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University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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1" yy ff fp fffffhfg .-. A x QW: My 3 -.i'i5?f." Q 'ygihwr' Nagy ' ff .f x Xx xxx 'ff 'X A -. V f Q ' 'f 1, " - -r 1.1 '..:..iQL.1fN-H""" ' 1, , A ' ' + - . ., ., -v"f' m U ' . .,,1,'.U1'1 .- ' n, .Sf 2 " ' N - --V . Jgge. ', . A - ,,,,., !5','fA-5+-iiff ' A EL im'.,:4.:,:Til:1.'2 5 -,... ,' "3!hif.ffFj?-,-5.,,.,f,QQg3-.fzfz1J.g,gzK:gm-331':'fLf+'1!A.1-Lgyiggzpgggy-QWW 44' ' ' Emil-f.,Ji Slglviz.:j.e:,E:,1ii.7, . ,,. . v .-Kai , LQ KW ' A , xrwpf N fl! The Student Government of Arkansas A. M. 84 N. College Pine Bluff, Arkansas Qfesenfa kylbxxrus rp. DAVIS I950 KKNKL I fi? Editor KOFI .YXDDO H11.s'i11f'.s'.s' 1WrH1r1g1'r I 'NA Af CITY L. DARNELI. .-1 flmwr Page 2 wJ 'ii 1.7 f y l P l S FOREWORD This Yearbook, which represents,vthe fulfillment of a promise and a prophecy, is prodduced as a result of a change which has taken place with respect to organization of publication. Here-to-fore, this has been a project of the Senior Class, but the desire by students to develop for themselves the ability to as- sume responsibility and leadership has demanded that this production be placed into the hands of the Stu- dent Government, a practice which is expected to con- tinue. And, too, this Yearbook sees A. M. ik N. mak- ing tremendous progress in that it is expanding its physical plant, facilities, and personnel. This year A. M. EQ N. accomplished the goal sought with respect to her admittance to the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. She is now a mem- ber of this Association. Therefore, it is fitting at this time for the entire student body to make this meritor- ious contrihution to their Alma Mater, in order to carry out in full the aims and purposes of the insti- tution. XVith the publication of the Yearbook and other important activities in the hands of the Stu- dent Government, A. M. Rc N. is providing an environ- ment for learning in that she is promoting those ac- tivities that will develop her students into well-bal- anced personalities, clear and accurate thinkers, use- ful individuals, and effective leaders, who will assume the responsibilities of making life in America more enjoyable. Page 3 .ll PRESIDENT LAWRENCE A. DAVIS DEDICATION A true Lion .... A native Arkansan . . . has proved be- yond all doubt that this is truly the land of opportun- ity . . . He is the very picture of progressive leadership in a changing society . . . A dreamer-yes-but his dreams are becoming realities for us and shall be enjoyed by our children for decades to come . . . He has accepted criti- cism, good and bad, and still carries his burden untiringly, and very well, as can be attested by the monuments he is building while still alive . . . A product of the college he now heads, a credit to Arkansas, the new South, Amer- ica, and all humanity . . . It is with deep devotion that we dedicate this 1950 Lion to Dr. Lawrence Arnett Davis- Page 4 CONTENTS CLASSES I ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ALUMNI ADMINISTRATION BUILDING lg E LIBRARY Pg fe Q if if 9 ii ef, 5 'S 5 SE Rv K nf EE E r Hz 'Q F if sf if B N SX 3 is E 2 W 'E 3 s r l , wN,mwzz'H:,w x N :W sew. v'wWwsww 11-'ww-'-"msaw-A' A -, W, ,,,, ,,, ,, , . ahgsgff-may B' TODAY L - 1 .1 1 1 ll ' :ses of 1 A - ' w lxcic lzlws. ' X C U SL " 1 If " ' ' A' L" ' rlu. - m 'Q ' 2 ' 5' ' ' '. xr Sll H 1 ' -1 ' ' ' rs A '- x' ' 'L ' this Q . 'C , , ,,. . .AA . 1 . ,. ' 2 ' ll " go 1 "" ' '1 . Km um. ll 1 ,us iw. If 'c - 1 x ' 4 " mls - ,- s M1 QQM www 'N X .1 , ld xl h2: va 4 i i x 5 1 2 E E E 2 s 5 2 E f l f . ll 3 E e 5 1 3 ' ff! fi if 'E ......... 3. Q ' X, wi 'Q Q A-EF 31 H X R LJ i l miami Q is e " '-" ' '1 ,::. li. - I MWF? . . 3, R Mama 1 A S .fs 5 , Q , My TODAY Toclziy thc mounting cnrollinc-nt luis licccssitutc-cl thc lnushrooni growth of physical plant. The cznnpus boasts of 65 buildings. Presently, up-to-ilzitc zigriculturul :incl sci- cncc buildings arc- undcr C0llSIl'llC'llOl1. A moclc-rn Stu- dcnt Union and Dining Hall lnuilcling, two zulditionzil ll01'1IlllOl'iCS, and at stzlnclzirml liglltc-cl stznclinm am- innnccli- :ite p1'ojt'c'ts. ,vw f. 4.. xx Q"'V ,. QQ ,, 5 J w . Q Z W Q 'www M X -' mf ig? ,, Q N s V1 , 3 y 1 1 N Home 30 w- '1- an cw-. f""""' ' ,-v-.--...-...k.,.. 'll :-'13-1 av mann A ln Maw is E Q ff ,,fA,.,.. I 1' gig. Q? 6' Q af X , , .1 nu ng 11 , .ef fi sie L: 5 iWe.1 Vf4,w,giezszl g22s,,gg,-gf, - ,412-.,:5, A .. V - his my QW Mx ' ., fix ar YW -, K, Q 'W H ,k,,. WWW! wx J X 1. K ki? ., .- f fm" . V -. Mz.,.J ,Quan xgy, .M R Y .,fik'-w lk Q T53- ' ' 5: ,,4vQ.5' V ., .vim 41' .ff v 4' Q f 1 5? M 'af 5 1 ? 3 'I Vg- YA Q ' ' N 14 xi is -H92 3 ibn 1 1 - 'Z' ig 5 W M i K Q 4? gi r ' 1.2, ggfgg .fha s 1 P 8,5 U 4 W: . .g K gms f 3 1 fx .P wx Y 'ff- 3 N J.. 4 fi? A gy Q 'X 5 Y no A 1 A H39 Qtxyi ww ek ,, if Q? M 3 .IH Q' ar 1 , 3 WMQEWF- ...,- 's , 1 L.ZU' T. 2? lin ,, .7 'Y' HKYFYLYSE .1 ? 3355-I 1-8 4'15115l" f y Q ri wax-- ,lgtg .1,f.,' 2 YW' WX QM lf Tl , . S . 'Q- 347352 1 . q, .w ,Q '-.if . y .5351 K TOMORROW '1lllL'5L' pages cviclcntly support thc lust that in .X. Nl. K N. Col- lcgc, :anal along thc lmorclcrlincs of 5K'lClli't', thought, and url, students fill! olnznin l'l'C'L'Cl0lll. lullillnlcnt, and ilu- proud scnsc ol pcrsonzll zxchicvclncnt to lu-lp in building Z1 szunc zzncl lmlzlnwccl society and to give us an glimpse ol thc llcritagc Lluu is ours. We look toward the luturc. Amt. yeh: ' sa , I S,- 1 Off' Q 1' 5 , MECHANXCAL RKP-N5 A5 8: NORMAL COLLEGE AGRXCULTURAL. PINE BLUFF. A April io, 1950 historical, it is ' ultural, THE PRESIDENT Everywhere: 't is uniquely of the kgric OFFICE OF Dear Students, Alumni and Friends This splendid Annual is significantly epochal, i peculiarly valuable as a recorder in the seventy-seven-year life Mechanical and Normal College. A review of my letter for the publication of last year will reveal our anticipa- tions at that time for the improvement of the College. Among them were the expectancy of a state appropriation of one half million dollars annually, funds for an agriculture building, a science building, a student unionfdining hall combination building, athletic facilities, and, most of all, accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools in l950. . l wish to report on the outcome of our ambitions and aspirations thus far: The legislature of l9L9, with the strong support of Governor NcNath, appropriated 5b25,000 annually for the biennium l9u9-l95l for operation, and 5750,000 for the same interim for buildings. Consequently, at present a Sl,250,000 building program is under way. The agriculture and science buildings are two-thirds complete, the student unionfdining hall structure is being planned by the architect and will be under construction by mid-summer, two dormitories will be constructed during the coming school term, and twenty-one acres of land have been purchased for developing athletic facilities. At least 550,000 will be spent on the new stadium and playing field during the summer. let, the most gratifying and satisfying announcement l have ever made is that uThe n'N and N College is now a full-fledged member of the North Central Association of Col- leges and Secondary Schools.n Without doubt, this is the'highest academic rating the College can earn. lt means that the institution is respected as a standard institution all over the United States, and in fact all over the world. l am sure the soul of the illustrious Dr J B Watson is happy. These were his dreams. Surely, the facts above indicate beyond question that we have been unstintingly blessed. The supreme joy accrues from the way our blessings were acquired. People of many interests and stations in our society did their bit. Governors, legislators, edu- cators, newspapermen, business people, social leaders, religious leaders, conservatives, liberals, nradicalsn, faculty and students -- all races combined their efforts in our behalf. To them all we are profoundly grateful. Now the institution is faced with a formidable and inescapable challenge. Arkansas' natural and human resources need further development and conservation. We need better citizens and more satisfactory human relations. The inherent dignity of all men needs enhancement. Atomic and hydrogen power needs harnessing for human good. The optimism of peace and human brotherhood must supplant the ominous fear that we shall destroy'all that is good and beautiful in our human civilization. Can a 'Negrou institution in Arkansas successfully meet its part of this challenge? We pray God that it can, and that this College Will enjoy able, wise, and inspired lead- hip competent and consecrated teaching, and continued public confidence and devotion. te ourselves to attuning the minds and hearts of men to the good of mane ' eases our confidence to accept the challenge, our future efforts youl' S' rely our ers , ll dedica ' tion incr ' Uwe thank we sha Accredita f saying, DAVIS kind. ' be our way o TANRENCE A ' d e n t will P r e s i LAUQWGH 4 , l L, Page 18 yum President Davis and Family .sjsfgrgi sway? Left to right: sLaWr6nce Jr., President Davis, Ronald, Sharon, Mrs. Davis, Larnell. Page 19 J-u 1 1 1 E '1 a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 5. 1 1 1 1 1 1 Z Qi HONORABLE SIDNEY SANDERS MCMATH GOVE RN O R Governor Sidney S. McMath of Hot Springs, Arkansas has proven himself to be a capable and progressive statesman in the administration of the affairs of the state of Arkansas. Page '20 MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, ARCHITECTS, CONTRACTORS, AND PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE-caugln after a meeting at which Linie plans were cc 1111 pletecl lor Llie Construc- tion ol' the Science and Agriculture Buildings. Page 21 COLLEGE HYMN llal u- ' 1 - J I : I lil' Q . . 0 io ' N A E Es Sl-a e Col-lege, we greet lhee, wifh love and de 1 vo -'riong Our heorls and our 5- Willa arms fl-hal are sfronq from all harm we dc - fend 'Hweeg Thy name shall we We come when lfhou Call ue lo loalr-He, dear mo-fher, And casl' all we ln days of our Child-hood. we romped in Hqe wfld-woodg We wad -ed 'lhe Z- We heOr' Of qreol frea-sures of wis-dom and l4now-ledqe-- OF weallh noi' for We qird ed oar Ioins wil-h lhe, slrenqlh of G: -bro! -far: We drank 'from 'lhy We breahe lhy qreal- spiril- and learn more of wis-domg More 'l'rlgl'h Hnrauqh Hue 5. The work. of +hy hand as E+ quid-ed our Fool' sfeps: Wilfh foulfh +I-lou diclsl- Wc l5+ep will-1 our hearf-slrokes +0-day, and for - e - ver Thy 'Flaq +o the YQ I - : i:EEI Efggftpgggl NU? +rea-sqres we I. Che-rx5h,deor have al' +l'1y brook5,sipped +he 2 pur - chase of foun-fain and fflrglilixxlrrfig brinq +0 HIY shlffne i X 'SFO' fhfi'-H25 Qnggiz We walk lhrouqh fhis wide world wilh peace and wH'h sweel morn-Inq dew, qood-ness and you breamed my pure 'ai,' We en -lered Jrhy por-l-als wilh some 'lre-pi- life ia n we see. r h , ,fjwveny km? No more shall we won-der who qave lhee Thy r f M cou-raqe We gained while we sal' al fhy sono-'H-fied Seal, vns -+as of 3 leach as we brgae -54: of Alma Ma-fer, we da-'Hong We knew no+ who? fales 0 -wail-ed us Hnere. po-wers. No one buf our God can be-slow such a cliff. 55555 Mefggg. Ee Clsf E2 2 1 -55 EEE? Elf Page 22 5 , 'im Z! . 