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 - Class of 1972

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34, mi .V 1 4 L. 'S ,,..-of-' You know I've heard it said there's beauty in distortion, By some people who withdraw to find their head. Well they say that there is humor in misfortune, I wonder if they'll laugh when I'm dead? Why am I fighting to live when I'm just living to fight? Why am I trying to see when there ain't nothing in sight? Why am I trying to give when no one gives me a try? Why am I dying to live when I'm just living to die? You know some people say that values are subjective, But they're just speaking words that someone else has just said. And so they live and fight and kill with no objective. Sometimes its hard to tell the living from the dead. .sh R L. ,,., f 4 W 5 1 x I Az? Us 'L t 1 .. ' . ' ' -'V' 'f " -. , . V - , . , K ' 1 k - 1, LFS 6' . "'-ll-..v ry f - xp I 'fy ' I f-fmdrr. v. 'H K- 'Q 'S ' A 'Q v 4 4" Q- ' ,.. " . ' - ' H, H :V V-Q, , , . 4. y..:'. '.f4-lui' 1 ,J f .. pf'-2' qs mi x 5 A-s ' 'V' X t J ,' A ls L "'-..' if .VJ .' ' K WX , - X " A Ki P wg- .. 'dnt '. . ., mf , ,, x l I vi I: 'QV' 1-1 , X i l 11 , .WLQV Z Ax .LAW 1' ff :gf Sym K! I .flip-1...g:Lgif ,,, z ,A Q 4 L Q Lx -...,. I Jr' 1 ., .. V 3 QJJQTQXU -3.lLQ1".x....7L, 'v' - " - an ' 1 ww- . ' - ' . ff ' Y-1 ' .ff-4? "im - I "'55-' -S'- 1 . ., . ,, 4 4 Y . , ,i P- 'fl' I 'Q ' 1 4- x '-'f - " D ,il 1 "' " ' k ,. 3 .mfg , 1' - X ' 'AQ' ' 1 V ' "2 -1:.. .,.g.,.-fflf Q ff .. H 'Fm' i . va, 5,-. Aux. . -xv C' Sv, 1 E f',.-sith. 3 'Iva k'm'5A N. Q ,.. .-. . ae. .,- aff--Q fi., -"3W,,1- - -'wif' --if' ' . ' f ' df- 14' 'T-' '4'21f12w fa- .. f ff, Sf,f..:,-f-':"' V -. ' I I -, 4-L, x 'U' 58, ,J s , ' I: A . 1? ,,,- . - 5, Y, . s V I. D ,ENV V W , M - I A 5- lx' a' Jiwstq - .N .xx 6' ' 1, A 'l ' td , X x U I f in lr 21. X K Q 451 - V , sr X K. 6 1 ,A Lf: ' ll, , X 1, .. r V 'ij if ". Q-1512, ,-' , -.5 , 1" ' as ,lsftxzx SEQ if-5:3 . .1 ' N ' ,, - V: V -:fad '- i '15 '71, gk , -- 1 t NE 'N 1 'if I-K' if' Q 5- '5' . - 3' A ' -' -.---fs.-r-'21 Q ' f Yr lt 33' t if ' W , A , aww W 'En ' ' ' 'Q " N., -,1-- ,,fw, ff V .gn 1 V A ,rs -1 X I Axqmgrv - , .,. f vm ' J b' ' - I ' fn' M' 4- ' 4".':v'- I' 'H ,, y Qi , . rf. K 5 , . , ., F W , ' - , -1 wg W ' Q , " sq i ' 3' Qt .. .'-fx ., -'ff' 1f"f':Z:v.f,.h' ' M 9' ff. ' S., r . 4 I 2- - . f-f -. is-Q 3 V A ' ' '-.Q-f' T-A ,ek,'-'4- 'mx ' alfa", H 1 -si xs...Nf1,7P 'TL " . .Ai , - 1251 ' ' " Z"" i' wtf.-J ,my A " 'L'-"Q fa Q-rf f wh: Qu- ' 4 ,wk wiv 'J I .. '.i s,. ' db ,.. Q' ig.: Jhgvtq.. , f.. K ' L.. . f""f-' . ' nr' T? - ,V -H -. .JP-' Q' lg f? - 2, "' "1 xx'-'lwggjf' -3 "' . l ,il " ,L---A ab 4 ,dl '. ,, I ,E -,ff , H. --mug., ,gf ' V .PK 2 w.. . ffawfi-W sf 'fsuff ,-.Nc 7",g 3... A fff ' 'Jil . 1- 195. -3 . .Sl fr- - if--,j .--,. if - . fs . A,-ag is -'-F ii., te .- A , Urlvzfg ,laxffffi li:-rf , , ., fi ,,,:'rf Z Af-'VR' .131 ilgg ,, 3 ft! .ti ' .J 14 N, .4 . fi 5, ' .. 'AXi.7,t , ' Q ' :kv gx . Q ff' ' V 'r' iff: T 9 Q RE. N kj af. V :-2 3 ' 1 1 ' f ' ' ,'1 , 9 3, I 4' 'r' 5 F. J' ...g,k3f"2l ' 1-,Q , ,, J, . 4, A ,QQ wr ,, 4 fy: -, g Q I 2' . 5 f 2 V H f , ,. ,W : 3 4 5171- 1' 1 M Q s 3,4 s.4yM . - f , 5 ' , Y' 'fifiw L,TQ'i4 T 5 ,I 1, Q i Q up' ,T . in Q Q Q ' 1' ., 1 " E34 J, V' w fix, x 1. W , lp' ' PM w Y 3 .iq i "" . , , , ' -1""'.-wi V Q - in 5 '.A- JPN' 'fe X7 if -f M- f F I .F Q ... v 'I Q 'fbhf 0 A 'W gi. qt' X ' ' ' ' ,LMT ' . 1971-72 University of Arkansas Little Rock 33rd 8: University, Little Rock, Arkansas 72204 Volume 44 Contents Administration- 18 Faculty Students 52 Who's Who I 82 Groups 92 Sports 144 Life 184 End Matter 274 EDITOR Sue Bunch ASSOCIATE EDITOR Frank Battistone PHOTOGRAPHERS Wayne Bolick, Alan Blaylock, John Webb ASSISTANTS Rick Darling, Pegi Bunch, Katie Scott, Jerry Brooks, John Webb, Alan Blaylock, Tommy Pace, Kathy Wallace STAFF Paul Kitchens, Jerry Mayfield, Jack East, Charles Weaver, Bob Bennett, Bill Cordell, Mark Bird, Pam Lenertz ADVIISOR Dr. Heber Taylor The UALR yearbook is compiled by students at the University ot Arkansas, IO8 St Cl t B i t'I I Little Rock. ottice New u en Union uilding, and is published by the urey Company, 614- Calitornia Avenue, Camden, Arkansas 7I7Oi. Views in this publication do not represent th-ose of the administration or taculty. but rather ot the statt and students who Contributed. M-fm. bf ' ,- 'S Suu' - .f . ' ig .W 4. Q 'V .ww J.- A 1 1 V .TQG i. hw. ,gn n hi. " Si ' Vial gli--if ' ' :QE - -,..v -'1"Y I gin 1- iff' H:-, 8 sw :L aiu. N xv- - if .f' Q 0 4 - " y.Q-. ' .,1' 1 'ki I .. -v,,.. a A Z +L. 'H' -'ff 'e .I 1 - Q -, - . V .. , , . 'il N1 7 , 5. -- f .J V W 'f 4 - Q JJ, 1 ' ' . "' ', S- .. A . by f u"f- - 'L' '-N -- A: gif" 1"a 'f f A . an . I- 'f A .' ,' 9 -f if V. . 5:1539 if ,. 4-'A f W3 - " ' ' - ' Q 1' 'ffm'-f ' ff., if-'15 , ,,'f- -1,-Li,,,- -' N ,, ,ul-', . '- ,g 31,2-"'.f A .bmi ,. .,,, . 1 i . qi, ,S-,V . 3. . 3,2 qw, W .. J 4 n ,, 1 , . ' ' 'Q 5-5 wi. f fa ' ya'-v,1f+ T2 ag? A 5 A '1 ,Q-, . " ' . '3-... .41 .3 .H XL' ra. 43.1, .A 'fps' U-, :5'f 3 Y ': , -, hm? ' li Q..--gf r Q- ' .K , P wr J ge 53.03 YT, ,' 4' TE 75' Ni:-,Q . d -3 " 'F' -g!e-I 4. ,E Q., . , Luv-Q , D 'uh we A M .Q " . ' M---0 ' K ' 'gait --- ' N' 1, - "' 'W' .4-, uf, V - I .1 -T' in-f vffff- ' , . .Miig"' -Q , -1' ' U 4.4-f' f ,,. Ai , -, , , ...Af ..Q. . - 4-' f 5 ' AK ggi-.Lv ' ' ' , ba, , , - ., - - ' -f 1'4'-"A .ax x Y hx , rf -1. - ,W . .WAV , A . 4 ,iw-h ' If x r lg '51 glssp, ,rim X I . V Qi? an , 'Q gw-,M wt 40 ,,,1f""" I 1 l i i , , 4x 2 I E A I 5 QV r E E i lk Y li L A 5 lg Z 5 n 1 3 I Q I 3, , 15 fi p ,, le , I E I ,Q -w--- Y I 4 V . , 1? , s Z XZ gl Q x. R 45 52 if If QE If kg ,E S,- v V' I 3 ei 1. 1971-72 Mallers of Life "Summer ol '42" Monsoon Rains Hil Arkansas in Augusl Lunar Rover on Hadley-Rille Calley Convicled, Medina Acoguilled Phase One Allica Prison Riol I8 Year Old ,Vole Jerome Climber's Voler Regislralion Bus "Jesus Chrisl Superslarm Comes lo Lillle Rock Eouke Monsler Skulks in lhe Nighl "All in lhe Family" No. I ESSENCE Daniel Ellsberg and lhe Penlagon Papers Topless Dancers al Gaslighl Club. or 'lhe Big Busl' READERS' DIGEST is 50 Years Old Wilber Mills, Arkansas' Non-Presidenlial Candidale Calilornia Earlhguake Melhodisl Children Home Reluses lo Sell Land al UALR Price Casey Laman Indicled Khrushchev Dies Essence- rokum Exchange Pima Blows Penlagon Papers lor Sale in Bookslore - S225 "Song ol lhe Soulh" Revived Kennedy Cenler Opens India-Pakislan War Mariner Probes Mars TROJANS Have Seven Slraighl Baskelball Wins Phase Two Bangladesh Wins Independence Dallas 24 - Miami 3: Superbowl VII Communisl China Enlers UN Taiwan Ousled lrom UN "Hair" Comes lo Lillle Rock George Harrison's Concerl lor Bangladesh Salchmo's LasliNole "Hair" Banned in Eorl Smilh Soul Rangers Inlramural Champs The War "Dirly Harry" Wedge Soles Eccenlrics: Clillord X4 Edilh X4 Howard 34 Helga "Child's Play" Wins Isl Place in Slale Compelilion Joan Baez Concerl in Marianna Presidenl Nixon Goes lo China Border Slar Beals Della Oueen Elizabelh Taylor Turns 40 Racquel Welch Turns 37D Bellasl Riols KAAY Hosls Arkansas Cow Chip Tossing Eliminalions Waller Winchell Dies Third Black Emphasis Week I Karen Gore, Sammy Turner: Nalional NAIA g Swimming Compelilion COSMOPOLITAN: Magazine lor Discriminaling Women Flip wfisofa, Tvs ia Black supefgiaf ' y Dr. Slabler Relires , I I I Jim Lendall lor Governor: The Impossible Dream Roberl Pruill, AI Lindsey, Sludenls lor Arkansas House Skyjackings ' David Pryor Leaves House Seal Seeking Senale Seal Allorney General Ray Thornlon Seeks P'ryor's Seal Pros. All. Jim Guy Tucker Seeks Thornlon's Seal Assl. Pros. All. Brown Seeks Tucker's Seal Governor Bumpers Seeks lo Keep His Seal "Miss American Pie" Donna Mille, UALR's Isl Female Male Varsily Tennis Team Member Viel Cong Invade Soulh Vielnam Carole King, "Tapeslry", and lhe Grammy Chairman Mills Becomes Ollicial Presidenlial Candidale Oscars: Jane Eonda, Gene Hackman, "The Erench Conneclionu Baseball Slrike, Firsl Foul Ball ol Season Apollo I6 Eirsl Nalional Bank 33 High 80.000 al IOlh annual Mounlain View Folk Eeslival FORUM Isl in ACPA compelilion Elvis Comes lo Lillle Rock Yearbook Lale Again .-...r .33 ....M. ,,....q .Q -5,--Q , Q-.:1sl,, mmf? 'EIEUW 1 1 3? Izwysi K Ex 1. filln, M" ' SM 'A' Q 1? if NRRL... M N W .at ikmw-"'-f' 7 'W sg - s 'S F-2 A? H 0, 39? 'Y 'S Fa .4 Q Lge H .' hx-mx 1? 'ln 751 '49 1, ' A, .I fi ' ,ff S X x' 1 1 t V TAL 2 X f r , QL , ' , sw N4 g t 5 r AW 11? J , ,va 2.5 ,Q 'ye S, 'XP Wu KI ,ai 5' 1 ' J' 1 WY 2 . ' N' 1 ,Wil A 'U' 'Y 4' -Q' 3 Vg., -' A 1 5' PF r' X -1 if HM' x f if X .' , 5 'iq .IQ X f 'ffl Y ' . 4 A ' W in-,ff . . I Q Qs ' A h U 'Jr N A ,. S .1 w wi QM 55' Pi, "' "5 'U5',',W.f, V Izucxff 24' lx af sM!?aQ'fff2m., I , ,-- . I . X 1 ,A Y 4' 1 5 ,' .Y f i S 1, 4 5, 1-If .Ji ',"',, 'N .1-9' Q 1 Q.. cw," . rf, - fl , P 351, G' A K . Q "'1'Y'Vu, an 5? ,FV f v wlmfa-1,5 ww' -' W' 'x . Vx f J. , ,L ff f v ' , I-, ' ff 'f kJ" jp Q , , - 1, 47 , 71 , , f , A . . Qi- -.... 3- ::4' '. 1 ' A - , A-..,,, . ,,,m4 4 . V-rf v Kfgxgfgw' 7: , 1: 1, -1 X135 .131 :lu-N .. ,,? ,,,, W3 , M3 i W3"""-as-5. 4, i. ga i Y W ' WWwaQ,M x N i Mg if - Q 4 ,YY--"hmm ,vw V af we! ' +----A'-:s.. ' ' ' 1-me mniyruiww ifwim wilt , A 'Q' '39 "'f'rne3aun-1:ans11"F"""1 ' mm fll1Il""""" .., ,, 1 Qnaxmnzuwfluu new " Y .L ........ 'vi'-' 1.emnl'mv:mfwg . RKIHIIUQV rw Pl Exim aarauvm1v1a1annnn .Q-.,....... mu-ufwrmflafi .nw ggplg-mg-IMS? ..,...x. 5, me waz: out 3.-3 mnsa.:.wamu.m11au:lu1nmun1l -QM?-M1 - usnfssnuxmexfi mm ummm annum: IUC! lm.,-Q-,,, ,,,m,,.,,,m,,,,,,,,M,,-5 ,nw-:q.mQ :an 3-maint muah: ,,,,,,, ' Ii i'i!.'i'I'Xl'iiWll1fll'i'S5" -I- -" . Qlli-liflfiliivimwlllfi -'iS5!"35'2 Qr' f .' 5, mv 1sxxfa1af,m1'nvl1ll11J1 1 GI PKK ? Y , 1 - : . -af' E nm i j qgg i if , ununurmvuun-smwazw-zumlni-rffl fx.: iw f Kr" 'QSBKI 4: 1" """"'L' "--"1-M ,W 4 5 1. .1 'V W' , 63' 'F , f E- "P-2'-rf::'ff-f.'."p.g .aff-5 T25 - l unwmu 'U' ummm an . -T: - A 1 ""1?"' - mfmvnwfgfw 'rwdgk - ' . , YJ H , ,M V: uwmg, I - Y - i m ' , IW, 6 -ll'-HOQ 86931512 Q 'M , I xunamustsum 1- U , Q ' . " W 4, um mm in' .2 ' L Q? In W' A 7' "'-:V ' 'W -, -x , ., ,. V ., ,, . --A --:ull . ,. L .R , , " L, - , ,, V ,, .. , - .. Ag P- -,.- ,J '--,N W """ -Iliff- "f- '4'4 "A 1 ' W . M I A E l W if' 'L ',,j , V , JM I 2 ' HN' Q , . kr- 'I gm ,A 123 , WN- "", ifgff'-f , y , ,--1-wx' ,ae w-ef- V ff -, N, Nh .--xc' Af" "N - nf- -Q --N.- x --NNW E 3, , A ,EVV -1,-.NM L.- !iA"""., , .ar I E S' w ,rg -- f W 5 f W" 3 - 'X 4 E f I' 4 v E 1 x Q P m w r 1 1 , x X X fw A 1' .' 1 1 , w 3 h 4 ,KQV 4 I GM.-..,1, an fff, X1 gi 'Amar V 'ef Y F Q 641:-J!'7'r,qr3g, 3 If ' af ll' W , ...- - , vgiqjvff 11:44 pf ' ' f 1 J 1 -1,..r.w-'.,4. ., .4 ....,.,,,' ,Q , . ,A ,f 'Asda-. , .,g 2f"',,,,'. s F I . -4.'l-x..- --4. .... -4. 4 yi 'v 4 Q x , .W , W ,ft In . A 4 , ,b ' ggf:4af,,:g,g , 'fy 1 . ,rl 'Mu A -Y v dd 'k by QQ. :I , .givin - ',AU"1aLULQw ,HM f vgaggw- ' 5, , K ,b i G-kiln -x L, , Q.. fs-fl. A .1 , -3 4' Q., ,.,!.g' Y ,v.. hr. Y- 1 A 3 .,. , ,., ' X ' 'I' WS. , .. X.. .i..iwM F.. ...-4-..,,.... fy.. . ,K , tw - :,w'4'.fT.. , A. N., '-df -X' L -:SWL ,Q- , F,-.016 I. .ah vt .,,-x,.wQ X " ,Q 13'-.7 . fi--..,' X ,....-.'f'3bj-g.1L.. ,f K "' ' --"H-'B ,Ng-X -.-:'q"':.o'Zg', - -,- ,. .- - v- -.r - '1-4,1 '- . in -W x ,."f- . is -5: -,A . "'l- -., -..'f'k.f,Ni." 4x15-k:'Y'1,g - "init-fir...-'f,"'2',L f'lpK5v:u,5.t f .K .. , - .., , - . . Q."'t1",g'3'1.' " +1 J . 1 ' ' 5-Ni ,,-n4.,,.4,i Q.. A .' flu,--A vu, - XLS.. 1- v.:?.A,,,gL,l, V,-41: 1' V , ,' ' '. Q .m -. ' 3- -531. ,. '- , V 'X -'--" 4 ii" r - "x53fFb' -3:12 Yi.. "'f- ,ff S' .1 'Qu ..":,j"' A A . 'v' ,Qi .2 -, ' -Qhf , -' W f-.f "bf-Q' ' Q-4,-' 'fs ' 2 A '- fffgl' ffg.f14N,af+2,3-f N" " .2-"" .T - -:Q if "Y.31S?x.l'j '37 ...L fi-5,F'ffq5'1'Tfl T: zfffff :L 'Eff' C-'Hw'744 ""T"'wff'if .X L-f.v...-tx 'Q -f"'f .:L4-.,""'.. -.x rr guy. ,gg-.g1 ' V'-,g xiflx SQ---.f,.':L ,Z-,x Lfiw'-Lf," ,f4.:-'Q -, ' ' .ku "' ,x jgvui :.l,,'r .M Q T.-gwniiitg x+r,ij45:::':- ft: -i ,af-E ft P1 L. . ' 4 x 1' .mf 'il-"'?"Jfw.V -'fl it-5 ff' , . . - 5- fif -"f'.. 'fr-g71':'.... .ff :QQ-mmf-X fi'-1fk1f .12ff, f v . - -'Ay - , '7 --1 - 4 '-f A ,-- - ,,--.-,x.' .-,iii-. ri -..,ff'-QN -I ,.."L. . .V .. f..,:7fY,W?,..-'fx A' D 4.4-A ' RQ'-.R"'+-11, F' 2 ' ..-71.4 v -,-Y-F ,ff , Y ,--Tr -fgyf 1:-- . Qaffw. .J,,.. 'T "'.s-. -,--nq,..,K.L:- 1 ' "' 'M' - " nib. U 1-2 'C ."' 'fs A' X K QA ,. - . --.1. . -.--A. btw-f -,. .1-g' Q'-'LN ' --- - ' ff . ffal-Q T A '- - T J w -' --tb-P www.-i.'1'L'f--'- " Af Mi.:2a'-'-4,12 u 'bw .'f.""'T"1'- -. " Q M' 'nf'- ' - -N ' N", '- ' ' '- . -Kb. 3- f. - 7,14-W . -. A-, -""14'4? ix? ,,.1,"g' . .Z.'fl"'x-.u- 3 ' jglu' ii'-"4"-'T "tx "1 4 17 0oeDo11araCopy FEB 1931 Ten DQILH5 Ewa 3 A f f i One'Douar a Copy NTARC H 192 2 T Doll Y . "-'lm 7,4-lla B1 I 1 I .4 an ..,, 0' Las' 15 lf: Q' 4 ' -:H YHIIID V P ,sf 4,,., eff' '22 F4 :A A .. Qseaimm U Faculfy and Adminisfrafion University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Dr. Charles E. Kemp, Louis L. Ramsey Jr., Roloerr Shulls, John L. Wilson, Fred Pickens. Chairman of Board, David W. Dr. Preslon L. l-lalhcoclc, George E. Shanlsle, R. E. L. Wilson, Mullins, Presidenf of Universily of Arkansas. III, Vice Chairman of Board, Howard l-l. l-lorsf, Roy Riller, V97 elm l . 95' IM A 156 vigrx, .fa . ' QQ , . ,, ,,--' ,. - ML , r dw- ..,.. t "W , K1- . -f nw -eu- Dr. David W. Mullins President of The University of Arkansas University of Arkansas, Little Rock Board of Visitors DR. JOSEPH C. BROWAN. JR. E. HARLEY COX Vice President DR. W. G. COOPER. JR. Attorney Weyerlwaeuser Company Physician Coleman, Gantt, Ramsay, and Cox -scarf' H. TYNDALL DICKINSON HAROLD ENGSTROM. JR. ROBERT D. LOWRY President Engineer Chairman ot the Board lvlcGeorge Construction Co. Arlcansas Eoundry National Old Line lnsurance Co. ARNOLD MAYERSOHN Vice-Presidenf and Treasurer Sferling Sfores, Inc. 'V 5 "Fir Q I . 'Q 6,1 f Raimi JAMES H. PENICK, SR. Chairman of +I1e Board Wor+I1en Bank and Trusf Co. .