University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR)

 - Class of 1970

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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w 1- r in 9 3 me A .af al .2 H :rf DESIDERA TA O PLACIDLY AMID THE NOISE Sc HAST E, 8b REMEMBER WHAT PEACE THERE MAY BE IN SILENCE. AS FAR AS PCSSIBLE WITHOUT surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly BL clearlyg and listen to others, even the dull BL ignorant: they too have their story. SD Avoid loud 86 aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain SL bitterg for always there will be greater SL lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. 58 Keep interested in your own career, however humbleg it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairsg for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there isg many persons strive for high idealsg and everywhere life is full of heroism. 58 Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about loveg for in the face of all aridity 86 disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Sv Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue 86 loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. 98 You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees 86 the starsgyou have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is un- folding as it should. Sv Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors SL aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. 5' With all its sham, drudgery 8L broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. 99 59 FOUND IN OLD SAINT PAUL'S CHURCH,BALTIMOREg DATED X692 4 On The Understanding Heart WE ARE all citizens of one world, we are all of one blood. To hate a man because he was born in another country, because he speaks a different language, or because he takes a dif- ferent view on this subject or that, is a great folly. Desist, I implore you, for We are all equally human .... Let us have but one end in view, the welf are of humanity. JOHANN AMOS COMENIUS 4 N a r , 56 W ff IF THERE is righteousness in the heart there will be beauty in the character. If there be beauty in the character, there will be har mony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the World. ANONYMOUS WHAT a Aman is contributes much more to his happiness than what he has .... What a man is in himself, that accompanies him when he is alone, what no one can give him or take away, is obviously more essential to him than everything he has in the way of possessions, or even what he may be in the eyes of the world. ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER ,X Q yn gliwf c YW, QW? vw 4, ,F 25512 3 9 f 5, .L on- . . . Q '32 v K 1 . N ,Q KNOW you what it is to be a child? It is to be something very different from the man of today. It is to have a spirit yet streaming from the Waters of baptism, it is to believe in love, to believe in loveliness, to believe in belief, it is to be so little that the elves can reach to Whisper in your ear, it is to turn pumpkins into coaches, and mice into horses, lowness into loftiness and nothing into everything, for each child has its fairy godmother in its soul. FRANCIS THoMPsoN 5 5 5 5 3 E 2 A fi , ' . " . . Y' ' Q' at I X s W 32W W' 23923 f"i'2' Q' M gig Q K V wg M in W - , , . . ' !434Y'f s k' f 'Wg' x w . w? k5"'k+HW. ,Q . V , ,Q ' K' sig. . ' w 1' fy .. .M A fum' ' za : pf.. ' -,Q M' A , ' W- ' X rflwfi 1 'tifif H!3f'iwfF'?2fA 1.'s1z:54:h:ia:3':12, 'frm A if N0 wjfgi gy gg, iv 34' H 5515 aw gf iig S cg Q J! W ,, . f mg-V ai :ff fd . V -. A . T J' 1 QQ? Wx 2 ,lp-,ffgfg 3 '3 W 'W Nfiffff was W Q, . 'S -iw 7 f , Aw 3 x W 1 5' 14 as - xtifffif-if iff! f IV 1 an 2. V x . ,,,,..N .ffl .vs4:Vsw.q:f, , ig pf 'W"H?if'ffwfSf- gg, , ,K w 'KH' :N Qfrrbw W1 'WQGFXQN -vm k nf L , . , ., 2 M. , .xg -Q., Qf-vw Q, .Q -, -few:-L ,Q wwf Q, .y . '54 ' Q36 Q17 ., 29' 23-'?Kwf'1i"f?,'9"3f fwifwf fran f "' T' H 'bfi 'PY A wx W . N A Qfflfnfuzf mar ww: 'wififgp ' f , W, , v A 4 5 M . , 115.1 g5pg,,N,w3QgQ,,..n+, W, -V . N -ffm. 47 Q . f :K ,x3o,,f,-3 4' ' Ji- , K ' M 'ff 241245 f:',fg,,g,Qgjfaffi,vj:5w zjf 'ow' A" , U '- ws' fi Q wg -Q 'fi' Y 'Q fi 33" '5f3M'5 , .V M2112 J ' f751f"fi' w , - 2441, 3 'iii-i fg f gwigbfigm fi, SQL. , 4 .. EW. 5 Wg xv 2' Nr 'W as KV JK ' 144 95,-' S "'m"P3 ,-295-1 'LJQJR' , wf'!??'f' - fxfi f lfgfw ns, 1,-,ff fe-H: mv' rj v me YA - A4 pn, . , , ' f SNES fb K , IN fx. ,fx 11 ix 'A ' f' ' ,, ,. ' . M? ii ' ST M Qu fe' 1 ' , J K A, Y I ,.K., V,,Vlr, ,,WL A ,... A 7 ,, In 1 ,, k NM A 4 f N 'fi S V A ,M Qu . H ,N,,h Q - r :Wm 3 if Vw " fa , -R - Q, I , - ,A if f i A K Eggs, f x,3Q lx Q , - K, f ,f .- W Q .,,,nMw4wwQ.mmw'M"kQ,V ,, 1 k W -,-Lfrw ,. -, A K 1 ,, , 1 f Mgff, 7. V 'QQ , F L' "' we -f my A K -,.-. 21,52 -A x 1, Q 'ff s,:Qi':vIf'-'1 :L 'il ' , 'WV 4fgi1!'QV'-ff K IN F4 32515 Q, Q if 4' M' E N W ga . L' K c - -, 5 V1 - Mfw . f f x J 1 . . em L .,h, y ' ig ' K' if vwwywvf ' All is not serious work at the UAMC. There are even some moments of complete inhibition!!! Grief Can Take Care of Itself, But To Get The Full Value of A J oy You M ust Have Someone To Divide It With. i Mark Twain UNIVERSITY OE ARKANSAS MEDICAL CENTER The University of Arkansas Medical Cen- ter ranks among the best medical centers throughout the country. The 320,000,000 structure fcompleted in 19571 is composed of the following units: a 450 bed hospital and an educational wing. During 1969 the census for the University Hospital was care for 67,000 outpatients, 27,037 Emergency room visits and over 2,000 new babies. Through the cooperation of highly motivated staff members, students, and health professionals, the Medical Center in 1969 produced 91 phy- sicians, 41 pharmacists, 36 nurses, 8 medical technologist, and 15 x-ray technologist. In addition, the newly formed school of Dental Hygiene graduated its first class of 20 stu- dents, and 5 cyto-technologist were gradu- ated. Construction of the new Child Study Unit to provide for the psychiatric evaluation and treatment of children and for the train- ing of Arkansas teachers of children with learning problems was completed during the year and is now in full operation. A . .s.,....- Wit , ,sxf mi, i gl, 5. - I I 2' it .t --as W , fu , ,..., , , 'MUN VETERANS ADMINISTRATION I-IGSPITAL The Little Rock Veterans Administration Hospital has a total bed capacity of 471 with 9,939 admissions last year and 71,979 out- patient visits. The VAH provides medical s and surgical clerkships for junior and senior students and is engaged in an active internk ship and residency program. 3 5 A ! ARKANSAS STATE HGSPITAL Arkansas is recognized as a leader in the field of mental health. This is due pri- marily to the active building and training progams of its State Hospital. Through ap- propriate legislation and federal grants, the hospital system has accelerated its training programs for psychiatrists, nurses, and psy- chiatric technicians. The maximum load of the Little Rock State Hospital is 800 patients with an active follow-up program of 200 outpatients through- out the state. The Community Mental Health Program was begun in July, 1967 and now has extended to include 40 Arkansas counties. There are now four comprehensive mental health centers and seven community units. ARKANSAS CHILDRENS HCSPITAL Arkansas Children's Hospital is a 94-bed fully accredited non-profit institution pro- viding comprehensive medical and surgical care for children throughout the State of Ar- kansas. Arkansas Childrens Hospital has been affiliated with the orthopedic residency pro- gram of the University of Arkansas Medical Center since 1962. The orthopedic residents serve six months as junior residents and six months as senior residents. Senior pediatric residents have had a three month rotation ad ACH since 1965. The staff of the hospital consists of private practioners of pediatrics, orthopedics, surgery, and dentistry in Little Rock, plus consultants from the Medical Center. DEDICATION Joseph Bates, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine We dedicate the 1970 Caduceus to Dr. Joe Bates who has demonstrated during our ac- quaintance with him, exceptionally high character and professional qualities. He has channeled great physical and creative effort into teaching us and his unbridled enthu- siasm has inspired us all. , li' , all gi-s 1. fi3"m A' ADMINISTRATION .55 5-:P L N I fs n rf 233 Quit? oc? C Dunn YQ' S Pa- A ? L' 443, 5 41 " E, 9 -if 'IZ 9 4. . E 5 'P Wiki. 1 David Wiley Mullins, Ph.Dt President of the University of Arkansas B.A., Univ. of Ark. 1931 M.A., Univ. of Colorado Ph.D., Columbia University, 1941 Executive Vice-President, Auburn Univ., 1949-1960 President, Univ. of Ark. 1960- Mr. Storm Whaley Vice-President for Health Sciences 5 a Herschel P. Benrtly. MD. Charles Prigmore. Ed..D. Assistant to Vice President Assistant to Vice President for Professional Affairs for Health Sciences James E. Crank Anthony DeLape Hospital Director Associate Hospital Director D ala L. Borchert h Van Melwn on . Assistant Hospital Director D1I'eC110I' of Stlldenft Affairs MEDICINE FQSAS SQ '1- xii: fi Winston K. Shorey, M.D. Dean, School of Medicine Dartmouth College, 1941, A.B. University of Pennsylvania, 1943, M.D. Internship, Univ. of Pennsylvania Medicine Residency and Fellowship in Gastroenterology, University of Pennsylvania Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1951-1955 Associate Professor and Professor, University of Miami School of Medicine, 1955-1961 Associate Dean, University of Miami School ocf Medicine, 1957-1961 Professor of Medicine, Dean of University of Arkansas School of Medicine since 1961. Horace N. Marvin, Sr., Ph.D. Associate Dean-, School of Medicine B.A., Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowag M.A., University of Wisconsin, 1938, Ph.D., 19413 Special Research, Department of Genetics, Carnegie Insti- tute of Washington, 1941-425 Assistant Professor of Anatomy, UAMC, 1942-485 Head of Biology Depart- ment, Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research, Uni- versity of Texas, 1948-503 Associate Professor of Anatomy, UAMC 19150-583 Consultant in Radio- pathology, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, 1957g sultant to the University Lagos Medical School, Nigeria, 1963. Eugene J. Towbin. Ph.D., MD. Associate Dean for Veterans Administration Affairs, School of Medicineg B.A., New York Universityg M.S., University of Colorado, Ph.D. and M.D., University of Rochester. Chief of Staff, Little Rock Veterans Administration Hospi- tal. A DEPARTMENT OP ANATOMY John E Pauly PhD William C. Langston. M.D. Professor and Charrman Professor Emeritus Horace N. Marvin, Ph.D. Howard K. Suzuki, Ph.D. Ervin W. Powell. Ph.D. Professor Professor Professor 30 Jerome K. Sherman. Shirley Ann Gilmore, Ph.D. Carl K. Uyeda, Ph.D. Ph'D' Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor E. Robert Burns. PhD. Donald FQ Buxton. Ph.D. Bernard L. Soloff, Ph.D II1StI'11CtOI' Instructor Instructor 31 A- STI-IESIOLGGY F. E. Grieifenstein, M.D. Professor and Chairman Carol N. Eason. M.D. Assistant Professor 1 3 5 2 ag A i i 3 A 1 ki ' S 1 fl Walter Guinee, M.D. Assistant Professor Doila St. Thompson, M.D. Associate Professor E 1' ,EQ 'l H! so 9' as Wayne B. Glenn, M.D. Assistant Professor A . ZZ,, ,ziig 55 ,i..i gi, ifiii if '1PiEIEEii121ii?iH 11 3 1 i3i':!vlzsi5ejiEf .pits Z' it -' 'W-.z..f-f1f,ff1:,1, .,.z . A ,, ,iii srss 9 A A ' , , A:,Ja5wf!.s:fa1ffafig? - i ., , , r,25,fW,!M,lwgg, , 5 1 1 si. ff? 5 , 331, wsuwsimgig si 142-qw :Hg vi i ,..u,, 1 ,. ' ' '- - 53355113-IQ ' f ' I 5 - I " A s l 'f 25 , P gg.i?!iEW3 g 1 1 Q .3 , sg 1, V g5!1:'5!Eizziiiififfisngrgeizif f1sfi,vefx5e,25Ql!fE2'ESM Z E Q ii Q s 53:1 w.fp'ggi Q ' f 1 . ..:. .,, . ,ss- 5 it , , ,, in ' ' s 'a A A RQ ij: 4. iiit Q if F3 ..,b5,,,.iil kiswglfg 3 9 ii ., 1 D ::sx25EieQ.f- . - Exif? 3.21 's ' KR ...N -.M sig 5 X - . , if Liss ,W 5,M,,,s,,.f Mmiov. , V S92 .f Hfgwils 2 , at P1 ev mi, .fs Qivsfi. A , as so . .P A W .X3Z12fZf2fZizf!5lfE?zQ5,pk3,5 , E a a ,M ,:.,A ,r: L ,,..s A . .s., A ,,Z, .. ini Mfitffiiict- 2 A im :lx I 5. H.: ,S main: K ,tsbS111.f'gggi5fi25?3g2 zisgfiifiagggggsfrilgfgazffQ:is 11a12E,:siz-fm :ff R133-'a5Aggz1j'3,-jgsflfszfggifiifigqgfigf-. 1 -, Ei31:fs22asegfnfw-gsi 2 :iegz ,,,25Qggg3iieigsigigfiiizggli,Sg,11ff,g5Q5,3iE3,E P -i::1.fff+fl!2'1s2 W 1'ge5'- i!?f4ii,Q1,2rsW , is,gitr1et5fQ:l!glg.:bf:Q?ss ?3z,!sz-swifals-zfrwwi. 1 Iii' 1 K TQQEQISZLIZ M333 'Sf2ETi!ii'zstEf'sisffffiifi Wfiiiiii ss:-1,f1fs2g'.1QQg1g,5s - as 9:91535ls?ftgfzigs-in-gg-iw iiiagtgfmtwgfiiggffgsffkzi .,ff1-mf' '--' fw!ff1.cL:WcfL'1fs.5ffIssfYf:s21'11.5-'f.11-.wit u, ,Mftarg-lfsc-szslssiv im, 4wrqSmEi..fE,-1-at iff'ffl-f'if2232?ifZI.A112:ff0f1f:S-11 5222112 f1t22f'1.ff1,if1zifrz'5 ,-sw fs'xi?i2,,E1ltf?iwEf11riiSii5'E?iiiiflistlixgfi 5152519 in Efggggfzlifgixiifi :ggiwas2Yazfgigfwgfwegffihf f-mgepzzfgiqg gag: fig My-zggqz, if liiiiiiiiiiffgfzfeqi?L2gIi5fgiKSgii!lgE5fZ3ffsliffziiiisiigst'ZitiirsirlsgfWare!!fiiigizliifaizgilgg:QEEg::5!!ig5igQgjS ' 'gg Ziggy sf3ssk3gggg5Q 5?Nliiiisiiiisiiliifaiiii 332252, 351159 Qiipigiif fltiiiig aaa 115,145 A J12EES25:2:5E:Q2ieisiilizzzbsfziszzzfzfs. ni H533 mimi! Charles Harger, M.D. 2nd Year Resident Richard. B. Clark, M.D. Associate Professor ' It mv, , . .. . , ' ..EVV' i- P. .'fpf:fg,f:gf5f!1i?51z isgflgffqfigfwfs if mf-,fx w , wg, ' 1 559 '55S?'z2k5:?iWf5'?ffF- f!tj,if45e!f2s:f 'M' 1 ,-,5'gftptgirszifggzflafiiff',gr ' "in, '- ff'iitvfawsfiiiffizimtiiHeegpfyff mia fwffiiifiw jsfq. gf5fffrefl?4:g,y , 5 ffzf, . , .mf -f-r wf.ffn.ff.,. :effffw - f --f- ' :Q-Qifriffi fsjgfi f: iizzf?.:'ifii 7:2 'fl ,-1 fi ,. .. ' gig f,,gf1f'g,2":-M. . fi,55gf,lf. ,,I ,Eg,g-ixggwgg, 15, at 'iffiffz wzfrii- ' .QW ' " wi v' ff, is Iwyiii's1fl.mF' ,mx"1i::,'!"SUlw'f -mmf-3? f" i-315'--' ff' ?z- f 2 L, 1Q':f,'gg11g,grsfIi ggi, 'sf sky' mis ' 1 iff, -I I 5212. ,rs a ,, ffm: . -1.1726 Sgifkrffff-'ff' T559-.25.f!rf15533fi-fi?:ifi?f'Wf5'P5ia1Xi- ., A ' 'f f V 1' ' . -,J 1 1 2- ' ifiisfm W' W I: :gg 3555235532 'f szfysiggffwvm " . ' i ,'f.,fs.r5, - sg,.5-g5s,:s::f1.f' ., , --1f,,ff-ff?:,,I-ff",g1f111fg,,f.1f.f.,.., ,ff 1.35 ,afg?f'fW'ggincg -Q, 'Y 'NNT-.ff93pf...JfA W, if wgg,s5ff, fgwnfiigk. r. t affffefqsfnwyy 'tfvfiaff 'v a .MSB Charles Quimby, M.D. Assistant Professor Willis Stevens. M.D. lst Year Resident Charles L. Wadkins, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Professor Manford Morris, Ph.D. Associate Professor 1: azz' -- me 1,1:. "1i77i3ff' -Me:- ffff .ff ie ' ,,,. ,. M, , ,. ---gy '-4-wg ,.-,i - ' - 1 K - .,,, iii. ft-.1 BIGCHEMISTRY Edwin Hughes, M.D. J. Lindal York, Ph.D. Associate Professor Donald DeLuca, Ph.D. W. Grady Smith, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor ls, I .511 -s A. ' I .. ., ,. " , ,Y m.,,,5,?a, ,, .i . 1? t f :F 1,1 I QFW44 ,4 M... .ti , .fr P Charles Winter, Ph.D. Charles Nelson. Ph.D. Y, C, Yeh, Ph,D, L. Bradham, Ph.D. Ass1stant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor BIOMETRY James H. Meade. Jr.. Ph.D. Professor and Head Robert C. Walls. Ph.D. Assistant Professor-Consultant Jack Johnson Instructor John Long. E'd.D. . - . I :ff ' rrrt J- A s troo Q. ,.., ,, .W , H Q min s,,,k Professor 7 ' Q'ts S I H , , ,,... 1 M J ,,..s o -t J 'J J Lt., , at 5 , t f,--b 3-of f- . waist.-yt -w '?E2! g.:q--M ft.:-Q,:fs-m:fH.:22--5:.ff--Zzfewmrfifii'Ewsteiiaiiitz P 1111.1-sm., ' ----'f.A ai' ,lp ,zfrfi-. N so ,W we rzzisizissafwsyfzz zxqvvifwfsraagesfefsnl at '-2: f - ...f- -Q., W H1-is., 3 A i?Ws' w x W M35 ' ' - W Charles Dennis Robinnette Instructor is kk J. Wilson Nance Instructor FAMILY AND CDMMUNITY MEDICINE lfm 'rum-. Nm. 95 IE Ii EAR, NOSE AND THROAT 5 'W Y G. Thomas Jansen, M.D. Clinical Professor And Chairman W, Madge Hqngycuh, M,D, DERMATGLDGY H -- W M, , , A 1 ,.,, , ,M .M ,,.,, f J,.,1 ,,,f,Lf1,,, , -- vas? f ' I 5 ' "v ' ,E mafia ' fffwwfwfgafffgfrimihiff , Xi 4 ww: is Ji Mn ,A 2 K 2, df , : Y Nj VS, ' T 15154957 wg Q rr ,,,fk5z,,1,5,f35,fa3I ,,.. wh fiik wa +1 JV f ' F ' Q N' ' my ' L, , ,wi H ,Q A ' f s ' j zf , f 'L ,gd " G 10 'Hg 2 " fb ' 'I I Robert Hood. M.D. Associate Clinical Professor Assistant C11nica1 Professor William N. J ones, M.D. Charles R. Snyder. M.D. Leslie Turk, M.D. Assistant C1i.nica1 Professor Chief Resident Chief Resident Ray Biondo, M.D. 2nd Year Resident 36 53 3 Qi I ' ns e Y Clark Julius, M.D. David Kingsbury, M.D. James McQueen. M.D. 2nd Year Resident lst Year Resident lst Year Resident LABORATORY MEDICINE Howard Quittner. MD. Director, Clinical Laboratory Associate Professor, Pathology Gene Hall. M.'l'. Instructor Jerome Rosenfeld. M.S. Assistant Professor Betty Shook, M.T. Assistant Professor, Assistant Director, Clinical Laboratory MEDICI E Robert S. Abernathy. M.D. Professor and Chairman Arthur Haut. M.D. Professor slay z. - I ,,,,, ,,.,, Y fi'-Mt f5'1W?f'f'f5.isi? 359553555555557k'555A'5Q51.'hf P -I ' ' I' ' A ,,,,,, 1 9 , wifi' 1 f . . f -5235+ 'sfwfff ..... 