University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR)

 - Class of 1949

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University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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IEE I A nie. qD7ranJ UU WAMNN Co legion il Elk, l if l iR,g,int.fa Hom. 1 If l ff ', i.1 iv, jf ,,, ,mf ,, o ff 1 ec 4 Z 9 4i f 4: 7 4 T "' "' X X Cn , lx lx 5- 5 3 I D l ,-c i ff O U l l 1 flpivmc 'BlufF. llrliawS5-5 my Q sy X X X X xi stgysg K sssssss so -X sg si A yrs K Silks o X it QR xg wx NX w Q X X X DEDICATIUN . .. This yeorbook is ot once o dedi- cotion cmd o devolution. lt is sub- mitted with the chollenging hope thot the inheritors of educotionol cidvontoges ot this college will fur- ther cleor the woy for the dignity of living ond leorning, to the end thot the grecit obstroctions of de- mocrocy con toke their honest meonings ond hove their truthful woy. UMW N s 6' Wie Cfivclm, Ulf rbt.4,.,.-KX AFNICCN' lllG'ER'lff - s ss ware Artistis drawing depicts our present day campus with constructions to be completed shown in shaded areas. 4191+ and 143 'ff' bww UK jyb-AJC!" n 7"4,74g..,.5:n':- ' ' ', ,gmqlcfs -.. ff 4,4 RJ ' fi 3' if Q... .4 'G 4iP,s"'t I I 6 15235 ' 7 xl MPV AQ! ,ef Q iw f U A - l , Q V qi S93 W ox 4- X XX-Q .q ' -Rlzygw' W ' X ' P 'M V tw-T X 2 f 7 Mb X NWN 2 . f N ' SX XSILXS4 Mwwjwdl NE NEFFN QMYQ mi? XXX XX, R MSA WN GN R f f . 0, A I if osoilwggwf 5 A gy lg FS55lbwf15NQ X if L rx? gcooe ,ef k U , Mligiigf gk , cv,-9 WN 5 X fgixd X WI ' JM LJ 'Wm Q QMJQQMW V2 'fx V . s- ' is 'Aww 7 fb 73 , f K L Mix X if' W my fi. jr , ' 'FJ + 1? I O B HHKHN W ' 4' UHHH EARL NELSON CHA1 Y XVILLIAA Emo ' TA ' . H. ERx12'1"1'L1 YOUNG Iiclizfor B1 mess ' na . Arlzfism' ' , e Bluf Ar nsas O O g Q I T. , 4 l.l. , , ,,,, ni W, , , , 1949 AUMMM l l lllll I ANNUAL YEARBOOK Published bythe Students of Arkansas A. IVI. and N. College Pine Bluff, Arkansas ' I! i l l l l l 1 1 l l l FOREVVGRD This yearbook represents a promise and a prophecy, which, should they materialize, will mark an important milestone in the development of this institution. The year l949 finds A. M. and N. College looking forward to full accreditation as a Grade "A" institution by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. lt is therefore fitting that the Class of '49, standing at the point of their greatest appreciation and concern for the welfare of A. M. and N., should present a pictorial inven- tory of their Alma Mater. lt is fitting that any college facing our future world should invite examination and demonstrate its potentialities. This is a service which the Class of '49 has sought to render in the interest of the great responsibility which weighs upon this institution. lt is not a perfect service, but it is what we thought just and proper for the time. The future course of this insti- tution will be shaped by those who earnestly seek to un- derstand its needs and who put themselves to the more difficult task of supplying them. ALMA MATER, XVE LOVE THEE1 TUE LOVE THEE, DEAR MOTHER 3 4.. ANI 7 C.-XSI' ALL XVE I-I.-XYE .-YI' 'l'I-IY CLLORIFIIQD I-'FFT " L A 5 Q an exif T IN DAXSO1' Ol R CHILDHOOD V14 ROXIPFD IX ll-IE XX II DH OOD awp MQW E 'S 18.2 RN ,," 5 .f Q' ,'f" x-' ... um. .L , 4 s f. xmffwwiw :iggww ,Q sa' 'S ga nc 'f J Q 'L Q x- , ' if V X I 7 A V V 3 A ' 2.2 'PIII-,-.: :" I H-Ef'.fE1:I 5I??,.1I:" -55-52-, ff-I-i3'.fE:5f? 2:65 "'- I" "" 'l 'I ,- .V ",:I:5. 'L' 9.11:-'H - -Y. 'E' ' A 'gtffa - 4 awif mW.M ,M P' vig 9 512' Q ' f 3 'f , A, L page" , , , AQ 'wf-595 7 K A-M E Q i , S ww im 'Www it ikawawuiw f WK fy 'f ff .4 , 5 fig 'V f ,gg W 'Z G 7 , P, ,ny wif - 3,.:4,, Q , :4 g, my g f U.:,:1,g:- ., lvl, V 5 ' 'v L 'm'9 NES? PI , , V g, if ' ' ' r -"': fm Q1 mw- Am ...Ku ,Q ,, Q A .M . , 4 .,,,. , . . ..,. . . M . Q . Nm swwh Juemgviiinafaa Z, 1 af' -- -:f:s:ff..1,:.:'-.- vez. ,E-W. Www. .,.1.,,Qw 4 QQ THX FL XC IO THF BRILELES OF HE-XXFN HE LIFT" ' Wi vas- :ma .,. ,Ie M ff my 9 -in-fm VM as sea, . X 4 4 ggi? 1 ' J sw ...Is Twig ww A ,WN xg 411,12 WW? E N E , Q 1 5 Yi is if? S Nz E 'E 1 Q 3 x H Z Q J if Q g 'E 2 L 5 5 K 2 1,,mm,,m m,mm,,m.mW,m ,,,A,,h,,S,V, 1, A ,U A,,,,,,i, L, W. TJ., ,.H.......... M.-hw....,,,,. . , .,,, W . ,. W ... Y, -..H . .. , 1 E H S Q E 2 Q 1 f--T -ww v-f - 'ff ff " '1' LAWRENCE A. DAVIS, A.B., M.A., LL.D. PRESIDENT President Davis has gained wide popularity as a speaker, and has appeared before large audiences in many colleges and outstanding meetings in the South. He has attended national educational meet- ings in different sections of the country. At present he is president of the Conference of Presidents of Negro Land Grant Colleges, member of the Governing Board of Equalization of Educational Opportunities, L QLA, . Y, Y l member of NEA. American 'l eachcis Association Arkansas leachcrs Association National Council of Teachers of English Alpha Kappa Mu Honoi bocicty Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Thirty-third Degree Mason, Elk listed in Who s YVho Intel national Who s H ho XX ho s YN ho in Education. holds a certificate of Nleiit lrom the Chicavo Defender as one ol thc ten out standing Negroes in the South and has rccciv d an Honorary device ol Do tor ol lavxs hom Lane College in 1948. An integral part ol' the col- lege is the presidents family. Wlhile not actively engaged in s c h o o l administration, the presidentls family share the re- sponsibility of the great task of moulding the lives ol the stu- dents. The president would not be stimulated to do his best work were it not for the under- standing attitude ot Mrs. Davis and the children. The faculty. students and other visitors have been the re- cipients of the hospitality ol their home on various occa- sions. A ,,? Y t . , Aenxcuxxunm.. Nlscnmxcm. 81 Nonmm. COLLEGE PKNE BLUFF . ARKANSAS our' resfuafy rl, l9Lw9 ' Twig, 'U 'f, fi? u 'iff Fill ' 1 come the gl ad 'rely nel Dear Students: Again we have a college annual. l s tidings, This publication represents the first such effort since the Class of l9LJI and its sponsor, hiss L. L. Jones, did themselves and the college great credit in a magnificent edition. blow, the Class of l9u9 under the able guidance of Yr. h. Berne ette lgung committed itself to eicell-lrlg anything our college had ever produced. The assiduous industry and enthusiasm which they have displayed over the past months have provided rewarding dividends in this rumor able work of art. l heartily congratulate them. horeover, the college annual is T166 definitely estaolished as a yearly publication and will be financed through the payment of a student fee collected at the time of registration. This 'dill guar- antee continuation of the project. lt will be remembered that in my message for the last yearbook promises of certain physical improvements , increased appropriations and a more highly trained staff were made. 'fhose cgnmlitments have been fulfilled in a large measure. at this time it is my pleasure t0 announce that we have assurance of an appropriation from the State approaching one half million dollars. also, it is almost certaln that the legislature will grant sufficient funds to construct a science building and an agricultural building. lil addition, plans are underway to secure funds to construct a student union-dining hall combination building, a field house and more dormitory space. All this should enhance our services. Qur goal is to become a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools in l95O. To each one of you this beautiful annual should be a storehouse of fine mauories and an imperishable link between you and unborn tions. Si erely our , Lavrfence A. Davis '?resident gen er a ince W 1, rf! fr' Jai- A 'va f 'f,. ""7".rur-1, .A ,qv 3,-r .A . ' 1 ., "Ha, :Wight .3.,., I, K l f fl. 0 ' '-v., 4 'w,. -L fish-Y, ,. -we .ii .pavr A .1 ,. it r 1 . .IA ,Vps-..3.r,, 4'f'g'f,',ff'x3? 'V'- ,gp 'n-f,,.,,, - ' .4 ,1.,3.- pl L X .1 "fig, if , 43, 8 gy . ,,,, ,IWW "'V. -,Q-.,f I -ll! W +- -, X W , , 1-N.,M-gA,,,..-..-J' HONORABLE SIDNEY SANDERS MCMATH GGVER OR Arkansas is extremely fortunate to have as its governor the able Sidney S. McMath of Hot Springs, Arkansas, who recognizes and has approached the problems of the state in a statesman-like manner. His government is progressive and is pledged to all the people of Arkansas. His slogan "The People Rule" gives to all citizens the right to deter- mine the future of our government in a way that all will benefit. I 1. L, H Y if Y.. V ,, ,i ig ,..,...,.,. ..,..,J.,......L Q W... . f L Wj, ffl. BO RD GF TRUSTEES The Arkansas A. M. and N. College Board of 'Frustees comes from the seven Congression- al Districts of Arkansas. As the institution faces its greatest period of growth, it is fortunate to have a group of nien who face the future with sympathy and understanding, and devote much of their time to developing here a great institution for the Negro Youth of Arkansas. Front row: C. E. Larrison, 4th Congressional District: President Lawrence A. Davisg H. I. Holderness, 6th Congressional Districtg F. M. Trotter, 2nd Congressional District. Back row: C. D. Franks, 4th Congressional District: C. P. YVard, 5th Congressional Dis- trictg Ed McCuistion, State Department of Education and Rev. Paul V. Galloway, 3rd Con- gressional District. F. Wlahl, Helena, john B. Moore of Clarendon, Hugh Kincaide and Mr. Mlilkins of Brinkley are not in the picture. Mr. Moore has recently been replaced by Mr. Kincaide and Mr. lVard by Mr. lVilkins of Brinkley. Business Manager Mr. Cleveland A. Christophe, an alumnus of A. M. and N. College, is now serving his third terin as business manager oi' the college. CLEv12LANn A. CHR1s'1'ovHE B1l.il7'If'.Y,Y Nlzlnnqerr L Dean Dean John L. XVilson, who is one of the niost versatile nien on the cainpus, is also recognized as one of the busiest inen. on N L. XVILSON Dean KNEW' MMM H! -' 11155111 Cl.XLlNYEl,L HALI. - N29 - Clnlclwcll Hull, thc Acl111111i5l1'211io11 liuilcling, was 11211114-ml lm' thc l21lc f1l'L'l'd Cl21ld wall, 10111111 51.111 51 '1121to1'. It 101151515 ul' 21cl111i11int1'211ix'1' ofliu-5. c'l21s51'or1111s. l111ok51u11'. pmt 111'l1c'c, 211111 thc 21111 I0l'illlIl which wuts 2l1JIJlkOXilllllIL'lN 700 IJL'I'50ll8. 