University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR)

 - Class of 1993

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1993 Edition, Cover

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EE 141114114441 dmm, U W. W W W W W l . v 2 ,sf 'vm OM , .g ,X awwxff 3 ,qi '- fu 'TJ' S Q M. V I!! f . .. f- , , 1. .,,. X N5 I up 4 '- my Q 1 A 4 Qilgg 'it' 11 N54 Www if .fu n - N . f. V K 5 Q 1 fi: , V. ,, 4 17377 Q21 59,51-f,,V,: M A f 'Q' 1 g A? 'S . 2-1 " ' 5' mf? A Q' '1' x Q .QL QA? If. ' ri Q 5155, ,f ' ' ,..4::-A. bug Ax if , x as 4, V Xlnsbfg :N M 6 4 V 'xl W.- I' ' AG. 3 I J . ivkiflft . A., X x A. as x 'S 4, 32. , ,M 5 v GM, QK i ,vfmtv . 1 " 1 45,0 X' ,J I 'fh- +-1" ww. M wi . J ww A vw' M wal, , Q M 'W -v M .. 3 4 M. 4 -. W"'w 5 3. '-- i "Y-T5 WTWU L' ,uw w':x"f f' W4 'v 7:4 , ffwxag., ,, Nga, M.. ,. I-Q5 '1'47HI7:4-' JP, , new X' gf: Nw! W' WIWW " , ' ,ewtgmgf ,l gmgm Y-:H-,fn Y ' ww. fwfw av fK.f'2fQi?Q 17 ' , mzgiif' ' Wm 3316: 'Q 1 x '09, 'uf "7" ,r-? "U--a-.......,,, A i L H 3 Er fm .Q 334 -,vu -. 'ni x- we 3 ' 1511, ,. f :fy - QU., 5,55 , may 322715 2' U fi, '07 -.1 Yin .fy -l VU E. Q? A ,Q A K I Wwzf' w 'QQ' ...mmm wg fm M7 .V f. "fs QEQQ1 iff M.- 4 i + X N " Nb, U 'kzsr '- Fl' :ll no , ,EJ ,S- l! Elk, Election day - November 3, 1992 Little Rock, Arkansas Fwewlenz' I 70wz' lady, Edd 5 eww f if gtA 1 ,t Q Thanks to Robert Melhorn, the Governors Photographer for the above photo. 'hzfza cf University Ct Arkansas Administration Al-IEC Programs .................................. College Ct Medicine ....... Seniors ................ Juniors ............. Sopnomores ........ Freshmen ............. Graduate Sonool ............ College Ct Pnarmaoy ........ Seniors ................... Juniors ................. Sopnomores ........ Fresnmen ............. College Ct Nursing ......... Seniors ........................................ 4 Juniors ......................................... College Ct l-lealtn Related Professions Organizations ...................................... Advertisements ................................... f 2 S X., xl' 4 it s ' ff 5 Born April 20, 1915, in Camden, Del., Marvin earned his bachelor of arts degree in chemistry at Morningside College in Sioux City, lowa, and his master of arts and doctorate degrees in zoology at the University of Wisconsin. His impressive career at UAMS began in 1942 when he joined the College of Medicine staff as an instructor of anatomy. Through the years with our institution, Marvin climbed the academic ranks, becoming a professor and the chairman of the Department of Anatomy by 1958. During one of the nine years he was chairman, he received the "Fulbright Fellowship! and traveled to Nigeria, Africa, as a visiting professor at the University of Lagos Medical School. Marvin also served as the associ- ate dean of the UAMS College of Medicine from 1965 to 1977 and as the interim chairman ofthe Depart- ment of Anatomy from 1983 to 1984 After he became a professor emeritus in July 1985, the annual "Dr. Horace N. Marvin Award" for outstanding achievement in fresh- man medical school microscopic anatomy was established in his honor. His other activities while at UAMS included holding numerous campus committee appointmentsg writing andlor editing scientific papers and abstracts, medical anthologies and anatomy textbooks, and conducting Dr. Horace Marvin 1915 - 1992 5-X 1 ,Uni-ff Fifi research, most of which he received funding for through grants from such organizations as the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society and the Arkansas Heart Association. When asked to reflect on Marvin and his life and career, colleagues and friends had only the fondest of memories. John E. Pauly, Ph.D., the vice chancellor for academic affairs! sponsored research and a longtime friend, said, "lf l were going to sum up Horace Marvin in one word, l would say 'integrity'-the last of the breed. lf you had a new Easter bonnet and wanted to know Dr. Marvin's opinion, you'd be very careful because if he didn't like it, he would tell you. fl also remember Dr. Marvin as a hunter and a fisherman-a great outdoorsman. Walking through the woods with him was a unique experience. He could identify every tree, every flower, every animal- exotic or common-and he would tell you as much as you wanted to know about them." Sharing Marvin's love of the outdoors was professor of anatomy Fiobert Burns, Ph.D., who recalled, i'On one of my hunting trips with him, he disappeared, and when I found him, he was lying down on his side in a rice field. He'd discovered some kind of purple insect that was walking around on some rice stubble. He collected a bunch of the insects and put them in his handkerchief and sent them to the entomology people at the university to find out what they were." Jerome K. Sherman, Ph.D., a professor of anatomy whom Marvin recruited for the department more than 33 years ago, said, "Dr. Marvin was a true biologist, a naturalist and an ecologist. He had honesty, integrity and an insatiable desire to find truth in science. No biological entity or problem was too small to discuss at length and to utilize as a basis for research in the literature." That commitment to find the truth also led Marvin to look beyond stereotypes. In 1962, he recruited Shirley A. Gilmore, Ph.D.-now the Department of Anatomy chairman- who said, "lf a student was working and trying to learn, it didn't matter whether the student was at the top or the bottom end of the class standing. lf that student needed help and wanted to discuss the material, he was there and willing to do it. He did not judge people by whether they were strong or weak intellectually or by gender or by skin color." Marvin is survived by his wife Margaret, four sons-Dr. Horace N, Marvin Jr., Dr. Peter Michael Marvin, Dr. Tad Howard Marvin and Timothy James Marvin, a daughter-Tamara Anne Alexanderg and 11 grandchil- dren. All who knew and loved this great man would probably agree with Pauly when he said, "Now, Dr. Marvin is with God, and I must confess-l envy God the privilege of his company." Copy by Carohfn Fflggl J , f L iw ifikfg BILL CLINTON Pwiml' oflle Llukd 921154 and I-'ofwwo Gwvum mf Affkawu JW JIM GLIY TLICKER Govwuwm ofAfzkauAaA Br,-ww! Of Taalia Back Row: Frank Kumpuris, MD, Cari Whiiiock, Lewis Epiey, Jr., Joe Hargrove, MD, Frank Oidahm, Jr., PhD., B, Alan Sugg, PhD. Front Row: W, Sykes Harris, Sandra Ledbetfer, H.l.. Hembree, lil, Bart Lindsey, James Blair. A if ,, f f mf ni. 5. Aim og, 3 Pwuleaif Ulukfwtfj Offimfwuaz Sym '. Nw g V, nw! hy, nf Dm. l-fafmg P. Www! Clwweih Chanceilons Office Administrative staff, Ieff to right: June Fiippiey, Ann Elmore, Bea Hendrix. Mn. Chaka Whiz Drmlaw, Of Wiiiwii NWN Qegiam Academic Affairs Office Of Educational Development Judy Garrett, PhD. wi"N Director Seated: Dr. Jerry Cason, Dr. Judy Garrett, Mr. Michael Jernigan. Standing: Ms. Kristi Alexander, Dr. Jennifer Peei, Ms. Andrea Roy. Office Of Educational Services Kenneth P. Wagner, PhD. Director .wiv Seated: Marilyn Walderns, Risa Smith. Standing: Dr. Kenneth AV Distributiong Standing: Biii Hammett, Sam Futcher. Seated P. Wagner. Brock McQueen, Ernie Bailey. ww 2 i OES Laboratory Staff: Biii Keeting, Fay Ernest, Susan Shuft, Susan Carter, Lewis Parr, Gerri Griffin. CAMPUS MEDIA SERVICES 2 A we 414 194 5 -.1 Ken V. Michaels Director Graphic and Medicai Art 'W fi f i ffl: 1 Roh Tribeii Chief ff Q . 7' Photographic Services S 'SN Ms g A me , i w ggiwf r iv i ,,.. filiiiiiigzii i, i vi A E f .wwe . i f K K kgs Michaei Morris Chief I J 5 Printing Services i 'ii f s ,ff ! H f is 5 S. C. Archer ' Supervisor instructional Television Services Env, ' is i,.X . hw 55 Robert C. Donaldson Chief Audrey P. Newcomer, M.P.A., M.S., L.S. Director Neil Kelley, M.S. Assoc. Dir. for Library Systems Sally Kasalko, M.L.S. information Access Services Librarian Jean Ann Moles, M.S. Serials Librarian Amanda Saar, M.S.L.S. Special Projects Librarian Edwina Walls, M.L.S. Historical Ftesearch Center Librarian Jan Hart, M.L.S. Learning Resource Center Librarian Mary Hawks, MLS. Cataloging and Book Acquisitions Margaret Johnson, M.L.S. Document Access Services Librarian Rena Shelter, MLS. Asst. information Access Services Librarian Nancy Curtis, MA. Asst. Reference Librarian Library 'W' Wk 31. br. , . if 0,5 A 1 W g wg A rm fi v gi, l LM Administration, leftto right: Patti Fort, Nancy Clark, Teresa Public Services, standing: Tyrescia Battles, Yvone Technical Services left to right Greg Watson Cir White. Wilkinson, Skip Dahlgren, Debbie Graves, John Jack- White, Monte Bemis Suzanne Easley Joe Lamb 26 son, Jackie McKeller, Priscilla Henson, Loretta Wedwards. Seated: Louie Casem, Sharon Keel, Terron Miller, Mellissa Myers, Masae Beggs-Uema. Cffice 0f Research Administration sf Nii- ' Edmund B. Kasner Director Teresa Shaddock Asst Director Suzanne Matter Research Coordinator Ciara L d or Administrative Asst in ' .- f MN'-9':.i llligfff - ' g'2?'x3j4-www ,, A i.:L.,,i ' -. ,, H . av ,wt wwf, . A as A af., 4, ,gigs 3 f X K f'.',rn+v'v A. ww? . 6, ,4 Q Q 5 X 15 I ., xi A, A Q 'fy-9444. -Q iff kia' ' ' - fs- M 122-' Q Du Student Activities And Housing nding: Stacy Yancey, Wanda Jenkins. Seated: Mary iriguez, Lynita Hale. Mrs. Suzanne Mathews Director 27 Administration And Fiscal Affairs VV. David Heron Vice Chancellor William E, Parks Assistant to the Mary Nell Donoho Asst. Vice Chancellor Financial Services Vice Chancellor 3' Joe G. Rath Asst. Vice Chancellor Computing Services Bob Wheeler Asst. Vice Chancellor Human Services Institutional Advancement Larry Bone 6 t..t X tits Se 5, .. - vhn Vice Chancellor - -1- -QAM ' IFR 1 tteltft e A' y -W-ns 'J-'A ,A--Q, It K an Y S 5 er N -i-..,.,,, sq. 5 M ' .ti QQ John Coffman Director, Advancement Services Sue Wllliamsaon Director, University Development Mike Moitler Assoc. Din, University Deveiopment Ann Ladenberger Asst. Dir., University Deveiopment Mark Cartwright Director, University Relations Bonnie Bransgaard Asst. Dir., University Relations Carolyn Riggan information Specialist Don McKinney, Ph.D. Senior Library Assistant Becky Brown Application Programmer l Gio V. Bruno Graphic Artist ll Colleen Hyde Business Manager Denise Demsey Accountant Diana Campbell Admin. Asst. ll Kristi Alexander Graduate Asst, Kim Lemons Admin. Secretary Janet Meurer Admin. Secretary Jackie Adcock Admin. Secretary Krista 'Shirley Receptionist Felece Gassman Admin. Secretary 29 Campus Operational Management Michael J. Dwyer! Jr, M S Bill Cole, MS. Director of Communications Ted Janson Direcior of Housekeeping Donn Brown, PHD. Director of Physical Plant Floyd Norwood Director of Public Safety Doug Walker, BS. ' Business Officer Steve Patterson, B.S., WEA. Bookstore Manager Joe Bushee, M.S. Director of Construcllon Mary Ann Coleman, BS. Director of Environmental 81 Safety S ii i Q fr iz ex .. ::. i Q in M N Q X a X ir X xx iw N NX N LW : Executive Director PM N N , X X lg, , 3 M M M.. X Q X x A will X UAMS Clinical Programs Richard A. Pierson anime Executive Director E -'A 51? J' 'ilmltlf' No Photo Available Howard Ruttenberg Assoc, Hospital Director J. Edward Carson Assoc. Hospital Director Robin lvtcAtee Asst. Hospital Director Tim Copeland Asst. Hospital Director Richard W. Jones Chief Financial Officer Pat Torvestad Director of Marketing Mary K, Priddy Assoc. Hospital Director!Nu rsing X X Nwwfsasw' WHS fb, 3 mx sa X -u-nf k if gi ' D X W N 3 I S Q, E w xx sE1:'2:-522555: '11 Eff-.Y NWA f www,-w.,.,,.,.. if WSG Area Health Education Center i I l Program Charles D. Cranford, D.D.S. Executive Director AHF Ann Bailey Bynum Ed.D. James L. lVlcEadin Yvonne La Bocca Lewis Associate Director For Associate Director Education Coordinator Program Development For Administration The AHEC Program is an integral component of the overall program of UAIVIS. Unlike the other UAlvlS programs, hovvever, the AHECs are all off-campus, strategically located in six of the largest medical center communities over the state. Thus, the AHEC Program represents an extension or outreach of UAIVIS into the peripheral regions of the state. Each AHEC serves a multiple county area, with administrative offices in Fayetteville, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, El Dorado, Fort Smith, and Texarkana. The educational opportunities within the AHECs include virtually all specialties and subspecialties, with particular emphasis on primary care. The AHECs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to study in a setting similar to that in vvhich he or she will practice in the future. Each student vvorks under the supervision of a practicing physician or other appropriate health care provider from the community, participating in the care of that provider's patients. These practicing providers participate in the teaching and training programs of each AHEC and are chosen because of their qualifications and extensive experience in clinical practice. Each AHEC faculty member receives an appointment to the clinical faculty of the appropriate college at UAIVIS. AHEC Northwest Lee Parker, M.D. Director Ray Bredfeldt, M.D, Residency Director Linda McGhee, M.D, Residency Faculty Danny Proffitt, M.D. Residency Faculty F. Allan Martin, M.D. Residency Faculty Janet Titus, MD. Residency Faculty Linda l-larwell, M,N.Sc., R.N. Director Of Nursing Educ. Maxine Jones, M.S., MT, ASCAP Med. Technology Program Dir. Stan Olejniczak, Bl-l.S., R.T. Rad. Technology Program Dir. Connie Wilson, M.L.S. Medical Librarian Lois Coulter, Pharm. D. Dir., Clincal Pharm, Services Arlis Herriman Asst. Dir, For Administration AHEC P Lavvrence C. Price, M.D. Director I ccr...c . . s ' "" f A K,: i iik In - A .. S r . ff me 5' i tcr' :. cc . ...R rrcc 1 . A . , jf... -. - . 2' .Q....g er T' if 'lilo it lc re..r S YN if . ,- 1 ' ' . gi ..c,,' sf if :iff A X -1-A ,.. . I 1 N I ' K ' 'WF W A Q, I 1. K nw Q S24 Q 'X ., ip 319' a ft 5. 1 J sr xkki 3 .. K ff I -J Yi I Herbert T. Smith, M.D. Director, Residency Program Larry L. Hanley, M.D. Assoc. Dir., Residency Program Jimmy D. Aklin, M.D. Asst. Dir., Residency Program Robert J. Thompson, M.D. Asst. Dir., Residency Program C. Kent Wright, M.D. Asst. Dir., Residency Program Charles Floyd, M.D. Pediatrics Coordinator Charles C. Marsh, Pharm. D. Director, Clinical Pharmacy Russell Williams, LCSW Social Worker Ben Jacobs, M.D. Resident lll Randall Schaffner, M.D. Resident lll James Wilson, D.O. Resident Ill Tim Coalvvell, M.D. Resident ll V. Edattukeran, M.D. Resident ll Ken Filbeck, M.D. Resident II Keith Mitchell, M.D. Resident Il Mark l-loran, M.D. Resident I Michelle l-loran, M.D. Resident I Robert Stepp, M.D. Resident I Alexa Woodson, M.D. Resident I Mark Woodson, M.D. Resident I Q ,X ' x X - I 35 is 'Ht AL. Karl Haws, D.O. Chief Resident, Res. Ill Joanna Thomas, M.D. Resident Ill Kelli Johnson, M.D. Resident III Robin McAIister, M.D. Resident III David Jensen, M.D. Resident Ill David Urekis, M.D. Resident III Valerie Reese, M.D. Resident Ill Kevin Baker, M.D. Resident III Nancy Heiss, M.D. Resident II Ed White, M.D. Resident II Sam Turner, M.D. Resident ll Kim Collins, MD. Resident ll Bruce DeYoung, M.D. Resident II AI Gordon, M.D. Resident II Todd Simpson, D.O. Resident I Jamie Pritchard, M.D. Resident I Travis Embry, M.D. Resident I Richard Ruble, M.D. Resident I Doug de Saint-Felix, M D Resident I Evelyn Cathcart, M.D. Resident I AHEC Northeast Michael Mackey, M.D. Director Joe Stallings, MD. Fam. Prac, Program Dir. Ken Carpenter, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Connie Meeks, MD, Family Practice Faculty Darrell Ragland, MD, Family Practice Faculty Scott Hoke, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Troy Vines, MD. Family Practice Faculty Herbert Price, M.D. Psychiatry Faculty James Chaney, Ph.D. Behavioral Science Faculty Tom Frank, Pharm.D, Clincal Pharmacology Terry Sutterfield, M.D. Family Practice Faculty Julea Garner, M.D. Family Practice Faculty vu JU?" 4 J." f of 1 f was Steve Thomason, Resident Il Mark Albey, M.D. M.D. Resident I Barry Carroll, MD. Resident I Scott Hall, M.D. Resident I Joe McGrath, M.D. Resident I Roger Troxel, M.D. Resident I Elaine Gillespie, MD Chief Resident Kelton Henson, MD. Resident III Randall Hunt, M.D. Resident Ill Scott Laffoon, M.D. Resident Ill Larry Lawrence, M.D Resident Ill Vonda Houohin, M.D Resident II Mark Landis, M.D. Resident ll Steve Simpson, M.D. Resident ll ,? iw 's I fl? , 9 J Wvssfsg AHEC Southwest Herbert B. Wren, lVl.D. I Director George lvl. Finley, lVl.D. Family Practice Director Russell E. Mayo, MD. Dir., Clinical Services Pat Thompson, MS., MT, ASCAP Dir., Medical Technology Julia Welch, MHSA, RRA Assoc. Dir. For Admin. Rockridge Hannah, Pharm.D. Clinical Pharm. Coordinator Lottie Harrell, Pharm.D. Clinical Pharmacology Gloria lvlungo, RN, BSN., lVl.S. Dir., Nursing Education Lou Ella Humphrey, RN, lVl.S.N, Ed.D. Nursing Consultant Joe A. Nolen, B.S.R.T., A.R.R.T. Clinical Coordinator Radiologic Technology School William Pedigo, M.P.A., A.R.R.T. Director, Rad. Tech. School Rod C. Roark, BS., R.R.T. Director, Respiratory Care School D. Patrick Evans, BS., R.R.T. Director, Clinical Education Respiratory Care School K In r HQ? my , i li. -. 0-me V, .E , ,gfgg 7 ,... :::' ,.,,,.v5,,. -' !95"'ri "Us Q l . F ,. . .-.. , AHEC South Arkansas Peter J. Carroll, M.D. Director I , X if" .J 'M .. -43 it .. Qi? Nj 1,.,,,,,x .V ,. 2 Ss 0 i 4' 5 V J fl fuwr .5 ,tiff . . L i 4 ytibiid I. ' ir! 791 A ,V . ,,,, . ,mf 'Q i, - ,5TI15'kf ..,...,,Q 1.5 84 5 . f 35 , 2.5, fs' tt ri L It ,M L A f MK' if- f Q :Liv Z, sutryzm. r .1 Sf: f it f 'X 2 , . . No Photo Available Felix Ekanem, M.D. Resident I Vikram Kamdar, M.D. Resident I Kenneth Radmat, M.D. Resident l John Saidi, MD. Resident l R. Mark Dixon, MD. Director, Residency Program Gary Bevill, MD. Asst. Director Doug Owens, MD. Asst. Director James M. Sheppard, MD. Asst. Director Greg Smart, M.D. Asst. Director Robin Ray, MD. Asst. Clinical Professor Donna Rote, MSN., RN. Clinical Nurse Educator Carol Cobb, RN. Continuing Educ. Coordinator Mark Hinkle, MD. Supervisor Of Training- Stephens Sandra Mason, L.MS.VV. Social Worker And Clinic Administrator Doris Hurley, MLS. Librarian Mark Buck, MD. Chief Resident Matthew Callaway, MD. Resident lll Padmini Subramanyam, MD. Resident lll Judy Abbott, MD. Resident Ill Eve Almodovar, M.D. Resident ll Jim Cagle, MD. Resident ll Steve Carter, MD. Resident lll Meng Lim, MD. Resident lll Ramon Rodriguez, M.D. Resident ll Patrick Voswinkel, MD. Resident ll Brent Whitley, M.D. Resident ll Jim ZeBranek, MD. Resident ll Charles Carter, M.D. Resident l 41 Pine Bluff Herbert F. Fendley, M.D. Director, Residency Program William H. Freeman, M.D. Assoc. Dir., Residency Program James A. Lindsey, M.D. Assoc, Dir., Residency Program Ann E. Fendley, M.D. Asst. Prof., Internal Medicine H. Mark Attvvood, M.D. Assoc. Professor Matthew Hulsey, D.O. Asst. Professor William Joseph James, M.D. Behavioral Sciences Coordinator Anna Ridling, M.D. Asst. Professor Freeman Montague, M.D. Asst. Clinical Professor Marlon Doucel, M.D. Asst. Clinical Professor Bart H. Danford, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist Kent Crosvvell, M.D. Asst. Professor Simmie Armstrong, M.D. Asst, Clinical Professor Brenda Smith, MSW Instr., Behavioral Sci. Erma Washington, M.D. Dir., OBXGYN Education Joseph O. Udeaia, Pharm.D. Dir., Pharmacology Educ. Arnette Discus, Asso. Dir., Administration Darla Simpson, Asst. Dir., Administration John Lindsey, B.S., R.R.T. Dir., Resp. Therapy Donald Richter, B.S., R.R.T. instructor, Resp. Therapy Stevenson R. Yarberry, NREMT-P EMT Coordinator, EMT Education Susan Cantrell Administrative Asst. Karen Berry, R.N. Coordinator, Patient Educ. Molly Hollingsworth, R.N.P. Dir., Nursing Services Susan Laney-Sheehan, M.L.S. Dir., Library Services Julie Dobbins, B.S. Coordinator, AV Services Lynne Ravellette Coordinator, C.E. Services Sandra Davis Library Technical Asst. Freda Freeman, B.S.E., M.S. Coordinator, Obesity Prog. 42 qllhih .frrlkf ,. 7 'ggi ' fy ffg K .1 ., manage f 2 aww, ww-t . . ..,. Y f A .. . L, . . ffl. -' ff 2 ,fin v " 2 f f fs f. ,-.. if if .. ,' . -- if fs at it 3 ,J f M gi 'M V fwfr , , , fa X, J ,J 4, Q s f si i 5 S l f:-'f ' A . . ZAA A ,W W , f i Je sg fm f 0 4 new af ,ygg2"'f Q54 'f ,r f ,W MW 1 air W . ,, f 1425 ne w . fg, 3,35 T T at 1 .. T 23412 I .1 953552 , , . 233,35 ,EW 2 . 1 . X as ssw-.g,-i-f- bf -if fi fl ' .. Esrfff ' r kg 2. si is sf Q ft sa Foss- -sir es S. ,X-.gsms . - 4353-lsiiiwxps ' -'is L- - ssgzsa: - itmtttfzit.. .1 - ?If'S:f: . .1 '- ..,. as .,,gg ,, it s X f 1 sqft emi s i. , Wes t o .N 15544 .11 .as E f -- is :-. may .t S i Q g it X 3 S X x- 5 Q , S, 1 X is 5 wt i 5 t Ki fi ur 5 l t Q 4 R, x ii Q' is X 5 S , f fi X X 'mf Y Z2 Q5 'K 'X S l K K S sign, K S me t if 4 'Ss time V f' f f 4 ,,,.. ..VV . W , . . .i,.,, . ' c f T W ,ff W2 W www 4, 4 M1 'W ,Www f -M7 4 sf ff A , ff Mm f W! ff 93,2521 1 24111, K .ef f ff S , iw 1 W Q 3 3 V . .- ft 7 -. fag if we get .V .T " Jai! 3. .sl . wit V '... rf' ,,,. 1 ....,. .,.. A n .,. ... .....,,.,.., , . - ri,-., f . it 5 av va 'Q at .. e 5 .W it . ws sqm, 1. .S 4. 's . - I 57 A 79 grief, M , W W ev 2.1 ' jz., I 'M f 'Z-57' W W 1 'Iii 1 M, f, W I . 4 W f 1 -. Z' E' t f hi.:L X .- -,X. Iii. X t X X 'S X A X . . 