15. , .rswife.:.,,f::2ifP1fF?gQx -wfsg -as ' 1 ff" .. . sf' .1 w ' ' if k 15' , Y Q !5ris1fif'f5'3 ' 553:55 '5zi?".y Y W1 ' "4 f.ss1sff"j!?Afmss,-2: 1 - :ff..5'Zw1b:2sfzs1z 7 4 EQ 1. +1 s. W 1 1 www , 45 . ' Qi?" Wi! 39f. 2. f3-5 'R + X "' X rf A as as fa 'Es -- as L. in K qi' ' ...Q ,.. . -1- jf M5 ri N 1 ' 4 P iw-els N f W Q , 25 .11 -, -z '25f.wff:5Ef'K ff K sm will s James S. Taylor. M.D. Professor Emeritus Joseph Baies. M.D. James E. Doherty. M.D. Associate Professor Professor Winston K. Shorey. M.D. Professor Kerrison Juniper. M.D. Professor 5 z gi P .oornflere James 0. Wynn. M.D. George Ackerman. M.D. Professor Associate Professor . 'f Mui'-ix f- - f or I 511. Y 5 e- 1 .X,A .11-X- XX,1 Q. . " -5,3 A 1315 YXM1n2M ?,: sr W WWW . k A X33 s NX S K to Hi K K X it bg? A ,QQ X rs ta Q e Wy Q Q WM to t X 9 sk Wav? 15 X Rig 'ft ,., www it 4 S 3 I 14 Y -1 .. K ' X Owen W. Beard, M.D. Associate Professor I F fY6'7liW 'T 'frih I i5nfV,'f"fff' ":,ibl"E51,-JHWJZLW'AA-HWWIHCV'-Wffffffuf !3ih'v,5u"fMf' it ws ' " , ft: f fm! " , 22 f 250 yi , , ,,m,n,,tms ff tr Ig ,tl www f k fwL, ,y,f ,YW , Vf2t Q51 4 A 'wp w ' u, Robert Bulloch. M.D. Wxlham Flamgan, M D Assoclate Professor ASSOC13tE Professor Russel Sandberg. M.D. '3F925w,ep ,Qpggx bi A A p k? 1ffg,.w5gm:zfg3X,. 4: I - - . im,-.. I wsg3E.e,1r.,1 s ,os fs. mmxnm ' ul at +. , 1, mm ln -. "Hugs fu, st- Hag, Aggie ff. gms ' ft-ng. ' v w K ' ,. 1 risky ax: I . gum- Q ., , .,,. , - - 2' 31131. , 219!zS'.'is .1-5:53 ga 4' " QfsrE?t15::!s.Vf., has-M .. if-'i, m r. . .QQQg,:Q312Qk .,22i3tl?'1f1-' 'Q-4: ' 1,1 A-212 Eugene J. Towbin. Ph.D., M.D. James Adamson. M-D Associate Professor Professor Ass1stantProfmsor Asslstant Professor Williem H. Hall. M.D. Erner Jones, M.D. Fernando Padzlla M D Assistant Professor Ass1stant Professor , 'ew - f V "fJff'7,!f-J .f . I 3 . Sim E Z "Q' g sg" in A , , ma, , fs ' If f 22 fm, 252 Y 5 , its - f.,,,iff4.ja::f 22, 1 , . fy ,, 'f 9 I 1' f wir w Q" WWF: MT. -ff ff? 'tmp 'fy y , 4 o ii gfgzf B J ,TQ g, .41 in e , H if ..... . 4 E465 L M W L fi I 5 5 5 L 5 z j 4 , 5 ,. ' , J,' .L" I - 1 tllrroi I 2' o I I ww'M,fffm4.s,.,,. --- ,mrrfmffrrfflssr I, ' .w V- ' Rodney Patterson. M.D. Marvin Murphy, M.D. Louis Sanders. MD. Asslstant Professor Assoc1ate Professor Assoc1ate Professor 5 + s 1-, ' ' I s MMMM I I my I om' " ESM I l '.'s.s r 's s.s I 'sso 'fra 1 Mss.s i .,o..g:, 1.1. , ff.,- 3 I ' ,j Q' ' L:,.1i ' 1 I I f rnss Q oss : Q fri - fi Qi - IS - ,.,. 2 E , Bobby J. Jenkins, MD. Instructor and Fgellow Cardiology Eugene McNabb. M.D. Instructor, Director Medical Outpatient ,,-ffmskisgifw Malcolm Pearce. MJD. Assistant Professor Thomas 'fleece' MD- W. Jerry Carter. M.D. Tom Brewer, NLD. Instructor, Fellow Instructor Instructor, Renology in Gastroenterology Hmm Eleanor A. Lipsmeyecr, M.D. Assistant Professor 'gl A V 'ft 5, 'fi 'ff 19 "1 of it W, 1 :M s 4 F K' "' fa Rh H14 K 7 f 31' l s or 3, .ffmm F, ,,L, E ig , nf 2 3 1 if f-sf I "' 1 ,fif E i'9!f'fm1wr. "as 4 '4 1 1 tif' A f l CM 4 1 QR. R radii, if at hm - I 1 " Jack L. Davis. M.D. Fred Faas. M.D. Instructor, Director, Instructor Coronary Care Unit ' . J' anis Gunnels, M.D. Robert Moore, M.D. Hoyt R. Pyle. Jr., M.D. Instructor Instructor, Fellow Instructor, Fellow in ' 1n Hematology Renal Disease fl I 5 ZL, 1 Iilgfg, ,". rn, F on ttttt . nrrr n 5 tttr I Jack Wagoner, M.D. Winston R. Wan. M.D. William D. White. M.D. Instructor, Fellow in ' Instructor, Fellow in Instructor, Fellow in Pulmonary Disease Pulmonary Disease ' Gastroenterology r , R R . rerer ere niriis Y drirt Y ' Allan Pirnique. M.D. Bill Tranum. M.D. Ken Mathiesen. Jr.. M.D. 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident Galen L. Barbour, M.D. Joel Spragins, M.D. Brian E. Barlow. M.D. 2nd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident 1st Year Resident Nancy Rector, M.D. James Phillips. M.D. Bob McRaney. M.D. A. J. Thompson. MD- lst Year Resident 1st Year Resident 1st Year Resident lst Year Resxdent William Roberts, M.D. F. Eugene Joyce. M.D. William C. Furlow. M.D. lst Year Resident 1st Year Resident 1st Year Resident John Baldrige, M.D. James Kane, Jr.. M.D. -T06 386111-19' MD- -Tim Killiu- MD- 1st Year Resident lst Year Resident Intern Intern Karl MOSET, M.D. Ed Strickland, M.D. Brice Weinberg, M.D. Verne Williis. M.D. Intern Intern Intern Intern MICRGBIOLOGY v Carl Duffy. Ph.D. Robert E. Bowling, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Associate Professor Joseph Bates, MID. Byron L. Hawks, M.D. Associate Professor Associate Professor Paul Morgan. Ph.D. James J. Daly, Ph.D. Associate Professor Assistant Professor 44 .X..M3 It-M we .nt .,..a. l . EUROLOGY John H. Bornhofen. M.D. Associate Professor is If if E ai E 3 " ' '+I Q! 1-5 V Liv. gat 9595. 'l ig isizg 5 5 E!! 5 5 ' , 15354235 X .M ix . Q .g4zisewti2 'ii .AI -9:3-fisliu, L. M, ' n m iv gygmfz. if X ,ii .1 , z Wav. 2. Morris Clini ' , , Q M S 11.5 K :5:g1i??-.e.- in X, ' ' 11 on Henry, M.D. cal Instructor X , ,wamsaiziiiiii-2 -W55tf1'ii5zfi1a!Q21 " -+'1!'ZQ:'e!Ea:i 11,5 ek ,. 52 -tif K ..,:: .1-:-w i, .1.i.,..., , ' gglffmf - f.QAiQi?g I 3 Mg' i LX2?..SY'g1El . iipvazi' f . ...if K K 5' .17 - '- tank L . . .E is .., W.. mi , .,., Eu X , u- . 1, .5 N e w ffzzemegt Hr aes H V -r f1R'tsa+w. ui fy. . ,,, ngwzititagxi ,iigigg "ai 52 2.1292 3 'W 'Q Q.,Mm.1w Q.-4 X. . 0831. -1- i. ,512 t..,.tWn,.eHE.:s Vffii ' 2f?E:fiz.1::iff?11E if , P 'is'ii'f?i11zifwi?'Efii1i'5: S 5 3- 5 -' we gm if Coburn S. Howell. M.D. 2nd Year Resident Ron Williams. M.D. 1st Year Resident :ff I if Dennis D. Lucy, M.D. Associate Professor and Head , ' .gig 1 .z 2fm'E25,u::'S3?ig.g'54g,.jgQg?5gi . 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Boellner, M.D. Assistant Professor , Vi .. ' . Q: L .1 ' m 1115555-m2Y2'l X , mi.: . 134: 262233 - at Biz fix f' 5.5 an . ,. N ww, XT? , . Q- , i u lg MGS, ml :H 1 Hi .5 it .. , N fw21...., , 'ima I . n.q,1w Q, .g,1f. 2:i:, 25 13, flu , A igzira me J V.,.f1 "' s1 gil I V f4 ,'ggA?1?f75'2A.:'1s Q kai in . '- ' m's'eszfaj:1if ' H-sf-ww ' 1 r" a1.s: 5:-W-' , ' C"54x3f1 165122- n f , ..,, ,. . K ft-it .His - ,,-' Q- Q -2 1 in . Q ,s,g,ki..,11a31-gi:u. z' ef:'9?'-3154 i?'TfnfZ1i, 13s1'ifwg2ggf2fE353w '4 11' X! lw?ii.Q5?5E1itE?ii+1Qzfwfaz :Li Q 'Q I - ' M3 . 3-s ' . ' if 1' " 'I hu' V1ii',3w11.2fiw1' levi? 1 ' 1 A - ,3 '.gg1:i,:- Iffi1imxga,:qg:f?2Q,fa I112'Wif?kg5i5t 159' i:9ih "gk2x' f 1 A M fw r W'2x12fL'3:- , 129' aim-H+4"1" -- I . ..,., , . mf ' ' 5322923313Qf'39ifiE1i.'?321553 ff: ' X mhaai -5141522 my 1 fe xaaiizlii -is ilf2asastesK-ihaiitkiiraswaatsiiiie.2 if ' awp. M w i g, :v t 5 -' ' x ,Ma 5- David Dapra. M.D. lst Year Resident David L. Barclay, M.D. Pr ofessor and Chairman OBSTETRICS AND GY XECGLGG HW Egg Byron L. Hawks. M.D. Assoc. Professor, Director M 8a IC Pau1.J. Cornell, M.D. Richard B. Clark. M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology Joe C. Johnson. M.D. Chief Resident and Instructor 'l3ii1fesef'l5i A V James C. Romine, M.D. Orman Simmons, M.D. Chief Resident and Instructor Chief Resident and InS't1'uC1:01' I as wiigiii 'Q flew , '16fk,f2f!af2:f5ii IJ Pi! f'iucd,w :fi HI. ig ,t gr T ., lui. ,vig vw. -4 1' 572 . 5' . Qi- D. B. Allen. M.D. Associate Resident . . '25 3,5355 S2 '. w ,Q ' Fix ' : V ' L ' B B A i 1 5 2 1 , i - S fsziwf A fg I A A . .iz .,,,. f is wi s wa ' ith is - tfieligvgw zi'5I-2235-i'i?!:'!::i's ' ::.f,-- ::..g-gf. 5 -4.5: Ii fjgiifgggfafx Sl E . Adam , . . 1 I ILEYVH1' gfmflumffffesz-. sw-Liv , ' - ' ' ,,1zg-:iff , ikfafzlw W!3fz5i!!n.zfsf,. Kiifsgzfif I 1 '23-51:32 i2sfs82:,?r.a1J aizlibflwffkiiffiifliv, H58 .1 -.,. :rf-1 gm g Bill Harrison. M.D. Assistant Resident N J' irmal Pal, M.D. UI1 ior Resident hi Lyman B. Armstrong, M.D. Assistant Resident Fi is :.etg:.mfg ' N321 ,Sy "'gN1,n' ,, L... ,.,i,:..e,.f, ,X xg.. fgsagei .. H, 4.,,:,5, ,. ,,,. A my W f- Hgww ,., .www sy 5. 'A ma "592f-ff pl' , it 3 'A ff, ' , it ,.si. ,ng 11' " 7 1 2' ' M' J' . 'A H- A 12 1t'iiTfi?ml'r .nns ,iide . 'iif2HfSzsf23iiEIfM-fff:Ll'1'SlE?fziAlti?sii2 V . A nss A A ,, , it f ' ,415 X W, is , '- fiiiifvntwfaiigf , i' 9 If .gag valign i..rgEiE,,i sg ,zfiirisl ' Tggfdu jf,,.gHmifBEjV V 5ji55f'gE5gMi?'E,,,u Z ix it -Q 6543 , png, v Z'l'55i52f'f!. IU ' '!:Hz25fffil'2"f"w'iT"I'iiQ4,Q U m W 3' s 4 , ' 'aw ikslfgxf 's... H it K !pr,'fi31',,jfk, 212.5 Egan? 'f,...l1QgE4iieEEzEEl .gf ,X','S'.i?1,,x Wig., , M 'fix 'Qi t, ,isvtipii iE"!iigi? "L.,"w'f.i I2 .gg I S 4' I 'e ! af ' .34 QL' IV' 222391-,Wt shim! ti'?f2fE7i9t.?3'. 4 . -AA-,- 1 , sf.,.w.wg:w Q 'fif' "" ff fiwffiliitiiiwif'liieziii ' " A Q 1' :i2Ef.l!z2555.ij'zi Q mixi A W i we rj QQ? Mf r 12:32. fum if . ,.g,,..l gu,i.,Q.,.1,it iqislzt xi' Charles McFa.tter, M.D. Assistant Resident - F M ff' 5 I Virgil Hayden. M.D. Intern 1 Jim Hahn, M.D. Junior Resident Guy H. Gross, M.D Intern r 1,3 lE"T'm'2 William E. J aques, M.D. Professor and Chairman PATHGLOG S it ...... '-ww -, N' 'f za . , ,,,.,,., ,. h,,,.. - .Q. .V S i 4 s as-1 nk , . Y E . .Q , , A ,,,. , 1.e hggv azii Asia' Bi .. , ff' X. ,B.,.. A ,,,mA.,i iris 433 1312 af Q, si I Harold J. White M D Professor riffs . .sms . ..,. '- --s.:fs:r--aw " f ,.1Q1.:W.- ' , AF:-,.: P ,s. W It.. Howard Quittner. M.D. Robip R. J ones. MD Associate Professor ASS1Stant Professor - r Carlos A. Araoz, M.D. Rodney F. Carlton. M.D Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Carl K. Uyeda. Ph.D. Robert F. Schaefer. M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Olive Barlow. M.D. Eloise Sherman. M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Robert C. Pope. M.D. Wilson A. Werely, B.A. Assistant Professor Instructor -:-2ov!fsf?f?fiMi:1:WE??1ff1 -SAY" , .. W ,.Q,,,sg,ge11,.,f,,:::.-newwr-24,154 'Wir ff, . -- . ., . -"' ' H Q . - ,.- : : 1 are " 1 g. J ' Siuart D. Kustermann, MD. Assistant Professor LaDon W. Homer. MLD. Assistant Professor Esteban Palacios, M.D. 4th Year Resident Q rt., ' 'E if F apr X So w ku WS Ea .L .af 12,21 - I..f.s- 5 , - ig 1 ' X inf' ..,, L i Q M N K S iw S 5 P ifrmff i ,sw in 2 zz Ebgwm- 'mf eexnkff , iglwlbgi 11- , E 5 S Q A dig? 2 e :Q ai wx L ,Exe w-fs,.,m Te Q Qs sw if Q gggxig X ge 'Q' ea K N 5 .H - . Q, X X X Y I . im? 11 '77"7,'fi Jiff r .5 Ci' 1-. " Q - ,. -Qiiiftfgjffiiiiis . J' . ksffg-'.1:,f.ff.frQ. 'srvm:9'f W. . J: Q K - L g""'.g ff! lg ,..,. 5 f 'flip ' ' 5 Jwraflff ggrf 'fir 2 "h' iff: ., ,wi A 5 1555 ,-!7!5?f!ff':3?f--34,3451fiiiififf: - ' : 1" 41-:Fjffif KJV-iff5'f,11,f1'f1'2fl?iiii51:?5ff 1 . L 5111riff.Yff?7iEil5iiffFf? , 1, g Q, me x ,, f if f H 1 In rnnn Y Y Don Scott. M.D. Raul Vila, M.D. Hollis K. Leathers, MD. 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident William Atkinson. M.D. Sally Holden. M.D. William Bridger. MJD. 2nd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident 2nd Year Resldent Carl C. Welch. MD. Nom-man G. Tubb. MD. Gerald A. Stoll. MD. lst Year Resident lst Year Resident Intern M... PEDIATRICS Alice Beard. M.D. Associate Professor e .Q Professor D. H. Berry. M.D. Assistant Professor Herschel Benily. M.D. Theodore C. Panos. M.D. Professor Professor and Chairman 2 4 if 5 ggi!3'3's5f:I22535f!2?gQ'i252' 2s:f.s f2f5Ens, 2.!f auth if fy i, K V "'Isi'iTfQii'.i2i""5fi?"'s1W' F Ja. 553:51 ' .- . gas is , ,,,,,g,fi ,,, ,,s. . e1ff,lf--:ig-mgfI'.5f ,efffzzmf g '- mmf . E -' ' ':242,f:.fifea1ffr "f """ 'wggeff' M M.. .sw . -, -me I W ,1, 455. 25 .,., 5, 'fl-31 2-5115: V WT If , ass!,,1,g321,-.z,,,:f:-gf' ' 'fgfggff P .',: . i,,,. , ,.., A am.. 1, ZLIQL, 5.1.9 ',jffg"'f5,h, ,. A lm ... 23415 'gg,.f.gs22!ff' 'Maia P n P ' f R-:fr - Y, mg, wmv, r- H f ' sf 4 v, W Mu' at ffi 1 mx 2 Roger Bost, M.D. Edwin R. Hughes, M.D. Associate Professor Associate Professor Manford. Morris, Ph.D. Sam Qlements. MD. Associate Professor Assocmte Professor M K :S X 5 wg, . sf.-tvs 'd ig , 5 -. .. RLE5?'1?lA ' . .gy 2 Wiki! gig- w -f gf-Wfrwgrggg iifii iz 1225 :iq nf . s 1 t W 45, in pug F Q, K K lwiigxg i uw 8 ww ,' ti 1, ' i X' 4' rl n , will 'En 4 . gain' m ug' .W 1 fx " fi f' , - V, Af.: j2L W'f -. ff I . , 3.1.2,-.' J " 'z F f ,scila!:as.,es5..w , . i"" ?i2't4'12f.!a' ' vi if me M ,,...,5a.f,,... ,,., . infixizx. f"e.,'z.t..,, ,g K , . P 2 l r 4h,. z f il trirtxl .ff5' st?t'1 .z Rosalind Abernathy, Bill Dungan. M.D. J. O. Cooper, M.D. t Bart Danford. Ph.D M.D. Asst. Professor Asst. Professor Asst. Professor Asst, Professor Joycelyn Elders. M.D. Vida Gordon. M.D. Asst. Professor Assoc. Professor wwf- .Sf ..., J' erry Jones. M.D. Betty Kelly, M.D. Lloyd Young. M.D. Maxine Hinton Asst. Professor Instructor Asst. Professor Instructor 1 E255f'L5'?Wf'VIWSVWI "W W? if. :if fi'5W5?5i" ? N ..,Eii1i'f2:i'eSf.if 5'Eh!1831iz:M 332855 f sfQaiiifafgefszesggfggfssii il ' ' f ' ' ' -1!f"1fa1ffQfx15!:is1-'- . .Si ,ww V Jon Hall. MD- Max Haynes, M.D . Helen Rountree, M.D. James Moran, M D Chlef Re'S'1d9Y1t 3rd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident . . Hg-I-.sei-,x - 5.5 if' .gg zz Q , if WA.. Si ,i s 3 ' 1 cf . , - F, 5 ic ii pw" i f 'fix I up ' Ely gifiaifig' is Q Y If ws: . , .1 .. , !-11'.5gI:g.-W I J ii Q M Z i R21 ..1zegs,iuaaf.? I , f' , .2 '-1:11112 QE? I E . , 2 I -.,f',-QQLEW, I y Sgzailtliirii .3 Eiaiiiifzag ' I I 4222.2 5 iwiwsw it L . - 1 vu ag! I -fi1iasii5I1i3,,!2a1 ,I s-,., ,- ....., -Ezqwsii 5f133i5?E53i3 5 "iv ax"r" ' .M1 .uefssz2W,5- iifif i ., M Eii5gg3s1gg245w!Qg':g uh gg .sw -1 , li iqgiggg ,w,i.,Ms,,i,a .tg-xanga Q l I Q if 3 T M ,23:M " fQ'.,, ni. KgW1n3,g32 "1 'V' 'LL52 i'ERW?ZE5bf'fX'kf, . b . Q: ai 'Hu 2 ifis2ii1f9+5??vsi2a H' Q Eg V I 1:3 I I ws"'H' Q. HM? .iv fm" Bob Arrington, M.D. Mohamad Mardini, Harry Harmon, M.D. Isao Sekine, M.D lst Year Resident M D lst Year Resident lst Year Resident lst Yeafnlesidem Roger Clubbs, M.D. Horace Green, M.D. Intern Intern Ch arles Greene, M.D. Intern Bill Payne, M.D Intern U Q,Z4, Lloyd D. Seager, M.D. Professor and Chairman PI-IARMACCDLGGY ss? Joseph E. Stone. Ph.D Associate Professor Calvin Hanna. Ph.D. Professor, Pharmacology and Ophthalmology Jim A. Harris, M.D. Assistant Professor Pharmacology and Medicine 'N Garland E. Garner, Php' F. E. Greifenstein. M.D. James Doherty M.D ASSiSt3I1t P1'0f6SS01' Professor, Pharmacology Professor, Pharmacology " and Cardiology and Anesftheslology E Ei OI! PHYsioLoGY 53 E ii M it lsr ii ?i 2 L5 351 :rr gf 55 E fs iff Thomas I. Koike. Ph.D. John E. Whitney. Ph.D. Associate Professor Professor and Chairman W 2 e 2 l, 1. i Alvin A. Krum. Ph.D. Glenn V. Dalrymple. M.D. Russell Sandberg. MD. Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor ri. ' , fm .1 James L. Sanders, Ph.D. Eugene J. Towbin, MD.. James Wear. Ph-D- Assistant Professor Ph.D. Assistant Professor ' Professor 55 ' ' , . gK1s,,gigf:Qf-:REggagzilgSiffbhrklf ,sl 5- - Z AW. P vizsgrztfggtttiizfafwg. tr- +1 ' 3233 2 fgw K : - 535' . or to X, sr if li w gr ' T Q qgf tl- gf? X : 1 if 'ifik i Fi " fr 111' Y' 3 11326 E32 " SE X 5' .... ' A r Iii: r P -1 v , nf - i -rv' A 5 e - sehr pn- -. . IW 'itgri- -Ng-1-:B 2 1-1 Q!!sem1'f rzzr fi x . if P 'W zliyiafgfiif Mg stklzfxzilsss ii: 3 t, , or , .... ..t. ty! 5 A 1 Tis-if -if1Hvgf2iwf21122Qfuvvtf?:'fl12itz!f:, 2 E ' H' w x? - QESr55gyf21f53fzQfvg11sQaf2as2iEGisiaizfihgZig : - Um 'fwfr Hsmszltaffgqgzrgzggwfig I EQ ag--m il? Q I ' W . ei M''1rf2I1Qz"iff2r-riff'Zia-fwry-'f,e1m2.:1 'i :Q . ' -gi' M2 ,f ..::..iQr if I E f Z :fe-'EEZ' fn .A .- T fig Sis? Ili. .iiiziiazgiislwtig:if?EitfEafziz1eg5gff12az5Q1g1q2ggElf,5g 5 WQQQ Q .w. 3, ga " ms' Lgx3f1gqE1.H fer gt gg- gy A : L N s j' Roscoe Dykamn, Ph.D. Professor William G. Reese, MD. Professor and Chairman PSYCI-IIATRY Fred I-Iinker. M.D. Assoc. Professor Assoc. Professor Richard Sunderman. MD. V I Sidney rien-is. Php. Robert Mmhews. M.D. Asst. Professor Assoc. Professor Travis Tunnell, Ph.D. Stanton McGill., Jr. Instructor Psychiatric Social Worker xi' - iii, T6 '2 li Paul Lecky. M.D. 3rd Year Resident Walter Shehee. M.Dt 3rd Year Resident Ronald Boyle. M.D. 3rd Year Resident Robert Bryles. M.D. lst Year Resident Bthlynn Brewer. M.D. 3rd Year Resident Hope Lehman. M.D. 2nd Year Resident Tomi MacDonough Psychology Intern Linda Bell. M.D. 3rd Year Resident Walker D. Goodin, M.D lst Year Resident Jerry Davis Psychology Intern RADIOLOGY Howard J. Barnhard, M.D. T. H. Oddie. D.Sc. Professor and Chairman Professor CPhysicsD, Division of Nuclear Medicine Glenn V- Dalrymple. MD- Eleanor P. Deed. M.D. Associate P1'0feSS0I' and Head, Associate Professor, Radiotherapy Division of Nuclear Medicine Wilma C. Diner, M.D. Doyne Dodd. Jr.. M.D. Associate Professor Assistant Professor ,sq Lea DeLany, M.D. Assistant Professor E we John E. Bell. M.D. Instructor t 5 s 5 James McKenzie. M.D Instructor , to ffl .V 4 2 R ' ' 9 2? mme W A ., 1 1 - ' i Q 21 2-f ' "'s ,X f W sQ'A f' 1 . R. ' t .t., f J' it ' 255 ,W it ' E ' 51 1 N Kiwi? 1 : x ,,,, fy r : tsot M if ta J 1 fa sz: Y 1 t aff if V f I , V f . Calvin Cassady, M.D. Chief Resident James Garrison, Jr.. M.D. 3rd Year Resident 5 Ed Pointer. M.D. 3rd Year Resident Don P'Ll1'Ce'lL MD- Sandy Rubin. M.D. Phillip S'1Tli1'h, M.D. 3I'd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident 5'fIaSiS5igsZff9f55i?l'Ji?ffzi lfazfwtf 5332: Z5 Robert Fincher. M.D. 2nd Year Resident Robert Ashby. M.D. lst Year Resident f 1 Y X Hosea McAdoo, M.D. lst Year Resident izff:f.1g3g,V1tggff:ff:fi-pgjqgggbfiiflmgggggffgs-Vw 177' ffm- , .t:4f,:.gg5gfgf i Wifi W ,,, . 