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In almost each succeeding year, due to the constant construction and expansion, the physical plant has been a focal point of the annual. This was the year of the T. H. Barton Research Building, the completion of which marks another important stride by the University toward its goal of trans- forming a small professional school into one of the outstanding medical institutions in this country. Next year's editors will need to hurriedly confer with the new dean and the State Legislature to see what new structure can be completed in time to be featured in the 1961-1962 Caduceus. May we suggest a parking building? Our thanks to all those who contributed their time and efforts to the realization of this annual. THE EDITORS CON TEN TS FEATURES SCIIO0L 0F MEDICINE SCHO0L 0F NURSING SCIIO0L 0F PHARMACY SCIIO0L 0F X-RAY TECHNOLOGY SCIIO0L 0F MEDICAL TECIINOLOG Y ACTIVITIES ADVERTISING STAFF James Adamson .......... Editor in-Chief Lynda Maxey .... Editor, School of Nursing Ed Brewer .... Editor, School of Pharmacy Barry Sorrells .......... Business Manager Marolyn "Pud" Summers ....,..A.. Artist ' Richard Darden ............,s,... Artist Lacy Fraiser .......... Chief Pho ographer Bob Walloch .............. Pho ographer Tommye Darnel ...H ..... P hotographer Becky Semasek ..,.. ...A. P hotographer Bill Hall .........,........ Pho ographer Charles Wimberly .......... Photographer DEDICAT 0NS E The School of Nursing wishes to dedicate its portion of the annual to Elizabeth O'Con- neil, R.N., MS., whose complete devotion to the nursing profession, her unlimited energy, her unceasing desire to impart the highest de- gree of knowledge to her students, and whose apparent joy in life has been a source of inspiration and guidance to her students. The School of Medicine wishes to dedicate its por- tion of the Yearbook to F. Douglas Lawrason, M.D., whose name should be synonymous- with the recent growth of the school. For five and one-half years he tirelessly fought to preserve the principles of what a medical institution should represent. He early recog- nized that in a majority of U. of A. Medical School graduates there was lacking a feeling of pride in having studied hereg and, in hopes of rectifying this, he directed all of his efforts toward establishing an out- standing faculty and physical plant, and toward de- veloping a feeling of esteem for the Center by the people of Arkansas. inf-- The School of Pharmacy wishes to dedicate its portion of the Caduceus to Thaddeus S. Grosicki, Ph.D., - for his quiet but sincere interest in each student -- for his earnest and sometimes hard work in helping us do our best - and for his opening the door to both the scholastic and real-life side of pharmacy. Page B IN MEM 0RIAM LEON WILES MD Leon WIICS the busmess manager of the 1960 annual offered many needed xcleas to the 1961 staff but thxs IS but a small reason for whxch he IS remember ed I-Ie began tlus long and dlffxcult journey towards a medlcal educauon one year prevxous to thxs years semor class but he has left us to complete xt alone Our llves and our art will be enrxched for havmg known l11m . .N I , V W , , V A f .Q A , R , , . . Y . . . . , , . Page 7 Hi. Q X XXKXMLXX X LX X X Ex 5 X A 1 K! k Z X , X f K E X' K Sr 'X X 11363 X 4..L X ' ' TE? K, 1 ' w 1 Q' 1 M f - 7' " His: vu 3. ,i,,,, , wywr .25 VL' M ,, ,Qi , V. ,LL. , sw M K 5 x F. 1 K Mg my ,,,. i my ff mf vw, ww :H Qfiwl fr- , ,W sary., 'fm 4 S , , x 5251 x . . wsggh -W V . x 1 :W 1: HA: ,H , ii? .Wmmpxf up fm, ,H .sliifr K zzffig ,W W ' E I. W gasifg ' 5 ,S 35554 X. , -QQJW? J, Q' X 'W' H1 igsw Q W lwgszfwg -if 55 , 4? if , 'gh we .,. ' 4 , A..,A fy, 31,1 S, ,Q ,nl exif fx 'xi Q r' ' I I , FX 'L C ' s uv W1 Y A '-Q ,ca .' , 1 - . 4 .- , y A., . 11 Fr 1 ,iz .,5 'J JW . "n.'- ,wing I X i. V IL. 523' 4"f'?i'f" 1 wanna- -sxnu -'tif 617:-yalv EEZ' I l'Er: 5 i 1 pg Till . ,L MQHJ ' I I I 1 1 "Til I 'iff WHLI I g 1 I Q A '-fa gprgfiii, "?3?E . 153' . Ju.: ,V if! 'R Hai '4 . an , -321 '-311 re3R 1 Al J 3 .Zi ' 11 ' 1 . 4 1 W i 1 F' H E 'ei ,- . 5121, :'1E Q Nw-- rf ,g-aussi? fx K - lf' 5 W Q LXJ.: . Page 14 4Q9p ,.ef3fQ "mf-.., an wk , A Iw.1aX.uwMf,,, -qv' a,,.vb " -m-3194" . L' N-as SCHO0L 0F MEDICINE medicine, the only profession that labors incessantly to destroy the reason for its onvn. existence james bryce MEDICAL SCHO0L DEANS JOHN T. RIGGIN, M.D. Associate Dean Page 18 ' ' Jax.: , w ,,.. JAMES S. DINNINGt Ph.D. Assistant Dean MINIS T RA TI VE PERS 0MV NELSON F. EVANS Manager of the Medical Center FLORENCE LAWSON Administrative Assistant to the Dean Y WILKINSON BARBARA BABB JENNY JETTON BECKY WOODFIELD 12-5 . .. H 5 W ,. . . X, ? 5 i n r1,,,,V xx NW, .wah ,:.:: .-Q : .gwmy - ' W4 ACULTY . " "-'- 1 .ff ,.: I MK! H ff 1 ,Z , 'ww W , Q X , ,, uv x , as , Wg, hw L I 7 K 5 vi Y H f nf w w.zxi.f1,E-J1' ' ,HX fff,, lf."--lf'Q"'. -nu i UmM,s,i ,,mWMggm?5 an , ww, . ,, C M ., , S ,+,.3,w 1 53, .Y yn. gi , 5' Z5 K I W Xin M MS. A if X Q A , , ,..,,, A. ,. - , Y ,. , , 6 ',,,11,,,453-igigifi ,z .: X' X' my W , . iff' partment the devel of shock past year president nois, and James S. Taylor, Professor of Medicine, is promin- ent in the field of cardiology. He was chief of cardi- ology at Walter Reed Hospital prior to coming to Arkansas in 1952. He is best known to students and practicioners in the state for his comprehensive course in the interpretation of the electrocardiogram. His li- brary contains numerous tape recordings of normal and abnormal heart sounds. Richard V. Ebert, Professor and Head of the De- of Medicine, has been with the Medical Center for six years and is largely responsible for opment of this outstanding department. I-Iis research on pulmonary dynamics and the pathogenesis has brought him national renown, and this he was appointed to the editorial board of "Archives of Internal Medicine". He is also former of the American Society for Clinical Investi- gation. From a remarkable medical family, Dr. Ebert's father was Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Illi- his brother is Professor of Medicine at West- ern Reserve Medical School. W ,L , Robert S. Abernathy, Associate Professor of Medicine and Microbiology, is an expert in the field of infectious diseases and has made extensive study of systemic fungus diseases. Dr. Abernathy's graphic lectures on the use of antibiotics, combined with his dead-pan humor, enliven the monotony of pre-clinical pharmacology. sta it ..ixt1,eii w .i ,ag - few sy John T. Riggin Jr., Assistant Professor of Medicine, divides his time between teaching and administrative duties. He is Associate Dean of the medical school, and is also a leading investigator of chest diseases, par- ticularly tuberculosis. He is the coordinator of the junior student preceptor program, and in addition to his academic work, he has served as president of the Arkansas Thoracic Society for the past year. Arkansas graduate John A. Pierce, Asso- ciate Professor of Medicine, has greatly ad- vanced the field of cardiopulmonary diseases with his research on the aging changes in the lungs. A Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, he has been associated with the University Medical Center for the past six years. S l h I 1- 'f 'L One of the two men who hold professor- ships in two departments, James C. Melby, Assistant Professor of Medicine 66 of Bio- chemistry, devotes his time to endocrinology and has published numerous papers on the secretory products of the adrenal cortex. Page 22 Although mainly interested in the field of endocrinology, George K. Mitchell, Instructor in Medicine, has been pressed into service as the as- sistant director of the medical out- patient department. He collaborated with Dr. James Doherty on clin- ical studies with tritiated digoxin. Kerrison Juniper, Jr., Assistant Professor of Medi- cine, is best known to the student for his weekly conference on gastroenterology. The greater part of his time is spent in research concerning diseases of the biliary tract. The director of the clinical laboratory, S William Ross, Associate Professor of Medi cine, is an authority on hematology. He com- pleted his residency at Arkansas after receiv- ing his medical degree from Syracuse Uni versity. In addition to his interest in blood, he 'is engaged in the study of cancer chemo- therapy. W. Sexton Lewis, Instructor in Medicine, is another Arkansas graduate, and is just com- pleting his first year as a member of the medical school faculty. His primary interests lie in the field of cardiology. fi 'I ffl Eva F. Dodge, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, had a varied career before com- ing to Little Rock. She was educated at the University of Maryland and spent one year at the University of Vienna. Following this she served as Professor of Obstetrics at the Women's Medical College, Shanghi, Chinag was an obstetrics consultant to Alabama and Mississippi, and was in private practice for several years. She is now editor and presi- dent-elect of the Pan American Medical Women's Alliance. Page One of the most prolific writers on the faculty, Willis E. Brown, Professor and Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynec- ology, has published numerous outstanding statistical studies since coming to Arkansas in 1949. His innovations in the treatment of placenta praevia, third trimester bleeding, and advanced cervical cancer have brought him wide recognition and admiration from his colleagues. Only one year ago, his former residents presented him with a new automo- bile in appreciation for his teachings. john R. Nettles, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, was formerly assistant professor at the University of Illinois. A member of numerous medical organizations, his present research concerns preinvasive and invasive cervical cancer, and renal biopsy and toxemia of pregnancy. 24 The master of the fact-studded lecture, Robert E. Bowling, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, continually amazes the sophomore student with his systematic approach to the study of the microbe. At present he is pursuing the elusive but import- ant problem of antibiotic resistance in the Staph- ylococcus organism. Raymond K. Bower fbelowl, As- sistant Professor of Microbiology, came to Arkansas from the U. of Oklahoma, and is doing research on host cell-virus relationships with the Rous sarcoma virus. , p!,r sii I Carl E. Duffy fleftj, Professor and Head of the Department of Microbiology, has de- veloped a comprehensive approach to micro- biology that has established his courses as rigorous exercises in memory. Recently he has made several outstanding discoveries concern- ing behavioral patterns of experimental ani- mals which have recovered from early neo- natal viral infections. In addition to his medi- cal worlc, he is an ardent student of the War Between the States and lectures often on the topic. John H. Cross frightl, In- structor in Microbiology, is a holder of an Inter-American fellowship in tropical medicine and parisitology, and is study- ing natural and acquired im- munity to helminthic infec- tions. Ruth V. Jarmen, In- structor in Microbiology, is the only feminine member of the pre-clini- cal faculty. Her sharp pointed wit is often a respite during a long afternoon over the micro- scope. l 1 l I The course of Horace N. Marvin, Professor and Head of the Department of Anatomy, leads fresh- man students through the intricasies of anatomy on the microscopic level. One of the oldest pro- fessors at Arlcansas in terms of tenure, Dr. Marvin has most recently been studying the survival of red cells in various species. He is also an ardent archer with several' wild game trophies to show for his marlcsmanship. gf- -.X 1 'il' One of the more enthusiastic lecturers in the Medical Center, William C. Langston, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Anatomy, is also probably the most popular. Always ready to give aid to the deserving student, Dr. Langston has been a prominent figure in Arkansas medicine for thirty years. In addition to his academic studies, he origi- nated the student activity fund which is the financ- ial basis of numerous extracurricular activities. i if si ig fl An academician of varied talents, A. W. Mc- Cullough, Associate Professor of Anatomy, holds the distinction of having taught all the courses in the Department of Anatomy .at some time during the past twenty-one years. He has published a textbook of neuroanatomy, "An Introduction to the Human Nervous Systems for Students of Anatomy," which is used by all' freshman students. For ten years he was faculty advisor to student publications, and the rnen's chorus is still under his tutelage. A f.:L. -ummm ii 4 5 Howard K. Suzuki, Assistant Professor of Anatomy, demands the greater part of each fresh- man's time as he drives them through the rigorous exercises in memory required by gross anatomy. Bone metabolism and neonatal anatomy are his present research projects. A recent addition from the U. of Maryland, Zenas A. McDonald fleftl, Assistant Professor of Anatomy, has been at Arkansas for only the past year. He is presently studying obesity and its rela- tionship to hepatic carcinogenesis. H ,N Wiz, , iw., i H Us "H, is xny, Liigllff , , H . f wanna-ii Alice Gamble Beard, As- sociate Professor of Pedi- atrics, is studying the causes and treatment of metabolic derangements in prematures. She received her training at the University of Texas. Theodore C. Panos, Professor and Head of the Department of Pediatrics, is one of the best known pediatricians in th e South. Formerly professor of pediatrics at the University of Texas, he is now in his fourth year at the U.A.M.C. He is also National Consultant in pediatrics for the U.S. Air Force. His particular interest lies in the field of endocrinology, nutrition and metabolism. I x.4a. I sion. Page 28 i 1 N -i 3-1-'I ,,,,,e,..