1 5 .ig fig? ga XSQZX ,FQ FRESHMEN lug 4 l 1 ll 21111 ll Phill Freshman Class Officers From row. left to riglu: Robcrl Mcllanicls, '1l1'C21Sll1'C1'I Nlurgia 1Villis. Assistam SCC1'ClZ11'yl cs Clzuuplacll, Parliuulexllarizum. Second row. lfilll, Lo right: l-luuley NO1'111Cl1L, P1'CS1ClC11l.I Kofi Aclmlo, Vice-l'1'esiclcuL: Calvin ips, Repomcrg James Bell, Business Manzxgcr. Page 24 FRESHMEN Ausberry Adams Kofi Addo Annie Allen ,A Sylvzmus fxlIllCllllCl' Helen Atelier Cznrlion Alexander Verclell Aldridge Faye .Xllnlan Herbert Balentine Barbara Banks Virginia Bailey Lewis Buskins Hazel Cuviness Lula Beavers Bettie Bell Henry Bell james Bell Otis Bell George Barnett James Benson Leon Benson Ulysses Bernett .Xuclrey Blake Ira Blake Patience Bonds Dorothy Booker XVillie Bowles Augustine Boyd Page 25 FRESHMEN Clifford Bradford Robert Bradford Joseph Brantley - y yi' Christine Briggs 5 5 , I 51 Narvell Briggs Mac Briggs John Brown Betty Brown lidrnona Brown Leoran Brown M audess Brown Odessa B Willie Browlcc Jeanette Jake Burns ? P Brown Lewis Brown rown Herbert Brown lVillie Brown Bryant Rose Bryant Nora Bl'l1Il1lflClCl Robert, Butler Alfrec Cade Edward Butler Larry Burton Bernistinc Cage D. Campbell Elza Carter ,gum 5-ff .2 Page 26 Aw-me l H T F Alma Christian B. Clark Dorothy Clay Lettie Clay Willie Cloman Allene Cole Adrian Counts Carrie Coulter Jesse Coshy Edna Cross YV. Crayton Josephine Cummings Hattie Currcnton Herman Dansby Clara Davis Dwight Davis Levi Davis James Deal Rebecca Deloncy Virtie Dickson Charles Dixon Essie Dolphin jefferson Donaldson A Robert Dorn James Douglass Hazel Ealy ' Hester Ealy Y'Villie May RESHM Page 27 t F R P Marie Fdge Bobbie Filand X'Villie Fskridge Clarence Ellis Cloteal Emerson L. D. Ewell Charlie Fitxhugh Ovalee Fields Gwendolyn Finn Sterling Fitzpatrick Lurie Ford Merline Flennnings Maxey Filer Peggy Franklin I t 'George Fraction Ruth Franklin Ruby Franklin Iaines Freenian Virgil Gaines Llstella French Client Furlow Oscar Gamble Velma Gillard Christine Garrett Peeolia Gaston llrthlene Glusco Dorothy Groggans Albert Golden ESHM Page 28 F Dorothy Goldman -linnny Crahani Lldell Gray Mary Green Mildred Greenwood Allen Grisson Ruben Hale Dorothy Garnels Bobbie Gwinn Savoy Hale Mary Hannnons Maize Hannnonds CJYZIIIIH Hanipton I ra lim Hankton Ruby Harris Nlonroe Hardelnan Doris Harris RESHM I Y . 'X :.:. r A all H 'Q Q' g M 'M ,Li A a 4 x A -1 -Iewelene H arris Johnnie Mae Harvey Shirley Harvey gifyq., . . wig Q 'ir , 'K B. D. Henry if Frank Henderson Frank Hollins Aurelia Hill Larlee Hill Dorothy Holiday Elijah Holman Sallie Hooper Page 29 , 1,-1 RESHM Page 30 Ivory Hoselip Freddie Love Odessa Hughes Gustavia Ingram Fannie lse Lucille Isom Arty Jackson Colmia Jackson Lassie Jackson Jerry Jewell Thomas Johns Charles Johnson Doris Johnson Elmo Johnson James Johnson Maud Johnson Polly Johnson Clardell Jones Ernestine Jones James Jones John Jones John H. Jones Ralph Jones Mfanda Jones VVilma Jones George Joyner Jewell Kendell P. A. Kendell N 4 Hyman King FR Libert Lewis Madie Love Dorothy Littlejohn john Loften Opal Love Loreda Malcolm Lucille Louclcl Charles Lucas james lXIaldrew Deloris Martin XVillie Mae Maloney Raymond Marcliant Dorris Meadows Gorclan Morgan Eunice Middleton Alphonso Miller James Martin Nathaniel Massey Harry Mays ESHME Page 31 Tlnlrlnan Mitchell I' Mary Moore Floycl Newman Alex Moyer Evelyn Murrell Mary Merrill Bobby Mctllaniel Annie McGhee Rufus Meliinney Jethro Mcllay Handley Nlll'lllCIll Rosie Nichols Bertha Neal .Xllene Neal Melree Owens limelea Olnelyukwe Ida Parr Q Vernon Clarice Perry Arsenia Phillips Calvin Phillips FRESHM Gloria Moore Burneiee Mc'Dade Elrae McRae Ethel Nichols George Olds Payton Donna Pearson Lincoln Phillips Page 32 imariwx -Iacupus Pickett Lemuel David Pepe F Pitts Veoda Pleasant Elma Pledger Leuora Pounds XVilliam Pulliam Marvin Pryor Mildred Pryor ll. A. Quame john Mitchell Hershel Roekett Herbert Ramsey Fred Rankins Betty Reed Herman Rankins Benjamin Reed A Ora Rhodes joseph Rice Future Nlae Cobbs -joseph Rice Rosie Rice 1.4-onard Richie W'illie Rice Velma Ricks Lois Roberts Harry Rogers Leslie Rogers RESHMEN 1 E I Page 33 Q l i i 1 a 1 1 1 3 4 ! 1 . 4 I l l l 2 4 -m S Z I . , fi . i ., E '1 1 4 J Earliest Rowlett Gary Shacklelord Nehemiah Shell Sadie Sims Dorothy Smith lidward Smith Cleve Stepter Dollister Burnett Edward Strong, Luke Strong Johnnie Spencer Lee lltta Suggs Rosie Taylor Gladys Teague -Iuanita Smith FRESHMEN Bernice Shaekleford Doris Shan' Iolmnie Simpson Anna Smith Ruthie Stephen HN:-bf james Strickland Leonna Stromide Edward Stuart Essie Stuart Myrtle Tate Frank Taylor Nadine Thacker Alvernus Thomas Page 34 9' 'H FRESHM Ernestine Thomas Fred Thomas Georgia Thomas Harry Thomas Hazel Thomas Andrew Thompson Harry Thomas Howard Thompson Harry Thomas Henry Tolliver Juanita Took E. W. Triplett James Tuberville Shannon Turner Vera NVaddington Hubert Wfade john Wade Eloise Walker I Jimmy Walker Sidney Wallace Martha VVarren Dorothy W'orthen George Xvatkins Herbert Watson Windell Westbrook Jewelene Yveston john Whartly Laverne XfVheeler Page 35 l l l F l l i goo RE SH Page 36 MEN Gwendolyn l'Vhitake1' Curl YVhite Jonah White Lenard Wfillnn' lillen X'Viley Henry Wfilkius Jeanne YVilkins Carolyn XVllll2ll1lS Cllzirence xVllll2i1l1S Clovice Xlfillizimson -fumes Ulilliallls Mziryln NVilliz1n1s Muyhel xVllll2ill1S Naomi Y'Villiznns Naomi Y'Villian1s xlznnes Mitchell fumes XVllll2lI1lS0ll Mzigia XVillis Georgia lfVilson l"Villie Wllll2llIlSCJll NVillie VVlShZlHl Jackie Mfright Maggie Wfright Lewis XV right Otis N'V'right Helen York Doris Young Nadine Young Viola Y oung qi!! if , -111 5' ':"l"i ' Y .1 1 1 fn iff ' ,N ,, 11, .1, 1' 1 '11 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 11111 . , 1 ' -' "VI 1 Y 1 -3 11 1, ,, 1 1 11 ., 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 A 1, ,. 1 4 , 1. V W1 1 1 1' ' 1 1 1' M1 1 x ,jf - r - N 1 - I ' 12 . 1 -1 1 fl ,, 1 V, 1, -1 11 ' 1 1 1 1.., 1 . 11 1 1 1-- 1 111, N ' 11? .11 -11 5 1 191 'L li ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 " " 1'!'fA1L'1'! 1' 1 if 1' "ill 1: :'. 1' H -4:73 iff? W 1 '1'11f11 11 1 ' 1' - 1 1 . . 11 '1111 xi?-1 1 iii,jQ1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1, f'1f1 ' , 13 f "':' 11 ' 1 1 :1 1 1 1 L 11 W I1 111 1 ' K 1I1 1 I 1f' X ' 2 I 'M' ' ' V I 'k "I I 1'1 ' 11 lv I 1 H", 14", If N'1 , M :1-1111111 1 1' S1 11 111151 111111 1 ,,,. 11. 1 'f 1 f 111 1 I 1 M1 X 11 I, '1'1 N 1 2 11 1' 111 M' 1 f J' 'uf' W1 ' F 1 ' 1 x 1 W 1l'1Q11 I I 1 .1 .Ig Q y f f f 1 '11 ff 1 ' W1 ' 1 .ff 1x f, W1 1' fl 'II1 1' 'W N111 Wil' Wil? 1 'W N1'11 l 'n'5"5'FM' 2,1 " 11 ' S 1 ' '111 ' H11 1 ' 1' -1 1 '12 112115111 1 1 ..',.,1. -1 , ,. . ff 1'r .N 1 , pf X ' Aff' I ,I ff, 1 41, ,,"5"61' 111, twig I 1 1 , 9f n N" 4.1 1 ff lmlmew Qi W Q 1111 it Jfepuy 11'31i2'l1f'iM3lL " E I I1 11 ,' , , la 1 11 5- 1111 W MJ . 1 ' 1 X N W-at-XLrHfL1'1 'J Li I Q V' X X 1 11? 1 1 for 1 I .1 'k 1 421 J M xrhllur mrfi ff L: 1 X 5 NY lxxx W , f 'uf f NIQQQ QlQ"!,4 , SN 'f 2 N' EX 1f 1 1,1 111 - 111111 1 1 1 11 K 4 7 1 MK 1 i 1 1 11 X N 1 1 We ff 1 S1 V ex Y XY my W ,HV I N 'I 1 I1 ' ,if A ' Y KW 'H' ' fx 1 I X if ff y SR 1 1 ' 'E ' '29 N X , 5,3 7 f xx 'Z Xkx ' I 1 W 1 N' gil fl f R f S3 'f 5 I " Q ff 1 W A x W 1 'I ul' 'I S if f X Y Yi Z' 1X 2 XX x I 1 I K fx ' V N 1, I, x Q . 1 AA 1 ' 11 315+ 1 -.XXL I 1 , 1 w Q" 1? g , 11 - 1 -1 - 'f-1, 1 ' ' gf 1 X 11 1, ' N ' A 51 A fi! A NN'l?+k, I' vi 1 N 1 1' 9, 1 ' V1 15 ff M. j l I,,.!I' FLEX F 'Ti A VV tw.: H .1 I-rv 1 1 1 L, -3 S N- ff, X 11X1qL f: ', , 1 X- V ,ff ,,'1fN'X, T W 1 11 V 11 1 1, 11 1 m f 1 , 1 1 ,111 5' , .. 1 3 :Z 3531 'Y 1 12.53 1 FHXQQ 1 '5 54-511 , A 1 'Q'-1,1 . Q Nl L,,,.,,, '2f:...,,, -f LT, -gf? - f SOPHOMORES 1 J Page 37 I I V k ge l Sophomore Officers I WILLIE FILER WILLIAM WOFFIJRIJ EIIYTHL ETHERLY CARL BROOKS VAN I1'I'i1'I:' JCI-I NSON FRILIIERICII FIIIIIMONT I Page 38 President D Vice President Secretary Business Mrirziagei' Parlimrientarizm Sgt. at Arms l 4 so Ioe :XllllClll1C1' Clifton Allen Daisy Alexander Eddie .Xrelier Clifton Aeker Michael .Xnjos XVillie Banks Glien Barr Gladys Buggett Alznnes Bzlnkston Leon Belcher Evelyn Berry Rosie Smith HCI'IIl2lIl Blzlciknlzin Lloyd Black ' Antliionette Blakely Milton Bland Earl Blakley Herman Blulord Carolyn Boddie Marie Bolten Annie Brandon Carrie Brannon Joe Briggs Curl Brooks Blennnzl Brown Lizelle Brown Mamie Brown I PHOMORES Page 39 4, SOPHOMCJRES Marie Brown Alyrtlc Brown Rudolph Burchctt Morris Byrd I Eugcnc Hucillzinzul Bernice Butcher Shirlcy Butler Burncfstinc Czirtcr Elvin Carroll Dorothy Chilclrcss Ycrclzi Childress Vera Cohh Hiziwzullzl Clark licssic Collins Hclcn Coleman Rosetta Counts Sczllus Crzall Dallas Craig, Doris Crcggett livelyn Criswcll -luzinitzn cilllllllllgllillll livnnic .lJ2lllgC1'lil6lll Ezirlciic- Daniels Dorothy Davis lcrushzi Davis Vzuurr Davis lmlczlliu Davis Oscar Dawson ' Page 40 l G ' n' Ernest Dees SO Robert Denton Millye Dickerson Searcy Denton Fred Dickens Arthur Divers VVillie Dobbs Ludie Dolphin N I ary Dowd lilnora Tippens Joy Flennnings Edythe litherly YVillie Filer David Ford Carolyn Givens Geraldine Frazier Arglister Gentry Lawrence Givens Young Glover Audrey Glenn Mathel Glover Steve Goldsberry Freddie Griggs livelene Gray Cleonia Griffin Allen Grissom ' Juanita Guest Bernice Garnel PHOMORES Page 41 v b , 4, SCPHCMORES Irene' K Hale ii 1 own Hall ' Arnett Harris i Grace Harris Q , Helen Harris Lena Harris May Fern Harris Kathleen Henderson Benjamin Henry Alfred Hill John Hill Mayme Hodo L. I. Holman Leona Hood Hfarren Horton Ozell Hudson Firdie Hyman Andrew jackson Donna jasper Lindburg jefferson Christine Jones Imogene johnson Johnson Ieanne johnson Ruby Johnson Vanette johnson Earlee Kelley Robert Kendall Page 42 SOPHOMORES Lovey King Yunusa Kosoko Samuel Kountz Roy Lawrence Maggie Lee Curtis Lewis YN7illie Lindsey Louise Lofton Lillie Larkin Milton Mapp Lillian Martin Theresa Martin Aeolia Martin Eddie Mauldin Deloris Mays Josephine Mays Harratial Means Charles Minor Elizabeth Mitchell Dorothy Montgomery I Elizabeth Montgomery Hattie Moore Tempie Moorehead Arthur Mullins liddie Mullins Tommie McCall Verna MeClinton Mabel Mcflrary ' Page 43 V T , 1 N 1 E 1 1 lf,lllIllL'll Nl1'fllliSl01l l5Cl,Ly Mol li CIc11'i11c' Nash SOP yilllidl Hiott McKi1111L'y .Xlgcr Nash l,r1uisc' Nelson X Fini Nwikzl Iuttic Ncwbo1'11 M. A. Ntukogu l'4l'L'1l Ozlklcx' 1 FIZITOILI O'Ncz1l ,Xlvin Parks Lucille Pzmicl Dr11'oll1y PZIVIQCI' I licttyc l'z11'11c 'lurtis Paschold Bcttyc Pz1ttc1'so11 ' Glzulys l'z1y11c f,ll1CI2l Payne XVil1ic 11111111115 li1sz1lc11v Vcrdic Phillips Po1'c'l1iz1 Lllllfil Powell Clzlrl Rccvcs Harry Ri1 ,X1'li11gtc111 Ren-so 10111111 Sz11'z1l1 RillCl12l1'l Hula Riu- HOMORES 6 Page 44 Taylor Richards SGPH Nlaudell Ridgcll Addie Ross Silvercne Robinson YVillia1n Rohertson Ura Ross David Sampson Sue Ross Dewery Russ Rohert Seal Jakie Simmons liddie Shaw Annie Simmons Sadie Sims Bobbie Smith Dorothy lidward Stewart Andrew Spears Donna Spencer Smith Clara Starlard Raymond Stewart Titus Story Naomi Terrell George Stuckey Katherine Taylor Bertha Thomas XVehster Thompson Alfonsa 'TTi1l'0XYl'l' OMORES ,I I A mmf? Page 45 l T i 4M SOPHOMORES Page 46 Bessie Thurston Lucille Thuston Leola XfValker Fayc Wafer Edward Mlaller Robert Mfalker Norma NV ard Roger Walker Roy Walker Lillie Watson Annie Vfillis Dollie Weston Jean Wlhite Lucille Thuston Elizabeth VVillian1s Jesse YVilson Catherine Wfoodard XVilliene Y'Voodson Dorothy Wright YVilliarn YVofford Joyce Worlds Grady Hughes Hazel Caviness Edna Young , ' , 7-1 ,f f" I :,f ,. A 'lina JU Page 47 4 g.,.+,,,,, Junior Class Officers QW ..,. Q W 5 s. Us -6 5 -Q? g W 46 H I 3 E525 '?::-1 i A . i , 2 5 iff lifmfi E K Q3 Q . 1 V g 6 'Sf 5" Ziff: H 7 J 55 'E z: ,. 