2 X Y X C s 3 XXX t X X S. ,xv ,X 5 if L- 25.14-i X . ' N ff- 1 sf, -X Nzvz.. -is X -'1- ,f n amy .f as - XX 195 C-S 55 kikz. '31 f Q g , - .N - X X X X X fssgi xx X N5 sk X X E gf X f sbs 5 x X X X X Qs X K X XX X Xi X at -. K . - ,ms A W W X X X X X " I' si'-H X A se X X ' ' L Ex 'S Ng, f X X XX X . X N S X X X3 H X I if X86 Mac McKee, M.D. Chief Resident Steve Carney, MD, Resident III Joe Cook, MD. Resident III Ray Jordan, DO, Resident III Evan Cole, D.O. Resident II Riaz I-Iaider, M.D. Resident II Scott Nichols, M.D. Resident II Jeff Yates, D.O. Resident II Eual Allen, MD, Resident I Vicki Chain, DO. Resident I Jackie Coombe-Moore, M.D Resident i Joe Dunnavvay, D.O. Resident I Scott Kuykendall, M.D. Resident I Charles Letcher, M.D. Resident I Robert Martin, M.D. Resident I Calvin Masterson, DO. Resident I Lee Tacket, M.D. Resident I James Schmitz, D.O. Resident I Xmas X X XX ya- is 5 'Qt ANXQ Www C 3 Q Q 2 J ,,,,-r 1- sv fwmw, ,rm-Q1 -N 'ximiw-g,,i-2+ x E gs X 2 K fis- xx Z' Y X 516. iii E 'Q' A S .WWE le zap, ..Q,,,, 2 A 2 ' , ., 1 142 If College 0f Medicine Administration l. Dodd Wilson, M.D.' Dean Charles W. Smith, Jr., MD. Exec. Assoc. Dean, Clinical 8 Faculty Affairs William C. Hilles, MA. Exec. Assoc. Dean, Administration Fiichard P. Wheeler, M.D. Assoc. Dean, Student St Academic Affairs Charles O. Cranford, DDS. Assoc. Dean, AHEC Programs Kent C. Westbrook, MD. Assoc. Dean, Cancer Programs Betty A. Lowe, M.D. Assoc. Dean, Arkansas Childrens Hosp. Prog. Lee Lee Doyle, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean, Continuing Education Eugene J. Towbin, MD., Ph.D. Assoc. Dean, Veteran's Hospital Programs Philip L. Playford, Ph.D. Asst. Dean Minority Student Affairs Jay H. Menna, Ph.D. Asst. Dean, Medical Education Deanna E. Brown Director, Medical College Physicians Group Alice Smith Special Project Coordinator Linda W. Williams Director of Admissions Tom G. South Director, Medical Student Financial Assistance Barbara Babb Director. Office of Student Becords!Housestaff Janet T. Honeycutt Director. Alumni Affairs . ' ."' 3,. . V A h ,E J K -. I ,,. .v.. A A t d W . ' f . . -Ji .i E as ' . H A S - tilt lll' ffifllw' A ii M i if S WW . is ZFNVAQ . '." , . 4 9, 'ff if fl' f f f 9 f ' if 9 5 rr 'tg f CQ ' f X f f A Bill Bauknight Director Minority Student Affairs +,,,"5 No Photo Available '. .gr . H vi., 1 i kv!!- ,L Jr Standing, left to right: Felicia Brown, Christy l-lofherr, Mary Martin, Phyllis Hillman, Torn Lewis, Judy l-larris, Elsie Mears, Brent Mokay, Elizabeth Bays, Carolyn Clark. Seated, left to right: Brenda Purity, Monique Montgomery, Lacy Eidt, Dwana McKay, Christina Clark. l Q, g 1- 3 www, r uf.-lm mx WSWKN. jun- ,X mm In an nu if C - Q wx.m.nx ixi...JL.r'xlXX..l'1 LLN l LK .--nv by . f ,X 9 l ww fwi-f,, H A . If 4 I g n..,,,... nw r 4. gm ' an 1 y fy Hp -WWW wi--f famiwzgu, , i 1g?5i M 77Zefdc4?fzafaauQ Robert Burns, Ph.D. Professor Donald Cave, Ph.D. Professor Jason Chang, Ph.D. Asst. Professor David L. Davies, Ph.D. Assoc, Professor Edgar Garcia-Rill, Ph.D. Professor W, Sue T. Griffin, Ph.D. Professor John D. l-loule, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Cynthia Kane, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Bruce lviendelson, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Bruce Newton, Ph.D. Asst. Professor John E. Pauly, Ph.D. Professor Kevin D. Phelan, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Ervin E. Powell, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Lawrence E. Scheving, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Jerome K. Sherman, Ph.D. Professor Anatomy Shirley A. Gilmore, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman 4 A w , .S 1 in s X I ffi Terry J, Sims, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Robert D. Skinner, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Patrick W. Tank, Ph.D. Professor Betty G. Uzman, Ph.D. Adj. Professor 'N F ,figs pl .f . ..,.. I , .. . .. . , N .v I . ' ff ,sf 5. saiff ,.. '12 ! -1 L 3 5 ' 5 . -0 'E it me sr Y 1 -fl 5 Q IQ w , ........ J I-2-5af'fsfxgmsiE5fi5iS5: W 7 .. - if igsgs: ,,,..,..t.,.........s-....,........t...MNT 9 2 g " w esgwsts tix.,--fqws f ' f ' ff if l ..,,g5,, is ,,. 5 . , t, . W X SSN 1 E tt Q 'fins se P9 Q Cm 3? , gg ,, as Q X Egg A 'F ' vs ss Q 9 52, Q X 'Q is ff T 95, gr 5 53 ftstg Q si , . if .. . f V . .. is 2 5 e. assi A ew.-N.....t...-....,,.,,,.s--. ....,. , s.a......-.....s .X V 8 H S ik 5 at 3 f Z' wwe? K Anesthesia E. F. Klein, M.D. Professor and Chairman No Photo Available aww? No Photo No Photo Avauame V- y si 5 Available V V, W. ' . ,name K ,Wa Yi We No time 'W H 7 Available Available , , fr! No Photo 22 Pham A x Johnny Brian, MD. Asst. Professor Cathy Brown, MD. Asst. Professor Fiaeford Brown, MD. Assoc. Professor Jimmy Chamness, M.D. instructor Richard B, Clark, M.D. Professor Carol Eason, MD. Assoc. Professor Byron L. Eyre, M.D. Asst. Professor Cheryl Friday, MD, Asst. Professor Kimberly A. Golden, MD. David Huggins, M.D. Asst. Professor Patti Jo Kymer, MD. Assoc. Professor C. David Lavvhorn, M.D. Asst. Professor Tahal Makkaoui, MD. instructor Carmelita Pablo, M.D. Assoc. Professor Jim C. Porter, MD, Assoc. Professor Michael Schmidtz, M.D. Asst. Professor Raymond Schultetus, M.D Ph D Professor Astride Serfen, M.D. Professor Sigurdur Sigurdsson, MD Asst. Professor Michael Stone, MD. Instructor Dola S. Thompson, M.D. Professor Emerita J. Michael Vollers, MD. Assoc. Professor Brayan Watkins, MD. instructor Camille Colomb, M.D. Resident IV George R. Rader, M.D. Resident IV Sabi M. lllangakooh, M.D. Resident IV J. Scott Bryles, M.D. Resident Ill R. Jamie Clark, MD. Resident Ill Timothy N. I-luthison, M.D. Resident III Jeffrey N. Pearce, M.D. Resident Ill C. Gary Pittman, M.D. Resident Ill Charles T. Poole, MD. Resident lll Martin D. Porter, M.D. Resident III Robert E. Powers, MD. Resident III Gregory L. Thompson, M.D. Resident Ill Melessa E. Ashcraft, M.D. Resident II William A. Beck, M.D. Resident ll Mark A. Brown, M.D. Resident II R. Dvid Cannon, M.D. Resident ll Susan D. Conley, M.D. Resident ll John C. Crosby, M.D. Resident II Kristie L. Davis, M.D. Resident ll Stella B. Farrell, M.D. Resident II Donald E. Ivy, M.D. Resident II J. William Kissinger, M.D. Resident II Lakshimi Madireddi, M.D. Resident ll W. Brian Meggars, M.D. Resident ll Lauri A. Moody, M.D. Resident II D. Kevin Spence, M.D. Resident II Thomas C. Williams, M.D. Resident Il Stuart R. Atkin, M.D. Resident I Elzbieta Biernat, M.D. Resident I Brent M. Blakely, M.D. Resident I Andy Crocker, M.D. Resident I Robert D. Dalby, M.D. Resident I M. Scott DeGraaff, M.D. Resident I Michael I.. Hill, M.D. Resident I Doug C. Holman, M.D. Resident I Angela R. Lovett, M.D. Resident I Brain T. Nichol, M.D. Resident I Jason D. Oberle, M.D. Resident I J. Stuart Slaven, M.D. Resident I J. William Stiensiek, M.D. Resident I f ....... r eg P s Q' 4- 1,QQf. .. 5 .xg if as ' tix, i C ag, 'lie if t . ., .-.. ., 3?::a'T'7' l1' 'f' 7:5 2 17 .if ' '::fH..?' .:..t . , .... . J ' 2 fi , K Ki t 3 ,, .. ... sf. . is if it - .i tgfwif i i r 'iii Lf f i".. '35 -:EF L i ..t 535, .lip ,. .fl 3.5 Hp, Mkt ' .I ' EEE-'ri it .5 . '-iffsrs f . . . . i Q. - ff fs. .., . tQIl..4.l3"" .'S. dil. as S is Eg .. i d , ,Y x 7 2 f i fa J A5 ,A 7, 3, f Je. T 23' "'. '5 1-. y . f te 1 4 1 eil S Si J X S X 5 E . kt i at Y 9 . i s 3 ek it I f.-, .,,. '..f. ' ' 'it ' 5 i 4 '-4 5 we M7 No Photo Available - :iii f li ' at 3 ,Q 5 E i , fx 2 x F if 39 3 'Q er? .." , kwfilsfi . xl 5 is xg I S M' f Qi ,T L tt f f eg , . ,W time - , X 5 NX P- X X ex... 5 is 5 if JF if' ' Q- P tv 5 -ff: ' S ff., .1 Qs. .Y 57... seg . gg i- x: .. -,mf A. f 1 4 242. .F 1 gg , , wi 'I .-I 5:21 Z.:-.F ri lx r 4 i ,,,,,, ,,.. , .f 9 K 1 . .... ..... t A., Q A ss. i - j wwe. f A L . .... fmmws Q' s. AVWW l Biochemistry Alan D. Elbein, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman orss so r i s rs f E A 1 ff 5-'Q-512 frl 5 F 1': rrssr . r . 1 .C L Q .f ...t Wd ...JB-sv, .. .ss .r. . 1. Ep - ff -'.- JJ-- sii if 5 . X 5 f t. .l .1 ss- .. , V . s- . ...s:.f-.-,- . N . ... .L if M., ' I rx i - .. ---- 1 . . r s A E j - 1 i......,....,.....,,,......,....c 1. .f - "iff'e::s1:f"r3b2ff?k: ' ' f . . 1 ' , V- .. V . .. .. , .- frftetffvs A .- ti . K - - . - f K " - NOPFWDA . r A ' ' . IWHIIQNH A jfavfafravler My . . " ' . 'if - - I Ir' ff . , I A - K N :j K JJM NN . K -7 , ff. .. 'Muna-Awww-Ol fit. .1 'ls . . L , mt -sw i .., .. A N0 0 , , 1 qavaaame A A ' " A A George L. Wolff, Ph.D. N Adj. Professor P Q Yun-Chi Yeh, Ph.D. . h j,-N N . Professor " V , gt . ff. V +P 353, - J. Lyndawork, Ph.D. no f , rfofesof 'ef .. E oorrr A , We A X.o ssr j Y. T. Pan, Ph.D. Asst. Professor! Research Daniel M. Sheehan, Ph.D. Adj. Professor W. Grady Smith, Ph.D. Professor Charles G. Winter, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Syed F. Ali, Ph.D. Adj. Asso. Professor Charles A. Angel, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Gary A. Bannon, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Frederick A. Beland, M.D Adj. Assoc. Professor Helen Benes, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Ann Marie Benson, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor C. Bhuvaneswaran, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Daniel A. Casiano, Ph.D. Adj. Professor Donald C. DeLuca, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Plichard R. Drake, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Barry K. l-lurlbut, Ph.D. Asst. Professor S. Jill James, Ph.D. Adj. Asst. Professor Gur P. Kashal, Ph.D. Asst. Professorflftesearch Kamal D. Mehta, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Manford Morris, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Scott M. Dinehart, M.D. Assoc. Professor Thomas J. Franz, M.D. Assoc. Professor Jay M. Kincannon, M.D. Asst. Professor Paul A. Lehman, M.S. Research Asst. Professor Robert H. Schosser, M.D. Assoc. Professor Michael Crowe, M.D. Resident Ill Todd Plott, M.D. Resident Ill Russell Kelley, M.D. Resident Il Ray Parker, M.D. Resident Il John Sowell, M.D. Resident ll Dermatology Jere D Guin M D Professor and Chairman . ..t. trt.. , v s' .V 'tw sg Q ' ,V', A S . 1, , , 1' K t ssll. H . . ..LL A I .. 3 John Anthony, M.D. , Resident I U , ,., , M Richard Hope, M.D. Resident I ,, Mike Sangster, M.D. 'mem Angela Styles, M.D. ..,. . 194 . 'ks Emergency Medicine J Ryland Munolie MD. ' Assoc Professor and Chairman William Allen, M.D., FACEP Asst. Professor Robert A. Fisher, MD., FACEP Asst. Professor Robert E. Harrell, M.D., FACEP Assoc, Professor Mike Roman, MD. lnstructor Assoc, Professor Elicia Sinor, MD. ' M . Instructor .. .." ,lj iil. , f .i1-' Q, i K - James E. Tutton, MD, Asst. Professor iii s.ees.r. 5Y3'i'fff33e 1 M Chris Authement, MD Resident III --ri - Randy Brown, MD. , Resident Ill Steve Connelly, MD. gi' if Resident Ill Q A f Tony Pelezo, MD. R 5 s x '95 SX Y. 5 X . 2,9 ff 4 . is if . Resident Ill X . . Henry F. Simmons, M. John Rayburn, M.D. Resident III Todd Rice, M.D. Resident III Mark Buckner, M.D. Resident II Loretta G. DePaIo, M.D. Resident II Angelique Fontonette, M.D. Resident II Wade I-Ienely, M.D. Resident II Doug Hill, M.D. Resident II Jacquelyn Kibodeaux, M.D. Resident I Scott Lewis, M.D, Resident I Randy Maddox, M.D. Resident I Kristi McCIendon, M.D. Resident I Mark Scott, M.D. Resident I I, I ", s-Iiz f' il: 5' Sift '3 5: .T 'I .. ., .t gag. we 14 E f f M, g ,Q 1 X5 I W , 9 Q ,,,, f Wm Hia W, , Y S 'M M M Edwin Shenlvood, M.D. Resident I Greg Waters, M.D. Resident I iw' tttt I It , I rt f lf, K K ie it ,,,, tg? f I if 4 ,Jr Q, Y 1 5? Q We 15 2 it ,Q I Hr W ' .3 1 ,,at,,t,,,fy,,g .J,,,,t,, m,,stt,:2w ,,I'f VVVV t, ifiitiituwfvtla Qwafw :waist .I f. , :Lv me :ies-fzziitigi 5 ,fzrzfgw gm,,fmwfkffgtitfeasfizgezawt Emi HRW ,ev f gm at -txwf:s,,.fwm,,ff -M -H f , ,ft E t w Y ,,,t,,w,5ggt,.qg , mwzsiifiQtiiwiiggzrizfwcmis t m1t,w,,,t1S:-is Itwwewsmsfpttm-ww-we I .tW,,wt,, , W,m,,tf,,,,,wwttttsffnzttftt , 52,2 5-7bgU5jirl:t, 4 EIGt'i,Z5Ii,ai3-93555551qgGWQ'1ffI't3iiQT' sff:?Ei595,'Ui'7i' 5 'f?1i5ffg,'fgilsz,'axi7igWiffi'9f7I:?f1fa9'ffP5 Q 4,'f,:m,vzt1m :mm,ut-gave,,,fW5,,ez:g:2zs a it-ggytwftgg E tw, magstgfigaakfwv124593753112 j ,ti-,sstm,,, 5 - Jmigfiilfi-1455 Z :1'lfT:fQ1fa-31733:1wfQIf'51 IWQLG' Y iilfqfggiziexes 5 g swtmmet ' f.. I I ,wwe 3 wie Q me 3 V t 2, I sfz-trztfwie e tgy,1mgw,,f ' si-mwmwfulsstwvffwwwlf S ,mf visqlsv gtgvglfmwfsefs,2tQe21mQ2mtag1L:7L4k 1 f Q " wsw life, gtszttttwt E " Em..,.,,m..,..W,f..M.,...tW.,,,,4 iZZ,i?L1fi?tQsv gsew 4 ,,,,fsswD,tm.tftiltktgme,rtwfzzswt I-2 Q ? tt.,, M, t.,, wf wthiiffwtzgafs Igtzytqksftffgazigfwftt t,,t A ,, In -fm ev wrifnzezw,tms52tfsW?tf21ZA?Z3'2f: w,,,,,tf, ,W Family And Community Medicine Ronald K. Brimberry, MD Asst, Professor Patrick Burns, Pharm. D. Asst. Professor Kent Davidson, I'vi.D. Assoc. Professor Laurie Fisher, MD. Asst. Professor Kenneth G. Goss, M.D. Professor Jamie Howard, MD. Assoc. Professor Arlo Kahn, M.D. Assoc. Professor Mary S. Lindsey, A,C,S.W Instructor Jerry Mann, MD. Asst. Professor Robert D, Price, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Charles Smith, MD. Professor Steven Strode, M.D. Assoc. Professor James Bryan, M.D. Resident Ill Inge Carter, M.D. Resident Ill Ken Collins, MD. Resident Ill Karen Crowell, M.D. Resident III Joe HOCIIHIIB, ivi.i.J. Resident III Roy Russell, MD. Resident III Jan Sharp, MD, Resident III Michael Beard, MD. Resident II Winifred Dunbar-Davies, M.D. Resident Il Sam Evans, M.D. Resident II Greg Richter, MD. Resident II Victor S. Chu, M.D. Resident I Cindy Hubach, MD. Resident I Robert Kennedy, M.D. Resident I Pam Kizer, M.D. Resident I Philip Richard Lindstrom, M.D. Resident I ti A . ,.,. , R it rrre IW I iw I C it I I W W A 1: Q5 , ,t, C WN Y,, 1 ,uw Mm 'ii' Ron McGaugh, M.D. Resident I Michael Ort, MD. Resident I David Stills, MD, Resident I L wr 7 1? f f ta . 4 ' ff? 3 , 5 if Y K ' fwffi fam K 5 459 xii, 6 f 2 1? , ff 5' ,, M 1+ 1 ' v . , i ' " 15532 Q-gif is ,f 4,45 Q? 3, 5' M i',J Z fl .M--, wi. v me J i Transitional Internship Susan Beland, M.D. Program Director 4 ,75 I , .aff , , mmm Avlilbll ai ' i iii F , ! mi lag W A, .,. , N t, t, , t my 5 we ' ,V it , if-is-' ,',, .J G c " 3 Nhrrr s , 't gy. ,Vi U . ' ' f Yiff h t . ' R? , fi fi 4 2 ' J, : Ai : , 2'V .. E- ,.,ii?i' 5 W a a F o o , ' 1 ,n iv ff .gr Q ?"'+'r f if Hp W 4 1 an Brian Siegel, M.D. Edward Sparling, M.D. Jimmie Stewart, M.D. Tha Tha U, M.D. Nathan Wright, M.D. Wayne L. Bruffett, M.D. Sloan Burton, M.D. David Clause, M,D. Melvin Leroy Cochran, M.D John Coffman, M.D. Ryan Coleman, M.D. Daniel Hunt Cooper, M.D. T. Jay Davis, M,D. Rodger Dunigan, M.D. Dean Ellis, M.D. Cindy Gierach, M.D. Ross Hardy, M.D. John Harp, M.D. John i-ledgecock, M.D. Brett lronside, M.D. Rob Jeffries, M.D. Steve Jones, M.D. Florian So Keplinger, M.D. Thomas Scott Kiser, M.D. Ron Lovvery, M.D. Randy Minton, M.D. Rich Payne, M.D. Pard Pryor, M.D. Steven Eric Roser, M.D. 59 Medical Humanities Charles Anderson, Ph.D. Literature James Berryman, Th.D. Religion Ronald Brimberry, M.D. Family Medicine Ralph Broadwater, M.D. Surgery William Carr, M. Div. Religion Lee Lee Doyle, Ph.D. Physiology Deborah Erwin, Ph.D. Anthropology Margaret Falls-Corbitt, Ph.D. Humanities Paula Gold, M. Div. Religion Laura Hutchins, M.D. Hematology!Oncology Stephen Kemp, M.D., Ph.D. Pediatrics Tom Kimmons, M.A. Philosophy Robert Lewis, M.D. Rheumatology Rebecca Martin, M.D. infectious Disease Don S. McKinney, Ph.D. Humanities Mark E. Meany, Ph.D. Philosophy Michael Mitchell, J.D. Law J. B. Norton, M.D. Pediatrics Cynthia Pitcock, Ph.D. History James Rush, Ph.D. Religion Chris l-lackler, Ph.D. Division Head K Q, xx YQ s iaiir f J ..u. J .aiic as 'sf an . A if i . i ' A ...aff l Available my YW No Photo , ll r. ! , ' ' ' ip- h ,.' 1 , , 2, t' 1 fi is I Conrad Shumaker Ph.D English Steven Strode M D Family Medicine Bonnie Taylor M D Pediatrics -' ga '- --rr Anne Wilson JD. I 3W Q? 91 Y ' m.......W,..,M No Photo Available Internal Medicine I Thomas E. Andreoli, M.D. Professor and Chairman ...I fs W r., 1 ff A ,-.. i Q yn ,,,. Q V -l y .,E,:: ,mix N x .K K A 'W rrri A X .L - 1. W, . Ki P . . . A .No Photo sy - 7' '- Available D , fl out Qs . N0 Photo N0 photo ,Q Avaliable fr-Available M.. Available -Y A 1'ri- 5 Q W .ll - ,lr , A , Cardiology lv s Wm 5' +9 W 7' Rl ' M, sr.. .Q 5 , ,.. ,, - i,-: 9 in M I efiiyailabtu Brad Lemay, M.D. Fellow Ill John Spencer, M.D. Fellow Ill Lonnie Harrison, M.D. Fellow ll Ftahil Kazi, M.D. Fellow ll James Liu, M.D. Fellow ll Nam H. Kim, M.D. Fellow I Margaret Kuykendall, Fellow l Salman Malik, M.D. Fellow l M.D. Jon P. Lindemann, M.D. Professor and Director Joseph K. Bissett, M.D. Professor James E. Doherty, Ill, M.D. Professor Marvin L. Murphy, M.D. Professor Ha Dinh, M.D. Assoc. Professor Stephanie L. Lawhorn, M.D. Asst. Professor Shi Liu, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Eugene S. Smith, Ill, M.D. Instructor Richard P. Wyeth, MS. Research Instructor Mohan Govindan, M.D. Fellow Ill 61 Robert W. Harrison, M.D. Professor and Director Fed H. Faas, M.D. Professor Louis L. Sanders, M.D. Professor David Straub, M.D., Ph.D. Professor Eugene J. Towbin, M.D., Ph.D. Professor Vivian Fonesca, M.D. Asst. Professor Stephen S. Lippman, M.D., Ph.D. Roger Lester, M.D. Professor and Director I. Dodd Wilson, M.D. Professor E. Clinton, Texter, Jr., M.D. Professor Emeritus Catherine V. Netchvolodoff, M.D. Assoc. Professor Anna Radominksa, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Piotr Zimniak, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Wagar A. Qureshi, M.D. Asst. Professor Stephen A. Ziller, M.D. Fellow Ill Abdullah A. Tahiri, M.D. Fellow ll Kosuke Tokunaga, M.D. Fellow ll Yuki lgari, M.D. Fellow ll Jeffrey Levine, M.D. Fellow I Tony Ringold, M.D. Fellow l 62 Asst. Professor Endocrinology And Metabolism Gastroenterology eff' , f 'T ,..A:, ,, . . . f ,ff .. . N... i ft 2 W- J 'Z v z 2 .rage . ,4 1 ,ft J s ibut N3 .fs L ,. W M fr ff sfgfgfss. N, ,E 'iN pf Q' f ,l ' .2 A .fm V A es, , X 2' ffm rt. 4' we if., ,fs pf 5 We ff? W W 'F 5 3 nz, 27 ,. f M ," ftfwf Q Z is S 'L N 2 r W '2 Y affffgsf-3m am , .ww Q A A 5 a N N Q W PM K ww.,' N s vzgfm? r M.. W s , -vf.. ,. .ts . ...... ,, its Ai' ,ft ,Q H32 . 3257 5 free 1 . ffl gg, J. ss.. ,tw--...W tim. .wt--sm. st..- .... , M tc.-:as .s,..s.. No Photo Available . f No Photo Available Hugo E. Jasin, M.D. Professor and Director Eleanor A. Lipsmeyer, M.D. Professor Robert B. Lewis, M.D. Asst. Professor Melody St. John, M.D. Fellow l No Photo Available 'web .wmv Rheumatology we General Internal Medicine R ts 'A Available No Photo Available Geriatrics William E. Golden, M.D. Assoc. Professor and Director Robert T. Cheek, M.D. Assoc. Professor Robert C. Lavender, M.D. Assoc. Professor G. Richard Smith, M.D. Assoc. Professor Susan S, Beland, M.D. Assoc. Professor Jeanne K. l-leard, M.D. Asst. Professor Jeanette M. Shorey, M.D. Asst. Professor Emerita Timothy E. Holcomb, M.D. Asst. Professor Jason R. Casey, M.D. Instructor Mark L, Mullens, M.D. Instructor David A. Lipschitz, M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Director W. Jerry Carter, M.D. Professor Samuel Goldstein, M.D. Professor Owen W. Beard, M.D. Professor Emeritus Pham Hieu Liem, M.D. Assoc. Professor Robert J. S. Reis, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Kodetthoor B. Udupa, Ph.D. Research Assoc. Professor Thomas C. May, M.D. Asst. Professor Charlotte A. Peterson, Ph. D. Asst. Professor Cathey L. Sparkman Powers, M D Asst. Professor Dennis H, Sullivan, M.D. Asst, Professor Linda H. Williams, M.D. Asst. Professor Hematologyfilncology Barthel Barlogie, M.D. Professor and Director Arthur Haut, M.D. Professor Kurt J. Henle, Ph.D. Professor S. William Ross, M.D. Professor Harry P. Ward, M.D. Professor Joshua Epstein, DSC. Assoc. Professor Richard D. Hoover, M.D. Assoc. Professor Laura F. Hutchins, M.D. Assoc. Professor Sundar Jaggannath, M.D. Assoc. Professor Jacki Kornbluth, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor ci Ali Mansouri, M.D. Assoc. Professor Anne-Marie Maddox, M.D. Assoc. Professor J. Thad Beck, M.D. Asst. Professor Dat D. Dao, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Luther D. Glenn, lll, M.D. Asst. Professor . -.5 , I Susan C. Guba, M.D. Asst. Professor Michael J. Muirhead, M.D. Asst. Professor David H. Vesole, M.D. Asst. Professor Brad P. Baltz, M.D. Fellow ll No Photo Pat Travis, M.D. Available Fellow I Robert W. Bradsher, Jr., M.D. Professor and Director Robert S. Abernathy, M.D., Ph.D. Professor Thomas P. Monson, M.D. Assoc. Professor Rebecca Martin, M.D. Asst. Professor Richard P. McDonnell, M.D. Asst. Professor Tommy Cross, M.D. Fellow I Steve Hickerson, M.D. Fellow I No Photo Available No Photo Available No Photo V Available infectious Disee se . . ..,l ., h if aa 1. Jil. . .Q No Photo Available No Photo Available No Photo Available 1' Q 1.4 rv f.-- 1. No Photo y f- Available " . .y y 5 S . f f 2. 