1 Q' denies pw t ,, .M ,, .1 ,ve , , SX , - ' K i f! A H ,iqrf "3.4if7' 'L X' ' 55:4 ' , . fr- ."'5"-255, 7 5 M " .L,i-463-'fzf'1:'i3:. ' 1 if Y , Wig 'f big, , ifgsgfitff 1 V ' -t2!f35f4.fg, . 'pg' E Y 'ur gi I 'ssg:q:as,'IgE3fif....s5.2,,, z 3313: MQ? I 1 ,HAI -inf: - f 1."I ' -35 ' : 5,.ivf3giQ8gW-.--, , ---1,5 ygggfl fini? + f:.,w.s E. .g--419 -,1,':::s:a--was f ' 'e1 f 'HiTs5Qi'IfliEd15 az fiswgrsff-12g-gshqgffrif,'fQe!:,r: , a,atf,fiizaeififfswfeeggpit' all tifgi52Qg?f.Qi3i.t,-Jr -fi. Qfffii -: V1:Hrrsgfnyv-ffk'-xfxff'fgfffiltl-1Wifi iE2:Q,:i', ' Iv Vfiiillf 3 " '5,f', --: " J' -p 5 ::'iiis!M:S:1:,-, L i52'giwf2, 7595, gh? F' W v vin' fig -wif!-5 f?:,g::fn,, ilgiififfifii. -1 -- e!fk:2seza'-f'- 1 rs f Mi 1 ki' 2 s--922242955Mwst-:awf, ivlfefw - -- -. '--, -fx 3' .t " ? .s ssss:ffif,515:24QeSf,fs:zzzse!sa -1 - ff: sg'ss?f1sr'- Hi 35-3' 'Qi K -11 I -?f1fRY?iFfi-:- ., F421 ' fi 4 .. I s,, 3 n 1 ai I E " R W Wff. 5 4iI:g'i:.," ' "mf I gqiziii? Siiizsi if .gilr . -5 '2 ,ji 2 XL .55 A ig 3 i 'Y X . -- ti? H" W I ii x sg 1 ' ' 'Y 'si 1 W 149. 55525 ser' ' A 15 tw -s'Q ,,, 4 .S sum E ,JE ..,,.e Terry Swaim, M.D. 2nd Year Resident William Williams, M.D. 2nd Year Resident William Green, M.D. Aubrey J oseph. M.D. lst Year Resident lst Year Resident I i W . !- I .K ' " fki ri Donald McMillan, M.D. John Slayden, M.D. lst Year Resident lst Year Resident SQJRGER V wi 5 A sz f ,f Q ' , ,E igzls-, ..,. -W ,,,,,,sg'iQ 1-1 5 , ,Wg1,z1-.'mf-zzgzz-i5..,'vza:asmV ,fff y v 4 31555 ' f ' 1 5 ,f ., -ff' . ? ga ' A ' fs- A ' f,V"-V '- a 2 , Q F . f -1' - WW.-my , ,,, ""' V . ., ..,-, V ,,, - 1. rx, ' ' . 1 .,-f l . yy , , P, - Raymond C. Read. M.D., Ph.D. Professor: Head, Veterans Hospital zggi K. Gilbert S. Campbell, M.D..Ph.D. Professor and Chairman News Fred T. Caldwell Jr., M.D. Professor Boyne Williams, M.D. Assistant Professor I I Bernie Thompson, M.D. Harry Hayes, Jr., M.D. William Hayden, M.D. Associate Professor Clinical Professor, Instructor Plastic Surgery 61 1eg5gg,:f",A ff - E ki S Joe Crumpler, M.D. Instructor ' Wesley Wise. M.D. Instructor EEE? f 1 ' 'Q'fffiaf,wi2iW?ffPIJH ' , V is aw' ln Wi,-t,, ,ML n,z!. , -ng, Jimi A ff -' 3"'ffZ?2f-1 """ 4 .,.,,,,,, ,. E . ,, .. ,g sm My ' MN! ' 5543 J, 'Ii nfs :Lk ff 'H' 54, it ' 'arf ' VY! H -.1 Mi.. L, , , . ,H ., , ., H835-film I ftssiifw .5 J f .z Ag V 3 M? 1? T2 fi' ws' Es , ,,,. ..,.. , .,,.,,. , 5. 6:4433 5 . 2 . Q .,.A 2? ei 1 S My ' - I fm, iw gf Q H . 'XM' we .1 fsl,n,WH, :any .I 1 fm K , ,. .- - ,w,frfwg-nQL,1Mff s z. M H 1 ' ' W, g YM 55,5 is --" y 1 ft 'Div , ,z -,., - ' -' ". ' 'f " ""'i.ff',?25:1'!l, :ff?f,v?.?Sf5 -51155 Li 'f?'ffjgi5E f'f5,?Fil J ,, ggfrffbfkgig-gif 52'f'ffi6f,2W I I my : 3 2 - 5 it - f I 'flrfjeffsafl-:ew , s , 'xfzezafa-wgnew 'i'L - I , 2' I I 1 f ?, , Lgfw 'S2m?rff3fgg41 'es Q 'if s fi 2f'lif t tiif' iQtE of 5 'ffffl-.Y , ' 2, i R ' gig , it 4 i3i?"',? if If 'kfk L' . I ,. -a ,, , .wi 1' if s . ,N ,, .. ,,,. ,, , ' I Yrrr rt J' anes. M.D. Robe Instructor Robert Casali. M.D. 4th Year Resident in Surgical Research 1 ..-, i"'ll" 1 I Kent Westbrook. M.D. Instructor Joe Bumgardner, M.D. 3rd Year Resident Kirk Smith, M.D. J oe Udomsap, M.D. Tom Ahrend, M.D. 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident 3rd Year Resident R'-'mild 35999111 MD- Charles H. Miller. M.D. John R. Sellars, M.D. 2nd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident E David Bevansi M.D. Virgle Lyons, M.D. Kerry Ozment. M.D. 1st Year Resident 1st Year Resident lst Year Resident Michael Reese. M.D. lst Year Resident James Suen, M.D. Wally Williams, M.D. J an Turley, M.D. lst Year Resident 1st Year Resident 1st Year Resident F. Assoc T. Fraunfelder, M.D. . Professor and Chairman R. Sloan Wilson. M.D. Assistant Professor OPI-ITI-IALMOLOGY F. Hampton Roy. M.D. Richard Lovell., M.D. 3rd Year Resident x J' . J' . Magie. M.D. A A Juan Sanchez, M.D. Assistant Professor G. C. J' ohnston. M.D. 2nd Year Resident A Joe Lyford, M.D. 3rd Year Resident 2nd Year Resident 1st Year Resident 'U :KW K ?', ,,,5 : 1 it ye - f " "'J'Qeex WW mfg? ., - if .. ' gtg, We Q ,, W E. M ' f, +' - k'."'+y.,., e- 1 we 1 M f . mf.--'-5. D. s,, fe-e 'nl w f 5 M.. 1- ef 3 , ,M , K 1. , ""'Z,,,jl? e ,J ' -'Wifi ' ftipgf , A , ' 1? fp xifetaezsfew zslgi iff' e fvzgf ff -A .f if fi? 'V' 1 ssI5.' 4'1 35' A - , -. gi-. H f' :1 ' e aww, I M 1 5 'S' 1 "M P M- Q Q, V i , , V At, 'uae "1 - e,. li: , .-lwsitisi. 1 M ifffl-el.,'W""" . 1 " if' , ef' 1,5-ri ' fJ'hez,,:a - - new 'SL .. '-:ei-f. .ff . e ra rig 1 1 -we f easier I Wffeeef e PM M a f?f3ii'i Mia "egg Mio m,, e ' of a -A A 5 mage, E,.gggi,5S,:1 :,g,gK 55fE.fe , 1 e2 A .ggz ' N Joe Parker, M.D. J. Mayne Parker, M.D. 1St Year Resldent lst Year Resident Fellow in Ophthalmology ..- EUROSURGERY 34 IWQSI ' 4 E i 5 ' S Warren Boop, M.D. Associate Professor George Schroeder. M.D. E iii RV Stevenson Flanigan, M.D. Professor and Chairman 65 ORTHOPEDICS George H. Chambers, M.D. Professor and Chairman John H. Bowker. M.D. Associate Professor .ig Z ,Q-. gf!! 7565 gil 1337, 5 ir: igiF5Jf3fik ffiiifw if fi Qi 'HP il53iiU 'i 'f mg ily H if mr ?g, 1f 'f ff' 5- Er if W?" f 561 I Harvey Edwards, M.D. Shelby Duncan, M.D. 4th Year Resident 4th Year Resident L ' 5 2553341352- iii . 1 rj Si fy , 4 1 'fi !. ,at iw' ,,.. fn! .4 fe!gf52:s2fgg,1,g1'5-eil , I , fu fi Vi - 5 5332: .ul ffl , i i 5 ,, 1, 1 ills 'i X gf , 5 f ii -Q 4 2 i EQ, 12ze255.j2E,.5,f:.Qfff'S5!g Y- wwsrifeg-f'Mfg zf'5!f?'55ff1ggs!Y5if' L jf ' Meggqffs H. ,Unfa- X ., ,Mfr 5 --5,515 . . gf, ' Qfljff .fgwifgf ifl .gc f 1 if' S Q Q lqz ff 5 , . 5 5' , ..-1. .. , Q , n ' 21-1 h .gW,.,, 5-sims, if ima u we v L 1 ff fsai an .M -sl "rg 17.1-ma. an Jjgiipf. gg lig ilfi H ,, W ifzfeg' Wi W S W A if-we 1 f igff Y, , Q. , B !f!'1ff .MV er aff, K if uf ,, , 1 z, , . MM, 1 i , , 5,5-be f ,gffrw ,-if elsif '-fe ' ,L , fl i:..??ffL'1 'iii , H ,. H' ,gi or e. Sw 'ff' gf fras-flzsqffifseifffiffezifffi"V X "4iz.-,o1,ifefs52Zff - 7 .fxrngcgf M, K 4- . .a,:v1i?4? 45435, wp: , :Er L, If ,gi 'eff I Z "If'5'::5gf I: 5 Fred Blankenship. M.D. 4th Year Resident Jerry K. Thomas. M.D. 3rd Year Resident William Wood. M.D. 2nd Year Resident P. 9 fir. nl. w . 123425 , it 'ff 'ZH fnf mm? 4. 'ity WINE, , W T Vg , , S V '. ,y ". '.:' rg IJQYWQQ. '5 gn, mf, Su, 154: wx' Q' 1151.4 zzgwggm 1 f,.,1,,1 f 5.1 W .. . , Inf 1.f. s,,,,,. 1 'L' ,rm . , 1. f 'I ' If ,wi z':fwff?fee5xg1fi5mGg , , V ff gm, -J 1 f- I f mr . ,w w Rage!! i 'QQ gf I :- we : 4 6 I ' 'id' Ted Honghiran, M.D. 3rd Year Resident Q 1? rs i: qty -:ff in 6 Joe Paul Alberiy. M.D. 2nd Year Resident Don Vowell. M.D. 2nd Year Resident Abbas Zand. M.D. 1st Year Resident UROLOGY Jack E. Mobley. M.D. L. P. Fraiser, M.D. Professor and Chairman Assistant Professor Mack Moore, M.D. Samir D. Sulieman, M.D. Alan H. Domina, M.D Chief Resident Chief Resident Associate Resident A A 2 " 1 :Q is for Q Robert Black, M.D. Noel Ferguson, M.D. Akhtar Yusufii, M.D. Associate Resident Assistant Resident Assistant Resident MEDICAL STUDENTS SAY THAN KS: To James S. Taylor, M.D., for his capabilities as a cardiologistg for his interest in teaching anyone interested in learning for the past several yearsg for the excellence of his conferences and for his gentle- ness with patients, students, and residents. Dr. Taylor, we sincerely wish you an enioyable and healthy retirement. ,,i ,N 2 4 1 :ill 5 ggsef' 1 James S. Taylor. M.D. To Howard K. Suzuki, Ph.D., for his knowledge of Anatomy and ability to teach it as well as use it practicallyg even though he scared us half to death during Freshman anatomy, welcan look back and say he always had understanding and compassion for his students, and was fair at all times. We wish you success in your new administrative appointment with another university. Howard K. Suzuki, Ph.D. 'XTERNS E, U sg? F 'Q' V E W 15.1'.Pi11'i'2222f?zaif ,542 :iv , EY! , . izgzgxailvgsffgl. gs H 2-7!S'2?b2'i'Ei'!i 1 ggi . i , , 1 xp K :ii A 5 gggg1Ziz2'l'fi?' ill? ff EQLQLQ ir, "i f ,5 Q aafve ' , ae':i'if'Qi , fwws, W l iiiiifiii Q .. .,, V, ,,,, ,, ga, A , K., ' 15 si Z: ' " . a iv g. 3 y ,n 20, .- i ,.i,, ,, ,,,,,,W,,,,,, . ,m 1, H' 1 - . Z: .-rf... . Jgeszrfgraer-2. 4: e -f V' -:F i' z H MU, wasmy53552,g3,f21z,.f:gs-.Mg -,-., ,. is .rl an -',:-aslimlv . 95 1 EZ' i swf 'fss-ff'if: "size ea -133 M all T' li : vi ln.. a:'y2. .E 1 1 --wb X-., ir. Us ,, ,, .. ig wx, - fe .5 ,gr Q, ,Rfk , , A 5' 'f is lu g iuiiiiilp, m . ,, ,fQee , Hiiifizaiaaef , ,, 53,,:ii,,?3Qi3i511zz,iE5gi5sUs ' ' fn ,1a::f,,fz:Q ,fif,f1'ft11: 1 ,,,fi1:ws,.3Ym. ' f, ,, ,,z:, a-ew 5, x A ,fe-1, ,saws , 'lm 5 -, , in ,551 L J :Q A i Miligzif 'iffifaklfifif' Viiliifiiiig iiigiigig s 41505 l ., , ,, .2335 "',,gi5?fg3Q . ,, .ifw ,Q ,., i .151 2 A A Bfilzsffzezsiwif' ' ' f Edwin L. Bird, MD- Jerry Blaylock, M.D. Stanley W. Combs, M.D. ,annul Larry D. Crumpler, M.D. Benford Durmon, M.D. w 1 vm,-W5 ,- sgswm .W 3? '9 iigf 2 .. ,K VA A, , . , I., N 5rw' j,f3:5,,S Q1 1, ,: ,-Q' 1 e ww w ., VA X 1, A W ., 3, wa: , ,Min M1 f?y"f., 1, .,3iJ,w.. Q' : J F.. R f: a5,.,,:,f?wL jf QL? . - 5 2, 1' 1 11,1 -Q . , '1gfQ?95'i?" -A Aft' - 'r Qi aw. . .N ,.,, ,,,, . 45:11 f x '1 55i?hi?fFi 5.".'1- A, M. mgpiv .-f .-1,33 1 Ex., g5!k,.f4t2-E53-3' W 4- . " f ''.-19:ui'PiK':fw vga" 2 . , M -qhiifsfff 5 1 , ,azure we 5 ---.' , f .:Q5g2iQ!ig. W'i,3y.3.? 'x .1.,:,25:!:,:!,.':f:,.1 ,:'Ei"' ' ---'1 ' ff in fz4::1e21.s.f1f9s:.:,s?5' -3-5-.Ev PW -. -. -2gE:e:iEsm V , , -' frm H, 'N ,.1f iatiiizf , V 1 fl si fw sffgq ua' 5 ,s 'ffm fr f ga, YY' ,X xl, f ig 5' '51, 'xr i ' x . . E5-X iq. fir. V 1 ' v5 .1 fear, im. E' - S nun Fred I-Iurcheson, M.D. William Martin, M.D. James Massey, M.D. I INTERNS Kenneth Meacham. M.D. Earl Riddick. M.D. James Schrantz. M.D. Paul C. Williams. M.D. J ohn B, Weiss, M.D. N John Williamson. M.D. Arthur Woods. M.D. Dolly Yusufii. M.D. 4. . 'fff ,Q MM qi .,,,f I MEMORIAM "My Name and my place and my tomb, all forgotten, The brief race of time well and patiently run, So let me pass away, peacefully, silently, Only remembered by what I have done." Bonar Mrs. Ruth J armon. M.S. Instructor, Microbiology I A if:35Ff35i2sifQs:52 '535211Efgflfffziiiiiffgfiii ' x .... , fl Senior Medical Students Say Thanks To Faculty Secretaries Barbara Babb Maudine Wright Secretary to Horace N. Marvin, Ph.D. Secretary to Winston Shorey, M.D. Tha11kS f0T YOHI' C00Pe1'a'0i011 H1151 effiCieI'1CY ill Thanks for typing the hundreds of letters of getting grades to Stl-1d9I1tS, and f0I' helping make recommendation for internships and for your the first Elective Senior year go smoothly, while friendliness to students in general. We were deciding what to take. Frances Mack Orthopedic Secretary We enjoyed your just sitting around looking beautiful. Your friendly attitude toward students made the Orthopedic service even more enjoyable. CSorry We cou1dn't get a shot of the legs fellowsl FACULTY 'u 01.1 o S- wt Y .z Nr ..,. V,,, ., ,, W fir, A 1 , 1 "So yvhat if I do have a personali- i , I 2 mA1' "W'hadd'ya Mean, I 'Heavy ty d.1sorder and hate medical stu- X 4k'Xa'1A X Drinkeru? Hell, A pmt lasts dents." I t me a whole day." I n NOVOBKA XN - ,I I V 21 , f .Miyagi ug , we . "" df -+ n . 0 nfl -is . ,. . A " Q " "When I came here the Little Monster wanted me to change to tetrazolium sensitivity." ffl' iiih 'fi-2?-1 was 2 X HX 'l "Sure Dr. Ab, I'11 have those sensitivity tests for you in a few minutes." FAVORITES ,,.' " " ' Roow z ,yr vlgvry W V' I X . V I ' . Q W A E' . 'Y gj w 'itfx V,,,,, A if sf W W 1 Q I 4 wwf' fs - f 'G H M 6401142442 ,,, A I I "Gilbert, does a positive VDRL have any signif- 0 4 icance?" " P R 10 ' A K Q I -Zia . ' O NESS "Yes I can see that, but are you allergic to sea P' weed, house dust, sunflower seed., or Wool?" Do you have any cats or dogs at home?" iw x . , V M -- f Qfff91" fri? was 9 "Just think, if I get the SOB award again this A,, x ' My year I'11 get to keep the trophy." 1 iiZ'lt 'W 1 U al A f 0 'T C" ml' o I c 0 V 0 , 5 ' l a l ll ef I Mass X if "Hex-Hex-Hex-0-O-S monophosphate Shu-Shu-nt, "You've get the Babinski, Bob, but a little less Oh hell, YOU- k110W-U pressure on the key." T Academic Metabolism Undergraduate courses grades Y Graduate research thesis V Ph. D. - v year of draft -vsecurity V research Money Patents Instructori' foundations T poverty N.I.l-I. Industry Asstr Prof. experiments no pa ers tenure papers eX'prOfeSS0r Assoc. Prof. sabbatical awards books V Emeritus4i2O-30 YSHIS4- PIOf- colleagues Nobel Prize U, Californsiensis - Seaborg Director of v enemles Shunt Research Chairman Institute committees Thand shaking baCk Slappilig, Nobel Prize Chagcellor 4 Ik Catalyst Hypothetical Unstable Intermediate FATHER "You may be running this ER Dr. Tudor, but don't SON forget who my father is." 'I understand the prognosis is very poor Gil." "Whip it out son and let me have a look at it. "Don't worry, if you don't pass the departmental How long you had that sore, son? Get a hold of final, you still have a chance on the National some bad stuff, did ya?" Boards." S .X uE,l5S "We sure would like to meet some nice medical Students." 1 , , ' N w,-MW, Q j, n r 4 'i m' --N--- wt ' f 575 WW 1 J- iw My , may , h I ! "You must take the wholelistic ap- proachf' EM- , V V 1 f L .st jim' 'Tm sorry, but if I made a house call for you, the rest of my patients would expect the same. You do un- derstand, don't you mother." MJEXSS N g..fx..A "Mine! I thought You were taking care of Him! PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTE Y' O V 4. tq 0 ? o 0 ' x 1 -iv , o LJ - i v i UEKSS "Stick to the Gray manual, William - 'Crazy as a Loon' is not an acceptable Diagnosis." EW . 2 QL 5 at ff' z 1518.92 N N11 it 2 i 1 its . A Q me ,. K 1- ...iii tstfffa'fas'f ...sie ' 3 Q o e itil if V . liii2EZ25Y-1 . , . l . f W s , visits' 'tt ...W 2 ta , t tit M. .t ft. Hb. tl . " yt at mi t hiya , , . 5 s "Whew!" Easy boy...easy.. jump up on the ...that's a good ...nom ll now ...only one injection table dog you re protected against all. in Q . -65155 "My hands a bit cold this morning? -,, X, K Z- ff I think we'd better decrease his estrogen dosage." et 2 J "Maybe I ha,ven't been here as long as Chuck and Charlie but I was educated at THE JOHNS, and I do have ainatural dislike for medical students." I'11 be damned, a normal PBI in my lab, that's not fair. 1 "Looks like crap to me!" We 1on't know who these belong to, but you can exclude Vida Gordon!! "Really fellas, I had nothing to do with the decision. Besides, what the heck is so bad about UALR?" A CODE FOR STUDENT NURSES Successful status in nursing is maintained by the eager willingness of the "practitioner" to fulfill obligations to medical students, interns, residents, and doctors and lastly nursing instructors. The following statements constitute a plan of objec- tives for the student nurse: l. To keep the mature male and female physically and moral- ly clean clear through Cand deodorized toob. 2. 'lgo first call a medical student before entering the linen c 0-Set. 3. To cover all bedpans when carrying them to the hopper. 4. To maintain adequate output by forcing fluids. 5. To recognize our most inner needs and to find an outlet for meeting these needs. 6. To recognize the subordinate role of the nurse. 7. To avoid frustrating already frustrated doctors. 8. To provide constant observation of all exposed patients. 9. To be a member and participate in "professional organiza- tions." 10. To always be in a professional position while in uniform. 11. To set a good example for the lay people by following doc- tor's C?J orders and taking "prescribed" pills daily to avoid the necessity of make-up-time. Poor Attitude!! Good Attitude!! U. S. Pubic Health advisers assigned to UAMC CV Dllnvesti- gatorsl. On your left, Mr. Orlando Blancatog On your right, Mr. Billy Ray Crouse. Any referrals appreciated!! 83 Tl-IE CAMPUS COPS , , The Campus Cops are one group to whom everyone at the UAMC is indebted, literally. These stalwart souls, erroneously labeled "Keystone Kops" by some, do not, in fact, button their tunics at the neck, wear their belts over their jackets nor run aimlessly about. Or even run around at all except per- haps an occasional sortie away from the nighttime coffee pot Cwould you believe a sojourn to the doughnut machine in the basea ment?J or to the pool tables?j. - W - ,L,, . 