University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR)

 - Class of 1995

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1995 Edition, Cover

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Umivensitg o5 flILIQC1vLSOS gon MQQECOQ Sciences 2 ll 6 8 U S ' 4 I A I ow' K Y I pf x ' ..' z"'-Q V1 -I4 WF y. X- 43 v f .M - M - 53, .f 4, x 'f , ' 1 M ' ,:z'4'g:'a" "" "g h , M . . f 4 , k H 4 gr .4 V, 542:53 jj' ' ' ,M .' ':. n:.g AIX' A M. if. 4.1 Em-,,s+1 ay ., , ..,,, A 'fiififf "' , , ,:., X x , -vs., N ' sg, f an f ...AV . ' " , " --f , , 3 , l lr. f "1 , 'A k' : ff N. ' 'iii ' ' s L Q ETH, , 5 2 1. Q , Kg f 3 Gia ,iw v iii. I, , ff, A . .f F 1 1 Q, A , .k - , " I W., - ' . -gp, kg - K L i ' ' 2 'qmmww m . if K ,. A M A? 5 ,Li 1 W' J ggi? Mfg Q 255 T: 3 ,Swv i gi - V , wgff-5-J lk A . I J X5 U l A Q fx , my 4 f. , . i 595521. .35 Q Uk - y. . . , if .,, P115 wmqg ' ,, g ., 'ew -H-'A' .fi Q 'A ' ' MX 'M 'fwk Fx' 'I , . NL.. lg, . , 4, 4 . wine 'fav -fi: 2 - Q 'sf if ', 3- mJ",, 5. 4.414 5 w 2155 xf' ' , M, LQ .Ji ..- ., , as 1 '--4 f -1.-x ? . ' uf at f Mm 5 5 n 5 A 4. r , ig Ll 1 if N- ,,,,,,,,,,.....,v.fA,, ,F .- A frltiifi 1, W v.Wh2imQgi Sqn. Y 1 , Y, , f Af R 'Qui' L 1 2' 5 f Z? U ,DFW A 11 'S 'Alum V . I K Q13 rcs? f ,ifgx -'E-W W - L. ' ww., 4, M in ,Q ,416 ix 'Mk W QQEQL-f 1 aw? I' 'nk 6 E81 1WX Sh "' in ff - J-hifi ws- M, , Y NJ:q .13 "QW X l ' - f rf'-Wfwi "'54-m..,.,, xkvuif.--11" ff' 1'-f F, f V . ""'--.cgi , 1-gy.,-f'. , 'Qu g. ? ..g4?-1.52 L. E .sv Wh-R "Af P iff ii, Aw: x-af 5 f f 4 Q I in K i 5 1 3 ev an"' ms:-W, x k :Aixam U9 ,-sv' ,w M 1 .. 2 V 5 1 iw 1 Jw". sh C viffia' Jang 3 1 ., 1 , P 54 all 'fx' 'W 3 14 e 1 . .N f A X ,JE .1 2 f' " ' -. ' Q n ', ,4 ,4 . K, H: v . .4 . ,,,.,..,, f ' ' .. f-.., F: '11 Q T A, f , 1 'pt Q, Il lg K x 'N -v- ffl? hw Am Wx., I , U ww, Q .fv Xi, , ., ix 9? r s f ' 2 MA r ,N 'QV 'I a 4. -2 r 'Q wi: ' 35 9 H F r' 91 1 1 I' 1 Wax -U rv ...M 1 Q4 -. A-.N A. K , E ,P M F .fK. as t 9 p Q-.,.,,,,. Wx 1,581 ,iff has .fr . 11? " 'fir 1' 'f ' - .f rf fy f 15 Wlisw l f 1 V ,, -1,2152 ' X M N f 'Q 1 Q1 Q ' 45 K 33 ' V 'V Y in A if ' ,- ,bg 'f r V ' 25i'1 I Y in if M F, 3' J f. I , ' . -a A . '- 4. ., ' . "' Q' G' 'T 2 if 5 Q f 'Q 4' f' if , J ,Ae 52:13 'K 'r W F4 U 'X f if s izfggfzil ik, 734, ,,,, A , f www Hff 0 li Table of Contents University of Arkansas Administration ............ AHEC Programs ................................. ....... College of Medioing ........ ....... Seniors .................... ....... , Juniors .................. ....... Sophomores ..... Freshman ............. ....... Juniors ........... Sophomores ..... .. College of Nursing ....... .. Seniors .............................................. .. Juniors .................................................... College of Health Related Professions ........... Crganlzatlons .................................................. I-77 1 LI Il -1 L.L-1.1 Graduate School ............ ....... College of Pharmacy ...... ....... Seniors .................... ....... Freshman ............. ....... Advertisements ........ ....... ..19 ..33 ..45 101 143 159 175 189 207 21 1 229 241 253 265 269 291 299 349 369 w e 'i'f4f?-- A . - .. .. . me k wig- eg, 1 1 --'H - , rf : - if W ' 733 ' 1 ' ,f -iz-M-.vgf+:1++.,.2 - " iff:-'V X' .9-'2314 - Wi . ' , " 43 'fI?ifmf?'f'-fi' -ff--F .... M' A W , gi' ' ' gvmgw . .9"1l! v.- ffm '-, '1 1 ' f.w12s. 2, ,,, f .v-4v- ,5!,':iix,-3.,q'f4--51,,5 i1., , V Y M fi t'-, 'if2'w4'?4- wk-Hfja., ia ' y '!,1:l,"'li Wag Q +5ff. fQ?lii.?,fV5iQf?:'i i' '2fFF,iiiwifif-M-yygijw-ig' U s , - 4 ' V . . . L rf' f . A f ' fu fri! " 1--' Y' " 4 " ' " wifi . " . M 2 r. . . 4. " 1' .Q "'. . . QA' , ' - Sa i ,yi ' M, , -i ' 3f:1 ,, r f'-K 4' W , r " - HW Ji . ' qagflk.-3ua..' v'.fig553. m'Li.1.. -fK1U"f'+J24,n Qiii i iwiiam- " " 'fu SEQFQP' " .. wah' Tiff: 9 Puiii- :if '- - 4-f iz' ef,,Q.f"-5 V ggi.. Q i f ' I' - ' w i" if A 2 3.353 ' - i " Fig A .'ff"'g-+-f'1F'Ef:f4f1., if-'iz f Y 'if S '-Se " vii ' v s-few ' ffzrfi'-FJ.?lEiEa,:::. 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G7 ' ry About the Artwork This magnyicently detailed drawing of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences campus from an aerial perspective is an original work by Arkansas artist Richard C. DeSpain. Based on a series of images derived from photographs, this drawing shows the campus area at a moment in time during a day in the Autumn of the year. His original pen-and-ink artwork measures 4Ow x 24h inches. About the Artist Mr. DeSpain is well known for his highly detailed, true-to-lyfe illustrations. In this drawing, a repair crew from the telephone company was at work in the neighborhood on that day. Can you locate it? His other works include renderings of downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock, the Old State House, the Over the Jumps Carousel, and other important Arkansas landmarks -- including views of the jive campuses of the University of Arkansas System of which UAMS is a part. UAMS University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 4301 W. Markham Street Little Rock, AH 72205 "OJ I' 1QQ5 ADMINISTRATION YYY OF Q19 Eb AQ A ll lu ll all ' is '56 -f5?4 9 Siva 'V OIC-SAL sclffo I' 'I i I -1 L. .J Jim Guy Tucker, Governor of Arkansas rirr Nam' Dr, B, Alan Sugg, Dr. Harry P. Ward Pl'6Sid6l1t Chancellor University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees H.L. Hembree, III Bart Fl, Lindsey Chairman Vice Chairman Carl S. Whillock Secretary Frances Cranford James E. Blair Asst. Secretary 1 Lewis E. Epley, Jr. Dr. Joe Hargrove Dr. Frank Kumpuris Tom May Dr. Frank W. Oldham f Mr Charles Chancellor's Office Administration Staff QL-RJ: Ruth Marlin, Gwen Williams Director of Human Relations ' June Rippley 21 Uni ' ACADEMIC AFFAIRS I - Ofice of Education Services I - Office of Educational Development ' Campus Media Services ' Library ' Office of Research Administration I ' Student Activities and Housing Dr. BarryD. Lindley, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor ii' OFFICE OF . 3. sg 42" X Q Dr. Kenneth P. Wagner, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor 22 ASMG: Academic Services Management Group: Top Row - Jerry Kasner, Paul Carter, Ken Wagner, Barry Lindley, First Row - Suzanne Mathews, Alma Pattillo, Audrey Newcomer, Toni Emerson, June Rippley EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Mary Hussian F X T' 'S is . Xf. .I V' -4 Sam Fulcher . ,gps I. . Clarissa Smith Della Smith 6 Q y Lo. ki - Bill Hammett x X r IA I nv' -sn.-A" Wayne Holcomb . Siler' TT-ft L SWE ii , L I Ernie Bailey 2, milk ' 1 gf' vu vff - Aff Brock McQueen Office of Educational Development Dr. Kenneth P. Wagner Dr. Gerald J. Cason, Ph.D. Measurement and Evaluation Dr. Thomas R. Gest, Ph.D. Computer Assisted Instruction -flag V 'V ix r gi 1 Q f -N.,V . Q Director Dr. Judith E. Garrett, Ph.D. Student Services 'Af Mrs. Andrea L. Roy Applications Programmer I Mike Daniels Grace Domagala-Zobkov Sam Donahue Mike Dupslaii Dana French Jeff Bowen John Paul Jones Lucill Lea 24 Media Services Kenneth V. Michaels Director Karen Alford Don Baer Jann Bell Alice Fratus Ken Colbert VY lf Wf ka 9134434 i r in ' ,,,,,, J 4, " , ' f ze , , 2. , -:,,W4,fss'ffff if 6 N m Q' ' S X . Q. 4 1' ff'- 1 z iw ' by 1 J , f, '-,aff If aw" f , W rg ,swf Q 4 , . an e -.Z 79' X N x , .f-. ,IL .. .M A53 M, 4, 1 . if K- ' Wff-41 ' Q, " f K. , 55535 L Ni Seated CL-FD: Kathy Green, Kenneth Michaels, Karen Hodgesg Standing: Richard Watkins, Renee Smith, Sam Giannavola, Joni Garrison, Michael Morris. 'v-if... al "' Lori Lemley Rita Marks 'swf 2 '2 -:QQ-'Y its ,T at "E,i-P, ' x sg sv, g gifs! 6:50 43 i QW- 6 IQ 'gyii ii Q, . A 2 M 1: a ' ' W 'L Pl , , f 9 s ,M N., 1 I ufffr 15- 'V' Rebecca Combs Tish O'Neil Linda Helton ,S :ran-W N-Q, X-am, S , Q.,- fi 4,2-il' Wm 'Qi' Janet Sorenson Allen Fthule Dale Seidenschwarz Michele Stephens Liz Walker Terry Priddy Mark Whitworth Lori Wilson 25 I w Neil Kelley, M.S. Assoc, Dir. Library Systems Sally Kasalko, M.L.S. - information Access Services Librarian Jean Ann Moles, M.S. Serials Librarian Amanda Saar, M.S.L.S. Special Projects Librarian Edwina Walls, M.L.S. Historical Research Center Librarian Ruth Riley Jan Hart, M.L.S. Learning Resource Center Librarian Mary Hawks, M.L.S. Cataloging and Book Acquisitions Margaret Johnson, M.L.S. Document Access Serv. Librarian Rena Shelter, M.L.S. Asst. Information Access Serv. Librarian Director Library Audrey P. Newcomer, M.P.A. M. ,af 11 '-3' S, .ab tx I ,I ,ie 'MH L.S. 9 , Row 1: Suzanne Easley, Melissa Myers, Joe White, Nancy Clark, Row 2: Sharon Keel, Cindy White, Michelle Jarrett, Yvonne Wilkinson, Row Willis, Johnny Mullens, Belinda Rocco, Dini Petty, Row 4: David Swearingen, Barbara Rodgers, Joe Lamb, Debbie Graves, Teri Hawkins 32 Valerie - '.,5-:iv g 2 . .W N ' fis i ,, 4-if 4- ,se-gi A 'T' Q5 3'-its Q -. Y ', Qs i fa! fu. - J e:f:g:2.f. A ' "1 - , 2 is . Ct + L f I Office of Reseach Administration Edmund B . Kasner Director Student Activities and Housing Suzanne Mathews Director Administration and Fiscal Affairs W. David Heron Vice Chancellor William E. Parks Mary N ll Donoho Assistant to the V'ce Chancellor Asst V'ce Chancellor F nanc al Se ces IGN Joe G. Rath Bob Wheeler Asst. Vice Chancellor Asst. Vice Chancellor Comput g Ser ces Human Services Academic Computing Services R X 'tees 1. 54, 'Q mga' Q bze' , rw 6 n x it X S Dr. John N. Roy Director Y' ft! it 'uqpfl vet-9 ff Alan Gardner, Acad. Support Center Manager Tom Hart, Acad. Systems Group Manager Marilyn Walderns Administrative Asst. Not Pictured: Bruce Hulsey i W , exft' M Jane Kamara Kay Stephens Maudie Stelzl Brian Cobb Peggy Griffin Steve Good Chuck Desjardin Ivy Franklin JR Thomas Alan Burke 29 Sue Williamson, Dir. Special Gifts and Donor Rel. John Coffin, Dir. Advancement Resources Bonnie Brandsgaard, Assoc. Dir. Univ. Relations Mike Mottler, Assoc. Dir. Univ. Dev. Beth Gladden Coulson, Dir. Univ. Dev. Diana Campbell Project Coordinator Leslie Welch Project Coordinator Gio V. Bruno Graphic Artist Carolyn Riggan l information Specialist Collen Hyde Business Manager Becky Brown Applications Programmer Jim MacDonald Systems Analyst Denise Dempsey Accountant Kim Lemons Admin. Secretary Jackie Adcock Admin. Secretary Miriam L. Shackelford Admin. Assistant I Serene E. Davis Secretary ll Felece Gassman Admin. Asst. I .am I-we Q 15" W I so Cafe 1 Larry Bone Vice Chance Institutional dvancement llor . i t 1 i ?k , 7' 1 9+ ,r ., ,xi K mt Z Q, g . 3 . xii i -t . 1 1 'I'-7? .4-I ' th. i t A tt k1,, ,KVL A at WW . New-tg J? fl, at Campus Operatic IIS Michael J. Dwyer, Jr., M.S. Executive Director gi X .. ,X f 3 N ,,::ass., . .Q 1 t ss ,. ,- V . mf K K .mn '3 V it 5 K I if' I Q g 2 i f A 5 4 If ' I t ,V 1 , ., wud, ei - . spzlraee as M. -an ------ V ..::.- , .. Bill Cole, M.S. Director of Communications Ted Janson Director of Housekeeping Donn Brown, Ph.D. Director oi Physical Plant Floyd Norwood Director of Public Safety Doug Walker, B.S. Business Officer Steve Patterson, B.S., W.F.A. Bookstore Manager Joe Bushee, M.S. Director of Construction Mary Ann Coleman, B.S. Director of Environmental Safety 31 L. 4 1 Jack C. Mitchell Chief Operating Officer Robin McAtee Asst. Hospital Director Richard W. Jones Chief Financial Officer Pat Torvestad Director ol Marketing Mary K. Priddy Assoc. Hospital Dir.!Nursing Not Pictured: Tim Copeland Asst. Hospital Director 32 Clinical Programs Richard A. Pierson Executive Director av" P45 'OJ I1 199? AHEC programs vnu.: lO Fonrsurm O me nur TEXARKANA Q EL DORADO I'r- -I7 i II Il -1 gl- -1.1 Dr. Robert Fiser, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Regional Programs Dr. Ann Bynum, Director, Rural Hosp. Prog. and Assoc. Director Prog. Dev. Dr. Steve Strode, Medical Director, Rural Hosp. Program James McFadin, Assoc. Director for Administration Yvonne Lewis, Education Coordinator Becky Hall, Director, Delta Health Education Center James C. Wholleb, Asst. Director 34 AHEC ff Fort sms h Lawrence C. Price, M.D. Director ccc, C C A hifi C t ' ' ,W 3 .fu , , , .2 M 4 . gap 4' A 3, N IQ 1.4 t is a, Y I 'A My r,, 1 . k-.rk VV af "I, I 1 if Ai' We I .. ff. . xrcrr N ,X .ff rccc MQ 6' QVC!! Q A ALXh - H, 1 . 8 . . Lr,r X I X I I ,ffl 15 5- ' I A , N .1 fi l - is cr .sa c A A C 4 N - T5 ' is J, Q Ji-t , 4 A 'X ..,,. r N J ,, K Shirolyn Moffett, M. Resident I - Thomas Trieu, D.O. I 0 ,P Resident I Q Q Q it I Q A Cam Tuong, D.O. Resident I 'X T at Q . x k K :vu A K Q I 0 if I A 9 it . l .1 -66 'R ,,,.....s1 i . N .' 'ix xx V gf. 1' f D. Larry L. Hanley, M.D. Director, Residency Prog. Jimmy D. Acklin, M.D. Asst. Dir., Res. Program Robert J. Thompson, M.D Asst. Dir., Res. Program C. Kent Wright, M.D. Asst. Dir., Res. Program Valerie F. Reese, M.D. Asst. Dir., Res. Program Charles C. Marsh, Pharm Director, Clinical Pharm. Russell Williams, LCSW Social Worker Thomas Jefferson, M.D. Pediatric Coordinator Mark Horan, M.D. Resident III Michelle Horan, M.D. Resident III Robert Stepp, M.D. Resident III Alexa Woodson, M.D. Resident III Mark Woodson, M.D. Resident III Thomas Bonin, M.D. Resident II Rebecca Daniels, M.D. Resident II Donna lsnard, M.D. Resident II Jeffrey Medlock, M.D. Resident II Barry Walker, M.D. Resident ll Luc Balis, M.D. Resident I Janet Gray, M.D. Resident I Ray Bredfeldt, M.D. Residency Director F. Allan Martin, M.D. Residency Faculty Linda McGhee, M.D. Residency Faculty J. Warren Murry, M.D. Residency Faculty Danny Proffitt, M.D. Residency Faculty Joanna Thomas, M.D. Residency Faculty Janet Titus, M.D. Residency Faculty Arlis Herriman Asst. Dir. for Admin. Lois Coulter, Pharm.D. Dir., Clinical Pharm. Serv. Linda Harwell, M.N.Sc., R.N. Dir. of Nursing Education Maxine Jones, M.S., MT, ASCP Med. Tech, Program Director Stan Oleiniczak, B.H.S., R.T. Rad. Tech. Program Director Connie Wilson, M.L.S. Medical Librarian Travis Embry, M.D. Chief Resident B. Eaul Allen, M.D. Resident Ill Evelyn Cathcart, M.D. Resident Ill 36 AHEC Northwest Lee Parker, M.D. Director W 4 f it 142' 5 ,vi -bun 'fb'-c wi' Wsfggyt 'I ' h A , A, I W f 4 M, ,fe V gap-we ,gm 'E' 1? Jamie Pritchard, M.D. Resident lll Todd Simpson, D.O. Resident lll Cathy Clary, M.D. Resident Il Kathy Mayhew, D.O. Resident ll Mark Miller, M.D. Resident II Laura Nighorn, M.D. Resident Il Vance Stock, M.D. Resident II Matthew Walter, M.D. Resident II Mark Wiggins, M.D. Resident ll John Burton, M.D. Resident I Charlotte Endsley, M.D. Resident I Robert Noonan, M.D. Resident I Michael North, MD. Resident I Scott Pierce, D.O. Resident I Kevin Richter, M.D. Resident I Chrysti Williams, M.D. Resident I l l I 1 1 1 t AHEC Northeast Michael Mackey, M.D. Director Joe Stallings, M,D. Fam. Practice Prog. Dir. Ken Carpenter, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Connie Meeks, M.D. Assoc, Fam. Prac. Prog. Dir. Darrell Ragland, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Scott Hoke, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Troy Vines, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Herbert Price, M.D. Psychiatry Faculty James Chaney, Ph.D. Behavioral Science Faculty Tom Frank Pharm. D. Clinical Pharmacology Terry Sutterlield, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Elaine Gillespie, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Kelton Henson, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Mark Albey, M.D. Chief Resident Barry Carroll, M.D. Resident Ill Scott Hall, M.D. Resident Ill Joe McGrath, M.D. Resident lll yds LL ' fm 'Q L A J . sf A f 3 i x "Lx N. is J Shawn Lancaster, M.D. Resident I Shawn Purifoy, M.D. Resident I Not Pictured: John Williams, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Phyllis Skaug, M.D. Pediatric Faculty Warren Skaug, M.D. Pediatric Faculty I t 5 W if . , ZX Roger Troxel, M.D. Resident III Jeffrey Bearden, M.D Resident II William Beebe, M.D. Resident II Michele Evyan, M.D. Resident II Robert Fox, M.D. Resident II Michael Verser, M.D. Resident II Kevin Diamond, M.D. Resident I Jeffrey Evans, M.D. Resident I George M. Finley, M.D. Family Practice Director Russell E. Mayo, M.D. Dir., Clinical Services Pat Thompson, MS, MT, ASCAP Dir., Med. Technology Julia Welch, MHSA, RRA, Assoc. Dir. for Admin. Rockridge Hannah, Pharm. D. Clin. Pharm. Coordinator Gloria Mungo, RN, BSN, MS, Dir., Nursing Education Joe A. Nolen, BSRT, ARRT, Clinical Coordinator Radiologic Tech. School William Pedigo, MPA, ARRT, Dir., Rad. Tech School Rod. C. Roark, BS, RRT, Dir., Resp. Care School D. Patrick Evans, BS, RRT, Dir., Clin. Ed. Resp. Care School Stanley H. Bennett, M.D. Dir., Lewisville Clinic Shanna Hill, M.D. Resident Il Danny Moore, M.D. Resident ll Paul Sama, M.D. Resident ll Christopher Smith, M.D. Resident II Shawn Stussey, M.D. Resident I Jeffory Thomas, M.D. Resident I Michael Mullins, M.D. Resident I K. Dan M ser, M.D. Resident I Bryan Bowen, M.D. Resident I 40 AHEC Southwest PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Herbert B. Wren, M.D. Director .Wifi - ig, 51 1'-WX 'Pwr . 'if fix , it 'f- 412, 'irll -' 'UTD' fl' f 5. 'Wk LS. no 'Us .f,,,t fr 4 J .-1. Nui' 1 Q Q S 7 W tt ' t t SS 5 , . R K QSNX . - I 1 ff I i ffj ft gr 1' if . it f I QW t f ' 3 If XX. Lawson Kile, M.D. Residentl F B ff.. at ' -my 625 i .X xg!! ' 4. r. 2 It x , I ,,,, 4 'tem ,, QQ, I Q ' 'T f ff W ,,,,,c. Q 1 QW f ff! fy M NZ f ff K I A .W ,,,.a,.,... V W My fffkfiid-P I W fifhffefhfi L If f X I PHOTO , Nor I AvAii.AaLs M, 'dv , ,4 f f 9, AHEC South Arkansas Peter J. Carroll, M.D., AHEC Director Q k k ..-t.. that 'sm at , -ev 1 QQ , I 2 .R si- Nl'-X Q57 ,Y 'S' X-Q... -.- :gy .Lx 21-if lf, 5 -u Of D610 Donya Robertson M.D. Resident I Gary White M D Resident I Harry Yeates M D , 1, V Residentl 2 ' S ee A rarrrr S "bw - , - 1:gP2Qisif'i- , 5:1 - fri 4 , ' 4 '. . .N ,aff 4- " '4 KQV R. Mark Dixon, M.D. Director, Residency Program Gary Bevill, M.D. Assist. Director Doug Owens, M.D. Assist. Director Robin Ray, M.D. Assist. Clinical Professor Mark Buck, M.D. Clinical Faculty Mark Hinkle, M.D. Supervisor of Training Stephens COPC Clinic Melisa Hendricks, ANC MNSc FNP Nurse Pract., Faculty Stephens COPC Clinic Sandra Mason, LCSW Soc. Worker and Clinic Administrator Carol Cobb, RN, Cont. Ed. Coordinator Gen Abdella, Project Coordinator Karen Helin, Asst. Librarian Deborah Price, Library Technical Asst Dolores Millican, RN Clinic Head Nurse Renee McCafferty, RPh MS Charles Carter, M.D. Resident Ill and Chief Resident Felix Ekanem, M.D. Resident III Kenneth Ramdat, M.D Resident III John Saidi, M.D. Resident Ill David Fort, M.D. Resident II John Nix, M.D. Resident II Barton Parish, M.D. Resident II Kyle Roper, M.D. Resident Il Stephen Tabe, M.D. Resident ll Sean Andrews, M.D. Resident I Patricia Kelly, M.D. Resident I AHEC 4- K l Pl he Bluff RV ,ls ,,,. f V5 I I X' v X Donald Miller, MD, Director it Herbert F. Fendley, MD, Director, Ftes. Program ,V f . if A William H. Freeman, MD, J zof V, r r . , Assoc. Director, Res. Program 1 , ' tir V V V . . H J . X James A. Lindsey, MD, j A My , 4... . -Qs - . Assoc. Director, Res. Program . ,. G ' V M? J. , 1 , , ' 1 .V 1 Am E-Falf1tlv,MDr M i 5 W ' f 5-I Asst. Professor Int. Medicine ' V. ' . ii.. HV Mark AttWOOdV MDV V ff?1Vf251 V . Assoc. Professor ' James B. Jones, Ill, MD, fl? i Asst. Prof., Geriatrics 7' David Nicholson, MD, ff,r,, , ...B Professor, im. Medicine V ' William J. James, MD, , ' Beh. Science Coordinator Z, r I Anna Redman, MD, ,VV I, , JI? ,l ,j 1- at " A- 'Q-, Asst. Clinical Prof. 5 ' V V V Bart H. Danford, PhD, ,V r F A, vii: W, Clinical Psychologist 5 ' rrrrff f'i' is vi ' .M J Simmie Armstrong, MD, V Asst. Clinical Prof. ' Erma Washington, MD, A l 1 , Director, OBXGYN Ed. '. f . Sterling Boat, MD, f .1 S , V J A -.. Asst. Clin. Prof., oBfGYN . Q V f A ...H -1 Kenneth Heiles, DO, 1 A r gf' , r , V V Director, DO Internship "ff ' X ' 3 '- ' Estelita Quimosing, MD, V J t H, rs? ' ' Asst. Prof., infectious Dis. a J A. Scott Nichols, MD, f - X .. Asst. Professor, Family Practice A if Joseph O. Udeaja, Pharm D., Director, Pharm. Ed. Brenda Smith, LCSW, Instructor, Beh. Science Arnette Dicus, Assoc. Director for Administration Darla Simpson, Asst. Director for Administration Wilma Goad, Fam. Practice Clinic Manager John Lindsey, BS, BRT, Director, HRPP Donald Ptichter, BS, BRT, Instructor, Resp. Therapy Susan Aycock, MHS, MT tAFCPi, Lab Manager Susan Cantrell, Admin. Asst. Karen Berry, RN, Coordinator, Patient Ed, Molly Hollingsworth, FtNP, Director, Nurs. Services Julie Dobbins, BS, Librarian - :ff f ' ' . .7 I o i i C2 Z'.'f5 Q . , i . n . if 00 4' at 'fi if' v v, W1 fl?-viz Y 'Q way "f, zz , - 14, H, - fwf I sr i n , , V www, M 'W I gf - f ww, 'WZ' ! ,W 4 1 f .NW EXW 2 5 W f , 4 W 1 W 1 2 f ,fr . 1 f if " f 'ar '49 , v v 1 a in V GW, ,hx f tr 'W W'-17' wr ' ,,: M , fl. ' - M " f ,, ei' 6 Z if I me 1 , , . . n , 4 O I . . Tracy Thompson, DO, 1, I X , 7 K. Resident I I ax 1,4 y W , .p if . 