Business Administration Fort Smith WILLIANI RICHARD SEIBOLD IR. Arts Stuttgart I X Interfrater- nity Council Student Senate YMCA CARTER PURNELL SEYMOUR Agriculture Doniphan MO. Al l ADA Student Senate RICHARD F. SHELTON Arts Little Rock ll K A, Press Club ,555 Easi- ,,....,,,,.,,..q...--...-.--wi N-A SRZ3-7, fl' and A 422:-R me umvfnsm DF Inmnsis F A COMMUNITY Page 83 WILLIAM TOLER SHEPHERD Business Administration Pine Bluff E A E MONZELL SILKWOOD Engineering Smackover A K A, ASME FRANK MILLER SISSONS, IR. Engineering Bartlesville, Okla. HIHMH ASME EDWARD IACKSON SMITH Business Administration Texarkana KI GILBERT AARON SMITH, IR. Engineering Mount Ida 3 X, ASCE, ASME, Scab- bard and Blade, Pershing Rities IOE B. SMITH Business Administration Hot Springs EARL B. SNIDER, IR. Business Administration Blytheville .LS T .X CHAI CHU SHIH Business Administration Anking, China RITA SusAN SIMMONS Agriculture Mulberry AWS Exec. Bd., Pres. Home EC Club, WAA, ADA, YWCA, Carnall Hall Govern. Bd. MARTHA ANN SKILLERN Business Fayetteville ll B fb, Guild Ticker, Black- friars, Mixed Chorus, AVVS. YWCA EDWARD TUCKER SMITH Engineering Pine Bluff K I, AIEE. YMCA GILBERT MORGAN SMITH Arts Sheridan Square and Compass, Pre-Med Club, RALPH IAMEs SMITH Business Tuckerman A H Pres., A K Xl', Sec, Interfraternity Council, Guild Ticker, ABC CLARENCE W. SPENCE Arts Hot Springs Square and Compass, Ark. Men's Press Club, ABC, Met Club. Traveler Staff IAMES MACK SHIVLEY Engineering Pocahontas til T, V-Pres. ASCE GEORGE MARTIN SIMPSON Business Administration Decatur I Il RICHARD L. SMART Business Pine Bluff E A E, II M E, Basketball FLOYD I. SMITH Agriculture Clarendon IAMES NEILL SMITH Arts and Science McGehee WILLIAM L. SMITH Business Administration Fayetteville Football THAD BURKE SPENCE Business Administration North Little Rock IACK DAN SHURDEN Engineering Smackover A x A, A X E, AIChE, YMCA EUGENE ROBB SINGLETON Business Administration Fort Smith DOLLYE SMITH Arts Pine Bluff Blackfriars, Met Club FRANCES ELIZABETH SMITH Education Marianna OIW IAMES RALPH SMITH Arts Lowell A K XII, Pre-Med Club, Football, YMCA SNEED Engineering Berryville HUBERT G. ma T, ASCE BERT FRANKLIN SPENCER Business Administration Hot Springs Page 84 MARGARET SPENCER Arts and Science Fayetteville IIB' IEAN ELIZABETH STANDEFER Agriculture Osceola A T CORNELIA DORIS STEPHENSON Business Administration Bentonville RALPH L. STEWART Engineering Helena T9 T House Mgr., A fin SZ, AIEE, Bus. Mgr. Engineer, Blue Key, RAZORBACK Photographer WILLIAM B. STOKES Business Administration Little Rock ll K A IAMES L. STRAIT, IR, Business Administration El Dorado I A,E BETTY ANN STRAusS Business Mena A A -X, Carnall Exec. Bd., AWS, YWCA . L t WILMA C. SPILLER Arts Charleston Coterie, Press Club, Rootin' Rubes, Geology Club, Interna- tional Rel. Clul: SAM PETE STATHAKIS Business Administration Little Rock MELVIN HENRY STEVENS Agriculture Fouke TROY ALLAN STEWART Business Administration Magnolia E A,E ROBERT PRESTON STORY Arts and Science Griifithville Scabbard and Blade IAMES ADELBERT STRANG Agriculture Lavaca FFA, ADA, Animal lndustry Club Louis H. STRICKLAND Business Administration Russellville liiX IAMES OTIS STAGGS Arts and Science Magnolia Geology Club IACK TAYLOR STEELE Arts Walnut Ridge I X, YMCA GEORGE IAMES STEVENSON Education Van Buren llKA,ABC RICHARD LEE STITES, Arts Muskogee, Okla. Ol K Sec., 41115, Pres. Wesley Players, Blackfriars, Student Senate, Student Chris- tian Council WILLIAM HENRY STOVALL, Arts Blytheville H K A Pres., V-Pres., Pres., lnterfraternity Council, Social Committee, ABC, YMCA IOHN N. STRANGE Engineering Fort Smith O T, ASCE. BSU Council, YMCA DON C. STRINGFIELD Business Administration Danville .K I IAMES D. STALLVVORTH Business Pine Bluff A 9, Man. Ed., Ed. Guild Ticker, A K xl', Honor Roll, Press Club RALPH P. STEGALL Business Administration Monticello H.K A SALLY STEWARD Business Fayetteville ll B CP, Asst. Ed. RAZORBACK, Bus. Mgr. Traveler, Asst. Ed. Guild Ticker, Com- merce Guild PEGGY LEAL ST. IOHN Agriculture Little Rock X Q Herald, V-Pres., Sec. 'l' T 0, Soph. Council, Home Ec. Club, Treas. Boots and Spurs ANDREW I. STOVER Business Administration Little Rock I. PHIL STRATTON Arts and Science Crossett Press Club FRED A. STUART Business Administration Newport -Q53 ,+R C if Qi I.. ff l t Qkgx uw, :gain H. .. .r-A, xg, E. tus- if tr' gggi 3. . 1517 V, . 1 3 ' Page 85 SAM N. STUCKE, IR. Business Lepanto II K A, Pres. Interfraternity Council, Blue Key, Young Democrats, YMCA FLORA IUNE SULLIVAN Arts and Science Springdale CHRISTINE SUTTON Agriculture Little Rock Home Ec. Club, International Relations Club CLIFFORD WAYNE TAYLOR Arts and Science Springdale Traveler Staff ARRICE TAYLOR TEAGUE, IR. Arts Malvern U K A, Cheer- leader, ABC, Geology Club EDWIN KEITH TESTER Education Clinton FLOYD MATTISON THOMAS Education McGehee Football, Maior-Minor Club ONETA TALBURT SUBLETT Business Administration Cumi JAMES R. SULLIVAN Business Fayetteville E N Lt. Comdr., Sec.. Commerce Guild LOREN KEITH SWIFT Engineering Fayetteville ASCE IRA W. TAYLOR Arts Ozark Press Club, Traveler Staff, RAZORBACK Staff, BSU Council ALBERT E. TEETER Business Administration Russellville JAMES HOSEA THACKER Agriculture Rosebud IAMES M. THOMAS Business Fayetteville I X , ABC, Varsity Tennis, Pershing Rifles, Cheerleader IAMES EDWARD SUBLETTE Arts Nashville Deutscher Verein, Geology Club CHARMIAN SURE, Arts Fayetteville OIW, 'T' A 9, A A A, Boots and Spurs, International Rel. Club GEORGE P. SWILLING Agriculture Grapevine ADA, Animal Industry Club MARY LYNN TAYLOR Business Clarksville A I' Sec., House Treas., Sec. Soph. Class, Treas. Rootin' Rubes, Student Senate CONNIE IEAN TELFORD, Arts Tulsa, Okla. Pre-Med Club, Orchesis, Deutscher Verein, Davis Hall Council IEAN DALTON THATCHER Agriculture Little Rock Io CLARE THOMAS, Arts Clarendon A A A Sec., Feature Ed. Traveler, Treas. YWCA, Pan- American Club, AWS DOROTHY LOONEY SULLIVAN Business Fitzhugh A A A, Com- merce Guild, Mixed Chorus, YWCA WILLIAM CHARLES SUTTLE Business North Little Rock, A X E H M E, ABC, Pershing Rifles Lloyd Hall Council, RiHe Team ISAAC L. TALKINGTON Business Administration Russellville ORRIS WHITTEN TAYLOR Engineering Magnolia A X E, AIChE IAMES E. TERRELL Arts Huttig A X A Seq, A T, Editorial Board Preview BEULAH LEE CAMPBELL THOMAS Business Fayetteville OIW, Coterie, Rootin' Rubes IOHN HAYDEN THOMAS, Arts Fort Smith A 9, Interfra- ternity Council Traveler Staff, RAZORBACK Staff, RONS YJ' LINDSAY COTTON THOMAS Business Little Rock EXAKM Scabbarcl and Blade LOUCENE THORNTON Arts Altheimer H B 'I' Rec. Sec., Pres. 3 A I, Met Club, Boots and Spurs, Mixed Chorus EDWARD WAYNE TIDWELL Business Fort Smith A 9, Band, Traveler Staff, YMCA IAMES SHERMAN TREECE, IR. Business Administration Fayetteville HARRY I. VANDERGRIFF Education Van Buren Football, Major-Minor Club HENRY H. VOSE Agriculture Griffithville PETER FRANCIS WARMENHOVEN Business Administration Little Rock REUBEN FLOYD THOMAS Engineering Malvern T B ll, ASME CHRISTINE GRAHAM THORPE, Arts Fayetteville ll B 'IF' Rush Capt., Black- friars, Soph, Council, Mixed Chorus, AWS, YWCA VIRGINIA LOUISE TIEMANN Arts Little Rock K K P, Mixed Chorus, YWCA, AWS MORRIS C. UNDERWOOD Arts and Science Black Rock K A U Pres. CHARLES DALE VAN PATTEN Business Administration Searcy Band BEN H. VOWAN, IR. Business Administration Marianna CECIL LESLIE WARNOCK Agriculture Camden BERT BYRON THOMPSON, IR. Engineering Little Rock .I X A, T B Il, IT M E, O T Scribe, Pres. ASCE FRANK BARRON THORPE Business Fayetteville .Y X, Interna- tional Rela- tions Club ALONSO TORRECH Arts Rio Pieclras, Puerto Rico Pan-American Club, Newman Club NANCY LOUISE VANCE Business El Dorado X 52, Treas. Commerce Guild, AWS, YWCA BERRY VALIGHAN, IR. Business Fayetteville A X A, ABC WORTHEN ALLEN WALLS Engineering Stephens ASCE WANDA PLANT WASSNER Arts Bald Knob Editor Traveler Press Club, Law Wives Club, Dames Club SIEYL ANN THOMPSON Education Fayetteville OIW Pres., V-P. Coterie, AWS Exec. Bd., V-P. VVCS- ley Foundation IAMES CARSON THREET Business Administration Prattsville E X BOB GERALD TREECE Engineering Fayetteville ll K A. AIEE BOB VANDERCRIEF Arts and Science Van Buren Traveler Staff VVM, RICHARD VESTAL, IR. Business Searcy T K A, Debate Team VVM. CIIRTIS VVARD Business Administration Prescott KI BANKSTON XAIVATERS Engineering Poplar Grove ASME, Scabbard and Blade av-J fu- L I. A i:Ifff.:5zt"'w.'?If if I ' I - IT A L - K A I A K 2.-21153355 . . ' SS. I at ANA . I if Q I1 I 2. QI 3 -I . 'fair' ' . -A .Q 'iv-ns...,. THE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS A COMMUNITY Page 57 2 lk 'A "'- at ii I 1 .. ,i ,Af YF! 1, A 'E' .iff ii I ,, Lg . ..1,,.. a W' W I sa. 5 . ,, .. '591 ' 2 T , 'Ss is .. I 4 is LL,, L. I 'L,. ' -' , ,.:. .. . as A 'Mi " -. R5 fs , X R was THE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS Page 88 A COMMUNITY ROLLAND MAYIJEN WATERS Arts Fayetteville A X 2, lnterfraternity Council TOMMY WATSON Business Paris z A E, It It XII, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Traveler, Band, Delegate Nat'l Intercollegiate Band TARvIN F. WEBB Agriculture Tinsman CEcII. VV. WELLBORN Arts and Science Osceola YMCA EVERETT EARL WHEELER Education Harrison Football. Basketball, A Club, Major- Minor Club RALPH WARREN WHITE Business Administration Greenwood DIANE M. WILcOx, Arts Montoursville, Pa., A A A Pres., WAA Exec. Bd., AWS Iudicial Bd., Panhellenic, AWS Social Comm., Student Union Recep- tion Comm. RuTH CIIARLENE WATERS Agriculture Dover Home Ec Club WAI. SELBY WATSON Agriculture Pine Bluff A Z, Animal Industry Club WM. CLARR WEBB Engineering Little Rock H T, ASCE BETTY Lou WELLS Arts and Science Cvreen Forest CARL S. NVHILLOCIK Arts Clinton 1 A E, Met Club WANIJA MAE WHITE Arts Hot Springs x sz, : A I, Mixed Chorus, AWS, YWCA CHAS. WESLEY WILLIAMS, IR. Arts F1-,etteville II K A Pres., V-Pres., Stu- dent Senate, Interfraternity Council CAROLYN LEIOH WATKINS Arts and Science Little Rock II I3 Il' IOHN ALFRED WEBB Arts Mountain View Blackfriars, Pre-Med Club, YMCA HELEN ELOISE WEOMAN Arts Muskogee, Okla. x A, A A A RITA IEANNE WENY, Arts N. Little Rock K K I' Pledge Mistress, Ii II, Young Demo- crats, Interna- tional Rel. Club Newman Club. DICK I. WIIITE Business Blytheville 2 A Ii, Student Senate Social Committee, Pershing Rifles WILLIAM R. WHITE Business Administration Little Rock -HAROLIJ C. WILLIANIS Business Administration Dierks CHARLES MURRELLE WATKINS Business Administration Little Rock I X NOLEN AUDACE WEBB Arts and Science Porterville, Cal. 'I' Il I THOMAS ANDPEXV WELCH Engineering Little Rock ASME IOSEPH BOWIJEN WESTBROOK Business Administration Texarkana IAMES GAILER WHITE Arts Fort Smith : A E, ABC, Cheerleader, Mixed Chorus. Pre-Med Club IOHN B. XNHITLEH' Business Administration Morrilton HELEN PERSON WILLIAMS, Arts Garland, K K 1' Pledge Mistress, Young Demo- crats, Canter- bury Club, In- ternational Rel. Club PAUL W. SALLY RAND WM. WENDELL WOODRONV XNILLIANIS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS. IR. OLlX'ER Agriculture Business Business WILLIAMS Harrison Rogers, A A A Administration Education Agriculturist Treas., Treas. Pine Bluff Perryville Staff, Sears Mortar Bd., E A E Scholar A A 3, Pres. Soph. Council, Comm. Guild Exec. Council MARION ERNEST B. IAMES WINEIELD ROBERT HOMER HERSHEL' WILSON WILSON VVILSON WILMOTH Business Arts Engineering Arts Administration Hardy McLean, Tex. Texarkana Harrison Wesley Foun- AlChE, ll 31 tl Pre-Med Club, dation Pres., ABC, Wesley Players, Cheerleader Student Senate, YMCA ROBERT M. THOMAS R. WM. CODY DONALD WILSON WILSON, IR. WILSON DAYMON Business Engineering Arts WINGFIELD Little Rock Bartlesyille, Hardy Arts .Y K, Blue Key, Okla. A X E, l' l, El Dorado Student Senate, ll K A, A K Z, AIChE, Wesley K 5. ABC, Student AIChE Foundation Geology Club Union Board Council, ACS, Entertainment Wesley Players Committee GEORGE ROSS IAMES A. CALVIN DOYLE ROBERT PAUL WINHAM WINN, IR. WITHERSROON WITHERSPOON Business Business Arts and Arts and Texarkana Little Rock Science Science K E V-Pres., E K, YMCA Mena Mena Student Senate HERBERT HENRY ROSCOE ALLEN STANLEY C, LOUISE WOLF WOOD WOOD WOODRUM Business Arts Business Agriculture Little Rock Little Rock Batesville Harrisburg B T Pres., U K A, S X, YMCA Home Ec Club, A fl' fl, I' l, Geology Club WAA. BSU lnterfraternity Council PENDLETON MARJORIE WM. PARK Committee WOODS, Arts GEORGENA WRIGHT, IR. BETTY IEAN Fort Smith WRIGHT Business WUNDERLIGH K E Sec., Pres. Education Pine Bluff Arts Press Club, Gravette E X, lnterfrat. Memphis, Tenn. Blue Key, Blackfriars Council, New- Tl B fix Young T K A, A Kb SZ, V-Pres., AWS man Club, lnter- Democrats, V-P. Scabbard Exec. Bd., national Rel. AWS, YWCA and Blade, Student Chris- Club, Social Traveler Man. tian Council Editor HARVEY LYNN NEVA ARTHUR CHAS. HAROLD F. YOUNG YOUNG ZALOUDEK ZIGK Arts Education Engineering Business Norphlet Harrison North Little Administration YMCA, BSU, .K K l', Met Rock, ASCE. South Pasa- International Club, AWS, Newman Club dena, Calif. Relations Club YWCA LAME 'TR S I 55- 4 6 K Rs. Q. ' P L A 2164 'PJ A-IF' THE umvfnsm or ARKANSAS A COMMUNITY Page 89 r. , l III: UNIVERSITY of Immlsns Page 90 ++ A COMMUNITY Row I: GEORGE W. ANDERS, Business, North Little Rock, MILDRED AHRENS ARMOUR, Agri- culture, Little Rock: GRADY PERRY ARRINGTON, Business, Stephens: BILLY IAY BARLOW, Edu- cation, Bauxite: IOHN T, BARR, IR., Arts, Norman. Row 2: VAUGHN DAMON BEACH, Arts, Green- wood, GERARD I. BENSBERG, IR,, Arts, Cam- den, FRANKLIN MONROE BLEVINS, Education, Beebe: CLARICE SANDERS BRIDGES, Arts, Cam- den, KATHLEEN LOUTHER BROWN, Agriculture, Lamar. Row 3: PERRY THOMPSON BROWN, Arts, Win- slow, ALICE MURLENE BROYLES, Arts, Farm- ington: TROY E. BURRIS, Business, Russellville, IOHN P. CARPENTER, Education, Stephans: ER- NEST CLABOURNE CLIFTON, Education, Zent. Row 4: CHARLES CALVIN COOK, IR,, Arts, Asheville, N. C.: MURRY MAXWELL CROWE, Education, Winnfield, La.: RAYMOND L. CUT- LER, Arts, Gurdon: WILLIAM R. DAVENPORT, Arts, High Point, Mo., MARJORIE LEE DILDY, Education, Hope. Row 5: LEONARD MARTIN EDMISTEN, Arts, An- derson, Mo., IRENE ELIZABETH EDWARDS, Edu- cation, Fayetteville, EGBERT EIDSON, Education, Centerville, RIEFFORD BROWN FLOOD, Agricul- ture, Perryville, NADINE ELIZABETH FOY, Busi- ness, North Little Rock, ELIZABETH DONNELL GAINES, Arts, Rogers. Row 6: NANCY ANNE GAINES, Arts, Rogers: MRS. GLADYS BOYD GILES, Arts, Fayetteville: IRMA ILEEN GREER, Arts, Memphis, Tenn., IOHN WESLEY GRISSOM, IR,, Arts, Fayetteville: VERNON LLOYD HALL, Arts, Fayetteville: HAR- OLD LOWELL HENRY, Arts, Gillham. Row 7: IAMES IACKSON HUDSON, Arts, Charleston, GRANNIS SAMUEL IOHNSON, Arts, Portales, N, M.: SAMUEL GRIFFIS KARN, Busi- ness, Morrilton: EDWIN K, MILLS, Business, Siloam Springs: BRUCE D. MCGILL, Arts, Chidester: ROBERT MAYO MCGILL, Engineer- ing, Springhill, La, Row If WAYNE MAGNESS MARSHALL, Busi- ness, Little Rocky IOHN W. MARTIN, Education, Washington, CHARLES L. MASSEY, IR., Busi- ness, Morriltong EDWIN K. MILLS, Business, Huntington, IAMES MARVIN MOORE, Arts, Van Buren. Row 2: SALLY IEAN MOORE, Arts, Fort Smith: ROBERT HENRY MOSS, Arts, Lacorna, N. H.: WILLIAM GEORGE MYERS, Arts, Heavener, Okla., AILEEN BYRN NALL, Arts, Tillar: NOR- MAN EARL NICHOLS, Arts, Russellville. Row 3: ELBERT F. NOTHERN, Education, Lake City: IO ORJASAEKER, Arts, Oyer, Norway: VIRGIL FRANKLIN PERKINS, IR., Business, Cot- ton Plantg CARLYN IANE PIPER, Arts, Pine Bluff, ROAR EGIL RAVEM, Arts, Oslo, Norway. Row 4: ROBERT GIBBS REAVES, Arts, Warren: IAMES VESTER REYNOLDS, Education, New Ed- inburg, MARTIN ERNEST ROSS, Business, Pine Bluffg IACK B. SCROGGS, Arts, Iacksonville: GRACE BELLE SHIPLEY, Arts, Coldwater, Miss. Row 5: SALIL SIEGEL, Arts, Bronx, N. Y: WAL- TER WILLARD SISSON, Agriculture, Tupelo, Ru- DOLPH ZERL SMITH, Business, Mount Ida: ROB- ERT EDWIN SMYTH, Graduate, Marshall, IOHN DUDLEY TAYLOR, Graduate, Fayetteville. Row 6: ROBERT PIERCE TAYLOR, Business, Lit- tle Rockg WARREN A. THEIS, Business, Pine Bluff, A. F. THOMAS, Graduate, Forrest Cityg RICHARD L. TRICE, Agriculture, Cotton Plant: ROY CLYDE TURNER, IR., Graduate, Little Rock: LOWELL LAWRENCE WALLEN, Arts, Rockford. Ill. Row 7: LOuIE WILLIAM WALTER, Business: Little Rock, ETHEL LOUISE WALTERS, Arts, Springdale: GROVER BERNARD WALTERS, Arts Hot Springs, MAMIE RAY WHITE, Arts, Eng- land, ROBERT S. WHITMIRE, Graduate, Fort Smith: IOHN W. WILLIAMSON, Business, Para- gould. v A COMMUNITY PO gy e 9 I 1 I hm .L 5. Y I. I HQ Vz h Ei I rl it I K Zrh I Y ': , I- I 'EHWMB I wfww 1 Q 135215, I , I if 1, Aww: wt - ' - my I' 2. "' ",. 3 -V I -I - I I If 3 , , , - g . Lh Ak- - gf . - -'-. - ' - " '-'2 1 HQQQ WI use I Msswgir .wEw' - ..'f.Ji'5'::"J1?'!:': 1 , .nf . L ,-v7- , . Eg ci' '- f -- , J ' Page 92 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS I A COMMUNITY NORMAN ROBT, ABBOTT Law II El Dorado CIIARLES WEBSTER ARMouR Law II Little Rock IJINES F. BATCHELOR, IR. Law I Van Buren Student Bar Association. Young Demo- crats THOIXIAS I. BONNER Law II Little Rock K IQ ELDON KENNETH BOWLES Law I Little Rock ROBERT RILEY BROOKSIIER, IR. Law II Fort Smith A 1-I DAN LAM BIIREORD Law III Pine Bluff HOWARD I-I. ABERCROMBIE Law I Prairie Grove Student Bar Association, Sr, Warden. Uni- versity Lodge WILLIABI IOSHLIA ARNOLD Law I Iamestown KLWHL AAQTKA WILLIAM LAMAR BENNETT Law I Ward FRANK ALLEN BOVVDON, IR. Law I Wy'nne I X, ABC, Blackfriars ROBERT E. BOYER Law I Fort Smith II K A DENVER BRUCE Law I Batesville IACK NORMAN BLIROE Nettleton ROBERT BENJAMIN ALLEN Law I Ilerryville K A .S I-I df E. I. BALL Law I Monette DWIGHT LOYAL BICKFORD Law I Fayetteville WM. HARVEY BOWEN Law II Altheimer :ARAw+ LELAND REINIIOLD BRANTING Law II Bauxite .1 X, ABC, Student Bar Association WM, ALLEN BULLARD Law I Little Rock K I CONLEX' F, BYRD Law I Evening Shade DOWELL I-I. ANDERs Law III Warren Il A E, Vets Village Council WOODSON WM BASSETT, IR. Law II Fayetteville Ii E, A O fb, Blackfriars L. D. BLAIR Law III Paris A K-I 'I' DONALD S. BOWERS Law I Fort Smith K I EARL XNIAYNE BRIZENDINE Law I DeQueen I-IuBERT L, BIIRCH Law I Lowell MAuRIcE EDWARD CALAWAY Law I Hot Springs r - , 'fsui1n g ROBERT SCOTT CAMPBELL Law III Hot Springs IXIEVVBERN A. CHAMBERS Law II Newport Young Democrats WM. IAMES COLLINS Law I Little Rock 3 X, A I-I fb, IRC, Young Democrats. Student Union Committee CARL EDWARD DAVIS Law III Bentonville A 1-I fl' WILLIAM F. DENINIAN, IR. Law II Prescott ROBT. WARREN DYESS Law I Memphis, Tenn. It N WM. HENRY' ENFIELD Law III Bentonville K E, A I-I fb, Board of Edi- tors Ark. Law Review IOHN PIEIILLIP CARROLL Law I Fort Smith K 2, T K A, Pres. Ir. Class Bus, School, Student Senate, Comm. Guild IOIAIN LAWSON CLONINGER Law III North Little Rock, A 1-I, A W fl', Student Bar Association ELBERT IACKSON COOK Law I Kingsville, Tex. A H fl' I. MURRAY' DAVIS Law III Little Rock WALTER M. DICKINSON Law I Little Rock WM. ALTHEN ECKERT, IR. Law III New Orleans, La. X' ll .X I-I 'I' ... , ROBT. MILLS FEILD Law II Little Rock IOSEPII K. CASKEY Law III Des Arc A H V-Pres., A I-I fb LEWIS L. COBB Law I Keo IOHN I. CRAVENS Law I New Blaine A H 'I' LAWRENCE E. DAWSON Law III Pine Bluff 5 A E, Student Christian Coun- cil, Student Bar Assn., Honor Council, V-P. Young Demos EDVVARD B. DILLON Law I North Little Rock KE, .II-wb WILLIAM A. ELDREDGE, IR. Law I1 Blvtheville K E Pres., A tl 'I', Interfra- ternitv Council, Football BILL FERGUSON Law III Evanston, Ill. z fr- T, A I-I fb IAMES RONALD CAZORT Law I Little Rock DAVID MILLARD COIAIN Law I Helena li 'I' AI' Y I' I I ' I NANCX' WALKER DAGGETT Law III Marianna X 12, Sec. Asso- ciated Students, Law Reporter, Ed. Bd., Law Review, Canter- bury Club IOHN CAMPBELL DEACON Law III Little Rock Z X V-P., Pres. A 4-I fb, Pres. Blue Key, Stu- dent Bar Assn., Student Senate IOHN DALE DUNN Law II Hampton K A Pres., V-P., Student Bar Assn., Interfra- ternitv Council HARRY HERBERT ELLIS, IR. Law III Little Rock A 1-I flf WILLIAINI G. FLEMING Law III North Little Rock . a::'i 2 R T561 TIIE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS A COMMUNITY Page 93 J. , - X l E " gg Ille tl e E 5 l IRVING R. KITTS Law II Springdale Square and Compass EARL B, LINAM Law I Fayetteville IOHN L. MCCLELLAN, IR. Law I Camden K A D -If, T K A, Blue Key, Debate Squad, Student Senate, Student Political League PAUL RICHARD MASSEY Law I Little Rock K I LAWRENCE S. MORGAN Law II El Dorado IOE FRANK NOWLIN Law II Pine Bluff fl' A A EDWARD M. PENICK Law III Little Rock :J X, A r-I fb, Honor Council, Law Review IAMES H. KRANNICHFELD Law I Pine Bluff A 0 fb JOHN FORREST LONG Law I Augusta HOMER EUGENE MCEWEN Law III Ionesboro A 9 11", Ark. Law Review Board WM. TRAVIS MATHIS Law II Okolona YMCA WILLIAM B. MOSLEY Law II Fort Smith WM. HENRY OVERBY, III Law III Fayetteville BILL PENIX Law II Ionesboro 'P A A IAMES EDWARD LESTER Law III Hope 'I' A A, Blue Key, Honor Council Law School A. D. MCALLISTER, IR. Law III Fayetteville : N, T K A, -X "P fb, Scabbarcl and Blade, Pershing Rifles RICHARD CYRIL MCILHARGEY Law I Toledo, Ohio GERALD EUGENE MEACHAM Law I Monette I II CHARLES B. MOTT, IR. Law II Little Rock A I-I 'IW EDWARD R. PARHAM Law I Little Rock 2 X, A O41 ODELL POLLARD Law I Union Hill Young Demo- crats, Student Bar Association ALFRED IUNIOR LEVIN Law I Ioplin, MO. Ii 'I' LLOYD B. MCCAIN Law I Conway I A H IOI-IN W. MANN, IR. Law III Marianna 2 X, fb A A, Blue Key, Pres. Student Bar Assn., Bus. Mgr. Law Review, Publications Bd. WITHERS MCALISTER MOORE Law I Arkadelphia CALVIN ROBT. NEWTON Law I Siloam Springs RAYMOND LEROY PAUL Law I Camden IOHN INORAM PURTLE Law I Conway Page 94 IAMES TROY FOSTER Law I Alicia ROBERT BYNIIM GIBSON Law III Dermott E A E, Student Bar Association IOHN M. GRAVES Law I Camden E X MILTON FRANKLIN HALTER Law I North Little Rock LLOYD ALTON HENRY Law III Augusta Pres. Associ- ated Students IABE E. HOGGARD Law III Portland CLAUDIE DuANE IORDAN Law I Stephens IAMES WIILLIS GALLMAN Law Il Little Rock fl? A A CHARLES LEWIS GOCIO Law III Bentonville K 2, A O fb, II M E WILEY K. GRUBBS Law I Wilmar WM. PORTER HAMILTON, IR. Law I Little Rock 2 A B, A O -I-, Honor Council Law School, Ark. Law Review EDWARD HOLDEN HERROD Law II North Little Rock GEORGE N. HOLMES Law II Rison K E, RONS IOHN I-ILIDGEN IOYGE Law I Fayetteville K E, A 9 fb IAMES MADISON GARDNER Law II Wynne II K A, A I9 -II, YMCA CHARLES S. GOLDBERGER Law I Pine Bluff WALTER W. GUTENSOHN Law II Fort Smith E A E, A O -I1 IAMES VICTOR HARVEY Law II Little Rock GERALD HuGH CHARLES R. GARNER Law I Pine Bluff Blackfriars DAVID GRAHAM Law III Lowell Honor Roll OLIVER W. HALL, IR. Law II Searcy CHARLES L. HENDRICKS, IR. Law II Little Rock 3 A E, Varsity Baseball, A Club RAYMOND B. HIGGINS Law III Van Buren BSU Council, Pres. BSU, Student Senator ROBERT LEE IONES Law III Magazine fb A A, T K A, 0 A K, V-P. Student Bar Assn., Asst. Ed. Law Review, Honor Council IOHN NEIL KILLOUGH Law I Wynne HERRON Law I Paragould ROBERT EARL IONES Law I Fort Smith THOMAS BuRL KEYS Law II Gurdon E E I I Y 2 I S 5 L in ..i"U I .AEUMMUNIIY Page 95 'QQ Q Iii ' . 'ix M, a , Iyar te R BILL RADER Law I Clarksville IOHN RUSSELL REINMILLER Law II Blytheville K A V-Pres., Student Social Comm., Inter- frat. Council CAREY FRANKLIN ROBERTS Law I Lake Village LERA IEANNE ROWLETTE Law I Texarkana Young Demo- crats, Student Bar Assn., Co- Chm. Student Union Radio Comm., Student Union Plan- ning Board ROGER RAY SEVVELL Law I Texarkana K E IAMES CAYE SMITH Law I Toledo. Ohio A I CIP EDVVARD INGRAM STATEN Law I Forrest City H K A, ABC Page 96 CHAS. EDWARD RAMSAY Law II Nashville A I-I 'I' KENNETH EARL RHODES Law II Little Rock PATRICIA ANN ROBINSON Law I Lewisville K K I', Young Democrats, Stu- dent Bar Assn., AWS, YWCA ALFRED C. SASS Law I Fort Smith IOHN KELLIS SHAMBURGER Law I Little Rock Pre-Law I. FRANK SNELLGROVE, IR, Law III Ionesboro RALPH STEPHENS Law III Bond BERNARD I. REED Law III Lonoke W. B. RILEY Law III Little Rock -Y X Sec., Pres, 'I' A A, Pres. A 'I' fl, Blue Key, Ed. Bd. Law Review, Exec. Bd. Stu- dent Bar Assn. WRAY ALLEN ROLLOVV Law I Little Rock WILLIAM G. SCHOL Law I Augusta IAMES BAXTER SHARP Law II Brinkley : X, A I-I fb, ABC WILLIANI G. SPENCER Law III Mena II K A IAMES Dow STOREY Law II Paragould A tl 'lk Student Senate, Law Review, Exec. Council Student Bar Assn., Honor Council FLOYD LEON REED Law III Heber Springs fb A A, Pres. Soph. Class, Ark. Law Review Board PAUL K. ROBERTS Law II Warren IAMES M. ROWAN, IR. Law I Fayetteville H K A, Iunior Bar Assn., Terry Village Council IACK CANDLER SEARCY, IR. Law I Lewisville HARVEY GENE SIMMONS Law III Little Rock A I-I fl' WILLIAM T. STAHL Law I Siloam Springs ARVIS GENE SYKES Law I North Little Rock K A NORRIS C. TAYLOR, IR. Law I Trumann II K A WM. ANDERSON TIPPIN, IR. Law III Springdale K A DONALD R. WASSNER Law II Pontiac, Ill. A 9 fb DAYTON G. WILEY Law II Little Rock A 9 fi! IOHN L. WILSON, IR. Law III Hope 'I' K A, Law School Honor Council, Honor Roll, I' I ERNEST B. WRIGHT Law II Smackover A 9 KID WILLIAM L. TERRY Law I Little Rock 1 X, A K xv, Canterbury Club ROBT. LOUIS TIPTON Law III Foreman Mayor Vets Village and Camp Neil Martin, Stu- dent Election Committee THOMAS EDWARD WEBBER Law III Texarkana 2 A E, QI- A A ARCHIE CHESTER WILLIAMS Law I Pine Bluff IACK DEE WITT Law II Bradford FRANK W. WYNNE Law II Fordyce Z A E MARVIN DELL THAXTON Law II Newport V Y Rush Ca t -I A p A 1-3 'lk Student Senate, Cadet Major ROTC, Interfraternitv Council, ABC ALIBREY LEON TURNER Law I Rison A l-b fl' IAMES TERRELL WEST Law I Hope RANDALL WILLIAMS Law I Monticello IOHN POWELL WOODS, IR. Law I Fort Smith Speech Club, International Relations Club, ABC DENNIS ALEXANDER YORK Law I Warren University Lodge U. D., F. and A. Masons CLARENCE MCCLELLAN THOMAS Law II Little Rock K 2, A K X14 Pres. Commerce Guild THOINIAS DELEORD WALBERT Law I Little Rock I A E WAYNE A. WHITE Law I Ionesboro I X, V-Pres. Soph. Class Business School RICHARD ELMO WILLIAMS Law I Rogers I X, A I4 fb CHARLES LAMAR WRIGHT Law I Camden CALDWELL TUCKER BENNETT Law fSpecial Studentj Osceola No matter what part of the campus you may be on, whether it be a sunshiny day or a gloomy night, you can always see the North and South Towers of Old Main. To us these twin turrets symbolize the friendliness of the University. 'S YYAA f at 3 '- -we if i . .5 A , Y E Z 'W' V THE UNIVERSITY 0F ARKANSAS A CUMMUNITY I Page 97 l A858 ELF? LLOYD HENRY: President of Associated Students for l948: the community has benefited greatly during the auspicious presidency of Lloyd. GEORGE KOK: Pi Kappa Alpha: YMCA: HAY' Club: Basketball '45, '46, '47, .483 All- Southwest Conference Basketball Team: Chosen to play on a team of College Stars in the National AAU Tournament in Denver. IIM MCCAuLEY: Sigma Chip Blue Key: ABC: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Kappa Psi: Tau Kappa Alpha: Varsity Debate Squad 715: Pres. Interna- tional Relations Club: Secretary Student Union Board: Pres, University lVlen's Bible Class '47. mh- IOYCE PIPKIN: Pi Kappa Alphaq Scabbard and Bladeg Blue Key: MWARREN THEIS: Business Manager RAZORBACK V183 Editor Guild Ticker Pres. HA" Club: Major-Minor Club: Football '41, '46-V173 CO- . -f '473 Blue Key: Alpha Kappa Psig Commerce Guild Executive Council: Press captain Football Team 5417. Clubg Sigma Alpha Epsilong Traveler Staff. ommzfanilfg QQ Jem Suu BARAN: Pres. AWS 47: Pres, Carnall Hall: Met lactic DEACON: Pres. Blue Club: Mortar Board: Pi Epsilon Delta: Gamma Iota: Key: Pres. Delta Theta Phi: Blackfriars: YWCA: Pres. Blackfriars Pledges. Student Senate: Vice-Pres. Sigma Chi: Vice-Pres. New- ' man Club: Pres. IRC: Inter- ! fraternity Council: Pres. Southwestern IRC Confer- ence: Chairman Gaebale Committee: Law Review Board. Good bet for '48 Olympic Track Team, MARY FRANK N1cHoi.soN: Vice-Pres. Kappa Delta Pi: Pres. BOB WILSON: Sigma Chi: Student Senate: Student Union Board and Enter- Kappa Kappa Gamma: Student Senate: Panhcllenic: Major- tainment Committee: Blue Key: ABC: Co-chairman of Gaebale Committee Minor Club: Nlortar Board: AWS: YWCA: VVAA Executive for 1948. Board. CLYDE SCOTT: Athletic Council: Major-Minor Club: Kappa Sigma: "A" Club: Track: Football: Neil Martin Trophy '-17: All-Southwest Conference Football Team VI7: BEN ISGRIG: Phi Sigma: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Alpha Zeta, Blue Key: ABC: Chairman of Agri Day Association Committee: Ben has shown outstanding leader- ship in the College of Agriculture. NVARREN Bliss: Pres. Senior Class '-18: Pres. Alpha Kappa Psi: Blue Key: Student Senate En- tertainment Committee: Chairman of Senate So- cial Committee: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Execu- tive Council of Com- merce Guild, MACLYN Mc:KHliHAN: Theta Tau: Pres. Omicron Delta Kappa: BSU: Pres. YMCA: Vice-Pres. Pi Mu Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Assoc, Bus, Manager Arkansas Engineer: Honor Roll: AIEE. A858 6'Ll"8 Ass Ioan.-xx: Phi Beta Kappa: Editor Ihzouaaczie 47: Phi Alpha Theta: Sec. Pi Beta Phi: Student Senate: Vice-Pres. AVVS: Nlortar Board: Alpha Lambda Delta. Immes Fisciiieie: Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Chi Sigma: AIChE: Pi Mu Epsilon: Omicron Delta Kappa: Treasurer of Senior Class '-45: Wesley Players: vXVesley Foundation: YMCA. i f M Iiziaxii B,xi'i'i-LN: Pres. Mortar Board: Svc. Zeta 'I'au NVANDA VVAssNiaiz: Edi- Alpha: AXVS Iixecutivc Board: Pres. VVAA: Editorial tor Arkansas Traveler Board "Prex'iew": Sec,-'I'rt'as. Lambda Tau: French Club. -17-'-HS: Press Club: Law Wives' Club: Dames' Club: Wanda has done a grand job on the Com- munity Paper this year. --vs 'N-mf? Mixiurz Bizowxiaie: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Social Chairman Home lic. Club: Vice- Pres. Associated Students '-15: Sec. Cvamma Iota: BSU Executive Council: Student Christian Council: YWCA: WAA: AWS. f . at 2 ff: Howaizo I-Iiaxiisiei-Lie. Treasurer Alpha Kappa Psi: Phi Lita Sigma: Cvamma SUE I'IAXVLIiY3 Zeta 'I'au Alpha: Pres. Phi Upsilon Omicron: Iota: Interlratcrnity Council: Blue Key: Beta Gamma Sigma: Rush Captain Blackfriarsg Wesley' Players: Home lic Club: Viccfllres, Iunior Sigma Pi: Honor Roll 445-Flo. Class '-18: ADA: AWS: YWCA: Agri Queen: Agricizltzirist Staff. A l ommlfmif OZeac!em ' lik., arsliip Club 716: Nlana- ? LEIIMAN l:OVVLERi llhi PHIL FRY: Assoc, Editor RAZORBACK 45: Pres. Gamma Sigma: Alpha Zeta: Blue Iota: llres. Art Guild: Student Senate: Reporter Kappa Key: Sec. LI of A Schol- Pi: Alpha Kappa Psi: Guild Ticker: Sports Editor Trav- cler 46. ger Aqri Day Associa- tion 47: Animal Indus- try Cluh: University 4-H ,V 'm,XL V Club: Sears Club. Wi: . ' 31-l"1'2gi?lDiL MURRHLL GATHRIGHT: Secretary Senior Class 48: Pres. Commerce Guild: Beta Gamma Sigma: Blue Key: Alpha Kappa Psi: Among his duties as he merce Guild was the leading of two outstanding Commerce programs. ad of the Com- RICHARD STITES: Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Eta Sig- ma: Blackfriars: Student Senate: Pres. Wesley Players: Gaebale Committee '47: Student Christian Council. ,swf BETSY AYCOCK: Pres. Chi Omega: Mortar Board: AWS Executive Board: Vice-Pres. Senior Class 48: Student Senate Committee on Activities: WAA: YWCA: Rootin' Rubes. Qs -v V. my-aww' JUNIURS gm. Aw W Ayub 'Ruhr mmmwmws 'mf The Junior Class of l948 Row 1: CHARLES SHEPHERDSON ABELL III, Engineering, I-lot Springs: LuCIEN ABRAHAM, Engineering, Batesville: BARBARA IEAN ACKER, Business, North Little Rock: FLORENCE ESTHER ADAMS, Arts, Little Rock: HAROLD E. ADAMS, Engineering, Fort Smith: IOE DAVID ADAMS, Business, England: RuTH ELAINE ADAMS, Education, DeQueen: DONALD RICHARD ADAM- SON, Arts, Little Rock. Row 2: IAMES GARRETT AKINS, Engineering, Benton: CLINT ALSON ALBRIGHT, Business, Little Rock: BETTY ALEXANDER, Arts, Mena: EDWARD CHARLES ALEXANDER, Business, Van Buren: MITCHELL E. ALFORD, Engineering, Hot Springs: IIMMIE LEE ALLDREDGE, Business, Sweetwater, Texas: A. ROY ALLEN, Business, Camden: ERNEST IEFFERSON ALLEN, Agri, Morrilton. Row 3: IACK WARREN ALLEN, Engineering, Texarkana: WIL- LIAM EDWARD ALLEN, Business, Texarkana: HERMAN DEWEY ALSTON, Arts. Manila: RICHARD ERNEST ANDERSON, Engineer- ing, North Little Rock: ROBERT E. APPLE, Agriculture, Dar- danelle: IOHN FLETCHER ARNETT, Education, Emmet: CARY EDWARD ASHLEY, Business, Little Rock: Io ANN RIEDEL ATKINS, Arts, Fort Worth. Row 4: IONE HILLIARD AVIS, Arts, St. Louis, Missouri: HENRY TILLMAN AYLOR, Business, Mountain Home: ANCIL WILBuR BAKER, Agriculture, St. Ioez CARL BAKER, IR., Business, Brad- ley: IAMES EDWARD BAKER, Business, Little Rock: IOHN ROBERT BAKER, Business, Little Rock: IOSEPH EUGENE BAKER, Business, Little Rock: KATHRYN GORDON BAKER, Agriculture, Oakland, Calif. . Row 5: LENORA Lou BAKER, Business, Stamps: CALVIN PARK BALDWIN, Agriculture, Lonoke: IIMMIE T. BALDWIN, Business, Glenwood: CARROLL F. BALL, Arts, Newport: CECIL G. BALL, Engineering, North Little Rock: WILLIAM KENNETH BALL, Arts, Little Rock: LuKE WILLIAM BALLENGER, Business, Fort Smith: GLEN I. BANGS, Engineering, Booneville. Row 6: ELIZABETH ANN ABANKSTON, Business, Hamburg: GERRY Cox BARBER, Education, Paris: I. C. BARBER, Business, Batesville: IAMES EDWARD BARHAM, Business, Little Rock: CHARLES HENRY BARNES, Arts, Little Rock: GERALD WRIGHT BARNES, Arts Little Rock: GORDON BARNES, Agriculture, Sheri- dan: ROBERT SMITH BARNES, Arts, North Little Rock. Row 7: BILLY G. BARNETT, Arts, Perryville: IAMES F. BARNETT, Business, Batesville: PAuL IARVIS BARNETTE, Engineering, Homer, Louisiana: ROBERT FRANCIS BARTHOLOMEW, Business, Fayetteville: MALIRICE E. BARTON, Engineering, Princeton, N. I.: RAY ALBERT BARTON, Engineering, Fayetteville: CHARLIE DAVID BASHAM, Business, Cincinnati Ohio: IOE NEFF BASORE, Arts, Berryville. Row 8: HERMAN NATHANIEL BASSETT, Engineering, Fayette- ville: EARL WILSON BATES, Business, Little Rock: WILLIAM A. BAXTER, Agriculture, Dermott: LOuI GARRETT BAYNE, Arts, Pine Bluff: HORACE HORTON BAYS, IR., Engineering, Pine Blufi ROBERTA ELAINE BEARD, Arts, Fort Smith: WILLIAM ALLEN BEARD, Engineering, Fort Smith: IACK MAX BEARSCH, Business, Pine Bluff. Row 9: WILLIAM BRANNON BELPORD, Business, Corning: IAMES THOMAS BELL, Agriculture, Prairie Grove: LESTER LEE BENNETT, Engineering, Bismarck: TI-IELMA LEA BEQUETTE, Business, Lowell: DAISILEE HuTCHINS BERRY, Arts, Little Rock: MARGERY IRLENE BESETT, Arts, Morrilton: EDWARD CHARLES BESHONER, Business, Paris: CECIL FLOYD BILLINGSLEY, IR., Busi- ness, Greenwood, Mississippi. Row 10: BOBBIE IEAN BIRD, Arts, Little Rock: LARRY THOMP- SON BIRD, Engineering, Fayetteville: ELROY CHARLES BISCHOF, Business, Little Rock: IOHN WILLIAM BISHOP, IR., Engineering, Little Rock: IAMES O. BLACK, Arts, Earle: RUTH E. BLACK' SHIRE, Arts, Harrison: BOB BLAKEMORE, Business, Prairie Grove: MEMORY LEE BLAND, Arts, Walnut Ridge, I Row 11: ROBERT PRESTON BLAND, Business,'Paragould: LuTI-IER BILLIE BLANKENSHIP, Engineering, Bradford: TRuMAN OTIS BOATRIGHT, Agriculture, Alma: MARY EVELYN BOAz, Agricul- ture, Fayetteville: LEONARD B. BOGOSLAVSKY, Engineering, Fort Smith: WILSON H. BOHANING, Business, Blytheville: EDWARD EUGENE BOHE, Engineering, Fayetteville: LINDY VERDELL BOL- LEN, Education, Vilonia. Row 12: WILKES D. BOND, Business, Marion: AUBREY IACKSON BONNER, IR., Business, Little Rock: THOMAS LAFFERTY BOONE, Business, Little Rock: HOMER WILLIAM BORDELON, Business, Little Rock: WALTER H. BOSTIC, Engineering, Cabot: IOHNIE EDWIN BOuNDS, Engineering, Little Rock: LAuRA LOUISE BouR- GEOIS, Business, Hot Springs: WILLIAM GLENN BOWDEN, Busi- ness, Little Rock. Page 104 'Ulu eff' 5 V 32 - ht.. 2 A a wg 4 va ' iff 1. ww' 5. X sa 4 lim X, A r iizftiiit gi E i K 1' shi 2 Ki' IGCJQQQ 'kv S 11" ag- 'GY 'Qs 4 5 1 S ig, 4 , .2 'Ms 3,5 T s.. Charles Shepherdson Abell III, Lucien Abraham, Bar- bara lean Aeker, Florence Esther Adams, Harold E. Adams, Ioe David Adams, Ruth Elaine Adams, Donald Richard Adamson. Iames Garrett Akins, Clint Alson Albright, Betty Alex- ander, Edward Charles Alex- ander, Mitchell E. Alford. Iimmie Lee Alldredge, A. Roy Allen, Ernest Iefferson Allen. lack Warren Allen, William Edward Allen, Herman Dewey Alston, Richard Ernest Anderson, Robert E. Apple, Iohn Fletcher Arnett, Cary Edward Ashley, Io Ann Riedel Atkins. Ione Hilliard Avis, Henry Tillman Aylor, Ancil Wil- bur Baker, Carl Baker, Ir., Iames Edward Baker, Iohn Robert Baker, Ioseph Eu- gene Baker, Kathryn Gor- don Baker. Lenora Lou Baker, Calvin Park Baldwin, limmie T. Baldwin, Carroll F. Ball, Cecil G. Ball, William Ken- neth Ball, Luke William Ballenger, Glen Bangs. Elizabeth Ann Bankston, Gerry Cox Barber, I. C. Barber, Iames Edward Bar- ham, Charles Henry Barnes. Gerald VVright Barnes, Gor- don Barnes, Robert Smith Barnes. Billy G. Barnett, Iames F. Barnett, Paul Jarvis Bar- nette, Robert Francis Bar- tholomew, Maurice E. Bar- ton, Ray Albert Barton, Charlie David Basham, Ioe Neff Basore. Herman Nathaniel Bassett, Earl Wilson Bates, William A. Baxter, Loui Garrett Bayne, Horace Horton Bays, Ir., Roberta Elaine Beard, William Allen Beard, lack Max Bearsch. William Brannon Belford, Iames Thomas Bell, Lester Lee Bennett, Thelma Lea Bequette, Daisilee Hutchins Berry, Margery Irlene Be- sett, Edward Charles Besho- iier, Cecil Floyd Billingsley, r. Bobbie lean Bird, Larry Thompson Bird, Elroy Charles Bischof, Iohn Wil- liam Bishop, lr., Iames O. Black, Ruth E. Blackshire, Bob Blakemore, Memory Lee Bland, Robert Preston Bland, Luth- er Billie Blankenship, Tru- man Otis Boatright, Mary Evelyn Boaz, Leonard B. Bogoslavsky, Wilson H, Bohaning, Edward Eugene Bohe, Lindy Verdell Bollen. Wilkes D. Bond, Aubrey Iackson Bonner, Ir., Thomas Lafferty Boone, Homer William Bordelon, Walter H. Bostic, Iohnie Edwin Bounds, Laura Louise Bour- geois, William Glenn Bow- den. Th .lunior Class ol I948 Row I: VIRGINIA ALTA BOWLIN, Arts, Paragould: IAMES EARL BOWMAN, IR., Business, Little Rock: LELAND ALTON BOWMAN, Engineering, Little Rock: E. WAYNE BOYCE, Arts, Tuckermani IDAH IANE BRADFORD, Business, Harrisburg: CALVIN IOSEPH BRADLEY, Arts, Hot Springs: RAYMOND ALDEN BRADLEY, Engi- neering, Little Rock: DEMETRA KELLING BRADSHAW, Arts, Rec- tor. Row 2: BEN V. BRAINERD, Business, Chautauqua, Illinois: ED- GAR ALLEN BRANTON, Engineering, Little Rock: IAMES WIL- LIAM BRASHEARS, Engineering, Huntsville: DAVID KING BRAY, IR., Engineering, Fayetteville: IAMES N. BRAY, Business, Hamp- ton: IACK DEMPSY BREWER, Business, El Dorado: IESSIE BELLE BREWER, Agriculture, Fort Smith: IOSEPH EDGAR BREWER, IR., Engineering, Fayetteville. Row 3: RAY EDWARD BRIANS, Business, Lonoke: BYRON GIL- LIAM BROGDON, Arts, Springdale: IAMES HAL BROGDON, Arts, Springdale: AUSTIN LEROY BROOKS, Engineering, Prairie Grove: IOHNNY M. BROWKO, Engineering, North Little Rock: A. L. BROWN, Business, Fort Smith: BILLY G. BROWN, Arts, Helena: FRANK W. BROWN, Business, Little Rock. Row 4: IAMES M. BROWN, Business, Winthrop: IOSEPH WES- LEY BROWN, Engineering, Little Rock: LAWRENCE HOWARD BROWN, Business, Fayetteville: MARVIN L. BROWN, Engineer- ing, Fayetteville: WINSLOW EUGENE BROWN, Education, Ben- tonville: HAROLD DEAN BROWNER, Engineering, Cotton Plant: GLENDON CECIL BRUCE, Engineering, Newport: FLOYD THOMAS BRYAN, IR., Arts, Stephens. Row 5: GEORGE WILLIAM BRYAN, Arts, Ioiner: LLOYD THOMAS BRYAN, Business, Little Rock: GUS HOLLIS BRYANT, Agricul- ture, Camden: RAYMOND WILLIAM BRYANT, Arts, Hot Springs: RICHARD T. BRYANT, Business, Hot Springs: VIRGIL F. BRYANT, IR., Engineering, Little Rock: CARIE D. BUCKLEY, IR., Arts, Pine Bluff: MARION ALFRED BUERCKLIN, Engineering, Texar- kana. ' Row 6: ROBERT CARROLL BULLOCK, Business, Camden: DALE L. BUMPERS, Arts, Charleston: CLAYBORN I. BURLESON, IR., En- gineering, Little Rock: KEITH BURROWS, Business, Little Rock: BILLY ANDREW BURT, Business, Ioiner: THOMAS BURKETT, Agriculture, Conway: KURT DORN BURNS, Arts, Gentry: SARAH ANN BURNS, Arts, Ionesboro. Row 7: MITCHELL L. BURTON, Business, Paris: ANNE VIC- TORIA BUSH, Arts, Little Rock: GRACE ELAINE BUTLER, Arts, Fayetteville: WALTER LEE BUTLER, Agriculture, Keiser: IACK MARCUS BYRD, Business, E1 Dorado: THOMAS M. BYRD, Busi- ness, El Dorado: IOHN E. CAGLE, IR., Engineering, Little Rock: ROBERT ALLEN CALDWELL, IR., Business, Proctor. Row 8: DOYLE RAY CAMPBELL, Business, Fayetteville: MARY LOU CAMPBELL, Arts, Fayetteville: MAx FRANKLIN CAMPBELL, Arts, Little Rock: ALICE FAYE CARDWELL, Agriculture, Iohnson: WILFORD B. CARLISLE, Engineering, Hickory Plains: PAUL LAKE CARLTON, Arts, DeQueen: 'THOMAS P. CARMICHAEL, Engineering, Little Rock: CHARLES MARION CARROLL, IR., Busi- ness, Little Rock, Row 9: MARY IOYCE CARROLL, Arts, El Dorado: IAMES M. CARRUTH, Agriculture, Lexa: GEORGE RICHARD CARSON, Engi- neering, Benton: LEE ROY CARSON, Engineering, Fayetteville: CHARLES EUGENE CARTER, Education, Murfreesboro: FRED M. CARTER, Business, Lake City: IAMES KENNON CARTER, Arts, Elkins: IAMES BRUTON CARTWRIGHT, Business, North Little Rock. V Row 10: BETTY CASE, Arts, Harrison: CLIFTON F. CASH, Agri- culture, Lonoke: KENDALL CASI-IION, Arts, Fayetteville: MAT- THEW 'KNIGHT CASI-IION, Business, Eudora: VELTON WINN CASON, Agriculture, Fountain Hill: BOBBIE SUE CASTLING, Arts, Conway: KEITH ANGUS CATTO, Arts, Farmington: WILMA GERALDINE CALIDLE, Agriculture, Winslow. Row 11: CHARLES ELLIS CAVINESS, Agriculture, Hazen: VANCE LEROY CECIL, IR., Engineering, Fayetteville: IMOGENE CHAP- MAN, Education, Hardy: VAN HOUSTON CHAPMAN, Business, Grifiithville: AUSTIN BEMIS CHAPPELLE, Arts, Prescott: HARRY KEATTS CHENAULT, Agriculture, Little Rock: MAX WAYLIN CHESSER, Agriculture, Paragould: NORMAN CI-IOATE, Agricul- ture, McRae. Row 12: HARVEY LEO CIGAINERO, Agriculture, Texarkana: CLIFTON BOB CLARK, Arts, Fort Smith: KENNETH B. CLARK, Agriculture, Hackett: ORVILLE SIMPSON CLARK, Arts, Shirley: ROBERT IEREMIAH CLASSEN, Engineering, Charleston: IACK CLATERBAUGH, Business, Fayetteville: PAUL IEFFERIES CLEM- MONS, Engineering, Pine Bluff: GEORGE DUFF CLOWERS, Engi- neering, Pine Bluff. Page 106 'Qu- . .NW . 'M' ' 'gt z . ,,L,Q if .. ' 5 "- . . 3 Q E -, 1 ,M '63 ,. , tw , it S .W ' Q ig Q. ' -ng. . . ., , ,,.- 4 .S tewie ,riff .','Y'a'f . .i':-,I::T'i'f.i2f- It I. . ' '---"aS:':S1,:i2m ' 'Y an L. ,J 1 M Q if , M L at 4 4 2 i - e 4 pl ,Ja Q ' 1 sf. . l ,. we i. 1 A r, f ur . 'wmv 'him' .Au Mel- 4- 'men Virginia Alta Bowlin, Iames Earl Bowman, Ir., Leland Alton Bowman, E. Wayne Boyce, Idah lane Bradford, Calvin loseph Bradley, Ray- mond Alden Bradley, De- metra Kelling Bradshaw. Ben V. Brainerd, Edgar Al- len Branton, Iames William Brashears, D a v i d K i n g Bray, Ir., lames N. Bray, lack Dempsy Brewer, Iessie Belle Brewer, loseph Edgar Brewer, lr. Ray Edward Brians, Bryon Gilliam Brogdon, Iames Hal B r 0 g d 0 n , Austin Leroy Brooks, Johnny M. Browko, A. L. Brown, Billy G. Brown, Frank W. Brown. Iames M. Brown, Ioseph Wesley Brown, Lawrence Howard Brown, Marvin L. Brown, Winslow Eugene Brown, Harold Dean Browner, Glendon C e c i l Bruce, Floyd Thomas Bryan, Ir. George William Bryan, Lloyd Thomas Bryan, Gus Hollis Bryant, Raymond William Bryant, Richard T. Bryant, Virgil F. Bryant, Ir., Carie D. Buckley, Ir., Marion Alfred Buercklin. Robert Carroll Bullock, Dale L. Bumpers, Clayborn I. Burleson, Ir., Keith Bur- rows, Billy Andrew Burt, Thomas Burkett, Kurt Dorn Burns, Sarah Ann Burns, Mitchell L. Burton, Anne Victoria Bush, Grace Elaine Butler, Walter Lee Butler, lack Marcus Byrd, Thomas M. Byrd, Iohn E. Cagle, Ir., Robert Allen Caldwell, Ir. Doyle Ray Campbell, Mary Lou Campbell, Max Frank- lin Campbell, Alice Faye Cardwell, Wilford B. Car- lisle, Paul Lake Carlton, Thomas P. Carmichael, Charles Marion Carroll, Ir. Mary Ioyce Carroll, Iames M. Carruth, George Richard Carson, Lee Roy Carson, Charles Eugene C a r t e r , Fred M. Carter, Iames Ken- non Carter, Iames Bruton Cartwright. Betty Case, Clifton F. Cash, Kendall Cashion, Matthew Knight Cashion. V el to n Winn Cason, Bobbie Sue Castling, Keith Angus Catto, Wilma Geraldine Caudle. C h a r l e s Ellis Caviness, Vance Leroy Cecil, Ir., Imo- gene Chapman, Van Hous- ton Chapman, Austin Bemis Chappelle, H a r r y Keatts Chenault, Max W a y l i n Chesser, Norman Choate. Harvey Leo Cigainero, Clifton Bob Clark, Kenneth B, Clark, Orville Simpson Clark, Robert Ieremiah Clas- sen, lack Claterbaugh, Paul Iefferies Clemmons, George Duff Clowers. The Junior Class of l948 Row I: IAMES BRYANT COCI-IRAN, Arts, Little Rock: IANE MITCHELL COCKRILL, Agriculture, Little Rock: DONALD COHEN, Arts, Fort Smith: PAuL COLEMAN, IR., Education, Marion: ROBERT HIRAM COLE, IR., Business, Magnolia: CHARLES ELTON COLER, Agriculture, Lockesburg: CLEON WALLIS COLLIER, Agri- culture, Gillett: ROBERT E. COLLIER, IR., Arts, Lowell. Row 2: IOHN PHILIP CONNELL, IR., Engineering, Fayetteville: GROVER MELVIN COOK, Engineering, Vanndale: IAMES S. COOK, Agriculture, Fayetteville: IIMMY FRANK COOK, Business, Fay- etteville: WILLIAM HORTON COOK, Business, Rogers: ROSE- MARY COOP, Arts, Hope: WALTER EUGENE COPELAND, Busi- ness, Little Rock: ORVILLE BEN CORE, Business, Paris. Row 3: ROY EVERETT COuCH, Business, Elkins: ERVIN POWELL COULTER, Business, El Dorado: HARLAN BRYAN COUNTS, Engi- neering, Wesley: WILLIAM MAURICE COURTNEY, Arts, Manitou Springs, Colorado: SARA COVEY, Education, Little Rock: CECIL LESTER COX, Agriculture, Murfreesboro: CLEM Cox, Engineer- ing, Pocahontas: GEORGE P. COX, IR., Business, Little Rock. Row 4: TROY COX, Agriculture, Fayetteville: IACK KIZZIA CRABTREE, Engineering, Bradley: ALFRED HENRY CRAIG, IR., Agriculture, Scott: LEE CRAWFORD, Business, Brinkley: ROBERT R. CREss, Arts, Fayetteville: BETTY IOE CREWS, Arts, Osceola: IAMES HOBART CRINER, Engineering, Fayetteville: RUSSELL C. W. CROM, Engineering, Sulphur Springs. Row 5: CHARLES WHITE CROOK, Arts, Forrest City: EVERETTE ALTON CROSLOW, Business, Blytheville: IOHN ROBERT CROSS, Business, Little Rock: IOE BENNETT CROUCH, Agriculture, Fay- etteville: VELAM CROW, Agriculture, Holly Grove: WESLEY HAYS CROWDER, Business, Pine Bluff: BILLY RALPH CULVER, Business, Springdale: IOHN ANDERSON CUMMANS, Arts, Clinton. Row 6: ROBERT L. CUMMINGS, IR., Agriculture, Prescott: CECIL WATSON CUPP, Business, Arkadelphia: ALEX S. CURTIS, Engi- neering, Fayetteville: O. L. DAILEY, IR., Business, Fayetteville: ALVIN A. DANIEL, Agriculture, St. Ioe: WALTER E. DANIELS, IR., Arts, Little Rock: FRED DAUGHERTY, Business, Hardy: ANNA DAVENPORT, Education, St. Ioe. . Row 7: VIVIAN LOUISE DAVENPORT, Agriculture, Smackover: WILLIAM I. DAWSON, Business, Alicia: WILLIAM WALDEN DEAVER, Engineering, Springdale: SHERRELL ELLIS DEBusK, Agriculture, Guy: HAYDEN LEE DECKER, Agriculture, Farming- ton: IOHN P. DECKER, Engineering, Mena: CHARLES EMIL DEITZ, Engineering, Little Rock: DOROTHY ANN DEITZ, Arts, Little Rock. Row 8: WILLIAM C. DEMPSEY, IR., Engineering, West Helena: ROGER M. DEW, Business, Hamburg: BETTY KATHLEEN DE- WITT, Business, Siloam Springs: FLOYD B. DICKERSON, Engi- neering, Clarksville: ROY DICKINSON, Arts, El Dorado: SAM WILLIAM DICKEY, Arts, Booneville: R. N. DILLINGI-IAM, IR., Business, Little Rock: MACK DON DILLPORT, Agriculture, Wal- nut Ridge. Row 9: BETTY IEAN DISMANG, Education, Maynard: GLEN IACKSON DIXON, Arts, Lincoln: HARRY FORREST DODGE, III, Business, Little Rock: IAMES M. DORTCH, Agriculture, Little Rock: ANN CRAIGO DOUGHERTY, Arts, Hot Springs: ROBERT P. DOUGHERTY, Business, Little Rock: HARRY W. DOUGLAS, Agri- culture, Paris: IAMES W. DOWDEN, Engineering, Little Rock. Row 10: LARRY L. DOYLE, Engineering, Forrest City: MIL- DRED L. DOYLE, Education, Forrest City: HAL M. DRAKE, En- gineering, Little Rock: BETTE IANE DRILLING, Arts, Corning: BARRETT SAYLE DUEE, Engineering, Plumerville: GORDON B. DuGAL, Agriculture, Strong: LELAND HOWARD DUGGER, Busi- ness, Valley Springs: THOMAS EDWARD DUKE, Engineering, Dallas, Texas. Row II: ROBERT V. DUNAVENT, Business, West Memphis: WILLIAM B. DUNCAN, Business, Lonoke: MAuRICE AIKEN DuNN, Education, Texarkana: FRANCIS WENDELL DuVALL, Engineering, Benton: NORMA DUVALL, Arts, Russellville: TRILBY IOYCE EARNHEART, Business, Parkin: MARVIN ELWOOD EASLEY, Business, Gravette: VERNON M. EATON, Agriculture, Fouke. Row 12: C. THOMAS EDMISTON, Business, Decatur: EARL R. EDMONDSON, Engineering, Tampa, Florida: LINDSEY IAMES ED- MONDSON, Engineering, Fayetteville: DAVID GEORGE ELLIOTT, Education, Mena: PAUL IENNINGS ELLIS, Business, Saratoga: EDWIN S. ELPHINGSTONE, Agriculture, LaGrange: WINONA IOYCE ELY, Arts, El Dorado: IOE A. EMERSON, Business, Little Rock. Page 108 f ' X .1 ti. ' .W V 49: ie ... gg x Q '1' r . ffiiff ' '3 K3iit?.giiQ W 9 3? - -, n is fx K g gs 1 . . . . ' fzwrifr " N was -2 .. siif.4sS?Sfiv , . .. 2. s . . . ' . V- i , .- X 5 - . aw. -. . ,: i ..-:-f.- . V i gi . . , L, . IQ in S427 , . V 111 i 15 'Y' I -12' ' V - ff 55?-fy-nga iijgi? -wtf ' ' '- , . - fl Isl g LH- s :.e- . . 1 .lyililz L ' if 'Ht . 1 ' T L . --ig:1-..::.f-sgftiif, This ' iz-ifw , ' . . L' ' ' A is . -i15if5s? .'e112 ' ' + 5 , ,L . B ei 1 5.355 ? - .1 at-furry 1- 2. . if T 52559235132 H il . , sg it K ,Y 'U' fi A- . -. 2. teiffigzfie . ' . A - 1 s 'S iiiiaigsz, ' sit. 'i ' if .fn if .tai -.. " x 'eg if 'A v . . , . siiiglf. .sf . ry . - f s f . ri 2 71, A V E QE? L 40, g mi JH- 'W' W L 4'-P5 fv- Q,- 'xg- - . . 5 ...N 'i A K - . . 1 . . :gag r . .- X, . is -Wffeiisf .31 .- Q ,QQ . EH"-i1.:.2:' sift- 4 .. " ' K Aiea . .,.A f . 5 - V . if . 1, . .. uw . sm ' I . ., Q? +532 , Qt brig, .1 ihfa f . . . - H-is -A As .jg , -4-,Q ,Ps gs ' -s.. 'CNC' . 55, 'yr ,. L , ,-Qia - A ,, 5,1 W . ag. ffeiw gf A .4 Sf DE A ' -xiii? K.. , if G . .,. Iames Bryant Cochran, lane Mitchell Cockrill, Donald Cohen, Paul Coleman, Ir., Robert Hiram Cole, Ir., Charles Elton Coley, Cleon Wallis Collier, Robert E. Collier, Ir. Iohn Philip Connell, Ir., Grover Melvin Cook, Iames S. Cook, Iimmy Frank Cook, W i l l i a m Horton Cook, Rosemary Coop, Walter Eu- gene Copeland, Orville Ben Core. Roy Everett Couch, Ervin Powell Coulter, H a r l a n Bryan C o u n t s , William Maurice Courtney, S a r a Covey, Cecil Lester Cox, Clem Cox, George P. Cox, Ir. Troy Cox, lack K i z z i a Crabtree, Alfred H e n r y Craig, lr., Lee Crawford, Robert R. Cress, Betty Ioe Crews, Iames Hobart Criner, Russell C. W. Crom. Charles White Crook, Ever- ette Alton Croslow, Iohn Robert Cross, loe Bennett Crouch, Velam Crow, Wes- ley Hays Crowder, Billy Ralph Culver, Iohn Ander- son Cummans. Robert L. Cummings, Ir., Cecil Watson Cupp, Alex S. Curtis, O. L. Dailey, Ir., Al- vin A. Daniel, Walter E. Daniels, Ir., Fred Daugh- erty, Anna Davenport. Vivian Louise Davenport, William Dawson, Wil- liam Walden Deaver, Sher- rell Ellis DeBusk, Hayden Lee Decker, Iohn P. Decker, Charles Emil Deitz, Doro- thy Ann Deitz. William C. Dempsey, Ir., Roger M. Dew, Betty Kath- leen DeWitt, Floyd B. Dick- erson, Roy Dickinson, Sam William Dickey, R. N. Dil- lingham, Ir., Mack Don Dill- port. Betty lean Dismang, Glen Iackson Dixon, Harry For- rest Dodge, Ill, Iames M. Dortch, Ann Craigo Dough- erty, Robert P. Dougherty, Harry W. Douglas, Iames W. Dowden. Larry L. Doyle, Mildred L. Doyle, Hal M. Drake, Bette lane Drilling, Barrett Savle Duff, Cwordan B. Dugal, Le- land Howard D u g g e r, Thomas Edward Duke. Robert V, Dunavent, Wil- liam B. Duncan, Maurice Aiken Dunn, Francis Wen- dell DuVall, Norma DuVall, Trilby Ioyce Earnhart, Mar- vin Tlwood Easley, Vernon M. Eaton. C. Thomas Edmiston, Earl R. Edmondson, L i n d s e y Iames Edmondson, David George Elliott, Paul len- nings Ellis, Edwin S. Elph- ingstone, Winona Ioyce Ely, Ioe A. Emerson. The Junior Class of I948 Row 1: ALFRED RAY ENFIELD, Business, Bentonville: WILLIAM PORTER ENGLAND, Business, Fort Smith: WILLIAM K. ESTES, Business, Little Rock: RALPH TRAVIS ELIBANKS, Education, Mulberry: IOHN LESLIE EVITTS, Business, Fort Smith: IOHN STUART EXALL, Engineering, Fayetteville: BuRRELL B. FAIR, Engineering, Marion: CHARLES L. FALLIS, Arts, Charlotte. Row 2: BENNIE PAULINE FAuCETT, Agriculture, Coal Hill: HENRY NEWTON FALILKNER, Arts, Helena: FRED ALBERT FAuST, IR., Business, West Helena: BURTON MICHAEL FEINSMITH, Arts, Brooklyn, New York: THOMAS FRANKLIN FELTS, Agriculture, Ioiner: RICHARD LOuIS FELTZ, Arts, Fayetteville: IOHN ERNEST FERGUSON, IR., Arts, El Dorado: CARL EDWIN FEWELL, Engi- neering, North Little Rock. Row 3: GEORGE DENLEY FISCHER, Education, Gentry: ROBERT HOWARD FISER, Arts, Little Rock: MELVILLE WILEY FISHER, Arts, Vilonia: RAYMOND W. FISHER, Education, Wright: MARK EVERETT FITE, Arts, Mena: WILLIAM CLARK FITTS, Arts, Little ROCK: WILLIAM DAVIS FLACK, Engineering, Helena: HAROLD HILL FLEMING, Business, Little Rock. Row 4: WOODROW E. FLETCHER, Business, Fort Smith: GER- ALD WALTER FLOCKS, Arts, Fort Smith: GEORGE ALONZO FOR- ESTER, Engineering, Searcy: ROBERT GRAHAM FORRESTER, Arts, Tulsa, Oklahoma: IAMES PATTERSON FOSTER, Business, Fort Smith: WILLIAM ALONZO FOWLER, IR., Arts, Fayetteville: WIL- LIAM ED FOWLER, Agriculture, Friendship: DAVID STANDLEY Fox, Business, Little Rock. Row 5: IOHN FINCH FRANCE, Arts, Roland: BATSINE FRASHIER, Agriculture, Osceola: DALE FREDERICK, Arts, Mena: FRANCIS LOuIS FREIN, Arts, Wheatley: LEu RELLE FULMER, IR., Engi- neering, Little Rock: MILDRED ANNE GODDY, Arts, Newport: HENRY L. GALLEGLY, Engineering, Mineral Springs: ROBER-T BROOKS GALLMAN, Engineering, Little Rock. Row 6: IUNIOR GALYEAN, Business, Leachville: STEPHEN IEF- FERSON GAMMEL, Business, Redfield: WILLIAM CARNALL GARD- NER, Business, Fort Smith: ROBERT GARRETT, Arts, Hamp- ton: MURRAY R. GATTEN, Engineering, West Memphis: IOHN EMMETT GAUGHAN, IR., Business, Camden: IOSEPH WILLIAM- SON GAuSE, IR., Agriculture, Fayetteville: DAVIS ALTON GEAN, Engineering, Little Rock. Row 7: BRUCE FERRELL GENTRY, Engineering, Nashville: CHARLES LINDBERGH GEORGE, Education, Garner: IAMES ANAL-' TER GEURIN, Engineering, Little Rock: WILLIAM M. GIBBS, Agriculture, Fort Smith: ADAM EUGENE GIBSON, Business, Horatio: BETTY CECELIA GIBSON, Business, Monticello: DOYLE S. GIBSON, Engineering, Brinkley: LAVONNE GIBSON, Arts, Yellville. Row 8: LORENE GIBSON, Arts, Waldron: WORTH WESLEY GIBSON, Arts, Fayetteville: IAMES BARRY GILLENWATER, Arts, Hot Springs: ALVA HENRY GILLESPIE, Business, Camden: IO- SEPH W. GILLESPIE, Engineering, Camden: RICHARD DAVID GILLHAM, Engineering, Hot Springs: ROBERT BENTON GILLIAM, Business, Lockesburg: ROBERT DOYLE GILMORE, Arts, Sulphur Rock. Row 9: ERNESTINE GIPSON, Business, Blytheville: MARIAN GENE GLASGOW, Arts, Little Rock: GERALD IACK GLASS, Arts, Marvell: HAROLD FRANKLIN GOATCHER, Agriculture, Plumer- ville: ANN GODT, Arts, Fort Smith: ALLAN HOWARD GOLD- BERG, Arts, New York, New York: LARON ELDON GOLDEN, Agriculture, Arkadelphiag WILLIAM WARREN GOOCH, Business, Winchester. Row 10: ALFRED Y. GORDON, Agriculture, Oneida: MARY SUE GRAHAM, Agriculture, Tuckerman: MIRIAM GRAHAM, Arts, Bloomington, Illinois: WALTER GLENN GRALIPNER, Engineering, Little Rock: IOHN WILLIAM GRAVES, Engineering, Pine Bluff: ELSIE REGENIA GRAY, Business, DeValls BluE: IuLIA ELLEN GRAY, Education, Hardy: MARION B. GREEN, Engineering, Batesville. Row 11: WILLIAM FRANKLIN GREEN, Engineering, Booneville: CAROL GREENWOOD, Arts, Texarkana: IAMES KIBLER GREIG, Agriculture, Van Buren: A.. D. GRIFFIN, IR., Arts, North Little Rock: IAMES TRAVIS GRlH4FIN, Business, Carlisle: RICHARD R. GRIFFIN, Education, Tahlequah, Oklahoma: DONALD BARTON GRIMES, Business, Fort Smith: BROOKS HARDY GRIMME, Engi- neering, Memphis, Tennessee. Row 12: O. GRIZZELL, IR., Engineering, Memphis, Tennes- see: IACK ERNEST GROBER, Business, Fort Smith: NOLA DELLE GRuBBS, Business, Eudora: WILSON R. GuICE, Engineering, Pine Bluff: EARL LEON GuINN, Business, Fayetteville: ADAM GUTHRIE, Business, Prescott: VIRGINIA HADAWAY, Arts, Pine Bluff: IOHN PAUL HAGGARD, Business, Paris. Page 110 YQ was ,.,, Eiga '57 'san l . mai ...ze,rg,,g,, X Y' .ir R 'yi in , 2? f ffl' 3 5, P2 . .- 35 .Ni 2 .- r 2 Mir M rt xr 42 my X lvf-QW wtwrfe tr 1 4 iw. is ,fa-'ae 1- W ,. - ff. f -, ,eg ul . f , ,vga f-Q-i,,m.. , , V -. A 435 EM I I . V. . A i 1 I ur iw an if 5 s 5 X Q If r f , , ,5 , ggzg gg, i W1 .,., . , .. ... 6753 if .34 ,ggwtw 5 l . ,... ,U 4, 1 9 , 1: il ' L jg, ' ,- Q1 '31, I 'tr Q44 Y sl 5 I - x 3' 7 3 . f.L' .Lk- . 5 Q '- r Y 5. fir. 5 .azz 12 ii - farm Q tex:-f 'rs' :iz xr . gf, . . ,. ,., ff Q N 'Sw ,Q fm. ,---ir. im 1' ' Ki A 1. 'lf R , r.. Y . ,1 ,. .,, 1 fs IWW get Lifvxr.. . 1. ,r,.1, .r K gi-,ra 1 , L..- , L Alfred Ray EnHeld, William Porter England, William K. Estes, Ralph Travis Eu- banks, Iohn Leslie Evitts, Iohn Stuart Exall, Burrell B. Fair, Charles L. Fallis. B e n n i e Pauline Faucett, Henry Newton Faulkner, Fred Albert Faust, Ir., Bur- ton M i c h a e l Feinsmith, Thomas Franklin F el ts , Richard Louis Feltz, Iohn Ernest Ferguson, Ir., Carl Edwin Fewell. George Denley Fischer, Robert Howard Fiser, Mel- ville Wiley Fisher, Ray- mond W. Fisher, Mark Ev- erett Fite, William Clark Fitts, William Davis Flack, Harold Hill Fleming. Woodrow E. Fletcher, Ger- ald Walter Flocks, George Alonzo Forester, Robert Graham Forrester, Iames Patterson Foster, William Alonzo Fowler, Ir., William Ed Fowler, David Standley Fox, Iohn Finch France, Batsine Frashier, Dale Frederick, Francis Louis Frein, Leu Relle Fulmer, Ir., Mildred Anne Goddy, Henry L. Gal- legly, Robert Brooks Gall- man. Iunior Galyean, Stephen lef- ferson Gammel, William Carnall Gardner, Robert I. Garrett, Murray R. Gatten. Iohn Emmett Gaughan, Ir., Ioseph Williamson Gause, Ir., Davis Alton Gean. Bruce Ferrell Gentry, Charles Lindbergh George, Iames Walter Geurin, Wil- liam M. Gibbs, Adam Eu- gene Gibson, Betty Cecelia Gibson, Doyle S, Gibson, LaVonne Gibson. L o r e n e Gibson, Worth W e sl e y Gibson, Iames B a r r y Gillenwater, Alva Henry Gillespie, Ioseph W. Gillespie, Richard David Gillham, Robert Benton Gil- liam, Robert Doyle Gilmore. Ernestine Gipson, Marian Gene Glasgow, Gerald lack G 1 a s s , Harold Franklin Goatcher, Ann Godt, Allan Howard Goldberg, Laron E l d o n Golden, William Warren Gooch. Alfred Y. Gordon, Mary Sue Graham, Miriam Gra- ham, Walter Glenn Graup- ner, Iohn William Graves, Elsie Regenia Gray, Iulia Ellen Gray, Marion B. Green. William Franklin Green, Carol Greenwood, Iames Kibler Greig, A. D. Griffin, Ir., Iames Travis Griffin, Richard R. Griflin, Donald Barton Grimes, B r o o k s Hardy Grimme. I. O. Grizzell, Ir., Iack Er- nest Grober, Nola Delle Grubbs, Wilson R. Guice, Earl Leon Guinn, Adam Guthrie, Virginia Hadaway, Iohn Paul Haggard. The Junior Class of I948 Row 1: ANNABELLE HAGLER, Business, Hickory Ridge, MARY ANN HALEY, Arts, Siloam Springs, ROBERT GLENN I-IALEY, Business, Fayetteville, IACK W. HALL, Agriculture, Fayette- ville, RUPERT EDWIN HALLEY, Arts, Fort Smith, CLINT W. HALSTEAD, IR., Engineering, Pine Bluff, DAVID LYNISLE HAMIL- TON, Business, Ionesboro, AVIS DEVON HAMMOND, Agriculture, Fayetteville. Row 2: BETTY HOPE HAMMOND, Business, El Dorado, DEANE HAMMOND, Arts, Fayetteville, HUIE BEN HAMMOND, Agricul- ture, Cleveland, BARBARA MARIE HAMPTON, Arts, Fayetteville, MARY LOU HAMPTON, Arts, Booneville, NORELEET HAMZY, Education, Clarksville, HARRY CHESNEY HANEY, Engineering, Little Rock, HOMER IOHN HANNA, Engineering, Fayetteville. Row 3: MAXINE REBECCA HANNA, Business, Fayetteville, ACI-IEL ENOS HARDCASTLE, IR., Agriculture, Gentry, MARY IONIA HARDCASTLE, Agriculture, Gentry, FRANCES HARDIN, Arts, Redfield, GLENN WILLIAM HARDIMAN, Agriculture, Rogers, CONRAD FRED HARINGTON, Arts, Little Rock, IACK DAVIDSON HARMON, Business, Fort Smith, WILBUR DARRELL HARMON, Engineering, Magnolia. Row 4: IACK W. HARRELL, Engineering, Little Rock, KATH- ERINE HARRELL, Business, Lewisville, HAROLD GLENN HARRIS, Engineering, Texarkana, I. D. HARRIS, IR., Business, Walnut Ridge, ROBERT L. HARRIS, IR., Engineering, Fayetteville, ROY CLAYTON HARRISON, Engineering, Bentonville, CLIFFORD S. HARRISS, IR., Arts, Fort Smith, DUAL BENSON HART, Business, Walnut Ridge. Row 5: RAYMOND EUGENE HART, Engineering, Knobel, CHARLES STEWART HARVEY, Business, Fayetteville, WILLIAM HAMILTON HATCI-IER, Arts, Carthage, Missouri, FRANK HENRY HAWKINS, Business, Little Rock, DOROTHY LEWIS HASTON, Education, Bentonville, ROBERT EUGENE HAY, Engineering, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, LEE ELLIOTT HAYES, Business, Fay- etteville, RUFUS HAROLD HAYES, Engineering, Batesville. Row 6: CHRISTINE HAYNES, Education, Trumann, IOI-INNIE LEE HAYNES, Agriculture, Clarksville, KENNETH WAYNE HAYS, Arts, Van Buren, WILLIAM A. HEFFELFINGER, Business, Fay- etteville, ROBERT EUGENE HEFNER, Arts, Little Rock, IOI-IN L. HELM, Business, Crossett, IOHN ROBERT HEMBY, Engineering, Little Rock, ELEANOR -EVELYN HENDERSON, Arts, Fayetteville. Row 7: VVILLIAM GORDON HENDERSON, Engineering, Paris, IESSE MAURICE HENDRICKS, Business, Dallas, Texas, IOI-IN D. HENLEY, III, Education, Forrest City, FRED EDWIN HENNE, Business, North Little Rock, ELBERT A. HENRY, IR., Engineer- ing, Little Rock, RAYMOND CLIFTON HENRY, Business, Mena: CLYDE DOYCE HESTER, Arts, Malvern, LAMBERT HESTER, IR., Business, Paron. Row 8: I. D. HETI-ICOAT, Agriculture, Clarendon, VIRGINIA ROSE HICKS, Arts, Fayetteville, BOBILEE EDWARD HILL, Engi- neering, Mountain Pine, HARRY MILLS HILL, Engineering, Ionesboro, DELLA MAE HILTON, Education, Fayetteville, JEAN HILTON, Education, Fayetteville, MARILYN RITCIIIE HOAG, Busi- ness, Texarkana, ROBERT EMMET HOBEN, IR., Arts, Little Rock. Row 9: GLENN WILLIAM HODGES, Arts, Tuckerman, NELDA MARIE HOPE, Arts, Camden, CHRISTINE DIEI-IL HOGIN, Arts, Kansas City, Missouri, HENRY ELMER HOGUE, Business, Little Rock, HERBERT GORDON HOLCOMB, Arts, Springdale: ARTHUR B. HOLIMAN, IR., Business, Benton, IOHN BILLY HOLIMAN, Business, Sheridan, IOHN GRAY HOLLAND, Business, Little Rock. Row 10: IAMES R. HOLLIMAN, Engineering, Little Rock: LEWIS HOLLINGER, IR., Business, Smackover, DOUGLAS PRICE HOLMES, Business. Newport, GEORGE EDWARD HOLMES, Business, Earle: RENA IO HOLMES, Arts, Pine Bluff, VICTOR L. HOLTOFF, Arts, Gould, PATRICK HONEYCUTT, Agriculture, Nashville: IACK HOOD, Business, Blytheville., Row II: CLARENCE HOOPER, IR., Business, Horatio, WINFORD ANCIL HOOVER, Agriculture, Cherry Hill, IOHN HENRY HOPPER, Agriculture, Briggsville, NAN HOPPER, Business, Fort Smith, CLIFFORD LEE HORTON, Education, Marshall, EVELYN HOUS- TON, Agriculture, Trumann, NORELEET IEROME HOWELL, Arts, Wabash, HAROLD DEAN HOY, Engineering, Smackover. Row 12: DORIS ANN HUCKABY, Business, Pine Bluif, IOHN IELKS HUDGENS, Business, Hulbert, HAROLD HARDING HUDSON, Arts, Charleston, IOHN ASI-IER HUDSON, Arts, Emmett, RUBY LEE HUDSON, Education, Magnolia, DONALD FLOURNOY HUE- NEEELD, Agriculture, Gregory, ROBERT RAY HUFFAKER, Busi- ness, Beebe, WILLIAM EDGAR HUGHEN, Engineering, Malvern. Page 112 Ag rpg ,Z , ,-,:. , ,.,,. .. ,,,. gf. ,S Q will - Q it i 2 .t ,M i ,gpfssas '-wir, -,Q .- Sw- Y, - Q.--e,,,,s,i:,. - '-,sw - g 5 Sa-W 1 V igigsgiggigzyf. ' 3 1 42, f we V Q,-ffgiigf twig 52: -az, Q ,v 4 1 f A 5 e. V. 'tit 1215 1 6. ,Q sn X X ii A y ig- . ,nL -,LL g i g . V g,5 V. Z I it .f so h i . A ft - , L 7 . VL ,. -I,: . Q Qz.. gg g- - V 5 . 315 A 5 Y! "--1 fe 3 515223226 li B -3 ,Q 1 II'-:yt-s it ? 4 , iw in A , .L It . Q it 2 545, N fix it rg 9 -me gh are f f if X . .. 5, egsmjja 4 an f'- i 5, ' A ' . ,' ,uf 5 . - 6 '5 if " W -1 ,A 1 i. 9 K , ' - 1 e . , - :szs:,,-iw fu ,,- ,, Qs tn . . 0 Qs . A 1 mf' 1 ' eg: di . '1 it ii' , . 5 ,Qi 2 a n ff- . i lt , A Annabelle Hagler, Marv Ann Haley, Robert Glenn Haley, lack W. Hall, Ru- pert Edwin Halley, Clint W. Halstead, lr,, David Lynne Hamilton, Avis Devon Ham- mond. B e t t y H o p e Hammond, Deane Hammond, Huie Ben Hammond, Barbara Marie Hampton, Mary Lou Hamp- ton, Norfleet Hamzy, Harry Chesney Haney, H o m e r lohn Hanna. M a x i n e Rebecca Hanna, Achel Enos Hardcastle, lr., M a r y Ionia Hardcastle, Frances Hardin, Glenn Wil- liam Hardiman, C o ri r a d Fred Harington, lack Da- vidson Harmon, W i l b L1 r Darrell Harmon. lack W. Harrell, Katherine Harrell, Harold Glenn Har- ris, D. Harris, lr., Robert L. Harris, lr., Roy Clayton Harrison, Clifford S. Har- riss, lr., Dual Benson Hart, Raymond Eugene H a r t , Charles Stewart Harvey, William Hamilton Hatcher, Frank Henry Hawkins, Dor- othy Lewis Haston, Robert Eugene Hay, Lee Elliott Hayes, Rufus Harold Hayes. Christine Haynes, lohnnie Lee Haynes, Kenneth Wayne Hays, William A. Heffelhnger, Robert Eugene Hefner, lohn L. Helm, lohn Robert Hemby, Eleanor Ev- elyn Henderson, William Gordon Henderson, I e s s e Maurice Hendricks, lohn D. Henley, III, Fred Edwin Henne, Elbert A. Henry, lr., Raymond Clifton Henry, Clyde Doyce Hes- ter, Lambert Hester, Ir. l. D. Hethcoat, Virginia Rose Hicks, Bobilee Ed- ward Hill, Harry Mills Hill, Della Mae Hilton, lean Hil- ton, Marilyn Ritchie Hoag, Robert Emmet Hoben, lr. Glenn William H o d g e 5, Nelda Marie Hoff, Christine Diehl Hogin, Henry Elmer Hogue, Herbert Gordon Hol- Comb, Arthur B. Holiman, lr., lohn Billy Holiman, lohn Gray Holland. lames R. Holliman, Lewis Hollinger, Ir., Douglas Price Holmes, George Edward Holmes, Rena lo Holmes, Victor L. Holtoff, Patrick Honeycutt, lack Hood. Clarence Hooper, lr., Win- ford Ancil Hoover, Iohn Henry Hopper, Nan Hop- per, Clifford Lee Horton, Evelyn Houston, Norfleet lerome Howell, Harold Dean Hoy. Doris Ann Huckaby, Iohn lelks Hudgens, H a r old H a r din g Hudson, Iohn Asher Hudson, Ruby Lee Hudson, Donald Flournoy Huenefeld, R o b e rt R a y Huffaker, William Edgar Hughen, The Junior Class of I948 Row 1: IOSEPH B. HUGHES, Business, Marianna: IOHN DEVANE HUMPHREY, Agriculture, Des Arc: FRANCIS ALDRIDGE HUM- PHREYS, Business, Fayetteville: THOMAS CHASE HUNDLEY, En- gineering, Arsenal: CHARLES L. HUNT, Business, Paragould: FRED W. HUNT, Engineering, Fayetteville: IAMES EDWARD HURLEY, IR., Business, Warren: IAMES ERNEST HURLEY, Busi- ness, Little Rock. Row 2: IOE BOYD HURLEY, III, Arts, El Dorado: TIGER HURT, Business, Fort Smith: DLIRAL D. I-ILITCHENS, Business, Corpus Christi, Texas: MARILYN TATUM HUTCHENS, Arts, Little Rock: DAVID TAYLOR HYATT, Business, Little Rock: MARY LOUISE INGRAM, Business, Cassville, Missouri: IAMES CLARK IRWIN, Agriculture, Clyde: WILLIAM KELLY ISCH, Arts, McGehee. Row 3: ALENE IZELL, Arts, Muskogee, Oklahoma: FLOYD IUNIUS IACKSON, IR., Engineering, Hardy: GENE H. IACKSON, Business, Little Rock: HARPER S. IACKSON, Engineering, Fort Smith: ROBERT K. JACKSON, Engineering, Little Rock: PEGGY MAURINE JACOBS, Arts, Fort Smith: CHARLES WAEORD IAMES, Business, Dierks: DAVID RANDOLPH IAMES, IR., Business, El Dorado. Row 4: IOE BILL IAMES, Arts, Clarksville: DEVOE ROBERT IAR- RETT, Agriculture, Everton: DANIEL MYRON IEEEUS, IR., Engi- neering, Texarkana: IACK T. IENKINS, Arts, Blytheville: IORGE LUIS DE IESUS, Engineering, I-lumacao, Puerto Rico: ALVIN MODZON IOBE, Business, Fayetteville: IRENE IOHNSON, Agricul- ture, Osceola: IAMES KENYON IOHNSON, Engineering, Fayette- ville. Row 5: LORAN IOHNSON, Agriculture, Conway: MARVIN D. IOHNSON, IR., Business, Conway: MILDRED FAYE IOHNSON, Edu- cation, Mena: ROBERT HENRY IOHNSON, Engineering, Little Rock: RUTH FRANCES IOHNSON, Business, McGehee: ARTHUR GUY IOHNSTON, Agriculture, Tuckerman: DOROTHY MAE IOHN- STON, Business, Prairie Grove: GEORGE W. IOHNSTON, Business, Prairie Grove. ' 1 11351. UV? Z' 1 I . 4 2 I l I Row 6: MILDRED GRAGG IOHNSTON, Agriculture, Borger, Texas: GEORGE W. IONES, Agriculture, Smithville: HARVEY ALTMAN IONES, Engineering, Ionesboro: IACK K. IONES, Business, Berg- man: IOHN ROBERT IONES, Business, Summers: IOHN TAYLOR IONES, Engineering, Little Rock: KENNETH DALE IONES, Edu- cation, Garfield: LLOYD WESLEY IONES, Engineering, St. Louis, Missouri. A ,- Row 7: ROBERT MONROE IONES, Business, Rogers: 'ROBERTA SWANK IONES, Arts, Marked Tree: ROSA MARIE IONES, Busi- ness, Gravette: VERA MAE KNOD ION-Es, Arts, Gillham: W. CARROLL IONES, IR., Business, Russellville: WALLACE WADRUE IONES, Business, North Little Rock: REBECCA ANN IORDAN, Business, Arkadelphia: JOE SELWYN IOYNER, Engineering, Little Rock. Row 8: KATHRYN LUCILE IOYNER, Arts, Little Rock: EDGAR IUSTICE, Education, Little Rock: LAWSON LAVERN KAMERMAN, Business, Corning: OLLEN FRANCIS KAY, Engineering, Potts- ville: IAMES THOMAS KEATING, Engineering, Fort Smith: ALICE ELIZABETH KEEEE, Arts, Quitman: MORRIS B. KEEL, Arts, El Dorado: WILLIAM EVANS KEENAN, Arts, Miami, Oklahoma. Row 9: HAROLD IAY KELLER, Arts, New York, New York: AL KELLY, Business, Little Rock: IRA NEELEY KELLEY, Arts, Gar- ner: LAWRENCE A. KELLEY, Arts, Batesville: CLYDE H. KEN- DRICK, Agriculture, Lowell: WILLIAM DWYER KENNEDY, Arts, Fort Smith: IOHN W. KENNEY, Engineering, Booneville: PAUL IAMES KENNEDY, Arts, Roe. Row 10: CHARLES FAY KENT, Engineering, Fayetteville: CATH- ERINA KIK, Engineering, Fayetteville: WILLIAM CECIL KIMBALL, Arts, Smackover: PATRICIA MAXINE KIMBERLING, Business, Fort Smith: WILLIS EDWARD KIMBROUGH, Agriculture, Batesville: IAMES O. KING, Engineering, Trumann: SAM G. KING, Agricul- ture, Cedarville: WALTER GRAY KLUGH, IR., Arts, Hot Springs. Row 11: WOOD DEWEY KNIGHT, Engineering, Little Rock: MATTHEW A. KOENIG, Agriculture, Pierce City, Missouri: PAUL A. KORMONCY, Engineering, Beacon, New York: EDWARD N. KRIEG, Business, Stuttgart: EUGENE CLARENCE KROPP, Business, Fort Smith: GRAYSON LYNN KUEHNERT, Business, Owatonna, Minnesota: ROSE ANN KUHN, Business, Texarkana: IAMES ELISHA KYLE, Agriculture, Emerson. Row 12: IAMES W. LACEY, Engineering, Eureka Springs: GUY HENDRIX LACKEY, IR., Business, Little Rock: TAYLOR LAFARGUE, Business, DeWitt: WILLIAM L. LAMB, Engineering, North Little Rock: WILLIAM HERMAN LAMBERT, Engineering, Van Buren: AUGUSTUS FRANK LAMORE, Engineering, Salem: DON FOWLER LANE, Arts, New York, New York: MARY BETH LANE, Business, Fayetteville. Page 114 "3 ,plF"" Q4 ,l ,fi ,, .5 5 ,IES h , , ,. .. z. if U E A if Ioseph B. Hughes, lohn De- vane Humphrey, Francis Aldridge Humphreys, Thomas C h a s e Hundley, Charles L. Hunt, Fred W. Hunt, Iames Edward Hur- ley, Ir., Iames Ernest Hur- ley. loe Boyd Hurley, III, Tiger Hurt, Dural D. Hutchens, Marilyn Tatum Hutchens. David Taylor Hyatt, Mary Louise Ingram, Iames Clark Irwin, William Kelly Isch. Alene Izell, Floyd Iunius Iackson, Ir., Gene H. lack- son, Harper S. Iackson, Rob- ert K. Iackson, Peggy Mau- rine Iacobs, Charles Waford I a m e s , David Randolph Iames, Ir. Ioe Bill Iames, Devoe Rob- ert Iarrett, Daniel Myron Ieffus, Ir., lack T. Ienkins, Iorge Luis De Iesus, Alvin Modzon lobe, Irene Iohn- son, Iames Kenyon Iohnson. Loran Iohnson, Marvin D. Iohnson, Ir., Mildred Faye Iohnson, Robert Henry Iohn- son, Ruth Frances Iohnson, Arthur Guy Iohnston, Dor- othy Mae lohnston, George W. Iohnston. Mildred G r a g g Iohnston. George W. Iones, Harvey Altman Iones, lack K. Iones, lohn Robert Iones, Iohn Taylor Iones, Kenneth Dale Iones, Lloyd Wesley Iones. Robert Monroe Iones, Ro- berta Swank Iones, Rosa Marie Iones, Vera Mae Knod Iones, W. Carroll lones, Ir., Wallace Wadrue Iones, Rebecca Ann Iordan, loe Selwyn Ioyner. Kathryn Lucile loyner, Ed- gar Iustice, Lawson Lavern Kamerman, Ollen Francis Kay, Iames Thomas Keating, Alice Elizabeth Keefe, Mor- ris B. Keel, William Evans Keenan. Harold Iay Keller, Al Kelly, Ira Neeley Kelley, Law- rence A. Kelley, Clyde H. Kendrick, William Dwyer Kennedy, Iohn W. Kenney, Paul Iames Kennedy. Charles Fay Kent, Cather- ina Kik, William Cecil Kim- ball, Patricia Maxine Kim- berling, Willis Edward Kim- brough, Iames O. King, Sam G. King, Walter Gray Klugh, Ir. Wood Dewey Knight, Mat- thew A. Koenig, Paul A. Kormoncy, E d w a r d N. K r i e g , Eugene Clarence Kropp, G r a y s o n Lynn Kuehnert, Rose Ann Kuhn, Iames Elisha Kyle. Iames W. Lacey, Guy Hen- drix Lackey, Ir., Taylor La- fargue, William L. Lamb, William Herman Lambert, Augustus Frank Lamore, Don Fowler Lane, Mary Beth Lane. Th Junior Class of I948 Row 1: ROBERT CRAVENS LANE, Arts, Fayetteville: FELIX ARTHUR LANEY, Business, Camden: HAROLD DEBRELL LANG- STON, Arts, Van Buren: LOWELL TAYLOR LANKFORD, Agricul- ture, Waldron: MARTHA FRANCES LANKFORD, Arts, Springdale: ROBERT S. LASER, Engineering, Forrest City: GEORGE ELLETT LAWRENCE, Arts, Fayetteville: PAUL C. LAWRENCE, Business, Prairie Grove. Row 2: IAMES H. LEACH, Arts, Bentonville: IOAN LECOQ, Arts, North Little Rock: BLANCHE VIRGINIA LEE, Business, Prescott: EDMUND R. LEE, Agriculture, Fort Smith: EMMA GRACE LEE, Arts, Fort Smith: ERNEST LEON LEEK, Engineering, Dumas: ROY LEFLER, IR., Business, Clinton: BUD LEMKE, Arts, Fayette- ville. Row 3: GEORGE LEE LENOX, Arts, Roe: MARY LORENE LEON- ARD, Education, Fayetteville: GROVER CLEVELAND LEWERS, Busi ness, Heth: BERTHA LOUISE LEWIS, Education, Fayetteville: HERBERT ANDERSON LEWIS, IR., Business, Fayetteville: NOBLE F. LEWIS, Business, Denison, Texas: MAJOR ATLAS LILLY, En- gineering, Dumas: MARY EVELYN LINEBACK, Arts, Brinkley. Row 4: ROBERT IOSEPH LINTON, Arts, Fayetteville: FREED S. LITTLE, Arts, Fort Smith: MELVIN KEITH LOFTON, Business, Greenland: IAMES HARVARD LONDON, Engineering, Rocky, Oklahoma: IOHN LOSS, Business,'Hartford: WALTER H. LUCY, IR., Arts, Helena: ROBERT EDWARD LUMPKIN, Engineering. Haddon Heights, New Iersey: WALTER ALBERT LYERLY, Busi- ness, Salisbury, North Carolina. Row 5: IOHN D. LYLES, Arts, Shreveport, Louisiana: LLOYD L. LYNN, Arts, Little Rock: ODYS CARL LYON, Engineering, El Dorado: CHARLES EMERG MCAFEE, Engineering, Fort Worth, Texas: ROBERT L. MCANNICH, Engineering, Little Rock: BOYCE O. MCBRIDE, Arts, Belleville: LILLIAN IOHNSON MCCAIN, Agri- culture, England: ROBERT DAVIS MCCALLUM, Engineering. Newport. Row 6: MARY FLORENCE MCCANN, Arts, Fort Smith: ASHTON PUGI-I MCCOMBS, Arts, Hamburg: CARLTON PHINIOUS MCCOY. Business, Fordyce: WILLIAM OSCAR MCCOY, Agriculture, Flip- pin: WILBERT H. MCCUTCHEON, Education, Farmington: MARY LAURA MCDOUGALL, Agriculture, Stuttgart: THOMAS IAMES MCDOWELL, Arts, Little Rock: RICHARD WAYNE MCEUEN, Business, Searcy. Row 7: MATILDA MCFADDIN, Education, Little Rock: DILL Gus MCFARLAND, Arts, Nashville: IADA MONTGOMERY MCGUIRE, Arts, Prescott: MATEEL MCKEEHAN, Business, Fayetteville: BETTY LOU MCKEITHEN, Arts, Clarksville: ERNEST LEROY MC- KENZIE, Business, Hot Springs: GROVER N. MCKIM, Business, North Little Rock: VERA P. MCKNIGHT, Agriculture, Hot Springs. Row 8: I. E. MCMULLIN, Business, Batesville: IOHN WINFRED MCNEAL, Agriculture, Prairie View: PEGGE MCNEILL, Arts, Hope: EDWARD WALTON MCRAE, Arts, Little Rock: BENNIE D. MCSWAIN, IR., Business, Little Rock: PATRICIA MCSWAIN, Arts, Prescott: KALE DICK MADDUX, Engineering, Mena: ROBERT AL- FRED MADDUX, Engineering, Hulbert. Row 9: BETTY ANNE RICE MAGIE, Agriculture, England: FUTI-IA CONE MAGIE, Business, England: PAUL IOSEPH MAGRO, Engineering, Worcester, Massachusetts: WILTON VALIGHAN MAGRUDER, Business, Ashdown: KATHLEEN' ANN MALAMPHY, Arts, Little Rock: ROLAND LEE MARIOTT, Business, Ravenden Springs: I. HOWARD MARKLEY, Business, Booneville: PEGGY LYNN MARSH, Business, Little Rock. Row 10: GEORGE BUCKNER MARTIN, Business, North Little Rock: PEGGY VIRGINIA MARTIN, Education, Rogers: RAYMOND EARL MARTIN, Business, Little Rock: PATRICIA KAY MASSEY, Arts, Little Rock: ROSELIE MASON MASSEY, Arts, Little Rock: C. P. MATI-IIAS, Business, Neosho, Missouri: ERNEST B. MAT- KIN, IR., Business, Little Rock: IOE HENRY MATTHEWS, Arts, Pine Bluff. Row 11: LLOYD W. MAY, Business, Little Rock: PAUL MAYES, Business, Pryor, Oklahoma: IAMES WINSTON MAYO, Arts, Fort Smith: MATTI-IEW MEACHAM, Agriculture, Monroe: RICHARD GENE MEEK, Engineering, Hot Springs: FLORENCE DANA MEEKS, Arts, Little Rock: DOROTHY MAY MENARD, Arts, Bates- ville: ROBERT WYLIE MERRELL, Business, Texarkana. Row 12: IOHN PAUL MIDDLETON, Engineering, Harrison: DAVID ARMSTRONG MILES, Arts, El Dorado: IAMES FRANK MIL- LER, Engineering, Bald Knob: GEORGE THORNTON MILLER, Arts, Hughes: MILDRED E. MILLER, Education, Siloam Springs: ROB- ERT MILES MILLWEE, IR., Engineering, Houston, Texas: EDGAR STOKES MILTON, Agriculture, Ozark: WILLIAM WOOD MISEN- HIMER, Engineering, Springdale. Page 115 W Qi + is sfi, ' p- " Q , Qf2 . I . N , , 6 I ,sf . S Q ,. 