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University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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33:55:51: A.. . IICME OF 'l'l'lE LIONS xx I Z1 , v 1' 2 Q' Q Z K . Z 254- if . K N W 23 S if A f . 'K ff 1 X X YE P P r 2 551' Q T w 5 ,Q W fwwfw WMQ74 yi W VQWM' Wpfcfif MMMWW HMA W AM jfwwffg Lifggffww JQZMWMW fifff Nfjfywfwp WWW arf IJ Mil-rdf!!-Q CARL L. BROOKS ,v. ,O .,g., ., , OOO OO ., ., OEditOr GORDON D, MORGANOO ,.,,., O O OOOBusiness Manager GUY L. DARNELL, IR. O OO O ,.O,.,OA,O., O OO OOOOAdviser Y j ,0g,y ' , I f afvpcffvdvv 4,66 ff-vw-YJ Qc-12, ' ff.- Ju,-4 QL, 404, M. ,Wg ,. f,,, ,iw 4g,,..',,,f..,."i.'oS':.7f 7.42 ,W-1.Q.,Az 440041, foo--1-Q-wif-A-f Ziff ?fg.M,f2.4. Ji if7.,,',7f1, zwflfawli' 5 jww. umf..wW4w2 wMM'L0Z.,.f2 ,LM . W4 f2frhf '.2?' fh2'kf fi'-Lf ivu-...J +A'-04"g'f Z4-and-J fab, ff" WW? Mf?7",.,:f :ig 7 ZA'rl2!gnf.j1s . . N. Col egc-Q I W A""f""'f' 1 ,,,,mf',,fTM1ZffL21Q 2ii,5L11'il'Z,..7 JZ-fl!! 10 3 This year's LION, which portrays the College high- lights during the school year is produced as a result of timeless effort on the part of the staff and its adviser. This publication is centered around, "The College and its Activities," the theme of our year- ' f the pride bo ok. Because o the student body has for the LXON. the staff feels that it will serve as a source of inspiration and enjoy- ment in later years as you recall those "golden col- lege days" at State. To you, Alumni. Faculty and Student Body. we proudly LTON of l l952. vresent JT h e LOGICIAN ORATOR SCHOLAR Words cannot truly express the services rendered by him to the students and the lnstitution, nor Will phrases ever make known in this limited space his countless accomplishments. Since his appointment to the taculty, he has taken his position in and out ot the classroom. The tour years that he has served here, at A. M. G N. have found him Working assiduously with students. ln the classroom, Where he is a stalwart in the Department of Eco- nomics and Business Administration, one finds him constantly laboring for student development. He has shouldered the extracurricular responsibilities ot Working with the Student Government, Arkansawyer, Business Club and THE L1oN. For three years he has served as adviser to THE LION. For his friendli- ness and untailinq interest in the students and the institution, we take great pride in dedicatina the LION of 1952 to our adviser, MR. GUY L. DARNELL, IR. Z pur H chose f O ' . . fu e' ' :B ' 1 ' ' uh ,- .ln Sv S1 - .nn- KUIO 11 1 f 1 ' 11 75m e COX-Xeqa, Ne, q-'ear ifwee wth love ond de vo-Hon, Tv and our X 'Nm arms knot ora sfrunq :fem :H harm we de fend Hwee, my nan-c shail we We come whgn Mow 2921 L.: TO bow - He. dec moAHwef, Afd cas? OU WC day5 of auf Cvmldfwomi. we romped lm Hxe Wlld-woock NVQ wed-ed The Z We hear of qreoi free-sures of W-5-dom and we-w'ledCa2 V195' fvf We qwd ed oof Roms vmh We sfrerwqfh of Gx brclffaf. from Hwy brgghg HW qragf Ygpyrw aqd Xeurn more of yws-dom, More huh wrouqh We 3 The work. of 'Fhy mnd as 1+ quid-ed our roo+ sfepsp WMM fonkh Yhou dxdsl' We sfep WM our hem--sbmxes +0-day, and for - e -ver Thy Hcq +0 We I 0 ' 'fy QQQ 1- I' 4 ' 1 1' ' I E L D ' M - --'giggss 1 nr ' ' ' 5 1 givdixrf li ' ' r ' I r X gb' ' ggizigin - ' I . ' .-in bl un ' ' B1 nl 53' r - 1451513-Sf .nuff- hen f sures we Drmq ?o Hwy shrlrwe - Y W 1 2x"5'f'5:v 190' fgfo' Mfr 4? 'ZS 'PLUS' We woXk lrhrouqh his wude .world wx+'n peace and wwfn ave a ny - - 1- 1 r b'm5'5i""'d M2 zwzif :sum iid'- o 0 - 1 . -v - 'i oun-Yam cmd brwihed fhy pure ow. We en 'tered WY POVJVUX9 WMA some +re"P' vls - has of inf? ion vga see. 5 E222 fig Q2 jigrveny LQ kf',ii'. No more SMH we won-der who qave Wee thy . 'ssP:"' I -- 5' "'- '5 5- si"r-E .-f,in511:E,-312115151 -S :4 V V r ' ' Kerman 5 . . Q 11- : in n , . . , . ir - - cou-roqe We qcined while we sci' cY Hwy some-+R-Fied Seah Axmll Mn-fer. W X-ed us ihere, L do-Hong We knew new who? fofes G"'WOI ui' our God can be-efow such a gif?- O-WSIS. No one b ove dear fher, And OVC f NISTRATIO N100 fi? X? l.ihraryffl939. Near The cen- fer of the quadrangle is the li- brary, a rnodern, aircondifioned yellow brick, two-story sfruc- fure. Cn the firsf floor are lo- cafed fhe stacks, the reading room, reference room and of- fices. On the second floor are ihe arf gallery and worlcroonis. Arts and Science Buildingf l929. The Arfs and Science Building is located wesf of Cald- well Hall. lf confains shops for Welding, Shoe Repairing, Car- pentry, Brickniasonry, Radio, Tailoring an d Mechanical Drawing. ln addifion, if houses a few class rooins. Cor1dwe11 1-1o11 f- 1929. The Administration Bui1dinq, Horned for the 1dte Creed Co1dwe11, tor- irier Stdte Seriotor, consists of Administrative Cttices, C1otss- rooms, bookstore, Post Office cmd Auditorium. 1r1 the summer oi 1947, o Hdrrimond orqom Wds insto11ed in the duditorium to be used tor pub1ic ossembhes omd ddsses in orqom. ,rw The New Gymnasium The New Infirmary The Old Gymnasium I Q "-5 533 E mme., L",g-Tidw-."4.rg Agriculture Building new 1 mi up-v., N r- 1- 3 Q-wg ., . A'-41: -1? 'f N, ,M 'VII' 3' 'fam i gh , A , 5 X .Q X? y -,ff-'fi' nder Construction Home Economics Building GirI'S Dormitory Student Union Building Under Construction . vSi'i,s,f'm V. mfgmfw- .. AA,, .,..,. ... AW.......N........ wnHw 1 as ,..-,,,. v -Y .-mifggs ,N IDT ' , V""""im Mfw' 'N hm drills? f affix. ,f ., Gi ,viii ' 4' in W Nu dr'-W ' Q 4.-ar 5? , ,., QQ ,, ,f -A -ws . A 1 , ' 1 , 55:4 ww, A "" Q 'Why f , ... ,V --s. X Wm A 5 , V , W 'Q W . ,- iw 5 V , 5,4 f .. 1-,M W w-any mmm ,,.,.Ni My 44 "' A pm B 1, , f ' vhgfiff p A 'Vp ,, W, ,, f , 0, '-3, M ,M J' l x Q. F 4 V .y M. , E, W , , , J' A f , Wm U , J M 'xii it L- . A' I 0, . X '1 X Q pf N ,Q , I 1 Qi if M 'fw ' i L, M Ay " a"',a'1'!""? ,ff """'-v", r N4 , 1 ' 4' gg, ' ' "' A X, A 'K " -5' A x Y . Q 6 ' WA , Y h M ' 4 .,., ' ' Q . .M L '-w q ,v gf. 'X www will QWQQ -. 'nm 9 .4, ,M 53 . , 9 92235:-, .aj "-5. ,K . ,, ' v1..Rw""' wa. W., ,army ,,. " ,M 'M -x g .1 1: " , , v ,v My ,vi x wiv Sw A fran: B Q LTL , Q, . H. ss? x T ,V i""""'Qf W . . 9' Q ..-'afgii F X P. 'K .vs-,,,, gif-f '7lr' f ?' A -H 'ffm- 'ff-if . -wb N i.,, ' 'Ng A- ' Q.. 'V x- f' sk ,W R Q ' Q':'L.,E2"Zi35- , . , V , . 'V 7' 3 s V l 5? ' . ut K HONORABLE SIDNEY SANDERS McMATH, Governor ln serving our school and State, Sidney S. Mc- Math, governor oi the State has placed over the College a capable and willing Board of Trustees. Educated at the University of Arkansas, Governor Mclvlath has grown in his appreciation of the ini- portance of education in the State, as evidenced loy his untiring efforts to better the schools of Arkansas. C. E. Larrison, Portland I. F. Wahl, l-lelena , ,,,, I. B. Moore, lr., Clarendon l-lugh Kincaid, Fayetteville C. D. Franks, Ashdown ,, I. B. Booker, Little Bock ,, .,, ,,, ,,Chairman , ,,,, Vice Chairman Second Congressional Distrct ,,,, Third Congressional District Fourth Congressional Distriat , Fifth Congressional District Louis Ramsay, Pine Bluff ,, ,,, Sixth Congressional District The Board of Trustees is a representation of the more outstanding and liberal-minded business and civic leaders of the state. The Board has been very instrumental in promoting improved and modern facilities at A. M. CS N. College. ln the expansion of our physical plant, they have accomplished many incomparable feats. Their skilled and competent performances are manifested in the various new buildings on our campus. The magnificent efforts of the Board have far-reaching effects. Their efforts have not only provided improved facilities at our college, but their efforts are typical of the educational and socio-economic advances which can be attained by cooperation of the races. The Board of Trustees feels that cooperation and unified efforts of all races in all fields of human endeavor should become America's theme for progress in the future. OFFICE EM 95 GEQSA LQNQ N RMAL COLLEGE PINE BLUFF. ARKANSAS OF THE PRESIDINT May 1. 1952 Dear Staff, Students, Alumni, and Friends of State Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal College: I am delighted indeed to commend the staff for this splendid publication. It adds creditably to a succession of excellently written and planned annuals that have made top grade productions of The Lion a mantle of tradition in our College. ending of one and the beginning of another historic State Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal College. College recall proudly the saga of the twenty-six- The Lion for 1951-1952 might well mark the era in the glorious and phenomenal evolution of Those who are intelligent on the history of the J. C. Corbin. It reveals the founding and flower- period of sweetness and light. year administration of the brilliant, scholarly, ing of the old Branch Normal College during its Yet there is no question but that a golden age began at State A. M. and N. College in 1927 when Dr. J. B. Watson was elected to the presidency. A man of superior intelligence, expansive intellectual capacity, wide business experience, rich cultural background, indomitable courage and broad vision, he provided the College an unusual physical plant, a standard educational pro- gram, and a myriad of intangibles that established a permeating spirit that still survives in Strong degree at the College. His chief purpose was to develop men of ability and strong charac- ter. How well he succeeded is indicated by the outstanding academic and leadership records of many men and women who have graduated from this colleges Its graduates have received masters', doctors', and professional degrees from the greatest universities of this nation, including Harvard, Yale, the Universities of Chicago, Minnesota, Michigan, Boston University, and many others. They are college professors, public school teachers, agriculturalists, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, businessmen, and contributing citizens throughout America and the world. They are serving with distinction in all branches of the Armed Forces. As an accredited college by the State Department of Education, the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and as a highly regarded member of the National Accrediting Commission, the American Council on Education, the American Association of Colleges, and many other professional associations, State Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal College