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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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VE L . f I? Q f5 yd .4.,, . r ..4 ' -qu 'qu-1 ..- ,,. FQ LJ.: :Qlik xzy 1 I -.. I ----.1-. 1-pl! 19' Q Jvvin 1 O E sician s usiness IS 04 Pay ' A ' fo averf vhsease, fo Lea! fAe sick, fo prolong hfe, ana! fo aLminisA suffering. --0. W. HOLMES 1 I I CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION .,,I. MEDICINE ..........,... PHARMACY WI I-, NURSING .... --- GRADUATE ,III H- MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY ...,.,I, X-RAY TECHNOLOGY -- DENTAL HYGIENE' ..... CYTOTECHNOLOGY ..., Class of 1971 Yearbook Dedication We dedicate this yearbook to two physi- our acquaintance with them. exceptionally cian-teachers who have demonstrated during high character qualities: s Louis Sanders. M.D. Chief of Endocrinology. LRVAH Raymond C. Read, M.D. Chief of Surgery, LRVAH A Iihgefirianei lgrager 'wh CEnh, Cflhnu han appuinteh me tn watrh nuer the life anh heath nf Elhg rreaturenz here ll am reahgl fur mg urrratiun. "Anil nnw ll turn untn mg falling: GB ntanh hgf me mg Qsnh in this truly impnrtant tank: Grant me nurrezal Blur- mithnut Elhg lrwing rnunael anh auppnrt, illllan ran avail hut naught Ilnzpire me with true lnue fur thief mg art Anil fnr Elhg rreaturea, CID, grant- Elhat neither greeh fur gain, nur thirzt fur fame, nur uain amhitinn, illlag' interfere with mg artiuitg. Ellnr these ll knnw are enemien nf Elruth anh Entre fur men, Anh might heguile une in prnfezninn illrum furthering the welfare xrf 'dlhg rreaturez. GD ntrengthen me. Grant energg untn hnth huhg anh the znul Cilhat ll might e'er unhinhereh reahg he Gln mitigate the wnez, Svueftain anh help Zilhe rirh anh pnnr, the gnnil anh hah, enemg anh frienh. GB let me e'er hehnlh in the afflirteh anh suffering, Gbnlg the human heingf' illllaimnnihea CCDLLEGE BU i LDI NG. y uw rrmzm, lisntoirifs Xl six tw l.lwl mist Nrrzl in ,wa My 15,1 -,ff at f,f. Mt-.t+,w vinyl, Mit, Second Medical School Building 123 Sherman .M F9752 ' Q it . it ,ff ""' , t f , 'L or .i-, , I , Witt? "'-' Afi, f,., V - . ,, wh 'f'i" ' wwfgawwwmQMWWHWHQWWWWMMMWMQ ,,,?f my , , ,, - t l ,,.,, , gf g tg ,Q ,' ' 1 V' tMWVw rM+W5'Nt,tf5lWWl"+tww ll 5-f' W ll , Y ' I "Q: ,gl ,W j, A It Z t ,'f i ' ,, wi-f ,, www fwwfr, t ,,,, , ,Mwst - L 2 V. . ,.,.- f,.,' f , ,J r,0,,r,!,t.:?g'f MQWDJQL ,f - . 5, .nrt WW ,,-' . 5 t. ,, Nw ' ,gg it tw: ,ft . ' i : , f 1,,, 1 ,1 ,'-, zg 1 14,3 . . , :L i, Q : ' ' V li ' .,,, ff M., two, ,.,, , Jglifigf,,,.zigaM1nii4.,,J'W ' 1 "-' ' , i . Mfg ,ff-wa+?,yf:gzgW'- ,f +"fpvZI,l:,:?.,Q,". Q1 - S f 15-44 M l'R-ll. 1' 1 , , - ,.,, , V , M , 53gm,,gfffw:LW , ,, ,,t Logan H. Roots Memorial City Hospital operated in conjunction with the second Medical School Building. '-,,,A ,L Y MM, ttit, A it s 4 Wm S fywwww f lx, , ywn . ,.,t. ,, ..,, , 'H 'M lflll M to U ,, 4 ,W , , W ,H , .f-m,g,,, , r I ,M i o r 1 or t , t ,,," :'f5'2f".'L' .Q,fff5",' K in My ' "LL' Hi , iieii S ii i , o ,..t l ftl,i ,,t' flft. 1 j'2Ef,,,:,H1iQ,lQi,, ju .,,, , ,,,,' ,k16ill' jg',V The First State Capitol as a Medical School 'N ' ' Building between the first and second school ,V '., xg 1 - - ' 'L A ' 7J"fWW5f .f f V -V" 1 1+ W .14 , it llllw ,, m ia! i ii., 'r't l I if 1 tl " thi iwwmewwti,.ewwwh,zit 'wfttf f vt f fflf t lg t'i'i'W"'M!f 12,1195 'W'T t K it J The beginnings of Medicine in Arkansas are lost in the mists of the past.The early records reveal physicians and surgeons coming here from medi- cal schools in the East and abroad. The first faculty roster ofthe University at Fayetteville lists a Richard Thurston, M.D., ofVan Buren, who was paid S480 for teaching. It was to be a long time before other physicians were paid for thier contributions to the University. By 1870, however, there was e sufficient number of physicians with active interest, who constituted themselves as the Arkansas Medical Society. This Society engaged in both scientific and political activity for the improvement and regulation of health, medical care, and medical practice. This body became the true father of the Medical Center, and there were frequent exchanges between the Board of Trustees of the University and the Officiers of the Medical Society concerning the establishment of a Medical Department. The fact that the University was permanently located in Fayetteville, away from the cultured business, legislative, and more important medical cen- ter ofthe state posed problems to both parties. The lack of clinical material for medical instruction in Fayetteville and the indifference ofthe Board of the University led the Medical Society to explore the establishment of a Medical Department of St. Johns College here in Little Flock. Nothing came of this. however. Eventually, in 1879, with the support of and for the Medical Society, certain physicians of Little Rock under the leadership of Dr. Hooper formed a stock company and inaugurated a medical school for the state, The University accepted this institution as the Medical Department ofthe University. granting degrees to the graduates. but stipulated that it would assume no financial responsibility for its support. lt was 65 years before this fiscal ir- responsibility was reversed. Support was solely by the physicians of Little Flock, by the city, which made available the facilities of the city hospitals. by student fees, and by the State Medical Society. Recognition by the Association of American Medical Colleges was attained in 1890, in which year the curriculum was extended to four years of six months each, and there were 83 students with 17 graduating. In 1906 a second medical school, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, was established. This institution likewise was self-supporting and while it struggled little was added to medicine in Arkansas. I At the 1909 meeting of the Arkansas State Medical Society, a committee was appointed with Doctor Young of Springdale its Chairman, with three objectives. First, to persuade the two faculties of medicine to merge, to combine their acquired properties and equipment and to deed them to the State. Second, to persuade the General Assembly to accept these properties, making the combined school a part of the University and providing for its support. Third, to induce the State to build and maintain a Charity Hospital in connection with and under the control of the University School of Medicine. The first two of these objectives was accomplished by 1911, but it required nearly 50 years for the third, the Hospital. ln accepting this gift, the Leg- islature-not the University-pledged the "faith and credit of the State to forever maintain and operate a first class medical school as a part of the University, with the course of study, methods of instruction and equipment of standards equivalent to that required of Medical Colleges by the Asso- ciation of American Colleges."However, the Legislature adjourned without appropriating any funds for such a purpose. As the legislature prepared to move to the New Capitol in 1913. it passed a resolution making available the 75 year old State Capitol Building for use of the Medical School, and in the same year Dean Smith. a graduate of the University, presented a budget of S50,000. According to the Gazette: "A huge laugh went up from the solons when that request was presented. who regarded the maintenance of a medical school as the wildest extravagancef' However, the Legis- lature appropriated S36.000. There were further appropriations by the Legislature to the Medical Department directly. It was not until 1945 that the appropriation for the Univer- sity included money for the school of Medicine. Because of the financial and other stringencies, the school lost its accreditation and reverted to a two year preclinical school in 1918. The State Medical Society Committee was still working on its third goal, a hospital. These developments, plus the persuasive powers of Dean Smith, induced the Legislature in 1920 to appropriate 3500.000 for the hospital. Unfortunately, the State Peniten- tary was in debt. and the funds subsequently were diverted to the Penitentiary. The City of Little Rock again came tothe rescue with the completion of the new City Hospital at McArthur Park, making these facilities available to the Medical School. and clinical instruction was resumed. ln 1935 the modern Medical School building was constructed with W.P.A. funds, adja- cent to the hospital, and in 1939 the State leased the City Hospital to complete the first combined unit for the Medical Center as such until 1956. University Hospital and Medical School "Life is shorty and the Art longg the occasion fleetingg experience fallacious, and the judgement difficult."-Hippocmtes It started here . . . a place for discussion. a friend 24 pupil WAQ is Pure, ogechenf fo Lis preceptor, applies Aimsey sfeach4y fo Ais worA anal agcmclons laziness ancl excessive occasional idleness 10 . and sleep, will arrive af the env, of fne science." SUSHRUTA f5th CENTURYJ Two years of . . . study . . . enjoyment investigation S Q a E 1 4 E 2 2 5 E z 1 i i then the clinical years. The patient . . . Fragile trust of youth, The constant dignity of age, Fear and hope common among them. ci . . wAere fAere is fove ofman fAere is afso fave of fAe arf."--Hippocrates AMVIJ WOIJG Ae GYM? HMA! fecgg. " -Chaucer ,,,,,.. -.f,--- . --f1:A ,,L:: ,,.k f f a what gs If Si E 95332: L .,, , W Q 5 .ff , 1242 ? 3 hhA" ,, . A 2 , . E 94321 ' 51' :F q , Hi E fm, f R ' ' .',1 11- ,,.,,..,N I WW 1. I M f'-' 'h ' -,mx .... 1 . W gffp. Q, if :ff Zfuw- U I may ,F M.: -. , I -Q - mil- ,,..,.- 'N eip. , V . Q . . .W ..- im '. K H x- y .s " 3 4 H if' I. I i H . ,k,, ...,, 5 i E ,K Meeting the patient, we discovered the need to know . . . We studied alone . . . discussed together . . . learned by example. Working, we became medical students 1250 35 ,. ,M THE T.H. BARTON INSTITUTE This nine story medical research building was completed in 1960. The impetus for its construction was provided by Col. and Mrs. T. H. Barton in the form of a S600,000 donation. Itis in this building where crucial research is conducted providing a basis for better patient care. IVERSITY UF RKANSAS FDICAI. CF TER It is difficult to pinpoint any single de- velopment which gave rise to the University of Arkansas Medical Center, rather a series of events and personalities brought it into being. Briefly stated, the record shows this: Construction on the two "basic" compo- nents, the 450 bed capacity hospital and the education wing, was started in 1951 and com- pleted in 1957. After equipping and staffing of the new facility - which alone consumed about one year - the hospital was opened in June, 1956, the education building in March, 1957. Official Dedication was observed April 25, 1957. Overall cost - including facilities which have been added since 1957 - totals approxi- mately 320,000,000 In 1970, through cooperation of staff mem- bers, students, and health professionals, the Medical Center produced 87 physicians, 40 pharmacists, 33 nurses, 14 medical technolo- gists, 15 X-Ray technologists, 24 Dental Hy- gienists, and 6 Cyto-technologists. Through the cooperation of our legislature and newly elected governor, new and better things are expected at the Medical Center. VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL A much appreciated educational opportun- ity for the juniors and seniors on medical and surgical clerkships is the Little Rock Veterans Administration Hospital with 471 beds and over 10,000 admissions and 75,000 outpatient visits. The VAH is very active in the intern-resident training program. The housestaff is well trained in the treatment of "chronic lungersv and "Laenec's cirrhosisv when he finishes his tour of duty at this hospital. THIS MACHINE WILL NEVER REPLACE A "WINSTON" Arkansas Children's Hospital is a 94-bed fully accredited non-profit institution pro- viding comprehensive medical and surgical care for children throughout the State of Ar- kansas. Arkansas Childrens Hospital has been affiliated with the orthopedic residency pro- gram of the University of Arkansas Medical Center since 1962. The orthopedic residents serve six months as junior residents and six months as senior residents. Senior pediatric residents have had a three month rotation ad ACH since 1965. The staff of the hospital consists of private practioners of pediatrics, orthopedics, surgery, and dentistry in Little Rock, plus consultants from the Medical Center. 5 EV f all ARKANSAS CHILDRENS HOSPITAL l. .Ja .EMM ARKANSAS STATE HOSPITAL Arkansas is recognized as a leader in the field of mental health. This is due pri- marily to the active building and training progams of its State Hospital. Through ap- propriate legislation and federal grants, the hospital system has accelerated its training programs for psychiatrists, nurses, and psy- chiatric technicians. The maximum load of the Little Rock State Hospital is 800 patients with an active follow-up program of 200 outpatients through- out the state. The Community Mental Health Program was begun in July, 1967 and now has extended to include 40 Arkansas counties. There are now four comprehensive mental health centers and seven community units. if gl'g f' -x x S MOH SP4 1 S ll 1? Ngp ,EW 90' 9 VM I 0 Governor Arkansas Dale Bumpers STATE OF ARKANSAS OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR LITTLE Rock DALE BUMPERS BEST WIS HES TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS MEDICAL CENTER I am honored and happy to participate in this l97l CADUCEUS for this involvement will be a reminder to you in later years -of our ioint efforts to serve the people of Arkansas. , I am sure your dedication to your education will be followed by an equally sincere dedication to the profession which you have chosen. I . Many of the rural and poor areas of our state are desperate' for medical services. Because of this I om hopeful each of you will, think seriously about staying in Arkansas to practice in the field ofyour choice so that the benefits derived from your knowledge and skill will be a blessing which all of us can share. Sincerely yours, Dale Bumpers A ' Governor David Wiley Mullins, Ph.D. President of the University of Arkansas B.A., University of Arkansasg lVI.A., University of Coloradog Ph.D., Columbia Universityg Executive Vice-President, Auburn University James L. Dennis. M.D. Vice-President for Health Sciences Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic, UAMC, 1962-19635 Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Director of the University of Oklahoma Medical Center, 1963-1970. George W. Warner Charles Prigmore. Ed.D. Assist. Dean for Administrative Assistant to the Vice-president Affairs for Health Sciences i - James E. Crank Hospital Director , at ,,.,,.o,, " , "w-ewfpmf if Eff Q? f ef ceq-. ey ,., Mr ' "" " ' ' N t ' -' f F ,yxifi ' as ,Q "if ' ' X95 ,,,, ,,,, ' ' ' -f-'wr-fe ' V- Donald L. Borchert Assistant Hospital Director Van Melson Director of Student Affairs V l I A Lf , , i ' , N " 4 I' il I ' SCHOOL OF Nf'fY'Q , -fu i- . -D I J ,--- .I l ...l qui I-u Winston K. Shorey, M.D. Dean, School of Medicine Dartmouth College, 1941 A.B. Univ. Pa., 1943, M.D. Internship, Univ. Pa. Medicine Residency, Univ. Pa. Fellowship in Gastroenterology, Univ. Pa. Asst. Professor of Medicine, Univ. Pa. School of Medicine, 1951-1955 Assoc, Professor, Professor, Medicine. Univ. Miami School of Medicine, 1955-1961 Assoc. Dean, Univ. Miami School of Medicine, 1956- 1961 Professor of Medicine, Dean of Univ. Arkansas School of Medicine scine 1958 .f.,i.,..... .. ...Wi--4.--I.W-K--.,f.,...,......,,w.... ..1..,..,.. . Q.. N..-.. f. . Eugene J. Towbin, Ph.D., M.D. Associate Dean for Veterans Administration Affairs, School of Medicine, B.A., New York University, M.S., University of Colorado, Ph.D. and M.D., University of Rochester. Chief of Staff, Little Rock Veter- ans Administration Hospital. Horace N. Marvin, Ph.D. Associate Dean, School of Medicine Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa, 1936, BA., Univ. Wisconsin, 1938, M.A., 1941 Ph. D., Special Research, Dept. of Genetics, Car- negie Institute of Washington 1941-42, Asst. Professor of Anatomy, Univ. Ark. School Medicine, 1942-1948, Head of Biology Dept. Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research, Univ. Texas, 1948-1950, Lecturer in Anatomy, Univ. Texas Dental School 1948-1950, Assoc. Prof. Anatomy, UAMC, 1950-1958, Consultant in Radiopathology, Los Alamos Scientific Lab- oratory, 1957, Professor and Head of Anat- omy, UAMC, 1958, Visiting Professor and Commonwealth fund Consultant to the Univ. Lagos ,Medical School, Nigeria, 1963. .Tohn E. Pauly, Ph.D. William C. Langston, M.D. Horace Marvin. Ph.D. My Professor and Chairman Professor Emeritus Professor TWE - r--1 to PARTMEI T CDF AXA I OMY W H I - 1 gr -4 Qeqgw I5 Q 51, lt Ft I i r ssss t rarr Aeii' Will , I I 5 5256 P an 5 t M ssrss K 525,35 I PPPP V vv.v K V T f 2 11 P J'. K. Sherman Ph.D. Professor Ervin Powell Ph.D. Professor L. E. Scheving Ph.D. Professor P1 :tsitffzf ' .e - 'M I 1 , ,,,s..... .M r .4 5 fz, Y fewer Carl Ulfeda Robert Burns Donald Buxton Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. ASSiS'Ca11'U PI'0feSS01' Instructor Instructor 30 E 2 at Q , A , Shirley Gilmore Ph.D. Associate Professor f X .I . 