'AVE HEAR OF GREAT TREASURES OI" NVISDONI AND KNOXVLEDCLE-' LIBRARY f Th Q I,ilJl'2il'5 was co11sl1'11c'tccI i11 H1239 211111 is 111-211' thc ca-11 ol 1111- iIllLilll'2lIlQR'. It 1 I5 truly :1 1110411-1'11, 2111 c'r111cli1io11cd ycllmx' l11'ic'k, two story sl,1'11c'- l,lll'C. O11 thc lust l'lc1o1' 2111- loc21Lc cl thc stacks, thc 1'c21cli11g IKOOHI, IXClCl'L'l1K'C I'00lll. Zlllll olllccs. O11 thc sc-001111 1101112 211'c' thc Zllgl gilHL'l'y 211111 work IEOOIIIS. 1---1--E-Amman: W 2- ,. - ,w.,. kf-zgv.,- Y Y Y m.v.m wmmmy- -'T I DIVISION HEADS A 1 ..,. z-: + Hari gd' George Ii. Loder Sadyc l'. Appleby Mahlon T. Purycar Mildred A. Hill llirerlm' of Ifzfsmlrlz Dirffflor of Ilizfisiorz of Dirertor of Division of IJlI'6'!'l0I' of lluidanre Hume' 1f!'UIlI1IlIif'.S' Mf'rlz1111i1'Arls and fiUIll1.S'f'lilIg S. Alexander Haley john M. Howard Ray lf. Russell Cornelius XV. Dawson lJin'r'lor of Dirfision of Ilizffrlrn' of Pzllllif' Iiirzvtor of Dirfisimz of Dirrfrlrn' of Dizfision of Agrirzllizlrcf Relzltimzs Aris and S'f'ic'r11'f's Ellllfllffflll ASSOCIATES IN ADMINISTRATION "V" Mrs. N. E. Harrold Mrs. G. C. Mc-Kiudra Mrs. Charlie S. Henderson Mrs. li. .X. Austin Ilffan of lionzwz Aflllllllflllll Rwgislno' Cnllrgr Nzzrsf' E. C. 'laturn L. I.. Aloncs George .-X. Scwcll Mrs. xl. l'. l-loward XY. Jacko Massie. M.D. Dl'!17l of Men Diftilirln College ,lIini.v!f'r ljllrrlriruz Iiirwlor of H!'llllll SFHIIFFS L ,D S41 FAC U LTY W.. .. -:.,:-v,, .. : T011 limi' ll. xl. Albritton , . . Robert A. Anglin , , Mrs. Maeleen C. Arrunt . Moses A. Blakely , Alznnes A. Hanris . . . Sn and Hou' N. Bell Doughty '... Mrs. Katherine G. Durvnn Butler T. Henderson . Chester E. Hynes Algee G. Kirby . . Agrirulluw . Snriology . Iidumlian . Curpelztry . 1'iilfl'lI'ifi1l' Physiral liduralimz . . Iiduwiion . , l'fr'oi1onzir.x . Biology . Agl'll'lllflll'l' Third Run' A. Kellon Lzxwrencn -... . . Musir Curl I.. Nlarshall . , . English Fern NI. Nleamlors . Slzeel Metal M. Clyde Oley . Cheniistry li. K. Patterson , . , Bl'il'kIlll'i7lQ liollonl Rim' Mrs. Alice W. Robinson . . . Faorlv B. D. Shunlute ,..... Marhimf Slmp Henry F. XYinslows '... . . . English H. llernelle Young . . liusirzrss Administration and Mulhenzatirs 3 I 'vi xg in 5' M gp' THE BELL TOWER - The beautiful bell tower located in the center of the campus quad- rangle was erected by the A. M. and N. College Alumni Association in 1947 at a cost of 34,000 A more recent addition to the tower is a set of chimes fflarillon Bells, , also installed by the Alumni Association at a cost of 34,000 The chimes are the center of attraction as concerts of familiar hymns and melodies 61112lf12ltC from its belfry at l2:00 o'clock noon and 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon. it E to on be 0 J Vw?" XVONIILNS DORNIITORIIQS - The 1"I'CS1llllllli-8013110111011' 1101'111it01'i1-5 101' 111111 111111 w0111c11 2111 c111p1i1'111i0115 01c11c'110t11c1'. .1.iZlL'1l c0111:1i115 1'il1yA1'ix'c l1cc11'001115. 1111 0l'111'c, Il lounge, ll 11051111111 w111'd 111111 LWO 5111105 01' 11101118 101' 11051055 111111 gllCS1S. "OF XVEALTH NOT FOR PURCHASE OF GOODNESS AND YOU." MENS DORNIITORILS - T11c .l1111i01'-Sc11i01' c101'111i101'ic5 101' 111011 111111 w0111C11 were erectccl 111 1939 111111 ure11150c111p1ic11ti0115. T11cyc'011t11i11 10111-two 116111001115 c11c11 101' 5t11c1e11t5 111111 1,0ll1' guest 11Qd1'0o111s. g I FAC U LTY 1 Wifuvgl gi . fi , . M5 l bw, ' .iff .A,, ,fs ,jsl il '1ffi " i' Top Ram' . . . Coflflz , . . , . Clll'lIIlSfI'j' , . . . . , History Roland Bernard , Plzvsirnl Eflizmtion Ek Axsisfmzl Cfllllill I.zunur Allen . Lcoriiclns B. BZIITOII . Frank C. licll . . Rufus L, Caine . .' . Clzmnistry and Biology Secmzrl Run' john M. Cliezitliam .,.., Ag7'll'1lIf1lI'l' Mrs. XYilliC li. Clark . . , ilIl1flIl'H1!lflI'S Milton C. Curry . , Przirziing X4 IJf'l'Ul'IlflIlg Guy L. Darnell . . liusimfss Admiizistrrllimz Gussye A. Dickey . .... llusir' M Mrs, I, H. Fostcr jziplms .L Gordon Uvcnlis R. Holiday Mrs. licssic Lewis Ariel NI. l,m clzicc Earl XV. Montague Mrs. Katie KI, Pierre Alzmc A. Porter . John NI. Ross . Cllizirlcs I.. Shepard Thin! Ron' . . A rf . Ag'l'l!'1lIlllI'1' , . . Agrifullurrf , Home ECU!10HIi!'S Ellzlmtirm . . , Musif liotlouz Ron' . , . . , lf1'1'ldi11g , Erlurrzfimz Poliliral SI'iKH!'f7 , Dm rn a firs . Biology J FAC U LTY Tuff Ron' liulfnm Run' Earl P. Ford , . liiulogifal and l'l1y.vi1'uI Sriwzncs H. Worthington Smith .,,... Iinglislz George C. M. James .,.. llatllcnznlirxs James R. Sczxwood . . .llf1'lm11i1' Arts lfdilmliolz , 'B Burgess B. Lawson Axxixlrlzzt Comb j.C1.'1'iImlon . . . Forvigrz 1.lHlgllIlQf"S Mrs. R. D. Mosclcy . , . Ifnglisll Lewis YY. Xvllllklf' ilIf'I'lIlHIflYIl Drawirzg' Mrs. Mzlllic I. Russell . . lflilllllflllll CZ. li. XYu11s . .... Y orinlngv ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL I Th. I I I Tuff limi' .Suomi Ron' H. CL. Bzlrncll .,,. 17iSfI'I11lllIZIl' Ifflllfllfltill Nlrs. Yivizm Ford , Hnstffsx. Div. of fffllllf' Ifrrlrzrnllliw I Lcc Collins . , , Collffgr' 1'oIirr'n1an Nlrs. NI. Z. Glicii . lluuxf' lIir0rIrr'.S5, Il'm111'r1f.v Dorm. I I Mrs. E. I.. Cook . Huusz' IIi1'1'1'1rf'.s'.s, Mf'n'x Durnziirnx' I Mrs. Dorolliy G1'zll1Imc1'1'y . .St'!'I'l'lIll'vY I0 H16 llqgislrar Mrs. ll. N. Dzuis , , .-Ixsi.st1111f, 1101111 of Il-41111171 Nlrs. R. l'. Hyncs , M'1Vf'lr1r'x', llzfallll IJf'PIllr1llIf'!lf Mrs. li. IICWIICITE ..,.... fiII.S,IIf"I Clrrislilic .IOSCIJII , .Nf'1'1'1'Ir1rx. Div. nl' Arls 84 S1'i1'r11'1fs 0. ll. lilmlcrs , f.'omrlf.'if1lm II1'l!'liII7l.Y UH job 'IIHIIIIIIIQ Xlrs. Mac Moon , .WH'1'lrlr'y In 1.i11rmi11r1 liullmn Hou' -I. Y. l'z1rImm , , . I , , . Iluolckwfjzw' l'. CZ. Picrfe ..,. Supl. of Buildings K fimumlx Mrs. Mac Sllepzml . , Assixlrnzf 1.i11rm'ir11: I Nlrs. B. lf. Smiilm ...,,, linnlclcwjwr Mrs. H. R. XYLIISOII . . Aszvislrzrzl Rilmzrimz XY. C. Hamlpton .S1'1'x. l'1'!f'r'1lr1s 'l'V11i11i11g' !'I'flg'7'!II7l I'-I'l'.Yf row, left to riglzlz Y 4l0llI1 lsoni, Bobbie jackson, Grace Jackson, Ulee Marie -laekson, Sadye llames, Pauline jefferson. Serum! row, lefl In righit Arie llolmson, Caleb johnson, Doreatlia Johnson, Calvin -jones, Aaron Jones, Rosalind King. 1949 JU IURS Firsl mtv, left to right: Orene Kirby, Doris Langston, Beatrice Lewis, Napoleon Littleton, Jewell Lofton, Maxine Lowery. Serum! row, lefi lo right: Thomas Loudd, -Ianies K. Martin, Mary Louise Mathis, Edward Mays, Lela Meadows, Theohoras Nleans. 'P' if P2 a f' nec? f N A .um 'Qi -V 4. , 5:17, A ,A gf' lfirsl row, left to right: Vernon T. Miller, Iohn Moran, Mlzllter More- head, Cleophus Morehead, Tonilnie McCall, Earl Mclfarlin. Second row, lefl lo right: limniett Morgan, Shelton McGhee, Robert Mc- Graw, Yclcll Mc-Gregor, Ruth Mc'Killizm, Aletliro Mc- Rae. 1949 JUIXIIURS First row, left Zo right: Rose Marie MCSpadden, Marion T. Nash, H. Joseph Nzewi, Jesse Parker, Ray Parker, Magnolia Parnell. Sefond row, left to right: Evelyn Ruth Pcttis, Andrew Piggee, George Pitts, Jacqueline Price, Lewis Powell, Jessie Pryor. .Li , .. ,., 4nL..QA-,4...4.-,- FRESHMEN Clifton Acker, Melba Allen, Mildred Allman, Eddie Arglier, lean XVl1ite. Hanacho Atako, Gladys Baggetl, Grace Baker, Thomas Baker, KIZUTICS Bankston. Glynn,Barr, Leon Belcher, -Iuliella Black, L. T. Black, Anthionette Blakely. liarl Blakely, Freclie Birth, Herman Blackman, Herman Blulorcl, Robert Bonner. Harry Booker, Aloe Briggs, Carl Brooks, Blenia Nl. Brown, Fannie Brown. il 1' l i l 'a l A 1 1 i Ci ,l ll l 4 L. ,L AJ Y fn FRESHIVIEN Q 1' 1' .." 2 - I 4 '. A ivan 4' Sf? wg-Ks 3 3 'JA in to i K . 6 Y? .-. . 'J-,...-ff I 1 Marie Brown, Melha Brooks, Myrtle Brown, john Brown, hugene Buehunnan. Shirley Butler, Nathaniel Czmzida, Agatha Carey, Burnestine Carter, Frederick Chzunbers Ernestine Cheeks, Dorothy Childress, Hiziwathzr Clark, Vera Cobbs, Ofredia Coleman. N3 Jerry Compton, Oscar Coulter, Ella D. Courtney, Seafus Craft, Josephine Crawford. Doris Cleggett, Louella Crosley, XVil1ie Culley, Ekejika Dallah, Laque Dalton. FRESHIVIEN ie' 5 E,.:1 V ff Bennie Dangerfield, Earline Daniels, Dorothy Davis, -Ierusha Davis, Rebecca Deloney. Searcy Denton, Fred Dickens, Clothius Dedrick, Arthur Divers, Manila Dixon. Mae Lee Dowd, Alonzo Dunlap, Berry Edwards, Onyelnelukwe Enieka, Edith Etherlv. Frederick Evans, Herman Feaster, Herman Fields, Ora Lee Fields, YVillie Filer. Joy Flemmings, Geraldine Frazier, Thelma Frazier, Argie French, Arglister Gentry. r,vfL,..,v vt, ,, , l V FRESHIVIEIXI Velma Gillard, Jack Gilbert, Carol Givens, Matliel D. Glover, Young Glover. Albert Golden, Rena Gorden, Hattie Gray, Cleonia Grillin, XVarren Griffin, Juanita Guest, Freddie Griggs, Lawrence Gunnels, Irene Hale, Arnett Harris Helen Harris, Lena Harris, L. T. Hanipton, Myrtle Hardy, Benjamin Henry. Lillian Hill, Leona Hood, Ozell Hudson, Grady Hughes, Melba L. Hopkins. L ff ,WY - D FRESHIVIE Ferdie Hyman, Alfred Hill, Lewis C. Humphrey, Christine Jones, Bettye llolmson. Beulah johnson, Jessie johnson, Ruby Johnson, Ezirlee Kelley, Rose Kelley. Robert Kindall, Lovey King, Yunuszl Kosoko, Samuel Kountz, Frances Criss. Dorothy Parker, YVillie Lindsey, Emory Lord, Roy Lawrence, Maggie Lee. Charlie Lueus, Verna Mcfllinton, Madora Mriiloy, Mable Meilrziy, Emmett Meiluistion ,4,,,,,,,,, 4 . N, , A A L L .,.. ,. ,.,. 