5 an .. A ., E 3 . , W Q ,,., . , . r 2 in s ig Qi -Zag, .is 5 fl if 3 sss ss gg ish , s 5 Qi Sitting, left to right: Lee Allen Torrence, Vice-President, Rudolph Green, President, Ernestinc Rowell, Secretary, Floyd McGuire, Treas- UTCT. . Standing: Bobby Daniels, Business Manager. Page 48 l 7 .IUNIO R S , 1 Top row: Josephine Adams, Monroe Adams, Precious Aldrich, Louise Austin, Clarence Akins. Rowan Altheiiner. Second row: Burton Altheiiner, Phillip Austin, Verla Armstrong, Herschel Alcorn, 'llhaddeus Arbor, Rufus Baker. Third row: Mary Baker, Shirley Buss, Robert Beaver, Clyde Ber- ryinon, Myrtle Biddle, Lewis Blake. Bottom row: jesse Bradley, Ollie Brewster, Artis Brewster, Elihue Brown, Curtis Burchette, Verna Dean Butler. Page 49 JUNICRS Top row: Ednarine ryant, Frederick Carroll, Velma Caudle, Ru dolph Caviness, Stennie Cheatham, Kenneth Colby. Second row: Josephine Cole, Ofreida Coleman, Jerry Compton Hobart Cope, Clifton Counts, Dorothy Creer. Third row: Benjamin Criswell, Bobby Daniels, Peter Daniels Huey Davis, Wfanda Davis, Ulysses Dixon. Bottom row: Ann Dodson, Mary Dolphus. Geraldine Edwards Evelyn Bowie, Jesse Ewing, Aurelia Elders. Page 50 JUNIORS Top row: Hershel Eddington, Quimire Ealy, Jessie Freeman, Peter Faison, Clarence Fields, Thelma Frazier. , Second row: Frederick Fiddmont, Willa Frye, Herman Feaster, Harlan Fiddmont, Louise Fields, Jean Bell Grice. Third row: Rose Gillard, Sarah Glein, Reba Green, Rudolph Green, Toy Grice, Lawrence Gunnells. Bottom row: Melba Hopkins, Lester Hopkins, Silver T. Holmes, Doris Hill, DeWitt Hill, Milton Hill. Page 51 . .IUNIORS Top row: Minnie Herron, Robert Henry, James C. Henry, Kath- leen Henderson, Ernest Harris. Second row: Irene Harris, L. T. Hampton, Hilda Haley, Clarence Ingram, Beatrice Jackson, Henry jackson. Third row: Roosevelt James, Donald Jefferson, Juanita Jeffer- son, Dorothy Jiles, Laura Jones, Mallory Jones. Bottoni row: B. Johnson, Dave Johnson, ,cc elect Georgetta johnson, Joseph Kennedy, Murphy Keith. A Page 52 JUNIORS ff Top row: Allen Keyes, Herman Kilgore, Evelyn Lalflora, Clara Lewis, Mary Ella Lewis, Johnnie Franklin. Second row: Joyce Miuihell, Mildred Morgan, Acie Meekins, John Middleton, Rosie Manuel, Christine Marlin. Third row: Hlilbur May, Floyd McGuire. Harry Mercer. Imogene Moore, Isaac Maggett. 'l'helnia Marshall. Bottom row: Ocie Nolan, Alice Newlon. Lloyd Nichols, Future Nichols, Roseua Nelson, Minnie OlNeal. Page 554 JUNIORS Top row: Mason Owens, Robert Palmer, Ulysses Parr, Laura Perry, Lois Phillips. Second row: Johnny Phillips, Lois Phillips, Roland Piggee, Lillie Pinkard, Robert Powell, Rubye Preston. Third row: Mercedes Randall, Arvene Reed, Jeraldine Robinson, Mary Robinson, Stanley Ross, Ernestine Rowell. Bottom row: Myrtle Rowland, Ardis Smith, Claud Smith, Joe Smith, Gladys Smith, Lannie Smith. Page 54 .IUNIORS Top row: Nathaniel Simms, VVillie Smith, Lois Stamps, Luke Stew- art, Victor Starland. Second row: Isaac Stotts, Laverne Strickland, Theresa Swift, Billy Thompson, Johnnie Thompson, Chester Tollette. Third row: Richard Torrence, Louise Tucker, Ruby Turner, Ful- ton Walker, Mildred Walker, Squire Watkins. Bottom row: Emma Walton, Herbert NVhite, Ernest Riley, Fay Williams, Fred Wilkins, Hoover W'i1liams. Page 55 JUNIORS Top row: joe Williams, Maurice Williams, Norvelle Williams Orlice Williams, Tommie Williams, Tyree Williams. Second row: Overtis Wilson, Anderson Mfoods, Naomi Wood more, R. D. Wright, Ernest Wright, Phillips. Page 56 1' F! 4 41 S l X SENI Pug C C RS l4 pl . Senior Class Officers W a x 5 L-.L......-..-A , Front row, left to right: Edward Mays, President, Ruby Smith, Recording Secretary, Harold Cowan, Treasurer. Second row, left to right: Thomas Brunson, Reporter, John Wat- son, Vice-President, Pauline Jefferson, Corresponding Secretary, Roscoe Boler, Parliamentarian. Page 58 T011 Ron' ROBERT ADANIS , . . . Sheridan EITLA B. COPPAGE-Education . Altheimer l'HEl.NI.-X ANDERSON-Home Economics l.ittle Rock ROH CLIADYS ARNOLD--Music . . I,ittle Rock Better Music Club. Choir. AAA Club. CLARENCE BAILEY I.ILI.lI-1 BAILEY-Education Gould Second Ron' FRED D. BALENTON-Biology '...,. Conway Varsity Football, Science Club, Alpha Kappa N Psi Phi. MARY BANKS-'Home Economics , ROH LOUVENIA BASKINS-English . English Club, AAA Club. MAE AVILLIE BASKINS-Home ISCUIIUIIIICS . . ROH, AAA Club. ZEIAIA A. BARR-Biology . . . Sigma Gamma Rho, Science Club, Choir. AAA Cl Basketball, Cheer Leader. THEOPOLIS BENFORD-Physical Ed. Varsity Iootball, Baseball. Basketball. Iu, Omega Pine Blull Springfield Springfield Birdeye ub, Varsity Marianna Page 59 Tlzira' Ron' ALMA BLANCI-IARD-Education , I.ittle Rock CHARLES BLEVENS-Biology . . Arkznlelpliia Phi Beta Sigma. Science Club, YMCA. 'l'RENIIl.l.IA BLYE-Music . . Fayetteville Better fxlnsie Club, YIVCA. AAA Club. Choir. I.. ROSCOE BOLER-Business Adm. . . Pine Bluff Spotlighters, Phi Beta Sigma, Pan-Hellenic Council. Business Club. ALBERIHA BINOR COPPER I.. BROADIQS Texarkana Bottrmz Ron' QIANIES BRATJIVORD--Biology . El Dorado Science Club. FRANK BRI'I"l'O-Physical Ed .... Port Chester, N.Y. Varsity Football, Baseball, Physical Education Club, Alpha Phi Alpha. l THOMAS BRUNSON-History . IVarren Current Events Club, Student Government, Kappa Alpha Psi. NIARY BI.7l"IfINCTON-Home Economics Pine Bluff ROH. VIRGINIA BlfRKS-English . . . El Dorado Alpha Kappa Mu. Choir, Spotlighters, YIVCA, AAA Club, English Club, Student Government, Discipline Comm. NC Comm. Al URL BURNS-Agriculture ..... Malvern Alpha Phi Alpha, NFA. Top Ron' LEOLA BURNSAEducation BURTON VIRGIE CAYYVOOD-Home Economics ROH, YYVCA. PAULINE CAUDLEwHome Economics ROH. FREDDIE CANNON-Physical Education Physical Education Club. ORAN CLARK-Modern Languages . Collegians. Second Row YVILLIAM CLEMMONS-Mechanic Arts Mechanical Arts Club. LEROY COUNTS-Mechanic Arts . Mechanical Arts Club. HAROLD COWAN-Biology . . . Lion Staff, Football, Omega Psi Phi, JOHN coUN'ru1a ELDREYV DANSBY-Agriculture . NFA. GEORGETTE DANSBY-English . Little Rock Osceola Pine Bluff . Pine Bluff . Pine Bluff Almyra , Lockesbu rg Conway Arkansawyer. . Texarkana , Pine Bluff Page G0 Third Row BERRY T, D.-XNGERFIELD--Biology . . . El Dorado YMCA, Science Club, Spotlightcrs, Band, Omega Psi Phi. JUN ELDA DANIELS JAMES E. DAVIS-Biology .,.... Marianna YMCA, Science Club, Football, Basketball. Student Govern- ment, Omega Psi Phi, Editor, Lion. BENNIE DeBRUCE-Agriculture , OCTAVIA DIXON-Home Economics ROH. BERTHA R. DOOLEY Bottom Row ORVUNES DOSS-Business Adm. , Business Club. SYLVESTER EARLY-Economics . Omega Psi Phi, Business Club. .XRTHUR ELIOTT-Biology . Science Club, Kappa Alpha Psi. ISAIAH FIELDER-Economics . . Phi Beta Sigma, Business Club. LEOLA FOREMAN-Education Education. MAYME FOXVLER-Commercial Education Business Club. Eudora Nashville Parkdale Pine Bluff Pine Bluff Camden Pine Bluff Bcarden Pine Bluff Top Ron' ANN FREEMAN-Home Economics ERA F15RGUSON-Sociology . . . AURELIA GAYLORD--Home licouomiczs ROH, YXVCA. ELIHUE CAYLORD-Agriculture . YMCA, NFA, Omega Psi Phi. ARNETT GILL-Mechanic Arts Mech. Arts Club, Choir, Alpha Phi A FRANK CLIEN-Biology . Science Club, Sffrmzrl Run' HOWARD COODIZN-.Xgriculturc VHOMAS CRNYSON-Nlzlthematics AIXMICS GREEN DORX GREENl4ERRYwl-ltlucatiuu , W I LLIE C RINININI-lmne licoliorilics ROH. IICSSIE H.hNSfJNi1illllfllllllll lpha. Pine Bluff Pine Bluff Littlc Rock Morrilton McGahee Pine Bluff Gary, incl. Pine Bluff Dumas Pine Bluff fillllltllill Third Row ICLIKIAH HAMPTON-Mechanic Arts Varsity Baseball, Mech. Arts Club. JOHNNIE PR liSCO'l"f PHILO H.XYNESgEducatiou . . HARRY HARRINGTON-Agriitulture Omega Psi Phi. JAMES HENRY-Mechanic Arts . Mech. Arts Club, Omega Psi Phi. PRENTICE HENRY-Mechanic Arts Choir. Mech. Arts Club, Omega Psi Phi. Boilorn R ffri ' SXLOMIC HliNRYwHmne l'lf0ll0IlllL'S S. I.. HliI.Nl SIX CICCILIA I-IliRRON-liducation I,ll.l.lli Hll,l.--liclllctatioll I.Il.I.lli HILL R,XI,l-IICH HILI.-Business Adm. Business Club. Arkansas City . I .ockesburg Memphis, Tenn. . Dansville . Dansville Strong Eudora 'lVlCX2'l1'kElI12l Page 61 ,, i j 5 -Q, 'E 'K A 'KK' W at if .- ,aw W Q, X k Q N if 14011 Ram' SAXIlIl'l HIl.l.-Home lic'o11o111i1's l'i11e Bluff ROH. IJCAVIHIVIY I-IOCUE-NIecl1a11ic Arls . l'i11e Bluff Music Club, Band, Mechzmic Arts Cl11b. ARRIE HOLLIS-lNlecl1anic Arts . Little Rock SUSIE M. Plfjxvxxlllj-COllllIlClACl2ll klllllfllllllll ., . Searcy Choir, Cheerleader, Pan Hellenic Co1111cil, Sigma ciilllllllll Rho, Arkansawyer staff, Business Club, YXVCA, AAA Cl11b, john W'atson S.S., Student Governinent. GRACE JACKSON-Music Ed ...... El Dorado Choir, Music Club, AAA Cl11b, YXVCA, john lVatso11 S. OLEE JACKSON-Sociology 4..,.. Menifee Sociology Club, YVVCA, AAA Clllll. Second Row THOMAS JACOBS-Mechanic Arts , . Thornton Mechanic Arts Club. MYLAS JEFFERSON . . , . . Forrest City PAULINE JEFFERSON-English . Hot Springs Spotlighters, Student Government, Arkansawyer staff, AAA Club, B. lVatson S.S., English Club, Class Secretary, Lion staff, College Program Committee. ACIE L. JOHNSON-Agriculture .,,, Marvell Alpha Phi Alpha, NFA, YMCA, Football, Track, "A" Club, Pan-Hellenic Council. DOREATHA JOHNSON-English .,., Little Rock Choir, English Club, AAA Club, YWCA. JESSE JOHNSON-Agriculture ,,.. Pine Bluff Page 62 'l'l1irrI Rim' -IOSEPHINE -IOHNSUN-Co1111ne1'cial litl. Business Club. CALVIN JONES-Agricult11re NFA. JAMES 'l'. JONES-Education . . Student Gove1'11111ent Pres., Varsity Debate Phi, YMCA, F'l'A, Varsity baseketball. OPAL 'l'. JONES-Ed11catio11 . . FTA. LIMARY JORDAN-Education . Spotlighters, Trainer, football. VVILLIAM KILPATRICK-Mechanic Arts Mechanic Arts Club. Bottom Row LONNIE KILGORE OPHELIA KING-Home Economics ROH, YWCA. KOSALIND KING-Home Economics . ROH, YXNCA. ORENE KIRBY-Sociology . . . YXVCA, Sigma C-a1nn1a Rho, Pan-Hell Club, Sociology Club, Choir. OLLIE MACK-Physical Ed. . Football, Physical Education Club. FRED D. MARSHALL-Education . . Pine Bluff Huttig . . Pine Bluff Team, Omega Psi . Camden Monroe, La. Wabbaseka . Stephens Pine Bluff . . Prescott enic Council, AAA . Kirnlock, Mo. . Augusta Top Row JAMES MARTIN-Agriculture . . . NIcGehee LOUIS MATHIS--Horne liconmnics . , Cotton Plant ROH, YYVCA, AAA, Religious Forum. EDWVARD MAYS-Biology '..,, Pine Bluff Pres. Senior Class, YMCA, Science Club, Omega Psi Phi, Alpha Kappa Mu, Spotlighters. ERNESTINE MCDANIELS-Home Economics SHELTON MCGHEE-Music . . . Music Club, Choir, Omega Psi Phi. ROBERT MCGR:UV-lieonmnies . Norphlet El Dorado Texarkana Phi Beta Sigma, Sunday Scliuol. YMCA, Current Events Club. 1' I A. .S'er:rnzd Ron' RUTH MCKILLIAN-English . . . Emmett English Club, Cheerleader, Sigma Gamma Rho. Spotlight- ers, YWCA, Choir. ZIN MCRAE-Mechanic Arts Baseball. Basketball, Mech. Arts Club. ROSIE lNI. MeSP.XDDENAMt1sit: . , , Better Music Club, Band. YNVCA, Spotlighter, ansawyer staff. THEOHO-RAS ME.-XNS-Meclianic Arts Mech. .Xrts Club. , CLOTHILUE NIlLI.l'lR-lflume l'lCOIlOllllt'S ROH. .X.XA. VERNON 'l'. XIII.LICR-Sociology Debating team. Camden Little Rock Choir, Ark- Pine Bluff I.ittle Rock Pine Bluff Third Row .XRBORT MITCHELL-Mechanic Arts Mech. Arts Club. MALLOUS MOORE-Mechanic: .Xrts Mech. Arts Club. CLEOPHUS MOREHEAD-Mechanic .Krts Mech. Arts Club. JOHN L. MORAN-Sociology Kappa Alpha Psi, Sociology Club. JEYVELI. L. LOF'l'ONfHmne l'lt'0Il0lllll'S ROH, AAA, Choir. DORIS LANGSTON-Home liccmoinics ROH, YWVCA. Bottom Row M.-XXINE LOWERY---Niechanic Arts Mech. Arts Club. NORNIA LOUDEN , BEATRICE LEWVIS-English ARTHUR NASH-Agriculture GELI-ZVE CRICE-Etluttation Football. .Xlpha Phi Xlpha. Camera Club Pine Bluff I.ittle Rqck . Pine Bluff Ashdown Hot Springs Texarkana New Edinburg Grand Lake Little Rock Pinc Bluff l.ittle Rock Page 63 Taj: Ron' IOYCIL C. fflvlfxs-i'l0lllC licunmnics 11415815 l'iXRKliR-Agriculture NFA, Phi Bela Sigma. ROY l'.XRKIiR-Biology QI.-XlXll'iS l'liL'l'0N-NlcflizlliiC .Kris . BENNIE PEOPI,ES4IQilllC2lIi0ll GEORGE W. PI'1"I'S-Biology Science Cluh. Omega Psi Phi. Sermzrf Row AMERICA D. PRlCli-liclllcutioli . J.