University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR)

 - Class of 1954

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Caduceus Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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x i 5 i 5 x I 1 J .Q w I- v -L A... .xg V v 'v- .-..,-um, Q-rw ,..,, ,.,, ,... THE 1954 V 4 THE YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS SCHCOL OF MEDICINE LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS TABLE 0F CONTENTS Administration Departments and Faculty Classes Organizations Activities Pharmacy Div isian FOREWORD Another year has come and gone. This one has been more than interesting to say the least. The Seniors are now relaxed, enioying the "Post National Board Syndrome" and contemplating the future year of Interne- ship with enthusiasm. J r y The Juniors fought the Clinics, Wards and multiple lectures. The Sophomores completed their numerous Boards and are eagerly looking forward to the Clinical years. The Freshmen, well, they are no longer Freshmen. , We have enjoyed bringing you this year's edition of the Caduceus. We were handicapped by a late start. You know we are only human and mistakes were undoubtedly made. For these, please accept our humble apologies. We tried to make this year's Annual representative of the School. Hope youthink we succeeded. We wish to express our appreciation and thanks to all of those whose cooperation made this publication possible. Our hats are oft particularly to Dr. A. W. McCullough, Shrader's Studio, our Staff Photographers, the Medical Dames, the School of Phar- macy for their splendid section and to Mr. Jim Long and the Taylor Publishing Company. JACK GUNN TRAVIS CREWS Co-Editors DEDICATION This is The second year for The relaTively new, ThoUQlW long Thought of, PrecepTorship Program. To The Senior sTudenT iT has been an invaluable aid in familiarizing him wiTh The problems and meThods of handling a General PracTice. The PrecepTors are carefully selecTed represenTaTives of The General PracTiTioners of Arkansas, your family physicians. Though busy boTh day and a greaT parT of The nighT in caring for The ills and suffering of The ciTizens of Their parTicular CommuniTy They were willing To Take Time ouT To Teach and explain The many duTies and Tasks They musT perform To The sTudenT assigned To Them. Each member of The Senior Class spends a period of eighT weeks wiTh one of These precepTors, being furnished lodging and board during ThaT Time by The PrecepTor. To These men whose picTures and names appear on The op- posiTe page, for making This program possible and exTremely Woflliwhlle, we graTefully dedicaTe This book. DR. EW DR. H ll bf Y THE PRECEPTORS DR. EDWIN v. DILDY DR. R. C. LEWIS DR. A. I-I. MADDOX DR. L. H. NICDANIEL DR ROY I MILLARD Nashville Camden Paragould Tyronza RusseIIvIIIe DR. H. E. MOBLEY DR. W. A. REGNIER DR. R. B. ROBBINS DR. B. N. SALTZMAN DR H W THOMAS Morrilton Crossett Camden NOT PICTURED DR. R. C. DICKINSON, DeQueen DR. C. C. LONG, Ozark Mountain Home Dermott DR. T. N. RODMAN, Leachville DR. J. B. HOLDER, Monticello DR. G. U. ROBINSON, Dumas DR. J. H. WILSON, Magnolia DR. J. W. KENNEDY, Arkadelphia ASSOCIATE PRECEPTORS DR. H. KENNETH BALDRIDGE, Mountain Home DR. DR. GOREE BISCOE, Dumas DR. DR. BUANE BROTHERS, Ozark DR. DR. PERRY DALTON, Camden DR. DR. JOHN L. DEDMAN, Camden DR. DR. RICHARD B. DICKINSON, DeQueen DR. DR. ROGER DICKINSON, DeQueen DR. DR. LAWRENCE E. DREWREY, Camden DR. DR. JAMES GUTHRIE, Camden DR. DR. HENRY G. HEARNSBERGER, Stephens DR. DR. JULIUS H. HELLUMS, Dumas DR, DR. J. ARNOLD HENRY, Russellville DR, DR. J. B. JAMESON, Camden DR, WILLIAM ERNEST KING, Russellville TOM J. MEEK, Camden JOHN H. MILLER, Camden LOWELL V. OZMENT, Camden ARTHUR E. PARKS, Fordyce N. G. PARTEE, Camden GERALD PEARCE, Mountain Home HOWARD A. RANDS, Dumas R. R. ROBINS, Camden T. E. RHINE, Thornton JOHN L. RUFF, Magnolia PAUL SIZMORE, Magnolia JOHN P. THOMPSON, Bearden THE DEAN HAYDEN C. NICHOLSON, M.D. TH E ASSISTANT DEAN C. G. SUTHERLAND, M.D. -m.. ........,.....,..., ,... ...--:------- " I ADMINISTRATION NELSON F. EVANS Administrator l FLORENCE LAWSON DORCTHY MEYERS Administrative Assistant Assistant to the Dean to the Dean NO' EDITH MIDDLEBROQKS CAROLYN MCPHERSON JUANITA SPRAGGINS ANN RUNYAN Secretary 59CfefafY Secretary Secretary ...........-.-s....--.... .-.v.....-,...1i.........A- ....,......- - .. -L - ,. " ' ' . , ' ,j 1 -- r-- .-Q - rr ' --,-3:1 . -. ,w,.e'.-:'. :..-.,.-. ...--, MQ... . . . .....,..,.i -A Y C -- Y- -- -, , : - ' ' , - ' ' -' . " V 3 gl .- 1i:j:."f5':,':.1.: ' ":.'r".'a':.-155:11'jg'1-.32-Qqg..:g.Z5.g:q.'.1.jzj Iqjq-51.55-':::, j.j:Q.1: - 1:f,-f :.j.". 1.--5. -fs-.1r5r.j.t-fl. J... -.-., A., .- .M , , A , gm, " " ' ' ' . ' , ' ' . ' ' ...: '.L:.:. .-L- -.qs H '..'..,.-.,...-,.- -........-- .. -- . -::..- .--- -----A - ....- ..,..--- -- .::-.. 4-. - ..,-. --.-,--...g15.i-.V.,-4,-,f . -:.4 - ':.'.', ,-,.i .- ..'." ,' .I 31 5,1 . - - f-- A - ,. ' - ,. , , ' A' ' ' 1 ... ,. A ' " " 'tv' f -, :-, 1 ,. I .--...".-M ': ..',', 0- --.,..,-4 -gxL::.:-7.t..-'..f,-,.'.-', '. .1 ' L- - -' . ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL MRS. J. KNOWLESI MRS. E. MARSH LORRAINE NEAL MRS. J., HOLLIDAY ReC0rd Librarian Librarian Librarian Librarian ATHALEA GADDY KAY SMITH BOBBIE SAWYER I OLIVE MCINTIRE BQ0k510re Supervisor Secretary to Administrator Personnel Clerk Clerk Typist DOLORES JOHNSON DYLIS JENKINS DORIS HOPE ADA MAYHAN Personnel Clerk Clerk Typist Messenger I o Secretary x MRS. C. FITZGIBBON MARY SH N DELORES WALKER Secretary Secreta ry? D Receptionist xx TECHNICIANS f? - +G' M E? 0 5 BETTY RICE PETE GRIMES NANCY DODSON -afw 'X M! A PATSY GRACE BONNIE HEINE JANE COLE FQ Y? f xl Z? , E MARY SHELTON JANET BREWER SUZANNE HO WELL ANNA JEAN PAPPAS NURSES Am Nm g E RUTH GREATHOUSE MARIE FLESCHNER ROSEMARY BARROW EILEEN THORNTON HELEN BASSLER JOYCE SIMPSON rw. I LORENA PIM MTARION REED LOIS BULL im I U wg , I 9 E Ms 2 -. MARIE STEELE JACKIE KILGORE DOTTY J. ADKINS EDNA DACUS GRACE BAusEwElN ELIZABETH JOHNSON HELEN WILLMAN 5 .AWN DEPARTMENTS , T . 