4- "Don't Worry, you can appeal it." A Keeper of the Peace doing the only thing he knows how to do. Here is that smile you get once a year from Securi- ty, 'when they sell you the 83.00 parking sticker which does not guarantee you a spot to park. NEEDED-SECURITY OFFICER: Requirements: 1. I.Q. of 45 or less. 2. A natural dislike for students who must borrow money to pay parking fines. 3. Chronic Emphysema and tobacco stained fingers. 4. Personality Disorder fany type will doj. 5. Must be a high school dropout. CSome exceptions are made, but definitely no college allowed.J l T v ,R , 5 E Charles E. Alexander Brown Gray Appleton Thomas O. Beasley Margaret Dildy Beasley James S. Beckman, Jr. George H. Benjamin, Jr. Bruce A. Bevill Thomas O. Blucker James E. Boger David E. Bone Renie E. Bressinck Samuel F. Brown John A. Brunner, III James C. Campbell, Jr. Robert T. Clark Jock S. Cobb William A. Coger George H. Collier, Jr. Clifford C. Councille, Jr. Thomas P. Davis Charles C. Denton William D. Duckett Otis H. Edge, Jr. James J. Edwards, Jr. William H. Flanagan Wilburn E. Furniss, II John N. Galbraith Samuel L. Gladney James H. Golleher Philip H. Greeley Edwin Hankins, III Jerry L. Hitt Robert E. Hix George A. Hobby James F. Holman Robert L. Hotchkiss James T. Howell John T. Howell Lee Roy Joyner, Jr. Teddy S. Lancaster James H. Landers Donald A. Laurenzana Ray W. Leavelle Henry C. Mallard 1970 INTERNSI-HPS Cincinnati General Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma St. Vincent Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. St. Vincent Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, Washington Pensacola Educational Program, Pensacola, Florida Robert B. Green Memorial-Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Confederate Memorial Medical Center, Shreveport, La. St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma Univ. Oregon Med. Sch. Hospitals Sz Clinics, Portland, Oregon Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, California Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, California St. Vincent Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. City of Memphis Hospitals, Memphis, Tennessee Harrisburg Hospital, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, California St. Vincent Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Texas Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Harlem Hospital, New York, N. Y. Univ. of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas John Peter Smith Hospital., Fort Worth, Texas Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, Virginia John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, Florida Tripler Army Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii Tripler Army Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. Harlem Hospital, New York, N. Y. Pediatrics General Practice Anesthesia Orthopedics General Practice Internal Medicine General Practice General Practice Anesthesia Tropical Medicine Surgery General Practice General Practice OB-Gyn Surgery Anesthesia Orthopedics Neurosurgery Family Practice Pathology General Practice Psychiatry Surgery Urology General Practice Internal Medicine General Practice Ophthalmology General Practice Radiology Pediatrics Michael G. Martin Horace N. Marvin, Jr. John D. McConnell Cheryl Friday McKnight William D. McKnight Mary L. Mills Ord J. Mitchell Jon K. Newsum George O. Paddock Clifton L. Parnell, III Loverd M. Peacock Thomas P. Prindiville Robert L. Prosser, III Donald M. Raney Wellington G. Robbins Charles H. Rodgers Duane K. Rorie Joe P. Rouse Ladd J. Scriber Don P. Setliff Douglas F. Smart William J. Smead James D. Smith Ronald D. Smith Marolyn Saunders Speer Donald R. Spencer Kimber M. Stout Fred R. Sullivan, Jr. James D. Sykes Albert R. Thompson Donald C. Thompson Robert S. Thornton William R. Thurlby Ray W. Thweatt Donald A. Vance Christopher J. von Dippe James A. Wellons, Jr. Boyce W. West James H. Willis Frank J. Wilson, Jr. Randall T. Wisdom Cynthia L. Worrell Harry W. Wyre, Jr. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. St. Vincent Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. St. Vincent Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma Naval Hospital, San Diego, California Cincinnati General Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Robert B. Green Memorial-Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma Arkansas Baptist Medical Center, Little Rock, Ark. Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota Naval Hospital, San Diego, California John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Ochsner Foundation, New Orleans, Louisiana St. Vincent Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Methodist Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee University of Oregon - VA, Portland, Oregon University of Oregon -- VA, Portland, Oregon Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Charity Hospital, Tulane Division, New Orleans, La. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Naval Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, Calif. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. St. Vincent Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. St. Johns Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma Vanderbilt University Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee Methodist Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. University Hospital, Little Rock, Ark. Family Practice General Practice Pathology Anesthesia Pediatrics Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Internal Medicine General Practice General Practice General Practice Neurology General Practice Surgery General Surgery General Practice Orthopedics Orthopedics Internal Medicine Pediatrics Surgery Surgery Surgery Internal Medicine Psychiatry General Practice Urology Internal Medicine General Practice Psychiatry Internal Medicine Pathology Pediatrics I SWEAR BY APOLLO THE PHYSI- CIAN, to Aescalapius, and Health, and all Heal, and all the Gods and Godesses that according to my ability and judgment I will keep this oath and this stipulation-To recon him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my necesities if required. To look upon his offspring in the same doting as my own brothers and to teach them this art if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or stipula- tion, and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of this art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that system of regimen which, ac- cording to my ability and judgment, I con- sider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mis- chievous, I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such coun- .Ln Charles E- Alexahdeff Brown G. Appleton, M.D. M.D. W A k sel, and in a like manner I will not to a woman an essary to produce abortion. With purity and with holiness I will Pass my life and practice my art. I will not cut persons laboring under the Stone, but will leave this to be done by men who are practitioners of work. Into whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption, and further, from the seduc- tion of females or males, of freemen and slaves. Whatever, in connection of my pro- fessional practice, or not in connection with it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge ,as reckoning that such should be kept secret. While I continue this oath un- violated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men, in all times, but should I trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot. Margaret Dildy Beasley. M D arren, r ansas . . Warren, AI'ka1'lSaS Little Rock, Arkansas Thomas Q, Beagley James SV. Beckman George' H. Benjamin MD. MD. MD. Heber Spring, Arkansas Fort Smith, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas You're right, shefs not wearing any pants! 31"-ICG A- Bevill Thomas O. Blucker James EI. Boger I M.D. M.D. M.D. Mtn- VIEW, AfkaI1SeBS' Little Rock, Arkansas Lakeview, Arkansas -M11--1-f: ..,,- 1,i:.4,,f:m, m M---V "A rose among thorns . . . and a thorn. " I'11 meet you later . . . David E. Bone Renie E. Bressinck Samuel F. Brown M.D. M.D. M.D. Ashdown, Arkansas N. Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas "massless "I don't know . . . I was just sit- ting here . . . and What the hell do I do now?" John A. Brunner J. Clyde Campbell Robert T. Clark D M.D. M. . ' M.D. Marked Tree, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas- Llttle ROCk, AI'kanSaS2 1:augwaf,sg:sQ.' ,. . Jock S. Cobb William A. Coger George' H- C0l1i6il' .D M.D. M . MD- Keo, Arkansas Danville, Arkansas Stout Spur, Arkansas Cool it LeeRoy, the Med-Dames are watching." g "Its a good wine, but not a great wine." - E Clifford C. Councille' Thomas A. Davis Charles C. Denton M.D. M.D. M.D. Blytheville, Arkansas Altoona, Pennsylvania Little Rock, Alfkansi-IS William D. Duckett James J. Edwards JR.. Otis H. Edge M.D. M.D. Little Rock, Arkansas DeQueen, Arkansas M.D. Camden, Arkans BS I "What do you mean I don't know how to use a speculumf' Dave was bashfull 41 ' William H. Flanagan Wilbum E. 1-'urniss II John N. Galbraith M.D. M.D. M.D. West Memphis, Arkansas Wynne, Arkansas Magnolia, Arkansas 1 i i i Samnel L. Gladney James H. Golleher Phillip H' GYNIEY N MD. NLD. M-D'- Litt1e1Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas New York, New York k Interested senior at Pediatric conference Eidwin Hankinst III. Jerry Li. Hitt Robert E. I-Iix M.D. M.D. M.D. Little Rock, Arkansas Leachville, Arkansas Sleepy Hollow, Arkansas "On my service you always get a routine PBI, Ia, and a complete serum porcelin series." "Be nice to my little buddy' here or I'11 put you on one of my lists." 1 4 k r k GeorgeiwAbI-lobby Robert L. Hotchkiss. James F. Holman . M.D. M.D. L1tt1e Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Newport, Arkansas "I'l1 have the Escargots Borde- laise, Chateaubriand Bouquetiere, Baked Alaska, and a bottle of Chateau St. Roseline, 1949, well chilled of course . . er uh or was it 1948 that Thompson said was a good year?" A ,,i. SSN if N ...,- .. I.. . 1 'X - M A . .,.. , l . James T. Howell John 'l'. Howell LLSGROY Joyner Jr. M.n. MD- MD- Waynne, Arkanglag Van Buren, Arkansas Clarenden, Arkansas u ' - H ' wwzr- -' -fff "W "H nw-'Wk ff 'kkk , vi? s -is +ve' Teddy S. Lancaster J amesi H. Landers Dbnald A L81-lrelaha MD. M,D, M D Little Rock' Arkansas E1 D01-ado, Arkansas Llttle Rock Arkansas "Why yes, John, I agree, but I don't think you've considered some of the more obvious possibil- ities here . . . in the last issue of the Tasmanian Journal of Veteri- nary Orthopedics . . . HEY W- Leavelle Henry Cl. Mallard. 'Michael G. Martin MD. MD. . MJD. Texarkana, AI'k311SaS Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas "Put ten on 'Big Ab' in, the fifth and put it on my account." "MammogTams have always fas- cmated me . . ." Horace N. Marvin, Jr. John D. McConnell Cheryl Friday McKnight d M.D. M.D. M.D. L1tt1e Rock, Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas N. Little Rock, Arkansas "Sure he-'s ok, sometimes We have to drop them two or three times before they cry as D. -McKnigh!, Mary L. Mills, M.D. Ord J. Miichellf M.D. MD- Augusta, Arkansas Benton, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Jon K. Newsum, M.D. George 0. Paddock, M.D. Clifton L. Parnell, M.D Fort Smith, Arkansas Harrison, Arkansas E1 Dorado, Arkansas Last Registration Loverd M. Peacock, M.D. Thomas P. Prindiville, Robert L. Prosser, M.D. Little Rock, Arkansas M.D. Altus, Arkansas McGehee, Arkansas "After beer, women and GOLF, medicine has its place." "Yes Fernando, but Miss March's petechiae look more like freckles to me. Donald M. Haney, M.D. W, Gail Robbins, M.D, Charles H. Rodgers, M.D Fordyce, Arkansas Conway, A1-kansas Little Rock, Arkansas "Careful, don't invert the 'Ute' . . . oops! Duane K. Rorie. M.D. Joe P. Rouse, M.D. Ladd J. Scriber. M.D. Yellville, Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Crossett, Arkansas --mr f--ff f A iw-- ra ll Don P. Seiliff. M.D. Douglas F. Smart, M.D. William J. Smead, M.D. Magnolia, Arkansas Magnolia, Arkansas Camden, Arkansas "They'll never know who pulled the plug on that Emerson." 'James D. smith. M.D. Ronald D. smith. M.D. Marolyn s. speer. 1v1.D No. Little Rock, Arkansas Newport, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas .W SQ' EV? 3 3 E Q ! . i 5 E . gxk N ,gz QS I "You say you took a bath a week ago last Saturday . . ." Donald R. Spencer, M.D. Kimber M. Stout. M.D. Fred R. Sullivan. M.D Osceola, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Arkansas "Come on, kid, I'l1 trade you that balloon for this Lilly stethescopei' J 511125 D- SYkes. M.D. A. Reed Thompson, M.D. Donald C. Thompson. Little Rock, Arkansas E1 Dorado, Arkansas M.D. Holly Grove, Arkansas Robert S. Thornton, M.D. W. Robert Thurlby, M.D. Ray W. Tweatt, M.D Camden, Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Marion, Arkansas The end of a long night '1"'P A,-f' Donald A. Vance, M.D. Christopher von Dippe, James A. Wellons. M.D. Little Rock, Arkansas M.D. Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas "Dammit, Otis, I said catheterize not digit a1ize!" Reed believes in sterile technique. Bpyce W. West, M.D. James H. Willis, M.D. Frank J. Wilson, Jr.. M.D Llttle Rock, Arkansas Benton, Arkansas E1 Dorado, Arkansas Don't worry kid, Mary Lou may not know what to do with you, but she won't drop you. Randall T- Wisdom. MD- Cynthia L.. Worrell, M.D. Harry W. Wyre, Jr.. M.D. -T011GSb01'0, Arkansas No. Little Rock, Arkansas Conway, Arkansas G dhlpth I A9 INT:-ajx Wil 1 I ff!! 1: X N 'N L' M fl ' C , f - . f,5 wx C I . N :QE ' 30 i 5 VRF ' Li . 1 J' f 5 ::f,w,:-:W ,mls -W-W-m.5,,,.,4:Mg "'- wa:-w1zvfSz"' ""' 4:,f. , ,,' ,.,, . S ., f 1 if Q 3 5 W wg 1 4 4, 3? 4 - 1 4 - ' , ,grvzsyw , f ,WM K f 4' -5 f S f M i U Y x , 1 L ,WW M" . ,, 452'5?1?'!ilffifffff:7f3f5i3,i:2?Qwz.ia2: E f r ' I "M ' iv' k " f AW M " ' H wi? M Jaw J 'F 'W 934-111 V 24 JWW Q faery. 61" 91 M0533 wwiwgvfzif "Ode to a combmed com mencementf' 5 5 3 E E Q S 5 2 E . ii E unior Class Qfficcrs President: James Whittle Vice President: Charles Farmer Secretary-Treasurer: Carole Nelson Honor Council Representatives: G. S. Markland. J. M. Williams Student Council Representatives: J. M. Hawkins. A. B. Junkin SAMA Representatives: L. L. Arthur, R. S. Cooper. James EQ Alexander Harrison, Ark. Leslie F. Anderson Lonoke, Ark, Ann C. Arnold Hope, Ark. Linda L. Arthur Little Rock, Ark. Nathan F. Austin , Blytheville, Ark. K C. Merle Baker Paragould, Ark. James D. Bales Searcy, Ark. C. E. Ballard Little Rock, Ark. Dennis D. Beckwortk Little Rock, Ark. Richard C. Bellas N. Little Rock, Ark Fredrick A. Bennett Magnolia, Ark. John B. Bond Hot Springs, Ark. Fay W. Boozman Fort Srnith, Ark. William T. Branch Little Rock, Ark. George P. Branscum Little Rock, Ark. Larry Er Browne Little Rock, Ark. Hugh F. Burnett Pine Bluff, Ark. G. Mike Cargill Piggott. Ark. "Yea, just think in one more year I can get a divorce Paragould, Ark. Clifton E. Clifton Holly Grove, Ark. Richard Sl. Cooper Little Rock, Ark. Fort Smith. Ark. Cherry Hill, Ark. David R. Crittenden Little Rock, Ark. Dennis' Oi. Davidson Beebe, Ark. Gary D. Davis Pocahontas, Ark. Douglas EL Claybrook Robert A.. C'ofunci.1, Jr Raymond S. Crawford Patrick L. Davis Pocahontas, Ark. Timothy E. Davis Altheimer, Ark. Ronald W. Dermnie Little Rock, Ark. Bobby L. Derrick Little Rock, Ark. Roger D. Dickinson DeQueen, Ark. Daniel C. Dillard Texarkana, Ark. Leslie K. Ellis Paragould, Ark. Julian H. Ethridge Conway, Ark. Charles Farmer Litte Rock, Ark. Herbert F. Fendley Little Rock, Ark. Raymond Si. Fergus Osceola, Ark. P. Martin Fiser Russellville, Ark. Robert D. Fisher Little Rock, Ark. James H. Fraser Little Rock, Ark. David Wm.. Frederick Toville, Ark. Lawrence D. Furlong Little Rock, Ark. John W. Garner Hot Springs, Ark. Gordon L. Gibson Little Rock, Ark. Michael L. Gidcomb Hot Springs, Ark Eimil M. Gullia. Jonesboro, Ark. . ir Dora E. Hahn 51 Llttle ROCK. Ark- . -- ', iff Q -,-- ' 'X"""' i '- ., , ',-'.' fawx-,. frff' . , A .gf q vs 4- wwf: V- 1. 111..wz.::f:':2:f:141,g --,1- mx-.1:.r - - rr ' . ,,': 0- W- Hall- III ' B , . . enum' Ark M.D.'s of 71 glVe then' salute to O.B. Ray H. Hall J onesboro, Ark. A.. Scott Hardin Camden, Ark. David L.. Harper Hot Springs, Ark. James M. Hawkins, N. Little Rock, Ark. Richard Hendrickson Conway, Ark. G. Frank Herring El Dorado, Ark. Richard B. Hill, Jr. Pine Bluff, Ark. Anthony C. Hooper Jonesboro, Ark, Charles Wm. Inlow Little Rock, Ark. D. Richard Johnson Magnolia, Ark. Edwin C. Jones Mabelvale, Ark. John C. Jones Little Rock, Ark. Junior medical student trying to please his attend- ing doctor A. Bruce Junkin Little Rock, Ark. John L.. Kallmeyer Little Rock, Ark. Ivan A.. King N. Little Rock, Ark. Mike M. Knott Little Rock, Ark. Edward N. Llaman N. Little Rock, Ark Chip H. Latourette Jonesboro, Ark. Allen R. Lee Hot Springs, Ark. Geary S. Markland Little Rock, Ark. Robert J., McGowan Little Rock, Ark. C. Nick McKinney E1 Dorado, Ark. F. Lamar Mc'Mi11in.. J Little Rock, Ark. Wm. Rick McNair Fayetteville, Ark. James M. Merritt Searcy, Ark. Carol Mittelsiaed! 