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N14 sf-, w O Q 1 nf 'Q Ein 'f A E? E Wiw M fm A fag ' f ff an M , L,,, I ,E Q jill' Aww ,A, , A , .ff , if 15 K Q 3 by 'Z' 1511-2 vnu-uni ,Mbna V1 , ,W , 15" , , N' . ' G 'fy xc i 4 . fi-rf, , My -A1 J , Q ' 'f- H ,V v-Lf, fs ,w,. NL ex, , 4 ""f'm Qu 6 5 .. We C 'O im sw- ae 4 wwf' A W! ,M ,, 'T ' '41 Introduction Dedication Homecoming Achievement Student Life Academics Class Photos Features Sports Organizations Greeks Specials lndex!Candid Conclusion Editor's Page Memorial Page Table of Contents 1 6 l 9 19 53 59 81 133 147 163 177 197 217 227 236 240 With A Personal Touch 1983 Lion THE GOLDEN LIONS Volume 37 Published By The Office of The Lion Student Government Association University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Pine Bluff Arkansas 71601 Rita Yvette Johnson Editor-in-Chief Harry Dewayne Williams Associate Editor Aundra Omega Jackson Associate Editor Robert Earl Warren Associate Editor Pamela Faye Bohannon Managing Editor Henri L. Linton Advisor Student Life Editor: Carolyn Oglesby Sports Editors: Welton Boyce William Jarmon Class Editor: Vernedia Gulley Academic Editor: Robert Warren Secretary: Barbara Oglesby Satrya Davis Greek Editor: Pamela Bohannon Correspondence: Cassandra Esters Satrya Davis Typist: Barbara Olgesby Mitz Banks Patricia Mixon Harry Vwlliams Layouts: Beverly Hayes Margerette Charles Jerome Swayer Patricia Mixon Donna Morris Ronald Wynn Janice Mixon Christopher Taylor Shawn Norful Sylvester Harris Garry Wallace Kervin Wynn Photographers: Lugene Jasper Aundra Jackson Kenneth Lewis Robert Milton Researchers: Mlliam Jarmon Welton Boyce 1 The captivating trio harmonizes a 'personal touch" to every song they sing. :if an 85,9 W , + i 4. 1 CTP? AK exjfmt Etc? ... -. 'I 'I Of course, the greeks add a 'personal touch" to the campus. 2 nal Touch 0 l'S Pe A . if A . Ea' N it 2 - . l if A reflection of A personal arrangement Q' f A 'personal touch" soon to be admired by Leslie Adkins. Viking brothers add a 'personal touch" to the campus, through SGI' vice. M i kv ' . Qfig 'W Senator David Pryor adds a 'personal touch" through graduation ceremony to 1982 seniors. L P wa... I:i:2Qi5,g,1" Majorette Kathy Turner as background UAPB Marching Band adds a "personal touch" to every performance. mai? 13?- ., fl 4 K -L-'in-1' , . :as Fl?j::ff'Q.'f55:ga,g,J,.! A "'Y51i - Y . .- . yr grsgui ,f ' ...ef-Q 1-:- ei... , -:gy X - :Eg --:is . sq ---" 5 2 me - ... ....1.M.s.e.Q.w- X 1 We-. . .W .. vita K , -ef N4 2 1- , ,y,3' X , .. ,,A, , A ,G A ,T ly, ' ll W . 517 'Q' My ,.a.,. K mimi 1 K Q M J ' "1 . :V ,f ,T "' I , ,, N,,, 'EVA H? V V . is Top left: The computers aid and store data, therefore they add a "personal touch" to the campus. Far left: Security once again has come to the rescue, they add a "personal touch" too. Bottom left: The little children attend school in Corbin Hall, they also add a 'personal touch". Above: Students come from near and far to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff for a quality education. :aw dam ilu- ...,f V h,,,, ,, , 'A 2 , I . I K: ,, Am.. tw ,,,n ,,AL W .,....,mwWwfWfw, ?MW,.-.., W ,h,,, ., h,, M WWWM 3W,WM,QQW4Mjgwlmzgngytg 5 , ,M , , W. ..., , ...W . , ff tltt I 5 . A .. ,.AA . ., ,,,h,A 9 , 5 z .,.,, E A. l l be - . 1 A f " V . item ' . , . ,, T 'LL' mf: r , ..,,, .. . 0 H A ' ,, f"'f,. 1" 7 ' V, " ""' "" f L" ' f ' ,,,. ., ,,,,,. ""' ' '9 '- ""' " q fr..i....e:' T' Li " ' '?"'.'Z7'Nfifff U ' f ' 44' 4 ,, W' ' f . ' ' W ff? .4 " 'WWMA ,,,. - A V ' 4 N ' . , H , 1 WWW I V. .ru 477, ff I vm. A ,. ,,.iW,. M I my Y ff . . . a is . I -. ft? ,, 'V f' A. -IW, mmm N l. A V Q 4 I J.. -W I ,v l ,,, , V W' I V' A V71 , ' ,., A , -. -vw M ., "" -' so-'M ' 47 4"""kz - fl ' iz' 4, -af ' ' K , 7.x I wr ,, , A M ,, ' A 4 V ' ' 1 ,, U . - 4' , . f' Q I .ibm 'Tat-ml, ,y , Top left: SGA sponsors an installation banquet in which a "personal touch" was added. Editor Rita Johnson received a plaque for her editorial services. Top center: By working through the summer and no vacation, the 1983 annual was completed by dedicated workers. And of course, "With A Personal Touch". Above: Mrs. Early lwhom the annual is dedicatedj and dedicated student worken Tracy Shepard add a "personal touch" to the administration. Left: Introducing the swimming pool in the HPER Complex which students and faculty add a 'personal touch" to by taking full advantage at 5 Mrs. Violet Earley 5 ink i L bw. 2 I I Our llves are rlcher because we have had the opportunlty to know Mrs. Vlolet Theresa Thompson Early. We, the students of the Unlverslty of Arkansas at Plne Bluff are proud to dedicate the 1983 LION yearbook to hen because she has offered those who have met her a dlfferent perspective. 6 Dedicated scholarly, and Involved describes Mrs. Violet Theresa Thompson Early. She is indicative of the hlgh caliber faculty members that are helplng to mold the lives at the University of Arkansas at Plne Bluff She has dedicated 32 years ol her llfe to furthering the education and careers of her students. Mrs. Early attended Xavler Unlversity of New Orleans, AM A NXUAPB, where she eamed a B.S. degree ln Business Educa- tlon, YMCA school of Commerce, Hender- son State University where she also eamed a M.S. degree In Counseling Education. Mrs. Early, the assistant reglstran joined the staff ln 1951. She has served as foreign student advlsor. Mrs. Early ls advisor of Alpha Kappa Mu Natlonal Honor Society. She la a member of education fraternity and recording secretary of AM A NXUAPB Natlonal Alumni Association for 23 years. Mrs. Early ls also a member of the sorority of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Mrs. Earley and Chancellor Hackley .--......,..m..W........., 1 lx . . K C A Personal Interview Captain Artis Lofton, Assistant Professor of Military Science, is a native of Heth, Arkansas. He graduated from UAPB in 1974, and received a master of Arts degree in Public Administration from Webster University in 1982. While attending Webster University he attained the highest possible grade average which testifies to the hard work and dedication he earned the distinction of being designated as the top distinguish graduate. He was commissioned through the Army ROTC Program at UAPB and entered active duty in May 1974, as a Second Lieutenant in the Infantry. As a cadet, Cpt. Lofton distinguished himself by being selected as the top ROTC Cadet and the Brigade Commander. He has served in a variety of commands and assignments in the United States Army. He attended the Infantry Officers Basic and Advanced Course, and Airborne School at Ft. Benning, Georgia. He served as a Basic Training Officer, Infantry Rifle and Antitank Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, and Head Coach of the Post Men Basketball Team at Fort Ord, California. At Fort Bragg, North Carolina he was a member of the world famous 82nd Airborne Division. At Fort Bragg, Cpt. Lofton completed Airborne Jump Master School. Company Commander of Company C, 2nd Battalion fAirbornei 508th Infantry, his company selected to conduct the First Italian-US Army Airborne Exchange Program. Cpt. Lofton moved his entire unit to Italy with a mission to foster a good working relationship among the armies. His military decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, Army Recommendation Medal, Expert Infantryman Badge, Senior Parachutist Badge and the Italian Airborne Badge. 'K 5 ...... .lt ,g,..,....?..,,. my Kenneth R. Kemp is a senior majoring in biology with a 4.00 cumulative grade point average. He is a native of Tucker, Arkansas. His interests include music, reading, acting and writing. His extracurricular activities include: Pershing Rifles Society and Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity. When Kenneth was asked: What encour- aged him in his studies?, he replied, "I have always believed that education is an opportunity rather than an obligation. I do not have the time or money to waste on squandering this opportunity." Kenneth even admits that he overworks himself sometimes. We inquired him on what sacrifices he had to make in order to obtain a 4.00, his reply to that was self discipline, hard work, and dedication. Kenneth states three goals he hopes to accomplished in life: I want to obtain an M.D. degree, establish personal security and have a good wife and children. Kenneth Kemp is our newly elected Student Government Association President. o as o so Miss Freshman Leslee Adkins Campus Queens: With A Personal Touch Miss Junior Charlotte Jackson Miss Sophomore Madie Branch Bobbie Hicks Miss ROTC Pauline Crump Pauline Crump is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a senior majoring in Business Administration. ,Pauline enjoys playing chess, pool and racquetball. She also is active in the Vesper Choir, SGA and the NSBL Club. vi ffhwfgl' ,,, , 4 X g 1, lj, , wt . .5 ,. 11 ,ve'r,'f A MQ, 5 . f O-tafexpbn Of: - 00 gafv ,Quo vi ,is Q," A Miss LION lda Regina Hall Ida Regina Hall is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She is a senior majoring in Nursing. Her extracurricular activities are working with the LION Yearbook as the Business Manager and as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. .She also enjoys swimming, singing and playing tennis. Coronation Ball The stage was set weeks in advance. Jeans and sweatshirts were replaced by royal gowns and "after-six" formal wear. Everyday casual students were transformed into assorted queens and escorts. The Hazzard Gymnasium magically became a ballroom and nothing could prevent this enchanting evening from prevailing. During this annual SGA sponsored Coronation Ball, the queens were unparallel. Marching, parading, and dancing was enacted before Miss UAPB - Ruby McCoy, Chancellor Lloyd V. Hackley, and administrators, students, alumni and friends. The group, Prince of Harmony, dedicated a special song to the queen and later students danced to the moving beat of the DEALERS, a musical group from Memphis, Tennessee. 1, With A Personal Touch tgps 13 Homecoming UAPB Style The crowd has been waiting since early light. Children sitting on the shoulders of adults ask impatiently "When is it gonna start?" or "Do you see anything yet'?". Vender and peddlers sell their balloons and cokes as ears strain to pick up the faint musical sound and every head turns to see the UAPB Marching band begin the Annual UAPB Homecoming parade. N s ,wx . zwywgfxx. nu ttf!!! N fl lk Y 4 l 'M i A Perfect Victory Filled to capacity with school administra- tors, students, relatives and alumni, Pumphrey Stadium was the scene of UAPB Golden Lion's 36-18 homecoming victory over the Langston Lions, thus ending a perfect homecoming week. N Ml, ,QA Y With A Personal Touch . J U' , as The UAPB Show The crowd that has gathered around the concession stands suddenly stops rattling off orders. Silence quickly spreads among the spectators. All is quiet as the announcer introduces the half-time show starring the UAPB Marching Band. Playing the 1982 best pop songs, Whip It by the Dazz Band and Still by the Commodores, the UAPB Band accompany Larry Braggs who sings "A House is not a Home" hy Lurther Vandross. sr UAPB Spirit Day ,,,.,,1f,, V l' The UAPB student body gathered together in the Hazzard Gymnasium to promote that special kind of school spirit - Golden Lion Mania! Led on with speeches by Chancellor Lloyd V. Backley and Coach Ben McGee the chants and cheers rose higher and higher. Soon the "UAPB style" of spirit, "that Mania" had infected the whole campus and it's surrounding communities. A Personal Perspective - Medioority ln Eduoa tion A National Crisis UAPB is "Second to none" A former Chancellor once stated. In June 1983, the National Commission on Excellence in Education gave a report which caused an uproar which has yet to be stilled. The Commission stated that a "tide of mediocrity" threatened to engulf the nation's schools and that too many students were graduating high school with sub- standard skills. Leaders at the national, state, and local level were forced to legislate laws which could help cure some of the ails of the U. S. educational system. Stating that increased federal spending was not the answer to the plights of education, President Ronald Reagan stressed going back to the basics and merit pay for superior teachers. In Arkansas, Governor Bill Clinton faced the task of developing a school district funding formula which would satisfy the Arkansas Supreme Court. His wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton was appointed to the head of the Education Standards Committee in an effort to upgrade the system. At the level of higher education, many students were found to be lacking in skills in basic subjects. The resulting strain on already tight budgets due to increased enrollment in remedial courses was almost a killing blow to many colleges. The University of Arkansas system was not immune to financial woes but UAPB Chancellor Lloyd Hackley stressed that colleges should not lower their standards. We as students at UAPB share the struggle to stem the tide of mediocrity which threatens education in America. Not only should we not settle for mediocrity in just getting by in classes, we should challenge our faculty to reach higher heights. Faculty leniency to athletes in reaching high academic standards should not be tolerated. A former chancellor once stated that UAPB was "second to none". We all share the responsibility for maintaining an educational institution which will keep alive that bold declaration. By: Welton Boyce, Associate Editor A Personal Subject I ' Wan 4- Auf, QQ: . f " 9 O I f I f 70 fi- ., is 'V Q ff? order to receive, yOU have to give yOUf b6Sf. Achrevementlrs SHARON ALEXANDER is a Senior from Detroit, Michigan. She is majoring in En- glish, the Liberal Arts with a grade point average of 3.91. Sharon is actively involved as President of Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Historian of Sigma Tau Delta National English Honor Society, Vice-president of the A .M-.-L Mm 2 English Club, Supervisor of the ROTC inns-.,,,g .. .,.., ,,,,,,WM,,,M Public information Team, a student ,ml representative o the Pan-He enic Council and a member of ' """"' Zeta Phi Beta Sorority """"""'u lnc. Personal interest are: tennis, traveling and commercial arts. Lion Leadership we is SSS? U55 CHARLES J. GRlFFlTH, Jr. is a Senior from Bearden, Arkansas, majoring in Accounting with a 2.92 grade point average. He is actively involved as the President of the ROTC Advanced Course Club, the commander of the ROTC Pershing Rifle Society, secretary of the Alpha Phi Omega Society, an executive officer of the ROTC Cadet Brigade, treasurer of the Service Council and a member of the Black Drill Team. . His personal interest include: jogging, fishing, and meeting people. 'S KAL VEN TRICE is a junior from Moro, Arkansas, majoring in Agricultural Economics with a 3.45 grade point average. He is actively involved in the Agricultural Club, Public Relations in the Cooperative Education Club, treasurer of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity lnc. a staff member of the 83' LlON and newly elected treasurer of the Student Government Association. -ll- His personal interest include: basketball and fishing. 'K Lion Leadership Senior RUTHIE LEE COLE MACK is a native of Pine Bluft Arkansas. She is majoring in g Institutional Dietetics with a 4 3.37 grade point average. Ruthie is actively involved as secretary of the Home Economics Alpha Nu Omega Honor Society, the Home Ec- onomics Club, Program Director of the Student Government Association and a member of the sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. we-M.: Her personal interest include: cooking, bowling and helping the handicapped and elderly people. 5 fi Lion Leadership A wards The yearbook staff established the Lion's Leadership Awards to give special recognition to students for involvement and achievement in campus organizations and activities. Ordinarily ten students are selected by a committee, composed of faculty, administrators and students, on the qualifications that their personal goals and interest were centered on an area that affects UAPB student body and the university itself. Students are asked to fill out and submit an application along with three letters of recommendations and a one page statement detailing their life goals. The criteria used by the selection committee were participa- tion and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to the university, scholarships and the student's promise of future usefulness. Each applicant was required to have an academic grade point average of 2.50 or better. This year, because of lack of student interest six students were selected instead of ten. The recipients of the Lion Leadership Award are as follows: Sharon Alexander Pamela Bohannon lpicture not showni Charles J. Griffith Jr. Fluthie Lee Cole Mack Dezerene Summers Tatum and Kalven Trice. Congratulationsllllllll Senior PAMELA BOHANNON is a native of West Memphis, Arkansas. She is majoring in Institutional Dietetics with a 2.68 grade point average. Pam is actively involved as president of the Vikette Society, secretary of the Student Government Associa- tion, and the Home Economics Club, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma Service Sorority and a staff member of the '83 LION. Her personal interest include: cooking, reading, and meeting people. Congratulations Miss Bohannon. 7 . 'l?s-1:59 I . V537 15. ' tis? rv . 2 ff 9 n 5' 'ffl L. ,-' - ,. ",:TT-'M 'ff f , ' L.. s-V .t g.'Jf5t',55iggltl I , I V .,..,,.,fs,t.te,..i5s,,, . gikiff f, ,. 7134: VA My 5, sg . kzjglzss f f , As, sl. ' 1 lil. W fi' E2 . ls- ft ' E55 f S f,,2 ge... 22 Wifi' ' X1 its E. 'V W 1' 1 fr Y' ll ooperative EdUCati0n Looking To The Future 1 . . i . i 'Y.Wh,,,,..H,, l l i Dr. Evelyn Van Wright, Supervisor with Central City Chamber of Commerce, explains daily work schedule to students. Candace Williams, English major, is trained by Tom Parson at the Pine Bluff Commercial, Newspaper Company. Co-op is a carefully organized and supervised program of experimental learning in which the participating student enriches his education by alternating periods of study with periods of meaningful paid work. The Co-op club is composed of students who either are presently on Co-op assignments, who have been on Co-op work experiences, or who support the program and are awaiting placement with employers. Mrs. Josetta E. liWlkins observes the signing of the proclamation to declare Co-op Week in Pine Bluff Signing the proclamation from left to right are Mayor Dave Wallis, State Representative Henry Wilkins ill, and Chancellor Lloyd V. Hackley. Huey Davis, Program Coordinator, discusses guidelines for Co-op work assignment with Kevin Jones, Electrical Engineering major. i' "i . V ,K Nif,,N.6 5 , . .JW QQ 4, WM' fin -e vim, va N , qw, Y p 'A 953 'W M, iw w- Wa , ,rw?' 5 Z 1 A W m ZW W ,H W A,-.hw '2- V MM, . , ,-3 , wh , .. i M! M 59" 1,- MMM sw' A if ,wdnfgyw N W ,W ,,. efFiI3ff1: : N . 1 ma?" ff T Nfu"Z,',f . , 1.w" v-Qf , N il ' AW 'M w W M fs 'Mm f w if , 1- ' i wx v M ,A Mk ,,, I fl' W, M .4 M y. 'M A ,M Tgwjizff wtf-J Wffiffiiw 502' 17' iii 4 W W , v. Q Q , me' M ,W . J w vu T 1 A . , , , W I 7,1459 we A M" 'V' 0 ' w v I x E vt u , , A E ,V ,' g A - f A A W4 161 f W 1 M' inf qmgjg ' E59 'Nz' V, 5 ' 'A ,,,Mz,, I wx ,wg 3 4, guyz' ,A imfw M J W "ki 1 WA ,.,..,,..,,, ..,: z f, "" ' A My wWw:.cfmM4p...w.m A if ,Q E ' fl I , H g 2 -...W f 'HY' ' V if S Z? 445 1, ' mr 5 5 ' Q lik i 3 1 . ,,.. WN. Wvwfm Sf ,,,Z',wsWM Jgvf' MMNQ ,N A n -,f eq m an -,w. ' it HK, ww ,. Co-eds and Esquires 1983's CO-EDS and ESQUIRES were selected by a panel of judges from the Lion staff to represent the typical UAPB student. Each applicant was interviewed and rated on a scale from 1 to 10 Q10 being the highest and 1 being the Iowestl for personality, response, and poise. This year the honors went to 15 females and 10 males. The CO-EDS and ESQUIRES of this year all embodied the essential characteristics of educational participation, extracurricular activities, and the general citizenship of the UAPB student body. It is for these qualities that these young men and women have merited such recognition. First Row: Robert Knott, Romona Edding- ton, Christopher Taylor, Bernice Martin, James Toney, Terri Wilhite, Angela Grice, Cedric Beavers, Tentia Shannon, Jarvis Morehead. Second Row: Caroline Jackson, Jamie Lee, Monica Wooley, Jeanette Davis, Wilma Maxie, Cynthia Baldwin, Gwendolyn Robinson, Anna Bradley. Third Row: Anita Holland, Dwight Pridgeon, Kenneth Johnson, Joseph Pridgeon, Sheliah Miller. 25 AF9' Co-eds and Esquires ESQUIRE DWIGHT PRIDGEON is a Pine Bluff native born under the sign of Aquarius. Dwight is a sophomore who enjoys horse back riding, poetry, fishing, and music. His extracurricular activities include: Political Science and Off-Campus Club. CO-ED GWENDOLYN ROBINSON is a senior from Camden, Arkansas, born under the sign of Pisces. Gwen is a UAPB Stepperette who enioys dancing, cooking and styling hair. s N as ug., Co-eds and Esqulres ESQUIRE CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR is a so- phomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Chris is a Pisces who enjoys dancing, bowling, and student government functions. His extracurricular activities include: Program Committee Student Officers, and Lion Staff. CO-ED ANNA BRADLEY is a senior from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, born under the sign of Aries. She enjoys sewing, reading, and drawing. Anna is a member of the Student Council for Exceptional Children. CO-ED BERNICE MARTIN is a Vikette, a member of the SCEC, a national member of Education Association. She enjoys sewing, exper- imental cooking, and skating. Bernice is a senior from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, born under the sign of Virgo. CO-ED WILMA MAXIE is a Vikette, who enjoys traveling, listening to music, skating and bowling. She is a junior from West Helena, Arkansas, who is born under the sign of Leo. fav sv my W 5 3 Qu M, V zyk I f ,.,, V 'i f 49, W , fy' 2 E CEDRiC RS is W ESOUYR ERNARD BEANIE senior irorn Pine Biuii, Arkansas. Cedric ' Capricorn, who My W Q ,K is 3 W ii A enioys reading li dancing, biiiards, ris and wrifing. i-iis r acfwifies spo extracurricuia inciudex Aipna Cni a appa Chi i-ionor U16! Beta ik Sociefies, Comp Science Ciub, Cooperanve Educafion Ciub. CO-ED RONiONA EDDiNG-TON is a senior from Pine Biuii, Arkansas, born under the sign oi Capricorn. Rornona enioijs wrifing poems, drawing, rnodeiing, and cooking. i-ier exiracurricuiar acfwifies inciude: Niiss E siion Chi 80-81, i Aipna 28 9 member 0 Aipna. Kappa CO-ED JAMIE LEE is trea- surer of the Sophomore Class, and a UAPB Stepperette. Jamie enjoys dancing, swimming, sew- ing, watching television and reading. She is a native of Pine Bluff, born under the sign of Leo. CO-ED ANITA HOLLAND is a sophomore, born under the sign of Cancer. Anita is from Pine Bluff, Arkan- sas. ln her spare time she enjoys gymnastics, listen- ing to music, and meeting people. Her extracurricular activities include: Pre- Alumni Council, and a member of the CO-OP Club. ESQUIRE JARVIS MORE- HEAD is President of the Accounting Club, Pres- ident of Phi Beta Lambda, a member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, and Chief Justice of the SGA Supreme Court. Jarvis is a senior from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, born under the sign of Aquarius, who finds time out of his busy schedule to enjoy back- gammon, swimming, pho- tography and reading. CO-ED TERRI YOLANDA WILHITE is a junior born under the sign of Cancer. Terri is from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She enjoys shopping, swimming, and traveling in her spare time. Her extracurricular activi- ties include: Correspond- ing Secretary of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, lnc., Miss February 83, member of American Home Econ- omics Association, Fash- ion Merchandising Club. 29 " 9 9 if Mg, 4' . i ,, .mg Q fggpzv f f f gf ,W f 4, I A Z. V ,,,, 3 ,::,, , Gf4 '2'I'Uff77.: uf 1 fad ..., . 'K V . ,, W ,, W, 1 gi I Z ... A if f AW a zz ww? 7, 74' Mft' it-., ESQUIRE KENNETH JOHNSON is president of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Managing Editor of the Arkansawyer, a member of the Biology Club, and a Private Pilot. He is a senior from Rison, Arkansas, born under the sign of Taurus. Kenneth enjoys flying, skating, aerial photography, and meeting people. ANGELA GRICE is a sophomore born under the sign of Pisces. She is a native of Moscow, Arkansas. Her extracurricular activi- ties include: Miss Gamma Delta, Computer Science Club. In AngeIa's spare time she enjoys skating, sewing, sports, and meeting people. CO-ED SHELIAH MILLER is a senior from Dermont, Arkansas born under the sign of Sagittarius. Her extracurricular activities in- clude: UAPB Stepperette, a member of the Co-op Club and SCEC Club. Sheliah enjoys basketball, cooking and meeting people. ESQUIRE DWAYNE BRANCH, a senior from Watson, Arkansas. He is born under the sign of Pisces and enjoys basketball, photography, swimming and music. Dwayne's extracurricular activities are: Chemistry Club - President, Alpha g:1ibNationaI Honor Society - President, Co-op u . 1 983 Co-Eds and Esquires Co-Ed Monica Wooley is a sophomore from Mount Morris, Michigan. Monica is a Capricorn, who enjoys singing, swimming, and participating in Christian activities. Her extracur- ricular activities include the Chemistry Club, Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart, UAFC Gospel Choir. 32 Joseph Pridgeon is a member of the Off- Campus Club who en- joys swimming, danc- ing, and modeling. He is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and a senior born under the sign of Sagittarius. 1 v . f I E Co-Ed Jeanette Davis is a cheerleader, an Omega Sweetheart and a member of the Off-Campus Club. She enjoys skating, danc- ing and meeting people. Jeanette is a sophomore from Pine Bluff, Arkansas born under the sign of Libra. e-'H XX 'M W 51 5 3 X A A w X ,iq S' F A 5' C -f-A -M --- ' ' - f m , , 51 7 1 ' H.-9: NX f'fX7Q'W X X X X ' X' ' W iii Q AX X XXX, X Cm X vt ,I 'X ' ff X 'ww' 4 may 3 'f 'M X5 g Q W at AWA , 5 w w 1 l Q, 4 I IX .- ,g 1 Mitzi' in ef Y' ,X X21 'Vw , ,A ' Nik! X1 ' ff , 1 :U M mm, I dv fum A X W 4 1, W' ' M' W, ,W Y if X M 11W W Xw X We 4fL'+'f'WM4v3.X A-fwfa U L 'fi 1, X L, , . ,- Wx" A . 'A J A N 'Q ' X fir ,XM .X QW W 'fl' ,QA Xy. , wi J is 75, ,fa J i mx X M WJ 'F' 1 Xu 4 Wx- T 4' Af' . , X55-1 XL X15-XX + "" X an ' X L' ! 5 1983 Co-Eds and Esquires Co-Ed Tennita Shannon is a junior from Newport, Arkansas. Tennita is a Leo who enjoys bike riding, swimming, cooking, and meeting people. Her activities include: Tau Beta Sigma Sorority, Flag Captain of the UAPB Marching Band, ROTC briefing team, and a member of the sorority of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. Photos not shown: Robert Knott is a native of Susanville, California, born under the sign of Leo. He enjoys all types of sports, rollerskating and meeting people. Robert is a senior whose extracurricular activities include: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Accounting Club, and a member of the National Student Business League. Esquire James Toney is a native of Forrest City, Arkansas born under the sign of Libra. His extracurricular activities include: SGA Student Affairs, UAFC Gospel Choir, Accounting Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Forrest City Club and the Viking Bi Fidelity Society. Kenneth John that 1 v Kenneth Johnson, a Biology and Chemistry major, is a native of Rison, Arkansas. Born under the sign of Taurus, His activities includes president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, vice-president of Greek Council, Private Pilot, Student Government Election Com- mission, Biology Club, and Port City Hero Club. Kenneth enjoys flying, reading, meeting people and roller skating. jvanessa Davis Vanessa Davis, a capricorn from Chicago, illinois, majoring in Biology. Vanessa is a member of UAPB Stepperettes, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Biology Ciub, Spectra Dance Troupe and Chicago Club. She enjoys ballet, working with children, bike- riding, reading and modeling. Who 's Who Forty seniors were selected for inclusion in the 1982-83 edition of Who's Who Among American Coileges and Universities. Their selections were based on academics activities and future potential. The students selected for Who's Who: Angela Addison, Sharon Alexander, Cedric Beavers, Carolyn Berry, Lamar Ciaypocl, Vanes- sa Davis, Charles Dement, Gilbert Eruchula, Stanley Featherstone, Shur- ion Fields, Annie Fonzie, Ruby Ford, Rosemary Gilbert, Sheiia Harris, Oris Holiiday Jr., Cathy Holliday, Jerry Jackson, Pamela Jasper, Janice John- son, Kenneth Johnson, Jena Jones, Ollie King, Robert Knott, Eula Lusk, Brian McCoy, Jeffrey McMurray, Jarvis Morehead, Aiexander Nwaukwu, Mor- ris Perry, Eugune Sain, Kim Seward, Jean Simpson, Cynthia Smith, Minnie Smith, Dezerene Tatum, Glenda Taylor, Lorenzo Westbrook, Curtis Woods, Bernice Martin. Jeffrey W. McMurray is a senior from Pine Biuff, Arkansas majoring in Business Administration. His zodiac sign is Pisces and his hobbies are football, swimming, dancing, and meet ing people. Jetfrey's extra curricular activities are Gamma Sigma chapter oi Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, president Greek Council, presidentg Pan Hellenic Council, member: Phi Beta Lambda memberg and Mr. AKA-1983 J ,v Ced' eavers Ruby Ford, a Special Education and Elementary major, is from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She serves as Treasurer of the Student Teacher Center and a member of SCEC. Ruby was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and she enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, and traveling. 36 ,J , ij ei an Cedric Beavers, is a native X Bluff, majoring in Art and minoring in Business Administration. Cedric was born under the zodiac sign Capricorn, His activities include the president of Alpha Chi, vice-presidentjpiuililel x il :limiigriijil3ii2,1w'rQS', wilt at Computer Science illl lilli business manager and treasurer of Co-op Club, a member of National Institute of Science and of the Co-Ed and Esquire. His hobbies include reading, outdoors sports and meeting i i i Ruby A Pine Bluff native, Jerry Jackson is a senior majoring in is Computer Science and minoring in A ,x ' Business Administration. His activities include president of Beta Kappa Chi, vice-president of Co'-op Club, Computer Science Club, National institute of Science, treasurer of Alpha Kappa Mu. Jerry enjoys running, skating, R reading and programming with computers, - - "'ef Y Ze i i illicitnrllinnllwiiw illinnnl A 1 1 lllilll ,N i "iid: Q -2 , """! Q i- ii i ,,,n"iI5I?3?3jjjJ's,,.."'fQ- 'Q ifw " ' I ' ,N ' Wi'i"9E3ff5:Eii 'W-N"" ffl! 0 X X X l f if V ' , ,79- lt 'wr- Jerry Jackson Who In Colleges niversities e"l. '. . 5 Q li ' N, . I. Q - " 1 in-. Tr ' fu . g. ff , ., , ik ,w .J,!' ' fr t l' x i 7 in ,. Q ., us' N .l ii fl 'L' Q! t t f' -. 'fr 2 f " Q ' 4 Z ' 3 r " ' Q " 'Q in A it f- l r :-A r . t X il , . Glenda Taylor, a native of is , . a Fx '- as Marvell, Arkansas is majoring in . M Fashion Merchandising and Design. april ' Her activities include: UAPB t 'RQ Volleyball, member: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, inc, presidentg Miss ,Q N RCTC - 1981. Glenda enjoys . , g' dancing, singing, sewing, N swimming, volleyball, reading, cooking, and meeting people. Glenda Taylor.. Dezerene Tatum, a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas majoring in Accounting. Her activities include: Co-op Club, presidentg P.T.O., vice-president Accounting Club, assistant secretary, Phi Bet Lambda, treasurerg NBSL and Computer Science Club. Dezerene enjoys cooking, sewing, meeting people, and outdoors sports. Minnie Smith, an Elementary Education major from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Minnie enjoys singing, skating, bowling, playing tennis and meeting people. Her activities include: secretary of the St. Peter's M.B. Church, SNEA, NEA, and Off-campus Club. 37 Rosemary Gilbert, a senior majoring in Special Education. Born under the sign of Cancer, Rosemary enjoys singing, volleyball, helping those who are incapable, writing, baseball, meeting people, traveling, sewing and listening to classical music. Rosemary serves as Secre- tary of Gamma Sigma Sigma, pre- sident of the Student Council of Exceptional Children, secretary of the United Ambassadors for Christ and Vesper Choir. 38 , vice Kappa the Work Club Beta Rosemary Gilbert t ,f Wi as Morris Perry, a native of Wynne, Arkansas, is majoring in Social Welfare and Psychology. His activities inclucleSocial Welfare Club, Volunteer work for Social Security Office, Volunteer work at the Office of Economic Opportunity. Morris born under the sign of Aquarius enjoys meeting people, reading about th mental aspect as to understand people, fishing, boating and socializing with friends and famiiy, Morris Perry Who in Colleges ni versities Janice Johnson, a senior majoring in Social Welfare and minoring in Criminal Justice. Her activities include Social Work Club and Volunteer work at the Office of Economic Opportunity here in Pine Bluff. Janice is also a native of Camden, Arkansas. Born under the sign of Leo, Janice enjoys sewing, poetry, meeting new friends, dancing and just being herself. x ii A 1 ,t El' cunis wager? . 'Q if 'J if Curtis Woods, a native of Eudora, Arkansas is majoring in Trade and industrial Education. Curtis born under the zodiac sign of Pisces enjoys football, basketball, swimming and hunting. His activities include Vocational Club of America and industrial Arts Club. A Computer Science and Mathematics major, Pamela Jasper is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She was born under the zodiac sign of Leo and enjoys swimming, skating, bowling, playing musical instruments, biking, jogging, writing poems, and children stories. Pamela serves as a member of UAPB Marching and Concert Band, Secretary of Tau Beta Sigma Sorority, Computer Science As- sociation, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and ROTC Gold Drill Team. . 39 B6fl1iCe Maffin Ollie' King, a Special Education and A Elementary Education maior from Dumas, Arkansas, was born under the Zodiac sign of Virgo and enioys traveling, cooking, jogging, communicating with interesting peo- ple, working with children and listening to music. Ollie's activities include secretary of the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Student Council for Exceptional Children, and Honorary member of Alpha Gamma Nu Service Sorority. 40 Ollie King' r riri Bernice Martin, a lttii native ,olivine grii Stull, is , Education Association, secretary or the Student Council tor Exceptional Children, State Delegate, National Education Association and State vice president of Student Council for Exceptionaigiihiidren. Bernice was porn A A under the zodiac sign of Virgo and in Seniors sewifialifweilinillnfinflii-tliilln . A A A it ntiingp li fl I will Intl! 'll Kim Seward, a native of Little Flock, Arkansas, is majoring in Computer Science. Her activities it-...rd include Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Co-op Club, Spectra Dance Company, Food Service Committee Social Acfustment it Committee? Kim, born under the , zodiac sign of Taurus enjoys swimming, playing the piano and reading. ill 4. wi, ...-u. io l in Colleges rsities Jena Jones, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, is majoring in Business Administration. Jena was born under the sign of Gemini and l it lnieys Phvinsfevhin recording music and reading iiii 1 'ff poetry. Jena's activities include s Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Cc-ep Ciub, Accounting Ciub, Phi Betaef Lambda, nationai Student Business League- rii' l i iiii 3 Y J NX .KK vt Fe! 'Q L. N Sharon Alexander Gris Hoiiiday Jr., a Psychology major from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, activities include membership in the John McLynn Ross Players, Alpha Kappa Mu. Born under the sign of Pisces, Oris enjoys iootbali, basketbaii, reaping, camping, rnotorcyciing, and chess l ll"i shares nfexanderrtssitisiivelsfl Detroit, Biehigan, is ini English Liberai activities -include the president of Alpha Kappa Mu rliiiatiortaiiir ji-tortoise Societyg nistorianiilllllotillEternal llii Delta National A EngiQLir i-inner Society. tiistcrian of Beta Sorority, presicieeffot the Engiish Stub and Patieirieiienic A Cvufwili P Shnflinvr illi feniaieslr jogging, readinggff traveiing. Q A X iiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiif W i i1liiwiiiiibWiii:ii V, l V xiii-,sw-yi 'ilsiifgefflffiigrayinilitilixwiin.:li2!2nE+ -' ' X V 1' 1' 'Winn' MkiGiii32 Viif35'?iXiIA "xii 'uwifikii mn' i- i l ' V fit 'iwnesresisefiersaiftftfmtlinr lily' iii iii , .Mi 1 X, it 1- ii- l'iiMirisiftiit-isuafigssgsfuerggfiivtit liiv'liii,:iiiii,ii'vr . 'X fu, SMU' i gfiiifiiiiqt-iifiily i iiniiiniii - i li 1 L,-fse5s:i4sss2,: .fe Z. - wwe I e -it , fa-sesggfsfig, ft-if,i+n,lwu,n,il - I, 4 Q, l 1 al j . g,A-, i , L A 1 , Q l 3 1. V t 4. , i, ll J il , Ruby lVlcCo .1 Carolyn Berry, an Business Education major, is a Leo from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She is a member oi SNEA and ABEA. Carolyn enjoys reading, needle point and playing the piano. 