University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR)

 - Class of 1957

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1957 volume:

'far' ' fx i n 9"r-3-K, , :, .,Z ,,i, f i W 1 f ffm if l O ,. .A , M Q , -9 -' k I, A W 505 WUUDLY ?f?e SeN7 0 RM V PAT PHILLIPS BETTY MCCLELLAN Editors KEIVIAL KUTAIT Business Manager JERRY MCGREW A rtist BOB WALLOCH VIC FERRARI Photographers DR. A. W. IVICCULLOUCH Faculty Advisor THE 195 j' YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS MEDICAL CENTER LITTLE RCJCK L4 i it ff! S-N School of Medicine UW GW! l School of Nursing fvpxi School of Pharmacy KX University Hospifol X l 79 HBL6- QF CONT can FOREWDRD oo The University of Arkansas Medical Center is now a reality. lVlany hours of work and planning are behind it and much yet remains to be done. A concentrated effort on the part of all concerned will soon accomplish what is desired-a medical education program in Arkansas second to none in the nation. In publishing this edition of the CADUCEUS the staff has attempted to recreate some of the advances made during 1957. Much time has gone into its preparation-often to the detriment of other obligations. Our sole reward will be the knowledge that you consider the result well done. The value of a book such as this is chiefly a sentimental one. There are those who treasure the experiences that a yearbook will recall-others who mark it as evidence of an education hard-earned. Whatever' the reason that you retain your copy of the 1957 CADUCEUS we hope that you are pleased with the contents. Undoubtedly there are imperfections-we only hope that their numbers are few. All responsibility for these must rest with the staff and we seek your understanding that none was intended. at 0 , if A , ay f .Vg ,ff DEDICATION KATHARINE DODD, MD. A native of Rhode lsland, Dr. Dodd received her AB. from Bryn Mawr in 1914 and her lVl.D. from Johns Hopkins in 1921. After an internship and residency training at Johns Hopkins and Yale University Hospitals she began teaching in the field of Pediatrics in 1926. She has been associated with Vanderbilt and Cincinnati University medical schools and since 1952 has been Professor and Head of the Department of Pediatrics at the Uni- versity of Arkansas. To a brilliant physician and inspiring teacher who has devoted her life to medicine, the Class of 1957 respectfully dedicates this edition of the Caduceus. PROVCST v.W.0., :,..,,,,g,,,,1,,,, Axg. -1.-... M 2l M wH,.V1xAg F. DOUGLAS LA WRASON,M. D. Provost for Medical Affairs Acting Dean, School of Medicine JOHN T. RIGGIN JR., MD. Assistant Dean Wk ,W I 4 if 1 4' FLORENCE LAWSON BETTY WILKINSON Adm, Asst, 10 Dean Secretary to the Provost JUANITA SPRAGGINS EDITH MIDDLEBROOKS REVA DENNY Secretary Secretary Secretary UNIVERSITY OF ARK I 2 3' , L L S , X ' t wig iff? 5 f . Q , - f 5 1 1 , 5 , 5. i V 7 LQ! 5 , ' , ' f v 1 Q 1 A i 5 i is I A' 5 1 l , 8 I r Q 5314.1 V. ,.:, Mi, ,Q-""i"'V M Lf -" J --Q-,-, - :-- , ' 'fn A A ' M " P , ' -gg 5 E S E x MW 0? N 7 ,1 SC t Ax J , 9 7 WWW f XXQFU ' 'af X J if at 45 , Q "V f ,f P X W I QW X f M fl V I XCXNE - Q 7 ms.. L 5 The process of medical education is by necessity a personal one. Much can, of course, be accomplished by the reading of volumes of works on medicine, surgery, mycology, pathology, endocrinology, vitaminology, and tropical and parasitic diseases-the student can peruse the literature for the latest on aneurysms, herniae, forceps, paralyses, nodules, bruits and enemas. But for the secrets of medicine, the individual instruction so necessary for the completion of one's education, we find the need for members of the faculty of the School of Medicine. C5-Ro-ss j Hwnvomw R f7?L f N , F' QM W. C. LANGSTON, M.D. Professor and Head of Department JEFF BANKS, M.D Professor A. W. MCCULLOUGH, Ph.D. H. N. MARVIN, Ph.D. K. A. AULSEBROOK, M.D. Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Anatomy and Neurology V.. x MELBA CARNER .IO ANN BARNES Technician SCCICIHIY BIOCHEMISTRY A Dncmpmom eH7ffX..wANT W 45,3 I ff 1 D PAUL L. DAY, Ph.D. Professor and Head of Department X Wa: X1 u . X 5 Www 619171363 U -sl - ij . O To Kwow Somevmvca? Q1 fl i C , JAMES S. DINNING, Ph.D Associate Professor CARL D. DOUCLASS, Ph.D. R. L. WIXOM, Ph.D. BARBARA ALLEN RUTH YOUNG Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Teaching Assistant Research Assistant DAISY WORTHAM ROY FINNE I ROSE HOGAN PATRICIA SWAN SCCFCUITY Technician Technician Technician MICROBIOLOGY t you 607' Q60 6-e2mS 02. BLU6 '--' 1 C-QSEFYXS ? l X xx W S "wt NX vx CARLHZS. DUFFY, Ph.D. - I Professor and Head of Department HILLIARD HARDIN, Ph.D. RUTH JARMAN 4 Instructor Teaching Assistant PAUL MORGAN MARY JO STEADMAN 0 Instructor Lab Assistant PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY Benvnwtf , ...V e 1 Be Aonwt 4 Cmss mf JG W LLOYD D. SEAGER, M.D. Professor and Head of Department F. E. EMERY, Ph.D. S. A. CORSON, Ph.D. Professor Associate Professor DAVID BAUMANN, M.D. JOHN WHITNEY, Ph.D. DAVID .IERRAM FRED SPENCER BERWIN MONROE Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Instructor Research Assistant MARY SHEPHERD METTA CRANK JANET HENRY .IOHN KILBURN MARILYNN RICHTARIK Secretary Technic T h Technician T hnician 0 xi PATHOLOGY I LUHQKE A412 THE Wau- grmetz STQOQN TS ? Z , H IN vov R 6 Ro UP 6 K A M f Q W 'ff V- W- STEELE, MD- ANDERSON NETTLESHIP, M.D Assistant Professor and Professor Acting Head of Department R. M. WINKLER C. VILASINY, M.D. MARGARET REEL DORA ALLISON Instructor Resident SSCFCIHTY SCCFCUITY PAT MILLER NORMA TALBERT ADELAIDE BECOULET S. D. CULPEPPER BETTY DILLON Secretary Secretary Technician Technician Technician . w il' '. MAIIDE MOSELEY B. D. THORNTON WILSON WERELY J. D. HIGGINS, C. WILSON TCFIIIIICHIH Tc-cI1nic'ian '1IPf'IIIlil'illIl PUVICT Maid MEDICINE HQIYPA LET f? 306,02 vmavvwf, M4 X AZ! ff f Z K ' I 6 57 fr ' V C:-s fjf x 'J 1 J O Q AS ' ' 41 fo Zi ' P Q Y P P vii os' , Pr:ffegsErA5nl21goaI?1BciffRDTffp:ififItEli1:nt "'-"' ?N":x 'j"'f.' 9'-1 gg X BEN I. HELLER, M.D. JAMES S. TAYLOR, M.D. KERRISON JUNIPER, M.D. 5:'OjQ?SfOI' Associate. Professor Assistant Professor i JOHN A' PIERCE- MD- ' JOHN T. RIGGIN JR.. M.D. s. W. Ross. M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor DAVID BAIIMANN. M.D. ROSLYN WIENER. M.D. Assistant Professor Instructor O. M. SPURNY. M.D. A. F. MOORE. M.D. W. C. STORY. M.D. Chief Resident Assistant Resident ASSiSlHHl R6Sid6Ilt BILL F. HEFLEY. M.D. G. K. MITCHELL, M.D. RITA BELL ADA BROOKS Intern Intern Secretary Secretary HELEN JOHNSON RUSS TAYLOR LOIS TIPTON BARBARA HOLISTER Secretary File Clerk Secretary Research Technician 3 if .E ft OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY 'mme 6oe5 .fV7 X WILLIS E. BROWN. M.D. Professor