1 1 3 T 2 N 3 A X , A Ab A KNUWLEUEEUFPHTHUlUGYff.., A Q A 521-7Uz'!!1'r111z0Sl0r Hifi' ,M A A A A A www lb I., A .,Ax, xx A ' , - N, X313 f if six , f,: H1121 egwgvwgy .T - S141 kv, T' A35 Q I . f AND FACULTY A if' R. ,f 1: Au- . 4" ' 1 J . 1, XJ: T M, 15 V N ' f Y A5 JMTXQ, 1251.4 N, V A , - g , Af f ,W , 'A Department of Anatomy L L iii? lt, .4 3' fu. fur, ' ' ,r .9 f" -' M . T W. C. LANGSTON, M.D. Professor and Head -yr' JEFF BANKS, M.D. HORACE N. MARVIN, Ph.D. A. W. McCULLOUGH, Ph.D. Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor -on , A ' 'A' A M A Q f , f , , ff A , J f f e X Z ff ffzi . rotr ,.,, f ff , o. c. JAFFEE, Ph.D. MELBA N. GARNER SALLY HAMPTON AVON CROWFORD Instructor Lab Technician Technfdaff 5eCfefafY Department of Anesthesiology c. w. SHAFER, M.o. Professor and Head PING CHUNG LING M D LEONAR ' ' ' D FABIAN MD Instructor . ' ' ' JIMMIE MARY HEN R RY, R.N esldem Nurse Anesfhefisf l Department of Bacteriology and Parasitology T l l T l T ' l 1 T T l l l 1 f - 1 l CARL E. DUFFY, Pl1.D., Head of Dept. Professor of Bacteriology and Parasitology 2 MORRIS DUMOFF, Ph.D. JAMES T. BARRETT, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Bacteriology Bacteriology and Parasitology and Parasitology 'Y will. WW gl MARY FRENCH PAUL N. MORGAN JUNE B- DAVIS Technician Master Student and Master Student and Teaching Assistant Te6Cl'lff7Q Assistant Department of Biochemistry .. .V .swyz PAUL L. DAY, Ph.D. Professor and Head lf 1 5, ,-, w, '. ,fl - .N -SE, at N JAMES S. DINNING JACK M. SIEGEL CARL D. DOUGLASS JN Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor 115, N ROBERT L. WIXOM MARY RO Instructor SEFIMMONS MARTHA WALK Technrcran Te - - ER chmclan it ii i ii C' Pi if 1 i 1. a P 5 . i in I i i L Department of Medicine JAMES T. WORTHAM, M.D. Acting Head of Department' ,OUGLA55 JAMES E. DOHERTY, M.D. ROBERTAW. TALLEY, M.D. professor Assistant Professor 9 if Q sw HABIB SADIK, M.D Assistant Professor lrlSTrUCfOr W. H. PERKINS M.D ,VALKER Instructor rian i CARNEY FITZGIBBON LOIS TIPTON Research Assistant Secretary' Department of Medical Illustration PAUL R. CHASE Chief Photographer JOHN CODY Afffsf Photographer BOB WALLOCH The DePGrtment of Milimr ' , . t MEDICAL R.O.T,fC. e and Tachcs CAPT. LEO SILVERMAN, M.D. Professor 1 WMfSGT. DENZIL JENNINGS MjSGT. MORAN Assistant Instructor Administrative N.C.O. Department of NeuroI09Y WILLIAM K. JORDAN Professor and Head O. BOYD HOUCHIN R. A. MESSING Assisranf Professor Research Assisfanf , ,V A Q ,. - seq-Qc S, cumus M snsco A' T' - ' ' MISS RUTH MARCH MISS BA EEG Technician Research Assisfanf RBARA HUFFMAN Secrefa ry ' " "' """""'l-' -- --1-:aoua:':- ...--......-...e.:....,-....,........, e 7 Department of Obstetrics ond Gynecology WILLIS E. BROWN, M.D. Professor and Head EVA F. DODGE, M.D. C. G. SUTHERLAND, M.D. Associate Professor Assistant Professor f,,V 1. , ' . .,,1,:a:..,:s.e,:1,.,: N X H41 , ' ,.is,::a,,....,,.., l:,f,-r- Y '69 to W ,f sf, 341' Q-Aj", 'f - f if 4 ff A. T. GILLESME, M.D. LEON QUATTLEBAUM, M.D. J. O. EORTERQ M.D. J- 'X P'ERCEk JRJ M-D Instructor Instructor Associate Resident SSlSfaf7f ESI ent Department of Pathology ANDERSON NETTLESHIP Professor and Head JAMES G. DICKSON KAI-MAN pAMER Professor Instructor .- ...,- ..-.-,-s : '. .... .-......,-.:.:. f -Y -- -AY. ,,g,, :r,A,A,L,, - - V A u P W , , V " '-'----in-.V ....1f-f,f.e-:fn-1.4-:i Department of Pediatrics xxx Qqmx WWW Back row ROBERT L VERNIER HOMER D VENTERS JAMES R McCAIN EDWIN F MATHIS Assfstant Restdent Intern Assisram Resident' Chief Resident Middle row, HAROLD C. LANE KATHARINE DODD NORMAN J. JOHNSON DOROTHY L CASTO d Associate Professor Intern 'mem Professor and Hea Front row: YU RU YIUAN Instructor Department of Physiology and Pharmacology KY X x, DAVID JERRAM Teaching Assistant P LLOYD D. SEAGER, MD., Head of oepf. and Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology l FRED E. EMERY, Ph.D. PAUL EWING, Ph.D. Professor of Physiology y A Associate Professor of Pharmacology . ,' I , GEORG-rE ATKINSON JGHN Teachmg Assistant Techhlc-:BRN ' F - -A------'---v -1--.r :Y.,.:..Q, .,:. ..: . ......... . , . ,,- Lg: g,g,4g,iq,g 5. 94 ...-- ..,: ,-5, og K - AH, M , "-"l ug ,. ,,, H Y - V A..- . Department of Psychiatry wuLLlAM e. REESE Professor and Head EDMOND F. ERWIN JOHN G. HOWARD Assistant Professor Assistant PrOfeSSOf MW FRANcls sl-nvELY SARA KELFER 'nSffUCfOf Technical Assistant MV, ,,., ,M ,,, , SIDNEY FIELDS Instructor 323 "' . f l 'f-' 4 A MARY HELEN PCLLOCK Secretary Department of Radiology lg s ro , ,Vx, , wi - be 'f 'QL ',ffQZ5:Slkf? t:::Q , X aio Q , R ' W ISADORE MESCHAN Professor and Head GEORGE REGNIER Assistant Professor . WENDELL WARD A , Instructor 4-J GILLIAM BROGDON Resident DAMON BLAKE Resident Technicians-X-Ray eww Q I ,,:, - XT? ., I Q MRS. H. MATTHEWS BETTY BUICE RUTH ROBINSON 'SK' TERESA WELLMAN NANCY BINGHAM IMOGENE JOHNSON A I ' I . FRED PRICE JANET LOVETT VIRGINIA WESIFAIL HOMER WHITE Department of Surgery S Q E nf 5 .1 f sf 2 E O i 5 JAMES H. GROWDON, M.D. BERYL Professor and Head A Thirc 1 . . Q I L 1 s I i . I . 5 Z S1 3 I F 3 i 5 .. r MASAUKI HARA, M.D. JAMES W. HEADSTREAM, M.D. HOWARD U. MONROE, M.D. l5ERNA Associate Professor Oncology Associate Professor Urology A, lnsfrucfor -i Pu Sh WILLIAM A. vvooococx, M.D. WALTER A. BROOKS, M.D. ROBERT M r LQ Ffffh Year Resident Ffffh Year Resident FoUrrh'Y?aEIRqeE?aZHfM'D' J,IZxOx?1?hIife:f,tf2::1sIidlgxrr?' YD 1 . .- V. . . , , . ..,,.........- ,,,.,4.,,...... ..:............v. . W- ...:,,.:.... - :E '-fL::Le-:.g:g.v-1-:.,:x. - " - ' . . E - A - A - . .,........,..:n....-. ,....L,-..111-,,.,...:.:.......-....., ' -af---. ,, , , . . . ,........ L..E..,.,..,...... . .. .- - 'J I I Department of Surgery - ,,,,..,,,,,..--w AY is 47581 . . ws: BERYL HARBERG, M.D. PAUL H. MILLER, M.D. FRANK M. SIPES, M.D. JOHN BABER, M.D. Third Year Resident Second Year Resident First Year Resident Third Year Resident r""" BERNARD W. THOMPSON, M.D. A. M. SHELTON, M.D. DAVID O. ALLEN, M.D. RAYMOND IRWIN, JR., M.D Third Year Resident Second Year Resident First Year Resident First Year Resident , V .,,,:,g,i . ? rfr s I I is L I sg, QW I Q. ig 5: 'X 1 ss sf. , L. LOYDE H HUDSON MD JOHN A Most M.D. MARY RAUCH VAI.T,'M'D' First Year Resident u . First Year Resident Secretary r Res' den' ,, 4 I ...