42 Who 's Who Colleges and Ruby McCoy a native of Altheimer, Arkansas is majoring in Biology. Born under the zodiac sign of Pieces and enjoys traveling, sewing, reading, interesting works, and meeting and conversing with interesting people. Ruby activities include the National Society of Pershing Rifles, Alpha Chi National Honor Society, Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority and the Biology Club. l Annie Fonzie, a senior from ' Helena, Arkansas majoring in 2 Business Education was born under the zodiac sign ol Scorpio. She enjoys sewing, cooking, dancing, jogging and tennis. Annie activities includes a member of the National Student Business League, Phi Beta Lambda, Delta Sigma Theta A Sorority, COGK3 Club, Arkansas Education Association and National Education Association. I k " :.::.1fiP ' A L fi I I... A 7, .,. .. ..., , ta. A Annie Fo .3 n American ni versities Euia Lusk, a native of Aitheimer, Arkansas is majoring in Business Education and Library Science. Euia born under the zodiac sign Cancer, enjoy sewing, cooking, uphoistery and decorating her home. Eula activities inciudes National Student Business League, Phi Beta Lambda, Nationai Education Association and Arkansas Education Association. n Wf 2. Fields J if-.7 ' A Q 1 goQJf'e9f's le- ti A V25 fue. N if t ivy ty rx, ,iibi im it 5 fi Lusk Charles Dernent, a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, was born under the sign of Virgo. His activities inciudes the associate editorship of the LION, Student Government Association, senate: Pre-Alumni Councii, prasidentg Student Union Governing Board, Student Action Council, Co-op Club, Off-Campus Club, and Howard Woodard Arte Guild. Charies is aiso an Art Education major. L Who's Who in America 's Colleges and Universities ttop left cornerj: Stanley Feather- stone, of Heth, Arkansas, is a capricorn majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business Administration. Stanley serves as president of the Senior Class, president of Nu Gamma Alpha Fraternity, president of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Cadet Commander of the Golden Lion Brigade, business manager of Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Pershing Rifles Society and ROTC Advanced Course Club. He enjoys taking care of business, conversing with intellectuals and socializing with the brothers of Nu Gamma Alpha. itop right cornerj: Sheila Harris, a native of Pine Bluff, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Computer Science. She was born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarus, and she enjoys playing the piano, sewing and reading. Sheila serves on the Math- ematics Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Mathema- tics Honor Fraternity, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, National Institute of Sciences and Computer Sciences Association. ibottom left cornerj: Gilbert M. Eruchalu, is an Accounting major from Nnobi, Nigeria. Gilbert serves as president of the Off-Campus Club, president of the Accounting Club, treasurer of Student Government Association, president of the Fellow- ship of Christian Students. Reading, meeting people and jogging are among Gilberts interests. ibottom right cornerj: Jarvis .More- head personal information was unavail- able. Calendar Pageant 1981 it Nj Ira Spillers, a soph- phomore from Memphis, Tennessee, majoring In music. Congratulations Mr. Spillers on your achieve- ment! Felicia Brown, a senior from Blytheville, Arkansas, majoring in medical technology. Congratulations Miss Brown on your achievement! Calendar Girl and Guy Miss, srrfrs D ecemberr se , ,P8Ul Evelyn Allen, a sopfhumpre from Memphis, Tenfnessees. January - Gregory Sain, a f junior from' Memphis, Tehi rnessee, srsr as r ygf rfrffrrs . r a r s s Miss Februaryj- Terrifiwil- hite, a freshman , frahf Pine Bluff, Arkansas, r r r ' " 'fwae' ii V I " -9 ,, swf: ff M4 W any f 4 5 " g,, . ,i si ss Miss February if A if 25 ,ff we S Q "H as I If ,5,ig ,j :ii rf 7 U, ff K 5 Calendar Girl and Guy Miss March - Wendalin Thomas, a freshman from De- troit, Michigan. Mr. April - Cedric Hawkins, a sophomore from Memphis, Ten- nessee. . ""-"-"""-'M isiii as M 1 . ..i,,,. UQ if ' i i iis' 6 2, t ..... X 3 5 ,:p,1 1 ' S ' M 4' f Q Q :', ,Q,1 i M i M fi A!! ,gii . ....iA is 9. Q .. -XM? w 'W' Zz Calendar Girl and Guy .M 2Wf2i41fgQ , QW i V Aw if Z Vkz' fini. 1- A f W - 1 Stephan Hairston a fiom Ham, Mai fiiidnqfha : 1iBeuqggH0 ,!5uI- Iivan, a nrQg!1mhi1Qr6inYn F!6Ipna, A'k'Q'Fiffif2?f A 7.,,,,f,.,w, , , ,V 3' I iv ?2:?L gf if id IL AV,V W VV 1 M YW w K ak 5 :I "'- , ,, , 1 ' ' k"Li"'l:,LN7:Z?w ' 'X A 'ffM15W'?f':gf:svfffs, A 'fi ' " - Q fm i I V W M A, wi H K Q, F . mi W 1 H , ' M ,, Q, L nj, 4 3? 4 7, N ,J 1 ff, M ,,, f ' , f N r- - gm f , YH' . 3 1 , , -K t .4 kia' vb VC, ,K , 4 ' P ,r Q I - ,ff MAWV- , ' H . ua,- , , V 5 K If . 'A b . 485 . H' V .,,:f. f 1 4. ., F 'ff 1 ' Q . llgrv Z f ,,,- x I , , ,,. V91-3 Q ' X 'f It , H V ,Hn . , 1 pf . ' 2 W V ,fi ,J E R ' 1 ' , 1'f .A,, ,, f lri, , f' J H,ly f Q !V,QVV ,, 4? Xe Wifi? y aixww A 9 f,?g'f' 1.4h f ,4,WQm4nw1'W I 7 My yi 'QW AJ V+ We . 'Q J, QL f' an Q vf ffifgf' 4 1 f J gg 1 ,BWI Q 3 Miss August .J ja .r WW: 4 H Q ' ,Q ff fi Y A vi W fi 5 ,f f ff' 41 A W' a A-1 fffi-if 1 Miss August - Kaleybra Mitchell, a freshman from Tex- arkana, Arkansas. Missa September - Linda Easter, sssres as freshman from Little Rock, Arkansas, A x Y ' Calendar Girls , r Miss October - Eariese Gold- man, a junior from,-Pine Bluff, Arkansas. s Miss- November i-igffileloney Mis- ter, a sophomore from Gary, Indi- ana. f s M or fy, La' in If i i V is so s V-4, r ,',,- if r A S sg ' W 5 ' "i 1 'A r Q I' - Mali W, ww ia ' " W me Virr Egg? V I f ,fr rp ff' k N fe E Miss October l' -ws? X fl' S' Q if if was b 1 X'-,, ' i s H . A ,lg Q is ' xr - s Q Wi X fx NT FE s AQ S is X . is ,Q 9' ass? Q ,XXX ix? if M. i Nl N Miss NOV9l'l7b6f .f I if. X 3 'Q V' A .-I E we a Calendar Pageant 1981 This event was the 7th annual Calendar Girl and Guy pageant sponsored by the L.A. Davis Student Union, and Mrs. Vera Armstrong the coordinator. The two-nights event was held at 7:30 in the Isaac Hathaway Fine Arts Theatre. The thirty-one contestants were judged on three phases: I. projection ll. talent and Ill. sense of style. The mistress of ceremony was Mrs. Gardenia Ambler. Applications for this event were made in .M---Wa the latter part of October. Each person participating was to have a sponsor along with a total sum of 560.00 The winners receive a 5200.00 scholarship. X s The runners-up for the pageant will receive a 5100.00 scholarship. nfl' ,Ei Rickey Miller A -1 S f l ..,,. ...', V ' yi Q.. I haf T 5' it r s ,:e'ebg'gQBf.K. f,g.S,.Q. gg? A V , g , , f- ' f 'QW H . ky ...L - f T .,kk .J x ,fi l , ff gf 'lli 0' i fat Thieitirunnetrs-ups.we.r.euglanice at f Eeastern.tsvnhqmdfanmalarins if T2 E i it iniispecial 'education .anus han- T A dicapQtiori1islLlttle RocltglArkah- ' is sas and,, asenior A , maiorinig in music. from Mem- phis, Tennessee. 1 1 ,Wg gs 1 rs .V i 1 l V I 1 , Xa' 4 4 'vitamin' Personal Property Beauty is, as Beauty does. Masta Each dormitory here on the campus of UAPB has a different atmosphere and contains different kinds of people. Within these eight dorms, students rely on personal decorative skills and tastes to create unique "apartments" some students use tradition styles and materials to give their rooms that home away from home appeal. Heavy on the pillows and home-made quilts. Love ones and momentoes cover the walls and desks, while throw rugs and stuffed animals add that final "lived-in" touch. Students that follow modern decorative trends use any handy and available materials to cover up the large naked walls and floors. Highway signs, concert posters, album covers, frat ads, party announcements and any other colorful paraphernalia are used to create and distinguish these individual's apartments. 'ff' if i l . Q' Nu- f ' K H- f . , sind" .2 t" an - z Q , y . .. , i . t t X h AA A x kgs? ff .W K' rf MZ'-1+ 9 A if 5 5 5 if x ? , ia ,,x . 'Wo fr 2 Y ' Ygfkifs 4? .W i 3 ! , if V. Lf n If you are an individual who did not especially enjoy some of the restric- tions of dormitory life, namely lack of Off-C privacy, rigid cafeteria schedules, and other inconveniences. Then you could find off campus housing appearing. The University has information on a variety of housing arrangements which includes trailers, house apartments, or boarding houses. Quite often students choose roommates of their liking to help share expenses and chores and establish lifestyles which they enjoy. My , :pus fill" f ,p -...- lf you do not mind chores like washing dishes, cooking and can live within a planned budget, off-campus living can be a satisfying way to get an education at UAPB. Students find their academic studies are more relaxed and enjoyable because of increased privacy and flexible scheduling. Social engagements can be more relaxed and personal and get togethers can be formed for a selected circle of friends. Security can be a problem but some find their personal freedom well worth the risk. Off campus living offers opportunities to develop skills in dealing with people and many find it a way to achieve personal growth. Q is ,wi sd si :el ' is swf, decided to continue your education year round, then summer school at UAPB offered a variety of recreational activities. The Student Government Association sponsored several activities. This included two splash parties, a picnic, andfwatermelon bust For those interesiid in physical exercise and recreation, the HPER complex offered a variety of activities. Racquetball and fbasketballi courts were available for those wanting a good work out,v The l3lPER pool was a cool healthy place for students, faculty, their family, and the tcommungy. The Sfudem,,vwe,w1wsd bvwliins. pool, , and table tennis, tournaments whichfi were esiq,ya,b,le i and ssommpetitlve. However most students an excellent recreationalw-avenue in itself las th , ey met to taIk ,i,Q,fiQ9nt sis the s,,,, unionsor Nilibrary. .. --Hs, if ' " .ei Person 0Zed Eduoa tion 'f Q 2' 3? wa lg -an-' Hard study and learning of books are oniv a means to this end . . . John Brown Watson Academicsfss UAPB-RCTC itop left cornerl: Cadets Edmund Solomon, Carl Dement, Michael Brown demonstrates three of the basic firing positions with the M-52 rifle. ltop right cornerj: The ultimate goal of all enrolled Military Science cadetsg To earn the Gold Bar Symbolizing a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. Qbottom left cornerl: APMS Captain Daniel R. Wilson instructs Military Science I cadets in the basic principles of Map Reading. i t itop right cornerj: Color Guard-Utility Police in com- pany formation receiving training instructions from the Cadet Brigade Com- mander. imiddle leftl: APMS Cap- tain James Otto giving instructions to Cadet Carl Nelson on the firing components of a Mock M16A1 rifle. qbottom left cornert Cadet Stephanie Harris gives instructions to Cadet Calvin Peterson of Qt if ,,ll, ALLL gg-, tyggiirg pf. W7 ,,,, H W 1, f 5 , uk 2 J if in 3? ff X J' 'W Ui K 5 in 'X , 'O ' ? ibottom right corneryz Weapons and Marksman- ship Lab gives cadets Dennis Brunson and Ferrelle Woodhouse a chance to demonstrate the marksmanship principles learned in the class- room. 3 s.. 3' V , . A llt.l F Q T ilf . rf , ", ' """'- ,,...-- 5 ,ff QE Q, we ut :V ,Q AM f c,.awA.t..4WcM W " N i '1 X, ' A W ,M...,W.,,,W,,,,,,, ftop left cornerl: LTC Robert B. Dalton, the Professor of Military Science discusses the meaning of ROTC Week to the Golden Lion Brigade. lbottom left cornerl: Cadet Joe Todd accepts the trophy for the ROTC Basketball Team during Awards Day, ROTC Week '83 from BG James R. Hall and LTC Robert B. Dalton. 63 ftop right cornerl: UAPB ROTC Cadre ffirst row left to rightl CPT James Otto, CPT Joe Batts, LTC Robert Dalton, MSG Arthur Williams, SSG lPJ James Thompson, 1LT Ruth Canada. lsecond YOWQ SFC Raymond Hollie, CPT Daniel Wilson, SGM Jesse Acree, CPT Rodney Medford, CPT Joe Howze, CPT Artis Lofton, MAJ James Wheeler. 'P " " :+A f'?""'7' T, , 'K ,W g n ug, J A , fav . .f .. , qi., -" , L - Q - fbottom right cornerjz The 1983 ROTC Golden Lion Brigade Staff fleft to rlghtj Cadet LTT Marcine Jones lSports-Recreation Offlcerl, Cadet Charles Griffith, Jr. lExecutive Office Cadet LTC Tiki Dixon fAdministrative Officerl, Cadet COL Stanley Featherstone fBriga Commanderl, Cadet LTC Clinton Hawkins, Jr. QT raining Officerl, Cadet LTC Sharon Alexand llnformation Officerl, and Cadet LTC Joe Todd fSuppIy Officerl. ltop photoj: The Color Guard Team, Cadets Calvin Sims, Jerry Jenkins, Joey Woodus, Edward Woodus, Carl Hartley, retrieving the colors from the 1983 ROTC Week Awards Ceremonies. lMiddle and bottomj: Military Science l cadets studying the basic principles of map read- ing. ,ew Y.. Join Today - The Army ROTC Army ROTC: The Four Year Program by Cpt Joe Howze Army Reserve Offloers Tralnlng Corps ls a program designed to prepare college-trained young men and women as newly commissioned officers the Actlve Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard. ROTC ls the prlmary officer-producing program of the US Army and Is available at 315 host lnstltutlons and through extenslon centers at 101 more colleges and unlversltltes. Recent enrollment figures from Tralnlng and Doctrine Headquarters lndlcate that for the first time slnce the draft ended, cadet enrollment has exceeded 71,000. This ls a dramatic turn - around to the Post - Vietnam decllne when enrollment bottomed out at approximately 33.000 cadets. Army ROTC of the elghtles has come a long way slnce lts beglnnlng ln the early nineteenth century when only a few colleges offered any type of mllltary tralnlng. As a result of the Clvll War experience, the need for sound mllltary leadership became apparent. To meet this need Congress passed the Land Grant Act of 1862, which authorized grants of publlc land to State colleges if they offered mllltary tralnlng to male students. Approximately 105 lnstltutlons of higher learning took part in this unique program. Although thls program proved to be quite successful, the break out of World War I again demonstrated the need for more highly trained mllltary leaders. In response to this need, Congress passed the Natlon Defense Act of 1916. The Act provided for "the establishment of the Officers Reserve Corps which would be composed of men tralned ln ROTC and In Army tralnlng camps." It merged the National Guard, the Army Reserve, andthe Regular Army Into the Army of the Unlted States. With the break out of World War ll, ROTC was able to provide a corps of offlcers trained ln the art of mllltary Ieadershlp. By the end of World War ll, over 100,000 ROTC trained officers had served thelr country. ROTC Graduates became the center-plece of our natlonal defense forces. Thelr performances In Korea and later ln Vietnam ls well documented and attest to the tralnlng they received on our natlon's colleges and unlverslty campuses, Because of the crltlcal role they played during these conflicts. Congress decided to add addltlonal lncentlves to the Army ROTC program, the creation of the two-year program: an Increase ln the amount of money ROTC students received: and the requirement Increased and many young men became aware of the beneflts of mllltary llfe. Havlng focused on the hlstorlcal developmental of Army ROTC and the serles of leglslatlve acts that gave lt foundation for growth, let us now look at the current organlzatlon and operation of Army ROTC as It exists on 315 colleges and unlversltles that host Army ROTC. The Army ROTC ls headquartered at the Unlted States Army Tralnlng and Doctrine Command fTRADOCl located at Fort Monroe, Vlrglnla. commanded by General Wllllam R. Richardson. On the Commanding General's Special Staff ls the Deputy Chlef of Staff for ROTC, Major General John P. Prlllaman. He has a full staff that plans, develops, and directs the implementation of pollcles and procedures for the admlnlstratlon and operation of Army ROTC. Organlzatlonally, Army ROTC ls dlvlded Into four reglons commanded by Brigadier General. Each Reglon ldentlfled by Its numerical designation, consists of colleges and unlversltles located In a geographical area, which are designated by the DCSROTC. Each Region has the same structure and consist of the following organlzatlonal elements: Command Group lCG, CS, SGMJQ IG: Organlzatlonal Staff Offlcerq Personnel and Admlnlstratlon Dlvlsiong Senior Division, Junior Dlvlslong Advertising and Public Affairs Division, Resource Management Dlvlslonq and the Plans Office. Each element has specific responslbllltles to the Region Commander, but more importantly, is responslble for provldlng the best possible support to each ROTC detachment, whlch ultimately Impacts upon the lndlvidual ROTC cadet and the enrollment status. Each Region ls further sub-dlvlded Into four areas for operational control and is headed by an Area Commander, with the rank of Colonel. At the lnstltutlonal level, there ls assigned a Professor of Mllltary Sclence lPMSl who reports directly to the Area Commander, In the Chain of Command. The PMS and his staff, all Active Army Officers, are the central figures ln the recruiting effort for Army ROTC on the college campus. The ROTC program on the college campus is admlnlstrated by the Dlvlslon of Mllltary Sclence ls to train students ln general mllltary subjects, self-confidence, self-dlsclpllne, assertlveness, middle management supervisory skllls, and leadership ln order to prepare them to become successful Second Lleutenants ln the US Army. This is accomplished by a professional staff on active duty US Army personnel selected by the Department ofthe Army for this assignment. The mllltary members are assigned for a three year period. This rotational system allows the Dlvlslon to malntaln a staff manned by personnel with the latest technology, fresh Ideas, and utlllzlng thelr recent experiences in order to keep the ROTC program ln tune with current Army pollcles and doctrine. Members of the staff represent various flelds wlthln the mllltary professlon. The method of asslgnlng Instructors from representative areas of the Army with different backgrounds allows the cadet to be exposed to many facets of the mIlltary.Thls, ln turn, results ln a hlgher quallfled Second Lieutenant. Tralnlng and producing the highest quallty of young men and women to accept the responslblllty and challenge in today's army ls the objective of all staff members. ROTC ls organized into two elements: The Basic Course and the Advanced Course. The Basic Course ls composed of freshmen and sophomore students. The curriculum consists of fundamentals of management, organlzatlonal structure, national security, mllltary history, customs and courtasles of the mllltary, Introduction to leadership, problem solvlng at the squad level, and general mllltary subjects. Students wlthln the Basic Course lncur no mllltary obllgatlon. Cadets who display officer potential are selected for the Advanced Course. which ls composed of Junlor and Senior students. Subject areas taught are advanced leadership and management skills, admlnlstratlve procedures, mllltary law, offlcerlNCO relatlonshlps, methods of Instruction, weapons and tactics and social etiquette. On campus Instruction ls supplemented by off-campus lnstructlon at Fort Riley, Kansas, conducted durlng a slx-week Summer Camp. Emphasis ls on putting lnto practical appllcatlon the knowledge and theory leamed ln the classroom. Successful completion of the Advanced Course qualifies the cadet for commissioning as an army officer, The ROTC Scholarship rogram, whclh provides xcellent flnanclal beneflts to cadets who are enrolled ln ROTC, was e hanced recently when Congress Increased the authorlzatlon level from 8,500 to 12,000 scholarships. Thls action by Congress wlll result ln a lot more scholarships belng awarded to sophomore and junlor cadets. According to General Starry, "this ls one of the greatest things that ever happened to ROTC." By looking at the historical development of Army ROTC, its current organlzatlonal structure and function and the speclal programs that have made Army ROTC a success story, we are able to galn a better prospective on the role that Army ROTC has ln our society today. Currently 75'ls of all Army officers obtaln their commlsslons through ROTC. Enrollment ls lncreaslng each year at each of the colleges and unlversltles that host an Army ROTC program. This revitalization of interest by young men and women to explore the US Army as a possible career, reffects the change ln attttude in our society over the last seven years toward the mllltary. The army ROTC program ls dedicated to the task of developing the youth of today to be leaders of tomorrow. The Department of Art offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Functional Art. The Art Education Degree is designed basically for those students who plan to teach in the elementary, junior, senior high schools. The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed to prepare students for graduate and professional schools, and to meet market needs in design, commercial Art, Illustration and Art work in Rendering, TV, and other art needs in the community, state and nation. Mr. Henri Linton is chairperson. Art Department 5 -if tiir '1 5' 'T N, S . i O M Q l Department of Music The curricula of the Music Depart- ment has been designed to prepare students to meet the demands of meaningful musical professions. The music student is expected to become an excellent theoretical and practical mu- sician and teacher. Grace D. Wiley is the chairperson. English, Speech, And Drama , Department gifs 'W The English, Speech, and Drama department under the administration of Dr. Vivalene Coleman, chairperson, strives to enlighten its students in the language arts and also in foreign dialects. The depart- ment also coordinates the activities of the programs in Humanities. The department participated in the Arkansas Poetry Circuit and sponsored a variety of free mini-courses for the out-of-school adult population last fall. Four public programs which were funded by the Arkansas Endowment for the Humanities. They were "The Search for Alexander", t'Literacy a Human Problem", "The Church in the Black Community", and "King Tutankhuman". The Sigma Tau Delta National English Society sponsors a variety of programs to help develop student interest and develop- ment. Two members were initiated into this organization. 1 f lil. 4 ,f,,, ,H H Business And Economics The department of Business and Economics seeks to acquaint the student with the general principles followed in businessg to provide training in the application of those principles to typical business situations, to create an appreciation of the economic institutions and practices that determine the nature of our social environmentg to develop the ability for constructive thinking on economic matters and businessesg and to prepare students for professional jobs with government and industry in the fields of businessg management, economic research, accountancy, stenography and also for the teaching of those subjects. 67 www' -fi sms wamsuuqi Q fl' F,,........... K A vlk v"" 5 The departments of Mathematics and Physics now under the leadership of Dr. John T. Gilmore, Jr. Chairman continues to prepare students for careers in mathematics and physics. Also, the computer science program has been strengthened. The Pre-Engineering program continues to provide students with the option of completing their first three years of study at UAPB and then completing their last two years at an institution which has an accredited engineering curriculum. The department has also had the addition of a Cooperative Education Coordinator, Mr. O.C. Duffy, to help place students in beneficial temporary jobs which enrich their job marketability. The department is expanding in versatility by the implementation of a minor in the subject of statistics. 3 if Mathematics and Physics K 4 'ir- WWW. .J Rf ff The Biology and Chemistry pro- grams once separate were merged into one department in January 1983, under the administration of Dr. William Willing- ham, Departmental Chairperson. The degree programs will remain the same however. The BioIogy!Chemistry Department strives to provide an atmosphere of scientific discipline and learning of academic principles which will prepare students for various careers. These career paths can be continued study in Medical and Dental programs or into private industry or government in chemistry related positions. The depart- ment is sponsoring along with the Department of Education a weekend science academy for high school students. It is also sponsoring the Kountz lecture series which gives students opportunities to listen to outstanding leaders in their fields. An additional faculty member, Dr. Carolyn Hunter was added to the department to teach Biochemistry. ,.-, S-I I Chemistry ,M ,l. WY, 6' K ff Q, , Lf' . Lei f 4, nz . I , f' .X H , Nw 'x I T' s f 'ii xi History! Political Science Sociology Anthropology The History and Political Science Department under the administration of Dr. Tae Y. Nam, Chairperson. The department has degree programs in pre-law, political science, and history teaching. The faculty members encourage their students to continue their education at the graduate level or enhance their careers by attending law school. The curriculum has been changed to offer American Military History as a team-teaching course with the ROTC department. Also, the department participated in the Black History Program this year which featured Dr. Margaret Walker Alexander of Jackson State University. The Sociology!Anthropology Department under the leadership of Dr. Qumare A. Morehead acting chairperson. The department has degree programs in Sociology, Social Welfare, Criminal Justice, Social Science, Psychology, and Geron- tology. The faculty and its students participate in a variety of mutually satisfying and educational activities. Several faculty members have received recognition for achievements in their areas of study. Several students have gone on to gain recognition both on campus and professionally. The department of Industrial Technology under the administration of Mr. Walter L. McLarty, Jr., chairperson lend support to the community through education of students in the vocational arts. Degree programs are available at building trades and industrial education. This includes programs in mechanical drawing, welding, electronics, and auto mechanics operation. The curriculum has been strengthened in the Industrial Technology program to meet the university and standards and student needs. The faculty and students participate regularly in the VICA Leadership Contests and conventions, and received a variety of rewards. 74 L 5 --1114 if I5 A aw. .te w slit . ifii'i -'knew t 4' 12' A ..x4 PM Industrial Technology and .1 S fr Agricultural Department The department of Agriculture under the leadership of Dr. Leslie J. Glover, chairper- son continues to prepare students for careers in Agronomy, Agricultural Econ- omics, Animal Science, and Fisheries Biology. The faculty members consist of highly qualified individuals in a program with ten Ph.D's and two persons with course work beyond the master's level. The department has a 213 acre farm that grows crops, registered swine, and cattle. There are seven extension specialists that assist farmers, housewives, and other interested persons in Southeast Arkansas. The department conducts extensive research in areas such as Entomology, Horticulture, Poultry, as well as Agronomy and Agricultural Economics. Students are encouraged to excel through competition for scholarships and prepared for either work or advanced study. The department boasts of a high placement of its graduates in the work field of graduate study. 4,-' , R ...W ...W. l '. .ff" 1 , Programs in the Department of Home Economics are designed to strengthen and enrich the family in all aspects, as well as to strengthen the individual lives of its members. In a democratic society the family is the most important unit. While home economics is not the only display which purposes is to enrich family life, it is the only discipline which has the welfare of the family as its major objective. Professional Home Economist are not only employed in education, but in research, business, diete- tics, institutional administration, social wel- fare, public health, and international Service. There are many job and career opportunities awaiting the well-trained home economist. The departmental Chairperson is Dr. P. B. Greenhouse. 78 5"X 1-gulf 3' l L f , Q- ,QQ , testi-7 A. V.:: his ...stiff ff .. .. , , I Basic and Associate Studies Program The Basic and Associate Studies Pro- gram under the leadership of Mr. Herschel W. Alcorn, Director and Counselor, is concerned with helping freshman and sophomore students adjust to college life. The goal of the program is to provide the students with experiences that will ensure their investment in a college education will be helpful both professionally and culturally. The program is concerned with the activities of pre-orientation, orientation, registration, leadership building, counseling, advising consultation, making referrals, and evaluation. The Basic and Associate Studies Program serves as advisors to the class elections, helps in Homecoming activities, and presents awards for outstanding student achievement. 77 2 5 i 5 5 s 5 5 Z ? if The EIementary!Early Childhood Education Department fm 5 2 I , 2 2 2 Q , 5 i E 5 e u ,we?::.e: - E' 2 xxx r 1 xfn--swf' .V 'X 4 of 'V' . 1 ' :- ,ff X44 .ii ' ,- l' S Y QQ. . h 9 'if- Q t 6 to e 2. i 5 Ss X S. i ,QYE ' 1 ' ifmwfavc WWFGR was f's Q' A iv 1' Exmczsz f , kg iw? iff we 2 ra.. timiwir The Secondary and Special Education Department ..,.- f' . VT-' The Secondary and Special Education Depart- ment under the administration of Dr. Theodore B. Elliott, chairperson prepares students to meet national standards and begin successful teaching careers. Students are required to show competency in English and General courses on the National Teacher Examination. The department is doing its utmost to meet the critical demands for qualified teachers in today's technological boom. The department also sponsors the student council for Exceptional Children which is organized to study problems that special education teachers will meet in handling handicapped children. Various faculty members have received awards for leadership in the field of education. The Elementary!Early Childhood Education Department under the leadership of Dr. Clara Jennings, chairperson has developed an effective curriculum to meet the needs of students who desire to teach in that area. The students are oriented in order to demonstrate competency in their specific areas and operate as effective classroom educators. The department has effective training program for perspective student teachers. This helps insure that qualified persons will handle educational challenges for young children. Speech and Drama Audio Visual Department t . The Speech and Drama Depart- ment is under the direction of Viralene J. Coleman, Chairperson. The Speech and Drama Education curriculum is designed for students wishing to teach speech on the elementary and secondary levels. The curriculum is designed with a minor in English and is certified by the state department of education. The General Speech curriculum is designed for students pursuing a teaching career with or without a concentration. 80 at ...- A . .N TNF The Department of Educational Media offers the Bachelor of Science Degree in curricular designed to prepare Media Specialists, Professional Media Librarians, Media Technicians, Education Media Generalists and for Administrative positions in media. Personal People 2' A Real Swinging Student Class Photosfn SeniorsSeniarsSeniorsSenior ' Custodian Rickey Mays completes chores in student union David Moorehead risks frostbite to pose for ABNEY, BRENDA - Business Administration Activities: Women's Basketball Team ARMOUR, GREGORY - Agriculture Economics Activities: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, UAPB Golden Lion Football Team ARNOLD, KIMMER - Accounting ASENOGUAN, EGBERHANMWEN - Business Administration BACON, RONALD - Physical Education Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Pershing Rifles Society BAKER, HENDERSON ll - Business Administration Activities: Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda BAILY, SARAH - Family a J Child 82 Deve.opment Activities: Home Economics Club BANKS, AUSTRLIA - Agriculture Animal Science Y 2 , L :L - 'VX is X BANNISTER, EMMA - Home Economics Educa- tion BARNES, JOE - Political Science Activities Co-op Club, Political Science Club BARNES LAWRENCE - Business Education Activities ROTC Advanced Course Club BARTON, DALLIE - Special Education Activities SCEC BASS, ANDREW - Math Education Activities: Math Club BEARD, GLORIA - Special Education Activities: Senior Class Treasury BEAVERS, CEDRIC - Computer Science Activities: Computer Science Club, Cooperative Education Club BENDER, KEITH - Political Science BLACKMON, LOIS - Nursing Activities: FlOTC Advanced Club, Pershing Rifles Society BOYD, LANDALL - Business Administration Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Beta Lambda, UAPB Marching Band BRADLEY, ANNA - Special Education BRADSHAW, LATHARIES - Music Education Activities: Host 8. Hostess Club, Vesper Choir BRAGG, RETHA - Political Science Activities: Vice President of History!PoIiticaI Science Club BRENTLEY, JANETTA - Dietetics Activities: Home Economics Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority BROWN, CINlNNl - Business Administration Activities: Sigma Sweet BROWN, VANESSA - Elementary Education BROYLES, CLYDIA - Business Education BRYANT, BERNICE - Elementary Education CARTER, BRENDA - Business Education Activities: Cpt. UAPB Stepperette, 1978-82 CAVER, BARBRA - Business Activities: President- Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Awbuie Class Vice-President CHANEY, SAMUEL - Mathematics Activities: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Vesper Choir CLARK, WILLIAM S. - Political Science Activities: UAPB Marching Band, Jazz Band, Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity, Co-op Club CLAYPOOL, LAMAR - Music COBBS, ROBERT E. - Parks and Recreation Activities: HPER as Let's Get Physical Seems like everywhere we turn, people are trying to get into shape. They run, jog, jump rope and even do sit ups. If this "physical feeling" keeps up, someday we might not know what an obese person looks like. COKER, JAMES - Gerontology COLEMAN, BARRIE - Criminal Justice Activities: Criminal Justice Club COLEMAN, YVONNE - Business Education Activities: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority COLLAZO, PEDRO - Animal Science Activities: Agriculture Club COLLINS, BEVERLY - Social Work CONNER, ELOUISE - Business Administration Activities: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority CONWAY, ELMA - Business Education DANIEL, TONYA - Social Welfare Activities: Social Work Club DANIELS, CHASKA - Accounting Activities: UAPB Jazz Band, Accounting Club Off-Campus Club, UAPB Marching Band, Kappa Kappa Psi DANZY, CLIFFORD - Business Administration Activities: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, UAPB Marching Band DAVIDSON, MATTIE - Elementary Education Activities: SNEA DAVIS, VANESSA - Biology Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Biology Club 84 I Q A sf 3' V is A Q , . . 1 g N , . as gs . fig, ,E ,kb S - s -usa yllvl.'!F"kN is f 'Y Q s a S E it S it 3 t . Ns - is Y s sf A .. iq 4: :Q S if 5' I ii Q' ' s YW. ' xt., sv y 4 ik' L,'lx,g 'A tt :itat t E 1. un:- . za, S x vig. Ni it - iixlsit 'N Kim Seward is a senior from Little Rock, Arkansas. Believe it or not, she is very happy to be graduating this year. PY' ihw DELPH, TONY - Park and Community Recreations Activities: HPER Club DEMENT, CHARLES - Art Education Activities: Senator!SGA, Pre-Alumni Club, President DENNIS, ANDREYETTA - Special Education Activities: Student Council for Exceptional Children DIGGS, BARBARA - Speech and Drama As Ricky Jasper makes his way to class, he stops to check the "current event board" for information that could be beneficial to his goals. DILLARD, CLAUDE - industrial Education DISNUTE, HELENE - Art Education Activities: Art Guild DIXON, TIKI - Biology Activities: Biology Club, ROTC Advance Club, UAPB Marching Band DIXSON, PATRICIA - Gerontology Activities: Gerontology Club DODSON, ERMAGENE - Social Welfare Activities: Alpha Angel Society, Social Welfare Club DONALDSON, DEBORAH - Child Development Activities: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority DOUCEY, BRENDA - English Activities: Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Mu DUNMORE, EDWARD - Music Education Activities: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity 85 EDDINGTON, PAULETTE - Special Education Activities: Student Council of Exceptional Children EDDINGTON, MELONIE - Early Childhood Education EDDINGTON, ROMONA - Early Childhood Education Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority EDE, DONATUS - Business Administration EDWARDS, LARITA - Agriculture Economics Activities: Stepperettes, Agriculture Club EZENWA, ELVIS - Business Administration FARMIN, JERRI - Elementary Education FEATHERSTONE, STANLEY - Computer Science Activities: Brigade Commander FIOTC, Pres. Nu Gamma Alpha, Pres. Senior Class FIELDS, SHURLON - Elementary!Early Child- hood Education Activities: Cooperation Education Club FINLEY, SHERYL - Physical Education Activities: Girls' Basketball FONZIE, ANNIE - Business Administration Activities: Helena Club, Newspaper Staff FORD, BESSIE - Accounting Activities: Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Angel FREEMAN, CHARLES - Business Administra- tion GALE, STEVEN - Biology Activities: Alpha Phi Alpha, UAPB Marching Band GATES, VICKY - Child Development GILBERT, ROSEMARY - Special Education Activities: UAFC, Vesper Choir GILL, BERTHA - Art Education Activities: Howard Woodard Art Guild, Secretary: Academic Affairs GRADY, CONNOR - Biology GRAY, CURTIS - Health, Physical Education and Recreation GREEN, LORENE - Elementary Education GRIFFIN, CHARLES - Accounting Activities: Pershing Rifles Society, Alpha Phi Omega, ROTC Advanced Course GUYNN, KATHERINE - Special Education Activities: Treas. of Student Council for Exceptional Children HALL, MARY - Elementary Education HARRIS, TRACIE - Business Administration Activities: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Capt. of Pom-Pom Girls X Nw. A NX' ,n 'gf K , 1 Q r ww., Qt.