3 Iithel B. Mclntosh, lilliott McKinney, Louis McKinney, Billie MeMutury, Milton Mapp. Lillian Martin, Theresa Martin, Deloris Mays, Josephine Mays, Asa Minor, Charles Minor, Elizabeth Mitchell, Garland Moore, Thomas C. Morgan, Artlnn' Mullins. Clorine li. Nash, Mattie Newborn, Fred Oakley, -Ir., Harold O'Neal, Merriland Overall. Mason G. Owens, Geraldine O'Nez1l, Alvin L. Parks, Henry Parker, Hurtis Paschal. J v A5 v-L A59-4 'Q TP A 1 FRESHM MV! f'!h licltyc l'ziym', Clziclys Pziym-, Pauline l,C'l'kill5, HmvzmlPlcz1s, lirszilcllc l'o1'cl1iu. xluzinilzi l'o1'c'l1iu, Hc1'IJci'l l'ui'tc1', Lcolzl Reed, Verllcll R6L'tl,clli1'i Rcevcs. Slllillh Rliinclmrl, Mniric llifilllllbllll, VL-Ima Ricks, liloisc Rogers, Ora ll. Ross, Mattie Ross, CQ1'zu'ic llzuiis, Mittic Rowv, Gcorgc Rolxinscm, lfsthci' Rozcli. David Szuupson, Booker Scziinore, Llliristiiic Sllcpzird, XVillic Nl. Sherrill, jakie SiIl11IlOl1S I FRIESHIVIEN gg? ,l it Lois Simmons, liohhic Smith, Dorothy Smith, Lzttmic Smith, Ode Smith. Odin' Smith, Rosie l.. Smith, Donna Slxittccr, Claim Stztrlztrcl, Raymond Stewart. Titus Story, X'Villic Smith, Huttit: Tzttttm, Ethel Taylor, Summit' Tltomzts. Naomi Terrell, tXlll0lll0 iIilll'OYVL'l', Syhlc '1'ownscml, Amgtmlzt Tripplt-t, Lift-tte Vztuglm lfuytf NV. xVLlliCl', liclwztrd XVz1llc-t', liloisc NVzxlkci', Mzthlc Mcllloucl, Lillie X'Vutsoti. 4 -lf- FRESHMEA I Curtis X'Vcz1vcr, XVilliam XVCIJIJ, Dollic X'Veslcy, -ICl'ilC2ll1 X'Vcsto11. Fred XVilkius, Alunious XVillizuus, NIzuu'ic'c -Innes, EHLZIIJCIII XVilIizuusou, Artic xvilliilllli JZIIIICS X'Villizunson, Ovcrtis Wfilson, Lcola FOl'l'lI12lll, VVillizuu VVofl'o1'd, Czulmcrim- XfVomlzu'cl Mzulin YVo0dzu'd, XVilliL-uc NVoodsou, Aloycc XVorlds, Jllllllllil' XVox'mlcy, Dorothy XVriglu. lirncst VV1'igl1t, Oghal X'Vyuu, Roy Yllfbflllgll, Edna Young, L. V. Young. J.1.......,,7 A , , AA,,A. .4 Q l LA - ll SPKCLXL VlfTlCR.XNS CLICK Cllllll Ifirsl row, left lo right: Cllzirencte XVillis, lznnes Green. Nlznwin l'rvor, Mrs. Zelllzi 0. Pierce, lYillie Pree. Renirc slllilll. Second row. left lo rigln: jinnnie Wheeler. Oliver I'oplzn'. joe Brown, Virgil johnson, Willie Snuilli. Willie Rogerx. Daniel xyllill' SPECIAL VETERANS SPECIAL VliT1iR.XNS' l3ASKl'fI'l5.-XI,.L TICANI l-'irsl row. kneeling-lel'l to right: jznncs Green, jason Hill. ll'Cl'l'f Neal, Jznnew l5lllJl'ClSI. lllllllllll' XvllCClCl'. Second row. standing-left lo right: 'I lionlas Givun, Mcillinlon Lane, Murxin Pryor, Nlrs. Y. IS. Nlellenry, Willis llollinion. Rob erl johnson. Lee XYzilLer, Vlysses Grunt. Back row, lefl Lo right: Clunce 'I'aylor. Aclolpllus XVl1yte. XVilli1nn Henry. Roosevelt Barnes. Ciaches: Mrs. Y. B. McHenry, Thomas Givun, Ulysses Grunt. - -+ l fyy XVATCH REPAIRING SPECIAL VETERANS MACHINE SHOP I ----.,,, 1 AJ 4' n I l I l l l l 1 L l i VVELDING F 1 The 585 special veterans comprise a significant part ol the college community. These men, r Q though not in the pursuit ol' regular college courses, receive special training in trades designed to i 1 enable them to become small scale entrepreneurs or to work as skilled assistants or laborers. Among 5 the courses offered are automobile mechanics, tailoring, bricklaying, welding, shoe repairing, elec- . . E tricity, sheet metal work, building construction, radio, plumbing, painting, special courses in agri- culture - poultry, animal husbandry, horticulture, larm shop and the like. , ELECTRICITY L L 3 , l n Q r kk 'f'z2'f74aQ113lfKwx B v..QZtL '11 Q l ...I -ai" Q SHEET METAL Courses in bookkeeping, typing, :ind cioinlnereiul mlieteties are also oflerecl to these tnen. Al- though ai major part of their time is spent in the pursuit ol' their trade, speeizll attention is given to the study ol' English and lIl2lll1L'lU2lIlCS. Each veteran is required to receive live hours ol English and IlllllllCIII2lIlCS per week. Aside lil'0ll1 the regular aczuleinie courses, the special veterans engage in extracurriciulur activities on the eznnpus. Many ol' the nien sing in the Veterans Glee Cluh. Others play on their baskethzlll teznn which holds its own in the college intrznniurals. They plan to organize hzlsebzill uncl tennis teznns in the spring. AUTOMOBILE MECHANICS Vwweemyet M MATHEMATICS AUTOMOBILE MECHANICS GO A I B I E RCIAL D IETILTICS 'IIXILORINC1 J. C. CGRBIN HIGH SCHOOL gs gg, l Corbin High School, the loborotory high school of the A. M. ond N. College, ond o port of the college compus, provides both o well-rounded four-yeor ocodemic pro- grom for high school youth of the Stole ofArkor1sos, ond J. C. CORBIN HIGH SCHOOL at the same time furnishes an environment in which the college students, prospective teachers and leaders for the future, gain teaching experience under the guidance of Corbin's efficient staff. THE TRAINING SCHOOL Liv'-"" .S ' "" ,Ali The Campus Training School, an elementary laboratory school including the kindergarten and grades one through eight, is another essential branch of the Division of Education of the college. Fulfilling both the educational and social needs of children at the elementary school level, and serving as a practice center for education majors of the college, the Training School makes a valuable contribution to the college and the community. The staff is alert and dynamic. lt is one which recognizes lull well its two-fold responsibility of providing in- struction for the laboratory grades and supervision of the prospective college graduates. 'Q THE TRAINING SCHOOL First row, left to right: Ora VVilhite, Esther Coppage, jean Fletcher, Marcelline Taylor, julia Ruth Lznnb, Patricia llVlllJ6l'I, Darphene Miles. Second row, left to right: Hlillene Shelton, Alberta Jones, Darjean fXleGl1ee, Elizabeth A1111 Paln1e1', klznnes Faye Alley, Given Scott, llnlllll Jean F1'ee111z111. 1"Ulll7'fll row, left to right: ELlll10llLl Bzu'11ett, Ellzt Hicks, Mary Flecie Lovelace, Jeanette Mazique, Rob- ert Donley. if ...g A NURSERY SCHOOL The A. M. and N. College Nursery School is organized as a part of the Home Economics Division of the college, and serves as a train- ing center in both parental and pre-parental education and gives preparation to students who plan to teach. Its primary objective is to provide an environment which will make available for pre-school children experiences favorable for their fullest development. Sec- ondary to this is the provision of an adequate laboratory for the train- ing of the college students in the best possible educational policies and practices related to child care and training. 01' He wngfqw W gm is g LPC? wi Buclwct C new SPIECI L Dr. Pc-nn, Grzmd iizisilcus ol' CJIIICQII Psi Phi, guest speaker :lt Frzilc-ruity I'wUllllliL'1"S Day cele- brziticm. Mrs. Virgil Caine, Alumni Quccn ISHS :mal licr zitlcnclants pass Liu- Ql'2lHliSI2lI1Ll in I-Iomc- cunning I'zn1':1clc. D ommitlce of Suite Llfgihiilllllf visits thc C QUIIPUS. ACTIVITIES Mrs. Mary McLeod Bcthunc is shown with Dr. Lawrence A. Davis as Harmon Hill, Basileus ol Tau Sigma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, prcscuts hcr with 21 bouquet. President :md Mrs. Davis cn- tcrtain high school principzlls and their wives. Education Club lloztt in Homecoming Parade. 5i 4-.M t 1 ti ring lsurwlluuuuu-un-up 1...- --Wg I no Htifilli 17 Img' 'W I 8 rw' .I Ill l .I J I if af - 'gig gtkimwu I s "' . at law I if ..4f-""" we A .o .1.,s .,., C m 55,5 SPECIAL Lyceum Committee presents Frank lNIannheimer, noted pl- unist in Recital. N A C XV float in Homecom- ing Parade. The Homecoming form- ation by the College Bzmd. M max www Xftswkkwfmw K rx T"inin0' School features CTIVITIES drum Id D mu'or :mal majorcttc 111 Home- J Conung Iestlvmcs. 'ut of thc receiving line as I 2 ' , " " 'lt :md Mrs. Davis enter- I 1CS1dLl tain seniors. s fwl Sufi -:T - 3 L Q 3' I .W 41 M W5 ' r 'awk g 2:32 M 2 33 ' SPECI L lXlrs. Bethune :md other mem- bers ol' Delta Sigma Theta. Dorothy Mziynor and her :ic- compzmist how to 21 well earned arousing applause alter her re- cital in Caldwell Hall, llzinuzlry 16, 1949. Dr. Davis reccives Doctor ol Law Degree ut Lame College. Dr. and Mrs. Jones ol Chicago, special guests of Alpha Phi Al- pha Fraternity. Q1 41.7, Buck stage 1Il'C1J21l'2lliOll for The Litllc Foxes ' Butler serves wine in The Little Foxes mm NIQIANN Ross 1,fl'l'f'fUJ' ,rv CQLLEGIE .CHUIR First row, left to right: Eloise Rogers, Bettye Patterson, Ethel Taylor, Mary L. YVilson, Doretha Johnson, Ruby Ann XVilliams, Louise Lofton, -lakie Sim- mons, Audrey Glenn, Catherine lewel, l-lestiza Evans, Bettye Simpson, Emma -lean Brown, Lillian Hill, Dorothy Parker, Norma -lean XVard, Geraldine O'Neal. Second row, left to right: Gussie Dickey, Grace Jackson, Verdie Childress, Aurelia Elders, Bobbie Jackson, Jane Hayes, Marian NVilliams, Laverne Lofton, Alcan Bell, -Iewel Lofton, Tremilla Blye, Laura -lean jones, Doris Creggett, Ernestine Rowell, -Iacquelyn Price, Anita Nance, Lillie Larkin, Ruby Preston. Third row, left to right: Benjamin Henry, James Martin, Clifford Graham, Vernon Nichols, Nathaniel Stovall, Carl Reeves, Burl Smith, Edward Wfaller, james Evans, Prentie Henry, Louie Terrell, Hobart Cope, james Thomas, james YVashington, L. I-lamptor., Sanford Tollett, Freddie Berth, Merriland Overall, Ariel M. Lovelace. Fourth row, left to right james Bostic, Clarence Fields, Elliot McKinney, X'Villiam Filer, Howard Pledge, Ezra Scoggins, Arnett Gill, Fredrick Evans, Scotty Williarris, Jack Gilbert, Berneil Brown, Harlan Fiddmont, Shelton McGhee. I CHURUS BROADCAST! G -Asn. .- The College Choir, under the direction of Ariel M. Lovelace, who is head ol the Department ol' Music, is one of the outstanding organiza- tions representing the school. Although the choir was organized pri- marily as a choral group to Iurnish music for Vespers, it has developed into one ol. the nlost valuable nieans ol' publicity for the school. lts ac- tivities are no longer restricted to campus programs. It is heard in weekly programs over station K,-XRK. 