and Head of Department EVA F. DODGE, M.D. KERMIT E. KRANTZ, M.D. Associate Professor Assistant Professor JOE A. PRESLEY, M.D. A. H. BODELSON, M.D. Instructor-Chief Resident Instructor-Chief Resident JAMES A. LANGDON. M.D. B. G. HENLEY. M.D. WILLIAM R. MURPHY IR., M.D Associate Resident Associate Resident Associate Resident E. C. HANISCH, M.D. GEORGE PAKIS. M.D. HOLICE B. POWELL. M.D. Assistant Resident Assistant Resident Assistant Resident MOSE SMITH III, M.D. WAYNE ROCKWELL, M.D. FRANK E. MORGAN, M.D. Junior Resident Junior Resident Junior Resident WILLIAM L. BYNUM, M.D. BELVA HOTCHKISS PHYLLIS PROVENCE Junior Resident Secretary Secretary PEDIA TRICS IRj2lCS TW5 1963057 Klof x, ,Q s, .fr Q S KATHARINE DODD, M.D. Professor and Head of Department ALICE G. BEARD, M.D. RUTH NICHOLSON, M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor ANN HUNT. M.D. D. C. HEINER, M.D. Assistant Professor 1HSirL1Cl0r G. FRANK STROOPE. M.D. HENRY ROGERS, M.D. MAX THORN, M.D. Chief Resident Resident Resident DELLA SIMONSON, M.D. JOANN HORTON, M.D. BETTY LOWE, M.D Resident Resident Intern CREACY FITZGIBBON MARGARET STITT Secretary Technician PSYCHIA TRY Z 222-K 4 g f I , WILLIAM G. REESE, M.D. Professor and Head of Department 5112245222233 Qi 1 :gm-:wf.t,,L.. .fax .L .gage.sJtL212E?7'1fzm- flea ' -. AM age:f:sf5f:fsszzg-:2f:.g13:- S QA., E 2-it 12 .5 :f3::4i':5-:fg,-:- w.aP,,'f-f " A JOHN E. PETERS, M.D Assistant Professor S. 1. FIELDS, Ph.D. L. M. K. LONG, Ph.D. ROSCOE DYKMAN. Ph.D. PAT SANDS A55iSt3I1l Professor Clinical Psychol. Research Director Social Worker CHARLES GALBRECHT PEGGY THOMASSON .IOAN EBERLE FRANCIS ,IUDAH Research Associate Psychometrist Secretary Receptionist RADIOLOGY M7 X, DAVID M. COULD. M.D. Professor and Head of Department H. J. BARNHARD. M.D Assistant Professor WALTER MAUDERLI, D.Sc. .I. W. BUICE, M.D. W. L. SIMS, M.D. W. C. TALLEY, M.D. Assistant Professor Resident Resident Resident . "ff H. D. LANGSTON. M.D. ELVIS LITTLE. M.D. MAXINE CHASE A IRMA MONARCHA Resident Resident Secretary Secretary SURGERY 6 :WN CONTRNQSNOCTQR- .K OUIQG Flglfo I Mr r' XXX S X 2 fish' S i - . L.W 4 're JAMES H. CROWDEN, M.D. Professor and Head of Department MASAUKI HARA, M.D. JAMES W. HEADSTREAM, M.D. F. DIXON CONLIN, M.D. Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Oncology Urology Orthopedics JAMES R. WALT, M.D. ROBERT STAINTON, M.D. B. W. THOMPSON, M.D. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Nm-F' ,,,.... wh ,xx .vfwr '41 Q'-f?"' , . A A,f"W A ..-wig: .1 M. M, . w.,..., ,Q 3 ,-1 - --f---- f ANESTHESIOLOGY 'Maize we weQe IN X PLANE If WHEN SUODGNU-f 'MI RPN GCT or gggf RNHARD . Assistant Professor JAMES D. CARTER, M.D. JESSIE CAVENER, M.D. A J. B. RICE. M.D. Resident Resident Resident ORVILLE S. CLARK. M.D. J. R. BROWN. M.D. CATHERINE HAYNIE Resident Resident Secretary CLYDE TRACY President BETTY MCCLELLAN Secretary N040 ALL YDU N650 ls A New Cr-NL T9 60 e Q! I7 f ID 0 - Q X KW g 0 Z W : ? Q X S no 2 BING COSGROVE Vice President LEE DOCKERY Treasurer QUIN MORTON BABER JR., NLD. Malvern, Arkansas CALVIN DWAYNE AUSTIN, NLD. Van Buren. Arkansas CHARLES RODNEY BAKER, MD Harrison, Arkansas JOHN WALLACE BALAY, MD. Neosho, Missouri X 1 A " ' W2 ' ge NORBERT JOURDAN BECQUET, M.D. Little Rock, Arkansas JOSEPH HENRY BATES, NLD Little Rock, Arkansas JOHN MACK BOYCE, M.D. Wa1'ren, Arkansas JOHN LEE BOND, NLD. Little Rock, Arkansas OLEN WADE BRIDGES, MD Arkadelphia, Arkansas .J Sn ROY ARVID BRINKLEY, M.D. Dell, Arkansas ERNEST LENON BURNELL, lVI.D. Camden, Arkansas DARRELL SHIRLEY BUCHANAN, lVI.D Pine Bluff, Arkansas - Q KI l "'l' , :.. N .,.f is 1 .. MAXWELL GENE CHENEY, NLD. Calico Rock, Arkansas JAMES CHESLEY BURROUGHS, NLD Texarkana, Arkansas DANIEL ELBERT CHRISTMAN, M.D. Dermott, Arkansas EARL CRANSTON CLAY, M.D. Forrest City, Arkansas JULIA ROSEMARY COFFELT, NLD. Jacksonville, Arkansas JAMES WALTER COCI-IRAN, lVl.D North Little Rock, Arkansas KINGSLEY WHITE COSGROVE, JR., M.D. Little Rock, Arkansas EDWIN LAWRENCE COFFMAN, NLD Fort Smith, Arkansas JOSEPH EARL CRUSS, M.D. West Memphis, Arkansas L MARTIN LOUIS CROW, NLD. Hope, Arkansas JUNIOR LEE DOCKERY, M.D. Hot Springs, Arkansas a,,Ia,aaI aaa,,..,,.. k I F2 339' JOE THOMAS DIFFER, IVI.D Little Rock, Arkansas I, fm, ,,-Iwx . : -,: H . w ww wi' 15 I I., as W g , W 'Magi .: ' 1 1 Dsxmww A - V, , 7 -4 . , ..,.., , 4 V "" ' A , S v wwfk 5 'P' A 3 M MAURICE DELMAR EDWARDS, NLD. Fort Smith, Arkansas J KM 5,,,,,,, . .- W- L,'fW . MQW- ww , , M215 " ' 9 . W' DONALD KEITH EARDLEY, NLD. Glenwood, Arkansas .-was ! ' EX Win WMM 'I LARRY JONATHAN EMBREE, M.D. Magnolia, Arkansas V m,ii,i V mVVAh, A - V, lul' 1 A173 A' , . , V . ,, 'V - . - -A-'--" rran A f i' "-V .-asm. ,?-V 5 ji Vihk. I , -, Ni Y EDWARD EVERETTE ESTES JR., M.D. Fordyce, Arkansas VICTOR JAMES FERRARI JR., M.D. Fort Smith, Arkansas x W GILBERT CARL EVANS, NLD. Little Rock, Arkansas ROY GILLISPIE, M.D. Jasper, Arkansas ROBERT WILLIAM GEYER JR., NLD Little Rock, Arkansas WILLIAM CLYDE GLOVER, NLD. Pine Bluff, Arkansas JOHN ALEX GRISSOM, MD. Harrison, Arkansas MARION JACK HENRY, M.D. Jacksonville, Arkansas WADE ASTGN HART, M.D Osceola, Arkansas FORNEY GOODWIN HOLT, M.D. Hope, Arkansas GEORGE FRANKLIN HOLITIK JR., NLD Waldron, Arkansas JERRY LEE HOYT, M.D. Crossett, Arkansas BILL FORBES HUTCHINS, NLD. Little Rock, Arkansas MARTHA ANN HUTSON, NLD. Carlisle, Arkansas HAROLD GENE HUTSON, lVl.D Carlisle, Arkansas SIK QUAN JEW, M.D. Altheimer, Arkansas BENJAMIN CARROL HYATT, M.D. Hope, Arkansas THOMAS HAROLD JOHNSON, M.D McGehee, Arkansas VIRGIL ROSCOE KELLEY, M.D. Conway, Arkansas GEORGE HENRY LADYMAN, M.D. Rector, Arkansas K HOWARD KURZNER, M.D. New York, New York -ia WALTER HAROLD LAWSON JR., NLD. Little Rock, Arkansas JOHN NEAL LANEY, NLD E1 Dorado, Arkansas PING CHUNG LING, NLD. Little Rock, Arkansas BETTY JANE IVICCLELLAN, M.D. North Little Rock, Arkansas 4?'!'1' BENJAMIN HARRISON IVICGOUGH JR., IVLD. Glenwood, Arkansas MAX RICHARD IVICGINNIS, NLD Rondo, Arkansas JIMMIE JOHN MAGIE, NLD. England, Arkansas fm L M 5 JERRY CONRAD MCGREW, M.D. Fort Smith, Arkansas JOSEPH LEON MARTINDALE, MD Hope, Arkansas IRVIN LEICHTON NIILLARD, NLD. Russellville, Arkansas O'TAR TETREAU NORWOOD, M.D. Idabel, Oklahoma FRANKLIN CRAIG NIOTEN, NLD Jasper, Arkansas WILLIAM PATTUN PHILLIPS, IVI.D. Ashdown, Arkansas CARL REED PARKERSON, NLD. Norman, Arkansas 'M JACK LAIVIBERT PRITCHARD, M.D Little Rock, Arkansas HERBERT PAUL REINHARDT JR., M.D. Little Rock, Arkansas THOMAS DILLARD ROBINSON, NLD. Ola, Arkansas NEWMAN LEROY RIECHMAN, M.D Camden, Arkansas ROBERT FUDCE SHANNON, NLD. Little Rock, Arkansas if fp SYBIL RUTH ROSE, NLD. Flippin, Arkansas ii M . J-.ji E.. ROBERT LUTHER SLAUGHTER, NLD Sheridan, Arkansas MELVIN RICHARD SPRINGER JR., NLD. Little Rock, Arkansas FRED JOHN SVENDSEN, M.D Omaha, Nebraska Wm H., ii JOHN ALLEN TEETER, M.D. Malvern, Arkansas JOHNNY CLARENCE TRICE, NLD.. Stuttgart, Arkansas CHARLES CLYDE TRACY, MD. Little Rock, Arkansas JOHN WILLIAM VINZANT, MD Augusta, Arkansas DAVID LOUIS WALKER, NLD. Fayetteville, Arkansas SAMUEL DAVIDSON WATSON, IVLD West Helena, Arkansas , :sum CLYDE HILL WHALEY, lVl.D. Stephens, Arkansas FRED GENE WILHITE M D G1 d A k ,t , Z . ,... I ' V- '1f.ssw , , H. - ' , M- f i. THAT LITTLE DOCTOR Tiff? 