University of Arkansas Monticello - Boll Weevil Yearbook (Monticello, AR)

 - Class of 1948

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University of Arkansas Monticello - Boll Weevil Yearbook (Monticello, AR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Tll A acnnnnnnc ns ff Arkansas Mechanical and Agricultural Ccllcgc Mcnticcllc, Arkansas v Aw, Published by the Student body ot Arkcmsds Agricultural cmd Mechdnlcdl College 28 MAY 1948 X Prefa ee . The annual this year is not the best, but we can claim one distinction - it is the latest. VVe wish to say that this was not due to negligence or slowness on the part of the hotogra her, engraver, or rinter. We acce t full blame P c P Q P P for the publication date. We feel that this is neither the time nor place for a sermon on co-operation. It is too late for that. However, it is our Wish that when thumbing through this book in the future you Will recall many pleasant incidents that hap- pened to you on the Hill. Perhaps, you have formed many valuable friendships during your stay here. Let us hope that this book will be a reminder to you to keep in touch with your friends. Witli bright hopes for the future, especially for the graduating class, let us again Wish that you will remember A. and M. and the Hill. Dedication . . It is with deep appreciation that we dedicate this l948 Boolweevil to MRS. ALMA G. HARVEY who, through her keen understanding of students and their problems, has been most co-operative and helpful to stu- dents on this campus. Her ever Willingness to help has won her the admiration, respect, and love, of every student on the hill. She has listened to every Wish and whim of students and have made their problems hers. We will long remember her lovable, laughing face, and through the years our admiration for her will grow. We dub thee, Mother of the Hill. .4 ,lx CGIIILGDTS. . PREFACE DEDIGATIGN BUILDINGS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STAFF STUDENT COUNCIL ORGANIZATIONS CLASSMATES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMCRES FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS INTRAMURAL SPGRTS SEGGND SEMESTER GLASSMATES ADVERTISING ,--new Q ALMA MATEE Fine 'Aff ,:g-7y,:4.,4,,,-H, Q W wa vw-'fyeif 1 Q www 4 dh ' X'ygS'w'wfJfw v 'K a' nf' Mf fwfw, ' if , aw M"0' f.:2 :fig , Q. Q f e A 1 ' wiv ff ' fflxw my nw- " W? . W ' I ' 9 1 4-: V? 5 ww 'A ' A J'-..51-5. 1 . .-m l i k "1 .-xi ii 7 A "':1:1,- 1- ' New-xx: -- 5.12: 'm.z,.1..5,5!-lbif-Sw f i -Q.. Hy , 4' - X M . , KK! .a' ,.,, fix. Av f 'zf,,,,.,,, V vi -f:s-"'-.w:.- - vxx, - , W .V -T1 . - W e n ew fffw- ii WM. 4-gf 5.ff ffa1zf2h -.iw-:.y 'j,, ,1 ' f5 " ' . rw? 1 'L g' ,f "vw NC Q-fed' W Af ' Q. , W, f ,I ww w- -J Y .g w , -v w,-gf yr , Mfewm'-. , X yr-wx : S51-iv. W -NW"-"-Vff 9525 if V- . - .. -- ' iii: Q ii 'f i i - .. .. 'f--- ---- - ' -H -.,.:fv, --f' a 1:n1cf.g:,1.'21' .W ,, , W Q3-if ' "32,Qi-:yay v- "M -ii.--v Hfx3fgg,.f H23-3:ASSfSm4fw,,,:m4 . "' W - -fffiwf ig-.'Sf'-air: M - -, me-v::,ws'fif'W :rf 4-fifsxfwifwfeMy ff-Wfw xx- ' IQ Q-4 , . , X, f " .. i f Gcites Holi p .Qi 'ffiif 1 Science Building I-lorsfoll Holl Entrance To Ccfeferio 4 Willard l-loll CG-irl's Dormj Sorrells Holl Harris Holl Wells Hall Student Commons Inmofe Y rf'L'7 ' .- 13-'fy f- wi, 3... Q ,A 'D' f-'1"' X A7 A f , 'uFfJ'?"' ' Dairy and Born Heciting -Plant, Wcifer Tonk sf fi W wx?f4gQf,?G Q2 Zwfzgfmimfqlpf 1 ' dw ,, , ,, 5:1 1 " ELA Recreation Hell V? 's Entrance-To Science Building Trailer City, across The pond Snowbourmd Sfaclium Faculty Row we Q .. 'N 5, Q x Z5 ' Mi ' i .nf S ix fs X E 4-..:efs."',,,,,-'-- Q' -'-fs. - 1-Ag no - J am' ff 5 Entrance to Administration Building L C ADMINISTRA TICDN If II I II I f A -I , A , QI, I IH. , I AA.Q qi: " I""?5'W?'+"?ffIfI A ww aw'-IIIPNWI 'f-' I M.IMw.Ium.I.f.I,, 7. '- ,II , I, I ,I I I ,I f.,- IIN, , , I I , I I, V , , I ,,,, ,I I I . ,,, Z, I , . ' ' ' I 'Q ',I,I,1x ' 'I ,' 'L"fI'. I f 7 I- I- I -I mf ,X II'-In. Q, If 'IW .,I: I I X I ,,,, I A A Q.: :I,5gy.VII4 4 E Iyx., wx . I ,HIMMQ I. I I I I II ,Q ,I riff ax"-JI ew I .IMI -I "I M' 'IKM' 1" ' 2, I I II my I .. I r I 'f as-QIQS I ' 4 qw -IH? A, If ww? ug, fI?k,:.,C I ,Ay-,I Iggy? IA If, 'W I,:j5II3'Ix35gy22i .. .If I ,I w.i'IL:II1sf: '1 , I , wwf IiII 'I I 1' ,,.'I I Ify I 'W I- I- I ,I , "N:"w4fw4ffiiiw I I- Vi? ' fi ' I'l'.' 5, YS?'."f" 1 II H I-'WW If I I X 2,1 , QM , II 5" jI,2,.'I.wv,IIj- W WfT1'9,QfN M? f Y .YI I- L Ii ' I. I I Iv I I I W f KI I' S: ive, I - WAS I, I- II? I I I I I I' I I VN way, ,i.,.,, V, IIEQIIZQLQ, . E I I V I.. 'I 1 , ' . - I I . I ' 'I S I4 I I -Iv f-I 'III sm? I I-I - f . -YI-W XY ,X 4-,ff-I ' -4 ,g .SI ,, 5 . , I -, I Wi: ia '3'i51b'f572I'Iliff'Wi7Q3If,l-f"A' S f 'I 5 ' ' 9 K' 5 rx' sf 3 If If 5 Z I W I'1Wr4gI.I- ,,-fv,.,,I,. V 5,1 ffI,1:.4Q,,qIv,Ij In -,,w,I,!,I.5,0g mf, QIIIVI ,I ,I I, .5 41--I ' M IIQII: II: I - rf III 52 I If X IQfffIIasff:I ' 'fx YI .gi 'IA 'f gf, Igzxm . gya , Iv A'I4II.I.,.fg.fw5,A-f amy A I ff ' X 1 In fI:z?!INZfI:In IQQIIA-.II ,II-,fiiI1'If Z MI-1, ,IA W IIIWI IIS +4- W G m 'Irv II RENEW- M33 K? N' 'K , 7 WI? ! I ,I I an A 'Q , I QI xi Gia-ffl II-INISI TU I' If 1 aw - WL, . I III- 1 'I ' Q I I5 lb- I IM Www 2 I I I- I2 x I dy V3 L 7 ff-II: I I " . W I ' x ' I'4wf'N'4I3aII I 'I Q76 II-'l,1I1I I II ' ,' ,IIT II Il fsigf ian - I4 II I f IS? ii, V Q EHQIIISI IW, 1-If - I- IIJIIIIII IIIg-I1,,I,I II.I,g4I A ,I I-,IQ - ,vw -IIIIWIIIIIIQI IIII I gf.-III! QI - QIIIIIIII IIIISWI I7 If I II' 'IIIII ZI-IH I I I.w,Iff XIIIIJSI, I.: III: II 'il QI II-IIIIigIQ'I:II'gII:e sf 'I ' I IIIV I: 'W I ' IHIII :I IS - .,II-IIIII II , I Ig f-, II,-In .,,--II -I I ,. II. I II II:..IIg,.Z:I I-I .W II I .Y 2:1 an-If .II I IIIII IIIIIQ f' 'IIII,:.IIfIg:E,'II, EII is? -F ' Q ,LII 'SIE II I , '1 III IXQI WI I gggwgzu ' :I .I Q? .2 IIIIgSIIII3.II'ff+ ,III II II , NI III 'I fi IIIII I-6 . ?IgIII':I J II: We 45153253 II ISE' I. I w iv II I III SIIISSSIIIII-IIII II If: 'II III I IIIII TI III ,I III IIi:.I I., :I!!IIi'IIIf1i4 IIIIESI II IIII IEII IISIIII 1 II II IIII I IIII ,I-IIII ISI, X.,--IIIIX II, , II. I III I- WI, I- II III,IIII,, II- ww ,I ,I 5 ., ,III III, II II . II I IIII IIIEIIIIWIII I-W I -fg 322, II IIIIIIII IS IIIIII III I III' M I I 'VII' 'II T:f iI'I'I I5 'IIYII571 I I 42 3 ' '3 IMF IIFWI iii? III W3 I 1' I I I ' L H i i'I'1i,?I1II'I I If-I II' IIII3II'lII ' 33' I ' 'I sIg,III.,III5I2?III,III ,HI IEI I , ' mi IIIII HI II5gIIII',3IIIIiIII, IIIIIII5 I II: I I III Sm III IIIIII III lg IIIIIIIII II I If If, 'PQI I II. II 5Ig ,,fgs25yMSQ ' II'Is23.I, 3 II I "BWI g'IIIII . Isfzlih I QII IIIA II SII: -, fzv I .- ' Q 413 AI N' X JI III-ck-f,Q4?I2I6f ff-Ag,e4Q:I 3 -ifgf I1',fgg 4Is5 IIg,zr N Z 3 325.21 IM K 1 I! I .wb Q,-I , t :I I 3- .., I, - I5 I Q5 1: ,gII,czg,,,,, Q , .,,,II fI , 4 A ' gg, if 3 Q 5, A , gi , fe., I , ,fy Iyf5,,,f,..-If. ,.,f..I?w I lsf fgw -. ,A xsfg ff, ,, , fl SM, . ET S QIIQK MI ew, Z, II 12 If1?AgLf'?I2'1 my X? -my-3, -g y 733 1- II. ,Q I f?f92' I, III II .II w as I Mir! I- I I IW W- fIm.?I-Idvfgw f I -IGI-M , I If if I ,I I, II 1 Ay, . II-II. Ii? IEIIIIII A9039 I 2- I-JI-IIIIIWI I ,IQ .I If :2I e Ifw - wg IIfI I IIII2 If. I I p g- A I II Q 5? ' AI II I , I I. 2 iIQ' I'f22iI',- 1 QQ .QIMII IIZQIIQS rg ' ' I I . ,I wg, I- . . I sa, II'IIIIrx, Q. I I' 21 ':.fII,2II1'f5' I IIIIIIE ' 4' 2II I f.. 4949 -I ?' :22 ' -I I- f'xfIII?w:5w -My ZJI In If-f, I- ' 'f. W- AW 437- ff? :I II Y III::II IIWIII -II Iii-I II II: I: :I-I :I if Q -may , iw II --I-I -Ii If . 4 -:MI I ,fI ,.,Q4 V IIIIIETQQI Ii5:3I I3 IEIIEII Q E LI I I:I I I -.1I ' III I IQBIIIIIII 5 II Ia EIIII I I5 WI I-ImI:GsfIf.I I -: 4455! Ia., in , I .I , , ,I., , ,,,,. ., ,. ,, " I-Q"E!1i13'I fW' III II i'I .II II'I'I I'fIfII.,-I-'lfzw g I ' I 1 , 4. !II,f5"?IiIIg I fW IgI1I '? IIg53?I5 g5I" iI 5gg 2 I 'QIIIIIIIII -I I I, I ' IaI III MI I Isgwgeifp f ,W-I " I :'I:I,.II ,I , I I T II I- M I III QIII- .,I,f-IMI., -I I -I I I I I I, 1,wf72f,.I, I I ,:--I I II IIIIII II III I I31 55 gig 2 -I Iffgxizidfiwsn-2 2-1-IIIIVIIIIIIQIIM " .- Cf3i:I2IIIffII J f. I BOOJOOY Of Trusfees HON. DUVAL PURKINS A Warren HON. R. E. -IETER HON. L. K. POMEROY VVabbasel:a Nlonlicello '--X f HON. RAX'h'IOND MAYS HON, PAY NOLLEY RISOPZ Hamburg ADMINISTRATION JAMES H. HUTCHINSON Dean fs 9 W. E. MORGAN Presiclent CHAIHMEN YN. E. MORGAN JAMES H. I-IUTCHINSON C. C. SMITH P1'es1'de11t Dean of College Business Nlanagev DR. H. K. Mooruz DR. J. L. STONE MR. A. H. Bow MR. C. H. Cr-1AMrs1zRL1N DR. B. J. FLETCHPR Arts Sofia! Science Natural Science Technical Training I.mzguage 8: Literature and Alaflzffzrzalies ADMINISTRATION H. C. STEEIAI.