'l'hroughout the year it travels Qver Arkansas and other states presenting concerts to enthusiastic audi- ences. This year in addition to its usual concert spots. the choir has appeared in Alexandria and New Orleans, Louisiana, and in Laurel, Hattiesburg, and at 'l'ougaloo College in Mississippi. A tour with concerts in St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit is planned for the early spring, The Choir is a non-crediting organization, but students in the music department receive half credit. The niernbers are chosen from persons with choral experience or persons with voices approved by the director. l l l l t l l 1 lf CULLEGE BA .A-Q f ,A lfi rst row. lcft to right: Wright. Blakely. Boone. Davis. Harris. lilclcrs. St-tmitl row. lclt to right: Rvcws. lViIIi1ttnw. Dmis. Rnniscv, Nlfflzill. Isom. Nlllfgklll. .I2lf0lJS. MCSpatltlCn. Nichuls, Hcmlcrsmi. Raoul. 'l hirtl row. It-lt tu right: Uvcrull. llzmgetlielcl. l':ilmcr. llhsliitigtuti, ll'c'hh, Brztcllcy, Gilbert. llolinson, Nirliolsoii. Smith. I'lYlIlilll rmr. lclt ln right: l.iti4lsf'i. lSt't'wstct', l':ilmcr, XY:illct'. Clolcmztli. lletiry, 'l'llOllI1lS, Parks. Birth. livzltis. QQ' , 'ins'- ii -.rf-.. Q A last growing O1'g?llllL2iIl0ll is the college band which pre- sc-nts t01ll'CI'lS to thc public atmually. At prcsctit, it is composed ul' ztppmxitiizttc-ly lilly tncmlycrs. The lllilkifil' Zlllll sc-vcrzll inujor- cttcs hella to mzikc the lmttcl 011C ol' thc most culotlul and cflkfftive 0l'g2lIlllIlIl0llS O11 thc CZIIHIJLIS, In thc lust two ycztrs, thc hzttul has hruuglit much ztttetition to tht- school by lls cotittiicticlztlmlc pc1'lot't1izttit'cs :tt liotitc and ztlmmzul. CHEER LEADERS " 'lf 21337 College Urohestra Front row, left to right: Autrcy B, john- son. Jessie -ltnnes Brzullcy. Second row. left to right: Artis l.. Brewster. U. G. Dalton. Drums - Frank johnson, Piano - Trenton Cooper. The .Xrkunsfts State College "C7nrs of Rhy- thin "" heatletl hy Trenton Cooper. furnish tnusic' for inany college affairs where music is neetlefl, such as stunt progrznns und lootlmll tlantes. Cooper :tml his HCZZITS of Rhythm" may he heard each Tuesday night ill 9:00 o'clock over the KCTIA Broadcasting Station of Pine Bluff. Arkansas. 'W i . I5 t CHAPEL SUNDAY AFTERNOON VESPERS - The weekly worship hour for the entire college community. The Religious Activities Committee administers the vespers through the College Minister and the Director of Music. A formal service is provided by 21 vested choir with its impressive music. The service is conducted in the auditorium, and the attendance is required of students. , l The Reverend George A. Sewell, AB., S.T.B., S.T..M. RELIGIOUS FORUM - Another volunteer student organization which affords quiet restful meditation. Planned worship is fixed in setting to revere the great hymns of the church and to evoke discussions on the veritable truths of life. The non-sectarian and non-theological talks are informative and help- ful. The meeting is held Thursday at 7 p. m. in the lounge of one of the dormitories. L -.-. L. 1 STUDE T GQVERIXIIIXIG BODY XV11.I.lr3 Tnoxnfsow President The Student Congress is the official student government recognized by the administration. lt holds mem- bership in the United States National Student Association. The purpose of the organization is to provide a channel for student participation in college allairsg to pro- mote understanding between administration, students and lacultyg to provide ll medium through which affili- ation with other organizations can be establishedg to stimulate student interest in college problems and to enable the students to exercise self-government through the democratic processes. First row, left to right: Willialwl Feaster, Victor Starlard, Grace Jackson, XfVillie Thompson, Velma VVilliam- son, Powdley White. ' Second row, left to right: Guy L. Darnell, Advisorg Lillie Paschal, -Iames VVashington, Thomas Smith. ' DEBATI G SOCIETY Sitting, lelt to right: Victor Starlard, Louise Tucker, Herschel Alcorn, Minnie Herron, Samuel Kountz. Standing, left to right: llobby Daniels, Pauline Perkins, XVillie Filer, James jones, Charles Billierry, Harvey Felcler, Milton Mapp. Debating is a significant feature of the .X Nl K N College program. The college is witlely known throughout the South- west for its consistently winning' clehate teams. Intramural antl intercollegiate contests are helcl throughout the school year. 'l'he lfreslnnan-Sopltomore llehate takes place annually the encl ol' the tall quarter. .Xll hona fitle freshmen anal sopho- ntores who hate hatl no experience in inter-collegiate clehate. are eligible for the teams. .X beautiful sllter loving eup is awartlccl each year to the winning team. In N37 and IQFSS it was won hy the freshmen. 'lhe sopltontores won it in 1939. Dual tlehates are arratzgetl with colleges throughout the Southwest. Nlenthers ol' the course in .Xrgtnnentation are eligihle for participation in the tleliate squads. BtsMARK NVILLIAMS, Geokotg loxus Coaclzes r l THE LIO EARL Nnrsox CIIANAY .,.. , . . Editor x'VlLl.lAlX'IS N. TAI,lSPIR'1' Busz'ness Mmmger H. BICRNI-Q'l"l'1-Q Youxo . . Sponsor NVe, the staff and sponsor of the 1949 Lion, are desirous that this yearbook will please you in every respect. It represents nlany hours ol' work which we have devoted in an effort to produce a publication which would represent the college and would meet your approval. Our success has depended largely upon the extent and kind of cooperation which we have received lronl the etire college community, especially in the task ol securing photographs. XVe are very grateful to our president, Dr. Lawrence A. Davis, whose generosity has made the book possible linancially. His words ol' encouragement have been a constant source of inspiration. STAFF Left to right Qtable lj: Chanay, -Iohnson, Gillard, Gillard, Morgan, Lamb, Henry, McGraw. Table 2: Young, Mcllree, Paschal, Glasco, Talbert. .4 ' yy . L f 'ns as A rv. Am, W ms x wg. 1. - ,- M 1 ... ARNOLD fllLl.ARD CLOVICPZ KIAQKSQN INLZ HENRY LILLI1-A PASCHAL IRMA LAMB Top Raw I ASSOCIATE EDITORS 4 A rt Ci1'c'11Iatimz CI'TC'1lI1l1Z'OI1 Serreln ry A4711 71 agi ng 1311110111 lion' HIOSICPIJ AIu.1.1cR f1dTff7l'lI'.S'flIg Aflflllllgffl X'VlI,1,ni A. XAICCREIAI pis.wfiaie lidilm IRMA GIAASLIIJ L1-:Aman XVI-ll'l'li IRMA JI-IAN fQILlAARlJ 1'4!?!ll'lH'6 lidilrn Sports lidilor EXFIIKIIIQF lfdiirn' pf - Q sux: 5 Q The Arkansawyer is published by the college and is under the general supervision of a faculty connnittee. lt is edited by a staff coin- posed of students, and is given over to student opinion and toinatters of general interest to alumni and friends of the college. ARKANSAWYER STAFF james Cowan Zenobia Fletcher joseph Hale Arnett Harris Inez Henry Lester Hopkins Samuel Kountz Eddie Mays Sara Rhinehart XVillie Thompson I v 7 , ,,, O ARKANSAVVYER VVILLII-1 A. Mc:CREE HENRY F. YVINSLOW Editor Adviser STAFF AT WORK Left to right: Pauline Perkins, Elizabeth Hlilliams, Milton Mapp, Mable McCray, Zenobia Fletcher, Willie Thompson, Samuel Kountz, Arnett Harris, Ledelle Morehead, Sara Rhinehart, Inez Henry. Standing, left to right: Y'Villie McCree, Eddie Mays, Lester Hopkins, Joseph Hale. L i?3W?Z2g2 is Q I Q CAMPUS LIFE s. FRED BALENTON Tnrkle ACIE -IOHNSON Tafkle HAROLD COXVAN fQI1l1H1 JAMES DAVIS Center 2. 1-1 7 THEODORE JOHNSON -4. if 'Q' 5 , A Bark MORRIS BYRD Hawk FRANK BRITTO Bark THOMAS GIVAN liark --1 x Q3 A A b Eiga ' 1, y M ,. M .f x J 5 ,. :.: -V rg SSS I can nr'- LESTER C. ROSS End XVI-IITAKER ALLEN Bark JAMES BERRYMAN End EARL HARRIS JOE XVILLIE BRADLEY Guard Bark MAURICE XVILLIAMS Bark JAMES PERRY Bark ROBERT CUMBIINGS Bark MICHAEL ANKIOS Bark FERIJIE XVILICY 151111 ROY XVALKFR 121111111 TI-IEOPOLIS BIENFORD Trzrkle FRKIJDIIL CANNON End I , y 1 EW? JOHN "BOODY" XVATSON H I1 ck EARL SELLS End if f Y 11 i 1 2 I IIIQRIEIQRT HARRIS ffllflffl C1El.EV1i HGRILXI' LAKES" GRIC1i Center JOHN XVILHON Gzmrrl SAM 'ADRI-LD" SCOTT Trzrlflff Bob CllllIlllllllgS and Cleo Lcc, Co-ctuptains of HHS football are shown l'CllIlqlllSlllIlg their titles to john XVilson and Frank Britto. 1 . . . .' 1 , W.. ' exrzs In eve - 4rI'anm9 Stiff v F C Hb l l i V l Z LLL l""' HUBILRT Cl.liM MONS ffuplflizz BASKETBALL ARKANSAS STATES 1949 CAGERS - Pictured above is Roland Bernard's Arkansas State basketball squad lor I949. Left to right, kneeling: Buddy Allen, Director of Athleticsg Howell Green, Coach Bernard. Standing: Lawrence Givens, North Little Rockg Michael Anjos, Port Chester, N. Y., Waclie Johnson, St. Louis, Missouri, Robert Rainey, Eu- dora, Joe Hale, Prescott, Thomas Loudd, Norphletg Fred Gipson, North Little Rockg Ferdie VViley, Du- niasg John YVilson, Los Angeles, Californiag Cap- tain Hubert Clemnions, Alniyra. Included in their shedule are: Philander Smith, Texas College, Le- Moyne, Grambling, Langston, Southern, Prairie View, Texas State, Lincoln fMissourij , Bishop, Sain Houston, Wliley, Tennessee State. Arkansas Stale vs. Philandei Smith The Cagers have just completed the following schedule: January january january January Jun uary Ja n u ary 4 17 C71 22 28 29 AT HOM E Helena WVarhawks , ,,,,,,t, WW Philander Smith College 2.f, W, Wfiley College ---..,,,,,, NViley College Who, Sam Huston College get Sam Huston College no February 7-Lemoyne College ,mt February ll-Bishop College , WW YVon ,Won Won ,Lost M7011 Won VVon Lost February 12-Bishop College .UW ,,,, Lost February 21-Grambling College W, WVon March -1 - Tennessee State College W -v,,,Lost ANVAY January I4-Texas College ..,,, WW, ,,,,,,,Lost January 15-Texas College -WH , ,,,, eeeo L ost January I9-Philander Smith College Y'Von january 25-Tennessee State College , ,A ,,,,,Lost january 27-Lernoyne College e, WW X'Von January 31-Grambling College M., ,t,,,,Lost February 4-Langston University -W ,,,,Lost February 5-Langston University ,-- o,,,eLost February l8fSouthern University oe- ,,,, Lost February 19-Southern University V- o,,, Lost February 25-Prairie View College --- We Lost h A Arkansas State vs. Southern University rv Arkansas State YS. Langston University LADIES' ATHLETICS At A M 8: N College, women are outstanding in the following sports: basketball, baseball, tennis, and track. Unfortunately pictures of WVOIl1Cl'1,S athletics are not available for this publication. 