5 ,' , E wg ' 04.4 I ' 1 L . I tj M, f Q, , , I it T V N " W ffl' ll! "" If' +-A tw at f,ff f - . ' ' ' fir , ,f.f, I- ' ' I I I ' mt , f -V -- f ,fl I ,M .Q , ,t I ,fw V, V, , ,, JZ :,i', ,, V V Y , te ix I Z , ,, wi ,V,, J fy Y , J, ,L , I 4 F625 f , 4 . f Q. ' " , 52" - r 5' W1 ,, ,, Y, 'vw ly, . ,ze my ani , I, " ,A - ' " ll. wmv!! EW ff, ,- gt, Mona Barbaree, AV Librarian Sandra Davis, Library Tech. Asst. Freda Freeman, BSE, MS, Coordinator, Obesity Program Jennifer Thomas, BS, RT QRI, Prog. Coordinator Marilyn Carter, BS, RT IRI, Clin. Instructor Jo Anne Murray, ASR, Clinical Coordinator Joe Dunaway, DO, Chief Resident Scott Kuykendall, MD, Resident Ill Robert Martin, MD, Resident III Calvin Masterson, DO, Resident Ill James Schmitz, DO, Resident Ill Lee Tackett, MD, Resident lll Doug Coleman, MD, Resident ll Mitch Cook, DO, Resident II Jerry Harvey, DO, Resident II Bill Henry, MD, Resident II Bill Highsmith, MD, Resident ll Randy Hill, MD, Resident II Glen Knowles, DO, Resident ll Rhonda Mitchell, MD, Resident ll Angela Driskell, MD, Resident I David Foscue, MD, Resident I Kim Garner, MD, Resident I Norman Hill, DO, Resident I Casey Laws, DO, Resident I Pat McGarry, MD, Resident I Von Phomakay, DO, Resident I Andy Schalchlin, MD, Resident I Kelly Shrum, DO, Residentl Candace Stewart, DO, Resident I jg Q? S o W , . , 2 1 f "" X W 1 . li., I' IQQ5 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE l'I- 57 7 CQ: L.l- -I.l l College of Medicine Administration Charles W. Smith, Jr., M.D. Exec. Assoc. Dean, Clinical and Faculty Affairs William C. Hiles, M.A. Exec. Assoc. Dean, Administration Richard P. Wheeler, M.D. Assoc. Dean, Student 8 Academic Affairs Charles O. Cranford, D.D.S. Assoc. Dean, AHEC Programs Kent C. Westbrook, M.D. Assoc. Dean, Cancer Programs Betty A. Lowe, M.D. Assoc. Dean, Arkansas ChiIdren's Hosp. Prog. Lee Lee Doyle, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean, Continuing Education Eugene J. Towbin, M.D., Ph.D. Assoc. Dean, Veteran's Hospital Programs Phillip L. Rayford, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean, Minority Affairs Charles G. Winter, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean, Research Jay Menna, Ph.D. Asst. Dean, Medical Education Deanna Brown Director, Medical College Physicians Group Linda Williams Director of Admissions Tom G. South Director, Medical Student Financial Assistance Dwana McKay Director, Student Records, Housestaff Janet T. Honeycutt Director, Alumni Affairs 46 I. Dodd Wilson, M.D. Dean jr . -6 , ki. A? si , h if R l , A , 1 i X A Q ' 'I ' "" 5 ..a ...uv N , ., Quo!-Q' A f - 'Cixi T Q-. ' Q4 . ,., Bill Bauknighl Director, Minority Student Affairs Alice T. Smith Special Project Coordinator , 'Kff ..,,,.w N--el' I QW? mimi QF? V f , a-W rw' iw I Standing, left to right: Michael Justice, Susan Leon, Gloria Williams, Melissa Collins, Brittany Runion, Fiobbia ohnson, Christina Clark, Phyllis Hillman, Ginny Weiland, Karen Martin, Brent Hendrix Seated, left to right: Freshman Elsie Mears, Judy Brantley, Lacy Eidt, Dwana McKay, Christy Brazil Orientation Residency Match Day ARKANSAS 08909608 S E , 'S K, '- ,ci-A A Fund Raising Phonathon .iiivlnv .050-6560 I B Freshman Family Day at .Mx f ,Z J ,, xqnpumvx- N A 2 , ff.g,-:H-rf-H-ew X W 3 iz ,.-"""'k If v 11 15. ml ANGEL 1 aff I"'I-v-17 :QD l..l Oil ln :sl 1995 MEDICINE FACULTY Anatomy Fredrick A. Boop, M.D., Ph.D. Asst. Professor Robert Burns, Ph.D. Professor Donald Cave, Ph.D. Professor Jason Chang, Ph.D. Asst. Professor David L. Davies, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Edgar Garcia-Rill, Ph.D. Professor Thomas R. Gest, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor W. Sue T. Griffin, Ph.D. Professor John D. Houle, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Cynthia Kane, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Bruce Mendelson, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Robert E. Mrak, M.D., Ph.D. Professor Bruce Newton, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor John E. Pauly, Ph.D. Professor John Penn, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Kevin D. Phelan, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Ervin E. Powell, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Ralph D. Sanderson Asst. Professor Lawrence E. Scheving, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Jerome K. Sherman, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Shirley A. Gilmore, Ph.D. Professor and Chair H ,ss 'mm .fr : izizif W 'M Sega, Y Q. M55 .. 'st - Q' A z r as Y ' J 2 . . . 3 x. is 1. . f'f ii xgrzyy My 5. X' ff is ' . 3 t . ...,.. oso yy r A ' lr.. j. 5.-I - .ix i l . s A . ..., . te.. . . 'V K? 1 .r-. of A Terry J. Sims, Ph.D. Q . Assoc. Professor if - Robert D. Skinner, Ph.D. ru, H Professor gk . W A Patrick W. Tank, Ph.D. a ' A ,',i A if b N W Professor A v Y A . ' hy" WW t fr Q -' r A SQ? N I c. hairman s . t g e ,yt 1 Y - imp V ,Q ? f' vm' .-A 3 at gg fi? 1 g is 'If 5 K Astride Seifen M.D. Professor Paul C. Shakin, M.D. Asst. Professor Kevin Spence, M.D. Asst. Professor Anesthesia RR. Schultetus, M.D., Ph.D Chief, VA Hospital William Beck, M.D. Instructor Mark A. Brown, M.D. Instructor Richard B. Clark, M.D. Professor W. Brooks Gentry, M.D. Faculty David P. Huggins, M.D. Asst. Professor Patti J. Kymer, M.D. Assoc. Professor Alayne C. Lasher, M.D. Faculty Carol Meaders, M.D. Faculty Carmelita Pablo, M.D. Assoc. Professor Jim Porter, M.D. Assoc. Professor Robert Powers, M.D., J.D. Asst. Professor 'T PICTURED: H.J. Fontenot, M.D., Ph.D., Vice Chairman, Baeford E. Brown, Jr., M.D., Chief, ACH, Other ulty: Carlos U. Arancibia, M.D., Frank E. Block, Jr., M.D., Jeffrey M. Constantine, M.D., Cathy Brown, M.D ara Fanurik, M.D., Jeffrey Koh, M.D., C. David Lawhorn, M.D., Timothy Martin, M.D., Michelle Martin, M.D :hael L. Schmitz, M.D., Frank C. Stewart, M.D., JoAnne M. Stoner, M.D., J. Michael Vollers, M.D. -1 -1 Stuart Atkin, M.D. Resident Ill Ann Bartoloni, M.D. Resident lll Brent Blakely, M.D. Res. Ill, Chief Resident Michael Crocker, M.D. Resident Ill Robert Dalby, M.D. Resident lll Scott DeGraaff, M.D. Resident lll Michael Hill, M.D. Resident Ill Diug Holman, M.D. Resident Ill Angela Lovett, M.D. Resident Ill Brian Nichol, M.D. Resident lll Jason Oberle, M.D. Resident Ill Stuart Slaven, M.D. Resident Ill 4 H, wi iv 35225 ilieif Bill Steinsiek, M.D. Resident Ill Jon R. Connelley, M.D. Resident ll l'L'f3g Alan D Professor "- ,uv ', A, 39' Q11 1 A , .,'c' -'fx Q 2 .s-M .... .-,, . . M f-N ...f 1 A 5 ' Q 4 N35 . . .L ,'L,' VV . ,4 Y' :Q A A1 'kgik D D i . t ,. A. t . sd, X George Wolff, Ph.D. Adj. Professor Yun-Chi Yeh, Ph.D. Professor J. Lyndal York, Ph.D. Professor Gary A. Bannon, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Helen Benes, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Ann Marie Benson, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Daniel A. Casiano, Ph.D. Adj. Professor Donald C. Deluca, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Richard Drake, Ph.D. Asst. Professor G.P. Kaushal, Ph.D. Asst. Professor!Flesearch Manford Morris, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Daniel M. Sheehan, Ph.D. Adj. Professor W. Grady Smith, Ph.D. Professor Charles G. Winter, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Scott Dinehart, M.D. Assoc. Professor Thomas J. Freanz, M.D. Assoc. Professor Jay M. Kilcannon, M.D. Asst. Professor Ray Parker, M.D. Clinical Instructor John Anthony, M.D. Resident Ill Richard Hope, M.D. Resident Ill Mike Sangster, M.D. Resident Il Angela Styles, M.D. Resident Il 54 Hayden Franks, M.D. Resident I Patrick Hatfield, M.D. Resident I Catherine Laughlin, M.D. Resident I NOT PICTURED: Paul A. Lehm Emergency Medlcme Gregory Hall, M.D. Instructor Angelique Fontenette, M.D. Instructor Ray, M.D. FACEP and Chair Scott Lewis, M.D. Resident III Randy Maddox, M.D. Resident III Kristi McLendon, M.D. Resident III Mark Scott, M.D. Resident III Edwin Sherwood, M.D. Resident III Jackie White, M.D. Resident Ili Tim Calicott, M.D. Resident II Darren Fiamik, M.D. Resident II W ff W ef- Qu ' H.J. Platt, M.D. Resident II Tess Van Hoy, M.D. Resident li ,Y wr .,,,.,.... Not Pictured: Alex Hatcher, M.D., Resident Ig Joe McCasIin, M.D., Resident II: Regina Mercer, M.D., Residn Ig Lisa Perry, M.D., Resident Ig John Prince, MD., Resident Ig Debbie Russell, M.D., Resident Ig Patrick Tayl M.D., Resident Ig Levon Vartanian, M.D., Resident Ip Paul Veach, M.D., Resident Ip Greg Waters, M.D., Residr III, Todd Carter, M,D., Resident I 4-v 4 4 V Family And Community Medicine fl A V? -ummm' S x N R '59 . N ',A., :al , ii Q - -L S X ,iii , if -. 5 -.:x- "fl iz t ',.:k 'dv , Victorian Akins, M.D., Instructor Ronald Brimberry, M.D., Associate Professor Inge Carter, M.D., Instructor Hope Hartz, M.S.N., Ft.N.P. Instructor Talmage Holmes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Jamie Howard, M.D., Associate Professor Beth Irwin, Ph.D., Instructor Arlo Kahn, M.D., Associate Professor Mark Lindsey, A.C.S,W., Instructor Samuel McGuire, M.D., Assistant Professor Robert Price, Ph.D., Associate Professor Cindy Rowe, M.D., Assistant Professor Eric Schneider, Pharm.D., Assistant Professor Charles Smith, M.D., Professor Steven Strode, M.D., Associate Professor Patricia Vannatta, M.S.P.H., IUSIFLICIOI' -C., F.N.P 57 Robert Kennedy, M.D. Resident lll Pam Kizer, M.D. Resident III Philip Richard Lindstrom, M.D. Resident III David Stills, M.D. Resident lll!Brenda Dickerson, M.D. Resident ll Clay Ferguson, M.D. Resident ll K 5, Angy Yeager-Bock, M.D. Resident II NOT PICTURED: Resident lll:Pramela Ganji, M.D., Joseph McCarthy, M.D., Resident ll: Duane Cox M.D.p Kam Lei, M.D.: Teresa Maxwell, M.D., Jeff Mayfield, M.D., Kelly Sanders, M.D. if 4 Y Transitional 'nfef'iSh'P Susan Beland, M.D. Program Director 9 Little Rock Transitional Program Little Rock, Arkansas St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center 1 994-1 995 lniidi ,- ps' if-vs-Q g?Y,yt W vias an I . wifi ,izftwz i lim Hein EX? fn-v iam limbs Xiai-wikr!.sl.1ri-wilt. ll-n l ms! lkmwl imrlxlws S i www' E i--1 Nil-rim: MM Kei Mimi ik-'xmmlx Rnrimkrx-him Nr-mri Nln hav? 2,v.ttlxrn.1n Mark l',armix's Rink l'!'Tk2Yl'f 4' i S 2 gi2g.,m,, limi 4, .ui-ra Siiwrimn Mlinit 'mi hilt-x Mmlm Hwrrv- knihrwm lunwf Hmm Wall Hariri XA Baptist Medical Center I . University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ediC3l HLImahitieS ' Chris Hackler, Ph.D Charles Anderson, Ph.D. Literature William D. Carr, Ph.D. Pastoral Care LeeLee Doyle, Ph.D. Physiology Deborah Erwin, Ph.D. Anthropology Laura Hutchins, M.D. Hematology!Oncology Stephen Kemp, M.D., Ph.D. Pediatrics Robert Lewis, M.D. Rheumatology Rebecca Martin, M.D. Infectious Disease Daw! Matthews, M.D., Ph.D. Psychiatry Michael Mitchell, J.D. Law Cynthia Pitcock, Ph.D. History James Rush, Ph.D. Pastoral Care Division Head t Q56 MW , ,, 'i ,T . si Q V i ' I t gasp E Q illli E lfrfkb -WMQDV' Bonnie Taylor, M.D. Pediatrics Anne Wilson, J.D. Law G-W" f NOT PICTURED: Douglas D. Corbitt, Ph.D. Cand., Humanities, Margaret Falls-Corbitt, yi Ph. Philosophy, Byron Eubanks, M. Div., Charles Field, M.D., Pediatrics, Jeanne Heard, M.D., Intl nal Medicine, Charles Hicks, J.D., Gail Laster, J.D., Peter J. Mehl, Ph.D., Philosophy, Mlcha Pelt, Ph.D., Music, Conrad Shumaker, Ph.D., English, Reed Thompson, M.D., Otolaryn Glenn A. Weitzmann, M.D., Obstet-Gyn. golog 4 Internal Medicine Thomas E. Andreoli, M.D. Professor and Chairman i w A .,:l A 2 . A , f .- sg ff l L : , .... . irlrr - if in x V , .W t . 'ss' -A .. k vzl 1 K Q fm sf 1' s '4'I'Ai"" has Q V h V V V , Q f J A . r .Q -x .5 f f' Q f Richard P, Wyeth, M.S. Research Instructor Margaret Kuykendall, M.D. Fellow Joe Calkins, M.D. Fellow JT PICTURED: Linda Jones, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Robert M. Redd, M.D., Instructor, Fellows: Narish Patel, D., Nam Kim, M.D., Greg St. John, M.D., James Liu, M.D., Brent Robinson, M.D., Mark Mullins, M.D., Charles lldwell, M.D., Velusamy, M.D. Jon P. Lindemann, M.D. Professor and Director Joseph K. Bissett, M.D. Professor James E. Doherty, Ill, M.D. Professor Marvin L. Murphy, M.D. Professor Ha Dinh, M.D. Assoc. Professor Stephanie L. Lawhorn, M.D. Asst. Professor Shi Liu, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Eugene S. Smith, Ill, M.D. Asst. Professor Cardiology 61 Endocrinology! Metabolism Fred H. Faas, M.D. Professor Louis L. Sanders, M.D. Professor Eugene J. Towbin, M.D., Ph.D. Professor Vivian Fonesca, M.D. Asst. Professor Robert Jilka, Ph.D. Research Professor of Medicine Gastroenterology Rheumatology 62 11" ' ,L , ,, V If' Wiw f ",A, , ' .s is , f 'A 9 i J 4 - Etsuko Abe, Ph.D. Fellow Victoria Borba, M.D. Fellow rl L Song-Chang Lin, Ph.D. Fellow nf if Medha Munshi, M.D. Fellow X ,..., Roger Lester, M.D. Professor and Director l. Dodd Wilson, M.D. Professor E. Clinton Texter, Jr., M.D. Professor Emeritus Anna Radominska, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor NOT PICTURED: Catherine V. Netchvolodof A. Qureshi, M.D. Asst. Professor Hugo E. Jasin, M.D. Professor and Director , Eleanor A. Lipsmeyer, M.D. I Professor Rouen B. Lewis, M.D. W Asst. Professor i - " Melody St. John, M.D. 1 2 V Fellow Ill " ' ' Qt X 13 Y 1 , K ' 4f"f2T2?'f' N , K W P 'N' J if 3 NOT PICTURED: Stavros C. Manolagas, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Directc Piotr Zimniak, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Stephen A. Ziller, M.D. Instructor 3 if-sswwv' f, M.D., Assoc. Professor, Wagar A X N A fl ,sv W 5 ' ,, , S' ' "" 5 X f Q "1f . . x nj I .. ,. N5 5 2 i R 1 mv if f 15 iii, . iz .'- sy I P- Wi", ' NOT PICTURED: James W. Logan, M.D., Asst. Professor, Marc Wooten, M.D., Fellow General Internal Medicine James Phillips, M.D. Asst. Chief, VA Hospital William E. Golden, M.D. Assoc. Professor and Director i Robert T. Cheek, M.D. 6 . V' Assoc. Professor if 4' ? xt Robert C. Lavender, M.D. l xy L i Assoc. Professor , if '55,-Q' Yun' Susan S. Beland, M.D. i ,, 'ff ' ' Asst. Professor . .fax L ,V f ' A X. ' Q . 1 - Jeanne K. Heard, M.D. Asst. Professor ' Mario Cleves, Ph.D. ' 1' 'X I, V Adjunct Asst. Professor of l ,.., . 4 2 Timothy E. Holcomb, M.D. if a..,,i ' 5 zif' Asst. Professor -i A--er X 1 55335 ,AA ,A Marian Chen-Hah I " 1' , V if A Instructor A' I V i 'Q 'Win J . 3 i Geriatrics Y David A. LipSChitZ, M.D., Ph.D. ' Professor and Director t . t,.,. w. Jerry Carter, M.D. X, 2.5, if , Profe ssor A ' W fiii W 1 William D. white, M.D. M V D. . 'P " V, . of 2 - Professor irff fzfi- ' 1, W, if U Pham Hieu Liem, M.D. f-N.,,,,f W , A ' Assoc. Professor I as . Robert J.S. Reis, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Kodetthoor B. Udupa, Ph.D. Research Assoc. Professor Darrell Craig, M.D. 'Ui Asst. Professor Charlotte A. Peterson, Ph.D. Asst. Professor 'lf IT PICTURED: Owen W. Beard M.D., Professor Emeritus Cathey L. Sparkman Powers, M.D. Assoc. Professor Dennis H. Sullivan, M.D. Assoc. Professor Linda H. Williams, M.D. Asst. Professor 63 Hematology! Oncology Barthei Barlogie, M.D. Professor and Director Arthru Haut, M.D. Professor Kurt J. Henle, Ph.D. Professor Harry P. Ward, M.D. Professor Joshua Epstein, D.Sc. Assoc. Professor Laura F. Hutchins, M.D. Assoc. Professor Sundar Jaggannath, M.D. Assoc. Professor Ali Mansouri, M.D. Assoc. Professor J. Thad Beck, M.D. Asst. Professor Luther D. Glenn, lil, M.D. Asst. Professor Infectious Diseases Robert W. Bradsher, Jr., M.D. Professor and Director Robert S. Abernathy, M.D., Ph.D. Professor Thomas P. Monson, M.D. Assoc. Professor Rebecca Martin, M.D. Asst. Professor Richard P. McDonnell, M.D. Asst. Professor 64 . -HJ if t X. in ' PICTURED: James C. fin, A 'C -4- A f ,,,,. , f W ,,,, 451 1 ' '. ll - if ff: Campbell, M.D., Asst. Professor -me if Judith Forte, M.D. Fellow Mohammad Al-Sayya Fellow Michael Schonefeld, Fellow d, M.D. M.D. l. I if Jie lifih. !l'..f" iw--n-qv -vs "" ' . A .us 5 1 P 4' . .W N' N? S 'N' X ,WMM .- ' PICTURED: Marcia L. Erbland, M.D., Assoc. Professor, James C. Carruth, M.D. Fellow llg Tyrone T. Lee, M.D., Fellow ll Nephrology Sudhir V. Shah, M.D. Professor and Director George L. Ackerman, M.D. Professor Thomas E. Andreoli, M.D. Professor Richard P. Wheeler, M.D. Assoc. Professor George V. Evanoff, M.D. Asst. Professor Didier Portilla, M.D. Asst. Professor W. Brian Reeves, M.D. Asst. Professor Ludwika Z. Zimniak, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Christopher J. Winters, M.D. Instructor Norishi Ueda, M.D. Instructor Pulmonary F. Charles Hiller, M.D. Professor and Director Joseph H. Bates, M.D. Professor David P. Nicholson, M.D. Professor William W. Sfead, M.D. Professor Paula J. Anderson, M.D. Asst. Professor Gerry S. San Pedro, M.D. Asst. Professor Dennis W, McGraw, M.D. Instructor Gary L. Templeton, M.D. Instructor Kirkland C. Nolan, M.D. Fellow Ill James A. Flish, M.D. Fellow Ill 65 Resident ll Resident II 66 Erick R. Arenada, M.D William R. Bates, M.D T. Eric Bowen, M.D Melissa A. Chu, M.D David A. Clay, M.D Jesse E. Cooper, M.D Thomas H. Cummins, M.D Scott A. Davis, M.D Tracy A. Dietz, M.D Chief Residents Michael J. Grosserode, Brenda Ketcher, M.D. M.D. e..lll ... , ... 2 T J 1 f. Jude V. Espinoza, M.D. , Amy J. Fitzgerald, M.D Gerry B. Glasco, M.D Andrew J. Grose, M.D William J. Helms, M.D Nora H. Lee, M.D Stephen R. Maes, M.D Jamon R. Pruitt, M.D Douglas E. Rimmer, M.D Mark A. St. Pierre, . Anne R. Trussell, . 'Qi X L Z' J K5 .... i ' A .m,.. W ., .'ti E' . i L : ..s .... 3 f i 1 wmv X Q ll iglifgse, ' r f- M D QM img? John O. Brandt, M.D. Vito J. Calandro, M.D. J. Steven Cash, M.D. Susan K. Delap, M.D. Patrick M. Dopp, M.D. David D. Griffin, M.D. Hassan A. Hassan, M.D. Juan M. Hughes, M.D. John S. Johnson, M.D. Demetrius S. Maoury, M.D. il: ff .. fr K: - . X f 3 t X xt at mt ,aw , f-'-'. SX. :- www ki x :VW if t 'Ni' -...Af Q MOH. 1. M 'in-v-all' Susan E. Ward, M.D. Aijaz A. Yazdani, M.D. -9 'EE.Ef5E1?1 .f r . ., V ' "2E1:,:i.t13' Pictured: Bethany Knight, M.D., Steven G. Weaver, M.D. J e,nV . D l 115 Vfz, t u: i ' W f"i.,rk V, A ' h : yA y . Firas R. Muwalla, M.D. Atit Sohail, M.D. James R. Wharton, M.D. if "t .A it S :it XX ' T'-.Sf -nb.-, t I, 5 -sr E . . if 1.1 -7 -- ' -tt 3' J -- . :'E- -,fi W '1e'f ',,. ATS' 45. R. Keith Frazier, M.D. Resident IV Andrew F. Hawkins, M.D. Resident IV John C. Menard, M.D. Resident IV Resident I tcontinuedl Angela K. Nutt, M.D. Eric C. Pierce, M.D. John Price, M.D. Derrick Richardson, M.D. Mary Jo Shaver, M.D. Interns Donald M. Bailey, M.D. D. Scott Black, M.D. George K. Daniel, M.D. Jennifer A. Dillaha, M.D. Gary Friesen, M.D. Not Pictured: Elizabeth J. Berry, M.D., Angelo C. Coppola, M.D., Fredrick A. Corder, M.D., G. Scott Dicus, M.D., Irshad Hussain, M.D., Bash- eer Y. Khassawneh, M.D., John D. McKee, M.D., Arlene Murphy, M.D., Paul Rushing, M.D., Rose Shaw'Bullock, M.D., Jonathon F. Thomas, M.D., Patricia Wilson, M.D. Medicine - Pediatrics Tina D. Good, M.D. Resident I D. Elizabeth Jamison, M.D. Resident ll Toby A. Taylor, M.D. Resident ll Cynthia R. Wilson, M.D. Resident ll Tracy Angelocci, M.D. Resident Ill Karen D. Bollinger, M.D. Resident Ill Deborah L. Bursey Resident Ill Kathleen A. Kelly, M.D. Resident Ill Victoria L. Moffatt, M.D. Resident Ill Donald E. Steely, M.D. Resident Ill Not pictured: S. Todd Callahan, M.D., F. Scott Dibrell, M.D., Deborah Quade, M.D. 67 Microbiology and Immunology Almen L. Barron, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Robert E. Bowling, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus James J. Daly, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Carl E. Duffy, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus James L. Fendrick, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Wayne L. Gray, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Joseph U. Igietseme, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Jay H. Nlenna, Ph.D. Professor Mark Smeltzer Professor Lee Soderberg, Ph.D. Professor Bill Stroop, Ph.D. Professor David Wennerstrom, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Roger Rank, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman KM, . I X s 1 xx 'N s l 9' 'wud Q., .Q t .. t -. S 'Q s X F QQ s 8 5 N Qs K 4 P? -uuuli y 4.4 A i -X 'N 1 fn gs -X lf! Q u U Sami I. Hank, M.D. Professor and Chairman . 5 X A A A , A lf.. . E ru . ,f A::ii:..:.A --f" Ngi' 1 - L fi If 'fm ' ' 3 I X if,r. r t I. A ,Q ts' , is N J Lv , 2 1. M :gi 3 r ff' . IT PICTURED: Brett lronside, M.D., Resident llg Tha Tha U, M.D., Resident Ilg SamerTabbaI, M.D., Resident Neurology Robert Lee Archer, M.D. Assoc. Professor Stephen Bates, M.D. Assoc. Professor Michael Z. Chesser, M.D. Assoc. Professor Mae Griebet, M.D. Asst. Professor Bernadette Lange, M.D. Asst. Professor Dennis Lucy, M.D. Professor Sarkis Nazarian, M.D. Assoc. Professor Jess Nickols, M.D. Assoc. Professor Stacy Rudnicki, M.D. Asst. Professor Greg Sharp, M.D. Asst. Professor Abu Abubakr, M.D. Resident III Tonya Haley, M.D. Resident III Demetrius Spanos, M.D. Resident III Irena Pankiewicz, M.D. Resident II Jain Pawan, M.D. Resident I Bashir Shihabuddin, M.D Resident I Neurosurgery Bruce Anderson Asst. Professor Edgardo Angtuaco, M.D. Assoc. Professor Fredrick Boop, M.D. Asst. Professor Muhammad M. Husain, M.D. Assoc. Professor T. Glenn Pait, M.D. Asst. Professor Gary T. Souheaver, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Charles Teo, M.D. Asst. Professor Anthony Russell, M.D. Resident V Grant Skidmore, M.D. Resident V and 1 , . r 1 at 2 f WM . Mark Cobb, M.D. Resident IV Salim Rahman, M.D. Resident Ill 7 f,,,,'r NOT PICTURED: All F. Krisht, M.D., Asst. Harold K. Smith, M.D., Instructor, Christopher Wormuth, M.D., Resident llg Tim Burson, M.D Resident I it 4 f Obstetrics and Gynecology J. Gerald Qlflifk, M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Chairman R. :WY nh 'Xl' J' Q' A 11 ,EE 'Aw F 51 .