has this Spring dedicated a building program costing one and a half million dollars. This was made possible by the cooperation of the Governor, the Legislature, the Board of Trustees, the alumni, the faculty, the student body, and the parents and zens of Arkansas at large. The Legislature appropriated S750,000, the Board issued revenue pro ducing bonds in the amount of S750,000, and the students voted to pay a special building fee. It was a cooperative project. Yet there is still a need for dormitories, a home economics practice house, and a fine arts building before the plant will be rounded out. citi Understandably, we have recently placed intensified effort into improving the physical and material phases of the College. But we are aware that all of the material prosperity which we have enjoyed merely reflects the inflated economic environment of which we are a part. The new era must give emphasis to a higher and more thorough quality of scholarship, to a spiritual renaissance, to reconsideration of the importance of ethical conduct, and to the building of strong, resourceful characters. In these areas we are out of balance with the physical development of the Institution. If in the days ahead we can achieve effectively in these respects, this college can make untold and vital impact upon a society that is rife with doubts, fears, and destructive power. I hope you will carry on with true hope and right purpose in the days ahead and, if so, I am sure that God will be on your side. R Si ly ours, f , ff ' LAWRENCE A. DAVIS P r e s i d e n t LAWRENCE A. DAVIS, PRESIDENT A. M. G N. College continues to grow under the dynamic, youthful, energetic lead- ership of its president. He continues to gain wide popularity as a speaker and educator. He is respected, admired and followed by the taculty and student body. However, this re- spect and admiration does not stop at the out- skirts ot the campus, but flows throughout the nation, tor many people know, respect and ad- mire him as an educator. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS IOHN L. WILSON Dean One of the most versatile men on our campus is our Dean. He is also one of the busiest. He participates actively in local and national educational activities. He not only serves as Dean of the College, but teaches a class in chemistry, co-sponsors the YM-YWCA, and serves in many other varied capacities as he is called upon. CLEVELAND A. CHR1sToPHE Business Manager Like the Registrar, our Business Manager is also an alumnus of the College. He is now serving his seventh year as business manager. The scope of his activities has increased with the addition of new buildings to the campus and the increase in funds appropriated for the "running" of the College. 2 lHARLlL S. I-lEND1:RsoN Mas C Registrar The Registrars duties are manifold. Our Registrar performs them expertly and with im- partiality. Students smile with joy and con- tentment when they receive her final approval for their graduation. She is one of the few Women throughout the country to hold the posi- tion as Registrar in a nationally recognized and accredited college. She is an alumnus of the College. DIVISIONAL DIRECTCRS The College seeks to achieve its object- ives by tormulatinq and realizing qoals within its various departments which are in harmony With its aims and purposes. The organization of the Colleae includes tive divisions. .Q-fr... RAY F. RUSSELL Director, Division oi Arts and Sciences S. ALEXANDER HALEY Director, Division ot Agriculture SADYE P. PLPPLEBY Director, Division ot Home Economics CORNELIUS W. DAWSON M9555 A, BLAKELY Dirooior, Division oi Education Acting Director, Division oi Mechanic Arts I. BEAUREGARD IONES MRS. lDA BELLEGARDE Director of Personnel and Guidance Professor of English GARLAND D. KYLE Professor of Mathematics and Physics Director of Public Relations FACULTY TATHAM A. DALEY AUGUSTE D. BELLEGARDE Professor of Modern Foreign Languages Professor of English IOHN M. HOWARD Head of Art Dept. OLIVER E. IACKSON Professor of Modern Foreign Languages , Mr FACULTY j'2'0.,,J!VLvu41.Jf CHESTER E. HYNES Assistant Professor of Biology is 4-....,.4:lL. 11 TILMAN C. COTHRAN Professor of Sociology sl fx s Syw is ,,,. 0 ,S .1 if -1- :Q .:.:.- I E: 5:-. - Ra '-: . . "' 1- C ssssssss R N ,,-- Speech and Drama A L 1..,e.-222112 Swv-W YM" 'T PM Tggi',,'?grf',f:Ef"A.4f'Q.,.R,1 'fs 'Lk ITM RUFUS L. CAINE r 'A Assistant Professor of Biology MRS. WILLIE E. CLARK HORACE W. MELVIN Professor of Mathematics Associate Professor of Chemistry EARL P. FORD ? Assistant Professor of Biological and Physical Sciences 1 '21 1 Q 4 4. A+ A A ,- L. L FACULTY MRS. GLA M. TATUM Instructor ol Ifnalisli MRS. GLADYS C. MCKINDHA Accountant s CHARLES L. SHEPARD Instructor oi Poultry R I is IAMES R. SEAWooD Instructor ol Industrial PA t Education Assistant Professor oi' Zoology ISMAEL S. REID 5 R -W-M gs 5. I' v CARRIE E. WAT'rs RUIMFORD T. LOCKMAN Instructor ol Sociology Assistant Professor ot Painting and Interior Decorating x -L There was a time when all an artist needed to express himselt was paint, a stick and a canvas. But modern tech- nology otters artists many new ways ot creating works ot art, and the Art Department program attempts to give students an appreciation ot the old as well as the new ways ot art expres- sions. Students are also given ample opportunities to express themselves artisicallly-through class projects un- der faculty supervision. . 'Nut Students also study, speak, write, and forget Modern Foreign Languages. This course oi' studv seeks to rovide th , . p e student with adequate tools tor the de- velopment ot reading skills in French, Spanish or German. lt also attempts to lay a toundation tor the progressive development ot oral and written skills in these languages, and to develop in the student an appreciation and knowl- edge ot the cultures ot France, Spain and Germany. 27 I Hrn-m-rn-nr where's Doqpatch? Anyone know? Reading, reading and more reading is the primary aim of the Reading Clinic. Who said college students can't read? Ah for the peace and solitude of the library. One can relax, study, read, or sleep. These students prefer to studygrafher than relax. 96 oeeeiffuv- 65890 090 09009430 . . . . In Business Education courses, the typewriter is beaten with daily monotony, the mimeograph machine is made to do the Work ot its student mas- ters, and correct secretarial procedures and ottice methods ol management are taught .... X . . . . The Business Administration student over works the calculator and the adding machines in an attempt to solve the intracacies ot ac- counting, statistical and economic problems . . . . . . . Society, customs, morales, human relationships, social in- teraction -ee are some ot the terms used by the students in the area ot Sociology in their attempt to understand man in his environment . . . ,V 29 E' " A . . . . such as tennis CHOW l'd like to have this co-ed tor a partnerb, soccer, aesthetic dancing, ping pong, baseball and other games of a wholesome recreational na- ture. The students also learn that these wholesome recreational activities are, among other things, necessary to: CID lncrease their health knowledge and to encourage more desirable health practices. V CZD To develop the organic systems of their bodies to the end that each indvid- ual may live at the highest possible level. CSD Develop through activities the more Well rounded professional curriculum for students who choose Health and Physical Education as a profession. entail-4. . . . . . Students in the Health and Physical Education classes learn that tor continuous good health, the "apple a day" must be supplemented by wholesome recreational activities . . . H-Y 3-Q iI 5' 522 Science marches on . . . Physics, chemistry, biology . . Magnetism, H,O, cytoplasm-f-are some ot the many terms which confuse, en- lighten and delight the students enroll- ed in the classes ot the Science Depart- ment. 'T Who said students aren't curious? At least they appear to he scientific mind- ed and curious during the time these pictures were taken for the LION. . . . . Music maestro please The Department of Music Education trains stu- dents Who elect music as a major or minor to meet the demands for music teachers in public schools. lt also provides cultural courses for all students in the College. The Department's program thus meets the specific music needs of some students and the general music needs of other students. 'FE ., 5 . . . . Students in theory classes ot music are also given a voluminous number of assignments dealing with corripositions' in free style, a study of sonata, the meaning of harmon- ization and modulation, study of voice and principles of tone produc- tion, and the rudiments of reading musical signs, terms, scales, inter- vals and melodies. . . . . Screech, screech, screech go the vio- lins. Silence, you critics, geniuses at worlc, for who else but a genius could saw a violin without cutting it into parts. Look at the long list of notable violin players, Spalding, Salamon, Bull, Crisler, Iaclc Benny and these A M and N students Qunder the supervision ot Mr. Haithcoclcj if We rs? . . . . Education, education, ed- ucation, at thy shrine sorne stu- dents bow, others snub their noses. Orientation, student teaching, student proiects, ies- son plans, Pramatists, Positiv- ists, progressive, orthodox, Hut- chins, Dewey, Plato-a never ending process . . . ,sv Et, 'ii TREE if F5353 NJN 4, f u I xl k. 1 t k F F i th E I P, V Y? , - . QM., rt-Y -- - b - -'-ef1lln--wf4'ilW-- f Q9 ,nf . . . . Deiectabie, delicious, well-prepared foods, ac- curately cut and fitted gar- ments, proper supervision and care for small child- ren, concern the student majors of Home Econom- ics. .Beyond these college days of efficient preparaf tion ties jobs as teachers, hornedemonstration agents, farm security sup- ervisors, institutional man- agers and other rewarding jobs. +. P il , 'Uwn WW Q? wwf, am ,, 'ima Q W L24 ,W inf, -QQ-Q Q9 W mfkzffm wgwwwfv m Gavins: CLARA B. STARLARD . , . Hot Springs Elementary Education Y W C A, Spotlighter, F T A, Sunday School RAYMOND STEWART . . . Blytheville Physical Education Sphinx Club, Physical Education Club, Baseball, Men's Senate, Trainer of Football EDWARD STUART ...., Hope Physical Education Footbal, Physical Education Club, "A" Club ELUIRA TERRY ..,, . Pine Bluff FTA Elementary Education BILLY G. THOMPSON , , . Little Rook Mathematics Alpha