1'. A JMS- has fond memories of freshman biochemistry and physiology. Little Rock, Ark. S. Jane Moseley Warren, Ark. Lee Nauss Little Rock, Ark. Carole A.. Nelson Arkadelphia, Ark. Chet A. Noble E1 Dorado, Ark. Dr. Merritt in his new office He may be No. 1 in our class, but he will never get Sig: Tricofuran Tid any of our patients Am:-11 N. Olaimey Little Rock, Ark. Jack T. Patterson Clarksville, Ark. R. Ken Payne Jonesboro, Ark Paul N. Pettit, Jr. Hughes, Ark. Jerry L. Potts Little Ruck, Ark. Jimmy C. Presley Bentonville, Ark. Tbm A. Pullig' Little Rock, Ark. David L. Reding Little Rock, Ark. i L Well gentlemen shall we name this new medical school John Hopkins or Chuck WBdk1HS7 ' Peter Rostenberg Hot Springs, Ark. Vincent A. Russo Little Rock, Ark. Glory A. Sandberg Little Rock, Ark. James D. Sharp Fayetteville, Ark. Larry D. Shoemaker West Helena, Ark. L. Gene Singleton Van Buren, Ark. Kenneth L. Sisco Springdale, Ark. Sebastian A. Spades Walnut Ridge, Ark Hoy B. Speer Osceloa, Ark. Joe D. Staggs Ft. Smith, Ark. Robert M. Stainton Little Rock, Ark. Wm. Richard Stubbs Little Rock, Ark. James D. Siuddard Pine Bluff, Ark. Robert R. Sykes Malvern, Ark. Aubry H. Talley Magnolia, Ark. Fredric H. Warr'en Little Rock, Ark. James L. Whitile Ft. Smith, Ark. Chris El. Wiggins Pine Bluff, Ark. J. Mahlown Williams Paragould, Ark. No caption needed! I personally used three quarts of procaine-G on this patient's granuloma inguinale. 'hav' X,-K at i E 5 I . Sophomore Class Ofhcers President Mike Elliot Vice President: Gary Cole Secretary Treasurer: Mary Louise Powell Honor Council Representatives Don Lum Terry Green Student Council Representatives Jim Wolfe Tom Polk SAMA Representatives: Mike Crouch Fred Kahn Sue Alexander' Little Rock John Anderson Little Rock Ru err Anderson P Arkadelphia Stoney Anderson Fayetteville John Andrews Hope Bob Aspell Little Rock Blake Berry Fort Smith Roger Bost Little Rock Jim Bozeman Hamburg Julian Calhoun Little Rock Gary Cole Little Rock Mike Crouch Springdale Reggie C'u11om Wilson Linda Deere Little Rock John Dobbs N. Little Rock Larry Dobbs Benton Here's the real price of a cheap date. Leland Dodd Fort Smith Ric Doss Russellville Rick Doss Ft. Worth, Texas Don Dunn Little Rock Ed Eaton Little Rock Dave Edmiston Fayetteville Mike Elliot Little Rock Bruce Ellis Stephens Ronnie Erwin Magnolia Jak Fendley Leslie Becky Flowers Conway Mike Futrell Little Rock Bill Galloway Clarksville Terry Green N. Little Rock Rogers Griffith Little Rock Bill Harrison Helena Tom Headlee Searcy Robert Henderson Magnolia Steve Hodges Little Rock Ron Holt Little Rock Robin Jones. Pl1.D. Biochemist Robin J ones, M.D Pathologist 'How'd you do, Stoney?" "I missed one, but I know it was right." Ron Jackson Jonesboro Terry Jefferson Little Rock Larry Johnson Little Rock Robert Johnson Little Rock Steve Jones Magnolia Richard Jordan Sheridan Alfred Kahn Little Rock Wayne Kendall Harrison Merlin, Kilbury Little Rock Joe King Nashville Tom Koehler Little Rock Sandy Ladage Fort Smith Don Lum Blytheville Frank Ma Little Rock Rick Martin Fort Smith George Mayer Highpoint, N.C. Jim McCoy Star City John McIntyre Pine Bluff Dan McKinney Paragould Don Meacham Royal Oak, Mich. Paul Meier Saginaw, Mich. Frank Minirth Leachville Mike Moody Salem R. P. Moon Little Rock This B.S. book is just that I heard that once you've learned how to mix up this agar, you're 90l'Z: physician, and the rest is all downhill. Doug Moore Tulsa, Okla. Doyle Morrison N. Little Rock Lynn Norman Magnolia Pat Of Donnell Gravette Kathy Payne Magnolia Don Pennington Little Rock Richard Peterson Springdale Tommy Polk Waldo Mary Louise Powell Conway J' oe Rainwater Fayetteville C. B. Rebsamen Fort Smith Bob Reese Little Rock Tom Robinson Conway Hank Rogers Fayetteville Rex Ross Conway Jim Russell Warren For this week's lecture in Intro to the Patient, we will conclude our discus- gon of the history of Egypt, and move right along to the Golden Age of reece. Hey, look at the wart on that frog's belly! Bruce Sanderson Jonesboro Sam Scroggins Harrison Paul Shellabarger Little Rock John Simpson El Dorado John Smith Morrilton Greg South N. Little Rock Charles Spann Little Rock Luther Spurlock Gould Allen Stallings, Morrilton Maurice Stephens Little Rock Charles Sullivan Wynne Steve Tilley Arkadelphia Ginger Todd Cabot Harold Vonk Little Rock Tom Wallace Mena Larry Watkins Hamburg Mary Ann Williams E1 Dorado Jim Wolfe Little Rock Jim Young Arkansas City Sandy Young Little Rock Mood1y's trying to figure out how long We've been taking this course. 5 S 1 5 E i E E Freshman Class Qfficc-:rs President: Walton R Warford V108 President: Albert H Rusher Secretary-Treas: Lmdy Mason Ahrens. Robt. Mt. Home Allen. E. L. Little Rock Allen, L. B. Corning Barnhill, J. San Francisco Battles. L. D. Newport Billings, C. Tulsa, Okla. Black, John Crosset Bowers. John Jonesboro Brown, C. W. Little Rock Brown., Robt. Little Rock Burton, James Hot Springs Campbell. D. W Forrest City Chandler, R. Magnolia Cherry, J. F. Benton Chowning, J. Pine Bluff Clardy, W. F. Hot Springs Cogburn, B. E. Fort Smith Collier, Jon Stout Spur Cooper, Curi Eureka, Cal. Cranford, H. Heber Spgs. Crumpler, T. Magnolia Deneke, W. A. W. Memphis Dickins, J. Pine Bluff Doss, Larry N. Little Rock Captain America Driver, M. C. Little Rock Elkins, James El Dorado Ellison, E.. T. Texarkana Eubanks, Rabi. Little Rock Ewing, Jon R. Arkadelphia Fairchild, W. N. Little Rock Farrell, Robt. Little Rock Filbeck, Joe Little Rock Finnegan, R. N. Little Rock Flynn, B. L. Carlisle Fore. Robert McCrory Fortson. W. E. Little Rock See one. Do one. Teach one Turn out the lights for a circle What?l' Gardial, R. Pine Bluff Gardner, J. L. Little Rock Garland, L. D. Arkadelphia Garrison, J. Sylvania, O. Goodman, R. C Fort Smith Greenberg, P. L. A., Calif. Greenway, C. Paragould Hall. R. Witt Little Rock Hargis, J. L. Morrilton Harris, H. F. Wynne Harris, R. M. Fort Smith Hearnsburger, J Little Rock Hodges, Gary Little Rock Hof, Charles Simi, Calif. Hoffman. Carl Fayetteville Johnson. P. Little Rock Johnson. S-. L. Leachville J ones, Jackson Harrell Jordan, H. J. Jonesboro Kimball, E. R. Zion Lang. Nick P. Little Rock Laufgraben. S. New' York Lawrencet Rabi. Little Rock Mackey, M. G. Little Rock "It only takes one finger, bo Maloii, J. D. Little Rock Mason, Lindy Little Rock Maxwell, J on Searcy May, Timothy Rison McBryde, W. C Paragould Mc'Christian. P Mulberry McClain. M. E. Piggott McGaughey, A. Paragould McGuire. Sam Wynne McLearen, E. Little Rock McMillan, J. Mena McPherson, R. Pocahontas The Nobel Prlze will just have to wait! Meredith, P. D. Crossett Merrell, W. E. Benton Milam. C. C. Conway Miller. James. Lonoke Money, Wandal Little Rock Morse, Jim C. Rogers Nall.. Linda. A. Little Rock Ohlen. Alfred. Little Rock GROSS- Live Sperm!!! Padberg, F. T. Little Rock Patton, Robt. Lewisville Pilcher, M. T. Little Rock Postma, G. S. Denver, Colo. Power, David Springdale Ragsdill, R. Little Rock Reynolds, R. Searcy Riner, Dan M. Little Rock Roberts, Dave N. Little Rock Rolniak. W. A. Fayetteville Rusher, A. H. Brinkley Sarlin, Jon New York Schaffer. A. Little Rock Schonberg, A. New York Schreffler, D. Little Rock Shaddox, S. T. Harrison Shaw. B. F. Fort Smith Shaw. David L. Little Rock Sizemore, W. A. Magnolia Snavely, Joe Pine Bluff Stallings, Joe Morrilton Sterne. R. E. NLR Stewart, David Little Rock Taggart, Sam Augusta Taylor, Ron Sl. NLR Thompson, Greg California Townsend, T. E.. Pine Bluff Wade, Billy K. Wilton Warford. W. R. NLR Watkins, John Little Rock Williams, S. B. Little Rock Word, J ames L. Searcy n E Q ' s 3 Q 3 Bruce A. Bevill Editor-in-Chief 'Wk David Et. Bone Photographer TI-IE 1970 CADUCEUS STAFF George H. Collier. Jr. Business Manager Van Melson Director of Student Affairs, Yearbook Advisor z -,xg 'wgrgmj1,f2,fi.i'1f'ff!?ZS, ,i v K ' A H . H t ,. Qflhk f- QV? 'I Qin 157 .fi,i?Aff..'f QA? .QW :ami "kk fiigp? - 3 ''ISI'fi'f.S5!ZEf:,fgi!?"Ifgikjti? ' 'H - 451532253 - if s xv , 7 wwf Q, 'zum' 1 .. fi .s :,, 9- . , we .1-is .u . ,wwe . ,L-M 1,-Hel fm JS ,U,f,g.,, ,a k,,, 2. My ., .1 f.:.,::x' ml, tv :sis f fs is at ,fx . It-s,1fQg.,.f-1,35 ,rzx-if fmlzgfus ,Fil if-if 'ful .Safe 1 , K .- 'fir A , 5' 1 531 , .A Y' K Q 5 -1' IV" H A A i gsfgvfjig -5 1 A 4 Q A J , fffis' it A i t QHSF1 filzasgffsffiA252211 If mf a t Wi -'fi -, 923' 1 S ' if ' 11 mem-refs :ws . f '43 ' .5 ii A if if?f525ifgieiLiff1 gif ' ' Wi? si 5 gf f2ff2'w-5eE2if15u' 92 Wi 'ifflf e ff f3?i .Ziif3EEff5,i-sw' I L W. qw ,M :M iff im - 21 fif55Wi'fff."ft11Yxilf-'liiffu'sf?if?1ffrff3' . , fiifiiifwiiifgig im? Q 5 wggjjeqaz gg grrgifgg gmeffgv -:ax mazzggflezztfs. 3 is i, q!f 'e5Q'fe:3"': wifi, I' E,?1gfe5ffi:Efff',x3 fif-sis? , Zilfgfiifiih f K W - 11452 fL i,fQgEjS5gIf'E3 eggQ 555 fvsfilffggf H :nf ' ' 5 f.5g" f-7522-5t sg .?fgf e-Eligifziaiif-fig' 4iJi-7-fgjifi 1- " .,si? 52"E jfisff?ffif i 5zE " ' if53s25?g?g5ff2 35G55EiQgi?55533Ef5i?ise:Qiif55fvsfmQW 'Lf A ff - ""s-iiiiii fiigii fl3if1" " , 4, ?55fffiif f3' I w wf',.iwfiHFWWT'iffffff' "'-- t"- s " ,. ..,.,i:fs2' ,A 1 sail' 'r QM Ns. j I" Q tg' A'-gt, " , - ' WP 1' L, fgm Margaret Hipp J' on Edwards Secretary Senior Medical Associate Editor ASSOCIATE EDITORS . . . L to R: R. P. Moon, Soph. Medicalg Jim Hawkins, Junior Medical. Russell, Med. Tech.5 Charles Parsons, Pharm School. E Charolleite Davidson School of Nursing .Ion Collier Freshman Medicine 'Y , 3555. 1 'f I vis eifix Tis s Clyde Gates Sonia Wilson X-Ray Technology Linda Henly Dental Hygiene Cytotechnology L to R: Richard Dobbs, Graduate Schoolg Ly nn acy l 1 I s, Nxx . T I SEN., I H E 1-is , I 54 Nag., if , ... I lrzfllhlg F i , 3, S , I' I in-I I -SSR' .' ZS. I I 'z 'II -o 4- -.1 "ALWAYS STRIVING TO BE BETTER" b VOL, 22, NO. 8 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS MEDICAL CENTER, LITTLE ROCK, ARK. MARCH, 1970 MEDICO STAFF 9 i 1969-70 I Don Th9mPS01'1 Terry Kerr Peter Rostenberg. Ed1t01' Assoc. Editor, Pharmacy Assoc. Editor, Med1C1nG SAMA GFFICERS 1969-70 Don Thompson. President John Jones, Vice President Sandra Young. Secretary 9 9 Robert Sykes, Treasurer AQPHA QMEGA ALPHA Left to Right: John Gailbreath, Christopher Von Dip pe, Kim Stout. AMERICAN MEDICAL WOMEN'S ASSOCIATIQN Lefi to Right: Marolyn Speer, Sue Alexander, Car ol Nelson, Cynthia Worrell, Sandra Young, Cathy Payne, Linda Deere. Not Pictured are Cheryl McKnight, Mary Lou Mills, and Margaret Beasley. TI-IE ASSOCIATEU STUDENTS lst Row, Left io Right: Raj Jethi, Lawrence Shine, Re-nie Bressinck, Mary Ann Bourne, Marsha Pellham Patty Knox, Leslie Skokosg 2.nd Row, Walt Warford, Ed Darling, Bill Dudding, Jim Sykes, Martha Mor- gan, Boyce West, Kathy Ralls. - Boyce West. Pres. Lawrence Shine. V-Pres. Marsha Pellham. Sec. Bill Dudding. Treas. MEDICAL DAMES Medical Dames is the name of the University of Arkansas Chapter of the Student Amer- ican Medical Association. The wife of any medical student is eligible for membership. One of the major purposes of the organization is to serve as a source of information to acquaint wives of medical students with the profession of medicine and to prepare them to accept the responsibilities of wives of physicians. It also serves to meet some of the social needs of this rather unique group of women whose husbands must often spend long hours studying, working and taking call. It is a philanthropic organization also, donating to various charities each year and giving parties for the children on the pediatric Ward of the University Hospital. The group was first organized in 1916. It was disbanded in 1926 and reorganized in 1941. This chapter was among the 26 pioneer chapters represented at the first organizational meet- ing held in Philadelphia in May, 1957, to formWA-SAMA. Arkansas is the first chapter of over 75 chapters across the country to have received the Earlene Simon Smith Chapter of the Year Award twice, in 1963 and again in 1967. It also is the first to have two national presidents from one chapter, Johnnie Amonette in 1965-66 and Jennie Welch, in 1969-70. Arkansas was one of the first chapters to set aside New Physicians' Day, held each year in late April to honor all medical students, interns, and residents. Officers for this year are: Ginger I-Iix, President, Camille Thurlby, lst Vice Pres., Mary Collier, 2nd Vice Pres., Julia Hendrickson, Sec., Virginia Hill, Corresponding Sec., Ruth Shoemaker, Treas.g Mary Ann Bellas, Historian, Bonnie Mclntyre, Parliamentarian. SENIOR WIVES, seated, L to R: Ramona Flanagan, Rita Hitt, Ginger Hix, Camille Thurlby, Lora Par- nell, Andy Smith and Marcie Scriber. Standing, L. toR, Linda Landers, Carolyn Rorie, Carolyn Stout, Donna Bressinck, Nancy J oyner, Carolyn Laurenzana, and Ruth Beckman. L iii P EW JUNIOR WIVES: Seated, L to R: Nancy Warren, Connie Gibson, Glenda Davis, Faye Pullig, Pam Dil- lard, Rose Spades, Mary Ann Bellas, Marjorie Presley, Virginia Hill, Sheri Farmer and Ruth Shoe- maker. Standing, L to R: Julie Hendrickson, Sandy Singleton, Cheryl Anderson, Vicki Boozman, Donna McNair and Glenna Lee. f?!a-nn xi: :Eau ' . . e SOPHOMORE WIVES: L to R. Gaby Anderson, Bonnie McIntyre, Jeanette Smith, Carolyn Rebsamen, Doris Robinson, Merilyn Tilley, Amy Aspell and Jane Elliot. FRESHMAN WIVEIS: L to R: Linda Fairchild, Becky Schaffer, Donna Scheffler, Mary Ann Thompson, Cindy Doss and Carol Lang. HONOR COUNCCL Left to Right: Rick Sterne, Don Vance, Don Lum, Jim Sykes, Linda Nall, Mike Mathews, Richard Dobbs, Gary Markland, and Paul Pettit. STUDENT COUNCIL 1 Left to Right: John Bowers, Renie Bressinck, Walt Warford, Charles Billings, Tom Polk, Mike Elliott, Boyce West, Charles Rodgers, and James Wolfe. Q F Ap Q x YP 4 Stanley G M11-telstaedt Ph.D Mrs Lynn Robmsorn Dean Reglstrar MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY A- Nelson V01deT19 Ph-D Hugh McKnight B S B111 Wmgfleld BS Assoc.. Professor Graduate Student Graduate Student I William S. Dorsey, M.S. William D. Easterly, Jr., Ph.D. 'Thaddeus S. Grosicki. Ph.D. Instructor Professor Professor PHARMACEUTICS K. Richard Knoll. M.S. Asst. Professor James R. McCowan, Ph.D. Professor Tommy Russell, B.S'. Asst. Instructor PI-IARMACQLQGY PHARMACOGNQSY Allen Bradley, Ph.D. Marcus W., Jordin, Ph.D. James E. Dusenberry, Ph.D. Bill J. Kerr, M.S Assoc. Professor Professor P Asst Pr rofessor ofessor it CLINICAL PHARMACY Gene D. Pynes, Ph.D. Asst. Professor of Microbiology and Biochemistry Otto Wenk Stockroom Supervisor Claudine Lackey. B.S. Special Student R. Reeves Anderson Financial Aid and Placement Officer Charles E. Breckenridge. Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Radiation Sciences Gloria Baldridge, B.S. Asst. Professor J. Rodney Beasley. B.S. Instructor Ray Webb, B.S. Asst. Instructor PHARMACY ADMINISTRA TION John M. Fincher, B.S., J.D. Instructor in Pharmacy Law Walter J. Morrison, M.S. Assoc. Professor GUI' Office. Queens Cthe Dean's girls! Kay Berry Angie Roberts Julie Stoll That's my exact sentiments! The Bobbsie Twins" HELL!! What number 28!?! So what if Jimbo rubs against your chest?? STUDENT APhA OFFICERS Ed Darling ................. .------ V - Marsha Pellham ............ - Leif Lorenz ......... Lawrence Shine -- Arkansas Chapter Hosts the Region 6 March 12-13-1 President Secretary President I.-ff.-: Treasurer of SAPhA Convention 4 1970 Dean Mittelstaedt welcomes the students from the attend- ing chapters in region six. as if 'farm LMs swf' af sta r News? isiswg f, f-,' . - , t ' r A a s ,p rstt . if s .ik E ES V ir K fi i ,k,.k T ,,V,k . .1 kk ,V ff Vs. is " - f ,.ff,.ifs 1 ' ,5 ' V: on 3' ,' . 5 r a r Y 1' i e 1 , E , o H . ,',,. '1 '- -I " ,W,.W,. W f ,. V ' ' r Q, a , iiar 1 f"' i .o 7, 0 ' P . ,, ' 5 - H ' -- K' ' . . , -- W is 4 'Wig-ff " -, K-g . f,f,,x,,,X,QiN 1531 ,. .. ,, ' 1 f'4 , is F' " - ' -ffs?1'f!:ff, 1 rl ' .ls :sf My Llfwxwr K - 'W,:1-T. . ,lg ,I-::i .--, I pf swans MSW K A k Q ' , The registrars await the registrants. Cary Post, delegate from region 6, is a person who understands the needs of pharmacy. -A lb 1 Did someone say there was a party in room 8 tonight. Three of the main people who helped make the convention a success. Ron Williams, Executive Secretary from national, served as a moderator several times. Coffee breaks sponsored by the different service organizations proved useful to all. RI-I0 CHI Officers lstandinglz Eddie Lemons, Historian: Larry Tedford, Vice-President: Eddie Brickell, President: Paul Morgan, Treasurerg Carrol Russell, Secretary: Cseated, Rightlz New Members: Luke Cheek, Tom Walker, John Wennerstrom, Tony Bigelow: fSeated. Cenierl: Old Member: Annette Fraser: CSea.ted, Leith New Members: Kathy Lewis, Charles Bishop, Gary Reed, Eddie Dunlap. PX Qualifications for Rho Chi: Integ- rity, Intelligence, Neatness and Pro- fessional Awareness. KAPPA EPSILON , V 57555 Officers Judy King .... ...,.... H istolrian Kathy Lewis ,,......, ...MH... - ---President Nelda Fraser ----- -.