-f aar - ' 33 4 :. 3.2 . S 44 L 'lt XS 4Wl Nancy Andrews, M.D. Asst. Professor Teresita Angtuaco, M.D. Assoc. Professor Gary Bannon, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Richard B. Clark, M.D. Professor H. Breck Collins, M.D. Instructor Lee Lee Doyle, Ph.D. Professor Paul L. Hermonat, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Sharon C. Keith, M.D. Asst. Professor Karen J. Kozlowski, M.D. Asst. Professor Curtis, L. Lowery, M.D. Asst. Professor Mahendran Mahadevan, M.D Asst. Professor Byrne Marshall, M.D. Asst. Professor Michael Miller, M.D. Asst. Professor Dean Moutos, M.D. Asst. Professor Timothy O'Brien, Ph.D. Professor Groesbeck Parham, M.D. Assoc. Professor Tim H. Parmley, ll, M.D. Professor Rosie Sequin, M.D. Asst. Professor Glenn A. Weitzmann, M.D. Asst. Professor Paul J. Wendel, M.D. Asst. Professor Julie West, B.S.N. instructor Wayne Workman, M.D. Asst. Professor Joni Yarnell, C.N.M., R.N.P. Instructor Vickie Henderson, M.D. Resident IV Gina Hudec, M.D. Resident lV Lisa Jamroz, M.D. Resident IV Mako Shimoda, M.D. Resident IV Andrew Cole, M.D. Resident lll Lesa Prince, M.D. Resident Ill Daniel Channell, M.D. Resident ll Robert X. Williams, M.D. Resident ll 'W Xt X 5 5 fi . it B W i if KN M fa? q 3 f"" T A J I I 2? 'r f i '- f Y, Ee 'fi ,l .- .Qui NOT PICTURED: Roger Ehret, M.D., Resident lllg Sara Montgomery-Braun, M., Resident Ill, Kay Chandler, M.D., Resident Ilg Cynthia Hubach, M.D., Resident J. Todd Hannah, M.D., Resident I3 Chad Hill, M.D., Resident lg Mary Kathleen gram, M.D., Resident lg Katrina Lackey-Davis, M.D., Resident I gr ,, aw, WL.. Ophthalmology John P. Shock, M.D. Professor and Chairman if , W .. st W is RL . .f Qi if as-., ,l W., . W., Y'-N A A 'Us 4 -if Michael Brodsky, M.D. Assoc. Professor Michael F. Brown, M.D. Assoc. Professor Morriss M. Henry, M.D. Assoc. Professor James H. Landers, MD Assoc. Professor John S. Penn, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Gissur Petursson, M.D. Professor Charles D. Rice, M.D. Assoc. Professor Michael Roberson, MD, Assoc. Professor A. Henry Thomas, M.D. Assoc. Professor Sloan Wilson, M.D. Assoc. Professor Laurie Barber, M.D. Asst. Professor J. David Bradford, M.D. Asst. Professor Harry H. Brown, MD. Asst. Professor Stephen P. Christiansen M D Asst. Professor Richard Harper, MD. Asst. Professor Bryon Lam, M.D. Asst. Professor Rickey Medlock, M.D. Asst. Professor Joe Smith, M.D. Asst, Professor Thomas L. Steinemann, M D Asst. Professor Julia Whiteside, M.D. Asst. Professor Scott Claycomb, M.D. Resident Physician Russ Harral, M.D. Resident Physician Paul Henry, M.D. Resident Physician Alan Hughes, M.D. Resident Physician Erick Kaufman, M.D. Resident Physician John Kozlovsky, M.D. Resident Physician David Panahi, M.D. Resident Physician John Phillips, M.D. Resident Physician Ivory Reis, M.D. Resident Physician Garrick Rettele, M.D. Resident Physician Pam Robinson, M.D. Resident Physician Bryce Shutt, M.D. Resident Physician Larry Merin Clinical Instructor Janace Shelton, O.D. Clinical Instructor Judy Sims Administrator Susan Robbins, Ph.D. Research Associate fe it . ' A 1... X , Y. in as X tx. . 'UNK c . 'Q .i ' . 4 it M' , , V . t K Hrs' 5553? yy .fr- hi' Q f ' ,sf , OPHTHALMOLOGY ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: iKneeIing I. to r.J Sissy Branch, Jack- ie Wagner Jackie Bunch Martha Jones, and Stephanie Thompson. qBack 1. to ry Marsha Hines Carryi Blackburn Peggy Denman, Medine Watson, Lindell Howdeshell, and Andrea de Bin tnot in photo Diana Lamey.J ' X. OPHTHAMOLOGY CLINIC STAFF: fground I. to r.J Susan Earnest, Dorothy Gray Angela Holland, Anne Buckholtz, Vicki Moore, Lashanna Brooks, Lisa Fletcher, ani Levern Clements, iabove I. to r.J Judy Henderson, Kristy Conner, Beth Wheeler, Shirlej Hankins, Kathy Thomas, Cindy Sanders, Charolette Paul, and Trudy Guerin. inot ii photo: Karen Cooper, Kelly Overstreet, and Barb Peters.l V t S V i f r ll .qiibbf a 215, . ti Carl L. Nelson, M.D. N Professor and Chairman N f l 'ts-r,Di.'?5 4 f. , 3 N We iw M? at? - 'L111 - M Mark Allard, M.D. ' A 1 h"' r - Resident Ill Frank Griffin, M.D. Resident Ill Jamie McAtee, M.D. Resident ll 1 , ' eiid r eeee A ieeei rreirr are Q. eerre eeeei ,idrr , dd,r , ehe, er,. . r ll d . ,, . ff -' - . iieifi S 5 "'g' V 'fggc K ',,x ' , , ' 3 ' - -' "-'1' V .f OT PICTURED: Shagufta Khan, M.D., lnstructorg B.J. Saunders, R.N.g Kevin Moran, M.D., Resident Vg C. Dwayne Daniels, M.D., esident lllg RESIDENT ll: Wayne L Brufett, M.D., David B. Clause, M.D., John H. Harp, M.D., Steven E. Roser, M.D.g Edward A. Sparling, .D.g Patrick Gannon, M.D.g Jerry Lorio, M.D., Gregg Massenelli, M.D. Samuel Agnew, M.D. Asst. Professor Lesley Allbritten, R.N. James Aronson, M.D. Assoc. Professor Dale R. Blasier, M.D. Asst. Professor Charlene Flahiff, M.S. J.Nt. uruenwald, M.D. Instructor Sandra Hickmon, B.S. Research Asst. Marcus Hollis Asst. Professor Laurie Hughes, M.D. Asst. Professor Richard W. Nicholas, M.D. Asst. Professor Cheryl Puskarich, Ph.D. Research Assoc. Xing Chu Sen, M.D. Instructor Robert A. Skinner, B.S. Research Assoc. Nancy Jo Smith, R.N.P. Charlie L. Stewart, B.S. Research Assoc. Ruth L. Thomas, M.D. Asst. Professor J.L. Vander Schilden, M.D Assoc. Professor Malcolm Bryler, M.D. Resident IV Minoo Hadjari, M.D. Resident IV Neal Lintecum, M.D. Resident IV 75 J. Michael Key, M.D ,mm.x Assoc. Professor .?if1 , Robert W. Seibert, M.D. -' Professor Milton, Waner, M.D. Assoc. Professor ' ' ' Hassan Bashiri, D.M.D. Asst. Professor Charles M. Bower, M.D. t -T-.,.. Asst. Professor S as t it-vs M, Q t Q'-te-"Its 'NNl0'Xe? ft.5,Rig2r,1. . . A John Dornhoffer, M.D. Asst. Professor Ehab Hanna, M.D. Asst. Professor Daniel Eaton, B.C.O., I.M.F.T. Asst. Professor H. Graves Hearnsburger, III, M.D. Asst. Professor Scott J. Stern, M.D. Asst. Professor A. Reed Thompson, M.L1. Asst. Professor Allen Sherman, Ph.D. Instructor Stephanie M. Simonton, Ph.D. Instructor Randall Breau, M.D. Resident V Wilbur Hah, M.D. Resident V , A S' it K, x Fifi' "' ,Q Xb X X X J X fs Anthony Alleman, M.D. ssss sf J - ssss f - ff . ifs. "'1 2- - .--,. ,.--- ' 1 1 t X , s . ' ss X tm , has A 1 N XX .t...., -..A it , 2 A Resident IV Daniel Kirse, M.D. . Resident IV 2 'V h Bryan Lansford, M.D. I George Liu, M.D. f 'rum fr f Resident Ill ' iti ' M GB. Colvin, IV, M.D. M My f Resident ii ,. y r I iiit NOT PICTURED: Stephen T. Flock, Ph.D., Asst. Professor: Lee Ann Golper, Ph.D., lnstructorg Cathy Henderson, M.S., lnstructorg Gretche Spring, M.A., C.C.C., Instructor: Kathleen Wesson, M.A., Instructorg Leslie Baker, M.D., Resident Ill, Michael McGhee, M.D., Resident I Steve Orten, M.D., Resident ll 76 wk GQ ss ,, ,gf ? .Q .-,X Pathology Mis N S- .,.. ,fm he . ,, , ff vs. i'5T'II'T.3 i f .. . . .V s A .gi!'P1i and -ft g 'Ei i fa 'fi Q Q A 'Z . I . .1 . H .gk . - YMNC X Q. . .X.g...L. i iii... N i ff- A ' 2 A 2'-I .f.?' .. if 5 X Glenn Baker, M.D. Professor Marge Brewster, M.D. Professor Louis Chang, Ph.D. Professor Louis Fink, M.D. Professor Robin R. Jones, M.D. Professor Robert E. Mrak, M.D.,Ph.D Professor Alex Pappas, M.D. Professor James A. Waldron, M.D. Professor Kathleen Eisenbach, M.D. Assoc. Professor Joe Jones, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Linda Perrot, M.D. Assoc, Professor Jeffrey R. Sawyer, M.D. Assoc. Professor Robert F. Schaefer, M.D. Assoc. Professor Francine Tryka, M.D. Assoc. Professor Harry H. Brown, M.D. Asst. Professor Michael Creer, M.D. Asst. Professor Mary Joe Drew, M.D. Asst. Professor Ralph Sanderson, M.D. Asst. Professor Roby Thomas, M.D.,Ph.D. Asst. Professor Gary Anzalone, M.D. Instructor Steve Erikson, lvi.u. Instructor Charles Farmer,M.D. Instructor Keith Haiston, M.D. Instructor Maria Porter, M.D. Instructor Matt Williams, M.D. Resident IV Roger Fink, M.D. Resident IV Noel Libuit, M.D. Resident IV Laura Lowther, M.D. Resident IV Lou Ann Maes, M.D. Resident IV Paula North, M.D. Resident III Robert Shaver, M.D. Resident Ill Paul Stout, M.D. Resident .?.....i4. Q. ,p ,, ff 'ff' 'I g1'Y. Y nr' , A 1 Q I -. 'rr" . zll ' X ,O f N f ls: i 1 NOT PICTURED: William Q. Sturner, M.D., Professor, Harold J. White, M.D., Professor, M.D., Resident V, Pietro De Jogni, M.D., Asst. Professor, Richard Hoover, M.D., Assoc. Hsu, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor, Su-Ming Hsu, M.D., Professor, Muhammad Husain, M.D Thomas Kelly, M.D., Asst. Professor, Shohelia Korourian, M.D., Asst. Professor, Jane Professor. Rebecca Wheeler Professor, Pei-Ling ., Assoc. Professor M. Bell, M.D., Asst ! . ,.f ' 1 ' f 1 Mya fav., Z time , , V,, 1. ., , ,,,. 1,197 w V! Q if , Xdolescent Medicine 1. A QV' Maria Portilla, M.D. Asst. Professor OT PICTUFREDZ Brian Hardin, M.D., Divi- on Chief and Asst. Professor Dardiology 4' 8 37 ? 2. 9 f lg Q V . ., -' 2 -11 -' Viiii Q - P6Cli3tl'iCS Terry Yamauchi, M.D. Professor and interim Chairman Allergy and Immunology L - 5 7 s Q 5 . g I f -i' y 1 ' A Wesley Burks, M.D. Rosiland Abernathy, M.D. Gary Wheeler, M.D. Division Chief and Assoc. Assoc. Professor Assoc. Professor Professor NOT PICTURED: Flick Helm, M.D., Asst. Professor J.B. Norton, M.D. I Division Chief and Professor a P Ernest Keil, M.D. Assoc. Professor Michele Moss, M.D. Assoc. Professor Chris Erikson, M.D. Asst. Professor --fu L41 4 r, r . James Fasules, M.D. Assoc. Professor Elizabeth Frazier Asst. Professor in, y Paul Seib, M.D. " V Instructor Critical Care Debra Fiser, M.D. Division Chief and Professor 1,4 Mark Huelm, M.D. ' 1 it . Asst. Professor . A A , ,Q Al Torres, M.D. ' my R mm VV .. - 4 Asst- Pfofessof st,r . . A 5 it Steve Schexnaydery MID- i ii ..:.: . , f, K A i Iz- s A y 'KF 'iii , ' y . si L If t. . A . A ,X X K V K: .ISF i K Developmental Pediatrics Patrick Casey, M.D. Division Chief and Professor Jerry Jones, MD. Assoc. Professor b b A it Patrick Stem, M.D. g g , ,QQ Q1 Assoc. Professor PHOTU L y t t "' " NOT M A . P W- ts AVAILABLE -'fs -A-' Edmond Ashcraft, M.D. Assoc. Professor Janice Church, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Charles Field, MD, Asst. Professor Yr 'KR NOT PICTURED: Michael Mellon, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Mark Edwards, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Eldon Schul M.D., Asst. Professor, Tyra Reid, M.D., Asst. Professor Developmental Pediatrics!Psychology Nicholas, Long, Ph.D. Division Chief and Assoc. Professor Mark Chaffin, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Cynthia Ftickrt, Ph.D. instructor Vaughn Ftickert, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Jane Williams, Ph.D. Asst. Professor 80 'X ,. ..... ,,, .QE ,. N, -K '3- sf' Na NOT PICTUFRED: Larry Evans, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Karen Worley, Instruct ndocrinology :je . .F I , si ' , , -- I Ai I mergency Medicine 4 . ! f Meredith Krebel, M.D. Instructor Janet Carmack, M.D. Instructor 9N""Y astroenterology . It-fs. M in W., S ii' Don Foster, M.D. Assoc. Professor Steve Shirm, M.D. Asst. Professor Dileepkumar Vyas, Assoc. Professor M.D. Stephen Kemp, M.D. Division Chief and A Robert Fiser, M.D. Professor Paul Frindik, M.D. Asst. Professor Steve Krebel, M.D. Instructor ssoc. Professor NOT PICTURED: Kate Pihoker, M.D Asst Professor NOT PICTURED: Fthonda Dick, M.D., Division Chief and Asst. Professorg Eva Komorski, M.D., Asst. Professorg Charles Gra- ' g s - '4i:',',m. - f ' Q ff ,...:w.,+ I mar? ,Gm J'WSs'f". "nf ff' Q. ' "f.'f!'H . . fvijjt "T" " f .cfm ,.aff1..'3f'I ' wfvwr. -I 2 . ' ' 3 I' PICTURED: Pam Brown, M.D., Asst. Professor Donald Mock, M.D. Assoc. Professor Doris Moutos, M.D. Asst. Professor Maryelie Vonlanthe U, General Pediatrics Joe Elser, M.D. Division Chief and Assoc. Professor Betty Lowe, M.D. Professor Robert Glenn, M.D. Assoc. Professor Debbie Becton, M.D. Asst. Professor Date Briggs, M.D. Asst. Professor Terri Hymel, M.D. Asst. Professor Laura McLeane, M.D. Asst. Professor Virginia Melhorn, M.D. Asst. Professor Becky Schexnayder, M.D. Asst. Professor Sam Shultz, M.D. Assoc. Professor Chris Smith, M.D. Asst. Professor Malinda Webb, M.D. instructor 82 'ww M.. .... . A. .,?',fi3h'M . . A-: N" ' 44. -we rx ..,...t. - I Janet Udouj, M.D. Asst. Professor Larry Simmons, M.D. Instructor NOT PICTUBED: Paula Morris, M.D., Asst. Professor Epidemiology Russel Kirby, Ph.D. Asst. Professor .MI YN-v -"9 ,dv Division Chief and D.H. Berry, M.D. Professor Kimo Stine, M.D. Asst. Professor T' ,4 K . , V, K. , . I David Becton, M.D. Assoc. Professor wg F9 .avi Philip Berry, M.D. Division Chief and Ass Craig Belsha, M.D. Asst. Professor Eileen Ellis, M.D. Assoc. Professor Tom Wells, M.D. Assoc. Professor Stephen Bates, M.D. Division Chief and As s Gordon Schutze, M.D. Asst. Professor Toni Darville, M.D. Asst. Professor Tommy Cross, M.D. Instructor Steve Hickerson, M.D. Instructor Richard Jacobs, M.D. Division Chief and Professor Gordon Schutze, M.D. Asst. Professor Toni Darville, M.D. Asst. Professor Tommy Cross, M.D. Instructor Steve Hickerson, M.D. Instructor oc. Professor oc. Professor 83 Neurology X Rehabilitation Medicine Vikki Stefans, M.D. Asst. Professor Neonatology Joanne Szabo, M.D. Assoc. Professor Bonnie Taylor, M.D. :q,.: Assoc. Professor Donald Walter, M.D. 3 f' V Assoc. Professor ..., if ' I Paul Grim, M.D. Asst. Professor gf I what Hall, M.D. if " 'K 'msn Rf g Asst. Professor Susan Landers, M.D. Asst. Professor Robert Lyle, M.D. Asst. Professor Billy Thomas, M.D. Asst. Professor 'MW f Cindy Bonner, M.D. Instructor 'V' Susan Manley, M.D. Instructor 'U' 20'-u Research Joan Cranmer, Ph.D. Professor Sue T. Griffin, Ph.D. Professor Charles Lumpkin, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Carrie Valentine, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Ray Hakkak, Ph.D. Instructor NOT PICTURED: Martin Ranis, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Frank Scalzo, PH.D., Asst. Profe 84 ,I A u'monary . fl? , y . 1' ! Jtrition Pharmacology vfargaret Bogle, M.D. Asst. Professor ofessor Emeritus if Nab' . 1 "r-- ' PICTURED: James Dennis, M.D. Greg Kearns, Pharm. D. Division Chief and Assoc. Professor Robert Warren, M.D. Division Chief and Professor Asst. Professor Jimmie Valentine, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Karl Karson, M.D. Assoc. Professor Deborah Fawcett, M.D. University Affiliated Programs NOT PICTURED: Judith Holt, Ph,D Asst. Professor Mark Swanson, M.D. Assoc. Professor . Roger Bosf, M.D. Florence Char, M.D. W.T. Dungan, M.D. Vida Gordon, M.D. 85 ,-we University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Arkansas ChiIdren's Hospital Wwrmrrmr Department of Pediatrics Housestaff gjfeqaglifgem ' 1994-1995 Third Year Laurie Anrmrrw Lauri Pmch A'i Q' Y 14, Second Year as in JM! Cfarg 5. A fi- Ji rr xi Holly Rahman M Af-if rr Don Enrtwiztta Allison Qmmingham ai19rn ama 62 A atm "1 as Marsha Salman Tony! Scruggs su Berry Grlrmom Q tt.t 3 David Smith V . 'a Ann Kinrrwz l 3 liirnrrgrr 5?3m171rrr,2g September 9 1 x f5sYi,!' f35lYi,'3'W.V: V A"5fiV'Hi3'2 WCSRNOOK i Arkfifziwaai 053' R I ' T2 ' I - ,,rk A V , - , ' 4- Shelly Baldwin Ron Beckel Lee Bigham Wanda Cade Ann Contrucci Sher Craig U Arkansas U Arkansas U Mississippi U Mrssrssrppi Med College U Arkansas of Georgia 'ti'-jf ' in f 'QJQ A ' 5 A , A 1 ,, .ram sr i " F Adele Heard U Arkansa- Greg Garrison Southern xllrnols U 'R- 4 ik r L 71 Debra McCaslin Lanna McClain U Nebraska Texas ABM Chuck Horton Olcay Jones Charlotte Hobbs Jack Hopkins A HV U P McMasterU U Mrssoorr if Arrfiflaffr U Race ep, Canada Colombia U' HV r if ra ' Elf' I My 'sir "iff A1 Q- ig rr 2 'rr " -' A J' ,, -, 'g.,,m,y VV 1 ,- .m. ' 6:4 .zz . , L Q. Lisa Mosher Neylon Natella Julia Togami U. Tennessee Pilkington Flakhmanina U Texas, U. Arkansas U of Friendship- Galveston Moscow Beth Froma U Arkansas V rr? rf D'Ette Lori U Mrssissro W "Wes are Dale Wilkin U ATKSUSHS rst Year Y Y may Bemis , 74, ,, 4 wygw YW! Haight bfi! ,Ma-vQo-w 2 mnofgsa me May H mera f'iw,ffw 4' rdicine - -urth Year sith Fenner I Y 5-. f Marilyn iihvens . Z3'5'4k" be 2 , f ,.' L. 29, , --.g k ill! H-IM 1 x Azgfnfgyffm Mars: Maude 'f-my ' 151' fiffff Pediatrics is Andy Havrhsns wx egg A K M Y QFYEFHF Q uw ird Year , F 'Q' 5 4 ' . -:ft 1' , M N ' 7 Anqeroccs mmm Bomqu Dubbo Bunny - ,,,, g,.M,,,. S-sec Agn, Ycze: Nova!! Duhikd Sindy' 5 . . J.w.y- ,r H My mm-y Gmac him? wmgv 4 ,Mc N124 Shannon Jewel! Afkanms Audra Reiley- Prmfce 3315- ff John Menard First Year A Yodd Callahan nf- ,f Elma Foriim M Scon Ovbrell YQ, ,,,.r,. W. V Afwrafmwa ' Wif- Kllhy KH!-DO X5 AfH.,Q!'i,,f'5'- Kim Moon if Yillzil' Nfvf fl YN ,fm A -11 Second Year exif Missy Graham Kam Gordon AYil.'i'M-VA" Cmmsan Michni Meliofy Lgndggy MW! i QWMQQ' Met? Wuifffgv bwfwd Knits Petfrwz Yim Ven Noy g H25 'A' 'sf-,lsfpqQzr! E5 MEYfwwMH,iLRj:i .F hi! Nihon am- sum may 7'Y50f QW! X, wwiw, ij A,m,xM5L Arnrqwmr f f 00560 Oulde N A'mf-mm, Pharmacology and Toxicology IN -on wa' 'Q Donald E. McMillan, Pharmacology Galen Fl. Wenger, Ph.D. Professor, Director of Pharmacology Richard Kennedy, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Philip Fl. Mayeux, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Michael S. Owens, Ph.D. Professor Professor and Ernst Seifen, MD., Ph.D. Professor Joseph Fl. Stimers, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor W. David We-ssinger, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Toxicology Jack A. Hinson, Ph.D. Professor, Director of Toxicology Jay Gandy, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Neil Pumford, Ph.D. Asst. Professor , pi , ', A ' .,k, ! l 'Ad , ... i if Q a ew. Ex? NOT PICTURED: Flandal J. Keller, Ph.D., Professorg Victor Samokyszyn, Ph Asst. Professorg Dan Schlenk, Ph.D., Asst. Professor r P Phillip L. Flayford, Ph.D. Professor Parimal Chowdhury, Ph.D Assoc. Professor Herschel Conaway, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Thomas l. Koike, Ph.D. Professor ww' James N. Pasley, Ph.D. Professor Michael E. Soulsby, Ph.D. Assoc, Professor P. Timothy Wall, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Patricia Wight, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Masahiro Nishikawa, M.D., Ph.D. Visiting Asst. Professor Kyoichi Takaori, M.D. Visiting Asst. Professor NOT PICTURED: George T. Blevins, Ph.D., Asst. Professor Psychiatry G. Richard Smith M.D. Vice Chair and Professor George E. Hamilton M.D. Director Univ. Center for Psych Medicine Assoc. Professor William Reese M.D. Marie Wilson Howells Professor Emeritus Roscoe A. Dykman, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Peggy Ackerman, M.S. Research Assoc. University Hospital Division Stephanie Atchley, Ph.D. Adiunct Instructor Cornelia M. Beck, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Deborah Erwin, Ph.D. Adj. Asst. Professor Ellen Fischer, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Edgar Garcia-Rill, Ph.D. Professor Denise Gilliam, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Kim Heithoff, M.P.H., Sc.D. Asst. Professor Richard Komoroski, Ph.D. Professor Thomas Kramer, M.D. Asst. Professor Kay Lewallen, M.S. Asst. Professor Daryl B. Matthews, M.D., Ph.D. Professor Donald E. McMillan, Ph.D. Professor Joseph E. O. Newton, M.D. Assoc. Professor Robin Ross, M.D. Instructor Kathryn Rost, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Robert C. Walls, Ph.D. Professor Linda Worley, M.D. Instructor Mingliang Zhang, Ph.D. Asst. Professor 90 Fredrick G. Guggenheim, M.D. Professor and Chairman ,311 V, I ,5,.,fg,w A ,hry if ki ., xii a ., .,.,,,- 2 mg K E . A ,.. -knz .Q i i Q MW ff me , ...W .W Wi, 1,4 -af A A P tt 2 . fl , , , ,,. , C if V f"' ,iff ifz if lyrl - , X k7Eik,. ,,, , t ,Q . , ,,i V, ,,, k,V.k, : , ffi. Ni xx 1 ,Af ,, ,. E 5 W ..,-- ' ,, K I 4 P kkrhy LLLL V L .P JY.. - ,... 1sr I PKI if' 2 f ...i- fiiiii iii ' i t , I , I fi? ' H112 ,lisif X it ssri ... .3 , .R , NOT PICTURED: Brenda Booth, Assoc. Professor, Judy Vessey, R.N., Ph.D., Asst. Professorg Audrey Burnham, Ph.D Visiting Professor, Barbara Burns, Ph.D., Visiting Professor: John Fortney, Ph.D., Instructor S 5 Division of Adolescent and Child Psychiatry d I John E. Peters, M.D. WOHDAN Professor Emeritus Patrick Casey, M.D. Professor Debra Fiser, M.D. Assoc. Professor Marcia R. Anderson, M A Asst. Professor John Aruffo, M.D. Asst. Professor Margarita Garcia, M.D. Asst. Professor John Jolly, Psy. D. Asst. Professor Kelly Kelleher, M.D. Asst. Professor Bernadette Lange, M.D I , 5 to "J qw-uv Asst. Professor QQ I ' " David McCray, M.D. , . I , "t Asst. Professor I J . Nicholaus Paal, Ph.D. Asst. Professor . Zarina Shah, M.D. if Asst. Professor 3 1 ' , 1 Patrick Stern, M.D. ' v '23 4, i All i'L' ' Asst. Professor - L 3 1 Q , Lynn Taylor, M.D. I 1 wav' . ' 'mf '4' I 'L" ' Asst. Professor ..,,, Q... N., g 'L " Jeffrey Wherry , , " ' , . Asst. Professor , A if W David Wiesner, Ph.D. it ' Asst. Professor A l fi ii f A I f I David Wiesner, Ph.D. V I I ' , Asst. Professor .' I ' jim , A Pat Youngdahl, Ph.D. I , I ' ft A , Asst. Professor ,.., .,.,, ,Q ' , ,Q I Q- ' w Bruce Cohen, M.S. I ,, ' 'R "tl " ' V h Instructor ' sf L b V Am- Q Jane Feldman, M.D. , , g ' 'Qld-5, ni ' R my Instructor ' A ' ' ' Carol Holloway . , rri I M .425 Instructor x iiee .. C A , . A J I , A ' W Geraldine Rayford, M.S. W 1 Instructor i - I' , gf, fy, -, Glen White, Ph.D. m L ,J , , Instructor 5 ins f , Linda Coursey, M.S. - ,J 1 lsrr I. 