4 I I ff Available T W. fmt Af? Sudhir V. Shah, M.D. Professor and Director George L. Ackerman, M.D. Professor Thomas E. Andreoli, MD. Professor Richard P. Wheeler, MD. Assoc. Professor James C. Campbell, M.D. Asst. Professor George V. Evanoff, MD. Asst. Professor Didier Portilla, MD. Asst. Professor W, Brian Reeves, MD. Asst. Professor Ludwika Z. Zimniak, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Christopher J. Winters, M.D. Instructor Michael W. Floppolo, M.D. Fellow II Judith Forte, M.D. Fellow I Sudhir K. Julka, MD. Fellow I F. Charles Hiller, MD. Professor and Director Joseph H. Bates, M.D, Professor David P. Nicholson, M.D. Professor William W. Stead, M.D. Professor Marcia L. Erbland, MD, Assoc. Professor Paula J. Anderson, MD. Asst. Professor Jeffrey Fl. Hammersley, M.D Asst. Professor Gerry S. San Pedro, MD. Asst. Professor Dennis W. McGraw, M.D. Instructor Kyle G. Hardy MD. Fellow III Gary L. Templeton, MD. Fellow Ill Sandra E. Chai, MD. Fellow ll David M. Halinski, M.D. Fellow II Kirkland C. Nolan, M.D. Fellow I James A Ftish, MD. Fellow I Flazee A. Ahmad, Erik Ft. Araneda, Terri G. Blackstock, Marian M. Chen-Hah, Marilyn K. Clark, Michael J. Grosserode, M.D Fi. Hal Hughes, M.D Malek S. Karassi, M.D Brenda J. Ketcher Joseph P. Phillips Philip W. Pitts Brent W. Robinson Khalid A. Sayeed Muyhusamy Velusamy, M.D Rogert H. Ziegler, M.D ,M.D ,M.D James F. Beck, James C. Carruth, Alex S, David, Mark D. Hughes, Whitfield L. Knapple, Tyrone T, Lee, Agata Marriott, Stephen C. Medina, Madhu Mehta, Sean M. Moran, Kenneth A. Perret, Micheal D. Schoneteld, Pamela J. Schonefeld Greg A. St. John Sue A. Ulmer, Paula A, Watson, Bewdentl Available No Photo iii' is , , BeQdentH fi 'V' 'X if A No Photo Available Available No Photo I If k Q s I ., fi' , fi , 2 ' 2 M 'U' No Photo Available ,Qt A anaf , i No Photo My - ,V ,,.. Available ..-... ii' asf :VV ' E we if 2s. A ' ,gg f-J., ,Q , '27 if gslti 5 1 11 ,f,,Qjff v. . ,.fS,,. 'mf 'fkk' L. vlsf r 5:55 g1 " .:?'i,i PKKQQSQA-mt ' , Yi!! 'l 2:0 'sw' 's 'Q u"f QQ? No Photo Available .im ff. S if G' ,, we X X I kE,sf3Qi f if sms .43 bbz, I X .Q 'Qt W I . , , , i , Q x wit w. ,if Qt is ii slag ,N is A REQ X t t- X? .... 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Sangster, M.D. Mark A. St. Pierre, M.D. Angela R. Styles, M.D. Anne R. Trussell, M.D. Microbiology And Immunology PogerRank,PhLl Professor and Chairman Almen L. Barron, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Robert E. Bowling, PhD. Professor Emeritus James J. Daly, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Carl E. Duffy, PHD. Professor Emeritus James L. Fendrick, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Wayne L. Gray, PhD. Asst. Professor Hilliard F. l-lardin, Ph.D. Adj. Assoc. Professor Joseph U. lgietseme, PhD. Asst. Professor X .E ar X . X :- ::::s.::, 5 S X i 5 Jay l-l. Nlenna, PhD. Professor Lee Soderberg, PhD. Professor David Wennerstrom, PhD. Asst. Professor N sl .R H .fi jlgk 1 V' us H '7 M3 1 No Photo Available 2 ,H fgkfr gt fgwli eg f Q, fffafi I rw 2454 5 V 1 V if 'X' ' I 5 iff r ,, l 6 2 ,gh J ,J 'lb-adv 31 1 it 'f R .-,ar , ll A 455 X N ga X at . . Q. 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Boop, Jr., M.D. Professor Gary T. Souheaver, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Kim Brobsky Research Tech. Edgardo Angtuaco, M.D, Assoc. Professor Johnny E, Brian, M.D. Assoc. Professor Muhammad M. Husain, M.D. Assoc. Professor Available ' Avaiiable No Photo Bruce Ramsey, M.D. Resident IV Tony Russell, M.D. Resident ill Grant Skidmore, M.D Resident Iii ...Q--gs we sr., 1 ,. rre ttt i I Mark Cobb, M.D. Resident ii Salim Rahman, M.D. Resident I vga N., .. Ms... .. . ts - in -... me ---k E if 352 ag, --t-. . A3322-K ' M, if f Y 2 . z ft 'tw 1 ' 4 A sr ff X . 3' 7 ,F f ,, as i .vr...,.s, 1 Hg, 2 . .mf f , Us ,tra ..1,,,. fr ' " -,fE'f?4Er 'z',:a' as w.55g,fZ "7'f?Q5?P'Qf'V'9i4214'4'gff?ff' at at 4 W f fi 'fi' ' 5 K 'f W 1 f 'Q' , tt' f 4 33' 5 4 wg. , . A. 1, ,, ...Q , . 12.-r ...,f 2 Ma, rr., if 'f K' If it .W - J. f 4 - 1 -.yr.fg,tffs,.'frrmx'ff. , 1- t tf.,.-W.-W. Sara A i Q i i Q r NG Photo A ew- 5 K 'H f, P ' iii fZ555r'Hf?iEE'7f 5,4 gi ., AQ ? Q J Available Available Available No Photo Obstetrics And Gynecology ' J. Gerald Quark, M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Chairman - 5 rrr fWf'?1fflf9,rt.f. 'H New Q L - L + rrrr rw...eww f Janine Watson, PhD. Instructor Glenn A. Weitzman, M.D. Asst. Professor Wayne Workman, M.D. Asst. Professor Teresita Angtuaco, M.D. Assoc. Professor Gary Bannon, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Paddy Jim Baggot, M.D. Instructor Jan M. Benanti, M.D. lnstructor Flichard B. Clark, MD. Professor Lee Lee Doyle, Ph.D. Professor James L. Fendrick, PhD Asst. Professor Paul L. Hermonat, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Sharon C. Keith, M.D. Asst. Professor Karen J. Kozlowski, M.D Asst. Professor Curtis L, Lowery, M.D. Asst. Professor Michael M. Miller, M.D. Asst. Professor Maha M. Mahadevan, Ph D Asst. Professor , Dean Moutos, M.D. Asst. Professor Timothy J. O'Brien, Ph.D. Professor Tim H. Parmley, ll, M.D. Professor Greg Barnes, M.D, Resident IV Breck Collins, M.D. Resident IV Chuck I-Iitt, M.D. Resident IV Shelly Shepard, M.D. Resident IV Nancy Andrews, M.D. Resident III Liz Campbell, M.D, Resident III Kent Mason, M.D. Resident III Renee Montgomery, M.D. Resident III Rosie Seguin, M.D. Resident III Lisa Jarnroz, M.D. Resident II Vickie I-Ienderson, M.D. Resident II Gina Rosa, M.D. Resident II Mako Shimoda, M.D. Resident II Andrew Cole, M.D. Resident I Roger Ehret, M.D. Resident I - Avhliwhi' Eat ,if I , I I f itlsey I - ' f. , 5' lgf.,,,,gg5"7V T17 ,3 W' I I ,iii I . , -I mf? x I -, I' x , 5, fi3f'fJ'?5IiM V I I I Ittt ' - , I H KK,-'Ziff' 'f ' Sara Montgomery, M.D, Resident I Lesa Prince, M.D. Resident I N6 MIND hvtiilllii aw ef 4 ,4 5 E , ..,t,,,,.,,.,. , LWQ .,, I fg I , .,V,, I Avliiahiq ' , V' 5 2 f .sql Ophthalmology John P. Shock, M.D. Professor and Chairman , ..,, ..,,g....te..f. .a.z:t..w,.-.H-...z-.1:nf ..,,....rr...:5i...a Q.. .. S ---- li .lit ,,,.-.-.f.wem...w..w es.-. .. M ....,.... ... . .. .. S Q... re... -,,,. ..........., ,r - -,i.... k.k.gz:k.f..e,...- . His figs V' ,,..ff"M"""""M ri t if W er if."i...r .... 'rr K ..--.. ....,, if ......... ff... .. Se...-.., ---- s f.......--, .-.. s.. .-ff... .rff...s..a.-..?e.1.rge...,f2:-fr: sefr... .,......:1 f .g..,...-g,..e,g.:.-5.r....ff , U .... ....,, -iii.-..w in if 3 i , t Q aj f J Ks 5 . .2 .1 r .M it l f i "" E ...,.. . Q E X S S K Q 5 . R 5 Z l K L. .r r . ,k,k A , .,.., , ...,,, .. .. e if ..f...-+:..1Qas L .. 4r 1 1'r i L . f """ A f Y' ,W W ai f Wie' "A 1 f . N ' v i A Q, at ff 2 f' .g......:f.11e1m. e .2ff.g5..: H Sexes ,,.....s.......,,m...s.......,..s iii' -SE' if.. . .s.:..:r..f..-aiirrsvz'vF. .........,... . Via... -fa . gigs . , . ...,,. kL,,f .. .... ... .s....c..' .f....q,. it vi ' MM' r 5 1, T 1 A ' J U4 K ri it ,g Ji , . . . 35 5 i f e....a.,e23 ,,, s rl i i stil i s Q , s 5 4 I s A Q, Q ri if 'F gr is .' 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A tiff? t -Siiisrfiiii' l i - X - 1" ,, ,. ..., ,,.. r ' 25.1.5 , .... 1" . . is-I :INK 5:.rfi::1'.55f555H V M W A ...,.....,.....,,..,.m.,.., ..., , .... 5, L..s.............s,..... .,... . , ggi,,i,,,,. t --'- f he S . ,, it A Q . 5 - i - . 1.2i'.:5i-.1'f:Y'-"-i " i:":K6:1fii" E1i2.2eS?f3':irE sgiisiiif' "-- "Sf-T' 5'-J' ir. i . i . 2z...f...j..s...,.M........r....., f k........y....... .s..e....s,.,n. ....,..,q..e......ff...s..a..-??s..r . . 5 3 Q......vase.g2r....,.5T'f.r5ff.z---ffsw.. . 5:1 'frziffsr . -sefiivrr.1fr...'t3i:e5iL2s2a??-wifi 2 frsziffiavi I ,-...,. ..... ... ,,rff...i S s..a5ssfer5-- x.w.Qs4z.11v:-w2..r .-.essex-1 L.. 5 -iagxqgzv -f-'fm-M-'wwe'-wwf tm.....t.,....,.......-..w......,...g fisfivfiiiigf r r , Q is tr F fr 5 ff: 5 .. .....r, ,....., 1 .. a .M Y L N55 kk.k its? ...-E. .... ,f . .. -S ":'1 r . ' f,,. .ffbfiil . W .. 13? gig .. . ,.MW........ ..... -. sg . EF ...,. . 1 . . . 2 fi L. E .5222 ,Sl 352' 551:57 ff 5 2355 53 rj we gi gasses. 5 2 .n f . .E iw . ei .4 A 1 E W . .- is is is News .M - ..... .., .-.., ... sf- . 51 .553 f : .. I I if, f.fv.W"k N Q. its X E x is 53 " 3 Q T at FRN S? Q ski ,Q Xa X 1 Q .. if . 2 - iff , Jgsngs w 4? Q fsg. S E. e ww . sw sys. r' PX k.f..' . s WN A we 4' R .L . sggv 7, . . .s i . : f - viz 'E . - X ......,,, .... - ...... , ..... ,. , .5 .. . . , .. .W . ,... f- -. " ETS? ,E..,,5a,S... ,.,l.f.,.s.Q.f.,t.ff..,..-..ll... , .... f LQ ai X V 7 K K fr . si V.-E -t Y .. -2 5.5: R " 1 Q . .2..Fgi,, .QE . ttf? 2 T 1 is is - .. Laurie Barber, M.D. Asst. Professor J. David Bradford, M.D. Asst. Professor Michael Brodsky, M.D. Assoc. Professor Michael F. Brown, M.D. Assoc. Professor Stephen P. Christainsen, M.D Asst. Professor John M. Fulmer, M.D. Assoc. Professor Byron L. Lam, M.D. Asst. Professor James H. Landers, M.D. Assoc. Professor John S. Penn, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Gissur J. Petursscn, M.D. Professor Charles D. Rice, M.D. Assoc. Professor Michael C. Roberson, M.D. Assoc. Professor Joe Smith, M.D. Asst. Professor Thomas L. Steinemann, M.D. Asst. Professor A. Henry Thomas, M.D. Assoc. Professor R. Sloan Wilson, M.D. Professor Kellye McElroy, M.D. Resident Annette Enderlin, M.D. Resident Ron Ryan, M.D. Resident Susan Carney, M.D. Resident Bill Caldwell, M.D. Resident Claire Price, M.D. Resident David Rozas, M.D. Resident Ivory Reis, M.D. Resident John Kozlovsky, M.D. Resident Alan Hughes, M.D. Resident Scott Claycomb, M.D. Resident Garrick Rettele, M.D. Resident Bryce Shutt, M.D. Resident David Schrout, M.D. Resident Orthopaedic Surgery Carl L. Nelson, M.D. Professor and Chairman Samuel G. Agnew, M.D. Asst. Professor James Aronson, M.D. Assoc. Professor R. Dale Blaiser, M.D. Asst. Professor J. M. Gruenvvald, M.D. Instructor Marcia L. Hixon, M.D. Asst. Professor Richard VV. Nicholas, M.D. Asst. Professor Ruth L. Thomas, M.D. Asst. Professor . L. Vander Schilden, M.D. Assoc. Professor Nancy Jo Smith, R.N.P. Lesley Allbritton, R.N. Hazel Warmack, R.N. Charlene Flahiff, M.S. Research Assistant Sandra Hickmon, B.S. Research Assistant Otto l-lofmann, BS. Research Assistant Marcus l-lollis, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Cheryl Puskarich, Ph.D. Research Associate V V Available Xing Chu Sen, M.D. lnstructor Robert A. Skinner, BS. Research Associate Charlie L. Stewart, B.S. Research Associate I v' 'G V 'l Xllf' Artful, wr,--tr, Wm, Y Mis t HP ,., wlllmf , ri ' V 53 N X' l, . Y ' l nf ir l V gg li V .x:...,.-llllf-' '-Hal., r --lr,-. ,,,3,,r.pv..5,lQI. ,, 'Q W . ...aff 'r -ii.. 85? ,f ng e V, 421 'Tfl . f Q E213 Q1 5 A an i S? 'l ' Ma. No Photo Available Avaliable Mark Allard, M.D. Resident ll C. Dwayne Daniels, M.D. Resident ll Frankie Griffin, M.D. Resident ll Jeffrey Angel, M.D. Resident V Ben Dodge, M.D. Resident V Laurie Hughes, M.D, Resident V Kip Owen, M.D. Resident V Andrew Brooks, M.D Resident IV Gregg Gober, M.D. Resident IV Joan Krajca-Radcliffe M D Resident lV Tad Pruitt, M.D. Resident IV Malcolm Baxter, M.D Resident Ill Minoo l-ladjari, M.D. Resident lll Neal Lintecum, M.D. Resident Ill Kevin Moran, M.D. Resident ill Otolaryngology- Head 8t Neck Surgery James Y. Suen, M.D. Professor and Chairman H Robert VV. Seibert, M.D. Assoc. Professor Hassan Bashiri D.M.D. Asst. Professor Charles M. Bower, M.D. Asst. Professor L. Daniel Eaton, BOO., l.M.F.T. Asst. Professor Mary Fazekas-May, M.D. Asst. Professor Stephen T. Flock, Ph.D. Asst. Professor . Graves l-learnsberger, ill, M.D. Asst. Professor J. Michael Key, MD, Asst, Professor Scott Stern, M.D. Asst. Professor A, Reed Thompson, M.D. Asst. Professor Milton Waner, M.D. Asst, Professor Kathleen Wesson, M.A. instructor Cathy C. l-lenderson, M.S. instructor Stephanie M. Simonton, BS. Instructor John Dorhoffer, M.D. Resident V r .- . Sc f it 'H a K 22 s s gif x ..t.t. . W f Richard Palesano, M.D. Resident V Stuart Thomas, M.D. Resident IV Suzanne Yee, M.D. Resident lV Randall Breau, M.D. Resident Ill Wilbur, Hah, M.D. Resident ill Anthony Alleman, M.D. Resident ll Daniel Kirse, M.D. Resident ll Bryan Lansford, M.D. Resident Il I , ,i , r. . ' new f" W.. .... , I ' V if? ref . Z . r ,z H Lui EV ...... , .ry f- - ' r . ,,, .. .VVV .. i t f ' f' Ay ,,?r':.., W M f V572 f 1 J -44.,,..f .Za f. B W A Y a r i f ., A, ff. ' tt fm' JS' ,--t-W 1 Q -R IL' ' r , y, ,V f An, . , J 7 4 Y th K gg ' M 'H fi ,K Q H Z . A Avaieabfe i f l i . 'f No Photo i i r .U r r 1. 3 . i "" ia f r grass... f , , I 1-A V ., uf fa fr 4, Avy '- 4 1 1 ITN nyy. 6-3 V N6 Photo Available Available No Photo . A 'M . 2 1 1 Yin if Pathology Aubrey Hough, M.D. Professor and Chairman 1 1 i .-1 . ,Q,: 5 QS . Vka Z in . ' . " ' A sf' ' 's... s A f ' rr' A . . , , ,, , No Photo f gif is No Photo Available ,1 Avaifable a No Photo Availabie Avaiiabie A 1. No ,Photo Avaitahie me Avaiiabfe No Photo . rf' X N. 'W M 'S 4, eo, f 5' x x ..-Q 1.- Glen Baker, MD. Professor Marge Brewster, Ph.D. Professor Harry H. Brown, MD. Asst. Professor Loius Chang, Ph.D. Professor Michael Greer, MD. Asst. Professor Mary Jo Drew, MD. Asst. Professor Kathleen Eisenach, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Kang Fan, MD. Assoc. Professor Louis Fink, MD. Professor James T. Flick, MD., Ph.D. Asst. Professor Richard Hoover, MD. Assoc. Professor Pei-Ling Hsu, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Su-Ming Hsu, MD. Professor Muhammad Husain, MD. Assoc. Professor Joe Jones, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Robin Ft. Jones, M.D. Professor Thomas J. Kelly, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Sohelfa Korouian, MD. Asst. Professor Jane M Lewis, MD. Asst. Professor Robert E. Mrak, MD., Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Alex Pappas, MD. Assoc. Professor Linda Perrot, MD. Assoc. Professor Gary Floloson, MD. Asst. Professor Ralph Sanderson, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Jeffrey R. Sawyer, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Robert F. Schaefer, M.D. Assoc. Professor William Q. Sturner, M.D. Professor Roby Thomas, M.D., Ph.D, Asst. Professor Francine Tryka, M.D. Assoc Professor Ann M. Vannier, M.D. Asst. Professor James A. Waldron, M.D. Professor Patrick D. Walker, M.D. Professor Harold J. White, M.D. Professor Curt Collins, M.D. Resident V Charles Farmer, M.D. Resident V Rebecca Wheeler, M.D. Resident V Gary Anzalone, M.D. Resident IV Fen Yuh Chen, M.D. Resident IV Steve Erikson, M.D. Resident IV Keith Hairston, M.D. Resident IV David Pope, M.D. Resident IV Maria Porter, M.D. Resident IV Matt Williams, M.D. Resident Ill Roger Fink, M.D. Resident III Laura Lowther, M.D. Resident III Lou Ann Maes, M.D. Resident II Noel Libuit, M.D. Residentl Paula North, M.D., Ph.D. Resident I Robert Shaver, M.D. Residentl No Photo Available I . 1 f . .5 . it g sr 5 NG Photo ir. Available X , ti :fn ,Vg riss. I .... Q 55' x . ...... .. Q- Pediatrics is . Betty Lowe, MD. Professor and Vice Chairman Subspecialty: General Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine Allergy And Immunology .s i ' ' .... i. A .5 1 : Q ' -.. 7 lj, f , A -it Q s ,J : if ' R Z., A A." L: , fly? M. . X x W e .X A .L 1: A 22. : . Wesley Burks, MD. Division Chief and Assoc Professor Posiland Abernathy, MD Assoc. Professor Rick l-lelm, MD. Asst. Professor Gary Wheeler, MD. Asst. Professor Debra Fiser, M.D. Division Chief and Assoc. Professor Mark l-iuelitt, M.D. Asst. Professor Al Torres, M.D. Asst. Professor Curtis, Pickert, M.D. Instructor Steve Schexnayder, M.D. Instructor J.B. Norton, M.D. Division Chief and Professor Ernest Kiel, M.D. Assoc. Professor Michele Moss, M.D. Assoc. Professor Carolyn Altman, M.D. Asst. Professor Chris Erikson, M.D. Asst. Professor James Fasules, M.D. Asst. Professor Elizabeth Frazier, M.D. Asst. Professor Critical Care Patrick Casey, M.D. Division Chief and Professor Jerry Jones, M.D. Assoc. Professor Patrick Stern, M.D. Assoc. Professor Edmond Ashcraft, M.D. Assoc. Professor Janice Church, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Michael Mellon, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Diane Edwards, M.D. Assoc. Professor Kelly Kelleher, M.D. Asst. Professor Mark Edwards, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Charles Field, M.D. Asst. Professor Eldon Schulz, M.D. Asst. Professor Tyra Fleid, M.D. Asst. Professor Cardiology 'J:g:Qef?iKf"w ' fa Rf it its wr we ff K wr 7, , "" .. 1 , 2 if V' Q 1 fm if K KJ 5 f f '? f ff' is f S f Us ff . ,l4:?ff.ef:.3..gezi " . zftz5i?2fwr .I .tml . . " ' , - I I ' ' . Q o P3 ? ,Tp i we ,fast 22 M Y it f 7' fa? . . as .li airs? ,ey 5 ge fl Q , f 2, 6 . f fewfiii K2 .. . .. . s miflwf .1"Sz:al.wz't -. - . Q....s.t..f',.,,-..'1-at. , ,,.,,,,.lg ,g..v.,..... .f. im ,Q f . ,f a - .., gl, V F an ..,3 5 'B fl. .. it: sf ' T : .fi No Photo Available Developmental Pediatrics 5. V ., . l,,,4g,,,5 . -S A. J WM. ab , is a - .-:. 'L i 5' .vw f ,,f . .ff . Z. ' il: '52, ' .1 12 ' 'frm . . .TW i his ', NoPnoto a . L Available No Photo Available Availabie I Avaimbie V A No Photo Available Developmental Pediatrics!Psychology db Available No Photo it-4-S it A ee C Available i W '52 No Photo Q sw Available Endocrinology C y No Photo i 1 Available W? .f ' ' y ,,, . gh Emergency Medicine No Photo Available Nicholas Long, Ph.D. Division Chief and Asst. Mark Chaffin, Ph.D. Asst, Professor Larry Evans, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Cynthia Fiickrt, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Vaughn Fiickerl, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Jane Williams, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Karen Worley Instructor Stephen Kemp, M.D. Division Chief and Asso Paul Frindik, M.D. Asst. Professor Kate Plhoker, M.D. Asst. Professor Steve Krebel. M.D. Instructor Rhonda Dick, M.D. Division Chief and Asst. Don Foster, M.D. Asst. Professor Steve Shirm, M.D. Asst. Professor Dileepkumar Vyas, M.D. Asst. Professor Eva Komorski, M.D. Asst. Professor Fiobbie Dudley, M.D. Asst. Professor Charles Graham, M.D. Asst. Professor Meredith Krebel, M.D. Instructor Janet Carmack, M.D. Instructor Professor c. Professor Professor Joe Elser, M.D. Division Chief and Asst. Professor Robert Glenn, M.D. Assoc. Professor Debbie Becton, M.D. Assoc. Professor Dale Briggs, M.D. Asst, Professor Terri Hymel, M.D. Asst, Professor Laura McLeane, M.D. Asst. Professor Virginia Melhorn, M.D. Asst. Professor Paula Morris, M.D. Asst. Professor Becky Schexnayder, M.D. Asst. Professor Sam Shulz, M.D. Asst. Professor Chris Smith, M.D. Asst, Professor Malinda Webb, M.D. Asst. Professor Janet Udouj, M.D. Asst. Professor Gastroenterology Donald Mock, M.D. -"--' - Assoc, Professor ff Pam Brown, M.D. 7 Asst. Professor f Steve Fiedorek, M.D. Asst. Professor if Doris Moutos, M.D. Asst. Professor 'ma Pmmi A it ,No Photo' Available . Avaitabte General Pediatrics No Photo Avaitahle WW 23 MWA . d?f'i5ssa11 : , . rs:-gc . S SS is ht X ,- is-is 1: rx A r ww s -is .Z 1 'str-finesse.. 'ff- ity r . 5 X .5 X. - -7955113 ' 2' K wgigpz, if .4 Epidemology Genetics Russel Kirby, Ph.D. Chris Cunnift, M.D. Instructor 82 Division Chief and Asst. Professor Georgianne Arnold, M.D. Asst. Professor A V No Photo Available Available No Photo 4 f. tiee . 1 - s 5, "L' ,.., f . L1' 5 A - . . n K sg 52 'nr-'W' f I it., .M 4, 'D 4 I 1 Rig ' A w ill i l-lematology!Oncology HSN' riff' ,oo.coo David Becton, M.D. Division Chief and A D.l-l. Berry, M.D. Professor Darryl Longee, M.D. Asst. Professor Kimo Stine, M.D. Asst. Professor Infectious Disease Nephrology Neurology Y i v. 1.4, 716' 2 ra l A si -0 , W3 K X tit Phillip Berry, M.D. ssoc. Professor Richard Jacobs, M.D Division Chief and Professor Gordon Schutze, M.D Asst. Professor Toni Darville, M.D. Asst. Professor Tommy Cross, M.D. Instructor Steve Hickerson, M.D Instructor Division Chief and Assoc. Professor Craig Belsha, M.D. Asst. Professor Eileen Ellis, M.D. Assoc. Professor Tom Wells, M.D. Asst. Professor Stephen Bates, M.D. Division Chief and Assoc. Professor May Griebel, M.D. Asst. Professor Bernadette Lange, lvl Asst. Professor Greg Sharp, M.D. Asst. Professor .D. Neurology! Rehabilitation Med. -cu.. 4? Vikki Stefans, M.D. Asst, Professor Robert Arrington, MD. Division Chief and Assoc. Professor Tom Badger, Ph.D. Professor Joan Cranmer, Ph,D. Professor Sue Griffin, Ph.D. Professor Charles Lumpkin, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Martin Ronis, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Prank Scalzo, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Carrie Valentine, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Mohamed ElDieb, Ph.D. Instructor Ray l-lakkak, Ph.D. Instructor Bonnie Taylor, MD. Assoc, Professor Joanne Szabo, M.D. Assoc. Professor Donnal Walter, MD. Assoc. Professor Zuhair Bakdoud, M.D. Asst. Professor Paul Grim, MD. Asst. Professor Whit Hall, MD. Asst. Professor Susan Landers, MD. Asst. Professor Billy Thomas, M.D. Asst. Professor Cindy Bonner, M.D. Instructor Robert Lyle, MD. Instructor Susan Manley, M.D. Instructor Research SM M Y' X 4-vw Xt cs .ii ,t ss D 1 wail? so No Photo Available Robert Warren, MD. Division Chief and Professor Karl Karlson, M.D. Assoc, Professor Deborah Fawcett, M.D. Asst. Professor Neonatology Available No Photo No Photo M- 7 Available N05 AIU? SHN! No Photo , N0 Photo Available .V . ' ' " ' Available 1 W 4 Pulmonary No Photo Available Nutrition Pharmacology No Photo Available University Affiliated MHVQHVG1 BOQIQ PUD- Greg Kearns, Pharm. D. Asst. Professor Division Chief and Assoc Kenneth Lombard, M.D. Professor Asst. Professor . .K Jimmie Valentine, PhD. W I f Professor , ff' .L . ,1 ff L '-.t ,,,, . Mark Swanson, M.D. Chief Residents No Photo Available Assoc. Professor Judith Holt Ph D Asst. Professor Programs 'VW Q-and 5 l t 't t lt No Photo Available Roger Bost, M.D. James Dennis, M.D Vida Gordon, M.D. Professor Emeritus Lori Montgomery, M.D. Instructor Joe Thompson, M.D. Instructor Florence Char, MD. 