-A :Q 5 get it 'iii 'WW 'vs 50+ 'wt I, 'tt F W? K r' X iw X 3 Y NX as ti If t - A fue! . ' it ' , 5' I 1 Xu f 5 i im-Qi I I i 1 N-. y , :wily 4' 3, 4+ fe Vw. . ev X 3 SEW, J f S' 't Qi? 1' we A H 'P . X xx K ' 1 r. W .. HAWKINS, CLINTON - Agriculture Economics Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Agriculture Club, ROTC Advanced Club HAYES, GARY - Industrial Technology Activities: Kappa Alpha Psi HENDERSON, ROYSE - Psychology Activities: Psychology Club, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society HENDERSON, VERONICA - Elementary Education Activities: Sigma Sweets, SNEA HENTON, SHERRY - Elementary Education HICKS, ANGELETTE - Business Education Activities: Stepperette, ROTC Advanced Course Club HOLLIDAY, ORIS LEO - Psychology HOLLOWAY, CATHEY - Accounting Activities: Gamma Sigma Sigma, Phi Beta Lambda, Accounting Club, Co-op Club HOBBS, REBECCA - Psychology Activities: Stepperette, ROTC HOLT, MARJUNIA - Business Education HUBBARD, CHERISL - Biology Activities: ROTC, Off-Campus Club, Biology Club HUDSON, ORA - Family and Child Develop- ment Activities: Home Economics Club HUFFMAN, GLORIA - Social Welfare Activities: Social Welfare Club, Gamma Sigma Sigma IGUABONMWEN, MONDAY - Animal Science Activities: Agriculture Club ILOANI, DAVIDSON - Pre-Med IMANDE, TYOPINE - Biology IVORY, GLEN - lndustiral Arts Education Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Advanced Course Club JACKSON, HERMAN - Physical Education Activities: HPER Club JAMES, BARBARA - Gerontology Activities: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Gerontology Club JASPER, MICHAEL - Business Administration Activities: Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Lambda JASPER, PAMELA - Computer Science Activities: Tau Beta Sigma Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority JOHNSON, CARLA - Physical Education Activities: ROTC, Drill Team HPER Club JOHNSON, JANICE - Social Welfare Activities: Social Welfare Club JOHNSON, LINDA - Business Education JOHNSON, KENNETH - Biology Activities: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Biology Club, Managing Editor, Arkansawyer JONES, ANNETTE - Special Education JONES, CEDRIC - Industrial Technology Activities: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity JONES, CLYDE - Industrial Arts tif f W' A ti t Wfffmi at gf 2 ? t at yl 5 ii 45 , if 3-2 i I t Rachel Miller . .. It is test time. Time to tell the instructors how much you Caught with their hands in the bag have learned during the semester. Debra and Jackie are left speechless JONES, ELI - Physical Education Activities: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Football JONES, JENA - Business Administration JONES, RODNEY - Business Administration KEARNEY, DEBORAH - Family and Child Development Activities: Home Economics Club 88 A Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Co-op , w , Club S lvv I' "When Girl'S Talk!" With a few moments to spare between classes, Wilma Mcneill along with Sharon Walker, Karen Mcgarity, Joan Bass chit-chat about the latest campus happenings. KING, AMOS - Community Recreation Activities: Omega Psi Phi, Clic LTD, Pershing Rifles, ROTC Advanced Club, Hper Club, Business Manager of Senior Class, Sports- writer!Arkansawyer KING, OLLIE - Special Education Activities: Secretary of Alpha Kappa Mu Society, Secretary of Student Teaching Seminar KNOTT, ROBERT G. - Business Administration Activities: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Account- ing Club LANE, EDWARD - Physical Education LAVENDER, LARRY - Physical Education Activities: Marching and Jazz Band LEE, ANTHONY - Criminal Justice Activities: Football, ROTC LEE, CLYDE - Business Administration LEWIS, DRUNELL - Early Childhood Education LOTT, WILMA - Social Worker Activities: Girls Basketball Team, Social Work Club LOWE, BRIDGET - Home Economics Educa- tion LOWE, SHARON - Social Welfare LUCAS, RICKY - Agriculture Activities: Agriculture Club 89 LUST, EULA - Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda MCCOY, RUBY - Biology Activities: Miss UAPB, Pershing Rifles MCCREE, DEBRA - Elementary Education MCDANIEL, BRUCE - Business Administration MCDAY, VERA - Child Development Activities: Home Economics Club MCINTOSH, DORIS - Elementary Education Activities: Co-Captain Stepperettes MCJOY, GWENDOLYN - Social Welfare Activities: Social Work Club, Teachers Educa- tion Committee MACK, RUTHIE - Food Nutrition Administration Activities: Secretary of Alpha Nu Omega Honor Society Many students and faculty are entertained by Southwestern Bell Company's representatives at a luncheon given to discuss what services the company could perform during the academic year. MCKEOWN, STEPRENE - Psychology MCMURRAY, JEFFERY - Business Adminis- tration Activities: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda MARCHBANKS, EDWARD - Biology Activities: ROTC Advanced Course Club MARTIN, BERNICE - Special Education Activities: Student National Education Associa- tion MAXIE, VELMA - Early Childhood Education Activities: Sigma Sweets Society MEHROOPYA, MOHAMMAD - Chemistry MILLER, DEDRIL - Social Science Activities: Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Sweets Society MILLER, RACHEL - Elementary Education 2 52 ... 'Q' .9 l s ff' Qik I 've MILLER, RALPHAEL - Industrial Technology Activities: Phi Beta Sigma, Co-op Club MILLER, SHELIAH - Special Education Activities: Stepperette MOBLEY, DENNIS - Agriculture Education Activities: Royal Knight Society, Agriculture Club MOKA, GODWIN - Math Activities: Math Club MONK, BETTY - Business Administration MOORE, REGINALD - Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda, Accounting Club MOORE, SANDRA - Business Education MOORE, SHARON - Special Education MOREHEAD, JARVIS - Business Administra- tion Activities: President of Phi Beta Lambda, Accounting Club MORGAN, RUBY - Accounting Club MOSS, ERMA - Physical Education Activities: United Ambassadors for Christ Choir MOSTAVI, ESMAIL - Chemistry MULLINS, DAVID - Pre-Med NEAL, WAYNE - Accounting Activities: Treasury of Accounting Club, Phi Beta Lambda NEIKIRK, DOROTHY - Business Education NELSON, GARY - Agronomy NELSON, RICKEY - Business Administration Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Pershing Rifles NIKSEFAT, ALI - Computer Science Activities: Accounting Club NWAUKWU, ALEXANDER ONYEJIAKA, HENRY - Communication OWENS, TINA - Business Administration Activities: UAPB Vesper Choir PARKS, JEROME - Chemistry Activities: Viking Bi Fidelity Society, Alpha Phi Omega PARKER, DENNIS - Vocational Arts Education PAYNE, RITA - Music Education Activities: UAPB Marching Band. Sigma Sweet Society PERKINS, PENNY - Special Education Activities: Marching Band, Off-Campus Club PERRY, CARLENE - Business Administration Activities: Sigma Sweets POLK, ALFRED - Physical Education Activities: Basketball Team POWELL, JEWEL PRIDGEON, DWIGHT - Political Science Activities: Pre-Law Club PRITCHET, JAMES - Speech and Drama Activities: J. L. Ross Players QUALLS, EVELYN - Accounting Activities: Accounting Club, Phi Beta Lambda QUARLES, MARY - Elementary Education Activities: Pres. of SNEA RAHIM, AL-MUSTAFA - Economics RAMEY, TIM - English Activities: English Club RAYFORD, JANICE - Accounting REED, BRENT - Business Administration Activities: Phi Beta Lambda REED, DOLLESTER - Home Economics REED, KAREN - Mass CommunicationslSpeech Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Vesper Choir ROBINSON, CURLEE - Business Administration ROBINSON, SHENA - Business Education RODGERS, KAREN - Biology Activities: Biology Club ROWLAND, JENNIE - Elementary Education RUSHING, SALLIE - Special Education Activities: C.O.G.l.C. Club RUSS, DEBORAH - Social Welfare Activities: Social Work Club SAIN, JUANITA - Early Childhood Education SANDERS, JEANETTE - Business Administration Activities: Cheerleader SERRAILE, ANTHONY - Physics Activities: Marching Band, Kappa Kappa Psi SEWARD, KIM - Computer Science Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Co-op Club at F QQ 'Yi We i ,, m, Q but ,w Q' 'I in . ks fn- K If aww 'X i I 3 , pw ff Lu. ft? ,, . Q gs -YH minimis I E 1 X xx R es t : - . . A K it if A X dj 'J JL. - . Q it . l ' 0 .-,'i ' . i ' 4 as i I ' E pifi i i F fi S it ei 3: K fy ky 4. All-7 R X . ,Wye 1 ur .I fs I I l--1 ZQL IN-A A '-if 915 gi X I, sys SHAVERS, LORRAINE - Early Childhood Educa- tion SIMS, GAIL - Special Education SIMS, JAMES - Electrical Engineering Activities: Engineering Club SLOAN, JODY - History Activities: SNEA SMITH, CYNTHIA L. - Clothing 81 textile Activities: Home Economics Club SMITH, GRANDVILLE - Business Administration SMITH, JOANN - Accounting Activities: Vesper Choir, Mu Alpha Mu, Account- ing Club SMITH, MARY - Social Welfare Activities: Social Work Club SMITH, MINNIE - Elementary Education Activities: SNEA, AEA, ACEI SMITH, RITA - Nursing Activities: Secretary of Student Nursing Associa- tion . SNEED, AUDRA - Dietetics, Delta Sigma Theta STINSON, GAIL - Home Economics Felecia Hill creates that "personal touch" to her room by the addition of a poster. STINSON, GLORIA - Child Development Activities: Alpha Angel Society SUMMARGE, CHRISTINE - Biology SYKES, JOYCE - Elementary Education Activities: SNEA, ACEI TATE, MYRNA - Nursing Activities: Student Nurse Association, President TATUM, DEZERENE - Accounting Activities: Lambda TAYLOR, Activities: THOMAS, THOMAS Co-op Club, Treasurer: Phi Beta GLENDA - Fashion Merchandising Miss FI.O.T.C., Delta Sigma Theta DORIS - Home Economics ROSETTA - Gerontology Activities! Vice Pres.: Gerontology Club, Social Work Club THOMAS, RUTH - Psychology Activities: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Pres. THOMPSON, DUANE - Music Education THOMPSON, EMANUEL - Elemeriiary Education Activities: UAPB Band, Pres.: Kappa Alpha Psi THORNTON, PEGGY - Business Education TILLMAN, BOBBIE - Accounting Activities: Accounting Club, Sigma Gamma Rho TODD, CAROLYN - Business Administration TRICE, ETHEL - Physical Education Activities: HPEFI Club TRICE, CALVIN - Agriculture Economics Activities: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity TRIPP, LINDA - Special Education UDELI, ANTHONY - Business Administration UGWA, FLORENCE - Home Economics Educa- tion VERSEY, wAi.KEn, wAnnEN, Activities: WARREN, Activities: ARETHA - Early Childhood Education ROSIE - Elementary Education LORI - Business Administration Accounting Club ROBERT E. - Business Administration UAFC Choir WASHINGTON, LILLIE - Mathematics Activities: Alpha Chi Honorary Society, Mu Alpha Mu Honorary Society, Math Club 94 was Q " .Q-"""" if-""f"" ,.f""" 4-""4 .--"""' WASHINGTON, WANDA E. - Child Develop- ment Activities: Alpha Nu Omega Honor Society, Home Economics Club, Off-Campus Club WEBSTER, 'I'YREE J. II - Community and Recreation Activities: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, CLIC LTD., UAPB Football Team If ,Q is U ww . 3 I may Q, 1. .I 3. Sin will il 'Tlil1i fr' 'S 5 sf .1 l 4 ,J -, .V K -f ii I li mggni ,. it . s taht KA it xxx In as Q 'X S 'N if x '- I I WELLS, DEBORAH - Elementary Education Activities: SNEA, AEA, Off-Campus Club WESTBROOK, LORENZO - Recreation Adminis- tration Activities: HPEFI Club, Co-op Club, SUGB, Pre-Alumni, Council Dormitory, Executive Council WHITE, LORETTA - Elementary Education WILBER, JACQUELYN - Accounting WILKERSON, RUBY - Special Education Activities: SCEC WILLIAMS, ANTONIO - Business Administration WILLIAMS, BEATRICE - Business Education WILLIAMS, BILLY RAY - Industrial Technology WILLIAMS, GWENDOLYN - Social Welfare WILLIAMS, JANICE - Biology WILLIAMS, JOHN F. - Physical Education Activities: HPER Club, Alpha Omega Alpha, NEA WILLIAMS, JOYCE - Special Education WILLIAMS, LESTER - Business Administration Activities: SGA Senator, Alpha Phi Omega, Pre-Alumni, United Ambassadors for Christ Choir, Director of Intramural Sports, Indian Club, Business Club WILLIAMS, LILLIE - Social Welfare WILLIS, BRENDA - Elementary Education WOODS, RICKY - Industrial Technology WYNNE, CATHERINE - Gerontology YOUNG, BARBARA - Gerontology YOUNG, JAELYN - Fisheries Biology 95 Senior Class Officers xl a il l 5 5 X 5 x 5 S l F therstone, Bobbie Hicks Second row Mr Butler Harry Williams Front row left to right: Amos King, Barbara Caver, tan ey ea "Personal Priorities" After years of getting to class late, months of seperation from loved ones, days of cramming for final exams, hours of idleness, that moment finally arrives Graduation! And as you sit listening to speakers commending you on your dedication and patience you suddenly realize that all those years of cram- ming, of idleness and of worrying abour your present financial situation have only began to pay off with fringe benefits on top. A V g tXXX f 4 will Xi WX , J li n, ,,,,, i, , X X , X Xie ,Y - 4 XllXX l ll' 'lmllllllll i if 'l iXl'Xl i 4- Xt i ' X iirl llli ll ill lil 4? i l lil llllXXX Xll lt liil li ri i t 7 W XlX A will Mil ll iw :am wi l ll lXXXXi 6 Xlil5l'l: i?,llllllil X we it ll l i.l X liXlXllill ll i ill XX ,vm , X l Yi if 70 X an V y x , 1 I' ,MW lVlater'ii ITI X 0 ,a we greet thee with 5 love and Q 'M X Our hearts and our J bring to thy X? 4, X i With arms that are 4 all harm we Ihy name shall 2 mother of walk through in peace and gained sanctified I M ' cast , I! lg Q, Alma Mater'r"we love love thee, dear mother and all that we have we cast down at thy feet. at A X , , af, 4 affair X XX ,f4Mg.,s ., "" ' " so 'K W' 'lf' "R" ' f ' --T'T.?f, ' ,Jill Wifi: """ f' a,,.,,,ZQfZ 2,?f21 ,X -2 r X ' 3 'f ,?v1'? +V 'sm V EEYIUW 3-if TH "W W 'fa me 1 ' ' ? f,,1fvY,X,piQEfXl?fi5 ,wiv-W WX 1,2:Q6Z,,Q,g,X,, X , A, ,s4sWX,-V , , ,W , X l ar- 1 X -X W, X XXX5 XXi XXlX lllli glXXXXfX,,:,, X X.iiX'r'lW' "W NEMXX ""5' ' Nl " X mimicXltilllillll'lyWwilXilleai:fXXrWLXffa,XX ,35llilw'lllilill' W1 l 1 ll i l l X M X lliwlllllwl X XXQSQXL ' ,iXiXlll.liilliilifltiXl:fX WiiililllliiliilJllllltlfXl'r ilimilllllllil 1 Y W X f Q X1 'WX -A. 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Y, mu Y' 1 is-iff Aiaagia 1 a:ii?:?5?i f l muijffe? f' iff llillilhizf X N 2 .X Y :ti :uf ff iillliw X if .32 emi, . , 5 2 4 l -H aw ,Q 2 Q, A ,lg 'ir' lwlfwi lvl' as ' 'WK' M5 1 . ff' .i insm "iw TA! Z 5 illi in EK ml ii R955 tg X L' Ei Q if f l i., ni, Mig 1 ff 4 if g r" f fg Z is Q if ag M g sy, of 1' M i ' i W UE: ga 32 E3 X Mafia? f l l -at F 4 vim fl ff 'Xlilx Q? if 1 f11:f53 2 XXXXXi i W Y-Xillilfl 52 ill Xfi1f3.ia?Q ' Xllsgitilkgii XX msgstr f 2 ily vwflifrirgg Miximxllkifliiwfggglgg it "N 'iii-33331331 l ff ,5 ni tXv.XnlXf, if RSSlwQedi1Q'5552 ll XT f,we,?3QZ??5?fZeaf2f if-:--vig im, Q xvmnigiws gpg MWV3Ql1ilQE?5'f 1-ef ? at 4 g t ,S 4 gf K. , 3 aff: asf - as JJ' 2:e2Li,2'?'2 'riizfilz aafaaia f-wmfzaw i Fgffffafzggeazeagiiiwaia V Talent Earned Money Contestants Derrick McCampbell, Linda Easter, Angelo Erving were awarded cash prizes for their singing talent in the Sait and Pepper taient show heid at the Convention Center annuaily. ADAMS, MAURKJE - Business Administration M W ,, AJAH, JUDITY - Economics N ALEXANDER, PAMELA - Home Economics X M , Education 'W A , ALLEN, JAMES - Business Administration r 1 2 4 X . 57' xy , at N X 5 5 Q I ANDERSON, JOHN - Criminal Justice BAILEY, YOLUNDiA - Political Science BALDWIN, CYNTHIA - Computer Science BANKS, MiTZl - Business Administration HW i LX, BLAKE, SANDRA - Pre-Med Biology BLAKELY, YVONNE - Business Administration BOWERS, DENISE - Business Education BOWIE, SHARON - Computer Science BROWN, ROSE - Business Education CARPENTER, JESSE - Accounting L CARR, BOBBIE - Business Administration anmov, some - Accounting ,il 'A JuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniors.JuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJz iii' nm txt, "' -nr K :-k . I in S A if N N et E sys, i JN? ' ' if , if . X5-'X Q x S X it it W X R ri X 'tx 3 Xu 2 use -- fi F w K t - xt, . we E wx XX -. f itsixiikiiw A x K xii its it 'hw Q ' , 5 A g sv I + QNN 'QQ Q f KK: srr :,, A i l y it . : hki Q X i 3 if A 5 N- - .L y t . , s is Qt Ji W x gt X E . , 1 533 if 11 'Ur- is 9 CARROLL, GAIL - Elementary Education CHARLES, MARGARETTE - Gerontology CHETHAM, RAFEAL - Physics CHHAIS, MARGARET - Business Administration CMFMAN, STEPHEN - Chemical Engineering GGATEB, RONALD B - Accounting GQLLANS, ARLEATRKCE Special Education COLUHS, CLARSCE - Business Administration BGOYIAN, J01-IN - Computer Science COE TERRY - Engineering ROSEANEH - Special Education CHERP, PAULINE - Business Administration DAMELS, MKII-IAEL - Communications DARK., STEPHAME - Elementary Education DARBDUGH, CYN11-llA - Special Education DAVIS, EDWARD - Computer Science DELOHEY, JAMES - History Education BENETBN, GREGORY - Biology BBESQBARE, HARVEY - Biology RELANDOR - Dietetics effects, sreensu - An 3 f B CHIKE - Business Administration i, 5 , ,, ., R f 53 4 ' E i l r My i E - 12:1 an " i . E E j E as 35221 1: rf: - f , Many students view the auto shcwisponscred by the Student A - tie.--1,9331 vg,,+6 , ,. Ni i X - It union. , V M' ' is WWWMV Y fy M VE EDE, FEUCIA - AR Ediicaiiert ELLIS, CARLOS - Speciat FLEMONS, TIMOTHY - Business Fnsemm, wn.uAm - compare: aureus, KENNY- Psycnasngy aoLnamm,,,FaepnmK - Animas seience F W GRAF2Efi 5NNAGHEIlM f ilHom? Egmsxsmiw ii 4 : 1iw l i dvvatfws v ' v fFar Backj Henri Linton, Art ment Chairperson, advises an i Gymnasium floor. Q, ' . , -' - F , k. , ' ' Q,-fr Vffr,-1-2 1- . ' :GREEN , f J g Q H 5 -gf. 1 PX r Q 1 S Q KX if I Ny 4 ,X is X N s 10 . SE if F! . X Q ' ur,- if x x ' if it N 5' E. . MIFSWS, , , .-,J . X.: S' . wifi 4 I V, ,gil ig iii VM i """' ' ,'.- i -. .. ,WN . W? ' an-on 1 Lia .h Fr. 'T ills X X Qx ,H pu-1 My 'wx N X n in Mix -fy ' HENRY, DEBRA - ' 5' new-av. smnmv - - 190 ' 4 32 A Q 'fv- 9 JP W 7 gk WB X ,Q If ,x r " S ,- W -Q, ff i, if is Q ii. 'Y K Y f 1 N 5, LVL, , , , A , ff 3 ,tal if' TONY 9 Auto ifechnclogy HILDRETH, USA - Zoology HILL, FELICIA - Fashion Merchandising HILL, ROBERT - Computer Science HOLDER, ANGELA - Business Administration HUDSON, GEROME - Music Education l HUGES, STEPHANIE - Business Administration IGUNBOR, GLETUS - Agricuiturs Business JAMES, EARTIO - Business Administration JAMES. J4Ci'2UELiNE - Elnmentafy Education JAMES, LONNIE - Physicai Education I JASPER, BICKEY - Business Administration JENKINS, GURLEE - Criminal Justice , JOHNSON, BOBBY - Criminal Justice JOHNSON, RONALD - Pre-Engineering JOHNSON, SANDRA - Computer Science JOHNSON, STEP!-IANEY - Speciai Education JONES, AROEH - Gerontology S JONES, BRENDA - Computer Science JONES, MARCINE - Accounting JONES, RONALD - Music JONES, ZAOHABY - Auto Technology KELLY, MARGARET - Nursing S KING, CYNTHIA - Computer Science KING, JAMES - Electrical Engineering LAWSON, OJUANA - Psychology LEWIS, FANIHHE - Psychology S LEWIS, JANIOE - Biology O ' 'IU1 LEWIS, LAWANDA - Social Welfare LlTl'LETON, SHERYL - Dietetics MARIA, JAPHET - English MANUEL, SANDRA R. - Chemistry MASON, EDWlN - Biology MATTHEWS, BEVERLY - Accounting MAXIE, WlLMA - Elementary Education i fi N -wi mnarm, cnwm - Computer science W 3' J, gl 3 'Q ii ' cc in , X A mv, nooemcx L. - Fisheries Bioicgy lncmruun, micmei. - Psychology mccnwwssu., oenmcx - Music Mccov, ALFONSO - Engineering c- E MCGRUDER, LAVERNE - Social Education MCMURRAY, VICTOR - Political Science MlLLER, LOIS - Business Administration MISTER, MELONEY - Computer Science i : K i- 1' MOORE, VINCENT - industrial Arts Ed. MOSBY, BERNESTINE - Home Economics Ed. MULDREW, SHERRY - Elementary Education NEAL, SONYA - Fashion Merchandising NELMS, CAROLYN - Physical Therapy NELSON, CARL 1 Art NELSON, DQNALD - industrial Technciugy NELSDN, KAYE - Nursing, , "', NELSON, cuven - History , nw E NESBY, EVELYN - Elementary Education , in E 2 L NNACHETAN, nossuns - Economies i cc . ' ,,, X in -5 NWANKWO, NOBLE - industrial Technology in :E-l ' if g if i, Q , E in '1:-2 LL, iiiiii ' W , 'i-- - A ,,,L xx by R L ' SopofvomoresSophomore5SophomoresSophomoresSophon NWEGBO, SIMEON - Computer ODUAL, VICTOR - Agribusiness OGBU, VINCENT - Accounting OKEKGUCI-IE, STEPHEN - Marketing ioinotgewn, ewritnvc ii: Agri. iawnomica PEER:t3EVERLYiiftM?C0NfiWiQt I Pi-IILLIPSITLIINDA + Accounting u I PHILLIPS, NORML I I PRICE, ELFREDA - Business Administration PRIGGETT, GWENDOLYN - Speciai Education PROWELL, BARBARA - Special Education PRUITT, BENJAMIN, JR. - Business Administration RANDLE, KATRINA - Nursing RANKINS, MARLEAN - Social Weitare ROBERSON, CHERYL - Business Administration ROBERTSON, PEGGY - Accounting SAMPLE, LATANVA -A Engiishi SANDERS, ILYNA fi Eiementary Education SANDERS, REGINA iF.g - -Gerontology SAVAGE, JUANITA I- .species Education Kathy Turner takes time out to water her piant. 103 ii 5 , SCALES, ,EMMAV9 Diststiss i J SCALES, ,LQXHSE if Sosiai Worker , 1 SCALES, STEVEN -i Spisciai Edusstisn s , 'SD01'T,iBOSEfH!. - Bislogy i 1 , SEWARBX MSHA -Acfsnunting SHANNGN, QTENSTA - Medica! 'Tecirmoiogy SHQRTEB, JACDULINE - Spssisi Edusatinn i s i i ' A v i , SDLEE, JABHCE - Bioiogy i , QSMSTH, KAREN - Business Education SMWH, LERNARD - Business Administration i i SMKTH, MATT - Psychoisgy , STEPHENS, Si-IARGM 1 Speciai Education STEWARD, SHARRON - Business Administration SUTTON, LYNN - Criminal Justice TATE, WiLLlAM - Parks 8- Recreation THOMAS,1BBENDA - Nursing s THOMAS, DLA - Business Education THDMAS, ,TQNY - Businsss Administration i THGMPSQN, BQLLYE - Business i Administration THGMPSON, REMTA - Spssisi ,Education . t i TODD, .RMMY - Psiiticai Ssisnss ' TFHCE, GERTHA ' Social, Wsitars s VAR., HELEN - Engiish WALLACE, LARRY - Business Administration f WASHINGTON, DAP!-WE - Fashion 1 , Merchandising sWATKiNS, Gi.iRTtS - Music Education WATSON, JERRY f Eisstricai Engineering ,WAT'fS, RUBY J. - Business Administration 104 ' ': , If sem ' ,, My i ,iwwfiain 'iw 1 i is F i -- K f i 1 ., ,:,. 1 i, fn , si A sn s ig is 5 i I s- ,iis s - i Q ii? sss iifi .:, ,' Q-Qsf ssi iti R if i' t i' 5 zi. 1 si . ' i X is iifii i,.- S fi h f f .,: is 'rv is ah . 1 i-1- fi- 1 . X stas is? Y. 1 , s g ::. Lg, K . -N s -- :- R xiismiiiiisa- -.ii i ,E ag' Gs 4 E, k K'- N r' l l in gi-f"3'li,I, .X i M ii, af' , , AI Ai Tis , I 'Q I Z S 1 W NN if WYNN, DONNA - Accounting YARBROUGH, JAMES - Industrial Technology 4 ,MM 12 S 4 :rg WEAVER, ROBIN - Biology WELLS, LINDA - Eismentary Education WILHITE, TERRI - Fashion Merchandising WILLIAMS, CANDACE - English WILLIAMSIDARRELL K. - Psychology WILLIAMS, KIEFIONE -f Business Administration WILLIAMS, NATALIE - Speech and Drama WILLIAMSON, COLETTE - HisIory!EngIish WILLINGI-IAM, CHRISTOPHER - Business Administration WILLIS, LEE NORA - Business Administration WILLIS, LEROY - Special Education WOODS, SONYA - Art Education In between classes, students stop to buy a quick snack. 105 ADAIR, GREGORY - Engineering ALEXANDER, DEBRA - Business Administration ARMOUR, BETTY - Early Cniidhood Education AUSTIN, KENNETH - Electrical Engineering AVERY, LINDA + Nursing AYTCH, PAMELA - Criminai Jostice BANKS, RAYMANDO - Bioiogy BILLINGSLEY, VALERSE - Child Development BISHOP, BEVERLY - Business Administration BLAKELY, CHARLES - Business Administration BLANKE, JOE - Business Administration BRACY, DANA - Accounting BRAGGS, LIMUEL - institutional Dietetics BRANCH, MADIE - Accounting BRANCH, ROBERT - Business Administration BROOKS, HAROLD - Medicai Technoiogy BROOKS, ROSEMARY - Criminai Justice BURL, DANNY - Crirninai Justice BURNS, CATHERINE - Art Education CALVIN, SHARON - Socioiogy CARTHON, RICKEY - aroiogy OAVER, SONYA A Elementary Education CLARK, HARRY - Music CLARK, JOYCE - Fashion Merchandising CLAYTON, Ci-IARLEY - Recreational Physica! Education COOI-IRAN, SHELIA - Social Weifare COLE, GLARICE - Pre-Law COLEMAN, ARETHA - Business Administration ophomoresSophomoresSophomoresSophomoresSophomc COLEMAN, STACY - Gerontology COLEMAN, YOULANUA I - Business Administration O COLLINS, SHELIA - Accounting COOK, ROOSEVELT - Biology I ,is CREGGETT, EVELYN - Psychology CROSEFORD, JOYCE - Psychology CURTIS, JEANETTE - Special Education DANZIE, KAREN - History E P Sl ii ,X x 2 ,N an DAVIS, GERALDINE - Computer Science M L- , , 1, F DAVIS, SATYRA - Special Education if O E ds' , DEAN, GEORGIA - Speech and Dramatic Arts fig Sci I iiff DEBERRY, TFIEVILLE - Criminal Justice oorcss, vmooan - Criminal .iusiiee Q DORSEY, BONITA - Child Development qc' BUKES, JANICE - Early Childhood Education X NF, DYKES, DANlEL - Undecided j X I 1 K. if ' EAGLE, KATRINA - Nursing EASTER, cami - Elementary Education ' EUGENE, AARON - Food Nutrition FISHER, FLORA - Social Welfare E -. eetfx iw ,, fic ,' Q if 'Q X' i ii W Uv i - K, Q if ir f Hi Xie is ,, J' if,i FREEMAN, JACQUELINE - Computer Science if F 1 Funoi-lem, SHERRY - compuier science N I .. oslnoensn, Mm-:Avis - undecided i , GATEWOOD, PAMELA - Accounting S 3 I GILBERT, GREGORY - Computer Science E I ' GiLLiARD, MICHAEL - Businessfiiccouniing ' ,.,,i Q GLYNIPH, CASSANDRA - Accounting he GOOLEY, PATRiCIA - Fashion Merchandising SophomoresSophomoresSophomoresSophomoresSophorr , GRAVES, PATRIClA - Accounting GREEN, CLAUDE - Criminal Justice GREEN, SI-IEBRENA - Parke St Recreation GREENLEE, MARY - Criminal Justice GREER, IVIORACE - Business Administration GRICE, ANGELA - Computer Science GRIFFIN, LATANYA - Criminal Justice GRIMES, IDA - Special Education HARRIS, HILLARY - Communications HART, TYRA - Child Development HAWKINS, CHARLES - Computer Science HAY, RACHELLE - Accounting HAYES, MORRIS - Art HENDERSON, RAY - Biology HENSON, DEXTER - Business Administration HILL, LUKE - Agriculture Education HOLLOWAY, RUTHIE - Computer Science HOLMES, DORIS - Child Development HOLMES, VALERIE - Elementary Education HUDSON, VERA - Business Administration HUGHES, ANDREW - Commericai Art HUGHES, GERALDWE - Business Administration HUNT, CLARA - Art Education INGRAM, ELNORA - Business Administration ISOM, MARION - Fashion Merchandising JACKSON, JOHN - Computer Science JAMES, ROOSEVELT - Business Administration JOHNSON, DAYTON - Computer Science 108 wail' fi x t in -' ies, it E , i ,X V, , , -T at I i - v - -,,.. X31 ., .3 f til! if Nia Q, is ,Ku 'Q !!!X?'gf, an 1 s A ms , ' gt SQ k I 4 w 5 .ti J hip.. N 'Sf-1' i X X ig 'I-f , 5 L' . it News JOHNSON, MINNIE - Nursing JOHNSON, RITA - Journalism JOHNSON, TERRI - Business Administration JONES, CATHY - Dietetics JORDAN, ERIC - Business Administration JORDAN, JAMES - Business Administration KEMP, LATECIA - Nursing KING, SANDRA - Accounting KYSER, DEANDRE - Industrial Technology LEE, JAMIE - Business Administration LEVER, ANTHONY - Computer Science LEVER, ZINA - Accounting LEWIS, ANGELA - Gerontology MAKIA, ELEANOR - Home Economics Education MANUEL, ANITA - Business Administration MARTIN, BEVERLY - Agriculture Economics MCBRIDE, CHARLOTTE - Medical Technology MCCLINTON, DEBORAH - Accounting, 'MCiNTOSH, ALBERTA - Business Administration MCKEOWN, SI-IELIA - Earty Childhood MCKISSICK, CRESHONDRA - Social Welfare MILES, GREGORY - Fashion Merchandising MtLLR, GAIL - Art Education MILLER, JAMES - industrial Technology MITCHELL, KALEYBRA - Political Science MIXON, JANICE - Psychology MIXON, PATRICA - Computer Science MOREHEAD, DAVID - Accounting 109 MORRIS, NORENE - Speciai Education MURPHY, IVIARGIE - Computer Science MURRAY, JACCUELINE - Business , , I Administration, BRENDETTAA- Qiqifsiiiiiitii-Qigi: I qw N ii,i, I I neminiuiiaiiun A NASH, CORA - Home Economics Education NASH, JEROME - Business Administration E NJIDEKA, VERONICA - Accounting GGLESBY, CAROLYN - Business Administration , PRICE, STEVEN4 Criminal Justice 1 , RAFTER, ALICE - Business Administration REED, MICHAEL - Industriei Technology RHODES, VIRGIL - Computer Science RiCE, DE CARLO - Engineering ROBERTS, ANTHONY - Computer Science ROBERTS, NECO - Business Administration ROBBINS, ARVETTE - Eiementary Education i I ERDBHNISQN, lREGiNA -ei-Business Education I E eoss,,mieii.vN - History I smoens, HERSGHEL - Psychoiogy ,E esnwvsn, Janome - Eismenrary Eaucaiion I iii, iiii J Q , - ieueieess Aciministreiion v SHAW. 'WALTER 9 ,Speech and Drama SHEPHERD, TRACY - Speech end I' , I Ejremaldournaiism -i JE fl ,iii if ,iii I it Iiii i iii 3 jjji33MITH,'iFELICiAf- interior Design iiyi no fl?" 4? if Y 'si D vi' w ' r wi 'a 1 is 4' f I i""' ll t WK 512 it U X Ei A i it of f S it X. 9 . NQ,.. 'Mi X .. X 'X is t N 5 Y S X s 3 at ii as i iff I f he 3,55 0 if sf ' his 1 , 5 'bn' SNEED, JACOUELYN - Accounting SNEED, RAY - Accounting SOLOMON, JEROME - Business Administration STANTON, CYNTHIA - Engineering TABER, GLORIA - Sociai Work TALBERT, OLIVER - Computer Science TATUM, LORAL - Business Administration TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER - Pre-Engineering TAYLOR, DARRYL - Recreation and Physicai Education TAYLOR, GLORIA - Business Administration THOMAS, ANGELA - Nursing THOMAS, WENDALIN - Bioiogy THOMPSON, VONICE - Communications TI-IORNS, MICHELLE - Computer Science TILLMAN, EDWIN - Accounting TONEY, JAMES - Accounting TORRENCE, CONNIE - Fashion Merchandising TUCKER, JACKIE - Eiementary Education WALKER, CARROL - Speech and Drama WALLACE, GAFIRY - Inoustriai Technology WASHINGTON, CHARLES - Computer Science WEBBER, ROBERT - Business Administration WILLIAMS, GAFIOLYN - Criminai Justice WILIAMS, LAWRENCE - Business Administration WILLIAMS, MERLE - Business Administration WILLLAMS, PENNY - Bioiogy WILLIAMS, THEFIESA - Computer Science WINSTON, LAURA - Business Administration 111 A Different Opinion Freshman cheerleader, Dana Blake ob- serves from the sideline. ADAMS, BRENDA F. - Journalism ADAMS, BRENDA L. - Physical Education ALLISON, FRANK O. - Computer Science ANDERSON, STEPHANIE - Criminal Justice ARMSTRONG, MARGARET - Undecided AUSTIN, WILBERT - Computer Science BALDWIN, ULYSSES - industrial Education BAREFIELD, ROBIN - Computer Science BASS, JOAN - Medical Technology BAUSLEY, KAY - Computer Science BEARD, NATI-IANIEL - Engineering BEARD, ANANIES - Psychology, BELT, JUDY - Music BLACKWELL, JOHN M. - Computer Science BLAKE, DANA - Business Administration if , is i f K X , xg , A - . . . If , i X EX T - i X ' we S . f I - i a XL. i S., .55 , FI'9Sl7ITI3l7Fl'9Shf773I7FI'9Shl773I7FI'9Shl'l73I7Fl'9Sf'lI773I7Ff9Sf7I778I7 112 ii, ,,,, A 4 Az 1 Wg E v . rig 'i' . 415 Aa 423 gm mv is if BLAIEELY, INA - Business Administration BLOUNT, MICHAEL - Computer Science BLUFOBD, CRYSTAL - Pre-med HOGAN. GLADYS - Genera! Business BO!-IANNEFLI JO - Socioiogy I I as N I BOHANNON, , LENA - Computer I Science BOYD, EUGENIA R. - Undecided BRABFORE, BARBARA - Business Administration - BREOKENRIDGES, SONYA - Special Education BBEEDLOVE, DAVID E- Computer Science F A' fi , fit i ,TN 5 V .1 gilt, I' ii c i ci Hifi: BRIDGES, MARKELL ,- Computer Science BROUGI-ITON. KENT - Undecided BROUGI-ITON, Si-IERIE - Accounting ME BROWN, MICHAEL -1 Business Administration "'i 4 BROWN, RONALD - Communication BROWN, TERESA - Home Economics Education X BROWN, TESSIE - Pre-Medicine BURKE, JOYCE M. - Communications BURTON, KEVIN S. -Business Administration BUTLER, CURRY - Undecided , s o if Iii 1 PY" BUTLER, DARLENE R. - Undecided BUTLER, JACQUELYN - Business Administration BYNUM, CHARLES - Physical Education GARLOCK, HENRYIOL- Animal Science I CARR, MKLTON - Computer Science, or ,Y I CARRUTI-IERS, JAMES, Computer Science , . CAREER, EMORY O.5- Engineering ' , .. CAREER, TRACY - LiBd6Gided A 7 'C p CATBEY. CRYSTALL?eiComputer WH ci-iesxs, LYNNETTKE- nursing ,E I I iff? hi CLARK, CHARLES - Art , ' CLAY, MARILYN L. - Business Administration CLAYTON, EVELYN A Early Childhood Education ctemmons, 'rnincon - town Engineering cocnnnn, 'rwvul -,Nursing ,isx KX! X i 1 COLEMAN JANET - Music Education . COLEMAN PAHTICIA - Nursing COLEMAN, SHERITA M. - Criminal Justice COLEMAN, STACY - Computer E '11 ii? s n N Q COLLIER, CYNTHIA - Special Education CRISWELL, AGNES - Undecided CRUMP, SHENETHIA - Law DARDEN, REGEANA - Pharmacy DAViS, CAROL - Business Administration DAVIS, KELLYE - Criminoiogy DAVIS, SHARON - Psyonoiogy DAWN, IEENNETN - Undecided DEAN, CONTESSA - Accounting DEDRQCK, DAWN - Business Administration DEMENT, CARL - Vocationai Arts DOCKETT, CURLEE - Media DORSEY, DOROTHY - Computer Science DRIVER, JUDY - Business Administration DUKES, DIANE - Undecided DUKES, DONNA - Fashion Merchandising DUNN, BRENETTA - Nursing EAGLE, TERESA - Psyohoiogy EARL, ROSIE - Business Administration EDDINGTON, GLORIA - Business Administration EDGENTON, CAROLINE - Computer Science EDWARDS, REGINAL - Dentistry EPTING, BRENDA - Criminal Justice FAVORS, RAY - Political Science FLEMRSTER, MINNIE - Business Administration FOUNTAIN, LARRY - industrial Teonnoiogy FOWLER, THOMAS - Pnysioal Education FOWLER, VINCENT - Business Administration FRAZIER, DARLENE - Psycnoiogy FREEMAN, STEPHANIE - Business Administration GALTNEY,,BEANIE - Agriculture GAMBLE, DIMMIA - Nursing GENTRY, DIANE - Chemistry simsv, ssanssrme - nursing, A I oowsns, onnu undecided 3- I I I I GRANT, IANTQINEITEjH,5noisi3iNorkl,yum I GRANT, CNFNSTIE - Bosinsss Administration GRAYSON, BETTY - Undecided GREEN, STANLEY - Physics , GRIFFlN,,LARRY - Undecided 114 ' if ll -f' I i ii - 5 a xf f A si i if i 11 ' X TX Q il H ,,l Y' . iq 1 inf hm 1 4? 2 - X , fx 3 I ,s 'iii l l X if Wi wi ,f GULLEY, JANICE - Nursing HARRIS, ANDRANIQUE - Business Administration HARRIS, ANDREW - Music HARRiS, DIANE - Biology HARRIS, KAREN - Fashion Merchandising HARRiS, MARY - Undecided HART, ETTA - Business Administration I-IAWKINS, PHYLISA - Computer Science HEARNE, WILLIAM - Computer Science I ii, . ff I I i in " - ,H I 1 is I M y , -, , B A Q , i if , 1 K fi X , A x 1. ' ' X 'Q QP' .n f "' I 3 1 k K, uk Q, YM 'ix . i . Z U Q 4 1.34 5155 . xx f I qc Y ii i A an nn! I ii...-ei. if Ir if S1 by 1' H B' i f 1 i i nn X I if :rit- i,, "' if in :T 'fu g , Q Vi f dyy I ' iiiii 1 Iii I is if ' K' I N ', , K ' I 2 ' Agl Y' . TJ HENCE, SHARON - Computer Science HENDERSON, VERNELL - Computer Science HICKS, WILLIAM - Psychology HOGAN, CATHY - Physical Education HOLT, MAMIE - Physical Education HUDSPETH, LOUATRICE - Computer Science IGUNGBONMWEN, BETTY - Sociai Work JACKSON, HAZEL - Business Administration JACKSON, JACKSON, JACKSON, KATINA - Undecided KEVIN - Business Administration SHERITA - Nursing JAMES, AMELIA - Dietetics 1' JENKINS, MAURiCE V Computer Science JEWELL, JEROD - Biology JOHNSON, BRENDA - Business Administration JOHNSON, CALVIN - Computer Science JOHNSON, JEANINE - Business Administration JOHNSON, MICHAEL - Industrial Arts JOINER, BASIL - Nursing JONES, AUBRV - industrial Arts JONES, DARRYL - Computer Science JONES, MARVIN - Communications JONES, RUTH - Computer Science JORDAN, JACOUELINE - Business Administration JOSEPH, JOFFREY - Computer Science KKTCHENS, AUGUSTA - Engineering LANG, JENNIFER - Accounting LARKIN, SANDRA - Undecided LEWNGTON, ROOHELLE - Business Administration LEWIS, EPHRON - Agriculture LEWIS, KENNETH - Computer Science 115 LINDSEY, GARRY - Computer Science LITTLE, EDDIE - Undecided LITTLETON, MCHENRY - Computer Science LOFTCIN, DARYL - Computer Science LONG, JOYCE - Business Administration LOWE, ALVIN - Computer Science LYONS, THERESA - Music Education MASON, KENNETH - Industriai Engineering MARKS, CAROLYN - Early Childhood Education MASSEY, ADRIAN - Undecided mnnsws, eeeeonv Prefengineering mxweu., Kimura - Business 'V AGIYIIHISVBICIQYI ' , MAY, EARL - Undecided' MCCOY, CHR!S - Criminal Justice mccov, JUANITA - specter Eaucauors Mcnowmw, Lumen - Public Heaim 116 5, is 3 4 Li' 'K-1 if - 1 W I W X X . I iv ,,,x 'sr 1 AL 2 ES ,,,i I ,,.. 12 Lv KK f is A I 17 x F 9, . . gr, f 'i she best. is f ,Q I? wi A r ' E QU" on , ,,, ig' s ,,- ,r -if -Q KW ,L A AA QW, I ESQ, "' ,AM gyyc I y Y' M if I 4 it f Q A i f V I ,.7.i'ff V- I I I I I I I I I i i I I I I I I I I XI "if I Tai IX i E L f' i , fr ff 4 r - iii ibn, Man on the Hail seems to catch Michelle Watts and Doris Clay by surprise. MCGARITY, KAREN - Elementary Education MCGEE, DANIEL - Elementary Engineering MCKEOWN, TAMMER - Dental Hygienist MICKENS, PATRICIA - Chemistry MILLER, MARTHA - FaShiOn M6fCi'I3I'ICiiSB MILLER, SHELIA - Computer science y I MILTON, ROBERT - Undecided WMIXON, 'DEBORAH - Unciecicied MOORE, DANNY - Business Administration MOORE, LATRICE - Undecided MOORE, LINDA - Nursing MORRIS, DONNA - Psychology MORRIS, KEITH - Undecided MORRISON, ROBERT - Communications MURPHY, VICKIE - Nursing NEAL, RHONDA - Computer Science NEELY, CAROL - Computer Science NEWTON, KERRY - Industrial Art NICHOLS, KARL - Computer Technology NICHOLAS JR., CLETI-IA - Accounting NICHOLSON, BRENDA - Criminal Justice NICHOLSON, RICHARD - Criminal Justice NOBLE, TANGEKI - Computer Science NORMAN, BRIDGETT - Early Childhood Education NORMAN, PAMELA - Business Administration OOEM, KEVIN - Pre-Engineering OWENS, JAMES - Elementary Education PATTON, MICI-IEAL - BueinessfLaw PARKER, CHRISTINE - Business Administration PHILLIPS, BRUCE - Computer, Science POINTER, MARVIN - Agriculture ECIUCSIIOR FOLK, ANNETTE - Fashion Merchandising 11? PORTER, BARBARA - Health and Physical Education PORTER, JIMMY - Art POWELL, MICHAEL - Music POWELL, MICHAEL - Early Childhood Education RANDLE, EDWARD - Pre-Law REESE, BOBBY - Criminai Justice REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH A. - Gerontology RICHARD, LORIA A. - Business Administration RIDGLE, CYNTHIA - Computer Science RIGGINS, VIOLET - Computer Science Freshman Kervin Wynn, spends extra hours in the biology Iab. ROBINSON, ALICIA - Criminal Justice ROBINSON, GWENDOLYN - Business Education ROGERS, ANTHONY - Computer Science RUCKER, VELDA - Pre-Law RYAN, ERIC - Computer Science SABBS, MICHELLE - Accounting SCOTT, JANET - Data Processing SHAW, PATRICIA - Undecided SIMPSON, ALEX L. - History I... mini: Ys9,m,J,,,.C,,,,!Nv mf, ,win ii ,ii , ,V - ., 4 Q I 3 fry Q is ' 1- 2 E , x! 1 nw' ff, -41 me ,,,, , I ,,,tV ,- xt 'tml A-i1,:.I i',gI,iw"3,3yQ,ii-NQW-N fv- I' A-3' Z' h Q . ' 4 ':feSf3mHnFfeShmHnFfeShfr? e4Ef ShmanFfeShmanFfeShn fr 95556555 ' ,ii 551593 1? I , ,,2,2222,fee,efz:?f5f,ffgZ,, , ers? 1' A f,2ff,eef5EEgf,e2W,,,f ,fe ef, ,V , ,f ,J - Q14 ,V V 2 92 a ,Qt X IX in 1 Q?" A ii? ' I l Q 'N ,, i f iam. Y Y X , 'K , I. 4, Zn 'T Lp sys L tw L. x Q:-,w-1 - r A Ar ,, 4- l t i i1':i1y,w Na gl :I X lu frm' . 