-4-1" ' ' f i Coordinator of the depart- ment's teaching program for the students, W. T. fTedj Knicker, Assistant Professor and Research Fellow in Pediatrics, followed Dr. Panos from the U. of Texas. Interested mainly in infectious diseases, Dr. Kniclcer is study- ing the application of immuno- diffusion techniques to the diag- nosis of mycobacterial disease and other states. Formerly associated with Dr. Louis Diamond at Boston Children's Hospital, F. Stanley Porter, Jr., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, naturally has hema- tology as his primary interest, and he is studying the hematologic effects of vitamin E deficiency in monkeys. In addition to his teaching duties, he supervises the care and study of children under the program of the Southwest Cooperative Cancer Chemotherapy Commis- Rosiland S. Abernathy, Instructor in Pediatrics, received her training at Duke University, then moved to the University of Minnesota for post-graduate training and a position in the department there. In 1957 she came to the Arkansas staff along with her husband who is associated with the Medicine department. She is especially interested in pediatric allergies. Delbert A. Fisher frightl, Assist- ant Professor of Pediatrics, has cle- veloped a comprehensive and me- ticulous approach to the subject of pediatric endocrinology and metabo- lism. He is the author of several papers on endocrinology and has re- cently done research on thyroid function during infancy and child- hood. , X Ai xi ' The director of the pediatric out- patient clinic, S p e n c e r G. Thompson fleftl, Assistant Profes- sor of Pediatrics, is a member of the American Acad- emy of Pediatrics and was previously with t h e Corle Clinic Hospital, Urban, Ill. W. T. Dungan, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, directs the diagnostic work- up of all pediatric congenital heart diseases seen at the U.A.M.C. His medical education was gained at Vanderbilt University followed by a fellowship in pediatric cardiology at the University of Chicago. law" '- . E , 3? 'eas- ff, E in Charles D. Wood, Assistant Professor of Phar- macology, is a neurophysiologist and pharmaco- logist. He has published several monographs on the behavioral, biochemical and electrical alternations produced by application.of drugs directly to the central nervous system, and also the investigation of cyanide anesthesia combination as a cancer chemotherapy. X .4 in ' -..f. M1 M.. it ' Ml 32'-Qi 1 X I f vl. ' 1 . ' U, it Jvgx 1, 335525535 ,mglhl -'Wait ,Q , ,, ,xfssst 'i I ,, - l , K iigiif, , .gags 'lff?7 frail ..,EQg.2s A' . I 9 M l - be it i , , qF ,, , 'V l AQ W4 r A ..- i -1 Qi i ' iiit sirfil . t L K I. i .Ag H V4 , v mf: A X ' mlm :li ., X. One of the most jovial pre-clinical lec- turers, joseph E. Stone, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, was with the Veterans Re- search Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, until 5 years ago. The biochemical investigation of nucleic acid antimetabolites, which is one hope for the treatment of cancer, is his present study. x One of the few pre-clinical instructors who holds an M.D. degree, Lloyd D. Seager, Pro- fessor ana' Head of the Department of Phar- macology, is a graduate of St. Louis University School of Medicine. He has membership in Sigma Xi, the Society for Experimental Biolo- gy and Medicine, the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg Dr. Seager specializes in cardiovascular chemotherapy and the effects of digitalis. J. E. Whitney, Associate Professor and'Act- ing Head of the Department of Physiology, received a PhD in physiology from the Univer- sity of California, and he followed this with a PhD in biochemistry at Cambridge Univer- sity, England, where he studied under Dr. Krebs. A Fellow of the American Cancer So- ciety, his field of interest is the study of the endocrine glands. , I1 s M3 l lbw' ' 2 ml I 5 Kenneth A. Aulsebroolc, Assistant Professor of Physiology, is at present working on the control of intestinal fluid and electrolyte transfer. He holds a PhD degree. from Wis- consin, and is a member of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. A didac- tic lecturer, endocrinology has been his pri- mary interest. 1 Ea I-I. Millard Smith, Assistant Professor of Physiology, concerns himself with neurophysi- ology and is studying the structure and func- tion of nerves. He was formerly on the fac- ulty of the College of Medical Evangelists, and has just completed his second year at the University of Arkansas. . If lf ffl i Howard Barnhard, Professor and the Head of the De- partment of Radiology, returned to the University after one year as assistant professor at Hahneman Medical College, to reorganize a department most of whose members had taken positions elsewhere. His tireless efforts have brought a return to stability and the quality of the department is a credit to him. Collaborating with Dr. John Pierce, he did some outstanding worlc on the roentgenologic determination of total lung capacity. riff if 1? Z 5 ,Fr 1 ,, . , iii., at - .,,. Q ': . 'iz M A rf-:Q iL 1,:.::'? :MQ:S32. 1 reno: a , Q . ' '1- I. . i 1 are Riga if is 1 ,rf Another Dulce University grad- , C uate, W. Clint Talley, Assistant f Professor of Radiology, completed X his residency here before spending g. '-jg l 4 . K Force. His primary interest is in I H A" W' establishing a tissue culture lab. i t . y y A graduate of Arkansas and a member of A.O.A., Eleanor Deed, Instructor in Radiology, is completing her first year of teaching. Wilma C. Diner, Assistant Professor of Radiology, is a graduate of Dulce University and received her post- graduate training at Massachusetts General. She has been associated with the Medical Center for four years, and during that time has done research on water soluble con- trast media, simulated dosage measurements of intrauterine cobalt capsule implant therapy, pelvic pneumoperitoneurns, and roentgen manifestations of milk allergy. Page 32 two years with the United States Air 5 K -tt . Nuns-Q-t,-,..s Stephen G. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Pathology, was associated with the Medical Center for two years, but concluded his work here at the end of the 1961 school year. He had formerly held the position of chief of pathology at the radiobiological lab of the University of Texas and the U.S. Air Force. His new position will move him to Knoxville, Tennessee, where he will be in close correlation with the atomic research center at Oak Ridge so that he may better continue his studies on the modes of acute radiation death in the monkey. 'Z af The Department of Pathology received a welcome addition in April when Tom D. Nor- man, Professor and Head, returned after a year's absence. Dr. Norman is a graduate of Tulane Medical School and completed his pathology training at the University of Ten- nessee. He was associate professor at Arkansas from 1958-60, and now returns to bring stability to a department that was disrupted by the unfortunate accident to Dr. Schlumber- ger. Dr. Norman recently received a 835,000 grant which is to be used in the study of the mechanism of cardiac hypertrophy. Thomas F. Dilday, Assistant Pro- fessor of Pathology, is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and train- ed under Dr. Hans Schlumberger. He was in private practice for one year prior to returning to his pres- ent position on the faculty. He is facetiously known as "the student,s friend?" A.. UE eww 1 5, i 'fin MHEWAKQQQ X 1' i . W ... . ,Mr mimi? Wt .., i.,, , ,sis ,Aww 1 7- M - s .... . .' Ezzat S. Younathan, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, held a similar position at his alma mater, Florida State University, prior to coming to the University in 1958. His research is primarily in the field of enzymology and the study of enzyme synthesis. Upon completion of his internship at the University Hospital, Coy Fitch, Instructor in Biochemistry, was awarded a 516,000 grant to continue his studies on creative metabolism in hyperthyroidism, nutritional mus- cular dystrophy and hereditary mus- cular dystrophy in the mouse. He has recently completed three years of work in this field and will return to the University in july to com- plete his training in internal medi- cine. James S. Dinning, Professor and Head of the De- partment of Biochemistry, took a three months' leave of absence in the fall of 1960 to accompany an eight man team made up of biochemistry nutricianists and clinicians to survey the nutritional status of Thialand. The government of Thialand requested that the U.S. government conduct this survey. Dr. Dinning holds the position "Special Consultant of the National Institutes of Health, Metabolism and Nutrition," and is best known for the discovery that vitamin E deficiency in the monkey will produce muscular dystrophy. He is currently continuing his investigations on this subject and is also studying the biochemical aspects of blood cell formation. Page 34 f Stats we.:gs ff .5 10 -.31 5? siifkfxlw ,. 52: ...ff is 5 T31 'if 'Sr' N 3'-t :arf Axis, r My gr-fr K' ff wistf- reg a rg, ggasgxa X hr r-Jr Q Q, S :fi 4, gm? 4 rg X "W" . WF' ' ' ,522 so . ,zziig iii' " ,,,4,.ws. .N ,, 4 wgt-.W ts,-rsgittii g ' " .,'nw-tis J ""N ,fn i ' J' T 1s!fi"?.tt, fi, 'It .l , ' . d rink' .. 135 ' - ::1f54.Qf if ,f.e:5e,,g.'..I11 .yer 2 C-PJ ' us e - mfs 11f3ifZf:fIf5f1'i4 J' A A ' ' ' . if . A . 45.4 5-l:fXgg5f::fL:Q:gI? -V 's'fb2'.Q':5g ',...'...,.',.fg,,g,7 iv' 5, .Nm-. f-1"aif.-Q?:g5,eg,,:,f- Q, 4 Q Ag, :,...::z-'zz-r. M' Ztgtigzifg- , Q rg, ,Q M Igy wi?-I.,,.2,? ff.. :J2a-gf1.e:5-- heat 5 2 M ?'F.!,?:.i2" 'i'gi5SrifiE21i::Qf Q. 'I -gf? faamrfw' ". nfl .-'f',' 1 1 -- u -atv ,. 