'Q-is ff, Bernard Soloft Ph.D. Instructor ANESTI-IESIOLQGY F. E. Greifetnstein, M.D. Professor and Chairman 555 '22 Qtwislli E , Rlchard B. Clark. M.D. Assoc. Professor and Obstetrical Anesthesiologist at P P X I 5, 1 K --'.. K - If A J-jig.. Dola Thompson. M.D Associate Professor Wayne B. Glenn, M.D. Assistant Professor A , R' , 't""1 I Charles W. Quimby. M.D. Assistant Professor Walter S. Guinee, M.D. Assistant Professor Carol Eason, M.D. Harold Harger, M.D. Willis Stevens. M-D Instructor Instructor 2nd Year Resident BIGCHEMISTRY i'F!"H Dr. C. L. Wadkins Chairman Dr. J. L. York Dr. W. G. Smith Dr. C. A. Nelson Dr C G Wlnier Dr. D. C. DeLuca Dr. Yun-Chi Yeh. BIGMETRY if A ' s f J J J e 4 A . mf ., min f .. ' :: at 1. ,'zrr.,.yrWfff.r:afff-5,gg: 'V . A ",' 4 l Dr. J. H. Meade. Jr. Dr. R. C. Walls Dr. G. V. Dalrymple - Professor and Head Asst. Professor Assoc. Professor Dr. R. A. Dykman Dr. J. F. McCoy' Dr. J. F. Long Professor Asst. Professor Professor Mr. J. Johnson Mr. Robineite Mr. J. W. Nance Mrs. C. Thon-1PS0D Instructor Instructor Instructor I1'1S'C1'l1C'C01' DERMATOLOGY G. T. Jansen, M.D. W. M. Honeycutt, M.D. W. N. Jones, M.D. Professor and Chairman Associate Professor Assistant Professor Clark J' ulius. M.D. Ray Bioindo, M.D. D. H. Kingsbury. M.D. Chief Resident Chief Resident 2nd Year Resident C. R. Safley. Jr.. M.D. J. N. McQueen. M.D. E. C. Chester. M.D. lst Year Resident 2nd Year Resident lst Year ReSid91'1t Robert N. McGrew. M.D. Assistant Professor and Head Carl C. Hanchey. M.D. Assistant Professor N T Dwayne L. Ruggles. M.D 2nd Year Resident James Y. Suen. M.D. 2nd Year Resident Howard Ouittner. M.D. Director, Clinical Laboratory Jerome Rosenfeld. M.S Assistant Professor LABGRATGRY MEDICINE Betty Shook. M.T. Assistant Director, Clinical Laboratory Bobby Morgan Instructor Gene Hall. M.T. Instructor Eleanor Turner Instructor MEDQCIN R. S. Abernathy, M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Chairman J. S. Taylor, M.D. Professor Emeritus J. E. Doheriy. M.D. Arfhur Haui. M.D. Professor' Professor ,. S pf 'W i "il?ff15:2f4f?,1f-ffffflliz'IP M W zf5,fff1Q, 1-1 f s 4? 1 gnimff gil! -55. 3 12'P ' ,"'H?f?1 QRS' 1-Pe, ur i- L -. - 5 SW K. W z:z'!!f1 - : W 3 r ' r I., . ,N S V . ' ,' -5 . x sf .-.3 ze. I x, x 5- 'idx 1 y f 552151 g if jj ,Ji , 2, r.s,h.f, ,fs f . 'i?gL5,I,w 1 'ww fgz.f'I7i "' II 'Q 1 xv f 43 H sf w Sw: r 5 'iss I v ' 5 is 1 ' 12 4 1 S 1 H ,ZRQQV H 'M W'H?,2 ' ,f-, f 5?la55ff3f2,lAQ Wifgfixfm -6 fUrfff51?i1'5fi:f g2?gjff5fii,5? 1, s :Z f,Jsmjfzz'1f'fL "I-?:5l'xTfz?Q gfg'fil.,.z51fX ' n lliupgmiffzw' fn 1-efif!"f'fz 26 if Q, .fifffff-wfffw "m:fs?i,'i' fg-Af N sffEsiifi'zff,i-1 -I - vfffrfisiilifff Iflififf' , J 'i,:'iFEfQf, i id'f:ri2r512!f ' gijlfisiff' H 5,13,,f1f.Qffk,'ggff5gg,.4 If Wgffggv 2 f-W-:ur'H -- finals-- Q, 4 ff "ff ' 2 piiif l - , +!'ffQ1 fgQ,ff faia!3,' ,. I fi35.f:F' 'iinfggggffii ,,.. 5 ' 'ff f 'S ifffsyffficf I 1.. -512' Siva! .2 H' F2 w 3 .nr W J. W, .f,.i Aw,.,. f wl:-.izrdlsvlh iii , . . 1 of' 'miifibifsnff '- ffisiE??ff3f'i!Ki 3, 2ff5s?E5Effif?Q'f i ff : R fffi 5 ...g 5 1.x .. ,..1,,f f ss 1 'gig ,f .asfrssfiawpfgflfxfF555 N3 '21 gee' , .. 'ff ,- 12132 Q N1 Q M' . ,I ,233 imgifg -- igs f-sf!'s'--'----- 2w!uz:f:sQv11'w-,gr51,0 W ' 'iw r If fm L g' N If -'y snv r one 1.1 :f,Eaps,,4-- . ffl-"-fVf'i1f,wHw' ' 1 5 , 2 .Azlzfgslffzwrssiszs-ffivffiefs' 'ff'1fi'J5",vi5:" VA K 1 " s . 1511- .1555 K f ' ' is : fix ' Q5ffEw2' 'E-"'1f'f'fi51 ff if QM...,ff-.f:.g:gssf,.5 L K ,f,,. If NM 5, ,.r 2 mg S! swf Vi :" . W L . fifgzgffiffl , In Mft f, 59 Hi' 5 gr vs iffrsffffi 33? 4 :'!?i :F ' 'f:i5!V.if H 'HH-lf ' Q.fxf'!,,Hf'5 rf 'mr , WH?" ' if EE,-Jf3f5f?f?ff?5ff , 535. 35,5555 331113 'fy 23 f.. "fffiEffW92?'?i'g Q Winston K. Shorey, 'M.D. E. J. Towbin. M.D.. Ph.D. Professor Professor f . Q. W. Beard, M.D. Professor Kerrison Juniper, M.D. Professor J. O. Wynn, M.D. Professor ..., ' , W w i t ...X nf' +221 if Y , ng 'T'-5 :mg I. F4 S 3 ,S v 1' fffhffxw if 5 L 4 Q W 1 P wt f f ..- - ' we - - it 3. my - In 225:-A .,,. .,.., 4. .Mk-:': .. .. :Q LN .. rv.-- fff . Y . 5 J -.Q ff f 5. ' K if z. .--, fe ' . s, . .4 --'. ' . ' :ff .I .36 ,af ' 'iff' . ,i if K J. H. Baies. M.D. Assoc. Prof. R. T. Bullock. M.D. w.iJ.F1gnagan, M.D. Assoc. Prof. Assoc. Prof. L. L. Sanders. M.D. ' W. A. Sodeman. M.D. J. S. Adamson, M.D. Assoc. Prof. Assoc. Prof. Assist. Prof. B. T. Fields, M.D. W. I-I. Hall. M.D. Assist. Prof. Assist. Prof. J. L. Davis, M.D. Assist. Prof. E. Jones, M.D. E- A- Lipsmeyer. M.D. Assist. Prof. Assist. Prof. B. J. Jenkins. M.D. Assist. Prof. . . .,.-. . . tk 1 2 " ' V' Wx. v. f"'TV Ni X. '31 ,i i fm -f ls. fszff. A .Q ,gas Q., Y W" ' f ' if '.E:i11:41!xw M. L. Murphy, M.D. Assoc. Prof. G. L. Ackerman. M.D. Assoc. Prof. J. A. Harris. M.D. Assist. Prof. l. wifi E. McNabb. M.D. Assist. Prof. A F. Padilla, M.D. Assist. Prof. Assist. Prof. T. E. Brewer. M.D. Instructor W. R. Warr, M.D. Assist. Prof. F. H. Faas, M.D. J. L. Gunnels, M.D. Instructor Instructor ----i ..,,. . VPQP I ' I if' ..5 :-:'if2I':fEE5Ee:i :::.IE? ':5 1E'T1331jE'3ji3f .... .,., iltgtillll B. L. Tranum, M.D. J, Wagoner, M.D. Instructor Instructor R. M. Patterson, M.D. M. B. Pearce, M.D. Assist. Prof. Don Browning, M.D. Instructor K. M. Mathiesen, M.D. Instructor A. J. Thompson, M.D. Fellow in Cardiology C. W. Silverblaft, M.D. Assist. Prof. W. J. Carter, M.D. Instructor J'. Rosenfeld, M.D. Instructor G. L. Barbour, M.D. 3rd Year Resident Take Your Vacation 0n The Riviera You've Got It Made Now Riviera Advertisement 51 A fommiltee . 1 Lariat J. F. Spriaggins, M.D. 3rd Year Resident R. Butler, M.D. 2nd Year Resident R. T. McRaney, M.D. 2nd Year Resident J. R. Phillips, M.D. 2nd Year Resident 'Lf J rt", . .XL , 5 ' ' 160-H, ,, . ,- gg, ,gf Q-.1 . ,. 1: I ft lv Q Kim ' -2- f ts. f , . at . p W .. - "A .9-,p'? 59 N fftwxwr -- I ,,,,,.pr' 1f ,, "L' i ' i"'i J' Guess what, Ma? Those pre-clinical years are OVER. '. J- A- Baldaridge, M.D. L. F. Barnes, M.D. 1st Year Resident 1st Year Resident ..,. , mf 'A , L 57 F", 'VW A, ,4 " 'lfgi-I ',:,f :f, ' SLI, Q Yi? 'F' f':QG'E3:537'S!' 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Hutcheson, M.D. lst Year Resident J' . C. Kizziar, M.D. H. W. McAdoo, M.D. J'. B. Weinberg, M.D. V. L. Willits, M.D. lst Year Resident lst Year Resident lst Year Resident lst Year Resident UF EF U. L. Parnell. M.D. .gggfz " ' ue, . 15 w zfs- gi . A A . . ve I L'i?f?!e:1i w-Q 1 K- . , . 5. ' 1f5l2liW "E5'554f.if i.353Elki.ill-sffnif f 4 H Q .ld M. R351 ' :vw 'sz le . Sw' H H+' L um wifi, A A D X' H NY ffiifitiifilllzgiglfsglfillifllvf. 8 53211, mir D. F. Smart. M.D. Bill Smead. M.D. , . . '., wwf: 1255.2 s x . 1 Q a .wif Q 1 1 , 5 Y W: ' W .f 55iflliA2555935E-kf?:2'f557:5f'9W5'Z ls. ,L . .M l,,,..,. A :f., srsi.. ffl? i . 'fiiiezffffan .,'t,-iff!19if2593QYiigflfiiflifigeiflf.ffiifff' vfilzrzfi ,, ,ffVi-Iafif'451'If'!f5fi'?4ff?E525-fiifilf ' fwf125'f"S A " ' gs.:-lrfzfis-zdflll?l?15:f'5QWfzfccxffeszvlsg K nl.. .LK m 5 1 . 1 1 f fa W'i'i'fi" ..s':,.zfe Hg If 1, wezmz.. A 9 Jai.. f?e:::!11f'F ': 'xfgia .M.z'ff1 , .D ll . if lg g.. L. X ,Q ,,Q, T liz "L' W5 . 3 . J. A. Wellons. M.D. .. pl ' We ., 551 ' if-' f lg . 522. 2. Qfffm' 1-ir ' '53 is 4: .gills JH 5 ITERS L. M. Peacock. M.D. W. D. McKnight. M.D. J. A. Rapieiko. M-D- E . ., , N'1,.,5j , f . .. , ,K ,, V K lf ' ff ' .,,,,., J,. , ,.,. - ,,.,. W, - - , 9 1 , 1 4 "vw k", , i K .W ff af 5. Q: .Y 0 'AW ',... .5 .. f..,,ifw,L,.f:. , ' f . : +asnb X, 5.54.5 f , V,w:.....fff 1' I W. R. Thurlby. M.D. HHTTY VVYIH MD- D. C. Thompson. M.D. J'. E. Boger. M.D. W. H. Flanagan. M.D. J. H. Landers. M.D. Ray Thweat. M.D. M. S. Speer. M.D. A. R. Thompson. M.D- ff NEHJROLOGY K Dennis D. Lucy. Jr.. M.D. Associate Professor and Head John H. Bornhofen. M.D. Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology G. M. Henry. M.D. G. J. Lucas, M.D. S. W. Boellner. M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Pediatrics and Neurology Carl E. Duffy. Ph.D. Robert E. Bowling, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Associate Professor Joseph Bates. M.D. Paul Morgan, Ph.D. A Associate Professor Associate Professor Hilliard Hardin. J' ames Daly. Harry Bertterionn, J ay Ward, Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor 44 M1cRoB1oLocY NEUROSURGERY Stevenson Flanigan. M.D. Professor and Head Surinder Gupta. M.D. 2nd Year Resident 4' ,gy Warren C. Boop. .T r.. M.D. Associate Professor Wilbur Giles. M.D. lst Year Resident OPTHALMQLCDGY ,V -1 w F. T. Fraunfelder, M.D. Calvin Hanna, M.D. Roy Hampton, M.D. John Watkins, M.D. Chairman ?Qsif'?' A X . . i J wh 1, ! , l5fw,?:51fsL5 A ' , , ,, , wa' . ur . - J-,,,i,sf,.g R., ,. ,.,f:,,.g,:,E,sf?4 H '11:,,x,.zfzp.fH2 -- M A, mmm , WM I A 9352.5 K 3 5 'f W., ,mf ,,,!f?if A if M . , --J55"i"1:5? uviluswigg- M.H4ef35f,:seai',,- 2 1 'W w a x1 f f S 0 fun" vi W' 4 U 54 - mx ' Z1 'wth "ia , ,W " I yu. U ' z " 4: 'zu'-Ji? " . ' E '. 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Bowker Associate Professor , xv M 2 MM, Y H u ' A 1 1 .N r . ,fm 1- - 1 1, , 5 .L -1 1 , . , r r -1 . 'w ,W 1 X 1 , 1 1 ' 111'f rw 11 ,1 N . 1 , ,,.,,. ,pw . 1, , .M , , 'Wm - 9515.3 , 1.:w,gg.1x "'3,.,f1',l?V!1v'f'1 X' ' 1 . ' C ' XQMiwkMX5,vtr'f W 1u1':tXf wr J211' 1 1 ww 1 w"--"ww w' , K ' :mfg mrs, o ggfewzzwr H 1 1 1 1' M115 M 1 1 ,rx T1 as 111 s Y 1 f ' 4M'.111v 1 1',Wm11vfQfx fx eff L13QxN: r11:1. 1 " 1,1,pi3s11iN5r ,sr 1 1 1 ' 1 Dr. T. Honghiran 4th Year Resident Dr. J. Thomas 4th Year Resident Dr. Abbas Zand 2nd Year Resident Dr. F. Sutton lst Year Resident . ,g Eg 5 g fssxigsgf. f gg fgiiflf Q! Iggy is i 5 E w Dr. J. P. Alberty Dr. D. Vowell 3rd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident T'-9,11 Dr. C. Barlow Dr. G. D. Woods 2nd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident - 1. 5 gnu - 7 : izinfiefs tri! it if 5 R fra' F ' E 'si ' 3 Z ' I,gji2aQE3enf5!'ggE4!hl1zia35?if5" - 'fi!iliE?e-E E 5 1 L .,.,,i.....2 i" '51f'::':f-Cgfsiiik sz ifhls " Q . ,7..5,11,-gi Eg . girl , 3552 . 2 1 I ii f 1 ez! 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M.D 3rd Year Resident . , - -A .--, .k-.. , XQV. A -f Q' f X- .wkiwwwfmwf x N 3 Q QW A X .. ,z f we ' w. L -px..-Fw-f3i..M.l:X Q We Qt ' i ' Nd www ' J..-mm. . Guy Gross. M.D. 2nd Year Resident - -'GNN .MX X , xg in Q- Ewwem 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident James Hahn. M.D. 2nd Year Resident Virgil Hayden, M.D. N. K. Pal, M.D. Kenneth Weaver. M.D 2nd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident lst Year Resident PATI-IOLOC-Y C- f , f '1' 3.1, Dr. William E. Jaques Dr. Harold J' . White Dr. C. N. Suen Professor and Chairman A Dr. S. A. Kustermann Dr. Olive P. Barlow Dr. Robin R. J' ones 51 vii, g5z:f.i, z5, K 1 55555252ipsgifiikisfifigg JI H NH' 1 ' 7 5 ri H 4 Dr. E. B. Sherman Dr. Carl K. Uyecla Dr. R. F. Carlton i Dr. R. F. Schaefer Dr. H. K. Leaihers 4th Year Resident Dr. C. C. Welch 2nd Year Resident Dr. Sally Holden 4th Year Resident Dr. LaDon Homer Mr. W. Werely ' S 1 E Dr. J'. Se-ay 3rd Year Resident Dr. W. Bridger Dr. W. Atkinson 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident Dr. K. D. Moser Dr. J. H. Golleher Dr- J- D- McConnell lst Year Resident Intern Intern Roger Bost, M.D. Alice Beard, M.D. Professor Professor Professor PEDIATRICS D. H. Berry, M.D. John Bornhofen, M.D. Sam Clements. Ph.D Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Harold Decker, M.D. W. T. Dungan, M.D.: Alexander Fitzhugh. M.D Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Edwin Hughes. M.D. H . ,,, ..,. , A ,P to P T I V, 1-ff?" an zz, we -svllezszz ffm: x - Hfffff - mm , ,, m w i-wi, ' trams 1 f 55 1' fifff 2 A m,: .:, ,L. ,z m,,, .,., P , . A an if on im? Z 9 2,15-EE'iiE7"' ,mm . :Ei-Wax' 'ww i.I12:l. u:: 15,1 i :F 'H 'ISELQ ki .-' ' K riaz f fi' K 4' , -' A ' 1 K , K Rosalind Abernathy, M.D. S. H. Boellner, M.D. J. O. Cooper, M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Bart Danford. Ph.D. M. Joyce Elders. M.D. Vilda H. Gordon. M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Maxine Hinion, Ph.D. M. D. Morris, Ph.D. Roosevelt Brown, D.D.S. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor J' oe Matthews. M.D. Helen Roundtreet M.D. Fellow 3rd Year Resident Isao Sekine. M.D. Alexander Tsiantos 2nd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident Horace Green, M.D. Mohamad Mardini, M.D. lst Year Resident lst Year Resident Cynthia Worrell, M.D. Intern 'ff " if w 5 w, , 4 - 1 1 V "'f" "Av 1 :VA 'A A ,.,, ,. ,.,. , ofwif.ffsf,tgfrw.v,mf " L- 1,.,. ' H AAIA ,. ,,,,,., . ,,.,- ,V 3, -71. 'ff ii rf lnt gilfffif JWAV ' J ' ' S' ,ff 1 .',.' i V f, we f i? aw ririittgei 3-it L':5:tW" 1 wi' H ff .1 1 lfiilffi f ' 2,4 'W , If wg, ,gig Q , fuimrf 5 Mi, 1 w If 1, ,A ,iw AM Ll f. ji- 2 MP3 rim' , 'Htl "if QW! l MY, ' ' 'uf . Q: M ,W ,gm , S ! ip.: M Wifi 5 W H W f iii W, h , -,g,r,.i5Q Stagg 21519, Y ' f f!5?'f , arrnr f M ,H 3 g ,.,,,,' V .gtg 5 f 4 I 2 if ig 1 u s if jf? v ,, 'paul -QQ, ggfl Nik QF: 3 lg u in f, dig ? f5:55'3el.ff? 32' 2 'K S Wwe: tt , M ,Q f ' if' iii? "YH ! 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Reese, M.D. Professor and Chairman ,W A -Qs . -a f fw J -,LA . ! .pig -N' .1565 E -N 3 SJ z5fi9i5::.??, ' 1 H - '-" .5 'fi' PSYCI-HATRY E. ,. x x X X .A i wha X X 'X f A mi' MN f X me 4 Sm Wu 1 551 af "' 1 ' if , 1. R 5- 3 w lil? r mg, 3 L f 'iz if 2. 'P f ' ' r ..', X 'M ill f X Q Q 3 Q R s Eg Q ? Q R if 5 tk . .HQ mMk'g5g! F N 545 21? ' w N x X l YH S 5 we W 4 ' is l gg ing 'sgfglsfs 5 U if X 3.2 K Fred I-linker, M.D. R. Sunclermann, M.D. Lloyd Young, M.D. Travis Tunnell. Ph.D. Sam Clements, Ph.D. . Roscoe DYk111aI1f Ph-11 Sidney Fields, Ph.D. Robert Shannon. M.D. www... W , ., M W E, Ethelyn Brewer. M.D. Walker Goodwin. M.D. 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident Mw,W,,t.taxthMWt" Robert Bryles, M.D. Joseph Backus, M.D. 2nd Year Resident lst Year Resident we K f 2035 gg 971 V is P l ,Q .Wt .,. I .,,. 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Eleanor P. Deed, M.D. John E. Bell. M.D. C. Lea DeLaney. M.D Associate Professor Assistant Professor ASSiS'Can'C P1'0feSSOr P31 Doyne Dodd. Jr.. M.D. Assistant Professor James G. McKenzie, M.D. Assistant Professor O. E. Riggs, M.D. Assist. Professor ,. '- -'1.:g ..i.,-Q I.. 's f ?'ifW5f'.'i"i f Z 5361 IZ! 1 ' X fx X I I' :tf""f ...J Q , 'Q he R. M. Tirman, M.D Assist. Professor Z ,,..a,.l5g,,f. iigflh. iu wsq wil? St 's w . ,,'-gf-f21zi2s!zfs:5a!t ig! Qiwsfi gg- 5 'rst f 'Wag we f . f P f A 1 A lr 152. 2 5 f- Eff' 3325522 mfg ? ki fw-' ' . s-:fn:I.,..:,-vows. .2 . Y -W1 :fi Q2 1 st I ' w e '1 Hiatt X 5 15353 ff? , 4..gmf-2-Qfsfiig-,, 121125 g ' l ' N E., . . F' if E A-riff, K.. ergi' . gk t A ati ii ,. k.,,, , t fx" 2 fs +55 - . . J. S. Garrison, M.D. T- H- Oddie. D-SG Instructor Professor G. V. Dalrymple. M.D. J'. Vandergrift. M.D. C. M. BoYd. M.D. Assoc. Professor Instructor Assist. P1'0feSSOr I. H. G. Matthews, R.T Instructor ' Zfiis... gi Stiffizf.. elif: 2 1555552 ' Km' KY! . - Us.: A - gas: ,r W2 J', .fe 1. Y! .WW . lp 3 .,.., w k. tr . Ugiq t ies., ' fx 5 vs f ,n .. Ms Nt , f I HF UQ. - 5 Q' H ' Mitts, 4. rw ya ' v , s ' 1,31 iigswfsl la Mis.. .,,f .Q HH, lt- H... "3 5-.a V35 mf Mft f R. M. Ashby, M.D. 2nd Year Res. .N gi ' 3? P. J. Kafura, M.D. lst Year Res. -...W E. B. Riddick. M.D. lst Year Res. Ig I E R. L. Fincher. M.D. 3rd Year Res. Aubrey J oseph, M.D. 2nd, Year Res. K. S. Lee. M.D. lst Year Res. fill 'S 4 . '-a . J. L. Royal, M.D. lst Year Res. T. J. Swain, M.D. 3rd Year Res. D. McMillan. M.D. 2nd Year Res. C. W. Nash. M.D. lst Year Res. if iff 3' ,list We 235 3232 'IQ 'lt ' ! 'I . 5- ' L f V 1 'J' sg:fsifiztkl-rsglazfgfff' s affggfglgsgfffsv . ,. ' tr 2 -'ft' ff .. J 1 erawszigi! 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'JRGERY ' , , gee:-ge!-fasifli wallass.:1..Q1aE:.g2sfe1gs1q !:Z!::a-512152.Qlaziaaeg :nf :ami -1555.51:e:.:.::fexie5am3EE4gQ gif-.:.Q.:11-. -sr. 1':.f:21:,vc:3x-..,:e, . 'QQ wxnwhlfvufl ,1i,,,,.,,,,,,,!,n 5 ' W -s:a:.:.z.ef .f ' 'ZT1E'1'izL" -if ka if -I Eff- -.fQggEi85tg,Ig,gf:. 35555:.iqxagsizEiiigaegi5r?g.g!f:p1si22sgg-ff.:e:2z3,at.1'2.gfffi.: , , If ?,1gziggaz2sf1:f'-'fl' ' .1'v5.,s:a.1 5. . ,zg gg-f gfjigggeaya. ' " " 1. , ..f-,, : .:' eh - 'Ti " E: ii s"5.?liE5l!!b1Sg2 2l'!5i':'i:flf1'is:sa 1.53" 3' .::-:su-r -' as may ,-.Mag :qi M-A ' . fl i"-- Efifif' M-fm rf 'E ' 3 1 " M- MW X' Egiixiliix -- m mm ' " ,. , ':Siij! igl iwiM ,. "EER . J WW f Ee- 111, Qgi - QS, an - 5 153. fi . . foils? - My l .. H 'N g1fi....iJ Egg' il wi Nw., ' R. .,,,,. I , " . jg f 'Ei2'1fi". Gilbert S. Campbell. M.D. Fred T. Caldwell, J'r..,M. D. Professor and Chairman Professor H Raymond C. Read, M.D.. Ph.D. Bernard W. Thompson, M.D. Professor Associate Professor G. Doyne Williams. M.D. Assistant Professor Kent C. Westbrook. M.D. Instructor Harry Hayes. M.D. Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery Wesley S. Wise, M.D. Instructor Tom Ahrend. M.D. Chief Resident aw R. E. Casali. M.D. Chief Resident J oe R. Bumgardner, M.D. Chief Resident Kirk M. Smith. M.D. Chief Resident fi 'wi Charles H. Miller. M.D. 3rd Year Resident Ron W. Baggett, M.D. 3rd Year Resident J' . E. Udomsap. M.D. 4th Year Resident J. R. Sellars, M.D. David W. Bevans, M.D. 3rd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident W4 .iq ,x LSD 2 1 im 1' 0 X t . ttii i , ..A . f f 'A Z ' Q mXL , i KLOzmefnt MD JWBean MD V. E.Lyons,Jr.,M.D. , , , . . , , , . . 2nd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident lst Year Resident J. H. Bledsoe, M.D. A. W. Loe, M.D. W, D. Morris, Jr., M.D. lst Year Resident lst Year Resident lst Year Resident N. E. Strickland, M.D. J. B. Weiss, M.D. R, N, Williams, M,D, lst Year Resident lst Year Resident lst Year Resident UROLCDGY J' ack E. Mobley. M.D. William W. Christeson, M.D. Professor and Head Associate Professor and Chief of Urology VAH A tl L. P. Fraiser. M.D. John F. Redman, M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor J. S. D. Sulieman, M.D. Associate Professor X- 1 Alan H. Domina, M.D. Robert M. Black. M.D. Chief Resident Chief Resident A if? N. F. Ferguson, M.D. A. E. Yusufii, M.D. E. W. Williams. M.D Assoc. Resident Assoc. Resident Assist. Resident J. T. Turley, M.D. K. R. Meacham, M.D. Assist. Resident Assist. Resident WWW Dlumyw, H WW A AND N I f- -9' W "-ya J f f 4a ,. f 34 Q TX NN :XX oo 1' .Q Q ':" -. Cy 0.9 4' f 7. F S 2 S ? E s e I E a N ..