5: I-. N H - ... . Q Ek K .. like ' ,V .,. . F-J' V. 151, ' -Q 5'1522i g:.. .V - - N., , . X., fm, . e , F 'iff ii ga ,W,f., 221 A sg? as . . View VV .. .2 1 2 2 ,- l X l ew .sw- fm . -fl -1 . V- - V R ' . 5 ei 22221 ff' f - 353 z- 1 1 - . -f - V .. V, " , ' in , ,,A W ,, Q VAV,bZl, . Z , , L ,K X 'X vs HK, i ' 235. ' , . p A A 3' A ' 5 , 1 'V 41 V . , A , KLh P X remzzwr ' ,. V. - Si"T'kV Lir e? , .Q Q , ' 1-1 'K.. 1 tf:?5f'f., - 'SV 'V-2,3 V, - , e X V. V- 2 ' .. - -"' '62 M ' Y " , r f - . . ttstieztsrefiz . f ,.,. ,wit 1 . ' ei ' M' 1 - "Ft" 'P V Ara-ii.. X. fm 'nf ,Y .. .. J ,. " , 1 , igiiiglijg, ' . ,.., V . f VX it , ' ' Q ' I ..,,. 1.3 A v. . ri .gf M Vg, M . gg t 2, -3 ,K , 5 'nt .. , . i W'L'LL .ff-gf - L ,gag . 'Wk ,IN- F V 9 it 45,1 3 is- . ., F 42: X 7 . 1- -we V " . - , , W ' - x 1 -' V ,. . , . if 5 . , H ' K -g ' V: .. , V , 2 J my QV - V 'L I 9' K- . if ' r . gig.-Q ' V - I 23? K 1 'R ..V Eva in 0' , . - M Robert Cravens Lane, Felix Arthur Laney, Harold De- brell Langston, Lowell Tay- lor Lankford, Martha Fran- ces Lankford, Robert S. La- ser, George Ellett Law- rence, Paul C. Lawrence. lames H. Leach, Ioan Le- coq, Blanche Virginia Lee, Edmund R. Lee, Emma Grace Lee, Ernest Leon Leek, Roy Leller, Ir., Bud Lemke. George Lee Lenox, Mary Lorene Leonard, Grover Cleveland Lewers, Bertha Louise Lewis, Herbert An- derson Lewis, Ir., Noble F. Lewis, Major Atlas Lilly, Mary Evelyn Lineback. Robert Ioseph Linton, Freed S. Little, Melvin Keith Lof- ton, Iames Harvard London. Iohn Loss, Walter H. Lucy, Ir,, Robert Edward Lump- kin. Walter Albert Lyerly. Iohn D. Lyles, Lloyd L. Lynn, Odys Carl Lyon. Charles Emerg McAfee, Robert L, McAnnich, Boyce O. McBride, Lillian Iohnson McCain, Robert Davis Mc- Callum. M a r y Florence McCann, A s h t o n Pugh McCombs, Carlton Phinious MCCOY, William Oscar M c C 0 y , H. McCutcheon. Wilbert Mary Laura McDougall. Thomas Iames McDowell, Richard Wayne McEuen. Matilda McFaddin, Dill Gus McFarland, Iada Mont- gomery McGuire, Mateel McKeehan, Betty Lou Mc- Keithen, Ernest Leroy Mc- Kenzie, Grover N. McKim, Vera P. McKnight. I. E. McMullin, Iohn Win- fred McNeal, Pegge Mc- Neill, Edward Walton Mc- Rae, Bennie D. McSwain. Ir., Patricia MCSwain, Kale Dick Maddux, Robert Al- fred Maddux. Betty Anne Rice Magie. Futha Cone Magie. Paul Ioseph Magro, W i l to n Vaughan Magruder, Kath- leen Ann Malamphy, Roland L e e Mariott, Howard Markley, P e g g y L y n n Marsh. G e o r g e Buckner Martin. P e g g y Virginia Martin. Raymond Earl Martin, Pa- tricia Kay Massey, Roselie Mason Massey, C. P. Math- ias, Ernest M. Matkin, Ir., Ioe Henry Matthews. Lloyd W. May, Paul Mayes, Iames W i n s to n Mayo, Matthew Meacham. Richard Gene Meek, Flor- ence Dana Meeks, Dorothy May Menard, Robert Wylie Merrell. Iohn Paul Middleton, David Armstrong Miles, Iames Frank Miller, George Thorn- ton Miller, Mildred E. Mil- ler, Mildred E. Miller, Rob- ert Miles Millwee, lr., Ed- gar Stokes Milton, William Wood Misenhimer. The Junior Class of I948 ' Row 1: FRANCES ROBERTS MITCHELL, Business, Little Rock: GLADYS YVONNE MITCHELL, Business, Bartlesville, Oklahoma: WILLIAM HENRY MITCHELL, IR., Engineering, Little Rock: GEORGE DALTON MOBBS, Business, Little Rock: MARGARET GAR- RETI' MONK, Business, Little Rock: IULIUS A. MOODY, Agricul- ture, Heber Springs: AMANDA SARA MOORE, Arts, Hot Springs: ED D. MOORE, Agriculture, Batesville. Row 2: FRED H. MOORE, Engineering, Pottsville: HOWARD GORDON MOORE, IR., Engineering, Booneville: RAYBURN MOORE, Business, Little Rock: THERAL O. MOORE, Arts, Emer- son: THOMAS LELAND MOORE, Arts, Fort Smith: IOHN NEROME Moos, Engineering, Atkins: DURWARD B. MORGAN, Business. England: IANE MORREL, Arts, Fayetteville. , Row 3: DONALD BRUCE MORRIS, Agriculture, Mountain Home: IOHN HAROLD MORRISON, Business, El Dorado: BETTY BOWEN MORROW, Arts, Newport: UNA MAY MORROW, Arts, Fayette- ville: SELMER E. MORSE, Agriculture, Dyer: PATTY ANN MOSE- LEY, Arts, Walnut Ridge: ROBERT C. MOSELEY, Business, War- ren: COLTER HAMILTON MOSES, IR., Business, Little Rock. Row 4: MARY ROY MOSES, Education, Hope: GEORGE TILMAN MULIKEN, Business, Newport: IMOGENE MULLINS, Education, Camden: MARIE MURPHY, Arts, Swifton: ROY LEE MURPHY, Business, Hot Springs: WILLIAM RILEY MURPHY, IR., Arts, Little Rock: WILEY WASHINGTON MURRELL, IR., Engineering, Mammoth Springs: BETTY IO MYERS, Arts, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. " Row 5: GERALD P. NABORS, Engineering, Magnolia: GEORGE ANDERSON NALL, Engineering, Lockesburg: WILLIAM O. NEL- SON, Agriculture, Booneville: BENJAMIN WARNER NEWBY, En- gineering, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: RICHARD WALES NEW- EY, IR., Engineering, Little Rock: WILLIAM ROBERT NEWTON, Arts, Camden: BILLY I. NICHOLS, Arts, Wynne: CURRIN MCNAIRY NICHOL, Arts, Pine Bluff. Row 6: ENOS R. NICHOLAS, IR., Business, Newark: IAMES NEvvTON NICHOLSON, Business, Harrison: ROBERT EDGAR NOR- RIS, Arts, Dumas: MARTHA IEAN NORTHUP, Arts, Little Rock: LEROY HAROLD OAKES, Agriculture, Cauthron: SAMUEL GERALD OAKES, Agriculture, Cauthron: ROBERT WADE OATES, IR., Agriculture, Atkins: MARSHALL HUGH O'BRYANT, Agriculture, Mansfield. Row 7: FRANK L. ODOM, Education, Mena: ANDREW CECIL OLIVER, IR., Agriculture, Proctor: BILL REED OLIVER, Engineer- ing, Fort Smith: IOHN HERMAN OLTMANN, Engineering, Little Rock: FREDERICK PAUL O'NEAL, Business, Hope: ROBERT E. ORGAIN, Arts, Little Rock: EDWARD MARC OUDIN, Business, Pine Bluff: CLETIS ODELL OVERTON, Agriculture, Rolla. Row 8: OLEN OVERTURF, Business, Mena: LAUREL OWENS, Arts, Harrison: HOMER PACE, Agriculture, Wilman: ROBERT AUGUSTUS PACE, IR., Business, Combsil: W. ROBERT PAPE, IR., Business, Fort Smith: VICTOR PETER PAPOULIAS, Engineering, Hot Springs: THOMAS G. PARK, Agriculture, Clarksville: DORIS ANN PARKER, Agriculture, Springdale. Row 9: HARRY ALTON PARKER, Arts, Little Rock: LOIS MARIE PARKER, Education, Hot Springs: THOMAS W. PARKER, Busi- ness, Plumerville: CARL REED PARKERSON, Arts, Norman: AL- LEN IAMES PATTERSON, Engineering, Fayetteville: CLOYD ELMO PATTON, Business, Fayetteville: GLENN PATTON, Agriculture. Danville: ELLA HUNN PAYNE, Business, Pine Bluff, Row 10: DORAINE PAYSINGER, Agriculture, Ash Flat: HOMER HAROLD PAYTON, Arts, Tyler: EUGENE MARION PEARSON, Busi- ness, Clarendon: FRANK WEST PEEL, III, Business, Arlington: Texas: NILS CHRISTIAN PEHRSON, Arts, Askim, Norway: WIL- LIAM PELTZ, Engineering, Derry, Pa.: IAMES A. PENIX, Arts, Tuckerman: IAMES HIRAM' PERKINS, Engineenng, Norphlet. Row ll: WILMA FAYE PERKINS, Arts, Little Rock: AUBREY ROY PETTUS, Business, Pine Bluff: OPIE CHARLES PHARR, Busi- ness, Star City: BEN H. PHILLIPS, Agriculture, Clarksville: IONATHAN WILTON PHILLIPS, Arts, Fayetteville: REBECCA IANE PHILLIPS, Education, Dardanelle: CLARENCE CARROL PHILPOT, Business, Forrest City: MARY ELLEN PHILPOT, Business, Mena. Row 12: ARLIE I. PIERCE, IR., Business, Little Rock: CON- STANCE PINKERMAN, Arts, Sacramento, California: FLOYD A. PINKERTON, Education, Dierks: SAMUEL WYATT PINKSTON, Engineering, Crossett: DAVID L. PIPER, Business, Pine Bluff: TOM B. PORTER, Agriculture, Farmington: WILLIAM ANDERSON PORTER, Business, Springdale: IOHN H. POIINDER, Business: Little Rock. Pqge 118 Frances Roberts Mitchell, Gladys Yvonne Mitchell, William Henry Mitchell, Ir., George Dalton Mobbs, Mar- garet Garrett Monk, Iulius A. Moody, Amanda Sara Moore, Ed D. Moore. Fred H. Moore, Howard Gordon Moore, Ir., Ray- burn Moore, Theral O. Moore, Thomas Leland Moore, Iohn Nerome Moos, Durward B. Morgan, lane Morrel. Donald Bruce Morris, Iohn Harold Morrison, Betty Bowen Morrow, Una May Morrow, Selmer E. Morse, Patty Ann Moseley, Robert C. Moseley, Colter Hamil- ton Moses, Ir. Mary Roy Moses, George Tilman Muliken, Imogene Mullins, Marie Murphy, Roy Lee Murphy, William Riley Murphy, Ir., Wiley Wash- ington Murrell, Ir., Betty Io Myers. Gerald P. Nabors, George Anderson Nall, William O. Nelson, Benjamin Warner Newby, Richard Wales Newey, Ir., William Robert Newton, Billy I. Nichols, Currin McNairy Nichol. Enos R. Nicholas, Ir., Iames Newton Nicholson, Robert Edgar Norris, Martha lean Northup, Leroy H a r old Oakes, Samuel Gerald Oakes, Robert Wade Oates, Ir., Marshall Hugh O'Bry- ant. Frank L. Odom, Andrew Ce- cil Oliver, Ir., Bill Reed Oli- ver, Iohn Herman Oltmann, Frederick Paul O'Neal, Rob- ert E. Orgain, Edward Marc Oudin, Cletis Odell Over- ton, Olen Overturf, Laurel Ow- ens, Homer Pace, Robert Augustus Pace. Ir., W. Rob- ert Pape, Ir., Victor Peter Papoulias, Thomas G. Park, Doris Ann Parker, Harry Alton Parker, Lois Marie Parker, Thomas W. Parker, Carl Reed Parker- son, Allen lames Patterson, Cloyd Elmo Patton, Glenn Patton, Ella Hunn Payne. Doraine Paysinger, Homer Harold Payton, Eugene Marion Pearson, Frank West Peel, III, Nils Chris- tian Pehrson, Williain Peltz, Iames A. Penix, Iames Hi- ram Perkins. Wilma Faye Perkins, Au- brey Roy Pettus, Opie Charles Pharr, Ben H. Phil- lips, Ionathan Wilton Phil- lips, Rebecca lane Phillips, Clarence Carrol Philpot, Mary Ellen Philpot. Arlie I. Pierce, Ir- Con- stance Pinkerman, Floyd A. Pinkerton, Samuel Wyatt, Pinkston, David L. Piper, Tom B. Porter, William Anderson Porter, Iohn H. Pounder. Th Junior Class of l948 Row 1: CURTIS R. POWELL, Agriculture, Gassvilleg GEORGE MCCUTCHAN POWELL, Arts, Fayetteville: MARLIN ALVIN POW- ELL, Business, Little Rock: RICHARD LEE PRATT, Arts, Newport: IESSE ROWAN PREWITT, Agriculture, Tillarg THOMAS IEFFERSON PRICE, Arts, Fort Smith: LAWRENCE P. PRIMM, Business, Mon- ette: EARL PRINCE, Engineering, Morrilton. Row 2: BEN EvAN PROTHRO, Engineering, Fayetteville: IAMES LEONARD PROTHRO, Business, El Dorado: BENNIE M. QUEEN, Arts, Little Rock: GLORIA ANNETTE QUEEN, Business, Fort Smith: ELIZABETH RAGAN, Business, Little Rock: ROBERT F. RAMSAUER, Business, Camden: REGINALD CARLYLE RAMSAY, Arts, Nashville: WARD IENNINGS RAMSAY, Arts, Pine Bluff. Row 3: GLISTAVE RANKIN, IR., Business, Newport: IOHN IOSEPH RANKIN, Agriculture, Walnut Ridge: RICHARD C. RAN- KIN, IR., Arts, Walnut Ridge: ROXIE IOE RANKIN, Education. Fayetteville: GRACE WILLIAM RATCLIFF, Arts, Little Rock: IOHN LINKER RAY, Business, Montrose: VERA NADINE RAY, Arts, Fayetteville: HERBERT KIRKLAND REAMEY, IR., Engineer- ing, Little Rock. Row 4: HOWARD WILLIAM REATHER, Business, Camden: ROB- ERT DANIEL REBSAMEN, Arts, Fort Smith: LESTER ROBERT RED- MOND, IR., Engineering, Pine Bluff: IAMES DONALD REESE, Business, Rector: IOHN L. REEVES, Business, Lake Village: BILLY I. RETLING, Arts, Prescott: PAUL REYES, Arts, Noel, Mis- souri: ERNEST REYNOLDS, IR., Business, Abilene, Texas. Row 5: PRATHER REYBURN REYNOLDS, IR., Business, Little Rock: PATRICIA EDWINA PHINE, Arts, Thornton: ROBERT M. RHODES, Arts, Fort Smith: DOYLE LEVERE RICE, Agriculture, Watson: PATRICK IOSEPH RICE, Business, Little Rock: WILLIAM V. RICHARDS, Business, Little Rock: DAVIS BATES RICHARDSON, Arts, Fayetteville: MILLIE LOU RIGGS, Arts, Springdale. - -. , . -- L.l im.: Row 6: ORVAL E. RIGGS, Arts, Walnut Ridge: BOB RILEY, Arts, Little Rock: RALPH B. RILEY, Business, Little Rock: W. I. RIMMER, Agriculture, Guy: DAVID R. RIPPEY, Engineering, Little Rock: WILLIAM MARCUS RISTIG, IR., Business, Fort Smith: IAMES WESLEY RITTER, Business, Springdale: IAMES EDWIN ROBBINS, Business, Searcy. Row 7: ALBERT W. ROBERSON, Engineering, Wilburn: WIL- LIAM CLAYTON ROBERSON, Business, El Dorado: DOROTHY STUART ROBERTSON, Arts, Fort Smith: IACK EUGENE ROBERT- SON, Business, Blytheville: CHARLES W. ROBINSON, IR., Engi- neering, Cabot: WILLIAM R. ROBINSON, Business, Little Rock: WILLIAM ROLAND ROBIRDS, Engineering, El Dorado: IOE T. RODDY, Agriculture, Monette. Row 8: Arthur Doyle Rogers, Business, Hope: EVERETTA HOGG ROGERS, Arts, El Dorado: CLYDE IESSE ROHRER, Business, Carthage, Illinois: BARBARA LEONE ROSE, Arts, Camden: HOR- ACE RAMON RowE, Engineering, Fayetteville: ROBERT AUSTIN ROWLAND, Arts, Fort Smith: WILLIAM ARNOLD ROWLAND, Engineering, Benton: HENRY ALFRED ROWTON, Engineering, Clarksville: CH.ARLEs RUBIN, Arts, New York City, New York. Row 9: IANE IVAN RUCKER, Arts, Bauxite: DAVID MERWIN RUMSEY, Business, Texarkana: LLOYD G. RUSSELL, Agriculture, Greenwood: WILLIAM FRANKLIN RUSSELL, Engineering, Berry- ville: LLOYD THURMAN RUTLEDGE, Business, Hackett: ALBERT WILEY RYE, Arts, Russellville: VIM X. RYE, Business, Russell- ville. Row 10: REx SALLIS, Business, Fort Smith: MORRIS T. SAMS, Agriculture, Texarkana: CLARENCE DANA SANDERS, IR., Busi- ness, Camden: IOHN W. SANDERS, Business, Pottsville: LOUIS EDWARD SANDERS, Engineering, Cullendale: MARVIS WAYNE SANDERS, Engineering Camden: IACK ELLIOTT SANDRIDGE, Busi- ness, North Little Rock: IOHN ELLENBE SANFORD, Business, Searcy. Row 11: ELIZABETH SANTINE, Business, Tillar: S.- IRVING SAPHIRSTEIN, Arts, Boston, Massachusetts: WILLIAM L. SAUL- ISBERRY, Arts, Chicago, Illinois: SCOTT H. SAVAGE, Engineering, Arkadelphia: KATHRYN SAYLE, Arts, Fayetteville: ROLAND L. SCAIFE, Engineering, Eudora: CARL FREDERICK SCI-IEIBNER, IR., Arts, Little Rock: BETTY SCREETON, Business, Hazen. Row 12: MARY HELEN SCURLOCK, Education, Piggott: LUCY MARGARET SEARCY, Arts, Little Rock: BILL HOFFORD SEATONV Engineering, Memphis, Tennessee: EARL A. SEATON, IR., Engi- neering, Iacksonville: OSSIAN ARTHUR SEIPEL, Business, Chi- cago Heights, Illinois: ROBERT DEWEY SELF, Agriculture, Mur- freesboro: W. KENNETH SEWELL, Arts, DeQueen: IAMES RILEY SEYMOUR, Arts, Baxter Springs, Kansas. Page 120 'K 5198 191 KHQ Q i i 4 'E fl- rfririf , 1 .Mr 'ggi -. fl f A :Jai --Y .,.7,7,,,,7YV Curtis R. Powell, George McCutchan Powell, Marlin Alvin Powell, Richard Lee Pratt, Iesse Rowan Prewitt, Thomas lefferson Price, Lawrence P. Primm, Earl Prince. Ben Evan Prothro, Iames Leonard Prothro, Bennie M. Queen, Gloria A n n e t t e Queen, Elizabeth Ragan, Robert F. Ramsauer, Regi- nald Carlyle Ramsay, Ward Iennings Ramsay. Gustave I. Rankin, Ir., Iohn Ioseph Rankin, Richard C. Rankin, Ir., Roxie Ioe Ran- kin, Grace William Ratclitf, Iohn Linker Ray, Vera Na- dine Ray, Herbert Kirkland Reamey, Ir. Howard William Reather, Robert Daniel Rebsamen, Lester Robert Redmond, lr., lames Donald Reese, Iohn L. Reeves, Billy I. Retling, Paul Reyes, Ernest Rey- nolds, Ir. Prather Reyburn Reynolds, Ir., Patricia Edwina Phine, Robert M. Rhodes, Doyle Levere Rice, Patrick loseph Rice, William V. Richards, Davis Bates Richardson, Millie Lou Riggs. Orval E. Riggs, Bob Riley, Ralph B. Riley, W. Rim- mer, David R. Rippey, Wil- liam Marcus Ristig, Ir., james Wesley Ritter, lames Edwin Robbins. Albert W. Roberson, Wil- liam Clayton Roberson, Dor- othy Stuart Robertson, lack Eugene Robertson, Charles W. Robinson, lr., William R. Robinson, William Ro- land Robirds, loe T. Roddy. Arthur Doyle Rogers, Ev- eretta Hogg Rogers, Clyde Iesse Rohrer, Barbara Leone Rose, Horace Ramon Rowe, Robert Austin Rowland, William Arnold Rowland, Henry Alfred Rowton. Charles Rubin, lane Ivan Rucker, David Merwin Rum- sey, Lloyd G. Russell, Wil- liam Franklin Russell, Lloyd Thurman Rutledge. Albert Wiley Rye, Vim X. Rye. Rex Sallis, Morris T. Sams, Clarence Dana Sanders, Ir., lohn W. Sanders, Louis Ed- ward Sanders, M a r V i s Wayne Sanders, lack Elli- ott Sandridge, lohn Ellenbe Sanford. Elizabeth Santine, S. Irving Saphirstein, William L. Saulisberry, Scott H. Sav- age, Kathryn Sayle, Roland L. Scaife, Carl Frederick Scheibner, lr., Betty Scree- ton. Mary Helen Scurlock, Lucy Margaret Searcy, Bill Hof- ford Seaton, Earl A. Seaton, Ir., Ossian Arthur Seipel, Robert Dewey Self, W. Kenneth Sewell, Iames Riley Seymour. ,....,.-,...,,vYn L, L. L The Junior Class of l948 Row I: MARGARET ORLICEK SEYMOUR, Arts, Hazen: RICHARD B. SHAW, Arts, Fort Smith: EDWIN CARSON SHEELER, IR., Arts, Hot Springs: HOMER RAYMOND SHINN, Engineering, Fayette- ville: BOBBIE I. SHOCKLEY, Engineering, Greenwood: CHARLES S. SHOPE, Business, Arkadelphia: LEE OVERTON SHULL, IR., Business, Horatio: ELSIE MAE SILVERMAN, Agriculture, Little Rock. Row 2: BONITA EVELYN SIMMONS, Business, Fayetteville: HENRY HILL SIMMONS, Agriculture, Mulberry: IAMES I. SIM- MONS, Agriculture, Alma: PAUL CHARLES SIMS, Engineering. Batesville: CHARLES FRANK SINCLAIR, Business, New Iberia, Louisiana: WARREN RUSSELL SINGLETERRY, Engineering, Mal- vern: CHARLES GORDON SKILLERN, Engineering, Fayetteville: CLARENCE MERLE SKILLERN, Engineering, Fayetteville. Row 3: ROBERT H. SLOAN, Agriculture, England: SAM NOR- VELL SLOAN, Business, Claremore, Oklahoma: ADA LEE SMITH, Arts, Fayetteville: AUSTIN C. SMITH, Arts, Huntsville: DON- ALD ELTON SMITH, Engineering, Hot Springs: ELIZABETH IOR- DEN SMITH, Arts, Little Rock: HAROLD L. SMITH, Engineering, Monticello: IOANNE SMITH, Business, Pine Bluff. Row 4: IOHN R. SMITH, Agriculture, Paris: IULIAN E. SMITH, Business, Little Rock: MAJOR ELMER SMITH, Arts, McGehee: MARVIN L. SMITH, Business, Little Rock: OREN RALPH SMITH, Agriculture, Pine Bluff: VIRGINIA ALMETA SMITH, Education, Corning: WILLIAM RAYMOND SMITH, Arts, Hot Springs: PAUL ARTHUR SOEST, Business, Chicago, Illinois. Row 5: HAYWARD IRWIN SORRELS, Arts, Lowell: MARY CHAR- LENE SORRELS, Business, Hughes: WARREN EDWARD SORRELLS, Engineering, Glenwood: LUCY DOUGLAS SPEAR, Agriculture, Fort Smith: WILLIAM ARTHUR SPEAR, Business, Fort Smith: DAVE HENDERSON SPEER, Education, Fort Smith: GEORGE B. SPENCER, IR., Agriculture, Star City: IOHN WILLIAM SPIVEY, Agriculture, Hamburg. Row 6: PAUL D. SPRADLIN, Agriculture, Okolona: IOHN OLI- VER SPURLOCK, Agriculture, Parkdale: CAROLYN OLIVE STACY, Business, North Little Rock: MARY VIRGINIA STALLINGS, Arts, Morrilton: HUBERT CARL STAMPER, Engineering, Pine Bluff: DOYLE FRANK STATON, Business, Paris: HERMAN EDWIN STAVELY, Agriculture, Nashville: BETTY IEAN STEED, Arts, Pine Bluff. Row 7: GEORGIANNA STEINBACH, Arts, Little Rock: WILLIARD R. STEVENS, Arts, Springdale: ELIZABETH ANN STEVENSON, Arts, Clarendon: IOANNE STEWART, Arts, Harrison: CARL CON- RAD STEYER, Engineering, Lafe: IAMES EDWARD STICE, Engi- neering, Fayetteville: ROBERT EUGENE STINSON, Arts, Blythe- ville: MARY ALLMOND STOCKLEY, Arts, Marion. Row 8: CARL 'CLINTON STOREY, Business, Fayetteville: CRIT STUART, IR., Agriculture, Hope: MARY GAIL STUART, Educa- tion, McGehee: CHARLES IOSEPH STUMPF. Business, Little Rock: LESLIE W.ALToN STURDIVANT, Business, McCrory: IAMES SHELLEY STUTHEIT, Engineering, Fayetteville: HERMAN AL- FRED STYLES, Education, Bauxite: LEONARD PAUL SUELETT, Arts, Viola. Row 9: PATRICIA ANN SULLIVAN, Arts, Fayetteville: ROBERT K. SUTTON, Arts, Oakland, California: TERRY I. SWAIN, Arts, Grubbs: Io ANN SWAYZE, Education, Tulsa, Oklahoma: LOUIS NORMAN SWOFFORD, Business, Fort Smith: SEYMOUR MEYER SYNA, Arts, Los Angeles, California: OLIVER:WENDELL TACK- ETT, Agriculture, Quitman: IOE T. TALBERT,, Business, Tex- arkana. Row 10: BEN PAUL TALBOT, Business, Stamps: IOHN TALLANT, Engineering, Hot Springs: WILLIAM RICHARD TARVER, Arts, Warren: ALFRED HEBER TAYLOR, Arts, Trenton, Tennessee: HARDING L. TAYLOR, Engineering, Ionesboro: IACK L. TAYLOR. Engineering, Little Rock: MATTALEE TAYLOR, Business, Fort Smith: WILEORD WASSON TAYLOR, Agriculture, Smithville. Row II: IOHNY LEON TELAAR, Arts, Fort Smith: CHARLES R. TEMPLE, Business, Warren: WILLIAM THOMAS TEMPLE, Busi- ness, Warren: SUZANNE TETLEY, Arts, Helena: KENNETH AL- LEN THAXTON, Business, Newport: RUTH THOMAS, Arts, Holly Grove: BETTY IEAN THOMPSON, Education, Little Rock: EVER- ETT EUGENE THOMPSON, Engineering, Pocahontas. Row 12: MARGARET FITCH THOMPSON, Education, Little Rock: GARLAND MAX THORN, Arts,,Harrisburg: CHARLES W. THORN- LEY, IR., Agriculture, Calico Rock: LENORE THORNTON, Arts, Fort Smith: IOEL TI-IRASHER, Arts, Gravette: HERMAN THOMAS THURMAN, Engineering, McRae: LESTER EDWARD THURMAN, Engineering, Monette: IAMES WILLIAM THUR- MOND, Engineering, Prattsville. - Page 122 'W Margaret Orlicek Seymour, Richard B. Shaw, Edwin Carson Sheeler, Ir., Homer Raymond Shinn, Bobbie I. Shockley, Charles S. Shope, Lee Overton Shull, Ir., El- sie Mae Silverman. Bonita Evelyn Simmons, Henry Hill Simmons, Iames I. Simmons, Paul Charles Sims, Charles Frank Sin- clair, Warren Russell Single- terry, Charles Gordon Skil- lern, Clarence Merle Skil- lern. Robert H. Sloan, Sam Nor- vell Sloan, Ada Lee Smith, Austin C. Smith, Donald Elton Smith, Elizabeth Ior- den Smith, Harold L. Smith, Ioanne Smith. Iohn R. Smith, Iulian E. Smith, Major Elmer Smith, Marvin L. Smith, Oren Ralph Smith, Virginia Al- meta Smith, William Ray- mond Smith, Paul Arthur Soest. Hayward Irwin Sorrels, Mary Charlene Sorrels, Warren Edward Sorrells. Lucy Douglas Spear, Wil- liam Arthur Spear, Dave Henderson Speer, George B. Spencer, Ir., Iohn William Spivey. Paul D. Spradlin, Iohn Oli- ver Spurlock, Carolyn Olive Stacy, Mary Virginia Stall- ings, Hubert Carl Stamper, Doyle Frank Staton, Her- man Edwin Stavely, Betty Iean Steed. Georgianna Steinbach, Wil- liard R. Stevens, Elizabeth Ann Stevenson, Io a n n e Stewart, Carl Conrad Steyer, Iames Edward Stice, R o b e rt Eugene Stinson, Mary Allmond Stockley. Carl Clinton Storey, Crit Stuart, Ir., Mary Gail Stu- art, Charles Ioseph Stumpf, Leslie Walton Sturdivant, Iames Shelley Stutheit, Her- man Alfred Styles, Leonard Paul Sublett. Patricia Ann Sullivan, Rob- ert K. Sutton, Terry I. Swain, Io Ann Swayze, Louis Norman Swolford, Seymour Meyer Syna, Oli- ver Wendell Tackett, Ioe T. Talbert. Ben Paul Talbot, Iohn Tal- lant, William Richard Tar- ver, Alfred Heber Taylor, Harding L. Taylor, Iack L. Taylor, Mattalee Taylor, Wilford Wasson Taylor. Iohny Leon Telaar, Charles R. Temple, William Thomas Temple, Suzanne Tetley, Kenneth Allen Thaxton, Ruth Thomas, Betty Iean Thompson, Everett Eugene Thompson. Margaret Fitch Thompson, Garland Max Thorn, Charles W. Thornley, Ir., Lenore Thornton, Ioel I. Thrasher, Herman Thomas Thurman, Lester Edward Thurman, Iames William Thurmond. Th Junior Class ol l948 Row 1: BILL ONSBY THUSTON, Education, Fort Smith: GEORGE BOOKER THWEATT, Business, Little Rock: OTTICE TIDWELLI Engineering, Brinkley: ANN LAUREE TILMAN, Arts, Pine Bluff: IAMES OLIVER TIPPS, Arts, Paron: WILLIAM ELLIS TOLLESON, Engineering, Hope: FRAN TOMLINSON, Arts, Stuttgart: RuTH TORIAN, Business, Newport. Row 2: DWIGHT STROURE TRAHIN, Engineering, Siloam Springs: IAY LEONARD TREAT, Agriculture, Flippin: CARL LEWIS TRICHELL, Business, DeWitt: MARY COOPER TRIMBLE, Arts, El Dorado: LUCILLE TROTTER, Arts, Pine Bluff: BILL F. TROXELL, Education, Ionesboroz DENNIS LOYD TUCKER, Agri- culture, Greenbrier: HAROLD W. TURNER, Arts, Violet Hill. Row 3: IANECE S. TURPIN, Agriculture, Moro: CARL IOSEPH UDOLU, Arts, Fort Smith: FRANCIS LEE UHL, Engineering, Fay- etteville: IOYCE BARKER LIHL, Business, Fayetteville: ICE ALLAN LIPCHURCH, Business, Fort Smith: IAMES ANDREW VACCARO, Arts, Forrest City: PATRICIA ELIZABETH VAN DOVER, Educa- tion, Rogers: BuRRELL DAVID VENABLE, Business, Texarkana. Row 4: ALVIN FRANK VEST, Agriculture, Charleston: IOHN W. VINZANT, Arts, Augusta: BETTY M. VOGT, Arts, Rogers: IAMES MARTIN WAGE, Business, Little Rock: LOIS PAYE WALK- ER, Arts, Little Rock: RUSSELL GENE WALLING, Arts, North Little Rock: MARVIN WALSH, Agriculture, Fayetteville: IAMES VERNON WARD, Arts, Malvern. Row 5: DON E. WARDEN, Business, Ioplin, Missouri: WARD LANGEORD WARNOCK, Agriculture, Camden: IOHN WILLIAM WARREN, Business, Little Rock: IOHN HAMMOND WASHBURN, Business, Little Rock: IOE LOUIS WASSON, Engineering, Grove, Oklahoma: Gus LAWRENCE WATERMAN, Arts, Dumas: IIMMIE W. WATERS, Arts, Lamar, Missouri: MARJORIE IuNE WATERS, Arts, Fayetteville. Row 6: DOROTHY LEA WATSON, Arts, Cotter: ELBERT WAT- SON, Engineering, Newport: L. Z. WATSON, Agriculture, Nash- ville: DAVID IACKSON WEAKES, Business, McKinney, Texas: WALLACE VANCE WEATHERTON, Business, Little Rock: RICH- ARD ENNI5 WEAVER, Education, Bentonville: BRYAN WEBB, Engineering, Fort Smith: FRED A. WEBB, Engineering, Mari- 311113. Row 7: IAMES L., WEED, Engineering, Little Rock: IOHN WES- LEY WEESE, Engineering, Alma: RICHARD K. WEIS, Business, Brinkley: WILLIAM R. WELCH, Business, Little Rock: IOHN ANDREW WELLS, Business, Fort Smith: SARA WELLS, Arts, Malvern: ROBERT ALAN WENZEL, Engineering, North Little Rock: LEON E. WERNTZ, IR., Business, Fort Smith. Row 8: IAMES CANEIELD WESNER, Arts, Dumas: LOWELL ROGER WESSELS, Business, Stuttgart: WILLIAM GEORGE WEST- BROOK, Arts, Little Rock: FRED S. WETZEL, IR., Arts, Fayette- ville: ARMON OYE WHATLEY, Engineering, Atlanta, Texas: MILDRED G. WHELCHEL, Arts, Evansville: HELEN WHISTLE, Business, Roseland: C. W. WHITE, Agriculture, Cave City. Row 9: IOI-IN C. WHITE, Education, Fayetteville: LEWIS R. WHITPORD, Engineering, Dardanelle: IACK E. W1-IITMORE, Busi- ness, St. Charles: IACK CLYDE WHITSITT, Education, Fort Smith: RICHARD HAMPTON WI-IITWAM, Arts, Pittsburgh, Pa.: FREDERICK E. WICKLUND, IR., Agriculture, Des Arc: ALMA ETHEL WIDMER, Agriculture, Paragould: JOSEPH MORTON WILKINSON, Engineering, Fayetteville. Row 10: EDWARD EETON WILLETT, Agriculture, Clarksville: A. I. WILLIAMS, Agriculture, Rolla: ARVIS GUINN WILLIAMS, Engineering, Benton: DOROTHY CLAIRE WILLIAMS, Arts, Del Rio, Texas: FRANCIS WILLIAMS, IR., Agriculture, Hector: IAMES ROBERT WILLIAMS, Engineering, Little Rock: PHYLLIS ELAYNE WILLIAMS, Arts, Neosho, Missouri: PHYLLIS WIL- LIAMS, Agriculture, Hope. Row 11: RAY WILLIAMS, Agriculture, Monticello: TROY D. WILLIAMS, Business, Greenwood: HERMAN WILLIAMSON, IR., Business, Camden: KENNETH FROST WILLIS, Engineering. Clarksville: KITTY ROSE WILLS, Agriculture, Little Rock: HER- MAN H. WILSON, Agriculture, Quitman: HORACE LEE WILSON, Business, Tulsa, Oklahoma: IAMES C. WILSON, Business, Datto. Row 12: IAMES STEPHEN WILSON, Business, Little Rock: SAM- uEL PHIL WILSON, Business, Nashville: WALLACE O. WILSON, Engineering, Camden: WILBuR ALBERT WILSON, Education, Sweet Home, Oregon: WOODROW WILSON WINBORN, Engi- neering, Van Buren: KATHERINE LuCILE WINTERS, Arts, Iones- boro: FORREST BROOKS WISDOM, Agriculture, Beebe: GARLAND DuRWOOD WISDOM, Arts, Little Rock. Page 124 -Q . - . -,-.5 ,xv vzwfzwi 2 -. '- ,, I I :Q h w giggle 7.1, .,A.A : .F f sv . 5 1 '- ,L :ja W l 7 . K V A, . Q I ' M .,,: ' -' ' V: WE, , I A5 A if: g t g g ,,:, T 1 gg ax , Zi-if x t-slat W ' W ' 5 --'- - A ' U' V T ri f i' 1 ,, ,, , a " . r , e e 1 'B' at i f A '- W I ' L f? ' .. , '-. + ' 'F ' " 4 . . .. - T - is V V' '5 , ' '-" A i'b'-' f-' . ' . i - f If F ""' ' r :-' Aw " ff' 'E it 1 ' if A 3 'V , 1- - S IE I' tb .f"1 I , ,. - .- - 5' V, 9' , 'X' ' , V1 J L ' ' ' .f . f 1 if , , ' Q' M ,,. ' K T J-'V EL V L' 5: 1255: It L: WN A - Y fvizf-2 Q 4 , . if . -..A - i A .. ,, 1 . " K X Y , 9 - if an ' we " . . . f 2 ' ig.. 15,4 , . A " - V f:1 A J - .. LIA, 2 4 l i' M- ' A U f 5 Zi' W F as kk A .5 an x V mi .K . W 3623 N: 'EM X . ass I ,f" B . F A V " . K Z k',' F E597 E l" ,.,.:.,:: . r 1' .. , J I af? -df'-'K 7 Mn. its A -B if' w Bill Onsby Thuston, George Booker Thweatt, Ottice Tid- well, Ann Lauree Tilman, Iames Oliver Tipps, Wil- liam Ellis Tolleson, Fran Tomlinson, Ruth Torian. Dwight Stroupe Trahin, Iay Leonard Treat, Carl Lewis Trichell, Mary C o o p e r Trimble, Lucille Trotter, Bill F. Troxell, Dennis Loyd Tucker, Harold W. Turner. lanece S. Turpin, Carl Io- seph Udouj, Francis Lee Uhl, Ioyce Barker Uhl, Ioe Allan Upchurch, Iames An- drew Vaccaro, Patricia Eliz- abeth Van Dover, Burrell David Venable. Alvin Frank Vest, Iohn W. Vinzant, Betty M. Vogt, Iames Martin Wage, Lois Faye Walker, Russell Gene Walling, Marvin Walsh, Iames Vernon Ward. Don E. Warden, Ward Langford Warnock, John W i l l i a m Warren, Iohn Hammond Washburn, Ioe Louis Wasson, Gus Law- rence Waterman, Iimmie W. W a t e r s , Marjorie Iune Waters. Dorothy Lea Watson, El- bert Watson, L. Z. Watson, David Iackson Weakes, Wallace Vance Weatherton, Richard Ennis Weaver, Bryan Webb, Fred A. Webb. Iames L. Weed, Iohn Wes- ley Weese, Richard K. Weis, William R. Welch, Iohn Andrew Wells, Sara Wells, Robert Alan Wen- zel, Leon E. Werntz, Ir. Iames Canfield Wesner, Lowell Roger Wessels, Wil- liam George Westbrook, Fred S. Wetzel, Ir., Armon Oye Whatley, Mildred G. Whelchel, Helen Whistle, C. W. White. Iohn C. White, Lewis R. Whitford, Iack E. Whit- more, Iack Clyde Whitsitt, Richard Hampton Whit- wam, Frederick E. Wick- lund, Ir., Alma Ethel Wid- mer, Ioseph Morton Wilkin- son. Edward Efton Willett, A. Williams, Arvis Guinn Wil- liams, Dorothy Claire Wil- liams, Francis Williams, Ir., Ia m e s Robert Williams, Phyllis Elayne Williams, Phyllis Williams. Ray Williams, Troy D. Wil- liams, Herman Williamson, Ir., Kenneth Frost Willis, Kitty Rose Wills, Herman H. Wilson, Horace Lee Wil- son, Iames C. Wilson. Iames Stephen Wilson, Sam- uel Phil Wilson, Wallace O. Wilson, Wilbur Albert Wilson, Woodrow Wilson Winborn, Katherine Lucile Winters, Forrest Brooks Wisdom, Garland Durwood Wisdom. The Junior Class of l948 I. H. Wiseman S. F. Womack C. R. Wood H. I. Wood H. R. Wood I. R. Wood M. L. Wood I. Woodman D. H. Woods H. M. Woods W. Woodward I. Woody R. L. Woolfolk R. H. Wootton E, C. Worden T. H. Wortham A. H. Wright W. A. Wright W. I. Wright A. I. Wyatt K. Wynn I. B. Yancey H. T. Yates W. N. Yates R. E. Yeargain C. G. Young D. Young I. Young M. M. Young W. C. Young C. A. Zachry Row I: IAMES HAMPTON WISEM.AN, Engineering, Searcy: STERLING FRANK WOMACK, Engineering, Houston, Texas: COMMODORE ROBERT WOOD, Arts, Tishomingo, Oklahoma: HELEN IEAN WOOD, Business, Pine Bluff: HENRY RAY WOOD, Business, Grady: IAMES ROBERT WOOD, Agriculture, Parkin: MARY LOuIsE WOOD, Education, Fort Smith: IEAN WOODMAN, Arts, Lake Charles, Louisiana. Row 2: DANIEL HON WOODS, Arts, Fort Smith: H.ARRY MC- CORDY WOODS, Arts, Augusta: W. A. G. WOODWARD, IR., Arts, Magnolia: IERRY WOODY, Arts, Forrest City: ROBERT L. WOOLFOLK, Engineering, Little Rock: RICHARD HARTLEY WOOTTON, Arts, Hot Springs: ETHELIA ANN C. WORDEN,,Edu- cation, Hot Springs: THOMAS HENRY WORTHAN, Arts, Little Rock. Row 3: AUBREYV HENRY WRIGHT, Engineering, Monticello: WILLIAM A. WRIGHT, IR., Engineering, Benton: WILLIAM IEN- NINGS WRIGHT, Engineering, Strawberry: ANDY I. WYATT, Agriculture, Rogers: KATHLEEN WYNN, Arts, Corning: IOEL B. YANCEY, Business, Little Rock HOWARD THWEATT YATES, Arts, Little Rock: WILLIAM N. YATES, Business, Fayetteville. Row 4: RICHARD E. YEARGAIN, Business, Pine Bluff: CLAY G. YOUNG, Business, Rogers: DONALD YOUNG, Business, Carlisle: IuLIAN YOUNG, Business, Lonoke: MITCHELL MICHAEL YOUNG, Arts, Texarkana: WILEORD CLARENCE YOuNG, Agriculture. Waldron: CLAUDE A. ZACHRY, Business, Dierks. Page 126 Q 'Gul' O Arg' 7? W 'WL.'A7.L f W - 3 -'f ........ - A.,g,, ...W ., pn-us islam Row 1: left to right: Barnes, Burns, Feinsmith. Wegman, Moore, McGinnis, Hicks, Glenn, Wetzel. Row 2: Harris, Faulkner, Bynum, Echols, Clack, Bair, Richmond, Atnip. Brogdon. Row 3: Kelley, Elson, Shaw, Payne, Iowell, Moore, Ward, Statman, Raymond, Dellinger. ALPH EPSILO DELTA OFFICERS President ....... CHARLES BARNES Vice-president . . LAWRENCE KELLEY Secretary-Treasurer . HELEN WEGMAN Reporter . . . . . . BURTON FEINSMITH MEMBERS ATNIP, GWYN CLACK, ROBERT E. HICKS, VIRGINIA PAYNE, IAMES T. ARROYO, PEDRO ECHOLS, QBIE L. HUDSON, LOYDE H. RAYMOND, ALBERT BAIR, REX W. ELSON, STANLEY IOVVELL, KENNETH D. RICHMOND, HARRY A. BARNES, C. H. FAULKNER, H. N., IR. KELLY, LAWRENCE SHAW, JERRY M. BuRNEs, KURT D. FEINSMITH, BURTON MCGINNIS, BETTY I. STATMAN, HARRY BYNUM, WILLIAM L. GLENN, CLARENCE L. MOORE, AMANDA WARD, JAMES V. BROGDON, BYRON G. HARRIS, CALVIN L. MOORE, BERRY L. WEGMAN, HELEN WETZEL, FRED S. Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national pre-medical fraternity founded at the Uni- versity of Alabama on April 28, 1926. The fraternity now comprises 38 active chapters throughout the United States. lt is an affiliated society, and is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Association of College Honor Societies. The objects of A. E. D. are to encourage excellence in pre-medical Work by furnishing a goal Which the student may strive for during the early semesters of his pre-medical career and to bind together similarly interested Students. This year the Arkansas Alpha chapter of A. E. D. had its largest initiation in its nine year history. After the impressive initiation ceremonies, the entire group had a steak dinner. Members are chosen by grade point, at least 3.5 accumu- latively and four-point in the individuals major, character, personality, and deportment. .. I .N , g 'I-, X .X N .--7. - , . cf A 'ffigzf 1. 5 fin-A 1 R99 "A +23 - .fl ., bpm V ff ' LZ' K ,,-I "fx DSP' 'T' ,fig i -15,11 . A 45' T Page 1 28 Page 129 Left to right: Anne Peterson, Ieanne Kerwin. Mary Gay Greer, Lorene Gibson, Suzanne Allison, Mary Bob Cross. OFFICERS President . . ..... IEANNE KERWIN Vice-president . . SUZANNE ALLISON Secretary . . . MARY GAY GREER Treasurer . . . . . ANN PETERSON MEMBERS ALLISON, SuzANNE CROSS, MARY BOB GIBSON, LORENE GREER, MARY GAY KERWIN, IEANNE PETERSON, ANN Alpha Lambda Delta was founded at the University of Illinois in the spring of 1924 by Maria Leonard, Dean of Women there. Its primary purpose was to recognize freshman women with a high grade point and to encourage them to continue superior scholarship and high standards of learning. lt is the sister organization to Phi Eta Sigma. The Arkansas chapter was installed in 1924 by Dean Alice Lloyd of the University of Michigan. The requirement for membership is a five-point grade average in an average number of hours at an institution where a chapter is located. A member initiated her freshman year serves as an active her sophomore year, and if she maintains a five-point cumulated average may also remain active during her junior year, Charmian Sure was chosen senior advisor this year, and Mary Lou Campbell was chosen junior advisor. Mrs. Edwin O'Kelly is faculty sponsor. Each fall Alpha Lambda Delta gives a rush tea for freshman girls who make high grades on the university entrance examinations. The local chapter also awards annually the Senior girl with the highest cumulative grade point for four years in college. The national organization sponsors a fellowship for graduate work at an accredited college for some former member of the society. f X S 5 ifsfq fg I I LL l 1- 4. J .J Front row, left to right: Hull, Gleason, Strauss, Higginbottom, Moll, Penick. Second row: Bass, Eldridge, Frear, O'Neal, Holiman, Brinson, Schreit. Third row: Mullins, Spencer, Diggs, Hembree, joyner, Gathright. BETA GAMMA SIGMA MEMBERS BAss, W. K. GLEASON, W. E. HuLL, I. M. PENICK, I. H. BR1NsoN, P. D. HAMMOND, G. E. IOYNER, I. C. SCHREIT, F. I. Discs, j. F. HEMBREE, HOWARD McCAui.EY, IAMES SCHWENDIMANN, j. ELDRIDGE, j. R. HIGGINBOTTOM, P. MULLINS, j. A. SPENCER, B. F. FREAR, C. R. HOLIMAN, j. B. QVNEAL, I. L. STRAUSS, B. A. GATHRIGHT, MORRELL WADE, H, M. Beta Gamma Sigma, the national honorary fraternity of the co11ege of Busi- ness Administration, was organized at the University of Arkansas in 1932. It is the only scholarship honor society in the field of commerce and business that is recognized by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1907, Beta Gamma Sigma has as its purpose the encouragement of scholarship, research, and high standards in the field of business administration. To be a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, a student must be elected from among the members of the upper ten per cent of the senior class or the upper three per cent of the junior class. This year, a junior, Penelope Higginbottom was elected to membership. She is the third junior in the history of the Arkansas chapter to have been so honored. It has been the custom during the past years for Beta Gamma Sigma to choose prominent businessmen of the state for honorary membership in this organization. Honorary memberships have been conferred upon the following: H. Penick, president of the Worthen Bank and Trust Company, Little Rockg P, F. Watzek, vice-president of the Crossett Lumber Company, Crossettz the late Harvey Couch, former president of the Arkansas Power and Light Company, Pine Bluff: and others of prominence in business. This organization, the Phi Beta Kappa of the Business School, reached new heights of scholarship and leadership during the 1947-48 term. a f Rf! 4..?"" Page 130 .R ,f . 1 "N-. ' K . 4 A :XT Ni ' '-A. "' . l 'Sf f- A U ' .ff Z Pczge 131 Front row, Icft to right: Broyles, Brummett, Dildy, Graham, Karnes, Nicholson, Blondeau, Dennis, Fair, Wright. Second row: Reaves, Richardson, Underwood, Penrose, Eubanks, Robbins, Thomas, Kronenberg, Cross, Hotz. Williams, Bent, Nardin. KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS President . . . . MORRIS C. UNDERWOOD Vice-president . . MARY FRANK NICHOLSON Secretary . . ANNA RUTH BRUMMETT MEMBERS BENT, DR. R. K. BLONDEAU, MAUDE BROYLES, FRANCES BRLIMMETT, ANNA R. CROSS, CHARLES H. DENNIS, GENEVIEVE DILDY, CHRISTINE EUBANKS, RALPH T. FAIR, MARIE GRADY GRAHAM, HELEN HENLEY, IOHN O. HOTZ, DR. H. G. KARNES, BERNICE KRONENBERG, DEAN LEONARD, MARY L. LUDWIG, ELIZABETH MCHUGH, CATHERINE NARDIN, IOHN NICHOLSON, MARY F. PENROSE, DR. WM. H. REAVES, ROBERT G. RICHARDSON, FRANCES ROBBINS, GERALD B. RuSsELL, CECILIA STARCHER, THOMAS THOMAS, WILLIAM R. UNDERWOOD, M. C. WILLIAMS, W. O. WRIGHT, GEORGENA ZAHRT, MERTON The purpose of the organization is to encourage high intellectual and schol- astic standards among education students and to recognize outstanding contrif butions to education. To this end, Kappa Delta Pi invites to membership those persons who exhibit commendable personal qualities and worthy education ideals. Thus, the the club endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional growth by honoring achievement in education work. Other qualifications for membership are junior or senior standing, twelve hours of education, and a four-point grade average. The meetings are composed of roundtable discussions of current educational problems in Arkansas and at some of the meetings the members themselves pre- sent the programs. Each year the fraternity offers a scholarship award based on scholarship, character, and professional interest to the outstanding student in the College of Education. X . x, If . ,7.f' I' A- . - .,.. - A ' BA WS..- ,1- Front row, left to right: Terrell, O'Kelly, Batten, Randolph. Second row: Neil, Haley, Davidson, Lane. L MBDA T U OFFICERS President ....... MARY PAT OVKELLY Secretary-Treasurer . IRENE BATTEN Reporter . . . ALLAN WILSON MEMBERS BATTEN, IRENE HALEY, MARY ANNE NEIL, IERRY SULLIVAN, PATRICIA CAMPBELL, MARY Lou HAMMOND, DEANE 0'KELLY, MARY PAT TERRELL, IAMES DAVIDSON, CAROL LANE, ROBERT RANDOLPH, MARY E. WILSON, ALLAN Lambda Tau, honorary English fraternity, has as its prime function the pub- lication of Preview, a literary magazine. This is the first literary magazine pub- lished on this campus since publication of the Arkansan was suspended in 1920. This magazine, published as a supplement to the Traveler, contains short stories, essays, and poems written by students. The aim of Lambda Tau is to create and foster a greater interest in literary activity by association together, by giving recognition to those who have literary ability, and to encourage further literary endeavor. Requirements for member- ship are a grade point of four in twelve hours of English, and a cumulative grade point of three point five, Pledges are required to submit a piece of creative writing before they are initiated. Each year Lambda Tau sponsors a contest open to the entire student body for creative writing. The two best selections are awarded cash prizes. This year for the first time, Lambda Tau is sponsoring a similar contest in the Fayette- ville High School. At bi-monthly meetings, topics of literary interest are discussed. 4 if 'gyfiir 'triad Page 132 ge 133 Front row, left to right: Edgar Bethel Roy Tram 'l D , mei, ub Riley, Iohn Mann, Ulys. A. Lowell, Cul Pearce. Second row: Lawrence S. Morgan, Ioe F. Nowlin, lames E. Lester, Thomas E. Webber, Michael Heindle, Floyd Reed, Robert L. Iories, lr, PHI ALPHA DELT OFFICERS . . . . . W. B. RILEY Vice-justice , . . IOHN MANN Clerk . . . MICHAEL HEINDLE Treasurer . . . . TOM WEBBER Iustice . . MEMBERS BRUNSON, IOHN KEYES, THOMAS NOWLIN, IOE RILEY, W. B. GALLMAN, I. W. LESTER, ED PENIX, BILL SLOAN, IAMES L. HEINDLE, MICHAEL B. MANN, IOHN POWERS, I . ' ION , R ACA WEBBER. TOM ES OBERT L. MORGAN, LAWRENCE REED, FLOYD Phi Alpha Delta, founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1902, is the national honor- ary fraternity for law students. An outgrowth of a law fraternity known as Lambda Epsilon, the local chapter named f A , or ugustus H. Garland, was estab- lished here in 1919. Requirements for membership are a grade point of three for the Hrst semester and a high scholastic rating while a law Student. Membership is limited to stu- dents of accredited law Schools where chapters are located. However, members ' of the legal profession who have attained distinction, upon approval of the na- tional executive board, are eligible for honorary membership. Regular meetings are held in the form of weekly coffee hours. Two of the speakers this year were Iudge Iohn Butt and Oliver Clegg, a graduate. An initia- tion banquet was held in March at Mary Maestri's in Tontitown. Ioe Nowlin and William Riley represented Garland Chapter at the National Convention held in Los Angeles this year and , Ioe Nowlin attended the Regional Convention in Kansas City. ,. 1-iff' A ""' left to riqht' Alice Broyles Hartman Hotz, lack Scroggs, Carmen Lierly, Dr. D. D, jones, Charmian Front row. A . ., Sure. Bettie Harris Layne, Marjorie Dildy. Second row: Carl Frear, lamcs Hudson, Willizixn Hatcher, Willizxin Penrose, Paul Blew, lerry Neil, VV, E. DcCaulp. Third row: Kempner Scott, R. G. Reaves, lohn Grissom. PHI ALPH THETA OFFICERS . . . CARMEN LIERLY . CHARMIAN SURE . GIBBS REAVES Reporter . , . . . ANN IORDAN President Secretary . Historian MEMBERS BLEW, PAUL 1'1AM11,TON, CAPT. I. IORDAN, ANN SITAEER, BOYD BROYLES, ALICE HATCHER, WILLIAM LIERLY, CARMEN STEVENS, IOHN DECAULP, WILLIAM HOSTETLER, RICHARD MEADOR, CLIFTON SURE, CIIARMIAN ' BOB DEMAIO, VINCENT HOTZ, HARTMAN NEIL, JERRY Su FTON, TRAMMEL, RAY DILDY, MARJORIE HUDSON, JAMES NOWLIN, TOE L F D PENROQE WILLIAM ZORN, ROMAN FREAR, CARL IENNINGS, . . . . , G OVER, KAY IONES, BOBBY REAVES, GIBBS ZORN, ANN ANDERSON L GRISSOM, IOHN IONES, DR. DORSEY RILEY, W. B. Phi Alpha Theta was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1921. Since that time the organization has grown into national significance among honor fra- ' ' h 1 through- ternities. Chapters may now he found at fifty-one of the leading Sc oo S out the nation. Membership requirements include twelve hours of history or political science with a grade average of 41.00, plus a 3.50 grade average in all other subjects. At the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Meeting of the National Crganization in New York in 1946, Alpha chapter of Arkansas was presented a plaque commem- ' ' 1 ' now on the west wall orating the founding of Phi Alpha Theta. The p aque is of the North Reserve Reading Room. Round-table discussions on the Marsha11 Plan and its effect on American economy and on the various aspects O1 the Civil Rights Program proved very interesting to the members. Page 134 Page 135 Left to right: Charmian Sure, Lillia Lou Dewees, Iames Terrell, Ann Iorclan, William Passarelli, Rolland Waters, Mary Ellen Randolph, Loyde Hudson, Kempner Scott. PHI BET K PP OFFICERS President ....... MRS. D. Y. HOLCOMB Vice-president . . . MRS. M. C. MAXTED Secretary-Treasurer ...... FRED L. KERR MEMBERS ADLER, LETA M. HALE, DR. HARRISON KERR, FRED L. ROMANS, FREELAND BOON, ELOISE GRAY HAM, L. B. KNERR, INA H. SCOTT, KEMPNER R. CARLSON, T. C. HOLCOMB, DAISY Y. LEFLAR, DEAN R. A. STRAUSS, H. H. CARTER, HOWARD HOTZ, DR. H. G. MAXTED, MATTIE C. SuRE, CHARMIAN CAUSEY, NELLE B. HUDSON, LLOYD H. PASSARELLI, W. O. SWARTZ, DR. DELBERT DELLINGER, DR. S. C. IONES, DR. V. L. PAXSON, FRANCES D. TERRELL, IAMES E. DEMAIO, VINCENT IORDAN, ANN FLEMING PENROSE, DR. WM. WATERS, ROLLAND M. DEWEES, LILLIA Lou IORDAN, DR. I. C. RANDOLPH, MARY E. WERTHEIM, EDGAR GARCIA, IDELE MAY YOUNG, V. H. Phi Beta Kappa is the pre-eminent honor fraternity, the one upon which all others are modeled. Alpha chapter was installed at the University of Arkansas in 1932. The purpose of the society is to recognize and encourage scholarship, friendship, and cultural interest. Membership is limited to ten per cent of the candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts. or Bachelor of Science, in the College of Arts and Sciences. Candidates are chosen on the basis of outstanding character, attainments, and scholarship. A minimum grade average of 4.00 is prescribed, but very few elec- tions occur at that level. Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The society thus had its founding in the early days of the Republic, and its history parallels that of the nation. Since its founding, election to this fraternity has been regarded as a recognition of the highest intel! lectual capacities. ,X , q i " . ii I . eng? -J 7777777 M- ...T ' . . . - KN. Front row, left to right: Core, McCauley, Faust, Flum, Chilcote, Collins. Bowman, Edwards. Second row: Stice, Taylor, Russell, Edwards, Gammill, Sowder, Clack, Humphreys. Third row: Riley, Powell, Malone, McSwain, Wilhite, Wikman, Gibson, Shaw. PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS President . . .,.... PHILIP FLUM Vice-president . . GLENN E. WILHITE Secretary . . HOWARD W. RUSSELL Treasurer . ...... IACK L. GIBSON MEMBERS BOWMAN, REAGAN E. EDWARDS, ROBERT B. HAYS, BILLY PAUL RUSSELL, H. W. BROWN, ROBERT R. FAUST, THOMAS E. HOLLENBACK, W. P. SHAW, IARRY M. CHILCOTE, LUGEAN FLUM, PHILIP N. LAWRENCE, M. P. SOWDER, TONY R. CLACK, ROBERT E. GAMMILL, EDWARD MCSWAIN, BENNIE D. STATMAN, HARRY COLLINS, DAVID GIBSON, IACK L. MALONE, PAUL E. SUTTON, ROBERT K. CORE, ORVILLE B. GILLHAM, RICHARD PAYNE, I. TROY TAYLOR, IAMES E. CRANDELL, DEWITT GRIZZELL, IAMES O. POWELL, GEORGE M. WARNER, CECIL R. EDWARDS, LINDSAY H. GUINN, EARL POWELL, NIXON W. WILHITE, GLENN E. WILSON, MAJOR L. Coveted awards are not limited to seniors . . . freshmen, too, can Wear honorary keys, and one of the most Outstanding of these is the Phi Eta Sigma key. Before a man is initiated in Phi Eta Sigma, he must make a five-point average for the first semester of his freshman year or a cumulative five-point for the freshman year. Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary fraternity for freshman men. It was founded in 1923 at the University of lllinoisg its purpose is to encourage scholar- ship among freshmen. The Arkansas Chapter Was founded in 1931 by the late Dean Ripley, this chapter making the twenty-fourth chapter in the United States. Professor Allan S. Humphreys is the faculty advisor. An outstanding event of Phi Eta Sigma is the annual smoker held in the fall. Those men making the highest grades on the psychological entrance examination are invited to this. Initiation ceremonies are held in November and in March. fu - 4, r 4 if :rg 'ff .T as I f' . A 1 . I "T:7?:i'iv , ,, XI Page 135 2-4 7' Front row. left to right: Karnes, Gion, Brummett, Henderson, Lilly, Hotz, Renner, Blondeau. Second row: Reamy, Hotz, Webb, Martin, Thompson, Iohnson, McCallum, Cohen, Duke, Giles. Third row: Hull, Stice, Eagle, Adkisson, Alford, Knight, Coleman, Estes, Crow, Bowers, Campbell, Romans. Fourth row: Richardson, Wilson, Runyan, Fischer, Reynolds, Harmon, Waters, Passarelli, Harris, McGuire, Lacey, Connell. PI MU EPSILO OFFICERS President . . ...... ATLAS LILLY Vice-president . MACLYN MCKEEHAN Secretary . . . WEBB HENDERSON Treasurer . . . . . PALMER HOTZ MEMBERS - ADKISSON, DR. VIRGIL EAGLE, ELMO L. KNIGHT, WOOD D. RIPPEY, DAVID R. ALFORD, MITCHELL E. ELLIS, ALMONT LACEY, IAMES W. ROMANS, FREELAND E. ARNOLD, H. I. ESTES, BRUCE H. LILLY, E. D. ROSEN, WARD BATES, MARTIN W. FISCHER, IAMES L. LILLY, ATLAS RuNYAN, EDWIN I. BILLINGS, I. I. GION, ALICE LOCKMAN, HAL D., IR. SAMuELS, GARLAND, I BLoNDEAu, MAuDE B. GLEASON, WARREN MCANICH, ROBERT L SISSONS, FRANK M. BOHE, EDWARD E. GRAHAM, HELEN MCCALLUM, ROBT. D. SMART, RICHARD L. BOWERS, BILL GRIZZELL, I. O. MARTIN, RICHARD L. STICE, IAMES E. BRUMMETT, ANNA R. CHERRY, MARY C. COHEN, DONALD HARMON, WILLIAM D. NICHOLS, G. D. HARRIS, ROBT. L., IR. NOYCE, W. K. HENDERSON, WEBB OLTMANN, IOHN STITES, RICHARD L. THOMPSON, BERT B. TOONE, IAMES, IR. COLEMAN, PAUL HILL, I. W. PASSARELLI, W. O., IR. UNDERWOOD, R. B. CONNELL, I. P., IR. HOTZ, HARTMAN REAMY, HERBERT WATERS, ROLLAND M. CROW, BERT W. HOTZ, PALMER REDMOND, L. R., IR. WEBB. BYRON, IR. DEWEES, LILLIA Lou HULL, STACEY L. RENNER, THERESA M. WILSON, ROBERT H. DUKE, THOMAS E. IOFFE MICHAEL REYNOLDS, IOSEPH E. WRAY, ROBERT C. DuLIN, IOHN I. IOHNSON, DREW T. RICHARDSON, DR. D. P. Pi Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics fraternity, Was founded in 1914 at Syracuse University. The purpose of this organization is to promote mathematical scholarship among the students in academic institutions of university level. The requirements for membership are: to have a cumulative grade of 3.50 and a 4.00 in mathematics, to have finished calculus, and to have an interest in the Study of mathematics. F1 i -, ,4 3. S75 he J + sig, ,, ' Page 137 W VI' is , PV-li' Front row, left to right: Fisher, Waters, Pattillo, Seiberling, Kraemer, F. Robins. Second row: Mahan, Wells, Ratcliif, Cupp, Murphree, Peters, Hurst, Gaines, Shaw. Third row: Bensberg, Witherspoon, Lemmon, Kimbrough, Young, G. Robins, Richardson. PSI CHI OFFICERS President . . ,... HARRY A. SEIBERLING Vice-president . . . SUE PATTILLO Secretary . . . . FAY ROBINS Treasurer . .... CALVIN D. FISHER MEMBERS AHLEMEYER, IEAN HuRST, GEORGE ANNA PATTILLO, SUE ROBINS, GERALD B. BENSBERG, G. I. KIMBROLIGH, WILSON PETERS, DR. H. N. SEIBERLING, H. A. CHERRY, CAROLYN E. KRAEIVIER, DR. W. S. PIGGOT, IAMES R. SHAW, MARVIN G. CLIPP, CECIL W. LEMMON, GEORGE RATCLIFF, GRACE WATERS, DR. R. H. FISHER, CALVIN D. MAHAN, WAYNE W. RICHARDSON, FRANCIS WELLS, SARA GAINES, NANCY MLIRPHREE, O, D. ROBINS, FAY WITHERSPOON, PAUL YOUNG, MITCH Psi Chi, national honorary society in psychology, was founded in 1929, the University of Arkansas chapter being a charter member. Previously, a local honor fraternity, also called Psi Chi, functioned in the place of the national organization. A The purpose of Psi Chi is to stimulate interest in psychology as an academic and professional field of work. In accordance with this aim, the local chapter has sponsored monthly lectures, movies, and demonstrations dealing with topics of interest to psychology, such as conditioning, psychomatic medicine, and hypnosis. Psi Chi recognizes four classes of members: active, associate, honorary, and alumni. Active members must have completed twelve hours of psychology with a grade of B or above and a C in all other courses. Associate members must have completed nine hours with a B, and have a C in all other courses, but they may not vote on questions of national policy, hold ofiice, or wear the Psi Chi key. Honor- ary members must be approved by the national council, and alumni members are those no longer affiliated with the local chapter. .A 1' 'A-.RX ' ' ' PYLE" 'N -C ...,. . - .Ph ,.-.. 4 7 5933-5 V, ' '." 5 . 7! "Nr X f' . L Page 138 'Eff Front row, left to right: M. Boatright, Cooke, Zaloudek, Hill, McKeehan, Reynolds. Second row: Baker, Crow, Danner, Bowers, Boatright, Thompson. Third row: McCallum, Iasper, Brewer, Fischer. T U BET PI OFFICERS President . ...... I. W. HILL, IR. Vice-president . . . . . R. F. THOMAS Secretary . . . . L. FISCHER Treasurer . . I. E. REYNOLDS MEMBERS BOATRIGHT, IAMES A. BREWER, HAROLD K. FISCHER, IAMES L. MCKEEHAN, MACLYN BOATRIGHT, MARVIN D. COOKE, HARRY F. HILL, IOHN W. REYNOLDS, IOSEPH E. BAKER, VIRGIL L., IR. CROWV, CHESTER IASPER, PAuL R. THOMAS, REUBEN F. BOWERS, WILLIAM E. DANNER, IOHN F. MCCALLUM, ROBERT D. THOMPSON, BERT B. ZALOHDEK, ARTHUR C. Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor fraternity, was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 by Dr. E. H. Williams, Ir., to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, or by their attain- ments as alumni. The local chapter, Alpha of Arkansas, Was formed December 14, 1914. Membership in Tau Beta Pi is the highest honor that can come to an engi- neer. Men are Selected from those whose scholastic average is in the upper fifth of the senior class or the upper eighth of the junior class. After scholarship, selection is based on integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside of engi- neering, adaptability, and unselfish activity. The local chapter annually offers a slide rule to the freshman engineer who makes the highest grade point during his first semester. Highlight of the chapter's activities is a banquet held in March to honor new initiates. The national association supports a fellowship fund to assist Worthy students in graduate work. Page 139 . - in fT 'sI'f' If at '-4.. 's'f' "' xg.--' N I' l Front row, left to right: Wilson, Fiaker, Arnold. Second row: P. Woods, D. Woods, Halbrook, Carroll. TALI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS President . . .,.. WILLIAM I. ARNOLD Secretary-Treasurer . . . PHIL CARROLL Faculty Sponsor . ..... V. L. BAKER MEMBERS ARNOLD, WILLIAM I. HALBROOK, WILLIAM M. MCCLELLAN, IOHN WILSON, IOHN CARROLL, PHIL MCALISTER, A. D. VESTAL, WILLIAM WOODS, DAN WOODs, PENDLETON Tau Kappa Alpha is a national honorary forensic society Whose purpose is to award suitable recognition for excellence in public speaking and debate, and to develop and promote interest in forensics among the general public, especially among the students of colleges and universities. The University of Arkansas chapter is a member of the national organization, which has over a hundred chapters located on the campuses of many of the best universities and colleges in the United States. Debate activities this year, in cooperation with the University General Ex- tension Department, included: the Savage Forensic Tournament at Durant, Cklahoma: the Arkansas Association of Teachers of Speech Tournament at Con- wayg the Mid-South Forensic Tournament at Arkadelphiag tournaments at Ada, Oklahoma: and the Missouri Valley Forensic Tournament at the University of Kansas. Arkansas won top honors in the State Tournament in Arkadelphia in both junior and senior divisions, and one Arkansas team tied for top honors in the Missouri Valley Tournament, held here in Arkansas last year. Dr. Charles H. Brough, former professor at the University of Arkansas and one-time governor of the state, was for many years president of the national organization. Other prominent members of the Arkansas chapter are: Hon. Clyde T. Ellis, former United States Congressman, and Hon. W. Fulbright, United States Senator. ee!! 5'-,Q, 5. F ' , ,MT , I Ns. N Sf' . A 1 I9 'k 3 V '-K, 1' , jf " ' f ' e. "5 f L' ' ' " 22' 1 Mg! Page 140 x Q Q-gr -Q- 33-Qu I 3 13" It-1 ,OQC 009 xxx N., ,a 119 111 Q I Pl First row, left to right: Gathright, Clemmons, Taylor, Iordan, Deacon, Pipkin, Rosen, Woods. Second row: Reynolds, Massey, Stewart, Gathright, Bass, Lester, McCauley, Perkins, Mann, Woods, Hembree, Stovall, Henry, Scott, Fowler, Greig, Thompson, Theis, Lockman. Last row: Halbrook, Stuckey, Riley, Wilson, Barnett, Riley, Holiman, Stovall, McClellan, Hogins. BLLIE KEY OFFICERS President . . .... IACK DEACON Vice-president . . IOYCE PIPKIN Secretary . . ROBERT TAYLOR Treasurer . ...,. EARL CLEMMONS MEMBERS ARNOLD, WILLIAM GREIG, SMITH MCCAULEY, IAMES ROSEN, WARD BARNETT, IAMES HALBROOK, MARCUS MCCLELLAN, I. L., IR. SCOTT, CLYDE BASS, WARREN HAMMOND, DEVON MANN, IOHN W., IR. STEWART, RALPH BEDWELL, MALIRICE HEDGECOCK, RAYMOND MASSEY, CHARLES L. STOREY, IAMES D. BYRD, I. P. HEMBREE, HOWARD W. PENICK, EDWARD M. STOVALL, WILLIAM CARROLL, PHIL HENRY, BILL PENICK, IAMES, IR. STUCKEY, SAM CLEMMONS, EARL HOGINS, IACK PENIX, WILLIAM TAYLOR, ROBERT DEACON, IACK HOLIMAN, ARTHuR B, PERKINS, V. F., IR. THEIS, WARREN ELDRIDGE, WILLIAM ISGRIG, BEN PIPKIN, IoYcE THOMPSON, BERT ELLIS, ALMONT LACKEY, GUY REDMOND, LESTER WILSON, ROBERT FOWLER, LEHMAN LESTER, I. EDWARD REYNOLDS, IOSEPH WOODS, DAN GATHRIGHT, EMMETTE LOCKMAN, HAL RILEY, W. B. WOODS, PENDLETON GATHRIGHT, MORRELL WYATT, ANDY I. Blue Key is a national honor fraternity for the recognition of leadership among college men. The local chapter developed out of a group called The Mar- ble Arch and became affiliated With Blue Key in 1929 as the forty-second chapter. There are now seventy-eight chapters located in American colleges and univer- sities. The Arkansas chapter of Blue Key feels particularly fortunate in having Dean Iohn Clark Iordan, national president of Blue Key since 1934, as its faculty advisor. Among the various activities the fraternity has sponsored this year are , speeches made in state high schools to create interest in the University. QQ A X ,-,hvx V. ,Ill ' Q, 48' " fx F 1 . ,',, Q ' 'if if 5 fu?-Y 4' 'IN L' I -.L -- lit? A - ffl -C75 --gf Sai ' ' K f'fu"' Q " ,-2' Page 142 First row, left fo right: Maddox, Fischer, McKeehan. Kane, Eckert, Lilly. Second row: Cross, Moseley, Walter, Third row: Stocker, Swartz, Pfrimmer, Hotz, Bell, Richardson, Iones. Turner, Berry, Minor, Iones, Humphreys. OMICRO DELT K PP OFFICERS President . . .... MACLYN MCKEEHAN Vice-president . . . TED PFRIMMER Secretary . RICHARD STITES Treasurer . . BILL ECKERT MEMBERS ADKISSON, DR. V. W. GIFFORD, DR. WARREN KANE, IOHN ROMANS, FREELAND BEDWELL, EDWARD HARRIS, ROBERT LAMBERT, DR. EUGENE ROWDEN, ROBERT BELL, BuNN HEFLIN, WILLIAM LILLY, ATLAS SMART, RICHARD BERRY, IACK HENRY, LLOYD LINTON, ROBERT STICE, IAMES BOWERS, BILL HILL, IOHN MCCOLLUM, ROBERT STOCKER, DEAN GEO. BROWN, IAMES O. HOTZ, HARTMAN MADDOX, ROBERT SWARTZ, DR. DELBERT CROSS, CHARLES H, HUMPHREYS, A. S. MATHIAS, MATT THOMAS, BILLY RAY DOCKINS, DELMA HUNSBERGER, DR. G. E. MOSELEY, IOHN TuRNER, OTHEL D. ELIBANKS, RALPH T. IONES, DR. LEWIS W. PENROSE, WILLIAM WALTERS, LOuIE W. FISCHER, IAMES IONES, ROBERT RICHARDSON, DAVIS Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society for junior and senior men, Was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914, the local Beta Beta Circle being installed here in 1939. The purpose of ODK is to confer the distinction for high achievement upon its student and faculty members, to foster the spirit of liberal culture, to encourage mental development, to associate outstanding leaders of the society in the art of democratic living, and to stimulate Worthy attitudes for the improvement of the general Welfare of the institution. Eligibility for membership is based on character, scholarship, and eminence in athletics, publications, forensic, and social leadership. , Page l 43 Tix-q , X 14 S 'K I T 1 - 5' xxx 'I 14,9 i f. Left to right: Sue Baran, Ann Iordan, Sally Rand Williams, Mary Pat O'Kelly, Sue Pattillo, Irene Batten, lean Ahlemeyer, Betsy Aycock, Mary Frank Nicholson. ORTAR BOARD OFFICERS President . . . . . . IRENE BATTEN Vice-president . Suzi PATTILLO Secretary . . ANN IORDAN Treasurer . ..... SALLY WILLIAMS MEMBERS AHLEMEYER, IEAN BARAN, SuE IORDAN, ANN 0,KELLY, MARY PAT AYcocK, BETSY BATTEN, IRENE NICHOLSON, MARY F. PATTILLO, SUE WILLIAMS, SALLY Mortar Board is an honorary society for outstanding senior women. It orig- inated from an earlier organization known as Uctagon, composed of eight senior women. This group was formed in 1929 by Dean Martha Reid, then dean of women, for the avowed purpose of bringing Mortar Board to this campus. The purpose of Mortar Board is to provide for the cooperation between soci- eties, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage lead- ership, and to stimulate and develop a liner type of college woman. The qualifica- tions for membership are service, scholarship, and leadership. This year Mortar Board began its activities with a school for officers on Qcto- ber 16. Eighty-four students attended the school which was open to all major oflicers of campus organizations. Feeling the need on this campus for more aid to worthy students, Mortar Board launched a sale of University of Arkansas calendars in December to estab- lish a scholarship fund. The scholarship is to be awarded on the bases similar to those on which Mortar Board members are chosen. In conjunction with Sophomore Council, the members sponsored two nurseries for veterans' children on the night of the Veterans' Dance. .52 any Page 144 ,ff yy.. Q-Si? ff M MMM-W I, 17 g 1 T 3 suvnomnnfs The Sophomore Class of l948 Row 1: IAMES ARTHUR ABBOTT, Agriculture, Downers Grove, Illinois, IOSEPH B. ABEL, Engineering, Mena, BERNARD ELL- WYN ADAMS, Business, Fayetteville, BOB ADAMS, Education, Mulberry, IANE ADAMSON, Arts, Little Rock, IEROME IOE AHNE, Engineering, Scranton, CAROLYN MOORE ALEXANDER, Business, Scott, URIEL BUTLER ALFORD, Arts, Little Rock, DON- ALD WILLIAM ALLEN, Arts, Smackover. Row 2: SUZANNE ANGELA ALLISON, Arts, DeQueen, GLENN HORATIO ALSIP, Engineering, Bentonville, CHARLES SPENCER ANDERSON, IR., Business, Osceola, IOHN HAROLD ANDERSON, Arts, Mount Holly, New Iersey, ROLAND HERBERT ANDERSON, Business, Bristol, Maryland, EARL EDGAR ANDREWS, IR., Busi- ness, Batesville, MARY CAROLYN ANDREWS, Arts, Hope, CHRIS ANDRITSOS, Business, Camden, ALEXANDER GEORGE ANTONIO, Engineering, Hot Springs. Row 3: ARVLE I. ARMSTRONG, Engineering, Hackett, ROY B. ARMSTRONG, Business, Fayetteville, TURNER ARMSTRONG, Engi- neering, Pine Bluff, GEORGE ARTHUR ASHBRIDGE, Engineering, Hot Springs, GREGORY H. ATKINS, Engineering, Blytheville, IAMES DAWSON ATKINSON, IR., Arts, Prescott, GWYN ATNIP, Arts, Marmaduke, WILLIAM MCILROY BAGBY, Business, Fay- etteville, REX WILSON BAIR, Arts, Bentonville. Row 4: DONALD BAY BAKER, Arts, Fayetteville, IACK L. BAKER, Arts, Fayetteville, THOMAS CHARLES BAKER, IR., Edu- cation, Springdale, FREDERICK SENTER BALCH, Business, Little Rock, WILLIAM LEWIS BALDWIN, Engineering, Texarkana, IACK STOKES BALLARD, Education, Gravette, WARREN EUGENE BANKS, Business, Hot Springs, WILLIAM P. BANKS, Arts, Ha- zen, FREDERICK NEIL BARBEE, Business, Springdale. Row 5: IOHN ARTHUR BARD, Engineering, Benton, ROBERT FRAZIER BARLING, Engineering, Fort Smith, HARLEY T. BAR- LOW, Engineering, Booneville, ROY PAUL BARNES, Engineering, Siloam Springs, TOMMIE CAROL BARNES, Arts, Little Rock: BOBBY DALE BARNETT, Agriculture, Springdale, GIDEON FRANK- LIN BARNETT, IR., Business, Keo, HAROLD HOWARD BARNETT, Agriculture, Fayetteville, FARRY FRANCES BARTON, Agricul- ture, Charleston. Row 6: IACK RODGERS BASDEN, Business, Lincoln, GEORGE TUCKER BATCHELOR, Business, Little Rock, FRANK R. BAT- TISTO, Engineering, North Little Rock, IOHN COLMORE BEANE. IR., Arts, Paragould, I.ACK L. BEHL, Business, Fayetteville: MAXINE BELL, Education, Forrest City, WARREN K. BELL, Arts, Wheatley, IOHN I. BENCICK, Engineering, Hot Springs: REGINALD IUSTIN BENEUX, Business, Fort Smith. Row 7: CLETA SUE BENNETT, Business, Washington, D. C., D. L. BENNETT, Arts, Boydsville, ERNEST MILAN BENNETT, Agriculture, Carlisle, ROBERT H. BENTON, Engineering, For- dyce, IAMES CLAUDE BETHEL, Arts, Fayetteville, SALLY ANN BETHEL, Arts, Fayetteville, BENNIE EDSEL BIBB, Education, Trumann, MARTHA FRANCES BIRDSONG, Business, Carlisle, CHARLES WILLIAM BISHOP, Arts, Swifton. Row 8: WILLIAM A. BLACK, IR., Business, Earle, WILBUR D. BLACKMON, Business, Fayetteville, CHESTER W, BLACKWOOD, IR., Business, North Little Rock, BILLY LEWIS BLAIR, Business, Little Rock, FRANKLIN MARTIN BLAIR, Agriculture, Chicago, Illinois, RICHARD TRUMAN BLAIR, Arts, San Francisco, Calif.: IOHN WILLIAM BLANKS, Business, Little Rock, WARREN DAR- RELL BLAYLOCK, Business, Alma, ROBERT ELMO BLEVINS, Engi- neering, Greenwood, Row 9: WINSTON CARROLL BLEWSTER, Engineering, Magnolia: WILLIAM I. BLOCK, Business, Paragould, BRUCE ROE BOALS, Business, Clarendon, WARREN ERVIN BOCK, Business, Roe: WILLIAM SLATER BODENHAMER, Arts, El Dorado, EARLE LOUIS BOHLEN, Business, Fayetteville, KENNY MITCHELL BONDS, Busi- ness, Lepanto, BOBBY IIM BONNETTE, Business, Dierks, CHARLES WILLIAM BONSTEEL, Business, Harrison. Row 10: MARY GALE BOOTH, Business, Des Arc: BEN ALLEN BOREN, Arts, Claremore, Oklahoma, LEE EDWARD BOLILDEN, Engineering, Gurdon, GEORGE ROBERT BOWEN, Engineering, Fayetteville, MARGARET IANET BOWERS, Arts, Helena, ROBERT GILBERT BOWLAN, Business, Fayetteville, THELL BOWLIN, IR., Arts, Mulberry, TOM HARRISON BOWLING, Arts, Pryor, Okla., REAGON EDWIN BOWMAN, Engineering, Elmhurst, Illinois. Row 11: NODA IANE BOWN, Education, Huntsville: IOHN BOY- KIN Box, Business, Knobel, NVILLIAM O. BOYCE, Arts, Hardy, IEANNE DOLORES BOYDSTON, Arts, Fayetteville: DALE THUR- LOW BRADFORD, Agriculture, Plumerville, WILLIAM STERLING BRADFORD, Engineering, Harrisburg, BRAXTON VICTOR BRAGG, Arts, Fayetteville, IOE CAMPBELL BRANDON, Engineering, Fort Smith, RAYMOND W. BRANTON, Engineering, Little Rock. Row 12: BRYSON HAROLD BRAY, Arts, Malvern, IOHN A. BREN- NER, Business, Parkin, AUSTIN E. BREWER, Engineering, Mount Vernon, BILLIE IEANNE BREWER, Agriculture, Carlisle, CHARLES DWIGHT BREWER, Engineering, Malven, IOHN FRAZER BREWER, IR., Engineering, Little Rock, LEONARD WEAVER BREWER, IR., Business, Fayetteville, IOSEPH RENTZ BRIDGES, Engineering, Pine Bluff, MARY ELIZABETH BRIGANCE, Arts, Marked Tree. Page 1446 'Q'- A Gm we if, 'Ki 'kv' it - james Arthur Abbott, Ioseph B. Abel, Bernard Ellwyn Adams, Bob Adams, lane Adamson, Ierome Ioe Ahne, Carolyn Moore Alexander, Uriel Butler Alford, Donald William Allen. Suzanne Angela Allison, G l e n n Horatio Alsip, Charles Spencer Anderson, Ir., Iohn Harold Anderson, Roland Hervert Anderson, Earl Edgar Andrews, Ir., Mary Carolyn Andrews, Chris Anclritsos, Alexander George Antonio. Arvle Armstrong, Roy B. Armstrong, Turner Arm- strong, George Arthur Ash- bridge, Gregory H. Atkins, Iames Dawson Atkinson, Ir., Gwyn Atnip, William McIl- roy Bagby, Rex Wilson Bair, Donald Bay Baker, lack L. Baker, Thomas Charles Ba- ker, Ir., Frederick Senter Balch, William Lewis Bald- win, Iack Stokes Ballard, Warren Eugene Banks, Wil- liam P. Banks, Frederick Neil Barbee. Iohn Arthur Bard, Robert Frazier Barling, Harley T. Barlow, Roy Paul Barnes, Tommie Carol Barnes, Bob- by Dale Barnett, Gideon Franklin Barnett, Ir., Harold Howard Barnett, Farry Frances Barton. lack R o d g e r s Basden, George Tucker Batchelor, Frank R. Battisto, Iohn Col- more Beane, Ir., Iack L. Behl, Maxine Bell, Warren K. Bell, Iohn I. Bencick, Reginald Iustin Beneux. Cleta Sue Bennett, D. L. Bennett, Ernest Milan Ben- nett, Robert H. Benton, james Claude Bethel, Sally Ann Bethel, Bennie Edsel Bibb, Martha Frances Bird- song, Charles William Bish- op. William A. Black, Ir., Wil- bur D. Blackmon, Chester W. Blackwood, Ir., Billy Lewis Blair, Franklin Mar- tin Blair, Richard Truman Blair, Iohn William Blanks, Warren Darrell Blaylock, Robert Elmo Blevins. Winston Carroll Blewster, VVilliam I. Block, Bruce Roe Boals, Warren Ervin Bock, William Slater Bodenhamer, Earle Louis Bohlen, Kenny Mitchell Bonds, Bobby Iim Bonnette, Charles William Bonsteel. Mary Gale Booth, Ben Al- len Boren, Lee Edward Boulden, George Robert Bo- wen, Margaret Ianet Bow- ers, Robert Gilbert Bowlan, Thell Bowlin, Ir., Tom Har- rison Bowling, Reagon Ed- win Bowman. Noda lane Bown, Iohn Boy- kin Box, William O. Boyce, leanne Dolores Boydston. Dale Thurlow Bradford, William Sterling Bradford, Braxton Victor Bragg, Ioe Campbell Brandon, Ray- mond W. Branton. Bryson Harold Bray, Iohn A. Brenner, Austin E. Brew- er, Billie Ieanne Brewer, Charles Dwight Brewer, lohn Frazer Brewer, Ir., Leonard Weaver Brewer, Ir., Ioseph Rentz Bridges, Mary Elizabeth Brigance. The Sophomore Class of IQ48 Row I: WILLIAM DELBERT BRIGHT, Engineering, Fort Smith: MARILYN MARGARET BRETT, Arts, Morrilton: ROBERT GILBERT BROCKMANN, Business, Tuckerman: CHARLES DANIEL BROWN, Engineering, Mineral Springs: EMORY BROWN, Agriculture, Fayetteville: GERALD DONALD BROWN, Arts, Van Buren: GER- ALD PARKER BROWN, Arts, Piggott: IO ANN BROWN, Arts, El Dorado: IOHN LEGRAND BROWN, Business, Lancaster, Texas. Row 2: LAWRENCE D. BROWN, Business, Van Buren: LELAND WADDELL BROWN, Engineering, North Little Rock: MARION EDISON BROWN, Business, Fayetteville: ROBERT EDGAR BROWN: Arts, Fayetteville: ROBERT RICHARD BROWN, IR., Business, El Dorado: HALBERT SIDNEY BRUCE, Business, Fort Smith: MIL- DRED HOMERA BRUCE, Agriculture, Newport: IAMES RUEORD BRYANT, Agriculture, Camden: IOHN THOMAS BRYANT. Busi- ness, Hot Springs. Row 3: RECTOR HAIL BRYANT, Engineering, Batesville: DAVID H. BUELL, Engineering, Fort Smith: EDMUND LUGYON BUEZ- KOWSKI, Arts, Des Arc: HARVEY PRIMM BULL, Agriculture, Wright: HOUSTON WARREN BURR, Arts, Ionesboro: IOHN DON- ALD BURNETT, Business, Wynne: PAY ADOLPHUS BURROWS: Agriculture, Marianna: GRAYDON IUSTIN BUSHART, IR., Engi- neering, Fort Smith: GEORGE EUGENE BUTLER, Business, Osce- Ola. Row 4: BILL WESTLEY BUTTS, Arts, Bentonville: IESSE SAMUEL BUTz, Arts, Iacksonville, Florida: WILLIAM LYLE BYNUM, IR., Arts, Dermott: BETTY IEAN CAIN, Business, Eudora: CHARLES ELMER CALDWELL, Engineering, Hot Springs: EURIE H. CAL- I-IOON, Agriculture, Fulton: DON EDWARD CALLAHAM, Engi- neering, Nashville: CLINTON EUGENE CALVERT, Engineering, Oakdale, Louisiana: CASSIE MARIE CAMPBELL, Education, Oneida. Row 5: IAMES WANSLEY CAMPBELL, Arts, Imboden: IAMES WITHERS CAMPBELL, Business, Fayetteville: LELAND CAMP- BELL, IR., Engineering, Fayetteville: ROBERT E. CAMPBELL, Business, Little Rock: WILLIAM HOY CANNON, Business, Cros- sett: EDWARD PAUL CAPERTON, IR., Business, Pine Bluff: IAMES HALE CARLISLE, Business, Osceola: IEANNE HYLA CARMICHAEI., Business, Little Rock: BARBARA ANN CARR, Arts, Newport. , , l l I "7 I i l S Row 6: IOAN CARROLL, Education, Wichita Falls, Texas: ED- WIN D. CARSON, Business, Detonti: FRED CARTER, Engineering, Springdale: PAUL DWAIN CARTER, Engineering, Texarkana: WILLIAM ELLIS CARTER, Business, West Fork: IOHN EAGLE CASEY, Arts, Fayetteville: MARILYN IO CAUSEY, Education, Forrest City: IOHN GUY CAZORT, IR., Arts, Little Rock: PORTER A, CHADICK, Engineering, Pine Bluff. Row 7: DON EDWARD CHAMBLIN, Business, Blytheville: DEL- BERT CLAUD CHANCELLOR, Engineering, Goodman, Missouri: CLARA IANE CHANEY, Arts, Fayetteville: IAMES RUSSELL CHARLESWORTH, Engineering, Springdale: CORA MARY CHESIRE, Arts, Fayetteville: LUGEAN LESTER CHILCOTE, Engineering. Little Rock: RAYMOND DALE CHRISTY, Business, Fort Smith: THOM,AS G. CHURCHILL, Engineering, Texarkana: ROBERT EARL CLACK, Arts, Springdale. Row 8: IOSEPH HALL CLARK, Business, Fayetteville: THOMAS LEE CLARK, Business, Mountain Home: GEORGE R. CLARKSON, Engineering, Barstow, California: ARTHUR RICHARD CLEVE- LAND, Engineering, Sulphur Rock: MARGARET RUTH CLIFFORD, Business, Camden: IOHN H. COBB, Engineering, Texarkana: M,ARY IEAN CODDINGTON, Education, Fayetteville: POLLY COLE, Arts, Little Rock: BETTY IEAN COLEMAN, Arts, Osceola. Row 9: MARY IANE COLEMAN, Arts, Prescott: THOMAS HARRY COLEMAN, Engineering, Camden: WILLIAM ALLEN COLEMAN. Engineering, Texarkana: BARRON COLLIER, Arts, Fayetteville: GEORGE PLEASANT COLLIER, Arts, Hot Springs: KING I. COL- LIER, Engineering, Fort Smith: MARGARET IEAN COLLIER, Agri- culture, Gillett: DAVID ANDERSON COLLINS, Engineering, Fay- etteville: ROBERT LOWELL COLLINS, Agriculture, Bald Knob. Row 10: ROBERT LEE COMBS, Agriculture, Fayetteville: Bu- FORD IOHN COMPTON, Business, Prescott: WILLIAM L. COMP- TON, Business, Fayetteville: RITA VIRGINIA COOK, Business, Fayetteville: THOMAS H. COOK, Arts, Moss Point, Mississippi: VANCE OLIVER COOK, Arts, Fayetteville: WILLIE W. COOK, Engineering, Conway: IOHN LOUIS COTHAM, Engineering, Ark- ansas City: IOHN ALVIN COTTON, Agriculture, Watts. Row II: PHILIP R. COULTER, Business, Pine Bluff: NORRIS DEAN COUNTS, Agriculture, Wesley: IOSEPH EARL COURTNEY, Engineering, Manitou Springs, Colorado: ALLYN BERT Cox, Agriculture, Berryville: IAMES DEWEY COX, Business, Dyess: IAMES ROBERT Cox, Agriculture, Clarksville: IOAN Cox, Arts, Texarkana, Texas: KENNETH MILTON Cox, Engineering, Blackwell, Oklahoma: LYNN HAROLD Cox, Business, Dyess. Row 12: VAN ROBERT Cox, Business, Prairie Grove: LESLIE CLARK CRABTREE, Engineering, Bradley: WILLIAM EDWARD CRAIG, Agriculture, Scott: ANN LORENE CRAIN, Arts, Spring- dale: ADAIR CRANE, Arts, Fort Smith: IIM BOB CRAWFORD, En- gineering, Green Forest: RAYMOND MARTIN CRAWFORD, Busi- ness, Blytheville: HORACE lVl.ARTIN CROFOOT III, Engineering, Little Rock: ROBERT AUSTIN CROMWELL, Engineering, Buena Vista. Page 148 . EA.. .-DE A .. ..