-. P 'ledge Trainer Elaine Campbell ---..--- ----- SOC1211 Chairman Marsha Pellham --- ---. Vice-President Margaret Sparkman -- ---------- SeCI'et3I'.Y Annette Fraser --- ....... Treasurer Actives 19619-70' Pledge Class Seated: E. Yocum, J. King, N. Fraser, E. Campbell, Left to right: M. B. Smee, S. Gordon, J. Sean, F C. Russell, A. Rabbg Standing: M. Pellham, K. Rooney, B. DeSalvo, L. Alexander, E. Shuffield, A Lewis, P. Claiborne, A. Fraser, M. Sparkman, B. Brambl, M. Warren, J. Raper, J . Gault, D. Farley Carroll, D. Eoff, Mrs. G. Baldridge-Faculty Advi- sor. 167 KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY Faculty Advisors Walter J. Morrison, A N 1 V 1 C1 g N Active Membership Af' xx A 4' yn Rl I gk 9 19, Q 1 1-511 1 IIIIIIIIIIIIII 1 if-31' W a 'W re " v X eiifx Qwff' -Emsxttgv fff,.uL5,,V " 3 W- ialgiifiiiicw in fy Rvws 313 A ' gif V Q fiiftsgyr, .ny ,i f f 2 ,, M v2mLz,f3w-5' ' ' - gf J- K ggfh' W, 'Uv'Q,Yf2"5ix? Viv n,'agM riff 'M .45 ,g ' eymn 1 I, ,V ,Al - ' ,wf.,.gn,+n,z.,ffSi'1e ' -,,4g1'i, 3 j 'X yn me 2f'fcf'3f'.3 f.,,, 41 . ' :32i,m,gLz'5y?Kx 5 mf' we T ,f ' rpg , M ' 4v'4 '4 -' 1 ' 711 V .N '42 I'-9 VI7' V K- 1 'v , - Jie' V. Q im -Z, ' ,- .' K - ' 'f d .Ji X K Niall' f fy ::,,.:w.f' ff A Q ' it? 1' ' i zm fur' .ir n,- , ny, -, ,f 1 4 ,. 1 Q 'v ,M 'Q' .fe'5.'34f,.,."' ' . amp. , 414,18 3- .VA , hi ogg, Z1 -'fy vi, ' ,J wa. we f ,,.3p1'L I .bfi 333, jr A 1 4 i,.1' 4. , dfWiif'fM2?5f155 jfg 5 Resp,--f' V: Af- 'V .. ,L H, .. - fag - - A V ,ff '-.'f'efaf, "1 'f mr. "-, we ,VV .2i3E'K?t'4'i mf4 . EM U nfvirwigifega ' J AY'z'pX5'iii5a!:vr'1+ A ' 5, H 'fr J gil "' g?:2'i'3Fw:, I! 'ff " riff :cf 1' H' A -if 0 Wx0g"'IL .1 fs ., .n ' fffzegiifxvl -f 5?s5ffss:s5s4e af--if ,e J .Sf5J2"F?P,,.f fy? Em Q 5iET?'Ll5'?1rJ" E5 J' f- 'riiifi Jralfiiwifwfe fi -A Q -webs' 821154: J ""-if-iQi..,:.3-g3fl2.a4:' 11' " Sie ' M ' Q 1 ye. .., f--My , 5 46'-x,a" 'af '- 1 11, " vg A , ' A N " 5 ','fff'. 'V . Fx, K , Vwge, QQ -'f' ,, 'wff,Ie4'ff', ., YY! .. . Eilwy' 42i'31f?i'QX Y 1-325, ' 'aff 1' Q ,J A I N Jw 5:53 5 V, 135. 'j'1,n3vg.4'x. ?,x-5.3521 f 1, ' 1, it f-2 fl '-'M , M ,JM ,M M, , ,,, . .A ,,, .. . 1:1-, ' ' 'f.e"if- .. X 4 if H A U... , A -il gs 9 'f '- J. , A , 'sgi!,fx.,g,f df" VX ,Ike .gju gyy 4 X fa, 2 :f fi .: ffvf- digg. 3 'V' U TM Officers, Secretary ......-........... Terry Kerr Chaplain ............. --- Eddie Dunlap Historian .........,,,,,,-,,, Eid Darling Treasurer ............... Eddie Lemons Sgt. at Arms Vice Regent ....,,,,,, -, Johnnie Cathey Jimmy G. Davis Regent .................... Bill Newton Athletics' meansa a lot. Just wait your turn, Dean M. Pledge Clasws of 1969-70 PI-II DELTA CHI PRATERNITY Corresponding Secretary Officers Secretary .............. .- ........ .... Worthy Vice-Counselor --- Worthy Chief Counselor Treasur r e .............,.. Worthy Master at Arms ..... Prelate .,......,...,.,,.. Morris Johnson Charles Parsons ------ Larry Bottoms L W d -- ynn ar ----- Harold Smith ----- Bascom Jones ----- Ray Turnage Actives sly EX! a s Phi Delta Chi Faculty Advisor K. Richard Knoll Pledge Class of 1969-70' d Louis Elzey, James Drake, William Mower, Bill Keuter, Ed Doonnaly, George Grady, and Knot shown! Dick Halbrook. Pharmacy Mates OFFICERS Standing CL to RJ Diane Bishop, Reporterg Marcia Howard, Ways Meansg Loretta Elzey, Parliamentariang Mrs. Bill Morrison, Sponsor Seated KL to RJ Jeanette Perdue, Historiang Susan Brickell, V. Pres. Sallie Lorenz, Presidentg Karen Parker, Secretaryg Sharon Daniel, Cor res. Sec. SENIOR WIVES: KL to Rl Karen Parker, Susan Brickell, Marcia Howard, Janice Turnage, Marlene Newton, and Sallie Lorenz. JUNIOR WIVES: CL to RD Anita Burk, Pam Ruck- er, Donna Jackson, Betty Robertson, Diane Bishop, and Jane Parsons. FRESHMAN WIVES: CL to RJ Standing: Helen Donnelly, Vickie Malick. Seated: Jeanette Purdue, Linda Hallbrook, Millie Kueter, Teresia Hicks. A little' alcohol removes a lot of inhibition! He.e .e.Y .... Watch where you put your cold hands. Now if those waitresses would just do away with those tights. . .! And the merry-making continued. ' "f' -mf, -f W.. V.,, ...,,,, , - if-U W...- Y The Olde West provided a great atmosphere in which to enjoy yourself. Just what the Hell do you want?? Another Houston Caucus. That show sure does keep your eyes open! You mean we're OUT of Schlitz! Of course Hospital Pharmacy is practical. Which four afternoons are you playing go1f??? I wish Walt would talk with less 506 Words. My regards to the Dean! LITTLE DOCK AQKANSAS Q o 0 i s SCHOUL OF P ARMACY For S 115.0 C v UoAoMoCo Date Address STATE BOARD EXAM Sig: i as req. u w .- u cu 50, ET: LQ NO REFlx.1.,...---- X NON REP. ffl ' Your Physician and Pharmacist stand united to safeguard the health of your community. Take this prescription to the Pharmacist of your choice. onus Lum. A sox co MD SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Eddy Lemons - President Don Sloat. III - Treasurer Terry Kerr - Vice-President Beverly Carroll - Secretary Larry Bottoms Eddie Brickell Waldron Jacksonville Undergraduate: State Undergraduate: College of Arkansas Westark J,C, N? fizgsmgaxfifqgifHgarszuaafsszasazgs sq HL' .W sf 24. Q-I '4 ,wut :NM gl V x Donald Carrouth Bluffton Undergraduate: Arkansas Tech. Richard L. Coles ' -V Little Rock Undergraduate: -Univ. of Ark. Elaine Campbell Van Buren Undergraduate: Hendrix College Beverly Sabo Carroll Benton Undergraduate: State College 1 ! Gary J. Denton Clarksville Undergraduate: Univ. of Ark 'Dan Drewry Harrison Undergraduate: Univ. of Ark. Joseph E. Dunlap Conway Undergraduate: State College of Ark. Donna Eoff Shirley Undergraduate: State College of Ark. Morris Fuller Q Mulberry Undergraduate Westark Harry L. Galusha Little Rock Undergraduate: Hendrix B.A. Annette Enderlin Fraser Conway Undergraduate: Univ. of Ark Clyde Calvin Frazier. Jr. Fort Smith Undergraduate: Westark 'Q rrdd kk 5 if it 1 Charles J. Harrison Pine Bluff Undergraduate: Ark A8cM Gary Howard Camden Undergraduate: L.R.U. B.S. Darrell James Goodwin Undergraduate: Ark. State Univ. Bascom J ones Lewisville Undergraduate: Henderson V Terry Ken' North Little Rock Undergraduate: L.R.U. Eddy R. Lemmons England Undergraduate: Ark A8zM 8: L.R.U. um. 5 Bobby Lewis Searcy Undergraduate: State College Kathy Lewis North Little Rock Undergraduate: Univ. of Ark. Leif T. Lorenz Little Rock Undergraduate: L.R.U. Paul E. Morgan Lonoke Undergraduate: Southern State ,rn :fr Bill Newton 'V ' Russellville D ' Undergraduate: Un1v. of Ark Ralph W. Parker M 12- I I 'HM' mav lif :g gi af fa M? ,gg fm ,. s f,, W .fun K : gg. aw Wi , 2 gyti?-Q Z gi' 3 if ig it , K 56? sf 5 MW 'F Zjiv '5::f?!, 3 5 1 ez: , : ,nfi l 2 , 5, , T' W," fy' lg! 2 : 5 Z WV? Ls: ii wi rrnnttrr n i t n . I Little Rock t Undergraduate: L.R.U. . f 125,59 ui 15 A My L V4 tyfgef, . l 1 Q 1 1 : 'E 5? E? i Roth EL Rabb Monticello Undergraduate: Ark. A8zM Carol Rice Russell Searcy Undergraduate: Ark. State Univ. B.S. Larry Price Newark Undergraduate: Ark. State Univ. Alice Faye Rabb Pine Bluff Undergraduate: Ark. S-ta te Univ. David M. Sharp Charleston Undergraduate: State College Don H. Sloat, III Fort Smith Undergraduate: Univ. of Ark. 11?-f 1, ' 5 i-Mx, ,,. ,Lf:ffS'?2fzZ5733fVV ' ' ' fL7?i'fif??iHf'Wf ' - WW, f ' ' 5 W : is " T537 ' me 1 , . 5 Jffitf' Any U r t ei ff if S 1 V' . g st K K , ,tv ., ' ifiblfsfififf Harold Smith Mena Undergraduate: Ark. Tech Jim Spaudling Little Rock Undergraduate: State College Larry C. Tedford Little Rock Undergraduate: L.R.U. Ray Turnage Searcy Undergraduate: Ouachita Baptist Univ. William Ronald Vondran Forrest City Undergraduate: Ark. State Univ. Lynn S. Ward Kennett, Missouri Undergraduate: Univ. of Ark. W L ,,,,, W i Gail West Edith Yocum Malvern Morrilton Undergraduate: Undergraduate Hendersong B.S. Univ. of Ark. THAT WAS TI-IE YEAR THAT WAS Q o a if: SCHOOL or P Anm c po, Junior Class of Pharmacy U li '11 C 1969-70 Address 'A " ' ' Dm SENIORITIS Sig: admov, p.r,n. relief 'E 'U G 5 2 i E 3 REFILL...-:lL.....X . Q M-D Your Physician and Pharmacist stand united to safeguard the health of your community. Take this prescription to the Pharmacist of your choice. ou.LAs Lum. n no: co, unior Class Officers Larry Linzy - Vice-President Margaret Sparkman - Secretary Morris Johnson - Treasurer Bobby Billings - President Karon, Du Baxley Anthony J. Bigelow Bobby G. Billings Charles T. Bishop Nashville Magnolia Tuckerman Little Rock Arnold Allen Burk Russellville Jerry Li. Byrd Malvern Johnnie H. Cathey Monticello Martin Luther Cheek Booneville Patricia M. Claiborne Little Rock Chester C. Daniel Little Rock Edward B. Darling Tuckerman Jim C. Davis Little Rock Jimmy Glen. Davis Monticello James I. Drake North Little Rock Morris R. Johnston Mena James A. Kimbrell Marshall Judiih D. King Nashville Billie House' Center Point Loy G. Jackson Manila Jane Elizabeth Gault Little Rock J. H. Hendrickson Conway Louis. O. Elzey Little Rock Jay Ronald Fenwick Fort Smith Nelda Beth Fraser Bradford Gary Bruce Lee Little Rock Larry H. Linzy Pine Bluff James! L., Meazle Little Rock Mack L. Milner Pine Bluff Charles R. Parsons Texarkana Marsha G. Pellham Springdale Gary W. Reed Clinton R. C. Reynolds Greenbrier James R. Riedmueller Morrilton Ronald J. Robertson North Little Rock James Mack Warlick Crossett Marnie Warren Fort Smith John E. Wermersirom Fayetteville Ronald C. Tiffee Tuckerman Tom Walker Springdale Margaret Ann Sparkman Fort Smith Jimmy Ol. Stone Nashville Jesse Wayne Rucker Malvern Lawrence J. Shine Sweet Home Mary Elizabeth Smee Booneville Q 0 0 S HOOLO C For Freshman Class of Pharmacy Address U'A'M' C ' Date Mark JORDIN h Mickey Mouse q.s. 3 years M. m. dict. c. q.s. B.S. s.a, Sig: q.s. p.r.n. om.-21. et non rep. L5 U E 2 23 D1 Q ' REF!-Ll.i...,-.gx f- Non REP. D M'D' Your Physician and Pharmacist stand united to safeguard the health of your community. Take this prescription to the Pharmacist of your choice. Dunn n.An:L A lox co. Freshman Class Qfficers Perry Shock, Jr., President Guy Lessenhary, Vice President Layne Alexander Fayetteville John G. Armstrong McCrory Lloyd Ashcraft. Jr. Little Rock Ann L. Brambl Little Rock Randall L. Burks Malvern Joe Burrow Beebe Michael Cole Searcy Barbara DeS'alvo Little Rock Sara Gordon, Secretary-Treasurer Edward J. Donnelly Helena Ken L. Estes, Jr. Conway Diana Farley Siloam Springs Joe Donald Fenwick Fort. Smith Dwayne A. Frakes Corning Virginia Gaither Hot Springs Judith Ann Galloway Little Rock John D. Gannaway Warren Sara Beth Gordon Hope George B. Graddy Springfield, Mo. David H. Grimmett Hope Richard A. Hicks Mena John Hogan Newport Tommy F. I-Iollowell North Little Rock Robert Jones Conway Barbara Jean Ko Earle William J. Kueter Paragould Guy W. Lessenberry Parkin Larry McComber North Little Rock Ronald D.. Malick Fayetteville Mickey Mooney Hot Springs James Moore Hampton Wayne R. Mowrer North Little Rock John R. O'Danie1 Fort Smith Gary W. Perdue Little Rock Jeanie Raper Ashdown Gary Reeves Ward Carl E. Roberts Stuttgart Dennis Robertson Harrisburg Florence Rooney Guy Jean Senn Little Rock Perry Shock. Jr. North Little Rock Mary E. Shuffield Malvern William Swail Conway Stan Thrash Glenwood. Jim Tuley Little Rock Mike Williamson Dierks Gary Wood Cabot Wi1liamEt Yeager Van Buren Larry Young Fordyce BELIEVE IT OR N OT They made it back. Dee Dickson I-Ialbrook Bill Charles Watts Little Rock Conway s From my vast experience I'd E E class that as three squiggles and ' a pipe, surrounded by footbta11s.? Speaking of shots How did my unknown get contaminated with gonococcus? Lower . . . Meazle Those were the days that were. Ahh.h . . Squirrel season is open! ANTAGONIST? A-3 ii5?ifgf559 ggi V l' T' n 'Q , 15 f:f1Zf:S'fi i? ea5gg 5155552223 , sd, 1 , ml ' -rms!! Q Uffew ' -Qiggpffsfsv "W-C542 . 1 "WJ i eeoo ooee see.e.,, e,oe so se a a e . ' s El 'Ui 1 1 1 1 ll! aw: 1, 5 .mf--212 ew :fs I-I 2?-vii 'H fvwsmo., ,,Xf..ff.:- , , si- ui ,Q ,........- "It .takes determination 'bo pass Cooperation leads to Graduation. 'Ch1PPY'S' C0u1'Se-" Marketing Sucks . . . Here's to you . . . Pharmacy School RIGHT pose - Wrong SEX WHO said I wou1dn't slap you?'? Win a few-Lose a few! Our friendly Advice? giver. I've just got to do something about my hair growth. It doesn't say how to treat shock after 2 hours of public health. THANKS to Jim Meazle, Bill Newton, and Gary Denton who helped' with the photography. ' Y, I do not want my picture taken! ...., .....,,, .. , ,.-W.. V J x ii fv XM H --as-.xE..:z. 'vp A H! V, x 'liuiff DU 07 . , ' JXK xx'-s Rx . ,f 'fic '1 ' I 'l E K ' x'-, D li is 33 XY 8 21 Ek. 5125 e ' RY WJ -if ' 1 N X ,ii .N Z. XR X 5 4 Q NURSING Elois R. Field, Ph.D. Dean of Nursing Dean Field is a graduate of Baylor School of Nursing, and she received her B.A. from Wheaton College, her M.N. from the University of Washington and her Ph.D. from the University of Chi- cago. FACULTY Gloria Rauch. MSN Emory University Associate Professor of Pediatric Nursingg Assistant to Dean Field. Concetta Baker, BSN University of Arkansas Ass't Prof. in Med.-Surg. Rose Ann Bailes, BSN University of Arkansas Ass't Prof. in Med.-Surg. Dixie Brown, MSN University of Colorado Instructor in Maternity Mrs.. Charles Goss, BSN University of Arkansas Instructor in Long Term Illness Alice Hagelshaw. MSN' University of Michigan Assoc. Prof. in Public Health Jean Harney. MSN A University' of North Carolina Assoc. Prof. in Public Health Francis Lumpkin, MSN Texas Wornan's. University Ass't Prof. in Psychiatry Veronica McNeirney. MSN University of Texas' Assoc. Prof. in Med.-Surg. Barbara Pearson, MSN Emory University Ass't Prof. in Senior Seminar Linda Rimer. BSN University of Arkansas Ass't Prof. in Pediatrics Sheila Rhoads. BSN University of Arkansas Ass't Prof. in Med.-Surg. Gail Sheilds, B-SN University of Arkansas Ass't Prof. in Med.-Surg. NSA Charlotte Davidson President NSA is the nursing student's association on the campus at the University of Arkansas Medical Center, designed to involve its mem- bers in the pre-professional organization of the nursing student. Diann Shirley First Vice President Betty Balmaz Second Vice President NSA has a cook out. ...-.