-.... M,,.....-,,.,..,.............,,.,,-,..........,, ,,.,.0,..M....-.....-L... f...-n 1.-. -W-mum-annum.f-fW4.11mn4.q1n.'f1mfmJrm.w.vmfmnn-1-u 1--Q-an an ww-nur , M-fr V , 'L +:HAwwuaew'amL4:i 11, : -V .fi Q-L 'M-.aff I ' . 3' 1w I Graduates of the senior course in practice obstetrics As in the past tion needed. no cap ff CMA of pyippocrafes . sgswear Ay cfdpollo fAe PAtysician, Ay adescu fapius, xjcygeia, ana! panacea, ans! xg fake wifness fo af! fAe goels, aff ffm cqgcfvlesses, fo A0613 accorchng fo my agihfcy am! my jualgmenf fAe folfowing GMA. Hfje consicfer Jeer fo me as my Parents Aim wfro fenynf me Mis arf, fo live in eemmen wiM Aim enel ifneeessery fo sAare my gooJs WiM liimg fo feed upon lzis cAilalren as my own .4reMers, fo feacA Mem Mis arf if tAety se clesire wiMenf fee or wriffen premise, fo imperf fo my sens anal Me sens ef Me master wne fenynf me anal Me ehseiples ,Me Aave enrelleef Memsefres anal Aave agreeal io Me rufes ef Me prefessien, Auf lo Mese efene, Me preeepis ans! Me insfrnefien. eg wif! Prescrige regimen for Me goocf ef my Paiienfs neeerebny fo my elihfy ana! my jualgment ana! never Jo Aarm io anyone. Ijo Please no one wif! egpreserile ei Jeeelly alrug, nor give aclvice WMM may cause Ais vleafh fur will J give ei wemen e pessery fo pree rrr- e elerfien. 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U niversity of Alabama Medical Center Austin, N. F. ........... ....... U niversity Hospital, Little Rock Baker, Clark M., Jr. .... ................ S t. Johns Hospital, Tulsa Bales, James D. ....... .... W m. Beaumont General, El Paso, Texas Ballard, Clarence E. --- ................ Arkansas Baptist Hospital Beckworth, Dennis D. --- .... University of Oregon Medical Hospitals Bellas, Richard C. .... Bennett, F. A. ...... --------------- Arkansas Baptist Hospital --- University Hospital, Little Rock Bond, John B. ........ ,-....... U niversity Hospital, Little Rock Boozman, Fay W., III Branch, William T. -- Branscum, G. P., Jr. .... .... Browne, Larry E. --- Burnett, Hugh ...... Cargill, George M. --- Claybrook, D. E. --- Clifton, E. C., III --- Cooper, Richard S. .... Council, R. A., Jr. .... --- ............. University Hospital, Little Rock Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, Florida Saginaw Affil. Hospitals, Saginaw, Mich. ---------------- St. Elizabeth, Dayton, Ohio ----- Charity, Tulane Div., New Orleans, La. ----------------------- Ben Taub, Texas ------------ St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa ---- University Hospital, Little Rock -------- Montefiore Hospital, N.Y.C. --- University Hospital, Little Rock Crawford, R. S., III --- ................. USAF Medical Center, Keesler Crittenden, David R. ............ - l..... - University Hospital, Little Rock Davidson, Dennis O. --- Cedar Rapids Affil. Hospitals, Cedar Rapids, Iowa DHVIS, Patrlck L. .................... John Peter Smith, Fort Worth, Texas Davis, Timothy E. ---- ---- University of Alabama Medical Center Dennle, Ronald W. --- ...-......... St. Elizabeth, Dayton, Ohio Derrick, Bobby L. .... Dickinson, R. Jr. .... Eaton, Leslie Kay .... Ethridge, Julian H. --- Farmer, C. A., Jr. ....... Fendley, Herbert F. .... Fergus, Raymond S. .... Fiser, Paul M. ........ Fisher, Robert D. --- Fraser, J. H., Jr. -------- Frederick, David W. ---- Furlong, Lawrence D. ---- Garner, John W. ----- Gibson, Gordon L. --- Gidcomb, Michael L. Guiua, Emil M., Jr. --- Hall, D. W., III ------ --------------------- Ben Taub, Texas ---- Maricopa County General, Arizona ----- University Hospital, Little Rock ---------- St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa --------- St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa --- University of Chicago Clinics ------------- Methodist, Memphis ----------- Wm. A. Shands, Florida ---- University Hospital, Little Rock --- University Hospital, Little Rock --- Lancaster General Hospital, Pa. --------- Good Samaritan, Phoenix ---- L A County USC Medical Center ---- Kansas City, General, Missouri ------- Methodist Hospital, Dallas -.. ------ St. Elizabeth, D'ayton, Ohio --------- University Hospital, Little Rock Hall, Ray H., Jr. ------ --------------- C incinnati General Hospital Hardin, Alvin Scott -.-- ---- E mory University Hospital, VA, Georgia Harper, David L. ----- ------------------ S t. Johns Hospital, Tulsa Hawkins, James M. --- ---------------- City of Memphis Hospital Hendrickson, R. O. --- --- St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa Herring, Grady F. -- Hill, R. B., Jr. .,.... Hooper, Anthony C, ..-.. - ..,-,.r,.,, - lnlow, Charles W. -- Johnson, Doyle R. --- --- Jones, Edwin C. --- Jones, John C. ...r J unkin, A. Bruce .... King, Ivan A. r.-.. Knott, Michael M. -- Laman, Edward N. - Latourette, Harry H. Lee, Allen R. ..... - .... Markland, Gary S. .... Markland, L. A. .... McGowan, Robert J. McKinney, Carl N. ..,. McMillin, Fitten L. - - ................ Baylor University Medical Center ---- Memorial Medical Center, Corpus Christi, Texas Maricopa County General, Arizona - .r...l..s....... University Hospital, Little Rock Memorial Medical Center, Corpus Christi, Texas ---------------- University Hospital, Little Rock --- .,s. ..----- ,.... Johns Hopkins Hospital, Md. ---- San Diego U. S. Naval Hospital ---- - ,...,, Charles S. Wilson, Memphis - ------.-- ....,,, Parkland Memorial, Dallas ---- ---- Emory University Hospital VA, Georgia --- .,...,........... St. John Hospital, Tulsa -- .... --- University Hospital, Little Rock --- University Hospital, Little Rock -- --- University Hospital, Little Rock ---- -- ,..s....... St. Vincent, Little Rock - ,..,.... University Hospital, Little Rock -- --- University of Minnesota, Minneapolis lVlCNair, William R. .... .s,-..- U niversity Hospital, Little Rock Merritt, James M. --- . s,.......... Pensacola Educ. Prog. Mittelstaedt, C. A. --- --- ........ Methodist Hospital, Dallas Nelson, Carole A. ...L --- Brooks General, San Antonio, Texas Noble, Chester A. ,.... ....s, , - .s,...... Charity Tulane Div. Patterson, Jack T, .... Payne, Robert K. ...... Pettit, Paul N., Jr. - Potts, Jerry L. s..... Presley, Jimmy C. --- Pullig, Thomas A. -- ..,.,....., -- Reding, David L. ...... Rostenberg, Peter O. --- Russo, Vincent R. ...., Sharp, James D. ....... Shoemaker, Larry D. Singleton, Louis G. .... Sisco, Kenneth L. ..r.. Spades, Sebastian A. --------- John Peter Smith, Texas ---- University Hospital, Little Rock -- ---- ,.s....... Charity Tulane Div. --- University Hospital, Litttle Rock --------- St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa St. Elizabeth, Dayton ---- University Hospital, Little Rock -------- Harlem Hospital, N.Y.C. ---- Highland General, California --- ..,, Kaiser Found, California --- ---- ....... St. Elizabeth, Dayton, Ohio --------- University Hospital, Little Rock ---- University of Alabama Medical Center ---- ------------- St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa Speer, Hoy B., Jr. ..... ..... U niversity Hospital, Little Rock Staggs, Joe D. ...... Stainton, Robert M. --- Stubbs, William R. ---- --- ----,,-- --- Studdard, James D. --- Sykes, Robert R. ------ Talley, Herman A. -- --- University Hospital, Little Rock ---- University Hospital, Little Rock Medical Center, Georgia ------ Tripler Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii --- Wm. Beaumont General, El Paso, Texas ---- ------------ University Hospital, Little Rock Thomason, Sara J. M. --- ----------------------- ----- Charity La. Div. Warren, Fredric H. ---- ---- U. S. Air Force Medical Center, Wilford Hall Whittle, James L. --- ----- . ----- ---- U niversity Hospital, Little Rock Wiggins, C. E. ------- ------------------ P arkland Memorial, Dallas Williams, Jacob M. --- ------------- University Hospital, Little Rock Davis, Gary Don ---------- ---- Pensacola Educ. Prog., Pensacola, Florida Dillard, Daniel ---------------- Hillcrest Medicl Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma Hahn, Dora -------- William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute, Columbia, S. C. Kallmeyer, John ------------ Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma Olaimey, Amil N. --------------------- -. University Hospital, Little Rock Nauss, Lee A. -------- University of Arkansas Medical Center, Little Rock IN MEMORIAM "My name and my place and my tomb, all forgotten, The brief race of time well and patiently run, So let me pass away, peacefully, silently, Only remembered by what I have clone. " Bonar Dr Theodore C. Panos Pedlatrlcs ,, 's Q wo ,M is s iiisi The physician has long stood as a source of mystery and Wonder to the young. With time and education, much of the mystery will Waneg Yet, the Wonder of medicine will grow and hence is born a new physician. J. E. Alexander. M.D Harrison, Ark. Uni. of Ark. L. F. Anderson, M.D. Lonoke, Ark. SCA A. C. Arnold. M.D. Hope, Ark. Uni. of Ark. N. F. Austin. M.D Blytheville, Ark. Uni. of Ark. C. M. Baker. M.D Paragould, Ark. Hendrix J. D. Bales. M.D. Searcy, Ark. Harding C. E. Ballard, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Hendrix D. D. Beckworih. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of Ark. R. C. Bellas, M.D. N. Little Rock, Ark. UALR i 2. fi ' gfsfw . , .... 'ttt g , ' , ' f - -v Y' ::.f5,j, ' K A fflifff f . . f f ifjj - f 'I '3 f. 'HW f K L 5:5955 Jff.u5?!fff!5ff7 I g . L,.,, ' ,f,.f5ff., ,... . " ,fy Eg 43 F' ' T55 ' Vafff . . 'f-asa. ' 1 .Wi in fa.. -a H ,, 5,1 'nf 1 . 1 z V- gr, W 5 ,::. .521 E I1 56 2 Us F . E . ' i . sa if 'I 3 , 1 L K .32 F. A. Bennett, M.D. Magnolia, Ark. Southern State I. B. Bond, M.D. Hot Springs, Ark. Uni. of Ark. F. W. Boozman, M.D. Fort Smith, Ark. Hendrix wsfyifi- fi 4: if we gig A ' T47 , -Ji' 'Ein - :gi W. T. Branch, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. UALR G. P. Branscum, M.D Little Rock, Ark. UALR L. E. Brown, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. UALR H. F. Burnett, M.D. Pine Bluff, Ark. Tulane G. M. Cargill. M.D. Piggott, Ark. Ark. State Uni. D. E. Claybrook. M.D. Paragould, Ark. gf C. E. Clifton, M.D. Holly Grove, Ark. Southwestern R. S. Cooper, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of Penn. R. A. Council. M.D. Fort Smith, Ark. Washington 8a Lee R. S. Crawford. M.D. Houston, Texas Uni. of Ark. D. R. Crittenden, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Hendrix Dennis Davidson, M.D Conway, Ark. Hendrix G. D. Davis. M.D Hatfield, Ark. Uni. of Ark. P. L. Davis. M.D. Pocahontas, Ark. Ark. State T. E. Davis. M.D Altheimer, Ark. Uni. of Ark. R. W. Dennie. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. UALR B. L. Derrick. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of Ark. R. D. Dickinson, M.D. DeQueen, Ark. Uni. of Ark. ,.k, " 'TL A E f' W :ff NW M ' krrl A A ,tkk r,.. it ,r,. ,, ,r.k , .k, k ,.. , .zrrl ig. 'N . inf -as . , ,. X r A kk 1211- , , :rf-Mt ,ffm ez V fi r A f 1 iw, we trr1 1e:,.:,-iw, , W. ,, , ii ,..,:w Wmxf, f ,.,, I fi , Q Wan wggxxmgf i w,.f,M.eW"' A 1 f , .1 xf at , 5 3 ff ,ef fer .Qs r - 4 , ,, as? ii i . Arla' f . ,.,,55mn, i .E v U, 14,123 1 I -i ' fflfi- , -fiim 1.5 M x Lag AH' v5 D. C. Dillard, M.D. Texarkana, Ark. Hendrix L. K. Eaton, M.D. Paragould, Ark. Uni. of Ark. J. H. Efthridge, M.D Conway, Ark. SCA C. Farmer, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Arkansas Tech H. F. Fendley. M.D Leslie, Ark. Uni. of Ark. R. S. Fergus, M.D. Osceola, Ark. Vanderbilt P. M. Fiser. M.D. Russellville, Ark. Hendrix R. D. Fisher. M.D Little Rock, Ark. UALR J. H. Fraser, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Hendrix ,.l l 1: A 'ilf E 3" 555525 ' D. W. Frederick. M.D. Toville, Ark. Hendrix L. D. Furlong. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. St. Thomas College J'. W. Garner. M.Du Hot Springs, Ark. Uni. of Ark. G. L. Gibson, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Bethany M. L. Gidcombr, M.D Hot Springs, Ark. Hendrix E. M. Gullia. M.D. Jonesboro, Ark. Ark. State D. E. Hahn. M.D. Little Rock, Ark Uni. of Ark. O. W. Hall. M.D. Benton, Ark. Uni. of Ark. R. H. Hall. M.D. Jonesboro, Ark. Ark. State A. S. Hardin, M.D. Camdefn, Ark. Ouachita D. L. Harper. M.D. Hot Springs, Ark. Uni. of Ark. J. M. Hawkins, M.D N. Little Rock, Ark. UALR R. O. Hendrickson. M.D Conway, Ark. SCA G. F. Herring. M.D. El Dorado, Ark. Uni. of Ark. R. B. Hill. M.D. Pine Bluff, Ark. Hendrix A. C. Hooper, M.D. Jonesboro, Ark. Ark. State C. W. Inlow. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. D. R. Johnson, M.D Magnolia, Ark. Southern State E. C. Jones. M.D. Mablevale, Ark. Uni. of Ark. J. C. Jones. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Vanderbilt A. B. Junkin. M.D Little Rock, Ark. Hendrix J. L. Kallrneyer. M.D Little Rock, Ark. Tusculum College I. A. King, M.D. N. Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of Ark. M. M. Knott. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Hendrix E. N. Laman, M.D. N. Little Rock, Ark. Baylor C. H. Latouretie Jonesboro, Ark. Ark. State A. R. Lee. M.D. Hot Springs, Ark. Uni. of Ark. s .... were I i Hi ,1 Q M., E xx fi! saw. if G? G. S. Markland. M.D Little Rock Ark. Um of Ark L. A. Markland. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. UALR R. J'. McGowan. M.D. Litle Rock, Ark. UALR C. N. McKinney, M.D. E1 Dorado, Ark. Hendrix F. L. McMi11in. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of the Sorth W. R. McNair, M.D. Fayetteville, Ark. Uni. of Ark. .EQ 5. , u Q QE 2' E., ', Q J'. M. Merritt. M.D. Searcy, Ark. Ark. State C. Mittelsiaedt. M.D Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of Ark. L. N auss. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. UALJR C. A. Nelson. M.D. Arkadelphia, Ark. Ouachita C. A. Noble. M.D. E1 Dorado, Ark. Uni. of Ark. A. N. Olaimey, M.D Little Rock, Ark. Vanderbilt a' g 5 m f ?'i!3E?35j2?3i 3? Www s H 9 5 'SE gi V . H , 159' 12 'Vg Q'-I Q as , mm E' :fmfff :ffsf iff: .1 1 ' iw I 5!'?5:?'f!'5'12?f'!'f!''Q ' 'W 'T ' E 4 Q? . IP: ' A m E , iff zfui esac iff Mei" '1, imgffftiim' Q 5555 t fgglfgfgefawiwgf . Sig? ' f5zg wK,WQgt..- .5 V -1 t ajsii .'f-:-1, , 1 :ff f? . 'A gag tm q Srff:.' -- "LL mglg,.1fWf'r1 mi ..,.,,., ff. ,.,,. .-... ., ,. . 2 ew mmm :eQ:'?s,w' as N. fifffii f:16sffezi4:.,:e1f:'u wfvS't' 2. J. T. Patterson. M.D Clarksville, Ark. Col. -of the Ozarks R. K. Payne, M.D. Jonesboro, Ark. Ark. State P. N. Pettit, M.D. Hughes, Ark. Memphis State 3 ul J. L. Potts. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. UALR J. C. Presley. M.D Bentonville, Ark. Bethany T. A. Pullig, M.D. McNeil, Ark. Southern State David Reding, M.D4 Fort Smith, Ark. Uni. of Ark. Peter Rosienberg. M.D Hot Springs, Ark. Uni. of Ark. Vincent Russo, M.D. Oakland, Calif. Uni. of Ark. E l 5 . James Sharp. M.D. Prairie Grove, Ark. Uni. of Ark. L. D. Shoemaker. M.D. Litle Rock, Ark. Olivet College L. G. Singleton. M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Ark. Tech. E! ,,,.,, . if '5 4 . Ji' r E 'mln -F I W T! - . E -I 53 El ' E K ..,. 5 ,HM .A., ,M ..., , , .,,. - f if QW Kenneth Sisco, M.D. Springdale, Ark. Washington Uni. S. A. Spades, M.D. Walnut Ridge, Ark. Hendrix H. B. Speer, M.D. Osceola, Ark. Ouachita V! .W.. ,. 77 J. D. Staggs. M.D. Fort Smith Ark. Ark. Tech. R M Stamton Jr MD Llttle Rock, Ark. UALR W. R. Stubbs, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of Ark. James Studdard. M.D Pine Bluff, Ark. Ouachita R. R. Sykes, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Ouachita H. A. Talley. M.D. Magnolia, Ark. Southern State S. J. Thomason. M.D Warren, Ark. Hendrix F. H. Warren, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of Ark. J. L. Whittle, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of Ark. C. E. Wiggins, M.D. Little Rock, Ark. Uni. of Ark. J M W1111ams MD Paragould Ark Un1 of Ark Say you got hold of some bad stuff - did ya! The typical response by a senior medical student to Dr. Qiumby's behavior in the operating room l KNQW 1F1fiT HQRD Womc NEVER HURT QNYBODY, K -UBUT IM N5l' -l5KiNG EANY QEIISCES " school - the boy's had to work for Is my fly really open? You can bet this picture was taken before 2 :30! I 1 - It must show somewhere in this bio-chemistry book how to get to "The John Hopkins." How about a 11tt1e herma opera t1on'7 Hell - I thought you were going to sew up the episotomy. A . it H Q 9 i x K . i I If . i ' 1 .Q 5,2,w'I'X'I:"'IH'fQ" . 1 ' It I+ . 5 Xijwegggx wka X. Q 'X ' :f .:.. ,iv 21 f- ii' :E I, 1:15, -EW, ' ii-5 ' 1 g - . . K' S . . 5 1--1 L flxww-xmahimb1aax+:gsxiss.s -L w - - ,. 'I Vg y -wwqgqqxinw -- Z Xmffxebifi Q N, -- - x - fi. 1 -'1ff?v'Q:2I5ifwh,,, . . ., M ' - i - to i ik - - XMS52 I I A339 . .wvzgm M Wm My 1 It PSE ' V Q I S M.,f1+1,Q1 I - - I I think anesthesology is just great! Interns sleep when they can. , ..... CLIPANDSAVE. ..---. LOW COST,SAFE, LEGAL PREGNANCY IN NEW ORLEANS SCHEDULED IMMEDIATELY I504I 865-7711, Ext. 7582 Professional Pregnancy Service "Service With A SmiIe" There is no fee for our service. All those interested in retaking' the physi- ology national boards meet at Pecks tomor- row at 5:30. Sincerely, John Whitney, Ph.D.X2 x I K M iF '11 if V55 51 'ig-:'3gf,e ,,., Vw "Lily-fslfz'ff'7fWm- f 35,351eMfg,,fwi:.,a:: , fd, -J,' n,,.k .4 ,IU , U - 'j..f:Xce11-bywX4,,Zgf.:?Q,.L3s'55sa. f A15Wy'1':'A'lI"q fj3Z,2'31QZXjEf, . wi uf :1,.1sC.1. W,- , I . ,A MK, , l,,L x Q ,VH , v ' Z ' s, '-fi3f7f'i5viTf5Sf5k1f fu' If 1 E, 12 f 5g,415213f1:,2R-fzhsmypgffiii W, . -' t .wg ' ,Q-fgj ., f , . 