-ff , ,.........,s 3 GUS OTTENH EI M ER Offenheimer Brorhers Invesfmenlrs ,J 4 JOHN A. RIGGS. JR. Presidenf J. A. Riggs J. A. Riggs Tracfor Co. its-Avis, HUGH B. PATTERSON JR Publisher Arkansas Gazeife I-IEBERT C. RULE JR Secrefary-Treasurer Manufacfurers Eurnifure Co M " If M.. 1 x ww. 9 'W 2' 'E CARL R- STOUT E. GRAINGER WILLIAMS EDWARD L. WRIGHT Refired as Manager Presidenlr Arfrorney AIcoa WiIIiams and Rosen, Inc. WrigI'1I, Lindsey, and Jennings My . H! ' ik: gf, A K ,"i,....., - .1 , I Q E . NI Chancellor Carey V. Sraloler ATTer several years oT sTudy. plans were being made To inauguraTe a Tour year program aT LiTTle Rock Junior College and The school was searching Tor a man To do The iob. The new presidenT would have The immediaTe challenge oT developing The school as rapidly as possible inTo a Tour year insTiTuTion oT such a gualiTy Thal' iT would receive accrediTaTion. Dr. Carey V. Slabler was chosen. Dr. STabler came To LiTTle Rock Junior College in l956. l'lis TirsT year was occupied in preparaTions Tor The change To a Tour year universiTy in l957. The goal oT his nexT Three years insTiTuTion, Dr. STabler has Taken The school Trom a small junior college Through a conTroversial decision To go To a Tour year universiTy. and Then Trom a privaTe universiTy To parT oT The Unive-rsiTy of Arkansas complex. BuT Then, Dr. STabler, who is a Phi BeTa Kappa member and a Fellow of The lnTernaTional lnsTiTuTe of ArTs and LeTTers, isn'T one Tor any degree of inacTiviTy. Since coming To LiTTle Rock his communiTy involvemenT has been considerably exTensive. Dur- ing l962-63 he served as p'residenT oT The Arkansas UniTed NaTions AssociaTion. From I963 Through l968. Dr. STabler was 'Ae ' 'eyes- . 1 x- 'i Chairman of The Board and DirecTor oT The LiTTle Rock Branch of The Federal Reserve Board and in I963 he was voTed GreaTer LiTTle Rock Man of The Year. The Pulaski CounTy Red Cross was anoTher of his inTeresT and Trom I964 To l968 Dr. STabler was was realized in l96O when The NorTh CenTral AssociaTion oT Colleges and Secondary Schools noT only awarded LiTTle Rock UniversiTy a high accrediTaTion, buT also praised The school as one of The mosT academically exciTing campuses in The counTry. IT was only six years laTer ThaT LiTTle Rock UniversiTy and The UniversiTy of Arkansas began a series oT discussions and nego- 4 K TiaTions looking Toward a merger oT The Two schools and on Sep- Tember I, I969, Dr. STabler became The TirsT chancellor oT The UniversiTy of Arkansas aT LiTTle Rock. ln iusT sixTeen oT The TasTesT paced years oT any Arkansas a member of iTs Board oT DirecTors. ThroughouT i962 To I967 he was on The Board oT DirecTors oT The RoTary Club oT LiTTle Rock, being presidenT in I964 and 65. Also a member of The LiTTle Rock Chamber oT Commerce, Dr. STabler has held a posiTion on iTs Board oT DirecTors in I968 and 69. From I958 To I968 Dr. STabler was on The OTTicial Board oT The FirsT UniTed MeThodisT Church oT LiTTle Rock. He was also a member oT The i968 Seminar in ComparaTive Higher EducaTion aT EasTern and WesTern European UniversiTies. GraduaTing wiTh a B.S. in hisTory Trom The UniversiTy oT Alabama, Dr. STabler also obTained his lv1.A. There. He received his Ph.D. Trom Duke UniversiTy, social hisTory oT The public healTh sysTem being The subiecT oT his disserTaTion. ln 1965 Dr. STabler was honored wiTh a l.l..D. Trom Hendrix College. Dr. STabler's career in academics has included being a high school principal and aThleTic coach: a ProTessor oT HisTory and PoliTical Science: AssisTanT To The PresidenT, Alabama Col- lege: Dean oT Shepherd College, WesT Virginia: and Dean oT Florence STaTe College, Alabama. LasT presidenT of LiTTle Rock Junior College, only presidenT oT LiTTle Rock UniversiTy, and TirsT chancellor oT The UniversiTy oT Arkansas, LiTTle Rock, Dr. STabler will reTire This year. Though reTired, Dr. STabler will again be Tar Trom inacTive. Thoroughly inTeresTed in currenT aTTairs and poliTical science, Dr. STabler aTTempTs To keep abreasT oT recenT evenTs and inTer- naTional siTuaTions. Having played varsiTy Tennis aT The UniversiTy oT Alabama, Dr. STabler is an avid enThusiasT oT The game, and also enioys some golT. Several years ago The STablers who have Two married children and Tour grandchildren, purchased a lake- side home on Lake HamilTon and will reside There. One oT Ar- kansas' ToremosT recreaTional sporTs and a recenT TavoriTe of Dr. STabler is Tishing. Dr. and Mrs. STabler also enioy Traveling ThroughouT The UniTed STaTes and will perhaps visiT The Tour or Tive sTaTes They lack in seeing all TiTTy. Dr. STabler also looks wiTh inTeresT To The TuTure oT UALR. WiTh The compleTion oT The EasT Building The UniversiTy oT Ar- kansas GraduaTe School oT Social Work will be locaTed on The UALR campus. Dr. STabler hopes This will encourage building of TaciliTies To move The LiTTle Rock division oT The UA Law School onTo The UALR campus. AnoTher area Dr. STabler believes immediaTe developmenT necessary is ThaT oT dormiTories. ATTer seven years of working Toward This, Dr. STabler was successTul in obTaining Tunds Tor a beginning oT This goal. However, one oT The provisions oT The LRU-UA merger was ThaT consideraTion oT dorms on The UALR campus would be posTponed Tor a I5 year period. Dr. STabler agrees wiTh The many who believe circumsTances will require reconsidering Them aT an earlier daTe. SomewhaT like a paTienT TaTher, Dr. STabler has guided This school Trom inTancy, Through adolescence To The sophisTi- caTed universiTy iT is Today. This energeTic man Trom Alabama has seT The pace Tor a rapid progress and leaves The universiTy wiTh an eminenT promise Tor The TuTure. Peace and happiness in your reTiremenT, Dr. STabler. I ,A-' . . Dr. James H. Fribourgh Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. James I-I. Fribourgh, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, came fo Liffle Rock Junior College in I949, affer having received his Ph.D. af fhe Sfafe Universify of Iowa. This was fhe colIege's firsf year on if's presenf campus, when fhe cify Iimifs ended wifh Fair Park Boulevard and fhere was only pasfure and farm land wesf of Universify Avenue, fhen a dirf road. "This was my firsf iob and I was a long way from home in Iowa. I had never been down fo fhe school - af fhaf fime you iusf negofiafed over fhe felephone and didn'f come in for a visif and all fhe formalifies as done now. I remember I gof in Iafe af nighf and spenf fhe nighf in fhe Lafayeffe Flofel. The nexf morning I wenf fo fake a cab ouf fo Liffle Rock Junior College and fhe cab driver had no idea where fhe junior college was. l'Ie called fhe cab company office on fhe car radio and fhey didn'f know. By fhis fime I was beginning fo wonder 'Whaf have I goffen info, no one knows where fhis place exisfsl' Finally affer I5 or 20 minufes fhey figured ouf. 'Oh, fhaf rnusf be fhe place ouf fhere fha ofher side of Fair Park,' and sure enough if was." From fhe days of Liffle Rock Junior College and World War ll veferans fo fhe days of fhe Universify of Arkansas, Liffle Rock and Vief Nam veferans, Dr. Fribourgh has seen a con- sisfency in fhe mafurify level of sfudenfs enrolled here. "The fesfs given fo graduafes of fhis school fend fo be a good bil higher fhan fhey are on ofher campuses. This fall we had exarninafion fearns, Norfh Cenfral and NCATE - Nafional Council for Accredifafion of Teacher Educafion, and bofh sefs of examining feams were very much impressed wifh fhe sfudenfs fhaf fhey mef here. Several iusf flaf made fhe sfafemenf, "We'lI be glad fo frade you our sfudenf body for your's sighf unseen." The fhing fhaf seemed fo impress fhem was fhe level of mafurify of fhe sfudenfs fhey saw and mel' here on campus compared fo fheir own campuses and fhe sense of purpose: mosf sfudenfs going fo school oul' here are going for some kind of reasonably serious reason. If's nof fhaf fheir folks are rolling in money and iusf wanf fo pay a preffy good price for a babysiffer for fhe nexf four years, if you see whaf I mean. Usually sfudenfs here have a preffy good idea of where fhey are going." A concern of Dr. Fribourgh is as fhe universify grows fhe UALR sfudenf body mighf creafe exfra-curricular acfivifies foo much like fhose of ofher Arkansas colleges. "The parf fhaf ofher schools don'f face is fhere is a Iof of compefing acfivifies in Liffle Rock. You're nof Iirnifed fo a school dance: any given weekend fhere is a large number of parfies and dances going on in fhe Liffle Rock area. I wonder if perhaps we're frying foo hard fo copy whaf ofher schools are doing and maybe we should be launching ouf info fypes of pro- grams fhaf ofher schools don'f have buf fie in more wifh whaf isn'f available ofher places in Liffle Rock." Dr. Fribourgh is inferesfed in possibilifies of a more nafional and infernafional enrollmenf here. "I fhink parf of fhe advanfage of a school is fhe diversify if brings and I would wish for more. If's always a problem of a sfafe school fo fend fo affracf fhe maiorify of sfudenfs iusf from fhal' sfafe and since we don'f have dormifories we're affecfed even more in geffing fhe maiorify nof only iusf from fhe sfafe, buf wifhin commufing disfance of Liffle Rock. I fhink one of fhe main advanfages dormifories would bring fo This campus would be for increase fhe diversify and fo gef sfudenfs here from Maine and Florida fo California and Washingfon. The same fhing even beyond fhaf, we only have somewhere around fhirfy infernafional sfudenfs and I wish we had a much larger popula- fion of infernafional sfudenfs. You probably end up learning ag much, if nof a good bif more, oufsicle fhe classroom as you do inside fhe classroom, and fhe more differenf people, fhe more differenf backgrounds you're exposed fo, I fhink fhe beffer off you are." Previously Chairman of fhe Division of Life Sciences, Dr. Fribourgh has been Iisfed in "Who's Who in fhe Soufh and Soufhwesfu, "Leaders in American Science", "Who's Who in American Educafionu, and "Arkansas Lives". I-Ie has published many arficles, fwo wifhin fhe Iasf year, in professional journals in areas of fishery biology. During fhe sfudy of a new drug applicafion, ferramisim, for fhe Pfized Drug Company, Dr. Fribourgh coordinafed research on effecfs, if any, fhe drug, a freafmenf of diseases in caffish, mighf have on humans who con- sume caffish. Dr. Fribourgh was recenfly elecfed a Fellow of fhe American Associafion for fhe Advancemenf of Science and has also! been selecfed a Cerfified Fishery Scienfisf by fhe American Fishery Sociefy. Dr. Fribourgh became Vice Chancellor for Academic Af- fairs in i969 and will serve as Acfing Chancellor when Dr. Sfabler refires fhis summer. ,,2Y,. ,v,1'., X dir- f F 'U' ,g 3, .. W- . -5, A . 4' ., f 'Vai ' -- fa . 5 , s3i, jf': 1 . . -f L 2.1 1:2 f.31f3 gEz,gsrfj ,f. ' . ',.' J , ,J x 45, V ' 'r 'v If ' as " -, 'ws -,, - A V22 ' "" ' A , si if ' ' f'Q,,Q,'f1, X I ,VM ...J fi Q FRED OAKLEY, DirecTor of lnsTiTuTional STudies, B.S., Arkan- sas AgriculTural, Mechanical, -and Normal College: M.S. Uni- versiTy ol: Arkansas. Mr. Oakley conducTs The UniversiTy's con- Tinued selT-evaluaTion To The end ThaT iTs educaTional mission may be realized. Mr. Oakley is a member of The NaTional EducaTion AssociaTion, STaTe Board oT Pardon and Parole, STaTe Board of Farmers Home AdminisTraTion, and Kappa Alpha Psi TraTerniTy. SUE PINE, AssociaTe DirecTor of lnTormaTion and Alumni Affairs, B.A., UniversiTy of Arkansas. Mrs. Pine, who visiTed some '50 high schools Tor recruiTing purposes This year, has been acTive in many phases of The UALR publiciTy program. Named one oT The OuTsTanding Young Women of America in l967, Mrs. Pine served as coordinaTor, wiTh Dean Teagel, of The presenT re- cruiTing sysTem ThaT culminaTed in The High School Senior Open House Day February 27. ChancelIor's Office NEYLAND HESTER, AssisTanT To The Chancellor, B.A., RoosevelT UniversiTy oT Chicago: B.D., Th.M., SouThern MeTho- disT UniversiTy. Mr. HesTer, who is currenTly conducTing research Tor The designing of TuTure buildings and oTher campus consTruc- Tion, assisTs The chancellor in all adminisTraTive areas. A gradu- aTe school insTrucTor aT SMU prior To coming To LRU, Mr. HesTer coordinaTes public relaTions and direcTs The graduaTion exercises. CHARLES E. LaMAR, AssisTanT To The Vice Chancellor, B.A., M.A., Baylor UniversiTy. Previously serving as counselor, psychom- eTrisT and insTrucTor in psychology, Mr. LaMar serves as DirecTor of The Evening Division. Among his duTies are compiling The semesTer schedules. and direcTing publicaTion of The UALR NEWS LETTER. Q 4 Sfuclenf Personnel JERRY D. CORLEY, Dean of Sludenls. B.S., MS., Easl Texas Slale Universily. HENRY D. AKINS, Dean of Men. BS., Rlfmilancler Smlllfx College: lvl.Ed., Universily of Arkansas. .P IS: ,, L'i " Q . , L BARBARA B. TAEGEL, Dean of Women. B.S.E., M.A., Universily of Arlcansas. RUTH E. AGAR, Universily Nurse. RN., Jersey Shore Medical Cenler. F! uf K Q ,Q A N-'ri "ln -u-. SYBIL T. ROBINSON, Direclor ofSluclen1' Financial Aid. B.S.E.. Arkansas Sfale Teachers College. in If Y JJ ' -NA LW'E: ' . f in V,1'5 , Z., , mgfgwl. N,.. L ,.,32, 1 Reglsfrar 1, 5,2 1 s vir: N DUDLEY s. BEARD Reqasifaf and ' 1 Dean of Admissions. B.A.. Millsaps Col- lege: M.S., Ed.D., Universiry of Missis- ' A PAULA CALLOWAY, Recepiioriislq KATHY VAN HOOK, scriplr Clerlc Admissions Cleric BRENDA MAHAN, Recorder: HELEN MEEKS, Reqisirar. Cleric: CI.AUDlA WILLIAMS, Cleric JUDY BlNTLlEE, Tran- QI LJ ' 4- 3 3.1 ll s ' :EZZEEY1 1 n Visas-1. xx 5.333 .Si MARY ALYCE ORAHOOD, Assislanl Jro +l'1e 3 T if X. -4. PM 'Tb ..f -.1-ff f -as ' W: Library JAMES A. ALLEN, Direcror of flue Library. B.S., M.S., Louisiana Siale Universiry. RICHARD B. DIXON, Research Associare. B.A., Souiliwesrern ar Memphis: M.A., Universiiy of Arkansas. MARY MASSERY, Circulaiion Clerk: MARIBETH EDWARDS, STElN, Library Assisiani: SANDRA MORRIS, Library Assisrani Circulaiion Clerk: CAROLYN HUGHES, Library Assisianr- JOY GEISLER, Circulaiion Supervisor: LlLLlAN TRAMMELL Serials: FLORA HUGHES, Circularion Clerk: CAROLYN EDEL- Prepararions Clerk: JO GRIPPE, Circulalion Clerk. . 1' .j x K E i .4587 K J kk 4 I 59. Q , A A ' "' if I A aaf. li . af 3' 'xi iii- ....' f C C' A f . i 'B - 3 . '. I . R wQ,,, il Q i f , N ft, M-Q 5' A ip has Zi? X 'Y 3 . fly if21fff'fQ'f R f-SC'!e-3 , ai... i., :.-- ., . rm-. Q Q ifffgfw .. ian? - J V . Computer Center PHIL ORAI-IOOD, Processing Programmer , , r,,,,. K ,kk, My 5, , 5 . V,,,.w it -1335 ?5? f R FK JIFTFI ' 9 :Y 'QQ . . AXPQ ixgxgg ,, ,s-' 33520 I , x ?3x, TR ,ghbgf A RI, 'l Z: 4 5 f g.. . , , " 9 I 5 I. I I ,I 4 I JOE MIZELL, Programmer: TRAVIS CHANSLEY, alrorq CI-IARLENE BARRETT, Keypunch Operajrorg I Compurer Operafor: DAVID LEE, Compurer Oper- MARLA EDMONDSON, Keypunch Operaror IsIHingI. I 5 X Y TED RICHARDSON, Direcfor of Counseling Cenler. B.S., M.S., Kansas S'ra're College of PiHs- burq: P'l'1.D., Universily of Missouri, Columbia. CORA H. WILLIAMS, Counselor. B.S., Arkan- sas Aqricullural. Mechanical 84 Normal: M.Ecl., Uni- versify of Arkansas. Counseling Center Business Office ED KREMERS, RAY VOGEL- POHL, Accounlanls, BURL WESTLAKE, Confroller, LOUIS DUELMER, Purchasinq Aqenl. , 'X g NELA GREGORY, Machine Operaior: DOROTHY MURRY, Insurance Clerk: CATHERINE DRILLING, Bookkeeper: KAREN PALADINO. Accounis Payable Clerk: ANN RUPPLE, Cashier: BETTY HADLEY, Payroll: EMMA HOLD- ER, Cashier. .5 F. L. ROBINSON, Vice Chancellor for Finance is responsible for coordinalion of all financial ac+ivi+ies concerning UALR. Lisled in "Who's Who in American Ecluca+ion" and "Who's Who in Commerce and lndusl'ry." Mr. Robinson holds a B.S.E. from Slaie College ol Arkansas and a M.A. from ihe Universily of Arkansas. L : , ,I ' W L 'l"' - W ' aww-vrfff W 'X iz? l If QW' DY , 5'1- I . D. O. TIPTON, Direcfor ofPI1ysIcaI Plant LINDA SEAMON, Secrefaryz ROACHELL. I3uiIdinq Mainienance Supervisor: J. T. M- WILLIAMS. TOM ROACHELL, CusIocIIaI Supervisor: R. M. STAPLES, New Congfrnqy OIIICQ CIerIc. Hon Inspecforg RICHARD COFFMAN, Grounds Foreman: BOB DONALD HALEY, Cenfral S+ores and Re-ceivlnq Supervisor: STEVE - I-IARMON, Primer: BILL WHITE, P ri n Ie r. H ,.L'- - 1 P S., A I Ie:-I? ' JULIUS SIMITI-I, Dnecfor of sewny. S I :ren I kr' K. ,ywfi , , ' , I lnrnr 'f2IjfjQ,9M,I ,E P' - ,R s A f K I - ' is 55 V, , X X 1' " f Kai-QPF? , I J I IL' I I ,. I .,, 5, - ---- - A x T5 I - Y I 5 I I I, II , A I' are Ie.I.,1-,Ig I 1 A 5 5 1 A V, MARILEE BREWER, Secrefary fo PUFCIIGSIUQ Aqenfy SUSAN BONDURANT, Personnel Assisfanfq LINDA SENN, Secreiary 'Io Vice CI'IanceIIor for Finance: DIANE SMITH, Swifclwboard Operafor. ,aka-5 'Un' .,,,, 45 r-X X o,,,a I Student Union MAYBETH JOHNSTON. Manager of Hue Booksfore. B.S., Universify of Arkansas. 