- 5 X 1 t ep A al I .5 .,, Egjuh 'LH .Q 5 t l . I I -1--. Q we 544 wg 19 ey , . if lf? K r' sh N ' .9533 William Delbert Bright, Marilyn Margaret Brett, Robert Gilbert Brockmann, Charles Daniel Brown, Em- ory Brown, Gerald Donald Brown, Gerald P a r k e r Brown, Io Ann Brown, Iohn LeGrand Brown. Lawrence D. Brown, Leland Waddell Brown, Marion Edison Brown, Robert Ed- gar Brown, Robert Richard Brown, Ir., Halbert Sidney B r u c e , Mildred Homera Bruce, Iames Ruford Bryant, Iohn Thomas Bryant. Rector Hail Bryant, David H. Buell, Edmund Lucyon Buezkowski, Harvey Primm Bull, Houston Warren Burk, Iohn Donald Burnett, Fay Adolphus Burrows, Graydon Iustin Bushart, Ir., George Eugene Butler. Bill Westley Butts, Iesse Samuel Butz, William Lyle Bynum, Ir., Betty lean Cain, Charles Elmer Caldwell, Eurie H. Calhoon, Don Ed- ward Callaham, Clinton Eu- gene Calvert, Cassie Marie Campbell. Iames Wansley Campbell, Iames Withers Campbell, Leland Campbell, Ir., Robert E. Campbell, William Hoy Cannon, Edward Paul Cap- erton, Ir., Iames Hale Car- lisle, Ieanne Hyla Carmich- ael, Barbara Ann Carr. Ioan Carroll, Edwin D. Car- son, Fred Carter, Paul Dwain Carter, William El- lis Carter, Iohn Eagle Ca- sey, Marilyn Io Causey, Iohn Guy Cazort, Ir., Porter A. Chadick. Don Edward Chamblin, Del- bert Claud Chancellor, Clara lane Chaney, Iames Russell Charlesworth, Cora May Cheshire, Lugean Lester Chilcote, Raymond Dale Christy, Thomas G. Church- ill, Robert Earl Clack. Ioseph Hall Clark, Thomas Lee Clark, George R. Clark- son, Arthur Richard Cleve- land, Margaret Ruth Clif- ford, Iohn H. Cobb, Mary Iean Coddington, Polly Cole, Betty Iean Coleman. Mary Iane Coleman, Thom- as Harry Coleman, William Allen Coleman, Barron Col- lier, George Pleasant Col- lier, King I. Collier, Mar- garet Iean Collier, David Anderson Collins, Robert Lowell Collins, Robert Lee Combs, Buford Iohn Compton, William L. Compton, Rita Virginia Cook, Thomas H. Cook, Vance Oliver Cook, Willie W. Cook, Iohn Louis Cot- ham, Iohn Alvin Cotton. Philip R. Coulter, Norris Dean Counts, Ioseph Earl Courtney, Allyn Bert COX, Iames Dewey Cox, Iames Robert Cox, Ioan Cox, Ken- neth Milton Cox, Lynn Har- old Cox. Van Robert Cox, Leslie Clark Crabtree, William Ed- ward Craig, Ann Lorene Crain, Adair Crane, lim Bob Crawford, Raymond Martin Crawford, Horace Martin Crofoot III, Robert Austin Cromwell. vw --.. C., , The Sophomore Class of I948 Row 1: CHARLES THOMAS CROSS, Business, Hot Springs: MARY BOB CROSS, Arts, Little Rock, RICHARD MCNAMEE CROSSETT, Arts, Little Rock, KENNETH MERTEN CROY, Engi- neering, Little Rock, FRANK LOUIS CUMNOCK, Engineering, Little Rock, MARGARET ANN CURRY, Arts, Monticello, NELLE ELIZABETH CURRY, Arts, Fayetteville, LIRAL E. ROY CURTIS, Engineering, Fort Smith, DONIALD DACE, Agriculture, Little Rock. Row 2: RUTH ANN DANIELS, Arts, Little Rock, PAUL NICK- OLAS DARBY, Arts, Vidalia, Louisiana, AUDLEY CARNAHAN DAVIDSON, Agriculture, El Monte, California, BURL EDWARD DAVIDSON, Business, Fayetteville, CAROL DAVIDSON, Arts, Fay- etteville, DOROTHY M. DAVIDSON, Agriculture, Chinook, Mon- tana, B. HALL DAVIS, Agriculture, Marked Tree, EMORY S. DAVIS, IR., Engineering, Little Rock, IACK ELLIOTT DAVIS, Agri- culture, Stephens. Row 3: RICHARD HARDING DAVIS, Arts, Fayetteville: ROBERT HOLLACE DAVIS, Business, Pine Bluff, THOMAS HENRY DAVIS, Arts, Pine Bluff, WILLIAM ROY DAWSON, Business, Hardy: DELMAR PERKINS DAY, Business, Datto, GEORGE WILLIAM DEAHL, Arts, Fort Smith, WILLIAM MAURICE DEAN, Arts, Fort Smith, GERALDINE DEER, Business, Huntsville, ALLEN DEIS- LINGER, Business, Fort Smith. Row 4: IOHN ARTHUR DELALOYE, Engineering, Fort Smith, CHARLES FRANKLIN DELLER, Business, Neosho, Missouri: IAMES CHARLES DENNEY, Business, Berryville, HELEN I. DENT, Business, Imboden, IOHN GREGORY DEPAGTER, Engi- neering, Eureka Springs, IOSEPH HAROLD DEROULHAC, Engi- . neering, Fayetteville, IAMES BYRON DICKEY, Education, Mount Iudea: WILLIAM ROBERT DIFFEE, Business, Little Rock, WIL- LIAM BURT DILLAHA, Engineering, Little Rock. Row 5: GEORGE R. DILLON, Engineering, North Little Rock: IIMMYE Lou DOBKINS, Education, Fayetteville, TOMMY P. DODD, Business, Rector, HARVEY W. DONEGAN, Arts, Warren: HENRY C. DOSHIER, Business, Yellville, NOAH HOWARD DOT- SON, Engineering, Huntsville, IOE N. DREW, Engineering, Fay- etteville: EULAS MONROE DRYE, Agriculture, Bauxite: WILLIAM MCNEAL DUCKETT, Business, Hope. Row 6: HILLARD RAY DUCKWORTH, Arts, Pollard, IEROME PAT- RICK DUEFIE, IR., Business, Hope, ALVIN C. DuKE, Education, Drumright, Oklahoma, CHARLIE WOODROW DUNN, Business, Texarkana, DALE Ross DUNN, Arts, Madison, P.AT DURHAM, Agriculture, Helena, HUGH C. DURRETI', Business, Keota. Oklahoma, IEAN LOUISE DUVALL, Agriculture, Chicago, Illinois: ELIZABETH JANE DWIGGINS, Arts, Hot Springs. Row 7: WILLIAM MARTIN EADS, Business, Fort Smith, NORMAN I. EANS, Agriculture, Griflithville, FRANK M. EASLEY, Business, Gravette, THOMAS I. EBY, Arts, North Little Rock, MAx A. ECKELS, Business, Chicago, Illinois, EUGENE FREDERICK ECKER, Engineering, Fort Smith, ALEEN EDMONDSON, Arts, Fayette- ville, NEYRON DEE EDWARDS, Arts, Fort Smith, ROBERT BOYD EDWARDS, Engineering, Fayetteville. Row 8: GUY MILFORD ELEY, Business, Nashville, CALVIN WARREN ELLIS, Arts, Hot Springs, SAM RICHARD ELLIS, Busi- ness, Nashville, VIRGINIA LEE ELLIS, Arts, Huntsville, ROBERT WARNOCK ELMORE, IR., Business, Hope, RAYMOND HERMAN ELROD, Business, Little Rock, ROSE EMRICH, Education, Tyr- onza, ERNEST RAY ENGLES, Engineering, Fort Smith, FRANK ENOCH, Business, Lockesburg. Row 9: IOHN WESLEY ERNST, IR., Engineering, Newport, HAR- VEY D. ERWIN, Business, Van Buren, HERBERT D. ESTES, Engi- neering, Malvern, ELLIS MACK FAGAN III, Engineering, Little Rock, MAX LINCOLN FAIRLEY, Business, Osceola, JOHNNY THURMAN FARMER, Business, Harrison, HARRY CARTER FARR, Business, Blytheville, DONALD 'EDWARD FARRIS, Agriculture, Alma, THOMAS EWART FAUST, Business, West Helena. Row 10: GLORIA LURA FENTEM, Arts, Rogers, ANNA MARY FERGUSON, Arts, Fort Smith, WILLIAM SPARLIN FERGUSON, Agriculture, Marshall, BOHEN MARIE FERRARI, Arts, Fort Smith, WILLIAM CALHOUN FINCH, Engineering, Crossetti LYLE LOINAL FITZGERALD, Agriculture, Port Orchard, Wash- ington, IOHN LYNN FLETCHER, Arts, Springdale: TOM IOE FLOYD, Education, Little Rock, MARY FRANCES FOLLETT, Agri- culture, Fayetteville. Row 11: BOBBY EUGENE FORD, Agriculture, Iunction City, IIMMY DAVID FORD, Agriculture, Sherrill, EUNICE ANN FORE- MAN, Business, Kensett: DWIGHT LEE FORESEE, Engineering, Lead Hill, MILLARD I. FORMBY, IR., Engineering, Lewisville: PHILLIS CATHERINE FORSMAN, Arts, Tulsa, Oklahoma, IOSEPH R. FORTE, Arts, Helena, IOHN FORTENBERRY, Education, New- port, RETHA LOUISE FOWLER, Agriculture, Friendship. Row 12: GEORGE D. FRANKLIN, IR., Education, Oak Grove, Louisiana, PAUL EUGENE FRANKLIN, Engineering, Orchards. Washington, ROBERT IAMES FRANKLIN, Arts, Chicago, Illinois: ROBERT LOUIS FRANTZ, Engineering, Fort Smith, IAMES KYLE FRASER, Business, Fort Smith, BRUCE I. FRAZIER, Engineering, Hot Springs, CHARLES VAN FREEMAN, Arts, Harrisburg, IOY CARLOTTA FREEMAN, Arts, Hot Springs, RICHARD MAURICE FRENCH, Engineering, Charleston. Page 150 I A .R g 'il 1.-11,1 . .Y , t r 1 ie S2 as 5 . iff: .',Q,i ' .wk 'ei .Q .e- ty -QQ-za 4 15- I 7 sg ,-swear. .. , ' G lg' , . .4 M . 2 .,,,, an 525 5 482 2 E l 21 . fx, I 'W 4. t , , ti :as ag - A ,mf .. Q2 ' - T Y: g - , '32, 55,54 - jg, rs' fa' ls? 4- f ,,s.,..,, wafers 953.121 , max i in .S . K. 1 N . . . F , 1 .ggi .Q . -. aff :.' fkx . 3 A BNI' if F I N-Q... ..- 'Q . r "gag:-' - fizfftifrj Til- f ... L J sff.,,'- Afis V V: ' -:,:. .-. A i .- , .. Q T Vi 1 , . fgw . A .. W, .Q ri li' ,Jiri ...ft -K i- -- . Z - . .,.L. ,:,. g as i, W.. W Charles Thomas Cross, Mary Bob Cross, Richard Mclxlamee Crossett, Kenneth Merten Croy, Frank Louis Cumnock, Margaret Ann Curry, Nelle Elizabeth Cur- ry, Ural E. Roy Curtis, Donald Dace. Ruth Ann Daniels, Paul Nickolas Darby, Audley Carnahan Davidson, Burl Edward Davidson, Carol Davidson, Dorothy M. Da- vidson, B. Hall Davis, Em- ory S. Davis, Ir., lack El- liott Davis. Richard Harding Davis, Robert Hollace Davis, Thomas Henry Davis, Wil- liam Roy Dawson, Delmar Perkins Day, George Wil- liam Deahl, William Maur- ice Dean, Geraldine Deer, Allen Deislinger. Iohn Arthur Delaloye, Charles Franklin Deller, Iames Charles Denney, Hel- en I. Dent, Iohn Gregory DePagter, Ioseph Harold DeRoulhac, Iames Byron Dickey, William Robert Diffee, William Burt Dilla- ha. George R, Dillon, Iimmye Lou Dobkins, Tommy P. Dodd, Harvey W. Done- gan, Henry C. Doshier, Noah Howard Dotson, Ioe N. Drew, Eulas Monroe Drye, William McNeal Duckett. Hillard Ray Duckworth, Ierome Patrick Dufiie, Ir., Alvin C. Duke, Charlie Woodrow Dunn, Dale Ross Dunn, Pat Durham, Hugh C. Durrett, lean Louise Du- vall, Elizabeth lane Dwig- gins. Williani Martin Eads, Nor- man Eans, Frank M. Eas- ley, Thomas Eby, Max A. Eckels, Eugene Frederick Ecker, Aleen Edmondson, Neyron Dee Edwards, Rob- ert Boyd Edwards. Guy Milford Eley, Calvin Warren Ellis, Sam Richard Ellis, Virginia Lee Ellis. Robert Warnock Elmore, Ir., Raymond Herman El- rod, Rose Emrich, Ernest Ray Engles, Frank Enoch. Iohn Wesley Ernst, lr., Harvey D. Erwin, Herbert D. Estes, Ellis Mack Faqan III, Max Lincoln Fairley, lohnny Thurman Farmer, Harry Carter Farr, Donald Fdward Farris, Thomas Ewart Faust. Gloria Lura Fentem. Anna Mary Ferquson, William Soarlin Ferguson, Bohen Marie Ferrari, William Cal- houn Finch, Lyle Loinal Fitzgerald, lohn Lynn Fletcher. To-m loe Floyd, Mary Frances Follett. Bobby Fuqene Ford, lirnmy David Ford, Eunice Ann Foreman, Dwight Lee Fore- see, Millard l. Formby, Ira Phillis Catherine Forsman, Ioseph R. Forte, lohn Fort- enberry, Retha Louise Fowl- er. Georoe D, Franklin, lr., Paul Eugene Franklin. Rob- ert larnes Franklin, Robert Louis Frantz, Iames Kyle Fraser, Bruce I. Frazier, Charles Van Freeman, lov Carlotta Freeman. Richard Maurice French. The Sophomore Class of I948 Row 1: ZELMA BROWN FRY, IR., Engineering, Morrilton: M.ARTHA I. FULLER, Arts, Harrison: ROBERT THEODORE FHL' LER, Engineering, Harrison: WALTER WINFORD FURNER, Engi- neering, Fort Smith: COLLINS FLIQLIA, IR., Engineering, Tex- arkana: NATHAN EARL GAIRHAN, Business, Trumann: VIRGINIA ANNE GALLOWAY, Arts, Augusta: EDWARD L. GAMMILL, Engi- neering, Pine Bluff: IOHN WOODUL GANN, Engineering, Little Rock. Row 2: DORIS M. GARLAND, Arts, Russellville: WILLIE MAE GARNER, Business, Ash Flat: FRANCES VIRGINIA GARRETT, Arts, Hampton: LAURA IEAN GARRETT, Agriculture, Prairie Grove: ANNE ELIZABETH GARTSIDE, Arts, Rogers: KAKII GARVIN, Arts, Fort McPherson, Georgia: ROSE MARY GASKILL, Arts, Hunts- ville: CHESTER LEE GATES, Education, Hazen: ALICE PURNELL GATHRIGHT, Education, Pine Bluff. Row 3: IOHN R. GAUNT, Business, Little Rock: WILLIAM H. GAY, Business, Texarkana, Texas: ELWOOD KENNETH GELSTER, Engineering, West Point, Nebraska: GEORGE BAKER GENTRY, Engineering, Eureka Springs: RUFF L. GENTRY, Education. Higden: LEONARD ROGER GEPHART, Engineering, Malvern: AILEEN KENDALL GIBBONS, Arts, Rogers: IACK L. GIBSON, Arts, Fayetteville: IOEL S. GIFFORD, IR., Engineering, Rose Bud. Row 4: MARTHA ANNE GILES, Arts, Fayetteville: WOODY LEE GILL, Engineering, McGehee: ALICE RUTH GILLIAUM, Agricul- ture, Newport: IOE K. GLADDEN, Arts, Western Grove: IAMES B. GLEASON, Engineering, Warren: IACK C. GODWIN, Engi- neering, Camden: HARLEY WILLIAM GOODMAN, Engineering, Fort Smith: PERRY IEAN GOODWIN, Education, El Dorado? EMMA LEE GORDON, Arts, Oneida. ' Row 5: IOHN ALLEN GRACE, Agriculture, Dardanelle: WILLIAM GARRETT GRACE, Agriculture, Dardanelle: DONALD STANLEY GRAHAM, Business, Fayetteville: IAMES EDWARD GRAHAM, En- gineering, Fort Smith: CHARLES KENNETH GRAY, Arts, Fort Smith: CHARLES SAMUEL GRAY, Business, Fayetteville: GORDON L. GRAYSON, Engineering, Corning: MAVIS I. GREEN, Engineer- ing, Malvern: PATRICIA ELIZABETH GREEN, Education, Fort Smith. Row 6: RICE ANDREW GREEN, Business, Hot Springs: HUGO HARRIS GREGORY, IR., Arts, Portland: MARY GAY GREER, Arts, Fayetteville: ROBERT LOUIS GRIFFEY, Business, Helena: IACK L. GRIFFIN, Engineering, Waldo: WILLIAM HAROLD GRIFFITH, Business, Rogers: H. AUSTIN GRIMES, Arts, Newport: IAMES WILLIAM GRIMES, Agriculture, Rogers: DENTON CALVIN GRUBB, Arts, Huntsville. Row 7: IIM FRANK GRUVER, Business, Little Rock: CHARLES WADE GUARR, Agriculture, Osceola: DWIGHT OBED GUINN, Engineering, Fayetteville: LAWRENCE EDWARD GUINN, Arts, Fayetteville: OLIVER FRANKLIN GUINN, Engineering, Fayette- ville: RAYMOND M. GWIN, Engineering, Lexa: EDWARD EUGENE HAGGARD, Arts, Van Buren: NEHON M. HAGLER, Agriculture, Hickory Ridge: PATRICIA IAYNE HALBROOK, Arts, Springdale. Row 8: IOHN E. HALL, Engineering, Searcy: THOMAS D. HALL, Agriculture, Sage: WALTER B. HALL, Agriculture, Mel- bourne: GLENN A. HALSTEAD, Business, Pine Bluff: HAROLD THOMAS HAMILTON, Engineering, Glenwood: ROBERT MATTI- SON HAMILTON, Business, Little Rock: CHARLES E. HAMMANS, IR., Agriculture, Stuttgart: HOWARD SLIFER HAMMANS, Agri- culture, Stuttgart: WILLIAM ELLIS HAMMETT, Business, Clare- more, Oklahoma. Row 9: BILL E. HANEY, Arts, Springdale: HUGH GERALD HAN- NAH, Engineering, Heber Springs: EVERETT EDSEL HARBER, Business, Blytheville: WILLIAM H. HARDEN, Engineering, Berg- man: DEANE HARDY, IR., Arts, Malvern: IAMES CONLEY HAR- GRAVE, Engineering, Mountain Home: MARTHA M. HARLAN, Arts, Fayetteville: BILL HARPER, Arts, Fayetteville: GEORGE FRANK HARRELL, IR., Engineering, Haynes. Row 10: ARTHUR HENRY HARRIS, Arts, Little Rock: CALVIN LYNN HARRIS, Arts, Bradford: WILLIAM THOMAS HARRIS, Engi- neering, El Dorado: IOHN EDWARD HARRISON. Engineering, Fort Smith: MAX B. HARRISON, Arts, Blytheville: BENNYE IANE H.ASKINS, Arts, Pine Bluff: GADDIS G. HAWKINS, Business, Little Rock: IOHN EDWARD HAWKINS, Engineering, Dermott: THEO- DORE THOMAS HAYES, Engineering, Vinita, Oklahoma. Row 11: BILLY PAUL HAYS, Arts, Westville, Oklahoma: STEPHEN AUGUST HEIM, Engineering, Paris: EUGENE HENDER- SON, Education, Harrison: KLINE L. HENDRICKS, Business, Vil- lage: BONNIE IEWELL HENDRICKSON, Business, Greenbrier: K. I. HENDRIX, Agriculture, Trumann: BETTY IOE HENRY, Arts, El Dorado: WINFRED DALE HENRY, Engineering, Nashville: LEE HENSLEE, IR., Agriculture. Tucker. Row 12: ANN HERGET, Business, Paragould, LEWIS EDWARD HERSHBERGER, Agriculture, Bentonville: IOHN ALFRED HEWITT, Business, Little Rock: MAX DOUGLAS HICKMAN, Agriculture, Bentonville: TOM NORWOOD HIGGS, Engineering, Colt: LESLIE HUNTER HILEMAN, Agriculture, Pea Ridge: BILLY IAMES HILL, Engineering, Fayetteville: DWIGHT MALCOLM HILL, Business, Ratclilf: ERIN HILL, Arts, Prairie Grove. Page '152 Zelma Brown Fry, Ir., Martha Fuller, Robert Theodore Fuller, Walter Winford Furner, Collins Fu- qua, Ir., Nathan Earl Gair- han, Virginia Anne Gallo- way, Edward L. Gammill, Iohn Woodul Gann. Doris M. Garland, Willie Mae Garner, Frances Vir- ginia Garrett, Laura lean Garrett, Anne Elizabeth Gartside, Kakii Garvin, Rose Mary Gaskill, Chester Lee Gates, Alice Purnell Gath- right. Iohn R. Gaunt, William H. Gay, Elwood Kenneth Gel- ster, George Baker Gentry, Ruff L. Gentry, Leonard Roger Gephart, Aileen Ken- dall Gibbons, lack L. Gib- son, Ioel S. Gifford, Ir. Martha Anne Giles, Woody Lee Gill, Alice Ruth Gilli- aum, Ioe K. Gladden, Iames B. Gleason, lack C. God- win, Harley William Good- man, Perry lean Goodwin, Emma Lee Gordon. Iohn Allen Grace, William Garrett Grace, Donald Stan- ley Graham, Iames Edward Graham, Charles Kenneth Gray, Charles Samuel Gray, Gordon L. Grayson, Mavis I. Green, Patricia Elizabeth Green. Rice Andrew Green, Hugo Harris Grego , Ir., Mary Gay Greer, llgobert Louis Griffey, lack L. Griffin, Wil- liam Harold Griffith, H. Austin Grimes, Iames Wil- liam Grimes, Denton Calvin Grubb. Iim Frank Gruver, Charles Wade Guarr, Dwight Obed Guinn, Lawrence Edward Guinn, Oliver Franklin Guinn, Raymond M. Gwin, Edward Eugene Haggard, Nehon M. Hagler, Patricia Iayne Halbrook. Iohn E. Hall, Thomas D. Hall, Walter B. Hall, Glenn A. Halstead, Harold Thomas Hamilton, Robert Mattison Hamilton, Charles E. Ham- mans, Ir., Howard Slifer Hammans, William Ellis Hammett. Bill E. Haney, Hugh Gerald Hannah, Everett Edsel Har- ber, William H. Harden, Deane Hardy, Ir., Iames Conley Hargraub, Martha M. Harlan, Bill Harper, George Frank Harrell, Ir. Arthur Henry Harris, Cal- vin Lynn Harris. William Thomas Harris, Iohn Ed- ward Harrison, Max B. Har- rison, Bennye lane Haskins, Gaddis G. Hawkins, Iohn Edward Hawkins, Theodore Thomas Hayes. Billy Paul Hays, Stephen August Heim, Eugene Hen- derson. Kline L. Hendricks, Bonnie lewell Hendrickson, K. I. Hendrix, Betty Ioe Henry, Winfred Dale Hen- ry, Lee Henslee, Ir. Ann Herget, Lewis Edward Hershberger, lohn Alfred Hewitt, Max Douglas Hick- man, Tom Norwood Higgs, Leslie Hunter Hileman, Billy Iames Hill, Dwight Mal- colm Hill, Erin Hill. I--1.-v-W lm The Sophomore Class of l948 Row 1: WILLIE E. HILL, Agriculture, Lockesburg, THOMAS F. HILL, Arts, Harrison, GEORGE LEWIS HINNANT, Business, Fort Smith, GRADY LOYD HINSON, Engineering, Little Rock: EDMUND M. HIRSCH, JR., Business, Marvell, JOHN A. HITCH, Education, Decatur, ROY H. HOGAN, JR., Business, Little Rock: HUBERT RAY HOLLAND, Engineering, Heber Springs, THOMAS HATHAWAY HOLLIAND, Agriculture, Heber Springs. Row 2: WILLIAM PAUL HOLLENBECK, Arts, Pine Bluff, SAM D. HOLLXNGER, Arts, Smackover, MAJOR JOE HOLMES, Business, Rison, OSCAR LEE HONOMICHL, Arts, Fort Smith, HERBER'F EARL HOOTEN, Agriculture, Guy, RICHARD S. HOOVER, Arts, Texarkana, M. E. HOPKINS, Arts, Grove, Oklahoma, JOSEPH F. HOTTLE, JR., Engineering, Banks, THOMAS A. HOTZ, Engineer- ing, Little Rock. Row 3: WILLIAM JAMES HOUSER, Agriculture, Gassville, FAYE HOUSTON, Business, Trumann, JOHN WAYNE HOWARD, Engi- neering, Morrow, CEGAL BRYANT HOWELL, Business, Delight: JOHN D. HOWELL, Business, Fort Smith, LESLIE B. HOWELL, Engineering, Fort Smith, SAMUEL THEODORE HUCKS, JR., Arts, Fayetteville, ROBERT CARNAHAN HUDSON, Business-, Pine Bluff, GERALD BERT HUDSPETH, Education, Saint Joe. Row 4: LINDON GENE HUGHEN, Business, Malvern, DOISE L. HUGHES, Arts, Bryant, NANCY BLAINE HURLEY, Education, Harrison, CAM J. HURST, JR., Engineering, Fort Smith, ELBERT LARRY HURST, Engineering, Fort Smith, JOE ED HUTCHISON, Arts, England, BILLY JOE HUTTON, Engineering, Manila? JEANNE INGRAM, Arts, Alma, GUY BRADEN IRBY, JR., Engineer- ing, Little Rock. Row 5: HOLCOMB BURTON IRBY, Engineering, Watson, JESSE DAVID IRBY, Business, Watson, WILLIAM EDGAR ISAACS, Engi- neering, Nettleton, GEORGE HARDIN IVEY, Engineering, Little Rock, ERNEST EUGENE JACKS, JR., Engineering, Heth, BOBBY WAYNE JACKSON, Arts, Pine Bluff, DOROTHY JEANNE JACKSON, Arts, Waldo, LEHMAN Dix JACKSON, Arts, Mulberry, SUZANNE JACKSON, Arts, Helena. ., .. . . L.. Row 6: DAVID H. JAMES, Engineering, Pocahontas, RALPH W. JEFFERSON, JR., Business, Harrison, STEPHEN L. JEFFERY, Engi- neering, Batesville, FRANK A. JEFFETT, Arts, Helena, RAN- DOLPH F. JEFFRIES, Business, Morrilton, JAKE JENKINS, Business, Dewitt, THOMAS FRED JENKINS, Business, Parkin, MAY YOUNG JEU, Arts, Gould, SUSIE YING JEU, Business, Arkansas City. Row 7: HARVEY LEE JOI-INS, Engineering, Paris, CARROLL JOHNSON, JR., Business, Gallatin, Tennessee, DOROTHY GWEN- DOLYN JOHNSON, Business, Paragould, GILBERT JOHNSON, Engi- neering, Hot Springs, HOWARD VENSON JOHNSON, Arts, Benton- ville, JOE PAUL JOHNSON, Agriculture, Cave City, OLAP DEAN JOHNSON, Agriculture, Summit, PAUL KEMPER JOHNSON, Edu- cation, Fayetteville, SAMUEL HOWARD JOHNSON, Business, Pine Bluff. Row 8: BEVERLY JEAN JONES, Business, Hot Springs, BILL MYRON JONES, Engineering, Little Rock, BRYAN STEELE JONES, Arts, Cotton Plant, BRYANT W. JONES, Arts, Newport, CLIN- TON DONALD JONES, Engineering, Patmos, DAN JONES, Business, De Queen, DONALD FRANCIS JONES, JR., Arts, Little Rock: DOUGLAS C. JONES, Arts, Fayetteville, JAY LYNN JONES, Busi- ness, Little Rock. Row 9: JIMMY M. JONES, Arts, Batesville, JULIAN J. JONES, Business, Little Rock, RICHARD H. JONES, Engineering, Grannis: BERT SPENCER JORDAN, JR., Engineering, Little Rock: LOUISE JOYNER, Arts, McGehee, WANDA JEAN KARNES, Business, Cane Hill, BEN L. KAUEMAN, Engineering, Hot Springs, JOE A. KAUFMAN, Engineering, Hot Springs, THOMAS M, KEHN, Agri- culture, Fayetteville. Row 10: KENT R. KEITH, Business, Springdale, GLEN E. KEL- LER, Arts, Fayetteville, DEAN WATSON KELLEY, Engineering, Springdale, REX E. KELLY, Engineering, Hot Springs, JIMMIE R. KENDALL, Engineering, Fort Smith, LINDA HYDE KENNEY, Education, Fayetteville, JEANNE KATHARINE KERWIN, Business, Fort Smith, BUSTER KETON, Engineering, Swifton, JOSEPH DOYLE KIDD, Engineering, McClelland. Row 11: SARAH ALICE KIECH, Arts, Jonesboro, MARVIN LEWIS KIEFFER, Business, Weiner, JEAN ANN KIGHT, Business, Mal- vern, JOHN HENRY KILGORE, Arts, Fordyce, VERNON LEROY KIMBALL, Engineering, Fayetteville, IOLA CHRISTINE KING, Business, Trumann, JAMES FARRELL KING, Business, Marked Tree, DWIGHT E. KINSEY, Business, Meyers, ELLEN M.AE KIN- SEY, Agriculture, Meyers. Row 12: ROBERT CLARENCE KIRBY, Engineering, Fayetteville, BURNARD MORAU KIRKPATRICK, Engineering, Fayetteville: JOE MYRON KIRKSEY, Arts, Mulberry, CHARLES MINOR KITTRELL II, Engineering, Gregory, GEORGE ROLLIN KLOSS, Business, Little Rock, HELEN KING KNOTT, Education, Bentonville, MARGARET JANE KNOWLES, Arts, Fayetteville, ARVILLE E, KRAUS, Arts, Clarksville, JOYCE KATHRYN KULBETH, Agriculture, Wilmar. Page 154 K VS Wg .Q-m-will 3 ft '95 8. 'JW we ff get 'Sd 'N-r exif: Q . yur . - Q . , tw.. .. f, , ,SE J, M We c - Y e i Q HSQHJ K K 0 y, ' F541 J . K if . if fi ,W Q. M 'lr will , , ev-I .4- X i x 1' ' 33" . A J Willie E. Hill, Thomas F. Hill, George Lewis Hinnant, Grady Loyd Hinson, Ed- mund M. Hirsch, Ir., Iohn A. Hitch, Roy H. Hogan, Ir., Hubert Ray Holland, Thomas Hathaway Holland. William Paul Hollenbeck. Sam D. Hollinger, Major Ioe Holmes, Oscar Lee Hon- omichl, Herbert Earl Hoot- en, Richard S. Hoover, M. E. Hopkins, Ioseph F. Hot- tle, Ir., Thomas A. Hotz. William Iames Houser, Faye Houston, Iohn Wayne How- ard, Cegal Bryant Howell, Iohn D. Howell, Leslie B. Howell, Samuel Theodore Hucks, Ir., Robert Carnahan Hudson, Gerald Bert Huds- peth. Lindon Gene Hughen, Doise L. Hughes, Nancy Blaine Hurley, Cam Hurst, Ir., Elbert Larry Hurst, Ioe Ed Hutchison, Billy Ioe Hutton, Ieanne Ingram, Guy Braden Irby, Ir. Holcomb Burton Irby, Iesse David Irby, William Edgar Isaacs, George Hardin Ivey, Ernest Eugene lacks, Ir., Bobby Wayne Iackson, Dorothy Ieanne Iackson, Lehman Dix Iackson, Su- zanne Iackson. David H. Iames, Ralph W. Iefferson, Ir., Stephen L. Ief- fery, Frank A. Ieffett, Ran- dolph F. Ieffries, Iake Ien- kins, Thomas Fred Ienkins, lVIay Young Ieu, Susie Ying eu. Harvey Lee Iohns, Carroll Iohnson, Ir., Dorothy Gwen- dolyn Iohnson, Gilbert Iohn- son, Howard Venson Iohn- son, Ioe Paul Iohnson, Olaf Dean Iohnson, Paul Kemper Iohnson, Samuel Howard Iohnson. Beverly lean Iones, Bill My- ron Iones, Bryan Steele Iones, Bryant W. Iones, Clinton Donald Iones, Dan Iones, Donald F r a n c i s Iones, Ir., Douglas C. Iones, lay Lynn Iones. limmy M. Iones, Iulian Iones, Richard H. Iones, Bert Spencer Iordan, Ir., Louise Ioyner, Wanda lean Karnes, Ben L. Kaufman, Ioe A. Kaufman, Thomas M. Kehn. Kent R. Keith, Glen E. Kel- ler, Dean Watson Kelley, Rex E. Kelly, Iimmie R. Kendall, Linda Hyde Ken- ney, Ieanne Katharine Ker- win, Buster Keton, Ioseph Doyle Kidd. Sarah Alice Kiech, Marvin Lewis Kieffer, lean Ann Kight, Iohn Henry Kilgore, Vernon Leroy Kimball, Iola Christine King, Iames Far- rell King, Dwight E. Kinsey. Ellen Mae Kinsey. Robert Clarence Kirby, Bur- nard Morau Kirkpatrick, Ioe Myron Kirksey, Charles Minor Kittrell II, George Rollin Kloss, Helen King Knott, Margaret lane Knowles, Arville E. Kraus, Ioyce Kathryn Kulbeth. The Sophomore Row 1: HARRY ORRISON KYLER, IR., Engineering, Hope: M.AISIE LACKEY, Business, Little Rock: HAROLD LLOYD LADY, Agriculture, Lauratown: MARGARET RUTH LAIRD, Business, Mal- vern: IAMES LEE LAMBERT, Agriculture, Chester: LAURENCE HOSEA LAMBERT, Engineering, Pollard: WALTER EVANDER LAM- BERT, Business, Chester: VIRGINIA EARLENE LAND, Business, Fayetteville: IAMES CORELAND LANDES, Arts, Lewisvillel Row 2: RODNEY ROWTT LANDES, Engineering,Lewisville: IOYCE MODENA LANE, Business, Fayetteville: RICHARD BOWEN LANE, Engineering, Fort Smith: BETTA ADRION LANIER, Arts, Forrest City: CARL IOSEPI-I LAUDERDALE, Business, Texarkana: WIL- LIAM N. LALIGHLIN, Engineering, Fayetteville: DOROTHY IEAN LAVOICE, Agriculture, Foreman: MALCOLM PINKERTON LAW- RENCE, Engineering, Fayetteville: MUNCIE MAX LAWRENCE. Business, Alco. Row 3: HASSEL K. LAWSON, Agriculture, Fayetteville: LOWEL H. LAWSON, Agriculture, Fayetteville: RAYMOND D. K. LEACH. Business, Gentry: ERNEST H. LECHNER, Engineering, Camden: WILLIAM EARL LEE, Business, Martinville: ALBERT IOSEPH LEHMAN, Business, Wynne: LUTHER DEKALB LEMONS, Agri- culture Bauxite: CARROLL CHRISTIAN LEONARD, IR., Engineer- ing, England: MARK ERBER LESEM, Engineering, Fresno, Cali- fornio. Row 4: EARL WINFORD LEWIS, Business, Hartford: IAMES B. LEWIS, Arts, Fort Smith: RICHARD D. LEWIS, Engineering, Fay- etteville: ROY HAMPTON LEWIS, Business, El Dorado: IAMES O. LIDE, Business, Camden: ANDREW IACKSON LINCOLN, Arts, Ionesboro: CHESTER LINEBARIER, Business, Camden: IACK DOUGLASS LINN, Business, Siloam Springs: CATHERINE LOUISE LLOYD, Arts, Paris. Row 5: WILLIAM EUGENE LONG, Arts, Fayetteville: STACY GROBE LOONEY, Education, Vinita, Oklahoma: THELMA MAE LORENZO, Business, Waldron: RAYMOND LLOYD LORINCE, Busi- ness, Carlisle: IAMES ELBERT LOWDER, Engineering, Hot Springs: VERNON E. LOWDER, IR., Agriculture, Magazine: DOUGLAS H. LOWREY, Arts, Paris: IOHN SANFORD LUCAS, IR.. Agriculture, Springdale: IOHN L. LUNDGREN, Engineering. Eureka Springs. Class of I948 Row 6: ROBERT B. LUPER, Business, Fayetteville: WILBUR DRIVER LUTON, IR., Business, West Memphis: LAWRENCE E. LYBRAND, Agriculture, Sheridan: SCOTT I. LYSINGER, Arts. Tulsa, Oklahoma: IAMES H. MCBRIEN, Engineering, Arka- delphia: OTIS EVATT MCCAIN, Engineering, Pine Bluff: RAN- DALL ALLEN MCCAIN, Agriculture, Warren: BETHLEY IANE MCCARLEY, Business, Texarkana: WILLIAM IAMES MCCLANA- I-IAN, Engineering, England. Row 7: HERSCHEL HERBERT MCCLURKIN, Agriculture, Mul- berry: HERSHEL T. MCCONNELL, Engineering, Fort Smith: IAMES WILSON MCCONNELL, Business, Fort Smith: WILLIAM GARRETT MCCRACKEN, Arts, Ionesboro: FRANK MCCUTCHEON, Arts, Russellville: IOE MACK MCCUTCHEON, Business, Tex- arkana: NELDA ARDITH MCCUTCHEON, Education, Farmington: BETH CATHERINE MCCURDY, Business, Grand Rapids, Mich- igan: ALBERT SIDNEY MCDANIEL, Engineering, North Little Rock. Row 8: NATHAN A. MCDANIEL, Engineering, Little Rock: HAROLD B. MCDONALD, Business, Fayetteville: MARTHA IAY MCDONALD, Arts, Texarkana, Texas: THOMAS KEENAN MC- DONOUGH, Arts, St. Louis, Missouri: CARL ANNE MCDOWELL, Arts, Little Rock: FRANK THOMAS MCGEI-IEE, Business, Pine Bluff: IOSEPHINE TATE MCGILL, Agriculture, Camden: BETTY IANE MCGINNIS, Arts, Rondo: CARL ALLEN MCGREW, Agri- culture, Mellwood. Row 9: HARVE OYBRIEN MCINISH, Engineering, Lincoln: KATH- RYN ANN MCKENNON, Arts, Scranton: MARGARET CAMPBELL MCLAREN, Arts, Shumaker: IOSEPH ARCH MCMAHAN, Arts. Trumann: ROBERT CHASE MCREYNOLDS, Engineering, Siloam Springs: CECIL E. MCSWAIN, IR., Arts, Little Rock: IOSEPH THOMAS MADDEN, Arts, Fort Smith: DENZEL EARL MADDOX, Arts, DeWitt: IOHN LEWIS MAIER, IR., Arts, McGehee. Row 10: PAUL EDWARD MALONE, Engineering, West Helena: PHILLIP ANTON MARAK, Engineering, Hazen: RAYMOND I. MARBUT, Engineering, Purdy, Missouri: V. WANER MARKS, Business, Little Rock: LEE ALLEN MARTIN, Arfs, Hot Springs: MARY ANNE MARTIN, Agriculture, Forrest City: WILLIE EARL MARTIN, Engineering, Camden: FARREL EUGENE MASON, Busi- ness, Newport: IOHN O. MASSEY, Business, Morrilton. Row 11: MIARILYN MATHIS, Education, Cotton Plant: WILLIAM RAY MATNEY, Arts, Rogers: CAROL LEE MATTHEWS, Business, Cane Hill: WILLIAM CLARENCE MATTHEWS, Business, Atkins: WILLIAM WAYNE MATTHEWS, Agriculture, Springdale: ROBERT HENRY MATTOX, Engineering, North Little Rock: ROBERT C. MAYES, Arts, Fayetteville: GLYNDA MARIE MAXWELL, Arts. Osceola: IUNIOR MAZZANTI, Engineering, Lake Village. Row 12: HUBERT IENNINGS MEACHUM, Arts, Batesville: MARION COWLES MEAD, IR., Engineering, Berryville: IOHN RICHARD MEADE, Business, Gravette: BERT LEE MEDLEY, Engi- neering, Texarkana: LYNN G. MEDLIN, Business, Lincoln: HUGH SEBA MEDLOCK, Business, Benton: CHARLES R. MELTON, Busi- ness, Greenwood: CHARLES WILLIAM METZLER, IR., Business, Ionesboro: ROBERT H. MICKEL, Engineering, Siloam Springs. Page 156 A 4: w ' f flier, , '. Q PE J , 3 , , . 1. t ' 'hb T - .. .- - S with s . jr Y . . .... .t ,,1, i Nr, . 1 . Ar ci' al flu? nl' '- ,- wtf 1' I f"s?l'fzr S MQJGQ . 1 s ' ' V'-X' f fSi2:gr5HQi - '- -- . IZ- gl.. A 39 " V 3515 ? A tm Meter . ,, i i ' we 1 L21-5 -21272 , S T ff, iff? W' . I ' , 5, as 'S -Hg -,Ai 1?-i i wrt. 4 I si,-,N ,gm 1 .- L .wrt -1 be WN TQ G -1 fx ,wtf . "' rf 53 3 if a s fl in l Q if if' 1-si rg, A 1 ' fl: Tiff'-'I ' ,. a - " ' " -if li 1' 11. . , "F ,.,., , A M . ' . 7521- Qiitfifii w t f '5 i ,-', - .ff 1 Q , 2, .. 2-2 'HR Qi l . E. is 1 . .2244 ,,, if xx XM it -f ir , .f 1 .ef 5 a F , ,.., ,V H ,? E. RW 4 in-, . A . A 'Q g . -. E Q A ' U5 x 22335 43 . . 9, 1 ,ggsgsgpzifg "T , ,' 1, EQ? Q f .. -is feperefuez ':: ie.-tram .- '- 1525! I """" iiwi Harry Orrison Kyler, Ir., Maisie Lackey, Harold Lloyd Lady, Margaret Ruth Laird, Iames Lee Lambert, Laurence Hosea Lambert, Walter Evander Lambert, Virginia Earlene Land, Iames Copeland Landes. Rodney Rowtt Landes, Ioyce Modena Lane, Richard Bo- wen Lane, Betta Adrion La- nier, Carl loseph Lauderdale, William N. Laughlin, Doro- thy lean LaVoice, Malcolm Pinkerton Lawrence, Mun- cie Max Lawrence. Hassel K. Lawson, Lowel H. Lawson, Raymond D. K. Leach, Ernest H. Lechner, William Earl Lee, Albert Io- seph Lehman, Luther Dekalb Lemons, Carroll Christian Leonard, Ir., Mark Erber Lesem. Earl Winford Lewis, Iames B. Lewis, Richard D. Lewis, Roy Hampton Lewis, Iarnes O. Lide, Andrew Iackson Lincoln, Chester Linebarier, lack Douglass Linn, Cather- ine Louise Lloyd. William Eugene Long, Sta- cy Grobe Looney, Thelma Mae Lorenzo, Raymond Lloyd Lorince, Iames Elbert Lowder, Vernon E. Lowder, Ir., Douglas H. Lowrey, Iohn Sanford Lucas, Ir., Iohn L. Lundgren. Robert B. Luper, Wilbur Driver Luton, Ir., Lawrence E. Lybrand, Scott I. Ly- singer, Iames H. McBrien, Otis Evatt McCain, Randall Allen McCain, Bethley Iane McCarley, William Iames McClanahan, Herschel Her- bert McClurkin, Hershel T. McConnell, Iames Wilson McConnell, William Garrett McCracken, Frank Mc- Cutcheon, Ioe Mack Mc- Cutcheon, Nelda Ardith McCutcheon, Beth Cather- ine McCurdy, Albert Sidney McDaniel. Nathan A. McDaniel, Har- old B. McDonald, Martha Iay McDonald, Thomas Keenan McDonough, Carl Anne McDowell, Frank Thomas McGehee. Iosephine Tate McGill, Betty lane McGinnis, Carl Allen MC- Grew. Harve O'Brien Mclnish, Kathryn Ann McKennon, Marqaret Campbell McLar- en, Ioseph Arch McMahan, Robert Chase McReVnolcls, Cecil E. McSwain, Ir., Io- seph Thomas Madden, Den- zel Earl Maddox, Iohn Lew- is Maier, Ir. Paul Edward Malone, Phil- lip Anton Marak, Raymond l. Marbut, V. Waner Marks, Lee Allen Martin, Mary Anne Martin, Willie Earl Martin, Farrel Eugene Ma- son, Iohn O. Massey. Marilyn Mathis, William Ray Matnev, Carol Lee Matthews, William Clarence Matthews, William Wayne Matthews, Robert Henry Mattox, Robert C. Mayes, Glynda Marie Maxwell, lun- ior Mazzanti, Hubert lennings Meachum. Marion Cowles Mead, Ir., Iohn Richard Meade, Bert Lee Medley, Lynn G. Med- lin, Hugh Seba Medlock, Charles R. Melton, Charles William Metzler, lr., Robert H. Mickel, The Sophomore Class of I9-48 Row 1: LEROY MIDDLETON, Agriculture, Leachville: GENE WARREN MILLER, Engineering, Holly Grove: IAMES FRANKLIN MILLER, Arts, Helena: DON WILSON MILLER, Business, Helena: IOHN ANDERSON MILLER, Agriculture, Hatfield: MARILYN LOUISE MILLER, Agriculture, Fayetteville: RAY GEORGE MILLER, Business, Fayetteville: FRANK LAROY MILLS, Business, Rogers: GEORGIA LOuISE MILLS, Arts, Augusta. Row 2: ANNE MISENHIMER, Education, Springdale: BILLY ED- WARD MITCHELL, Engineering, Fayetteville: CALVIN DEWEY MITCHELL, Engineering, Dumas: DOROTHY M. MITCHELL, Arts, El Dorado: EDWARD LI. MITCHELL, Agriculture, Rosston: GER- ALD EARNEST MITCHELL, Engineering, Homer, Louisiana: MARY IEANNE MITCHELL, Arts, Fort Smith: WILLIAM ROY MITCHELL, Arts, Hot Springs: CLYDE BRANN MITTS, Business, Swifton. Row 3: LENA KATHERINE MIxON, Arts, Marianna: LAWRENCE RECTOR MOPEETT, IR., Arts, Little Rock: CHARLES WAYNE MONTGOMERY, Engineering, Van Buren: REDus EDWARD MONT- GOMERY, Business, Stuttgart: SALLIE VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY, Arts, Memphis, Tennessee: WALTER N. MOON, Business, Fort Smith: AUSTIN A. MOORE, Business, Osceola: CAROLYN ELIGE- NIA MOORE, Agriculture, Horatio: CHARLES E. MOORE, Engi- neering, Gould. ' Row 4: FRITZIE ANDRES MOORE, Arts, Fort Smith: HATTIE WEST MOORE, Business, Helena: MARTHA ANN MOORE, Arts. Osceola: ROLAND EDWARD MOORE, Engineering, Vineland, New Iersey: EARL WESLEY MORELAND, Education: Fort Smith: CARL IACOB MORGAN, Engineering, Lamar: CAROL MORGAN, Agricul- ture, Camden: NORMAN O. MORGAN, Business, Lamar: ROY WILLIAM MORLEY, Engineering, West Memphis. Row 5: DEWITT MORRIS, Business, Big Flat: ELIZABETH M. MORRIS, Education, Gravette: IOE P. MORRIS, IR., Engineering, Gravette: MONA LEE MORRIS, Arts, Mountainburg: ROBERT WARING MORRIS, Business, Keo: WILLIAM PERRY MORRISON, IR., Business, Fox: IAMES N. MORTON, Engineering, Fort Smith: IAMES LEWIS MOSLEY, Education, Fort Smith: ALLAN MOUNT, IR., Engineering, Ionesboro. Row 6: RALPH HUTCHENS MULLENS, Business, Prairie Grove: CHARLES E. MUNCY, Business, Wilson: MARILYN IEAN MuN- SON, Business, North Little Rock: MAURICE I. MURPHY, Arts, Swifton: THOMPSON BERNARD MURRAY, IR., Business, Wynne: IOE H. MURREY, IR., Arts, Ionesboro: IAMES RICHARD Mus- GRAVE, Engineering, Nashville: CECIL B. NANCE, IR., Business, Marion: BYRON NAPIER, Arts, Fayetteville. Row 7: HAYDEN V. NAHMAN, Agriculture, Batesville: ALBERT SYDNEY NEEL, IR., Agriculture, Horatio: ROBERT T. NEEL, Business, Paragould: FLOYD FILLMORE NEELEY, Engineering, Camden: WILLIAM E. NEIGHEORS, Agriculture, Rosston: GREG- ORY H. NEWELL, Engineering, Muskogee, Oklahoma: FRANK M. NICHOLSON, Arts, Blytheville: ROBERT MITCHELL NIMOCKSI Business, Forrest City: MILES IVAN NORWOOD, Agriculture. Rogers. Row 8: DOROTHY LOuISE NOVAK, Business, Hazen: CLAuD VERNON NUNN, IR., Arts, Hope: LEGG IOSEPH OGDEN, Agricul- ture, Bentonville: LEO E. OLIPHANT, Arts, Fayetteville: ANNIE IO OLIVER, Education, El Dorado: CLYDE OREM, IR., Engineer- ing, Brinkley: LAWRENCE OSWALD, IR., Arts, Winchester: ROBERT L. OWEN, Business, Dallas, Texas: EDWARD ALPHIN OXFORD, Engineering, Texarkana. Row 9: GEORGE PAKIS, IR., Arts, Hot Springs: MARY FRANCES PAKIS, Arts, Hot Springs: GEORGE IOHN PAPAGEORGE, Engi- neering, Texarkana: IOE CARROLL PARKER, Agriculture, Los Angeles, California: LEE BRYAN PIARKER, IR., Arts, Dermott: HAROLD STEPHENSON PARKS, Engineering, Conway: ARCHIE EDWARD PATERSON, Business, Fayetteville: IAMES IOHN PATTER- SON, Agriculture, Alpena Pass: RALPH CURTIS PATTERSON, Edu- cation, Camden. Row 10: EARL NORTON PATTON, Agriculture, Hot Springs: IOHN RICHARD PAXTON, Agriculture, Rogers: IAMES TROY PAYNE, Arts, Leachville: IOHN HENRY PEARSON, Engineering, Springdale: NOAH S. PEEK, IR., Agriculture, Rison: THOMAS DWAYNE PENDLETON, Engineering, Paris: CONRAD HERMAN PENNARTZ, Business, Charleston: ROBERT RAY PERCEFULL, Busi- ness, Carlisle: IOHN WALKER PERDUE, Business, Memphis, Tennessee. Row 11: GLEN EVERT PERKINS, Agriculture, Tyronza: RICHARD EUGENE PERKINS, Business, Norphlet: HAROLD IOHN PERRY, Business, Southbridge, Massachusetts: FLAVE WARNOCK, PETERS, Business, Russellville: ANNE LOUISE PETERSON, Arts, Cassville, Missouri: ROBERT HENRY PETERSON, Engineering. Blytheville: IAMES FETTER PETTYJOHN, Engineering, Imboden: BILLY PAuL PHILLIPS, Business, Charleston: DWIGHT COLE PHILLIPS, Business, Springdale. Row 12: EARNEST F. PHILLIPS, Business, Pine Bluff: FLORENCE CAMILLE PHILLIPS, Arts, Fort Smith: IAMES HARRY PHILLIPS, Business, Little Rock: IAMES LEWIS PHILLIPS, Business, Fort Smith: LEE WARD PHILLIPS, Business, Fayetteville: MARTHA IANE PHILLIPS, Agriculture, Pine Bluff: NANCY LOuISE PHIL- LIPS, Business, Pine Bluff: ROBERT LEWIS PIERCE, Business, Rogers: WILLIAM KENNETH PIERCE, Business, Paris. Page 158 f it g :xf',, z. :'1 ZP: 'Q v-v.: , at -V ' an y 2 ' 8 'S 5 W1 ...M r 43- 5 - gf " tai? f A K , . I ml.. fi ,. , ,, -f ..- Q' rrimsl ' if'121'i" '- w f .izwigis 1. .w i .. K iv , tint., 5 , 1 :rf 1 Q? Elf- f X5 . - I IJ me . , B? Q Q 1 , .1 7 Q 'C 1 it 3,5 .3 .ws ?..f,f2rq' V - ' We YV- s....,,, H f fx SWYQ- ,. .. ,. at A' r 5 me '?- -or 'J 'Q 2. 5 'X 8 fi X W Q V gg V ",VV A -., A 11 i,h S"- "'T Y' 'M Leroy Middleton, Gene Warren Miller, Iames Franklin Miller, Don Wil- son Miller, Iohn Anderson Miller, Marilyn Louise Mil- ler, Ray George Miller, Frank Laroy Mills, Georgia Louise Mills. Anne Misenhimer, Billy Ed- ward Mitchell, Calvin Dew- ey Mitchell, Dorothy M. Mitchell, Edward U. Mitch- ell, Gerald Earnest Mitchell, Mary Ieanne Mitchell, Wil- liam Roy Mitchell, Clyde Brann Mitts. Lena Katherine Mixon, Law- rence Rector Moffett, Ir., Charles Wayne Montgom- ery, Redus Edward Mont- gomery, Sallie Virginia Montgomery, Walter N. Moon, Austin A. Moore, Carolyn Eugenia Moore, Charles E. Moore. Fritzie Andres Moore, Hat- tie West Moore, Martha Ann Moore, Roland Edward Moore, Earl Wesley More- land, Carl Iacob Morgan. Carol Morgan, Norman O. Morgan, Roy William Mor- ley. Dewitt Morris, Elizabeth M. Morris, Ioe P. Morris, Ir., Mona Lee Morris, Rob- ert Waring Morris, William Perry Morrison, Ir., Iames N. Morton, Iames Lewis Mosley, Allan Mount, Ir. Ralph Hutchens Mullens, Charles E. Muncy, Marilyn lean Munson, Maurice I. Murphy, Thompson Bernard Murray, Ir., Ioe H. Murrey, Ir., Iames Richard Mus- grave, Cecil B. Nance, Ir., Byron Napier. Hayden V. Nauman, Albert Sydney Neel, Ir., Robert T. Neel. Floyd Fillmore Neel- ey, William E. Neighbors, Gregory H. Newell, Frank M. Nicholson, Robert Mitch- ell Nimocks, Miles Ivan Norwood. Dorothy Louise Novak, Claud Vernon Nunn, Ir., Legg Ioseph Ogden, Leo E. Oliphant, Annie Io Oliver, Clyde Orem, Ir., Lawrence Oswald, lr., Robert L. Owen, Edward Alphin Ox- ford. George Pakis, Ir., Mary Frances Pakis, George Iohn Papageorge, Ioe Carroll Parker, Lee Bryan Parker, Ir., Harold Stephenson Parks, Archie Edward Pat- erson, Iames Iohn Patter- son, Ralph Curtis Patterson. Earl Norton Patton, lohn Richard Paxton, Iames Troy Payne, lohn Henry Pearson. Noah S. Peek, Ir., Thomas Dwayne Pendleton, Conrad Herman Pennartz, Robert Ray Percefull, Iohn Walker Perdue. Glen Evert Perkins, Rich- ard Eugene Perkins, Harold lohn Perry, Flave Warnock Peters, Anne Louise Peter- son. Robert Henry Peterson. Iames Fetter Pettyjohn, Billy Paul Phillips, Dwight Cole Phillips. Earnest F. Phillips, Florence Camille Phillips, Iames Har- ry Phillips, Iames Lewis Phillips, Lee Ward Phillips, Martha lane Phillips, Nancy Louise Phillips, Robert Lew- is Pierce, William Kenneth Pierce. 1 1 4 i l The Sophomore Class of l948 Row 1: IACK HOLMES PITTMAN, Arts, Pine Bluff: VERNON EUGENE PITTMAN, Business, Oil Trough: WILLIAM GENE PITT- MAN, Engineering, El Dorado: ROBERT HAMILTON PLUNKETT, Business, Fort Smith: PATRICIA ANNE POLAND, Education, Tex- arkana: WILLIAM MCKINLEY PORTER, IR., Engineering, Harris- burg, Pennsylvania: NIXON WESLEY POWELL, Engineering, Magazine: GEORGE WILLIAM POWER, Business, Fort Smith. Row 2: FRANKLIN I. PRESSON, Arts, Hot Springs: NORMAN DALE PRICE, Arts, Eureka Springs: IAMES S. PRIDDY, Arts, Camden: IOYCE PAULENE PRIEST, Education, Green Forest: WILBURN UDELL PTAK, Business, Fayetteville: BETTY MILDRED PUCKETT, Business, Little Rock: IULIA ANN PUGH, Education, Springdale: HOWARD M. PYEATTE, Business, Cane Hill: PEARL EDWIN PYLAND, IR., Engineering, Tuckerman: NEALE A. QUINN, Business, Pine Bluff. Row 3: WILLIAM ALFRED RAGON, Arts, Clarksville: ROBERT WILLIAM RAGSDALE, Arts, El Dorado: CHARLES R. RANKIN, Agriculture, Fayetteville: ARTHUR EUGENE RAY, Engineering, Hot Springs: PAULA SUE REGAN, Arts, Danville: ARTHURENE PATE REED, Business, Heber Springs: WILLIAM MARSHALL REED, Engineering, Alleene: IAMES ANDREW REEVES, Engineer- ing, Camden: ROBERT LLOYD REEVES, Arts, Lonsdale. Row 4: WILLIAM LAMAR REEVES, Arts, Camden: ROBERT MAURICE RENNER, Business, Fayetteville: LEAH IANE REUT- LINGER, Business, Fort Smith: IOHN MARSHALL RHOADS, Busi- ness, Malvern: CLARENCE I. RICE, Agriculture, Corning: IOAN RICHARDS, Arts, Lake Providence, Louisiana: HARRY A. RICH- -MOND, Arts, Little Rock: ROYCE BUDDY RIDDICK, Arts, West Memphis: RICHARD RAY RIGGS, Engineering, Camden. Row 5: TED RILEY, Arts, Fort Smith: CHARLES WILLIAM RIP- LEY, Engineering, El Dorado: KENNETH W. RIPPY, Engineer- ing, Sheridan: WILLIAM HARDY RISTEEN, Engineering, Fayette- ville: RALPH EDWARD RITCHIE, Business, Hardy: CARLE ALTON ROBBINS, IR., Business, Fort Smith: WANDA IEANE ROBBINS, Arts, Fort Smith: IOE ALLEN ROBERTS, Education, Springdale: EDWARD FRANK ROBINSON, Engineering, New Blaine. Row 6: ROBERT TUCKER ROBINSON, Business, Su'phur Springs, WALTER EARL ROBINSON, Education, Van Buren: W. WARREN ROGERS, Business, Smackover: PETER H. RONAI, Arts, New York, New York: MILTON L. ROSCOE, Engineering, Carthage: RICHARD TOWNSEND ROSE, Arts, Roseland: BILLY R. ROSS, Edu- cation, Pine Bluff: G. G. ROSS, Engineering, Arkansas City: RUTHERFORD IACK ROSS, IR., Business, Fort Smith. Row 7: SUE DEARING ROSS, Arts, Fort Smith: THOMAS STEPH- ENSON ROTTNOCK, Arts, Springdale: WILLIAM R. ROUTON. Agriculture, Hope: WILLIAM EDWIN ROWE, Agriculture, Berry- ville: WILBERT E. ROWND, Engineering, DeWitt: ROSEMARY COLQUITT RUCKER, Arts, Little Rock: HOWARD W. RUSSELL, Arts, Camden: TOMMY HUGH RUSSELL, Arts, North Little Rock: WILLIAM IAMES RUSSELL, Agriculture, Clarksville. Ro-w 8: CATHERINE LETITIA RUTHERFORD, Arts, Pine Bluff: FRED V. RUTHEREORD, IR., Arts, Blytheville: ERNESTEEN RUT- LEDGE, Education, Hackett: IAMES MAITLAND RUTLEDGE, Busi- ness, Pine Bluff: DORIS Io SALYARS, Business, Alma: CHARLES W. SANDERLIN, Business, North Little Rock: IACK HEBER SAN- DERS, Engineering, North Little Rock: IOHN PAUL SANDERS. Engineering, Hope: ROBERT NORRED SANDERS, Engineering. Piggott. Row 9: IAMES I. SANDOR, Education, Stuttgart: ELLIOTT BLAND SARTAIN, Business, Osceola: ELLA HUBBARD SCAIEE, Business, Eudora: DENNY P. SCHAEER, Arts, Fayetteville: CHARLES E. SCHARLAU, IR., Arts, Mountain Home: WILLIAM EMERSON SCHILLER, Arts, Memphis, Tennessee: WILLIAM EUGENE SCHROEDER, Engineering, Ionesboro: CALVIN CHRIS SCHNEIDER, Engineering, Malvern: CHARLES CULPEPPER SCHREINER, Busi- ness, Little Rock. Row 10: WILLIAM HERMAN SCHULZE, Arts, Russellville: ROB- ERT SI-IELDON SCI-IWARTZ, Arts, West Helena: HARRY LEHMAN SCOTT, IR., Business, Wynne: IAMES E. SCROGGS, Arts, Iackson- ville: ERIC PLATO SCRUGGS, IR., Engineering, England: WILLIAM EDWARD SEARCY, Engineering, Lewisville: IAMES SIDNEY SCOTT' Arts, Nashville: ROBERT EDWARD SEATON, Business, Forrest City: WILLIAM NELSON SESSIONS, Engineering, Lake Village. Row 11: DONALD STEWART SETTLE, Business, Bentonville: CHARLES ROBERTSON SEWELL, Engineering, Malvern: THOMAS H. SEWELL, Business, Waldo: IOHN SHADDOX, Education, Nash- ville: MILLIE NOBLE SHADDOX, Education, DeWitt: MARION IAMES SHARP, Business, Prairie Grove: IAMES L. SHAVER, Busi- ness, Wynne: IERRY MILTON SHAW, Arts, Pine Bluff: WILLIAM MCDERMOTT SHAW, Engineering, Lewisville. Row 12: SUSAN ELIZABETH SHELTON, Arts, Fayetteville: WALTER LEE SHEPHERD, Business, Pine Bluff: SONYA SHEP- HERD, Arts, Camden: ROY SHIRKEY, IR., Engineering, Carlisle: MARILYN M-ARIE SHIRMER, Education, Fayetteville: HARVEY DAVIS SHOFNER, Business, Little Rock: WILLIAM KEITH SHOE- NER, Agriculture, Fayetteville: IEANNE LORRAINE SHOOK, Arts. Hot Springs: WILLIAM EUGENE SHOCK, Engineering, Kingston, Pennsylvania. Page 1 60 Vx eg L,L 7- Y- -W-f - W N ' I at V SLT- Lv L L ,,,.,f, no KI , v LL X L L Lf ' L av: A - , ., L . " :sg-sl X551 V 1- -" 'aaa f-. 1--"L L' 7 , 7 W 11 L ' L 1 it rig., ig 43,5522 , , .. ig? it W' L. 5 L Y i LP-, . 1 - V ' fi li V .L , K, L .. ' - - , " we kr P L L fini" " i i'j7f Yl2L'ff gif:-V L ' .R W ' I ,:,, I . L A f 1 X - L - if V V I Z A U . V ,sa Ve V , y L... ,. L Q L ie- - V L .. x LLLL .. L - 1 Le LV Q, gg. VV. Y . 'il' ' 55: . W - 1 V ' L L ' E "" ' V L , V ' "3" f. " L I ' . X 5""5i5'EftLf?1L QZQQQ Q 1 7 ' if E X L fs. W? Q L V 'r i ' ir V ' Q ' P ...5 PM Q.. .' A,A - 'L - i L L wi " wit , . " ' , -wifi, 7 we fi I L "fr 5 , ,ff - 'W' V' . LV., 1 L L ,WL. tie L fi, V . V 2 V L LL V A L i , - I ":- -- 1-L Vxit' 1 .',K" ' ' L L 5' 'H L ' If Q . i V riff' '. - , V L - L ' i L , it 5 VPI Z 0. . LL gifs - V E - A L itz. ' r 55? V 1. L A A .-,L i ' , '- 1 5 ' L L In "':E..i",,E', . H .L V I, W' r 1 V V R L 1- L. VLLV f-.Li .. LLLL iw . V 3 V .' P ' L ' 5 A V L- I!s,.s V w V at "W L ' ':-:V - L L-. gggtwar . L V L L L ' LL il ,,, I i gl LV fV gg fr: pe- L45 VVVV -L.. . 4:1 ,rm L -fsf fkskgiii: 5, L.., g.M , gifs: Y Tis I QL i l KU:-. Vkp . K +R L ' 'iv 2251, ' Q '--V L V' L P' A " A 'A ' ' .. H . . 'W' ,- 4 if L' . i A , 9 5 - ,W , 1 QQ V 0 W L i V f L r VL L -'Lf: 1 Y :L fill. it LV 'fi LV .rf 1 i I. ,.,, .L .,5, ,kv L A. .. I -V L .L f . Q - VVZ- . L LV 1, L . V, Li X ' in . jf.. V . Us L 1 .?.5g .,m 77: , 1- L1LsVLsn-1. ' L 63' 1' ' V -' J 'L ti - 1 E f QV' if L L- H . L Q VV - e it sg. -- .La 6. re L L L LL . ,. L K K E L . r w .LLL V, . LL, ly Nw V . I ,AL I - . mg, ti., N , ,LN L f V VV V' L ' 'L it-ti' L " ' iiftfi Eff? ' L V ' 3 J L - V -t V... ew V . . ,gg A an -'A K 1 L E R 5 r . .A A ll-V VVVVV . VV L f A .L :H .tattered Va n. .. L L T .""? T WA 2 A , L. .... f -iz if 1 V is .Lain :Li f ' - -- L - sf- L ft ' , .. L f L. . V' 0 "W 4, wg Vi QQ. . N V, B' las n K L . rV .- fi r VL V L N L LV .L L YQ 'W . get A n 'K T LL L mi 4-Lf-, L 14. . L ffm .L at Ii . L L V wi X - L ' L , i 52 3 'g"' ' L .L ,, Ly. - V lack Holmes Pittman, Ver- non Eugene Pittman, Wil- liam Gene Pittman, Robert Hamilton Plunkett, Patricia Anne Poland, William Mc- Kinley Porter, Ir., Nixon Wesley Powell, George William Power, Franklin I. Presson. Norman Dale Price, Iames S. Priddy, Ioyce Paulene Priest, Wilburn Udell Ptak, Betty Mildred Puckett, lulia Ann Pugh, Howard M. Pye- atte, Pearl Edwin Pyland, Ir., Neale AL Quinn. William Alfred Ragon, Rob- ert W i l l i a m Ragsdale, Charles R. Rankin, Arthur Eugene Ray, Paula Sue Re- gan, Arthurene Pate Reed, William Marshall Reed, Iames Andrew Reeves, Rob- ert Lloyd Reeves. William Lamar Reeves, Robert Maurice Renner, Leah Iane Reutlinger, lohn Marshall Rhoads, Clarence I. Rice, loan Richards, Harry A. Richmond, Royce Buddy Riddick, Richard Ray Riggs. Ted Riley, Charles William Ripley, Kenneth W. Rippy, William Hardy Risteen, R a l p h Edward Ritchie, Carle Alton Robbins, Ir., Wanda leane Robbins, Ioe Allen Roberts, Edward Frank Robinson. Robert Tucker Robinson, Walter Earl Robinson, W. Warren Rogers, Peter H. Ronai, Milton L. Roscoe, Richard Townsend Rose, Billy R. Ross, G. G. Ross, Rutherford lack Ross, Ir. Sue Dearing Ross, Thomas Stephenson Rottnock, Wil- liam R. Routon, William Edwin Rowe, Wilbert E. Rownd, Rosemary Colquitt Rucker, Howard W. Rus- sell, Tommy Hugh Russell, William Iames Russell. Catherine Letitia Rutherford, Fred V. Rutherford, Ir., Er- nesteen Rutledge, I a m e s Maitland Rutledge, Doris Io Salyars, Charles W. Sander- lin, lack Heber Sanders, lohn Paul Sanders, Robert Norred Sanders. Iames I. Sandor, Elliott Bland Sartain, Ella Hubbard Scaife, Denny P. Schafer, Charles E. Scharlau, Ir., William Emerson Schiller, William Eugene Schroeder, Calvin Chris Schneider, Charles Culpepper Schrein- er. William Herman Schulze, Robert Sheldon Schwartz, Harry Lehman Scott, Ir., Iames E. Scroggs, Eric Plato Scruggs, lr., Iames Sidney Scott, William Ed- ward Searcy, Robert Ed- ward Seaton, William Nel- son Sessions. Donald Stewart Settle, Charles Robertson Sewell, Thomas H. Sewell, Iohn Shaddox, Millie Noble Shad- dox, Marion lames Sharp, lames L. Shaver, Ierry Mil- ton Shaw, William McDer- mott Shaw. Susan Elizabeth Shelton, Walter Lee Shepherd, Son- ya Shepherd, Roy Shirkey, lr., Marilyn Marie Shirmer, Harvey Davis Shofner, Wil- liam Keith Shofner, Ieanne Lorraine Shook, William Eugene Shook. v v-- .,...,.......,.....-vw The Sophomore Class of I948 Row I: FRANCES TRESSALYN SHOUSE, Arts, Blytheville, HAR- RIET SACHS SIEGEL, Arts, Fayetteville, ROY VERGIL SIMPSON, IR., Arts, Fayetteville, IOSEPH PAUL SIPES, Agriculture, Lon- oke, BENJAMIN M. SMITH, Business, Hot Springs, BONNIE SUE SMITH, Arts, Hickory Ridge, BOYCE M. SMITH, Engineering, Tull, CLIFTON MADDUX SMITH, IR., Business, Little Rock: DONALD ROBERT SMITH, Arts, DeQueen. Row 2: ELMER MELVIN SMITH, Busiifess, Fort Smith, FRANCES ANNE SMITH, Arts, Foreman, GENE SMITH, IR., Engineering, Little Rock, GERALD MORRIS SMITH, Business, Rogers, GEORGE RICHARD SMITH, Business, Fordyce, IAMES QUINCY SMITH, IR., Engineering, West Memphis, IOHN EDMOND SMITH, Engineer- ing, Plainview, IOSEPH WALTER SMITH, Engineering, Swiftonz RICHARD WAYNE SMITH, Engineering Plainview. Row 3: ROBERT BURREL SMITH, IR., Arts, Little Rock, ROBERT GERALD SMITH, Agriculture, Everton, RONALD IAMES SMITH, Business, Barling, SYDNEY HOWLAND SMITH, Arts, Saint Paul, THELMER PAYTON SMITH, Engineering, Foreman, UTHEL LEE SMITH, Arts, Prattsville, VELMA SMITH, Business, Springdale, VIRGINIA RAE SMITH, Agriculture, West Fork, DIBBY SNELL- GROVE, Arts, Ionesboro. Row 4: FRANK OWEN SNYDER, Agriculture, Green Forest: TONY R. SOWDER, Engineering, Fayetteville, GEORGE WILLIAM SPANGLER, IR., Engineering, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, CURTIS THOMAS SPAULDING, Business, Fayetteville, CLAYTON L. SPEN- CER, Agriculture, Fayetteville, IAMES EDWARD SPICER, Engi- neering, Magnolia, RAY THOMAS SPILLERS, Engineering, Van Buren, EUGENE CARROL SPRATT, Engineering, Higginson, IOHN S. STAMPS, Arts, Osage. Row 5: WILLIAM ROBERT STAPLETON, Business, Fayetteville, HARRISON B. STARNES, IR., Arts, Walnut Ridge, HARRY STAT- MAN, Arts, Brooklyn, New York, WILBUR B. STEPHENS, Agri- culture, Star City, IOSEPH MARION STEVENS, Engineering, Fay- etteville, THELMA BARRETT STEVENS, Agriculture, Little Rock: IACK C. STEVENSON, Engineering, Kansas City, Kansas: CHARLES WESLEY STEWART, Business, Fayetteville, IACK MUR- DOCK STEWART, Business, Little Rock. I Row 6: MARY ELLEN STEWART, Agriculture, Ioplin, Missouri: IAMES MORRIS STILES, Business, Paris, KENNETH C. STILES, Business, Mabelvale, HAROLD LEROY STOCKWELL, Agriculture, Pine Bluff, LEE ROY STONESIFER, Business, Fayetteville, BILL STRASBURG, Business, Fort Smith, BETTY ZOE STUART, Business, Springdale, ELIZABETH BRENDA STUCK, Arts, Ionesboro, I. C. STUCKEY, Business, Lepanto. Row 7: MARY IANE STUCKEY, Arts, Lepanto, DONALD MILLARD STUEART, Business, Hot Springs, WILLIAM IVY SULLIVAN, Busi- ness, Arkansas City, ELWOOD ODELL SUMNER, Arts, Dermott, DONNA IEANNE SWANK, Arts, Marked Tree, VIRGINIA SWEAR- ENGEN, Education, Blytheville, IOSEPH PLUMMER SWEAT, IR., Business, Weldon, FAYE R. SWIFT, Education, Fayetteville: MARGARET SUE SWIFT, Education, Fayetteville. Row 8: THOMAS IRVING SWILLING, Agriculture, Calico Rock: DONALD EYRE SWITZER, Business, Morrilton, IOHN HENRY TAL- BOT, Engineering, Pine Bluff, MARCUS PAULUS TALBOT, IR., Agriculture, Trumann, WILLIE E. TALIAFERRO, IR., Arts, Louis- ville, Kentucky, GLADYS ADELLE TALLENT, Agriculture, Mey- ers, FRED TANNEHILL, Engineering, Fayetteville, FRED CARL- TON TANNER, Business, England, HARLEY ARTHUR TARVIN, IR., Arts, Glendale, California. Row 9: EUGENE TATE, Arts, Paragould, CLAUDE PAUL TAY- LOR, Business, Harrison, CONNER TAYLOR, IR., Business, Mar- vell, IAMES E. TAYLOR, Engineering, Berryville, IOSEPHINE MILDRED TAYLOR, Business, Fayetteville, OLEN WINFIELD TAY- LOR, Engineering, Magnolia, IOHN PAUL TEAGLIE, Business, Alma, HUGH BURL TERRY, Business, Rogers, CHARLES O. THOMAS, IR., Business, Hope. Row 10: HARRY B. THOMAS, Engineering, Siloam Springs: IAMES A. THOMAS, Arts, Nashville: WILLARD MALVIN THOMAS, Engineering, Wickes, IAY C. THOMASSON, Engineering, Dc- light, ALLEN RUFUS THOMPSON, Agriculture, Helena, RETHA RHEA THOMPSON, Education, Fayetteville, IAMES E. THORN- TON, Engineering, Fort Smith, CHARLES L. THORP, Business. Fayetteville: IOHN M. THORP, Arts, Fayetteville. Row 11: LAWTON LENN THREET, Business, Sheridan, ROBERT WETZEL THREET, Engineering, Prattsville, HUGH F. THUR- MAN, Business, McRae, ROBERT L. THURMOND, Arts, Pratts- ville, IAMES A. TIDWELL, Business, Fort Smith, RAY B. TILLEY, Business, Little Rock, ROSS DENZIAL TITTLE, Education, Hot Springs, IVY L. TOMLIN, Engineering, Camden, CHRISTOPHER FARRAR TOMPKINS, Business, Blytheville. Row 12: ROBERT LEE TORRANS, Business, Texarkana, IOHN WILSON TRACY, Engineering, Corning, SAMUEL DONALD TRESS- LER, IR., Business, Fort Smith, WILLIAM D. TREWHITT, Educa- tion, Lincoln, SUSAN TRIMBLE, Engineering, Lonoke, VICTOR ELVIN TROST, Engineering, Green Forest, HERBERT ARNOLD TROST, Agriculture, Green Forest, MARY ALICE TUCKER, Arts, Texarkana, Texas, RALPH EUGENE TUCKER, Arts, Little Rock. Page 1 62 ...-..,...n4.,...:. ... ...4.!-,j-1-1 f-- E.-- . ....--- A - -v:- ' iii ' or ' wig?" VV V' I - ' S f3i?i? ' . ' 7' '-if 1 ' ' i ' t ' 3 52 V -HQ? L A . A f-at 'S' - ' ' VV! -. W 4' f- . ' . L , " ' W --I gl ,l g Q ri. . V 7 , . I ww 7 ,fi V I my V... ,th V K K l.. qv - if . eV.-ap, S . af? tt., at ' , 5 3 - V ' V .-4 1.5: 'w 12' ' w ill '- - - r ' . , " ' . -' , QV,-mfg . ., ,754 : ,N V ,.-W. V ,V 7555 ,,,. K U' r frifz.1VVfi.i" 1- V A . . ? G f,-JK is ,g I K - . V R3 at . :Q s . ff rs ,.,,. .. A M E V H, 1 H ... Vt." M 'Q gif?-g T , e A " We 9 f . 'V' ,-7 "' br mv- Q- 'Y 3922.0 - :LV ' ' ' . 'ii ' fi - .isifviilif Vi "N " Q -ftwxgg - -V-- A -I - t Wiz 1 f, -rw: ,k.'.- 1-A f Ww z, ' , .. , V V af 2 " ., S t -, KV I .t I . ,H .L If L, In 3- I I In Q, W wx M . T Q ... .. W . rg, K ' I 1 .. NL L 5 , LS , , . ' ' , r g I V. IT: . . , -,W . 5 ,. 1. 'Q , N ' W S. . V , ' i . I 1 - ' 1 .V t -'J - l E li i? 1' 22151 , f ' ' gif- . I . . 1 .V . t I ' . R. I .Q 1 1 . It f V. 'V'VA, L,.V, ' V 7 . Q . - 1,1 , , ,. fYl5l'L1l Q-i V. 5 1 5' " IV- ,n ' an . ' - --V .. - H ' V'Vk' ' . Q . ' ri 1' ' We f t' ,gf 'tt V 1 1 'F' ' - "W V . as 2 .VV 5 i 95 .ali It 'K I if '- ig . . V VS' "if t ' 7' 48 . V .VV , 1' 53 F i X I I T I S 'ti . at ' XY gi 't . I "':' AL" It 1. " . .1 -ag . VQ-. . - gg- . ,M -- an ,':, Q 5 , , 5 ' ,,. t g 4 - -sr. - it H V Q V- S V f 'T' , . ,V My Q .. . .Mk QE S . ,M . V. W sg . 5 V - E xl ' it I . 4-V' M. 2 . C- F, -. , -F - 5 Q I 'ww I 'Q' I as 45, E., E7 ,- . V L- Q.. fs 5 ' M . V' ah if 357' . '..- .. ' K' "3 ' - Ji., ,V i ,.f-' 3 j' i 4 K .eg . t l ,,, 5. F 3 lag? - -V D ff . V It W' 3 g ga H 1, .P -. ' Q we . I 4- 7 S .ff Q A I -Fw .. i , gf, ,. Li 4 pxa ,.A2V, .ao- I . Frances Tressalyn Shouse, Harriet Sachs Siegel, Roy Vergil Simpson, Ir., Ioseph Paul Sipes, Benjamin M. Smith, Bonnie Sue Smith, Boyce M. Smith, Clifton Maddux Smith, Ir., Donald Robert Smith. Elmer Melvin Smith, Fran- ces Anne Smith, Gene Smith, Ir., Gerald Morris Smith, George R i c h a r d Smith, Iames Quincy Smith, Ir., Iohn Edmond Smith, Io- seph Walter Smith, Richard Wayne Smith. Robert Burrel Smith, Ir., Robert Gerald Smith, Ron- ald Iames Smith, Sydney Howland Smith, Thelmer Payton Smith, Uthel Lee Smith, Velma Smith, Vir- ginia Rae Smith, Dibby Snellgrove. , Frank Owen Snyder, Tony R. Sowder, George William Spangler, Ir., Curtis Thomas Spaulding, Clayton L. Spen- cer, Iames Edward Spicer, Ray Thomas Spillers, Eu- gene Carrol Spratt, Iohn S. Stamps. William Robert Stapleton, Harrison B. Starnes, Ir., Harry Statman, Wilbur B. Stephens, Ioseph Marion Stevens, Thelma Barrett Stevens, lack C. Stevenson, Charles Wesley Stewart, lack Murdock Stewart. Mary Ellen Stewart, Iarnes Morris Stiles, Kenneth C. Stiles, Harold Leroy Stock- well, Lee Roy Stoneslfey, Bill Strasburg, Betty Zoe Stuart, Elizabeth Brenda Stuck, I. C. Stuckey. Mary lane Stuckey, Donald Millard Stueart, William Ivy Sullivan, Elwood Odell Sumner, Donna Ieanne Swank, Virginia Swearen- gen, Ioseph Plummer Sweat, Ir., Faye R. Swift, Margaret Sue Swift. Thomas Irving Swilling, Donald Eyre Switzer, Iohn Henry Talbot, Marcus Paul- us Talbot, Ir., Willie E. Taliaferro, Ir., G l a d y s Adelle Tallent, Fred Tanne- hill, Fred Carlton Tanner, Harley Arthur Tarvin, Ir. Eugene Tate, Claude Paul Taylor, Conner Taylor, Ir., Iames E. Taylor, Iosephine Mildred Taylor, Olen Win- field Taylor, Iohn Paul Teague, Huuh Burl Terry, Charles O. Thomas, Ir. Harry B. Thomas, Iames A. Thomas, Willard Malvin Thomas, Iay C. Thomasson. A l l e n Rufus Thompson, R e t h a Rhea Thompson, Iames E. Thornton, Charles L. Thorp, Iohn M. Thorp. Lawton Lenn Threet, Rob- ert Wetzel Threet, Hugh F. Thurman, Robert L. Thur- mond, Iames A. Tidwell, Ray B. Tilley, Ross Denzial Tittle, Ivy L. Tomlin, Chris- topher Farrar Tompkins. Robert Lee Torrans. Iohn Wilson Tracy, Samuel Don- ald Tressler, Ir., William D. Trewhitt, Susan Trimble, Victor Elvin Trost, Herbert Arnold Trost, Mary Alice Tucker, Ralph E u g e n e Tucker. The Sophomore Class of l948 Row 1: CHRIS I. TULLY, Engineering, Forrest City: IOHN LEANDER TLIRNER, III, Arts, Marvell: ROBERT ELLIS TuRNER, Business, Little Rock: VIOLA MAYE TURNEY, Business, Heber Springs: WARREN EDWARD TuTHILL, Engineering, Stuttgart: GARLAND EUGENE URREY, Agriculture, Hope: IANE VAN HORN, Arts, Mena: IOAN VAN PELT, Arts, Eureka Springs: ROBERT HARRELL VICK, Business, Fort Smith. Row 2: WILLIAM HENRY VICK, Business, Fort Smith: IAMES ALVIN VIZZER, Engineering, Gillettg IAMES A. WAITS, Engi- neering, Alma: WILBIIRN O. WALDEN, Engineering, Paragould: ELIZABETH SuE WALKER, Arts, Paris: IOHN WARFIELD WALK- ER, Engineering, Pine Bluff: LAMAR ATTWOOD WALKER, Engi- neering, Rison: WARREN WALKER, Arts, Pineville, Missouri: EUGENE GREGORY WALLACE, IR., Business, Newport. Row 3: GLORIA WALLACE, Arts, Newport: IAMES ANDREW WALLACE, Arts, Newport: ROBERT T. WALLACE, Business, Pine Bluff: WILLIAM MILNER WALLER, Arts, Claremore, Okla- homa: IESSE PAGE WALT, Business, Altheimer: ELAINE WALTER, Arts, Kensett: BEN W. WALTERS, Arts, Little Rock: HAMILTON BEITH WARD, IR., Business, Crumrod: HAROLD L. WARD, Arts, Horatio. Row 4: WILLIAM GASTON WARD, IR., Engineering, Fort Smith: MASON TURMAN WARE, Agriculture, Spring Valley: PATRICIA ANN WARE, Arts, Washington, D. C.: ROY OWEN WARFORD, Education, Malvern: CECIL RANDOLPH WARNER, IR., Arts, Fort Smith: BETTY LOUISE WARNOCK, Education, Franklin: PATSY RUTH WARNTJES, Arts, Little Rock: CHARLES E. WARREN, Arts, Fayetteville: SARA IEANNE WARREN, Arts, Brickeys. Row 5: HARRIETT WASHINGTON, Arts, Holly Grove: IAMES RUSSELL WATERS, Arts, Fayetteville: LEWIE ALBERT WATKINS, Business, Harrison: PEGGY ANNE WATKINS, Arts, Springdale: RICHARD THOMAS WATKINS, Engineering, Little Rock: BOBBY C. WATSON, Business, Osceola: WILLIAM ORDIS WATSON, IR., Agriculture, Nashville: BETTY JEAN WEAVER, Education, Prai- rie Grove: IEAN FEILD WEIR, Arts, Little Rock. r,M S ,sf V Row 6: LESLIE BYRON WEIR, Agriculture, Fort Smith: NAN- NETTE WELLS, Arts, Little Rock: FREDERICK LAVAuNE WEST, Business, El Dorado: SARA HOPE WEST, Agriculture, Mari- anna: MILDRED WHARRY, Arts, Little Rock: MARYELLA WHAR- TON, Business, Lowell: IOHN T. WHEELER, Arts, Caraway: ALFRED POPKESS WHITE, IR., Business, Pine Bluff: ALICE I. WHITE, Arts, Greenwood. Row 7: ERNEST LYNDON WHITELAW, Business, Pine Bluff? IOHNNY HERMAN WIEDERKEHR, Arts, Altus: CHARLES LUTHER WILDY, Agriculture, Etowah: GLENN EUGENE WILHITE, Arts, Mountain Home: DuANE LEON WILKERSON, Engineering, Rog- ers: BOB ED WILKINS, Arts, Fort Smith: DEWEY L. WILLIAMS, Education, Springdale: KELLY BOB WILLIAMS, Arts, Stephens: WILLIAM FINLEY WILLIAMS, Engineering, Little Rock. Row 8: H. GAYLE WILLIAMSON, Arts, Fort Smith: THEODORE A. WILLIS, Business, Watson: BRUCE EDWARD WILSON, Busi- ness, Pine Bluff: EVELYN HOLT WILSON, Arts, Harrison: HUG!! A. WILSON, Business, Memphis, Tennessee: IAMES DENVER WILSON, Business, Osceola: IAMES DOYLE WILSON, Engineer- ing, Fayetteville: REMMEL CHARLES WILSON, Engineering, Danville: TROY MELVES WILSON, Business, Fayetteville. Row 9: WILLIAM DOYNE WINGFIELD, Business, El Dorado: IACK O'NEAL WISEMAN, Business, Searcy: IUDY HAMILTON WISNER, Arts, Little Rock: IEAN WITTENBERG, Arts, Memphis. Tennessee: KATHRYN WITTENBERG, Agriculture, Little Rock: IOYCE G. WOLF, Arts, Mountain Home: CLIFFORD IuLIAN WOR- MACK, Engineering, Charleston: BENNY EDWARD WOMBEL, En- gineering, Thornton. Row 10: DOROTHY IEAN WOOD, Arts, Tulsa, Oklahoma: MARY IEANETTE WOOD, Education, Harrison: MARY IO WOOD, Education, Mena: OLIVER CHISM WOOD, IR., Engi- neering, Texarkana: GEORGE WALTON WOODARD, Engineering. Rogers: MARVIN DALE WOODBRIDGE, Agriculture, Huntsville: BETTY FRANCES WOODSON, Arts, Blytheville: FREDERICK CAIRNS WOOL, Arts, Seattle, Washington. Row 11: MARY LYNN WOOLLEY, Arts, El Dorado: ERNEST K. WORDEN, Education, Hot 'Springs: SAMuEL FLOYD WORD, Business, Ionesboro: TRAVIS EDWARD WOR- RELL, Arts, Magazine: DAVID A. WREN, Business, Little Rock: WILLIAM MARSHALL WRIGHT, Arts, El Dorado: HELEN ELIZABETH WYNN, Arts, Corning: ROY DEAN YAR- BROUGH, Arts, New Orleans, Louisiana. Row I2: ROY IAMES YORK, IR., Business, Malvern: FAY OLEN YOuNG, Engineering, Sheridan: HAROLD EUGENE YOuNG, En- gineering, Nashville: IAMES CEDRIC YouNGBLOOD, Engineering, Little Rock: ROBERT HENRY ZIEGLER, Business, Little Rock: GEORGE E. ZIMMERMAN, Agriculture, Ulm: GLADYS BERYL BALL, Agriculture, Red Lodge, Montana: ALICE I. TIPPIN, Arts, Springdale. Page 164 We it-.. M 'me- Q .. 1 S :,.A gg ME I if 3 egg ff J ,lr 'W S . mu 'Qui K. 2 ,X F ,wg-. Q X Q at U C' 4' vs 1 ill? . at "' ' if is if X .. 3 I Ei ' 4-f . F PY' . if-If if as I ' is, , , 'W . 4 fi , S, 4 ,, we assed eww ig . . N S mfg 2 . 1 I g f 1 l W W 'S 4' . rg, A at im xl? 1. Q. L I T. -.2f L 'X HA 5 5? ie' rx is V ff , iii? I N 5' 'YF hm L reg M 7 e. Chris I. Tully, Iohn Leander Turner, III, Robert Ellis Turner, Viola Maye Tur- ney, Warren Edward Tut- hill, Garland Eugene Urrey, Iane Van Horn, Ioan Van Pelt, Robert Harrell Vick, William Henry Vick, Iames Alvin Vizzer, Iames A. Waits, Wilburn O. Walden, Elizabeth Sue Walker, Iohn Warfield Walker, Lamar Attwood Vfalker, Warren Walker, Eugene Gregory Wallace, Ir. Gloria NVallace, Iames An- drew Wallace, Robert T. Wallace, William Milner Waller, Iesse Page Walt, Elaine Walter, Ben W. Walters, Hamilton Beith Ward, Ir., Harold L. Ward, William Gaston Ward, Ir., Mason Turman Ware, Pat- ricia Ann Ware, Roy Owen VVarford, Cecil Randolph Warner, Ir., Betty Louise Warnock, Patsy Ruth Warntjes, Charles E. War- ren, Sara Ieanne Warren. Harriett Washington, Iames Russell Waters, Lewie Al- bert Watkins, Peggy Anne Watkins, Richard Thomas Watkins, Bobby C. Watson, William Ordis Watson, Ir., Betty lean Weaver, Iean Feild Weir. Leslie Byron Weir, Nan- nette Wells, Frederick La- Vaune West, Sara Hope West, Mildred Wharry, Maryella Wharton, Iohn T. Wheeler, Alfred Popkess White, Ir., Alice White. Ernest Lyndon Whitelaw, Iohnny Herman Wieder- kehr, Charles Luther Wildy, G l e n n Eugene Wilhite, Duane Leon Wilkerson, Bob Ed Wilkins, Dewey L. Wil- liams, Kelly Bob Williams. William Finley Williams. H. Gayle Williamson, Theo- dore A. Willis, Bruce Ed- ward Wilson, Evelyn Holt Wilson, Hugh A. Wilson, Iames Denver Wilson, Iames Doyle Wilson, Rem- mel Charles Wilson, Troy Melves Wilson. William Doyne Wingfield, Iack O'Neal Wiseman, Iudy Hamilton Wisner, Iean Wit- tenberg, Kathryn Witten- berg, Ioyce G. Wolf, Clif- ford Iulian Wormack, Benny Edward Wombel. Dorothy Iean Wood, Mary Ieanette VVood, Mary Io Wood, Oliver Chism Wood, Ir., George Walton Wood- ard, Marvin Dale Wood- bridge, Betty Frances Woodson, Frederick Cairns Wooll. Mary Lynn Woolley, Er- nest K. Worden, Samuel Floyd Word, Travis Ed- ward Worrel, David A. Wren, William Marshall Wright, Helen Elizabeth Wynn, Roy Dean Yar- brough. Roy Iames York, Ir., Fay Olen Young, Harold Eu- gene Young, Iames Cedric Youngblood, Robert Henry Ziegler, George E. Zimmer- man, Gladys Beryl Ball, Alice Tippin. XT' Upper left: Harold Young and Ben Hicks attempt to outsneer each other. Upper right: The Hill Hall girls get ready for their Valentine party. Center: A Home EC. student tries a jacket on the dummy for size. Lower left: President Iones, Mr. Baker, Dr. Carter, Dr. Hale and Wanda Wassner hold a discussion on the aims of the University at the Uni- versity On The Air radio pro- gram inaugural. Page .11 5. X 4 F gM,,w,Wwg.-- .Y L, Q1.fiye3g,g1 f'v'5?fM mf i 5? - . f gym. '5' KW ' ' k . , W1 .,A. . , . . . Z ::'m1:...'f-::,-::': '-: K , f, . ., -' -si1f:w".,:sQ,.'-Mf Q A ,U sf - fsfvw., ,W ,.., gi Mgfjfw ,fax k mf-Q-,Q M A . 4' wwf, wr, as 3 d-,sim 4 f ll 'R WP" X Q A Q 'NN S ai'7M't n 945, ff' l R O T C PROGRAM Under the leadership of Colonel Ray M. O'Day, the University of Arkansas ROTC program was the finest in history. Approxi- mately two hundred cadets, the first post- war advanced group, received their Second Lieutenant's bars in the Infantry, Air Corps and Signal Corps. The Cadet Corps itself expanded to better than pre-war strength as the non-veterans again filled the freshman and sophomore classes. To the veterans as well as the non-vets, the advanced ROTC program was lucrative. This was evidenced by a large number of vet- erans who took advantage of the program to receive their reserve commissions. Last summer, for the first time since the war, the summer training camps were re- newed and the Infantry, Air Corps and Sig- nal Corps students from Arkansas took a six-weeks training course along with students from colleges and universities all over the country. At Camp Hood, where the doughboys trained, Arkansas ROTC students acquitted themselves nobly. Training with their fellow infantrymen from Oklahoma, Louisiana. Texas and New Mexico, the Arkansas boys displayed their mettle in fine fashion and came up with some outstanding honors. Selected as outstanding cadet among the live hundred trainees was Ioyce Pipkin of the University of Arkansas. Third in the selection was Fred Wilmot, who served more than a year as Cadet Colonel of the Razorback Regiment. Besides Wilmot and Pipkin, there were five Arkansans included among the top nine men in the battalion. They were: Stacy Looney, Iames C. Fritz and Cadet Colonel Douglas C. Iones. At Fort Sam Houston where the Air Corps trained, Cadet Colonel George Iohn- ston was selected as the outstanding man in the summer camp. Iohnston was given the honor of leading the group in camp gradua- tion ceremonies. COLONEL O'DAY SUMMER CAMP The Cadet Corps this year was divided into two companies of Infantry and Signal Corps and two flights of Air Corps with a combined staff of the three branches in charge of the Regiment. ' This year two graduation ceremonies were held, one for interim students who fin- Page 168 ished their two years of advanced military H art at mid-term, and one for the regular sen- ior group who completed their second year of advanced work in Iune. Highlight of the year's activities was the annual Military Ball which was held in the spring semester. Features of the Ball were the crowning of the Queen, marching and manual of arms by the Pershing Rifles and pledging of Scabbard and Blade pros- pects. Another high spot in the year's activi- ties was the annual Federal Inspection con- ducted by the War Department. This year's inspection covered all phases of student train- ing, administration, drill, leadership and in- struction. At this important ceremony, the University of Arkansas Cadet Corps makes a habit of receiving an EXCELLENT A rat- ing. Last year the Corps also participated in a number of presentation and retreat cere- monies. Elementary ROTC is required of all able-bodied male, non-veteran students under the age of twenty-five. Advanced ROTC, com- pletion of which leads to a commission as a reserve officer, is open to veterans or students who are graduates of elementary ROTC. lf selected by PMSEBT, these students enter the course to train five hours weekly and attend one six-weeks summer camp. Training in leadership, tactics, map reading, administration and other army subjects is conducted and upon successful comple- MAJOR WINCKLER tion of the course the student is awarded a au P reserve commission, Upon being awarded the commission in the reserve, the student may choose to compete for a regular army commission or he may pursue a civilian career and keep in close contact with the army by taking periodic courses and correspondence work. The University of Arkansas ROTC be- gan in 1917, and it is estimated that approxi- mately one thousand reserve oflicers have re- ceived commissions here. Among those have been Maurice Britt and the late Buck Lloyd, Congressional Medal of Honor winnersg Neil Martin, killed in action while Hghting with the Flying Tigers, and Leroy Pond, for whom Camp Leroy Pond was named, Lieutenant Colonel Ioe H. Crakes is in charge of the Air Force group here at the University and Major Rudolph Cr. Winckler is in charge of the Signal Corps unit and also has command of the Army group of the Unit. LT. COLONEL CRAKES Page 169 ROTC Faculty Staff: Seated: Captain Horace D. Wood, Captain Robert H. Evans, Colonel Ray M, O'Day, Lieutenant-Colonel Ioe H. Crakes, Major Rudolph G. Winckler, Captain William S. O'Conner. Standing: Captain Clifford A. Worby, Captain james W. Sargent, Major Dwight B. Dickson, Captain Frederick F. Hollier, Ir., Major Grover C. Driver, Ir. These are the men who decide and regulate the policies of the ROTC program here at the University of Arkansas. Greatly experienced, tried and proven war-time leaders, these officers train the future officers of the Army. Non-commissioned Staff Officers: Seated: lst Sergeant Roger E. Mitchell, Master Sergeant Roger C. Tibbets, Master Sergeant Wayne W. Condon, Master Sergeant Franklin D. Reneau, Back row: Staff Sergeant john E. Helm, Master Sergeant james H. Vanlandingham, Technical Sergeant Welson Umphress, Technical Sergeant Kenneth H. Truitt, Master Sergeant Ralph F. Doran. Under the direction of the officers' staff, these are the men who handle the vast amount of records and supplies that are so vital in the smooth functioning of an ROTC unit. Page 1 70 REGIMENTAL STAFF OFFICERS DOUGLAS C. IONES . . . . . Cadet Colonel . . Regimental Commander GEORGE W, JOHNSTON . . Cadet Colonel . . Assistant Regimental Commander OTTICE TIDWHLI. , . . Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Regimental Executive Officer ROBERT P. STORY . . . Cadet Major . , Regimental Adjutant ROBERT K, SUTTON . . Cadet Major . Regimental S-2 IOE K. EASON . . . Cadet Major . Regimental S-3 LARRY L. DOYLE . . Cadet Major . , . Regimental S-4 BATTALION STAFFS FIRST BATTALION STAFF SECOND SQUADRON STAFF Cadet Lt. Col. HENRY B. EDWARDS Cadet Lt. Col. OTIS L. PARIIAM Battalion Commander Squadron Commander Cadet Major DAVIS B. RICHARDSON Cadet Major THOMAS H, HURT Battalion Executive Ofiicer Squadron Executive Ollicer Cadet Captain CALVIN W. ELLIS Cadet Captain OscAR H. HOTZ Battalion Adjutant Squadron Adjutant Cadet Captain ROBERT B. LUPER Cadet Captain HARDING L. TAYLOR Battalion S-3 Operations Officer Page 171 CADET Row I: lst Lt. joseph B. Abell, USAF: lst Lt. George A. Ashbridge, USAF: lst Lt. Drexel B. At- kinson, USAF: lst Lt. Herbert B. Barentine, USAF: lst Lt. Herman N. Bassett, USAF: lst Lt. Ralph A. Beegle, USAF. Row 2: lst Lt. Robert T. Blakemore, USAF: lst Lt. Edward E. Bohe, USAF: lst Lt. Homer W. Bor- delon, USAF: Capt. Pat D. Brinson, USAF: lst Lt. james M. Brown, USAF: lst Lt. Billy A. Burt, USAF. Row 3: lst Lt. jack A. Chamblin, USAF, lst Lt. Van H. Chapman, Inf.: lst Lt. Austin B. Chappelle, USAF: lst Lt. Virgil F. Coleman, USAF: lst Lt. james D. Cox, Signal Corps: lst Lt. Horace M. Cro- foot, III. Row 4: lst Lt. Duane D. Dawson: lst Lt. Paul M. Davis, Inf.: Capt. Alvin C. Duke, USAF: lst Lt. Charles F. Deller, USAF: lst Lt. William D. Diggs, USAF: lst Lt. R. N. Dillingham, jr., USAF. Row 5: Major Larry L. Doyle, USAF: Major jack Eason, Inf.: Lt. Col. Henry B. Edwards, jr., Inf: Capt. Calvin W. Ellis, Inf.: lst Lt. Earl E. Fitzjarrell: lst Lt. Carl R. Frear, USAF. Row 6: lst Lt. Daniel T. Garvin, USAF: Capt. Wil- liam M. Gibbs, Inf.: lst Lt. james B. Gillenwater, USAF: lst Lt. William W. Gooch, USAF: lst Lt. Hersey Goodwin, USAF: lst Lt, Denton C. Grubb, USAF. Row 7: lst Lt. Winfred R. Hart, Inf.: lst Lt. Charles S. Harvey, Inf.: lst Lt. George R. Harvey, USAF: lst Lt. Edgar Henderson, USAF: lst Lt. Hubert S. Henderson, Inf.: lst Lt. jessee M. Hendricks, USAF. Row 8: lst Lt. William R. Henry, USAF: lst Lt. Morris T. Hill, USAF: lst Lt. Major Holmes, Inf.: lst Lt. Hollis C. Hoover, USAF: Capt. Cscar H. Hotz, USAF: lst Lt. Billie M. Hudgens, USAF. Row 9: lst Lt. joseph B. Hughes, USAF: lst Lt. john D. Humphrey, Inf.: lst Lt. Charles L. Hunt, USAF: Major Thomas H. Hurt, jr., USAF: lst Lt. Elmer A. jackson, Inf.: 1st Lt. Floyd jackson, USAF. Row IO: lst Lt. Alvin M. jobe, USAF: lst Lt. Sam- uel A. johnson, Inf.: Col. George W. johnston, USAF: Col. Douglas C. jones, Inf.: lst Lt. jack K. jones, USAF: lst Lt. Norman G. jones, USAF: lst Lt. james T. Keating, Signal Corps. Page 1 72 OFFICERS Row I: lst Lt. Don D. LaVoy, Inf.: lst Lt. Walter H. Lemke, USAF: lst Lt, Robert Linton, Inf: lst Lt. john Loss, USAF: lst Lt. Walter H. Lucy: Capt. Robert B. Luper, Inf. Row 2: lst Lt. john D. Lyles, Inf.: lst Lt. Otis E. McCain, USAF: lst Lt. Richard W. McEwen, USAF: lst Lt. Lee W. McQuire, USAF: lst Lt. Victor Mariani, Inf.: lst Lt. Raymond E. Martin, USAF. Row 3: lst Lt. Richard L. Martin, USAF: lst Lt. Paul Mayes, USAF: lst Lt. Robert W. Merrell, USAF: lst Lt. Thomas L. Moore, USAF: lst Lt. Leon Moss, Ir., Chem. Corps: lst Lt. Ralph H. Mullens, USAF. Row 4: lst Lt. jasper W. Muncy, Inf.: lst Lt. George H. Neal, USAF: lst Lt. Albert S. Neel, Ir., USAF: lst Lt. Earl L. Nichols, USAF: lst Lt. Io- seph E. Nowlin, USAF: lst Lt. Leroy H. Oakes, USAF. Row 5: lst Lt. Lavender C. Osburn, USAF: Lt. Col. Otis L. Parham, USAF: lst Lt. David F. Peck. USAF: Capt. Virgil F. Perkins, USAF: lst Lt. Harold Perry, Inf.: lst Lt. William R. Putt, Ir., USAF. Row 6: lst Lt. Iohn E. Reints, jr., Inf.: lst Lt. Wil- liam V. Richards, USAF: Major Davis P. Richard- son, Inf.: lst Lt. Arthur D. Rogers, USAF: lst Lt. Calvin C. Schneider, USAF: lst Lt. Lester H. Sher- man, Inf. Row 7: lst Lt. George M. Simpson, USAF: lst Lt. Frank M. Sissons, USAF: lst Lt. james R. Smith, Inf.: lst Lt. Ray T. Spiller, Inf.: lst Lt. Arlen R. Stafford, USAF: lst Lt, Charles R. Stacy, USAF. Row 8: lst Lt. William R. Stapleton, USAF: Major Robert P. Story, Inf.: lst Lt. Leslie N. Sturdivant, Inf.: Major Robert K. Sutton, USAF: lst Lt. Charles T. Talbot, USAF: Capt. Harding L. Taylor, USAF. Row 9: Lt. Col. Ottice Tidwell, Signal Corps: lst Lt. Maxwell M. Treece. USAF: lst Lt. Billy F. Troxell, Inf.: lst Lt. Walter L. Turnbow, USAF: lst Lt. L. C. Waggoner, Inf.: lst Lt. john W. Warren, USAF. Row 10: lst Lt. Dewey L, Williams, Inf.: lst Lt. james S. Wilson, Signal Corps: lst Lt. Troy M. Wilson, USAF: lst Lt. Wallace O. Wilson, USAF: Capt. Pendleton Woods, Inf.: lst Lt. Richard E. Yeargain, USAF. Page 173 is V., ..-gm ig L. K fe:-or A fi. .4 tv f-A 37- ' '59-'9' ' sf 3.17, 5 h ML th ,-.. Q - .Q L 4.9. mi fx fl in it 3 ,, - . 'J , ,., - ..-, ' "' 2 :Zi 1 "" 2 3 Q ' " K ww I " M ,, 'Q D ff: .. f . 44: .- 1 7 xl W' 7 V 1, A f -1- A . 'Pt G ' Jen- ff. wr 'aw it Jlgcgf ,Ax O A " I-I 1? I S ,.hsrg4m, exam- ,r,,g,':. Qs.-sf.. - r gf, ,ewfgtxak :II il. ll li -MT SS 53: :L " "' xx mm H3555 A H1 'air '-Ll' ' 'Rags sg ,ga --f W' wg: -. -an L- .--- 253' -..... ' sf f f 1 K Q... , . . . , , . ,. . sq - if ' "i . .M .HQ me . -Q 2: ... f ... :I dx.. R -... ' 1 W ' .,.. tm... -if H f 4 - - .'::: nk ... 4- l by -.