-xx Dean of Men FLORENCE C. CARRIICIIAEL LilI1'lI7'1'd2I Douc LocRE Coach MRS. W. E. HL'12X' Dean of Wozizeiz MISS NATALIIZ AIORRIS Dietitian JANE RECAN Secremry to the Pres. STAFF MRS. PHILLIP HANRINS Secretary of Dean MISS CLARA VVILLIS Ass'l. Registrar MRS. .XLBIA F. HARVEY Comnzons Manager MRS. A. L. OYVEN TBX Operator MR. WILLIAM E. SBIITII Fiscal Officer DANA RILEX' Sectfv. to Fiscal Officer MRS. MASON ODEN Secretary MR. VANCE SMITII Bookkeejser MRS. CALVIN jox'cE Postmistress MRS. W. P. ADAMS Nurse MRS. SARAH Tvsox Housekeeper MR. LEROY HUNT AfIIi71l67Il177L'6 FACULTY LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE DR. B. J. FLETCHER Miss Krvrr-IRYN GoLsM1TH Miss KATIE VEEN MR. SIDNEY COOK Professor of English Assoeiaie Professor of Associate Professor Insiruclor in English English of Languages . NATURAL SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS I MR. A. H. BOYD Professor of Physirs and Engineering MR. W. C. Houcoon Professor of Uoology MR. GEORGE CARROLL Professor of Botany MR. JOHN C. NICGINNIS Associale Professor of Chemistry MR, ROY YV. FLETCHER Associate Professor of Mathematics and Speech MRS. PAUL LEYVIS Assistant Professor of Chemistry MR. JAMES A. GARRETT Professor of Mathematics MR. J. B. M. HOLLOWAY Associate Professor of Chemistry FACULTY DR. J. L. STONE, JR. DR. ANN RICCARRELL DR. D. K. NICCARRELL Miss LUCILLE X'VlLSON MR. GEORGE NIESSER Professor of Economics Associale Professor Professor of Hislory Instructor in Secretarial Associate Professor of and Sociology of History Studies Economics ARTS DR. H. K. NIOORE AIRS.NfARJORl1ZLAMB MR. J. D. BIOORE AIRS. LEE O. YVALLICK COACH JACK IZORDAI-11. Assistant Professor of Professor ofMusie Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Education Education Physica! Education Physica! Educalion Not Shown- MR. LEE O. VVALLICK Band Director FACULTY TECHNICAL TRAINING MR. HENRY H. C1-1AMBERL1N Professor of Forestry MR. FRANK R. GROTE Assisiant Professor of Forestry MR. EUGENE KELLER Assistant Professor of Forestry MR. ROBERT L. THURMAN Professor of Agriculture MR. HERMAN G. BOUTWELL Instructor in Agriculture MR. EVlZRE'I'I' R. GLAZENER Associate Professor of Inclustrial Arts Miss 151.01512 ODOM Instructor in Home Economics MR. BERNARD E. HART, SR. Associate Professor of Engineering MR. Lmi Wooumx AIus.L14:Rm'HL'x'1' MR. GEORGE LOONEY MRS. W. H. Howmzn VETERANS ADMINISTRATION L M. .,,. ., , ,, . x. , ,W Student Council. . Organized, constitutional government of the student body, by the student body, for the student body of Arkansas A. and M. College. Each member of the council is elected by popu- lar ballot from inenibers of student body. Pur- pose of the Council is to act as liaison office for the students and administration, to give social activities, and to help students live a fuller, bet- ter life while on the Hill. Hl,'C3l'I XVILLIS joux Dowmzx' joxrs WII.I,Is Coxvox' LESLIE Bomsvn Moomz President Vicre-Prcfsiclefzl Trafnszzrer Secreiary MEMBERS Shannon Doss William Gancly Leon Vawter NolSl10wn- Freclrick Duckworlli Harry Lzuiilmert Bob XVZITCI Betty J. Haskew Cookie Flowers Musli Bishop Lawrence Monk ,....-... 3 wiiffifif F71H'v'- Gm! ll..-v! ':.4 1l'll- 11' ...vzli 15 IL' f.,..-:ey M r.L.:um 2-:N .-1.w...,.1 , rf ww.: U-,lm -mf l- Q..--M fl un- Now ,Nur lun-- Sanfll. il 1'h.mgu.L: l qw nz.--nm nl-,., I ls aunt-any nnvff I l -- '- W .K 'Eif , 1 . .3 gb. . 4. I ,WA r . ., gg' . uhrvs Slalrllng xlvh ha- .ALL L..- YYI. BITLS no-,::m un ulllvrtlllclillgwlu wrmy .u :rw will-.wg cn elumrl on lzurnmx hnrrpcnlngz. mm bc Lllrle lmmg-. lral ami! urvunurily Kinks- llm Hoa! cvlllmn-1 . . - The Boll Ulnrvil sin!! has bcl.l'l un- lf.-rgmng conrillcmbll: rlxruwew ln Lhc H551 len' wvcks. Shumwn D035 rf:- .fmw M Lulmr mf: wry. lor 3 num- ner ol rlmson-s, mvlulllng Liu: Incl mm no am!! mumlx-rs nru rwclvinu urrm- mnsavinn fur lhr-ur :mm :mu elim-xx lllu 51:1 Roy Hom' Ml' EM:u?1:lpp0ll:f .nd by thc l"',2-llum-nr11- wiv: lm! DOW' Llrlrrtlrlrvnl lurm. !'l.l3. Tull, lnvmv' 11. .xl lsivr, rl H Ll-ummm vl. ..-,mf -'.- ll- W um , wmpllwl nfrm- inf,,'.sm eww.. HQ 1- lf.:.:...,- ww...-..l-m sys...-.1 ul' Suu-Ah :rl 'hat w,.."v lmlrli' fu: H411 lm-mf: qmmvl l . . Thr warm!!! hwy? flu':.m'x'f- sy ncltr of ?mpl'r:l'h.l?lurl Xu: llwll' lwlllfl-ni iw f Dull hull' willy in H10 Omrhtq 5:A!m'. dun'l lhlnk xmyvmf, wfmlff fnlvlplxullwi rllxl'-at The bgll team they hurl Llmyurl hm lhnl . . n Thl' Gwinn bmw! :lbw pllrlw lm LMI! mlm MCD rlurmg UW Imlfdllnri bww -W 1 u Your vdlwl llus mlhl-1' sue than Ihr- Cullum: Jr um. traveling mum! ww: larger eulxrc Aggie team. Omrks on men lrlpgg -Nu had home Squid. - 1 Q Oh. you Agpuenb Those weeks grades will be out :uw me plumse - this is cdmn in. A. Sz M. Professdr ls Author of New Psychology Text A textbook nn general Prrim Uw Dfn ol Dr. IL K hand of the Psychqlugy 01 Arkansas A. :E M. Colle!!- pevrled lo he uil llle pwzsz llx UHU' , The muterlaln in lm' mxl Iccrlnd an the hal-:Ev of 'sllrw nlmlcnm mu-n mmf, cm mmm l-:ln1mrlg:mll- my 1 me -.lm-.frn, mm .,.,m-,W-fl hr'-w lvl ug nl.. 1 l WJ. .IL Lll!lJl,c Thu l-fl:-mm' :Ulu-' ul.. 'J lug-gll+.v..,3, v,Jy,.lg nw '1'l'rhluf1lL1:. ru l1',:llw-u.l- l llllulliifvlll Y31llJr'.lC1.l,, .fl '-Jormlmml Cluliuc :md Su .fm-may :ll vm-ll, Now wl- Runxcmlrer Inalurlimz Huw Snjvxnn mwnmm: :mel Cru dcmhn: and Genius, How People Ax' Mem-urezl, Gum-ling Up, M: rhomgyl Auunnwd. Bch Groups und, Perce-lvbug. 'The vulunm. twules: bums pected w :unch the cclhag Yau-nrds Ex-ulherss, Inc.. nt Ann, Av bor. Mighlzan. in time lar chxrsemcsufr classes. Nu nlllhnmhlp will bc cnllccv :om Ln Qrknuxrgx A. sl M. vrulilrl V .ill-,bwr,ag flung 1 radio, Ivan: in "C" , , Q t :ss 'Will gifs! lg- grin, the mgvr 'cddnrii dblwe' 1.1 'ag gqufgln - A. 8z.M. Bandlea S L. Y 1 1 - 'fm Eff 1 wifi F f, ' P 3 f .E 1, 'I Y I 1.15.1 8 5 ,il 4. . VOLUME 7 ARKANSA.S'A. AND CULLEGE MkOhTIC!El..1..O i' he Man Wh Came r cm-.11 Club to Present Program Here Friday Night The Arklmsrls A. S: YI! will pnxcni Lha lirsl ol' x grams vu bf- pnnsvnlrd uns mil- lckg- .-vwung, fm:-mlm 5 uv th- r-In rv-1 HAH Tr-l ul-wzmxla. mimi: Un, rl:1w:L11m M Y'il:f4I nl iiw 15. R, mill. .vm Hlclllde H11 'E::I:ilOlzS' TWU -afuriluzxli: -- "HC Mllm'1xIZn 'V7cl'rVX md SG! Duwll ba' Eloise: 7 TWH 1l.fW1.4l:u' V!l11Tlbn:1'1 1 Ulu' ENC: P1-my by Zvvirsil m Ulmxl 17.71 hll-YY!!! me Gm-ml rm 'don fri nd dx:-atb awl their the A. J. qw I w Q .M fsf: 2-2 f X X 4 4 .20- RUDOLPH GANDY JOHN L. STONE, JR Editor Business Manager AGE ,V . h -3, 4 , 3, , , , , ,X bf: . ,A - - ,,,f ' L f 1 . .- ,, - " fvgzfsnviffvfiibkf .W :Q . 'fin '1"'- f , , k ' s'ss s 1 s - ' , ' . M , , 1 N X -iQwasAMWM-wfff.,-4wif fix W fw lmqfs ,sz ,,,, W ff , --.., ss s 1 .1 I ,Q K, ' 'T , X13 we f,.34V My? , XA I Q -, N , M Ky gf f- A ,f-IWW, f ii ,,,,., , , B K i ssss s. 2 F A G gg ,. , s , f", -S64 iff-XR fx-sms.. .gy-,wffs " wfs 5:'g5g50!2QMfAxxf9h-sg-gqffv ' :- fqref.-EZWZQX -9001 ,cg,W37,W My g-7:.',?gL3y ff, , Wy. zfzri, .V ,f J -f S, Q ,, 1-w,,,f4 ssX.,.,x , , Ti :fs wg., ':g.'.:3Q,g3,,g,,t:f. WOW fi' 1' ,'imzfi11if.'.5, f ,L z,f,?v,Q'f,:? 4'4'H1'2"" ' ' 1: , 'L W x aj f s J ' ' 1 , 1 'lf Q ' ff'- aim iff 4' f 1 The BULL WEE WL '4 8 DR. B. FLETCHER X ROY A. BOGY LUTHER R. TULL Editor Business Manager BETTY LUDLAM SHANNON DOSS .-XCELE JAMES Humor Editor Assofiale Editor Sociely Editor ' NOEL "GOON" HASKINS NORM.-X -I. YOUNG HARRY THOMASSON, JR . Sports Editor Assoriute Society Edilo-r'l Bujness Mg-r. Ad1feVlising Manager AClZI6'7'lZSZ7?g 1Wg1. "Fr MHSSMHHS X SENIQHS Class Qf '48 CLASS OF '48 FREDERICK L. DUCKWORTH Class President Nlonticello, Ark. RALPH FREEMAN Vice President Nlonticello, Ark. CATHERINE TURNER Secretary S U E TU LLOS Treasurer WIL7'7'67Z, Ark. W 25 QQ efgw, ' JJ. ,. X CLASS OF '48 FRANK W. ADELMAN lwonticello, Ark. JAMES K. FEENY Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges Drmms, Ark. MRS. BESS FREEMAN Nfonticello, Ark. DORGTHY HARVEY Nlonticello, Ark. CLASS CDF '48 THOMAS L. MERRITT Roseboro, Ark. CHARLES MILBURN Danville, Ky. MILTON MURPHY Norjllllet, Ark. CLYDE PATE Russellville, Arif. CLASS OF '48 MARY ARLINE REED Monticello, Afk. ROY B. RIDINGS Hatton, Ark. VVILLIAM G. STAINTON Prescott, Ark. BILLY S. VEAZEY Ham omg, A Tk.. CLASS OF '48 ARTHUR C. WEBB Kingslancl, Alle. HUGH WILLIS Monticello, Ark. XVINFRED VVILMOTI-I Alonticello, Ark. BETTY HASKEXV Fozmtaln Hill, Ark. ,W W -W ,I ,-new IUNICDHS Class Qf '49 LUTHER RAY TULL Class President DURYVARD TURLEY Vice President HARVEY W. THOMASSON Secretary RANDOLPH E. DAUBS T1'62lSLl1'61n OLIVER NV. BARBAREE FREDRICK BELLOTT CARROLL L. BIRD MACK 41. BORGOGNONI IOHN 12. BREYVSTER JUNIORS Dezfonti, Ark Pine Bluff, Ark Alonticello, Ark Kingsland, Ark El Dorado, Ark Warren, A rk Wzflmar, Ark. Lake Village, Ark. Sheridan, Ark. VINCENT H. BURNS BILLIE G. CALHOUN FRANK COLISERT PATTI RAE COLLINS ELIZABETH COOK JAY L. CORDARY OTIS L. DAVIS VERNON L. DOSS CORNELIA ECI-IOLS JUNIORS H amburg, Ark. Dermott, Ark Sheridan, Ark El Reno, Okla Monticello, Ark Strong, Ark Morzticello, Ark Nlonticello, Ark Dlonticello, Ark LAYVRENCE E. EDYVARDS GERALD L. FISH RUDOLPI-I B. GANDY YVILLIAM M. G-ANDY MARY LOU GINTHER ROBERT A. HARGIS NOEL 'SOOONH HASKINS DEYVEY J. HOYVELL CLYDE O. JOHNSTON JUNIORS Monticello, Ark. Star City, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. 