'W H il is Clinical Instructor gap, X' 1 ' ' ' Wightman Harris, M.S. m - , . 1 'tii Q ' Clinical Instructor . f W I ,,,, A E .. M . I L NOT PICTURED: Elbert Leigh, M.D., Asst. Professor, Dorothy O'Keefe, M.D., Asst. PI'OfeSSOI' VAMC Psychiatry Division Craig Karson, M.D. Chief of Services and Professor Katy Henderson, M.D. Asst Chief of Services!CIinical Care, Assoc. Professor H. Stefan Bracha, M.D. Asst Chief of Services Program Devt. and Assoc. Professor Winston Brown, M.D. Assoc. Professor William Lawson, M.D., Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Melvin Lyon, r'n.u. Assoc. Professor Lloyd Rader, M.D. Assoc. Professor Richard Sundermann, M.D. Assoc. Clinical Professor Jeff Clothier, M.D. Asst. Professor Dale Cordes, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Gregory Gillette, M.D. Asst. Professor Carolyn Heimbergh, M.D. Asst. Professor Richard Owen, Jr., M.D. Asst. Professor Joseph Pierce, M.D. Asst. Clinical Professor Monica Shotwell, M.D. Asst. Professor Eve Wiseman, M.D. Asst. Professor Kimra Cook, M.D. Asst. Professor Romana Guia, M.D. Clinical Professor Mark Hinterthuer, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Jana Miller, M.D. Instructor Craig Rookey, Ph.D. Clinical instructor Lynnah Selman, M.D. Instructor Karen Young, M.D. Assoc, Professor Ken Cooley, M.S.W. Adi, Asst. Professor Sydney Ogden, M.S.W. Adj. Asst Professor as It 5, if .1 at . . 3. ...t-,-a,,i-,,-ar:l ,.Q... , kkk. K' 1 ig fx 6 ,,,,1 , , A ! A ..,a. X, 'Wm Q get sm Daniel Rodell, Ph.D. Adj. Asst. Professor Greg Blaisdell M.D. Instructor My , Q as X 'si 1 te X S A 3 E -I A 4 . , 1:- ff .tf 'Sanus' fats 5 E ii ' I wif 4 -'.t I 6 , . NOT PICTURED: Thomas Freeman, M.D., Asst. Professor, Annette Slate , M.D., Asst. Profess . ff' .-...-ad' ...Q ,,, N -N , . 3 '97 'Q 5' ff "' Q. J.. 11" ' f . ..i fj 5 J We - - A ' . V., 1, 5 fix.. tif Ah VV . A ""'llif ..,,,,' u"'a ,, D' " 1' 46 -'Q---was i f h. - . ...R ki ,,,. I - s Arkansas State Hospital Robert H. Gale, M.D., J.D. Dir. for Clinical Services, Dir. of Human Services, State Mental Health, Assoc. Professor Thomas Koehler, M.D. Assoc. Professor Joe Alford, Ph.D. Asst. Clinical Professor Ruth Ann Cooper, M.D. Asst. Professor O. Wendell Hall, M.D. Asst. Clinical Professor James Clardy, M.D. Asst. Professor Irving Kuo, M.D. Asst. Professor Morris Levy, M.D. Asst. Professor Paula Lynch, M.D. Asst. Professor Phillip Mizell, M.D. Asst. Clinical Professor Sydney Ogden, M.S.W. Asst. Clinical Professor Linda Young-Shumate, M.D. IFISTFUCTOI' Linda Parker, M.D. Asst. Professor James Shea, M.D. Asst. Professor Andy Powell, M.D. Instructor David Wait, M.D. Asst. Professor Mark Anderson, M.D. Linda Martin, M.D. Amy Smith, M.D. Child Residents General Adult Donald Clay, M.D. Resident IV Martha Crotts, M.D. Resident IV Kathryn Dykman, M.D. Resident IV Diane Hawkins, M.D. Resident IV Albert Kittrell, M.D. Resident IV Charles Lewis, M.D. Resident IV John Quinn, M,D. Resident IV Sarah Strebeck, M.D. Resident IV Rose Ehret, M.D. Resident Ill Laura Fahlberg, M.D. Resident Ill Richard Flanigan, M.D. Resident Ill Roger Hiatt, M.D. Resident lll Clay Kelly, M.D. Resident III JoAnn Kirchner M.D. Resident Ill Kevin Mays, M.D. Resident Ill Mark Worley, M.D., Ph.D. Resident Ill Charles Graves, M.D. Resident ll Tina McClain, M.D. Resident ll Allen Newman, M.D. Resident ll Teresa Rountree, M.D. Resident ll 94 ReSidel'ItS JW k K ef-asf' 0: .,. ned' Ml I N- -1,455-lsr? I 'Q W' ' Ls' ., ,A if nl f 5 1 Mm F 'M' .,, I K V Lrkk Q 'xx if K s Q Ye, I A, C - Ii.. . f Nr , . vq-way ef C pi' L. its Susan Mallory, M.D. Resident I fi n y s- 'f , Q -I I i ff , any , v l fy r AY vm NOT PICTURED: Jarrod Adkisson, M.D., Resident ll, Jeffrey Rains, M.D., Resident llg Patrick Smallwood, M.D., Resident llg Resident Carman Erick, M.D., Chris Cargile, M.D., Steve Domon, M.D., Jennifer Johnson, M.D., Lalita Perkins, M.D., Ron South, M.D., Meloney Wheels M.D. Radiology f Ernest J. Ferris, M.D Professor and Chairman 9 F Q M . in 5? - X ' 5 f ' tai .' A W Ja.. .Ally . ' 1 . I ' "3 . 'W 4 'mf ,, ,aillw ,wr I X. ,V,, o' A4 in-.r' 'Q 'Q' f' , W. 6 t 1fYg-ZWQY' A 4 'wrt ... -l if Q . f-aff Max L. Baker, Ph.D. Professor Wilma C. Diner, M.D. Professor Richard A. Komoroski, Ph.D Professor Joanna J. Seiben, M.D. Professor Steven K. Teplick, M.D. Professor Edgardo C. Angtuaco, M.D. Assoc. Professor Teresita Angtuaco, M.D. Assoc. Professor C. Barry Buckner, M.D. Assoc. Professor Richard L. Fitzrandolph, M.D Assoc. Professor Charles M. Glaiser, M.D. Assoc. Professor John C. Holder, M.D. Assoc. Professor Richard Leithiser, Jr., M.D. Assoc. Professor A.J. Moss, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor William A. Nagle, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Hemendra R. Shah, M.D. Assoc. Professor Janice Allison, M.D. Asst. Professor Suzy Figarola, M.D. Asst. Professor Charles James, M.D. Asst. Professor Sally Klein, M.D. Asst. Professor Jean Matchett, M.D. Asst. Professor David McFarland, M.D. Asst. Professor Gaiy Purnell, M.D. Asst. Professor Peggy Reep, M.D. Asst. Professor Nita N. Sheth, M.D. Asst. Professor James F. Vandergrift, MS. Asst. Professor Tim C. Carter, M.D. Instructor Chip Massey, M.D. Instructor Lynn McGuire, M.S. Instructor Rudy Van Hemert, M.D. Instructor Kevin Forte, M.D. Resident IV Derry Garner, M.D. Resident IV Jeffrey A. Hale, M.D. Resident IV Suresh K. Lakhanpal, M.D. Resident IV Marrianne Neal, M.D. Resident IV Peter G. Emanual, M.D. Resident III Gabriella I. Garcia, M.D. Resident III Jesse M. LaPietra, M.D. Resident Ill Ronald K. McCann, M.D. Resident III Donald L. Thomas, M.D. Resident III Edwin L. Boren, M.D. Resident Il Cheryl Green, M.D. Resident II Adam Saucedo, M.D. Resident II Ramen Mocharla, M.D. Resident I Debbie Russell, M.D. Resident I 9 S sig? Jn- gin' it 'ti A I ff it 3 my 53 tf fx Q v 6 X K... 414' ,,.. vt -rw-nv' A Phillip Zeni, M.D. Resident I NOT PICTU RED: Theodora Vanderzalm, M.D., Assoc. Professorg Chris Cowen, M.D., Asst. Professor, David Hayes, M.D., Resident lllg Ramesh Avua, M.D., Resident Ig . Vi vi 'Q . ' y fb' ' .R V? 1 5 r: ,il as.. IQPUW atnck al ff' tl , -l' . ,L... M... .2 4- .ess K- I ....t,t.... R .JMS ff' 7 ' I fi Ross Hardy, M.D. Resident Ill Florian Keplinger, M.D. Resident lll Remington, Lee, D.O. Resident Ill at Plctured: Robert Chance, M.D.,Residenl IV, Thomas Kiser, M.D., Resident lllg Scott Malone, M.D., Resident Edmond Ashcraft, M.D. Assoc. Professor Pamela S. Brown, M.D. Assoc. Professor Richard Gray, M.D, Assoc. Professor Ludwik Kozlowski, M.D. Assoc. Profesor Kevin Means, M.D. Assoc. Professor Vikki Stefans, M.D. Assoc. Professor David Neale, M.D. Asst. Professor Lisa A. Schlicht, M.D. Asst. Professor Johnny K. Smelz, Ph.D.,M D Asst. Professor Alan Van Biervliet, Ph.D Professor Kimberly G. Adametz, M D Resident IV Vestal Smith, M.D. Resident IV Fred Caldwell, M.D. Professor Nicholas Lang, M.D. Professor Raymond Flead, M.D. Professor Kent Westbrook, M.D. Professor Jone Cone, M.D. Assoc. Professor Jerome Grimser, M.D. Assoc. Professor Steve VanDevanter, M.D. Assoc. Professor Charles Wagner, M.D. Assoc. Professor Gary Barone, M.D. Asst. Professor Ralph Broadwater, M.D. Asst. Professor John Eidt, M.D. Asst. Professor James Harrell, M.D. Asst. Professor Suzanne Klimberg, M.D. Asst. Professor Robert Lehmberg, M.D. Asst. Professor Kris Shewmake, M.D. Asst. Professor Gareth Tobler, M.D. Asst. Professor Lon Bitzer, M.D. Asst. Professor Martin Hauer-Jensin, M.D. Instructor M. Lee Nix, PLN., Fl.V.T. Instructor Bonny Wallace, M.H.S.A. Instructor 'ftp . . A ' xy . .,.,. ' i MLM yy, " ff . ' 'f ' ' V x V 3, , . X .JUL 4 1 .. if if ' VA 5 nf 1 xi! V"Q E W . if i .i A 'rr f 'rf Q- ,T M... k - ' . VV. 0 t -sg .. Q A x, at - 55165 rf l "-: 1 H 'nf-'lt y jg. . .W .7 : ,ff 'I A .w K. ww If ms y sk W X Q n , in xi' I .af Ron Robertson, M.D Fellow I David Cozart, M.D. rw f , Resident V 3 ' Joe Jensen, M.D. fig I A Resident V ' 713. iiigIififfvfte'1?7s?gr65229 lffff'?i' 3 f x ,Wus,,s:. , i,gLE .,W 3g,, E,f l 4' Aaron Little, M.D. Resident V Jim Barnes, M.D. Resident IV Tom Ferrer, M.D. Resident IV Todd Maxson, M.D. Resident IV Marney Sorenson Resident IV David Bevans Resident III if s 3, Q ? 5 rr Ronda Henry, M.D. Resident Ill Scott Marotti, M.D. Resident III Lennox Adams, M.D Resident I it I il ,t,' ' IT PICTURED: Roberta Muldoon, M.D., Resident Vp Resident II: Ilene Bayer, M.D., blo Duran, M.D., Eleni Faliakou, M.D., Bifl McCann, M.D., David Young, M.D., sident I: Heath Broussanrd, M.D., Wayne Hudec, M.D., John Webb, M.D. T PICTURED: Samuel Smith, M.D., Assoc. Professor, Richard Jackson, M.D., Asst. Professor, Bev- f Ketel, M.D., Asst. Professor, Harry J. Lubansky, Ph.D., Instructor Urology 4' 1 5 '-:'- I . --1. ,,,, t if Q i John F. Redman, M.D. Professor and Chairman Alex E. Finkbeiner, M.D. Professor Michael J. Schutz, M.D. Asst. Professor Scott A. MacDiarmid, M.D. Asst. Professor Jeffrey E. Fegan, M.D. Resident V 100 '-" " 5 ittit f se . .. Vrtt. ,..., . . , I K .: at . I A Matthew M. Robinson, M.D. Resident V Ronald G. Kuhn, M.D. Resident IV R. Douglas Vanderpool, M.D. Resident IV V f .. uf Not Pictured: Julia S. Barthold, M.D., Asst. Professorg Kurt A. M.D., Resident lll 552 l ' w f 2 . .taa .... lck, M.D., Resident lllg Felix A. Gore lB!"0.0 li 1995 MEDICINE SENIORS f'r--L7 :QL--I-In 1 UAMS RM OLOG IN ERN L MEDI INE TCHI PROGRAM ANESTHESIOLOGY DE MAT L Y Carol McCourt University of Arkansas Brad White University of Arkansas Brent Walker University of Arkansas Scott Wofford University of Arkansas EMERGENCY MEJQICINE Kevin Griffith LSU School of Medicine--New Orleans LA T. C. Roepke Richland Memorial Hospital--Columbia SC Bill Coutts Rayetta Eaton Scott Erwin Dane Flippin Michael Guyer Jeffery D. Hamby Betsy Hendricks Barry D. Hendrix Lisa M. Hendrix Wes Hester Brian Hettrick Kevin Hiegel Shane Higginbotham Kenneth L. Holder Jason Adams Elemi John Agbomi Rebecca Barrett Keith Baxter Brian Bell Travis Buzzard Keith W. Cooper UAMS--AHEC Pine Bluflf UAMS--AHEC Jonesboro UAMS--AHEC Texarkana UAMS--AHEC Jonesboro UAMS--AI-HEC Ft. Smith --AHEC Ft. Smith University of Arkansas UAMS--AHEC Texarkana UAMS--AHEC Texarkana UAMS--AHEC Texarkana Spartanburg Regional Medical Center SC Akron General Medical Center OH UAMS--AHEC Northwest Eastern Virginia School of Medicine--Norfolk VA Spartanburg Regional Medical Center SC University of Utah Affiliated Hospitals--Salt Lake City UAMS--AHEC Pine Bluff Charles Jackson Tammy Jones Steven Kempson Scott Lafferty Trent Lamb Bryan Minton Jennett Parchman Rebecca Phillips Susan Portis-Ferguson Steve Rose Resurrection Medical Center--Chicago IL Trinity Lutheran Hospital--KC MO Mike Stout UAMS--AHEC Pine Bluff Aminata Traore' Trover Clinic--Madisonville KY Bob Watson ' INTELILNAL MEJJICLLJE Seth Barnes Brett Christoffersen Corey L. Diamond Amanda Ferrell Michael Fischer Zuleika Font Lynne M. Greene Michelle Hor Sheena Kapadia Steven Kelley Catherine A. Moore Teresa Newton Morgan Norton 'Imad Omer -Alex Orsini Ketan Patel Scott Pullen Anitia Ritenour Allison Shaw Randy Shinn Eric Woodard John Wu UAMS--AHEC Jonesboro Forbes Program--Pittsburgh PA UAMS--AHEC Texarkana UAMS--AHEC Jonesboro UAMS--AHEC Jonesboro UAMS--AHEC Northwest UAMS--AHEC Texarkana UAMS--AI-IEC Pine Bluff UAMS UAMS --AHEC Northwest --AHEC Northwest University of Arkansas Medical Center of Columbus GA UAMS--AHEC El Dorado Y Vanderbilt Medical Center--Nashville TN University of Tennessee--Chattanooga University of Arkansas University of Arkansas University of Arkansas Temple University Hospital--Philadelphia PA University of Tennessee--Memphis University of Arkansas Carolinas Medical Center--Charotte NC St. Louis University School of Medicine MO Baylor College of Medicine--Houston TX University of Utah --Salt Lake City University of Arkansas University of Alabama--Birmingham University of Michigan--Ann Arbor University of Arkansas East Tennessee State--Johnson City TN Georgetown University--Washington D.C. University of Arkansas University of Utah--Salt Lake City University of Arkansas University of Alabama--Birmingham Wade Ceola Reza Shahim University of Arkansas University of Kentucky--Lexington OBSTETRICSIGYNOCOLOGY Amy Buckner Robert Hix Stacy Leonard Ken Singleton Scott Sosebee Stacey Ulmer OPH University of Arkansas University of Arkansas Tulane University--New Orleans I U.S. Navy Hospital--San Diego CA University of Arkansas University of Kentuckey--Lexingtoi THALMOLOGY Hal Calvert Gerald Ware University of Arkansas University of Tennessee--Memphis K K "U, 'l l' " MARCH , 199 MEDICINE-PEDIATRICS Ruth Ann Blair University of Arkansas Amy McLaurin West Virginia University Hospital--Morgantown Clay Brashears University of Arkansas Emily Reed University of Oklahoma--Oklahoma City Debbie Cerrato University of Arkansas Kevin Rouse University of Arkansas Katherine Hurst Texas A8zM--Scott Sz White--Temple Mariette Turner WSU--Detroit Medical Center MI ORTHOPAEDICS OTOLARYNGOLOGY Robert B. Boswell Emory University--Atlanta GA David Cash University of Arkansas Jason C. Brandt University of Tennessee--Memphis Jim Hutchenson University of Arkansas Kevin Rudder Texas A8zM--Scott Sz White--Temple Scott Roofe Brooke Army Hospital--San Antonio TX Ethan Schock University of Michigan--Ann Arbor MI PATHOLOGY PHYSICAL MEDICINE 8a REHAB Jacqueline Bedford Terri Crook University Hospitals of Cleveland OH John Adametz University of Arkansas UT Southwestern--Dallas TX Mark Wofford University of Arkansas P E D I A T R I C S Amanda Bradshaw University ofArkansas Eugene Lu University of Arkansas Tijuana Freeman University of Mississippi--Jackson MS Melody Moody University of Arkansas Dawn E. Galbraith Children's Hospital--Los Angeles CA Scott Sanders University of Arkansas Janece Gates Children's Mercy Hospital--Kansas City MO Laura Simpson University of Arkansas Susan Haefner St. J oseph's Hospital--Phoenix AZ David Weed University of Arkansas Johnny Ledbetter University of Arkansas PSYCHIATRY RADIOLOGY Nichole Bauknight University of Arkansas David Conrow Baylor College of Medicine--Houston TX Steven Bonner University of Arkansas Jennifer Boswell Emory University--Atlanta GA R A D I A T I O N O N C O L O G Y Shelley Brown University of Arkansas Richard Hartman Griffin Memorial Hospital--Norman OK John Allgood University of Kansas--Kansas City Scott Hogan Brian Jones Jay Rankin Lynn Thomas Ella Williams Kevin Gancarczyk Mike Gooden Debbie Hays Greg Laffoon Evan Marlowe Steve Osrnon Shane Palmer Paul Raymond Alicia Shirakbari Victor Williams HI University of Arkansas University of Louisville School of Medicine KY Medical University of South Carolina--Charleston Medical University of South Carolina--Charleston University of Texas Health Science--San Antonio SURGERY UROLOGY Fitzsimons Army Hospital--Aurora CO Tim Goodson University of Arkansas Brooke Army Hospital--Ft. Sam Houston TX Nirmal Kilambi University of Mississippi Jackson University of Arkansas Spencer Land University of Mississippi Jackson Carraway Methodist Hospital--Birmingham AL Mark Mhoon University of Arkansas Oregon Health Science University--Portland Medical College of Virginia--Richmond VA Lehigh Valley Hospital--Allentown PA Orlando Regional Healthcare System FL Medical University of South Carolina--Charleston University of Arkansas TRANSITIONAL Scott Ferguson Jim Halderman Aaron Janos Jay Kradel Pearletha Phillips Greg Wood J . P. Wornock University of Arkansas Flushin Hospital Medical Center NY g University of Arkansas University of Arkansas Deaconess Hospital--St. University of Arkansas University of Arkansas Louis MO ' Y PEDI RI OBIG DIVA, W Lili.. ' MWNQ XX X W limb 5 l gi X i X Q J 'S 1 W. John Adametz North Llitle Rock Hendrix College Jason Adams Morrilton Bob Jones Univ. X-yo., i ,Mt WW. 815 mi W Qi K O VN-y 10 4 Elemi John E. Agbomi Adadama, CRS UALR EQ LU ,, J V -, ' m 2 W , f W 4 1 John W. Allgood Kennett, MO University of Arkansas QJAMALMD Seth Barnes Fordyce UAM Rebecca Barrett Vandervoort University of Arkansas 1 1 l l ,Zffwwffi 2 2 1 - , ,,,, 3 A 'W I ffwf? Mem Nicole M. Baukmght Pine Bluff Xavier Umverlsty, LA ,fgeff 2, Wd 1r""""f' Kelth Baxter North Little Rock Ouachlta Baptlst Umv as ' A . .1 .K Q? .N sf ' ' B! S I 5 , 1 'ff ,OM LQ, QM NVD. ffam WW gdwf M6 ,AJQQTULIL Vvww, WD A su 'A A 106 gfzffw ZZMWA 4 'aw w-'f" ' i l r Robert B. Boswell Little Flock Washington 8 Lee Univ. fu Amanda Bradshaw Fordyce University of Arkansas A errf t My W7 52 Jason C. Brandt Harrison University of Arkansas , IJ 'T T' wit n 5' 5 Clay Brashears Benton Southern Methodist Univ. 'U www , 1, Shelly Brown Little Rock Northern illinois Univ. QNX AY' Amy Boas! Buckner White Hall University of Arkansas RW Y X ,2'LtL.Q741 , ard-it f i ,Z-Zgffzb Mad i Travis Buzzard Searcy Harding University 3 fe: Q ,pi Z A ?VfC my Hal Calvert Batesville Univ. of Colorado Xyrf X was 1 I f,fX i ron i 5 . an ' Q. U Q 1' l M5 Qvik A il 3 3 B . u David Cash Warren Northeast Louisiana Univ. is . I ii' ii 9 ., fi ,M ,,ii,i , as gi ms , ggi.-ivwi v-- wwf . , ,.,.m..,.,,,, I Wade Ceoia Tontitown University of Arkansas 94150 W M0 , ,k,, ,Q,,,,,,,,, 'fffsw' Debbie Cerrato TE' Ss i L N T' Sherwood 0 ' Z- Washington University 'Q K -iii L 4 X Q 3 HQ ,K rm 5, we K ? f W W ,W , I I Brett Christoffersen North Little Rock X , Arkansas State Univ. ,. vi. I 5 .fr 1-3::,:,, 5 if wifi X Wig Eff WD Z r ,C 55 v S. 5, I ,Q i i 9 ff f M I , 'L wi f i' X Args? 9 1.7- W J. 'rf ' ,rf y N, K David Conrow Fayetteville University of Arkansas Keith W. Cooper Hot Springs Baylor University Wing! 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Mark Storey David Street Vikki Sutterfield Elizabeth Tai Chris Taylor Matt Taylor Paul Tharp Micheal Thomas James Thrasher Jim Tseng Carl Vest Barbara Wagner John Webber Kenneth West Tom Whiteside Greg Whorton Tina Whytsell Nancy Williams Jim Wood Greg Wooten Matthew Young if m Misty Zelk 5 8 nw ,.-XN . v .af sofa, ,.. .Ng M05 ox M. ,, , , X, ,, S 'Q 1' f ' f , . it 6 m 1 .SX . sz ,N ,XE -me foo a- gg IQQ5 MEDICINE SOPHOMORES 1 ,, , ,Mg CQ: fq L...L- A-l..l V :QOPN S 60 ,VX ff' fmiffr , fwq-Wal WQXX 'AH me g 15,7 wif I gl, 3' ae A l A 2 3 Tiff' ,am-s,.,, 111, 13: , ,K ,, . l at is f92Z2Vfi' -xml, f . Z ge? """i 1 'ii M z,,f i ,, 5 is X? 1 24, . Af ,, . , - . ,K 'Y ,. 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Q W ., H: . 1- 45 4 , J Fm rJ l ,... Qi ,Q Ai, ! 3? XY .a a 'E ,, , 3 Qi N 134' 5' my W.'::- l' " -HZ' .40 QQ Jason Guin Bernie Gunther Joel Hardin Daniel "Wild Man" Harris John Harris Julie Harris Tom "Fu-Man-Chu" Hollis Melanie Hoover Eddy "Glo-boy" Hord Jerri Hoskyn Chris Hults David Hungarland Ed Jackson Jill "You Don't Know" Johnson Lynette Johnston Rita Keith Jeffrey "Midnight Rodeo" Magda Kowalski Joseph Kueter Steven "Milkman" Kyser Susanne Lassieur George Lawrence Yolanda "Suki" Lawson Brad Lindsey Kellar W, Wi, -.' v ,Ns 4 4 A A A V i . Gm Q SN 5 Q ,K .,..k Y Lgg' C ailt .fggfggfitlrm Q Xl ? We fam f' 'W John "I finish the test Chuck McClain Bryan McDonnell Ivy McGee-Reed Brian Meyer Toni Middleton Troy Moore Keith "Half of the Wh Billy Neaville Elizabeth Nelson Clint Netherland Michael Nolen Rebecca Nowell Emmanuel "E-man" N Keane O'Neal Mike Orender Shanna Palmer Paul Pappas Puifun "Lila" Pappas Kathy Parnell Jody Peebles Lisa Petursson Nomita Pothuluri Claire Purdome Luelf before you sit down" Lowery ole" Morris wokedi 167 895952 Q - K . . fk-'- 1 x A M gwww xff SR mm .N ifwwwmiw ,gpm nv' wif' Wx. O3 Q 'rf 1 .i, VQX T' rv ,N Q , K K X X Q x sf, ' is: ate 168 .--H.. 'C 7 CT ffm 'CW' """? I 1 I J- X . .-... t ,WW ga 5 5 5 .- K t 'N'- t it' -an at . ? SW: .IYTSI Melissa "Please wake me up" Quevillon David "DQ" Quinn Eric Reding Lonnie "The Wedge" Robinson Tracy Rowe Blake Sayre Chris "Dum-Dum Fever" Schach Blake Scheer Rick Schmidty Michael Scheider Bill Scott John "Lock as in Door Lock" Scurlock Richard "Sexpot" Sexton Huda "Mai" Sharaf Mai "Huda" Sharaf Walt Short Chris "Mr. President" Simpson Jim "Jimmy Netter" Smith Kelly Staley Kristen Steingraber Thomas "I could rip his head off" Stern Scott "I can ask more questions than Kim" Stockburger Glenn "Loud Laughin" Stowe Camille "Princess" Swihart 169 MW 1 X , f 451 , 1 J-MW ' mix, ' .,M,M,,ZZ' J l f nf ,,z I - . J ' ,U 4 is ' lv ' f xi ,fm ., 'rf Jacqueline "VP" Taylor Tamara "Half of the Whole" Taylor Jennifer Turner Marisa Turner Shannon Turner Brian Tygart Laura Ward Mike Wells Jennifer "Spirochele" White Michael Wiggins Veronica Williams Julie Wilmot John Wilson 'R XM 'QQ 4, 5 019-' ...-. 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QQ 'UW' ,Q wr-wave IQ Jason Franks April Gaston Jaafer Golazar Lena Gollehon Nova Goosby Adam Gray David Gray Michael Griffey Sherri Guy Steve Harper Marty Hearyman David Henderson Brady Hesington Annisha Hickman Thuy Hoang f ' 'e 1 11. 4 2-::-- 2 Ez . "W" D I uf' Q js 5 iw!-0 fa, . asv "Nag W WNWmQNMM5QQ J Q .5,kf:L- ' M 44-W M14 X 5' fx f' .E W' M ,Mm ,, f, l, 3 , ,? 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W Chris Robertson "WH 1' I A A I l ,,,5w Michelle Robertson Chadwick Rodgers if-E S if 322 , J lrr Joseph Rose Jennifer Sadler James Scherer John Schmid ! 