1' l MJ TRACK , iff-- EDDIE MCDONALD CLARENCE CARLTON ix A greater track season than usual is anticipated this year. Six meets have been planned for the team. Members of the team last year, some of whom are pictured here, participated in five meets highlighted by the Tuskegee Relays in which some of the nation's foremost college athletes competed. EDDIE MCDONALD COACH LANVSON cd Campus Life - 4 4 41 1' ,, I TRAMURALS FRESHMAN TEAM First row, left to right: liuehannan, XVofford, Divers, Gilbert, Filer, Dalton Blullord, Dalton, Overall. Second row, left to right: Nicholson, Parks, Dunne, O'Neal, Porter, Stewart Wliite, Booker, Edwards, Hill, Wlaller, Birth. Third row, left to right: Banks, Rogers, Brooks, Hill, Goldman, Vllillianis Oakley, Henry, -Iones, McMutury. Coaches: Grant, NVilson. Trainers: Nicholson, Birth, Overall. f fzfmayaiomf EDUCATION CLUB '-"- '- Q Q if ...fs if rw yt , .ff 1, .., f-- -M - . , , . .. . y. I A, ,F-W 91 First row, lelt to right: Sue Marian Williams, Dora Greenlrerry, ll. XV. Dawson, Director ol Division ol' Edueatioug Mrs. K. Pierre, Sponsorg Sedera XVilliau1s, .Xnn Dodson, Betty Nlcllaniels. A Second row, lelt to right: Bessie Thuston, Adelaide Ciulley, Nlarie Harris, Ednarine Bryant, Claudia Hayes, Ella Hunley, Laura Llhanay, Ollie Reynolds, lirnestine Whiteside. ' Third row, lelit to right: Charles Hfatson, Silver Lee Holmes, limina K. Cones, Levi Sutton, Roberta Nlosely, E. Clochrou Hill, Maude E. Virgil, Lela Meadows. Fourth row, lelt to right: .Xnnie Edwards, Rudolph Green, Ollie Barron. XVHHCI' Greenherrv. The Education Club, comprising' students ol' the Division ol' lidueation and voluntary students ol other divisions ol the college, is one ol the oldest and most active ctluhs on the campus. lts purpose is to acquaint the prospective teachers with the ethies ol' the teaching profession. The eluh ollers annually an award to the nieniber with the highest. scholastic average, and best record ol' general conduct. Nlore than tweutv niernhers oli the tluh are charter tuenilrers ol the Lawience A. Davis Chapter ol' the Future Tezuliers ol Anieriea. 'T SOCIOLOGY CLUB mg'- First row, left to right: Brown, Elders, Palmer, Moran, Stewart, Daniels, Carrol. Second row, left tb right: Arinstrong, Riggins, Smith, Bruce, XVl1ite, lVzllke1', Kirby, Mullins, Elliott, lVatts. Tliircl row, left to right: Clavilit-hs, Nichols, -lones, O'Nez1l, Prior, FCIOQIISUH, lllillianus. Fourth row, left to right: Dr. Anglin, Nlflntosll, 'I'atun1, lVilliznn5, XVilson, Candle, johnson, llloods. The oldjeftiws of this 01'g2lllll2lllOll are to lllfllill extensive studies of rnrzsl :incl gelierztl sociology tlnongli 1'esez11'c'l1: to zticl the stnclent in the clc'x't-lupment ul skills :incl tecliniqnc-s for crmnilmnting to our knowledge of lnnnzin beliztvior, and for l'C'CXlilllllllIlg kiluwletlge ol that lJL'll2lVlUIi. i O, A RO H CLUB I ..A, W... Q W I .N ,....' r First row, lelt to right: Sadye P. Appleby, Dorothy Bruce, Ofrt-da Coleman, Aluanita -Iellerson, Virgie Claywood, W'illie XVhitmore, Eula Wlilkes, Mrs. A. YV. Robinson. Second row, left to right: Clothilda Miller, Clara Lewis, Cassana Rolfe, Mae Ella Lewis, Pauline Candle, Alosephine Cole. Third row, lelt to right: Vera Hill, Doris Langston, Rf-betta XVebb, Louise Mathis, Thelma XValker, Mary Banks, Margaret Smith, Bobbie jackson. Fourth row, left to right: Eleanor XValker, Velma XVilliamson, Ocie Ola Nolen, Ophelia Tatum, Faye W7illian1s, Thelma' Davis, VVanda Davis, Imogene Moore, Louise Austin, Le Eunice Robinson, Hazel T. Turrentine. , The R.O.I-I. Club QRoyal Order ol Home liehoesj is an organization of majors in Home Economies. It is both a soeial and an art club providing op- portunity for the development and expression of various culinary and de- signing skills along with wholesome social activity. Satlye I'. Appleby Mrs. Alive Robinson C0-Sjlonsors L Lt I MECHANIC ARTS CLUB ar- lfirst row, left to right: Martin, Seawood, YVillis, Mefireggor, LaFlorz1 Rhodes, Porchiu, Riley, lfVesson, Coleman, Jones, Tony, Puryear, Curry. Second row, left to right: Billingsly, Shumzrte, Miller, Jackson, Jones Piggee, Green, Cray, Piggee, Lowery, Hampton, Mangrurn, lXlz1rshall. Third row, left to right: VVatson, Blood,'Hollis, Mitchell, Henry, McDon ald, YVushington, Thomas, Means, Ingram, Piggee, VVaddy, Montague. Fourth row, left to right: Cooksey, Maxwell, Pelton, Hill, Jackson, Hfright Coleman, VVesson, Brantley, lfVllll21lllS, Morehead, Kilpatrick, Henry, VVillaims Molette. Clyde Toney R. President T .E 1- NFA iillqnmm ffm' MW' ,l,'g , , Vilma . . gillllnannpm !,j1 Kslllspuw ' Emlllali Ni J at... mf fi Qi "'f2f Left to right: Slater, Taylor, Johnson, XVhite, XVhite, Miller, Green, Ham- ! mons, Gamble, Thompson, Feaster, Reid, Lee. 9 l . . . . l The collegiate chapter ol the New Farmers ol America, commonly known l , . . . . . . . . . 1 as N Ii A, IS designed primarily lor training prospective teacllers of vocational 2 agriculture in their duties as local advisers ol' the organization. Chapters may f he established only in institutions officially approved by the U. S. Office of Education for training ol' teachers ol' vocational agriculture. A. G. Kirhy Ruel B. Green Adviser President l l L.- L BUSINESS CLUB Leo Roscoe Boler, Luke Stewart, Ovurnc-s Doss, Dorothy Goodwin, Thomas Grayson, Irene Harris, Raleigh Hill. Donald tleflcrson, Robert Mcfimw, Evelyn Ruth Pettis, Gloria Sanders, Elsie Simmons, Burl Lee Smith, Clarutha Smith. ' Ruby Lee Smith, XVillie T. NVade, Fulton Hfalker, Sam Hiilliams, Jr., Scotty James X'VllllZll1lS, Rosroe XV:u'd, Mary Louise XVilson. The Business Club provides an excellent opportunity for students who are majoring in Economics and Business Administration to gain valuable experience in business practice. H. B. Young G. I.. Darnell Co-Sjmnsrnzt 9 L .4 b YMCA - YWCA """Tf' 'Q' john L. YVilson Sjmnsor Student Christian Association - VVhere theory and' practice meet. The HY" groups of the campus meet weekly at an appointed place and time. In- spiring worsliip, good discussion plus wholesome recreation - folk dancing, games, song fests, with occasional light refreshments - make up the weekly meetings. The group has a competent director of recreation and is under the sponsorship of a veteran worker who has years of experience in the "Y" move- HICHIQ. Emmett Morgan President K e .4 THE "A" CLUB . y fi M yn X M www W' . -H+ , First row. left to right: Arnold Gillard, U. S. Grant, Frank Britto, Priscilla XVashington Earl Harris, Sammy Banks. Cleo Lee. y Second row, left to right: jimmie Dansby, Fred Gipson, Andrew Beavers, Fred Balenton, Sam Scott, Earl Sells, Burgess Lawson. Third row. left to right: Robert Cummings, Lee Allen Torrence, Madison Robinson, Hubert Clemmons, Freddie WViley, joseph Hale, john XVatson. The "A" Club is composed ol college athletes who have earned a letter in inter-collegiate competition. These awards are given as a result ol having spent a required-amount of time participating in one or more ol' the intercollegiate sports. The is worn proudly by each member who has received it as a token granted by the institution for his service. lfred Balenton Madison Robinson Presirlent Arlzfzsel r W 7 J EY i I 1 i v i l V l V l CURRENT EVENTS CLUB First row, left to right: Viraline .I0ilI1SOl1i Inez Henry, Burl Smith, Mildred Malone, Thomas Brunson, Katie Freeman, F. C. Bell,'Sherman Baker, lane Porter, Clovice jackson, james Thompkins, Ivillie McCree, Odessa Bolden, R. F. Russell fstandingj. Back row, left to right: Herbert Porter, james Fiddmont. The Current Events Club at A. M. 8: N. College meets weekly on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30. The first part of the period is devoted to informal discussions on current pared talks which are though history majors the club, membership addition, the public is Clovice Jackson Thomas Brunson Viraline johnson Mildred Malone VVillie lXIcCree Inez Henry . james Fiddmont topics: the latter part of the program is devoted to pre- made by students, co-sponsors, and guest speakers. Al- and minors are encouraged to affiliate themselves with is open to other citizens of the college community. In invited to audit discussions. OFFICERS . President Vice-President . Secretary Assistant Secretary . . . Treasurer Chairman of Program Committee . , , . . . Chaplain CO-SPONSORS xl. A. Porter F. C. Bell R. F. Russell A .31 'fd SUNDAY SCHOOL The John Brown Watson Sunday School is a living memorial to the late President of the college. This is a volunteer organization with both sponsor and superintendent selected from the student body. Officers and student teachers are elected by the Sunday School. The best nonssectarian literature available is secured for class use. The school meets on Sunday at 9:00 a. nl. in the Caldwell Hall Auditorium. Current problems in religious and social living are studied in the light of modern biblical interpretation. ' f k an -4 KAMERA KLUB Left to right: Middleton, johnson, Rowell, Bynum, james, Barr, Compton, Harris, Bynum, Kennedy, Burehett. The Kzunera Klub provides 21 channel through which students may develop an appreciation for photography and :tt the same time record for themselves niuny interesting college experiences by means of pictures. Lindberg Kennedy Rufus I.. Caine