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EVER Ewing... .SHUI WURN OUTSIDE 0 R v'f 'f'f li '.,S5--gig' in K V 4.7 fr- , .1 Vik., L, I, f l l i N34 z1,.f5f Q14 wiki ii 1+ 'Ng K -"hiv VJ V, E, 395 is 5 . 'Q :b Vxxlr ,fn S. Ll Q. J .153 gg.. it 9, 1. isa 5 , P 1 -A. 3 lx . V..,.. .f ". ww.-N X 1 A 9 , X ig i f, A- vm ALLEEJES wunn oursme 0, H, 4 Lx , xx ' 1.. , w vi If A x I -S- -fi' x ,WS f A -A W 1 3' . ' 42' ,,,,,! 55 ,J ,...1,,, YY 53-wi V f: ,W . ,L ,, M w' , sq"1j2'f5f 'X ff' 2 1 X mf in . ' x iiegx-p 3, 4 ' fi V HUP 3 , ,A ,asm-gw, VK 4-141, ,3,. ., mv 'K V2 NR QU M QM K 1 -.'w X University Ot Arkansas i For 7 Medical Sciences i Little Rock, Arkansas 'Q X x X X A ' S 'Q C ontents Dedication ....... The People Place . . AHEC ....... Pot Pourri .... Administration . . . Medicine ..... Graduate School . '. . Nursing .......... Pharmacy ......... Health Related Professions Organizations ....... Patrons 8t Advertisements . .4 .6 20 26 33 39 191 203 233 267 287 297 il! Dedication Horace N. Marvin, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs DOB: April 20, 1915 G Camden, Dela- ware Morningside College, B.A., Univ. of Wisconsin, M.A., Ph.D., Special re- search in Dept. of Genetics, Carnegie Institute of Washington, Asst. Prof. of Anatomy, Univ. of Arkansas School of Medicine, Head of Biology, Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research, Lecturer in Anatomy, Univ. of Texas Dental School, Assoc. Prof. of Anatomy, UAMC, Consultant in Radiopathology, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Professor and Head of Anatomy, UAMC, Visiting Professor and Commonwealth Fund Consultant to the University Lagos Medical School of Nigeria. Nls. Barbara Babb The yearbook staff has chosen to dedicate this book to two men whom we feel have contributed the most to helping us through the everyday problems encountered during four years of medical school. They have given unselfishly of their time and labors to the medical students of Arkansas, their advice and counsel have been invaluable assets to numerous youngphyscians for many years. It is with gratitude and respect we dedicate the CADUCEUS to,Dr. Horace Newell Marvin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Mr. George Watkins War ner, Assistant Dean for Administrative Afairs. Thanks and congratulations for a job well done are also in order to Nls. Barbara Babb and Nls. Bette Williams, these friendly, efficient secretaries contribute much to the efforts of their bosses on behalf of the students of the College of Medicine. o A . , o ' Nls. Bette Williams H George W. Warner P Assistant Dean of Administrative Affairs DOB: July 12, 1922 Q Johnsonburg, Pa. B.S., Penn State University, Administra- tive Officer, National Cancer Institute, Asst. Director, University of Rochester Med Center, Chief of Health Professions in Nursing Students Assistance Program, Bureau of Health Manpower, Division of Health, Education, and Welfare. . Jig if -'ff 11 Q P R ki -A 'SV , --...L L .vm UAMS The P 3 I Plzfce 'T -.1 , E Cm' -x '14- Wm .s fm. W W V -mix .an 4-f. QQ ,4. Mya.. 4, w . 56-ft. E E E Q, 5 1 ? i I ' "ft N AT 1 A f V '1 'bm x , 'la A A Q 2' 'Qin' 'Avi 'f ,,,,. m bh m JF? N J' - f 'X f il A ' ',. Lggg, uri' TQ. 1, 1 ,gk , ,ga W, - , -K , y H ,V4,. .r A -K A ,. ,K A Vbh i :kf '... K ., 3 4 . K , ,, ga ..7-M, - ' ' W ' f nnq Ks. 1 PANIS Ol A N .IW Ax, e 3 .gl r' i vl X ,A3 W -QV'-'-H i 'j "2 J L 9+ W , ,Swim , A Q . f I I I I I K sw 4- E F mv f l lin H , in as, 4 M 3 ff 5 lx. ' uf' 5 X an 9 Lfwm x 53 E X x l ' a L.. A W v QA. I ? 4 , l l , QE f-sf rf.-Fw f .-:f fc - r :Sea Wm 5' N.. v ' U 1' Jl f sf- 5 as - r,--x -fr: Llzvgg ' K, Fifi! Y Q 1 9 'fx , fl . K A N 4 .51 , ,mi ' W' 4, 6' 4 gp., I R was Q, A 4-ff ff' 'r 4. , 4 vm ffm Ig, ' K xi . x 1 , ' X Sr 1 , QE I dp f Q K Q x I N l, x .e 1 Ax P'f'm,Ki r K, XX 'W ' 4 fa, N, Z 1 5 1 1 l 2 is u N 11 'f , A, ,I W ,. .,,,, -., 1 ,yiggf 96 w ff M, 4' rs ,Q 1 RQ ,,,-v 'Q Aljv ww, if Q L I V Q v sg 'gf ,X KV' 1 X X R XXX X1 - A' 'Q A' , fy 7 1' M 1, l dm ,451-A Q ,- . 'FW' 'fig ,ff 9 nm'-lu xg an-fi Mini' s-4 1 G y 6-' 1 ,r 1- qs: , Lg '. in I , ' I ' i ,' W If A - I ' t 1. 'w fm: f W . . 4, : 14 1 5, if 1 f, -g 5 l ?,i,'?i b,' ,Z ,V 11- -x ' JL ,y A ix L' -'f 4 . x "' A M W f ' 0 In .1 ' ' . bum V, 4x 1 N qi -Vi ii' -- A . V ' ' ' " -75' 1 W we -- fQ f,g', .-. g 1 . N ff., L X 7:7 D :,A-,, '::. 4.-1 ..,: A 'bv-.uh XVAY-nikki? v . . H - ' '-1 I E . A A l -H ,f ff IG RED sq tt' ,,,,,,, .I I T waoesif llnX wma IIQQ5 mln-'L ll.!5--I--l-.-L-,Y -13,232-5ln A l'I,B.az9139A9f5.,l:4nm'..,,,.,I! l C' 1- I ,..,.4 - rg,--1 .sf .gy ' . 1 is s K 1 A' S ,, 'F 53:5 .Jr ,lily ,A,,f.,v.A '. mgita ' a H .,e M V 4.4: ,152 , R., , Q5 ,st ' N Y! ' ,T .P el - i s Wh Eff 'Wei 1. ,. 'rn 3 fQ Q r x 1 . n X 3 A A I. lf i, v' V , 'Z il kia 'X--1 A 1 4 . 1 :Q -, -3 -. X - KZ! ' 1' "EXfif7'f 5555 if f -. ff -. N J A :Q ,,.:f3. f w ' . fiifew -1 5 Qi. "ii X Y Y 'gr iwlzwff 1' w 7 hi-'3 1' B M, ' J l'i la ' 2 Ei' W, f- E .gf ,. . ' 5 -2 5 'W ' - -,..-Q..- iw 2' lv- ' 1 a , ' . V 5-,ia .- -'H-Q-.S , -aff rl...-v -i?..j5m- 1 . .N m ay -9 'I"I"" ""v in .l,53y,'QT , A Q fra - .-fir 2 uW,m,:53.f,7gg5 ,M Q -it Ng? A n'f:L-'- 1 f 1 Q i 4 ' --1 ' 1 J 'Ms rF,gL7:"T.- E f i' , '- - Tr-,iff he ' Jef?-' W ' f-L, 4.1, " fl 1 ,, SE - 2 -- af .L . 5ll.l.l.llll.lm 4 is 3 --4,5 Egif l ,,,,,l1A-"yi, "'4i,..1,u, .,,,, M, fu' M , gg l -fa 'lui'-V ,, W, I , I Logan H. Roots Memorial City Hospital operated in conjunction with the second Medical School Building First Medical School Building at 2nd 81 Louisiana 1879-1890 Elisa: i lil ll 4.-""" Second Medical School Building at 123 Sherman 1890- The First State Capitol as third Medical School 1913 Building 1913-1935 "Life is shorty and the Art longg the occasion fleetingp experience fallacious, and the judgement difficult Hlppocrates Eventually, in 1879, with the support of and for the Medical Society, certain physicians of Little Rock under the leadership of Dr. Hooper formed a stock company and inaugurated a medical school for the state. The University accepted this institution as the Medical Department of the University, granting degrees to the graduates, but stipulated that it would assume no financial responsibility for its support. It was 65 years before this fiscal irresponsibility was reversed. Support was solely by the physicians of Little Rock, by the city, which made available the facilities of the city hospitals, by student fees, and by the State Medical Society. Recognition by the Association of American Medical Colleges was attained in 1890, in which year the curriculum was extended to four years of six months each, and there were 83 students with 17 graduating. In 1906 a second medical school, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, was established. This institution likewise was self-supporting and while it struggled little was added to medicine in Arkansas. At the 1909 meeting of the Arkansas State Medical Society, a committee was appointed with Doctor Young of Springdale its Chairman, with three objectives. First, to persuade the two faculties of medicine to merge, to combine their acquired properties and equipment and to deed them to the State. Second, to persuade the General Assembly to accept these properties, making the combined school a part of the University and providing for its support. Third, to induce the State to build and maintain a Charity Hospital in connection with and under the control of the University School of Medicine. The first two of these objectives was accomplished by 1911, but it required nearly 50 years for the third, the Hospital. In accepting this gift, the Legislature--not the University--pledged the "faith and credit of the State to forever maintain and operate a first class medical school as a part of the University, with the course of study, methods of instruction and equipment of standards equivalent to that required of Medical Colleges by the Association of American Colleges." How- ever, the Legislature adjourned without appropriating any funds for such a purpose. As the legislature prepared to move to the New Capitol in 1913, it passed a resolution making available the 75 year old State Capitol Building for use of the Medical School, and in the same year Dean Smith, a graduate of the University, presented a budget of S50,000. Accord- ing to the Gazette: "A huge laugh went up from the solons when that request was presented, who regarded the main- tenance of a medical school as the wildest extravagence." However, the Legislature appropriated S36,000. There were further appropriations by the Legislature to the Medical Department directly. It was not until 1945 that the appropriation for the University included money for the school of Medicine. Because of the financial and other stringencies, the school lost its accreditation and reverted to a two year preclinical'school in 1918. The State Medical Society Committee was still working on its third goal, a hospital. These developments, plus the persuasive powers of Dean Smith, induced the Legislature in 1920 to appropriate 550,000 for the hospital. Unfortunately, the State Penitentary was in debt, and the funds subsequently were diverted to the Penitentiary. The City of Little Rock again came to the rescue with the completion of the new City Hospital at McArthur Park, making these facilities available to the Medical School, and clinical instruction was resumed. In 1935 the modern Medical School building was constructed with W.P.A. funds,adjacentto the hospital, and in 1939 the State leased the City Hospital to complete the first combined unit for the Medical Center as such until 1956. The present facility, adjacent to the State Hospital-Memorial Park Complex to the west of the Arkansas Capitol Building in Little Rock, was dedicated in 1956 as the University of Arkansas Medical Center. Its academic components were the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Graduate Studies. The 321 bed University Hospital and its clinics were the primary clinical facilities for all students. A School of Health Related Professions was added in 1971. July 1975 brought new status to the Cam pus. The U of A Board of Trustees voted to make the Medical Center an autonomous unit named the U of A for Medical Sciences, administered by a chancellor, and its schools became colleges. The clinical facilities have been expanded through cooperative agreements with Arkansas Children's Hospital, Doctor's Hospital, the Arkansas Baptist Medical System, St. Vincent's Infirmary, and the VA hospitals in North Little Rock and Little Rock. Development of Area Health Education Centers at El Dorado, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff and Texarkana began in 1973 and has resuslted in an increased manpower for primary health care throughout the state while simultaneously providing UAMS graduates with further opportunities for post-IVID education. University Medical School 1935-1956 University H05Pltal 19351956 G, ..--'-""""l 7 ,M ...s....e-WM-:' X ,s I I I , !!lll7 ills Ill lnlf 5 YK 1. s I 1 j H -llill I 1 11? lil :sw Q . ,W N--we s-..,l-H" ' 1 I ,V,,,. pt SEQ , 41593: - W - V Ili-15:32. '1 552517 :mf v N by ,.,. fi my . xf ff' 2: at . 9, . 8.5, .at Y- cswxkaz 1 . 1 . Wi, -rfb V, ,. nxt. t 'Q wh if 1 5. -:Qi i 555:15 , , ,, 'f ,,AA ,A,, f ,,, , i sr:-'ark , Fr-in :sm XB, 4,55 Area Health Education Centers Roger B. Bost Executive Director l' Area Health Education Centers tAHECsl presently in operation in Pine Bluff El Dorado Fort Smith Fayetteville Texarkana and Jonesboro, are designed to permit postgraduate training rn areas within the state by utilizing local physicians and community hospitals through co operative agreements with community doctors and other leaders ized residency positions in family medicine and primary care AHECs are being utilized for continuing education for physicians rn private practice and for early Introduction into community medical care for medical students Nursing pharmacy and other health related professions students also will participate rn AHECs all of which contain medical libraries staffed by UAMS trained personnel who have access to the Medical Sciences library and its services j 1 l I I ' I .Xi ' .. . ' I . ' ' ' . S In addition to the goal of providihg decentral- Q Frqetievillc f' , i, l Fone Sbvro U l O l7b.Smil'h Lillkiook Pirie. Blot-I Q I uoxkcmo. O El Dorado El Dorado James B. Weedman, M.D. serves as the Director of the El Dorado AHEC, established in November of 1973. The program provides electives for senior medical students in several areas. The medical community of over 250,000 people in 12 counties is served by two hospitals: Warner Brown Hospital and Union Memorial, with a total capacity of 526 beds and a combined staff of 40 physicians. Other health facilities include four nursing homes, a City-County Health Department and the Union County Center for the Handicapped. Pine Bluff Established in September of 1973, the Pine Bluff AHEC provides elective programs for senior medical students, residents in internal medicine, and beginning in 1977, residents in Family Practice. Donald L. Miller, M.D. serves as Director of the AHEC, which operates out of Jefferson Hospital, a 300-bed facility served by 72 physicians. The hospital has a complete medical and audio-visual library staffed by a UAMS-trained librarian. Other facilities in the medical community of 85,000 include the Jefferson Comprehensive Care Center, the Jefferson County Health Department, the Southeast Arkansas Mental Health Center, the Jenkins Memorial Children's Center and the Alcohol Abuse Control Center. Jefferson Hospital Pine Bluff p-v 3 N ,wma 1 The B055 Surge-on's Delight ' M47 rw- 'A -::::- . Nlad Malcolm V Lance's First Hernia il fvjgf :" , 4 ""'. 3- . Washington Regional Medical Center-Fayetteville V Dr. Coy Warner Brown Hospital-EI Dorado , i illlllilio- ' Union Memorial Hospital-EI Dorado Rough Night in the ER .I V Heart Doctor A Dr. Feelgood In Concert -gl Q. .H -M " X '54z51a3 g5e9g:'1'2 g .' ,M-if - .. 1.1. .E-f' L ' H" M iw .,.,.,,mmwv'f"' ,., ' X H A i - n ' ,,,.fv"' wah r 'l 2 ': "1 .-- - , - x -, " 2' ' ' F " .4 .,... r N' Nw ' VV if ' ' ,.. ' QQ . 1 , ,iii M .A -, - - K' 1-Y: V? Q fr' , 51.55, , L' - ' ,: 1.4 N .L Grand All American in Progress Fort Smith Dr. J. Campbell Gilliland directs the Fort Smith AHEC, which has provided elective training for senior medical students and internal medicine residents since December of 1973 and for Family Practice Residents since July of 1075. A very extensive specialty selection for trainees is supplemented by bimonthly instruction provided by mem- bers of the UAMS faculty. Allied Health training is provided by the nearby Westark Community College. One hundred forty-seven physicians serve the medical community in two hospitals: Sparks Regional Medical Center and St. Edwards Mercy Hospital, which total 764 beds. Other facilities include two large clinics and several geriatric, nursing and rest homes. l Sparks Regional Medical Center St. Edward Mercy Medical Center Fayetteville The Northwest Arkansas AHEC at Fayetteville was established in November, 1974, with the appointment of Lee B. Parker, Jr., M.D. as AHEC Director. In February, 1975, Dr. James K. Patrick, M.D., was appointed Director of the Family Practice Residency Program which is based in the AHEC at Fayetteville. This program, which began July, 1975, incorporates the facilities of Washington Regional Medical Center, Fayetteville VA Hospital, Fayette- ville City Hospital, and Springdale Memorial Hospital. Cumulatively these hospitals represent a total of 692 beds with an average census of 559 patients and 82 physcians who serve on the staff of the program. Physcians currently enrolled in the three year program include: John Huskins, R3, Rick Belt, R2, Lance Monroe, R1, David Rogers, Rl, Steve Wilson, Rl, and Ted Youngberg, Rl. lonesboro The Jonesboro AHEC, established in December of 1974 and directed by Robert S. Cohen, M.D., offers elective programs for senior medical students in almost 20 specialty fields. The facilities there include St. Bernard's Hospital, a 240-bed hospital, and Craighead County Memorial Hospital, which are served by 62 physicians. The trade area of over 300,000 persons also benefits from a mental health center which has both inpatient and out- patient facilities. P4 , ..,, .. . .P .f 1 W ,- 4-fs . l .. , . - '-3 .. sf' f - - ,124 'ff' ' 'Q' .'1--- 6 . ...Rf lead , ..aQtfg.Q,x,11.s.?a1.:- Q , "Eff I . in 7, , 'f H77 Q! .., ..., a 6- in r lf A 1- J ,ip.-. - -"'i.,5 -fu. g . E: if My ,Ig -Cup-"f,f Axfgv ,, ing: y y.:'g:x' f 15:1 5 Q, til ffzf, -'ra A 6.3: 5551 .sf -...q'Q..:x1 I 1, , :ita- C .i. is xl L-il lil it llfgu i llllili .ill is u-- is l ln' n M x ful-:li ' iss' L '1 it - - g -3 -:gg 3131! r , ...M . ... 'J-JV Q1 H Ar al . f, i i i ix- 1101.1 ,gi A N E", A .g',:f""i t.,, iff, , A VM-. 'HK V .,-. its 1 'mf 'sp + -'fx V 1 ' ' if 15 V ,, , ,,Ym, f,,, ,EA A -I, T 4 3 . IT St. Bemardis Hospital Jonesboro Craighead Memorial Hospital Jonesboro Texarkana The Texarkana Area Health Education Center was established on August 1, 1975, with James B. Kittrell, M.D., appointed as its director. The AHEC provides elective courses to senior medical students through the facilities of St. Michael Hospital and Wadley Hospital. These hospital facilities represent a total of 526 beds. Other health facilities available to the program include 7 nursing homes, 8 clinics, 1 Crippled Children's Treatment Center, and 1 Mental Health Center. Over 100 physcians are located in the community area. 1- , Q- ..-sf.-fx,-rf..-4-f.:,.-u-s--,,fv,1,- 2-rv--' X . 7- T., ff-Y ' A N4 " .fx I-Jmtfvf-' . ' . if 7: 1 -. -,H ' g A ww-ms 1 . A gs, A4 .Q .. f .- G+-Q-., l I' i I X , 1 ' "X 5 I - 1 E - 'I , I . 5 , , L to " Xl A I 4 me - Q as 1 ' 1 I g I 5 di?-,Q 5 'I 3 ' . ' 1 - . 4 1- ee 5 'ff ' me W Y m a--1 s Z. '--f-2: Z- ' ,QQ-i,..,, 5 , ,.1" .Fc-2.59125 We-f gil 'H ., A 5 5 ?'x5f,g4 QF it-""- f Y-1,43,,,,f,-4 ""' .tis-'-1bLf2'l-als--:'-e - C-1 g.-r-?- :Z-'-Fnf-tffivf'--2--'q,r"-Q QT f,,f,,,,--ff' ' St. Michael Hospital 'f ' A 1 Texarkana, Arkansas ,,,.,gf,I' 2 ' A Wadley Hospital St. Michael Hospital ,.,4 4 : ' L55 14,1 f 5 45 K ' 2 I . Q Q s " '-as 'X ami' '- x X ,t A -:fi -QE , h V2 lv .5 Q., 5' 3 2 wi Fwy .f -f"-Q.. il nv--fs if n i 901i-tg L M J? -... -:Yin AQ WhK,,vs ww AMW' Editor of the "DALY STOOL" better than NO PARUNIA at all DYSPARUNIA is W1 36" l5lP","' W "She generally gave herself very good advice-though she very seldom followed it." iq-.www l i A , r' H N3 'Gm-N g l t rlr,errre Oriental doctor demonstrates miraculous healing power of vacupuncture Testosterone Storm fi M i r RESERVED sb, wmxmc A l W munct ,gQ:g l is g av cum -Q ' ONLY life i fx XM?-f, I ,, E3 , H Q ,ff ,-iff' ,7 if ' 5' Q rex ffyse 'Q ff 4 Anoted child oeater f'X ' "Fm gonna be richg I put Grandmcfs teeth under my pillow."' 28 MEIKN, Torn, here's your drink The wonder doc Sure, any Saturday afternoon in January of '79. Mf5,f!!!,f.4Q. 4 S X ' or rrruryr , , . . f ,J Q ,f. .QI W K X 4 Y Q I QMZANQ wi., Joe vii S f 5' W ', 3 STI!!! I The maldistribution problem persists. Xian 1 jQ Q ' The Last Great Act of Defiance fy' A .Kumi 1 5 eni A Free Parking Stay in Arkansas? More Bologna 153 5 f 3555 'Qrliw B I, 'Jifli ,a gig uf.. 4 - is 1 ffj :V if fo. . .,.f -'fl 5 Q." , -. " in- ,- w .V X sy N 2 Mi. . -if-. 5+ -ai . '2:"'Q ' - I.-j-,H 5 1 ' 1 1: 3' ' ' i : x lj L .. 'Xu , 4-' ., :V A' 1 Ls, if W- "2 ,f , i ' 1, L' .A 5 . b .f7" 921 1:1-Lu X gs ia 5 S ' l Ni f "II Quack From The Past" UARK H.C. HOSPITAL INTERIM REPORT PRINTED 1222 HR 1l13f1976 QUTTTNER HOWARD HA 296879 2A 12 RA 10000000 TESTS Fon 1111 PG 1 NORMAL ACCT! LO HI TECH 9759 05000 ELEcTRoLYTEs SODIUM.. 136 MEQIL 135 145 18 POTASSIUM 4.5 MEQIL 3.5 5.0 18 CHLORIDE 100 MEQIL 95 105 18 BICARBONATE 25 MEQIL 20 29 18 9160 05000 COMP BL CT "su WHITE CELLS 11.3 KIUL ' 5.0 10.0 27 RED CELLS 4.45 MIUL ' 4.5 6.2 27 HEIVIOGLOBIN 14.1 GMIDL 1.3.0 17.0 27 vvnc 40.5 er. 40.0 51.0 27 MEAN CRLL v0L 93 FL so 96 27 MEAN CONC Hes 31.1 PG ze zz 27 MEAN CON HGB CON 35.1 GICRBC sz ze. 27 9760 0600D DIFFERENTIAL BASOPHIL on 19 EOSINOPHIL 036 I METAMYL on . BAND 1036 19 1 ' SEG 7874 LYMPH SKA MONOCYTE 41. 19 In 1976 the students of UAIVIS were saddened to F?-CPSTEE MIXEODIQPOPULATIONS 13 learn of the resignation Dr. Howard Quittner, Professor RC SHAP If-IIERCIIIL 19 of Pathology and Director of the Clinical Laboratory. RC CDLR NORMAL 19 Dr. Quittner, an excellent teacher, astute Clinician, EEEQQROMASIA ZIBEZESITE 12 and fine gentleman, taught many classes of Arkansas physcians during his tenure at the Medical Center. Dr. Q. is an outstanding clinical pathologist who was re- spected by his peers and students. He was instrumental inthe development of the excellent clinical laboratory in University Hospital and the Medical Technologist training program of the College of Health Related , H Professions. Arkansas will miss him. f--nom 'HAS EVER RECEIVED A LETTER BOMB FROM HE POPE. ROAST DUCK" IA speech given by Dr. Rodney Carlton at Dr. Quittner's farewell roasti ., - . . K V " - 1 .. Q ' 9. -, ' 5 .I IWW. V ... ,. ,.., A I' A-R. . f1,,,. A ,.,, , . . .V I , ,K .. 4, I ITHINK YOU WILL ALL UNDERSTAND IF I SAY , ,,.,, sf: .vI ffw .ff, 1 2 e1.,. 4 , If ..-f 5 A To SPARE A FR'END'3 FEE'-'NGS BY TURNING A I f ' -1 1 f 5. 3 . ISH SENTIMENTALITY AND LOTS OF PATS ON THE T. ..,. , -. BUT TO GET UP HERE AND READ A wHITEwAS - S OF MY CONSCIENCE. I CAN'T AND I wON'T DO IT. ESPECIALLY AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS HOWAR " ' f ' I ERENCE FOR TRUTH, EMPIRICISM, AND SCIENTIFIC oBJEcTIvITY. I KNOW HOWARD W0ULDN'T WANT MENOW T0 BE Q .... ' I 4- I- THAT HE'D wANT ME TO DO EXACTLY WHAT I'M GOING T0 DO, THAT IS TO LAY BARE ALL THE REPUGNANT ANOMAL' S AND DEF 3 ' TER. HOwARD wON'T MIND. EIESIDES, HE's LEAVING TOWN ANYWAY, HOWARD IS MEAN, SELFISH, LOUD 4 UTHED, A 6 -' ALLY QUITE AN AwFUL BORE. BUT IN SPITE OF ALL THAT, THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT HIM THAT REPELS ONE. ' I SOME HAVE SUGGESTED THAT IT ST.EMS FROM AN EARLY AGE, WHEN AS A CHILD BEEN GIVEN INORSE ADVICE. SOME HAVE SUGGESTED THAT THE RO T OF THE PROBLEM LIES EVEN " ER WAS SCARED BY A RABID DUCK WITH CARPENTER'S RASP FOR A BUT WHATEVER THE ETIOLOGY OF HIS BLEM MAY BE, ONE WITH THE MAN HE IS INCREDIBLY ABR IVE. HOWARD QUITTER HOLDS THE DISTINCTI OF BEING FRANKLY, HE COULD HARDLY HAVE I IN HER WOMB. HOWARD'S MOTH- ANYONE WHO COMES IN CONTACT DALE THE ONLY PERSON IN RECORD WHO TO SAY HOWARD IS SIMPLY UNCOUTH WOU " BE TON ALL THIS ABRASIVENESS HAS EARNED QUI NEB A HIM HE DOESN'T DESERVE A BREAK. ' SOME PEOPLE EVEN HAVE GONE SO FAR AS To SAY THAT HOWARD FOR HIM A FUN EVENING AT HOME IS TO SCOTCH-TAPE POPCORN TO DEATH. BUT I'M A BELIEVER THAT CREDIT SHOULD BE GIVEN WHERE CREDIT IS ALREADY KNOW, HOWARD WAS NAMED "CLINICAL SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR". WENT TO MACDONALD'S. THEY TOLD WHEN ONE CONSIDERS THAT THE PIGEONS PECK THEMSELVES I RECENTLY. FOR THOSE WHO MAY NOT I TOLD YOU EARLIER I WAS ONE OF HOWARD'S STUDENTS. AS I LOOK BACK ON ALL OF US STUDENTS INOULD GATHER FOR HIS MO NING LECTURE WITH A SENSE OF ANTICIPATION' BORDERING ON DREAD. WELL T D T BORDER. I TH HT IT WAS REMARKABLE, EVEN THEN, HOW THIS MAN COULD TAKE TTHE SPARK OF IT INTO FLAMING APA- THY. . OF US WHO STUDIED OVER DOCTOR QUITTNER CAN EVER FORGET kikk SE DAYS - I THI ULD NOT BE OVERSTATING THE CASE T0 SAYHIHAT HOWARD QUITTQM In IS OPINIONATED HOWA SO. NARROW-MINDED HE CAN LOOK THRO Fl A MONOCULAR MICROBQDPE WITH BOTH EYES. WHEN WANTS YOUR OP HE GIVES IT TO Y . ' HE WO EVEN BOTH SIDES OF A PHONO ORD. '.-,, 2 AND HE'S'SRl EA ERTAINED. ALL HIS STAFF HAS TO DO JUST LISTEN TO HIM. ', YOU ASK HI A SIMP E QUESTION AND YOU GET A FILLIBUSTER. YOU CAN LEAVE. GET A SANDIICH, TAKE IN A MOVIE, C ME BACK, AND HE'S STILL TALKING. AND WHAT'S VIORS HE NEVER EVEN REALIZES YOU'VE BEEN GONE. A ., BUT WHAT REA CAN YOU EXPECT OF A MAN WHO'S BEEN EDUCATED BEYOND HIS INTELLIGENQ WELL, THAT'S WHOLE SORDID STORY. I NOTE THAT THERE'S ONLY ONE DEWEY EYE IN THE HOUS RD'S HOWARD, WHEN YOU LEAVE YOU'RE GOING TO BE SORELY MISSED, REALLY. BUT THEN I MISSED THE , LAGU Too. BY ABOUTEIEIQIREE HUNDRED YEARS. U 5 I'M GLAD FOR YOUR SAKE THAT YOU EXERCISED SUCH GOOD JUDGEMENT IN CHOOSING TO FLY DOWN TO N , ' V TI11 I w, RATH AITING AROUND TILL WHEN THE DUCK HUNTING SEASON BEGINS. FLYING ovER STUTTGART CAN BE PRETTY DARN DANGE , -A-. . H 1 I f' i!f4 i?1 OICE LIKE YOURS. I'D SUGGEST THAT YOU WHISPER BUT I HAVEN'T GOT THE TIME TO TEACH YOU How. I ,A , A " ' 'dl f '- V.-.ykv , ' L , , 1 Q 5'- x 1, MQ ! --V. ..,h,w . -Q-rf" 'u L Q14 ,,.,,a-W-QQWW A , 1 1 1 v 'QA ,...,.. rx 5' we 2 x .YV fn. .Q 1 ' 4 If W ,--an X ' "'T75fwf 92 fiwuefifu-1.. www 5 E -.r:,9,, i L ns.. we A-...f ..4gggga,,f.wfw Lwmqgmg Dr. Charles Bishop Fifteenth President University of Arkansas David Pryor Thirtyninth Governor State of Arkansas we .1 ,X 1 rf. James L. Dennis, lVl.D. Chancellor University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Campus gi' ' ,: Charles T. Prigmore, Ed.D Vice Chancellor Administration and Academic Coordination Jerome Bork Director of University Relations and Development Mrs. Beverly Wood Director of information Miss Rose Hogan Director, Library Mrs. Suzanne Mathews Residence Hall Manager Howard J. Barnhard, M.D. Director, POD Mr. Charles H. White Director, Human Relations Marvin A. Martin, Ed. D. Director, Campus Operations 36 "This institution is challenged to accept two primary re- sponsibilities: the traditional pursuit and advancement of knowledge and technology, and planned production of the kinds and numbers of health personnel required to meet the needs of our people." Dr. James L. Dennis Chancellor ww :ilk 73 ee-Ze ss MN. W ssc RXKQEQ .KE n - v , ' ' .I 'J' A 5 I f ' 'V fear . sf rjidfz pn' . , 1 5 ' , 15 v., v-.xg , ' ltzifx . , x is '1 5: 1 'Z52J:g,,, ' XY- .. War' if' 't ... f.