Phi Alpha, Arkansawyer, Choir, Math Club, Student Government ELLORA THOMPSON .,., Little Rock Sociology Sigma Gamma Rho, Sociology Club HENRY TRENT . , , . Hope Mechanic Arts Alpha Phi Alpha, Spotlighter, Rho Kappa Epsilon GUS THOMPSON , , Pine Bluff IOHN USSERY , Pine Bluff Music Education Band, Orchestra, N S F M RODGER A. WALKER , . Agriculture N P A SYLVESTER WEAVER , Agriculture Kappa Alpha Psi, N F A IOE H. WILLIAMS , , Music Education Band, N S F M MARIAN WILLIAMS , Music Education Pyramid Club, N S F M, Choir TYREE WILLIAMS . Sociology Sociology Club NELVIN WITHERSPOON Agriculture N F A, Y M C A, Sunday School CATHERINE WOODARD Sociology Springfield Palestine Blytheville Little Rock Camden Auvergne Little Rock Delta Sigma Theta, Sociology Club, Arlcansawyer, Spotlighter, Miss Arkansas State WILLIENE WOODSON . Home Economics R O H ELLIE IEAN YOUNG . . Sociology . Marvell Nashville Sociology Club, Y W C A, IN A A C, Student Gov- ernment, Erench Club SENIORS F 2 1 E D 4 Q I ,Liv ,ig J. 5 i ll gr N X 1 t l 1' '46 W' 'mf 253 1- 'Z vi if - sg . ,,, , .,, , 45' I , ,ii y Junior Class Officers HANLEY NORMENT . WENDELL WESTBROOK . MARIE O. EDGE . ROBERT MCDANIEL , . Treasurer LEWIS C. BASKINS . President Vice-President , Secretary C Not Shown D Reporter Mor y Sylvonus Paul Willirlm Barbara Allow Allheime-1' Appleby Boll Bcmks l.Ollf'll'1 Clifford Corrie Moo T. Novell Bender Bmdford Brondom Briqqs Briggs Nfmmo lorries Bernice Edward Odie Childs Campbell Colvin Butler Burrus leuurrclle LCOHILCI1 lohrl Willif Xcrmio Bryon? Brown Brown Clomou Corbin Lewis Boslcins Alberta Brown Tune E. Burks Velma Bolton -ff lufmllu lfvi Hw'r!:m'f'f: Cllfulcs Bully ludie Dclvis lrlxvis Dzrlrgncv Dixon Dixon Dfxlpllln lcvflelson R. Rolvmt Bollif? 'lllIIVlS Clolefll Funk Donmldson Dorn Eilfxnd Edney Elnerson ljvrwns W YYY Y YV g Yi 48 Tiny lolwn Fenster Gwendolyn Icy Lnum lwmyo Fvfims Fumn Flrnxmlnq Fletcher Fluukcr Georgf? lVlf'Kenley Rullx Gladys Estellrz Erthlync Frucition Franklin lrfilfllillll frecernan French Glcxsco Jimmie Mary Allen Nathaniel Captalia Doris Grahrn Green Grisson Guydon Hall Harris Iohnnie Belly l mo Qpaline Creme Essie Hall Hawkins Hayes Hayes Henry Hiqqin Sally Patsy Doris Gusiavia Lucille lerry Hooper Howard Hunter lnqrarn lsom lewell Charles Timmy Polly P. Christine Lamar Ralph lohnson Iohnsan lohnson lones lanes lanes W - - -ff tl V VVUI1dU I. D. Goorqo llyrrmrr lo Arm lones Ioplirr Ioyrror Kmq Knox Emorrcno llor otlry Loston Vtlllllf? M. lf lures Lowson Littlorolm Lofgfyeito Mcxlonoy Mfrrtiu Dorris Mfxry F. Hotmrt Luulctf Elizabeth Meadows Morrell lVlf,'Dl,lll1l2lS3 Middlotou Mitchell Charles lormio Robert Morque Floyd Moore lr. Moore Morris Murrell Newmorr Voruolcx Knox Nfitlrorucrl Massey lolm Mitchell Arene-oder Nidrons Hanley E. P. Alvin Lee Norrnent Onyenielukwe Parks Potterson Verdie Pleuscxnt Elmer Lenord Phillips Pickett Pledqer Pounds Willioni llcrrnon Sornuel Bettye Pulliam Rcmlcins Roy Reed Oro Lee Lois Ruth Addie Rhode Roberts Robinson Soterwhite Gladys Payne lzolci Preston B. l. Reed Ptoso Scott Clczrice Perry lclin Puckett lohnnie Reed Doris Shaw t l t 1 1 i J A 51, N Mary E. Slate Lee Etta Suqqs Margaret Towson Dorothy I. Warthon Anna L. Norman Connie Mattie laines Smith Smith Stewart Stewart Stricskland Frank Gladys Alvernist Earnestine Edward Taylor Toaquc: Thomas Thomas Townsend lames linirny Dollister Moses George Tuberville VValker Vlfare Ward Vtlatkins loseph Wendell Wesley Gwendolyn Rosemarie Welch Westbrook Westbrook Whitaker Word Anita Pearl Leonard Carolyn Hazel Marolyn Wilkins Williams Wilborri Williams Williams Wiliams lunious Clovis Maqia Charlotte Carl Nadine Williams Williams Williamson Wheeler White Young GEORGIA SMITH . Pirie Bluff Senior Eiemeniary Educaiion Hazel Quines Elnora Cpal Myra Carrie L. Lawrence McKindra Meadows Morris Parris Saunders X7 53 , 434 : - 5 2 x Z Sophomore Class Officers ALLEN BLACK . ALVIN COBBS . DOROTHY BUTLER BARBARA BROWN FELIX STUCKEY . , . President , Vice-President . Secretory Assistant Secretory Sergeant at Arms Helen Allen Margaret Barron Chester Bowles Maudell Brown Supora Hattie Bosenwald Alexander Adams Altheirner Guy Bessie Iuanita Bass Belcher Bell Errnaline Robert Willie Bradley Bradford Brantley Olqa Rita Geraldine Catlrerinq Brown Brundidqe Bryant Iosephine Anderson Barbara Bennett ES Edward Briaqs Lee Buick lean Anthony Allen Black Barbara Brown Betty Burris Addie Butler Mullin Criinflron Domtliy Cliuimon Adrian Counts Lilliizn lewell Miiiy Ruyuiond Builei Caldwell Crillicvun Collins Willie? Billye Rriyinond Williv Ciiimplir-ll Cuiiei 12.15411 Ciiripi Mnrqiifiiiio loreilifi liiiies A. lclinnin Clieiiy Cluik CUM: Collins Frances Emma Eloise Cliurlcs Cmveiis Danze-y Dr iniels Davis Clciyborne Calvin Ramona Chaney loseph Cclen Dcirwin Davis loseph Davis lrene Dunn Charlene Fisher Iohn Freeman Harold Davis Cynthia Eilaud S Robert Flowers Georqe Galbreath Eddie Dickens Elbert Elliott OPH Ernestine Ford Noble Gamble Iaplius Emma Eddie Donaldson Doualas Donald Mary Marjorie Donna Elliott Ervin Eslcridqo Gwendolyn Helen Ethel Franklin Funches Futch Calvin Leo Wilie Gill Grafienreed Harrison Muriel Ice Alla lolm Olivia Qmve Hdwkins Hempstead l-lense Henry lliqhiewer Hildrewi Woodrow Albeiiine Ethel Helen Howard Fannie Hildreth Hirslu House Howleti Hudson Ice Iucmitd Alive l.O1'UlH9 Ollveiie Byron Ceiisfir Ison Idrlcson Ifickson ldckseu lenkins leidim Arrethu Freddie Arbury Marvin Mary Sheimdn Iolinson Iolmson Iones Iones lones Ioncs Ei-new' -A :x- A AVA ir ill' , Arthur Kendricks Harrison Locke Emma Marks Verlean Meadows V K4 ' Ilia I Ruby I ll., IF." Bobby Clara Walter Kinlow Jlfinq Lanaston Lee Littlejohn VVilliam Raymond Freedom Dorothy Lou Mary Locke Loqan Love Mallory Mansker Arthur Vfalter limmie Fannie Gloria Martin Martin Massey Mayer Mays lohnnie Mildred George Vernon Clyde McDonald McDowell McKinney McMurray McNeil F t t i t L, P- I, E r L t t t t V t t S f t ti l Gb l t seo Don Pauline Dorothy Robert lohn Nothcrniel Minor Minton Mitchell Mitchell Morqun Morris Berthu Bertha Moe Helen Annie Percy Murray Nosh Newsom Newton Normon Norris Ernest Edno Bernard I. Cherriqole Ovorr Ethel Roberson Roberts Robinson Ross Scocgqins Scott Iulio Scott Gregory Robert L. Forye Billy Chorlene Scott Shelley Simpson Simmons Smith Mercue Russell Raymond Norwood Norwood Paradise Equilla Orris Paulinc Pratt Posell Raytord Walter Corine Christine Smith Sparks Stephens Mabel Warren Clarice Story Strickland Tantypo Alzenia Dorothy Arthur Parks Parrot Porter Helen Philip Eunice Reed Redix Richardson Lucille 'lihcmas Billie Stevens Stevens Stewart Grace Virginia Earnest Tatum Thomas Smith , 1 ,A E A 1 R E, in r i F I r l ri A J., Bertha Clarence Nelson Georqo A. Suggs Suiton Thompson Turner 1 Doroihy loe Lourctiu Andrew gin" Wcxlker 'Walker Wcxlkor VVGSlllIl'jlOI'1 ei SOPH 0 i r '. ll E' GGOIQG F!'GflkliH Ellen Lodino Wesley Weslhrook West White Albert Bertha Prc:mc"os Mary Wilberi Wiliurns VVillic1rns XVillir,r1ns i 2 r A , ,. i E il li r s A ez N elder 4, ee Hurry Thurp Gloricl Woslrirrcy ES Roenu White Mario D, Wilson Alice Walker Violm Wczshinqlon Paul Whilfnrd Wilie P. Wilson I """"1 'un 1 Q Y M , L 6 1. S 1- . .K , Q .s fn , . , xv .. e K N , ' . I X' -Q 4' Q ' ' . X X , . . N L ., 4, ,sg 'I X Y. ' ' x . "' 'XA U'-i ,tr 9 ,v,',,,t ,ix xi. 'X x.,c Y ' 1 P 5' . Slifer M3353 am I Wigs Iohn A. R b - U If Www Q 14" - M Willis Ygnggl V W S O P f MW ,.,,,, a-mf I 8' Y I H 0 Q R E S U ' X Cb.. Qfrfyfe, n y AIA .jf ' x,x , . fu,-c,f',Q,SS CDMCSIJJ' QQN. I C-afh VM C825 we a71 Lai do E339 awp 91511 QWLA! LAMZZMMMJ ' W' ' WW W www , QJMQWQQD , JJ, x QZQWQFWM S ' 1 ' !C"':'-Lf, MZ' ?'il"w .1 SX, N V? Xp .J-Zvi ' A .At -2. 111' n wx iid? Q X fggy 93' x WWW " WT pf , .Q 4 W 3? . ,iff QQ? Freshman Class Officers ACIE GOSSETT MARVEL BREWSTER MYRTICE IONES IOSETA TERRY IERRY BROWN . THEODORE EELTON President Vice-President , Secretary Assistant Secretary Business Manager Treasurer lames Alexander Robert Anderson Iulian Beasley Allene Black Lucious Alexander Bennie Armstrong Moly Beavers Barbara Bland Carson Horace Marie Richard Amos Anderson Anderson Anderson Alice Iewel loel William Baker Baker Baker Bateman lames Bernice Shirley Tolen Beison Biddle Biddle Binns Rotean Mattie Georgia Roosevelt Bland Boone Boslon Bowden Y' "r-L -- -naw lyce Charlie Oscar Vxfilliarn Boyd Brandon Brandon Brandon Marvin Mary Marnie lerry Brewster Brice Briggs Brown Louise Ruthie U. S. Le-otha Brown Brown Brown Bryant Denorris llian Ezela Mildred Cableion Chaney Charles Clark Melvin Brannon Iessie Brown Falice Buford Willie Clark Chester Braiton losepli Brown Bose M Burnett Samuel Collins l l L 66 L , A ng -f f j l l Fannie L. Cooks Charlie Cowan l Ie-we-line Curry Edith Davis Dorothy Cooper Mary l.. Crain Vtfilloui Cyrus lames P. Davis Gloria Cooper Te-ola Cranon FRE Gilbert Daniels Iesse Davis Selma Copeland Carla Crenshaw SHM Norman Daniels Lenora Davis I. C. l.aVerne Council Counter Mary Marqaret Crofton Crouch EN Alf lulius Danzie Darrinqton Prentice Robert Davis Davis Mellridqe Lola loitn Chester Thomas Dedriclc Dickey Dillord Dixon Doqqett Doris Elisha Willidrii Lois Idu M. Dunlap Earnest Eaton Edwards Eilond lumes Burgess Ernest Raye Epps Evons Evons Evons Theodore Louise Sornuel Otis Curtis Felton Fingers Fletcher Floyd Fluker loel Dorsczy Dorolhy English Luther Fomison Mollie Frcxrnes Raylord Eva P. Anna P. Franklin Frierson Gaskins Titus Acie Alseniar Goodwin Gosseli Grant Roberta Charles Erlene Green Griffin Griffin Richard Alice Vernell Hardy Harris Harris I Evelyn George larnes Green Geraldine George Lawrence Green SHMEN Alla Harris Nora Haskins Vivian Hamilton Lloyd I-lasiinqs Edward Gilliam lean Green Beola Hamson Willie Hendricks V " 1 Ido A. loonn Horvey Hawkins Norma Elois Heorn Heorrston Jacqueline Donald Holmes Hunt Dorothy Betty Hutton Iorckson Willioin Hendrix Ernie Helm FRE Rosolee Hunt Sylviu Iorckson Iecm Bossie Hill Hirks Hazel Florence Hem y Hem y EVVI Edward Houston Houston Ulysses Clayborn Ioclcson Iomclcson Erma Hicks Robert Hoord lorries Houston Clifton Iornes Ruben Bernice Iefferson Ienkins Frank lone Iohnson iohnson Ruy E. Roosevelt Iohnson Iehnson Marie Wilma Kennedy Kennerson DeLois Syivesier Ienkins Ienkins isuiuii Jean Ioimson Iohnson Viviun Uiyssess Iohnson Iohnson Simoneiiu Hurry King Lee David Iohnson Lewis Iohnson Frizzeil Tones Lewis Lee Eddie Iohnscm Nona M. Iohnson Mertis Iones Vercleli Leqeiie T , Frederick