44' J RW, Byron Schriver Mitzi Scott Sara Shareef rg 63 Mike Shaw i sg, J 't', R53 1 A V it W' it t lll ' in "ll "" Helen Simmons v 4, f' Q Tim Simon 226 ' Jennifer Sims A Harry Smith O O O I o,o"'o,o"'o,o"'o,o"'o,o' 'o,o' 'o,o' 'ego' " 186 g T u 2 1 ,gain S Thomas Sneed Bryan Spencer 2 A 6 . 5 Amy Staggs S S Susan Staggs I .1 13 ' ' "m':" " A Tory Stallcup Jason Stinnett Donavon Stockdale Eric Stout Megan Strother Joe Stuckey pf. anl Shane Stucky Phillip Suffridge T ,,,1qQ,,ff""- Vi. 'Milf Wes Thomas Jeff Thurlby Brad Tilley Julie Tumiison if 187 Lisa Tyler Sage Vermont Chris Wall Bradley Wallace Richard ward James Washburn Felicia Watkins Amy Wiedower ,,,,,Wwf,,0 Paul Wilhelm Anthony Williams Jerry Winkler Cody Wrigh' on W y ,,,, 7 w if, fi' , 7 ,M J, ' . f' Mmm! 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B i N fl! a .nun I I ,. .,IfAI Q Anatomy . ,Maw 44,9 Y ,, 1 dl M .ma-,,, Nutrition 1-.. gmt We f if Z W ,. f, 'S J 3 gain Brian Liebersbach Kelly Conaway Nancy Vettiyadan Jian-Zhong Wang Yihe Xu Not Pictured: Belinda Burnett Kevin Yoo '97 Q i it 5 1:-43 :av -Wg' i , 9 .V Renee Bethel Kathryn Brown Joan Divine Susie Hickman Cleo Holms Tiffany LaMaire Susie Littlefield Tara Nichols Laura Squyres Christine Stachowiak Audiology and Speech Pathology of -41 I ff fa W Q-".1, l i f ow i? 43' "' M' E -f in 'Z . , , w oooo 2 , oovo f A f if an if fx ft mviii fi. 5' 9 , H 'l' A 2 ,,. ,mf ,T ,,,, .A., l S ff it ft 1 - 5 2 J!! in 4 o 5 4 'WY Sonya Baughn Debra Bennett Lynn Berryman Cynthia Bittle Cynthia Brown Stacy Burch Charlotte Burris Aimee Cloud Rhonda Edmiston-Fleenor Kimberly Frost Catherine Goodman Aleta Goodwin Robert A. Hall Robert F. Hal Carrie Hayes Effie Heulitt Valerie Hicks Vanessa Horton Wendall Howard Carrie Hunley Allison Landers Kathleen LaPiana Phaedria Morris Amin Musani Claudia Nelson Melissa Norris Charles Palmer Loree Patterson Susan Pullian Angie Searan DeEdre Smith Kristi Glidewell-Solloway Erika Studer DeAndra Tate Lisa Taylor Lydia Tedford Tracy Theriac Karen Twyford Brenda Von Ohlen Angela Waggoner Leisa Welch Susan White Victoria Zigler Not pictured: Elizabeth Ligon-Ba Elizabeth Cole Julie Henson Katherine Krisko J. Clay Mainord Lydia Marinoni Carol Spargo Aimee Stepp Roxann Owen X xx S 'Rx -' ar Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ' ff" 'K i erm-sszziifirfizef M ' UAF S12 2 Y rs W1 cs. - f. is ,n Wg. ' Si lcizglff . S we-Q ' Y? 1 9 ? S ix ...Q X N e ' . .ii 5... 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' x ,ix ,N X K X if X 8 . ,I 1 W s X B v QM ,gm .253 1 -1 Qu A ' 200 W cf Physiology and Biophysics km, ,, " Christopher Abrams Wendy Cao Whitney Goodwin Leeth Harper Donna Montague David Shenker Fen Lai Tan Not Pictured: Thomas Bond Todd Howren Ellen Randall Abhijit Shinde Richard Wyeth Jyothsan Rao Occupational and Environmental Health ID- 11, r .,,, QB' 'lg , gagging ll t,t., L J qt, 'K Mary Ann Coleman Julie Crawford Phillip Drope Danny Forbush Mark Goff Melissa Hobbs Michael Martin Brett Tarkington Not Pictured: Edmona Moore Tarkington David Trigg 201 l 'Z K wr M, I 202 Interdisciplinary Toxicology . Pnoro . , NOT . . AVAILABLE - 2" A- 'ffl 'Wk' rn- ,vm O ff 4 it ff? NN' .rx I pnoro I , NOT . . AVAILABLE o ,aura ,,., 'W t E 1 uf. 4-ww, f ,Aer Qs W 1' ,. ,V ff lv -4-Mn 105' 2' Ronnie Bever Steven Blum Genfu Chen Tao Chen Lynn Frame Mary Frayalsenhoven Christine Halmes Tricia Kehoe Oh-Seung Kwon Jin Li Mary Maris Tony Mathews Scott Monk Everett Perkins Reeder Sams Susan Shelnut Ying Si Chris Stewart Yeying Tan Jack Valentine 0 m . Nursing Sciences if 6+ Lx L ,ga , 'GN QL 4,3 ez, Li ' ir ' ' ' ,al Q M x A1--'KM ,W N, A rr L1 -it at 2 f ' K V Q'g?wlv ax:-as 'K lx P M Q Li rs Ll , , K 1 all .ml it V mu- 1 A - i xt ,,, term f M, It it az 4 f 1,2-Q ' .wr . . 5 lg 4' L' I , . V -. .rs ., X . . Diane Alexander Laurie Amrine Brenda Baker Elizabeth Barfield Brenda barnes Sam Barnes Lucy Bawel Joyce Beaver Mary Beedle Gwendolyn Benham Janeen Boettger Beverly Bowman Sherri Bradshaw Tammy Burr Martha Bushmiaer Amma Butler Barbara Byrd Rehta Caravantes Deborah Carman Elaine Cheney Melonese Clarke Kathy Clayton Lori Cline Sharon Collie Tonya Collins Jenifer Cook Sharon Coon Pamela Crall Melanie Crnic Donna Crowder Connie Dalton Cynthia Davis Erin Davis Phyllis Davis Stephanie Davis Robin Dobbs Linda Dorris Andrea Easom Angie Elser Ruth Embree Vivian Estess William Ferguson 204 Steven Foltz Marcie Ford Susie Ford David Forgy Melissa Foster Suzanne Fromherz Kristi Frost Sara Fruechting Tina Gabbard Debra Garrett Charley Gibbs Mary Gillham Becky Glover Glenda Good Stephanie Gordon Therese Green Cynthia Guetzlaff Riesa Gusewelle Sandra Guthrie Laura Hamilton Jacqueline Harris Mary Harris Sandra Haslaure Janet Havens Anna Hensley Kathy Hillis Carol Hirchak Shelia Howerton LaNelle Jackson Carol Jaynes Carla Johson LaDonna Johnston Charles Jones Deborah Jones Marcia Justice Johnetta Kelly Dean Kinloch Marilyn Landis Yuet Lao Lucinda Lau Joan Lazore Sandra Leggett Lynn Long Christy Lundy Diane Lyddon Klvin McCann Michelle McCIanahan Chris McCullough Janice McFarland Janis Maness Charles Manning Janet Manning Jill Matthews Carol Meadows Blaise Mobley Diane Morgan ' 6 ' A N r M x fl A " Q J y C 2 tl.s "WV ki J N, C 'ki Q an-, ',, ffl it f .. I' fr-M7 Q Wa 4' i wi , 1' 5 .. gf5sfsgdQl 'fy 4 ,L an ,mi x , F am ff fl, as may 5 J J , Fw Q65 Agn 1: Y. , L71 KVV, 3 KMA . Q ,Er 1 I ,. I ,. . I A I K an I K .5 Q . . - e v in 3 tilt 1' .f .BV 4 4 is ig Q 'v- 1. ' " t 4 A "' I' fn :vp fd, 5 i . -i 'Y we , f' 15" N , We , , w va ' l li V . 1 ..,. ,M , .W if Q 7' W ' '. . I I .. hex "-l 2 N I Q e A -4 , D .a Qs. ...J M H V VA - if , t 2 'n . i - is ff at fa. l ., .-. Wi , i i ,J K llil. I' 4 'F - 'Q rx M was O M 'sa 4 3, X 3. ..... J, 4 ,gi fv ,, ii! few Q rftmwvt l 4 .I if is g 7 ,1 kV,,W, , ' 1' fi r , gy, R ,gg , ,f,,,g f g . as 1 llll as "k' l My M A ,S Ki. 'Qi 'Q' wmv ,Y it ii W: . r are fgf Q V. A X ,Z 1 auf 41- f +4 " 'ink ion, 'msagibef ryrr ig 8 7,1 an ty 02 z ,, W . ga E? xl it 4' I it 4 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE AN M6543 Cheri Murry Michalena Nelson Donna Norsworthy Twyla Norsworthy Rebecca O'Connell Kathy Parish Joan Peck Jennie Phelps Linda Pickham Patricia Pierce Elizabeth Pierre Debbie Porchia Teresa Ragland Amy Ramick Stephanie Reed Michael Reel Karen Richardson Denise Roether Charla Rogers Debra Rurup Alene Rouse Annapurna Salian Kim Scharj Saundra Seidel Adelaide Selby Christine Shain Paula Shay Clifton Shephard Lela Shipman Evelynn Skinner Barbara Sligkin Lynette Smith Paul Smith Melinda Snapp Jane Steele Mary Stockdale Ella Storey Arlene Sullivan lris Tatom Carol Tatum Debra Taylor Suzanne Trussel Janet Turner Carol Underwood Sharon Vanover Debra Velez Renee Walls Margaret Washington Alice Weaver Carolyn Webb Stephanie Wiebers Peggy Wilgus Denise Willis Mary Jo Worley Salene Wright 205 xx F X X S V Q fzpf f P? XR X: , - i izz , . U if X R 5 206 Dietetic Interns , J. - u , k Karen Adeletli Marg Ree Bailey Nadine Carnell Angie Dodd Stacey Eckert Vickie Haguewood Ann Hays Angela Himes Laura Jennings Alicia Ketleman Kaia Nelson Andrea Rogers Brenda Simmons Cindy Staton 'Nd-J X i fl mr Z I 'OJ In " 1QQ5 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY GY OF AQ aff? 'N J VHA MAC? Q9 U5 AQ' ' n 4' is 43 Hg 5 Sy.. ig 'Saab .ao y? 0 gg xscnqg i ftrt il'-I i II II --I Ll--I..I 208 Eddy F. Arnold, B.S. instructor of Pharmacy Practice Thomas F. Berg, Ph.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacology Charles K. Born, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Pharmacology C. Allen Bradley, Ph.D. Dept. Chairman, Bioph. Sci. Philip J. Breen, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Pharmaceutics Charles S. Campbell, B.S. Instructor of Pharmacy Practice Cesar M. Compadre, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Fl. Lilia Compadre, Ph.D. Asst. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Lois E. Coulter, Pharm.D Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice AHEC-NW Eddie B. Dunn, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmaceutics Claude E. Epperson, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Nuclear Pharmacy E. Kim Fifer, Ph.D. Asst. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry D. Karrol Fowlkes, Pharm.D. Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs J. Thomas Frank, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice AHEC-Jonesboro John David Gannaway, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Stephanie F. Gardner, Pharm.D. Deborah L. Goad, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Angela L. Grady, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Paul O. Gubbins, Pharm.D. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice Billy Joe Gurley, Ph.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice A wt, . W ,-., 5, faf Vlrky Q. ' -,.,. ,,... ' . . . r W , . . M- gig , 4' ' . A A L 9' X W v .f , xx Q I Q Q N I is i 'WX 'bf 7-.Q ' 'FY RIS 1 ,A"' fm . L i Z L 'Ney 5:17 aes., l -dim... 'Q we if . ft-M it ' 1 W5 - . A . .Lt . yi .fi ti .wi 5 Rockridge K. Hannah, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor oi Pharmacy Practice AHEC-SW Janette Hastings, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Vicki L. Hilliard, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Teresa J. Hudson, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Jill T. Johnson, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Karen B. King, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice K. Richard Knoll, Pharm.D. Assoc. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Danny L. attin, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Kim E. Light, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacology Charles C. Marsh, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice AHEC-F.S. Gerald R. Martinka, M.S. Assoc. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Michael Marx, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Renee R. McCafferty, M.S. Instructor of Pharmacy Practice AHEC-El Dorado Jack R. McCormack, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Pharmacy Practice William Mclntyre, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Alan B. McKay, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacy Administration Maura B. Monaghan, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Michael S. Monaghan, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Walter J. Morrison, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean for Admin. Affairs Kenneth G. Nelson, Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. of Pharmaceutics M. Darren O'Quinn, J.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Kathy M. Orear, B.A. Instructor, Registrar Michael D. Parr, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Gene D. Pynes, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Henry F. Simmons, M.D. Assoc. Professor of Pharmacy Practice David R. Skelton, B.S. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice John R.J. Sorenson, Ph.D. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Daniel C. Spadaro, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice 209 210 Joseph O. Udeaja, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice AHEC-P.B. Fred L. Underwood, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Pharmaceutics Ross E. Vanderbush, Pharm.D. Assoc. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Arnold Ray Webb, B.S. Instructor of Pharmacy Practice Jonathan J. Wolfe, Ph.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Celeste Crittenden Business Manager Cathy Field Asst. to the Dean bil, E U ps" f ,. , .Qi . 5 A.. V 1 . 2 ..,. , 'Q U isfi. ,M ., M M 5 gl I ' if t t NOT PICTURED: Eric F. Schneider, Pharm.D. Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy Staff Office Top Row, Left to Right: Pam Southall, Maura Thomas, Marcy Havelka, Cindy Blot: Bottom Row, Left to Right: Helen Hronas, Linda Thomas, Robin Tisdale P' 5 j gg ' . ., ff 'tt at 'Q 'Owls'-4" Y 'OJ In ' 1995 I PHARMACY SENIORS l 1 Tara Baltz Pocahontas - -. - walk, 1, . Asu www? , .'2JwLoQ ulgv Kelly Bombino Pine Bluff OSU 546959, av-v-fp. J ,X S 4 in K A ki Shawn Brown gi Hoi Springs ' B N Henderson Slate . 4.1 fo , , Q rw . Ella Armstrong l Brinkley 2 Howard University V 19' CRW? X I -qgx Qivsks, Barton Beggs Arkansas Tech ' , Qlmm. ll? Susan Book Lake Village Northeast Louisiana MG, rlgllo x ii? Hl llll X ,W fell wi, www? LAW bow , WM L 212 S N. fmL12?f1x,p9 11013 QMWQMGQMMQMMB, Le-Ann Burton Wynne ASU Julie Case Little Rock UALR Van Clayton Walnut Ridge ASU Suzanne Burns West Memphis U of A Nancy Carthan EI Dorado UGA Sheliy Chronister Lavacca Western State, Co V,,f' My I 1 ff A fx! , ix .ij i . ,,g, 4Q fL np , X J r gp- 0' 'AFX 7-v0""' W 45451, WXMJ, f ' U Z n A, X , 1 x 5 L: Q24 1 . i ddfaifu , 7pAafL'n'D I?r c.m,J,AQm:1f f'?ZWW.fLQ 214 Brad Collins Salem UGA Randy Davidson Lime Rock UALR Matt Duncan Taylor UCA Carla Felts Coley Jonesboro ASU ,.,,4"' Heather Coons Camden U of A-Fayetteville C. Marsh Davis Hardy ASU SWYWY Woman, P Qu f! MZWQMM7 ZW-15 g A .Ang 32 'Q Q' ' 'Hills 'ix X N.. .fir ow X .M Q .. X - fn X rl 7,135 , , l . A Q 1 vfjozmc, -T Q x x X . Q , 'Ax .. X X NR ,YQQ M Brian Erickson Mena U of A Veronica Farrell Sherwood UGA Kellie Golden Delight Henderson State Jem Brown Edwards Hot Springs Henderson State Beverly Sides Ewy Sherwood UCA ,.:..:.....-41 A - fl 'H 9 I - 1 'f Q, Wx' I ii R A A V a b W 5 ' 1 , . ! at ' . ' uf 1 QXDYNACDA Fpmlfm Sheri Glover Conway UALB New Aim J QJXQJLMD. I QAQMWD 2 15 Catherine Green Camden U of A iQ ,AF Mary Beth Grice Melbourne U of A . 5, P s. ,','f:0Ys'!"Q 1, we '.'s'v ,-Mw.e9sOs,'riii , mv ,,,,,4.o'.i,,a'V.iiwi1 " "' 's"'.-s5".fe" " s5-iq.0.Q"'..u'.,' 2 me Stacy Hargrove Warren Northeast Louisiana 'gain iiii07,iMvo Chris Greathouse Paragouid ASU Angie Greene Umpire Henderson State ,ov John Hadley Fi. Smith Westark Cyfffflmmv Mwwm 2 1 1 ' 4 ' ' KJ . f Z J fa: ' 3 4 1 4 w , .,. if H XJXLNVXGJVEK , me C,-x,,rQWO.f,fb .-, 2 ,' , f .fm P ,, w . ,,G:,.L X, qi A i Q ,Ui 4. x Kelly Haygood Newport Louisiana Tech Tasha Harris Texarkana U of A lwmfil ,PMMD 'Q' 5 'wwf Kelli Henning Greenwood U of A pN,lYM,x Sherri Hill Pine Bluff ASU Jim Haynie Prescott Henderson Slate Bobbie Hill Little Rock UALR N nfs Q 'fits :Hai fini, , '95 :gf T .Y E K J 217 Steve Horton Wynne UCA dawg A ' QmW,.fA 3 JPAQMQ ,awgv Henry Irving West Helena Brigham Young 6 David Johnson New Hope Henderson State Denise Hopkins Little Rock UALR 9 W Donnie Houston Batesville ASU Cindy Johnson Texarkana UCA .9 2 JW WMM v1""" ,ww Woe f 1 ' Pfwwnb, ft 77 f' , f' X A Ju' Lfiy! 'f VL1 ine. f 5 1 218 D 'YQ' 'ff'---wr P :Z ff f 1 6 i , f ff . ,f ly V A,if4mdmMW.Q ww mmw to . 517 ,WQMWJD Sinn- are ig y if ei X. Ei fi if Mig AW no Scott Kaufman Bryant U of A , ii ,137 Vi K' Todd Landers Sherwood UALR Elizabeth Masters Morriiton Arkansas Tech Leigh Anne Johnson North Little Rook UALR 4 we Chris Key Russellville Arkansas Tech , d4,,.ff x 4 4 ti Us S-Q1 :wwf 7+ Q r v Q..r Q.L,r . 3 'ii o ,ooo six 3 f M S sn'w R iff? dw. D ann ft! S . - xc Vicki Lay Hot Springs UALR Wfeii Plwwi D. I oxih , e f i - A 5 ggvgmw 5 'm u fx i WA ' L 4 n - ivgf :gxrj hits? 'Eff ' - . ge af. 'Q e ,WMD 219 ' Qtr' ,Q u Marci McClain Newark UCA Wcofmfl. Holtie McDowell Aubrey ASU 4 f. J- Dottie Merritt Little Rock 1,7 K F jc. ' vb ,typ , 55. fb 2 UALR ef. -Hz. 1?.+.-- Wendy May Hope SAU it .f.1r Jennifer McDonafd Prescott U of A Amy McHaney Paragould U of A Wffffccp f774C6f6LLrfL, Vttcmm- D. 71 2 Q Q ,Q r Q if 'Q 7' fa HQCQLQ fYf51liOweM 'wfafmfe D 'X ' A ..r, 1' f W, Q 9 5 QWWMWWHTWMA M D 220 WLD Kirk Milam Searcy UCA Melissa Mertin Scranton Arkansas Tech Pamaia Peachy Jonesboro ASU Rebecca Peterson Magnolia !Q0WO.QfaRT?QoE9inii390xm'b. wwf Www SAU Naomi Rogers Jeon Ju, Repubhc of Korea UALR Tina Posey Bradford U of A ,gs X WLJLM Pima Q Zj1,b'wwZfg9f,6wm0?fmm9 M c w 221 ' .. . MQ X k,,-. E .kli , I A . 5 , gi , e if mm"fk e lk . fkff f, .su KF, A K . 4 a , .,.Q. . li' '5 W2 1 ls Q ' 5 T 5QNOg. "' 'sn ,ZAMWM 4,0 Q s 1 Leigh Ann Ross l ' Harrisburg l A S U ,I . A Wm H 5, V rk Sanders Village OBU Efizabeih Stephens Little Rock UALR U0fA Leann E4 Savane Fordyce Henderson Stale Priscilla A. Stevens Timbo U of A ., ,V .5 v . - 3 A ,, -www, " ' fr.-an , - lm fgfgwllvwlb mf ibm i f fll1qQbe,cL. Swpmxg, QMJWD, .J ,Q-a qv...- Pwnc. fl , ' ill li , ,- Q , R Martha L. VanAiien Booneviiie Tran vi- 4 Laura Wagner Oden ,-...wfnrw Arkansas Tech H' 'L . I M .. A , if-UL ,wr 'rw' b it H, Q 8 .ff .. 'df rw r ,..k,- +. ,,.- . V L . .. . - Q it .W . 'A v., . , , Karmon M. Wiiiard North Little Rock UCA Sift S, Vatthanatham Smith Laura McKinney White Little Rock UCA mv QZ,,,f,fa,fJL,.,,Q.r14zMpU2fW,Q K 6 kit ik i, RQ 'x Q QRAQLMNQ dgfrwl, Sfgnfzlfvfvvv A K Nh ig L k.,gsfw"QWwf1t:- . fi? fit- lf'- if X-fwmmmwwmn Puma 223 fi Teresa L. Williams CT Fort Smith WestArk --'D-f Jeff Wilson Locust Grove Arkansas College ga Q ML., irywb, xlscm , Tig L, i I s If i . l , is is ? , Q X 5 ' 2 kgv Q . , X L A 1 , Q . f p 23331. Ki 'P N 6 l X e ' ' is ' ' 7 L ,' ' E' .gg i g k -- S . y 1 I K , 'T' f 9 iili' ' ii i Q i 3 if , G, l ,N F N SQ T i W i ll i -9' Q , K Ji il sw' l 1 5 Q ' f N if iiii Q' A iiiil f f . A i i i il fi E 15 ' if 1 ,S 'F ' Q ' XS A m,I, grief ' , W ,,,, , ' ' ' f W X 112 , g , , .I J' W X r i ., " f ,fig 224 S... I' 1 ig ,I I 1 l 1 ,364 fa. f my-Y 0 mf 3 ti EQ ' A W X W W -'ts Q ul .v-""' ' '1 ' ? ,, 4, N s 19 225 -4 wtf ju'- 'FRP .. f I X if N 'af N I JAY . 5 1 'Q ' . Y- x !-1'V A 'L Y L' ? 4 It 5 , f xi Q 5 L 'R ' it ,, ,',,, ,, ,LV, V , VV 4'r 3 Y wa , 1 ,MTS if W ifwp I I Z QM fy h fv- fi' 1 Sm mf, 'fs 226 O' 7 f ul X? ,lo 5 imlvz f - , I -vm. f-s...x H W mf wif' an o ,o ao Q 4 H...-4""' 7 I 5 s 1 lnflilnu IQQ5 f Punnmncv Jumons ll I1 230 p"3 Is: 0 0 0 0 Q. 5 af Aa 1' 1 3 .I , 1 4 A :gf M ',W' ' . f' 1 M -,-,,,,..-4---""' Q IMMST ETC ...,.,...,..,. 5 'Qi - :Q-.fgb 4' W, , am 1 ,S X . . 5 . ll! Sun x J' LORI ALBERT STEVEN ALEXANDER BECKY AVERITT KELLY BARLOW DEREK BARLOW WENDY BARR REBECCA BOYD LISA CHAMBLEE BONNIE CHANDLER CRIS CLAYTON ANGELA CLEVENGER LISA CONE CARRIE COOK LYNN CROUSE MARY DAVIS SCOTT deMONTMOLLIN A' mf? ,MI Q.-vw-v 1 fl W9 'wr qw I ' f JASON DERDEN Hg, ig- 1 I I if MANDY ELLIOTT BRIAN FITZWATER BRENT FLAHERTY 232 ,Sq 0? r I ii- gb A I 1,:1,, l I ' V 'I lv' fr AI I I 7 IL I fr 4 I I 2 W ,www : I ,. V, . Q13 I I I .I 5 L 'Q 5 .v 5 sf f I I W? , 4 ? I I I f ' I A I gif? Af' .??i"L. M 2 . 1' 'W 1""'y ff If I 9. G' r f "W, fl 2350 'ff' 'ffm' :mf 'x ,..v....,, V . ,WL fgfmf ,-- Q X Q: an 9? -KW' lla SHAWNALEA FRANCE MELANIE FRAZIER STUART GOUDY MICHELLE GOURLEY PAMELA GRINDER WILLIAM HAMILL KENNY HARRISON CHAD HEADLEY MELISSA HENRY VAN HOANG ROBERT HOLT JOHNNIE HUDSON KEVIN HUGHES CINDY JACKSON BARBARA JEANS NICOLE JOE YUSUF KAZMI TAMMY KELLEBREW DANA KEMP FRANCIE KEMPSON 233 KAMMY KRISELL GREG MARDIS ANNE MAREK MELISSA MARTIN ANGIE MASSANELLI MICHELLE MCBRIDE ROSALIND MCDONALD REBECCA MCGUIRT JACKIE MITCHELL MICHELLE MOORE REBECCA MORRIS SHELLY MORRISON RESHA NICHOLS VANCE PARKER HUNTER PELLEY DALE PICKARD ANGELA PINSON CARLA PLEASANT SABRENA POLSTON CHARNITA PURIFOY SHALENA RAMSEY SUSAN RESINGER KELVIN RISSINGER KEVIN ROBERTSON 234 ,.a-?f -KET? sf'- . 77' 4 'X ,I ,veg O E I aw, X QF li 1 ,f,,. FEW" M ID W"Q,. wmv- 'W' vw-9 pm """'p f W ,ww fbi? 3 4569 V A M 3 j If ' "M, . V - . we fgq rf" 'Vi Q., ,Q , ,,,,, h ,M ' 235 1 5 MELISSA ROHR TONYA ROOT REBECCA SEITER KRISTI SINGLETON DANA SISSON ALLISON SMITH KAY SMITH KIMBERLY STEWART LINDA TIPTON CASEY VEST WESTY WEEKS JESSICA WILSON SHELTON ZERMATTEN , , 236 uw r ww 4 ,f ,I if I f gg, , Q dl Wi W IZI, 1 l'lIEROPflll'lCS TEST 46007 X .0 1!- hi? l f , :,, V j h ,A , iw 5, r I' 4 A as "Uh, Uh, mmm, where's Beavis'?'?" Angela found Beavis! 2 - ,2A, , 'W h ,fr ff 1 I Vs xv ' ,ii Y v ,:bli'S-gi e 0 he W ' r ., W X, . 57 w AA XJ 4 I I , . f X5 ' V Q , Q 1, r iff!" e "Where's Hunter!!!" If she were here . . . Shalena "I NWOUQN I knew the SChedUle'?'?" 238 Now where was that sublinqual gland? Hey, Lisa I found that sublingual gland! Nothing shuts Stu up except . . . if E lg E Don't worry, it's just gas Ba da da da Ia bamba!! Kevin, lovin' the gossip! PUNKY BREWSTER How much Ionger??? Wiggin' it up at the Rogaine convention! 239 , , X 4 Fonzie'?, Chachi?'? Med Chem deja vous! X 4 "You know I can't whisper" '8!!?:C0!uii!?'Cg3! Questions anyone? 240 Kenny - enjoying the view! Nicole, Carla, Charnita - uh, I mean Melanie! "ti I-il ,,.. l9.9? .... PHARMACY SOPIIOMORES Pharmacy Sophomores . . . The Saga Continues Presented here in these next ten pages are a brave bunch of dedicated students, having undergone being poked by needles, enduring dispensing lab, Calmost the same thingj, spending endless hours studying Med Chem, and wondering what the heck a Laplace Transform is. lt is not for the faint of heart but for the faint of mind, for why else would we allow ourselves such torture? Perhaps to better pharmacy in America, perhaps to have a good well-pay- ing job, or as Bert our president puts it, "So we can get ALL the ladies!" Mark laughs aloud as he reads Tracy's manuscript, "Eddie Dunn: the man, the myth, the legend." Um, FELLOVVSU'-llP Haaa, RQABT ADULT' BZ? 242 This handsome group of P 2 s are either loitering side a chapel or attending Kristin s wedding For some, registering for classes means the end of summer . . . For Ronnie Dodd, in his own words, "Uh, what classes?" , Mm ,,?4iQ in r Carol Cofer looks over at her peers, she begins to realize that maybe truck- Mark ponders the meaning of life, and if Bert is going to eat that last donut. ing school isn't so bad after all. 243 244 Jason Barr Darlene Bell Greg Bell Michael Bitar Scott Blankenship Karen Boskus Johnny Bowers Jason Bowman Scott Bryant Chad Burke Stacie Caldwell Daina Carter Carol Cofer Billy Cover Brady Crisp Ashley Crocker ...E ' -auqav y yyrtl A 'W X I . 