-....,,,N Connie Beichman Cathy Smith Martha Mullenix Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Q f r s Marilyn Dees Reporter SCHCDOL OF NURSING SEN IGRS l N-... Patty demonstrates bed-to-chair transfer. After all, We learn not for school but for life. Laura Brett Bennett Univ. of Arkansas Fort Smith Mary Ann Bourne Little Rock Univ. Little Rock Patricia Anderson University of Arkansas Tulsa. Oklahoma Brenda Baggett: Little Rock University Little Rock Y Brenda demonstrates anti-shock action. That's wonderful! You used fourteen ab- breviations in two sentences! Phylis Browne Little Rock Univ. Little Rock Artificial cheesecake. A grand entree into the coffee shop. Vera Gail Byrd Univ. of Arkansas Mountain View The esthetic values of public health DUI' sing. Mae Childress Little Rock Univ. Benton Charlotte Davidson Arkansas Tech Jones Mill Marilyn presided over the state convention. Marilyn Dees University of Arkansas Rogers Kathryn Deuster Westark Jr. College Fort Smith Marilyn Dodd Arkansas State Fisher Meds are somewhat different at the V.A. Melody Dunn University of Arkansas Little Rock How do you want your hamburgers-raw or med ium raw? Charting and Nurse's notes-the cleri- cal side of nursing. Brett, youpgo fix the hamburgers while I finish mixing this purple passion. I think I need to brush up on my P's and QRS's. Rosalie Evans University of Arkansas Benton Joann Farmer University of Arkansas Little Rock Suzy Gerety University of Arkansas Hazen nw..wN,A,,,Nm Sharon Gilmore Ouachita Baptist Univ. Little Rock Anita Grace Arkansas Tech Russellville a Ki: Would you say that Sharon is waist- high to a tall leg? You can pick up a different channel on each screen and watch three ball games at once on Sunday afternoon. Care plans seem to follow us. Beverly Hackworth Univ. of Arkansas Springdale Nancy Nurse and a Bennett. Linda Hirsh Little Rock Univ. Little Rock Aletha Jenkins Oakwood College, Ala. Little Rock Leslie Sims Jones Little Rock Univ. Little Rock The classical side of nursing. Nancy Kast Univ. of Arkansas Jacksonville Jean Mc'C1endon Little Rock Univ. Warren Front row: Kay. Second row: Vera, Martha, and Ann. Kathleen Ann Orscheln Westark Jr. College Little Rock aww' Ten o'c1ock break!!! HIPS Florestine A. Perkins Philander Smith College Jacksonville Mary Penis Little Rock University Little Rock Hot Springs is so exciting, I really hate to have to go back to Little Rock! The Battle of the Bath. WMF L e si L I Dean Field! I love this plan for redecurating the student lounge! Let's see, now-that's two hambur- gers, fries, and a coke. t,,, Martha Mullennix University of Arkansas Ardmore, Oklahoma "Wacky Races" Alice Spencer Arkansas A8cM Monticello Jane S-iegall Shack SCA Conway ,-,gn-an-1 Sharon Youngblood Little Rock Univ. Little Rock Ann Straughn Harding College Ward Sandra J ones Stubbs Univ. of Arkansas Little' Rock . . . But you can speak all the evil you want The vehicles of learning are often small. SCI-IGOL QP NURSING JUNIORS l Lana Baker Oklahoma State Copan, Oklahoma Elizabeth Balmaz State College Conway Penny Barfield Univ. of Arkansas Little Rock aF8z"!!affS Care Plans!!! Christine Berlau Arkansas Tech Fort Smith Barbara Buchan State College Jacksonville Carol Carroll Univ. of Arkansas Pocahontas Mar-tha Clardy Hendrix Hot Springs Carolyn Cbnaway Univ. of Texas Marshall, Texas Barbara DeMo:tt Univ. of Arkansas. Fort Smith One of the many small circles in which student nurses are sent. Becky Fleming State College North Little Rock Glenda Fryar Henderson Oden Janis Geyer Univ. of Ark. Fort Worth Carol Goddard State College Jacksonville Touchdown! ! Lois Gooding A. M. :Sc N. Benton Linda Grantom Univ. of Arkansas Alvin, Texas Nancy' Green Arkansas Tech Bee Branch t, . . . and you can get them at K-mart two for a dol- lar. Should we bother to say cheese? The east side of the dorm affords a better view. w Naturally, I consider myself quite privxledged to have a nurse who looks at me as an individual and takes mterest in my personal problems. Ruth Hannebaum Univ. of Arkansas Alton, Illinois Susan Harmon State College Clinton Vivian Hayes Little Rock Univ. Little Rock Linda Hill Univ. of Ark. West Helena Dianne Hire Univ. of Arkansas Little Rock Judith Hubble Univ. of Arkansas Little Rock Sandra Mickle Univ. of Ark. Fort Smith Kathy Newton Univ of Ark. N. Little Rock ,fr-sq, Lyneiie Noe- Univ. of Nebraska Dixon, Nebraska Sonia Ordonez Univ. of Arkansas Cuenca, Ecuador Melinda Owens Univ. of Arkansas Morrilton Jan Peckins Univ. of Arkansas Rogers Sandra Priebe Arkansas Tech Lonoke Roni Ray Univ. of Arkansas Fayetteville Constance Reichman John Brown Univ. Yellville Johnnie Rose State College DeQueen Add eggs to flour mixture and mix well. By! I have to go home and work on my care plan! How do you pick up KAAY on this? 1 4 Elaine Salkeld State College Little Rock Diann Shirley State College Stuttgart Bobbie acted as teller at the state convention. Catherine Smith Arkansas Tech Russellville Leslie Smith Univ. of Arkansas Texarkana Michele Smith Henderson Hope Kathy Sprague Univ. of Arkansas Crossett Dr. Rorie gave an NSA program on Central America. We seek information Hum I can't read it, either Valerie Tomayko Little Rock Univ. Little Rock Susan Webb Univ. of Arkansas Fayetteville Jerry Woodruff Henderson Pine Bluff I -Yr ARKANSAS STATE NURSING I STUDEIY TS ASSOCIATION XSQSING S1210 ,Q 519- . Y' L , 'QF 'Q Nui, 2 , W ,, - Q 5 I S .Q O.. ' 1953 , w-'MN f The U. of A. Nursing students take an active part in their state organization as evidenced by the representation of three students on the Exe- cutive Board-not to mention the elected ad- visor and various committee members. Two Beve1'lY Hwkwoffh . . . . ASNSA Ideal Nursing yearly activities are planned: a spring conven- Student tion which entails various business activities and a fall Workshop which assumes a clinical approach. Other year- ly events include the election of Ideal Nursing Student and the at- tendance to the National Convention. ----...rat Lynette Noe Vivian Hayes Cathy Smith Brett Bennett President First Vice Corresponding Senior Advisor President Secretary Installation at Fall Convention. GRADUATE A Today graduate research is becoming more and more a vital factor in the expansion of our knowledge in the medical sciences. In keeping with this, the University of Arkan- sas offers graduate Work at the Medical cen- ter in the Departments of Anatomy, Bio- Dr. Carl E. Duffy Assistant Dean of Graduate School Chairman, Department Microbiology chemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Phar- macy, Pharmacology and Radiological Health. This program plays an essential role in the growth and development of the University of Arkansas Medical Center. We're up to our A's in biochemistry. Bin Aldrich neeaue Ardain Paul Bostin Marge Brewster Richard Brown Physiology Microbiology Pharmacy Biochemistry Anawmy Lynn Clardy Nasser Cohanim Ted Cohn Richard Dobbs Bill Dudeiing Microbiology Physiology Pharmacology Physiology BiO'Ch9fH1StTy Before and after Tums. Mr. "Coach," "Tex", Coleman Driver BS, MS, IM. Dale Duncan Della Farmer Kanwal Gambhir Karen. Harris Terry Huff Pharmacy Microbiology Biochemistry PhYS1010SY Pharmacy Rai Jethi Ray J ohnson. Paula King Jason Lee Ri?hB-rd I-11119911 Biochemistry Anatomy Biometry Biochemistry B10'0h9fI11S1I1'y One to grow on. What canary? Herbert Matthews Joe Porter M..Rahmgnian Jim Rollins Ruthann Sturtevant Microbiology Biochemistry Biochemlstry Pharmacy Anatomy Kenneth Thomas Pairigia A.. J. Ward Bill Whitson ' 1-CITY Wifhers A113t0mY Yon DIPPG Microbiology Anatomy PhYSi010'gY l Biochemistry W Q w V w Carolyn Yarbrough Microbiology 1i1Iou're breaking my I eart. Excedrin headache No. 6. V ASSGCIATED GRADUATE STUDENTS Graduate Student Research Forum winners. Arn't you glad you use Dial? No you may not be FOUL? excused. EACULTY SPONSORS OE GRADUATE CLUB t . 355 Dr. J. E. Whiinely Dr. D. F. Buxton 231 FACULTY Director, clinical lab BOHY Shook, M.T. IA-SQC-PJ and b100d bank Assistant director, clinical lab Betty Knudsen, M.T. lA.S.C.P.l Chemistry instructor Gene Hall, M.T. CA.S.C.PJ Hematology instructor Jerome Rosenfeld, M.S. Assistant professor, bacteriology Jane Bartlett. M.T. IA.St.C.PJ A Hematology ' Bobby Morgan, M.T. KA.StC.PLJ Blood banking Instructor Eleanor Turner, M.T. tA.S.C.P.D Special hematology Paula Peacock. M.T. lA.S.C.PJ Chemistry Mitchell Alvarez Carol Bartholmey Little Rock, Ark. No. Little Rock, Ark. UALR Centenary College of Louisiana SENIGRS CLASS OFFICERS: President: Lee Paulus Secretary : Betty Sbanoito Honor Representative Vinceni Gibberi Karen Brittan Joy Buzbee ' Jane Funkhouser Little Rock, Ark. Fordyce, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Hendrix Arkansas ASCM U of A Vincent Gibbert Sacramento, Calif. Univ. of Calif. Berkeley Marcia Hendren Byrdie McSwain E1 Dorado, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Arkansas Tech UALR Marion M01'ia1'fY Lee Paulus Carolyn Sangster Little Rock, Ark. Warren, Ark. Warren, Ark. UALR U of A U of A Beify Sbanotto Charlcie Strange Frank Sung Tonitown, Ark. San Fransiscoi, Cal. Penang, Malaysia U of A Hendrix National Taiwan University Sharon Applehans Biisie Beeler Little Rock, Ark. E1 Dorado, Ark. Sharon Edwards Phyllis Finnegan Magnolia, Ark. No. Little Rock, Ark. Sally Harvey Sandy Miller Little Rock, Ark. Magnolia, Ark, JUNIQRS CLASS OFFICERS: President: Gayle Williams Vice-President: Wayne Shirley Secretary : Sharon Parker Reporter: Sharon Applehans V Sharon Parker No. Little Rock, Ark. Steve Rogers Lynn Russell Pine Bluff, Ark. Hope, Ark, i Wayne Shirley Mary Ellen Smith Gayle Williams No. Little Rock, Ark. McGhee, Ark. Hope, Ark. Life as a medical technologist is more than drawing blood, running urinalyses, and tak- ing coffee breaks. lt's listening to hours of lecture, endless pipetting, after hour part- tirne jobs, and for some there are weekly trips to the clinics sponsored by the Student Health Council. All this and much more goes into the development of competent, educated medical technologists. . Q 1 ,. MW ls., 1' K li K lf Q- W sr, is A FACULTY AND STAFF KM-1, 1, . I Mrs. Helen Matthews. R.T.. FASRT Mrs. Christine Helms, R.'I'. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR CHIEF TECHNOLOGIST STAFF RADIOLOGICAL TECHNOILOGISTSI: Young, Sherry Carter. Back Row Kleft ro right! Jack First Row lleft to right! Mary Ann Moore, J o Ann Rush, Phillip Garner, Tommy Mynck, Kenneth Barnwell, Mary K. Smith, Christine Helms, Qunnie Pedersen. CLASS CDFFICERS ' SENIOR CLASS: Cathi Rails, Presidentg Patty Knox, Vice-President JUNIOR CLASS: Martha Morgan, Presidentg Sue Atkinson, Vice-President SENIORS ARCH BULLOCK STEVEN HEFLIN CAROL-YN HOGUE Little Rock, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. North Little Rock. Ark JERRY HUNT!E'R PATTY KNOX ALICE: MAY Benton, Ark. Cabot, Ark. Hot Springs, Ark- SEN IORS VICKJE POLK CATHI BALLS ELAINE' ROGERS Stal' CIW, Ark. North Little Rock, Ark. Bellville, Ark. NORMAN SHARP ANNA SWIFT ANGETLA. THOMASON Prairie Grove, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. E1 Dorado, Ark. BEVERLY WEEKS JACKIE1 WETRNER SONIA WILSON New Edinburg, Ark. Harrison, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. IUNIORS CHARLES ANDERSON SUE ATKINSON SANDRA BROWN Camden, Ark. Camden, Ark. North Little Rock, Ark STEVE HUDSON DEBRA MARKS MARK MASSEY North Little Rock, Ark. Fordyce, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark- MARTHA MORGAN KAY SMILEY CHARLES WHITE Pine Bluff, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Hot Springs, Ark- ASRT CQNVENTION WINNERS ESSAY 8: EXHIBIT AWARDS WINNER SONIA WILSON 2 I - nd P ace EXHIBIT 3rd Place - ESSAY SPECIAL AWARD WINNER "TECHNOLOGIST OF YEAR' MARY K. SMITH CLASS FAVORITES A 245 ON THE 1013 X x x DENTAL HYGIENE X V "DENTAL l-IYGIENEH IS MED CENTERS YOUNGEST In December, 1969, the University of Arkan- sas School of Dental Hygiene graduated its first class. These twenty girls are now serving as effective members of the dental health team in Arkansas. Because dental hygiene is such a new field here at the Medical Cen- ter, it might be well to say that a dental hy- gienist is licensed to perform oral prophylax- is, take X-rays, prepare models and take im- pressions, give flouride treatments, and in general educate her patients in the care of his mouth. The school itself is not located FACULTY Tip C. Nelms, M.Eki.. D.D.S. Director, School of Dental Hygiene Miss Pat Harris, R.D.H. Instructor Lonnie C. Warren. D.D.S. iz Miss Harris and Dr. Warren within the med. center proper, but at the University Tower Building, 12th and Univer- sity. There one will find the newest and most convenient equipment available and a cherry atmosphere of people enjoying their work. fwell, almost always.J The challenge of pro- viding Arkansas with its needed dental hy- gienists is being met by the new school. The first Junior class was begun in July, 1969, with twenty-four girls. The School of Dental Hygiene is adding to the growth, success and service of the University Medical Center. Dr. Nelms Part-Time Faculty Robert E. Anderson, D.D.S. Robert W. deBin, D.D.S., M.S. Mrs. Mary Ann Foster, B.S.. M.S. Larry Furlong, D.D.S.. M.P.H. Robert Johnson. D.D.S.. M.S. Kieth Kreth, D.D.S., M.S.D. Mrs. Vicki Logan, R.D.H. Gene Pynest Ph.D. Bill Wingfield. B.S. Brenda Bray Malvern Lillian Comstock North Little Rock Suzanne Crockett Little Rock SENIORS-First Graduating Class: Ann Bunch Sheridan Linda Connett North Little Rock r L Carol Freyaldenhoven West Memphis CLASS QFFICERS President: Lee Byrd Vice President: Sue Gonzales Secretary: Suzanne Crockett Treasurer: Rosalee Rouse Council Representative: Leslie Skokos Lee Byrd Little Rock Sue Gonzales Fayetteville l Q5 p --." . JR. A. D. H. A. The students are all active in the Junior American Dental Hygienist Association. Miss Harris acts as sponsor for the group. Meetings are held each month with informative pro- grams and refreshments. Needless to say the healthy hearty eaters never miss a meeting. Knit one, pearl two. You don't learn that in Micro do you? i Judy Moore' Danna Presson Heather' Rhodes X Malvern Fort Smith North Little Rock Hosalee Rouse Burlene Shepherd Leslie Skokos Little Rock Springdale Fort Smith Marilyn Smith, Okrnulgee, Oklahoma Bonnie Vaughf Malvern Janet Tuggle Malvern Kay Stobaugh Little Rock E nifa Walker' PHY Williams Marianna Jacksonville The Students Qlefib, faculty and staff frigl-nib have many serious conversations throughout the day! Sue Abernathy West Joyce Colclasure Little Rock Ada Beith Benton Beverly Anderson Oklahoma City Little Rock Sherry Black Alice Criner Benton Little Rock Marilyn Cole Pam Dairis Jacksonville North Little Rock DECIDUOUS CYSTERS, suffered through Chemistry Gail Finne Linda Henly Little Rock Lubbock, Texas Georgia Heiierick Barbara Loser Little Rock Malvern l Billie McCain Dianne McCalla Prescott Blytheville Stacy Heringer Jonesboro we , if 4 . ,ff- Earline Mcwherter Hot Springs Colleen O'Brien Janna Rorex Shreveport, La. Monroe, La. Dorothy 'Umfress Helena J anellel Ware Ruth Wilcox Fort Smith Conway Jo Ray Blytheville Phyllis! Voss Malvern E Paula Clark Jamestown, No. Dakota I always did have a sweet tooth. 1:3 Yes, Miss Harris, we learned that. Thatfs a t ooth . You can't judge all women by this More legs than a spider. Playboy. h. fM. There, see'. I did get a tooth this time. Fiddle dede, how I hate thee Chemistry! FRIENDLY PERSUASION by Dr. Lonnie Warren Merrily we carve along, carve along, smarve along. Now, what was HCL? This happy group just LOVES teeth. Sooner or later one of us has got to finish one of these experiments. Ea? ,E f ta' f K gi ae ls 2 E i E 55 5 CYTUTECI-INOLO GY Thru the Microscope We become like J ANUS, Seeing both into the past and future. All the While, maintaining a View of the present. Acting not of agression But ever of vigilance We seek to guard the health of Each whom We see in our daily labors. C.P.G. U' fo 0 6' 'Z 2 0 5 K Q 0 I T A0 S' 'Ss 0 -is A 'N fn 5 Q S' 5 S' Z Q .C- FOUNDED 1968 FACULTY AND STAFF 5 CARL K UYEDA PhD Asst Prof Dept of Pathology Asst Dxrector School of Cytology WILLIAM E. JACQUES. M.D. Professor 8a Chairman, Dept. of Pathology Director, School of Cytotechnology ELOISE B. SHERMAN M.D. Asst. Prof. Dept. of Pathology KAY C, YQUNG CIT, Ugscpy ROBIN HADDEN CT KASCPD ETLAINEI ANDERSON Chief Cytotechnologist Cytotechnologist , , ,.., ,,.t,,, N,..t, .... , W . ,,,.,,,,.,,... ...i,,..,A,,-....-H-M., .. Cytoltechnologist F . 1 3 Eulalia. Araoz Dallas Cannon Dennis Dodd Kelly Duke Clyde Gates Sharolyn Sprigg C Musical Chair Quiz s gi, iss - ' 5? ' ei Sz e ' gee. t fs- X 3 .. E n, , E t E S Our "Eyes" Christmas Now, what do I do? And come packing a gun, shorty! That wasn't very nice! VJITH SINCERE THANKS You know the answer. Well, I like sex better! LWffK1v 1ewwwh1Hw1,-sfL+f'wM-JH:'M--w 'ww'- Guy U. Robinson, M.D. Claude E. Fendley, M.D. Liffle Rock Diagnosfic Clinic, D. B. Sfough, lll, M.D. Keifh B. Kennedy, M.D. Dr's. Walf 8: Growdon E. K. Clardy, M.D. Gardner H. Landers, M.D. F. Walfer Carrufhers, M.D. Dr's. Worlham 8x Moore-, P.A. Millard W. Black, M.D. J. L. Rosenzweig, M.D. J. P. Price, M.D. Jacob P. Ellis, M.D. A. J. Baker, M.D. A. Meryl Grasse, M.D. Medical Cenfer O. P. Garner, M.D. Liffle Rock Orfhopedic Clinic Purcell Smilh, Jr.. M.D. Radiology Associafes, P.A. OUR PATRONS Dumas Pine Bluff Liffle Rock Hof Springs Wesl' Memphis Liffle Rock Hof Springs El Dorado LiH'le Rock Jacksonville Lifflei Rock Hof Springs Monficello El Dorado Paragould Calico Rock Siloam Springs Hoi' Springs LiHle Rock Li+'l'le Rock Liffle Rock Jack L. Royal, M.D. Hope Porler R. Rodgers, Jr., M.D. Searcy Harry Hayes, Jr., M.D. LiH'le Rock Bailey Ear Clinic Li'Hle Rock Urology Associafes Liifle Rock John H. Delamore, M.D. Fordyce John H. Bowker, M.D. LiHle Rock Allen R. Russell, M.D. Pine Bluff J. M. Robineffe, M.D. Jonesboro Ross E. Maynard, M.D. Pine Bluff Frank M. Burfon, M.D. Hoi' Springs J. Warren Murry, M.D. Faye'H'eville Ben N. Salfzman, 'M.D. Mounfain Home Paul Gray, M.D. Bafesville Roberf L. Chesfer, lM.D. Fayeffeville The Family Clinic, Lfd. Li'H'le Rock Drs. Sfewarl' 8: Kramer Forl' Smifh Asa A. Crow, M.D. Paragould Clark M. Baker, M.D. Paragould James S. Garrison, M.D. The Roenlgen Raider R. T. Wisdom, M.D. Memphis, Tenn. J. W. BurneH', M.D. Texarkana Ronald W. McNichol, M.D. Benfon William J. Roberfs, M.D. Charlesfon Orfhopedic Clinic FayeH'eville W. R. Meredifh, M.D. Pine Bluff J. M. Hundley, M.D. Liffle Rock Eldon Fairley, M.D. Osceola Julian Fairley, 'M.D. Osceola Hamilfon Clinic Wesf Memphis Gene M. Townsend, M.D. Texarkana James C. Dunbar, M.D. Neil E. Crow, M.D. Warren S. Riley, M.D. L. K. Champion, M.D. Frederick N. Burf, M.D. Woman's Clinic Joe B. Scruggs, M.D. H. King Wade, Sr., M.D. H. King Wade, Jr., M.D. Dr's. O'Neal 8: Brinkley J. W. Kennedy, M.D. Roger L. Hickman, M.D. H. D. Luck, M.D. Vernon L. Toombs, M.D. Dr's. Durham 8: Murray Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Junkin, Sr. George J. Fofioo, M.D. John Dodson, M.D. A. M. Bradley, M.D. R. H. Nunnally, M.D. Dr's. Gladden 8: Williams Harris Hospilal 8: Clinic, .lnc D. H. Lowrey, M.D. H. B. Oldham, M.D. Elisha M. Gray, M.D. Charles R. Henry, M.D. C. Lewis Hyafi, M.D. Roberl' Carnahan, M.D. Winsfon K. Shorey, M.D. Burfon Eisele Clinic Wade W. Burnside, M.D. S. Flanigan, M.D. George R.. Peeples, M.D. T. Dale Alford, M.D. Jack Wilson, M.D. James S. Taylor, M.D. George W. Allen, M.D. E. M. Cooper, M.D. Howard Schwander, M.D. John B. Kirkley, M.D. Pulaski Counfy Medical Sociefy Earle D. McKeIvey, M.D. Eugene T. Ellison, M.D. Max G. Cheney, M.D. Roberl' L. Kerr, M.D. B. P. Raney, M.D. Cooper Clinic John M. Dodge, M.D. Dr's. Clark and Paulk W. R. Snow, M.D. Jacob M. Williams, M.D. Thomas G. Johnsion, M.D. Mounfain Home Forl' Smifh EI Dorado No. Liffle Rock Crosseff Liffle Rock Li'H'le Rock Hof Springs Hof Springs Lilrle Rock Arkadelphia Memphis, Tenn. Arkadelphia Arkadelphia Hof Springs No. LiH'le Rock Hol' Springs Hoi' Springs Forresf Cify Gurdon Harrison Newporl' Russellville W. Helena Mounfain Home LiH'le Rock Monficello LiH'le Rock Liffle Rock Hof Springs Fayeffeville LiH'le Rock Gurdon Liffle Rock Mounfain Home LiH'le Rock Forl' Smifh Jonesboro Liflle Rock Jonesboro LiH'le Rock Paragould Texarkana Mounfain Home 'Mounfain Home Jonesboro Forf Smifh Texarkana Sheridan Mounfain Home Paragould LiH'le Rock Saluting The Class Of ,70 52' BEST w1sHEs TO YoU ! X0 Walter Atwood 1 ' ' 410 Tower Building Little Rock Office: FRS-4627 Home: MO6-2433 'Wi representing SOUTHWESTERN LIFE Ask about the PROFESSIONAL ESTATE PLAN - life insurance protection , 5 fffzf1f?gf:'59Z?3IfL,.' W ff' iilrtt' ,- .,. illzififiltiz, v tlnv ittgk it t at its , I tilts zliilfifusiifl .9 4 syalizigg gais,T.,.,, aggllmg, wfiattte . tl: wth lr,--..,,,,-I utils-if ftttfeaisi it up attest. ,,..t,il. tear-!ftlig.,.tltt,.z, . ...rf fultfqr K!