Garnett Dimple Grace Leverette Lewellen Lewis Lewis Vivian Ester Alice Virginia Littleton Lovelace Lowe Lowery Mable Floyd Phillip Rita McClerlcins McCliriton McClore McCoy Sylvester Mary Loretta Daniel Malik Manson Marks Martin Lillie Lewis Cora McCall Eddie McCraar1 Herbert Massey William Lewis Alexander McCarthy Martha Mackey Mildred Mathews Gladys Meekins Bobby Moore Geraldine Morgan Rose M. Norman Ruby Wilbur Charles Gwendolyn Sammie McDowell McNary Mitchell Mitchell Moody Dorothy Mary Ora L. Richard Ruby Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Gertha P. Moss Theressa Nunn Leon Maxwell Nelson Nelson Florence Wilbur Odon Odon Mary Nails Ethel Olds Catherine Nichols Steve O'Neal Ruthie Robert lcinice Cltiudiu: Parr Pecrrson People Phillips Tessie Deseree Clementine Morquerite Polk Porcliicr Ouorles Rrirney Bobby Marvell Rowon Herman Reed Reed Reed Reyncxrd Mary Price Iohn Cecilio Edith Roberts Robinson Robinson DeLois Phillips Leon Rcmdolpli EN lclin Rhynes Hazel Robinson Lulo Phillips Dorothy Roy Cornelius Rice Iohn Robinson Levi Rose lerome Scott William Shakespeare Bernice Smith Elnora Rose Myrtle Scott Madqe Shepard Dorothy Smith Johnnie Orean Ruff Sanders lames Herbert Senior Seward Eddie Leslie Simmons Simmons Edward Hazel Smith Smith Ludia Savoy Ellen Sewell Bernell Simpson Moses Smith Claudine Scott Norwood Seymour Mary Simpson Theon C. Smith 1 t l l t 1 l l l l 1 75i ,MJ Ieanne Richard Sowell Steele Lenora Bertha Summers Sutton ? ? Iosetta Smith Terry Herbert luanita Thomas Thomas Isaiah Stewart Eddie Sutton FRE Yvonne Terry Twilla Thorn Doris Stinson Hazel Sykes SHM losephine Tilque Gracie Thrower Lillian Suggs Iohnny Taylor Earlene Thomas Hardy Thrower Everlene Summers Willie M. Taylor Edgar Thomas Thelma Thrower 76 t Doroihy Iames Thurston Travers Frederick Irene Vaughn Vaughn Lincoln Mary Walker Walker Helen Iames Ward Warqrove Charles Dorothy Alvin Aubrey Trotrnan Troupe Vaughn Vauqhn Alpha Arsenia Etta Katherine Walker Walker Walker Walkre Tyree William Dave Wallon A. I. Walker Walker Ward Robert Charlie Freda Lillie Warnel Warren Washinqton Washington I-. V Y nvisffsdiltf Thelma Eugene Thurman Waslfiinqlon Walkins Waikins lohn Macie lseveiher Well Wesley West 'Wilma Watkins Dorothy Westbrook FRESHM Barbara Edward Mayward Williams Williams Wiilliams Lucy Robert loe D. Williams Wiliams Williamson Freddie Williams Milton Wilson The-lnia 'Waiis lewelene Weston EN Iayco Vifilliams Paul Wilson Henry Wayne Annie Williams Kay F. Williams Prince Winbush X. -, X Curtis Bettie Dorothy L. Dorothy . S Wolden Wright Wright York Q E Q 1 V z . t - ft f EX f xx J ff QWW QW? :MP 5 if IIMWJ,l FRESH MEN ' aff' 41,0-,L . 'BWQ0 wr' Q t ga wk gt' WLM nM.od0J7?uwuss 5 tw 'zu 5 0 . QMLBUQC SQ YN yr YRxJbeEiCW.uciJgbM5'aMf9p'J UP ?""'f?Df' sir? ' Q 3 ia? AUTOGRAPHS Zgfql fxigiyyfvb X fm ?'?l?Si Q Jug W 3' . 3 1 ww JN Q Q Sfvjfgf C QVBW f 6 4 .5 Ji wg? mf kgiyviifv Qf 325 ,svf'fQf3lQ'f,,,,, ,Jyv ki? is U, Jw, wb Q LX 0 Jqfgg Af' 9 'Je-.249 ""w"N"0 595 M , JWilFiffixisfizlhif' KWWW AW yfigfwyh' lj f WW "f2f,W"M? ,ff Qmfgfwkyfskf W SGW xx . 1 AZ9 , ' Ag gif? ' f -ff : W . 5' 3' . , LfqTC"C:17f' iifff' ' 1 I IAQ buf V f TJMGWMWMOW Q Q MZ! ' Mff ffl! .P and Lj',,fl1m,w Mg :VW w2'Wll4 ffQf,?,f,m" HAPPENINGS Y 35' ' s'j33'?g'gWlj VM Q J 5 War- .JS . ' A , L f- , ff ' WA C5 5552, W,ggWfgVw,Q1 f fg, S WM ,wwf ,ff "' 74 .X K 'ffi"" 'l MK 'WL M Wffjm ZiIZ'1'f ,q...JfX,4.1 94' fi 3252? j35gf751:5:,:3aS-:'1- k.....L.1, i we-Wm? 2' it fix: 13-xt, Horriecorviirig activ ities are carri cl on an nually here at our col lege. Beautiful floats, lovely co-eds and thrill- ing parades are some of the highlights of the clay. Q 9' 'Q N lf ,.lZ.,gaXr 5 si. .gg 51:-Q Duxinq football senlson of much yecu, ospecmllly cz! inomccoxuinq timer there me fT1'5Hl'iS cmd i,I1UH11'li on Cui fumpus. At this 'ima tho L,7r'cwmi1'1'g of MISS ARKANSAS STATE Mkes Dlmjcr, The MJTGI ffolloqe fTLZIHIl1Ll1'1i'Y as We-Il us 1111 of Pine Bluff look iorwnxrd to this sprmiul day. " 'T 'S Ii. ai? Iwriurmclexk duy Sumxse ssfrx'i"f'Q Cnf Q1 the vufzuy cxliiswnflilul 'spwnl' f'YOLlIki1l'TlS "Wrr Dowd IT" fx S7125 watch 'NVQ DG0fi I!" fxqulu A SVVTUQ from "U C'f'lc'r'k Huh" THD Prfesideni rind scmef LllTS7C,IIlf,!1IlQ ffuwrll 141.1 P' 'he 1lCH1f'fTOlTl1IlQ Urzme TRP CEIHPQCIS frown C1 que? I ' .. . 'vin L skid , f,1mu:1n, We mos? f7llfSTV1IlL11IYZ LT1I'NV7+9 if 'wg year, ISU, Fw 1 v ig Q , Q .4-4 'Y 'Q mx hz MN x Q 4 u 4 Wg J.---u nj M '1 wif :- ra .wk N :Msg ww f R lohnny ot Phillip Mcrus visits our ca nw p u s Senicr receiptian "l2 Oblcck High" A lyceuni attraction The Freshman Class :cntribution to talent night High school seniors visit the Campus The Dean expresses his approval of the punch served at a senior class qetvtoqether lcy reians supreme at an all campus smoker flfrvccfiolfza-4M't"Qff' ?"i""C"'v' Cas chose by th cr s clczssesl L45 ,f4rAa1f1,5a5 .gyfalfe CATHERINE WGODARD Senior Little Rock, Arkanscls ' s ELL1oTT MCKINNEY 'Senior Eost St. Louis, illinois GLYNN BARR Senior Birdeye, Arkomsoi MARY HAMMONS Iunior Pine Bmff, Afkcmsqsf ROBERT MCDANIEL junior Urban Crest, Chic CHARLENE SIVIITI-I Sophomore Hope, Arkonsos I 1 . Wiffami ALVIN COBBS sophomore ima Eosi St. Louis, Iliinois EDDIE MCCROON Freshman Memphis, Tennessee DOROTHY COOPER Freshman Texarkana, Arkansas M14-gzseimwf .ii 'ii N58 VANNETTE IOHNSON Alpha Kappa Mu Pres. Student Government Sigma Rho Siqma Current Events Club All-Amerifan - l95l Spotliqhters Pan Hellenic Council HA GORDAN MORGAN College Choir Lion Staff French Club Sociology Cluln . r , r- 4 ,....tdMM m V IEWELINE FRAZIER CARL WHITE Alpha Kappa Mu Athletics Lion Statt Mech. Arts Club French Club Spanish Cluln LL OF FAME Ni IAKIE SIMMONS ALoNzo DUNLAP College Choir Alpha Kappa Mu Rho Kappa Epsilon Science Cluh Spotliqhters Y. M. C. A. l fi F5 C M .. s Q S213 ' 1 sl, 1 A it ' ff Q5 A-l ,tt RUFUS MCKINNEY LOVIE KING HANLEY NORMENT Alpha Kappa Mu Science Cluh Business Club Dehatinq Society Alpha Kappa Mu Student Government . ludiciary Committee Sigma Rho Siqrna Current Events Royal Knights -,l ORA C. Ross MAURICE lONES ALGER NASH Alpha Kappa lVlu Football CNet Shownl Science Club Basketball Athletics Math Club Student Government Physical Ed. Club Y. M. C, A. I tw ,Qi M291 I 4 K l ' by AUTOGRAPHSCD ffl, ia w EZMWMMZQKQMQQQ MQ wi ws5f fQ Q A r N YV, S JYJQA3 Q49 X VF X X J, H I, by 13,2 .4 -X f ww 1 gag, 7 I 1 .JJ - it 4,5 " A E- W WH ki S 5 Vi .' VAN I QQ E E X f 53 ' 3 W B wap ifwE , 'A.,' 3 QV EX ' ig bv pkg E . ik gg +33 WM QWQMW f N , 4,16 , 4 ' QU Q ' Q6XYiiO.l Q ' XSD A 0XoJQC,CJXLsg: MQ!! . jf 'X ' 0' VM' 0- - M2 OggHZ42pxWwJ,,Jg Q Qrjpfx xv X afwkoh wg-'T n QJ s o 4" A 'yu X3 .f uw - Q Vx 'D 'I A ', 1 in 3i,,aY,-.,,,, V.: ,L K 3, wmv., .-4, pe -f -'wx f' Bay' ' L W Q ' '. Xia' L1 wx 1 . 5 ,wav er A , y V X ,,,,L.'-556015 .TL ' ' J fibr- Lzgilodi L b 'f ' 5 w 'V Luz: 5 zfgfv d"gQxAi?:Xe.limP'Y , rzr -v. fu. sw an fx L VA 7 w WMC- gif Ai . flayffj' DAWLT , Ag' Qi wb? ,, ffm2Mf'fLff,Cff ? i4fT5",,'iLgk,?fZ'f fWf'3,Mf' 'f U, if-if fi RA 'N 'rf X5 un' NVQ . J 'J 'x Q, X W 4 I of .QD M J Agn, WL ' pbivfwc 7f1f'fufL6df,Jw"5L I fdw,9JM1-V' fiaffmwf .. Wjfllff Qgjjnjggfffkfvy Wf, ,,,,,4,, f aw ,X M2 QW WW, , Af is N MQ My Q fe, d .f,f5:'f'Qfg',"f' 5- , 7,97 df! f ' 'w M M M fffw WW M ywwffifwf ww - The LION GORDON D. MORGAN Business Mcmcqer CARL L. BROOKS Editor The Lion's Staff leweline Frazier . . , Associate Editor Fred Dickens . Assistant Business Manager Lois Roberts . . Organization Editor William Wofford . . . Sports Editor Henrietta Ferguson . . Feature Editor Raymond Cason . Art Editor Rosenwald Altheimer . , Art Editor Dorothy Wharton , . Secretary Margaret Sirrnan , Society Editor Bennye Dangertield . . Copy Editor Guy L. Darnell, lr. . . Adviser The Lion Staff ot l952 has attempted to produce a yearbook ot quality rather than quantity. The Statt has put forth its best ettorts to give you, the college community, a great annual. However, the Statt is well aware ot the tact that some errors may exist, but ask ot you, its critics, to evaluate your yearbook in A terms of the honest and sincere desire ot the Statt and its advisers to produce a great book. Again, we wish to thank President Davis tor his support, Mr. W. Leonard Mizell, our engraver, tor his indispensable professional help, Mr. Ioe B. Hurley, our printer, tor helping us to get the Lion out "on time," Messrs. Adams and Grice, our photographers, tor their excellent pictures, and Mr. Dar- nell, our adviser, tor his suggestions, criticisms and time spent working with us. lt the stait has tailed to give you a great book, it is not due to the tact that it did not have competent guidance. Warm. ARKANSAWYE R ,J V ' afra- Edythe Etherly . . , Editor Bettye Patterson . . Feature Editor The Arlcansawyer is a quarterlly publication of the Student Government. This is the second year that the Student Government has had such a responsibility. The paper is edited by a staff composed of students, and is Written to express student opinions on matters of gen- eral interest to the alumni and friends of the college. U -. alti- ARKANSAWYER STAFF Edythe Etherly . . , . Editor in Chiet Iohn Marshall Stevenson . . Associate Editor Bettye Patterson , , . Feature Editor William Wofford Hiawatha Clark , , . Sports Editors Catherine Woodard . . Fashion Editor Mary Dowd . . , Society Editor BUSINESS STAFF Billie Thompson . , Business Manaqet Henrietta Ferguson , . Advertising Manager Dorothy Warthon . . Circulation Manager Luella M. Iohnson . . Exchange Editor Mr. I. A. Harris . . Adviser 1 4 ' 1 First Row, left to right: Delores Mays, Catherine Woodard, Betty Patterson, Eunice Richardson, Edythe Etherly Second Rowzlohn M. Stevenson, Olga Brown, Imogene Lawson, Dewey Smith, Henrietta Ferguson, Mary Dowd, Ledell Moorehead, Samuel Kountz. Back Row: William Wofford EFT? In Sfudenf Governmenf Officers MW MQ W1 W0 My Sucmu Nwik Treasurer P . X W Qvfxv 6, M Student Government Judiciary Committee OFFICERS: Evelyn Murrell . Chairman Wanda lones , . Secretary Foremost as an example ot faculty-student cooperation, the Student Government acts as an intermediary between these two groups and brings about a better understanding ot the problems ot each. Standing, left to right: Vlfanda lones, Hanley Norment, Herman Long, l. D. Campbell, Robert Mc- Daniel Seated: Vannette Johnson, Presidentg Samuel Kountz, Vice-President Not Shown: Delores Mays, Raymond Stewart, Evelyn Murrell, Maurice lones ,Y ,, pw, 'Fv Spotlighters OFFICERS Iohn Brooks .... . President Sallie Hooper . . . . Vice-President Catherine Woodard . . Secretary Henry Trent . . Treasurer Mr. I. M. Ross . . Sponsor The Spotlighters Dramatic Club is the play-producing organization ot the Department of Speech and Drama. Any student who is interested in any phase of the theatre is eligible to join. The club presents to its outstanding members suitable awards at the end ot each season, and sponsors from its own ranks, the honorary dramatic society, Rho Kappa Epsilon. Rho Kappa Epsilon OFFICERS lohn M. Stevenson .,., . President Sallie Hooper . . Vice-President Henry Trent , . Treasurer Edythe Etherly . Secretary Rho Kappa Epsilon is the Dramatic Honor Society of the Spotlighters. lt is composed of persons selected because of their outstanding performances on the stage or in backstage Work. A minimum of lOU points are necessary for consideration as prospective members. A maximum of l5 members are elected each year. These members are divided into the following classesf 8 seniors, 4 juniors and 3 sophomores. K Kneeling: Edythe Etherly Sitting, left to right: Verda Childress, lohn M, Stevenson, Wanda Iones, Iohn Brooks, Sallie Hooper Standing: Henry Trent, Mrs. E. B. Ross, Mr. l. M, Ross l'Q'h' K 2 1 ..