-a' .AM . ww an 133511 .wxxh , 1 ' K nu n.J'nl mx I g 1 yffwvtq., uni tmliw ' 1 N me , Vai:-bm m.N"uR"' ll H' 1 V' 'IQX-It . -..ft:::gmuf' x:,xsul'g'qix Zi: if-Q 1lvvvv'3mZ1i4.,'v'+1SXY" T 7323222-. --7T.3ft!33Z1:z"-- S-:+"-35: fe- :saw .,. , ff .x X - .- ,'-pp. " i2'1"" --- m":l',S'mf f:'1'.'. 22315 gl.. .. v y , ,r , I..-, 531. , Q-fl! . 1. ' . i s '5rJ?ft',,',f-. L, . N ,X Y.. . .,. -sv-sg 5321. IVlr. Darrell F. Walters llllr. Edward J. Erxleben "Thanks for a job well done Vice Chancellor, Finance Purchasing Agent and good luck in your re- I-all Q N aegis "',f 1 mil ' an Fm? if Q its F IM.:-,"'ilL 1' tirement. " Nlr. Clarence D. Procop Bursar lVlr. John B. Coriden Controller lVlr. lVlarion A. Safferstone Assistant to the Vice Chancellor Mrs. Linda L. Sigle Internal Auditor lVlrs. Dolores Johnson Director, Personnel lVlr. Jerome D. Blackburn Director Computer Services 37 UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL University Hospital is charged with providing sophisticated specialty services that are not generally available elsewhere in the state. It is primarily a teaching and referral hospital aimed at giving students and more than 280 residents and interns lhousestaffl a maximum opportunity for learning while at the same time providing the best in patient care for Arkansans. The facility is undergoing extensive re- modeling and modernization which is expected to be completed in 1978. In the future the outpatient care de- partment is expected to be replaced by a 152 800 squarefoot ambulatory training center emphasizing primary care or on-campus ambulatory instruction for housestaff and students in all UAIVIS colleges. IVIr. Donald L. Borchert Assistant Hospital Director Nlr. Davey L. Hughes Assistant Hospital Di- rector Nls. Nancy Strand M Director of Nursing ' M' A vi utac Nlr. Fred N. Woody Associate Hospital Di- rector IVlr. Philip H. Walkley, Jr. Assistant Hospital Di- rector IVIr. Donald H. Wilkerson Assistant to the Hospital Director 38 IVlr. James E Crank 335533, YE-if if L AX Hospital Director K7 ""'5'5"r dfvs 3 ag 14, 5j:f:g,.fQ f '2' sf' 1,',,.,-1A.,i.,, Q .gr , ,Q 9, , .,, ,, t , 5 .Tr M ' ff sx ,N , 4 A .5 5 5 . ' Lf ,f:?'i.,-v ' " fm- . 4. N-.,N.1 s sf as. If I f-. ,S k ' w 1. .1 'lf-M-aw fvfi In 9 X ' 53' Vg' Y:j'Lf g ' fi . , 55 , , - 144, 6. ' we I kv 4. fi 152 f ',-P ii f"1x ' f s 'Ai - A - fa 3675 Q25 f V , 'K ' , , M . f T xr' . S51Wi? F i 9 . 41371 ' x-1 44 ,win , 1, ,fb ,f K . fy: 1' ws fr .Q . , , .f 5 - ff 1 'k 'K .f. .M 'ff Q -1 - J f a Q, S, ' fY,'1 5 "1 ?f f as if "f .+.,,,Q 5 5' -f M R A ,L K - mf ' .e ,gf if f v 'z - ,F . r' .. ' ,,,,-..,.- if X gg. "' e pf ,, NN. : - , 2 , Y m ' Sk ,. I X v Lk q i V K 6 , L v. A 25.3" 3. 3 ., 4 w- f .., V , W,z!:A..fL, z. k - mr, :,:VE,,u, K x V 3. .,-1' ff? PM ',,,f,gy-ii: W,.,kggLfyg: if Vg- -A 'A A Iiaififfi' .ji ' Administration College Of Medicine Total enrollment in the fulltime fully accre - ited four-year College of Medicine is ultimately P years with an entering ffreshmanl class of 170. UAIVIS is retaining a larger majority of its med ical graduates within the state. Of these most are entering primary medical care specialties ffamily practice pediatrics and internal medicinel. d ex ected to be 680 and at least 581 within five 4 .qQIY,RS?I?Uf5 ARK K , K' . -S, , K' 4 ' V . M ' 1 .5 X , f :Qt-W ctnnrtzriw- fl' -N ff Ll, uqxgtgff Mmxxovvif A ,o Uf'3Jrif,k9XQ45,,,, 7 x,,L,e,oW'5 Qyoowqwwiqmnwhrff ""Pzr,,,,' , . Wl'llllllSkliXlnBx, QMS Q ,k.,,q'azgpM,,'?s f 4- 'Jmwilmrnotilull s"- ,ef A " I, ., 'fx' 'f 'fi-K'!.!"5A' ., V X buf FT. ,,,,ff'f ,,,,,' ,r,,, , ,, ,t,. ,, I r ,, ,, ,' ,,,,,,,, , ,,,, I , , .,,,,, , nofW,,Mf,,,,,,f , M, ,f,, , 4 ff,- tffs,,w.,glnrnaamnmxyrlx Mt. l,l,. , Il .,,., 1.....n,,..Q,,QQ,, l ,,,, ,Q.,Q ,,f, Ql1ff,l,,,f,QQglffjl,l'11Qff.lfQ'flf,QZLZX'X' llrnrudinthrnnumsmnnnnirz aignltimllrmal lv 1 I fllfmwm , w,wfn.nw.Sv,.m ff f - gf' , ' 5,7 . ., U V V:--ak. f' " ff A Mm fx. ,,,,,f,,,, f,,,4,.. . 3,w5f:iT g , J Arkansas Diploma- 1 880 L ecture Theatre- 1 90 0 Thomas A. Bruce, lVI.D Dean ---af -- y ,IJ 'fy Kingmakers Horace N. lVlarvin, Ph.D Associate Dean Academic Affairs .WA iff'- Robert Bowling, Ph.D. Assistant Dean Admissions John F. Redman, lVI.D. Assistant Dean Clinical Affairs lVlr. George W. Warner Assistant Dean Administration lVlr. Billy Bauknight Director lVlinority Student Affairs lVlr. Joe Gaddy Assistant Director Minority Student Affairs Anatomy John E. Pauly, Ph.D. Gross Lab-1910 Professor 84 Chairman , as X xo, yi , , , L. Q A i ' ,J X if 1 Shirley Ann Gilmore, Ph.D. Professor "9 Ervin W. Powell, Ph.D. ' ' Professor Q ,Dy M Jerome K. Sherman Ph.D. Professor s I J if xi. fl rf-ff , 'V N ,fl . ,. Q Ma ' 9 Q r 1 if E. Robert Burns, Ph.D. Associate Professor M. Donald Cave, P Associate Professor Edgar A. Lucas, Ph Assistant Professor h.D. .D. f km X .o , Q y I ' 2 'I 2 E' 5215 mi A 'ffl is 0 A ,.1:fi11- N152 iaae:2::1::a'4STeq:.f CQ: Lawrence E.riScheving, Ph.D. Anatomy can be fun-sometimes. Rebsamen Professor of Anatomical Science Ture W. Schoultz, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Robert D. Skinner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Mr. Tien-Hu Tsai Instructor 4' , T 13" ' W Gross Lab-1976 Where's the Stapes? HE LP! Anesthesiology Richard B. Clark, M.D. Professor Noel Lawson, M.D. Associate Professor Walter S. Guinne, M.D. Associate Professor-ACH Carol N. Eason, lVl.D. Assistant Professor-ACH Astride Seifen, M.D. Assistant Professor Cheryl D. Friday, M.D. Assistant Professor-ACH W 'A E f X ff Dola S. Thompson, IVl.D Professor 84 Chairman I J . 5 my .f V ay 3. Q, ' tt .CJ C ,,,. 3 X X s 3 s . ,f-1. N, -- , dx e as X' 3' at sr -wife: .--- we nag? fs E gl 5 was .3 S A xl 1 is - . ,Q 1'-if i f ,V Keith E. Ashcraft, Nl.D. Third Year Resident Eaber A. White, M.D. Third Year Resident James S. Clarke, M.D. Second Year Resident Katherine Latimer, M.D Second Year Resident Alfredo A. Ferrari, IVl.D. Second Year Resident Douglas Rogers, M.D. First Year Resident Y Y, Y mn Biochemistry K We Charles Angel, Ph.D. Professor, VAH Nlanford D. Morris, Ph. Professor Donald C. De Luca, Ph. Associate Professor W. Grady Smith, Ph.D. Associate Professor D. Charles G. Winter, Ph.D. Associate Professor Yun-Chi Yeh, Ph.D. Associate Professor ..... ,,,. Charles L. Wadkins, Ph.D. Professor 84 Chairman . ,,, ff 1. me is + -X 'fic 1 X 'Zjs Vt kk,, 5 , 'lf :Q 'Qi .775 , ,fa 43 W, , X +1 K , 1 f-if A 5 ff' 'gre' 1 -W2 31+ aa Y if sa A .51 6 , 42 . sttrr I it X ' .,' 21 5 K ..., -- r . rfssrs siit W " , A tti ',, 'Iii fa:-:E'.s:,5s :E V ' 'sr . fl ' ' A r's' P 2 5 2 'sfr ,f sri so or rsra rrrr P ss'rrrrs rrrr ,,t,, ,fp fl . 1 srrr i ff 3 W 5 Kg 'Nasa " ' rv ,if fi' ,ji ' , faux A ,, tr J 41 -Ht if ,Vx ,m,,,. Www . li Q5 ,v 41- 'TW 3 E, ,., J , 2,4 X W .Qi ,,,,. 314 . f 1, gui 'AM , f rw H 1 'fi W sl rf ff ff ' ' V : V, A 4 ffi I I -gtg, -f f' M H ' s t V . 3' 1 K 'LP M--,, - , .- "5 , H Y TM? vw ' 5 " 4 if A i? i' 1 W S.. ' 'I . ""' 1- ' ,V '- Aim f "H A-W' i q f ew ' . ,, V J Q ,, ...W W' Q' 'x x Q ',...,+ . A ' A X' ', f. , 4 V 1 ff' 5 1 .L RMA : s YS V at Sw, 2 ' 'f,,,- Kb- rf - ' Aw.l'AQ ms, . f--,b, .,, J Dv in J 9 fi Q7 3 i' ' J. Lyndal York, Ph.D. Associate Professor Marge A. Brewster, Assistant Professor Ph.D. Stanley F. Cernosek, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Rose Mary Cernosek, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Charles A. Nelson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor C. Bhuvaneswaran, Instructor Ph.D. Biomedical Communications 1 Fx., W, MY .. lVlr. Jack Diner Chief, Medical Illustrations lVlr. Robert C. Donaldson Chief, Instructional TV E MEDICAL PHOTOGRAPHY Back Row: Michael A. Morris Dixie Knight Cindy S. Momchilov Gary Boerner Front Row: Maria Schuchardt Kenneth V. Nlichaels, Chief Marquita C. Tadlock Harry L. Ackerman, Ph.D. Director, Biomedical Communications ,,.y.. .... x Lx, X ff ' W 5 ,anix lVlr. Steven Hicks lVls. Iris Hubbard Technician II'IStI'UCfOI' , ,rf tw xr" ., 2143" ' Z 1 5 i , A 2 ' Biometry ,mrs ...l. at .1 -'Jz 5 , P xgcfsiggia P 4 8 Afiiyhx gg. ... w ,K I .I x s . if THIN K' W. a we-rs, 9 J ,f.,.-:Q ' -. ' A' A- -X M .' i 'fp-rg: 3 Y' 5 ,J 19 E 'lvkhy . -if " A ,im . ' f mme. Mrs. C.A. Oneal A Secretary James H. Meade, Jr., Ph.D. efze A A Professor 84 Chairman A A WM ,AN i..',f f'i .sf ' . K - . ,,,, t ' l YJ ' . Glenn V. Dalrymple, Nl.D. Ee. ' A ,e, L riiy, Y Professor ' ' A Roscoe A. Dykman, Ph.D. Professor A Robert C. Walls, Ph.D. Associate Professor nj' ,,5l W Rfk" "1 , 'E i i A q m A gi ,.we5f.- .l f-milf, in ' it s "wgq,406? 'ui' , luu..,,,ulP'- X ul an L. ,4 44 , Q H K 9 Jawa? W H It , , H Gordon Green, . M . Assistant Professor Carolyn H. Thomps Assistant Professor William C. Hunter, Instructor Orl M.S. D., M.P.H , M.S. Dermatology ,..,....---, ij J W. Madge Honeycu Clinical Professor William N. Jones, Associate Professor Michael G. Keerna Associate Professor Vx tt, a Burton Allan Moore, M.D. Associate Professor Dowling B. Stough, Assistant Professor Raymond V. Biond Assistant Professor O M.D. G. Thomas Jansen, NI.D Professor 84 Chairman J mar is X .qi 1 -'J fel' 1 4' 1 4 . , ll ' Q B ' ..4i X Carl J. Raque, M.D. Assistant Professor Byron Lee, M.D. Third Year Resident Jerry N. Arial, M.D. Third Year Resident John Carrington, M.D. Second Year Resident George I. Kurita, M.D. Second Year Resident Nissan Pilest, M.D. First Year Resident Family Practice John M. Tudor, M.D. Associate Professor C. Rodney Baker, M.D. Associate Professor Mildred E. Ward, M.D. Associate Professor James B. Halder, M.D. Assistant Professor Geraldine E. Moore, A.C. Instructor Lois C. Malkemes, Ph.D. Assistant Professor S.W. RobertE. Nordling, M.D. Professor Sr Chairman wang. KJ 3, ,,,,,,,,J M W 4v74v 1? , 1' "'V'AX.f W-'wr'-Y -fume" f My " A rrr , ' r-Q. W N K XX 6 . a -3 .5 xx ov 4 X x f 'sf A ,fr '2.f"2. 2:M f me -,,,, , : - ,MU ,I , J f R.. ..-- i f - , C 'f I ,,...f , ..f. , , :sm .42-N V ,QM A v., ,f M , e.w,,,, - v uw 1,-,, , we A W 4W,, ,,V P ,Af ?-sg P A ' .i:5'?v-viii g 5 if r si s E N 1. c. Ringdahl, lvl, Assistant Professor Paul P. Roundtree, Assistant Professor W, D. Waldron, M Assistant Professor Ben A . Sa ltz man, Professor Willard Pruitt, M.n Assistant Professor Linda Markland, Nl D Assistant Professor Russell L. Cranford, M.D. First Year Resident Evelyn Monroe, M.D. First Year Resident Cary A. Hernandez, M.D Third Year Resident Paul F. Wilbur, M.D. First Year Resident Kent W. Davidson, M.D. First Year Resident Richard S. Ridlon, M.D. Second Year Resident Jon M. Krannichfield, M Second Year Resid,-ent Andrew J. Jensen, M.D. First Year Resident Ronald L. Baker, M.D. Third Year Resident Cr i T, L' 2 MJ Y' fr B I l1?i ,fmt Abel I . .nk 3-Q 1 3 'O i Y- T p'Y vf'1' an ' iff! jx 1 Z fly ,Q DTN ip-ss l W .fa if A Ronaid F. Kahn, M.D. Third Year Resident James R. Hill, M.D. Second Year Resident J. Roland Anderson, M Third Year Resident Eden Q. Nuval, M.D. Third Year Resident David A. Daniels, M.D. First Year Resident Internal Medicine Robert S Professor Jose h H P Professor Owen W. Professor Thomas A Bruce Professor Robert T Bullock, M D Professor James E Doherty, M Professor i 4 . 1 Q ' XL, SW M2 'J f 1 ,wi ff! if if r 'A if 5 i gs lat 'f 'Q '- ,wife , iam so J, is 2 is 2 if 1 E f 1 Y V ' 5 X if E nb iff' if .f rw, a f 9 Q '5 Q ef- M 1 W , Q ' vm . 3, F i .I a xg ' 4 C1 L L 5 imitate ' ' J' J. sf ,L ,ftsv mf' ,qi Q if f A kr,, 'S' ....31,g1 f f'f14', J 4, A riffs William J. Flanigan, Pro fessor Arthur Haut, M.D. Professor Marvin L. Murphy, M Professor William W. stead, lvl D Professor Clinton Texter, M.D. Professor Eugene J. Towbin, M Professor James O. Wynn, Jr Professor 'I Joseph K, Bissett, IVI. Associate Professor W. Jerry Carter, M. Associate Professor John E. Douglas, M Associate Professor Fred H. Faas, M.D. Associate Professor D. .D. Eleanor A. Lipsmeyer, Associate Professor lVl.D. Fernando Padilla, lVl.D. Associate Professor Rodney M. Patterson, lVl.D. Associate Professor Malcom B. Pearce, M.D. Associate Professor Spencer O. Raab, M.D. Associate Professor Louis L. Sanders, M.D Associate Professor Bill L. Tranum, M.D. Associate Professor Galen L. Barbour, M.D. Assistant Professor Charles M. Boyd, lVl.D. Assistant Professor Thomas E. Brewer, lVl Assistant Professor .D. if fi a .al ...L gl sew , ,,'. V CQ 1 fy ' f ffm: swf-Gp SQ ,,,, , V 5 V . , , ll fs : 'P l all liz P 'Z ' i , L rrlai L 3 .',4 ' .K ta a s f 3 ' ' ,,, ,V ' A are , W ftfft f V . 7 flrfiflffa A A - J , fl rrlrt ff Q Q ,,,., W fr WWQW ggkw -is s K ACN L ,D , time Neil D. B. de Soyza, M Assistant Professor Branch T. Fields, M.D Assistant Professor Jo Etta Galbraith, M. Assistant Professor Erner Jones, M.D. Assistant Professor James J. Kane, Jr., Assistant Professor William D. McKnight, Assistant Professor Janice J. Gunnels, Assistant Professor MD McK. Eugene McNabb, Assistant Professor Charles M. Nolan, M D Assistant Professor Shiva P. Rastogi, M.D Assistant Professor Nancy F. Rector, M.D Assistant Professor Jerome R osenfel d, Assistant Professor M MD Calorie S. Nlohsin Shah, M.D. Assistant Professor Karl D. Straub, M.D. Assistant Professor James B. Weedman, Assistant Professor F. Anthony Bennett, Instructor M.D. M.D. Linda F. Deere, M.D. Instructor Michael G. Futrell, M.D. Instructor G. Don Greenway, M.D. Instructor Charles W. Inlow, lVl.D. Instructor William A. Deneke, Instructor Naomal S. Jayasund Instructor lVl.D. era, M.D. ,ffm . , ,ii W... Mkt. N -ee .WW 'Ma A 65,51 If 4 if l 'ta f , 'irq 4. ,xx 'X ..,1' I,--. t "5 . QU WM" 4 ff -fy ff roi .te X X . is K t tit 5 . . - t.. . Xxx 5 G5 'X 7' f- W X ' A y at ts of , 41. dt t '--. fft Q N 1.,,,, V I f' Want to burn up calories? Keep active. What kind of physical activities burn up the most calories? llere's a little chart to use as u guideline. Decide how many calories you need to lose. then plan your activities accordingly for 15 or 30 minutes -or longer it' your doctor approves. Calorie-Spending in Normal Activity and Sports VOS at , Aclivity Resting in bed ..,,,.... Sitting ..,..,............... Standing, normal .......,. Dressing ...,...........,,.. Mopping floor ..... Making bed ........ ,. Walking outdoors Table tennis ...... Golting ......... Tennis ...... Rowing ......... Basketball ......,.. Swimming ........ Football ...,,,,........ Walking upstairs Cox! per Minute ,..... 0.93 l.ll 1.30 2.93 4.15 4.20 4.89 3.85 4.39 5.57 6.37 6.86 9.65 8.02 l5.92 'U 5, 2, -, 'fi '34 Wi 4 ffl! -V W -, M1 'E' - Z '52 ,,, ff ,, , 2 Q ffl -. I A v 1 ',,: f a Wilma fr , ,V xf 1 N f' V gf " V Stephen A. Jones, M.D. 1 K Y H , ffilwf f ,Q 34 , f I ,fi at ,lr 1 W 13? 5 ff f fi , Q A 9 . Xt f 2 I ' ,fs . :. IV Q, .' Instructor William G. Martin, M.D. instructor Donald F. Meadham, M.D Instructor Noriouyoshi Nagai, M.D. Instructor Mary I. Raab, M.D. Instructor Henry L. Rogers, M.D. Instructor John W. Watson, M.D. Instructor Frank J. Wilson, Jr., M.D. Instructor B. Ed. Barlow, M.D. Instructor Jack L. Blackshear, M.D. Clinical Instructor William L. Mason, M.D. Clinical Insturctor David R. Crittende Clinical Instructor Fred T. Robertson, Clinical Instructor Douglas F. Smart, Clinical Instructor James A. Wellons, Clinical Instructor n, M.D. M.D lVl.D. M.D Ray H. Hall, Jr., M.D. Resident III Harry J. Jordan, M Resident III .D. Barry L. 0'Neal, IVl.D. R esi dent III Joe David Staggs, Resident III M.D. Paul J. Baxley, IVI.D, Resident II Z I 'W x l ll fag, 'wwf' A 'v 'E -,wwaxzl W R, -,-.-V I , K !-s il W 6?1'5,9g'? s' so 3 1' Xflfli I flllfj14l,5l 'aff 4 1' 'grll',,i ,Q l .ml I eees 1 W? I time fit n V9 i James O. Day, M.D Resident II Richard W. Dunn, Resident II James A. S. Haisten, R esi dent II Ronald D. Hardin, Resident II Ira B. Gershner, M Resident II Tommy L. Love, J Resident II Larry T. Merrett, M Resident II Richard C . Ostenson Resident II Mary T. Slattery, M Resident II Steven C. Whited, Resident II ? f A 63 A. Scott Hardin, M.D. Resident II Mark H. Bowles, M.D. Residentl Thomas D. Cain, M.D. Residentl John D. Dedman, M.D. Resident I Steven A. Edmundson, M. Resident I Tony A. Flippin, M.D. Resident I Michael D. Hightower, M.D. Resident I Ronald D. Hughes, M.D. Resident l Eugene M. Jones, M.D. Resident I Benjamin D. Massey, . Resident I James G. Pataky, M.D. Resident I 'L s X W QW air ww. sw. All P 4-,I 10? ? X ,Lx was John J. Rinde, M.D. Resident I Kathryn Ann Stuart, IVl.D Resident I G. Bruce Waldron, M.D Resident I Charles E. Baier, M.D Intern Leon R. Blue, M.D. Intern John S. Holston, M.D Intern M.D Stanley L. Kellar, M.D Intern Larry D. Stonesifer, Intern Robert D. Taylor, M.D Intern Mark D. Wewers, M. Intern Robert D. White, M. Intern Stephen O. Woodruff I Intern D. D. M D Microbiology alI"""" "Back to the basics!" Robert E. Bowling, Ph.D. Professor Robert S. Abernathy, Professor Carl E. Duffy, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus James J. Daly, Ph.D. Associate Professor Hillard F. Hardin, Ph Associate Professor M.D. .D. I5 Aimen L. Barron, Ph.D Professor 84 Chairman X"" fu' -li r i Boftoifsioewy X L9 B EGM? ! Dliii' ti r A N .. ' X K , Bi J Q , Y I 1' M if QS if fm? . - agp a ' fb A s ssi ' . is S if Q Q 'ft' f ' . ,4 ,iq ,,, , , L., A. ' ' - we A T5 QQ " 5-25 f A n sf if A Q rs . A " A f ,ight -,l -. Km he . A .bg s I f 1 4 A P t ' 4 .,.,. A 3 F ' g 72 IS' W Q1 sf - 'ff' ,., 1 2 A Q 'ts 1- A f ,3 tiff? A i 5 Q-3-7, T -. .. s if t , h x, ,V -., ., 1- RY., . - A K e'f..F- ce- f A Y - am., .!.s,4m. z?f.s if M, s. is -. Q: fws' , . ' L 1 'Y' i , , Ii Q 1. 1 Paul N. Morgan, Ph.D. Associate Professor David E. Wennerstr Assistant Professor om, John B. Barnett, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Artin H. Malakian, P Assistant Professor Jay H. Nlenna, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Roger G. Rank, Ph Assistant Professor .D. I v.. h.D ,.., L s, 1 'L . . X 1 4 Neurology r or t ' ,. .W .. , ,wa it , ,,..W, . A so ' ' ....,, - X Ni 5 In KJ' sf: Q' 5. QQ . ! P Q 1 John H. Bornhofen, Associate Professor Mary E. Ragsdill, M Assistant Professor Elias G. Chalhub, M Associate Professor M. .D. ,li X we r. Wandal D. Money, M.D. Third Year Resident Bob W. Smith, M.D. Third Year Resident Dennis D. Lucy, Jr., M.D. Professor 84 Chairman DIZ! 'K X' -ff "E A -S? i I 5 aw, ix 5, ,. i s 'lui - ,X , j- i 4 ! 0 r 2 3 'S' -1 Nissan- I - ,sf uxw .: 'YE Q :.: 5. . W " 2 w 'N K 1 ,R Bb- ' Q Q. 11" gee sw W9 HLub Dubu Lesion of Satiety Center .s ttr t "' fi Gregory S. Kaczens First Year Resident Charles E. Phillips, First Year Resident ' ,V il , A 'x , "'7f" Axe ki, M D lVl.D Neurosurger fr rw U X Warren A. Bodp, NI.D. Professor Herman F. Flanigan, M.D. Assoc i ate Professor Richard Jordan, M.D. Third Year Resident Marie Feltes, M.D. First Year Residegnt Ms. Darlene Hayes Secretary Ms. June Blanenship Secretary f bg I f as., f -W. f my-:f3M,,. fix L, " if x xx A in Y -v-.,i s.- 4 ,- Q , Zz' , f , f i. , ll 5 , . J' ' n" , 0 if , ,pg 3' . 'X fi gf! 6 X542 Q ll aff 47334: 4. qw , M -or-v . "ig: ob IEA, f -...ef ir x .TU 1, xr i ., Stevenson Flanigan, IVI.D Professor 84 Chairman n t hge' k M rri- jgggw. , 5 B i -if 4. r-ir i 2 .si - i ,,,,, ,, A ' 'N k . b , . J, .. , N i .. : -f,f,gf2ff"':" x'1w'wm,k ff: W K .jf,"h4:I:g' fe if - ' ,ga :I 'n04'n'n' 'Z5i"-."","" 3.1 .,,,n g,,,'-.,'-. a.,... fiifliffi Jlfr' f if I 3 ':"?fE2z2r5l iii 1 -:+M3+a - f-4'f:'- - N- ilzigltsy' ' fi ,1f'fnvf',v' I yn '+' - n-uw. we-wwf ff f ' H, 'PA ' ,gag .,ge',f-,,f,vi-6. v , v , :fx-:H 'wf-rf-- ,u la-v' ?n,,',i, 4,41 ' ,v.-.r. J, .. ' . w 1 If 5 ,J Q f' 5'i'!'I' v Al vb ' , I" L: ,' ', , ',r " Lp .' . '.fo' ras. '5 EF A 1, ,.., i ,,,, s o f Q - I ' W s s y s rs r r 1 r n L" ' I if - Q A" ' ,S . 1 A -4 ,Q l ' if i Q E 'P Q xv we Ls. 4, I 1 'S g g .1 K of-,, ff K v ati! Exist: N 1 'Q it . I 5, 3? Nh x . i. .s J ooo o ..:. , o i orr, mo A4 fg Y :S K HJ i RWM si Aw . 4.1.0 R214 gzfjgggzi ,. ,M Oh-Gyn 141 David L. Barclay, IVI.D. Professor 84 Chairman -. V ??M'f.. 2 "za 4,3532 Maxwell R. Baldw Assistant Professor Francisco Batres, M Administrative Ch Byron L. Hawks, M Professor K. Lee Lee Doyle, Associate Professor Gary R. Wood, M.D Associate Professor Eugene Michael Finan, M.D. Intern C. Dale Fuller, M Junior Resident Richard Johnson, Junior Resident J. Dennis Black, Senior Resident Spencer Johnson, Senior Resident Steve Kramer, M Junior Resident Jon David Power, Senior Resident Michael Selby, M Assistant Resident mv- l ,M 3 fn an fwfr WNY 47' 'W 9 , . 1 ,iffy -N -'4w,,,:?,-Nlwf lil ' Q :mf ' JL 'Q I 1, , R fm J rx il 1 K g nv' E , i f f 4 Ks? di' 24 me , XXNWAXQNWN V I M iE R Q s f , "Chico the man" L-R William E. Harrison, M. Junior Resident Marsha T. Howell, M.D Assistant Resident David Waymon, M.D. Junior Resident A - d2g.,oC,QAA!l 0 2 K ' 1 0Bs6fW 1 N , V if f e i I -Q if Opthalmology if , f-- z-- ,Q,, "" nt?" ' , 11721 Calvin Hanna, Ph.D. Professor R. Sloan Wilson, M.D. Associate Professor Gissur Petursson, M.D. Assistant Professor John G. Watkins II, M.D. I Assistant Professor F. Hampton Roy, M.D. Assistant Professor Joe E. Smith, M.D. Assistant Professor R .E. Hardberger, M.D. Assistant Professor James Landers, M.D. Instructor , ng, ' p t wbylwtl , f 'N 2 V S QM! at Arthur H. Woods, M.D. Fourth Year Resident , - c. William Hof M.D. Fourth Year Resident , i f Fay Boozman, M.D. " V' , Fourth Year Resident 'fti' ,pw Thomas Wallace, lVl.D. ' ff' Fourth Year Resident I 5, s-1-','f 1 V F,T. Fraunfelder, lVl.D, Professor 84 Chairman 1- " -, 1- f. 5, ,.w:g, .. , ,jf I iam. -4902 YQ 1 www W 4? , 'R wana, I ,. 3 I l L l' X 1 .Y lAf rf? 3 4 , 1- A M., 'Wt A-.- 4 , , ,. .. shrzit 4" so A, 1 K ,WQV Q-, Y R f Q :NS Fm? A-FW . rs ke :rf ,vue x. William J. Smead, Nl. Third Year Resident Richard O. Hendrickso Third Year Resident D. n, M John G. Watkins III, M.D. Second Year Resident Jan Scruggs, IVl.D. Second Year Resident Fred George, M.D. First Year Resident Melanie Cable, IVl.D. First Year Resident Carol Chappell, Nl.D. First Year Resident David Wilkes, M.D. First Year Resident Orthopaedics i into ""Wlnpq.. John H. Bowker, IVI.D. Professor Edward R. Weber, NI Assistant Professor .D. Raymond T. Morrissy, M.D. Assistant Professor Clinical Instructor Jay Lipke, M.D Clinical Instructor Robert G. Eubanks, Third Year Resident David T. Sward, lVl.D. M .D Carl L. Nelson, IVI.D, Professor 84 Chairman la, aa? jf xt ' 'P 'ea we X 7 NN-. xfff sw-nl' 'WHY if ji 1 3 Y ..-, ,nr- Q xr HELSUPREMOH Terry Green, M.D. First Year Resident James McCoy, M.D First Year Resident Berry Thompson, M First Year Resident Otolaryngology X Robert Seibert, lVl.D. Assistant Professor, ACH Robert N. lVlcGrew, M.D. Associate Professor, LRVAH Fred Beggs, M.S. Instructor, Audiology Matthew Jackson, D.M.D. Instructor, Prosthetics Joe Colclasure, M.D. Assistant Professor E.L. Milner, M.D. Associate Professor Kelli Bell, M.S, C.S.P. Director, Rehabilitation Reed Thompson, M.D. Fourth Year Resident Larry Dobbs, M.D. Fourth Year Resident Jerry Potts, M.D. Third Year Resident Nlohan Chaudhuri, lVl.D. Third Year Resident Bob Craig, M.D. Second Year Resident 3 ,1 James Y. Suen, lVI.D, Associate Professor 81 Chairman 44,4 , P r,,s at r - a Q 13 as f 1 P rll i 'irr T X 1653 -.lbw ,k,,, V, --w hd' X, M-ff' 'Vrana . Z' E lm , ,gf 3 i ,Y ai , ,, . L, AQKANSAQK mmf L scrsmceejg Y W ,V l53?l:52i7aib1L4fMDW5 ' 21:4 14,3 EW J i 1 f F Y .4f 3 F 0 Q 4 , , ,,z, , 2 Y M... ,.., , .,,,,,,u ,M I Y. V ,....--L,:r.::1z4 ,, M, w4wm,,... ,,,,iWx,m ....,., A ,,..... 'W ......,.- .....-2..... M-1-fr r5,,,,,,... J 14? f -am M ti xfQ Q A X if ' wa 7 ' f 6 Ex, A .,,, if Jerry Puckett, M.D. Second Year Resident Jim Fowler, M.D. First Year Resident Jim Arthur, M.D. First Year Resident Pathology Albert E. Kalderon, M.D. Professor Robin R. Jones, M.D. Assistant Professor Benjamin Highman, M.D. Professor, N C TR N. Leland Dodd, M.D. Assistant Professor Rodney F. Carlton, Nl.D State Medical Examiner Charles H. Frith, M.D. Assistant Professor, NCT R if P, Sanfordl Roth lVl D Professor 8g Chairman '44 yr 11,2 -li A Q W' 1 lq ' 2 P i 4 Q. f as ,jig - t I fmt 1 ,, , . 3 V Ah , Z ,cl 0 ft i 'Y -'11-' J we I 7' Q .4 ,di 'M 'T ,, K R im ' C i' ttt g K s ss i William A. Grunow, M Assistant Professor Chao N. Sun, M.D. Professor, NCTR Berwin Monroe State Toxicologist Robert F. Schaefer, M. .D. D. Assistant Professor, LRVAH Harold J. White, M.D. Professor, LRVAH Carlos A. Araoz, M.D. Associate Professor, LR Marge A. Brewster, Ph. Assistant Professor Carl K. Uyeda, Ph.D. Associate Professor Leroy Clark Embalming Technician J.D. Higgins Embalming Technician Carl Parker Physcian's Assistant VAH D. Jerome Rosenfeld, M.S. Assistant Professor Stephen A. lVlarx, lVl.D. Assoc. St. IVled. Exam. Charles D. Sullivan, M.D. Fifth Year Resident Lamar Kyle, M.D. First Year Resident Tommy White, M.D. First Year Resident Robert S. Bohannon Chief Med. Investigator l un 55" fy! 1 N. X Q l 0? 1 V ei ,N if b 5. Qi .as K 1""' -. , :CJK R M S+:-s X E vm Nh Y lx lt? 1 Sud , i lt A ue I :riff ull' 3 is 6 R i 'ii' -r , 2 5 'rf Q il 1:16 ediatrics 47 05 i' i ' 11415 ,, an 4' fm l g 4, , tk ,. ll N s Q K A, ' 1 ti Cz N x 'v...' Y. X ! P X. Vw Robert H. Fiser, Jr., lVl.D. Professor 84 Chairman ' 'gf w.T. Dungan, M.D. f ,ii W f Professor 81. Vice Chairman Alice G. Beard M.D. X ri Professor I Roger Bost, M.D. 4-9, H Professor x Q 49 1 fv' 'YQ Nr , ' f, Florence Char, M.D. Professor Nl. Joycelyn Elders, M.D. sf fx I 'K Professor Vida H. Gordon, M.D. Professor Emeritus Manford D. Morris, Ph.D. Professor Neil Sims, M.D. Professor Daisi lee H . Berry, Professor Associate Professor Lee Chalhub, M.D. Associate Professor Rosalind S. Abernathy, M. . 5 t, Associate Professor 3 if g is John H. Bornhofen, M.D. i D X .. qs X Harold A. Decker, M.D Associate Professor J.B. Norton, M.D. Associate Professor LeRoy C. Mims, M.D Associate Professor Assistant Professor H. Gordon Green, Associate Professor R obert W. Arrington M min 'GR' , ,-, f ,,iii'--',,,r iw, M ,,,- .,,, . M 5' U. .Agana 1 M x ,az J , --', ..., , . - , E3 """ W' xi fs , fa' tx l XX 1 QE,- N .i Q f- 9' 4 S? 