President SIIUVISUI' SCIENCE CLUB V x W .v -'-v in t - -E i , Q V iw .Q . in First row, lcft to right: B. Johnson, Alolmnic Bynum, Curtis lhxrclictt, Sadyc -Izumrn, Erincstiuc Rowell, Zclmzi Barr, Irma Glusco, Fred Balcuton, lorry COIIIPLOII, ,Xbitlizl Bynum. Second row, left to right: Manuel McBctl1, john Middleton, James Davis, Herbert Wfliitc, Berry Dzlngciliclcl, Lindberg Kcnncdy, lirncst Harris. I'n'.xirlf'11t V 1 C0-S'j1m1,s'm.s Ifrcd Bulenton Cllx dc Otev CZ. ia. Hyl P A ALPHA KAPPA MU HONOR SOCIETY First row, left to right: l'Villie Thompson, Odessa Holden, W'alter More- head, Viraline johnson, Learrie l'Vhite. Second row, left to right: Dr. G. E. Loder, Vivian Hranton, Irma Gillard, Clovice jackson, Virginia liurks, lirnestine Givan. Pictures Missing: Grace jackson, Trenton Cooper, Eddie Sells, Fred Halen- ton. The purpose of the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society is to promote high scholarship: to encourage sincere and zealous endeavor in all fields of l-:noivleclge and serviceg to cultivate a high order of personal living: and to develop an ap- preciation for scholarly endeavor in others. To be eligible for active membership in the Alpha Beta Tau Chapter of the Al ha Kazaa Mu Honor Soeiet at A M 8: N Collele a student niust be a P l I Y 5 junior or senior of good standing with a grade point average of 2.3 or above. V' 1 ,, The purpose of the pledge club is to stimulate the student to maintain a "HH or above average while in his Fresluuan and Sophomore yearsg and to promote the higher ideas of scholarly endeavors. To be eligible for active membership in the Hopette Club, a student must be registered and in good Standing in the college. He must be ol Sophomore elassil'ia'ation and must have a grade point aver- age ol' 2.55 or above. HOPETTE PLEDGE CLUB 'HM1lqsupQ W KNEW? lfirst row, left to right: Victor Starlard, cllfllll S'lIlClClS Second row, lelt to right: Lee .Xllen Toiitntt Bobbx Daniels IQOSIL Manuel, Verlie BI. Armstrong. ALPHA KAPPA MU ON I"ROB.YI'lON, left to right: Grace Jackson, IILIHOII Loopti XV1ltt1 Xloic head, Odessa Holden, Fred Baleuton, Virginia Burks, Viraliue johnson, Clovife ukson 1 P lf 7" .GRADUATE FACULTY MEMBERS ALPHA KAPPA MU HONOR SOCIE"Y G. E. Loder, H. B. Young, S. P. Appleby, C. A. Christophe. Rufus L. Caine, Mrs. Willie Clark, Mrs. Rennette Doggett, Willie B Thomas, George J. Jones. Pictures Missing: Dr. Lawrence A. Davis, Sarah Harper, Tolbert VVoods Cleo L. Bentley, Mrs. Faustine jones, Mrs. Rosella Barclley. L 1 qrywa ,J,,,. PAN - HELLENIC COUNCIL :- - '- . ,. .Q ' 911 rn 11 Q22 2 1 ,Sis , -2 , hs- whzwin wi , 1654 df' lfirst row, lelt to right: Susie Howard, Sanford Toilette, Hestizu lLlV2lllS, Clorine D. lxlilylllllf, sponsor. 1 Second row, lelit to right: Harold Haskins, Harmon Hill, XVilli21111 l'iC2lSlCl'. Third row, lelt to right: Oth21 Biddle, Berniel Brown. Tl1e .X Nl QQ N College chapter of the N21tio1121l P2111-HCllCllliP fiillll 1eil was o1'g2111ize1l o11 this e21111p11s chiring tl1e school year 1947-18. The l'll2llJlCl' is C0lIlIDOSCll ol two represe11t21tix'es iI'0lll each of tl1e lour Greek letter Olgkllll- 121tio11s, 11211111-ly: Sigma ciillllllld Rho Sorority, Alpha Phi Alpha F1'21te1'11ity, Pl1i l5et21 Sig11121 Fr21ter11ity, 211111 the Omega Psi Phi Frztternity. The P2111- Hellenie clflllllfll h21s 21s its I1I2lAiO1' purpose the 1111ific21tio11 of all Greek lefier Ol'g2lIlll2lllOllS i11 il C0IlCCIAICll ellort to promote the principles of ClCIllO!iI'2iCy 211111 to il1Sl1l'C i'l'fTC?LlOIIl and justice for all people. 'A' - I -4 ALPHA PHI ALPHA Q . A.P. W , . A 'AP' f -V i' .... . 5 1 '- .... "" . i -JPQ -P 1 PA a P tl First row, lelt to ri fl t: C 1 Quest, XVebb, Harris, Feaster, Vaughn, Reed. 3 s Seeond row, lelt to right: Thompson, Coleman, Kennedy, Starlard, X'Vhite, Tollette. Third row, left to right: llarris, Terry, -johnson, Simms, Ifiritto, XVhite, l Miller. Fourth row, lelt to right: Harris, XVillis, Gillard, Lee, Burns, Green, McCall. Alpha Phi Alpha, a national fraternity, is the oldest ol' Negro fraternities, having been founded at Cornell University in 1906 by a group of young men who believed in scholarship and "closer contacts among them- selves." On March 25, ISHS, this new fraternal spirit came to the eampus ol' Arkansas A. Nl. and N. College with the establishment ol the Gamma Delta Chapter. Since that time the lraterntiy, realizing' that the college ae- tivities and responsibilities do not rest completely upon the ,Xdministration and faculty, but on the reliable Character ol' its students, has participated extensively in eampus activities. ln an ellort to stimulate high scholastic attainment, each year the lraternity awards a 350.00 scholarship to a high ranking' young man whose conduct warrants such consideration. OFFICERS President . , XVillie CI. Guest l'arliamentarian . Nathaniel Sims Vice President , Murrel CL. Burns Chaplain . . . , Celeve Griee Recording' Secretary Victor Starlard Assistant liclitor to Sphinx 'l'ommie Nlellall Corresponding Secretary . lirnest Harris Sgt.-At-Arnrs , i Lee .Xllen Torrenee Financial Secretary . Joseph L. Kennedy Assistant Dean ol' Pledgees Harry D. l'Villis Treasurer . . Thomas Vaughn Programs . Dean ol' Pledgees L . Aeie Johnson Powdley Wfhi te i ALPHAS ON PROBATIGN Having "crossed the burning szmdsn into Alpluulom, these neophyte bmtli- ers of fillllllllil Delta Cil2lIJICl' of Alplizt I'l1i Alpha, iXl'k2ll1S2lS State College, Pine Bluff, fXl'kLl1lSllS, strike 21 neat pose lol' the eztnlerzulizul. Left to right: Victor D. Stu1'lz11'd, Muriel C. Burns, Eddie Mc'Donzl1d, Fred D. COiL'Illllll, Ernest Hzlrris, -joseph L. Kennedy, Nzatllzuiiel Sims, and Powdley W. Wllitcr. '2 ' OMEGA PSI PHI X lfirst row, lelt lo right: fillylflfll, lVilliz1111s, l"lZ1llllllOI1S, Tallmert, li2llt'lll0Il Hill. Second row, left to right: Hz1r1'i11gto11, Moore, D2lI1gCI'l'lC?lil, Nlcflree, Mays Baskin, Bostie, Bradley. 'I'l1i1'cl row, left to right: Pitts, Davis, XValke1', Mollete, Smith, Sells, Jones Hale, l'ICllllCl'S0l1, liclwzirds. Tau Sigma Cl12llJlC1x of Omegzi l'si Phi F1'z1te1'11ity was orgzmnizecl on the 172111111115 ol' Llie A. M. llllll N. College in 19113, being the l'i1'st ol' the Greeks to estz1l1lisl1 il cl1z1p1e1'. 'l'l1e l'1'z1te1'11ity l1:1s gl'UWl1 l'1'o111 11i11e Cll2ll'ICl' lllCllllJC1'S to ll preseni lllCllllJCI'SlllI7 ol' forty. NEW MEMBERS E x ,, , ., , Left to right: Cowan, Hopkins, McGee, Cowan, Henry, Bilberry, Walker Daniels, Bardley, Ferguson, Jones. V -r l r F I l w U - SIGMA GAMMA RI-IO Alternating, left to right: Ernestine Griee Givan, Arvene Reed, Vivian Bran- ton, Marion Brooks, Claudia Hayes, Reba NVard, M. Louise Austin, Irma Gillard, Dorothy Bruce, Zelma Barr, Bettye R. Simpson, Ruth H. MeKillion, Hestiza Evans, Susie M. Howard, Lillie M. Paschal. ' Alpha Chi Chapter Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, the youngest National Col- legiate Sorority, and the lirst Sorority at A. M. Xa N. College, was established June, 1945 by the Grand-Syntakes, with the following sorors as charter members: Jewell Burrage, Rachel johnson, Geraldine NVilson, Marjorie Kirby and Norma Powell. Since then, many ol Arkansas States finest young women have crossed the Sigma sands and are now holding distinguished positions in many lields. XVith the motto "Greater Service, Greater Progress," the following are still carrying on: Basileus . Anti-Basileus Grammateus . Ant ifCrammateus Tamioehus . Epistoleus . Dean ol Pledgees . lirnestine C. Givan Vivian Filer Brunton . Susie Mae lloward . Hestiza Ruth Evans Marion D. Brooks Harris . lrnia jean Cillard Lillie Mae Paschal S 1 SIGMA GAMMA RHO INTEREST CLUB il 1 f 1,:1 .E.,.f,,.E:'E Q ,P ,lf A' Sitting, left to right: Louise Lofton, Mae Girtha XVillia1ns, Ann Dodson, Rosetta Nelson, Acie B. Meekins, Orene Kirby. Standing, left to right: Jeanette Adams, Charles Minor, Valdora Thomp- son, Rose M. McSpadden, Mattie Sue Ross, Glynn Barr, Doris Tate, Lillian Hill. -3 N ,ol-4, -. J l w PHI BETA SIGMA First row, left to right: Redus, Brown. Second row, left to right: Ramos, Dalton, Riley, Gamble, Palmer. Third row, left to right: Piggee, Biddle, NVilliams, Scoggins. Fourth row, left to right: Parker, Nichols, Mitchell, Morehead. Fifth row, left to right: Cooper, Brewster, Boler, lsom, XVilliarns, Morgan. The Beta Theta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was established on the A M Rc N College campus during the summer of 1947. Charter members were VValter N. Moorehead, President, Trenton Cooper, Vice President and Dean of Pledges, John lsom, Secretary, John R. Turrentine, Corresponding Sec- retary, James E. Washington, Treasurer, lizra Scoggins, Reporterg Z. Smith, Historian, Berneil Brown, Parliamentariang Chester Young, Chaplain: Andrew Piggee, Sergeant-at-Arms: james R. Raymond, Assistant Dean ol' Pledges: and Scotty James Williams. The Business Manager was Frederick Ransom, a transfer member from Xavier University. The fraternity observes Education Week, Bigger and Better Business Week, and George Washington Carver Day. The ideals of the fraternity are "Scholarship, Service and Brotherhood." W ... . ALUMNI ASSOCIATION !'Alma Maier, we love thee: we love thee, dem' mother, And all that we have, we cas! down at thy feelf' Evidences of the love and devotion of the alumni can be seen in the following pages. Although graduates and former students find themselves in various parts of the United States, there are traces of this love manifested through the organization of a chapter of the alumni association wherever sufficient numbers congregate. Chapters of the association extend from Los Angeles to Detroit. Other out of state chapters are found in Chicago and Saint Louis. Local chapters are active in the following cities: Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Camden, El Dorado, Prescott, Wynne, Helena, Cotton Plant, and Arkadelphia. The staff and sponsor of the yearbook wish to thank the various chapters for their splendid cooperation in sending pictures lor this publi- cation. It is regretable that the l949 Lion must go to press without pic- tures of the Detroit and Helena chapters. YV. B. CYBRYANT i President V. O. WVHITI-1 Vice-Presiderit Mas. ELLA MCPH1-1RsoN . lf6L'UI'Cll'llg Secretary O. R. HOLIDAX' . . Vice-President 'W1LL11fg B. THOINIAS . . Treasurer MRS. V. B. MCHENIU '.,. Executive Secretary Mas. NAOMI GE'1"l'lS . . Pianist Rev. M. BRANTLFY . , , , Clzaplain CHAPTER PRESIDENTS A. C. Crater Mrs. 