1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Tom Headlee Vice President: Mike Crouch Secretary-Treasurer: Jim Wolfe Honor Council Representatlves Larry Dobbs Tom Robinson Student Council Representatives Charles Spann Charles Sullivan SAMA Representatives Stoney Anderson Tom Polk John Anderson Little Rock Rupert Anderson Arkadelphia Stoney Anderson Fayetteville Scotty Andrews Hope Bob Asfpell Little Rock Blake Berry Fort Smith Roger Bost Little Rock .T im Bozeman Hamburg Dale Calhoun Little Rock Gary Cole! Little Rock Mike Crouch Springdale Reggie Cullorn Wilson Linda Deere Little Rock John Dobbs N. Little Rock Larry Dobbs Benton Leland Dodd Fort Smith Notlce here the two large soft tissue masses extendmg bxlaterally Ric Doss Russellville Rick Doss Ft. Worth, Texas Don Dunn Little Rock Ed Eaton Little Rock Dave Edmiston Fayetteville Mike Elliott Little Rock Bruce Ellis Stephens Ronnie Erwin Magnolia J ack Fendley Leslie Becky Flowers Little Rock Mike Futrell Little Rock Bill Galloway Clarksville Terry Green N. Little Rock Rogers Griffith Little Rock Bill Harrison Helena Tom Headlee Searcy Robert Henderson Magnolia Steve Hodges Little Rock Ron Holt Little Rock Ron Jackson Jonesboro The AFB-TV Game of the Week gm We spent countless hours attempting to master the use of Medicine's complex equipment. Terry Jefferson Little Rock Larry Johnson Little Rock Robert Johnson Little Rock Steve Jones Magnolia Richard Jordan Sheridan Alfred Kahn Litle Rock Sue Keathley Little Rock Wayne Kendall Harrison Merlin Kilbury Little Rock Joe King Nashville Tom Koehler Little Rock Sandy Ladage Fort Smith Don Lum Blytheville Frank Ma Litle Rock Rick Martin Fort Smith George Mayer Highpoint, N.C. J im McCoy Star City John McIntyre Pine Bluff Dan McKinney ' Paragould Don Meachum Royal Oak, Mich Paul Meier Saginaw, Mich. Frank Minirth Leachville Mike Moody Salem Doug Moore Tulsa, Okla. Grossly outsized and outnumbered, all she can do is SCREAM. The bed pan's not for herg it's for me. I can't leave the room. Eight ball - side pocket. Doyle Morrison N. Little Rock Lynn Norman Magnolia Pat O'Donne11 Gravette Kathy Payne Magnolia Don Pennington Clarksville Richard Peterson Springdale Tom Polk Waldo Mary Louise Powell Conway I J oe Rainwater Fayetteville C. B. Rebsamen Fort Smith Bob Reese Little Rock Tom Robinson Conway Hank Rogers Fayetteville Rex Ross Conway J im Russell Warren Bruce Sanderson Jonesboro,,,.,n las "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." - Keats Auscultation of the Resident's call room revealed friction rub and a loud murmur associated with a thrill. K , Z5fiizl. l 3 Sam Scroggins Harrison Paul Shellabarger Little Rock John Simpson El Dorado John Smith Morrilton Greg South N. Little Rock Charles Spann Little Rock Davis Spurlock Gould Allen Stallings Morrilton Maurice Stephens Little Rock Charles Sullivan Wynne Steve Tilley Arkadelphia Ginger Todd Cabot Harold Vonk Little Rock Tom Wallace Mena Larry Watkins Hamburg Mary Ann Williams El Dorado Jim Young Arkansas City Sandy Young Little Rock :Ania Davie RQQNOXNB Ki-f '4-EQ Games al PR. l-aug Elhifsg Jack! '-'luagsnug C CQSSQ 2 Shklbwlclkg "nl N319 Bu-vs of 532 f ,,,,...4....! N-ot Pictured: R. P. Moon Little Rock J' im Wolfe Little Rock N.- ur X 5 -5 . Ai, in Q16 E 3 'n , s I ' , ,, ' ' ' 'f??'5llfGYEf . - r : ,ggily f-1:g,,,5:m5g5g,ga win'-wiwfk, qw-1 . . W ' L f Z QW 3 f22fff.ifii?' , , - 1 , CAT .. f 3 R K A .eggg5,21z'"g55ii2E!fE22i!?zi552- -xQ!fsE4!g2s2?zG2!' fu Q Qglm ,A -,.g-,,4.g,g,,, '- W -425:22 istsgsiaiiiiilaia-2? ' 2eiw2wf2:1s.' i in Ahrens, Robt. Mt. Home Allen. E. L. Little Rock Allen. L. B. Corning Barnhill, J. San Francisco Battles, L. D. Newport Billings, C. Tulsa, Okla. Black. J ohn Crossett Bowers. John Jonesboro Brown. C. W. Little Rock Burton. James Hot Springs Campbell, D. W. Forrest City Chandler, R. Magnolia im 'r . S E21 ' ldifiiliif ' M , ws, ir My . ini iii , 'Q 2 .""w,- isis' W 0-1-fi gf. ,- 5:0 . N' 2 A "iq,kgUi3w 'L " . 1, 'Hz sill, Q In fu H gi .I Q 1 z P . 2 it? km, w f N5 ww, ,, "So far, so good?" 'Jil 2E"i. .ei n.,. sc in WWA, 'z lk h Cherry, J'. F. Benton Chowning. J. Pine Bluff Clardy, W. F. Hot Springs Cogburn, B. E. Fort Smith Collier. .T on Stout Spur Cooper, Curt Eureka, Cal. Cranford. H. Heber Spgs. Crumpler, T. Magnolia Denekel. W. A. W. Memphis Dickins, J. Pine Bluff Doss. Larry N. Little Rock Driver, M. C. Little Rock Elkins. James El Dorado Ellison. E. T. Texarkana Eubanks. Robt. Little Rock Ewing. Jon R. Arkadelphia Fairchild. W. N. Little Rock Farrell. Rohi. Little Rock Filbeck. Joe Little Rock Finnegan. R. N. Little Rock F.A.L.C. eats anything. Sophomore Class Officers President: James Miller Vice President: Charles Hof Flynn, B. L. Carlisle Fore, Robert McCrory Fortson, W. E. Little Rock Gardial, R. Pine Bluff Gardner. J. L. Little Rock Garland, L. D. Arkadelphia Goodman. R. C Fort Smith Greenberg. P. L. A., Calif. Greenway. C. D Paragould Hall. R. Witt Little Rock Hargis, J. L. Morrilton Harris, H. F. Wynne Secretary-Treasurer: Paul Greenberg Harris, R. M. Fort Smith Hearnsburgeir, J. Little Rock Hodges, Gary Little Rock Hof. Charles Simi, Calif. Hoffman. Carl Fayetteville Johnson. P. Little Rock J ohnson. S. L. Leachville J ones, Jackson Harrell J ordan, H. J. Jonesboro nik. r 9. 1 5 i f if 3? f Mit, ' e 5: I gill? S GLIIM' :gli fly fl it , 5' Wil' P6 ft flip .E 1 I' , - no V if ffl! grill 'l 'N nu P ff B: 'N lf f5:,,,:,, f 'fn fs .Fu- i ' fun ., , Une . , ,- V ...Mm - A . 1Q'2fif ., 1l'. . fi 1 i i'Zff!ffMfQms'W H-3'-':f...'5is' .fp1f ,, lwsfflblwa YNY " '-" ..h7:,1'fQ.r,f.Q3,7 L ... f ir 1' is fsf - ' my + 'i f ., , 2-rfafl.- "'f'7ifwiv'ff" , I 'L 'H ' " t ffffv- f ai'Q.'r,55L' : fa F-f .. . I X Q. -v,- t r 5. 'fx erm. gg, L, 'L f g, Q A' .ffr-:"s gm wf 'f 1 , P: ' -A 1 A " 1g'?::,:,W,IkWr l Q fr? "A third nipple is an anomal Anally fixated . . . my ass! Lang. Nick P. Little Rock Laufgraben. S. New York Lawrence, Robt Little Rock Mackey. M. G. Little Rock Malott. J. D. Little Rock Mason. Lindy Little Rock Maxwell. Jon Searcy McBryde, W. C. Paragould McChrisiian. P. Mulberry McClain. M. E. Piggott McGaughey. A. Paragould McGuire. S. A. Wynne McMillan, J. Mena McPherson, R. Pocahuntas Meredith. P. D. Crossett Merrell. W. E. Benton Milam. C. C. Conway Miller. James Lonoke Money, W. D. Little Rock Morse, .T im C. Rogers Nall, Linda A. Little Rock Ohlen, Alfred Little Rock Padberg. F. T. Little Rock Pilcher, M. T. Little Rock One shot and I'm good for the whole day! . 'WN K-iff-JJ", it fi' if ' QQ, H I l me ff L , ,Q 'L bf' n ffff ' s , : -A f 'W' f 1"55fiv'f ' fiff3'f:'?5i5?i55f19ff5'5W- 2559951K'QFffaf7ff5!1ffIg'5 J ' - X u ' ' 'EQ -- A vffssfffafszszssszxzl B em: , Hifff: liigfmiiieiifaa.. ' ' V t,,M.ggf. gf. ' F ,,. 9' ' r. 1 3911r:fiE.i?i:?f'ii?5213 ' " ..,... . . W,,11.L ,. XR ml xx . 1..Q Sl ...ez ff,.. .,., - fzzffsms-QV 4' 1 xzzsssfzfzsxtz 'ff i 5 ,5 5 l , if S S w ws C wig Q MS: is V 5 es I F2 We 'VW We-H-rf' -5,0 A ...te I Postma. G. S. Denver, Colo. Power. David Springdale Ragsdill. R. Little Rock Reynolds. R. Searcy Riner. Dan M. Little Ro-ck Roberts. David N. Little Rock Rolniak. W. A. Fayetteville Rusher. A. H. Brinkley Sarlin. .T on New York Schonberg, A. New York Schreiffler, D. Little Rock Shaddox, S. T. Harrison He really believes we are interested in venereal disease in the horse. Shaw, David L. Little Rock Sizemore, W. A. Magnolia Stallings, .Toe Morrilton Stewarft. David Little Rock Taggart. Sam Augusta Thompson. Greg Calif. Townsend. T. E. Pine Bluff Wade, Bill K. Wilton Wartord, W. R. N. Little Rock Watkins. John Little Rock Williams. S. B. Little Rock Word, Jamesn L. Searcy Q . ..,. MW f 2 f 131 .21 1. - .. .. . ,..,. 1 ". , 5' 1. 2-'flif-33' fm, 11? 131 . . -f-53.11. 1 'wx 1 Q55 51,1 21 0' 11. 8 1: 1' fi: 11 mn 1 .1191 , A 7,21 11fE??1 ' 1 , fr 1 ' wit if ,Q s 1 , If 1.1, iv 55111 111 1 11" 1 W .11 1 355511, J Q 'ikivflgzfigi Em' Q , W I. 1, Nm" i' fi ' ' 5.11. ..151'f'5' 1 5 1. 16111-11112 .r 132. 1 2' 4'x'13I1.If1 1.1-155.91 ' . I ' ' 7' ."Vf5fif'.iE: "'i is .',1' ,X .1.' if '-2" ff sie t 1 Q !.15f1.::.1'r.-...f-1-1 'S 1 .ff 4 1 ,,- .3 1. nm' 1 ,-,, 1 11' 1, ,,,. i. 1,1 , .. 1: f-. f 11. .... 1. ,.,,.1 1 11.1.11 ,,., M511 ,,.,1gg1 1 ' Q.. .y55fZf14fI'J5,.::. 1-1 ., "lay KM Qles 1 .1 1.41. 1, . - 5? JW 'X' A ll 1 if' fr' 15131 '1s'glUuQ fix I 1 1 1 LF: 6 1 D .1 N : 111,21 .Q A 9212531 Y l , 1 l 1 ' will ' Y ' l g fig, 1' ,' ' -11 " I 1 1 5' 1 sw "' 1 1 I 1 5? 1 1 111111 1 M1 11. 5 1,511 ' fit li? 5 'f , 11. , 1 1 l it ti' M 1,5 1 A 1 1 Pl' A MW ,B1 11 1 1 W 1. ...,., -,.. ,. w ..,, 1 3 W -- 1.11111 , 1 1 11:1 111..-51557, 1. iili if 3 9 WW. ..... , .... ,W WW 1:1 W1' 1-afeff 21151 1 l 5 ' 6 1 E 2 ff ? Q F H always eat in my room!" They said I was out to lunch, but I Joe Abrams Davey Allen Roland Anderson "I never thought it look- E , my H. .s ,.,,. .L ,.M,,1. l1,,f'l,f ed hke that!" Paul Baxley .Tim Pat Bell Dennis Berner Dick Berryhill Keith Ashcraft Ronald Baker ,. ff, .mis wifi, L 2 w S .ns 1 W ! .5 ,H 'ii z .' if vf'-ffffil s '3- ., 'v- 'lilfig .,.,.Tgg5 W lg,,i1,.m 337921 fm ah - w-"-xr: :z .li All in!! V:-zfffggg tli ,i H "Q flygfln A: 5' IW, - :gk ,L ,f ,1!5i':17 "E- ..mfiyegizgffGisfbr'2 11 if -f-W. we QL .Hu - W1f:!f:sf52WflQ' ,mf Iv I' F W f y ffifflf . W. fl, -I H 'Q1-...H Je' smf,:5 f'f'i!J iv ,f 'f V ' P my pail' . if lf., , M, ,W ., .. , w - EK:fz::,Hw Q ,, ,X Mm' ss x f SB S,f:,:Qf,'I 52151 . ill? W s 1. W wifi' 5555 551 5 ef M: s 'Ellie All W 'lf f Q 1 ?flf!2wffll5ll!l 1255131 Lflzfr'-iie ifi 'ss' fn - 1 f 5'?L1':'?if'159fv ' gg Qi " -E ' 'i5f1fff!5 , z . . - an-fl' 'J'35351ff,5zfiE??Wffz.:j' f,,,.. ew " Wliilwzqr ff2:'f12'fx, 5 , ,vs 3 5 Le, 35 ,-13,5 ' v- -17, z . zz, In , :. ..:,1 Jigga H-'ll uni, ll? L ,1 fl . ,, 5,1 X , 155345, K v 'Ill qw, x ' l yr lf-4 l I ,K 5 ' Sgr? Qu' L ,Q if s I . ll 'Sli H 'li 'vm 'ff f S Q 9 235, , img-" gfsgkfff ' g 1 ,.ll ,I .. , ,ff 1 Q A 'a,, ills K. fl , , f: l,f,.f,l ' 1 'f GQE L -Aiff k 1 . 1- .:!,hgw,s Jpm,L,L X 5 z 5., J,,,f,,:,l ,5,, ,FW,.. l x. .' 1 I .2 I' Some people are so cool they don't need sleep. Jay Brainerd John Bryan "I barely got accepted because of school regulation against students th wear glasses." J. K. Buchman Bill Burgess Richard Burneii Melanie Cable Rickey Carson Carol Chaney a at If you think they're crazy now, just give 'em three more years. Joe Clements Kent Coleman Carroll Corbell Noble Daniel John Daniels Glenn Davis Shirley DesLauriers Bill Dudney Mike Duke 1 Richard Dunn . rol Chappell " mf-fs..,.gg ' " 5, if wiffgggygif-ff if 55.114 'f'f:-25555 ' .,, -. if" . 1 11, 9,-W .. Z 'Ji ily 'E ' I na J 1 .rkk 'S J i 'fm' IJZVEQ., M 5 55 f -Q 3 H .-1, fw- L ?i ib '?3. f5Wf9:? ' iff :L . , .. LH My fl 'Q kg, .:' 1 xii: ' ff e. ' Li5': 1... , 33,'f fi .,1..,?, ,m. A-nrJ 5 Lee Foresiiere Biff Fouke Eric Fraser l Steve Freeman Carl Garner Fred George gb I ii' ew' ,l I "There's a hair in my beer! !" Ira Gershner My God' I ve lost my left eye Pat Glbson Bill Goodin Maurice Graham Steve Graves Rodney Griffin David Hall Harold Haller Ronald Hardin Gary Harper Linda Haynie Chrissy Henry Dick Henry Mike Hillis Tom Hoffman Torn Hollis J' oe Howe Bob Humphreys "How many arms was that you needed Dr. Frankenstein?" S52 s 1.5-1 5' Sv Ji 'lv H sig'-Q Q Tommy Love Mickey Kieniz Jerry Krofi Greg Krulin John Huskins Don Jackson Rod Jamison Christina Jefferson Tom Jefferson Joe Johnson Bob J ohnsion John J ucas John Lowe "Just between you and me, I have a weird feeling that my cadaver doesn't like what I'm doing." Bonnie Lynch Robert Manis Martha McCoy M. F. McFarland Bill Meredith Joe Mizelle Arl Van Moore Miken Murphy Rick Nestrud Geogre Norton Cindy Orsburn Freshmen win football championship. Pat Osam Louise Pinson i "I've always been fascinated by naked bodies." Richard Portis Ronnie Reese Skip Reid Charles Ridgley J im Russell J' im Rutherford J an Scruggs Les' Sessions Bruce Smith Byron Smith John Smith Walt Stallings Doug Stroud Steve Tackett Marsha Taggart Mike Tedder Nancy Timmons Sharon Warren Faber White Phil White Steve Whited Bob Williamson , Harold Wilson Not Plcturedz G, MCG-few Paul Wilson S. Peebles R. Schraiz M. Selby Robert Wilson Bill Wright L E lL 5 Mike Young It's your job. 7 W 0 x GRGANIZATIGN Z Xx ff xiii, '14 Xivgb xg , w x x 7 ,J i4W I O WS fi , . A CADUCEUS Van Melson Faculty Advisor Mrs. Margaret Hipp Secretary Dennis Davidson John Garner Co-Editors and Co-Business Managers Coleman Driver Photographer Charles Parsons Pharmacy STAFF l gs! 3 James Hawkins R. P. Moon John Collier Doug Stroud Senior Medicine Junior Medicine Sophomore Medicine Freshman Medicine ASSOCIATE Nursing Sue Atkinson Linda Cooper X-Ray Technology Medical Technology w Q 1 1 . vi ,c,- in 3356.2 3 S enlcn rw! , 1 , X -iei ' " Eiliwf EDITORS 1 iff' .515 1 -,X K , 1 i , A Dental Hygiene 'EEZ' 153133 Ei? i Sill' 9 if gy 5' 1, li! V Ml , li ' ' 1 I V ' 3 t M 1 1 1 i ' 'iw . 39 tang! , 3, ' i ,NNN Q'?,,,, 1 X51 M ky in Richard Luben Graduate MEDICCD STAFF 1970 71 Chet Noble - Editor William Swail Razorback Pharmacist Editor Perry Shock Ernie Yeager 51: John J ones - Sports Ed1tor Carole Nelson Reporter Pharmacy Assouate Echtors Marcie Warren A , , -1- H: a, P . 5.155 W. 1 V X xx 1 .M we gg . W li ,WK sm Q my mi, W , W ,M W: W in , Iii itil NEWS ' ' ' 3 'ff 1 1 I tt 17 W W e ,- 2 X R STUDS ORGANIZATIGNAL ACTIVQTI Tell me you love me tonight - tomorrow we may Basketball at UAL both be sober West Orgamzers AMERICAN MEDICAL WOMEN,S ASSOCIATICN J I ,Q Qs. ,,,,,4,7g 'df L: .V '41, From L to R, front row: Cindy Orsburn, Bonnie Lynch, Shirley K. DesLauriers, Melanie Cable, Carol Chaney, Carol Chappell, Bobbie Flynn. Back 'rows Chrissy Henry, Christine Jefferson, Jane Thomason, Linda Nall, Marsha Taggart, Lindy Mason, Sharon Warren, Linda Ann Haynie, Martha McCoy. QWAN M5 la 'T OI . 0 41 5 11- . SAMA Q, , lv A 3 Q I P0 Es' Wlusn W SAMA OEEICERS 'QAWWMI L to.R: Mike Elliot, President, Carol Nelson, Vice-presidentg Freema Harris, Treasurer, Linda Nall, Secretary. I1 YNGAN M5010 9' 4 'S Q 2 1 S V E f m 0"Nnzu W5 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS Standing from L to R: Dick Hendrickson, David Crittenden, Bill Dudding, James Miller. Seated from L to R: John Jones, Linda Deere, Martha Morgan, Nancy Reed, and Mar11yn Fong. OEEICERS Charles Parsons Mariha MOTQHI1 we , , on N N X' Bill Dudding President Treasurer Secretary Guy Lessenberry Vice-President 157 THE MEDICAL DAMES Senior Wives: Seated L to R: Sandy Singleton, Ruth Shoemaker, Delores Sharp, Faye Pullig, Janie Dickinson, Rose Spades, Sheri Farmer, Sheila Talley, and Julia Hendrickson. Standing L to R: Barbi Herring, Maria Nauss, Myrtle Derrick, Carolyn Junkin, Marjorie Presley, Mary Ann Bellas, Cheryl Anderson, Virginia Hill, Nancy Warren, Vickey Boozman, and Connie Austin. Junior Wives: Seated L to R: Gaby Anderson, Bonnie Mclntyre, Jeanette Smith, Carolyn Rebsamen, Doris Robinson, Merilyn Tilley, Amy Aspell, and Jane Elliot. :ia W, Sophomore Wives: Seated L to R: Pam Rusher, Paulette McBryde, Donna Schreffler, Mary Stallings, Cynthia Doss, Cynthia Elkins, Jeane Shaw, Back Row L to R: Nancy Billings, Dotti Driver, Janet Greenway, Barbara Patton, Connie Hoffman, Sallye Hof, Mary Gardner, and Carol Long. Freshmen Wives: Seated L to R: .Nancy Sessions, Jo Ann Tedder Marsha Selby, Cindy Hoffman, Teresa Osam, Patsy Fraser, Suzanne Manisg Back Row L to Rf Robyn Jucas, Mary Ruth McGreW, Mary Jane Jack- son, Gail Marie Young, Sandy Scruggs, Brenda Hollis, Ellen Dunn, Afton White, and Linda Reese. MEDICAL SCI-IOSL STUDENT CQUNCIL Standing L to R: Charles Sullivan, Jim Miller, Dennis Berner, S. Freeman, James Hawkins. Seated L to R: J. McMillan, Tom Polk, Linda Deere, and John Garner. Not pictured: Bob Sykes, President. l-ICJNOR COUNCIL Seated L to R' R Luben, L Nall J Malott, D. Stroui, J. R. Anderson, M. Matthews, M. Williams, P. Pet- tit, J. Bowers,'F..Warren, Morse, T. Robinson, H. Burnett, R. Martin, and R. Dobbs. Standing L to R: W. Warford, L. Dobbs, and G. Markland. 'ZWfEi.??f ?f, 5iF6GVfma-if6i?fs?Fy - 1 ' -i - " ' T . i f S 5 5 ,Z z . il "M" -""'i' "" ""-U ALPHA CDMEGA ALPHA Fay W. Boozmaln. III ll David R. Crittenden Nick Mc Kinney Alpha Omega Alpha is an honorary medical fraternity comprised of three classes of members: QU Undergraduate membership based entirely on scholarship, personal honesty and potential leadershipg Q21 Alumni and Faculty member- ship granted for distinctive achievements in the art and practice of scientific medicine andC3j Honorary membership awarded to eminent leaders in medicine and allied sci- ences. The motto of the Society is: "Aims 0Z7Cj'JE7X6Z1l 'robs d7x'YOfl1lTlZS James L.Whittle Chris E. Wiggins GFFICE GF STUDE T AFFAIRS xx R1 Y, wrwmgmg f ff, w My + R rs pn 59" 514 Q A ., , .,.. . rr, ' ,. ,, 5, . A ff 3 'lx 1 Ga R.-in 53 SS Fw f . Director: Mr. Van Melson Secretary: Mrs. Margaret Hipp ii , ,. , E Q Q. Qffx 'ff-:I :swf ' 9' Q . W' Wggyg, .4.,.w,, 'V ' f , ivwffwfw, ww I'-1 I '......1 SCHOOL GF .A 4,1 I V 9 6 -v I 1 kJ L I J- .1 J L..i....J A -: 2 H""' i Q ..f"f"' 5 Hffi Stanley G. Mittelstaedt, Ph.D. James R. McCowan, Ph.D. Dean Assistant Dean FACULTY MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY A. Nelson Voldeng, Ph.D. Danny L. Lattin, Ph.D. Hugh McKnight, M.S Assoc. Professor Assist. Professor Instructor vt., ' . V, ,. ,A ggirgggfqf,fttfsgmfqi-iias2!.. ffigllnjiga v Q? If sg? fff. E 'T -A 1h ' . , ,, ' . lsm --LQ 1wefdK'ffi"'?i?it?5E"i!"i"'l , William S. Dorsey. M.S. William D. Easterly. Jr., Thaddeus' S. Grosicki. Instructor Ph.D. Ph.D. Professor PHARMACEUTICS K. Richard Knoll, M.S. Asst. Professor Lloyd Thompson, B.S. Graduate Student PI-IARMACOLGGY Pl-IARMACGGNOSY C. Allen Bradley, Ph.D. Marcus W. J' ordin Bill J. Kerr. M.S. Assoc. Professor Professor Instructor W o s A 49e.f'JI wail, Gene D. Pynes, Ph.D. Asst. Professor Otto H. Wenk Stockroom Supervisor Jerome Rosenfeld, M.S. Asst. Professor X CLINICAL PHARMACY 5 Gloria Baldridge B S l Asst. Instructor J. Rodney Beasley, B S Instructor -rig 1 I Ray Webb, B S 'I nst 'tttt s,. I Instructor John M. Fincher, B.S., .T.D. Instructor in Pharmacy Law Walter J. Morrison, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor PHARMACY ADM INISTRATION 'L Q 1 I M1 wif, R. Reeves Anderson 3 I If Financial Aid and we 5 I R, 3 Placement Officer Lynn Robibson ,,,' "ILM Registrar "':K 5 - Q XA It lla-,Q ' NW .1-,cf 43' -525:32-a .J AJ' f Y' .:- 5- '."" . :3f'321fI" ., . 