'Us r P , 5',2w,z A - 't ' X YJ' 5122 is A . Z K sl ' 0 Q 4 ' Q K P sa . ft lm V., 7'3" fs 21 te ,lk ff Robert W. Seibert, M.D. Assistant Professor Joanna J. Seibert, M.D. Assistant Professor Suzy Gerety, BSN Nurse Practitioner Jan Pine, BSN Nurse Practitioner Virginia K. Crane, BSN Nurse Practitioner Robert H. Warren, M.D. Assistant Professor Abdul Darki, M.D. Instructor Victoria Herzberg, Ph.D Instructor Terry Yamauchi, M.D. Associate Professor Donald E. Hill, M.D. Professor ff A .A 'i F5 r,,, 2 M' a WW H ,ze William R. Collie, M.D. Chief Resident Jorge Figueroa, lVl.D- Chief Resident Ed Ashcraft, M.D. First Year Resident Zuhair Bakdoud, lVl.D. Second Year Resident Patricia Brown, lVl.D. First Year Resident Helen Butler, M.D. First Year Resident gig' ' Qiiils J ly ,Q Q, 'S' ,G Rui z? ' s K W' xi E . L 7 'i at sp if ,S an W , as si uni vi Y l l NAI .ii ' 'f :af 4 . ' A-Lx fpnnls 7' J l 'Hi . , lx, VH X , X ' , ffl "F f 7, , iw 3, ,relief , ,Q of V ' l 'fu ' X Life NABVV in , l l !b.!J.7mg .',.f.m,mg,M, 1 2. 'sl K' K M iff, J' f N j K' 'N 5 iuuuu, l ll l .,, it W1 , , ,, ,E .4 M ax' X. I 1 Q John Campbell, M.D. Second Year Resident ?"'-"N-AQ Bill Clardy, Nl.D. Third Year Resident jf Jim Creswell, M.D. Second Year Resident John Barnhill, M.D. Second Year Resident Gene France, M.D. First Year Resident Eric Fraser, IVl.D. Third Year Resident Wayne Herbert, M.D. First Year Resident Morris Kletzel, lVl.D. Second Year Resident Rick Nestrud, M.D. Neonatal Fellow Earnestine Otovo, M .D. First Year Resident Rosa lina Pagta khan, M Second Year R esident Tom Paulus, M.D. First Year Resident Sam Shultz, M.D. Second Year Resident John Trotter, M.D. First Year Resident Steve Whaley, M.D. First Year Resident Vern Ann Williams, M Second Year Resident Roosevelt Brown, D.D Assistant Professor Oral Surgery l .D. .D. .S. r 31 0.4 X S S af V 1 as W F 139 'Sl ' Q ' , .. ue ,.,, ss! ' 'x xg f .br fl A 5 lm r If W ya fssiff Af,,49v9""'W f , ,,,,, , 5 A',, S tl, is, ' ,'r, 4 F , r , Y ff s,wV,.s, 2 1: 4 W I 171, L' ll L A X gf' , ,,, All Nerner F. Flacke, IVI.D, Professor 84 Chairman Pharmacology Cv-rf ,ahh xl 'NW-::EC?" s J oo 'H 1 ' o .E kj , . at Harm I Bucher, Ph Assocnate Professor Daryl D Christ Associate Professor ESX. -SSM . We L . K. H. Ginzel, Ph.D. Professor Calvin Hanna, Ph.D. Professor Q ox Q1 4 c A 1' , F2 Ernst E. Seifen, Nl.D. Professor Joseph E. Stone, Ph.D. Associate Professor Daniel H. Hunt, Ph.D Assistant Professor Larr T Welch Ph.D y . Assistant Professor James A. lVlacDonaId Instructor X, MQ 2:5 5-. ffg-IF5 'x If txxj 5,1 EJQRQQ ' 3' fi X M3 'vis H w S 1 5 .L 4 gi Q1 ff si 1 , ,, 1-, ft M. 4, at , ly. r, ,wtykl A4 'A' -fg-,i k k, ,, I - -we 1 I I Q . Vi. af ,. :tg ,is - of 1 'L' 7 t as ' f . , . f.W.IZ5 1 . rss P . 4 , ,, , A fqgyma L '--ff .. - J 1 5'-"W In T ' Y' , 15, ,. " A. 'f f cf"?0f 1" 2' -Plgfanf so is Ai . - K- ...X I .,.,.,gikg.T " N fsfgff fig. All " Nxt Ifffvg"f .,i'.t.s.aff-W ' A 'Fifa ' AFV' ' '93 f Sei- f '-1. - if - av i ii i ' 55? me 'Si-si!" - A A .fs ' 'ir A aww f Wg 0 "'. f' " Q92 iq-'SH' aaa 'WI-.1 NVQ 44 - Q.. "- 'N ' -as 'N U S. .' .:..:,o?"?x: : John E. Whitney, Ph.D. Professor 84 Chairman 3 .ffl , W GEN V X X F I Qi NK" yt-fi' Y 4' , g -, s ,gr-5' ' Kgkl -QSFQL 2. V 1 Physiology y,,,,....----N Howard H. Conaway, Ph D Associate Professor Thomas I. Koike, Ph.D Associate Professor Alvin A. Krum, Ph.D Professor James N. Pasley, Ph.D Associate Professor Ronald S. Remmel, Ph D Assistant Professor Michael A. Griffey, Assistant Professor PhD Q. Around The House I Nlr. Mose "One that didn't get away" ' R fi. 3 gf ' - ,,. Q ., 1 fl ' ,hifi 1, r Vx 2 ! 'J 1 X . V ff! 5 ,fg K' e N Jw ' 'iw f!' wQf"g 1 W 9 Clav Ann Georgia ,,,, .y.-hgh , H 5 fi grmkfx Hu, "RainbarreI " ,f ,, Y e H 5 , e ,Q .,i. ,,,,.: Q Vjlg, My , 1 X 1lee e' ' 1 X e 1 Ena fe gg ee ee 1 he K 'N , A rk" 'Q , N Y y , , rW-,,," 21 , , . ,VV,f R V he-Q A . W V ,. fl V , Lg A ' r ' - f li ,, 4 4 E f , 1 . .. 7 ' A M AIVV M,,fue M, I g , X If X I A . V A S 1 ,- ,A V X' H A 'i" - ee '. IA ' , - William G. Reese, lVl.D. Professor 8. Chairman 1-s., Rag KE :Qui Psychiatry Fred 0. Hen ker III, Professor M.D. John L. Delk, Ph.D. Associate Professor Sidney J. Fields, Ph.D. Professor Robert R. Matthews, M.D. Associate Professor Robert F. Shannon, Professor Richard H. Sunderm Associate Professor M.D. ann, M Robert S. Bryles, Nl Assistant Professor .D. K. Chye Cheah, M.D. Assistant Professor R. Harvel Harrison, Nl.D. Assistant Professor Hope G. Lehman, M.D. Assistant Professor Mary K. Lewallen, Assistant Professor NI.S.N. Ruth L. Nlelsheimer, B.S. Instructor 'Fi' is in Claude R. Sutton, M.D. Assistant Professor Joseph E. Newton, Associate Professor Stanton A. McGill, Assistant Professor lVl.D. fa? 'f 3 Jr .Q 5 fi ' go S f 1. 'W ,, , 1' z ...sqm 'fl- gli lvl S w. A K, Q G , ::':.f..5':. " ' A , . ...yi ' "ff fn"" l 1 s "fs , . f , V . s.::, His, A , , A ga ...ts 1.....,,, A ,. s it , . A, qi...- ' Hn +434-,I K . 5 . ,mi 'fs'-iff 0 1+ W ' . A' 'gif Sn.. ,tr s , . 94 'im' eux ' Q S W A av-.'f.e+v 'fy g iii 4 6 :se fr I Vyi, ., it my isss .. ,-f-,,,!,.1 4 X , , M gh ft' A V ivnlivmnmimmvmonnsus 1325 S - I t I-.b 5.. X X . 1? it I as '31 ff' f f im-we s, at R. A. Dykman, Ph.D. O. D. Murphree, Ph.D P ss ead Professor John E. Peters, M.D. Professor 84 Head David S. McCray, M.D. Assistant Professor Sam D. Clements, Ph.D. Professor S. Otho Hesterly, Ph.D. Associate Professor Julia W, Danford, M.A. Assistant Professor Joanna E. Davis, M.S. Assistant Professor Ruth B. Edgington, IVI.Ed Assistant Professor Irving G. Ringdahl, M.D. Assistant Professor A. Jane Beazley, M.S.W Instructor Larry E. Clark, Ph.D. Instructor Carolyn F. Conaway, B.S Instructor Joseph Ferguson, M.S.W. Instructor Barbara J. Neal, Ed.D. Instructor William E. Johnson, Ph.D Instructor Helen Nugent, iVi.S.W. Instructor Nicholaus Paal, Ph.D. Instructor Cleo M. Goolsby, M.S.W. Assistant Professor Alma F. Houston, M.D. Assistant Professor Kenneth Nl. Golden, lVl.S. Instructor Gregory S. Krulin, M.D. Third Year Resident Linda K. McDade, M.D. Second Year Resident David D. Erby, M.D. First Year Resident Morris S. Levy, M.D. Assistant Professor rl., VM,-www Wilma C Diner, M.D. Professor 81 Head, Diagnostics Q, . X- e f' Radiology Arkansas' first Roentgen Ray machine-1920? Howard J . Barnhar Professor Joseph D. Calhoun Clinical Professor James F. Cherry, M Instructor Glenn V. Dalrympl Clinical Professor Eleanor P. Deed, M Associate Professor , P 97 I John C. Holder, Nl.D. Assistant Professor Sanford A. Rubin, lVl.D. Associate Professor Phillip L. Smith, M.D. Associate Professor Joanna J. Seibert, lVl.D. Associate Professor Robert IVI. Tirman, Nl. Assistant Professor Anthony C. Hooper, Nl. Third Year Resident Louis R. Nlunos, Nl.D. Third Year Resident James A. Alexander, Second Year Resident William L. Berry, Nl. D. Nl.D. D. Second Year Resident. i -0 . Y 'V 5 we 1 A S as' M f' We S gpifwl f xref X BF: fy ' N 1 by X15 0 . A A I ii W. 1 . 1,9 fx, ,H if Q N,,, ,, H. 'tu ,,,, - .l V gi gi 5 I E ? i 4 X Na '1 fs , ,si X if ,gt 1, , I J ,fs i Johannes T. Tan, M.D. Second Year Resident Kuet-Kian Nan, IVI.D. Second Year Resident Jack R. Allison, IVl.D. First Year Resident David H. Roberts, M.D. First Year Resident David Leim, M.D. First Year Resident XX 5 g : . K i lil, . ,ggi I i I ' I AL intl . '- Y. it F R' E f W .,,eif5 A Charles Nl. Boyd, IVI.D. Professor 84 Head-N.M. Acting Chairman-Radiology John E. Slayden, M.D. Assistant Profelsor Max L. Baker, Ph.D. Assistant Professor A. J. Moss, Ph.D. Assistant Professor William A. Nagle, Ph.D. Assistant Professor James F. Vandergrift, M. . Assistant Professor A 1- xii:-U gf? Richard M. Prior, Ph.D. Associate Professor W. D. Haynes, M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor Helen Mathews, B.S.R.T. Director, Grad. Education Edward Bailey, M.S.R.T. Director Undergrad. Ed. Judy Gardner, R.T. Instructor Quinnie Young, R.T. Assistant Instructor 4? 100 A f., tx 2 . Q W f' Surgery i P 7 Gilbert S. Campbell, lVl.D. Grand Rounds Professor 84 Chairman ."?"' ., iesss Fred T. Caldwell, M.D. Professor Raymond C. Read, lVl.D. Professor 3 W ,e. Aw M0-If Professor Harry Hayes, Jr., M.D. Associate Clinical Professor Kent C. Westbrook, M.D. Associate Professor Bernard W. Thompson, Nl.D G. Doyne Williams, M.D. Associate Professor Robert E. Casali, M.D. Assistant Professor W. Dale Morris, IVl.D. Assistant Professor NIS. Dot Hefton Ward Secretary, LRVAH John B. Weiss, M.D. Thoracic Resident Hugh F. Burnett, M.D. Thoracic Resident Richard F. McKeIvey, M. Chief Resident Dao Nghiem Dai, M.D. Chief Resident D. John E. Hearnsberger, Nl.D. Chief Resident Nicholas P. Lang, M.D. Chief Resident Anibal R. Hadad, M.D. Fourth Year Post M.D. an-JIM A wb! I f" .Min X If . i,, . 1 Q f Qs ' x X A4 ,gy If . me-SA 6' Ll' i If' ii . 1. x' NX 2 I , ,. , ., ,.,w,, W, T E Em 39 if We 1 41 ' .U 'KW P Q' fi api? 222.321 , wg. W. Richard McNair, M Fourth Year Post M.D. Patrick A. Dolan, M.D. Third Year Post M.D. T. Michael Hillis, M.D Third Year Post M.D. H. Joseph Howe, M.D. Third Year Post M.D. Patrick N. Osam, M.D. Third Year Post M.D. Ms. Linda L. Lindsey Secretary John H. Crabtree, M.D Second Year Post M.D. Charles D. Mabry, M.D Second Year Post M.D. C. R. Magness, M.D. Second Year Post M.D. John M. Ransom, M.D. Second Year Post M.D. W. Everett Tucker, M.D Second Year Post M.D. LeRoy A. LeNarz, IVl.D First Year Post M.D. D. Richard Stevenson, First Year Post M.D. Charles J. Watkins, lVl.D First Year Post lVl.D. Dennis L. Wingfield, M First Year Post lVl.D. John S. Lambert, Nl.D First Year Post Nl.D. James W. Campbell, M Second Year Post IVl.D f,-f? "" kt , Q 1 P U- :'l jf: JM ,.. . I 9 A .i,, ,, fi, f, , , .1 , 0 - I ou Can't Dazzle 'Em with Brilliance Then . . . f affle 'Em with Bullshit' ll John F. Redman, lVl.D. Professor 84 Chairman U .. Off" .Qt A" 2- 2. .-N13-I ' -:fl-: 'Tc-, ?'-'a+'- Urology l Nabil K. Bissada, lVl.D. Assistant Professor Alex B. Finkbeiner, lVl.D. A ssista nt Professor Cy M. Robinson, M.D. Fourth Year Resident Pat D. O'DonneIl, M.D. Fourth Year Resident J. Walter Stallings, lVl.D. Second Year R esident William E. Higginboth First Year Resident om, lVl.D Flexible Interns ,aw Charles D. Barq, M.D Alice K. Davidson, M.D. Dillard Denson, M.D. Sidney Dent, Nl.D. Jim Fuller, M.D. Guy F. Gardner, Nl.D. Michael Hendren, M.D William Hudson, Nl.D. Bobby Ko, M.D. , W Warren C. Boop, M.D. Chairman Intership Committee I D vez-me D -3, i + gf Ag l ' ,S Q Jr., i 'fe I xxx rm N45 5? My QQ 1 ' i Judith Stafford, IVl.D. John C. Lewellen, Nl.D James Metrai ler, lVl.D Benny Nlitchell, Nl.D. Chip Money, Nl.D. Ken Murphy, M.D. Jerry Panuska, Nl.D. Stephen Parker, M.D. Bruce A. Smith, IVl.D. Robert Tom mey, NI.D Corbit L. White, Nl.D. Fred Wilson, IVl.D. 107 A-.4 GOLDEN APPLES The Golden Apple awards are presented each year to the two instructors which we the medical students of UA IVIS, feel most exemplify the ideals we look for in our teachers These awards are not meant to represent a simple popularity contest. We feel that these two men have done more than any others in helping us in a guest to serve our fellow man They have not only given unselfishly of their time to provide us with the factual tools we will need, but they have stood out as examples of what men can and should be. Dr. Almen L. Barron was selected by the sophomore class for the second time Special mention should be made of the fine microbiology 81 immunology course which Dr. Barron has reorganized and maintained. Dr. Dale lVlorris has been chosen by the junior and senior medical students. The humanity of this man is boundless. His understanding of and sympathy for the sick and their families are examples for us all to strive for. Pre-Clinical Clinical Almen L. Barron, Ph.D. Professor 84 Chairman, Microbiology Honorable Mention Shirley A. Gilmore, Ph.D. Professor, Anatomy Carlos A. Araoz, M.D. Associate Professor, Pathology W. Dale Morris, M.D. Assistant Professor, Surgery Honorable Mention Eleanor A. Lipsmeyer, M.D. Associate Professor, Medicine George L, Ackerman, M.D. Professor, Medicine R.0.Y. S.O.B. Each year the junior and senior medical students vote to select outstanding residents. The ROY stands out in their minds as the resident most typifying those qualities one looks for in a fine physician. The SOB stands out in their minds as just what the title implies. These awards are given to recognize the excellence of the ROY and to whisper in the ear ofthe SOB that perhaps all is not right. 'Ei 35 X- Robert F. McCrary, Jr., M.D. Resident I, Medicine Honorable Mention W. Everett Tucker, M.D. Second Year Post M.D., Surgery Charles D. Mabry, M.D. Second Year Post M.D., Surgery William E. Harrison, M.D. Junior Resident, Ob-Gyn. Dishonorable Mention Bonnie J. Baker, M.D. Resident I, Medicine Chip Money, M.D. Flexible Intern Senior Medicine . I Q Q 152 JohnnyP Adkins III Penelope Atkinson A A 5 fe f H W K 4 nh M Susan W. Baker 1-av" "T" W :Q ' .73 Stephen T. Barron !- 5449-r-J Glen H. Bennett Charles W. Ball, Wheirda L. Bentley . JAIVIZ Bruce E. Berry 3 'Fw .a-.W i .V if 5717 l ., Q? lil A my Robert L. Berry ' w af A 4' . W 1- g--- -- 'ru I L. f 2 2- 'M Larry J. Bodeker Joe F Bradley MW 1 Craig J. Brown A rv Jul' 'L V fl ig I x David L. Brown x el gg Z J., 'S 4 - Q- Janice L. Bunch 9 fl anley K. Browning C. Sue Caruthers cy -db M Q My Charles R. Burnett, Jr YP"' 'K rf Gin M4-'Zvi James L. Cheshuer ' A gydwmflmdwwh- Q ,, , g Gordon Chitwood, Jr. It ik, , in-.,,. : "J Q " W ,fx a Q f Sw N fi. ff, 1-u 4 3: Q. x an' nf ...als-. Steven A. Clift 654 Robert B. Choate, Jr - ,Lf f. -- N -5 - N... f pg, A f My 'Z " an 1 af ,wf"Ifffws:fZ'E'M H ' f 4 m x . 1 'J , f . John B. Cone '-"-in if 4-...A Julia E. Connelly h Kwvzgf. Bug, Ben w. Davis CAMO f.z3WQ ,... 7 i x,A R chard D. Delaney N.. J s. Deneke M .A N w-. Thomas R. Dykman 4 if S. Killean DesLauners Gregory R. Elliott R 1 Deborah D. Fawcett gin S'-" XD- 5 fi' .4 , 3 . 1 Cya-QNK ?4'YK.C'-Al'l S. Clark Fincher R09er N. Fowler QWJQAJ ' x i g . aalan Russeueelt V 4? Ig William lvl. Gibbs, III Hmm W I HY Qawm.. Mmm A F !.4 A . , ,,,.. fa- John A A Ii Gill an III Myra G. M. Gillean 1.1 f - 1, ,, n H "' Dennis E. Go f"X x ' - G ' Janet A. Hale A, . Yi! 95- f x V. Anthony Harden . b 2 fc. - f r -- . 'Q' ' K g Robert E. Harrell, Jr. 'CIM ., 55' 'J' Z 1 ' L ' V Q ai a G. Robert C. Harris Katherine A. Harrison Q 145,11-'oi'-ve U Q ,,...o, ro'- N. tsl ' 1 James B. Hazelwood , I 4MR':1,x:f raw 5 Robert A. Helsten ffl Debra L. Henry QQMMGGDMMT. CRdH yJ 44 My 9405! DavidC.H k ml Q 'L 7 :X V' e '31 James T. Hodges R H 'QQ ,may I gawk! Randol W Hooper l "7" fh- Roger D. House H , . ' , cnmx I r E 4 mflb-QQ, K. Lamar Howard, Jr, h .L If 51 Heyden Marie Hucke f W ' ffm pqv 50 I' 34 Q-af -N, bd vi 1.1 0 wi' 75,6-vi-UA-J, James Nl. Hurley I ,X . A ,- g ,L 'J' , -... h . ,,,- P if EF :I i-E, aaa'aa "Q Vvf,- . .. ,V 'TE , yxfgff N 2' G. Scott H t d U59 2 hufE Q' Q 9 nr if , 5,8 . 'X fi Rbt .., ."f' Wx., Jaw Harm La J Hutchins f Y ff P l"':f:'V, Mm WQwwvQ.Q0fWfLA was-1. PHY W sb-QFJJLA 3 hen P. Johnson 40'X zmq r 3 K M X-4 fin J, Q John H. Kendrick ,.a.a-hs... Q David L. Lay Richard W. King .Y , 1 JH' Qdfnfll v James W. Leatherman, Jr. 6 xi. fu' Q ,xg 4 2? Keith M. Lipsmeyer c W- x ,dX Dennis W. Luter I ,dip mx-+ JP' 'K .1 ns --.Wy ,- , 5,1 1 my ,.. X .Arm I u Pt lvl. Marvin M F J. A z k M A Ag. h pm ,yi rv. ive- ' 1 SN . ' Y rt F Iva c mm, II WQBAMII: Richard L. McDoug 43' 'vga' :vm chael s McFarland W' K. Patrlc a Nl Gann Clinton G. Melton Mm fl 4 A ' ti M A JS -Q. ga C J. chuck Nash, Jr. NJ-Q f -7 John F. Mumey X ,, If '-.4 4 4 A David w. Ohrt I MK Richard A. Nix WL Jp'L. J.Rocky Pang Jr I vvu I . Patl'iCk ASQ! ? N, ' Nicholas J. Piediscalzi 1.4, is-. 5300 Joseph B. Pierce A .X maid Thomas A. Rado 4 dwg' .W J.NeaIRagan wmv? , 1 v Gail Ray . ,gil O-7 W. Kirk R W J y Robertson If E 0 5 aw-L., Kathryn M. Rowe 54, W 34? '-L lq lf 'FUN ' Lf w J ,J k f f 'Z' UW 'um 3 Earnest L. Saunders R x f' M' Qghl M, Eugene Nl. Shelby rs Qdgxu. Q John W, Sixby Robert A. Skinner mi A - re e ,ff L"' rf Warren A. Skaug gl... 5 GAYQU Q50 A441 C, Kemp Skokos Annette S. Slater Ag, G. Richard Smith, Jr 6 L , K .., I guy X , Harold E. Sm ith, Jr. gave f QVFJZ S. Steve Snow f "XL, A. Jack Somers, Jr. K E, P , wi , 'rf wi M" K xlfv Q v-:fa Rx U Q A61 H-. - - Stanley H. stein - fa ,O Phillip S. Stone 1 Q Q l ,pr5,J Jan C. R. Sullivan A Q? ,,l,',f i.g , Q ..l,.1ifii:1 -, .1.w. ,,,. mem. ,:W1.:i,,., James A. Tanner gawk OAJIM hiv-MZ-J 'ZZ' N MS , v. 1. V' Bonnie J. Taylor wang "H'f9"nv Vi. 'af W , R '59 3 David R. Taylor ' :M ll 2 k,v' if , My J 5,2104 George W. Taylor, III , 5 R , we Em :,. if T 4 9 Billie R. Thomas E X X fvy 7 I 3 . "' 'L ,, f i if 3' H- ima- Q fx N in 3A'w'w.a,X Qg . Rufus Thrower, Jr Finley P. Turner, II f H 4 Thomas H. Tvedten R. Steve Venable Q 'lv -.- EQ I Wi " 1 Jackie R. white 9,4-016'-4 14 8 0-Ivy, n W Dan W. Webb if A I A. ' 9 361:51 Maw Linda H. williams I , ,f f .6 an ,syv of -.4 Ma, , if' 45 ' Nhbl "s' ' I ,' W Louis B. Witonsky 6' Q' Q ' . X James W. Young, III 'FW P. fgiiffywgg 6 N.. .. . . ,, . L, .W ,x , in QS iggg W X XX .S 1 Muna:-7 K A f ,f A Lake 4 'N QAM! ' ' 5' Y in All, K , sg I xx, L 1 xx A A ,L sl. fxlp .-5 if f y M x 0' W , .NOQWB M XsXxxG,X2:2?2 f 1 Xi ff Avo1D X , C' MEA? '1TAuAN" wwovcvsi f ,iv f V4 X .mix 3 may 395 Ama XR Qlix. gf -gm f 5' f Q f 151 83' T' 5 Nr 1 x 6 2' " ,,, , U if if .nrjw If Q, A'2x'3'f biil,'-?Q85iJ , cmq.,Lxur:.s53 urs, .wluertiirii Y :W Q ,A M-. K if Kb Lzqbb rmms 1.,11L L l is ' MQ ' ' 5'11 V X K 1 A X H , ',x, ,Q K . K Q, X A . P 1.L J' Q ' '2, ' 1 52 1 Bice, C. Don Bishop, Terrell P., Jr. Blackburn, Stephen K. Borland, Judy F. Braswell, Thomas R. K 1: W 1 X r JMS Scut Kings .f ..., Jaws ' ' 'NM , . J 3 S I ix W Anderson, Carla Barron, Wm. Garr Bates, Susan E. Beaton, J. Neal Belue, James M. i W my B 1 l x ,A f N, . W3 ' V si ,,.,. , I i , K ., Q X l N""i"w..,. W L' C ' mv? 3 -5. sv? Buckner, Charles B. y ,A 'Sv' ss.. ss.. ,,,...fs Wi... fl Q, 4 le Buford, Joe L. "'- I C ' H U ' Burleson, Stanley W. ' Burrow, Dennis R. 1 Burton, Bruce K. me Cagle, Roger E. Q Campbell, William N. Q' frf Carver, Joel D. 3' . ' A y .. ,. , Chudleigh, James P., Jr. I me Clark, Robert B. A fl X ' Q I X, wi f Clawser Samuel M. III C I Clemens, Roy Dale I Cobb, Pamela K. f -Q. T lllle, . ' Cole, Randall E. C s' VL' ' lllll 1' m 5 1 Colton, Albert H. 'L X , .osx is !, 5 ' QV . x W up Bridges, Michael W. Brown, Michael F. Bryant, Robert L. Buckley David A. ' 4 X I I. we 5 1- 4. S' 1 4 f4.S.a.,, new i N- 1 V , 1 Tr ,M .vzgif in , ,Af V 9. j ,Ax i vi' Q 1 , . '4 'V A Cook, Joel P. Covey, David C. Crow, Neil E., Jr. Davis, Ronald C. Deen, Stanley De Miranda, Frederico C DeRossil:l:, James P., III Farrow, Robert E. Feild, Charles R. Fields, Patrick R. QNX I., fi kv 1 5' 16 -fl ' -1-Cai K. xc . ,,, g, I .5 , .I M' YQ! ' - , l cams 'J i sl ,, A Z, It tif. 10,-xv 4' ,, -445' 9' - 'J 5 ...ff il il E S - l I J Y2f sf.. 5 l",? 2. , 5, l , fn , Q "ff i,, j ' 1 W ' ff N' Dx X w .Qs 19 ' ...T 2: is Q5 Finan, Barre F. Fitzpatrick, Pete Frans, Martha M. Gerdes, K. Eric Gocio, Allan C. Grove, Sheryl Ann Gwaltney, D. Nelson Hafele, Linda lVl. Harms, Steven E. Hester, Joe Dodd Hilburn, James L. Hill, Donald F. Hill, Edward B., III Hodges, Jerry F. Holt, Danny B. House, Aniel H., Jr. Hui, Anthony N. Hunton, David W. Hutchins, Steven W. Jacobson, Joan A. xy? Wi' , . ,ek .M S, ffl, j IA' A 3 I pf y ,,.. B , 1... QP sg, x X. Q! vfw' ' i 4 14' ,Nm N. I vii!-r wh 5 . lg 5 ,Qi Johnson, Sharron R. Jumper, Mark W. Justus, Michael G. Kauffman, P, David Kemp, C. Leonard Kendrick, William C. King, Michael D. Lane, Charles S., III Lazar, Michael J., Jr Livingston, Richard L. Long, Stephen L. Marks, Stephen R . Martin, Kenneth A. f , 'T -Q wi I' 6 Q, f W Wir .l i ' X ,. xt J D may Q If A iw .,,,lk , 'lk c jr , A A-sf li V A - P Q1 gy ' , D ew fu.. . .ig shy- E' Q A x ' x I . ,K . ... i S ff. irsf D i v-'Qs , l X QF Th' ld, Y ,, 1 A arf Q gg, fiffl? E sr 1 I eg 4 x 3 j ' McCrary, R. Bryant McCutcheon, Frank B., Jr. Michaels, Judy K.M. Mizell, Philip L. Moore, William F. Morton, David A. Nelsen, David A., Jr. Nelson, Dunkin A. Netherton, Cynthia L Nolen, James E. Nycum, Michael W. Owens, William E., J Patterson, G. Gordon Pennington, Kerry F. Petrino, Robert A. Porter, Robert A., Jr. --unugpmzzf, - :fi C JN 'Uv-Q gy J tyyit .J ,.,, ttlr 1' Price, Joel A. Price, Larry S. Proffitt, Danny L. Rauls, Stephen R. Reeves, John R. Reid, Graham M. Roberts, Thomas W. Robinson, Douglas H. Shippen, William D., Jr. Short, Harold K. '... .- .- -e Q 'F 1 , if YJ ., , ,px v t 1 X R -m fl as . ,E K A, N, , I v l as f , . Slayden, Sylvia A. Smith, Lander A. Smyer, Theodore F. Snyder, Stephen D. Solomon, J. Alan Spies, Frederic K., Jr. Staggs, David L. Stewart, Kelly R. Taylor, Larry D. Thacker, Edith L. 'W 6 , . , . N Q my my .. f .5 .,.,, K 1 -L.. J ik N51 Y 8 Q -uf , 1 haf .fli a an I Y l S 1 'f .a ev - af ,awe J Q E, . .. lined " K , ,K " A-.,-. q-ii' W ni ts C7 ,v rs 15 N9 . 6 q - K lx , 'X 5 .1 Tilley, Roger L. White, Bru Wiedower, Wiedower, Wilson, Ri Q11 AQ Wright, Charles C., Jr Wyaill, Darrell W. ce A. Jim S. Ronnie Chard R x - ou. Yang, Steve f 1 Q.: l 9' Young, John M. X Knight, Richard R. M ,xg Xyf' ' W Lack, Michael D. I? 5 Carter, Jerry ' Q., if I Y. N5 Mi' 'I6 4 The IMS 'N S 1 . V , X Sue Akers Jim Ashabranner SOPHOIVIGRES Sf gi-sr . - YY! 4 if . TQ r I vp x Cindy Almond Phillip Alston Milton Barrett David Becton -.1 l ' . - i Xi el -E -X , e Myra Anders Paula Anderson Robbie Billingsly Bob Bishop :..1 ' ,si Q, ,, f 'Q X QL, WF x .W S l if -ihih xt? 's n was X Y YT'-s Q? .Y - Ron Blachly Tom Boulden Bryan Burke ' 'rev A if 2 -fi? 1 ss v 39 f if W, S+ 1 . X Mike Blanchard Mike Brown Susan Burnett Richard Calhoun Nick Cannella Roger C lark Gene Cohen !'Y . ,iraw i x, R fs' j H s Steve Bonner Nita Brown Robert Burns Brad Carter Carl Covey 5:1 I vs V 5 r Randall Craver Richard Daily Perry Dickinson Jim Eaves Bill Fiser xr f ci, , l li .13 ' hc-M. 5 Cecil Cupp Lynn Davis Fran Duke Gareth Eck Susan Dykman Fiser Kathleen Dahlman David Dean Geoffrey Dunaway Frank Empyema Debbie Fulbright Wiz A- . w-. nl 1 Todd Gammill Bill Green Richard Hayes g g sr G ' if V, V rw... ., l V 1 A 'Wim- Zhi' F John Gocio Andy Gresham Phyllis Heineman X f Steve Golden Fred Grimes Reggie Henderson A A Q 4 ,. f l S Les Goldstein Danny Grubbs Andrew Henry 'y y ' Q Y ea, ff rw I .I 510.3 Gary Goza Mark Harriman Bob Hesson ,Y N x " ll iv lv 0. 1 H XT L N N ! I .:'a :B for k X N' Q 'T A -.1 N X Y I Jay Holland Jamie Howard Dwight Kaufman Rohn Kennington Ralph Lloyd Steve Loyd M.: L Q K Lf , eg rx , F 5 9 ' E xAVV 'ze M . I gs r M ' , 'N ,fm ' i i s 'is E. J. Jones Tom Leslie Terryl Mackey Kerry Hubbs Marci Laser Alan Lucas lPres.i gr I fa-L5-A: H -a uf N +5 ar 2 is Randy Jordan Beverly Lewis Mark Malloy Q iff' s ,Ji ' . . ' Di-3' is l + . '-Q .W e X ..v Q + , y .k'::.g,kxs , . 1 . ki , k , oi , V., k , - N 'main F wa. K9 -V-3 Eg. B5 " af . ' Luk f, NK x .0 ,gi - it Ugg I e lf L 923 4' X "' :V " 1 , v, 1 Q- ,nr f T: ' ,f . K ,C 1. 1' f ' ae N Q1 ivy if V, M 1- L4 'EJ X - X is i ivy yyy j 1 J ' j Wallis Marsh Thomas Maynard John McCormack Ed Mobley Les Nolan Q Danny Martin Jim McChristian Sharon Meador Kathryn Moreland Larry Pearce if X f- 7 , Bill Meek Trudy Nelson Jim Perkins I Chip Pettigrew Jim Pevehouse iw-R 'WZ iw F' 'f ' ff " fws., . . J. my g Y F 1. .M x, i Nlorey Silverman Don Slaton Gene Reid - Danny Rowe Debbie Smith i by ff' David Posey Susan Rector John Reifsteck Karen Sammons Gail E. Smith Q f -.2 i ' Q ' X Bert Price Bob Reichard Joe Ross "Bo" Shurley Cheryl Snyder , M ww' J It ',', 1-.Z HJ K -ev ii V lk X . -15 1 2 1, ee... mmV: , F ,A . E," -f'1 dir . X Cathey Sparkman Mike Stair Janet Udouj Chris Van Asche an "" 'N Maria Tebbetts Sue Stockley Rick Van Grouw Steve Wagoner Ken Tony mon Bob Walton VW' ' fi if fl V 'o f 2 , J f V , A 2 ' I ,, ,, ' 4, ' p K EL' ,, .gxyx Asa Warmack Robert Wilkerson XP mm 3 J Russell Webster Alonzo Williams 'Y x... ...4o"' 3 3' Q.. -xt. 1 . A sz N Q x l Y Q H lir LQ s W 5 l Tina Weiss Clay Wellborn Randy Wells Scott Williams Joe Wilson Tyra Mona Wilson mq K 5 Jeng Wu Frank Young Tim Young .J J' n 5 W S3 i nv A VL . bf Abell, David W. Adams, Robert J Alston, John D. Alston, Sarah F. Baker, Robert V Balding, Larry E Barr, Marilyn I. Barton, A. Dale Becton, Paul, Jr. Bell, David Freshman siqvl'ls! Biddle, Johnny R., Jr Bollen, A. Ray Braden, Lawrence F, Briggs, Thomas B. Brillhart, James P. Brizzolara, John Brown, Mark C. Brunson, Milton E. Bryant, Carole L. Bryant, Glen E., Jr. .eggs ' nf any wi 8. f 53, 1 W, S Q- Cremasteric Reflex Q ,.,,. my X . n g mfr., Chambers, F. David Cheyne, Thomas E. Chionuma, Henry N. C lemons, Nancy L. f .. x l ie Q-A . asm: ' R Buffaloe, Robert N. Burks, A. Wesley ,ik 3 Carr, William D. lk 'l Carttar, Charles D. Cole, Micheal S. Collier, Steven F. Davidson, Daniel S. Davis, Bobby G. Dorman, Robert A. Downes, John M. Edge, Rebecca Elkins, John S. Enggano, Ishak L. English, James L. L 4-ge I is Q Q X '- 1 3 tex N MA uh ' 1 74? if x . ,I.fV ai Where ls That Hole? A, V' KAA nf cf . k ,iff Vkk yi ' We jf , K 4 ,I 5 ., I . I I 9' M I 'V V ,J , ,sf .Q . f , ff: ,,-. L I, , 'T'-ff . B f I . A X' ' V I , x A A Everett, Elizabeth M Fair, Leslie M. Ferguson, Linda J. Gabel, Pamela K. Gardner, Mark A. Geary, Alice L. Glenn, Lesley Keith Glover, James J. Goins, Dale E. P "' 4, Good, David M, Q .ff gf, if-32, Gran9er, Elder J - J' "" Griffin, Martha J. ' - ' ' Hall, Benjamin H. P y L i . Harrington, Mariann Cremasteric Reflex ,faslxsaii v--- 2 ,. Henry, Charles R., Jr. Jacks, Dennis W, 5 N in .g m X 1 -xr is M 5 A .s L17 ' K Jean, Alan B. fe ,V Johnson, Q ' Anthony D Johnson, we X' Mary C . Johnston, L-cr Stewart G. 1,31 justus, ' ' A . immy S. :adj 'ff' F e "The Greater Cornu . . . :X ffff! . . .Bony Landmarks" I ,Q V, Q' v, , .YU my V 42" X 'ff , A. l ,,4.r Kreth, Timothy K. Langsdon, Phillip R . f Laughlin, Brent W. Lavender, Robert C. Q Lambert, Robert A. if W Lowrey, Jeff xx Koone, Michael D. Keller, Michael G. Kirkpatrick, Michael O. Kirkwood, Kirk D. l Q, JS l .U 'E' X O .