-Q. -.1-. A , ws -Q. fr 1 ,' 5 gp 5 5 ,,., ,, Y ,- 4 1 W... ' ff t on . . l 1 ..... F L Ml A .FIX 'A A s ' V ig. Q., il? sw , F E.. l ..,, "" Jw' r" . S INFANTRY HAROLD H. ALLEN JAMES D. ATKINSON IAMES E. BARHAM ROBERT F. BARTHOLOMEVV JOHN C. BEANE CHARLES W. BiSHOP WILLIAM A. BLACK WILKES D. BOND KENNY M. BONDS I. D. BYASSEE ROBERT E. CAMPBELL BARRON B. COLLIER IOSEPH A. EMERSON XNORTIT W. GIBSON HAROLD E. HENSON IOHN B. HOLIMAN LAWRENCE A. KELLEY BILLY G. KELLOW WILLIAM E. LONG SCOTT I. LYSINGER DARREL E. MCFARLAND WALTER H. MOON BILL MOORE CHARLES E. MUNCY CECIL B. NANCE IOHN R. NETHERY .IU ICR CFFICERS ROBERT R. PERCEFULL IOHN W. PERDUE JACK H. PITTMAN GEORGE W. POWER NEIALE A. QUINN IOHN L. SHADDOX JAMES E. STICE I. C. STUCKEY JACK L. TAYLOR ALLEN R. THOMPSON JAMES A. WALLACE DANIEL H. WOODS SIGNAL CORPS GLENDON C. BRUCE KENNETH M. CROY IOE L. GRIFFITH BOBILEE E. HILL LOUIS HOWARD CLYDE OREM WILLIAM G. PITTMAN CHARLES ROBINSON EDWIN I. ROBINSON HERBERT WRIGHT AIR FORCE CHARLES R. ABEL LUCIEN ABRAHAM SAMUEL I. BEARD JAMES K. BROWN MARVIN L. BROWN HALBERT S. BRUCE RICHARD T. BRYANT FRANK P. BUXTON GUS CARAS IOHN R. CROSS HUGH C. DURRETT ROBERT W. DYESS NORMAN I. EANS EDWIN S. ELPHINGSTONE RAYMOND H. ELROD IOHNNY T. FARMER WILLIAM A. FOWLER IOHN W. GANN WOODY L. GILL CHARLES K. GRAY HAROLD T. HANIILTON GRADY L. HINSON DOUGLAS P. HOLMES HAROLD H. HUDSON DEVOE R. IARRETT FRANK A. IEFFETT IAKE IENKINS BILLIE E. IONES CARROLL IONES WILLIAM E. KEENAN GLEN E. KELLER GUY H. LACKEY NOBLE F. LEWIS I. HOWARD MARKLEY FARREL E. MASON JOE MACK MCCUTCHEON HAROLD B. MCDONALD WENDELL O. MCKINNEY AUSTIN A, MOORE ROBERT T. NEEL BENNIE M. QUEEN REGINALD C. RAMSEY JOHN M. RHOADS KENNETH E. RHODES RUTHEREORD I. ROSS BENJAMIN F. TALBOT HERBERT A. TROST EUGENE G. WALLACE JOHN A. WELLS LOWELL R. WESSELS ARVIS G. WILLIAMS A. I. WILLIAMS WALTER P. WILLIAMS IAMES D. WILSON STERLING F. WOMACK Page 174 HEADQUARTERS coMPANY OFFICERS Company Commander . . . . . CADET CAPTAIN ALVIN C. DUKE Company Executive Officer . . CADET 1ST LT. STACY G. LOONEY CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS PI.ATooN LEADERS: Iasper VV. Muncy, William R. Stapleton, Otis E. McCain. ASSISTANT FLATOON LEADERS: Billy F. Troxell, Sidney Brashears, Iames K. Smith, Arlen R. Stafford, Rex E. Hoy, Marvin E. Henderson, Iames B. Gillenwater, Austin B. Chappelle. Lee R. Claborn, Drexel B. Atkinson, Edward E. Bohe, Homer W. Bordelon, I. D. Cox, Duane D. Dawson, William D. Diggs. R. N. Dillingham, Hollis C. Hoover, Iack C. Iones, Leon Moss, George H. Neal, Lavender C. Osburn, William R. Putt, William V. Richards, Ray T. Spillers. CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS IUNIOR OFFICERS: L. Abraham, I. D. Atkinson, I. E. Barham, I. C. Beane, S. I. Beard, C. W. Bishop, W. D. Bond, K. M. Bonds, K. M. Croy. I. T. Farmer, H. E. Henson, G. L. Hinson, I. B. I-Ioliman, I. A. Ieffett, W. C. Iones, William E. Long, D. E. McFar- land, W. D. McKinney, C. E. Muncy, Clyde Orem, G. W. Power, B. M. Queen, R. C. Ramsey, I. L. Shaddox, I. C. Stuckey, A. R. Thompson, E. G. Wallace, I. A. Wells, I. D. Wilson, A. I. Williams. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS FIRST SERGEANT: Billy Bass. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS: Tracy Scott, Gerald B. I-Iudspeth, K. R. Keith. STAFF SERCEANTS: B. G. Brogden, H. S. Hammans, Tom Russell. SERGEANTS: Geno Mazzanti, I. H. Lunney, I. D. Smith, D. S. Thomason, P. L. Carlton, I. H. Talbot, R. V. Simpson, Billy S. Hix, C. R. Young. CORPORALSi I. E. Casey, B. Dawson, P. S. Honeycutt, C. Andrissos, R. E. Bowman, O. F. Guinn, H. D. Yow, P. H'Doubler, F. D. Smith. ' MEMBERS I. Wilkinson, G. W. Hagler, G. Melton, G. I. Eckert, L. Schaufele, Noble, I. Gardener, C. Dudley, M. Iayson, M. Stendel, Shawgo, Perschbacher, Borgsmiller, I. T. Ferguson, T. L. Simpson, Trimble, B. Nesbitt, I. Bailey, C. H. Wallick, I. F. Bone, A. W. Iohnson, D. L. Miller, C. S. Gray, K. M. Iewell, G. R. Dillon, C. F. Howell, R. I. Williams, I. F. Brown, G. E. Turner, B. R. Edens, H. E. Purdy, Perschbacher, R. T. Smith, B. Boals, C. Linebarier, F. Smith, Blankenship, W. O. Watson, D. A. Roberts, Tom Floyd, I. W. Leake, C. S. Crouch, F. I. Howell, I. Phillips, W. A. Dowd, R. E. Sheets, R. H. Layne, A. R. Stockton, D. Riederer, B. Rogers, C. Moore, B. Whittaker, Z. Condry, I. Gladden, D. H. Dalton, I. Rushing, D. Russell, R. Nealon. ...,, . ' mivnmnnm k,.....-,......v if ,...............a... -Ml sI...I .... ....i A - M.. S ..-A -.......................................... .......... .......... .... ............., . .... ...... . . ....................,.......-.,... Page I 75 COMPANY A OFFICERS ' Company Commander . . . . . CADET CAPTAIN WILLIAM M. GIBBS Company Executive Officer . CADET 1ST LT. HUBERT HENDERSON CADET FIRST LIELITENANTS PLATOON LEADERS! Charles R. Harvey, Winifred R. Hart, Major I. Holmes. ASSISTANT PLATOON LEADERS: Samuel H. johnson, Earl E. Fitzjarrell, Ir., Iohn D. Lyles, Iohn D. Humphrey, Victor Mariani, Paul M. Davis, Lester H. Sherman. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS p FIRST SERGEANT: W. L. Bynum. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS: F. M. Nicholson, I. B. james, I. L. Griflin. STAFF SERGEANTS: Bob Morris, L. H. Lawson, Don Stewart. SERGEANTS: C. Youngblood, I. E. Smith, Iohn Weaver, Bob Combs, E. E. Harber, W. E. Banks, F. Overby, H. W. Goodman, H. B. Terry. CORPORAL: B. E. Haney. MEMBERS Ralph P. Holt, R. A. Green, Donald Russell, B. M. Thomson, Iohn T. Wheeler, Donald S. Settle, R. I. Neeley, Iim Drake, A. L. Riley, W. L. Mielsen, H. N. McClatchey, Ralph McDonald, Walter K. Gardner, K. L. Pitchford, A. H. Harris, R. F. Ieffries, A. S. Gifford, F. L. Mills, L. Chilcote, William P. Pierce, R. B. Nunnelly, Roy D. David, lack R. Basden, I. R. Phillips, Dan Iones, E. V. Boles, Bill Goodman, W. R. Pape, I. R. Marlowe, james W. McGill, W. H. Thomes, Travis-Fulks, B. D. Parker, Dale K. Rife, B. R. Webb, Lawrence Malcolm, Boyd O. Mills, C. G. Gurley, Doyle Hopkins, Ben Boren, W. G. Campbell. P. L. Adkisson, Charles Dabbs, R. E. Walters, C. E. Mills, lack Gates, T. Murrey, I. VV. Collins, I. L. Fergerson, Iimmie Parkerson, H. L. Nethercutt, Scott Neal, T. L. Clark, C. G. Mills, Fred Prioleau, Dick Hampton. - wa. .ww J .S- Pcxge 176 COMPANY B OFFICERS Company Commander . . . . . CADET CAPTAIN PENDLETON WOODS Company Executive Officer . . CADET IST LT. LESLIE N. STLIRDIVANT CADET FIRST LIELITENANTS PLATOON LEADERS: L. C. Waggoner, Don D. LaVov, Gustave I. Rankin, Ir. ASSISTANT PL,ATooN LEADERS: Iames T. Keating, Dewey L. Williams, Iohn B. Reints, Ir., Harold I. Perry, Van H. Chapman, Iames S. Wilson. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS FIRST SERGEANT: Paul Caperton. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS: V. Martin, F. Neeley, I. Vaccaro. STAFF SERGEANTS: E. Hirsch, Tyson, I. C. Fernald, Iack Sartin. SERGEANTS: R. E. Davidson, C. W. Stewart, E. F. Smith, E. C. Rockwood, F. M. Easley, W. W. Mitchell, T. Faust, H. McClurkin, Robert Vick, Collins. CORPORALS: I. P. Iohnson, D. Lowery, W. Mathews, R. H. Ziegler, Reeves, L. F. Skeggs, Charles Wall, W. W. Crisell, H. G. Williamson. MEMBERS Sam G. Baker, W. W. Woods, A. M. Lamerson, K. W. Rippy, Al Williams, L. B. Parnell, C. L. Weems, H. I. Watson, A. E. Russell, M. B. Smith, G. I. Garfield, Frank R. Van, G. F. Barnes, R. C. Hudson, R. A. Ault, C. V. Ielferies, Iim Iones, G. A. Lovett, G. S. Woolley, G. W. Deahl, K. K. Pinkerton, E. C. Black, C. P. Senyard, R. M. Iohnson, C. E. Izard, E. Stephenson, B. E. Bibb. I. C. McCaa, W. C. Robinson, A. S. Mobley, F. O. Young, W. E. Searcy, C. G. Wahh, G. W. Hedges, R. McMullen, W. T. Hearon, R. S. Hoag, B. Alford, I. D. Carter, R. N. Sanders, G. S. Ballard, I. C. Brizzolara, K. R. McKee, W. Krisell, R. C. Reed, P. E. Bayley, I. C. Holt, W. I. Heer, R. H. Vick, H. C. Crain. I ..-.1....- ,. . N- -xlrfw. Page 177 FLIGHT E Flight Commander . .... CADET CAPTAIN PAT D, BRINSON Flight Adjutant . . CADET lST LT. ALVIN M. IOBE CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS FIRST ELEMENT LEADER: Morris T. Hill. AssIsTANTs: Billy A. Burt, Tom H. Bowling, Daniel T. Garvin, Ioseph B. Abell, Charles F. Deller. SECOND ELEMENT LEADER: Iesse M. Hendricks. AssIsTANTs: Ralph H. Mullens, Frank M. Sissons, Hersey Goodwin, George M. Simpson, Charles L. Hunt. THIRD ELEMENT LEADER: Herman N. Bassett, AssIsTANTs: William R. Henry, Iack K. Iones, Iohn Loss, Ralph A. Beegle, Ioseph B. Brewer, Ir. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS FIRST SERGEANT: C. C. Kinter. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS: R. B. Blackmon, E. Want, H. E. Young. STAFF SERGEANTS: I. P. Wells, I. R. Cavness, I. T. Lindsey. SERGEANTS: D. E. Callahan, E. L. Tate, E. E. Andrews, R. E. Bowman, L. E. Guinn, R. D. Christy, C. E. Mosely, D. B. Clark, H. A. Tuck. CORPORALS: I. Williams, I. B. Hurley, R. C. Hickman, I. A. Hewitt, T. C. Garner, C. E. Kemp, W. C. Malone, T. Bowlin, Ir., D. L. Edwards, M. I. Fry. FIRST PLATOON I. W. Green, R. Franklin, D. R. Hend- rickson, R. A. Ward, S. I. Battista, R. E. Pitts, I. E. McHoon, M. C. Covey, I. McReynolds, I. N. Dullfie, L. M. Eppet- son, I. D. Covey, I. W. Cook, C. Dozier, G. T. Gilbert. M EMBERS SECOND PLATOON I. L. Wilson, A. Gearhart, W. C Leonard, K. Doyle, H. Wellborn, R. L. Lairly, C. M. Williams, B. L. Kauf- man, O. L. Keisman, A. L. Pianalto, D. C. Allen, T. L. Wilson, Ioe Kaufman, D. L. Ward, W. A. Spinelli, W. I Baker. THIRD PLATOON E. B. Wheelis, W. I. Alexander, R. C. Smith, I. H. Hauser, I. H. Sellers, W. L. Logan, W. Wolf, F. W. Gill, I. D. Degges. H. A. Westbrooks, K. E. Davis, Carl Baker, I. T. Lindsey, E. L. Head. D. H. Buel, D. S. Graham, P. E. Bricker, C. E. Henderson, S. M. Beasley. W. -..nn Page 178 FLIGHT F Flight Commander . .... CADET CAPTAIN VIRGIL F. PERKINS Flight Adjutant . . CADET IST LT. CARL R. FREAR CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS FIRST ELEMENT LEADER: William W. Gooch. ASSISTANTS: Ioseph B. Hughes, Thomas L. Moore, Troy M. Wilson, Herbert B Barentine, Alexander C. Speer. SECOND ELEMENT LEADER: Richard W. McEuen. ASSISTANTS: Maxwell M. Treece, Wallace O Wilson, Ioseph E. Nowlin, Iames M. Brown. THIRD ELEMENT LEADER: Horace M. Crofoot, III. ASSISTANTS: Floyd I. Iackson George R. Harvey, David F. Peck, Paul Mayes, Robert T. Blakemore. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS FIRST SERGEANT: G. C. Dixon. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS: Iack Brown, L. B. Parker, C. R. McCreary. STAFF SERGEANTS: R. D Gillham, I. R. Charlesworth, Bruce Wilson. SERGEANTS: R. B. Edwards, I. F. Brewer, I. L. Phillips, I. L. Behl, Charles L. Wildy I. M. Kirksey, H. H. Gregory, G. H. Cassidy, C. D. Mitchell. FIRST ELEMENT L. Beene, C. D. Buckley, I. T. Butler L. A. Clayton, I. P. Coddington, B. L Cornelius, R. E. Crafton, C. Day, R. E. Dilatush, L. Durham, R. L. Grimsley T. G. Hatfield, B. N. Henley, H. E Henry, R. A. Henry, O. W. Hill, A. H Hirsch, D. M. Hitt, R. C. Kelley, T. M Phillips, R. T. Smith, D. L. Taylor, I. A. Thomas. MEMBERS SECOND ELEMENT W. M. Apple, I. B. Copeman, K. I. Car- penter, B. Carter, M. E. Easely, C. F. Harrington, R. M. Hart, D. W. Horton, M. C. Kieffer, R. E. Land, R. S. McCord, C. T. Pearson, Ir., M. Powell, Ir. T. S. Rothrock, C. E. Spencer, R. B. Stout, I. W. Troutt, G. E. Wilhite, E. S. Wilson. THIRD ELEMENT I. C. Black, E. D. Bracy, W. F. Britt H. K. Browning, G. L. Bawnflnd, L. R Clark, T. T. Gates, C. B. Hawley, R Lueg, W. R. Mitchell, R. S. Morris, C R. Morrison, L. E. Page, M. Perley, T C. Reese, W. D. Stokenbury, C. I Stumpf, W. D. Tucker, I. R. Wa W. G. McCracken. uxsilff - ,f ters sqff was I- I ' .'-Q 4, 1 1 Page 179 .. 7 ,I' Ia-I.. ru' .- I Ji. 1 ..- PERSHING RIFLES The top men among the basic drill students can be found in Pershing Rifles, honor organi- zation for adept men who like to drill. Early in the school year, tryouts begin for this Pershing Rifle group, being held after drill hours for several Weeks until best steppers are determined and bids for membership are issued. The group holds its meetings after drill hours, and spends its time practicing the finer points in military drilling. High points in the year's activities of Pershing Rifles are the annual Military Ball and the Federal Inspection, at which times the members of this honor drill group are given a chance to strut their stuff with an audience. Pershing Rifles is an organization formed for the purpose of promoting good citizenship by General Iohn Pershing after World War I. The Arkansas chapter was begun in 1932, but was made inactive during the recent war. It was reactivated last year. Members, besides being good drill students, must also demonstrate scholastic efficiency and leadership. Captain of this year's Pershing Rifles group was Bill Moore, while Robert Bartholomew, Ben Talbot and E. Stice served as first lieutenants. MEMBERS Herschel lVIcClurkin Walton W. Krisell Dan A. Roberts Robert C. Hudson Ioe Bill Iames Charles T. Pearson, Ir. Elliotte C. Want George C. Dixon Iames A. Vaccaro Warren E. Banks Ernest S. Wilson Charles Spencer Iames Heerwagen Iohn F. Brewer, I Iohn A. Gearhart George W, Deahl I'. Eagle Casey Donald S. Settle Iames C, Youngblood Harold E. Young Charles L. Weems Iohn C, Day Ioe P, Iohnson Gerald Cassidy SCABBARD AND BLADE Top men in the advanced military classes have an opportunity to become members of Scabbard and Blade, national honor society for cadet officers. Company Second Regiment, which is the local unit of Scabbard and Blade, was formed on the University of Arkansas campus in 1916. The installing officer was T. C. Carl- son, now vice-president of the University. A member of the organization at the University of Minnesota, Carlson was delegated by national headquarters to ofliciate at the installation ceremonies. This unit was the seventeenth in the nation to be formed. Highlighting the fall activities of Scabbard and Blade was a luncheon meeting on national Scabbard and Blade day in October, when Colonel Ray M. Q'Day, PMSST, was guest speaker. Initiation ceremonies were held in the fall and spring semesters, with the second semester neophytes receiving their pledge ribbons at the annual Military Ball. Two of the charter members of the first company are W. Trimble, now United States Congressman from Arkansas, and Scott Hamilton, secretary-manager of the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce. From its activation in April, 1916, to 19413, Scabbard and Blade was active on the campus. lt was inactivated in 1943, because the war necessitated a discontinuance of advanced ROTC. It was reactivated in the spring of 1947. Membership in Scabbard and Blade is limited to advanced RCTC students selected on a basis of military proficiency, leadership qualities and scholastic standing. OFFICERS DAVIS B. RICHARDSON .... . . Cadet Captain PENDLETON Woobs . . Cadet First Lieutenant CALVIN ELLIS . . Cadet Second Lieutenant BILL GIBBS . . ..... Cadet First Sergeant Ioseph Abel, Edward Bohe, T. H. Bowling, Pat Brinson, Harry Carter, Charles Deller, Henry Edwards, Calvin Ellis, William Eng- land, Carl Frear, Iames Fritts, Bill Gibbs, Winfred Hart, Ed Henderson, Lewis Holder, Oscar Hotz, Thomas Hurt, George Iohnston. Douglas Iones, Iohn Kenny, Luther Lemons, Robert Luper, I. H. London, Ed Moore, Leon Moss, Ralph Mullens, William I. Muncy, Leroy Oakes, David Peck, Iames Perkins, Arlie Pierce, Ioyce Pipkin, Tom Porter, William Porter, Iohn L. Ray, Howard Reather, Iohn Reed, Iohn Reints, Davis Richardson, William Stapleton, Robert Story, Herman Styles, Robert Sutton, Lindsey Thomas, William Troxell, L. C. Waggener, Fred Wicklund, Fred Wilmot, james Wiseman, Pendleton Woods, Hubert Henderson, Richard McEuen, Charles Harvey, Don Lavoy, Leslie Sturdivant, Alvin lobe, Ioe Nowlin, Major Holmes, Ray Spillers, George Ashbridge, Larry Doyle, W. W. Gooch. Page 181 MEMBERS ROTCBAN This year for the first time the ROTC and Razorback bands were Separated. The ROTC band consists chiefly of ROTC students who prefer to play music While they march. Directed by Mervyn S. Zahrt, the band members substitute rehearsals for drill in preparation for special ROTC ceremonies. Some of the occasions at which the band strutted its Stuff this year included the homecoming parade, turnover ceremonies, federal inspection, and graduation exercises. OFFICERS LAWERENCE A. KELLEY ..... Cadet First Lieutenant HERBERT A. TROST . . Cadet Second Lieutenant BLAINE BAKER DONALD B. BAKER MARVIDI BANKSTON JOHN F. BARNARD, IR. IUSTIN BENEuX TOM CHURCHILL JIM CRAWFORD HARVEY DONEGAN VVILLIAM DIICKETT DALE DUNN HARRY FARR JOHN GAUNT CHARLES GEPHART MILTON HARBUCK THURMAN HATFIELD ROBERT HAWKINS ARTHUR JOHNSON BILL KELLY IIM MCALLISTER CHARLES MCINTOSH OMER NORTH BILL REED OLIVER WILLIAM PARKEY ELDON PENCE ROBERT PRESNELI. RICHARD SHAVV EDGAR SHEEKS JAMES E. TAYLOR JAMES TIDWELL IOHN WATSON WILLIAM WILLIAMS HERMAN WILLIAMSON KAI WINDING DOLIGLASS YADEN First row, Left to right: Harbuck, Farr, Taylor, Pence, Watson, Barnard, Presnell, Shaw, Baker, Donegan, Gaunt. Second row: Kelly, Parkey, Winding, McAllister, Crawford, Hawkins, Sheeks, Gephart, Kelly, Yaden, Williamson. Third row: Williams, Dunn, Trost, Duckett. Page l 82 .Nh 4t- N-xg' 5, 3 A .gk W, A' ,L - Q cwfwwwk ' ' ' wi E 'f W , , , .,.,. ..... innsg- ,, ,, H... 2 wg? ww FRESHMEN 1' The Freshman Row 1: HOMER HUGH ADAMS, Agriculture, Yellville, PERRY LEE ADKISSON, Agriculture, Blytheville, SARA IEAN ALEXANDER, Business, Amagon, WILLIAM IACKSON ALEKANDER, IR., Arts, Wilson, DANNY ALLEN, Arts, St. Ioe, EDWARD VICTOR AL- PuENTE, IR., Engineering, El Dorado, EDGAR ANDERSON, Engi- neering, Wilmar, MILTON LYNN ANDERSON, Engineering, West Memphis, WILLIAM M. APPLE, Business, Little Rock. Row 2: WILLIS DALE ARCHER, Agriculture, Dierks, R." ARLEDGE II, Engineering, Pine Bluff, IOHN ELLIS ARMSTRONG, Arts, Fayetteville, DOROTHY ANN ASHLEY, Business, Monti- cello, MARTHIA IOHN ATTWOOD, Business, Rison, DORA VIVIATXI AUMICK, Business, Fayetteville, WINSTON C. BABER, Arts, Bauxite, CHARLES FREDDIE BAILEY, Agriculture, Benton, IACK ELMER BAILEY, Education, Wynne. Row 3: WILLIAM MCDOW BAILEY, Arts, Cabot: BLAINE BAKER, Arts, West Helena, CARL LESLIE B.AKER, Arts, Bentonville, MARY IANE BAKER, Agriculture, Clinton, MARY IEAN BAKER, Arts, Fort Smith, BETTY LEE BALLARD, Education, Fayetteville: FREDDIE BYRLIS BANISTER, Business, Osceola, MARVIN STEWART BANKSTON, Arts, Hamburg, GEORGE FRANKLIN BARNES, Arts, Camden. Row 4: KENNETH HOWARD BARNES, Agriculture, Berryville: LuELLA BARNES, Education, Blytheville, WILTON EARL BATES, Education, Bentonville, STEVE IOSEPH BIATTISTO, Engineering, North Little Rock, Gus LAWERANCE BALIRNFIND, Engineering. Stuttgart, PAUL EDWIN BAYLEY, Arts, Berryville, S. MAX BEASLEY, Arts, Hot Springs, L. T. BEENVE, Agriculture, Hughes, PATRICIA ANN BENNY, Business, Gatun, Canal Zone. Row 5: BETSY BENTON, Arts, Fayetteville, I. B. BENTON, Busi- ness, Prairie Grove, RUTH LORENE BEST, Education, Rogers, GROVER EUGENE BIDWELL, Engineering, Prairie Grove, EUGENE CORYDON BLACK, Business, Paris, IAMES C, BLACK, Agriculture, Hot Springs, SARAH BLACK, Arts, Texarkana, RUPERT BEALL BLACKMLIN, Engineering, Westend, California, I, W. BLEVINS, Engineering, Hot Springs. Class of l948 Row 6: EDWIN VAULX BOLES, Business, Pine Bluff, PAUL H. BOLLINGER, Arts, Hanover, Pennsylvania, SAM T. BOLTZ, IR., Engineering, Kensett, ROBERT EARL BOONE, Engineering, For- rest City, N.ANcY HELEN BOOTHE, Agriculture, Wilmette, Illi- nois, BEN E. BOREN, Business, Little Rock, RAYMOND EUGENE BOYD, Arts, Sulphur Springs, EUGENE DANIEL BRACY, Engi- neering, Little Rock, BARBARA IANE BRADY, Business, Para- gould. Row 7: THOMAS BARTON BRANSFORD, Business, Burbank, Cali- fornia, N.ANCY RUTH BRAZELL, Education, McNeil, IOHN HENRY BREWSTER, Business, Prairie Grove, IANIS MEREDITI-I BRIAN, Arts, Camden, WILBuR FREDERICK BRITT, IR., Arts, Morrilton, CARL EuGENE BROOKS, Engineering, North Little Rock, DON BROWN, IR., Agriculture, Sheridan, G. JACK BROWN, Engineering, Carthage, Missouri, IAMES FRANK BROWN, IR., Education, Hot Springs. Row 8: REBECCA A. DOWNS BROWN, Arts, Wabbaseka, SILAS CHRISTIAN BROWN, Education, Springdale, WILLIAM BRIGHTIE BROWN, Education, Wynne, HESSEE KEY BROWNING, Arts, Fay- etteville, PAUL DEAN BROWNING, Agriculture, Decatur, ROBERT IOSEPH BRUN, Engineering, Fort Smith, LLOYD B. BRYAN, Busi- ness, Malvern, MARY LORRAINE BRYAN, Arts, Little Rock, IOHN CLAY BLIRCH, Business, Warren. Row 9: VICTOR TILLMAN BURGER, Engineering, El Dorado, WILLIAM ANDERSON BuRNETT, Arts, Hollywood, California: EUGENE HUBBARD BuRT, Arts, Ioiner, CAROLYN BuTLER, Arts, Fayetteville, IOHN TERRY BUTLER, Engineering, Little Rock: IOHN DONALD BYRD, Engineering, Little Rock, MARTHA IANE BYRD, Arts, Little Rock, CHARLES LINDBERGH CALLAHAN, Edu- cation, Clover Bend, ROSEMARY CALLAHAN, Education, Clover Bend. ' Row 10: ALLEN M. CAMERON, IR., Business, Little Rock, FAN- NIE IEAN CAMP, Agriculture, Sheridan, ELIZABETH IEANNINE CAMPBELL, Education, Fayetteville, WILLIAM EVERETT CAMP- BELL, IR., Agriculture, Strawberry, DONNA MARIE CANPIELD, Arts, Fayetteville, IAMES ALEXANDER CAPPAN, Arts, Helena: IO CARLISLE, Business, Springdale, IVIIARTHA LYNN CARSON, Business, Springdale, IACK BURTON CARTER, Agriculture, West Fork. Row II: CLAUDE RAYMOND CASSIDY, Education, Huggman, GERALD HENRY CASSIDY, Agriculture, Blytheville, ELIRALDENE CAuTHRON, Business, Booneville, BAXTER HAYNE CHAMBERS, Arts, Dierks, KEITH H. CHAMBLISS, Arts, Seminole, Texas: GEORGIA EARLENE CHATTERTON, Education, Green Forest: IAMES THOMAS CHESSER, Engineering, Biscoe, ROBERT DOuG- LAS CHEYNE, Arts, Little Rock, NED IR. CHOATE, Arts, Fay- etteville. i 5 Row 12: SALLY Lou CHOATE, Arts, Tuckerman, ALICIA ANN CHUMELEY, Arts, Cassville, Missouri, DAVID B. CLARK, Agri- culture, Fayetteville, HENRY F. CLARK, Busine edlield, IUNE PAULINE CLAYTON, Arts, Ozark, LEE ARTH 'f AYTON, Engi- neering, Little Rock, AuDREY LOuISE CLEVER, Agriculture, El Dorado, EMMA ANN COBB, Arts, Ashdown, IOAN COBB, Agri- culture, Cave City. Page 184 w..,.....,..-V 1 3. FQ -. E5 i l 1 7 I e" 9,2 f gl ' S Q at . L 'k , Q Y 7' E 61 A J --. " rr .. w L 4' . il. B7 'E ' , " er . . Ne, -P if - 'N sa. I E. :Z ' .fr-I, I .. , ri Sami . r . Q, gg t , --H. .,.. wma -- atv t .. -..-W Gb . if ,, P. ft kr' W . , I E we g Y ig, X ,her r . , A . .,. 7 . . x E 9 fr' -I W .ef V , ,C 4 .A fi V T' --. !,. -ig. I ' 1 .'q45g .rr Q A 'gi f xv? I 9 il ' H n. 'M . is 45- -.. A .511 A 2 " - R+- , - . ' R w if ., 5 rf i . 3. ' Q I L. Q 'YA any 'W if .W - 2. .dai L ,Q 1. sh gl .5 . .V T gb. 7 'eff 'if' 5 .P g - -4 l L. . A , T Homer Hugh Adams, Perrv Lee Adkisson, Sara lean Alexander, William Iackson Alexander, Ir., Danny Allen, Edward Victor Alpuente, lr., Edgar Anderson, Milton Lynn Anderson, William M. Apple. Willis Dale Archer, R." Arledge II, Iohn Ellis Arm- strong, Dorothy Ann Ash- ley, Martha Iohn Attwood, Dora Vivian Aumick, Win- ston C. Baber, Charles Fred- die Bailey, lack Elmer Bail- ey. Williain McDow Bailey, Blaine Baker, Carl Leslie Baker, Mary lane Baker, Mary lean Baker, Betty Lee Ballard, Freddie Byrus Ban- ister, Marvin Stewart Bank- ston, George F r a nk lin Barnes. Kenneth Howard Barnes, Luella Barnes, Wilton Earl Bates, Steve Ioseph Bat- tisto, Gus Lawerance Baurn- Hnd, Paul Edwin Bayley, S. Max Beasley, L. T. Beene, Patricia Ann Benny. Betsy Benton, I. B. Benton, Ruth Lorene Best, Grover Eugene Bidwell, Eugene Corydon Black, Iames C. Black, Sarah Black, Rupert Beall Blackmun, W. Blev- ins. Edwin Vaulx Boles, Paul H. Bollinger, Sam T. Boltz, Ir., Robert Earl Boone, Nancy Helen Boothe, Ben E. Boren, Raymond Eugene Boyd, Eu- gene Daniel Bracy, Barbara lane Brady. Thomas Barton Bransford, Nancy Ruth Brazell, Iohn Henry Brewster, Ianis Mer- edith Brian, Wilbur Freder- ick Britt, Ir., Carl Eugene Brooks, Don I. Brown, Ir., G. lack Brown, Iames Frank Brown, Ir. Rebecca A. Downs Brown, Silas Christian Brown, Wil- liam Brightie Brown, Hessee Key Browning, Paul Dean Browning, Robert Ioseph Brun, Lloyd B. Bryan, Mary Lorraine Bryan, Iohn Clay Burch, Victor Tillman Burger, Wil- liam Anderson Burnett, Eu- gene Hubbard Burt, Carolyn Butler, Iohn Terry Butler, Iohn Donald Byrd, Martha lane Byrd, Charles Lind- bergh Callahan, Rosemary Callahan. Allen M. Cameron, Ir., Fan- nie Iean Camp, Elizabeth Ieannine Campbell, William Everett Campbell, Ir., Don- na Marie Canfield, Iames Alexander Cappan, Io Car- lisle, Martha Lynn Carson, lack Burton Carter. Claude Raymond Cassidy, Gerald Henry Cassidy, Eu- raldene Cauthron, Baxter Hayne Chambers, Keith H. Chambliss, Georgia Earlene Chatterton, Iames Thomas Chesser, Robert Douglas Cheyne, Ned Ir. Choate. Sally Lou Choate, Alicia Ann Chumblev, David B. Clark, Henry F. Clark, lune Pauline Clayton, Lee Arthur Clayton, Audrey Louise Cle- ver, Emma Ann Cobb, Ioan Cobb, The Freshman Class of I948 Row 1: IAMES P. CODDINGTON, Engineering, Fayetteville: IEANNE GEORGINE CODY, Business, Little Rock, IACQUELINE I. COGER, Business, Springdale: FRANCES SUE COLE, Education, Springdale, WINONA ELIZABETH COLEMAN, Agriculture, Dow- dy, IOHN WILLIAM COLLINS, Business, Rogers, WILBUR WAR- REN COLLINS, Engineering, Okay, MICHAEL IEROME CON- NAUCHTON, Business, Paris, ALICE ANN CONWAY, Agriculture, Little Rock. Row 2: HARRIS GUINN COOK, Agriculture, Painesville, Ohio, IAMES WILKES COOK, Business, Little Rock, HERMAN HAMPTON COOPER, IR., Business, Fordyce, IACK CORNELIUS COPEMAN, Engineering, Little Rock, TOMMY CORRELL, Business, Pine Bluff, CAROLYN ENGEL COSGROVE, Arts, Little Rock, AUSTIN WAYNE COSTLEY, Education, Monett, Missouri, MORRISON AUTHER COTNER, Arts, Booneville, IOE DOW COVEY, Business, Gentry. Row 3: MARVIN CARL COVEY, Business, Gentry, FLOYD HOB- SON Cox, IR., Business, Fayetteville, ROSCO EVANS CRAFTON, Business, Blytheville, LELIA FLORENCE CRAIGO, Arts, Hot Springs, HOMER llDUDE" CRAIN, Business, Fort Smith, EMILY CREEKMORE, Business, Fort Smith, TOMMY E. CROSSETT, Busi- ness, Pine Bluff, CURTIS SHERMAN CROUCH, IR., Education, Fayetteville, PATRICIA LUCILLE CROUCH, Agriculture, Fayette- ville. Row 4: ROBERT H. CROUCH, Agriculture, Fayetteville: SUZAN- NAH STUART CUBBAGE, Arts, Newark, New Iersey, MARCIA ELIZABETH CUNKLE, Agriculture, Fort McPherson, Georgia, CHARLES F. DABBS, Agriculture, Hulbert, PAT DALE, Business, Fort Smith, DALLAS HENRY DALTON, IR., Arts, Arkadelphia, GRETTA DANIERON, Arts, Hot Springs, MARINELLE DAMERON, Education, Greenland, CHARLES L. DAVENPORT, Agriculture, Springdale. Row 5: BETTY I.ANE DAVIDSON, Agriculture, Eureka Springs: ETI-IEI. LOUISE DAVIS, Agriculture, Fayetteville, KENNETH ELMO DAVIS, Engineering, Bentonville, ROY D. DAVIS, Arts, Dallas, Texas, WILLIAM OMAR DAVIS, Business, Fayetteville, BILLY IOE DAWSON, Business, Lynn, IOHN CHARLES DAY, Agri- culture, Fort Smith, MARILYN DEEN, Business, Blytheville, IRA DONALD DEGGES, Engineering, Hamburg. Row 6: IAMES KIETH DEPAGTER, Arts, Eureka Springs: CHARLES SHERRY DEWETT, Agriculture, Little Rock, IACK E. DEWITT, Business, Fort Smith, MARVIN ADOLPH DICKINSON, Engineering, Texarkana, ROBERT ELMER DILATUSH, Business, West Memphis: GEORGE CULLEN DIXON, Agriculture, Blythe- ville, IOAN DOAN, Arts, Elaine, IOYCE D. DOSHIER, Business, Summit, WILLIAM ANTHONY DOWD, Education, Buffalo, New York. Row 7: IAMES ROBERT DOYLE, Engineering, Bauxite, CHARLES ROBERT DOZIER, Engineering, Marianna, I.AMES WILLIAM DRAKE, Arts, Malvern, ROBERT CLAY DRIVER, Business, Osce- ola, CHARLES ROBERT DUDLEY, Engineering, Paragould, IACK NORWOOD DUEFIE, Business, Hope, FRANK M. DULANEY, IR., Arts, Earle, IACK A. DUNCAN, Business, Little Rock, BLAKELY POWELL DUNN, Business, Hampton. Row 8: ROBERT EARL DUNN, Engineering, Hot Springs, BAR- BARA EARL DYESS, Arts, Fayetteville, IOSEPI-IINE GLADYS EDLIN, Arts, Fayetteville, DONALD LEE EDWARDS, Engineering, Fay- etteville, LESLIE ELLIS EDWARDS, Business, Rector, LUTHER H. EDWARDS, Arts, Lewisville, ANNA MARIE EISENTRAUT, Arts, Fayetteville, MARTHA IEANNEI ELLIOTT, Business, Rogers: CHERRY LORRAINE ELY, Arts, El Dorado. Row 9: PIALILA IANET ENFIELD, Arts, Bentonville, LEE MORRIS EPPERSON, Agriculture, Chidester, LUTHER WILLIAM ESTELLE, Business, Crossett, CAROL ANN FARMER, Education, Mulberry, IAMES C. FARRIS, Business, Timbo, IAMES VERNON FELTS, Arts, Keiser, IOHN S. FERGUSON, Arts, Beebe, IAMES CORBIN FERN- ALD, Business, El Dorado, WILLIAM ROBERT FLIPPO, Business, Turrell. Row 10: ROBERT BRUCE FOGG, Business, Forrest City, MARI- ETTA FOLEY, Agriculture, Lincoln, LEE C. FOWLER, Arts, Grav- ette, ROSA LOU Fox, Arts, Iay, Oklahoma, EVELYN I. FREEMAN, Agriculture, Huntsville, GIFFORD RAYMOND FRIEDBERG, Agri- culture, Mountain View, WANELLE FRIEND, Arts, Augusta, HOWARD HUGO FROST, Business, Malvern, MYRON IOE FRY, Engineering, El Dorado. Row II: TRAVIS EWING FULKS, Business, Pleasant Grove: IAMES L. GARDNER, IR., Business, Wynne, WALTER GARDNER, Engineering, Fort Smith: IACK W. GATES, Engineering, Forrest City, TOMMY T. GATES, Engineering, Van Buren, IOHN ALEX- ANDER GEARHART, Arts, Fayetteville, CHARLES DALE GEPHART, Engineering, Malvern, ARTHUR S. GIFFORD, Business, Fayette- ville, TED GILBERT, Arts, Bentonville. Row 12: DONALD ALBERT GILBRECH, Engineering, Holly Grove, IULIA ANNE GILLIAM, Arts, Hot Springs: IANIE LOU GIPSON, Arts, Augusta, MINOR HUBERT GIPSON, IR., Agricul- ture, Augusta, VIRGINIA LEE GIST, Business, Helena, IACK PETTEY GOOCH, Business, Walnut Ridge, ERNEST HECKEL GOODWIN, Engineering, Hot Springs, ROSEMARY GOODWIN, Business, El Dorado, IOYAL DEAN GORDON, Arts, Sheridan. Page 186 --a w 2, sag " ,le afy 5 ,, if T . f 5 , if 9' 3 ., , ,F , , , in gg if ' H ' . l 1 ' ff -it ,E its K S I ,.,A 9 .Q 5,1 .,,.b g .,.. W.. ah Q , E f f t , fn - my 'CCT ,f 5: Ax VVVV pi- . ' x. , . V, V. .... . -ff: 'vm wr", 3 an Q K , , assi 1' 3? -, 'F' x V 7 mg ' M ,f ,es , 1, -NV: U, I ,'7 - F 1 , N' fi Q . gg 'Z i A V - "., ' ' A 1' A -, . Q ,f Q ,f , for 'r 1 i , , 5 E E I I f! if i 'fi' Q V f Vu' A 'T 42 l L',L '55 A 'L 4 . T my T fl l - ' - --,.f : fi V , f ' 1- . g , f ' V .:,:, 3 K .alfa M I X E X as , E ..:: Q: , ., -1, , - ,SR , N -s. H A di' ' -V , 4 , I '5' . egg M T' ' ijf we Iz. . V 4- S 1-1 2 . y W A S " fm. , , ..V , if .i , - ' , H , . qi A A , , . Z, t , -, . , sz-ii., L:,','L, -1- 'x:,fC:1,fr V ' , ,My , , , ai if - An- ,- ,V-.. , ,.AV' 'h,,, , . V ,i,,,,, ii -r . . l? l . 2? ' GH 1 5 . -, M .rrr - X gf: .. + Mx fl, H ' , " . 4..- at M If 132 ",- 2 ..l 525 - , - ' " x r v J gg ' , 'gh V' A 5 , ,Z ' 'H s g , ef 1 .. i. ' - m lf . , I ev Q wg ,wrt 4. i F 'eff , .li is Q Q u A Q r 1 2 " afsrww-sf " lames P. Coddington, leanne Georgine Cody, Iacqueline I. Coger, Frances Sue Cole, Winona Elizabeth Coleman, Iohn William Collins, Wil- bur Warren Collins, Mich- ael Ierome Connaughton, Alice Ann Conway. Harris Guinn Cook, lames Wilkes Cook, H e r m a n Hampton Cooper, Ir., lack Cornelius Copeman, Tommy Correll, Carolyn Engel Cos- grove, Austin Wayne Cost- ley, Morrison Auther Cot- ner, loc Dow Covey, Marvin Carl Covey, Floyd Hobson Cox, Ir., Rosco Ev- ans Crafton, Lelia Florence Craigo, Homer "Dude" Crain, Emily Creekmore, Tommy E. Crossett, Curtis Sherman Crouch, Ir., Patri- cia Lucille Crouch. Robert H, Crouch, Suzannah Stuart Cubbage, M a r c i a Elizabeth Cunkle, Charles F. Dabbs, Pat Dale, Dallas Henry Dalton, Ir., Gretta Dameron, Marinelle Dam- eron, Charles L. Davenport. Betty lane Davidson, Ethel Louise Davis, Kenneth Elmo Davis, Roy D. Davis, Wil- liam Omar Davis, Billy Ioe Dawson, Iohn Charles Day, Marilyn Deen, Ira Donald Degges. I a m e s Kieth Depagter, Charles Sherry Dewett, lack E. DeWitt, Marvin Adolph Dickinson, Robert Elmer Dilatush, George Cullen Dixon, Ioan Doan, Ioyce D. Doshier, William Anthony Dowd. Iames Robert Doyle, Charles Robert Dozier, lames Wil- liam Drake, Robert Clay Driver, Charles Robert Dud- ley, lack Norwood Dufhe, Frank M. Dulaney, Ir., lack A. Duncan, Blakely Powell Dunn. Robert Earl Dunn, Barbara Earl Dyess, Iosephine Gladys Edlin, Donald Lee Edwards, Leslie Ellis Ed- wards, Luther H. Edwards, A n n a Marie Eisentraut, Martha Ieanne Elliott, Cher- ry Lorraine Ely. Paula Ianet Enfield, Lee Morris Epperson, Luther William Estelle, Carol Ann Farmer, Iames C. Farris, Iames Vernon Felts, lohn S. Ferguson, Iames Corbin Fer- nald, William Robert Flippo. Robert Bruce Foqg, Mari- etta Foley, Lee C. Fowler, Rosa Lou Fox, Evelyn Freeman, Gifford Raymond Friedberq, Wanelle Friend, Howard Hugo Frost, Myron loe Fry. Travis Ewing Fulks, Iames L. Gardner, Ir., Walter Gardner, lack W. Gates, Tommy T. Gates, Iohn Alexander Gearhart, Charles Dale Gephart, Arthur S. Gifford, Ted Gilbert. Donald Albert Gilbrech, lulia Anne Gilliam, Ianie Lou Gipson, Minor Hubert Gipson, Ir., Virginia Lee Gist, lack Pettey Gooch, Ernest Heckel Goodwin, Rosemary Goodwin, loyal Dean Gordon. 4 J The Freshman Class of l948 Row 1: WADE BENTON GRAHAM, Education, Warren, NAOMI ELIZABETH GRAY, Arts, Memphis, Tennessee, JOHN WILBUR GREEN, Arts, Claremore, Oklahoma, EMILY IRENE GREGG, Agri- culture, Memphis, Tennessee, JAMES BRUNER GREGORY, Engi- neering, Washington, D. C., JANE GRIFFITH, Arts, El Dorado, LINDSEY G. GRIFFITH, Agriculture, Mena, ROY LEE GRIMSLEY, Agriculture, Springdale, CALVIN E. GRUBBS, Engineering, Mon- ticello. A Row 2: JACK KING GUNSELMAN, Engineering, Nashville, Ten- nessee, CHESTER GORDON CIIRLEY, Arts, Rogers, MARTHA JOAN HAINES, Arts, Tulsa, Oklahoma, CAROLYN RUTH HAMMOND, Arts, Fayetteville, RICHARD OWEN HAMPTON, Agriculture, Lin- coln, MILTON S. HARBUCK, Arts, Malvern, THOMAS EDWARD HARDIN, Education, Bauxite, THOMAS R. HARPER, Arts, Fort Smith, CLAUD WILLIAM HARRIS, Arts, Springdale. Row 3: HARRY LEE HASTINGS, JR., Business, Little Rock, THURMAN HATFIELD, Agriculture, Huntsville, JIMMY H. HAUSER, Engineering, Fayetteville, ROBERT JAMES HAWKINS, Education, Fayetteville, CHARLES BROWN HAWLEY, Agricul- ture, Tillar, PATRICIA LOUISE HTAYS, Business, Little Rock, PETER BEMIS H'DOUBLER, Arts, Springfield, Missouri, EDWIN LAMAR HEAD, Engineering, E1 Dorado, WALLIS T. HEARON, Arts, Little Rock. Row 4: JAMES HOSHAL HEERWAGEN, Arts, Fayetteville, LAW- RENCE JOHN HEISSERER, Engineering, Rogers, CLIFFORD ELLS- WORTH HENDERSON, Engineering, Fayetteville, DON R. HENDe RICKSON, Engineering, Siloam Springs, BEN N. HENLEY, Arts, Harrison, HOWARD ERWIN HENRY, Business, Little Rock, R. A. HENRY, Business, Dumas, JOAN JOSE HERRERA, Business, Kan- sas, Oklahoma, HARRY HERMAN HICKMAN, Engineering, Hick- ory Ridge. Row 5: ROBERT CARL HICKMIAN, Business, Little Rock, HELEN JEAN HIGGINBOTHAM, Business, Imboden, FRED J. HILL, JR., Engineering, Pine Bluff, OLIVER WENDELL HILL, Engineering, DeQueen, WILLIAM GREEN HILL, Agriculture, Lepanto, AL- METH JEANNINE HILTON, Arts, Fayetteville, ALAN HENRY I-IIRSCH, Business, Marvell, CARSTUN HITCH, III, Business, Marvell, DON MELVIN HITT, Agriculture, Piggott. Row 6: BASIL SAMUEL HOAG, JR., Business, Texarkana, JAY WENDEL HOBACK, Agriculture, Bentonville, JAMES LEE HOCK- ERSMITH, Arts, Benton, CARRIE LOUISE HOLLAND, Education, Aubrey, JUANITA WALKER HOLLAND, Arts, West Fork, JACK HOLT, JR., Business, Little Rock, JOHN CHRISTOPHER HOLT, Engineering, Texarkana, MARY VIRGINIA HOLT, Business, Cam- den, RALPH P. HOLT, Engineering, North Little Rock. Row 7, MARY DELL HOOKER, Arts, Pine Bluff, MARY CAROLYN HOPPER, Arts, Hazen, DOYLE HOPKINS, Business, Van Buren, ELIZABETH ANN HORLIACHER, Arts, Fort Collins, Colorado, ROBERT EARL HOSFORD, Business, El Dorado, MARTHA HOWE, Agriculture, Crawfordsville, CHARLES FRANKLIN HOWELL, Arts, Russellville, F. HOWELL, JR., Arts, Little Rock, JOHN WALLACE HUDSON, Agriculture, Jasper. Row 8: NOVIE OLIN HUDSON, Engineering, Green Forest? ELIZABETH ANN HUMPHREYS, Business, Pine Bluff, VIRGINIA HUMPHREYS, Arts, Hot Springs, ALVIN S. HYDE, Arts, New York City, New York, CARL MORRIS INGLIS, Engineering, Mal- vern, MARTHA LEE INGRAM, Business, Cassville, Missouri, MARY ANN INGRAM, Business, Alma, DORTHA JEAN ISBELL, Business, Pine Bluff, CLYMAN EDWARD IZARD, Arts, Van Buren. Row 9: J.AMEs MELTON JACKMAN, Arts, Fayetteville, WANDA LOUISE JAMES, Education, Fort Smith, JANE WHITLEY JARMAN, Agriculture, Helena, MILTON JAYSON, Arts, Englewood, New Jersey, JOHNNY IENNINGS, Agriculture, Leslie, ARTHUR WAT- SON JOHNSON, Arts, Clovis, New Mexico, DONALD EUGENE JOHNSON, Education, St. Albans, Long Island, New York, M,AR- JORIE JOHNSON, Arts, Fayetteville, RAYMOND MORGAN JOHN- SON, Business, Camden. Row 10: FRANK JONES, JR., Business, Hoxie, IRA FULTON JONES, JR., Engineering, Fort Smith, JOHN NEWTON JONES, En- gineering, North Little Rockz JOHN PAUL JONES, Business, Rison, MARY LOU IOYNER, Business, Blytheville, WILLIAM BRUCE KADOW, Arts, Huntington, MAX KANE, Business, Fay- etteville, JEANNE KAPP, Arts, Bryan, Texas, JOANNE KAPP, Arts, Bryan, Texas. Row 11: ARLEN DALE KEELING, Agriculture, Clinton, ORAN LEE KEISMAN, Arts, Huntington, BILL KELLY, Engineering, Little Rock, MARTHA WOOD KELLY, Agriculture, Helena, CHARLES EDWARD KEMP, Arts, Trumann, MELVIN C. KIEEEER, Business, Weiner, BEN KINGDON, Engineering, Eureka Springs, EDSEL KISER, Agriculture, Alf, CARL THOMAS KNEE, Arts, Hot Springs. ' Row 12: JOE ANNE KNOTT, Education, Bentonville, BERNARD JOSEPH KOBIELLA, Arts, Chicago, Illinois, HILLMAN S. KOEN, JR., Agriculture, Little Rock, BUFORD DEWITT KREBS, JR., Busi- ness, Marion, FRED D. KULBETH, Business, Wilmar, M,ARTHA JOAN KULBETH, Business, Wilmar, EzRA FLOYD KYTLE, Arts, Mountain Home, BOBBY JOE LADY, Agriculture, Lauratownz MORRIS E. LAMMERS, Engineering, Fayetteville. Page 188 :I , .H 11 ,. ,Lis gg.: " .t v . l - I v W A : ,S ' Egg . - ' I -. . .j - .... I .. W1 ,I S I gf ' F I .gt A ' . vs -T k i-gl T H -1 I W AA in ,-it "' I ,rs . IK' fr . ' it i of . - . be mir... wa.. .s I. .sf eff.: ,- M, . pw, T aj. li , . .Q - .. , f . if 5 ,.. S 0? n it M . R: k - X . ,. . , Ngi . 2 . 5 - D . ,, i,. :ik I . k Q I 53 ir.. I ine 74' M. M In Q' ' t t ff ' -i s it. -Q Wy? aw., Q ns y. ' I Ti . iz . T K. A'1A . I X I 1 K' .ggi by tr- . . I . FX I Q A i , - . . if as - z I 1 ' 1,-:: r . ' it Q., f K, f f itts . ff- ' .. 4: "' 2 I I I rtl' 1 -L ' - , - Y? ... ik BV I 1 s n . - . 2i l It A AX i 33. lla T 3' . K' ir : qu w ' 5' Q. wa S Eb, wc.. me , if it 5 .,... T X Q , 43... m y ,, . N 15 X a, li. ,.. Qi. 5 ra. S16 ,hw ,,.. L"':.f:-at 4, if fs-W I P f .,gg.zg5:Q as if 151 Q' 1 . . " iii .. 'f .,,,, Q1f , f .2 22 i' i,,,iff' ij K, if Wade Benton Graham, Na- omi Elizabeth Gray, Iohn Wilbur Green, Emily Irene Gregg, Iames Bruner Greg- ory, lane Griflith, Lindsey G. Griffith, Roy Lee Grims- ley, Calvin E. Grubbs. lack King Gunselman, Ches- ter Gordon Curley, Martha Ioan Haines, Carolyn Ruth Hammond, Richard Owen Hampton, Milton S. Har- buck, Thomas Edward Har- din, Thomas R. Harper, Claud William Harris. Harry Lee Hastings, Ir., Thurman Hatfield, Iimmy H. Hauser, Robert Iames Hawkins, Charles Brown Hawley, Patricia Louise Hays, Peter Bemis H'Doub- ler, Edwin Lamar Head, Wallis T. Hearon. Iames Hoshal Heerwagen, Lawrence Iohn Heisserer, Clifford Ellsworth Hender- son, Don R. Hendrickson, Ben N. Henley, Howard Er- win Henry, R. A. Henry, Ioan lose Herrera, Harry Herman Hickman. Robert Carl Hickman, Helen Iean Higginbotham, Fred I. Hill, Ir., Oliver Wendell Hill, William Green Hill, Almeth Ieannine Hilton, Alan Henry Hirsch, Carstun Hitch, III, Don Melvin Hitt. Basil Samuel Hoag, Ir., Iay Wendel Hoback, Iames Lee Hockersmith, Carrie Louise Holland, Iuanita Walker Holland, Iack Holt, Ir., Iohn Christopher Holt, Mary Vir- ginia Holt, Ralph P. Holt. Mary Dell Hooker, Mary Carolyn Hopper, Doyle Hopkins, Elizabeth Ann Horlacher, Robert Earl Hos- ford, Martha Howe, Charles Franklin Howell, F. I. How- ell, Ir., Iohn Wallace Hud- son. Novie Olin Hudson, Eliza- beth Ann Humphreys, Vir- ginia Humphreys, Alvin S. Hyde, Carl Morris Inglis, Martha Lee Ingram, Mary Ann Ingram, Dortha lean Isbell, Clyman Edward Iz- ard. Iames Melton Iackman, Wanda Louise Iames, Iane Whitley Iarman, Milton lay- son, Iohnny Iennings, Arthur Watson Iohnson, Donald Eugene Iohnson, Marjorie Iohnson, Raymond Morgan Iohnson. Frank Iones, Ir., Ira Fulton Iones, Ir., Iohn Newton Iones, Iohn Paul Iones, Mary Lou Ioyner, William Bruce Kadow, Max Kane, Ieanne Kapp, Ioanne Kapp. Arlen Dale Keeling, Oran Lee Keisman, Bill Kelly, M a r t h a Wood Kelly, Charles Edward Kemp, Mel- vin C. Kieffer, Ben I. King- don, Edsel Kiser, Carl Thomas Knee. Ioe Anne Knott, Bernard Io- seph Kobiella, Hillman S. Koen, lr., Buford DeWitt Krebs, Ir., Fred D. Kulbeth, Martha Ioan Kulbeth, Ezra Floyd Kytle, Bobby Ioe Lady, Morris E. Lammers. The Freshman Class of l948 Row 1: RODNEY EARL LAND, Business, Fayetteville, NANCY OLIVE LANDES, Agriculture, Little Rock, ROGER HARRXSS LAYNE, Arts, McKanie, IOE W. LEAKE, Engineering, Rogers, GENA LEDBETTER, Business, Harrison, KENNETH MACK LEHMAN, Arts, Fayetteville, MARGUERITE ARMINDA LEMAY, Business, Siloam Springs, RuTH M. LENOX, Arts, Roe, IOE KENNETH LESTER' Arts, Stephens. Row 2: ROBERT LEONARD LIERLY, Education, Fayetteville: FRED HENRY LIMBERG, IR., Arts, Fort Smith, IOE TRUMAN LINDSEY, IR., Arts, Little Rock, SHELTON M. LITTLEFIELD, Busi- ness, Marianna, IANE LONGINA, Arts, Texarkana, GALE WAYNE LOWMAN, Agriculture, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, WILLYE VASHTI LOWREY, Arts, Fort Smith, RUSSELL LuEG, Engineering, Hot Springs, IIMMIE ELWYN LYTLE, Arts, Batesville. Row 3: IIM MCALLISTER, Business, Gravette, OTIS MCCALL, IR., Agriculture, Fayetteville, FREDDIE LEA MCCLAIN, Educa- tion, Maumelle, HUGH NEAL MCCLATCHEY, IR., Engineering, El Dorado, MARY ALICE MCCLELLAN, Arts, Washington, D. C., SHIRLEY H. MCCONNELL, Agriculture, Fayetteville, ROBERT SANFORD MCCORD, Arts, North Little Rock, ALBERT RuCKER MCCREARY, Business, Crawfordsville: CHARLES ROBERT MC- CREARY, Engineering, Crawfordsville. Row 4: BETTY PAuLINE MCDONALD, Arts, Fort Smith, RALPH MCDONALD, Business, Weldon, LAVONNE LORRAINE MCGEE, Business, Mena, IAMES WINTERS MCGILL, Engineering, Fay- etteville: CHARLES MILTON MCINTOSH, Arts, Little Rock: ROBERT BOYD MCKNIGHT, Agriculture, Clinton, RICHARD DALE MCMULLEN, Agriculture, Mena, GLORIA ANNETTE MCNEILL, Arts, Fort Smith, IOHNNIE MCREYNOLDS, Business, Siloam Springs. Row 5: HERMAN HOWARD MACK, Engineering, Huntsville: GEORGE W. MALONE, IR., Engineering, West Helena, WAL- LACE GORDON MALONE, Arts, West Helena: IOHN ROBERT MARKLAND, Arts, Fort Smith, DOROTHY PATRICIA MARKWELL, Arts, Fort Smith, IOHN R. MARLOWE, Engineering, Fort Smith, IANE TAYLOR MARSHALL, Business, Helena, MARY Lou MAT- THEWS, Arts, Neosho, Missouri: SARAH Lou MAYFIELD, Busi- ness, Iunction City. , Row 6: ROBERT D. MAYO, IR., Business, Fort Smith, CHAN- CELLOR GARLAND MELTON, Arts, Fayetteville, GRADY BUTLER MERRIAM, Arts, Monroe, Louisiana, IOHN ARNOLD MEYERS, Arts, Stamps, IAMES EARL MHOON, Arts, Fayetteville, GRANT DLIDLEY MILLER, Engineering, El Paso, Texas, BOYD O. MILLS, Engineering, Little Rock, CAROL EDWIN MILLS, Engineering, Salem, WILLIAM ROBERT MINTEN, Business, Fort Smith. Row 7: MARTHA IEAN MITCHELL, Arts, Memphis, Tennessee: MAX LEROY MITCHELL, Engineering, Fayetteville, WILLIAM WINSPEAR MITCHELL, Engineering, Hindsville, ARTHUR SCOTT MOBLEY, Engineering, Prairie Grove, ROGER NEIL MOORE, En- gineering, Mansfield, CHARLES RANKIN MORELL, Education, Prairie Grove, BOB SHELTON MORRIS, Arts, Fayetteville, THOMAS WARD MORRIS, Business, Bigflat, BILLY W. MORRISON, Business, Prairie Grove. Row 8: CHARLES E. MOSELEY, Business, Camden, LEE RAY MOTLEY, Business, Bentonville, CLIFTON PHILLIP MUNCRIEF, Business, Hot Springs, DOROTHY LOUISE MuRREY, Arts, Iones- boro, THOMAS WHITELAW MURREY, Business, Ionesboros IAMES MYERS, Business, Lincoln, IAMES ELMER MYERS, Busi- ness, Lincoln, HUBERT E. N.AUMAN, Education, Batesville, WILLIAM SCOTT NEAL, Engineering, Van Buren. Row 9: RuEL I. NEELEY, Engineering, Piggott, HAROLD LINDY NETHERCUTT, Arts, Paron, MARY CATHERINE NEWBURY, Busi- ness, Tulsa, Oklahoma, I.ACK BUFORD NEWMAN, Education, Williford, WALTER RAYMOND NIBLOCK, Business, Little Rock: IRENE NICK, Arts, Helena, GLORIA MAY NIELL, Arts, Hatfield: OMER COLE NORTH, Engineering, Fort Smith, GLEN NOEL NORWOOD, Business, Fayetteville. Row 10: ROBERT BERRY NuNNELLY, Arts, Fayetteville, CHARLES S. OBEE, Business, Hot Springs, LEO I. OBERLE, Arts, Little Rock, IuLIuS DOYLE OGLESBY, Agriculture, Hatfield, AASE ROTH OLAV. Arts, Washington, D. C., IESS HARRIS OLIVE, IR., Engineering, Waldo, CHRYSTELLE E. OLSON, Busi- ness, Willmar, Minnesota: WILLIAM COY OVNEAL, Agriculture, Malvern, BILLYE MAE O'NElL, Arts, Fort Smith. Row 11: CLARENCE BURL OTT, Arts, Yellville, FREDERICK OVERBY, Arts, Pine Bluff, ALICE ANN PADDOCK, Arts, Fayette- ville, BARBARA NELL PADEN, Arts, Rogers, LOuIE B. PANNELL, Agriculture, Everton, CHARLES R. PARK, Engineering, Fort Smith, BILLY DALE PARKER, Agriculture, Yellville, NELL PARKER, Education, Hughes, WESLEY MORRIS PARKER, Arts, Little Rock. L Row 12: IIMMIE LAWRANCE PARKERSON, Arts, Norman, WIL- LIAM ROBERT PARKEY, Engineering, Point Lookout, Missouri, LEWIS RYAN PARKS, Education, Vinita, Oklahoma, PATRICIA PATRUM, Business, Sulphur Springs, BETTY ANN PATTERSON, Business, Camden, ALICE S. PATTON, Agriculture, Fayetteville: CHARLES THOMAS PEARSON, IR., Business, Fayetteville, WIL- LIAM EVANS PEARSON, Business, Forrest City, BOB PECK, Busi- ness, Little Rock. Page 190 , 'fe . . 1: F . 7 355 1 il I I ,.,.. 5 ' '5 W . l M mr' ' if . -. 2, H . ' t -S ' - . get f"i:5 , -' get , n an ,. 1-e it .W -V T ,gggrs-Afrr , it- -JT I -CASE: it Cl, f s 1 1 ,- nl A are W 3' 1' 'K r f' JA A ,fx me . 'QW ,. , I, :', ' Z 1. Q .K I .,- :-1 vr ft? 5 K F ., . 51,1-,ee - -lgirglgg g, 1, ,. F' ' A :gl , V 'K+ , if f- '-3 V L L, ,.,.. K i. . A ,sa 4 . 45, IQ, M A Q . M -1- 'cg' , ' ,::' i M...- K .... I , W . W I ' ik if if if Q9 ii.. .f " EX w faKJ?'f5f 'V V ., if W" l . y .,eea . . . ' . e g ,Z F ,I P .9 iq 2 i U .W m ? . fr A . ,l l .f . - P Qt W . . F ' 'A if' il ,,.. 'U Q - L ., A ' .J ,J ., T-M, ul ,, A fs . if 'Xl ir ff A . Q ff A it R 5' .fi . i fikisae ' .e F :'. , .7 W i, 4? Q : v--V-r ll g --' 3 ",- .., .5 Y . . gf A r .E - ff-A .,2' . UT A ' i f - ' is , ll is 1' Q .f-A2 L gr t l: , It 3 ,.,vlv:- . -,. K ., 1, , 'f as' I T' x"" , ps! Q' Rodney Earl Land, Nancy Olive Landes, Roger Har- riss Layne, Ioe W. Leake, Gena Ledbetter, Kenneth Mack Lehman, Marguerite Arminda Lemay, Ruth M. Lenox, Ioe Kenneth Lester. Robert Leonard Lierly, Fred Henry Limberg, Ir., Ioe Truman Lindsey, Ir., Shel- ton M, Littlefield, Iane Longina, Gale Wayne Low- man, Willye Vashti Low- rey, Russell Lueg, Iimmie Elwyn Lytle. lim McAllister, Otis McCall, Ir., Freddie Lea McClain, Hugh Neal McClatchey, Ir., Mary Alice McClellan, Shir- ley M. McConnell, Robert Sanford McCord, Albert Rucker McCreary, Charles Robert McCreary. Betty Pauline McDonald, Ralph McDonald, LaVonne Lorraine McGee, Iames Winters McGill, Charles Milton McIntosh, Robert Boyd McKnight, Richard Dale McMullen, Gloria An- nette McNeill, Iohnnie Mc- Reynolds. Herman Howard Mack, George W. Malone, Ir., Wallace Gordon Malone, Iohn Robert Markland, Dor- othy Patricia Markwell, Iohn R. Marlowe, lane Tay- lor Marshall, Mary Lou Matthews, Sarah Lou May- field. Robert D. Mayo, Ir., Chan- cellor Garland Melton, Gra- dy Butler Merriman, Iohn Arnold Meyers, Iames Earl Mhoon, Grant Dudley Mil- ler, Boyd O. Mills, Carol Edwin Mills, William Rob- ert Minten. Martha Iean Mitchell, Max Leroy Mitchell, William Winspear Mitchell, Arthur Scott Mobley, Roger Neil Moore, Charles Rankin Mo- rell, Bob Shelton Morris, Thomas Ward Morris, Billy W. Morrison. Charles E, Moseley, Lee Ray Motley, Clifton Phillip Muncrief, Dorothy Louise Murrey, Thomas Whitelaw Murrey, Iames Myers, Iames Elmer Myers, Hubert E. Nauman, William Scott Neal. Ruel I. Neeley, Harold Lindy Nethercutt, M a r y Catherine Newbury, lack Buford Newman, Walter Raymond Niblock, Irene Nick, Gloria May Niell, Omer Cole North, Glen Noel Norwood. R o b e rt Berry Nunnelly, Charles S. Obee, Leo I. Oberle, Iulius Doyle Ogles- by, Aase Roth Olav, Iess Harris Olive, Ir., Chrystelle E. Olson, William Coy O'Neal, Billye Mae O'Neil. Clarence Burl Ott, Frederick Overby, Alice Ann Paddock, Barbara Nell Paden, Louie B. Pannell, Charles R. Park, Billy Dale Parker, Nell Parker, Wesley M o r r i s Parker. Iimmie Lawrance Parkerson, William Robert Parkey. Lewis Ryan Parks, Patricia Patrum, Betty Ann Patter- son, Alice S. Patton, Charles Thomas Pearson, Ir., Wil- liam Evans Pearson, Bob Peck. The Freshman Class of I948 Row 1: ELDON DRYDEN PENCE, IR., Arts, Fort Smith, MACK PERLEY, Arts, Hot Springs, HARRY GEORGE PERSCHBACHER, Engineering, Fayetteville, LARRY ROY PERSCHBACHER, Engi- neering, Fayetteville, MARTHA IIAMES PETTIGREW, Education, Fayetteville, MELVIN KARL PETTY, Engineering, Springdale, CORNELIA BELLE PHILLIPS, Arts, Fayetteville, JACOB R. PHIL- LIPS, Agriculture, Grubbs, TED MARK PHILLIPS, Arts, Gould. Row 2: WILLIAM S. PHILLIPS, Agriculture, Gruhbs, ABE IAMES PIANALTO, Arts, Tontitown, PATRICIA IOY PIERCE, Arts, Cherry Valley, KENNETH LEE PITCHFORD, Engineering, Moun- tain Home, JAMES ARNOLD PITTMAN, Engineering, Hot Springs, ROBERT EUGENE PITTS, Arts, Lincoln, RICHARD MICHAEL PLUM- MER, Business, Little Rock, BETTYE I. PORE, Business, Rogers, LLOYD GEORGE PORTER, Engineering, Blytheville. Row 3: ANTONIA POST, Arts, Altus, IOHN MARCUS POWELL, IR., Engineering, Little Rock, IAMES PATRICK POWERS, Engi- neering, Little Rock, MARJORIE CLOVITA POWERS, Arts, Fay- etteville, ROBERT LYLE PRESNELL, Business, Little Rock, IULIED ERIN PRICE, Business, El Dorado, NORMAN K. PRICE, Educa- tion, Mansfield, FRED ROBERT PRIOLEAN, Business, Little Rock, JOE R. PROPPS, Engineering, Nashville. Row 4: PAUL W. RANKIN, Business, Springdale, CHARLES TAYLOR RATCLIFF, Education, Gentry, RAYMOND L. RECTOR, Arts, Muskogee, Oklahoma, BEVERLY IO REED, Business, Springdale, TRAVIS CALVIN REESE, Arts, E1 Dorado, VIRGINIA REEVES, Arts, El Dorado, DIANE REID, Arts, Shreveport, Louisi- ana, ROBERT GERALD REYNOLDS, Business, Little Rock, GWEN- DOLYN FRANCES RHOADES, Agriculture, Detonti. Row 5: CORA ANN RICHARDSON, Business, Kansas City, Mis- souri, WALTER DALE RICHARDSON, Engineering, Dutch Mills: NATHANIEL THOMAS RICHMOND, Engineering, Fort Smith: DALE K. RIFE, Business, Bentonville, AMIEL LEE RILEY, Arts, Bentonville, CAROLYN ROSE RIPLEY, Business, El Dorado, LYNN ROBBINS, Agriculture, Elkins, DAN AUSTIN ROBERTS, Business, Fayetteville, W. C. ROBERTSON, Arts, Rector. Row 6: WILLIAM CHARLES ROBINSON, Engineering, West Helena, EARL CHARLES ROCKWOOD, IR,, Business, Rogers: SARAH CAROLYN RODGERS, Agriculture, Pea Ridge, PATRICIA NAN ROGERS, Arts, Fayetteville, WILLIE FRANK ROGERS, IR.. Arts, Lake Village, CHARLES NICHOL ROSE, Arts, Roseland: BETSY ANN ROSS, Business, Memphis, Tennessee, PETER MICH- AEL RUDOLPH, Business, Gurdon, IACK LELAND RUSHING, Arts, Little Rock. Row 7: ARDEN EDSEL RUSSELL, Engineering, Monett, Missouri, DONALD RAYMOND RUSSELL, Business, Bentonville, NORMA JEAN SAMUEL, Arts, Fort Smith, MARJORIE ANN SANDERS, Business, Rogers, DORIS IRENE SANDLIN, Arts, Fayetteville, GEORGE AL- BERT SAUTER. IR., Engineering, DeQueen, LOUIE I, SCHAUFELE, Arts, Little Rock, GERALD EDWIN SCHROEDER, Engineering, Stuttgart, RALPH LEON SELL, Arts, Fayetteville, Row 8: CORLEY PRICE SENYARD, Engineering, New Orleans, Louisiana, JAMES WESELEY SEWELL, Business, Fayetteville: FREIDA MAE SHAMLEY, Business, Rogers, FREDERICK DEWEY SHANKS, IR., Business, Pine Bluff, JACK EDWIN SHAWGO, Edu- cation, Tulsa, Oklahoma, EDDIE V. SHEEKS, Engineering, Corning, RONALD EUGENE SHEETS, Arts, Dupo, Illinois, MARCIA ANNE SHERMAN, Agriculture, Mountain View, ROBERT T. SHERMAN, Business, Little Rock. Row 9: DOROTHY ALICE SHIRKEY, Business, Stuttgart, CAROL BELLE SHOFNER, Business, Little Rock, HAROLD YGLENN SHOF- NER, Business, Elkins, ALISE L. SHOOK, Business, Lincoln, CONRAD GENE SILVER, Engineering, Rogers, GRADY FRED SIMS, Education, Huffman, LESTER FLOID SKAGGS, Agriculture, Clarks- ville, CLIFFORD HAROLD SLINKARD, Business, Rogers, ALICE MILDRED SMITH, Education, Fayetteville. Row 10: BETTY ANN SMITH, Arts, Texarkana, ED F. SMITH, Business, Little Rock, IAMES NEWTON SMITH, Business, Phoenix City, Alabama, MARIANNE SMITH, Business, Walnut Ridge: MERLE BENNETT SMITH, Business, Pine Bluff, PAUL IAMES SMITH, Agriculture, I-lindsville, RANDOLPH TUCKER SMITH, Arts, Little Rock, RAYMOND C. SMITH, Arts, Paris, ROBERT CLAIR SNYDER, Engineering, Bentonville. Row 11: MARIHELEN SONCINI, Arts, Hot Springs, DONALD LEON SPARKS, Business, Little Rock, CHARLES E. SPENCER, Business, Hot Springs, WILLIAM ANTHONY SPINELLI, Engineer- ing, North Little Rock, REBECCA MILDRED SPURLOCK, Agri' culture, Huntsville, FAY MARIE STAFFORD, Arts, Springdale, BOB C. STATON, Engineering, Fort Smith, IAMES FAUCETTE STEPHENS, Business, Hot Springs, WILLIAM DOLPH STOKEN- BLIRY, Agriculture, Elkins. Row 12: THOMAS IOE STONE, Arts, Fort Smith, Ross BUTLER STOUT, Business, Siloam Springs, JAMES LEROY STRANGE, Busi- ness, Fayetteville, JEAN STUCK, Arts, Ionesboroz BETTY JEAN SULLIVAN, Business, Harrisburg, GORDON SULLIVAN, Business. Helena, ROBERT O. TALBERT, Agriculture, Neosho, Missouri, CAROLYN ANN TAYLOR, Arts, Trumann, DON L. TAYLOR, Engi- neering, Magnolia. Page 192 'Q-..-f ,J W H, -,..- rg... , ,C ., aw ' -we , ,,, 4.5 ? R r .. ,uf at 5 Lg' ,:..,. Vzzu , x 2 L 4 U' Tie We Wi? W-,i Q V 1 .lr L :LG 5 555. W K it L 4 mv 'C 2. 4, E' 2 Eldon Dryden Pence, Ir.. Mack Perley, Harry George Perschbacher, Larry Roy Perschbacher, Martha Iames Pettigrew, Melvin Karl Pet- ty, Cornelia Belle Phillips, lacob R. Phillips, Ted Mark Phillips. William S. Phillips, Abe Iames Pianalto, Patricia Ioy Pierce, Kenneth Lee Pitch- ford, Iames Arnold Pittman, Robert Eugene Pitts, Rich- ard Michael Plummer, Bet- tye I. Pore, Lloyd George Porter. Antonia Post, Iohn Marcus Powell, Ir., Iames Patrick Powers, Marjorie Clovita Powers, Robert Lyle Pres- nell, Iulied Erin Price, Nor- man K. Price, Fred Robert Priolean, Ioe R. Propps. Paul W. Rankin, Charles Taylor Ratcliff, Raymond L. Rector, Beverly Io Reed, Travis Calvin Reese, Vir- ginia Reeves, Diane Reid, Robert Gerald Reynolds, Gwendolyn Frances Rhoades. Cora Ann Richardson, Wal- ter Dale Richardson, Na- thaniel Thomas Richmond, Dale K. Rife, Amiel Lee Ri- ley, Carolyn Rose Ripley, Lynn Robbins, Dan Austin Roberts, W. C. Robertson. William Charles Robinson, Earl Charles Rockwood, Ir., Sarah Carolyn Rodgers. Patricia Nan Rogers, Willie Frank Rogers, Ir., Charles Nichol Rose, Betsy Ann Ross, Peter Michael Ru- dolph, lack Leland Rushing. Arden Edsel Russell, Don- ald Raymond Russell, Nor- ma Iean Samuel, Marjorie Ann Sanders, Doris Irene Sandlin, George Albert Sau- ter, Ir., Louie I, Schaufele, Gerald Edwin Schroeder, Ralph Leon Sell. Corley Price Senyard, Iames Weseley Sewell, Freida Mae Shamley, Fred- erick Dewey Shanks, Ir., lack Edwin Shawgo, Eddie V. Sheeks, Ronald Eugene Sheets, Marcia Anne Sher- man, Robert T. Sherman. Dorothy Alice Shirkey, Carol Belle Shofner, Harold Glenn Shofner, Alise L, Shook, Conrad Gene Silver, Grady Fred Sims, Lester Floid Skaggs, Clifford Har- old Slinkard, Alice Mildred Smith. Betty Ann Smith, Ed F. Smith, Iames Newton Smith, Marianne Smith, Merle Ben- nett Smith, Paul I a m e s Smith, Randolph Tucker Smith, Raymond C. Smith, Robert Clair Snyder. Marihelen Soncini, Donald Leon Sparks. Charles E. Spencer, William Anthony Spinelli, Rebecca Mildred Spurlock, Fay Marie Staf- ford, Bob C, Staton, lames Faucette Stephens, William Dolph Stokenbury. Thomas loe Stone, Ross Butler Stout, lames Leroy Strange, lean Stuck, Betty lean Sullivan, Gordon Sul- livan, Robert O. Talbert, Carolyn Ann Taylor, Don L. Taylor. -W ----q The Freshman Class Of I948 Row 1: JOHN DAYTON TAYLOR, JR., Agriculture, Hatfield: PATSY ANN TENNISON, Agriculture, Goodman, Missouri: BILLY RAY TERRY, Business, Hot Springs: JO ANNE TERRY, Arts, Hot Springs: ERwIN ROY TESTER, Agriculture, Copeland: HELEN CONSTANCE TESTER, Business. Copeland: ROBERT NEIL THOMAS, Business, Antoine: BILLIE IANICE THOMPSON, Education, Green Forest: ELSIE LOUISE THOMPSON, Education, DeQueen. Row 2: HAL RICHARD THOMPSON, Engineering, Blytheville: NEIL E. THORNTON, Business, Hot Springs: JANET TONEY, Arts, Pine Bluff: JOHN S. TONEY, Agriculture, Pine Bluff: MARY' JOYCE TREECE, Arts, McAlester, Oklahoma: HOWARD DALE TRuBLOOD, Business, Olvey: HERMAN ASHBY Tuck, Business, Fayetteville: DALE TUCKER, Engineering, Ash Flat: GLENN EUGENE TURNER, Engineering, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Row 3: DONALD JOHN TYSON, Agriculture, Springdale: RICH- ARD NEWELL VANFRANK, Engineering, Memphis, Tennessee: BOB VANWEY, Education, Osceola: DONNA VANZANT, Business, Springdale: BOB L. VARNER, Agriculture, Huntington: IULES HUGH WALKER, Arts, McCrory: MILDRED VIRGINIA WALKER, Business, Harrison: CHARLES GORDON WALL, Business, Fay- etteville: IOHNNIE MARIE WALLACE, Arts, Harrison. Row 4: WAYNE WALLACE, Education, Manila: GENE HOWARD WALLICK, Education, Fayetteville: ELLIOTTE C. WANT, Busi- ness, Washington, D. C.: PATRICIA JEAN WARD, Business, Hi- wasse: RICHARD ALEXANDER WARD, Arts, Brinkley: RUTH WARD, Agriculture, Hiwasse: JOHN D. WATSON, JR., Arts, Mal- vern: PATRICIA ANN WATSON, Agriculture, Tyronza: BILLIE JEAN WEATHERALL, Arts, Little Rock. Row 5: ROBERT MCTYEIRE WEAVER, Engineering, Pine Bluff: BILLY RAY WEBB, Agriculture, Delight: EDWIN MCRAE WEED- MAN, Engineering, Blytheville: CHARLES LYNN WEEMS, Agri- culture, Hazen: NANCY SUE WELCH, Arts, Neosho, Missouri: JOE H. WELLBORN, Arts, Osceola: JAMES EDWIN WEST, Busi- ness, Van Buren: ALVA HUGH WESTBROOK, Engineering, Ben- ton: ELLIS BucKNER WHEELIS, Engineering, Strong. Row 6: FLOYD WHITE, Arts, Blytheville: JOHN A. WHITE, Business, Blytheville: BILLY GENE WHITTAKER, Business, Clo- ver Bend: JACK EDWARD WILKINSON, Arts, Fayetteville: AL WILLIAMS, Business, Hope: JAMES 'lMACv'VVILLlAMS, Business, Blytheville: PEGGY Lou WILLIAMS, Arts, Hackett: ROBERT JAMES WILLIAMS, Education, Billings, Missouri: WILLIAM MAR- ION WILLIAMS, JR., Business, Blytheville. - Row 7: JERRY ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON, Arts, Paragould: MAR- JORIE MARILYNN WILLIAMSON, Business, Tulsa, Oklahoma: ERNEST SHAW WILSON, Business, Hot Springs: FAYE JEANETTE WILSON, Arts, Prairie Grove: JERRY LEE WILSON, Business, Lincoln: JOHN FRANKLIN WILSON, Engineering, Dumas: SOPH- ANNA WILSON, Engineering, Springdale: TOMMY LEE WILSON, Arts, Fayetteville: MARY LOUISE WISE, Business, Peach Orch- ard. Row 8: JOHN W. WOLF, Business, Hot Springs: BARBARA IvY WOOD, Arts, Memphis, Tennessee: WELDON WILLIAM: WOOD. Business, Glendale, California: JAY E. WOODBRIDGE, Arts, Huntsville: WILLIAM ALLEN WOODS, Business, Rogers: GEORGE S. WOOLEY, Arts, Tyler, Texas: HERBERT CHARLES WOOLSTON, Arts, Hot Springs: MARY AGNES WYNNE, Business, Fordyce: DOUGLASS PRESTON YADON, JR., Business, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Page 194 'Nr .ex ., 5 i' .1 7 Qt T p i ft X? IE ' . Su , ,. ., .Vi r ,H Z Q '41 .. . V ,.i ,,m, ts f it if , H it fit T ""' -1- ii Q , , ig q E ,. Z I if it K V 1 ar 31 Q me M 2- 'Q . ft X 5, ' at Q 4211-51- A 'Qi- lohn Dayton Taylor, lr., Patsy Ann Tennison, Billy Ray Terry, Io Anne Terry, Erwin 'Roy Tester, Helen Constance Tester, Robert Neil Thomas, Billie lanice Thompson, Elsie Louise Thompson. Hal Richard Thompson, Neil E. Thornton, Ianet To- ney, Iohn S. Toney, Mary loyce Treece, Howard Dale Trublood, Herman Ashby Tuck, Dale Tucker, Glenn Eugene Turner. Donald lohn Tyson, Richard Newell Vanllrank, Bob Van Wey, Donna Vanzant, Bob L. Varner, lules Hugh Walker, Mildred Virginia VValker, Charles Gordon Wall, Iohnnie Marie Wal- lace. Wayne Wallace, Gene Howard Wallick, Elliotte C. Want, Patricia lean Ward, Richard Alexander Ward, Ruth Ward, Iohn D. Wat- son, lr., Patricia Ann Wat- son, Billie Iean Weatherall. Robert lVlcTyeire Weaver, Billy Ray Webb, Edwin McRae Weedman, Charles Lynn Weems, Nancy Sue Welch, loe H. Wellborn. lames Edwin West, Alva Hugh Westbrook, Ellis Buckner Wheelis. Floyd White, lohn A. White, Billy Gene Whit- taker, lack Edward Wilkin- son, Al Williams, Iames "Mac"Williams, Peggy Lou Williams, Robert Iames Wil- liams, VVilliam Marion Wil- liams, Ir. lerry Elizabeth Williamson, Marjorie Marilynn William- son, Ernest Shaw Wilson, Faye Ieanette Wilson, Ierry Lee Wilson, lohn Franklin Wilson, Sophanna Wilson, Tommy Lee Wilson, Mary Louise Wise. 'Iohn W. Wolf, Barbara Ivy Wood, Weldon Williams Wood, lay E. Woodbridge, Wil l i a m Allen Woods, George S. Wooley, Herbert Charles Woolston, Mary Agnes Wynne, Douglass Preston Yadon, Ir. i 211, I L ff' s , if -si is i 4' Upper left: Ray Hedgecock proudly presents St. Patricia Betty Sullivan and St. Pat Grizzell at the Engineers Ban- quet. Upper right: Dr. Nelson smorgasbords in front of Qld Main. Center: Some Agris take a break and do some Usackingn at the Rooster Day Dance. Lower left: Messrs. Basham, Massey and Benton get ready to pull a big snow job on three lovely lassies who love to be snowed. Page 195 BUUK TWU -.4 '11-'f1-W - - - ,.,. , ,,,.'vs', " nnnlslf- .7 f 1: ""'2' " 4, ,,:. ,-mt.. , . A, , -t. k, X. .17 ig-44.1, . ,,.! ,- A . 4 '. . ' -.f J ,Q-, uv ,.1 - . . hi' , . .'-uw ' ' -- f', :T ,,: ' -fu-,,.,. . .f T -. ' - ,rr ,v..,,'I .Al1'xgfF..IxT,-.,1,.:'I Ll5.I1,l .' ,. -5.-4 .,.'Td, -1.-,J " wwf' g -4':W7".1::"f5e1:'Mf1:4-efl"'fTW-g""".-...- " ' ""' 'INET'-lik Nqam"r 'uf - -- .- .?.-.N . mf -.-L. . ' 11- P .MXL .v 1 -1 Q, 1-fe ' M- ,T.-M4-,y'...w-T-b ,4,M+v- -.fx , ., .. , ,W . 1 V In . A 4.15, .,?,HtL?,:f,.ig-N.x-s.M III, A -. THE COMMUNITY AT HDME .i at BUILDING boom flourished at the University of Arkansas during the past year. Administration officials not only had to solve the problem of fitting a record enrollment of students into the already crowded classrooms but they also had the added responsibility of find- ing homes for many an incoming student and faculty member. The result was that new dormitories mushroomed all over the campus as we attempted to deal a body blow to the critical housing shortage. Double-decked beds reared their ugly heads in many organized and independent houses. , t,ic USH week opened the community at home season for fraternities and sororities as hundreds of pledges swarmed into their new abodes. The independents' arrival wasn't quite as or- ganized but they made themselves right at home. ln the University suburbs of Le- roy Pond, Lloyd Halls and Terry and Vets Village, single and married students went right to work on shelves and lawn details to brighten up their new homes. From the ring of the alarm in the early dawn until lights are out, our community life successfully rounded out our stay on the campus. ggi 5 KM 44 5 at . Tp I1 ttyf t .if :sg 'rii A iff? J' t, -M' 9 4 Upper left: Bob Tipton waters the garden. Upper right: The boys at the PiKA house have a song- fest. Center: Dot Brantf ing and her Tri Delt girls try some of the same. Lower left: Don Iones sulks and the younger generation says goo and gass While listening to a ball game. is E3 N 1 Above: Five Hill Hall girls spend a restless afternoon. Betty Screeton, second from right, seems to be having a screaming nightmare. Center: After a Raunch week of non- bathing, non-shaving torture, the task of de-whiskering is a pleasant one for these four Sig Alphs. Below: Listening party at the PiKA house holds ten men and Lieutenant Muncy spellbound for a moment. , ff .W - "'f'hn - 2 -- V fy 'f 2 "wt-f, ' 4, . ' V A wg I. . ff- 1' 'W f' bf, QQ, ., 2 9 , KS' S V J . yu, . l . it ff' -Nw 25 i," ,M ,air , U VV, X .ie ya L- FF 4. wg, . 1 , rr M, 'M ff ntzgjf, W n t t i use 'gl 'Hs' s., ig? QQ 35 F QQ QQ if W ' W? ' 1 .-ii T V L 'Q -mfizfsiii fe ': - m ai. L 'fi51".-45' K 'lfffe 1 i E 2 2 f E L Z E , i ., . .,.,l M--vw -' ' ' Q K of .M S, , 'WWW K ,',i?p.4s X is ffin rsen if if fig! rg, Q 9 - M Upper left: Dr. Ward Morton explains the historical signifi- cance of Tootles to his young daughter. Upper right: Car- nall ironing room does a big business if these girls are any indication. Center: Chio Prexy Betsy Aycock pauses and Sid Phillips wraps her up for the evening. Lower left: These two Kappa Sigs are all set to jump out of their period piece sack and meet the world. Page , u K , ff , MQ ,W 1 ...W 1.13. ffwi-WSG' any ' zaffwviixvnxnsm fxfwmn K .:1im2'm5m':m' 'uf ,Nm . .. f 51' s AH- ur ' fy i'-fm-tt V . ,Viv ,gypsy V3fQ5tLidI, L. 46' f gf , ,. k - A ,, Q- ,ff 'wifflr gin- -ii Niiifl y .- K I ' A H L he i f gl ' ' 1 S grim lam,wfmwg?1w -- A 2. Upper left: Sue Baran dis- cusses the time of night with Neil Terrell, who never knows when to go home anyway. U p- per right: The prize-winning Chi Omega house display pro- vided an almost true prediction for the Homecoming game. Center: At home or away, by night or day, Mr. Barnhill looks after his boys. Lower left: Farmers Iohnson, A n d e r s , Barnes, Carter and Douglas proudly display a huge water- melon. Pciqe 204 Above: There isn't any privacy here as a phone call draws a crowd. Ioan Herrera is first in line. Center: A Pi Phi tab- leau during rush week with Stuck as a Greek, McIntyre as an Arabian, Reagan as a Spar- tan, Tomlinson as Eve, Strelt as a squaw, Harlan as a Hindu, Wilkinson as Scarlett, and Rhodes as Babs Fritchie. Be- low: Marie Iones watches her two room-mates knit and coke for relaxation. 35 5 l 'ff' 1 3 . 5 "wig S, , 3 M , ,dx 8,1 , F V 3 ,QA " X Q 3, 52, ir' --We 5 'Q m 'V' 'K' Upper left: A Delta Gamma cuddles cozily while she catches up on some studying. Upper right: Two Sigma Chis survey damage clone by a fine that swept through one of the up- stairs rooms in the Sigma Chi house last fall, Center: A be- spectacled Lloyds Haller spins around to confront us. Lower left: Dr. Iordan, faculty adviser for the Lambda Chis, gives a member some advice on how to rake in the blue chips. Page 205 ffl' ,M Q ,,H-31izigyqmzefsiaefzfxsf 11 -'f'l,?.wgsg2gfS-f9'L?f?+51f z-A1523-Q Aw-fig QL -Q fufmrxwg-fgffwgfffz W, WM., AD,,. L, SURURITIES 5 'V'Wi'?EwEw3?"U SS "W51sfG1Af2 zffiisfzv' " 1 Row I: Barbara Acker, Nancy Attwood, Betsy Aycock, Io Claire Bonner, Ann Burns, Ger- aldine Canby, Ioyce Carroll, Betty lean Coleman, Valerie Collins. Row 2: Alice Ann Conway, Emily Creekmore, Nancy Dag- gett, Ruth Ann Daniels, Mari- lyn Deen, Io Faulkner, Ioy Freeman, Kakii Garvin, Betty Gibson. Row 3: Iudy Gilliam, lane Griffith, Ann Herget, Christine Hogin, Frances Hurley, Georg- ana Hurst, Glovina Hutcheson, Betty Boyd Izard, Ruth Fran- ces Iohnson. Row 4: Edna Marie lones, Martha Kelly, Roseanne Kuhn, Mary Alice McClellan, Dorothy McCoy, Mary lane McDonald, Harriett McGee, Iosephine Mc- Gill, Mary Helen McGill. Row 5: Betty McGinnis, Peggy McNeil, Robin Miller, Hattie Moore, Carol Morgan, Dorothy Murrey, Alice Paddock, Marie Parker, Sue Patillo. Row 6: Lea Phillips, Patsy Po- land, Betty Puckett, Mary El- len Randall, Pat Rhine, Betty Robbins, Dorothy Robertson, Elsie Silverman, loanne Smith. Row 7: Peggy St. john, Mary Stockley, Suzanne Tetley, Ruth Thomas, Ann Lauree Tillman, janet Toney, Mary Trimble, Sue Trimble. Row 8: Lucille Trotter, Nancy Vance, Gloria Wallace, Har- riett Washington, Wanda Vxfhite, Iudy Wisner, Mary L. Wood, Agnes Wynne, CHI OMEGA OFFICERS BETSY AYCOCK . . President NANCY DAGGETT . . . . Vice President HARRIET WASHINGTON , . Recording Secretary IOYCE CARROLL . . . Corresponding Secretary RUTH FRANCES JOHNSON . . . Treasurer Page 208 Psi Chapter Chi Omega's fifty-third year was a big one for Psi, its mother chapter. Chi Omegas have always taken an active part in the social and scholastic life on the campus, and this year has been no exception. Homecoming is always a big event, and this year it was especially big for the Chios. Nancy Attwood was chosen as a maid to the Homecoming Queen and lane Griffith a maid to Miss Texas A. and M. Chios' pride was increased when they were awarded Hrst place for yard decorations. The party that was a favorite of the girls was the Idiot's Delight party, given in No- vember. Mrs. Bennie Alexander, or "Mother B", was quite a coed in her sweater, skirt, and bobby-sox! Chi Omega's two big dances, the Christ- mas formal and the Plantation Party, were high spots in the social whirl. Chios discovered that they had scored high by winning top honors in scholarship for the preceding spring semester. ' The Chios received their share of honors this year. The president, Betsy Aycock, also served as president of Pan Hellenic, vice- president of her class, and was a member of IVIortar Board, as was Sue Pattillo. George Anna Hurst and Ann Tillman are members of Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary society. Page 209 loyce Carroll was president of YWCA, and Betsy and Ioyce served on AWS Executive Board. Ged Canby and Betty Gibson were cheerleaders. Marie Parker was chosen to represent the University at the Maid of Cot- ton contest. Cupid had a field day at the Chio house and fraternity pins were quite in evidence. Betty Robins and Ann Burns wore Kappa Sig pins: Ioy Freeman, Mary Stockley and "Bea" Robertson were Sig Alph girls: and Betsy Aycock, B. Coleman, Marie Parker, Nancy Vance, "Sister" McCoy, Harriett McGee, Iudy Gilliam, and Peggy St. Iohn wore Sigma Chi pins. Chi Omega colors are cardinal and straw, and the flower is the white carnation. The national publication is the Eleusis, which is issued quarterly. Each year Chi Omega sponsors the na- tional achievement award, which is presented to outstanding women in the field of public affairs, education, religion, or arts and letters. Psi chapter of Chi Cmega takes particular pride in their Greek amphitheater, which was built in 1930 in memory of the five founders. Since that time, it has been the scene of many University activities, including pep rallies and commencement. Row 1: Susanne Allison, Mary Caroline Andrews, Elaine Bar- ham, Cleta Sue Bennett, Sally Bethel, Dorothy Branting, Sally Choate, Sis Collier. Row 2: loan Doan, Carol Farmer, Helen Higginbotham, Liz Horlacher, Dorothy Iohn- son, Mil Iohnson, Beverly Jones, lane Cole. Row 3: Louise Ioyner, Ieanne Kapp, Ioanne Kapp, lane Kin- kade, Helen Knott, Ioanne Knott, Margaret Laird, Virginia Lee. Row 4: Mary Lineback, Sissy McDonald, Gloria McNeil, Ruth McNutt, Mary Ann Mar- tin, Anne Misenhimer, Betty Bowen Morrow, Betty Patter- son. Row 5: Iudy Price, Leah lane Reutlinger, Ioan Richards, Car- olyn Ripley, Kappy Sayle. Mary Scurlock, Carol Shofner, Mary Ann Smith. Row 6: Marihelen Soncini, Faye Marie Stafford, Betty Steed, Mary Ellen Stewart, jo Ann Swayze, Carolyn Taylor, Io Clare Thomas, Margaret Thompson. Row 7: Patsy Warntjes, Sarah lean Warren, Pat Watsori, Nanette Welles, Sarah Hope West, Diane Wilcox, Kitty Rose Wills, Sally Rand Wil- liams, Mary Io Wood. Gun , N i f DELT DELTADELTA OFFICERS DIANE WILCOX . . . President IOANN SWAYZE . . Vice President DOROTHY IOHNSON . . Recording Secretary IANE COLE . . Corresponding Secretary SALLY WILLIAMS . . . . Treasurer Page 210 Delta Iota Chapter Delta Delta Delta, whose home at the Uni- versity is the large, buff, English style house, known as the Delta Shelter, had its origin at Boston University in 1888. It was estab- lished on this campus as Delta Iota chapter in 1913, and Mrs. Iack Reed of Fayetteville, a founder of the chapter, serves as alumni advisor. Striving for unity among its members and friendship with all students, Delta Iota has become active in all phases of campus life. Elaine Barham received the Pfeiffer scholar- ship offered each year to a' capable business student: IoAnn Swayze, vice-president, served as president of Orchesisg Suzanne Al- lison was vice-president of Alpha Lambda Delta: Sally Rand was tapped by Mortar Board: and Mary Scurlock was elected junior senator and president of the Major-Minor Club. On October 5 the Sigma Chis presented the Sweetheart Cup to Ianie Branerdg. and Mar- garet Laird, Tri Delt house manager, reigned as Dreamgirl of PiKA. During football season Sally Bethel and Sara Hope West served as Maids to football queens, and every week-end Tri Delt's doors were thrown open for alumnae, friends, and families. After the Homecoming parade, Delta girls were thrilled to learn that their float had won first prize. Page 211 Among other Tri Delts active on the cam- pus were Cleta Sue Bennett, secretary of the Sophomore Council and treasurer of Rootin' Rubes: Carolyn Ripley, freshman class vice- president: Sara Hope West, Home Ec Club secretary: Iudy Price, secretary, and Carol Shofner, freshman representative in the Com- merce Guild. Mil Iohnson and Iudy Price were given bids to Sigma Alpha Iota and Al- pha Lambda Delta, respectively. A pine-scented ballroom was the scene of the first fall formal, the Tri Delta dinner- dance. Soon everyone was excited and busy getting ready to go home for Christmas, but the Tri Delts couldn't leave without their an- nual visit from Saint Nick, so Roger Mears, PiKA, came over to hand out the gifts at the Christmas party. March 5 was the night of the gay spring formal. All of these functions, and many others less traditional but lots of fun, could never have been successful without the capa- ble management of Mrs. Alice Perrin, house- mother, who was always the perfect hostess. At Christmas time lane Kinkade became Mrs. I-Iarry Ivy, Kappy Sayle and Fuzzy Griffin, and Sally Bethel and Bill Ferguson became engaged, and numerous others went steady and were pinned. Row I: Nancy Booth, Anna Lou Bland, Demetra Bradshaw, Marilyn Britt, Donna Canfield, Bobbie Sue Castling, Mary Bob Cross. Row 2: Frances Dale, Betty Davidson, M a r y Elizabeth Doak, Sammie Io Doss, Betty lane Drilling, Gloria Fenton, Margaret Ann Cvodt. Row 3: Carolyn Hammond, Mary Lou Hampton, Bennye lane Haskins, Rena Io Holmes, Kathryn Hornor, Nancy Blain Hurley, Marjorie Iohnson. Row 4: Mary Lou Ioyner, Betty Lou McKeithen, Kather- ine McKennon, Dorothy Mark- well, Glynda Maxwell, Ieanne Mitchell, Margaret Monk. Row 5: Imogene Mullins, Wanda Faye Nichols, Billye O'Neil, Patricia Patrum, Millie Lou Riggs, Betsy Ross, Rose- mary Rucker. Row 6: Frances Shouse, Vir- ginia Smith, Iean Standefer, Virginia Swearengen, M a r y Lynn Taylor, Mattalee Taylor, Ioan Van Pelt. Row 7: Elizabeth Sue Walker, Mildred Wharry, Helen Whis- tle, Kathryn Winters, Dorothy Wood, Helen Wynn, Kathleen Wynn. DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS DEMETRA BRADSHAW . President ROSEMARY RUCKER . . Vice President MARY BOB CROSS . . Recording Secretary WANDA FAYE NICHOLS . Corresponding Secretary KATY HORNER . . . . . Treasurer Page 212 Alpha Cmega Chapter Let's take a look at the Delta Gamma house way down at the end of sorority row. The outstanding personality in the DG house, according to the girls, is their house- mother, Mrs. Ruth Wayne. The Delta Gammas have had a very suc- cessful year. Donna Canfield was picked for one of the Razorback beauties, and was a maid to Miss Arkansas at Homecoming. Bette lane Drilling was Miss Texas at the Memphis game. Margaret Ann Godt was maid to Miss Arkansas at that game. Mary Bob Cross was historian of Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary society for freshman women, and also served on the AWS Executive Board. Rosemary Rucker was on the Soph- omore Council. Demetra Bradshaw, DG president, was elected to the Student Senate. Libbey Walker served as business manager for the second annual Gaebale varsity show, and Rosemary Rucker was publicity manager for that same show. The Christmas dinner party, December 5, was the biggest social function for the fall semester for the Delta Gammas. lack Der- deyn proved to be a good Saint Nick and distributed toys to the guests. Later in the evening the toys were collected and sent to the under-privileged children in Fayetteville. The DG's started the spring semester with Page 213 a bang when they had their Valentine Dance, February 6. Another big social event was the spring formal, May 7. Cupid had a field day at the home of the Anchor girls this year. Those who are pinned include lean Standefer and Charles Els- lander, Kappa Sigma Nu: Frances Dale and Buck Gause, Sig Alphg Betty Ann Eustice and Ted Riley, Sigma Nu, Carolyn Ham- mond and Ioe Brewer, Sigma Nu, Katy Hor- nor and Louis Strickland, Kappa Alpha: Ieanne Kurtz and lack Harman, Kappa Sig: Marilyn Britt and lack Coleman, Kappa Sig: Helen Whistle and Fuzzy Osborne, PiKA: Helen Wynn and Fred Wilmot, Sigma Chi. Mary Lou Hampton returned from the vaca- tion with a diamond from lack Lyon. The official publication of Delta Gamma is the Anchora and the flower is the cream-col- ored rose. The colors are bronze, pink, and blue. Delta Gamma was founded at the Uni- versity of Mississippi in 1873, the first wom- en's national fraternity to be founded in the south. It has since become international with chapters in Canada. Alpha Omega chapter was installed on this campus in 1930. Delta Gamma provides a 360,000 student loan fund to assist worthwhile undergradu- ates in colleges all over the U. S. Row I: Elizabeth lane Adam- son, Anita Arrington, Ruth Belt, Ida lane Bradford, lean Callo- way, Betty Iewel Case, Peggy Connable, Carolyn Cosgrove. Row 2: Sara Covey, Ioan Cox, Betty Io Crews, Pat Dale, Gretta Dameron, Trilby Earn- hart, Rose Emrich, Iayn Fried- lander. Row 3: lean Garrett, Adele Graves, Virginia Hadaway, Katherine Harrell, Natalie Har- rison, Virginia Hicks, Della Hilton, Betty Hunt. Row 4: Mary Ann Ingram, Mary Louise Ingram, Leanna Kent, Ieanne Kerwin, Maisie Lackey, lane McCarley, Mateel McKeehan, Emalou Mallory. Row 5: Carol Lee Matthews, Mary Lou Matthews, Elinor Mayfield, Florence M e e k s , Martha Ann Moore, Mary Roy Moses, Mary F. Nicholson, Mary Pat O'Kelly. Row 6: Laurel Owens, Mary Frances Pakis, Suzanne Park, Nell Parker, Gloria Queen, Grace Ratclitf, Patricia Rob- inson, Barbara Rose. Row 7: Sue Ross, Ella Scaife, Lucy Searcy, Elizabeth Ann Stevenson, Ioan Stewart, Betty Sullivan, Virginia Tieman. Row 8: Nancy Sue Welch, Rita Weny, Helen Williams, Marjorie Williamson, Ioyce Wolf, Mary Ieannette Wood, Neva Young. KAPP K PPA GAMMA OFFICERS MARY FRANK N1cHoLsoN . . President NEVA YOUNG . . . . Vice President SUZANNE PARK . . Recording Secretary EMMALOU MALLORY . . Corresponding Secretary IEANNE KERWIN . . . . Treasurer Page 214 Gamma Nu Chapter The big white house on the corner across from the Student Union building was full to brimming over this year with congenial Kap- pas, laughing, studying, winning honors, and loving the university life in general. The Kappas can boast of having one of the most versatile groups on the campus. Their abilities range from scholastic honors to Homecoming queen. For two consecutive years Kappa' has been the only group on the campus to have as many as three girls tapped for Mortar Board. Mary Frank Nicholson, Mary Pat O'Kelly, and Sybil Ellis were tapped in the spring. Mary jeannette Wood was selected to reign as queen in the University's twenty- sixth annual Homecoming. Other football royalty included june Westmoreland, who was chosen as a maid to Miss Texas in the game at Memphis. President oflKappa, Mary Frank Nichol- son, was a member of Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Senior Senator, and member of the Pan-Hellenic Council. She has her finger in almost every pie on the campus. On the Commerce Guild Executive Coun- cil was jean Calloway, who served as secre- tary for the council. jean was also a Senior Senator. Page 215 Kappa was well represented in YWCA work by Barbara Rose, who was vice-presi- dent of the organization. Barbara was also vice-president of the junior class. Mary Louise Ingram found time from her other ac- tivities to serve as treasurer of YWCA and also served on the AWS judicial board. The Kappas are justly proud of their new housemother, Mrs. Laura B. jennings, who has become the favorite of every girl in the house. Ieanne Kerwin served as president of Al- pha Lambda Delta: Martha Ann Moore was elected secretary of the sophomore class and was president of Sophomore Council. Maisie Lackey, jean Garrett, Mary Ingram, and jeanne Kerwin were members of Sophomore Council. ln the cheerleading section was Maisie again. Mary Pat O'Kelly was president of Lambda Tau, honorary English fraternity. The entire football team was entertained this year by the Blue and Blue girls with a dessert party and special program. Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded in 1870 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Ill. The flower is the fleur-de-lis, the colors are light and dark blue, and the publication is The Key. M.. Row 1: lean Ahlemeyer, Caro- lyn Alexander, Nancy Appel. Betsy Benton, Bobbie Bird, Martha Birdsong, Memory Lee Bland, Margaret Bowers. Row 2: Barbara Brady, Mary Elizabeth Brigance, Anne Bush, Carolyn Butler, Elaine Butler, Mary Lou Campbell, Ioan Car- roll, Carolyn Cherry. Row 3: Adriene Cockrill, lane Cockrill, Polly Cole, Leila Craigo, Doris Daniel, Iune Dickerson, Marjory Dildy, Ann Dougherty. Row 4: Leah Dungan, Pat Durham, Barbara Dyess, Ruth Falkner, Mary Carolyn Gaston, Sue Graham, Carol Greenwood, Emily Gregg. Row 5: Martha Harlan, Mary Ann Haley, Marilyn Hoag, Nan Hopper, Elizabeth Humph- reys, Peggy Iacobs, lane lar- man, Ann Iordan. Row 6: Becky Iordan, Alice Kiech, lane Longino, Matilda McFaddin, Ruth McIntyre, Vir- ginia Moll, Patty Moseley, Ella Hunn Payne, Martha lane Phillips. Row 7: lane Pratt, Paula Rea- gan, Diane Reid, Marie Scott, Martha Skillern, Ada Lee Smith, Betty Ann Smith, Eliza- beth Smith, Margaret Spencer. Row 8: Brenda Stuck, Iean Stuck, Mary lane Stuckey, Lougene Thornton, Fran Tom- linson, Carolyn Watkins, Peggy Watkins, I e a n Wittenberg, Betty Wunderlich. PI IEAN AHLEMEYER IAN WILSON . NAN HOPPER . MARILYN I-IOAG . CAROLYN CHERRY BET PHI OFFICERS President . Vice President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Page 216 Arkansas Alpha Chapter The big news of the year for the Pi Phis came when they learned that they were third- time winners of the Balfour Cup, which is awarded on the basis of scholarship, campus service and leadership, cooperation with cam- pus authorities and fraternity officers, and fi- nancial condition. The local chapter won over ninety chapters located in the United States and Canada. The cup becomes the personal property of the local chapter at the end of the year. Among those selected for Mortar Board were Ann Iordan, past editor of the RAZOR- BACK, Phi Beta Kappa, and vice-president of AWS, and lean Ahlemeyer, president of the chapter, member of Psi Chi, honorary psy- chology fraternity, freshman queen, and Gae- bale queen last year. Mary Ann Haley and Ruth Faulkner were chosen as Razorback beauties for the year, and Patty Mosley was elected one of the maids for Miss Arkansas at the Texas game. Emily Gregg was maid to Agri Queen. Gutstanding among the social events was the Pi Phi Winter Wonderland Ball, held at Fount Allen's Bowl. Mrs. Mildred Sale, province president, honored the chapter with 'S visit in December, and a faculty tea was held in her honor. Mrs. Marianna Reid Wild, vice-president of Page 217 Grand Council, visited the Pi Phis in Feb- ruary. Among well-known Pi Phi personalities on the campus is Carolyn Cherry, who has been prominent in work with Blackfriars. Caro- lyn was one of the charter members of the National Collegiate Players, She also is a representative on the YWCA cabinet. ln speaking of Pi Phi, one cannot fail to mention Mother Clifton, a Pi Phi herself, and loved by everyone. She is equal to every occasion and makes a gracious and charming hostess for the social functions of the group. This is her eleventh year here. This year there seems to be a predominance of Sig Alph pins at the Pi Phi house. Wear- the pins of SAE are: Liz Humphries, Mary Ann Haley, Becky lordan, Patsy Buzbee, Fran Tomlinson, Matlida McFaddin, Mari- lyn Hoag, Polly Cole, Martha Birdsong, and Ruth Faulkner. Sigma Chi pins appeared on Ruth Mclntyre, Carolyn Alexander, Nan Hopper, and Betsy Benton. Barbara Dyess wears a Kappa Sig pin. Iune Dickerson has received an engagement ring from Bobby Duck, SAE. Pi Beta Phi, the first national women's fra- ternity, founded in 1867, has the colors wine and blue. The flower is the wine carnation. Row I: Dorothy Ashley, Lu- elle Barnes, Frances Irene Bat- ten, Martha Beard, Maxine Bell, Frances Benton, Ioyce Bledsoe, Louise Bourgeois. Row 2: Cassie Campbell, Bar- bara Carr, Marilyn Causey, Audrey Clever, Sue Cole, Marv Iane Coleman, Rosemary Coop, Ann Crain. Row 3: Marcia Cunkle, Mar- garet Curry, Dorothy Deitz, Aloyise Ferguson, Betty Fergu- son, Wanelle Friend, An11e Galloway, Betty Hammond. Row 4: Sue Hawley, Patricia Hays, Virginia Holmes, Wan- da Iames, Kathryn loyner, Alice Keefe, lean Ann Kight, lean King. Row 5: Kathleen Kobel, Ruth Lenox, Katy Lou Lloyd, Mary L. McDougall, Patricia Mas- sey, Rosalie Massey, Marilyn Mathis, Dorothy Menard. Row 6: Marilyn Miller, Geor- gia Mills, Dorothy Mitchell, Aase Roth Olav, Martha lim Pettigrew, Camille Phillips, Vir' ginia Reeves. Row 7: Pat Rogers, Ian: Rucker, Carol Schoen, lean Shelton, Charlene Sorrels, Iohn- nie Wallace, Mary L. Wolley. ZET LOUISE BOURGEOIS BETTY FERGUSON IRENE BATTEN . KATY IOYNER . VIRGINIA HOLMES TALI OFFICERS ALPH . President . . Vice President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . Treasurer Page 2lS I Epsilon Chapter Noted for their friendliness, the Zetas started things right this year when Dorothy Ashley was elected freshman queen. When football season got into full swing, Zeta Tau Alpha was well represented, Marilyn Ma- this reigned as Miss Texas A. and M. at Homecoming, with Luella Barnes and Marcia Cunkel as maids, and Ann Bess Iones was a maid to Miss Texas at Memphis. Nfore honors were added by Louise Bour- geois, past president of Epsilon chapter, who was a cheerleader, and lean King, president of Rootin' Rubes. On the scholarship side, Zeta Tau Alpha claims Eloise Boone, who was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and Irene Batten, president of Mortar Board. Virginia Holmes won acclaim when she was elected to serve on the College Board of Mademoi- selle magazine. Frances Benton had the fem- inine lead in UState of the Union" and is a charter member of the newly organized chap- ter of the National Collegiate Players, na- tional honorary dramatics fraternity. An outstanding personality at the Zeta house is Aase Olav, daughter of the Norwegian con- sul in Washington, D. C. Outstanding in campus activities are lean Ann Kight, secretary of Rootin' Rubes and of AWS, and Sue Hawley, president of Phi Upsilon Omicron, honorary home economics fraternity. Page 219 The social calendar was crammed to ca- pacity for Zetas this year with the annual Founders' Day Banquet, followed by a hay- ride and dance at Lake Wedington, a bed- time party given by the pledges for initiates, the Christmas party, the Mardi Gras Ball, and the faculty tea, No Zeta event would be complete without Mrs. Frank Bittles-known affectionately as Mother Bitty. Also vital to each Zeta func- tion is Alice Keefe, president of Epsilon chapter. Cupid shot quite a few arrows into Zeta hearts this year. loining the married crowd were Mary lane Hamilton and Sam King, AGRg Mary Lynn Wooley and lim Combs, SX: -Betty Hope Hammond and George Lenox, KS: and Aloyise "Easy" Ferguson and Dale Hart, Lambda Chi. On the pinned list were Ann Bess Iones, Frances Benton, and Marilyn Causey, while engaged gals in- cluded loyce Bledsoe, Martha Beard, Betty Ferguson, lean King, and Ann Crain. Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Virginia State Normal College, Farmville, Va., Octo- ber 15, 1898. The first women's fraternity to be chartered by a special act of a state legis- lature, Zeta has expanded until it is now an international organization. Epsilon, the old- est active chapter, was installed on this cam- pus December 18, 1903. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Front row: Louise Bourgeois, Diane Wilcox. lean Ahlemeyer, Betsy Aycock, Mary Frank Nicholson, Demetra Bradshaw. Second row: Frances Benton, Virginia Lee, Paula Reagan, Betty Boyd Izard, Katherine Harrel, Frances Shouse. Today on every campus where there are two or more National Panhellenic Fraternity chapters, a local college Panhellenic must be established to carry out the Purposes, Creed, Stand- ards of Ethical Conduct, Panhellenic Compact, and other tangibles of fra- ternity as set up by the National Con- ference. On the University of Arkansas cam- pus there are six such groups: Delta Gamma, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chi Omega, Pi Beta Phi, Delta Delta Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha. Each of these groups has two delegates to the Uni- versity Panhellenic group, Experience has taught that a real spirit of Panhellenism, based upon co- operation rather than competition, is essential for the prosperity of the fra- ternity system and for each group. Panhellenic, this year, has tried to es- tablish this co-operative spirit more firmly on the University of Arkansas campus. The main program carried on this year has been that of statewide pub- licity. ln having healthy groups on the campus, it is necessary for the people to know and understand the workings of these groups-their requirements, rules and regulations, and also who sets up the rules. Panhellenic is striving to set up rush rules that may be maintained for a longer period of time than from year to year, as has been the case in the past. With standard rules and regulations, better understanding of the fraternity system can be reached. Panhellenic officers include: Betsy Aycock, president: Louise Bourgeois, secretary: lean Ahlemeyer, treasurerg Diane Wilcox, standards chairman: Mary Frank Nicholson, social chair- man: and Demetra Bradshaw, hand- book chairman. The Council did a fine job for the girls of our community. Page 220 FEATERNITIES Row I: Wayne Boyce, Robert Brooksher, Iohn Butler, P. Byrd, Ioe Caskey. Row 2: Porter Chadick, Law- son Cloninger, Perkins Day, lack Grober, David Hamilton. Row 3: Clifford Harriss, Glenn Hodges, Paul Hollenbeck, Sam Hucke, Bill Kennedy. Row 4: lim Mayo, Boyd Mills, I. A. Penix, Harry Perschbach- er, Larry Perschbacher. Row 5: David Piper, Ioe Rob- erts, Iulian Smith, Ralph Smith, I. D. Stallworth. Row 6: Ioe Stevens, Iohn Tal- bot, Iohn Thomas, Edward Tid- well, lim Wilson. DELT THET Delta Theta was founded in September of 1946 as a local colony at the University of Arkansas in order to petition Phi Delta Theta for a national charter. Its aims are to mutually create and enjoy a spirit of brotherhood. The fraternity colors are blue and white and the flower is the white Carnation. Dr. Charles Cross is the faculty member of Delta Theta. Page 222 Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, fifteen men on a dead man's chest and Delta Theta's spring formal was under way with a full crew to man the Pirate Ship. Both invitations and decorations helped to carry out the theme and the "A" Club furnished the music, Commenting on the woes of the house man- agers on the campus, Delta Theta says the greatest problem their house manager faces is finding a house to manage. Since Delta Theta has not been able to secure a house, monthly meetings are held at either the Coun- try Club or the Blue Mill. Zest and spice are added to these meetings by the antics of Paul Hollenbeck at the piano and Iohn Thomas, sketch artist. Ralph Smith, president of Delta Theta be- sides being on the staff of Guild Ticker, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and ABC and secretary of lnterfraternity Council, was elected All-Star center on the All-Star intra- mural team, Delta Theta's homecoming float took first prize in the Homecoming Parade, but the boys did not spend all their time this fall building floats. No siree, they still found time to pull down this fall's highest grade point, a 2.88, for organized men on the campus. Delta Theta will be represented this year at the Centennial Celebration of Phi Delta Theta at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Delta Theta is well represented in all cam- pus organizations and activities. P. Bird, at the present time president of Blue Key, Page 223 was secretary of the freshman glass as well as a member of Alpha Kappa Psi. Iames Stallworth, editor of the Guild Ticker: Ralph Smith and David Piper, Guild Ticker staff: Iohn Thomas, Traveler and RAZORBACK staffsg Maurice and Edward Bedwell, Law Review staff: and Edward Tidwell and Glen Hodges, Traveler staff, all show the abun- dance of journalistic material in Delta Theta. ln the field of fine arts there is equally as good a representation. Wayne Boyce and Paul Hollenbeck are members of the Black- friars and the musical honors are upheld by David Hamilton in the "A" Club Orchestra and Glen Hodges in the University Band. GDK, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Phi. Gamma Delta, and Blue Key are only a few of the organizations in which Delta Thetas have taken active parts in this year. On the romantic side, the Delta Thetas were also well represented. lack Grober mar- ried Dorothy Bigger of Randolph Macon, and Bill Kennedy did the pinning honors with Ieanne Markwell. At the National Phi Delta Theta Conven- tion which the University of Arkansas Delta Thetas will attend this summer, a petition will be presented for entry into the national organization. lf the petition is approved, the Delta Thetas will have an installation in the fall. Chief Iustice Fred Vinson of the Su- preme Court is a prominent Phi Delta Theta and he will be one of the guest speakers at the summer convention. Ex-Secretary of War Robert Patterson is also expected to at- tend. He, too, is a Phi Delta Theta. Row I: Ben Allen, Cecil Bil- lingsley, A. G. Blanks, Ir., Wilj liam Blanks, C. Bradley. Donald Burnett. Row 2: Tommy Crossett, Iohn Cummans, Bill Dean, William Denman, Blakely Dunn, Dale Dunn. Row 3: Henry Faulkner, Ger- ald Flocks, Charles Freeman, Dixon Gaines, William Gooch, Iohn Graves. I Row 4: Irving Greer, William Iames, George Iohnston, Joe Ioyner, V. L. Kimball, Farrell King. Row 5: William Lambert, Iames Lewis, Noble F. Lewis, Ioe Madden, Robert Maurer, Richard Musgrave. Row 6: Charles Obee, Robert Orgain, Russell Reinmiller. Marcus Ristig, Eddie Sheeks, Iames Stephens. Row 7: Louis Strickland, Gene Sykes, lack Taylor, Max Thorn, Iohn Toney, Ioe Well- born. K PPA ALPH Kappa Alpha is the third new fraternity to be established on the University of Arkansas campus. Crimson and gold are their colors and unlike other fraternities, they have two oflicial flow- ers-the magnolia, typical of the south, and the red rose. The order now boasts 68 chapters and 30,000 members in their far flung group. Page 224 Alpha Omicron Chapter Even with renting a house about the first of November the KA's haven't solved their housing problem, but until they can carry through their plans for a new house, the situ- ation is greatly alleviated. So far KA has been unable to secure a housemother, but ar- rangements are being made for the remainder of the term. Kappa Alpha order was founded on De- cember 21, 1865, at Washington College, which now is known as Washington and Lee University. The founders looked to Robert E. Lee, who at that time was president of Washington College, as their ideal. KA has chapters in southern states only and its aims are to foster and maintain the manners, cus- toms, and ideals of the old colonial South. Being strictly a southern fraternity, KA is led by Dale Dunn, a good south Arkansas boy who hails from Hampton. Dale origin- ally was a student at Tulsa University, but after returning from the Navy he came to the University and with thirteen other KA vet- erans helped re-instate Kappa Alpha here. KA's have come back in an individually big way, too. Right and left facing for the mili- tary, George Iohnson was Cadet Colonel in the ROTC, Richard McEven was president of the Future Air Reserve Officers Club, and Bill Gooch made the rifle team. Important political posts were held by V. L. Kimball, Page 225 chairman of the Independent Party, and Max Thorn, president of the junior class. KA also placed two men, lim Stepness and Charles Obee, on the Student Union Dance Committee: while Bob Maurer was vice-presi- dent of Alpha Pi. Real talent popped up in the house this year. Besides the impromptu singing, Bob Orgain and "Birddog" King have provided off'-the-record skits for the entertainment and enlightenment of the brothers. Besides the regularly featured stag lunch- eons on every other Wednesday at the Blue Mill, the pledges entertained the initiates with a stag party at the Razorback-and accord- ing to reports, such a good time was had by all that neither pledges nor initiates felt like making classes the next day. But all social affairs weren't stag by any means. Kappa Alpha order held its dinner-dance in the new U-Ark Bowl. Another prominent occasion in the social calendar was an Alumni Banquet held February 7 at the Washington Hotel which brought prominent alumni from all over the state. On the social side, too, Bill Franklin, star Razorback guard, married Nancy Atwood, Chi Omega. Also taking the vows was A. G. Blanks, who married Bann Thompson, Pi Beta Phi. Several KA pins found their way about, too, and engaged were Lou Strickland and Katy Horner, Delta Gamma. Row I: Donald R. Adamson, Iack Allen, Ed Alpuente, Wil- liam Arnold, Blaine Baker, William Ball, Charles Basham, Iustin Beneux, Earnest C. Ben- ton, Robert Benton. Row 2: Iames Bethel, William Bodenhamer, Ben Boren, Iohn A. Brenner, Leonard Brewer, Delbert Bright, Wilbur Britt, Carie Buckley, Allen Bullard, Graydon Bushart. Row 3: William Bynum, Iamcs Carlisle, Iohn P. Carroll, Alan Carter, Knight Cashion, Tom Churchill, Arthur Clayton, lack Coleman, Granville O. Cole- man, Dave Collins. Row 4: lack Compton, Charles Conway, George Cox, Homer Crain, Max Crowe, Dallas Dal- ton, Herbert Dawson, Iohn Del- amore, lack DeWitt, Roy Dick- inson. Row 5: Ed Dillon, George Dil- lon, Pat Dodge, Charles Dud- ley, Robert Dyess, William Eldredge, Almont Ellis, Ray Enfield, William Enheld, lim Fernald. Row 6: Tom Fincher, William Flippo, Francis Forehand, Iolm Gann, Emmettee Gathright, William Gay, lack Gooch, Iohn Green, Thomas Griffin. Row 7: Austin Grimes, Don Grimes, Iames Gruver, Milton Harbuck, Abby Hardy, lack Harmon, Samuel Hauert, Wil- liam Hamilton, Max Harrison, Row 8: G. G. Hawkins, Edwin Head, Wallis Hearon, Dale Henry, Gus Henry, Page Hill, Robert Hoben, Iohn Holland, George Holmes. Row 9: Major Holmes, Pat Honeycutt, Richard Hoover, Robert Hosford, Robert Hud- son, Iim flames Edwardl Hur- ley, Iim Games Ernestl Hur- ley, Clyman Izard, Leeman Iackson. L K PPA SIGM Kappa Sigma put the double whammy on 1948 and came up with a mighty big year. Highlighting the year's activities were the Christmas formal at the new U-Ark Bowl, the dedica- tion ceremony of the Annex to the fraternity's war dead, the Founders Day Banquet at Oklahoma City, the district conclave at Stillwater, and the annual spring formal. Page 226 Xi Chapter Kappa Sigma took its share of honors, including first place in the annual homecoming decorations awards, high ranking in all intramural sports events, and the University Bible Class plaque for best attendance. Page 227 Row 1: Ioe Bill Iames, Frank Ieffett, Carroll Iohnson, Gilbert Iohnson, Fay Iones, Ira Fulton Iones, Iones, Iimmy M. Iones, Robert Iones, Iimmie Kendall. Row 2: Iohn Kilgore, C. I. Lauderdale, Fred Limbert, Ioe T. Lindsey, Iames London, Walter Lucy, Iohn McClellan, Herschel McClurkin, Robert McCord, Harry McDermott. Row 3: Robert McGuire, lay McLarty, Herman Martindill, Charles Massey, Iohn Massey, Richard Massey, Van Moores, Robert Mosely, William Mul- lins, Scott Neal. Row 4: Frank Nicholson, George Pakis, E. M. Pearson, Eldon Pence, Arch Pickens, Richard Plummer, Richard Pre- witt, Wayne Pyeatt, Rex Ram- say, Travis Reese. Row 5: Robert Rhodes, Harry Richmond, Dan Roberts, Gerrie Robins, Roy Rogers, lack Rush- ing, Maitland Rutledge, Louis Schaufele, Clyde Scott, Tidwell Semmes. Row 6: Kenneth Sewell, Ray Sewell, Fred Shanks, Ray Sharp, Edward Smith, Ed' ward T. Smith, George R. Smith, Merle Smith, Don Stringfield. Row 7: Gordan Sullivan, Ben Talbot, lames Tappan, Conner Taylor, Charles Temple, A. F. Thomas, Charles Thomas, Iames Thomas, Rufus Thomp- son. Row 8: George Thweatt, Don Tressler, Iohn Turner, Ben Walters, Richard Watkins, El- bert Watson, Iohn D. Watson, William Watson, R o b e r t Weaver. Row 9: Mac Williams, Herman Williamson, Phil Wilson, Da- mon Wingfield, W. D. Wing- Held, Dan Woods, Pendleton Woods, Marshall Wriglxt. Howard Yates. f.-L -15:1 Row I: Donald W. Allen, Iohn E. Armstrong, George A. Ash- bridge, B. G. Barnett, Gus L. Baurnfind, B. L. Blair, Robert P. Bland, William Block, Earle Louis Bohlen. Row 2: Robert Boone, lohn B. Box, Iohn Browko, Floyd Bry- an, Richard I. Burke, R. Dale Christy, William B. Dillaha, Iames W. Drake, Calvin W. Ellis. Row 3: Sam R. Ellis, Raymond H. Elrod, Millard L. Formby, Ir., Iohn B. Gardner, Ir., Robert L. Gardner, Ir., Tommy Gates, Worth W. Gibson, Donald A. Gilbrech, Gordon L. Grayson. Row 4: Dale E. Hart, Ioseph B. Hughes, Ioseph B. Hurley III, Norman G. Iones, W. Car- roll Iones, Lawson L. Kammer- man, Glen E. Keller, George Kloss, Iames C. Landes. Row 5: Todd Landes, William E. Long, Robert Y. McClure, Phillip A. Marak, William C. Marak, Iohn R. Marlowe, Ir., Robert D. Mayo, Ir., Charles E. Moore, Byron Napier. Row 6: Robert T. Neel, Robert E. Peterson, Iames E. Priddy, Robert W. Ragsdale, Nathanial T. Richmond, Ralph Ritchie, W. Warren Rogers, G. G. Ross. Row 7: Lloyd T. Rutledge. Frank I. Schreit, Ir., Gerald Schroeder, Iames P. Scisson, Iames S. Scott, William E. Searcy, Iames R. Seymour, lack Dan Shurden. Row 8: Monzell Silkwood, Iames E. Spicer, Iames E. Ter- rell, Bert B. Thompson, War- ren E. Tuthill, Iames M. Wage, Gordon Wall, Iames C. Young- blood. V2 'Q' . ..... . V .s if if .2 532525 '. .gg LAMBDA CHI ALPH Service and fraternity are the aims of Lambda Chi Alpha. The national fraternity was first founded at the University of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, in November of 1909. lts colors are purple, green and gold and its flower is the Fleur de Lise. Gamma Chi Zeta chapter was founded in November, 1923. Page 228 Gamma Chi Zeta Chapter The boys at 340 Arkansas Avenue will tell you that Lambda Chi Alpha's twenty-third year on the campus was one of their most memorable. Some thirty-five initiates re- turned to find the little white house with its face lifted, or more correctly, its interior. But with the addition of thirty-five pledges through the fall, the house was bulging at its seams as never before. Socially speaking, Lambda Chi was far from being cramped. ln October, after re- cuperating from rush week, pledges and in- itiates and their dates made hay while the crescent moon shone, so to speak, on their Hart Pond hayride. Came November and Homecoming, with the traditional buffet for alumni at the chapter house following the game. Later in the month, a really authentic reproduction of Gay 90's atmosphere pre- vailed at a bang-up costume party in the women's gym. Gaily costumed beaux and belles outdid themselves with handlebar mus- taches, derby hats, and rustling bustles. ln the rush of winter formals, Lambda Chi shared honors with Kappa Sigma: undoubt- edly more tuxedos and formals were donned that night than ever before here on the cam- pus. Lambda Chi pledges who decorated the Union ballroom were very grateful to the SAE's who left their huge Christmas tree and Page 229 greenery from their own formal the week before. And Lambda Chi in turn was pleased that their own additions were used by AWS the night following. ln fact, all Lambda Chis were elated with success, especially after or- chid corsages ordered from California ar- rived just in the nick of time. The annual Black and White formal held in March was of more than mere social sig- nificance. Climaxing the fraternity's Found- ers' Day celebration, the ball observed the beginning of a youthful yet vigorous national fraternity. Organized in 1909 at Boston Uni- versity, Lambda Chi Alpha today boasts 125 active chapters, a commanding lead over its nearest rival. ln honors, Lambda Chi was liberally represented. English major Iim Ter- rell, winner of the Iobelle Holcombe scholar- ship, made Phi Beta Kappa and graduated at the head of his class with honors. But Thompson added membership in Blue Key to his string of honorary groups on the campus. Dale Hart kept himself busy in Blackfriars' "The State of the Union." Bob Gardener and Bill Searcy played for the Red League in the all-star game. Lambda Chi Alpha's national oflice pub- lishes a pledge manual and of'Hcers manual booklet entitled Dynamic Youth. Row I: Herman D. Alston. Charles S. Anderson, Ir., Cary E. Ashley, Henry T. Aylor, William M. Bailey, Carroll F. Ball, Herbert B. Barentine, Rob- ert F. Barling. Row 2: Wilkes D. Bond, Charles W. Bonstell, Homer W. Bordelon, Bobbie lean QR. Boyer, I. Ross Brandon, Charles D. Brewer, lohn F. Brewer, Ir., Lloyd B. Bryan. Row 3: Ellis W. Burgin, George H. Burlison, Billy Burt, Eugene H. Burt, Thomas N. Butler, Tony B. Byles, Frank L. Campbell, Iohn O. Camp- bell. Row 4: Fred Marvin Carter, Iames B. Cartwright, Clifton Clark, Everette A. Croslow, Richard M. Crossett, Alex S. Curtis, O. L. Dailey, Fred W. Daugherty. Row 5: Ioseph DeRoulhac, Robert E. Dilatush, Thomas D. Dodd, Dale R. Dunn, Max A. Eckels, Ellis M. Fagan, III, Louis R. Feltz, Iames K. Fraser. Row 6: Iames L. Gardner, Ir., Iames M. Gardner, lack W. Gates, Charles D. Gephart, Roger CL. RJ Gephart, Iames B. Gillenwater, Ernest H. Goodwin, Ir., Iames T. Griffin. Row 7: lack W. Hall, Avis D. Hammond, Deane Hardy, Ir., William R. Holifield, Bill D. Holt, Victor Holthoff, Winford Hoover. Row 8: Lindon G. Hughen. Floyd I. Iackson, Thomas Ien- kins, Charles B. Iohnson, How- ard Iohnson, Iames B. Iohnson, Marvin D. Iohnson. PI K PPA ALPH Pi Kappa Alpha celebrated its 80th year with its Founders Day Banquet, February 29. Led by Sam Stuckey, who is also president of the inter-fraternity council, the PiKA's started off the year by remodeling and redecorating the interior of their house during the summer. Always outstanding in athletics, PiKA placed Bud Canada Page 230 Alpha Zeta Chapter on the National All-PiKA football team this year, and Charles Lively, Ioyce Pipkin and Dale Counce received honorable men- tion. George Kok, of course, turned in another outstanding season with the Razorback cagers. lf 2 A full social calendar included the annual Sock Hop and an Easter Motif was featured in the Spring formal. Page 231 Row 1: Donald F. Iones, Bert S. Iordon, Ir., Kenneth D. Iow- ell, Edgar Iustice, Ben Iunior Kingdom, Franklin B. Kirby. George W. Kok, Buford D. Krebs, Ir. Row 2: Don Fowler Lane, Robert Laser, Hal Dean Lock- man, Ir., Iohn D. Lyles, Ir., Al- bert R. McCreary, Carl A. McCrew, Edward W. McRae, Robert Alfred Maddux. Row 3: Allen L. Mallioux, Roger C. Mears, Iohn Paul Middleton, Austin A., Moore, Charles Muncy, Iasper VV. Muncy, Merrill I. Osborne, Otis L. Parham. Row 4: Charles R. Park, Iessc I. Patridge, Virgil F. Perkins, Ir., Ioyce C. Pipkin, Norman Dale Price, Iames D. Reese, Iohn L. Reeves, Ioseph E. Rey- nolds. Row 5: Iohn M. Rhoads, Wil- lie Rogers, Thomas S. Roth- rock, Iames M. Rowan, Iohn E. Sanford, Richard F. Shelton, Iames N. Smith, William G. Spencer. Row 6: Edward L. Staten, Ralph P. Stegall, George Stevenson, William B. Stokes, I. C. Stuckey, Sam Stuckey, Ir., Norris C. Taylor, Ir., Ar- rice T. Teague, Ir. Row 7: Bob Gerald Treece, Cwleen E. Turner, Robert D. Van VVey, Lewie A. Watkins, Bobby C. Watson, Iack E. Whitemore, Robert E. Wilkins. Row 8: Charles W. Williams, Ir., Iames D. Wilson, Thomas R. Wilson, Sterling F. Wo- mack, Allen Wood, Roy l. York, Mitchell M. Young. 4 w ,.A Row I: Lucien Abraham, Dan Allen, Roy Allen, Dowell An- ders, Warren Baldwin, Ed Bar- ham, Iames Barnett, Warreii Bass, Loui Bayne, Row 2: Bill Beard, Samuel Beard, Max Beasley, Thomas R. Biggs, Iames Black, Dan M. Boone, Thomas Boone, William Bradford, Thomas Bransford. Row 3: Roy Brians, Ioe Brown, Iohn Bryant, Raymond Bryant, Richard Bryant, T. M. Byrd, Allen Cameron, B. W, Chaflin, Don Chamblin, Row 4: George Collier, lack Copeman, Charles Crook, Iohn Cunningham, Cecil Cupp, Charles Dabbs, Lawerence Dawson, Ed Dooley, Robert Dougherty. Row 5: William Eads, Al Eason, Iack East, L. H, Ed- wards, Iohn Eldridge, Harry Farr, Fred Faust, Thomas Faust, William Fitts. Row 6: Iames Foster, Marshall Fussell, Iohn Gaughen, john Gaunt, Ioseph Gause, Richard Gillham, W a l t e r Graupner, Kenneth Gray, Aaron Green. Row 7: Walter Gutensohn, Glenn Halstead, Robert Hamil- ton, Charles Hammans, How- ard Hammans, George Harrell, A. L. Harris, Ben Henley, Lee Henslee. Row 8: George Hinnant, Gar- ston Hitch, Basil Hoag, Iohn Howell, Fred Hunt, D. R. Iames, Steve Ieffry, Raymond Iohnson. Row 9: Ben Kaufman, Ioe Kaufman, Charles Kittrell, Wal- ter Klugh, Rodney Landes, Richard Lane, Felix Laney. Charles Lemon. SIGMA ALPH EPSILO Beards, beards, and more beards, Raunch Week got under way and some of the bushes made the engineers green with envy. However, some came up short, so to speak, and had their faces filled out anyway, with pie. This week of organ- ized untidiness came to an abrupt end when with shining, new Page 232 Alpha Upsilon Chapter moon faces Sig Alphs greeted their dates and escorted them to the Sig Alph winter formal. After showing the way in volleyball and coming close in basketball, the Alphs made with grunts and groans in the squared circle, All this to keep the intramural cup they won last spring. Page 233 Row I: Carroll Leonard, Roy Lewis, C h e s t e r Linebarrier, Freed Little, Cecil Lowe, Louis Lynch, Charles McAfee, Iames McBrien, Lloyd McCain. Row 2: Thomas McDowell, Frank McGehee, Robert Mc- Gill, Samuel McGill, Thomas McQuade, Robert McReynolds, Peter Makris, Wayne Marshall, Lee Martin. Row 3: David Miles, Roy Morley, Charles Moseley, Roy Murphy, Gerald Nabors, Wil- liam Newton, Cecil Oliver, Marc Oudin, R. L. Owen. Row 4: Robert Pape, Frank Peel, Flave Peters, Iohn Phil- lips, Ted Phillips, Kenneth Pierce, George Power, James Prothro, Robert Ramsoer. Row 5: Iames Reeves, Willialn Reeves, Rayburn Reynolds, Royce Riddick, C. W. Ripley, Ernest Ross, Rud Ross, Scott Savage, Charles Schreiner. Row 6: William Shaw, Bill Shepherd, Harvey Shofner, Richard Smart, Clifton Smith, Elmer Smith, Robert Staton, Troy Stewart, Iames Strait. Row 7: Don Stueart, Don Tay- lor, Warren Theis, Neil Thorn- ton, Chris Tompkins, Robert Turner, Thomas Walbert, Iess Walt. Row 8: I o h n Washburn, Thomas Watson, T h o m a s Webber, Leon Werntz, Al White, Dick White, Iames White, Iohn White. Row 9: Wendell Williams. Chism Wood, Weldon Wood, Ierry Woody, Richard Woot- ten, Frank Wynne, I. B. Yan- cey, Robert Ziegler. Row 3: Max Franklin Camp- bell, Robert E. Campbell, Ed- ward Paul Caperton, Ir., Ioel Henry Carlson, Charles M. Carroll, George Richard Car- son, Kendall Cashion, Iohn Guy Cazort, Ir., Sterling R. Cock- rill, Ir. Row 4: William Iames Collins, William Patton Combs, Iames Wilkes Cook, Thomas Correll, Ioe Dow Covey, Marvin Carl Covey, Roscoe Crafton, Wil- liam Edward Craig, Walter El- mer Daniels, Ir. Row 5: Robert Hollace Davis. Tandy Neal Davis, Ir., Iohn Campbell Deacon, William Robert Diffee, R. N. Dilling- ham, Ir., William Duckett, Thomas Iames Ellsworth, Io- seph Allen Emerson, William Porter England. Row 6: William Calhoun Finch, Franklin G. Fogleman, Meriwether Lewis Garing, Charles Edmond Gibney, Iames Garland Gibson, Woody Lee Gill, Iohn V. Gilmore, Donald Stanley Graham, Iohn Marsden Graves, Row 7: David Chadwick Gray, Aice Andrew Green, Hugo Har- ris Gregory, Ir., Admiral Dewey Griflin, Ir., William Harold GrifHth, Dual Benson Hart, Frank Henry Hawkins, Ir., Iim Heerwagen, Iohn L. Helm. Row 8: Bob Hickman, Doug- las Price Holmes, lack Holt, Ir., Thomas Harland Hurt, Ir., David Taylor Hyatt, Ir., lay Lynn Iones, Alfred Thompson Kelley, Ir,, Guy Hendrix Lack- ey, Ir., Robert Cravens Lane. Row 9: George Ellett Law- rence, Malcolm Pinkerton Law- rence, Herbert Anderson Lewis, Ir., Ionathan Houston Looka- doo, Ir., Glenn Lovett, Bennie Hebron Lucy, Ir., W. D. Lu- ton, Lloyd Lawrence Lynn, Ir., Floyd Laverne McAlister. Row I: Row 2: Ernest Guy Amsler, Ir., Earl Edgar Andrews, Ir., William M. fBillj Apple, George Barnes. Chester W. Blackwood, Iames Macon Blevins, Ir., Bryan Moffatt Bonds, Kenny Mitchell Bonds, Frank Allen Bowden, Ir. George Robert Bowden, William E. Bowers, Gene Bracy, Raymond Alden Bradley, Leland Rein- holdi Branting, Bryan Gilliam Brogdon, Iulius Hays Burnside, George Eugene Butler, Robert Allen Cal well, Ir. SIGMA CHI Remodeling their living room, dining room, and kitchen, con- verting the basement into a lounge and game room, and add- ing an annex, the Sigma Chis have had a year of expansion. Not by any means the least of the innovations was Mother Ring, known more formally as Mrs. W. W. Scroggins. Page 234 Row I: Iames Robert McCauley, Ir., Bill McCracken, Iohn Edgar McDermott, Ralph McDonald, Ir., Iames Drew McDonough, Iames Robert McFarlin, Mickey fCecill McSwain, Iohn Westwood Mann, Ir., Virgil Waner Marks. Row 2: Willis Alexander Marshall, Ir., Farrell Eugene Mason, Ernest B. Matkin, Ir., Clifton Leon Meador, Garland Melton, Charles Williams Metzler, William Charles Moll, Redus Edward Montgomery, Ir., Robert Waring Morris. Cmega Cmega Chapter il l I Taking first place in intramural football, Sigma Chi still found time to win the fraterr1ity's National Scholarship Award. A visit by Gen. Patrick Hurley and the annual Kids' Party highlighted the social season. Page 235 Row 3: Colter Hamilton Mo- ses, Ir., Wiley Washington Murrell, Ir., Cecil Boone Nance, Ir., Robert M. Nim- ocks, Iohn Herman Oltmann, Frederick Paul O'Neal, Frank Cleveland Pamplin, Earl Nor- ton Patton, Charles Thomas Pearson. Row 4: William E. Pearson. Bob Peck, Iames Henry Penf ick, Ir., Mac Perely, Sidney Hornor Phillips, Iohnny Pow- ell, Richard Lee Pratt, Fred Prioleau, William Imboden Rainwater. Row 5: Ward Ramsey, Robert Maurice Renner, Patrick Io- Row I: Iames Robert McCaul- seph Rice, Edgar Kader Rid- dick, Ir., Bob Cowley Riley, Carl Alton Robbins, Ir., James Edward Robbins, William Ro- land Robirds, Charles Nichol Rose. Row 6: Richard Townsend Rose, Pete Rudolph, Robert N. Sanders, William Richard Sei- bold, Ir., Iames Baxter Sharp, Ed Smith, Gilbert Aaron Smith, Tucker Smith, jack Taylor Steele. Row 7: Iames Edward Stice, Chas. I. Stumpf III, Leslie Walton Sturdivant, William Leake Terry, Kenneth Allen Thaxton, Marvin Dell Thax- ton, Iames Maurice Thomas. Lindsey Cotton Thomas, Iames Carson Threet. Row 8: Ray Bryan Tilley, Ir., Iames Andrew Vaccarro, Iames Alvin Vizzier, Eugene Gregory Wallace, Ir., Hamilton B. Ward, Ir., Iames Vernon Ward, Charles Murelle Watkins, Da- vid Iackson Weakes, Richard Knight Weis. Row 9: Fred Wetzel, Wayne Alliston White, Charles Luther Wildy, Al Williams, Bill Wil- liams, Richard Elmo Williams, Robert Martin Wilson, Iames Alexander Winn, Ir., Warren Stanley Wood. T 'Q' -,- -- - i Row 1: Ioe Adams, William Mcllroy Bagby, W i n s to n G e o r g e Baldridge, Eugene Corydon Black, In, Harrell Robert Black, Tom Harrison Bowling, Ioseph Edgar Brewer, Ir. Row 2: Robert Gilbert Brock- mann, I-lessee Key Browning, Halbert Sidney Bruce, Iesse Samuel Butz, Ir., Thomas Wil- liam Carroll, Earl Hicks Clem- mons, Iames Bryant Cochran. Row 3: Alfred Henry Craig, Charles Crockett III, Horace M. Crofoot, Charles lack Cross, Burl Edward Davidson, Charles Emil Deitz, lack Hall Derdeyn. Row 4: Thomas Iefferson Eby, Ir., lack Ellis, Iohn Leslie Ev- itts, Ir., William Alonzo Fowl- er, Ir,, David Standley Fox. Ercel Franklin Freeman, Wal- ter Gardner. Row 5: William Carnall Gard- ner, Robert Ioseph Garrett, G e o r g e Anthony Gearhart, Iohn Alexander Gearhart, Wil- liam M. Gibbs, Arthur Sholley Gifford, Harley William Good- man, Ir. Row 6: John Franlin Haney, Billy Ioe Harper, Peter Bemis H'Doubler, Paul Killian Heer- wagen, R. A. Henry, William Clay Hensley, Ir. Row 7: Arthur B. Holiman, Ir., Iohn Billy Holiman, Henry Palmer Hotz, Oscar Hartman Hotz, Charles Franklin Howell, Ioseph Marion Hudson. SIGMA N Taking second place in the homecoming decorations, Sigma Nu had a big year all around. Extending the coverage of Sadie Hawkins Day by radio and newspaper over the entire south- west, this year was one of the biggest and best. After the tra- ditional repast of presarved turnips and po'k chops, Dog- Page 236 Gamma Upsilon Chapter patchers and their dates ambled over to the field house and threw a real shin-dig. Mrs. C. R. Cross returned to Sigma Nu as housemothcr after nearly five years' absence. She was welcomed back by a faculty tea given in her honor during February. Page 237 I Row I: Harper Scales Iackson, William Evans Keenan, Charles Edward Kemp, Guy Lescher Leopard, E d m u n d Deberry Lilly, Major Atlas Lilly, Ir., Scott Iackson Lysinger, Ir. Row 2: Iohn Calvin McAdams, A. D. McAllister, Ir., Frank Buddy McCutcheon, Robert Nott Maddox, I. Howard Markley, Calvin D. Mitchell, Robert M. Millwee, Ir, Row 3: Allan Mount, Ir., Io- seph Huffmaster Murrey, Ir., Thomas Whitelaw Murrey, Benjamine Warner Newby, Archie Edward Paterson, Iohn Walker Perdue, Oscar Alexan- der Perron. Row 4: Iames Harry Phillips, lack Holmes Pittman, Bennie Murphy Queen, Neale Audrey Quinn, Davis Bates Richardson, Carrell Ted Riley, David Ross Rippey. Row 5: Ward Franklin Rosen, Vim X Rye, Ir., Corley Price Senyard, Raymond Carroll Smith, William Robert Staple- ton, Charles Wesley Stewarr, Ir., james Robert Sullivan. Row 6: Fred Tanner, Billy Ray Terry, Herman Ashby Tuck, Ir., Donald Iohn Tyson, joseph Allen Upchurch, Gus Lawrence Waterman. Row 7: Leslid Byrum Weir, William George Westbroolz, I 0 s e p h Morton Wilkerson, Bruce Edward Wilson, Iohn H e n r y Wolf, Henry Ray VVood, Ir. Row 1: Wilson H. Bohaning, Robert C. Bullock, Thomas Cook, Herman H. Cooper. Donald F, Dace, lack DeGood. Row 2: Charles F. Deller, Iames K. Duff, Vern Echols, William A. Eckert, Ir., Harold T. Hamilton, Howard W. Hembree. Row 3: Kenneth I. Hendrix, Abie R, Hester, Iohn Hudgens, Lawrence Kelley, Grayston Kuehnert, Iulius B. Lienhart. Row 4: Carlton P. McCoy, Raphael L. Martin, Clarence Mathias, Gerald L. Meacham, George T. Miller, Iohn W. Mosely. Row 5: Ralph C. Patterson, Robert R. Percefull, Iohn L. Ray, Charles W. Robinson, Ir., William E. Schiller, George M. Simpson. Row 6: Iames Q. Smith, Ir., Kenneth C. Stiles, Ivy L. Tom- lin, William D. Trewhitt, Rob' ert T. Wallace. N SIGMA PI Sigma Pi fraternity was founded at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, in 1897. Sigma Pi's colors are lavender and White and their flower is the lavender orchid. Their aims are to establish and maintain an aristocracy of learning and to establish a brotherhood. Sigma Pi is the only fraternity using the old Greek cross for its emblem. Page 238 I Alpha Sigma Chapter The year saw several new fraternities es- tablished on the University campus and Sigma Pi was one of these. In May, a group of interested students and two members of the faculty decided to try to found a Sigma Pi chapter. Bob Sutton was elected presi- dent of the group and lack De Good was elected to serve as secretary-treasurer. After considerable correspondence with the Na- tional Headquarters, the go-ahead signal was given and plans for the initiation of the mem- bers were made more definite, An initiation team from the Missouri School of Mines came to the campus on Iune 6 and initiated nine- teen men into the University of Arkansas Sigma Pi Colony. This brought the total number of Sigma Pis on the campus to twenty-one, including L. I. lversen and Iohn Mattson, both members of the faculty, and William A. Eckert, part time instructor in Law School. A special convention was held in Septem- ber commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Sigma Pi at Vincennes Uni- versity on February 26, 1897. L. I. lversen and Iohn Mattson represented the colony at the convention. In September the Sigma Pis moved into their new home at 919 W. Dickson. Steve Harman, Sigma Pi's national traveling secre- tary, came down to help establish the group in the new home. The first oflicial act after moving into the Page 239 house was to elect officers and to begin the search for a housemother. Here Sigma Pi was very fortunate in securing "Mother D", but when she has to be really formal, Mrs. D. E. Smyer. She moved into the house the week of Homecoming and added the homey touch to the new frat. On October 11, twenty-one members and pledges traveled to Rolla, Missouri, where at the Missouri School of Mines, eleven pledges were initiated. Lake Wedington was the scene of the Sigma Pi hayride and everyone said, "What's a little rain?" Even the dates didn't seem to mind as they joined into the spirit of things and made the hayride a social success. The colony's first open house held after the home- coming game was more successful when ten visiting Sigma Pis trouped into the house. Even at this late time dates were found and everyone went to the game. After the Home- coming Dance, a stag party was held at the chapter house. The women's gym was fairly jumping on the night of December 5, when the Sigma Pis staged their first Christmas formal. The next day members began their plans for the annual Crchid Dance which took place May 15. On April 2, the official installation of the chapter was held in the Student Union. Fol- lowing this ceremony, the chapter held its installation banquet. Row I: Leonard B. Bogo- slavsky, Donald Cohen, David M. Cohn, Stanley N. Elson. T Row 2: Burton M, Fein- smith, Calvin D. Fisher, Myron Fry, Alan H. Hirsch. Row 3: Edmund Hirsch, Ir., Alfred Levin, Peter H. Ronai, Charles S. Ru- bin. Row 4: S, Irving Saphir- stein, Seymour S y n a , Harry Statman, Herbert H. Wolf. BETA TALI Beta Tau. local colony of Zeta Beta Tau, was organized at the University of Arkansas in November, 1946. The Beetees have no house but regular meetings are held once a Week and once a month a dinner meeting is held. Their pin is a simple gold recognition pin consisting of the Greek letters Beta Tau arranged in echelon fashion. Many of the Beetees are active in school. Irving Saphirstein, Sy Syna, Donald Cohen, Burt Feinsmith, Ed Hirsch, Stanley Elson and Peter Ronai are just a few who have distinguished themselves on the campus. This year Beta Tau built a float for Homecoming which placed high in the judging. Page 240 First row, left to right: Rice, Gathright, Block, Stuckey, Smith, Rubin, Clemons. Second row: Anderson, Newton, Massey, Bond, Ellis, Lackey, Wright, Wolf. Third row: Murphy, Killian, Hembree, Ferguson, Waters, DeGood, Thomas, Carroll. Inter-Fraternity Council The Interfraternity Council is com- posed of representatives from all rec- ognized Greek men's groups on the campus. It functions not only to give mutual aid to Greek societies and me- diate any questions that may arise be- tween them, but also acts to coordinate and regulate relations between the University and the fraternities. This year one of the major projects of the council was to draw up a con- stitution which embodies many new, as well as old practices. In view of the fact of so many new groups coming on the campus, one of the new provisions this year is that a fraternity coming on the campus must receive the approval of the Interfraternity Council before organizing as a local group and then again before petitioning their national for a charter. Following in the same provision is that for the first semester after organi- zation the group is allowed to have Page 241 representatives on the council but is not allowed to vote. Then after the Hrst semester, if the group is again ap- proved, they are allowed a vote. The Interfraternity Council sent three delegates to the Regional Inter- fraternity Council which was held at the University of Oklahoma this year. The delegates, Vim X, Rye, Dick Mil- ler, and Ed Staten, seemed to have en- joyed the conference as well as return- ing with many new and useful ideas. The interfraternity dance was held on April 14 and an Interfraternity Queen was selected from nominees from all the fraternities. Sam Stuckey, Pi Kappa Alpha, headed the Interfraternity Council during the first half of the year. New ofHcers elected at mid-term: Russell Reinmiller, president: Calvin Ellis, vice-president, Bill Carroll, secretary, and Bill Block, treasurer. l f r i r r l f I l r I P E I r K . i l i . L..A..............,. av... Row 1: Perry L. Adkisson, Carroll A. Barge, Dean Brown- ing, Colvin B. Bryant, Gus H. Bryant, Claude R. 'Cassidy, Gerald H. Cassidy. Row 2: Ioe B. Crouch, Robert Crouch, R. L. Cummings, George Davidson, Iohn C. Day, Charles S. Dewett, Mack Dill- port. Row 3: George C. Dixon, Del- ma D. Docking, john R. Gragg, William H. Gullette, Iohn A. Hazelbaker, Roland E. Howell, Dalton Iennings. Row 4: Loran Iohnson, Olaf D. Iohnson, Tommy Kehn, Samuel G. King, Ezra F. Kytle, Hassel K. Lawson, Low- ell H. Lawson. Row 5: Stephen A. Matthews, Matthew A. Meacham, Ed D. Moore, Donald B. Morris, Hoyt Neil, Samuel G. Oakes, Wade R. Oates. Row 6: Malcolm Patterson, Robert E. Rice, Willis L. Rob- erts, Carter P. Seymour, Keith Shofner, Grady Sims, George B. Spencer. Row 7: Olen W. Taylor, lay L. Treat, Alvin F. Vest, Billy R. Webb, Charles L. Weems, Floyd White, Edward E. Willett. I ALPHA GAMMA RHO Essentially an agricultural fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho was founded at the University of Illinois April 4, 1908. The small group of select agricultural students who formed the organization that day chose as its colors green and gold, and as its flower the pink rose. University chapter is Alpha Iota. Page 242 Alpha Gamma Rho brought "Rooster Day" into its own this year. Imported from an unknown hamlet in Dklahoma, it was or- iginally a day for picking, or rather selecting, the rooster of the year. Brought to Arkansas by Wallace Nickols and Hal Coe, two AGR alumni, it was expanded this year to include all Agri students and members of the Agri faculty. The time selected for "Rooster Day" was right after mid-term exams and the results were very promising. lt looks as if the University has another real Agri tradition. The AGR boys pulled down last spring's top grades for organized men's houses with a 2.85: however, this didn't stop them from developing some top-notch domino players. Seems as if the game really caught on and there were some really hot domino duels. Composed of at least 80 per cent member- ship in the College of Agriculture, AGR had three men, Iohn Day, Charles Weems, and Charles Dewett, to win Sears scholarships this year. The Burpee scholarship went to another member, Delma Dockins, for being the outstanding student in horticulture. Although this was Mother McRae's first year with Alpha Gamma Rho, she is no stranger to the U. of A. campus, having been a housemother here for twenty-five years. When an alumnus observed this year that he hadn't missed an Arkansas Homecoming in the last twenty-five years, Mother McRae pointed out that she hadn't missed an Arkan- 0 Page 243 D sas home game for the last twenty-five years. Led by Robert Rice of Lonoke, the AGR's were looking to the future when they pur- chased a lot for building a new fraternity house. Having remodeled and refurnished their living room during the summer, the AGR's are still aiming at bigger and better things. Commemorating their fortieth year since their founding as a national fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho had its Founders Day Banquet in Little Rock on April 8. Founded in 1908, the Green and Gold of Alpha Gamma Rho first came to the University of Arkansas in 1934. Active since then in nearly all campus activities, AGR has been especially active in YMCA, Men's Bible Class, Alpha Zeta and Gamma lota. AGR politician Iohn C. Day was elected president of the freshman class this year. A During the football season AGR had a se- ries of listening parties for AGR's and dates. These were followed by a house party and during Homecoming an Open House was held for the alumni. The lodge at Lake Wed- ington was the scene for the AGR Christmas Party. Rooster Day furnished a welcome ad- dition to the mid-term lag and to round out a full year of social activity the annual spring formal came on April 17. Pinned were lack Hazelbaker to lane Rucker, Zeta, and Matthew Meacham to Mona Lee Morris. Sam King was married to Mary lane Hamilton, Zeta. i fn. :V W ' 1 QW'X 6 A O' 4 s-.f JZ V dnl 4'h,,"5v :Y fa? Aff ' u 5. . L' 1 , 5, , V .E .n Q 'gg' ,pr . fa I .Q gm . 42' .Q- g K. v'v.,f'L,.f fi' s A A ' at X ' . L, ' Q-M -an an mf 'Sf' Y . 3 .m , u ,I nw, i..-5 in . 5- fi. xy ' 3 f .se 'ffl iylafl A , -'F""f1 X -, Lu, . ty' . -. Q a ff 1 Q M ., A .V lu. .if HQ? N U .ff . 5- .gy Y, if ,E."' Q, Q , A4 '!!": ' 1 Q, Q a ,- x x M. 1. , I 4 A A . U A ip? ' as s, ki' 5 1 if VW. 4 K ' r, 8 an -K -"f .'x dba 1 1, 4- is vfsw- 'ssarraigx . ' . ,f-xii-X -f gi.. Y! 3? 1-- Q. W x .. ,V 3+ fngg ' J 5 ,. df, gmfl 5 iw -'. 'J' , K 4.1 wif' Fha!! gi 1 n 1 ,, -gm M . 'fell-1" 4 -iq. gig' AM1"kkA iX'3h 4? m wap 1. der 2' 4 ex 'Y J 1,3 uw., Q., M . 'in J Upper left: The Ponders pon- der and your editor gets off a ponderous pun. Upper right: Mommy, Daddy and baby beam. Center: Randy and Lor- raine Stafford pose pretty for the camera and Ricky shows the size of the fish that got away. Lower left: Vets Vil- lage Councilmen Anders, Al- len, Sheriff Bradford, Mayor Tipton, Parker, Iames, Iohn- ston, Sykes, Ponder, Robins, Staten and Smith. Page 4-4 Above: Terry Village Council- men Rowan, Baker, Huber, Mayor Simmons, Scoggins, El- lis, Guinn, Cigainero, Sheriff Reichert, Blevins, Bounds, Moore, Vizzier, Bates, Kinsey, Richards. Center: Mrs. Mor- gan has a card party and Mrs. Pomfret kibitzes, Below: The Lintons, Rileys and Mrs. Bra- shears. Mrs. Linton is third from left and Mr. Linton is probably out in the doghouse. Row I: G. Baker, Baker, Ioseph Baker, Baskins, Blair. Dew. Row 2: Dickerson, Fleming, Hundley, Isaacs, Iones, Magruder. BAKER HOUSE Baker House is a refuge for approx- imately twenty-nine male University, if you will pardon the expression, stu- dents. It was organized in the fall of 1943 by Mrs. C. A. Baker, who is the housemother. It is located at 326 Roll- ston Street, which is right in the heart of Schuler Town, exactly 237 paces from Bill's Snooker Parlor, 3 As a result of the increased enroll- ment at the U. of A., an annex was added to Baker House in the spring of 1946, located at 206 West Dickson. Fourteen of the twenty-nine Baker House residents are housed at the annex. Baker House has a good cross-sec- tion of University students. With the exception of Graduate and Law schools, each school in the University is represented at Baker House. How- ever, as in most places, the engineers and business student numbers over- shadow the rest of the crop. Latest addition is an exchange student from the Republic of Texas. The activities at Baker House are devoted primarily to bull sessions and frequent trips to the UDeluxe" for cof- fee and more bull sessions, studying being a secondary feature of the estab- lishment. High man on the totem of tall tales and extemporaneous humor is "Ditty" Iohnston, who has that cer- tain touch. The recreational facilities at Baker House are very extensive, consisting of one radio and two decks of cards for every thirty feet of floor space. With pinochle and pitch being most fre- quently played, the cards don't get in the way too much but the radios com- plicate things. If you keep both ears open you can always listen to at least two programs, but doing that and get- ting lessons, too, gets a little rough on Baker House's two bonafide six point- ers, Of course, all this is varied with frequent trips to the aforementioned William's Old Snooker Emporium. Baker House participation in intra- mural sports was limited to basketball Page 250 Row I: Perkins, Pitchford, Rice, Sandor, Talbert, Thornley. Row 2: Walker, VVhitsitt, Wilson. Woodard, Woods. this year and, although they did not drag down any top places, they proved a credit to Baker House with their dis- play of great sportsmanship. Handi- capped to some extent in intramurals, the boys from Baker House haven't let it interfere with their social activities. ln addition to the informal get-togeth- ers, the boys are planning a beer bust sometime this spring. Bill Isaacs has had that bold look all year and definitely cannot be beat when it comes to natty bow ties. Lit- tle Iimmy Baker, six-pointer and only twenty-two years old, known to those in the know as A'Gulable," has been currently entertaining, with a little difficulty, some out of town guests. Engaged are Richard Perkins, Nor- phlet, to Martha Neal, Fayetteville, and Iimmy Sandor to Helen Gage. And Eugene Gibson is making full use of the U. S. mails to carry on his social activities at the tune of two letters sent and received every day. Active in many of the campus's va- ried clubs and organizations, Baker House is represented in the student Page 251 government by Wallace Wilson. Wallace ran on the Independent ticket and was elected to the student senate. Officers of Baker House are: Floyd Dickerson, president: Roger Dew, vice-presidentg Wallace Wilson, sec- retary-treasurer: and Iimmy Baker, athletic manager. Almost all of the members are'vet- erans, some of whom resided here be- fore entering the service. All branches of the service are represented and many of the bull sessions are devoted to discussing the war. After the war scare in March, the boys really went at it. Row 1: Ruth Adams, Betty Alexander, Sara lean Alexander, Mary lane Baker, Mary lean Baker, Sue Baran, Frances Barton, Delores Beard, Roberta Beard, Daislee Berry, Pauline Bigham, Robbie lean Blakemore, Nancy Bollinger, Ianis Brian. Row 2: Io Ann Brown, Keith Burrows. Betty Cain, Iune Clayton, Betty Cochran, Arlene Cranford, Blanche Crouse, Velma Crow, Mary Beth Damm, Helen Dent, Lillia Lou Dewees, lean Duvall, Norma Duvall, Cherry Ely. Row 3: Ioyce Ely, Marie Ferrari, Phyllis Forsman, Nancy Gaines, Doris Garland, Anne Gartside, Rosemary Gaskill, Lorene Gibson, Miriam Graham, Elsie Gray, Naomi Gray, Pat Green, Nola Grubbs. Row 4: Barbara Hampton, Frances Harden, Christine Haynes, Bonnie Hendrickson, Erin Hill, Nelda Hoff, Billie Holt, Virginia Holt, Mary Hooper, Betty Horne. Doris Huckaby, Mary lane Hudson, Ruby Hudson. CARNALL H LL Carnall Hall with its Winding stair- cases and crystal chandeliers is remin- iscent of the old tradition of southern hospitality. Mrs. Barnes, house- mother, is a gracious hostess and has fostered this spirit of friendliness for the past 16 years. Coming all the way from Florida to lead Carnall through one of its most successful years is President Sue Baran. Sue, serving as a double-duty leader, is also president of Arkansas chapter of AWS. Aside from her ex- ecutive duties, she has taken an active part in Mortar Board, Met Club, and is a charter member of Pi Epsilon Delta, national dramatics fraternity. Assisting with executive duties are: Dolores Beard, who has been on her toes in directing social events: Arlene Cranford, who has patiently kept up with the bills: Charlotte Pickens, who has faithfully recorded the minutes and "call downsn: and Betty Horne, who has fulfilled the duties of house manager and served as president in the hall's decorations. Carnall girls mark with pleasant memories the dates on the social cal- endar which were set aside for open house and those "evermore" sweater hops. The Christmas "come as you are" party was more rhyme than rea- son and the climax of the evening came when Misses Scudder and Stone ar- rived to display their gift to the resi- dence halls, a silver service set. Start- ing right in to put the gift to use, the girls held a tea for the faculty late in February. A dessert party in the stu- dent union lounge marked the begin- ning of a gala evening when Carnall held its Winter formal. The Valentine theme was carried throughout and ev- eryone agreed that the dance was one of the highlights of the year. Page 252 Row 1: Dortha lean Isbell, Aline lzelle, Dorothy Iackson, May Young Ieu, Irene johnson, Beth Lanier, Dorothy LaVoice, Ioan Lecoq, Emma Grace Lee, Thelma Lorenzo, Mary McCann, Beth McCurdy, Betty McDonald, Ruth McGuire. Row 2: Nelle Rose McKay, Marjorie Malin, Mildred Miller, Iean Mitchell, Amanda Moore, Carolyn Moore, Mona Lee Morris, Betty Myers, Bobbie Newkirk, Irene Nick, Libby Nick, Martha Northrup, Annie Io Oliver, Helen Oswalt. Row 3: Barbara Paden, Pat Patrum, Anne Peterson, Nancy Phillips, Mary Ellen Philpot, Charlotte Pickens, Patricia Pierce, Betty Ragan, lean Robbins, Martha Robertson, Lera lean Rowlette, Iune Savage, Ierry Shaw. Row 4: Rita Simmons, Dollye Smith, Wilma Spiller, Cornelia Stephenson. Betty Strauss, Betty Thompson, Elsie Thompson, Ruth Waters, Betty Wells, Peggy Williams, Phyllis Williams, Barbara Wood, Georgina Wright. , Carnall has a more serious side, too, as is evidenced by her many outstand- ing students. Heading the list are the three girls who made six-points the first semester: lean Alexander, Lor- ene Gibson, and Betty Ann Strauss. Lou Dewees was chosen for Phi Beta Kappa and five Carnall girls are on Sophomore Council. An enthusiastic participator in ath- letics, the dormitory was champion of the volleyball tournament. At Home- coming Carnall received honorable mention for the giant football float. Betty MacDonald, candidate for En- gineer Queen, reached the finals as did Ruth Waters, the hall's candidate for Agri Queen. Romance claimed its quota this year and brought diamond rings to Bobba Cochran, Ann Gartside, Billie Holt, Libby Nick, Martha Robertson, and Betty Thompson. Carnall is particularly proud of its Page 253 game room and snack bar combination that was opened this year. The girls get a chance to show their skill in cook- ing at the help-yourself snack bar on Sunday evenings. All that is said and done gets in Carnall Chatter, which is published Weekly and Written in such a Way that when all issues are bound together at the end of the year, each girl has a complete diary of "my year at Car- nail." V L+, Row I: Lenora Baker, Alta Bowlin, Marie Browner, Martha Byrd, Alice Cardwell, Mary Lou Cornelius, Wanda Davis, Betty DeWitt, Eunice Foreman, Marilyn Francis, Batsine Frashier, Martha Fuller, Iean Garrett. Row 2: Alice Gion, Ernestine Gipson, Ianie Gipson, Perry Goodwin, Rosemary Goodwin, Sue Hamm, Evelyn Houston, Faye Houston, Edith Holley, Susie Ieu, Dorothy Iohnston, Patricia Iohnston, Marie Iones. Row 3: Pat Kimberling, Betty Knierim, Ora Gena Ledbetter, Marilyn Long, Kay Malamphy, Gladys Mitchell, Kitty Mixon, Dorothy Novak, Ruth Overstreet, Ida lean Redman, Ioyce Reeves, Cora Ann Richardson. Row 4: Ernestine Rutledge, Iean Shook, Bonnie Sue Smith, Carolyn Stacy, Gail Stuart, Donna Swank, Connie Telford, Ioyce Treece, Dorothy Watson, Betty lane Weaver, Dorothy Williams, Louise Woodrum. D VIS H LL Davis Hall opened its social activif ties in September with a "Come as you are" party at which time old members welcomed the new residents. October 18 was the date for the Harvest Moon Inter-Hall Dance, On December 18 the girls had their Christmas party. According to the girls, the biggest suc- cess of the year was the Leap Year Sweater Hop in February. Davis had more than its share of campus honors this past year. Mary Cornelius was chaplain of Phi Upsilon Omicron, winner of the Danforth Scholarship, and sports director of softball for WAA. Ernie Gipson was treasurer of AWS and a member of the Extra-Curricular Committee. Ma- rie Browner was vice-president of the student body, librarian of Phi Upsilon Omicron, and social chairman of the Home Ec Club. Marie also made the Who's Who section of the 1948 RA- ZORBACK. Gail Stuart was president of Orchesis. Edith Holley was elected Senior Senator and chairman of the Iudicial Board. Dorothy Williams was business manager of the Traveler. Dorothy Watson was vice-president of WAA. Maxine Yenawine was chosen as Miss Arkansas for the Texas game. Alta Bowlin was a Maid at Home- coming. Gena Ledbetter was co- chairman of music for the Varsity Show. Wanda Davis was social chair- man of the Student Senate. Rootin' Rubes claimed Bonnie Smith. Page 254 Row I: Florence Adams, Tommy Barnes, Patricia Benny, Majorie Besett, Euraldeen Cauthron, Imogene Chap- man, Margaret Clifford, Rosa Fox, Virginia Gist, Iudy Gray. Row 2: Mary Hardcastle, Iohnnie Lee Haynes, Ioan Iose Herrera, Penelope Higginbottom, Rena Io Holmes. Virginia Humphreys, Martha Lee Ingram, Seyanne Iackson, Rosanna Iones, Lavonne McGee. Row 3: Dorothy Markwell, Peggy Marsh, Rosalea Massey, Sarah Lou Mayfield, Correna Morgan, Imogene Mullins, Marilyn Munson, Marie Murphy, Mary Catherine Newberry, Mable Pasley. . Row 4: Pauline Priest, Beverly Io Reed, Betty Screeton, Marcia Sherman, Ianice Thompson, Lois Walker, Mamie Ray White, Phyllis Williams, Ierry Williamson, Evelyn Wilson, Faye Wilson. lHLL The girls who lived in Hill Hall started the year off right with an open house October 12, for all men on the campus, Following the overwhelming success 'of this open house, drop-ins were held regularly throughout the year. The big event of the year for Hill Hall was the dinner-dance held at the Country Club on December 13. After 12:30 the girls traded their silks and satins for wool slacks, mittens, and candles, and started on the trek over the campus to serenade the various men's houses. The Hill Hall song made a big hit with the men, who re- sponded heartily in spite of the late hour and falling thermometer. Mid-semester found the girls plan- ning a hayride, spring formal, and other social functions. Mrs, LaFon Marshall proved to be both an able and lovable housemother, and her talent in the line of fudge-mak- Page 255 HALL ing was an asset to Hill Hall. Hill Hall girls held their own in the scholastic field. Penelope Higginbot- tom received high honors for her work in business school. Romance found its place at Hill, too. Several of the girls displayed that well- known third linger, left hand orna- ment, and more than a few had that glow about them which means 'Tm going steady now!" All in all, the Hill Hallers had a happy year. Row I: Thelma Lea Bequette, Mildred Bruce, Madge Bryant, jean Camp, Geraldine Caudle, Earlene Chatterton, I C bb. oan o Row 2: Winona Coleman, Betty jean Dismang, Pauline Faucett, Evelyn Freeman, Willa Mae Garner, Alice Ruth Gilliaum, Ioyal Dean Gordon. GIRLS 4-H HOUSE "To make the best better"-that is the motto of the 4-H Girls and they have certainly been living their motto: mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Girls 4-H Cooperative House, the only co-op group on the campus, was organized in the fall of 1932 for former 4-H members who were planning to major in home economics. It was the first active girls' co-op in the United States. Last year the girls joined the Central League of Campus Co-ops, an organization comprised of such houses in six states. Moving day was the rule not the ex- ception around the 4-H House. Ev- ery year the girls return to find them- selves living in different rooms. How- ever, their troubles are almost at an end, with plans under way for the new house. The house opened with a bang at the beginning of the fall semester with half new girls and half former members. This has renewed the girls' pep and interest in campus activities. The girls' social success began with their first informal dance given in Sep- tember. This was followed by a skat- ing party. When the Home Demon- stration Agents met on the campus this fall the 4-H girls entertained them with a tea. The Christmas "Holly Day Ball" was the climax of the fall social season. The house was decorated throughout with blue and silver. Weeks before Christmas were filled with sleepless nights when the gang "fell out" and "filed out" on the bal- cony to get a "bird's eye view" of the songsters. The annual "Pollyanna" week just before the holidays was once again the happiest week of the year when the girls did a good deed daily for their Page 256 Row 1: Willie Hill, Frances Hubbard, Ellen Kinsey, Ioan Kulbeth, Kathryn Kulbeth, Vera McKnight, Carolyn Rodgers. Row 2: Fredia Mae Shamley, Mildred Spurlock, Gladys A. Tallent, Patsy Ann Tennison, Ianece Turpin, Mildred Walker, Alma Widemer. "Pollys". A gala party around the Christmas tree ended the week, The house roll reveals several state and national 4-H champions and win- ners of scholarship awards: Mildred Bruce, national champion in home man- agement, and Alice Ruth Gilliaum, state all-round champion last year and second national 4-H leadership winner this year, holding a Danforth scholar- ship. Other state winners are Vera McKnight, Ianece Turpin fbeing awarded a Gooch scholarship for two yearsj, and Winona Coleman, who holds a Kroger scholarship. During study hours the girls study, but when ten o'clock rolls around the commotion starts with a rustling of feet and a parade of the halls. lust the same, everyone evades third hall unless she is wanting to engage in a hen party, midnight snack, or a style show. Dizzy's menu just isn't com- plete without that regular delivery Page 257 from Wheeler's Drive-lnn at the hour that every girl should be asleep. Alma Widemer has been the only girl to swing the matrimonial lasso but the future holds great promises for Ann Stone with that diamond on her left hand. The girls are proud of their new housemother, Mother McKinnon, who came to the campus this fall. Mother McKinnon has the remarkable gift of knowing a cure-all for anything from home-sickness to love-sickness. She has served the girls in every way. Row I: Ioe Abell, Lucien Abraham, Gwyn Atnip, Harry Autrey, lack Bailey, Charles Baker, Iimmie Baldwin, EukeBBallenger, Harley T. Barlow, Roy Paul Barnes, G. F. Barnett, Frank Battisto, Bill Baxter, Lester tt. ee enne Row 2: Charles Bishop, Lee Boulden, Earl Brizendine, Billy Brown, William Brown, Dan L. Burford, Sam Butz, Igank Campbell, Max W. Chesser, Edward Cook, Dallas Dalton, Ir., Paul, Darby, Paul Davis, Bill awson Row 3: lack Decker, Iorge L. De Iesus, VVilliam F. Denman, Ir., Harvey Donegan, Alvin C. Duke. Guy Eley, 'livaul I. Ellis, Iohn Ferguson, Bradley Finney, Ioe T. Floyd, Lew Fulmer, Allan H. Goldberg, Bill Gooch, . L. Harris. Row 4: Peter H'Doubler, Clifford Horton, C. B. Howell, Harold Dean Hoy, Gerald Hudspeth, Iames Irwin, Maurice Iaber, Iohn M. Iackson, Paul H. Iones, Ir., Wallace L. Iones, Edgar Iustice, Buster Keton, Charles Henry Killian. RAZORBACK H LL Razorback Hall went to bat again this year with a full team of one-hun- dred and seventy-five men, making it two years in a row at three men per room. It's rough, but things could be worse, and are in many places. Under the supervision of E. B. Hu- ber, Director of University Housing, the Hall has been receiving some long needed attention. The walls have ac- quired a new coat of blue paint, new lamps have been secured for many of the rooms and the boys have high hopes of new study desks for each room in the near future. Across Garland Avenue the new men's dorm is being erected. The boys managed somehow to weather the shower of stones which continually Hlled the air during the early days of construction, and they look forward to the day of its completion in hope that it will relieve the crowded condition. The unorganized but powerful snow ball team claims total victory over SAE this year, having chased them almost out of the city limits. If the new dorm is completed by next winter, it should furnish enough extra power to com- pletely annihilate them. Better bring in some reinforcements, men. The football team, back again with us this year, has completely filled the West Wing, and is gradually taking in the Center Section. Most outstanding newcomers inhabit the third floor, West Section, and may rightly be classified as the roughest and the toughest, but best natured bunch of freshman football players ever to in- vade the campus. Dick Nealon, councilman from that floor, who rules the boys with an iron fist, reports bash- ful Bobby Logsden as official story Page 258 Row 1: Eugene G. Kropp, Harold Lanlgston, Ernest Leachner, Grover C. Lewers, B. Lienhart, Chester Line- barrier, Stacey Looney, O. C. yon, Grover McKimn, john W. Mann, jr., W. Martin, j. H. Matthews, Leroy Middleton, William O. Nelson. Row 2: George Papageorge, Victor Papoulias, Walter Dyer Patton, Raymond Peters, jimmie Phillips, Miles Prater, Franklin Presson, Tom Price, William R. Putt, jr., Howard William Reather, john Reed, Richard Ray Riggs, joe T. Roddy,'Willis Rogers. Row 3: jack Rushing, Louie Schaufele, William Schiller, john Schwendimann, jack Searcy, jr., jack Shawgo, Lee Overton Shull, H. H. Simmons, j. Simmons, jr., Bubba Smart, Elmer Smith, Gilbert M. Smith, Paul Smith, Rubert Sneed. Row 4: john D. Strange, james Sublete, Don Switzer, W. Richard Tarver, Bill Thurmond, Bob Thurmond, Benja- min H. Vowan, john Webb, Cecil W. Welborn, james C. Wesner, Earl Wheeler, john B. Whitley. Paul W. Williams, George Zimmerman. teller the really knows 'emj, Louie Schaufle, lover, and a quartet com- posed of "Meanie" Brown, jack Bai- ley, Russ Bowman, and imported Frank Lambright. The boys really have talent, and wowed the girls' houses with their warbling during carol singing time. Appetites are kept at a minimum, and the men continue to thrive on "Ma" Pierce's chow, which we con- tend is the best on the campus. Her meals are supplemented by sandwiches from Red Wheeler just before bed time. Red'sagood salesman. He just won't leave till he sells something. The officers are doing a grand job. joe Eason, as President, is working hard toward the betterment of condi- tions in general, and "Willie" Duke, Intramural Manager, is devoting all he has, which is plenty, toward winning the Intramural Trophy. They're out Page 259 after it, and fully intend to wind up with it. Razorback is governed by elected officers and by a council of representa- tives. , The oflicers are: joe K. Eason, president, Franklin Presson, vicefpres- ident: Theron Harris, secretary and treasurerg Alvin C. Duke, athletic di- rector. The council is composed of George Zimmerman, johnnie Webb, Hubert Sneed, Harold Langston, D. Smith, Henry DeSalvo, Don Penning- ton, Charles Young, and Dick Nealon. Row I : Nolan B. Allison, Kenneth Brewer, Claude Brittain, Austin Leroy Brooks, Glendon C. Bruce, Don Calla- ham, William W. Deaver. Row 2: george Dogsog -Edxiniard Gammill, William W. Gartside, Iames Walter Geurin, Ioe Gillespie, Iohn W. raves, I rizze Row 3: Roy Harrison, Robert Hay, Chester L. Haynes, Ray H. Hedgecock, Iohn W. Hill, Ioe Holly, Paul R. Jasper, I. B. Johnson. Theta Tau, national professional en- gineering fraternity, was founded at the University of Minnesota on Octo- ber 15, 1904. Theta Tau is not an honorary fraternity, although its schol- astic standards are high. Theta Tau's members are selected from engineering students who have not only shown that they are of personal worthiness, but who also have shown promising engi- neering ability. It is for this reason that Theta Tau has become known as a "midnight-oil-burning" fraternity. Upsilon chapter of Theta Tau was founded on the campus in 1928, and two of its charter members, Professors Stelzner and Spencer, present faculty advisors of the group, now serve in the capacity of head of the Electrical En- gineering and Civil Engineering de- partments, respectively. Theta Tau is still struggling to ob- tain a new chapter house somewhere in the vicinity of the University. Al- though the project is constantly being investigated, the boys are doing fairly well at their present location on Church Street. Theta Tau again captured its share of honors this year. Nolan Allison, editor, and Ralph Stewart, business manager, of the Arkansas Engineer have produced something "new" in the magazine this year with the able assis- tance of many of their fraternity broth- ers and other engineering students. Ten members of the seventeen on the Engineering Council, the student group that plans and directs the social functions of the Engineering School, are members of Theta Tau and three of these ten men serve ably as officers of the group. The Theta Tau's Hnd time for other activities than beer-busts, as can well be seen by their combined representa- tion in Blue Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, and Tau Beta Pi. Having acquired a barbecue pit dur- Page 260 Row 1: Charles Kent, Paul A. Kormondy, Robert Kuhlman, Harry T. Lyle, Dill McFarland, Maclyn McKeehan, Kale M. Maddux, Gene Meek. Row 2: Howell Poe, Ioe T. Pendleton, William F. Russell, Lester Redmond, Ioe Reynolds, Iohn P. Sanders, Iames Shively, Frank W. Sissons. Row 3: Ioe W. Smith, Hubert Sneed, Ralph Stewart, Iohn N. Strange, Iames Stutheit, Bert B. Thompson, Bill Webb. ing the summer months, the Tau's found a good reason to use it in cele- brating the TCU-Arkansas football game with a combination barbecue and beer-bust. Members, faculty, and guests consumed enormous quantities of beer and barbecued beef. The annual Founders' Day Banquet was held October the fifteenth in the Blue Room of the Mountain Inn hotel, where Herb Allman addressed the group as master of ceremonies. The annual winter formal dance was held in February to give the boys a chance to forget desks, slide rules, and hand- books for an evening and show the campus that they, too, enjoy life when- ever possible. Theta Tau has played an average game as far as intramurals are con- cerned. lt seems that Theta Tau al- ways gets off to a slow start and ends with a photo-finish, as evidenced by the past football season. Theta Tau is looking forward to the day when it can take a greater part in campus intra- murals. Mother Cate is still doing a Page 261 wonderful job keeping her brood in the good graces of the Dean's office. The present officers of the group are: Regent, Tom Lyle: Vice-Regent, Bill Russell: Scribe, Lester Redmond: Treasurer, O. Grizell: Inner Guard, Chester Haynes: Outer Guard, Iohn Graves: Marshall, Roy Harrison: Cor- responding Secretary, Iohn Paul Saun- ders. The organiation was first known as "Hammer and Tongs." The Greek name, Theta Tau, was adopted in 1911. Their colors are dark red and old gold and the flower is Iaqueminot rose. Row I: Martha Atwood, Elizabeth Bankston, Sarah Black, Noda Bown, Anna Ruth Brummett, Alicia Chumbley, Emma Ann Cobb. Row 2: Ieanne Cody, Suzannah Cubbage, Anna Davenport, Louise Davenport, Mildred Gaddy, Lavonne Gibson, Betty Io Henry. Row 3: Mary Dell Hooker, Martha Howe, Emma Ieanne Ingram, Nancy Landes, Willye Lowrey, Freddie McClain, Virginia Martin. Ll-ARK GIRLS This year U-Ark boasts girls from Texas, New Iersey, Illinois, Washing- ton, D. C., and Arkansas. Living just above the theater, U-Ark girls have the privilege of going to the movie, rain or shine, with no ill effects. With two cafes, a five-and-ten, a rec- ord shop, a book store, a bowling alley, and the U-Ark Bowl for dining and dancing, these girls never have to stray far from home. Hence they made very good use of those minutes before Vi wandered through cheerfully with "Dates are called!" Mrs. H. O. Roth- erum, housemother, also found out that the girls know the meaning of the tune, "Five Minutes More." The house president, Anna Ruth Brummett, really lived up to her "great expectations" by representing the hall in honorary societies. She was sec- retary of Kappa Delta Pi, and was in- itiated into Phi Sigma and Pi Mu Epsilon. Suzannah Cubbage was another of U-Ark's celebrities. Girls forgave her for the many times they had to stumble over Sy Syna on the steps because Zannah made them proud by becoming president of the Russian Club, pub- licity manager of International Rela- tions Club, and an active member of the band. She was always there, en- tertaining the girls with her sax solos. Paula Kost also entertained the girls with her accordion. Mary Louise Wise and her Bumble Boogie were an additional attraction. Outstanding this year was the Homecoming float. U-Ark girls at- tired themselves in blue sweaters and skirts on a musical float accurately pre- dicting that Texas would soon be sing- ing the blues. They were awarded second place, and celebrated by having an informal party for the boys at the U-Ark annex, who had been very kind in helping with the float. Page 262 Row I: Sally Moore, Rebecca Phillips, Antonia Post, Catherine Rutherford, Doris Io Salyars, Marjorie Sanders, Elizabeth Santine. Row 2: Dorothy Shirkey, Dibby Snellgrove, Viola Turney, Pat Van Dover, Elaine Walter, Pat Ward, Ruth Ward. Row 3: Pat Ware, Billie Weatherall, Sara VVells, Mary Louise VVise, Helen Wood, Betty Woodson. After hours' parties and listening parties were common occurrences at UfArk. Willye Lowry turned in a very good performance at one of these parties as Wild Nell of the plains. Louise Davenport served as presi- dent of YWA, association for Baptist girls on the campus, exemplifying the fact that the spiritual side of life was not neglected. Betty Kearney, the gal of many tal- ents, proved to be original in her dec- orating and U-Ark did not lag behind in this respect. Oh, those soft lights with mistletoe and holly and blue lights on the Christmas tree! The girls were never able to find out definitely who among them was re- sponsible for the short-sheeted beds which had all the slats missing except the middle one: but they wonder why Sarah Black kept her room locked at all times. Could it be that she realized the powers of the revenge motive? An item near all the girls' hearts was the sign in Alicia Chumpley's and Page 263 Ginny Martin's room bearing the very candid epitaph, "Men Stinkln, partic- ularly because the photographs of no less than fifty men decorated their walls. The girls in the third floor dorm en- joyed hearing all the movies, although some of them complained about mixing dialogue with economics when test time rolled around. The U-Ark girls have worked out a fine college schedule. They say that weekdays are time for study and week- ends for play. Row 1: George Tucker Batchelor, Iohn William Crouse, Billy Ralph Culver, William Burlison Duncan, George Alonzo Forester, Dixon Trotter Gaines, Iohn Egbert Hall. Row 2: Grayson Lynn Kuehnert, Roy Ezekiel Lambert, Ernest Leon Leek, Raymond Lloyd Lorince, Richard Wayne McEuen, Clifton Leon Meador, Robert Edgar Norris. Row 3: Carl Reed Parkerson, Iimmy Lawrence Parkerson, Robert Ray Perceful, Iohn Linker Ray, Harrison Benjamin Starnes, Donald Preston Young. LI-ARK BCYS The U-Ark Annex is one of those four imposing buildings that make up Sonnetown, that part of Fayetteville with which every student is so familiar. Twenty boys and Mom Peterson make up the official house roster, but in real- ity it is much larger, for there are al- ways a few of the alumni around, those boys who lived in the Annex pre- matrimony. The U-Ark Annex is indeed proud of its distinctive membership. In fact, when election time came around there were so many outstanding candidates who were so ably qualified for office that we acted accordingly: instead of following the archaic and antiquated system of selecting a few men as offi- cers we selected an office for each man. This system has proved very effective: everyone has served admirably except -the director of the date bureau, who has failed miserably. Everyone at the Annex is outstand- ing scholastically. Don't be led astray by its grade point at mid-semes- ter, however, for there are extenuating circumstances, mainly the bowling al- ley next door. Of course, it is sound- proofed but that means nothingg every time someone steps next door for a cup of java he wanders by the lanes, be- comes engrossed in watching the style of the female bowlers, and seldom gets home in time to finish those assign- ments for the next day. Page 264 I 1 'Q , Q E E . M ,X , A -' rl' I S ' T ga. x 2 Q t ' i 'ju .1 . K1 V Z V. V ' Q 5 pf I ,, ...HS- FT 3? i Z Ei W 5 iff Z fl-10' Q 1 , ,-...n1Q lf' -r-CE THE BDMMUNITY AT PLAY ,IJ gg v Sy' ,S is f ni' Q. Xl Q ggywf so .4 we 5' at ,-.5!7--,-v--4- fyggwv- UR communrty donned then: red caps then' tuxes then' bobby socks lured their baby sxtters and flocked to the many and varied enter tamnments offered on the campus dur mg the past year The Audrtomum and the Ball Room furmshed the scene of operatlons for many top band and concert presentations as Well as for student theatncal productmns Lf..