'QS MX Q. 85 Francisco Balsells, M.D. Resident Ill Dan Bennett, M.D. Resident lll Juan Bonetti, M.D. Resident lll Vince Calderon, M.D. Resident Ill Mary Ellen Csanadi, M.D. Resident Ill Tom Csanadi, M.D. Resident Ill Paul Haut, M.D. Resident lll Joy Wilson Hill, M.D. Resident lll Lee l-lilliard, M.D. Resident Ill Kim Hurlbut, M.D. Resident lll Mike Klemm, M.D. Resident Ill Larw Landwehr, M.D. Resident Ill Susi Maxon, M.D. Resident Ill Darrell Nesmith, M.D. Resident lll Amy Nopper, M.D. Resident lll Dawn Phinney, M.D. Resident lll Jeff Schmidt, M.D. Resident lll Renee Willis, M.D. Resident lll Michael Avant, M.D. Resident ll Janet Cantwell, M,D. Resident ll Jerry Collins, M.D. Resident ll Tad Fiser, M.D. Resident ll Bryan Harvey, M.D. Resident ll Mark Pfitzner, M,D. Resident ll Holly Rahman, M.D. Resident ll Deanna Ruddell, M.D. Resident ll Carla Scott, M.D. Resident ll Ranbir Sharma, M,D. Resident ll Eddie Shields, M.D. Resident ll Ernest Smoot, M.D. Resident II Tracy Stewart, M.D. Resident ll Janna Tuck, M.D. Resident ll September Westbrook, M.D. Resident ll Margaret Winkler, M.D. Resident II Jerrye Woods, M.D. Resident ll Residents tiegif ' 2fs:,,larfrst 9 , larzgeaw l -5L5e,,,,.y: . .f , ,t tV.,,,:H ,Inf ff 17 r f ,fr fm ,Wt 4- "" 11 " L - , ,.,,,,- 4 'Y giants , tk 2 . - 2, 5, fr re is :wma f ,V ,,.,frf:: ,gg . l lllt l at X as sz QV? 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Resident I Laura Pirich, M.D. Resident I Marsha Salman, MD. Resident I Tonya Scruggs, M.D. Resident I Bob Hopkins, MD. Resident IV Marian Colosmo, MD. Resident IV Mitzi Washington, MD. Resident IV Keith Frazier M.D. Resident II Andy Hawkins, M.D. Resident II John Menard, M.D. Resident ll Tracy Angelocci, MD, Resident I Karen Bolliger, MD. Resident I Jett Craig, M.D. Resident I Allison Cunningham Resident I Mark Ellis, MD. Resident I Dan Entwhistle, M.D Resident I Barry Gilmore, MD. Resident I Pharmacology Donald E. Molviillan, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman, iVi.D. Jay Gandy, Ph.D. Asst. Professor K. H. Ginzel, MD. Professor Jack A. l-iinson, Ph.D. Professor Randal J. Keller, Ph.D. Professor Richard Kennedy, Ph.D.D. Assoc. Professor i I Philip R. Majeux, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Michael S. Owens, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Neil Pumford, Ph.D. Asst, Professor Victor Samokyszyn, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Enrst Seifen, MD., Ph.D. Professor Joseph Fi. Stimers, Ph.D. Asst. Professosr Galen Fi. Wenger, Ph.D. Professor W. David Vilessinger, Ph.D. Professor iff. X Ai f iisoirl .I ,'i..t Y if - .....s..... . 4 i vkieaifabis - f . ....a..........,.,,...,,..,.. . S . ssssr r ssf. so is so 2 iw s....wW..........,.s Q. gn' .-r, .'.A A i . it :QE :Q.,...:fXfy,-s- .,-- is ..,.. kk,- it, .....f fuses... .7ss.wt.f --...ff ., ----. sf .f.. sf. 5511742 Q 5. Zfgissfivif 'YEs,gg?f4 ..7 , M., . ..t, .s.. . --fa.,.,t.4,..- K. Q1 i .... ..tfi.fawst. .sf1.wfiiffsiiev::s1zswist?'fixasswfi Ks K I is usa' me s x 2' ..., 'N an if Z r s n ' A se: X M, gif .. S. . 5. L5 A A I . . , N, fx X Y Q' 1 151 fm its Physiology And Biophysics Phillip L. Playford, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Parimal Chowdhury, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Herschel Conaway, Ph.D.D. Assoc. Professor Lawrence E. Comett, Ph.D. Professor Flyuichiro Doi, Ph.D. Adj. Asst. Professor Thomas I. Koike, Ph.D. Professor James N. Pasley, Ph.D. Professor Ryuichiro Doi, Ph.D Adj. Asst. Professor Thomas I. Koike, Ph.D. Professor James N. Pasley, Ph.D. Professor Michael E. Soulsby, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor P. Timothy Wall, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Patricia Wight, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Psychiatry Fredrick G. Guggenheim, MD. Marie Wilson Howells 25l i Professor and Chairman L l l' ll A G. Richard Smith, MD. Vice Chairman and Professor George E. Hamilton, MD. Chief, Psych, Services Associate Professor William Reese, M.D. Marie Wilson Howells Professor Emeritus Fred O. Henker, lil., MD. Professor Emeritus Roscoe A. Dykman, PhD. Professor Emeritus Peggy Ackerman, MS. Research Assoc. Stephanie Atchley, Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor Cornelia M. Beck, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Brenda Booth Assoc. Professor Deborah Erwin, Ph.D. Adi, Asst. Professor Ellen Fischer, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Edgar Garcia-Rill, Ph.D. Professor Kim Heithoff, MPH., Sc.D instructor Richard Komoroski, Ph.D. Professor Thomas Kramer, M.D. Asst. Professor Kay Lewallen, MS. Asst, Professor Daryl B, Mathews, MD., Ph.D. Professor Donald E. McMillan, Ph.D. Professor Joseph E. O. Newton, MD. Assoc. Professor Kathryn Rost, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Judy Vessey, RN., Ph.D. Asst. Professor Robert C. Walls, Ph.D. Professor Audrey Burnham, Ph.D. Visiting Professor Barbara Burns, Ph.D. Visiting Professor 90 University Hospital Division Available No Photo P 5 . t snug: if N N ir Q 'R i rrii Q r.-.f . . . V . ,L.E:x',s,L, F lkx, -, ,.., Q 1525 't.i, is r ' 'K M ggglgk "ir I , A . PSE X X '- r, 1 I "' W A X " il. ig., ,.',- X .V V - xxx s A t is r ' r . :fi 1 2 ' ' , ' ,F 5. Q, 1 P-. FW ' f , NoF'hoto s Nwsgm. ,,. ,V 3, g - Available ' ' .,... Q , -f ii.. A .5 :..Nf, '- .i . tggf5s5, K is . I . VVQK. Mt K f . . No Photo No Photo Available Available X' it 'YS 5 g ,J Division Ct Adolescent And Child Psychiatry if .fr E . J.. 4' A 7 i is ...QE .' vp Q. ,x-, tv it 'JY 3 7 f X l "!'..i.""' ..,,, 5 5. , +L r Pl Q . Q , .x gif' if ' 1 l ,is , V ,,f"ff- f l fy 1 'Vz- sr , Available 7 ' 'E , als ' 4:1 " f"'f l . A 9 . '71 I k l I .ff Flichard Livingston, M.D. Psychiatrist-in-Chief St WOHDAN Assoc. Professor John E. Peters, M.D. WOHDAN Professor Emeritus Sam D. Clements, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Patrick Casey, M.D. Professor Debra Fiser, M.D. Assoc. Professor Marcia Fl. Anderson, M.A. Asst. Professor John Aruffo, M.D. Asst. Professor Margarita Garcia, M.D. Asst. Professor John Jolly, Psy.D. Asst. Professor Kelly Kelleher, M.D. Asst. Professor Bernadette Lange, M.D. Asst. Professor David McCray, M.D. Asst. Professor Nicholaus Paal, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Zarina Shah, M.D. Asst. Professor Patrick Stern, M.D. Asst. Professor Lynn Taylor, M.D. Asst. Professor Darrell Torrence, MSSVV, MBA Adj. Asst. Professor Jeffrey Wherry, Ph.D. Asst. Professor David Wiesner, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Linda Worley, M.D. Asst. Professor Pat Youngdahl, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Jane Beazley, M.S.W, Instructor Bruce Cohen, M.S. Instructor Jane Feldman, M.D. Instructor Carol Holloway, M.S. instructor Duong Nguyen, M.D. instructor Geraldine Rayford. M.S. Instructor Linda Coursey, M.S. Psychological Examiner Wightman Harris, M.S. Psychological Examiner Craig Karson, M.D. Chief of Services and Professor William Lawson,M.D., Ph.D. Asst. Chief and Assoc, Professor l-i. Stefan Bracha, M.D. Asst. Chief!Program Dev. and Assoc. Professor Kathy Henderson, M.D. Assoc, Professor Melvin Lyon, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Steve Metzer, M.D. Assoc. Professor Lloyd Rader, M.D. Assoc. Professor Richard Sundermann, M.D. Assoc. Professor Jeff Clothier, M.D. Asst. Professor Dale Cordes, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Thomas Freeman, M.D. Asst. Professor Gregory Gillette, M.D. Asst. Professor Carolyn l-leimbergh, M.D. Asst. Professor Richard Owen, Jr., M.D. Asst. Professor Joseph Pierce, M.D. Asst. Professor Monica Shotwell, M.D. Asst. Professor Eve Wiseman, M.D. Asst. Professor Roger Amick, M.D. Instructor Kimra Cook, M.D. instructor Romana Guia, M.D. Instructor Mark l-iinterthuer, Ph.D. instructor Jana Miller, M.D. Instructor Craig Rookey, Ph.D. instructor Lynnah Selman, M.D. Instructor Ken Cooley, M.S.W. Adj. Asst. Professor Sydney Ogden, M.S.W. Adj. Asst. Professor Daniel Rodell, Ph.D. Adj. Asst. Professor VAMC Psychiatry Division '49- fm "'-rf'-if rad? if V , I ' ziigri w r. QM 1,54 2 get 61 1 si Je., . .w 1.255 get yy. ri if " 2 . ,,, - 18, ... . . . S .. ., . ..... ... ........ . ..... ... .... .. . . . . ers V"' M 2 Fl V if ' I .1111 l s 'TZ . naw-Vw 'i'f ,Q . . Am f ' - -5 I H :,. . t, .s f su - . -s,,.f f .-pr: .yil 5 f ,., ,.,.. . wr 'R , 'ia r wr 9 ax 1 W . A wif my .Mr ,Z ' . .f.sss1.H.-: H.. 'raw -lffiw :war s .. . ...g A .f......... ,Q .Y A . ' .... , I " I - fini' 511 H: Wifi' - Ef2fwQ1'r'f5"m - v T- ....... 5: 7. 5 'f sf 1. .V V i.' .12 1. of if 'Q if if 4' 2' " Q.-gif 2 fra 1. - . ' rv' ' ' j i rc i i I-m.+..w-w..,,.mNa.-fl . ,xv 'L-4 6 I ,Q 4 G ik F 4 I QW gs. FF Arkansas State Hospital K it ,"' : I W J NQ.RWfQf-ef.. RVHil5EtWi!.'ififff Xin! 9 few pi Child Residents 5 ..-,, t ,L-. General Adult Residents 'Nb' Greg Blaisdell, M.D. Resident IV Joanne Donker, M.D. Resident IV Peter Guresky, M.D. Resident IV Karen Young, M.D. Resident IV Robert H. Gale, M.D., JD Dir. of Mental Health 81 Asst. Professor Thomas Koehler, M.D. Assoc. Professor Joe Alford, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Ruth Ann Cooper, M.D. Asst. Professor O, Wendell Hall, M.D. Asst. Professor Irving Kuo, M.D. Asst. Professor Morris Levy, M.D. Asst. Professor Paula Lynch, M.D. Asst. Professor Phillip Mizell, M.D. Asst. Professor Linda Parker, M.D. Asst. Professor James Shea, M.D. Asst, Professor Andy Powell, M.D. Instructor David Wait, M.D. Instructor H, Stefan Bracha, M.D. Nita Brown, M.D. Craig J. Denny, M.D. Gary Tharp, M.D, Linda Young-Shumate, M.D Mark Anderson, M.D. Resident III Lisa Beisel, M.D. Resident III Ben Guise, M.D. Resident III Tim Kimbrell, M.D. Resident III Linda Martin, M.D. Resident Ill Amy Smith, M.D. Resident III Les Smith, M.D. Resident III Gisele Urrutibeheity, M.D. Resident III Donald Clay, M.D. Resident II Martha Crotts, M.D. Resident II Kathwn Dykman, M.D. Resident Il Diane Hawkins, M.D. Resident II Albert Kittrell, M.D. Resident II Charles Lewis, M.D. Resident II John Quinn, M.D. Resident II Sarah Strebeck, M.D. Resident II Rose Ehret, M.D. Resident I Laura Fahlberg, M.D. Resident I Richard Flanigan, M.D. Resident I Roger I-Iiatt, M.D. Resident I Clay Kelly, M.D. Resident I JoAnn Kirchner, M.D. Resident I Kevin Mays, M.D. Resident I Mark Worley, M.D., Ph. D. Resident I General Adult Residents 'I i .mf , I ga' I , 1 I I Aw ill, Q I ., ,t w w f If if ,,.,,: A I I I fff?i2,gtQz,'- ,,Q,'1,Qz:iU f-1 my NW ia' W H A ,Arr Aw all f we I, iw M gi 4 r ui? i , J, f wax S? ,2 we xiii 1 A i 1 is f 4 si gftgjg 74 Q I 4 mf lgjw f A 99 W, . f fl U H 5:1 ff -- f aff, ag- Mawr: hw ,Q in A x I 4 in 75 ,, , 'it' Ms st K at qi? M as f 1 'fi as it 5 f 4 it xZ'w'mw 4, - 4 -fi " ' Va IV, w A , 2 'ZTZF 'S 5 gf '24 5 it ,K 4 it G X .f 5' Q 2: N EW I ,,,, ., V , I ,,t ' li, 4 ' x WW W ti ag -irl silr t'it I me ,,-',' f,,- 2 -, 'i,,,, , as i W f it WL.,,,f- W, 'f ff., ,,,m.3:5,,ay, tit, A vt.-,, I f,-, ttf ,,,: I , V " ws?- 1 wi i 9, , 82 7 ,M J' at ,i , HW ,,, I fff ff ,MZ ,.,,WT. , , I, tt, it 'Qi , , A .,,, +, 1' 3 4 .E A , V VV! , ' -J, : ,W "Z: 4351 iz v , Ziff r Wififka, hfyju "1i35,: . '::f25?27f 'zz ,f 3 ,, , Vvk, ,,,. , tw isa? ' ' NL, 3 5 is A fir, at I, f ai- fmr fl 1.1 Radiology Ernest J. Ferris, M.D. Professor and Chairman N3-N-.3-g!"' ! No Photo Available V ,fm .X.. 3- mx lv I---fa. ., as .. .. we --fo Q: ,Q- S 1 f , yr 'Q l l Sf! fi' f. Vina I f .2 fl. f :J fe -is 5' 42. .J 1: . . E,' . J 'Y it . nl' f N , .aff .. .W msg! V as , I .E f 1 ' Qi rrr' rr l ff'Q f lll V . A J . get F "'7 """- V .' - V .. V VV h V ,, ' 'ls 'Q' v if ful Max L. Baker, Ph.D. Professor Wilma C. Diner, M.D. Professor Ftichard A. Komoroski, Ph.D Professor Joanna J. Seibert, M.D. Professor Steven K. Teplick, M.D. Professor Edgardo C. Angtuaco, M.D. Assoc. Professor Teresita Angtuaco, M.D. Assoc. Professor C. Barry Buckner, M.D. Assoc. Professor Richard Fltzrandolph, M.D. Assoc. Professor Charles M. Glaiser, M.D. Assoc. Professor John C. Holder, M.D. Assoc. Professor Richard Leithiser, Jr., M.D. Assoc. Professor ' ' A. J. Moss, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor William A. Nagle, Ph.D. . N Assoc. Professor 1- Hernendra Ft. Shah, M.D. l . . V , . ' ".,, Assoc. Professor V 0 Theodora Vanderzalrn, M.D. .I AAIL E i f 5 sg NO photo Assoc. Professor -53 Available David L. l-larshfield, M.D. Asst. Professor Charles James, M.D. . V "-. Asst. Professor Sally Klein, M.D. V V Asst. Professor V' 'EV No photo iav:dPA. VMcFarland, M.D. VV VV V Available ss . ro essor 5 Mxrj, S' 95 Parekketat Mohanakreshnan, Ph.D.D. Asst. Professor Naresh Patel, M.D. Asst. Professor Gary Purnell, M.D. Asst. Professor Subbaraya Ramaprasad, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Nita N. Sheth, M.D. Asst. Professor Warren Stringer, M.D. Asst. Professor James F. Vandergrift, M.S. Asst. Professor Stuart Eason, M.D. Instructor Lynn McGuire, M.S. Instructor Mark Molpus, M.D. Instructor Mark Robbins, M.D. Instructor V. R. Sola, M.D. Instructor Oscar Zvala, M.D. Instructor Edward Angtuaco, M.D. Resident IV Fred Lau, M.D. Resident IV Jean Matchett, M.D. Resident IV Rudy Van Hemert, M.D. Resident IV Tim C. Carter, M.D. Resident Ill Beverly A. Dreher, M.D. Resident Ill Scott A. Lile, M.D. Resident Ill Ronald J. Martin, M.D. Resident Ill Chip Massey, M.D. Resident Ill Stace T. Bradshaw, M.D. Resident Ill Kevin Forte, M.D. Resident Ill Derry Garner, M.D. Resident Ill Jeffrey A. I-lale, M.D. Resident ll Suresh K. Lakhanpal, M.D. Resident Il Marrianne Neal, M.D. Resident II Peter G. Emanuel, M.D. Resident I Gabriela I. Garcia, M.D. Resident I are 1 2 w.,..,,, at-sM.wt,Qt rrirffsvfarwrriifrfft' mirikrisraefrgeszlaawt -f ijgQgQv4ge'Q,vr .1 Msiaikfrr 'iii 11114 tisilii. we ,ff, .ft , ,., ,. mg. 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Professor Nicholas Lang, M.D. Professor Raymond Read, M.D. Professor Bernard Thompson, MD. Professor Kent Westbrook, MD. Professor Jone Cone, MD. Assoc. Professor Jerome Grimser, MD. Assoc. Professor Samuel Smith, MD. Assoc. Professor Steve VanDeyanter, MD. Assoc. Professor Charles Wagner, MD. Assoc. Professor Mary Aaland, MD. Asst. Professor Gary Barone, M.D. Asst. Professor Ralph Broadwater, MD. Asst. Professor John Erdt, M.D. Asst. Professor James Harrell, M.D. Asst. Professor Richard Jackson, M.D. Asst. Professor Beverly Ketel, MD. Asst. Professor Suzanne Klimberg, MD. Asst. Professor Robert Lehmberg, M.D. Asst. Professor Kris Shevvmake, MD. Asst. Professor Gareth Tobler, M.D. Asst. Professor Lon Bitzer, MD. instructor Martin Hauer-Jensen, MD. instructor Harry J. Lubansky, Ph.D. Instructor '1 A I. ' ' No Photo I if . N ' . Available A at-We-f r ft t ,wr r s xr'-:"3.i?5 I X s wmffe 3 ei-he ' ,as-L, . K Maurice Solis, M.D. instructor M. Lee Nix, RN, R.V.T. Clinic Instructor Bonny Wallace Clinic Instructor A5 X. . . ee. 'r t, IW? L : N ...f at Q I K L is- rm wi are-w - . . 3 . er Ir - No Photo NO Photo Available Available ' F. E: er AW 31- X J- M , .m,.....sw- 55132 .. .ww -,si N K . ,rf X II?-307k -di VT? me ww ,J A A xv , K I Fellows si Q ln Q ,. we 5--,1"f QW 5:3-. i .s'f:t:nI-:: H f :.. :sx:.a: ig . ... ., . is ,zgsi,giL,,,dl Y, .. . , -1 .N A yy, w D I Q-iff-N K r,.. I 9 F mm? we , Q' e'g?g5 ef, . . ,.x.Q,k,,t 515' K . AQ 5. Available No Photo John Gocio, M.D. Cardiovascular Fellow ll Stanley Ziomek, M.D, Cardiovascular Fellow I Tim Ranval, M.D. Vascular Fellow ll Michael J. Vitti, M.D, Vascular Research Fellow 1. ,. ,,:, t '2 1 5 4 I n i ' Xjmgmx 'IS , ,I - . p 1 . I W 8 t. J I 5 i ', ,ZI l.l , , 'F - F' as , ,, , AN i A T 'EQ Donna Johnson, M.D. Chief Resident Jim Langston, MD. Chief Resident Mike Pollock, M.D. Chief Resident David Bauer, M.D, Resident IV Steve Holzman, M.D. Resident IV Mike Mercer, M.D. Resident IV Ron Robertson, M.D. Resident IV David Cozart, M.D. Resident Ill Joe Jensen, M.D. Resident Ill Aaron Little, M.D. Resident Ill Todd Maxson, M.D. Resident lll!Research Doug Vanderpool, M.D. Resident Ill Jim Barnes, M.D. Resident ll Thomas Ferrer, M.D. Resident ll Ron Kuhn, M.D. Resident ll Marney Sorenson, M.D Resident Il Matthew Wilson, M,D. .. ,,, Resident ll V I V,,: Gary Allen, M.D. f- . f fi' Resident l g , QM , ST" ' David Bevans, M.D. 3 'H -- Residentl ,V s ., Kip Colvin, MD, Vx f -'A-, we Residentl - N - it Q Ea., Jeff Fegan, M.D. , Resident I Felix Gordon, M,D. 1 ' ' Residentl ' ' K ' Ronda Henry, M,D. L i -nr ' " Pei, , Residentl - 1 4, ' Q Kun mek, M.D. N X Q Resident I M - George Liu, M.D. Resident I 7 5 Lia I ,,, Joseph Love, M.D. I g,.: --f--- ,,., I ' 3 , Resident I I M Q i' W V, ' Scott Marotti, M.D. , .X ' D' x 'f I ' 'V Resident I E 31, 4, - g .J Marc Rogers, M.D. if l s s Residentl - 25 Christopher Wormuth, M,D. it Resident I Nfiffg A W ' .ML ' --r' ew--I ix ' b 99 Urology John F. Redman, MD. Professor and Chairman Alex E, Finkbeiner, MD. Professor Michael J. Sohutz, MD. Asst. Professor Julia R. Spenser, MD. Asst. Professor Tim Langford, MD. Chief Resident John F. Beasley, MD. Resident IV Matt Robinson, MD. Resident Ili Jeff Fegan, MD, Resident ill Ann Haywood, R.N.P. Nurse Specialist 16 if Q ' as 'QW' M f l SIA S J - ' Anal.: Maul? No Photo Available No Photo Available Q,.4,ry- ' ' ' mzbfaff QBFQLASS OF 93 Emss OF 93'ELAss OF .93-E'LASS OF .93-E'LASS OF 93' Siimss OF 95' 'FQLASS OF 93 SE QS Lr- O UD UD 4 ARCH N W LL. 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AV : -. . . , Y ' e 1 M V 3 , 3 Q? ww X We .,,.,.,,,,., , f f 74, ,M f., MAN ,ww 54' 2 5 1:54 gg Qi f Q' QM . ,.:z.,g::f'v-' -. 1 A:ZA AAg : , ,,A 3, QW 2 f 1 ,, f ?W X A ' f MM f Z f wg f 4 a W 1 51 A Full Spectrum Gf The Buzarre I ENLE -L' 'mmm 1' Q 1. .wp F, li ri ,Q L . 5. 1 fj 15 5 2 V3.4 if ,K ,H .rw W , f 22M 2 li V f . i s M my Av 'gg ax gg M 3 Q f f Q? ii Wa iffy af' 9 1 , ff Y, 44 3 ' 7, V 3 af 5 +5 .ga Y -Q 'fc ,na g rvm :'f 1 ' ,1 '-,:::,. 2 ' E Q 'LJ' s QW Q Q ,Qi E mei' 5 six? J S . as A is f S wfgng gi: -- X ' -- v.e.Q5ffw QQQ X , nf A QM 3 6, A ' ,Q . .,kw-My .hx 531 n 2 T1 A F' L '7' QQ ' " , Q- 3 A M J . Q -, H l Q Q. 'Qpd x mg wig? vs 21 X K ISN Y K - : X 2 X Q ' WS? N . X-,..1 Q . N' : WW W , -.,. ,3 rl 5 , , 1 ,,,,,, 31 .V . J? 3 X i0"z '41 ' , -af ,,,- .. ,f Q - uqgw 1 WW 4,-. F3 , : P" 4- .1 .aw .-. ,Ja Y' Q vim -. favs? 2 f ,X X e H 3 ? ,. ..., , Zmw i f 5 aw W' - W2fe2'? f f x q , f .- ' ,...,.u...... Medical Juniors A hu.. A 5 Rf k . f '-1 e,' ,gr I' 1' 1 5 I QL 1 T ', .EW v ' 0 .S 0 o U' I i as 'N Q. 7 .H N. if , r 3 -:. x Q 'A 523 A qw, l ,in . fi s 5, S F A Flew gl' ,asf S so H i a. A is QW l 1 ss - QS X x 4+ lk sr ' N . 'Q' 1 Q. lg ,hog Jim Almond Carmen Arick Sean Andrews Chris Arnold Greg Baden Lourie Battles Rusty Baughman Nicki Bauknight Marilyn Bivens Scott Black Marcia Bowden Bryan Bowen Todd Callahan Chris Cargile Alan Carnahan Todd Carter Cara Dalton John Clingan Charolette Coleman Angelo Coppola Fred Corder Karen Cormier Donna Davis Norbert Delacey, Jr Kevin Diamond Scot Dicus Brad Dilday Tim Diles Jennifer Dillaha Steve Domon Angela Driscoll Eric Dugan Richard Duke Jennifer Dunlap Beth Ferguson Elise Fortin David Foscue Pat Franklin Don Frost Hayley Garner Kim Garner Melissa Graham Torin Gray David Greathouse Philip Gullic Susan Haefner Chuck Halter Todd Hannah :Az 1' ? - 'ai Q4 N 2 ,X:,,i'L X. R u2i"u 5 A 1 , .mt 'un K 4 G3 Y - v 021 'nf-Ha: X, Qfffiwi .2.: j-151555 S 1f.fsiPi gxm, use EM' 'W Q ' R33 , Q f' Ng. AA.A ,. X 2 ZA Q L Ks gf? A ig . , Q ,,. ,V ,eg X Q Q x K. Q! J E ,W j ' by 5 ji be ll 55 23? R 5531: 5 .- f .J fy ,iff A , my '1 i1'L L K g z L . fi -wg. if Mm .4 . A. ! W 'E WSW LQ. .Q ..-. I ? ? 8 , E ,, E 5 . gg. ii.. 5 ilk: 9'5- ,W we I t xii .v Q' 55. , A I .x A F- ,gpg , .Q " 5 3 rm X qw . N .SEQ sm. ' N' V fi Q M-W if b -A , M f I will x2.:. F: 'ily in .99 ' -525554 we s s X 4 wg' W' 1 Medical Juniors L ' " N it ,nl l QQ Q3 ii i M 5' Qi Q P ii W W rim if li i gw i if bfi' 3 4 ie' 1 4, ttss 1 l k a at Hunter Hardy Brian Hartline Linda Hawkins Burt Hayes Kathy Henry Chad Hill John Honeycutt Chuck Horner Jeffrey Howard Theo Hronas Wayne Hudec Shannon Jewell Mike Johnson Matt Kagy Brock King Kathy Knapp Mike Knight Sabrina Lahiri Shawn Lancaster John Lazenby Victoria Lim Stephen Locke Nicole Lucas Diane Lum Audra McCay Lori McDonald Pat McGarry Jack McKee Gregory McKinney Joe McNutt Julie May Joann Mays Mike Merritt Beth Milligan Greg Mitchell Shirolyn Moffett Mike Mullins Arlene Murphy Mike North Sam Pagliante Hal Palmer Zena Penn Lolita Perkins Ricky Perkins Spencer Plumley John Prince Scott Pullen Shawn Purifoy .mmm N -- 11-sz 'A m Nwiipggifigg QE S N. ..Q-ffs-aw:-'5.:f2-:ff-IESI E' fx QR " N wm mN , YSNQM ,AmSgx.iJ:g, .. ,mgffiwwjlig , My m,,,,,,,. WV Q- gi n QQIIWMWM' k f ..,. . . 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V,i.AAA1,AAI ,,A, ,:,A A:,VZA1AAAi :,: , , I , A i'21iifAf'1' gff k A v W E A 'W X 34, I Q 'X , 5 , , Q ' ' ,N , I V ,VJ ji X, ,, , wwf .. 9 ff 1 mf ,,. I 4+ - 1 , M lm. Rm W-'- '5 'f,, - "-'ia' 'Au , ,A fi? ,- ,G 4 F si' EL F' J... vi MWWHH1 NX W KN iz Q 2 2 Z W 1 2 5 2? E? ? 9 Z 7 Z gi ? 