'EOLQHEHZYES 'T N Wxxw K 1i , xx S f fi? X N + I W w f Z im, X- gg Y- Y, - ij if i L 1 ' M W EA? in H 4945 if A. .. 1 '74 af., '9 S' . N' vii .V':'a',-" E. STEWART ALLEN CARL B. ARNOLD TI-IELL S. ARRINGTON Littlrf Rock Cuimi Russellville- jl Q. , -L, wg, 152, if ft fflkiifs 'WWA ., 'i ffw' V DEANE C. BALDWIN BOBBY G. BANISTER JIMMIE W. BASINCER Huntsville Forrest City Lake City FRANK S. BILLINCSLEY 0- G- BLACKWELL Little Huck Pim- Bluff JEANNE R. BONAR Pine Bluff if vm-w-uuwliqii ROBERT J. BOREN RONALD J. BRACKEN Morriltori Camden all-fillings OMER E. BR.-XDSHER Marniaciukv HENRY B. BRANDON GEORGE H. BRENNER JR. W. B. BROOKSHER JR Harrison Hot Springs Ft. Smith RUSSELL H. BULLOCH THOMAS L. BULLOCK JR. Monticvllo Dardam-Ile MICKEY CHURCH North Little Rock RICHARD CLARK NANCY K. CLARY Little Rock Stuttgart OWEN CLD PTUN Rvrtur W. OREN COLYAR JR. GLENN DALRYMPLE Camden Little Rock DAVID E. DUCKER JAMES P. EATON Pineville Searcy ELLIDEE DOTSON Huntsville STEPHEN B. FINCH Morrilton Swim lm - . .R Mgr, 'Auf' 7 N W . Q... A. l GOY D. FITCH CAHNEY FITZGIHBON JR. JAMES V. FLACK JR. Beebl' Little Rock Lilllf? ROCk TOM FLANNICAN HENRY VV. FOSTER WAYNE B. GLENN BIOHCUP Pine Bluff Lynn JOHN L. HAGGARD Glenwood ROBERT W. HARNION Forrest City H NROLD H. HEDGES Little Rock is-A PATRICK H. HENRY Thornton C. L. HOLLISTER JR. North Littlt- Rovk Faye'ttvvillv CARLTON ll. HUITT RICHARD J. HUNTER Paragould sniff JEAN HUNTER FRED JARVIS JR. Lake Village North Little- Rock SANIUEL L. KOVNTZ Littlt- Rm-k KEMAL E. KUT-XIT RONALD XI. LEWIS Ft. Smith El llurarlo sm: Y .......--f-J o l , 2 J E : ' JAMES T. LOWMAN JEROME H. LUKER JOE N. MASON Calm! N., JJJJJJ L JYJ wif 5 VERLA MCANELLY Bentonville RUSSELL R. MOORES Jon:-slum, Searcy Little Rock 101 EDWARD N. MCCOLLLJJXI JOHN D. MCCRACKEN Conway Conway GORDON NEWTON ROISERT H. NLNN.-Xl.l.Y Canulf-n llanulen WALTER R. OCLESBY MERRILL ,I. OSIBORNE EARL W. PEARSON JR. Dc-rmoit Rosm-land North Littlv Rock ROBERT E. PENDLETON JR. JAMES O. PEINNINCTON LAWRENCE C. PILLSTROH Little' Rock Darcian:-Ile Altus RUBERT C. POPE EDWARD M. POPP TROY E. REIJHAN Littlm- Rock Bismarck, Missouri Little Rock 5 .U M , 5-,ifsyifff JOHN V. SATTERFIELD III EUGENE A. SHANEYFELT SAMUEL L. SHAVER Little Rock Osceola -Q ,ff CHARLES A. SMITH TOMMY SNIDER Texarkana Little Rock Little Rock WILLIAM R. SNOW Mountain Home kg-Ti' "H-wwif pn-uwaiins. CARROLL F. SHUKERS II DALE SNYDER CHARLES A. SPEARS Little Rock Little Rrick Harrison 'i WANDA J. STEPHENS JACK D. TAYLOR ROBERT Nl. THOMPSON Conway Little Rock North Little Roek GENE M. TOWNSEND JOE A. WALL PAUL A. WALLICK Texarkana Little Rock Monticello E 2? JOHN L. WEARE THOMAS C. WILSON DOUGLAS E. YOUNG ROBERT H. ZIMMERMAT Little Rock North Little Rock Fayetteville Hut Springs J OHN STOTTS President LEE BERRY Secretary IILL HHV6 SOME O: -rem-r -rfgsue THERE BILL EDDINCTON Vice President PORTER RODGERS Treasurer THOMAS H. ALLEN L. K. AUSTIN JR. GLEN F. BAKER GENE BALL Little Rm-k Little Rock Newport June-slioro WALTER R. RAF? JR. J. FRANK BEASLEY DAISILEE BERRY JOHN P. BETHELL JR Little Rmwk Little Rock Nlalvvrn Drs Arc BARBARA BROWN GILBERT A. BUCHANAN VERNON H. CARTER JR. WILLIAM R. CAZER Charleston Prescott Little Rock Carlisle CIMRLES CHALFANT ROBERT L. CLARK JOHN D, 411,owER E. MOUIZAN COLLINS AUQIUFIH CUUWHY I'Iarrisrtn Furrr-st City WILLIAM J, CO'l"ltRlQI,I, R. PIII CRANK JR. MIKE DAVIS Wll,l.l,'UI II. DARWIN Linlq- R04-k Littlv Ruvk Rrinklvy Cnnvvuy .JOHN ff. DODCEN JACK EgNRlll,l"lXV WILIIXXI R. EIJIJINCTON C.-XROI, N. EASON FI. Smith fllvnwoml Clarkfville- 'llaylnr ,--up, 115 if, CLAUDE E. FENDLEY BOHEN M. FERRARI GORDON GATES .JOSEPH I.. GLASGOW' Leslie Ft. Slllllll Little Rock De Queen BYRON CRIMMETT JIM A. HARRIS JAMES H. HICKMAN ROBERT W. HOOD Waldo Jonesboro Searcy Russellville ,.,,,A,.. gr, 5 .fw- :-,.w.,.f- , f me Q . Q iw.,-qu , fd' ' EDWARD E. MAYS ROBERT L. MCFARLIN ALLEN MOUNT JR. DENO P. PAPPAS Pine Bluff Little Rock Jonesboro Hot Springs BILLY G. PARKER JOE C. PARKER JACK F. PIETZ MARVIN L- PURIFOY Little Rock Lewisville Pine Bluff TGXHFICHHH HENRY RIKKERS III WILLIAM H. RILEY PORTER R. RODGERS JR. CHARLES A. SCOTT JR Benton Little Rock Searcy Little Rock 'mn HOWARD SHAW CARL R. SLAUGHTER A. CHARLES SMITH WILLIS M. STEVENS Lincoln Little Rock Pine Bluff Urbana TS CHARLES R. TANNER ROBERT G. VALENTINE Horatio Searcy Fordyce Little Rock o o 2 ro: 5,4 me Er' OZ 'fav 2 Q so cu E t"' gpm ,bn M S E5 'EEG ca m E L" Eur' S-3 ga Em F' F' U7 5555392 A Q53 X WW W 'W WW .film ,,.,. X W JOHN R. WILLIAMS Booneville Q WEEGFORE 1 LUNG SoeueR Hema-rn -M256 Snvmes OF MM HND DOFTH Tr"f6M! I WILL LIKEU mm UNTO 0 50156 Mpffdf WHICH Bffzcf W5 MUSE UPON H ROCK- ff NH JOHN JOYCE Vice President GIL STACY President STAN TEETER X HOW6? of 91 Cpu ng M1 D06 I 1 V 11 ix QS X 5 X N " HH W I W W X Y sv .mm HRW X H ut! ,l r W X . K--uxxw Q Hx Q xxmmx mum 7 Nkkxuwwe BOB POWER Treasurer .ding 'US- H. RUSSELL ALBRIGHT RAND APGOOD H. D. BALDRIDCE CARL BECK Clarksville Little Rock Monette Monticello THOMAS E. BELL MELVIN K. BOTTORFF ALVIN M. BRYANT EDWARD L. BRYANT Camden Lake Village Little Rock Little Rock JOE H. BUMPAS FRED CALDWELL JAMES R. CALLAWAY RODNEY F. CARLTON Pine Bluff Jonesboro Amity Little Rock J. DAVID CARRICO BILLY M. CHANDLER WILLIAM C. CHANDLER JOHN P. CHEEK Shumaker Little Rock Ward Fi- Smith K WILLIAM V. CHILDS . PHILIP K. CHOATE JOHN CODY R. LEWIS CROW .IR Magnolia Little Rock New York City Crossett FRANK DANIEL ROBERT P. DICKSON DOYNE DODD JR. ROBERT A. DOVE Village Fayetteville West Memphis Little Rock W. GILBERT EBERLE ROBERT L. EWING LILY ANN FARLEY GLEN FINCHER Fayetteville Little Rock Siloam Springs W211110 IRA J. FRIEDMAN M. C. GLASGOW BOB GOSSER KYLE B. HAMM Pine Bluff Rector Little Rock Clarksville ROBERT P. HARDIN ERNEST H. HARPER MICHAEL N. HARRIS CARSON R. HAYDEN Little Rock Littlv Rock Wvst Hel:-na Batesville WILLIAM C. HEAD FRANCIS M. HENDERSON GEORGE XI. HENRY HERBERT M. HENRY Trumann St. Ann. Missouri TJIOTHIOH FT- Smllll CHARLES E. HICKS JAMES C. HOFFMAN JR. TALMADGBWV- HOLT JUDSON N. HOUT JR. Conwayv Mcgehee Manila Newport DON GENE HOWARD ROBERT W- HUNTER JR- WALTER L. JACOBS JR. WILLIAM F. JOHNSON England Little Rock Stuttgart Pine Bluff V485 ARTHUR B. JONES