-XCQUELYN PRICIC-Music lid. AAA. Choir. jurirx PRIDE . NIAGNOLI,-X PURNELI, 5 JOHN A. R.-WVLINGS-Agrigzulturc JAMES RAYMOND-Agriculture . NFA, Phi Beta Sigma. 'lihirrl limi' fllillivlly .XRCHIIC XY. REIll-.xgl'll'lllllll'C li0R'l'liNSli RlNliH.XR'l'-linglisli . . l,cliI7NlClli ROBINSON-Hmnc l'iC0ll0lI!lCS Pine Bluff ROH. .Xllhcimcr liS'l'.Xl,YN ROSS-linglish . DeWitt .XRPHAS SCRKJGGINS-Agi'ic'11lturc , lforrcsl City ICZRA SCROGGINSA.Xgriculturc , l'hi llclzi Sigma. Iinlmnz Ron' WILIJICR SCRUGGINS-Agriculture . .Xlthcimcr lil.Sll'2 NI. SINIBIONS--Business Aclni. Hot Springs Business Cllulm. NAWLICN SPICER-Biology . i'lllllOT'2l Pine Bluff Little Rhock Page 64 .Xl.BER'I' SNIITH-Pliysirinl lid. l'liysicul Fduczuion Club. .XLENE SMITH-Home Economics . BURL L. SMITH-Business Adm. , Business Club. Xlcnifcc Warren 'Wynne Pine Bluff Nashville Nashville Lockesburg Fordyce Pine Bluff Pine Bluff Pine Bluff Pine Bluff T011 Ron' lfR.XNCliS S311liH-1i1luc'11tio11 FIIX. Currcut livcuts, AXA. l.. M. SNlI'l'lI ODIE Sxllilillf,xgI'll'lllllll'L' . , NFA. RKBY I.. SKIl'l'H-KIoiuulcrciztl lfllllflllltlll XXX, Spotligliters, Business Club. RIQXDII-I Sl'I.l.lY.XN-llonxc liconoiuits RON. DORIS 'l'.X'l'lCvli11glisl1 , , YXYCA. Spotligbtcrs, 1-Iuglisb Club, Sigma .S'1'1'm11f Run' .Xl.FRli1J 'l'liRRY-.Xp'1'ic'11ll urc . Au, 11111111 11111 Rlplm. l.Ol'llL 'l'liRRlfL-Xfllsic' lflllllilllittll Choir. YH CX. Better Music Club. X'.XLDOR.X ll IOM PSON-Home ,l'li'0llKlllI ics Cl1CCI'lC2lllL'l', R0ll. YWCX. .Xl'li2lllS2lH'f'C1', Rho. ,INNIES cz, '1'uoxr1'K1Ns-1c11g1iS11 English Club, Spotliglucrs. .XRTHVR lll0NI.XS-Blccllztllic .Xrls Mech. Arts Club. CLINCY 'I R.XNlNlliI.I,-Biology Scicluc Club. . Russellville , Strong . l'iuc Bluff liiulorzt l'iuc Bluff fiilllllllll Rho. . l'iuc Bluff . Brinkley 1.ittlc Rock Sigma fillllllilil Stuttgart Iiuclorzi Piuc Bluff . Third Row HNZILL l'. 'l'URR1iXllNIi-Home Llcouoiuics . Piuc Bluff Stutlcul Go1cr11u1cut, ROI-I, YWCA, Spotligbtcrs. 'IHUMAS lf. YAITGl'lN-.Xgric11lt111'v . . . Nlilfiilllllkl VIYRL xiiXl4lfi.'XR-.Xgl'lK'lllllll'C EllCl01'3l NIAIIDIQ li .VIRGII.-lC1l111'z1tio11 . Emiuctt 1f'1'A. l.XCH.XRI.'XH XYILI.IXNIS-NIcc'l1z111ici .Xrts . . Piuc Bluff BlCl'll. .Xrls Club. SAM U'II.I.l.XNIS, JR.-lfllSlIlC5S ixLllIllIllSlI'2lfl0ll Blcfiebcc I'I1i Bctu Sigma. Business Cl11b. Hallam. How .I.XNIliS li. XY.XSHINC'l'ON--Nleclulllict .Xrts 1illClOl'1l Mech. Arts Club. l.ll.1,lli XYILSON . , l'iuc Bluff IQVIZRLYN NYILLIXNISON . , lV2lSllillgl0ll BIUXNCIIIC XYILLIAMS , Pine Bluff 'liHl'1l.Nl.X .X. XYHI'l'l'1-l'l1xsic21I l'illlll'1lll4lll Little Rock Pliysicztl Iitlucatiou Club. SUE M. WlI.LIAMSAlCcl11c'z1tion Little Rock F'l'.X, YXVCA, ,'X.fX.X. Current lixcuts Club, .Xl'li1lI'lS3WVf'Cl'. Spotliglitcrs. Page 65 0 J V,-.. Top Row ER NES'l'l NE XYH l'l'ESIDE -Education FTA, HORTENSE WOODSiEnglish English Club, Spotlighters. ALBERT XVILLIAMS-Agriculture , HARVEY VVILLIS-Mechanic Arts Pinc Bluff Little Rock Little Rock El Dorado .Seumd Nou' AIA'ES'liER XYALLS-Xlechanit' Arts Rl"l H XVAl.KER CHARLES NVATSUN-Education Alpha Phi Alpha. A LICE WVASHINGTON-Education Woodson Texarkana Pine Bluff THELMA XVALKER-Home Economics Texarkana EDMVJARD HVESSON-Mefhanic AHS Nashville YYVCA, ROH, AAA, Sunday School, Alpha Kappa Mu. XMCA' Mech' AHS Club' HENRY C, VVILLIAlVIS-Agriculture ,,., YVarren JOHN WVA'l'SON-Mechanic Arts . , , Pine Bluff NFA, Phi Beta Sigma. Varsity Football, Mech. Arts Club, Kappa Alpha Psi. Bottom Rau' JAMES E. WVASHINGTON-Mechanic Arts . . . Hayes Mech. Arts Club, Phi Beta Sigma. SCOTTY XVILLIAMS-Conunercial Education St. Louis, Mo. Phi Beta Sigma, Business Club. MARY L. WVILSON-Commercial Education . Hot Springs AAA, Sunday School, YYVCA, Business Club, Choir, Ark- ansawyer, Sigma Gamma Rho. JOSEPH S. VVILLIAMS-Mathematics . Omega Psi Phi. CARRIE YVYNNE . . ALTHIA WVILLIS-Education . EULA WILKS-Home Economics Page 66 Little Rock . Eudora Pine Bluff . . Monticello 33 1vuIwwgQ I I4JIuwrIs. IQ , ny, 'I I V:-Tf7f'H',L .INV ADMINISTRATION LAWRENCE A. DAVIS, A.B., M.A., LLD. PRESIDENT President Davis, a gentleman and a scholar will al- ways stand out as a Worthy and inspiring leader to all who know him. Page 68 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS JOHN L. WILSON MRS. CHARLES S. HENDERSON CLEVELAND A. CHRISTOPH15 Dean Registrar Business M anager lage 69 Divisional Directors 'fl' , S. AXLEXANDER HALEY SXDYIC P. Al'l'1.liBY Al. lSli.Xl7RliG.'XRD JESSE li. MXRSIIXI Ag'l'll'1llfllI'C Hllllll' l'lf'UllUllIif'S II!'l'SIHIlIl'l and Guidance l"n'sl11r1r:11 .S'llllll!'S RAY I". RUSSELL CIORNICLIITS IJAXVSON NIAHLON '11 PURYEAXR Arts and Sz'if'nr'f's Iirlumlimi ,Hvrl11u1ir'ArI.v A ' r ' Ad ' ' 'r t' L. MRS. ESSIE A. AUSTIN RVFUS C. C1HlLDRESS JOHNNIE B. JOHNSON College Nurse Director of lixtcnsion Dean of Men GEORGE E. LODER GEORGE JONES XYII,LI.XM I,. KIOLE'I"1'E Director of Research Field Agent Part-Time Dentist Page 70 AW' FACULTY TILNIA N KZ. CIOTH RAN Professor of Sofiology 'l'A'1'HAM .L D.-XLEY Professor of 1U0!l!'I'?I Forrigrl I.1lHg1l!1g'f'S 1. BP1.XlfRIiCL.XRlJ ,yum-is Professor of flllfflllllff' GARLA ND D. KYLE Professor of A'llIflIl'IlIllfiI'S mul p1If'Sfl'S GEORGE li. LODER Proff'ssor of Iirlucatiorz Page 71 SELLA RS PAR KER Professor of Horfirulturzf JOHN M. ROSS Professor of Speerll and ELBERT L. 'l'.X'l'UNI Professor of Hislory JOHN L. XYILSON Professor of Clll'lIIiSfl'j' D7'0ll1II 'B'l?'T?l?Nl?4"'39K6i"?E'f1f 'A .asm if N ggwwr FACULTY RESIDENCES - Conlinue to hold Llien' own as modern homes for faculty members of the college. Located aL Llie Nortliern extreme of Llie campus on Wlatson Boule- vard are additional faculty and student residences included in the College expansion program. Page 72 ,a.g35g3X 'X-M9 -so mu N . .AN H i . if FACULTY SXDYE P. .XPPLEBY Asst. Prof. of Home Economics CORNELIUS XV. DAW'SON Associate Pmfvsszn' of Education GEORGE M. JAMES Assorialc lJV0f!'.YS0V of Sociology JESSE MARSHALL Associate Professor of Education J. HENRY PALNIER Associate Professor of Sociology MRS. MALEEN C, ARRANT Asst. Prof. of Sfzulent Teaching JOHN M, CH.E.-XTHAM Asst. Prof. of Farm Mechanics BIRS. YVILLIE E. CLARK Asst. Prof. of Matlzenzatics MRS. KATHERINE DURVAN Asst. Prof. of 1flill!Tllli0II EARL P. FORD Asst. Prof. of lfzologzcal and Physical Sciences Page 73 1 ,Q PRESIDENIHS HOME-Nlcccu for sulclcms. alumni. fricmls and fac ulty members. POWER PLANT AND LAUNDRY Page 74 FACULTY NIRS.4DOR'I'HIC.X W. I-'RAZIIQR Assistalzt P7'f2fFS.9lll' of lfnglish ISIIILER 'I'. HENDERSON Assistant Professor of E!'07IUlIIIl'.Y .XNSELL .L HOLBACK Assistnni IJl'0ff'SS0'l' of Archi1c'f'- luml and Mefrlmrziml Drawing KIiNNE'I'H I., jOHNSON flssistmzt Pmfrfssm' of Hffallll and Plzysirnl Educalion HRS. III,I,Ih 5. IxXI.l'. Assislanl Prnffusm' of lizluralimz Page T3 CARI. E. MARSH.-XI.L ,4SSI.9fl1I1f of Iinglislr MRS. ZENOBIA l'. PERRY Assislzmt Professor of Musir' DOROTHY B. PH I-1I.PS Assistant Profzfssor of Henllh and Plzysirnl Iirlumtion MRS. KATIE II. PIERRE Assistant I'mfe.s.sn1' of Edumlinn CHARLES I.. SHEPARD Assislnnt Profzfssur of Zfmlngx' mn- FAC ULTY LUCY R. ADAMS Instructor, Commercial Education DOROTHYE ALBRITTON Instructor of Agricultural Chemistry and Agronomy LAMAR ALLEN Instructor of Physical Education JOSEPH C. ANDERSON Instructor of French and Spanish H. BERNETTE YOUNG Assistant Professor of Business Administration MRS. ALMA B. BAEZA Instructor of Band Instruments JOHN J. COLEMAN Instructor in Auto Mechanics HORACE G. BARNETT Instructor of Education LEONIDAS B. BARRON Instructor of Chemistry ALVIN W. BROWN Instructor of Health and Physical Education Page 76 FACULTY GUY L. DARNELL Instructor of Economics and Business Administration MRS. BETTYE DAVIS Instructor of Orientation MRS. IVIE H. FOSTER Instructor of Art JA PHAS A. GORDON Instructor of Agriculaural Economics ALGEE G. KIRBY Instructor of Agricultural Education OVERDIS R. HOLIDAY Instructor Animal Husbandry BURGESS LAWSON Instructor of Physical Education MADISON ROBINSON Instructor of Physical Education MOSES A. BLAKELY Instructor of Carpentry MRS. MAE M. SHEPARD Assistant Librarian Page 77 -4 I 1 I I 1 9 V. P 3 1 w I 4 FACULTY EZEKIILL K. PATTERSON Instructor of Iirirk Masonry JAMES R. Sli.-XYYOOD Instructor of Indus! riol Edumtion HENRY YV. PENNYMON Instructor of Auto Mechanics BENDUBI D. SHIIINIAIE Irsstrurtor of Marlzinf' Shop MRS. RUBY H. PURYE.-XR Instructor of Education MRS. OLA M. IA I UM Instrurlor of English IQHMAEL S REID Instructor of Poultry MRS. ALICE WV. ROBINSON JOHN C. TILDON Instiuctor of Modem Languagm Instructor of Clothing CARRIE E. VVATTS Instructor of Sociologv Page 78 ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL MRS. MARY E. BALLARD , House Dirertoress, .Ilen's Dorzni- NIISS lfAI'S'l'IXE JONES S1'r're1ary, Division of Education tory No. 2 BENJAMIN F. LEVER Farm Nfanager NIRS. ETHEL L. COOKE . House Directoress, Mens Dormi- 'f"lV M- 1 sms. RUBYIQ M. MINOR .sm-ffm-y m the Dean of the College NIRS. MARY B. CRAVENS . House Directoress Barracks No. -1 JOHN V. PARHANI , liookkerjzer, Business Office HARRY L. CROSS . Boolekeefzer, Business Office A PEIRA PINN .-Issismnt College Nurse IV. CLEOLA HANIIVYON .Serretzlry to llze President MRS. LII R. B. SMITH . Slmzografzlzer, Veterans Train- IFRANK JOHNSON lforzner Bookkeeper, Business Offiee ing Program J. HANNIBAI, STEPI-IENSON . . Manager of Bookstore and Post Offire LENA V. STRODE Secretary to Direrlor of Research NIRS. LILLIE P. CARROLL Stezzogmplzer in Office of the President OLIVER B. ELDERS Assistant to Director of Veterans' Training Program LEE COLLINS College Policeman CYRUS ADAMS College Photographer I'a gc 9 L4 SPECIAL VETERANS FACULTY MRS. OLLIE M, BARRON SARA D. BURNE'l"1'E TYRONE GREENE IVREDDIE HARTFIELD MRS. EDDIE ll. JONES . MRS. N.-XOMI LAYVSON MRS. VHANESS B. Mcl-IENRY EARL XV. MONTACUE . MRS. ELIZ.XBE'I'H S. PALMER MRS. ERNESTINE B. XVHITLOXX' MRS. VIVIAN L. FORD Page 80 . Englislz , Iinglislz Agriculture Agricultuw' .Uatlzematirs Dlathemafirs Alatlzematirzs . IVeIding AIllll16I7Zllli!'S AIathenzaz'ir'.s . English HIGH AND TRAINING SCHOOLS FACULTY GEORGE ll. joxlcs' . sxmmz BANKS . . P.-X'l'RICI.X 'li 1sURxr1'r'r' - . MRS. u. jlixu uxwsox .ALPHA 0. HOXVARD . YVILLIIZ B. THOMAS . XVANDA H. worms NIRS. R1QNE'l"1'E H. IJOCLCLI-1'I"I' LILLIAN V. MAZIQUIEQ . . CORINF D. NIXYBITCF . Sofia! . l'rir1fipaI . . . Coach English and 1"rc'm'l1 . . CllIdll7l!'f' Home Eroizonzifs Sl'Il'lIf'l'.S' and History . , IIIIZIIIFIIIIIIIFS .S'11j1w'zfisi11g '1'e1zcl1f'r Sllf7FI"l'iSflIg' Tcarller Szzjufrzfisirzg Tffaflzer Page 81 , WYL, , A ELEMENTARY LABORATORY SCHOOL - The Laboratory School was erected in 1929 through the aid of the Rosenwald Fund. Classes for children are conducted from the first through the eighth grades. In construction and in equipnient the building is modern in every respect. ,,,,.,,,,i.,L,,........--- ff" 5' ' 4 4...