'L NF' ,mf PAT GARRETT, Booksfore Cashier: HAZEL MCATEE, Secrewlaryg ELSIE BURTON, Booksfore Cashier. 485 ,-nn, ..--sl .--""'v BOB ARRINGTON, Siudenr Union Supervisor B.A., Universilry of Arkansas, Li++le Rock. BILL BUTLER, Gameroom Clerk and Assisiani' +0 'Hwe Union Supervisor. VELDA MELVILLE, Direcfor .of Food Services Business Administration Q if isii Q- r' JAMES F. BUTLER, Chairman oT The Division OT Business AdminisTraTion. B.A., Arkansas STaTe Teachers College: Iv1.B.A., UniversiTy oT Arkansas: Ph.D., Louisiana STaTe UniversiTy. In The pasT year The business world has gained a large share oT naTional aTTenTion and criTicism. Waves oT consumer- ism, anTi-esTabIishmenT Thinking, and conTroversy over The TaIT- ering economy have indicaTed some oT The pubIic's negaTive aTTiTudes Toward business as an insTiTuTion. Such senTimenT is naTuraIIy evidenT on The campus. "I'm inclined To Think ThaT some eIemenTs in The naTional aTTiTude Toward business plus The currenT economic condiTion may have given some sTudenTs second ThoughTs abouT maioring in business. The percenTage oT sTudenTs in business has increased, buT This increase has varied. I noTed ThaT IasT year our increase was somewhere in The neighborhood oT I8 percenT. This year iT was down somewhaT To iusT shy oT IO percenT. I Teel, however. ThaT This Trend is only Temporary. "CerTainIy we need To expand and enrich our program in business wi+h majors and special programs relevanT To The urban seTTing. We plan To exTend our service TuncTions To The com- muniTy in so Tar as we are able. "The naTional economy is cerTainly in a period of diTTicuITy. I'm inclined To Teel ThaT The condiTions which have been allowed To develop can be resolved. IT will, however. require consider- able new Thinking and considerable work. The PresidenT's game plan, I Think, may be a sTep in The righT direcTion." fa fr. , ,N , I ,A-I. yn ,. F5 - T I , '2 ,f A ' srrss fr ,, M if X -' ,.-,.. .ff 2 Tr' ' 1':2i2':'. .V I -" ,f ' ' , -- ,f ' K I' I , Q ffzifmffnscezrgfjf .Q 51 ' i?'I'ifPi,f I it ,youger-f' J ' I l,,, I . 6 IV ami , ,s 1 V I Q JJ A .2 ' ,. ' ' , 5 -'E ' f .I A ' A .7 '1 aa I rw I I I fd: ' I 'K' W5 '-if r F e,,,I 32 3 I If f' . ' " RN 5 . W K "..f---14" inns I , fig s 45 - A W. , 'ff' -4.-f In ,W WINSTON C. BEARD BA.. M.B.A., Ph.D. Professor of Flnancet I'IeacI. Deparfrnenf of Finance and Economics LINDA BILHEIMER BA., MA. Insfrucfor in GeneraI Business BENJAMIN A. HARDY B.A.. M.A. Associafe Professor of Business Ads minisfrafion DALE HEFNER B.S.E., M.B.E Insfrucfor in Business Educafion SIDNEY B. JOHNSON BBA., M,B.A. Insfrucfor in Accounfing ROBERT W. LEVEY B.B.A.. M.B.A. Lecfurer in Accounfing M. INEZ MARTIN B.A.. M.EcI. Assisfanf Professor of Economics CLEO B. MATTOX B.S.E., M.B.E. Assisfanf Professor of Office Adminisfra- fionq Acfinq Head, Deoarfmenf of Of- fice Adminfsfrafion GENE G. McCOY B.B.A., MA Assisfanf Professor of Adverfising CHESTER MERCER B.A., M.A Assisfanf Professor of Economics RODNEY D. NEAL B.S.M.E., M.S.M,S. PIw.D., Assisfanf Professor of Manaqemenf Science RUTH C. POWELL BA.. M.S. Insfrucfor in Business Aclminisfrafion RAYMOND B. ROBBINS B.S., M.B.S., PI1.D. Associafe Professor of Maneqemenf, I-Iead, Deparfmenf of Manaqemenf and Labor RALYH B. SHULL B.S., M.B.A.. PI1.D. Assisfanf Professor of Finance MARGARET C. VEATCH C.P.A.. B.S. Insfrucfor in Accounfing ERNEST H. WHITE C.P.A.. B.S.B.A.. M.B.A. Assisfanf Professor of Accounfinqq Acf- inq Heed, Deparfmenf of Accounfiriq ALVIN L. ALLEN B.A., M.A. Assocfare Professor of Arr: Head. De- parfmenf of Arr MARTHA BARBER B.A,, B.F.A., M.E,A. Assisranf Professor' of Ari' JOY C. BROACH BA. Lecfurer in Speech J. O. BUCKLEY BA.. M.F.A lnsfrucior in Arr JERRY P. BUTLER B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D Assisfanf Professor' of Speech JOSEPH N. CARNER B.F.A., M.F.A. Assisfanf Professor of Drama MARGARET D, CARNER B.F.A.. M.F.A. Assfshanf Professor of Speech CAROLYN B. CURRY BA., MA Lecfurer in Speech NED R. DEJOURNETT BJX.. NLM.. Ph.D Assishanf Professor of Music Fine Arts X 1 'ii if was H. - s ' Mf 0, 1 New 'ka-N ,ff 953 Ka fem .X , X r of X 3.1 X Q K J K "mm .S JOHN G. HUGHES, Chairman of The Division of Fine ArTs. B.A. SouThwesTern aT Memphis: M.S. Juilliard School of Music? Ph.D. Florida STaTe UniversiTy. il dn-ff ff! mv ff' 1 , i s A Q79 ' ii If fi , -I - 1 I i ' A, ana' .rl ' "STudenTs on This campus are -as inTeresTed in The Fine ArTs as sTudenTs are anywhere I've Icnown. I Thinlc perhaps The greaT- esT inTeresT in The arTs comes as a- resulT of our division- wide endeavors in The musical shows. This does noT mean ThaT sTudenTs 'aren'T adequaTeIy inTeresTed in oTher veins of The ArTs. I Thinlc Their parTicipaTion in sTudenT-direcTed, organized, and produced acTiviTies in The TheaTer, in The Reader's TheaTer, and in music is cerTainIy indicaTive of The facT ThaT They are geTTing in ancl doing iT Themselves. In addiTion. There has been con- siderable inTeresT in our arT gallery and The exhibiTions There. For These reasons, I am very graTified wiTh The inTeresT in The ArTs I have found here. If a sTudenT exhibiTs parficular inTeresT and abiliTy, we cerfainly encourage him. The field of Fine ArTs offers far more opporTuniTy Than mosT sTudenTs realize. I Think The greaTesT prololem our graduaTes face is The limiTed opporTuniTy They find here in Arlcansas: oTher sTaTes, however, are anoTher maTTer. The ToTal field of Fine ArTs offers many opporTuniTies as Teach- ers, music TherapisTs and music librarians, arrangers, and edifors. In adcIiTion, The mass media need many people wifh back- grounds in music, speech, acTing, and direcTing. In commercial 'arT 'The same is True. There are all These mulTiple fields and a myriad of iob openings for someone parTicularly inTeresTed in one of The fine arTs." RICHARD R. EMERY B.M., BI.M.E., M.M. Assisfanf Professor of Music JOHN W. GRAY Bfx., Mfx., Ph.D. AssociaTe Professor of Speech: Head, Deparfmenf of Speech CLIFFORD H. HAISLIP B.A.. M.A. T' Assisfanf Professor of Speech and Drama: Head, Deparfrnenf of Drama WARREN KESSLER BA., M.F.A. Assisfanf Professor of Ari' SARA LOCKARD BA., M.A. Z, Ag AssisTanT Professor of Speech JAMES IMONTAGUE B.A., M.S,, Ph.D. MM Assisfanf Professor of Speech ' P WILLIAM R. PERRYMAN B.M.. M.M. Assisfanf Professor of Music IDA A. ROGERS B.A.. M.A. AssisTanT Professor of ArT LOIS RYNNING B.S., M.S.E. InsTrucTor of Speech DOROTHY SAWATSKI B.S. Assisfanf Professor of Music DONALD L. WARMACK ,, B.A., B.M., M.M., D.M.A. Professor of Music MARGARET C. WARMACK B.M.. M.M. AssisTanT Professor of Music awry J. ...J , Education DON S. ARICK B.S.E.. M.Ed. Lecfurer in Educafiroh ROSE A. BERRY B.S.E.. M.S., Ed. D. Professor of Educafion, Head. Deparf- menf of Elemenfary Educafion and Early Childhood Educafion MARSHALL D. DAVIS B.A., M.A. Insfrucfor in Physical Educafion JAMES R. HALL B.S.E., M.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Head, Deparfmenl' of Physical Educafion Associafe Professor of Physical Educa- 'lion VIVIAN T. HEGWOOD B.A., M.A. Insfrucfor in Educafion SHIRLEY HILL B.S.. MA.. Ed.D. Associafe Profess-or of Physical Educafion TISH JONES B.S.E., M.S.E.. Ph.D. Assisfanf Professor of Elemenfary Educa- 'Hon HAPPY MAHFOUZ BS., M.Ed., M.S.E. Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educafion NEWMAN E, McGEE BA., M.S.E. Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educafion JOHN B. McGUIRE B.S.. M.Ed., Ph.D. Assisfani' Professor of Educafion CAROL SNELSON B.S.. M.S. Insfrucfor of Elemenfary Educafion BETTY JO STEPHENS B.S.E., M.S.E. Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educafion JOHN F. TORBETT B.S., M.Ed. Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educafion TOM G. TURNS BA., M.Ed., Ph.D. Assisfanf Professor of Educafion n--X 'UV lsr I ii, 'N fyvii. ,L ' y..-...A ,vim N-sa' ,Q fi , it, X, 'SMS r " ,Q-.,f.,, .ff 'Q' ef? ' 1 . Kwai, K , -F- as til' a.TTr . -W A N , f ws 1 i S , V, , I. l,, 'AVTK ,ull sy? ,yn A W- - K A -Qs Nu... , A HOWARD G. STEPHENS. Chairman of The Division of EclucaTion. B.S.. Florida STaTe UniversiTy: M.A., Memphis STaTe UniversiTy: Ed.D., UniversiTy of Georgia. "You've goT To make iT relevanT." So saying. Dr. Howard G. STephens. UALR's EducaTion Division direcTor, has reviTalized -a sTagnanT. archaic Teaching program here and inTroduced courses ThaT quickly weed ouT baby-siTTers. "who basically don'T even like kids anyway. and. only hold school." from poTenTial educaTors. A firm believer in qualiTy educaTion oT poor children of any color. he says ThaT Today's classroom is "whiTe middle class orienTed." Even IQ TesTs. based on whiTe middle-class experience, are subTly biased againsT black children. mainTains The 45 year old adminisTraTor. Dr. STephens' eliminaTion courses include American School 2300, in which The prospecTive Teachers work on a one-To-one basis for 25 clock hours. wiTh a black sTudenT in one of Pulaski CounTy's E.O.A. cenTers. AbouT IS? of The "Teachers" are eliminaTed here. A naTive of Panama CiTy. Florida, Dr. STephens graduaTed Trom Florida STaTe in l952. did graduaTe work aT Memphis STaTe. and earned his Ed.D. aT The UniversiTy of Georgia. Dr. STephens is a veTeran ol I4 years Teaching experience in a low socio-economic junior high in souTh Florida. This, in addiTion To a childhood spenT in poverTy. leaves in him a sense ol empaThy Tor The needs of Today's underprivileged children. iawamgi, 1 F K CHQSQ liiiiu 4. JACK BAKER BA., MA. lnsfrucfor of English MARILYN J. BRADY BA., MA. Assisfanf Professor of English LUCILLE F. COLAIANNI BA.. M.A. Assisfanf Professor of French and Spanish RALPH D. EBERLY BA., Ph.D. Professor of English: W. G. Cooper, Jr. Chair CECIL A. EDGING-TON BA., MA. Assisfanf Professor of English ELEANOR M. FRANCIS BS., lVl.Ax. Assisfanf Professor of English RICHARD FROTHINGHAM BA., B.D., Ph.D. Axssociafe Professor of Philosophy and Religion: Head, Deparfrnenf of Philoso- Dfw MARGUERITE K. HENRY BA., MA. Lecfurer in German REBECCA JOHNSON BA., MA. Lecfurer in English CAMERON D. JONES BA., MA., Ph.D. Assisfanf Professor of Modern Languages MARILYNN KEYS BA., M.A. lnsfrucfor in English BRENT KNUTSON B.S., MA., Ph.D. Assisfanf Professor of Philosophy DANIEL E. LITTLEFIELD , , BJX., MAX.. Ph.D. .. , Assisfanf Professor of English " . Joi-INYE E. MATHEWS I iiiis , BA, MA, Ph.D. + Axssociafe Professor of English: Head, I- Ji' f I Deparfmenf of English A 'r'w 1 j ALICE ANNE MuNsoN BA., MA 'V'. lnsfrucfor in English MARYAVIS P, PARSON BA, NIA, Assisfanf Professor of Spanish and French: Acfinq Head, Deparfmenf of Modem Larquafw-S ELIZABETH J. RUSHING BA., MA Assisfanf Professor of English if ,Q ,'i'i JOHN D. STRATTON BA., NIA, Ph.D. iigi A . ' Assisfanf Professor of English I .iir "", ..,,g I WILLIAM SULLIVAN BA, NIA., Ph.D. ' Assisfanf Professor of English I-IEBER TAYLOR BA., MA., Ph.D. f A Professor of Journalism: Head, Depari- ' rnenf of Journalism 'I . YM Ji . , if ?!!:, i',::. ' 5'-I ,I 1' .xr , . I AZ , Iffif xg! in 1 Humanities f ffi fifs , A iiif ... ,.r Q . , , I,fiir 1 ..r ,',, .r. sr . I iiii Q sr. 35 7 ,, 2 N. fig: ffis ky .5 F: E 'L MW 4 . , K., .J-if JV eg , if J , ,w,,,,,V . ...W HAROLD I. WOOLARD, Chairman oT The Division oT I'IumaniTies. BA., SouThwesTern College: Th.Iv1., Th.D., Uni- versiTy oT Denver. Q' 5' "I-IumaniTies sTarTs wiTh man as man and Tries To help him place himself in The righT posTure and posiTion To make The mosT of his circumsTances oT himself among The Tamily oT men. "Academically, I Think There has been Iess sTrucTuring oT curriculums in I-IumaniTies Than There was Ten or TiTTeen years ago. This is more oT an eTTorT on our parT To see I-IumaniTies -as parT oT man's eTTorT5 To communicaTe wiTh his Tellow man: This communicaTion process has To be on a raTher naTuraI, easy casual level or iT doesn'T geT Through. I Think we have responded To This parTicular Trend. "Mankind has progressed in some greaT criTical areas oT man's humaniTy To man. IT has come a long way since The Times in ancienT Greece and Rome when men were TreaTed much less humanly and personally Than They are Today. The general sTrucTure oT human values ig geTTing more -and more aTTenTion These days. Young people in parTicular are noT only more knowledgeable now, buT are also more aIerT To The need Tor knowledge abouT Things. I Think we clearly have more OT an insighT inTo The problems oT oTher peoples Today Than any oTher generaTion before us. I-Iowever, in a complex socieTy of some Three billion people, you don'T resolve a problem as old as human hisTory overnighT, or even in a gener-aTion." s Q .i.i Ns. 4 fs snaic fs c aii as my . I , ,.c.... cy, .,,,V,k :ww . K K Ng . 