951. Yizrflfitfii .ffl-.:f:f.f3 'YYY f" I . me Harold Resnick, Instructor of Bio- chemistry, is studying the fundamen- tal chemistry of collagen tissues in an effort to explain the etiology of the collagen dieseases. A graduate of the University of Iowa, he has been with the University for two years. A graduate of Heidelberg Univer- sity and the University of Kentucky, J. F. Diehl, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, has published several basic articles on protein metabolism in muscular dystrophy and the effect of infection on vitamin reserves. Thomas R. Henderson, Research Associate in Bio- chemistry, and his wife joined the faculty in September, 1960, after receiving their degrees from the University of Texas. Dr. Henderson is instructor of biochemistry and his wife is working as a post-doctorate fellow in the department. Metabolism and nutrition of amino acids and proteins has been the primary interest of Robert L. Wixom, Associate Professor of Biochemistry. A member of the American Chemical Society and the Society for Experimental Biology and Medi- cine, he has taught at the University for eight years and is best known to the student for his lec- tures concerning the interrelationships of the amino acids. Head of the department for the past ten years, William G. Reese, Professor of Psychia- try, was also chairman of the Southern Pro- fessors of Psychiatry for 1960-61. He is re- sponsible for bringing numerous notable psy- chiatrists to the Medical Center for seminars. He earned his BS. and M.S. degrees at the U. of Idaho and was graduated from Wash- ington U. School of Medicine. A member of numerous medical and psychiatric organizations, he is also a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. eight years. Sydney Fields, Associ- ate Professor of Psychiatry and Senior Clinical Psychol- ogist, is a specialist in hyp- nosis and also manages the group psychotherapy meet- ings. Formerly with the Hu- man Resources Research Of- fice in Washington, D. C., as a Team Director, he has been with the University for Page 35 The President of the Arkansas Psy- chiatric Society, John E. Peters, Asso- ciate Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Psychiatric Clinic for Children, was once a student under Dr. Horsley Gant. He has written extensively on experimental patholog- ical behavior in animals and minimal brain damage in children, his main interests. Roscoe A. Dylcman, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Behavioral Sciences, has been instru- mental in making Arkansas a leader in computer research in psychophysiology. The division of behavioral sciences has received research grants from the Nat- ional Institute of Mental Health totaling 5322,000. Dr. Dylcman is also chairman of the admissions committee and is study- ing intellectual and personality factors predicting success in medical school. Director of the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Fred O. Henlcer, III, Assistant Pro- fessor of Psychiatry, had been the chief psy- chiatrist at the Jackson, Mississippi V.A. Hos- pital before coming to Arkansas in 1958. The interrelationship of religion and psychiatry is his special field of interest. Charles R. Galhrecht, Instruc- tor in Psychiatry, is doing re- search in the area of psychophysi- ology by studying the response of the autonomic nervous system to various psychological stress situations. He also teaches a course in statistical analysis to sophomores. Page 37 Previously chief psychologist and co-director of the child guidance clinic at the U. of Texas, Sam D. Cle- ments, Assistant Professor of Psy- chiatry, directs the examination of a majority of the children seen by the psychiatric department. He is in- vestigating hehavior and learning problems, minimal brain damage, and reading retardation in children. A former clinical psychologist in Vienna, Austria, Maria D. Simon, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, re- ceived her B.S. degree from Oxford University and her Ph.D. from the Vienna Psychoanalytic Institute. She is especially interested in child cle- velopment and is studying projective testing and school readiness. Masauki Hara, Professor of Surgery, is widely recog- nized as one of the leading cardiovascular surgeons in the south, and is a pioneer in open-heart surgery in the state of Arlcansas. Also regarded as an excellent clinical diagnostician, no student with whom he has any con- tact fails to recognize the importance of the funda- mentals of physiology. Familiar to his students and colleagues for his dig- nified reserve, Dana M. Street, Professor and Head of Orthopedic Surgery, has contributed numerous outstand- ing innovations to his chosen field, including the Han- sen-Street intramedullary nail, the split Street nail and the Street walker. I-Ie is also doing research on rehabili- tation of the paraplegic. Page 38 James H. Growden, Professor and Head of the Department of Surgery, trained under Dr. E. Graham at Barnes Hospital. He is a consultant for the two local Veteran's Hos- pitals and the Arkansas State Hospital, and was recently the guest lecturer at Louisiana State University's Postgraduate Day. A Dip- lomat of the American Board of Surgery, his primary interest is thoracic surgery. r ss A 1953 honor graduate of the Arkansas Medical School, Thomas M. Fletcher, Assis- tant Professor of Surgery, returned to the Medical Center in 1961 to become the first full-time staff neurosurgeon. He has been with the Neurological Institute in New York for the past three years. He has had experi- ence in the technique of hypothermia as used in neurosurgery, and with the aid of grants, in- tends to continue that work here. V y I ami-.- From New York University and Bellvue Hospital, Merril Grayson, Associate Professor of Opthalmology, came to the Medical Center in the fall of 1960. His special interest is tonography in glaucoma. A protege of Dr. 1-Iarafs, Ben M. Lincoln, Instructor of Surgery, completed his residency here in 1959, and continues his studies of cardiovascular surgery. gli? . f X .Ti -,-"' Norman Westerman, Instructor of Anesthe- siology, was previously associated with the Ft. Roots VA. Hospital before returning to his alma mater in 1960. Cecil W. Shafer, Professor and Head of the Department of Anesthesiology, is studying the effects of hypothermia on fetal circulation. His enthusiasm has interested many Arkansas students in the art of sleep-making. Robert Knapp, Assistant Professor of Or- thopedics, was in general practice in Colorado l for 6 years prior to taking his orthopedic res- idency under Dr. Street. Pediatric orthopedics is his special interest. Q . Recipient of a Ph.D. degree in pharmacology in addition to his NLD. degree, Jerome Lancly, Assistant Professor of Surgery, is the principal in- 1 ' tory where he will deliver and raise both small and g large germ-free animals for physiological experimen- tation. He was recently accepted to Fellowship in - the American College of Surgeons. 1 2 1- 2 e vestigator of the newly established germ-free labora- HUUSE STAFF 1960-61 :umm TRIITS lst Row: Dr. Lois Lowdeng Dr. Robert Shannon, Chief Resident. 2nd Row: Dr. Robert Matthewsg Dr. Steve Finchg Dr. Claude Heffington. PS YIYIIIA TH Y A MW M is ,N .Q me-xmwm is M x ,ans l P I 11101, 01' Y 4 A I 56 Tas -E,--.Eu :.:.:.:.,. ., .::.:.::..:.: fi -X XM W M Wxgisj H m is yin -,X A M 1 gyfsxigigvgimim 5: .:. :.: I M -V in rj jlxigxgxsgxix m n :-: 'I rl M ogg? fMiv51f:igj.iu fs mn ' W M fgy15vs,,i.m n is E -5, M 1 .wigiwwu M e 1 Mi, My-Q Q 'X if fi-:Wm z M is e is w is nu is a is e K -4 is n oi Lf , m na ss mix - 5 e is H ml , fmfmig 5 ' if e ' 5 Sf sg ww UQ-W S? - i iwigigei Law K Mn 5 rgi W' ' i,,i5,,W24 lst Row: Dr. Ed Foxg Dr. Nils Pehrsong Dr. Doug Young. Zncl Row: Dr. Allen Rozzellg Dr. Glenn Baker. IIBS TE TI! I I 'S dc G YN E I ,VIL 011 Y Dr. Robert Geyer, Chief Resiclentg Dr, Mike Davisg Dr. Raymond josephg Dr. A. T. Minetreeg Dr. Joseph Bennett. lst Row: Dr. Ken Petrig Dr. Harry Jones, Res. Inst.g Dr, Eva Dodge, Dr. Willis Browng Dr. John Nettlesg Dr. Phil Thom- son, Res. Inst.g Dr. Deno Pappas. Znd Row: Dr. Paul Thompsong Dr. Patrick Redding Dr. Ben Hayesg Dr. Mose Smith, IIIg Dr. John Wingertg Dr. james Haglerg Dr. Wayne Workman. A s l f T 2 R , 2 i 5 l f l 2 fs V 555 1 V B f 1 iijgggg li log g A 3 E ' 4 4 L Q f -4 . R ,.., ,f M j, ' D E i 5 . Q 2 .- N . Q i - K .,m1i:f, - , t ,- gg Q N x l . ,- 4, .,.,- E, ,. N - -- .J :ly ,.. . --E-- .: , I 1. xx .,- ,E I X I. , A :tl .fig ,,- .1 .V K L wi. Ei.-.5 . as E., ., . , f , I W s t, ., - is S. i . . I we ,.-:f1::s,..j'... 6 . '-gfsg "-2: L ' .:. 'N ,I " A I ff ,F F t X "qi 5 is R ' 1 ol A ' " :Jw-if ' Uv ' '- A - ri 114' I" ,.. 5' 'i . f if M' ' .ar ' 1 l -- i xg iw gigm v .iammmx Qiixam qw ix ni lens limi -ww 4 1 . A HUUSE STAFF 1960-61 SURGER Y From Row: Dr. Norman Westerman, Dr. Robert Knapp, Dr. Thomas Fletcher, Dr. Jerome Landy, Dr. James Growden, Dr. Cecil Shafer, Dr. Dana Street, Dr. Merril Grayson, Dr. Masauki Hara, Dr. Ben Lincoln. Back Row: Dr. Joe Bailey, Dr. Ronald Bracken, Dr. Walter Bass, Dr. Don Manley, Dr. Richard Adler, Dr. Ronald Lewis, Dr. James Galyon, Dr. Verla McAnelly, Dr. Peter Irwin, Dr. Carol Eason, Dr. L. A. Martin, Dr. Larry Wears, Dr. George Valentine, Dr. R. R. Duck- worth, Dr. Raymond Browning, Dr. J. J. Magic, Dr. Robert Bransford, lRes. Instj, Dr. Charles Farmer, Dr. Charles Barnes QRes. Instj. RlI1l'lTINll ANI! GEIVEIIAL PILICTICE mW4l'Vlln-lg, 1, MH' V V fg 5 I a i! Dr. Milton Cardwell QRotatingJ, Dr. john Joyce lRotatingJ, Dr. Ralph Bentley fGeneral Pracricel. Page 42 l CLASS 0F 196, l f' tx. ' 'K fi " I Q '. a x' .4 -J 1 id Ns "l:l llfl A116525 !"'hN- '6 H-,gs-Ms! auf: u ...N il kg :I-.: 15?7ff7 I K ' Pl' 'I pf ji, E- IIIQ In . 1 p- 'il ... -15,1 1, W ln-qu, l fr 'X Y' . his Q X'-f 4 ,r 7 n Ur PBX: Fw ' f.-if M N. l 1 Q I -DARDEA i 3 , v X E Q u.-""P---. 1 fi! iii -.e E .f .xgri-5.78 Q , -. X ..,.. . 'fl WS". ' gg.:-J RESET "' ' ' ' e.,-ml.,, 75,4 I L 1:2 V 1 ,H-iz .Qu J- 4'-' gm :wifes - - ..v --If 1 .HEI-. 9 gh., , .,- 45. "-I W Mfr! Ln. yi 14" .Mil sm I wil' 1' .VI ""'l ' M v '-. Y lr ftgpil 591' 7:52 :J N - u .J 51'-3 if-if fa: CE- .- -if avi: "El U 2:51, 'U f 1 , -. ""f fjgdgv I:-:1 15 nl Vg' 4,1 f' V' ?f1ggaf.v',g. ,i my '41, .1 "rv"-5' H' O ' nl ' f 'ns pl mi, l yt 'eil 4 , ' s--' "' J H, 1 - .5 .' x as as - iiiewx .LH 1. 116.5 "-. ,.. 1 vl .gum 45- 1? 1. .xr-ya-, .ga JA :f:IY5. .J .ff Z .wil . -47 1- 'cum 'Ju ery -1 Y if ll 'Y . , H -. . lwzi 251' K' ig fini '11 A ' ."lL.:1' 'gvg' ' " - TLE1- ' " Gi f MA-..- - X.. Hs, '-r 4151" ,Q -,lfiymai , .'-'sg H177-' ffii. 5 fig' :-W! .5 pff3'w.ZiQ',' 55 EJ 1 -'."'-' -5:52 ' , ' . -rf ., J '- I SENIOR IN T ERNSIIIP APPOIN T MEN TS James S, Adamson ,,,,,,,,.,,,..........,. University of Arkansas, James D. Armstrong Betty Sue Ball ,,,,,,4. William R. Beaty .... John E. Bell ...,,.a,, Robert B. Benafield N, Sam W. Boellner .,.. Don G. Browning tc, Jack P. Burge ,,,,, Homer A. Caruso - Don S. Chambers ,.,. William C. Chandler George R. Cole ..... Robert R. Cole ,-. Edward J. Cooper , Asa A. Crow -U Judson L. Crow ..., L. Richard Darden ,- Donald F. Duff tc, Norman L. Dykes L James H. Epps ..., Walter A. Ford --- William G. Fowler - Lacy P. Frasier ........ Charles E. Frankum W, Jack R. Gardner ,,,,, Jacob L. Golding --- Kyle B. Hamm sae. John C. Hammeke -- Charles H. Harris Donald R. Harris W. Turner Harris Willie R. Harris cc Jack W. Harrison ,V Roy E. Harrison ,,,, William F. Hayden D.... William R. Henderson ....,,,,..,, tk, Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Okla., Medicine Rotating ,-,,,,,, St. Vincent Infirmary, Little Rock, Rotating -,- Robt. B. Green Hosp., San Antonio, Tex., ,t,,,--------,, University of Arkansas, t---,--------- Ark. Baptist, Little Rock, M- University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, scscsnncsc U.S. Army, Ft. Benning, Ga., WW Parkland Memorial Hosp., Dallas, Tex. Rotating Rotating Rotating Pediatrics Rotating Rotating ..-. .,..... Riverside Hosp., Toledo, Ohioi Rotating t-,---,,,,..- Toledo Hosp., Toledo, Ohio, Lakeland Hosp., Lakeland, Fla., Rotating Rotating University of Arkansas, Obstetrics Bt Gynecology .- .............. University of Arkansas, Pathology ces- ,-,-,- Ark. Baptist, Little Rock ------- University of Arkansas, cs, ,,t,.... Toledo Hosp, Toledo, Ohio, ,,,,,,,e,, Riverside Hosp., Toledo, Ohio, -.. .........s,sst. U. S. Navy, Pensacola, Fla., Menorah Medical Center, Kansas City, Mo. 7 Pontiac General, Pontiac, Michi an, --------- Hermann Hosp., Houston, '1sex. 1 ---- St. Vincent's Hospital, Cleveland, O., -------,----- University of Arkansas, edt, Baptist Hosp., Memphis, Tenn., ,Ut St. Vincent Infirmary, Little Rock, ,W Mt. Sinai Hosp., Milwaukee, Wisc., -cccvtttu University of Arkansas, -W St. Vincent Infirmary, Little Rock, tt-- U. S. Army, Ft. Benning, Ga., D-- U.S. Air Force, El Paso, Tex., Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Medicine Rotating Rotating Rotating ,cttw University of Arkansas, General Practice ,cc University of Arkansas, General Practice ---eq University of Arkansas, General Practice ,W Sr. Vincent Infirmary, Little Rock, ---..--- St. Vincent Infirmary, Little Rock, Baptist Memorial, Memphis, Tenn., A. Steve Hill ssss . ss.. .... P arkland Memorial Hosp., Dallas, Tex., Robert L. Hill -..