JR. M. JOYCELYN JONES BILLY RDAN Camden Schaal ' J. JO Crossett JOHN W. JOYCE Little Rock GEORGE H. KAMP LARRY R. KILLOUGH PHIL E. KORENBLAT HENRY A. LILE Conway Searcy Little Rock Hope PAT LIVINGSTON GARNETT MASSEY WILLIAM O. MAYS II Hot Springs West Helena SCOTT MCMAHEN JESSE McNIEL Magnolia Rector Little Rock FRANK MILLS Texarkana Rt I FRANKIE McHAN Monticello BOBBY MIMS North Little Rock CARL E. NORTHCUTT SOCRATES W. PAPPAS RICHARD F. PLANT ROBERT POWER Beebe Hot Springs Clarendon Hope N11- Al CHARLES H. RAMSEY INA DON RICHARDS JOHN F. RIDDLE CLYDE D- RODGERS JR McCrory Benton Fayetteville Little Rock CHARLES C. ROGERS JAMES F. ROGERS GEORGE ROSENTHAL JR. ALLEN R. ROZZELL Ft. Smith Jonesboro Little Rock Little Rock WILLIAM R. SCURLOCK MACK SMITH HERBERT A. SOPER KLUGH E- SORREI-LS VValdo Paris Fouke Hot Springs GlL STACY GILBERT W. TAYLOR STANLEY D. TEETER WILLIAM R. VAUGHTER Little Rock Manila Tillar Conway THOMAS J. WHITAKER JR. HENRY B. WHITE ROBERT H. WHITE JOHN H. WIKMAN Heber Springs Little Rock Siloam Springs Van Buren LEON WILES GEORGE E. WILSON JR. J. W. DALTON WILSON JOE BILL WILSON Eudora Eudora Little Rock Harrison I Str- WAYNE H. WOLFE NATHAN L. WRIGHT ROBERT A. WYERS PETER G. ZACK North Little Rock Sheridan Ozark Pine Bluff , J, a G if . 4D Chariot Races 7 , up as 15514, E-gy 1 "N ow back when I was 30 years old . . ." Chief "One-Feather" Lawson Morning Coffee 'TH make that 8 o'clock yet!" "Where the h--- is the DPT?" 5C QYN 90 GL M9 NG 'YBDFW f,U6'f?6 GOING To L.GFH?N How TO 5'T Doww IN OUR UNIFOQMS X Q U DEAN JULIA M. MILLER, M.A. Dean and Professor of Nursing Organized as an independent unit of the University, the School of Nursing was established in March 1953 to fill a long-standing need in Arkansas for an educa- tional program combining college-level instruction in academic subjects with profes- sional education for nurses. lt is the newest of some two hundred university schools of nursing in this country and the year 1957 marks the graduation of its first class.. fl' JANE KOEPKE MARGARET MATTOX SBCVGIUVY Secretary FACULTY MARGARET F. HEYSE, MS. DORIS PLACE, M.A. Professor of Nursing Professor of Medical and x Surgical Nursing ,D Zio? A NELL REDWOOD, M.S. PAULINE HUBBARD, B.S.N Professor of Psychiatric Nursing 1IlSffl1Ct0f ill NllfSiHg f W CLASS OF 1957 Q f' 4' 1 0665931 OSTLEW ATE MARXLYN P Hot Springs PAULXNE REED Bauxite QNNW EYYH TAYLOR K Y ay ettev Ne AYLOR ROSE MAYBE T F ay ettev me CLASS OF 1958 , 5 11 f CAROLYN BUTLER N 7X I Arkadelphxa V9 E' .IOAN HILL Hot Springs NORMA LONG Crossett DIANE HUIE Arkadelphia JUNE MILLICAN Tulsa Okla - I MQW, LETA MINTON Bono MARY NELSON Little Rock SUE RICHARDSON Little Rock HELEN SUTTON Little Rock A little spring sunshine . . . Those are not ice cream cups! ff' A gathering ofthe girls . . . i M. T R00fl0p view - - Here's two who made the top. o sea aww V e C X- C gf Z 7 f 'K C P' DEDICA TION X We the students of pharmacy, wish to dedicate our section of the Caduceus to Dr. R. O. BACHMANN, who has been on the staff since the school was organized. His never-ending efforts, as registrar and instructor, have done much to raise the professional standards of pharmacy on hoth the academic and practical level. We make this dedication as a token of our gratitude. THE PHARMACY FACULTY T. S. GROSICKI, Ph.D. Pharmacy 5. G. MITTELSTAEDT, Ph.D. if I I' . 'A 'E ' 4 AAA y , I X WILLIAM I-IELLER, Ph.D Hospital Pharmacy Dean JAMES E. DUSENBERRY, Ph.D. FRANKLIN S. WILLIAMS, M.A. Pharmacognosy Pharmacy Administration rx .1h3 133' P R Clgllljrhisi l Pharmaceu lc ,L 5. Q is' s X? ig 553 MARCUS W. JORDIN, Ph.D. h.D- Pharmacology YY ' 4fA E1 V' - W A STR1CKL3ND, . ' Pharma WM. D. EASTERLY, Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ph.D L, 3 h 1 gi 'haf' 5 1 I f Y T5 PHARMACY STAFF 1'A,- i RXQ P H GYNEVA TIGER SHIRLEY HESTIR Secretary to the Dean Record Clerk OTTO WENK Stockroom Supervisor ' Sli! 'W 3 RHODA BURCESS JULIA CHUM Librarian Clerk-Typist Library SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS S, E E E - J lV'X ,ag -r v Qu-fp: i A 7 ,S VM? , . llll -B Yvright Harrendorf Moss Buchanan ll: , ? T? if-is wa HATE ,LM President ....,,...,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CAGLE HARRENDORF Vice President ,,77, ,,.,,.,,7,,77A.,...... A RT WRIGHT Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,,.,,,........ B. BUCHANAN Reporter ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, J IM MOSS WILLIAM BAGGETT Hot Springs v J 1 MN WU' ALLEN BRADLEY Little Rock tum' uqaiihh..m,, HILLERY BEARD Rayne, La. CARL BROOKS 'wr EDWIN COOK Pine Bluff 'jaw BILL BUCHANAN Paragould Sl' Russell s FI- O - f A ll x afrj' f Q ,. ., ' , . iffy Pf1!""' ' .,. ,sl av' A. R. ESTES Forty Four Pri ff' A ' Wk , 5 8 , 'X' 'I' f 'm'f41 ERIC FONG Kowloon, Hong Kong ROGER FOUST Springdale s N' get E 2 , 5 " X X P X 5 i CLUVIS CARNETT Austin BILL GREENWAY Springdale CAGLE HARRENDURF Van Buren ,gm X x , ,W , . BOB LANDERS Buena Vista W .HM MOSS Hot Springs it-5 VAIL PASCHAL Little Rock ...A 1" PHYLLIS RAY Little Rock IEW A. , .- DON ROGERS Hot Springs NORMAN STROHSAHL Little Rock . - .- """ - , , J. F. SUTTERFIELD Big Flat BILLY WILES Little Rock ARTHUR E. WRIGHT Berryville 2-3 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 3 g 0'D0neIl Estes Shoup Tonymon President ,,,,,,,A, , ...,, ,,,,,, T OMMY 0'DONELL Vice President .,..,.. ,,,,,A,,..,, 0 SCAR TONYMON Secretary-Treasurer .w.,7v,777, .7,7. W . V. SHOUP Reporter ,,,,,A, ,,., ,,,,,, L Y NN ESTES JUNIOR CLASAM7 fFIVE YEAR PRC LYNN ESTES Forty Four JA CK H OLAUAN Little Rock N OD FITZGIBBO R k Little ROC CL YDE KE Nash VHZSTER T OMAIY ODONELL Criffith ville EfQ.4?'..,,,e,i5"""" JERRY REED Balll Knob VAN ROSA Mountain View WHITNEY SHOUP North Little Rock 41' i Ili. - OSCAR TONYMON Marvell ,rn 9512 Eff 1-rv E fm Myfgififgkxykx , Q- fl A H-Hifi ------,. K X N N W wx!! E- wa? 141 J E3 ' f U J A -4 b W fy- "' W ' 1 SZ? .,N X , 2 Q, .fx ' X ,, K! 1,1362 . A 1 sw 1' ,gi,2'Lg,! 3, ' K m XKTUW-X x f. 1 M 'M ,759 ,n, V1-pls ,K- Lw A 2 f fe, ' A H L wa-ws-uv-wv-w , fff ws""x. ,. 3 xi, .L 4 'km fi' TVX' ,nM THE FIVE YEAR BOYS!!! x f ,uw If if 4 M if K , qi 5 1',Q'f , . ff ,f Q ! , ' '11-M 'x--...,,,s, V. .., . . Ain- 2 2 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ii. ix Watson Terrv Giles Fort Q J 5 x X -. President .....,,,.,77,,, .,7,,,,,7.,,,7. W . R. GILES Vice President ..,.,, ...,,,,.... S AM WATSON Secretary-Treasurer ,,...,7,7.,7, BILLIE FORT Reporter ,7A.,, ,,,,i,..,7.. JOHN TERRY W. B. BAIRD T. J. BATIE Marked Tree Ashdown H. E. COOK H. CHANCELLOR Ola Roseburg, Ore. D. CLOPTON B. DAVENPORT Little Rock Rogers B . C. FORT Berryville W. R. GILES E1 Dorado C. S. GRAY North Little Rock J. M. TERRY ffl! 6- 'H H. V. MAULDING JR Fore-man Greenwood W. L. NABORS S. L. WATSON Donaldson Hope .rf- -Q l think it's a girl! Claviceps purpurea? iw it QW: Qw- 5 Q Q in as What, me wrong!" "Terry has switched to coke." "Not me-ours got awayf' Y . g if 4 A ,if -:ge,:Ia,,:g,,. M N 5 ,- , A fr in l ' fl af V fi rr" Y' is 44 A L ,Q ,N ,,., iiggb ig, 1:,L "Getting through early? Well, he's I should have stayc-cl in the Navy. a four-year man. " 4 A'One ch J ocolatc soda coming up." A, 1 .ff fi? l,A , gr 3' 5 li 3 QL t E Y S ,, Q QQ minima X ax 'fi X 5 VBA 1 Coavh Hal Stancil The way I handle women. 