-....m...-wmv -.-- Q.,-:vm , , . evrv,,...- .H Y - ---V Y I L A FX ,ATN " A 53 KN ,T .g -. - 1 , . M I, X MX X lj I 4 W" N M iflx N ' ' V f-ff LL-H JEL .:w sf A ', vs.. V1 KJ pb is CLASS QFHCERS Left to right: BEN ZIMMERMAN HAROLD HYDER DON MASHBURN Vice President President Treasurer Not pictured: ANN BUCHANAN 'S- , X5-bk , i Y, , D , 4 .. - W . -'jr-511. ..'.2.-2-g'.i1v?Z'3'v-1v- vii-ie.:.: .1'. ' .,-45: fax- - -: 1 rf ' 22-is -e,..-.- .V-,-.,..- .---.,-. . .. . ,,, --, . , W. A, , . - ' - - .' - . ' v ' ' -. .- '. '-'-'-:'f,'.'f.,'..'.L11'-T-'sift-3"-,t!2.'.'..f '52 5 "v-:.-.:: :-r:. ..,z-:. ':xv-ta-.:zj.t:'.'.'.'I-f,-.-. fir. :.'3".'Ll.'."..,A',. . 155' 'Q' -wZ1.1:y L- ,f . A V ' 4 ' ' ' , 'A - ' - ' - ' , L' ,-1.4L-1"-'A'-1 I-1-bl-5-L-::.f::.:'-'-'-'-'1"'?f-113"-- ,, -f'4'-1'2-'2- 2f4':-5 Y- "-2-':'-"z1" ' I4--'fm' -":'t:-211-T-1-2?1:?1Lr:: -1' - L, . 1 . , . - ' . ...H " .A htudulltlv ZlElx" Z GEORGE L. ACKERMAN Rison, Arkansas CHARLES DENSON AVERY Little Rock, Arkansas I I I U I N I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I bl ,I II II II I I I I I I I I I I I I ALICE CAROLYN ANDERSON McGehee, Ark I I I I I I I I I BHSBS I' I I I I I I l ll ll ll.. ll' ll ll 's l l l I 1 l :L JOSEPH D. BENNETT Harrison, Arkansas .7 - l l al ls i l ll li fl .J ---v' JAMES R. BEARDEN Little Rock, Ark6l'1S6S JAMES CLAUDE BETHEL Fayetteville, Arkansas X I L 5 3 ,fzf ,z-.,.'-12-f' s n r J. ROYSTON BROWN Fort Smith, Arkansas CARIE D. BUCKLEY, JR. Little Rock, Arkansas i 1 t t ,, , ,, 1 ,, 1 ft H LESLIE ANN BUCHANAN Prescott, Arkansas .1 ft H ,t .X Y . 'N t N r t 12 . ,t t H t t, 't . H t tt 1 is tl tt 1 I I In 7 5 V L A 1 L L L JACK! Q. CASH Little Rock, Arkansas g 1 JAMES D. CARTER Fordyce, Arkansas WILLIAM HUGH CHAMBERS Dierks, Arkansas f'f'..32f"' CURTIS B. CLARK Sheridan, Arkansas ELIZABETH S. CRAWFORD Marianna, Arkansas HENRY ADOLRIriUS CRANE, JR Fountain Hill, Arkansas I I I I I I I I, I. I I Y I, I I I I It I It I V I II ft TI 'I 'II I,?I I 'I I II, I II II ,I I I TI-IULRMAN C. DABBS Little Rock, Arkansas rr' III +I I .gui JAMES TRAVIS CREWS Keiser, Arkansas MARION VICTOR DARDIN North Little Rock, Arkansas rfawr's, , FRANK MCGEE DULANEY,SJR. Earle, Arkansas JAMES WILLIAM DURHAM Little Rock, Arkansas THOMAS FLET L L L L L L :L L L LL L. LL L L L L L L L L L L L L L L C L ,L L L L L L L L L I L L L L L L L L L L HE R DILDAY, JR Sheridan, Arkansas fi L L r L L L L L L L L L L L ,,4ff4 effew-Mageeeeeeew--ewfeeffeaf' A TZ ' x JOSEPH KEY FARISH, JR. Little Rock, Arkansas Jon-IN SAMUEL FERGUSON Beebe, Arkansas WILLIAM OSCAR FINCH, JR Jonesboro, Arkansas CHARLES RICHARD FIELDER West Helena, Arkansas WILLIAM ORIN GREEN, JR. Manila, Arkansas I I il I I I I A I II 3 I Ii 4, I I .J I I I I I I I I QI I I I I I I I I I I I FRANK JOSEPH GAVLAS Little Rock, Arkansas Il I 'I I Il EI I I I I I I 1 I I II I I I ,I I, , III LII as I II , I I I I ,H I I AUSTIN DALE GULLETT Little Rock, Arkansas 1 V ,- WALTER SCANLON GUINEE Little Rock, Arkansas 'fd' -"?""' JOHN CURTIS GUNN DeQueen, Arkansas JAMES MUSICK HAMPTON Searcy, Arkansas SAMUEL THEODORE HUCKE, JR. Fayetteville, Arkansas ' L r t , , ' : , N 1 1 tt ,i 1 4 t if 1 1 I Q t 'I w Qt 2 1 t t t t I 3 3 t it H HOWARD RUSSELL HARRIS Star City, Arkansas r tl Qt tl it It it tt I Qt tl 51 !i I5 Pt 't X I JOE ED HUTCHISON England, Arkansas l l l ' l l l l - 1 ll l E l l ll ll l ll l ll l ll I ll i ll l HAROLD Em5vl1ARD HYDER Russellville, Arkansas li l . il ll l ll l ll .N 1 l l l l l L. .fe JAMES BENNETT IFWERSTROM Little Rock, Arkansas x MORRIS ANDREW JACKSON Little Rock, Arkansas wt 11 tg 1 0 1 t t t It u n n A V 1 n 2 tt mtl rw tt lttl ttt tit M it it It it it it N at as A JOHN AUBREY KNOWLES Little Rock, Arkansas JOHN HONRQ Fordyce, Arkan I F ri 'a at Wu lt a t t tt .tt I tl Lt 70 KILGORE SBS 4 N N L 3 I 3 1. 1 BENJAMIN M. LINCOLN Little Roqk, Arkansas 1' V . , N t , . t , t t JOHN FRED LEE Magnolia, Arkansas DONALD EVERETT LOVELESS Stuttgart, Arkansas f ,ffxv VERNE LANGFORD MCCLELLAN Pine Bluff, Arkansas LEE ALLEN MARTIN Hot Springs, Arkansas l l l l l l l l 1 4 ll l s FRANK BUDDY MCCUTCHEON Russellville, Arkansas l ll l ,E ll ll l l l ll ' ll ' l rl 4 ll l ll . 1 , 1 J T T 1 T T T 3 i T P T E T x 1 E XT T T T ir N T ax T 12 i T 11 T T L is li K T 1 L T L T2 is L L L DONALD LUTHER MILLER Little Rock, Arkansas V7 N ' 1 T' fr T T T , T L N JOE DON MASHBURN Lonoke, Arkansas ARTHUR FRANKLIN MOORE Texarkana, Arkansas ' 1 QW' V ,Y --Y- BERRY LEE MOORE, JR. EI Dorado, Arkansas DEWEY ELMAN OVERTON Mena, Arkansas '1 1 11 1 , 1 1 1 1 ' 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 11 11 ,1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 WILLIAM RILEY MURPHY, JR Little Rock, Arkansas 11 11 1 1 1 I 1 1 M 1 1 11 W1 1 1 1 1 ,Z 5, ll lx BILLY CLYDE PAGE Belleville, Arkansas l l , l ' l l l l l l' l lf ll l l l l 2 5, Q ll lx ' l GEQRGEA PAKIS, JR. Hot Springs, Arkansas '7 F 1 , 1 ll lla . , 14.7, . LEE BRYAN PARKER, JR. Dermott, Arkansas ww, V-R-R WILLIAM RICHARD SEIBOLD, JR. Stuttgart, Arkansas NOLAN LEROY SIMMONS Little Rock, Arkansas f GEORGE FRANKLIN STROOPE North Little Rock, Arkansas BENJAMIN E Bigelow, Arka 1 'v 15 I I 1 H E i S 1 M 1 Al i sm 1 I I 1 1 1 k H H x u 1 l I P 4 P A v X 5 l D 1 l I 5 J .E WARD TAYLOR USES I L M W it M H is Y! ul i EUGENE LOUIS TATE Little Rock, Arkansas GARLAND MAX THORN Marked Tree, Arkansas --K , 7.25 t x ji an W HARVEY BELL THORN, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas CHARLES FLOYD WELLS Little Rock, Arkansas N s L B ,I xl t Q 1 4 lt W Q! ta tt L TRUMAN BRUCE TOLLETTE Little Rock. Arkansas F Fl 1 1 N , t , N w 1 L N ti L I fl 1 1- H L N t 1 V t t L I i 2 T u L. JOHN HENRY WESSON Nashville, Arkansas JOHN HAROLD WHITE Stamps, Afkansas CARL LOUIS WILLIAMS Mt. Ida, Arkansas MARY BLAKELY WINBURN Little Rock, Arkansas JOHN DOYLE WISE Bryant, Arkansas CHARLES ROBERT WINN Little Rock, Arkansas 1 1 1. 1 ,. 