- -r " I S 58. all , . ,t,,w:A"-'-vv-vfvfe?v:w1wer4,,, UW.- , -. - ,. , . QI.,-4-.951 iff "maf-fiiiri''-+2efa'-iff-'i61.1,2Lff.f W' 1' n-.j ,f ffwiff-:ag f . 5 ' ".,"7f?f.:fQ'5TL '5.77-flff'-':.-1 KP 4355?-' . ' t ' , .. - -jfrgy-f, 24- - -' 1',j1'- ,4 51552. 3 1 1- " f ' ' ' Q'f-'. , . g .fx We ' . . ' 2 I . U - '. QNY7, fit f' s'2ff-fi, -. 1 ' ., , , ' 1' .' . -. ., '. :fjjg , ' 1' A. . , ' ' ..' ' 'v- ,Q-ff, .r . ' . , ' 1 K 1 . ' -1: 3"-f' :Q " ,J , ' ' ' ' k 'S S, ,'13.: X 13,5 :LE ff J ' ,- : P' 75' . k I , 5. '. A Q '- . X . Q' , ' ' ' 1 W ,f , 4 . , , A , V V 1 V HE Razorback athletic teams displayed their wares at home and throughout the y a.-3SouthWest accompanied by a loyal group of supporters. Whether it was a ,junlgiet to Weddington, a snooker and H w I - -K 21' 1 syn, bridge session, or a stop at Georges, we banded together in a solid exhibition of comgnunity interests. Intramural interest high. Dances were well attend- loe and Iill College joined forces witlrf-Nlommy and Daddy students at the various showings of the home-based and touring bands, ?,CW,.:l,, ,k..t,. i k.,,.' .tgg 1 A,gL , MQ,,I..A ,,4, W Eilfffll igm ipii A 'YA412:i41g'i:.:,.u i,3.La4.1.?:44:rf.N1ar.,:'gz1ggama..g.ii as .s4a,ii...,..1i,i+,., .5 .. iq' - SQ. 'sq 'iblri 13 2.513 1,7 wr-13154, pits M 1 ,W ,isggix for ni r?211W 59212929 xgifqi' 'i "gas: J I1 if 4- - isrrwii .FX Ziff Mm lciiififa 35523 MQ: Q,-ua - Q W i.,.. .t,. i .,-, it 1 Us .eg M. 4,a5,..N.t 1,sf. ,, W: V ,, c. ,frm W .,,. s K, M x W,-,,y,., .r...y...w. iggw wk 5,3 ,sf f ' has , My 'F :Hi lx .J is - . x if f Upper left: loe Adams and Miss Iudy Cliver jump in the Ball Room. Upper right: Lonesome Polecat sags as cronies pose at the Sadie Hawk- ins frolic. Center: A Sigma Chi makes like Helen Morgan at a rush party. Lower left: The OIVV open house for Leroy Ponders draws smiles from all at the punch bowl. Above: Bud Baldwin leads his fellow cheerleaders and the Homecoming Parade around the Fayetteville square. Cen- ter: Delta Thetas took first place in the parade judging with their clever float showing an Aggie being laid low by Razorback artillery. Below: Homecoming Queen Mary Ieannette Wood smiles at her maids and townfolk admirers as her float wheels around downtown Fayetteville. Yifrafrijyi is ffffswsefi-f Upper left: Elizabeth Adam- son and partner smile during a Freshman dance. Upper right: A bit of action from the An- tigone play as Holt sulks, Cherry exults, Reyes glowers, Mosely orates and Hoover turns a profile to the audience. Center: A shot from one of the many intramural ball games around the campus. Lower left: The staff twisted the edi- tor's arm and forced him to put in this Gay Ninety cheescake. Page 270 X. .2 MW X 1 3..S57?f?55',5S5?J5!f5 l il u w 1 'Q lJs-C'wi54:x- fc ' w"2-f,'fw1y- E. .w',i,- -If.-5 .. -2-Aw f1."1"E ' 7'-.'3ff' W fI'4?"f-:v..r.-:,. . -,. 1, 515 -' ' ' Q. -. Q ,fs N f , I- '. -":1' .3-,iqgiisffx X-., q,,. 1 , L,.,,5, A, ,YQV I ,KA .,g, A ,R i ,:.Ta,,m,HQ,n f 1 - TL fvil f W wi ' W' ak .".ff.:2H' :ga-iZ:1Qi:':fl1 ' 3,":i"N,?EzIz'.?za'4w,J'sE,PI,C,:-y1T.- Q 1-'Jig ,' ffm i",:.1Q.:51'fn5 "xl :iw-wwwmwmrffl-, A-, ,W vm, AW, f ff fr V Upper left: In the foreground is the "Sheik of Arabyf' next is Carol Matthews sandwiched in hearts, while the battered babe in the back represents "You always hurt the one you love." Occasion was the Kap- pa Song Title Dance. Upper right: Sigma Nu Trio gets into the mood for their theme cov- ering of the waterfront. Cen- ter: Maisie Lackey steps out. Lower left: Agris have fun in Conga line. Page 27 4 wg 4 awww saga' au, Vin" x P1 n..,.. w.,.,.y ...M is i Y by Ksfkf gx 'x, gg- :kia 4 1- i 2 rf ?f 5 1 Lf 1 5 'M W PM , N . 1,4 35 ff' Q f, M 4 'L .. ea 5 -- 1 www: , ' K Q5 539'3.mLK9Q ,g,S7g'9'?,"X X ,Q 1 , W ,:. . M W, N ,1 d W , wi , .... f -- V mvgxwwj ' .K 4, .. "" ' ,wx WIT? 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YM Y. f' Wm 'H ' lays: ' if V' "sang" 4 bak" N-.1 ., .N fl , " ' f """ ., .M ,'1,"f' 'hfw 1 'Ag l A ' AA Wm- - ,nf iqnvw , ' , 5 ,Q ,A . 1-N V VA A -, W, A f -A fk .' w 'QA w ,-QM. W. - " AAL , " fx 4 0,4 A Vai. , , Vfgl ,- ai.-s V f , 0 A A! -. , . V .pe As, R .QQ 'Qi ,K . Y ,, . H- N y: A , X Y ,f 9" . ' Q' " ,gas ,f .aww . 1 -,'?VV VV M w ' "" ' ,. K.. , WW W , V IV AQ V Ammgf, Vw VV .Vp ,VM qi A V V - . ...N ffm g.V,, Vsw2'. .-VY ,Av I E' , 3 'MV ' W ' ,4?'.5-ww, fi fwiidtt ',Q.f'. ,V-. .big . 4 J X 'w M YJ" 5' f. if I ' , f 1 Wax V K., M A nz-33" , ff ,M .. 3 v g,Q'9 L., AV '- A 4 P 1 Upper left: One Kappa Sig spreads the "noose" while an- other hangs on to every word. What some guys won't do to get out of studying! Upper right: Iohnnie steps up for a tall Kok. Center: Two Sig Alphs left over from Raunch Week. Lower left: Hal Mc- Intyre relays a few instructions to his crew as some enthralled students listen to the music. Page 2 . . . , H 35 ,yy G, L ,. . f .-.,' if W F , + . is ' HN, , ,ie 71. ' L ,ikfillf 1 ' Nm 4 M , Y ,f Q was 5 , , . ff, . K Q A f A ,. E' if, 7 ., .f f I . , '15 i mg , 5? I . , A In I im. V M.. . s f aww g 2'-Q 7 'xv ' it 'Wg ' ,Q L A gf L , ijfikgjijl A hx Q r V Mi 5 VU ,ii am, yy ,337 ' ,,w,wwQ AT Q S1 -X i .n i ,x,f,,4.,,,4Uwf john Barnhill has completed his second season as head football coach and director of athletics at the University of Arkansas and like the first it has been a highly successful one. Barnhill, a graduate of the University of Tennessee, and a former All- Southern gridiron star for the Vols, is married and has a nine-year-old daughter. He was head coach at Tennessee from 1942 until moving to the Uni- versity of Arkansas. Before his coaching stint at Tennessee, Barnhill coached three years in Bristol, Virginia, High School. A 21-19 win over William and Mary in Birmingham's Dixie The CCJACHING STAFF One of the three or four best football teams in University of Arkansas history could do no better than a tie for fifth in the toughest Southwest Con- ference field of all time. Such, in unhappy sum- mary, was the story of the '47 Razorbacks. The quality of '47 football was unusually high everywhere, but it was highest in the Southwest, where member teams won 22 of 28 intersectional games. Arkansas, unbeaten outside the loop, won over three conference champions in regular season play: Ole Miss fSoutheasternl, Tulsa fMissouri Valleyl and North Texas State fLone Starl. Herbert "Deke" Brackett, who is also an ex-Volunteer star, came with Barnhill from Tennessee. Born in Knoxville, V Tennessee, he is married and has one child. He coached at Hampden Sydney and the Cita- del before going to the Univer- sity of Tennessee. Hobart Hooser also came from Tennessee where he played guard in his student days. He is line coach under Barnhill and is head track coach. After graduation he coached at Lake City High School in Florida before going back to Tennessee. Hooser is married. Bowl Game added the scalp of the Southern Conference titlists. Inside the conference the Porkers turned up with an unimpres- sive record of 1 win and 1 tie in 6 starts-a far cry from the championship record of 1946. This time the Southwest Con- ference forced Iohn Barnhill to meet it on its own high-scoring terms and the Hogs just could not meet them. Their defense was still good, excepting the Rice game, but the Razorbacks were facing improved ball clubs which had been able to thor- oughly analyze their style of play from the '46 season. Baylor started the Razorbacks on their downfall when they gave the Red and White line a merciless pounding while beating them 17-9. The Baptists wrecked Arkansas' backfield, too, and the injuries came at a crucial stage of the conference campaign. This one game alone sent starters Aubrey Fowler and Leon Page 280 1 l George Cole, head scout, is one of the best in the business. A former Arkansas grid great, Cole is married and has one son and one daughter. I-genwas head coach at Arkansas in l . Bill Barnes, end coach, is also a Tennessee alumnus who came here with Barnhill. He spent 43 months overseas after graduating in 1941. He was married to an Arkansas girl last year. Sam R. Lankford, trainer, also came with Barnhill. Sammy, who is a former pro boxer, is married and has two children. Sammy turned down a job with a professional team to stay with Barnhill. Campbell to the hospital with injuries that lingered till late in the season. Besides the loss of these two key men, Al- vin Duke, jim Minor, Billy Ray Thomas, Charles Lively, Leon Whittaker, Stacy Looney and Floyd Thomas all suffered ham- pering injuries. This long list of injuries to first string men was in vast contrast to last season's record of a superbly conditioned squad which suffered no severe injuries. The Razorback offense picked up greatly during the '47 season. Arkansas' 64-0 mud- bath win over Northwest Louisiana State was the biggest score run up by a Porker eleven in many years. The accelerated offense stemmed from the transfer of Clyde Scott, all-conference back for the second consecu- tive year, from wingback to tailback, Scott was second in the conference in ground gain- ing, close behind SMU's All-American Doak Walker. He was third in the conference in total yards gained, with only Walker and Bobby Layne of Texas amassing more yard- age. Aubrey Fowler's punt returns, good enough to rank him among the top ten of the nation, also improved the Hog offense, and Page 281 Kenny Holland's improved passing led to a half dozen touchdowns during the season. Scott was the only Razorback named to the all-conference first team but other Porkers gained berths on conference honor elevens. Theron Roberts, guard, was named to the second team and Eugene lBudj Canada, end, was listed on the third team. Aubrey Fowler, triple-threat back, was also a third team choice. jim Minor, Billy Ray Thomas, Charles Lively, Ken Holland and Steed White all made honorable mention on various all-star teams. Scott was named to Pepsi-Cola's '47 All- American first team and was awarded a trip to New York. He was also listed on the AP's All-American third team and was named the most valuable player in the Southwest Con- ference in the annual Chicago Tribune player poll. Aubrey Fowler received a bid to play for the South in the North-South game and Mel McGaha was also set for play in the Blue-Gray game until the Dixie Bowl bid. Floyd Thomas, a senior, was drafted by the professional Green Bay Packers. Arkansas opened at Fayetteville, pounding Northwestern Louisiana State 64-O in a The RAZGRBACK SEASON heavy rain. Campbell and Holland led the im- pressive scoring parade with three touchdowns each. Clyde Scott scored twice, brother Tracy Scott added another tally, and Pritchard took a touchdown pass from Holland. It was a different story at Little Rock the next Saturday, when the Razorbacks were hard pressed to down North Texas State, 12-0. Two goal- line stands finally ungeared the Eagles' free- wheeling attack. Scott punched 11 yards into the coffin corner in the first period to open the scoringg Fowler later clinched it with a 75-yard scoring punt return. The new conference season opened at Fayette- ville with the Razorbacks shading TCU 6-0. Four pass interceptions and stubborn line resistance in- side the 20 saved the day after a Scott to McGaha aerial clicked for 411 yards and a first-period score. The Horned Frogs bobbled their big chance in the fourth quarter when End Tom Bishop dropped a dead-pigeon pass in the end zone. At Waco a week later, the roof fell in with a vengeance. Arkansas blew a 9-0 lead in the first period, losing by 17-9 to Baylor after having shut out four straight loop opponents over two seasons. Lyle Blackwood, Bruin sophomore, scampered 19 yards to register the first t.d. made through Ar- kansas' line since mid-season of 1946. Baylor went ahead 10-9 on a field goal, and rubbed it in by running back a Holland pass for another touch- down. Arkansas' points came in the second quar- ter when Guard Steed White's block of a Baylor punt was good for a safety, and a Holland to Pritchard pass added a touchdown. On a muddy field at Memphis, Texas' Long- horns flattened the Razorbacks 21-6. Weather curtailed the passing antics of Bobby Layne, but a galaxy of hard-running Steer backs took over after Scott's 417-yard scoring jaunt gave Arkansas a short-lived lead. The Razorbacks, who always seemed to be facing something new, ran into Texas at a time when the Longhorn ground gain- T k g TCU Page 282 ,iw-, ifw 3? 'M X2 ,W In 'cfs' ' 2. In 9 ahh., pr, I--v as . -I .xx N Mx Iv,-I, em W . I P fl, VI, - figs I ww .rv '69 f , I BALDWIN CLABORNE CRAFTON FOWLER D739 45? 1 Q ..f "ml 'Fez N I-ns-0 .ana un- 'Sb' nil BASS CAMPBELI, CANADA COIINCE H. Cove I. Cox DAuGIIER'I'Y DAVIS DIIKI1 FRANKLIN HAB1II.'TON HIiNIDliRSON Outslugged by the Owls The RAZORBACK SEASON ers-Ray Iones, Tom Landy, Iim Canady, et al- were at their best. At Memphis again on the following Saturday, Arkansas reached its regular-season peak with a 19-14 win over Ole Miss, the nation's top offen- sive combination. Scott carried for the first touchdown, then returned a punt 61 yards to the Ole Miss 23, from where Holland tossed to Can- ada for the second score. When Mississippi went ahead 1442, Scott passed to Canada for 40 yards and ran for 23 more, setting up Fullback Stacy Looney's game-winning plunge from the Rebel 2. Charles Conerly's great passing almost salvaged the game for the Southeastern Conference cham- pions. At Fayetteville for Homecoming, Arkansas had to come from behind to tie Texas A. and M. 21- 21, after holding a 111-0 lead in the first five min- utes. Scott's scoring pass to Pritchard, with Tackle Duval Thornton's conversion, gained the tie. Arkansas' early lead was fashioned on Mc- Gaha's 45-yard runback of a pass interception, and Scott's 53-yard scoring sprint from a pass formation. Rice's slow-starting Owls were primed for the Razorbacks, coming up with a crushing 26-O win in their own Homecoming at Houston. A first- period Owl fumble gave the Hogs a scoring chance that failed, but Rice cashed in on a similar break moments later. From the first score, it was all Rice, with Arkansas' deepest penetration reaching the Owl 3. Action and Arkansas tempers ran high at Dal- las as the Porkers threw a big scare into unde- feated Southern Methodist before losing 14-6. With Scott spearheading the drive, Arkansas scored first-Campbell bulling over from the 17. Fullback Dick McKissack put SMU back in the ball game just before halftime, and Walker's fourth period tally iced the game for the Ponies, who went on to become Southwest champions. For the third time during the season, Referee lack Sisco was the target of the coke bottles and oaths of irritated fans. Nosing out North Texas Page 284 .T,eq.QipQ - - 5-3-1A,f 3, mf. I, n Wi? L f S -V ,L+.eLv,'? ,W 'km Page 285 'V' PWM, 'I -' ' ' Q.m4,-f1M.,f.1-- ,fm-f fm- WMA 3. 5 V., Q' 1 -A-535814 ' 1- df-1, Y ' 144558 Tf-ff M., ..., . A. 1... HENSKJN HIX IAQKSON LAMBRMQUT LOQNEY Luxxm' Nhxon PENNINGTON ..,,fq--v-ww fn in .,-W, - 33 2 HOLLAND Lrvriu' MCGAIi.fX PETERS IABER Lows MAzzAxT PIPKIN We - ..,,, 1 Mangled by the Mustangs The RAZCJRBACK SEASGN Arkansas closed its regular season with a satis- fying 27-13 triumph over Tulsa University in a Thanksgiving Day grudge battle at Tulsa. Fowler turned in scoring dashes of 43 and 19 yards, and Holland flipped touchdown passes to Canada and Iim Cox. Tailback R. Boone scored twice for the Golden Hurricane, piloting a "T" machine that looked particularly threatening in the early stages. Clyde Scott lost his chance for the Southwest's yards-from-scrimmage title when he suffered a painful face injury on his in- itial ball-carrying effort. Eleven Arkansas seniors-Fowler, Holland, Minor, Lively, McGaha, White, Floyd Thomas, DeSalvo, Hughes, Richards and Pipkin-ended their regular-season college careers in the Skelly Stadium spectacle. Arkansas' invitation to the post-season Dixie Bowl inaugural in Birmingham came as a surprise to most Razorback fans. Their opponents were the strong William and Mary Indians. Reversing the scoring pattern of the Texas A. and M. game, WSM scored twice early in the game and held a commanding 13-O lead with five minutes left in the half. Then Pritchard snagged a Holland aerial for one score and McGaha added another minutes later on a pass interception, Campbell piled over for a last period score to end Arkansas' scoring and cinch the game. Final score: Arkansas 21, William and Mary 19. Thirty-three men were awarded 1947 varsity letters: Billy Bass, Leon Campbell, Dale Counce, lim Cox, lim Crafton, Alvin Duke, Ray Daugh- erty, Aubrey Fowler, Bill Franklin, Harold Hen- son, Frank Lambright, Charles Lively, Gordon Long and Henry DeSalvo. Stacy Looney, Melvin McGaha, Iim Minor, Ray Peters, Ioyce Pipkin, Ross Pritchard, Don Richards, Theron Roberts, Clyde Scott, Billy Ray Thomas, Floyd Thomas, Steed White, Duval Thornton, Leon Whittaker, Eugene Canada, lim Reichert, Elmer Iackson, Ken Holland and Iohn Lunney. Page 286 N. si f' f T 4 .gfii H, T W-,M,O ,,,.O O, ,Z , Q W ,, .T , V K, ,. vwvv-Mau, fag lilllilllll' " ..p-...-..O...w.,,, --ug Q., -.V Nr 1 f . , " -H-....,. .W PRI'I'liIlARD ROVVLANIJ Smvsox TROXELL Page 287 RE1c:H1eu'r RICHARDS ROBERTS SCOTT SCHUNICHYK SHAIJOOX B. THOBIAS F. THOBIAS THORNTON VVELI5 VVHITE VVvIiI'I'TAKER PORKERS WIN DIXIE BCWL INNALIGRAL 2I - I9 Front row: Asst, Coach McGibboney, Dalton, Bowman, Egan, Crouch, Rushing, Floyd, Lauderdale, Standford, Moore, Asst. Coach Carpenter. Second row: Coach Van Sickle, Simpson, Iaber, Noble, Logsdon, Stendall, Reider. Brown, Schaufle, Fergurson, Perschenbacher, Wooley. Third row: Condry, Shawgo, O'Rear. D'Oubler, Russell, Bailey, Ambler, Stockton, Nealon, Ecker, Nesbit, Brooks, Rogers, Parks, Asst. Coach Styles. Great prospects for future Arkansas Ra- zorback football teams were evidenced during the 1947 football campaign of the Arkansas "B" team, which is composed mainly of fresh- men and regular "B" team members. The Shoats, coached by veteran Clyde Van Sickle, rolled to an unbeaten season, and in their six winning efforts compiled a total of 173 points as compared to 57 for their opposition, A fast backfield and a big, alert forward wall were the team's chief assets, The Bees' vice tims included Northeast State Teachers Col- lege of Tahlequah, Oklahoma: the University of Missouri Beesg Little Rock Iunior College: the Oklahoma A. and M. Beesg and the Tulsa Bees. Coach Van Sickle's crew opened their sea- son with a hard-earned 20-19 victory over Northeast Oklahoma in Tahlequah. Ray Parks and lack Shawgo sparked a fourth- quarter Arkansas drive that netted their three touchdowns after Oklahoma had held a one touchdown margin at the half. In their second game, the Shoats ran into a powerhouse in Missouri, but again a late stage rally pulled them by. Parks and Tracy Scott did the damage for the Porkers, scoring all three touchdowns to overcome a 19-point deficit. The Trojans of Little Rock Iunior College proved easy sledding for the Baby Porkers as they started rolling after a first quarter lapse and piled up a 52 to 7 victory. Lindell Pearson, lack Rushing and Louis Schaufele were the big guns in the winners' attack. The Iaycees were simply outclassed and out- manned by the bigger Shoats. The following week, the Bees traveled to Fort Smith for a game with the Oklahoma Aggies' "B" squad, and had little trouble in disposing the big A. and M. eleven by a 28-6 count. The Porkers completely outplayed Page 290 B Team Coaches DuB MCGIBBONY Clyde "Pop" Van Sickle, B CLYDE VAN SICK!-E team coach, is a former Arkan- sas grid star. He later gained fame as a regular with the pro- fessional Philadelphia Yellow- jackets and the Green Bay Packers, and has since coached high schools in Arkansas, Okla- homa, and Texas. JOHN CARPENTER the Cowboys and never were in serious trouble. Nearly every- one got into the act as Buddy Rogers, Parks, Schaufele, Marvin Stendel and D. Smith broke into the scoring column. Bril- liant blocking by the Arkansas forwards was a deciding factor in the game. One point was again the story as the Porkers gained their second decision over the Missouri Tiger Bees, 7 to 6. The two teams battled in a see-saw fashion for the first three quarters before they could break into the scoring column, with Ray Parks finally breaking the ice with a t.d. from the one-yard line. lake Baldwin booted the vital extra point, giving the Shoats a 7-0 lead. The Missourians fought back, however, and rolled over for a tally shortly before the final gun. Their try for the extra point was wide. Again Arkansas' line was outstanding, with I. D. Smith, Billy Hix and Mike Shumchyk starring. HARRY CARTER The Bees played their final game of the season before a good crowd at Razorback stadium, and impressively mowed down a strong Tulsa "B" eleven, 47-12. Coach Van Sickle's crew turned on the power early in the contest and were never headed. The fact that the Tulsa gridders finished with a minus 34 yards rushing was proof of the brilliant game played by the Hog line. Arkansas showed who was boss in the first period when they W marched 75 yards on a sustained drive to score. After that in- itial thrust, the Hogs settled down to administer the slashing defeat. lack Rushing and Marvin Stendel were the top line- men for the day, while Parks, Schaufele, and Rogers were out- standing in the backfield. HERMAN STYLES Page 291 THE BASKETBALL SEASON Hogs Open With Win The University of Arkansas' 1947-48 basketball team fail- ed to live up to the high standards set by Porker fives of the past but were good enough to mark up a season record of 16 victor- ies against 8 defeats. H e a d C o a c h Gene Lambert sent th e Razorbacks against Kansas , State Teachers in l the season's opener a n d A r k a n s a s breezed in 75-42. Culver-Stockton furnished an- other breather a week later. The Razorbacks won 68-36. EUGENE LAMBERT Arkansas flew East for a pair of games and tasted defeat twice. Strong NYU smothered the Hogs 85-62 in Madison Square Garden and La- Salle College nipped them 69-58 at the Philadel- phia Coliseum. Back in Arkansas the Razorbacks traveled to Little Rock to meet North Texas State at Robin- son Auditorium. Paced by Al Williams, the Hogs dumped the Eagles 62-49 in a game marked by roughness and high tempers. During the Christmas holidays the traveling Porkers went West to play in a couple of Cali- fornia tournaments, Los Angeles and the Na- tional Collegiate Championships came first. Ar- kansas dropped a first-round 68-58 decision to Brigham Young but rallied to win consolation honors with victories over Loyola of Los Angeles 60-47 and George Pepperdine 70-414, The Razorbacks, boasting a none too impres- sive 6-4 record, started their bid for the SW championship with a pair of games at College Sta- tion. The Aggies, always tough at home, fought hard before surrendering to the Hogs, 58-51 and 57-46. Campbell Crips One Page 299 Rye , :ff ADAMS Pn'I.1-s CAMPBELL CATHcAR'1' Cor.mxAN HORTON HUUSPETH THE BASKETBALL SEASO fe we-aus size Cathcart Rebound 'i,vm-5,1 1,7941 Hogs Whip Mustangs Southern Methodist, twice victorious over the Hogs last season, fell despite the uncanny shoot- ing of Guard Burt Rollings. The Ponies lost by 47-40 and 58-57, Alabama at Memphis furnished the Hogs some inter-sectional competition. The slow moving Tide was troublesome but the Hogs scored a thor- ough 42-35 win. Arkansas State fell easy victim, 76-59. Back in conference play, the Hogs traveled to Waco to take a couple of pastings from the to-be champs. The Bears won the first one 42-38, the second 55-47. Oft-beaten but underrated Texas Christian came to Fayetteville and gave Arkansas fans tense moments while Kok and company were winning 37-30 and 47-38 victories. The Texas U, series, bitterest in the SW, came next. ln the opener the Porkers were right and pounded the Steers into pitiful defeat 54-40, their worst beating of the season. With Kok bottled, the Steers went to town and tripped Arkansas 54-413. Still much in the running for second place, the Hogs went to Houston to meet Rice. The Owls surprised everyone in the opener by winning 61- 49. The Porkers took the last game in a thriller, 66-63, with Kok scoring 33 points. George Kok, six-foot ten-inch Porker center, brought further glory to himself and the Univer- sity of Arkansas when he was chosen on the All- Southwest Conference team for the third time as he wound up his college career. Kok once again ran away with the conference scoring crown and tied for sixth place in the national individual scor- ing race. In addition to the conference honor, Kok was chosen on the district team in True mag- azine, and elected to the fourteen man All-Ameri- can squad picked by Mutual Broadcasting Sys- tem's nation-wide "Inside of Sports" program. After the basketball season ended, George was invited to participate in the National AAU Bas- ketball Tournament in Denver as a member of a Kokomo, Indiana, team. Page 294 ga MSQWWI 1 uwaawdmmwwwggqf -:Aww A nwwwi 2 ln Q 'YW '-'- ' -V ie. - . . 5 ,fig . 1' - M.-1 1' if. . -5.5-,, . egg-1. qt . 7 u Front row: McGuire, Kennermar, Durden, Minor, Hoffman, Werntz, Canada, Caring, Power, Pritchard, C. Scott, T. Scott, Clarke, Campbell, Bass, Young, Rowland, Adams, Brooks. Second row: Fowler, Linebarrier, Duke, Spencer, Measel, Cook, Bowman, Meade. Iackson, Collins, Fletcher, Simpson, Papageorge, M ' B df d F T W d . azzanti, ra or , reeman, urner, oo s Third row: Lyons, Richards, Cox, Crafton, Henderson, Reichert, Stice, Cechak, Bowers, Baker, Moore, C. Young, Brearly, Thomp- son, Lunney, Abraham. TRACK "A powerful aggregation of thinclads that set more all-time University of Arkansas track records than any other team in the his- tory of the school" were the words with which last year's Arkansas Traveler summed up the activities of the 1947 Razorback track squad. This was no overstatement. Coach "Hobe" I-looser's team romped to easy victories in dual meets with Tulsa, Southwest Missouri, and Arkansas State: set five records in plac- ing second to an extraordinary Oklahoma Aggie team in a three-way meet that included Tulsa: gained places in four out of ten events in its initial appearance at the nation-wide Drake Relays: and fielded the best balanced squad in the conference in the Southwest meet which had Texas ASM, Texas, and Arkansas as its top three teams. During the 1947 season, the Hogs-paced by Guy Baker, Clyde Scott, and Aubrey Fowler-set eight new school records. Scott TEAM broke marks in the 120 and 220-yard hurdles with 14.2 and 23.1 times in the Southwest Conference meet. Fowler clipped two rec- ords, also, by running the 100 in 9.5 seconds against Southwest Missouri and by beating Oklahoma Aggie sprinters with a 20.9 time in the 220. Baker threw the discus over 147 feet against the Cowboys, and along with Elmo Adams, high-jumped six feet four inches to chalk up another brace of records. Ross Pritchard's 49.6 time for the 440 against Arkansas State broke a seventh mark, and a final record was set at the Drake Re- lays when Scott, Fowler, Pritchard, and Bud Canada ran the 440 relay in 41.8 seconds. As the RAZORBACK went to press this spring, the 1948 squad, virtually the same as that of 1947. had already gotten off to a good start when early in the season, Guy Baker represented Arkansas in the Southwest Rec- reation Meet and netted 10M points by plac- ing high in four events. Page 296 H135 5343 6,61 U'1i,3t4V N 4? 45- ,, mfg 4' ir it 'W' 4 ii S RN f px i f? , 1 , ,gifs 43, 339 S44 g A 5 Q M g g , xg U , U I I ,L Q I 2 gall' A - I W 41,5 fp A b . I .,, g i 'lil V yer. K N i ,.,, ' V ' 62? x 1:5 ,Si 4,9 :,zi,z:visff gr? 521 Am WMS e , trzlw iq I QNX 54, Q24 Q ,?yiN3, 3. l A' 1 V 55118, iggi,.XXN 5-5 t Front row: Long, McGaha, Caldwell, Young, Adams, Hendricks, Thomason, Longinotti, Hughes. Second row: Williams, Lubker, Carter, Lively, Daugherty, jolly, Cox, Killgallen, Pennington. BASEBALL TEAM The 1948 edition of the Razorback base- ball team began practice late in March de- termined to improve the 4-8 won-lost record of the 1947 nine, which was the first Porker baseball effort in 17 years. The '47 base- ballers were plagued all season by bad weather and a bad local diamond, but from the start they displayed the hustle and spirit, which with more experience, was expected to bring about a better record this season. About 75 candidates greeted Coach Deke Brackett's initial call in March, 1947. The weakest spot on the team which developed during those practice sessions was the infield. The pitching was good from the start. The Porkers opened last season on April 12 in Fayetteville, splitting a double-header with Washington University of St. Louis, the Hogs taking the opener, 6-2, but losing the nightcap on bad fielding, 4-2. They next Page 297 played Fort Smith of the Class C Western Association and were beaten, 10-2. Back in Fayetteville, the infield blew up in the ninth inning of an April 22nd game with the Col- lege of the Ozarks, allowing the Clarksville boys to score seven times and win, 10-7. Af- ter that, the Razorbacks beat Arkansas State, 7-5, walloped the College of the Ozarks, 11- 5: lost three straight to Arkansas State Teachers, 5-4, 10-9, and 9-53 split another double-header with Washington University, winning the first, 6-3, and dropping the sec- ond, 4-3: and lost the final game of the season to Oklahoma ASM, 3-0. This season the Porkers stepped out into stronger competition, playing such teams as Missouri, Kansas, Washington University at St. Louis, Oklahoma ASM, and one South- west Conference team, Southern Methodist at Dallas, April 17. , , -wr Y ,vu ,-, Y INTRAMLIRALS The intramural program was one of the most successful in the history of the University. More students either par- ticipated or Hspectatoredn than ever before. The intramural managerial posts were handled by Dan Woods, Leon Werntz, and Wendell McKinney, while Mr. Troy Hendricks served as faculty ad- visor. This group was instrumental in the forming of three leagues to accomo- date the many students who wished to form teams and get in the competition for the intramural crown. Twenty-four teams competed for the intramural cham- pionship. With softball, golf, and tennis remain- ing to be played at press time, there are four teams leading the field for the intra- mural championship. Sigma Chi has a good lead with 540 points by virtue of their first place basketball and football teams, and second place volleyball, box- ing and wrestling teams. In second place with 463 points is Kappa Sigma. Though winning first place in only boxing and wrestling, the Kappa Sigs were second in track and third in volleyball and basketball. ln third place, 422 points, is SAE, winner of the volleyball championship, third in touch football, third in track, and fourth in boxing and wrestling. Close behind is Razorback Hall with 414 points. The Razorback Hall boys won the track meet, were third in boxing and wrestling, and came in fourth in intra- mural football. Rounding out the top six, there is Pi Kappa Alpha with 255 points, runner-up in basketball and fourth place in track, and Lloyd Halls with 221 points, runner-up in touch foot- ball. This year for the first time bowling was added to the intramural program, although due to the cost of entering a team, bowling results do not count on the point system for the intramural trophy. At press time, Sigma Chi, strong in all sports, was leading the league with 23 wins and 7 losses. Page 298 BEAUTIES lf'L6'l,lfL56'Lf5 ULQZVL5 MARIE PARKER Cotton Queen Chi Omega ,, ,, MARY IEANETTE WOCDD Homecoming Queen Kappa Kappa Gamma , ,.. .. A , ..-.........4, nm... X Page 301 DCROTHY ASHLEY SUE HAWLEY Freshman Queen Agri Queen Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha ..!Jlf'L0'LlfL50'LJ lfteelflff NAN HQPPER Commerce Queen Pi Beta Phi ai . tiff"2l1Y?1ffiiiiQzQs1- f 1 -wwf, f.,f,w-A A BETTY SULLIVAN Enqmeerma Queen Kappa Kappa Gamma Pg3U tat PATSY WARNTIES PATSY RQBINSCN lntertratemity Queen Law Queen Delta Delta Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma ULZOIAAOZCL Zbllftlf DONNA CANFIELD Modeling cr strapless, black evening dress from Campbell-Bell's in Fayetteville. 5 vi Z5 Page 334 O Page 305 6LZ0l"A6LCL Qbllflffy KAKH GARVIN Wearing a lovely White formal from the Boston Store in Fayetteville. Pg 306 Page 307 HLZUPAJCL Zbllftfg RUTH FAULKNER Modeling or white, flowered evening gown cmd stole from Brown-Dunkin in Tulsa. 1,1-av-4 Page 308 Page 309 azorgacg edlflffy MARY ANN HALEY Wearing a pastel satin and net strap- less formal from Vanclever's in Tulsa. Page 310 Page 311 11 3 Bti iixx CHAM P Vlpk YOOTBP-LM X-E560 pixO sumse xo v-some Qeeeafjoer '29, UAE rl V-YYY!-. Dixie Nl EMA Y 0?-N I- SOWWK Bt RWXXA-5 CNA 'med 69 'oe -sexes, ogcw 'oemi- bj we. 'boi' 0 to 'Ofc eat KXXe vw. 'ado xmwoo, -aim 'we wwe Qemofbecxn Ggme-fe-,mg oi pxvxaneee E ag emexmxxe, wxaaoeee Deaf YM . XAO'bof.'. 'vu wee 'wdeeck' eo tuooof amy fy Q'5.G5EJxgi'v me 'pages oi we Qxwocbeoxa xuewmee Soc ww. 've vsetgo mee so me oi gown Qoeewoxiox tue gxfxe ab egrlaevew Y Xx, was axiixwv, no omooee omg Sow because am, oi gxfxe weve veapmxivx, wen we ixvexxg eebwled O0 599 iovf NG V996 'gmxzwix we ixfem, second, 'Gxxxid and iowvm. 'wie exoce-cexg 'ooge H0930 om- sexeovyofx meebe vluio 'YXX6 mei own, oi Nine evmnce emoaewo 'ooag . 'Query Sow egaxo iof, 'wx-5 Q'C:v1'x-X6Q,6. dem mfubj goofs, N 6 N 1?L4af3x,x,-X, . ll I5 "Gad ibeo ' 'WX ' Bed 'howl ed' 5 My Boo 3 ' KJ 0 n 'Bl' Q u xaxcmeg H2100 X ,' PQ ge 312 MVUA KN MCMA 'f ywil' Jfwf' , wa :-:udanr Minrhnnhnn-sis.. 1 iuxnuur 1 gnu: nap, ,g ,, I 'AA g-..,,t,1an-11,34 URGANIZAT UNS I , KS, lf ,L . 5L ..... , , , ,. ,. . A ,Ox . R - 9 . . Front row, left to right: Franklin, Lane, White, McGuire, Holland, Iones, Pritchard, Canada, Long, Henson Second row: Campbell, Whittaker, Minor, Byles, Lambright, Scott, Lively, Kearns, Wheeler, Barnhill. Third row: Lunney. Bass, Fowler, Duke, Thomas, Cox. Fourth row: Bradford, Counce, Iohnson, Claborne, Roberts, Pipkin, Lambert, Iones. Fifth row: Moreland, Rankin, Schumchyk, Williams, Horton, Kok, Hamilton, Baker, Van Sickle. " " CLUB OFFICERS President ....... . IOYCE PIPKIN Vice-President . . ROXIE RANKIN Secretary-Treasurer . . CALVIN LANE Sponsor . . . . GEORGE COLE MEMBERS BAYNE, LOUI DAVIS, WILLIAM IONES, CARROLL PRITCHARD, Ross BEANE, COLMERE DUKE, ALVIN KOK, GEORGE ROBERTS, THERON BRADFORD, WILLIAM FOWLER, ALIBREY LAMBRIGHT, FRANK SCOTT, CLYDE BURLISON, GEORGE HAMILTON, ED LONG, GORDON SHADDOX, IOHN BYLES, TONY HENSON, HAROLD LUNNEY, IOHN TIBBETTS, IOE CANADA, EUGENE HOLLAND, KENNETH MCGAHA, MELVIN THOMAS, W. R. CouNcE, DALE IACKSON, ELMER MINOR, IAMES WHITE, STEED Cox, LEFTY IOHNSON, CHARLES PALADINO, PAUL The A Club is an organization whose membership is made up of the cream of the athletic crop at the University of Arkansas. To be a member of the A Club, an athlete must win a varsity letter in any major sport whether it is football, basket- ball, track, tennis, or baseball. The varsity "A" is the highest athletic award that can be given by the University. The A Club was founded in 1922 by men who firmly believed that athletics are a necessary part of college life and that they help to weld the student body more firmly together. The expressed aim of the A Club is to promote loyalty to the University and to encourage a spirit of good sportsmanship on the various teams and among the student body. P , , , 4' ,gf fy? A l g fl 'Rah ? ' Page 314 , ,J ' .f f .- 1" " f Q XZ , 7 . , Y , ' ' A' 'riiige ' 'Vi' 3' f QQ? acifif N . -Q ' --T E- ', ,. 1:- .fm F...z1fff X 5 -' .f - PE. A . . ' 'Z A ' ,139 'ai' - Lifijfl' ,ff A ' . -Gb. :Dv ir? Row 1: Ioseph B. Abell, Mitchell Alford, Harry Sholars Autrey, Reginald Baxter, Leonard Bogoslavsky, David Bray, Ir., Robert Classen, Iohn P. Connell, Ir., Bert Crow, Iames A. Doyle, Hal Drake, Barrett Sayle Duff, Thomas Duke. Row 2: Earl Edmondson, Iames Fischer. George Alonzo Forester, Walter Glenn Graupner, Iohn Wm. Graves, Robert Harris. Roy C. Harrison, E. W. Henderson, Harry Herman Hickman, Iohn W. Hill, Ir., Eugene Howard, Wm. E. Hughen, Wm. Martin Iames, Ir. Row 3: Dana Iesswein, Iohn W. Kenney, Iames Lacey, Edmund Lilly, Major A. Lilly, 'lvames Harvard London, Odys Lyon, Robt. N. Maddox, Iohn Paul Middleton, Richard A. Moix, C. homas Ponder, Ioseph Reynolds, Ward Rosen. Row 4: Iohn P. Sanders, Roland L. Scaife, Charles Sewell, William Shaw, lack Shurden, R. C. Staton, Iames E. Stice, Orris W. Taylor, Dwight Trahin, Arvis G. Williams, R. C. Wilson, Robert Wilson, Thomas R. Wilson, Wallace O. Wilson. A. I. CH. E. OFFICERS President . . ..... REGINALD BAXTER Vice-President . . . IIM FISCHER Secretary-Treasurer . . . IIM STICE Faculty Sponsor . . . . DR. HENRY WARD MEMBERS ABELL, IOSEPH B. FORESTER, GEORGE A. LILLY, E. D. SHAW, WILLIAM H. ALFORD, MITCHELL E. GRAVES, IOHN W. LILLY, M. A, SHURDEN, IACK DAN AuTREY, HARRY GRALIPNER, WALTER LONDON, IAMES H. STATON, ROBERT BOGOSLAVSKY, L. B. HARRIS, ROBERT L. LYON, ODYS C. STICE, IAMES E. BRAY, DAVID K. HARRISON, ROY MADDOX, ROBERT N. STRouPE, ALMON CLASSEN, ROBERT HENDERSON, WEBB MARTIN, RICHARD E. TAYLOR, ORRIS W. CONNELL, IOHN P. HICKMAN, HARRY H. MIDDLETON, I. P. TEMPLETON, IAMES CROW, BERT HILL, I. W. MOIX, RICHARD TRAHIN, DWIGHT S. CRuSE, IAMES HOWARD, EUGENE H. PONDER, THOMAS C. WILLIAMS, A. G. DOYLE, IAMES A. HUGHEN, WILLIAM E. REYNOLDS, IOE WILSON, REMMEL C. DRAKE, HAL M. IAMES, W. M. ROSEN, WARD F. WILSON, R. H. DuFF, BARRETT S. IESSWEIN, DANA SANDERS, PAuL WILSON, T. R. DLIKE, THOMAS E. KENNEY, IOHN SCAIFE, ROLAND WILSON, WALLACE O. EDMONDSON, EARL E. LACEY, IAMES SEWELL, CHARLES R. The local chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is com- posed Of students enrolled in Chemical Engineering, who are automatically ad- " mitted to junior standing in the professional society upon their graduation. -an-"' I Page 315 rise Q-YQ f J M X ' ' 1 . , .- 'va fain agy fr 1 1134 ,-g i f- y ff " - . . , ,J --- ef . . C ' 1 re - "" S .-:C "Ia, 41 -qrtvhlzf. AGRI DAY ASSCCIATIO BEN kcnm Well-known to every one enrolled in the College of Agriculture are the letters ADA which are used to refer to Agri Day Associ- ation, a cooperative organization in which all students and teachers of the College are members. The ultimate aim of the Association is to publicize Agri College on the campus and throughout the state, and in so doing develop initiative, leadership, and a more friendly atti- tude among the students. The motto, i'Let's make this a bigger and better Agri Day," has served to inspire many Agris during the life of the organization. Agri Day, an annual spring activity spon- sored by ADA, has been a prominent affair on the UA campus for thirty-three years. Back in the early days it was known as a "Harvest Festival" and later as the "Agri Homecoming". Traditional events were add- ed to the celebration throughout the years. In 1930 there is the first record of the Queen and ADA Manager passing through an arch of four dozen pitchforks to lead the grand march at the Agri Day dance, Now all the f. - ff J E N if' " ,ff campus knows when the farmers have their day by the white feet that line the sidewalks all over the campus. This custom is said to have started in 1926 when "The Big Agri" left his huge footprints leading from all the organized houses over to the Agri exhibits. The convocation for Agri Day this year was held in the Student Union Ballroom at 9:30, April 23. Mr. Romeo Short, vice-presi- dent of the Farm Bureau, delivered the ad- dress. Dean Lippert S. Ellis crowned the queen and presented ADA keys to the follow- ing: Sue Hawley, Francis Hubbard, Smith Greig. Denver Hutson, and Ben lsgrig. Fol- lowing the convocation the students and vis- itors viewed the departmental exhibits on the campus. Each department portrayed its field of work in interesting exhibits. i'Sureburger," a meat substitute invented by Dr. Barnett Sure, proved to be a very interesting attrac- tion to students and visitors alike. The next big event of the day was the pic- nic dinner held at the University Farm, The menu featured barbecued pig and, fortunately for those who ate too much of that delicacy, it was only a short distance from the picnic grounds to the main arena where the livestock show was held. Otherwise many would have missed one of the feature attractions. At the show groups of students showed dairy and beef cattle, hogs, and sheep. Breeding stock used in the artificial insemination program were also on exhibit. The winners of the live- stock contests were awarded prizes. High-lighting the events of the day was the rodeo in which both riders and animals were indoctrinated into the vigors of that western sport. The festivities of the day were brought to a close with the annual "gingham and overalls" dance held in the ballroom of the Student Union. Queen of Agri Day this year was Sue Hawley, a senior from McGehee and a mem- ber of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Sue was Faq 1 6 BRuNsoN HAMM HENRY HUBBARD AGRI DAY ASSCCIATICN also president of Phi Upsilon Omicron, the home economics fraternity, treasurer of the Home Ec Club her junior year, and a member of the Wesley Players. The Queen's maids were Alice Cardwell, Davis Hallg Ruth Waters, Carnall Hall: Martha Kelly, Chi Omega: Mary Hard- castle, Hill Hallg Emily Gregg, Pi Beta Phi, lean Standefer, Delta Gammag Gladys Tallant, Girls' 4-Hg Ruth Ward, U-Ark. Hall: and Sara Hope West, Delta Delta Delta. The Arkansas Agriculturist is the monthly publication of ADA and its editor, associate editor, and business manager are chosen during the Spring elections. This year's staff was headed by Denver Hutson, who served as editor-in-chief, Troy Cox was associate editor, and Smith Grieg was business manager. The magazine publicizes activities of the Agri school, not only on the campus, but throughout the state as well. Agri Day edition in April is traditional with The Agriculturist. ADA meets regularly throughout the year to take care of business affairs and social func- tions for its approximately 600 members. The year started with the annual "ADA Mixer" held on October 1 in the ballroom, giving all Agris a chance to meet the ADA officers and to have a gala good time taking part in group games and singing. ln November, Agris sought out their dates for the fall dance held in the decorated ballroom with music by the A Club. Aiding the ADA's program and work projects were Dean Lippert S. Ellis of the College of Agriculture and Assistant Dean Hudson, who is in charge of the resident teaching program. This was Dean Ellis's second year here while Dr. Hudson was new to the University of Arkan- sas campus this fall. Since one of Dr. Hudson's primary concerns is student activities, ADA found him a valuable advisor and assistant in the year's activities. The affairs of ADA are directed by the ADA manager and other officers who are elected at the end of each spring term for the coming year. Ben Isgrig from Little Rock was ADA man- ager for the last half of the year, succeeding Lehman Fowler who was graduated in February. At the U of A Ben was active in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, and Phi Sigma, honorary biology fraternity. Lehman Fowler, who comes from Ash Flat, Arkansas, was manager during the first semes- ter of this year. While in Agri school, he was a member of the Animal lndustry Club, Sears Club, and Alpha Zeta. After graduation he went to Brinkley to take a job in agriculture. .Q 'Egg ,bug L 'I .f ,i ff Q ,g -' .Llxk if-' P q 317 'gi h ff' . L, I Wx' 'Qt' Row I: Charles Abell, Virgil Baker, Cecil G. Ball, Ray A. Barton, Robert Barton, Lester Bennett, Iohn W. Bishop, Iames Boatright, Marvin Boatright, Edward Bohe. Row 2: William Bowers, Iames Brashears, Austin E. Brewer, Harold Kenneth Brewer, Iames Campbell, George Richard Carson, George D. Clowers, Harry Cooke, Harlan B. Counts, Iack Crabtree. Row 3: Iames Criner, Russell Crom, Robert Cromwell, Chester Crow, Alex Curtis, Iohn F. Danner, Ir., Iohn Decker, Charles Deitz, Bill Dempsey, William Burt Dillaha. Row 4: Francis W. DuVall, Lindsey Edmondson, Ernest Engles, Iohn Stuart Exall, Carl Edwin Fewell, Murry R. Gatten, Marion Green, Wilson R. Guice, Wilbur D. Harmon, Chester Haynes. .l. E. E. QFFICERS Chairman . . . . . . H. K. BREWER Vice-Chairman . . H. F. COOKE Secretary . . . . . . H. T. LYLE MEMBERS ABELL, C. S. BAKER, V. L. BALL, C. G. BARTON, R. A. BARTON, R. H. BENNETT, L. L. BISHOP, I. W. BOATRIGHT, I. A. BOATRIGHT, M. BOHE, E. E. BOWERS, W. E. BREWER, A. E. D. BREWER, M. M. BROCK, C. D. CAMPBELL, I. R. CARSON, G. R. CLARK, I. G. CLOWERS, G. D COCHRAN, U. E COOK, C. E. COUNTS, H. B. ,iff :lil 1 l-.tx X X I' "A 'V' I I' Bm N 4' :Z I gy, ZA: gs f . Leif. -, ., ' I ---.fe-if . . ,sf Si-:P ' ,x . Q' -14311 - I, E51-. 'I fl X57 x " " ..:',,.,, 4 J If , , U '-Q-' 1 'ef' ' , -uf! , V' -.A . ' , .4-,'. 'A-1. f"f ' ."fy. '15-.V . .-.'-:fi -Q1 HIL." f' '-..--.. -. .fc-,":i'f , S. 1 eyr lwg CRABTREE, I. K. CRINER, I. H. CROM, R. C. CROMWELL, R. A. CROW, C. CURTIS, A. S. DANNER, I. F. DBCKER, I. P. DEITZ, C. E. DEMPSEY, W. C DILLAHA, W. B. DUVALL, F. W. EDMONSON, L. I. ENGLES, E. R. EXALL, I. S. FEWELL, C. E. GATTON, M. R. GREEN, M. B. GUICE, W. R. HARMON, W. D. HAYNES, C. L. HILL, B. E. JACKSON, H. S. IAMES, F. B. IAMESON, P. H. IOHNSON, I. K. IOHNSTON, C. E. IOYNER, I. S. KAY, O. F. KEATING, I. T. LOGAN, W. L. MCBRIEN, I. MCCALLLIM, R. D. MCKEEHAN, M. MARTIN, R. P. MEEK, R. G. MOORE, F. H. MOORE, H. G. MLIRRELL, W. W. NEWBY, R. W. OWENS, R. R. PELTZ, W. PITTMAN, C. L. PROTHRO, B. E. PYLAND, P. E. RICE, O. R. ROBERSON, A. W. ROBINSON, C. W. ROWE, H. R. SHOCKLEY, B. I. SMITH, E. T. SORRELLS, W. E STEWART, R. L. STUTHEIT, I. S. THOMPSON, E. E. THURMAN, H. T. TREECE, B. G. UHL, F. L. VIZZIER, B. A. WEBB, B. WILLIS, K. F. WINBORN, W. W. WOOLFOLK, R. L. Page 318 A. I. E. E. Row Row Row Row Bobilee Hill, Ioseph Holley, Harper S. Iackson, Frank Iames, Paul Iameson, Harvey jones, Iames Iohnson, Ioe Ioyner, Ollen Kay, Iames Thomas Keating. Iames H. McBrien, Robert McCallum. Maclyn McKeehan, Robert Paul Martin, Richard Meek, Fred Moore, Howard Moore, Wiley Murrell, Richard Newby, Robert Owens. W. Peltz, Claiborne Pittman, Ben Evan Prothro, Pearl Edwin Pyland, Ir., Albert Roberson, Charles Robinson, Horace R. Rowe, Bobbie Shockley, Edward Tucker Smith, Warren E. Sorrells. Iames Stutheit, Everett Thompson, Herman Thomas Thurman, Bob Treece, Francis Uhl, Iames A. Vizzier, Bryan Webb, Kenneth Willis, Woodrow Winborn, Robert Woolfolk. The unprecedented enrollment in Electrical Engineering this year has permit- ted a record year in both membership and activity. This growth is paralleled by that of the profession which has seen the opening of many new vistas by war re- search and developments. The University of Arkansasfchapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers performs a dual function in that it provides a link between the profession and also serves as a means of training students in the prep- aration and presentation of formal technical papers. Membership in the student branch is open to any undergraduate electrical engineer after his freshman year but the seminar work is restricted to seniors. Each student member is given the opportunity of becoming a full member of the Institute upon graduation. Meetings are held semi-monthly and an active committee has presented many interesting programs. Several technical movies were shown and were attended by a large number of students and faculty members. Guest speakers have provided a direct contact with practicing fields and presented lectures on a variety of subjects including "REA Policy and Equipment", "Law and the Engineer," and "British Radar Equipment". Student seminar papers have covered such ambitious subjects as "Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes," "Transmission Lines," "Lightning Arrestorsf' and "Magnetic Sound Tracks for Film". Occasionally the electrical engineers have torn themselves from their slide rules and books to seek a little recreation in the form of banquets and smokers. Some of the boys even claim that this year's annual banquet and party was the best that any of the local engineering societies had ever given. The proudest achievement of the year was getting the interest and support of the freshmen and sophomores. fx 3 X Page 319 16 T" s f XX He 1 gs ef-elfst sit gu g . IJ W? Row 1: Ioseph B. Abell, Robert Barnes, Reginald Baxter, Bert Crow, Paul Davis, Barrett Sayle Duff, Iames Fischer, Robert Harris. Row 2: E. W. Henderson, Eugene Howard, Iames Lacey, Major A. Lilly, Edmund Lilly, Robert Maddox, john Paul Middleton, Davis Richardson. Row 3: Ward Rosen, lack Shurden, Iames Stice, Orris W. Taylor, Ioel Thrasher, Lowell Wallen, R. M. Waters, William Wilson, Thomas R. Wilson. LPHA CHI SIGMA OFFICERS Master Alchemist ..... . IIM FISCHER Vice-Master Alchemist . . ORRIS TAYLOR Master of Ceremonies . . IOEL THRASHER Treasurer .,..... . BERT CROW MEMBERS ABELL, JOE - HENDERSON, WEBB LYON, CARL TAYLOR, ORRIS BARNES, BOB HESTER, DOYCE MADDOX, ROBERT THRASHER, IOEL BAXTER, REGINALD HOWARD, GENE MIDDLETON, IOHN THURMOND, BILL CROW, BERT IOHNSON, DREW T. MORRIS, I. P. TRAHIN, D. S. DAVIS, PAUL ' KENNEY, IOHN RICHARDSON, DAVIS WALLEN, L. L. V DEPAGTER, IOHN LACEY, IAMES ROSEN, WARD WATERS, ROLAND DUFF, BARRETT LILLY, ATLAS SHURDEN, JACK DAN WIKMAN, ANDREW FISCHER, IIM LILLY, ED STICE, IIM WILLIAMS, A. G. HARRIS, ROBERT LONDON, IIM STORY, R, P. WILSON, CODY WILSON, T. R. Alpha Chi Sigma is a national professional chemistry fraternity founded at the University Of Wisconsin in 1902. The fraternity is divided into two parts: the collegiate members, and the professional members. Aims of Alpha Chi Sigma are to bind its members with a tie Of true and last- ing friendshipg to strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a Science and as a profession: and to aid its members in the attainment Of their ambitions as chemists. Among the high points in the year'S activities are the annual lab banquet and annual Founders Day banquet. At the Founders Day banquet the local chapter presents a year'S membership in the American Chemical Society to the outstanding senior in chemistry. if M D XM- mi... fs: If .T -5 bk .L ji g gif L .ti I . if flef Qiefqtlg-g f - Page 320 Row 1: George R. Bowen, Ray Bradley, Raymond Dale Christy, Horace M. Crofoot, Charles Deitz, Iohn Gregory DePagter, Burton M, Feinsmith, William C. Finch, Millard Formby, 'Richard M. French, Warren Gleason. Row 2: Robert Louis Griffey, Leroy Harrington, Alan Hirsch, Edmund M. Hirsch, Ioe B. Hurley, Tiger Hurt, Iohn C. Iohnson, Norman Iones, Iohn Calvin McAdams, Robert N. Maddox, Iohn Marlowe. Row 3: Robert Paul Martin, Wiley Murrell, Larry Page, Earl Patton, David F. Peck, Richard Lee Pratt, Nathan- iel Richmond, W. B. Riley, Iames Q. Smith, Iames Spicer. Row 4: Ralph L. Stewart, Iames E. Stice, K. A. Thaxton, Everett Thompson. Iohn Turner, Iames A. Wallace, Iames R. Waters, Herbert Wolf, Pendleton Woods, Mitchell Young. ALPHA PHI OMEG OFFICERS President . . .... LEROY HARRINGTON Vice-President . RAYMOND BRADLEY Pledge Master . . . LARRY PAGE Secretary-Treasurer . . DALE CHRISTY Historian ....... EDMUND HIRSCH, IR. MEMBERS BOWEN, GEORGE R. BRADLEY, RAYMOND CHRISTY, R. DALE COLEY, IOHN I. CROFOOT, I-IORACE DEITZ, CHARLES DE PAGTER, IOHN FEINSMITH, BURTON FINCH, WILLIAM C. FORMBY, MILLARD I. GLEASON, WARREN MARLOWE, IOHN R. GRIFFEY, ROBERT L. MARTIN, ROBERT P. HARRINGTON, LEROY MURRELL, WILEY W. I-IIRSCH, ALAN MURREY, IOE H. HIRSCH, E. M., IR. PAGE, LARRY N. HURLEY, IOE B. PATTON, EARL HURT, T. H., IR. PECK, DAVID IOHNSON, I. C. PRATT, DICK IONES, NORMAN G. RICHMOND, N. T. MCADAMS, IOHN C. RILEY, W. B. FRENCH, RICHARD M. MADDOX, ROBERT N. SCOTT. IAMES S. SMITH, IAMES SPICER, IAMES E. STEWART, RALPH STICE, IAMES E. THAXTON, KENNETH THOMPSON, E. E. TURNER, I. L., III WALLACE, IAMES A. WATERS, IAMES R. WOODS, PENDLETON WOLF, HERBERT YOUNG, MITCH Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity. Its members are college and university men who are, or have been previously affiliated with the Boy Scouts. Alpha Phi Omega renders service to the student body and facultyg to youth and community: to members of the fraternityg and to the nation as participating citizens. At the present time Alpha Phi Omega has 105 active chapters in 31 states. The Beta Rho chapter was organized at the University of Arkansas in 1938. In X X af' Page 321 ii K 4 1-3 A Y- I .4 ' 4-JN' x 1 K 4 ', R 'A 'R T if' 5 at ' fwfr Rss? "1 ' f R Wx Row I: Iames Barnett, Warren K. Bass, Wm. Block, Iames P. Byrd, Charles Carroll, Cecil W. Cul-'P' Charles Deller, Robert Dougherty. Row 2: lack East, Thomas Faust, Phillip W. Fry, Murphy Gathright, Donald Graham, William Halbrook, David L. Hamilton, Iack D. Harmon. Row 3: W. A. Heffelflnger, Howard Hembree, Raymond Henry, Arthur Holiman, Iohn Holiman, Paul Herndon Iones, Grayson Kuehnert. ALPH KAPP PI OFFICERS President . . ..... WARREN K. BASS Vice-President . . IOHN PLIRNELL Secretary . . . WARREN THEIS Treasurer . .... HOWARD HEMBREE MEMBERS BARNETT, IAMES F. BLOCK, WILLIAM I. BYRD, I. P. CARROLL, CHAS. M. CLONINGER, H. E. CUPP, CECIL W. DELLER, CHARLES F. DOUGHERTY, R. P. EAST, IACK FAUST, THOMAS E. FRY, PHILIP W. GATHWRIGHT, M. M GRAHAM, DONALD S HALBROOK, WM. M. HAMILTON, DAVID L. HARMON, IACK D. HEFFELFINGER, WM. HENRY, RAYMOND C. LACKEY, GUY H. MCCAULEY, IAMES R. MCCOY, CARLTON P. MCDERMOTT, HARRY MCGEHEE, FRANK T. MAKRIS, PETER A. MATHIAS, C. P. HOLIMAN, ARTHUR B. MATKIN, E. B. HOLIMAN, IOHN B. IONES, PAUL H. KUEHNERT, G. L. MOSLEY, IOHN W. OUDIN, MARC PENICK, IAMES H. QUINN, NEALE A. RUTLEDGE, JAMES M SMITH, RALPH I. STALLWORTH, IAMES STAPLETON, WM. R. STEWART, CHAS. W. TERRY, WILLIAM L. THOMAS, LINDSAY C WALT, IESSE P. WILSON, SAMUEL P. "Come On, fellas, Open your eyes," pleaded President Warren Bass at 6 a. m the cold, dreary morning of November 12. The Occasion-Alpha Kappa Psi's in dustrial tour of Tulsa. This tour was one of the many activities of the Beta Zeta chapter this year. On the agenda Was the inspection of industrial concerns, retail establishments, and accounting Offices. Other activities for this year included lectures by various faculty members of the University and guest speakers at smokers and luncheons. Banquets were given in honor of Dr. Bowen, speaker on Commerce Day, and in honor of Geoffrey Crowther, noted editor of the London Economist, who spoke before the group in Ianuary. MARRY .Lili mf. I X. 1 , jf' . ,L A s ' 'I :'lT,L17L .7 ' -A7 , 9 ft 1 rf' ,4- T' f f " .Elf T, .fi-Lfimil? , ,- y lsiifidgzi-5+-ff T' -". F v. y.. -W " Row I: Guy Lackey, james McCauley, Carlton McCoy, Harry McDermott, Frank McGehee, Peter Makris, C. P. Mathias, Ernest Matkin. Row 2: Iohn Mosley, Marc Oudin, Iames Penick, Iohn S. Purnell, Neale Quinn, Iames Rutledge, Iames Ralph Smith, Iames D. Stallworth. Row 3: William Stapleton, Charles Stewart, William L. Terry, Warren Theis, Lindsay Thomas, Iesse Page Walt, Samuel P. Wilson. LPH K PP PSI Programs of self-training and self-education, such as those listed above, were carried on by Alpha Kappa Psi to help its members in developing qualities of judg- ment and initiative necessary in the Held of business. Beta Zeta chapter is one of the forty-six Alpha Kappa Psi chapters spread across the United States. The Arkansas chapter was installed in 1928 by Dr. C. C. Fitchner. Although it is fundamentally a business and professional fraternity, it also places emphasis upon study and performing service to the College of Business Administration. It is the intention of the College of Business Administration to participate more fully in the industrial and business life of the state through in- creased cooperation with established public and private agencies not only in the training of university attendants, but also in expanding research and public rela- tions activities in order that all interests concerned with the economic development of the state may be more adequately served. Alpha Kappa Psi aids in this program through scientific research in the Helds of commerce, accounting, and finance which is used by many business concerns throughout the state and nation. Beta Zeta chapter revived and surpassed its pre-war position under the lead- ership of its able president, Warren Bass, who with the aid of treasurer, Howard Hembree, spurred the chapter's interest to such an extent that this chapter rose in the national efficiency rating from thirtieth the previous year to among the top- ranking in the nation this year. The fellowship and social functions for the fraternity were capably handled this year by Iesse Walt, Social Chairman for the group. After a very formal initi- ation of new members last November, a very informal beer bust was held in Sig. Alph valley. Another social activity was held in May at the U-Ark Bowl when the annual Kappa Psi Banquet was given. -pl i Page 323 Row I: Adams, Brown, Carter, Clemmons, Dockins, Fowler, Greig, Hamblen. Row 2: Hammond, HeHin, Henry, Hester, Huneycutt, Hutson, Isgrig, Iohnson. Row 3: McCoy, McDaniel. McNeal, Milton, Pfrimmer, Porter, Roberts, Segraves, Watson. ALPHA ZET OFFICERS Chancellor . ..... EARL CLEMMONS Censor . . THEODORE PERIMMER Scribe . CONNELL I. BROWN Treasurer . .... LEHMAN C. FOWLER MEMBERS ADAMS, CARL IEAN HAMBLEN, MAC L. ISGRIG, BEN C., IR. PFRIMMER, T. BLACKWOOD, WM. T. HAMMOND, AVIS D. IOHNSON, IOHN C. PORTER, TOM B. BROWN, CONNELL I. HEELIN, WM. H. MCCOY, WM. O. ROBERTS, WILLIS BRuNsON, IAMES F. HENRY, WM. RAY MCDANIEL, ARTHUR RUTLEDGE, IIM CARTER, ALAN HESTER, ABIE RAY MCNEAL, IOHN W. SEAGRAVES, DON S. CLEMMONS, EARL HUNEYCUTT, HERBERT MILTON, EDGAR S. SMITH, HARLAN E. DOCKINS, DELMA HLITSON, DENVER B. PEER, CARLTON L. STONE, RussELL FOWLER, LEHMANC. WATSON, WM. S. Alpha Zeta was founded in 1897 at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, for the purpose of encouraging and developing leadership in the field of agricul- ture. It is an honorary professional fraternity whose members are chosen on the basis of high scholarship, fine fellowship, and sound character because these are considered to be the vital qualities of a real leader. Alpha Zeta has Over 16,000 alumni and a student membership of more than 1,200 in forty-five chapters in forty-three states. The Arkansas chapter was organized in 1917 and has approximately three hundred alumni members. If W . .. X 1 1' in ' ff' N' fa: I Rf-if 01 ' . -,-. O .,Lk. 'Y-' M x4glkf .j .L fZ , A ' ' Q t.'. ' Page 324 Page 325 Row I: Barnes, Barnett, Brown, Bryant, Choate, Clark, Coley, Cox, Eidson, Farris, Fowler, Glenn. Row 2: Goodrich, Greig, Hamblen, Hammond, HeHin, Hester, Hogins, Holland. Hoover, Howell, Huddleston, Humphrey. Row 3: Huneycutt, Hutson, Killian, Knight, Edmund R. Lee, Shelburn Lee, McCoy, Montgomery, Morris, Oakes, Pay, Pfrimmer. Row 4: Swilling, Shofner, Simmons, Smith, Spencer, Spradlin, Strang, Thornley, Tyson, Urrey, Wyatt. ARK. ANIMAL I DLIS I R Y CLUB OFFICERS President . . . . . BILL HEFLIN Vice-President . . IACK HOGINS Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . RALPH SMITH MEMBERS BARNES, CHESTER BARNETT, BOBBY BROWN, CONNEL BROWN, PAUL BRuNSoN, IIM BRYANT, IAMES CHOATE, NORMAN CLARKE, KENNETH CLEMMONS, IOHN COLEY, CHARLES Cox, TROY EIDSON, E. M. FARRIS, DONALD FOWLER, LEHMAN GAMMILL, CECIL GIFFORD, WARREN GLENN, RUPERT GOODRICH, DALTON GREIG, W. SMITH HALL, CHARLES I-IAMBLEN, MAC L. HAMMOND, A. D. HEFLIN, BILL I-IESTER, RAY HOGINS, IACK HOLLAND, THOMAS HOOVER, WINIFORD HONEYCUTT, HERBERT HOWELL, I. ERNEST I-IUDDLESTON, BYRON HUMPHREY, IOHN HuTSON, DENVER KILLIAN, DALE KNIGHT, EDDIE LEE, E. R. LEE, S. F. MCCLUNG, M, R. MCCOY, BILL MELTON, ED MONTGOMERY, F. MORRIS, DONALD OAKES, LEROY PAY, IOHNNIE PFRIMMER, TED RAY, MAURICE RODMAN, IOHN SHOFNER, KEITH SIMMONS, HILL SMITH, OREN R. SPENCER, GEORGE SPRADLIN, PAuL STRANG, IAMES SWILLING, GEORGE THOMPSON, I. W. THORNLEY, CHAS. TYSON, DON LIRREY, G. E. WYATT, A. I. The Animal lndustry Club was Organized at the University of Arkansas in 1940. The primary purpose Of the club is to advance the interest in animal industry in the state Of Arkansas. This year, for the first time in several years, the club sponsored judging teams. f Tx, , K P frxg A W - --I k k X X, A . iran, A ' " rv- f fr.. Row 1: Nolan Byrd Allison, Harrell Black, M. L. Brown, Iohn Cagle, Lyndol B. Carter, Ioe Ellis Coker, Iohn Wm. Crouse, William W. Deaver. Row 2: Floyd B. Dickerson, Larry Doyle, Zelma Brown Fry, Henry Gallegly, David Gean, Roy C. Gilstrap Alice Gion, Aaron Green. Row 3: Ray H. Hedgecock. Ernest Heisten, Floyd Iackson, Paul Iasper, Iames Iohnson, Charles Fay Kent, Robert Kuhlman, Iames Melton, George A. Nall. A. S. C. E. OFFICERS President . . .... BERT THOMPSON Vice-President . . IAMES SHIVELY Secretary-Treasurer .... ROBERT KUHLMAN MEMBERS ALLISON, NOLAN B BRACY, IACK B. BROWN, MARVIN L. BLACK, HARRELL R CAGLE, I. E. CARTER, LYNDOL B. COKER, IOE E. COLVOILE, GEORGE CRouSE, IOHN W. DEAVER, WM. W. DICKERSON, FLOYD DOYLE, LARRY L. EMERSON, WM. A. FRY, Z. B, MARTIN, H. C. GALLEGLY, HENRY L. MELTON, IAMES R. GEAN, DAVID A. GION, ALICE GILSTRAP, C. ROY GORUM, C. H. GREEN, ALFRED A HEDGECOCK, R. H. HEISTEN, E. L. IACKSON, FLOYD I. IASPER, PAUL R. IOHNSON, IAMES B. KENT, CHARLES F. NALL, GEORGE A. PAMPLIN, FRANK C. PATRIDGE, IESSE I. REICHARDT, I. C. ROWLAND, WM. A. RUNYAN, E. I. RUSSELL, WM. F. SAVAGE, S. H. SESSIONS, F. B. SMITH, GILBERT A. SMITH, H. L. SNEED, HUBERT G. STAMPER, H. C. STRANGE, IOHN N. STRATTON, RALPH M SWIFT, LOREN K. TALLANT, I. THURMAN, LESTER E WALLS, WORTHEN WATSON, E. WEBB, F. A. WEBB, WM. CLARK WENZEL, ROBERT A. WHITFORD, LEWIS R. ZALouDEK, ARTHUR The history of the founding of the American Society of Civil Engineers prob ably can't be found in many historical masterpieces, but it was toward the end of the year 1817, when the Civils gathered together to form themselves into a Society This information may be found in London filed under the title, "The Institution of Civil Engineers." It waSn't until 1920, however, that a chapter was founded at the University of Arkansas. . ak. Ra " 5 t 'r-. X 'Z Page 326 1' - f 3. r' .1 - mf. 1' ' X. I ' N: I. f-. I I 'I' sr?" ' f, , I .,-' -.. . .mf . "v -L x Qlx' Dj' 'V J ..--5, 't'fr , rs.. " "--5 . L.. 5 " -,ii - v ,V . ' , X . 4-QLQTQ , .- 1--.,, A ' -, ig .. j ig 1-,z.4:, . f x f'm".' 2 I f f V r- ff-32,1 f' ' ...A:.:e4s,.., .. Row 1: Frank C. Pamplin, Ir., Iesse Patridge, Wm. Arnold Rowland, Edwin Runyan, Wm. Franklin Russell, Scott Savage, Floyd Sessions, Iames Mack Shivley. Row 2: Gilbert Smith, Harold L. Smith, Hubert Sneed, Hubert Carl Stamper. Iohn Strange, Loren Keith Swift, Iohn Tallant, Bert Thompson. Row 3: Lester E. Thurman, Worthen Walls, Elbert Watson, Fred Webb, William Webb, Robt. A. Wenzel, Lewis Whitford, Arthur Zaloudek. A. S. C. E. The purpose of student chapters of ASCE is to develop a feeling of profes- sionalism as engineers, to provide a first step to the student in becoming a member of the national professional organization of ASCE, and to provide an opportunity for each student to give a technical paper on some civil engineering subject. The local chapter of ASCE has been very active this past season, and as one of its first acts, the chapter elected Bill Deaver as junior representative from ASCE to the Engineering Council. The membership of the chapter has reached a new high of sixty members. Members of the local chapter have been entertained by several guest speakers, who made the presentation of some very interesting papers. A. D. Allen, engineer for the Linebarger Construction company, made a speech on engineering in gen- eral, and he was followed by L. M. McGoodwin, a Fayetteville consulting engi- neer, who presented a survey of engineering employment possibilities, particularly in the field of civil engineering. Later in the semester speeches were presented by R. A. Stranger, field engi- neer for the Portland Cement Association, who spoke on the work of the associa- tion and on the classification of cements, and by Mr. Mace H. Bell, representative of the American Institute of Steel Construction, who spoke on the application of welding in structural design. The members of the local chapter of ASCE aren't lacking in speech finesse either, as may be seen from the fact that Iohn Nelson Strange, a member of the local chapter, presented a paper before the mid-South Section of ASCE at Memphis in October, for which he received a letter of recommendation. Mr. R. C. Wray, faculty advisor for the local chapter, presented a paper before the mid- South meeting at Iackson, Mississippi, the following month. , l, f N Q-,X , . L 'Q ip? 1,93 X f 16,3 1 e . Sf? T? e " f .. .gli 1-' .-A 159' SIQQ A Q T : 27 1-fi Page 327 A 3 Row I: Ioe Adams, Herman Alston, Warren Baldwin, Maurice E. Barton, William Beard, Harrell Black, Robert Bland, Charles Bonsteel, Dan Boone, Thomas L. Boone, Leland Branting, Gene Bracy. Row 2: A. L. Brown, Billy Burt, Thomas Butler, Allen Cameron, Iohn Cazort, B. W. Chaffin, Don Chamblin, David Collins, George Cox, Wm. Edward Craig, Charles Crockett, Alex Curtis. Row 3: Dale Ross Dunn, William Eldredge, Robert Elmore, William Fowler, Iames K. Fraser, Marshal Fussell, Robert L. Gardner, Robert Garrett, William M. Gibbs, Wm. Iohn Hamilton, Garland E. Hammond, Grady Hinson. Row 4: Garston Hitch, Victor Holthof, Oscar H. Hotz, Charles Howell, Robert Carnahan Hudson, Ioe B. Eurley, Ben C. Isgrig, Marvin Iohnson, Donald Francis Iones, Evine Fay Iones, Guy Lackey, Edmund illy. A. B. C. OFFICERS President . . . . . . VIM X. RYE Vice-President . . DONALD IONES Secretary . .... LELAND R. BRANTING MEMBERS ADAMS, IOE ALSTON, H. D. BALDWIN, BUD BARTON, M. BEARD, BILL BENNETT, IOE BLACK, BUDDY BLAND, BOBBY BONSTEEL, BILL BOONE, BUDDY BOONE, TOM BOWDEN, FRANK BRACY, GENE BREWER, DOONEY BROWN, A. L. BRYAN, FLOYD BUCKLEY, IIM BURT, BILL BUTLER, NORMAN CAMERON, ALLEN . I ry! 