5 Q ? ,fwqk-X ni f MK uv SOPHOMORE CLASS - FIVE YEAR PROGRAM .N Left to right: Lloyd Cain, vice-presidentg Georgia Ransom, reporterg Lynn Meredith, secretary- treasurerg .lack Kemp, president. K 'ia 5, , 1 1 3, 15 ix HF ff" JOE BOWEN JACK BAYS LOYD CAIN Tyronza Summerfield, La. Little Rock W X in 1 I s M A if 5 YA- Q A J f X Eg if R J' 3 A R Rig li . -, 5 l ,R K V, .Y L lif X 'K R rf 1' Rl BOB HOWARD JACK KEKIP North Little Rock Clarksvjllc JOE LAIR HANSEL MARTIN North Little Rock Little Rock JOE MEEHAN JAMES MITCHELL Little Rock Clarksville W. N. TURNER North Little Rock, Arkansas J. T. TAPP GEORGIA RANSOM Bradford, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas CARLOS SELVA B. T. TEMPLE Little Rock, Arkansas I-ml? R0Ck, ATICHUSHS if-,QE 7- -, ,. 1' A ,gk ,, , . Audi' ,Ned x asia. K NW-...ii ,.? -ff M -W Qgfwv L fm-M E r f l ' MTM? 1-.fe I AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION .QQ E 1' N f Left to right: B. Buchanan, Treasurer: A. Bradley, Vice Presidentg V. Paschal, President: C. Harrendorf, Secretary. I All N! New ! VAN ROSA JOE BOWEN Senior Delegate Junior Delegate National Delegate A.Ph.A. National A.Ph.A Convention Convention Ve if ,M SCHOOL OF PHARMACY ACTIVITIES viii A. Ph. A. Meetings Noon Football 4 if ix .aw Ng.. ?f'Iwf1+ National Pharmacy Week Parties Trip to Parke-Davis Trip to Upjohn . 'iii .. 3 1 ' A .I AA... EL. A. BRADLEY, Regent 0. TONYMON, Vice-Regent R. FOUST, Secretary H. BEARD, Treasurer A. ESTES, Historian N. STROHSAHL, Chaplain DR. GROSICKI, Advisor J. BLUNDELL T. BATIE B. BUCHANAN R. FITZGIBBON E. FONG B. FORT W. GILES B. GREENWAY C. HARRENDORF B. LANDERS J. MOSS J. MITCHELL W. NABORS A. WRIGHT Q-'Q 1, at K f M 5,A H -A KAPPA PSI CHRISTMAS BANQUET 4 Wo flf 7 4 xr Sfflls x ?' L Knights of Columbus SCHOOL OF PHARMACY BASKETBALL TEAM - fffm 37 47 1 Mack's Ramblers ,7,,,77, Borden's Dairy .,L,,,,7,7 ,,,,,,,,77 7 66 2 Everettls Glass ,,,,,.. Ram's ,,,7,...,,,,,7,,..7,.,,... A,,,,,,,,. 3 1 60 3 Medios ,.......Y77,,,...,, Borden's Dairy ,....,,,v, ....,,,,r. 6 0 90 4 Dutch O,Neal u,u,,,7,7 Mackls Ramblers ..,.,,,,,, 36 39 5 Medics ,Y... Dutch 0,Neal .,,,..,,,...,, A,,,,.,,,,,,7,,...,.7,,7, 4 9 51 Bordenls Da1ry ,,,,,,,..,.,.,,7,,,,,....,........,,,7 17 47 zos 50 47 64 73 47 7' Easy does it! Goose! The Cheerleaders mm ALLEN BRADLEY President JULIUS SUTTERFIELD Vice-President VAIL PASCHAL Secretary-Treasurer ART WRIGHT Historian ROD FITZGIBBON BILLIE FORT H. V. MAULDING if VAN ROSA wwf- L OSCAR TONYMON Q 'F SAM WATSON . in in 1 -fu is ,-"'i as QW. - - if I 1 'zvv WHITNEY SHOUP THE STA FF School of Pharmacy Section 51" Qs Qfaw s A,,L K TOMMY O'DONNEL ALLEN BRADLEY Editor Assistant Editor Photographer HWQ ,ll V ,r Mn., nas. ' . ,ho.r yoi, I, rE f as , so wi Q 1 LOYD' CAIN HILLERY BEARD JIM MOSS Business Manager Photographer Ph050gTllPh6f This is your '57 Caduceus. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. For their fine Work and wonderful co-operation, I wish to express my sincere thanks to the staff and the faculty advisor, Dr. Jordin. -the Staff -the Editor '52 1:52-'WN , i 9,5 L S -Nw' W X2 V Q 1, xt I 4,7 f wr Mrwdfi 5 'G f Ba 655 M ' Before i ., ,ig F gl- xi f ,W 'V' . M V A '52 W M' ' '53, .:f- E M y 1 H' ' A ,.. ,.,. I . K .Sf W , mf af as 5 2,1 Wang., .,,. Wim W.,mM...f :sm f-W A,A--, W ,,-, - E Some Day xnxx Hi Ho, Steve-of After . -2 l fi," V mi' QL'1V . -A ' 55 Q A4 M 4, 1 ,-. . , ,Q . I G Ag zzg ' , , X fm 'Q Q.. e W 2 ' N... :fin W e ,P-f"' sfs M Wag 5 Q . 'I K J. ,ja f ' -s.w,,, 2 W e A s , 35? P V M, , A LAVL is Q3 Q W. s e e . i , e.,.4,-iii" 4 1 QSM , - 9 xl ' Well, after five years, here we are. Wk"-. ,lk f Vw ::, ' A Q M K 1 -. .. - 5 Hey! Where's my blond? f gl e ,ff ee s Ill i if 'wx' P 2 X The latest from Paris? 7 W- I N .. . - '. 1, , , K V , , , ,M .K ,, ,...,e w. 2' ,-We -s,1 V M, M.- Q ,, - gi.. ,, 1, 'f A , p f p '1'-afifhf View . , KL L A X . my V 7 Wwhif, . I I V ,4,M. Q' Y - A , M11 I Y N f kk-SQA Ceaser and friends. .1 " an NNN 'sepia Life does get tedious. Ola! Jose! GNN i ERSXN y-XQ 'IV SYN N. ADMINISTRATION ,M r K NELSON F. EVANS E. A. WALKER Hospital Administrator Controller 'E-Q JOHN D. GERDES MARION SAFFERSTONE DELORES JOHNSON Assistant Administrator Purchasing Agent Personnel Supervisor KATHY SULLIVAN ANN ELMORE LA REVA SHELBY DYLIS JENKINS Secretary Secretary Secretary Typist NURSING SERVICE 35551 Heke FOURTH QEHRSQ NCZ1uFiU6,lf'f':fD HRWN 7 C70 IZ H U0 NW gauze? f XX , 'nr WEN 1 I p A ,5 ,A B N X ELEANOR C. SHELDON, R.N. Chief of Nursing Service OPAL BENAGE ELIZABETH JOHNSON VERONICA MCNEIRNEY BARBARA LOY Associate Chief Assistant Chief Assistant Chief Secretary ROSEMARY BARROW JULIA HEIEN GRACE BAUSEWEIN VENITA BAER Supervisor Supervisor Head Nurse Head Nurse 5 w I , . ,K 1- ,z-1 JO HERRING BARBARA MARTIN JOYCE RHOADS MARIE STEELE BETTY WORTHAM Head Nurse Head Nurse Head Nurse Head Nurse Head Nurse BETTY GEORGE ANNA BOEHNER PATRICIA BROWN MIRIAM BROWN HELEN CHILDRES Anesthesia Staff Nurse Staff Nurse Staff Nurse Staff Nurse FRANCES FOWLES SUE FRAZIER RITA GREEN MARGE KORDSMEIER MICKIE O'CONNOR Staff Nurse Staff Nurse Staff Nurse Staff Nurse Staff Nurse MARIE ROBINSON KATHRYN SAVAGE MARY VEAZEY DALE WASHBURN JESSIE GARRETT Staff Nurse Staff Nurse Staff Nurse Staff Nurse L.P.N. ADA CRIEBEL JACKIE GUYNES AGNES MILLER BONNIE SCHOTT ELEANOR SHELBY L.P.N. L.P.N. L.P.N. L.P.N. L.P.N. GRACE WISE LULA AUSBURNE ERNESTINE BANKS LILA BEARD ALLIE CARVER L.P.N. Aide Aide Aide Aide ALMA DAVIS MAMIE EDGESTON HELEN FURLOW D. MOORE JANE MOORE Aide Aide Aide Aide Aide f . 