- Student teacher at work with some of the children of the Eleuien- tary Laboratory School and a supervising teacher observing. Page 82 as -S 55332 J. C. CORBIN LABORATORY HICH SCHOOL - The Hivh School was recently accrecliled by the North Central Association of Secouclary Schools and Colleges. Student teacher aL work with some of Lhe pupils of Lhe Laboratoiw High School and a supcrvisiiig teacher observing. Page S3 F l g ...,,,-1 Principal G. Jones and Secretary Hazcl Tippitt. Mrs. E. June Dawson. Director of Guidance and Counceling at Corbin High School and student assistant. Page 811 SPECIAL VETERANS , H .. . ,, , . ..,.. ..,..,..., ..,.., . ,.. ,. , , , X . . -I w. H ,im WW if it Q iiIliui Wfiftif , V , E ix V. T. CLUB First row, left to right: Levi Green, Floyd Johnson, Leslie White, George Fletcher, flreasurerj , Willie Vines, Willie P. Brooks. Second row, left to right: Emory McPherson, Clennnie Blackwell, Augusta Lee, Booker 'l'. Burkett, John Dobbs, fVicc-Presidentj , Tallye CL. VVashington. Third row, left to right: Elisha Ernest, Preston Straughter, Ezra Henry, QPresiclentj, Aclolphus Wlhyte, Mrs. V. B. McHenry, Sponsor. Page 83 Z3 f f-1--4 sf: YM... x ,ig t , . ' U I l 1 L l s l l w l i u f L ,, W-Y , SPECIAL VETERANS SPECIAL VETERANS' BASKETBALL TEAM The special veterans comprise a significant part of the college com- munity. These men though not in the pursuit of regular college courses, receive special training i11 trades designed to enable them to become small scale entrepreneurs or to work as skilled assistants or laborers. Among the courses offered are bookkeeping, typing, com- mercial dietics, automobile mechanics, tailoring, bricklaying, welding, shoe repairing, electricity, sheet metal Work, building construction, radio, plumbing, painting, and special courses in agriculture. Page 86 ,AWS , l ""'......J" 13 .Q,, W me The comero takes Cl visit to the College Form XDXllNIS'l'R.VI'ION BUILDING FROM "I'Hli BELL TOYVER Page 88 ACTIVITIES 2? UO!! STAR i . 019' sam? sown, aww, gsm., woo.. LSOQW LOLPUF' EOOQ Q QEQ 'Q ww. fy: szgrmqq I .. Q-1 M hazy I QQQOJ' S.OO0."' amor' ESOOJ' zocor LS00." wwe 'SGC' 4004" SPECIAL ACTIVITIES Barometer of the Funds cIo11aLecI L0 the Lion Staclium Lighting Drive sponsored by the Student Government. Charles Bynum, ualional representative of the March of Dimes Campaign. 4 Igwfmf 5863396558 SPECIAL Mechanic Arts Homecom- ing Float. Lyceum Committee pre- sents the Debonnaires, na- tional known quartet. Campus Leaderys Confer ence sponsored by the Stu dent Government. ACTIVITIES F. D. Patterson, President of Tuskegee Institute, speaks in chapel. Arkansas' Connnissioner of Education, A. B. Bonds, speaks in chapel. Alumni float in the Home- coming Parade. l I 44 l l SPECIAL Lincoln University 010.5 and Arkznmsas S L a t e ' s HfJIl1CCCJlIlll1g Queens. EXW ' Q 4 Cheer leaders in ae- lion. Henry YN. Penny- rnon, lfaeulLy member, and Thelma I,. Frazier, student, sworn into Lhe Enlisted Reserve Corp. will P .Q K 'iv 1 W4 if Elf, 1 E: .. :,,, ACTIVITIES Kappa Alpha P s i float in Homecoming Parade. Annual Coaches Ban- quet at the President's home. Crop representatives visit the campus. fyping class. D1. Johnson of Morus Dr. xvfigllt of YVi1ber l'o1'c'e State Collegx speaks for Alpha Ph .Xlph:I. M dl d1S Gras - Broun College speaks fO1 Phi Beta Sigma. ACTIVITIES SPECIAL Marclis Gras Ball. Kitty KKJSLLIIIIC Valentino Ball Ball. FUTURE TEACHERS ' 5 ,.V. Ahyi i QFMERICA' , N .f .Q.: A xg ffl at 4 'J , 'M ug EW . 1i A -f:- .,,,1 ' hw I. I ! CQRONATION ,Jenna-w..,,, . awww-ni:-n,.,, .-.,,. .,, P E Q I L E V r V 5 f I i I I r i -'--H ew- fy 'ST 'f' ,-.v fm.-.-Qfaw ,i --1-r:'r,f-f- Thousands of enthusiastic football fans watched Co-captain Frank Britto and John Wilson crown Miss Louise Fields Miss Home- coming Queen for 1949-50. The coronation took place between the halves of the Homecom- ing game - Arkansas State Lions vs. Samuel Huston Dragons. Page 98 MISS HGMECCJMING QUEEN Olgmje .EQKJ5 llnnior i,I'l"l I OCR. .XRIL-XX. Charmeffes . . . Hmrzly. 'l'rn!f1,r111rl i'inrif y. flmrf' 111 ali' il.s .smi1l1jzlf1'i!y Hrfrff zfzzflmwl, in flzmw Cjlzfzrzzzffflzcs Pzlga- IUU lgc llll my onide .xdudfin ufzmim' 'l'1cxfxkl4AN, x, .kXRK,xxms F CLUAOQVL jean Bogie Sojlfmzlzorr' L1'r'1'1,L1 Roux, ARla,xxs. xs Pago 102 Page 103 iD0r0fAy ,Ann avid Sojzfz 0111 OH' PINE BI.lTl"If, AXRIQANSAS V 4 NNW x N .Z .3 ' ,Jw My x Y ,nm . E 5 i jjeaga avid ufllllffll' XV,xRR1ax, AXIQILXXS,-XS ab ooaide . jlefcb juzlior ' l.I'l"l'I.E Rock, ,ARKANSAS i gnedfine 01fLe5 FVI'.Y1I7HIlll XIICNIPHIS, 'I'r1xx1ass1c1f. Page 106 Q, NK ,xf,m-Pj .N 5 , if-Qf"'p ,rg i 1 1 ,gi Page 107 Maja june :med F reslz HI n n 1jli'1'ROl'l', M1cH1c:.,xN l4 3-k. s E. '33 vw fx WL61, 017,85 Page 108 Fresl1mfuz NIENIPHIS, VTICNNI-ISSIQE G3- 94 Qs Lf 1 ,Mfr WHO'S WHO NVho's VVho is a mock election originated for the pur- pose of portraying the different phases of surfaced campus life. It is composed of students popularly elected by the student body. JAMES T. JONES Biggest Politician :lx lt R --fx Nws nnpwwmwm Page 110 6 VICTOR STARLARD XVANDA JONES XVILLIE LINDSEY Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl Best Dressed Boy VVILMA JONES EARL BLAKELY HORTENSE COTTEN Best Girl Dancer Best Boy Dancer Hardest Girl Workerr' A Page Ill 'P 'F Www .M WWW.-ww -wgwm Q Vi ! EDDIE MAYS JACQUELYN PRICE HOBART COPE Blast Collegiate Boy Best Dressed Girl Most Talented Boy VIRGINIA BURKS FERDIE WILEY HIAWATHA CLARK Nfost Collegiate Girl Best Boy Athlete Best Girl Athlete Page 112 RUDOLPI-I GREEN VICTOR STARLARD IVILLIAM PULLIAM VIRGINIA BURKS GIVENDQLYN 'WI-IITAKER Hardest Boy VVOMM A1051 lrztellectual Boy and Girl Clulesl Coujzlff I SARA RINEHART JAMES DAVIS ROSIE 'SDOTTIEI' MCSPADDEN Friendliest Girl Flirtest Girl Frienclliest Boy Page 113 COLLEGE CHOIR First row, lelt to right: liettye Patti-ison, Crave -lackson, Gladys A-Xrnolcl, lirnestine Rowell, Louise Lolton, -lc-well Lolton, XVancla Davis, Audrey Glenn, -laflie Simmons, jean Cricie, Clatlierine -lewell. xlacquelyn Price, .Xurelia lilclers, lane Hayes, Rulmye Preston. Second row, lelt to right: Norma Xllarcl, Dorotliy Parker, Nlary Nlilson, Laura -Ioines, Shelton Mffiliee, Carl Reeves, Burl Smith, Clarence Fields, Carl Redus, XVillie Filer, .Iames llomtic, XVilma qlones, Daisy .Xlexzuult-r, liolmlmie -lack- son, Hlancla -lones, Lillian llill. '1'l1ird row, lelt to right: 'rn-miiiii lilyv, Yermla Clliilclrt-55, Doreatlia .john- son, Clifford Graham, Janus Evans, Nlattlu-xv Ramsey, Leon Benson, Prentic: Henry, Louis Terrell, Mallory Jones, George Fraction, lloliart Cope, llarlan Ficldniont, Verona Payton, Laverne Stricklanrl, Ruth Franklin. I lT0ll1'tl1 row, lell to right: Willie xvlhlllllll, li1'lu-mtilur .louem Lillie XVHISUII, Betty Bell, Tlizultleus ,Xrlx-r, L. 'l'. Hampton, Gordon Hampton, Sylyanus Al- theinier, Hlilliam Pulliam, Howarcl Plc-as, Caleb ulolmson, blames Nlartin, .Xrnett Gill, Scotty lVilliams, Carrie Branton, Nlilclrecl Pryor. Page ll l v .Xriel M, Lovelace. Head ol' the Depart- Gussie A. Dickey, ll1SU'l1Cf01' ill UIC DC' ment ol' Music and Director of the Choir. partment ol Music and Orgauist for the Choir. 'l'I-IE CHOIR llRfJi-XllCl.'XS'lllNfi The Choir is a non-crediting organization. but students in the music depart- nient receive hall credit. The nienibers are chosen from persons with choral ex- perience or persons with voices approved by the director. It is heard in weekly pro- grams over station KQXRK. Throughout the year it travels over Arkansas and oth- er states presenting concerts to enthusiastic audiences. At present the Choir is on its Mid-lVestern tour through the states of Missouri. Mlisconsin, Michigan. Illinois. and Indiana. Page lI3 ,Q V COLLEGE BAND :af Hu 'K l First row, lell Lo right: Boyd, Stroinize, Boddie, Harvey, Rinehart Second row: X'Vllll?lIllS, Ewell, Newman, Lindsey, McSpadden Burks, Johns, Ussery. Third row: Reeves, Gilberi, Wlaller, Strickland, Cotton, Brown Parker, Nichols, Pukett, Pukeu, Hankins, Lewis. Back row: Parks, W'allaee, Dangerfielcl, johnson, Henry, Bland Brewster, Jones, Franklin, Overall. Page H6 ARKANSAS STATE COLLEGIANS Sitting, left to right: Autry B. Johnson, Torn johns, Dewey Baine, Clarence Baine, Curtis Lewis, George Puckett, Floyd Newman. Second row, left to right: John Puckett, Artis Brewester, Frederick Birth, Clyde Mangrurn, John Ussery. Standing, left to right: Trenton Cooper, George Joiney, Oran T. Clark, Frank Johnson, Jack Gilbert, Merriland Overall, Jesse James Bradley. , Page 117 l 1 b 1 it, ?l The success of the college "Spokesmen" reflects the accumu- lated rhetoric achievements of A. M. N. College. The varsity team has been an unrivaled champion of the former Tri-State Debate League. The debate season opens annub ally with the highly sensational and competitive Freshman - Sophomore debates. The varsity team sched- ules extensive yearly programs fea- turing both home and off-campus debates. The team vie with many nationally famous schools for for- ensic honors. Some of the rival THE DEBATE TEAM Page 118 teams come from Lincoln, Dillard and Prairie View Universities, the University of Kansas, and Kentucky State College. The team once proved its merits when it locked horns with carefully selected teams from Oxford, Cam- bridge, and Liverpool. Messrs. Nabrit and Parker, Dr. Cothran and President Davis are some of the past able coaches. Mr. CL. J. jones and his assistants are drilling the 1950 varsity team, which is increasingly determined to uphold the honors of the college. Sophomore wimicrs in zmnual l:l'CSllIll21ll - Sophomorc Dcbzilc - HP50. U35 Frcslimzixi wilmers in zmnuzil l'il'CSlNIl2lIl - Sophomore Debzxlc - 1949. DEBATING SOCIETY lf1'onL row. lclft Lo right: Samuel Koumz. Dcloris NlZlyS.X'7C1'llOll Mill- cr. Dorothy Davis. Second row. left Lo right: G. Jones, Coach, .-X. G. Kirby, Coach, Kofi Xclclo, Joe Gray. 'lf C. Coth- ram, Coach, Bobby Daniels. SPOTLIGHTERS First row, left to right: Jefferson, VVillia1ns, Fields, Price, YVilliains, Bostic, Davis. Second row, left to right: Hollis, Jefferson, McCrary, Fiddinont, Jones, Williams, O'Neal, Rinehart, Jones, Hooper, Etherly, Edwards, Tucker. Third row, left to right: M. Ross, Director: Starlard, Cope, Mc- Spadden, McKinney, Rowell, Bryant, Ross. The Spotlighters have presented three plays this season-Rho Kappa Epsilon, Night Must Fall and Mid Suininer Nightys Dreani. Page 120 L L- . . wel 3 0 I Q 2 - 5 5 Ji 5 We THE SUNDAY SCHOOL , Qi-wkl t vt. W Aw-fnwwj Q, , .. . -mf I I M MY Wa MWF M l'llllll'lll 'l'l1e Iflllll .lll'0XX'll XV:1tson Snntlz1ySc'l1ool i5 il living xnelnorizal to the latte l,l'CSlllt'l1l ol' the college. 'l'l1i5 z ' "Q z ' " ' 'esiclent selected front tlle student lnoclv. Classes are taught bv students ' IS 1 Xilllllllltl otennfnllon mth the P1 Incl l'zn-nltx' lnenllmers elected bv the Sunday School. The lmest ll0ll-SL'K'l2ll'l2lll literzltnre ztvailztlnle is secured lor ISS use. 1 The School nu-cts' on Sundzly lllO1'l1lIlf" at 9:00 21. nl. in the Clznlclwell Hull .XlllllIOl'llllll. l 'U 5T.XIfl" AND '1'li,XClHLRS OF .IOHN IS. XXYXTSON SUNDAY SCHOOL lfront tow. left to tight: ll. .l0llllSUll. Slllllllljl Rllllllll. l'1'esialent. Xivtor Slllfllllkil. .Xnn Dodson. S. .X. Haley. Second row. left to tight: I.. XYilson. l.eon Benson. Nmvni. flll111'lCS XVQIISUII. 