'lihelina Currie Nina L. Atkinson Xlrs. .Xnnie B. Yerger Louis ll. Coggs, XI. ll. Camden Chapter Wynne Chapter Member Arkadelphia Hope Chapter Chicago Chapter Chapter I L J 2 by-af X55 5N.,"'Wm-Q ,...'. fn E ALUMNI ASSOCIATION MRS. VIRGIL CAINE Queen of Alzmmi ALUMNI ASSOCIATION COURT n. V, . xx iv? .I 1-ms'-eg, .gn :- .IM , ,:q"!Tf,:z T4 .1 ' Q Q Q ."f-sbfrgk " ILQ. ' 'v ii!! ' 3 ' . axgfpgihvt .'. fvax 0. in In ' "' ,ffl .1 .3 ,tp asa uh- . 1QRN1is'1'lN1i LONG Niks. :XLICR HPSSTPIR NIRs. NIAkf:,xlui'l' Boom Lillie Rock Clmpler Hope-Prescott Chapter Pine Bluff Chapter -- ,T-iii.-Y HOPE CHAPTER ALUMNI ff .-an-.1 l'iOI,l0lll row, left to right: Mrs. Florine Frida, G. XVIIIIZIIIISOII, Mrs. Velnur R. Frye. Seated, IeI't to right: Mrs.. Carolyn Brown, Mrs. linnnzi Smilooper, Mrs. liztrselie Harris, I. XV. Ilzurris, N. M. Brown, Freezell Calvin, Mrs. Fannie Buchanan, .Iinnnie M. llones, H. H. Brooks, Qlerzilcline XQViIson. Stz1ncIing, left to right: VV. li. Miller, F. li. Smith, Mrs. Annie Bell Yerger, Mrs. Ruth L. Andrews, How- ard Hienthnzrn, Mrs. Georgie L. Yerger, Mrs. Minnie L. Harris, Mrs. Willitf K. Mitchell, lluanitzi Logan, Mrs. Ethel Hillell, Mrs. Evelyn VViIliz1n1so11, Mrs. Louise Yerger, Mrs. flllflllll XfViIliz1n1son. CAMDEN CHAPTER ALUMNI Stilllillllg, lelt to right: Andrew Carter, Zin 'AlCRIlC, Dr. Sylves- tere Bennett, Love, A. C. Cru- ter. Seated, left to right: Mes- clznnes Cleo Crater, Mary Dun- ning, Louise johnson,.Clzuulia Williams. ARKADELPHIA CHAPTER ALUMNI SL-zilccl, It'Il to right: Hrs. NI. I. Ililclrclli, Nlrs. N. L. .Xtkinson, Nlis. Lillic Rulli Hill, Mrs. Clllristim Slicpllcicl, Hrs. S. .X. llrziggs, Mis, .X. ll. Lrlmy, Mrs. Nl. A. IViley. I Slzimling, lclt to right: L. hlzlcksoll, Klrs. N. IV. Iziclisoli, Nlrs. Daisy Ross, Mis. C. KIOIICS, R. L. -Ioucs, Nlrs. S. C. Xllillizmls, C. ,X. Nliiior, Mis. S, L. Helm, Hcnry llclm. ST. LOUIS CHAPTER ALUMNI Left to right, sczitccl: Xlrs. Shirley Nlzlc cll2l1'li-fil'L'CIiQ Nlrs. lirncstimr rlilllllfll, '1il'CLlSlll'C1'Q Lconziril C. Davis, l,1'CSllIL'lII.Q Mrs. Mznrccllu -Ioucs Glcusun, SCl'l'CI2lI'yQ Mis. Lclclic- Xlzic- ,Xl- Ilicimcl' Nzllicc. Lcfl to right, slzmcling: 'flavo- clorc liclwzircls, liclwziixl Ray- mond Nlcckings, -Illllll Atkins, Tliriicr .Xclaiiy XVz1lu-1' Nanci Rcportcrg zuicl cliilclrcii ol' Mis lirncstinc Tlizilcli. I. LGS ANGELES CHAPTER ALUMNI I-'ronl row. lcll to right: Nlrs. Cicurgc ,XIIc'1. .Xssislanl Scfrvlary: Nlrs. .lcssic l.. laylurg Xlrs. l,urlyn ll. Pero, Scfrc-tary: Nlrs. .XIx'i11 'llimnpsnng Nlrs. Rohcrt Wynn: CT. l.. l.alimm'c. I'Iiotograplicrg Mrs. Nlaxinc ll. Walkcr. Bark row. lclt to right: lfrvtl XX'iIIis: liczwgt' .Xllcnz XYaIIac'c Slvgall. Business Nlanagcrg Rohcrt XYrnn. Yiw- Prcsiclcntg Roy XYiIIiams. 'lin-:1sl1i'L'l': .Xlxin 'I hnmpsnng .jcssic l.. 'l'aylor, I'rcsitIcntg -lamcs .Xllcng l3Cl'Il'2lll4l Stag- gcfrs: lfrank Claylmig liniory Coats: john I'cru. Other lllClllI5L'l'S not prt'sL'nt: Nlrs. .Xtlalic XY. Slvgill. lfrs. lfannic Stcxcliwll. Nlrs. janics Allen, Nlrs. l,alli- morc. Hrs. Roy Williams, xl. ll. .Xllt-n, jnhnnic Slcxcnsnn. Luo llicks. lchiatlah Walker. LITTLE ROCK CHAPTER ALUMNI 2 t I Front row. lcft to right: Lois lrscm. Nlrs. V. B. Bryant. Ycrclia Rat: Crump. Xlrs. 'I. Clfmper. Nlrs. Gulcna -I. Crump. Scorc- l2ll'Y, 'lrnpictlo Crump, jr.. Hrs. lilhcl NI. Douglas. .lunc Rencc Belton, 'l. Roy Iictton. jr., Il. Roy licllun. Sr.. Yin:-I'rcsicIe11t. Mrk. Loraine Smith. Vicki Lynn Smith. lirncsline Lung. Nlaxinc XIOIIIS. Myra Snc NIttSwain. Mrs. Bernice l.. NICSWZIIII. Mrs. l.UllIl1C 1.. jones. .Xss'l Scc"r. and Nlrs. Bertha S. llroinpson. Standing. left to right: Otis Faison. lrenc Coggs. j. ll. Nll'SMlllIl. Alolnmic 'I yson, l'. S. llarris. Lois Roles. Ilicuclure Smith, Maude Banks. Seamon Tlimnpson, '1'reasurer, Nlarion Daxis, Leroy Phillips. Chaplain, anal Charles A. llicks. Prcsitltrnt. "4 " lain PINE BLUFF CHAPTER ALUMNI First row. left to right: Mesclames lilora Davis. Ira Suher, Josie Y. jones, Fannie B. Watle. Ruth W. Greene, Lazelle Cheney. Naomi Lawson. Dorothy lfloytl. l.iIlian Nlazique. Set-ond row. left to right: Nlesdames lithel Williams. Rachel xl. Daxis, Renette ll. Doggett. Cilytie CI. Watkins. l-llla B. Nlcl'herson. Lillie NI. Middleton. Nancy Reetl, Clementine Donelson, Hazel H. Taylor. Nlargaret XV. Boone. Dauphine Nl. .Xlln'itton. Yhaness li. NlcHenry. Ruthie I. Watson. Third row. left to right! Dr. I,z1wrent'e .L Davis. Nlrs. Ruhye lfisher, Nlr. R. X. Clhanay. Dr. XY. li. O'l'n'yant. Nlessrs. W. Nl. Nlitltlleton. B I. Lever. H ll Young. D ml. Albritton. Nlestlames Nlary B. Parker. Nlarjorie Kirby, Dr. l. NI. NIZIIIKIIIC. Nlrs. Charlie S. llemlerson. Fourth row, left to right: Dr. W. L. Nlolletle, Messrs. CL. J. jones. I.. W. johnson. Sam Banks. Wayman T. Cheney, Dr. W. ml. Nlassie. Nlessrs. Sellers il. I'zn'ker. H. Cl. Williams. O. R. llolitlay, A. G Kirby. llaphas .X Gordon, Burgess Lawson. EL DORADO CHAPTER ALUMNI Seatecl. left to right: Mrs. lithel Cancllerg lirvine Golden: Ruth lfaye jackson. Historian: Ophelia Nlflllllllillli Nlrs. Lucy IS. Davis Secrelaryg Nlrs. Ruth .L jackson. Pianistg Mrs. Marguerite W'illiams. Chairman ol' Planning Committee. Standing, left to right: G. H. Henryg Prof. N. lf. jacksong Rex. T. O. Mejunkins, Chaplaing 'l'hern1an Danslmyg lf. D. Boone. 'I l'C2lSlll'Cl'Q R. H. Loxett, Pres.: Cl. l'. Williams. I . L. 1 4 CHICAGO CHAPTER ALUMNI lfirwl row. Ic'l'l to right: Nlrs. NIiImI1'cmI Il. I"Iuu1'noy, Nlrw. Nlzlric Simn1m1s XYiIsml. vilflllll clmir for Hrs. Slclln I Czlcszll' Ilmmxu. 4Icc'c:1QcxI. XHXCIIIIJEI' ISI. IIIISQ Louis II. Ciuggs, NLD.. Nlrw. XI2ll'lIl2l .xllll Ilmmpsrm. Nlrs. Rnlu-rlzl P lrull Iznlmx Sc-cuml ww. Icfl lu right: Hrs. Nlznw Iillforrl Dean, Him llcmlcllc llIl0lIL'N. Xlrs. Iiciclic Dania Sutton. .IIIIIIIS Sullrm. NIH. Nlzlry Sllc flurry, Nlrs. CIm'is"I ippill 'I lll'llCl'. Scfy: -loscph Il. 'I immuns. XY, S. firmly, Willie li. Nlilcs. Clnrr. SQ-U53 Mrs. liczllricc l'IUI'lllIlC Iillisoll. I 'l Ilirrl row, Icft Io right: IXIZIIIQ IIIIIOIIIIJSOII. .1113 Nzlllcllc Ii. Cloggs, Rnrwscvcll Dickersrm, .xl'IIllll' "Kiwis" Iillis, Rifllunl XYiIsuu. WYNNE CHAPTER ALUMNI I.cfl to right: .Xlphonzo C. Smith. Mrs. Thelma Clurrie. Mrs. Iirfcll jaclason. Mrs. ,lolmnic Smith ,I-1'2lfIUl'. ,xllllil Baker. HurlI1Ic Currie. ls..,,,,.,,V +d,V ' 5 4 ,ifwwnwv , . My Nw, N4 N44 x Q, p f. J LAMAR ALLEN Head Coach ROLAND BERNARD Line Coach MADISON ROBINSON Line Coach G3 FOOTBALL The team played seven conference games and three classics. They be' gan the season victoriously over Lane College at Memphis. At Shreveport to climax the Louisiana State Fair, the Lions took an exciting game 21-6. The last classic before the annual game with Philander Smith College saw the Lions hold a favored Lincoln University tof six points for a tie. Thomas Givan ran 96 yards for a touchdown during this game but it was nullified by a clipping penalty. BURGESS LAWS Backfield Coach THE 1948 SQUA 4 L 4 . M ' m f My N ,L + ,R sk .N -, .f ws, M H ,fm sf X '7 - MW' f X is W U - NWC f11'k1111.s11s Slnic ws. Ijllflllllllfl' Slllffll Ciollfgcf First row. lvfl to right: Grunt. Wilson. Xllmzm. Crirc. CZIIIIIUII. Xllcn, c:llIlIl1lil1gS. XYilli1m1s Y -IHIIIIAUII. Xlljos, Spears. Riclmrds, H:m'Li1u. larry. Scmmui row. left to righl: Xllcn. c:h2lllllJCl'5. XYomlN. Wzlllwr. Sum. Griiin. Bmwlm. Brooks Nllen. Nlilchc-ll. Rirllzmls, Cronin. Rfillll. blohnsrm. Rolmcrtsml, NIINIIIYIIITQ. lirzulluy. .l2ll'lxSUll I vrry. Rubinsrm. Tllirrl row. left In right: HCllfiClnSCJ1l. Nloorc, licruzml. RIJlJillSl7ll. NIL' 'lh. XYUIKIIIICX. -lolm son. Davis. Ilcllford, BCI'I'fIIl2lIl, jolmson. CUXSYIIIS, 'I'm'rcnCe. Harris, Bllldllllll. U'ilc'3. LZIWSUII Lrcen. I H IX 5 CLEO LEE 4- Y m- 3 F ,Q ROBICRT CUMMINGS Cu-Czzpirzins .. S Kw- xk 1 1 K, ' J FRANK BRITTO MICHAEL AN-IOS ANDREXV SPEARS lirzrlf Burl: Burl: QW A-155' qt: . Q, . A Q1 ' Xp I TRAIVIURALS 1, ,BE SOPHOMORE TEAM Sitting, left to right: Cowans, Burchett, Starlard, Maggett, XfValker, jackson. Kneeling, left to right: Cummings, Fiddmont, Feaster, Palmer, Tollette, Nicholson, Bass, Ross, Akins, Allen, Davis. Standing, left to right: Balenton, Pettis, Brown, Middleton, NVoods, Ewing, Lewis, Thomas, Brown, Adams, Scott, Benford. Coaches: Balenton, Cummings, Allen, Davis, Scott, Benford. The Freshman-Sophomore football game is an annual event sponsored by the Athletic Department. W- i i . - . 4.1 I TRA URALS Mwmf M-,MW M..1,.,,.M.,-WM.-,.,...xh f fb-M 4 WW' -'A' M " ' 'V ' f f , ,.., ,WWW ".-:f-' . .. Mwwwf W., V ...w-M. ., ,.:v.,v : ., 5 . ' ., ' --: '- H ., l: ,"l --"' :.: A 'W if 2 Q 1. ,, - , , .f -V n --- 4 J f g J Q H f H4 : 1 ' f 5 H f H H f H H f Q 0 W :.1 23 1 5 , Qs 1 L E 2 5 2 Q H H H H H H fi H ' . . Q it f A , M .7 it x If Q1 , ki '- - - 1 ,:. J 2f:,, ,.