1' X if SADIE NORMAN MARY RANKIN BESSIE STRICKLAND BERNICE WILBANKS LULA WILLIAMS Aide Aide Aide Aide Aide ff? S. W. ROSS, M,D. BETTY RICE. R.T. Director of Laboratories Instructor CLINICA HILLIARD HARDIN, Ph.lJ. Clinical Microhiologist f' r ri a s v I E 5 JEANNE COE JANE COLE JO MITCHELL BOBBY MORGAN Technologist Technologist Technologist T6ChI10l0giSi JEAN THORNHILL DORIS WARREN RUTH PAXTON Technologist Technologist Secretary PETE CRIMES ETHEL GAYLOR CAROLINE FLETCHER Technician Technician 2nd Year J. M. JOHNSON Technician JEAN GRIMMETTE 2nd Year ATHOLOGY CAROLYN HOUSLEY MARILYN HOUSLEY CAROLYN JACKSON HELOISE LANSDOWNE 2nd Year 2ncI Year 2ncI Year 2ncI Year TOMMIE LOVE TOMMY MANN HELEN MCFARLAND PAULA PEACOCK 2nd Year 2nd Year QIIII Year 2ncI Year MARY TEMPLETON VIRGINIA BOYLE AUBERT BYERS INIYRA EZELL 2nd Year Ist Year Ist Year Ist Year MARTHA SANDERS BUD SWIFT PEGGY WALKER CLIFTON WESFBHOOKE lst Year Ist Year Ist Year ISI YPHY RADIOLOG HELEN MATTHEWS CHRISTINE HELIVIS .IAN BREEDING I Instructor Senior Technician Isotope Technician I R A I5 I' BETTY BUICE RAYMOND HUNTER JANET SCHNAUTZ MARY SMITH Technician Technician Technician Technician TERESA WELLMAN JAMES BREEDING SUE GANN Clerk 2nd Year 2nd Year X? HELEN HICKEY 2nd Year HOMER HOLBROOK JO ANN HUBBELL SHERALD LACEFIELD ULYSSES PARR 2nd Ye-ar 2nd Year 2nd Year 2nd Year 'ECHNICIANS 'UQ' Se DEAN PAYNE JACK RUSH BARBARA STORY JIM WORRELL 2nd Year 2nd Year 2nd Year 2nd Year CARLENE DODD JUDITH GARRETT SHERRY CROCE DIANN HAGER lst Year lst Year lst Year lst Year MARY HILLYARD NANCY KING GERALD POE JIMMY SHORT lst Year lst Year lst Year lst Year M NORMA TACKETT JOHN WATT JEAN WILKINS NANCY WOODALL lst Year lst Year lst Year lst Year MEDICAL ILLUSTRATION BOB WALLOCH .IACK DINER Chief Photographer Artist PAUL CHASE Photographer SUZY GREEN Secretary DON THOMPSON Photographer DIETITIANS MARY BELL Clinic Dietitian MARY ANN MQCINNIS CATHERINE SCHANCHE Therapeutic Dietitian C Y Therapeutic Dietitian LOUISE POPE Pharmacist WILLIAM M. HELLER Chief Pharmacist MOSES B. KAMARA Pharmacy Intern HAROLD J. HAMILTON Pharmacist ROTATING INTERN! ELEANOR POLK DEED, M.D. RONALD GRABER, M.D. DAMON G. H. MARTIN, M.D. RYLAND MUNDIE, M.D. W. A. REDMAN, JR., M.D. DANVIS RUST, M.D. . I 4 HOWARD STRAUSS, M.D. RUTH ANN MARTIN, R.N. Physician Nurse VIEDICAL RECORDS Vw f4lfIV'7 W A w ,WTMN W H X Y Wu P91426 X M ' v 2 6 X 'N X SHIRLEY COTHREN MARY LOU ALLEN i Acting Supervisor Supervisor File Room NANCY BURLEY SYBIL CARDIN BOBBIE SHERRILL ANN HOBBS FREDA KACHIK Analysis Statistics Abstracts File File DNA HERTZFELDT MERLA MANOR SUE PLECGE JOYCE SPARKS JO TURNER Typist Typist Typist Typist Typist PHYSICAL PLANT AND HOUSEKEEPING VANCE CECIL Chief Engineer B. J. MINOR LOUIS F. MUENCH M. L. HODKIN Chief Electrician Electronic Engineer Mechanical Supervisor DOROTHY CRONE AUBREY PANNELL RALPH MELLIOTT MAE SPARROW Chief of Housekeeping Assistant Chief Supervisor Supervisor WILMA MILLS SUE CLAY SHIRLEY LAMB Secretary Secretary Typist HOSPITAL PERSONNEL ATHALEA GADDY Bookstore Supervisor FRED M. RAETZ GIRTHA WEAVER Stockroom Supervisor Linen SUPCTWSOT VERDA WALLACE Information Desk GLADYS THOMPSON CLIFFORD ADAMS Chief Telephone Operator Infvrmatlon Desk WILLIE MCALISTER Receiving Clerk ALICE MCBRIDE Stockroom Clerk SYLVESTER LOVING Emergency Room Orderly VIRGINIA DETLOFF Head Librarian LIBRARY sm, 1 CALL H Speczrfsc. Assemzacff UUS7 Fora I 60014 KAJEEK 'f Ay? if I A JS LEOLA SHUKERS CORINNE GEORGE Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian DOROTHY EWING Assistant Librarian FRANCES SCHREIBER Secretary VIRGINIA LEE Cataloging Librarian s A01 NX XE IT WST cwuwfvr I Be 9 MQD-SCHOOL Dfwvce - ,MA ww ii 5 W Rf N X 3? Hvf55 ' kv. M W 5 ,W X K m s N STUDENT CCUNCIL MAX MCCINNIS TOM ROBINSON President Vice President STUDENT BODY OFFICERS School of Medicine My -.54 f SYBIL ROSE HAROLD HUTSON Secretary Treasurer JOHN VINZANT JERRY IWICCREW JOE WALL RUBY HUNTER Senior Senior Junior Junior GENE BALL GIL BUCHANAN JOE BILL WILSON PHIL KORNBLAT Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA HONORARY MEDICAL FRATERNITY CLYDE TRACY KINGSLEY COSGROVE LARRY EMBREE HONOR Couucu JOE DIFFIE JIM MAGIE RUSSELL BULLOCH COY FITCH Senior Senior Junior Junior EDDIE MAYS STAN JOHNSON BOBBY MIMS CARL NORTHCUTT Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman PHI BETA Pl MEDICAL FRATERNITY MAX CHENEY President CARL BILL BECK BROOKSHER RUSSELL JOE PHILIP RICHARD DAVID BULLOCK BUMPAS CHOATE CLARK CARRICO PHIL JAMES EDWARD WALTER EDWARD KORENBLAT LOWMAN McCOLLUM OGLESBY POPP DARRELL DAN CLYDE GEORGE FORNEY BUCHANAN CHRISTMAN GLOVER HOLITIK HOLT BEN TOMMY LEIGHTON FRANK JOHN HYATT JOHNSON MILLARD MOTEN TEETER SAM CLYDE WATSON WHALEY DAVID BOB CHARLES DON FRED DUCKER HARDIN HICKS HOWARD JARVIS TOMMY GENE PAUL JOHN TOM SNIDER TOWNSEND WALLICK WEARE WHITAKER PHI CHI MEDICAL FRATERNITY LARRY EMBREE President 'I 'Jv'?' STEWART .I IM ALLEN BASINGER GLEN CARNEY JIM TOM GORDON DALRYMPLE FITZGIBBON FLACK FLANNIGAN GATES HOWARD RUSSELL GORDON BOB MERRILL LONSDALE MOORES -NEWTON NUNNALLY OSBORNE RODNEY EDDIE MARTIN VIRGIL GEORGE BAKER COFFMAN CROW KELLEY LADYNIAN HARRY MAX PAT DICK JOHNNY LAWSON MCGINNIS PHILLIPS SPRINGER TRICE FRANK RONALD BOB MICKEY O. H. BILLINGSLEY BRACKEN BRANDON CHURCH CLOPTON HAROLD PAT KEINIAL LONNIE RONALD HEDGES HENRY KUTAIT LEONARD LEWIS EARL CHARLES EUGENE DALE BOB PEARSON SCOTT SHANEYFELT SNYDER ZIMSIERMAN AM ERICA N JUNIOR BRANCH MEDICAL WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION EVA DODGE, MD. BETTY MCCLELLAN MARTHA HUTSON SYBIL ROSE Sponsor President Vice President Secretary ROSEMARY JEANNE NANCY ELLIDEE JEAN COFFELT BONAR CLARY DOTSON HUNTER ,+V -any 'WW k it E f. VERLA WANDA DAISILEE BO MARY ELLEN McANELLY STEPHENS BERRY FERRARI JENKINS K' BARBARA LILY JOYCELYN PAT STINNETT FARLEY JONES LIVINGSTON MEN'S CHORUS DR. MCCULLOUCH BRYANT BUCHANAN WHITAKER WRIGHT DODD Director lst Tenor lst Tenor Ist Tenor lst Tf'I1Or 2I1fI TPUOY 90 CAZER PAPPAS RIPLEY SOPER WILLIAMS MANI-EY 2nd Tenor 2nd Tenor 2mI Tenor 2nd Tenor 2nd Tenor 2I1d T5'Il0f LILE CALDWELL CORRICO CODY EBERLE HEAD 2nd Tenor Ist Bass lst Bass Ist Bass lst Bass lst Bass ROGERS SHAW CALLOWAY CRANK DOVE EWING Ist Bass Ist Bass 2ncI Bass 2nd Bass 2nd Bass 2nd Bass HENRY KUTAIT PAPPA5 SMITH WALL ZIMMERNIAN 2nd B355 2nd B355 Znrl Bass 2nd Hass 'Znd Iiass 2nd B395 3 I U OF A MEDICS BASKETBALL TEAM Long a power in league competition, the Medios continued their perennial domination with another City Championship during the past year. With a balanced veteran group they were seldom pressed and remained the Class of Little Rock City Basket- ball. CLYDE TRACY GIL TAYLOR ,llamzger Forward Cemm' STAN TEETER CHARLIE HICKS BILL SCURLOCK LONNIE LEONARD Forward Center Forward Guard CLAUDE FENDLEY JIM KOLB BILL FDDINGTON JIM EATON Guard Forward Guard Forward G. L. HOLLISTER MAX MCGINNIS JOHN BALAY CALVIN AUSTIN Forward Guard Guard Guard U OF A MEDICS SOFTBALL TEAM Hainpered by light hitting and a lack of reserve strength the Medios nevertheless improved their N.-.--.ff league standing over the previous year. Witli a crop .