--,, George R. Hunter - Walter L. Jacobs -- Eugene A. Joseph --e Jimmie M. Lawrence Jerry-A. Leazure , Morris S. Leavy --- C. Jerry Little ,... Pat Livingston --, V-, Clawrence R. Lovell ,,,, J. Horner Lyford Y... George E. Malone ,,,,, James L. Maupin ,-.. -W Donald H. McClanahan L. B. McDaniels ,... James G. McKenzie --- Benjamin L. Newbern ,- Dalton E. Packmore James D. Rankin ,v.. ,--,,,,,,,,,M,,, University of Arkansas, Wssstasc--- Baylor Hosp., Dallas, Tex., tc, Good Samaritan Hosp., Phoenix, Ariz., , t,,,, St. Vincent- Infirmary, Little Rock, tk, Hillcrest Med. Center, Tulsa, Okla., --------,c,,,...e Ark. Baptist, Little Rock, U.S. Army, Ft. Knox, Menorah Med. Center, Kansas City, KV-, Mo., Ark. Baptist, Little Rock -c-. St. Vincent Infirmary, Little Rock: --- Hillcrest Med, Center, Tulsa, Okla. W- Hillcrest Med. Center, Tulsa, --,-,-,--- Ark. Baptist, Little -M St. Mary's Hosp., Tucson, Ariz. -,,,,,,- Toledo Hosp., Toledo, Ohioi Rock, -c-..- St. Vincent Infirmary, Little cc- University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Oklai Rock, Rotating Rotating Rotating Medicine Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Rotating Medicine - - -- - can e - - - University of Arkansas, Pathology - - at L University of Arkansas, General Practice lvhn F- Riddle ---- ....-,,... A rk. Baptist, Little Rock, Rotating Gene Dv Ring ---- -e.......-- A rk. Baptist, Little Rock, Rotating James M. Sims c-, a,,,, U. S. Air Force, San Antonio, Tex., Rotating A- Mads Smith we s-.-...-.---...c, Ark. Baptist, Little Rock, Rotating Buddy L- Smith ---, W- Baptist Hosp., Jackson, Miss., Rotating R. Barry Sorrells --t ,,,, U. S. Public Health Service, Boston, Mass., Rotating Fred A- SP6l1C0r --.. U .S. Navy, Pensacola, Fla., Rotating W0rfhi0 R. Springer .......-..c,,-.. Pontiac General, Pontiac, Mich., Rotating Lloyd W. Stetzer ..,, WW- U.S. Public Health Service, New Orleans, La., Rotating Don L. Stone , ccc.. U.S. Air Force, Walter Reed Hosp., Washington, Rotating K. Stephens Taylor .,,A,,,w,,,.,,,,,. W. Ragon Thompson John W. Trieschmann Thomas W. Trussell J. Alvin Vaughan ,.v.. Don L, Viner ..,...,t Lloyd R. Watford ..,, C. Fletcher Watson ,,,, Billy N. Watkins --t G. Doyne Williams U, Edwin Whiteside .,,, Joseph T. Wilson ,,,,, J. Leonard Winfield ,V Turner A. Wood ,,,, Sydney Davenport ec University of Arkansas, General Practice Bernalillo Co. Hosp., Albuquerque, N.M., Rotating ,,,,,,,- University of Kansas, Kansas City, Rotating , ccccc University of Arkansas, General Practice -t,,a,L U.S. Navy, Bethesda, Md., Rotating e,---------- Ark. Baptist, Little Rock, Rotating . ,s,,e,.s...,, University of Arkansas, U.S. Air Force, San Antonio, Tex., SS---Confederate Memorial Shreve ort L -- , P , as ,----- Duke University, Durham, N.C., H- U.S. Air Force, San Antonio, Tex., ccwccdccccc- University of Arkansas, Ped iatric: Rotating Rotating Medicine Rotating Medicine -,-,-,- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Rotating Parkland Memorial, Dallas, Tex., Bernalillo Co. Hosp., Albuquerque, N.M., Medicine Rotating A SENIOR CLASS 0FFICERS STEPHENS TAYLOR Vice-Presid ent cxqe 45 ASA A. CROW President C. JERRY LITTLE Secretary-Treasurer If NX -5 ' woms ' REATEST ' JAMES s. ADAMSON, JR. SHUFF LE - Liccle Rock BOARD I QLBYE ' N I x 5 , JAMES D. ARMSTRONG 'J' 4 3 Little Rock """"-""""l"1 H' BETTY SUE BALL Lirrle Rock Page 45 is 34 5, ll b mvrvvvv. ii Wy, p I 1 X WILLIAM R. BEATY Emmet JOHN E. BELL Camden. Jfif' ' - 'zigia 1 X, , mg, VX . . ' f If .4. S...- IU? Li--up t V57 ml A ROBERT B. BENAFIELD 5 , V Lonoke ,. , r ff ,L " Nui Page 47 'T SAM W. BOELLNER Arkadelphia DON G. BROWNING 6 kG3' ,f A 31 4 , ' 1' xi X LQ Q X ,UQ 4 "iff m ,, ki 'VW W 'WW gb Hope JOHN P. UACKH BURGE Lake Village Page 48 ' I 3 l I AIN '2- ug '-dk HOMER A. CARUSO Little Rock DON S CHAMBERS Mountain Home WILLIAM C. CHANDLER Ward Page 49 Nqr' L 1 X. ft- IIJYVI 1 'K W. fri 5 1. 'll xx 5 1 - " N E ff X ' F , ' . I . 449, ,s, .pf 'fo' 'L X .,o,-.-E N., 5,4 j ,U 4515535 , 6 L, ,z '.:5.1..v lf' .N 3 ' 2555532513 Hifi," GEORGE R, COLE Hip? '11-f,g.'-1 4 'u ' I Fayetteville TSI, wil' '-nl. ul!! Z: 'FQIQ b SET? ' 0 i-15555 :Tay ?.'u":'l 5 "".'-" 'Swim 559' ' QM " ROBERT R. COLE Walnut Ridge SOOOIIEEEE! 'N-If .. 1 5513 12 11 'P Qfffrfiiil ' 1' His 1-M HR EDWARPIILSLSOOPER A.k L E 15, Rf "' fi 'vg Page 50 4 4 L 5. f af ' , W- JL- ff' , ii .- 3.225-..,, ' -:X .., ..-0.1: TW!! "1.Fh .- ,-,, Hi, 1 'f"l'f1L .,:.:.:3 .gab- E , ' ' iff av-0, if 1 1 S ' ':f"f5'aeiW-"Wig Emi- " '.. ll Can-you tell us a few of the dangers of obesity, Mr. Crow? Ja--u-.. ASA A. CROW Jonesboro ? x . , U j ' 'bf Y JUDSON L. CROW Little Rock A X ungle ay L. RICHARD DARDEN Camden Page 51 DONALD F. DUFF Lirrle Rock 6 Q.. 1' ' A , f v NORMAN L. DYKES S Searcy 1 What, ME worry? K 7 x .li ,,. X , .ei . JAMES 1-I, Epps Woodsm Page 52 W 1' L "' X, X , '- if 5133 5-.135 if WALTER A. FORD 5 Hot Springs -- . ?: 351' W Q Using my locker is OK., Ford, but is this your under- shirt or mine? Pu. WILLIAM G, FOWLER Carlisle LACY P. FRAISER Little Rock Page 53 ,Q-5 1 r i Q? 0 Ist ' i -A A o ' 6 V 'in 6 5 1 Ahhh, I ought to get a good culture out of this. . 1 f mains CHARLES E. FRANKUM Blytheville JACK R. GARDNER Wyme JACOB L. GOLDING Fort Smith Page 54 r It's not much, but it's home KYLE B. HAMM Clarksville 'SKF ii JOHN C. HAMMEKE Little Rock CHARLES H. HARRIS Pine Bluff There's one disadvantage to .these sports Page 55 CSIS. IL-cf 'X if my 'V 'S 1 4 24' I DONALD R. HARRIS Lewisville W. TURNER HARRIS Benton WILLIE R. HARRIS Augusta Page 56 f fi' : O -gr x r" 5 K 1 Q Q52 1 - Paleface, go home! S ,r df ,X 1 I l IL, ,, , . W3 ,,, Q v W, E .if 185 You never become President by staying in clinic. JACK W. HARRISON Little Rock X Emu " 3 it S2351 33: ROY E. HARRISON Ozark 5? f, ., wx 'fr WILLIAM F. HAYDEN Conway Page 57 . P A... Q S l :H-5 - 'W . c-5 F3 'x A 0 'f'7s. Q. i ' :Y 'xl if :: J I' J 1 "Q Kei bjfgss 7" H O 4 I K JH U N ,- E . ., Y ' ' 'S 4 P' I 1 ! D 'N C' ' ' 'K -CX FQ-pw R-Jr-P5 G There are some hdvantages ro choosing a good preceptorship. me 'M I 2' 11 55 W' ff GEORGE R. HUNTER Texarkana 01" WALTER L. JACOBS, JR. Stuttgart EUGENE A. JOSEPH Helerxa Page 59 551 Sf .Q ' Q , ,V wr,- in " 51. flxrix f if-iiswi sf rflwii' Q. KAAJ A il - 31 v W "if-43' J, K " ,W Q T- W N' vi gm.. .,,. V -- 5,-ff' ,Y ggi 5' 'I' , A .. V, A J K in J 1 . Ph I' 1 I'r v zu. V? 1 9 si ' ,V Q W cl ,wmv . V lv. X A 'Til 'we' ' ' ,. 'snr JIMMY M. LAWRENCE El Dorado JERRY A. LEAZURE Fort Smith MORRIS S. LEVY North Little Rock Page 60 I 2 1 ' C. JERRY LITTLE ' ' ' Hughes og,- Q' 'Q 0 'six if qfxk' R "' N R Ga ff, . I . 0 1 + fl, K s- g ? I E. '-'fx f 1 -1-S' A 1 c09DCQ93 LED? Why sure, jack, I know how to handle a boat. ' a .- ,Nr in 9 1 N -f -T ,- PAT LIVINGSTON Hot Springs CLAWRENCE R. LOVELL 1 wma DeQueen N Page 61 rg.-3 .v JOE HOHNER LYFORD Conway ,--.,. V' L .-Q -1' .11 .J-d' GEORGE E. MALONE Russellville l l I h Ma i 1 A f' """ ' YW JAMES L. MAUPIN Mun .J Pine Bluff Page 62 I ought to final something on the Security Police in here. 'hifi ,f DONALD H. MCCLANAHAN Gillett L B MCDANIELS Lmcoln B -wwf' lug JAMES G. MCKENZIE Smackover Page 63 'P '.,. I '.:',v 9 - .mr Y S. 49- V BENJAMIN L. NEWBERN ,A'A N , ' Hope fx-: . A . X GX S x age DALTON E. PACKMORE North Lirrle Rock 'va JAMES D. RANKIN Driver Page 64 The only beau to c-vcr c to med school, 1 JOHN F. RIDDLE Fayetteville GENE D. RING Morrilton .W ls: JAMES M. SIMS Beebe Page 65 iw ARTHUR MACK SMITH Pans BUDDY L. SMITH DeQueen :pm sei, ' xv Q MW, ,. S, ,N ss' if 352 ' R. BARRY SORRELLS Lirrle Rock F , 'V I Aiilllfwfvsfi-' - :H-:ii HH fsifff ."f:1- 1 '31, Q .v:f.,:1 mg, :v.g ',4,.:'v - --: --af - :4 'Tw -Irv F '- 1-' 0 Z "-1.g.ff,: ,, I 'v .f L- Zi: Page 66 '11:f:g,,f, :- - 2, E gg ' g "Psssr, Buddy, I've got a good deal here." g FRED A SPENCER Little Rock WORTHIE R. SPRINGER Lirrle Rock 'R' LLOYD W. STETZER Jonesboro Page 67 XA 'H I 1 5 DON L. STONE McGahee I A ,fl 6 '5'.l K. STEPHENS TAYLOR Fayetteville W. RAGON THOMPSON Clarksville Page 68 L 'ul N l,ITl . ,ER 1 W ,Mag if "My pressure should come down when my paymen ts come clown." W 'f-- ' JOHN W. TRIESCHMANN Little Rock THOMAS W. TRUSSELL X Fordyce ew in JOHN ALVIN VAUGHAN Malvern Page 69 Q? .nf M .Lvl DON L. VIN ER Hardy LLOYD R. WARFORD ,Q-GIF 4UN W-Q. Malvern W- I '-F ' I 1 ..: YEYW' A , , I 'L C. FLETCHER WATSON, x JR 4 ' Lirrle Rock Page 70 1.1 , x U .-. WR 0,1 X, P .I 51 K 3. I know what the dosage IS for PEO PLE but Li-i KT BILLY N. WATKINS Brookhaven, Miss. G DOYNE WILLIAMS El Dorado 141 ll?" EDWIN WHITESIDE Sxloam Sprmgs ann--q w Hi Page 71 'in JOSEPH T. WILSON, JR. Pocahontas 55 N35 li" .. .,, -M' J. LEONARD XWINFIELD Booneville TURNER A. WOOD North Little Rock Page 72 X CLA SS 0F 1962 'DARDEN Bill Kistler President J DWI 0B CLASS 0FFICEIlS Ted Ashcraft Secretary Vf James Tinnell Treasurer Aubrey Worrell Vire-President W. FRANK ARMBRUST Lirrle Rock TED E. ASHCRAFT Little Rock MARSDEN R. AVERY, JR. Lake Village JOHNSON BAKER Magnolia RONALD L. BALDWIN Waldo WILLIAM B. BISHOP Fort Smith l J. WAYNE BUCKLEY Pine Bluff JIMMY D. BUSSEY Lewisville CALVIN R. CASSADY Murfreesboro WILLIAM W. CHILDS Little Rock JACOB T. CROSS North Little Rock OTHEL LEO' DAVENPORT Heavener, Oklahoma JAMES H. DAVIS North Little Rock CHARLES H. DICKEN Monticello JACK EDMISTEN Huntsville 366 '29 JERRY M. FRANKUM, JR. Blytlleville MARION C. GLASGOW Rector JAMES D. HARBISON Hamburg JAMES E. HARRELL El Dorado SUZANNE BROWN HENRY Little Rock JERRY C. HOLTON Little Rock KING Y. LEE Dumas DONALD R. LEWIS Camden RODGER P. LEWIS Nashville ELEANOR A. LIPSMEYER Little Rock ROBERT L. MACK Lircle Rock JAMES C. MACLAUGHLIN Joplin, Missouri GEORGE B. HOWELL Pollard CHARLES R. HUDDLESTON Batesville 1. JEFF JOHNSON Little Rock DWAYNE D. JONES West Helena ROBIN R. JONES Lirrle Rock JAMES G. KINLEY Beebe BILL G. KISTLER Rogers JAMES F. KYSER Camden J. LARRY LAWSON Conway f"TA'W W ,, . sw my . LARRY E. MAHON Jonesboro ROBERT H. MCCOLLUM Little Rock ROBERT N. MCGREW Little Rock GENE M. MCNABB Little Rock CHARLES L. MILLER North Little Rock LAWRENCE Y. MOREHEAD Little Rock JERRY L. MUSE Piggott CARL W. NASH Arlcaclelphia P. CHARLES NORDLIN GER Little Rock if fl 315- CHARLES S, NORTHUM Fort Smith WARREN M. PARKER, JR. DeValls Bluff JOHN W. PATTON, III Lewisville JAMES A. PRICE Marked Tree GEORGE P. QUEEN Hot Springs CHARLES R. RAYBURN, JR. North Little Rock EUGENE H. TAYLOR Arlcadelphia JERRY L, THOMAS Batesville JOSEPH T. WALLS Blytheville WILLIAM L. WINTERS Nettleton AUBREY M. WORRELL, JR. Jacksonville HOSEA YOUNG Marianna DEWEY K. RI-IEA Summers JACK L. ROYAL Lonoke DOROTHY C. SAMPLE El Dorado KARL F. SAUER Mena PAUL E. SAUER Mena BOB G. SMlfI'l'l Imboden CHARLES V. SNIDER El Dorado CAREY V. STABLER Little Rock JAMES M. STALKER Batesville CLASS 0F 1963 iff in 'Damned Neal A. Robinson Prexident SOPHOMORE CLASS HFFICERS 3. jon Sewell Vice-President Lillian Blackman Secretary Larry Brashears Treaxu rer ROBERT B. ADAMS, JR. Morrilton JAMES A. ADRIAN North Little Rock THOMAS ALSTON Bald Knob JAMES I. BALCI-I Huff JACK P. BALDWIN Search LILLIAN BLACKMON Arkadelphia FREDERICK M. BRANDON Little Rock LARRY B. BRASHEARS Malvern DALE E. BRIGGS Little Rock WILLARD G. BURKS Monticello FRANK M. BURNS North Little Rock li g I SAWRDN Nngur Robnlsofl AuDnToRluM t ,,-. l 1 lQR0llP REGRESSIBN X. Dmbw ...dag CHARLES F. CALE Little Rock KELSY J. CAPLINGER Fordyce J. DAVID CARRICO Little Rock W. JERRY CARTER Little Rock JESSE O. CAVENAR, JR. Batesville VVILLIAM P. COLEMAN North Little Rock l l 0 W- , ROBERT M. FRANKLIN Magnolia CHARLES H. HARGER Fort Smith MARGARET A. HARRISON Mabelville VICTOR L. HARVILLE, JR. DeQueen WALTER D. HAYNES Fort Smith BASIL E. HENDRIXON Judsonia A FRITZ L. CONNOR North Little Rock TERRY R. DAVIS Camden ANDREW DEAK Fayetteville JOHN S. DUNCAN Hot Springs JAMES R. EUBANKS, JR. Fort Smith BRANCH T. FIELDS, JR. North Little Rock F ii P I JOSEPH E. HUGHES Walnut Ridge DAVID K. ISAACS Manila JERRY G. JONES Little Rock JOHN K. KAGY Van Buren J. MICHAEL KELLY Little Rock CARL M. KENDRICK Lowell fa Al-L ROBERT L. KERR Dermott PAUL W. LECKY, JR. El Dorado EARL LITTLETON Newport BILLY BRANDON LIVINGSTON Camden RICHARD K. LOVELI.. Paris JOHN R. MARTIN Dewitt 'xml' JAMES OATES Little Rock WILLIAM OXN ER Lexa H. JOHN PARTA Conway CLYDE D. PAULK Conway I HOYTE R. PYLE, JR. Little Rock KENNETH D. RAGAN Lircle Rock sf' RICHARD O, MARTIN Blytheville CHARLES A. MCKNIGHT Parkin GARY N. MEEK Hot Springs RAYMOND P. MILLER Cotton Plant J. MALCOLM MOORE Arkadelphia JOHN I. MOOSE Morrilron if Q' JOHN F. REDMAN Fort Smith CHARLES W. ROBERTS Fayetteville WILLIAM ROBERTS Waldron NEAL A. ROBINSON Rogers JAMES E. ROWE Jonesboro JON C. SEWELL Springdale WWW will i l fi' l . . ic? I A I loooboboiobeooooooo Gunn: Quan: - nlflim-all we mu. AA-vl?lkull.a lmivmlnnl B5 A camvldm lnall ui Bella nrlzfgdlc le g A ? or QS QR SV alla Jilw enl- . .. m g - Sit 15, 2+ li m en. -4 3 ' nm bftS..d1 Q1l.x.t, .., M 1' Rt-Um Ll! U LAC!! QM K IK Blau .K een-kul 4 kwa. ovmel mek me at this wdxml . 