-I s,-W f ,I ,iff rt.. ut.. . at-as. g'g+.-aiuffiw,,.,,5s,, ' me 1 it-.ty .ll 3 -Hfffisitzr' I Q' 1":g..!1!ii255Qfsisa32t, atitisfwtifliliiii' itil , ,. . rv' f-s'f55tffa!f3E?Q5fgz liztsiif2f1Eff1t:e't5ri11f - tgienfm.,wmtti 5Stiqgrzfsaateiiti at tit' 1J'tiiffififitiiivfiiisiza .E lf' mistsifirgsiiisftlissf fieliiiliiiEigjliliiiifillI Lff1'i:itEii2'?fg:rg all ,fwfgsxgzeagastgggf , S' " J, ' SW ,fr ,,: I , . I ti' ' at ts , I ftitfff-A i r 'H W- -1-' now with premiums deferred until you would normally begin your medical WALTER Arvvooo meer' TRINITY LUTH ERAN HOSPITAL KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI A COMMUNITY GENERAL HOSPITAL offers: ROTATING INTERNSHIPS C81 GENERAL PRACTICE RESIDENCY, Two Year f2j FOR FURTHER INFORMATION WRITE: J. H. Hill, M.D. Director, Medical Education Trinity Lutheran Hospital 31st 8a Wyandotte Street Kansas City, Missouri 64108 Raymond Blank Memorial Hospital For Children Younker Memorial Rehabilitation Center Iowa Methodist Hospital Area Code: 515 1200 Pleasant St. Phone: 288-7271 Des Moines, Iowa 50308 0 Largest Private Hospital in Iowa 0 35 Percent Of Patients Are Referrals 0 Research, Sponsored by Grants 0 Director of Medical Education QFull Timej 0 Only Pediatric Hospital in State 0 Four Year Surgical Residency 0 Free fSelect Your Ownj Living Accommodations THEY ALL ADD UP TO AN IDEAL INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE bt. Zahn! iiauspital WHERE THE FUTURE IS BUILT ON THE SOLID FOUNDATION OF TODAY'S STUDY AND RESEARCH Our teaching staff of full-time, part-time and private physicians encourages personalized postgraduate clinical training. Rotating internship programs - Medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, I pediatrics. Rotating electives-0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Residencies - Medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, pediatrics. Specialty and subspecialty outpatient clinics with 15,110 patients annually. 575 bed hospital with 21,441 admissions annually. For information and applications write to: Director of Medical Education St. John's Hospital 1923 South Utica Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 s ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL wici-HTA KANSAS Y Providing health services for the Midwest since 1889 Continuing Postgraduate Medical Education since 1899 Internships Residencies 22 positions offered, all major specialities Anesthesiology Pathology Rotating-9 General Practice Radiology Straight Surgery Ob-Gyn Surgefy Straight Medicine Orthopedics Internal Medicine Urology vis Full maintenance including generous stipend and apartment on hospital premises, 1-2-3- bedrooms. vis 860 beds for comprehensive clinical experience. bk Outpatient facilities in major disciplines, 63,000 patients. als 28.000 annual admissions. if ',,-i l Ti For additional information and application write to: Department of Medical Education St. Francis Hospital 929 N. St. Francis Avenue Wichita, Kansas 67214 E s .... i--lx-:ls University of Arkansas Affiliated Family Practice Residency Three years including internship Approved by AMA Residency Review Committee on 3 Dec. 69. Meets requirements of the American Board of Family Practice. Family medical care on a continuing basis will be offered by the resident in a group prac- tice model office. Supervised general and specialty training is provided both in the office set- ting and on rounds. Emphasis on family health, human ecology, health services management, and behavioral sciences will be obtained through qualified consultants. The program exists through the- full cooperation of Baptist Medical Center, St. Vincent Infirmary, and University of Arkansas Medical Center. Elective opportunities exist in these hospitals, as well as in community health, preceptorships, categorical specialties, research, and Master's level course work. For Further Information Please contact: John Tudor, Jr., M.D., Director Family Practice Center 5801 West Markham fat St. Vincent'sJ Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 Approved Rotating Internship Programs Medicine, Radiology, Pathology, Surgery, Obstetrics 8: Gynecology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics Residencies Medicine, Surgery, Radiology, Pathology, General Practice RA 335-bed hospital, 11,645 inpatient admissions, 14 out- patient clinics. Affiliations with University of Kansas Medical Center, Children's Mercy Hospital, VA Hospital, Jackson 4 County Hospital. 1 . . . . . . ' R'l..?iggtg:.,11 ' AN EXTRA BENEFIT at Menorah Medical Center is the Danciger Institute Program for Continuing Education for Physicians and other Health Care Professionals. For Information Call Collect: Merle Charney, 8161276-8101, or write The Menorah Medical Center 4949 Rockhill Road 0 Kansas City, Missouri 641 10 ST. NCENT I FIRMARY C- APPROVED INTERNSHIPS IN THE ROTATING 0,l,2 CATEGORIES 'Ir 500 bed hospital ir Over 18,000 Admissions in 1969 'Ir Coronary Care Unit ak Intensive Care Unit 'A' Psychiatric Unit irSelf-Care Unit 1' Child Care Center For additional information and application Write to: Department of Medical Education St. Vincent Infirmary West Markham at University Little Rock, Arkansas What does a residency or internship in the Baptist System offer the A C graduate? Plenty. The Baptist Medical Center System includes the 437-bed Baptist Medical Center in Central Little Rock, and the 148 bed Memorial Hospital, in North Little Rock. A new 500-bed Medical Complex is under construction in Western Little Rock. . 1 Our internships are rotating types 0,1,3,5,6,7,8 with majors and! or electives available in surgery, medicine, radiology, pathology, psychiatry and anesthesia. There are residencies in Radiology and Pathology. Residents from UAMC in Surgery and Ophthalmology rotate here. , The special care units for Coronary Care, Pulmonary Care, Intensive Care, Renal Dialysis and Emergency Care offer 1 excellent educational opportunities. What's more, you will be A working with doctors skilled in their special areaslof medical practice who knowhow to teach and who teach by precept the art of the physician-patient relationship. That's an important point to consider. We'd like to tell you more about our programs. Contact Dr. Iasper L. McPhail, V Director of Medical Education, for ' all the facts. Baptist Medical Center System 1700 W. Thirteenth - Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 The Medical Education Program Offers You . . Rotating Internships ,bzvg I 'izz i 2 Obstetrics-Gynecology . , .. . M Pediaffics Surgical Specialties ' 1 ....,... .. . ..,Z,.. f ,....,,,,:. .,.,,.,: :,, ' - ' ,.,. gi we ' '1" ' ' ' - ,... . SWB' ,zn .- VAAA ,.,,....,.,,. ::. Surgery , aa l 3 3, 925 lalg 'a Obstetrics-Gynecology 9 if eff 5-l1X .5 li L,. .:.., :FQ :" Radiology A , qq 'L PediHffiCS 9 Cardiopulmonary Fellows , For information write: , all fully accredited Director of Medical Education . L A P. o. Box 5999 - ' Dallas, Texas 75222 ' E U S lt HOSPITAL of DALLAS !i.!,'.:ECRESTK 'V'ED'E!lLO CF'l!l.EE burn center extended, care facilities 4 medical society library cardio-renal lab family practice ' rehabilitation services computer center full-time senior staff related training programs coronary G intensive care inhalation E physical therapy satellite hospital emergency 81 poison center maior clinical services trauma-shock unit For further information contact: John B. Nettles, M. D. SAINT FRANCIS HGSPITAL, TULSA, OKLAHOMA n ll l' ': : IM AA I QSLVV-L A M' 5 I5 55 E5 55 55 5 5 .....------::::::::::::::::-----------------... A I E , iii " 1: it assesses :M iiim sssssssiiiiisss x fs Q Q 3 Mm' LT' 7Li ii' +'+ "i' li' Liiiiv- " figfhia h Q .IX 394.1 is ,, 5 9 seg? Q sea gb Q7 A X . . QQQQE Q A A varied and interesting program awaits the intern at Saint Francis Hospital where a unique preceptor type rotating internship is offered for twelve interns. Highly in- dividualized inpatient teaching is given first priority, with the intern assuming great responsibility in patient care. In some instances the intern follows his own cases in the private offices of his preceptor. Saint Francis Hospital is Oklahoma's largest, most modern hospital. Recent expansion has increased the bed capacity to 655 beds and 60 bassinets. Besides a generous monthly stipend, interns receive uniforms, laundry, meals while on duty, full hospitalization and two weeks vacation. For more information Write: Medical Director, Saint Francis Hospital, 6161 South Yale, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135. Congratulation Senior a id on Dental Suppl Walden Building Little Rock 4? I yv FOUND still in business 8, N Tomorrow rn. T. Stover Co., Inc. 7511 Scott Hamilton Drive Little Rock, Arkansas p LO 2-3340 Wylde, 3, y .ff atlas R lu- XXI '4chJ"f 11 ll' ,lax GMM 'L rw 1 ww, ill i i " il! KM ..,. , l ll l wiv ?"3'!'T JNMJJM 6.8: Hllvlb 1 rl!! W E R ' r ll ia lt Congratulations And Best Wishes l 1 li N l it ,ll A To The lt ll! l 1970 Graduating Class I Stover's-Your Complete Source Of Supply We have enjoyed serving you the past four years, and would like to continue serving you in the future. Call on Stoverls-Service Second To None BEST WISHES FROM ARCHER DRUG COMPANY SERVICE WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS 107 East Markham Little Rock, Arkansas 9 THE ONLY UNRETOUCHED The Doctor s Bureau NTJQEET Q , , HB, Publication of its Kind! A Drvrsron of ff- SEND 55.00 CREDIT BUREAU SERVICES M For Your Copy Now! - OR - S . F II D W s:::i:::i..:iii..i,..,i::'n 414 W 11 B ld g first order? tn: L 1 R k A k WYNGATE Xi BEQNE. INC. FR 2 0177 6311 Yucca Stregflzellywood, Calif. 90028 UdW9iS6lZ MI HELOB S PP1 1900 E. 15th C11 FR25168 G QB LITTLE ROCK da kf G dP Wallace Building Congratulations to the 1970 Graduates of Little Rock The University of Arkansas Medical Center ARKANSAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Guy Newcomb Osceola President Joe Owen Texarkana President-Elect James S. Latture Hot Springs Second Vice-President Carleton Wright Little Rock Treasurer William G. Smith Little Rock Secretary-Manager Compliments of Gordon's Beauty Salon University Towers Pulaski- Heights Bank g'The Saturday Bankn Grant Street at Kavanaugh Member FDIC MO 3-6301 FRIDEN, INC. NO COME ON Young, good loolring, natural blond GOES ALL THE WAY! Send 51.00 tor sample photo and information. I'LL PROVE IT! ELAINE O. RYAN P.O. Box 297 744 Maywood, Calif. 90270 SN ELL LIMB 8. BRACE CO. 3924 West Markham Little Rock, Arkansas DAILEY'S OFFICE FURNITURE 304-308 Rock Street Little Rock's Favorite Office Furniture Special Considerations for New Doctors Dalton Dailey FR6-2361 BEST WISHES FROM MEDICAL CENTER BARBER SERVICE The Camera Center "EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHICN 301 West Capitol FR 5-6455 OW ING, 'Liza' llfllf RDIKCY GRIEINM ' fer 24 YEARS Also Serving . gif' , "1 A r d 7 1 0 , .7 I' M he , ,rr 3 LOCATIONS 'i nc We ef' A is A " c s 565 9729 6233956 5653943 6120 BASE LINE sw 5 K VANAUGH 5922 NEW BE T RD H Y Onen 11 AM-9 PM Oven 1' AM40 PM open 5 PM-9:30 PM nauy CLOSED suNnAYs CLOSED SUNDAYS gpm SUNDAY More Medical Students Have Life Insurance With J IM ALLEN Than With Any Other Life Insurance Agent. The world's fxnest health cate plan designed to serve the public and the medical profession- - the MOS T! ' r Arkunsus Blue Cross 8. Blue Shield Sixth G Gaines Street if 'Little Rock, Arkansas 272 UNITRON MICROSCOPES "More Microscope forthe Money" Charles L. Weir L0 5-5881 P.0. Box 2111 Little Rock, Arkansas Approved Free Literature Mead Iohnson Laboratories Evansville, Indiana "Doing her own thing ' ..r. ,N .L I 1 +41 jg Xaaxwifrfarpgg zu-...., ,, fC7"1fJAl NIU' uri Q r be-e aw 2- ., gf am A Yr 4 A' NV , . a, """'-'N "ri -n ---4 W ih.' Q M 'WM "N M. ,, .. , ra W, r ia,w,aaia-'fa T-Ti? vi , l -xx 3 'fY0u d0n't complain to the retailer about side ejfects. You write directly to the manufacturer." at is a A t a ia 'Pr Margaret Dildy? Cazffaizblocgy fuclexf The "Duke", B.S,, M.S., R.Ph., M.D. Ph.D., etc., etc. KRUGER TRAVEL BUREAU INCORPORATED 109 East Seventh Street Little Rock FR 4-9271 "Since 1847" 'Stifft's Jewelers 511 Main Little Rock, and The Mall Peck's 4424 West Markham "Coldest Beer in Little Rock" Tho Bank that does Moro for You. WUI'-'ITHEN BANK 8 TRUST COMPANY Member FDIC and Federal Reserve Systems ...... .- l ' " A ' '. ,mfg ,gi 1' . iggifj1fig,,j'A?.25Lijii1zff2tEIj:3'e --f.,:'Qi,1g:5gj-513202 iwtii, ,g5. fx , .If '!'eff,'ff'i1f'f52f'.ZY551If2f..wE1fi9.ft?f'?,' "'. .2e1fs:neKS21E3'- i u I, I , Q 7 , q 111 .11 fism , A ' g,,l'ezw,,g3y:' ?5Eii:..':1pg P fE32s,f 'l" "?1?'v.f' xi 2219f,ifl2F11ffz1grg, 9Xs:1M1qmm'i X .g. , Li. 524325-i P,45n,?g', , ,.:,.ix: , Xee W 'Q fffifiirvilifziiii Across from the Medical Center p i" 22,2255 s fr?5f!! i 'fzmzllfli ' ' - uf, wif'-4",.'-23: A icifezQe,1E'1.,iffhW-15 wif!" 1fu12!f2'Z'tf . ""'M.i.f'-f -- r K L'L. 'zififfgz111:-PMfsvfsfiiiifr 4204 W- Markham M0 4-3385 me A " . . . s '2?mQi,fQ1-ii" TI' ,Zli-21'.f, "Q -Ln':Q5?f.i xfwlilfil . 'fffifiii.if:f5S:Z1.?'f'fi5:fL? 5kf?3s?slT5.f'i-F? if V ' H. SLlu1V3I1t, OWIICI' L H Aigfiiribezt-if fzgifgi' 'l Vf'12ilz55il'l3iillili52zg2gs2aAQP tg Qffifiglisiilifizfiisliilligife. Ailshiella . i l all Lo ' A M . m e 3 lfivliififliiiisllbiff 2 H1116 very, imager i2i'i"i 'iff ..-H i "W.. 5, 'trim iezggggg' ggttfggiigflmgfxgsii e jii lfigga iii. ' ,- .gfw ,4l21?iiu5g' 5z1- - f-. elsif? ipgiqgfqn r. .il -ri ,X in Mqaiiill f fi, -if! e,.ia,l5-1,-4. wilffziflzl li 'mf ww f: re el,!gl4ffff'2"2t eei 5119 t i '2 H - W1 HY1.i'iS.igf1.if:2A,ifisez t gfvifl if-Su - elf.-size: !vx'f!"2:fE'si. 321,93 ,f:ffiqar' ,M '5Itiifllliefiiaifwi:Surg '53 553 212554 Marry Tom Beasley? Never! complete interior design service specializing in residencies, commercial interiors ' and professional offices Strawrfs FI E FURNITURE Seventh 8a Gaines St. - Little Rock - FR4-8249 CAN DEPEND N DUN O Affkmmf' Onb Pbvzrmaceuizml .Mom ufazciwfer Gravette, Arkansas , "When Will I see you again?" Don't knock it till you've tried it! Mack the Knife with tool in hand! -'PEACE MOTHER ..... 11' Ain't Science wonderful! -1 - - .- Q ..- -. -. .- .1 -4- n ..- -, 4- - - F .- - 4- v - -n E .Q - E - -'-4 E E , 1970 Caduceus Frugal Award WILL IAM R. SNOW, M.D. Mountain Home ANNUAL PINK AXVARD Congratulations and Welcome to the Class of 1970 School oi Medicine from The Arkansas Caduceus Club FRANCIS M. HENDERSON, M.D. PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS PRESIDENT - 1969-1970 You are now members of The Arkansas Caduceus Club, on orga- nization of graduates, present and former houseofficers, faculty, and friends of the School of Medicine. Organized October 4, 1969, the club serves to strengthen the tie between the School and its members. Box 114 University of Arkansas Medical Center Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 HURLEY AMDEN ARKANSA r ' -

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