- A . .25 I ' A rf., fx 'WW M Ni illdilll Jar- qi' I 1 McGee, Valerie l Mendelsohn, Lawrence A. Meredith, James T., Jr. Minor, David C. Moore, Trudy J. Murry, Rucker S. Nayles, Lee C. Nickols, Jess R., Jr. Nixon, D. Allen Jr. Nixon, David T. i if Lyons, Lewis Maglothin, Douglas L. Mallory, John A. McCorkIe, Ricky A. McGowan, John A. vu 1 3. . 'S21 7 'i P' if- ,ii l J yt f K if ft' ,f., :J - ,i Q 3 Sfi 1, ' '2 4 g i ' A Q A ,sssi s 'Q' if - If if f Q ,. X . Yip! Q vw if ' ' ll Tell An AGGIE Joke!! Norfleet, Frances R. Owens, Joel D. Payton, Terry S. Perona, Phillip S. Pierce, Trent P. Powell, Brenda N. Priddy, Michael R. Rainey, William C. Riggs, Susan S. Roark, John H. A W i ji K . fl K , Simmons, Henry F., J Slezak, James W., Jr. Smith, Larry J. Smith, Laurie Smith, Samuel D. is if Q' . P A 1 i Q l l . 'U if Robertson, Robert A. J Robinson, Joe T. 1 Rogers, James T., Jr. 5 Rogers, Susan W Rothwell, George B. sn- S Y, -' ,gg Rounder, James B., Jr. K Searcy, Robert lVl. k..,,,, , " Shaw, Donna M. -gg ? f Sheppard, James IVI. ' if A Seigel, Robert V. 7 Homogeneous Mass Of Nothingness 5 x VISCERA An Abstract By L.E. Scheving sag.. K was od? JA' ,-,k l fb fl Li ,,. 4 Ei' D14 nn- A W 0. P v Walker, Thomas G. - , ' vo f x X Walsh Benjamin J. williims, Dwight M. Williams, Jerry V. Wooten, Virgil up? N l VSV' gf Q!! 1'-'LW W ,N , .i , 1 X X , f, ri l lv Smith, Terry R. Thomas, Billy R. Thompson, John R. Thornton, Charles N. Vaughan, John C. Vaughan, Thurman R Vorhease, James W. Wagnon, William G. .l gb... x ye, 1 r 1 N s 4 ' I i -Q I .Mr m ez The pause that refreshes Case ofthe Year WK" Remember me? 'qi Juli! K :Ji va SM ww f if X K -if 1 "-wus VTXEAKCXUE Sxwh-AA be +cMen an on empkf Sfex-xc-:V 5 X? HW. LJ sepgvfud-'M Quai' I Qresenfs 4Yse.V?.' fv I .ff A , kim M, gewwsf v ' 1 K Pleased to meet you Runnerup, Nlr. UAMS '77 Mr. U.A.M.S. '77 A Z4 Are you a veteran? A fz- 1, 4 ""x., iv X' K Q 1, W 'L 'I if W -Q f,fV ,7-1 -4 r,, M .5 V f ,. ' gjgglffxal rjiiij ' CJ A U , 1 Lfx-K, x Xu 71,- Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. 2 1 , 4 E i 1' f :Q ' 2 Q , ' iff , ii. ,ng eif,r .. M . K EX ,Wi i -qlllnfwi .S 3' 1 l V x QQKX . I: - -xv' in . . k W , X my V . K . L ,A . 'Qui' 5' . 'A " . " ' i 2' 'if' ' ' 9 we ,pri ,, ,,f i t in Q f L. - if , ' ' , ,gif f"' 1 ' vp, my ' ' H-ie 'f""3'.3fff'A " mf ' - ' "5" ' 'Y' ' f i if' ' 3 ' 'L ' . ' ' W Vp Q Q K' A , .. -+12 Na , . I . 'I 1 , -1? i' 'E , Tr: e A i Q n i I K . ' " ...r-',..---rt-2"1-vu-f,,,..ku fnL,1B1.LU-lui., r A 1.1 ' ' 4 ' I' W' ' Al 'Q' U -as i ' M 1 :FY ' 7 "W 1 ,.,, - '1 i 44 N' A 1 .1-f .1 -J-3 V '.'g3:s-.l.,1-if ffl- ,f y -' . ' if H W iw. 5, , J N Q Vi X far? -2 vain Snow Bound 92, The Arkansas Caduceus Club An organization of College of lVledicine graduates, present and former house officers, faculty, nongraduate Arkansas physicians, and other friends of the College exists to sup- port the College of lVledicine. But that's not all we do. . . . in June we meet. . . . and eat. . . and enjoy. Samuel Kountz, M.D. Distinguished Alumnus Xt.,,.,x,x,,, wmygy ,l -xt you may fi A liwyaiiw 1 nn who gui W, tt m e wt Wm l - . W A W I it the My X llglh this . ' Xe u. i Pat Flanigan, M.D. Distinguished Faculty trustee X intra wttelwmuiri lt nent l W l th ni'igp5Xyqyi,:MMW?hi i' ww! 1 f, st th X Sf' ilheayeqfli my ii -x i , lt . e . ' """3Q tffft ' E tg v Es " ttilfix ity ml .AMW was the t in X . . and pay special tribute . . . . . and meet again. For information contactzlvlrs. Louis K. Hundley Executive Secretary Room BU02 UANIS Student Union vudy 187 Alpha Susan S. Baker John B. Cone Chad L. Deal Thomas R. Dykman Steven C. Fincher William M. Gibbs Vernon A. Harden David C. Hicks James M. Hurley Gerald S. Husted Richard F. Jacobs Stephen P. Johnson John H. Kendrick James W . L eatherman Peter M. Marvin Richard L. McDougal luniors Michael F. Brown Albert H. Colton David W. Hunton William C. Kendrick Kenneth A. Martin Frank B. McCutcheon Robert A. Porter Louis L. Sanders, M.D. S ponsor llll 9 if X fs. ,W - ,. A Warren A. Skaug Robert A. Skinner Stanley S. Snow Medical Dames MEDICAL President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President DAMES OFFICER S 1976-77 Suzanne Thomas Janie Lack Nancy Clark Secretary Janey Hilburn Treasurer Carolyn Choate Historian Penni Jacobs Parlimentarian Charlene Harrell Sponsor Joyce Logan Co-Sponsor Jonnie Westbrook The UAMS Medical Dames is an organization composed of the wives of medical students of all four classes The group was begun in 1916 in an effort to promote fellowship among wives of students and to carry out worthwile projects. The Medical Dames have several noteworthy goals and objectives. C15 They serve as a source of information ac uaintin wives of medical students with the Medical Center and with the medical profession. Q25 They perform fl 9 various services around UAMS. C35 They function to meet the social needs of wives. During the 1976-77 year, the Medical Dames reached these objectives in various ways: September Annual Get Acquainted Picnic Ice Cream Social October Plant Sale lfund raising projectl Plant Party Annual Style Show lfund raising projectl November Holiday Decorating December Christmas Tasting Party January Social Service Projects February Valentine Party Senior Farewell March Election of Officers April Installation of Officers May Pot Luck in X 1 s X X, V.,-rf , . ' 'f .il-.J-'ifi':r,.,. Carolyn Choate Suzanne Th0l'T13S Janie Lack Janey Hilburn President 1st Vice President Secretary Treasurer I t H M f 9 ff' f' ,L I T Nancy Clark Penni Jacobs Charlene Harrell 2nd Vice PreSidel'If Historian Parliamentarian Sponsor: Joyce Logan Co-sponsor: Jonnie Westbrook Senior Wives, Front Row, L-R: Junior Wives: Front Row, L-R: LaQuita Saunders, Penni Jacobs, Anna Clift, Lor. Jackie Bryant, Sandy Holt, Denisa Pennington, Marvin, Yolonda House Debbie Gwaltney, Lorraine Colton Back Row, L-R: Middle Row: L-R: Charlene Harrell, Carolyn Choate, Vicki Chesier Margaret McCrary, Margaret Taylor, Beverly Clawser, Suzanne Thomas Sharon Hester Back Row: L-R: Lennie B. Knight, Barbara Bridges, Patti White, Laura Hodges, Nancy Clark, Janie Lack, Janey Hilburn l L S Sophomore Wives: Front Row, L-R: Freshman Wives: Front Row, L-R: Henrietta Williams, Glenda Gresham, Seely Lucas, Chionuma, Kathy Meredith, Ann Nixon, Cheung Norma Pettigrew, Suzanne Bishop Nichols Back Row, L-R: Middle Row, L-R: Cheryl Eck, Sharon Becton, Sandra Burns, Martha Dyan Braden, Janet Brizzolara, Leigh Roark Van Asche Back Row, L-R: Cecile Sheppard, Julia Robinson, Pam Barton f . :mari il? , . ,,.,. 4,,4, . . 1 K - lf, 1,-1 V- .,! Q, A' QE I r, U . 4, iT1,,tjiL 3, , fwgizi f j-ag i :Q q gy , I , f. Nir' ,.li 4 K, ,K - W . V K, 'gh V. wg. - ma Q.f1, fa- 1 ff- ? '.,ggJ f 5 ,:-' H9321 fx ' ' , "Ms "7-'1.j 1 gw e n w'M1w s:-f w , E Y' 'ik Q, Q6 X. X '35 . L 3, W 20.5 ,-X T - 1 f, f W ' 'B , 'IU I 1 5 iv' f' 'x"'5 , , .Y Pg, f We M gi .' , X fggf awk ZX , gif r A? fu.: 6 3. xr: Xu is a ., , . Q, .M, ,s ik: f"'f..:?.iafT 9' 'it A it 43, N x . 1-. , 1' I x G "-Sgr! -1 ', if Qvj' ox , 32 P' . , - 'ar X ' Q -1'9" lm' ,, A HQ: N Q 13" if s sd 'YK 1 af- 2, -f fa" Q sapaagw 1 KS 5' v K .ik 'Q ,S x f. 4 , V if - -Qigsj' -' 5' , 4 uf-Zin sf ' ? 5' 1 1, Y 'thi'-ii 8 gf" V " H f FE ' ti Wgg , G" ,15 Si W Q 'iff ,, X Q ,, 3 X X Q ,V if 1' K fs. Q,t,, zf 5 X 4 , Q. fff x 41- S . 9 'J wif! 'Q ' 6 f iw ll g . xi ' 'L 1 , .if 7 Q- ' 1-K3 W.. ? IM...-M-f' . y:-'A' k Q fi 5 w - f -'ff' - f X 3? 1 . L V, V ,4 , ,,,,.,.a-v"""'- -rf . ,Q - ,gi lg. .MN ef' A- - 3 I 5 .......,, 2, , f x ,X :ag vm., I. 11 fp vi.: . v I ...g, ,.,fH55,ig ., y S. . 151 ' a A Zh Q fl' 'Q ' ' KH N Q Q M W i "MM IJ .M Q.h .. fffj4.:' . , ly, if A K 5 g A A f x -M 'fs Sw M , f Xww fQan 9 MWQW M R1Qf 1 : A x K 'M"f:1:: H 58 - 1 -gtg, I Y , , -- , ., ff 1 1 Im W NL.,,L m We af' P - ...S W -I ,.5.f4. 7 mt v- iff, -. 1 4 :f wil Q , gi ,wi - 5 ff wg 2 5 ,fn f l3 H " 2 ' Q .j " M- ,fl ,. g , -,ilu-er .4.., ,....i., L ,,,,,, if .- fi , f mu fr 'L' i Mi gj3 uf' X '. im.-b J , L Fg -- E 11, , Q f H fEgQgffQ:55, M l l, ' ,G ' ,. ei Y.,....,. R, . V, -'1 1, , A Q 1 A 2- xi .fju - wf 1 v. '-'li g 5 Vk,.L K - -,rf kr , ' 'XIYI ,AA '- 4 f,f f4 I+." ve 1 K if gElLf:'i2' , :vi 'T -:Q 'V-rv 'fir 'lf' W: fl". .. .- Q , - ' A I 3mw,wwfQ,gfN+ iwmww3QQw N ::1ij1' kS 1 ,,,, xxx. ity? ,M A It , ,i ii ,.g,- V E gfggg i K I 1 + +mWW !i i gf v w ' "MiM f5Q 1- 2 ec- V EHI1 Charles T. Prigmore, Ed.D Mrs. Wanda Weise Assistant To The Vice Chancellor :J-Q 'f A "nies X g ,d,i,:.1 Q . -:wg h ,Q . ,,r,1s1RL f. ff . W PTY . n Vit f ,A A AX.1 1 J r J K dill, 5 lr L W? J, c Z J J A 9 il 5 'J' ' pl W - 'f 1 HQL: in f f' 3 --,, ' f "Mfr .fg- Paula Boaz comm. disorder David Bourne toxicology Janet Bowen nursing Patricia Boykin comm. disorder Mary Jo Britnell diet. intern Glenda Brown nursing Nancy Bryan comm. disorder Sandra Burchett biochemistry clk. My 412 V, , V 1 ,c5' ,., Q-'tc N ,.l JA. I l se I 4 Q it , gv a f --Q . skrrvst .f X ,X :fx':-n....,, 1 3 ..4 Rob Adams pharmacology Sue Alexander biochemistry Dona Bailey biometry Edward Bailey pharmacology Jeanne Baldwin pharmacology J erry Bangs pharmacy Ann Barnhard comm. disorder Anita Beeks comm. disorder xz. - Y ,, --- . eh? f J A 11,35 " , , . Q 'I' "I 5 ' ' 5' , Ko . t i , - " v a A . J ,591 ', Q', K .p 'wg I' V vm it - L.. 'J ' Gary Burger toxicology Richard Byrd toxicology Penny Carter comm. disorder Marion Cary comm. disorder f 6 'i i 4 ' ia- rr 'fi 'X ' 'fa' It gl S Ei K 5 jf if ',i' nib. A L C V ,LVV -V V 4,-rf, Connie Cavenaugh f . . -- . 'L QQQE , C s "U"S"'9 i :df :ii I if "" Anna Chambless I 3 . nursing wx 4, I ,X 4...-C r 0 V' A ,-,, '7V,, g f.f'j. , 1 -1 ,,h, y ,M ,eyy Zigi'-:,M"f 1 f35'Lt:Z:,3"v'f , '..:lNE:':--"" . Carol Davidson microbiology Catherine DeBakker comm. disorder Linda Dickinson biometry Mary H elen Dow nursing I' Rebecca Clarke spec ia I student J ohn C ross pharmacology C , , W y. Q tiff' 4, 5' H sifyxff R F i i' 1 A 'L' "fr A -, ,. -rw ' I ,fg. L 'gy' x at 1" 1+ -6 138 ww Y L 16 36' l fi 'g 4 l James Fewell physiology Daniel Fineburg microbiology J ames Dra ke pharmacy Cheryl Drum diet. intern Michael Eades pharmacology Saad El-Gendi biochemistry 'IU' fd? ww Carolyn Fitch M Q , '45 comm. disorder 'fi I I ' Teresa Gardner ,G QQ , , comm. disorder , . 5 52 , -Gri s as , .- Ruth Gibson comm. disorder Les Goldstein pharmacology Beverly Guinn comm. disorder Deborah Gunn comm. disorder ,..,.....-J ,XJ 'Q' Lf . H5 if : so fi x X 3 I he 'V QQ s- I1 S F' Margaret Hamilton nursing we I ix :ve gig D B David Harshfield ff' 35 ' h ,f physiology ' . ' Ai 4 AWA ,Q if fr L x ' ' ,.- Q at k , J H d if " ' ' iff To-' n aiiiifiy If a f i 1 rf f ' f X I is ' it yi ' 7 1 6 i Joyce Heitmeiter w '4 X Q , ' X' ff Q f X2 ' nursing 'fy A I, ig f 'I 2 W '7 ,N f l f V YE. J f ' Donna Henson , L y nursing if s ' i Judy Hobbs ,sg nursing . 3 ' Alan Hoberman 'Q LN y toxicology .1 5 X K I je, tx Robert Hof microbiology Carol Hopkins comm. disorder Paul Howard biochemistry Paula Hudgins diet. intern Q W B, 3 X if v K ffe., 'N 5' wx no A skeniygyr-alt . 'A.-: ' fl A QQ, . A Q7 . K ..,....,..,... j ' David Hufford in we microbiology , o k 13 y Alan Hullett J V L- microbiology L X , V "-"H, fe 7' y Judith Hyde ' V pharmacology l fi iq , ' ' Carolyn Jackson Y , I gb diet. intern A In A if if ' N y Nathan Kaufman W V, pharmacology , ' r aw as 'Q 1.4 V Cynthia Kell 1 is , i, V 'W' comm. disorder 1 i " J f' e 25 , jf- ' f , Q3 Jo Kinder J ,,l. jfq 7 X comm. disorder I A f El' b th La do fvwrf's.'Qvfi-f .V , e :za e n n N.:'h,', ,iyf 1, if 1" .3110 , A M wg' 4 , , 8 A i met' ' ir Sharon Lawrence , TV 'I g V ' comm. disorder Q y, 71- ,... ,1 ' , A ' - ff '13 Dawn Lee ' J ' comm. disorder AAV A fi f ff -fgfl ,, 'l' ,J r 1, f ".g y Chi-Ming Liang i' i , if: r"fr ,ik A , I pharmacology . 3 252, jg, eg " Shu-Mei Liang ' ' ' I Biochemistry J I' n i . ' Jackie Lorenzo . g comm. disorder . I ,,, .4 , wen' Aj 'E Duanne Markman Q ' X nursing A N f . H A s rx diet. intern it ' V John May 3,f1':'.f'gf microbiology "i,s4,. f'-i r ,S 'lf i f if L Judith McDonough nursing Barbara McGhee diet. intern Janet McKenzie nursing Kevin Medlock toxicology H! f ' ' .' Y , - ,gg .. nn. - .5- W, ig ' Imam- aqqmn... -., ,f,-,Q ,..,,um. .mu.,,n, ra,- , I .,-, . .mwm..qm4,.,,.,. ,wg -A , iw '. ,vw su::-v-mov5a,',, ,gh 5 . . 5 +4 , 51,51 1 V f., W., my, .. xQ.'o'7'L , . ..,1-......--.,..- " "L . -, uns ' u J' ' ' ' Q .Y 4 , 'I .r V fCf..l!fIfI".'f." r'-" y.- ,-45. , , .'.v.-5 -, . .. .V .,unnsv,mq,',,'4, M.. In I haul ,F x , .., ,... if n q,l,1....1. ,,' ru ,fu-H' 'shim nn -3 'rl sin Mary Eller Morris toxicology Eunice Morrison 'f comm. disorder i 3 Julia Mote diet. intern Bruce Murphy . pharmacology X yj? wiv '81 s ' Franceil Nichols K ' nursing ' 0. , ,E . 'i 1,4 James Oldham toxicology JL P x f A , .' El. ir: .' ig Q3 , My ,uf 'J K 'F x s Jaw y L, ,f if I I F fi Sandra Miller J., , biochemistry 1 nl r Qi' 51, Donna Moody ' comm. disorder Deborah Moore ,L pharmacy 1 ? J Jacqueline Moore 1 .......,, nursing J A 4' ' ag , Y , if C' . Vx : -yrs, bf Tliiwli V ii , f by N ' J 5 32 4 71,7 J ,Q I f , iff i 1, 1 fx X ,,' , t,,V , H X I ff f fl l n M 1' si' C Patricia O'NeaI diet. intern Marylen Osler biochemistry Marilyn Poole comm. disorder Linda Raitano toxicology 4 g . HY it if? ii11-' Betholyn Randolph 1 ' 3 S comm. disorder William Ray s q its physiology l E Debra Richardson comm. disorder Jane Roark nursing -g 'V' je. -+- gs i ma y . gig, Esther Roberts 1' . J diet. intern 3 Xl, A Jane Robinett , ' ' it microbiology , . 1 5 ' f if 5' 4 -s ri , f yy Paul Robinson Q I ' 5 'QQ anatomy ' . ' A A 4' it ' l Fil s taff, , ' . Marie Robken f J . .5 gf , R t x' ' ' comm. disorder '! . lt,y 1 ig, 1 Q ' Janice Rogers .AJ ' ' A W comm. disorder g "T 'a j ' , ' Ng' l l yilg y R tg , Christy golfei .t,WVii f ' ri - r s ' comm. isor er Ql- s 1s,. 7 7"4,... mv I , ,Q Susan Ross diet. intern Steve Rowell toxicology Norma Rubin anatomy R ob in Rutherford arr, ,I diet. intern Sipra Saha in b io m etry Steven Schmid J, V' 1 ' toxicology Q: , ' I J . Gail Sexton l ,IQ My it g comm. disorder V, -"yy, Vty, i I "" i"' S. dm Dave Sharp 6 25993 - X J' S ,N anatomy 4 r vw A A 1: ve. , . Jei-fu Shaw z biochemistrl' yr l.. .. E MA in ,fx sf Charlotte Shideler Q evel if biochemistrb' ' ' it A ff' lf1 4 r P, V t , P will 'H X "ss tt S Debbie Smith its 'Ei nursing ,E ' s Randolph Smith , pharmacology F X Y , Rebecca Sm ith diet. intern Julie Swaim comm. disorder Q i K1 , i' ' W . sg. 5 T g ,, I ,fi A 2 lkyi V : Q , 4 V Z., 4,,.. Q 'ww 9 f,Hv,:,J2g i ' ,W 2 , V w i 'R ,e f 75 a 1 ii 4: -if Q 2 ' , I 0: Q? ..N-' ' 'X i Sherri Tay lor comm. disorder Deborah Bronk Thiel diet. intern B etty Tho mas nursing Helen Thomas nursing in Cynthia Tuberville 5 diet. intern Q L ,V A ' ww K :Wei f ox fi fm W Nancy Turner E ig? . K A Stephen Venable gg 'S iygyii if physiology A J i g' 5 f ' 4 -- W it f K A- gsm s w i ' 5 Dennis Wa s ss iir H 4'. 3 , i f 1 is 5 r fr X PharmacoI09Y ,yy f y E 3 'S- P V! , .,,4,,,,?' rn 96 :fi X 3 Y . jx Nu lf 'X "i , .1 .E . fu. . Margarett Williams comm. disorder Carolyn Yarbrough microbiology Cindy Yelvington comm. disorder Dennis Yelvington physiology Q1 Tasty Mary West diet. intern Susan Wetherington comm. disorder Mary Whitt comm. disorder Kenneth Williams pharmacy lf? l if W W W gy ,L lyl.lA 's'i,:, ,W 9911 y , wi., W vw V., ' gilif f..Q in ,,-.0--0--M-'-Y""'m , .N-M ' ' K n,,-,.,...,.-wt-pw' A, ,,,,,-,., V--A-'ff:g1:7'.x.M Aff' W, .Af 1 Y ,A L f WM' ' ffl" ,ffm 'fi .A--ff, fy. rfwnv rw" 'Ffa w,.,w' NNN-Mx H . f, , X. ,vw w,,,,,,.,.-.....w, ,. ,w -W gx-A A A ,X 5. Z S L, A. i A. .X bv. N ' "---.-W...-,N 'TQ ' X 'V affix ' " lfif 'E' UNIVERSITY OF IIRKIISIIS ... COLLEGE OF NURSING FACULTY 1976-1977 51.015 R. FIELD, Ph.D., Dean FRANCES DA LME, R. N., Ph.D. LOIS C. MA LKEMES, R. N., Ph.D. GLORIA RAUCH, MSN Assoc. Dean for Grad. Programs and Assoc. Dean for Clinical Staff and Assoc. Dean for Administration Professor Professor "3" 'Sai N VER ONICA MCNEIRNEY, MSN Professor Professor 5 E 'iii axon- ,,,----f Z1 'Q f m....4....-f Mb. BARBARA PEARSON, MN fi' 1 - K xl, , i"'l -if: 4 1, R 'xx ' -, un "" M, NW Ai -, 41 , , , 'M W , , y 4 ' ffi1H"'V': 2 W 15 9 1, 7. ,S ,Q Q MARILYN GLASGOW, MN LINDA MURPHEY, MN Asst. Dean for Continuing Education and Assoc. Professor CONNIE MORGAN, MSN JANANNE REDING, MSEd. It ' 'Wg fri? GERA LDINE HAR DISON, MSN MARY GRAY, MNSC Judy Saifnia, MNSC Connie Sunderman, MNSC Melinda Henderson, MNSC Betty Moseley, MN Ruth Rawlins, MSE Sharon Johnson, BSN Rose Ann Bailes, BSN ' , Sw. f ...ff , , X S , 5 i , K . A A R V' - ,L I 2 :xg 'Sf wr Z 2 it I gt . 445, Gail Shields, BSN Debbie Smith, BSN Corinne Lambert, MNSC l i l Cheryl Rhoads, BSN NOT PICTURED Ina Swetnam, MA Antoinette Thompson, Linda Oakley, MNSC Linda Cassil, MEd Patricia Ford, MPH Sharon Leder, MSN Jackie Moore, MNSc Claudia Leath, MNSC Janet Fisher Jenny Drake MSN University Of Arkansas College Of Nursing Graduates 1977 t t profession? Rb i I o bie Little R k k Shirl J Litt , F f Q F NURSING ISN'T. . . ' fn' Y X E 6 . 9 ' 1 ,-'N 1 ' , 1- S san King ' - - -4 O Dljirange, Colo. WHAT IT USED TO BE! i In ff x Q ' v,94 '51 0 - "7-.N V :fl + X3 Vida David Brinkley vi n I QP, Karen Bradley Jacksonville nj Q ,. cc V ,1 M ' if 'S- 17' 5 ff , Ff 3 Azsszfsim wg? 'ff-...JV GFI - 1 : 5 -35,2 : --ilfa-1 'ff L W I , x x Dmah Johnston h VId,,,g,f. . Benton 1 E 1 1. , gan -- iw :mmm M R 5 if Rebecca Sacrey North Little Rock I Q!! Mary Lynn McMahon Fort Smith Q- X L if 04 iiv V '- 41 I X BRENDA JACKSON Atkins WorId's Largest Budweiser Can ai I ,, a 'NS 5- , , rg , ,3 w A 5,4 x v A-JA. L. BRENDA BORING Tulsa, OK BEVER LY N MIL LER Dermott FN lb ffl l I lll - ,ia 1? ,W it .Q 1 AEST SUPERNURSE? 0413? fer! iv 1 -- tl SHARON WHITE Little Rock U , It JONI SCRIVNER Russellville SHE LIA WEBB Little Rock 'RW I 'Q 1 in -U r ANN SLAUGHTER Lead Hill 1' M new 1""h' 'Q Little Rock Q is CONNIE BISHOP . N 7 . ., , A K 5' Af 51 if, ff gig, 5 I f DEBBIE CA LAWAY Being a nurse is hard Work! EI Dorado Kdiif- V E LIZA BETH RISE Malvern 2 A A PATRICIA SMYER Little Rock 'sf Q it' 5.52 V X I . fp I YI 1? I BEC KY BER RY Little Rock -.... .-,A MARILYN ROBSON Fort Smith ZENOBIA DAVIDSON Little Rock KAREN WINGET Little Rock E Y U ,535 31 JAMIE MOR EHEAD Little Rock 1' ,ff 4 4 I l ,I ,, W Q ' I sig CHERY L RODERY Little Rock i , .pt , ' A NANCY ROBERTS Green Forest 21 in ,N ,,Q MARY BESSETT KAREN PROCTOR N. Syracuse, N. Y. Marlon 4 3 Q. PM ak 4. 5- tlb nf ' I 12' BARBARA MILTENBERGER Kennett, MO. DEANN MOR GAN Little Rock 3.0.- y, J 1-f 'Q li ' 'AlA' A DA VID HO LMA N Harrison 4 Xi f LINDA HANKINS Little Rock SHE LIA BIVENS I 1-ll' Q ,l If fi f , li I JUDY CAPLE Little Rock Pine Bluff lf 5- , SHE LIA BAILEY Pine Bluff I f 4 CD f PAT HUM North Little Rock 2 3 Us za 6' Q 5 1 - JO LENE YARBROUGH Harrison gr r A, V 1? , tr M i , 1 , A f Dr X I JU LIE HAND LEN Vernon, Conn. if CATHY CAMERON :" o o Little Rock at A mx!! 'X 'S 1 9 . 5 I MARTHA HUDSON Jonesboro Fo 'i I NE LSON BA LLAR D Little Rock fe PAU LA JORDAN Little Rock :SEC KY ADKINS Little Rock Q. X, MARY LOIS LACEY Little Rock JAN PETTIGRE W Clarendon CANDIDS OF SENIORS 1977 ' 'F' X 5 nf f'. f - 1 ii 1 ,fd 1 ,,,.,.- V... , WA, , .wx "1rl"a . I-4--,n xmy..'l'f" ll 'K ffs 'H1'57f. FOURTH YEAR NURSING Mary O'Quinn Melissa Priddy Rita Rader Mary Reyenga Vnckn Robmson Naomi Rush Debra Saunches Mary Sayre Margaret Sch warz Candyce Smith Cindy Young Fran Toll xr ! fx r Liza Gaiser Donna Floyd Sally Detlor .l Cindy Crone Jackie Coombe Sandra Charles f Glenna Bosley Deborah Boils Marsha Trammel 6? Sharon Dalla Rosa Jo Ann Bracken Rita Huggins 26 4 'Y' fm Nancy Naucke Chuck Miers Nancy Marsh Jan Marak . - I Mary McAdoo Anita Lewis Gayle Kordsmeier Kathy Kinsey 3 " fir . "K 4 1 i K ' s is . Angela Jones Pam Johnson Nancy Hastings Debra Guenther Denise Shirley F2180 NOT PICTURED Diane Bennett Lou Ann Burnett Elizabeth Hocker Tamera Jones Melissa Malloy Deborah Oury Jana Perry Tommye Sparks Betty Tribble Susan Turner Charolette Wills ' . v 9 ' S' ,., ar- 'E ' 3 ,415 Linda Craig Karen Guenther Chris Bailey Lee Whitehead Amelia Wilson Jackie Weavers Gwynn Vaughn Shannon Taylor Cindy Simonson Gay Roach Patricia Price Karen Nlack Laura IVlcHaney Kathy Lovell Sandra Long Meredith Lindquist it Katherine Keech Cheryl Joyner Carol Johnson Linda Imle 'Lx 3 K. f""'s. Third Year Nursing Iris Antman Carol Allison Jo Lynn Dennis Tom Elliot 62 Lillian Baker Laura Bettis Sandra Cain Melinda Fair Terri Heiman V- .Tia Terri Flanigan Catherine Gray Debra Gunnels Melissa Hendricks Not Pictured Shayla Boston Deborah Cook Susan Dalton Cynthia Donathan Kim Hendricks Lynn Mason Jo Ann Schmalz Carol Steed Lee Shelton Micheal Steinbock Lisa Swaim Janet Wagner Cheryl Whitehouse V xiii' A-Q47 ew Q il J S Hifi? w W,-. wgizzfwgwraf .ff- 1 j j ,U?1'!v f K N f ff ,,.' :ge : , Q . Q w KW .1 -1:-gi , ,,,,Mw.....f 4 ! 1. x x wry W, wi x 5, g. i , 2 wa is g 1-,pf 'W - , ,. ffZ"9"3-s hx 2 V x .eigfimi-'ifigg Us Qffi i"i5f- 2-'iff -' " C0 fi- EGE 0 'E XS? Tin i ,f- E 1'1" at X8 E it Dean Mittelstaedt has been "Mr. Pharmacy" ever since he came to Arkansas. He took over the School of Pharmacy after it had been transferred from the College of the Ozarks to the University of Arkansas. He was one of the first in the Nation to change from the 4 to the 5 year program and when it became manda tory for all schools to have 5 year program the Urfi- versity of Arkansas was ready and the conversion was simple. He helped establish the Arkansas Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, which has, over the years, been responsible for thousands of dollars be- ing loaned or given to students helping them get their education. He was responsible for securing the funds that built the outpatient pharmacy and thereby establishing a "live" training situation for the students. The staff has increased from 3 full time people when he started to 24 full time staff members plus many part time staff people. Enrollment has in- creased from 30 students to 130 per year. Dean Mittelstaedt has and always will have the profession of pharmacy foremost in his thoughts and actions. He has always been for new and innovative ideas that have had as a goal better education for the students and better service to the patients. He has made Arkansas pharmacy the profession it is and many of us are grateful that he was able to advance the profession to where it is today and hope that continued advancement of professionalism will always be the goal of the College of Pharmacy as it has in the past 26 years. .sQ,,gg,A sg -. wg' Y Dr. Larry D. Milne became Dean of the University of Arkansas College of Pharmacy December 29, 1976. For the past nine years he has been on the faculty of the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy, where he most recently served as an associate pro- fessor and associate dean. Dr. Milne is a native of Axtell, Kansas and received a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Kansas in 1963. His graduate training in Medicinal Chemistry was completed at the Uni- versity of Iowa where he was awarded a Ph.D. degree. Dr. Milne has been very active in developing drug abuse and misuse programs presented to students, teachers and counselors outside the College of Phar- macy. He has served as consultant on several com- missions or as project director on grants concerned with alcohol abuse, drug abuse and drug education. X . .- M.. 3 I ' il. Faculty png , 1, ,,, 5!U!1PlVf Dept. Of Pharacology Marcus Jordin, Ph.D. Professor 84 Chairman C. Allen Bradley, Ph.D. Professor Karrol Fowlkes, Pharm.D. Instructor John D. Gannaway, Pharm.D. Instructor Bill Garrett Instructor James R. McCowan, Ph.D. Assistant Dean 84 Professor Rr Q- 1.41 x Dept. Of Pharmacognosy James Dusenberry, Ph D Professor 84 Chairman Bill Kerr, Pharm. D Assistant Professor T.S. Grosicki, Ph Professor Lloyd Thompson, Instructor Fred Underwood, Ph Assistant Professor Nelson Voldeng, Ph D Professor 84 Chairman Danny Lattin, Ph D Associate Professor Gene Pynes, Ph.D Assistant Professor 2 Walter Morrison, Ph.D. Professor 84 Chairman AP Gloria Baldridge Assistant Professor Ray Webb Instructor David Sharp Instructor Dept. Of Nuclear Pharmacy ,,4yiZW W 7-3,-Q I My I I k,VVV, 3 iff' A it Q -ff-fe 3 'A Dept. Of Clinical Pharmacy gr i Charles Breckinridge, Ph.D Professor 81 Chairman K. Richard Knoll, M.S. Assistant Professor 9' rn ' CN- nr I A 'Z f P A X 'lata l' if A W ge 'f r ' .' 4 P wi , Q . ,. V v llcllc YM V I f,e', f K M r, l 'lll - it g A ,., 0 ' M 25' Seniors 'W' V-'l',, Mike Alred Little Rock Phi Delta Chi Evelyn Archer El Dorado Kappa Epsilon Tery Baskin Aurora Colorado Kappa Psi John Biron Sherwood Phi Delta Chi Charles Black Searcy Ray Brown Mabelvale Phi Delta Chi Paul Buerkle Stuttgart Kappa Psi Dal Burgess Conway Gary Cason EI Dorado Phi Delta Chi Lynette Coleman Little Rock Kappa Epsilon 'is Mary Cool ick Fayetteville Kappa Epsilon Ramona Couvillion Little Rock Kappa Epsilon Butch Covey Little Rock Richard Dees Rogers Kappa Psi Steve Drew Bentonville Ralph Dumond St. Charles Kappa Psi XX 5 241 Y , Hifi ,,, Bart Easterly Little Rock Kappa Psi Calvin Euler Cabot Kappa Psi Rusty Fawcett Little Rock Kappa Psi Tommy Frank Dumas Kappa Psi Billy Furgerson Norphlet Phi Delta Chi Don Garner Little Rock Kappa Psi ff?