-. ,,'-' s ii! Colleg Band Mr. I. E. Williams . . Director A fast growing organization in both quality and quantity is the college band. lt presents concerts to the public annually, along with its many ap- pearances in parades and other public programs. At present it is composed of more than sixty members. The major and several majorettes help to make the band one of the most colorful and effective organizations on the campus. Majorettes, lett to right: Io Ann Hawkins, M. V. Iohnson, Delois Ienkins, Martha Mackey, Lucille Stevens, Arcenia Walker. First Row: Carl Reeves, limmy Iohnson, lulian Beasley, Benny Walker, Robert Mitchell, William Watson, Eddie McCroon, Raymond Paradise, lohnny Taylor, Sylvester Mallett, lohn Ussery. Second Row: Vernon McMurray, George Galbreath, Clarence Baines, Calvin Clayborne, Lloyd Hastings, Arthur Martin, Thomas Doggett, Eddie Robinson, Aubrey Iones, Dan Minor. Third Row: Norwood Seymour, Garnett McClellan, Henry Haynie, Ioe Williamson, Charlie Warren, Charles Seward, William Cyrus, Wesley Westbrook, George Ioyner, Iohn Stevenson. Fourth Row: Arthur Kendricks, Bobby Moore, Eddie Williams, Herbert Thomas, Lee Patterson, Melvyn Brannon, Odie Burrus, Theodore Felton. I College Orchestra First Row, left to right: Iimmy lohnson, lake Summerville, Floyd Newman, Russell Norwood, Lewis Davis. Second ROW: Milton Bland, Odie Burrus, Calvin Clayborn, Eddie Robinson. Third Row: Garnett McClellan, George Galbert, Lee Patterson, Herbert Thomas, Wesley Westbrook. RHYTHM SECTION Piano - lohn Puckett Drums - Authur Martin Bass - George Ioyner Soloist - Archie Ammons George loyner . . Director Floyd Newman , Secretary The Arkansas State Collegians headed by George loyner, furnish music for many college affairs including the grand formals. The orchestra has developed considerable tame in Southeast Arkansas and has many en- gagements oft campus. Presently, Clfebruaryl the Collegians are the leading college band in the Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper Poll. Sunday School t The Iohn Brown Watson Sunday School is a memorial to the late president of the Colleqe. This is a Volunteer orqanzation with both sponsor and superintendent selected by the student body. Officers and student teachers are elected by the Sunday School. The school meets on Sunday at 9:00 a. m. in the Caldwell Hall Auditorium. First Row, left to right: Wendell Westbrook, Iames Martin, Samuel Kountz, leannette Bryant, lames Campbell, Alice Baker, Bessie l-licks. Q Samuel Kountz . Gwendolyn Finn . Wendell Westbrook . lames Martin . . lohn L. Wilson . . Paul L. Taylor , , -W - . - , .,..,. ,-.- , ., -.-.......-....-,-......-. M-. W- ,. . c., -..-...--....n-1-h..44 X tx Sunday School Officers President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Orqanist , College Minister Sfring Orchestra 1 st First Row, leit riqht: limmy lohnson, llcla Burforcl, Alyce lcclcson, Milton Bland. Second Row, Garnett McClellan, Lee Patterson, Georae Galbert. N I 'il L4vf'J'2Wru Mr. William H. Haitbtcoclc , Director The string orchestra is composed oi members with a minimum amount of musical skill and ability. The group has appeared in public on several occasions, rendering pieces oi various origins and complexity. Business Club First Row, left to right: Addie Butler, Bessie Belcher, Irene Dunn, Erma Douglas, Mattie Stewart, Eloise Daniels. Second Row: Marguerite Cherry, Clara Lee, Hattie Adams, Dorothy Charmon, Bertha Murray. Third Row: Marvin Iones, Leonard Wilborn, Eddie Dickens, Alvernist Thomas OFFICERS William Robertson . . , President Imogene Lawson , Vice-President Lenora Pounds . . . . Secretary luanita Bell , Assistant Secretary Darwin Davis . Business Manager Marvin lones . , . Treasurer The Business Club was organized for the purpose of bringing together those students in the field ot Economics, Business Administration and Business Education who are interested in discussing economic and business problems. The club also attempts to serve as a medium tor aiding students in the busi- ness field to help meet the academic requirements ot the department. 7 - Current Events Club First Row, left to right: Rosenwold Altheimer, Arthur Divers, Woodroxv Hildreth, Eddie Show, Rudolph Burkett. Second Row: Mr. R. E. Russell, Chorles Knox, Hotnley I. Norment, Vonnette Iohnson, Frederick Chambers. OFFICERS Mr. R. F. Russell ,.,, T Sponsor Arthur Divers . President The Current Events Club opens its membership to history moiors ond minors ond other students oi the college compus. The orqonizotion meets on Mondoy evenings trom 6:30 to 7:30. The first port of the meeting is devoted to intormol discussions on current topics ornd the lotter port is devoted to prepotred tolks which ore mode by students, co-sponsors, ond quest speokers. "W-Y V French Club OFFICERS Margaret Sirman , President Walter Littlejohn , Secretary-Treasurer Gordon Morgan . . Vice-President The French Club, a Co-Curricular organization, is designed to aid and stimulate more student interest in the history and culture oi France. The French Club sponsors many educational projects during each school' year. First Row, left to right: Mary Allen, Gordon Morgan, Leontine Farmer, Catherine Woodard, Barbara Williams, Catherine Bryant. Second Row: Sue Ross, Eloise Daniels, William H, Locke, Iohn Willis, Walter Littlejohn, Eddie Dickens, lames Strickland. Fhird Row: Viola Washington, Delores Mays, Cherrigale Ross, Walter Smith, Ioy Flemmings, Rosenwald Altheimer, Carrol Givens, letierson Donaldson. Ivfmqr' wiki KT K' W-Asp. 4" 1 ' .O. H. First Row, left to right: R. Delaney, E. Ford, M. Dowd, M. Hodo, L. Hill, V. Knox, L. lackson, F. Cravens. Second Row: A. Parks, W. Woodson, B. Hawkins, M. Merrill, A. Smiht, I. Cotton, M. Dockery, S. Hooper, M. Brown, C. White, M. Cameron. t Third Row: I. Fleminqs, C. Fitzhuqh, C. Smith, C. Stevens, ?. Russell, R. Harris, M. Hoque, R. Green. Fourth Row: Miss D. Glover, Adviser: Aurelia Gaylord, Z. lordan, B. Watson, H. Moore. ' OFFICERS Anna L. Smith , . . . . . President Mamie Hodo . . Vice President Charlene Smith . . Secretary Rosie Green , . Treasurer The R. O. H. Club, Royal Order ot Home Ecoes, is an orqanization of majors in Home Economics. It is both a social and an art club, providing opportunity for the development an dexpression ot skills along with wholesome social activity. YT' echanic Arts Club Front Row, left to right: Freddie lohnson, Alvin Cobb, Henry Trent, Raymond Callies, Harry Tharp, George Turner. Second Row: Christene Tones, Lula Clark, Iames Banksston, Iames King, William Thompson, Robert Powell, Iames Martin, Philip Redix, Raymond Cason, Robert Shelley. Third Row: Young Glover, Seafus Craft, Velma Dalton, Doris Shaw, Russell Norwood, lmeta Payne, Aubury lones, George Wesley, Lis Roberts. Fourth Row: Iohn Mitchell, I. I. Coleman, Carl White, Arthur Kendrick, Iimrny Graham, Wiliam Blood, Shumate, lames Seowood. Fifth Row: Moses Ward, Paul Appleby, Thomas La Flora, Aubury Scott, M.. A. Blakely, Willia Cloman, Nathaniel Massey, Ioseph Davis, Noble Gamble. OFFICERS Iames Bankston , . . . President Velma Dalton , , .... Secretary Nathaniel Massey , . Assistant Secretary Christine Iones , . . , Secretary Ometa Payne . . Parliamentarian Mr. I. A. Harris . . . Co-Sponsor The Mechanic Arts Club is composed oi majors in tailoring as well as the usual trades. lts annual bazaar is looked forward to by all the students and faculty. lt also has been outstanding in promoting satety education among the students and faculty through its tilm series. College Choir The College Choir is one ot the outstanding organizations representing the school. Although the choir was organized primarily as a choral group to furnish music for Vespers, it has developed into one ot the most valuable means ot publicity tor the school. lts activities are no longer restricted to campus programs. lt is heard in weekly programs over radio station KARK ot Little Rock. Throughout the year it travels over Arkansas and other states presenting concerts to enthusiastic audiences. The choir also makes a yearly spring tour through the midfwestern states ot Missouri, Vlfisconsin, lllinois, Michigan and Qhio. " "" ' T' 'HNF' " "' '-"W", "-. 1-wmv" Future Teachers of America OFFICERS Elisha Walker . . President Willie Mae Maloney , . Secretary Mrs. Pierre . . Sponsor The FTA is designed to aid prospective teachers irrespective of fields of specialization. The local chapter is named in honor of President Lawrence A. Davis, a young and liberal educator. This chapter awards annually a tuition scholarship to the education major who maintains the highest scholas- tic average and best record oi general conduct. Among its many activities are forums and its annual Miss FTA popularity contest. First Row, left to right: M. Franklin, L. King, P. Raytord, C. Tantype, R. Scott, W. Lindsey, H. Reed, H. Welch, N. Young, B. Brandon, W. Maloney, E. Walker, C. Starlard, Mrs. Pierre, Sponsor. Second Row: S. Robinson, G. Teague, A. Norman, I. Harvey, L, Simpson, M. Calhoun, E. Dees, N. Childs, Z. Robinson, E. Boone, P. Norrie. Third Row: I. Hayes, A. Smith, I. Scott, M. Brown, P. Howard, N. Crane, M. Dowd, E. Pleasure, Harris, N. Briggs, M. Briggs, R. Dixon, E, Middleton, R. Newsome, C. Iones, Lawrence, S. Ross, V. Cobb, I. Burks. 