4 . pau-aan-xv 1' tu won ouilmel 3.51-u was l ,X e-Jun. vs mu nf il,-4 qs", Q..-1 mls , bum nd l-:Mala 'Wfa " J U en. .v .mlm J, . if-Z.. :..+. ,Wg u-AA-ri me-Mx S H- is s 1.313 l i hu me ...mllnu tx., li ALFRED L. SHORT Little Rock ORMAN W. SIMMONS North Little Rock DOUGLAS B. SMITH Little Rock JOE E. SMITH Little Rock DON M. SPIVEY Little Rock WILLIAM Y. SPRINGER Little Rock - 4 , . .Q Ll T. ,1-,P , . 1 hi BETSY WALLOCH Little Rock JOHN C. WICKS Helena GARY WILLIAMSON Hot Springs LEWIS R. WILLMUTH Little Rock MARY C. WILSON Pine Bluff RALPH S. WILSON El Dorado J -Q' DANNY B. STEPHENS Fort Smith GEORGE D. TAYLOR Sparlcman PHILLIP R. THOMASON North Little Rock WILLIAM I. WADE, JR. Little Rock JACK WAGONER Little Rock LAWRENCE G. WALKER Hope Thx CLASS 0F 1964 .DQRDEN CLASS UFFICERS Henry H. Kirby, I Vice-President ff' Mary Skm T sooo NEWS mom- mv cur we mscno une nr 35- so an GET T0 so T9 m , esom RFTER ALL WEB 1, in if 1.13-.fffffzfliig , , 351.h..--r" ' -1. - -. -1:-"f7lJ W' 5 '11 1 IU JMX -- , ..,,. y.,gw.y M-.ulgy 4 ,nl.'. V 5.5" FEEL if I iff- 1. 'PQM' qrsl' ..-.A ' , . rziigf, fm .we--Az!" 11:2 -- u N, HJ!! . eta , .. . x , ...Mr L::':lS.... 1 .. --.,. 1 'Dnaum RICHARD ROY ACLIN Hot Springs CURTIS RICHARD BAKER El Dorado EDWIN N, BARRON, JR Lirrle Rock THOMAS KEITH BEENE Hughes ROBERT AYLMER BELL Pine Bluff MARY JANE BERRY Mena JAMES TRUETT BLACKMON Arlcadelphia WILLIAM F. BLANKENSHIP North Little Rock RONALD HENRY BOYLE Clarendon Qgf, 'Z-P j y ' In 3 , 1 lla Y 7 Az 'sin-. 3 refs ai 'G .Z , . 1. , I f""'H I R ' , 935, I f ,V LY --,, ' M- x Q ,I 'nw 'Yr-57' f'?lFY.Wv 1 , lf ' , L-Eff , s-, BILL FRANK CALVERT England MILBURN LOWELL CARRITHERS North Little Rock CARLTON CHAMBERS Shreveport, La. ARTHUR BROWN COEN, JR. Pine Bluff RONALD WILLIAM COLE Marianna WAYNE B. CUSHING Mena .J 1. F -fx . if -1 ,lil 'NJ- "IIT, xg., 'E Gr'- DON GARTMAN Fort Smith SAMUEL L. GASTON Harrison WALTER L. GEYER Mena EDWIN L. HARPER Hot Springs HENRY M. HAWKINS, JR. North Little Rock MAX G. HAYNES .Blytheville PW "' 'Q g I f .1 f , . ,L ' fy li -mf A agp I iz HENRY L. DILLON Little Rock JACK T. DOBSON Lonolce RICHARD J. DOUTHART Little Rock CLIFFORD L. EVANS Little Rock ROBERT D. FINCH Fort Smith ROBERT M. FINCH Marked Tree WILLIAM F. FOSTER England WESLEY N. FREEMYER Little Rock JAMES S. GARRISON, JR. North Little Rock 4.43.5 agar 'ff J 'bf : ' WILLIAM T. HERRING Jonesboro ROBERT J. HUDSON Licrle Rock WILLIAM E. JACKSON Mulberry JOHN M. JOHNSON Monticello BETTY LEE KELLY Sheridan HUBER F. KENNEDY England HENRY HODGEN KIRBY, JR. Lirrle Rock HENRY HUDSON KIRBY Harrison PATRICK L. KNIGHT Lirrle Rock K ki se? .0 V LW 533 iiess ge . -1 . 1 I fi .. f , 1 'f . .:. I Q ak N w i ' 'A A 12. or f 'I ' 11 5 ,JI I 3 NW A' 4 Fab I I if W., 'fm' .. 1 il -of :US W 552' A ffm .sszsgtgm ,QM , Q ,..f. , .7 x..4 jg THOMAS T. LASLEY Conway JAMES L. LOWRY Hamburg H. WILLIAM LUPLOW Parkin GEORGE A. MCCRARY Nashville RAYMOND L. MARECEK North Little Rock FORREST BERNIE MILLER Carlisle B of -ff fs- 5 ALICE ANNE O'DONELL Gi-iffithville MERLYN B. PAGE Fayetteville WILLIAM F. PFEIFER Fayetteville LARRY W. PIEBENGA Springdale ALLAN S. PIRNIQUE Little Rock NORTON A. POPE Camden vi!!! HARRY D. MOORE Springdale JOHN H. MOORE El Dorado MAX E. MOORE North Little Rock BRUCE E. MOORMAN Gurdon ROSS M. MORRISS Little Rock DAVID A. MULKEY Fayetteville LOUIS R. MUNOS Little Rock PATRICIA ANN MURPHY Magnolia DOANE M. NEWTON Stuttgart JIM CHARLES PORTER Benton PHILIP C. POTTER Little Rock BURTON W. RENAGER West Memphis N ATHANIEL R. ROBERTSON Little Rock ELIZABETH SUE ROSS Gurdon DREXEL O. ROWLAND Little Rock HARRY N. SCOTT Little Rock R. CARROLL SETLIFF, III Magnolia MARVIN H. SI'I'EPI-'ARD Russellville 5-M V. .,.. Q, 1 , V' -n 5 Q . , - . , 'ji -Ye 5 . U ,. Q 1 r' E X J Q l , I CHARLES BOB SIMPSON Waldron JAMES A. SIMPSON North Little Rock MARY DELL SKINNER Mena JOHN T. SMITH' Little Rock ' THOMAS W. SMITH Conway PI-ULLIP A. SNODGRASS Little Rock 5 ,j V ,-'rr .W 115511 . fr fu, , 'N I ,- asv ' vm QP F? I rf! 'ffvvwusr-ff 'S ' ' ' WW I X I pq rm rw . ..Q , V.1:Eg, JOHN L. WILSON Liccle Rock HARRY D. WORD Rison JACK S. YOUNG, III Texarkana TIMOTHY YOUNG, JR. DeWitt Page S4 -zz' JOEL F. SPRAGINS Batesville JERRY R. STEWART Benton DONALD F. THOMPSON North Little Rock LESLIE L. TURK Magnolia ROY E. VANDERPOOL Searcy CHARLES H, WEBER Magnolia JAMES B. WEEDMAN El Dorado TOMMY D. WHITING Giller: PAUL W. WIKE El Dorado 'IQ hu..Qs.'b WK' N451 MEDICAL SCIIO0L 0RGANIZATIONS NI QW HIRE A 3 T 'DQRDEN STUDENT BODY 0FFICERS MT. fi i L, 3 jack W. Harrison President Robert R. Cole Serrelary , an NJ. Page 96 9 Lester R. Darden Vice-President Jake L. Golding Treasurer ASSOCIA TED STUDENT COUNCIL Jake Golding Prefident Medicine 13995 P0f1f1Cl5 Yvonne Robinson Vice-Prerza' ent Secretary Pharmacy Nm-sing Jack Harrison Medicine Richard Darden Robert Cole Medicine Medicine Ruth Mary Johnson Nursing Billy Groves Pharmacy .MIM ' ,. i ' - Mid I er: , FI Jigr2'f11f11 'A ' ly ' ,.-.:.-4':'i!l" fgjwl if if ,gi f' ' rf? . -4 2 'V ,r E Mary Jane Canady Anna Claire Meeks Nursing Nursing Don Hall Bob Foiles Pharmacy Pharmacy ALPHA UMEGA ALPHA IIONORAR Y F RA T ERNI T Y joseph T. Wilson ST UDEIVT AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIA1YON HFFICERS Jack R. Gardner Larry Lawson President Vice-Prcxident W'ood 'iff A F. Dodge, Sponsor Betty Ball Mary jane Berry Lillian Blaclcmon Margaret Harrison O . I Suzanne Henry Betty Lee Kelly Eleanor Lipsmeyer MERICAN MEDICAL WOMEN'S ASSOCIA T ION EVA F. DUDGE JUNIOR BRANCH - ' 1 - Patsy Livingston Patricia Ann Murphy Alice Anne O'Donnell Sue Ross D0l'0fhY S3mPl9 Mary Slcinner Betsy Walloch Nlary Wilson PHI CHI MEDICAL FRA T ERNI TY Jacl: Gardner Prexizfent Jolm Bell Robert Benafield George Cole Edward Asn Crow Donald Duff Charles Franlcum lake Golding Kyle Charles Harris Turner Harris Willie Harris Jack Harrison William A. Steve Hill Bobby Lee Hill Jim Lawrence George Malone un Maupin Ben Nawbern John Riddle Gene Ring K. S. Taylor 'T' Trieschmann Leo Winfield Turner Wood Marsden Avery Dwayne jones King Lee Charles Miller jack Royal Bud Tinnell pl' e -"V-V Y, 5 K! W 4. K I 4 ' v A I V.-A .A SCHO0L 0F NURSING svrvicv to man- kind is tho pri- lnary functinn of nursvs and the rvason for the oxistoncv of lhv nursing profess- ion- froln ilu' inlvr- national code of nursing vlhics Faculty Miss Ona Ziehli has been Professor of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing at the Med- ical Center for the past three years. Prior to this, she was a counselor at the University of Minnesota. She received her B.S.P.H.N. from the University of Wisconsin and her M.Ed. from the University of Min- nesota, This year she has served as an advisor of the SNA, is a member of the ANA, NLN, and is a director of an under- graduate training grant in Men- tal Health Psychiatric Nursing. Doctor Frances M. Russell, newly ap- pointed Dean of the School of Nursing, came to the Medical Center in july, 1960, from the University of North Carolina where she was a graduate student from 195760 completing worlc on her Ph.D. She attended Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and was assistant professor of Nursing at Medical College of Vir- ginia. In addition to her Ph. D., Dean Russell holds B.A., B.S., M.S., and 'M.A., degrees. She has done research on a study of graduate programs for graduate nurses. Dean Russell is a member of the ANA, NLN, and Sigma Theta Tau. Miss Elizabeth O'Connell, a member of the faculty for four years, is Professor of Mater- nal and Child Health Nursing. She attended Washington Uni- versity School of Nursing, and Columbia University earning her B.S.N., and M.S.N. de- grees. Prior to coming to the Medical Center, she was di- rector of Nurses, St. Louis Children's Hospital and Instruc- tor in Pediatric Nursing, Wash- ington University School of Nursing. Virginia Stafford Secretary Shirley Cutting Clerk Typist Page 104 Lynn Robinson Administrative Secretary to Dean Pat Rout Secretary Mrs. Claudia B. Watson, Assistant Professor of Medi- cal and Surgical Nursing, join- ed the faculty in 1960. She received her B.S.N. from Co- lumbia University, her MS. from Boston University, and is a member of ANA and NLN. Miss Norma Jean Long. Assistant Instructor in Medical 61 Surgical Nursing, received her B.S.N. from the University of Arkansas School of Nursing where she remained as a staff nurse for one year. Before re- turning this year, she served on the staff of Kennedy Veterans Administration Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. V-xg 'Cro-1 Mrs. Patricia Brandt, Proa fessor of Nursing, received her training at Roosevelt Hospital and her B.S. and M.S. degrees from New York University and Columbia University respective- ly, She has been associated with the University School of Nurs- ing since july, 1958, and is a member of ANA and NLN. Miss Eleanor C. Sheldon, Chief, Nursing Service and Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing received her RN from St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Ann Arbor, Michigan, her B.A. and M.A. with a certificate in Social Work from the Univer- sity of Utah. Prior to coming to the UAMC in 1954, she was Director of Nursing at Latter Day Saints Hospital, 8: Clinical Professor at several schools of nursing. She is A member of Mrs. Ila W. Steinkamp. Assistant Professor of Public Health, has come to us this year with RN., B.S.N., MS. N.Ed, and M.S,P.H, degrees. She is president of the Little Rock Business and Professional Women's Club and is a member of ANA and NLN. She was formerly Director of In-Service Education at Arkansas Baptist Hospital. Mrs. Anna G. Langstaff, Assistant Instructor in Psychi- atric Nursing, received her B.S. degree from Vanderbuilt Uni- versity School of Nursing. Mis-s Langstaff was formerly a staff nurse at the UAMC and is a member of ANA, ANA and NLN. YVONNE ROBINSON President ONA ZIEHLI Advisor ANNA CLAIRE MEEKS 0FFICERS Tre asure ' NORMA JEAN LONG Advisor RUTH MARY JOHNSON ET HER SUSAN FL C lst Vice President Znd Vice President . MARY JANE CANADAY' Secretary The first meeting of the University of Arkansas Student Nurses Asso- ciation was held in Old Main, November, 1953. Since that time, the SNA has developed into two functioning organizations, one on the main campus in Fayetteville and the other at the Medical Center in Little Rock. The main purposes of this organization are to stimulate interest and understanding in the program of the graduate professional nursing organ- ization and to provide a more unified spirit among student nurses through group activities. Page 106 WSILIQP' BECKY SEMASEK Reporter I will ll Qt la I Jun I .T Q .www '-gn, !,n,. L. 1 K ,, LL Q, lk.:,i:.ffQ-W:-lsiv 2,5 if Iam W. 'K . M , l?f-,Ps:gzif2a'fL1f' Sw 4, I N 1 N Q! ' M" f Evan 3 LUCY EUINTZIITGHAM N33 LA Q ' n '-- X N 455 f- yfj . , Ek! TOMMJE DISRNELL ,S J Q - 1, X16 4,7-v-Q-X 1 af 4 x Va N LEE DAVIS A' L' 1 R L JA KP? if W 51 1 xi . Qu KW E QQ LINIEAIDISJLIIQINS Q ij 'W fx Kffxggipmdffjjpjg A C' 5 Q In Z ALMQQEHSRRA EJ? 49 K0 ff? fx -ffxg ff W if Mhz" '4 fr NY W W fx, V ' JI gm ,Q A Q f ',. 'J V' M X X, K w ' -69' Pq 109 , ,Qi 'H q Q 'SR fi r A f X Q aff MARY K.l JACKSON fig- Ma Vern 'VX J f "Q K2 . K. AX, ,. W yy: h . ' 0 RUTH MARY JOHNSON . G J Tulsa, Oklahoma P q 110 L, I LYNDA MAXEY B ll fr f " 1 ELIZABETH PUMPHREY L l R ck 'WN Q' Avg-Q1 Ng D e GRACELNIP'Ig2HiRSHED J WQHJ Y Q . wgkf :lf 5 NN r fx FN 5-ESM-QV y fbiy es-A P 11 fi! JACQUE SANDERS Q, For: Smich 0 J LKNDS Sk xx L 'wi HCS! 'ga -A--. iz' IS t ' YVONEIE IZOBINSON ' J M JJ QX .wr "Z Z h "fx, . fa' ' QW, ug, I? E1 ,jk Q 6 REBEEC? EEYIQASEK ,fb I5 'GE' PC3112 Tx J Mm ff-M X 6-5 4 Qi fw ... L Lvl 2.1364 Q Ng si do 0 JXVL Sy 15 gw f F33 Q NM fi Y , . X Q f-E' MAROLYN SUMMERS Arkadelphia J xii!-A F-X., R 'x RUTH WAGGONER -. lp! Amnry RK 3' . Page 114 M Hiifrsl 'WE A562127 A2131-E M 'lfiiiw Hai" 1 ,. W ::5i1fA93VfYi553ff A M, '25, , P Page 115 was 1 v-' 'v'.. H ' Mb Siwagiesxl Em H2 4 ms gf. 53.5 f fs , w ife? ,MW ne? 'K 2 22fufniFi53?Q3gi?fS T 4 ' ' .- '55, . 1 gg,4,yL.1gff --w-ww' m ., L ,f+'v'kf'. . ' Az: pm- W -, iwv - 'wslkiw x ME'W,x s i 1 'Q 5 l ANNE ALLEN f 'N , ismarck 'N Qo- Q . 