1W01'zl'icell0, Ark. Warren, Ark. Russellville, Ark NIeGekee, Ark Harrell, Ark 'WW JOHN DOWNEY JONES HARRY E. LAMBERT ARVIN H. MCOLRLLAN JOSEPH W. MARTIN DOROTHY MORR1s FRED MURPHY DENNIS NELSON LEOLA OVVEN ERNEST PLACE JUNICJRS Monticello, Ark. McGehee, Ark. Monticello, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. England, Ark. Crossett, Ark. Sarepta, La. Star City, Ark Gillett, Ark JUNIORS LEON C. VAWTER . ERNEST A. REESE . DORIS MAE. ROBINSON ROY E. ROEBUCK . SEARCY VVILCOXEN , YVILLIAM F. ROSS . JOHN H. SCOTT . EUGENE SHANKLIN . ROBERT S. VVILLIAMS STANLEY E. SMITH . JACK D. THOMPSON . GEORGE E. TOVVNSEND . Reet or, . Prescott, . Dernz Ott, New Edin burgh, . Hamburg, . tM01ztz'ceIZ0, . Monticello, , Awocft, ATI: Afk A rk A Tk A rk Ark Afk A Tk . Sugar Grove, Pa . IfVZ'lI77,0T, A rk N. Little Rock, Atk . S am gossa, A la v 1 AUTOGRAPHS SQPHGMQHES CS S 7 SOPHOMORES LOUIS MARCOVITZ Class President ROY C. STILL . Vice President CATHERINE TURNER Secretary LOUIS ROTCHILD Treasurer Leroy Baker . . RICHARD E. BAUGHMAN J. C. Bean . JAMES T. BEENE JAMES C. BELL CRAIG BENSON KATIE BERRY ROY H. BERRY THOMAS H. BERRY . MRS. ESTHER BIERBAUM .BOB BLAND ROY A. BOGY Lake Village, Ark Hot Springs, Ark Dumas, Ark Lake Village, Ark M'0nlieell0, Ark N. Little Roek, Ark Pine Bluff, Ark Greenbrier, Ark Nlagnolia, Ark Pine Bluff, Ark Smackozrer, Ark lfVarren, Ark W ilmar, 'Ark Hamburg, Ark Malvern, Ark Altkeimer, Ark F 2 K 1 I 5 ., i 1 SOPHOMORES RALPH G. BRANTLEY MARGARET BROCKMAN RALPH E. CLEMENT DONALD A. CLARKE KENNETH R. CLARK BEN CLARK . CARLTON R. CASH DOROTHY CARUTHERS JOHN C. CARPENTER JAMES CALAVVAY . VVILLIAM C. BROYVNLOYV JAMES E. BROVVNE . VIOLET BROYVN . OTHELLO P. BROYVN JULIUS BROYVN , CHARLES L. BROXVN Spring Hill, H amlmrg, Star City, Pine Bluff, P? P? Fordyce Pine Bluff, Rison, S mack over, Crossett, Pine Bluff, Wilmot, El Dorado, Crosselt, Pine Bluff, C rossel t, J Ark Ark Ark A rk Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ten 71 Ark A rk. Ark A rk if 5 ,A ,f f' Z 314 41 if GERALD CLICK . BILLY JOE CLINGMAN EDVVARD C. CLOUD CRAYTON L. COATS ERNESUNE COATS QIOHN H. COKLR JOHN H. COLLINS BRYCE C. CONNOR ARLEN M. CRASS MARION CRISP O. I-I. DARLING . ROBERT DAVENPORT CONRAD DEAL . FRANK E. DENSON SOPHOMORES El Dorado, zllonticello Monticello, Illonticello, Monticello, Pine Bluff ,PflZI'l1y'l'fl, Ticlmor, Ililonlicello Elaine Fordyce, H fl 111 b'zm'g, Fozlnlain Hill Fozznmm Hill, J J HELEN CLAIRE DICKINSON lUo11l1'Cell0, -IANETTE DICKSON , Belleville 7 A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A rk A Tk A 'rk A Tk Ark A1'k Ark Ark A Tk A Tk A1'k. Arla. SOP!-IOMORES SHANNON DOSS MAX1NE DUNL,-XP JAMES P. DURHAM CAROLYN EDRINGTON CHARLES YV. ELKINS MILDRED ELLINGTON STUART T. FIKES . HAROLD YN. FLEMING 'IESSIE FLOYVER CARL C. FOSTER JEAN FUNDERBU RG HARRY GIBBS . NORMA GILL . FRANK A. GLEASON HARVEY L. GOLDEN JOHN H. GOLDEN TfVi Imar, Ark. Wi I m ar, A rk. Hamburg, A rk. Banks, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. Dermott, Ark. Benton, Ark. Alon ticello, Ark. Fordyce, Ark. Nlalvern, Ark. Alonticello, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. MfcGekee, Ark. Warren, Arkansas Vidorz, Tex. Dermott, Ark. SOPHOMORES LUTHER GRANDERSON NAPOLEON GRIFFITH SHERYVOOD E. HAISTY PHILLIP T. HANKINS SAM S. HARRIS . MARTHA HARRISON FRED HERROD . BERNARD E. HART, JR. JEVVELL M. HAYDEN AUBREY HAYS , LLOYD HENSON OSCAR H. HICKS RANDOLPH HODGE DUANE HOFFMAN FRED I-IOGSHEAD BILLY M. HOGUE Pine Bluff Afonticello, . Tillczr, Pine Bluff, West Helena, Dermott, . Vick, Monticello W il mot, Florence England, Watson, Canzden, Pine Bluff, . Austin Monticello, J 2 A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk Ark A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk, A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk ROBERT L. HOLLIS D. J. HORNADAY W. H. HOWVARD . RAYMOND P. HUDSON MAROELLUS O. IVEY JAMES E. JACKS AOELE JANES . FRANK M. JENKINS TRAVIS E. JOHNSON EUOENIA JOHNSTON AIUANITA JOLLEY JAMES H. JONES AIRS. E. G. JORDAN JOSEPH L. JORDAN HERAIAN LASITER J. OLIVER HOGUE SOPHOMGRES Porilfmd, F ordyce, Hnrlrfille, Rolla, Hermz tage, Pirie Bluff, Wi I mot, Ham burg, C rossetl' Tinsnmrz, Wi Imar, Strong, H mrrburg, Pine Bluff, Wa rre 11, J A rk A rk A r k A rk Ark Ark Ark Ark A rk A rk. A rk A rk Ark Ark Ark. Carthage, Miss , ww SOPHOMORES MILTON LOUGHRIDGE YVILLIS "CONVOY" LESLIE JAMES H. LESLIE . . ROBERT B. MONTGOMERY ROBERT D. MONTGOMERY JOHN T. MILLER . . JOE MAZZANTI ROBERT H. MAY RAY MCLEOD , RICHARD MCKINSTRY JOE MCKINSTRY TOMMY MCHAN NED MCFARLAND BILLY MCCORMICK MILLER T. LUDLAM BETTY LUDLAM Memphis, Tenn. Sjwingdale, Wa Wen, Wi l m aT, IWcGel1ee, Pine Bluff, Monticello, lklonticello, B cz 71 k s, VV17 I mm, Wi lmar, Monticello, Banks, Crossett, H am lJ urg, H a in Z2 mg, A Tk A Tk A Tk ATk A Tk Ark A Tk ATk A Tk ATk ATk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk BOBBYE MOORE . YVILLIAM O. MOORE JOSEPH A. MOSLEY ROBERT B. MYER HUGH LYNN NUTT HUGH NUTTER EDYVARD L. PACE SHERYVOOD L. PACE JOHN YV. PASGHAL BARBARA POMEROY HARRY E. PONTIUS GEORGE C. QUILLEN HUBERT RANKIN THURMAN RAY BENNIE REDDIN OTTO REGINELLI SOP!-IOMORES . Gould, Qvzzitnmn, - Star City, Norphlet, Hamburg, Hnmlnzrg, TVilmaT, Monticello, Gould, Aloniicello, Warren., Alonticello, Leoln, Collins, . Banks, Lake Village, Ark A Tk A Tk A Tk Ark A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk ATI: A Tlx' A Tk A Tlx' A Tk SOPHOMORES TED T. ROSS VVAYNE RUPE . . HARRY BLAND SANDERS YVILLIAM F. SANDERS ARLEN M. SCOTT JOHN L. SERRETT GEORGE M. SINK , JOHN ALLEN SMART BILLY HAROLD SMITH JAMES H. SMITH . JAMES M. SMITH JOE L. SMITH KENYTH W. SMITH JAMES O. SPARKS EDDIE SPOONTS . NQRMAN K. STEDMAN Gmpevine, SMT City, Pine Bluff, Hazen, SMT City, Hamb uTg, H a m lJ urg, .1W0Tzlz'cell0, Gould, Cam den, Fordyce Dumas, Pine Bluff, C Tossett, Bmzxile, W a Tre 71, J A Tk ATk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk A Tk ATk ATk A Tk A Tk A Tk ATk SOP!-IOMORES NVILLIAM B. STEYVART . New Edfnlmrg, RICHARD JOHN THOMPSON Fountain Hill, ROBERT VV. TOLER . . DeWitt, YVILLIAM A. TULLEY Mfonlicello, HORACE C. VINCENT Crossett, LEROY A. VVALKER C1-Umm, ROBERT H. VVARD Lewisville, VVILLIAM R. VVARD El Paso, BILLY VVASSELL , Pine Bluff, DOROTHY WVILLLIAMS . Koo, GEORGE L. VVATSON Hot spfmg.f, EARL VVISNER . Colton Plant, ROBERT ZIMMERMAN Stullgarl, A Tk A Ark A Tk Ark Ark Ark Ark Tex A Tk A Tk Ark A Tk A Tk. AUTOGRAPHS FHESHMEQN future of A. cmd M. Col lege, ond the world Carl Lucky, rice-pres. Betty Andrews, Secretarv Nane Smith. Treasurer Jessie C. Aiken jimmy V. .fXlsol:rook Alice C. Anderson I Myrtle j. Andrews William R. Auslin Mark M. Avery Robert O. Bzlilev Earl C. Beard Leslie D. Beard 3 lill Beard Guy D. Belloll 1 john L. Berryman Daniel C. Biggs F rank A. Bishop Endell If. Birens Robert Black 12211121 Iizrrl Bordeziux Martha .Mm Boyol Mildred Brnckin RZIFWHNJYMI E. Bruswell Smith Breazcgllc Mary K. Brill .james .-X. Brown Bctly Burnett jack .L Bulloch X'Villiill1l Bush Claricc Byrd -I rcia Clzllhouu 1 Tommie Carpenter james IZ. Carter james V. Cash Martha jo Chambers Mary F. Chapman james B. Clark Mary jo Clark Billy F. Clower Homer Coghill Virgil C. Coleman J. C. Colvin james R. Cooley Avis Crawley Vivian Curtis Vernon B. Dunn Norman P. Echols Billy N. Eclgin George H. Estelle Mary Ruth Estelle .Kleine Etheridge George Etheridge Peggy Euhanks Billie Evans Gerald E. Fleming Marie Fletcher George E. Flowers Paul NI. Flowers William Fumlerlnurg james H. Garrett Ostella Gorman Charles Haley Neil li. Hall Don M. Handley jack Harper J. K. Harper Wesley M. Harrington Curtis C. Harris Gerald L. Harris Robert D. Harrison U Agnes Harrod Frank Hartness jack H. Haynes Billy XV. Heinley Ruby B. Hill Dewey D. Hobson John O. Holliday Lloyd C. Howard Rosalyn Howell Byron Howlett Charles F. Hudson Elizabeth Hughes Christine Jackson jimmy jenkins Harold D. johnson W. M. Johnston Charles C. Kalb Edward F. Kalb Patsy Kelly Anette Kimhro james A, King Einogene Knowles Michael Krivacska Thomas G. Lafferty A .yu- ' wks ' Fred LaGrone Ruth Lord Arl McCloy Bzirlmrzl Martin Kenneth Leslie Norman L. Lewis Cullen L. Livingsron XVeaver Loy'd L. M. Lynch, jr. Myrna Sue NICCIEIIII Louise McCloy Shirley McKinstry Marylin Jo McMillan Mack Mauldin Mfilliam D. May Richard H. Monroe Guy Morris Mason H. Oclen Charles Patton Smith M. Price Faye Neal Charles Owen David Pay Ohren XV, Rains J. C. Nichols Cecil M. O'BrianL Geraldine Owens Joyce Parish O. L. Pearson Shirley Pomeroy Martha J. Renfroe jack Richards Bonnie Faye Rodgers Byron Rollins jackson L. Roop Robert D. Ross Mary Swayers Cecil R. Scaife Beth Scott Margaret Scott Herbert L. Sezimzms Garland H. Sharp Judy Shaw Imogene Shelby Rex I. Shrexe Robert R. Sidclell Bobby j. Simmons Patricia C. Simpson eggs ' 1 Freddy J. Smith Kenneth A. Smith Harrod M. Spears Billie Spurlock Gene E. Stewart Selby B. Strebeck Don C. Stuart Elizabeth Swan Robert E. Swiger Y'Vonne Taylor YV. J. Thomasson Hfilliam A. Tibbs john L. Trussell Mary L. Turberville Roy XV. Vaclen James F. Veazey james L. Vessels Joyce Xflfagnor Deener Vlfardlow Amie Lou Watkins Celeste l'Vatts Harvey Weatherford Betty J. White Elicla X'Vhite Mfayne F. x'VilllZ11HS Billy D. Vlfright Willie Merle Wright Norma jean Young Joe Youngblood BEAUTIES FAVORITES SNAPSHOTS WI-IO'S WHO WESLEY FOUNDATION