1 Fourth Row: C. Lewis, Russell, R. Mason, V. Iohnson. f A ' ' ' Math Club CFFICERS Robert McDaniels . . . , . President Earl Kenneth Blakely . Vice-President Bennye Danqertield . . - t SGCIGKIIY Ora C. Ross . . Assistant Secretary The Mathematics Club consists ot mathematic majors and minors and those persons who are interested in mathematics. They must have completed at least one quarter ot mathematics. lts purpose is to provide an organization for students interested in mathematics to meet and work out solutions to dif- ficult mathematical problems. First Row, leit to right: Dorothy Littlejohn, Samuel Kountz, Lovie Kina, Robert McDaniel. Second Row: William Seals, Ora C. Ross, E. Kenneth Blakely. as Y ' 'H'-WW, Science Club OFFICERS Samuel Ray , . President Lovie King . . Vice-President The Science Club was organized on our campus many years ago to foster better relationships between the students in the field of Science and their instructors. One of the most interesting things the club hopes to put into effect is to establish a course of taxidermy and photography for those students who want to make good use of their leisure time. First Row, left to right: Lovie King, Connie Stewart, Samuel Ray, Robert McDaniel, Samuel Kountz, lames Strickland. Second Row: E. K. Blakely, William Seals, Iimmy Walker, Iuanita Porchia, Lewis Baskins, Melree Owens. Not Shown: leweline Frazier, Dorothy Littlejohn, Edythe Etherly, William Wofford. Sociology Club First Row left to right: Gordon Morgan, Willie Lindsay, Mary Allen, George McCall Hazel Wil hams Rose-nwald Altheirner, Leontine Farmer. Second Row Delores Mays, Catherine Woodard, Dewey Smith, Sue Ross, Dorothy Worthon Mary Hammons Lillie Pinlcard, Shadyne Carey. Memo- fl. L-A tions. Leontine Farmer Delores Mays Dewey Smith Carrol Givens Gwendolyn Whitaker Dr. Cothran Dr. Bellegarde The Sociology Club was designed by 12 pioneering students from the Depart men ot Social Science concerned with the wealth ot Vital and interesting sociological phenomena Since its organization the club has sponsored surveys polls mar riage and birth control clinics and obser vation trips to penal and mental institu TWC Royal Knights Sealed, leii to riqhi: William Harrison, William Carler, lerry lewel. Standing: Willie Lindsey, William Pulliam, Lee Buick, S, F. Nwika, Moses Ward, Cleve Stepler, Roberl McDaniel, Mr. I. B. lohnson, Sponsor, OFFICERS Cleve Stepter . .... . . President Darwin Davis . . Vice-President Willie Lindsey . . . Secretary Lee Buick . . Chaplain The Royal Knights organization was established on our campus in l952 by a qroup of younq men who believe firmly in scholarship, courtesy, high moral Values, and service to all humanity. gs Q, N ' if t if?-NRE - 2 mstssi if tam X X gs .i W. V., as 3 The Voicettes Bennye Danqertielcl Barbara Banks . Lenora Pounds . Gladys Teague . Evelyn Murrell . Mrs. Estalyn Ross OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Sponsor The Voicettes, a speech institution, are working toward perfection in Voice training by promotinq many projects and activities toward the improve ment ot its members and the college community. Lett to Riqht: Mrs. E. Ross, Sponsor, Gladys Teague, Iuanita Davis, Barbara Banks Margaret Barron. 4: 'Ilan OFFICERS larnes M. Bland , President Iohn Puckett , . Vice-President Lillian Martin , . Secretary lohn Ussery . , Reporter Gwendolyn Finn , Assistant Secretary Mrs. Zenobia Perry A. Kelton Lawrence Co'Sponsors Gussye A. Dickey First Row, leit to right: lanis Alley, Evelyn Phipps, Moselyn Blakely, Ann Alley, Etta Moore Marion Watson, loyce Rollins, Malvin Moore,'Rose Lily Howard, Brenda Cothran. Second Row: Grace Harris, Maxine Lamb, Ramona Chaney, Ersalerie Porchia, Margaret Barron Carolyn Williams, Lillian Martin, Mrs. Perry. Third Row: Fannie Mayers, Lovella lohnson, lakie Simmons, lames Bland, Gwendolyn Finn, Dorothy Parker, Lena Scroqqins. Noi Shown: lohn Puckett, lohn Ussery, lariice Perry, Gussye A. Dickey, coesponsor, Mr. A. K, Lawrence, co-sponsor. ip Pan-Hellenic Council OFFICERS Vera Cobb . A President lohn Brooks . . Vice-President Dorothy Littleiohn . , Secretary Elliott McKinney . , Assistant Secretary Robert McDaniel . . Treasurer The Pan Hellenic Council was established to coordinate the many activities between the Greek letter organizations and promote amicable rela- tionships. Seated, left to right: Anita Wilkins, Vera Cobb, Annie Brandon, Samuel Kountz, Elisha Walker. Standing: A. K. Lawrence, Sponsor: lohn Brooks, S. F. Nwika, Sue Ross, Wanda Iones, Robert ' McDaniel, Willie Lindsey. ,W f , G 4 L saga? f -' A .. ,W-V Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society want Seaman: First Row, left to right: Gordon Morgan, Samuel Kountz, Emogene Lawson, Woodrow l-lilclreth, Second Row: Mary Allen, Vannette Iohnson, Mr. R. F. Russell, Sponsor: Lenora Pounds, Arthur Divers. OFFICERS Arthur Divers . , . President Emogene Lawson . . Secretary Sigma Rho Sigma National Social Science Honor Society is the under- graduate branch of the National Organization of Social Science Teachers of which Mr. Ray F. Russell, our sponsor is second vice president. lts purposes are Cal to encourage study and promote research and to recognize achiev- ment in the field of Social Scienceg CbD To promote the cooperation of students in the field of human relations, QCD to promote professional growth and devel- opment among the membersy and CdD to work together on problems of mutal interest. Membership is open to any junior or senior student majoring in or intersted in the field of social science. iv., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society CFFlCERS Samuel L. Kountz ..,.. . . President Ieweline Frazier . Vice-President Margaret Sirman Secretary-Treasurer Ora C. Boss . Dean of Pledges Alonzo Dunlap . . Parliamentarian Mr. B. L. Caine Co'Sponsor Mr. H. B. Young . . Co-Sponsor Mr. T. Cothran Regional Director The Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, on Negro College Campus, is equivalent to Phi Beta Kappa on White College Campuses. The organization arose out of the need for a uniform scholarship society tor Negro Colleges. To attain membership one must be a lunior or Senior with an accumulative grade point of 2.3 or above. The society has rendered invaluable service to the students through its remedial service. The Alpha Beta Tau Chapter was established in 1942 as successor to the Iohn Hope Honor Society. First Bow, left to right: Emogene Lawson, Samuel Ray, lr., Ora C. Ross, Hanley I. Norment, Ieweline Frazier, Vannette lohnson, Margaret Sirman, Alonzo Dunlap, Dorothy Littlejohn, Samuel Koontz, Rufus McKinney. Second Row: Barbara Banks, Mr. T. C. Cothran, Mr. H. B. Young, Raymond Stewart, Mr, H. L. Caine. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority OFFICERS Dorothy Littlejohn . . Basileus leweline Frazier Anti-Basileus Juanita Davis Grammateus Mamie Hodo . . Epistoleus Gladys C. McKindra Tamiochus Annie Brandon Dean of Pledges Dr. C. D. Pembroolc Miss L. V. Maziaue . . CoeSponsors The light ot Alpha Kappa Alpha began to burn on A. M and N. College campus May l9, l95l. The coming ot Alpha Ftho Chapter to the campus was an inspiration to the young women who longed to be a member ot this great organization. Since the chapter was organized, many iine women have crossed the "burning sands" into Alpha Kappa Alpha "land". AKA stands for all things that are educational and cultural. The pur- pose oi this organization is to guide young women into their channels oi Work, making them better instruments ot service to humanity. First Row, lett to iight: Veidie Fliillips, Annie Brandon, Mamie? Hodo, luanita Davis, lniogene Lawson, Alyce lackson, Gwendolyn Vfhitalcer. Second Row: Lovie King, loweline Frazier, lewel Whartley, Margaret Simian, lunanita Bell, Dr. C. D. Pembroolc. Third Row: Mrs. G. C. McKindra, Lenora Pounds, Gwendolyn Finn, Dorothy Littlejohn, L. V. Mazi- que. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Seated: Vera Cobb, Ellora Thompson, luanita Porchia. Standing: Glynn Barr, Sue ',, Anna Smith. OFFICERS Mattie Sue Ross . r . Basileus Vera Cobb . , AntifBasileus and Dean of Pledges Anna Smith . Grammateus Ellora Thompson , Eplstuleus luanita Porchia . . Tamiochus Alpha Chi Chapter Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, the youngest Na- tional Collegiate Sorority, and the first Sorority at A. M. and N. College was established lune, l945, by the Grand Syntakes, with the following sorors as charter members: lewell Burrage, Rachel lohnson, Geraldine Wilson, Marjorie Kirby, and Norma Powell. Since then many of Arkansas State's finest young women have crossed the Sigma sands and are now holding distinguished posi- tions in many fields. l rf ws--Y rv Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Kneeling: Raymond Paradise, George Wesley. First Row, left to right: Gordon Morgan, William Carter, Walter Littlejohn, William Locke, lohn Morgan, Edward Henry, Eddie Dickens. Second Row: Donald lefferson, lirnmy Walker, Edell Gray, Frederick Birth, Lewis Baskins, Robert McDaniel. Third Row: Iames Evans, Willie Cloman, Leonard Wilborn, Milton Bland, Byron lenkins, Herschel Rockett. OFFICERS lames Evans . . . . . . Basileus Gordon Morgan . ...,. Vice Basileus lohn M. Stevenson . . Keeper of Records and Seal Herschel Rockett . . . Keeper of Finance Frederick Birth , Dean of Pledges Mr. I. A. Harris . .. . Sponsor Tau Sigma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, lnc., was the first Greek letter organization to be founded on the campus of A. M. and N. College. Omega Psi Phi is a national fraternity, having as its cardinal principles, schol- arship, manhood, uplift, and perseverance. Tau Sigma has expanded its ac- tivity beyond mere social entertainment to include programs of cultural and educational interest. The chapter gives scholarships, and takes a sizeable part in making college life interesting and meaningful to all. Alpha Phi Alpha I. OFFICERS 5'Vannette lohnson . . President Samuel Kountz , Recording Secretary Elliott McKinney ViceePresident Herman Feaster . . Treasurer Willie Lindsey Corresponding Secretary Henry Trent . . Chaplain E. K. Blakely . Dean ot Pledges William Robertson Assistant Editor ot Sphinx ln March, l946, the fraternal spirit ot Alpha Phi Alpha came to Ar- kansas A. M. df N. College with the establishment ot Gamma Delta Chapter with seventeen charter members. Since then, the group's participation in campus activities has been easily discernable and deeply felt. The highlight ot the chapters program tor the year was the joint AKA-Alpha Christmas Ball, during which time lovely Miss luanita Davis was crowned "Sweetheart ot Gamma Delta" and Mr. C. E. Hynes was presented an A. Phi A. Lamp tor having served as sponsor tor the chapter since its beginning. The words "We cherish thy precepts" express the group's love tor the Fraternity and gives it determination to live true to the Fraternity's motto: "First ot all, Servants ot all, We shall transcend all". First Row, left to right: Raymond Stewart, Samuel Ray, larnes Tuberville, Samuel Kount7, Willie Lindsey, Wendell Westbrook, Nathaniel Morris, lames Martin, l. P, lohnson, laines Campbell. Second Row: Allen Black, E. K. Blakely, Wal- ter Martin, lames Strickland, William Robertson, Frank Evans, Horrnan Feaster, Vernon McMurray, lerry lewell, George McCall, Third Row: Earnest Dees, George Watkins, Elliott McKinney, Arthur Porter, Clarence Lewis, Henry Trent, Hanley Norrnent, Darwin Davis, Dan Minor, Vannette lohnson. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity OFFICERS Rufus McKinney . , . Polemqrche lefferson Donaldson . , , Keeper of Records Young Glover . , , . . Strategus William Seals . . Keeper of Exchequer Clifton Allen . . Dean of Pledges Maurice lones . . . Historian Clarence Bailey . Reporter Through the efforts of Elder W. Diggs, and Byron K. Armstrong, Kappa Alpha Psi was founded on lanuary 5, l9ll, at Indiana University in Blooming- ton, lndiana. The Gamma Sigma Chapter was founded on the campus of A. M. N, College on April 30, l949, with l8 charter memloers. The chapter activities for the year include the annual Founders Day Program, held during the week of lanuary ll, and the annual "We Dood lt" program. The "We Dood lt" pro- gram Was given as a Kappa contribution to the entertainment calendar. Guide Week is observed in April of every year, at which time a program is given at a local high school. The high point of the year is the annual "Black and White" Ball and the year is concluded with a scholarship award of 325.00 to a deserving freshman. First Row, left to right: Emmitt NlcQuiston, William Wofford, Rufus McKinney, Harold Davis, Clarence Bailey Felix Stuckey, Melree Owens. Second Row: William Seals, lohn Willis, Clifton Allen, lohn Brooks, Elisha Walker Thomas Stevenson, Freddie lolinson. Third Ftow: lohn Puckett, Young Glover, Moses Ward, lefferson Donaldson, Paul Whi ford Howard Hudson. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity OFFICERS lames Banlcston , . . , President Bobert Powell . Vice-President Eddie Shaw . . Dean of Pledges S. F. Nwilca . , Secretary M. A, Ntukogu . . Treasurer The Beta Theta Chapter ot Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was established on the A. M. ci N. College Campus during the summer ot l947. There were l2 charter members. The fraternity observes Education Week, Bigger and Better Business Week, and George Washington Carver Day. The ideals ot the tra- ternity are "Scholarship, Service and Brotherhood". Lett to Right: S. F. Nwika, Percy Norrise, Albert Wilbert, Sherman lanes, Eddie Shaw, Michael Ntukogu, lcmes Banl-:stan 3 . lst si' i Q it W9 , fiwym jffgifeservedz Coaches and ?AVfFLfg1'ieg46'ff6gi:phs u b f'7Jv-mfr. i WN -ffggefffi fwff WXL wdgfi' , . 5 " ff' 3 0' . A , ,vu .sn 0 I, X -S in - 5g?1ff"JaNSJf'3xW Q2 P1 W f M - Qffggjw R MM W ' V P u' .yxf , gf aff gf! X75 "N ef 5 Ng Q, , 'H 75 T rf-X1 Q Q x we QS 5 WN E3 ,, yum. X4 LTXYQXT X1 . 5 l Q3 H H 5 5 ix yo Q' .. J , A , p. . . A ' K ', H 14 sf-iQ, Q 'L , .gg ' , - .. H r- f nf , - .r w .,-g ,- .. -' ,- ,- ,.- ., :ff H, , ' ,, . . A N , , 1. ,V !rw'V?- "' - nf .4 .M , , , f' . , :im-f,:.-g,m1,.p, -1- A- ,ww pq 1 - ' V 5. S73 c . 3941- .4uAvL,Lif' rlkagcfi- 3 Q ll .' ,Af K - fa-Ju ovxigt ,lj . "' r kv il f r X iv' s gf Jy 1, My 6 ' , wwffggrf 'MX agneiyzff I Q ig Siigigg SX W J WW 2 is SSW if N 4 " " M i X - . .1 ' 9, ' , .i-, N 'T' X . - .Q : ' A A , f N Q5 X6 W W M33 N 7 V 7 , COACHES RoLAND K. BERNARD Head Mentor . . The Lion's Board of Strategy Maneuvers . . It's magic - as Lions sweep Bishop on Home- Charle 'Bo" Spearman , Assistant Coach coming Day, 39-U. B ennan Kina .... Assistant Coach Golden Lions of '51 First Row, left to right: Seals, Ficldmont, Winbush, Clark, Dorn, Stuckey, Blakely, F. Evans, McCarty, Williams, I. White, Iames, Walton Smith, R. Iories. Second Row: Lee, Hargrove, Brown, Bluford, Odom, Alexander, Davis, Cloman, M. Iones, Ross, Dillard, Rankins, V Iohnson, C. White, I. Walker, Shakespeare. Third Row: Moore, McDaniel, Anderson, Trent, Iohnson, Houston, I. Alexander, Houston Beison, Gossett, Darrington, D. Johnson, Massey, Woolfolk, Nelson, B. Evans, Gamble, Wilson, E. Smith. Fourth Row: Meyers, Bass Newson, I. Smith, Thrower, W. Westbrooks, loiner, Eaten, Morgan, W. Walker, Buick, Allen, McNeil, Harrell, I. Stuart, Franklin, E Stuart, Bradford, C. Davis, Martin. SEASONS SUMMARY Conference Games Lions I8 Wiley LL .LLLLLL ,ooo L Lions I3 Texas College L LLL- LLL Lions 7 Southern L L L L L LLLLL L Lions 37 Bishop LLL LLLLLLL L.LLL LLL, Lions 6 Prairie View o,oo,L L LL Lions 39 Sam Houston LL LLLL, LLL. Lions 19 Langston LLLL L LLLLLL L L Non-Conference Tilts Lions 25 Grambling LLL .-.LLL LLLL L LLL Lions l3 Lincoln LLL LLL PRAIRIE VIEW BOWL CLASSIC The Golden Lions engaged the Prairie View Panthers, Southwest con- ference champions, '51, in a New Year's Day Bowl Classic. The contest was held in the Prairie View Bowl at Houston, Texas. After going out front in the scoring column several times, the fighting Lions eventually succumbed to the Panthers by a one point margin, 27-26. Us A Win Clornan and Iones ,,Red,, HECK, Co-Captains Gver The Wiley Wildcats ffflg, fM5M' Clark, Brown, E. Srhith, Rankins On September 29, l95l, the Gol- den Lions tripped the Wiley Wildcats, l8-13, to Win their initial conference tilt. Early in the first period, Van Iohn- son spiralled a sizzzlinq pass to Carl White, who Was standing in the end J, Slinqin' Van The Lions passing ace. He heaves them he speed and precision of a rifle. zone, tor the first TD. Lester Ross tal- lied tor the Lions in the third quarter, by pouncinq on a Wiley tumble in their end zone. The Golden Lions final score '-was made on a QB sneak from the 6 fyard stripe by Van Iohnson. . ,4 , si-- But the next Saturday the Steers slipped us a mickey 5 Il, cCarty The Texas College Steers turned back the Speedy GS lightning Golden Lions 18-13 tor an unexpected and rnost dis- ti? stir astrous defeat. The Golden Lions tallied two touchdowns in the first six minutes ot play. loe Walker, the Tex- arkana Flash, raced 45 yards tor the first TD, and Slingin' Van flipped a neat toss to "steel fingered" White, who tleettooted into the end zone from the lU for the second tally. The Steers trailing 13-0 at halt time, staged a sensational comeback by scoring two TDs in the third period and one in the fourth quarter. Head Mentor Bernard said, "The boys ran out ot gas." Ross Iones lohnson Alexander cmd Dinard Seals White Blutord Stuckey Two great competitors Mainstays from previous season vr- - - --- However, We Avenged Our Fate by Tying Southern White and Walton Clornan, Evans, Dorn, lanies, Odum A pair of scat backs Texas' gift to the Lions The Golden Lions and the Southern Iaquar Cats dueled to a scoreless deadlock in the first half. However, the Cats -tallied and converted early in the third period. The Lions, not to be denied, immediately retaliated with a TD and a conversion. The laquar Cats clawed and the Lions roared, but neither could score another TD, and the qarne ended in a 7-7 tie. McCarthy . A tesf2'??5.Th wQ:i.T?HS5!SQ3i+f 3 .Wl,,'SC5q, '92S5.Qg'iimfS.a5fw5W5Z.1Q'?3x5i.L?Z??if4fwS.l'Z'S1':yfv.L5Qa6 The following week we 'rrouncecl Bishop 37-O Stuckey and Iarnes Rugged fellows, but good sports Fred, "the Gat", Fiddrnont Power plus, but Uncle Sam got 'im The Lions scored once in the first half, but they roared back in the second half and scored tive TDS and a safety against the Bishop Tigers. "Piston Legs" Bradford tallied the initial score of the Homecoming garne with a 20 yard gallop. ln the sec- ond half, QB lohnson's 9l yard scoring iaunt was easily the most outstanding play of the afternoon. Other scores were by Bradford, Alexander, "Red" Clornan, and Dave "Scooter" Walton. The Lions battled the Tigers all over Tiger Stacliurn in Bishop,and the Lions emerged as the victors with a 37-O scoring advantage. On Homecoming, we clipped The Dragons 39-7 "Little Tige" lones The little tough guy who is a fine pass receiver TDs. ln the home of the Lions, Saturday, November 3, l95l, the Sam Houston Dragons took a shellacking to the tune of 39-7, from the Golden Lions. The tirst halt was played rather sadly by both teams, and at halftime the Dragons had a l point advantage, 7-5. ln the second stanza of the contest, the Golden Lions witnessed. torward wall sounded tinis to the scoring ot the Dragons, while the Lions' baclctield went on a scoring spree ot tive As the Lions romped to their 39-7 win over the Dra- gons, many old-timers and alumni said that this Was one ot the most gala and heart touching Homecomings they had Davis, Vtfilliarns, Blakely Power e- Speed - Brute Force - .vi .J ,,,,., , , ,. , . .. .... , ,, , . .,,,.,.,,.,., mme , wma it -1'w,m,,,.