'Q fi "This is a normal delivery?" Z' ,g1 f JANE ADAMS Fort Smith MARY MARTHA BASS Bradley MARY JANE CANADAY Little Rock Page 116 ,-,...1 l V JACQUELINE COX North Little Rock CAROLYN DICK Fort Smith JANE KIRKLIN Lizrle Rock cXw'x Mmm x fly clidn't know-it would melt the autoclavef' BILLIE LARCI-I Licrle Rock SARAH EDWARDS Little Rock Page 117l 2?- 'vb ' D ,Jw SUSAN FLETCHER Fayetteville CAROL MEADOWS North Little Rock "Xrw fast A SUE RED Benton "What do you mean a little contaminated? inn , x x x 'H Nw fi, saw w LWB W A ANNA CLAIRE MEEKS Bauxite ff' ANNETTE TAYLOR Little Rock Page 1 18 JANE SIKES Little Rock f " xQf"FTm l- fviiit in SANDY YOUNG Parkin State SNA Officers - U of A's Sandy Young Baby Sitting State SNA Convention State SNA Talent Show A CTI VI T IES 0F President at Work Student - Faculty Picnic SNA car Wash Page 119 f-ps N mae nga 421. T'-1 mf- . 'f'ff5?4f6?WK ,. ,.,,:... .,., a'l'7T'SM'i:':n S. MM '- am S CH 001, 0F PHARMACY striving always for better health R.: O. Bachmann Regisfrar and Professor of Plvarmaceutifal Chemistry n 1 n I n n n n n n Pcqe Stanley G. Mirrelsraeclr Dean, School of Pharmacy Wilxston C. Beard, Ph. D. James E. Dusenberry, Ph. D. Pharmacy Administration Plnarmacognosy 535235 :sz sf William D. Easterly, Ph. D. T. S. Grosiclci, Ph. D. Pharmacy Page 123 Pharmacy I Marcuslw. Jordan, Ph. D. William S. Strickland, Ph. D Pharmacology Pharmacy Kornelis Walraven, Ph. D. Pharmacy Administration Page 124 l Gyneva Tiger Otto Wenk Secretary to Dean Stockroom Supervisor Judy Young if f Secrelary Time for a coke. Page 125 l V S E N f 0 R s l CLASS OFFICERS Pres. Willianl S. Dorsey V. Pres. Charles Wimberly Sec. Linda lVIcKenzie Treas. Martliii Sue Moss L. ANDERSON Little Rock l l :C E Z as l Page 126 CHARLES F. BAKER Little Rock 2 ' EDWARD M. A, BREWER Pine Bluff, Ark. im" ""' ' -tsrizig " Page 127 ,xx BILLY JACK BLACK Waldron, Ark. JACKSON D. BROGDON Spring Dale, Ark. DON H. BYRUM Hazen WALTER E. ELLIS I I N Page 128 WILLIAM S. DORSEY Sheridan VVILLIANI E. HALL Fayetteville Page LF if as J. PHIL FUTRELL Pocahantas BILLY RALPH HUNTER Monticello un ,,l V A ag 961 V JOHN W. JACKSON Conway V LINDA MCKENZIE ' Lirrle Rock Page 130 w g . HAROLD D. LEWIS Carlisle Martha Sue Moss No. Little Rock with .1 L Page 131 RICHARD L. MARSH Ft. Smith RAYMOND G. RAMSEY Little Rock JOHN BURT RAGLAND Stuttgart CLINTON B. RUSHING Pine Bluff Page 132 REUL N. ROTHWELL Pine Bluff CHARLES WIMBERLY Mena BEFORE AFTER Page 133 N W. Baker Robert E. Beard Little Wk, Ark- Sherrill, Ark. J UNIUR CLASS Jae-k L- Burson Norman Canterbury El DOFHCIO, Ark. Magnolia, Ark. Page 134 R. R. Castellon Glen Chapman Jinotega, Nicaragua Hot Springs, Ark Morris H. Collier Fayetteville, Ark. JUNI 012 CLASS Page 135 Cyrus K. Crosby Batesville, Ark. ,yum Kenneth W. Culpepper Douglas J. Drake Pine Bluff, Ark. Linle Rock, Ark. E l JUNIOR CLASS L Dunn Robert R. Finne Page 136 Arlc. Little Rock, Ark. Robert W. Foiles North Little Rock, Ark. Marion K. Greene Magnolia, Arlc. Gary D. Gramrner Springdale, Ark. J UNI 0B CLASS Page B. M. Groves Magnolia, Ark. 137 1 D011 K- Hall L. Kirkpatrick Lirrle ROCIC, Ark- Magnolia, Ark. J UNIOR CLASS Gerriald Lynch Spriixgclale, Ark. Page 138 James R. Mulkey Fayetteville, Ark. Jerry A, Park James W. Pounds El Dorado, Ark. Arkadelphia, Ark. J UNI 011 CLASS Rodney D. Prince James R. Rankin Magnolia, Ark. Clarendon, Ark. Page 139 M. Rice Joseph C. Ruskin Littfle Rock, Ark. McGhee, Ark.. J UNI 0B CLA SS Eli Wolf James W. Young Mqblevale, Ark. Nashville, Ark. 5 6.71 .. . V ' ' -,'14",. - . , Pai.:-' f'l6,1g " Piif' - P: 12: , fy 1 M ,, ,, .5111 Page 140 RIIO CHI IIONOB SOCIETY Dr. James E. Dusenberry Dr. William D. Easterly Faculty Advisof Faculty Sec.-Treas. Don H. Byrum William S. Dorsey Martha Sue Moss Page 141 P II RM C E Y S MA, A T' Pres. Dee Brewer, V. Pres. Kay Canterbury, Treas. Jo Ann Hall, Report. Pat Hunter, Hist. Barbara Roland, Cor. Sec. Jo Ann Black. Not Pictured are Sharon Dunn, Sec. and Daryl Rankin, Parliamentarian. Front Row llto r Brenda McMellon, Jo Ann Hall, Jo Ann Black, Dee Brewer, Judy Newman Barbara Roland, Pat Hunter. Back Row - l to r Mary Hall, Kay Canterbury, Dorothy Ann Barnes, Shirley Rose, lMartha jo Wilkerson, and Dolores Lieberman. l 1 Christmas party held this year at LRAFB Officer's Club. Pcxqe 142 Christmas Cheer It's early yet Waidng I f ., The heat went off LRAFB CHRISTMAS PARTY Here, have one on me. Now we're rockin ii q4r:1"i' 4 Eh. x Music troubles Like I was I can hold The faculty came. Every one had a ball! Page 143 P K A P P S P I A Fqilgs Grosicki Regent N Grand Council Library Crosby Dunn Vice-Regent Secretary Brewer Dorsey Wolf Treasurer Historian Chaplain 1 Page 144 A. Bain Larry R. Barnes Ark. Little Rock, Ark FIRST YEAR CLASS Larry W. Bell Gary joe Clark Prairie Grove, Ark. Little Rock, Ark Page 146 W Jack B. Colcer Willard W. Darnell Stuttgart, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. FIRST Y EAR CLASS Charles H. Fowler John S. Harris Hope, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Page 147 -52lsf'f' " 2 A ' William Housley Nick Kefalopoulos Little Roclc, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. FIRST YEAR CLASS Richard K, Knoll Stuttgart, Ark. Q Page 148 Joe O. Larlcin Lonolce, Ark. 'SALE ' .,L. A . .JS ., Richard M. Lieberman Robert L. Lessenberry Little Rock, Ark. Lonoke, Ark. FIRST Y EAR CLASS James D. McMellon Morris A. Morgan Little Rock, Ark. Lake Village, Ark. ,. xg , I I Page 149 A R. Massey Roland M. Morris Texas Nashville, Ark. FIRST Y EAR CLASS Bufo cl A. Newman Teddy W. Rose Arlrgdelphia, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. be nigga Page 150 W1 Charles H. Shellnut Larry G. Simpson Little Rock, Ark. DeWitt, Ark. FIRST YEAR CLASS Allen Soo Marcus G. Speer Marvell, Ark. Bald Knob, Ark. ' 'I f 'f H Lf. lvl nu, W. Ft' .' -fi: H' W. Page 151 1 l Nirla Ruth Stahl Plainview, Ark. 1 Chester L. Stinnett El Dorado, Ark. FIRST YEAR CLASS Chakles M. West Texarkana, Ark. w Thomas C. Wilkerson Little Rock, Ark. Y -. 153.15 Xlagglgggfvfsiwgle Sa Page 152 SS NH A0 PT I don't think he'll get credit for this one. Convocation - and this vein goes -- You make up the results 6: I'lI - Well I can't say Look at those gradesll Whistle while you work. Who sez first aicl isnit fun , HI Save your pennies Mammyn' He should he asleep according to my figures. Learn the little colors of the boxes too. Page 153 5 nv waxy, is!9L,'1mxjf" 123555- K c 1-fr ,j ,L- r wuixamvw " k SCHO0L 0F X-RA Y TECHNOLOG Y JANET SCI-INAUTZ, R.T. CHRISTINE HELMS Assistant Instructor Chief Technician HELEN G. MATTHEWS, R.T. Instructor - SECUND Y EAR i x 1 Q 'U ANNE CORSON MAXINE SI-IAXVVER LINDA TALLEY BESS WEIDEMEYER SYLVON wi-UTFIELD 4 -A SHARON BLAKE X sam, 1 w. ' '11 " M W "H ANNA GRACE COLEY 4.-.,., .- I 5 FIRST YEAR JEANETTE COLE gslfffy PATRICIA I-IOSTO REBECCA ERWIN GAZELLA WIKE JOAN 1-1oDGEs WANDA Lou MANC1-IE JENNY LEE SIMS ' x x 7 A ' i W X W' IJ X x '- A X , 1, - n Ya , - .Q-Mm Q i ' ., V AH 'rf-lk. . , 3 A 5 f L 5. , 1 nity 1 A. 1-V' xx 1 ,IQ '94 i 8' gr 1 M , " -, ' 2000w' 1 X , ' 1 V 9 'D X , Xj 4' D .v ' , 11' L1 'Y' ings' .ugh 14-ADH-H' Q L...-af' SCHO0L 0F MEDICAL TECHNOLOG Y Vxrgmxa Boyle, M.T. erome Rosenfeld, M.S. Mary Boellner, ILA., M.T. WA I I V 411 Judy Adelman Beverly Bales Myra Beasley Sue Bluclcer Carul Jane Jones LEON MORGAN ANITA PRINCE .- I .f A f IU? NADINE PA'I'I'ERSON ELIZABETH COCHRAN MARTHA JEAN WAFER JAN WORNOCK CARL MATHEWS JERRY MABRY MARVIN KIRK 'mf X 93? 5, Lv vw 0.5 5 X. 9 XXX i Ev 3 if X ,, . X - MM . , . XMMQX X X . .7 AMR., IX-X X L, XXXXX W , X LA! 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X - M XX X X-XSXXGXXXEMMQMMXX. . ..XX.XXXX X ,MIMX , X,.XX,X.,4mX , , W XX 2Lwx1XIaxx.x'f 'X X M A XX 3 Q Wm XXXXQXXM X M M M M X ' amXmamE M ' WX XX-X X sz . 2-'XXgX?xff'f ' ' SSE V , - . .355 ,ME 2 5 X .X - ,X X, 4281 ig X .LXXX-K'-1 X 4 , ,M 1. .UM XX 'WXW .XX - K , UQ X. X X4 , M N . BNIB Ei mi. w B W X W Qgwg X A M mf XX gpg gx-Em? ,X 4 . XX XXXX:-as X E w L .M XXQXQXQXQXXXX E. XX, XXXXXXXXMXXM X XX XX XX X. M M , . X. ,. ,X X X X H1 X X K X X' X f .: K it "ii X X- ,X MN . X . M S 'Xi X ' ' XXXXWMXMQXMX I ' w A axgxgx X Xw X WWE X X ,X X . W XXX E X.: -X, M EE ww X -X.X.X.X.X.X.X.eX.: Xnrgfmx 1' X '4 H ' X: . v mm ' ., ii rw E 5 w X Eixwiwxqgxgsxd ik KWH 1 71 iii X XX QS M232 My , X W M-A X X igg ,X W ,MQW , X 3 f T L IW X g Q K X Q An x X X fc X Em am mf ,Y 1. :ms 2-MX .XX Xa 55' L X .Xg:HX X v,gXXL,3X xvi' 3 QX ,XX ,AXXXX X WX, X X ,X X X 1 W 'X fl XX X XW AXA, X EX 'Ei X X'- , X M M X X, X X , XXX X X 'X"X X X X X K , X X X fans wma X www XX XXXQ X1 EXXXXX E XX E- I EMXWE H H XI :XX -in X X X HX X.gXWXH.gX' X X XXX X X ' ' X XAX V X X X XX W . 'K 'H 13 T! WX M iii X. WXMXMXXE-x. ' ' A Aly: . QSXXXXX A MW mm.-XXX mmf X - .wnmw wX : XmXv:XXz:XmXwXm X A CT I VI TIES as seen by the jaundiced eye of the candid cunuera CADUCEUS STAFF jim Adamson Barry Sorrells Lynda Maxey Richard Darden Ed Brewer Editor-in-Chief Buxiness Manager Nursing Editor Artist Pharmacy Editor Becky Semasek Lacy Frasier Tommye Darnell Pud Summers Photographer Chief Photographer Photographer Artis! Xa H H was mms ss Bw E S? ,X E X Wm Eng X WX nl mpg E ska X, X .ri H 5 mm X fm ww , s..:,,f' M X, Xu, W M X-365: XXL W1 E XX fm XXX, X 'A XX H X 1 ' - X X X s X x X ME MX X XX mu ms as msn rm QW Q 2 XX ASEE? 2 H :iw 5 yn W, XXXXQXU S QS- XX a , H X I ew, ef TH EDI C 0 I M, i Vg, ? .Mg . . an Ar W5 , f W - :Q f .1 , A ' -I v E: A . ,MV iw Lei! xiii g in ,?1l,,,, 4: W A ig? L A . :I 5, "M 2 L. i ' 'f 1 -5 , 1 ':Y:f.f:::'- 1 1 'f 1 3 e i ee in i i i X i H - M -:-- 'freak Q r . ,x 1 liiirigglm fi M 3 iv . al ii 'X M img' MN .E W 'Q ' H 53 ,, A . , 1 X -'R W, . . We 5 X 2 52 L M ? Q A, .,F, Z Q , 1 idgy, ' If ." , rm. 'Pi Q F pi nfi rffii if E ED .V 'g r 1 ",5,,2 l 5 3 xr, 3 L. P ff xx I nfl M fa I ' if Vg:-W . , "' ..:,. .:: I : ' kk , nou, is-. W if , e erri Y.e"' rt: -P nz- - i :- gigs-4 ., .. A 1 I .,.. ,..--- :-- . P t I A. . M wmv Front Row: Jim Maupin, Columnist, George Malone, Editor-in-Chiefg Becky Semasek, Reporter. Back Row: Jim Lawrence, Co-Business Manager, John Moose, Cv-Business Managerg Bob Benafielcl, Staff Writer, Richard Darden, Artist. Moose, Maupin, Malone, and Lawrence admiring the issue that won them the right to repeat the year 1960-61. a a SKNE i N., ,Q .,: w -L iwQQu1n-A .W .a-N "A 2 ". . . and then I , .Vw , f MV, V s i CUI 15 s f ggi x 1 A 1 fY - 'Sl P if we Q. ,Q 'f Q + sciatic nerve 1 n . - 'i "And Gene, the' next twelve lab tests wxll be easierf, Dean Lawrason is gone. i M Sw 321452325 435 A. mmf :g::.-:is Alisa f' ' Q.u,2-e1sm,:f'e 3 ,. L-. M 2 x X 1 X c -:. M i .. 1 Ssflil Don't let their attractive faces fool you, they're the ones that give the Barium Enemas. -Nupw-f, M lu-. A gift? ? ? of my former students. And they told me I was getting a m ilk shake! . . . . But it has its drawbacks, too. fa f f fl' if N! P Wa' -J H! wi if 113' ,A .X ,V - ,,,.., ..-MX A Q X U' . if ga ? ii sf is 7' 3 . YB we I 'Q I f i 0 A. wc Wi. Q I 3 4 m A Vf -X A --,. W.. mfjj ily W I AH WY .I -HK,'0 7 . I 1 9 di V Il .7-"""" 5' ANUTHER DANCE.SAME CRO WD sf- gig IM Here's mud in your eye, The'glare off that knob would make me blink, too, George. ice between existence and life intelligent use of leisure. just get this bottle open, Don't take my picture with THEM! what would my catch up with LB. husband think? My pappy makes the stuff. B P H? What a tactful way to say UNO! Page 171 1 . W E 5, IU www , 'tix-,"'v V Eva mg. gw X . Agri: ' 3 -Ez' s we X' ' - .N 2 .Y J' - .' 'wwf ev - :Et - '1 ig ' 1.. X W!.i,, QQn lg? ,mf 1, 'Q 5? sq I vw?" Q ' M . ....., .. . -2-:: X ...,, if V .7 XQN, H I QNX' SV 'K' , PW 3 fri? 6 VAN'-iifw MR A mfr FRCSJM MY ,giiiiff-EV F R UDlgll51g f 5 Onward, Public Health! Who said we couldn't do venous punctures. S N T U U R D S E E N S T When will Ellis learn- that we can't prac- tice on dead ones? In my student days we were only allowed thirty minute coffee breaks. Page 173 Wonder what this is all about?? United we stand, divided we fall! 1 w S 3. , 3 Q l Q Q fi , wwf- :X ' ,mgff 3 Iiiiiiip ,. 'ifiviu A ?'iQ?1H? ...-f-""""' WW,,.- Q iii ,x , fvtilaw f li. fa x E E 9 , Q gf by r, X Qxfde. -1.3 i .3 11 '. fflfwf . , ..... A Q ,gl if fx af gi 'Dux I-x -...,...4.... :www--x..,. W . T Y w 5 -ri 5 I 1 .A, 5 M Q M with 1 , , Q Q x msn You'll be sorry you kicked me. Hope that appropriation for heat comes through before June Let me practice my injection technique on you? 4 'E lt's class time, so - L 1. .M 1. V .Q -mil:--.:. -3- '.: . - . -' -1 ,. 