7. ., i t , Lx, 1 wx Qflbkibi 'X r is i I i Qi H., 5 ii SIMS, GERALD - Computer Science SMITH, ALISA - History SMITH, GWEN - Undecided SMITH, DEIOM - Physics SMITH, LOREAN - Computer Science SMITH, STANLEY - Computer Science SUTTON. FRANK - Physical Education I I y SWANAGAN, REGINA - Business Administration TALBOT, BARBARA - Business Administration I TAYLOR, DEMETRIA - Music TAYLOR, GEORGE - Undecided TERRY, SHIRLEY - Law THOMAS, JENNIFER - Undecided THOMAS, LINDA - Pharmacology THOMAS, MATTHEW - Computer Science TOLBERT, LARRY - Music TURNER, VIVIAN - Undecided VAUGHN, CAROLYN - Political Science VAUGHN, DORA - Business Administration VAUGHN, ORA - Undecided WALKER, ALICE - Medical Technology WALKER, JOYCE - Computer Science WALKER, SHARON - Elementary Education WALLACE, KENZIE - Sociology WARREN, SHARION - Speech and Drama WASHINGTON, MARILYN - Computer Science WATSON, RENA - Computer Science WAYMON, GRETA - Communications WEAVER, MATTIE - Undecided WESLEY, FREDELL - Business Administration WHITAKER, SHARON - Child Psychology WHITESIDE, MARIAN - Fashion Merchandising WILEY, GLORIA - Accounting WILEY, LORENE - Business Administration WILLIAMS, BETTY - Social Work WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE - Computer Science WILLIAMS, DOROTHY - Business Administration WILLIAMS, HELEN - Elementary Education WILLIAMS, JANET - Business Administration i WILLIAMS, MEREDITH - Psychology L L IHLLIAMS, aosnum - M3553 Technology , ' jf WOODS, DOROTHY fiiisiimunications MICHAEL - AgfiC11i2i3EEf5Engineering LQZYKBQDS, TERESA - Busineaiggmmistration 511 i WOQDUS, EDWARD L-' Science L WOOTEN, JANICEL' Qarhmunications ' WILLIAMS, LL ' Nursing L WiLLlAM8,, smmrv -Lcumpmer scianca , WSNKFQELD. JDSELPH L- Busingga L L , J L + fL5FmNfSf'FW'PF'1l Lvg ,. ff 114 uWlN!Mm lANTHGNYL- UU'3W593Wm llQL LL A ' K L WQQQQLJEARELL - csiemmn angmeeffha ff , vAasaesma, some - Pnysmax Edugsiiim L , , if f 1 Yassin, srepnnms - Psyaixefagy W i mmm - Physical - , - LLL V cooked meal away from borne , ' 5 3 , , ,Quia I " wif M QM: 4 ,V M V . .'A""""""h ' Y-H4 ,um-N V.. K 1. ,.nv- , A' f' ' J' : x WMMQM 1 ,gfzwvz ' ' , E 5 5 a , -1 --fr " ' , r shmanFresf1manFres!3gz nFreshm nFreshmanFreshmanF Freshman Class Officers 2 ,g if Class omcers fLeft to rightt: Mr. H. Alcorn - Advisor, Chris McCoy - Treasurer, Kent Broughton - Chaplin, Odell Wright - Business Manager, Alperdis Keyes - President, Tersa Eagle - Secretary, Michael Patton - Vice President, Tammy Dockett - Parliamentarian, Mrs. S. Faucette - Advisor Freshman Fresh'man ffresh ment n. 1-manl 1. A student during the first year of studies in a high school, college, or university. 2. A beginner, novice. Drawn to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in a new search for knowledge and a chance to improve their livelihood. New students like awkward fled- glings on untied wings, can be picked out of a crowd and are sometime the subject of crude jokes. And so neither to promise of tomorrow, most students go on to complete their collegian lives. Chancellor - Lloyd M Ha ckle y lyrjwgz .te- -3 .szL5f":':X , sw' ' , .ii:::, fsfiyf A if ies cha' Mf- i".E'i ' DEQ 10 Assistant n his second year the University Bluff D as of Arlrahs , n Lloyd V H ofa long list inypro as at . aclrley can of accomplish vements. Th will not Oni of e ese y serve to ducation of th U4 PB but the e stud , also the c surroundi creditat' S . men the ts ents here ultural needs of ng communities. Ac- ions were extended and traightened in the departments of education, home economics, music and human development and tional services. in ' University Colle leges w ac GU for The O WHS yea educa- addltio ge an ere adefhi n. d Hon lnitia! c ach' lf? Bl' h the ors Co ed to - stre levement at eas of fund' as succee releas UAP ing, Dr Q ded in, having ed to equdo the complex Deferred funds were releas O'OrI77it0fy rati Thom brou r of IV un ' ore in line is elf tightening at ities. This year saw mplementation of the ' cycle. Also, a de was forme faisi as ght m t scal b ivers' ' i fl PME ment c o aid in lvitieS. ln area Divi the hrst velop d t ng act' Ouncil mayor fund s of administration, DA was 3D,OOli7f6d Dean of and Pubhc Service. ln Chversiifv the outreach of the Y called White UAPB was policies and developed UAPS this year into the championshdos action policy as procedure Academic depart Vice Chancellors . . Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Working under the general direction of the chancellor, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is responsible for the development and administration of the curriculum and the academic programs. The Vice Chancellor supervises the preparation of class and examination schedules, and coordinates the publications of the university catalog and other academic related documents. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs controls and provides for the preparation of the budget in areas of student affairs. He is also responsible for developing, organizing and administering all student service programs. Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs The Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs has responsibilities of total development, evaluation, implementation analysis, fiscal policy and procedures at the university. 124 A f ZX 2 3 S Benson Otovo W, N 5 ff DF. J. B. JOIWHSOD k I Dean, University College DUTIES: 1j To monitor all activities of the University College Program for Freshman and Sophomore students: 2l To ensure that University guidelines and policies are fol- lowed by University College personnel: 3l To keep personnel informed of new develop- ments and assure that these are carried out for the betterment of the students. The sub-units under University College are: Basic and Associate Studies, Academic Skills and Developmental Services, Student Special Services, Upward Bound, and Honors College. NOTEWORTHY PROGRAMS: 13 Academic Skills and Developmental Services: provides services for students in the Math Laboratory, the Writing Laboratory, the Speech Commun- ication Center, and the Reading Laboratory for students who are weak in these areas. 23 Basic and Associate Studies: provides academic advising and counseling for incoming freshmen and also sophomore students, and monitoring of student process in general education and institutional requir- ements. 3l Student Special Services: provides tutorial services for qualifying students in the area of reading, math, study skills, and English. 4l Upward Bound: provides counsel- ing for qualifying high school students in effort to encourage their success in education beyond the high school level. 53 Honors College: currently in the organization process, this program seeks to offer courses and related activities for the academically superior student. 126 Division of Teacher Education .- walrer Littlejohn ,Ib ,. The Division of Teacher Education provides leadership and support in sewing the total educational needs of the prospective teacher, recruit, inter- view, recommend the employment of personnelg recommend personnel for promotions and tenure, devlops divi- sional goals and objectivesg develops divisional budget, and articulate the philosophy of the Division of Teacher Education to the public. 127 The Division of Public Service is responsible for the coordination of the evening, weekend-end, and off-campus programs of special interest. The division also includes the office of Miniority Presence Affairs. The division is committed to provide educational opportunities in conjunction with other departments, at convenient times and locations for those who cannot attend regular daytime classes. XX, fl -xx A ,fn ' Dr. Wayne Divine, Dean of the Division of Extension and Public Service . The Division of Agriculture and Technology is composed of three departments: Agriculture, Home Economics, and industrial Technology. Because of the recognized fact of the human element involved in specialized and technical areas, the students are expected to take English, Sociology, and Psychology in order to communicate - a virtue so vital to the effectiveness of their living as well as their vocational activities. Faculty and Staff 3 X A X . if S M ACREE, JESSE - Military Science E thi ' ALCORN, HERSCHEL - Basic and Associate A A X Studies ' X AMBER, FREDERICK - Faculty O it ANDERSON, PECOLA - Secretary Vocational A f S Education ' Q1 i is . N i .. ': ,i ml ARMSTRONG, DEBORAH - Accountant Controllers Office BARBER, ZIBRA - Photographer - LRC BORKINS, BARBARA - Accounting BROWN, MELVYN - Special Assistant to Chancellor BUCKINGHAM, GERALDINE - Business and Economics was BUFORD, SATCHER - Faculty BURNLEY, HILDA - Staff BURRUS, ODIE - Band Director CAMPBELL, ROBERT - Media Specialist CARTER, ANNIE - English CLARK, ESTELLA - H.D.E.S. CLINGER, ESTELLO - Staff COLEMAN LENNIS Faculty COOPER, GWENDOLYN Reference Librarian ' 5-rival . - A W2 C coopen, TRENTON - secondary Education it y ' DALTON, v. G. - Music Education Faculty and St8fff129 DEDRICK, M.C. - Biology DENNY, SHIRLEY - Secretary - Engineering DUHART, BENJAMIN - Chemistry DUHART, HELEN - Chemistry ELLIOTT, JEAN - Coordinator Special Services FAROOOUE, MOHAMMAD - Math and Physics FOOTE, SUSIE - H.D.E.S. GILMORE, IRMA - Reading Specialist GREEN, oeemx - secretary, Public Safety HERMAN, ooueus - History Hennme, MARY - Dormitory Director HILDRETH, EVELYN - Secretary, Industrial AdV8nC6menf HOLLIE, RAYMOND - Military Science JAGWANI, UTTAM - Chemistry JOHNSON, FREDDIE - Registrar JOHNSON, J. B. - Acting Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs JOHNSON, STELLA - Clerk Typist, Agriculture JOHNSON, TED - Art KEARNEY, CHRISTINE - Registrar Office KELLY, JERRY - Security 1ao1Facuiry and Staff Faculty and Staff Q'- . is wif t 'R if X is vii ui xt 6 . ti S .I 5 Qs ist I is 'vc gli - A 'I . 7 Q, ,,-Rt is' . ,Q 9- .-mv: X fr f Y' , ttrr . ' Si 3 A A A Lk' 1. - 'fi f rr'f 2 A - kk tr.. r E 3 . Q E - Q , X . A Faculty and Staff S if , I g, WC 'Ulf f, r ' M51 1 .- r L -,Q 1 M 'tx as I2 1, X ACH WM X f fx fi 'lil "K... KHULLAR, GURDEEP - Gerontology Coordinator KING, OLLIE - Secretary Student Union KWURLY, FLOYD - Assistant Registrar KYLE, LILLIE - Director Reading Clinic LOFTON, ARTIS - Military Science MADLOCK, CALVIN - Director, Computer Center MARTIN, ETTA - Registrars Office MATTHEW, HENRY - Business and Economics MAYO, PATRICIA - Military Science MCCLINTON, WANDA - Lab Assistant - LRC MEDFORD, RODNEY CPT. - Military Science MOORE, HENRY - Music Education MOSS, COLUMBUS - Agriculture NEWTON, SCOTT - Agriculture NICHOLS, WANDA - Administrative Secretary O'NEAL, ETHEL - SecretaryNice Chancellor Student Affairs OTI'O, JAMES CPT. - Military Science PARKER, MARZELLA - Librarian Assistant PERKINS, WILLIE - Security Director PETTIGREW, EUNICE - Counselor Faculty and Staffliai PHILLIPS, JANICE - Secretary, Technical Assistant PUGH, MARY - Learning Resource Center RICH, DELORES - Secretary, Agriculture SCAIFE, ARNETTE - Secretary of Controllors Office SCO'l"I', ALEXTEEN - Upward Bound Program Coordinator SEARLES, MAUDETE - Director - Health Services SMITH, EDWARD - Director - ARA Food Services SMITH, GLADYS - Secretary - Military Science STARKS, ODESSA - Communications Supervisor STARLAND, GWENDOLYN - Sociology TAI, CHONG-SOO - History and Political Science TAYLOR, FLORA - Clerk-Steno, Financial Aid THOMAS, LLOYD - Industrial Technology THOMPSON, JAMES - Chief Administrative NCO, Military Science WATLEY, GEORGIA - Assistant Librarian WHEELER, JAMES - Military Science WALKER, WILLIAM - Accounting WILLIAMS, BEVERLY - Account I, Administration WILLIS, LEE NORA - SecretaryNice Chancellor Student Affairs WILSON, DANIEL - Military Science 1a2!FacuIty and Staff Personal Attractions A Glance of Black Awareness I m Y , Mr. Burrus, Band Director -9' in .vh- A as-aa . V . 4 f 'L ' K . -16 W- ' A ..,N 'V M, A-L A K K Q T -' ' , A Q , jklgigi. 1-ff 'S .W -wt: ., k in f .W 1.-N: 2- if x X - - :.. .V M- .,,.w.m., ,. ., .' f IS M . ff , , ,J ' ii -vwstykk fi 43. y ,M , ,WA y 4, v,,, M, ,L 'ML A 'W ffw.w,.w,nwvf Qwwwmny, f' Wm WW ,,,,, ,ui K ' A - . ., -, vi: LAI Muslc Muslc Top left: Robert Morrison on trombone and Larry Braggs on piano. Bottom left: Billy Rivers on the piano. Top right: Odell Wright on lead guitar with back up. Bottom right: UAPB marching band on the field. Music Muslc 12.4 .., , The UAPB Jazz Band and soloist Benjamin Pruitt on his Saxophone. Center: The UAPB Vesper Choir awaiting to perform at graduation ceremony. YQ Y Musical Personality When you think of UAPB, your mind is probably filled with pictures of academics, landmarks, football and basketball. Another popular image of this university is music, music has always been a part of UAPB. The marching band performs all around the state and at sports events. Our choir is another popular attraction. There are several musical talent shows each month and some students have even formed their own bands or strike out on their own as a solo act. Among the more well-known and requested acts are The Prince of Harmony, POLO, The UAPB Jazz Band, Derrick McCampbeII, Janice and Linda Easter, and Anglo Erving. The UAPB Marching Band and the Vesper Choir both have fraternities and sororities to uphold and continue the UAPB Musical tradition. nal' ,ff """'5b Brother, Be ,Yourself Black men, don't against me, I'm your ebony sister. You may not have come up to their standards but in my eyes, I'II be proud of you. I know you meant to hurt hen And all is fair in love and war . . . When it comes to you. But understand this, You can be real with me. I'II accept and love you, even though I know your faults. So don't even try it. Just be the brother I know you are, Just be yourself Rita Johnson A Word Of Praise To The Giant To you a praise word we give, Giant for your works are innumerable. Your legs take you about this home your hands aiding poor and anguished. In your heart is the milk of brotherhood. Your multi-color body in unison, works for your good eandijnfurs. Giant, your name in our ears is Ghrist-like. Your doves in bondage wofe they, four hundred days and forty four. Your mighty on their captor you never used. For in God you trust. jgfjlg In agonized tranquility gnashing their teeth lnlfcafiiivity, but with hopes not vanquished. Your hand, able to snatch -and crush the captor with a crash, stayed mute. Poets Personal Remarks . I Know I'm A Woman I don't need a child in my womb or a wedding band to prove that I'm a woman. Nor do I need several men or drinks to verify my womanhood. For everthing on this earth there is a time and a place. I don't need loud perfume, a sixty dollar curl and designers fashions to prove my gender. My femininity speaks for me. What I need is, for me to believe that my actions and how I respond to others will go a long way if positive And if I can be independent in all I say and do, as well as my thinking, then I am lead to know, that I know, That I'm A Woman. Preciotts Roses You can look, but don 't touch Sensitive to the stare But admired through observation Heavily loved yet fragile. Thats right precious roses. Nothing but precious roses! Bursting with sensitivity So handle with care, Precious roses. Rita Y Johnson Rita Y. Johnson Iionel the lion you know as well as i do that a fluffy little stuff teddybear can T . :Lg hold the and or say the that malta spin into and 7, cause my drift away like you dressed in my oversized pajamas and robe can. For in God you trust. .g.: M ' Harry WIIIIHMS Japhet N. Mama With A Personal Touch 140 Friends If you are a friend of mine A friend who is in need I'II be there to comfort you A friend for you indeed You can put your trust in me And we will never part Because the first time I saw you You stole my heart And when I am lonely And feeling very low And I want to find happiness To you I will go We will stay together Through all eternity And deep down in my heart I know that we will be, always Friends Ebony. I have survived through the ages and risen like the Phoenix. I was exploited, abducted and taken from my motherland. I have endured and overcomed the impossible when all was thought to be lost. I am determination personified. When everything fell apart, I stood, alone, and put it back together - piece by piece. I am Gibralter's rock, soft and wet. I have been your doorstep. Your whipping pillow, your bestfriend. I have been closer to you than your dog. I have been steadfast. I have loved you and I love you still. I am beautiful, often mistreated, cheated on, and misunderstood. yet, I have been, and am your most ardent lover. When those of my counterparts, those who were fairer and, of course, blue-eyed and more delicated, came along, I stayed and waited. Faithfully, I have bore children, aborted children because there was nothing stronger than my love. Nothing stronger than my love. I have cried the tears you refused to. I was and I am she that bore you, fed you, and made love to you: the Black woman. I am Egypt. The answers to the ancient mysteries of time stand and flow through my veins. Men from every nation of the world have fought over my heady, delightfully, intoxicating wine-killing plundering for a taste of brown sugar. I am the Black woman. Proud and strong! I am Mahogany, rich, dark and expensive. Men want me for what I AM. Brenda simmons Candace Williams Freedom Is . . . Saying what you feel is right or wrong Humming in the rain your favorite song Playing in the mud when mud is there Sharing love with people everywhere Sitting in the sun till the sun goes down Hugging all your friends as you walk downtown Giving what you have to a child in need Stepping in when friends need friends to lead Striving for your best while you run Iife's race Trying to make your neighborhood one safe place. Gerald Sims 141 S MORRIS GC ond ,af Q A Yr 1'A' 'X ff F GU -J Popularity First row Ueft to rightyz Charles Griffith. Glenda Taylor. Second row: Amos King, Jeanette Davis, Jeffrey McMurray. In 1. ,, ?':fl"?' x . fm it . ff ff , f 4 ...f ,, 5 ff' f Pig 3' ??'x at x W ? 3 xi A i 'ix i M 4 Q C mmufvfy my I! -.LII L kxNv """'--.-.. Clcgvnhitifah Gantedi X X 1 X 599 TEES? X5fhf534:3447X I uw ,X.f, EX'2 if ff g V R E Jiffy ws iiiffg 280 N. University Dr., 535-8038 A ' f GHBJSQGSS X ,X H i Bm? Ni DL, 534rG2B4 j1lu GAS ' GRO. Diesel. gh CIOCIIIIS M., XM,-W .QWW-XM X ...... .. - K k fi ,.XX.,LL X kk--gf 2-1 - Q f , ,Si i X V , ? XXX 5 , , XXX X X X E X Barraqua Street Church ff- X' if N Y woo w. Puiien, 536-9582 Library' 1 GQimiy1,MarkatX E m. 8fhX 53912145 ' ' 'fl '5afHXiSHWf 1 Xw XwXX'X XX X X X X X A V . mg 3, 1 lg X 5 " Y 1 if , . ' " XNXX N A ' . . A ffm-f'f'1!'F,f"" .,,, .-3 i ,, 1 -X . ,,,A if , H' mf ' -- W.. Q ,, N '-" A 50195 f he A , ' 4-I M09 ,, .., . QA Q f ' ffm X'XXX X 1 M 94 X X ,X,, if X ,K . ,M X -,,, milf ,, -, A M 252 M Www ffXfm,mg,w-'W -, ,X M 1f-Qfw Pie' f' f . , if A -M fzmimm ,N ,A - JW, 4l??'2,",4-.X , - ' Www f WX ,X-' -, , uw-ff ' - ' Q, 'L , 4w,.X,'X: ,g'.,.' , X f Xmffu M , M, H pf, 1-. gwaigfg ,,' w ',4kW,M ,, In A ii , W XXX,, 4 X , X W.-LM' ya,an4n'.z0f'h'Uh5m,',',Q.ff'?tfm',.-L41 'L' ,Z -. - - .V V ML A P9l'SOl73f ff7f9l'9Sl' P. J.'S DISCO Highway 79 North Chicken Country 1020 N. University Dr., 536-7800 X i Simmons First National Bank 7 1704 N. University nr., 541-1377 lb S 5:1 6 ' RQ fem 'Mk ei Ye ' Jefferson Square Mall e : 1 7 28th and Olive Street 'ik 1 1? i Ron Lusby Service Station na N. unwersny or.. 534-0171 5 7 ,7 W The community sur- rounding a university wouid quite natursiiy piay a vita! TOY? in the iives of coiiege students and the Pine Bluff community is no exception. The second oldest settiement in Arkansas, Pine Biuff has now grown to be the largest city and is the home ofthe iargest tradi- tionaiiy black university in Arkansas. cs Q , ql un: nv 91 in P , 3 5' if i e s -'.- ss i L ' h i :Q Vai 1i '.2:: M g 3 ii f R' ..., .. .. .. ,,., . ,, WMM-'W"""" F in ' :sla:l22pg,,,,,1rfif? ir A A Q Q i ii jfifne iyioio iiyi o iiiyisi y CHESQ 'ff i tionaiffesiiitiesyj and every Wfaaiifrfifidusiifsiflii Qi? ii'?'-Wi iixy riwiiiiiliiliammsii 9f?d3ifi5Siii'iW3'iif ?1?9??9Y0ifQf oi l ii i iiiigimffiiifilffi rneifiiiiistsrissi yyii homer Miisiisii is me ilifhsiiirfinesili 1 Qiissgiiiiiselmg f5iPi-W i lesser ,g Personal Committee 'WE ii js stink' iid? i? ?'2x ig eo? g e - '11 u"l E A 2 an L i ' Q w.r..f m wipe f ns W Another Black and Gold Victory. Sports!147 Tennis Team Racks Up Experience 11 1983 UAPB Golden Lion Tennis Team Standing, lleft to rightjz Gerald Sims, David Morehead, Jarvis Morehead and Donald Baker Not Pictured Team members Guy Westbrook and Kelvin Jordan, Coach Brawnski Towns and Assistant Coach Melvin Allen Rebuilding is one stage of creating a strong athletic program which often is discouraging but necessary in building char- acter and developing experience and depth. The UAPB Golden Lion tennis team under the leadership of Coach Brawnski Towns showed much promise despite posting a season record of O-13-2. Team member, Guy Westbrook, had an exceptional personal record in singles matches. iv ' :fs T 8 1983 UAPB Golden Lion Track team, First row: tleft to rightj: Melvin Bradley, Everette Montgomery, and Nolton Jolivette. Second Row: Earl Thurmond, Booker May, Anthony Clark, Leroy Willis, Peire Cline, and Micheal Patton. NOT PICTURED: Harold Brooks and Coach U. S. Grant. The 1983 UAPB Golden Lion track team under the leadership of Coach U. S. Grant was a team small in number but big in guts and determination. Several team members excelled in their respective events and earned state- wide ranking. The indoor track at the new HPER complex should be a great asset to the track team in the future. UAPB Track Excels in Relays U A P B E 1983 UAPB TRACK TEAM SPECIALITIES: FIRST ROW: SPRINTERS Qleft to righti: Melvin Bradley, Everett Montgomery, and Nolton Jolivette, Second Row: RELAY TEAMS AND DISTANCE RUNNERS: Earl THURMOND, Booker Mays, Anthony Clark, Leroy Willis, Peire Cline, and Micheal Patton. The 400 meter relay team consisting of Harold Brooks, Earl Thurmond, Booker Mays, and Melvin Bradley were a team to be respected in the 1983 season. The relay team had a winning season with a single loss to their record. Earl Thurmond received 3rd place ranking statewide in the 200 meter run. Booker Mays also received 3rd place ranking in the 400 meter run. 149 Golden Lions Men's Basketball Shines 1982-83 UAPB Men's Basketball Team: Front row fleft to rightl: Vincent Moore, Doniel Fitzgerald, James Davis, Willie Swaggart and Glen Gason. Standing: George Taylor, Manager, Anthony Knight, Dexter Goode, Eric Rouse, Dean Johnson, Otis Jackson, and Farrell Woodhouse, Manager. Not pictured: Steve Smith, Coach. The 1982-83 Golden Lions Men's Basketball team under the leadership of Steve Smith coach for six seasons had an impressive year in posting a 20-7 record. The season began with a disappointing loss to the University of Central Arkansas, but the Lions quickly evened their record the next game with a big win over Hendrix College. The Lions leading field goal shooter and rebounder, James Davis, took a leadership role in guiding the team to a great season and an appearance in the finals of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics District 17 tournament. Despite an excellent team effort by James Davis, Otis Jackson and Willie Swaggart, the Golden Lions fell to the Southern Arkansas Muleriders by the score of 48-47. Honors were given to senior James Davis in being selected to the NAIA District 17 squad. Honorable mention honors went to juniors Otis Jackson and Willie Swaggart. All District 17 Tournament honors were also given to Odis Jackson. The 1982-83 Golden Lions proved to be a team of great prowess and versatility and definitely a power to be respected in the future. it - . - ' A5 '1f '1?,:'5EE -:7k'fsf525ff1iEEZ.1.i5-"15r'f Vi .57 Si lf' 5:1 5' .E--4221,55l'55'flf5A" . S . - Results -' :SSQSI 5: :isffixiffs .s1f.sQ'l K : T -0 . " 4 . f - tr t-221 at 1545541 ilifffftigii .. ,. ---- ' . s a E ' ... as .,,, l.l. . s a... ...stamoyne-Owen.. A 8 it 009099 Q 6.9 , Ehilander Smith A -.Valley 78 iiluachita Baptist 57 74 Hendrix College 62 48 Southern Arkansas 47 Record 20-7 W sg, ,, g g gg ,ily --ss ers. ...... . ..., L ,C gg gg Left: Lion player Willie Swaggart makes excellent layout over extended hand of Hendrix player. Right: Referee keeps control of action under the basket. Top. James Davis gets off sure fire field goal against Hendrix Defender. rw f iiiifl!-' '5- ,,,fV:2 im XJ p 1. Q 53 ,. .mi W-Q .- S N-Q 3 5 ' .iss L - 5 Q- vin .. U . ,..-- Mmsi 'X s gy I . i N lg E QQ Ag, - .:. 1 5, i ' i 5 I flif wif ,:.. , E 7 If iiifi: fr- i f A fi an 5 - i . S N i A A 2 wa v ,, W ' ' - i nn- K I jfs.. .21 .... --.....,.,,.,,,,, fm L LW- --1' Mfr - ' i ' ff- a , iii. .. . .. 3' M ' f i iiii f i ' wwf . W :k,, .ff h - X - . -Q ,.QVQ : W 1. , 1, Q SQ UP'- Lions Finish Season With 20-7 Record .. , 41 . 'N'-. Yii 'fi Y Y i iiii L N-.zf -...,,.,,-1' 152 i Lions Lose ln Finals To SAU X 4x Opposite page: Top left: Lions work to get ball in against a tough UAM defense. Opposite page: Middle left: Coach Smith directs court offense for the Golden Lions. Opposite page: Bottom left: Tensions mount as Golden Lion players prepares to make an important free throw. Middle page: UAPB team captain: James Davis shows excellent defensive form against Gram- bling player. Bottom left: Golden Lions player fight for an offensive rebound. Immediate right: UAPB player Daniel Fitzgerald shows good form in attempting free throws against Grambling. I ,.,-farm' - 'rr 'WW IWVW, f-,V . I A34 5 'Q' ,, , W 1 V. . V. ,EQ ff U " llstsl f . gg:- 153 1982-83 Women's Basketball Front row ileft to rightl: Jackie Winston, Robin William, Sheila Miller, Gwen Murry, Rosalyn Harrington, Sherly Finley. Back row: Cherly James, Sharon Giles, Lisa Hildreth, Joyce William. wg gvyw, Women Basketball in Transition Year The 1982-83 Golden Lionettes Women's Basketball team under the leadership of Coach Alma Murphy had an up and down season in accumulating a 9 win 17 loss record. This season proved to be a continuation of the problems which have plagued the women's basketball program. The Lionettes did play the role of spoiler in defeating many previously undefeated teams. All conference honors in District 17 NAIA were earned by freshman Sharon Giles and honorable mention was given to senior Brenda Abney and freshman Robin Williams. l 154 .,., ,. -. -. . sag 8S'8S35EZiE'n8HZfI.'33l52 aaaaaa A . ..... sn, ..:tts..- - as i,,. ilr ii,,', ima tsliiit Central .tlrleet 111 'ri' Arkansaslitch ' 69, kzzi Q Hendersoriiii'-Stain gisiiix UA-Monticello 35. 1 Ouachita Baptist . LeMoyne-Owen College ti. , V Arkansas College i Southern Arkansas 770 A I A Bishop College 75 - Dillard University 81 Mississippi Valley 92 Mississippi Valley 73 Bishop College 67 UA-Little Rock 72 --V, LeMoyne-Owen College 72 Central Arkansas 74 Arkansas Tech 68 1 Henderson State 74 UA-Monticello 79 Ouachita Baptist 88 DOT Arkansas College 65 Sou!ha9'gfQArkansas Massisiiwir com. college Central Arkansas 84 '13 ,, B7 Tournament Umm 1. 5 f - 1 ff -- ' 7 1 L i-.ul i' . not-Q. 1081 5 I sw. yswg UPG he RAE, Arm , Strong Safety isa. x is Lions claw to 5-5-1 -ny, Season ," 'S' fr . K- A, Q. Q, UAPB runs in TD against Arkansas Tech um-nn 15.13 W 'Q 1.44. L V V to LiOf'l Defense blitzes HSU Reddies s F -'M-in-qv' 'N :M if ' ls Q ' A' A nf H K R S ls YQ" N s s s xi y i ff R' if XV "' l,i0d-Ss,!ineXupAaga'inst thesSAU sM'uIegid6fSQ4,gQ Y 1 s,1.s.s A if " s so Q I ' I f ff 3' 1983 Football Results UAPB OPPONENT 23 Arkansas Tech M y 31 15 University of Arkansas 20 Monticello 1 13 Mississippi Valley State 24 20 Henderson State University 17 15 Southern Arkansas University 17 18 Lane College 18 321 Kentucky State University 10 ,365 y Langston University 18 ,V EEI le Views H , ' , 6 itll 15155109 College 1 1 14 U Alabama AM8iN yyii 32 x . 32:54, Q Q 4 ., W. . N ' . ,, j,,,,. . JXQKQVJQ, G A 7' fi if it .ll .. Q mm Mykvi Wg, --fn i ' T . fi ,x.,g-f:j.g,,raw Y A at i , A Q 1 . A A A fem ik! ,,. i ,- rviwssfefs ., X. ., wt. .. ' .ew 7+ H .. be . A , ,.. smug 22-,gem V ,1 . .tsfttsal we A Frankey Bailey, attempts power sweep for big yardage S. Q 5. ':. .tax S Z 'gs ' A n ga,-Q5 b - g 1 , A vs 5 5 , , i K s . .t A nr 1 e i p 1 , H 1 .ltl , .,,. , 1 Bailey gets short yardage against Prairie View. Jordan draws back to deliver bomb against SAU asv ffl.-3 -- ss wi if Top right: Coaches and players watch action with a lot of anticipation Bottom left: Arkansas Tech defensive line yields touchdown to Golden Lion defense. Bottom right: Offensive unit executes pitchout for big power sweep. il 158 ,i H Ms., ' 1 ei 2 X, HK'xA.,M. . U V ' , ., 4-oh A' Q i A je, 'VL ' f 4i'7"l'. , 'l ' , : iff Mt' 3 N' L y ' "' s ZW 1 -- , is ' ff' Xian' ...T G 4 .. .ij Opposite page action: Top, Prairie View AM 81 N and UAPB Linesmen get physical at the front as fans watch. Second from top: Lion defense swarm Panther quarterback. Third from the top: Lion and SAU team captains shake hands before game begins. Bottom: UAPB quarterback, Feryl Jordan scrambles around HSU defense for big gain. 1982 - UAPB Football at a Glance The 1982 UAPB football team under the direction of Head Coach Ben McGee in his third year with the squad fought out a hard earned 5-5-1 season. The season opened against Arkansas Tech University played in War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock proved to be a setback for the Golden Lions as the team fell by the score of 31-23. The UA-Monicello Bull Weevils proved to be a bit too pesty as the Lions fell again by the score of 20-15. A third straight game was dropped to Mississippi Valley, as the Delta Devils jinxed the Lions by the score of 24-13. The Golden Lions got their first victory of the season with a 20-17 victory over the Henderson State Fieddies in Pumphrey Stadium. Next came an encounter with Southern Arkansas. Despite an outstanding defensive effort, the Lions fell to the Muleriders 17-15. The next team to be faced was Lane College there in Jackson, Tn. After falling behind 18-3 midway in the third quarter, the Lions rallied to tie the Dragons 18-18. The Lions put their second victory of the season in the bag by stopping Kentucky State University 32-10. The UAPB Golden Lions put the icing on the cake in the 1982 Homecoming Celebration by convinc- ingly defeating the Langston University Lions 36-18. The Lions journeyed to Prairie View A 8. M University to do battle with the Panthers. The Lions were successful with outstanding performances by Dennis Brunson, tailback and Feryl Jordan, quarterback. The Lions won hands down 31-6. The Lions kept their winning streak alive by caging the Bishop College Tigers 16-14 at Pumphrey Stadium. The Golden Lions': winning streak ended abruptly as the team was defeated 32-0 by the rival Alabama A 8t M University Bulldogs. This ended the 1982 football season for the Golden Lions as they finished with a respectable 5-5-1 record. 159 N , UAPB fans show enthusiasm that they're famous for Golden Lion offensive line gears up against the Reddies. ' W , ' - - ' -'rwml' . 5 M I W, ' A ,. A V K - , , f , , 1 , ,, ,, . M, H, , ,f qv' f , ., 1 A A ff M H V, , Quarterback, Jordan scrambles to get a pass off against Mississippi Valley State. 160 Lion Cage Langston for 36-18, Homecoming Victory i ix N 1 Strong fety, Houston, T X, 'QM Florida Lions shane in 31 6 victory over the Panthers. ff .f Lionettes Display Character, Skill and Sportsmanship The 1982-83 Golden Lionettes Volleyball team under the direction of Coach Alma Murphy showed quali- ties of skill, character, and determina- tion despite accumulating a 4 win 12 loss record. The team composed mostly of walk-ons and basketball players displayed a good traditional defense. The need for an offensive combination of spikers and setters soon took its toll. The Lionettes lost many close games because of lack of offensive punch. A tt. t 7 .. A4 1 The team roster for the 1982-83 year was Carol Bealer, Patricia Powell, Glenda Taylor, Pamela Wiley, Rosalyn Harrington, Antionette Grant, Sharon Giles, Sheryl Finley, and Lynnetta Cheeks. Team spiking honors went to Wiley and Taylor. Giles, Wiley and Taylor got team blocking honors. Taylor also earned honors in the Arkansas Women's Intercol- legiate Sports Association. Organized Personalities fs: M l Freshman Class Officers greet, meet and eat. Organizationsfrsa The Church of God in Christ, or COGIC, was established in 1965 to create a spiritual atmosphere on campus and to be a religious service to students. The club sponsors gospel concerts, distributes gifts to needy families and visit nursing homes. This year's activities in- cludes: presenting a Christmas con- cert, and a Thanksgiving basket. Front Row ileft to rightlz Judy Belt, Ratina Jackson, Pat Lamb, Barbara Jackson, Bobbie Carr, Marva Wa- shington, Jackie Carr, Mahavis Gardner, Vernice Dotson, Dora Vaughn, Marilyn Williams, Larry Willis. Second Row: Sallie Rushing, Janet Scott, Margaret Armstrong, Kaye Philips, Ora Vaughn, Micheal Patton, Athony Roberts, Glenn Ivory. Church of God ln Christ ,di The Fellowship of Christian Students, a non-denominational Christian Fellowship, was officially recognized by the university on September 10, 1982. The goal of the QFCSJ, is to know Jesus Christ and to make him known. Front Row tleft to rightl: Monica Wooley, Khenneth Dantzler, Gilbert Eruchalu, DeCarol Rice. Fello wship of Christian Students Sigma Tau Delta National English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta National English Honor Society stresses high scholar- ship in English and invites those English majors and minors who have a 3.00 average or above to join Zeta Nu, the local chapter. Such in- dividuals must be interested in promoting the mastery of written expression, encouraging worthwhile reading, and fostering a spirit of fellowship among men and women specializing in English. Incorporating the leadership and motivation of the graduate members with the enthusiasm of the under- graduate students, Sigma Tau Delta engages in a number of activities during the year, some of which are a pledge period and banquet, a fund raising activity, and a spring recep- tion. The Home Economics Club Sponsors Activities The Home Economics Club stays busy sponsoring fund raising products such as rummage sales, raffle tickets and placemat sells. The Social Work Club is an organization whose goal is to prepare students who are majoring in social work to become advocates for positive social change. lt works to keep social work majors together. Front Row lleft to rightl Advisor, Mr. Seawoodg Wilma Lott, Elizabeth King, Tonya Daniels, Angela Lewis, Gary Hesrter. Second Row: Maurice Perry, Ardren Jones, Bobby Johnson. Social Work Club The SCEC has its principal purpose the advancement of the education of exceptional children the youth both gifted and handicapped. The SCEC invites professional speakers to speak at meetings which present information which aids in the improvement of education for all children and youth. Student Council for Exceptional Children. Chemistry Club .wrt MMV - The purpose of the club is to promote a better understanding of the natural sciences. Activities for the 1982-83: Tutorial services, seminars, Field trips that expose students to professionals both industry and government. Pictured front row tleft to rightl: Sylvia Sanders, Sandra Riley, Charles Johnson. Second row: Dr. Syed, M. Aijaz, Janice Love, Linda J. Thomas, Anitha Ft. Reddy, Jerome Parks, Sandra Manuel, Dr. Benjamin Duhart. 9 f -ati, .t ' -. K 'ii gfiff -'-- - N rrffsf sitf ii .sssv t .