'l'hirtl row. lelt lo right: Imogene Moore. Mallory -jones, Clmplzlin, ,Xrxene Reed. SCl'l'Cl2ll'y. K H34 B! gnu-Q-gl STUDENT GCJVERNMENT 'VN- EXILCLUTIVL CIONlNII'1"I'lLli Left to right: Alzunes Davis, Pauline lfellerson, Bobby Daniels, Lee Allen Torrence, Grace Jackson, XVillie Filer, lirnestine Rowell, G. L. Darnell, Advisor, Victor Starlard, Vice-President, james T. jones, President, Mrs. K. G. Durvan, Advisor, Rudolph Green, Koli Addo, Hanley Nornlent, liliott McKinney, Joseph Kennedy, Virginia Burks. The Student Government is officially recognized by the Admin- istration. It holds ineinbership in the United States National Student Association. It is also responsible for the publication of the college Yearbook-The Lion. Page 123 THE ARKANSAWYER NEWSPAPER STAFF Sitting, left to right: Vernon Miller, Virginia Burks, Valdora Thompson, Pauline Jefferson, Edward Mays, Sara Nelle Rhinehart. Standing, left to right: Ruby L. Sniith, Fulton Walker, Mary Lou- ise Wilson, Lester Hopkins, VVillie Filer, Susie Howard, Carl Brooks, Harold Cowans. Mrs. Annabelle Douglas Blackwell, Qnot shownj Sponsor. Page 121 .Mmm Nlllllllll '95 wfagi Q RQ THE LlON'S STAFF ,vi-' The Lion Staff of 1950 has endeavored to bring you the best Year- book published on our campus. NVe truly hope our long hours of hard work have brought to you the progress of our school through pic- tures. Wle wish to thank the college connnunity for their patience and cooperation in the securing of pictures. YVe are deeply endebted to President Davis for his worthy advice, encouragement and financial SUPPOTI. VVe believe that the success ol' this years publication will live throughout the year as a standard ol' emulation. Page 125 JAMES E. DAVIS KOE1 Anno GUY L. DARNELL Business Manager Editor Advisor THE LION Top Row YVANDA JONES Social Editor Bottom Row SAMUEL KOUNTZ Associate Editor HANDLEY NORMEN1' PAULINE JEFFERSON HAROLD COWAN Circulation Feature Editor Sports Editor NIARY DOLPHUS JOSEPH KENNEDY BOBBY DANIELS Secretary Circulation Advertising Manager Page 126' Adviser, Editor, and Photographer discuss- ing photos for the LION. NMR THE LION Page 127 A portion of the staff at Work. LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE The week of March l3-l7 was dedicated to a Student Leadership Conference by the Student Government of A. M. E24 N. The purpose of this clinic Was to discuss the problems involved by canipus leaders of the various :organizations to be found on the college campus. Ted S. Perry, Vice-President of the National Student Association and a student at Ternple University, was the guest consultant fof the occasion. Page 12s 'NN T7 Organi ation BUSINESS CLUB Front row, lelt to right: Roscoe Wlord, Evelyn Pettis, Sam Mfil- liams, Elsie Simmons, Burl Smith, Lucille Smith, Helena Coleman. Second row, left to right: Mary Wilson, Searcy Denton, Catherine Taylor, Naomi Terrel, Luke Stewart, Robert McGraw, Arnett Harris, Loistien Ollison, Josephine Johnson. Third row, left to right: Mary Dolphus, Thaddeus Arbor, Sylves- ter Early, Rowan Altheimer, Raleigh Hill, Isaiah Fielder, Orvunes Doss, Donald Jefferson, Scotty Yvilliams. Page 130 we-ug. CURRENT EVENTS CLUB , .wwwmw First row, left to right: Rudolph Green, Virginia Burks, Bobby Daniels, Doreatha Johnson, Robert McGraw, Rosetta Nelson. Second row, left to right: Vernon Miller, Arthur Divers, Joe Gray, Mallory Jones, Gladys Nash, Floyd McGuire, Donald Jefferson, R. F. Russell, Advisor. Third row, left to right: Curtis Lewis, Thomas Brunson, Harold Cotton. Page 131 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Front row, left to right: Lillie Hill, Bessie Thuston, Althia Willis. Second row, left to right: Mrs. Z. Pierre, faculty sponsor, Herschel Alcorn, Verda Ivory, Silvertine Robinson, Virginia Burks, Ester Staf- ford, Ann Dodson, Gladys Nash, C. W. Dawson, faculty sponsor, Frank Glenn. A Third row, left to right: Burnistine Carter, Sarah Glenn, Rubye Turner, Frances Smith, Silvertee Holmes, Sue Marion Williams, Clara- belle Starlard, Maggie Lee, Christine Hill. E - Fourth row, left to right: Dorothy Childress, Robert McGraw, Willie Phillips, Phelo Haynes, Celistine Washington, Ollie Reynolds. Fifth row, left to right: Ann Edwards, Rudolph Green, Alene V. Smith, 'Gladys Smith, james T. Jones, Alma Blanchard, Ernestine Whiteside, Jessie Spralls. Page 132 ENGLISH CLUB Front row, left to right: Louise Tucker, Virginia Burks, Doreatha Johnson, Elliott McKinney, Tommie Williaiiis, Rubye Turner. Second row, left to right: Doris Tate, Louise Lofton, Mathel Glover, Pauline Jefferson, Rosetta Nelson, james Bostic, Ruth Mc- Killon. JAINIES Bos'1'lc1 I'1'esidw1l Doms TAT14: . I'ic7e-P1'esidenlt PAULINE JEFFERSON Secretary C. L. MARSHALL Sponsor Page 133 FRENCH CLUB Front row, left to right: -Ieweline Frasier, Ethel Etherly, Lillie Pinkarcl, Earl Blakely, Rosa McSpaclclen, Clien Barr, Juanita Guest. Second row, left to right: Mable McCrary, Alglister Gentry, Cath- erine Wloodarcl, Lewis Blake, Rosie L. Manuel, Hiawatha Clark, Joy Mae Fleming, Mathel Clover, Leona Hood, Bettye Payne, Sarah Rine- hart, C. Tildon, Faculty Sponsor. 'S Third row, left to right: Arnett Harris, Pauline jefferson, Isaiah Fielder, Charles Johnson, Herschel Alcorn, Helen Harris. Sannnie Banks, Louise Tucker, Carolyn Boddie. Ernest Harris. Page lflf MECHANIC ARTS CLUB if Y X rf . .. R f g First row, left to right: M. T. Puryear flleanj, M. P. Moore, Harvey Wlillis, Elbert Vx7esson, E. M. McCuiston, DeVVitt Hill, Shirley Butler, C. L. Griffin, Evelyn Berry, Eddie Ford, Coleman, T. H. Means, C. N. Toney, H. YV. Pennymon. Second row, left to right: David Sampson, Joe R. Briggs, M. A. Piggee, Evelyn LaFlora, YVilliam Tompson, A. V. Walls, L. T. Black, Bedford Walker, Christine jones, Rosie Nichols, Dallas Craig, Andrew Jackson, L. Dansby, Verna D. Butler, R. D. Wright. Third row, left to right: W. Moore, W. Hill, Christine Mar- tin, E. Washington, L. E. Engram, O. M. Payne, R. R. Powell, Joe Brontley, Leroy Counts, B. D. Payne, H. Hugnes, E. Riley, M. C. Lowery, C. Redus, T. H. Jacobs, Young Glover. Fourth row, left to right: Edward Mlesson, Louis Powell, Clifton Lee, H. Trent, Gilbert, A. L. Gill, L. Jefferson, B. Watson, C. Moorehead, Z. McRay, A. Mitchell, E. Hampton, Bankston, R. E. Powell, R. Cooksey, E. VVright, E. Buchanan. C. N. Toney, President, Coleman, H. NV. Pennymon, Co-Spon- sor. Page I 35 N F , , -h . ,., M.. - W, First row, left to right: A. G. Kirhy, sponsor, Joe Query, O. Smith, Curtis Turner, YVilder Seroggins, Benjamin May, James Martin. Second row, lelt to right: jesse W7ilson, Isaac Stokes, John Brown, Thomas Vaughn, R. L. Denton, Peter Faison, Joseph Kennedy. Third row, left to right: Herman Feaster, Leon Belcher, Nathaniel Sims, Peter Daniels, Lester Hopkins, Howard Goodwin, Peter Faison. Fourth row, left to right: Monroe Adams, Acie Johnson, Muriel Burns, Clyde Ferguson, M. A. Ntukogu, Calvin -Iones, Ezra Seroggins, Johnnie Phillips. Page 136 N F A OFFICERS First row, left to right: l"Vilhert M a y , Thomas Vaughns, Muriel Burns, A. G. Kirby. Second row, lelt to right: Calvin -Iones, Lester Hop- kins, Aeie Johnson. R 0 H CLUB Sitting, front row, left to right: Wfilliene Woodson, Irene Hale, Marie Brown, Blema Brown, Elsie Wright, Rosalind King. Sitting, second row, lelit to right: Virgil Caywood, Juanita Jeffer- son, Ocie Nolan, Pauline Caudle, Valdora Thompson, Mary Lewis, Lonnie Kilgore. Standing, first row, left to right: Alphonso 'l'hrower, Thelma Walker, Ophelia King, Clothilde Miller, Doris Langston, Eula Wilkes, Clara Lewis, Mae Wlillie Haskins, Salome Henry. Standing, second row, lelt to right: Margaret Smith, Thelma Ty- son, Fay Williams, Octavia Dixon, Gladys Baggart, Aurelia Gaylord. Alice Newton, Leliunice Robinson, Rosetta Counts, Hazel Turrentine, Samuel Hill, Annie Willis, Lois Phillips, Josephine Cole, Precious Ald- rich, Imogene Moore, Johnnie McDonald, Eula Rice, Aline Smith. Page 137 SCIENCE CLUB Front row, left to right: Ernest Harris, Alglister Gentry, Minnie Herron, Chester Tollette, Curtis Burchette. Second row, left to right: Robert Palmer, Thelma Marshall, Stan- ley Ross, Rosie Manuels, Herschel Alcorn. Third row, left to right: Earl Blakely, Harold Cowan, Isaac Ma- gette, Earnestine Rowell, Eddie Mays, Berry Dangerfield. Fourth row, left to right: John Middleton, Robert Henry, George Pitts, James Davis, Herbert White, Sanunie Banks. Page 138 SOCIOLCGY CLUB Sitting, left to right: Louise Fields, Richard Torrence, Minnie O'Neal, Loyd Black, Mildred Morgan, La Vera Stamps. Second row: R. A. Anglin, Faculty Sponsor, Verla Armstrong, Ollie Brewster, Charles Johnson, Lillie Pinkard, Bertha Thomas, Na- thaniel Mclntosh, Laura Perry, Orene Kirby, George McCall, Idealia Davis, Olee Jackson, Ometa Payne, T. C. Cothran, Faculty Sponsor. Third row: Peter Brown, John Moran, Doris Hill, Future M. Nichol, Bobby Daniels, Arnola Martin, VVillie Wade, Sarah N. Rhine- hart, Willie Linsey, Mable McCrary, Gladys Payne. Back row: Lewis Blake, Vernon Miller, Walter Adams, George Pukett, James Henry, Toy Grice, Orlice Williams, O. T. Wilson. Page l39 ll.4 ALPHA KAPPA MU Sitting, left to right: Rosie Manuel, Verla Mae Armstrong, Vir ginia Burks, Thelnia YValker, Victor Starlarcl, Saclye Appleby, Spon sor, Fay Williallis, Ernest Harris, Rufus Caine, Sponsor. Standing, left to right: G. E. Loder, Sponsor, Bobby Daniels, Don ald jefferson, Kenneth Colby, Edward Mays, Page 140 PAN HELLEN C COUNCIL Jesse Marshall, Corinne Maybuce, Co-Sponsors Second row: Orene Kirby, Muriel Burns, Susie Howard, Floyd Mc- Guire, Donald Jefferson. 3rd row: Thomas Brunson, john Moran, Burton Altheimer, Acie johnson, Roscoe Boler. Page Hl SIGMA GAMMA RHO Left to right: Sue Ross, Valdora Thompson, Rosetta Nelson, Charles Minor, Rosie Manuels, Ruth McKillian, Zelma Barr, Doris Tate, Glynn Barr, Orene Kirby, Reba Green, Dnn Dodson. Kneeling: Mary Wilson, Susie Howard. Alpha Chi Chapter Gamma Rho Sorority, the youngest National Collegiate Sorority, and the first at A. M. 8: N. College, was established June, 1945 by the Grand-Syntakes, with the following sorors as charter members: Jewell Burrage, Rachel Johnson, Geraldine Wilson, Marjorie Kirby and Norma Powell. Since then, many of Arkansas State's finest young women have crossed the Sigma sands and are now holding dis- tinguished positions in many fields. Page 142 KAPPA ALPHA PSI First row, left to right: john L. Colenian, Sponsor, William Wof- ford, john Brooks, Attorney, Earnest NVilkins, Roland Piggee, A. Kelton Lawrence, Graduate Chapter. Second row, left to right: Arthur Elliott, john Coute, Curtis Turn- er, Clyde Mangroni, Whittaker Allen, Harlon Fiddmont. Third row, left to right: Maurice W'illian1s, Marion Piggee, Shirley Bass, Roscoe Word, Clifton Allen, Joe Sniith. Fourth row, left to right: john Morgan, Walter Greenberry, Nazerene Tippens, Maurice Jones, john W'atson, Clyde Berryinon, Thomas Brunson, John VVilson. Page 143 F I g, ALPHA PHI ALPHA f MM... Asta r 3 Z.. ,. :... W ., :.., ., ,"' ' lf- '- 7 Left to right: Herschel Alcorn, Milton Hill, Earl Blakely, Her- man Feaster, Wm. Robertson, Ernest Harris, joseph L. Kennedy, Harold Cotton, Victor Starlard, President, Rudolph Caviness, Clyde Toney, Charles Watson, Kenneth Colby, Elliot McKinney, James Per- ry, Bennie Johnson, Samuel Kountzs, Thomas Vaughn, Henry Pen- nymon, Graduate Chapter. Left to right: U. Grant, I.. A. Torrence, Muriel Burns, Arnett Gill, Benjamin Henry, Acie Johnson, Overtis YVilson, Nathaniel Sims, Vannette Johnson. Page 14-1 ALPHAS ON PROBATION Front row, left to right: Robertson, XVatson, Toney, Cotton. Kountz, Hill, O'Neal, Blakely, Feaster. Second row, left to right: . Gill, Henry, Frazier, Johnson, Grant. -a These neophyte brothers have long since "crossed the burning sands" into Alphadoni. Page 145 'I Q OMEGA PSI PHI Left to right: Daniels, Early, McGhee, Birth, Jefferson, Bostic Evans, Filer, YValker, Pitts, Henry, Dickens, Brooks, Jones, Jones Morgan, Fergerson, Jones, Davis, Cowan, May, Mays, Cope, McGuire Henry, Harrington, Ross, Dangerfield, Burchette. Center: Overall. Page HG LAMPODUS CLUB was -M-A , wuuw- f my First row: James Evans, Curtis Burcheu, Frederic Burk, Merri- land Overall. Back row: YVillie Filer, Fred Dickens, Carl Brooks, 'llllOlll21S Morgan. Page 147 PHI BETA SIGMA Front row, left to right: Robert Pzilnier, Sznn lVillian1s, Clarence Adkins Second row, left to right: Andrew Piggee, Lloyd Nichols, Clifton Akers H C. ll'Vllll21IllS. Third row, left to right: Ernest Riley, Stennie Cheatham, Autrey Johnson Artis Brewster, Jesse Bradley. Fourth row, left to right: Jesse Baxter, Ezra Seroggins, Scotty XfVilli'1ms Isaiah Fielder, Burton Altheimer, Charles Blevins. Burton Altheimer Trenton Cooper Scotty W'illiznns Sam YVilliams Isaiah Fielder Roscoe Boler Ernest Riley jesse Bradley Charles Blevens L. Y'Vilson Page 148 President Vice President . Secretary Recording Secretary . Reporter Parliznnentarian Dean of Pledges Assistant Dean Business lXIZlI11lgC1' . Sponsor Q37 ATHLETICS COACHES LAMAR ALLEN ALVIN BROYVN BURGESS LAVVSON MAD1sON LAWSON ROLAND BERNARD SEASO Lane L . Wiley , Texas College Samuel Houston Bishop . Prairie View Langston . Philander Smith Lincoln U. QMOQ Texas State . SUMMARY OF 1949 L Page 150 Head Coach Line Coach Line Coach Backfielcl Coach End Coach IONS . XVO11 Tied Tied Won Lost Lost Lost Wfon Won Won THE 1949 SQUAD First row, lelt to right: Stewart, Butler, Anjos. Deal, Grant, Allen Spears, Johnson, V. Johnson, Mack, Ross, Rice. Second row, lelt to right: Britto, Fidclmont, Balenton, Hlilson Jones, Dorn, Perry, Henderson, Goldsberry, Knox, Jones, Rogers, Mc Daniels. Third row, left to right: VVatson, lviley, Bluford, Jackson, Wil liains, Givan, Phillips, Frazier, Jones, Johnson, Davis, Clark, White Brown, Douglass, Wriglit. ohnson xV1lSOll YVi1ey Phillips Knox Henderson Robinson Doupl iss Gumd f ward End Guard Guard flzmrd Baci Baci LIONS . . 