1 fx M T , Y Q- 7 fy 5 . ": j, :fi v' ' ' ':' x gil- NW! ," 'I ll- ix, aw - youlre kidding - and don't you forget itl Hell NO" This course stinks! I'll just be -il Now Linder, no Hanclsies. Pd leave him tp die, but he - v might sue. Page 176 Just making up n little test. The Thinker as Question: Who won the money and who received the gold lceys at the fall convocation? wa g 1ll1lIl-0 ,,QQf .igwmlgunmllf I '-aw -Sqfjg - MNA '6-'ir vm.- kv new N.. ga l lfvvl i ii ziz Www-fs , ' .,......q. fmxy BQ. ww . """' Thanks, Dr. Wixom, for another interesting ' lecture on phenylalanine. , Q J- ec iff f E 1? 5 I my PJ .sy N. "1 'Jig ti Marrians descending on Suz- But Dr. Mitrelstaedt, we're already anne Henry. got your picture in here twice. . FI' .fr th . Hell, George, I don't see how you ever got anything ymg saucers 1 er E governor done with a staff like that. x, ti, x w- - A lub- X Q QQJM , , 1 I 'N Y rf yy 193 x kJ' jk 1 f I I x . - WT 'iff-' v 1,1 Q!! N Legs? sa x gg l Q Q Q5gfii1m vE? L v M i ai' Y W K Ve, Zu it ms WL' H. ' I. ' 4 J- ' A , v 4 Ln.X .Q U 25 , fy. , ML '75, j- Fl 3"'gK if-' LH- K nf 1 Qfflll' gf..-F 'F '- - 'Awz --1 .... . ,uizw xx, 3t 9134. 1 SR ii-R . fi 4:11 45z Bsx W". . -vrlx x':,z L-E .g.-iv L ' .-.L gm- M , i. 4 16 ,mx siff'fh'W'b Q. - f '1g,:' . . Qg .5 b, . 'Q gay- TZ- fx SQ ,Sag 1-1: X' ' WW' .1 mi- A 4 -A . . r 15" f' ' ' . .f-'-2 4: '-1- "' -f " ':" Ln' -I 'j, - k . , - go' X 2' ' ' qxiiiiluvf . .x 3393? 1 Q -4 . 4, 5 1 li I its 1 ' 7 I- A XX N ' .X 1 'I ,L rn LN. V ' Q91-cl-IF ' t X mul- " -- ' U11 K .1 I- is ' N K' if - "' K 1' it -2- ff? :F x if YQ: Y fl 1 ,': ' h IL k Q -' ? l 'w,?. ' - .1 4' V , I 1 2 , rg .fff-12 XX gf' - ' ' 1 fi --,- . 1-: ,pw w H2 " - . . , ,, H , . . 'l ' X ' '- A - -Q-' Qi. ', ' , 'Q RX-,!"':y . -, . - - F ' wifi- i- ' A -- W , It , ,- f AQ b 5-:in l :4 2. E - is 'X ix n! '- -- 1 f ..', 3 ,,,, , P v - ' X A 'Z 3:4 "2f",+.,., .. I V, . . MA .. J' ' "ll Q ' 'A ul' A ' " vyff. ae. p 'H wf ,-,, 1.- ,, of p - f..- I 1:35:54 .339 I '-M A. mlm QQ X .Q , Elafgn H ,-ip., . k-V 'v MA ,.,,. H 5 2 Q 'fig V. V has ' 2253, 4 , . '- ' V V 3 0-q,..f1. , 1 1 Q V ' -, V ,, . 4 1 54,3-V .T-41. .V 'I in ,v 5, .xp -M I .1-1 - 'ik Ja ' -QQ . ' I + w - A ' ---ef f .1 .Q 1 N 1+ ' ' ' ,,. f' - V fi .- ,If AD VER TISEMENTS The interest of the follow- ing firms and individuals in the Medical Center is reflected in the following pages. Without their support, the Cacluceus could not exist. We admonish each of you to patronize these adver- risers. Congratulations to the Class of 1961 Best Wishes for Your Success in Your Chosen Field of Medicine tuiet u WALTER ATWOOD 800 Tower Building, Little Rock SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Growing With the Grecit Southwest Since l903 BLUE CROSS - BLUE SHIELD ls YOUR Plan Blue Cross - Blue Shield is the only prepaid health care plan in Arkansas that is sponsored by the doctors ancl the hospitals. BLUE CROSS - BLUE SHIELD 6'l'h ancl Gaines Litt.e Rock, Arlc. 542' C: 5 ,HM ,Qu LU , Q i Q Pg 183 Ever? THE SIGN OF SERVICE For almosl' 20 years, ihe name of Siover has sfood for service, dependabiliiyg qualify and economy Io 'Il1e medical pro ssion in Arkansas. Their modern building, a surgical merchandising milesione, is a 'Familiar corner in downfown Li'Hle Rock. STOVER SCIENTIFIC LAB DIVISION The Ia'IesI' addiiion Io 'Ihe "SI'over 'Fami- gf' One of Ihe besl'-equipped, up-Io- aie labs in Ihis area. Mr. Jack Ross, M. T., is ready io help Jon wifh any special problems or nee s. When you need equipmeni, supplies or special reagenls, call us. STOCK DEPARTMENT Merchandise in sI'ock for rapid cle- livery is imporianl' 'Io service. Our siock faciliiy and quick order filling service is unequaled. May if be your sfock requiremenis or emergency de- mands, we are open I'wenI'y-four hours a day 'Io serve you. COMPLETE X-RAY SERVICE X-Ray, Physioiherapy and Elecirosurgical equip meni and sup lies. Our siaff has a I'oI'aI of 7 years in Ihe 'Fielil of X-Ray and oiher allied equip men+, so you can expeci, and receive fhe very besl' of service available. From sales 'Io service . . everyihing needed for ' 7 ARKANSAS' OLDEST AND MOST COMPLETE SURGICAL SUPPLY HOUSE COURTEOUS STAFF Our business office is well-Irained and always eager 'Io help wiih your bookkeep- ing or Iax problems. They'lI be only 'loo happy Io help ou when Ihe Iime comes io arrange 'speciallbudgei paymenis 'Io cover Ihe purchase of equipmenl or supplies, and Io cash any checks for you, foo. , e"d""' Svfffs 5 Q." V N 7 N -' CONGR4 TUL4 7'l0N-5' . . . fo you young men and women and our sincere besf wi fo you 171 your clzosen profession . . . one of lronored flzrouglzouf flue world lf is our srncer may find flze Wm. 72 Sfover Company f nof only flrrouglrouf your sfu07es you are ready fo 'lrlang o We are sincerel CqlProfe ' of slzes flye nposf e desire flraf rub lrelpful and preparaf' uf your own y proud of sslon In flpis Olll' 'hilly 6 advice you fo you . . . IODSQ buf also wlren slrlrrgkf' ourN22 'years of Service fo fne Mei area, and M3-lr fo urge you fo avaiyoulselves nd varledsefvices . . . lzek lvl3'l1 locaflbn, defai abou! ofkce plannrng, special budgef arrangeln any oflper way in wluclz we can lzelo af anysfep ' We lrave always 15-fed fo fale a 'foerson ' cusfonyers . . nof nperedr a cold 6 ' 7'lre apporfunbjf you lza In flle pa-if fo 5 flranl- you eve ' ed enlsj fn yo a0zed" i usrnes 1' ve gfv e of for fly? fy Ind' ' lr-ad' e and UI' C6 nie su e a en fl: servic 1 ex lw0'lldl :ng fe8l'. resf In ccoum' e Wm en is lre presslb 61 ou lvffn us garn. o record . 71 Sfover Company dfflnf ap reciafed and n of your conf70'S,ce. llre dllh r organhafion- is fo male flre experience so pleasanf you MW lvanf fo refurn agalb an WM 72 STOVER f ff? Q LIES SUPP CY IPMENT SUPPLIES EQU ff S ENT HOSP EQ ICIANSER ox RAY K pr-:YS PIC -4 BER MEM HELMICH MOBIL SERVICE BIG ROCK STONE AND MATERIAL CO. Ready Mixed Concrefe Crushed Sione M b,I River Washed Sand gmgi-g.aS Poriland Cemeni' ' Kavanaugh and Beech I-IH'Ie Rock Norlh I'IHIe Rock JaI3IY50nVIIIe Mo 3-was FR 4-038I FR4-0423 Ll 4-3340 BACUS TEXACO sERvlcE CLYDE SCOTT 4905 Wesl Izlh TE 0 S'I'uden+ Healfh Plan LITTLE ROCK Union Life Building TEDFORD DRUG STORE LYON DRUG STORE T. E. MATTAX C. B. WRIGHT ' Owners and Pharmacisis COUWGY P'Ife 915 535+ 9Ih s+fee+ NORTH LITTLE ROCK FR 4-4926 TOWN 8: COUNTRY DRUG STORE HUBERT GILL, owner MEDICAL 8: DENTAL SERVICE Asher Avenue and Universiiy LO 5-I57I LiHIe Rock Division of CREDIT BUREAU OF GREATER WORTHEN LITTLE ROCK, INC. a CO' 4I4 Wallace Building Plaza Office LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS MARKHAM AND UNIVERSITY Bes+ Wishes From ARCHER DRUG COMPANY Service Wholesale Druggis+s I07 Eas+ Markham LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS Page 186 Congra'IuIaI'ions 'Io I'I1e l96I Graduafing Class of 'Ihe Universiiy of Arkansas School of Medicine TH E ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY WELCOMES YOU TO THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE IN ARKANSAS LAKE HILL DRUG STORE Lake Hill Shopping Cenier Norfh Li'r'IIe Rock PI'IoI'ograpI'Iic and Ari' SK 3-0787 MaI'eriaI , . COHQTBIUIBIIOHS 206 Mem Sim" ADAMS ARTIFICIAL LIMB co I0 Donaghey Building LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS Page 187 FREIDERICA PHARMACY R. M. BLAKELY JAMES R. GREEN 70I Wesi' Capi+oI 4206 Wes? Markham Professional Discoun'Is +o S'I'uden'I's . Complimenfs NIIQLQJQL OF UTTLE ROCK PAUL McGUIRE DEEP ROCK BANK The Financial Cenier STATION - of Arkansas 280I Wesi Markham Sfreef MO 3-9923 . GILLIAM DRUG STORE cRIss s. SI-IAVER. INC. U u . Prescriphons FIIIed WI'Ih Ready Mixed Concrele Cafe PYRAMID LIFE BUILDING '724 Pike PEIIQPQIPQPS34 NLR Providing Equipmeni' 'For 'Ihe Universify Medical Cenfer KREBS BROTHERS SUPPLY COMPANY. INC. Complefe Equipmenf for Hofels, Resiauranfs. and Hospiials 4l3-4I5 WEST CAPITOL AVENUE LITTLE ROCK PARK HILL PHARMACY 722 AIIEMO Highway NORTH LITTLE ROCK SK 3-070I SNO-WHITE DIAPER SERVICE' I5I5 Main SI. Li'HIe Rock FR 5-9393 HOT SPRINGS PINE BLUFF NA 4-23II JE 4-7250 Congrafulafions From BENSKY'S SNELL LIMB 81 BRACE COMPANY Cerfified Fi+'Iers I3lb Main Sfreei LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Poqe 188 HARMON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Confracfors P.O. BOX I4I4 OKLAHOMA CITY Phone FO 5-8344 We are proud Thai' we can +ake an aciive pari' in The growfh of The Universify of Arkansas Medical Cenfer. Some of our o+her accomplishmenis have been The consfruc- 'l'ion of: Cri'Henden Counfy Hospiial, Wesf Memphis: S+. Edwards Mercy Hospifal, FI. Smifh: Science Building, Fayefievilleg War Memorial Sfadium, LiHIe Roclc: Juslice Building, LiHle Roclr. Congraiulafions To Seniors COmpIimenfS Of CHURCHMAN-RHEA DRUG STORE BUSHMIAER LION SERVICE 280I Kavanaugh Free Delivery omplefe Service Mo 3-413: LITTLE ROCK Meflham -'+J0""S0" in -x ECONOMY DRUG STORE I I M E gc IAL S+i+f+ S+a+ion Kavanaugh ai Markham 1319 off.f.Tf'f.f'SR 523' Bes+ Wishes DAVID'S DRUGS Fifih and Main Nor+h LiHIe Rock FR 2-2267 Congrafulaiions MASSERY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS 3324 Fair Park MO 3-83I3 Prescripiions Filled Righl' ADAY'S DRUG STORE a COKE BREAK I3+h and Pune Page 189 Z Besi' Wishes From . MEYER BROTHERS DRUG COMPANY of Arkansas WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS 200 EasI' Markham LiHIe Rock T' E " A I BATTERY STREET DRUG STORE gi I' i 5 ' Prescrip'I'ion Druggisis In A Ilfh and Baffery B if .F ,A I, gy' 5 J ' i i . 'J T LITTLE ROCK ' R' 1 ' f 'A' i an TT' ' I 'zz FI 'I' NATIONALBANK MEDICAL CENTER BARBER SERVICE I N L 1 T T L ENR O C K 3U04 S'I'uden+ Union Bldg. It iv T , , , t A Y V V - We sv came U6 "HT WEFAWUS ECONOMY DRUG STORE aw Village Shopping Cenfer IH East I 3th Street REGISTERED PHARMACISTS 'I I LITTLE ROCK D s. F DRUG STORE l800 Wrighi' Avenue LiH'Ie Rock ECONOMY DRUG STORE 5'l'h and Louisiana LITTLE ROCK -Tzgfgg L ,I 'T ,,.. Don'I' lose everyfhing iusi' because you Ios+ your proc'I'oscope. REBSAMEN AND EAST, INC. Tower Building LiHIe Rock, Arkansas PHYSICIANS' MALPRACTICE COVERAGE AND PHARMACISTS' LIABILITY INSURANCE FR 2-7I43 Page 190 Compliments of D Kr D LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Congratulations REFRIGERATION AND ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO 2823 Kavanaugh l 1 Complete Laundry and Cleaning Service 1222 OSGSS 6 Owner: Merle DeClue pnng THE SHOE CENTER Park Plaza Shoppoing Center Little Rock Soft Pedal Shoes for Nurses City Club Shoes for Doctors VIVIAN PEARCE Park Plaza Shopping Center Children's Wear - Juniors Uniforms and Maternity App l THE CAMERA CENTER "'S1.'