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 11.1 1Q 11 11 111 1 111 1112 11 1 111 IE: 11 1.1 11 11 11 11 11 1 BARNEY MAE WISINGER Pine Bluff, Arkansas 1 'V 1 1 1 is ,.1 A : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 WALTER PAUL WISE Bryant, Arkansas BEN EARLE ZIMMERMAN Little Rock, Arkansas JUNICR CLASS -L lf, 1' X X X V-"""""9Ulnuu "" ' "1 5 1 '-lr 2 . I l l 3. ' 'J A I C' Ar -R N ' s EN? ai ii? iz , .QI I 9 I bww'- CLASS OFFICERS Left To right: Willie Mott, Secretary, James Sloan, President, Henry Rogers, Treasurer. ATKINSON RUTH VEST Waldron Arkansas BAUTTS DON RAY North Little Rock Arkansas BENSON, LEO J.,,JR. Gentry, Arkansas BEVERLY, NOLAN F. Stuttgart, Arkansas X 'E 'If' Williford, Arkansas CHESTER, ROBERT LEE Dalton, Arkansas DODSON, DWIGHT DeQueen, Arkansas DOOLEY, DON Fordyce, Arkansas CAMPBELL, JAMES W. CRANDELL, DeWlTT Little Rock, Arkansas DALTON, DALLAS H Little Rock, Arkansas ,,,.,,,,,,..L - , 3,5 ss-sg. ,4 ' 4 if-zfi' ' ' DRAKE, JAMES Malvern, Arkansas EDMONSON, RETIA LYNN Horatio, Arkar1S6S FLOYD, CHARLES HENRY Springdale, Arkansas GAULT, ALTA RAY Oxford, Mississippi FITZGIBBON, RODNEY Little Rock, Arkansas FLANAGIN, WILLIAM F. Little Rock, Arkansas mN..w, ,,,,,. . A . Q ,,a, ,,,V. f -f ' 4 1 "' ? - . 1, ' . , ' i -af:,- .wa . -2 - . - 1':'- , M T" Q , ww '- ,wif A fs V ,,- se-' it . ' f . L , fs A QF L S - 'Kit fir? A , ?f-'fits' X S jf' A, . .S 5 a f , . V rf - y-if . .. 1 . I ,V va' 1 , .P " x -. :E 1. 2 , . 1 5,1 ,, V fe' 4-J? Eldorado, Arkansas if Little Rock, Arkansas HAWLEY, HAROLD B., HAYES, JOHN H., JR. , ,WW f J l HESTIR, JOHN M., JR. Little Rock, Arkansas HEWETT, ARCHIE LEIVERN Little Rock, Arkansas Fi 7 'li M JENKINS, JAMES A. AUSTlN Eldorado, Arkansas 'S JONES, JAMES L. ,LUTHER Little Rock, Arkansas M65 HICKS, JAMES Little Rock, Arkansas HUDSON, JOHN LELAND Sparkman, Arkansas l F 1 i l l H fm, .7 . 4, - ffm KELLER, GLEN ELMER Little Rock, Arkansas KNIGHT, JAMES W. Almond, Arkansas l LANGSTON, HAROLD D. Van Buren, Arkansas LAZENBY, ALBERT WAYNE Plainview, Arkansas LITTLE, EARL E. Little Rock, Arkansas MCCLINTOCK, EVERETT M. Marianna, Arkansas NEWBERN DAVID Hope Arkansas PARKER PAUL E Benton Arkansas MOTT, WILLIE HUGH Little Rock, Arkansas MYERS, ROBERT E. Little Rock, Arkansas E I jf-V' -049 PARSONS, JAMES T. Jacksonville, Arkansas P.IAZZA, EUGENE UMBERTO Little Rock, Arkansas -,gg , 7 3 2 xl 3 POFF, NATHAN LeROY McGhee, Arkansas POLLOCK, GEORGE D., lll Little Rock, Arkansas , PINKERMAN, CONSTANCE , Little Rock, Arkansas POE, MCDONALD, JR. Waldron, Arkansas Kp .VLV If , .fa my . H9 .tx : ," f S zz, 45 -Q Ei?" -1-X" ' ' ny .Q I Q -,rw , f . ,,.1 Q 52' 'R ' , ' , of x, ,. .,fXf R - ,',,g L A l L i at E 'i l . -rr 5 PRICE, BEN 0. M-,,,.. Monticello, Arkansas if 1 RAY, HAROLD GENE Lepanto, Arkansas 5 L f f was RIGGS, LARRY ,nf Hot Springs, Arkansas Q' RISE, EDWIN NORMAN Fayetteville, Arkansas ff i 'KQV ROBINSON, EVELYN M. Little Rock, Arkansas ROBERTSON, WILLIAM D. Piggott, Arkansas X x . .. 11 1. r-,Nw is , s,,,, ,, .. V' 4 ROGERS, HENRY BERG Smackover, Arkansas I I "J" I .1 i ,X Iliff gr ROSS, ASHLEY SLOAN, JR Little Rock, Arkansas .f. ,' n. - I -1 . . 3 .xi ,. 3 SANDERS, LOUIS LEE Little Rock, Arkansas SEARCY, JAMES BENJAMIN Little Rock, Arkansas SEXTON U.. A. GARRED Texarkana, Arkansas SIMONSON, DELLA SUE Little Rock, Arkansas STILES, THOMAS M. Little Rock, Arkansas STORY, WILLIAM C. North Little Rock, Arkansas SLOAN, JAMES M. Jonesboro, Arkansas STANLEY, JOE PAT Carlisle, Arkansas ,, ,., :':.1.1'.:, i TATUM, HAROLD M. I Tyronza, Arkansas THOMPSON, JACK R. Little Rock, ArkanS6S WALKER, JACK THOMAS Little Rock, Arkansas WATSON, JOHN D. Malvern, Arkansas WILLIAMS, WILLIAM M. Arkadelphia, Arkansas WORSHAM, BERTRAND R. Llttle Rock, Arkansas WRIGHT, JOHN LEE Lit1Ie Rock, Arkansas SOPHOMORE CLASS cl 'QWW , H ' 137' 1 . Ld ff!! -NN. ...XM E3 K 1- . . , 5' NIS? 3 EKU! S' ,. iz EWEXKX K 5' ff tmsimllzxwii. f f . 4 :mil-K ., If ,. ' S . -4, gn!- X - I .fi5s,'-w"':w?af- Y' -5.255355 N CLASS oFFlcERs Left to right: Lowell Harris, Vice President, Lawrence Kelly, Treasurer, George Mitchell, President, Betty Lowe, Secretary. Q BOGARD, FRANCIS H. ' Carlisle, Arkansas BROWN, JAMES A. Fort Smith, Arkansas If , 'ray' , ARNOLD, SIDNEY W. Marked Tree, Arkar'tS6S BEARD, ARTHUR L. . North Little Rock, Arkansas BECQUET, NORBERT J. Little Rock, Arkansas BERRY, BETSY L. X Fayetteville, Arkansas .13- -ff- -Q --I 5 ,ai k-v5"'- ,., .. ,Q .V FLOYD, BILL B. '-.av f Little Rock, Arkansas , ' HARRIS, LOWELL O. D f, Bradford, Arkansas 7k 1:3- I DANIEL, SAM V. Marshall, Arkansas DUCKWGRTH, ROBERT R. Texarkana, Arkansas M075 W Qwwfl I I Camden, Arkansas HEFLEY, BILL F. Little ROCk, Arkansas HAYNIE, WILLIAM H. HOGUE, ERNEST L. Weiner, Arkansas HOLLIS, JOHN W. Paragould, Arkansas HONEYCUTT, WESLEY M Nashville, Arkansas JOHNSON, HENRY D. Little Rock, Arkansas KELLEY, LAWRENCE Batesville, Arkansas KEMP, CHARLES E. Trumann, Arkansas LADYMAN, GEORGE H. Rector, Arkansas LEWIS, WILLIAM S. Eldorado, Arkansas LYTLE JIMMIE E Batesvulle Arkansas MCGAUGHEY SOLON Hickory Rudge Arkansas MARTIN,' DAMON G. Adona, Arkansas MITCHELL, GEORGE K Sheridan, Arkansas Q . 'C X . E" 45 'X- 4' od" A ' A -9 3' 3, POLK, ELEANOR E. Benton, Arkansas POLLARD, ARLEE E. Union Hill, Arkansas gf A. 15, f 'Q , s W 2 A AJ RASCH, JAMES R. Balch, Arkansas RUST, DANVIS W. Rector, Arkansas SHORT, HAROLD H. Texarkana, Arkansas SMTTH, HAROLD V. Little Rock, Arkansas STECHER, JAMES L. Helena, Arkansas THOMPSON, PAT Little Rock, Arkansas THOMPSON, THOMAS P- Fort Smith, Arkar1S6S THOMAS, JAMES G- Prescott, Arkansas WARD, HAROLD L. Horatio, Arkansas WESTERMANN, NORMAN F. Hot Springs, Arkansas WALKER, JAMES C. Russellville, Arkansas WALLACE, OLIVER Lepanto, Arkansas .v J will Q avg, wiv!! xl' ' f Y fi Q 4' ss ax X' -P in - gm if l gil fr Y X5 E1 l 'px FRESHMAN CLASS QQ tv-Xb fi K 'sf 'L we-sd CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Joe Diffee, Presidentg Sybil Ruth Rose, Secretary, Jerry McGrew Treasurer. Not pictured: Joe Bates, Vice President. ADAMS, DAVID M. 4 North Little Rock, ArkanS6S ATTWOOD, CHARLES R. X New Edingburg, AFRBIWSBS Qwa Lualg 'l'o 2. grill Neurvlw-gfh lmy QL W. Liffjb P ! I ,QJ U lv .l l W U Austin, CALVIN D. ' Van Buren, Arkansas BABER, QUIN M. All J Malvern, Arkansas 'V BALAY, JOHN W. Little Rock, Arkansas BATES, JOE Little Rock, Arkansas J . E i n I ,.'v. ,.,,- ' , Zi r sa A 01 L 3 5 M as I ,-tk' 1 it rw ti 1 Q, V Q ,f it ev ...V 1 '.-4' Xt BOYCE, JOHN M. ' Warren, Arkansas Dell, Arkansas fl... - BRYANT, BILLY A. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas BUCHANAN, DARRELL Pine Bluff, Arkansas BRINKLEY, ROY A. ,... J S ik vi ' i Q59 H t L rf' L 4- A5 ff Q' ftf-H I Pi 'F A 2 BURNELL, ERNEST L. Camden, Arkansas CALDWELL, WILLIAM S. Bauxite, Arkansas ,, ,M , CARTER, JERRY L. Leachville, Arkansas CH ENEY, MAXWELL G. Calico Rock, Arkansas apdf. 1-xefvzcj 171 fin? 4f77'V'47f' DfL6fkrl-f L64 'Qvf 0C'0'454riA1 -,.. 1 ,wa , ,- ....,4, ,..,.4,f ,,,, , , ,,9, , ,, ,WX ,, 1' z , .jfi v::e-Q , , fr' 'GW " c.. :Mc'Av'. .1 ' 1-7w'3.s.,-H, , ' 'V I 'XZ '.f'f:w-:- ,, f H " J-.L grwpdf: -W f ' i V -':1'i 'fz?f'Qgzg-, 1 . -4 ' ,, - ,.-, L ,.., .sV, 5 L , M , . Vs., , 1 Sw, -5 'I-"Z?.fA,k.f'f,' ' LX 12" , . ,GV - pg' df" '3-, , '-'X . - " I .Y 4 irish' , L. ' ' ,fsfflq-51:Q?Zju5, .K imc-V L-.5Z,.l:5ii .gf-L-,EG .ifwlv Qf. . f-5'. -.. I x Aw ,, 1 ' . - if -,, - MW' V -A Yv-1-'iw' ' Q3 "P ' ' - 'X' n fffr, -: ,,Y?-4j"f"'i'J"'5": Q fe 151, ' 5 A 1 , -ow.,sf,A r'g:"' A2459 ' ,Y 252:12 f f . C. - .yy 1 , ,, , L , , V m b T Q X A ' fini- , X My 1 ' 1 Q, 1 " COCHRAN, JAMES W. North Little Rock, Arkansas COFFMAN, EDWIN L. Fort Smith, Arkansas , If COSGROVE, KINGSLEY W. Little Rock, Arkar1S6S CROSS, JOE E. West Memphis, Arkansas A P, CHRISTMAN, DANIEL E. Dermott, Arkansas CLAY, EARL C. Forrest City, Arkansas DOCKERY, JUNIOR L. Hot Springs, Arkansas DOTY, DONALD R. Eureka Springs, Arkansas DROWN, HAROLD L. Calico Rock, Arkansas EARDLEY, DONALD K. l Glenwood, Arkansas Q x if CROW, MARTIN Hope, Arkansas DIFFEE, JOE T. Little Rock, Arkansas - 14" A T 'S . s .3 ,..., ,. i,.. . - -Q - f -f ,fixgg-53 3 Q.-auf EMBREE, LARRY J. Magnolia, Arkansas ESTES, EDWARD E. , ' Fordyce, Arkansas EVANS, GILBERT C. North Little Rock, Arkansas GEYER, ROBERT W. Little Rock, Arkansas H GILLESPIE, ROY Jasper, Arkansas GLOVER, WILLIAM C Pine Bluff, Arkansas i HOYT, JERRY L. Crossett, Arkansas HUGHES, SALLYLEE Conway, Arkansas HUTSON, HAROLD G. Carlisle, Arkansas HUTSON, MARTHA A Little Rock, Arkansas HUNTER, RICHARD J. Paragould, Arkansas HUTCHINS, BILL F. Little Rock, Arkansas ' 'Y' HYATT, BENJAMIN c. , Hope, Arkansas IVY, BRUCE Little Rock, Arkansas 1 4, R I 't I . 'f 'I 'X f. ' .4125 fr .J xx 'ff 2' ' ...A .. Ai!-253' , , H ig f , 8 , si, A 7' jf A , -3 ., of I ll f 3 QQY 1' JONES, RONALD C. Harrison, Arkansas 1 I JEW, SIK Q. Altheimer, Arkansas JOHNSON, THOMAS H. McGehee, Arkansas JORDAN, ROBERT M. Little Rock, Arkansas 119' M", KENDALL EDWARD P Llllle Rock Arkansas KOUNTZ SAMUEL L Lexa Arkansas 06617 Lam f7fffZC6LcAf.fv? Cdeawwfilu ZLMC4 ,g WW J KURZNER HOWARD eff ! LIttle Rock Arkansas LAN EY JOI-IN N. ' A "' A: l"' ' El Dorado Arkansas LAWSON, WALTER H. Little Rock, Arkansas MCCLELLAN, BETT.Y Jfffg ' North Little Rock A kansas I , , Ax, W " f' 5 if MCCORMICK, Fr. i Little Rock, Arkansas In Q MCCORMICK, MARJORIE Little Rock, Arkansas f Y fri ,ff :Q K V 4 , I Q. gi My I Q MCGINNIS, MAX R. Rondo, Arkansas ' Glenwood Arkansas MCGOUOH, BENJAMIN H. Q, MCGREW, JERRY C. Fort Smith, Arkansas MAGIE, JIMMIE J. Scott, Arkansas ' ff ' 1 MARTINDALE, JOSEPH L. Emmet, Arkansas MILLARD, IRVIN L. Russel, Arkansas . to , ,,, ag 7 'If X 6' 1 Z v.-q.,17:,3,. 1 - . ,-,, , . , . I 2 i i z MINOR, ALCORN F. Newport, Arkansas MOTEN, FRANKLIN C. Jasper, Arkansas , -'f .- .1 ww. Ifjfl-,IL jiri if A 1' X . 'ig . 1, bl I "W ., ' .L P 1. , Q-'ajjfgq-j"1, t . I T fa ' ' ri ' n Q I ' 0 . A f A-if J.. NEWMAN, HARRELL G. Bigelow, Arkansas NORWOOD, O'TAR T. Lincoln, Arkansas 1,1 OBERLE, ARNOLD D. Little Rock, Arkansas PARKERSON, CARL R. Norman, Arkansas -U l PENNINGTON, CHARLES Russellville, Arkansas S. PENNINGTON, JAMES O. Dardanelle, Arkansas PHILLIPS, WILLIAM P. Ashdown, Arkansas PRITCHARD, JACK L. Little Rock, Arkansas ROBINSON, THOMAS D. Ola, Arkansas ROLLINS, JAMES Swifton, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas RIECHAMN, NEWMAN L Camden, Arkansas ROSE, SYBIL R. Flippin, Arkansas SHANNON, ROBERT F. Little Rock, Arkansas REINHARDT, HERBERT P. 5 X i 1 Augusta, Ark sas WHNALEY, CL E H. il1l nsa SILAZ, JOHN BENNETT Conway, Arkansas SLAUGHTER, ROBERT L. Sheridan, Arkansas a' " ad TEETER, JOHN ALAN Malvern, Arkansas TRACY, CHARLES C. Little Rock, Arkansas VINZANT, JO WILHITE, FRED Glenwood, Arkansas We W V CRGANIZATICNS ,XX A CADUCEUS CO-EDITORS Left to right: TRAVIS CREWS and JACK GUNN STUDENT BODY OFFICERS M LESS N na FRARX pcfewdenf Seffefaw RILEY M QR H 7' B Pfesudenf 'easv cuTc:HEoN DON LOVE 4 4 v-- I' are M . N X Seated left To right Charlue Story Frank McCufcheor1 H B Thorn Jr., William 5 gl 6 'V V, l. 'l r l l P . x, f IR X W L-4 HONOR SOCIETY l max ,Q Ur i A --1 .1 9 , Standing, left to right: Louis Sanders, Berry Moore, Lee Martin. Sitting: Jay Brown, George Ackerman, Barney Wisinger. Not pictured: Pat Flanagan, Don Mashburn. HONOR COUNCIL ,Q avx, 1' U' I' IW. :- , 4 . ,642 ts-1 Qlf' .PS4 Standing, left to right: Roy Gillespie, Virgil Perry. Seated: Louis Sanders, Don Dooley, McDonald Poe. Not pictured: Fred Lee, Charles Wells, Jim Ifwerstrom, Jim Greenhaw, Clyde Tracy 1 CHI MEDICAL FRATERNITY ..,, . . ,, - F3 ,gakf 'z PHI BETA PI MEDICAL FRATERNITY ,,,, ., . I? ' I I X w-II I 1 . r I I I I I Iflygqimnn-an-hw' ' If H C3 C5 I If A THE MEDICAL SCHOOL MEN S CHCRUS E'-""'7?' MEDICAL DAMES AD COMMITTEE 5 l l 4 M 5 l , ,ms - f E ' 2 i 1 f , f ! . l Y ' N fix 'K Seated, left to right: Kathryn Miller, Susie Brown, Donna Wells. Standing: Sally Hampton, Mary Rose Simmons, Edna Rust, Martha Balay, Martha Hagler. THE MEDICS Champions of the Commercial YMCA Basketball League i954 Champions ot the Annual YMCA Tournament 1954 WON-25 Lost-3 i Front row, left to right: Harold Ray, Ed Rise, Sam Daniel. Back row: Calvin Austin, Barrett Sparks, Clyde Tracy, Harrel Ward, Manager, Dr Erwin, Coach. Not pictured: Dr. Shaver, Coach, Jim Sloan, Art Smith, Troy Payne. 4f'a' I 4" ' f' , 1.63 ' . 'Ink' pf .1-I .15-f ' .f.. fi YA,-'NM',+x Vw -:I-55-':xfQp19,I. ., J. ' -K .f!f4f2i'tfS.:w-- I r ,I lf ' r' . ,ag :fc , I I . I 'TQ 1 ff ESQ , . , - sud'- F . .-F, 4 -. ,.,-, '. 1 'yin f sr I. A .r f., Y ' - -I "'ff.!l'i3'. .J ACTIVITIES 75? N.: W I c Ga WI OI Q ks - -iv V . gy V. :if xii 'r R43 3? f il K X f kg, in Aa . 