45 CLARENCE B. SlNCLAlR, Chairman oT The Division of Life Sciences. B.A., lvl.A., UniversiTy oT Kansas CiTy: Ph.D., UniversiTy of Missouri. As a biologisT, Dr. Sinclair is involved wiTh environn'xenTal polluTion aT a grassrooTs level. During The pasT year he Took advanTage of Two granTs Tor ecology-relaTed research on Darda- nelle Reservoir. "The ecology problem in Arkansas looks good. buT noT so good ThaT you can siT back and do as you please. On a n-aTion- wide average we're in good shape: Arkansas raTes abouT 8:5 or 9 on a IO-poinT scale. This is because much ThaT has aTTecTed ecology so badly in oTher sTaTes hasn'T been developed in Ar- kansas. On Lake Dardanelle, The nuclear generaTor will raise The TernperaTure oT The waTer. ls iT going To do any damage? We have no way oT knowing because They haven'T puT anyThing inTo The waTer yeT. We're iusT running preliminaries To esTablish some kind oT baseline daTa. So Arkansas is geTTing ahead in iTs ecology mindedness oT Things ThaT Tend To p'olluTe. In ThaT re- specT, we're ahead oT oThers in ThaT we're behind. "As long as The polluTion conTinues To increase and noThing is done To prohibiT or reduce The amounT oT polluTion, iT is bound To grow." Life Sciences A T Wfw.. ...... . ..,.b dkU9"'i N. 1 T I 'ts 10' .5 4- 7 Q.. 5 , V .LL,, I -4 I rg ? r 1 ig.. Back Row, IeH fo rigI1'I: KATHERINE CAGLE B.A., M.A.. R.N. Insfrucior in Nursing: PHYLLIS WALTERS B.A., R.N. Insirucfor in Nursing: ESTHER PICK- WORTH BA., R.N. Insfrucfor in Nurs- ing: Aciinq Direcior, Deparfmeni' of Nursing: Fron+ Row, Ieff 'Io righh BEN- NIE OGDEN B.S.N., R.N. Insfrucior in Nursing: JUDY DEAN B.S.N., R.N., In- sfrucior in Nursing: MARY LOUISE LOWE B.S.N., R.N. Insirucfor in Nurs- Inq. WILLIAM F. EVANS B.S., M.S. Assishani' Professor of Biology DALE V. FERGUSON B.S,, M.S., PI'1.D. Assisfanf Professor of BioIoqy GARY A. HEIDT BS., MS., PI'1.D. Assisiani' Professor of BioIoqy LELAND F. MORGANS B.S., MS., PI1.D. Assisiani Professor of BioIoqy ROBERT L. WATSON B.S.A., MS., PI1.D. Associaie Professor of Bioioqy BILLIE G. BROACH B.S.E., IVI.Ed. Assisfarif Professor of Chemisrry CAROLINE S. CAMPBELL B.S.E., MA. Irwsrrucfor in Maiiiemaiics LAWRENCE A. COLEMAN B,S.. MS., PIw.D. Assisfanr Professor of Physics ROBERT A. CROMWELL B.S., M.S. fxssisiarii Professor ofEnqineerir1q7 Head, Deparfmeni' of Enqineerinq EMILY S. FLEMING BA., M.S Assisrani Professor of Maihemaiics MARY JANE GATES B.S.. M.S Assisfanr Professor of Mafhemaiics WILLIAM E. GRAN B.S., MS Insirucfor in Physics CHARLES H. HARBISON B.Ed., B.S., MS Assisranr Professor of Ma+I1emaIics Physical Sciences ancI Mathematics I' ,141 Q'W,4,,. ,gf , rsi,' . J - 1 if ,EFS f , 5 ,sg f ff ki R' Iv I fl Ai if W 5 ,:,if . fi, , f 5 HOWARD L. HODGES BA., M,S., PILD. Assisrarif Professor of Clwemisiry ' -M - I JOHN R. HODGES B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. A Professor of Mafhemaricsq Head. Deparf- I. if men? of Mafhemaiics X V ! I'-,f DANIEL McCULLUM BS., M.S., PI'w.D. . it - qw AssisIar1I Professor of Marhemafics V6 ,' ASAD OMAR Bs., Ms. Insirucior oi Mariwemafics is . W A .,,.,1,,,.mx-.-1 - - . .f.- if.-gfsnf f .. . i ,,,,..zsdA,w5374f- ,,,1,.,,1,aWsf,fs ntl SI 'T 1 : I.. A , ,, 'W 1 rib' if . we . W if ' N gg f Q iii :I -. 4b'2 , , EnvironmenTaIisTs Iead us To believe ThaT The oil and gas fields are being depIe+ed aT a devasTaTing raTe. Dr. Broach con- firms This, "We iusT can'T find enough oil and coal To make up for whaT we're using, because we're using more oil and gas every year. So I Think wiThin The nexT TwenTy years, we're going To run ouT of The fossil fuels, oil, gas, and coal. We have a loT more coal Than anyThing else, however, oil and gas will be in very shorT supply." In spiTe of This quandary, Dr. Broach is opTimisTic abouT The aITernaTive energy source ThaT will replace our presenT sources. "I Think from whaT we know abouT iT now, iT will probably be nuclear Type energy. If iT is. environmenTally, iT will be beTTer Than oil or naTuraI gas." Expansion of The Division of Physical Sciences and MaThe- maTics has been rapid and proficienT. "Our Physics DeparTmenT has Three very capable nuclear physicisTs, who have recenTly 'as- sembled a Van De Graff acceIeraTor. IT Takes sub-aTomic pro- iecTiIes and shooTs Them aT TargeTs which may cause Them To be- come radioacTive, Thereby enabling us To make various analysis of maferial, To deTermine The characTerisTics of sub-aTomic parTicIes. "JusT now, The Engineering DeparTmenT is working ouT a plan ThaT will evenTually granT an engineering degree. ivIosT of The majors wanT To sTay in This area. RighT now we have be- Tween I5O and ZOO majors in engineering, so iT would be bene- ficial To This universiTy if we were able To work someThing ouT wiTh The GraduaTe lnsTiTuTe of Technology." WhaT is The sTrange green fenced-in obiecT ouTside The New STudenT Building? "ThaT is a dome for a Telescope which will go on Top of The EasT Building when iT is compleTed in I973. We're going To expand in asTronomy. In facT in our new science building, we are planning a planeTarium, which will be an asseT To The Uni- versiTy, because I don'T believe There is anoTher one in The sTaTe as far as colleges are concerned. TargeT daTe is seT for some- Time in I974." RICHARD M. PRIOR B.S., M.S., Ph.D. AssisTanT Professor of Physics FRANK L. SETLIFF B.S., M.S., Ph.D. AssociaTe Professor of ChemisTry ROBERT NOEL TOLBERT B.S., M.S. InsTrucTor in Enqineering FREDDIE WATSON B.S., M.S., Ph.D. AssisTanT Professor of Chemisfry JAMES B. wEYREs B.s.M.E.. M.s. , gy AssisTanT Professor of Engineering 1.1 JAMES w. wieems Bs., Ph.D. " V . AssisTanT Professor of Chemisfry 5 yyai I DONALD c. woLD B.A., M.A., Ph.D. ' 'ii' Associafe Professor of Physics: Head, 1 I DeparTmenT of Physics ' DoMiNic T. c. YANG Bs.. Ph.D. AssisTanT Professor of Chemisfry ss'si. WILSON J. BROACI-I, Chairman of The Division of Phys- ical Sciences and IvIaThemaTics. BA., Henderson STaTe Teachers College: ivI.S., Ph.D., UniversiTy of Arkansas. Q A 1.7! . p., Social Sciences 1 2 f A 2- f 2 T E 5, fi . T . ' I fr' 1 . 5 I f 2 - 1 ul BEDFORD K. HADLEY, Chairman oT The Division QT Social Sciences. BA., Friends UniversiTy: Ph.D., UniversiTy oT Texas. "I haven'T had as many problems wiTh The sTudenTs probably as The sTudenTs have had wiTh me. In ThaT respecT, I don'T see any problems oTher Than being able To realize The goals and purposes oT educaTion. I Think we are beginning To Take a new look aT ThaT. BoTh The sTudenT and The proTessor is beginning To wonder wheTher or noT whaT we have had in The p'asT is really valuable To presenT day IiTe. So I Think ThaT we are in Tor some greaT changes in higher educaTion. "I suppose I really belong To The old order oT Things and Think ThaT The general requiremenTs ThaT we have now are good Tor The sTudenT. On The oTher hand, I am as aware as anyone ThaT The presenT crop oT sTudenTs are quesTioning These require- menTs. In my own area The maior one is The I'IisTory oT Civiliza- Tion. Does iT belong in a curriculum any more? I sTill Think iT does, buT There are Tewer and Tewer sTudenTs ThaT Think so. WhaT would be The ouTcome oT ThaT I couIdn'T say. buT I do know ThaT we are going To have To Take a solid look aT This siTuaTion. "I would like Tor The hisTory deparTmenT, iT iT is possible. To make hisTory oT civiIizaTion relaTe beTTer Tor The sTudenT. I am very convinced ThaT The sTudy oT ancienT cuITure, medieval cul- Ture, and early modern civiIizaTion is beneTiciaI To young people if iT is presenTed To Them so ThaT They can be aware ThaT They are ineviTabIy a producT oT The pasT, cuITuraIIy speaking, ThaT The pasT has given direcTion To Their civilizaTion, and, wheTher They admiT iT or noT, is aTTecTing Their conTemporary exisTence. I'm noT yeT ready To iaccepT The Thesis ThaT iT is Time To Throw iT ouT. I granT ThaT iT is Time To rededicaTe ourselves To a new approach oT Teaching The hisTory oT civilizaTion, "WhaTever The deparTmenT in The social sciences, I Think The new order oT socieTy aTTecTs poIIuTion. inTernaTionaIism, and urban aTTairs. We've made greaT expansion in The Tield OT social work and sociology. The social sciences is an area ThaT is very sensiTive To The new Type of young person being educaTed in This counTry, and ThereTore we are in a p'osiTion To move per- haps more rapidly Than some of The oTher areas To prepare a course oT sTudy and adapT ourselves To This new socieTy. I am convinced ThaT one oT The Things ThaT we are all going To have To deal wiTh is ThaT socieTy is in Tor a greaT change." lfffsffff. lk 4df!' f'? X. " rf, ,h,,,.k: " ' 'P I r Q . If I-I If Iss. , V, A Q 2 ' Vk Aix!!! 5 rM.v :Q h ,:, . sf. ligt V f ffo , fi Q :H ', . IIA x 1 I P x 5 ew ' 5 fig 'J A Y h of .. A if V I, sez. rs- tnly' f Y WW ,.-Iii: M753 y.. . . G ! ,VHS 1 4'f ,,,. ?u 'sf ' K. I' s' Y we 'W B is Q3 .. iwmwwgmly 1 .sT!i!'1'. fir, 'K 3 4 W if 5 f I 7 -as-5 I J 1 X , f M ...Q 1. A, f 1. ' 4' fe 5 . Q.. 5. . 1 Af ,L +4 Ni' X JOEL ANDERSON BA., Asslsfanf Professor of Polifical Sci DANIEL ARANOFF BA., Assisfanf Professor Of Psycnoloqy THOMAS H, BAKER BA., MA, Associafe Professor of I-llsfory W. GRANT COOPER BA, Assisfanf Professor of I-llsfory LYNNDA DAVIS BA.. lnsfrucfor of Sociology GEORGE E. DYER B.S., MA., MA. ence MA Pl1,D. MA. MA. PHD. Assoclafe Professor Of Poliflcal Science ROBERT E. JOHNSTON BA., B,S.M.E., MA. Asslsfenf Professor of Pollflcal Science CALVIN R. LEDBETTER B.A., Ph.D. Professor Of Pollfical Science: I-Ieacl. Deparfmenf of Polifical Sclence WILLIAM A. OWINGS BA., MA.. Asscclafe Professor of Hisfory AGATON P. PAL B.S.E., MA.. Professor of Sociology FRANCES M. ROSS BA.. Asslsfanf Professor of Hlsfory PETER T. SHERRILL B.A., M.A.. Asslsfanf Professor of I-llsfory HAROLD THOMPSON BA., BD., s.r.M.. Assisfenf Professor of Sociology C. FRED WILLIAMS BA.E., MA.. Asslsfanf Professor Of I-Iisfory DAVID L. WOOD BA., MA.. Ph.D. Ph.D. MA. Plw.D. Plw.D. PHD. Pl1.D. lAssocIa+e Professor of Psycl1oloQY7 Head. Deperfrnenf Of Psyclwoloqy EDDIE YOUNG B.S.. MA. Assisfanf Professor Of Poliflcal Science K . x - hg.' A ' , I gf 'fi A"'L L V L ' I X ' ,.g-1-isa! 5 M MMM dfokofw EKU LUN W V59 f I I0 wr, Q MEET 1 N SWB 5'V0'fffH21s5 Seniors HENRY ABRAMS, JR. Managemeni' JANET ADAMS Elemenlary Educalion BARBARA ALLEN Elemeniary Ed. ANN ANHALT Sociology TRANNY ARNOLD Polifical Science RON ASHBURY Ma+hema'Iics STEVE AVERITT Physical Eclucafion HILDA BALLARD Poli'I'iCal Science JOE BINZ, JR. Business Adminislraiion REBECCA BOHANNON Elemenfary Ecl. VIRGINIA BOOKER English MELANIE BRADFORD Physical Ed. P. G. BRADFORD Physical Educalion JACK BRASHEAR English CAREY BRENNAN Speech New f ii V at yyy I r J iw, is-gllx 1 I ' ' I 'Y-4 15.1. B .1 K ,fi J' iv ' x A I 4, N1 '-.Yhgifii 'fi . 1 ' , ei VVK, 5 :Q ':',h, 3 0, ii iyi I ,. I' , I J V ,Vi A , VVZ V ,fgji 'S siil I A52 ,, S Av I Xl. L if fr fi 'Q A Q flax 1 ,, os ., I in Q' wi I W, , I' v' I Q I If 'W 5 ' 'ff I I I in J I I' ar A-lx ' J iw gi X-,M , A I kV.k LV ,. . L I! ' 2 4 .A . t : , ii I ' S in 1, 5. - V P ',,. 3 Q If f' 'III 'iiifff , VM , f g , ZEZH I I' VJLLVI A V:, I v - I 1 W, . I ' ,. ' I N I A ni 7 I is A I I if I i i I N is . h 35 .I if ' h' 'l 4 PHYLLIS BREWER I-Iisfory CAROLL BROWN Business Adm. EVA MAE BROWN English MARTHA BRUMETT Psychology RONNIE BUNGER Music Educalion BARBARA BURGESS Business Educafion TIMOTHY BURTON Spanish DARLA BYERS Sociology NATHAN CALHOUN Psychology RICKEY CARNICHAEL Marlcefing SYBIL CASEY Psychology PAUL CHEATHAM Markeling EDWARD J. CHESS Hisfory GARY COCHRAN Chemisfry ELMER COFFFELT Psychology BRENDA COLE Elemenlary Educalion JANES COON Chemisfry MICHAEL CORBALLIS Chemislry GARY CRAIN PoIi'ricaI Science ROBERT 'TURKEY' CROFT Adv. STEVE CUMNOCK Sociology GLEN DAVIDSON Hisfory CAROLYN DAVIS Spanish WILLIAM R. DAVIS Sociology KATHLEEN DELYLES Sociology KATHY DICKENS Elemenfary Ed. SCOTT DOBBS I-Iislory KARL DOUP Business Adminisiralion DWIGHT DRENNAN Polifigal Science JIM DRIEDRICK Polilical Science 4nQf'fX' ,MV I . 3, if JIM DUDLEY Economics CATHERINE ECKFORD Poliiical Sci. NANCY EDWARDS Sociology JA'MES A. ELLIS Biology PAT EVERETT EngIisI1 GLENDA FASON Elemenfary Ed. JOHN EESTA Adveriising BRENDA FLEMING EIernenIary Ed. GARY FORT Business Adminisirafion CARY GAINS Speech CHARLES GALLOWAY Accouniing MINA GASTON SocioIogy ANNE GLADISH Physicai Educafion PAULA GOODSON Elemenfary Ed. JACK GORDON BioIogy STEVE GREENHAW Poiifical Science KARL GREVER Pre-Den'Iis'rry BRENDA DIAN GROSS Hisfory GAIL HALE Music FELICIA HALL EIemenIary Educafion ROBYE HALL PsycI1oIoqy LINDA HANKINS BioIOgy MICHAEL HARPENDING EngIisIn CLAUDETTE HARRIS Sociology DAVID L. HARRISON Music Ed. JAN HARRISON Sociology MAC A. HEIRD Chemisfry JERRY HENBEST Business Adm. KATHY HENDRICKS PoIi+icaI Science NICHOLAS R. HENDRICKS Psychology KAY HERNDON Business Adm. THRONZA HINES EIemen'Iary Ed. DAVID HOCKENSMITH Sociology MARY KATHERINE HOLMES EngIisI1 ROGER HUNTSMEN Maricefing GLENDA JACKS Elemeniary Ed. RITA JA'MES EIemen+ary Educafion PEGGY JANSKE EIemenIary Educafion KATHY JOHNSON Eiemenfary Ed. REBECCA KNIGHT EngIisI1 lb ,GAY .ff sisss 4 Y. ' -XM fun.. W, ws. . .-:if E' gr 1' I X ff: . A L: -1-was 'T-, 1 egg I X! yli. . . RN,- 'A HI A 1 F' y Je fs If If E I-...i .wa-'K -. sz sfg iiiiii' 1 .I i,i.:I V .K iir 3 K S123 sf? S rea ., r ss 'ww sc sl E? 1 fs- A 4 xx . is - Q + , X I YS' X -,.,i I 'rf Lex , ., x.. . ,V -5 ws. . -- 1 9, 5-' Eff . 1 'Wifi . fm 41' .S XI X, 41 I ak. Q 5, . 4 g f Q gig. 5 , f Q' Y 4 -- -1 . A ' i d-:W W 2 Ig' WB A 'rf' fI15f7f5i,Qi5 I.. 5 if si I qu. II-is 'ii A . . 1" .f Sw ' 'A M I c 1' fax 34. I Rs xg W 9 s -H-f iv Trfffy N13 .Q vii' : ..' ,fy '- I K l' I if i 1.. 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SUSAN NICKELLS EIemenIary Ed. GWENDOLYN NORWOOD Socioiogy RITA NUNN Sociology HARRIET NUTT Socioiogy SANDY NUTT Business Adminisrrafion DOROTHY PALMER English CAROLYN PARKER French 'MELISSA PARKER Elemenfary Ed. JANE PHILLIPS RICHARD POPE NORVELLE PREWITT LARRY PRINCE PATRICIA PRINCE DIANA REDD BOBBY RING STAN RISSER RAYMOND ROBERT TIMOTHY ROBERTS S SocioIogy Psychology Speech Spanish English BioIogy Accouniing English Business Adm. Business Adm. BETTY ROBERTSON Elemenlary Ed. ANSWORTH ROBINSON Business Adm. HENRY ROBINSON Business Adm. RAMONA RORIE Elemenlary Ed. KEN ROSS Business Adminislralion STEVE RU FFINER Economics ALICIA RUIZ Biology JOHN RULE Biology KAY SANDERS Elemenfary Educalion RICHARD SANDERS Business Adm. CHANA 'TOM' SAVANAPRIDI Pol. Sci. CHARLES L. SHAW Accounling MICHAEL SHAW Business Adm. RON SHEFFIELD Polilical Science BETTY SHERMAN Biology ERICK L. SHERMAN Physics BOB SHIVERS Polifical Science MORDECHAI SHMOLEVITZ Pol Sci. CAROLYN SHOEMAKER Plnysical Ed. MACK SHOTTS Biology CATHY SIEVER Elemenlary Eclucaiion LINDA SIMMONS Polilical Science JUDITH STIZLER Elemeniary Educalion LARRY SNEED Induslrial Engineering RICHARD R. SPENCER Business Adm. STEPHEN G. SPENCER Biology PHILLIP STEGALL Pre-Denfisfry CHARLES STEWART Economics MATHEW R. STEWART Physical Ed. RUSSELL STOUT Sociology MARCIA STRATTON Elemenlary Ed. PEGGY THOMAS Music Educalion BOB THORTON Marlceling LARRY TILLEY Biology JONATHAN TIMM Polilical Science ANDREA TOMAYKO Psychology 'MARSHALL TOWNSEND Music Ed. JUDY TRICE English JOHN TRUSHEIM Business Adm. JOYCE UNDERWOOD Elemenlary Ed. VL. O., 1'-N x f if A .F ' 5 . ffl .xml s. . ..-j . x f gf, iii 13 A A A 'fir' . ws NX sf .JA ' K C 4,151 I, Q Sv 4 K- 4 of ' . if ' q' 4 .f .1 .f in X!' I f ,N s . . 4 6 9 fe D60 . .7 0 4 J sms? 'o'f,5:Z'a-x :oZu'oGi4 'S Q A .s""s5'cffv'S . ' ' s xi. - .. 1 1- ai' ,, f f v I ' . 1 'P :F . ' "' f jf' r I J H? 7 ,- any , ' A uf- .- -ws 4. 