?3!.S!E'S lO8 MAIN Everything Photographic" MOBIL SERVICE CENTER 4100 W Markham MO-4-2504 FOSTER COCHRAN ALLSOPP 84 CHAPPLE Books and Office Supplies Monogrammed Bedspreads 307 Main street English Silver - Crane Writing Paper Park Plaza Center MO 3-3925 ARK - PET SHQP WOODROW STREET We Specialize in Tropical Fish 3102lZesgM?'kham Students Accounts Welcome tl t tation 13th and Woodrow M0 6-9443 LITTLE ROCK REFRIGERATION C0 ' "A h ' d F 'gd' Sl ncl Service" ut orize ri 1 aire aes a Bob Nord Hilda Nord 4208 W. Markham MO 4-2956 U ww' 4' No. 1 - 407 Broadway FR 5-0392 mlm U IN QD No. z - mos s. University Mo 4-3609 AAAIJXII Charcoal Broiled Hamburge Congrafulafions and Besl' Wishes Io Ihe Class of I960 MCKESSON AND ROBBINS Wholesale Druggisfs LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Compliments of CAMPBELL STUDIOS 115 E. Ninth St. "Your Yearbook Photographers" SMITH'S COUNTRY CLUB DRUG STORE 5102 Kavanaugh Blvd. LITTLE ROCK HILL DRUG STORE Prescripiion Specialisis Besr Wishes KAVANAUGH PHARMACY SK 3.2476 5008 Eas-I' Kavanaugh Ave. No. Rock Bunce DRUG sToRE HAIIIQEIQIIASQIIZMSONS kh 308 Wm Ma' am 4318 W. Markham Mo 6-6843 LITTLE Racic, ARKANSAS Little Rock SHAINBERGKS Town and Country Shopping Center University at Asher Park Plaza Shopping Center University at Markham HI-BOY HAMBURGERS "Largest in the Southv A11 Types of Sandwiches Malts-Shakes-Root Beer-Fountain Drinks 4214 W. Markham MO 6-9901 MARK:-IAM uouon s'roRr Across from Medical Center 4204 West Markham q MO 4-3385 "We Specialize in Extra-Curricular Activities" Q 192 Let the Stole Life Insurance be the Key to your Security. Arthur L. Mills T817 Kovanaugli MO 3-1914 FAIR PARK ESSO SERVICE Markham 61 Van Buren MO 3-9992 We Give Top Value Stamps DUNCAN'S TV AND RADIO 4008 West Markham MO 3-1818 Near the Med Center I-Ii-Fi and Stereo Service SALES 8z SERVICE OHIO DISTRIBUTERS MEDICAL DIVISION Welders Supply Company Oxygen Therapy and Anesthesia Equipment UWIICFB Goocl Friends Meet" SHAMROCK Beer on Tap 3015 West Markham Stifft Station THE ESQUIRE BARGIN CITY TV--Furniture-Appliances Village Shopping Center WEST MARKHAM MEDICAL CENTER LAUNDROMAT 4212 West Markham "Across from the Medical Center" EIDEN REXALL DRUG STORE YOUR REXALL STORE Delivery Service Accurate prescriptions Registered Pharmac -44 1739 Pike, N.L.1z. FR s is 4 193 Registered Pharmacists Registered Pharmacists Darnell Thompson .IW Meehan Y Wendel Womack University at Markham Broadway at Roosevelt M0 4-3888 FR 5-4681 Little Rock Coming Soon, Cranlc's Main at 27th, North Little Rock VILLAGE CENTER 144,444 'ous' University Kr Asher BRANDON FURNITURE PULASKI HEIGHTS COMPANY G BAIIQIK Complete Home Furnishings rant at avamiugh 823 Seventh Street Little Rock Open Saturday 'mul 'Noon FR 4-2960 Member F.D.I.C. FOR RESERVATIONS AND TICKETS AirfSteamship-Rail Hotels-Travel and Luggage KRUGER TRAVEL BUREAU FR 4-9272 109 E. Seventh Street Insurance, Travelers Cheques All At Regular Prices Compliments of LITTLE ROCK LAUNDRY Broadway Xt Eighth Streets THE PIZZA HOUSE We Deliver MO 3-4114, 1212 So. Universiy Ave. MR. se MRS. C. L. TIPTON Cengfafulafions COLONIAL JOE L. IVY ESSO FLOWER SHOP STATION 2017 Kavanaugh MO 3-4191 2701 West Markham FR 2-9087 "Visitors Always Welcome" We Give Top Value Stamps Nobody's Hard-to-Fit at WARMOUTH'S MEN AND CAMPUS SHOP 5711 Kavanaugh THE SHACK Famous for It's Hickory Barbeque 1400 West Third P age 194 ' I 4 IIGIIW Sll.llI2lEllIl:'Fllll..i 905 West Capitol HOSPITAL AND SURGICAL SUPPLIES Laboratory Supplies Chemicals and Drugs ARKANSAS' NEWEST ASTA 3,57 22nd and Pilce, NLR 5003 Asher, Liflle Roclr FR 4-7495 LO 5-75ll WALLOCH TV 81 APPLIANCES. INC. Sales, Service, and lnsiallalion If II Isn'f From WaIIoch's, You Paid Too Much. FREDDY J. WALLOCH, Pres. KOEHLER'S BAKERY Cakes-Pies-Breads-Pastries MO 6-2512 5412 W. Twelfth VVEST IVIARKHAIVI Exclusive Ladies Phone Ready-to-Wear FR 4-3690 In WEST MARKHAM CENTER STYLE SHOP 8109 W. Markham CA -5-2222 Prescriptions Filled by Registered Pharmacists Congraiulaiions and Very Besi Wishes 'Io 'I'l1e Class of l96l JULIAN E. WHITE General Ageni 30I Commercial Na1"l. Bank Building LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS PROVIDENT LIFE 8: ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. CHATTANOOGA SINCE l887 Page 195 When You Think of and Need Insurance can RATHER AND BEYER, AGENTS Adminisfrafors of Officially Endorsed Plans of Disabilify Insurance of The Arkansas Medical Socie+y ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 223 LOUISIANA ST. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS FR 2-4Il7 BIG FRANICS BARBER SHOP :Igffgg Markham Sz Cedar NEXT P E Bring the Little Ones- We Like 'Emu OAK FOREST FLORIST 5418 W. Twelfth MO 6-9438 "Let Us Serve You" Oxygen Is Our Middle Name DELTA OXYGEN COMPANY. INC. LITTLE ROCK MEMSZuiPrsdRuE:12WOOD PAoucAI-I Medical Gases - Cenfral Piping Inhalahon Therapy and Systems - Resuscdahon EquIpmenI Anesfhesia Equipment THE FRANKLIN HNNEGANS LIFE INSURANCE HIGHLA COMPANY ND PHARMACY E Jack gt Cottrell, State' Mgr. Phone MO 3-4I96 Xpertof l?i3gsES?5t1 ri-Iigatment 3924 Wesl' l3fh LiHIe Roclr E , IEI ' NIISSI-ZD,, ' BASS PBINTING ff- COMPANY II I 109 Commerce -, Qiiif. .ig f I I "Printers of THE MEDICO Ifi-sift-.wi I C X., 9 '4lTfT'E2,- 3 1 Qi COLEMAN DAIRY TJQEETTTT N h lxiill y 600I Asher ' " CT' A 1 217155 , MO 3-83I8 LITTLE ROCK 9 lc' ' HI 15-I: Ev 2227 fp SPL Compliments of 1 S E.. A 3 RODGER'S CLEANERS 12th BL Jefferson MO 3-2786 "Quality Makes the Differencei' Page 196 TAIT-COPPESS MOTORS INC. Erin! F UNITED RENT-ALLS C0mPlimem5 of KL SALES WEBB PHARMACY 3323 Fail' Park Blvd. 23rd 66 Arch Streets LO 5-7541 Little Rock FR 4-5571 THE DICK X-RAY COMPANY 909 Main Street i ' MARKHAM FROSTOP, 7 INC. HGWARD S 4001 W. Markham M0 6-0555 qagric Cm Service RooT BEER HAMBURGERS MAIJTS KZ BI'O3.dWay W. Markham nYour Friendly Sandwich Centers: 11th Sz Main 108 E. Washington, N.L.R. " l't I O M t " "Specialists in Fabric Care" Qua 1 y S ur 0 to "Look Across the Campus for Us" THE FOOD CENTER 3001 W. Markham MO 3-3513 Pg 197 l BUMPASS CLEANERS Sz DYERS "Personalized Work" 2909 W. Markha We Thank You For Your patronage BUCKINGHAM HOUSE, INC. LIQUORS 2923 West Markham Stiff: Station PECK 'S LEON HOLSTEAD DRUG STORE 3310 Broadway 46l0 East Broadway N0ythlLitt1e Rgck NORTH LITTLE ROCK "Service for all makes Sz models of Imported Cars" I K ELECTRIC COMPAN Y , INC. 214 High Street .Prcnliding Electrical Construction for the - l T. H. Ilarton Instituto far .fllodical Rtesearch wxxxxmwa-xxxwgwm f.:.:.,,, . ,M E l W 0 Q Qgglgfy-our most .Important asset Uni Life nsurance Company Qfounded I92O!dl1Ll2ansas' Q0dest and Qfastest Qnowmg Home omm union urs nulmmc, um: noc N H I . ,. Page 198 l T l F gl. Su CENTRAL SURGICAL COMPAlNlY, INC. We are glad that we can serve you by providing a wide selection of equipment f or physician, hospital, and laboratory from nationally advertised lines. Your business in the past has been appreciated and we look forward to serving you in the future. 0F ARKANSAS, INC. Kell-Koett-The Oldest Name in X-Ray 918 Main Street Little Rock , seggooivfMseBiGoiN7SE,M Egg? 12351 ' def k 0""o lm 2 W ? Y , Pharmaceutl al B olog c l and 2,13 'seme- Diagnostic P oducts I For the Medical Profession Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation Raritan, New Jersey PQ 199 KELEKET X-RAY C0. F W l lDAILEY'S OFFICE FURNITURE 30I Easf Markham FR 6-236I Docfor, lef us prescribe fhe office furnifure for your complefe office or sfucly. Largesf quanfify fo seleci' from, lowes? prices fo you. See Dalfon Dailey 77ZeaZ'Pa0aQ4o51 Sllnce I893 urns RUCIQ Amr. U. S. Gov? lnspecfed Esf. 499 Confpliments of FAGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY 9th and Spring Streets ARGENTA DRUG COMPANY Oldesf Drug Sfore in Pulaski Counfy 324 Main NLR FR4-485I l 4' l CMDRQE I' ' ' l F ,. 1'1" fi '11 rl' 65 ' P Page 200 I 4 I i mmfpg, "A Wonderful Place to Work" H. A. BOWMAN COMPANY Office Designing and Decorating is Our Business 823 West Markham FR 4-0244 Compliments of C A, o ARKANSAS GULF PHARMACEUTICAL CO. p, 0. BOX 3512 -MO 6-27l5' 3420 CANTRELI. ROAD ' LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Congratulations to 1961 Graduates of the University of Arkansas Medical Center ARKANSAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION HANKS SPIKES - Crossett President M. H. ROSEN - Pine Bluff First Vice President LEON HOLSTED - North Little Rock Second Vice President L. D. HORN - Little Rock Treasurer WILLIAM G. SMITH - Secretary-Manager 607 Wallace Building Little Rock, Arkansas Page 201 PHARMACEUTICAL FIRMS AND THEIR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES These Men Will Be Happy to Discuss Your Drug Needs With You BAXTER LABORATORIES E. W. Higham, 4423 Hazelwood Rd., North Little Rock, SK 3-1887 BREON COMPANY John McNeill, 35 Exeter Drive, Little Rock, LO 5-6308 CIBA Carl E. Brooks, 1301 W. 10th, North Little Roclc, FR 4-5709 Kermit R. Deitz, 6612 Evergreen Rd., Little Rock, MO 6-7230 CUTTER LABORATORIES Hilary Williams, 4504 Grand, Little Rock, MO 4-2304 ENDO LABORATORIES Lloyd Boblitt, 6907 Briarwood Drive, Little Roclc, MO 3-7561 FLINT, EATON 25 COMPANY Lake Carlton, 7212 Cloverdale Dr., Little Rock, LO 5-4297 LAKESIDE LABORATORIES I-I. M. McFarlin, 324 N. Walnut, Little Rock, MO 3-4319 MCNEIL LABORATORIES Andy Stephens, 519 Palm St., Little Rock, MO 3-1040 MEAD-JOHNSON Dave Wilson, 4505 Crestline, North Little Rock, SK 3-1197 WILLIAM S. MERRELL Chadwick Gray, 6 Kavanaugh Place, Little Rock, MO 3-9368 P 202 ORTHO PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION Carl Davis, Jr., 5012 Greenway Dr., North Little Roclc, SK 3-2418 PARKE, DAVIS Kile Marsh, 61 N. Meadocliff Drive, Little Rock, LC 5-1243 C. W. Chuck Bishop, 107 Verona, North Little Rock, SK 3-4742 Paul Shilling, 6616 Azalea Dr., Little Rock, LO 5-7042 PFIZER John Stone, 6602 Japonica Dr., Little Rock, LO 5-7288 ROEIG Sam Standard, 6800 Mableville Cutoff, Little Rock, LO 5-7660 SMITH, KLINE 8 FRENCH Bob Chastain, 7401 L St., Little Rock, MO 4-3306 E. R. SQUIBB John Reinhardt, 10 Branch Dr., Little Rock, LO 5-5166 THE STEWART COMPANY Bob Cline, 111 Bluehell Dr., North Little Rock, SK 3-4517 UPJOHN A. K. Junkin, 5321 Sylvan Hills Rd., North Little Rock, SK 3-9370 U.S. VITAMIN '43 PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY D. S. Kittle, 5503 Ark-Mo Hiway, North Little Rock, SK 3-1063 WINTHROP LABORATORIES M. McCullough, 734 W. Miller, North Little Rock, SK 3-4400 A in l Page 203 H. R. BUCK CAMPBELL SAMA LIFE Authorized Representative MINNESOTA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 212 Fausett Plaza Bldg. M kh U ' ' ar am at mversity Office MO 4-1715 Residence MO 6-0724 UNIVERSITY SHOP I MUSICAL Congratulations I HALL DRUG STORE Kavanaugh Sz University Ave. MEMO: JD Almost everything you neecl-musically speak- ing is at Moses Melody Shop. I-li-fi's, stereos, television, recorders, recordings-and a com- plete service department. MOSES MELODY SHOP Two Convenient Locations: 311 Main 5623 Kavanaugh Congratulations to Graduating Seniors STUDENT UNION COFFEE SHOP Congratulations SPRADLEY'S LION SERVICE STATION Markham ai' Elm MO 3-9894 We Give Top Value Sfamps I Page 204 THE HUBLEY COMPANY, INC. IS PROUD TO HAVE BE A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF THE 1961 CAD CEUS SERVING AS PRINTER A BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK company CAMDEN, ARKANSAS FINE LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING Page205 Take Your Vacation 011 The Riviera Congratulations You've Got It Made Now SIIAH 0F IRAN I lliviern Adverlisem nl fonnmitl H ' We Want Your Business Croek's Home For Dope Addicts Dedrbated to the dlaco very ana' development of better medicines o for better health- T a since 7 84 7. Smith Kline dl French Laboratories 720 years of service to the health professions 'X ,ea MEMORIAM ? ? ,1 FACE, mornin The scientific World is grieved to hear of the disappearance of Sidney S. Davenport, who was last seen fording the Amazon River in Brazil Where, contrary lo earlier reports that he was trying to locale the spot Where he had parked his Volkswagen, he had elected to go on a mission of healing among the natives. "G d Old S tt" h from humble ori ins rose in onlv half a century to great heights. Fame was no stranger to oo co , rv o g . , . Versatile, he is remembered as the organizer and director of the llio-Tibial Band, recipient of the McCullough Award for the composition of "PVhat a Friend We Have in Khrushchevn and that favorite yuletide ballad "Silver Bowelsf' He was the world's speed record holder for the student CBC, Bl the originator of the inter-periosteal immunization technique. DYISIIIPYI. His passing is lamented by his many friends as well as a host of boolesalesmen, foreign car dealers, fellow sp and loan agencies. The Brazilian government announces that he is to be awarded the Medalxon of Merit posthumously for . . . . . I . his contribution to piranah fish control, and has graciously waived the seven centavo fine for waterway po utron. Page 208 I- -1 S, ,r .- ,. L . v, 4 1 1? v - !.'.5y'- f r-L. Am, gf-f . T, jf 'LV in w, 4, H. W J-2Qg5"f' . I, V' 'QW J.: .L V , .MI 'Eff .1 1. . !,. Q-5 ---in X . Mil- ' , ,V . . w v 1 w I I i 1. I ig I: I, I, -1 .4-ra. ,.,, 7. Av' ' gl , ,, .Je V? .L ' . wi- E I I 5 I I H- un... I i .J , l L . . ,.,., I N... .,,: Tn!! L .. L.L.,.,4 5'---f .-- A-A L.-W. ,....L ..A.,.- -u :" ."""" 'M' L' "L"""'l""'-"1'-'L"""l" K A F-I . , 51 ...mlm , , l,..-,-,I...--.i...,.,.1-.. LJ ' M - ' . . . ,.L.-.,1........L.....1.- L f 1 ,..L.....1....1.L... .........,. I.,.......4...,,i.,-, . 1 dv L-zm-.,-:11-:.':.-.zln-9 ,. J. I C. . .g .. ' . L J-I- ' . ll 4 K h-'ff ' h .- Y V ,-w-- 1 -+ -rig ' -I 'M 4' fwl-g,, , ,' , "7 " P L-w,.F.jA.3,,Q n , , iq.-: - - ' " 41 M Z.. Wd., ..v. .. . :F x 5 ,,,, ' wjfj if W6 ,' '-A .1 'wi 71, , "' xlivwv " A ,VH Fi- .' ' ' , 'H " ' ,m V I ' - A , Q, '4'g'i u K . if , x-V V .. ca , - '-rg-fr ., . . 1, I., G..I.!-x , 's'1.' ' "Q r 'J6"h?? Pri. " A . ' , :ii I 'N ? L l xv N a I Q E 1 i 3 4 iz i 1 r N 1 1 lk a 4 'w F W. . J if Wa

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