-7" T if 3 N H K I gl , K -v::g zt, :,, - r ..,-,., E:- jg.: A 4 M A 5 .MA CORBIN HIGH SCHOOL TEAM lfirsl row, ln-ft to right: lfislmvr, lfostur, Tale, lildvrs, XVhitc, Thomas. Scnuml row, left to right: Klcflall, Pitman, .lc-nkins, Benton, 'I-Zlllllll, Hum lvll, Coocllmv, 'l'Cl'1'y. rlqllilll row, la-if to right: XYilkc11'sol1, Ncklwu, XVillia1ms, I2ll'l'Cll. lflzivis, cllll rcnlcm, lohnson, Fl'llliCl'. N Fourth row, left to right: fQI'CCIl Qllmu-lmj, Willis f'1Xl'2lillCTb, XVoll'olk NIauiqL1c', Hznmxs Qlluzlcllj. -'F' XLUMNI CHILDREN 4' A, g iw:f:" A A ,J Awww A ggi :gg ? gj , s mggipmgflssx. .ggi A szizfi 1 ,aww ,M , H 3 . f 'E W F 4, my 2, H QA Q W w K gf? Q H, ,, .KM My W ,J4 E 4 ff 5 gfxggwgifyikri , A w H L, . f .:. -, 11 , 3 y again ,V in Q as BE g Q 3 5 Y , gg' Y vii f ,df A 2533 THQ? ' ..,:: 'GM ,nu ,nu . ..,. - ,.5gE,jgg,g,.,,., -I . .. 1? , QM 4 if ri - 4' Hz: 5' - 53, AE? Q .. gq3,l?Er., 3 ., J h , ,gk E Q Z1 - -:-. ::,.,l f . . ,azz A in 1 32? , ..,. " ,E ,. N v :iii la ,. gg, I , f:,:2EjE:. - -iv YQ 'Em Q i2?ZX '5E 5?:2Z3?:iSS13 'L.'2S1fivWw'?5'3fb:' 2L3fIKffL"3'f'i H1 Yay 51, K , ,,. 5 Lag Babmkv--Y ay: 9-wmfglgp M? ufff"41-nu me-.,,, """""'X D 4'3" IN DAYS OF OUR CHILDHOOD L. , W, ADVERTISEMENTS We, the Staff of the T949 LION, wish to express our siri- cere appreciatioh to those who have advertised with us. We ask that our readers show their gratitude with their patronage. TI-I E STAFF SEXTON SEELS MORE TRAINED BUYERS THAN ALI OTHER WHOLESALE GROCERS These Are Woman buyers judge largely by intuition. Appreciate immediately the value of new products in brightening their service. Weigh the value of the product in their individual service rather than by a price standard alone. Buyers for the institutional and restaurant field-whether men or women-a re the shrewdest and most experienced there are. They are skilled in the technique of appraising foods. They make full use of scientific methods of ascertaining food cost. They weigh the cost of waste in making their decisions. Sexton sells to 60,000 individual units in this great Divided Between Men and Women Mon buyurs are apt to depend upon careful analysis. Slower to accept new items because they prefer to have things more standardized. Sometimes over- emphasize price as a factor in their determination. market. The remarkable growth of the company has been based entirely on quality and service. A policy of fine merchandise, carefully packaged, fairly priced and promptly delivered has won the confidence and good will of these trained buyers. Throughout the years Sexton has based every step of its growth upon that platform. We HM l no WW 5 im D57lES?f:E'?EE22?E:E?.:?5h an Competition is solely a contest to develop the most valuable service for the benefit of those served. -Sherman tl. Sexton. A service keyed to the particular needs of those who feed many people each day - resulting from 60 years of continuous and specialized effort in the interest of this great market. QUALITY FOODS For pleased guests and profits Chicago - Long Island City - Dallas - Atlanta - Pittsburgh - Detroit For High Quality IVIEATS CLARENCE QUINTON BELL and B. P. BELL, SR. g the Best for the post Twenty SILBERNAGEL CCDMPANY, Inc Wholesale Coniplilncnts Ol' Rosenzweig's Department For Iliff Best in Quality and Serzfirr sfrop IN AT 'rms Swank Beauty Parlor I Store am The Swank Barber Shop Corner 'l'hird anal Main Streets L I 0 N ' S lj E N Pine Bluff, Arkansas Phone 343 A' A- Maliflue- Plioprielof Phone 2975 - l945 PERRY 84 COMPANY flicensedfj EMBAUNIERS and UNDERTAKERS Ambulance Service Anywhere and PERRY'S Olympic Burial Association "P0lz'c'ic's in full force when rleIive1'f'd" 200-02 YV. Barraque Street Phone l l lil Pine Bluff, Arkansas Coinplinients of Your Friendly Black and White Store '4The Home of Honest Valuesl' E523 Main Pine Bluff, Arkansas Coinpliinents Ol' Baim's Eagle Store and Baim's 40l Supply Store Colnplinienls Of The Perdue Company Conzplele Office Outfitters Pine Bluff, Arkansas Conipliinents Ol' Saenger Theatre Pine Blull, Arkansas Conipliinenls Of West End Drug Store XV. E. O'Bryanl, Owner l824 VVesl Sixth St. Pine Bluff, Ark. l i 4 l l ,..J Office Suppliers, Inc. Printing - Lithography Office Supplies 116 Pine Street - Phone 4500 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Remington Rand Office Machines "Flowers For Every Occaszon Loomis Florol Compony Member of F.T.D. Service 113 1Vest Sixth Phones 1393 and 1304 Compliments Of Wm. Morris Comporiy 204 - 206 Main Pine Bluff. Arkansas Coniphnients Of f OH E N'S Pine Bluff, Arkansas Compliments Oi' l.eo's Men Shop 322 Main Street Pine Bluff, Arkansas FRESH FOODS MEAN HEALTH VVher1 You Think of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Their Best l'r's FAI LLA'S 618 Main Street - Phone 2343 Americon Fruit Morket "First VVith Freshest Best Always" :Xl HX: 116 F19 Congratulations Graduating Seniors ASK FOR - f f - ' A , QSM S u ' A PIONEERS OF SAFE MILK AND FINER ICE CREAM! Compliments Of 0. K. Ice Cream and Candy Company Serving Pine Bluff Community for Over 36 Yeors THERE MUST BE A REASCN GRADE "A" MILK Pasteurized Bulgarian and Cultured Buttermilk 723 Moin Street Phone lO-4 Compliments Of mHEHeTHeaE'sig l sl coca-com 5 QETHEREE HU'SPlTFlLlTH-'if lorlut v-sau Auvnolur ol lul coca-con couunu lv Coco-Colo Bottling Compony Ol' SouLhwesL Arkansas Pine Bluff Monticello T 44 Broriton 84 Sons 98 Toxi Comporiy IX: 1111 ik 318 State Street Phone 98 Pine Bluff, Arkansas In PINE ISLUFF always Shop FROUGS First South-eastern ARKANSAS' Finest Department Store Quality and Reliability Since 1906 Compliments Of George Hestoncl The Home of Good 1116015 Pine l31u1'1"s Largest Food Markets Compliments Of Bullord Brothers Dry Cleoners 502 North Cedar Street Phone 5390 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Ceo. NV. List, Pres. R. C. List, Vice-Pres. List Loundry - Dry Cleoriers 201 East Bzirraque - Phone 146 Pine P11u1'1', Arkansas ARKANSAS Agricultural, Mechanical ancl Normal College PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS Courses Leoding to the BocheIor's Degree In Agriculture History Biology Horne Economics Chemistry Mathematics QQ Physics Economics and Business Modern Foreign Languages Administration Mechanic Arts Education Music Education English Sociology Health and Physical Education WORK RECOGNIZED BY LEADING UNIVERSITIES OF THE CCUNTRY SPECIAL COURSES IN TRADES Lowrence A. Dovis, President For Irzfiorrmzlimz PVHIH: Mrs. Charlie S. Henderson, Registrai . , ,Y ,, ,, ,L EEE E-F T' LEA PEERLESS Engraving Service Printing plates for every purpose Black and white - and color. Natural color photography. Photo retouching - designing. Day and Night Service. 20315 XVcst Fourth Street Phone 2866 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS ff I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lxx 1px 11 11 11lxx 11111 111 11 1111 11 11 1111... 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 a yearbook is born... Countiess hours oi precious time have gone into the assernbiing oi materiais, the make-up and editing ot this yearbook. Qua1ity printing is on1y one oi many things that can compensate for the 1ong hours devoted to its production. But it is certain1y a necessary attribute oi a successiu1 book. Outstanding yearbooks require quahty printing and 1111111111111 1111111'111,1 11. 111111, 11111111 has the personnei and equipment necessary in producing the DJ 3g3...,g::...ggg-..ggi. fn in 1 1 1 1 y1 1.1 1 11 hnest kind oi printing f inciuding an organization which has 1 1 . . . . 1 1 11 1 had 20 ears ex erience in roducin rea11 iine books. I 1 1 x 1 1 i1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 11 1 1x X UI' FICGS 9pI'GS8I'1 CIXIITILIITI C1 L16 ' 1 O P ' B t M ' V 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 Z 1 .,..::ssSSi 3 ..g-::EE2r5E521:ESs: 1 - ,,,.-"" -:gassessssefgssiaesf. ' 1aaiaiiii22ii"iiiiiiiasiisiigsii-gsssi .. . .. z ' " '0l4."lo. "un, N.. vu. X "'g-2:'--2:::--12:--It:--22: ....x:.::g55f:::g52::g52:::g5:::g:-: "vu2:g'3Z2'p.!:g--2: - ..1.3,,.. --...n f gf s """ 7 iw-fgfy ,iyf, ,, M- M U C.S1'.L,,,.,.K'u I 'Al ex. Mix , ,' ' A, , A J , WA AUTQGRAPHSQ' , ' " ' o. f 0 . af ff-W MW, VAVX-P fffiw M, - --- - fj.,,iLjiZJ,g,',C: . byiiw i . ul -1 , f ,.,4,, , ' LJ ' Lava- 3 LLQLXQ keg, ug,-m hw-T - A N. - L ' ., I Q.. Je .A B., ... .. M , . . ,J JU w ' - Y V-M itfiiiu, W Q fo1ffj:.l'1x HM- Ucsf' of I+," I ' If X 'f.QUfc4'0vAS'l'A4r! v45.' 4 aim? iii Q AN .x T' 2 QA y 6 ,Q If .gjNo,,E ' V- Q , ff by . ' ' MPR W Q Q Zvww 6' M 'P W, L. 55 rms. -'sw-. "'f'lr""G' V v, Mr N7 lain: 174, I f ., ' fgfllgsx lfjf e 3 1227! WA, mm,fv:,. WG' fwlji 'Wy' WN M M gffiaflkn 4 at -Ryu, 4 d3'Q,y'j2JgM9i?fjMQ5'wfM W' MPM Mulfwwf W MM-in-Q blow! L1-2 X-f fvwgi 'W if fiW" MQW bw?" 45.3 1 lp-W fm M 5 fQQ M gf Xb, -All ' . gg if BV Q49 - V S'oJ0,.x'N D W wkifw, ' vi V ff1?f5ff Q J V MQ' M, Wfy5g5fMgf55'Q 1:32 9 Wafwf M 0 5 Q 4 Ii QS? Ox V' M! , Sa L Zami ?3-'EPO 5 NJ? F7553 we A 1101174 P--...' pa45,L4 M. 1 .0 f, vi x Lx 5 f7 ' Z: O ,Q r Q ' R W W Q91 My! NX ' 1 1 I 1 9 V ' rl LV f wfft2C'5!""w'M 9 ' ff W W l N l ' I1 ' E+ ' J f f l ij ig' , :gg-H Q I FACUJ1 cQffm, . 23 -f , 7 f"1 R251 ff Q ' rf T Lmfwff f 'Q . 7 Vahfjii-I 'du-I Xf K fl 73fYbr:T?9QlfM,i0I1v V Bova E8,Z,.4,-WR, ' L A E l ' 3 l f ' zzzzfifxffszigfaffffazfz I I - frzjz ' W :il 0 ' :Sig ' 4 K2 ' QE: .S xl' ' was Q--I Q gfwef ' Z ' G ff Tx - QM- '5.'."2f""" Q . Sd c1'aL TI w -i-1 ...ix-I N02 :sa -I - I ll xxx Z5 ' M 5 F g I X L,Q. E an xxx E Q L-g I ...Af EURAM s Rafi, , 4 t X 1 t W 1' "H Ji t3 ,,WW'0" 1 V 1 .1 mf I W' 6 J ft DEDIGATION h X V This yeor booktls at once d d ' CUh"iOY1 on" 0 evo u 'io t dtdhltt It ttd tht hll U A Q X t .... 2:7 X. tzaf S X 5 Q Q w N s S S S S w X S S S S X S S w Q N . E, U1 - Ng' f, wx E W .V-V X t A t N - QI rt. u v . X ' Q 2 V A .5 9' 1 Z ,i i ' fi t t 'VP 5. 5. F t rt. ' A 5 ,. .A A X . 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Suggestions in the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff - Golden Lion Yearbook (Pine Bluff, AR) collection:

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