- Ln Mark Granberry Little Rock Kappa Psi Rusty Green Little Roc k Gary Grow Cabot Kappa Psi Randall Harden Pine Bluff Kappa Psi Pam Hardison Gravette Kappa Epsilon Fred Harris Alexander Kappa Psi Marilynn Harris Hope Kappa Epsilon Steve Hattabaugh Little Rock Kappa Psi Susan Henry Stamps Kappa Epsilon Larry Hill Ratcliff Kappa Psi Sandy Holt Little Rock Kappa Epsilon Tom Horton Little Rock Kappa Psi .4 "i L gif ? f ,'?3?ifr 1129? Rick Hudson Paragould Kappa Psi Janet Hunt Malvern Kappa Epsilon Jackie Jackson Little Rock Phi Delta Chi Kerry Jernigan Paragould Kappa Epsilon J ohnnie Johnson Trumann Kappa Psi Angie Jones Hamburg Kappa Epsilon ffl? , 5,5 1' p -'is 6542 Bobby Loe Mabelvale Phi Delta Chi Jimmy Nlauldin Little Rock Kappa Psi JoDee McBride Leslie Kappa Epsilon Dan lVlcCutchen Mansfield Rick Medlock Cave City Kappa Psi Joe Michalls Little Rock Phi Delta Chi F ,I ,E Malcolm Miles Little Rock Kappa Psi Randy Morris Searcy Kappa Psi Mary Ann Mote North Little Rock Mike Murray West Helena Marilyn Oliver Waldron Kappa Epsilon Charlotte Peeples Gurdon Kappa Epsilon ' 247 'Www Randy Pinkerton Texarkana Kappa Psi Jerry Redding Little Rock Phi Delta Chi Allen Schluterman Little Rock Kappa Psi Alvin Simmons Little Rock Phi Delta Chi Mike Smith Alexander John Spotts West Memphis Kappa Psi I j I Auddie Tabler Ben Lomond Kappa Psi Ray Thannisch Little Rock Phi Delta Chi Steve Thomas Ozark Kappa Psi Edra Thurmond Paragould Kappa Epsilon Britt Wimberly North Little Rock Kappa Psi Wendy Workman Fort Smith Kappa Psi .5 ' :QW xiii 4tf'ggx:5'+4 A ' 4 ti 435, 4 EFH N, I ,Rl . 4- , Q 'Q' . " r A S- f -, I 6 ' ' ig 5 w J k Q N., J : A ' . an Y , H 250 9 'U Q ffl? Diligence And Perseverance Are Sophisticated Terms For Having To Learn A Lot Of BS. 'Ti 2. ' P Q .ww 331-.., X we i X ia 4, R X O -W .f ? 93534 he A3 If 1 W M ik., Ui , 1' QM :Lf W Vw, s W4 Q! is . ,1 'ka 1 A QQ -SM 'nga 'mer .ow 13 ar: fb ' . , ,. x M . ' sr I ' " 1 Kkkk - i ' .M L 1 it V L , Kffzifziffw ' , . 1 x 1 s I . E . 1 U ' w tv U: . u . . ,K 3. fv' Q ,- . " 1. L , , M y I ' . 5 31 V Class of '79 K6 ar W iv Q r D o all 1 . - W f ' ,. E it ' i , ' , A L, .Q r r r ffl 5 ' "' f ' ' .59 ti L Y V gi k W V X f Q .4 J .. 2 J 53, K,K,-' Z. t V45 E.- K, ij A - e -S FQ QQ' i '5 ". ' X , 6 ' . A Q K fp 5' X J J It . D 1, r ' D A X kk ' Q K 1 'i 5' f E , VKYKK K . K .3 ff, S ' A 5. or H s I D .John Abbott Douglas Baltz David Barksdale Regina Bennett Richard Boeckman Pattie Boggess Charles Brewer Deborah Carson Carol Chu Ann Clevenger Sam Curry Donna Dudney Eddie Dunn Sharon Eberle Garry Enderlin Dick Erwin Jerri Fletcher Mike Frost Boscoe Godfrey Patti Goree James Graddy Ronnie Gray David Green Jackie Gunter William Hanry Gary Hill Kathey Huffman Lonnie Jackson Steve King Janet Kueter Jan Loe John Mason Alan Maxwell Cynthia Mayton Nean Molthan Vicki Nlyrick Gary Newman Kim Patterson James Pearce Johnny Powell Three Year Program if ey El. ra . f, Q. J is 6 if J X x ' -A , c f' ' X 3 :ZZ 6 Q .riz fi it .rryy J Vybq x If .J V J -G , k ri! A Q w -3 M' f I 'M fl 4'd'A,.' :L-V A gb '12 543' , J , , 1 ' my 9 V TD k 4. ,,., , ,fff A I Z 6 in , 'Q J T ig' . VH' 4 , v 7 . J I " 05, X' f 1:5 X ' lf X ' 'Li J 3 J, Y x 7 f x I A A A .9 ai' .- - ,CN ll Nt i fr ar? f' efqj A- si' ,, Zh 5 Q' , ..,,, W . it ,f ul IQ New Dean 5 3 ' .,V' H Q :fel .X , . 5,1 2 ' X l it E I rLk,,,f ffi' - 3 fm 2 if x W 5 , . . -2- yes fi 3 K .sk f 5 S I if 'MV ' -:f' . Kathy Reams ':' Garry Reinhardt Pistol Richardson 1 , Robert Roberson , H Mike Schubach 1 Carla Simon Debra Smith is y Denny Spruce 3 fe if y X . ' Bob Stacy Ann Stephenson Fred Stuart ,L it Tracy Swai m My If .. r. vs, .A 54125 t fa RTM- L V A I , ,.,, A W v ' tt I Q ,Q Q ttef Bruce Tarleton if Ricky Torrence V A, if Randy Towell l y '13 i . Cynthia Weaver l 1 4 i H H5572 it S rrftrrrt iit, if' Q R' A R S' Mary Etta White ff' 1 Sherry Williamson ,ly S ., K K A .. wif' J" . . W' gf iifi S eit S Q , Ruth Winter l Pam Womack 1 f 7 K ss S, " 5: RSA iiri A' I thought I told you to blow-up the damn mimeograph. Here's alot of Meat-The two Biggest and the best! ..,J Eddie studying the "NeanMoItang" syndrome They better hope Dr. J doesn't turn around!! cf 0 Mike Frost! How long? t Qu A X Another day, Another test. Not Funny Pharmaceutics Lab f"N if ,lf , .... , . wha- . A gr. 5 I-4 -'Y if L.. Microbiology Lab A V. ' I ,5 '55 Ji f , 4? . K I yt H, Z4-415 I S5 'Zgf as U mtv? First Year Class Officers Jan Low, Sec John Powell, Pres Kathy Huffman, Treas.7 Eddie Dunn, V Pres Q x ' 1 3 W QR b Q FW ' f K W1 x 55 qi f rd 1 f 1 , ',.!' ,N Ek , fin :V ,- lv' ' A 1 X f-.Ju ab it , 1 .f A70 fx 5 A XJ L K mg PhiDeHa Chi x null!!! Row 1, Ronnie Gary, Joe Michaels, Tracy Swaim, John Coles, Sharon Eberle, Ray Brown, Johhy Powell, Aluin Simmons. Row 25 John Abbott, Ray Thannisch, Jackei Jackson, John Biron, Jerry Redding, Bob Log. Row 37 Gary Newman, Randy Towell, Steve King, James Graddy, Bruce Mason, Billy Ferguson, Gary Cason, Denny Spruce, Mike Alred. Kappa EspsHon E J l xiird Row 1, Charlotte Peeples, Angie Jones, Susan Henry, Pam Hardison, Joe Dee Bride, Kerry Jerrigan. Row 27 Debbie Carson, Debbie Smith, Kim Patterson, Sherry Williamson, Ann Stephenson. Row 3, Romona Couvillion, Carla Simon, Regina Bennett, Donna Dudney, Mary Etta White, Kathey Huffman, Jerri Flether, Ann Clevenger, Carol Chu. Row 4: Mary Coolick, Edra Thurmond, Pattie Boggess, Janet Kueter, Marilyn Harris, Evelyn Archer, Janet Hunt, Lynette Coleman, Marilyn Oliver. Kappa Pd 1977 l First Row Left to Right: Richard Dees, Johnnie Johnson, Tom Horton, Steve Hattabaugh, Eddie Dunn, Randy Pinkerton, Mike Frost, Len Hill, Tommy Frank, Rick Hudson, Malcolm Miles. Second Row: Bart Easterly, Dick Erwin, Richard Hanry, Wendell Workman, Gary Grow, R. B. Morris, Ralph Dumond, Randall Harden, Don Garner, Auddie Tabler, Paul Buerkle, Larry Hill. Third Row: Bruce Tarleton, Garry Reinhardt, Ricky Torrence, Mike Richardson, David Greene, Nean Molthan, Jackie Gunter, Sam Curry, Jimmy Mauldin, Mark Granberry, Steve Thomas, Britt Wimberly, Calvin Euler. Fourth Row: Boscoe Godfrey, David Barksdale, Charles Brewer, Gene Goeckman, Alan Maxwell, Fred Stuart, Bob Stacy, Doug Baltz, Mike Schubach, Lonnie Jackson, Fred Harris, John Spotts, Tery Baskin, Allen Schluterman. Not Pictured: Rusty Fawcett, Rickey Medlock. SAPA Row 17 Debbie Carson, Angie Jones, Mike Murry-president, Edra Thurmond, Row 27 Nean Molthan, Allen Maxwell, Allan Schulterman, Billy Furgerson, Terry Baskim. Pharmacy Mates K ,rv if v-fi Row 1: Laura Curry, Jan Swain, Becky Hanry, Susie Miles, Cindy Hill. Row 27 Ginger Mauldin, Mrs. Diana Vold- eng, Mrs. Shirley Morrison, Lois Garner, Barbara Jackson, Debbie Richardson. Row 3, Rose Schluterman, Marquita Hattabaugh, Debbie Harris, Terri Hill, Melanie Hudson, Sherry Powell, Nancy Stacy. Rho Chi Left To Right: Roy Brown, Evelyn Archer, Tommy Frank, Mike Alred, Malcolm Miles, Dal Burgess, Mary Ann Mote, Ramona Couvillion, Charlotta Peeples, Bill Kerr lFaculty Advisori, Janet Hunt. if " f'f,Tw-., X 3 ,. ,. ,Q I, 6 5' 2 4' ,! Arif .ff M.. -S, xx 5: "'19ef ...xx A " or l r 1. -if W J s 3 I il Xk,, iil W X A , ..i,. . Bob M. Gassaway Assistant Professor, EMT Tip C. Nelms, D.D.S. Dean Walter F. Robbins, M.H.A. John H. Starnper, Ph.D. Professor, Health Care Adm. Asst. Professor, Health Care Adm P Dental Hygiene Officers President: Lynn Boas Vice-President: Tricia Todd Secretary-Treasurer: Debbie Scesniak Historians: Susan Rothrock, Susie Scott U riri , , V V S S' Y Debi DeJarna1:te Toogie Dixon If 'Hr Vkixm Lynne Handloser Jo Hardin raft X 3 1 .9 Verochia Burns Susan Elledge Z f .J 5 A Marsha Harrington 1 9. iff ea ' Q 3. E Mary Cutting Peggy Elliott ' We is f IEW , , A , 1 Q Debbie Herndon , . . .ffm Al' , 4 'ff 'G if f 3' 1, if - J, ae- - 1 W1' A I ,lx , Q ,"1 U1 ji uf Q f ul Judy King Janet Lasey , 1 at yn fi: 7 Jar' Mathis Pattv Morris S wif... Tritt- P ' f 2 ,E 57' xl, 1 ,Q IK rv Tracey Lefler n,i.x ,fi m ! I Robin Mosley 'fin Q9 5 , ei I Lori Losmann Terri Putnam .,. ez., YM!! ' 39 . X A X i fx. , .gy Wx V".1l' w ' f ,I,',W,M. V, 'N up ' X QQ ' Q '-4 , in , we V A , ' , '-" 155 h x 'J X E. if , , h is . x. ff N' e 1 f MM Agp. 45 L , 1 fi. X , fuv r 6 nf Patty R oss i 1 F11 Kathy Snider A-JZ f Q N 'X X , bf i .. i E ,,,.. Susan Rothrock Debbie Scesniak fe-4 V i ,if VV , , K 1 v I - fi i, 5 .,""xXf -2 1 f rgpfl -N 1 N a Mable Soo Hoo Baylus Stuckey i Susie Scott' A if fi' 4 be bba X 1 Roxann Taylor ,., , J ' it Not pictured: L nn Boas W' Y X Pam Norton K. Tricia Todd Doris VanHook 'F' E, A our bg Af' Q! -ur 6 6 vlflf.. ,232 CLASS OF '78 Officers President: Marie Estes Vice-President: Cindy Meredith Secretary-Treasurer: Mary Pearson - as J' r f , Nal1Cy Bal'ClaY DeAnna Berry A C' Of , , ,M ,rl Sharon Campbell Kay Chandler P" ' - f . " , 1 ' V li X 1 , '.?'l"u....4"" ir wsyrx 'Q 'nik-,l...2b Ann Fitzgibbon Talena Flowers U X gf C rrr i C Robin Allison Linda Baldwin V Q 1 r f ' Wraafaq 4 Janis Bongen Paula Broyles ll if r Marie Estes Lee Ann Eubanks if , ' 4 Debbie Gravely Karen Hammack iv se -. .,.... 1 W: - X f fi?-K f' ,li 5 ,-3 ,- 1 i. fl T-i 4" f W- ,f s' 1 ! X f cf. X , 6 -f x f 5 ii . W, A " S g 1 i T' 4 4 .li Q Q, ,. ' ,W 'J f" P n i' gfi QM' N ,Q ' 'W ' f if Laura Hartje Q e- N J YT? 5 947. I 2 . d ll Nancy Kline a as Lee Harvey 6 if 4 eee Susan Kueter si. ' L Q DE . in I' WT. we gg. w a as N or 2 ,a., ,Q 4 L U gk Q , K A v fi? .. Q r -sl Q, . Qygx . X Lisa Lunney 4-1 X . if fr il A it 3 if Donna Pollard Julie McDonald N Y xi f E .U X My .,,. -QQQ N P - w."f., Jeri Talburt Charmaine LeFe Lorrie Johnson I 4- ,f Sherry Jordan vre Doris Lindsey , X 5... 5- V as In 1 i . l i i qi: l . l lf 5 L' . L L2 aaaa, ' -21 Cindy Meredith B-A4 -ages.. . if . Marianne Millican -5 U. , , Q ' Y, A, N fri' ' lad KEHVL 0 'Q . 48' vm., n- V'-W f 4, yy, 5 or my . V I JV 3 . ,r or I rf, or J v x 1 I A tx, , . Z J A Vlckle Ables A h Jean r er Becky Dwuggms Debbie Glenn Judy Greenway Judy Lott Dan Meyer Susan Muller Max Poye Mary Robertson Susan Robinson Larry Slsney A 4 l . V,:VlZiE i t V, -1... A AP position of the tongue Gayla Whitt I, f Cheryl Tillman Pat Yee y A Not now Bill, We have a patient. Oops! Forgot to wear my make-up Let's see . . . 1+1:3? today! 4 f -I Y? w , T mv ' , it A if K. lg, I ll ,J 1 , N izi ,, ' f f 3 i ' fm ' J P la I J xl 'gi xff Class Of '78 Charles Alexander Q X Lil Q . , A ' 'Q Charlotte Beaver Q, W 9' V - Tom Bennett ' N txt , t ili K Ya an ' T,,. .,:V -fav A , - , -X TFP Randy Boydston Aki ,Q i 1 I Paul Brown ', L' ly 'ti Lesa Burkett 4 Q M 2 N l trre 1 511 vi, ..-W 6 F ' ' ' , ll- z 1, ' -rf , ' W' 4 t tl at i fa " .,,' 2 'Q . H , lil . . . v M 1 1 , , . -, , . - x l jx! RS, 1, A ft f ' K Mg, : I L A I 1 3 , f 4' iffj 1, 4 ' it i , . . Y - fs ' T' xx, .4 f ' Marcia Cloe Carol Curry Lisa Harrod Bill Hickey Gayle Hobby Jennifer Walls Sandy Weaver Gwen Williams 4 9 S ,1,. ,1., as .4 ..: Q'-V ' U . - ,-,Q A ,gg -l. 'fat , in Ir -40 K' w n--Q-...Q 1.0--f' V447 ? X.....,4 , Q w:f'gf,,f :ff,.,,xs,fsfA:wf BIHEL. .kry gr r an Betty Shook Technical Director College of Health Related Professions Medical Technology 1- ' 1 if i . Gene Hall Instructor 'Qr- - is gf, Florida Wishard Martha Henry Educational Coordinator Educational Coordinator Sf- ViI'ICef1f'S Hospital Baptist Medical Center 5 Gloria Minor Educational Coordinator V.A. Hospital ,, t 1- 5 K Mildred Murphy Instructor n Donna Baker Timothy Ballard Virginia Carter Jeanette Clardy Ritchie Clark Arleen Cooper Leonard Cooper Shari Covey Susan Cross Mary Dover Jan Ehorn Needra Elrod Beverly French Sue Frost Sandra Garrett Vickie Glover Jacqueline Grant Donita Hale Beth Hensley Elizabeth Hill Robert Holmes William Hoofman Rebecca Huggins Edna Reed ll KayvRickel:ts Carl Robins Julia Robinson Darciann Smith Mary Ann Staton Dick Taylor Melinda Tucker Mary Wren Sammy Yates l 2 l C -J Let's see, How could we torture the student'??? Hold Still - - - .il-'Sf 3 pints more 99' -TT- This is just a bunch of shi'L.l-"'88Z,?f ...M Headache 3452, M.. .f ll ll Labeling tubes Bmit '77 gl '78 , ml A' I ,v l t ,Q fri xi, , A 5.9-1 1 . X y 3 I ,,.L I W wi 5 jf K , .7 77 if eg 2 7 la.. 7 K f ' f-,i1iQ 2 ' .M can 7777 . K TVI: 'V ks Q In il,- Q3 + 7 'JQ1 7 ' 'xv A , 1 if ly ff 7 7 ' -AVV V '-,, J! 7777 4 i K 'fri MA, MW. ,, W 43" J' W 7, ., ' 1, 7 QT 7 7, h,,YQ 7 , . V xi 'wwf Nam' 'Vg w . ' 'I , ,sa wwszv c1wW.q.g" , V we fa L- am ..' r .r 'mf 77 rv ' 4"""'Az: A I 2 in 5 .' ,A in we "' Q ' al X W' P a 4 Q Q, 5, Q ,,. l N .1 ,Q -,nf Mi kj . f i 4 '- 3? l ,, xx ,f an "' My . , W K' 7-"-4 fi-ig.. L, J f A A K K 7 A:- '78 Michael Burdett Donna Collins Rick Flanigan Doyas Ingram Henry Kelly Joe Knox Gerald Lowrance Claude Neely Michael Reid Charles Robinson Charles Ward Robert Watkins Charles Hurtt Alan Johnson Gary Linz Clarence White Ceebra Davis Laura Kaye Mostafa Kazemi John Kennedy Duane Koehler James Plinkett Clevie Smith Gary Staggs Samuel Thompson Celestine Briggs Dennis Jones Laman K. Kerr Robert M. Parchman Virginia Parker Carolyn Plummer Nancy L. Roberson Michael Snider Below: Operating Room-1900 4 J, s-6 u leg, i Ml Q wh N K if f . 'QR 'Q Operating Room Technology 5 Y 2 W David Campbell " If Danette P. Dills I fo.. ' ' A M , LQ Vby, m y , , if r ff' L I, , ff! 1 l l 7 ff 'yf 5 A ,, 1 ., I -, V' ' ' l ,L ly or f i . C ef y MTN VZ , ,,, C P if-, viii... a e , , , P '71 r . 4 x 2 "M 'K frxx ,.W,y, ? 4 as g if H- A- M fs 1 .5 ,' 5 f 'ff J 8 ,ga P Zan K it y li B xii "- x .M . .s... ' -- 2 , . P " " ' an i ' -V, -ii- ' xo x' 492 H .Ji Respiratory Therapy Nuclear Medicine Technology Duke Eldridge David Gregory Vivian Hickerson Arthur G. Nlaune A W. El, - A ' Cheryl Barton 143 f ju F y Sherrye Campbell f if ' C 4 Rex Cherry A , A A ! f y Pamela Corpier 3 K 5 ' Q r If Q, f C Y W V - Mary Forney P , Evelyn Hansen my 5 1 , Q K Deborah Nlodisette , , , Q l l : , In an f 4 E' ar. H l I x 4 af-1, ,a,y I V I X Q K 1 5+ Jya .5 ' as ...e fr Q, Walter Nelms Charles Peters Beverly Staggs Beatrice Taylor Karen Williams K5 ffj Q S :Q-qi WW WSH , "-E4 X .1 Z If 1 xx You llloni I! lllIlEIl?!! 4 "Our lab's motto" Behind the scenes at the Shutterbugs aw, -51 " w ff--X- .45 Nloma Dicus 'L-f Caduceus Club ww s .fi 45? -N., K Q. 0' 5 Q X' , Q The BOSS Ms. Priddy Construction '7 5: Ll- I1 389+ ww-Q-w-M0""""" hr. ' , Cl Q. 5? Why I went to med school This won't hurt a bit. A Bug! gs! I .5 ORGANIZATIONS AND SPORTS Q X ia A OSJS -" ' A ef ' , 1 A S , S A f f A - SS,ASA , A , .3 X .1 , i,g-kf v itmyr Ji. - ,K . ARM, . Tis! LQ . , " S .VL - A x V ' f , ...V - S-'- 4 4 Kiwi-, S W.. AL 3 . if A 'A 'KP K F r' gk, j , f X X E Q: .1 -- " fA.- A Mm ,K h h f X. N , A , F 1 A S ax A5 H M ,... . A 1 L Q 1.., .. X Q xfimhyi A Q A. . A A A M " A ' A "ew A I A A f A A-"ai 1 ASA S S ' if T354 K5 f 5. , ' Q . 1 M X ,S ,.,:-f-?x8'3'J '- A 1 gslyyl ,X iff 1 E V b ,Q 1 4 N A 3' 1 A , A -' ' ' ' F :JS ff Of 'QA A H f I ' f -P 1 n Tf'i ASSA A A A A O KJ .Sf A 2 we -X A f + X , f A 'SIS X A 5 i f Q A -iff?" if S ' Si ' ' 1 13529 ' . X Ev P 5 Sf S1 e 2 ' S . Q ix 5 .1: f gy Q ix 36. I I ' E5 f 1 Q E 3 T , fy? rg 3 " gx, 2 1 ,Wg 2 2 1 ky ik A A sxffw-A A P I M 1 it 2 A zl S? W Sw' 2 A . ' 1' L A 23 ' A HLA ' 5 3 - if VV . ,g -A Lg. 1' 2 E XX I al 25 1 . In ix W ,. ji -V. J: . . A x iv- 'F A . . ' , 1 . - f - I I ' E x Q 1 , K If W I . .. xx , Fig I 3-sm ij" . 'O i -R 1 - A . V 5 -gf ul . ' 'S f A ,A XX' :ff , 'fl ' f KM S f f V ' A ayf A A g X A A f ASSS A A A f ,ff 1 L , . I K Xi: + r -I Jiffy, , gf A ' J " 'QNX ff a ,f A At' ' - ,ff fi A if V F .J , if .t 5 X M v Af W, I - w '- .f A ' A gt X fls 4 K 1977 Caduceus Staff EY- W Randol Hooper Tom Tvedten Editor 84 Business Manager Chief of Staff Larry Braden, M1 Tom Maynard, M2 i Heyden Hucke, M4 Sherry Williamson Pharmacy "1 'X www-.. ' Joe Wilson, M2 we TVN 3 M ,sf -W 7 I M Steve Long, M3 ,Me oooo Boscoe Godfrey Pharmacy Charlotte Peeples Pharmacy SY.. "', 5 f 3-1, - ag ,, .Q . A -, . 5 . 5, . ' :Wy 'flxx lffhfz . ...lg , '- x ' Ralph Dumond Becky Huggins Pharmacy Med. Tech. ww David Holman Nurshing Mike Eades Graduate Sch. bfi' ICQ, ,V guyizip, 3 . . gg 1 fog eeee. 1 .' fx ' rf -xl-,s',.. ,Kg 1 -sJ4'W ,fir , aff' Q . 1,!'.'! aff' 5 fr' ,ll 1. ,o,.,.. 0 v, E fi 1 ,YS L in Pat Yee Rad. Tech. Shari Covey Med. Tech l- Sheila 81 Nan Tifihfi 51,4 TW2 5? Mig is , NWT 5 fic 5 ,' l YP-. Mrs. Mathews Advisor 'i 5 l This was a year of change and new directions for the IVIEDICO. First we gave her a typographical face-lifting and then we expanded and re-cast the content to emphasize news, in-depth features, and relevant editorials. We also enlarged the lVlEDICO'S staff to try to better cover UAIVIS life and work. Like all things worth doing, the IVIEDICO was a mixture of pain and pleasure. Frequently the hours were long, but the sense of satis- faction was sufficient to the maintain our enthusiasm. Our staff shared with us a sense of persistence--to find, respect, and report the facts, to comment intelligently, and to follow up stories diligently. If nothing else, it is this quality of persistence which we hope will become a precedent, as we pass the baton to yet another NIEDICO staff. --SSS 81 WAS l i a , 6 mp g? 0111158 q Arts D' 3'nxrdEolle9e of Ph""""' -1 E- - x ,.x ,-.-,..-Lx ,., 1.x ,.s ,Ax f -, ,-,-, X ft' Wharf 0 fl81Ia,d8.o0f3l0 Reflre SI A' V1 , 1 . : " 55? "'?v' ig Pi A publication by the students at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Campus. Editorial opinion is solely that of the student staff. The Medico is published monthly during the school year. Advertising rates furnished on request. Address correspon- dence toz MEIHCO, Box 253, Res. Hall, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205. CO-EDITORS Sieve Snow Warren Skaug SPORTS EDITOR David Lay CARTOONIST Bill Thomas PHOTOGRAPHER Randol Hooper CONTRIBUTORS JoDee McBride 1 Pharmacy? Sally Deltor Martha Hudson K Nursing! 3r?3E:2EE:?E?:?E?rZ5EIZiS:2EE:2E5:25S:?ESIEE.. YS' 41-' 1-'i-'41 -lvl '11-1 'K-4i-'41 tx, I va 9 W. xv, .-, xv, --I x-, x-, x-, xi!-x:, - , -i Standing: Linda Raitano, Nlike Alred, Tony Hui, Jim Rogers, Joel Cook, Denise Shirley, Lesa Burkett Seated: Steve Rowell iSecretaryl, Michael Lazar iPresidenti, Dave Sharp fTreasurer7, Lin De Pass Nice Presidentl It was very fortunate that several of the most concerned representatives of the 1975-76 ASG were again elected as representatives and officers for the 1976-77 year. The absence of solid communication between the UAMS student-at-large and his representatives in government was keenly felt, and this problem was given top priority in the first session of the new ASG. Fears the Student Body no longer cared were shattered by the wide response to a questionnaire asking what the students would like accomplished. With a new sense of direction the ASG endeavored to fulfill the wishes of its constituents. Political meetings with moderators and administrative officials were carried out with a new confidence Funds were reserved to initiate projects such as a TV antenna for the dormitory linked with the AV library, a Uni9ersal Gym Set exercise room, office equipment and educational AV aids for students, handball-racquet ball courts, film series, speaker series, benevolent programs such as Red Cross blood drives and the Children's Christmas Party, and continuance of social activities and intramural sports programs. An unexpected surprise came when the administration became caught up in the enthusiasm and deemed these projects worthy of additional financial aid. And so it is with this feeling of campus wide support that we anticipate the eventual reality of what was once nothing more than a passing fancy. , , , 4 V I Q 4 293 SPORTS 4 V ,ff TE 1 ig, .1 Q QSM: . M, ,N A 'r v .uk-Lgiwv The Mecca Medics 1909 me ""'iix., A, 'Q 'X .ua us.. ' W ' lE.., 3 m.f... 3 ' v Q ,, 4 " 5 ' ' ,V . lVl-4A, the defending football champs, were re- placed this year by a ruffian band of young upstarts ball title is still an issue of hot debate as this page goes to press. known as IVI-3A. The possessors of this year's round- 2 fm QVQDE3 V . ,, ,L g 1 3 wi vi WSQML AVVA V , ' 4' . 'f 1 -f" x , f A,, if ,, I . "vo Q W X V N hw 'V f 5, . 151 H , ,, -5.1 l i -2- " X . f i WWE gi W if Q'-,Q 1 W i fm f ,lu-. Q- i ,.Z:nM WmTgy4E A ,Lil vw ,f' fa .L 2 , f 'iv . ' .4 "jg"-,"!n QQ 1527 L r. ..' I K L is W ,. 12. Sf . 123 E X' . .1 V, "'f""" ' if . 4 4- b K ,,.r, V 1. tx K f' 4, f , ,, ., , V ,J j V ,, - . J 'I .W-,,v,...f't 47", "L-:'5V"..f"' 5 X ,N.:,VV,,V V V , 4,-,f-f' "' VV :fb X V Mx' ' fy., 'vnggyl-.,.,. Mus-'s.,.lW ' Q Affis 1 , ,J V, v- vw. ..-..,,.,N ,Zfxm-wgkeg 5 ' 5 . .q,...ZV, , wi. - ,v - , ,ff-:sw Y wfffw' f faggwe A gvgrkwww , '. IM. -4 - W2,,,,. " 1 H-f2ff?, I , ' V Vr 5 V ' ' . VV, V J. , ' ff if aff, Aff f ' ,"U":' ' S , f'-: i"6:f.j3n,f,,q,.x -f .,,, ,qw ,Mi ww ,.-ew C, EQ N -.v,,. 'L 5 ' ,Qgxf .- ' - Q, - --x '25 "' 1. 15 , Q Y ,' in NI- A ' X' - i1i'ff:"" f R '24-N -'H . ' 'H ", - ' ' , ,' ., ' ', my fv vu ,,, V V L,A, ,VV , N VV , ,AV ,V .V ,N ' 'fmfgwf Z, SA . A. V14. 24fgi.. Wan fu 4, ' 44 f v- .. . Q-1 M '+. - ff +1 N W ww' fi V ,.-, .,. an . 1 x 1' I 'effiff' M 62 'A "ff" N' .VW ' H2 3 1 , , ' Z' 5 if""a '9?"4 2Lw f wf V r A " 2 VV, ,ff 5, ,, M A , gf. " i. VV 'sr 3, .,..: A 'i?P.,,, V V, N ,Qi ,fi-59: 'N 1 .V - .V " - .N Q-f., .,-f, + ,L 1 A --H, N- x, K., . ' 'f .-Q ., A: , I -w 'Wg 'ff ' i A , , '- - iff- . . v .. . .,,, , s 1 , . , , ,K , . 4, , A 42, . ,, af , , . wwe, - Y X Y gn-9 5 .Mr 2f - ' m...' if?+ f s ,t1f -Jug wp f 'Q -1 L2 - f - '-up fu '- 3. V+ ff ,W 1, ' ' s ' ' 'Fi ww ,wa 2' 'fs' 'f ' :fav 'fl P A' fwwfi g . :L ' fl 'fi-Ji "N ' ."t5!S'5' Q K- 'f -ff' N' ,, Vp. ,.,, , ,,, 4, ,, , , , up 4. 53, ,QV 55 V , A: fm, Ver , V1 ifgsg' 34, f V3 Vjgyali ,AQ , VVV .V V 'QV V,-1 j.1iV1VVV QV-tx 5 , Q 12-5 NM Sw. 1 Y- if f .nv .63 U J f :gg 'Q-'X L, 1'-'M V 1 ' V gf- f X - ' ig- efmf- ' .V 2 i mf 3i1:Tg1 :5., N. 'fwlw N um, ly f Q.. 5 Z.: 2 'Agfrv ' ' ' xx VV.--fx ' V 5 if' Aff 1 L""' A , N XV VV VVVV VVAQVVVQJ, ,QE V54 , ,'?,... 'M M wgigf 1,1 A,f'ufz+, "Q ,af 2 ii ies A N fi iff- , 5, 'f'+ 2.5 , 4 ,V Q, 122 ,3Vf,g4Qg:,py:W.. , . - , 7 ,,VV,,Vf2fV?VV5ffV V VM, V ,r , ,,,:..,+-mix ,VVVVV V . I f ,yy 2 9-w' Q ,Vi 4 V ,' "g:Qm 4-M , ff V w W . ' N mf, rv. ' ' V, . ' Wife ff Mei' Vikwfk g W, . my A ., ,Aff 'igwix w H 5 V :,:57E:F: MH- f' v"f-if " Y' is ' "'-H. , f L- ug v,,.,,3,,4f ,fm ,X A ,,f ,kV V, 51 VV 1,741 ,Vw VVA..-Q .AQ :'M.5,...:',:'- 1- ' ,f -wt -if W' 'a 'g.' ,-"fl Vf 1 'gg 2 H 545 7: 1? ' 'E 'fsi ' 'V sin- A .W- . 'N X 'X f . I 1"9j..,-. + N y' , f .-.f . , .-:g- 3, 5, - ,-Ar' .. 5,- 415' f U" - Lit, :wif . , , w,14.+, ,, 4 :bg . 'M A ' ,U 1... , eff? 1 ' ' I 1 .EV '55 Q ,V , D f H A f 5' f 3 I ' - TE ,igiiy .2 Vi 'Q 231 Q ' A 1 hi-'A If f ni I I, a , ,,,,,,.,,.,,, . ,, ,,,, ,, nv- W- -vL--- --PM-f-W 'A 'MM-M '--N-ww-. ,,,,,,WmVVV'MNwVNV-VWVVWYVMNVVV VFVVVVMVVVVVVWWW Wdg K ,gr 1 gf V4 -QQQVV , f 4' M 5' ig! L, Q Q fi V ' 24, f A - 31 V. H 'VV Li-if rr ' ' 1- Ah' ' . S 36 : , f 1 'Q fy V ' ., ,I k if' V b HZ it ? 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Harrason M D J. Travas Crews, M.D. Harlry Hayes, Jr., M.D. N. enry Sampson, M D. Radaologiy Consultants Charles Henry, M.D. W Sexton Lewas, M.D. The Woman s Clanac Jose h P Ward M D Char es N McKenzae M D Collae M CarlJ Raque M D Arkansas Allergy Clanac RobertM Staanton M D Ben M Saltzman D JamesE Doherty M D WaIlaamJ Flanagan M D George G Regnaer D ThomasA Bruce M D ErvanW Powell M D GalbertS Cam bell M D Department of natomy Department of Neurosurgery John Hall Bowker M D Retanal Group Ltd Department of Orthlohaaedacs Ma dred E Ward D LaRama J. Holt M.D. Harry Hayes, Jr., M.D Betbtiy A Lowe, M.D W. Flacke, M.D. Roscoe A. Dbykman, Ph.D. F. Hampton oy, M.D. , . . ' . . ' ,M.D. ' . .,.lJ. -,a. . . ,' I aiaaal . "' ,' Io. U '.' . , . . I , . yn . , . . ri l, . . ' ' lam.. ', '.' '. ,'.'.D' ',' . , . 'al , .D. , . . , . . , . . .. 1 , '. 1 ' . ' 'Mof . . . I' ', .Y. ' , , .D. ' ,Ll'ex. , ',. n, , U . - ,RA. .I .D. I, '. . . Q i, l. . Ay., an.. W.O. AndersonMlVl.D'. l Gadsden,'Ala. D David Eanes, M.D. l ' Temple, Tex. . .' ' . I . ' .ll . . - C-J.. : I lVIlDl. -. . I in .. l. ' , l .' .D W.R. D' , .D. ' ' nz JW., . . . . , , , .D. . , . . ' , .A. I' . , . . I xr. I -6. . . . ip , . . te ' , . . George R Peeples, M D Mrllard Henry Cllnlc ErnestR Hartman M D A J Baker M D GardnerH anders M D WllllamR Meredith M D Grant County Cllnnc Fa ettevnlle Dua nostrc Cllnlc Al en R Russel M D McClain Asa A Crow D John Hestur M D JamesC Dunbar M D ThomasM Durham M Drs Gladden8tWllllams PA PrestonL Hathcock M D JohnB Stewart M R S Kramer M D Walter Mlzel M D H KlngWade Jr M Harold Short M D ByronL Brown M RobertL Parkman M Eldon Falrle M D CharlesP lsco M D Vestal B Smith M D JackT Dobson M Jerry Kendall M D L R Darden M D E K Clard M D GeorgeJ otloo M D JohnH Delamore M Jack T Patterson M D CarlT Beck M J L Dedman M D S Wrl ht Hawkins M D Robert Prosser M D James E Young D Ro er L Green M D H Jackson M D JohnW Dodson M D Bo aw Wullnams 84 Scruber L shedd lvl o Ob Gyn Associates LTD B J Jenkins M D Ross Fowler M D Arkansas Patrons Gurdon Russellville El Dorado Paragould El Dorado Pune Bluff Sherldan Fa ettevllle une Bluff Batesvrlle Paragould DeWitt Mountain Home Hot Sprrngs Harrison a ettevrlle ort Smnth Fort Smith Benton Ho S rln s ee e Fort Smith El Dorado Osceola Sprlngdale Marked Tree Fordyce Camden n Buren Hot Springs Hot Springs Fordyce Clarksvulle Mountain Venw Camden Fort Smnth McGehee McGehee Newport Hot Springs Hot Springs Jonesboro Paragould Jonesboro Pune Bluff Harrlson O H Clopton gl R G Burns J Wayne Buckley M D W Kung M D J W Murray M D D H Lowery M D G Errol Kung M D JamesW Marsh M D rce Jr P R Anderson D Cooper Clmnc PA RonaldJ Bracken M D J Larry Lawson D CarlL Wnlluams M D W C Whale M D A G Sullen erger M D Joseph L Ellis D A E Andrews M D L Randle Coker M D JackW Harrlson M Noel F Ferguson M D N C David M D Ellas Gardner M D RobertL Kerr M D Joe Stallings M D Charles H F oyd M Tom L Dunn D Ja obP Ellis M D D B Stough D Jules F Jackson Sr Dona d L Maller M D C E Malone M D Gu U Roblnson M D D Stough lll M D The Doctors Cllnnc PA Charles Eldon Tommey M larenceE Gossett M Qobert M Tlrman D Q H Nunnally D JohnH Moore M D Paul G Henley M D D W Goldstein M D Thomas Muller M D Nell Crow M D John H Wesson M D JamesE Wise Jr M D Boyd G Langston D Jonesboro Pune Bluff Russellville Fayettevulle Russellville Pune Bluff Warren Pune Bluff Arkadelphna Fort Smith Hot Sprln s Para ou d ort math Warren Pune Bluff Camden Texarkana Pune Bluff Texarkana Harrnson Brunkley Russellvllle Mountain Home Jonesboro Fort Smith Hampton El Dorado Hot Sprmgs Newport Pune Bluff Atkins Dumas Hot Springs Pune Bluff El Dorado Jonesboro Jacksonvulle Camden El Dorado El Dorado Fort Smath a ettevulle ort Smith Nashville Marvell Pune Bluff ' ' f ..