1: 1. I .5123 -25-I3 A " ,,:. ,., ' tin 111, srl: nag, . gf rgfgirff , ,:. ,1:11?-'W I mi' :WU mem: : ff TAI?-"I ' fqfl g I .,..,:7'!? 512 f C .. M ww., 'L yu. hz , v 1.2 ...-...M hi Judy, Kay Berry, Angie Roberts, Julie Stol fnot pictured due to a small addition.J Gertrude . . it's your turn to go T.S.'s course today. Santa - from pharm- acy school. The Dean idea of intro- ducing a Brewer to 3rd. Floor. My girdle is killing me! Para-keto-AS SE S f s So much for Ray . . . I'11 ' get an easier one if I want to. L Ritchie can stuff that A11 right listen to the little man. tkifik course in his ear. Um-m-m-m Any words needed? ffm-fe .-Xx QW: wi , 1 Q.-vw., 4fuifgmnanggfiwmzfnummff maze Just ask me if I care ! ! I ain't no clown. Biopharmacuetics utilizes such expert technique. tm- , f P STUDENT AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSGCIATION Larry Linzy Guy Lessenberry Wayne Mowrer Charles Parsons President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Bigelow does some things well but tieing his shoe is not one of them. Leg Row Now Charlie . . We got this one nighting J ordin down right. RHO CI-H Officers Mack M11ner ...... ........ Tom Walker ..... Luke Cheek --, ----- Gary Reed .... ..., 7 Treasurer Secretary President President At Members 1970-1971 Initiates 1970-1971 Bishop - the only guy with PX on his ring but still can't get in the Featuring: Charles picture! KAPPA EPSILON Initiates OFFICERS Nelda Fraser ...... Jeanie Raper --- Jean Senn ........ -------,- President ---- V. President Secretary Marsha Pellham ........... Treasurer Mary Beth Smee C- Margaret Sparkman Jane Gault ......r Marcie 'Warren --,- Social Chairman W- Pledge Trainer ,-------- Chaplain -- ..... Historian W sh, Actives ,, S F lty Advisors - Nelsbn Voldeng KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY 4 " Pledge Class of 1970-1971 Senior Actives 1970-1971 OFFICERS James Warlick President Perry Shock ,,,...,... V. President Tom, Walker .,,,1,.1,. Treasurer Tony Bigelow 1..,,11. Secretary Ernie Yeager ,,1,,1., , Sgt. at Arms John Wennerstrom ,11, Historian Arnie Burk 1 eeeeeeee , Chaplain Junior Actives 1970-'71 PI-ll DEQTA CHQ OFFICERS Ronnie Robertson ................ President Charles Parsons .... e .... V. President Jun Meazle ......, ...H..... T reasurer Morris Johnston .... 1--- Corres. Secretary Ron Fenwick ..... r-- Master at Arms Larry Linzy ........... ......... P relate Gary Reed ........ ..... ..... I n ner Guard Jerry Byrd Knot shown! ....-.... Secretary Faculty Advisor K. Richard Knoll RATERNITY W e a, + Q, g Phi Delta Chi 1970-1971 Pledge Class wal' -,,, '12- ,anew z.: fu' swf.. ,hy . ...Q fx. K ' 1' .. Pia fi gg 5. Q J 4 2 . 5 f I K . VV.. t , C. Bishop J. Byrd L. Cheek J. C. Davis L. Elzy , 'Q ' we- Z' fff?i'Q"Qg 5 . Y . , . -. Q :. 1:.::iif5fi'a.w -- 3-2. 'J' 'S A 5 5012 2g-,. ,- 4 .. .. 51 C. Daniels E. Donnelly J. Drake J. R. Fenwick G. Graddy L ff ., . .Q in Q.. D. Halbrook M. Johnston W. Kueier J. Kimbrell L. Linzy J. Meazle M. Milner W. Mowrer C. Parsons G. Reed R. Robertson ski, 5 35 2' , , L. Shine That's it, Wild, Wild, Cherry Syrup, U.S.P. PHARMACY MATES Junior Wives OFFICERS Jane Parsons ...g.. Ways and Means Toni Ashcraft ...., Corres. Secretary Millie Keuter .. A Recording Secretary Linda Hallbrook nnn,..,Y,,.. Treasurer Jeanette Perdue e,,e...eee.. President Donna Jackson .,.ee, Parliamentarian Mary Lewellen ..,ee,...e., Historian SPONSORS - Seated Mrs. Nell Siephans Mrs. Sally McCowan .... , .m..,....U,.,.,.,,,,,,,.., :,w..,Mmwma,,.,-,, A SCHOOL or PHARMACY LITTLE POCK, ADKAN A ran. nes. No..53.l oocrors nes. o. 5.. NWN-5201 DfBrad1ey SENIOR CLASS 1970-71 Take one Clleas needed for A senior attitude. OFFICERS James Warlick. Arnold Burk Margaret Sparkman Gary Reed President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Karon D. Baxley Anthony J oe Bigelow Nashville Magnolia Qian, f f N Arnold A. Burk Russellville .Terry L. Byrd Malvern Bobby Glen Billings Tuckerman Charles T. Bishop Little Rock Johnnie H. Cathey Monticello Martin L. "Luke" Cheek III Booneville if Pair1c1a M Clalborne Llttle Rock Chester C. Daniel Little Rock J im C. Davis Little Rock Edward B. Darling Tluckerman Jimmy G. Davis Monticello James I. Drake North Little Rock Louis Elzey Little Rock Larry W. Emory Lronoke , ,:WW,,. M... M' Www ,rs f W I me S' Mi: 1 rw A 5 3 lrrrrizrjr .,,,,.L. " MV , Q gp. "rr U V,L,. fk-- 3 r, . L, ' 'L .v ' -:J": " ,.-, M E ,rl2 r r r g S 2 2 Q . , E J ay Ronald Fenwick Fort Smith Nelda B. Fraser Bradford 182 i E ii 5 2 Jane Chester Gauli Little Rock James H Hendrickson Conway RMK "-wsu x 'L X if ff 2 N , 1 '-J 1 Billie House Center Point Loy G. Jackson Manila Billy R. Jefferson Hot Springs Morris Johnston Mena James A. Kimbrell Marshall Judith Dyer King Nashville Gary B. Lee Little Rock Larry H. Linzy Pine Bluff W I !' r i E 3 E Pat McKamey Fayetteville I as. L. Melazle Little Rock 185 Marsha Pellham Springdale Gary W. Reed Clinton Mack L. Milner Pine Bluff Charles Roderick Parsons Texarkana Raymond C. Reynolds Greenbrier James Roberi Reldmueller Morrllton 5 LQ' f Ronald J ack Robertson North Little Rock Lawrence J. Shine Sweet Home ary Elizabeth Smee ooneville l Margaret Parker Splarkman l Fort Smith , I Jr lj Ronald C. T1ffee Tuckerman Tommy Ernesi Walker Sprmgdale Q K S fe ,fa-saga! . ...,,. V ,,.. ,,,. . . James Warlick E Crossett Martha Jane Warren Fort Smith John E. Wennerstrom Fayetteville I NC+W! ! LETS GET THE TRUCK QUTA HERE A11 right boys - who's next? Careful tests prove AFRODEX works. But Mack, I have no animosity. Those canned notes are better than mine. A11 I did was try to hold her hand. Now to check Gro's tour guide Al's Boy's Club Buck in a likely role. FED. REG. N0.......... DOCTOR'S REG. NO.,-,- NO- B-4207 Di- xenon muon cuss o 1970-71 Insert one C17 as needed for hemorrhoids . ' 1 E OFFICERS Perry Shock Bill Swail Diania Farley President Vice President Sec.-Treasurer I ONE MORE YEAR Layne Alexander John Armstrong Lloyd Ashcraft Ann Brambl Fayettev111e McCrory L1tt1e Rock L1tt1e Rock H w ,Le ill. eg ' Em. A-1. - ' ,H - J . 's Randall Burks Malvern J oe Burrow Bee-be Michael Cole Searcy in E f f, 5 , tm Swim? si' in Kiran 'L 4 ,aa Q W 15, E 2 in if ' wr S F ku 2 , 5.3 ' llfli-.azuli M lg WE Q Q E 'iigzigiik - ..., ...,, i K- , ,,-, . D N,. , ,- -gff1r,2:- - :f" sf i Barbara DeSalvo Little Rock Edward J. Donnelly Helena Diana Farley Siloam Springs J oe Donald Fenwick Fort Smith Dwane Frakes Corning Virginia Gaither Hot Springs Judith Ann Galloway Little Rock Robert J' ones Conway Barbara Ko Earle William Kueter Paragould John Hogan Newport Tommy I-Iollowell North Little Rock D. Dick Halbrook Little Rock Richard Hicks Mena David Gannaway Warren George Graddy North Little Rock David Grimmeti Hope " la W --WE - ' Q' " 'H 5? f giffiiiigii 3 . ,,,,g,,f-QQf'fEf,,, ..,, 9' W.. ,1 -- 2 - 'L . . -- - ,- eu: 1-511, . . ,,-::'1t e b , L, -. Jr., , ' urn was 1 ' -"' -A '- .,,,.,. -.. t 1.,, - ,nge t..,,:: ,lt v feff2.QII5-freer: i5iEE:51fz,J - L . '1,gi,-fggglfmi, . -its :gg 'glgfff - M. f .V . . ,,., . .1 ::,,,,:,,,.QW- .fm , i , H : I H1 ,, i ,, ,. L. wx if fi' - 1,- - -3355213 :lg , , fs,- M. -X g fr - ,rg ' ,- Q X tr Q: r f 4 :if fffiigf lk fw 1- at 1 4 - ' 1: 1,5 'Q' ,.l,- . we 5 X 1 ar! in f fn K Sak ai- 1: 5. , :f A zz, IH: El , ,4.. w- . .u w aa- 1,- fi 5 ,Qi Y' is if" eg E L- H A N' xi zf - 1- A ,105 ' 5535 2 .-:sr Ein af Y! at I cw iff? ' S' :z a ' :Ef - t xfia, S ii Y- 'E 124 L". z Q 'X- t fp S Z N it ff xx :gigs it .4 4 Guy Lessenberry Parkin Larry McCo,mber North Little Rock Ronald Malicik Fayetteville E 5 Mickey Mooney Hot Springs Wayne Mfowrer North Little Rock n E I P John O'Daniel Fort Smith Gary Perdue Little Rock Jeanie Raper' Ashdown Gary Reeves Ward Carl Roberlts Stuttgart 195 Bill Waits Conway Mike Williamson Dierks Gary Wood Cabot Perry Shock North Little Rock Ellen Shuffield. Malvern William Swail Conway Jim Tuley Little Rock Dennis Robertson Harrisburg Florence Rooney Guy Jean Senn Little Rock Ernie Yeager Van Buren Larry Young Fordyce . f :ln Qu of lf ,I Q 1sa,i:'f'?""'m,QQ You mean this isn't the medulary center? NELDA ! ! Get a hold of yourself! ! I've just about had it with this F"'44"'ing place. 33555ifjefmm?ffzffflgxifglffifl-f5?i5252g--gzhggg -ffygizfw ff-lzizzwizzflzfgf' Margaret . . . are you sure he's com- Thank Goodness for won- pletely harmless? derful thoughts. W, ,W,,, r So this is the female pip- But she did return. Ham on Cheese . . . Hold the Mayo! ing system. I use Right Guard and Pristeen. Aw . . . Come on Mack. Walt and his publications. Why does everyone always charge? Thanks to Ellen Shuffield who helped put this together. ' y i-F scnool. or P Anmcv LITTLE DOCK, AQKAN A S S FED. REG. N0... . DOCTOWS REG. N0. i NO- 3222 ' DT- Easterly FIRST YEAR STUDENTS 1970-471 Take two C25 for chipped grades James Isom President Larry Autry DeQueen Mike Bailey Russellville Gelene Bates Jonesboro Bonnie Bess Pine Bluff Charles Burt Searcy Charles Campbell Gurdon Wendell Chitmon Little Rock Mark Chronister Russellville 55535 ..a. :'Zi ' . if IQ . 5 ,- . ,. .- 1 3 4, W es, , , , B -ris' - sie' 1 1 : f -X...-: 1, - . ,sf -213.3 V YW - l iisiii .-. ,lggigl ' Qrgsii fggp .Q .1 ,A -f 3 . are was V Q ir get B QE A - Sf- r'i?2?ff pf W,-f lzllxlfisli 5--1f'fE?3:1 -K fmyf ffefazsgzkgigiglglxqwieaweistaazfaziaiisiZs2!sz:lg1!:4?Q-Q-my I iqsi Hflfq! 3 T rip TL 3 lx? 1ki Mike McKeown Jane' Ross Janet Oates Vice President Sec.-Treasurer Social Chairman FRESHMAN CLASS Helen Clark Bald Knob Thomas Cooper West Helena Leroy Wayne Crowl Viola Larry Davis North Little Rock Deborah Dodson Harrison James Dollar Magnolia Charlotte Easterling Prescott Yulonda Harris Little Rock Glenn Headley Malvern Lynn Headley Malvern John Cleve Hendricks III Gurdon Keith Hill Marmaduke James Isom Conway Evelyn J eu Altheimer Ronald Johnson Murfreesboro Patrick Kauffman Carthage Gloria Ko Earle Martha Krablin Carlisle Thomas Lewe-llen Dumas Gary Lewis Pencil Bluff 'Y J 1 f-W' ,, ,f 'ft , rf i f lil. f mf 1 :ff , H 1 J f ,1 N V33 w-- J as rj ,E ,jg f ff 5 . i , all f J' Randall Liggett Searcy Michael McKeown Monticello Jerry McKinney Mulberry Freddie Marsh Alexander Michael Marltin Conway Larry May Hot Springs Alfred Notter Lakeview John Nowlin Crossett Janet Oates Morrilton Johnny Paine Helena Michael Parker Pocahontas Danny Ponder Little Rock Gary Robertson Little Rock Jane Ross Monticello Thomas Ross Gurdon James Seal Piggot Phil Smith Trumann Diana Spease Fort Smith Barry Talley Pangburn John Taylor Warren stt- .,y, 'W ,grille -' -M " 1 -5, "f"z,3'g+PfT!?1: , I Q ,g,,fl35,qe1 V ye, sggf, , ,.,, I- 4, ggifgtifxflsaifii'fff:ff" Q " 4 ' 'ff' f ' We 3755 , , " ' r.v1,..A - ,I M , - V, f 1, ww -' , , on -,,. -,.s , r .W ., .at --H z 5- 1 ,L 2 t .l 1. -swf, f'.,, ss: "f, ,- X K on no eir Q , 1, --' f-zffwef. 1, '- i g , if Q ,Q , V ' , ,'b-- , - llslaa 1 -- .fff . ' 'mk1, 'f . , l M- -ffl 'Tis f. I -- Question is - which model Judy K, the Second. to study? Barbara Underwood Jonesboro Fred Woodruff Pine Bluff Robert Woolsey Ozark Ronald Workman Fayetteville I'11 teach those Jr.'s to make fun of my BAMBI T-shirt. Remember the zombies on the late movies? It's practice for Ritchie's underwater basket-weaving class. , 22: 3:51295 1' . ,,... Question - Question . . NO - no Talley. You Would I ? ! ? are just to study - not compare. Q . 4? 3 5 gi ,, G ji: V, W: 'u ug. ..,, L 3 Q he The only useful item in Pcog. lab. The main thing I try to do, Bill, is to act busy when he's looking. Judy. . . in a dress? A You hold 'em like this but East- Richie. erly gets you from the other end! I applied for a job as a secretary NOT a short order cook. The dean's lil' kitchen i 204 Take Me ! ! Another inspiring course under When's Lunch? wtf' "WN" ffff '1 wi I,,,.,,.q,f . ,,,, .,.:?,,,u Sure Jerry, We've heard all about your wife . . . V Now Allen - just because I'm head of the department doesn't mean We can't run the same lab. Norlestrin induced hirsutism in Pcol lab. Jordin's typical approach to the freshman. Who says you can't take it with you! Hero Hotel Julie . . . the secretary who Pass the word . . . Nelda is Now Gary . . . just think of me got left gut, copying in class. as the captain of a ship . . . no If I catch you coming out of there one more time I'll backhand you ! I No, I won't hold you responsible for specific structures . . . but be able to recognize, draw, synethize or dream up anything I may think Yes Mam that says insert one of for the test' daily in your privates. an instructor. We lose more secretaries over this machine filling. or That's all for this year 4 , V' QW Q J - J I ri-ul. SCHOGL OF x um ,J J V- V ,, Q I 4 J J r1-'- ll I , Ten bu 5 Poof - you're a lemon. cks -- Lady Luck in the eighth. FACULT Y E f E I'll take 3 burgers and a chocolate shake The Srs. are telling the J rs. what? ? What a drag. HOW. It was bormg' then and 1tS bormg Monsters, all of them. Tell you what I'm going' to do . . . ll ll li: if ?!i"2f -ff' 3 02. M ' , ' ff:5539we,2:f::fYE,?f!f5x:fzf " .ii , fwzfesfgffwsarsgggggzwzz'fm fu S the mv: 2fg23g,ffii?EF'rlillisllh f Y I if Y- Q. .. , .M ,.., ww! -Q 1 fi :Mel my f:?:sf,E.f'f1ggi,v,.y, S ' K:m22fef5!2",sss'1wg:fffw11x?'2?i5?5l'?! 5'fi'15ff if ,f ai., gr-1 i-,lilegizllflfkg ruimlg we :A Lf!-'P fflliw- Elf: Q 11251: 51-ii' 3412- '54 Ev- ' ff g M,ifrliii1:galilzgzgfgiziffigflgffiiQspfsfzsef. . Y. J ffl ig5-,lp1522gfgigffl15555'.3,2.gggLQ,.15kLL5,5: 'X Eif13233'IfI1522S3?iii5sB5i?iE?2?l?illlQ-gi5fSf?,f5ll,Lifgg 1, G , V, ,... ,33fz,5zWg,iu5.,eW1.vfji4wff, wgzbir, A .J - ,KY Q .mi - A, .,.,, Z K me F l, 1 ' " mfigglyuizigsifois 5533 ri .M -.a!"',WM.:.f L,.., ii ,..,,.... ww Z' 'I' i ' kip . ,S .dam ,---, L, W,-:, MHS KAN VA if ,, ii , X..-, wi mi V--fi W. 2 ' 'W T g5yji!e' WAf'fiif,rlvg,,gf1ggLffsif'jqs3faz',3zfgg5.g1wf. ., M ,M,W,,, W., . K- fi fi an 'ffl 1 if 1 J W ill in 1 ,V .LLA We Q,iA li l lil' . fk- fl ea r:.e,mf.wfffe .,f- M.,-i1z,w l'--v :i,u,31+ i -a 1,212gzip::fiigglisgiiziglvsgiyf f 5' ,Jef 'gkjyyg wmv-fql -'f:4v:5g,ggb's ?1i1::i:"f'i,f1- -i, 435125555535fi5?i"flfi'l'?? iff, if Qi' RTW' ?E5gji 5 ,Mil H 5 Hill S' 3 f ,E zsiliefgsjiiiisegiiglilris M .L iv Z2 will e ,,A xL,, i, .Q ,e is n an pi X .L , we 5 519115 Vg,5a,Q,ffi::..y5.?,5ff 5 ' 1 : , ,V , N ix , ' . 5 ,g ,N . , , ig :gg Mug' 2, ., ' ' A1AlV , . if fi fl my i RK - ' X K chjwa ,nv 5 it a , ai' E'f5lEdr2if,:1ff5fflswf''Qfl .' M . 6 . . 6 Wg H!2fgf2fyy,x:?1?iu22.85, v, LM i l a,lgiHl,k f qw. , is iw?5lf?gzyfflsif-i,g'fQ'I5:lfif'if' 2.3 . ". A ' if W ,r 5 , u ix i, 2 :Q 5 s iQllllnwwwi.Wpi1 wwmwviw Wh , will 9 'TflfihTilizl:M,1f1,i.2f,awaremf ,.,, N ,fi- "nf 'f Xl' ' -if i s iq, " eff dl if sift wi .I JQWQBEEL ? ,M X ,lay ' fA451,gv fm. Q me mf Q Z , ,ggi 5 ifwfgiggil I MS: !,:'kg2z,!5gft,:1f,f,.ity , Mn. i' ggki ,. .m ilking X. f',qg,flf?' Q, Q l I if li im 1' S' 'i' ,la M mm hwlfm fn iqfzmng?1.!g,,l,mw25n,,,.hm .fi 5 , ,ilrq , ' QgQas"'iiyi1 "f',3f'lz',, ':?f".f'i"W ,fl "'f,c',2Q.5,n?' M ' . 'lMl,a!uQi.r, f fi Fx li3ififlE'll',fi"5ll'i'zf".' fizw fi ' if app, fm Sv M fm. Q gli! mi ,' lsufjwgig' J 1 Q ?k.,f.F,f?i,5ii?gi:,y 2, if 1:32, 5 a z .Nr 1 rf',5. f ,ill ' ll 1' l. gg I .1 , , 5 . . 'A 1- ' .:5.i' Jin ' They're leaving, they're leaving ! I ! 4 E553 4 ,Fm ,if w is 5,5 g n vzgg ' ' ffffn. ,dx-1 rwmssz f.-:ee ! Spirochetes, everywhere. Delta Lady My girdle's killing me. V Who has the sex books? , Q 3 E F f 3... 2 i"""f Transfer of affection? Tina Berleiau Ark. Tech Ft. Smith Kathy Bock U. of Ark. Little Rock I'm going to put my coat on and boogie on home. Diann Alexander SCA Little Rock Elaine Baker Oklahoma State Copan, Okla. fs. H M Q, Diane Blackman U. of Ark. Little Rock Barbara Buchan SCA Jacksonville Carol Caro11 Martha Clardy Carolyn Conaway U. of Ark. Hendrix Univ. of Texas Pocahontas Hot Springs Little Rock And here's a lid for you. Getting Straight.,,,N Glenda Fryar Henderson Oden Barbara D-eMott U. of Ark. Fort Smith Becky Fleming SCA North Little Rock We learn to tie our shoes Jams Geyer U. of Ark. Ft. Worth Bob blows her mind! M LOIS Goodmg A.M. 8: N. Benton Linda Grantom U. of Ark. Alvin, Tex. Definitely 40-60. Yes, we're interested in family planning Nancy Green Ark. Tech Bee Branch Betty Guiliner SCA Conway 'Bill' B Q a x Right On! ! Ruth Hannebaum U. of Ark. Alton, Ill. Susan Harmon SCA Clinton Take me, I'm yours. Linda Hill U. of Ark. West Helena Diane Hire U. of Ark. A Little Rock ' N., - ' 'W . - nw Judy Hubble U. of Ark. Little Rock Deborah King UALR Little Rock I just snapped my cath. A keg on the ledge, impossible. .14 uf, Jia-- Annis McKinney U. of Ark. Mulberry Sandra Mickle U. of Ark. Ft. Smith W '.,,-no-un-.- Penny Olmghouse U. of Ark. Llttle Rock 3 an Soma Ordonez U of Ark L. A., Cahf. Maria Nauss UALR Little Rock Lynette Noe U. of Nebraska Dixon, Nebraska see did anyone do better than I did. Florlda IS mce, but I 11ke Busch. ',,,,.-v-v'--- Q an 1xD""'llns.h. Melinda Owens U. of Ark. Morrilton .T an Pickens U. of Ark. Rogers Sandra Priebe Ark. Tech Lonoke Roni Ray U. of Ark. Fayetteville After only two years Look, Floyd. gnupg.,-T Connie Beichman John Brown Univ. Yellville Johnnie Rose SCA DeQueen -Om-1 B 1 i v""""'h5.x Eleune Salkeld SCA Little Rock Did the dean get her a piece? suig- , Karen Sharp LRU Little Rock 1 The rabbit died 1 1 1 Jerry Ann did it! One toke over the line . . . Leslie' Smith U. of Ark. Texarkana Michele Smith Henderson Hope Irene Shirley LRU Cathy Smith Ark. Tech Russellville me-if 1' Sara's got a brand new bag. Come on baby, light my fire. Diana Siroiud Pepperdine Little Rock Sandy Tallent HSC Benton Betiy Tatum U. of Ark. Crossett Cathy Thomas U. of Ark. Criossett UALR I did not. Valerie Tomayko Little Rock Susan Webb U. of Ark. Fayetteville Sarah Whitworih U. of Maryland Jacksonville N .Terry Woodruff Henderson Pine Bluff He hit me with his crutch but I got it anyway. X l M9 I ,,,q,,, , M , . H4,,,,,,M- . "-fi.: f zfss' f- J: flgl6r,5f1s15i:?!f1sl,:h' ' E' 'I W V' M,,,..f-,. .2 iff, f ' ,kj Ei L, , gl ff AZ ill. piss S , iulft A l- W' , 'fu 3 sms, pn ihiszi. ,Aff ,.,,dQm. f sew ., 3, 1 5. 