2,9 - J 3,-'57, ,gn nr ,,. ,,,N5z, 2 . 'V if " 'L' .ill 'L V . a EY' 7, 1 a ngst' J , A .,... , V , ' , Z ,, Qef'1f,a Wffh' 5 1. fl" x 5 V sehr I Q , ,.,,,,,,,o---'Q-an-...q. me we . J . M W . ilr it 4 in " ,ILL ' Sheri Cross I, 'V M" Terri Dan 'B Nancy Dillard ' ffiifn Ronnie Dodd , ' o 0 0 'o"."o"."o" '0o0""o" "o""'o" . 0 t fu , A A ' pf! f , , 4? i V r L Q -f , Q f , 153' ' H If ' ' iw 'f'7 W f nfs xo 1 3 Q M. 1582, Manx v ,Heegyf Stacey Dugan Kerry Eden Terry Engstrom Mark Estes Casey Fimple Jamie Grose Laura Hartley Seth Heldenbrand Leah Henderson Shawn Henderson Julie Highfill Tawnya Horn Jeneen Kittler gy Z5 Bert Koch MMWI' 'L ,W Kenny Kuenzel " ' Ftenea Lacy , , ' 'sn , I , , fx wx 'nail' ' A 5 "' Ctint Layes M i V Cinnamon Lee ' 'd,,L,zy A,l,A'AV VVVV W arren Lee ' f Berry Lemke g o g 0 g g 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 245 246 x . . Q 0 ' 0 . . O . . . . . Q . . O . . ' . Q 4 Q .- ' ,U Q' f f was if ,wr M K Cristy Lemons fi L 1 Mary Ann Lovrien , Mark Marak Q Angela Mashburn ' f Monica Mathys Beth McCollum Carissia McKinnon Kristin Mitchell Melissa Morrison Rob Mosby Todd Nolte Tammy Orlando Clint Orvin Chris Parker Angela Patterson Michael Peters Don Porter John Richmond Mylissa Rogers April Sanders av' Q 1 H -rw , ist,t .2 1 wg I' gi 3.21 r 2 ."-if . 2- X. 124' at faq, MVN MARTIANE 7 3 e K 4 ,ff 4 'Wx 4. al 1 4 A .WW 5 Q 4,1-ff .1 , 4,416 ,V , f 1i. ' ff ' . O O . I O . O . 0 . Q . Q . . 4' is :af an A f m, , , l If I I Kristin Schulz Stephanie Shelton Shelly Siler Kurt Smith 3 5 . Michael Smith Scott Smith Jody Smotherman Nita Swartz W I V is g g fag -l'llllllll , Heidi Tramel Christi VanCamp Jerrick White 4-we 3' 4 W 0 is " Tracy Whitehead 'SW' ' Tony Wilson 247 l Todd explains the importance of chewing well while Ken is drawn into one of Jody's frightening experiences in Carissia's hometown of Delight. Cristy smiles for the camera while Sheri is drawn by the warm glow of the heating lamp. 248 Ml ,,.-4-MW Q --M. 'Q lnventive Seth pours himself a frosty beverage of COLA during our freshman Karen Boskus sneaks a smile to her favorite peer while husband Roger is looking. Jerrick has his hands full keeping this little one under control. we cattle to the trough, no pharmacy student or faculty member can resist a rod burger. Meanwhile, Chad Burke socializes with friends while still looking cool. "Come get you some!" A ,f I ii - S This would be an easy ioke, but l'lI refrain. Hl GIRLS!!! 249 ASP MIDYEAR REGIONAL MEETING Terry, Mylissa, and Daina enjoy fresh fruit in the Hol- idome of Monroe, LA. The three were heard to say that they were very thrilled. Frank-Paul-Paul-Frank, Frank, and Greg climb aboard the Monroe express to find food, fun, and ROMANCE! Tony Wilson dances a jig with a SWOSU student, while keeping the required one foot distance between them. Ken enjoys a cold beverage while Bert chows down on some gumbo, while Daina gets a strange feeling that she's not in Arkansas anymore. 250 gt The Arkansas delegation works hard to get our can- didates elected. Tony is thereto guard the ping-pong table on the right. S A Q tag. ,N 5. ser Greg cuts a rug with a friend. No joke here. Gr knows where I live. Clint shows how its done during a night of bowling. Either that or he likes to Kristin is having a blast at her bache wear ugly shoes at seedy disco places. lorette party. Love that veil, Kristin! 33 W? iiiiiggiga f ,f i" o Shelly and Laura are all smiles. '-.,f. 'WS 3 .... h 251 is-eszsizw. ' ' f 'i' vi-'v---1' - Greg exposes his Halloween costume to the delight of trick-or-treaters every- where. Rob, Tracy, and M.S.'s wife Leigh enjoy watching their favorite shows on TV nite every Thursday. 252 Angela and Kerry have a different emotions about the ASG Halloween party th are attending. Seth and Peters. Cool guys, cool shirts, cool hair. 'OJ I-all IQQ5 PHARMACY FRESIIMEN I' "I l -1 I-Q -l...l P-1's: Starting Gver Again Pharmacy school represents a new beginning for each pharmacy freshman. We have all come from different col- leges, different backgrounds and hometowns and entered a world unlike any we have ever experienced. Yet, we all share a common goal - becoming P-2's. UAMS has become our new home, and here we are making a new start. The tran- sition has not been easy, but we have helped each other through it. From meeting one another at Orientation and par- ties to having fun at class picnics and bowling to consoling each other after anatomy and physiology tests, we have formed a bond that will last us after graduation and through- out our careers. We take our place as the class of 1998. Taking a needed break after an anatomy test. Bonding at Chuck-E-Cheese. , ,7 'Wi' W f '-M ,max vw 4 4 : 6' , ff' fa , , , Making new friends at class picnics .tl The Bowling Experience. 254 S .xv ,,,, . , ,f l if i asc:-, xi 'A V: A V I! kk! ' pa 7 -gr? B "' Is: D., H? ' ' In Qi ,galley WM ,Q f -3 , if Y 4""v 'S X D ii, a ggi, Y, I , ,-inf' . 5 ' W ,k g 7, 1 A B TWC" Q W' 0? ,255 W 1 gt 55113 5 ' if if Z S PM '41, Jon Arnold ReMonica Arnold Paul Baker Benita Bateman Elaine Bieber Toyia Brown Paul Bullington David Burris Rodney Burris Ann Camponovo Eric Carrouth Holly Chambless Regina Chambless Rosie Coleman Angela Cotton William Danage Lori Day Lesnia DeGood Brenda Foster Frank Fowler 255 Angela Gaines Amy Galloway Trey Gardner Michelle Grale Laura Gray Connie Hall Carrie Hampton Kara Hardin David Harmon Jason Hawkins John Hawley Tammy Henderson Jason Hawkins is caught by surprise. John Hawley enjoys the free pizza at the ASP meetings. K. A i gs MQ? oss X 'fri Ks '.,. ,fi i f .4 aff 9-'iff 2? 0644 afefss. N QQ-lp . . - iw---was .. -s ' ' so J i QQ' gr' i if Styx, .J 'Wx 5 We M. 1 YM! was TZTZ19 f smdww . I 1. Q e -'56 5 1 S if f J is vcr , X -'nav ' Family reunion at the class picnic. Kim Holderby Katy Holmes Jeanie Horton Jeremy Jackson Turner James Tammie Jason Jody Johnson Laurie Jones Tyra Jordan Karen Keasler Karen LaCotts Terry Lemke 257 , u - S In OTIFOG The 1994 mid-year regional ASP meeting was held in Mon- roe, LA on the weekend of Oct 21-23. The P-1 class had more representatives present than any other class, and the Arkansas delegation was the second largest at the confer- ence. Those unable to attend missed out on a great weekend full of fun and even a little ASP business. It was a long van ride from Little Rock to Monroe. Some of the meetings could have been more interesting. 3 'A' .1 I' T . Q S fwq Everyone enjoyed the Cajun cuisine. Brandon Ragsdale was a worthy 1st runner-up in the Miss ASP contest 258 Sam Leveritt Angie Lingo Lisa Long Scott McClain Michael McFarIin Same McHaney Holley Morgan Nancy Normington Joseph Owasoyo Cyndi Parker Miral Patel Jamie Pike Jeffrey Price Rebekah Pruitt Brandon Ragsdale Stephanie Rapert Lisa Reed Leigh Ann Richardson Shannon Roach Jonathan Robbins S At Work V IV Ffa 1 And Play 1s..,,,.-I ,40-44 What a group! Anita Roberson Rebecca Sample Letha Scroggins Stephanie Sexton Shannon Seymore Nita Sherman Lee Shinabery Allison Silliman an bhbi q', ' S ' . . 1a i i i l 5 ff1.2,S- ,. f I fm'-'P , Q. eeeeer N r Genia Snyder bzt Jennifer Spurlock Jon Stewart P P Leslie Stewart , Q we 1- igig Q J . i i i , S S tt,aio l 'U iii t ii ii itlii I 'Ya .3 1 X ...J ii i 1 . if if i fit 5 so 262 Scott Stracener Susan Sullivan Thomas Taylor Cyndi Vilayvanh Ashley Wagner Scott Warmack Chris Watson Mark Wear Kenneth Wedsted Sarah Whitfield Melanie Wilson Laura Woodson Jon Stewart and Shannon Seymore are having trouble with their labels. Eric Carrouth and Kara Hardin are first in line at the class picnic while Lisa Reed looks on. Wa., W 'K Ham- M ff -M. 19 . sf.:-may lug, fit 'R Nun Q, 264 1.0 a--1 ,L ' IQQ5 causes or Nunslnc 2 6 OF A 651 AQ' fl" QQRSINQ 'hx S J' .1 Q! v 'if wiv f K-3 I5 0 ' ik 9 5' ri' 2 5, 2-Q06 swf J We Qiieiiiea cf? O I-V -'W f II Il 41 I... -I.: 266 Cornelia Beck, Ph.D., R.N. Professor, Assoc. Dean of Research Beth Vaughan-Wrobel, Ed.D., R.N. Professor, Assoc. Dean Academic Programs Janet Lord, PhD., R.N. Assoc. Professor, Chair Adult Health Dept. Joe D. Cook, M.A. Asst. Professor, Asst. Dean Business Affairs Mary Robertson, M.S., Ed.A. Director of Admissions and Registrar Benni Ogden, M.S.E., R.N. Clinical Asst. Professor, Dir. Student Affairs Not Pictured: Patricia E. Thompson, Ed.D., R.N., Assoc. Professor, Chair Parent!ChiId Dept.: Marianne- Zotti, Dr. P.H., R.N., Assoc. Professor, Chair Community, PsychlMental Health, Gerontology Dept., Pa O'Sullivan, Ed.D., Clinical Assoc. Professor, Interim Assoc. Dean Research Doris Ballard-Ferguson, Ph.D., R.N., C. Assoc. Professor Barbee Bancroft, P.N.P., M.S.N. R.N. Assoc. Professor Claudia Barone, M.S., R.N. Clinical Instructor Pegge Bell, Ph.D., R.N. Asst. Professor Regina Billedeau, M.N.Sc., R.N. Clinical instructor Paul Brown, Ed.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor Karen Carlson, Ph.D., R.N. Asst. Professor Carolyn L. Cason, Ph.D., R.N. Professor Ann Coleman, Ph.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor Janice Dean, M.S.N., R.N. Asst. Professor Mary Devine, M.N.Sc., R.N. Asst. Professor Neena Grissom, M.S.N., R.N. Clinical Instructor Patricia Heacock, Ph.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor Louanne Lawson, M.N.Sc., R.N. Clinical Instructor Donna J. Middaugh, M.S.N., R.N Asst. Professor Rebecca Patterson, D.S.N., R.N. Assoc. Professor Gloria Rauch, M.S.N., R.N. Professor Cheryl Rhoads, M.S.N., R.N. Asst. Professor Bonnie Richardson, Ph.D., R.N. Asst. Professor Wanzell Rodriguez, M.S., R.N. Asst. Professor 267 Elizabeth Rouse, M.N.Sc., R.N. Assoc. Professor Elaine Souder, Ph.D., R.N. Asst. Professor R. Craig Stott, Dr. P.H., R.N. Assoc. Professor Deborah Sweatt, M.N.Sc., R.N. Clinical Instructor Starla Tate, M.N.Sc., R.N. Clinical Instructor Patricia J. Thompson, Ph.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor Doris Tucker, Ed.D., R.N. Clinical Instructor Martha Tygart, Ed.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor Judith Vessey, Ph.D., R.N. Professor Jan Wayland, Ph.D., R.N. Asst. Professor Rozanne Winger, Ph.D., R.N. Sophie Williams, M.S.N., R.N. 268 WJ, ..,. t , JB" vi . ' .r I W . . .'s, S s...f ifslis A I Not Pictured: Claudia Beverly, Ph.D., R.N., Assoc. Professor, Linda Calhoun, M.N.Sc., R.N., Clinical Instructor, Ann Cashion, M.N.S R.N., Clinical Instructor, Patricia W. Caudle, D.N.Sc., R.N., Asst. Professor, Sheila Collier, M.S.N., R.N., Clinical Instructor, Nanet Goddard, M.S., R.N., Visiting Asst. Professor, Hope Hartz, M.S.N., R.N.P., C., F.N.P., Clinical Instructor, Linda Harwell, M.N.Sc., R. Clinical Asst. Professor, Sue Huskey, M.S.N., R.N., Clinical Asst. Professor, Ann H. Lewis, Ph.D., R.N.C., Asst. Professor, Jean M Sweeney, Ph.D., R.N., Asst. Professor, Melinda Morrell, M.N.Sc., R.N., Clinical Instructor, Gloria Mugno, M.S., R.N., Adi. Faculty A pointment, Kathy Richards, Ph.D., R.N., Asst. Professor, Debra Roper, M.S.N., R.N., Clinical Instructor, Cheryl Schmidt, M.S.N., R. Clinical Asst. Professor, Katherine Schwam, M.S.N., R.N., Clinical instructor, Jeannie Shook, M.N.Sc., R.N., Clinical Instructor, Richa Smith, M.N., R.N., Clinical Instructor, Johannah Uriri, M.N.Sc., R.N., Clinical Instructor r . - 0. I' Q IQQ5 NURSING SENIORS C51 Q L.I- -1.1 OFFKHAL SICK DAY" X ' ,i . ,ii 1. ull' I .J , 1: K wx 5 X sz fm.,-I 5 0 so- v QN r X . A 270 dim. XSPM.. WJXTA GROUCH 1 T cf ,V ,, 5 V 1, T" pf' T, VLL DRINK TO THAT Kimberly Bass Lynette Batts Brian Bell Monita Bell Jill Benson Jolene Biorgo Amy Brandt Sandra Branton Sheila Brewer Katherine Brown Michelle Chiaro Deborah Crabill Lisa Deal Marlene DeMasi Joseph Diorio Carla Ferry Margaret Glasgow Jacqueline Goldsmith Tammy Green Michelle Grimmett Lisa Haley Michael Hart Anne-Marie Hemphill Becky Hicks James Hunt Sarah Jines Darla Kashwer Wayne Klein Pat Kreulen Amanda Lenard Stephanie Lewis Dianna Mosher Stacie McClellan James McKeever James Middlebrook 272 Alisa Morris Janet Morris Dees McHaney Roberta Orr Natalie Pattillo Eileen Peterson Tony Rhea Kathleen Rodriguez Fran Sanders Martin Spruell Jamie Shahan Stephen Shrum Craig Turner Tina Turner Jon Valentine Josephine Wakwe LaTanya Williams Catherine Wilson Lee Yap Troy Britt Leanne Haynes Jacqueline Kilgore Gail Perkins Kristian Poole Marie Seneque Little Devil '91 dm aur- "Ux Ur, N K l PHOTO NOT AVAlLABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAlLABLE 195 ow Si vig 'lbw-mr Q-.WM IS NOT AVAILABLE I Paoro x 5 I S0 PHOTO AVAILABLE ti Tl 1 n 1 O 9 3 Q' X 7 G 5 Nor ff 5 4 ll rl PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE -J iiT5',-"" ' TJ ,,-1-."..- N. ...ii-' ..,....-- TOHYH Ad-NTIS BSN, RN Stacy Avery BSN, RN Lucinda Bailey BSN, RN J C5 44" if Rebecca Bailey BSN, RN Sherry Barnes BSN. RN Lynette Batts BSN, RN sk gr L 5: as K Ks.. K Brenda Bolhuis BSN, RN Amy Brandt BSN, RN Sheila Brewer BSN, RN Cindy Burns BSN, RN 274 5 I' 1. E Y X X . 1, f E . X iile t hx fa i Q , Jon B. Crowder BSN, RN Karen Dunn BSN, RN Melissa Echols BSN, RN Nancy H. Elliot BSN, RN ima' nic! f' Myra Eoff Huie BSN, RN Juanita Gray BSN, RN Michelle Grimmett BSN, RN Lisa Haley BSN, RN 0 . 0 O Kathy Fuliz BSN, RN Marsha Hartline BSN, RN O 275 April Hartman BSN, RN Anne-Marie Hemphill BSN, Ashley Hixon BSN, RN RN X X Leigh Ann Horn BSN, RN Kimberly Johnston BSN, RN Wayne Klein BSN, RN Pat Kreulen BSN, RN 276 Timi Hooker BSN, RN Ni Likk 5 ,W ..- '1-if . 1 ' if xy, Q3 yr., K y S ki S , Michelle lves BSN, RN X5 N . N'l'Z"' Amanda Lenard BSN, RI 1 Stephanie M. Lewis BSN, RN Angela Littleton BSN, RN LeAnne Lovette BSN, RN - - 1- .:.-1.:f:211....-:s.::e,sixMV:k i Betty McDevitt BSN, RN Amy L. McDowell BSN, RN James McKeever BSN, RN Alisa Morris BSN, RN Teresa Morris BSN, RN Cindy Nelson BSN, RN Ellen McCracken BSN, RN Tracy Mentgen BSN, RN Jan Nolen-Stewart BSN, RN 277 - . - .e..:.QS5:1..':'-3, ' .. fix - :af Q' . -Qfi x... es, , 1 :' , .. if , . fi ., Q mae. Q X X 3 mf i 5'ff5-KF' ' Y 'E S' :1--fl Q, F' 3 ,SSS We V iff' f , 'Q ,,, , 5 Carl Nutter BSN, RN Beatrice Onyeokeziri BSN, Marion Overstreet BSN, RN RN Tina Quinn Nuckols BSN, RN ongratulations S Tiffany Padilla BSN, RN S-up Deborah Reichard BSN, Rr i B N Sarah Rhoads BSN RN Kathleen Rodriguez BSN RN Rhonda Rosenwinkel BSN Crystal Rowland BSN RN i r 278 KFiSfi Rush BSN. RN Ann Sl'1iFl'0rI BSN, RN Rob Silmon BSN, RN Virginia Sniegocki BSN, RN O P 1 r O 1 O o ' o 1 1 O o , 4 O P anna Sutherland BSN, RN James Staiicup BSN, RN ., ,,,:5.1 S Dawna Stankus BSN, RN Leslie Sullivan BSN, RN Angela Thomas-West BSN, Dustin Thomason BSN, RN RN 279 A1-' ' i S1 Q :JT""?v9. ,.- B Q. Ron Throneberry BSN, RN Polly Vaughan BSN, RN Amy L. Williams BSN, RN LaTanya Williams BSN, RN S Kathy Wilson BSN, RN Sheila Wilson BSN, RN Cindy Witkowski BSN, RN MQ' Linda Wood BSN, RN Robin Wood BSN, RN Shannon Wood BSN, RN Lee Yap BSN, RN 280 ,Y YN Q59 44 -1 i 1 HATE 511655 WHAT AHA MI L. IM READY FOR HARRY HOUR VM COOL! ,j,, Q R -4 i .AY ,www 3119 'QT 2 "i""Y' Q., 2 282 s 4 X 'W nf 5 3 9- 283 in 1' 'Q' 47' Q iffy' 43 Q Wai. g . X xf' ,, VG! 1' is luvf ff M25 'VJ xv? 'X' fiwsf I 'fy' , f . yn- gs '95 j M ff , .f - have AM I xg" VM, X W' ' . Q t 7 I-'M ,I X N. K V 'ww x fi ' 284 "f 1 you-- 0'9" ...V we '-vat!" 1 Y X J' ' X xx' K L""""""' ,Q.. ,, 'bv -Q . Q' ,mt .., 41' ,. .-"4 X W if Q S as ., X X ,N .lu is 285 286 f Q13 SQ , N' ns: Um lwlC'g -A wsu! Q ' ww E N 1 288 289 Q 3 i YT? 5' if K - Q . . 5.1 i s rx. erm! Q .. X ' ,Q if fxegn' "k' x. ww N ' ' N - ,ag Q 1 ,JAG 1 - iflh QAQLV .aw Q x X W. -,x , . S A ws V 'cw ff-mti-if N X .14 ' 1 's my " f - ' i "I, , ,U 4 A .Q K -, -1495, , if. . K ' .:. 1',+,,- x- . , M N.ix ,K b. "1 A Q , v, " K, 1 , ' 'lf ., K ,5,f5Hfi-gp : Q52 Y' - gf?-,ff ffpffmaf. ,gy .4 . A .,4':fF!'n - x 4 . 'lx-Q ..f+'f"' r' eiqf ' A . .ff gf 120 -. 1' I W . f 3 'L , 1 fi ' l ffwgyig - f x is . " . X w x v HOW5 IT , WEE? . .. 4, A 5 f ' I K . 3 RS, 0 290 'h.., "OJ I' IQQ5 NURSING JUNIORS 3 Elaine Acord Kelly Anderson Scotty Ashcraft Errolyn Alchley Ronald Ball Arnel Barba Kristal Barker Erin Berry Lisa Berry Pamela Blanche Helen Brantley Stephanie Byles Tammy Claussen Gail Clay Marci Crocheron Sherry Cronshey "' .. ' f y I M Maja I 4 '7 4 , Qi ' . , " f , in 5 ,W f Q, ,,U, U W ' gms ,wwf f 1 ..-f , ' f 1 ,619 f z l Z 'i" Elizabeih Davis in Tammy Dixon Deanna Edwards Rhonda Ford -up I I "' "'o 0' 'O o"'o 0' '0,o"'o,o"'o, Junior Nur in L , a- 'r , if 2 2 fy 'ggzwg w QV VY I i FY- 1 wg? Y: Y 3 Q3 P 7 ff? nur' u".!.!. Sf 293 C I .Q 294 Elvira Giambalvo Andrea Glover Jo Greenhill Mark Gregory Robin Grice Kay Harris Gwendolyn Hart Daisy Hartsell Q fi YW is R Q Amanda Hatfield Jennifer Heath Carolyn Hill Tammy Hill ' i" L ri' A - E 4 Q Q iw -1' .-rg-3j,.,,.,. ,, I A K, .,,,,,. if .k,,, yi Y V ., . in P Q M , I I Ek - - SfQ'2e , '4?"h5.. 'Y ' :Q v In fi K -' I , ' V ' ' , G 8 ' 1 o r ,, G f . if l 1 7 . gf A Q, I .5 dj : V., gmwxygg. EV v. ,Z Qjy Mm fuffi Russell Hobby Amy Holder Virginia Holloway Aimee Hughes ,ii 35256- WWW Joanna Ingram Karia Johnson gh Angela Johnston VL Wg, ' e S. Delayne Keaton NSR? X - .5!.x: . A Michael Kindervater Cheryl Kite Joy Kooms Giao Le Sharon Longinotti Licia Lyle Dale Mackey Amy Mathias Rhonda Miller Natalie Monroe Patricia Morehart Tera Nutt Amy Overton Kasia Pabian Amy Patterson Heidi Peters Carlisa Phillips Lori Phillips Linda Powell Vickie Price is Ffh X . xx X312 if Y M' V ,,,,zA f MQW 1 W., rf If N .shlkf .L 297 Thomas Rawlings Kristi Renfro Brandon Rice Sandra Richardson Christina Rossi Melinda Rutledge Stephen Sanford Marian Starks Julie Steele Natalie Tatom Kristy Thompson Angela Titus Seth Tolliver Elizabeth Tullgren Scott Turner Amie Vedros , fn ' Q E 4 M " 4, if 'ral " f iff' gift , x tn' , 5 X 1? g 1 iiiaa f , - - an 'Q I ' ff. 33' an 1 4 L. tt it .Qi I T K, H2 . K ik, V . ,,, , T MQ' A E lrilatilili A lih s James Wharton if M H 'S Danita wmhite H Q Q Q 0 Q Q O O O 5 0 ..,000,.,000,.,0 0,',0 0g.g' 0,0 0,0 0, 298 'OJ I' IQQ5 COLLEGE OF HEALTH RELATED PROFESSIONS 35 :11 300 College of Health Related Professions Ronald H. Winters, Ph.D.i Dean and Professor ' CHRP Administration ,fi fa 'IM' W , A A Q l ,.,. A . ooiii ff ' 1-ik' Q " "' ' .-get X Ruth M. All Ph.D. Leonard L. Bennett, M.B.A. Associate Dean and A ' te Professor Assistant Dean N T 3 J. Cephis Gaddy, M.S.E. J ome T. Grismer, M D Associate Director S.A. A ociate De gr Audiology and Speech Pathology J. Hope Keiser, Ph.D. Professor and Chair James Montague, Ph.D. Professor Nola Burl, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Sakina Drummond, Ph.D Professor , Beth Eaton, M.A. Instructor and Dir. Clin. S Donald Fuller, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Betholyn Gentry, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Patricia Highly, M.S. Instructor Terri Hutton, M.F.A. Instructor Priscilla Nellum-Davis, Ph D Assoc. Professor Shirley J. Pine, Ph.D. Professor Maurice Weatherton, Ph D Professor Lee Ann C. Golper, Ph.D Gretchen Spring, M.S. James Wear, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Darrel Croswell, M.Ed., CBET Asst Professor NOT PlCTURED: Jess Dancer, Ed.D., Professor Biomedical Instrumentation i Cytotechnology Michelle Henry - Stanley, M.S. Asst. Professor and Chair Wanda Culbreth, M.S. Professor ,mist Dental Hygiene Virginia Goral, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor and Chair Kurt Truax, D.D.S. Assoc. Professor and Chair Cindy Green, M.S. Assoc. Professor and Clinic Coord. Tip Helms, D.D.S. Professor NOT PICTURED: Susan DeAngeIis, M.S., Asst. Professor Wiki' Bef 5 X ik Barbara Thornton, B.S. Instructor Katy Warren, M.Ed. Assoc. Professor William Wingfield, M.Ed. Asst. Professor mg eggs? ,ki 1 , 3,5 K Ns! .- 4"' . , .5 j ifvizszassssssa. g K W., 1. ff .,,.. ,f f . .... . W, .W . Health information Management Nuclear Medicine Technology Barbara Carrington Maftha Pickett, 302 Asst. Pl'0feSSOl' t h ix -A i 1 ,Q ., 2.5,. xii- X Q 'Y 1 if Nt, an as , 1 - cf, 1 Q 3 Y' 7 4 v 5 A ix.. PM as .1 an M 1 A gf? ' -'fiisifi fisf Medical Technology Martha Lake, Ed.D. Asst. Professor and Chair Margaret Bartelt, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Susan Aycock, M.H.S. instructor Maxine Jones, M.S. Instructor Kathleen Mugan, B.S. Instructor Pamela Kellar, M.A. Clinical instructor Suzanne Tank, B.S. Clinical Instructor Patricia Thompson, M.S. Clinical Instructor NOT PICTURED: Marti Morrow, B.S., Instructor: Alex Pappas, M.D., Medical Director 5 . 4.x ig mr, ff..