-alfa M. of Hrookiesj' and a nucleus of seasoned players X prospects for the coming season are brighter than A tit those in several years. SAM SHAVER EARL PEARSON ' ll.fS'4'f Pitcher MAX MCGINNIS LONNIE LEONARD JOHN BALAY PAT PHILLIPS Catcher Catcher First Base Third Base LARRY EBIBREE ,IOHN SATTERFIELD GORDON NEWTON JIM FLACK First Base Shortstop Second Base Outfield HAROLD HEDGES RONNIE LEWIS BOB POPE BILL RILEY Outfield Outfield Oulfielcl Outfit-ld MEDICAL DAMES BETTY WHALEY KATHLEEN HOLT VIRGINIA COLLINS President Vice President Correspondence Secretary LILY BALL DOROTHY SNYDEH BARBARA TRACY CHRIS MCCOLLUM Recording Secretary Treggurgr Parliamentarian Historian MEDICAL DAMES 1957 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS 2 'O BOB SHANNON Editor of the MEDICO PAT PHILLIPS BETTY JANE MCCLELLAN Editor of the CADUCEUS Edilvr Of the CADUCEUS JERRY MCC-REW KEMAL KUTAIT Artist Business Manager n . T in 35455?Ei5EW f iiiiwiv VIC FERRARI BOB WALLOCH DR. A. W. BICCULLOUGH Photography Photographer Faculty Advisor The Senior picnic gets underway . . . the BIG gamehunter was there several kegs were consumed . . there were many toasts . . . Slugger Lawrason raps 'em out . . . to ol' leadfoot himself!! Horseplay in the pool . . . here's that man again . . the trailer was a popular place . . . all gone, Bing . . f W' e gad, what a lrirl . . . wish l had my queen hack W, ' Q, fl- K Mu 944 f 3, , , w ga? ,Q 1 x Q if f -iw n if QS-cg , I 1. N 3495 fi ll it .wi v , 5 ay S ff? digg Q. 2 iii Here is an example of a case of Erythrothrombomonohlastosis . . . fi ,XX he f fl z 'K ,M Lama il, fa f-11 ,2 55 Prostatic hypertrophy . . X 5 . A -4 "Wil"'- - ,M "I think that was the carotid . . ' New dining room-same coffee . . . A I Mrs. Wilmuth and A'Dr. LeRoy" "Obviously sex has been left out of your life . . The success or failure of a yearbook depends on many more persons than those connected with the immediate staff. Certain tasks which mean much are often forgotten in the rush-the 1957 CADUCEUS staff does not wish this to happen. Our sincere thanks to . . . Betty Wilkinson and Reva Denny for favors too numerous to enumerate . . . Bob Walloch, Paul Chase and Don Thomp- son for the photography and the many extra hours of Work contributing to the excellence of same . . . Dr. Lawrason for his successful efforts to have the entire student body of the School of Medicine participate in the book . . . Jim Long and the Taylor Publishing Company for their assistance and cooperation . . . ,lack Diner for advertising posters . . . the faculty and house staff who cooperated in having pictures made . . . the freshman and senior classes of the medical school who had every member photographed . . . to everyone who contributed in any way toward the completion of this issue . . . for Without the above assistance a hard task would have been an im- possible one. BETTY lVlcCLELLAN AND PAT PHILLIPS Editors WHAT IS THIS GIRL LEARNING? A. Foo+baII B. BaIIe'I C. Semaphore Code KAY SURGICAL. INC. Hospi+aI and Surgical Supplies II44 Madison Ave. Memphis I, Tenn. ARKANSAS FOUNDRY' COMPANY Iron 'N' SI'eeI Disfribufors of Na+ion's Finesi Building Ma'I'eriaIs I423 Easf 6I'h Sfreef LiHIe Rock, Ark. ECONOMY DRUG STORE I24 Wesf Capiial Lii+Ie Rock, Arkansas Phone FR 4-0307 CRANE COMPANY Plumbing Supplies ANSWER: How +o opera'I'e 'Ihe eIevaI'or wi+h I000 Easi 2nd a full bedpan in each hand. Li'HIe Rock, Arkansas Ready-Mixed Concrefe Crushed Sfone BIG ROCK STONE 8: MATERIAL CO. LiHIe Rock, Ark. "Arkansas' Largesi' Producers" River Washed Sand Promp+ and Courfeous Service Besf Wishes Io Ihe New Universify Medical Cen'I'er KREBS BROS. SUPPLY CO., INC. CompIe+e Equipmeni' for Ho+eIs, Res+auran+s, Hospi'IaIs and Ins+iI'u+ions 4I3-4I5 Wes+ CapiI'oI Avenue LiHIe Rock, Arkansas Congra+uIa+ions 'ro +he I957 Graduafing Class of 'fhe Universify of Arkansas School of Medicine ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY Welcomes You Io 'rhe Pracfice of Medicine in Arkansas AMERICAN CYANAMID CO. ,g .lli1I11zfar!1n'w'I uf mblhnw 6 Gul Safari ra Since 1909, contributing to surgical progress through suture research and the largest surgical Hlm program in the world Since 1930, sponsors and producers of The Cine Clinic program of the American College of Surgeons AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY a SURGICAL PRODUCTS DIVISION o DANBURY, CONNECTICUT - 0riLqi11I1lfn'.r mn! ilLz111rfi1I'lz1rw'T nf Ib: RL'l'0!ilfiU7ZrU'j New Slerilc Sfnzzru Park - ,S'llI'1QfftIVi'? - Non' 171 Ozw' 1500 Ilfupilaff WHAT IS THIS MAN ABOUT TO SEND HOME A. The ramrod in his "Old Befsy" B. His foo-affecfionafe Greaf Dane C. A check if he can gef if in fhe envelope. Www' ANSWER: This pafienf, if he can'f gef fhis cafhefer down him. Congrafulafions fo fhe I957 Graduafes BLASS Where Every Cusfomer Musf Be Safisfied 4+h and Main FR4-4343 Congrafulafions 'ro fhe New Medical Cenfer ARKANSAS THEATER SUPPLY IOI5 Division Sfreef Norfh LiHIe Rock, Ark. DRAPES RODDING Besf Wishes fo Graduafes PULASKI COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY Congrafulafions ADAMS ARTIFICIAL LIMB CO. IO Donaghey Building Liffle Rock, Arkansas DOCTOR'S FRIEND Special Considerafion Given fo New Docfors in Seffing Up Your Office BEST QUALITY - LOWEST COST Complefe Line of Sfeel and Wood Office Furnifure - Recepfion Furnifure - Filing Equipmenf Safes - Chairs DAILEY'S OFFICE FURNITURE 2I3 Easf Markham LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS GRADING PAVING GRADY GARMS Confracfor Thirfy-second and Elm Sfreefs Telephone MO 3-3I95 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Earfh Moving CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT A Complere Medical Supply House for DocI'ors, Clinics and Hospirals. All Under One Roof We Specialize in Na+ionally Adverrised Lines KLECKET X-RAY COMPANY OF ARKANSAS FRanlclin 4-7648 CENTRAL SURGICAL COMPANY. INC. FRanlclin 4-9748 FRanlclin 4-5030 9I8 Main SI'reeI' LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS G. Dan Cummings, Presideni' James A. lJimmyl Beals Secre+ary-Treasurer Congrarulafions 'Io I957 Graduafes of Universi'I'y of Arkansas Medical CenI'er ARKANSAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION L. H. Haines - Marianna ,,,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Presidenl' Roy Rhea - LiHIe Rock ,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,a,,.,,,. ,,,..,,,,, I 5+ Vice Pres. S. A. Walker - Russellville ,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,, 2 n d Vice Pres. Frank J. Eiden. Jr. - No. Li'Hle Rock .,,,,...,.,....,...,,,,,,,,,,.......,,,,.,,. Treasurer William G. Smifh ,.a......,..,.,,....a,,.,,,,,,,a,,.,.,...,.,.,,,a,,.,,,a.,.. Secrerary-Manager 607 WALLACE BUILDING LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS Congralulalions 'lo Seniors CHURCHMAN-RHEA DRUG CO. 280I Kavanaugh Free Delivery Telephone MO3-4l3l LiH'le Rock, Arkansas ALLSOPP AND CHAPPLE 307 Main S'l'ree+ LiH'Ie Rock, Ark. Books-S+a+ionery-Office