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BOB YOUNTS Polifical Science ROGER VAN DYKE Pre-Medicine GEORGE VAULT Malhemafics DOUG VERHEUL Polifical Science ROSE ANN VOLPERT Elemenfary Ed. JOHN WALKER Business Adminisfralion JOHN WARD Drama RALPH WARD Business Adminisfraiion JAMES 'MEDRICK' WARREN Soc. ROBERT WATKINS Business Adm. BILL WEATHERFORD Physical Ed. CHARLES WEAVER Journalism DIANA WELLS Business Adminisiralion MIKE WEST Poli+icaI Science LINDA WHITTEN Elemenfary Educafion DORIS WILLIAMS Biology LAWRENCE WILLIAMS Business Adm. MARGARET WILLIAMS Biology LAVONA WILSON Social Science TOM WOOD Biology BILL WOODS Engineering Physics Under Classmen Dale Adams Larry Adams Sleven Aldridge Bobby Allen Ollie Allen Teresa Allen Sieve Allison Wanda Allmon Carline Anderson Melvan Anderson Rick Anderson Becky Andrews Janice Andrews Pamela Armslrong Jim Arnold Olan Asbury Ed Asl1cra'H' Niclrey Aslon Jack Allrins Keifh AvariH' DoHie AveriH A -If X is xy 3 'T X, N? -Q is N , 'ss df Q if X as gl Q31 'S fs x, A in A A A 'li rrrrls ., Fr. ' 'V' ' so , A 5 Fr. ' Wm . ' 23' K 145 1 9 NM i 3 xQ A V IW' I fav' if 'B 'Q' is fm! tj If 1 g r, E m? f l V fi ,J 7' .Y- S,5-T : 'ir "vm R 4, :V My I ' I r ,ge ii . Q' 1 . W . X, Q v , 3 if " 2 ' ' 'il 12' f - 'Ja- Mf ng W f f i I. qw 'f ,:s' ,, Q We B 1 K 4 wx ' . 402: .,' '15 W s lf' 1' 4. fhllil F1 J f A X R QQ J, i 19- ' O-5, "5-eo ,, -,Q is gxlmmi if A-r f Y , , 'ma ff' , ,. We P Ev rr if A, ia an, ! 1 of . 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Benneii' Charlorre Bennewise Brenda Benson Cindy Berg Sondra Besancon Pafricia Besf Linda Billingsley Mark Bird Larry Birlchead Woodrow Blaclr, Jr. Marsha Blalre James Blalrley Marie Blanclce Gary Blazer Kaihy Blazer Be'Hie Bledsoe Larry Bledsoe Chris Bobo Kennefh Boclr Johanna Boeclcmann David Boliclr Janice Bonds Johnny Bonds Phillip Bondurani' John Bongen Gary Bonner Bobbie Boone Ernes+ine Bosion Rodney BoHoms Karen Bouliinghouse David Bowden Amy Bowers Lindy Bowie Linda Bowman Lois Braden Charlene Braclham Geraldine Brazil Roberi' Brazil Vicki Broach Alfred Brown Alice Brown Anna Brown Donna Brown Jeannie Brown Maria Brown Pa? Brown Phillip Brown Robyn Brown Sfephen Brown Rick Broyles Sian Brumme'H David E. Brune Sarah Bryani' Jessie Bullock Sfephen Bullock Pegi Bunch Mary Sue Bunch Laura Burgin Sheila Burlrs Troy Bu rns, Jr. Jon Burroghs Paul Burfcher Linda Burien Ricky Burfon Billy Builer Caihey Cagle Davicl Cahoon Belinda Caldwell Billy Caldwell Vickie Caldwell A ,yw"1w.N'9 Q ai an" 'i in ar ,k,,. ,ff"'v, 54' ' Q w-Q ,,. , ' 'f 'J .li 'Q H M. gm., .Q 2 wp: f ig, 1 o - , -, B ., 11 '- N lx ' 1 I f nfl Y Q V' 'f 3 'W :JSE 1 f I' cf .Q xi' O f.,-1 'Y A- 02 A! ' 4 ' f V - K ,,,, Y ' - war. ,Y f' x 1 B 2 Q . M. 3 ' Q, In A f , Z' , . Q ,J I' f,,. I" .. -. .1 'I 0 , 'V 1 ' xx 3' B l Q Tix Q 1 A H, yc J L f ' 1 , ,A ,, . Ti, X H m 2 4 A ,l g , , 5 i r..r , ' f' f V - 14 B y or ff ,. ,, , , M14 W Jil:izgvjajfgfffgigggljfi f' ai: f . . f' we V, X if ,', f r'yr . i K " '13 f r xvffisi i 3 Q 1 .f 2 i K 1 6 " ' Q 'x Lf 4 ,ffl ij, . 1 I m 4 I X ll Ati ll 5 , ,, f ' X in ' 1- "arf 1 gr ff f S I 595' .ri Bfsfih 'Y wa--y. 7' 9- pg' ,Q x ' A J ,., Clean living will do il every lime. 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Cogbill Kalhy Cole Marsha Cole Faiih Coleman Janice Collins Charles Collins Pam Coney Greg Cook Carolyn Cooper Phyllis Cooper Richard Cooper ScoH Copas Jerry Cormier John Corn PaHy Cornish Selma Cornish Kafhy Courfney Bobbie Crandall Janice Crofforcl Wallace Croom Doug Crow Randy Crumby Mike Cruichfield William Crufchfielcl Rick Cunningham Roclney Cunningham Vick Cunningham Brencla Curry Mike Curfis Donna Cusick Ken Dahlgren John Dailey Nancy Dailey Pai Davidson 64 QCC Cfj .. 5 C.. ' C' A V- CgQg5V,f,,,C C ,C C W kr ,xx C. Q D215 2 'VX7 7' 2 a' Vi X llsqfvxrl xfgf 53 1 .. xl wg S u VV xy ff? 4' W :Lf Q 14 5 , F ! i C 'i'w,if3"M'f,l'fW7 . :',1'E, 4?'-Aii Ef1'i'fC , , ,J CC A '44 C .fax . Y. - K C x C' QC f 1 I 1 C Sir 1 K V iv ,CCyiC ff-' C ,MCC C if , yan -. ,WX ! r' X 'Mew W 'air' 'Y jr vrfff " x ' ' l q' A, y V ,ar 5 ,WA , ' ,C f f ,Q as z X C . f f: i L.-Ce! C " . his 44' 451 M ' ' ,igi 1 C C g y Cg X C 0, C cw C C, J' C ,C C C,CLV: L W C 1 . '77 C I f f - '--C, an .C N - A u- 'fi Crrs 5 V . 6 ' N C D n C svfw-wf1'f:C " - f - C C X J . A i fl F ' 32's J C C I ,izr a C ' gg 147, ev ' o ' 1' f as A an 'viii x as ' , ,m . in 'ri alfa' 5 i J D risk .C f f X AeCyAg 5 y 4 1 l 1 any f. vu' if 'Q' 1 C9 f. Q Q 7 52 D 5? C C, kg il 12' X3 Sl 'M r 1 if , . , xg , D Y uh Pak D F J :il 2 lfli' ,swf " . I 1 V Af 4:2 ' gh. i, ,, 5 g re, , , I V r V, Qi: jrg if E Hydra ',!a,5'iTY' T7 .' , ' A ' " f f J' ' fi, fi I . , - arf- 149. 2 - 1' 1 1 'K 5 '- Q. V . I tl A . 1 0 . , A I K f . K 1 I i 2 x f . A ,V is W 'B 5 im 1 s ,bf 'iff g Z" . 57 2 'J...lXV ,- KVV: 7 rrkiyg H gtk In s, .yk Z ' .. . H A , " gzkkwj? VVLV 2 V I M H13 Z . V e i ii J H E iiiri . wi ' I I., :ag 1 ' fr , M Q of i V E are A' ' , 5 i I , W A 9' . 1 X Q Q nj 'idx A f it is X A' if ' . .- tw . 6,47 3 U 4: i F 40- R91 ' ., x Y A I ' ' , w si , we ' I I . '-' V. W5 x.X. 1 fgig' -1 w! s ' ' 8 gn' . ,V-A f ?57 r me-y ' R J H X A, f,, fly' 1 bra. 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Edelhuber Inge Edwards June Edwards Myra Edwards Chris EllioH Dollie Ellioil' Vilclri Elliofl James Ellis Pafricia Ellis Doug Elmore Greichen Elslien David Embrey Barbara Engel Evelyn Engel Lesier England Pam Enlow Gary Epperson Kay Ericson Richard Ervin David Eu banlrs Marsha Falauri Richard Farresier Eden Ferguson Roberi' Ferguson Agnes Ferreira Carl Finlrbeiner Oscar Finlrbeiner Oifo Finkbeiner Floyd Finley Barbara Finion John Fleming Lorin Fleming Mary Fleicher Virginia Floyd Linda Flynn Pamela Foggo Esialene Folks James Forbes Don Ford Debbye Forle Sharon Forienberg Larry Fosier Sharon Fosfer Sfanley A. Founlain Jerry Founlain Ruby Fowler Deafra Franklin Micheal D. Franiz Barbara Frazier Donna Freeman Melissa Freeman Pam Ful'lon Neddie Ganaway Cheryl Gandl David Garner Ellen Ga+es Jim Gaiiliff David Geal Carolyn George Jim Gibbons Dolly Gibson Alicia Gill Rickie Gilmore William Givens Robin Gleason Phoebe Godley Emme'H' Golden John Golden Mary Gonnelly Karen Goodwaler Elizabefh Goodwin Randy Goodwin Camellia Gore Karen Gore Wanda Gosnell Randy Grable Debbie Graddy Bill Graham Waller Graham Diane Gray Willie Gray Curl' Green Doug Green John Green Pafricia Greenleaf Gail Greer Pai Greer 66 fm gri , .J .. . ,., nr- H .L , ,,,. J. S 0 - rf 5 , . , N. sei - Q Qi 1 5 if 'sf' 152 HM 'iff frm my Fr. ,i" I :'- sg ' rg '25, Mis EM: i , ' '-" .. i ' if .rf f In jr" J il J , arf F i f iyiii I fri, ' 1 if Ji f + Wills! ri iffy? ml UN ' V , :A y sysi J 50- . -'h,, ae' F 3 f A E. 1' x A , ff S leg 4 A J' .Me ,i ,ri, , R . 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C., X '21 -4 ,1 I ,X .Ay 'x gk ,- be . if fj- .i V, Q 1 1 v A 'Q 3 v , 1 X , V l i A l E ' ' i Ox X le", l ex X i P X . ,K X Elvis Griffin Marlha Griffin Joe Curlis Griffilh Mike Griffifh Marsha Grigsby Willie Grigsby Debbie Grimes Billy Ray Gross Jaclr D. Guenrich Barbara Hagerman Deborah Hall James Hall lll Melvin Hall Melvin Hall Michael Hall Ron Hall Susan Hammer Jim Hamric Gary Hance Debbie Hancoclr Bill Hanlxins Shirley Hansberry Chesler Hanson, J Aundra Harden Richard Harder Judy Harper John A. Harrel Debbie Harris Sedgwiclr Harris Randall Harrison Don Harl' Jane Hari' Linda Harlzler Jobe Harvey Phil Harvey Viclry Harvey Jane? Harwell Larry Haskins Reber? Hawk Bobby Hawkins Sieve Haynes Phil Hays Alan Healh Jaclcey Hefley Ken Hefley Ronny Hefner Mary Heim Melody Heimer Marylow Hemphill Doris Henderson Fran Henderson Jauan Henderson Jacquelyn Henry Lorela Henry Don na Henry Gerald Hensel Ron Hensley Barbara Hervey Joe Hiclrerson Sue Hickman Jim Hiclcs Kafhy Highfill Richard Highley 68 ' " , ,A 1 , , ,QQ , , . j V V l f '5 ' ,. ,,,,. ,, ,W ,,r 'yr x 5, X rr, rky, H If "il,' rrila , ,e V ,,,, xi ii? ,"l I K I ls' ' y j 3 fxy iiri K I XX ,IN fi 'Y' f , N his W ii A 1 s ,. 'A 'fl '1 s i fl , ' A ,r 725' 1 ,.- i n rv. , 73,4 VV,V H, 'f ' ,V Aff ,f A w . V. X r .ear l is r , 5 1 M r 2,3 2,5 sha fix? ff 2, or 1 '4 41 ,, -,Q . , a Q x Van Dylre, my name is Richard and nor "Boy." f is 1 z s l ff: l -fy-. D V5 avi 1, - W, ar l H ,f'l2,M , ,,, . V .1 'Q r :raw J g , ,V Q . 1, ffjiy-L Fa, s il ia , , is N 6 M " z . ft ,. 3 1 J? ll 0 9 ' K f' I -E' iv x 'ff' f l Ji" if? 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Jarre'H' Deloris Jenkins Carol Ann Jennings Barbara Johnson Connie Johnson Gail Johnson Ginger Johnson Keiih Johnson James Johnson Linda Lee Johnson Sandra Johnson Susan Johnson Thomas Johnsfon Cafhy Jones Connie Jones Jim Jones Linda Kay Jones Pafricia Jones Raymond M. Jones Rick Jones Ronald Jones Sieve Jones Thresa Jones Linda Louise Jordan Barbara Jungkind BeHy Kane George Karseboom Joyce Kauffman David Keegan Sfeven Keifh Could you dudes dig some rap on Women's Lib? , ,. .M fs V M so 1 11 ,nv 1 1, ,, H, ., f ,A 4, V,.,,,g-f, Y ,f 6,4 , , - ,,,.. x in . ,,1 w' , , 1 'fi' 2.1 i'i in 'f if f, ii "ii' ' V G K fe is ,. T 731755 in x E ,s, ,y y -G is AN, , H fha, , gm J ,PY -. l. I , w, LN I l I 1 ' 'W ,V . f 359 u 4' I f f Q cd be Q ' E. "'.: av 'vu f" in 1 U ' " sv iii '57 A is ., , in x i, 'V X i 'ficy . 1 fi? MMA., , ,,-.Y e ,, gf: I 4 an f. , f . X ,"' , ff! 4? g f sz, ,Y 'K ll Q Q 64 ,A I f- 5 q T: ' r 4 .H 'LY ' s " div K " ,, R r A 'K J A rv gr . . I , I 3? 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Royce Keown Gary Kerr Ron Kerr Ramona Key Jim Kidd Joel King Judy King Baird Kinney Carol Kirby George Kirby John Kifchens Paul Kifchens Brig Knighf Milce Knighl Jerry Kopf Jaclrie Kraus Kerry Kraus Linda Krzyzoslanslci Cheryl Kuehner Melissa Kuesperl Chuck Kumpe Maria Kumpuris John Kushmaul Verna Lacy Leslie LaGrossa Don Lamb Belly Lancasler Michael Landers S+eve Landers Belh Lane Julie Lane Edouard Lassieur Kaihy Lavasque Tom LeCroy Charles Lee Jackie E. Lee Milce Lee William Leslie Oscar Leveringslon Alan D. Leverill Joyce Leverill' Larry Levy Nancy Levy Robbie Lewellyn Corine Lewis Cynlhia Lewis Ronald Lewis Sammy Lilly Sharon Lilly Sieve Linder Alberl J. Lindsey Larry Lindsey Ann Linebarger Mike Linz Clyde Lillie Jr. Michael Lilwa Edwin Loflis Berdina Lollon Verlina Lollon Richard Long Jim Looney Fred Lord Becky Louks Belly Loyd Lawrence Lucas Ronald Lukas Shirley Lusler Diane Mack Marcia Mains Pal Manney Charlie Marlin David Marlin Harriel Marlin Joel Marlin John Marlin Mary Jane Marlin Lind McMurry Bill Massa Debbie Malheny Ann Malhews Brenda Malhews Sleve Malhews Clarence Mallhews Gary May Janel May Trisha May Jerry Maylield R. A. Mays Teddy McBee Diana McCluskey Richard McComber Don McCormick Cindy McCoy Nancy McDonald Peggy McDonald Karen McDorman Reggie McDorman Sandra Mclnlosh Vicki McKimmey Mark McKinslry Sherrie McKissack Dixie McMullen l.inda McMurry Carol McNeill Joel McPherson, J Ronnie McWilliams .. Min? 45 i J ,av f, Q, , H? fl ' fu 'J' ' .,w, , V.., , , , 3 ' A x i LV. f Q -- W --uri: 4 gcc, fm, I ?b"f J U, , ,Q .i v I i'ii I an ,I 4 i X ME M ,J 1 fi if 'ir-1? ! i Q , ,,5"" ,m ,f Qi , V A ' X , 9 li , eg, ' A,,,,... 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Medloclc Paul Melfon Gail Menear Louis Mercer Jim Milan Jimmy Milam John Miles Carol Miller Jackie Miller John Miller Nancy Miller Phil Miller Al Millirons Phyllis Miniclt if , ,k J fi me 9 y 2 lol,i "J J J A J or f n in 2 1 V fm LAR' ,. , 4 at ' we ' , f ' A ir J in F, 7 I. ,Vt fig ma, il, v'- - ff - if Q lfiffifi' Ly mm I kk X ug!! ii v w-g 1'u'r'x,v f ' ,gp ,, Q r,. , , --4 if rw .. "' , 1' f were I , . 'Ou xx V V K rd? U N 1 .,, Tony Minicozzi Alan Minor John W. Minor Eddie Milcham Elaine Mifchell Jeannelle Mifchell Paula Mifchell Hooshang Moheb Pam Moix Paula Moix Doug Monlgomery Monroe Monfgomery Milre Moody Carol Moore Carol Moore Efhel Moore Garry Moore Clai Morehead Johnny 'Morris Sardi Morris Brenda Mosley Richard Mosely Carol Moiley William Mouroi Beverly Mullin Becky Munsey Kafherine Murphy Melinda Nall Sfeve Neal James Nelson Ru+h Nelson James Nesbeii Roberl- Nevens Milne Newby Rica New+on Joe Nichols John T. Nichols Viclci Noble Tom Nordengran Mike Nycum Sfeve Nye Janei Oais Sharon Olberis John Olive Debbie Orgain Pa mela Owen Sherman Owens Richard Owings Ervin Page Thomas Paige Susan Parham Jane Parlrs Bhailalbhai N. Parmer James PaHerson Jimmy Peeples David Pence 74 ff ,re A M, f ii K .U F, 5,5 S , v ' re'e "haf 'i 24 ' J w w V I v sm. I t Y E5 ,I K , V i - A ' "l' f ' ir ' . J, A 3 -fi ile 1 5 . f" eil- J 'J Ixf , r K 1 R 1 I A 1. .- is , f rr 4,,' X. ' .J S, I i lg W U Q rl .. 4 ggi!" 3 I ksnwlli -if 1 , ix fp.. J ..r A J , O f' 'f H, P .P 'JQM , .Zia ' -V 4 . UH 1 J -1 1 S if , 1. . ,, fi. UALR wanls your money! - 4 'Nix ,f '. gn.: whit: ' 1' It V , . r .21 I V35 for ,ig ay I, xx , , , . ,QV W I I e'se J ' J Q 7 D .K .. . . V- , ,, ,e . f f I f Q 7 V il , ' A ,Q if A 5 , ,W A 7 iil A A .sf- X Well, you can"l' have ii! l 6. 4' X, illis lw l e i my-3 . ' H7 U l f! .rv Q' r 'I e e: O ,yixfi Noihing fo ge+ L in Q' " K, J fy X ,H , f s. 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Pilfman Alice Pless Roberl Plummer Jim Poole Thomas Pope David Porfer Bobbie Pofeele Alan Pounds Celesle Powell Joe Pride Larry Price Pam Priclcefl Palricia Pridgen Bill Prince Lavon Pryor James Puclcei-i Damaris Purfle Larry Purile Barbara Pyle Loudine Quarles Carolyn Quinn Roberi' Quinn Thomas Radilce Daryl Raney Floyd Raney Riclc Ransom Sandy Raicliff Henry Railiff Pam Railiff Burl' Ravelle'H'e Bob Rawn Dorofhy Ray Gary Ray Charles E, Reaves Bob Recior Brenda Reddicl: Carl Redding David Reed Minfa Reed Roberi- Reneau Thrisha Reynolds Beverly Rhodes Donald Riddling Mark Riley Charles iM. Rislt Grover Rivenbark Richard Roachell Margi Robbins Rodney Roberis Billy Roberfson Carl Roberison Marilyn Roberfson Debbi Robey Linda Robinson Nancy Robinson , v M, ,LM if , -- - V r.1 s : , A 'il ji K . ,,k Mrs' ' f is M-A , +g-Z so V2 X J if 1 J f' W if I A 3 M fi . , W 1 1 Q 4 44? v sw fr Q? e new f' E Q Y al yyee R B aai N R byy rrl . y y ilb B R R ysrr r r R X r R T aaer ' a syoy , ,osrso r rrrs Q R .srs ,I ,121 -fia 'iii "'-f'r, V, " ' f 1J'ii- 'l" a," " f , ff l "'f ".- s. f if iarir l rr i R' iii' ' iris '- i 13 if ! rr W 4 - R' "a R I ' .JU i 1 A orrr ' B 7 s'.e 2 r sa" ie" fi 'll gli' ll? 4 i"'Tf' if if r Elie ersl D i f WX ' '-1, '.r'.1 r , ,,,,,,,, 5 g f.L ,VA wifs I i 4 ' A :Q 1, ' - i i as V , E ,," V " FF. wg,,gEW,, A,,, ,, ,, .. , , ' Fr 5 "' .1 ,ff , . , V V , su, Au. f -- .H . , 1 L , J! 4 ,' 1' ,, ' 5' i f fi ? ,, xi. . io! ,f 5 ,,,, - if 3, 9 Y 4' 3 ,. me-fr. - gf' - ' ? f , .,,,y,,,.: , , -, ' iii QW sg + r ,Ei v N ' R 5 r ssr 1 ' 3 C 2' ,f , ff g ' K- frf 3 E: ,. A. , 5, ' ' . srra B, aarrrl B ,H , ,,,, b,,, , , si ..,, , f .W V , ,w i ,,1r V5 ! kky, 5, Q , V gf , ,VL V'i"' I " ' R ' r iai 1 ' , W Qrgdigiigiimwf nrilr ' fwofwei iib' r'ir VX v rrrr aorrr B v rorr i,,.,,, .,,,,,, :.: K A 'ok' I A A :LL Vi . . . k'VV 5 fy K A rourr V r o y arrr , ,rio A 'iii F so R R r, ' If , . In W -,,,i,.,, K , .,ii . , . E SK K J 4 L l I Q A , 1, i .,,, I VV 1 . if Tha'l's right Everyihing Jrhal' you have heard abou? The Kappa Siqs is Jrrue. We are crude. uncouih, our minds are in ihe guller, and our conducl' is unbecoming of genilemen. Bu? we never have any irouble finding a dale. ,lil wa, -V l , rdf - lv. , 'fer Q 'IU' 1 , , uf' X C A.. WMM' '41 x kv 1 iw Xxx :-li, 3g V . 