B. S. U. Beauty, Miss Juanita Jolley, was elected by popular vote by members of the student body. Miss Jolley is a Sopho- inore, Tri Phi, Education major, and very popular. The favorites were also elected by popular vote of the student body. BEAUTY - Jucmito Jolley FAVORITE Dorothy Hervey FAVORITE Roy E. Roebuck FAVORITE 55 John Downey Jones FAVORITE A Betty Ludlum FAVORITE Louis Mo rcovitz FAVORITE i Q 1 5 Norma Jean Young FAVORITE John E. Brewster FAVORITE Jomes I-I. Garrett W I-I A T I S , U 1 P P A N D W I-I Y P ? REMEMBER? Ch2lH1bC1'S Y ouug? HHPPY 1 dou't believe it Lonesome Sri People A pair-- Aces Cozy? Owls in trees. Is Norma Young? Yep, she is. Patient Impossible B. B. Characters- Not in Hamlet Wfhat, again? BzuIey's awake! Dld It workr Snow Bird VVho,, VVhat, XfVhen, VVhy? A huutmg he d1d go - for QCQ Lzlrks. just YV 11 21 t? Winds Who in American NIILTON AIURPI-IY Norphlet, Arlmnsas JANIES K. FEENY Dumas, A'rka1'1sas HUGH WVVILLIS Mfmtifello, Arkansas RALPH H. FREEMAN M orzticello, Arkansas RUDOLPH B. GANDY Pine Bluff, Arkansas I COIIOQOS an O7 Unjversjrjes lRAYA'lOND B. PIUDION Fordyce, Arlcarzsns JOHN DOX'VNEX' JONES Monticello, Arkansas JOHN L. STONE, JR. Monticello, Arkansas LUTHER R. TULL DeT0ntz', Arkansas SUE TULLOS TfVarren, Arkansas LEON VAWTER Rector, Arkansas .huns ! Three .hlerquesl Lovely to look at. Mesdames Doss, Rotchild Fortunes told The Noisemakers Luke A. N. G. WESLEY FOUNDATION Harvey Thomasson Martha Chambers Cornelia Echols Carolyn Edrington VVilliam Gandy Juanita Jolley L. M. Lynch, Elida YfV'hite A campus organization for the social welfare of students at Arkansas A. and M. college. Mrs. James H. Hutchinson is, sponsor of the group. 1 BAPTIST STUDENT UN IDN Hugh Nutt James K. Feeny Rex Shreve Ostella Gorman Pres. I' .-Pres. V.- Pres. V-Pres. joe Youngblood Marie Fletcher Margaiet Smith J. B. M. Holloway SKC7'Elfd7'y Treasureo' Rfjzorler Sponsor CZITOIYII .-Xl'lClC1'SO1l james Brown ' Norma Gill Ruby Hill Beth Scott judy Shaw Bohhye Sims Billie Spurlock Y'X'onue Taylor Catherine Turner Amie Watkins Dot Williams Clubs Q1'gc1m'ZazL1'0nS Frafernjfjes Sororjfjes Tom Qrfo W'S A grjculfaurjsf Robert L. Thurman Herman G. Boutwell ' -A Spozxsors ,--AX K -SW ,N 1, . J j A , j..:Z.s, ,Q"x.1.0,.. M l'fl':' "l:f1:f, LE' - -1? "ff.Y',L9 'a-22 :..1as-va- .- .ns 153 gsgfsgb. -, ,si Apf x 4 is 8' 'gifs be M .6 ' .fX 4wz. in ,gf fi- .s':a::s,. . , , ' .5-per, as .sm - ' N29 a 46? V 1 . -s . 2 'ff :V w F f 1 -A rif aff ef" -. , , - ., 1 ' - ., -' 1' sagl 1 xv vw A Q, mfs S , . gg A 1 +x, 14 s gif F , iii, K X3 Q, 'SXWQ W 3 1 ,i.Rm,4 Q1 f f VR fy MQ, W 54 b ggzgiis ,s is , ,ygkg , ,ga S? 3 ,fa k, qi? X6 ,ffm --1' 1 L , ,gas , mst.-... mf. .w:.:,.. Fred Harrocl Presid ent ...., James Leslie l"icz4-Pres. ME M BERS A Roy E. Roebuck Srfcy .- T reas. R. Ayers, H. Beavers, Bell, E. Bivens, R. Brantley, R. Braswell, Brewer, Brown, Browne, Carpenter, Carter, Cash, R. Clement, Duiham, B Edgin, C. Estelle, H. Fleming, Green, N. Griffith, S. Haisty Neil Hall D Handly, F. Hartness, L. Henson, O. Hicks, H. Hilburn, L. Holloway, F Hai rod, L. Howard, C. Hudson,'B. Johnson, C. Kalb, Kemp, F. Kelly S Key F LaGrone, J. Leslie, VV. Ludlam, O. Majors, VV. May, R. Montgomery, C Moioan L. Nutt, M. Oclen, E. Pace, C. Patton, VV. Parker, Pierce, H. Rankin, T Rav B. Reddin, R. Roebuck, T. Ross, R. Ross, VV. Rupe, K. Smith R Tolei, A Weddle,, R. VVilson, and C. Vawter. 3:5 5' 5 THE AGRI CLUB The Agri Club, official organization of the students in agriculture on the campus, devotes its time to the social and professional life of the member. At its meetings, guest speakers, professional agriculturists, tell members of ex- periencs in the work that they can not hope to gain information ol from text books. Each year the Club undertakes and finishes El campus beautification project. The Club boasts a 10062 membership of Agri majors. All work, . . . and no play would make the Agri boys stale. CHORUS MRS. AIARJORIIZ LAMB Sponsor MEMBERS Back row, l. to r.: lvelch, Bellott. Feeny, Willis, Haley. Third row, l. to r.: Youngblood, Vawter, Roebuck, Schaife, Broussard, Johnston, Echols. Second row. 1. to r.: Thomasson. Paschal, Jolley. Reufroe, Harrison. Brown, Echols, Tull. First row, l. to r.: Lamb, McMillan, Collins, X'Vhite, Scott. Crute, Turner, Young. or-ff-y, Q, ENGINEERS CLUB MEMBERS F. A. Gleeson President VVilliam Gandy Vice President Duane Hoffman Secretary Ulillie Merle lfllrighl, Sophomore, was chosen Edward Kalb T,-easw-ey Queen of Engineer's Club V and reigned at St. Patrields . Day celebration. Bill Vvassell RKPOH67' John T. Miller Bryce Connor -Ioe MvKinst1ry Leroy Baker Arlen Crass Billy McCormick Q C. Bean Luther Granderson Mack Mauldin Henry Op Bll Gerald Harris David Pay Guy D. Bellott B. E. Hart, -Ir. Eddie Spoonts O. P. Brown Aubry Hays VVilliam Stewart Betty Burnett Raymond P. Hudson Freddy Smith Virgil C. Coleman Jimmy Jenkins Mr. A. H. Boyd Billie Joe Clingman Travis Johnson Mr. B. E. Hart, Sr. ENG! NEER'S CLUB The Engineers Club, the controlling body of the engineers, is one of the most active student organizations and is also one of the most democratic. Here each engineer is on a footing of equality with every other man in college. Perhaps the greatest achievement of the engineers to date was the work they did on Gates Hall during the college expansion program in 1935. The stone for the entire building was cut to the correct size and shape and laid by the engineers. A perfect example of stone carving is the name in stone, "Gates Hall", and the lintel whereon is carved the Lamp of Knowledge and the twining vine. The club was inactive during the war, but was revived in 1945. Since that time the club, by promoting its ideals of good-fellowship and service has de- veloped a perfect esprit de corps, which has enabled it to complete a number of worthy projects. This was made possible only by the close cooperation and hearty support of every engineer on the campus. GIRL'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES HOME ECONOMICS CLUB LXLINE ETHERIDGE BIARTHA Jo CHANIBERS BILLIE EVANS ELOISE ODAM President Vice Presidevzt Secretary-Treczsurer Sponsor MEMBERS Margaret Scott Martha Ann Boyd Billie Evans Ruby Hill Shirley McKinstry Martha Chambers Christine Jackson Agnes Harrod Aline Etheridge Barbara lfVatkins Miss Odam The Home Ec girls learn by doing A FRANK R. GROT13 - H. H. CHABIBERLIN Sponsors MEMBERS Front row, 1. to r.: Steigerwalt, Darling, Beard, Lafferty, Adams, Keller, Collins, VValker, Harris. Second row, 1. to r.: Reddig, McCulloch, Click, Banks, Hubbard, Sanders, Hamilton, Reese, Leslie, Butler, Loughridge, Carrington. Third row, 1. to r.: Cuningham, Garrett, Swiger, Thompson, Sanders, Roop, Harp, Haskins, Huff, Howell, Black, Dunn, jones. In addition to their class room work, forestry students learn by the on-thc- job training method. Field trips and identification problems are two of the many outside activities of the classes. The Club was organized for social and professional activities. Often, members of the Club have the opportunity to hear guest speakers who are professional foresters. Text books, class room work, field trips, and guest speakers prepare the forestry student for a certificate in Applied Forestry after two years' completion of the course. LEARNING BY DOING Here are a few snapshots to picture, in part, the activities of the Forestry Department. The members carry on a project in campus beautification - the greatest achievement being the completion of the park on the campus. As can be seen, trees are studied from seedlings to lumber. Club MEMBERS Smith, Ifunclerburg, Heinley, F l o xv e r. Leslie, Callaway, Cliumbers, Mazzanti, Mosely, Janes. Benson, Alsobrook, Clower, Howlett, Holt, Kriv- acski, Bellott, Hziisty, Austin, Tcm'nsencl. Pearson, Leslie. Not Shown- Rzlwls, Thompson, jones. Holt, Bxown, Brown Clark jordan Beard Williznns N. .V : ' X H , 1, gs.-41132: , ,,f 21 ge W e ff . . , " , v s , ' - 0 , ,, ., , . V.V,1.. VVVV, 1 N f N 5 ix If fa Q , ' ,i ' " N 4 3 ' "1 . Af!" f c X N . 3? Wye., N. . 4 N L, f VV , z 2 .. K: v N , W N X is, ' W , f f 5 M 3, f , , 1 71 A I 3, f X , f kk f , V , Y X 9 ,,V. R H , ,V ,V , 1 , --1 , ' ,, 4 i M I H 4, :V , 'f f 1 f f , ,,,,5f ,,,, 4 PRE-MED CLUB M. C. PIOBGOOD S ponsor tIoHN BERRYMAN Vice President BOBBYE MOORE Secretary VINCENT H. BURNS Presi dent The Pre-Med Club was formed to further the professional and social re- lationships of its members. Relaxation and recreation are important to good study conditions. Frequently, guest speakers, professional men, lecture the members on various phases of the medical profession. A series of social activities during the year insure the student an interest in the club, his work, and fellow classmen. W The Pre-Med department of A. and M. College has a record as far as its graduates are concerned . . . they all make the grade. Hard work, tempered with monthly socials, excellent instructors, healthy interest, are the key to suc- cess. MEMBERS Back row, l. to r.: Bell, Anding, Andrews, Duckworth, Bland, Kelly, Hays, Doss, Jordan. ' Second row, l. to r.: Martin, Howell, Spurlock, Edwards, Joi-den, Simms, Young, Alsobrook, Page, Sanders, Haskew, Anderson, Britt. Front row, l. to r.: McCloy, Rosenberg, Crute, Place, Hobgood, Myer, Ber- ryman, VVoodul, Moore. Mrs. Harvey, Commons manager and one of the many people she meets daily. MEMBERS COMMONS STAFF Front row, l. to r.: Jack Richards, Dorothy Morris, Janette Dickson, Mrs. Harvey, Mauclie Johnston, Art McCloy. Back row, l. to r.: john Paschal, Sherwood Haisty, Ree Roebuck. Earl lflfisner, Smith Price. in GIRLS PHYSICAL ,M - hsavi -.wi V' --i " ff-M. ' - -'Y' sais. .f EDUCATION CLASS Var, is 5 . .1 X. 4 ? we" -W sw 7 410 s s 'fe S' 9 'f 1 ,"Ku 1 . ., MI. . . as A M. ws. . Q ff M.