1 , X 55 Vs I P, R A N MC' r . e iw-M f f H - L.. f f' ' it 1' 4, A , Q 35 bi xx , M 5 Q N , x , R 5 ' :AV ' 'f..1-.' 1 W , . A .gf 1 i W -, 51:19-'-1121 EW . , ,Q-:,., YF5,g..:ggr - ?az,:,.:-wzsgi 'f' ::f.- 4 f , m x Q R 1-viii' ' - .Q X-EYES 9537? 3 ff.. A 1 5955 iii? . Q' wr x W - i S N x xx? af B ,QI K "' ' - f VZ! 1 ,., i Y S334 Y TN xr 5 gqwrv- ,wny lf- 1' !TZ"!""'5-""!'f"f"' ' i i ! ' ,KS "ii ' for 5 ' .. vs' ,. - 4. B -A A . A ,k , i A ,sfljr X45 ' J M -w1.' ld 2 ,, t V' 1, V Q 'N B B- ex -f 153' , 1' for 4? K .S -'Z A QQ N L i 4212? 5 dmv ' . B QF-wk - X,-. ,wp ..... yur AQ 1 f 4, 2 . 12, 'Mx or 'A B. W -P 1'- LW 6. . ., kg, AQ ' rg Mv..W-,W-,fm "F"""' " :Q 53 E Q . L 08674 , - 'i U' i if -' 'f r fam.: - .V x, c i X Q I ,. 1 9 i Q, 4 - : ' f i 5, A "5 5 f . i 'A .iv i W7 Got your Barber's License Fourth Stage?? Star The BIB Hugh? Who said National Board Oh No!!!!! ,JM Dr. Seager WriTer's Cramp Ruth? Now Leo- Down The Hatch! Zffffay PHAR M PHA MACY R, ,Q 1 , I fr, :ff . vggw, i, li. I whim' t 3-flu .- A. V-fr.. t . , av., y 'Q jr S. G. MITTELSTAEDT, Ph.D. Dean, School of Pharmacy On the pages of this Caduceus are reflected the many interesting events of the students and staff of the School of Pharmacy. This recorded history of T953- 54 will long be remembered for the many activities that have transpired. It is another forward step in preparing men and women for professional pharmaceuti- cal service. The progress of the past few years has been most re-assuring. lt is a real stimulant for the future which lies ahead. Many of the students of this school have made enviable scholastic records. This spirit of scholastic progress and energetic enthusiasm for the profession of pharmacy is most commendable. Our best wishes go with these students for all their future endeavors. 1 l 39 R. O. BACHMANN, Ph.D. Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry T. 5. GROSICKI, Ph.D. Professor Pharmacy 2 -f-as J. T. WEST, L.L.B. Lecturer Pharmaceutical Law F. S. WILLIAMS, M.S. Professor Pharmaceutical Administration W. A. STRICKLAND, M.S. Professor Pharmacy v AGATHA ROBERSON, B.S. Stock Room Supervisor SYBLE E. TATOM, A.B., B.S. in L.S., M.A. Librarian GYNEVA S. TIGER, B.A. Secretary fo the Dean EMILY BARNES Typist, Library LA VERNE FITZMAURICE Secrefa ry Q, ig! N Z i S ZMAURI " cADucEus " STAFF, PHARMAcY c V 51? I ig ,,-., , i , 2' glf I if 4 -C' ,f -nb-, Left to right: Sam Floyd, John Morris, Frank Delmonego, John Murray. JOHN MORRIS ....... ..,.......,,,,,..,..,,-,,--,, E ditor SAM FLOYD .............. .... .. --- Business Manager JOHN MURRAY ---- ................... Assistant Photographer FRANG DELMONEGO ---- .................. ..--- ....... Salesman We, of the Caduceus Staff, of the School of Pharmacy, hope that you enioy this year's edition as much as we have enioyed bringing it to you. We would like to express our appreciation to the office staff and our many business friends, who have made this publication possible. . , . ,il ....-.Lk-r.g:,: .-. wtf. 'wg' ,, , - 1 Y 1 -- . N . :g' . it - g-sun l R. O. BACHMANN Senior Class Advisor The role of the Student Advisor is often a difficult and thankless task. He de- votes both his time and his energy, and in return receives only an occasional thank you. Therefore, in our hour of departure, we of the Senior Class would like to extend to Dr. Bachmann, our faculty advisor, our deepest appreciation for the many services given by him, and to pay to him this lasting tribute and public thank you. ii t i E, t, 2, if t, L, l l t l 5 , t x ' ti : sy r ig . ii f if f,,,i 5 f. X, iv , A Qiwz, M, 15 X 2' f ffiffihf, E, , ,,?W4,f,,. Fr- f gffyggft f ' "1 fwfggjig' 1 grfj, fy.-sf fm P if P3576 I, 5 V. 5. 6.f'fff."f,fw Q fp mg .V , . 1 4 V 44,1 ,," ' W ,' 2? M, , funn .ff yfy fk W i jf-A 7 - ' ',Z1i,,I,wf!f' ' , i wifrsgi' . GREG BLOMSTRAND Rogers, Arkansas CLIFTON B. BROWN Little Rock, Arkansas BOB GIRKIN Searcy, Arkansas ik wyzqf ,nv-in sg 'rffifQfH L LUTHER GOINGS Blytheville, Arkansas ,. ALAN DALE HARRIS Little Rock, Arkansas CHARLIE E. HOLLINGSWORTH Sfuffgarf, Arkansas JAMES DONALD KAHRE Shreveport, Louisiana JOHN T. MCFATTER Shreveport, Louisiana JOHN L MORRIS n Hagarvllle Arkansas X I if' .gunning JAMES A. MOSLEY Little Rock, Arkansas JOHN L. MURRAY Baton Rouge, Louisiana ROBERT T. PATRICK Kappa Alpha Fayetteville, Arkansas f'j""' Q6-J I' M 'Q' BILL D. PLUNKETT Cove, Arkansas FRED E. RAGLAND, JR. Phi Delta Theta Stuttgart, Arkansas WILLIAM L. SPIKES Pine Bluff, Arkansas MK an --4? 4 I I i I I I I I I I. I X X K ' JIM STEED Star City, Arkansas HERBERT H. SULLIVAN Hot Springs, Arkansas OLIVER G. WALTERS Rayville, Louisiana QW 4-is "fir JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS . -fieazv. ix' 3 if WATKINS WILLARD L DAVENPORT SAM FLOYD LOIS - preside,-,f Secretary Vice President XX, z E 5 's i 1 '53 L ' R F. s. WILLIAMS M'-R: Class Advisor ! K Ai R L DAVENPORI President l l l S PAT BEooooo A Monroe, Louisiana NATHAN MONROE BARRETT England, Arkansas A II, JOSEPH B. BLUNDELL Little Rock, Arkansas FRANK BRUNNER, JR Tulot, Arkansas DON BUTLER Booneville, Arkansas ' WILLIAM G. CARTWRIGHT North Little Rock, Arkansas in-I -q..4lf ai' EARNEST L. HAYS, JR. Pine Bluff, Arkansas CLIFF HESTIR North Little Rock, Arkansas V7 L' NF-.i.,.-Ea." . . . -, T! if: .,-.wmv .mf 1 ., fi 6 s FRANK A. DELMONEGO Clarksville, Arkansas GEORGE J. EDWARDS Little Rock, Arkansas we 1 .