13 VVILDCATS . 4 13 'l'he Golden Lions, second game of the season against Wiley College was a bit- ter fought Contest. The fans saw a spirit- ed Lionls team fight back to a story book finish in the waning minutes of the game to register a 13-13 deadlock. BYRD Grant Rankins Back Center , Back ul? LIONS . 9 LINCOLN 6 Before a jani-packed stadium of excited fans, the under-rated Arkansas State Gol- den Lions fought the Lincoln Tigers to a stand still. The Lion's'line proved to be the deciding factor by out charging the Tigers and registering a safety early in the ganie. Thonias Givan again proved that he could return punts by breaking into the opening many times to be dragged down from behind. John Wfatson plunged over tackle for the T. D. James Deal kicked the extra point for the final point. olinson Davis I'Villia1ns Bradford Back Back Back N- Back FRAZIER RICE DORN SELLS Tackle Back Center End iw fig ,, if 3511? I .l..J pl' LIONS . . 26 PANTHERS . 6 - my , Arkansas State's Golden Lions after a slow N ' f ' , V ,r start struck back with a 26-6 victory over a scrappy ,511 Y is M Philander Smith team. The Panthers were the first 6 P' J to draw blood. The Lions hit back hard with "Big Q j gifs John VVatson,' bulling his way to pay dirt. With ffziliiyi i'i' if u this touchdown came a new spirit, and the Panthers L ' were never able to reach the sacred stripes again. 655, sert .Q Early in the third quarter, "Big John" again ran over the Panthers for another score. Earl Sells the Blglgo flashy end took a 20 yards heave for another score. K Thomas Givan living up to all expectations ran a 55 yard punt back to make the score 26-6. James Deal added the extra point. Dax is Deal Iones Robinson R. Jones Ross Walker Goldsberry ones Baci Back. Gmzrd Back End End End Guard Fnd 'm VANETTE JOHNSON YVILLIE CLOMAN Back Tackle JOHN BROWN WHITAKER ALLEN Tackle Bagk Page 155 1 AY,-Q-,i1g 4 1950 BASKETBALL SQUAD First row, left to right: Marvin Jones. Edell Gray, Lawrence Givens, Virvil Gaines. Nathaniel Tucker. D Second row, left to right: ell, Alger Nash. Frank Taylor. Third row, lelt to right: Charles Johnson, Nehemiah Trainers. Ulysses Grant, Lee SEASONS SUMMARY Alex M organ, Michael Anjos, Jerry jew Coach Roland Bernard, F erdie VViley Shell, Nathaniel Massey, Fred Gipson Allen Torrence. W'on l2 - Lost 9. Page 156 LIONS 61 STEERS ...L .. 57 LIONS 76 STEERS 65 The smooth working o1'1'ensive minded Lions of A. M. K N. outplayed, outfought, and outscored the rangy Steers from Texas College in the third and fourth game ol' the Southwest Conference play by a score of 61-57 and 76-65. Many times the jam-packed gym was brought to its 1'eet by the stellar playing of Captain Gipson and the defensive and offensive playing of Na- thaniel Massey, the hook shot artist. Gaines, Gray and Givens were also valuable in the double win. LIONS .79 PANTHERS 62 LIONS 61 PANTI-IERS .45 IfVith a sensational streak of eight wins in nine starts, the LIONS soared to the lead in the rugged Southwest Conference by downing Prairie View to the tune of 61-45 and 79-62. The defeat of Prairie View, 1949 Conference Champions, brought on a new spirit that ae- eompanied the Lions throughout the season. FRICIJ GIPSOX Crlllllrlfn lilJlil,I, GRAY ffwzirl' FICRIJIIC XVILLY NXT! l.XNI1il. NLXSSLX ,XLCLICR XXSII VIRCIL CLXINIZS BASEBALL The Arkansas Lions, playing their first season of con- ference baseball, ended their schedule with an impressive record. The Lions lost to Bishop in the finals of the con- ference play off. SEASONS SUMMARY: NVon 5 - Lost 3. Page 159 BOYS' TRACK TEAM Front row, left to right: john Brooks, Robert Kendall, Maurice Williams. Second row, left to right: Lester Ross, Maurice jones, Ferdie Wiley, Vanette Johnson. Page 160 GIRLS' TRACK TEAM Front row, left to right: Helen Harris, Myrtle Brown, Hilda Haley, Dorothy Montgomery. Second row, left to right: Bettye Payne, Elizabeth Williaiiis, Jua- nita Guest, Glien Barr, Hiawatha Clark. Page 161 TRACK A .i 'Zn' 'Jap' , 5'-'-tiff? R . ' Q . ' 3 ' M9-a'v-Q1-1 1 A' -P" ' w fa -A O' 1' Q .: Arkansas' cinder burners participated in the following track meets during 1949: Xavier Relays, Prairie View Relays, Wiley Relays, Tuske- gee Relays, and the Southwest Conference meet held at Southern Uni- versity. Lester Ross was a consistent winner in the high jump. Page 162 TRACK The girls track team participated in two track meets. A number of first places were won by Bettye Payne and Hiawatha Clark. In the Tuskegee and Prairie View meets Bettye Payne won first place in the baseball throwing contest. Hiawatha Clark won first place in the Tuskegee track and field meet in both high jump and broad jump, and tied for first place in the broad jump at the Prairie View meet. Page 163 XV. O'BRYANT President ALUMNI ASSGCIATION 'Vilma Nlater, we love thee . . . with arms that are strong from all harm we defend theeg Thy name shall we cherish, dear mother of mine." The A. M. N. Alumni Association is a strong organization, devoted to the college. Al- though graduates and former students find them- selves scattered throughout the United States, there are traces of this strength and devotion mani- fested through the organization of a chapter of the alumni association wherever sufficient num- bers congregate. 'l'he staff and advisor of the yearbook wish to thank the various chapters for their splendid cooperation in sending pictures for this publica- tion. X 0 XVHVI111 I'1'r'e-Presirlerzt Nlks. ELLA lXlCPHERSON Recording Secy. O R HOLIDAY , Vic'e-President XVILIIC B. 'IYHOAIAS Treasurer XIRS V. B. MCHENRY . EXECZIIIUUE Secretary MRS. NAOMI Gmrris , Pianist REV. M. BR.-XN'l'I.EX' Chaplain Page 164 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION MISS ALPHA O. HOWARD Queen ofAIumni ALUMNI ASSOCIATION COURT NIAUIJE B. IJAVIS , CLICK.-X1,l1INIi YVYNNI IVIARIIC FREEMAN , Acxxcs M. I'IOXVARlJ IDA F. INIUSTIFAL . Page 165 Litllff Rod: Clzajzter Pine Bluff Clzajzfer Crmzden ClI,llfJfc'?'I' YTFXIITIKIIIIIL Clzaptm' . Hope Cllzaptm' Pine Bluff Chapter Alumni Int 1'o11': XV. Nelson il-IlllDL'liI, Nlra. XX'illic G. 'l'l1111'111o11, li. lil. lilllllixltlll, Xlrs. Cll1'1111'11li11c- fillllllblkll 1'cz1s.j O. R. llfllllllly, gl'1'cs.j Nliss Lilli:1111 Xl:1fiml11c, q.Xss'1. Sl'1'iy,D llz11Jl1z1s fiillllilll, QV. l'1'1-5.5 -lllllll' NIOOIL li. Nlz11'sl1:1ll, fiL'l'2llLlllll' XX'y1111c'. gllll mw: fxlrs, Lillic' Xl. Nlimlclln-1011, f1'c'p111'lc-1-j, XV. Nl. Nliclmllc-1011, Q1111L11rm1v11p, ll. ,Xllm1'ill1111, Nlrs. l'l1l . . . . , I iylor, Xllx. l1lz1l1:1 li. l':11'15l1, xvllllk' ll. 'l1ll1JIIl1lS. Xlnry NV. l:11'k1'1', D11 Sc-llc-15 l'z11'l41-li, Nlls. li. L. Cloolacx ilI'll row: Prca. L. ,X. lJz11is. C1111 IUIIUS, Llllllilli ,XllL'll, l'lL'lll'X' NV. PL'llllX'1Il0ll. Nlix. 13. L. 1.1-x'c1'. li. lf. 14-111 5. R11c'l1cl Davis, NI1-5. Nlilclrccl llilllllvlll. hltllllllllif .lOllll5llll,iNll'5. Nllflllll l.:11vm11. 'llll 1'm1': 1311 XV. L. O'l51'y:111l, Hrs. Y. ll. Nll'lli'lll'f', fSc'c"y.ij. HIRIIIIC5 SL'llXX'4JOkl. Wynne Chapter Alumni .1 . . . 51.XI1s.fl.C111 Vic, Xlrs. H. l1Llg'llL'S, .XlIJl10l1SO S111i1l1. I. S. il'1'z1ylo1-, Oliw Slllillll. 1 Page 166 ifllll 1'o1.1': ZL'llllUll lz1c'lQs1111, lfl'l'l'll l:1c'kso11, Xlls Camden Chapter Alumni Seated, lelt to right: Mesdanies Alice Creen Bryant, Mary Dnnnings, Hattie Cross Hegood, XVilla Green Cole, Marie lfaircliild Freeman, Mr. Alphonso C. Crater, Pres.: Mrs. Cleo Nunn Anderson, Miss Lois M. Hank- insg Mesdanies Cleo Coleman Crater, Cassie Reed Sliootes, and Claudia Davis XVllll2lI1lS. Standing, lelt to right: Mr. Frank Bryant,Mesdan1es Kathryn Gray, Blanche li. MeGeliee, Opal Dean jones, Mable L. johnson, Mr. Cleveland Murphy, Miss Ennna K. Cone, Mr. XVillie E. Love, Mrs. Dorothy Fair- child Bennett, Horace Scott, Miss LaVerne Parr, Madison M. Mclletli, Miss Elizabeth Lamar, Mr. .Xrtliur Mor- gan, Mrs. lleadie.-Iones Sanders, Messrs. Edward A. Sf0Clil1l2ll1, XVillie .X. McCree, Mrs. Lillie Stall' Pierce, and Samuel D. Lawson. . Tri-County Chapter Alumni :Q-W-f-' 22,1 ,,,...-ff" MW1 M-,,..-1-v-' 'J Standing, lelt to right: T. H. Haskins, Caldwell, L. R. jackson, E. li. XVillis, li. jones, I. L, Ferguson, KI. Taylor, C. Kimble, W. C. lfields, Nichols. Seated, lelt to right: Miss Cook, M. Haskins, N. Gettis, llelnorali Stewart, Miss XVl1iteside, Miss Coulter, B. Bryant, L. Miller, Miss Paxton, T. jackson. Page 167 Chicago Chapter Alumni y Front row, lelt to right: Marie Jones Savain, unidentified, Geraldine Henderson O'Bryant, unidentified, liddie Davis Sutton, Lulicia Saunders Owens, Julia Jackson Futrell, Donzelle Rhodes, Mary Mcllullougli Curry, Louis H. Cloggs, Pres., Clovis Tippitt Turner, Sec., Martha Davis Tlionipson, Mrs. Lewis Lyman, Mildred Scott Harris, Mrs. Louis H. Coggs, Maude Bailey Stewart, Mary Buford Dean, Beatrice Fortune lillison, de- ceased, Thelma Hutson Vance. Second row, left to right: B. Johnson, Thomas YVatson, Edward O'Bryant, Ernest Sutton, Joe Lloyd, Aloe Owens, P. Turner, Tlioinas Butler, vice pres., YV. S. Grady, Mark Thompson, lr., Fredric X'Vatson, Roose- velt Dickerson, XVilel'ord Vance, James A. Harris, Davis Dixon, "Knute" lillis, Treas. Little Rock Chapter Alumni Right to lclt standing: Messrs. T. R. Betton, Vice Pres., S. I". Tlioinpson, Treasurer: Miss Ilrnestine Long, Madaincs Golena Crinnp, Sec., Maude Banks Davis, C. A. Hicks, President, and Moses Cato. Right to lelt sitting: Madanles Mary E. Clayborn, Virgie B. Thompson, Laura Thounpson, liunica Thompson, Rose Scribner, Lonnie L. B. Jones, Lucile Gardner, Daisy M. -Crockett, and Bernice L.cMcSwain. Page 168 Texarkana Chapter Alumni .egeg 3 . mmm lliilllillg' from lell L0 riglit--1fi1'sL row: Bliss Dimple Louise Nloore, Mesclznnes xvlllllil Knowles lidwzircls, Vela ma Xvllllifl' Epperson, Inez Y2i1'lJl'Ollf"ll, and Agmes Nlznrie U'illi:uns Howiiul. Second row: Messrs. George C. clwzircls, -Izirvis I.. llzimnmucl, Curliie lippcrscli, .lolmscm ulonzallizm Grxmt :incl Tliurnizm Dzmslny. MILNIIHCRS OF THE DETROIT ,XLVNINI CH.XI'TliR VISIT THE COI.I,1-XQL 154 G ,,....w2.s' 1-"F is W 1.el'xm1'igl1L: M11 :mil Nl1's.1f..l. Rooks, Qlletmitj, Nlr. :mil Xlrs. II. XV. lxbllllylllflll gl'ine Blullj, Demi L. XVilscm, Lillie T.. ones Pine Hlull . Nlr. :mil XI1is..X. Sidney xY2lSl'iTllKIlOIl fllelroil , XIV. :mil Nlrs. Limury l l C D A 5 lo Q r 1 rdziu lletrftj. I Page 169 Hope Chapter Alumni 1... .c as. . Seated, left to right: Miss Geraldine VVilson, Mrs. Louise Yerger, William Miller, Mrs. Jimmie Jones. Mrs. G. S. Yerger, Mrs. Gertha Williaiiison. Second row, left to right: Mrs. E. S. Cooper, Annie B. Yerger, Mrs. M. L. Harris, Mrs. Ruth Andrews, Mrs. Ethel Bizzell. Third row, left to right: G. S. VVilliamson, P. Powell, R. H. Jacques. F. E. Smith, President, George Coleman. Others not in picture: Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Harris, Pike VVilliams, Mrs. Velma Fryer, A .G. Royal, Mrs. U. S. Reed, Charley Reed, Joseph Miller, Fannie Buchanan. Page 170 Magnolia Chapter Alumni First row, left to right: Tlielina Arbor. Ora Lee Bostic. VeEssa Green, Catherine Brown, Marvis Trent. Second row, left to right: Ernest Henderson, Bishop Carter, YV. R. Dansby, F. Z. Curry, Lester Hilclreth. President. Other nieinbers not present: Ernestine Carter, Helen Cooper, F. Z. Curry, Mrs. YV. R. Dansby, Mathilcla H. Drecltl, Seth Garner. Catherine Henderson. Bobbie Hester, Sallie Jones. Docie Kiinbell. Ianies Rosser, Mary Rowe, Jewel W'artl, Tyree VVebster, Viesse West, Ernestine Wlilliains, B. C. XVillia1ns, Vivian Wlizuer, Rev. Curley Huey, Flossie Huey. Page l7l Arkaclelphia Chapter Alumni Front row-Lelt to right: Mrs. Nznnnutte YV. tlzickson, Mrs. R. L. Ioncs, Mrs 7 . 