-- mf .... .. Zi -. f I H .V we--wp,,g:iff gf' ,gc I " . . A. .. i. '-'ffffliiiz'-'s f W if ,,, 3 f , . ' Ig. .. ..,.. .I 11, ,Z-f -w.eajwfQ2s2S2.4zi.aQ',....K't.."a'ip' V ' . Efjifii , ' Q Q -I .. ,. mwtfs ...WS K ' - -' '. 1 Q' 12- Ja f K . . I ' , . .ax-1..,. --R+-:vis-ws: .. . - . 1' fe. 2- eff ,f y ii 4wvv:f:.'.I I ' ., ,. , . W.. f X ,ax . s .A af' .N ,. , q . , sf W. he ef - V- f fa' W S , Q . , .. I. ,-,.,f -...xr , I X I M ., X . X , --X fetrv ' was--s -a .v 1 - A , ,i v . , .- ,, Ja, ,WM ,t,- '. 1- - n Y F .V I ' f 'S' 1 - K f . 1 f ' ' ' s me 'S Y W F'-1:"'fr Y't7'c:'.'7' X5?,rs5,,.,c, Q X... , XS f X 1 . 'QV 2 X,:Xe:7a.,,....,,,.,,.W,a,a. 20.2.7 585.-gif gyvh t , ,., V3 -v 'Q v . "-QS7,.'.1, .filfi Swv' Gefsfwcff 4 , t 1 ' ' A f. Hy f U J ..fZ.',1.,.iL,,l,,L,.-1-...M.,,.. mrgww fs- . ' - ' ' . . 4- W ' ' NH A q 2 .W .. " . Qs. ' , 4, ., - -I .. N 11 ' , X .. A XX X f , X. . Q.. -, 5 323 . JE ... XX ff 'ff X " ' Kfw f' 1' w X V1 f ' .- W 1 -, f I . ,K NX., f.. f , ,,, ' ' A -fs V 4 , '-1 f-f ' 1 . 16.11 X ,V X ,,, 4 .ig X is I gf X I . . mX5:..,f W. ef , X ., - 9 .1 ',r.,- X f Q K ,X 3 .X X, 1 fi f XY, 55 -- -s ,TQ ,: , 4 ,Q ,L f Q . . ' Q '- ' - . 'f ,gf f H , 'T' f F . . . ' 45+ 1 if ., .f ,. A- M f 2 1 ' A sw of QX 1 V: 'XX , X: X ' X 0 ,v X X MX' ,.,,.a,s 5 .. Xp as XX, - f X ,X X Y X X , X , X ,ily . 5ii?S,7VW' ..-'WN 7+ fl 'fl' X .T H" ' "f .. '- I c k , ff " l.. - A 1 Y -, fi K? fr , ' fi," - 4 nc 3 1 . ' I ' 1 ' l f, ' M X' ', ,yfjfx . A- .. . - . 37 R i gf ,SX - ' ' S: f .. , Aa, ,, f . , - Y . . 'fx ' s '. El , 'gun Q X' 3. er, . .X . .. V - 1 , ' - 2-4:::vs.-.--:f:f-.--f- asa. ww .mug M va- 'wx-.'w-im!-1 Q-..waM-awk I-. - 3-mg.-'4-aamvesvibfhahv,,:-ru ia,:1wa:.wf4i5a:.4w': sgamsmsw ima fs . .if Q-I-M.hf N . - fisigssiifmr a.. N. , f -' wsqfi-45 .mvf-i,::.-i.fs.Msw+..,.i.w,.N,kg-f,.f-.fmt.av . , . -' f A-V' I -fe These put the lie to "Home of Handsome Men and Homely lfVomen", definitely. Yflfomen students on the A. and M. Campus who participate in athletics and enroll in Physical Education courses learn a great deal about physical training. They learn tumbling, dancing, archery, volley ball, basketball, and badminton. The annual exhibition given by these girls culminate a year of hard work and interests many students on the campus. KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Louis Marcovitz Crayton Coats Presidzfzzt Chaplain Raymond P. Hudson Rohert l'Vard Treaswner Reporter Shannon Doss jay Cordary MEMBERS Carroll Bird, Felix Chambers, Crayton Coats, john Collins, jay Cordary, Arlen Crass, Shannon Doss, Dick Mckinstry. Joe McKinstry, David Marcovitz, Louis Rotchild, Roy Still, Bill lfVard, Bob l'V211'Cl,VX'Vllll2l1H Brownlow, Mack Mauldin, jim Holt, Spencer Holt, Ben Clark, Raymond Hudson, Edward Kalb, Curtis Harris, Bill Smith, Sherwood Haisty, Billy McHague, Don Buchanan, Craig Beard, Pitman Beard, john Berryman, Mack Borgognoni, Ross'Broome, Marion Crisp, Ralph Clement, Billy Clingman, james Dunham, George Etheridge, james Garrett, Harry Gibbs, jewel Hayden, Gerald Harris, John O. Hogue. Sam Harris, Duane Hoffman, Philip Hankins, Fred LaGrone, Thomas Lafferty, john T. Miller, Joe Mazzanti, Norman Lewis, Otto Reginelli, Freddy Smith, Paul Til- ton. Bill Xivright, Bill lfVassell. Dr. MeCarrell, Sponsor. The Kappa Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity was established on the Arkansas A. and M. Campus in l942. Although the Kappa Sigma Kappa is the youngest of the fraternities on the campus they possess one of the oldest national charters. The Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity was founded in l88'7 by a group of confederate Army officers who sought the code of true brother- hood. Kappa Sigma Kappa is proud of its history, traditions, and the teachings of the Grand Council. Pledged to the promotion of true brotherhood, the fra- ternity has always striven to inspire loyalty to the traditions of the college and to encourage participation in all college activities, social, forensic, athletic, and especially scholastic. ill QL Pl-ll Pl-ll PI-ll N Doris M. Robinson , Mildred Ellington . Juanita Jolley . Martha jo Chambers Mary Jo Clark Ernestine Coats Vivian Curtis . President . . Vice President . SUCTL' Lll Ty- Tl'CllSlll'6l' Mrs. Bill Smith Mexine Dunlap Peggy Eubanks Carolyn Edrington Norina Gill Violet Brown . Martha J. Harrison . Dorothy Morris . . . . Sponsor MEMBERS Faye Neal Shirley Pomeroy Martha Renfroe Bonnie Faye Rodgers l'Villie Merle VV right Emily Sawyer Beth Scott Nane Smith Celess Watts Reporter Historian Sgt.-at-Arms i ' -V ' .f-1, ., 15, E- I-f-. - .. M 2 -' 3 5 NORMA J. YOUNG The Phi Phi Phi Sorority, the oldest sorority on the hill, was organized in 1935 to give more oppor- tunities for social functions to the girls on Arkansas A. and M. Campus, Carrying on with that purpose this year, the traditional rush functions were held in the fall, and all the activities terminate with the annu- al spring fornial, one of the best ever held on the hill. S I GMA TAU GAMMA William E. Spoonts . , President Randolph Daubs . Historian john D. Jones . . . . Secretary Earl Mfisner , . . .Secretary Roy E. Roebuck . . , . Vice President Durward Turley . . Treasurer James Smith ....... Sgt.-at-Arms MEMBERS YV. R. Austin, Richard Baughman, jon Barbarotto, john Coker, John C. Carpenter, Carl Foster, Bobby Hardy, Frank jenkins, YVillis Leslie, Bobby May, Hugh Nutter, john Serrett, George Sink, Mark Steigerwalt, Henry Toney, Searcy Wlilcoxen, rston VVoods, Lwuis Bluerock, Charles Boardman, Smith Brazeale. James Cooley, Dewey Cooper, Norman Echols, Charles Elkins, Rudolph Gandy, Bill Candy, Charles Haley, 'Nesley Harrington, Bill Heinley, Richard Hill, Fritz Hudson, Mike Krivascski, Kenneth Leslie, Tommy McHan, Guy Morris, Don Oglesby, Buddy Parker, Bobby Porter, Thurman Ray, Jack Richards, Billy Shelton, Kenneth Smith, George Townsend, Gene Stew- art, Richard Thompson. Bill Smith, Sponsor. . - Sigma Tau Gamma, now a social fraternity, was lounded as a social, profes- sional, and educational fraternity at Central Missouri State Teachers College, 1fVrrensburg, Missouri on June 28, 1920. Today there are 31 active chapters in colleges from New England to the Pacific Coast with a membership of over 9,- 000 the largest of any of the national fraternities having chapters on the campus of A. and M. College. In November, 1938 a group of 111 men organized Tau Sigma local fra- ternity, which on December 1, of the same year, became the Upsilon chap- ter ol the Sigma Tau Gamma. Since that date, 188 members have come under the sign of Allah and have continued to promote true brotherhood and a friendly spirit on the hill. The chapter's activities during the 19-17-48 season have included hayrides, barn dances, semi-lormals, lormals, smokers, and banquets, not to mention the lraternity's traditional serenading. The Spring Formal was one ol the high- lights of the A. and M. social calendar this year. The fraternity celebrated the organizing ol Upsilon chapter ten years ago by electing Miss Shirley McKin- stry their Rose and Miss Martha Renlroe their Sweetheart. Sigma Tau Gamma has an enviable record for leadership on the campus. Among the Taus were numerous student officers this year, holding such posi- tions as: president of the Student Council, treasurer of the Student Council, edi- tor ol the VVeevil Outlet, vice president of the VVesley Foundation, reporter for the local honor society, Junior Class President, President of the Physical Educa- tion Club. Two were campus Favorites, two were elected to YVho's Who in American Universities and Colleges. PI-II SIGMA Cl-II Betty Lucllam P-1 esident Mrs. Bess Freeman Vice President Mary Aline Reed Treasurer Bobbye Moore Secretary wav vga f k Cat Reporter Dorothy Harvey Mrs. Alma G. Harvey .5'g!.-at-Arms 12 fg,g1s'e-Z , ew ft., , ..w:fs1,,' -.wss.v,:a+. . V. . ex , mis, ..:.: -.0 f - 1 v,f .1 .f rf s-,N ., 7 rss. ' 44 -. 4 aff "W ..ff.ff '- ,wa 15: Jw ta 1 -'f . 2 1 E 5- 11 . A .. . 1-Q., . ,- . . : 2 , , .,',. w, xg ' , , 1 1 we t X -- '-. . he c f 1 f I Sys "" ,. P , " r f ' ' Q. QS ' '- il., 4- its 1, 4 - , My " xiao. S '- W, z 'Luv' , J Us ' ry , M -Reef' . " ig! s 2 Q. w M . X f 'lfrjffkf TY, ,. ' mf fy s ,ef 1 ' , ,sf-N., ., , 2 5 .sf e wpsurf 4 SA. v1'1"1'I-"-5:fJ2E2- 33' ' -r'- ii' 37"3:?mFE?4'Y' N X 759751 " 4 QWFW SUN ,f'5W4?iW51N fr ,V I. X if 1 . .eh We f 1 . -f wffw , M. .. 