'Eff "'i""'l We CAZORT, GUY CHAFFIN, B. W. CHAMBLIN, DAN COLLINS, DAVID COX, CHARLEY CRAIG, BUDDY CROCKETT, CHARLES CURTIS, ALEX DUNN, DALE ELDRIDGE, BILL ELMORE, BOB FOWLER, BILL FRASER, IAMES FUSSELL, MARSHALL GARDNER, BOB GARRET, BOB GIBBS, BILL GILL, FRANK GOODWIN, HECTOR HAMILTON, BILL HAMMONS, CHARLES HAYS, STEELE HINSON, GRADY HITCH, CARSTON HOLTHOFF, VIC HORTON, DALE HOTZ, I-IARTMAN HOWELL, CHARLES HUDSON, ROBERT HURLEY, IOE ISGRIC., BEN IOHNSON, M. D. IONES, FAYE IONES, PETE LACKEY, GUY LAWRENCE, IOHN LILLY, ED LYNCH, LEWIS MCCAULEY, IAMES MCCUTCHEONS, F. MCDONALD, RALPH MCFARLAND, BOB MCGEHEE, FRANK MCGILL, WILLIAM MCSWAIN, MICKEY MAKRIS, PETE MATKIN, E. B. MEARS, ROGER MIDDLETON, I. P. MILLER, DON MYERS, W. G. NIMOCKS, BOB OSBURNE, MERRILL OUDIN, MARK PARKS, CHARLEY PEEL, FRANK PENICK, IAMES PERKINS, VIRGIL PETERSON. BOB RICE, P. I. If l If .",z,, W! T' . 427 C V if :-B is -Is' Y ,. . N ,. f Axe' .-L if A' f - -- ilylfs' I 'Eg - ,,..-Li'fjijg!'-wif' ' Page 328 Row Row Row Row Louis Lynch, Iames McCauley, Frank McCutcheon, Ralph McDonald, Iames Robt. McFarlin, Frank McGehee, Peter Makris, Ernest Matkin, Rogers C. Mears, Iohn Paul Middleton, Don Miller. Wm. George Myers, Robert Nimocks, Merrill Osborne, Marc Oudin, Frank Peel, Iames Penick, Virgil Perkins, Robert Peterson, Patrick Rice, Bob Riley, W. B. Riley. Ward Rosen, Lloyd Rutledge, Vim X. Rye, Iames B, Sharp, Ralph Iames Smith, William Stapleton, Geo. Stevenson, lack Stewart, Wm. Henry Stovall, Iohn Talbot, Arrice T. Teague, K. A. Thaxton. Marvin Dell Thaxton, Glenn Turner, Iohn Turner, Iohn W. Warren, Leon E. Werntz, Iohn A. White, lack E. Whitmore, Iohn W. Wolf, Henry Wood, Dan Woods, Pendleton Woods, Iames Youngblood. A. B. C. RILEY, BOB SONNEMAN, BILL THAXTON, KENNETH WHITE, IOHN RILEY, W. B. STAPLETON, BOB THAXTON, MARVIN WHITMORE, IACK ROSEN, WARD STEVENSON, GEORGE TURNER, GLEN WOLF, IOHN RIUTLEDGE, LLOYD STEWART, IACK TURNER, IOHNNY WOOD, RAY SHREIT,-FRANK STOVALL, BILL WARREN, BILL WOODS, DAN SHARP, IAMES TALBOT, IOHN WERNTZ, LEON ' WOODS, PENDLETON SMITH, RALPH TEAGUE, BUDDY WHEELER, GENE YOUNGBLOOD, JIM "A Greater University and a Greater State." That's the motto and the aim of the Arkansas Boosters Club. ABC was organized in 1919 for the express pur- pose of promoting school spirit on the Arkansas campus. Through the years the club has done just that. H This past year Vim X. Rye served as president of the organization. He led ABC through one of its most successful years. Don Iones, who served as vice- president this year, will lead the club next year. During the football season ABC sponsored dances, both here in Fayetteville and at the out-of-town games. The cheerleaders, sponsored by the Arkansas Boosters Club, were sent to all out-of-town games to see that the old Arkansas spirit never lagged. Homecoming was, as traditional, under the direction of the Boosters. The big pep rally on the night before the game, float plans and prizes, the parade-all these details and many Others were expertly handled by ABC. They continued to provide halftime entertainment for the fans. ABC is composed of men from every organized house on the campus. lt is not a fraternity but a group of men who are deeply interested in school spirit. f --ef B' ' l Page 329 P T4 ' I If. W ww- - ---Y .1,.f.-..-,-v,--,- --- Row I: Iames Akins, Herman N. Bassett, Martin W. Bates, Horace Bays, William Beard, Clyde Bogard, Iohnie Bounds, Ray Bradley, Claude Brittain. Row 2: Glendon Cecil Bruce, Virgil Bryant. Richard I. Burke, Thomas Carmichael, Lee Roy Carson, Vance A. Cecil, Ir., Grover Cook, Clem Cox, George Dodson. Row 3: William Doty, Francis Forehand, William Gartside, Ioe W. Gillespie, I. O. Grizzell, Ir., Clint Halstead, Harry Haney, Homer Iohn Hanna, Iack Harrell. Row 4: Iohn Henb , Iames Hollimon, Harold Hoy, Robert Iohnson, Iames King, Paul Kormondy, A. F. LaMore, Robert E. AKINS, I. G. ALLMAN, S. H. BASSETT, H. N. BATES, M. W. BAYS, H. BEARD, W. A. BLAKEMORE, F. BOGARD, C. G. BouNDs, I. E. BRADLEY, R. A. BRITTAIN, C. C. BRUCE, G. C. BRYANT, V. F. BuRKE, R. BuRKS, V. E. CARMICHAEL, T. P. CARSON, L. R. CECIL, V. L. CHURCH, E. B. CooK, G. M. Cox, E. C. K :I itll In 7 Aff' 5. NV! .-.rf ' - ,.' . ' Q 7 477 .-'ff' :go Q7 5 :fa I -f' Q ir- sl-v '- X :J : -Xp Q- ff ..-P' foam '3'I41Q':ff f ' , r , - .g 2 - U. V lx dz-3.55:-f ff. A - 1 WM. Eumpkin, Ir. A. President . . Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer . Faculty Advisor . DODSON, G. W. DOTY, W. C. ENGSTROM, I. G. FISHER, A. E. FOREHAND, F. GARTSIDE, W. W. G. GILLESPIE, I. GRIZZELL, I. O. HALSTEAD, C. W. HANEY, H. C. HANNA, H. F. HARRELL, I. W. HENBY, I. R. HOLIMAN, I. R. HOY, H. D. I-IoY, R. E. IOHNSON, R. I-I. KING, I. O. KORMONDY, P. A. KISKEN, K. W. LAMORE, A. T. S. M. E. OFFICERS . . C. C. BRITTAIN R. F. THOMAS H. L. POE . . PROF. R. G. PADDOCK MEMBERS LEE, I. G. LUMPKIN, R. E. MCANICH, R. L MCDoNouGH, I MCGUIRE, R. A. MADDLIX, K. M. MASTERS, I. F. MAXWELL, R. MILWEE, R. M. Moos, I. I. NABORS, G. P. NORRIS, I. B. OLTMANN, I. H. PAGE, L. N. RIDDICK, E. K. RIPPEY, D. R. ROBIRDS, W. R. ROWTON, H. A. SANDERS, L. E. SEATON, E. A. SHINN, H. R. SILKWOOD, M. SINGLETERRY, W. R. SISLER, O. O. SISSONS, F. M. SKILLERN, C. M. SPEER, A. C. STEYER, C. C. PATTERSON, A. I. THOMAS, R. F. PITTMAN, C. L. WASSON, I. L. POE, H. L. WATERS, B. QUENIN, P. P. WELCH, T. A. REAMEY, H. K. WRIGHT, A. REDMOND, L. REITZ, W. WRIGHT, WM. A. .. -,....,,..-.....-Y., Page 330 Page 331 +..v,W Row I: Robert McAnich, Iames McDonough, Robert McGuire, Kale Maddux, Iohn Masters, Robert Maxwell, Robert M. Millwee, Iohn Ierome Moos, Gerald Nabors. Row 2: Iohn Bill Norris, Iohn Oltmann, Larry Page, Allen Patterson, Claiborne Pittman, Howell Lee Poe, Herbert Reamey, Lester Robert Redmond, Edgar Riddick. Row 3: David R. Rippey, W. R. Robirds, Henry A. Rowton, Louis E. Sanders, Earl Seaton, Homer R. Shinn, Monzell Silkwood, Warren R. Singleterry, Frank Sissons. Row 4: Clarence M. Skillern, Carl Steyer, Reuben F. Thomas, Ioe Louis Wasson, Bankston Waters, Thomas Welch, Aubrey Wright, Wm. A. Wright, Ir. A. s. M. E. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, founded in 1880, is a na- tional organization of professional mechanical engineers. Like the parent organi- zation, the goal of the student branch at the University of Arkansas is to foster the exchange of ideas and the maintenance of professional standards. Membership serves as an introduction to real life engineering, to engineering literature, and to professional engineers themselvs. Here the student fits himself for membership in the national organization upon graduation. The objectives of the organization are to broaden the students' acquaintance- ship with the practical side of mechanical engineering, to give each student the journal of the society and thereby keep him informed about engineering progress and to make available the library depositories of the society, to develop the stu- dent's initiative and ability to speak in public and familiarize him with the parlia- mentary procedure and organization of learned societies, to enable the student to establish fraternal contact with his fellow students in engineering, both at his Alma Mater and at other colleges, and to meet graduate engineers engaged in the active practice of mechanical engineering. Meetings, which are held twice eachmonth, provide opportunity for the pre- sentation of student technical papers, for talks by outstanding practicing engineers, and for informal discussions with faculty members of the department. Opportunity is also provided for students to attend meetings of other student branches as well as the sectional and professional division meetings. The plans for a trip through industrial areas will help students now in school to realize the responsibilities whit h they will take upon themselves when they grad- uate and take their places in the engineering profession. l f -if 3 , s 1 wi f The University Band is pictured above after a concert in the Field House. Mr. Zahrt directed. BAN MERTON S. ZAHRT . , . Director of Bands Flute and Piccolo: BARTON, FARRY Oboe: VAN PATTON, CHAS. BLACK, SARAH B HSSOOTZI MCKNIGHT, VERA NORTH, OMER Clarinet: BAKER, DONALD Saxophone fAltoj: CUBBAGE SUZANNAH CARLTON, LAKE FARR, HARRY HENLEY, IOHN KLOSS, GEORGE SANFORD, IOHN TAYLOR, IAMES BARNARD, IOHN ' Horn: BONE, IAMES FORTENBERRY, IOHN LOFTON, MELVIN MCINTOSH, CHAS. MOFFETT, LAWRENCE PRESNELL, ROBERT RIGGS, RICHARD TIDWELL, IAMES Bass Clarinet: ROWLAND, ROBERT LAVOY, BYRON Saxophone fTenorj: BAKER, BLAINE LAMB, WILLIAM Saxophone fBaritonej' HAYS, BILLY HOLT, VIRGINIA NETHERY, IOHN SHEEKS, EDGAR YADON, DOUGLAS OLMSTEAD, EARL ' , ADAMS, BERNARD Tmmbone' Cornet: BLACKMOR, IOHN BOWIE, MAX BRYAN, MARY BENNETT, BILLY CRAWFORD, IIM DAVIS, BILLY MCALLISTER, IIM O'NEIL, GLEN .iff ffhfag Baritone: HILL, FRED KILGORE, IOHN WOOLSTON, HERBERT Tuba: DUCKETT, WILLIAM DUNN, DALE STEDMAN, IAMES WILLIAMS, WM. M. Percussion: BANKSTON, MARVIN COMPTON, WILLIAM GAUNT, IOHN HARBUCK, MILTON IOHNSON, ARTHUR YATES, WILLIAM MEMBERS WHO PLAYED IN FOOTBALL BAND BALLENGER, WILLIAM BURROWS, FAY CHAMBERS, CLAUDE CHURCHILL, THOMAS COTNER, MORRISON CRUMPLER, I. P. DONEGAN, HARVEY EVANSON, WENDELL HALL, IACK HATFIELD, THURMAN i Q ,I HAWKINS, ROBERT IOHNSON, MARVIN LEHMAN, MACK MAGNESS, PED MARTIN, WILLIE MILLICAN, WILLIAM NAPIER, BYRON PENCE, ELDON RIXSIE, CHARLES STONE, THOMAS WATERS, IAMES WATSON, THOMAS Drum Major: CRUMPLER, I, P. Baton Twirlers: KELLEY, LAWRENCE MORRIS, MONA LEE POLAND, PATSY ' 1,4 J, Page 332 ,f f' - "tx N Jig" ' 4' g Viz., -.If -r t -r XR.-' , 1, f' .,.,-f A J: -. .' fr .,'3fQf' , Q., ' ,R V," ' ,K-' ,,.-f' ,.' ,pf -I r ,f ' , Iv f S. . f Y- 'C ' ' I' :- J.:-,A 6 ' A :'- ' .V ,, ghicgif Q' f e Page 333 BAND The University band is open to all qualified students, and the enrollment has grown steadily since the end of World War ll. This year for the first time three bands have formed, a foot- ball band, a concert band, and an R.O.T.C. band. The football band held regular rehearsals from four to six hours each week during September, October, and Novemberg they made trips to Fort Smith and to Memphis for the Texas game. They also per- formed for all the home games and led the homecoming parade. The drum major was P. Crumpler, and the twirling corps consisted of Mona Lee Morris, Patsy Poland, and Lawrence Kelley, The football band also enter- tained the T.C.U. band with a party after the game with Texas Christian Christian University. The R.O.T.C. band meets each Wednesday at 4:30 p. m., and mem- bers receive credit for R.O.T.C. drill. This organization plays for all R.O. T.C. ceremonies and for one or two parades a year. The R.O.T,C. band also took part in the homecoming pa- rade, All R.O.T.C. cadets who play band instruments are eligible for mem- bership in the organization. Immediately after the close of the football season the concert band was organized. This group played for com- mencement ceremonies in February and in Iune. They presented several public concerts and also went on a short concert tour. This group spon- sored a student dance on Valentine Day, using cupids and hearts to deco- rate the mirror in the ballroom along with other Valentine decorations. The concert band assisted with the Arkan- sas High School Band Clinic during the latter part of February, Mark H, Hindsley of the University of Illinois was guest conductor for the clinic, and band members from all over the state attended. At the end of the clinic a concert was presented featuring two clinic bands of 115 players each, and a group of selections by the University concert band. The concert band meets three hours each week and members receive one hour credit each semester. Merton S. Zahrt is director of bands, in addition to his duties as assistant professor of music education. The stu- dent director of the 1947-48 band was Iohn D. Henley III. Other officers in- cluded: president, Iohn Henleyg vice- president, W. Stedman: secretary, Francis F. Barton: and treasurer, Vera McKnight. Elections were held dur- ing the first semester. Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary band fraternity, was reorganized in May, 1947, with Neil Wilbanks, president: lohn Hen- ley, vice-president: Claude Chambers, secretary: and W. Stedman, treas- urer. In September, 1947, Iohn Hen- ley became president to replace the former president who transferred to another school. lack Hall was then elected vice-president: and Tommy Watson was pledgemaster. Director M. S. Zahrt is an honorary member of the fraternity and is also Sponsor of the organization. The purpose of the fraternity is to foster brotherhood among outstanding band members, and to assist in the activities of the Univer- sity bands. The band acquired new red and white West Point type uniforms this year, which added greatly to the ap- pearance of the marching unit as well as the concert band. f fi 'z X3 N mf! ' ,V f .trvfi-' NB' ii2,5- ,c, P 'lf' 11' 1 -' , 1, .1 f.- Front row, left to right: Edmondson, Reed, Edmondson, Alexander, Freeman, Browner. Second row: Iohnson, Strange, Deer, Chaney, Davenport, Amis, Bellue. Third row: Huneycutt, Iohnson, Bradford, Dunn, McKeehan. B. S. U. OFFICERS President ........ VANCE EDMONDSON Devotional Vice-President . . . IOHN E. REED Social Vice-President . . BETTY ALEXANDER Secretary . . . .... ALEEN EDMONDSON MEMBERS ALEXANDER, BETTY BROWNER, MARIE EDMONDSON, ALEEN IOHNSON, PAUL AMIS, DR. EDWARD CHANEY, CLARA I. EDMONDSON, VANCE IOHNSON, DR. W. L. BELLuE, REV. V. DAVENPORT, LOUISE FREEMAN, WALTER MCKEEHAN, MACLYN BOHLEN, EARLE L. DEER, IERRY HAYES, CHESTER REED, IOHN E. BRADFORD, DALE DUNN, MAURICE HUNEYCUTT, HERBERT STRANGE, IOHN N. The Baptist Student Union presents a challenge to the student to forget nei- ther God nor man in his preparation to serve society. This organization affords participating encouragement for the student away from home. It links him with the church in the college center so that spiritual development occurs simultaneously with intellectual development. Its Work is not limited to the local campus alone for it is a unit of the state and southwide Baptist Student Union. In its affiliation with the Baptist World Youth Congress, the BSU extends its efforts beyond the limits of the United States. It seeks to co-operate with all groups that accept and support the teaching of Christ in building character. The BSU is directed in its planning and promotional activities by a sixteen- member executive council and a student secretary. This council is assisted by the Greater Council which is composed of oflicers of the unit organizations. A student becomes a member when he joins any unit organization of the local church. E. "1 ' ' .',z.,,, ' 4, , qw 6 9' 1'l'ifT'f' V f..., all E . ,. X Page 3 ?4 Row I: Sara I. Alexander, Tommie Carol Barnes, William Bowen, Cassie Campbell, Audrey Clever, Edward Magruder Cook, Carol Davidson, Harvey Donegan, Thomas Ellsworth, Marilyn Ann Francis. Row 2: Wanelle Friend, Iulia Ann Gilliam, Christine D. I-login, Margaret Knowles, Lonna Long, I. E. McMullin, Dorothy Markwell, Clyde Mitts, Lena Mixon, Marie Murphy. Row 3: Fred P. O'Neal, Mable Giles Pasley, Connie Pinkerman, Antonia Post, Fred Rutherford, Robert Sanders, Charmian Sure, Lenore Thornton, Ierry Williamson. BOOTS and SPURS OFFICERS Co-Presidents . . PAUL O'NEIL, LENORE THORNTON ' Secretary . ...,. T. A. BLAINE Treasurer . BILL BOWDEN MEMBERS ALEXANDER, SARA I. ELLSWORTH, TOMMY MARKWELL, DOROTHY SANDERS, BOB BARNES, TOMMIE C. FRANCIS, MARILYN MENNECKE, GEORGE SURE, CHARMIAN CAMPBELL, CASSIE FRIEND, WANELLE MITTS, CLYDE B. THORNTON, LENORE CLEVER, AUDREY GILLIAM, IULIA MIXON, LENA K. WALTERS, SARA COLEY, CURTIS I-IOGIN, CHRISTINE MURPHY, MARIE WILLIAMSON, IERRY COOK, MACE KNOWLES, MARGARET NEAL, HELEN PINKERMAN, CONNIE DAVIDSON, CAROL LONG, MARILYN L. O'NEIL, PAUL POST, TONI DONEGAN, HARVEY MCMULLIN, I. E. PASLEY, MABEL RUTHEREORD, FRED I The primary purpose of Boots and Spurs, which was established in 1938, is to promote a genuine interest in horsemanship among Arkansas students, to im- prove their riding ability, and to provide them with outdoor recreation and exercise. Rush parties are held each semester for potential members, and the horse- lovers who pledge are required to ride 16 hours a semester, and may take rides any , time during the week. I Regular meetings are held twice a week, and pledges may gain additional knowledge of how to stay in the saddle from private instructors or by consulting club text books. T The club colors are Sky-blue and scarlet which typify the ideals of the club and the various club standards as set forth by the Organizations constitution. ,-'N X P . S ,u g f if -1" ' Page 335 ' 5 1,5552 gg: , . fe .ess -. f .. .. ,wr .. if v ,tex Q., ,A .. I ' wr 1 ..- - TEE I , 6 " -' ' if A 3' , it 'ff - ' - f : W .. . , I ,. l V , 1 5 I A , " , ,. V ., - -- A IRI., , , , , -- - im , ,. . , . vt- .1 .iz Vu, ,. 3, - - . ,J ' 'fi , - I . ,I 7 I - In . eiilifig ' . my 1f,,. Ji 1951 . 1, ,iff .. I ,. ., .,.,. ., ,., ,, ,. ,, .. 5, . Mila, 5, ., - Wi, . , . as-r , ,. ., . , , IR ' '- - Eff' v - 5, -I if 1, ' . ., tam, - 'V QB A 3 'Q 133,21 f,,. , - J' ., , , . S I , . , V. ,..., - , A I ,. 'QW' 3 E Q X gg GMM ,, K gg ,E I rl 4' A is 4 3- I 'I' 2 1 1: .. ,.. , ,,.... I .. . g g i., ' , "::' A 'I -- :X ,. ., ,,.V . .,., ,, , ,. . .. ,, ,,v, , W ,.,, Sf .. ,,,,,,,., -. , , r ' ff ' ' .. '- - .A x 5 A . 3 Y . , - I A . X A R I , .- . I Q,,L . . . .,,.. ,Q -- H ' L', 'ff A-1+ "" J -A sf: - . . , .. U f. " 5 ' V 2 , 'Q A ' I A A L , egi?,,g S I. .,,.., N ,,,.. M, .. ., 24" .I N ., A. ' yr J, Q , ., E , Q S J fflffiiifl? ' " ' 2 rf: . ' . pi' ' z: -'f'A,f,14:!, f . A. - ' ,, wg 21 A'W1es1t212eifW " 'W- :,1f,f:, - - ' 'flwxilf 1 4 11--12 f- wa .1-A wfv' ff m. f 4:2 ,I ,Af . ,I " we :'.5 11Sis" sf' I' , Wil: . 5 we-..:, W 3-any filhisfgi k -' 1 ft 1 3 - .. .RY I.: mia- SP2 ' ' ' .I 1. RX iffQE5gBi 'Sf A iEiQ9?BF5BHTQ5?H , Sl. e- M lg Q f -- .. S ,W I S . ,. 4, V- ., ..,. X .. S we ir fm ls " L ? x M J' , Qiglip, . ,.,,,. , -1':"" .f-,.:11.:1-f ',:: 1 :EA.- ,Q:f1. '- l E1 ,. x H! lx .. f' ., , . , V,,, . ..,, .. , ,. ,, F' Pr Avg if E fl 22 3 'Q F V FEP : 1, Ig , . 'k.'k , ':,'.::":', AI. rg" ,Z , its . A Ag ' . A " I .- .:g ,, A' ff- - A lar!! A 'rf hi QP' 1 . 5, f , .1 ,. , 2 ' V . i ,S " v -' :-2,1255 5' .. . ' '-si 2352 2 ' :H '..,1 , . I , ' 1 ...., ' K Row Row Row Row Row Florence Adams, Betty Alexander, Carolyn Andrews, Nancy Attwood, Betty Ballard, Billy Barlow, Frances Benton, Sally Ann Bethel, Pauline Bigham, E. Wayne Boyce, Sarah Ann Burns, Martha lane Byrd, Ieannine Campbell, Barbara Carr. Carolyn Cherry, Sally Choate, Clifton Bob Clark, Betty Coleman, Anne Reed Collier, Barron Collier, Robert Collins, Alice Ann Conway, Herman H. Cooper, Lelia Craigo, Ann Crain, Emily Creekmore, Mary Bob Cross, Zannah Cubbage. Marinelle Dameron, Ruth Ann Daniels, Marilyn Deen, Tommy Dodd, Harvey Donegan, Eulas Monroe Drye, lack Dufiie, Iosephine Edlin, Ralph Eubanks, Carol Ann Farmer, Gloria Fenton, Aloyise Ferguson, Bohen Marie Ferrari, Evelyn Freeman. Iayn Friedlander, Iulia Ann Gilliam, Naomi E. Gray, Emily Gregg, Margaret L. Greig, Iane GriHith, Patricia Halbrook, Barbara M. Hampton, Dale Hart, William Paul Hollenbeck, Billie Iean Holt, Gladys Hoover, Winford A. Hoover, Elizabeth Horlacher. Mary F. Hurley, Glo Hutcheson, Ieanne Ingram, Mary Ingram, Mary Louise Ingram, Suzanne Iackson. Dorothy Iohnson, Edgar justice, Martha Kelly, Ellen M. Kinsey, Arville E. Kraus, Rose Kuhn, Gena Ledbetter, Emma Grace Lee. BLACK FRIARS QM A M , . Qi ,. ,..,,,. . . . . ,,. OFFICERS President . . ...... ANN BURNS Vice-President GEORGENA WRIGHT Secretary . FRANCES HuRLEY Treasurer . .... . BETTY RAGA-N MEMBERS ADAMS, FLORENCE CONWAY, ALICE A. FRIEDLANDER, IAYN IUSTICE, EDGAR ALEXANDER, BETTY COOPER, HERMAN H. ANDREWS, CAROLYN CRAIGO, LELIA GILLIAM, IULIA ANN GRAY, NAOMI E. KELLY, MARTHA KINSEY, ELLEN M. ATTWOOD, NANCY CRAIN, ANN GREGG-, EMILY KRAuS, ARVILL E. BALLARD, BETTY CREEKMORE, EMILY GREIG, MARGARET L. KUHN, ROSE BARLOW, BILLY CROSS, MARY BOB GRIFFITH, IANE LEDBETTER, GENA BENTON, FRANCES CUBBAGE, SuzANNAH HALBROOK, PATRICIA LEE, EMMA GRACE BETHEL, SALLY ANN DAMERON, M. A HAMPTON, BARBARA LLOYD, CATHERINE BIGHAM, PAULINE DANIELS, RUTH ANN HART, DALE LYLES, IOHN D. BOYCE, E. WAYNE DEEN, MARILYN HOLLENBECK, WM. MCCLELLAN, MARY BURNS, SARAH ANN DODD, TOMMY BYRD, MARTHA IANE DONEGAN, HARVEY CAMPBELL, IEANNINE DRYE, ELILAS M. HOLT, BILLIE IEAN HOOVER, GLADYS HOOVER, WINFORD MCCOY, CARLTON MCDONALD, MARY I MCDOLIGALL, MARY CARR, BARBARA DUFFIE, IACK HORLACHER, E. MCGINNIS, BETTY CHERRY, CAROLYN EDLIN, IOSEPHINE HURLEY, MARY F. MCKNIGHT, VERA CHOATE, SALLY EuBANKs, RALPH HUTCHESON, GLO MCNEILL, GLORIA CLARK, CLIFTON BOB FARMER, CAROL ANN INGRAM, IEANNE MALIN, MARIORIE C COLEMAN, BETTY FENTON, GLORIA INGRAM, MARY MISENHIMER, ANNE COLLIER, ANNE R. FERGUSON, ALOYISE INGRAM, MARY L. MITCHELL, MARTHA COLLIER, BARRON FERRARI, BOHEN M. IACKSON, SUZANNE MOORE, AMANDA COLLINS, ROBERT FREEMAN, EVELYN IOHNSON, DOROTHY MOORE, HATTIE gfffj Qifshwm if N , jj! Page 336 if V by A X I 'Im L 1 g -291 - Q 'I j .Ki ki . ' K, -Z , Jigga." ng., R "-1- A ffm ,- . . i ,X.,h' 1 -N if-','.,, X. ,Vi-A ,KE i Acxi 4 , .. Eg? ' - ' . . , - Af-Llfrf f ' . fe : qqgql, -v, 'Q .zg gxk ff ,ff Q5 ' ,, ' .-qi" ,' - I r - saflzgfvf Page 337 33 Q , " Qi 'H E . I' ii 2, A . , I , A . . " 'V "' A ' A. " . A f ff , F I -B Q . . - . ,z ,5 I , 5, If All '- ig, In QQKGQ: F A I if.. LV, I l -gi , - 11 , ,, - 4 " A me I , I L'.A, , . A , A A , ., , A--M l:""1 : :-' ,.. L: .. H A WW sr .. 1 7 ,fi ' ' ' 3 A -"- ' 1 ,V'. . ':" . " L' ' I ' 4 A 11: ,,. E V 'g X K , -2 yy :if .. ,T g ,,v: F sl, 4, I ,,. ,, .V LV .-- :V K K K V, k r 2 A J I IO er " I t . . . , X Q Y :-V A A A ' , ' E ,f ' :.:j ft' -- Q, "4 " l ,7 , Row I: Catherine Lloyd, Iohn D. Lyles, Mary McClellan, Carlton McCoy, Marv Iane McDonald, Mary L. McDougall, Betty McGinnis, Gloria McNeil, Vera McKnight, Marjorie C. Malin, Anne Misenhimer, Martha Mitchell, Amanda Moore, Hattie Moore. Row 2: Carol Morgan, Betty Morrow, Iohn W. Mosley, Dorothy L, Murrey, William George Myers, Byron Napier, Aase Roth Olav, Fred P. O'Neal, Alice Paddock, Marie Parker, Patricia Patrum, Camile Phillips, Nancy Phillips, Mary E. Philpot. Row 3: Betty Puckett, Elizabeth Ragan, Mary Ellen Randall, Ida Redman, Raul Reyes, Patricia E. Rhine, Iohn Rhoads, Wanda Robbins, C. L. Rutherford, Lloyd Rutledge, lack Sandridge, Kathryn Sayle, Gerry Shaw, Eddie Sheeks. Row 4' Frances Shouse, Alice Smith, Dollye Smith, Marianne Smith, William Raymond Smith, Dibby Snell- grove, Marihelen Soncini, Mary Stewart, Richard Stites, Carolyn Taylor, Iohn Teague, K. A. Thaxton, Ruth Thomas, M. F. Thompson. Row 5- Ann L. Tillman, lane Toney, Susan Trimble, Elizabeth Walker, Gloria Wallace, Nancy Sue Welch, Mildred Wharry, Phyllis Williams, Katherine Winters, Kat Wittenberg, Mary I. Wood, Betty Woodson, MORGAN, CAROL MORROW, BETTY MOSLEY, IOHN W. MURREY, DOROTHY MYERS, WM. GEO. NAPIER, BYRON OLAv, AASE ROTH OVNEAL, FRED P. PADDOCK, ALICE PARKER, MARIE PATRUM, PATRICIA PHILLIPS, CAMILE PHILLIPS, NANCY PHILPOT, MARY E. Georgena Wright, Mary Wynne. BLACK FRIARS PUCKETT, BETTY RAGAN, ELIZABETH RANDALL, MARY E. REDMAN, IDA REYES, RAUL RHINE, PATRICIA E. RHOADS, IOHN ROBBINS, WANDA RUTHEREORD, C. L. RUTLEDGE, LLOYD SANDRIDGE, IACK SAYLE, KATHRYN SHAW, GERRY SHEEKS, EDDIE SHouSE, FRANCES SMITH, ALICE SMITH, DOLLYE SMITH, MARIANNE SMITH, WM. R. SNELLGROVE, DIBBY SONCINE, MARIHELEN STEWART, MARY STITES, RICHARD TAYLOR, CAROLYN TEAGUE, IOHN THAXTON, K. A. THOMAS, RUTH THOMPSON, M. F. TILLMAN, ANN L. TONEY, IANE TRIMBLE, SUSAN WALKER, ELIZABETH WALLACE, GLORIA WELCH, NANCY SUE WHARRY, MILDRED WILLIAMS, PHYLLIS WINTERS, KATHERINE WITTENBERG, KAT WOOD, MARY I. WOODSON, BETTY WRIGHT, GEORGENA WYNNE, MARY Founded on the University of Arkansas campus in 1912, Blackfriars brings together students who are interested in all phases of dramatic production and gives them an opportunity to develop their dramatic possibilities by the production of meritorious plays. This year Blackfriars produced three well-known plays, "Antigone," "State of the Union," and "The Idiot". The Varsity Show, which was presented in con- nection with the Gaebale, was written and produced by members of Blackfriars. Members of Blackfriars get experience not only in acting but also in crew work such as stage management, scenery construction, make-up, and all the things, necessary for the production of plays. Blair Hart is faculty sponsor. 1 " l", S' . ff fr.S'-'ks NS S f X 1 .-'Ni' x I X . f ig. H, f . . , gg 1 ,Fw N' L Xgllzv-T QV- .f--'f L is t . -f x LI, fvzy. '14, t 'S '77 lg 1' x , 1 fi Row 1: Douglas Eugene Bacon, Iimmy Barefield, Billy G. Brown, Gerald Brown, james Dunn, Iane Dwiggins, Raymond B. Foxx, Gladys Boyd Giles, Alice Gion. Row 2: Iames Iackson Hudson, George Dalton Iennings, William Kennedy, Willis Marshall, Iames W. Mayo, Iack Pittman, Ward Ramsay, Roy Lee Rogers, Ir., Iane Ivan Rucker. Row 3: Denny P. Schafer, Kempner R. Scott, Iames Staggs, Iames Sublette, Arrice T. Teague, Ir., Iames A. Wallace, Iames R. Waters, Donald Wingfield, Roscoe Wood, W. A. G. Woodward. BRANNER CECLGCY CLUB OFFICERS President . ..... KEMPNER SCOTT Vice-President . . G. F. DALTON IENNINGS Secretary-Treasurer . . . . IACK HUDSON Program Chairman ...,. . IANE RUCKER MEMBERS PITTMAN, IACK H. RAMSAY, WARD I. ROGERS, ROY L., IR. RUCKER, IANE IVAN BACON, DOUGLAS E. GILES, GLADYS B. BAREFIELD, IAMES L. GION, ALICE BROWN, BILLY GENE HUDSON, IACK BROWN, GERALD D. IENNINGS, G. D. DUNN, IAMES B. KENNEDY, WM. D. SCOTT, KEMPNER R DWIG-GINS, IANE MARSHALL, W. A. SHAFER, DENNY P. Foxx, RAYMOND MAYO, IAMES W. STAGGS, IAMES O. SLIBLETTE, IAMES TEAGUE, A. T., IR. WALLACE, IAMES A. WATERS, IAMES R. WINCFIELD, DONALD WOOD, ROSCOE A. WOODWARD, G. The Branner Geology Club, which was reorganized in 1946 after having been disbanded during the war, had a successful year and an increase in membership. Although meetings of the Branner Geology Club were held as early as 1912, it was not officially Organized until 1925. The club was named in honor of Iohn C. Branner, who was a former outstanding state geologist of Arkansas and later be- came president of Stanford University. n Branner Geology Club was formed as a social and educational club for stu- dents majoring and minoring in geologyg however, meetings, which are held monthly, are always open to visitors. Attendance at meetings this year has aver- aged over forty. At the regular meetings the programs are either talks by students, faculty, or geologists, Or moving pictures on geological and related Subjects. .1 N 'V .ff . Jr A 5 ' Tw., M., ju' I ,. ,, N, 4'f, 1 f, .ru Q I f J V " 'ffl-it? 1 -67 - E . " X ." --'95-P "l'xT7'3??A t z a -- Nghih fy. . ' T- - ,FT V. J. ' X" 4.-c gif? , , . Q4 S f g Row 1: Barbara Acker, Danny Allen, john Anderson, Carolyn Andrews, Bill Bagby, Edwin Boles, Geraldine Canby, Edward Paul Caperton, Iune Clayton, Alice Ann Conway, Nancy Walker Daggett. Row 2: Ruth Faulkner, Emily Gregg, Carolyn Hammond, Natalie Harrison, Garston Hitch, Basil Samuel Hoag, Ir., Christine D. Hogin, Samuel Hucke, Suzanne Iackson, Edna Marie Iones, Martha Kelly. Row 3: Robert C. Lane, Herbert A. Lewis, Frank McGehee, Iosephine McGill, Peter Makris, Hattie Moore, Carol Morgan, Roy Morley, Currin Nichol, Billye O'Neil, Morris Parker. Row 4: Ella Hunn Payne, Grace Ratcliff, Patricia Rhine, Betsy Ann Ross, Peter Rudolph, Betty Steed, lohn Talbot, Ann L. Tillman, Wallace Weatherton, Nannette Wells, Weldon W. Wood, Mary Wynne, CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS President . ..... ROBERT C. LANE Vice-President . . W. V. WEATHERTON Secretary . . . . HATTIE NIOORE Treasurer . ..... HAROLD ALLEN g MEMBERS ACKER, BARBARA CONWAY, ALICE A. JONES, EDNA MARIE PARKER, WESLEY M. ALLEN, DAN DAGGETT, NANCY KELLY, MARTHA RATCLIFF, GRACE ANDERSON, IOHN FAULKNER, RUTH LEWIS, HERBERT A. RHINE, PAT ANDREWS, MARY C. GREGG, EMILY MAKRIS, PETE Ross, BETSY BAGBY, BILL HAMMOND, CAROLYN MCGEHEE, FRANK RUDOLPH, PETE BAKER, SAM HARRISON, NATALIE MCGILL, IOSEPHINE STEED, BETTY BOLES, EDWIN V. HITCH, GARSTON MORGAN, CAROL TALBOT, IOHN BONE, IIM HOAG, BASIL MORLEY, ROY TILLMAN, ANN CANBY, GERALDINE HOGIN, CHRISTINE NICHOL, CuRRIN WELLS, NANNETTE CAPERTON, PAUL HUCKE, SAM OYNEIL, BILLYE WOOD, WELDON CLAYTON, IuNE IACKSON, SUZANNE PAYNE, ELLA HuNN WYNN, MARY A. ZACK, BILLIE The Association of Canterbury Clubs is a national organization of Episcopal students located on college and university campuses throughout the country. The member groups are committed to a definite program of Worship, study, Service, giving, evangelism, and unity, The U. of A. Canterbury Club is, in effect, the stu- dent section of the Church Society for College Work of the Episcopal Church. The activities of the local Canterbury Club this year have been: The devel- opment of interesting and informative programs, the sponsoring of a clothing drive in all the organized men'S houses, and the mailing of the clothes to needy persons in Europe. Meetings of the club are held bi-monthly. 5 za. t s Z AR ... ag . gs, X '41, Q1 QR tg.. A:-1, A574 I HI," ff . ij. J. K V f-giggle, , ff f""' , 1 .As - ' fir- Page 339 . I' The University Men's Bible Class poses with their sponsors outside their meeting place at the Central Presbyterian Church. CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN OFFICERS President . . .... JAMES R. MCCAULEY Vice-President . .... DAVIS RICHARDSON Secretary .... . . . IESSE P. WALT Treasurer . . . ..... DALTON IENNINGS During its thirty years under the same leadership, the University Men's Class of the Central Presbyterian Church has steadily emphasized the importance of Iesus Christ in the life of a student, and loyalty to Him as a basis of enduring friendships and helpful associations. Stress has been laid upon regular consecu- tive attendance and days of special importance in the life of a university man have been celebrated. Following a custom of nearly a quarter century, members of the football team are guests of honor on a day in the fall and the basketball team on a similar day in the winter. Homecoming, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Sundays, as well as Mother's Day, are given special attention. December 14, 1947, set an all-time record in total attendanceof 303, with a Single Sunday Attendance for a group of 143 by the Kappa Sigmas. The members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon had the best consecutive group record in the first semester. Other student activities in the Church include participation in Christian Coun- cil and Christian Associations on the campus, as well as in the activities of West- minster Fellowship in Presbytery and Synod and in the national program of West- minster Foundation. An informal group meets each Sunday evening for discussion and fellowship at dinner under the leadership of the Rev. Iohn P. McConnell. Davis Bates Richardson succeeded Pendleton Woods in the fall as vice-presi- dent, and Dalton Iennings succeeded Carroll Barge as treasurer during the second semester. !"iSf"N 1 J if e, f JV! . . W!! ' , Fics, ,f if ' X. , A A .- it 5 f V f .-3-51-1 .L V -af .Q-,N W ' if ,yi W ,,,.,. . , L, - R,-f, ,-,155 - .Lx ' NH in , ' ff. mt- - -gil .-ff i sz , ,:f::jl5,,:'-Y . .. f Page 340 K A' 5 S I is r 'f:-.. I I, VA gf if yy Ky A X g A M 5 A I ,, . LWB A T I A I I 1 I , y f I , , -. , A I ' s I Left to right: Landes, Campbell, Collins, Lackey, Sonneman, Daniels, Iones. CHEERLEADERS FOR THE FALL TERM BALDWIN, Bun CAMBY, GERALDINE HURT, TIGER BouRGEoIs, LOUISE Cox, FuzzY MCSWAIN, MICKEY GIBSON, BETTY CHEERLEADERS FOR THE SPRING TERM CAMPBELL, IEANINE DANIELS, RUTH ANN LANDES, COPELAND COLLINS, DAVE IONES, IAY SONNEMAN, BILL LACKEY, MAISEY Chant! Yell! Chant some more and yell some more! Yea red, yea white! Where's that old Arkansas spirit? These lusty pleadings were hurled at Razor- back fans throughout all the major sports events of the year by the cheerleaders who "called the hogs" until they were hoarse. The Cheerleaders, who are Selected twice a year by the Arkansas Boosters Club, serve for one term of the school year. The Fall cheerleaders serve during the football season and the Spring cheerleaders serve through the basketball season and for the remaining sports events of the year. This year the Cheerleaders who served during the football season were headed by Bud Baldwin. His tonsil strained helpers included Fuzzy Cox, Ger- aldine Camby, Louise Bourgeois, Betty Gibson, Tiger Hurt, and Mickey McSwain. This group attended all out-of-town football games including those in Little Rock, Memphis, and Tulsa. This year, as has been the custom in the past, the Cheer- leaders led the traditional Homecoming parade which was held before the game with Texas A. and M. The Cheerleaders for the Spring term were headed by Bill Sonneman. Mem! bers of his squad were Copeland Landes, Maisey Lackey, Ieanine Campbell, Ruth Ann Daniels, Dave Collins, and lay Iones. 'Ts X 9 A is A - gigxk ,,,- Page 341 5 55 xx I If I I X TT 4 V X Row 1: Bill Bggby, George Bgdridge, Warren K. Bass, Ioyce Bledsoe, Warren Bock, Halbert S. Bruce, Willa ll C 'l . Iean a Oway, eci upp Row 2: lack H. Derdeyn, Leslie Evitts, Thomas Faust, Murphy Gathright, Virginia Gist, William Halbrook, Arthur Holiman, Iohn Billy Holiman. COMMERCE GUILD OFFICERS President . . ,... MORRELL GATHRIGHT Vice-President . . MARCUS HALBROOK Secretary . . .... IEAN KING Treasurer ...... WILLA IEAN CALLOWAY MEMBERS OF TI-IE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BAGBY, BILL DERDEYN, IACK KIGHT, IEAN ANN SHOFNER, CAROL BALDRIDGE, WINSTON EVITTS, LESLIE KING, IEAN SMITH, EDWARD BASS, WARREN FAUST, TOM MCCAA, I. C. THEIS, WARREN BLEDSOE, IOYCE GATHRIGHT, MORRELL O'NEAL, IACK VANCE, NANCY BOCK, WARREN GIST, VIRGINIA PEARSON, TOM WARD, HAMILTON BRUCE, HAL HALBROOK, MARCUS PRICE, BILLIE IOE WHITELAW, ERNEST CALLOWAY, WILLA HOLIMAN, ARTHUR PRICE, IULIE WILSON, BRUCE CLONINGER, GENE HOLIMAN, BILL PURNELL, IOHN WOOD, RAY CUPP, CECIL IORDAN, BECKY QUINN, NEALE "The 'Arkansas System' is one that I hope to see expanded to many universi- ties, and the close cooperation between the student body and the faculty of the Business School is an outstanding example of the mixture of business and pleas- ure," said Dr. Howard R. Bowen, Dean of the College of Business Administration of the University of Illinois, at his appearance as guest speaker at the annual Win- ter Commerce Day Convocation, On Ianuary 9. Dean Bowen was brought to the campus by the Executive Council of the Commerce Guild, and spoke at the convo- cation to a capacity crowd. The "Arkansas System" is the result of the work of the student body, past and present, and the faculty, It has resulted in the formation of the Commerce Guild, which is composed of all the students of the College of Business Adminis- tration. . sc, ,gag ' Q' ' I I -I N, ,g i f E ' E1-1f5" f z l , " ' J if Page 342 Row 1: Becky A. Iordan, lean Ann Kight, lean King, lack L. O'Neal, Charles Pearson, Iulied Price, Iohn S. Purnell, Neale Quinn. Row 2: Carol Shofner, Ed Smith, Warren Theis, Nancy Vance, Hamilton Ward, Ernest L. Whitelaw, Bruce Wilson, Henry Wood. COMMERCE GUILD The Winter Convocation, an annual affair of the Commerce Guild, was termed the "Stockholders Meeting of the Commerce Guild" in order to give it the proper business atmosphere. All business students who attended the meeting were given tickets good for one of the many valuable prizes that were given away in a drawing held at the Commerce Day dance. The Commerce Guild exists to express and provide for the needs of the stu- dents, to foster cooperation between faculty and students, and to promote the inter- ests of the college and the university. It is the largest student organization at the University of Arkansas and its officers are elected by its members, the business students. All the activities of the Commerce Guild and the expenditures of its funds are planned by the Executive Council. Composed of thirty-six members, the Execu- tive Council consists of four officers and four representatives elected from each class, and four officers and four representatives elected at large. Morrell Gath- right of Pine Bluff has been responsible for much of the success of the Council this year. His leadership has resulted in a program of outstanding service to the organ- ization. Among the many accomplishments of the Guild this year were the issuance of orientation information to freshmen and new students, order of a pay telephone to be installed for student use, and the reservation of two rooms in the Commerce Building for student use. One of these two rooms was completely redecorated and outfitted to serve as a business seminar classroom and placement room. The other is an informal study room with current periodicals for reference work. This study room was launched with great success during the second term. The Commerce Day held Ianuary 9 was the second winter day to be cele- brated. ln addition to the convention, the annual Council banquet was held. The senior class was honored at this banquet. if if ik f if Page 343 1 Left to right: Vance Cook, Deane Hammond, Lee Hayes, Betty Morrow, Richard Meek. CHRISTIAN YOUTH FELLCWSHIP OFFICERS President . . ..,... VANCE COOK Vice-President . . . BETTY BOWEN MORROW Publicity Chairman . .... LEE HAYES Hospitality Chairman . . DEANE HAMMOND Recreation Chairman .... . . GENE MEEK The Christian Youth Fellowship of the First Christian Church is composed of students attending the university and those of university age who have finished school or are employed. Its purpose is to encourage worship, study, fellowship, church attendance and service on the campus and in the community. As well as providing fellowship for university students, the CYF has also contributed financially to such movements as the World Student Service Fund, the Disciple Student Fellowship and many other local and national movements. The meetings, held on Sunday evenings, offer a wonderful opportunity for worship, discussion of current topics and fellowship with other students. The meetings each Sunday are followed by a supper. At the first of the second semester the CYF was completely reorganized as to operation of the group. A well-rounded program was set up to induce more stu- dents to attend. This worked marvels, and the organization has grown in numbers as well as purpose. Many interesting and enriching worship programs, under the guidance of Betty Morrow, were presented. In November, the CYF brought to the campus Russell Fuller, who attended the World Student Christian Federation in Oslo, Norway, during the summer of 1947. He spoke on conditions of students in Europe, The CYF has been sponsored by the Rev, Robert Moffett, and was repre- sented on the Campus Christian Council by Vance Cook and Betty Morrow. if sw ff f P 'F-A ., ' 1 -A x, .,f,,-'X X ,f , ', Q, H If .,,' egg' . .. -525' -, ir' ., '-I Qu- ieqi A23 vm, - ' I, -- 'V-,i Wu- , ,azggr , 'Liv I , I .f P H .-I-C L- , N P iii..-fb 'Q . ' D+ Page 344 Page 345 Row 1: Betty Alexander, Farry Barton, Marie Browner, Betty Cain, Alice Cardwell, Betty Ieanne Cochran, M. I. Coddington, Rita V. Cook, Nelle E. Curry, Iimmye Dobkins. Row 2: Eunice Ann Foreman, Perry lean Goodwin, Iulia Gray, Deane Hammond, lean Hilton, Edith Holley, Evelyn Houston, Faye Houston, Alene Izell, Ioyce Kulbeth. Row 3: Dorothy LaVoice, LaVonne McGee, Una Morrow, Ruth Overstreet, Mary E. Philpot, Ioyce P. Priest, Norma Iune Savage, Wilma Spiller, Gladys A. Tallent, Retha Thompson, Sibyl Thompson. COTERIE OFFICERS President . . .... BETTY ALEXANDER Vice-President . . SYBIL THGMPSON Secretary . RUTH QVERSTREET Treasurer . . . RITA COOK MEMBERS ALEXANDER, BETTY CURRY, NELLE HOUSTON, EVELYN PHILPOT, MARY E. BARTON, FRANCES DOBKINS, IIMMIE HOUSTON, FAYE PRIEST, PAULINE BROWNER, MARIE FOREMAN, EuNIcE IZELL, ALENE SAVAGE, IuNE CAIN, BETTY GOODWIN, PERRY I. KULBETH, KATHRYN SEWELL, RUTH E. CARDWELL, ALICE GRAY, IuLIA LAVOICE, DOROTHY SPILLER, WILMA COCHRAN, BETTY HAMMOND, DEANE MCGEE, LAVONNE TALLENT, GLADYS CODDINGTON, JEAN HILTON, IEAN MORROW, UNA MAY THOMPSON, RETHA COOK, RITA HOLLEY, EDITH OVERSTREET, RUTH THOMPSON, SIBYL For the last nine years Coterie has been a social organization for independent women students on the campus, Coterie members are chosen by the five points of the Coterie star: leadership, social ability, loyalty, sincerity, and fellowship. Coterie had many social events which included three rush parties, an initiation banquet at Tontitown, and a Christmas dance. The annual formal Christmas party was also held during the holiday season at the home of the sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Belvin. Coterie girls won many honors this year. Nell Curry, lean Hilton, and Retha Thompson were all appointed to Sophomore Council, Wilma Spiller was a football maid at the Ole Miss game and Dot LaVoice was a maid for the Homecoming game. . g is ,G f I I TSX N I -, , 'YN X f' Q X XX4, .L,a ,l. ,, . l .1 jf! 5 N X 4 X . 1 , iw ' x A IEQ xl w 5,11 -fur X 7 P X ALLEN, BEN CRAVENS, IOHN GUTENSOHN, WALT RAMSAY, CHARLES I Row 1: Robert Allen, William Arnold, Woodson W. Bassett, Edward Bedwell, L, D. Blair, William Bowen, joseph Caskey, Iohn L. Cloninger, William james Collins, Elbert Iackson Cook. Row 2: Iohn Cravens, Carl E. Davis, Iohn C. Deacon, Ed. Dillon, William Eckert, William Eldredge, Harry Herbert Ellis, William Enfield, Bill Ferguson, Iames Gardner. ' Row 3: Charles Gocio, Walter Gutensohn, William Hamilton, Iohn Ioyce, I. H. Krannichfeld, A. D, McAllister, Iohn McClellan, Homer McEwen, Charles Mott, Ir., Edward Parham. Row 4: Edward M. Penick, Charles Edward Ramsay, Iames G. Sharp, Harvey Simmons, Iames Storey, Marvin Dell Thaxton, Aubrey Leon Turner, Don R. Wassner, Dayton Wiley, Richard E. Williams, Ernest Wright. . DELT THET PHI OFFICERS Dean . . . .,... IACK DEACON Vice-Dean . . . MAURICE BEDWELL Clerk of the Rolls . . . BILL MOORHEAD Clerk of the Exchequer . . A. D. MCALLISTER MEMBERS ARNOLD, WILLIAM BASSETT, BILL BEDWELL, EDWARD BLAIR, L. D. BOWEN, BILL BOYER, ROBERT CARROLL, PHIL CASKEY, IOSEPH DAVIS, CARL DILLON, EDWARD DOWNIE, ROBERT ECKERT, BILL ELDREDGE, BILL ELLIS, HARRY ENFIELD, WILLIAM FERGUSON, BILL CLONINGER, LAWSON GARDNER, IAMES M. COLLINS, WILLIAM COOK, E. I. GOCIO, CHARLES HAMILTON, W. P. HARRISON, BEN KRANNICHFELD, I. MCCLELLAN, I., IR. MCEWEN, HOMER MCDONALD, ED MOORHEAD, WM. MOTT, CHARLES PARHAM, RODNEY PENICK, ED SHARP, I. B. SIMMONS, HARVEY STOREY, IAMES TERRY, WILLIAM THAXTON, MARVIN TURNER, AUBREY TURNER, OTHEL WASSNER, DON WILEY, DAYTON WILLIAMS, RICHARD WRIGHT, ERNEST Delta Theta Phi was organized on the campus in 1941 by fifteen students who felt a need for a law fraternity Whose membership was based on professional apti- tude, scholarship and Congeniality. The local senate Was installed as a reactivation of the old Senate formerly located in the Arkansas Law School in Little Rock, and was named for the late Ioseph T. Robinson, eminent jurist and U. S. Senator from Arkansas. .A F ' f ,ff R - .2514-,,,,Q , ,I f Milf' I 'f' if . ,z-, K ' - pf f Ax N .-,ff . ' , X I ' ', I , 427 A. ,gg-: L U57 ,mb -sz, ' 'thi' V gi::fT HA., mv: I Xxxx -1. ,. h I-J Y QI- K, . ,ffgfbl . l:, . ' "" .e- X f. - ,T 7' V , , ' a :P '. , -.,'.1?2.',zAE .fs ,ez -1 l .I PCIQG L - ........ Row I: Gwyn Atnip, Demetra Bradshaw, Hughes Buerger, Iimmy F. Cook, Bette Drilling, Stanley Nelson Elson, Burton M. Feirismith, Richard Feltz. Row 2: Ann Godt, Harold Iay Keller, Wanda Nichols, Charles Rubin, Iames Sublette, Connie Telford, Elizabeth Walker, lean Weir. DEUTSCHER VEREI GFFICERS President . . ...... HAL KELLER Vice-President . . . . JAMES SUBLETTE Secretary-Treasurer . . DEMETRA BRADSHAW MEMBERS ATNIP, GWYN DRILLING, BETTE GODT, ANN SUBLETTE, IAMES BRADSHAW. DEMETRA ELSON, STANLEY KELLER, HAL TELFORD, CONNIE BUERGER, HUGHES FELTZ, Louis NICHOLS, WANDA WALKER, LIBBY COOK, IIM FEINSMITH, BURTON RuB1N, CHARLES WEIR, IEAN Deutscher Verein was first organized in 1904 to promote the study of German life and literature, and was primarily designed to give practice in the spoken lan- guage. In 1917, before the First World War, the club was one of the largest groups on the campus, but it was forced to drop its activities during the War, be- cause Of anti-German sentiment. Dr. A. E. Lussky reorganized the Deutscher Verein in 1929, only to have it become inactive again with the outbreak of World War II. Reorganized Once again in October of 1946, the club now meets every first and third Thursdays of each month under the sponsorship of Prof. Iohn Wesley Thomas of the foreign language department. The monthly meetings Of Deutscher Verein feature speakers, songs, movies, and plays. An annual beer bust will close this year's activities. Harold Keller, this year's president, leads most of the dis- cussions in German on the current national affairs. Deutscher Verein has had a very successful year this year. XM., 1 . if -if 1 N i f Page 347 Row I: Nolan B. Allison, Reginald Baxter, Don Callaham, William Deaver, William Gartside. Row 2: Ray H. Hedgecock, Robert Kuhlman, Major Atlas Lilly, Harry T. Lyle. ENGINEERING COUNCIL OFFICERS President . . ..... RAY HEDGECOCK ' Vice-President . . BOB MADDOX Secretary . . LESTER REDMOND Treasurer . ,... . . TOM LYLE MEMBERS ALLISON, NOLAN GARTSIDE, WILLIAM LYLE, HARRY T, ROSEN, WARD BAXTER, REOINALD I-IEDGECOCK, RAY MADDOX, ROBERT N. RUSSELL, BILL CALLAHAM, DON KUHLMAN, ROBERT McCALLu1vI, ROBERT SENYARD, CORLEY DEAVER, BILL LILLY, ATLAS REDMOND, LESTER STEWART, RALPH WILSON, WALLACE The Engineering Council is composed of seventeen engineering students who plan and direct the social functions of the Engineering School. The membership consists of two members of each affiliate student branch of AlChE, ASME, AIEE, and ASCE, and are elected by three respective branches to represent them: the engineering students serving as members on the Student Senateg the editor and business manager of the Arkansas Engineer, and four members which are elected at large, one for each class, that is freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. The present Officers are: Ray Hedgecock, president: Bob Maddox, vice-president: Lester Redmond, secretary: and Tom Lyle, treasurer. The meetings of the Engineering Council are held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month whenever such meetings are necessary to conduct business. This business usually consists of talks, and problems concerning the coming Engi- neer's Day. Engineer's Day is celebrated as near St. Patrick's Day as convenient and al- though St. Patrick is recognized and honored as a patron saint of the engineers, JH-Ra '47 .5 I fb N' ,jf ,. 3-'jj f K S 9 L 'fx . ..,r,i'1 , , if Page 348 L if Page 349 Row I: Robert McCallum, Robert N. Maddox, Lester R. Redmond, Ward Rosen. Row 2: Wm. Franklin Russell, Corley Senyard, Ralph L. Stewart, Wallace O, Wilson. ENGINEERING COUNCIL few students realize the true meaning of St, Patrick's Day or why engineers select his birthday as a day of celebration. First, they have a legal excuse for cutting classesg second, somehow it proves to them that a number of years back there was a stone fthe Blarney stonej found in the foothills of Missouri which had the words "Erin Go Braughn chiseled upon it. A neighboring school, the University of Missouri, lay claim to the founding of St. Patrick's Engineer's Day. lt seems that back before the days of the mechan- ical ditch-digger someone had dug the holes and found the stone with its strange markings. The discussion that followed resulted in the conclusion that "Erin Go Braughn meant "St. Patrick was an engineer". With such a great personage shar- ing the griefs of the four to seven year push through the engine school, there was but one resolution to make. This was for all the Missouri senior engineering stu- dents to meet in the library, dedicate themselves to St. Patrick, parade down the streets singing Irish songs and drinking Irish liquor. With the prospect of getting out of classes the following St. Patrick's Day, plans for other Engineers Days were formulated. ln the year 1907 the Missouri School of Mines at Rolla began a similar cele- bration, and March 17, 1909, marked the beginning of this celebration at the Uni- versity of Arkansas. The practice of celebrating Engineer's Day has continued at Arkansas up to the present time. Attractions have been added to the celebration from time to time including such things as painting shamrocks wherever possible, election of St, Pat and St. Patricia, the knighting of the senior engineers, fireworks, a banquet, breakfast, and engineers' dance. Betty Sullivan, freshman from Harris- burg, and O. Grizzell, Ir., from Memphis, Tennessee, were selected to reign as St. Patricia and St. Pat over the annual celebration this year. ln order to separate the men from the boys, a contest is held during the St. Patrick's celebration to determine who can grow the longest beard. few N, ,gc "Q .-sr ' I , r' Q -V swf? , .Q ggi! 'Y' . -I-1 ':- 4.1. I-if I Alf" 'Tp - K liigrsm Q K ."' . A 5, f, ' -f 7" ' 5 lf-: 3 ' . -"H-T' ' A -- - ' 2 . ' ffif -," - ' 2 - - -'Q if we-, w 5 , I ww: ig ,-53 ' t rggfekg i ts f - -wi : 1 in ' , , f Q-f',j'?f 5,3 , r- 'I ' .lk JW, 53 5 Z2 " A ' f .5-'5 , A -1, gi 5' ' 2' f A ' 3jj.3':.f- xiii . -1 . RH 1? . ' ale - I ' r f ig -V , , I A ries . - I - f, gig, an , g if im' , , -mir? raggf, ,g 21 :1Q':jj:,:' fi..-,.. ..f?'w?: - ' ,S is '- ., , ' - ., , ' 5:39 " '- i .. I .. , --- ' ., A 'I ' It I I v- ' . .. ' i A - ,, "" I -' A fi '- ,,' ' .-12' Zi. f 't iifi' . is '- - . f , ' I Q . 3 V M51 - . A Ai K f" ' , . A ' , fm, - , ' I .. f il 6 ii. A -'A, xi wp 5. ,.'. t. Q .. "QS -0 Q Q , ' , ., 33 . A I I .I . . i , : b. , s. . x u .A N , I 1 , XB , . f r ' ? 6 X, . if J Row I: Bobby D. Barnett, Ernest Bennett, Gus H. Bryant, Iames Bryant, Harvey Bull, Roy Burris, Norman Choate, B. Hall Davis, Sherrell DeBusk, Donald Farris. Row 2: Dalton Goodrich, William Heflin, William R. Henry, Iack Hogins, D. B. Hutson, loe Paul Iohnson, john C. Iohnson, Willis E. Kimbrough, Archie Knight, Iames Kyle. Row 3: F. W. Montgomery, Glen Perkins, Theodore Pfrimmer, Morris T. Sams. Iames Scisson, Frank Snyder, Charles W. Thornley, Donald Iohn Tyson, Marvin Walsh, Andy Wyatt. F. F. . OFFICERS President . .... JACK HOGINS Vice-President . . BILL HEFLIN Secretary . . DENVER HuTsoN Treasurer . . IAMES BRYANT MEMBERS BENNETT, E. M. DEBUSK, SHERRELL KNIGHT, ARCHIE SCISSON, I. P. BRYANT, Gus FARRIS, DONALD KYLE, IAMES SNYDER, FRANK BULL, HARVEY HENRY, BILL MONTGOMERY, W. THORNLEY, CHARLES BuRRIs, ROY IOHNSON, IOE P. PERKINS, GLEN TYSON, DON CHOATE, NORMAN IOHNSON, IOHN C. PFRIMMER, TED WALSH, MARVIN DAVIS, B. H. KIMBROUGH, W. E. SAMS, M. T. WYATT, A. I. The Future Farmers of America is the national organization for students of Vocational agriculture. Drganized in November, 1928, by Henry C. Groseclose, it has served to motivate and visualize the systemic instruction offered to students of agriculture and to provide further training in farm citizenship. It exists today because of a cooperative spirit and a desire on the part of farm boys to have a national Organization. The University of Arkansas Collegiate Chapter of F.F.A. was granted a charter in 1939 and is now the only collegiate chapter in the state. The local chap- ter is designed primarily for training prospective teachers of vocational agriculture in their duties as advisors in F.F.A. The aim of the chapter is to encourage boys who show promise in high school and are agriculturally interested to attend the University of Arkansas. Faculty advisors are Dr. Roy W. Roberts and Dr. La Van N. Shoptaw, both of the agricultural education department. ff?-i"1 'QQ L' ," 1? 1 , I 1 - 'f-, , - i A,' XV' ' x. .A if A W r r - 's " ., .,-. , 7 ' A . uv, Q 'I -4" ,ni . xg, :J , V. AF .1 ff? ,. M., 5 - if x, " .., 1.2!-1 ., :lk X F - , i -..yung N nf.: 41L,.MZ , l' : ' 'Nz' s.3"?k:?37'5 aff ' ' 'iffg Page 350 ROW lr ElrOY BiSCh0f, Allen Deislinger, C, S. Golclberger, Walter Glenn Graupner, Fred Henne, Ioan I. Herrera, Grayson Kuehnert. Row 2: Chrystelle Olson, Iohn Oltmann, Carlyn lane Piper, David L. Piper, Iames Q, Smith, Carl Steyer. GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President . . ..... DAVID L. PIPER Vice-President . . GRAYSON KUEHNERT Secretary . . CHARLES GOLDBERGER Treasurer ...... FRED HENNE MEMBERS BISCHOF, CHARLES HENNE, FRED OLSON, CHRYSTELLE SCHLEEF, DANIEL BLEDSOE, HARLEY HERRERA, IOAN DOLTMANN, IOHN ScHuLTz, BLAKE DEISLINGER, ALAN KUEHNERT, GRAYSON PIPER, CARLYN SMITH, IAMES GOLDBERGER, CHAS. MENNECKE, GEORGE PIPER, DAVID GRAUPNER, WALTER STEYER, CARL SLINDERMAN, BOB Gamma Delta is the international association of Lutheran college and univer- sity students. It is sponsored by the Student Service Commission of the Missouri Synod and is governed by the Lutheran students of the Synodical Conference. ln 1928 the Lutheran students afliliated with the Synodical Conference organ- ized the Student District of the International Walther League. This enterprise was conceived by the Walther League as a temporary expedient until the Church would be able to offer something of a more permanent character to her college stu- dents. In 1934 the accredited delegates from twelve colleges and universities unanimously effected the dissolution of the Student District of the Walther League and organized Gamma Delta, Gamma Delta chapter activities are spiritual, cultural, social, and athletic in nature. Gamma Delta publishes the Spectator, an informative and stimulating bi- monthly magazine. Regional seminars and annual conventions are arranged. ,rr V 'N f fx 'at S. i ts S f U -3 S Page 51 I I - -,r,...i.........,ow.mfiI l l l l Row 1: Charles Bailey, Sue H. Baran, Nancy N. Bollinger, M. L. Brown, Winslow Brown, Marie Browner, I George Clarkson, Orville Ben Core, Neylon C. David. Row 2: B. A. Fletcher, Benjamin Fogg, Robert Forrester, Raymond B. Foxx, Philip W. Fry, Theodore Thomas I I Hayes, Clyde D. Hester, Eugene Howard, William E. Hughen. 1 Row 3: Iohn Ioyner, Otis Dale Killian, Ezra Kyle, Roland Mariott, Ed Moore, Donald B. Morris, Leon MOSS, Q William George Myers, Theodore Primmer. I Row 4: Thomas Ponder, William Ragon, Willis L. Roberts, Charles Sewell, Grace Belle Shipley, Iames M. Stiles, l Iohny Telaar, Iames E. Thornton, William Wilson. I GAMMA IOT OFFICERS i President . . .... CLYDE D. HESTER l Vice-President . . NANCY BOLLINGER I Secretary , . GRACE B. SHIPLEY Treasurer . . . . WILLIAM E. HUGHEN MEMBERS I BAILEY, CHAS. W. FOGG, BEN KILLIAN, DALE PONDER, THOMAS C. I BARAN, SLIE H, FORRESTER, ROBERT KYTLE, EZRA F. RAGON, WILLIAM A. BOLLINGER, NANCY Foxx, RAYMOND B. LANGSTON, I. I., IR. ROBERTS, WILLIS L. BROWN, MARVIN L. FRY, PHILIP MARIOTT, ROLAND ROSE, GRIN BROWN, WINSLOW HAYES, THEODORE MOORE, ED SEWELL, CHARLES R. BROWNER, MARIE HESTER, CLYDE D. MORRIS, DONALD B. SHIPLEY, G. B. CORE, GRVILLE BEN HOWARD, EUGENE MOSS, LEON STILES, IAMES M. CLARKSON, GEO. D. HLIOHEN, W. E. MYERS, WM. GEO. TELAAR, IOHNNY DAVID, NEYLON C. IOYNER, IOHN C. PFRIMMER, TED THORNTON, IAMES E. FLETCHER, B. A. I WILSON, CODY j Gamma Iota, Which Secured its national charter here at the University in I August, 1944, has carriedon an active program this year to mark its fourth year of Service to ex-G. l.'s. Under the direction Of its president, Doyce Hester, it waged a fight for in- creased Subsistence for G. I. trainees as its major project for the year. In Decem- ber it Sent a representative to Washington, D. C., to aid in a national lobby of I student veterans in an effort to get .Congress to pass the increased veteran's Sub- sistence bill. Gamma Iota members feel Sure that their efforts had a great deal to do With the passing of a bill that gave the veterans a sizeable increase in their sub- . Sistence checks. 1 .- X ','f 'Rig' T' We VZ Page 352 f I , X If V jf! 'jx' it-L V ,.,,f v . . N. 6 ' : L -i I Q57 'ir- ' . -ll1if ,, '11-, -be If I , 'A-'ix . few "'-WEEE. If. 4 -- '-.SUQ f . . ' ., I - ,-. ,l, 'KL' ...,.:eEf?:15'f ff -' Row 1: Barton, Blakemore, Boaz, Boothe, Browner, Bruce, Bryant, Camp, Coleman. Row 2: Cornelius, Davidson, Follett, Frashier, Gilliam, Hawley, Haynes, Hill, Houston. Row 3: Hubbard, Kinsey, LaVoice, Loss, McDougall, Morgan, Parker, Robins, Rodgers. Row 4: Simmons, Standefer, St. Iohn, Sutton, Tallent, Tennison, Turpin, West, Wood, Woodrum. H0 E EC. CLUB OFFICERS President . . ..... RITA SIMMONS Vice-President . . BATSINE FRASHIER Treasurer . . ALICE RUTH GILLIAM Secretary . ..... SARA HOPE WEST MEMBERS BARTON, FRANCES DAVIDSON, BETTY KINSEY, ELLEN SIMMONS, RITA BLAKEMORE, ROBBIE FAUCETT, PAULINE KULBETH, KATHRYN STANDEFER, IEAN BOAZ, EVELYN FOLLETT, MARY F. LAVOICE, DOT ST. IOHN, PEGGY BOOTHE, NANCY FRASHIER, BATSINE LOSS, ELIZABETH SUTTON, CHRISTINE BROWNER, MARIE GILLIAM, ALICE R. MCDOUGALL, MARY TALLENT, GLADYS BRUCE, MILDRED HAWLEY, SUE MILAM, LAHOMA TENNISON, PATSY A. BRYANT, MADGE HAYNES, IOHNIE LEE MORGAN, CAROL TURPIN, IANICE CAMP, IEAN HILL, WILLIE PARKER, DORIS ANN WEST, SARA HOPE COLEMAN, WINONA HOUSTON, EVELYN ROBINS, BETTY WOOD, MARY CORNELIUS, MARY HUBBARD, FRANCES RODGERS, CAROLYN WOODRUM, LOUISE Although the main purpose of the Home Ec Club is to discuss and study the most effective methods of household management, it is not entirely a "problem study" club. The members, in the expectation that later on they will be called upon to apply this knowledge to problems in their Own homes, Strive for perfect cooper- ation with the Home Economics department by taking an active part in all activ- ities Of the department. lt is in this way that the club is able to develop leadership and social qualities in its members. The Home Ec club opened the year with its annual Fall Weiner roast at Hara mon playfield in honor of the freshmen. ln December the club held its annual Christmas tea, and the following month it sponsored a rummage sale. Representa- tives of the club were sent to the State Home Ec Club meeting in Little Rock and the province meeting in Memphis, , If, f 1 R. XS A A P ge S3 S I SX 1 l v It , if fa' A rs Y T'-i, , x "El, iff R 129-ex 'll ' I, il -1 2' F 1 .. ff' i X Row 1: Abraham, Appel, Betsy Benton, Ernest C. Benton, Blair, Christy, Cole, Dickinson, Ellis, France. Row 2: Grissom, Humphreys, Hurst, Iennings, Kiech, Longino, McFaddin, Meador, Montgomery, Peterson. Row 3: Phillips, Reid, Rutledge, Rutherford, Brenda Stuck, lean Stuck, Stuckey, Christine Sutton, Robert Sutton Tucker, Wittenberg. I. R. C. OFFICERS President . . . .... ERNEST BENTON Program Chairman . IOHN GRISSOM Secretary . . . NANCY APPEL Reporter . . . . RUTH CUBBAGE MEMBERS ABRAHAM, LuCIEN APPEL, NANCY I. BENTON, BETSY BENTON, ERNEST BLAIR, RICHARD CHRISTY, RAYMOND COLE, POLLY DICKINSON, ROY ELLIS, CALVIN FRANCE, IOHN GRISSOM, IOHN HUMPHREYS, E. A. HURST, GEORGE A. IENNINGS, GEO. D. KIECH, ALICE LONGINO, IANE MCFADDIN, MATILDA MEADOR, CLIFTON R. MONTGOMERY, V. PETERSON, ANNE PHILLIPS, MARTHA PURCELLI, GEORGE REID, DIANE RUTLEDGE, IAMES RUTHERFORD, C. L. STUCK, BRENDA STUCK, IEAN STUCKEY, MARY I. SUTTON, CHRISTINE SUTTON, ROBERT TUCKER, RALPH WITTENBURG, IEAN The International Relations Club is a discussion group which considers mat- ters of world importance, and attempts to foster among its members an insight into the complex international situations existing today. Training of future world citi- zens is the main Object of the club, and for this reason membership is Open to all students who are interested in world affairs. On this campus the International Relations Club, which is afHliated with the national Organization, is connected with the political science department, and has Dr. Henry Alexander as faculty sponsor. Highlighting this year's activities were two speakers, Mr. Ragnar Austad, of the English department, who spoke of his wartime experiences in Europeg and the Rev. Iohn P. McConnell, of the Central Presbyterian Church, who spoke on the Near-Eastern situation in Palestine. Faculty members and other authorities on world affairs conduct the discussions at regular meetings. The club meets twice each month for such discussions. :gif fe' xnxx. l ,lf A Q NV 8 : X I T3 I i ff X3-1 3 Page 354 Row I: Baker, Maurice E. Barton, Robert Barton, Bishop, Bushart, Clark, Cooke, Gallman. Row 2: Gentry, Grubbs, Hamilton, Hundley, McClanahan, Martin, Meek, Mitchell. Row 3: Murrell, Newby, Papoulias, Sorrells, Thompson, Tidwell, Vizzier, Willis, Woolfolk. I. R. E. OFFICERS President . ,.... OTTICE TIDWELL Vice-President . RICHARD GENE MEEK Treasurer . . WARREN E. SORRELLS Secretary . ...... OWEN R. RICE MEMBERS BAKER, VIRGIL L. BARTON, MAURICE E. BARTON, ROBERT H. BISHOP, I. W., IR. BusHART, G. I., IR. CLARK, FRED B. COOKE, HARRY F. ESTES, BRUCE GALLMAN, ROBT. B. GENTRY, BRUCE GRUBBS, CALVIN E. HAMILTON, HAROLD HUNDLEY, THOMAS LEONARD, CLARENCE LOGAN, WILSON L. MCLANAHAN, WM. MARTIN, ROBT. P. MEEK, RICHARD G. MERICLE, H. W., IR. MEYER, IOHN A. MITCHELL, CALVIN MURRELL, W. W., IR. NEWBY, R. W., IR. PAPOULIAS, VICTOR RICE, OWEN R. SORRELLS, WARREN THOMPSON, EVERETT TIDWELL, OTTICE VIZZIER, IAMES A. WILLIS, KENNETH F. WOOLFOLK, RORT. L. COCHRAN, URAL E. The University of Arkansas Student Branch of the Institute of Radio Engi- neers was organized in September and has steadily grown in membership since. Its purpose is to promote a professional consciousness in the electronics industry, and it is particularly concerned with electrical communications and electronic de- vices. The requirement for membership is an interest in electronics. l.R.E. pro- vides an opportunity for those who are interested to get together and discuss prob- lems on electronics and articles in current periodicals. Two inspection trips were made in the fall: to KGRH in Fayetteville, and to KUOA at Siloam Springs which operates a FM station. l.R.E. meetings are held weekly under the supervision of their faculty advisor, Mr. George N. Scott. Members can conduct experiments of their own choice in the Communications laboratory. The organization is characterized by good fel- lowship and a common interest in an active science. f X .ni 5 Page 355 - gf 1- im N f, F XS. it '-" , . ,, ,Q if ,e , Q fx!! WN f- Front row, left to right: Spencer, Randolph, Barnes, Horne. Second row: Roberson, Iackson, Keller, Fry, Bing, Crossett. KAPPA Pl OFFICERS President . . . . . MARY ELLEN RANDOLPH Vice-President . . . . DAVID BING Secretary . , . BETTY I-IORNE Treasurer . . MARGARET SPENCER Reporter . ....... PHIL FRY MEMBERS CROSSETT, RICHARD IACKSON, BOBBY BRANTING, DOROTHY ROBERTSON, IOE FRY, PHIL BARNES, TOMMIE COLEMAN, FREDDIE SPENCER, MARGARET HORNE, BETTY BING, DAVID RANDOLPH, MARY E. WENY, RITA Alpha Delta chapter of Kappa Pi, national honorary art fraternity, was estab- lished on the University of Arkansas Campus on May 241, 1941, as a successor to Brush and Palette Club. The purpose of Kappa Pi is to promote art appreciation and participation in colleges and universities. The organization also endeavors to encourage high cul- tural standards among art students, and to teach them to recognize outstanding contributions to art. Membership in the fraternity is earned by those who have shown special ability in art and general scholarship. Scholastic requirements are a four point grade average in art and a three point accumulative grade average. In addition to assisting with exhibits which came to the campus this year, the group sponsored a drive at Christmas to collect art materials to be included in Goodfellow baskets for children. They also opened a gift booth in the Student Union Where they sold hand-painted ties and head scarves, and linoleum-block printed greeting cards. Miss Tommie Ray Sadler is sponsor for the chapter. ff , if' fqfxi ' f W I! T-TT"vx!f " Af f ? T A . -T -T' ' I Page 356 Page 357 59' ' A Y 'ci , 'LSP Ai First row: Swift, Smith, Pakis, Nicholson, Scurlock, Adams, Ingram. Second row: Wood, Stewart, Dobkins, Bushong, M. Wood, Miller, Haxton, Coddington. Third row: Callahan, Thompson, Dent, Overstreet, E. Thompson, Parker, Emrich, Green. MAJOR MINOR CLUB OFFICERS President . ..... MARY SCuRLOCK Vice-President . . HELEN OSWALT Secretary-Treasurer . . . . RUTH ADAMS Sponsor ....... MIss ELIZABETH LUDWIG MEMBERS CAMPBELL, IEANNINE CROUCH, PATRICIA LEE, THELMA PHILLIPS, REBECCA CARROLL, NANCY I. FAIR, MARIE LENOX, RUTH SWAYZE, IO ANN COFFEY, ELLEN HAYNES, CHRIS NAYLOR, MARY JANE SWEARENGEN, VIRGINIA COVEY, SARA HILTON, DELLA M. OSWALT, HELEN VAN DOVER, PATRICIA WOOD, MARY Io The women's division of the Major-Minor Club was organized on the Arkan- sas campus in 1945. lt is composed of Women students majoring and minoring in physical education. The club is designed to promote group spirit among students in the Held of physical education and to foster professional growth. All members of the club are members of the American Association of Health, Physical Educa- tion and Recreation. This organization cooperates with the WOmen's Athletic Association in offici- ating at all intramural games. The club members also assist in teaching and dem- onstrating in physical education classes. The organization meets twice a month for business meetings. Many parties, dances, and picnics are held throughout the year. After a full year's program, the annual spring camping trip at Lake Wedington is the big event for the girls. At this time the girls get together for a big time camping, cooking, and all phases of the outdoor life. fx Txlxq A fffxxs :IN A x, ,f ' - 44 .fi 4 A S31 '-f-fikfm'-:,,, - g ,I ,:,,f I I,Q:!?f' y-- ----v l F I 1 l Front row, left to right: Hendricks Qsponsorl, Dowd, Lane, Magness, Hawkins, Fischer, Long, Kinsey, White Franklin. Second row: Peters, Iohnson, Wheeler, Cox, Duke, McCormick, Thomas, Fisher, Patterson. Third row: Claborn, Horton, Scott, Ratcliff, Griffin, Iaber, Worden, Rankin. Back row: Pipkin, Minor, George, McKinney, Collier, Prater, Kok, Counce, Thuston, Goodwin, Vandergriff MAJOR MINOR CLUB Arnett. OFFICERS President . . .... HARRY VANDERGRIFF Vice-President . . . IOE PRATER Secretary . . HERMAN COLLIER Treasurer . .... . GORDON LONG MEMBERS ADAMS, ELMO ARNETT, IOHN BROOKS, RALPH M. BROWN, IAMES F. BROWN, SILAS C. BYLES, TONY CARPENTER, IOHN COLLIER, HERMAN CLABORN, IOE COUNCE, IOE DALE DANLEY, MORRIS ECKERT, GEO., IR. EDWARDS, ROBERT FISCHER, GEORGE FISHER, RAYMOND FLETCHER, IOHN L. FRANKLIN, GEO. H. GEORGE, CHARLES L. GOODWIN, HERSEY GRAHAM, WADE B. GRIFFIN, RICHARD HARDIN, THOMAS HAWKINS, ROBERT HORTON, CLIFFORD HUDSPETH, GERALD IABER, MAHRICE KINSEY, EDWARD C. KOK, GEORGE LONG, GORDON MCCORMICK, KEN MCKINNEY, W. O. MAGNESS, PED MORELAND, EARL NAUMAN, HUBERT PATTERSON, RALPH PETERS, RAYMOND POWELL, MAX PIPKIN, IOYCE PRATER, ICE RANKIN, ROXIE RIEDERER, DONALD ROBINSON, EARL SHAWGO, IACK SIMPSON, TRAVIS SMITH, I. D. STYLES, HERMAN SWEEDEN, THOMAS THOMAS, FLOYD M. THOMAS, WM. RAY VANDERGRIFF, HARRY WHEELER, EARL E. WHITE, IOHN C. WORDEN, ERNEST YOuNG, CHARLES MQ? I The Major-Minor Physical Education Club for Men Was recognized as a 5 campus organization in December, 1947. The primary purpose of this Organization is to Stimulate a Wide and intelligent interest in physical education. All members , of the club are also members of the American Association for Health, and Physical , Education and Recreation, Which has the largest membership of any other branch l of the National Education Association. The club Was organized under the leader.- ship of Troy Hendricks. I ' - 1,1 lf' x QPXXSN., l , , SN ' , If Q L gf, xx .-V!! 4 i f Nz I 4' 'ifffe " . 'J PM . - 5-.. L-' .'f ,..b:L " ' f i' . ' ' S , 'ggi' 3 , 0 .fgfgzig Q , -1?-,r , ,: ff Page 358 - :- Page 359 Row I: Iames Abbott, Iack Baker, Ruth E. Blackshire, Ioseph Hall Clark, Tandy N. Davis, Ralph Eubanks. Row 2: Iohn Ernest Ferguson, Robert Louis Griffey, Iesse Hendricks, Norlieet I. Howell, Herman Y. Martindill Neale Quinn. Row 3: Bob Riley, Billy Ross, Iames Q. Smith, Francis Uhl, Dewey Williams, George Walton Woodard. OFFICERS Commandant . ...., I. M. HENDRICKS Adjutant . . . . . BOB LuPER Chaplain . . . RuTH BLACKSHIRE Iudge Advocate ...... GEORGE WOODARD MEMBERS ABBOTT, IAMES A. ASHLEY, ALVIN F. BAKER, IACK L. BLACKSHIRE, RUTH BROOKS, HIRAIvI H. BROOKS, RITA L. CLARK, IOSEPH H. DAVIS, NEAL ESTES, BRUCE EUBANKS, RALPH FERGUSON, IOHN GRIFFEY, ROBERT LUPER, ROBERT B. MARSHALL, M. W. MARTINDILL, H. Y. QuINN, NEALE A. L. RILEY, ROBERT HENDRICKS, I. M. RIGGS, RICHARD R. HOWELL, NORFLEET ROSS, BILLIE R. SMITH, IAMES, IR. THICKSTEN, IACK UHL, FRANCES L. WILSON, ALEX R. WILLIAMS, DEWEY WOOOARD, GEORGE WORREL, R. A., IR. v The Razorback detachment of the Marine Corps League was formed on the campus in November, 1946, by a group of former Marines and chartered in April, 1947, by the national organization of the Marine Corps League whose headquar- ters is in New York. The purpose of the League is to preserve the traditions and to promote the interests of the United States Marine corps. It also strives to bring together in fellowship those who are now serving in the United States Marine Corps and those who have been honorably discharged from that service. Only persons who are serving or who have Served honorably in the United States Marine Corps are eligible for membership in the Marine Corps League. The Razorback detachment has 30 active members at this time. Their regular meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The Razorback detachment of the Marine Corps League has this year Spon- sored certain war department movies, contributed to the March of Dimes enlist- ment fund, and Sent cigarettes to the various veterans hospitals in the United States. Ixxs, W Aflkxxx' I , W I D A X5 ffiffflii , ' A . ,gal 5 4 -g.,,.::. Q C. - V' I if J? - ,f 'IW A ' f f. I SI Left to right: Bradshaw, Hurt, Lineback. OFFICERS President . . . THOMAS H. HURT Vice-President . DEMETRA BRADSHAW Secretary-Treasurer . . MARY LINEBACK MEMBERS ACKER, BARBARA IEAN ADAMSON, E. IANE ALEXANDER, CAROLYN ATKINS, CHARLES H. BAKER, SAMUEL G. BALDWIN, WARREN BARAN, SUE HOPPER BARBER, JERRY COX BARNETT, BILLY G. BEARD, MARTHA E. CAMPBELL, MARY LOU CANFIELD, DONNA MARIE CARROLL, NANCY IOAN CHAMBERS, CLAUD L. CHOATE, NED, IR. CLARKSON, WILLIAM M. CLATERBAUGH, IACK A. COOK, RITA VIRGINIA COLEMAN, ERNEST I. CONWAY, ALICE ANN BEATY, LOIS MAXINE COSGROVE, CAROLYN ENGEL BENTON, E. C. BIRDSONG, MARTHA FRANCIS BONE, IAMES FREDERIC BOONE, THOMAS L. BOWDEN, WILLIAM GLENN BOWDON, FRANK A. BOWERS, MARGARET JANET BOWLIN, THELL, IR. BRADY, BARBARA IANE BRADSHAW, DEMETRA BRIANS, ROY E., IR. BRIGANCE, MARY ELIZABETH BUSH, ANN BUZBEE, MARTHA PATRICIA CALLAHAN, ROSEMARY ' I - A-AA ,fy FS "' A ,I I bl". S 4 L! Ax, I Jig: If xl QV , gn '. ' ffgif' HV -. 5' f L' ,iff I .?v:,.", I: Cox, IOAN CRAFTON, ROSCOE CRAIN, ANN CREEKMORE, EMILY CREWS, BETTY IO CUNKLE, MARCIA E. DALE, PATSY I. DAMERON, GRETA DANIELS, RUTH ANN DAVIS, BILLY E. DAVIS, ROBERT DEACON, DORIENE BASSETT DEEN, MARILYN DEISLINGER, CHAS. ALLEN DERDEYN, JACK HALL DODGE, HARRY F. DOOLEY, EDXVIN GOODLETT DRILLING, BETTY IANE DUNCAN, LEE DURHAM, PAT DUSEK, GLORIA I. DWIGGINS, IANE EARNHEART, TRILBY FARMER, CAROLYN ANN FARR, H.ARRY CARTER FERGUSON, ANNA MARY FERRARI, MARGARET FOSTER, IAMES PATTERSON FRIEND, WANELLE GADDY, MILDRED GARVIN, DANIEL GATHRIGHT, EMMETT GEARHART, IOHN ED GILES, DOROTHY IEANNE GILES, MARTHA ANN GILLXAM, JULIE ANN GIST, VIRGINIA LEE GOODRUM, DOROTHY E. GOODWIN, ROSEMARY GORDON, EMMA LEE GRAHAM, MARISUE GREENWOOD, MARY C. GREER, MARY GAY GRIFFITH, IANE GRIMES, DONALD B. HABIPTON, MARY LOU HAMBIOND, CAROLYN HARPER, BILLY V. HASKINS, BENNY IANE HAUERT, SAMUEL LOUIS HAYS, PATRICIA HENDERSON, BEECHER HIGGINS, IENNY COFFEY HILL, ERIN HILTON, ALMETA HUMPHREYS, ELIZABETH HURST, GEORGE ANNA HURT, THOMAS H. INGRAIVI, EMMA IEAN INGRAM, MARY ANN JACKSON, IOHN M. IACKSON, SUZANNE IOHNSON, PAUL KEMPER IOHNSON, RAYMOND JONES, BEVERLY JONES, DON CITARLES IOXVELL, KENNETH DIXON Page 360 JOYNER, KATHRYN JOYNER. MARY Lou KAPP, JEAN MARIE KAPP, JO ANN KENNY, LINDA JEAN KLOSS, GEORGE KLUGH, WALTER GRAY, JR. KNOTT, HELEN KING KUHN, ROSANNE LAND, VIRGINIA LEHMAN, KENNETH LENOX, RUTH LINEBACK, MARY EVELYN LITTLE, FREED S. LLOYD, CATHERINE LOUISE LONGINS, JANE MCCLURKIN, HERSCHEL H. MCDONALD, BETTY P. MCDONALD, MARTHA MCDOWELL, CARL ANNE MCGEE, LAVONNE MCGILL, MARY HELEN MCKENNON, KATHRYN A. MCNEILL, GLORIA A. MADDOX, DENZEL MARSHALL, WILLIS MARTIN, LEE A. MARTIN, MARY ANNE MATTHEWS, MARY Lou MAXWELL, GLYNDA MARIE MEEKS, FLORENCE DANA METZLER, CHARLES MILLER, DON Professor Shultz directs the Mixed Chorus. MIXED CHORUS GEORGIA LOuIS MARGO AMANDA SARAH MARTHA ANN PATRICIA MARY RAY MILLS, MONK, MOORE, MOORE, MOSELY, MOSES, MULLINS, IMOGENE DOROTHY MURREY, NICHOLS, EARL LEON NAPIER, BYRON OVNEIL, BILLYE OVNEIL, PAuL LAUREL ELLA HIINN OWENS, PAIPEE, PATTERSON, BETTY ANN PAYNE, ELLA PECK, ROBERT PETERS, FLAVE WARNOCK PHILLIPS, GLORIA PHILLIPS, JACK PHILLIPS, MARTHA JANE PIERCE, WM. KENNETH PRICE, JULIED QUEEN, GLORIA ANNETTE RANDALL, MARY ELLEN RATCLXFF, GRACE WILLIAMS REESE, TRAVIS CALVIN REEVES, WILLIAM LAMAR RIPLEY, CAROLYN ROSE RODGERS, LEO M., JR. ROSS, BETSY ANN ROSS, SUE DEARING I. SIANDERLIN, CHARLES W. SCAIFE, ELLA HOBBARD SCROGGIN, MARY E. SEARCY, LUCY SEMMER, MARGARET E. SHADDOX, MILLIE SHARP, GERALD RAY SHEELER, EDWIN SHEPHERD, WALTER LEE SHERMAN, ROBERT SHOFNER, CAROL BELLE SLOAN, SAM SMITH, BETTY ANN SMITH, CLIFTON M. SMITH, ELIZABETH SMITH, VIRGINIA A. SNELLGROVE, MARTHA SONCINI, MARIHELEN SPAULDING, ETHEL R. STEVENSON, ELIZABETH A. STEWART, JOANNE STUCK, JEAN STuEART, DONALD M. SULLIVAN, BETTY JEAN SLILLIVAN, HARRY GORDON SWEARINGER, VIRGINIA TAPPON, JAMES A. TEAGuE, JOHN P. THOMAS, RUTH THORP, JOHN M. TUCKER, MARY ALICE TUCKER, RALPH TURNER, JOHN LEANDER UPTON, MILLIAM VAN PELT, JOAN VON WEY, ROBERT DEAN WALTER, ELIZABETH WALLACE, GLORIA 'WARNTjES, PATSY WATKINS, CAROLYN WEAVER, RICHARD E. WELCH, NANCY SUE WERNTZ, LEON WESTMORELAND, JUNE E. WI-IARRY, MILDRED WHELCHEL, MILDRED C. WHITE, ALFRED P., JR. WHITE, JOHN A. WHITE, WANDA MAE WILLIAMS, AL WILLIAMS, M,ARY K. WILLIAMS, PHYLLIS WILLIAMSON, MARIORIE WILSON, EVELYN HOLT WINHAM, KATHRYNE WISNER, JUDITH HAMILTON WITTENBERG, JEAN WITTENBERG, KATHRYN WITTENBERG, NANCY WOLF, JOYCE WOODSON, BETTY WOODY, JERRY WYNN, HELEN ELIZABETH WYNNE, MARY AGNES ZIEGLER, ROBERT .Cx Q L .41 A f pf 1' DEAL ' r 5 11-V.-. 