-f x' -A--fav , S-vm' V if lr" 3, , .4 Aa JAMES E. HUMPHREY, JR Little Rock, Arkansas JAMES T. JONES Monticello, Arkansas WARDS Was CHARLES MCCLENDON Mountain View, Arkansas RICHARD MASSEY Desha, Arkansas wiv' l HREY, JR- las 585 VERNON M. TAYLOR Pi Kappa Alpha Nl' BUDIE MONAHAN Gilletl, Arkansas HARRY P. STRAVOLEMOS Shreveport, Louisiana Cherokee, Texas 4 , "'f"""' FRANCIS C. WALL Coal Hill, Arkansas , QUQ STUDENT BRANCHES ARKANSAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION GREG BLQMSTRAND JAMES KAHRE HERB SULLIVAN JOHN MURRAY presnjenf Vice President SeCfeT6fy Tr 9551-'V ef COMMITTEES PUBLICITY YEARBOOK Fred Ragland Chairman John MOFFIS Chairman George Edwards Sam Floyd J. T. Jones Frank Delmonego John Morris, Photographer John Murray EDUCATIONAL CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS James Kahre, Chairman Bob Patrick, Chairman ' Lois Watkins Herbert Sullivan Joseph Blundell William Davenport SOCIAL Bobby Girkin, Chairman Harry Stravolemos William Spikes Herbert Sullivan Bill Plunkett In order to better acquaint the student with the current problems in pharmacy and to provide opportunity for leadership development, the organization of Student Association Branches was begun in 1951 at the Fayetteville and Little Rock Campuses. The obiectives of the Associations are brotherhood, high standards of scholar- ship and morality. - of First row, left to right: Ragland, Floyd, Kahre, Hollingsworth, Bedgood, Monahan Watkins, Stravolemos. F Second row: Barrett, Jones, Hays, Walters, Plunkett, Sullivan. Third row: Wall, Hestir, Edwards, Patrick, Delmonego, Brown, Blomstrand. Fourth row: Blundell, Taylor, Reisz, Po-welI,'Massey, McFatter, Murray. PHARMACY CLUB 3 ,gf 3 First row: Floyd, Kahre, Ragland, Sullivan. Second row: Barrett, Edwards, Patrick, Plunkett, Blomstrand. Third row: Morris, Blundell, Taylor, Murray, McFatter. Since the beginning of the Pharmacy School, there has been a desire for a social, as well as, a professional fraternity on our campus. This desire has led to the establishment of our fembryoj fraternity, which as yet is not completely organized, but everything must have a beginning. We hope that this is the beginning of a very active and close knit group on our campus. PHARMACY CLUB COMMITTEE James Kahre, Chairman Bill Plunkett Herb Sullivan ,? Smells cloesn'T iT, George! A crystal fiber, maybe? president Caldwell Check 1ha1 hat! Final Conclusion T. T.'s? I-may mn-v......., A.. 'i ,gfaim yi Bless his shining, hairless head Hope it works! That I bet right now is Turning red. Mr. Headlee 55 X , 1 X v Nice work, Bill! Remember the O.D.C. and T.T. fx w.....-H F fd' ,iw 0 - I 4 J .L R, SK' I 2 'ff cl' X .il J F I J gi 'n.,...,..f A-1 al . HK4 : ,L 15' 5 . -ug, .X ,.. 1 X, Q xl., Qggiv' n as Ofkl It VW Q -, ' -Md! 1- -3 ,I I - an .Ns . 4 1 ,,w av' Y Jpf F J l Alfhough we may be miles aparf, we af Sfover's wanf you fo feel fhaf we have a personal inferesf in your problems of equipping your office. lf you have any quesfion, and -our salesman is nof avail- able af fhe fime you wanf fhis informafion, please feel free fo wrife or phone us. col- lecf, and we assure you fhaf your leH'er or phone call will have fhe mosf careful, personal affenfion. In fhe pasf fen years we have become one of fhe largesf dealers in fhe Unifed Sfafes, wifh fhe finesf facilifies and mosf modern display rooms, and are so organ- ized fhaf you can call upon us for prompf and complefe informafion. ,7g,Le5 ,A fzrdonafjnferedf ju your QAOLAMA W I lulgiiw lil 0141" PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SHOULD WORK FOR YOU' Your professional office is more fhan a workplace . . . H' is bofh a confrlbufor fo your progress and a yardsficlc fo your success as a physician. Your professional office should worlc for you. As fhe place where you spend mosf of your fime, if should yield maximum ser vice wifh minimum efforf. Faulfy space planning, bad furnifure arrangemenf poor lighfing, noise, and dismal decor impair fhe efficiency of your work. Your professional office should impress rafher fhan depress your pafienfs. A shabby, run-down, disorganized office is nof consoling fo pafienfs suffering pain or physical discomforf. Nor does if inspire fheir confidence in you. --4 Your professional office should reflecf your per- sonalify . . . eifher in decorafive fheme or in dis- play of hobby ifems suggesfing your personal ac- iivifies. Choice of colors, picfures, planfs, and furnishings indicafes your personal fasfe. Good fasfe is nof losf upon your pafienfs. 61110106444 pafienf Qacfion, . . . The frend foward beffer planned and equipped docfors' offices has been gaining such impefus fhaf no progressive docfor can V afford fo posfpone fhe pracfical advanfages fo be gained fhrough :N modernizing his office. Pafienfs are quick fo recognize 'fhe improv- 'v 0 ed service fhey receive in well-equipped offices . . . and equally ' bi quick fo sense fhe handicaps of obsolefe furnifure and equipmenf. IN People judge a docfor fo a greaf exfenf by fhe appearance of 5 his office. If fhey gef impressions of efficiency, sanifafion, con- venience, and good organizafion, fhey fall: favorably . . . and on such impressions a sound pracfice can be builf and mainfained. Wifhouf fhe confidence and enfhusiasm of all pafienfs, a docfor's fufure sfanding in his profession is ieopardized. 0 ,, . 5. uosPrrAl.s equipment 6 SUPPUE3 Pn'g'fg::g x.gAy EQUIPMENT 8: SUPPLIES 721-723 Main Sfreef Phone 5'l2ll Lime Rock' Arkonsos Congrafulahons and All Good Wishes +o 'The Class of l954 from CENTRAL SURGICAL COMPANY INC 9l8 Mann Sfreei' Phone FR 4 9748 Phone FR 4 5030 IPP' I! INC HOSPITAL SUPPLIES '-ZUZTEIQZ CENTRAL URGI Q The Frlendllesf House ln fhe Soufh .N.aLad"-' if N . .. ,. if-.sf vii if ight ffiiigiii' . .df Q v 15 :WX L' N' segissiefgfi .5,11, E" .isilihx f5Q,i-fiii: '1Q!?i?5-:. 1' '1 --f - - nv. 3: '13, , 1.',,w. waz 1' 'f1,1f,-i:1.91f"",- ' ,,."f', f, ,M ff ,Q ., '11 fugacafg " p-11'-4 .wwf-, ,U ,,,,,nfg',g,.,. '1-"'7'.177111L3.SSZ,.., - --f'.sf,1tr:?4 PHYSICIANS. HOSPITAL and LABORATORY suPPuEs Congrafulafions Gradua+e5 SEARS, ROEBUCK 8: CO. 7+h and Main 4+h and Scoff JUNGKIND COMPANY Arkansas' Oldesf and Largesf Dealers in Phofographic Supplies and Ofher Specialized Maferials 206 Main FR 5-466: STERLING DEPT. STORE Capifal Ave. af Cenfer Liffle Rock FAUSETT 8: COMPANY Arkansas' Largesf Realfors Realfors Insurers ' Morfgage Loans 2 I 5-2 I 7 La. FR4-82.6I STYLECREST HAIRSTYLING SALON Suife 2I0-Reed Music Bldg. Il2 E. Zfh FR 2-4994 Congra+uIa+ionS Arkansas CANTEEN SERVICE. Inc. 207 spring si. Phone FR 5-73I9 A Complefe Vending Service CANDY COFFEE CIGARETTES Office Furnifure Recepfion furnifure, files, desk, supplies- everyfhing fhaf you will need. Special considerafion fo Docfors seHing up new offices. DAILEY UNITED SUPPLY CO. 2I3 Easf Markham P5006 FR 44283 Wholesale end of fown Complimenfs fo fhe Graduafing Seniors from WORTHEN BANK 81 TRUST CO. Congrafulafions UNION NATIONAL BANK OF LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS ROSEANNE SHOP 4I7 Main FR 4-8196 REPUBLIC NATIONAL LIFE INS. CO. Union Life Bldg. FR 2-02I7 CASH DYE WORKS SERVICE CENTER 4I06 W. Markham MO 3-4I0l Congrafulafions and Besf Wishes ARKANSAS FOUNDRY COMPANY Iron-Sfeel Building Maferials I50I Easf 6+h Li'H'Ie Rock, Arkansas G 81 H DIAPER SERVICE Member Nafional lnsfifufe of Diaper Service 'l'he only diaper service fhaf can give your pafienf Double Profechon! 