3 i mxwwmwwmw-Q-wmmwswwmm 4, 1 Q.. 1 FW Wmmhe ,J oywwwafzwf iii I ,312 f-J' Ms 'S . W M Y s s ' 1 if 5 .riiai - 1. na- in +3 4, Q wk U . f W A 2 'W , ,ww - 5 , "ouoTABLE ouore Mariette Turner "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X Dawn Galbraith "When all is said and done, all that counts is what is true, what is truly felt, and how we treat another." Spencer Land "Show us your tits!" - Spencer Land, Eugene Lu, Alex Orsini, St Steve Osmon while on a drunken spree during the 1992 Mardi Gras in New Orleans "What is Johnny Ledbetter doing in the picture on the wall of the copy room in the Dean's office?" "HeyI Let me give the birthday girl a kiss." - slurred by Kevin Griffith .... . . Editor's Note: The truth is more painful to some than others. Any inquiry concerning the heretofore mentioned Kevin Griffith should be directed to the aforementioned at his home address: The Griffith Farm South Hwy 71 Winslow AR 72959 David Cash "It's my world." Hal Calvert "Personality disorders wi!! be tolerated in medical school." Zuleika Font "I like bananas for breakfast." - Abbul Kabbas Dr. Rank "We feel certain islurppp, heee-heeel someone from the sophomore class idrool, slurppp, heee-heeel tried to gain access to the bacteriology computer exam Ismack, drool, slurppp, heee-heeelf' Brent Walker "Dad, are we there yet?" "No son. Just close your eyes and we'II be there in a minute." "I think we're getting closer." Eugene Lu "Trying to learn everything presented is like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant." "The fall term of the sophomore year is like oncotic pressure .... it sucks!" Amanda Ferrell "EI camino se hace al andar." Travis Buzzard "Why study? It doesn't help." Carol McCourt "I knew I should worry when they handed each of us a rectal swab with explicit instructions of just where to stick it. A symbolic gesture perhaps - giving us a hint of what was planned for the rest of the semester in microbiology." "Boy, I'm sure glad we didn't have to do urethral swabs!" - unknown male student "That is bull 'QQaifI" said to Dr. Rank fthe Hunchback of Notre Dame - She gave me water, slurpppp, slurppppl after he denied her simple request. Randy Shinn "Why do you say sontimeters instead of centimeters? That really bothers me . . . ' - ascribed to Steve Osmon. Soon after, a small global thermonuclear war broke out. "Someday I hope my picture will hang in the student copy room as does Johnny Ledbetter's." "Get drunk and be somebody!" Cathy Moore "Obviously he was concentrating too much on microbiology." -A UAMS Faculty-Student Advisor's comment on a sophomore student's fall grades of 2F's 8 1D! Evan S. Marlowe "I'd like to give thanks to all the people, conglomerations, and miscellaneous things that have made my stay thus far a little more lugubrious: WORTHEN BANK, FOR SINKING ME FARTHER INTO DEBT WITH EVERY CONCEIVABLE SERVICE CHARGE THEY COULD POSSIBLY RENDER AGAINST ME THE UAMS "POLICE DEPARTMENT" FOR GIVING ME A PARKING TICKET AT 9:30 PM ON ONE TERRIFIC RAINY EVENINGXTACO BELL ON RODNEY PARHAM EVERYONE WHO WORSHIPS BILLY RAYXTHE PEOPLE WHO THINK IT WOULD BE BEST TO SHUT THE ENTIRE CITY DOWN ON SUNDAYS HARVEST FOOD FOR MAKING ME BUY A SIX-PACK WHEN ALL I WANT IS A BEEBXTHE BALDING CHECKER AT THE HARVEST FOOD WHO NOT ONLY WOULDN'T SELL ME A BEER ON BY FIRST SUNDAY HERE, BUT THEN SCOWLED AT ME LIKE I WAS IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN PEOPLE PLANNING OUAYLE'S 1996 COMEBACK VICTORYXEVERY DAMN PARASITE KNOWN TO MAN" John Adarnetz Jason Adams Eleml John Agboml John Allgood Karen Baker Seth Barnes Rebecca Barrett Keith Baxter Brian Bet! Ruth Ann Blair Amy Beast Steven Bonner Hob Boswell Amanda Bradshaw Jason Brandt Clay Brashears Shelley Brown Rod Bryant Travis Buzzard Harold Calvert David Cash Wade Ceoia Debbie Cerrato Brett Christoffersen David Conrow Keith Cooper Bill Coutts Terri Crook Corey Diamond Ftayetta Eaton WWW 'WWW' 55, 4, 3 , 2, f 'J' ,,,' 5 i gil ? 2 I 2 JE , , " R iw' f at L6 M ,J what rf!! 5 gt' fi' and " 3 if 1 1 W 1 Q, A K 1 51 W1 1 1 ' f, M ag 1 11 X A 1 ' Hgiigiwwni fi W mam HW , Q 1 'Z' 1 15 i 1 ' Lf? 55? iff? ? 1 1 1 1 l 1 1, 1, 111 j, 1 X ES 1 5 g X in , " . 1 K ' W J me-X. . ,gi 1 1 W! Q if' 52 2 W M1 1 :SV ff f1 5112251 ., -3619.11 22513092541 lfwwzgi, it ef 1 1:71 PQ A 1 , 2 1 3, NZ "1 1 1 1 1 4 4 Z 135 l A 1 1 11 f ! 1 7 ,1 l f If wi ff 1 Q1 ga? 1 1: .Q 1, f 23 5 2 Sr 11 12 22, 153 ff 1!1fjf 2 WM? :.,::- ! f 1711! f f 4 1 ?,45, , , , ,,,, Q3 I 1 ' .. . , ,W 1. ' , J E WV 1 2? A? f 2' W 61? if sad Z, ,. if? 1 as g 19141 ' - 1m:'11 , ,11,,,,,.Hw1- gm NNN ix L wif Q 1? 'K 3 . Z'5"fEf?11'h' - ',,' gf 1 W 1 jg xt' f Z! an Q 1 gif W 2 Q , 41 , . in Y ff, 1 ' 'ISI 'f L, V 1 1, 11 1 rw Af K f 4 2 X 8 X 1 Li 1 Le 1f 3 1 M J 1 X, X Q1 V, 134- 1, ,,A,, , Q' W. . ku ,, Q .sf 1 , ,., . 11 .,.. 1 55-new if-'Q Z? , 1 5 gi 1 1 1 . Q fa 4 A1 2 my 1 M7 f ff 1 wi Scott Erwin 1 Steven Erwih 1 scott Mrguson Amanda Ferrell Michael Fischer 1 Siephenlfisher' V. Dane fliippin T -Zuleikahhni 1 1 Sherrie Ffankiifaa Tijuanafreemaaj 11 1 Timothy Freyaldenhwen Dawri Galbraith ' 1 Kevin Ganca-:srczyk 1 m Janece Gates 1 Richard Germer ' Charies Gooden . TimGooGson I Lynne Greene Kevin Griffim i , 1Michael GuyBr' 'mi' 1 Jim Hatderman 1 - Jeff Haf'fibY W Richard1Hartmaf1z ' Deborah Hays Betsy Hefncfrieiwy 111 1 Barry Hendrix Lisa Hendrix Wes Hester Brian Hedrick Kevin Hiegelk 1 Shane Higglnbolham Robert I-llx Janei Hodge John Hogan Scott Hogan Kenny Holder Emily Hopkins Kem Hor Jackl Howard Kalie Hurst Jim Hutcheson Charles Jackson Aaron Janos Brian Jones Tammy Jones Steven Kelley Steve Kempson Jim Kennedy Nirmal Kllambi Joseph Kradel Scott Lafferty Greg Laffoon Trent Lamb Spencer Land Johnny Ledbelter Stacy Leonard Eugene Lu Evan Marlowe Carol McCourt Sheena Mehta wr.-"Zin- E -fr ' .1 ffl-vf"""l L ri- A .J ,Wu-'f"' K no ff" fi new in z X --l' Avo' I J? 1- J fo J .. rijg gsgjf' 1,5 3 .. X rw.. N A 35. ::,':' if I ' .f ,Q X 5' :f::,:: :: . SQ- ? 5 X X fi - . , T " 5 N w if" , 'N of own' 5 -..- -. X: 'o" ,Y ryoyyoo J N if f S , in fi .. fl , 3 ' I H M . 2 lx fo QB ix l X , K N X is F 1 3 5 E- 1 N633- - f. ,,zngg5 1 9 "2' P Q'- .wk . E A rg . x ,", :," fl' 2 3 V 5' ' 19:2 MV,-:'zi, f - w ,fZf,,,1 f 4 f 5 J 4 W Q , X 'Al 4 5 M 7 is 5 , l 15: ff 42, ,,,- H, lf vi. QS. Q Y' X ? M. ,xl Y 255 4 y y fl ia Z' 6 3 W M A' . ,, ... , 1 0 ff i Q Q f J all f ! S K W AZ ! 2 ! 41" 'Q , f 4 2 1 if ,sg 1 ' W fx 5 -Q Zf ? ll 'Z 223215 g A Q52 3 H Q21 1 4 1 s 'K Q 3 ff ,gg 2 3 Q il f , wg fs l Aa Z Q is 2? lf ., . , ,,f.,. ,, 7? .52 k f5el 7Q'figiifiE?f2 2 f al 5 f 5 f f J 5 26 9 , A 9 .Q N' ,- , 115' W:-f,wfJ,1-we fs ws,'m:,'l ' qii r , ,",g E, V,- :i',: ivg ls f fi 11 .4 IU QM ,, Q IVVI 5. 4 , v fg gilligm' fa 2 I. Wlffflk Y'V4mfU"" A WM' M A:i'f-'Y52?f, flfwfaiz . 'A ' " if -w:fvff1'f1vl' V 5' f f 2. W Z' f , 2 ff H A V 7 3 ,A W . , -1f?l'4:f4zf .7 f 1 Z W: ' 3 ff f A, 'f !,? ff gf Mark Mnoon Bzyan Minton Melody Moody Cathy Moore Morgan Norlon imad Omer Alexander Orsini Stephen ,Osmon Robypage Shane Palmer Janette Parohman Ketan Patel Peaflelha Phillips l'flebeoca'Pi'1llllps l Susan Porlis-Ferguson Jay Rankin Claude Reclor , Lawanna Flicxhafdson Anita Flltenour Slave Flobbinsx l' T.C. Roepke Scoii Hoole- Steve Hose Kevin Rouse Kevin Rudder Scott Sanders Ethan Schenk Scoli Schooley Reza Shanim Allison Shaw Randy Shinn Aiicia Shirakbari Laura Simpson Kenneth Singleton Scott Sosebee Michael Stout Lynn Thomas Bob Torrans Aminata Traoro Marietta Turner Stacy Utmer Amy Wagoner Brent Waiker Geraid Ware Bob Watson David Weed Brad White Etta Williams Roseiyn Witliams Vic Wilfiams Teresa Wilson Mark Wofford Scott Wofford Greg Wood Eric: Woodard John Wornock Jennifer Yancey 51 iw-its 3 If A 'ft' Y I Yi f X f X 1 I 1 ""-- Q??'3--"4:.."::-1'-f-.5 ' tx - 1.5 .:... xx x 6 X 0 ,Q .4 -:?:h:.'fE. 'I ' - .wsu X, ,. . 1. -X J tt X ,. N A it N . . 1. 's': -'-,k so .1-gf J,-f t it n gsm i rw L X The lst. Br. Horace Marvin memorial Half iilassic The Last P ace Horse's Ass Trophy Winners C' www R ex f' 1 Q , si wwf? S . N ,. V .. S -KT-J '-:: In EAA ' g f lm 1- 5 -my ig-5 f N I ,iff in ,rg .11 5 ,. Q... , , 'fi 17710 4 W E? E 'SE ' 1 gif: WS. ..- , Q K5 -x- -m iia-"'l' Wi:::fX:3 355653: l' v5:"'IE " '5' E' ':5 E": 'Q5?:-.5 sv' N Q 5 X x our 1-- f Q F, A L V H B. y A .'.- I aw" FQ ffig 1'-Q A' -f ?x"'f, 'gb Rx ...5 ,M A Vw S? 1 5 T' .XE . 1 f:NQ vi - san 22 .if A 1' ,N s ,. , pg f ail . . . -- -V V W.: ,. K ,, mg. X ' I, in e " 1 X QV i S T xw Q X EI ii ' Sr' - ' l 4 iii - 1 . i , V sf hi 93 ,S ,, - Q tb 5 W M mf ag 3 NN f 2 P 4 - 5 Q 3 if 'W Q ,Q X 4 X an 3 dx ' ,idx gg X Y M :M , X W 41351 --lx 95 Q E Q v my W he lst ' -Ball Tennis lassir igkg I 1 S..- 5 pw g '.,: ,--- ' ' k 15" 5 N 4 rf, Q ' X Q its ,M 1+ y if N N A Qs f efgf: qx. '51 JZ Q .ma f ,xwpw .fif- xx ew .M .. F x A Xe " N' ,Q "X Q6 X Mk , . -.,, by ,f it ix ' P' ,Q Q: " F,- fp xt as 0 4 Q i f 'F I Sill' ,Mm Nw. ,mf 42 9 If , xi "' M , ,J ,- 3 MJ? ..,.,..X -.... .,..., .., .Mg sm 5 F NA.. Q 1 ,ag 5 5 3 .5 8 572427, i 'W X .4 ,ww K 75" j gi-LW W I X, 44 kk M, p his ' -fi? wif A V W' :sl 1 M2 if! A ,, ' 'gf' "-A . 'iff ,,Q' Je. R I,v ,!gf,Qyf., iw..Q Qfglxkb' K, 'i ...J ,ma , L WW! D-n..., , Y . in ' N Y XX Q5 1 Q f . us ' K .FS ff ' X Q 4 K 5 5' le a. 'xx N 55 'Q Q-an 'fg- .?'l IZ 'Y f Mg" V ihwf, J'fMw ,MV I S'-534. .QS f f 'lest 5 i N . .f -0 -1 ,hu Q s wifi' 5 ' Y :iff-3 .Db 5 . , N 'BL Q MSR ...,q ,, Q Jig 5 if X mf-f+w+f+44+a-, Nw .5 if ??Z? 1 Q s' A gg it i . g. Q , W 176 C37 gf fag, 1- fi Y R 'VE 1-6- vffn., 4-,4Ua. WI 101 61:0 'gr 56353,-7'6'lb!' 121 M15 4-. . , 'lhrv1.lla:'f'U'f4'4'Kn' 1,- -o-a,,,,,U"WIu-:rec ' W7-bl g'.ar'h 5145 X X V' 1 Q- 'S te. 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Holly Stroud Vikki Sutterfielol Elizabeth Tai Chris Taylor Matthew Taylor Paul Tharp Michael Thomas James Thrasher James Tsang Carl Vast Barbara Wagner John Webber Kenneth west Shelley White Thomas Whiteside Gregory Whorion Tina Whytsell Nancy Williams Amy Wilson Donald Wilson John Wilson Jim Wood Robert Wooten Matthew Young Misty Zelk .11 1 M f 1 il i' lik l'r.' Q tolty ,, ",,yli412f1f:, if t r,",i -Vifaiyfl 1 1 AZZZQZW All 4 fl 1 Q Ma fl-v. f 1 1 1,9 sl 7 S g t 't , ,,, ,Z W 140 1 wr 3 91 1 lx ff -5 74 ob, S rro 1 24 J., mlm ::,, ' - H 'w r-eiozzf' f ,W aw Af ,f ,, 1 . .wr I22,g',,':?'zjg, ffgfrgmwr rg. . ,wfrzgfhi ff , rrl . Ulm ' mill " i1',. f my 1. 1 ln, a ia'-112 ' Wim x 41 3 V7 l qw 1 2 ,, J 1 fr N 1 fi Q if -F' 411, 7 v , wif' L3 ml fa Ya fi lt' W f 951 1 1 1,,, 1 6, 1 K' 3 farm so 1 1 fl df 1f,! f f 423 '15,'f3,:. llr ior yrri i llooy yll yrl lr r 1 -Jil Q w at ' l 2 3553 11, l A W ' fr l 5991 Katt M' 'Z 'QL f f A E l 1 if X 2' 11 K 2 1 J 1 ,,, lair H? 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Director it W Student Financial Aide l t tif' wm- lz W ,1 f ll 1 ' mg, it ' wt-ww--w-mr Wim l,wr,,rpl, r- l M., 3 -W 12259152 'E . , fi, 4 9 Lf , 9 ,E , Z . 1 fat rw - ,Z , . .1 2 fx EM , r 5 1 5 5 4 Standing: Jeff Crawford, Paul Carter. Seated: Diane Dawson, Lou Drummond, Shirley Walls. Lou Ann Drummond Administrative Staff MT ...Jr .iii Xxsswv K, . N5 R 5' 35. fp- .42 .-11 Belinda Burnett Kelly Johnson Jam Porter Nancy Reese Laura Stanley Sciences Bmmetry Jim Baggot !:m Stacey Alexander Judith Alpuente Melissa Bailey Ursela Bailey Bobert Bennett Dana Blancaflor Dana Brymer Cristy Burkson Michelle Carpenter Shelli Carson Bettie Casey Joseph Cerrato Bobin Cooper Kris Gakk Kristie Blackwell-Hadden Sandra Hann Tracey Herrold Valeria Hicks Karen Hillman Kimberly Hoffman Le Ann Jackson April Johnson Sam Kelso Cathy Lanier Susan Lynch Mona Mohan Mainord Clay Jill Mc llroy Sharon Middleton Jeannie Ostermann Audiology And Speech Pathology Z if JW fa ,A 1 'E QA f if as kia! L -' , ww. 4' , Q . . . P H, ' I :sr A Ar 7 A in b' iff: I f X.,Z Leisa Welch Mercedes Welch Diane Wherry Holley Williams Charles Palmer Mindy Spickes Beverly Tolbert Brenda Von Ohlen Jennifer Wedgeworth Pathology Rebecca Rowe Michelle Stanley Michael Cole Susan Collins Alice English Marysue Evans Christy Fitzgerald Ashley Fulmer Ann Gurley Susie Hickman Sheryl Kissinger Cathy McGee Michelle McKee April Nixon Lisa Stage Sherry Telford Dietetic Interns gf i N. 5f"4 I H71 B ' , 3? -av' I AA ' A 7 ' 3 K' f 1 1 . . ' A" L mmf.. RWM! ffl Vnnrigmm 0 ,., .,, .. ,, C .. L, . N x JN: Biochemistry T K gy . ft 1 Alecia Billings Richard Dennis Robert Ebert Song Chang Lin Quabi l-lw Stewart McLeod Pam McMillan Masood Shammas David Shin Shujuan Xia Sung Moon Ghassan Wali Stephen Whiteaker Aiwei Yao viiskaisiiim sf Q, - -R Pharmacology Hollye Garner Tracie Kinard Elizabeth Laurenzana Kevin Schreur Anthony Williamson Ronnie Joe Bever Jr, Harry Broenlng Genlu Chen Hsieh-Chang Chou Lynn Frame Oh-Seung Kwon Christine LeBow Eddie Li Jin Li Song Lu Anthony Matthews Gail McClure Donna Montague Amy Roe L. Reeder Sams John Seng Susan Shelnutt Ying Si Steven Dellinger Chunllng Deng Norman Denton Charles Ekworomadu Jennifer Gibson Leeth Harper Marny Lemons Todd Logsdon Patricia Marks Rymond Mohaghegh Ellen Randall Jyothsna Rao 198 Interdisciplinary Toxicology R+. 557557255-s ' Gris! ' 53 E ... fr f Karen Stachowski Christopher Stewart Jack Valentine Physiology Microbiology Anol Immunology at E X if T X ts l if 9, i A M.. Thomas Fletcher Melaney Gee David Holley Tammy Kincy Janis Lee Kristina Nevels Tom Patterson Carla Pumphrey Brian Russell Suhair Shallel Michael Shaw Corey Tinkle Gina Uken Zhao-Jie Yan L.. GQ, 'fl wif' .iff-1'.' ,, 'g i N xr N Q1 O X X x X QWWQQQX , W mf ALC D A 'W 43"-4 , xl M 2 Diane Alexander Ftenee Arnold Melissa Baker Lenora Baldwin Elizabeth Barfield Gwen Benham Lavonda Berryhill Ftenee Bethel Sherri Bradshaw Joann Bridges Brenda Bryant Tammy Burr Linda Calhoun Kenneth D. Cates Lana Childress Melissa Clark Leslie Conrad Jennifer Cook Sharon Coon Carol Dare Susan Davis Sharon Doerhotf Linda Dorris Angie Elser Carol Enderlin Whitney Erickson Martha Ethridge Carol Eubanks Diane Gergadis Michael Ferguson Mary Helen Forrest Pat French Kristie Frost Tina Gabbard Rosalyn Gardiner Glenda Good Theresa Green Keitha Griffith Lynn Grommet Betty Jo Gunter Glenda Hardister Jaqueline Harris Vicki Harris Gloria Hearnberger Melissa Hendricks Anna Hensley Carla Hester Andy Holder David Holman Diane Holt Deborah James Brenda Johnson Dianne Knight Adelaide Kolb-Selby Fioy Lambert Marilyn Landis Yvet-Ming Lao Rebekah Larson Debroah Lediord-Collins Debra Lewis Patricia Miller-Willems Brian T. Magie Marsha Mahan Janis Maness ,5k. sg, ,ALS Xiltx Q J I T i43"iS gik :ci - .' at gf Vi .. .ag . . .st .s u L r s sg Z 5, it L Nursing Science mv w- agile, ss ? z- um X S, X r 73' ...- K' N' i W X ' Q K 'I ft i x Rx E' if V rin N' X ,pta iz ' 'vmiaxlifl N 2 , . was if -KAR x- 3. 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' NI all f' like .NA f Rebecca Wolfe Barbara Yowell Roseann Zakrzewski ff ,1-- if i if F 'R Nw X r f.. gl ri W ff!! 1 .1 , 5 X .,..f.:. .ruse 'iii S lfmfilfif 5 2 Q15 "Nl l XX 45, i :T "fi. .gi ' ffis if Duanne Markham Jill Matthews Lana Matlock Lucy McNair Julie Meaux Etta Melton Sandra Moody D. Morgan Faith Morrison Joan Murphy Carol Murry Kathy Norment Elizabeth Sue Ober Kathy Parish Donna Parnell Susan Patton Linda Pickham Rowena Kay Plumlee Susan Pollard Lucy Prater Susi Pultz Genyce Pumphrey Amy Ramick Maria Ray Wayne Ray Wm, Terry Ray Laura Redic Jill Roberts Tracy Roberts Diana Robinson Betty J. Rochon Norma Rose Ellen Runyan Mary Ryle Janice Sample Mary Savary Evelyn Skinner Joan Smith Lynette Smith Paul Smith Linda M. South Patrick Stage Mary Ellen Stockdale Jean Storey Lana Strickland Dawn Stueve Jaqueline Sullins Rea Sheila Thigpen Jan Turner Sharon Vanover Shirley Whisenant Rosalind White Rebecca Willeford Anna B. Williams Jo Anne Wilson Donna Wisenor Suzanne Dupuy Debra Erwin Aim HSYS QQ si Ramona Hodges Carla LeCroy Kim Vaughn Nutrition 'll' P Qi" 4 awww College Of Pharmacy I..D. Milne, Ph.D. Professor and Dean Eddy F. Arnold, B.S. Instructor of Pharmacy Practice Thomas F. Berg, PhD. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology Charles K. Born, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. of Pharmacology C. Allen Bradley, Ph.D. Dept. Chairman, Bioph. Sci. Philip J. Breen, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. of Pharmaceutics Cathy P. Brovvn, MS. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice Patrick B. Burns, Pharm.D. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice Charles S. Campbell, B.S. Instructor of Pharmacy Practice Cesar M. Compadre, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. of Medicinal Chemistry Fl. Lilia Compadre, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. of Medicinal Chemistry Lois E. Coulter, Pharm.D. Asst. Prof of Pharmacy Practice AHEC-NVV Eddie B. Dunn, B.Ph. instructor of Pharmaceutics Claude E. Epperson, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. of Nuclear Pharm. E. Kim Fifer, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice D. Karrol Powlkes, Pharm.D. Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs John David Gannavvay, Pharm.D. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice Stephanie F. Gardner, Pharm.D. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice Deborah L. Goad, Pharm.D. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice Susan E. Gorman, Pharm.D. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice Paul O. Gubbins, Pharm.D. Asst. Prof. of Pharmacy Practice -W 'ti .i..: t 4 , if 2 5 4 za ? . W A . Y I.. , .ga W gpg? i f ru- ... ar., - - jifflfl. ' , if Q.. W iir ' ' r V Wef' 'vu-Wear I A? avg. W., - ss if 51" "' r r f .S 4 k k .... r ihk E: V V I E:1E - QM. -mf Q: M kr.. 4 A fir rr i Q 'ii 445 I ,BL h U I x . I l f I, . ,, A P - il' W .-,- y k P.. , . 'r f' K +:- af f' " it IUX wx 2 5 W-an-3 K ... , it - , le Q N ui" if , t ., Nw X , Es X S X A , , pa, nik, X N P ex X K X .15 L. , .x. , kyk. yi, .. Y 32 we X X X ' . f '15 we iw N-x L . W N N .1 i Q we ... - . W. ...:. fs- Q Ni tl Q N I 'fa Billy Joe Gurley, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Bockridge K. Hannah, Pharm. D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice AHEC-SW Nicki L. Hilliard, Pharm. D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Teresa J. Hudson, Pharm. D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Billy J. Kerr, Pharm. D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Karen B. King, Pharm. D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice K. Richard Knoll, Pharm. D. Assoc. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Danny L. Lattin, Ph.D. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Kim E. Light, Ph.D. Prof. Of Pharmacology Charles C. Marsh, Pharm. D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice, AHEC-F.S. Gerald P. Martinka, M.S. Assoc. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Michael Marx, Pharm. D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Jack B. McCormack, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Alan B. McKay, Ph.D. Prof. Of Pharmacy Administration Michael S. Monaghan, Pharm. D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Walter J. Morrison, Ph.D. Assoc, Dean For Admin. Affairs Kenneth G. Nelson, Ph.D. Chairman, Dept. Of Pharmaceutics Keith M. Olsen, Pharm. D. Assoc. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice M. Darren O'Ouinn, J.D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Kathy M. Orear, B.A. Instructor, Registrar Michael D. Parr, Pharm. D. Assoc. Prof. Of Pharm. Practice Gene D. Pynes, Ph.D. Assoc Prof. Of Medicinal Chemistry Sharon D. Rollins, B.Ph. Instructor Of Pharmacy Practice Henry F. Simmons, MD, Assoc. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice David R. Skelton, BS. Instructor Ot Pharmacy Practice John B. J. Sorenson, Ph.D. Prof. Of Medicinal Chemistry Daniel C. Spadaro, Pharm.D. Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice Ftichard E. Stull, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, Of Pharmacology K J 'W AHEC-P-B . .r ie., .M W w k Joseph O. Udeaja, Pharm. D. V 3, Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice ,I . Fred L. Underwood, PhD. V' it . A . . Assoc. Prof. Of Pharmaceutics 1 1 I Arnold Flay Webb, BS. H . , , 5 ,V U V V E, y V V Instructor Of Pharmacy Practice cf? K ' V "'. . i , Johnathan L. Wolfe, Ph.D. V' f , Asst. Prof. Of Pharmacy Practice 5 ' .5 'V" ' 4,V I 1. 5 . , Celeste Crittenden J A Business Manager A 'W -,,: ,- f Otis Tyler if ' W ' f A . M Assoc. Dir. Of Student Affairs A A -V , ff fiif .,.. . V k , . Pharmacy Cffice Staff .wa wr, E ri Front row, Ieft to right: Marcy Havelka, Maxi Shoffner, Patty Gminski, Maura Thomas. Back row, left to right: Elizabeth Hudson, Cindy Blot, Lori Pendeiton, Helen Hronas, Audene Hall. .y . ,7'D60'!2Ll77MA?f6f ,!142ff'z4ff James Baker Conway, AB UCA Alan W, Bear Bismarck, AB HSLJ Angela Alexander Hot Springs, AB UALB Shannon Barrett Lake Village, AB Northeast Louisiana Univ. , f- QQW, cimaif MM IO O f L Ktciivmllll - lgiliwif K lixffrlt15 . James W, Betnea, Jr, Camden, AR UCA Patty Bradley Little Flock, AF? UALB 1 X . N , , , LL, ' ' f - 'i,, ,, Ln KTA gifiiwal xl ,3LCa,w ' .lzti-. if Lf it fly KW awww, Q 72517 gfgfznfifkby, fjflldfzfvc 4 'Lx Marty Cannon Ida, AR UAM 4 l. Paula Buren Little Rock, AR UALR t, ,.,.f T.,-wv i I i , 7 S ,ff 2 YI, L JAC X iii- t 1. - K IJKLULLWLJ J Vim KW 1 J A ft I Y i , fi n.. if ' - 1 Stan W, Crisler Walnut Ridge, AR ASU fi L i 5 1 ,fi 1 ixft, i iiiL,'1'iYi' If, f I xg f: 5 i" 5 3 IJ O . 