-- ik - .P A e il! t.. f r i National Student Business League NSBL Chapters have been in- volved in such activities as complet- ing feasibility studies for local businesses, operating student busin- esses, working on internships with major corporations, going on field trips to businesses. NSBL affiliation is by Chapter-either an existing or a newly formed organization of under- graduate business students. The UAPB Chapter was initially formed during the Spring semester of 1982. The UAPB Chapter received its initial charter at the 82nd Annual NBL Conference!9th Annual NSBL Conference in Dallas, Texas in September of 1983 Phi Beta Lambda was organized in 1975 and officially chartered in 1975. The club consists of young men and women who are majoring in the field of business. Their activities for the 1983 school year was a splash party and they also sponsored a VITA program. Front Row: lleft to rightl: Jarvis B. Morehead, President, Annie Fonzie, Lawrence Collins, Beatrice Williams. Second Bow: Michelle Thorns, Judy Burt, Carl Frazier, Jeffery McMurray, JoAnn Alderson, Reporter. Phi Beta Lambda .Ji ll 11,55 Alpha Chi National Honor Socie- ty founded in 1915 strives to encourage and promote academic excellence for college and university students in all fields of study. The Arkansas Mu chapter was found here at UAPB in 1979, and has sponsored many students to go to both National and regional meetings and present papers in their academic specialities. Officers for 1982-83 are Cedric Beavers, President, Dewayne Branch, Vice president, Rosie Hen- derson, Secretaryg Lillie O'Neal, Treasurer, and Dr. William MacArth- ur, Sponsor. A cummulative grade point of 3.0 is required to be considered for induction to Alpha Chi. Alpha chi Beta Kappa Chi Beta Kappa Chi National Honor Society sponsors scientific seminars where presentations are given on topics in mathematics, physics, chemistry and other fields. The organ- ization is for upperclassmen who have demonstrated academic excellence and posess a 3.0 cummulative grade point. The society sponsors regional and national meetings where presentations are given. Pictured are Cedric Beavers, Vice president, Jerry Jackson, Pre- sident and Dr. William MacArthur, Advisor. Alpha Kappa Mu The Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society promotes leadership, scholarship and high standards in all phases of living. The society consists of juniors and seniors with high academic standing. The society also sponsors a tutorial service. Front Row: lleft to rightl: Violet Early, Advisorg Ollie King, Secretary, Jerry Jackson, Treasurerg Stanley Feather- stone, President, Karim Carter, Business Manager. The Chancellor, the Mayor of the city of Pine Bluff, and the State of Arkansas House of Representatives proclaimed the second week in November as Cooperative Education Week at UAPB. Cooperative Education is educa- tional plan which integrates classroom experience and practical work exper- ience in industrial business, govern- ment, or service-type work situations. Activities include: A Homecoming raffle, visiting high schools during co-op week, and a talk show on KOTN and KYDE. Front row Joe L. Barnes, Brian Edwards, Clyde Lee Second row: Berry Taborn, Dezerene Tatum, Rodney Jones Officers: Dezerene Tatum, President, Jerry Jackson, Vice Pre- sidentg Kim Seward, Secretary, Cedric Beavers, Business Manager, Trea- surer, Rodney Jones, Public Relations, Willie Clark, Parliamentarian. The Gerontology Club was founded on UAPB campus in the Spring of 1980. It is oriented towards serving the elderly in an agency or in an institutional setting. Activities include, bake sales, tours for the elderly, and furnished refreshments for the St. John Apartment Valentine Party. Front row fleft to rightl Regina Sanders, Rosie Harris, Bernetha Jones, James Bohannon, Deborah Caldwell Second row Bobby John- son, Margerette Lewis, Yvette Coleman, Carole Newton, Catherine Wynne, Beverly Reynolds Third row Rosemary Saunders, Arden Jones, Patricia Dixon, Gurdeep S. Khullar The Computer Science Club was organized in the year 1980-81, under the advisors of Dr. P. M. McCray and Anozie Nebolisa. All majors and minors in computer science are asked to be a part of CSC. Front row tleft to rightj Margie Murphy - seated, Michelle Thorn - Secretary, Karin K. Carter - Pre- sidentg Angela Grice, Sandra John- son Second row John F. Cowan, Jerry Jackson, Wesley Morehead, Kenny Miller, Cynthia King - Asst. Secretaryg Anthony Roberts. ln October, 1982 the Industrial Arts Club of UAPB became affiliated with the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America and became a charter member of the collegiate level of the national organization. Activities include: Attended state in April, which was held in Little Rock, also the national VICA contest held in Louisville, Kentucky in June, 1982. The club is signified by the Greek letter of Omega. Front row fleft to rightl Gary J. Hainley, Sponsorg Melvin l.. Trotter, Aubrey Jones, Jr., Vice President, Don Robinson, Jewell Powell, Jr.. President The Accounting Club was organ- ized in May of 1981. The advisors are: Mr. M. Henry, Mr. Wu., Ms. A. Hill, Ms. P. Tate, Mr. Denny. Activities for 1982-83 are: Tutor- ial services, filing of income tax returns, academic lectures, research presentations, seminars in account- ing. Officers are: Gilbert M. Eruchalu fPresidentJg Jarvis Moorhead Nice Presidentlg Wayne Neal iTreasurerlg Donna Dykes lSecretarylg Dezerene Tatum lAssistant Secretaryl. The Accounting Club The L.A. Davis Dancers were organized under the direction of Mrs. Bonnie Dedrick. The purpose of the organization is to develop coordina- tion and inspire young men and women. The group performs in various events on campus. Activities for 1982-83 are: Night of Soul with A Touch of Grace. Officers: Belinda Sullivan iPresidentlg Veronica Lever Nice-Presidentlg Zina Lever iSecretaryJ. L.A. Davis Dancers sms UA PB 4 Cheerleaders -Q vm, .xii LL,g 5 W 94 0 Z w D 'Y fif i D ta., T ""fQ.vlrlls wi. ,L RL, ,f Q, M .., it ,Q gt til' ,,- - y F Q X s ' Q12 x QFZQXT Q at it . s is if-'Q 'QQ -n k . 'Y i X llf 6 f xiii . V Maxx Q' yi I f tit rr T f-F - in t f f j SL Q X ' t T Q J-i 73-s sk , , S3355 X .,.ii't'h 'V 'ft " ,. u if 1 , The Golden Lion Cheerleaders are a group of spirited young ladies who promote school spirit at football and basketball games, bon-fires, pep assemblies and other campus func- tions. Mrs. Faye Smith is the sponsor. This year's activities in- clude: The attendance of the UAPB cheerleaders at camp in Knoxville, Tennessee. Bottom Row qleft to rightyz Dyann Jordan, Jeanette Sanders tcaptainl, Carol Block, Jeanette Davis tCo-captainy. Top Row: Caroline Jackson, Audra Sneed tCo-captainy, Dana Blake. Wh-' UA PB Stepperettes The UAPB Stepperettes originat- ed in the spring of 1977 under the guidance of Mrs. Bonnie Dedrick. Their purpose is to promote school spirit. They travel with the Golden Lion Marching Band and perform during football and basketball games as well as many other campus functions. Front Row fleft to rightyz LaRita Edwards tPresidentJ, Phylis Pruitt fSecretaryJ, Terry Johnson, Jamie Lee, Debbie Jarrett, Beverly Martin, Rose Brown, Sheryl Sims. Second Row: Cynthia Stauton, Jen- nifer Strong, Linda Noble, Charice Caver, Breshenda Smith, Carolyn Smith, Brenda Carte tcaptainl. Third Row: Jackie Sanders, Doris Mclntosh tCo-captainl, Dena Fischer, Carmen Barner, Melanie Swift, Connie Tor- rence, Madie Brance The Advanced Course Club was founded on the UAPB Campus in September of 1979. lt was established to provide social and community programs for members of the UAPB-ROTC Ad- vanced Course cadets. Front row lleft to rightj: Terry Adams, James Deloney, Karen Danzie, Calvin Pittman, Stephanie Harris, Latanya Sample, Twylla Willis, Michelle Jacob, Gwedoly Priggett, Renita Thompson, Pamela Alexander, Charles Blakely, Calvin Martin, Derwin Clark. Second row: Derrick Jackson, Clausey Myton, Tyrone Peavy, John Parker, Samanthia Ross, Leonard Smith, Rochelle Lee, Sidney Heard, Glynn Faullker, Arthur Shaw, Kenneth Kemp, Paul Fuller, Donald Nelson, Ronald Jones, Michael Hampton. Third row: Lennetta White, Stoney Ross, Jeffery Johnson, Clyde Kendle, Dexter Henson, James Yarbrough, Felton Turnage. ROTC Advanced Course The largest commissioning in the Detachment's history. Front row lleft to rightl: Robert Wilburn, Glenn lvory, Tiki Dixon, Clinton Hawkins, Carmen Barner, Joe Todd, Charles Grifith, Martha Davis, Sharon Alexander, Clarence Moore, Odis Brown, Luke Hill. Second row: Carl Nelson, Linda Washington, Erma Moss, Marcine Jones, Henderson Baker, Travis Gardner, Barriel Coleman, Stephen Woods, Malcolm Howard, Joseph Merlo, Carl Young. Third row: Roy Moore, Lois Blackmon, Gloria Catha, Janice Ford, Danny Burl, Michael Jasper, Larry Moore. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenants FEVSHUEIFWMHS .st J sw Q gl , - get strap- 'fa' . -. , .. Q AH K Company P-7 of the National Society of Pershing Rifles was founded on the campus of UAPB on October 31, 1979. The members serve to encour- age, preserve and develop the highest ideas of the Military profession as exemplified by the life of the General of the Armies John J. Pershing. The Pershing Rifles strive to provide appropriate recognition of the high degrees of professionalism. The P!R's train extensively in Drill and Ceremony, Tactics and Orienteering. Front row fleft to rightl kneeling: Penny Williams, Barriel Coleman. Second row: Charles Griffith, Lois Blackmon, Janice Ford, Linda Washington, Renita Thompson, Sandra Withers. Third row: Terry Adams, Rebecca Hobbs, Ruby McCoy, Ronald Bacon. Fourth row: Glen Ivory, Stanley Featherstone, Robert Wilburn, Brian McCoy and Kenneth Kemp. !---a 3wu lllllitbiill-Sl-IIUIII' liiii iixsyiilil 1111 ,. 1 slr m R SW lliH - N Ms ..""f - iilluunm nm t W wwwmili liiiu 1-U' iiulmun 11:1 liillmr 'Ci 1111 ?1 liiin 213 11313 ii H1111 lil iili ii limit FUI!" 1111 'ii' liiui llli! iid! 'ill B111 N313 Lili Hlllwllllll Sii? N513 111 Senanvs The student senate is the legisla- tive branch of the student government association as a "watchdog" on all student government expenditures. The senate approves the SGA budget and appropriates the SGA funds that are generated from fees. lt is constantly working to improve the university conditions for all students through careful management. Front row ileft to rightl: Lamar Claypool, Felecia Phini- see. Second row: Robert Knott, Carolyn Vaughn, Jerry Watson. The Biology Club sponsors activities of interest in the life sciences and other allied sciences. Professional seminars are given in the fields of Medicine, Denistry, Medical Technology, and Physical Therapy. lt also sponsors trips for Biology students to expose them to the latest tools and techniques in the Biology field. Pictured are: Front row fleft to rightl, Charolette Jackson, Conner Grady, Sandra Blake, second row: Rose Scott, Kenny Hannah, Harvey Des- quare, and Vanessa Davis. Biology Club The organization was chartered in 1981 with the following objectives, 115 to promote school loyalty Q25 to develop school spirit and Q37 to encourage students to develop the alumni habit while yet in school. Activities for 1982-83 are: Freshmen Homecoming Assembly. Visited and donated candy to children in Jeffer- son Regional Medical Center, visited and donated fruit baskets to the Pine Bluff Nursing Home, Easter Egg Hunt for community children, Front row fleft to rightj: Sherry Fulghem, Jacqueline Murray, Frederick Golds- mith, Charles Dement. Second Row: Donna Morris, Eloise Tippy, Norene Morris. Pre-Alumni Council Personalized Organize tions The Oues have arrived. Brita bamna Shu: "Greeks Coming Off" L XM' Q It uf w. " W if ji rg " H T ' O s -IN 4 . , x seg 1' EEYSRFMQ- 5 E 0 M M A 49' R' A I A lx N O A .J , , 'ls , ij I Www m ,H 5? h f FH " J iw' um J F X xf! if X ,rss EF .V M 5 ,-' S f ,fel Q Wm i 1 J V4 BS W Fraternity 8 Sigm ta Be hi Chapter of P T3 e Beta The Th Cl IE 0-4- '13 L :O 2- ES .C b-.9 C CE aa. X? MSE cn an CU OC ee ia: :UCD -S. G15 NC ,cu CL. -Cm .Qui LC O 92 'O-' 'IEE as 2- Ig un EC QS LL.'3 L' .C -o-0 2.- E E CU .C Q. CU DZ C CD DZ E CD O E cs -X 'U L O -4- 3 C5 L O E C .C O Q GJ Q-l CU I- E o Fu L L KU I E as C: O? C CU .C -0-I CU Z Q .Q U1 U7 CJ L CD '6 C O E 'C GJ DZ X .9 'L L CU CD C O Q o E 2 cu L CJ .C -o-0 3 .I ZCIDB - Of 1952 in chapter eStabliShed its lOCaI Zeta Phi Beta DGCSITIDSF. fa a Hargrave, Barba Anderson, Hennett JoAnn ght: ftto Ri Le James, Sharon Alexander, Rosetta Pointer, Sandra Lockett, Porter. HS, ElOiS6 hom ah Blakely, Doris T bor EE' as E W CD 5: CIDA i X l 5 V My 3 N 182 ACIDA University. Cornell t 3 1906 ded in UTI Alpha Phi Alpha was fo fraternity. first black Alpha Phi Alpha was the urray, Clifford CM M Ol' Ott, ViCf Kn Robert rigmy o 4-I a: 2 L' O1 .E E cn Eubanks. Standing Ronald hnson, Brian JO Th Kenne Danzy, Bi ly Thompson, Eugene Sain, Steven May, Ck Coats, Roderi and Jones Hester, Audren Gary ms, Willia Al'lTOf1lO Gale, N i cl. if Jw AKA f I E established on the campus of Kappa Alpha was Alpha Howard University. The Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Kappa 1951 on the UAPB campus. in tablished GS HS W ha Alp Beverly ver, Le Fla White, Zi SH rightl There TO 1 Front Flow. llef Na I'6 Palmer, G , Carolyn .Q 3 0 EJ c o L cu .c CD Q .Q c as O 'o cu L 2 E ui E '6 O WI RO Neal. Middle wmis, Sonya Twylla JONES, Sflfle Taylor, Fl Wynn, DOHHH ith, Sm ams, Felecla Willi Sa There ithers W F3 Deb Lawanda Jefla JODSS, Pamela Alexander, Sandra Manuel, ster. Mi dy ngs, Melo iddi G Sharon reedlove, B iS, Renee Lew Standing: Rachelle Hay and Karen Reed. Kappa Kappa Psi Pypp. KA Kappa Kappa Psi operates primarily as a students social, service and leadership recognition fraternity whose chief aim is to assist the director in developing the leadership and enthusiasm that he requires of his band. Our goals are not only to provide the band with organized and concentrated service activities, but to give our membership valid and wholesome experiences in organization, leadership, and social contacts. The honorary nature of membership is based on our premise that "it is an honor to be selected to serve" .. . this band, its department of music, its sponsoring institution, and the cause of band music in the nations colleges and universities. The fraternity is presently located in over 200 four-year institutions. Since 1919 more than 55,000 interested bandsmen have devoted their efforts to strengthening their bands through group and individual service projects. The fraternity's program of continued service to music has attracted the attention of the best in American band tradition. Front Row ileft to rightl Lamar Claypool, Burley Durant, Curtis Watkins Jr., Ronald Blancdard, Connor Grady, Dwayne Bragg, Duane Thompson, Chaska Daniels and James Jefferson. Back Row Dexter Baggett, Ronald Jones, Daniel Dykes, Gerome Hudson and Michael Gillard. .""-li ii I-I ,in 4-- l Tau Beta Sigma was founded on UAPB in November of 1970. The sorority objectives are to meet the expressed needs of women in the university band. Front Row ileft to righty Twylla Willis Candance Williams Back Row: Debra 'Isl 's 'lui i 186 Delta Sigma Theta was established on the UAPB campus in 1950. The service and community service. sorority is know for its outstanding rt, Beverly Bu Judy nzie, le FO nfl Hillard, A Doris rightl 0 t row fleft t Fl'Ol'l Matthews, Yvonne Coleman and Adrienne Walker. Second row Burnetta Block, and Barbara Caver. Standing Shelia Geater, Janetta Brentley, Tracie Harris, Omega Psi Phi A W, -qq"4 , f wg, It X It , . M " ', -eww J il' N 1. W " ' JL, if 3 .t y, ,'-. ' lt. ll. it H W F r fast: 0 .. 'saff W5 59? 0430? 7355? 'fr is Q' - sau" z - ' Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Tau Sigma Chapter, was established on the UAPB campus in 1945. The fraternity stresses manhood, scholarship, preseverence and uplift. Lying down is Carl Young. First row lleft to rightl Edward Dunmore, Amos King, and Bobby Hawkins. Kneeling Fred Carter, Torre Anderson, and Anthony Lee. Back row Kenneth Calvin, Rickey Jasper, Rory Coleman, Jesse Gales, and Edward May. Top Marcine Jones and Charles Woods. The Royal Knight Society was founded on this campus in March of 1951. Their activities for this year includes: counseling sessions, help- ing children around the community with their homework, benefit dances and raffles. The Royal Knights Motto is "Man is forever on his honor in the presence of God and his fellowman." From left to right: Jesse L. Carpenter lsecretaryj, Dennis Mobley ldean of pledgesl, Calvin Martin lpresidentl, Dennis Austin ltreasurerl, Kenneth Lee qparliamentarianj. Royal Knights Society P! Q lg it 5 an The Alpha Angels Society was founded on the campus of AM8tN in September of 1971. Their goal is to develop programs which would be of service to the community and develop a spirit of comradeship among other college women. Front row lleft to rightjz Cathy Rose, Norma Phillips lsecretaryj, Rose Keys lpre- sidentj, Erasalene Cox. Alpha Angel Society Vikings Vikings Bi Fidelity was first founded on the campus of Grambling University, Grambling, Louisiana in 1965. The Alpha Chapter of Vikings Bi Fi was established on the campus of UAPB in 1967. The many services projects done by the Vikings include a Cooperative service with Mr. Alcorn and the university college system, a lifetime maintenance project for the University Lion Monument, communi- ty service project for elderly citizens and frequent visits to nursing homes in the city of Pine Bluff. Front row jleft to rightl: Larry Braggs, Greg Sain, Edwin Mason, Cedric Hawkins, John Parker. Second row: Fredrick Carter, Clifford Sisco, Clarence Moore, Christopher Miller, Lloyd Thomas, Advisor, Jer- ome Parks, Kenneth Austin, Morris Hayes, Darryl Floberts, Derrick McCampbell. . j l vvqy ' .tv Y' f A 1 . t 94. ,Q it t Q' X , Q It F Q Af . -. get-f ' if . gr 1' yr ffwifi- X Q'ii5o""" wi, . ,af X X Af -i 3 v A' , : TL X- K - : .:3t.f"H' "fx ft ' K ' - j 7 Agia: I . ,-- 1- N. wi wk S 1 if, q, if A ' W, .Qi K ' ve 'J K if ' 2 F .A . fe . f . . .Qui are Y 6 I-yy ivf :Gs--eil 9.. Jlifvf,-fs 1:14. 'F ws. A f ' jf 25.16 Vikettes The Vikette Society was estab- lished on the campus in the spring of 1968. The society stresses loyalty and perseverance. Front row fleft to rightj: Terri Moorman, Cynthia James, Wilma Maxie, Flora Collins, Gwen Pridgett, Gloria Catha IN S 190 Kim Em 11, and since that time has gone 19 ounded in f HS yW PSi Ffatefnit ppa Alpha Ka The ni .Q L GJ E 4 .E E' E D U' .C .Q .C 'OS O C an E CD o 3 'U O L Q. O 'O-9 c O Kneeling Van Jones, Townsend Howard and Gerg Johnson. Middle Row Charles Brooks, DOdSOl'1. Dyles, Johnny US f ckey Kilgore, Ru Fli JONES, ry Wallace, Eli I"lS, Lal' V6 Gi th Kenne Back Row Cedric Jones, Jeffrey McMurray, Michael Jasper, Felton Turnage, Joe Todd and Glenn Faulkner. Sigma Gamma Rho 4 gif N ' J W 3' -'Dia Www-. ,, ' it -st aaa Sigma Gamma Fiho was the first sorority formed on the campus of AM8tN!UAPB. Their motto "Greater Service, Greater Progressl' is visibly expressed through their involvement in campus and community activities. Left to Right: Miliia Harris, Debra Donaldson, Priscilla Hall. Alpha Nu Omega was organized for the purpose of recognizing and encouraging academic excellence, professional leadership and commit- ment to further the professional development of its members and advance Home Economics. Activities include: recruit students for UAPB, work with tutoring program for high school students, conduct self- development programs for youth groups. 'llf"f" Mmwww Www-f.W-A Apha Nu Omega A i -lm ibm: 3, S 3 5 Siiuiglsg Front row lleft to rightl Florence Chinwe Uqwu, Debra Withers, Sonya M. Neal, Cynthia Smith. Second row Dr. Jewell King, Sponsor, Ora Hudson, President, Gwinnette Webb, Wanda Washington, Vice President, Members not shown, Ruthie Mack, Secretary-Treasurer, Bernestine Mosby, Dr. Jacquelyn McCray, Spon- sorg Pamela Alexander, Carolyn Palmer. Alpha Phi Omega 1 -.N sf lflf sf N A 415 " ti Ti x 'f - :, Nu Gamma Alpha -O-0 cu N no cn Y' .E 'CJ cu 'o C :s 0 W1 an cu B raternity F mma Alpha Ga Nu The ity strives to promote academic C L as -O-5 cu L- '01 an .C F- S. 2: an L an .2 C D 'o L cu 5 0 I ba an .C I- CD C .Q +4 3 .Q 'C 4-5 C O o 2 .C 5 .C 'O-5 L O 5 ow E x cu E S2 LE 3 cu o C E2 T: o x an 'O C C O 'U K2 m: 2:4 50-.- L. ago :om '05 'S CU C04 33:2 - mcg CJCD-0-0 1.130- 'O-' 833 CCD -- cn X35-ini, L- 4 Om Q- IS E... mm-C E5,.Q" SQL Io-2 0.10544 075'- LU'-2 Ev ' iles? wgg as LUSH .--C FJEQ UJCDLL CU O15 no :nm O o E 'O C C5 GJ .C -O-U CU CD LL bs E2 C CU +1 CD E CB L Z GJ X .9 I 2 E E o Q L CJ O C CD Q. CD Robert ne, Jenkins, fSt0 9 quare, Curie GS D ey w: Harv O I .ac o as m ri O o CD ton, Rodney Jones, y Den gor Gre DOOlittle, uglas D0 nials, CU D 193 Hampton. TI-J C5 .C .Q 2 'D C C5 Student Union Offers Actlvltles If you were on the campus, no doubt you have visited the L. A. Davis Student Union and taken advantage of some of its services. It has been directed by Mr. Willie Gilmore since 1974 and is a center for student activities here at UAPB. On the main floor at the front door is the campus bookstore Mr. Booker Williams and his staff keep stocks of everything from books and supplies to fraternity bumper stickers and paraphernalia. The main area is a lounging place for socializing and some- times choir festivals, musical groups, dances, luncheons, and so forth. There is also a post office which is open Monday through Saturday. The union also has a cafeteria and snackbar which is catered by ARA food services. The director is Mr. Edward Smith who can be reached at 541-6641. The newly redecorated Black and Gold room is used on special occasions for formal events. Upstairs in the union is the game room which is equipped with pool tables, shuffleboard, table tennis, pin ball ma- chines, and video games like Pac-Man. Down the hall is a television room which is a popular place especially during the midday soaps. The card room is a place for a variety of games like dirty hearts and backgammon. The music room is also available for groups who want to meet. Also upstairs are the Seminar rooms which are also used for meetings for students and faculty. The union staff consists of a dedicated group of individuals who have the best interest of the students at mind. Mrs. Bonnie Dedrick has been assistant director since 1972. Mrs. Vera Armstrong has been program coordinator since 1973 and, Mr. Zachary Butler has served as administra- tive assistant since 1976. Mrs. Ollie King has served as secretary since 1974. Any student who has attended UAPB can testify to the union's importance in providing a center for recreation and relaxation on campus. The union also contains the offices of the Student Government As- sociation, the Lion, and the Arkansawyer. 194 , . Wm. ,I I .19 I , gk ' " S S 1 1 M.. ,W lilel -mf Ollie King Vera Armstrong Bonnie Dedrick Zachary Butler X--NX '1""' I 1 pf-"1 i r :pw- fHIQl ooqnii in H177 156323 The Student Union All your friends and "homeboys" have gone home for the weekend and your girl is cramming to complete an overdue research paper. The dorms are almost empty except for you and a few other bored people. So you are left with only two alternatives: Stay in bed all weekend long or walk on over to the L.A. Davis Student Union Building. The student union is the main source of weekend campus activities. lt provides everything from ping-pong to pac-man. You can also enter into intramural games and tournaments or just relax in the upstairs television room. L.:-sum E FESTIVAL mm am? Personal Effects n 1 s to 3 . I f O in t -Je' ' rl, 1-3442 I fi 'f if ,x,,9' 'f"""" - Students enjoy special meal at Awards Banquet sponsored by SGA. SP6Cf8lSf197 Valentines Day Top left: Micheal Hampton and La Wan- da Lewis Top right: Robert Knott and Tracy Sheperd Bottom right: Steven Barner and Beverly Hayes 198 Love Poem One thing about love which is very strange A definition for it is hard to arrange Another thing about it which is definitely real lt wash 't made to define it was made to feel Love wasn't made to be put down into words Just as water wasn 't made as a home for the birds But love was made for us to show and express So let us do that and nothing less. Love is being around or just being close Love is showing this person that you care for them most. So just as softness in the quality of a dove Showing and touching is a quality of love. Steven Smith Couples Qi i UAPB: Behind the Scene Above: Roary Coleman, a que and his dog. Top right: In the Student Union a newlywed game takes place with participat- ng faculty, staff and their spouses. The HYPER Complex swimming pool is loved by 'nany students. Adjacent photo: The love of gray is modeled. Far right: The love of an education, will keep you in your seat after the class is dismissed. Vx 5 X, . . 1 li. 5531 N" P o J .- f Nw Wm l vw ff 4- 1 K ' E , . 3 , a 1 K f I f i, QQ. fd' in ,,,. . N , l Ti Fine AHS SD USOFS Cultufal Seplembelri'-!lil'Gln Suas the of a Y sored by the Arkglnsgag HBPBNQYFQTEBVBQ Thignas a bltterslgpet annul ,-ihe turmoxl aging. , Q 1 Y- Q5 Cctober 2cg2a4eax" wasfiiiplay sponsmaan n 'hy menaepmmenllln i 1 ff15if'SPB9Ch and Drama. Tligaplay upon when two women were niiskdergcl. 1 Decefnbbrl 55fHandel's Messiah is annnannuallmuslgal event presented' bygthe VespefjCholr. Thlszjrfmrkad thefgtsristmas Gelebration the l.lAPBQg:ampus. f December Calendar GuyfGirl Pagehnt is an ansfnial event spunsored by the L. A. Davis Student Qnlon. The Ssaftinipants fwere judgecllpn talent, pose, and 3PP9Bl'BF!C6.'-if l 2 W9 l february 5TgQ?fegman" wgsa play spggnsored by and Dramaniigpartment. GfIQgEQ5Si'l8!!8l'il'lg mio black engperlence ln FBWUBWN 'S+Blaslc Hmorynblfeek llfllffl25SPWG4kH'llU5EBfWlflM 'WQFTBIYN cf spgglal progranfs tal luster nintgrasl 'lil blQQ3ipullule.' February 16g36holr IS an-gggaual event sgnsored by the Ve-spQffCholr to UAP2gtudenl talent. Mafch 2- Maman ww Pfofwmeamlwmmcewnlsllnll View lwas lf WW"m"3"' i???P55'WTfW PWM iggarch' 25.lV5QFiDQ Week slateggggtlvlugs aieaturlng llke Art and 5iSPrlH9 ' ' Ffiflll We V455 Wglgll lipreanlfolkgfggngjland j gkprll 22. gnu 'Leo of iimm l Personal Personalities Anita is modeling her evening wear: a black dress that gathers in the middle for a pantsy look. A matching gold purse and shoes sets off that "after- five" dress effect perfect- ly. Sophistication comes alive when Connie comes across in her simple but elegant white jumpsuit that gathers at the ankles. Her choice of pointed-toed shoes walks her in style. Arnetha is showing us the professional look with her "executive-on-the- job" tweed suit, combina- tion fall tones peach, olive, grey and brown. The grey satin blouse is just one of the many options for this two piece outfit. Reginald is handsomely dressed in a double- breasted grayish-brown suit. His silk brown ac- cessories: tie and hand- kerchief highlights the white "GQ" shirt. For whatever the occasion, Reginald is surely to be dressed right. Connie Anita Reginald Arnetha Wearing Personal Apparel Brenda models the "out on the town" look wearing a black tube top, beige tapered leg pants accent- ed by a gold belt, and black pumps. Classy Kaye is dressed semi-formal, but elegantly. Her beautiful shirred satin black skirt is compliment- ed by her bow-tie and ruffled white blouse. Low heel pumps with a bow on top and white gloves are an excellent choice for accessories. Shorts and sassy, Meloney comes across in a pink and aqua color combination. Her top is pink with aqua color trim- ming and her shorts are aqua with pink color trim- ming. Meloney is wearing gold sandels, and a sum- mer fun smile. Lastly, Micheal models energetic colors casually. Leather black jacket and purple polo accented by a silk lavender tie. His straight-leg jeans and tan cowboy boots are strictly style. His accessories in- clude black shades and gloves. The 1982 Man of The Year Pageant s Black Men Are Special You've been in the muddy rivers and you've been in the dry cotton field You've loved many women at many times You've cooked, served and sat with the white man You've stood in the darkness and you've come to the light You're a blessed man, and yes you're black You come in many shades and You've loved for your strengths You search with high ambition and you lay with good intentions Your curiosity is persistent and Your emotions are desirous You're special and yes, You're a Black Man. By: Rita Johnson 204 .tiff Q Fw. , .. .asa . X.. ag- .. W m a Q was t k'ef4r::" X 5 . 42 ft v-mm--we - N I W is iw 1 m1 . In A t X 3 X. M., IP E. 9. C 'I 2 UI E C P9 cn FV 0 FP D' cn so 7 sn Q C no 2 3 so Q m U1 UD 0 -.. -I co m ro V' it t fiigblhigvj :Qt ',,,L, epyfl nf- ',.,,. a .-mf ' it 'f'.a:ff4ffgf' ' C in , M. ,S A l , if ff' Q 'wr 'I -Q ,lil Q Ns. ,wx 4 i ' 'jx LYLLL 1 , Q -T f S s as X Q ? i x 5 A K an S' . w A X 1.3 'X E Pgxsk QA b,s.x,g L.1. , f Q , sl-+i.ikQsQ1:,s: sf rag. kkw ds Graduation Suddenly as if by magic the tour long studious years are quickly winding to an end. Former immature freshmen, now seniors, are faced with life-affecting decisions. And the ever present question is asked. ls there life after college? Some seniors apply for graduate schools while others begin careers in the Military. The majority of graduates slowly mix into the nations work force. Q.,- ilLu:,x-f Art exhibitions, demonstrations, fashions, foods, dancing, dramatic skits, games, open talent competitions, and a wide range of musical performances by various choirs and bands will be among the activities featured during the two days of festivities. Ethnic music, fashions, displays and international dishes will offer a variety of sights, sounds and food for those attending the festival. Along with the American hotdog, pastries, chili dogs, popcorn, candy, barbecue chicken and Mexican nachos there will be a variety of exotic food dishes prepared by international faculty and students. An art competition is open to all elementary, junior and senior high school students in Jefferson county according to Henri Linton, organizer and co-chairman of ARTFEST '83!lnternationaI Day. Each school is assigned a display booth. Individual ribbons will be given to the winners in each medium at each level. Trophies will be given to the schools with the best overall presentation for each level. Professional artists will be available to display their work for sale and to do demonstrations of their working techniques. The Double Dutch Jump Rope Team competition is open to elementary and junior high school students. The UAPB Jazz Band and The Vesper Choir performs. The ever popular Open Talent Competition, featuring UAPB students. ARTFEST '83flnternational Day is sponsored by students and faculty of the Art, Music, and Speech and Drama departments in cooperation with the student government association, international faculty and students, the Division of Arts and Sciences. i Artfest '83 Hel 'S 's-T v V vi X fs xv azffmmx- -41 ml. kwfifg, H Swwfff X .1 km , VF 'WM 2 Y? 1. A' , f'i , ,,.M w, N6-A 0? V61 M' QQ mb 'f-1 'Fm 75 5, FL if N vie 5 .... "'--QQL0 Artfest '83 was set for April 8-9 around the Bell Tower. This year's festival will be held in conjunction with International Day. Art exhibits, fashions, a "do-it-yourself" corner, dancing and a variety of musical and dramatic performances are among the activities planned. Messiah The annual performance of Han- del's Messiah by the UAPB Vesper Accompanying the perfor- mance is the string ensemble of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. , : f-:: ,ra 'fi fr? .kv 2 f frm, J , ,.. , ixivxazfzikifi 5: P ' ff Choir, under the direction of Shelton J. McGee, heralds the beginning of the Christmas season on the UAPB campus. The performance has become a tradition on the campus with the Choir and the community participating. if I D 'li ' 7" ' wk! A . s fr . ff ., .l ...nits Wil ? , Qfiw' . 3349.86 if W i l K . . ' f I ., ' , M iw Q fwfr . .V A , , Many of the string players have participated in as many as 15 annual performances. Generally, the solo parts for the performance vary from year to year. Twenty-nine consecutive presentations of the Messiah have been performed on UAPB campus. ,A if iw 4 . ,L H-A.. .IQ .1-f lmirmary Students complain and get angry about paying the required twenty dollar health fee, but in cases of emergencies the Browne Infirmary, located on the campus of UAPB, can mean the difference between life and death. The staff provides a variety of services to students through a physician, dentist, and a dedicated nursing staff. It is open 24 hours a day and on weekends to meet any minor emergencies that might arise on campus. ,fill 4 V' ll 5 2 A x 2 , lil L Q f Secretary Day She arrives at 7:45 in the morning to begin her daily chores of keeping records, arranging important meetings, setting up luncheon dates, sending off correspon- dence, running errands, and taking tele- phone messages. lleast not we forget making coffee and remember to send the boss wife flowers on their anniversaryj. And after the day is through, she turns off the lights and closes the office for another day. It is a well known fact that secretaries are the main key to running this nation's businesses and corporations. Everybody knows bosses supervise and manage while secretaries actually get the job done. So we here at good ole UA at PB would like to give our own special secretaries a pictorial salute. 211 2 f- .,,, . nf' . W, f f I 1 li ll M The library is usually the first refuge o students seeking a private and quiet place to study. The placid environment of the James B. Watson Memorial Library helps to encourage and promote individual research. A librarian is on duty in each section to assist you. ln the Books l f 4 wx' ij ' 2 is i e' 911515 gs N' 'as The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff's Bookstore is infamous for it's expensively priced books. "If you have to ask how much it cost - You can't afford it!" The Bookstore is also the place to buy the latest fraternities and sorority paraphernalia. Cards and clothes with the school emblems can be purchased. Q f? im . if ft? ll .zp h f sgy J? 9 ZW . tx 1 If .. i S . S Health, Physical Education and Recreation Complex :lar-g i HPEFZ A special tour of the new Health, Physical Education and Recreation Complex was given on October 29, 1982. The 7.5 million complex has a variety of facilities, including handballfrac- quetball courts and an olympic- size swimming pool. A Health Fair was held in the new HPER Complex on November 17, 1982. Some of the organizations represented were the American Cancer Society, Mental Health Center, American Red Cross, UAPB Infirmary, Civil Defense, the American Dental Association, Pine Bluff Arsenal, the Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse Clinics. The public was invited to attend. Also during the month of November a racquetball clinic was held for two-days. In January the HPER department offered a "lap" swim program and aerobic exercise class. ...V ...... .W 'Www 'WEn-n -was 216 "I DOUBLEDM CHANCES FQR SUCCESS WITH ARM ROTCI' Like to douhle your chances for success after college? Enroll in Army ROTC today. You'Il receive leadership and management training. Financial assistance. And scholarship opportunities. More importantly, with Army RCTC, you can graduate with an officers commission and a college degree-two credentials that can help douhle your chances for success in tomoirow's competitive joh market. For more information ahout Army ROTC contact the Professor of Military Science. ARMY ROTC. BE ALLYOU CAN BE. PROFESSOR OF MILITARY SCIENCE DIVISION OF MILITARY SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT PINE BLUFF Pima stuff An, vieoi fsoii 541-6691 Personal Informa tion with A Personal Charm The camera lenses focus on a perfect view. AAAAAA Abadom, Joseph 0. 2010 W. 17th Llttle Rock, AR Abanlfl, Emeka M. 5204 Crenshaw 42 Llttle Rock, AR Abney, Brenda J. Abraham, Gracy 2001 Klmberly Plne Bluff, AR ACIDS, JQIIO J. UAPB ROTC Dept Plne Bluff, AR Adalr, Gregory B. Adams, Angela M. 2811 W. 34th 47A Plne Bluff, AR Adams, Brenda F. Flacher Adema, Brenda L. Copeland Akpamgbo, Evarlatus O. 1225 Townsend Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Akpamgbo, John E. 1225 Townsend Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Akpom, Lawrence N. 130044 Llttle Rock, AR AIbrlt'ton, Lola L. 3008 W. 16th Plne Bluff, AR AldOl'l0f'l, J0lf'lh E. 161811: Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Alderlon, Llllle M. 1818Vz Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Alexander, Charlotte D. P. 0. Box 35 Althelmer, AR Alexander, Debra D. Flscher Alexander, Luther D. P. 0. Box 35 Althelmer, AR , ..., C., A .- Chip and dip in the summertime. Adams, Hope F. Rt 0, Bx 38 Plne Bluff, AR Adams, Jlll R. 807 W. 3401 Plne Bluff, AR Adama, Maurlce B. 2500 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Adams, Terry Lee 20058 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Adlmora, Adaobl I. 5300 Baeellne Rd Llttfe Rock, AR Adlmore, Oblora M. 5300 Basellne Rd Llttfe Rock, AR Adklna, Cherfea F. Douglas 3713 W. Bumett Plne Bluff, AR Adklns, Leslee S. Stevens Alah, Judlth N. 101 Wlsconaln 32 Plne Bluff, AR Alexander, Pamela R. Copeland Alexander, Sharon D. 3701 Tennessee S. Plne Bluff, AR Algeo, Llnda S. 310 W. Hardlng Plne Bluff, AR Allen, Allne 1204 Indlana St. Plne Bluff, AR Allen, Dalsy Allen, Dorls E. 1133 N. Magnolla Plne Bluff, AR Allen, Erma L. 2503 W. 16th Plne Bluff, AR Allen, James S. Lewla Allen, Llls D. 1001 E. 3801 XA Plne Bluff, AR Allan, Melvln D. Hunt zlaflndex and Candid Photos Allen, Paul E. Alllson, Frank D. Hunt Allred, Shells M. 1506 Cumberland Pine Bluff, AR Alor, Charles A. Amakwe, Anthony A. P. 0. Box 851 Llttle Rock, AR Amerlne, Benlamln C. 519 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Amerlne, Lenlon Douglas Anderson, Darlene Stevens Anderson, Ellzebeth A. 2308 Cypress Plne Bluff, AR Anderson, Hope E. 2405 W. 24th Plne Bluff, AR Anderson, James A. Rt. 3, Bx. 1090, Sheridan, AR Anderson, Kevln D. Hunt Anderson, Melody E. Anderson, Ollle J. Anderson, Terrance J. Douglas Andrssa, Wllllam S. 2514 Llnden Plne Bluff, AR Anthony, Rlckey L. 11D Cottonwd D. Plne Bluff, AR Anthony, Stephanle Johnson Apakama, Camlllus C. 2010 Chester St. Llttle Rock, AR Ardoln, Aaron Douglas Armour, Betty J. 1000 N. Cedar Annour, Gregory B. Douglas Arrnatrong, Deborah A. 1809 E. 8th Plne Bluff, AR Armstrong, Margaret D. 2105 Havla St. Plne Bluff, AR Amold, Beverly J. 5807 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Amold, Joe E. Hunt Amold, Klmmer T. Rt. 2, Bx 1091 Gould, AR Amold, Marllyn Y. 719 S. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Arpln, Gary N. Rt. 3, Box 72 Sherldan, AR Arum, Lawrence C. Ashcraft, Cynthla M. Rt. 11 Bx 298 Plne Bluff, AR Ashcraft, Janette L. P. 0. Box 8902 Plne Bluff, AR Aaugha, Emmanuel U. Atklns, Charles 1702 W. Clcle Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Auatln, Calvln 3905 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Austln, Dennis A. Fulter Apt. 85 Plne Bluff, AR Auatln, Dwalne X. P. O. Box 8037 Pine Bluff, AR Auatln, Eddle B. Hunt Auatln, Kenneth N. 110Vz Unlv. Dr. Avery, Lavita L. Avery, Llnda G. Rt 8, Box B9 Plne Bluff, AR Aytch, Pamela R. 4802 W Bth Plne Bluff, AR Bacon, Artla C. 1906 E. 8th St. Plne Bluff, AR Bacon, Ronald A. 1906 E. 8th Plne Bluff, AR Baggett, Dexter, B. Thomas Balley, Angelo R. 519 Unlv. Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Balley, Frankle E. Douglas Balley, Sarah D. 420 S. Apple Plne Bluff, AR Balley, Yolundla R. 1015 Unlverslty Plne Bluff, AR Baker, Davld A. 608 Florlda St. Plne Bluff, AR Baker, Donald K. 809 Florlda Plne Bluff, AR Baker, Henderson 718 Unlveralty D. Plne Bluff, AR Baker, Jewel Thomas Baker, Suzanne 17 Watson Blvd Plne Bluff, AR Bakhtlar, Zohren 2301 W. 38th Plne Bluff, AR Baldwin, Cynthla A. P. O. Box 373 Plne Bluff. AR Baldwln, Ralph E. 724 N. Maple Plne Bluff, AR Baldwln, Ulysses B. Hunt P. O. Box 373 Althelmer, AR Ball, Kevln R. Lewla Banlster, Emma L. UAPB Plne Bluff, AR Banks, Australla W. Rt. 1, Box 166-F Paleatlne, AR Banks, Esther L. 2413 West High Plne Bluff, AR Banks, Glenn T. Banks, Larry W. 703 University D Plne Bluff, AR Banks, Mltzl L. 1600 N. Lane Plne Bluff, AR Banks, Raynando L. 4225 W. Short 4th Pine Bluff, AR Banks, Terry B. Douglas Barbaree, John W. Rt 7, Bx 39 Plne Bluff, AR Barker, Avery M. 1215 Alabama St. Plne Bluff, AR Barker, Reginald L. Thomas Bamer, Carmen G. 02 Smugglers Lan Plne Bluff, AR Bamer, Stephen R. 32 Smugglers Lan Plne Bluff, AR Eames, Lawrence E. Hunt Bames, Michael A. Douglas Bames, Velma R. P. 0. Box 330 Althelmer, AR BBYOI1, JBCQUOIIIIO L. 1828 S. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Barrett, Jolynne Rt. 1 Box 725 Plne Bluff, AR Barton, Dallle M. 1900 Reeker St. Plne Bluff, AR Bass, Andrew 2020 Plne Plne Bluff, AR BRIS, JOUR E. Rt. 2 1601 Dlxon Plne Bluff, AR Bateman, Clydlne L. Rt 1, Bx 610 Plne Bluff, AR Battenfleld, Judith E. 220 Park Place Plne Bluff, AR Batts, Dorlscene 3519 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Batzos, Sofia A. 3700 Ollve Plne Bluff, AR Bausley, Kay Copeland Beadle, Robert E. 1203 West Street Plne Bluff, AR Bealer, Antlonette Flscher Bealer, Carol F. Flecher Bealer, Henry R. Hunt Bean, Mary M. 2110 Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Beard, Barbara J. 4005 W. 8th Plne Bluff, AR Beard, Glorla J. 1015 Universlty Pine Bluff, AR Beard, Mary L. 511 E. Hardlng Plne Bluff, AR Beard, Nathaniel Thomas Bearden, Ananlea 5301 W. 15th Pine Bluff, AR Beavers, Anlta M. 1729 Hazel Pine Bluff, AR Beavers, Cedrlc B. 710 Missouri St. Pine Bluff, AR Bedell, Lou Bedford, Freeman L. 1600 N. Lane Plne Bluff, AR Beets, Ellzabeth J. Johnson 1817 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Bell, Claude E. Gen Del Tucker, AR Bell, Davld K. P. 0. Box 247 Gllleft, AR Bell, Donna R. Rt 6, Bx 331 Plne Bluff, AR Bell, Lorl A. Rf 8, BX 331 Plne Bluff, AR Bell, Rlcky B. 610 W. Barraque Bell, Tlmothy C. 3203 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Belt, Judy C. 2105 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Benedlct, Cllfford A. Benjamin, Deborah A Bennett, Debra A. Copeland Bennett, Mlldred M. 3910 Llnden Plne Bluff, AR Bennett, Tommy 1320 Maple 48 Plne Bluff, AR Bennett, Wlllle C. Plne Bluff, AR Benton, Aaron J. Hunt Berry, Carolyn D. Rt. 9, Box 846 Plne Bluff, AR Berry, Slgnor Betts, Mary A. 20 Cottonwd Clr. Plne Bluff, AR Blgham, Debra K. 2519 W. Bell St. Plne Bluff, AR Blley, Pamela A. 619 Young Plne Bluff, AR aminga, unaa s. 720 w. sou-1 Pine slim, AR Bllllngaley, Valerle L. 918Va W 13th Plne Bluff, AR Blng, Ellzabeth B. 1700 Wlllow Plne Bluff, AR Blrdow, Rodrlquaz A Douglas Blshop, Beverly C. 1302 11th Plne Bluff, AR Bishop, Sharon Y. Rt. 8, Box 198 Plne Bluff, AR Bltely, Stanley W. Blackerby, Betty G. 3000 Kenwood Rd. Plne Bluff, AR Blackmon, Lols J. 806 E. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Blackshlre, Glorla D. 1219 E. 9th Plne Bluff, AR Blackstone, Wllllam W. Blackwell, John M. Rt. 1, Bx. 293 Rlaon, AR Blake, Dana L. Rt. 4, Bx. 18 Plne Bluff, AR Blake, Nadlne R. Rt. 1, Box 608 Plne Bluff, AR Blake, Sandra G. Stevens Blakeley, Charles E. Hunt Blakely, Deborah A. 111 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Blakely, Ina Y. Copeland Blakely, Yvonne 2203 Bell St. Plne Bluff, AR Blanchard, Ronald A. Lewls Blankenship, Vlckl L. 1 Needles Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Blanks, Joe E. 4312 W. Short 3rd. Plne Bluff, AR Blevins, George T. Rt. 3, Box 109E-2 Sherldan, AR Blevlna, Paulette Rt. 10, Bl 556 Plrle Bluff, AR Block, Burnett! L. Block, Carol D. Stevens Blount, Mlchael D. Lewls Bluford, Crystal C. 1015 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Bohannan, Lena M. 1710 North Bush Plne Bluff, AR Bohanner, Jo A. Flecher Bohannon, James 2202 W. 22 Plne Bluff, AR Bohannon, Karen L. 1017 Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Bohannon, Pamela F. 1015 Unlverslty Plne Bluff, AR Bond, Crald A. Bond, P. Jean P. O. BX 8961 Plne Bluff. AR Booker, John E. 1101111 Unlv. Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Boone, Anthony B. Hunt Borden, Bret T. Tech Escort Unlt Plne Bluff, AR Boren, Ronald L. Rt. 9, 109 Suburbl Plne Bluff, AR Borklne, Edna L. Box 33 MOICOW, AR Bosah, Francls 0. Bowers, Deborah A. 1133 N. Magnolla Plne Bluff, AR Bowers, Denlse 1103 Unlv. Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Bowie, Sharon L. 1121 Hemlock Plne Bluff, AR Box, Chesele L. Rt. 3, Box 335 Plne Bluff, AR Boyd, Eugenla R. 119 S. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Boyd, Landall E. Thomas Boyd, Pamela L. 1414 W. 34th Plne Bluff, AR Boyers, Martha A. 2602 Roane Plne Bluff, AR Boyland, Darllne Copeland Boyland, Tluana Copeland Bracy, Dana Hu nt Braddy, Eddle D. Douglas Bradford, Barbara A. 1818 Klng St. Plne Bluff, AR Bradley, Anna S. 1305 lndlana Plne Bluff, AR Bradley, Dan S. 4520 W. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Bradley, James R. 11 Carol St. Plne Bluff, AR Bradley, Jlmmy L. Rt. 1 Althelmer, AR Bradley, Karen D. 4520 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Bradley, Melvln J. Lewls Bradley, Roosevelt Douglas Bradshaw, Latharles A. Hunt Bragg, Dwayne J. Lewls Bragg, Llmuel L. 820 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Bragg, Retha 1135 N. Magnolla Plne Bluff, AR Bra09l Samuel L. Hunt Braggs, Larry L. 1905 Pne St. Plne Bluff, AR Branch, Carolyn D. 2407 Whlteslde Plne Bluff, AR Branch, Comovlous G. 519 Unlverslty D. Plne Bluff, AR Branch, Dwayne E. 2119 Saracene Plne Bluff, AR Branch, Madle M. 1801 Reeker 44 Plne Bluff, AR Branch, Robert E. 1405 W. 19th Plne Bluff, AR Branch, Samuel 1405 W. 19th Plne Bluff, AR Bray, Wlllle L. 2402 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Breedlove, Barbara R. 2200 Woodlawn WF Plne Bluff, AR Breedlove, David W. 4300 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Brentley, Janetta R. 3514 Texas St. Plne Bluff, AR Brewer, Ida M. 2311 W. Havls Plne Bluff, AR Brewer, Karen S. Rt. 4, Bx. 187C Sherldan, AR Brewer, Roy S. Rt. 4, Box 713 Plne Bluff, AR Brlckhouse, Luwanda 2106 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR anagn, Mmsu T. TYIOMII Brlnker, Tommya H. 4321 Ollve 8123 Plne Bluff, AR Brlnkley, Randy E. Rt. 9 839 N. Plne Bluff, AR Briscoe, Delols M. 1508Vz N. Spruc Plne Bluff, AR Broadway, Eanna M. 1520 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Broadway, Geraldine 814 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Brock, Ronald D. 1817 Vauglne Plne Bluff, AR Brooks, Charfes A. 807 N. Hickory Pine Bluff, AR Brooke, Cynthia A. Copeland Brooks, Harold A. 3705 W. 3rd Plne Bluff, AR Brooks, Robln D. 915 W. 4th Plne Bluff, AR Brooks, Rose M. 2101 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Broom, Garland L. 1707 Louisiana S. Plne Bluff, AR Brosch, Kevin L. 84 S. Richard Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Broughton, Kent J. Hunt Broughton, Shores 402 Talbot Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Carolyn D. 2115 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Clninni Y. 104 W. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Honer L. 1321 S. Gum Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Janet 1106 Dollarway R. Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Kenneth R. 1801 Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Louie C. 1818 Poplar Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Margie A. Rt. 7, Bx. 149L Pine Bluff, AR Brown, Michael R. Hunt Brown, Otis L. 320 S. Llnden Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Pamela A. Rt. 8, Bn. 1664 Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Ronald K. Hunt Brown, Rose M. 1801 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Steven D. 412 E. 28th Plne Bluff, AR Brown, Teresa A. Fischer Brown, Terry L. Thomas Brown, Tessie L. 13 Watson Blvd. Plne Bluff. AR Brown, Titlan V. Thomas Brown, Twlla A. 710 Johnson Plne Bluff. AR Brown, Vanessa Y. 1814 Lee Plne Bluff, AR Brownlow, Larry J. Douglas K. Bnibaker, Sandra E. Rt. 1, Bx 795 Plne Bluff, AR Brunson, Aaron B. 3810 W. Sht 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Brunson, Dennis R. Douglas Bryant, Gall L. 11 Mocklngblrd L. Plne Bluff, AR Bryant, James E. 211 Elm Plne Bluff, AR Bryant, Jan L. Rt. 5, Bx. 397 Pine Bluff, AR Burt, Judy D. 1500 S. Flr Bryant, Patrlcla K. Plne Bluff, AR 1304 Nebraska ping Bluff, AR Burton, Kevin S. Thomas Bryant, Pamela R. Bum- Dom' C- zsoa N. Belair nr. 202 W- 340' AV'- Pin, Blum AR Plne Bluff, AR Bryant' wayne M. Bush, Yolanda J. 1304 Nebfaaka 4204 W- 59' pine Blun' AR Pll'lB Bluff, AR tv Wm, an Butler, Andre D. Bain N. ms, 3302 w. 14th Pine Bluff, AR PW" Bluff- AF' Butler, Curry F. Brymer, Stephen G. M06 W' nm Bubbus, Michael L. Pill! Bluff, AR Rt. 5, Bx. 535 pine Bluff, AR Butler, Danone R. Rt. 8, Bl. 264 Bullock, Jacquelyn B. Plne Bluff, AR Stevens Butler, Jacquelyn A. Burke, Brenda Rt. 6, BX- 254 Johnson Plne Bluff, AR Burke, Joann D. Butler, Janice M. Johnson 401 W. 17th ,gr 1 un 'li if A relaxing game of backgammon on the bench. Burke, Joyce M. Johnson Burks, Roslyn D. 113 Illlnols Plne Bluff, AR Burl, Danny U. 1014 W. Pullen Plne Bluff, AR Bums, Bertha M. 2020 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Bums, Bessle M. Fischer Bums, Catherine S. 1806 W. 14th Plne Bluff, AR Bums, Lenette L. 3421 W. 16th Plne Bluff, AR Bums, Reginald 301 W. 11 42 Plne Bluff, AR Burrls, Wanda L. 4402 Garland Ave. Plne Bluff, AR Burroughs, Luclle Plne Bluff, AR Butl er, Llnda F. Route 8, Box 60 Plne Bluff, AR Butl 60 er, Pevelyn A. 10 West Sht 41' Plne Bluff, AR Bynum, Charfes H. 15 18 Bell St Plne Bluff, AR Byu s, John 2901 Orlando Plne Bluff, AR CCCCCC Douglas Caldwell, Deborah A. P.O. Box 91 Wabbaseka, AR Caldwell, Helen M. Copeland Index and Candid Photos!219 Callaway, Frankle J. Stevens Calvin, Kenneth E. 211 Elm Plne Bluff, AR Calvin, Sharon 2504 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Campbell, George M. Campbell, Tony L. 4405 W. Long 3rd Plne Bluff, AR Cannady, Sllvester 4302 W. 8th Plne Bluff, AR Cannon, Royd 5515 W 8th Plne Bluff, AR Carbage, Barbara A. 1704 W. Read Plne Bluff, AR Carbage, Devera M. 1702 W. Reed St. Plne Bluff, AR Carbage, Michael L. 1512 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Carlock, Henry J. 1320 Maple Plne Bluff, AR Carnes, Mark R. Cames, Mlchelle M. Carpenter, Jesse L. Hunt Carr, Andrew J. 810 N. Maple APA Plne Bluff, AR Carr, Bobble D. 2105 Havle Plne Bluff, AR Carr, Jackle L. 2105 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Carr, Jodle L. 810 North Maple Plne Bluff, AR Carr, Mllton L. Lewis Carroll, Christopher J. Lewls Carroll, Gall M. Rt. 1, Bx. 308A Sherrlll, AR Carmthera, Jamee K. P. O. Box 402 Bearden, AR Carson, Sylvla I. 2002 Pinewood AP Plne Bluff, AR Carter, Carolyn J. 2401 W. Bell Plne Bluff, AR Carter, Danlel L. 7715 Dollarway Plne Bluff, AR Carter, Emory D. Hunt Carter, Fredrlck F. Hunt Carter, Karlm K. 4211 Scot! Plne Bluff, AR Carter, Llaa F. 4310 W. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Carter, Marlca 1085 Kansas St. Plne Bluff, AR Carter, Regina F. 108 South Kansas Plne Bluff, AR Carter, Robert Carter, Sheena V. Carter, Tracy E. Stevens Carter, Vanessa F. 714 N. Plam Plne Bluff, AR Carter, Wllllam E. Thomas Carthon, Rickey 101 South Junlpe Plne Bluff, AR Case, Carolyn M. 213 Haynes Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Cason, Glen E. Lewle Catha, Glorla J. 1431 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Cathay, Crystal L. Copeland Caver, Barbara J. 1800 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Caver, Charlce Y. Stevens Caver, Sonya M. F. 800 Reeker El Dorado, AR Cegers, James H. 515 E. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Cegers, Llnda J. 515 E. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Chadlck, Harold T. P. O. Box 10 Tucker, AR Chaney, Pamela E. P. O. Bx. 411 Grady, AR Chaney, Samuel E. 1508 N. Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Charles, Margerett 38th It Kentucky Plne Bluff, AR Charles, Shead 1017 E. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Cheatham, Refeal D. Hunt Cheathom, Carlos E. Hunt 1700 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Childs, Margaret D. Stevens 315 East Dunbar Brlnkley, AR Chlaom, Bryan D. 1805 Belmoor Plne Bluff, AR Chltman, Stephen J. Hunt Clark, Anthony R. Lewla Clark, Carl V. Douglas Clark, Charles E. 13 Cypress Dr Plne Bluff, AR Clark, Derwln L. 815 8. Aeh Plne Bluff, AR Clerk, Harry W. 220flf1d8X and Candid Photos Clark, Meryetter Clark, Pamela A. 404 E. 25th Plne Bluff, AR Clark, Petey A. Rt. 8, Bl. 88 Plne Bluff, AR Clark, Wllllam S. 3711 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Clark, Wlllle 1214 S. Larch St. Plne Bluff, AR Clarke, Michele D. 2807 Colonlal Plne Bluff, AR Clay, Frankle D. Douglas Clay, Glen R. Rt. 8 422 Hart Dr Plne Bluff, AR Claypool, Lamar Hunt Clayton, Evelyn J. Stevens Clear, Mlchelle L. Stevens Clement, Jeff T. 1404 W. 28th Plne Bluff, AR Clemmons, Thlrlon Thomas Clemons, Debbla M. 3408 Vlrglnle St. Plne Bluff, AR Cleveland, Jamee E. Douglas Clifford, John H. 2308 28th St. Plne Bluff, AR Cllne, Calvln Cllne, Fellta M. Rt. 7, Box 793 Plne Bluff, AR Cllne, Plerre F. Cllne, Robble T. P. O. Box 148 Humphrey, AR Cllne, Sedrlck B. Cllne, Shirley A. Box 119 Humphrey, AR Cllnton, Sharon D. P. 0. Box 483 Sherldan, AR Coates, Ronald A. Lewls Coats, Sandy L. Rt. 11, Box 125 Plne Bluff, AR Cobbs, Robert E. 518 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Cochran, Shells R. Fischer Cochran, Twyla W. Fischer Cole, Angle D. Star Route 2 Rlson, AR Cole, Donna K. Star Rt 2 Bx 198 Rlson, AR Coleman, Aretha 1101 Va N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Coleman, Barrlel A. 2005111 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Coleman, Carl L. 714 Elm Plne Bluff, AR Coleman, Carrle V. 605 E. 27th Plne Bluff, AR Coleman, Chrlstlne H Coleman, Janet D. Copeland Coleman, Leodle 1206 N. Palm Plne Bluff, AR Coleman, Patricia A. 720'f2 N. Maple Plne Bluff, AR Coleman, Paulette R. 902 W. 28th 820 Plne Bluff, AR Coleman, Ronald R. Coleman, Rory L. 1903 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Coleman, Stacy J. Fischer Coleman, Stacy L. P. 0. Box 325 Althelmer, AR Coleman, Youlanda R. Fischer Coleman, Yvette 814 E. 34th Plne Bluff, AR Coleman, Yvonne 1101Vz North C. Plne Bluff, AR Coles, Marle Colller, Cleophls 401 N. Myrtle Plne Bluff, AR Colller, Cynthla C. Fischer Colllns, Arleatrlce P. 0. Box 293 Althelmer, AR Colllns, Beverly R. 1305 Holly st. Plne Bluff, AR Colllns, CIar'lce D. 45 Bonnle Park D. Plne Bluff, AR Colllns, Flora L. P. 0. Box 293 Althelmer, AR Collins, James E. 3403 W. 38th Ave. Plne Bluff, AR Colllns, Kenneth E. 1305 Holly St. Plne Bluff, AR Colllns, Lavera E. 1806 W. Circle Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Colllne, Laveme 3403 Weat 38th Plne Bluff, AR Colllns, Lawrence D. 4505 W. 28th Apt Plne Bluff, AR comm, RlCkBy P. o. sox 312 sm cny, AR Colllns, Shella E. 1305 Holly Plne Bluff, AR Colllns, Sherrye L. Rt. 1, Box 154 Grady, AR Colllns, Stanley C. 1721 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Colllns, Vince B. Rt 1, Bx. 154 Grady, AR Colvin, Nelda M. 904 Belmont Plne Bluff, AR Commer, Henry T. 1802 W. 27th Plne Bluff, AR b Cox, Ersalene North Cedar 41 Plne Bluff, AR Cox, Terry L. 1002 N. Hemlock ar Plne Bluff, AR Crabtree, Dorothy S. 202 Robin Street Plne Bluff, AR 1 lo MSW aflpff, Cynthia and James enjoying the view. Compton, Helen M. 1008 S. Juniper Plne Bluff. AR Compton, Patrlcla 4810 W. 7th Plne Bluff, AR Coney, Tsrlesa A. 1133 Magnolia Plne Bluff, AR Connelly, Kenneth 8117 Parker Plne Bluff, AR Conrad, Donna K. Rt. 1, Box 86 Jefferson, AR Conway, Elma D. A. D. 4110 W. Short 4fh Plne Bluff, AR Cook, Darryl D. 2820 Mlsslsslppi Plne Bluff, AR Cook, Roosevelt 1103 Unlv. Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Cooke, Alice Cooper, David Douglas Cooper, Lanlta Johnson Corbin, Evelyn 3209 Tennessee Plne Bluff, AR Cowan, Evelyn D. 109W 37th Ave. Plne Bluff, AR Cowan, John F. Bx. 6802 Plne Bluff, AR Cowan, Milton G. 1589 Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Crane, Mary F. 38 Southwood Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Crawford, Johnell Creggett, Evelyn L. P. O. Box 6701 Plne Bluff, AR Crenshaw, Derrick B. Douglas Crlswell, Agnes M. Fischer Criswell, Beverty D. 112 S. Elm Plne Bluff, AR Croseford, Deborah A. 2705 W. 31st Pine Bluff, AR Croseford, Joyce A. 2401 St. John 812 Plne Bluff, AR Cross, Charles D. Thomas Cross, Frederick E. 109 W. 34th Pine Bluff, AR Cross, Roseanner Rt. 2, Bx 198B Fordyce, AR Crosswhlte, Karen J. Rt. 4, Bx. 350 Sherldan, AR Crosswhlte, Roberta K. Vlne St. Sherldan, AR Crouse, Patsy J. Rt 2, Box 441-E Sherldan, AR Crump, Pauline 3345 N. Palmer Plne Bluff, AR Davls Goldle M. Dykes, Donna J. Danlele, Mlohael E. Crufchfldld, Michael A. P919 Bluff. AR 519 Unlv. Dr. pin. Bluff' AR Ddnzy, Cllffofd 519 N. Cedar Cryaell, Vlvian B. 1305 Blackhawk R. Plne Bluff, AR Culclager, Shade 2405 Howard Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Plne Bluff, AR Darden, Releana V. Fischer Derrough, Cynthla R. Stevens P. O. Box 229 Gould, AR Cadet Brown escorts Cully, Johnyallne E. 1015 N. Cedar 31 Plne Bluff, AR Cummlngs, Mlohael E. Rt. 6, Box 638 Plne Bluff, AR Cunningham, Jlmmy C. 4000 Scenlc Plne Bluff, AR Curtls, Jeanette 2101 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Cuahlng, Angela A. DDDDDDD Dale, Paula L. Copeland Danlel, Dale M. 2206 Klng St. Plna Bluff, AR Danlsl, Mlldred L. 3711 W. 11th Plna Bluff, AR Danlel, Tonya R. 2206 W. Klng Plna Bluff, AR Danlel, Vlncent E. Danlela, Chaska R. 1000 N. Lane Plne Bluff, AR Rt. 4, Box 402 Plna Bluff, AR Dantzler, Kenneth D. 607 21st Plne Bluff, AR Danzle, Karen A. 1015 N. Cedar a civilian to class. Davldson, Catherlne Copeland 6420 E. 47th St. N. Llttle Rock, AR Davldaon, Mattle L. 3505 W. Barraque Plna Bluff, AR Davla, Anthony E. 2200 Maln 321 Plne Bluff, AR Davla, Brett F. 413 Haley Plne Bluff, AR Davla, Cardella 1600 W. 11 Plne Bluff, AR Davla, Carmen N. 1015 Unlverslty Plne Bluff, AR Davla, Chalmers H. P. O. Box 56 Althelmer, AR Davla, Charmalne Rt. 4, Box 402 Plne Bluff, AR Davla, Curtls W. Davla, Dexter D. Davla, Edward A. 1521 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Davls, Geraldlne Stevens 2202 W. 22nd 3147 Plne Bluff, AR Davla, James D. Lewls Davla, Jeanette M. 3019 W. 1501 Plne Bluff, AR Davla, June H. P. 0. Bx 56 Althelmer, AR Davla, Kellye B. Flacher Davla, Leleune R. 914 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Davla, Martha A. 2105Vz Reeker Plna Bluff, AR Davla, Mlohael A. Lewle Davla, Rlta V. 2905 Townsend Dr Plne Bluff, AR Davls, Robln R. 914 W. Barraque Plna Bluff, AR Davls, Ronald L. Lewle Davla, Sandra F. 2214 W. Havla Plne Bluff, AR Davla, Satyra L. Stevens 3800 Vlrglnla St. Plna Bluff, AR Davla, Sharon L. 2911 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Davla, Sharon M. 519 W. Cedar Plna Bluff, AR Davla, Sharyee J. 914 W. Barraque Plna Bluff, AR Davla, Vlllllll A. J0f'ff1l0f1 Dawes, Clyde L. Rt. 6, Bx 499 Plne Bluff, AR DIWN, Klnfflfh L. Lewle 2701 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Dawson, Comella J. 020 N. Unlv. Plne Bluff, AR Day, Cheryl D. 1203 S. Myrtle Plne Bluff, AR Deal, Tamarfnd D. 914 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Deberry, Trevllle V. Flscher Dehan, Irene U. Henalee Hta. sffL20 Plne Bluff, AR Dehan, Jaffray M. Henelee Hfa lfL26 Plne Bluff, AR Delaney, Deneen R. 1001 Unlv Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Deloach, Selma M. 6120 Calhoun Plne Bluff, AR Deloney, James W. Delph, Joetfa M. 1015 E. 6th Plna Bluff, AR Delph, Toney C. 1712Vs Fluker Plna Bluff, AR Dement, Carl E. 1702 W. 3th Plna Bluff, AR Dement, Charles E. 1702 West 6th Plne Bluff, AR Dennla, Andreyet 1306 Belmont Plne Bluff, AR Dennla, Larry L. 5509 Hoover Plna Bluff, AR Dentmond, Dorla V. 2108 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Denton, Gregory R. 3210 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Denton, Yvette M. 3210 Weat 10th Plna Bluff, AR Denton, Yvonne M. 3210 West 10th Plne Bluff, AR Derossltte, Debra E. Deshazler, Glenda Desquere, Harvey l-l. Hunt Dlckens, Mlchelle L. Copeland Dickerson, Josle Dlcklnaon, John W. Rt. 1. Box 191 Star Clty, AR Dletrloh, Sharon L. 402 Hulse Road Plne Bluff, AR Dlggs, Barbara A. Copeland Dlllard, Claude D. 3509 Loulalana Plna Bluff, AR Dlllard, Evelyn L. Route 1, Box 064 Althelmer, AR Dllllngham, Dana C. 1015 N. Cedar Plna Bluff, AR Dlanute, Helene D. Johnson Dlvlne, Dortftl M. Rf 11 Box 205 Vl Plne Bluff, AR Dlxon, Cheryl 4017 W. 14 Plna Bluff, AR DfX0l'l, Klflll 205 W. 3501 Plne Bluff, AR Dlxon, Tlkl 1601 W. Havla Plne Bluff, AR Dlxson, Patrlcla A. 6013 W. Short 401 Plna Bluff, AR Dobblne, Dorla E. 610 Dakota Plna Bluff, AR Dockett, Tamml Y. 2706 W. 9th Plna Bluff, AR Dodds, AI G. 3907 W. 12th Plna Bluff, AR Dodson, Ennagene 71 Watson Blvd. Plne Bluff, AR Dodson, Johnny R. 219 Rlnehart Rd. Plne Bluff, AR Dokea, Relador S. 507 N. Myrtle Plne Bluff, AR Dokea, Vandora J. 507 N. Myrtle Plna Bluff, AR Dokea, Vanessa A. 507 N. Myrtle St. Plna Bluff, AR Dolla, Sandra R. 49 Bonnle Park Plne Bluff, AR Donaldson, Deborah L. 2504 Fluker Plna Bluff, AR Donaldson, lvory J. 3705 Vauglne Plna Bluff, AR Donovan, Marla C. 303 E Sth Ave Plne Bluff, AR Dorsey, Bonlta A. Flacher Dorsey, Dorothy J. Copeland DOUOI1, Vlmlcl 2105 Havla Plne Bluff, AR Doucey, Brenda L. 114 Dogwood Lane Plna Bluff, AR Downlng, Mary L. Rt. 11 31 Relndee Plne Bluff, AR Draper, Kathy L. 3106 Alllster Plne Bluff, AR Drlver, Judy L. Stevens Drumgoole, Gwendolyn L. 3015 Loulalana Plne Bluff, AR Drumgoole, Leroy 3015 Loulalana Plna Bluff, AR Dryer, Ruby N. Dubose, Curtla L. 1903 Flutter Plne Bluff, AR Duff, Donald E. 1101111 Unlv Dr Plne Bluff, AR Dugan, Shlrfey P. Rt 6 Whlppoorwll Plna Bluff, AR Duke, Myra L. Dukes, Donna F. Copeland Dunmore, Edward B. Hunt Dunn, Aubrey E. Rt 9, Bx 954 Plna Bluff, AR Dunn, Brenetta Copeland Dunn, Evelyn J. 1204 W. 16th Plne Bluff, AR Dunn, Wllllam E. Rt 1, Box 9, Shann Plne Bluff, AR Durant, Burley E. Hunt Durden, Floaale E. Dykes, Danlel K. 1909 Vauglne Plne Bluff, AR Rt. 6, Box 120 Plne Bluff, AR Dyle, Rufus R. Thomas Dyeard, Tanease 5615 Cedar St. Plna Bluff, AR EEEEEEE 1 1711 Plno 1711 Plne Katrlne Y. W. 2nd Bluff, AR Teresa L. W. 2nd Ave. Bluff, AR Earl, Anlta V. College Manor 08 Plna Bluff, AR Earl, Rosle M. Copeland Early, Cecll D. 1902 Havla Plne Early, Bluff, AR Wlllle J. 311 W. 20th Plne Bluff, AR Eamest, Vlncent L. 1600 Unlv. Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Easley, Lonella 1620 Indiana Plne Bluff, AR Easley, Sherlta R. B20 W 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Easter, Celya C. Stevens Easter, Janlce E. 1101 Unlv. Dr Plne Bluff, AR Easter, Llnda C. College Manor 35 Plne Bluff, AR Eatmon, Deborah A. 2401 Georgla Plne Bluff, AR Eckwood, Mlohael R. Lewls Eddlngton, Gloria E. 36 Bonnle Park Plna Bluff, AR Eddlngfon, Melanle A. 36 Bonnle Park Plna Bluff, AR Eddlngton, Paulette R. 36 Bonnle Park D. Plna Bluff, AR Eddlngton, Ramona 36 Bonnle Park Plna Bluff, AR Edgerton, Carollne 2106 Reeker PIR! Bluff, AR Edwarde, Eddle L. Douglas Edwards, Glorla W. 2015 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Edwards, Gregory L. Lewle Edwards, Janlne E. Rt. 6, Bx. 542 Pll'l0 Bluff, AR Edwards, Larlta J. Rfl. 1, Box 70 Shefflll, AR Edwards, Randa L. 212 Robln PIII! Bluff, AR Edwards, Reglnald Edwards, Ronald R. 2414 W. 25th Plna Bluff, AR Ellnwa, Sam A. 4411 Cotton N. Llttle Rook, AR Index and Candid Photos!221 Ellofor, Samuel 0. 1824 S. Loulaiana Llttle Rock, AR Elebeke, Leonard U. 1813 Havla Plne Bluff, AR Elllah, Randy R. 3509 Loulaiana Plne Bluff, AR Elklna, n. K. aooi Mulberry so Plne Bluff, AR Elliott, Marlon D. 4309 W. 8th Plne Bluff, AR Engllah, Vicky L. 2101 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Engllah, Vlrglnla L. Rt. 4, Bl 350 Sherldan, AR Enweanl, Sylanue 0. 519 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Eppereon, Felicia R. 2815 Poplar Plne Bluff, AR Eppa, Marahall D. Eptlng, Brenda J. Johneon 5900 W. Holeey Plne Bluff, AR Ervln, Angelo 519 Unlveralty af Plne Bluff, AR Erwin, Wllllam D. 1705 W. 28th Plne Bluff, AR Eubanke, Brian W. 2815 Chester Llttle Rock, AR Eugene, Aaron 1501 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Evana, Donna L. 2200 Woodlawn WE Plne Bluff, AR Evana, Marcla A. Rf 1 Bx 111 Grady, AR Evatt, Bobbye J. 8805 Whlte Oak C Plne Bluff, AR Everett, Annette Rt 2 Bx 178-E Gould, AR Ewing, Jacqueline L. 804 Cheatnut Plne Bluff, AR Ewing, Mary E. Rt 4 Bl 359 Sheridan, AR Exom, Mlchael A. Thomea Ezenwa, Ifeanyl E. 2114 Schiller St. Little Rock, AR Ezeudu, Veronica N. 801 Wleconeln Q5 Plne Bluff, AR FFFFFFFF Faleon, Brenda J. 94 Wateon Blvd Plne Bluff, AR Farhangkhah, Wllma C. 3223 Cobb Llttle Rock, AR 222!Index and Candid Fannin, Jerri L. 106 Tumer St. Plne Bluff, AR Flrrnln, Mlfcholl A. 706 TUITIGT Plne Bluff, AR Farr, Isaiah 1503 N. Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Farris, Stephanie Y. 1015 N. University Plne Bluff, AR Faucette, Erlc B. 1103 North Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Faulkner, Glynn Thomae Featheratone, Stanley 1228 Linden Plne Bluff, AR Ferguson, Imon L. 808 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Ferguaon, Jody M. 3112 Alllater Plne Bluff, AR Ferguaaon, Debbie L. Rt1 Box 832 Plne Bluff, AR Ferguaeon, Sharon L. Rt 1 Box B32 Plne Bluff, AR Fargueon, Shlrley L. 802 W. 48th Plne Bluff, AR Flcklln, Maurlce D. 2117 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Flelda, Shurlonl L. 4304 W. 9th Plne Bluff, AR Flndley, Penelope P. 301 W. 33rd 5238.3 Plne Bluff, AR Flnley, Calvln 2300 W. Bell Plne Bluff, AR Flnley, Cynthia L. 3214 Tenneaeee Plne Bluff, AR Flnley, Maple L. 3214 Tenneeaee Plne Bluff, AR Flnley, Sheryl A. Copeland 345 S. Falr Benton Harbor, Ml Fleher, Bobble A. 3114 Old Warren Plne Bluff, AR Fleher, Flora D. 714 N. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Fitzgerald, Donlel T. Lewle Fltzhugh, Melvln L. 1820 W. King Plne Bluff, AR Flemlng, Everett B. 915111 W. Barraq Plne Bluff, AR Flemleter, Mlnnle L. 425 Peralmmon Plne Bluff, AR Flemone, Timothy J. Unlveralty Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Fletcher, Kelth M. Rt. 1 Box 155 Plne Bluff, AR Fletcher, Lynetta R. 2509 Maln Plne Bluff, AR Pl'1OIOS Fletcher, Verleen R. 3800 Kentucky Plne Bluff, AR Flowera, Cllfford R. 301 W. 33rd 02 Plne Bluff, AR Foote, Irene Rt. T. Bx. 345 Plne Bluff, AR Foote, Doris I. Rt. 5 Box 83 Plne Bluff, AR FOTG, Beeele M. nr. 1 ex. 141 sur Clty, AR Ford, Carl M. 2002 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Franklln, Beverly L. 1802 S. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Ffiflkllff, Booker T. 3105 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Franklln, Maggle M. Copeland Franklin, Mlchael J. 1820 King St. Plne Bluff, AR Franklln, Phyllla R. 2004 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Franklln, Sarah 2509 Hlgh St. Plne Bluff, AR A bicycle built for two?? Ford, Eameeto F. 2002 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Ford, Jacquelyn 1220V1 Shorre Plne Bluff, AR Ford, Janice M. General Del. Sherrill, AR Ford, Karen C. Stevene Ford, Ruby J. W. 904 E. 14th Plne Bluff, AR Forreat, Vlckle L. 8101 Mulberry St. Plne Bluff, AR Fortenberry, Benlamln Douglaa Fountain, Larry A. Fowler, Thomae R. 1503 Sllver Fox Plne Bluff, AR Fowler, Vlncent E. 2001 Woodgate QD Plne Bluff, AR Fox, Pattle M. 1312 Tenn Plne Bluff, AR Fox, Ollle M. 818V1 W 13th Plne Bluff, AR Fraaure, Lurenda Wataon Blvd. 89 Plne Bluff, AR Frazler, Carl 3405 Mlaaourl Plne Bluff, AR Frazier, Darlene 4220 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR F razler, Eddie L. Douglae Frazier, Patrlcla E. 1306 S. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Frederick, Sheila R. Rt 7, Bx 745-E Plne Bluff, AR Freeman, Barbara J. 1502 S. Grant Plne Bluff, AR Freeman, Charlea R. 811 N. Cypreea Plne Bluff, AR Freeman, Curtla R. Hunt Freeman, Davla J. Hunt Freeman, Jacqueline C. Rt 1, Bx 54 Sherrill, AR Freeman, John L. Rt 2, Bl 185A Althelmer, AR Freeman, Laura A. 811 Watson Plne Bluff, AR Freeman, Mary K. 1500 Rock Plne Bluff, AR Freeman, Stephanie D. Stevena Freeman, Wayne E. Rt 1, BX 54 Sherrill, AR Freeman, Wllllam 1100 W. 51h Plne Bluff, AR FTORCR, HIIII P. 2802 E. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Frlereon, Cynthia D. Flecher Froet, Travle E. 1812 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Fulghem, Sherry L. 1201 E 1th Plne Bluff, AR Fuller, Angela C. Rt 8, P. 0. Box 80 Plne Bluff, AR Fuller, Paul O. 1910 W 14th Ave. Plne Bluff, AR Fuller, Terry D. 211 S. Laurel Plne Bluff, AR Fulton, Davld Douglae GGGGGG Gale, Steven J. 1105 Magnolia Plne Bluff, AR Galee, Jeaae L. 815 Baraque St. Plne Bluff, AR Gamble, Dlnnla C. Copeland Gambrlll, Robert F. 1705 S. Wlllow Plne Bluff, AR Gantt, Kyle M. Thomae Gardner, Travle 210 Pecan Plno Bluff, AR Gamer, Ethel L. 404 E. 25th Plne Bluff, AR Gamer, Shella R. Johneon Garrison, Cheryl L. Copeland Garrleon, Debora L. Johneon Garry, Fellcla A. 3002 E. Mlaaourl Plne Bluff, AR Gartman, Larry A. Gary, Kenneth E. 808 Orange Plne Bluff, AR Gary, Ward G. P. 0. Box 1794 Plne Bluff, AR Gatea, Vlcky N. 2814 W. Pullen Plne Bluff, AR Gatewood, Beverly A. Gatewood, Pamela D. Stevena Gathrlght, Kay L. P. O. Box 8511 Plne Bluff, AR Gatzke, Anlta C. Rt 1, Bx 4G Sheridan, AR Gavln, Cathy D. 1111 Laurel Plne Bluff, AR Geater, Shella M. 2008 Georgia St. Plne Bluff, AR Gentry, Dlane 2800 Byron Plne Bluff, AR Getaay, Lynn A. 308 Michelle St. Plne Bluff, AR Ghanbameladla, Moheen 305 W. 15th St. Plne Bluff, AR Glbaon, Bon 809 W. 28th Plne Bluff, AR Glbeon, Dorothy L. 1133 Magnolia Plne Bluff, AR Glbaon, Fellcla L. Flecher Star Rt. Bx 8A England, AR Glbaon, James G. P. 0. Bx 500 Grady, AR Glbeon, Joyce L. 4108 W. Short 3rd Plne Bluff, AR Glbeon, Lucllle 519 E. Croaa Dewitt, AR Glbeon, Ruby L. 1120 Florida St. Plne Bluff, AR Glbeon, Sandra D. 805 E. 33rd Plne Bluff, AR Glbaon, Treeha A. 805 E. 33rd Plne Bluff, AR Glddlnge, Sharon D. Stevena Gilbert, Gregory R. Hunt Gilbert, Roaemary 1018 N. Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Gilbert, Wllllam C. 1018 N. Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Gllee, Sharon K. Copeland Gllea, Shennan L. Lewle Glll, Bertha M. Copeland Glll, Debra R. 2005V1 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Glll, Raymond C. 2005Va Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Gllleeple, Linda D. 1718 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Gllllard, Mlchael D. 1015 lndlana Plne Bluff, AR Glrley, Bemestlne 3303 Pennsylvani Plne Bluff, AR Glvens, Kenneth C. 1405 W. 19th Plne Bluff, AR Glvens, Rlchard H. Glover, Cheryl L. 2106 Reeker .Plne Bluff, AR Glymph, Cassandra E. 3300 Pennaylvani Plne Bluff, AR Gober, Sandra M. 8803 Whltecove Plne Bluff, AR Golns, .lessle B. 5007 W. 13th Pine Bluff, AR Golns, Jewell L. 1708 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Golns, Karen J. Rt 2, Bl 533 Sheridan, AR Goldberger, Betty L. Goldman, Earlese L. 101 E. 38th Plne Bluff, AR Goldman, Rlchetta 701 E. 38th Plne Bluff, AR Goldsmith, Cassandra E. Rt 4, Box 218 Pine Bluff, AR Goldsmith, Essie 4116 W SHT 3rd Plne Bluff, AR Goldsmith, Frederick D. Rt 4, Box 218 Plne Bluff, AR Golllday, Antwyne C. Douglas Gonzalez, Nelson Rt 4, Bl 8102 Plne Bluff, AR Goods, Dexter A. Lewls Goodlne, Glenn A. Lewls Goodloe, Josie B. 1503 W. Grant Plne Bluff, AR Goodman, Alice L. Copeland Goodwin, Paul A. 720 N. Maple Plne Bluff, AR Goodwin, Tony M. 303 Barrow Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Gooley, Patrlcla A. Copeland Gordon, Shella R. 2300 W. 16th Plne Bluff, AR Grady, Connor J. 915 Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Graham, Dalene 1904 W. 34th Plne Bluff, AR Grandy, Evelyn 1400 S. Hemlock Plne Bluff, AR Grandy, Jerry L. 2221 w. Hlgn Plne Bluff, AR Grandy, Ophella J. 2309 W. Hlgh St. Plne Bluff, AR Grant, Antoinette Copeland Grant, Darrie Hunt Grant, Erlc Douglas 3512 S. Missouri Plne Bluff, AR Grant, Joyce M. 3006 Kendyl Rd. Pine Bluff, AR Grant, Mary E. 1702 S. Amie Plne Bluff, AR Graves, Patricia L. 1510 Indiana Plne Bluff, AR Gray, Anthony G. 3716 W. 14th St. Plne Bluff, AR Gray, Rebecca 2807 Colonial Plne Bluff, AR Grayson, Betty J. 1102 N. Hazel Pina Bluff, AR Green, Allen 1002 N. Hemlock alt Plne Bluff, AR Green, Aundre L. 2117 Whiteside Plne Bluff, AR Green, Betty J. Rt 11, Box 881 Plne Bluff, AR Green, Bobby R. Rt 7 Bx 788A Plne Bluff, AR Green, Cheryl C. 1104 Nancy Plne Bluff, AR Green, Claude 1002 N. Hemlock 0 Plne Bluff, AR Green, Harold K. 114 Ash Plne Bluff, AR Green, Jeffery L. Rt 7, 23 Nlven Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Green, Levester 83 Cypress Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Green, Lorena D. 5519 Kennedy Plne Bluff, AR Green, Mlcheal Rt 7, Box 788A Pine Bluff, AR Green, Paula Y. 1817 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Greenlee, Mary L. 709 W. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Greer, Morace Lewls Gregg, Sabrina A. Gregory, Nathan L. 2109 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Grlce, Angela A. Rt. 1 Box 118 Grdy, AR Grlce, Marllyn F. Grlder, Holly L. St. Rt 2, Box 170 Rlson, AR Grlffln, Larry D. Thomas Griffin, Latanya 0. 3600 Kentucky Pine Bluff, AR Griffin, Lelar G. Griffith, Charles J. 4505 W. 28 05 Pine Bluff, AR Grlmes, Ida M. 2401 Fluker Pine Bluff, AR Grissom, Alvin C. 1920 Chestnut Pine Bluff, AR Grissom, Pamela L. 1707 Fluker St. Pine Bluff, AR Grissom, Rhonda Hale, Dorothy 0. 1215 W. 28th Plne Bluff, AR Hale, Kelly D. 1023 Plum si. Pine Bluff, AR Hale, Taunua D. Rt 9, Box 24 Plne Bluff, AR Halim, Patrick E. Hall, Gertrude 2202 W 22 Plne Bluff, AR Hall, Ida Regina 1307 Holly Plne Bluff, AR Hall, JB880 C. Terry, her man and his bike lwhat a combinationl 1707 Fluker St. Plne Bluff, AR Gulley, Janlce M. Copeland Gulley, Vemedla 1002 Alexander Plne Bluff, AR Guynn, Katherine 3820 W. 15th Pine Bluff, AR Gwln, Artle 1307 Sllver Fox Plne Bluff, AR HHHHHHH Hadley, Anthony 209 South Larch Plne Bluff, AR Hadley, John A. 209 S. Larch Plne Bluff, AR Hagglns, Rlckey Thomas Hagood, Howard L 114 Ash Plne Bluff, AR Hale, Brenda C. 2101 Avondale Plne Bluff, AR 1001 N. Cedar APC Plne Bluff, AR Hall, Mary G. 1001 N. Cedar 40 Plne Bluff, AR Hall, Mlchael A. 800 W. Barraque Pine Bluff, AR Hall, Reginald L. Lewls Hall, Sherry D. Johnson Hall, Steve D. Lewla Halstead, Wllma J. P. O. Bx 91 Redfleld, AR Hamllton, Audrey L. Stevens Hamilton, Bemard Thomas Hammond, Kenneth 501 W. 12th 84 Plne Bluff, AR Hampton, Eunlce L. 2102 W. Reed Plne Bluff, AR Hampton, Joann 119 Sycamore St. Plne Bluff, AR Hampton, Martha A. 1413 Humac Plne Bluff, AR Hampton, Michael Hunt Hampton, Wlllle C. 306 Cherry Dumas, AR HGDUCOCK, Marshall L. 2003 W. Scull Plne Bluff, AR Handcock, Regina D. 72 Watson Blvd. Plne Bluff, AR Handcock, Waymon 2008 W. Scull Plne Bluff, AR Handley, Llnda P. 2308 W. Belalr Plne Bluff, AR Hannah, Kenny A. Thomas Hanson, Patrlcla Rt 8, Bx 758L Plne Bluff, AR Hardaway, Earl L. 809 N. Maple St. Plne Bluff, AR Harden, Leon Lewls Hardln, Arlene 3909 Tennessee Plne Bluff, AR Hargraves, Henrletta 2105 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Hargrove, Dwaln I. 1201 W. 31st Plne Bluff, AR Hargrove, Lea A. 4014 Faucette Rd Plne Bluff, AR Harmon, Pearlle A. 304 Ruth Cove Plne Bluff, AR Harper, Dorls E. Harrell, Emest J. Hunt Harrelson, Mary K. 108 Park Place Plne Bluff, AR Harrington, Rosalyn J. Copeland Harrls, Andranlque M. Flscher Harrls, Andrew Hunt Harrls, Barbara A. Johnson Harrls, Berry C. 412 E. 25th Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Claudla E. Copeland Harrls, Dlane Flscher Harrls, Douglas W. Harrls, Hllarle R. Fischer 1800 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Joseph E. Lewls Harrls, Karen C. 412 E. 25th Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Lloyd G. Rt 8, Box 252 Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Mary B. 1103 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Mary J. 4400 Unlon Apt. 6 Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Mary R. Copeland Harrls, Natalle S. 412 E. 25th Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Paula R. 2020 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Rosle L. P.0. Box 12 Watson, AR Harrls, Sheila P. 4403 W. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Stephanie J. 2105111 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Sylvester 1690 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Teresa A. Stevens Harrls, Tracle E. 1800 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Harrls, Wysonla L. 2107 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Harrison, Ronnle F. 4112 Needles Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Hart, Etta T. 918 W. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Hart, Tyra L. 918111 W 13th Plne Bluff, AR Hartfleld, Fred D. Hartley, Carl E. Hunt Hasley, Llsa A. 2304 Cypress Plne Bluff, AR Hassan-Pour, Haklm R 214 W 17th Plne Bluff, AR Hatcher, Rlcky L. Douglas Hatton, Bruce E. Douglas 313 S. Larch Plne Bluff, AR Hsvls, Lols C. 322 S. Cherry Dumas, AR Hawkins, Bobby R. Hawklns, Cedrlc A. 610 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Hawklns, Charles B 519 Unlverslty D. Plne Bluff, AR Hawklns, Cllnton P. O. Bx 2075 Plne Bluff, AR Hswklns, Gerald W. 4417 W. 14th St. Plne Bluff, AR Hawkins, Phyllsa R. Rt 8, Box 294 Plne Bluff, AR Hawklns, Thelma R. Copeland Hay, Harrell H. 2300 W. 47th Plne Bluff, AR Index and Candid Photoslzza Hay, Rachelle D. 3405 W. Hepbum Plne Bluff, AR Hayes, Beverly L. Rt. 5, Box 55 Plne Bluff, AR Hayes, Eugene Lewls Hayes, Gary W. 1020 Llnden Plne Bluff, AR Hayes, Morrls K. P. 0. Box 55 Jefferson, AR Hayes, Myron L. 807 S. Cypress Plne Bluff, AR Hayes, Stephanie G. 807 S. Cypress Plne Bluff, AR Haymon, Gloria A. 1129 Perslmmon S. Plne Bluff, AR Haynes, Deborah M. 1412 School Plne Bluff, AR Haywood, Donny R. Lewls 1510 Texas St. Plne Bluff, AR Heagler, Wlrt R. 1807 Belmoor Plne Bluff, AR Heard, Sldney P. Rt 3 Bx 2109 Ohl Plne Bluff, AR Heame, Wllllam A. Thomas Helrd, Sam B. Rt. 11, Bx 470 Plne Bluff, AR Hence, Bellnds M. 3307 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Hence, Sharon D. 3300 W. Short 13T Plne Bluff, AR HODUIYIOI1, Dlfll 719 Mulberry Pins snuff, AR Henderson, Deborah L. P. 0. Box 8532 Plne Bluff, AR Henderson, Mlchael J. Henderson, Preston D. 4305 Boone Plne Bluff, AR Henderson, Ray J. 3120 Mlssourf Plne Bluff, AR Henderson, Rosye 2203 Bell St. Plne Bluff, AR Henderson, Stephanie N. Johnson Henderson, Vemell Thomas Henderson, Veronlca E. 1300 Laurel Apt. Plne Bluff, AR Henry, Debra J. Henry, Loula W. 714 N. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Henry, Shlrfey A. 1800111 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Henson, Dexter Q. Hunt Henton, Dwlght A. 224fll'ld6X and Candid Henton, Sherry G. Flscher Herman, Mlchael A. Box 503 Althelmer, AR Herring, Pamela M. 828 Robin St. Plne Bluff, AR Herring, Stanley D. B07 Whltehall Rd. Plne Bluff, AR Hester, Gary Lewls Hicks, Andrlus E. Tll0fl1ll Hicks, Bobble A. 1220 Llnden Plne Bluff, AR Hicks, Wllllam R. Hunt Hlgglns, Kelth B. 1221 N. Palm Plne Bluff, AR Hlldreth, Llsa A. 1501 Bell St. Plne Bluff, AR Hlll, Charles 2500 Georgla Plne Bluff, AR Hlll, Fellcla Flscher Hlll, Jon F. Hunt Hlll, Juarez 1920 Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Hlll, Kevln M. Douglas Hlll, Luka L. 020 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Hlll, Robert 4220 Texas St. Plne Bluff, AR Hlll, Sandra L. Rt 2, Bx 150 Sherldan, AR Hllton, Cheryl A. 2101 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Hlnkle, Bemadette Rt 3, Box 615 Plne Bluff, AR Hlnton, Glorla A. Johnson Hlnton, Ollvla E. 3918 W. Berraque Plne Bluff, AR Hlnton, Paula R. P. 0. Box 37 Sherrill, AR Hobbs, Guy W. 2305 W. Sht 17th Plne Bluff, AR Hobbs, Rebecca A. 2504 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Hodges, Alvln L. Thomas Hodges, Terry L. P. 0. Box 354 Althelmer, AR Hogan, Cathy V. Stevens Hogan, Patrlcla D. 2502 W. 13th Plns Bluff, AR nomar, Angela M. 1100 Ashley Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Pl'1Ol0S Holder, Linnle S. Holland, Anita L. 1819 W. Scull Plne Bluff, AR Holland, June C. 1302 S. Orange Plne Bluff, AR Holland, Perry M. 6812 White Oak C. Holt, Sandra A. 807 N. Spring Stuttgart, AR Holt, Stephen E. 1520 Olive Plne Bluff, AR Holzhauer, Thomas D. 711 W. 28th St. Plne Bluff, AR Hoover, Janet D. Object of game: Win while being distracted. Plne Bluff, AR Holland, Wanda F. 1210 W. Pullen Plne Bluff, AR Holley, Schula M. Hollle, Raymond Rt 4, Box 8010 Plne Bluff, AR Holloway, Cathy J. P. 0. Box 94 Moscow, AR Holloway, Herman N. Douglas Holloway, Ruthie L. P. 0. Box 94 Moscow, AR Holmes, Ardella 2410 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Holmes, Dor'ls L. 1000 E. 38th Plne Bluff, AR Holmes, Edlth L. P. O. BX 54 Grady, AR Holmes, Gregory S. 3115 Hickory Plne Bluff, AR Holmes, Jacquelyn F. P. 0. Box 54 Grady, AR Holmes, Patrlcla A. 2020 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Holmes, Valerle A. Bx. 54 Grady, AR Holt, Marlunls M. 810 N. Maple Apt. Plne Bluff, AR 3200 Flr D21 Plne Bluff, AR Hoover, Joan L. 1112 W. 35th Plne Bluff, AR Hopkins, Carl E. B07 E. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Hopeon, Angela 1 Plne Hlll Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Horace, Della M. 3005 W. 0th Plne Bluff, AR Horton, Kay M. 1507 N. Hlckory Plne Bluff, AR Hoskln, Pamela Hostler, Inetta L. 1005 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR House, John H. Rt 9, Bx 471 Plne Bluff, AR Howard, Annette S. 419 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Howard, Charles E. B03 W. Blrch St. Plne Bluff, AR Howard, Erlc G. Rt. 5, Bx. 33 Plne Bluff, AR Howard, Malcolm Rt 5, Box 33 Plne Bluff, AR Howard, Townsend B. Douglas Hubanks, Jlmmle R. 3207 Apple Plne Bluff, AR Hubbard, Cherlse Y. 2201 W. Reed Plne Bluff, AR Hudson, Gerome A. 2327 W. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Hudson, Ora F. Rt. 1, Box 72 Althelmer, AR Hudson, Vera V. Rt. 2, Bx. 240 Althelmer, AR Hudspeth, Debora A. 810 N. Hazel Plne Bluff, AR Hudspeth, Louatrlce Stevens Huffman, Glorla M. B05 N. Hlckory Plne Bluff, AR Hufford, James A. 013 Lakewood Lan Plne Bluff, AR Huggins, Travls G. P. O. Box 262 Grady, AR Hughes, Carolyn L. Hughes, Geraldine 700 E. 29th Plne Bluff, AR Hughes, Karen T. 3702 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Hughes, Sharron M. Hughes, Stephanie V. 1011Vz Unlvers Plne Bluff, AR Hulse, Bllly Jo. 504 Carter Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Hulse, Elizabeth A. 504 Carter Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Hulse, Patty L. Rt 1, Bl. 103-A Redfield, AR Humbert, Audrey L. Stevens Hunt, Clara L. 101 E. 25th Plne Bluff, AR Hunter, Catherlne Sldney St. Apts Plne Bluff, AR Hunter, Earl S. Thomas Hunthrop, Paul G. 1205 Belmont Plne Bluff, AR Hurst, Mlchael D. 3104 Kendyl Plne Bluff, AR Huskey, Reglna M. Copeland Hutcheson, Jewell A. 917 Ohlo Plne Bluff, AR Hutchison, Wllllam A. 1025Vz Beech Plne Bluff, AR lbeawuchl, Martln C. 1624 Loulelana Llttle Rock, AR lbemesl, Peter C. 108 N. Ollva riff Plne Bluff, AR lbezlm, Wlllle A. 1014 Loulelana Llttle Rock, AR Ibrahlm, Hashlm 2005 Woodgate QE Plne Bluff, AR Igorl, Mlchael 0. P. 0. Box 28 Plne Bluff, AR Igunbor, Cletus 0. 1813 Havls Plne Bluff, AR lloanl, Davldson O. Bx 35 UAPB Plne Bluff, AR lmande, Chrlatlana T. 509 W. Berraque of Plne Bluff, AR lmande, Tyoplne E. 509 W. Barraque It Plne Bluff, AR lngram, Elnore 2403 W. Bell Plne Bluff, AR Ingram, Joe Lewls Irby, Rlchelene 2403 Remmel Plne Bluff, AR lsloflah, Mathew 511 W. Berraque at Plne Bluff, AR lsom, Landers A. 1020 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Iverson, Flora M. 2308 W. Bell Plne Bluff, AR Iverson, Llnda F. Rt 1, Bx 50 Sherrlll, AR Ivory, Glen E. Lewle Izekor, Ehlorobo P. O. Box 28lUAPB Plne Bluff, AR JJJJJJJ Jack, Ameata L. 101111: Unlvers Plne Bluff, AR Jacks, Jeffrey A. 1800 W. 27th Plne Bluff, AR JICRIOII, Allhdfl 0. 1521 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Barbara G. Jackson, Barbara J. 2105 Havls St. Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Carollne F. 4403 W. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Carolyn A. 504 N. Myrtle Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Charlotte A. Copeland Jackson, Debra A. 2828 Mlssourl Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Derrlck Jackson. Fellcla F. 2107 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Glorla A. 2307 Hlgh St. Plne Bluff, AR J Jackson, Hazel M. 2303 Belmoor Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Herman L. 3502 W Btn Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Homer L. 2102 S. Walnut Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Jacquelyn D. P. O. Box 55 Jefferson, AR Jackson, Jerry B. 4403 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Joseph J. Thomas Jackson, Katlna L. Flscher Jackson, Kevln R. Thomas Jackson, Otls C. Lewls Jackson, Shells A. 701 W. 24th St. Plne Bluff, AR Jackson, Tamra M. 1002 N. Hemlock of Plne Bluff, AR Jacob, Mlchelle Y. 1805 Mlssourl Plne Bluff, AR Jacobs. Samuel L. Hunt P. 0. Bx 110lUAPB Plne Bluff, AR Jaggars, Patsy R. Rt 8, Box 404 Plne Bluff, AR James, Amells A. Johnson Jlmil, Blfblll J. James, Cheryl R. 2521 W 2nd Plne Bluff, AR James, Cynthls D. Johnson James, Dlans C. 1212 S. Blrch Plne Bluff, AR James, Eartlc L. 2200 W. Havls YC Plne Bluff, AR James, Geneva Copeland James, Jacquellne Copeland 305 So Outer Dr. Dumas, AR James, Jeannette 1310 So. Orange S. Plne Bluff, AR James, Kenneth D. 1100 Huckenhall Plne Bluff, AR James, Larry L. 1310 S. Orange Plne Bluff, AR James, Nora E. Rt 10, Box 313 Plne Bluff, AR James, Rachel B. 4411 W. 28 01 Plne Bluff, AR James, Roosevelt F. 3411 W. 1th Plne Bluff, AR James, Vemon B. 3320 W. 14th Plne Bluff, AR Jarrett, Debra A. 1908 Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Jasper, Mlchael L. 1900 Collegiate Plne Bluff, AR Jasper, Pamela Y. 1217 Mulberry Plne Bluff, AR Jasper, Patrlcla R. 1217 Mulberry Plne Bluff, AR Jasper, Rlckey L. 1900 Colleglale Plne Bluff, AR Jeffers, Mlchael V. 21511: E 14th Plne Bluff, AR Jefferson, Anlte M. 423 Johnson Plne Bluff, AR Jefferson, James R. 118Va N. Maple Plne Bluff, AR Jefferson, Vera P. 0. Box 124 Wabbaseka, AR Jenklns, Carl A. 3004 Kendyl Rd. Plne Bluff, AR Jenklns, Curlee E. Hunt Jenklns, Jacquellne 2211 W. Bell Plne Bluff, AR Jenklns, Jll'llCO 2301 Woodlawn Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Jenklns, Jerry W. P. 0. Box 8201 Plne Bluff, AR Jenklns, Karen R. 805 N. Hlckory Plne Bluff, AR Jenklns, Llsa G. 405 N. Myrtle Plne Bluff, AR Jenklns, Terry Douglas Jennlngs, Monea Stevens Jewell, Jerod A. Hunt Jlles, Ellzabeth 815 S. Apple Plne Bluff, AR Jlmmerson, Allcla C. 200 W. 34th Plne Bluff, AR Jlmmerson, Vlcky L. 2308 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Johns, Llnda C. 801 So. Porter Stuttgart, AR Johnson, Beth L. 2003 Lucla Lane 480, AR Johnson, Bobby G. 1909 W. 9th Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Brenda A. 2120 W. 30th Apt Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Calvln 3100 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Carla R. 2504 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Cathy J. 2920 Fir St. Apt. Pine Bluff, AR Johnson, Charles Rt 3, Box 809 Pine Bluff, AR Johnson, Claude E. 2200 Main Apt. 31 Pine Bluff, AR Hunt 1908 Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, John F. Lewls Johnson, Karen D. 2809 W. 9th Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Karen K. fr-13", Ad Johnson, Danone 3703 W. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Darryl D. Lewls Johnson, Davld L. 501 W. 48th Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Dayton R. Lewls Johnson, Delols V. 1905 Colleglate Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Ellss 3801 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, George T. Rt 10 Bx 84 Pine Bluff, AR Johnson, Harold E. Douglas Johnson, Ivory C. Rt 8, Box 98 Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Jacquellne F. Rt. 2, Box 223 Althelmer, AR Johnson, Janet 2201 W. Reed St. Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Janlce R. 201 N. Peach Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Jeanlne Y. Flscher Johnson, Jeffery G. Thomas Johnson, Jlmmy C. 3509 Loulslana Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, John E. ay in the park. 4311 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Kenneth W. f'fUl'If Rf 2, Bx 231 Rlson, AR Johnson, Leontyne D. 1905 Colleglate Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Llnda F. 2103 Roane Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Llsa M. Copeland Johnson, Love V. 2202 W. 22 3312 Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Margaret 3801 W Scull Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Mary C. RT 3, Bx 809 Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Mlchael B. Thomas Johnson, Nancy M. 2901 Wren St. Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Nettle H. Johnson, Revawn L. 81 Watson Blvd. Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Rlta V. 2800 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Robln A. 1320 Oleander Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Robln R. 1123 Vauglne Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Ronald 3021 Fir Pine Bluff, AR Johnson, Rosalind 2003 W. 28th Pine Bluff, AR Johnson, Ruth J. 1320 Orleander Pine Bluff, AR Johnson, Sandra K. 1401 W. 14th Pine Bluff, AR Johnson, Sharon R. 3103 W. Hepbum Pine Bluff, AR Johnson, Stanley V. Hunt Johnson, Stephaney R. Stevens Johnson, Terrl L. 1902 lndlana St. Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Terrlceda A. 1101111 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Johnson, Thomas Lewls Johnston, Ann L. 300 W 13th Pine Bluff, AR Jolner, Basil L. Hunt Jollvette, Nolton J. Lewls Jones, Alben L. 2801 W 24th Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Angela 1015 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Annette M. 810 Hazel Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Annle L. 2202 W 22 Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Aonie Jones, Ardren P. 1909 W 9th Pll'lB Bluff, AR Jones, Aubry Hunt Jones, Bematha Jones, Bonnie K. 1419 Mlssourl St. Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Brenda C. 1910 Reed Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Brenda K. 1007 E. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Cathy J. Jones, Cedrlc R. 3407 Vlrglnla St. Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Ceretha A. 901 E. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Clarence E. 3800 Kentucky Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Clyde E. Douglas Jones, Darryl L. Hunt Jones, Elle 91511: W. Barraq Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Harvey RT 3, Box 788 Plne Bluff, AR Jones, James O. 909 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Jamle A. RR 2 Box 290A Rlson, AR Jones, Jena P. Copeland Jones, Kevln L. 3503 Loulslana Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Mae O. 1421 S. Catalpa Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Marclne 6. 1820 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Marvln A. Jones, Melody R. 4012 W. 14th Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Nathanlel 1709 S. Fox Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Otls Lewls Jones, Ralph Lewls Jones, Rebecca S. Rt 9-2 Ctry Lane Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Reglnald C. Lewls Jones, Rodney K. 501 W. 12th Apt. 2 Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Ronald l.. 113 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Ruth L. Rt 2, Bx 199 Althelmer, AR Jones, Shlela K. Rl 9, Bl 1110 Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Stephanle R. 2200 Woodlawn 40 Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Van E. 2200 Woodlawn 416 Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Vlvlan A. 104 W. 33rd Plne Bluff, AR Jones, Zachary L. 801 N. Hlckory Plne Bluff, AR Jones-Steverso, Valerle F 2020 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Jordan, Calvln 0. 1102 N. Hemlock Plne Bluff, AR Jordan, Dyann 110BVz N. Hazel Plne Bluff, AR Jordan, Ellen G. Rte. 11, Box 148 Plne Bluff, AR Jordan. Erlc M. Hunt Jordln, Flryl L. Douglas Jordan, George W. 3020 W. Sht. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Index and Candid Photosfzzs Jordan, Jacquellne N. Stevens JOfdlf1, JIIIICI C. Rt 4, BX 211H Plne Bluff, AR Jordan, Nlta L. Copeland Jordan, Russell L. Douglas Joseph, Jacquellne A. 403 W. 37th Plne Bluff, AR Joseph. Joffrey 0. Lewls 403 W. 37th Plne Bluff, AR Joshl, Raghan Junlel, Janet D. Copeland KKKKKKK K'NuckIes, Joe D. 1105 E. 19th Plne Bluff, AR K'Nuckles, Shlrley M. 1105 E. 19th Plne Bluff, AR Karlml, All R. Kates, Oneadla B. 2821 Klmberly Plne Bluff, AR Keamey, Deborah L. Rt 1, Box 277 Sherrlll, AR Keamey, Janlce K. Rt 3, Box 95 Plne Bluff, AR Kelley, Juanlta P. O. Box 154 Wabbaseka, AR Kelly, kennem E. nt 1, sox ssc Plne alun, AR Kelly, Margaret 3500 W. 9th Ave. Plne Bluff, AR Kemp, Charfes D. Douglas 215 W. 31th Plne Bluff, AR Kemp, Emory L. 1709 Howard Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Kemp, Kenneth R. Hunt Kemp, Latecla F. Flscher Kendall, Rodney C. 2200 W. Havls YB Plne Bluff, AR Kendle, Clyde G. P. O. Box 100 Woodson, AR Kentle, Kathy L. 2200 Woodlawn AP Plne Bluff, AR Key, Anna M. 1415 Chestnut Plne Bluff, AR Keyes, Alperdls L. 3508 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Keyes, Rose M. 3508 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Khullar, Gurdeep S. Kllgore, Roderlck 1700 W. 24th St. Plne Bluff, AR Klncade, Wlllle B. Lewls Klndle, Femandez R. Klndle, Larry D. 1415 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR king, Amos 1801 Fluke: an Plne Bluff, AR Klng, Cynthla L. 2105 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Klng, Ellzabeth A. 814 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Klng, James C. Hunt Klng, Lynda N. Route 7, Box 524 Plne Bluff, AR Klng, Mllle A. Flscher Klng, Reather R. 2201 Reed Plne Bluff, AR Klng, Sandra K. Rt 5, Bx. 885 Plne Bluff, AR Klng, Tommle L. Hunt Klrkwood, Erlc U. 1400 Beech Apt. Plne Bluff, AR Klrkwood, Howard 1503 N. Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Klrmanl, Roblna N. 502 Whltefleld D. Plne Bluff, AR Kltchens, Augusta 913 W. Skull Plne Bluff, AR Knlght, Anthony J. Lewls Knlght, Carfton C. Douglas Knlght, Chlqulta J. 111211: Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Knott, Robert G. 2700 Cherry Plne Bluff, AR Kwenlsal, Inzwanal 920 W. 28th Plne Bluff, AR Kyser, Deandre 1218 S. Larch Plne Bluff, AR LLLLLL Laflora, Julle L. 4118 W. Bumett Plne Bluff, AR LaGrant, Marva J. 1720 Texas Plne Bluff, AR Lagrene, Alfreda A. 212 s. Myrtle Plne Bluff, AR Lagrone, Selldla F. Rt 5, Bol 11 Plne Bluff, AR Lamb, Pstrlcla Copeland zzsllndex and Candid Photos B L. Lambert, Valerl E. 3108 W. Sht 13th Plne Bluff, AR Lane, Edward Douglas Lang, Annette Y. 1422 State St. Plne Bluff, AR Lang, Jennlfer L. 2311 Bell St. Plne Bluff, AR Lal-km, Ruby D. m 1, ax 194A snr cny, AR Larkln, Sandra K. Copeland Laster, Angela M. Johnson Lattlng, Jean E. Johnson Lavender, Allse D. 2113 Montlcello Plne Bluff, AR Lawrence, Joseph A. 817 W. 29 Plne Bluff, AR Lawson, Djuana P. 1810 Vlrglnla Plne Bluff, AR Lawson, Horatlo A. Douglas Lawson, Jearlene Lawson, Otls J. 1704 W. 5th Plne Bluff, AR Layne, Tyree 1220'!a Townsen Plne Bluff, AR Layne, Tyrone 122011: Townsen Plne Bluff, AR Lee, Anthony D. 2800 N. Belair Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Lee, Carolyn D. 3715 W. 8th Plne Bluff, AR Lee, Charles E. 3304 S. Maln Plne Bluff, AR Lee, Clyde 3304 S. Maln Plne Bluff, AR Lee, Janle P. 4813 W. Sht 3rd Plne Bluff, AR Lee, K0l'lf1Qffl J. 3304 So. Maln Plne Bluff, AR Lee, Reglnald C. 1119 N. Wlllow Plne Bluff, AR Lee, Rochelle Johnson Lee, Stanley 1201 So. Hlckory Plne Bluff, AR Leggett, Robert F. Leopard, Ellzabeth A 8910 Brlerwood Plne Bluff, AR Leopard, Karen C. 117 Robln St. Plne Bluff, AR Leopard, Mandy B. Rt 1, Box 15 Rlson, AR Leslle, Cecllle B. 902 W. 28th Plne Bluff, AR Lever, Anthony B. 1905 W. 8th Plne Bluff, AR Lever, Emma J. Rt 8, BX 82 Plne Bluff, AR Lever, Veronica L. 3515 W. Vauglne Pine Bluff, AR Lever, Zlna M. 3515 W. Vauglne Pine Bluff, AR Levlngston, Rochelle 118 S. Linden Plne Bluff, AR Lewis, Angela D. 2005V1 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Lewls, Drunell 2402 Bell Plne Bluff, AR Lewis, Ephron H. Hunt Lewls, Fennle M. 37 Watson Blvd Plne Bluff, AR Lewls, Janlce D. Plne Bluff, AR Lewls, Kenneth G. Hunt Lewls, Lawanda F. 1103 Elm Plne Bluff, AR Llddell, Mary A. 1604 E. 5th Plne Bluff, AR Llghtsey, Frances A. 82 West Mlllaway Plne Bluff, AR Llles, Gwen Rt 1, Bx 174 Redfleld, AR Llndsay, Nancy A. Rt 7, Box 97 Plne Bluff, AR Lindsey, Gary R. Thomas Llngo, Donald S. 400 Bunker Hlll Plne Bluff, AR Llngo, Robert G. 400 Bunker Hlll Plne Bluff, AR Llpacomb, Stafford 910 N. Sht. Cedat Plne Bluff, AR Llttle, Eddle L. Th0l'f1ll Llttle, Lamar 0. Llttle, Larry L. Thomas Llttleton, Mchenry 2200 Maln 46A Plne Bluff, AR Llttleton, Sheryl L. 30-D Cottonwood Plne Bluff, AR Lltzsey, Maurfce 304 S. Junlper Plne Bluff, AR Lltzsey, Monlca J. 4201 W. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Llvlngston, George W. 503 Carter Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Lockett, Saundra D. 1309 S. Orange St. Plne Bluff, AR Lockhart, Rayshun L. Douglas Lofton, Daryl W. Hunt Logan, ldell A. 1101 Hemlock Plne emu, AR Lohnes, Katie S. 2000 W. 25th Plne Bluff, AR London, Onlka L. 13 Bonnle Park Plne Bluff, AR Long, Charley Thomas Long, Loretta R. 1505 W. Berraque Plne Bluff, AR Lord, Gregory L. Rt. 8, Box 972 Plne Bluff, AR Lord, Julle A. Rt 8, Bx 972 Plne Bluff, AR Lott, Wllma R. Copeland Love, Jlf1lC9 l. Lunsford, Randy W. Lusk, Charles E. 2124 W. Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Luster, Valerie R. 401 W. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Lyons, Theresa D. Johnson MMMMM Mack, Deverick D. Lewis Mack, Jen-y L. 87 Cypress Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Mack, Mlchael A. Hunt Mack, Rlchard Mack, Ruthle L. 87 Cypress Plne Bluff, AR Kappas have 510 Myrtle Plne Bluff, AR Lovell, Deborah L. Lowe, Alvln C. 1504 Nebraska Plne Bluff, AR Lowe, Beverly A. 1918 W. 21st Plne Bluff, AR Lowe, Brldget K. 2101 Woodgate 88 Plne Bluff, AR Lowe, Olethla L. 218 Sycamore Plne Bluff, AR Lowe, Sharon L. 1504 Nebraska St. Plne Bluffm AR Lucas, Rlcky U. Thomas Luckett, Pamela G. 5418 Smart Plne Bluff, AR Lundy, Cynthla Ms Mlllaway Plne Bluff, AR .. ,kj- the floor. mln, Roberta D. 25 neu oak Redfleld, AR Makla, Japhet N. 1209 E. 3rd Plne Bluff, AR Malcolm, Arthur L. 1811 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Mallett, Annette 4301 W. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Manley, Trudy N. 2407 Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Mannlng, Donald R. P. O. Bx. 331 Althelmer, AR Mannlng, Theodla 2305 Woodlawn QB Plne Bluff, AR Manuel, Anlta K. 305 Maple Plne Bluff, AR Manuel, Gerald D. Rt. 8, Bl 474-B Plne Bluff, AR 3 . Manuel, Sandra R. 201 W. 35th Plne Bluff, AR March, Ruth 300 W. 13th, Apt 3 Plne Bluff, AR Marchbanks, Edward C. Rt. 8, Box 30 Plne Bluff, AR Marks, Carolyn R. Rt 2, Bx. 135 Plne Bluff, AR Marlow, Dale G. Douglas Marrow, Rosetter M. 3301 Ohlo Plne Bluff, AR Marshall, Chrlatlne Rt 1, Box 188 Sherrlll, AR Marshall, Martha A. Johnson Marshall, Tracy A. Douglas Martln, Bemlce 2208 W. 18th Plne Bluff, AR Martln, Beverly A. Rt 1, Box 57-A-1 Sherrlll, AR Martln, Calvln Hunt Martln, Ida M. P. O. Box 266 Althelmer, AR Martln, Marletta E. 1402 W. 19th Plne Bluff, AR Martln, Marllyn Y. 1402 W. 19H Plne Bluff, AR Martlndale, Carole A. Rt 8 Bx 746 Plne Bluff, AR Maaon, Dorothy J. UAPB Fac Apts 88 Plne Bluff, AR Mason, Edwln B. Thomas Mason, Gwendolyn F. 4211 W. 8th Plne Bluff, AR Mason, Kenneth N. Douglas Massey. Adrlan G. Thomas Mathews, Charles D. Matthews, Beverly Y. Traller CtlUnlv Plne Bluff, AR Matthews, Ellzabeth R. 907 W. 46th Plne Bluff, AR Matthews, Gregory F. Hunt Matthews, Jlmmy 1001 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Maupln, Mary L. 708E Dogwood Ln Plne Bluff, AR Maxey, Beatrlce L. Copeland Maxle, JoAnn 1702 Reed St. Plne Bluff, AR Maxle, Velma R. Stevens Maxle, Wllma F. Stevens Maxwell, Klmmle S. 1006 Alexander D Plne Bluff, AR May, Carollne V. Johnson May, Dana C. Johnson May, Edwln L. Hunt May, Roderick L. 1801 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Maynard, Phyllls Rte 4 Bx 68M Plne Bluff, AR Mays, Bennett J. 4410 W Hepbum Plne Bluff, AR Mays, Booker T. Douglas Mays, Rodney C. 3600 Loulalala Plne Bluff, AR Mays, Shlrley F. Stevens 61 Watson Blvd Plne Bluff, AR Mays, Steven B. 715 W 5th Plne Bluff, AR Mayweather, Flora J. 2430 W Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Mbamalu, Chlke C. Ben Mar Apt 820 Plne Bluff, AR McAlllster, Jennlfer A. 2120 W 30th 41 Plne Bluff, AR McAIlIster, Lloyd K. Lewls McArthur, Wllllam Mm. P 0 Bx 4401 UAPB Plne Bluff, AR McBride, Charlotte R. 1101 S. Pear Plne Bluff, AR McBrlde, Eula M. 1802 E. Clrcle Dr. Plne Bluff, AR McBryde, Nlna E. 2300 Belmoor Plne Bluff, AR McCampbelI, Derrlck R. Hunt McCann, Joseph B. 4321 Ollve 842 Plne Bluff, AR McClaln, Cleon 4229 W. Long 4th Plne Bluff, AR McCIaIn, Jackle R. 4229 W. 4th Plne Bluff, AR McCleary, Betty L. Rt. 4 Bx. 8032 Plne Bluff, AR McClellan, Patrlcla L. Rt. 1 Box 346 New Edlnburg, AR McClIntock, Jeffrey J. 3 Patrlck Henry Plne Bluff, AR McCIlnton, Deborah A. 1015 Unlv Dr. Plne Bluff, AR McCllnton, Edmond 1207 S. Bay St. Plne Bluff, AR McClure, Dana D. Copeland McClure, Walter M. 322 S. Larch St. Plne Bluff, AR McCoy, Alfonso L. McCoy, Angela K. 505 Reynolda me Plne Bluff, AR McCoy, Brlan 0. 1813 Havls Plne Bluff, AR McCoy, Chrla A. Lewls McCoy, Juanlta K. Copeland Rt 2, Box 224-H Plne Bluff, AR McCoy, Katle 308 W. 7th Sherldan, AR McCoy, Llnda F. 606 Plum Plne Bluff, AR McCoy, Ruby C. Rt. 2, Box 224H Althelmer, AR McCraw, Nathanlel 217B N. Poplar Plne Bluff, AR McCray, Cle Etta 520 E. 22nd Plne Bluff, AR McCree, Debra A. 1015 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR McCree, Sandra P. 714 North Plum Plne Bluff, AR McDanIel, Brenda F. Johnson MCDll'llll, Bruce McDanlel, Fredrlck L. McDay, Vera V. 1106Vz N. Hazel Plne Bluff, AR McDonald, Frlsco 1002 Belmont Plne Bluff, AR McDonald, Luther D. 801 N. Hlckory Plne Bluff, AR McDonald, Ronda K. Rt. 1, Bx. 31B Grady, AR McDonald, Terry R. 3207 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR McFaIIs, Alan K. 1302 Utah St. Plne Bluff, AR McFIeld, Darrel 1607 W. Havls Plne Bluff, AR McGarlty, Karen D. Rt. 2, Box 15130 Plne Bluff, AR McGarlty, Tommle Rt. 6, Box 806 Plne Bluff, AR McGee, Danlal L. Douglas McGee, Gregory L. 5901 Carbon Plne Bluff, AR McGee, Larry W. Rt 8, Box 615 Plne Bluff, AR McGee, Rufus C. 72 Watson Blvd. Plne Bluff, AR McGehee, Catha A. 1909 W. 9th Plne Bluff, AR McGruder, Laveme Stevens McHan, Margaret A. P. 0. Box 500 Grady, AR McHenry, Vhanesa E. Mclnnla, Mlchael D. Douglas Mclntosh, Alberta 2305 Woodlawn Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Mclntosh, Dorla 2606 Remell Ave. Plne Bluff, AR Mclnfyfe, Chester Z. 909 No. Wlllow Plne Bluff, AR McJoy, Gwendolyn B11 N. Hlckory Plne Bluff, AR McKellar, Laluana 13 Watson Blvd Plne Bluff, AR McKenzle, Deborah A. 606 N. Plum Plne Bluff, AR McKeown, Shella O. Copeland McKeown, Stephane R. 721 N. Maple Plne Bluff, AR McKeown, Tammer C. Copeland McKlsslck, Creshondra R. 37A Watson Blvd Plne Bluff, AR McKnlght, Dlna H. 1002 N. Hemlock if Plne Bluff, AR Manny, Charles A. m a, 3720 Ohio mm snuff, AR McLemore, Sandra K. McMurray, Jeffrey W. 1101 S. Wlllow Plne Bluff, AR McMurray, Vlctor C. Hunt McNeal, Durrall Thomas McNell, Brltt A. Rt 11, Bx 616 Plne Bluff, AR McNelIl, Enna M. 1401 W. 23rd Ave. Plne Bluff, AR McNellI, Wllma S. 1102 West St. Plne Bluff, AR McShan, Denlse Stevens McWha, Debra L. 300 W 13th Plne Bluff, AR MODIS, N0ll0f1 L. Melbert, Jerry P. Douglas Melder, James R. P. 0. Bx. 7825 Plne Bluff, AR Menyuah, Bosah P. O. Box 9952 Llttle Rock, AR Merto, Joseph W. 2505 E. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Metcalf, Carolyn 2020 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Metzger, Donald P. Rt. 9 315 N. Pinew Plne Bluff, AR Meyer, Cheryl D. P. 0. Bx 5401 Plne Bluff, AR Mlckens, Patricia C. P. O. Box 59 Althelmer, AR Mllea, Gregory 721 Mulberry QD Plne Bluff, AR Mlles, Vlncenf W. 2521 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, AI N. Hunt Mlller, Brlan V. Hunt Mlller, Christopher J. 1820 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Dedrll L. 1702 Reed St. Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Donna R. Rt 1, Bx 729 Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, James E. 820 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Joseph R. 923 East 13th Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Kenny A. Thomas Mlller, Lawanda Flscher Mlller, Lols L. 1328 S. Flr Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Martha J. Flscher Mlller, Mallne P. O. Box 234 Sherldan, AR Mlller, Rachel C. 2107 Reeker XB Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Raphael A. 923 E. 13th Ave. Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Robln E. 923 E. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Ruthle D. 1307 E. 3rd Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Shella R. Copeland Mlller, Shellah R. 810 N. Hazel Plne Bluff, AR Mlller, Wlllle B. 1111 W. Vauglne Plne Bluff, AR Mllls, Llnda B. 1133 N. Magnolla Plne Bluff, AR Mllls, Patrlcla A. Rt. 9 29 N. Plnewd Plne Bluff, AR Mllton, Kenneth W. Hunt Mllton, Robert A. Hunt Mlskell, Llsa M. Rf 1, Bx 577 Plne Bluff, AR Mlster, Maloney A. Copeland Mltchell, Kalaybra F. Flscher Mltchell, Reglna D. 2619 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Mltchell, Shlrley A. Rt 7 Bx 75 W Gr Plne Bluff, AR Mltchell, Vanessa C. 412 N. Lowe stungan, AR Mltchell, Wesley W. Tucker Unlt Tucker, AR Mlxon, Deborah A. 3302 La Plne Bluff, AR Mobley, Dennls 1132 Hazel Plne Bluff, AR Moland, Vemon E. Douglas Molock, James R. Rt 1, Bx 312 Plne Bluff, AR Monk, Betty V. 2004 E. Barraque Pine Bluff, AR Monk, Dlwana D. 6300 Timberlake Plne Bluff, AR Montgomery, Darryl R Douglas Montgomery, Everett M Lewls Montgomery, Harrlett S Moore, Brenda C. Moore, Clarence Lewls Moore, Comell P. Douglas Moore, Cynthla G. Rt A, Box 23 Grady, AR Moore, Danny L. Hunt Moore, Glenda S. Rt 1, Box 23 Grady, AR Moore, Gregory A. Hunt Moore, Jerry H. 1500 Belmont Plne Bluff, AR Moore, Larry J. Sldney St. Apt 4A Plne Bluff, AR Moore, Llnda R. Copeland Moore, Orelene Copeland Moore, Phyllls L. 3909 Flr Plne Bluff, AR Moore, Reglnald K. 2900 W. 10th St. Plne Bluff, AR Moore, Ronald D. 4500 Unlon 436 Plne Bluff, AR Moore, Roy L. 519 Unlverslty D. Plne Bluff, AR Index and Candid Photosfzzr Moses, Ronald R. Neal, Carolyn A. Moore, Sharon A. 117 So. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Moore, Shells D. Flacher Moore, Terry D. Moore, Vlncent L. Lewls Moorehead, Wesley A. 810 E. 21st Plne Bluff, AR Moorman, Terri V. Morehead, David F. 6 Eastwood Court Plne Bluff, AR Morehead, Jarvis B. 8 Eastwood Court Plne Bluff, AR Morgan, Ruby M. Morris, Allcla G. 1216 W. 5th Plne Bluff, AR Morrla, Debra L. Rt 9, Bx 125 S. Plne Bluff, AR Morrla, Grace J. 4819 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Morris, Janet A. 29 Goldflnch Cov Plne Bluff, AR Morrla, Kelth N. Lewls Morris, Luclnda M. 9B Cottonwood CI Plne Bluff, AR Morris, Margaret D. P. 0. Box 21 Tucker, AR Morrison, Robert W. Hunt Mosby, Bemestlne 1409 S. Magnolla Plne Bluff, AR Moseby, Patrlcla 803 N. Hickory St. Plne Bluff, AR Hunt Moss, Erma J. 2200 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Moss, Mark E. Johnson 519 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Mostafsvl, Esmall 2809 W. 25th Plne Bluff, AR Muldrew, Sherry L. 2105 Reeker St. Plne Bluff, AR Murphy, Kevln L. Box 500 Grady, AR Murphy, LaDonna M. 2308 W. Belalr Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Murphy, Margle R. 2801 W. Pullen Plne Bluff, AR Murphy, Vlckle A. P. O. Box 147 Wabbaseka, AR Murray, Jacqueline 2108 State Plne Bluff, AR Murray, Roy E. 2103 Woodllwn 18 Plne Bluff, AR zzallndex and Candid Murrell, Brendetta 420 W. 9th Plne Bluff, AR Murrell, Dlane E. 2200 W. High Plne Bluff, AR Murry, Belynda Copeland Murry, Elizabeth B. 1015 N. Cedar Q11 Plne Bluff, AR Murry, Gwendolyn D. Copeland Murry, Ives T. Lewls Murry, Vanessa M. Johnson Rt 2, Bx 125E Althelmer, AR Mutzberg, Tod L. Rt 1, Box 339 Plne Bluff, AR Myton, Clausey 204 W. 34th Plne Bluff, AR NNNNNNN Nablel, Mohammed B. 2000 Pkway Dr 05 No. Llttle Rock, AR Nalls, Melvln 1225 Mlssourl St. Plne Bluff, AR Nash, Cora L. P. 0. Box 58 Gould, AR Nash, Josle F. 2202 W. 22 X228 Plne Bluff, AR Nash, Juroms Hunt Nash, Mary L. 23 Lexington Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Nash, Rlcky L. Hunt College Manor Ap Plne Bluff, AR Nlthln, Fred 0. 1132 N. Hazil Plflo Bluff, AR Nazeml, Mohammad-Mehdl P. O. Box 1978 Plne Bluff, AR 2308 W. Bell Plne Bluff, AR Neal, Fredrick 2324 E. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Neal, Rhonda F. 210 N. Bols D'Arc Plne Bluff, AR Neal, Roslyn W. 1115 Larch Plne Bluff, AR Neal, Sonya M. 210 No. Bols D'Arc Plne Bluff, AR Neal, Wayne E. Neal, Yvette E. 1204 South St. Plne Bluff, AR Nebollsa, Klngston E. 808 Barrow Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Nebollsa, Sosklce E. 808 Barrow Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Photos Needler, Jay E. 2 Hampton Place Plne Bluff, AR Neely, Carol A. Stevens Neely, Reglna E. Stevens Nelson, Carl L. 4012 W. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Nelson, Darryl Douglas Nelson, Donald Nelson, Exle M. Rt 3, Box 435 Plna Bluff, AR Nelson, Gary W. 302 S. Oak Plne Bluff, AR Nelson, Kaye B. Fischer Nelson, Ollver Hunt Nelson, Rlckey C. Rt 3, Box 441 Plne Bluff, AR Nelson, Ronnle 1211 N. Palm Plne Bluff, AR Nesby, Evelyn J. 815 So. Cypress Plne Bluff, AR Nesby, Wlllle M. 015 S. Cypress St. Plne Bluff, AR Newby, Sandra K. Flscher Newton, Carole A. Rt. 1, Bx 880 Plne Bluff, AR Newton, Mary P. O. Box 8313 Plne Bluff, AR Nlchola, Cleothl Nlchola, Karl B. Douglas Nlchola, Raymond 702 N. Unlv. Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Nicholson, Brenda K. 105 W. 12th 02 Plne Bluff, AR NlCftOlB0fl, DObOfll'l K. 501 W. 12 02 Plne Bluff, AR Nicholson, l-lelen M. 1800 N. Cedar 02 Plne Bluff, AR Nlkaeflt, All 210 W. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Nlmmer, Vanessa 2523 Orlando Plne Bluff, AR Nlx, Martha E. 1300 Colllns Rd Plne Bluff, AR Nnachetam, Grace l. 4400 Unlon 812 Plne Bluff, AR Nnachetam, Rosellne N. 701 Wlsconsln 02 Plne Bluff, AR Nnachetam, Stephen A. 701 Wlsconsln AP, AR Noble, Llnda S. Nooner, Marllyn J. Rt 2 Bx 441-D Sherldan, AR Norful, Shawn J. 3204 W 11th Plne Bluff, AR Norman, Brldgelt A. Copeland Norman, Davld E. N0fl'f1ll'l, JGNII, L. 4209 W 17th Plne Bluff, AR Norris, Larry B. P. O. Box 500 Grady, AR Norton, Diane A. 812 Beech Plne Bluff, AR Noslrl, Benlamln I. 1312 Loulslana S Llttle Rock, AR Nuckolls, Ellen K. 5 Idylwood Plne Bluff, AR Nunnery, Ellgah Douglas Nwachukwu, Sylva O. Nwagu, Kanayo J. 1813 W. Havls Plne Bluff, AR Nwankwo, Noble O. 701 Wlsconsln Bluff, AR Nwegbo, Lawrence 701 Wla. 324 Plne Bluff, AR Nwegbo, Simeon O. 701 Wls. 324 Plne Bluff, AR Nwosu, Jude N. Nzekwe, Alexander 1312 Loulslana 0 L Rock, AR lff1Pine 0. OOOOOO 0'Bannon, Debra A. Unlverslty Drive Plne Bluff, AR Oblnylll, Sylvester N. P. O. Llttle Ochel, 1300 Llffll Odom, 3108 Plne Box 1842 Rock, AR Vlctor A. S. Scott 84 Rock, AR Kevln M. W. 13th Bluff, AR Oduah, Vlctor E. 108 Rlversd 51 Llttle Rock, AR Odunze, Prlcewlll F. P. O. Box 732 Llttle Rock, AR Ofunwa, Stephen I. 4314 Unlon Plne Bluff, AR Ogbodo, Jones I. 5224 Crenshaw 39 Llttle Rock, AR Ogbu, Vincent C. 801 Wlsconsln 45 Plne Bluff, AR Oglesby, Barbara A. 3511 La St Plne Bluff, AR Oglesby, Carolyn E. 3420 Tennessee Plne Bluff, AR Oglesby, Tanya D. 315 E. 28th Ave. Plne Bluff, AR Oguinn, Gerald K. 2704 E. 10th Plne Bluff, AR Ohonai, Bright E. 1314 W. 19th Little Rock, AR Oliabo, Anya I. 519 W. Barraque 4 Plne Bluff, AR Okafor, Thomas T. 301 E. 15th St. Llttle Rock, AR Okeh, Okezle N. 2113 Center Llttle Rock, AR Okeke, Kingsley N. 1304 University Plne Bluff, AR Okekeucho, Stephen P. 801 Wlsconsln Ap. Plne Bluff, AR Okelue, Raymond I. Okoll, Okezle I. 5924 S. Wick 84 Little Rock, AR Okolo, Robinson 0. Bx 14 UAPB Plne Bluff, AR Okonkwo, Tochukwu B. 2920 Flr St 314 Plne Bluff, AR Okosun, Godfrey I. 1319 Wright Ave. Llttle Rock, AR Okpala, Kenneth O. 222 W. 23rd Llttle Rock, AR Okpala, Pamela D. 902 Bols D Arc Plne Bluff, AR Olaker, Malcolm 202 S. Plne St Plne Bluff, AR Ollle, Denlse D. Omolewa, Nelson E. P 0 Box 4083 Plne Bluff, AR Ondoua, Schadrack E. 1823 Catalpa Plne Bluff, AR ONslll, Taml S. 1808 S. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Onuselogu, Churchlll C. 43 Warren Dr. Llttle Rock, AR Onwuchekwa, Eze N. 1312 Loulslana aff Llttle Rock. AR Onwudinlor, Kenneth C. Thomas Onyl, Rockson A. Osakwe, Celestine A. 519 w. aamque Plne Bluff, AR Otovo, Mavl P. 10 Summerdale Ln Llttle Rock, AR Otusl, Patience C. 222 S. 23rd Llttle Rock, AR Owen, Carol A. 1302 W. 28th Plne Bluff, AR Owens, Carolyn F. 42 Ashberry Clrc Plne Bluff, AR Owens, James R. Owens, Tlna I. 2310 W. Hlgh Plne Bluff, AR Ozoekwem, Lawrence N. UAPB Bx 4073 Pine Bluff. AR PPPPPPP Pace, Karen M. Palmer, Carolyn Johnaon Palmer, Lana S. 1110 W. 23rd Pine Bluff, AR Palmer, Roaallnd R. Parchla, Robin R. 801 N. Sprlng Stuttgart, AR Parker, Chrlstlne Stevens Parker, Cllnton C. 1521 W. 2nd Pine Bluff, AR Parker, Darlene 5314 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Parker, Dennls M. 2418 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Parker, Jerlald M. 110111: N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Parker, John F. 808 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Parker, Llnda L. 905 N. Lee Plne Bluff, AR Parks, Debra K. 5305 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Parks, Herbert J. 1103 Unlv Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Parks, Rlckey E. Douglas Paskel, Lowandla F. 1920 Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Patrlck, Patrlcla G. Star Rt ir184B Rlson, AR Patterson, Dale E. Box 500 Grady, AR Patterson, Rlcky P. 0. BOX 447 Rll0ll, AR Patton, Mlchael B. Lewls 1704 W. Reed Plne Bluff, AR Paxton, Jeffrey L. Payne, Rlts J. Copeland Peavy, Tyrone D. 720 N. Palm Plne Bluff, AR Peer, Beverly A. 1101'!z N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Pendleton, Ruby 1108 E. Martln Plne Bluff, AR Penny, Jacqueline F. 201 E. Hickory 03 AR Penny, Mellnda G. 1402 Bailey Plne Bluff, AR Perklns, Penny R. 1111 E. 19th Plne Bluff, AR Perry, Carlena 1601 Fluker Apt. Plne Bluff, AR Perry, Morrls E. Thomas Perry, Robert D. P 0 Box 500 Grady, AR Perry, Sandra D. 2103 Woodgate QB Plne Bluff, AR Peterson, Calvln L. Hunt Peterson, Mark A. Hunt Phllllps, Bessle A. 4 Westwood Ct. Plne Bluff, AR Phllllps, Linda K. 2105 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Phllllps, Linda M. Gen. Del. Bx. 31 Crocketts Blu, AR Phllllps, Llee Phllllps, Mlchael K. Hunt Phllllps, Nettle B. 410 W. McKinley S. Stuttgart, AR Phllllps, Norma G. Stevens Phlllips, Theresa B. 802 Becky Dr. Redfleld, AR Phlnlsee, Ava F. Flacher Pittman, Calvln L. 3716 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Pittman, Rosle L. Stevens Poe, Cynthla Y. Bx 152 Woodson, AR Poe, Jessie M. Polndexter, Carole G. 19 N Rlcherd Dr Plne Bluff, AR Polnter, Marvln L. Lewls Polnter, Tonl E. 4411 W. 28th 4910 Plne Bluff, AR Polk, Alfred S. Lewls Box 94 Wabbaseka, AR Polk, Annette C. Stevens Porter, Barbara J. 3106 W. Bth Plne Bluff, AR Porter, Jlmmy 605 N. Hlckory Plne Bluff, AR Porter, Mamle L. 3706 W. 8th Plne Bluff, AR Porter, Mlchale Hunt Potter, Kelth A. Douglas Powell, Emma L. 1011 S. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Powell, Jewell K. 206 W. 35th Plne Bluff, AR Powell, Kelvfh D. Powell, Loretta A. 509 N. Plum St. Plne Bluff, AR Powell, Mlchael L. 519 Unlverslty D. Plne Bluff, AR Powell, Patrlcla M. Copeland Prlce, Elfreda BX 81 Humphrey, AR Prlce, Jeffrey S. 3602 Meadow Dr Plne Bluff, AR Prlce, Steven L. 1413 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Prldgeon, Dwlght B. 4013 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Pridgeon, Joseph E. 4013 W. 17tl1 Plne Bluff, AR Prldgeon, Venltta L. 4013 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Prlggett, Gwendolyn 1015 Unlv Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Prltchett, James L. Hunt Prowell, Barbara R. 2101 Reeker Apt. Plne Bluff, AR Prowell, Calvln D. Thomaa Prowell, Carolyn UAPB Plne Bluff, AR Prultt, Benlamln L. Hunt Prultt, Phyllls K. 814 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Prunhauer, Louls G. Pumphrey, Cleta G. Rt 2, Bl 588A Sheridan, AR QQQQQQ Quslls, Evelyn A. 1123 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Quarles, Mary S. Johnson Guattlebaum, Janle 1600 W. 35th Plne Bluff, AR Gueathem, Kenneth Rt 9, Bx 1056 Plne Bluff, AR RRRRR Refter, Alloe D. SIIVOIII Rafter, Brenda L. Stevens Raglon, Gregory D. 1711 Vlrglnla Plne Bluff, AR RR Ragon, Llbby A. 52 South Rlchard Plne Bluff, AR Rahlm, AI-Mustafa 722 N. Maple St. Pine Bluff, AR Ralnes, Wedlsue A. 1901 Colleglate Plne Bluff, AR Ralney, Clarence 311 W. 34th Plne Bluff, AR Ramey, Nancy L. 1019 W. Scull St. Plne Bluff, AR Randle, Katrlna 2701 N. Belalr Plne Bluff, AR Raney, Karen M. 119 W. 23rd Ave. Plne Bluff, AR Rankln, Brenda S. 716 N. Locust Plne Bluff, AR Ranklns, Marfean 1904 W. Havls Plne Bluff, AR Raspberry, Charles K. Thomas Ratcllff, John W. Ratcllff, Mlldred M. Ratllff, Wayne A. P 0 Bx 9062 Plne Bluff, AR Raula, Llnda C. Rt 11, Box 4510 Plne Bluff, AR Ravlon, Ruby J. 2430 Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Rawllngs, Weldon N. Hunt 519 Unlv Dr Plne Bluff, AR Rawls, Ann Rt 11, Bl 1457 Plne Bluff, AR Ray, Emma J. 1712 S. Amll Plne Bluff, AR Rayford, Janlce M. 2312 W. Bell St. Plne Bluff, AR Reams, Eddle L. 2102 W. Havls Plne Bluff, AR Reddy, Anltha R. Rt 7, Box 1, Scenl Plne Bluff, AR Reddy, Prlnlthe R. Rt 7, Box 7 Plne Bluff, AR Redmond, Garrlck A. 1226 N. Wlllow Plne Bluff, AR Reed, Brent E. 3001 Catalpa Plne Bluff, AR Reed, Dollester P 0 Box 56 Humphrey, AR ana, anon. J. 512 Mulberry Pm. snuff, AR Reed, Karen L. Johnson Reed, Llsa D. 2710 W. 25th Plne Bluff, AR Reed, Marlowen 2405 Beau Monde Plne Bluff, AR Reed, Marshal D. P 0 Box 500 Grady, AR Reed, Merrl A. 105 Talbot Plne Bluff, AR Reed, Mlchael V. Lewls Reed, Samuel C. 2022 Galnes St. Llttle Rock, AR Reed, Xavler Douglas Reese, Bobby E. Hunt Remley, Bobble J. 501 N. l-laverty Plne Bluff, AR Renken, Glen A. 5605 Knlght Plne Bluff, AR Reynolda, Beverly K. P O Box 371 Humphrey, AR Reynolds, Beverly N. 26 Needles Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Reynolds, Cassandra D. Rt 2, Box 331 Plne Bluff, AR Reynolds, Elizabeth A. Johnson Chestnut St. Althelmer, AR Reynolds, JBITIQI R. Rt 0, BX 824C Ken Plne Bluff, AR Reynolds, James R. 706 E. Dogwood Plne Bluff, AR RHOUOII, J0flY1fflC0 M. 825 E. 17th Plne Bluff, AR Rhoden, Owen L. Rt 5, Bx 600 Sherldan, AR Rhodes, Harvey L. Rhodes, Janlce D. 1711 W. 22nd Rhodes, Ronald J. Rt 1, Bx 434 Plne Bluff, AR Rhodel, Vlrgll R. 615 Mlleourl Plne Bluff, AR Rhone, Kenneth D. 119 Unlv Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Rlce, Dawn M. 71 Westem Drlve Plne Bluff, AR Rlce, Decarlo L. 506 N. Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Rlce, Hazel M. Rt 6, Bx 1016 Plne Bluff, AR Rlce, Lola M. 2602 Roane Plne Bluff, AR Rlce, Steven L. 1318 Texas St. Plne Bluff, AR Rlchards, Agnes J. 4107 Flr Plne Bluff, AR Rlchards, Lllllan L. 2005 Woodgate 13 Plne Bluff, AR Rlchardson, Cathy D. 1015 N. Cypress Plne Bluff, AR Ridgle, Cynthia D. Stevens Rldgway, Carolyn A. 7207 Middle Warr Plne Bluff, AR Rlggs, Vera Rlley, Sandra F. Copeland Rlngo, Donnie n. 1oo E. 13th Pins Bluff, AR Rlvers, Billy L. 1100 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Rohblns, Jeffrey W. 406 Surburbla Rt Plne Bluff, AR Roberson, Cheryl F. 3520 W. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Roberts, Anthony T. Thomas Roberts, Jennifer R. 4903 W. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Roberts, Neco M. Copeland Roblns, Arvette M. Flacher Roblnson, Alicla Copeland Robinson, Carolyn A. Plne Bluff, AR Roblnson, Cynthla L. 1215 N. Magnolia Plne Bluff, AR Roblnson, Dalsy M. 1615 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Roblnson, Debra A. 1615 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Roblnson, Don 2103 Woodgate APA Plne Bluff, AR Roblnson, Gaynell E. 1920 Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Roblnson, George McKinney Road Sherrlll, AR Roblnson, Gerald L. Hunt P 0 Box 203 Humphrey, AR Roblnson, Gwendolyn Fischer Roblnson, Gwendolyn A. 1200 S. Holly Plne Bluff, AR Roblnson, Havlth P. P 0 Box 55 Jefferson, AR Roblnson, Joyce M. P O Box 1996 Plne Bluff, AR Roblnson, Reglna Stevens Roblnson, Reglnald Hunt Roblnson, Sandy R. 114 N. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Roblnson, Shen'le L. Rt 1 Bx 310 Rlson, AR Robison, Walter R. 2704 Patrlcla Plne Bluff, AR Roby, Jeanette Y. 3305 Pennsylvani Plne Bluff, AR Rockett, Wanda S. 1200 E. 34th Plne Bluff, AR Rodgers, Karen E. 2016 Havis St Plne Bluff, AR Rodgers, Robert L. 02 Sout Rlchard Plne Bluff, AR Rogers, Anthony D. Hunt Rogers, Dwight C. 120 Llnden 41 Plne Bluff, AR Rogers, Marsha L. Rt 8 30 Whippor Plne Bluff, AR Rolllns, Felicia G. 32122 Pennsylvan Plne Bluff, AR Romlne, Mark A. 2000 Avondale Plne Bluff, AR Rorle, Roderick A. Rt 3, BX 126R Sheridan, AR Rose, Cathy L. 2504 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Roshell, Brenda S. 114 N. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Ross, John A. 3511 W. Sht. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Ross, Merllyn A. 2402 Bell St. Plne Bluff, AR Ross, Samanthla Ross, Stoney L. Hunt Roston, Larry C. 1503'!a N Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Rouse, Eamest J. 1002 Hemlock 81 Plne Bluff, AR Rouse, Eric J. 1313 Townsend Dr Plne Bluff, AR Rouse, Evelyn J. 1101 Kentucky Plne Bluff, AR Rowland, Jennie L. 5810 W. 14th St Plne Bluff, AR Rucker, Dorls P 0 Box 46 Gould, AR Ruggerl, Jo A. Rt 5, Bx 546 G1 Plne Bluff, AR Ruhge, Wllllem J. Rushlng, Joy L. 1600 W. 26th Plne Bluff, AR Rushlng, Sallle 2105 W. Havls Plne Bluff, AR Rushlng, Stephen M 609 Wlsconsln 45 Plne Bluff, AR Russ, Deborah R. 0 Westwood Ct Plne Bluff, AR Russell, Carolyn S. 1211 Marlon Plne Bluff, AR lFldeX and Candid Pl'lOtOSf229 Russell, Paula A. Copeland Ryan, Amold P. Ryan, Erlc V. 2414 Oak Plne Bluff, AR RYIOS, Dlvld A. 1605 Llrch Plne Bluff, AR SSSSSSS Sabb, Michelle G. Rt 1, Box 27 Sherrlll, AR Saln, Gregory 810 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Seln, Juanlta Johnson Salley, Sandra R. Copeland Sample, Latanya S. Samuel, Evangellne M. Sanders, Charlotte 3115 Old Warren Plne Bluff, AR Sanders, Herschel L. Sanders, Jacquellne D. 1707 Vaughn Plne Bluff, AR SIIIUOTI, JOIYIOHO M. 1100Vz N. Hllel Plne Bluff, AR Sanders, Joyce L. 2200 Woodlawn ME Plne Bluff, AR Sanders, Lyna C. 3403 Loulslans S Plne Bluff, AR Sanders, Ray A. 1823 W. 14th Plne Bluff, AR Sanders, Reglna F. Stevens Sanders, Rosemary 12B Cottonwood P. Plne Bluff, AR Sanders, Sylvla M. 101 Wlsconsln 31 Plne Bluff, AR Sanders, Trannle L. 2200 Woodlawn IIE Plne Bluff, AR Saucler, Judy C. Savage, Joyce A. 2811 W. 34th alt4B Plne Bluff, AR Sawyer, Jerome Thomas Scalfe, Amette R. 3505 Mlssourt Plne Bluff, AR Scales, Kelth E. Thomas Scales, Loulse 1103 Unlverslty Plne Bluff, AR Scales, Steven 1211 Palm Plne Bluff, AR Schull, Charlotte R. 4321 Ollve 89 Plne Bluff, AR Schultz, Marcla 1201 Boston Dr. Plne Bluff, AR zaollndex and Candid Schumacher, Sherry 1807 W. 32nd Plne Bluff, AR Scott, Janet G. P 0 Box 7214 Plne Bluff, AR Scott, Janet L. 2105 Havls St. Plne Bluff, AR Scott, Kenneth B. 3302 W. 14th Plne Bluff, AR Scott, Paula D. P 0 Box 97 Moscow, AR Scott, Rose M. 1420 South Grant Plne Bluff, AR Scrogglne, Randy G. P 0 Bl 1044 Plne Bluff, AR Seago, Mary A. Rt 9 18 N. Plnewo Plne Bluff, AR Seboum, Randy 403 Sybll Plne Bluff, AR Selmon, James L. Douglas Selvy, Mattle L. Johnson Sepulveda, Susan D. 818 W. 28 825A Plne Bluff, AR Seward, Bemlce 37A Watson Blvd Plne Bluff, AR Seward, Klm L. Copeland 901 Pulaskl Seward, Mona P. Stevens Sexton, Janet L. Rt. 9, 18 N. Ptnewo Plne Bluff, AR Shackelford, Allce 2502 W. Bell Plne Bluff, AR Shannon, Tenlta L. 1103 N. Unlverslty Plne Bluff, AR Sharpe, Ray A. 4120 Bonnle Park Plne Bluff, AR Shavers, Barbara R. Rt 1, Box 85 Grady, AR Shavers, Lorralne 901 W. 3rd Plne Bluff, AR Shaw, Arthur J. 3714 West Scull Plne Bluff, AR Shaw, Joyce L. 3714 W. Scull Plne Bluff, AR Shaw, Kenneth E. 2415 North Roose Plne Bluff, AR Shaw, Mllllat C. Shaw, Patrlcla A. 3714 W. Scull Plne Bluff, AR Shaw, Stoney E. 1711 Loulslans Plne Bluff, AR Shaw, Walter C. Thomas Shelby, Kathleen M. was N. Magnon. Plne sum, AR Photos Shelton, John E. P O Bx 202 Altelmer, AR Shepherd, Tracy V. Johnson Sherrtll, Edward E. 915 Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Shln, Kwang S. Shorter, Curtls J. 2109 Reed St. Plne Bluff, AR Shorter, Eloulse 2801 Remmel Plne Bluff, AR Shorter, Jacquellne 2109 Reed St. Plne Bluff, AR Shorter, Jeeale E. 2801 Remmel St Plne Bluff, AR Shue, Cynthla F. 1809 E. Clrcle Dr Plne Bluff, AR Shults, Thomas A. Rt 1, Box 828 Plne Bluff, AR Slmmons, Brenda Stevens Slmmons, John L. 1902 Marsh St. Plne Bluff, AR Slmma, Kelvln 2020 Plne St. Plne Bluff, AR Slmon, Stanley Douglas Slmon, Vanetta L. 4502 W 15th Plne Bluff, AR Slmpson, Alex L. 3720 Hepbum Plne Bluff, AR Slms, Gerald W. 2302 Woodlawn 3E Plne Bluff, AR Slms, Jamea T. 117 S. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Slms, Kevln D. 403 N. Myrtle Plne Bluff, AR Slms, Sammle M. Rt 3, 2901 Ohlo Plne Bluff, AR Slms, Sheryl M. Rt 1, Box 70 Sherrlll, AR Slsco, Cllfford A. 808 W. Barraque Plne Bluff, AR Sklnner, Denlse L. 1011 W. Scull St. Plne Bluff, AR Sklnner, Louls 1011 W. Scull Plne Bluff, AR Slay, Lllllan L. 2202 W 22 4140 Plne Bluff, AR Sledge, Jamea F. P O Bx 500 Grady, AR Small, Stanley E. 3908 Holly Plne Bluff, AR Smlth, Allsa L. Flscher Smlth, Breshenda G. 1015 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Smlth, 3825 Plne Smlth, Carl W. Vsuglne luff, AR Carolyn A. Flscher Smlth, Cynthla L. P0 Box 403 Dumas, AR Smlth, Darryon 1919 Plne Smlth, Hunt Smlth, 2200 Plne Smlth, Smlth, W. Havls Bluff, AR Delon C. Donald R. Hazel Bluff, AR Dorothy J. Ellzabeth Stevens Smlth, Smlth, 1801 Plne Smith Evelyn L. Evonner Fluker Bluff, AR Fellcla A. 213 ,Talbot Place Plne Smlth, 3114 Plne Smlth, 1120 Plne Smlth, 8108 Plne Smlth, 2200 PIn0 Smlth, Bluff, AR Franklln D. Kendyl Bluff, AR Granvllle R. S. Hemlock Bluff, AR James M. Cardlnal Bluff, AR Jerry D. Maln 322 Bluff, AR Jerry T. Douglas Smlth, Rt 8, Plne Smlth, 31 10 Plne Smlth, Smlth, Rt 0 Jlmmy A. Box 1882 Bluff, AR Jo A. Allleter Dr. Bluff, AR Karen M. Kathryn S. Box 757J Plne' alun, AR Smlth, 1024 Plne Smlth, Rt 1, Redfleld, AR Smlth, 1502 Plne Smlth, 1601 Plnc Smlth, 1108 Plne Smlth Leonard M. Mlasourl Bluff, AR LOTBII1 Z. BX 29B Mary E. E. nn sum, AR Matthew Reeker Apt Bluff, AR S. Orange St. Bluff, AR Norwood 311 YN. Bryant Plne Bluff, AR Smlth, Renaldo A. Smlth, Rlta M. 1702 Plne W. 30th Bluff, AR Smlth, Shannon W. Smlth, Shella G. Flscher Smlth, Stanley A. Hunt Smlth, Stephanle L. 1115 S. Elm 05 Plne Bluff, AR Smlth, Steven L. 2118 Hazel Plne Bluff, AR Smlth, Thomas W. 2122 Howard Llttle Rock, AR Smlth, Vlckle J. 308 W. 22nd Plne Bluff, AR Smlth, Vlvlan V. 1204 S Street Plne Bluff, AR Smlth, Walker P. P 0 Box 1911 Llttle Rock, AR Smlthwlck, Stephanie 1208 Ollve Plne Bluff, AR Smlttle, Ishmael S. P O Bx 500 Grady, AR Sneed, Audra J. 1101111 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Sneed, Jacquelyn L. 1001 M. Cedar Apt Plne Bluff, AR Snead, Ray A. Thomas Rt 1, Bx 5 Humnoke, AR Snyder, Isaac 4107 W. 15th Plne Bluff, AR Solee, Janlce A. 1404 Boston Plne Bluff, AR Solomon, Allcla R. 205 W. 21st Plne Bluff, AR Solomon, Edmund J. Hunt SOIOMOI1, Jbhlfhlfl K. 205 W. 21st Plne Bluff, AR Songer, Merton G. Southem, Rebecca 2310 W. 25th Spears, Elner J. 700 South Ash Plne Bluff, AR Splllers, Ira E. Lewls Splnks, Doreen Flscher Stacy, Bellnda G. 8213 Mosley Plne Bluff, AR Stanage, Jody K. Rt 5, Bx 738 Sheridan, AR Stanley, Carroll H. 4323 Ollve 41117 Plne Bluff, AR Stanton, Cynthla M. Copeland Steed, Mlldred A. 1307 S. Henderson Stuttgart, AR Stephens, Eddle L. 89 Cypress Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Stephens, Gall R. 5818 W. 18th Plne Bluff, AR Stephens, Sharon A. Stevens 700 Cedar Newport, AR Steward, Sharron D. 1227 N. Palm St Plne Bluff, AR Stewart, Ellzabeth J. Rt 9 41123 Cedarwo Plne Bluff, AR Stewart, Jeffrey W. 3805 W. 35th Plne Bluff, AR Stewart, Vlrglnla 1303 W. 20th Plne Bluff, AR Stlff, Hlzell Douglas Stinson, Gall 2020 N. Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Stone, Debra L. 418 Oak Court Stuttgart, AR Straln, Rlckey 2411 St John Bld Stratton, Cella Stratton, Sandra L. Rt 3, Bx 1022 Plne Bluff, AR Strong, Clara M. Stevens Stuart, Joe L. Douglas Stuart, Karen K. 8208 Mulberry Plne Bluff, AR Stuckey, Perry 2818 W. 11th Plne Bluff, AR Sturges, Florene S. P. O. Box 1383 Plne Bluff, AR Suarez, George J. HQ DET-PB Arsena Plne Bluff, AR Suggs, Mark D. 2702 W 11th Plne Bluff, AR Suggs, Marvln W. 2702 W 11th Plne Bluff, AR Sulelman, Mohammed 21000 Woodgate Plne Bluff, AR Sullenberger, Sally Rt 7, Box 190 Plne Bluff, AR Sulllvan, Bellnda Sulllvan, Debble M. P 0 Box 191 Gould, AR Summage, Chrlstlne V P 0 Box 5075 Plne Bluff, AR Summers, Bessle M. Surratt, Retha L. 1120 Florlda St. Plne Bluff, AR Sutton, Frank C. Douglas Sutton, Lynn D. 1225 N. Palm Plne Bluff, AR Sutton, Vlckl J. P 0 Box 485 Fordyce, AR Swafford, Myra J. Rt 2, Box 81 Plne Bluff, AR Swanagan, Reglna R. Copeland Swift, Melanie A. 511 E. Harding Plne Bluff, AR Swob, Peggy A. 6102 Timber Lake Plne Bluff, AR Swygart, Willie L. Lewla Sykes, Joyce M. 714 N. Plum St Plne Bluff, AR Sykes, Laurence C. 1007 E 19th Plne Bluff, AR Sykes, Robert H. 519 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR TTTTTTT Taber, Glorla J. Flscher Tabron, Barry L. 1506 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Talbert, Ollver N. Thomas Talbot, Barbara J. 1319 State St Plne Bluff, AR Tsllaferro, Sandy T. 2403 W. 38th Plne Bluff, AR Tanner, Julla A. 1003 W. 36th Plne Bluff, AR Tanner, Karen M. 805 E. Rosswood Plne Bluff, AR Tate, Wllllam S. 1919 W. Havls Plne Bluff, AR Tatum, Brenda J. 2803 W. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Tatum, Dezerene Rt 6, BX 167 Plne Bluff, AR Tatum, Loral C. Stevens Taylor, Carolyn J. 1217 Poplar 32 Plne Bluff, AR Taylor, Cedric D. 2601 W. Pullen Plne Bluff, AR Taylor, Christopher L. Hunt Taylor, Claudla S. Rt 8, Bx 520 Plne Bluff, AR Taylor, Demetrlce Y. Copeland Taylor, George A. Lewla Taylor, Glenda R. Copeland Taylor, Glorla J. 4300 W. Long 4th Plne Bluff, AR Taylor, Greta R. 1809 W.Pullen Plne Bluff, AR Taylor, Henry A. 401 S. Frsnklln Plne Bluff, AR Taylor, Howard V. 1220'!z Townsen Plne Bluff, AR Taylor, Jlmmy G. Rt 11, Bx 1015 Pine Bluff, AR Taylor, Klmberly A. Copeland Taylor, Margaret L. 52 Cypress Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Taylor, Samella 1604 Vaughn Pine Bluff, AR Tai, Benlamln E. 101 Wlsconsln Plne Bluff, AR Terry, Nelson L. P 0 Bx 8585 Plne Bluff, AR Terry, Shirley Flscher Thela, Carolyn Thomas, Andrew Thomas Thomas, Angela M. 519 N. Cedar St. Plne Bluff, AR Thomas, Brenda L. Stevens Thomas, Carolyn A. 1401 W. 19th Plne Bluff, AR Thomas, Doris J. 2203 Mulberry Plne Bluff, AR Thomas, Evelyn L. Copeland Thomas, Gall 1133 Magnolla Plne Bluff, AR Thomas, Jennlfer l. 1801 W. 13th Plne Bluff, AR Thomas, Latunda R. Thomas, Llnda J. Johnson Thomas, Llsa D. Flscher Thomas, Marcla L. 501 E. 14th Plne Bluff, AR Tfldmll, ROUGH! 1320 E. 18th Plne Bluff, AR Thomas, Ruth N. 2303 Belalr Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Thomas, Shells R. 2303 Wdlawn Dr! Plne Bluff, AR Thomas, Shlney A. 916 S. Spruce Plne Bluff, AR Thomas. Tony L. Rt 1, Box 299D Sherrill, AR Thomas, Vernltl G. Thomas, Wendalln M. Johnson Thompson, Anthony C. 5100 Skylark Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Thompson, Blllye G. Hunt Thompson, Calvin R. 2200 Msln Plne Bluff, AR Thompson, Duane l-l. 3108 W 14th St Plne Bluff, AR Thom pson, Emanuel H. 3401 Mlssourl Plne Bluff, AR Thompson, Lambert O. 1608 N. Cedar St Plne Bluff, AR Thompson, Nora E. Thompson, Renlta T. Stevens 2106 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Thompson, Vonlce D. Stevens Thorne, Mary A. Thoms, Jerome D. 1501 N. Spnlce Plne Bluff, AR Thoml, Mlchael L. 2019 Bell Plne Bluff, AR Thoms, Mlchelle L. 2015 West Reed S. Plne Bluff, AR Thomton, Peggy S. 1BO0Vs Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Thrower, Mlrlam K. Thurman, Byron L. 1014 E. Martln Plne Bluff, AR Thunnan, Rodney J. 1014 E. Msrtln Plne Bluff, AR Thurrnond, Arthur E. Lewis Tlllman, Beverly D. Rt 2, Box 904 Gould, AR Tlllman, Bobble J. 2802 Belalr Nort Plne Bluff, AR Tlllman, Edwln K. Hunt Tlllman, James E. Spmce Boardlng Plne Bluff, AR Tlndall, Gullla L. 1101 W. 12th Plne Bluff, AR Todd, Jlmmy R. Hunt 620 W. 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Todd, Joe 1820 Klng Plne Bluff, AR road, Kenton A. Hunt Todd, Tlmothy D. 1006 Ohlo Plne Bluff, AR rerun, Dorothy o. 207 Em mn Plne elurr, AR Tolbert, Larry C. 201 E 26th Plne Bluff, AR Tolbert, Vlrtnam T. 2810 W 13th Plne Bluff, AR Toney, James A. 114 N. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Torrance, Connle L. Rte 2, Box 224-J Althelmer, AR Townsend, Wllllam W. 2904 W. 31th Plne Bluff, AR Traylor, Pamela D. 1821 S. Hazel Plne Bluff, AR Treweek, Wllllam R. PB Afliffll Plne Bluff, AR Trlce, Earnest Lewla Trlce, Ethel L. 3620 Maln Street Plne Bluff, AR Trlce, Gertha C. Flscher Trlce, Kalven L. 3620 Msln St. Plne Bluff, AR Trimble, Don E. 3404 Jonqull Plne Bluff, AR Tripp, Llnda A. 1102 S. Holly Plne Bluff, AR Tripp. Loman. R. 1102 s. Holly Plne sum, AR Trotter, Melvln L. 4002 West Burnet Plne Bluff, AR Trotter, Sherry L. 2000 N. Blrch Plne Bluff, AR Tuck, Ellzabeth A. P 0 Box 77 Redfield, AR Tucker, Gary L. 1717 Ollve 31 Plne Bluff, AR Tucker, Patrlcla A. Tucker, Patrlcla R. Tucker, Tamela J. 2401 W. 48th Plne Bluff, AR Tuggle, Jerllne Turbevllle, James A Rt 5, Bx 548-2 Plne Bluff, AR Tumage, Felton Hunt Plne Bluff, AR Tumer, Amold 5520 Hepbum St. Plne Bluff, AR Tumer, Audrey M. 2201 W. Reed Plne Bluff, AR Tumer, Barbara M. 2201 W Reed Plne Bluff, AR Tumer, Cathy L. P 0 Box 124 Grady, AR Tumer, Deborah R. Tumer, Gordon A. Rt 7, BX 502 Plne Bluff, AR Tumer, Kathy L. Copeland Tumer, Pamela S. 1112 W. 1th Plne Bluff, AR Tumer, Susan F. Rt 1, Bx 582 Plne Bluff, AR Tumer, Vlvlsn Copeland Tyler, Pamela E. 802 N. Hickory Plne Bluff, AR Tyree, Joseph C. College Manor Plne Bluff, AR Tyson, Barbara A. UUUUUUU uaen, Anthony I. Box as uns Plne sum, AR Udoll, Emmanuel C. Ugwu, Florence C. 1917 Hsvls Apt C Plne Bluff, AR Umeh, Vlctor 0. Box 382 Phllande Llttle Rock, AR Underwood, Barbara A. Upehaw, Sherry J. Ursery, Russell L. 3209 Rose Plne Bluff, AR Uwadlneke, Nnanta C. 112 W. 13th 404 Llttle Rock, AR VVVVVVV Vail, Helen B. J0l'lf'll0fl Valllant, Barbara J. 1900 W. Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Van Ellls, Ellza M. 1225 N. Palm Plne Bluff, AR Vance, Alfred L. 1001 N. Cedar Apt Plne Bluff, AR Vangllder, Sarah K. Vanlsndlngham, Motler Vanveckhoven, Cecll Q. 1703 E. Bth Vassaur, Klmberly O. Wabaseka Vaughn, Carolyn F. Stevens Vaughn, James R. 519 Unlverslty D. Plne Bluff, AR Vaughn, Sprlng 86 Lexington Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Verssy, Aretha Copeland Vestal, Mary K. 2405 Elolse Clrc Plne Bluff, AR Vestal, Wllllam W. 323 Carol Plne Bluff, AR Vlck, Earl E. Rt 1, Box B93 Plne Bluff, AR Vollett, Thomas L. WNWNMNV Waddell, Frances D. Rt 6, Bx 328 Plne Bluff, AR Wadllngton, Kathy A. 305W. Harding Plne Bluff, AR Wadsworth, Maggi C. 1316 W. 5th Plne Bluff, AR Wagner, Jamee M. 7807 Summerhill Plne Bluff, AR Wagoner, Rlck J. Wakwe, Benedict l. 1315 Broadway Llttle Rock, AR Walker, Adelaide B. Walker, Adrlenne R. 1015 N. Universit Plne Bluff, AR Walker, Allce L. 1320 Townsend Dr Plne Bluff, AR Walker, Carrol L. Johnson Walker, Jaclyn R. 1411 West 6th Plne Bluff, AR Walker, Jlmmy L. P 0 Box 266 Humphrey, AR WBIKBY, Joyce M. Johnson Walker, Sandra K. 1201 E. 38th Plne Bluff, AR Walker, Sharon L. 1200 Meredlth Plne Bluff, AR Walker, Toya Stevens Wall, Brenda M. Rt 9, Bx 48, Lalol Plne Bluff, AR Wallace, Derlnette L. Wallace, Gany C. 1809 Hsvls Plne Bluff, AR Wallace, Kanzle Thomas Wallace, Larry G. 1700 W 24th Plne Bluff, AR Wallace, Larry L. 1609 W. Hsvls Plne Bluff, AR Walls, Chanes D. Walls, Wllbert G. 1412 N School Plne Bluff, AR Warfleld, Wesley 2000 Woodgate 89 Plne Bluff, AR Warfield, Wllllam A. 1207 Elm St. Plne Bluff, AR Warren, Lorf A. Rt 4, Box 402 Plne Bluff, AR Warren, Robert E. Lewla 1503 N. Spnlce Plne Bluff, AR Warren, Sharlon Flscher Warrior, Juanita 3502 So Mlssourl AR Plne Bluff, Washlngton, 2404 Belle Plne Bluff, Washlngton, Anlta Y. Meade AR Charles E 402 N. Qpreee Plne Bluff, AR Index and Candid Pl'lOtOSf231 Washlnton, Daphne L. P 0 Box 153 Wabbaseka, AR Washington, Llllle 417 W 34th Plne Bluff, AR Washlngton, Linda F. 1002 N. Hemlock alt Plne Bluff, AR Washington, Marilyn D. P O Bx 153 Wabbaseka, AR Washington, Marva L. 2105 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Washington, Vincent 1413 W 12 Plne Bluff, AR Washlngtn, Wanda F. P. 0. Box 188 Wabbaseka, AR Watkins, Cathy A. 1508 V2 N. Spruc Pine Bluff, AR Watkins, Curtls Thomas Watkins, Holly D. 2501 Plne Bluff, AR Watson, Ben H. Rt 1, Box 312 Plne Bluff. AR Watson, Emmanuel Thomas Watson, Genla F. Rt 1, Bx 2581 Redfield. AR Watsoh, Jerry 2118 W. Havls Apt Plne Bluff, AR Watson, John 0. 2007 W 24th Plne Bluff, AR Watson, Laveme Johnson Watterson, Jeff A. 37 W Lake Dr. Plne Bluff, AR Watts, Ruby J. Rt 6 388-1A Plne Bluff, AR Wayman, Greta 2400 S. Belalr St Plne Bluff, AR Weatherford, Donna R. Rt 11, BX 574 Plne Bluff, AR Weaver, Mattie C. 2117 S. Cypress Plne Bluff, AR Weaver, Robln M. Johnson Webb, Clalretha P O Bx 188 Plne Bluff, AR Webb, Gwlnnette Johnson Webster, Danlta E. Stevens Webster, Tyree J. Lewla Weeks, Terry L. 4005 W 28th St Plne Bluff, AR Wellacher, Llsa D. Rt 4, Bx B038 Plne Bluff, AR Wells, Deborah D. 515 East 27th Plne Bluff, AR zazllndex and Candid Walls, Donald E. Douglas Wells, Llnda L. Box 89 Redfield, AR Wesley, Clemetine 4401 W 13th Plne Bluff, AR Wesley, Danny P 0 Box 133 Tucker, AR Wesley, Fredell Hunt Wesley, Jacqueline K. Flscher 1131 Cook St Camden, AR West, Danny K. 501 N. Bryant Plne Bluff, AR Westbrook, Guy L. 1910 W 14th Plne Bluff, AR Westbrook, Lorenzo J. Westmoreland, Cathy A. 258 Cargill Plne Bluff, AR Wheeler, Jacqueline D. UAPB Military SC Plne Bluff, AR Whlmper, Alneta S. Whlmper, Beverly J. 32 Cottonwood Plne Bluff, AR Whltaker, Dale E. Rt 5, Box 721 Sheridan, AR Whltaker, Sharon R. Copeland White, Donna M. Rt 2, Box 972 Plne Bluff, AR Whlte, John L. 3408 Mlsaourl Plne Bluff, AR Whlte, John L. Rt 1, Bx 41A Redfield, AR White, Lennetta Copeland 2504 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR Whlte, Loretta A. 2504 Fluker St Plne Bluff, AR Whlte, Mae C. V4 Bonnie Park Plne Bluff, AR Whlte, Phllllp E. Rt 1, Bx 41A Redfleld, AR Whlte, Regina G. 2504 Fluker Plne Bluff, AR White, Theresa L. 2100 Sldney it5D Plne Bluff, AR Whitehead, Jackie L. 202 S. Lsrch Plne Bluff, AR Whitehead, Verlla M. 202 S. Larch Plne Bluff, AR Whlteslde, Marlan D. Rt 8, Bx 11 Plne Bluff, AR Whltfleld, Emestlne M. 3320 West 14th Plne Bluff, AR Whltley, Barbara A. Bs 55 Jefferson, AR Photos Whltley, Mlchael M. P O Box 55 J0ffOl'l0I'1, AR Whltlow, Karen Y. 1217 S. Peach Plne Bluff, AR Whitman, Ephrlam 17 Mlllaway Drlv Plne Bluff, AR Whltmore, Annle L. 2313 W. Havls Plne Bluff, AR Whltmore, Marvin W. Hunt Wlcklund, Carlotta E. 301 w zo-A sumgan, AR Wlegand, Arthur H. 1003 Nancy St Plne Bluff, AR Wllber, Jacquelyn C. P O Box 305 Grady, AR Wllbum, Barry L. Lewls Wllburn, Benlamln D. Hunt Wllburn, Berllnda 1015 N Cedar Tr Plne Bluff, AR Wllbum, Dalsy A. 4114 W 7th Plne Bluff, AR Wllbum, Patricia A. 1803 W Havls Plne Bluff, AR Wllbum, Robert W. Rt 5, Box 500 Plne Bluff, AR Wlley, George M. Rt 3, Box 808 Plne Bluff, AR Wlley, Gloria D. Stevens Wlley, Lorene Stevens Wiley, Pamela D. Copeland 1813 Collegiate Plne Bluff, AR Wllhlte, Terrl Y. 1313 So Maple Plne Bluff, AR Wllkes, Henry D. Wllklns, Cleo R. Rt 3, Box 1093 Plne Bluff, AR Wllklns, Wllllsm M. Wllllams, Almastlen 900 W. 28th 03 Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Anthony E. 1920 W. Bell Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Antonio D. 519 N Unlv 495 Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams Amella 2200 Maln 4022 Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Aurby R. 1905 W 27th Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Authur R. Wllllams, Barbara A. 012 E 17th Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Beatrlck Copeland Wllllams, Bellnda M. 3807 Missouri St Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Betty A. Copeland Wllllams, Beverly Y. 1311 S. Gum Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Bllly R. 2115 SBYBCBYI Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Brenda L. 2202 King St Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Bnlce B. Hunt Wllllams, Candace J. Stevens Wllllams, Carolyn L. 701 W 26th St Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Charlotte E. Rte 1, Box 299 Sherrill, AR Wllllams, Clarence 2903 W 11th Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Cora L. Wllllams, Culus E. 820 W 2nd Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Darrell K. Lewla Wllllams, Darryl E. 1805 Vermont Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Dorothy J. 2115 Saracen Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Earl Lewla UAPB Lewis Hell Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Essle L. P 0 Bl 422 Althelmer, AR Wllllams, Felicia M. 3607 Missouri Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Gwendolyn 1101'!1 Univ Dr Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Harold L. 308 North Cherry Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Harry 1811 Havls Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Helen W. Stevens Wllllams, Jackie L. Box 33 Tucker, AR Wllllams, Janice Z. Johnson Wllllams, Jerrold E. 905 E 16th Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, John F. 905 E 18th Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Joseph R. 1117 W Bell Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Joyce C. 905 E 18th Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Klerone A. Wllllams, Lawrence E. 3418 Louisiana Plne Bluff, AR Williams, Lester D. 1013 Poplar Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Llllle M. 2403 Alexander D Pine Bluff, AR Wllllams, Linda 302 So Oak St Plne Bluff, AR Williams, Marilyn R. 302 S. Oak Pine Bluff, AR Wllllams, Mark H. 1702 Saracen St Pine Bluff, AR Wllllams, Meredith C. Stevens Williams, Merle Y. 1101V1 Univers Plne Bluff, AR Williams, Mitchell W. 3411 W 12th Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Natalie C. Stevens Wllllams, Ollvia D. Wllllams, Pamela D. Williams, Patricia D. 2403 W Bell Plne Bluff, AR Williams, Penny G. Stevens Williams, Redona L. Stevens 1208 Reeker Pine Bluff, AR Williams, Robin N. Copeland Williams, Rosalyn Copeland Wllllams, Sherby D. 1702 Reed Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Shirley B. Rte 1, Box 299 Sherrill, AR Williams, Stanley Rt 1, Bx 299 Sherrill, AR Williams, Theresa P. 1803 Bell St. Pine Bluff, AR Wllllams, Thomas Douglas Williams, Tlna F. 4507 W 17th Plne Bluff, AR Williams, Valerle K. Stevens 207 W 34th Plne Bluff, AR Wllllams, Vaughn M. Thomas Williams, Wlllle 2202 W 22 Williamson, Colette 88 Patrick Henry Plne Bluff, AR Willingham, Bobby J. Rt 8, Bx 304 Plne Bluff, AR Wllllngham, Darrell E. Lewis Wlllls, Brenda D. 1900 Reeker Plne Bluff, AR Wlllls, Darlene 1133 N. Magnolia Plne Bluff, AR Willis, Larry D. Tll0mll Willis, Lee N. Rt 8, Box 75 Plne Bluff, AR Willis, Leroy Lewis Willie, Lisa D. Fischer Willis, Twylla D. 2004 Vaugine Pine Bluff, AR Wilson, Brenda F. 1401 Townsend Dr. Pine Bluff, AR Wilson, Emily D. Rt 4, Box 209M Pine Bluff, AR Wilson, Frederick G. Wllson, Lucille 1702 W Reed Pine Bluff, AR Wilson, Malcolm E. Wilson, Ronald D. Lewis Wilson, Rose M. 1702 W Reed Pine Bluff, AR Wimberly, Corlette V. 801 N. Spruce Pine Bluff, AR Wingfield, Charles M. Rt 1, Bx 813 Pine Bluff, AR Winklield, Joseph D. Hunt Winkler, Antony R. Winstead, Sharon A. 1002 N. Hemlock alt Plne Bluff, AR Winston, Gwendolyn 1803 W Havls Pine Bluff, AR Winston, Jackie L. Copeland Winston, Lora F. Fischer Withers, Debra D. 1002 N. Hemlock aff Pine Bluff, AR Withers, James L. P 0 Box 92 Woodson, AR Withers, Rosemary 5802 W Short 4th Pine Bluff, AR Withers, Sandra F. P 0 Bx 410 Althelmer, AR Wokocha, Chilloke N. Wood, Rickey D. 217 N. Poplar Pine Bluff, AR Woodard, Abraham W Hunt Woodfield, James 1403 West 20th Plne Bluff, AR Woodfield, John R. 1403 W. 20th Plne Bluff, AR Woodhouse, Ferelle L. Lewla Woods, Avis M. 1902 Vauglne Plne Bluff, AR Woods, Bennie A. Woods, Charles B. Lewis 1815 W 26th Plns Bluff, AR Woods, Curtis D. 4413 W 5th Plne Bluff, AR Woods, Darrell L. 2101 Woodlawn Pine Bluff, AR woods, Dorothy Copeland Woods, Joyce M. 1702 Reed Pino Bluff, AR Woods, Kenneth R. Thomas Woods, Linda L. 1801 Olivo Pino Bluff, AR Woods, Michael L. Hunt Woods, Robyn 2502 Bollomesdo Pino Bluff, AR Woods, Sharon D. 1916 W. Pullen Plne Bluff, AR Woods, Sonya M. 519 N. Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Woods, Stoven C. 1502 Vaugine St PineBluff, AR Woods, Teresa A. 1918 W. Pullen St Pine Bluff, AR Woods, Troy E. 3108 W. 16th Pine Bluff, AR Woodus, Edward L. 302 S. Larch Pine Bluff, AR Woodus, Ethel T. 2707 W 10th Sf Pino Bluff, AR Woodus, Joey L. 302 5. Larch St. Pine Bluff, AR Woody, James R. 3301 Tulip Pine Bluff, AR Wooley, Monica L. Woollolk, Lee A. 705 Franklln St. Pine Bluff, AR wO0f0ll, JBIIICG L. Rf 1, BX 324 Sherrill, AR Worsham, Lena R Johnson 1110Vn N Cedar Plne Bluff, AR Wright, Chester L. 3307 Tennessee Pine Bluff, AR Wright, Gary D. Wright, Larry G. Thomas Wright, Odell Lewls Wylie, Amelia R. 515 N Unlveralty Pine Bluff, AR Wynn, Barbara J. 1508111 N. Spruc Pine Bluff, AR Wynn, Donna J. Wynn, Kervln L. Hunt Wynn, Msggle L. Copeland Wynn, Ronald E. Hunt Wynne, Catherlne M. 2105 Reeker Pine Bluff, AR YYYYYYY Yancy, Linda M. 912 E 7th Pine Bluff, AR Yarbrough, Eddle B. Douglas Yarbrough, James A. 1810 Reeker Q4 Pine Bluff, AR Yarbrough, Jerry D. Rt 3, Bx 120 A-1 Sheridan, AR Yarbrough, Vlrglnla D. Rt 3, 413 Cloarwa Sheridan, AR Yeargln, Stephanie 46 Faucett Rd Pine Bluff, AR Yeung, Janlce W. P O Box 7621 Plne Bluff, AR Young, Barbara Rt 5, Box 49 Plno Bluff, AR Young, Carl C. 1820 Havia Plne Bluff, AR Young, Danny J. Douglas Young, Davld M. 2818 Orlando Plne Bluff, AR Young, Jaelyn R. 802 N. Plum Plne Bluff, AR Young, Larry D. P 0 Box 500 Grady, AR Young, Maxlne 1010 N. Hlckory Plne Bluff, AR Young, Milton C. Lswls Young, Sharon M. 3513 S. Vlrglnla Plne Bluff, AR ZZZZZZZ Zadlker, James F. Zahtaban, Sald Zelgler, Judlth S. Flscher Zuber, Mellssa A. Rt 8, Bx 598 Plne Bluff, AR Index and Candid Photosfzaa Personal Arrangements Thaf'S All Folks i""' ii? tg -fm. CA aa-- .,..'--"""'A' For the 1982-83 school term Earnest Trice a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, majoring in Social Work, presided as our president over the Student Government Association. ln August the Student Government Association is found extending a warm welcome of hospitality to the newly freshman and encouraging them to participate. Pep rallys and victory dances start in September and SGA is found sponsoring many of these gatherings to promote and uplift school spirit. A Thanksgiving basket is donated during November, to a needed family in the city of Pine Bluff. The semester comes to an end with a traditional Christmas program for all students, sponsored by SGA. The Student Government Association also takes time out to honor students who have given a semester or year of service to SGA, a special banquet and awards is usually scheduled in April. The same program installs the newly elected officers. The SGA staff includes: Anna Key, Associate Secretary, Anthony Robert, Committee, Chris Taylor, Program Committee, Earnest Trice, President, Jerry Watson, Vice-President, Ronnie Nelson, Student Affairs Committee, Malvin Allen, Treasurer, Tony Thomas, Committee. The SGA executive council and SGA members -:1322wqf7f2,XXXX,, wi? gf XXX XX ' We? wfr'X'M3sA ' XM XX XXX, ' "A"Xwsswf XWV X X W XTMKWHWYWXL WS? WW 'X f XXX sg R ,XXX-' .X A 'Xgggb ww ,A Mm SM X L XX X. N2 TSW W' L XM Us ,X ,X,fXXvQ?bXXXX XMHMXWWN YMXXXQS ?3fS'X?5 XXX XESEEXEW Xsikwmvdvilikhm X' XX fkQ35Eh99W1mVf' X X Mix 139' WNW Xgqalw 'X . "U"'T:X ' X. W6 SSMXXXW W M w XMAXXXW' Xggyg 'QQ :X- XXSV W' Shaw: MXSQQXXW N X' :WX QW X X XXQXAXMX 'X ww X X, X, 'XXX-mMX1X,XHXuX. XX X X Mag X. X, X X Maw Xa. 'H X-1X W Xu MX, XXXXX. XXX we WXQXXXXXXX1 XX X X ,XXX f wi X X ' Xiu, -we -S 3 M Af-X. 75452. X uf, We . X MSM. 'Hum 5 515 2?'3'3':f'4,f Lf X XXX ,X A , an Nw fd n XXXw 5? f X 4X f N XXg,XqgxaX,+ QMXQFQXXXXXQ X 4 AW WX AHF? K HX MX 'Msgs iff XM 1 if A QTAX mu Qglp z W ,Awww ' f -X 2 X ggi ,UAXXXXM tk QXXVXX .X F5 3 X43+i4miiX? S mmf my My 'xxlgmaafwqffx 9 'W X yY1U9,X:f+ 6' AQ X+g3g?r1g+:X DFW -hw f Q M. --kkk M M' -11.4- 'HQ J! QWIEI lJN:3wi::EUi1jQQ3i 1 QXYEQQQXM 14XX:fXwfwX:.L' 'H mme :XM XXXX ?3?2H??iW?f:X1k3?3 , XXXQXXX WX XX f,sX,XX pig ., MXXQ LM, W Wi iw ve is em LW , Japhet N. Makia - Editor ,,-ff' A-M12 Each member of the Arkansawyer staff took pride each month during layout time, "often burning the midnight oil" to see the paper meet its designated deadline for publication. And nothing made them feel prouder than to see their names appear in a by-line, photo credit, or on a piece of artwork. But the words that brought the greatest personal pleasure were "The Arkansawyer is pubIished". With many personal personnel touches, the Arkansawyer the official voice of the UAPB Student body swung back into action. The staff, headed by published author, Japhet N. Makia, and aided by Mrs. Carolyn Blakely, chairman of the Media Council, made sure that the Arkansawyer touched UAPB's campus very person- ally each month with a quality newspaper. Although it was a long time coming, the first publication of the year, the September '83 edition broadcasted the news: The Arkansawyer is Reborn! Mrs. Carolyn Blakely - Advisor Top left: Margerette Charles masters layout on first week of work. Bottom left: Carolyn Oglesby creates and designs Dedication page. Top left: Secretary, Satrya Davis doesn 't mind a helping hand once she starts to type and the phone rings. Center: Garry Wallace, a layout expert when it comes to tri- plicates and ink pens. Bottom left: Harry Williams, business manager, typist, copy writer, and Associate Editor most of the time. Harry has certainly proved to be a dedicated staff member. L 31, Top right: Shawn Norful, a willing worker and good at filing. Center: Mr. Henri Linton, Chair- person of the Art dept. and Advisor of the Lion staff Bottom right: Editor, Rita John- son shows a staff member how to draw a layout. My Personal Treasure Y Oo 0 o 0' 'Q ecy Net 8- Ni '-1 Danny Q 4...' 1,9-f 4 S di!or-In-Chief NY Sbwx JN E gg? .s ,Mfg 1. 9,1211 5513 AQ af V3 Pfwihiis?affL?iiSzf1125f A 11: 1 diff + A 5' fi? '35' W M Q, 51?--fH,"525 XL uf ii My ,J f W 3 M 1 :if :ffl giiiffx, Q 'Q -V ' 355i1'Q'E542itFx0 ,wHf:2'H351 X 'J' wi 'X qffrxx. ww? X s?Qf:,:f5wQ. ' ww, ffww 1, ' f A :gx fkyisswivfibaA.i?e+Mlf ff ff ' wi1?ff'2,W?fw ' A + A wi imvffg 1, A , 4 VS, ' A 32 , ,, rw X e f ' E423 eY:I?'f'EUQ f Ei W f-Q. Q-555235: , , ,fmw 245 X R A Personal Ending . . . Student, Lora Winston is caught smiling after reading her fortune. The look of HWBFGHGSS Can easily be found on the UAPB atfT'lOSDh6F6. E S 2 1 M U11 iversiq L a,tP' Esquire and co-eds lead the path that every student sooner or later will cross. i it ifirrs Q iais arite i ALI :EE It's alright to stop and smell the flowers while traveling the road of academics. X' at W T Uf Arkansas . Bluff ION wel "This administration will take the best of the past that is relevant to the future and formulate academically sound plans that will further develop UAPB and provide the highest possible quality education for all those who enroll" Dr. Lloyd lf Hackley Chancellor ws 4 Studying is more enjoyable while relaxing on the newly built patio llocated on the Student Union groundsl No matter who you are, or where you come fromg if you strive, there is a space for you at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. 1' fo.- fr 1- i 3 'a H Q, this W if 1-4,7 A, f ."'Z li' 11. " llflfl God Promised God did not tell me, Only roses would grow. That l'd find no sorrow, On the path l must go. But he promised to be there, Each step of the way, Providing a way to escape, The temptations each day. His grace all sufficient, Daily to see me through. He'd help me to conquer, And be victorious too. QA U ff? we 1? 'Xa-9 if 'Haiku- W Ni 4 ,I ma Al.' Y ,,, ,, 1. W

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