15,41 . , .svn ,M . f t 1 mfxlvf: 1 ' of 4 1 ' all i fr tx -w A , ' 4, f 1:4 iw . A lms.A.e, lf . 5, 1 4' K gg, h 2 ' f - f1 , Z .. W 1 x 3' a f r i y mi' -. ,alt ' ' sm "JE ' irfensmzzwlf' -'JI 'M ' i :rgx vii. f psi g? Q , ' l , 5519, ' -1-2 "wr - 'J " -'ga , A , ..A' fa.liE'Ja12t21.-1 1 " 3417? ,a 5' 'f ' . im . z ,-, 3 f fliiff 'H 7-. " i ' ' 2. 1 A54 if N fig, ,G gf ,rf ef fag- K fy fjyfw Z5 9 :ffgm-' - ,, far. -175,2 -. r. 2.,.f'-'zatftffa .oy .5 , W 1 I . fn- ' . , I lj G4 1, , , f ,f r 1 A X H ., 1 r I x , 'X Q 1 . , FC ' 3' X Q Sis ss f 2 f X 5 X .. S:-Q 1- ,, me -w. ' fi '- 1 , ,Q f 44' .sf 3 we f sf X A E ,, iz . 2 2,2 Wy .... ., W' 5 r' x1 I is 12 'K N V3 .Y -1 ef , , fo fm Q "- N W Wes Q YS 4 f ' f gg s ef 11 me W IN l ---- e-"'- 1 1 ' P' 7 19 0 2. " f 1 Y W 5 Q 'lift 11 W ,. 1 , . 'WZ .., ., , 2, rl .,g,.af' A rag ff if fe 'Wie f 4 Z V ' f is , , X J w f K A 3? Z f QQ, 2 ZW ' If rf Q P Q C BZ X Wm' 1 ,'f', S,:Ee.Wf5,1f' 1 f f' rf if ,. ,Q , Bi Q, 2, herine Turner Sue Tullos Sgt.-at-Arms Sponsor MEMBERS Edna Bordeauz Clarice Byrd Mary K. Britt Tommie Carpenter Mary Frances Chapman Helen C. Dickinson Aline Etheridge Mary Ruth Estelle Cornelia Echols Billie Evans lean Funclerburg Marie Fletcher Mary L. Ginther Elizabeth Hughes Acele Janes Patsy Kelly Louise McCloy Marilyn McMillan Barbara Martin Joyce Parish Judy Shaw Mary Turbeville Elida lflfhite The Phi Sigma Chi sorority was founded at the home of Mrs. HN. Hutch- inson by Jo Hutchinson, Elizabeth Culbertson, and Louise Selmon. As in the past, this year's honors and activities of Phi Sigs are numerous. They are, majorettes, XfVho's VVho, Favorites on the Campus, cheer leaders, members of the student council, Chorus, Band, Pre-Med, Hom Economics, Honor Society, Boll Wfeevil staff, and dormitory officers. The fall semester was highlighted by 21 Christmas Party: the spring semester, by 21 Spring Formal. Numerous social activities were held during the school year. Pl-II LAMBDA CHI Yviuiillll O. Moore W1 H. Howard John E. Brewster Treasurer Vice Presidem President Mr. B. E. Hart, Sr. Freddie Bellott Conrad Deal Sponsor Historian Secretary BIARY ALINE REED SZUC6lllE6I'l'If of Phi Lambda Phi Lambda Chi was founded at Arkansas State Teachers College on March 15, 1925. Gamma Chap- ter was founded in 1940 on the campus. The Phi Lambdas are proud of their heritage, and believing that no fraternit can 'ustif its existence unless it J Y promotes a luller, richer college life, have striven to improve conditions on the campus. At the annual spring formal, the most colorful event on the Phi Lambdas social program, Miss Mary Aline Reed was crowned Sweetheart of the fraternity. Visitors from other chapters and the campus were well entertained. Members have been very active in student activities. Some are football, basketball, and baseball players. Others are members of the Student Council, Class officers, Chorus and Club members. ' MEMBERS Byron Howlett Robert Smith Bobby Harrison Bobby Bailey Carl Lucky Doug Sims Byron Clark Mark Avery Eudell Bivens Bill Stainton Julius Brown 'Robert Hollis james Calaway Paul Flowers Lee Calhoun Don Stewart Claude DeClark Frank Ladd Bobby Ross Frank Gleason Bill Tibbs Bobby Siddell Loyd Howard Billy Clowers jackie Haynes ALPHA DELTA GAMMA HONOR SOCIETY Roi' A. BOGY President RUDOLPH GANDY Reporter Mrs. Elizabeth Cook Jewell M. Hayden Fred Hogshead Charles McNab Ernest Place SUE 'TULLOS FRANK CLARK Vice President Secretary-Treasurer DR. J. L. STONE DR. B. J. FLETCHER Sponsor Honorary Member MEMBERS XfVilliam F. Ross George Slialles John L. Stone, Jr. XfVinEred VVi1moth Not Shown: Fred Murphy . Billie Hackney James H. Smith Lester Puckett The Alpha Delpha Gamma Honor Society was re-organized and re-activated, after having been dormant during the war years, in january 1948. It is a campus organization and has no affiliations with state or national organizations. The letters Alpha Delta Gamma symbolize the Greek worksg agoge leadershipg dia- konin, serviceg gnosis, knowledge. The purpose of this Society is to foster high scholarship and to relate it to the three-fold aim of the organization. CHARLES ELKINS President Robert Baker Julius Brown Otis Davis PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLJB JESSIE FLOYVER BIARGARET BROCRMAN MRS. PEGGY YVALLICK Vice President Secretary-T1'easu1'e1' Sponsor MEMBERS Felix Chambers Leslie Beard Smith Breazeale Ernestine Coats Homer Cogbill Crayton Coats Helen C. Dickinson Mildred Ellington Emogene Knowles Herman Lasiter Kenneth Leslie Betty Ludlam Louise McCloy Charles Milburn Charles Owen Sherwood Pace jack Richards Billy Harold Smith jack D. Thompson Harvey lfVeatherford Hugh VVillis The Physical Education Club, made up of Physical Education Majors on the hill, was organized to promote friendship, sportsmanship, scholarship among students who plan to be coaches. Through social and recreational activities, the members of this club become better acquainted with each other and further the promotion of the three purposes of the club. Its members are active in many campus activities, chiefly Intramural sports sponsored by the Athletic Department. CI-IEER LEADERS ' F REDDY BELLOTT MARY ALINE REED Two Year Nlember Two Year Membev BEN JAMIN CLARK ACELE JANES JOSEPH JORDAN VIOLET BROYVN DOUG LOCKE Coach HIHHHES JACK ECKDAHL A ssislant Coach ,Aix . wig 1,1-X . -- ' MA W x SNS 5 -xv? 2 X fx f ss aims X , I - N,-52:1 I-1 5 . g f? L 4 .,. . of 9,1 - WW Y 'A , . Q ' i ' V, N- N ' - ' :ff :pi SKKQ A si " W ..,. 2 a few r m.:.M ..., ,sw X, ..f f gs, yy - 5 gp f r -- 1, - gf x,, Q sv -v 'firm' me -WOW MH 'v , ' 'Q-w-:.,' , ' 'T Q 1-if fi? -if ' "" " ,r,,gww, Y XQNQJSM.-1,ikg+QffS6a,4gRgX,?xfvva' -I ,iw 1 'A 1 1 ,saw fi - ,vi sselii DELBERT HAISTY, LHB ll407ZllCCll0 JAMES CALAXVAY, QB Pine Bluff FOOTBALL lPictures of football players are not grouped according to the ability of the players. It is the belief of the Bollweevil Staff that no one man is important by himself but rather that the team working as a whole that counts. VVith that view, it would be exceedingly hard to choose important players - they are all important to us. f if ' xx Neva wg! H V f civil t f ' -,apr :1 I ,W bf -,-f- ,, ,. yay. , -3' ,gf-,Q-wif 5 s-A 3, JJ 7154 .X Wy N, 1 X 1 :v ,Q .mf 2 -mm 1 -4 sw? Q f W R X ' 7 X f I W M:- - 'iff '1 if sm: f,- J 2' Z, f if X EQ i , fe-YZ? Msg X 40, 1 f 5 Pi f , is Q fd f , A i .aaa X, ay , A sf, 1 , X., W, 4 K .4 ,V,v ii, ' 2. wt " ' amz-ma Elia- ,, " iwf'1? - awefif bf 2 Ili? ' 737 ,.:,?3'f I' 'fra me f fl JULIUS BROVVN, C OTIS DAVIS, T Pine Bluff Monticello HIGHLIGHTS A. and M. .H....,v,.., ,U 20 Delta State uc, ,..H--,,,- 25 The Aggies played a fast ball game against the Cleveland, Mississippi State Teachers team to lose a heartbreaker by five points. Scoring first, the VVeevils were on even terms at half-time with the score 7-7. 0 In the third period, a sustained drive set up the second Aggies score on an off tackle play fro inthe l3 yard mark- er. The fourth quarter gave both teams a break, the Aggies covered a Delta fumble to score again, making the score 20-19. However, the Delta Staters took over on the Aggie 26 yard line and scored to make the score 25-20. A. and M. received the kick and advanced to the State 20 with a first down, when time ran out. MQ, ' 3 4-54 n yi-is +33 4 f ww uw 5 AP 4 y ff , JW ' Mi x i v , aff X QS f X K f gif Q' vb xi if wg A f i . W - KM 1, ,, .: ,.1 , ' ' -W fsqkif if Q' - Q. 1+ i i f 5 f X 1 4 . - - ., -M A V QQ gf, aw k W .r E, U s WW .I f pq V 5 .. 2 . ,: ff if 'W YH 411 x if 1 f 1 hh- W! if f f ' ff' A I 1 12 ,W 4 , J f. ,wig 5' ,M 3 f QW .V A vm N If 4 zz V f iff y af S . , vf.i:.,.4' , 'w A ML W . . . ,. -ff 'WI K .V ' 1 X 'fqfsww ' , ff-X' , , 'K 2 ,gl A Q 7' ' '. , V. 2 ,Q f. ,, Www' A DON BUCHANAN, E Prescott XVILLIAM "DUB" AUSTIN, T Pine Bluff GEORGE TOWNSEND, G Samgossa, Alabama JOHN DOWVNEY JONES, li Fountain Hill YVILLIS "CONVOY" I,ESLIE,FB Slbringdale HIGHLIGHTS A. and M. --- -- 7 Henderson --- -- 6 Playing before a capacity crowd, the Aggies won a hard fought game against the Henderson State Teachers Reddies. Henderson scored in the first quar- ter, but missed the conversion which was to mean the loss of the game. The sec- ond quarter saw a punting duel. Cap- italising on a blocked punt, the Aggies scored from the 6 and kicked the extra point needed to win the game. A. and M. -- -.. O State ............ --,.,-- 27 Running into a rugged team, the Bollweevils were thrown for a loss against the State Indians of Jonesboro. The A. and M. team was beset with in- juries but fought a rnuch tougher game than the score would indicate. A. and M. -- --- 6 Hendrix .....eee,e,,.,... l 3 The Aggie team suffered another set- back at the hands of the Hendrix Col- lege Warriors. The injury and illness jinx had a full grip on the Aggies, and though not at full strength they fought the Warrioiss for every inch of ground gained. 1 5 In f V , 'M :K 1 .3- 3 xmi X 1, .?'kff. :i Q ,,Q.yQg4- ,z ,IQ , , ww, ' , 'nip QW X Q, , I fx..