-Eb Dietetics and Nutrition Beverly McCabe, Ph.D. A Professor and Chair 1 . ,Q ' Ronni Chernoff, Ph.D., R.D. iff Assoc. Dir. and Professor Sharon Hinson Davis, Ed.D., M.S. M.S.O.M. R.D.. L.D. Asst. Professor Margaret Bogie, Ph.D., R.D., L.D Kathryn W. Hosig, Ph.D., Fl.D., . ...M L.D. A Asst. Professor Q QQ " wr-cv Q vw- Q V Wy ll 'P Radiologic Technology Joe Bittengle, M.Ed. Asst. Professor and Chair Quinnie Young, M.Ed. Clinical Dir. and Asst. Professor Dell Arnold, M.Ed. Instructor Donna Caldwell, B.S.R.T. Instructor Linda Lingar, B.S.Fl.T. Instructor Stanley Oleiniczak, B.H.S. Instructor William Pedigo, M.P.A. Instructor Joe Nolen, B.S. Instructor NOT PICTURED: Chris Drange, B.S.R.T., Instructor: Max L. Baker, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor: Jim Vandergrift, M.S., Assoc. Professor: Carol Price, Instructor 303 Emergency Medical Services Jo Ann Cobble, M.A. Assoc. Professor and Chair Dennis Mitchell, B.Th. Instructor Timothy Rinehart, B.A. Instructor NOT PICTURED: Danny Bercher, B.S., Night Program Instructor -A St 4' 1- f... s I .,.,. F. . su s -ff x ,A ., fd? xl Respiratory Care Carol Blair, A.S. Asst. Instructor Kathy Boggs ,,,,. Instructor , lgaa. Erna Boone, M.Ed. H . J x . k ,V 1. Asst. Professor and Chair .. . Karen Diles, A.S. Asst. Instructor Patrick Evans Instructor AHEC SW George W. Finley Assoc. Med. Dir. AHEC SW V, ,.'f ff Theresa Gramlich, M.S.P.H.E. ..,,V Asst. Professor Gaylene Mooney, A.S. .Vg Asst. Instructor I'II': ' 'I 1 I Don Richter, B.S. Instructor Rod Roark, M.S. Asst. Professor Hubert Wren, M.D. Medical Dir. AHEC SW NOT PICTURED: Jeff Stanridge, Instructor, John Lindsey, B.S., lnstructorg Rena Novack, A.S., Asst. Instructor . ftcs 1 55' I iiitftt S 5 Surgical Technology 304 Jerome Grismer, M.D. Assoc. Dean Cindy Bagwell, B.S.N. Instructor and Chair Laura Reaves Instructor ,. 1:9311 , twist fi. BIOMEDICAL INSTF-IUMENTATICJN WJ 306 JUSTIN BURT JAMES CHILDRESS RONALD COX SCOTT EMMERLING RICHARD LOWERY ROBERT MOONEY 4402 i A is 3 SENIORS Picture Not Available Blankenship, Gergory Goldsberry, Donald ,-HW' 19' Higgins, Robert Lee-Olsen, Tina ,rs umm, Perkins, Robert Porfiris, Spiro Smith, Bryan Smith, Donald l x K ,MV V W 5 vis. if ,W fa J 3 Wyatt, Terry , a, it , S eett i we PS ' 5" X 4 . :ix X 'X S45 A"""" 307 CYTCTECHNCLGY Left to Right: Soncelia Couch, Deb Johnson, Sanford McCallum, Laura Urich-Liebersbach Soncelia and Deb at prep station. Cytology staff and students. ---.tmvvmawywywxwtwm an E aff of Q-.ali-' W, , my , 308 Soncelia WW A Z Laura and Educational Coordinator Wanda Culbreth. Sanford's leisure time. D N TAL H YGIENE SENIORS ff! 17? 'CTW7 ar i MELISSA ALEXANDER SHERRY BADGLEY N m - W ww Ummm ADH Qmwgj had www as X S W EE sw X 1' 'IPTV JAMFE BEARDEN TAMMY BIRDWELL . ff f A . " 1 X fi Af Na L gf, X35 1 02' . ' ' nb, g' , K , 6,2 K W A it 5 al s, ' V V, . ,- ' - , ' X25 1 Y get xl ' Vw? TN CINDi BLACKWOOD SCARLETT BONE WA az' - A mf-415. 309 E Z Q 3 Q S E R S S 1 N ..f 3 mldomu LGQMUQA Hmmm HBH bi PMYNOMOM "fXkl!Y'U'YN0y, RUN -'hW. i kv y1sae2fJQ529?,QJk,2ofJm3.s iJ,w,uf754j,eeff5V,Q,L90Z7 Q. m. L:L ,A K. . L:.lL . .izx 3 is wwnau- YVONNE MILLS j,Q4L19!1V7LZ1AJfQf!,K HOLL 1 'I LEIGH H.D!Z,5.5, 0Q4TgkQLckuAwJ0wRl5H,l3S fx as A . ' Huw Roms, 'VA 'f'A"f'P IRDH ,ES ROBERTS MELINDA STINSON MQQCMJLSY5 VZEYQLN BM , 55 LORI TRIPP CHRISTIE WHITE ' . 2 , If gy W'i,.. f Q. i gfw , . Q5m,r.u1,QmU,+aoH A wwf 1 S. fvwofffff. 'I an 1-giw, W gf D Alissa Bradshaw Sherla Bryant Diane Calkins Deidre Carlin Amanda Colclasure Lisa Combs Tiffany DeShon Shelli Douglas Toni Duelmer Lark Eiiiott Marcia Futrell Sabrina Gabbard Anne Garner Georgene Haak Jennifer Haven 314 ntal Hygiene Junior if s -Q -1 1... A s - . 'RQ wma 1 M N fi 'V gg f +C iz.,--1" .,.,.,,,,,...., .. ..,...x ,,,,...... , ,....Q..,.f-'-- . .... ..,,gf,,,...-. ,.g f : WO . D - as i . NOT AVAMBLE - - Qi N A 1 "' fQ-415 I 9 'L 6' ,F 3 i ,L .. A ., .i,. D . ., i - i i ' " . fm , N if S we '-- 33:55 ' IQ , ., ' 1 A 4 K 1? 4 N 'D J V' LEW 0,5 V, A w .19 D' f D 'V HM, ' ina in Q Q ...,. 's 'f' -N? is ii' . if 1 a L 14 W ,ap i w X m i it Vinum 3 X Wwwg Q. , 'F ff: X Jacqueline Heinley Tanya House Jamie Johnson J J M J 'XR Jennifer Jones if it 'W .L J. , April Kappes Q N wa' f 'Q X :xiii 7 . Q ' K 67 I , .t V jen. Q l W , ,h K - -' A f , Y K ES I ,M kk no 2 ' . -'xx 5 Lisa McElroy - i Ann Melton m ii K J ' Tonya Paul 5 W 5 5 'Q Amy Newberry in ':- iq Brandi shun A ' PHOTO . Q Q it , 'V , NOT J F , ' . ' ' 'S' . AvAu.ABi.E - ' 37 . gli - eww . 55:3 e f - ff Aleisha Shurley 1 K Mike Skelton X -A . Christi Starrett H ., W Jana Welch t Q 'Q' ' Tommie Wise ' o 5 'S Qi? ,ggi 4 3 ,. in 'gal 1 U I I 315 316 TN5 NM 5 wwf , km ,. gulf K , .mvnww-2 'N 'xr i . 6. S fx 'ag " '-an if x 5 I Q Q "' snr QE - I II.. L.-I Q,-4 6 .Rst ww gg X if af wer S 317 , 1995 EMS Paramedics Day Class IU' flu Zvi' 'vu-mr Jo Ann Cobble Instructor Toby M. Akers John T. Leckert Ill 'YK 'Q We came, We listened, We tested, we passed . . . we are 1995 Paramedics. Thanks to Io are the best! Danny Bercher Instructor c eos, . je: rn s ,.f , A fi is X32 l A i f iftlilisx sf Mark A. Duvall Ann, Danny, Dennis, and Tim. You guys Dennis Mitchell instructor Michael R. Glover C. Allen Minton AFTIY E- Smith A fi rii" 'f Ex - Q Q ,. L: , -i.. ' Q". , . isiz 'fs Y 1 Jennifer J. Thompson Dee Dee Travis Gina M. Witowski 318 W Tim Ftinchart ,rt Instructor L,.r E X we K it l. . s.: . 'fa I 1 ... .,, Darrel L. Kline ll SPF FN M A f Kirk M. Thomas li Z gl lii l 'Sis ww. I Some hy and tben pass some ny and then fad what we we will never rell. 3 . I Blk 319 1-994 EMS Paramedics Night Class Our comment to future Para- TW0 yeafg gf 5tre55, tgayj and medic students is "been there, tests have finally paid off P45-'ed that-P, - Night Claw, '95 - Nisbf Class, '95 Susan Brooks Bill H. Calhoun Mike Cantley Janelle Johnson Rick Maynard Barbara L. Pool Mark L. Reeves Virgil D. Snyder Shelly L. Spradlin Greg E. Thompson Carol S. Usery 320 fl N ' Qis-fflwibi J Tlealth Information management QV xyv xyv xyv xyv xyv xyv vfl vfl vfl 'U Cletus Anaeki Barbara Goin Thelma Harrison Janessa Hoyle-Hansard Linda Jackson Mike Jaros 'iff' xv xv xv' xyv xv xyv 'Qxww .425 I Angie Waddles Charlotte Williams-Riley Linda G. Wilson M: -. Q WSHPQA, , ,Z L, 3 323 MEDICAL TECHNCLCGY 0 M Q' . M5 . 4 C' ' V f". ,SQ You talkin ta me? Teresa and Alisha raise Dorothy's spirits William B. Arnold 4 .f-ff nz I I This is Soooo exciting! 324 f ar Alisha Briggler Tonya M. Gayles ,z fi X: David L. Barnes Terrie Baugh -........ an 'rl .... ,Y Amy Goodwin Paula Sue Grimes Q.-4" .nf-' S--. SN, INS Med Techs know how to PAR TY Jacqueline Harris Do Whatl? ..--3 -was I' BOO! Pat finally figured out the B-cell counter Lori J. Heiles Shooo-Wheel --QQ, .ff 'QQ 'guy -'OKI Teresa E. Johnson Aaron D. Keck Tim Killian Patricia R. Kirk If my x--1, .W STBCGY MCVEY Richard Mitchell Janine M. Ott Marla Pratt 325 326 IDT -1 ur' ff mil 01 dui 'WE Christina Reid Carla Y. Shipman Ronnie Smith Donnie K. Sutton 1' -ug -'wg login' VD Q , .o.Q Dorothy L. Sykes LaDonna Tillman David E. Trout Ernest L. Tunstall Jr. T 1 - CHEESE! Ji. Britt Turner Will the registration line ever end? 'bl --- -'f-q.g-uuu- S JCR I ,,,V ,VVE ii.- .M-vt. May I take Your order please? lt's focused, now what? Patricia A. Whittecar I think they're stuck ciluclear medicine Mike Ocasic 'Geclmolo Anthony Jackson Class Vice President 38 Susan Jones Mike Ocasic Class President f"75'4' Anthony hits the books once again. I Anthony Jackson N f W 7 V 327 Kelly Hutchins Bridget Johnson , Y' 'W Katy Buckmaster T HT sl itil? mf? 5 . ,, x 5' it -N X x X Katy seeks peace and quiet after a YGST. ff ,Www it r ,QM ttt' s Lani ponders her answers to a test. i i A s ff Il-T A 2 7' E 75 X 1 x N 52:4 Xe 328 L 5 Yento Chung Leilani Pattings 'wqybh Christina Feltner Christina Feltner Class Secretary 45 Q ann. RADIGLOGIC TECHNCJLOGY Fayetteville Seniors ev-" wi. Cynthia Bonaduce Charles Clark J suv" Jule Gipson James Holmes, Jr. Juniors amie Daugherty Q .QQ li X My fs' . A 0:4 Jennifer Burris Michael McAdams Alan Thompson ,Q ,fix A Q M Shawn Thurow Eva Wilson 329 John Callaway Julia Combs , A '5 K fe X X N S. 'S -wi 'T 'M i v as E Ck-' S Eh X IX A Angel Crawford x Y' 1 . '::Lo..L C Jorge Hughes 330 RADIOLOGIC SENIOF-IS dw- Debbie Clay Drew Conner 'rors if C 'V is I if r A3 ' Q 1 -:Q-if hiwaw Mandi Graham Suzanne Matthews Kelly McBreen Shelley Siems 555.1 TECHNOLCGY LITTLE ROCK 'laug- QQQ 4. 1,7 Vicki Monk . l J lair" ' V',h, Marty Stainton 33 ..... 1. . 3, , , ,. M, f f , 0 9 7 X ,, :hi- 4- , ! I ,,,, n., 14 ,Q , Q 'X M5 f's.'. , J, 91,6 5 ms,Mf 47 , ,,,,,,w, f I f Q1 V. ,Ay 3 al M...,.... Ya C I I f ' ff! ff" 332 I 'Q 5 5 is 'X Name Q1 nqbg Date Vg Q q , Dept. guwxfibh C521 C15 Type: ID M Passport Pm Prmts H x A 7 l V AQ l1 H6117 nmnlis Ixus YOUUAV X. YILLTQ nl: LITTLE ROCK JUNICDRS ,M - af N 6 Ben David ' Adrian Finks J ' Q ff "Vf V Julie Frame A 1 t ' Amy E. Goodman 3' A , V3 Sara L. Hawkins if 75 , ff ' ' A ,Q f Q ' B iw i f . . ' - if i f i . M ,Q Y N' I ,, 4 V V I , 5 ' 5 Q f 1, Us , V 1 . , Karen L. Haymon f, V Tammy Himes Q " ff in ' ' MW I Lisa A. Holt M 0 Tara McDaniels ' W' gf N Denise Minick ' W' 6? , Kirk Plautz Shannon Sullivan V , Q Brent Taschetti , K Angela D. Tensley in ' ff' 'i Angela Ward V 334 gm? v f 2 Wv,,.,,p.m,,Qfl f""x 1 rv I xy, ,, 44 1 sw '4 ,v H 1 fy Y 9 ,, ., 336 ...--4 Y TEXAFRKANA Seniors 'Q ff" 11, 1'--:Sy Rebecca Berry Christa Beutelshies Chauncy Caddenhead l 'D J ,K Wir if L? Jodie Gaston Robin Hopkins Jana Petross ,. Terri Smith Sandy Sullivan TEXARKANA 1 Alicia Branum 'V 'SV Deanna Crabtree Alvin Scroggins Juniors 490' Craig Burkland Carla Campbell an Nancy Hale Becky Hollis Frank Smith 7 .-ff' espiratory herap lass of 1 'Z' 31 41 rg- ""-"M, "- Q? Lisa Barborek Deborah Benner Juliana Bollinger Jerry Burnette 338 ,,,,-1' M., Lisa Bylander Mike Cude Ben Downs Leroy Hagedorn 'W 46 Melissa Hebel Angela Hodges Jay Jordan 1. sgiie l 9- ed' an 'N ""'UlN Russell Lockhart Melanie Love Mark Mann Tammy Martin 9--U' -,,,f lfv help' Teri Maynard Ruby Nichols Kimberly Rigsby kevin Roy vii 1 3- 1 'Ov Sharon Sanders Jason Sapp Flay Smith Danah Stange ,lg-" F41 Antionette Stroter David Thomas 339 b5AAA444 L' 44 vdxil P :Z I L b,, 4 4 r 'Yvvvv1" 1 . i Wi 5 340 .. ig' MX '6 X 1? 'R X A iff" - A I gratulations 342 Bridgette Blackburn West Memphis UCA Kris Butler Conway UCA Tina Farmer Little Flock UALR Angela Garvin North Little Rock UCA Sonny Graham Conway UCA Precious Green El Dorado UCA Vallerie Jain Dallas Texas A 81 M Matt Mitchell Glenwood UCA Dawn Moody Benton UCA, Harding espiratoly herap lass of 1 L- Ag X N t B .we y s xii of Tammy Nutt Fordyce UA Monticello Adriane Patrick Little Rock UA Fayetteville, UALR Rick Sawyer Little Rock UCA Michele Scherz Searcy UCA Amanda Smith Springhill, LA SAU Crissy Sullivent Bearden UCA, SAU Tech Not plctured Now pay attention, this is how it works 343 an Q Q. . 5 x 0 gk I X W1 Yard Q 344 4 ,W 5 ,w .9 .1 v fnfl l 1 u S 3 4' m , 37 2 9 Z ? J ,,. ? -., wwf 'Zn exarkana -Il llll llll l!Il lll f 346 exarkana Derrick Alcorn Charles Fricks , nn.. x Charler Ganaway Lisa Kirvin YW? Tina Patton Debra Ward Surgical Technology Q P ov. Cathy Bateman Valencia Bunch Sherri Gilliaum ' 4 fa? Kristy Givens DeShea Lee B.J. Malloy Jodi Martin are-'9' Kimberly Shoup Heidi Shhumann Rache Simpson N Y . 4 9- 'S' Cynthia May ou? Odiim, I . I 4 ' ' - fXX X ' - - E " of 'AA' Tl-IE WE VA VA VA 348 E 2 . 4 ink, ,iii ff I , 'IJ li lQQ5 ORGANIZATIONS 35324, 1 1 1995 CADUCEUS STAFF fm ff Jill Johnson Robert Brown Manish Patel Editor in Chief Business Editor Business Editor i "" Q , 5 s X s K if Kay Kinneman Magda Kowalski Elizabeth Tai Organizations Editor Organizations Editor AHEClAdministration Editor Q?" Dina Horton Larry Graham Sherlita Reeves Steve Osmon Johnny Bowers Medicine 1 Medicine 2 Medicine 3 Medicine 4 Pharmacy 2 350 Dana Sisson Amy McHaney Pharmacy 3 Pharmacy 4 Kristy Thompson Rhonda Rosenwinkel Nursing 1 Nursing 2 Nursing 2 Sheila Brewer X t S .ar affw rQ,at if 'wg X Teresa Morris Scott Emerling Nursing 2 Biomedican lnstr. Angela Garvin Christie Givens Respiratory Care Surgical Tech Linda Wilson Mandi Graham Health lnfo Management Radiologic Technology I v 09" 'Q it 5 Debra Johnson Tonya Gales Kris Butler Cytotechnology Medical Technology Respiratory Care final Lori Tripp Hollye Garner Kevin Schreur Dental Hygiene Graduate School Graduate School Not Pictured: Seth Toliver, Pat Morehart, Tammy Nutt, Donald Goldsberg, Lani Pattings, Vicki Haguewood, Paula Groves, Jon Arnold, Toby Akers, Karen Johnson, and Jennifer Haven. 351 CDEDICAE SGUDECDC COULDCIE 3 5 fi The function of the Medical Student Council is to undertake projects and promote activities that will directly benefit the medical school student body. The Council is responsible for the annual Skit Dance. It is also involved with organizing the student body in the selection of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Golden Apple Awards, as well as Resident of the Year Award. The Council works in cooperation with other organizations to provide opportunities, equipment, and recreational activities that serve to improve the quality of life for UAMS students. Pictured left to right: Todd Stewart, Alex Orsini, Mindy Houston, David Cole, Lori Cheney, Brad Tiley, Amy Staggs, Mitch Winkler, Nova Goosby, Lisa Peturson. ASSOCIACED SCUDECUC GOUECRCIQCIDEQQC 352 11 Associated Student Government is made up of representatives from each school of the Medical Sciences campus. Its purpose is to provide unity among all students on Campus, to aid new student orientation and to serve as a channel of communication between students and administration. Pictured from bottom left to right: Karl Kuhn, Fig Kendrick, Minor Gregory, J.J. Miller, will Stone, turner James, Tammy Hill, Amy McDowell, Mary Ann Freyaldenhoven, Heidi Peters, Dawna Stanrus, lmad Omer, Kirk Plautz, Sherri L. Guy, Laura White, Craven Morked, Anne Marek, Scott deMontmollin, Doug Dannaway, Vallerie Jain, Michael Nolen, Chuck McClain, Will Arnold, Brenda Simmons. PAGDIDU PCRACCICE ICUCECRESC GROUP M I The Family Practice Interest Group is the student membership of the Arkansas chapter of The American Academy of family Physicians, the nation's second largest medical speciality organization. Membership in the FPIG enables students who are interested in the speciality of family practice to learn more about it through involvement with practicing physicians and through meeting on a state and national level with other student members. Pictured left to right: Dr. Jim Bryan, Chad Rodgers, Carla Coleman, Bryan McDonald, Janet Fisher CDACIOCDAII ASSOCIACICDCD Ol: CRECAIIL DCRUGG SCS The Charles M. West National Association of Retail Druggists was formed in the spring of 1989 on the UAMS campus. NARD is the organization that represents and promotes retail pharmacy. NARD membership helps to inform members about changing legislative and regulatory developments concerning pharmacy. The officers for 1994-95 are KL to Rl: Van Hoang, historiang Barbara Jeans, secretary, Charnita Purifoy, vice-president, Michelle McBride, president. Not pictured: Rebecca McGuirt, treasurer. 35 354 fPfHI DEECA C7-II uw. ,,, nc ' Phi Delta Chi is a national pharmacy fraternity comprised of both men and women. Phi Delta Chi members hold several money-making projects and social activities for all pharmacy students. iBAfPCIS'G SCUDECTIC UCDIGCD '-Li The Baptist Student Union is a campus ministry sponsored by the Southern Baptist Organization. lt serves the entire student body at UAMS and sets its ultimate goal as spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Scripture study, personal counseling, weekly lunches, and foreign missionary work are some of the activities that BSU sponsors to attain this goal. Students from all denominations are welcome to participate in the above mentioned activities. Under the organ- izational direction of Diane O'Connell, the BSU has become a very important link to students at UAMS. C.fl'lfRfP. SCUDEWTG COUCDCIE .,. X 29 ... Wig The College of Health Related Professions Student Council plans social activities for students in the various programs of UAMS CHFIP. They serve as a liaison between students and faculty and administration. They try to promote and further interest in the CHRP. Cf?-IE ACADEOTH OF SCUTJECTZCS Ol: fPiT-IACROUACTJ I F . x The Academy of Students of Pharmacy is the national professional society of pharmacy students and an official subdivision of the American Pharmaceutical Association tAPhAJ. ASP was organized to aid and support the objectives of APhA, to provide members with information about the affairs of APhA and the profession of pharmacy. lt is also a forum for students to express their opinions on pertinent APhA activities and policies and encourages students to be active members in programs that promote pharmacy. The UAMS chapter of ASP has 252 members and comprises 810!o of the pharmacy student body. Pictured left to right, back row: Shelly Chronister, organized health care chairman, Johnnie Hudson, second year liaison, Julie Case, historian, Cindy Jackson, co-publicist, Michael Smith, first year liaison, Jeff Wilson, third year liaison, William Hamill, 1993 regional delegate, Mary Ann Freyahdenhove, fourth year liaison, Pam Peachey, fundraising chairman, Dr. Charles Born, advisor, front row: Kenny Harrison, treasurer, Elizabeth Masters, recording secretary, Teresa Williams, president, Suzanne Burns, vice-president, Lynn Crouse, corresponding secretary. 35 356 'KAfPfPA EPSIIZOCD M , 2 Kappa Epsilon is a national professional fraternity that promotes women in pharmacy. There are over 36 collegiate chapters in the United States, with over 15,000 initiated members. The Alpha Theta Chapters is involved in many professional, community, and service projects throughout the year. Pictured bottom row QL to RD: Missy Graves, vice- president, Renea Lacy, rush chairman, Kristi Singleton, chapter coordinator, Allison Smith, president, Carrie Cook, secretary. Middle Row: Karen Boskus, Carol Cofer, Christy Lemons, Jamie Grose, historian, Melissa Rogers, treasurer, Ashley Crocker, social chairman, Tammy Orlando, pledge trainer, Melissa Henry. Top Row: Stephanie Shetton, Stacie Caldwell, Beth McCollum, Laura Hartley, Nancy Normington, Tracy Whitehead, Dana Carter. 'KATVPA fPSI Kappa Psi was founded on may 30, 1879, at the Russel Military Academy in New Haven, Connecticut. Initially, it was a literary Greek Letter Society which evolved into a medical-pharmacy fraternity. ln 1924, by mutual agreement, the members of both professions separated into two distinct groups. The pharmacy group retained the name Kappa Psi. Today Kappa Psi has over 45,000 members, 64 collegiate chapters, and 41 graduate chapters. Pictured from bottom: Chad Martin Burke, Jason Derden, John Richmond, Mark Marak, Bert Koch, William O. Hamill, Steve D. Alexander, Kevin Hughes, Scott Bryant, Brent Flaherty, Tony Wilson, Kevin Robertson, Rob Mosby, Brady Crizo, Clint Layes. SCT-lOEAfRSfl-lIfPS Juniors front row, left to right: Gailyn Morgan, Carla Hicks, and Kim Emerson. Back row, pictured left to right: Christina Jetton, Mr. R.J. Wills, representing the Tenenbaum family and Lee Davis. Freshmen seated left to right: Kara Belue, Felicia Watkins, Annisha Hickman, and Tammy Hull. Standing left to right: Mike Eckles, Brian Blair, Mr. R.J. Wills, Tory Stallcup and Fred Brown. BARTON FOUND Pictured left to right: Keane O'Neal, Chad Braden, Jeff Conaway, Eric Reding, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, Tim Cramm and William Dulin, and Michael Wells. . , Q X 5 . x X X A . 2 to Q ,win X isis J F E ' R 1 i Pictured left to right: Reza Shahim, Melody Moody, Stacy Ulmer, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, James Hutcheson, Terri Crook, and Debbie Cer- rato. Not pictured: Wade Ceola, and Scott Roofe. Sophomores pictured left to right: Tracy Baltz, Tammy Taylor, Mr. R.J. Wills, representing the Tenenbaum family, Bernie Gunther and Shelly Banning. if M., if Seniors pictured left to right: Nikki Bauknight, Kenneth Holder, Mr. R.J. Wills representing the Tenenbaum family, Victor Williams, and Jacqueline Howard. ATION SCHOLARSHIP Seated left to right: Gary Go, Robert Brown, Shelley Russell, Michael Penney. Standing left to right: Greg Whorton, Patric Anderson, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, Jason T. Reed and, Greg Kendrick. Not pictured: David Arnold, and J.J. Miller. 357 358 BARTON SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Jerri Hoskyn with Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, College of Medicine. DR. AND MRS. WILLIAM ROBERT ORR, SR, MEDICAL MISSIONARY SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, and Chris Horan. I eg CLASS OF 1937 ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Doug Dannaway and Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean. JAMES GENTRY THOMAS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured: Shane Higginbotham BUCHANAN KEY AWARD: Pictured left to right: Dr. Richard Wheeler, Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, and Pete Ball. ARKANSAS ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Steve Kempson and Dr. Julea Garner, representing the Academy. ISLE F. OATES SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean: David Cash. Not pictured: Kevin Rudder and Jay Rankin. eq.. BUCHANAN KEY AWARD: Pictured left to right: Dr. Richard Wheeler, Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, and Shelley Russell. ROBERT AND DOROTHY BOWLING SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Pete Ball and Dr. Robert Bowling. an 3 I CLASS OF 1979 ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Paige Partridge Cash and Dr. Susan Santa Cruz, Class Agent, Class of 1979. H CLASS OF 1949 SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Dr. Bernard Thompson, Ruth Ann Blair, and Dr. Dola Thompson. 