4 , ? qs lgcwgll ' .Y lgmaus - of Q i vs, I 1. iii" Wi x its -Eg' ' Gi 9.:"fm 'S .i3'r1Q'fg3'f', . H7 gmt, ' tl.:-girl Zvi ' ussrmu aff M435 HS ' ly ,335 . f . , MJ df Debbie Ash Russellville ,""'N Karen Baxter Siloam Springs Mary Blessing Little Rock -,.,..--... Diane Breaux Little Rock Diane Brower Little Rock .T une Burgess Russellville Linda Bussey Springfield, Mo Kay Cronk Tulsa, Okla. ',,..-..- ',,..-sn. ,,-n-gnu Brenda Dare N. Little Rock Mable Dees Magnolia Corliss Dickerson Pine Bluff Donna Duncan Little Rock Paula Earnhart Marcia Foster Taffy Hain Little Rock Marinelle Halbrook Cleveland Kathy Hall Dumas S ,w""'x -l sf! t ff his J' ackie Harris San Antomo ,w"""--.., Penny Harris San. Antonio Sharon Houston Little Rock ,,-we-...,,, Mary Huskins Siloam Springs Nancy Johnslton Ft. Smith Mary McAddo Little Rock Nancy Leggett Tulsa, Okla. Terry McDonald Sheridan Mary J' o Marks Little Rock Billie Maxwell Booneville Sharon Middlebrook Little Rock Connie Oxford Fayetteville Becky Pfeifer Ft. Smith Karen Pipkins Hot Springs Barbara Records Inglewood, Calif. Marilyn Schluterman Subiaco Gary Sheridan Benton Mercedes Smith Pine Bluff Verlene Young Pine Bluff Peggy Wilkelrsoln Pine Bluff Terry Williams Stuttgart Mary Speer Kathy Swenson Everton Bonnie Taylor Sriarr Telfer Tulsa, Okla. Marlene Thompson Rogers Silver Vonseggern Ft. Smith I' F il C - Q 1 .'..... f'T QM ,W Ti I 1 J .I 11 II"-' .. I n,. L.. l.: I ...J Dr Carl E Duff and his secretar Mrs Weise h . . y y . elp graduate students deal with the mountains of red tape that go with getting an advanced degree. The responsibility of the Graduate School is to train professional scientists so that medical knowledge can continue its development in the future. This is an in- tegral part of the medical center's service to mankind. The graduate students pre- sented on these pages work in the depart- ments of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biome- try, Microbiology, Physiology, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, and Radiology. They teach, study, and do research in an effort to fur- ther expand the scientific understanding of man and his health. EW it ., if M "fT5:ff5"iiz,52'51 ,yn , 'i ,W iz -a s if Ki, . xmwff' 'if- -1 'ffl' '-zff2'i"1fT1'?! ' if ' nazi-':2Yi,1f:'0ftaff' it 1 -+ jfgylssfsfutse ' I , gwillj- :A 'L - lu , H51 Officers of the Graduate Club are Jim Bost, treasurer, Jason Lee, president, Richard Dobbs, vice president, and Peggy Loewy, not pictured. My-M Carl E. Ashley Wm. M. Aldrich Rosalie Ardoin James W. Bost Paul V. Bosltian Lynn H. Clardy Harold E. Dowda Wm. F. Dudding Vince A. Gibberi Manuel Gonzales Now all I need is donors for the heart, arms, legs, and kidneys! "And this little piggy . . ." ,, ,. ewvllszsafsiaffifew .- Q, ff 'im fffifi' n .1 3 5 . imsaEf.f 1 ' me 'i . eff 'Q 'sf Ugg f J ,J '11- " 1 v ffl 3 5 SQ' 4 fa Freeman Harris Karen M. Harris Gene M. Hall Gerald D. Hastings Rai K. Jetln f' --an 'wr fm, ...War A F l. f Ls 5 5 'F f' 1. - ,e- "ff 33' " 1r.p.f.fQ i ,, -.:' an f Fi ,. " m f' X -.L gl 'ik 1 lb fi v 5:55 W , sy' ll aQ'aa 2 , Q 29 sl y IEE- J, f M Mary E. Lamb J'. A. Lee James E. LeDoux Robert B. Leman M Richard A. Luben Dr. Sherman said just go over the notes once and get a good night's sleep If I knew all the answers I wou1dn't BE here! L 4 "I tell you, if we set it just right, it'11 blow up in his face." ,. ,, . ,mm jx Bobby B. Morgan John C. Nash Sandra W. Orsini Paula A. Peacock I Chunfu Peng Ruta E. Percefull Louis R. Pryor ' Mary C. Rose The hip bone's connected to the . . Chester L. Stinneiit Eddie B. Waldrip J. R, Whiiien Been Wu Carolyn F. Radiation Safety will be happy to know we're down to 5 x 106 cpm background today. Prelims. Yarbrough She just told me which came first . . . Howard Ouittner, M.D. Director of clinical lab and blood bank FACULTY "The great end of education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mindg to train it to the use of its own powers, rather than fill it with the accumulations of others." -Malott B jf- Beity Shook, M.T. Q Bobby Morgan, M.T. ' Gene Hall. M.T. Marge Brewster, Ph.D. Assistant director Blood banking Hematology Assistant Professor of clinical lab instructor instructor Biochemistry Betty Knudsen, M.T. Biochemistry instructor "Keep smiling, Jean, a 59 smudge cell count isn't all that bad." 5 it -55153 .a..w Jane Barilen, M,T, .Taunita Ballew, M.T. Jerome Rosenfeld, Eleanor Turner, M.T. Hematology Night Lab M.S. Special Hematology ' " 5 A Assistant professor Bacteriology 555 Ernest Tooley Tommie Love. M.T. Paula Peacock, M.T. Martha Lowe, M.T. Systems analyst and Blood bank and Chemistry Bacteriology A-1 Handy man Night Lab Robin Jones, M.D Ph.D. Biochemistry "What you see is what you get." Donna receives a short lesson in Urinalysis from classmate Roosevelt Toney. SENIGRS CLASS OFFICERS: President: Gayle Williams Vice-President: Wayne Shirley Secretary: Sharon Parker Phyllis Finnegan Mary Ellen Smith Baylor University University of Arkansas Lynn Russell Bitsie Beeler Wayne Shirley Hendrix College Southern State College State College of Arkansas Sharon Parker State College of Arkansas "I like the way you turn my objectives." Sharon Applehans helps ou a medical student in the special hematology lab. t Sally Harvey Sharon Applehans Gayle Williams phuander Smith Couege University of Arkansas Southern State College Sharon Edwards Sandy Miller University of Arkansas University of Arkansas "One had to cram all this stuff into one's mind, whether one liked it or not. This coercion had such a deterring effect that, after I had passed the final examination, I found the consideration of any scientific problems distasteful to me for an entire year . . ." Albert Einstein Sally is smiling and with good reason - it was the last day of student apprenti- ceships. Brenda Thomas Donna Mitchell John Brown University Ouachita University CLASS OFFICERS: President: Larry Weathers Vice-President: Mona Teague Secretary: Pam Miller Medico Reporter: Millie Murphy Caduceus assoc. ed Linda Cooper S DORRE Hammack Millie Murphy Linda Cooper State College Of A1'k311SaS Agnes Scott College San Diego State College With a little help from Pam, Donna learns the finer points of fingersticks. l t QQ. F dv 1 I 4 nf' if ' ' ggi f v a .lag i,,:l,W1, Vwllwxsfzlfiiiwsvggi . f ' 1 aeggisa 1 A ' ' are ,,-- 4" V,-. ff-1212-.f',i.w "Y 'Lg , mi ' 5i5,,, fl . 'iieiiiiiifiileiiifi',ifisiil5EIE1IiQg,,, ' , y Q X . ,lu W X E , XX X K la 0' J Mig if U ,. y 1 iA an :.: Y V ai ta ' C Jloe Pierce Arkansas A 8a M Okay Mr. Weathers, tell all you know about lostyourcoolare- mia. "Well, it's caused by Guffkya Duffkya . . ." "And it was first found in Bowling-green, Kentucky in the midgut of a daily tick by Rev. Morgan," added Pam. CIt's only syndrome is causing better-tons of B.S.J Mona Teague Henderson State College Pam Miller Jean Ross Larry Weathers Ouachita University University of Arkansas 1. M, Kathy Schnell Linda Stone University of Arkansas University of Colorado Henderson State College GRE "It wouldn't bother me if it wasn't "Do we need this stuff for the test, Millie?" Linda and Millie are found mine." Mona prepares a newcomer running crossmatches during their Blood Bank apprenticeship. for a heelstick - a part of Hem- atology. "If I get called in on the rug now, at least I'l1 go in style." Joe finds coffee preferable to chocolate agar during a Bacteriology break. 4- np- . "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however far away." -H. D. Thoreau fLike California?J "Let me know if Daley's coming." Kathy's last night stand in micro. I' , 1, W . ' ' ' .1 ' SCHOOL OF XFN HHXULUGY h 'J -I .I l FACULTY AND STAFF Mrs. Helen Matihews, R.T. Technical Director Jo Ann Barnwell. R.T. pin, . 5 .. ,,,,,.., ,.,. ,,,..,,. , 1 Q ' 'W' Q 2 T . . iz i A. L A 2 3 J' 5 A 1 2, 193.gif I ., "AF A V V ,,FF 0' ...,F F Sherry Carter, R.T. Mrs. Chrisiine Helms, R.T Chief Technologist Arch Bullock, R.T. Judy Gardner, R.T. Phillip Garner, R.T. Ken Pedersen, R.T. Jack Rush. R.T. Tommy Myrick, R.T. Cathi Ralls, R.T. Mary Kay Smith, R.T. Ouinnie Young. R.T. ' Y V How long does it take a Junior to do a patiengg You do that Massey and I'l1 break your neck! 2 .535 "5 z 3 i Where's that technician? CLASS GFPLCERS SENIOR CLASS: Martha Morgan, Presidentg Sandra Brown, Vice Presidentg JUNIOR CLASS: Char he Butler, Presldentg Nan Reed, Vice President. SENIORS Charles Anderson Sue Atkinson Sandra Brown Camden, Ark. Camden, Ark. North Little Rock, Ark. ' T ',,,.. ,5,gf Q 3 . L VW. . Steve Hudson Mark MasseY Martha Morgan North Little Rock, Ark. Pilie Bluff, Ark- Pine Bluff, Ark. Kay Smiley Debra Marks Smith Charles White Little Rock, Ark. Fordyce, Ark. HOt Springs, Ark. The terror of the orthopedic department! What's it to you how I make my extra money? JUNIORS Dotiy Andrews Paula Black Randy Burleson North Little Rock, Ark. Hazen, Ark. Pangburn, Ark. Charles Butler Christina Cockran Sarito Harvey Smackover, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Louann, Ark. .',: A Loretta Higgs Debbie' Hubbard Bennie .T ones Little Rock, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. Little Rock, Ark Mary Laird Wilfried Laule Deborah McGehee Smackover, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. Randy McGuire Mary Jo Moix Pat Parnell Malvern, Ark. Las Vegas, Nevada Cotton Plant, Ark. Nan Reed Larry Schwan Perry Don Wright Little Rock, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Ashdown, Ark. Shot that squirrel! ! goryql Did you see that goodlooking body go y.. I've only been here four hours and still no X-rays! Duh . . . What do I do now coach?? if I v i iii tl x r- That dress is too short and get that ribbon from your hair!! Radiologists at work? Q.. Vw A ENT xxx IEN QQQJW xg! OK Ni! err 39 f is 1' st L EX, X H QA X in 2 Pls if ff '9 W Dr. Nelms FACULTY Part-Time Faculty Tip C. Nelms, M.Ed., D.D.S. Roberi W. deBin, D.D.S., M.S. Director, School of Dental Hygiene M. Coleman Driver, B.S. Mrs. Florence McCloskey, R.D.H. Clinic Instructor' Lawrence D. Furlong, Lonnie C- Warren, DDS- T. Robert Johnson, D.D.S. Clinic Instructor - , . . .M. .11 Bill Wingfield. Bs. K1efhK'efh DDS, S Instructor Mrs. McCloskey Dr. Warren Mr. Wingfield l If SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS President: Ada Beth Benton Vice President: Joyce Colclasure Secretary: Sue Abernathy Treasurer: Georgia Hetterick Council Representatives: Earline McWherter Gail Finne T' sue Abe1'naihY Ada Beth Benton West Memphis Little Rock Q7 -.M "' is ' i4 Pifula CHSEY Joyce Colclasure Marilyn Cole I-'lttle Rock Lonoke Jacksonville iii? ., if ,gt Alice A. Criner Pam A. Davis Gail Finne Little ROCk N. Little Rock Little Rock 5. . 3 .WNV . ,t .5 Linda L. Henly Lubbock, Tex. M. Stacy I-Ieringer Jonesboro Billie F. McCain Prescott IR. A.D1-LA. Jr. A.D.H.A. is a student chapter of the American Dental Hygiene Association. The students have participated in money making projects which helped the chapter to send two students to the National Meeting held in Las Vegas. Among other projects the association sent apples to the Childrens' Colony for Christmas. .1 ff ' W' .,f.:M:' . Mf r' .. . wtf is f , W 1 VA fp , W ,mgei I .1 . frwff v ...M . 11, ?,,....., tc.. 4- U.. . ,. - 'rt ,fa -,g 'L t-. rw . ,. . .1 -5 ,ft ,... f H. fm- '- Q.: fare' .1 .4 I Q V.. a...+."4qm11:. 5, n I r ,""t'i. - ff ., M. I fmzwigr ! V , ,J f.. vw. Y .. My , . ,- , 5-'fn .,.,,. .. ws., .ta f . 'wifi' 72421 lyk' 2 mls. ",' Tw: " 1553 "if, Q' ' . , wife 1 f Barbara A. Loser Malvern Georgia Hetterick Little Rock Earline Mcwherter Hot Springs Diane D. McCa1la Weatherford, Okla. Colleen O'Brien Emily .To Ray Shreveport, La. N. Little Rock Phyllis Voss Malvern 1--'ia' V,1L i ,eettl ta Janelle Ware Fort Smith We JL m, Sherry Wells Little Rock id T. J. finally call? Janna Rorex Monroe, La. Dorothy Umfress Helena Ruth Wilcox Conway PRESHMAN CLASS ,VW My :gf K a, 1 , N V. J'o Baker Judy L. Ball Yvonne Battle f Q f mgzji K, ,-,ma-ns' .1 Barbee Berger Diane1Bew Carolyn Conzel L. :r.g3iiAf.V M Egg K' 'T1QTh? mfs, W-,., L Rosalyn D'anna 5? E J A Laying your patient?? Katy G. Dodd Marilyn J. Fong Theresa Griffin Cindy Holmes The first to find the dirty picture. Kaihy Fowler Barbara Holt Carolyn Jackson 43 K ga Karen Keener Tracy Kissriae Karen Koch Debby Lewis , Sivf' , Y -1. . . WZ in mumfzraxx ff 4 2 lf' Jo Ann Merrywell Nancy Millikin Lana Parrish 5 5533 Patti Pennington Ann Robber-son Charlotte Rocconi My girdle is killing me. Barbara Rogers Linda Smith Shari Stuart Janet Williams E K S E x 5 That professional dental hygienist look. 260 Mutual Admiration Society Monday morning clinics are very busy You mean we finally got rid of that senior class1'7 , at v X + AP ig' YTOTECHNGLO L , R I K? WOW MVN SCI-IGOL OF CYTGTECHNOLCDGY William E. Jacques, M.D. Carl K. Uyeda. Ph.D. Professor Sc Chairman, Dept. of Path- Asst. Prof. Dept. of Pathology and ology. Director, School of Cytotechnology Anatomy. Asst. Director, School of Cytology Elaine Anderson Eulalia Araoz Robin I-Iadden Cytotechnologist Cytotechnologist Cytotechgnologist Edith Bowman L'Doro Garcellano Roscoe Lewis i William Moore Ming Hwei Peng Liffle Rock Dermafology Clinic Woman's Clinic Roberf Sfainfon, M.D. Wilma C. Diner, M.D. James J. Pappas, M.D. Liffle Rock Pediafric Clinic Liffle Rock Diagnosfic Clinic Liffle Rock Orfhopedic Clinic Urology Associafes E. Clark Gillespie, M.D. Alfred Kahn, Jr., M.D. T C S Orfhopedic Clinic William G. Reese, M.D. Mose Smifh lll, M.D. David L. Barclay, M.D. Ron Williams, M.D. W. Flacke, M.D. Evereff McClinfoch, M.D. Alan G. Cazorf, M.D. M. A. Jackson, M.D. Dr.'s Walf 8: Growden Dr.'s Pehrson 8: Dilday Millard W. Black, M.D. Purcell Smifh, Jr., M.D. Harry Hayes, Jr., M.D. John H. Bowker, M.D. The Family Clinic, Lfd. UAMC Deparfmenf of Anafomy Dr.'s O'Neal 8: Brinkley J. W. Kennedy, M.D. Roberf Carnahan, M.D. Winsfon K. Shorey, M.D. Sfeve Flanigan, M.D. James S. Taylor, M.D. , Howard Schwander, M.D. Thomas G. Johnsfon, M.D. Horace N. Marvin, Ph.D. M. D. McClain, M.D. K. W. Cosgrove, M.D. Ralph A. Downs, M.D. Dr. 8: Mrs. F. T. Fraunfelder M. H. Gray, D.D.S. Glenn A. Burfon, D.D.S. A. Wade Smifh, D.D.S. Roger B. Bosf, M.D. John H. Abercrombie, D.D.S. M. Louie Allred, D.D.S. George Branscum, D.D.S. Jess Odom Enferprises B. Frank Mackey Jim's Cork 81 Boffle Gov. Winfhrop Rockefeller' OUR PATRONS Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Li'Hle Liffle Liffle Liffle Li-H-le Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle . Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Li-Hle Liffle L Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Li'Hle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle Liffle A LiH-le Li'Hle Liffle Li'l"l'le Liffle Liffle Liffle LH-fle Liffle LiH'le Liffle Liffle Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock James S. Garrison, Jr., M.D. Geyer Springs Drug Sfore Jimbo's Drug Sfore Kavanaugh Pharmacy Buice Drug Sfore Aclay's Drug Sfore Harold Whife, M.D. Radiology Associafes, P.A. Hundley Clinic Sidney J. Fields, M.D. Mr. 8: Mrs. A. K. Junkin, Sr. The Fulfon 84 Napper Clinic Sylvan Hills Pharmacy Levy Drugs Johnson Drug Sfore Walfer H. O'Neal, M.D. Williamson Rexall Drugs E. K. Clardy, M.D. O. P. Garner, M.D. Frank M. Burfon, M.D. H. King Wade, Jr., M.D. George J. Fofioo, M.D. John Dodson, M.D. Burlon Eisele Clinic P.A. J. L. Rosenzweig, M.D. Dr.'s Durham 81 Murray D. B. Sfough lll, M.D. DeQueen Clinic, Lfd. Presfon L. Hafcock, M.D. J. Warren Murry, M.D. Wade W. Burnside, M.D. Vol B. Lesfer Orfhopaedic Clinic Lfd. Wrighf Hawkins, M.D. Dr.'s Sfewarf 81 Kramer Cooper Clinic Neil E. Crow, M.D. Raymond Goodman, M.D. Eugene T. Ellison, M.D. John M. Dodge, M.D. J. W. Burneff, M.D. Mifchell Young, M.D. Porfer R. Rodgers, Jr., M.D. Hugh R. Edwards, M.D. Harris Hospifal 81 Clinic, lnc. D. H. Lowrey, M.D. H. B. Oldham, M.D. Mr. 8: Mrs. C. S. Eason BSH Admission Office Adron M. Bradley, M.D. Dr.'s Clark 3: Paulk Jacob P. Ellis, M.D. Li'Hle Liffle LH-fle Liffle Liffle Lil-fle Lirfle Liffle Liffle Li'H'le . Liffle No. Liffle No. Liffle No. Liffle No. Liffle No. Liffle No. Li'Hle Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Hof Springs Hof Springs Hof Springs Hof Springs Hof Springs Hof Springs Hof Springs Hof Springs Hol' Springs Hof Springs DeQueen Fayeffeville Fayeffeville Fayeffeville Fayeffeville Fayeffeville Ff. P+. F+. F+. Ff. Smifh Smifh Smifh Smifh Smifh Texarkana Texarkana Texarkana Texarkana Searcy Searcy Newporf Russellville Wesf Helena Benfon Benfon Forresf Cify Sheridan El Dorado A. Meryl Grase, M.D. Calico Rock, Arkansas Medical Cenfer Siloam Springs, Arkansas Dr. and Mrs. A. G. Goesl Texarkana, U.S.A. John B. Kirkley, M.D. Jonesboro, Arkansas Guy U. Robinson, M.D. Dumas, Arkansas Alberf W. Lazenby, M.D. Dumas, Arkansas Ross E. Maynard, M.D. Pine Bluff, Arkansas W. R. Meredifh, M.D. Pine Bluff, Arkansas Claude E. Fenclley, M.D. Pine Bluff, Arkansas Joseph S. Robineffe, M.D. Jacob M. Williams, M.D. Pine Bluff, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas A. J. Baker, M.D. Paragould, Arkansas Clark M. Baker, M.D. Paragould, Arkansas Asa A. Crow, M.D. Paragould, Arkansas James C. Dunbar, M.D. Mounfain Home, Arkansas Ben. N. Salfzman, M.D. Mounfain Home, Arkansas Ross Fowler, M.D. Harrison, Arkansas Dr's Gladden 84. Williams Harrison, Arkansas Bob Chesfer, M.D. Gardner H. Landers, M.D. El Dorado, Arkansas David P. Hefner, M.D. Mena, Arkansas Lowell V. Ozmenf, M.D. Camden Arkansas Dr's Worfham 8: Moore, P.A. Jacksonville, Arkansas Mrs. Roberf Tirman Jacksonville Arkansas John H. Delamore, M.D. Fordyce Arkansas Paul Gray, M.D. Bafesville, Arkansas Eldon Fairley, M.D. Osceola Arkansas Julian Fairley, M.D. Osceola, Arkansas Hamilfon Clinic Wesf Memphis, Arkansas Frederick N. Burf, M.D. Crosseff, Arkansas Daniel Tonymon, M.D. Marvell Arkansas Dr. 81 Mrs. R. B. Robins Cl'IiC6g0. llliI10lS H. D. Luck, M.D. Arkadelphia Arkansas Vernon L. Toombs, M.D. Arkadelphia, Arkansas R. H. Nunnally, M.D. Gurdon, Arkansas B. P. Raney, M.D. Jonesboro, Arkansas E. M. Cooper, M.D. Jonesboro, Arkansas Fayeffeville ,ZX be 1'1- f? If ss. ,P N52 Elini Alben Q'L.l'.?lH. WE ARE HAPPY TO BE THE PRINTERS FOR The Medico NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Compliments of CHURCHMAN-RHEA DRUG STORE Compliments of Cantrell Drug Store The Medical Education Program Offers You . . Rotating Internships 'wwwm -' alll i V . . gti gl L Medicine 5 if Obstetrics-Gynecology , .. a,tt WM 2 ..... e 1 "', M Hil t i ' E it 5 1 3 Straight Pathology Interns I fltitiitiiizi tit' all 215 ig Q 5 o " A 5 f QV , It A ' r! it it Mitts Piotr at its Wim ,QW wil l oi . 