-.... .... a... ' . I . . ...f ...... .. I .. L .. .......... .. . . , .. .. I II . I, .. ............. I .. I , .. .... I . II , .. ..... ..... I . , . .... . I I. , . .. .... I. P, ' ' " Isl J.R.Pre , .MM.D. . .. ....... ..... I .. II , .. I c.nvl. 'IIIIJr.,nv1.o. .. .. ........ .. I , .. .......... ........... I . II .. ....... I . , I . , .. ....... 3 . I,I ..... I .. E, .. .. ...... . , . ............ I .. I .. .... . .. I . ,M.. ...... . , .11 I .. , .. .... I .. .. ...... ...... . I , .. ........ .. I l, . I . , .D. ......... I . , ., .D. .... t E E . I , . ...... I , .. ....... ..... ........ I . I. , .. ...... .. ...... I . , .D.Ij..... ..... , .. .... I . .. ....... .... . , . Julian Fairley, M.D. .. .... .. Osceola Robert Lawrence, M.D. .. . .......Jonesboro Sy, . .... . I . I , .. . l IVI .D. . , . ..... . . I, .. ...... . . . . , .D. .. c . M .. ....... . I , . ........ .. , .. .... . .. , .. .. .. .....Va I . I , .,M.D. .. .. Fy,I . ...... I I . , . ........... I . , . ....... .... LJ. . I, . ........ ......... . , E. , .... . I . 6 .. .. ....... I I .. I,I . . ..... I . , .. ..... ..... , . .... ..... , gi- , . . ..... . .... J .I IVI .D. I . ,IllI. . .... .. ,lvl. . . E . , . .. ...... I . , .. .... .. .. .. , . . ........... .... I r . , .. .......... .... . .. I . II , . .I .............. . . I , .. ........ I E ,l3'A.... I , . ....... I .. , I.. ............. ..... , .. ................. I - . I I ....- - .-.-ua I . II I . 4 .4 ...... ..... .. , .. ......... .... I . , .. ..... , .. ...... .... ..... . , .. ..... . 43'-I Moving into our 89th year with a modern technological ancillary services. million building program, adding the latest and most Sf 7l'2F"m'l'2j Owned and operated since 1888 by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. A private general hospital with 508 beds. We are located at Markham and University, only 10 to 15 minutes from anywhere in Little Rock . . . less than four hours from anywhere in Arkansas. 0 Certified Laboratory Assistants School 0 School of Medical Technology 0 School of Nuclear Medicine Technology 0 School for Nurse Anesthetists 0 School of Practical Nursing 0 School of Radiologic Technology 0 VAISVI Respiratory Therapy Technician Training Program ' Flexible Internship Program with University of Arkansas ' Model Cities East End Clinic fClinical Programj ' Social Service fwith UofA Graduate School of ' Communicative Disorders Clinical Program ' Pharmacy Extern Program with University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences School of Pharmacy ' Health Occupations Education Cooperative In addition to our regular general hospital services, we Schools have the following specialized services: 0 Cardiology 0 Coronary Catheterization 0 Cardiovascular Surgery 0 Complete Heart Station Facilities 0 Communication Disorder Center 0 Diabetic Teaching Program fpatientl 0 Digestive Disease Center 0 Electrophysiology 0 Enterostomal Therapy 0 Intensive Care , I Coronary Care UnitlProgressive Care other Educatlon Programs Unit ' Medicalfsufgical ICU for Medical Sciences ' R9SPifat0fY Cafe Unit ' Physical Therapy Clinical Program 0 ICUlRCUlProgressive Care Unit 0 Intensive Care Nursery 0 Nuclear Medicine Social Work, 0 Occupational Therapy ' Pastoral Cafe ' Dietetics Clinical Program ' Phygcal Therapy fwith therapeutic - Nurse Training affiliated with UALR poo 0 Psychophysiology fpain programj 0 Respiratory Therapy ' Self Care High School Program 0 Social Service ' Irfternal Management Development and Supervisory Training New professional building for physicians on SVI campus proposed for completion in 1978. THE EXCHANGE BANK . AND TRUST CQMPANY national bank of commerce EL DORADO ARKANSAS Of we 8'Uff CEFIRST NATIONAL BANK Smackover State Bank First Federal Savings of EI Dorado 315W tM 318G ffthSt EID d AR7173O EIO d AR7173O 888 8178 888 8488 IVA TIUIVAZ BANK of CUMMEHCE the one that s on the way ELDUHADU ARKANSAS 71730 LION OIL COMPANY EL DORADO ARKANSAS 71730 LI D I I Subsidiary of Tosco Corporatnon Member F.D.I.C. I I Home Office North West Branch Office ' ' ' as am ri i feet a tradntnon of service ora o, ora o, I I O . . U me EasyBanking la, for the med center The full-seryzce Markham Med Center EasyBank is lust what the doctor ordered A large walk-In lobby 4 teller wlndows and two dVlV9'll'l and lots of EasyBanklng services, Our branch was deslgned wlth you ln mlnd SMILE! YOU'RE ON EASYCHECK! EasyCheck IS the lowest pnced checkxng account IU town. FREE' or S2 Wlth EasyCheck you get a personal photo I D card for easter check cashing and a dozen banking servlces You can also bank 24 hours a day at one of our six EasyBank 24 locatlons all over town The Markham, Med Center branch and EasyCheck, just open wlde and say ahhh! --I . IINII Colmnel ual 'easych-ttklslreflll ytttlmalmlh 5200 hnchlhg --I l I ' ' 5500 4 t tfthru to tttt . . say Ahhh . 211404,- Go lloqx Go Q, Orthopedic Supply And Brace Company 201 WEST GROVE EL DORADO, ARKANSAS 71730 Phone 15013 862-8841 Compliments of SOUTH C0 CANTRELL DRUG STORE PHONE 8620241 EL DORADO ARKANSAS 71730 7524 Cantrell Rd Llttle Rock, Ark reml 825 6404 HOSPITAL KIRK BARTLEY P O BOX 76 BERRYVILLE ARKANSAS Brandon Mass 39042 Represemmg Po ulatlon 2674 Carroll County populatlon 12301 W B SAUNDERS C? h He pmg to serve the lVledlcal Sur lcal Needs of Med'Ca' and Dental Pub 'S ers Carroll County A modern 27 bed ospltal m a great Ph'l2df'lPh'a PH Wm' lace to llve Joan our communlty pre: 501 423 3355 41451 bg f if 5 an-Q -' i'-Sup. 1 IVIETHCJDIST HOSPITAL OF DALLA For Information wrlte Dlreclor of Meducal Educahon P O Box 5999 Dallas Texas 75222 " A 9 ....r.a"l1i!, U. 'v-'Q i P -Y' 'xxx' ,F flu 'ri 4., "bs, N ' 9 "vu ii '-'ff AP an -Po 'Gs .4Jfs::sf'jff, 48355 Medlcal Educatlon Program Qffers You FIRST POSTGRADUATE YEAR CATEGORICAL PROGRAMS Anesthesiology lvledlclne and Medical Speclaltres Obstetrics Gynecology Pathology Surgery and Surgical Specialties Resldencles Medlclne Obstetrics Pathology Surgery Gynecology FELLOWSHIPS Cardlology Pulmonology " ' 9 'fa l .K 5 A I ,M 14 5, . ,V 6 I if .. f- . ,,. .a. ,- R - . ' A F , 'f4"""" 1. .L+ : 2 .- Q' rf .4 - - ft' .g ' - 3- -, .. " ' " , . , 4, ' ' , ' J 5. . ..,..,,Pa,,1 'Lk , ' 4 "'..J" " ...wrt f" ' " A, ' .A . Q --Q 1 . .. I .,. 4 v ' . W MA ,-1 s ,1 1, , ' V ' 3 ., n ' n A A A . , u ' "W H , . ,I J , Q. ',,.r ' ,.'j,f X , ' K r , , 'B 2 has 4 A X ff-lux- t 4 Mg, fn w. - ,." W -lb -4.""'N:' ...- , 2 ,"' , ' -, -.. . , ,nh " A ... . .e5"5 . '. ' ' " n unnmn-mmnnuwa, u ' : I' X .x A-.5 vi ,Q cv.. ' V ln nunnmmuumq.. , l , g LMA 1 -, .....---..-.. . - XX 4- Maw- 'fit'-W -, X At ' - -an-nm-an-un' Aw f-. 'Qs 1, "2 ., ...........,..-.. - .. ' '-b . K 1 '- ff?" , " ' . ' . . , 2 'Z ii ,X 'l NIA' ,.- G:-Q. I- ' I . 4 V .NR A if.. ' 9 I . . S . I . . PORSCHE - AUDI IQIVEPQSIIDE L46 I CDIQ5 ' MERCEDES-BENZ F 1 'K Ek P.O. BOX 1068 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72203 EHWG l7,0IIII'lf f IMI 4 HOSPITAL DRIVE P O BOX 31 MORRILTON ARKANSAS 72110 ES CESO TNOODY S CAMPER SALES 39BE S 2 WHEN YOU THINK OF THINK OF MOSES IIIISE25 OLD SALT SAIL 8: POWER YACHTS 7404 SOUTH UNIVERSITY LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS FFICE SALES 8- SERVICE 5010562.85751 RANDY WILLIAMS I I I I 'IIT I IriaW l .Q1Qf '2M' I5,,,- , ,KBQSE ILQYG Mllnxmngmw Kruger Travel Bureau Incorporated 109 Eaat Seventh Street Llttle Rock 72201 374 9271 Alnerlean Souety of Travel Agents f m X fo? ww FFA! TV I I II I L 4 4 1 I gf. ..-2:7 'II I ', P' fr -1' I , 'I " " . -- - f pl I I Ln , I "-X. I . I I T351 I- L: .IL-1' , I . I I V L 1- v . W V I 7 QI mf? . Sf I wf:.s'r-Perl-r Z I1 II Y f P I L. UR ONL 5 5 'i ifg . . :ll gf' 5, il 4 3 Y ' A 4 ' X - B 1 NTON HVVY. LI E O , ARKAN 2 ' ,, ' ,' 1 1 II QL fi Music I Wa lu: . 5 ' ,lisa l ' 12v',?0k gif ', , iff' I I' W W f 'WI' iw " I I X L I II, n f W ,v:. I " L 3 ' f' K. ,I 'df ' When It comes to your SHVIHQS and loans count on free fIscaI examInatIons at the PFS offIce across from the lVledIcal Center xt' fm 5 II sf-'ZS VVARDEN VOLKSWAGEN INC N o WAY CKA Member CadIIlac Crest Club PARKER CADILLAC INC ,QMMWMIWW 1215 lVlaIn Street LIttle Rock Arkansas I 72203 PuIaSklFederaISaVlngS aus Phone 374 7475 Res 225 2502 Hays Rental 81 MedIcal CHFTIERH ITIFIRT 'from' 53213522 lllololll lllll EQUIDITIGHIZ B KE O O OD E PAF? AM FIOAD SAS 220 862 4935 Brfng your questIons to us 310 W Mam EI Dorado Ark PINKEY S PHOTO SERVICE CUYIJ ARTIFICIAL LIMB COMPANY KODAK GRAFLEX HONEYWELL IO DONAGHEY BLDG . GROUND FLOOR SEVENTH AND MAIN STREETS TLE ROCK ARK 722Ol R OMEGA ENLARGERS FLASH BULBS 2117 Thayer Ph 375 6409 Lxttle Rock 2203 ' WAGEN s s SE 1 . . , , e450 New BE. T N I-IIGI-I I I. T E , O - - . I "I "-IRI 'ILHKIIII ' - I, '- ff-fifflil' rw . 'lk .ff-g , Il:-I ,.,, X' ul 1' KJ-fs ' X at 3'3" 'f . 1,4 - . JY , RICHARD D. PARKER saga. IIN: - -L ,112 ., 42, , I , Ui.-.,u. FZ. E . . IA.- 2 5 4 . .20 -ggi' ,fn fl " ,, L I f "J -.1frI:f' .Is7'ew.e',-I 1. 1. L, v9 bf ' f- f' 'rr 5 11.1, I I' IIIIIMII Ill! V ,. -,Q I . -1- I I r ,. '- JIW?",,E4'f'fI'IIf,Fr, H","lA-I. I In J-X. 'm.j.,':, 727'-Til. I" w I I I l and Loan Association . ll lllllllllllllllll Ill U' lllllllllllll ll . nec NRIDGE VILLAGE Q I 3 In N Y H LITTLE HOCIQARKAN 7 7 . 0 , . ,421 ' eres to our health! Artist's Concept ofSoutheastArkansas Medical Center Clinic in Dumas The people of Southeast Arkansas are planning ahead to meet their area's future medical needs. That's why they're taking positive steps by building the Southeast Arkansas Medical Center in Dumas, easily accessible to a trade area of over 30,000 people. The 12,000-square-foot clinic pictured above is the first phase of a long-range plan to construct a complete medical complex, including a new 125-bed hospital. Before you make a decision concerning your future practice, please investigate the opportunities that await you in Arkansas' most progressive area. For more information, write Howard Johnson, Administrator, Desha County Hospital Association, Dumas, Arkansas 76139 or call him collect at l501l 382-4303. We think you'll like the way we operate in Southeast Arkansas. Desha County Hospital Association Dumas may H7070-67714P!17L' P u b 1 i S h e 1, S Zi EZEEGROGA Everything for the Artist the Rock mov and Phgtggfaphgrl Bookshop, Inc. .Beyond the call of 6th 84 Ringo Little Rock BLACK ANGUS "for easy eating" Markham and Van Buren 666-0151 Featuring Charcoal Broiled Hamburger Steak and Other Dinners Best Wishes fiom rcher Drug Company Service Wholesale Druggists Little Rock Ark'1ns'1s 107 East Nlurkllam L, hs fa'- HOT SPRINGS Suzgwal :S l5l WEST FCRTY SECOND AVENUE PINE BLUFF ARKANSAS 71601 501 .JE 5 6800 ll u E L Hull: M t ,,, p M-is .wniffyf . X" ' , , 4 -t . ",Q,4-lzzyzf-Jfv?21rfS:i-A-li--S'? ,. .f X , , I . 7w4f'fTP'?Xw 'A of ., '- , w9'1E'x'.WmfL'E55'g'f- TYT JIM RAY TOYOTA AIR BASE EXIT JACKSONVILLEARKANSAS C HHDH lT.u2l...I If H Complete Service and Parts Ml-IRKHIIM LIQUOR "Full Line of Spirits" Roy 8. Catnyrn lVlillsap . . . owners Across the street from the lVled Center 9824556 4204 vv. Markham 664-3385 Compliments of Don Willis your Representative GRADUATING IN FAMILY- PRACTICE? SPECIALIZING? A FARMING AND INDUSTRIAL COMM JUNIOR COLLEGE, COUNTRY CLUB, EXCELL CULTURAL ADVANTAGES, CREATIVE OPPORT WATER SKIING, CHURCHES, DAY NURSERIE FROM MEMPHIS, ONE AND A HALF FROM LI CALL TERRY HIERS, ADMINISTRATOR, HEL NURSING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE ALSO WE ARE INTERESTED IN YOU! COME AND SEE WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER IN HELENA AND WEST HELENA, ON THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER! WE HAVE A NEW 130-BED HOSPITAL IN PROGRESS... WE HAVE A NEW MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING IN THE PLANNING STAGE... UNITY, WITH GOOD SCHOOLS, A ENT GOLF COURSE, TENNIS COURTS, UNITIES, HUNTING, FISHING, S, NURSING HOMES. ONE HOUR TTLE ROCK. ENA HOSPITAL 338-6411 , 5 5 gf 1 . L r E 4 nl 1 ' v ,nz I ' N .. N ' I X41 V+ I 1 e wan I 1 fmey r Actforr I sm efmm Meducal Towers Bunldlng I f Wh"'e'I'0'I New Baptrst Hospnal Campus anda We ants Road 5e'9f"f"' 0' Lrttle Roc Arka men S appa I X rnxa J lmrtcng p D1l1ards IIH 1' r.v....,......1 fe gli. The Commerclal Deslgn Dlvlslon of Strawn S 517 Chester Street Little Rock Arkansas 72201 501 375 7324 Arkansas Leading Department Stores Serving Arkansas with seven great stores that offer the ultimate fn shopping conven fence and quality merchandise McCann Mall Park Plaza Downtown Hot Springs Pune Bluff Jonesboro Fayettevllle STIIG BEER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1976 GTTIIREXTXIIQLMSUEIESIRTIQOKN N D BURTON EISELE CLINIC W MARTIN EISELE M D JSIIER HBSIIEIIES II S Professlonal Assoclatlon J OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY JOHNL HAGGARD M D DENOP PAPPAS Nl o THOMAS P THOMPSON JR M D 101 WHITTINBGZTIOAZAXSNUE PHONE W SLOAN RAINWATER M D Hor SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK ARKANSAS 71901 EVN ALL NXFOBNI G U X On the job uniforms wlth on the town Style nn professlonal and career apparel f'N ,Ill 3. X- xw Ng Wh! 5 Tf g UNIFORM GALLERY 9600 K k 72205 INTERNAL MEDICINE LAWRENCET SANDERS M RADIOLOGIST CONSULTANTS L O BOHNEN M D M R SPRINGER M D W Y SPRINGER M D ADMINISTRATOR GENE H BROOKS The States of the next a e vvlll no doubt rememb uS, and edge therr love o freedom vvlth contempt of luxury Robmson Jeffers t.......AAAAAAA1.A...A....-..... AASASAS Ae,,.eeeeeeeLeee., - ....... - .... .... M ............e A eeeLeLeeL,Se1.St.,,S.S, A I A do eSe,,e,e,e,I,SSSSSA. .A.,.,SSS. 1 . , ..........,.SS.eee eeee. . ,.............e,..,.....,.,.eeeeSeSeeSeSeeeSe.. A ,.e.e..e,,SeSeSe .......,.....e 1 ,,I.S,. - , . ...... W ...eeeeeeSI.S .I . , I ' ' a . . . ....,... Yi ke, ,......., D I 1 ........... 'nj . .. , X 1. . . . . IruSru,u MN.. I .v 'pw ,,... . ..,... v - e,,,,.,,,,,,o,SSS...,. ......eeeeLeSeee.IeI Seeeeee Seeee ..,,,,.AS SSS.....,., ......A..,,e,,SSSS eeeee .......eee eeeSeS..S I A e,,eSe, do SSSS.....,,, , eeeeee eeeeee ..... L LSe,..... AAASAAAtA,. A . .Ae.. .A....... , . ' rr 77 Graduates Anonymous EI Dorado, Ark KEN A SUE ROWLAND - owne S 1.-LQWERS gl GIFTS BRECKENRIDGE VILLAGE CRAFT SUPPLIES 10301 RODNEY PARHAM LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72205 Ph 227-5366 Af COIXIGRATULATIONS Central Ark. Radiation Therapy Institute 'iJg3fQ3gL:94"', II?5'fI'E'SXaE22I5e'Sity R222autism:zfgirrfsxszanosstr'MGE Little Rock, Arkansas 72205 UTTLE ROCKARKANSAS 6633276 "Serving Funeral Directors Only" 1 "AIR SERVICE" g Arkansas Mortuary Service I 1 1514 Maryland 'gm S"u'I'IiI2'fLi'.fY Little Rock, Arkansas 72202 JOHN 8: JUDY JARVIS Phone 374-8194 DENNIS R. DAVENPORT ownm 37445019 I iv-va'""'fkvQvvovQ+o.+0QoQ+44Q4oooooQ4v0f"oo. t 2 ,ITE 4 GEITING THINGS DONE . 1 I 2 o ' L-I-I O to , 4 1, 5" ix ff fqrxf-D . f is urs marins mrnms. I . in age-E E it N I. II's Done M A High Level . A If I X fy ' I ,, , 2. II's Accomplished With A lo! A raft K4 L 5-QE 5 3 ' . Of Roaring And Screaming. ' A ' " U A ESE. 4 .I '1 ' cn -I 3. If Takes Two Years To Get Any Rewiis. '37 DELICATKSSKN E , .2 W' f ,I I 1221.2 -axsrmfaralzirafg-MI, Your Neighborhood Wealth Clinic. " R-'H ""i"" ly For tinancial acnes and pains, consult a Union Banker. He can prescribe a little casn to nelp you tinisn mecl scnool, set up practice or buy some ot tne important tnings in lite. Even better, ne can prescribe a savings plan to nelp you acnieve your tinancial goals. Your neignbornooo vvealtn clinic, Union Bank - vvnere you'll get aio tirst. Union National Bank of Little Rock lb! IIIIII THERE ARE 1,000 REASONS TO SET UP MEDICAL PRACTICE IN WEST MEMPHIS, ARKANSAS! HERE ARE THREE!!! art and free offIce space ne of S7 000 000 fWe II offer you a guaranteed saIary to st 9fCMH IS expanding and modernnzlng to the tu kTIIe Mempnls MedIcaI Complex IS just across the rlver small town flavor blg town advantages CALL CRITTENDEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 735 1500 and vve II gIve ou the other 997 reasons!! CRITTENDEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 200 Tyler West MempIIIs Arkansas 72301 T T ' W UI f what ww All been warm For IIIIII LM ITE my TAVERN A 7 ff Th v 372 8001 we OW LL if I f7J'fQ '39 xxf Wm, wig' 1 'wk 'Y LIVIZ Mus Weekends W Ia t BROWNINGS XMAM Shuffleboard I9IrxbaII Dommoes Sta T k Happy-H r 430 5j-Q QR Clenulrxc Honky Tonk 1 I . I I ' I - Y I I 1 Auf ,.!f f ' , ' I 'V I I V I I . . f I ,, I 5 , I .N I - . ' II ' ' wb! ,II . 5 I ,,,,u . tt agp- .1 V Q fformerly The Vxfchev' 1 I It a er ' MorI'Sat ' IIafn4 Iam We I ee 77 , IC Id f AAD A74 g A, pGoodI I 7 E f - inf , I . Eikffft I .NSI if 7:35, ,ff I for! ' I," ff" D I ., I 'iffxfclff . . 3' cha af! I +3 1' T' J545i'54'3Sfflff?2T's W., ,IAV ,X Q7 'QCL-J X I ,K f 'X 55- few . - Q I X : I . .X pk .. b ic EI'X1'2l'tdII'XQfS Wetcome Q2 YXEYX S ' I 5PUHif5Yf'?f5F'iiF v.'.'.'.? UIXICAN EOD -' nun' . ' - ORIGINAL: 5805 KAVANAUGH U S63-9956 EL PATIOL 5922 S. UNIVERSITY 0565-994 Y. re OU ' - I NORTH: JFK G MCCAIN, N.L.FI. ' 771-036 7 7 YYTYV 7' YTAW P"' "7"7' V Y C CA CS 9511 C J EWELERS R k 72201 bank Pme Bluff' A X .,...,,XxX-"os EQ?-A 3 LS-L---A ,f A alma MQW :lg in SQ NIIMIIMJIEI SIMMONS FIRST NATIONAL BANK PINE BLUFF 1 MEMBER Foro ,,,QaW ,Q X, PARAGOULD awww: A L mmgwet ...,. A, -LQZSQ , MEDICAL Ylff CENTER General Surgery Fam: ly Practice Pathology J Larry LHWSOH lVl D B C Page IVI D Jacl4G Rrchmond IVI D Robert Sellars lVl D AsaA Crovv lVl D Dwight Boggs IVI D O E Bradsher lVl D General Dentistry Robert Price lVl D Anesthesiology George Hobby lVl D Wullram Morgan DDS Richard lVlartm 'Vl D Ophthalmology Orthopedics Administrator R Lowell Hardcastle IVI D IVI P Hazzard lVl D lVlarvlnD Hendrix We Are Seelung Physlcnans Who Want To Joln Us ln A Revvardrng lVledlcal Practice phone- 239 4011 M. . C L be Little oc , Arkansas 0 0 0 D me lik l ,- , ' if V l l ' ' ' Af' ' V f' X, 2' , J ' J ' lx " l N. , f A lr l . it JA?" -'-' ' rn"'xyr A i "' " Kdawuifu 2 1, -1, , Atal.-tr ' l' , " fi 5::5 1, :l .- ,Sift Lg bidi ,AT i I 2 .-L llyw .fry-,!::,:f, , he ' u mm. v fri! ,ai '5"fm,'!lQg 'fiqifga HB3 " 211' wi ' L LD 53' Xe ,f ,A , -..... L VP '" 5 .xpglhggy '- VN ' I ' , , 1 5' '31, "lf-5' X 35: 5:1-.t -.dfl 4-na -.:,,- . -A , b - g M V If 5.11: :Jag Y ,.. I H 3,2 . , Y tv A A' Ay tj-,glfzh .l, st . , f ff H A ' 'I 23.4, . , . . , . , . . .I , . . , . . , , . . , . . , . . , . . I 1 ' ' ' ' I n u . , . . I I I 0 I I I fx .J!ll.:L.l.J i lu I mu " IN I -EI Communify Nfefhoalfsf HOSp7fdl RAFOIID A 724 Compliments of ol"" HENRY CLINIC Russellville ph 968 2345 HOLMAN PYLE CO INC FULL SERVICE INDEPENDENT ANALYTICAL LABORATORY EPA NPDES 81 OSHA Monotorrng Analysis Studies Envrronmental Impact Studres 84 Statements I Oualrty 84 Process Control Analysis Formulation Studies Mlcrobrologscal Analysls Culture 84 Sensltlvrty Studles Drugs Mycotoxms Vrtamlns Research and Development We have The Mott Fully Qualzfwd Staffln The State 5612 Patterson Llttle Rock 501 568 1354 8 5 .I .... 2 THE MEDIFAC COMPANY INC 5612 W l2TH LITTLE ROCK HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT AND OXYGEN SERVICES FOR THE HOME RENTALS In SALES W Pesmve Pressure lredfh mg Eqmpment 4 A Qi.. T rfb f WE WILL IILL MGICAIE MEDICAID MEDI PAK ALSO WOIKMENS COMPENSATION Tlllllid personnel to demonstrate and U mamfam the equrpment m your home ""i. 29.?.:2.I.?9 'if ff-E I ' I I F H 1: : I E I EI - I N UI ,, u1Im1nmunrx ' N U1 7 15,1 -5: , :I PA ,. 3 , RK. so ' ,LVA Mgt . ' Ill -r Nr-Iwin I I - .L K' 'I ,rf I I f. k"' :AIX " . -W n ' I I' I I I YT I .ree , U , . as In .S1..-i."4-f . .gg uf: D ag, 9 - :Lf -I . -. H xgilrqgi 51" ' ' -V1 I -f4'I E I- I . I . . 'ZH ., es l N .. dumps' 1 C 3 Anvnn mnnosn xnawuou xuvscu IIAKAIIIIIIII vlmuui 415: QU SQETQQCBMLIQ N th ARMY xi RSI cows Advent Vldeobeam Television Sli NIFIC XNI 'I I TE wssfr sToRE I 10014 RODNEY PARKHAM LITTLE Rocx 227 9077 p cl I PROFI- SSIU INIJIPFXIJI' Nl I' OITH P RK ALL Ol LITTLE ROCK Bose Teac 20 d It Crown p Y Revox Watts BSR Dual Sony Shure Low Prices Mvamio Complete Home Muslc Systems man Z Oftofon Commercial Installations Phmps 'NIOVE AHEAD IN THE ANL Stanton Precision Test Equipment Thorens C Tandberg E ert Repair Personnel Dlscwashef C l Sennheiser xp Superscope 501 378 517 i IL.ttl R kj Iomthepeople whdvejomedtheAm1y. Audlomalyst Phase Linear Bang 81 Olufson Scotch Classic Acoustic Research B023-k Professmnal BENTON ARKANSAS CONVENIENTLY LOCATED JUST SOUTH OF LITTLE ROCK IS A PROGRESSIVE BUT FRIENDLY TOWN SALINE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL OFFERS THE BEST OF MODERN MEDICAL FACILITIES WITH A KNOWLEDGEABLE CONCERNED STAFF READY TO SERVE THE PUBLIC FOR INFORMATION ABOUT OPPORTUNITIES FOR PHYSICIANS NURSES AND SPECIALISTS, CALL 776 O6ll SHHITE I77l7fiH' 17517113 NDIIIIEHSI HI DIDNEFI BEI7 DI7, If SHS V I ' O ...v a-:gs -.. .. Ih,I:, ....a:a: t I , - u a., Q I c F ' ,' g opporlu 't' .' IT' ' 1 j ACI' t'g,es , . . AYAE .' If b 1" I d' g AM ' k' g tl gh th ld. -Il sp 'bl p ft' : 'thl 'd . .'h'p I : ' NAL 'NI' 'Ink exp I ,p fx' I ' d geographic- "th t I f J iority. - F lly funded clinicia na g duare AKG NN TH A M BASF d mation programs, 'Excellent benefits for BSN grad tes include salary commensurate with - experience and education S830 and -u lg 1 a s vacationg free medical , dental careg free duty whites' t aclvantag salaryg fully p 'd ' , , moving L.. ' ' . .' ' I '. I A . - C ll ll ,t ' CPT a vin Iletzler R.N. ' . - - - L i e nc ' I I . I I Compliments of SAM PECK Motor Inn 625W Capitol 376 1304 PAUL M MOILANEN WILLIAM H RORER INC IOE S MOUROT ODEN OPTICAL COMPANY Distributors or Dealers for all instruments made by Bausch 84 Lomb IHC Haag Streit A G Ocular Products R H Burton Co Jenkel Davidson Co Precison Cosmet Da Laur Inc Ke stone Propper Diversatronics F F Koemgkramer Co Titmus Xonix Carl Zeiss Inc Topcon The Ultimate in Ophthalmic Equipment Instruments Office Planning Service and Prescription Work WHOLESALE ONLY THE FINEST PLASTIC AND CLASS RX SERVICE AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD P 0 Box 1604 Little Rock 112 East 11th Street Ph 501 375 4653 CONSIDER CAMDEN We re strong enthusiastic and our future looks great' For information about the opportunities to practice medicine in our community contact Cary Kemp Physcran Recruitment Coordinator Ouachita Hos :tal P.O. Box 797 Camden Arkansas 71701 50,1 836 1000 SALES REPRESENTATIVE 1 . ' . , . JAC , FORT WASHINGTON, PA. ISOB4 - - I American Optical Corp. Frigitronics, Inc. Nikon, Inc. I 0 ' I 4 . I .' I . ' gi . . , . . . h I n I I I . . , : - - l . . I . . D . . . . . I I , n n n n I I I I I I I F - - We protec the student bo 45 9 Bl eCross VAV 5 Blge Shield ofArI-aansas We C111 about people Axlmm 15 people We Neee 'rl-:mx Aaour ""' mem MISSISSIPPI IIDUNIY HDSPIIIII. 9 for more mlormatnon contact Wnllnam Peaks Admrmstrator I501I 763 5111 BLYTHEVILLE Iabovel 'all new all prwate 168 bed fully accrednted acute care hospital 'all new all private 80 bed fully 'accrechtccl acute cart, hospital -Xe -X' el- I- 'X' X' 'MODERN OFFICE FACILITIES 'GROWING COMMUNITIES 'OPPORTUNI TIES UNLIMITED Why not glue us o call 99 There IS good opportunity for Famlly Practice 57 bed hospital Hunting and flshlng an Mena as excellent Contact Mr Clayton Eddleman 3941200 fo avert zscase, io zen f 12 , fo Pro 3 an r f nnzmsz su ermg 0 W HOLMES XR, , xx I fl Q Sl I OSCEOLA II9ftI' 494 PAcysician,s Ausiness is 1 .5 .1- 1 ll ae .--- -I--l---I---Xe--I--e -xr--as-at--am---x--xx -- -as--me--xx SICA fon hfe, 11 O OFFICERS Wm C Thomas Exec VP 8.Gen Mgr Jack East Jr President Jack East Sr Vice President SALES Jim Daniel Frank Gardner Kerry New Don Henderson Rick Calhoon Herb Martin OEUIIIEIJ S5 e12xm1I3s3 6QnCjk3 CjD1f.faLfz1cfxrQsaAxesllrqcn mfg? CLAIMS PERSONAL INS COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Billie Jo Peters Jeannie Brooklns Marie Haggard Pat Duran Linda Pippin Wanda Smith LIFE 81 HEALTH COMMERCIAL CASUALTY MARINE DEPARTMENT Larry Davis Tom Franks Ancel Donley Joan Atkinson Gladys Howard BONDS Virginia Stubbs WORD PROCESSING Judy Franks Laura Stgrgy Belle WOYYIEICK Tena Clark VICKI Love Vella Pearsall sunvev si ANALYSIS Jean Nhesen RECEPTIOWST ACCOUNTING Norma Taoley Betty Schedler Katharine Deaton Margaret Schenebeck 1220 West Third Street Little Rock Arkansas qgggb . . y , . . 376-6651 CHICOT COUNTY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 1 . Needs doctors. 2. Join already existing group of six physicians. 3. Call every fifth night and every fifth 4. All ph sicians in county in same group. 5. New o fices in hospital building. 6. New hospital with new ICU and CCU. 7. Excellent pay with excellent fringe weekend. benefits. Join Us Lake Village call collect: 265-5351 SNELL Prosthetic lit Orthotic Laboratory 3924 W. lVlarkham Little Rock Ark. ph.664-2624 4?-5 A I ' 12,0 Bwgpenoan Mm fwfr!! I I LOOEWQHIN 'lol KEN? QI WX NSPS B928 QOUQLL PFW O O IUQLER PHONL IIRKLII managing IIITI IIIII, Alzlann QTICITII Breckenndge Village Shoppsng Center 10301 Rodney Parham Road Little Flock Arkansas 72207 501 227 8088 1? lilo 372 9186 227 5537 .? 1 551 WAEIIEI I 4 f EL- 'X I ii I ' Wwe WIN O or c FRAG L o c o WALLOCH TV 8. APPLIANCES INC N B H 1 k s 7220 Audio Bedding Sleeper Sofas Lazy Boy Chairs MSD R-We O M Ed Shlvely NEED A UNIFORM? X 'JF LWIE' UIVIFUHM SHUP SELECT FROM TOP NAIVIE BRAND UNIFORIVIS FROIVI BARCO ANGELICA WHITE SWAN AND IVIORE See Us for lab coats 8L school umform needs PARK PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Call 663 5575 Da1I?993O To 6 IVIon 81 Fra 1 , z ff mf I ' IX N, , - T? W' 2 X' O 0 L X u mnx JA S I 0 I - , N 'J E, GET M C O E C IE WITH AN OS I D A E CO BS, S T " 1 . me .sf of B403 ew enton ighwdy I Lit Ie Roc , Arkonso 9 ' ,' ,GOO . . GRAPHIC GALLERY I I L4 ' ' . All 'A ,...w I Z " U . NE call on TJ? In ' ' " on I for wonderful personal service . . . nos BATTERY - L.R , use mmf Ammufa of Mum charge 0 o g . - 0 - Z . l . ' O S1 . . L I Char es . trong Division Manager 6310 Lindsey Road Little Rock, Arkansas 72206 Phone - Home: - RICHARDS Inc. I Honda International Harvester 6600 S. University 562-0910 We Carry a Complete Line of GRESHAIVI Driving Aids for the Handicapped. 