-A fx z , . f ff 0 ' 0 Y f ' -Lgiilfisfiw .4 Viv? Y . 'Q X fk www 63" fy M Nm w?W'V QWQN A w I . 48 byzvfw, -fm My I 0 LI 4 , N, 3 Mlm M L. Q ff 4, ., :N X, f 1 f I P 5 tl ' ur. fm X' - ' A I ' VY f 1 W I Vs NVQ 4 1 my gi f? fi' x tvs Af? ff 1. Vik, U? I . A,s .I Q5 V W 3 ' ff xx .rx I' ,Q ', fig 1 X vas, S ,If f I , 1 2:31,-...ff mfs: ,, 1 :.-33,1 -M iffmizp A , , I ,f WA wiv fl ff ,Mk QM if ,A , A 672 1 Q10 Sf Ea M MEM, Mf t ff , Q , f I M 4' S , 5 f X X , 1' 1A Q A , ,, ,, f fs I I , f I ,f K Wil? f 2 g f ' f fs X f , , . A 57 sy -use Ame ,x M I ix ,X Q if I 75 W V L mf I 2 , . f,42' fmlyfflv' 1, 1 , A ., ,zwiij - WJ f f" KVA: SYN? ff 12. .. ' - .-1' . ,,,, I ' ' W -"' 1 V Yf lsi I f fw' .... '1 .f: :+:15 'I ' I ff ' fl ' f x 1rIf'v,7 I I .f I I I fl I H gy x lfylw, f Q v S! .zlbi , 5 W, . . 5 Q Q ' f- '- 'L lik X f :M .eu ' .MA M 1 ggggbg ,Q i :gl .xg Y-,:js3:'rQ fvgzq-f1pY,:,' ' I - 1 -1 51ik.2m:.2v'G ' X K , - My X ' I QS' ,zxr .QNAMX . X I Q I X A XX, , 'Q QI X X Y I ,x,4.,x::,.. I t : xx gaQ2QNQgS,1.3fxfI e XNQSQQX xx NXMX IAQ l - - wr- Tv 433.-Qq,.x4:1w.:5Xvi5 gg- X New ,wxygawx wx Nm fm 'ilu-: 1: -52:1 . ' '53-1. is I, . I-mg. fx I , sw , em: ir - I -f:w,2.a::s:'- f -- ' ' " ' MMM fi, N -Q - 2 L . M, - N5QgQ2QLi,Si A I , L .aw-az-2-I.: gxggk g elf- If i 'S , a - ' - 'yi' SQ 2:31 A E: 1 I - -..Q-V. . V . I ,V If 2 Iwgg. my -N27 f , , ,Mx fa I, My xbe. , :" ?f-JZ-1' A. '- .'Q- KNMQ V .. , ..1,X,?x wVf'fs 2 f img: C- " ' - I- Q1 if . f I I .. - . I .,.., fl- Q-QA-, f Q A , WILLIAM FUNDERBURG, G Pine Bluff SPENCER HOLT, T Sjnringlzill, Tbmz. PAUL TILTON, C Salem, New jersey ELMER HEINLEY, E F orclyce BILLY WRIGHT, G Pine Bluff HIGHLIGHTS A. and M. -- .,.,....,.-.. 7 L. R. J. C. A ...5,, .,. -c 5 Coming back into the win column, Coaches Locke and Eckdahl can wellibe proud of their charges in winning this game. Miss Annette Kimbro of Monticello was chosen Queen of Homecoming. Her maids were: Dorothy Harvey, senior classg Mary Lou Ginther, junior classg Juanita Jolley, Sophomoreg and Vlfillie Merle X'V1'lgl'lI, freshman class. Miss Kim- bro was coronated by Julius Brown, team captain. The maids were escorted by members of the team. Scoring in the third period, the Aggies took a kickoff on their twenty and drove to the Bear's goal to score the only A. and M. touchdown. 1 The Trojans brought a well bal- anced team to Aggie land and fought a nip and tuck battle to the final play of the game. A. and M. ...... -. ..... ,,-... 6 Teachers ...,,,,....-.. -.-T 38 The Homecoming was spoiled by the rough and ready Arkansas State Teachers Bears from Conway. , iw' -Wm in .Cf X 49 1 , A K 1 f ,Y ba f sr ..x,., ., D ,t E fy' x-X,,gK z ? V X xy if Aw. ?"iY3e?y 0 fix , K bbw .,,.. - xi V -r V ,,f'y""Hm-Q. 7 ' RQWA ' 'NN J' ' ff " 7' jf' , 14-1 ww if uf UW Q' ,QQ f""'3 f F" ,S VW xr , f 1 X 4 'ffwf f f .- 4 ' H.,- f 4 'QQV , ...V X, V, ' I' , , , fr., V I I-1,22?g5Y5f,:7' CRAIG BENSON, QB Pine Bluff FELIX CHAMBERS, T Monticello JIMMY ALSOBROOK, Monticello KENNETH LESLIE, E Springdale JESSIE FLOWER, HB Fordyce C HIGHLIGHTS A. and M. -- - ..... -- 0 Tech .... R-- 35 Fighting a much closer game than the score indicates, the Aggies lost to the Wonder Boys on Tech's Homecoming date. The Techmen made the best of several breaks and converted them into those coveted touchdowns. A. and M. cc - 7 Ouachita -J cc- 12 Playing in a miserable rain, the Aggies turned in a fine performance against the Ouachita Tigers at Arkadel- phia. Handicapped by a muddy field, the Aggies were held to one touchdown. Standouts were: Leslie, Flower, and Smith in the backfield, while Funder- burg, Chambers, Austin, and Heinley played a stellar game in the line. ffi,Lf,"f,f'1'?'Y' WM UWM, K X- A Q?-geivw MAH .X 5 ws, 37 1 ,f 1 224 ff . ,WWX ., ff A -vii-,W 12,2 f 5, ,, ,X SA K? ' f me Xf f f CX! f 0,15 1 3,51 ,FXQQ fbi ZX A IN! 0 if 1, K, AMN 5 fn , X XMX X, ' ' ,W ,sX,gf3f-xx mimi, , M ,X-f,.,,-My 2" S7 of X4 A x 1 X, Jffmwwfw fix! ,X 4 www 5 MM 57114 ffw Vf, X cf ,am , XV .X ,X , ,, ,x15: :.: ... X ., 4 ge, 5,2 933 gy X 56 f:w2M?.vv.4f4 f 11 - wfs?4fMf?D23g,??2f 'ff - Q ,', E"1:: X N '3 ' ' 1 1 , If fj'Xf'5VA X uw' of ' 5 ..::.!:': '41 Eli' X X f ' fair- 1 5 XX Xa fo 4 fx 4 x ' Efwfffwf ffwwm W A mf 4 lll, .. ,M -fm Q L I W N 1, X913 ,,, ev . A -,g-Wx, , X -5.1, 9' f i 2 A46 A K , f 2 6 f 56 gi! g X? i ' ,, N f xy? 1 , Xa , X EU X n 1' , Z! Q35-sf ,gag 2, 33 7 X, 'X 4 pf 5 X ' f 4 N, I I EW S, , f f 5 X f PM 3 X 2, Q 1 a , Q5 S y Z S' sz Q 6 3 w 1 , 'Xf Via, 1 ' 1 , .. -4 M, 2 My '25 .X i4f,,, ' . .,,,vf:.. ' ' ' " 3 L If 5 u -' ff V "lar-ey v 1 I 52 . ' 7 , A X '-'f s::::l'x..,-.. . "fr: , ' . u:j.':"11 XX X 1 , -:n ga ,: W fav 5' W vb? 5 ,fm -, f- WN Y 1 ff K .,..,,1 X ,x -'-' ,. ' 5 ,hyaw , 5 , . , ALL-wwf f X1 52899 JA M BILLY CLOVVERS, G Monticello ES HMUSCLESV SMITH, FB Fordyce G. L. PEARSONQE Sm ackover BYRON HOWLETT, G Mon ticello CHARLEY SAIN, RHB M cGel1ec y HIGHLIGHTS A. and M. ......HH. -N 13 College of Ozarks ,.,, --- l3 The Mountaineers dominated the first half of the game, scoring two mark- ers in close succession, but the Aggies dug in and stalled the heavy Ozark line. Coming from behind in the second half, the Aggies romped over the Moun- taineers to seemingly gain at will. A long pass to Jones sparked the Weevils to score the tying touchdown. A. and M. -- --- 6 Magnolia --- --- 35 Scoring in every quarter, the Mule- riders overran the Aggies in the final game of the season. A. and M. Scored on a pass from Haisty to Smith who ran through the opposing team to mark the Aggies score. The last three home games at Ag- gie Stadium were broadcast over the radio station KOTN in Pine Bluff. LESLIE BEARD, FB Sprizzg Hill, Term, MIKE KRIVACS KA, T New Brunswick, N. I BILL HEINLEY Student Manager Fordyce, Arkzmsas BASKETBALL As was the case with the football pictures, we have not entered the pictures of the basketball players with any thought of player im- portance. Perhaps more so than in football, we can see the necessity for nice teamwork in basketball. Again we say, that We believe that it is not the individual who wins the ball game but the team working together as a unit. It would be almost impossible to choose the most indispensible or most important player onthe Aggie Basketball squad. BILLY RAWLS, Guard C rosszflt JACK THOM PSON, Forward JOHN DOWNIEY JONES, Forward Fountain Hill JULIUS BROXVN, Forward Pine Bluff North Little Rock DON BUCHANAN, Center HARRY ZINN, Center Prescott Fordyce LESLIE BEARD, Guard SIMMIE O'MARY, Forward Spring Hill, Tenn. Woodberry ,L .br f fzwfiiish . M, tl., 4 N ffeaf-fm.. WM ,V L. mwqay L , 1 , 5 f gawk? Xe as 75 ., .V f . . M, .vf , :sw : va ,5 .,. r E, ,, A662 W if ' , .sl - TM 1. A 1 .,. 35 f 'if "fm 21.1 2z""Qfi52 V " A-Qs-M, ms- A sas . - ' 15441, 'fin . f 9 -1 X FM! wi, ,rf s w -Q. . f ff! 511 J A C- L. PEARSON, F01'W2lI'll ROBERT L. BAKER, Guard Smackovkr Mempllis, Tenn. We wish there were space to permit the scores and blow by blow description of each game, but since there isn't, may we say that this yearis team has been one of the most aggressive we have ever seen. Although the Aggies lost over half their games, anyone who saw them play can tell you that we had a team. Several of the games were lost by two and three point margins, indicative of a fighting team. Perhaps next year will see a better, stronger Aggie team. LINDY ROUNSAVELL, Forward ROBERT HPEEXVIZE' MVILLIAMS, Center Lonoke Sugar Grove, P6117ZSj'I'1,'llH ia JIMMY ALSOBROOK, Center CARL LUCKY, Gllard Alonjfggllg IVIOIYHCGHO BASEBALL MEMBERS Billy Rawls, Harry Lambert, Garland Sharp, Fred Murphy, Leslie Beard, Robert Zimmerman, Jack Rich- ards, Peewee VVilliams, Robert Tolson, Louis Rotehild, Billy Smith, George Shalles, Shannon Doss, Bob VVard, James Bush, John Downey Jones, 'Her- man Lasiter, Sleppy Hudson, Duncan Ladd. , 4.1123 fmlffi 4' if - V' , ,A " ' f f f A ' N: , .,h+..fff'w,m I Space will not permit, nor was the season complete at press time, the in- clusion of scores and play by play re- 'marks for the Aggie Baseball team. The team got off to a bad start at the beginning of the seoson. This was due to injuries, weather and a myriad other conditions. Early in the season, the weather was so cool that pitchers had troubleikeeping warmed up. As the season got older, the team grew stronger and wiser. They should burn up the bases by season's end. f f 1 is Wy? Aff, gb Mgt' W: ffl-1 gf fylv age' 1 A gn , ,af-slit - , V ,..,l y,,a if ' ' I , , ,,,,r, ,,s. 'Ma i , s fy ww f' V, , , 5. M ,r :f - ,.,. if 5 l 5 N X s Q f ., My .:m,..,f 5 V 911- ,x - Hsifggjg. 'f s Q f r , rf , 1 ' f 4: 2 if v f 55' 'E I 4 , ffwhf fly wffg si W fr 3 Mj,. 'vem.,' X7 g Mx s " X ' M fr, ' ,iw,,2X,fx VA' g"X'l' ' 4 ' ,,,, V -vs ,... . ff V-MM its s.. ,,,. Aff is f my 4 3- Q ,rf 45 Q 47 5 is l f X t X X s k at if-g X Q Q V pm N Us 4 S sf 5 Q fs gif gf f , ..., 1.