Equipmenl' Bes'r Wishes +o lhe Graclualing Classes GRANOFF'S l0l'h al Main Phone FR 4-5048 Besl' Wishes From ARCHER DRUG COMPANY Service Wholesale Druggisfs IO7 Eas+ Markham LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS WHERE WOULD YOU FIND THIS MAN? A. Speaking in 'rhe Coliseum B. Holding his finger lo lhe dike C. Crossing The Delaware VX X PARK HILL PHARMACY 722 Ark-Mo Highway Norlh LiHle Rock Across From 'lhe Park Hill School B 8: F DRUG STORE l800 Wrighf Avenue "The Rexall Slore" Phone FR 4-2374 TEDFORD DRUG STORE Q T E M 'H' C B W ' hi' X X . . a ox . . rig S Owners and Pharmacisls 5 9l5 Easf 9+h Sfreel' Phone FR 4-4926 X Besl' Wishes .j x X X N . X X A EcoNoMY DRUG srone M kh cl K h ANSWER: Medicine Clinic - I1e's doing a ar am. an iiwanaug reclal on a circus gian'l'. SMH 5+a'l"0n Complimenfs of WORTHEN BANK 81 TRUST CO. SNELL ARTIFICIAL LIMB CO. I3I6 Main S'I'reel' LiHle Rock, Arkansas G. E. Snell FR2-0736 Memphis-Nashville-Shreveporl' Johnson Cily-Balon Rouge HOLLIS 8: COMPANY 330 Easl' Third Slreel' LiHle Rock, Arkansas INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES WHAT IS THIS MAN DOING? A. Beafing a calipso clrum B. Pricking a boil C. Winding his self-winding walch W C -,-ff ij I fl IIIII I lui "" I ..II ""' I "" ll I II W I II flll IIIIIII "" ' I I ,AI Iliff fI If ANSWER: Reviewing flaming 'The loop for his final exam. Congrafulalions COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK of LITTLE ROCK JUNGKIND COMPANY Pholographic and Arl' Malerials 206 Main Sfreel' LiHle Rock, Ark. BUSH-CALDWELL CO. "Serving 'lhe Soulhwesl' for 35 Years" SPORTING GOODS Boals - Oufboard Mo'l'ors I05 Scol"l FR2-344l LITTLE ROCK. ARK. Congralulalions' and Besl' Wishes 'lo 'rhe Class of '57 M. M. COHN COMPANY FR 4-33ll LiHle Rock Besl' Wishes UNION NATIONAL BANK of LITTLE ROCK FIRST NATIONAL BANK "Friendliesl' Bank in Town" Congrafulaiions T. 3'li'lUr3lJp?e PHARMASIR Donaghey Building Prescriplions Only Manufaciurer of Or+hopedic FR 2-299I Appliances CongraI'uIa+ions and Bes+ Wishes +o 'Ihe Class of I957 McKESSON AND ROBBINS LiH'Ie Rock, Arkansas INC. REBSAMEN 3. EAST. 3I0 Spring S'IreeI' LiHIe Rock, Arkansas PharmacisI"s LiabiIiI'y Insurance and Physician's Malpraclice Coverages PHONE FR 2-7I43 FREIDERICA PHARMACY Exlends Congraiulaiions 'ro Seniors 70I W. Capifol LiH'Ie Rock, Ark. RED CROWN CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY Marfin Funk, Owner IIOI Cumberland S+. Phone FR 5-4695 Congra+uIa+ions and Bes+ Wishes THE CREDIT BUREAU of Grealer LiI'+Ie Rock, Inc. Suife 4I4. Wallace Building COMPLETE CREDIT REPORTING and COLLECTION SERVICE WHAT IS THIS MAN ABOUT RECEIVE? A. A slomach 'lube B. The Purple Hearf C. A new hai f f f A- ANSWER: for. 1 TO An examinafion by a wom an doc I .4 .3'.:Q. f , 5 Ilvzl T yf fr l ml "'1 -' - ' Q " '-' ll' l Q fl l l ' r lil-llllllwea - . ' filll lu I s jlfll xl 1 ' . I' l l l l y gl 4-"-:a-J:g.fvj--!:- :'5:',,- he -:. ' . s .---.:'.r.: gf. gg.-.-s ' '.f:,.r, 1 14 ,ff ..-.1 D '-,1.' f x--11:-:.'-.',,..f, - : I .' rg.: -' .' -wwf -' gt . --g f- -. ' if .' 'f .:.. .,- -,.-. -.--fg.I.--.,-1,-'. 3. 53 .4 -J-'1.'..-:, 1 -jg 5 .., -,-1,i-- ',-, if . - nf , at M .:-f- V- .' , nf.-'F'-f.'-g'f.f': '- z.. 4, --4,.,. , . ,f.- .1r.'-,.v--.--'.,,q.:-' ..,,-u"ij- N.-'.',Ls--A..-:-,r ZW FR-5-1211 We are glad 'ro have been able +o serve you in +he pas'r by sponsoring afhlefic ac+ivil'ies, helping 'I'o underwri+e your yearbook, donaling a TV, co-con1'ribu+ing a Hi-Fi for +he dociors' lounge, presen'I'ing individual gills annually lo grad- ua'res, giving a 'l'ape recorder 'ro +he Freshman class, and U of A insignias 'For your uniforms. We are also sponsoring a dinner-dance for +he I957 Senior Class. We mosl' cordially invile your con'I'inued pafronage in +he 'Fu+ure. P33333 f II' is our sincere I'ha+ you have found Ihe Wm. T. SI'over Company helpful in Ihe seIecI'ion of your requiremenis. WiI'I1 our modern facilifies, we are beI'rer equipped Io serve you Ihan ever before and we invi+e your comparison of our services wi+I1 oihers. DEPENDABILITY EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY EXPERIENCE I PHYSICIANS C1 HOSPITALS EQUIPMENT C1 SUPPLIES 4 PICKER X-RAY EQUIPMENT E1 SUPPLIES 7.2I-723TIsTAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS COLEMAN DAIRY 600I Asher MO3-83 I 8 LITTLE ROCK Smi+h's COUNTRY CLUB DRUG Counfry Club Sfafion MO3-4I I8 LiHIe Rock ARKANSAS CANTEEN SERVICE "CompIeI'e Vending Service' PHONE MO 6-8806 3I I7 Jefferson Sfreef LiHIe Rock WHAT DOES THIS MAN DO FOR A LIVING? A. Thinks B. Mourns af funerals C. Works for 'I'he Secref Service XS x S A.. - 5 II!! A I - .X X X S X A Q S S . XX S ANSWER: Nofhing, he's a medical sfuclenf Besf Wishes From Complimenfs of A FRIEND ELECTRIC COMPANY 2I4 High LiHIe Rock, Arkansas b "Afmn4fAfc7 rp Tlcjlffvl-if A1 fQEfVEf2l4IQ 'f e A i s' COMPANY or ARKANSAS BOOWESTT STREET LITTLE R TELEP PERCY JAMES DRUG STORE I723 Wrigh+ FR4-22l9 LiHle Rock TOWN 81 COUNTRY DRUG STORE Hulaerl' Gill, Owner Asher Ave. and Hayes LO5-l57I LiHle Rock Besl' Wishes From MEYER BROTHERS DRUG COMPANY 200 Easl' Markham Wholesale Druggisfs LiH'le Rock Congrafulafions 'ro The Graduafes and Facully of 'lhe Universily of Arkansas Medical Cen+er COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF ARKANSAS LiHle Rock, Arkansas FlNNEGAN'S HIGHLAND PHARMACY Phone MO 3-4l96 3924 Wesf I3+h LiHle Rock BATTERY STREET DRUG STORE John Honea - Troy Cale Prescrip+ion Druggisfs Phone FR 4-5584 ll+h and BaHery Li'Hle Rock B 81 G DRUG COMPANY "Kingwood Rexall Drug S'rore" 2324 Durwood Road MO 6-2069 LiH'le Rock OAK FOREST DRUG STORE The Rexall Sfore I2+h and Fair Park Blvd. MO 3-63I9 Li'Hle Rock WHAT MACHINE DOES THIS MAN OPERATE? A. Blasf 'Furnace B. Fluoroscope C. Elecfric forch 4,f,,, .Y Z Congralulafions HUGGINS DRUG COMPANY LAWSON DRUG COMPANY "l+'s a Pleasure 'I'o Serve You" FR 4-502i 340I Pike Avenue Markham and Cross LiHle Rock Norih LiH'le Rock SK 3-3459 HILL REXALL DRUG "Your Healih ls Our Business" 3300 Pike Avenue NLR Phone SK 3-2476 The Universify of Arkansas Medical Cenier, as designed by Erharf, Eichenbaum 8: Rauch, occupies a prominen+ spol' in 1'he LiH'le Rock skyline. H' is one of 'lhe mosf modern hospi+al planfs in 'rhe Unifecl S+a1'es. N110 LITHOGRAPHED BY 1 1 TA LOR PUBLISHING CO. ff, .,,f',W,,, -- - . fo A ' The DALLAS 0 TEXAS Best Yearbooks me TAYLOR-MADE P :iff V . , .....,..1 : 'Q r .V 1 Fx Q M Vvk V f H ,A I f i k iii I ' W Y V? el.. Q . ' ' La, V , 54 ,M if ,V ' 1 f f.",,, af- , A V Wh ,J . 1 ,. - Q, W' I' ,pub k.. Q . A gg, A gf 3 fxwm . yearn! - , g4w Aipf1 M Q M 5 K wav Ng' Q.. Wi sim? iv me f sg, WL x X mmm? if W "' f 1 f? 4 .sw ' 31 if Q J A vw yi 22 :Q ' - .

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