53 I S . 5 1? TENENBAUM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Mr. R.J. Wills, Trustee, and David Gray. DR. HANK JORDAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to Rush Jordan, Dr. Hank Jordan's son, Rodney McDonald and Dr. Michael Mackey. 1 gif, 72 5 3 5 if right: far. ji CLASS OF 1954 SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Dr. Joe Bennett, Shannon Turner and her husband Derek, and Dr. George Ackerman, College of Medicine. TENEMBAUM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured Ieft to right: Toni Middleton and Mr. R.J. Wills, Trustee. TENENBAUM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured Iett to right: Tim Goodson and Mr. R.J. Wills, Trustee. SOUTHERN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Dr. David C. Jacks the SMA Councilor for Arkansas, Heather James and Phillip Suffridge. 359 EMELINE VINCENT EDUCATIONAL TRUST FUND SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Christina Jetton, Kim Emerson, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, Lance Runion and Teresa Clark. Not pictured: Whitney Alexander. DANA MARTlN!0F 1987 SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Marcia Lewis and Chris Wall. DR. E.T. ELLISON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Kaye Ellison, Dr. E.T. Ellison, Jr. and Robert Stuckey. DOROTHY SNIDER FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Mr. Oscar Fendler, representing the Foundation, Joseph Kueter and Dr. James Hunt, representing the Foundation. 360 NATIONAL AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION EDUCATION AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Seated left to right: Manish Patel, Kristin Steingraber, Michael Thomas. Standing left to right: Mrs. Cynthia Weber, Brad White, Daniel Clark, Joseph Rose. Not pictured, Benton Brown and Robert Boswell. CRAIGHEAD-POINSETT COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY! DR. JOE VERSER SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Mrs. Bobbie Verser, Dr. Verser's wife, Bryan Spencer, and Dr. Warren Skaug. DOROTHY SNIDER FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Seated left to right: Julie Cole, Casey Dale, Sharon Hansard-Burns, Standing: Johnnie Hinton, Greg Lafoon, Mr. Oscar Fendler, Dr. James Hunt, and Jim Wood. MEDICAL COLLEGE PHYSICIANS GROUP SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Seated left to right: Deanna Brown, Praba Reddy and Bob Bycer, MCPG. Standing, left to right: Jason Stewart, Nick Luzietti, Daniel Smith, Scott Naugler, and Matt Smith. Not pictured: Charles Burke. DEAN'S ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIP: E.M. GRAY SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to - DR. AND MRS. FRANK MAGUIRE, SR. Pictured left to right: Michael Sabe and Dr. right: Teresa Newton and Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dodd Wilson, Dean. Dean. SIP? DR. AND MRS. EDWIN F. GRAY JOSEPH COLLINS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Denise SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Dr. Dodd Dang and Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean. Wilson, Dean, and Debbie Cerrato. WISE SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: M.D.lPh.D SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to Karl Kuhn and Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean. right: Dr. Lee Soderberg, Chairman of the M.D.!Ph.D. Scholarship Committee, UAMS , and Robert Cowherd. SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Roy Scott Fisher and Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean. K... fl ,,.. lk SOUTHERN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Ashley Bean and Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean. CLASS OF 1981 ALUMNI AWARD: Pictured left to right: lmad Omer, and Dr. Ron Brimberry, Class of 1981. I 361 I . -I -X X M If My W flak TY I- av. js- COOPER SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Nathaniel and Zachary Cooper, great grandsons of Dr. Burpee Cooper, and Aaron Janos. JOHN SAMUEL TAYLOR MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Mrs. George Taylor, Jennifer Johnson, Lee Johnson and Dr. George Taylor of Arkadelphia. IW' 55 i L . . g t , I ARKANSAS CADUCEUS CLUB SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Tim Fincher, Mrs. Janet Honeycutt, Executive Director, Dr. Joseph Norton, President, and Cody Wright. DR. EDWARD FORREST ELLIS SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Dr. Ralph Broadwater, Dept. of Surgery, Miss Elizabeth Ellis, sister of Dr. Ruth Ellis Lesh, Stacy Ulmer and Susan Lesh Chadick, Dr. Lesh's daughter. 362 JEWEL MINNIS SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: James Washburn, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, and Scott Moran. WASHINGTON COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Chris Wall, Joseph Rose, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, Kirsten Kerr, Erik Parker and Michael Griffey. AWARD OF EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Bernard Crowell, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, Sonya Peppers, and Kenneth West. DEAN'S OFFICEXCOLLEGE OF MEDICINE SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Tom South, Financial Aid Director, Melissa Cheatham, James Smith, and Dr. Richard Wheeler, Dean of Student and Academic Affairs. Not pictured, Scott Hogan. FRANK WILLIAMS SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Julie Tumlison, Erik Parker and Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean. cf, EDDIE BALL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Mrs. E.B. Ball, Jill Johnson and Mr. E.B. Ball. '--.J RITA AND ROBERT HOMER BRYANT SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Edwin Peng and Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean. .fvgevl ,1.:f:.ggs2. :ii PULASKI COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Mr. Fred Reddoch, Executive Director of the Society, Jennifer Balentine and Anthony Williamson. CLASS OF 1982, DR. MORRIS HUGHES MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to DR. WINSTON K. SHOREY SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Marina Lu and Dr. right: Karl Kuhn, Dr. Lee Archer, and Alice Ann Jeanette Shorey. Hill. CLASS OF 1968, DR. A.J. THOMPSON SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Dr. Jo Etla Galbraith, Rhonda Haley, and Dr. Robert Galbraith, representing the Class of 1968. lil 5'- MCMATH LAW FIRM SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right: Mr. Sandy McMath, Karen Roush, and Mrs. Allison McMath. 363 Alpha Cmega Alpha Al ha Ome a Al ha is the only national honor medical society in the world. Its purpose is to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical profession. I P 9 P stated in the society's constitution "AOA is organized tor educational purposes exclusively and not for profit, and it's aim shall be the promotion of scholarship al t f h' h standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates, and the recognition of hig research in medical schools, the encouragemen o a ig attainment in the medical science practice and related fields." X ix q v- . , . 1 f ' 4' 9... .... ,s-nga' ,Q ,k'. . ...V .,,f1, A ,9',16'sX7i3 .,. 5 4:71, . ,ufzzl U: W .. . . m'1-.121-it .sa . A Susan Landers, NLD. Scott Dinehart, M.D. Alex A. Pappas, M.D. Secretary-Treasurer 1994-95 Counselor 1994-95 Faculty lnductee Walter Giller Jr. M.D., Warren Carpenter, M.D. Alumni Inductees i 1 A y ,.,.,a..e fax Q Cf? 'tf.T9"! Q Ruth A. Blair Steven H. Bonner 5. 419' Xuan- x M. David L, Cash Wade M. Ceola 364 X Iii . , Q, ,ff C Ji? Robert B. Boswell Jason C. Brandt Harold M. Calvert Debbie 11195 'tm -nn. A, Cerratg Michael S. Higginbotham 9 .t..a i James A. Hutcheson Charles A. Jackson Aaron L. Janos Melody L. Moody Mary T. Newton Jay K. Rankin Anita R. Ritenour R ww Stacy L, Ulmer Bradley A. White V Scottie B. Roofe .,,...- - .K l i A John H. Wu lmad Omer :al James K. Rudder Reza Shahim AOA Class of 1996 ,v Z , J , .af W P155 Wi I f J of 2, f 4 1 ai" -.,,, f 9 .3 ggiwf Patric N. Anderson David T. Arnold Jeffrey J. Miller Michael W. Penney G Robert D. Brown as Jason T. Reed Gary A. Go Gregory A. Kendrick -. fp- Shelley W. Russel Gregory V. Whorton f K? .ff . az . 365 The rhansas Caduceu Club There are two questions that are most often asked abo the Arkansas Caduceus Club. One is "What do you-all do? Which pretty well tells you what we don't do. We don't c a very good job of tooting our own horn. So we made a special effort this year to call attention some of the things College of Medicine alumnifae ha' provided for this institution. l Bright blue bows sprouted all over the campus the first we in September, with no explanation or identifying labels. Th were on conference rooms, microscopes, computers, tre ment rooms, wide-screen projectors, head-mounted vid cameras, Resusci-Annies, specialized microscopes, a scores of other physical properties . . . as well as on sh and long white coats, looking for all the world like bout nieres or corsages. it-:tit I 5gmf.,,, In 5 f . M, t, , W f. fu . ,. ,,,- K , 1, . if' fi ltt , t .... t. ff JR ti-Pr! Rgixrjtsriift wxmtnkl gf 4 x tn, WN Virh rtr. A Ti wilif. . i - . A ,-'.' , g if Xk 1 fel i .V ".? I '.V,k,k 5 Each blue bow identified a major investment by the Ca ceus Club for the benefit of students, housestaff, facul andfor the College of Medicine. The "walking" blue bows, decorating so many men a women on campus? Those were for people who have ceived alumni scholarships, or loans, or research gran or checks honoring their Golden Apple Awards. l Of course, many of those recipients are no longer on ca i pus. And there are a great many things that don't le themselves to being beribboned, such as support for t 1 Physicians Consultation Line, the Day with a Doctor p gram, Alumni Weekend, the H.O.S.T. Program, etc. But th were enough - more than enough - to get the attention of everyone on camp Specifically, we ordered 300 blue bows, and we had to go back and get 18 mo l We hope Blue Bow Day will be an annual occurrence, to remind us of our debt our alumni! ae. At the top of this article we said there were two questions most often asked ab the Arkansas Caduceus Club. Want to know what the other one is? We're runni out of space here . . . Ask Janet. L? 'I Xxx 5 ,Ju 2 n ' B S, rj N.,-,,f .-.,...,- qs-- .Q , 0 . 'I""'9"f4""3l if , 3 Karmon Willard Editor The Medico is a campus-wide newspaper pub- lished monthly by UAMS students. In addition to the regular staff, guest writers often contribute. The Medico reports campus activities and events as well as academic information. Advisor to the Medico is Mrs. Suzanne Matthews ofthe Student Activities and Housing Office. lil" O I 1 IQQ5 ADVERTISEMENTS POcULonS Donald l. Miller. M.D.. Director. AHEC Pine Bluff Frederick A. Meadors. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Young Drs. Carl and Sue Chambers James C. Bethel. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rodgers D.R. Harris. M.D. David R. Taylor. M.D. Merle E. McClain. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Beavers William C. MoBryde. M.D. laokey 6. Moody. M.D. Doug lowery, M.D., Class ot '53 J. Warren Murry. M.D. Dr. Robert Stainton, M.D. Dr. James E. Doherty. Class of '46 Central Ark. Drthopaedic Clinic. PA.. James McCoy M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Scott Hardin Robert leon Baker. M.D. K. David Mo Kelvery, M.D. David Chambers, M.D. 1:63 I. .I g.l 7 POFULGMS Stephen E. Williamson. M.D. D. Bluford Stough, M.D. Dr. Bennie and Carolyn Mitchell Terri T. Blaclcstoclc leonus l. Shedd. M.D. Jim A. McMillan, M.D. George l. Ackerman Jerry M. Franlcum, Jr., M.D. Dr. Bob and Marianne Gosser Digie Melhorn. M.D. Walton R. Warlord. M.D. Diana T. Jucas. M.D. Richard F. Jacobs. M.D., UAMS Dept. ot Pediatrics Richard W. Dunn. M.D. Phillip A. Snodgrass. M.D. John D. Ginger. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. C.M. McClain. Jr. Anthony D. Johnson. M.D. Wallace A. Rolnialc. M.D. Stanley D. Teeter. M.D. l"""l nz" -'21 L. ...I l....I S7-jLillP,VLdS Yoland M. Condrey M.D. Thomas H. Tvedien. M.D. Stgoponiew Jan C. Sharp, M.D. Anderson Thorn Medical Clinic, lonoke. Arla. Paula W. Morris, M.D. Roberi D. McKinney, M.D. C. Rodney Baker. M.D. Drs. ludwig Fielder and Bevans Susan M. Santa Cruz. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Pollen Diane lum John Bard, M.D. The Caduceus Staff would like to thank our pa- trons, friends, and supporters. Your contribu- tions are vital to the publishing of our yearbook and sincerely appreciated. DGIHE RIGHT H11 G. You've just spent years working to become a physician. Now its time to make all that hard work pay off. If youire staying in Arkansas, the choice that Will pay off in every Way is an affiliation with St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center. Whatever your specialty or interest, SVIMC offers leading edge technological resources and matchless challenges and rewards. Add to that a commitment to medical and health education statewide and a focus on quality and community involvement, and you have a founda- tion for success that is simply unrivaled in Arkansas. If your future is in Arkansas, come join the future of healthcare. St. Vincent. For more information, Contact Kathleen Farney Director of Physician S12 VINCENT Services, at C5015 660-3934. INFIRMARY MEDICAL CENTER Two St. Vincent Circle i Little Rock, AR 72205-5499 Affiliate of Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Health System 373 X . 5 QR N2 iarwz l l Y ag .AJSX Q ? -. '1 E5 in - 5 xv. 3 E N ix E xg 5 . 5 QQ N 5 X 3 Qi QQ Q ff as X ll si-mi -: wwf, Q , . ,QR X. X 374 fff -8 ?ff" "' - 5525 E:- Qsw Q V.: 52. ' A For intlivitltiatls tuning piwsiutl challenges rcsulting from an injury or illnms, surviving and adjusting arc just the first steps. The rcztl task lim in overcoming the challengcs to get hiick into the LICY ofliving ugztin. Ar HEALT1 ISUUTH Rcliahilitntion Hospital of Fort Smith, we oftbr our puticnts indivitltializctl trcatmcnt plans husctl on thcir specific needs. Tho facility comhincs the cxpcrtisc of lcatling hculthciirc professionals with thc lutwt technology to get catch patient hack to worlt. , ,to play. . .to living. We undci'stantl that stiwivingg and adjusting to an injuw or illness ure just not cnough. The real victory lies in enjoying litb again. lrlEALTHSOUTl'l's great pertorinances can hc sccn throughout the Uniics Stutt-N .mtl 1 ltimtlii tit morn thiiu 275 louiitions in 32 status mul tht- prorincc Ulfhvllflllilxt, Progrzxins iuclutlc: ' Head lnjun' Rchuhilitution l'i'ogrum ' lntlustrial Rchaihilitution 1'i-ogrtiiu ' Orthcip:ictliujfwtipiitcc l5I'U!I'tl1l1 0 Outpatient Rt-hiihilitntion lwrogrum ' Pain Nlttnngctncnt Progiuiu ' Spinal Cord Injury Rclmhilittition llrogmm 0 Strokefhletirologictil Rchiihilitution lxrogrmn ' Vcntiltitor lntlepcntlcnt ll1'llg,f1'1llH ' Arthritis Progrttin ' Home llcttlthflrlomc Rt-1iii1w ' Child and Atlolmccnt Rchnihilittition Progruiit HEALTHSQUTXTHY Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Smith 1401 South "j" Street ' Fort Smith, All 72901 0 501 785-3300 ' 800,633-5512 W 375 K ' cv 1, If I, Y A 5. wine ,A l I if 1:-V 1.. ,gg Sis mf The Eeglnnnng W' N Fgfff I new A Qflfi A NATIONAL PARK Medical Center 1910 Mawern Avenue 321 1000 1-1otSpnnQs AR 71901 Fenfnly Community Resort Locetnone Matchleee Practice Opportunities Detezle Chuck Morneon Chief Development Oncscer 1 800 521 9201 0 I .. " f!!.5'i' . ff? W E Meg!! if 1 . ee 2 W 1? A ,fe M..13. ,,..v 0, i A L ,1,. 3 A ' W f 5 5 1 1 1 1 - A Jw X 1..J 'A W 'W 1 100, W 7 llif slr Wk 378 ,W ,,,,,, , 4, . Mm.-,wMMw,,Wm MHMWMAIU t . .K L' .4 ,wx" ff ,,, 43,147 4' 2 X X V x we ag M. ma H NY4' 'Zi S -nc 1 --...xx Wvlluv if 4 THE W1 fwzffzvi WILLIE W1 MIL fmqefz 017095 QQQESIQDQEZWCY Wo Uma LIKE T0 Cowgqefl TULA T95 ffm? CLASS OT 1995,219va9 WISH friffavz THE qsfsfzif 7772,-4 27077272 7ZZt6K0.4'S BUT YOU MADE IT AND WE'RE SURE PROUD LOVE YA, MOM, DAD, AND ESPECIALL 2 I 2 is ,A 5 5 . N , 1 53.131 f x s 5 . 23 3 ws , . f f f 5 - -4. J, , as wif' 380 2 , A v wwmwwm s ,, M. f. 21 J '-J' X .M 1 '-,My t , W3 ,Wm , , W 1' i wi I l x ,f E ?1 4' Q57 up 5 The fU,fl9VlS Tamiljf Traetice Residency Qjrogram in Littk RQCQ Concgmtufates the 1995 Cofkcge Qf9VlecHcine Qmefuates. Best Wisnes in your future encfecworsl '6There's nothing so rewarding as the Unrversrty Hnspltal expenence. . F, Mcdzcmc. MICU. Hclnodmlysls. Bone Murrow Trzmsplum. Rcnal Transplant. Oncology. Surgery. Egig? LLLIXAS mam LQEQEM 2205 C E N T E Ii 381 Q23 N 7 1 ,N " 1 4? ? ,-,,,,.,...-.--v-- ,,,,..,....---H "V . x 51.5.5 ll The Arkansas Caduceus Club Joseph A. North, M.D. '42 Frederick E. Joyce, M.D. '68 Joe B. Colclasure, M.D. '66 Frances C. Wilson, M.D. ' John D. Ashley Susan Averitt CM3J Lawrence F. Braden, M.D. '80 Walter Brooks, M.D. '46 John P. Uackj Burge, M.D. '61 James Cobb Jennifer Dillaha, M.D. '94 William H. Goodin, M.D. '74 Robert A. Hayes, Jr., M.D. '81 Frederick E. Joyce, M.D. '68 Harry P. Ward I. Dodd Wilson, M.D. Janet T. Honeycutt BOARD OF TRUSTEES President Vice President President Elect Secretary Spencer Land fM4J LeRoy LeNarz, M.D. '76 Michael Mackey, M.D. '73 Edward N. McCollum, M.D, '58 Jay H. Menna, Ph.D. Jerry Stewart, M.D. '64 George D. Taylor, M.D. '63 Jacqueline Taylor fM2j S. Berry Thompson, M.D. '75 Bill Tranum, M.D. Chris Wall CMD ExOfficio Chancellor Dean Executive Director Larry Bone Congratulations And Welcome To The CLASS OF 1995 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE from THE ARKANSAS CADUCEUS CLUB Medical Alumni of the University of Arkansas YOFA QQ ' 4:1 ea? MLDICINE z , , 2 D Qi E 3 .gil it it 1, ,W , r gf o 'L cf' lc i It 4'iJf-ws' 4' g f 4L scif- You are now members of The Arkansas Caduceus Club, an organization of graduates, present and former house officers, all physicians practicing in Arkansas, and friends of the College of Medicine. Organized October 4, 1969, the Club serves to strengthen the ties between the College of Medicine and Caduceus Club members. Janet T. Honeycutt, Executive Director Slot 642 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 383 Little Rock, Arkansas 72205 fy? f f X .1 4' fx, rw . gh - ff , ff ,V Q fi:... ,. 384 TRUE BLUE COMES THROUGH. 1 Witty one-on-one service that is unsuipasseafj From ttates to alipiomas to ztown payments, lwzrttzen is stiti tina tnanie fL1Gf,S true to your needs. W2 come ttzrougtz for loans. M come ttzrougia witiz answers. Amt we come ttzrougtz wittz ttze tzours, tire locations anac most importantiu ttze people to make banking witiz us easy - even fun. So come on in, T-ue Blue wants to tatze care ofyou. WORTHEN nun :uuu UPNIITUIITY Munber FDIC, Equal Opponuniry lender H ME SWEET HOME Now that it's time to decide where to set up your home and begin your career. we suggest you talk with us. HMH is a progressive acute care facility in a small. rural city. You become a part of the community, know your neighbors, and enjoy hunting and fishing in your own back yard. Call Charles Lonchar. Administrator, for more information on setting up your "Home Sweet Home." Howard Memorial Hospital, Nashville, Arkansas 71852 15011 845-4400. 385 Hello, ut s me... 'Hi X 2 E fx rn 5 "4""2,P NI? N-...J ix ,MQ x Q P J ,A- W...- 1 3 i ?f?'.1x W. V Vx ur 26. 4 . 1 v 4 - q - -5 1 .- , .- Y J , .. 1' fi 7 i V 'Q-I 388 fn.. I ini ,,fW,,j5j?g .MSP .WN fffvi s N" QNX iff? L.. 390 X? 465 Ja? ,f , N 5 v " Ve. -V I, nr ,u...,.N,A A I LOVE ,ggi ,JM -ity ,j V , MW' ' ,,,,0"" ggi Qxiwv XWQ 'x ii v . wfwfw - -f pgs i 391 .,,.,f S5 wi Q :lv . I -0' X I Rs W v A XX XX, X ' . 'K -ivy 1 -.Ml XJ 392 5 31' x . :gs L t - .'A1i . i.-f:pw.,-1 Q .- a a Q? ' f:::, , .:,. 1-f:. ' .K ww Qi, A l L...1 'Z Imk Ti . 1 1 396 1 Intramural Football Champs: the undefeated Med Sophomores wi fl ' af My f , V W ? 1 , , ' AV k , , 1, ' W MQ, , W! W ,yf 9? ,ff Zi ' 5 , , 0 ,J f ,. it X f ad, J 4 w xi, NK.-. 9 x Q xr V ,,, .... . JNQLWV M 4 1 J . 5 f ,awww Q Q.. ,,,,,,,, ,,,, N., 15,11 f 4.Qn,,,...f 4 .65 f f www . ,, 1 f Q ' ,-0 K 1 '-:J 5 , M ff ,,,, V, 5 A L:-. fl? ,Awam- x 5 fx xr 11 :H x. ,xfzwsnmw we-wmwax-Il LUNEX :wi x. .. HW? NOV. 'Ez 1 aff' ' ,N .xL.x.. X 398 S .wwf - . Q X N L , F X l Q3-3' xr x x X gs lin. W s SW' sfmzz-ag .. INN:-5 XR.. X N , , - 4 i :iii Ai Q fl 53 S. SSE R 'e 5 111251217-, Q1 -N L QQ 5 i 5. :Ei :Y Ez' . GQ' S53 S' . , . 'xiwazaf fs '- a fi .es f y M . MEM W s S Q 1 , 4 .-:fi ',-' 21-1-xazsfx "am E K 3 -mi 1 2. R -EE S S 399 . X - fn .,, , f " A A ,. ,..,-.-5:5 , ,V fx- .nf - 11 ,. . vp , - if jgjv -R '. .5-,, . wry, LA . - . -4 ,W , , - " ,wir-,-., , f 'Nan f Jiffy 1,1 4 f SJ Q. I-'sv .- -,Q 1. r 1 , - 44:2 -- V , f Wi ,VA, ,L ., I , '1:'f' ,ia W"-is --, if iv f Q f-N. .gf ' - j 4, .V ' -1A,?f', - , 5 , '17, ,- f. Q f - - - ii.. ,, Q, " -,i:'i'?.hL 1 -1 . - X , , . .Pl-Y 4 - .J,,, -: -aiu fan!" . .1 f 'J ..

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