1. Y? xlrfl X nfl H- T7 S iff ..-pr r",f , . Ex I ' 7 F 1,1 I' 4 ,OA f ff.. , ,1 l " 'N I I D y 4 S l I i 'N 127' In Q 2 ... S f in 9 I , , , 1, ! . :W 5 1 Q' jf' 1 41, . A . f fl ' i . I of V. . '-1 61' 3 J , in Q" , g l ,, if .,., J as 25 A. f 0 ' 1 -.R E515 A-9 -A .7 James Rodgers Jr Jeff Rogers Fr. Richard Rogers Jr. Vonna Roles Fr. Jim Rose Fr. Jane Ross Fr. Lucy Rofh Fr. Richard Ro+hslein So Chuclr Roundlree Jr Ralph Roufon So Cheryl Ruple Fr Curfis Ruple Fr Jaclr Ruple Fr David Russell Jr Phillip Russell Fr Richard Russell Fr Sharon Russell Fr Lori Savage Fr Delores Scarbrough P.G Harold Schmeclcenbecher Jr Charlo'H'e Schoemalcer Fr Kalie Scoll' Fr Niclc ScoH So. Roy l.. Scoff Fr. Marlr Sehler Jr, Tom Shamel So. Alan Shannon So. Jim Sharlrey So. James H. Shaver Jr. Elberf Bernard Shaw Jr. Gary Shaw Fr. Linda Shelfon Jr. Freda Sherlin So. Harriell' Sherrod Jr, Phillip ShlPP Jr. Dewi'H' Sho'Hs So. Debbie Simmons Fr. Johnny Simpson Fr. Sheila Sims Fr. Willie Sims Fr. William M. Sinlry Fr. Gary D. Slripworfh Fr. Ken Slade Fr. Buddy Slafe Fr. Carolyn A. Smiih Fr. Cindy Smilh Jr. Darrel Smifh Jr. Debbie Smifh Fr. Ginger Smilh Fr. Glynn Smilh Fr. Jerald Smifh Jr. Jessy F. Smilh Fr. John P. Smifh Jr. Max Smilh Fr. Nifa Smilh Fr. Pam Smifh So. Sharon Smi-l'h Wanda Smifh Bill Sneed Jane Snow Ericlc Snyder Harvey Soniag Gary Souheaver Paul Spann Michael Spears Jeff Spillyards Dorolhy Spofwood Tommy Sproles Deborah K. Sfancil Beverly Slanley Slephanie Siarnes Pere Siaihakis Charles Sfeele Dennis Sleele Clay Sfephens Ron Sfone Michael Sfyles Janalee Suble'H' Don Sugg Bennie SuiH' Tim Sullivan Monsonfi 'Paul' Sulcsiri Sidney Summers David Swaiy Roger Swilloy Barbara Swinford Malfie Taclcefl' Ceviesa Talley Brenda Tanner Deborah Taylor Rick Taylor Roberi' Lee Taylor Roberl' P. Taylor Felix Thibaul-l Margarer Thomas Doug Thompson John Thompson Niia Thompson Palricia Thompson Traflin Thompson William Thrasher Brenda Threllceld Lorene Tidmore Lanny Tillery Phyllis Tillery Nancy Toombs Karon Townsend Linda Tracey Yvonne Treadway Laura TroHer Pam Tro'Her Don Tuclrer H-, J F. ,aff if N 4 V 5 y gl WP M fi: Q f x ' J l : N V T ,,1 ,, , 'w"g:. U Tw my SW aw ? 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Walker Mildred Walker Jo Ann Walion Louise Wanger Carolyn Ward Karen Warren Lloyd Washingfon Viclrie Waflrins Nadine Wafson J ...,'- Sandra Waison Janie Waybriglvl Glenda Weaiherford Mary Webb Toni Webb Elizalaeih Weidman Dennis Weisenfels Gary Welclw Andrew Wells Rudy Weslbrook Alvin Wl'1i'le Bill While Janei Wl1i'l'e Londell While Paul Wlwife Prudence While Sleplien Wlwilwell Joe Wiginion Ralph Wiggins Bobbie Willbanlcs Barbara Wilburn Randy Willcs Alan Williams Becky Williams Jaclrlynn Williams Janice Williams Lillian Williams Louise Williams So Fr Jr Jr Fr So Jr So. So. Fr. Jr Jr. So. Fr. film xg! M, r.V,i,.r. v , f -- -. f - J ,I ",'. . ,Q Eh: .fi I ' 221 ., Q ' , ' is J fSf'?.,f' ' Fr. --1 Vi., , J -r , Fr- i 4 "1 ' ' A f i ,, 11 a i 5 ' 5 1 I J fl Jr. Fr - J . ,L n, Fr- W9 Qfwf ig ,,,. ky 3 Fr. , , Fr. ,V Fr, ' So. . , . g 0 iiii f " , ' I "" V 'Q 1, 5557 5 ' . 4' . ' fe 5 i fi 'J1 , . J, , za V A ' ' i Lf, f , , ' Q3 . . B ' e 'B ,V 1 ' -a-. , , " ,im X 'Q 'A 'Q ff' , 'gy I , , ew A J Q 1' A J f' JD if V iii mai ii is L in H ' I in , .fine in v in by Q :L .A 23,1 s as B? '.:1l'w' fe +1 Q X fl B- -J gr if I gf :Hilti . 'ifqyt' fi W + f 1 f my f w, , 5,,'l,A1 I I. ,gf ,r ' W i L. ,I " ' fi A 1: 'jf' ,f . if J 1' 1-fir B nnn , Q Qi ,Af I h .Ms " . I 'fa l Q fi if ,Q - 4' ,ff '-:' ! Q 5 .1- fs 6 Q ri 3 vw +44 +T '. -Tm r K A g , ,, , fl - - f ,, 4, , .. 5 44' i 4 I If V .2 '23 5 . it M' ..,, SQQ ig 'I 155 i- K ,A fr , gg, s fy , . A k VV,g V' of I ' fv fr i AA, i i f' ,, Y W 4 fb 9 X V Q...-i, , Aix l ' . f 4 f 7 ' 1 ,- s Y Y iiii i Y T 74 f ' z fi .. ... ,-, ' ff iff ' Y -as , L " 4 H N 'H i' 4 y 55 fi aiii eiii Y Y, Y Y - , Q A ' . 'L i A fa ' Y . fre ' ifegfr ' - m x . L ' digg? '!1. A Riia Williamson Ralph Williams Sieven Willis William Willis Skipper WilmoH' Cliffon Wilson Jerry Wilson John Wilson Mike Winn Greg Winsfon Winsfon Winsfon Cindy Wirl' Frederick Wiihers Joy Woodall Mike Wood Debbie Wools Sianley Woolen Clifford Wrighi' David Wriglrl' Elaine Wriglrl' Gary Wrighf Judy Wrighi' Pamela Wrighf Lin Wyble Rebecca Yarbougll Tracy Yazza Shari Yeargain Marlin York Bill Young Karen Young Mary Ellen Young Raymond Young Virgil Young Bobby Ziegler Jack Ziegler ,, 6 s I R v Q Q 1 Who's Who G ,pf gziffg, ' '3f1,ft.f ' ' 6-. .. ,QA 4 x JNL Far Lefiz .565 -BINZ, Buifmgss Q if will Leffz PHYLLIS BREWER. Pol. Sci. , - .L17 -'- AL'A' JAM'ES1,m1MgWARRENyffSocZology' L'YL L L' -A'.L AL ,- L LINDA WOOLDRIDGE, Elemeniary Education FFR ' , 'K +1-S-..., ---....,, -9 ' ,n f, Z' '?f"i,fL'jfjf'? U IQ s.. r'l H 1 mill Wvff 'K " ? rf? ":,, fr 4 H RON KERR, Business Educafion Tap Leif: MARTHASAWRIE, Hisfiyrv aoffomieffz sARAH MArHsws. 14a5+on, JANET MQLEMORE, speech Therapy 85 Bl' yi' 'Qu' A93 'arm We ,qw 9 MW, Q W .1 Pon. sea, Jeanne FARMER. Business L'ND553Te1f ff9 5 lff9a' SCPQHEF '1 5, r W5 f , if , if '95 ,, ... , na. 1. -., M, ' . , zz , 'b f mg U?Ef'.51W' f. ' , .J XV ,... 1,-Qi, , -w.,.,, 1 Y, . '.425Q,jQP ' ' ' - . , A - 3. 1 12 f 1 - I U f L' '7f:-f'ig55ii'.59i.- lf., 1 - ' : ff .C Hifczfqibfgki-'5 .. , , . .,,.,,..,,.. S, .. k L.,. , , H, ,,, if W 5. 'FQ 4'-?'M .Ear ieffz EUZABETH GQQDWIN. iQdgcc+ron Lea below: .uxcKA. Muau.. Psychology x 1 f N .1 rf' ,,, me W Q1 , , 14? - ,VN un, 46N 5.- 4 1 X , ' 9 .qv fd' i f Q ,,, K f?1,p44. 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X X., .WM .V .,,, .., .,,,,, 89 Facully previously leaching al' UALR, who have been conferred doclor degrees lhis Ralph Shull, Assislanl Profes- sor of Finance. B.S. LiHle Rock Universilyg M.B.A.. P'h.D., Uni- versily of Arkansas. g if ss' """"'M"f'v" "" Mk - -.1u.v,, ii Q r rssr Y ss 5s Ai E ii rnnmcnfns d s min so 'f L r as . 1' fWLgQg.,..e,-, M ' HM,M,,, M,,,.,.,..fffm,.?.fs-.a+N. .. 'NC- Newman E. McGee, Assislanl' Professor of Physical Educalion. BA., LiHle Rock Universilyi lvl.S.E., Henderson Slrale Col- lege: Ed.D., Universily of Ar- kansas. Rodney D. Neal, Assislanl' Professor of Managemenr Sci ence. B.S.M.E., Duke Universily M.S.M.S., John Hopkins Univer sily: P'h.D.. Norrhweslrern Uni versily. i Dr. William A. Owings, Associale Professor of Hislory. THE AMER- ICAN POOR: PERSPECTIVES ON THEIR PLIGHT. Several UALR Iacully members are worlcing on publicalions, however, wilhin Ihe year Ihree have had Their worlcg published. Mr. William F. Evans, Assislranlr Professor of Biology, ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: THE BASIC PRIN- CIPLES. 5 Il P I .fi Dr. T. Harri Baker, Associale Profes- sor of Hislory, THE MEMPHIS COM- MERCIAL APPEAL: HISTORY OF A SOUTHERN NEWSPAPER. B '54 6 ll 4 2 ff 5? 3' an :frif ? .4 4 3 Groups Chi Cmega I 'NN 38" S-I V-if 0 i i -I 'af 3 if I I Ag Q ll ' V viii: 5 lac 4' QL ,,,..J.v- ,auilh l I '+-. V 1 Sea+ed: Marrha Sawrie, Jackie Springhorn, Debbie Grimes, Becky Munsey. Donna Monlrgomery. Sfand- ' ing: Becky Carmichael, Debbie Orgain. Susan Swifzer, Lisa Medlock, Karen Simpson. K I , iflwf X S l llioio I 5: QC.: i Vi. B+' if -3.21 NX fK W K ,,,,.-v--- SiHing: Clwarlolle Sclwoemalcer, Robyn Brown, lvlargarel Cassidy, Bellw Hervey. Cindy Berg, Reuben. S+anding forward: Marilyn Dickinson. Cliarlolle Bennewise. Sfanding back: Debbie Barnes. Jeanne Thompson, Mauri Thomas, Janie Niqus, Karen Gooclwaler, Laura Carroll, Bev Bone. W.. mm!! X N 1 M' .K -4""' Carol Coker Pam Fullon Sarah Bryani Carla Boslnea rs Susan l-lamner Linda Wooldridge Dianna Redd Plwyllis Brewer Virginia La Grossa K-allileen lvlcCar+l1y Liz W'eidman Leslie La Grossa Nancy Toombs Lin Wyble Criclceii K-a ren Scruggs Gore VM V' rc K 3 Q. s Delta Delta Delta Phi Chi Chapter ot Delta Delta Delta again has proven this year to be one ot its best. This year's activities included working at the Jerry Lewis Telethon tor Muscular Dystrophy, visiting the Arkansas Nursing l-lome, ancl taking the children from St. Josep'h's Orphanage trick-or-treating. Tri Delta also continued to sponsor the Little Rock Junior Miss Pageant. and placed second in the Pi Kappa Alpha Toilet Bowl. Other social activities included the Pledge lntroduction Tea, Founders' Day, Pansy Brealctast, and the Gold and White Ball. Listed this year among Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities were Phyllis Brewer, Virginia La Grossa, and Linda Wooldridge. Kappa Kappa Gamma SiTTing: Peggy Howell, Sandy Jernigan, KaTherine Murphy, Tricia Ellis, Jan Jacoway, Pam PrickeTT, Anglea Van ZandT, Sharon Cazer, Anne Nelson, Allison Craig, Ginger Green. STanding: Judy Harper, Melanie McCool, Rhonda Fry, Sarah Jane Moseley, Sharon OlberTs, Vicki Carson, Maggie Williams, Lori Savage, Vicki Noble Myra Askins, ElizabeTh Goodwin, Jo Jacoway, Ann Linebarqer, KaThy Warnrnack, JaneT Glover, JaneT May, Gloria Voss, Aundra Hardin, Mary Jackson. Epsilon TheTa ChapTer oT Kappa Kappa Gamma was kepT oTT The sTreeTs This year by many acTiyiTies. Our "biggie" ThaT kepT The sTreeTs safe Tor an enTire evening nighT was The Panhel- lenic Bunking ParTy. We did our parT Tor humaniTy by collecTing Tood Tor The underprivileged aT Thanksgiving, collecTing Toys Tor ToTs aT a Panhellenic ChrisTmas ParTy, and marching Tor dimes on The annual TeIeThon. Our knack Tor seeking ouT The TinesT in culinary delighr was very evidenT by our overwhelming aTTendance aT The Scholar- ship Bangueii SiTuaTion BangueT, Big and l.iTTle SisTer Dinner, and a big bash on our Founder's Day wiTh The Kappa alums. We were again back on The sTreeTs enrouTe To The SouTh- easTern Panhellenic Conference aT The UniyersiTy oT Alabama, l raa' arr sw , '-:, U CO H' hiv , . , ' A -'W 'f , V W if ' W- ff' - T Y A ' Q ' A fe 'V' T fi. was c r'nc is i ' .fri T T an , we " T 98 1 1 T T A mf . V i c -- . au, iz, g in ,,,,,, tW"Pa495W and our swinging nalional conveniion in Hollywood, Florida.- The social evenr of The year was Jrhe Moumoulh Duo Formal held wiih The Pi Bela Phi's. Being involved in so many aclivilies led To many honors. We had lhree hopping Deans' Counselors: Margarel Williams, Sharon Olberls, and Liz Goodwin, Margarel Williams was presidenl o'i Cardinal Key and a member of l-lood and Tassel. Could Jrhese honors have led lo The inducrion ol Sis-Williams inlo Who's Who? There is no way of knowing, bul she was ioined in lhe hall by Liz Goodwin and Sarah Moseley. We also had royaliy in our midsi: Viclci Carson was Queen oi Jrhe Baslceiball Courl and Myra Aslcins was Queen oi The Fi Kappa Alpha Toilel' Bowl. Leading our Women's Lib movemenl were Liz Goodwin, Jr. Women's Senalorp and Kalhy Wammaclc, lreasurer, and Lori Savage, KKG represenialive lo AWS. Righl on, Sisrers! On fhe foreign relalions fronl Sharon Olberls led Jrhe Jrroops in Kappa as she was inducled inlo Pi Delia Phi, French honor fraiernily. We also l4ep"r up our fraiernily relalions as eighl bloom'ing sisiers were "picked" as Lilile Sisiers for var- ious iralernilies. Liz Goodwin, president Sharon Olberrs, and Kalherine Murphy were charier members of ihe Kappa Sigma Siarduslers and were ioined laier by Angela Van Zandl and Amy Rossi. The SAE's opened Jrheir arms wide lo receive info lheir Lillle Sislers of Minerva, Kalhy Wammaclc, Viclci Noble, and Michelle Franlcs. S3- Q X ' X if, Y. , xr ii 4 S '+ ,ttf wx 9 TF 4 3sV,5'.Q. is L s ,Lx I' assi' Q . O .swf 33 N55 V Q, im , 253' .M-+4'g3y ' ,ggi Q.,-ffm.. 'ki lxsw S, 5' i K' 3' M14 ,, . ' , . qu. if 9 s. A S' W 4- .sb ,Q . H A f. L , H. , .6 S -R , , ,L " -s V 1 , Vi Y ff i -1 ff Vf' 'Qs ' . 1 ' ,fri-'GTX' 'V J fiaigx y F 'W in Ti ik """'Vie F fa .. ri iieitgfssrg m f' Q KM' K' ,.,.., f" 2 V, 2 ' ' " ff. ff ., '-. Q f . ,Q-igwr , ,Y -. aj' , s is if Q! ' 1. T ' as is i"i'f'vii"'F ,f A i wg r 1 nf , F ,ikk :K - I W LD- I 'S wr, M N.. 1 fd, ' V, Y A V 1 5 VVQ, N 'll ' Q' 'shi' . V mV N VV T K, if xi., ' :Q N' -M95 1 ip Wil i ' ii I . ,- , Q V V, X V -c -' ' " ' 2 i an V A A ri Q 1 wg ' L -.Y .f W X y . B .H L A ,V A it f ., ies. F' la N-i . H- A ' . R ' 4: . M Q N -. 1 . A , V V , , N s , ,V " '13 jy . 11 Q s J. 2 as 'M ' L""-LL .,,. Q ,ff I, 1 , 'fill Fron'l': Camilla Gore, Jane Ross, Clwrisiy Corrado, Marsha Blalge, Jan Andrews, Peggy Huey, Becky Green, Theresa Rodriguez. Middle: Sarah Deal, Linda Bfzwman, Mary McQuade. Janice Bonds,,Julie Swain, Beverly Marl'in!g' Ann Abercrombie, Vicki Reedf Mary Kalheryn Holmes, Melinda G1-e'n1'ry, Beclcy Kingrey. Baal!! Nancy Bland, Shari Yeargain, Jeanne Turnbow, Melody l-leimer,"Debbie Aichison, Mary Malone, Vicki Broacl1. ,X if cc l 100 l E!! X wmv N ,,,, 'i Pi Befa Phi Pi Bela Phi - firsi' naiional women's sororiiy Firsl' in communiiy service Halloween pariy for The Meihodisi' Children Home Therapy aide and Chrisimas pariy for The Easier Seal Cenier lnsiruciional aide for Dunbar Junior l-ligh Firsr in acrive girls and campus life Janei Harwell, lille role in Mame Mary Calherine Holmes, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies Mary Malone, Kappa Sigma Sweelrhearr Pi Phi Preseniaiion X Pledge shoe shine Firsr in friendship Surprise brealdasis Bunlcing parlies Guesr Speakers lnleresl groups . . . or iusi sharing a pizza afier meeling and firsi in lcnowing how To have fun, helping orhers, and learning iusi whal' il' is being a woman. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Winning The naTional scholarship award oT Sigma Alpha Epsilon was The highlighr of Arkansas BeTa's l97l-72 school year. Aside Trom scholasTic achievemenT, The SAE's proved To be successiful in leadership al::iliTy as Tor- mer presidenT Benny LoTTis was named To Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies, and Joe WiginTon was elecTed To The office of Junior Men's SenaTor. STaying acTive in communiTy proiecTs, The Sig Alphs had Their annual l-lalloween parTy Tor The Arlcansas Children's l-lome, and had -an EasTer egg hunT Tor The lvleThodisT Children's Home. The social acTiviTies Tor The year were l-lang Em' l-ligh. Founder's Day, PaTTy Murphy ParTy, and The Old SouTh Ball. Founder's Day was held in con- iuncTion wiTh The Alpha Upsilon chapTer of The Uni- versiTy of Arkansas aT FayeTTeville. TWT? " x rra- gc c :Q y.yca c wa s ef - 1 P , Q 1 i ri r x xg ufggf, X l Q Q 1 X s gum EEK' ,M y E.. N523 W fu ' I s , Q x A S gs-X SN 'K E3 " n 7,:rXQ, , 'Q in K K A ix his B - at Q K J- , J 3-'lv :visa Q, Mt, J','W ..iT""T'1f-me-. ,-- t , N . . - , ies'-,.iI, , L Below: Sian Carrer, Joe Alsbrook, Gary Green, Fred Osborne, Gerslal Bobby Bonner, Grinqc Baprisl, Bill Brixey. Back: Mike Alsbrook, Dudley Ellis. Middle: Ken l-leard, Sna Wifliamson, Jolin Henry, Mike Frey, Karl Beard. Randy Teaque, Bobby Ring, Sleye Sfone, Mike Baer, Reqqie Crouse, Doup, David Adams, Benny Lcllis, Bob Morris, Larry McGraw, Jell Roqers, Ray Tucker, David Munsey, Jolwn Davis. Mike Jackson, Joe Drornpp, Jerry Pillnrian, Mac Snyder, Mike Speck, ,s,,,,,, Kappa Sigma l97I-72 saw The men oT TheTa ETa ChapTer oT Kappa Sigma bring abouT a new awareness oT co-operaTion wiThin a broTher- hood. A new program designed as an honorary organizaTion To assisT our TraTerniTy was Tounded, The LiTTle SisTers oT Kappa Sigma, The STardusTers. Eleven oi These young ladies were pledged and iniTiaTed inTo This order as plans were made Tor ex- pansion. Miss Mary Malone, Trom Pi BeTa Phi, was elecTed as The Kappa Sigma SweeThearT. Four Kappa Sigs were placed on The Greek All-STar TooT- ball Team and Kappa Sigma won The annual inTramural swim meeT. BroTher English was named To Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies Tor The second year. AssisTed by The LiTTle SisTers, The Kappa Sigs collecTed Toys in The Toys Tor ToTs drive. TogeTher They also helped a group oT young boys sTay ouT oT a deTenTion home by collecT- ing cloThes, which allowed The boys To remain aT Their orphanage. CollecTions Tor The HearT Fund were made again by boTh The Kappa Sigs and LiTTle SisTers. Concerning social liTe, The Kappa Sigmas were Tops. A record crowd aTTended The Third annual Pancho Villa Memorial ParTy. The ChrisTmas Formal was again successTul and iT'5 doubT- Tul if The Figi island P'arTy will ever be egualed. Again in The Tield oT Toreign relaTions, Kappa Sigma aTTended seminars hosTed by our souThern neighbor, Mexico, To help Their economic condiTions There and vasTly aid The medical proTession aT home. Indeed, This was a year To remember. 104 T 32 1 X , R Q5 6 . ,l-,., V Q K gig T' 1 5 f , Q. Q J 1 Q. fi x V 1 ,, , tl 'U n 3 45 3 N I .34 iv U 4 gl -1 ,W Y. N '9 If J 9 .I 3 ,, Q25 4 ! 1 , of ' F 1 .O 5 gn :'. 7 M s. Q A W W I' fr, - -1 0 - , 3 P A SV 'H' I g, w.igg giw-xxiw " .' A z ' ' 7 " "V ' M ,I Q - ,I n, -an., W is ,K i ww-, .A H.-,- Pi Kappa Alpha We sTrive To geT involved and sTay involved. The men oT Pl KAPPA ALPHA, ZeTa ETa chapTer, began The year by Turnishing The Jerry Lewis Muscular DysTrophy TeleThon wiTh more Than a score oT willing workers. We were There during The annual Red Cross blood drive and Took The Trophy Tor The sixTh consecuTive year. Then came SanTa and KAAY's Toys Tor ToTs. Our lodge was used as a cenTral pickup poinT and our men did The picking up. We now move Trom The sublime To The vernacular. EducaTion is The reason we are here. The Pikes broughT home The scholarship Trophy Tor The TiTTh consecuTive Time. We broughT The Tall semesTer To ia close TeaTuring The Third an- nual ToileT Bowl. A WiTh The help oT Mayor George Wimberly we purchased Trom The ciTy oT LiTTle Rock a l928 American LaFrance TireTruck in keeping wiTh The TradiTion oT naTional wide Pike chapTers. The Pikes ouT parTied everyone wiTh such parTies as The Roaring 2O's, CounTry Dung STomp, l-lalloween, Dream Girl Formal, Flay- ride, Founder's Day, Quo Vadis, and New Year ParTy. We Pikes noT only parTied, we exhibiTed leadership, plus abiliTy by holding Tour STudenT SenaTe posiTions: Jim Dudley, Vice P'residenT oT The STudenT Body: Joe Binz, Senior Class PresidenT7 Richard Roachell, Junior Class PresidenT: and Ron Lazenby, Freshman Men's SenaTor. Three Pikes were named Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies. They are Jim Dudley, Richard Roachell, and Joe Binz. We opened The new year looking Torward To The building oT a new lodge, going To The lnTernaTional Pl KAPPTA ALPHA Conven- Tion in Miami Beach, and many good Times. SiHing: Jerry Halley, Jim Vandever, Richard Sanders, Don Johnson, STeve Summers, Tom Charles Hicks, Randy Mourning, Richard Pope, David Wingfield, Rick Kessler, Jim Kenemur, Mary Ann Pope - Dream Girl, Ron Fulbright STeve Harmon, Ray Waldrof, Mark Mc- KinsTr'y, Jim GranT, Mike MaTTox, Gary Brown, Joe Binz. Top: Allen BarTon, Jim Dudley, Dave Parker. Noi' Shown: Jim Wilson, Ron Lazenby, Richard Roachell, Mike Merck, Randy Fuller, Cary Gaines. Pope, Bill Vandever, Sieve Greenhaw, Jim Hardison, Mark Pack, Tommy Dunn. Sianding: I 95,4 5 1 Leg g .U 'N IM S . E. 5253. 5 iff aa gigs ' . TA 5. F? . Vxsi -. wsfifw Nt 3315 fg?? iiiff 1 ,f '1-'f N. , J, .J,.J,rJ,,,o..wWJ.......,...... 'W Uv in ii iaolowz hand Miri .'bLL Cochran, 'Bfxbba Nelson, Naie Calhoign, John Curiis, Standing! Seidoxr WolSl51f'i3!evr'9g1i..Carr1R Cinaries.ST.-Clair.i"Daryl ' , . k Raney, Dean Guenriclw fabovel, Sieve Linder iabovel, Jim Roberrsoh. Jason Herndon, Jack Afkins, Danny iMaglq'Hwin. Jfgarry Bonrfefffgvary, M ,- -7 A ' tSmi+h John Baxier. L. D. Garner, Kenny Kefcher, S+eveLNyg, Chuck Clark, Ronnie Gray, Tim Leafhers, Above: Lanry'McMurraS1. Rodnesgereorge, '. 'S-f .' -' r . , ' - . ,A 1 'f ,Billy Avance., Bobby-Denman, Jeff Lawrence,fGary Blazer, L-ane Kidd. W" ' o 'M r -1- , A - r A ww-,,.",gx..,mJ, -5 A ,fm , ,.,.- . .gig-yfifrsfrpzfavr , , -'.. A , - W. -' . . J, : ff . I D - ,J f- :mf-im "gg !':'f'3'3'z f " ' - , 'WJ' ,J ' ' - ,?f-x - V " ' 7 1 , J ' " '- .'+-fv.-53J,3,fsg,'4,.fJ ,f w5,.gJigLg'ff-'V'-'-i 'Q "vi :Q - . - , A 4 ALJ., . -' ' ' W... JN Jf1ifezf'f.gW, . J 931:39 rgvZiifl.5f,5g:,f,:,- ?g,g.1.g3 A J J, J ., f ga. - r :, 'Z' Ji: ,A an , Ivana, K 1' J ,,A .t, ,', 4 and J., -J., iJx Q' V ' K . 1' fvf5fffgf'i+2f2'5?gf,g.w fffiryi 5?Aa'Qf 'f 1 'J +o -o A J 4"m:,"'f.v- T 2 W fi' K- 1' ' ' . ' Q 5, P , A iff" .' ' , ' 'J 'K , '1aFf1!"?4J f-.f'M:.2ffi'Y5"'f' J 37 ndwfnsgt-X533-J i-o, '-' 'ff-'QQW5''f',wfy:,',f f - f --.ffwl A A - df- ,nr J , A J, 9,G?3?f'1v32'g3t,jf4',f 2 f., av.-QT"fw3.,., - ' J 'riff d nw J M A -,J JJ 'w,.15J , -5 Lg, 3 ,A w J ', Q , 1, k Q Uv,-ff A svfr f ,JJ1 1' J. J if .fi J, ' Q- .-' . 2 M M ' - ig 7' J r i 'v J ' - ' W ., mxV, 25E.z, A A 1 W,,,g,J ,.?,3,M1n,f,v:3f3 n 2,7 . J :i.,r.yoC,g5,, wg.: .TJ . g?,,i5fh,:c 9, , J . , I, J ,, g.,, 5:35 be ,4,, ,..,mJ-,635 Wngzv6m2l,1.ggmL IWQTKKFQ-V' , gsfv,,m1L,:y,-,,,'3H'7'ir-an ,2'2T?44M.g.,1-fjJk3f,gw 51 53 -, - , N M -' ' . -' " :1.,'.' 'Jf' VA' W -. "11. w-.Jg, " 3, ga. Q- , QJ--,F 'ISTZ J. "1454y'5k" ,mi-Q... J J ' -41,9145 J'LgJfg'f' vg, -"1 gf ' in :J:I9:A'45ff7" "' ff-is ,J7Jg9f!5'f,u,v'dvi.,. ff - . Ag . v ffsqawsg ,R JL. I 1563-4..1,f ,pw M . Magi A , .JJLJ J,,.g,, , J: M34 mum, 5534. ,,J.f Af , JM... I A . ,N , J :H -A J-Xi 'g.:'.,3'H:w 'exif 51.5" 'gf--cf3!?33',.:g "C-+,,1cJw35,-Zplag ""'iifv15fyf' ?-2341"-'lr K- .IWQFG - ' 632' ' ,fe 4, ' -" 5 f,,55,-5 Q., ".. A . 4 5 -- wg K ' My J J M Q, , . JA. ,fi A-11 - 1: ,gr SM' ' . fW?"1n"Nf. - gf .3 Aw, 'Hg -. ' A- f-032. 'Ar' f ,Vw-J,wl K or " 5 1,11 , A 1" JJr-- 9 J . -f ,J 'e3f'5ie- 4 ' 'E ' J ' 4 "" 35' "Q, 56 Jgp ff . 'A ' I T- .' 4,0 ' fx S" . ,g:M,W,gy,i',,,, JL K ri i.53 iv .5 rf - f I r,.4H::.v2? I k -i ' 0 d - f fm 1 M-'wa-,J , Jqgfj 5:49, ' ,A ,JA V- Ms' V9- x tvofsvixa ,gif a t Y yg.3f,i Q ','? ..5l,4,,- fs, .6 gi ,X it rt y , .,. v l 108 hA: T 1 5 y g . , . - "ws, . 'ggiww , , T 1s:.Nf X . K W ,x V7 'Y-ST. 'N . f.f+.-,,Ih 8 , 'ff y 1 . .fs -- , . Ja' R13 RMK FV- .,.4, af . .. s,. V , 4. 'S - -. f f ,. sq h yn- 5 " -' up-. i , H NV . fs -r. ,J .,,.-l . af'-. ,V ,s-,-.1 A . A'-Qig., Ly s D V I.- .J Q . M, - vf V Q -. , " . . -' -'i. ,nv ', 'g-9,7 fa',r,n.- '-.- i. 'i -q. .T -N L ,-i, Ev . - A A 3 ,qw 1 Q A Q .s 4- W H Irv. '.A ,., 'I r.,fg is ' T g 'nf T- 'fs ' s 1.1.-QS. yfffgatky - .-s.. ',, " 4 ' -5 I. . N:-4-V A 4 -,m r'4QQ':.V "' ans- ,,f'.Q,. ' K Q i W yt, WJ . ,vu ,,,,,,. , .. .Q-K -6 ,qw Sigma Nu Whenever There was a good parTy you can beT The men oT Sigma Nu were behind iT. ThaT's how iT was This pasT year when The Sigma Nu's held Their annual Shipwreck ParTy. This year showed promise To one oT The largesT pledge classes ever, which added I9 new members To Their chapTer. During Spring semesTer Two parTies were given. The TradiTional W'hiTe Rose Formal -and a new parTy in honor oT Abraham Lincoln's birThday. WiTh The largesT chapTer on campus and beTTer broTher- hood, The men oT Sigma Nu have dismissed The ThoughT ThaT TraTerniTies are dying on The campus of UALR. ParTicipaTing in school acTiviTies are Jimmy Simpson and Dean Guenrich, boTh oT The STudenT SenaTe, The laTTer being The Freshman Class PresidenT. The TradiTional Sigma Nu Relays, alThough very comp'eTi- Tive, were won by The Chi Omega's, one oT The parTic:ipaTing sororiTies. This year The broThers oT Sigma Nu parTic:ipaTed in The March oT Dimes and The drive Tor The l-learT Fund. They also raised money Tor The needy and gave ia parTy Tor The lvleTho- disT Children's l-lome. Phi Kappa Phi Mrs, Billie Broach, Sword and Shield presidenT, accepTs naTion- al charTer Trom Dr. J. C. FiTz qerald, vice-presidenT of Phi Kappa Phi, wesT cenTral region. Mr. Richard BuTler, Sr., Chairman oT The Board oT Commercial NaTional Banlc and honorary member oT Sword and Shield was guesT speaker aT The insTallaTion banqueT. , .-sf-Q When LiTTle Rock UniversiTy received NorTh CenTral Ac- crediTaTion in l96O, a group oi sTudenTs and TaculTy members meT To organize an honor socieTy. This group, The Sword and Shield, chose To paTTern iTselT -aTTer The honor socieTy oT Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Kappa Phi, esTablished in l897, was The TirsT honor socieTy in The UniTed STaTes To recognize superior scholarship in all Tields oT sTudy. Members are elecTed Trom The upper Ten percenT oT a graduaTing class. By spring oi l972 There will be I4O chapTers, wiih aT leasT one in all buT Two sTaTes. A school musT be accrediTed Tor Ten years beTore a local honor socieTy may peTiTion Tor a Phi Alpha Phi chapTer. Dr. J. C. FiTzgerald OT Olclahoma STaTe UniversiTy, a vice- 'IE presidenT oi Phi Kappa Phi Tor The W'esT CenTral Region, has worked wiTh Sword and Shield Senior l-lonor SocieTy aT UALR in meeTing The reguiremenTs To peTiTion a chapTer. Dr. FiTz- gerald insTalled'The chapTer aT UALR on January 23. ThirTeen TaculTy members Trom UALR, SIT, and IREC, who belong To Phi Kappa Phi, are The charTer members oT The chapTer. The TirsT iniTiaTes were Trom The i960 charTer members oT Sword and Shield and Trom members OT Sword and Shield who are sTudenTs, TaculTy, or sTaTT aT UALR. Temporary oiiicers ele-cTed To TaciliTaTe The insTallaTion and iniTiaTion were Mrs. Billie Breach, presidenT: Dr. Jay W. Predriclcson, vice-presidenTg Mr. James W'eyres, secreTary-Treas- urerg and Mrs. Caroline Campbell, public relaTions. U, Hs? o?ff7P,'W'f iff, ll' C- wl'i.."l'f' X -.., Q ,,,.x-W J . ,xb . faja iii li X ' ..x.."y D is .Ilia 'gqlifiiifl -l'5"3'7 wo' V Y. i er' Qaaw 'gi' 8 VW '2 F5 ,.- Pm KAPPA PH! gr jlffiffff RN la ,ff J Charler Members: Mrs. Billie Broach Mrs. Caroline Campbell Dr. Jay W. Fredriclrson Dr. John Hughes Dr. Er-Chieh Ma Dr. Agalon Pal Mrs. Maryavis Parson Mr. Harold T. Smirh Mr. James B. Weyres Dr. Donald C. Wold Mrs. 'Mary Jane Gales Dr. Richard Prior Mr. Franlr Hall ,fr i972 lnilialesz Joyce Allen Edward Brown Rosalie Chearham Carolyn Curry Valdarie Davis Jeanene Dunham Jerre Farmer Maryann Fosler Dr. James Fribourqh Dr. Bedford Hadley John Hardwiclc Mary Kalhryn Holmes Sylvia Johnson Calvin Ledbelier, Jr Kafhleen McCar+hy Cynlhia Morgan Charles Osmenl Linda Oversfreel' Debra Shannon Mary Spadley Milne Sullivan Joyce Underwood Margarel' Veach Eugene Wolfe LeVon Payne Yepey Phyllis Walrers . ,ar , Phi Alpha Thefa loTa ZeTa ChapTer oT Phi Alpha TheTa, The naTional honor socieTy oT hisTory, has 'aTTempTed To Tocus aTTenTion upon currenT Trends in The proTession. ln inTormal group discussions beTween chap.Ter members and The hisTory TaculTy. Topics such as oral hisTory, The role oT women in hisTory, and general requiremenTs Tor graduaTe schools have been considered. The sTaTT oT The l-lisTory DeparTmenT has also consulTed chapTer members abouT new course oTTerings, changes in de- gree requiremenTs and improvemenT in classroom meThodology. ln a very real sense Phi Alpha TheTa has served as a Torum Tor The exchange OT ideas beTween TaculTy and sTudenTs. STudenT Members: Sarah Kay MaTThews, presidenT Phyllis L. Brewer, vice pres. Marfha Ann Sawrie, secreTary Jim Dudley, hisTorian Linda Wooldridge Linda Faye Walls George Bailey AlberTa Alicia Benne+T Deshay D. Ford Dianne l.eaverTon Wesley Lody William J, Mourof Thomas Paige Bill Finnegan FaculTy Members: Dr. T. Harri Baker Mr. Richard B. Dixon D'r. Bedford K. Hadley Mrs. Marilynn Keys Dr. Calvin LedbeTTer Dr. Johnye MaTThews Dr. William Owings Mr. Harold SmiTh Mr. Elmer C. STahllropT Dr. Carey V. STabler Dr. Harold l. Woolard Dr. C. Fred Williams, advisor Dr. Fred Williams guides an informal discussion al' one oT Phi Alpha TheTa's Trequenl' meeTings. Katalia Each year KaTalia malces Tinancial conTribuTions To chari- Table organizaTions. This year The membership' made a donaTion aT ChrisTmas To The ST. Joseph's Home Tor Children. Members oT KaTalia musT have a Three poinT grade average and exhibiT qualiTies oT leadership abiliTy. Roger Van Dylce, Pres. Joseph Lienharf, V. P. Richard Dixon, Advisor Ronald Asbury Roberi' Birch James Dudley Jonafhan Timm Raymond Tuclcer Joseph LienharT, JonaThan Timm, and Mr. Richard Dixon discuss KaTalia's donaTion To ST. Joseph's Home Tor Children. UWM Wait,-:ww IP ,w,,....-f. Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi is a Service Honorary, founded fo fosfer fhe ideal of Service as a worfhy acfivify. The UALR chapfer achieved fhis goal fhis year as The members assisfed wifh fhe Disfricf VI High School Band Clinic af UALR in January. The members assisfed guesf conducfors in any specific needs, pro- vided coffee and doughnufs for affencling band direcfors, arranged for rehearsal and concerf facilifies, operafed 'iwo concessions for fhe sfudenfs, -and arranged for dance facili- fies for sfudenfs. Kappa Kappa Psi also provided music for some of fhe UALR home baslcefball games, and sponsored fhe annual Kappa Kappa Psi Scholarship Dance af UALR in April. Membership is exfended fo fhose who have mei' rigid sfandards based on affifude, pasf performance, fechnical pro- ficiency on fheir chosen insfrumenf, inferesf in and apprecia- fion of fhe besf in music. 2, 43 is A x V High school sfudenfs from Disfricf Vi parficipafe in fhe band clinic held af UALR sponsored by Kappa Kappa Psi. .-v.