- ,- ,, 1952 Golden Lions Baskefball Squad Third Row, left to right: Curtis Holden, Maurice lones, Tolen Binns, Lucious VVillidms Second Row: Frank Taylor, Eddie Sutton, Alger Nash, B. I. Robinson, George Lee First Row: O. B. Elders, Hoywurd Vlfillidms, Edell Gruy, Alexonder McCarty, Malcolm Hemphill Cnot shownj Tyree Vfdlker Cnot shownj AlqerNc:1sh . . . Co-Captain Maurice lones . f Co-Captain giwzfw 'H 1 F' 5,9 Q f . gi 'U sf wang' I if vw Q. i fx 3 i SE T 1. QUE 3 f'-25, ..., A Wan 4 wif K Wf5fi:fgQzEpQF - Q. ww. A X Sk Haig fw 5-ig 3 Q in "'Q2x,iA MW un. P in ' 3 use 1 fl M. ll 'Ir C, ,- 1" . ,iff W' 5 f FW T' 'W"""W ' 'F' ' Baseball Squad A-Y First Row: Robinson, Kendall, Allen, Stewart, Cobbs. Second Row: Brooks, Ross, Smith, McDaniel, Yandle, Iones. Third Row: Robinson CcoachD Taylor, Kendrick, Davis, Rice, Strother, Bradford, Gray, Evans. Our baseball team placed last in the conference standing for l95l. Several ot the tearn's stalwarts and most dependable players were called to render service to Uncle Sam. This was a great loss which the Lions could not overcome. However, with the addition of several new standouts, the team is eyeing the championship trophy for the next season. ROSS Allen McDaniel Jones Stewart Robinson ' Rice J - 143 ww- Advertisements To those businesses that have shown great interest in the development of A M 5: N by buying advertising space in the LION, we Wish to express our appreciation and thanks. The advertising concerns have played a great part in the production of this yearbook, and the staff recommend them to you. THE STAFF. E0 s1111Ews of INDUSTRY 3 perpetual cycle at CRUSSETT .,c: xr wk . ,xg N 1 ee ,gs N at X QE , T X f l , 1 'T -.' Sinews for America's industrial strength are manufac- tured trom trees by The Crossett Companies. While The Crossett Companies utilize the whole of each tree, including the bark, a problem of supply would be acute without new forests to replace former cuttings. This replacement is accomplished by constantly planting seedlings, caring for them, and harvesting the trees selectively. In this way, the cycle is perpetuated and jobs are assured in the years ahead for the youth of our state. 1lL, 111 ' 1 1 1l1 .Ki XX N le 1 ee a ,., 1, M21 - iff 1 4 ff g . TX i Ii i 'X N 1 I ' -H N X i l Y Xe 1 X wi I T H N 1 I ?Q??Q.,27 VW' 'iam xg yjylww 1' V fa 'li' I Q' "ax l iii i E , C feb ily - 1 111 11 1-111 11 Lei alll li li' 'Y lf' " sb 'AZ ' i' l A-11 f' X ,. l X 'l 'I V l l 1 I 6 ,, fy if 1 Xwg, r37Xif'iXii4yxfflx! I - I f ' - if 'X ffff bln I fb. X I THE CROSSETT COMPANIES if '11 , Q i i g' i!1,Fi ,111 Crossett Arkansas Capital Tyewriter Company Typewriters Adding Machines - Cash Registers Supplies Distlrilmtor of Products by R 0 Y A L lV0rld's Largest MH7lllfIlL'fllT6TS of Typezuriters EASY TERMS 119 Main St. Pine Bluff, Ark. Phone 5338 Fox Brothers Hdw. Co. "Your Frigidaire Dealers" 415 Main St. Ph. 880 Pine Blulli, Ark. In Pine Bluff Always Shop F ROUG'S First Southeastern Arkansas' Finest Departrnent Store "QUALITY AND DEPENDABILITYH Since 1906 Always the FINEST IN FURNITURE of John A. Pope Furniture Co. Main street Pine Bluff, Ark ' '41 Dr. Robert L. Molette Dr. H. H. Phipps Dentol Loborotory Dentist Masonic Temple Masonic Temple 4th and State - Pine Bluff PiHC Bluff Ph. 1623 Ph. 5683 nl Dr. W. L. Molette Dr. Clyde A. Lowloh DGFIUST Physicion ond Surgeon Phones: Office l263 - Res. 6939 Qffice Hours: 9 a. 111. -- l p. 111. Masonic Temple Room 12 3 P In - 6 p m X-RAY 3295 Main Ph. 420 Official College Dentist Pine Bluff, Ark. ---- - - Farmers Tractor and Equipment Co. john Deere Sales and Service Shell - Ross Seedsmen Dealers in Staf-O-Life Feeds 310 NV. Barraque Ph. 51 17 Pine Street Pine Bluff, Ark. Pine Bluff Jefferson Supply Company Farmers Eijer Plumbing Fixtures McDonald Pumps - Rheem Water Heaters Reznor Unit Healers - Rheem Watei' Softeners Metalbestos Vent Pipes Supply Association, Inc. Farmer Owned Farmer Controlled 300 State Pine Bluff, Ark. MANY OTHER LINES Ph. 150 711 Main St. Pine Bluff, Ark. f'Helping Build Arkansas' Agriculture" 814 W. Seventh Little Rock, Ark. Need Ice Central Tin Shop Get All You VVant at the lce Service Co. 301 Pine Street Ph. 898 Pine Bluff, Ark. All Kinds of Sheet Metal Works Lennox Heating Chrysler Air Conditioning 5110 E. 5th Ph. 3500 Pine Bluff, Ark. WARD'S BODY WORKS, INC. Manufacturer of School and Commercial Buses Conway. .-Xrkxlnsfns 4 f Z 0. H. HARDIN Whenever You Think of Banking J- F- F U Service . . . Think First FU RN R I of N . I U T I me R E IIIIIIIIIII5 2 the 5 E ? COMPANY I-II'I0NAI.CgANK f I Mjglgj pf ,Z me 93134 COMPANY Sgcfynd SUAQCL fffff PM Bluff Capilal Asscls over fs2,s5o,ummo PWC Sf- Pine Bluff BLACK 81 WHITE J. J. NEWBERRY s'1'oR13 Sc - I0c - and - 51.00 MAIN ST. PINE BLUFF MAIN S'I'. PINE BLUFF SMITH PAPER PRODUCTS COMPANY I'VI1oIesz1Ie PINE BLUFF. ARK. Phone 7307 304 Mulberry Ferguson's Refrigeration 81 Furniture Company FOR CHEMICAL PRODUCTS Servicing All Makes of Refrigerators mms min Pine Bluff Phfme 3162 Your Bemlix Washer and Crosley DU'GoOD 1'C2"C'i CHEMICAL COMPANY Alex Moseley 1217 SOULIIJCII-Cl'S01l Street Furniture - Electrical Appliances 208-210 W. 21111 Ph. 524 SAINT Louis, MISSOURI Pine Bluff, Arkansas HAMMOND BAG 81 PAPER CO. 205 Michigan Street - Pine Bluff, Ark. Manufactgrers of Multiwall "BETTERBAGS" ,J iii? I Meet Them ond Leove Them ot your Trailways Bus Center 2ll'lCl121Il1 and Main Little Rock Ph. 2-2178 Owen Frozen Foods We Feature Locker Service Barraque St. Pine Bluff Don Lusby Service Company Wrecker - Car Parts - Garage "Sole Ozvner' of Mit' Name" Phone 61 Pullen and Cedar Pine Bluff, Ark. F. G. Smart Chevrolet Co. Second Street Pine Bluff Taylor 81 Co. Insurance - Loans - Real Estate Phone lll32 Pine Bluff For Excellent Bus Service ond Low Rote Chorters PINE BLUFF BUS LINE Pine Street Pine Bluff 13. COMPANY, INCORPORATED 'kit' Wholesale GROCERIES AND GRAIN 'lr 'A' 'k Pine Bluff, Arkansas McNew Realty and SHUI' IVIIH CONFIDENCE Insurance Co. COHEN'S I29Mz1in PI1.97l .-Ill II? Ask l.s Your fIlHl,IIII'Ilf'l' Pine BIUII PINE BLUFF. ARK. Welcome home Z COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. or SOUTHEAST ARKANSAS PINE BLUFF MON'I'ICEI,I.O Plunkett - Jarrell G0Odyeal' Tire CQ, IVI1oIcsz1Ier's in Groceries and Supplies Main Sl. Pine Blufl' mmf mlm, Ur' 7" 'V' A'Fl0zue1's for Every Occasion," Loomis Floral Co. Selma-Schloss Jewelers Southeast Arkansas' Newest Jewelry Store Member of F. 'lf D. Service 113 W. sixth Plume: 1393 and 1394 Pine Bluff Main St A My ' i ix , I 11- ":::: , :.. -v iii it ll. S. Browii, Owner Mrs. Manzilla D. Brown General Manager President Brown Funeral Horne Progressive Burial Association Crown Casket Co. Home Office: 215 E. 2nd St. Phones 765 - 6576 BRANCH OFFICES: DUMAS, ARK., . . S'l'UTTGAR'l', ARK. A biisiness that is serving the present and building for the future. W. O. Wells Office Equipment Co. Aclcling Machines Calculators - Cash Registers Ph. 816 Pine Bluff 622 Main The Vester Theatre "AIways Has Good Movies" 2ncl Street Pine Bluff YANCEY'S RADIQ SHOP We Repair All Makes of Radios RADIO Radios - Supplies - Service - Electrical Appliances l602 YV. 2nd St. Ph. 5032 Pine Bluff, Ark. NEED CAB SERVICE Call Bra nton's Taxi Co. List Laundry Dry Cleaners Barraque Street 318 State Phone 98 Pine Bluff, Ark. Pine Bluff Ph. 146 Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel Company All Kinds of Concrete Products cind Ready-Mixed Concrete Are Specialties PINE BLUFF, ARK. -?m4Zf2750aa For steak or chop . . . cold cuts or salads . . . soups or gravies . . . from the Sexton ensemble you can select just the right sauce to give that special savor which spells true guest pleasure. Each Sexton sauce is blended hy experts, from rich aromatic spices and other carefully selected ingredients, in our Sunshine Kitchens. Recipes that have earned acceptance and are backed by three generations of serving your special needs. You can be proud to display the Sexton label on your table. It means Hne foods, tastefully prepared. YUI-IN SILXTON dz LO LHIC AGU 1951 ENAIOY 0 0 Grade A Pasteurized airy Products ICE CREAM -- PAS'1'1iURIZ1iD AND HOMOCLENIZED MILK CIILTURED AND BULCLARIAN BU'1"I'ERM1LK 0. K. ICE CREAM AND CANDY CO. "Serving Pine Bluff and Southeast Arkansas Since 1911" DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY of PINE BLUFF, ARK. Cmnplilnenls Of Lea's Men's Store 322 Main Pine Bluff, Ark. Baim's 401 Store and Baim's Eagle Store Main Street. Pine Bluff BANKS 81 WINKLER Jewelry .... Luggage MAIN S'l'REE'1' PINE BLUFF, ARK. flrere IS no better Barber bervme Phan Smiling Service with Confidence at that you get at Main Maytag Co. Clemmon's Barber Shop North Cedar St. Pine Bluff, Ark. Main SUQCCL Pine Bluff, Ark FOR soon FOODS d CONGENIAL A L T S C H U L ' S an SERVICE eat at QIGARS - CANDIES - SUNDRIES The Lian's Den 205 W. Zncl Pine Bluff, Ark. A. M. N. College Campus GLOVER MOTOR C0 ..... Pine Bluff, Ark. AGRICULTURAL, MECHANICAL AND NORMAL COLLEGE Pine Bluff, Arkansas SUMMER SESSION June 2-3 . Registration for First Sunnner Session June 4 I ......, Instruction Begins July 7-8 . . Registration lor Second Sunnner Session July 9 . ...,. Instruction Begins A. M. 84 N. College offers courses ledding to o l3dchelor's degree in I7 different fields Agriculture Business Aclniinistration Biology Chemistry Connnercial Education English General Sciences Health and Physical Education History Home Economics The Mechanic Arts The Modern Foreign Lztnguages Music Education Sociology Minors in: Art - Physics - Political Science - Speech and Drama Fall Term Begins on September I, 'I952 For Information, Write the Registrar Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Members of the American Association of Colleges, the American Council on Educa- tion, the American Teachers Association, and the National Accrediting Commission. ogg Ch F863 These are the words eagerly awaited by every member of your staff, student body and faculty. We have taken your memories - your ideas, tributes, and photographs and put them in a form you'll cherish for years to come. This permanent record of your school days has been printed by people who know school annuals and like working with you to produce them. Your staff is to be commended for your splendid cooperation and service to your school. The Hurley Co., Inc Printers Lithographers Binders Camden. Arkansas K S sp vt M I S .3 Q 6 1 -'va ::, J ,wx 5 3 S' L3 2. I as fx-' fi 1 ,, ,. say - -W -A w. , ,... , .N , .... err 034538252 ARKpNsAs "V R , .,,., A M 8gN Colle e 9 09,8 li Q 5 1-,,,,,:1., zzz x Pine :til 4 .... .x.-.-.w95Cf.f 4:6-le-. . . wi ' K. V , 3:5322 E. ,, . . 3.5 9 b TEXAS 32:1 Q:,:.:g:-- ' las. . , s' ' gy. 7 ' 'F' '15 P . I I ' P 13? 2 fr ' 9 Q1 ' Q' F U S 'FSI s no .. lb A JSA 2,--. was A 999 "-.. Q 'Y' Er in a 3 X . 58 U3 Qu 1, f 21 5? if :fi 6? V .- W Q? ,v 1. - Q. -1 , ' 957, . 5.-.r 5? 4 . .,-. gy V- - ff W .-.. .V ffzf- - ' --. ,." qv ' Q' .N ,g::.f:5:19'5:':f, I I, 3 SIE Marko POC-fb or THE Sw 74 ie vt Z 'Q 4 Q 2 5 Qt. 19 Y . ei QQ Vg :Bef BV X Z fi Aff A Z Q A KK rr X X HUM! UF THE LIONS Q V 'Nl V' .-f1f..3irh, . -, wr

Suggestions in the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) collection:

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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1952, pg 61

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