1, O C Q E 2, F 3 P IU ef ,A ,fe it it f 1 5, L n 1 f Wi , eggf 3 ' 2 fgfjfrwfx LJ Cxgafpwif D Gwin Davis Sheridan, AR UAF George Alan Davis Leslie, AR UCA WSU! QM VM-mb, L,-Livffx A ifw ,' X tm., ,ri i 211 W ggbggm ,Q CM44 K LQJMQ PAW, 0, -sv M 2 , Cqgbwff " mm f X , x ff, "!' f 4025 JC?Lj fdwf Lf!! 2 ,amz Mmgowllggwfow ww UhLl,a'CLii,aC LEJEM ,!9f'i6'c,waC.D. i 'U i Jill M. Frazier Helena, AR Univ. Of Dallas Kris H. Gilsinger Fort Smith, AR Westark College HXLLLQCCULL LSL, I fyigwrrfkb 7lOO'LLQfL ,HL 1' Christina D. Goff Little Rock, AR UCA l I 0 W 'C' W" Angela R. Grady Conway, AR UCA MVK 195154, A 'Qu Rf xml 4 piiwum, L Kendra P. Griffin Camden, AR SAU WW Shan Hardage Bismarck AR HSU iMeG1WwiiMa ,ap -ll V 1 5 ef af. Donna Harrlson Fordyce, AFI UAM if Q X o 5 Misti C. Harvey ', Prescott, AR mfg UGA , o mM C3 a,f1fuw,Ma,,,,,iQ, VZHMU CCY Qfzwwgsf Rmrmb Noel HIII Jonesboro AR ASU Shelly Herzfeld Benton, AR William Woods ff yay- Wwe We-A KM! lmofm, ,ima vqfrcemy Q 214 Ha Hoang Jonesboro, AR ASU Susan FZ, Hull Bryant, AR UCA 'QA me sr Cggmm 024, I QZlvlfP'14r.D' Q i' v Migili C t ow re g9MM0,wfW,D, -las.-. , WWW A mv' 1eQ1:f.,,t,:m 7 Q , , 5 A i f 5 FJ t Wielfl t 1 5 lm ima? RW Christine Houvener Stuttgart, AR UCA Clinton Jumper Palestine, AF? EACC Brian King Sherwood. AR UALR Cheryl M. Hoelzeman North Little Rock. AR UALFZ 77. elJoLwwuJU QOVIOJUM JG Jill T. Johnson Greenwood, AR UAF Cgumisuowwix I 6DDV"U'mib l XJ Ken Kelly Texarkana TX UAF QA' fav.-.F x 215 Julie A. Koechlein Jonesboro, AR ASU C. Danielle Martin Hope, AFX OBLJ 'Y5,yQxXXQxoaxJFTlQY mb an iQ Wu Un' Greg Martindale Texarkana, AR Texarkana College g,,m'l'i' 4 -Y wiki, ,. .5 3 Brigette R. McGhee ml Pocahontas, AR 35 Hendrix, UALR li Kegan Q. mem, Plumb fl if iw" M'W fWflfzl1.,y 1 Y l 5- l Kxwxx X A . X ,X illllli .... Karla W. McKinney 'f N ' Jonesboro, AR ----f-ww, .N Asu . ,, Sam McQuay .alll Jonesboro, AR im , Asu , A X i l ill ag., UJ. MCKQWQ 3A,,M,b, JDVVL Melia? ,PAM D 216 l Kim B. Moody Fort Smith, AR Baylor Univ. Connie Medsker Redfield, AR UALR Lwovilee QQ. 'fNLU,Leiim , Phwm 'B' Mlm, f5Ow.L ?f7cLifr7. D Cynthia B. Neuhofel Sheridan, AR UAF i Ciimlws Vg' iwmiilffii I JUIM U. Brent L. Owens Huntsville, AR ATU ami, eemt, PM is Cheryl Robertson Marmaduke, AR ASU 1 Becky Piicher Augusta, AR UCA A1 gtdfiy QZYLH4 ,K'PfiQ,w7v D fffffbiimz, l fjmm Kari Shea Sheridan, AF! UCA M. Keith Smith Marmaduke, AFR UAM A512515 Awwzo Wy. gQl4766?7W'MfW540m 1 Tammy L, Smith Paragould, AR UAF Angela D, Stafford Paragould, AFR UAF Tm Egg Z, Z llflgdif A1462-.jf2f..9Lj75ffafwN.w D. Scott Stanley Bald Knob, AR HSU 5 , Af 5 Laura Stone Wynne, AR ASU -Q Xml? mm-D 5 QgAgyg I 'N Bogie SDAQMB Angle Watkins Van Buren, AR Westark College Gregory D. Turner Augusta, AR Graceland College, UCA W V f , A446-L4 CJMZSZZLJMJ wywbmf L74 q '72,,,W,,7 WWW, D Kelly Fl. Wilkins Beebe AR ASU Tammy B. White Star City, AR UAM W parm. fQ MM f Ed Pat Wright Helena, AF? UAF Danny Wooley Sherwood, AR OBU X 219 il 3 I 9 220 ii, i .t R 5 NSW- ,, t wg 72, The pictures OH the following pages are a collection of a fevv memories vve have shared over the past tour years. We will all hovv make our ovvh ihdividual memories, but vve will always share those ot pharmacy school. I hope that you vvill ehjoy these pictures as much as I have. KRW WMWA "H Ax. 'MUSE' DFQLJ G STORE Wim Tlguand M W. NM 'Al I Q vfftv E 3 A lx X g gym gn, '13, ' as , 1, L A 'E Ik X K S :kiwi 'Wan k a of xx: ig! ' I swf-' V, 4 ii' .., x h. I .f-SYM 4. 1-5, ,ni 7 .. :Si Q Q-'1 is in if S 7 7 X, 3 A X ,X . 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' 5,51 MX P 4 Q5 5' K ,'Qr x Sl, ,f,3g1,,.,. , f t ,, q a A Q a,aw4i5ib'. Amy Mci-Ianey Wendy May Marci McClain X .mt- l H? E NN ,Q .. ef" lgkff' YW, -R h " 1 , eff' 13,-15,4 2 , H. f 'M , , ,. h , . ig'- gt"1:ii'-Q ,4 Hsu 9 hi Jennifer McDonald Hollie McDowell i 241 y i a+ avi' 242 Ilan -P' sl 1g,,,..m' Y 4.,- ik - X 5 5 I X .. . 5 37231 - ' .. 'VN- ,7 ,.Z 'mi 9 ..... B , fa V ' Za I' ' 3 5 f ,f 5 ,f, 5 ft Lf bd Af. ,B . 1 " Qld' f 5 ' ' Xi-'J f' A 1' 0' , X In !4'9,-iq- 2. fy Y- A' W 5 X, . 1 3 Elizabeth Masters Viki Lay Todd Landers Kelly Knight Chris Key Scott Kaufman it K af r 1 1 at 2 f Wt iQ 5 1 , if J if V if 5 2 3:4 ii i? "Wi 53? V t 17 1 , 211: ' David Johnson Enjoying Veterans' Holiday Leigh Anne Johnson The lost tourist. Cindy Johnson Pharmacology Exam Results. William takes office 5 Henry Irving Donnie Houston -- W ' Steve Horton A Denise Hopkins "J wk ,gf 6? if 44 Alex Trebek? Downtown Election Night. Discussing Pharmacology. Feeding time at the trough. f i J Q Wm? .55 f ,X of if 10" y , ' i l p - it i f YQ, Milk" W , ,E , fi' ff" izifgzg flaw Sherri Hill Bobbie Hill Kelli Henning Jim Haynie Kelly Haygood Tasha Harris Stacy Hargrove William Hamill John Hadley Chris Greathouse Cathey Green Angela Green Mary Beth Grice g s I L f f . .nam 5 ' A NH J - xg I iw 1 . -A -A Q P WSQQLQQ: NT- x A. ' X Q Q - W Am 5, . X 'Nm Pt!-Yin ff"Pwv' K W 5 Qu . 6 vw - Wh. e ,X 'Q w 3555? . X1 :Sub -'sis :X - ws. 5? f T6 ff! 140117 if . Y R , -- - .. - ' ,,-, ?2w w :Q Freeman Girdler Carla Fells Veronica Farrell Brian Erickson Matt Duncan Marsh Davis Randy Davidson Terrie Cotton Heather Coons Brad Collins Angela Clevenger Van Clayton Shelly Chronister , 'K 'Q f 72 Lf f , , 44 '37 4 if Q 5 f f we 7 0' f fm. , f f mf 7, f' if X , IZK ji mm an , Q i lu A f ,Y Aw 1 5? gum? A nw 37" 'fl Kiss li., 'I : f 2 W jfijg, Z' f' 4 X , wx ! V f V Q ' W? J g G W , M f f X z 2 tm f 44 Julie Case Nancy Cartltan Le-Ann Burton Suzanne Burns Shawn Brown Susan Book Leigh Anne Bonds Barton Beggs Derek Barlow Steve Alexander Ella Armstrong Tara Baltz Tina Posey lnot picturedj of 2 n 4 2 , 6 .H 'rx 5 M y sa ,, gf ., , ,fm 4 w fu, sw. ....,n 250 pfzmfnacy 7xzzMm,e1zf N F .. -4 --W ,,gQ5p::.s: 1 M - Sv- Z J k,,A.. " NN X xx R Q J, ,. ., . u Q Q' , .- o 4 ,' 'I' I .9 . o' I ,o .1 -" Q u ' ' ' o n Q -' ' . Q oz' 4 u Q. s:u 0: 4 1 a If ' n I .4 1 1 Q Q ' V ' ' I I ' ' J: Q 'Jvvv-1' - - . - - . - ' '-'-'.'.'.'.''.' ' '.'.,. .'.'.3.3.3.:.:.g.g.:.g.g.,.,.,.,.,. wma' . , . . . . ,. . - - - - . 4 I " 1'P." In ,. . - . , ...A . Q., ' 5 fc' 1'- . . . Q . 4 . . . - . . 1 . - . l.l l.l . . . . A . . 4 I. .i.l 1 . 3...- -, . . . v v v v v .l.0.I ' ' ' ' ' .-PZ-Z 'Z'!'Z' . . . 0 . - - ', PJ. f, ...- - . Q 4 0. V - Uv. - , . .g.' P-IT IN DISGUISE' HAPPY HALLUWEEN! 4 vw-Null' Iii- xa- so. 'R ' fn? 1 411 A f W4 a 3' 1 K 9 fb M X - 2 N 'fy f if ,1 Robert Airo Lori Albert Becky Averill Jason Barr Wendy Barr Darlene Bell Rebecca Boyd Scott Bryani Lisa Chamblee Bonnie Chandler Chris Clayton Lisa Cone Carrie Cook Billy Cover Lynn Crouse M Bart Davenport Mary Davis Scott DeMontmollin Jason Derden Anne Marie Dierks Kerry Eden Mandy Elliott Susan Esteil Casey Fimple Brian Fitzwater Brent Flaherty Shawnalea France Melanie Frazier Stuart Goudy Michelle Gourley Melissa Graves Pamela Grinder of f 3' f ...-L.. ji till ' A f ijt .ia I Wife, if an-14,3 Dana Hargrove Kenny Harrison Chad Headley Melissa Henry Van Hoang Robert Holi Johnnie Hudson Kevin Hughes Cindy Jackson Barbara Jeans Charnita Jones Yusuf Kazrni Tammy Keliebrew Karnmy Kriseli Micheile Lamb Greg Mardis Angela Mashburn Angie Massanelli iviioheile McBride Fiosaiind McDonaid Rebecca McGuirt Monica Minyard Rebecca Morris Shelly Morrison Vance Parker Hunter Pelley Angela Pinson Sabrena Pitts-Polston Carla Pleasant Don Porter Shalena Ramsey Kevin Robertson Melissa Rohr Tonya Root Nicole Sanders Rebecca Seiter Kristi Singleton Dana Sisson Allison Smith Kay Smith 4 ,f ei- 2 Q is ,L ,. 5 if , r g f ,, A 'ir , ,nm if 495 Q.. 5, h, ,, 5 fit: at ix r Scott Smith Francie Snider Kimberly Stewart Linda Tipton Heidi Tramei Christi VanCamp Casey Vest Fiesha Ward Westy Weeks Jessica Wilson Shelton Zermatten P- I Till FII IIA! JUST BIGUII Qi? Ni, 262 Q Q i ' Ny. .2 .sf I Q , 5 263 "W"""urw 1 NS-M, I , W N ,wxxsr , Ev,-,W am? xx v-viv4vL 5 4 ,ii , SH :ug L55 -sem Yr-W ,, 5 2 2 I 561 5, Q fs "s ' e .iii fs: 32 'V if 3, 22 ..,. . ,.,,,., Q j -11 X ,,: ,NN ..... 147- ly. A, 1 L M' -my A, Vrqlyr W an , uw 2 'f Z ,,.A,. Vg Q 2 ? 5 -ff E ' '-,fa 2 , '15 1 ag 2 V571 A , X i 2 fp W,,:,45,, , y F 3 , g mt A ' 755-: g iii VVVVV V If A,A,A ,A , 2 I 5 -I-Zi , , WV Q 2 Wa, A 1 :1:1:'WU I ?g3 , .A A M Q , gg 2357 1 U : ,fi , .,..,, 1 lg V' M 424 25151 V 'Efa , 'C' F ' ,N '. ,: 'z,:, : V V, f-1,4 5554, , A ,V 2 L ' 'fi N , 7 X : Ee 125' GV :W 'V 19s ' , LKVNNN f, qrqqyq Z A -5? 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SMS 1 'ah College Of Nursing Administration Linda C. l-lodges, Ed.D., RN. Dean Donna J. lvliddaugh, M.S.N., RN. Clinical instructor 8 Interim Assc. Dean For Admin. St Service Cornelia Beck, PhD., RN. Professor :St Assc. Dean For Research St Evaluation Beth Vaughn-Vllrobel, Ed.D., RN. Professor 8 Assc. Dean For Academic Programs Benni Ogden, lvl.S.E., R.N. Clinical Asst, Professor, Dir., Student Affairs lvlary Robertson, lvl.S., Ed.A. Director Of Admissions And Registrar Paul Brown, Ed.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor 84 Chair Cornm.!Psych.!lVlental i-lealth! Gerontology Department Janet Lord, PhD., R.N. Assc. Professor St Chair Adult Health Department Joe D. Cook, MA. Adj. Asst. Professor St Asst. Dean, Business Affairs Patricia E. Thompson, Ed.D., RN. Assc. Professor 8 Chair Parent Child Department f Maxfli No Photo Available Available .f-sam No Photo N0 P11010 Available Available JPG Hifi 'lf JM, 9 No Photo Availalerlel I I as L5 I Available mimi! No Photo V Available - '?'iY9fi8l2?e ,"L .. ae"""""'P l I l No Photo Available No Photo Available N- fig? . A gs new ,gf N0 Photo Available J 'it' Q si I ' "QM - Doris Ballard-Ferguson, Ph.D., B.N.,C Assoc. Professor Barbee Bancroft, P.N.P., MSN., RN. Visiting Assoc. Professor Claudia Barone, MS., RN, Clinical Instructor Pegge Bell, lvl.S.N., BN. Clinical Asst. Professor Regina Billedeau, MN.Sc., BN. Clinical Instructor Charles Blair, Ph.D., RN. Asst. Professor Sandra Campbell, MN.Sc., RN. Clinical Asst, Professor Karen Carlson, PILD., RN, Asst. Professor Carolyn L. Cason, Pn.D,, RN. Professor Patricia W. Caudle, D.N.Sc., RN. Asst. Professor Ann Coleman, Ph.D., RN. Assoc. Professor Janice Dean, MS.N,, RN. Clinical Instructor Mary Devine, MN.Sc., RN. Clinical Asst. Professor Charlotte Dillon, lvl.N.Sc., RN. Clinical Instructor Susan Ellerbee, Ph.D., BNC. Asst. Professor Nanette Goddard, MS., RN. Visiting Asst. Professor Neena Grissom, MS.N,, RN. Clinical Instructor C. Hope Hartz, MSN., R.N.P. Clinical Instructor Linda I-larwell, MN.Sc., RN. Clinical Instr., Al-IEC-FAY Patricia Heacock, Pn.D., RN. Assoc, Professor Diane Holt, BSN., BN. Clinical Instructor Darla Lavender, MN.Sc., FIN. Clinical Instructor Claudia Leatn, MN.Sc., BN. Assoc. Professor Ann I-I. Lewis, Pli.D., FIN., C. Asst. Professor Patricia Mayhew, Pn.D., BN. Assoc. Professor 269 Emma Metcalf, M.S.N., R.N. Clinical Instructor Rebecca Patterson, D.S.N., R.N. Assoc. Professor Barbara Pearson, M.S.N., R.N. Professor Gloria Rauch, M.S.N., R.N. Professor Cheryl Rhodes, M.S.N,, R.N. Asst. Professor Chris Richards, M.S.N., R.N. Clinical Instructor Bonnie Richardson, M,S.N., R.N. Clinical Asst. Instructor Susan Ritchie, M.N., R.N. Clinical Instructor Wanzell Rodriguez, MS., R.N. Clincal Asst. Professor Linda Rossby, M,N.Sc., R.N. Clinical Instructor Donna Rote, M.S.N., R.N. Clinical Instr., Al-IEC-SO Elizabeth Rouse, M.N,Sc., R.N. Clinical Assoc. Professor Mary Salassi-Scotter, M.N.Sc., R.N. Clinical Instructor Jeanie Shook, M.N.Sc., R.N. Clinical Instructor Elaine Souder, Ph.D., R.N. Asst, Professor R. Craig Stotts, Dr.P.l-l., R.N. Assoc. Professor Deborah Sweatt, M.N.Sc., R.N. Clinical Instructor Starla Tate, M.N.Sc., R.N. Clinical Instructor Rozanne Thatcherawinger, Ph.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor Patricia J. Thompson, Ph.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor Doris Tucker, M.S.N., R.N. Clinical Instructor Martha Tygert, Ed.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor Judith Vewssey, Ph.D., R.N. Assoc. Professor Jan Wayland, Ph.D., R.N. Asst. Professor Sophronia Williams, M.S.N., R.N. Assoc. Professor 270 .QQ .ffi INC? f.i.. 911910 .QQ ...ff i T!?5Wl353Q 2 .. 1, if we i . . .ci., Phoxo iil,s I .-NOEhoto A I . .iiti.r.. 1 .fsvailwia s i i.,.s.,,. 1 s,"S?41l4bfe , No Photo . , :Available No Photo No Photo Available Available No Photo N0 Enom Avanabte lf wnwwiaw- ND Photo' Avaszabiq . . . ..... ., No Photo fm Photo Available , j ,qtygllable , - -as.. No Photo Available M-ummm Available No Photo Wm i T 1 ' I f fgfgz f'?'gL, 15554 Aw h Lesley Boaz Ronda K, Brown Jerrold Browning -ld jff' Cjiawuw JSA! KA! Dana H. Burns MQ QI W W - milf M i ,,.. , K ' 5: ff .vgl - n'7'fff fi ,L L f ., i - A gf Eirswgi .. ff fe -gm.: ' , 9 . 5: . - , --' , R ? fI "Q' L' 5. -K 5 -- -- -ik 2. N .. . 1 fv r M Quan lfVlfb0u-1' BSN , RAN. 11' is Q x Laura Burrow V' Pen-Gay Cautnron wfwy' Qcwcfa, IQJM 5 4'?5fU,f?!U' wg-vi' za. Si X A X -Hifi: ii, -w QOMQ LLTUY'-13, x6c577 , 7272 g4,,6,,6N Lslefv , , IH' ' ,f,, ' '-,, , ' 'f"' 31M,,,.,,,q-"" A , I V . ,V: . M f W ' 'M MTM ,g. i4'x2 ' M 'f"' ,Zig ,.-f,: VIVA" . ..r4r1r 'z?f 5 "W, ":"' f3"' f": 'f'. I 5 X na Cclfnelcmv eff- 51511-J, 2122 ! ,-in As Sf 1 -- Z YZ asm RV gimp Qfm Candace Conners Gloria B. Dixon 'Eva Edmund A wsusam Ferguson LQLQMOMMFW .fy91qJ5Lw1Qfg,, ESM! RM Dena Gaisbauer Ashley Godsey 35,91 QM John Green nav' 354 if Judy Hammonrj BSH, 'QM ,Z NN Judy Harrison fiv- W 3 3 SN31Q.N. Denise Heard - Julse Helms Z , 31 52:3-753, ' rf ' V Aylwf Edward L.HiH 6,56 PM ,Q BSU, AEM! rf 'x , , " Y 11 152, ,I ' ' , n W - 7 if g ,i . gy + ,J , g , l f 5 A 4 1 , 5 4' 'Www I ,, "" , any ,,f J, , fr , 1 I ,, . ! f f L 1 o 'W ff sf gf 1, ,Q , mf 7 Moog ff Mfg 594 my ' AO BSIUJQIU 'WNW ?'Df- D, PVQCB HOIFTTSS Teressa Houston Kandis Huff Diane R. lnmon h-qi, Julie D, Jackson A Shannon H. Jennings WLZY2 A Z f f Q 1 YQ, X 4: X W 3 K if ' E fi f , , f W ff 222 XM Sf W 4, 7 W f 7 K M, Q HW V W 1, 5 ' ' A 54 , 5211 f n 1 ' , wg , f ' 52' W , 'Q ,ll 2 x :E?f'4?fJf' f ' , W' of zfffvfilf' ' gf I A , ,1 5 W? 5' gi 5 f fs QE f M if a??+ if f' if 1: A, ,1 favs 1 5 5 ,gs f Qgfrfg V. , -5 ' - 255553 fi 4 f ? fm lg f f 1 5 f S: al BSALQN 559,610 'F' ff' f' 11"'q '5.,,3 QJ-g,,,,,,,,, Q-Q16 Rfg, Sovmfli S QW 557Ui0?fv' BSN, HIV Jeffery S. Johnson Marvin Jones mm' Sarah Karpoff L Anne H. Kouri i Katy S. Landberg Christi F. Lee S . w - ' ew QQ as Www of BSN, em QM QMESM Cmfm, im, BSN, RN QQfWwcfdz.Ueg9fj,:f.f ww KQMQ4 ,zssN,ew ffww Kathym M3I'Ch8I'lf Simon6 Matlock Karen Mautden Wendeil Mauldin Christie McCarthy Angeia MCCuHough i K ,R pllwaow. I 2615 EU LQWQQQQ Vw. vxouggran QJSNIAN MQQDJ IPM + 2 f 5 w 'f 41, Af 'W v M .1 if af Ma, if Y' r , 4, Paula Mynatt if 'ij' , W i " Wig iwwif i q' " Y QM Mm Nancy D. Neighbors g0 5-5M 'QU 4 xiii: af"-A 2 Michalena Ne1son 7 f -X ,:.:+ 'N t WQQMW. WOM BSN M Dm? WW QSM M Demse Oldham . ASNIKN Joeuouvares qow QLNONM9 ESM? K QL Uma 350, gn 6 QU? PWM Qi ' cg 1. 7 cccc cc c A i Snvyidiwf- .vm NX Zelendc Owens Jimmie Lou Patton Rebecca D. Pearcy -J Hr-'nf Terri S. Pear! Connie Peebkes ,X j K7 - Thomas Pickle www 12, ESMWV Vw f ,ah A AEM :fha f f AI I 4, 's fmfnc,cC, my SSN, dm 601121, 6sm,aA1 E rw 5,, Y in AIN 1 rr www, 5622547 fifvlffiftf A Wm ,, ff Nancy Pyle n n nn f 5 n 41. fill, B546 EIL! Gayle Quinn Sara Ramsey QQ Robert Rnoads Christina Rnude l' L Lfy,w'LM1..1, gfhmwgg g5ASn',K1V C, Brad Ricken 'Nw-ww, X QUWH Qfmfm BSM,'f!?u Q in 'Vw cs L '- n ff? N f wi n n Q V a . fm rf' A th 1, ""' Q 4 fl : nQnnnn A !Qa4"-AL USN., RAI V ,594 iw r W 5 JA Jsww .,,, . 1 '- r V ""' ' : V rr fr j g ,,rz:"' wr,,, ,fQ 'w w w f r U K , , r , Q S , Qgjgyffm :q w L f ,f ww 'rw I-4 , . , f ' f:"5f'YZV jzfg,j If uf' hi. 'Q ' V7 "J : , 1 kzifj ' f 1" , ww r r 4 rg4,r4gWf. f, 4 ,r -W , ,, ,, f fv,A,,zff'e', , ,.,. 'mwwfr1" w,f:1vgf,f,,ggV,',g,g yr, Z Q fi rf4,g3rL1,ffmfTAeMf M2521 f f ,aw f as A ,vw f f X l 4x.4,. ,ff x rf E f , . N 2 - W 2631! J an ., .y W V X f , , ,fr 211' f f HM, f SWL? if y ,,, , ,,,.1 L,,, A 2 v'-Y'war?-f'5xWv,',rr WM! BSN, KN x K 3 I ,E 2 4 X .f ,. ,, W rrrr ,R f 4 w 'W Jam asm RN Emma J. Smith Karen Terry um AQ. daofk Jufn3H,?n5M, RM Andrea Thomas QM M, I T' , wi ,, -pinxivw z' ,Q if r E, Sarah Toileson 5 CRN mm W Scarlet Travis V' M, aw. . Wararergzrgw 6Y45L?WZ?:Vm WST? Tracey Vail OSH 1 RN Q . n se ' 4 6 f' 55453 f?!If" lkmhmmwmww jywmmmmpamuew 1 Tommy Varhaug Sharon Vickers Daniel J. Vocque Marie Wagner i' Stephanie Ward Monica Weich g2ZmzmZkmwMf Wm WWW aw, mv 1-'MA WEYCJA 73.5319 Q10 Qmsagtwmat Eesti, 'RM f iii ' it y j 'fr --h.'. si. . N as ' www' Wmmcupw -Began eaten Carolyn S. Wilcox AUM in L i f' 1 D 'wil' 0 'U f ennis iiams Mluurcinykij jfyjfif i 'Qin Kristina Williams sharon williams Marie Williamson E it is sg 5, X 2 ss , Q 1 t X Nl X N XX XE? vi? S it X get Terri Peari, was selected by the Helene Fuld Health Trust as a 1992 Fuld Fellow. Nominated by the Dean, Terri was one of fifty students selected by the trust for this fellowship. As a 1992 Fulcl Fellow, Terri was able to attend the 1992 international Confer- ence on Cancer Nursing ln Vienna, Austria. 283 P' J gg gal we C 45 ffl fl-SQ Q Q 5' R S, N ,gs 3 Y 5 RSX 'N Q x Carolyn Bailey Martha Bushmiaer Paulette Gaston 1 Charles Manning Dawn Pyle Cheryl Varney 284 John Baker 'Iva Clare Campbell Sheri Horton Jan McKinney No l"l14.il0 Avmlfihlu Carol Randolph A a. xl ' f' Robert Welker Sharon Bell Phyllis Benjamin lvlelonese Clarke John Dugan Jill .lobe Ax 'Kimble No Pholo 'La Blaise Mobley ,.,i f Sue Reimer Joseph Tracy ...ff-" Carolyn Webb Renee Brewer Darrell Dunaway l Esther Jones xi' l Sl Cihdy Platt QQ Son Tran f' Lf' E, ,.40"" Q-4-"""""" M' ,,r'-'A ,dffwr ,,,.,-1 M-A " I 1 f, W'-JZ , 4' W , ',"v 1,5 ..,M.-Q., ,, ' 1 .4 A . V, 1 1 f. 'mf' 1 E' U ,'.1g ' i , , M ' z ,Wm..., W. Q '35 M Wi ' f K ,V,,, W, 1 i .L KQX xx' Mwamf "9 -n-vw ' I ,M X ,f If . pq yy 4. A zvv ' f , . 3 ,' "Elf ' - 'QL I' ' U' f Q x , gggv- ,,4,5 ff 'Y 16' 1 wtf' . arf x, of ,, M .- W . 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'w ' f 59 y fa W ' 1-1:- 2 5, if ,f, Kevin Matlock Mary McCullough Tonya Mercer Shannon Morgan Brad Morgans Stephanie Nelson Rebecca Newton Walt Nickels Barbara O'Brien Brandice O'Donnell Russell Oaks Sharon Odom Beatrice Onyeokeqiri Pamela Orender Linda Orenstein Diane Owen Michael Owens Cheryl Phillips Rebecca Pike Amy Ritchey Sandra Rogers Deborah Rose Roxann Rusgis Jamie Russell Mary Ellen Shanks Clifton Sheppard Shannon Sivils Kathy Skarda Jennifer Smothers Debra Staggs Christi Statler Kim Styles Kristy Sullivan Holli Treece Chris Tropp Laura Tucker Latanya Turner Josephine Wakwe Mona Ward Amy Whitlock Buddy Whitlock Doug Whitlow Cynthia Wilborn Debra Williams John Williams Kent Wilson fs aw X' s 2,4 . 1 Q41 ...-,fbi lg X 4- Q X.. gr .. si. X x 5 1 x K' Q A X in 1 A x ,. 3. hx. NX Wk N X - - X-'V -vaxrflm X X NF: HF Nki, K .www Gflliywf lfazffh ?eELZ2J gzwaaxbnaf College Of Health Related Professions Ronald l-l. Winters, Pn.D. Dean and Professor CHRP Administration .Viv kt: - i t V, " eree ,A I V Ruth M. Allen, Pn.D. Associate Dean and Associate Professor J. Cepnis Gaddy, lvl.S.E. Associate Director S.A. No Photo Available Leonard L. Bennett, M.B.A. Assistant Dean Jerome T. Grismer, lvl.D. Associate Deane DIN A, i ,' , lm r Y 44- P l' 1 9' ' M ' L -, .wig if ,fe f H' H 'P 5' 2' 4 ' ' -. f P .A if . f i? it Available 5 'K X N A A J :MES I r ' No Photo Available No Photo Avaliable Shirley Pine, Ph.D. Professor Maurice Weatherton, Ph.D. Professor Audiology And Speech Pathology Terri Hutton, MPA. Instructor J. Hope Keiser, Ph.D Professor Priscilla NellumfDavis, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor James Montague, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman Nola Burl, Ph,D. Instructor and Clinical Supv Jess Dancer, Ed.D. Professor Sakina Drummond, Ph.D. Professor Beth Eaton, M.A. Instructor and Dir. Clin. Ser Donald Fuller, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Betholyn Gentry, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Patricia l-lighley, MS. Instructor No Photo N0 010 Available Availablg James Wear, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Darrel Croswell, BS. Instructor Biomedical Instrumentation t 301 Cytotechnology Dental Hygiene Kurt Truax, D.D.S. Assoc. Professor and Chairman Susan DeAngelis, M.S. Asst. Professor Cindy Green, M.S. Assoc. Professor and Clinic Coord. Tip Nelms. D.D.S, Professor Barbara Thornton, B.S Instructor Daniel Vernino, D.D.S. Professor Katy Warren, lVl.Ed. Assoc. Professor William Wingfield, M.Ed. Asst. Professor 5 - y William Kerstetter, lVl.A. Asst. Professor and Chairman Michelle Henry-Stanley, M.S. Asst. Professor I -H. .. K ,. .,,...........,...-25 I. , .Q- .Qsmmw it s 5 i . r t S S Available 5 2 A ' i 3 i 2 3 xt'if1Ff1.:1 --:Mi . is .