5. A. Bragg, Mrs. XV111. Llrby, Mrs. S. llilli2llllS, Mrs. N. .X. Atkinson. Buck row-left to right: Mr. R. L. Jones, Mr. X'VllliZlIllS, Mr. C. A. Minor Mrs. S. L. Helm, Mr. L. Jackson. EI Dorado Chapter Alumni Seated, left to right: Mrs. Ethel Cluncller, lirwin Holden, Ruth F. ilzickson Ophelia Mc-Iunkins, Mrs. Susy li. Dzuis, Scciretury, Mrs. Ruth A. Alztcikson, Pianist Mrs. Marguerite YVillianis, Cliztirinzin of Planning Connnittcc. Standing, left to right: G. H. Henry, Prof. N. F. Jackson, Rev. '1'. O. Mc -lunkins, Cliuplziin, 'flicrinan Dansliy, F. D. Boone, Treasurer, R. H. Lovett President, C. P. Williams. Page 172 1 ADVERTISEMENTS ACKNCWLEDGMENT XVe, Lhe Staff ol' lhe 1950 LION. wish lo express mu sincere 2lIJpl'CCi21li0ll Lo those who have zlclverlisecl wilh us NVQ ask that our reuclers show their grzuiuule with theil pamrouage. ' 1' H li STA F F Page 173 ADAMSFOTOS 329 l f2 MAIN STREET Pine Bluff, Arkonsos PHONE 4405 A PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR: Merrill High School Pine Bluff Robert R. Moton High School Marianna ' Jefferson County High School Pine Bluff Dollos County High School Fordyce Conwoy County Troining School Menifee Corbin High School Pine Bluff A Blevins Troining School Blevins Officiol Photogrophers - Arkonsos A. M. 81 N. College A A. C. Adoms S. E. Adoms Pgl4 CLARENCE QUINTON BELL AND B. P. BELL, SR. The Home of Good IVIEATS cll In S 1929 RISON AR ANSAS SILBERNAGEL CCDMPANY, Inc. Q90 'EAS' Wholesale GRQCERIES AND GRAIN Q25 Compliments Of ROSENZWEIG'S DEPARTMENT STORE Corner Third and Main Streets Pine Bluff Arkansas Phone 343 Compliments Of LION'S DEN and SWANK BEAUTY PARLOR SWANK BARBER SHOP North Cedar at A. M. S4 N. College Phone 2975 - 1945 Compliments Of "Your Friendly" OKLAHOMA TIRE AND SUPPLY STORE 507 Main Street Pine Bluff, Ark. Compliments of Your Friendly BLACK 81 WHITE STORE H1V1I67'6 Your Dollars Have AIOTI? Centsl' 323 Main Pine Bluff, Ark. Compliments Of BAIM'S EAGLE STORE and BAlM'S 401 SUPPLY STORE Compliments Of THE PERDUE COMPANY Comjzlelv Office Ofzltfitlffrs Pine Bluff, Arkansas Compliments Of ANDERSON GROCERY 1105 N. Cedar Street Pine Bluff Arkansas Compliments Of WEST END DRUG STORE W. E. O'Bryant, Owner 1824 West Sixth St. Pine Bluff, Ark. Compliments Of Gathrights 300 Pine Street Phone 3252 Pine Bluff, Arkansas COLLEGE GROCERY 81 MARKET QThe People's Storej "We Illalce the Price, Others Followl' Phone 3345 l002 N. Cedar Sl Pine Blull, Arkansas Compliments Ol' WM. MORRIS COMPANY Manhattan Shirts Walkover Shoes Coopers Jockey Shorts and Shirts 204-206 Main Pine Bluff, Ark. Compliments Ol' yn ' 1. Q H E N'S "All We Ask is Your Corzfirlenceu Pine Bluff, Arkansas Compliments Of LEA'S MEN'S STORE 322 Main Pine Bluff, Arkansas Wlieii you think of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at their best- IT'S FAILLA'S 618 Main Street - Phone 2343 AMERICAN FRUIT MARKET "First with Freslzes Best Alwaysu Congratulations Graduating Seniors! OSI.-Is Zenith - MAGNAVOX - Generol Electric 502 MAIN, PINE BLUFF - PHONE 5500 See Our Speciol Representative for A. M. 84 N. College PETER FLOYD DANIELS Page l78 ENJOY Grade "A" Posteurized DAIRY PRODUCTS Ice Cream - Posteurized and l-lomogenized Milk Cultured cmd Bulgarian Buttermilk O. K. ICE CREAM AND CANDY CO. .SFVYIIIIQI Pun' Bluff and S0llf!l1'llSf A rlm11.s'11.s' Silzzfff 1911 n Wo rehouses: Malvern Fordyce DeWitt Stuttgart Refresh . . . Add To Zest Shop Refreshed The Hour Lunch Re reshed Travel Re freshed W0 re HOUSGSI Crossett loluln unnu Avvn Warren Lake Village McGehee olllv Ov rn! COCA COU counter lv 51.1 Cong rotulotions Arkonsos A. M. ond N. College CAPITAL CREDIT CLOTHlER CUNURA'llULA'lllONS l"RUlN'l 555 INCORPORATED 722 Main Pine Bluff Coulpliments Of ELITE'S DINETTE Voted Most Popular Restaurant Near the Campus 1102 N. Cedar St. Pine Blull ALLEY'S ESSO SERVICENTER Motor Oil Uuexcelled Geneml Repairs - Road Service Telephone 2-150 ll0l North Cedar Pine Bluff, Arkansas ge 180 cious hosts in 48 states. Sexton If you cannot purchase this in your home town-write us-P.O. Box J. S Chicago 190, D439 table sauce, provided by gra- Baink A'BITE TO EAT l lil ALEX MOSELEY Furniture and Electrical Appliances 208-210 West Second Phone 524 Pine Bluff, Arkansas SHOP AND SAVE AT PENNEY' 407-409 MAIN STREET Coniplinients Of ElSENKRAMER'S 509-5ll Main Pine Bluff, Arkansas Coinpliments Ol' KINNEY SHOE STORE "Shoes for the Entire Family" 324 Main Pine Bluff, Ark Compliments Of , HENRY MARX CO. Best Clollzrs in Town 2uml and Main Pine Blull. Arkansas SHELTON' S SECOND HAND DEALER IJ1'f.s's the VVlmle Family and Nffzfffrr Empty the Pocketbook Expert Repair XVork Done YVhilc You VVait 30 YEARS OF PERSONAL SERVICE 219 State Street Pine Bluff, Ark Mr. and Mrs. Welitlell Shelton, Props. X 1 ' X 2 s. - V 5 as S N N S Y X V 5 , X SX X S X Ni R S S-ii f sss SXSSS . N .N - Fi, - - ,,.. ' l NKXQS S , X Z x v Q JEWELRF iueeptee Page 184 IN PINE BLUFF Always Shop FROUG'S First South-Eastern ARKANSAS, Finest Department Store 'iQua1ity and Reliability Since 1906" W. D. WELLS Office Equipment Co. Agent For Underwood New and Used Typewriters for sale or rent All Makes and Models of New Portables Adding Machines - Calculators Cash Registers EASY TERMS Phone 816 622 Main Pine Bluff, Arkansas J. H. MEANS AGENCY Insurance 308-09-10 Sinnnons National Bldg. Pine Bluff, Arkansas Geo. W. List, Pres. R. C. List, Vice-Pres. LIST LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS 201 East. Barrique Phone 146 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Compliments Of GEORGE HESTAND The Home of Good Meats Pine Bluffs Largest Food Markets "Flowers For Every Occasion" MLQOMISMFLCRAL co. -M' Meinber of F.T.D. Se?vice M-A-N 113 West Sixth Phones 1393 and 1394 Page 185 Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal College Pine Bluff, Arkansas O ANNOUNCEMENTS 1949 - 1950 SPRING QUARTER MARCI-I 6 - 7, REGISTRATION O SUMMER SESSION MAY 29 so ELL as L LL Registration for first Sunnnei' Session MAY 30 E ,E as ,ELL as LSL .SL Instruction Begins ULY Ill E LL LL, Registration lor Second Sunnner Session JULY I I L LEE LS LE E LE as L Instruction Begins I A. M. St N. College Offers Courses Leading to a Bachelor's Degree in I7 Different Fields AGRICULTURE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY COMMERCIAL EDUCATION EDUCATION ENGLISH GENERAL SCIENCES HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION HISTORY HOME ECONOMICS THE MECHANIC ARTS THE MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES MUSIC EDUCATION SOCIOLOGY ' , M1NoRs IN: ART-PHYSICS-PoL1'1'1CAL SCIENCE-sPEEcH and DRAMA FALL TERM BEGINS ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1950 For information, write the Registrar I Accredited by The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools as a Class "A" Institution Pg ISI ., , ,Wb,r.b,a,, 1 , . y, .a W,,i,A If I I f ,J 'af .x.. L p f Q2 P yt :Rr .lax ,f 2273 ,. 'Ks 2315 i f cl QQYWQY .V YK' W as ,f 1 Q .SA , r rr ka M2 :M K' W1 if aff lm I l Y Q 53 ': iliw, The goal of every staff is to pro- duce a better annual. Not only a better planned book but technically a better book. VS Annuals are a business with the Hurley Company . . . not a sideline. We know what it takes to make a better book. When planning your book let the people who are yearbook specialists do your printing and binding. LETTERPRESS OR LITHOGRAPH af The Hurley Company, Inc. The Southwestls Foremost Producers ' Q kg of P1776 Amnzals is a 'Q sf gg, CANJDEN, ARKANSAS I 9W'Nto:rSvwgyae3r,v,LQw at A .W ag., ' up as in fs at . A. . . YW, , ,, My A 4 , . Page 187 Photo - Engravers jar Lllae 1950 2,8 OZZOVL Z PEERLESS ENGRAVERS X2 W. Fourth Little Rock, Arkansa Faculty and Personnel Whose Pictures Were Nor Available Mrs. julia P. Howard, Librarian Mrs. Norma E. Harrold, Dean of Women John Howard, Director of Public Relations Lillie L. Jones, Dietician Mrs. Hattie R. Watson, Assistant Librarian Robert A. Anglin, Sociology Lincoln L. Diuguid, Chemistry Oliver E. Jackson, Modern Languages Con leavej Roland K. Bernard, Physical Education Rufus L. Caine, Biology Joseph A. Jones, History Ariel M. Lovelace, Music Horace W. Melvin, Chemistry Mrs. Rose D. Moseley Frank C. Bell, History ton leavej Mrs. Dauphine M. Albritton, Home Eco- nomics James A. Harris, Electricity Sarah L. Harper, Home Economics Chester E. Hynes, Biology James C. Smith, Science Education Arthur K. Lawrence, Music Rumford T. Lockman, Painting and ln- terior Decorating Mrs. Alma B. Baeza, Band Mrs. Annie B. E. Blackwell, English Page 189 C. Albert Dickey, Music Mrs. Rubye C. Fischer, Principal of Ele- mentary School Clyde W. Hall, Carpentry George O. Henderson, Electricity Malvin E. Moore, Tailoring Carmyn Morrow, Nursery School Educa- tion Mrs. Mallie T. Russell, Psychology Nathan T. Seely, Mathematics Lewis Waddy, Mechanical and A tural Drawing fon leavej rchitec- Marco A. Baeza, Agricultural Economics ton leavej Milton B. Curry, Painting and Decorating ton leavej Interior Paul Edwards, Laboratory High School Wanda H. Woods, Laboratory High School fon leavej Mrs. Thelma B. Blakely, La Training School . , R Mrs. Ella L. Dennis, Secretary to boratory egistrar Mrs. Gladys McKinclra. Accountant Shedrick I. Barnes, Secretary to Manager Hazel E. Tippitt, Secretary Corb School Faye E. Bryant, Stenographer, Offi Dean Business in High ce of the N 4 Autographs and Memories Autographs and Memories Autographs and Memories IJOW Ufgf 17443 4 , , x ' N 1 W 66' QP 4 .V ' I , J., IFVFTH A ' .. KV L-nw '.b 45' , -I' . , ' w Atv., KJ' 'gs lf". g M - V .ga . V , - S - . ,fv . I, IV, 3' gif: .. 1' ,,. , .- L y'-' V Y , -ffm --Y 'ik 'JSP Vigffsff' .VH H9 ' , . .. V V.V' 2' -'.. 5' L riff? r'5AZ'-Z-Mui' --T .:4'- IEP . I Wiwp.J5,s:'? l 1 Vb,.,,..eQ, ,. . .,. 45 V ,V.' 41, 3-K, .Va V Vrgp Y - V. 'Z ' -:VH V .-- --Q'-fa.'V - - V .JV- V ' 'V .Jw-V' . V::"'71- iV1i'Y'f V - V YM- - V . . ' --VF,-'gVV'.-1.-f" "'?f'f?1'.i?'iv:Vf1"' V7 ' 1 ,V .1-asf V . ' .ffgalf V.V5r"' 11,147 Q-'5"f'-:bf-Tr-T .--.4?r7FQV' .,'g.'fi'- 'V we V:-V-V MV..-V2--f V VV V. ' ,pf V- V .5 v',,,R.,g. i!g:S.tiFF..'Vj: ',.V ixgsksv V ., P6350 . :Y " -V ---'tu 1' i5V' g",.x3.jr:. lziywi' , 2" H 141. 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Suggestions in the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) collection:

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 131

1950, pg 131

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 152

1950, pg 152

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 68

1950, pg 68

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