1 ,Q Surgery 2 Q Obstetrics-Gynecology it' ' Potholoov 'r.. Rodiologv i i XLLgiV A i oatztoiitsairltiiw 'M Pediatrics . . . Cardiopulmonary Fellows FOI' 1nfOI'lTl3.t1OH Wfltef all fully accredited Director of Medical Education , P. o. Box 5999 d t Dallas, Texas 75222 E U HOSPITAL of DALLAS l l I L'!.LEEE?fEE?TK 'V'EP'E!lEO,P5l!laEEE burn center extended care facilities medical society library cardio-renal lab family practice rehabilitation services computer center full-time senior staff related training programs coronary E intensive care inhalation Bi physical therapy satellite hospital emergency 84 poison center maior clinical services trauma-shock unit For further information contact: John B. Nettles, M. D. ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL wici-HTA, KANSAS Providing health services for the Midwest since 1889 Continuing Postgraduate Medical Education since 1899 cncnzomg '3'51",Q,'X-75-J 93.S'.m1:-. UOUQECOB 3':':4Q,m 1-o-f-1-UQZQB' cn Ou' gain. o.U'5no"' 96 5'm O ...-1 It 'ri S64 2 r: m : 9. 3 m 92. Z 3 3 F? 2. 3 gi 9 9 45' 'D m -- 0 3 Ki' E 5 9: cn' 3 UI UQ UO rn :x ro 7 o c 3 QORPEZ? if Sqnwz. U 02'-221 g 'O3mJ'fD to -ro: D' Q- 'U'L'.2. na 0 mom :J ur 850: m C 0 'C -1 CD W 2 1 Us 3 K45-cnzro 'D ,.,:mm .2 20393 JQOO WKSE UQUQ 3 -fx rn CH Q. 3 co 969696 268 on hospital premisesg 1-2-3- bedrooms. 860 beds for comprehensive clinical experience. Outpatient facilities in major disciplinesg 63,000 patients. 28.000 annual admissions. For additional information and application write to: Department of Medical Education St. l-Tancis Hospital 929 N. St. Francis Avenue Wichita, Kansas 67214 I 9 1 Meyer Florist No. 2 3314 West Roosevelt Little Rock, Arkansas 72204 Compliments of Smith's Country Club Drug Park Hill Pharmacy 3724 Kennedy Blvd. North Little Rock SK3-0701 Compliments of Tedford Drug Co. Pulaski Heights Bank "The Saturday Bank" Grant Street at Kavanaugh Member FDIC MO3-6301 Hall Drug Store 5923 Kavanaugh "Since 1847 " Stifft's Iewelers 511 Main and The Mall Medical Arts Drug Store 1220 Marshall FR5-1139 KRUGER TRAVEL BUREAU INCORPORATED 109 East Seventh Street Little Rock FR 4-9271 Compliments of North Hills Pharmacy Compliments of Gordonis Beauty Salon University Towers FRIDEN, INC. KILGORE NURSING H O M E FORDYCE, ARK. Peck's 4424 West Markham "Coldest Beer in Little Rock" BEST WISHES FROM ARCHER DRUG COMPANY SERVICE WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS 107 East Markham Little Rock, Arkansas Wallace Building Congratulations to the 1971 Graduates of Little Rock A The University of Arkansas Medical Center ARKANSAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Joe Owen President Texarkana James S. Latture President-Elect Hot Springs Carleton Wright Second Vice-President Little Rock Donald W. Stecks Treasurer Little Rock William G. Smith Secretary-Manager Little Rock Wo Bomlc that does More for You. WORTHEN BANK 8 TRUST COMPANY Member FDIC and Federal Reserve Systems DAILEY,S SNELL OFFICE FURNITURE 304-308 Rock Street 8' Co' Little Rockls Favorite Office Furniture 3924 West Markham Special Considerations for New Doctors Little Rock, Arkansas Dalton Dailey FR6-2361 Raymond Blank Memorial A Hospital For Children Younker Memorial Rehabilitation Center Iowa Methodist Hospital Area Code: 515 1200 Pleasant St. Phone: 288-7271 Des Moines, Iowa 50308 I Largest Private Hospital in Iowa 0 35 Percent Of Patients Are Referrals , 0 Research, Sponsored by Grants 0 Director of Medical Education CFull Timej 0 Only Pediatric Hospital in State 0 Four Year Surgical Residency J- W. ST RAW N I 1 I I 0 Free fSelect Your Ownj Living Accommodations THEY ALL ADD UP TO AN IDEAL SEVENTH AND GMNES ' 501 FR M8249 S 7 2 2 0 1 INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE UTTLE ROCK' ARKANSA Congratulations To The 1971 Graduating Class of the University of Arkansas School of Medicine me AAA -A- ARKA S S HTHEGENTLEMAIWS MEDICAL i GCI ETY SHOP North University Sz "R" Street to the practice of medicine in Arkansas Little Rock FINE FURNITURE m. T. Stover Co., Inc. 7511 Scott Hamilton Drive Little Rock, Arkansas E X LO 2-3340 1' 1, 3 + WW 8 X F nf! lxlli i Q lr., X Xl yur 7,-KY " W ltfywx WN W ' if 'Tl new H' Ulf X r rc Var WML 'M' i"" fllfllj MWVQK 3 'la ww Congratulations And Best Wishes W To The 'W ll a x V! l 1971 Graduating Class J Stover's-Your Complete Source Of Supply We have enjoyed serving you the past four years, and would like to continue serving you in the future Call on Stoveris-Service Second To None ll lf it s ll pill Il- M95 Wy v w i 1 4 f DEPARTMENTAL MEETINGS AND TEACHING CONFERENCES me MONDAY Time TUESDAY Time WEDNESDAY i Time THURSDAY Time FRIDAY i 00 Surgical Case Presen- 12:00 NCME-TV1 ' I 5 75300111 3:30 Pulmonary Function 4 8:00 Business Meeting 2:30 Med.!Ped. Teaching 00 NCME-TV1 Conference 1200 Grand R0Ul1dS Surge: Dept. of Medicinei A Conference , 4:00 Surgical Sub-specialty 4200 Cardiac Conference 9:00 Medical Case 4:00 General Surgery 30 M0d-lP9d- Teachlng Lecture? 2 Managementi Lecture? Conference 4:00 Surg.lPath. Conf. U0 Basic science Lect.1 12:00 NCME-TV' ' 1 1:00 Pediatric Conference? 8:00 Medical Staff Roundsi 2:30 Med.!Ped. Teaching '00 NCME-TV 1 :00 Grand Rounds Surgf' Conference V 4:00 Surgical Sub-specialty I . 3 ' 30 OBIGYN Pathology Lecture? 4'00 Cafdlac Conference 4:00 General2Surgery ' Lecture 30 Med. lPed. Teaching 4100 Surg. I X-ray Conff Conference 20 Business Meeting 12:00 NCME-TV1 V Dept. of Surgeryi ' - 1 1:00 Pediatric Conference2 1:00 Grand Rounds Surg.4 8:00 Medical Staff Roundsi 2:30 Med.!Ped. Teaching 50 NCME-TV . Conference Q I 4:00 Surgical Sub-specialty 4:00 Cardiac Conference3 9:00 Grand Rounds 30 Med.!Ped. Teaching Lecture? Medicinel 4:00 Radiology Conf. Conference 4:00 Surg.lPath. Conf.2 Specific Diseasel 4f0 Mortality Conf. Surg.1 12:00 NCME-TV' 40 NCME-TV' 1:00 Pediatric Conferencez 1:00 Grand Rounds Surgfl 8:00 Medical Staff Roundsi 2:30 Med.lPed. Teaching Conference E0 Med,fPed, Teaching 4:00 Surgical Sub-specialty 4:00 House StafffNursing 9:00 Mortality Conference , Conference Lecture? Conference Medicinel 4:00 General Surgery Q A Lecture? 0 Cardio-Pulmonary 12300 NCME.TVl 1 Resusciatationl . , . . 1:00 P ' - 2 8:00 Medical Staff Rounds 2:30 Med.lPed. Teaching 9 NCME.TV1 edlamc Conference 1:00 Grand Rounds Surgfl Conference J 4:00 Surgical Sub-specialty Q Med.fPed. Teaching Lecture? 4:00 cardiac Conference3 4100 Genefalgsufgefv Conference Lecture 1 Main Conference Room fdownstairsj 2 Conference Room B 3 Classroom 3-West 4 Surgical Patient Wing CPC, RADJPATH. CONFERENCE AND NEUROLOGY CONFERENCE TO BE ANNOUNCED IN SEPTEMBER. ST. V NCENT I FIRMARY px I 71, APPROVED INTERNSHIPS IN THE ROTATING 0,l,2 CATEGORIES 'k 500 bed hospital ir Over 18,000 Admissions in 1969 'lr Coronary Care Unit ir Intensive Care Unit 'A' Psychiatric Unit i'Self-Care Unit ir Child Care Center For additional information and application write to: Department of Medical Education St. Vincent Infirmary West Markham at University Little Rock, Arkansas ,- IIIIIIII SIUIIZWEIIILE IIL.i QQ 3619 West Roosevelt Road MO 4-3955 SERVING THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONS OF ARKANSAS THE MEDICAL CENTER COLUMBUS, GEORGIA 31902 TELEPHONE: I404I 324-4711 . . . . . I I , ROTATING INTERNSHIP rr YEARI Applications for positions rn Intern and Residency Programs are now being considered, . GENERAL MEDICINE RESIDENCY iz YEARSI INFORMATION ABOUT THE MEDICAL CENTER 530-BED GENERAL COMMUNITY HOSPITAL OFFERING COMPREHENSIVE DIAGNOSTIC AND THERAPEUTIC SERVICES AN AFFILIATED TEACHING HOSPITAL OF THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE EMORY UNIVERSITY ATLANTA, GEORGIA OVER 75 CERTIFIED SPECIALISTS .N ALL FIELDS PLUS 16 FULL-TIME PHYSICIANS OUTSTANDING MEDICAL LIBRARY GEORGIA REGIONAL MEDICAL PROGRAM AGENCY FOR CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION EXPANDED EMERGENCY SERVICES AREA UNDER CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM A strong teaching program is offered by The Medical Center with paramount clinical responsibility under the direction of a Director of Medical Education and full-time chiefs of the four major services. Since The Medical Center is the only comprehensive medical complex in the area, it constantly receives referrals of cases which command more than ordinary attention. House staff members are encouraged to participate in medical seminars and meetings on the state and national levels and are included in all functions of the Muscogee County Medical Society, both professional and social. STIPENDS Monthly stipends for house officers are: Interns, S5005 1st Year Residents, S5505 2nd Year Residents, S600, plus a S200 rent allowance. House staff members schedule two weeks annual vacation. IOH PETER SMITH Hosrrr L A Teaching Hospital TARRANT COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT FORT WORTH, TEXAS General Hospital Service Out Patient Services Emergency Services ROTATING INTERNSHIPS AFFILIATED SPECIALTY GENERAL PRACTICE RESIDENCIES REJSIDENCY PROGRAMS ORAL SURGERY PROGRAMS EXTERNSHIPS PEDODONTIC FELLOWSHIPS FULL-TIME TEACHING STAFF Charles A. Crenshaw, M.D., Surgery G. William Sickel, MD., Pathology Duane N- Andrews, M-D-, Surgery James M. O'Brien, M.D., Pathology James E. Holmes, M.D., Orthopedics Fred C. Rehfeldt, M.D., Neurosurgery W. Odell Hargrove, MD., Internal Medicine N. Kermit Olson, M.D., Internal Medicine Norman Presley, M.D., Radiology Preston Nash, M.D., Radiology Chun H. Tseng, M.D., Radiotherapy . Ralph E. Campbell, M.D., Psychiatry Pe1hgI?nEbEfs55EeS' MD" Obstetmcs' H. Leake McCauley, M.D., Psychiatry J. O. Williams, M.D., Obstetrics-Gynecology Bruqe Epker' D'D'S" Oral Surgery . Donald K' Nelms, MID-', Pediatrics Ofelia E. Gallardo, M.D., Electrodiagnosis Marvin A. Berry, M.D., General Practice W- W- Goldman, J 1'-, M-D-, Medwal D11'eCt01' C. G. Yarbrough, M.D., Anesthesiology William A. Taylor, Administrator CONTACT: William A. Taylor, Administrator Medical Director John Peter Smith Hospital Fort Worth, Texas 76104 AREA CODE 817, 924-4281, Ext. 226 The cost of LIVING IS always a b31'gH1l'1... We Help Make The Prfbe Bearabfe ! co E 'E SS AND BLUE SHIELD, INC. ITTLE ROCK, K. 72203 X , , . If lim 'ubWW5w'www'rwwwf time ,Q ' , 'me , i 4 W ,, v H I ' ' ' ,iw 'rw' W., me--ff 'E'h?ff'?'fw-. Nl. wfwfm fQii?"?W'i .WH s.f'fr'?ci'f'5Q5i"31 - M ' .cf , ,V -':'U?x,EhS tif?VQZW'W'ri,mW5q:t-'Sgysgg 51551 5, 425.53 . wg, MQ , 'Spf IisgigfdssfvZ5fagf4zsf?5t E5 A542153 ' my 'ul ' ' ew 1 if- 4 iwNgl5g,gg,5?b' " "Z . A , ,gaatwwaw . i gihklifrxig uk! E" "i i .'i'fT.,Atwmwst-svffrKW,fttimtgilzgf 'i , I wg, :piss iq is, ' ww, , 2 fff4:':-5 f5r!iIJhsqjBlQ,,,..,1,wMM :fWtWl'Q'ihs"Ra4" wi A T135 gfffi Yi Q H it ifsfg-if 1, :. Q M15 asa.wM.,i,avnw'r:M' ,Q 8, ., Q .ywasma?iyw.a,QiW'aita f f H. .4 wg , ut- We-S ,,f,u,,g,,AA,u56 .. 05.3. , 7 Q A V my M M. V ei - :gf .., ..-gs, , aww-M ' rv ,tr E52 wa: r -- si ff 'Y V3 5 'V' '21-'tlilh ' A ' 'C IES an M 'ziip 'ff .rt G-s1'f.s..,d W N. 'M 332, -HWSW' afgefl 33: 1 g ,,,, A,.. . .siifwgii-MU rr: Ez: so A "Qgf?sfy,Wj,,'ftf its , zz: -, " ,wiv kidney, X 1 vef,.y. U. gwyiim SUBURBAN HOSPITALFK-if,, . BETH ESDA, MARYLAND Rotating residencies residencies Suburban Internships, first and second-year in General Practice and Surgery and in Pathology available. Hospital is a modern, air conditioned general hospital with 350 adult beds and '+G bass- inets. It is adjacent to the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine. Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washing- ton, D.C., is an area of outstanding beauty. lt is a highly prosperous community in a section which offers exceptional professional, scientific, and cultural opportunities. There are excellent schools, and churches of many denominations. The Hospital is just a short distance from the Nation's Capital, and good highways and public transpor- tation are available to downtown Washington. 1969 STATISTICS Adult Admissions .. .. .16,284 Live Births ........ . . 1,664 Surgical Operations ..... . . .11,635 Emergency Room Visits . . . . .. 33,336 Net Autopsy Rate .......... ...... 4 8.3'Xa For further information, write the Coor- dinator of Medical Education, Suburban Hospital, 8600 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20014. AQ. .Programs approved by the American Medical Association , ouncil on Medical Education THE U IVERSITY SHOP Located In The Hospital Lobby HdW6iS6I2 BU CH. BW4-RIAN BEER P 8C H DIST. CO. Suppliers 1900 E. 15th can FR25168 0 and sk for 6001030016 LITTLE ROCK Eimo Good Parties UNITRON MICROSCOPES More microscope for 'Phe money." CHARLES L. WEIR FR 4-8I89 PO Box 2I ll Li'H'le Rock APPROVED FREE LITERATURE Mead Iohnson Laboratories "IT'S THE REAL THING" Evansville, Indiana Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Ark 8-USES SAINT FRANCIS I-IOSPITAL, TULSA, OKLAHOMA ,, Qlifp' , it I .1 -I " A fail 1 WVANVH' L I, EEE 55 EE 55 E I ---- A lm ,, ' Qi Q5 lf" if 'QP if Q WQIERESQ 5 1 ' at .saggy 6, -. Av an 'il I, Q. E B 65? Z fa"' ixwl B aaa gb Q -A U .-- 1 f gain Q , A varied and interesting program awaits the intern at Saint Francis Hospital where a unique preceptor type rotating internship is offered for twelve interns. Highly in- dividualized inpatient teaching is given first priority, with the intern assuming great responsibility in patient care. In some instances the intern follows his own cases in the private offices of his preceptor. Saint Francis Hospital is Oklahoma's largest, most modern hospital. Recent expansion has increased the bed capacity to 655 beds and 60 bassinets. Besides a generous monthly stipend, interns receive uniforms, laundry, meals while on duty, full hospitalization and two weeks vacation. For more information write: Medical Director, Saint Francis Hospital, 6161 South Yale, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135. Bch What does a residency or internship in the Balgst System offer the AM graduate? Plenty. The Baptist Medical Center System includes the 437-bed Baptist Medical Center in Central Little Rock, and the 148 bed Memorial Hospital, in North Little Rock. A new 500-bed Medical Complex is under construction in Western Little Rock. Our internships are rotating types 0,1,3,5,6,7,8 with majors and! or electives available in surgery, medicine, radiology, pathology, psychiatry and anesthesia. There are residencies in Radiology and Pathology. Residents from UAMC in Surgery and Ophthalmology rotate here. The special care units for Coronary Care, Pulmonary Care, Intensive Care, Renal Dialysis and Emergency Care offer excellent educational opportunities. What's more, you will be Working with doctors skilled in their special areas of medical practice who know how to teach and who teach by precept the art of the physician-patient relationship. That's an important point to consider. We'd like to tell you more about our programs. Contact Dr. Jasper L. McPhail, , Director of Medical Education, for all the facts. Baptist Medical Center System 1700 W. Thirteenth - Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 The Brains Behind a Combined Commencement CONGRATULATIONS to the UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL CENTER BARBER SHOP OP 1971 From the Faculty and House Staff of the "Pensacola Medical Educational Program" Pensacola, Florida Black Angus "for easy living" Markham at Van Buren Call MO 6-0151 for everything packed To Go ADAMS ARTIFICIAL LIMB COMPANY 10 DONAGHEY BUILDING LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS For Quality Education We Ask You To Consider ELYRIA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 0 Fully Accredited 0 All Major Services 0 Certified Specialists in all Medical and Surgical Specialties Approved Programs 0 General Rotating Internships I Residencies in General Practice, Radiology, Orthopedics, Pathology and Surgery For additional information and free descriptive booklet write: William H. Sigalove, M.D. Director of Medical Education Elyria Memorial Hospital Elyria, Ohio 44035 The Camera Center "EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHICN 301 West Capitol FR 5-6455 Howardis Fabrics Care Services 1123 West Seventh A Little Rock, Arkansas Certified Member NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DRYCLEANING SERVICE Is Our Middle Name Ili Mobil Service Center If this is an old-fashioned slogan . . . well, wc're old-fashioned people . . . people who feel a dollar spent with us should buy you one hundred pennies' worth of courteous, efficient service! TRY US . . . YOU'LL SEE! Mobil Service Center 4100 West Markham at Elm OPEN 24 HOURS PHONE MO 4-2504 Free Pickup and Delivery Rotating electives: O, 1, 2, 3 and 4. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS- oYyN'S H08 -I I e RESIDENCIES- Medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, pediatrics. Specialty and Subspecialty outpatient clinics with 16,920 patients annually. 575 bed hospital lplus 55 cribsl with 22,595 admissions and 23,261 emergency room cases annually. FOR INFORMATION AND APPLICATIONS WRITE TO: DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL EDUCATION ST. JCJl-INS I-IDEIPITAI. AND SCI-ICJCJI. DF NURSING, INC. ' 'ISE xpands ducation An expansion of the medical ducation program of St. John's ospital was announced today ith the appointment of two phy- icians specializing in lung dis- ase and stomach-intestinal dis- rders to the medical staff. Dr. James D. Mayfield, for- er instructor of internal medi- ine at the University of Texas outhwestern medical school, allas, has been appointed di- ctor of medical education and f pulmonary services at St. . ohn's. In addition, Dr. David W. Jen- lins has been named director if medical education of the in- rnal medicine department and ircctor of gastroenterology. Dr. enkins was formerly assistant, epartment of medicine, divi- sion of gastroenterology at the University of Colorado school of medicine. MERLIN L. Blanchard, asso- ciate administrator of the hos- ital, said the new medical edu- ation setup will substantially trengthen the second and third .wear teaching program for resi- iqencies in internal medicine in ulsa. The local teaching hospitals re undertaking joint programs iii several specialties and re-- irently completed their first jrear for surgery residents under the Tulsa Area Surgical Educa- iion Trust. Dr. Mayfield has a bachelor's egree in pharmacy from the niversity of Texas at Austin nd received his M.D. from Bay- r University college of medi- ine in Houston. Dr. Jenkins received his bach- lor's degree from Colorado Col- ge and his MD at Case-West- .rn Reserve University. Dr. R. Wayne Neal who has een dividing his time to serve s acting director of medical ducation will now devote full 'me to duties as director of car- io-vascular services at St. 3 SOLJTI-I LJTICA AVE. U TULSA, CJKLAI-IOIVIA 741041 t, 0 I1 S adiation pecialist oins St. Jol1n's Hospital Radiation therapy specialist r. Zia Vargha has joined the taff at St. John's Hospital, Dr. . M. Pascucci, hospital chair- an and director of the depart- ent of radiology, announced hursday. Dr. Vargha, a native of Iran, will be in charge of the radia- :ion therapy section at St. ohn's, which also serves as a eferral center for area hos- -itals. Dr. Vargha came here from phe Mount Sinai School of Medi- cine of the City University of Nlew York where he served as attending radiotherapist. He interned at Elmhurst Hos- pital in New York after coming xo the United States in 1956. He piceived his M.D. from Tehran I edical School. Following his internship, Dr. Vargha completed his residency t Ontario Cancer Institute in Eoronto. He was awarded a fel- lowship to Mount Sinai Hospital where he subsequently was amed attending radiotherapist t Mount Sinai and its affiliate, lmhurst Hospital. His wife, Camille, and chil- dren, Michael and Lynda, will move here in July. 36 Medical Graduates I Start Internships Here Thirty-six graduates of the odical Trust ompletes Its First Year in Tulsa The first five student doctors o be trained wider the Tulsa ea Surgical Education Trust ave completed their first and econd-year residencies in sur- ery. Completing second-year resi- ency training are Drs. John E. 'iere and John S. Watson. pleting their first-year raining are Drs. Wallace E. uff, Walter D. Harris, and aul F. Park. Additionally, Dr. Robert A. aylor is completing his three- ear residency in obstetrics and necology. Taylor studied the irst two years at St. John's ith his last year taken under he joint auspices of St. John's nd Hillcrest. Dr. James C. oney completed his second ear, and Dr. Calvin M. Bracy inished his first year of obstet- major hospitals-St. John's Hos- pital, Hillcrest Medical Center and St. Francis Hospital. The program was initiated to improve patient care by offer- ing a greater study opportunity in Tulsa to the residents tgrad- uate dootors who have com- pleted one-year internshipsl. The residents study their areas of interest on a rotating basis in the hospitals to learn the best from eaoh. In addition to attracting quali- fied young doctors to Tulsa, the program allows maximum use of hospital teaching staffs and facilities. Tulsa hospitals, working to- gether, are pioneering this all- city approach to teaching. The program has been approved by national b o a r d s and review agencies. ation's mediica-l schools arrived Tulsa recently to begin one- ear internship programs at ur hospitals. st. Johns Hospital will than 3, Oklahoma Osteopathic Hos- ital, 14, Hillcrest Mechcal Cen- r, four, and St. Francis Hos- ' ,5. St. Johns interns and their Iis of medicine are Lloyd . Anderson, University of Okla- ormla, Bmofwn G. Appleton, Uni- 'y of Arkansas, Rennie E. essink, University of Arkan- ' , John A. Brunner, University of Arkansas, James Edgar aves, University of Tennessee, hrillip R. Harwell, OU, Neal A. 'cketlt Jr., OU. OTHERS AT ST. JO!-IN'S ARE IDairv'in R. Ritchie, OU, John C. Sacha, OU, Leslie C. Strange, University of Texas Southwest- Medical School, Perry T. aaoa., OU, Lanry D. Under- , oU, and James H. wins. Uniiiversity of Arkansas Interns at Oklahoma Osteo- pathic are Edward William mith, Chicago College of Osteo- St. John's By PAT A'rKrNsoN Of the World Staff The Tulsa Area Health and ospital Planning Council be- an a review Wednesday of St. ohn's Hospital's construction lan now estimated at 933.8 mil- on. The construction project, call- ng for a new 14-story tower nd elimination of the existing ospital except for the newest 0-bed unit, was announced a ear ago. The program was originally stimated at S27 million, but ollowing a year of intensive re- iew and analysis of details in onstruction, the figure is now inpointed with a 96.8 million ncrease. Three avenues of financing or the program are being ex- lored, according to Raymond Expansion Plan L. Rodgers, associate adminis- trator, and a decision is expect- ed frorn the hospital's board this The review process for a more detailed construction plan has been conducted in associa- athyg Robert John Tomchuck, ' go College: Robot E. Fox r., College of Osteopathic Medi- ' e and Surgery, Des Moines, Iowag Alonzo Lucien McLeod. Des Moines: George David Smith, Des Moines: James W. Daskailos, Kirksville College of Ostieopathy and Surgery, Kirks- 'lnstant Pictures uclear Used at By CAROL LANGSTON Nuclear medicine in diagnos- tics is a fast-developing field. The procedures are rapid and accurate, By using radioactive isotopes, ither given orally or injected nto the patients' bloodstream, Diagnosis t. Johrfs Xenon, injected as a liquid, returns to gaseous form in the lungs and can be used to map out air perfusion and blood flow that X-rays cannot show, Hale said. Another innovation that Hale ville, Mo.: and James Riley Johnson,KiirksviIle. OTHERS AT OKLAHOMA OS- teopaitliic are Glenn Barry Rob bins Jr., Kirksvilleg William Alan Schnurr, Kirksvilleg Ste- iplhen Warren Baldwin, Kansas City College of Ostieopathy and Surgery, Kansas City, Mo.: Bob James Bowden, Kansas Cityg Jerry Leon Gibbons, Kansas Cityg Buddy Leonard Hu-lsmian, Kansas City: and Eugene E. Langevin, Kansas City. Interns at St. Fifancis who are all graduates of OU include IHiarry D. Gfaloob, Milton A. Meinhardt, Ray F. Rhodes Jr., Gerald A. Snider. Robert M. We're Growing So Can You. . . Approved Rotating Internship Programs Approved Straight Internships in Medicine and Pathology Approved Residency Programs in: ' A r ' Medicine ' Pathology ' Obstetrics and Gynecology ' Surgery ' Radiology ' General Practice A Pnuvrrs AFFllrlA'l'E or THE New MEnrcAL SCHOOL OF THE urvrvsnsrrv OF Mrssoum AT KANSAS crrv Affiliations with the University of Kansas Medical Center, Children's Mercy Hospital, Veterans Administration Hospital, Jackson County Public Hospital. Post-graduate Educational Program The Danciger Institute for information contact: I The Menorah Medical Center, 4949 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, Nlissouri 64110, l8'l6l 276-8000 Jim Cathcart 7509 Cantrell Rd, Suite 10 Phone: 666- 0295 Imagine a Life Insurance Man talking like this! The man who repre- sents Investors Syndi- cate Life Insurance Er Annuity Co. does. That's Why it is worth your while to contact him . . . For sound financial planning, cal! your IDS Man today! Call . . . 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Z I h ,, ' 3,12 an y Iv A 17 'V WSW" 1'l , ind 6 , ' Q 1 1. , 6 it 6 6 , ' - I is f ' 6 - fi nf I f ,I JMB"- ING, '-"-""""""""""""""""" urns noun URIGINAI if for 24 mms 1,1 :Zi , Also Serving Q V H I .ly American Food , 3 L 1oNs ---- "" ,,-, TAKE-our sskvlcz E -1---"- ' ' AT ALL LOCATIONS SOUSTH QRIGINAL EL PATRITON 6120 BA E LINE 5922 NEW B RD 5805 KAVANAUGH HWAY 565-9729 663-9956 565-9943 open n AM-9 PM OW' 1' AM-W PM open 5 PM-mo PM nauy CLOSED suNnAYs C'-0550 SUNDAYS ores SUNDAY l I l W H 1 I Z l Congratulations Seniors Davidson Dental Supply Waldon Building V Little Rock KIM ifiug iiiifr if 1150 I' Qui cw, Q1 Elim Alben, 01135. J fzarm hill! 3 L MAN t L. Peacock - a Favorite? 17 6 Q 33 I l 3 C Q 2 i K 1 i 3 1 3 1 ' Q l , 3 A xl ,'-j' You've go'r us where you want us. MAIN DFFIGE-3RD 8. LOUISIANA STS ........................................... 378-7000 BRANCH BANKS ASHER DFFIGE-6223 ASHER ............ ..... 3 78-7201 GAPITDL DFFIGE--5TH 8. PULASNI STS. ........ ..... 3 78-7205 DDGTDRS BLDG 0FFIGE-500 S. UNIVERSITY ...... ..... 3 78-7208 EAST DFFIGE-STH 8. GDLLINS STS. .................. ....... 3 78-7211 SDUTN DFFIGE-GEYER SPRINGS 81. BASE LINE RDS ...... .. ..... 378-7215 G5TII' ST DFFIGE-3015 W 65 .................... ..... 3 78-7221 TDVIER BLDG DFFIGE-4TH 8. GENTER STS ......... ..... 3 78-7218 WEST DFFIGE-RDDNEY PARHAM 8. BREGNENRIDGE ..... ..... 3 78-7225 ix Dr. Monas --- ........... Dr. Pseudo Monas Dr. Rubin --- ........... Dr. Billy Rubin Member FDIC and -Federal Reserve System LADY ANN UNIFORM SHOP Professional And Non-professional Uniforms Little Rock, Ark. Park Plaza Center MO 3-5575 WARDEN VOLKSWAGEN, INC. 8450 New Benton Highway Little Flock, Ark. LO2-1161 Urology's Answer to Impotency Rick Hannnil H representing PICKELL AND ASSOCIATES 1212 Boyle Building 103 West Capitol Street Little Rock, Arkansas 722011 Bus. 372-0147 Res. 663-0928 Complete Estate Planning t Arkansas Administration For NARI and APPA Life Insurance available for Medical Students MAIN OFFICE 81 AUTO BANK I NO.1 UNION NATIONAL PLAZA... TANGLEWOOD OFFICE X 7401 CANTRELL RD ,............... PARK PLAZA OFFICE I 112 S. UNIVERSITY ............... VILLAGE OFFICE I ASHER AVE.8l NEW BENTON HIGHWAY... SOUTHWEST OFFICE l 3920 WEST 65TH STREET ,......... SOUTHEAST OFFICE I 1001 EAST ROOSEVELT ROAD.. CAPITOL OFFICE X 170I WEST SEVENTH ................... MALL OFFICE I 3008. UNIVERSITY ........................ GEYER SPRINGS OFFICE I GEYER SPRINGS RD.8l NOVA LANE.. , 2 i n H i i H., .2 5 It fl , ?n 'j 'i ' . ..L g F TAATTT 2 I ' s I i.i.!, ,g ..V, 1 - i 378-4000 378-4181 378-4391 378-4184 378-4397 378-4394 378-4381 378-4387 378-4384 Union National Bank of Little Rock y Member FDIC CO I. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. RONARY CLUB MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS Your job comes first, personal considerations are secondary. Go to the office evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Take the briei case home on the evenings when you do not go lo the office. This provides an opportunity to review com- pletely all the troubles and worries oi the day. Never say No to a request - always say YES. Accept all invitations to meetings, banquets, committees, etc. Do not eat a restful, relaxing meal - always plan a conference for the meal hour. lt's a poor policy to take all the vacation time which is provided for you. Fishing, hunting, golf, bowling, pool, billiards, cards, garden- ing, etc. are a waste of time. Never delegate responsibility to others - carry the entire load at all times. ll your work calls for traveling - work all day and drive all night to make your appointment lor the next morning. ifift-tflitlezilffl'rffli'flsLl-ifiiiinafttlifoil'-fleaiffiiwiffuffnel'-2I-leftlewlvzlensli-t:2's:zisi--rl:fell-:I-wi.l+lmeis-iwtelvtew ...ii can Iii! 5-M . li., A -L .H ...lite . it into-,li-ii,l.. -lit. ...ii 7 itil,-itltiflltilfiatistivltitiliilllllwitlfiIfiiiiilllsiiIfilIitrllflfiiliii-itillil'ililllfetiliizsfLeiiii,liIflif5S,siS'liiietnr lgIQ'ti.,rl3,.i5lli3SliXE1vl Q :gill V, 7 f- .fef35gs.,fl,j'ilM i-12.755,-llel .Me .,...,,.ii loft -lr-5 rfmlimor...-I-ill, .ll-9 KaSiyX.m1i1.,lK5,. ev,S.:Qg,a5 .Sy eiywgkij is gs i Ili li + l lin It .ii It I i 'li grill, Miami Slat ye nm 5 h I , of M 5 i I M ii lilies if 5 E i time it ilrl ole ell , , i It i nw 5 'silt yi .smugmug ohm 5 'ii-Uffw it illll K x . x . Y. . .. . fl. 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MII f i V If' .lfli -V sw- ,wif-4,1-I-.A ,-r. . . W it-ii l'+l5lifi'llfl Ir-.sfifsioa I rxilflwllk-. 'HA '2Ii?'IIs1..?1li1l5f5'l1feiin!i'svfzr,lltin.l,ii?2'il5ins al.n,,ll,.r s 2 X -tleig lsI.,l,1EiioiliK5fri' i :If Zeit slit?-Steen-E siftafglv: gs,ljf.e1:qiiiE+rfls fWf'legelxii5,.,,-l.gffgg,ggig:tillg fl,,5.1,i5g A thousand pelvics laterl CO 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. IVIAIN OFFICE 84 AUTO BANK X NO.1 UNION NATIONAL PLA TANGLEWOOD OFFICE f 7401 CANTRELL RD 4............ PARK PLAZA OFFICE I 112S. UNIVERSITY .............. VILLAGE OFFICE X ASHER AVE.8i NEW BENTON HIGHWAY , SOUTHWEST OFFICE 13920 WEST 65TH STREET ,......... SOUTHEAST OFFICE f 1001 EAST ROOSEVELT ROAD ...... CAPITOL OFFICE X 1701 WEST SEVENTH ................. MALL OFFICE f 300 S. UNIVERSITY ...........,......... GEYER SPRINGS OFFICE IGEYER SPRINGS RD . .....,. ...-3 .ar NOVA LAI ers -i eag le? Union National Bank of Little Rock Mcrnhcr FDIC RONARY CLUB MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS Your job comes iirslg personal considerations are secondary. Go lo the office evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Take the brief case home on the evenings when you do not go tothe office. This provides an opportunity to review com- pletely all the troubles and worries of the Gay. Never say No to a request - always say YES. Accept all invitations to meetings, banquets, committees, etc. Do not eat a restful, relaxing meal - always plan a conference for the meal hour. It's a poor policy to take all the vacation time which is provided for you. Fishing, hunting, golf, bowling, pool, billiards, cards, garden- ing, etc. are a waste of lime. Never delegate responsibility to others - carry the entire load at all times. ll your work calls for traveling - work all day and drive all night to make your appointment for the next morning. Kill -.iw-,mu Mi 'Alam i .K" I lill 'ffff I fi i l.ii I I 'Iir is A thousand pelvics later! i if M UAMC Med Graduate Finds employment Yes, it is time consuming but I pick this way. up a lot of murmurs "Other than the Wear and tear, Medical School is a fine experience. Wm ls as 2 25 lil f Wa' e eeeee Prithee do not turn me about. My stomach is not constant. -Shakespeare WE'RE A Stable Organization - we shoot the Bull and Pass the Buck." , w!'T!yP'?!"'?"w 1 N a aa If Q' 1 ,VLH I E lk ., V A - ' 5 .1 Q, ' 4 x - ' "' 5 "JW 'fxvflfixgx ,- sP',"f""9l.:!s 944' ' " , ef if M955 Zffcx' , f . I, l rv, rx Nfl? ' 5 1 1 - ,X , W Consclence 1S what hurts when everythmg else feels so good." BF JEMALE DISEASES lllll 7 IFWHI Cure You -So That You Shduld Stay ea 5Curecf-- Women -No, Longer Needgsubmit in Embarrassing Ega- sminaiions and Blg Dpcior Bill . To Show GODII Faith amd toProv6 to- You Thats! Can Cure You I Will Send Free a Package og My Remedy to Every Sufferetg S.. I hold the secret of at dfscoyery which has seldom tailed to cure wonienofpilee or femaleweakneas. Falling at thewogub, painful menstrual periods, lexlcorrheaf 1 granulation, ulC61'BUi0B,BUOq are texpy regdiiy curb m treatment. l l 1 I ll 1 rl secret to the wotne , believiu will effect a cure in no matter have ' Znow offer this America g ybu have eutlered or DO mu.- ....- .. . .... me D .ifxtf HOURS 9 to 5 9 30 to 10 50 Mornxng Coffee Break ll 00 to 2 30 Lunch Z 50 to 5 50 AHCIDOO11 Coffee Break 4 00 to 5 00 appy Ho Student hstens whlle he IS told why he pays parking fines Some wear Bell Bottoms ou ve got to learn to park two cars 1n the space - and some have them. 1 A X 3 ' iff 251 -"' I x , ' -- K :Z x 5 ' .,,- 1 . A Q s gs- -- kr. L 2 ,A ee,., . i Q .. , , .5 'lf ,, -wx 'X f f ' " f E is Q' 3 t 8 1 fi i wi? ' 1 we fist 40 0 v neef. 0 12: 'S - 'r WJ' s '- K fffc -,-- f . ' 5. " S B .Shawna FINE FURNITURE "jack, if I've told you once, I've told you one hund AT SEVENTH AND GAINES OVER 35 YEARS timesg the heart is a pump, not a "Music Box!" LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Tl-IE E D WE ENCOURAGE YOUR CRITICISNI . . . PLEASE WRITE COMMENTS IN BOX BELOW I "Death and sorrow will be the companions of our journeyg hardship our garment, constancy and valor our only shield. We must be united, we must be un- dauntcd, we must he inflexible." Winston Churchill 1940 The l9'7l Caduceus Staff wishes to take this op- portunity to thank all its many patrons and to wish all UAMG students thc very best in the futurc. red , 2 1 1 1 i w I I V

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