-,,f ,i-f . , 1,f,.,,. as 5 if ,A 5. l 3 1 4 wg, 3 my ',. Q 3 Q , 3 Q' Qi it , t I 2, 4 . .fix ,F Available No Photo MWC Dietetics And Nutrition Beverly McCabe, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Catherine Brown, MS. Asst. Professor Fionni Chernoft, Ph.D., Ft.D. Assoc, Dir. and Professor Jean Hine, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor Sharon Hinson, MS. Asst. Professor 302 No Photo Available mv , .f fd f1"f ' 1 jf 43 " Q .qwfwr W 1 f' 4 if a 1 he LAW? 1 1? ,Q X. 12 No Pnbiolf i g Available f I Emergency Medicine Jo Ann Cobble, M.A. Assoc. Professor and Chairman Dennis Mitchell, B.Th. Instructor 7 Timothy Rinehart, B.A. "', Instructor Timothy Vandiver, BS. 777' Instructor Medical Technology Margaret Bartelt, Ph.D. , Assoc. Professor and Interim Chair ,V .. . L ,xl Susan Aycock, M.H.S. li V . , ..' jg Instructor TQf,jg.i ' ' ' . , , Maxine Jones, MS. f A A ' p Instructor ','. ' ' ,I I "fi T "I, ,'.' Kathleen Mugan, B.S. j ,i,i ' Na PMID I "I.' Instructor Availiible 7 . if: l,'f""'i Sharon Palmer, B.S. Instructor Camille Pridgen, Ed.D Asst. Professor Clinical Instructor Pamela Stroman, M.A. was sf? fail 'xh Martha Pickett, M.l-l.S.A. Asst. Professor and Chairman Nuclear Medicine Technology 303 4 Radiologic Technology Ouinnie Young, M.Ed. Asst. Professor and Interim Chair Dessie Arnold, M.Ed. Instructor Linda Lingar, B.S. Clinical Instructor Rita Montgomery-Green, M.B.A. Asst, Professor Joe Nolen B.S. Instructor fi, Stanley Olejniczak B.H.S. ' ' Instructor William Pedigo M.P.A. No Photo Available No Photo Available . - , Alfallable Instructor N0 photo V Respiratory Care Erna Boone, lVl.Ed. Asst. Professor and Chairman Thersa Gramlich, M.S.P.H.E. Asst. Professor David Jordan, lVl.H.S.A. Asst. Professor and D.C.E John Lindsey, B.S. Clinical Instructor 2 Rena Novack, A.S. Asst. Instructor No Photo Available Available 304 Don Richter, B.S. Instructor Rod Roark, BS. Pm? Instructor I, I N0 Photo if No Photo I Avadable Available Surgical Technology Cindy Bagwell, B.S.N. ' ' Instructor and Chairman , ' , Jerone Grismer, MD. N0 Enom 5 ,. ir' f ' if N0 Photo ASSOC, Dean Available E CU Available Terry White, B.S.N. ' 5 5 '- Instructor , U "i I 1 1 I Stephen Anderson Walter Godwin Charles Long Randy Vllilcner Fearless leader and motley crew. Gimme a Hammer- l'll fix it! . .,.,.,,, F -:l:3V :- iii t ill!! lg ooo to in 2 Hllll im i gllll I llllrrlt ll rlll ll ,,W.,,,,.iiffkmiM, ,f , - ,awww ,, , fur' 2' Mgt: H::z,if fy we avi ' ' Rf' 1: 1-"1--r" d W, VVLK If Te"O"Z'n9meV'A' 855333545 weia,z2iw1il'2si,,tetQ,atE1,XAL aa.,f i. - From a cnild's point of view. ' Water's fine all the time! l know there's an on switch somewhere By George, I believe tney're getting ltl I can't hear you Korotkoff! N.,.,M.-M Hiinm xs ' x ln touch with Angels. We're ready - bring on the smarts! I I 1 I km., Brandi Callan Jeff Carlton Darrell Fenton l-laakon Gjertsen James King I Fliclward Lowery Robert Naranjo James Rivers Mary Yielding William Zilk 4 A "cell" out performance. HMM ... You don't Say? Extracorporeal contemplation. lntra-angelic attitude. Away from the books! 5 i 5 Angela Brookley Luong Chung Anita Grggleman Xkiq, s tx'-' , WK Laura Walker A X vg:.:m-of: .L - .L-.. .X N 5 k W. 5 1 ' X N. A ,A x , .. W . . 1 - . ' f K1 ix 3 'N N W X X A New X ,X x. ,E gm -. 1. X . X ,Jw L- f- . ,ga 3 is X -LLL-L - L Yolanda Robinson Tracy Woodrow ,, vi, grin Y w wg , 5: rrrrr '. My V,,V - 'll 5 l E' fa 1 1 ' X W rw K ' Q N .. 'IQ W Q rr rr ., f ,,1f 'io . K . ,gif w 5 ' Q fl Q . of 'QP efz 5 ' ..., ,- ws, ,Q x . r,r, r - H ' r r ,. A ' ' + ,r ,v-r 'Q Mr W o rg I I -' ..-g.M.,.f.-1e'.f H H A " "" ' ""' " 1 ,,,,, , .. .,.. -- N WW? N f r Inq Kristi Brownfield Susan Buford KwHJZ,ma?M,i31ZBS 53606210 Hcfmgl, ??DH,B.Sf vu- 5 A W S r V 5 Win- 'gh Q 5 S H l I' ,, V A gi 'M Jennifer Coiolasure Diane Dixon gwfvigfu W1H:f55 z0w4xQ,2mf., forges ..- rg 2 A, dt' egg? ,wg fi ,i,,. 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V 1 f- K. .Q MW dwffff gum d.,,4,Mf1 ,9.,4,fJ SML llwglw 532.17 112270 .lad Jeffrey Jones Jacqueline Leslie W1-gas:-r icgwm 06.4461 BSU' 0' in i Q 1 1 Dana Martin Duward Mariin T Nm Lwfjefemip, 55?7A idiwifii HUM asizi .F f f f ,,, , , 1169 f , f 'E V 2 ff fi We wh .Li A V M , f mqqvi. wwnlfw ' ,wx Ken Safford Rita Smith gk M ' ' 14 i i 1 i 4, X3 X I , Y 'i ' ' 42 f i ,,i' ., 2 , fi '- ,H W , W We ei W. ,MH ,i E, ia' A , gavage ,. 4i3'yzWawZ6'f?m,,a' . 1 A Zhang, R. Uma, 5.391 Stacy Vance 'Q Watch out girls! Tricia, don't squeeze so hard! 2 , raaiil iiii f S l LM , .. .Q.7,m3 , L 1 We: 3 I I H.. e X 328 Ei! . 3 1 ,I if ,rf E , l've fallen, and I can't get up! , fs aff vi :-. Ii, My . ! Mine's better than your's Bruce, VVe're going in - it's tippin' time. f Us p r ri 1 nf N. J l-lave a Coke and a smile. Q tto 8 L NL VHS: it Q s L Q. Q, L i w m -- A ,q.:: L we- ff ..... - Natalie, it's time you learned to swim! !' 1 sk It's called a Cutie pie Sheri, a cutie pie! Sexy Legs!! Look, I can reach the bag!! Lets call It Frankenstem Lg. f I I I No Photo , Available ri ?4 sig? If Luke DeGraff Desiree Hardwick Jackie Scott Virginia Walker DSTCQ 5 Z .NN 'QSRW 1 Q1 if-wif, -ez-: :Q-A I f'i1l::-'fiiiii . . A is 4 Q f1,,r 331 i ' ' 2006 Shanette Adams Billy Ashcraft Floslyn Davis Charles Elder Holly Fortner i L Q ' Z 4 Heath Moran Roxanne Nielson - -:iz 1 -.f-fr O. SXJJ '91 ' 7- fa kd bg' K-9 J- Nu, igigigi wg My WMKQS illlii W Mtdffzifx My MAS x "'m.M XM 3 4 M WX ww 2 ww N STAR X W? 1 .IQ -. fffwhf ,... . 5 Q X A Q r Q ak 3 , X X Q 2 ig! xxx J K S XF' KX X X X 1 X X X xx in-N X. X X rwk I I f 7 , 1 fy V X 32 A Lori Fitch f Ll A111 ffff if ' 1 ' "ESQ: 5' 1 , .x Harlan Brown 494' Paula Pekelo N N N ":"A ' , li ll Wai' ,W g 'ab v .v ,K 3112. 1 Q 4.2 , 15' Jeffrey Cowley L. , V W W ni 1 ' . , , "' rr g.1e- Laurinda Spears W 2 fa 5 A f 'W V A ,,.V I y w Y . or ff li, f f -:af fffizfff Kimberly Elliott Tresa Long ' ' Q I ' .. 'O uf '.f'- I .W , , 'A Z Shirley Spears Danielle Zvviefelhofer NW f I 'F' Dianna Bonner Michael Calamese Rhonda Clegg Marvin Durden 'l Leann Fausetl David Gill, Jr. Sarah Harvey Susan Horton 1 Thomas J. Huie Christopher James Nikki Leonard James Manley Y ww 76ma7qyf Kimberly Mitchell Angela Felton v ' S 'V 4 L NM- ,,.,mwM ,MM Nt. I 7 David Baker Clitt Collins Steven Eddy i 4: if, , M. 3 Q , we J, 22, 43. '2 "W an i f ff Vincent Grimmett Rocky Hardy Angela Lee Krista Lurry Jana Matthews Rebecca Melton Velma Melton Robert Rearcy f 7 ?2w QW No Photo Avaiiabie David Breedlove Judy Crawford Misty Dixon Debra Hoots Susan Lawson Richard MoCorvy Delena Morris Richard Pounders Dianna Rhodes Michael Taylor Anthony White ' 7 Faith Barras Lisa Byers Chris Carson Terri Crow Nanette Ellis Angela Goodson Anne Kaduchak Wendy Kee Jennifer Keetover ls Jodie Via Hazel Whittington Lisa Cotter Lorrie Johnson Elizabeth Van Atta e xfx: MQW Nw In 3 f 'lf 5'-5 1 'fy rw N Xxx X X wwww avi'-+ Eldot! adm, L' we - Jung I-lamuwnd Nuuigg .Cewu Ed WMM! 2-,Qin Km PM .fm sawn Num M wh Vwdbw Kem, fciaaw Fmgulonf Gwdmlz Sem! :Swim fam! Nwuug .Tuma lvledico Peri-Gay Cauthrone Editor The Medico is a campus-vvide newspaper published monthly by UAMS students. ln addition to the regular staff, guest writers often contribute. The Medico reports campus activities and events as well as academic information. Advisor to the lvledico is lVlrs. Suzanne Mathews of the Student Activities and Housing Office. i Medical College Council I The function of the Medical College Council is to under take projects and promote activities that will directly benefit the medical school student body. The Council is responsible for the annual Skit Dance. lt is also involved with organizing the student body in the selection of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Golden Apple Awards, as well as Resident of the Year Award. The Council works in cooperation with other organizations to provide opportunities, equipment, and recreational activities that serve to improve the quality of life for UAMS students. ASG. .. I 5 V if 5 J' fi Associated Student Government is made up of representatives from each school of the Medical Sciences Campus. lt's purpose is to provide unity among all students on Campus, to aid new student orientation and to serve as a channel of communication between students and administration. The officers for 1992-93 are: Scott Fedosky, President, Pat Franklin, Vice-President, Jett Mayfield, Secretaryg Elise Fortin, Treasurer. .Q 1 348 I Family Practice Interest Group any . N 6 ,rv Q 596 The Family Practice Interest Group is the Student membership of the Arkansas Chapter of The American Academy of Family Physicians, the nation's second largest medical specialty organization. Membership in the FMlG enables students who are interested in the speciality of Family Practice to learn more about it through involvement with practicing physicians and through meeting on a state and national level with other student members. I I Baptist Student Union e 1 T :www Y wwf The Baptist Student Union i the gospel of Jesus Christ. Scripture study, personal counseling, weekly lunches, and foreign missionary work are some of the activities that BSU sponsors are involved in to attain this goal. Students from all denominations are welcome and do in fact participate in the above mentioned activities. Under the organizational direction of Diane O'ConneIl, BSU has become a very important link to students at UAMS. s a campus ministry sponsored by the Southern Baptist Organization. lt serves the entire student body at UAMS and sets its ultimate goal as spreading Phi Delta Chi I Phi Delta Chi is national pharmacy fraternity comprised of both men and women. Phi Delta Chi members hold several money making projects and social activities for all pharmacy students. Phi Delta Chi members for 1992-93 are: Front Flow Seated: Julie Case, Treasurer- Pam Yancey, Dottie lvlerritt, Rebecca Giipatricif, Marilyn Pose, Sheree lVlcConkey and Sharon Vireg Back Row Standing: Sponsor - Dr. Charles Born, l-lenry Irving, Secretary - Chris Nigemann, vice-President - Kerry Stevens, Angela Grady, James Presley, l-leida Trammel, President - Christy Lander and Elizabeth White. Not Pictured: Scott Curd, Kelly Curd, Rachael Fox, Patti Stevenson, Donna Baxter and Tim Finley. Cl-l.Fl.P. Student Council I The College of Health Related Prolessions Student Council plans social activities for students in the various programs of UAMS CHPP. They serve as a liaison between students and faculty and administration. They try to promote and further interest in the Ci-lPiP. A.S.P. The Academy of Students of Pharmacy is the national professional society of pharmacy students and an official subdivision of the American Pharmaceutical AssociationlAPhAi. ASP was organized to aid and support the objectives of APhA, to provide members vvith information about the affairs of APhA and the profession of pharmacy. lt also is a forum for students to express their opinions on pertinent APhA activities and policies, and encourages student to be active members in programs that promote pharmacy. lXl.A.RD. The Charles lvl. West National Association of Fietail Druggists was formed in the spring of 1989 on the UAMS campus, NAPD is the organization that represents and promotes retail pharmacy. NAPD membership helps to inform members about changing legislative and regulatory developments concerning pharmacy. The officers for i992-93 are: Kelly Stanley, President: Betsy Pollefson, Vice-Presidentg Mary Ann Freyaldenhoven, Treasurerg Cissy Fiiley, Secretaryg Teresa Williams, Historian. a pa Epsilon I l 1 . Kappa Epsilon is a professional women s pharmacy fraternity The motto of KE is "promoting women in pharmacy". During the year, KE holds several money making projects, community service projects and social actrvities Many members also attend the National Convention. Kappa Psi Kappa Psi was founded May 30, 1879, at the Ftussell Military Academy in New l-laven, Connecticut. Initially, it was a literary Greek Letter Society which evolved into a Medical-Pharmacy fraternity. ln 1924 by mutual agreement, the members of both professions separated into two distinct groups. The pharmaceutical group retained the name Kappa Psi. Today Kappa Psi has over 45,000 members, 64 collegiate chapters, and 41 graduate chapters, Many men prominent in pharmacy are members of Kappa Psi. Scholarships ARKANSAS CADUCEUS CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS: Each year, the Caduceus Club, the medical alumni of the University of Arkansas, awards a full-tuition scholarship to two students in the entering first year class who have demonstrated superior achievements both inside and outside the classroom. Pictured left to right: Lee Johnson of Ratcliff, Mrs, Janet Honeycutt, Executive Director of the Caduceus Club, and Robert Brown of Fayetteville. AMAERF SCHOLARSHIPS: The county chapters of the Arkansas Medical Society Auxiliary contrib- ute each year to a scholarship fund for deserving medical students. The scholarships are awarded annually to students who demonstrate out- standing academic achievement and "humanitarian skills". Pictured left to right: Matthew Smith, freshman of Blytheville, Reggie Vaden, senior, of Alexander, Sherlita Reeves, freshman, of Paragould, John Lazenby, junior, of Little Rock, Mrs. Jeannette Burgess, Auxiliary Rep., Sher Luningham, senior, of Little Rock, and Charles Halter, junior of North Little Rock. DEAN'S OFFICE INAUGURAL SCHOLARSHIPS: As a part of the UAMS "Invest in Life" campaign to raise S5,000,000.00 in scholarships, members of the Dean's Office Staff have pledged to create this scholarship to recognize and reward humanitarian public service. Pictured left to right: Senior Rob Emery of Tulsa, Junior Scott Stanley of Little Rock, Mrs. Janet Honeycutt, Sophomore Scott Hogan of Morrilton, and Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean for the College of Medicine. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE "AWARD OF EXCELLENCE" SCHOLARSHIPSH: Four entering freshman at UAMS have been awarded the College of Medicine "Award of Excellence" Scholarships. These awards are given on the basis of outstanding academic achieve- ment and leadership potential. Pictured left to right: Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, Kenneth West, Fort, Smith, Nicole Miller, Marvell, and Bernard Crowell, Little Rock. PULASKI COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP: The Pulaski County Medical Society awards a scholarship to an entering freshman with a permanent residence in Pulaski County. Physician members award the scholarship based on outstanding academic achievement, leadership, character, and financial need. Pictured are Mr. Fred Reddoch, Exec. Dir. ofthe Pulaski County Medical Society, and Dawn Botwinick of Jack- sonville. ROBERT AND DOROTHY BOWLING SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 1991 by Dr. Robert Bowling, Ph.D. in memory of his wife and to celebrate his retirement after 34 years as a devoted member of the faculty of the College of Medicine, this scholarship is to be awarded annually to a sophomore who has demonstrated academic promise. Pictured are Dr. Robert Bowl- ing and James Kevin Rudder of El Dorado. THE DOROTHY SNIDER FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS: Ten scholarships are made possible through the Dorothy Snider Foundation, created by Dorothy Louise Snider of Manila, AR. Scholarships are awarded annually to students who have excelled academically. Preference is given to students who are permanent residents of northeast Arkansas, who plan to reside and practice in Arkansas, and financial need. Pictured left to right: Seated: Junior Cara Clemons, Piggott, Senior Michele Evyan, Blytheville, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, Freshman Sharon Hansard-Burns, Jonesboro, Back Row: Senior Mary Jo Shaver, Jonesboro, Senior Andrew Coleman, Bono, Freshman Jim Wood, Tupelo, AR, Freshman Johnnie Hinton, Blytheville, Sophomore Hal Calver Batesville, Sophomore Steven Kelly, Cotton Plant, Freshman David Fielder, Jonesboro. S59 ARKANSAS ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS SCHOLARSHIPS: The physician members of the Academy established the scholarship in 1989 to recognize a junior medical student who is a student member of the Academy and who plans to specialize in Family Practice. It is based on academic achievement, financial need, and participation in FMIG. Dr. Steve Strode of the Academy is pictured with Kim Garner of Pine Bluff. THE JEWEL MINNIS SCHOLARSHIP: The late Miss Jewel Minnis of Roe, Monroe County, bequeathed the proceeds of a rice farm to the University of Arkansas to provide scholarships for outstanding students who wish to achieve high academic goals. Over the years, S1,000,000.00 has been awarded to students through her Trust Fund. Pictured left to right are Julie Cole of Jonesboro, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Dean, and Whitney Smith of VanBuren. DANA A. MARTINXCLASS OF 1987 SCHOLARSHIP: The Class of 1987 established a memorial scholarship to honor its classmate Dana Martin who died in an automobile accident in 1986. The scholarships, which are awarded to two entering freshman are made possible by the donation of his classmates as well as the Martin family. Pictured left to right Eric Hatley of Jonesboro Mr and Mrs. Garth Martin, Dana's aunt and uncle, and Manish Patel of Pine Bluff. CLASS OF 1982!DR. MORRIS HUGHES MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. The Class of 1982 created a scholarship in memory of their classmate, Dr. Morris Hughes, who died in an airplane crash in 1988. By vote of his classmates, Haley Shaw was selected to receive the inaugural award. He is pictured with Dr. Lee Archer, Class of 1982. WASHINGTON COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIPS: The Washington County Medical Society awards a scholarship to recognize the outstanding academic achievements of a freshman student from Washington County. Dr. Richard Wheeler, Assoc. Dean for Student and Academic Affairs is pictured with Karl Kuhn of Fayetteville. DR. EDWARD FORREST ELLIS SCHOLARSHIP: ln 1989, Dr. Ruth Ellis Lesh of Fayetteville, established this scholarship as a loving memorial to her father, Dr. Edward Ellis, who practiced medicine until his death in 1957 at the age of 93. Dr. Lesh established the scholarship to recognize students who have superior academic achievement and an interest in surgery. Pictured are Dr. Dodd Wilson, and Reggie Vaden of Alexander. DR. AND MRS. FRANK MAGUIRE, SR. SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship was established in 1966 by anonymous donors to honor Dr. and Mrs. Maguire, who practiced medicine and served the Augusta area for over 50 years. The annual award is presented to a sophomore student who has excelled during his freshmen year. Pictured is Seth Barnes, of Fordyce, and Dr. Dodd Wilson. DR. BANKS BLACKWELL FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Each year, the Blackwell Foundation provides a scholarship to a student from Jefferson County who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Dr. Blackwell is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and has practiced for many years in Pine Bluff. Pictured is Jay Rankin, of Pine Bluff, and Dr. Richard Wheeler. DR. AND MRS. EDWIN GRAY SCHOLARSHIPS: This scholarship, establish in 1988, is awarded annually to an entering freshman on the basis of outstanding undergraduate achievement and the potential to become a caring physician. Tragically, Dr. and Mrs. Gray, and their daughter and son-in-law, Jan and Ed Love, perished in an airplane crash in 1991. Pictured are Dr. Dodd Wilson, and David Arnold of Fort Smith. EDDIE BALL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship was founded in memory of Eddie Ball, Sophomore Class of 1984, by the E.B. Ball family of Eudora, AR, and friends ofthe Bail family. Eddie died in an automobile accident. An annual award is presented to a sophomore who has demonstrated a willingness to serve others. Pictured are Dr. Dodd Wilson, and Janece Gates of North Little Rock. POPE COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP: Physician members of the Pope County Medical Society award a scholarship to recognize an entering first year student. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academics, leadership, and financial need. Pictured are Chris Taylor of Russellville, and Dr. Kelly Meyer of Russellville. ILSE F. OATES SCHOLARSHIP: The Oates Scholarship is awarded to senior medical students who have exhibited "good clinical capabilities, academic performance, and moral character". Funds are provided by the county chapters of the Arkansas Medical Society Auxiliary. Mrs. llse F. Oates, who was married to Dr. Charles Oates, "adopted" medical students and provided spending money and small loans in 1919. In 1928, she organized a Ioan program through the Auxiliary, and in 1990 the loan program was convened to a scholarship. Pictured are Shelly Baldwin, Magnolia, Mrs. Evelyn Thomas, and Chris Girkin, Fort Smith. Not pictured is Jeff Bradley of Rogers. CLASS OF 1937 ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP: This award is given to a freshman who has demonstrated superior academic achievement. According to Dr. J.A. Henry, of RusseIviIlelCIass of 19375, "the chief reason for establishing the scholarship was in recognition of the School of Medicine which provided for us the opportunity to become doctors". Pictured left to right: Elizabeth Tai, Pine Bluff, and Dr. JA. Henry. RITA AND ROBERT HOMER BRYANT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship was established in memory of Rita and Robert Homer Bryant, iClass of 19511, by their daughter, Mrs. Frances Edens. The scholarship recognizes a freshman who demonstrates remarkable achievement both inside and outside the classroom. Pictured are David Beeman of Rogers, and Mrs. Martha Vaughan Mashburn, a family friend ofthe Bryants. DR. WINSTON K. SHOREY SCHOLARSHIP: The Shorey Scholarship was established in 1976 by the Women's Auxiliary of the University Hospital to assist a freshman whose ability indicates a career of professional skill and humanitarian service. Pictured are Dr. Jeannette Shorey, and Scott Naugler of Eureka Springs, CLASS OF 1981 ALUMNI AWARD SCHOLARSHIP: - This scholarship was established by the Class of 1981 as its graduation gift to the College. It is awarded annually to a senior who is voted by his or her classmates to be a promising physician. Pictured are Cheryl Green of Jackson- ville, and Dr. Thomas Koonce of Little Rock, Class of 1981. BUCHANAN KEY RECIPIENTS: The Buchanan Key awards were established in 1939 by the late Dr. A.S. Buchanan Class of 1905, One recipient is selected from each class based on scholastic achievement and the vote of his or her classmates. Since Dr. Buchanan's death in 1953, the award has been continued by his daughters, Mrs. Carl Dalrymple of Prescott, and Miss Katherine Buchanan of Silver Spring, Maryland. Pictured left to rightare Dr. Richard Wheeler, Junior Elise Fortin of Russellville: Sophomore Teresa Wilson of Little Rock, and Senior Hayden Franks of Magnolia. dir- 1 5 ' .A I UAMS FACULTY WOMEN'S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP: MEDICAL COLLEGE PHYSICIANS GROUP SCHOLARSHIPS: ' This annual award is presented by the Women's Club to an outstanding student Physicians at UAMS College of Medicine established a scholarship fund to recognize outstanding acaclei enrolled in one of five colleges on the UAMS campus. Preference is given to a achievement and leadership potential. Pictured left to right: Shane Higginbotham, Bryant, Matthew Kagy, Li student who is the spouse or dependent of an employee of the University of Rock, Teresa Wilson, Little Rockg Deanna Brown, Executive Director of MCPGg Stacy Ulmer, Bryant, Jan Arkansas state-wide system, rank in the upper one-third of hisfher class, a Hutcheson, Texarkana, and Reza Shahim, Little RockfJacksonvilIe. junior or senior, and enrolled in one ofthe five colleges. Pictured are Ms. Marsha i Winters and Martin Siems, the 1992-1993 Recipient. THE FRANK WILLIAMS SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship was established in 1984 in memory of Frank Williams, of Grant County, a generous donor to the College and who left much of his estate to establish a cancer research fund. This award is given annually to recognize medical students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement at the undergraduate level. Pictured are Dr. Dodd Wilson and Shelley White of Nashville. THE DR. GEORGE S, WISE SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is awarded to a junior on the basis of outstanding achievement during the sophomore year. lt is made possible by an endowment established by Mr, and Mrs. Murry J. Sarlin in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Wise. Pictured are Dr. Richard Wheeler and Martin Siems of Scott, THE EM. GRAY SCHOLARSHIP: Dr. EJM. Gray practiced for over 50 years throughout Arkansas, and it was Dr. Gray's desire to assist deserving students who wished to attend medical school. The scholarship is awarded to and freshman student on the basis of academic achievement and outstanding character. Pictured are Dr. Richard Wheeler, and Joe Dugger of Searcy. THE M.H. "BILL" SIMMONS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is awarded by the Siloam Springs Scholarship Committee and recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achieve- ment and leadership potential. Pictured are Dr. Richard Wheeler, and Minor Gregory of Augusta. SOUTHERN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP: Since 1971, the SMA has provided scholarships to entering freshmen who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership qualities. The scholarship includes free membership to the Southern Medical Association, Pictured left to right are Dr. Dodd Wilson, Mark Storey of Hot Springs, Tracy Speight of Bentonville, and Shannon Brownfield of Greenwood. TENENBAUM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Twenty-two medical students have been named as recipients of the Joseph and Carolyn Tenenbaum Scholarships, which were created by Mr. and Mrs. Tenenbaum in honor of their parents, Julius and Birdie Tenenbaum, and Seymour and Nona Summerfield. This award assists deserving students on the basis of academic achievement and financial need. Pictured are Sophomore Student Recipients: Victor Williams, West Helena, Jacqueline Howard, Little Rock, Mr. Steve Bauman, Trustee for the Fund, and Tim Goodson, Arkadelphia. TENENBAUM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right are Junior Recipients ofthe award: Nikki Bauknight, Pine Bluff, Yvette Randle, Pirie Bluff, Mr, Steve Bauman, Trustee: Zena Penn, Little Rock: and Jeffrey Howard, Cotton Plant. 355 TENENBAUM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured is Kenneth Holder, Sophomore of Bono, with Ivlr Steve Bauman, Trustee. TENENBAUM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured are Charolette Coleman, Junior of Huntsville, Mr. Steve Bauman, Trustee, and Jennifer Hannah, Freshman of Benton. 73 , 1 Q , L it 1, 1 fr if I 1 e ' I H Q ,limi 1 TENENBAUM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP . ' Pictured are Gailyn Morgan, Chidester, Mr, Steve Bauman, Trustee, Julie Cole, Jonesboro, and ' , Christina Campbell, Russellviile. Q W 3 ,- , tif' lfiwli tliiii-ll 'i ii:-, - 'qi lliliiwi' ' l, N ' iii, JOSEPH COLLINS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: The Collins Foundation provides scholarships to medical students throughout the United States on a competitive basis The Foundation considers academic performance as well as an interest in art and culture outside the field of medicine. Chris lvlelton, also last year's recipient, is pictured with Dr. Richard Wheeler, BARTON FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Barton Scholarship are awarded on the basis of the previous year's academic performance and are given to approximately eight students in each class having the highest grade point averages. This scholarship was established through an endowment given to the College by Mrs, TH. Barton of EI Dorado in 1964. Pictured left to right are: Dr. Richard Wheeler, Janice Keating, Senior of Paris, and Dr. Dodd Wilson, ARKANSAS SERVICE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: This award is given in honor of fathers who die in service to their community, state, or nation. Brent Walker is pictured with Ms, Linda Bunda, Arkansas Community Foundation. Brent's father was the pilot of a helicopter that crashed in preparation for Desert Storm. i.,,,, fi A .ies ,f N BARTON FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured left to right are Freshman students Greg Kendrick, Conway, Dr, Dodd Wilson. Dean, Ashley Fleniken, Russellville, and David Streett, Little Rock. Not pictured are Patric Anderson, Lisa Lowery, Jeff Miller, and Todd Stewart. 56 tif' Ti v l. . i, K i r l Tulsa, 1 . i . . 2 3 4 2 it i F H ? 5 l mmf .M fr '.,. A i 'M N-4 vw ,f X lv l em v 'X 'S If . X I wx-N S was Y M' 1 Ha - xx MCMATH LAW FIRM SCHOLARSHIP: BARTON FOUNDATlON SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured are Junior students Kevin Wu, Fayetteville, Elise Fortin, Russellville, Dr. Richard Wheeler, Jennifer Dunlap, Malvern, and J. Hunter Young, Newport. Not pictured are Torin Gray, Waldron, J. Paul Young, Texarkana, Phillip Zeni, Little Rock, and John Wu, Fayetteville, eg BARTON FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHlP: Pictured are Senior students Marc Gunter, Little Rock, Hayden Franks, Magnolia, Dr. Richard Wheeler, Max Ann Sherwood, Blythevilleg and Joseph Bishop, Morrilton. Not pictured is Janice Keating, Paris, Tim Burson, Strong, Leslie Thompson Ziegler, Little Rock, and William Hawkins, BARTON FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Pictured are Sophomore students Wade Ceola, Tontitown, Charles Jackson, Marshall, Brad White, Crossett, Dr. Dodd Wilson, Scott Roofe, Piggottg Steve Robbins, Bonnerdaleg David Cash, Warren, and Tim Freyaldenhoven, Conway. Not pictured is Aaron Janos, Flippin. This scholarship is awarded annually to a sophomore student on the basis of superior academic performance during his or her freshman year and can be renewed if the student continues to excel. John Johnson, of McRae, has been awarded the scholarship for three consecutive years and is pictured with Ms. Sandra Sanders of the McMath Law Firm. edit uiatwt stsssis if ,Al Approximately 270 parents, students, spouses, family members and friends attended the annual luncheon. This event is a part of th College of Medicine Family Weekend which provides families o students with the opportunity to visit the UAMS campus and t "participate" in their medical education experience. PARENTS CLUB ANNUAL LUNCHEON AND BUSINESS MEETlNG 5 i C FRESHMAN FAMlLY WEEKEND. Y The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for famil members of medical students to experience a slice ofthe medica school environment, Over 400 students, parents, family members and friends participated during the weekend of activities this year Family Weekend is a iun time for everyone involved! I Alpha Dmega Alpha Alpha Omega Alpha is the only national honor medical society in the world. lt's purpose is to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical prolession. As stated inthe society's constitution, NAOA is organized for educational purposes exclusively and not for profit, and it's aim shallbe the promotion of scholarship and research in medical schools. the encouragement 1 a high standard ol character and conduct among medical students and graduates, and the recognition of high attainment in the rnedical science, practice, and related fields" Scott M Dinehart, MD. Secretary!Treasurer James Michael Key, M D. Counselor Jere D. Guin, M.D. Faculty lnductee ., ti. A ADA Class Of 1993 Karen Beard Bon Beckel Trey Bishop .left Bradley N, nn. Tim Burson Andy Coleman Susan Delap Danny Ford -its f--'f C . aw' Hayden Franks Pat Garner Chris Girken """' Marc Gunter ,,, R ipfy - 'aft www? ,nr Neil-visa RR V "9k"x x Q 9 w QE K is T F X .-My-N., e N iw 4:5 X wx X N an A Xi Q ia- x ! ,L G 5 ii' K' K X4 ,R 1149 1 132 .. K i ' .... -X ..,' aaaa oooo of ki, 1' p,.:-aaa .J M S- 1 nf- ,W 'f f ia Bill Hawkins James Jean John Johnson Janice Kealing Greg Massanelli Mary Jo Shaver Max Ann Sherwood Belinda Shirkey Jennifer Dunlap Torin Gray Theo Hronas Haley Shaw Martin Sierhs Flick Slough John Young Kevin Wu gl The Arkansas lr? ln 1969, 75 years after the first of several small scale efforts to organize a College of Medicine alumni association, Dean Winston K. Shorey pledged his own intense commitment by providing staff and space from the Dean's budget. University President David W. Mullins and the Board of Trustees were persuaded to authorize the Arkansas Caduceus Club as the alumni activity organization for the College, l-l. Wallace Thomas, M.D. '39, was appointed President for this organizational period, and Jeane D. l-lundleytwife of the late Louis K. Hundley, M.D. '35l was employed as Executive Director. The importance of their hard work along with the firm backing of Dean Shorey cannot be stated too strongly, as they visited county medical societies all across the state to rally support. Now almost 25 years, 23 Presidents, 4 Deans, and 1 Executive Director later, the Arkansas Caduceus Club is nationally recognized as an elite medical alumni organization and boasts a list of accomplishments for our College four pages long. It has received five coveted honors in the past five years, including three top alumni association awards from the Association of American Medical Schools and the Achievement Award from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. The ingenuity of staff, students, and alumni are responsible for many of the programs now modeled by other schools such as Day with a Doctor, l-l.O.S.T. trlelp Our Students Travelj, the annual Scholarship Donor and Recipient Dinner, and many more. Just a few tvery fewl other specific contributions and gifts to the College, housestaff, and students include: a surgeon's head-mounted video camera, teaching head for a flexible sigmoidoscope, several mannequins for CPB training, remodeling of a call room for residents, two freshman full-tuition scholarships per year, pizzas and cokes for board exams and orientations, class composites for each student, and helping several alumni classes and individuals to endow scholarships and gifts to the College tnow over 35 separate projects in the worksl. The Caduceus Club office is located in the Dean's area of the College of Medicine so that the organization can be easily accessible to the students. Through the Student Liaison chair on the Board of Trustees, they hope to strengthen this relationship even further in the years to come. Janet laloneycutt, Executive Director, Brenda Purifoy, Assistant Director, and Phyllis l-lillman, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs, are always very interested to learn how they can help the students, College, and alumni accomplish next. The Arkansas Caduceus Club awards two full-tuition scholarships a year to an entering No rest for the weary .,... senior student Brenda freshman. Shown here with Executive Director Janet Honeycutt at the Annual Scholarship searches for more clues to the second part of the National Donor and Becipient Dinner are the 1992-93 recipients, Lee Johnson, and Robert Brown, during lunch provided by the Caduceus Club. Caduceus Club . . . Your Medical Alumni Qrganization ,ai 'CQ Q 4 1+ I ' wi' g 5 if '- aj x nn: 2 4... . .-sk K' ' m .Q mf' M ga s' . N env ..5,,-, shman students Tonya Graham and Nicole lvliller practice their Caduceus Club staff takes a quick break from the excitement of helping with Freshman Fi training. Equipment purchased by the Caduceus Club helps the Family Day: star volunteer Marie Smith, part-timer Rachel Allen, newcomer Phyllis Hillman, llege to provide certification with the American Heart Association and second-year veteran Brenda Puritoy. no cost to our students. The Class ot 1982 had a great turn-out for their very tirst reunion in June ot 1992. Class agent and UAMS faculty member Dr. Lee Archertbottom righti presented the Class of1982 Morris Hughes Memorial Scholarship ln memory ofa very cherished, respected classmate who died in a plane crash in 1988. The 1992-93 recipient otthis scholarship is Junior Class President Haley Shaw, chosen by his classmates for this honor. JU YI! Xl YI ,7?.c:41yr'AlZZ16ff.ZE1z.Q I a. 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O U O Y I M O oo,om Q5 Q Dim oo,oQ Q1 , OKDO-QSJQOUOD. o 3 'COLG I ' -Cl 36 7 Y' o 134. . -Q71 . 'F . Q Q7--oQ'oo.- 1000! . , 1 .O 'y .- ,Q O OD- OU OO- A v .--O O0 ci 8 O "ZS D 855.8 O0 'fqfigm-'D Do 0 o -OU L3 'Q TD ., THE ARKANSAS QW OADUCEUS cl.uR O. .ol ,i .QQ . .Q as 1 I ' . --Q , o 'Q uc .Q , is off - ,- ' Past President and UAMS Faculty member John Fledman, M.D. '63, tcenterl D C2 enjoys his last function as President of the Southern Medical Association in IO . San Antonio, Texas. He is joined by two other Caduceus Club members land 5- also SMA Past Presidentsi J. Lee Dockery, M.D., UAMS Volunteer Member. -ji BOARD OF TRUSTEES - in ' Michael MGCVSGYI MD- '73, President Harry P. Ward, Chancellor Ex Officio 'f-' Kelsy J. Caplinger, M.D. '63, Vice President In Dodd Wilson, M-D. V Dean EX Officio 7 Ffedeflck E- JOYCQ- MD- '68, P"95id9m'E'9Ct Janet T. Honeycutt, Executive Director Ex Officio 5 Joe B. Colclasure, M.D. '65, Secretary Mr- Larry Bone EX Officio o , John Ashley, M.D. Frederick E. Jones, M.D. '68 A 0 Lawrence F. Braden, M.D. '80 James A. Lindsey, M.D. '69 , Walter A. Brooks, M.D. '46 Hall H. McAdams, lll Thomas E. Cochran, Jr., M.D. '53 Charles M. McClain, M.D. '67 A.-LO Alex Tharp Gillespie, M.D. Edward N. McCollum, M.D. '58 Torin Gray, M3 Gerardo San Pedro, M.D. '84 P' Russ Harral, M.D. '92 Jerry Stewart, M.D. '64 3294 Robert Hayes, M.D. '81 S. Berry Thompson, M.D. '75 ooo. Q' , Congratulations And Welcome To The yo'-I CLASS OF 1993 45- COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Fl'OfTl The Arkansas Caduceus Club Medical Alumni of the University of Arkansas 4 ' -I - Y re now members of The Arkansas Caduceus Club, an organization of graduates, present and lormer hous - ft s, all physicians practicing in Arkansas, and friends of the College of Medicine. Organized Oct b 4, 1969 ' th Cl b ervestost glh th ties betwe th C ll g 1M d dC d Cl bmenbers I J tT H neycutt, Executive Direct -- Slot 642 .O U ity ot Arkansas for M dical Science ' - Littl Fiock,Arkansa 72205 O VO . . .0 -'god-01 Q ,xg ' o' o 9 li 'O 930-o O qog. O .f8Ab.ObOO.:O.,..O EX57'. -0.13-DO.GUbE. O. DKICJ ,.,'ZQQ.gD ass -0, O.- 4' 'Q'O ', ,gg .O V- - ODUOQ. . 9 , .OO O-I db L27 2 0' , of .o.- . .QA . bt 1 CALL US FGA ALL QF VQUH CATEIFRUINICCEI AND PARTY NEEDS 224 6335 THANK VQLD FOR ALL QF VQUJJIT-33 SUIFIPQIRT Cb Dl ,. 552 gayetteviffe Family Qpractice esicfenc Y Cb would fike to congratufate the Class of 1995 and wish them the Best, SQJX dofq 0 O .OA 0 ' - - 0 Ur,--.Q 'Goo' O nos Z ,cum--Lo O-'S76J'9.oq 'c S Ol 5000 eo DD U. V I g I 5,7 jQi To +555 colon , 0 Cb- UU.OU-V-O UiQ'o'-g '34mvo Oo D- 'uso JRE? Congratulations to the 1993 GRADUATING CLASS of the UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE THE ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY Welcomes You to the Practice of Medicine in Arkansas Post Office Box 5776 Qfpffifi gg Little Rock, AR 72215-5776 15011-224-8967 1-RQ-I 1-qaooy-542-1058 CONVENIENCE. SERVICE. SATISFACTION. WORTHEN NATIONAL BANK OF ARKANSAS Memb er FDIC Q G I-QOZQQ, O A ' 0 53 aoQon'0i'-c gBf , TO We're talking serious advantages here. THE BANK FIRST COMMERCIAL N.A.!Mcmber FDIC U- ,, Q O D000 Q.UQ . Lg, .eq ky IO I O I. . - . . 1' . . . . , , O. . 8 1 U- .o 673' -A anno. .0 - 1, Go oo gg? O .A-' Oo OU-4.0 A no an . o 55109 U 90-gd' 'D 0- - . o Cr CloVf' 'X-QS Jig-7u'iOt' AOP,-' -0- A 0 - I-.. .. - - The Latest In Technology. The Best In Care. At Snell Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory, we combine the benefits of the latest treatment techniques and state-of-theeart equipment with a commitment to personal, professional care. computer-aided design and manufacturej system allows our prosthetists to design and modify prosthetic sockets using a three-dimensional computer representation. Use of computer design and automation adds a new level of precision in the fitting and fabrication of prosthetic devices, which means the patient receives a device that is more comfortable and more functional. ln addition, we offer the CPA icomputer pressure analyzerj system which provides accurate, detailed data as to the pressures within the socket. Snell Laboratory specializes in orthotics for the lower limbs and feet, the upper limbs and hands, and the entire spine. Our orthotists use technology such as NASA-inspired lightweight composite materials and unique custom-molded plastics to -- A---1 create orthotics which are light, comfortable and offer the greatest degree of function and mobility. Complementing our prosthetics and orthotics practice is Snell Lab's pedorthics department which carries a full line of prescription and comfort footwear. And we have the only certified pedorthist in Little Rock on staff to fit our patients. We are proud of the wide range of services we offer and in the high standards which we demand of ourselves. Since 1911, the way we work for patients has changed. The way we care about them hasn't. Find out how technology and personal care can combine to change a life. In Arkansas, call Snell Laboratory toll free at 1-SOO-342-5541. I l l I Our CADXCAM t 11 1.- 1l,- .-il il ll 1-Qiii' C5011 664-'2624 ' Statewide toll free l-800-342-5541 '-' Fort Smith - Little Rock - Russellville PROSIHHIQ A, Ollvnorlc iABORAIORv Certified by the American Board for Certification Members of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association C Q0 O D O D Q n O D- .. O O Q D 0.O'OO U Q GO! DO DC: 9 U' OO UQ Dt .- 'Og U' O l Q, I n .4EJ. o 6?-C. O 55 l'OO5 . 'C' ' O' A .O ll og- r F I . on ' Q. .QQ -0 ,O . ov' lg- .Ol -O Q05 O gba Jo O . C O'. on O DI O O O O O . I O 'U o 'im-. QP 0. G . l l0i- ' DI 64' 19 l 'Q of . l .O D f 0, . i IO go 371 O'O'Ql . ,F Q Q 'O 'l ol. O, to no d , 9 C - o OAC ago. , Q, 4- 0, fo ' 91 Q7 40. do 4 O I . O I I0 li v.-. or if DO. 9 Li- fo' O. 9. .OI .lo IG Q. -- 4. .AO I ,OA or -o 1 0 Oo 372 also nr, O . . . . .I N E . Q .V -.0 gg .0 O13-'OEM nog ' y9X D.'-.0 'O ' "Zo o' o'vQ-Orig Do . I o- CJ' DO ' EU 'U' .QD VHP? F MILY PRACTICE The SPECIALTY with a difference Integrates all phases of medicine Provides personal medical care through all life cycles regardless of age Advocates for the Family Continuing education required to maintain certification in specialty Unlimited practice opportunities rural, metropolitan, national health service, military YOU o .g, .IO,QOI C OTSD For residency information, contact: Joe Stallings, M.D. Family Practice Program Director AHEC-NORTHEAST FAMILY PRACTICE PROGRAM 223 East Jackson Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401 Phone: 1501? 972-0063 or 931-9137 ooo oO O 'ID .uw -qw, as mamma f Q N c, .. 5 " at azz.: if 1 E! A,,:,A ,. , .,.,.,. ,,,,. ,.,. . ,. ,.,. .,,,,., ,y,,.,,., H ,,,, i .,,,., Q :fp W f, .XX. - '51 - FM... WWTMMNW ,,,,,,, M NNN,,, MM, ,,,,,,,, W ' Q , 5 1 5 Z 1 5 2 55, 5 , 5 :Q Va 5 'ma ymwfwf, i e 5-2 1 F x Q 5 f if 55 xo 5 1 if . S . Q.. 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Suggestions in the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) collection:

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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