374 4848 Fdmztaflbl .LJf?el-E' s - . ... LQQK fa GQQMKL General Medical Little Rock 1 S S f501j 376 0841 663 8891 923 MAIN ST LITTLE ROCK ARK 72202 Elegant Maternity Wear Specialty Infant Gifts ln Breckenridge Village EXPECTIITIONS 10301 Rodney Parham 225-4314 VVYT1 T TOVEF! c:cJ, 1 lnuc: DlSTFllBUTORS OF SURGICAL LABORATORY X RAY EQUIPMENT 84 SUPPLHQS TO PHYSlClANS CllNICS H0 PITALS INDUSTRY 7511 15 Scott Hamrlton Drrve LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS Ph ne AC 5011562 3340 at Sk S-ill? R K.-qs 'N ,, 1' 1 l l Q -.T i Som "t':1r'-I... 'Q' MMMLHEJ 'QX Congratulations and Best Washes to the 1977 Graduating Class Stover Your Complete Source of Supply We have enjoyed serving you the past four years and would like to continue servrng you In the future r 1 l l l "lv I rl4':7':Q:ili'SlsrlNlf'l" in l ,, A i A FS, , , -1 I A , . ,y 'J - Y L' ,X JT! x V X V 1 to T ,ffl . X - l ni, l l ll l ll r X 3 W yr. l wilt., il I "5 - A -'S S. lli Q' 'V ll ' . 'K f yy V f ' , 53- l 1 all f"'?s2va':'ii':f 7 :TWH T A S S T " 'Hd' . ' l , -Us L. S, t rodeo, L O S L fx'rx+ H rtl+r 77 as f-at ' f lt-1 flltlpg - -1 .fl " :..:M'Q"' El' l-l :sign Lf . 1 llliq' r- -14? ' -'-' I ' ' 13, ' ,fi ' T I 4'-"1i. . ' 'H' 7711 A Y ak ll l L :H S T ,, S-L S 'llx T ' if ri". .... L... ,, ,,, ' f" ,- 3. 'C T, 7""a' T7 1 V .. y,.,. ,r,, M T at Lvl- 3 gll,,7V,, ,gym :ref 6 FTSE- 1-- . r- I ,V AJR nh M W ', 4 1 -- ' . L ll tl WILCEIK llwh X 'vlf ' ml flll l rrfl ' ' lr fir ll l. 2, H Y 'r ll: 1wsY'll - I EWYORT CLI IC Excellent Opportumty forPhys1c1on Needed for surgery orthopedlcs famzly proctrzce obstetrlcs gynecology John D Ashley M D Internal Medlcme John C PGYTOF1 M D Infernal Medicine Jgrry M Frankum M D Surgery Sandra L SHOW IVI D P6dI8'IZI'ICS Roger L Green M D Famrly Practrce John D Sm00f M D Radl0l09Y Eugene Zuber Admrmstrator 501 523 6721 TWO GENERAL HOSPITALS WITH BED CAPACITY OF 194 First Federal Q O O Savings G Loan Association OF LITTLE ROCK , . 9 Y - ' I . . I 0 I , . . l . We re Arkansas Largest ln Little Rock 312 Loulslana Park Plaza Geyer Springs at Basellne 10901 Rodney Parham Baptlst Medlcal Towers 6420 Asher Cm Krogerj ln North Little Rock 611 Mann 3200 J F K Blvd lVIcCa1n Mall Indlan Halls Shopping Center phone 372 3200 Cm Krogerj The LOCKHART Cllnlc Opportunlt for Famaly Practrce hysrcrans 0nl Two Doctors In the C :mc at the Present Time FORREST CITY IS A FARM INDUSTRY COMMUNITY MEMPHIS TENN IS 40 MILES AWAY CIVIC CLUBS 81 A COUNTRY CLUB AVAILABLE Contact Dr Davld Lockhart P O Box 70 Forrest Clty Ark 72335 Phone 6331243 Don't Overlook roctlce Opportunities in Newport ONE OF ARKANSAS' MOST MODERN ef FULLY EQUIPPED HOSPITALS. ENTER PRACTICE AT NO EXPENSE. PI-IYSICIANS OF ALL SPECIALTIES NEEDED. -Nlodern country cIub - beautiful golf course - excellent schools - a modern progressive community - abundant fishing, hunting 84 boating, CONTACT CONTACT L. VH JOHNSTON, ADMINISTRATOR HARRIS HOSPITAL AND CLINIC 1205 MCLAIN NEWPORT, ARL 72112 523-891 I N'-n www Compliments of anonymous Medical Management Consultant Group Little Rock ll!! The Unrversrty Shop We will order any medrcal text not In stock Located rn the hosprtal lobby Ext 6160 Compliments of When bureaucracles take over a project lt almost lnsures that h19h grade physlclans W111 tum away from the program 1-l-l-1 Texarkana, Texas Complrments of rvmnron counrv The TOGGERY Hosrmn N University at R 6638662 Charles Flmt Adm 449 6211 l l r' C 6 f - T 4 11 ff, '- M .QQ J 'f 23 W ' 'il ' .4 v 3 ,,l 7 Q hr-2:-'fj' ' ""-- i ss F' I I 1 1 - - ' I I . I Yellvrlle, Arkansas ' ' ' ' I Breckenridge Village . . . 2278492 THINK ABOUT WARREN Good Opportunity For Young Doctors ExoellentSurglcal Obstetric and Nursery Facllrtues Bradley County Nlemorlal Hosprtal Please contact Joe Carmucnal Admn lVlerl T Crow lVl D WrIluamC Wwaley IVI Georgel: Wynn lVI D Congratulations Class of 77 2263731 2265811 2265811 2262844 James W. MaFSrl,'M'. .226112 Nu EEJQQWKBA WN Rlh K xi R xmxx IHKRN X -4 I 'I has Evmwate.. ks '73 Bow-J-DQ-"""XS-'SQSXLNQ EQSRXN Xxgqkxqmauiks QBQKN IDIKN RX .II - ..... ...--.. - I. --,.-..-- N I 11' - ,... ..... - ..... - --- ,, v 5 L lk' lNl .in or ,x x. ' ' 'Nlrd-'I5---'11, P -------------,---H---p-- l'l,INIl' V 1 VX ...-M .lll Y, , LI: ,!.::t!: ..::c.L .r.L::::f::- T.- l I'l',,l,..tL,..... .. ' viii .... 11 LZ ,, . lulizfv- ,g.,,'! ".u:.g- ' lllzxa:-,..u : I fzzlwl--,-i XIM -I npr:-m Izrlwl vull include name 3. slrungih of mcsIiv.uumz unless -qhctkt-I hclcl , 3 , e I ' ' - n W' I xx X, l I . . X i 4 I Q. l. ..,,.--- -.-- -I X'wlNN1-.-----.- ff '0.------------ V 5-L, v,,-,.-1-ms.,--iz.iliqi1ii::o. Nun Rcpl .... -- ,,,---- .... .. .... -H------Y--------X-I4 .'. '-I.-1Il'II'. ' Timothy Hale James lVl. Allen, C.L.U. Experts ln The Field Of Life Insurance For Physicians CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE Suite 1926 First National Bldg. Little Rock, Arkansas phone: 65011376-9051 Charles Robertson WHITE coumv Theres MEMORIAL HOSPITAL A Progressive Institution Providing Quality Medical Services 8est Wishes to SOIl12tllillgY0ll,ll like about American FIWHJ Holnfield Admit Natlonal Bank Searcy 72 143 120 Main Street North L ttle Rock Arkansas 72114 ph 2686121 Congratulations Graduating Seniors phone 372 8351 rom ST Ml-IRYS SMITH HLINE and FRENCH l'l03PlTlll- Bull Lemond e ph 224 1565 A 140 bed hospital located In a beautiful community fully accredited b the Joint commission :thas complete CU CCU facilities and a medical staff incorporating a vvide range of medical specialties Jerry Goodall Administrator 1808 W lVlaIn St ph 968 2841 I 1 1 - I f . 1 ' - - -I' D- Russellville, Arkansas 4 IFWF awww UVM P M QS Xf t ,ff Let us glve you our TIRED of drlvlng across the state llne for sp clallsts POOR 552 Med1care and Medlcald HUDDLED MASSES 1D our doctors offlces yearnlng to breathe free WRETCHED REFUSE from the healthy malnstream of vlgorous l1v1ng We are prepared to take care of the HOMELESS with a brand new HOSPITAL wlth 130 beds room for expans1on latest ab and X ray d1agnost1c tools I C C U R E R s Physlcal and Respiratory Therapy These departments are ln our present hospltal and we wlll add more servlces whlch you w1ll need ln our new hospital It MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING on the new hospltal grounds 15 ANTT31 the plannlng stage The Cltles of Helena and West Helena have much to offer 1n natural beauty culture educatlon recreatlon the the actlve whrrl of clubs and partles Whatever you want to make of your llfe our communlty has the stuff to put together ln a way that wlll be fun fl Kr Hall? DOCTORS COlVlE T0 Contact Terry Hlers Admlnlstrator Helena Hosolt l Helena Arkansas 338 6411 DeWITT CROSSETT ARKANSAS A Good Place To Work 61 bed hospltal with fully equipped ICUXCCU facllltles, surgery OR, and laborfdeluver sulte 7 ractlclng physlclans are now on the staf a rotating R call system and a rotating OB cllnlc IS In operation To Llve and Play Excellent huntlng, flshnng, good schools, CITY HOSPITAL A 34 bed municipal hospital with 2000 admissions per year serves a drawlng area of 10000 an southern Arkansas county Full ancillary services Including OR ER lab X ray EKG physlcal therapy respiratory therapy, and ambulance servlce are avallable Two full tume famlly practlctloners are on the staff We welcome new physlclans to locate ln our communlty playgrounds, lakes, golf course, llttle theatre, and other recreational facllltnes are available Jum E. Bushmuaer . . . Admn For further Information contact: IVlrs. Opal Cavallere . . . Admn. P.0 Box 400, Crossett ph. 364 4111 P.0. Box 32, DeWitt ph. 9463571 ,mil 1 1 , . . i:::,g ... e . ,' 1 . Q . 'll ' ' ' L nt I I I Pai - I, l , O Ig Will U ' Q 1,1 Tlll . . Sf w 1 A I I , JIYJ d :,,!f Xt 1 I 1 I 1 X - ,, X A . . f . . . . ' XJ I tw ill ' dlgnltylo qulet graclous l1v1ng or 1 .A , 1 IX, yu, , T I 1 ,f fp fi 'Ogle' 1 . 1 'l - f --.,.f,,.f! N I 1 E - 8 I 1 -.I . . .l . I I ' 1- ' 1 1 1 l gaiiiilf : 'iierioiiili r A W- : 1- 'K I Ax WWZQJMEMEMITW W is LAWRENCE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL LAWRENCE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, established in 1960, is a 48 bed acute care health facility, fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals and licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health. lts services include two fully equipped operating suites, one labor-delivery room, an eight bed bassinette nursery, two CCU beds with expansion going to six which will include t ree ICU beds, Emergency Room services, general radiological and pathology services, EKG, Inhalation Therapy, Pharmaceutical Services, dietary services and twenty-four hour comprehensive Nursing Services. T e institution also maintains a 104 bed long-term care acility. Principally six physicians, all general practitioners, serve the institution. Their median age is 38. The facility is administered by a recent graduate of Washington University School of lVledicine, Graduate Program in Health Care Administration. The Community is in great need of two general surgeons and two OB-GY physicians within the next two years. Complete office facilities are available immediate y in the CommunO ity. Group practice is possible. Contact:William W. Foresman Administrator Box 447 Walnut Ri de, AR 72476 C5013 886-6611 FULTON COUNTY amwaed HOSPITAL ROCHE LABS An expansion program is underway to convert our 49 bed general hospital into a 70 bed facility. We have 2500 admissions from our ldigvggg ireali powulation Ofd Jack Foster . . . rep. . omp ete y equippe CCUXICU, surgical and diagnostic 6647234 radiological facilities are available to our staff of 6 general practitioners. We are currently recruiting new physicians as well as personnel in the health related E'5Ei5i.iL'il'? . . Ad... HEAD AND NECK CANEER Hwy. E91 coimioi NETWORK Salem, Ark. 72576 ph' 895-3226 I DeQ.UEEN CLINIC LTD IINIIMITIIWIIEIIWII 11241 sw .,.1""'4 GEORGE WALLACE DICKINSON M D Charles N Jones D Douglas ParkIn M D Way e G Pullen M D Pedlatr cs Frank DanIel M D Mrke Bufflngton M D WIlIIam L No wood M D Curtls WIII ams M D G neral Surge y RadIology HIgh ay70 West DeQueen Ark 71832 Phone 584 2022 D Queen CII IC Ltd IS an e ght docto p Imary ca e group located n De Queen adjacent to a modern 138 bed hospltal Hospltal facIIItIes Include a 6 bed CICU Ing a Rad ISOYOPE L b ode I halatron a d Physrcal Therapy Departments complete Lab a d X ray Depa tment Wlth full t me adIUIOgISt a d an EEG Lab CONSIDER CLINTON Van Buren County Memorlal Hospltal Contact Ed Cannon Jr Admn P.O. Box 206g Cllnton 745 2401 Best Wlshes 1977 Graduates rom HOSPITAL The Gentleman s Shop On Unlverslty A Block North of Cantrell On Rodney Parham In Williamsburg R CROSS COUNTY HOSPITAL SALUTES UAMS SENIORS F J yan Adrnn Wynn Ark 238 3241 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 77 CENTRAL ARKANSAS GENERAL HOSPITAL Searcy, Arkansas contact Davld C. Lafoon . . . Adrnn. 1200 S. lVlaIn 268 7171 I I , , l S! C""nnllfulfylg-gn,...Im-....--,,- ' . 1 ' 'D' v - vw? ,J 1-.-1:15-eu , ,, A 1. If ', , R! . ,, V-Iv. ""' Qi ' 1 Y, ,,.-. 1 r-L -' - -f-11113, -' , . . ' . . . OW . , M. . , . ., n . - , . . I , . . , . . . r . . I , . ., e r ' w , . e ' ' . ' ' r r' W. I . . a n . , . n o Q 1 . I n - I , ' - i r ' ' n . - f BOONEVILLE CITY Ashdown needs at least two Pnmary Care Physlclans lmmedlately to serve Llttle Rlver County Arkansas Come and bnng a fnend We re ready to show you the town and explam what the whole communlty IS ready to do to help you settle here F1I121I'1C13.l ass1stance IS lmaglnatlve flexlble and ready nght now Call B111 Brown, Commlttee Chamnan, CCollectD at work C5011 898 2761 or home C5015 898 2451 and let IIIIU tell you more DOWNTOWN 898 2761 SOUTHTOWN B538 2510 MEMBER FD C it iii' Metropolltan atlonal We ve made Nearby 8: Nelghborly Banklng Twlce as NICE' 5601 SOUTH UNIVERSITY 562 8110 568 4060 6712 BASE LINE ROAD Golde Passboolc Sa g I WH O Ch ck cg Acc tl ID p Sale Depo tB Savm gsm Acco its Ch tmas S gs Pla l C ec e lDa1ly Int esth b Cashle s Check mm al Loa nstall Ba lcAm F e nk by Mall Real E tat Loa Ma t Cha ge N gl-1tDepo t y 9OOto4OODa1ly 900to6OOFnday Metropohtan Natlonal Bank Member FDIC , . . . , ' v v ' v - y . X .V E5?Q5'E?1:- 6-- 2522: 1-:F 115:- Qx 'V ,-H Zgix .. -lcv! -9+ '-4' , . " -:4-I Z-I-Q , .Zf T152 :iv :fi 5551192 A9 F: ::" '.:i..1:2:1 5:14 I-211-.-. rss. 5352 M. :E-4 si'- . - u 1 - I i' 0 0 1 . , . n ' vm S DHV9' H 1 Cl WS e ln ounts Cer 1 lcates o e oslt Sl oxes n ur ns avm n Trave ers h qu S er Automo lle Loans r S Co Be?'C1 ns l ment Loans n encard r e 5 e ns 5 er 1 1 S1 or . 1 , : : c ' o . . . . . . McGehee Desha County Hospital lVlcGebee Desba County Hospital located In lVlcGenee a progressive tovvn of 5 000 ln Southeast Arkansas Trade area 20 000 Cnurcnes of lVlost Faltns .io5r9t5Commnssnon approved modern 34 bed facnluty burlt In 1966 addrtnon completed an Offer general snort term medical care vvltn OB Gyn Pediatrics and Surgery We nave active Pnysrcal Tnerapy and Respiratory Tnerapy Departments Patients served by Four Family Practitioners Surgeons from adjoining towns Near nuntnng fuslnng and boating areas University of Arkansas 25 mules S1350 mrlllon Potlatcb Corporation Plant under Construction In area several smaller ln ustrles A great place to llve Frlendlrest people In Arkansas Need 1 Pedratrrclan 1 Famlly Practltroner 1 Surgeon Wall nelp tnrougn lVledrcal Scnool vvull nelp frnance Partnersnrp ln a lVledr al Facullty or Salary Contact Talmadge Robertson Adm lVlcGenee Desba County Hospital Box 351 lVlcGebee Arkansas 71654 Pnone 222 5600 I 1 1 1 I -..- . ' I . ' a I - - - . - C : , I 1 X! UW! My'MWymwffuflcfflyffyfn V, 'Ifffff7 f4M,,mywfoymyfffvf" f U f'll'llllllfl7fzP"fWynne- 'XNA "llllYl'rlflllYl'llllN'lllll 'llllllXlll"T"7 I l 'lllllsl-V 'U ffllf 'H f ,, , . fn . llff H mtllllllllllllld' Wxny 'Wy " l hh ff 1 A ll l MM, Extends Its Congratulations and Best Wrsnes to tne 1977 Graduates of The Unlversrty of Arkansas Medical Center STUTTGART MEMORIAL HOSPITAL A 107 bed fully accredrted general nosputal located rn a beautiful community of surgeon and one radlologust are currently on the clrnrcal staff We urgently NEED more pnyslclans novv lf Interested contact Fax Robertson Admmrstrator Rt 1 BOX 21C 501 673 3511 Stuttgart Arkansas 71260 10000 novv serves Ia trade area of 30000. Eight-general practitioners, one Congratulations and Welcome to the CLASS OF 1977 College of Medicine from The Arkansas Caduceus Club Medical Alumni of The University of Arkansas LouisR McFarland M D 44 HotSorings Arkansas Presicent 1976 77 You are novv members of the Arkansas Caduceus Club an organization of graduates present and former houseofficers facu ty and friends of the College of Medicine Organized October 4 1969 the club serves to strengthen the tie between the College and its members Mrs Louis K Hundle Executive Director Box 4 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Little Rock Arkansas 72201 I I . . 0 I A . , .. ll I l I I Il I 1 I . - 1 1 ' ' li 1 Ouchita Memorial Hospital A good place to work. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas A good place to live. .a ?y"'x , 3 . . The OIVIH X-RAY DEPARTMENT ff d The. OlVlHfl-ABORATORY 'S staffed and radiological procedures and a tyelntrgirrfedcstgllq. 9QU'PDed Ol' modern Paflent Cafe- 1977 will see ex ansion in s ace and equipment due to Nledical Stall usage. y .a Arrr A Q' A ' A . pv ,2' . X . R E 1, I ' T, suos T as l ' PE Q 2' "T ' ' 3 - 7 l'l' . ' ' ' , ' X 1 i t .z , 'M' r'rr X 'V""'flt A T 3 4' if A sirssi l . rarrs A r' ' 4 ' 1 .1 . 'W ' L. f rr,surs up d , 1 - 1. . ' . , .. . ,,. 'rzig f-'A iff aaaf 3 , My A Q THE 0'V'H D'ALY5'S UNIT iS aepreved Under THE orvin ervleRcENcv senvice offers the Renal D'3lY5lS pffmfamf afltmg 'V' recently expanded and newly equipped facilities participation with the edical Center. for Competent 24 hour patient care. FROIVI FRONT ENTRANCE EMERGENCY SERVICE DOORS We offer Quality Patient Service and ezgcellentlvvorking conditions for Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and for all employees. Write or call us for further information or a tour of our hospital. Wendell G. Burns . . . Administrator SPECIAL INVITATION TO ALL HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS FROIVI BATES MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Bentonvrlle Arkansas Located rn the beautrful Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas WE ARE PROUD OF THE PRESENT AND PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE Slnce our future depends on our future we extend a s eclal Inv t t p I a non to each of you to vlslt our hospital an explore the opportunntles our community offers you Contact Wayne E Lawson Administrator Bates lVlemorual Hospital Hwy 71 North Bentonvrlle Arkansas 72712 C5019 273 2481 MERCY HOSPITAL BRINKLEY ARKANSAS 72021 Location Centrally located between Nlemphrs and Llttle Rock Recreation Huntlng flshlng boating 2 country clubs golf Services 2 bed ICU 38 acute medical surgical beds obstetrics peduatrlcs surgery all ancillary servnces Presently 5 active staff members Group practice available Administrator Buddy Brllnngsley Phone 734 4141 I I , . - I 1 I GAzzol.A MEMORIAL. , I 1 I I 1 NEVADA COUNTY HOSPITAL Prescott IS In Nevada County whIch IS located In the southwest part of Arkansas The terraIn IS flat to rollIng wIth elevatIons of 319 feet Lumber and tImber products are the prIncIpaI IndustrIes of the county The county also boasts of a large deposIt of Iron ore Poultry and related products lIvestock daIryIng and growIng of soy beans cucumbers and large watermelons also add much to the country s economy TRANSPORTATION Prescott IS served by the MIssourI PacIfIc RaIlroad wIth freIght SEYVICE two major truck lInes serve Prescott hIghway transportatIon Interstate 30 State HIghways 67 24 and 19 UTILITIES Prescott has a Clty owned electrIc company to provIde ade uate power of all IndustrIal busIness and resIdentIal areas Arkansas LouIsIana Gas Company supplIes natura gas In any quantIty neede DIal tele hone SEYVICE IS avaIlable through General Telephone Company AIR ORT Prescott has a federally funded lIghted hard surface aIrport InsIde Clty lImIts CLIMATE PossessIng a mIld clImate Prescott has an average raInfall of 52 Inches INDUSTRIAL IndustrIal sItes are avaIlable and InformatIon on these may be obtaIned from Prescott Chamber o Commerce WATER SUPPLY Deep wells for resIdentIal use and a pIpelIne to the LIttle MIssourI RIver for IndustrIal use GOVERNMENT The government of Prescott IS of the Mayor CIty CouncIl type but the cIty has a full tIme busIness manager The cIty fIre department IS o erated by a seasoned com lement of volunteers SCHOOLS Prescott HI h School and MIddle chool have North Central ssocIatIn AccredItatIon Enrollment In Prescott PublIc Schoo tops 1 300 A new hIgh school was completed In 1975 at a cost of over S6000 O00 00 CHURCHES MethodIst PresbyterIan Pentecostal BaptIst Assembly of God ChrIstIan Nazarene Church of ChrIst MEDICAL FACILITIES MedIcal TBCIIIIIGS In Prescott Include the Nevada Count HospItal wIth a new IntensIve care unIt completed IH 1975 at a cost of S150 O00 gIvIng a total of 0 beds here are also four clInIcs and two nursmg- homes Cone skIlled and one IntermedIate care J COMMUNICATIONS he Prescott area IS served by the Nevada County PIcayune weekly newspaper three daIIy newspapers and RadIo StatIon KTPA Nurses PhysIcIans Dentlsts PharmacIsts TechnIcIans GRIFFEY S UNIFORMS 8609 West Markham LIttle Rock, Arkansas 72205 Phone 225 6007 PIke Plaza Shorgpmg Center North LIttle Rock, rkansas 72114 Phone 758 7608 WE MAKE NAME BADGES WE SPECIALIZE IN GROUP ORDERS BQONE CCDUNTY HCDSPITA L 620 N WILLOW HARRISON ARKANSAS 72601 PEDIATRICIANCSJ NEEDED 174 Beds 33 PhysIcIans 60 O00 opuIatIon SEYVIC9 area Contact FranklInE ISE AdmInIstrator Boone County HospItal HarrIson Arkansas 7 601 C5019 365 61 1 St Edward Mercy and MedIcaI Center 7301 Rogers Ft. SmIth, Ark. . . . ' If 1 , . - - I . I I I 1 - .I I 1 I . 4 . ll J. . E - 0 ' . . L . . ' . . 1 - . 1 . I - I - - q ' . , . . , ' I I 1 I 1 1 I . . . I - Q I 1 I 3 D -f I - I . I I . . . , I. . I I , I . . ' . ' . ' Q 4 I I I l . GEORGE COOK JR. MAYOR Clt Of Pl ott BOARD OF ALDERIVIEN: ous. R. CARAR, ATTORNEY y gg DONALD FOSTER JUNIOR HARRIS JIIVI POOLE P,O, BOX 96 JIM IVICKENZIE Piggott, Arkansas 72454 Piggott, Arkansas is a small agricultural town of 3,361 people located in Northeast Arkansas on both Arkansas Highway 1 and U.S. Highway 62. We have twelve churches, schools that are fully accredited by the North Central Association, and Arkansas State University located only 55 miles away. Twenty-four hour services are offered by our police department and fire department. Our recreational facilities include a community park, a nine hole golf course and club house, two tennis courts, two swimming pools, a lighted baseball diamond, saddle club and rodea arena, and rod and gun club. We have an airstrip that consists of 2,640 feet of hard surfaced runway lighted to accommodate night service. Our utilities provide an abundance of electric power, artesian water, and natural gas. Medical Professions include one general practitioner, Dr. Jerry L. Muse, one member of the Board of Family Practice, Dr. Hillard R. Duckworth, and a general surgeon, Dr. Gordon L. Duckworth. At the present time, we have a 26 bed hospital and a 100 bed nursing home. The present hospital will be replaced by a new modern facility to be completed sometime in 1978. This will be a 35 bed hospital encompassing 26,300 square feet with space provided for x-ray, laboratory, surgery, recovery room, delivery room, coronary care, intensive care, isolation nursery, and emergency room area. We have two pharmacies and a full time public health nurse. Twenty-four hour ambulance service is provided. Primary population served ................................................................................ Aproximately 50,000 Number of admissions in 1976 ..... ...... 1 ,190 Number of patient days in 1976 ......................................................................... 16,345 Information regarding financial assistance is available on request. Inquiries should be directed to Mrs. Tripley Muse, City Clerk. MOUNTAIN VIEW GENERAL HOSPITAL Mountain View, Ark. 72560 ATTENTION PHYSICIANS M2-Ariat.r5?ssLCs.2R9Jri3i3iifsszizEsriitirr2:.1r.0n'A UNION MEMORIAL nee s of 9,000? Our retirement area is 'ci-rowing fast b f t td t' , th lk C t , aE3a5i5n2R3l5ta3iRf?'Eifi'ZE'E2d hoipitjal JIREZ HOSPITAL community would support at least two more physicians. Call collect 269-3217. Al Schiefer, Administrator we weIcome your mqumes Mountain View General Hospital HHYITIOIIS . . . Admll. Mountain View Arkansas. ph I 862-6661 POCAHONTI-lS Randolph County Memorial Hospital Population 5,800. Trade area population approximately 25,000. An opportunity exists in Pocahontas for a general surgeon and family physicians Office space is available either for solo practice or possible partnership lt has a 33 bed general hospital and a skilled care nursing home Pocahontas is located 40 miles from Jonesboro, which has a population of 35 000 Many rivers and lakes are easily accessible for recreation This growing city of Pocahontas offers many opportunities for a rewarding practice in an ideal semi rural community Contact Mr Jerry R Kincade Administrator Randol h County Memorial Hospital Post 0 flce Box 331 Pocahontas Arkansas 7245 Telephone 501!892 4511 Going lnto Practice? ConsiderCORNlNG, Arkansas 'ff 2 clinic facilities available now at The chance to join a group association or to establish your own practice 'ff Certificate of Need approved for a 40 bed hospital at a cost of 2 1 million dollars Further approved Welfare Title 6 dated April 15 1976 at Located in Northeastern Arkansas on the 25 000 acre Black River Game and Fish Refuge at Airport with 3 000 foot lighted runway at I C F 117 bed nursing home if 5 industrial factories chool system member of North Central Association at ympic size swimming pool and tennis complex 'ff Population 3 600 For Information Write Cornrn Chamber of Commerce P O ox 93 Telephone 501f892 4511 Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital Malvern, Arkansas We have a progressive community with both excellent recreational facilities and professional o portunrties We are seeking new p yscians particularly in primary care areas, to ocate in our community For further information contact James H Moses Administrator Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital P 0 Box 190 Malvern Arkansas 72104 Telephone 501f332 5441 through the.Department of Health, Education and if 5 D ' OI . . . , . U Znqkncf Jfodpdal 8 eluuc, fm: PROFESSIONAL BENEFIT CORPORATION T F at 5 I ax LIZJIZABOUKQ EZ Pmmmg The England Hospltal ns a 19 bed hospntal P0000 501f37Q 0140 adjolned by a 63 bed nurslng home England has one practlclng ph clan at present wnth fnne consulting P yslcuans conslstlng of radlologlst cardiologist pathologlst, General surgeon and urologlst C w Chuck Beale, III Keezs Oudegeefst England as a small rural town with a po ulatlon of 3 OOO England IS located 2 mules south of Llttle Rock which has a opulataon of 125 OOO England IS a armlng community growing crops of cotton rlce and soybeans Our temperature averages about 9O degrees IH the summer and 32 degrees In the winter THE PHOTOFINISH Nlrs Lucille Harper Admn ph 842 2551 If You Are A Physclan or Health Care Specialist WHERE SHOULD YOU LIVE AND WORK? The Batesvllle Area In The White Rlver Valle Offers Exceptional Opportunltues For Servuce And Persona Satusfactlon kBalanced Economy Based On lndusftry Agrlculture Recreatlon and Retirement enters AFully Accredited Public Schools Vocational Technlcal Schools and a Four Year Church Su ported College kAdequate and Expanding lVledlcal Fact ltles, Including Two Hospitals and Numerous Cllnlcs At Least Two Hospitals Are ln Planning Stages Fine Nursing Home Facllltles New Nlental Health and Publuc Health Centers Under Construction Come anytime and see for yourself If specific information IS needed contact Batesvllle Area Physlclan's Search Committee P.O. Box 2517 Telephone 698 1861 or Batesvllle Area Chamber of Commerce Batesvllle, Arkansas 72501 . . . O ENGLAND. ARK. 71046 ' 4 1 I I - . I A . , 0 . . . 