-tt.. Wahl 74 'i . ' ,Q fi INTRAMURA.. SPCURTS RAYMOND "SLEEPY" HUDSON SIMMIE O'MARY Sludent Directors GIZMOS , TB Gene Stewart, Shannon Doss, Randolph Daubs, Chuch Haley, Bob lfVard, Eddie Spoonts, Louis Rotchild, Popeye Mosley. INTRAMURAI. The Gizmo 1Marcf1ing Band SIGMA TAUS BASKETBALL MEMBERS Jack Richards C. Carpenter Randolph Daubs George Townsend Hugh Nutter Gene Stewart Urston XfVoods Chuck Haley Don Oglesby Earl VVisner Conch and T1'HZ'7161' PEEWVEE CLARK 150 pounds BOXING FELIX CHAMBERS H eazfywei g-ht JACK RICHARDS 145 pounds BOXING LESLIE BEARD GUY MORRIS 162 pounds' 135 pounds Boxing was inaugurated as aan intramural sport again after a lay off 'of many years. Although there was only one card this year, the enthusiasm of the large number of students who at- tended will probably insure many more bouts in the future. Second Semesfer Spring 1948 BARNS CHARLES MCNAB BOBB 01' jzmiov' F1 vimvff FRANK CLARK S019 ll Om 09'e LESTER PUCKETT Senior GLEN HALLIEURTON ju n i 01' CALVERT Joy 1:15 ju mov' JOHN I5.bSTON1Z, JR. ROBERT TOLSON BILLY RAWLS Senior? J'll71l'O7' jzmiov' DEMPSEY MCDONALD RAYNIOND HUDSON JAMES V. TINER junior -Izmior junior CHARLES HOFFBIAN j'lll'LZ-OT JAMES BELL junior GEORGE S1-1ALL12s junior XVILLIAIXI ADAMS junior The Black Twins- CHARLES AND VVILLIAM jzmiors PAUL TILTON IAMES R. PAGE, IR. VVILLIAM PIRTLE Sophomore Sojahomore Soibhommlf . FELIX CHANIBERS junior DONALD FARR S oph om ore NORMA CRUTE Sophomore FAYE DECKLEBIAN Sophomore CALVIN GRUBBS F Teslzman VIRGINIA NELL JOHNSON Freshman H. S. Mor-IAMMED ANNE ELEANOR lX4CCLERKIN Freshman Freshman LAURA LYONS BILL HUNT M Fresh nmn Freshman IVEY Freshman AYLENE HARLAN Fresh man URsToN XfVooDs S ophom are IANIES YVOODELL junio r LAYVRENCE MONK ,lu zzfor f5xNDREXVS Fresh man LLOYD STEPHENS Freshman FRED M URPHY jun for JARIES DONHANI .S'0ph0m0're LORNA DUNN Fresh m an TROY DAVIS Freshman BILL HEINLE1' F resh m cz 11, EVELYN CANIERON Freshman PATRICK KELLY fu n for h To The Student Body: Without the help ot those merchonts who hove od- vertised in this section ot the Annuol, the stott could not hove published on Annuol this yeor. It is the hope ot the stott thot you will show your oppreciotion to them by do- ing your shopping with them. We sincerely oppreciote their help this yeor. The Stott. Congrotulotions To the Stott - - - AND STUDENT BODY OF ARKANSAS A. AND M. COL- LEGE ON A YEAR OF ACHIEVEMENT AND GROWTH MONTICELLO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ARKANSAS A. 81 M. COLLEGE Monticel Io, Arkansas Southeast Arkansas' Only College Member North Central Association AUTHORIZED TO CONFER THE DEGREES OF: Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science in Phys. Ed. Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ALSO OFFERING FULLY ACCREDITED TWO-YEAR COURSES IN! Agriculture Music Home Economics Pre-Med Forestry Pre-Law Engineering Connnercial Courses A Fall Session Opens September 6,1948 Attend Your Home College A Southeast Arkansas Institution W. E. MORGAN, President WW Ex ir- T UFF Physical stamina, long hours of train- ing, ability to cooperate, and a fight- ing spirit are things which contribute to the making of champions on the field of sports. Lion Oil Products come from superior basic crudes which, through Lion research and special refining pro- cesses, become champions in the petroleum field. Q'-. l.loN ou. COMPANY ELDORADO. ARKANSAS ' 1 Ross Cleoners ond Shoe Repoir If we please you, tell othersg if not, tell us. COLLEGE DELIVERY George Etheridge - Sorrells Hall Gene Barnes - Trailer City Jack Thompson - Hartsville Monticello Arkansas Best XfVishes from R. L. Pendleton Drug Supply Compony El Dorado Arkansas Compliments Of V. S. Cruce Groceries and School Supplies Our Prices Fit Your Budget Conveniently located South side of Campus Monticello Arkansas Compliments Of Miller Plumbing ond Supply Connpony 505 S. Gabbert Street Monticello Arkansas Let Us Solve Your Gift Problems l-loynes Gift Shop Monticello Arkansas Compliments Of Co rsons Grocery ond Mo rket Monticello Arkansas You. ought lo be i7ZfJICIf'1lT8.5 SHRADER SHRADER . Thel-Iouseof SI-IRADER -1 COMMERCIAL Photographers-Since 1900 PORTRAIT PHOTOCRAPHER FOR THE BALLVVEEVIL '48 117 IfVest Sixth Street Little Rock, Arkansas Phone 4-1193 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT MONTICELLQ DRUG I Complete Lines Of DRUGS - COSMETICS - CANDIES - DRINKS And SUPREME FOUNTAIN SERVICE PI-IONE 300 MONTICELLO ARKANSAS WWW Already, Sexton Fountain Specialties have captured the favor of fountain managers who know the art of pleasing the public. The rich crushed fruit makes every sundae a taste sensation. The chocolate syrup is smooth and mild, yet rich-bodied. The toppings are delectable. Sexton fountain service is convenient and complete even to the accessories. The Sexton Man in your neighborhood will he glad W --.. , to call on you. gmfmf' wewm - Qi,-Q Q 2-at N JOHN SEXTON BL CO. 1948 MODERN LUMBER MANUFACTURING PLANTS BUILT FOR PERMANENCY . . . . . . . . . . . TIMBER GROWN AND HARVESTED UNDER A SUSTAINED YIELD PROGRAM . . . . . . . ASSURE AN UNINTERRUPTED SUPPLY OF "SOUTHERN BRAND" ARKANSAS SOFT PINE AND HARDWOODS FROM NOW ON! Heavy Date Tonight? Add the finishing touch with a corsage from l-lunter's Florol Shop W e W ire Flowers CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! S P O R T S VV E A R For All Occasions Shoes and Gents Furnishings The Model Shoe Store Monticello Arkansas Congratulations and Best T'Vishes to the Class of 1948 I Scroggms Wollick Music Co. RECORDS - RADIOS RECORD PHONOGRAPHS l-lclrdwcure 84 Furniture MONTICELLO, ARKANSAS CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! A. T. Wells GENERAL INSURANCE Buys and Sells REAL ESTATE - TIMBE R- STOCKS BONDS Monticello Arkansas D. T. l-lyott 84 Son QEstablished l884j Varnishes, Toilet Articles Drugs, Paints, Oils School Books, Kodaks and Supplies Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Monticello Arkansas , Congratulations Graduates and Congratulatxons From Best XfVishes! City Cleaners Mogness Shoe Store Complele Fool Wear uick Service to Al and M. Students Monticello Arkansas LET US PUT THAT TOUCH OF MAGIC TO YOUR GAR! UNION MOTOR COMPANY Your Chevrolet Dealer FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS - RANGES - WATER HEATERS Phone 317 Monticello, Arkansas V. J. Trotter 84 Sons Mo Spencer - Jockson Wholesole Grocery FEED - FLOUR - PRODUCE DRUG SUNDRIES - GROCERIES Terrel Spnecer Terrel Spencer, Jr. GENERAL MERCHANDISE Charles Jackson 201 E. Gainest St. Monticello, Ark Telephone 58 A Continuous Business Since 1881 Moclemoisel le Shop Fine Wearing Apparel For nticello Arkansas Woiiien and Children Monticello Arkansas Mo Compliments Of Compliments Ol Dixie Creom Do-Nut Shop Reginald Jolley, Prop. I-lorvey Thomossoh nticello Arkansas Monticello Arkansas DRINK A "COKE", EAT A SANDWICH WITH FRIENDS AT STUDENT COMMONS SANDWICHES - DRINKS - DRUGS - NoT1oNS FAIR PRICES IN FINE THINGS TO WEAR AT THE FAI R STORE MoNT1cELLo, ARKANSAS HAVE PEACE OF MIND AND "SMILE" Insure With CARTER INSURANCE AGENCY If Ca-rim' Writes It, Ifs Right 101 N. Main St. Phone 150 A Montice11o, Ark. AGGIE GRADUATES NVE SALUTE YOU AS OUR LEADERS OF TOMORROW D A I R Y L A N D Manufacturers of Ange1 Food Ice Cream Plant Phone 145 Residence Phone 146 H. B. FRASER K SON, OWNERS McGehee Arkansas Monticel IO HO rdwg re Best XrVishes to A11 Aggies from cmd Furniture Co. Peoples Lumber Co. Hardware and Furniture Harry Mcwvhirter' Mgr' Montice11o Arkansas Monticello AYRHHSZIS Coinphnients Of HOWLETT Bun.DERs SUPPLYACO. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! From Greetings to Undergraduates Commercial Loon gc Hewitt Pest Control Trust Cornpo my Safe, Scientific Exterrnination Member F.D.I.C. Monticello Arkansas Pine Bluff Arkansas ALWAYS THE BEST IN MEN'S WEAR AT HUNTER'S MEN SHOP Dress and Sports Clothes of all Types - Merchandise Nationally Advertised in all Popular Magazines CROSSETT ARKANSAS PRINTERS TO THE AGGIES . Since . Aggies have been bringing their printing to the ADVANCE since l9l0, and While we are proud to be Monticello's pioneer printers we're prouder still that today in our 78th year, We are equipped and staffed to produce printing as modern as tomorrow. PUBLISHERS OF THE ADVANCE MONTICELLONIAN ADVANCE PRINTING CCMPANY CONGRATULATIONS AGGIES May happiness always be yours Ive are living in age hungry for Peace. Let us insure that Peace by learning to co-oper- A. H. Owen H ate with our fellowman-for CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS only by COOPCYQUOH can the ACME TIRES - BATTERIES World know Peace' AND ACCESSORIES Monticello Arkansas CONGRATULATIONS From RITCHIE GROCERY COMPANY EL DORADO ARKANSAS Union Bonk 84 Trust Compony OLDEST BANK IN SOUTHEAST ARKANSAS 1887 Sixty-one Years of Service 1948 Member F. D. I. C. Compliments Scott - Moyer Commission Co. YVHOLESALE Groceries - Fruits and Produce Little Rock and Hot Springs W'hc4lesale clistributofrs of High Class Groceries, Grocer Supplies, Fruits, and Product. "We search the Nlarlcels of the World for Good Things lo Eat" ENGRAVERS or 1948 BQ! I WFFVII SOUTHWEST'S FOREMOST SCHOOL ANNUAL ENGRAVERS peerless Engraving Co. Peerless Bldg. Little Rock, Ark "IT WAS A PLEASURE"

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