600 Pulaski Phone FR 4-0357 I CONGRATULATIONS +o Ihe gracIua+es and facuI+y of II1e UNIVERSITY CF ARKANSAS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Coca Cola BoHImg Company of AVIKBHSBS COM PLIMENTS OF YOUR WYETH REPRESENTATIVES ALiHIe Rock, Arkansas FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE FRIENDLIEST BANK IN TOWN Member Federal Deposli' Insurance Corporahon in LiHIe Rock A SHRADER For I'I1e Ioes+ in pI1o+ograpI1y i+'s SI1rader's II7 WEST 6TH ST. PHONE FR 4-I I93 We enioyed pI1o+ograpI1ing +I1e Universify of Arkansas School of Medicine S+ucIen+s. Thank you for +I1e pleasure . . . CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I954 McKESSON AND ROBBINS, INC. LiHIe Rock, Ark. Complimenfs of ARCHER DRUG CO. SERVICE WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS II3-I I5 EasT Markham LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Complimenfs of ARKANSAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION and HEADLEE DRUG STORES, Inc. OFFICERS: Presidenf, Frank Headlee, Searcy: Isi Vice-Presic.Ien'r, L. H. Haines, Marianna: 2nd Vice President Morris Collier, FayeHeviIIeg Treasurer, Frank Eicien, Jr., N. LiHIe Rock: Secrefary-Manager, WiIIiam G. Smi+h, LiHIe Rock. HEADLEE DRUG STORES, INC., 200 Norfh Spring, Searcy, Ark. REXALL, Searcy WALGREEN, New Pori REXALL STORE WALGREEN, Searcy WALGREEN, Conway IIO Main S+. LiHIe Rock HUNT-RITCHIE DRUGS 400 Ark.-Mo. Highway Norfh LiH'Ie Rock Park Hill Arkansas can K E I' E K E T G. DAN CUMMINGS FR Region-SI 918-A MAIN STREET Manage' LITTLE ROCK, ARK. KELEKET x-RAY CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS TO I954 GRADUATES A BLASS Where every cusfomer mus'r be saiisfied 1 Congralulafions P. A. BUFFALO SERVICE STATION H. H. CHEEK BARBER SHOP - CONOCO PRODUCTS 7l7 E. 9I'h Li'r+Ie Rock I3Irh and Barber PIIODS FR 2-9859 "Friendly Service You'II Like" CompIgmcZrSE':LCE CO . RELIABLE LIFE - STEINKAMP S J. M. Hes'rer S+aIe Supervisor 326-27 Donaghey Bldg. HOME FURNISHERS Phone FR 5-8468 II20 Wesl' 7+h S+. Phone FR 4-2204 RED CROWN CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY TI'IE GATES AGENCY-General AgenI'S MARTINE FUNK. Owner IIOI Cumberland S+. Phone FR 5-4659 DONHAM CLEANERS For Ihose who wan+ The besl' Mr. and Mrs. H. Donham, Owners 906 E. I2+h SI. FR 2-39Il u B 8: M FOOD STORE I406 Barber Phone FR 4-4445 CONGRATULATIONS BroI'hers ESSO Service I324 Barber Phone FR 2-9685 Congrafulalions Seniors ALLSOPP and CHAPPLE 307 Main LiH'Ie Rock FRANK LYON WHOLESALE FURNITURE 2I0 E. Markham FR 5-53I I Basil Bu+Ier's ESSO Service I0+h and Sco'H FR 4-944I THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. lPhiIadeIphiaI 7I5 Boyle Bldg. PAGE'S VARIETY STORE I4I7 Barber Phone FR 5-6454 Complimenfs ,of THE FABRIC CENTRE 2I I-2I3-2I5 Wesl' Capifal Complimenis of GRAY'S MEMORIAL HOSPITAL C'ongra+uIaI'ions JULIAN E. WHITE BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA I2I6 Donaghey Bldg. Complimenls of THE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK LITTLE ROCK Congrafularions Seniors KEMPNERS LiH'Ie Rock and Hoi' Springs Besr Wishes GANNAWAY'S HILLCREST DRUG Kavanaugh af Beech Phone MO 3-4I03 LiHIe Rock, Arkansas OAK FOREST DRUG STORE The Rexall Drug S+ore I2+h a+ Fair Park Blvd. Phone MO 3-63I9 LiH'Ie Rock, Arkansas Congrafulafions fo Seniors ECONOMY DRUG CO. I24 W. Capifal FREIDERICA PHARMACY Wishes Congra+uIa+ions +o Seniors 70I W. Capifol LiH'Ie R NICOL'S DRUG CENTER l200 Main Phone FR 2-5268 CENTER PHARMACY! 30I W. Capifol FR 2-7264 HANK'S DOG HOUSE 36I4 Rooseveli' Road OC Sfeaks Sea Food PARKS PAN-AM SERVICE R-ooseveI'r and Arch Phone FR 2-9642 CHURCHMAN DRUG CO. Rexall Kavanouoh and Beech TROY D. CHURCHMAN-Owner Li'H'Ie Rock, Arkansas HUGGINS DRUG CO. "I+'s a Pleasure Io Serve You" . . . Phone SK 3-3459 340I Pike Avenue Norfh Lifrle Rock, Arkansas 1 it CITY DRUG STORE Reliable Prescripfions 9+h and Recfor Sis., LiHIe Rock, Ark c. B. FENDLEY, Prop. TEDFORD DRUG 9I5 E. 9+h S+. Phone FR 4-4926 GILI. DRUG STORE laoo Wrigh+ Ave. Phone FR 4-2374 HUBERT GILL, Owner THE REXALL STORE Complimenrs of WHITIEN-HOLSTED REXALL DRUG STORE Bdway. ai' Lynch Norfh Li'HIe Rock, Ark. Phone WI 5-2520 WILLIAMSON DRUG STORE "The Rexall S+ore" I28 Main N. Li'H'Ie Rock, Ark. Phone FR 5-8259 PARK HILL PHARMACY 722 Ark. Mo. Highway Norih LiH'le Rock, Ark. Across from Ihe Park Hill School COMPLIMENTS OF MEYER BROS. DRUG CO 200 Eas+ Markham S+. LiHIe Rock, ArkanSaS l0+h a+ Main CONGRATULATIONS Granoffs Lime Rock Phone 4-5048 1 'i Our Hearffell' Thanks To +he Firms ancl Eslablishmenls Whose Names Appear on 'rhe Prececling Pages for Helping 'ro Make This Book Possible. We Hope T You Will Palronize Them. THE EDITORS 13' r R I Q 1 l , 5 4 'E f . ,s 1 ,l A 5 'I Sn. A LITHOGRAPHED ik 4W'f"m2 f, YEARBOOK DALLAS TEXAS N 15 4 N S D XA but If 1 , . tfxvx YV ,W .N L rv , i iii TSE ii' DQS: ...I sun: A 'NN A-1 . K A , , .0 , , ..-....4-- """" ' ...wwe u-:QL 1 D L . --, . .M gov- , f"'4"' - --My ,J-rf, . ,,""Y M- ,.1-ffwgw '-'f 'filsgi ' f , X -'urn'-5.355 ., X' X J Q .Q-Of .AM V.,-1-fn.-I' -I 4 , -5 -f -, , A3 A ...ox vu., ,., "' .mf-Q4-'43 .ma ,rw-an --'I , - ., "rbi" 1 ,ff .- - . V -96 , fu? r- -GNL. ,Wm J- X -star: -if "+ "1 ' r r ,P -0 JJ' "Tab .A " ,aa wq. ' A ,. .WU , L... .-..f. , .- . M, u 1 , K. .1 ,, - ,.s.a'4"'x--"1 Ly . . . E b,,-eo V aw. P -Q' I , K kv,,,,k. N , iw! Y Q-f, ' ,,37,1N"9'-"l M 17' iw -I 1 . . V f, n V . . , 1 1+ 1 1 F af, Z. E, ' 'ab'-ax ,. , N , W,,, ,. X In ., ,uni L... . s' . ,f f. 1 s R 1 f f ! L w , i Hr w 1 Zti lil 311 'Tl ' 1 J, A , Ill Dbavn .QI J. , Q 'Y v 1 I 4 qc YQ ,Q I . ..r vs-ggi ...f - 0 '12 .CO nd- 0 If ,. ,. x f I, D 4 1 " v . 1 4 V ni" Sit- , ,gff9".'r 'J wqxfy Q ev9m? 7 9 Q, wt YQ 'swxlqiffft " -"" tp' ? :M ' ill

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