3 - . if Il K , , . . . . . . I I . I Q y . . . . . 5 I . Nl I - OMPLETE LIN F D - I I. OTO SUPPLIE . I We aretlamera ' RepairSpecialisls! Q :gr-' J, , '- I . . I, A it, ' - . . or -I - I I . : 3 . . . . . I I - 4407 CENTRAL AVENUE - B23-1188-Plk Pllzl Shoplng Conllv . ' I Om mllo from ommn Pm ' - I I I I I I . I - . . . . . . . EJ . 0 0 I . . . . . . . I BAXTER GENERAL HOSPITAL Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653 Phone 425-3141 .f!,, +4""A 9-sv' Baxter General Hospital, located in Mountain Home, Arkansas, is in the most rapidly growing area of the state. Between the years of 1960 and 1976, the growth rate for the county of Baxter was 11170. The Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce reports approximately 8,000,000 visitors in the Twin Lakes area for the year 1975, the last year complete figures are available from the Corps of Engineers. The 111470 growth factor for Baxter County is largely due to this area becoming a retirement area for senior citizens. Due to this fact, the average age for citizens of Baxter County is 45.7 years. Baxter General Hospital began operation in November, 1963, with 39 beds, one surgical suite, one x-ray room, and one emergency room. During 1965, a 40-bed Nursing Home and ECF Facility was added. During 1968, a Physical Therapy Unit was added and in 1970, 22 hospital beds of the EDF Facility were converted to a combination Intensive Care-Coronary Care Unit. In 1972 a new 72-bed Nursing Home was built, and the hospital enlarged to 97 beds. ln 1976 we added to the present hospital with the new building primarily consisting of three Emergency Rooms, Pharmacy, two Operating Rooms, Central Sterile, a 5-bed Recovery Room, new Radiological Suite and Nuclear lVledicine, and new Physical Therepy Department. By remodeling in the older part of the hospital, we enlarged our laboratory and pathology department in order to take care of our present needs. ell? 1011224 ziuzufzfzccc WOODRUFF COUNTY HOSPITAL A X rf Wl1l1aln58TR059n A fully acredited facility 1023 Wlest Capitol- Avenue L'tffl5ff1ki'5fSlf33E7S1QT03 congratulates the 1 9 7 7 A , UAIVIS graduating class dZ267ZdZ Nledllial Rentals Consider us in your plans. jim Mosley "lVlcCrory is looking for a few good doctors." , 1608S.UNIVERSITY Jerry W. Adams . . . Admn. How PHONE. time nocx, Aux. 225-2947 mm Ph. 731-2543 PHONE 664-8547 . . . 24 HOUR SERVICE DERMOTT - CHICOT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL congratulates the 1977 CADUCEUS We are an expanding meducal lnstltutlon Iooknng for prlmary care physlclans to help us contrnue to rmprove the level of health care an our area We are located rn a true sportsman s paradise and feel that our community as an excellent one In vvhuch to establish a prrmary care practrce Come and see for yourself For detarls contact Dermott Arkansas vvurram emg Admn Ph sie 3172 FORREST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL A fully accredited 112 bed faclluty vve are located rn a progressrve community of 13 000 and serve a trade area of 50 000 9 primary care physrcnans and 1 radrologust currently serve on our staff Excellent X ray laboratory and physical therapy facrlltles are available We have vveekl consulatron vlslts by physrcrans representing all specraltres vvho are based rn emphrs Forrest Cnty offers excellent schools lncludrng a junior college and as located near superb recreational facllltles We offer Ideal condltlons for establlshment of a general practuce At the present tame vve are seeklng 2 famlly practice physicians 2 pedlatrlclans and 2 OB gyn specialists Come and look us over For further information contact Gene Gross Adm 500 Krttel Road P 0 Box 667 Forrest Cnty Ark 72335 ph 501!633 2020 . , . . . . . . . I I I nl 1 I I I ' l . ' .T !. '.. . . Isl . 1 nun In as ln . ' 1 I 1 O O , . , . .. , . D - X, its .c .Q , O 'lil HELP HDPE! Hope, an outstanding community of 20,000 in Southwest Arkansas, has only nine physicians. Of these, tour are 65 or older and ready to retire. This means that the present doctorfpatient ratio of l:222O will soon be even more lopsided. Hempstead County Memorial Hospital is an eighty bed, short-term general hospital. We are now renovating the original building, and adding a new wing l20,000 square feetl which will include sixteen private rooms, a six-bed intensive care unit, and an obstetrical suite. Key hospital em- ployees include twelve Registered Nurses, two, Registered Certified Res- pitory Therapists, two Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, five Medical Technologists, two Registered X-Ray Technologists, and a full-time Pharma- cist. Equipment or services include a two-bed intensive care unit, a two-bed pediatric dgpartment with Ohio Pediatric Aerosol Tent, Dupont ACA with a capacity of sixty-two tests, Blood Gas Machine, Electrophoresis Machine, and two X-Ray Machines with image intensifier and Tomagraphic attach- ments. lf you want to help us, get in touch with Don Abbott, Administrato., Hempstead County Memorial Hospital, ISOO S. Main, Hope, ARK 7l8Ol. l5Oll 777-5766. Qin K. YELL COUNTY HOSPITAL 81 SOUTHERN YELL COUNTY Congratulates Thus Years Senaors Offers you an excellent professional opportunity Yell County Hosputal located at Danville as a 57 bed general hospital offering equipment and services unexcelled by an small hospital In Arkansas Danville IS equal distance from Fort Smith and Llttle Rock Fort Smith belng seventy flve mules to the Northwest and Lrttle Rock eighty mules to the East Sixty mules South Iles beautlful Hot Sprrngs Four of Arkansas most beautiful and popular lakes Ile vvlthln thnrty mules of Danvrlle lVlajestnc IVltn lVlagazrne lVltn Petit Jean and lVltn Nebo may be seen In the distance along vvnth many other less vvell known mountanns Danville IS a serene but progressive community that offers unique opportunity IF YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR THAT SOMETHING SPECIAL BE OUR GUEST FOR A DAY AT YELL COUNTY HOSPITAL AND LET US SHOW YOU BOTH OPPORTUNITY St BEAUTY BufordL Keathley Admn Ph 495 2241 . 1 1 I I I I . 0 I 1 . . . . , . . , . I ' - II ll 1 0 I li O I 1 CAVE CITY LEWISVILLE . . . is seeking a Primary Care Physcian. For more information contact: A progressive growing community in the heart of Arkansas vacationland needs primary care physcians Come and look us over We offer an ideal opportunity for professional development For further information contact lVIr James lVl Street Executive Vice President Band of Cave City P 0 Box 82 501f283 5553 Frank Schweitzer lll Adm Lafayette Co lVlem Hosp 1105 Chestnut St Lewisville Arkansas 71845 501!92l 4234 Clark County Memorial Hospital Congratulates the Seniors of 1977 Robert G Holmes Adm 1420 Pine St Arkadelphia Arkansas 71923 DMS CHEROKEE VILLAGE offers so much more' Superb Recreation fTwo Complete Recreational Complexes with community centers swimming pools tennis courts miniature golf and game areas 7"Two international quality 18 hole golf courses Seven lakes for boating fishing and water sports The Best in Living 7"Excellent schools churches civic and social clubs and shopping facilities 8A variety of homes and townhouses in a natural environment I 81330 ft clinic available new The Fmest Pac' mes 850 bedsgospital under construction needs staff now For more information Call Ben Hale Box 416 Cherokee Village Ark 72525 I I ' 1 , . 1 I i .. l l . . a 1 I It . . I . . .. " I 1 1 n - . I . u I I n . I 1 .I . 501!257 3271 46 provide or the 15120 GORGEOUS VIEW TRAIL LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS 72204 H Iplli yOU 15011225-2532 future that s - BUD LAWRENCE bus I ness PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE ONE RIVERFROIXIT PLACE NORTH LITVLE ROCK ARKANSAS PEOPLES Savings 81 Loan HOECHST ROUSSEL PHARMACEUTICALS INC JACK TOURRES I t PFIZER LABORATORIES TI 434448-6686 HD TIE-0471 Were not thebest Roy N Borden Agency Werethebest Roy N Borden Randy Stringer Roller B Borden VVDFITHEN Bank S Trust Company N A All forms of Insurance afibcocompafy Including Nlalpractlce 304 Hall Bldg 375 3203 1 e ? - -I Dletrc oe ltel Representative K Dlvlelon, Pfizer, Inc. 4350 NOITYIOIIT EXDYONWIY 3306 Echo Velley Drlve :rev le, Geor la 30340 Llttle Rocks Ark. 72207 Member FD I CA 1 Congratulates the W7e,re , e ' 9 l Congratulations to tne 1977 Graduating Class of tne University of Arkansas College of Medicine the ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY welcomes you to the practice of medicine in Arkansas DAILEY S OFFICE FURNITURE Pafk """ Phafmaq' 304 308 R ck Street 4606 JFK Boulevard Lttle R ck s F te Off ce Fu n tu e Vall Hn Shopper s Walk SK3 0701 Da c FR6 2361 1 a ma Compliments of Pmmss TEDFORD DRUG co INC 915 East 9th Street Little Rock Arkansas First National Bldg 4206 W Markham 374 4926 374 2207 664 3821 9 - o i o ' avori xi' ri r '- ' y Special Considerations for New Doctors North Little Rock, Ark. Dalton 'il y - Q ' A iii ' Owunv 8 Smnitttds Country Club Drug' Store BYERS INSURANCE Sl I4 Kavanaugh Agents forthe St Paul Companles We vvrrte all t pes o Insurance Inc udlng malpractlce Lnttle Rock Arkansas 72207 Phone 663 4118 k Jac Byers your ?1-:endlq 710I'l.Jt John L Byers Emi 206 1X2 Loulslana P 0 Box 3647 Little Rock Ark 72203 372 2203 'lfw HAMBURG Needs a Primary Care Physician The Hamburg ClIHlC IS desrgned for tvvo physlclans and presently has onl one Hamburg pop 3102 IS the county seat of Aswley County and serves a tra e area of 12 000 IH southeast Arkansas We have excellent churches fully accredited schools superb recreational faclhtres and a grovvlng Industrial communlty An excellent opportunity for the estabhshment of a general practrce exists In our frlendly communlt Come and see us for yourself We vvant to be your neighbors For details please contact Dr E.D. Rankin Hamburg Cllnlc Hamburg, Arkansas 71646 ir' 'A ' N r 1 O 9 XB k , X X ' x y t . I Y . . . o cormcss u nouquns o rurus . . smxvs . nzslsns - Amncm ftowzxs -- "ww Yau: new Hn A Mmm . , say n wmv rrwmu . I WE DILIVEI Wi WIRE FLOWERS ' ' Ealvni . . - . 9,14 - ' .'n' -'fd'-, 1" - 5017375 65308 ' t 6S fw'rHH s . E- L, ,se-Q - ' rf. pt ,r ws-3 ... P.. IVAZ D Y mlm MQW-:gg-I mm Izzz w em - my a. rumen. I I I dy . I ' l I a n . I I o . . , . . PARIS NEEDS 2 PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS Paris has recently constructed a fully equipped primary care clinic suitable for two physicians. It is available for immediate occupancy. The North Logan County Hospital a 22 bed unit, has been funded and will be under construction as soon as adequate staff is recruited. We presently have two general practitioners, however, they are of retirement age. FACTS ABOUT PARIS: PARIS CLINIC Paris, a growing, progressive community of 3900, is located in the northwest portion of Arkansas in Logan county. It is 114 miles northwest of Little Rock and is 45 miles east of Fort Smith at an elevation of 448 feet in the Ozark lVlountains. The Arkansas River is 4 miles north. Paris serves a trade area of 15,000 in north Logan county. We have 7 major industries with a total payroll of 900. Our schools are fully accredited and of recent construction. Subiaco Academy, a nationally recognized private academy is located nearby. 14 churches serve all major faiths. Our community is located in the center of Arkansas' finest recreational area with boating, fishing, hunting and camping facilities only minutes away. Come and visit our town. We feel that you will agree that Paris represents an unrivaled opportunity for the establishment of a primary care practice as well as being unequalled as a place to live and raise your family. For further information contact: Dennis Baltz, President Paris Chamber of Commerce 124 North Elm St. Paris, Arkansas 72855 501f963-2244 STUAP1' Pl-1'xF2MACEU'l liz, A f ICI U 't d States I c. ' ' gto Del e 19897 EARL S. DEMPSEY COMPLIMENTS OF IACUZZI BRO INC 11511 NEW BENTON HIGHWAY LITTLE ROCK ARK. 72203 YOU WOULDN'T REFER A HEART PATIENT TO A DERMATOLOGIST WOULD YOU? . . L '15 S Division o FII 8 I1 Wilmin n, awar 3505 McCord North Little Rock AR 72116 t501l 753 8193 Certainly not. Just like Gulley Insurance wouldnt refer a life insurance salesman to handle o r mal t' y u prac ice insurance. That's what Jerry Smith is here for. He's the most experienced writer of profes- - sional liability insurance for doctors in Arkansas. Malpractice insurance is his specialty. When you begin to practice medicine, call Gulley Insurance. They'll refer you to our malpractice insurance specialist, Jerry Smith. Gulley Insurance Agency A division of Pulaski Financial Services, Inc Three Hundred Spring Building Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 372-2232 Litton Medical Systems x-RAY EQulPlviEix1T SALES AND SERVICE ULTRASOUND ACCESSORIES Little Rock Ark 72203 CONGRATULATIONS UAIVIS SENIORS OF 1977 MEDICAL ARTS DRUG STORE 375-1139 IVIEDICAL TOWERS DRUG STORE 227-2460 I RADIOLOGY SUPPLIES AND E. R. Squibb 84. Sons, Inc. SQUIBB 25361 Lawson Road Little Rock, Arkansas 72204 O 3802 RUSS WOODS hospital representative Meyer Florist 42 lnc. Serving Greater Little Rock For 77 Years Western Central Trellis Square 3314 W. Roosevelt 10720 Rodney Little Rock, Ark. Parham Rd. 72204 D- Little Rock, Ark. 664-4331 W 72205 Day And Nights 224-1430 A BANK THAT PROVIDES UNIQUE SERVICES TO THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY: PULASKI BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY Physicians with substantial incomes and assets have uncommon banking needs. Pulaski Bank 8. Trust Company answers their needs with an uncommon approach to banking for the medical community throughout Arkansas. Our Medical Services Division is designed to serve the physician in all areas of his or her practice and personal financial needs. We know of your special problems in billing and collecting from your patients and of obtaining factual information and good advice about a business investment. We also know of your special problems in obtaining large real estate loans foreithera new home or clinic. We know of more of your special needs too, so why not let us help you with these problems through our computerized medical accounts receivable service, our investment counseling service and through our wholly owned real estate loan subsidiary, Pulaski Mortgage Company. If our unique approach to your personal and business banking needs appealsto you, call orwrite David Bain, PO. Box 7299, Little Rock, Arkansas 72207, telephone C5019 66441411 PUhhS!5!0R:iXNK Member FDIC ROGRIG iw A duv s on of PI ze Pharmaceutlcals I IIUNLUNSIIIXNIS INC D Q pofax James D Jlm Dees J R WON, ESCH Med caISe Ice Representatlve SUITE 280 PLAZA WEST BLDG rrsconnen orlve Lmle Rock AR 72205 IVICKINLEY 8. LEE LITTLE ROCK AR Telephone 5012255505 72205 C5013 661 0710 f barley smIIh corp GRamer ccan 5901 I-I Slreel P O Box 3038 gggeadmfls Lmle Rock Arkonsos 72203 Gatgxle Inc 50 X372 6060 Ed Cargxle V JOHNSON COUNTY HOSPITAL f ll 0' W W!!! ffyfffhfffff V 5 : II all i Ill l?U5I m a lIs' EIT T 1 Q! ,225 cw- N Just opened, the new 68 bed Johnson County Hospltal IS seelcrng an OB GYN speclallst and a pedlatrncuan to Ioun ltS present staff of 5 Gps and one surgeon Located In a college communlty of 5000 we serve a populatlon area of 25 OOO wlth 2 OOO adrnlsslons annually Two complete ORS full XRAY PT N lVl d uc e and Resp Therapy facllltles are avallable Come and look us over You wIll a ree that ff g our communlty o ers excellent recreatlonal educatlonal and cultural opportunrtles as well as unrlvalled OppOI'tLlI'lltI9S for YOTGSSIO I d l t F f p na eve opmen . or urther Informatron, please contact Ben Llght, Adm., 1100 Popular St Ph 501!754 2060 Kyiv Y N lun , Il I r 1 w wr w Y ' ' 1 1 IAIAIUC 1 1 1 I' A' T: "ni, J. A Su srdlary ol CVIIII-.Jn 'or Ion ll ' sr . i rv' Mfxf-Ifxtzl ll O I : - , . 37. F . 'W ,,'l,D Il Q f f I N . G 411 II Q., ll 9 INSURANCE BONDS , , RISI4 MANAGER' . C , 5 ' '475'5:f:E:2E2f25:'A G'dund Level Frrsr Nd' onal Bu Idlng LIIIIe Mock Arkansas 72271 I Sr IcePresIc1:- I mlffff' , ,, , 1 f M X - W L f 'ff ff, ' ffl' ffm 'A 'K 1 If . JN' 'H 1 "K ff , , yfff . ll X ' 1 - 1 . I LI I l 1 L 1 G,-. J ,Q ' . I . - I M, it 1 . ' ' I .- - ' ' I AT-. , l W .. ' .'- 'xl , " A,,- if , A-RI iv ,,-.---6- N- " 11,7 E Tri 2, f4 W XT O "5 '55 LQ, 'f YS - F ff T Tifff I f . . . I I I ' 1 I I - , . . I I I CUMMINGS X-RAY COMPANY 1212 BOWMAN ROAD LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72205 X-RAY EQUIPMENT ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH PHYSIOTHERAPY TELEPHONE AREA CODE 501 225-8355 POST OFFICE BOX 5690 BRADY STATION I SERVICE-l IIYMHINUS SLLES ' f X-RAYQ SCREENS - CHEMICALS- mulux DEP' PLANNING X EARL E WILLIAMS JOHN V SOLINGER RES 15013 663 8617 5 G DAN CUMMINGS DON D HILL HES 15011 666 638 Rss qson 753 0483 Office 227 4574 RT HICKERSON INC Nelson Balmaz Inc ORTHOPEDIC APPL ANCES Insurance Bonds Agents 1121 West 8th Street James D Nelson LIttIe Rock Arkansas 72201 Gabe A Balmaz 2200 H d V II D AC501 375 0191 L:tti2VIROak ev I Arkansas 72207 ANNOUNCING A New Way to Cut Lnfe Insurance Costs VARIABLE OUTLAY PROGRAM PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMING WIIIuamWuIIus CLU Ron Lazenby BIIIIVIIIes Tom Guanella CLU Jum Fess 601 West Caputol L R 375 0143 Larry Harris A Pmdenfl I , , 3 V, W ,, W 4 f. V , Q 2 V Q Q r f Q Z V g 'V I ,hh M in 2 X 5 X f ZZ . ,. 2 , Z 2 5 i 1' za k M Z5 ,sa 2 , VA 'EA A 4 ,f 3 , , 15 4 W, Pl E .ff ,,', 1 "ff 1,2 V 5. " V ' W f 1 f, f' , I A L Gone but not forgott ff! S z W4 if ,Q ik f, IVI r ,Www wwf A ,, , 1"11f"""" 1 1-. M ' - .L Q , , YS ,, 1, ,.--W K N. , g ISP- s. iw ' 40 mm , W Q. gg, . Q C , 1 "4 , , , A ,am 5 ' 'if ' , fqgg, ' -r A f 'K A if SU ' . .-,Lv .Q E "This reminds me of Mrs. Smith's g. b." 2--.Nw P, Q Last year's preclinical Golden Apple award winner was J. N. A Pasley, associate professor of ,M physiology. Dr. Pasley was selected ' by his students as the most sincere and helpful teacher that they came "l4 in contact with in their first two Y ears of school. , K .... M . 67 - ras new 'Q l '44 'K Honey, you'll have to do Doing what they do best. what the hell are nurses corners it yourself. Vx: , ,. ,sig ,, aw-I M U1 ,gf .P Q . .fl -is J t s , ig U ..i F, i:44'ALX ' ' t xl 0,6 F: K HQ' l , W Wy. , 1 f' +':.,,,v' 'ff , . 1721? ' 'k f - " ' N, ,-f. W ,,,V,,' l , 4 Xia.,-V .y 'i Oops! . S K i . . ki ..,. W .KNEE e ,,,..v4A.f 5-4'--Q.,-Q-N., ,1?.Q.j,,,gHV A , C ..:.,. 1, sp., - -V k , ,,gggg:fw:fffv' , ' Q " N 4 gli! ' - .W A 'i , 5 Mmm! W I myesthenia gravis? I LA 2, V ,407 V W Wk .,,.L si f ,fl vay, 'E :V z M9 ,I 1 ., . , Ar cv ,: QB., '14 J nc' V Y, .K-.jf "Ain't we got fun?" , 1 , , ,hL ' , ,, ,, V' 'ff M bi' , A f f' . :E g Q x M uqn'n nina, can F7 ,f , A if? ,Q , W f A " M Haw, jf' 7 gp A g ff Q M ff f W '4 3'4" ww f 4652? A ,W g ' v 'Fr V 4 X41 .N .. - '1 fs f if ' 4 ' Wqwg ff f 'fi ,QL 3' JK K Q fi .f - . ,if .12 ,V ' 4155 5? fy ' 3 is nf 1' ffm K R EB in is M. 3 5 3 3' . .il 4 ? ' . V I L f 1 wi' X... gh -if mqngg wifi w 1 . .f.f .Ii . f I 'l1 ? 1 1f QQQ. Q YOUR PERSONAL HOROSCOPE AQUARIUS: Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 - You have an inventive mind and are inclined to be progressive. You lie a great deal. On the other hand, you are inclined to be careless and impractical, causing you to make the same mistakes over and over again. People think you are stupid. PISCES: Feb 19 - lVlar. 20 - You have a vivid imagination and often think you are being followed by the CIA or FBI. You have minor influence over your associates and people resent you for flaunting your power. You lack confidence and are generally a coward. Pisces people do terrible things to small animals. ARIES: Mar. 21 - Apr, 19 - You are the pioneer type and hold most people in contempt. You are quick tempered, impatient and scornful of advice. You are not very nice. TAURUS: Apr. 20 - May 20 - You are practical and persistent. You have dogged determination and work like hell. Nlost people think you are stubborn and bull-headed. You are a communist. GEMINI: May 21 - June 20 - You are quick and an intelligent thinker. People like you because you are bi- sexual. However, you are inclined to expect too much for too little. This means you are cheap. Gemini's are known for committing incest. CANCER: June 21 - July 22 - You are sympathetic to other people's problems. They think you are a sucker You are always putting things off. That's why you will never make anything of yourself. Most welfare recipients are Cancer people. LEO: July 21 - Aug. 22 - You consider yourself a born leader. Others think you are pushy. lVlost Leo people are bullys. You are vain and dislike honest criticism. Your arrogance is disgusting. Leo people are known thi eves. VIR GO: Aug. 23 - Sept. 22 - You are thelogical type and hate disorder. This nit-picking is sickening to your friends, You are cold and unemotional and sometimes fall asleep while making love. Virgo's make good bus drivers. LIBRA: Sept. 23 - Oct. 22 - You are the artistic type and have a difficult time with reality. If you are a man, you are more likely to be queer. Chances for employment and monetary gains are excellent. IVlost Libra women are good prostitutes. All Libra's die of veneral disease. SCORPIO: Oct. 23 - Nov. 21 - You are shrewd in business and cannot be trusted. You shall achieve the pinnacle of success because of your total lack of ethics. IVlost Scorpio are people murdered. SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22. -' Dec. 21 .. You are optimistic and enthusiastic. You have a reckless tendency to rely on luck since you lack talent. The majority of Sagittarians are drunks or dope fiends. People laugh at you a great deal. CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 - Jan 19 - You are conservative and afraid of taking risks. You don't do much of any- thing and are lazy. There has never been a Capricorn of any importance. Capricorns should avoid standing still too long as they tend to take root and become trees. We breath a sigh of relief as we finish this last page of the '77 CADUCEUS. A sincere effort has been made on the part of ourself and the staff to provide you, our fellow students, a volume that could serve as a compendium of the faces, experiences and memories en- countered during the past year. We ' " . .. -- N -1. hope we have succeeded. ' 3,3 , Several people have aided and assisted us to such a degree in this I t V, underta king that theY should be ment- Fi, f . 1 ioned individually: our staff who met their deadlines: Dr. Prigmore who pro- vided unlimited encouragement and generous financial support, our advisor, Ms. Suzanne Mathews who supported us in every endeavor, our publisher's rep., Mr. Lonnie Stewart who provided a couple of novice editors, nee med stu- dents, with the invaluable advice and technical information that made this book possible. To these and others who cared and helped: THANKS! You have made our work a fun experience. Randol and Tom THE PURSE-SEINE Our sardine fishermen work at night in the dark of the moon, daylight or moonlight They could not tell where to spread the net, unable to see the phosphorescence of the shoals of fish. They work northward from Monterey, coastnig Santa Cruz: off New Year's Point or off Pigeon Point The look-out man will see some lakes of milk-color light on the sea's night-purple: he points, and the helmsman Turns the dark prow, the motorboat circles the gleaming shoal and drifts out her seine-net. They close the circle And purse the bottom of the net, then with great labor haul it in. I cannot tell you How beautiful the scene is, and a little terrible, then, when the crowded fish Know they are caught, and wildly beat from one wall to the other of their closing destiny the phosphorescent Water to a pool of flame, each beautiful slender body sheeted with flame, like a live rocket A comet's tail wake of clear yellow flame: while outside the narrowing Floats and cordage of the net great sea-lions come up to watch, sighing in the dark: the vast walls of night Stand erect to the stars. 360 Lately I was looking from a night mountain-top On a wide city, the colored splendor, galaxies of light: How could I help but recall the seine-net Gathering the luminous fish? I cannot tell you how beau- tiful the city appeared, and a little terrible. I thought, We have geared the machines and locked all together into interdependence: we have built the great cities: now There is no escape. We have gathered vast populations incapable of free survival, insulated From the strong earth, each person in himself helpless, on all dependent. The circle is closed, and the net Is being hauled in. They hardly feel the cords drawing, yet they shine already. The inevitable mass-disasters Will not come in our time nor in our children's but we and our children Must watch the net draw narrower, government take all powers - or revolution, and the new government Take more than all, add to kept bodies kept souls - or anarchy, the mass-disasters. These things are Progress Do you marvel our verse is troubled or frowning, while it keeps its reason? Or it lets go, 'lets the mood flow In the manner of the recent young men into mere hysteria, splintered gelams, crackled laughter. But they are quite wrong. There is no reason for amazement: surely one always knew that cultures decay, and life's end is death. Robinson J effers

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1993 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1994 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1995 Edition, Page 1


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