1 K ff " iqg afm A .W 5 If Q'3P-.. V1 "' "X, ,Qi ,vi ,V m x .Llffirbi J Q-vi . I9Tl1.e-HAS., 3" . ' Page 367 Y ' 2 K,- -,,1?5 Row Row Row Row Sue Baran, Ann Bland, Nancy M. Bollinger, Hughes L. Buerger, Adrienne Cockrill, Thurl Copeland, get? I. Crews, Leah Dungan, Gloria Fentem, Raymond Fisher, Benjamin Fogg, Virginia Galloway, Mary . aston. LaVOnne Gibson, Lorene Gibson, Emma Graves, Natalie Harrison, Clifford Harriss, Bennye Haskins, ghristigie Hayner, Austin Hendrix, Erin Hill, Mary K. Hornor, Glo Hutcheson, Kathryn Ioyner, Paul enne y. Kathleen Kobel, Mary lane McDonald, K. Ann MCKennOn, Pegge McNeill, Ruth M. McNutt, Emily Mallory, Patricia Massey, Rosalie Massey, Florence D. Meeks, Georgia Mills, Patty Moseley, Betty Myers, Laurel Owens. Laura Pickens, Mary Ellen Randall, Sue Ross, Lucy Searcy, Dollye Smith, Clarence Spence, Ioanne Stewart, Iohny Telaar, Lougene Thornton, Nancy Sue Welch, Carl S. Whillock, Richard H. Whitwam, Katherine Winters, Neva Young. ET CLUB OFFICERS President . . .... NANCY BOLLINGER Vice-President . . . CLIFFORD HARRIS Secretary . . . MARY ELLEN RANDALL Treasurer ..... KATHLEEN KOBLE MEMBERS Met Club, the University social welfare Organization, is Composed mainly Of BARAN, SUE BLAND, ANN A. BOLLINGER, NANCY BUERGER, H. L. BROOKS, REV. COCKRILL, ADRIENNE COOPER, DOYLE COPELAND, THURL CREWS, BETTY IOE DUNGAN, LEAH FENTEM, GLORIA FERRARI, MARGARET FIKE, MYRVEN FISCHER, RAY W. FOGG, BEN GALLOWAY, ANN GASTON, MARY C. GIBSON, LAVONE GIBSON, LORENE GRAHAM, MIRIAM GRAVES, ADELE GREGORIEFF, MRS. GULLS, BETTY HALL, GAYLON HARRISS, CLIFFORD HARRISON, NATALIE HASKINS, BENNYE I-IAYNES, CHRISTINE HENDRIX, AUSTIN HILL, ERIN HORNOR, KATY I-IUTCHESON, GLO IOYNER, KATY KENNEDY, PAUL KOBEL, KATHLEEN MCDONALD, IANE MCKENNON, K. MCNEILL, PEGGE MCNUTT, RUTH MALLORY, EMILY MASSEY, PAT MASSEY, ROSALIE MEEKS, FLOSSIE MILLS, GEORGIA MOSELY, PATTY MYERS, BETTY GWENS, LAUREL QWENS, MARY PHILLIPS, GLO PICKENS, CHARLETTE RANDALL, MARY E. ROSS, SUE SEABROOK, MARGARET SEARCY, LUCY SMITH, DOLLYE SPENCE, C. W. STEWART, IOANNE TELAAR, IOHNNY THORNTON, LOUGENE WELCH, NANCY WHILLOCK, CARL S. WHITWAM, RICHARD WINTERS, KATHERINE YOUNG, NEVA Social welfare majors, but the only requirement to join is that the student be inter ested in social welfare work. ,' 'X 4 ffg wf X35 If HL ,W ar e ' snx . f , -., , 1 ' F- N ,If ff . L. , 'flvg 57 , 4' "2 ,Ug,,f Q ,PMI I . ' ' lj gg F' Page 362 - :- fzyfy Dirge 363 Front row, left to right: Wright, Holt, Friedlander, Benton, Cherry, Burns. Second row: Syna, Mosley, Baran, Reyes, Hoover. NATIONAL COLLECIATE PLAYERS OFFICERS President . . ..... WINEORD HOOVER Vice-President . . . IOHN MOSLEY Treasurer , . . GEORGENA WRIGHT Historian . . . . . . SEYMOUR SYNA MEMBERS BARAN, SUE FRIEDLANDER, IAYN MOSLEY, JOHN BENTON, FRANCES HOLT, BILLIE REYES, RAUL BURNS, ANN HOOVER, WINFORD SYNA, SEYMOUR CHERRY, CAROLYN WRIGHT, GEORGENA The University of Arkansas chapter of National Collegiate Players was or- ganized on December 7, 1947. The organization is a national honorary dramatic fraternity, and members are selected on the basis of leadership in the theater. Election of members is limited to juniors and seniors who have completed class- work in the theater and have demonstrated outstanding ability in scholastic work and in acting or technical performance. The purpose of the organization is pri- marily to recognize and encourage interest and participation in all phases of educa- tional dramatics. The first chapter of National Collegiate Players was established on Iune 8, 1919, at the University of Wisconsin. The name for the organization was formerly Pi Epsilon Delta, and was later changed to National Collegiate Players because it was felt that the Greek name might indicate a secret or social group. Pi Epsilon Delta remains as a sub-head of the fraternity, however, and appears on the pins and official seal. Among the plays produced at the University, in which the new members have taken part, are "Blythe Spirit", HI Remember Mama," "High Tor," 'State of the Union," and UThe Idiot". X yrs- ska " Q T1-' ,. X V' "Ln-ff' , 1 gr '- NSR. 1 w 1' 'ew 'Fx Row I: Mary Ella Beaver, Ieanne D. Boydston, Alice Broyles, Frances Lee Broyles, Rosemary Callahan, Viola Callahan, Ieannine Campbell, IO Carlisle, M. I. Coddington, Rita V. Cook, Nelle E. Curry. Row 2: Louise Davis, Iimmye Dobkins, Mildred L. Doyle, Iosephine Edlin. Virginia Lee Ellis, Anna Ferguson, Marietta Foley, Mary Follett, Dorothy Giles, Mary G. Greer, Betty Grundy. Row 3: Annabelle Hagler, Deane Hammond, Helen Harris, lean Hilton, Ieannine Hilton, Carrie L. Holland, Wanda Karnes, Linda Kenney, Virginia Land, Bertha Louise Lewis, Elizabeth Morris. Row 4: Betty Patton, Connie Pinkerman, Norma Samuel, Susan Shelton, Alise Shook, Alice Smith, Frances Smith, Margaret Swift, Retha Thompson, Sibyl Thompson, lean Weir. O Io 6 OFFICERS President . .... . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . .- . SIBYL THOMPSON MARY ELLA BEAVER IEAN CODDINGTON RETHA THOMPSON MEMBERS BEATY, MAXINE CURRY, NELLE HAGLER, ANNABELLE PINKERMAN, CONNIE BEAVER, MARY ELLA DAVIS, LOUISE HAMMOND, DEANE SAMUEL, NORMA I. BOYDSTON, IEANNE DOBKINS, IIMMY L. I"IARRIS, HELEN SHELTON, SUSAN BROYLES, ALICE DOYLE, MILDRED HILTON, IEAN SHOOK, ALICE BROYLES, FRANCES EDLIINQ Io HILTON, IEANINE SMITH, ALICE BUSHONG, SALLY ELLIS, VIRGINIA LEE HOLLAND, CARRIE SMITH, FRANCES CALLAHAN, R. FERGUSON, ANNA M. KARNES, WANDA SWIFT, MARGARET S. CALLAHAN, VIOLA FOLEY, MARIETTA KENNEY, LINDA THOMPSON, RETHA CAMPBELL, IEANNINE FOLLETT, MARY F. LAND, EARLENE THOMPSON, SIBYL CARLISLE, IO GILES, DOROTHY LEWIS, BERTHA WEBB, IRIS CODDINGTON, M. I. GREER, MARY GAY MORRIS, ELIZABETH WEIR, IEAN COOK, RXTA V, GRUNDY, BETTY PATTON, BETTY The Organized Independent Womens group was activated in the spring of 1946 because of the number of girls who live in adjoining towns and in homes in Fayetteville other than organized houses and dormitories. This gave the girls an Opportunity to meet other girls facing similar problems in living off the campus, and to adjust themselves to campus life. In addition to uniting unaffiliated women on the campus, the organization pro- vides Social events for members and insures participation in student government and activities. 'f Page 364 Ny HN 1? .7 'les ' 1- 'fx , -if ,X Q N bl ' '.1 V T U JK- fir ff .X F .L Q TIS, .gm lv :, KK iq! W if-if ' I -41-I, ublb vi Q 5,52 , 7,1 A fr-.5 ' V ,' i' f'. ' fe. tar "RQ ,gs ' 'iii . -T - ' :'5'iRf'. " fs.: fy ' I' '- v- 'ff Row 1: Ieannine Campbell, Ioan Carroll, Sara Covey, Rose Mary Gaskill, Patricia Green, Patricia Halbrook, Dorothy Haxton, Christine Haynes. Row 2: E. Ann Humphreys, Dorothy Ieanne Iackson, Florence D. Meeks, Patty Moseley, Bobbye Newkirk, Mary H. Scurlock, .Alice Smith, Mary Stewart. Row 3: Mary G. Stuart, Brenda Stuck, Mary I. Stuckey, IO Ann Swayze, Margaret Swift, Jean Wittenberg, Helen Wood, Mary Io Wood. ORCHESIS OFFICERS President . . ...., IO ANN SWAYZE Secretary-Treasurer . DOROTHY IEANNE IACKSON Faculty Sponsor . . . . MISS ELIZABETH LUDWIG MEMBERS CAMPBELL, IEANNINE HAXTON, DOROTHY NEWKIRK, BOBBYE STUCKEY, MARY I. CARROL, IOAN HAYNES, CHRIS SCURLOCK, MARY H. SWAYZE, IO ANN COVEY, SARA I-IUMPHREYS, E. A. SMITH, ALICE SWIFT, MARGARET GASKILL, ROSE MARY IACKSON, DOROTHY STUART, GAIL WITTENBERG, JEAN GREEN, PAT MEEKS, FLORENCE STEWART, MARY E. WOOD, HELEN HALBROOK, PATRICIA MOsELEY, PATTY STUCK, ELIZABETH WOOD, MARY IO Orchesis is an Organization interested in modern dance, established on this campus in 1937. Its purpose is to develop modern dance technique and to give its members an Opportunity to compose dances as well as to receive instructions on the dances of others. Each of the monthly meetings consists of a study of techniques, which is fol- lowed by a period in which the members work on the creation of individual dances. The group also makes a study of music in relation to the modern dance. Tryouts are no longer required because of the theory that some persons de- velop more slowly than others. Any young women who is a member of a modern dance class may become a member. Active participation is required of all the members. One of the main objectives of the Organization is to work toward exhibition, and each year a performance is planned, The students design and make their Own costumes for each demonstration, f f M ,RA Page 355 l ...-.Y.I -. A..-.- 'F ' F, ' aff? Q., Row I: Iohn Anderson, Betsy Benton, Iames Black, Ioyce Bledsoe, Ben Allen Boren, Dorothy Branting, Iames Wilkes Cook, Richard H. Davis, Barbara Dyess, Marilyn Ann Francis, Robt. Iames Franklin, Walter Gardner. Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Iohn Gearhart, Iohn Grissom, Betty Grundy, Ioan Haines, Billy Hays, Louis Hollinger, Ir., Elizabeth Horlacher, lane Iarman, Ieanne Kapp, Ioanne Kapp, Irving Kitts, Freed S. Little. Iane Longino, Douglas Lowrey, Mary McClellan, Betty McKeithen, Edward McRae, Sallie Montgomery Billye O'Neil, Lawrence Oswald, Patsy Poland, Diane Reid, Patricia N. Rogers, lane Rucker. Ronald Sheets, Susan Shelton, Frances Shouse, Betty Ann Smith, Mary lane Stuckey, Charmian Sure lane Toney, Alonso Torrech, Robert Wallace, Wm. Milner Waller, Richard A. Ward. AN-AMERICAN OFFICERS President . . ..... IOYCE BLEDSOE Vice-President .I . . BILL POLLARD Secretary . . BETTY SUE SHELTON Treasurer . .... IOHN GRISSOM, IR. MEMBERS ANDERSON, IOHN BENTON, BETSY BLACK, IAMES BLEDSOE, IOYCE BOREN, BEN BRANTING, DOROTHY COFFMAN, ROBERT COOK, IAMES DAVIS, RICHARD H. DYESS, BARBARA FRANCIS, MARILYN FRANKLIN, BOB GARDNER, WALTER GEARHART, IOHN GRISSOM, IOHN, IR. GRUNDY, BETTY HAINES, IOAN HAYS, BILLY HOLLINGER, LOUIS HORLACHER, E. IARMAN, IANE KAPP, IEANNE KAPP, IOANNE KITTS, IRVING LITTLE, FREED LONGINO, IANE LOWREY, DOUGLAS MCCLELLAN, MARY MCKEITHEN, BETTY MCRAE, EDWARD MONTGOMERY, S. NEAL, HELEN OYNEIL, BILLYE OSWALD, LAWRENCE POLAND, PATSY POLLARD, BILL REID, DIANE ROGERS, PATRICIA RUCKER, IANE SHEETS, RONALD SHELTON, SUSAN SHOUSE, FRANCES SMITH, BETTY ANN STUCKEY, MARY IANE SURE, CHARMIAN TONEY, IANE TORRECH, ALONSO WALLACE, ROBERT WALLER, BILL WARD, RICHARD Pan-American League was Organized for the purpose of getting college stu dents in the United States better acquainted with Latin-American affairs and for promoting a better speaking knowledge of the Spanish language. The require- ments for becoming a member of the Pan-American League are that you be either a student in One Of the Spanish classes Or have a particular interest in Pan-Amery ican relations. This Summer the League is planning to sponsor a trip to Mexico for all members who wish tO go. ,gf ,,,,,e.. . B , L If Ly, ' A - X N .31 ' E -, - K ' vfln., ' ' . ,, , 1: ,A -1 ELI,- 'CV 'OS' IQ g .y' ,I-F-3 '-A S ., Q.. ff ,fps - , E 1-. V J ',--" . , "YS, 'mf R-X. , f ' ' ,Q-V I Zi -- , . F 1.4-12975 21: . L .V Q ,V fi X., - .1 ', ' A "H -wa ' ' YA "i?33z.f ,2 A HN fig! Page See Row 1: Carl Iean Adams, Connell Brown, Anna Brummett, Delma Dockins, Edwin Dooley, Lehman Fowler Clarence Glenn, William Greig. Row 2: Vernon Hall, Mac Hamblen, William Hefiin, Herbert Huneycutt, D. B. Hutson, Ben C. Isgrig, Ir. Geraldine Iohnson, Rosanna Iones. Row 3: Edgar S. Milton, Bobbye Newkirk, Doris Parker, Douglas Parker, Kempner R. Scott, Don Segraves Fred S. Wetzel. PHI SIGMA OFFICERS President . . ..... LEHMAN FOWLER Vice-President , . . VERNON HALL Secretary . . . FRED S, WETZEL, IR. Treasurer . ...... EDWIN DOOLEY MEMBERS ADAMS, C. I., IR. GLENN, CLARENCE ISGRIG, BEN C. PEEK, C. L. BROWN, C. I., IR. GREIG, W. S, IOHNSON, IERRY RAYMOND, A. M. BRUMMETT, ANNA HALL, VERNON IONES, ROSANNA SCOTT, KEMPNER DESALVO, HENRY I. HAMBLEN, M. L. MILTON, EDGAR S. SEGRAVES, DON DOCKINS, D. D. HEFLIN, BILL NEWKIRK, ROBERTA SMITH, HARLAN E. DOOLEY, EDWIN HUNEYCLITT, H. PARKER, DORIS ANN WETZEL, F. S., IR. FOWLER, LEHMAN HUTSON, DENVER PARKER, DOUGLAS The primary purpose of Phi Sigma, national society for workers in the field of biology, is to encourage better work and better research in the biological sciences. In Order to be eligible for membership in the society, a candidate must have com- pleted a minimum of two years of college work and must have an accumulative grade average of 3.5. At least one-fourth of his college hours must be in biological science, in which he must have a grade average of 4.0. Both men and women are eligible. Alpha Rho chapter of Phi Sigma was brought to this campus in May of 1945 through the efforts of a local biological society known as Probe and Scope. Local faculty members aided greatly in securing the charter, Monthly meetings are held, at which students present papers for group dis- cussion. National meetings are held every two years in conjunction with the meet- ings of the American Society for the Advancement of Science. , X I Ja? , turf-'W .fit . Page 367 i V , , I l l President . Vice-President . Secretary . , Treasurer . BARTON, FRANCES BLAKEMORE, ROBBIE BOAz, EVELYN BOOTHE, NANCY BROWNER, MARIE BRUCE, MILDRED BRYANT, MADGE CAMP, IEAN COLEMAN, WINONA CORNELIUS, MARY Row 1: Barton, Blakemore, Boaz, Boothe, Browner, Bruce, Bryant, Camp, Coleman, Cornelius, Davidson. Row 2: Faucett, Follett, Frashier, Gilliaum, Hawley, Haynes, Hill, Houston, Hubbard, Kinsey, Kulbeth. Row 3: LaVoice, Loss, McCoy, McDougall, McNeal, Morgan, Moore, Parker, Robbins, Rodgers. Row 4: Simmons, Standefer, St. john, Sutton, Tallent, Tennison, Turpin, West, Wood, Woodrum. PHI UPSILO OMICRO OFFICERS . . . SUE HAWLEY . . PEGGY ST. IOHN . . DOROTHY MCCOY . ROBBIE GENE BLAKEMORE MEMBERS FAUCETT, PAULINE FOLLETT, MARY F. FRASHIER, BATSINE GILLIAM, ALICE R. HAWLEY, SUE HAYNES, IOHNIE L. HILL, WILLIE HUBBARD, FRANCES HOUSTON, EVELYN KINSEY, ELLEN LAVOICE, DOT LOSS, ELIZABETH MCCOY, DOROTHY MCDOUGALL, MARY MCNEAL, RUTH A. MILAM, LAHOMA MORGAN, CAROL MOORE, CAROLYN PARKER, DORIS A. ROBINS, BETTY RODGERS, CAROLYN SIMMONS, RITA STANDEFER, IEAN ST. IOHN, PEGGY SUTTON, CHRISTINE TALLENT, GLADYS TENNINSON, PATSY TURPIN, IANICE WEST, SARAH HOPE WOOD, MARY WOODRUM, LOUISE DAVIDSON, BETTY KULBETH, KATHRYN Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national professional organization for women in the field of home economics. Membership is based upon leadership ability as well as Scholarship. - The first chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron was founded at the University of Minnesota in 1909, and on the University of Arkansas campus in 1943. There are now thirty-three chapters in the United States. Every year Phi Upsilon Qmicron sponsors a professional project. This year the project was an open meeting each month at which time an Outstanding person in the field of home economics was presented. 1 M, if if fl -DFID 'x ll- if ' 5 I 1 V C. ,sx rlif , -J-5, ggi, gf gzff' ' " f f 2 ?' ,.- X Page 308 Row I: Donald Wm. Allen, William Ball, E. Wayne Boyce, Gerald Parker Brown, Orville Ben Core, Neyron Edwards, Iohn Ernest Ferguson, Robert Iames Franklin, Dale Frederick, Edward E. Haggard. Row 2: Gerald Herron, Iohn G. Holland, Iack Holt, Randolph F. Ieffries, William Keenan, Marvin Kieffer, Melvin C. Kieffer, Buford D. Krebs, Freed S. Little, Wallace Malone. Row 3: Hubert I. Meachum, Wm. Roy Mitchell. Cecil B. Nance, Ir., Charles Pearson, Wilkerson Rogers, Tommy Russell, Iames N. Smith, Charles Stewart, Iames M. Stiles, Robert Sutton, Chester Williams. PRE-L OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President . IOHN FERGUSON HUBERT MEACHUM Secretary-Treasurer Program Chairman Reporter . . . ALLEN, DONALD BALL, BILL BARKER, BILL BOYCE, WAYNE BROWN, GERALD P. CORE, ORVILLE BEN DAWSON, DUANE D DREW, WILLIAM H. EDWARDS, NEYRON FERGUSON, IOHN FRANKLIN, ROBT. I. . ROBERT K, SUTTON MARVIN L. KIEFFER , . BILL KEENAN MEMBERS FREDERICK, DALE HAGGARD, EDWARD HARTMEIER, IOE HERRON, GERALD HILL, IAMES L. HOLLAND, IOHN HOLT, IACK IEEERIES, RANDOLPH KEENAN, BILL KIEFFER, MARVIN L. KIEEEER, MELVIN C. KREBS, B. D., IR. LANGSTON, I. I., IR. LEVENSTEIN, M. LITTLE, FRED S. MALONE, WALLACE MEACHUM, HUBERT MITCHELL, WM. R. NANCE, C. B., IR. PEARSON, TOM, IR. RAYMOND, ECKEL ROGERS, WARREN RUSSELL, TOMMY SMITH, IAMES N. STEWART, CHAS. W. STILES, IAMES M. SUTTON, ROBERT K. WHITE, IAMES B. WHEELER, GENE WILLIAMS, ARCHIE YOW, H. DEAN The University of Arkansas Pre-Law Society is a free membership, non- secret organization dedicated by its constitution to the promotion of information and knowledge of pre-legal education and the many phases of legal practice. Although it has been organized only since last fall, it has risen to an active campus organization. The Society has sponsored a program featuring talks by prominent state legal authorities to inform its members of the duties of legal prac- tice and democratic citizenship. gi X, Q! faifxx X Page E69 F C D . I 'sa '4 ' 498' 'X I . f 4, N E f'lHA t,,f-E - A lfd J ,I -' CHF' G' Q fi? , .rf -T., . ' ' 5 .f' '-rl' fl' , 5:-l-.,.. A '. 53 x vAgiF ', A I1 t H73 ,X ' ,"'H:fff' Row 1: Herman Alston, Gwyn Atnip, Charles Bailey, Warren C. Baker, Carle D. Buckley, Kurt Burns, Iames Campbell, Thomas Carroll, Iohn Delamore, Sam Dickey, Iimmy Drake, Clarence Glenn. Hugh Durell Good, Naomi E. Gray, Hugo Gregory, Austin Grimes, Calvin Harris, Paul K. Heerwagen. Nelda Marie Hoff, Samuel Hucke, Bryant W. Iones, Walter Gray Klugh, Ir., Harold Langston, Willye Vashti Lowrey. Betty McGinnis, Marjorie C. Malin, Harold Nethercutt, Robert E. Norris, Iames Payne, Nils Christian Pehrson, Connie Pinkerman, Richard C. Rankin. Ir., Charles Rubin, S. I. Saphirstein, Gilbert Morgan Smith, Major Smith. Iames Oliver Tipps, Russell Walling, Harold Ward, Iames Ward, Iohn Webb, Floyd White, Glen E. Wilhite, Marion H. Wilmoth, G. D. Wisdom, Thomas Wortham, Mitchell Young. PRE-MED Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: OFFICERS President . . . . . . ALBERT RAYMOND Vice-President , . . WARREN BAKER Secretary-Treasurer . . MARIE LEFLAR Program Chairman . . . . MLTCHELL YOUNG Reporter . . . .... RANDOLPH MURPHY MEMBERS ALEXANDER, JOHNNY GOOD, HuGH D. MALIN, MARJORIE SMITH, GILBERT ALSTON, H. D. GRAY, NAOMI MOORE, REX SMITH, MAJOR ATNIP, GWYN GREGORY, HuGo MUNDING, MAXINE SPARGIIE, ILIANITA BAILEY, CHAS. W. GRIMES, AUSTIN MURPHY, RANDOLPH TIPPS, IAMES O. BAKER, WARREN HARRIS, C. L. NETHERCUTT, H. WALLING, RUSSELL BUCKLEY, CARIE HEERWAGEN, P. K. NORBACK, P. C. WARD, HAROLD L. BURNS, KURT D. HOFP, NELDA M. NORRIS, R. E. WARD, IAMES CAMPBELL, IAMES W. HucKE, SAM PAYNE, IAMES T. WEBB, IOHN CARROLL, T. W. IONES, BRYANT PEHRSON, NILS WHITE, FLOYD CHAMBERS, W. H. KLUGH, W. G., IR. PINKERMAN, CONNIE WILHITE, GLENN DELAMORE, IOHN LANGSTON, HAROLD RANKIN, R. C. WILLIAMS, THOMAS DICKEY, SAM LEFLAR, VIVA MARIA RAYMOND, ALBERT WILMOTH, M. H. DRAKE, IIMMY LOWREY, WILLYE RUBIN, CHARLES WISDOM, GARLAND GLENN, CLARENCE MCGINNIS, BETTY SAPHIRSTEIN, S. I. WORTHAM, THOMAS YOuNG, MITCHELL The Pre-Med Club has more members this school year than for any year in its history. The purpose of the club is to focus attention on the newest medical dis- coveries and developments in medical science. This is accomplished by having Se- lected speakers inform the group of the latest trends in the medical World. ,X ,. 6 I ,f 5?-iff . I f' -. jyfla V -Tx. J 1" 'if V-'Cixi ,lf , . L x, 4'3" -P ' . , , ' f 6 ,fr 'ai "gui-:rL 1 157 - l , , 4 '45,-fr . . 56,41-,':F: N, . Y . .Egg if' - -. xxx 5- 'sv .f - 'F G ai' " Tate" , 1. ' Qty "' ff 15441. , Xi A ' Y' . 'YT' ' ,,.,gp?'ji" ' if: .3-YP' '7?TZlff:f l ' '- '34 ' Xb?- I f f Page 370 Row I: Billy G. Barnett, Mary Campbell, Thomas H. Cook, William Courtney, Harvey Donegan, Aileen K. Gibbons, Miriam Graham, Deane Hardy, Ir., Bennye Haskins, Glenn Wm. Hodges. Row 2: Victor Holthoff, Ioe B. Hurley, Alene lzell, Bryan S. Iones, Douglas Iones, Iimmy M. Iones, George Lawrence, Bud Lemke, Hal Lockman, Dorothy Menard. Row 3: Ierry Neil, Wanda Nichols, Frank M. Nicholson, Robert Rhodes, Royce Riddick, Millie Riggs, William S. Secrest, W. Kenneth Sewell, Richard F. Shelton, Wilma Spiller. Row 4: Iames D. Stallworth, I. Phil Stratton, Willard Stevens, Patricia Sullivan, Harley Tarvin, Heber Taylor, Ira W. Taylor, Warren A. Theis, Wanda Wassner, Pendleton Woods. PRESS CLUB OFFICERS President . ..... BILL SI.-:CREST Vice-President . . DUSTY RHODES Secretary . . MARY Lou CAMPBELL Treasurer . ...... VIC HOLTHOFF MEMBERS BARNETT, BILL CAMPBELL, MARY L. COLEY, Io ANN COOK, TOM COURTNEY, BILL DONEGAN, HARVEY GIBBONS, AILEEN GRAHAM, MIRIAM HARDY, DEAN HASKINS, BENNYE HODGES, GLENN HOLTHOFF, VIC HURLEY, IOE IZELL, ALLENE JONES, BRYAN IONES, Douo IONES, IIMMY LAWRENCE, ELLETT LEMKE, BUD LOCKMAN, HAL MCCORD, BOB MENARD, DOROTHY NEIL, IERRY NICHOLS, WANDA NICHOLSON, FRANK REED, BOB RHODES, BOB RIDDICK, ROYCE RIGGS, MILLIE Lou ROPER, CHARLES SECREST, BILL SEWELL, KENNETH SHELTON, FRANK SPILLER, WILMA STALLWORTH, IIM STRATTON, PHIL STEVENS, WILLARD SULLIVAN, PAT TARVIN, ANDY TAYLOR, HEBER TAYLOR, IRA THEIS, WARREN TROLITT, IOHN WASSNER, WANDA WOODS, DAN WOODS, PENDLETON A press for the University of Arkansas was the pet project of the Press Club under their first semester president, Pendleton Woods. Second semester brought the Club closer to its goal when a press for the University became no longer a dream but a definite possibility for the future. The annual Iournalism Day celebration sponsored by the Press Club was highlighted this year by the appearance of the celebrated columnist, Marquis Childs, who spoke before the group and was then presented with a gold Press Club key at a dinner given in his honor by the organization. 1. 1 . xx 1" 'Ki fx .1 aff X ., 46" 'Q :fi g .gf K I g .AJ , '-. -U .' .f-ff' ' , TQ- ' if-' ' - J- g' ' Q -AL 'f734l-:ness " .Af . , , Page 371 54,1513 Q'x .1 .- ' ' Uflf' R WI' Row 1: Earl Bates, Elroy Bischof, Colvin Bryant, Walter Lee Butler, Frank Campbell, Iames Campbell, james Cherry, Frank Dulaney, Iohn Ernest Ferguson. Row 2: Ercel Franklin Freeman, Iames Gibbons, Robert Gladney, Wade Benton Graham, Iohn Hawkins, Paul Heerwagen, Ir., George Holmes, Donald Huenefeld, Fred Hunt. Row 3: Gene H. Iackson, Harvey Iones, Wilson Kimbrough, William L. Lamb, Iulius B. Lienhart, Robert N. Maddox, Clifton Meador, Donald B. Morris, Withers Moore. Row 4: Larry Page, Iames Pettyjohn, David L. Piper, Iohn S. Purnell, William Hardy Risteen, Ward Franklin Rosen, Ioseph Stevens, Iohn H. Thomas. R 6 Q 9 O 0 OFFICERS President . . ..... IOHN PURNELL Vice-President . HORACE RISTEEN Secretary . LARRY N. PAGE Treasurer . . . . . LON IONES MEMBERS BATES, F. W. FERGUSON, I. E., IR. IONES, H. A. PICKARD, ROBT. G. BISCHOF, E. CHAS. FREEMAN, E. F. IONES, LON PIPER, DAVID KIMBROUGH, W. W. BROOKS, HIRAM H. BRYANT, C. B. BUTLER, WALTER L. CAMPBELL, F. L. GIBBONS, IIM GLADNEY, ROBT. L. LAMB, WM. L. LIENHART, I. B. MADDOX, BOB PLIRNELL, IOHN ROSEN, WARD RISTEEN, W. H. SMITH, TOM W. GRAHAM, WADE B. HAWKINS, IOHN E. CAMPBELL, I. R., III HEERWAGEN, P. K. MEADOR, CLIFTON STEVENS, IOE CHERRY, IAMES E. HOLMES, GEORGE N. MORRIS, DONALD B. THOMAS, IOHN H. DULANEY, F. M. HUENEFELD, DON MOORE, W. M. THOMAS, I. W. ERVIN, F. H. HUNT, FRED W. PAGE, LARRY N. WALKER, IAMES ESTES, BRUCE H. IACKSON, G. H. PETTYJOHN, IAMES YOUNKIN, BOB Reserce Ofiicers Naval Service is a national Organization of reserve Officers of the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Its purpose is to encourage interest in naval affairs and National Defense. The individual chapters voicing their opinions through the National Headquarters have been very influential in the passage of several bills beneficial to the Naval Reserve. The University chapter, besides its more serious activities, has recalled memories of the Old Navy days by its parties and dinner dances at the Country Club. In peace as in War, when Navy men get together there is bound to be a party. f MN ,, 4"-4-be 'f 17 , ,- Q U1-, k 'Q ,X will l N, .fl Y A , N ' 4' I' W gif-" ,K --,I - Q-an --tiff f I - B' are , ,. -, K - . -,, .4 f, yi 3 , f -,V fu -fe,-P . - .A A ..,, ff -I L- ,g, - - 1 '31, 'I 1' ' f I 5. - ' we I Mild: Page 372 'Qs 'W' I 0 ""' First row: Faulkner, Layne, Thornton, Ahlemeyer, Garvin. Second row: Campbell, Gordon, Baker, Parks, Gaddy. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA OFFICERS President . . . . . . FAYE PERKINS Vice-President . . MILDRED GADIJY Secretary . ..... CASSIE CAMPBELL MEMBERS AHLEMEYER, IEAN FAuLKNER, Io IOHNSON, MILDRED RHINE, PAT BAKER, NANCY GADDY, MILDRED KENNY, LINDA ROGERS, PAT CAMPBELL, CASSIE GAMMILL, NITA KIECH, ALICE SPAULDING, ETHEL CHRONNISTER, IOAN GARVIN, KAKII LAYNE, BETTY THORNTON, LUGENE CREWS, BETTY Io GORDON, EMMA LEE PARK, SUZZANNE WHITE, WANDA FERGUSON, ANNA HALEY, MARY ANN PERKINS, FAYE Sigma Alpha Iota is a national professional music fraternity for Women, tak- ing for membership only those students outstanding in musical ability, Sigma Omicron Chapter was established on the University of Arkansas campus in 1926, and since then approximately 175 members have been added. Among interesting activities during the 194 7-48 school year was the "national visit" at which time the chapter was honored to have two national Oflicers as guests for two days. The outstanding event during their visit was the annual Founders Day Banquet which brought together all the members, pledges, alumnae, and pa- tronesses to salute the founders of the fraternity. Carrying out the objectives of Sigma Omicron, the chapter sponsored recep- tions following the concerts of artists and recitals of the music faculty of the Unif versity. The members also served at the Musical Coffee Hour, which is sponsored by the University. The year was closed with the annual American Composers Program. A recital which was given during National Music Week was devoted entirely to American compositions. , rf: N'-, 7 A S. s .r AQ r g 1 Xe-gk Wir Row 1: Betty Alexander, Martha Attwood, Nancy Attwood, Luella Barnes, Cleta Bennett, Patricia Ann Benny, Margery Besett, Sally Ann Bethel, Margaret Bowers, Virginia Alta Bowlin, Martha lane Byrd, Ieannine Campbell, Donna Canfield. Row 2: Ioan Carroll, Betty Case, Alicia Chumbley, Ioan Cobb, M. Coddington, Mary Coleman, Ann Crain, Velma Crow, Marcia Cunkle, Margaret Curry, Nelle E, Curry, Pat Dale, Louise Davis. Row 3: Wanda Davis, Betty Iean Dismang, Iimmye Dobkins, Bette Drilling, Pat Durham, Iosephine Edlin, Anna Ferguson, Ioy Freeman, Betty Cecelia Gibson, Dorothy L. Giles, Alice Gilliam, Virginia Gist, Ann Godt. Row 4: Rosemary Goodwin, Ioyal D. Gordon, Iane Griffith, Martha Harlan, Bennye Haskins, Ann Herget, Billie lean Holt, Mary D. Hooker, E. Ann Humphreys, Betty Hunt, Martha Ingram, Dorothy lean Iackson, Dorothy G. Iohnson, Ruth Frances Iohnson. RDOTI G RLIBES OFFICERS President . . .... . . JEAN KING Vice-President . . FRANCES IOHNSON Secretary . . . ANN HERGET Treasurer . CLETA SUE BENNETT Custodian . MARY IANE COLEMAN MEMBERS ALEXANDER, BETTY ATTWOOD, MARTHA ATTWOOD, NANCY BARNES, LOUELLA BENNETT, CLETA S. BENNY, PAT BESETT, MARGIE BETHEL, SALLY BOWERS, MARGARET BOWLIN, ALTA BYRD, MARTHA CAMPBELL, IEANINE CANFIELD, DONNA CARROLL, IO CASE, BETTY CHUMBLEY, ALICIA COBB, ICE ANN CODDINGTON, IEAN M" A -fi- gm-S X I 1 ,f 1 ?',z.,w , A 1' - x, J-'VIX X' 4 4 ' , ,ff .C qi H 1 J Q "-.-' ' 1 , asf' R IU I X .IJ In 2 f- Y nv., - , -R.,,l3.T ,,j ' i. ff .." f iid 75" ' Ai' '22 2- r' COLEMAN, MARY I. CRAIN, ANN CROW, VELMA CUNKLE, MARCIA CuRRY, MARGARET CURRY, NELL DALE, PAT DAVIS, ETHEL L. DAVIS, WANDA DISMANG, BETTY DOBKINS, IIMMYE DRILLING, BETTY I. DURHAM, PAT EDLIN, IO FERGUSON, ANNA FERRARI, MARIE FREEMAN, IOY GIBSON, BETTY GILES, DOROTHY GILLIAM, ALICE R. GIST, VIRGINIA GODT, ANN GOODWIN, ROSEMARY GORDON, IOEL DEAN GRIFFITH, IANE HARLAN, MARTHA HASKINS, BENNIE I-IERGET, ANN HOLT, BILLIE HOOKER, MARY D. HUMPHREYS, E, A. HUNT, BETTY INGRAM, MARTHA L. IACKSON, DOROTHY IOHNSON, DOROTHY IOHNSON, FRANCES IONES, ANN IONES, ROSEANNA IOYNER, Lou IOYNER, MARY Lou KELLY, MARTHA KIGHT, IEAN ANN KING, IEAN KINSEY, ELLEN KNIERIM, BETTY KULBETH, IO ANN KULBETH, KATHERINE LACKEY, MAISIE LAND, EARLINE LAVOICE, DOT LENOX, RUTH LINEBACK, MARY MCGEE, LAVONNE MARTIN, VIRGINIA Page 374 Row I: Mary R. Iones, Louise Ioyner, Mary Ioyner, Martha Kelly, Iean Ann Kight, Iean King, Ellen M. Kinsey, Eetty Knierim, Ioyce Kulbeth, Martha Kulbeth, Maisie Lackey, Virginia Land, Dorothy LaVoice, Ruth enox. Row 2: Mary Lineback, LaVOnne McGee, Peggy Martin, Rosalie Massey, Marilyn Mathis, Carol Lee Matthews, Elinore Mayfield, Patty Moseley, Billye O'Neil, Helen Oswalt, Mary Pakis, Nancy Phillips, Mary E. Philpot, Ioyce Reeves. Row 3: Ioan Richards, Cora Richardson, Carolyn Ripley, C. L. Rutherford, Norma Iune Savage, Betty Ann Smith, Bonnie Sue Smith, Virginia Smith, Dibby Snellgrove, Wilma Spiller, Mary Stuckey, Betty Sullivan, Gladys A. Tallent. Row 4: Mary Lynn Taylor, Io Anne Terry, Pat Ware, Patsy Ruth Warntjes, Harriet Washington, Billie Weath- erall, Sara Hope West, Mildred Wharry, Mary L, Wise, Iean Wittenberg, Dorothy Wood, Mary Wood, Betty Woodson. RGOTING RLIBES MEMBERS MASSEY, SONNY RICHARDS, IOAN SPILLER, WILMA WEST, SARA HOPE MOSELY, PATTY RICHARDSON, CORA STOCKLEY, MARY WESTMORELAND, I. MATHIS, MARILYN RIPLEY, CAROLYN STUCKEY, MARY I. WHARRY, MILDRED MATTHEWS, CAROL RUTHERFORD, K. SULLIVAN, BETTY WIGGINS, IEAN MAYFIELD, ELINORE SAVAGE, IuNE TALLENT, GLADYS WILLIAMS, PAT O'NEAL, BILLIE SHOOK, IEANNE TAYLOR, MARY L. WISE, MARY OSWALT, HELEN SMITH, ALICE TERRY, Io ANNE WITTENBURG, IEAN PAKIS, MARY F. PHILLIPS, NANCY PHILPOT, MARY E. REEVES, IOYCE SMITH, BETTY ANN WARE, PAT SMITH, BONNIE SUE WARNTJES, PATSY SMITH, VIRGINIA WASHINGTON, H. SNELLGROVE, M. WEATHERALL, B. WOOD, DOROTHY WOOD, MARY I. WOODSON, BETTY YENAWINE, MAXINE Lending color and pep to university sports events are members of the ROOt1n Rubes, sister organization to ABC, men's booster club. Traditional on the Arkan- sas campus since 1925, the feminine pepsters in their red-and-white uniforms are present at all football and basketball games. Membership in Rootin' Rubes is by a quota System, with each organized wom- en'S house Selecting ten girls to pledge. New members are pledged in the fall of each year and must fulfill certain requirements, such as knowing the Alma Mater and all School yells, before becoming full-fledged members. Page 375 A . kg Al 4' N xx nf gg! xwzge 5 - ' sw - i t VT l I l l l l l Row I: Blackman, Buell, Buerger, Bull, Cotner, Ferguson, Lueg, McClatchey. Row 2: Myers, Presnell, Pattison, Walker, Iames R. Waters, Roland Waters, Yadon. OFFICERS President . . .... ROLLAND M. WATERS g Vice-President . . HUGHES L. BUERGER Secretary . . . IAMES R. WATERS Treasurer .... IOHN E. FERGUSON MEMBERS BLACKMAN, RUPERT FERGUSON, IOHN E. MCCLATCHEY, H, N. PRESNELL, ROBT. L. BUELL, DAVID H. FOGG, GEORGE B. MEADE, MARION WALKER, IULES BUERGER, HUGHES LANGSTON, IESSE I. MYERS, WM. G. WATERS, JAMES R. BULL, HARVEY LUEG, RUSSELL PATTISON, DWIGHT WATERS, ROLLAND COTNER, MORRISON YADON, DOUGLAS P. The Sigma Phi Epsilon Club was organized in the fall of 1947 at a banquet given by Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni. The club was organized for the purpose of re-establishing the Arkansas Alpha Chapter of the national social fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sigma Phi Epsilon was originally founded at Richmond College in Virginia in the year 1901. Since its birth the fraternity has grown into one of the largest in the nation. It now has over 27,000 members. Activities in which the local Sig Ep club has engaged are many. They made visits to active Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapters, and were active in the usual socials which were held preparatory to their formal initiation and installation as an active social fraternity. In its neophyte stage the club aims at the furthering of scholarship and fellow- ship among its members. lt also looks forward to the abolition of the "new look" and to the curbing of Iames Caesar Petrillo. At almost any time members of Sig Ep. may be found in the cafeteria of the Student Union discussing how these aims may be brought about. , T4 Ilih 5 ,gr an 'T """ :R T-P-TA'v' A. . 3.i1f5fV ' V if Page 376 L+'f -f - A, , , I , I ini 541 I First row, left to right: Mary Iane Naylor, Sally Bethel, Rosemary Rucker, Sara Iennings, Paula Reagan, Anne Misenhimer, Margie Lackey, Cleta Sue Bennett. Second row: Betty Ragan, Dorothy Iean Iackson, Sue Trimble, Mary Frances Follett, Erin Hill, Sara Iean War- ren, Iean Kerwin, Carolyn Alexander, Mary Elizabeth Brigance. Third row: Sara Hope West, Martha Moore, May Young, Iean Ann Kight, Alice Keich, Anne Peterson. SOPHO ORE COUNCIL OFFICERS President . . . . . MARTHA ANN MOORE Vice-President . DOROTHY IEANNE IACKSON Secretary . . . CLETA SuE BENNETT Social Chairman ..... . MAISIE LACKEY MEMBERS ALEXANDER, C. BENNETT, CLETA BETHEL, SALLY A. BUGANCE, MARY E, CHANEY, CLARA I. COLEMAN, BETTY I. CRAIN, ANN CROSSETT, VERA M. CURRY, NELL FOLLETT, MARY F. FONG, LILLIE GARRETT, IEAN GARVIN, KAKII GREER, MARY GAY HENRY, BETTY Io HERGET, ANN HILL, ERIN HILTON, IEAN INCRAM, MARY L. IACKSON, DOROTHY IEu, MAY YOUNG KIECH, ALICE KERWIN, IEANNE KIGHT, IEAN ANN KLIRTZ, IEANNE LACKEY, MAISIE LONG, NANCY LISENBY, BILLIE I. MCGILL, IOSEPHINE MCGINNIS, BETTY MITCHELL, MARY MISENHIMER, ANN MOORE, HATTIE MOORE, MARTHA A. NAYLOR, MARY I. PETERSON, ANN POLAND, PATSY PUCKETT, BETTY RAGAN, BETTY REAGAN, PAuLA RUCKER, ROSEMARY SMITH, MARTHA V. THOMPSON, RETHA TRIMBLE, SuE WARREN, SARA I. WASHINGTON, H. WEST, SARA HOPE WOOLLEY, MARY L. YENAWINE, MAXINE Sophomore Council is an honorary organization for Sophomore women whose members are chosen on a leadership and scholarship basis by Mortar Board, a sister Organization. This year, thirty girls made up the largest membership since the council was organized on the Arkansas campus in 1942, One of the projects undertaken by the Council this year Was the sponsoring of the remodeling of the lounge in Old Main. New women on the campus were entertained by the counselors with listening parties to all out-of-town football games. n , I ,, "f I Q'-Nix x K E ! Pm' I 'I Lf "fi .- I . ,xx .AI - . Page 377 E, I,- -.555 -. - 4-.-..... ,, Row 1: Willis Dale Archer, William Baldwin, Reginald Baxter, Franklin Blevins, Iack Cross, Neylon C. David, Al P. Eason, Lindsey Griffith. Row 2: Iohn F. Haney, Wm. C. Hensley, Henry Palmer Hotz, Fred Kulbeth, Edmund Lilly, Major A. Lilly, Robert N. Maddox, Earl W. Moreland. Row 3: Iohn W. Mosley, Iarnes W. O'Keefe, Iohn Ott, Bennie Queen, Howard W. Reather, Howard W. Russell, Gilbert Morgan Smith, Garland E. Urrey. SQU RE and COMPASS OFFICERS President . . . .... ROBERT N. MADDOX Vice-President . . . EDMLIND D. LILLY Secretary-Treasurer . . HENRY PALMER HoTz Faculty Advisor ....... DR. H. T. WARD MEMBERS ARCHER, WILLIS D. EASON, A. P., IR. LILLY, EDMUND D. OTT, IOHN R. BALDWIN, WM. L. GRIFFITH, LINDSEY LILLY, M. A., IR. QUEEN, BENNIE M. BAXTER, REGINALD HANEY, IOHN F. MADDOX, ROBERT N. REATHER, HowARD BLEVINS, F. M. HENSLEY, W. C., IR. MORELAND, WEsLEY RUSSELL, HOWARD CRoss, CHAS. IACK HoTz, HENRY P. MOSELY, IOHN W. SMITH, GILBERT M. DAVID, N. C., IR. KULBETH, FRED D. O'KEEFE, IAMES W. URREY, GARLAND E. The Square and Compass Club was first established on the University of Arkansas campus in 1921. After several years of very successful operation the organization ceased activities until the fall of 1945. In May, 1946, the club was dissolved to form the University U. D. Lodge. Then in September, 1947, the pres- ent Square and Compass Club was organized. The purpose of the Square and Compass Club is to furnish a program of social activities for worthy Master Masons. Membership in the club is limited to Master Masons who are students, faculty members, or staff members of the Uni- versity. The activities of the club have been characterized by interesting and informa- tive discussions on things of Masonic interest. During the Spring term new officers were elected to serve the organization. The new officers were: president, Iohn Haneyg vice-president, William Hensley: secretary-treasurer, Major Lilly. JI. if 4,1 1 Aff w- X. N .-' I f 5 . an : C, .ruff . f ,L fi- Y ' Ria Front row, left to right: Chapman, Rose, Carroll, Higgins, Browner, Wright, VV'eaver, Morrow. Second row: Gleason, Paterson, Henderson, Makris, Stites, Cook, IVIcKeeban. STLIDE T CHRISTIAN COUNCIL OFFICERS President . . ..... RAYMOND HIGGINS ViceHPresident . . SARA COVEY Secretary . . . HATTIE MOORE Treasurer . . IQANNE SMITH MEMBERS BROVVNER, MARIE GLEASON, WARREN MAKRIS, PETE PATERSON, ARCHIE CARROLL, IOYCE HIGGINS, RAYMOND MOORE, HATTIE ROSE, BARBARA COOK, VANCE MCKEEHAN, MAQLYN MORROXV, BETTY STITES, DICK COVEY, SARA WRIGHT, GEORGENA Now in its third year, the Student Christian Council endeavors to bring about a closer fellowship between the churches of Fayetteville and the students on the University campus. The Council is composed of two student representatives from each of the city churches and two representatives from both the YMCA and the YWCA. Pastors of the city churches are advisors to the Council, which meets bi-monthly on Thurs- day afternoons in the Student Union. The main program of the Council is the sponsorship of Religious Emphasis Week which is held each spring. Noted Christian leaders are brought to the campus to lead discussions and hold personal conferences with the Object of emf phasizing Christian living by the individual. The Council functions through three standing committees which plan the activities for the year, publicize the work of the Council, and plan Religious Em- phasis Week. During the fall the Council endorsed the World Student Service Fund, and some of the Council members were active in the drive. ,vu e X fi f xg Q t ,f 'R .. 'is R gg i I d-. " fa? 4. me 379 4 .ef Left to right: Anderson, Durst, Putt, Baran, Keenan, McCauley, Lawrence, Hoffman, Ludwig, Henry. OFFICERS Chairman . . ...,.. IIM MCCALILEY Vice-Chairman . . SUE BARAN Secretary . . . BILL KEENAN MEMBERS ANDERSON, I. P. HENRY, LLOYD A. KEENAN, BILL LuDwIG, ELIZABETH BARAN, SuE H. HOFFMAN, CARL E. LAWRENCE, EARLE MCCAULEY, IIM DURST, DAVID PuTT, WILLIAM R. The Student Union Board, made up of eleven members, six student members and five faculty members, serves as a general policy-making organization for the enlargement of the Student Union Program. lt is hoped that the success of the Board in broadening the scope of activities and achieving maximum utilization of Student Union facilities will be manifest in a program of future years that will em- brace full participation of all groups on the Arkansas campus. The initial project this year was the reorganization of the Student Union Committees to implement the program of student activities. Over a hundred stu- dents were interviewed by the Student Union Board for chairmanship of the Art, Music, Poster, Special Projects, Publicity, Dance, and Radio Committees. A major project of the Board has been the recommendation that the food service facilities of the Student Union be enlarged in order to accommodate more luncheons and banquets for student organizations and entertainment of guests of the University. Among the activities which are sponsored by the union committees have been a Christmas party for children of University students, musical coffee hour, and a weekly radio program. 45" Page 33-7 Page 381 Left to right: Winslow Brown, Benjamin Fogg, Rupert W. Glenn, Lottie May Palmer, Iames Stutheit. U IV. RELICIONS CLUB OFFICERS President . . . .... W1NsLow BROWN Vice-President . . . . BEN FOGG, IR. Secretary-Treasurer . . LOTTIE MAY PALMER Publicity Chairman . . RUPERT GLENN Program Chairman . . IAMES STUTHEIT The University Religions Club grew out of a group of students who saw the need for such an organization of students interested in religion. A meeting of eight students was held in Mr. Gregson's oflice October 9, 1947. From this meeting grew the idea that all religions of the campus should be included to facilitate better understanding and wider knowledge of the actual part that religion plays in the lives of the students on the University of Arkansas campus. Four days later, with the number interested doubled, the second meeting was held, oflicers elected, and the name "University Religions Club" chosen. Dick Whitwam, who conceived the idea for the organization, acted as temporary chair- man. Soon afterwards, the constitution was accepted and organization com- pleted. I The purpose of the University Religions Club is to further education in reli- gions, by sponsoring public speakers on religious topics, holding informal discus- sions of religions, and cooperation with all other religious organizations on the campus to promote religious activities. The club promotes a better understanding and tolerance of the different religions represented on the campus. The University Religions Club has grown to include members of all races and religions on the campus. It has accomplished this by stimulating interest in reli- gions and religious activities. xx. : V ' X .f 1 X 1' XX x , .,.,. ff . it fix f X, V x Ryan.. Ate., First row. left to right: Scott, Adams, Hawkins. Harrington, Bullard. Second row: Cooper, Benson, Barnes. Third row: Graham, Emerson, Martin, Tolson. Piano: Boroughs. Leader: Mullins. VARSITY CLUB LEADERS BITSY MULLINS ...., . IOE EMERSON MEMBERS ADAMS, BERNARD BULLARD, ALLEN HARRINGTON, C. LAVOY, DON D. BARNES, IERRY COOPER, DOYLE HART, BERT MARTIN, R. S. BENSON, LEO GRAHAM, DON HAWKINS, BUDDY SCOTT, BOB BOROUGHS, IITTER TOLSON, DABNEY The Varsity Club, a student dance band which plays for many of the student dances, began the year under the direction of Bitsy Mullins, but changed leaders during the course of the second semester and was then fronted by Ioe Emerson. Leo Benson and R. S. Martin were in charge of all the business affairs for the Orchestra. The 1947-48 school year was a very good year for the band, and many thought this Varsity Club was the best orchestra ever to play on the University of Arkansas campus. The Club featured Bitsy's trumpet and Leo Benson's trombone, along with several good solid arrangements featuring different sections Within the band. Two of the numbers which the band put forth in truly inimitable style were Ml-low High the Moon" and "Moton Swing," The band held its rehearsals each Thursday in the Student Union Ballroom, and the spectators thoroughly enjoyed the provided entertainment. The Varsity Club's slogan, UA Tradition in Fine Music," dates back to around 1935 when the band was formed. Since then the band has been function- ing every year, with the exception of the war years when student musicians were in the service of their country. The actual disbanding of the orchestra came in 1943, and wasnt again re-formed until 19415. fe! Page S Nm, l l ,- If puxsh N rf 1 X 412' i, 'T - K . af. . 1' g . if . Q Ai W. ,rd , 'tilt' XL 's I gm- ,. 71' . aff Q W" "f -R4 , f 1 ' :-A . .ff ' . ,i.19.,,.' . 5 5255: f, UU -. Front row, left to right: Knierim, Watson, Cornelius, Batten, Thomas. Second row: Adams, Swaze. Keefe. Overstreet, Haynes, Kulbeth, Nicholson. .A. A. OFFICERS President . . . . . . IRENE BATTEN Vice-President . . DOROTHY WATSON Secretary . . ALICE KEEFE Treasurer . ...,... IuDY WISNER W. A. A. EXECUTIVE BOARD ADAMS, RUTH KEEFE, ALICE LEWIS, MARY F. SWAYZE, Io ANN BATTEN, IRENE KNIERIM, BETTY NICHOLSON, MARY THOMAS, RUTH CoRNELIus, MARY L. KuLBETH, KATHRYN OVERSTREET, RUTH WATSON, DOROTHY HAYNES, CHRISTINE WISNER, IuDY The Women's Athletic Association is a club Organized to promote interest and to provide opportunity for participation in recreational sports for all under- graduate women students. Recreational activities sponsored by WAA include both team and individual sports such as volleyball, basketball, rifle marksman- ship, orchesis, badminton, table tennis, softball, archery, tennis, and this year for the first time, bowling. Awards are made to members of WAA on the basis of points earned by par- ticipation in the various activities. The first letter, a four-inch is awarded to a girl after she has earned four points: the second letter, a five-inch is awarded for eight pointsg a sweater is awarded for twelve pointsg and stars for fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen points. Teams are made up by each house and independent unit, and competitive play of the different Sports continues throughout the year. WAA is governed by an Executive Board which meets twice each month. 3 "N 'S 1, s K 1 - l Q . ' wr- 5 .C , 5 l Page 383 S 'ESQ Row I: Reginald Baxter, Austin Brooks, Paul Davis, Lillia Lou Dewees, Iimmye Dobkins, Mary Follett, Worth Gibson, Ioe W. Gillespie, Elsie R. Gray. Row 2: Mary G. Greer, Erin Hill, Iean Hilton, Alene Izell, Marvin Iohnson, Wallace Iones, Major A. Lilly, Shirley McConnell, Frank Odom. Row 3: Ioseph Reynolds, Iohn P. Sanders, Retha Thompson, Sibyl Thompson, Richard Stites, Betty lane Weaver, C. Dorothy Williams, Iames W. Wilson, William Wilson. WESLEY FDU DATIO OFFICERS President . . .... IAMES W. WILSON Vice-President . . SIBYL THOMPSON Secretary . RETHA THOMPSON Treasurer ......... LEROY BROOKS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN BAXTER, REGINALD GILLESPIE, IOE IOHNSON, MARVIN SANDERS, IOHN DAVIS, PALIL GRAY, ELSIE IONES, WALLACE STITES, DICK DEWEES, Lou GREER. MARY G. LILLY, ATLAS THOMPSON, SIBYL DOBKINS, IIMMIE L. HILL. ERIN MCCONNEL, SHIRLEY WEAVER, BETTY FOLLETT, MARY F. HILTON, IEAN ODOM, FRANK WILLIAMS, DOROTHY GIBSON, WORTH IZELL, ALENE REYNOLDS, IOE WILSON, IAMES W. WILSON, WILLIAM Wesley Foundation is a part of the University life of a great many Methodist students. Stressing balanced living, it gives opportunity for mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Mental development is facilitated by discussions, lectures, and study. Recreation of all kinds provides physical exercise as well as fun and group interaction. By participation and leadership in worship programs and by further understanding of the meaning of the spiritual, religion grows in importance to the group. General plans this year included adjusting the program to the needs of stu- dents in a changing and growing university. For example, changes to adjust to an older group, returning veterans, were made while keeping in mind the new freshmen and other students who would be a part of the group. The Social Action Committee was formed to direct a solution of social and economic problems which arise on our campus. lx .fs ff X Page 384 I ,MX . 4fi:1j'Q jf Y vig .In g ,.V " ffii' Q 7' ,yr V WA ln: 43-' Sgt , W 4,1 3, , 'fin '- -'H. I .. ' ' Page 385 i Row I: Austin Brooks, Mildred Bruce, Robert Collins, Nelle F.. Curry, Paul Davis, Lillia Lou Dewees, Iimmye Dobkins, Mildred L. Doyle, Iames L. Fischer, Benjamin Fogg, Mary Follett. Row 2: Philip W. Fry, Worth Gibson, Dalton Gray, Elsie R. Gray, Mary G, Greer, Sue Hawley, Bonnie Hendrickson, Marvin Iohnson, Mary R. Iones, Wallace Iones, Alice Keefe. Row 3: Iohn W. Kenney, loyce Kulbeth, Major A. Lilly, Herschel H. McClurkin, Carlton McCoy, Robert N. Maddox, Amanda Moore, Byron Napier, Theodore Pfrimmer, Iohn P. Sanders, Betty Screeton. Row 4: Richard Stites, Patricia Sullivan, Iohny Telaar, Retha Thompson, Sibyl Thompson, Ioyce Uhl, Betty Iane Weaver, Richard H. Whitwam, C. Dorothy Williams, Iames W. Wilson, William Wilson. WESLEY PLAYERS OFFICERS President . . ...... DICK STITES Vice-President . BONNIE HENDRICKSON Secretary . . . RETHA THOMPSON Treasurer . ..... WALLACE IONES MEMBERS BROOKS, LEROY BRUCE, MILDRED COLLINS, BOB CURRY, NELLE DAVIS, PAUL DEWEES, LOU DOBKINS, IIMMYE L. DOYLE, MILDRED FISCHER, JIMMY FOGG, BEN FOLLETT, MARY F. FRY, PHIL GIBSON, WORTH GRAY, ELSIE GRAY, LEROY GREER, MARY GAY I-IAWLEY, SUE HENDRICKSON, B. IOHNSON, MARVIN IONES, ROSANNA IONES, WALLACE KEEFE, ALICE KENNEY, IOHN KULBETH, IOYCE LILLY, MAJOR MCCLURKIN, H. MCCOY, CARLTON MADDOX, BOB MOORE, AMANDA NAPIER, BYRON PERIMMER, TED SANDERS, IOHN SCREETON, BETTY SULLIVAN, PAT TELAAR, IOHNNY THOMPSON, RETHA THOMPSON, SIBYL WEAVER, BETTY WHITWAM, DICK WILLIAMS, DOROTHY WILSON, CODY WILSON, IAMES To promote interest for the advancement of religious drama is the purpose of the National Society of Wesley Players. The Kappa chapter was Organized here on the University campus in 1931, the national chapter having been Organized at the University of Illinois in 1924. Membership iS open to all university students who are interested in producing, acting, or Studying religious drama. Productions this year included: "The Amaz- ing COSmOpOlites," "Why the Chimes Rang," 'Al-lis First Date," and 'AConver- Sion". Meetings are held bi-monthly. ,rf X 1? ,E M ' fx" 'x f 1 V' V 'Q I w I I '- 'L-L5-v " '1. . ,Lf l if' ,V "" 1 w Eagan., , ' 5 J f-:asm ,- V: ,gr - ,ii i-A ax .1 k.-x.'.g- , X-gilt -1 I I I i I i I i First row: Mallory, Covey, Thomas, Smith. Second row: E. Butler, McGill, C. Butler, Toney. Third row: Tidwell, Little, Tolleson. Fourth row: Turner, Rutledge. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President . ,... . IOANNE SMITH Vice-President . . . IOHN TURNER Secretary . . . CAROLYN BUTLER Treasurer . ....... FREED LITTLE COMMISSIONERS BUTLER, ELAINE MALLORY, EMELOU RUTLEDGE, MAITLAND THOMAS, RUTH COVEY, SARA MCGILL, IOSEPHINE TIDWELL, EDDIE TOLLESON, WILLIAM DAWSON, LAWRENCE TONEY, IANET Begun many years as a service to the Southern Presbyterian students on the University campus, the Westminster Fellowship has grown to be the third largest church affiliated group on the campus. Remaining true to its purpose of inspira- tion, education, fellowship, and service, the Fellowship group has proven itself to be of significant spiritual service to all who have engaged in its activities. The work of the Westminster Fellowship is not limited to the campus and the community, however. By their interest, by their delegates, and by their generous contributions, the students endeavor to further the cause of the Church Universal the world over. In so doing they have grown, having discovered that only in giving does one receive. During the week there are activities in which the students engage. At their Student Center, across from the Student Union, there is a lounge devoted entirely to their use. Under the leadership of full-time student workers they have organ- ized their own choir, published their own newspaper, and conducted the organiza- tional and executive work of the Westminster Fellowship program. The Rev. Lewis O, Waterstreet serves as minister to students. ,C ,Ihr Wq W W X I' , If V!-TCW' ix. I N ,f 4-I 1 V Y if 2515" -nag,"-GQ lg N V , 'lj f, u,ll:A1Z ' ,"' : ,-fxgb-... EKU' A - f J 'W f if A ' .. ' 6. ,',. 5 - --1' 1 3 Page 386 Page 387 YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB l BOB RILEY OFFICERS President ..... BOB RILEY Vice-President . . LAWRENCE DAWSON Secretary-Treasurer . DAVID A, WIEN One of the newest organizations on the University of Arkansas campus this year is the Young Democrats Club. The club was formed late in September by the young voters on the campus who wished to empha- size democratic ideals, encourage greater par- ticipation in state and national government, and to recruit young and vigorous leaders within the Democratic party. With these ideals in mind, the Young Democratic Clubs of Arkansas granted a charter to the University of Arkansas Chap- ter. The state organization has seventy-five clubs, one in each county of the state, and is affiliated with the Young Democratic Clubs of America. This gives the local chapter not only the opportunity of taking part in a state- wide movement, but national as well, thus assuring it of an active participation in an integrated political group. Since it was the first Young Democratic Club formed on a college campus in the state, it was granted two delegates to the state convention and sent one member to the national convention. Because of its large membership, which ex- ceeds four hundred persons, the local group was allowed one member on the state Young Democrats Executive Committee. These provisions were made for the University chapter because it was believed that there should be greater political activity amonk young people, and that the nucleus of this should be greater political activity among college level. Une of the chief aims of the Young Demo- crats this year has been to instruct and in- form students on the campus on mechanics and functions of Arkansas state government and to orient them to a greater realization of the responsibilities that they have in our government. This was accomplished by the appearance of leaders in the state government who spoke at the club meetings on subjects pertaining to their respective offices, Among the speakers addressing the club were Governor Ben Laney and State Comptroller Iohn Truem- per who spoke concerning the legislative and administrative functions of state government. The policies and workings of our national government were dealt with by Senator William Fulbright. These talks served to inform the membership of what is being done in our state and federal government. There are, at present, plans to bring more speakers to the campus to address the club and the student body. This spring the club, for the first time, ac- tively participated in state politics. In March a booth was set up in the Student Union for the purpose of soliciting names of qualified voters to petition for a state consti- tutional amendment to lower the voting age in Arkansas to 18 years. The group was ably led through the past year by Bob C. Riley, president, who is also on the Executive Committee of the state Or- ganization: Lawrence E. Dawson, vice-presi- dent, and David Wren, secretary-treasurer. Newbern Chambers and Frank Snellgrove represented the group at the state conven- tion at Little Rock, while Wallace Wilks was delegate to the national convention at Cleveland, Ohio. LAWRENCE DAWSON ' O W R x I 14 f 'Z l f N ixixn, I' x ..--' fl if 'A -will-' S? 'if x X X X X X -1 F-.. 1, I 'QQ 5, ' .S N I AL. .ef 4 .C ' Y I . if YW 'ii' " . .. 5? ' A ,- , J ff 3 A Y 'I - V . -' ," 7' . ' , I if A IB , O . , D - I A A g .... ,,.,,. I ,. :4- if ,. ,VV 2,23 ..,,., I ,I I K .K ,. , k i ' j I , , ' . . "Q ' A A 1 H X -Y ' "1' Q 'V an 'L , , if 5 if A ll f A fr ' " if " " H ' " ,. ' 'W A .. :"" ,,'A , . i ""' "': I I E - ' . :: V. " -:f'1: ' . , A Y . f- , A .2 ' , K all ge ... - " I A'Ak' V "L' .. Ef: 1 I ' , A I if 5' - f ,. -- 1,-Q -:f, , A K. In .A - Ay' if - ' , CZ, ,I lr! .1 Xl if . B I 'Q 3 T . I: Q "" . ' M lk' ' ' A '::" ' A -- . ' A f :"' , , li In K Q , ggi Q ,, giItIB5BS, 525 - ' , : Row Bob Adams, Ioe Adams, Guy Amsler, Anderson, Andrews, Apple, Arnett, Barentine, Baxter, Black, Boals, Bonds, Bradley, Bransford, Brians, Brockman, Brooks, Cameron. Row Chamblin, Clark, Cochran, Cleon Collier, George Collier, Copeman, Craig, Cupp, Dabbs, David, Decker, Deitz, East, Eby, Edwards, Eldridge, Ellsworth, Fairly. Row Farr, Faust, Fisher, Fogg, Fowler, Foxx, Freeman, Freeman, Fussell, Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Gaunt, Gifford, Gleason, Glenn, Goodman, Gray. Row Dalton Gra , Grayson, Griffin, Griffith, Halbrook, Hammans, Haney, Harper, Harper, Harrell, Hayes, V . Helm, Henderson, Henslee, Hensley, Hill, Hitt. Row Hoag, Holiman, Holt, Henry Palmer Hotz, Oscar Hotz, Charles Howell, Iohn D. Howell, Hughen, Hunt, Iackson, Iames, Iohns, Marvin Iohnson, Raymond Iohnson, Iay Iones, Lloyd Iones, Keeling. . M. C. A. ADAMS, BOB ADAMS, IOE AMSLER, GUY ANDERSON, SPENCER ANDREWS, ED APPLE, BILL ARNETT, IOHN BARYENTINE, H. BARTON, PETE BAXTER, REGINALD BLACK, EUGENE BOALS, BRUCE R. BONDS, BRYAN BONDS, MITCHELL BOWISTER, FRED BRADLEY, RAY BRADY, CHARLES BRANSFORD, THOS. BRIANS, ROY BRIZZOLLARD, IERRY BROCKMANN, BOB ,e K Q J , A, A!!! . ' N. .ng ' jj P , , V Ar' fl' :fflzyg lx' -: ' , .i wir f -1 F ,,,"i- He, jf' R. f- . 'al r". E1' .f IU 5 X . --1 54 0, , - , - Lf- A .. R." .-.Nix f, , f-EM--+,, is ' ' '- ?'- Tyr! OFFICERS President . .... MACLYN MCKEEHAN Vice-President . . WARREN E. GLEASON Secretary . . . NEYLAND DAVID Treasurer . .... IOHN SANDERS MEMBERS BROOKS, AUSTIN L. HARRISON, ROY C. IOHNSON, RAY CAMERON, ALLEN HAYES, TED T. IONES, I. L. CANNER, FRED HENSLEE, LEE IONES, LLOYD W. CHAMBLIN, BOE HENSLEY, BILL MONTGOMERY, R, CLARK, BOB CLARK, LEONARD COCHRAN, IAMES COLLIER, CLEON COLLIER, GEORGE COPEMAN, IACK CRAIG, WM. E. CUPP, CECIL GRAYSON, GORDON GRIFFIN, THOMAS GRIFFITH, BILL HALBROOK, MARCUS HALE, GAYLON HAMMANS, HOWARD HANEY, JOHN F. HARPER, BILL HARRELL, FRANK HELM, IOHNNY HENDERSON, WEBB HILL, BOB HITT, DON M. HOAG, BASIL HOLIMAN, BILL HOLT, IACK HOTZ, HARTMAN HOTZ, PALMER HOWELL, CHARLES HOWELL, IOHN HUGHEN, WM. E. HUNT, FRED IACKSON, IOHN IAMES, D. R. IOHNS, HARVEY LEE IOHNSON, M. D. MORLEY, ROY MOSES, HAMILTON MOSS, LEON, IR. MURPHY, ROY MURREY, IOE MURREY, TOM NEELEY, FLOYD NEELEY, RUAL NIMOCKS, BOB PARKER, BOLIVAR PATTERSON, RALPH PECK, BOB PETERS, FLAVE PIERCE, KENNETH PITTS, ROBERT POWELL, IOHN PURLEY, MACK Page 388 4 fr' fi .C 'F A f ' A C' lf' Q 1 'A ff A 'QE Q ' CF 4 . A 'I . "' 'C .. --., :qv , , 3. 7, for f,.., W. e 1. V We, ,. ,. I. me , 56,1 . , -I Q I . I :F M L, E R"If K C,l, it L ' i f '7 I V I ,ge Ah' V ix W .. . 1 , ,, ,Q , l , ... 2 I E I Y - A - A - I, V- Aziz, uv ,V '-I "gg J .--. I 'lj K. ,.7. 'ag' . .4 i .Q -V Il A ...I if - f .A I I '5- f EI A , , , D as 1 I . if A , If. I 1 . I 1 1 Q, ,-I 5 I. ,g 'E .,g ?JwQ 1 1 i ,if 9 , Q, , 1- Ig. V , ---. II 1:1 5 ,V : 'Sv 'k'k " . 'I gg -' 'LZ E 'ig 5 , Q " . -. "5 I I 2 ii' if - . . .S . ig .. g g. 1 ,w i r ,v- E.: ,v,.1: , E, .. ki . 1,y i A , T ' ,.-- I - , ,.. ' "" A . I tl I Q H 1 "':' "" ' ig In K A L ill' P - R. 'ff 1 A, " , -. - fr S ti ' 2 L ' l mi H Row I: Keenan, Kemp, Kieffer, Kirksey, Kittrell, Kyle, Lawson, Lemon, Leonard, E. Lilly, A. Lilly, Little, Lock- Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: QuINN, NEALE ROSS, EARNEST ROTHROCK, STEVE SCHAUFNER, HARVEY SEIBOLD, DICK SEWELL, CHARLES SMITH, ED SMITH, RAY SMITH, TUCKER SPRODLIN, PAUL STAPLETON, BOB STATON, BOB STEELE, IACK STEVENS, W. R. STICE, IAMES E. DOBBS, CHARLIE DAVID, NEYLON C. DECKER, IOHN DOLLARD, BILL EAST, IACK EBY, TOM I. EDWARDS, L. H. ELDRIDGE, IOHN ELLSWORTH, TOM FAIRLY, MAX man, McAdams, MCBrier1, McCutcheon, McDonald, McDowell. McKeehan, McKnight, Maddox, Makris, Mallioux, Mason, Mathis, Mills, Montgomery, Morley, Moses Moss, Murphy, I. Murrey, T. Murrey, F. Neeley, R. Neeley, Nimocks. Patterson, Peck, Peters, Pfrimmer, Pierce, Pitts, Powell, Quinn, Ross, Rothrock, Seibold, Sewell, E. Smith, R. Smith, T. Smith, Spradlin, Stapleton, Staton. Stewart, Steele, Stevens, Stice, Stuckey. Stueart, Stumpf, Thompson, Tidwell, Tuck, Turner, Tyson. Walt, Want, Watkins, Watson, Welborn. Westbrook, Wey, Wheeler, White, R. Williams, W. Williams. B. VVilsOn, I. Wilson, Winn, Woods Wood, H. L. Young. H. Young, M. Young, Wortham, Wright, Ziegler. . M. C. A. MEMBERS FARR, HARRY FAUST, TOM FISHER, RAY W. FOGG, ROBERT FOWLER, BILL Foxx, RAYMOND FREEMAN, E. F. FREEMAN, WALTER FLISSELL, MARSHALL GARDNER, IAMES L. GARDNER, IAMES M, GARDNER, PETE GAUNT, IOHN GIFFORD, ART GLEASON, WARREN GLENN, RUBERT W. GOODMAN, BILL GRAY, KENNETH GRAY, LEROY KEELING, ARLEN D. KEENAN, BILL KEMP, CHARLES KIEFFER, MARVIN KIRKSEY, IOE KITTRELL, CHARLES KYLE, IAMES E. LAWSON, I-IASSEL K. LEMON, CHARLES LEONARD, CARROLL LILLY, ATLAS LILLY, ED LITTLE, FRED LOCKMAN, HAL LuNDuS, IOHN P. MCADAMS, IOHN MCBRIAN, IIM MCCUTCHEON, F. MCDONALD, RALPH MCDOWELL, TOM MCKEEHAN, MAC MCKNIGHT, ROBERT MADDOX, BOB MAKRIS, PETER MALLIOUX, ALLEN MATHIS, WM. F. MASON, GENE MILLS, BOYD STUCKEY, SAM STUEART, DON STUMPF, CHARLIE TIDWELL, EDWARD W. THOMPSON, E. E. TuCK, HERMAN TURNER, IOHN L. TYSON, DON VANWEY, BOB WALT, IESS WANT, ELLIOTTE C. WATKINS, LEWIS A. WELLBORN, CECIL WESTBROOK, BILL WHEELER, IOHN WHITE, IOHN WILLIAMS, BILL WILLIAMS, BOB XIVILSON, BRUCE WILSON, IAMES W. WINN, IIM WOOD, STAN WOOD, WELDON WORTHAM, TOM WRIGHT, BILL WRIGHT, MARSHALL YOUNG, HAROLD YOUNG, HARVEY ZIEGLER, BOB v r f .-, . N "x x Q-SOX Page 389 X RJ ' Q 5546 AN l' ' f 4 ' j S ,C f 'gl-5 N! - V 'riff Q.. ii .-"' - '-' - as A ?T:-Srsllg nr ,A .1-567.7 , Left to right: Barbara Rose, Cleta Bennett, loyce Carroll, Mary L. Woolley. Y. W. C . A. OFFICERS President . . ...... IOYCE CARROLL Vice-President . . BARBARA LEONE ROSE Secretary . . CLETA SUE BENNETT Treasurer . . MARY LYNN WOOLLEY The YWCA topped previous membership drives this year with a total of almost 500 women students joining. As a functional service group the MY" strives to make campus life more pleas- ant and worthwhile. Through the time and interest rendered by its membership, the YWCA has become an integral part in the University of Arkansas campus activities. Once a year the World Student Service Fund, under the HY" sponsorship, has a campus-wide drive to raise funds for fellow students. The contributions are distributed on a world-wide basis, thus giving assistance to students at home and abroad. This year almost 52,000 was raised by the local YWCA Organization. During the registration week of the first semester, YWCA, along with YMCA, sponsored a party for all students. An All-Campus Caroling at Christmas was given by the two "Y" clubs at Christmas with students singing by a lighted tree in front of the Engineering building and then going to the Union for coffee and do-nuts which were furnished by the University president and his wife, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Webster Iones. The "Y" sent several delegates to conferences in Little Rock and Kansas City. The YWCA supplies magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials for the Student Union. sa er D' ,V 4 l I 0T'.z,,,! -' xx. fd f , . c if Q . ,A 'I T-4 : . 2 f P ge 390 R22 Si? A Q 5 -if 'si H1 X 2 .7!Le Cmmanify af MPL w 0 Cf fr ar a uerfiriem in f e commanifg - - me command? of .fgrgamas - - - mrging ZW me f9P0gI'85:5 of me fifafe fgroaqln inJadfrg anal :Service e5faL65!LmenfA. LAUNDRY C I 'I' I Z E N ' S CLEANERS Phone 557 Quality Laundry and Dry Cleaners FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE STUDENTS' BANK Total Resources - -S' 9, 000, 000.00 FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS OLDEST AND STRONGEST NATIONAL BANK IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat rqlwaqd pulling, .... FGR THOSE MIGHTY RAZGRBACKS h Q " -, ,,."-M.. fif-, mf? . -4' UU!" 2 "' is lV' T Wooooooo Pig, Suey, Yea, Razorbacks 2160056992 W R R D FURNITURE MANUFACTURING CU FURT SMITH, RRKRNSRS CAMPU nook A . S STORE KEETCN s Your Headquarfers for: TEXTBOOKS coNoco ssnvlcls sci-looL surrulss 51-A1-19N MAGAZINES GREETING CARDS ' 629 W. DICKSON 2284 223 W. DICKSON PH. I397 COMPLIMENTS OF McILROY BANK FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS O 1871 - Our 77th Year - 1948 O "Oldest Bank in Arkansas" MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 61 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Page Page LQAUNDRY Phone 552 PRESTON WOODRUFF, Mgr Corner School and Dickson 0. K. .Q MM., WE KNOW WE KNOW CLEANING 16-18 NORTH BLOCK PHONE 587 BUCK SPYRES STUDENT CLEANERS O "In Shuler Town" Sfandarcl Esso Producfs o O 3'3 W' WCKSON L. P. BLACKMON, Prop. Phone l254 Phone 70I l. MARRIED STUDENT STUDYING! 2. IRANA? 3. RATE-ORBACKS GET WORKING OVER. PHONE 272 0 E 31 N. BLOCK ST. MRS. BILLIE HAYES HEAD "Where Cleaning is an Art" "Insured and Refrigerated Storage" Pg 397 THAT ix nv- ,k TUFF SQ, riff ZW ons M55 C Physical stamina, long hours of train- ing, ability to cooperate, and a fight- ing spirit are things which contribute to the making of champions on the field of sports. Lion Oil Products come from superior basic crudes Which, through Lion research and special refining pro- cesses, become champions in the petroleum field. LION 0IL COMPANY E mi ELDORADO, ARKANSAS Page 398 we Gmmunify af .Mme Qouzlefj of OW Home WML - - maling POMLM Laffy Allin? KW Jwefim in Me Community DEDICATED TO SERVING YOU! 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DICKSON Pasteurized Grade "A" Milk- Sealed with Red Sanitary Seal Caps COLLEGE CLUB BUTTER PHONE 530 MQQRE'S JOHNSON'S G I 11" '1' S H Q P PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE . o fffhe Gift Centerv Mirrors and Glass Q I PHONE 352 25 N BLOCK ST 25 N +h BI k FPAYETTEVILLE ARK M0llNll'I-TTN INN -me me Ragawwk 5:44 would ww la 144,112 THE BOSTON STORE of Fayeiieville 0 BROWN-DUNKIN Fayetteville's Largest of Tulsa CAMPBELL-BELL, INC. and of Fayeffeville Most Modern Hotel VANDEVERS of Tulsa 0 404 :lit 1948 ROY BRUMFIELD, Manage "gaudy" Ph 717 :Z N East Sid iS are Me Wfomfm qlaune ARKANSASfWESTERN GAS "Helping luild Northwest Arkansas" "Helping Build Norfhwesi' Arkansas' v- .,. , Q Ldf JAM" THE 152148 HAZUHBAEH PRINTED AND BOUND BY THE ELIU PRESS ANNUAL DIVISION OF THE EEUNUMY ADVERTISING EU. IOWA CITY, IOWA q for the West cmd Q A i-A9 Zll'Ll:l!el'5l:tg and .7AI'0lAfgAf0lftt tA0 sSZlfLfAll!0t RED CROSS DRUG STORE Professional - The - Students' Store With "Uptown" Excellent Drug Service STORE Store Q TOILET GOODS o SODAS o DRUGS o SANDWICHES Q PHOTO SUPPLIES A Strong Servant Working at Low Cost 5X HOTEL FAYETTEVILLE, ARK 6,5 I 4 X K 91 A :Q GEO ' P A i ' ' HOTEL Your Friendly Electric Company SAM PECK ' f' SUUTHWESTERN LITTLE ROCK, ARK. FASAND flfffklf f0HPANY Fmf the Enjoyment W5 Yom Razowback ffflz Homef' Q CHIDNUFF STUDIO 550 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YUHI4 Q UFFIEU-XL PHUTUBEAPHEB THE 1948 EAZUHH!-XEH QUAKER DRUG STORE Compleie Line of Drugs and Cosmeiics Founiain Service HELENA RUBENSTEIN MARTHA WASHINGTON CANDIES FLOYD CONINE ADAMS FLUWER SHCP THE I948 RAZORBACK Flowers Is Bound Th For All Occasions A 6 Kingskfaff , Deluxe Cover Phone 320 HULETT'S 5 and IO STORE KINGSPORT PRESS ' KnNesPoRT, TENN. U-Ark Bowl Building 325 w. Huron CHICAGO, ILL Don' t Sa Bread Northwest Sai i- J, Arkansas' W. G. SHIPLEY BAKING CO., INC. FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS MCALESTER, OKLAHOMA f, l 5 'I ll iii' :gC O QX With this SWECO label, a mark of distinction to he found in outstanding yearbooks of the nation, we designate with pride our work in designing and engraving this 1948 HAZOBBAOK. Our Sincere congratulations to the staff on a production of unusual excellence. SOUTHWESTERN ENGR!-WING OOMPANY World Building --------- Tulsa, Oklahoma .7!ze Gunmzfanilfg af fag Hnnncbng auf My colnmunify ll!l:fA enferfainmenf IQLLIJMPQ, an! colngzrfagd Ling. , Y Q ' Hmm S Nationally Known Brands at Popular Prices U.ARK SANDWICH 5H0p ARKANSAS SPORTING Goons C'OSe +0 Campus "Everything in Sports" Good Food o The "Mason" Way GUY LEI-IN MR. and MRS. MONROE MASON 405 N. Dickson FayeHeville, Ark. 1. WATCH YOUR FIGURES, GIRLS! 2. RAUNCH WEEK 407 CAMPBELL - BELL, INC. KNOWS COLLEGE CLOTHES 1 . A i Q ?IE?UN IV ERSI?.Yi gl Prophetics of Style cmd Quality COLLEGE WOMEN Select From These Famous Brands ADELE SIMPSON B. H. WRAGGE BENHAM HARVEY BERIN CAPRI DAVID CRYSTAL MOYEN ORIGINALS AMERICAN GOLF ER TOMBOY CAROL KING IUDY 'N IILL IANTZEN CALTEX DAVIDOW GLENHUNT MONARCH KENMOOR BRITTANY SELECT SPORTSWEAR M. SLOAT ORIGINALS KAYLON TOMMIES BARBIZON IUNIOR FORMALS COLLEGE MEN DOBBS LEE STYLEPARK HATS ARROW VAN HUSEN - ENRO INTERWOVEN PHOENIX HOSIERY HICICOK-PIONEER BELTS MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR IANSEN B. V. D. COOPER'S MCCURRACH BEAU BRUMMEL CHENEY TIES FLORSHEIM FREEMAN TAYLORMADE SHOES HART SCHAFFNER G MARX VARSITY TOWN BOTANY 500 GRIFFON CLOTHES PQ WHEELER'S DRIVE IN Curb Service Exclusively We Deliver Phone 650 DOWNTOWN DICKSON FAYETTEVILLE, ARK PLYMOUTH BoB's CAFE R. L. MADDOX DODGE I OB RATED TRUCKS IIIIIISTIIN TIIYLIIII MIITIIIIS FAYETTEVILLE CLARKSVILLE IT'S ON THE SQUARE FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS We, the stdtt of the 1948 Sporting Goods RAZORBACK Wish to extend our thanks to ' our advertisers in the com- "UPTOWN" munity of the Southwest-who helped mdke this RAZOR- LEWIS BIIIIS. CII. BACK possible' J. C. PENNEY COMPANY FayeH'eville's Mosf Economically Priced Deparfmenl' S'l'ore 9 in A O',.!' rivsgftt .Wg QQ ff' ' I I u'.0 0 ,irc Q X -NX THe's 'telling them all that itfs smart to shop at VANDI-1VER5.f" FIFTH AND BOSTON ' 5lI SOUTH MAIN - TULSA For l'l1e Besf in Records U ancl Record Supplies ol ll RECUBD SHUI' ,f lf, like 5 xxx X I A il U-ARK BOWL BuiLDiNe 6,13 U V! T , i..l1lAf94Zf1Z!5l,fif,7'!.w,. EZ .smzz 5Wf.54,4, Phone 335 MR. and MRS. A. D. MCALLISTER PRICE Q PATTON Exclusively F. N. Price A lVlan's Store Owner Fayetteville, Arkansas l A 32 E ,ff 5 P ge 411 TO THE GRADUATES CF 1948 TOWN TULSA'S DOMINANT DEPARTMENT STO IN FAYETTEVILLE Div SILVERIVIAIXVS 219609659 The Ullzmate zh Quezlzq Apparel and jewelry 1 31? . mo.-s..?mgzm 11,3-digg like ROTHMOOR' The quiet distinction of good taste exemplified by Rothmoor's perfect hand-tailoring, in Stroock's plaid woven exclusively for Rothmoor. 8500 gp'i7,X f . ' A . ' . -V ,:, -': -.-:- '- :- L: S-'Tv '-:-:'Y1' .1 4 5, 54? ll ? . Y f ffzgg . .E+ -f.-Q:1::2-y cy.. "Q 1, 7- '. it 11: -.2 '-Q 3, J ex clu sively -5-:g24,qLg, g 5 Ni - with ' . . ,Q-f'1,'f5f" ri:-I . the 3 -95159 '7'2f1ig'ge,, 1 -:ig ,f ami.:-: ,x , fam Page 414 Publications, Board of .......... 60 N Page - Page A A Club ..,.....................,,........ 314 Agriculture, College of .......... 36 Agriculturist ,.,.........,......... 54-55 Agri Day Association ,...,..... 316 AIChE .,.......,..............,......Y.v AIEE .,,.,...................... ....... Alpha Chi Sigma ..........,,..,Y.. Alpha Epsilon Delta .....,,,.... Alpha Gamma Rho ......,. 242- Alpha Kappa Psi .....,,.,,.. 322- Alpha Lambda Delta ............ Alpha Zeta ...............Y............ Anderson, Dean Iohn P., Dean of Students .............. 46 Animal Industry Club .......,,. 325 Arkansas Engineer ...,,..... 56-57 Arkansas Traveler ,,,,..,..... 50-51 Arts and Sciences, College of 35 ASCE ,,,,.,.,,,.,,,................ 326-327 ASME ....,.,.,,,.,............... 330-331 Associated Women Students 44 B Baker House ,................. 250-251 Baptist Student Union ........,, 334 Barnhill, Coach Iohn H ..... ..280 Basketball ...,.,....,........... 292-295 Beauties .,,,....,................. 299-312 Blackfriars ..,..,..... ....... 3 36-337 Blue Key ,............................... 142 Board of Trustees .................. 29 Boots and Spurs ..................,. 335 Branner Geology Club ...,...... 338 Business Administration, College ,.,,.....,.,.,........,.,..... 37 C Canterbury Club ...............,.. 339 Carlson, T. C., Sec.-Treas,.. 34 Carnall Hall ..t,.,..,......... 252-253 Central Presbyterian Church .......................,....,, 340 Cheer Leaders ........................ 341 Chi Omega .................... 208-209 Christian Youth Fellowship..344 Commerce Guild ............ 342-343 Commerce Queen .,,.,,,.....,,,, 302 Community At Home .... 197-206 Community At Play ...... 265-273 Community At Work ........ 17-23 C0te!'ie ..........,.,...,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 345 Cotton Queen ,,,,......,,, ,,,,,,, 3 OO D Davis Hall ..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 254 Delta Delta Delta .......... 210-211 Delta Gamma ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 212-213 Delta Theta ..............,,.,,, 222-223 Delta Theta Phi .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 346 Deutscher Verein .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 347 E Education, College of .,...,.... 38 Ellis. Dean Lippert S., College of Agriculture ...... 36 Engineering, College of ........ 39 Engineering Council .... 348-349 Engineering Queen .,,........... 302 F Football .......................... 282-291 Freshman Class ............ 183-196 Freshman Queen .......,..,....... 301 Future Farmers of America..350 415 ' I DEX Page G Gamma Delta ,,.,.... ......... 3 51 Gamma Iota .,........ ............. 3 52 Girls' 4-H House ..,......... 256-257 Graduates ............. ......... 9 0-91 Graduate School ...... ......... 4 0 Guild Ticker ......... ......... 5 2-53 H Harding, Dr. Arthur M ....... 25 Hill Hall ..............................,. 255 Homecoming Queen ............ 300 Home Ec Club ......................,. 353 I Institute of Radio Engineers 355 Interfraternity Council .,,..,., 241 Interfraternity Queen .......,.. 303 International Relations Club 354 Intramurals ............................ 298 I Iones, Pres. Lewis W ......... 26-27 Iordan, Dean lohn C., Graduate School .,............ 40 Iunior Class ................... 103-,126 K Kappa Alpha ...,...,......,. 224-225 Kappa Delta Pi .......,...,.......... 131 Kappa Kappa Gamma .... 214-215 Kappa Pi ................................ 356 Kappa Sigma ................ 226-227 Kronenberg, Dean Henry A., College of Education ,,...... 38 L Lambda Chi Alpha ........ 228-229 Lambda Tau .......................... 132 Lambert, Coach Eugene ........ 292 Laney, Governor Ben ..,......... 28 Law Queen ............................ 303 Law School ........................ 92-97 Lellar, Dean Robert A., School of Law ..................,. 41 M Major-Minor Club ........ 357-358 Marine Corps League ...,........ 359 Met Club ...............,,,,.....,,..,. 362 Milam, Dean Paul W., College of Business Administration .................. 37 Military Section ............ 167-182 Military Staff ,.,..,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,, 171 Mixed Chorus ................ 360-361 Mortar Board ,..,.... ,.,......... 1 44 Nichols, Dean Guerdon D., College of Arts and Sciences .............................. 35 O O'Day, Colonel Ray ............ 168 O I W .................................... 364 Omicron Delta Kappa .......... 143 Orchesis ......................,...,..... 365 P Pan-American ,.....,. ......... 3 66 Panhellenic ............ ......... 2 20 Pershing Rilles ......... ......... 1 80 Phi Alpha Delta ....... ......,.. 1 33 Phi Alpha Theta ....... .....,... 1 34 Phi Beta Kappa ......... ......... 1 35 Page Phi Eta Sigma ........................ 136 Phi Sigma ..........,................... 367 Phi Upsilon Omicron ,... ........ 3 68 Pi Beta Phi ...................... 216-217 Pi Kappa Alpha ,.........,. 230-231 Pi Mu Epsilon ......................., 137 Pre-Law Club .,,. .......... 3 69 Pre-Med Club ..... .......... 3 70 Press Club ............................ 371 Psi Chi .................................. 138 Publications ...,..,................. 45-59 Q Queens .... ..................... 3 00-303 R Razorback .............,............ 48-49 Razorback Hall ............ 258-259 RONS .................. .............. 3 72 Rootin' Rubes .. .......,.. 374-375 ROTC Band ....... .............. 1 82 S Scudder, Ieannette, Dean of Women .............,,, 46 Senior Class ...................... 61-89 Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... 232-233 Sigma Alpha Iota .................. 373 Sigma Chi ,,,,,,,,.,....,,..,... 234-235 Sigma Nu ......,,.............. 236-237 Sigma Pi ....,,,................. 238-239 Sigma Phi Epsilon ................ 376 Social Committee .................. 45 Sophomore Class .......... 145-166 Sophomore Councils ............377 Square and Compass ............ 378 Stocker, Dean George P., College of Engineering .... 39 Student Christian Council .... 379 Student Senate .................. 42-43 Student Union Board ............ 380 T Tau Beta Pi ............................ 139 Tau Kappa Alpha ................ 140 Theta Tau ...................... 260-261 'Track ...................................... 296 U U-Ark Boys' House .............. 264 U-Ark Girls' House ........ 262-263 University Housing ' Project ........................ 248-249 University Religions Club .... 381 V Varsity Club ............ .......... 3 82 W' Wesley Foundation ............ 384 Wesley Players ..........,......... 385 Westminster Fellowship ...... 386 Who's Who .................... 98-102 VVomen's Athletic Asso- ciation ................................ 383 Y . Young Democrats Club ......,. 387 YMCA ,,,,,,,,.................... 388-389 YVV CA ........,..................,...... 390 Z Zeta Beta Tau ......... ............... 2 40 Zeta Tau Alpha ............ 218-219

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