-1 Fronfz Glen Baker, Raymond Jones, Earl Norfon, Back: Burf Ravelleffe, Ron Boswell, Bill Bufler, Marshall Townsend, Ken Dickson. The Equinox Echror Doroihy Palmer Sheff Alice A Munson Bob Thompson Cheryl Cobb Gran? Cooper Joanna O Long John Sharron Jack Bakker Rucharcl Owings Sian Rxsser Vrcky Harvey The Talents of The Poet The falenf of fhe poef is fhe scribbling' of pain less perfecf fhan gnawed his soul. Markings, labored or sponfaneous, expressing less fhan perfecf - less fhan imperfecl' - anguish long expired and vaguely apprehended. Once if was as cool as rain is, real as pain is. and he knew if fhere - filling fhe furrow wifh small drops. Bul never enough is caughl' before evaporafion. The shrill pain of 'rhe pinch faded so quickly The pen recorded fhe fading and nof The pain. lf's so hard fo remember pain. And so easy fo acquire creases. John W. Grey. H. P. Tieman We Poets Aren'f we somefhing - we poefs. lf's a fickle business l'm felling you. We go chasing 'rhe phrase - fripping lighfly over fhe breeze - 'riclcling our egoisfic sides wifh The sighfs of our inward furning eyes and prompfly geffing up. sheaf in hand, we go romping fo fhe nearesl' audience we can capfure hoping 'ro leave fhem wifh a bif of our rapfure. Yeah, 'arf's a ficlcle business l'm 'felling you Sfa n Risser i 115 T The UniversiTy of Arlcansas aT LiTTle Rock finally came up Te par wiTh,The resT.oT The college campuses ThroughouT The ceunTry. Oni O'cToberPI9. l97l,i UALRT was invaded by ia pieced of so called "yellow iournalismf' The ESSENCE newspaper was conceived wiTh The idea ThaT a newspaper could be operaTed This campus wiThQuT Theaaid-of a sTaTe s-subsidy. .ESSENCE Took on The challenge' and made a fairly 'olecenT showing, Tor a paper To sTarT Trom absoluTely noThing and reach The poinT iT has Today, wiTh a paid circulaTion of l400. The paper exisTs 'solely on 'T.hei7Vrevenue1Teceived Trbm The sales' oT The paper and The adverTising income. A T The sTaTT doessall The worlc of puTTing TogeTher a paper with The excepTion oT+The acTual physical 5prinTing. All worlc on Tlfieispapergiisidone oniiai sTricTly volunTeer basis wiThouTi'any pay. oTher Than whaT a person mighT receive from The selling oT The paper. T'he Tew originaTors oT The paper have seen 'iT Through days of ,l.DillQ?iCOll'6Cl'OFfSh' and ThreaTs oT The privilege',Tax, and verbal abuse from many sources boTh onand oTT campus. A The ThoughT oT having anoTher paper on The campus was -aT TirsT looked upon wiTh slcepTicism by The sTudenT body and "" s omes cases by ,Tha TaculTy' and aolminisTraTion. Howeverg since The TirsT issue oTiThe paper, ESSENCE has received many words of praise from noT only iTs baclcers bu+ iTs criTics also. The ESSENCE. sTaTffTries To prinT The Type of arTicles which would be CTT Viir i nTeresT ia iiiii personsinofr onlyiony campus. bin oTT as well. Sales- of The paper were increased 'by having diTTerenT sTores. in The ciTy sell The paper and oTher personsselling The paper boTh on and goTT campus. g , T Some oT The arTicles covered by The ESSENCE sTaTT ioluiing The year included The lvleThodisT Children's Home land dispuTeQ The TighT Tor The reducTion OT The privilege Tax, The "busTing" of one of UALRIS insTrucTorsTory,Thf3..,possessisQlni.oTidru'gis,1,.c5a1Wnd The dispuTed AMXN mergerf in which The ediTor of Theipaper made a special Trip To Pine BluTT To geT background maTeri-al Tor The -arTicle. , g T y T ESSENCE' isa .membefffoT The Free. Campus News Sieiiiice and we are proud' To say ThaT many oT our arTicle's were picked up by This service Tor reprinTing in. oTher college ,newspapers ThroughouT The counTry. including UALR'siownggEQRUM.'lilgope. Tullyf ESSENCE Twill become 'a larger newspaper and will i'ii be circulaTed Throughc-uT The ciTy on a much larger scale Than aT The presenT Time. T . T T T s T The sTaTT of ESSENCE has beenaccusedg by The ,s'sg versiTy's official newspaper oT being on an ego Trip and iwas once described as a group of "adolescenTs": and The paper described as an abominable yellow sheeT,. We hope ThaT ini The TuTure ESSENCE will be looked upon as ilsf a 'conTribuTion To sTudenT life, and even help upgrade The oTher iournalisTic eTTiorTs on This campus. g f g y ATTer all. we do' noT loolg on ourselves as slip undergireund newspaper .' . Qoiniy undef The sTairsli T E E E ' -l l Q5V. ww' 632' X W 4 1 A q XI i-.:- T-Qi I I U Lbvtnoamy 1R192J....,,t.. WI' XKXx X 'K X l 4.1-1 ,-ni J , EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR COPY EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER PRODUCTION MANAGER CIRCULATION MANAGER ART DIRECTOR PI-IOTOGRAPI-IY PUBLIC RELATIONS SECRETARY Alan Leveri+'r Richard Farresfer Richard Harder Jim I-IicIcs Marsha BIaIce Bob Baker John O'Iive Mark Jolly Ken I-IefIey Ed Gran Becky WoII l REPORTERS BIII AIIen Jack Ballew Bill McBride Mary Iva Burns Jon Burroughs Ed Chess Ed Cole Diane Ferreria Don Hendricks Tom Horron Linda Jones Jerry Norfon Ann Owings Richard Owings Ayn Rand JuIius de Silenrio June W'inburne AIIen I'IaroId Sharon Smi'I'h Gary Childers JS - 32 3 - -4- 2 3 .. . -4- Q 3 Q 3 5 Q Q Q Q g :QQ gg QE ef 175 GI: Q Q2 212 G51 QQ Q2 ge Q31 Q 3 Q W IQ Q 12:5 GM ge SI: QQ QA' Q GI: QQ Q2 Q Q31 K9 of Q Q K9 Gi LQ QE me 104' 232 Q1 19 G2 IQ GI: 19 QQ IQ Q QI: me Q4 IQ Qi QQ GAS IQ G51 :Agp GA' ge Qi Q X f-if-D fy 23 Q31 my QA' 179 fi W cw :Q Qi Q H ge GE WWWWW 7, Paul Kirchcns. Frank Bafrisfone, Alan Blayfock, 7, Rick Darling, Peqi Bunch, 7. Sue Bunch. Throughouf fhe year Hue yearbook office remained a gafherinq place of creafivifv wifh a very businessfike af- morsphere. my .rw Qc! N P A serious dedicaied sfudeni of phero- Iournalism, our insipid, vapid, rancid, yer infrepid chief phofoqraplwer, Nan W. Bledsoe, was ever alerf 'ro Cafch ghhannl Thar unique minufe in Hme 'Hnaf con- srifufes excellen+ phoroqraphy. QWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHmmm :lg DR HEBER TAYLOR Advisor WAYNE BOLICK, Professional Photographer JACK EAST JOHN WEBB CHARLES WEAVER load MARK BIRD KATIE SCOTT ..,.Sg3-,, JERRY BROOKS TOM PACE Forum AL LINDSEY, Edifor DOIROTHY FILLMER, JACKIEVLLMILLLER, LARRY BALL, R5- 'F rs ' A por 8 -jx , 'rw' ' ,. ffm, K1 gm H W- we-md xn y 1 2. . '8 ? E -.12 5.1. x R., L m m1""' "W-14 1 X A F11 ' ' ' ' - ,.....-.-......-.,..m......-.v..........,.-..A..,-... ,....,,N.v.,....,....W,. ..-,.,,,. ,..,N,R.,,-, 3 3 X 2 5 3 f 3? 5 5 I r 5 5 3 2 E RICK ENGLISH, Columnisf:'KEN GARNER, lnquiring Reporfer Q JERRY PITTMANQ Spams Edamf, BILLLSTE- PHENS. Feafures Edifor: RALPH ROUTON, News Edifor N k,..Y- y "We musf reach for new sfandards lence" was fheadmonifion given foffhe fhe year began. The UALR FORUM for ifself a new image, fhe qualify of which fhe growfh of UALR," as one 'rhe edifor. F g W T The FORUM grew iiusf -as didl fo of I2 pages wifh fwo secfions. The addifional B fhe FORUM in a cafegory all ifs own among newspapers. T - Adding one secfion was nof fhe only page exclusive inferview was a regular parf of fhe Garner. fhe ,inquiring reporfer, fraveled pracfically befween quainf liffle fowns fo fhe governor's office provocafive inferviews wifh personalifies such, as Winfhrop Rockefeller, Harold Sherman lan ESP Bernard Redd lfhe "neighborhood marc" of fhe of Narcofics and Dangerous Drugsl, Pulaski Counf Aflorney Jim Guy Tuclcer. and Governor Dale y The columnisfs also added 'roifhe T ing a flavorful variefy in opinions all fhe "leff" fo "reacfionally right" and from mefhodical fary fo downrighf funny safire. ,"We'll lmow we're being read 'Sfopl' " apparenfly was fhe guideline fhe ed in fheir affempf fo broaden fheir readership. T quife offen made ifself felf on campus screamed, buf if gof 'rhe newspaper read. from Dr. Dudley Beard, fhe regisfrar, when fhe poinfed faulfs in fhe regisfrafion hassle' fhe fraffic c changed ifsyrules when a ,columnisf loyalisf screamed whenianofher col m-acy of fhe Arkansas congressman's " fhe presidency. Thaf column was reprinfed by fhe GAZETTE. T Y ALAN BLAYLOCK T is T T Joi-iN wean om io in V1 Chief Phofographery A ' ' ' ' i Pho'roqraphe'r"'ii' if I I NIKHILESH MAINTHIA KATIE SCOTT Business Manager , Secrefary sfa rf own broad else e JAMES 'MEDRICK The adoption in the spring ot a new constitution was only one ot many Student Senate progressive accomplishments. The new constitution is a maior step toward expanded and ettective student government on the UALR campus. Other undertalcings by the Senate included a series of dances after each ot the University ot Arkansas tootball games Student Senate played in Little Rock: a course-instructor evaluation: sponsor- ship ot nationally recognized Grace l-lalsell to the UALR campus: two "Film Nitesu tor the students: as well as a dona- tion to the UALR delegation to the Model United Nations in New Yorls. The Senate was also able to co-sponsor with Vox Pop various open air torums during the school year. Sludenl Body Presidenl Vice Presiolenl Senior Senior Senior Junior Junior Class Presidenl' lvlen's Senalor Women's Senalor Class Presidenl Men's Senalor Roger Van Dylce Jim Dudley Joe Binz Bolo Younls Janel' McLemore Richard Roachell Joe Wiginglon fi 53 is l l ll Secrelary Treasurer Junior Women's Senalor Sophomore Class Presidenl Sophomore lvlen's Senalor Sophomore Women's Senalor Freshman Class Presidenl Freshman lvlen's Senalor Freshman Women's Senalor Left and below: Presidenl' Roger Van meelinq. Beverly Bone Charles Osmenl' Elizabelh Goodwin Linda Burlon Jimmy Simpson Jackie Springhorn Dean Guenrich Ron Lazenby Debbie Grimes Dylce addresses a weekly Sludenl Senale 325 Vice presidenl- Jim Dudley and Roger Van Dyke led lhe Senale in efforls 'fo crease campus social aclivi lies. Alpha Kappa Psi, The oldesT proTessional business TraTerniTy in The naTion, aims Toward giving members experience in The Tields of accounTs, commerce, and Tinance ThaT will aid Them in Their careers. To help achieve This goal, Alpha Kappa Psi has esTablished Two annual scholarships oT S200 each, which are awarded To The ouTsTancling sTudenT members in The DeparT- menT of Business AdminisTraTion. The criTeria is based on need and scholasTic record. Jerri Farmer and JonaThan Timm were The recipienTs oT These scholarships This year. Through The Alpha Kappa Psi Used Book Exchange, which is operaTed in The union during regisTraTion, sTudenTs are able To sell Their boolcs To oTher sTudenTs aT Their own prices. Increased business in Tall regisTraTion '91 my ,pf ff A be-.V WN..- resulTed in The bool: exchange doubling iTs size To accommodaTe The spring regisTraTion and give beTTer service To The sTudenTs. ln addiTion To The book exchange expansion, membership oT Alpha Kappa Psi also increased wiTh TorTy one new members since Tall oT I97O. Social acTiviTies This year were smolcers Tor The new mem- bers, a ChrisTmas parTy and a Spring picnic Tor The graduaTing seniors. l97l-72 oTTicers were Bob BehneTT, presidenT: Ray RoberTs, vice presidenT7 Wayne Beardsley, Treasurer: Dr. Richard Shull, advisor: and Dr. James BuTler and Mr. Ben l-lardy, sponsors. I L 2 i 1 ji 1 5,5 Q MEMBERS: Sieve Doerr Royce Bolding Joe Binz Sieve Cumnoclc Jonaihan Timm Richard Bondurani Roberl Horlon Charles Sims l-lenery Abrams, Jr. Sieve Friday Ralph Ward Larry Brown Jim O. Gales Charles Osmeni James Swindal Donald Siuari' James Poole Raymond Roberls l-larold Maiors Don Thomas James Dudley Charles Fagan Kenlr Valand Lawrence Williams David Cahoon Larry Deaion Richard Long Rodney Long Bill Louvorn Mike Means James Paiierson Robe-ri Plummer Harold Schmeclcenloeclser William Sneed Winsion Winsion Ken Ross Roberl Moore Mal May Tom Shamel William McAdory Back: Skip Kersey, Don Lambert Danny Timm, Dr. Ralph Shull, Roger Beuiler, Joe Drompp. Middle: Harvey Massa, Wayne Beardsley, Mike Shaw, David Wingfield, Phil Perry. James Sharlcey. Fron+: Londell While, Harvey Piazza, Roberi' Benneff, Sian Musick, Roger Van Dylce, Charles Sfewarf. Kaihryn Bailey William E. Bale Roberi' F, Birch, Pres Gerald BuTler Jerrie Farmer Richard 'M. Farresler Norman R. FausT, Jr. Cary L. Gaines, Sec. Alpha Delta Sigma Viclrie V. McCoy, V.P. Deborah McNew Brenda MiTchell Thomas E. Mooningham James A. Morgan Henry Naugher Dennis Roach A. Don Robb Claude O. Roberson, V.P. Lawrence Taylor Charles D. Thompson Gene G. McCoy, Advisor Alpha DelTa Sigma, naTional professional adverTising -agency, has been acTive This year in research Tor Tinancial insTiTuTions in The greaTer LiTTle Roclc marlceT area. Members of ADS called 428 households in -an eTTorT To deTermine The peneTraTion of bond and savings and loan aclverTising, and public relaTions campaigns. AclverTising Tor The annual UALR Blood Drive was anoTher proiecT This year. Ads, which merged wiTh Gamma Alpha Chi, The naTional women's 'adverTising so- cieTy To form ADS Tor men and women, iniTiaTed nine mem- bers bringing The membership To TwenTy-Tive. wl T' -Af ATTending The PSE iniTiaTion were: SeaTed: Phil Perry, SgT.-aT-Arms: Bill Miles, Treasurer: Bill STanley, SecreTary: Paul CheaTham, Vice-Pres., KeiTh de Noble, PresidenTq Bob Canfield. SMEA RepresenTaTive To PSE: Bill Tadloclc, PSE Eaculfy Advisor. STancling: Sam Rains, Bob Francis, Ray Andrews, Larry Morrow, Roger l-lunTsman, Ralph Bauer, Sandy NuTT, Lloyd Selling booThs aT The Arlcansas Careers Day, held in The l-lall oi lndusTry aT The Arlcansas Eair Grounds, was a successTul sales p'roiecT of Pi Sigma Epsilon. This involved convincing businessmen To buy booThs and use Them To encourage college graduaTes To sTay in The sTaTe. This was The mosT successTul sales proiecT in The hisTory of Alpha Phi chapTer. Pi Sigma Epsilon provides Two scholarships yearly, which pay TuiTion Tor one male sTudenT and one Temale sTudenT. To improve educaTion The TraTerniTy is aTTempTing To in- Debi McNew, Ken Pennebalcer, Senior Vice PresidenT-MarlceTing Tor Twin CiTy Banlc, and Gene Bale review resulTs of The Tinancial insTiTuTion research. Pi Sigma Epsilon A w If , . ' he -an-har Schuh, ExecuTive DirecTor of SMEA: Mike Thurman, Pasl' RepresenTaTive ol: SMEA To PSE: David Grubbs, Firsi PresidenT oT Alpha Phi ChapTer oT PSE. OTher members include: Bob ThornTon, Doug Thompson, David Maz- zanTi, and Dr. Rod Neal, PSE FaculTy Advisor. volve more eclucaTional people in Their group. Several members aTTend monThly meeTings of The Sales and lviarl4eTing ExecuTive Associahon oT LiTTIe Rock, and Two rep'resenTaTives oi Pi Sigma Epsilon aTTendecl The naiional Pi Sigma Epsilon convenTion in Louisville, Kenlruclcy. Among spealcers sponsored This year were Bob CanTTield, regional manager oT John Hancock LiTe Insurance, and OTTa Wunder, purchasing manager oT lvionTgomery Ward. Student National Education Association Janet Adams Janet Ake Barbara Allen Joyce Allen Dottie Averitt Katharin Bailey Rosalie R.. Beeman Aileen Bishop Mary Boyce Anna Brown Becky Brown Mary Burns Debbie Burton Sharion Carter Joann Casteel Carol Coker Brenda Cole Melisa Colburn Peter Cooper Patty Cornish Melinda Cummings Christine Dales Valdaree Davis Debbie Desiardin 'Marilyn Dickinson Doie Discosmo Karen Dillion Karol Douglas Kathy Edmonson Paula Edgin Dollie M. Elliott Karen L. Evatt Glenda Fasen Ann Felling Brenda Fleming SNEA president Ron Kerr introduces representatives ot tri-district schools. Donald Ford Donna Freeman D. Delores French Donna Fugitt Pegi M. Garbeth Jan Gilchrich Paula Goodson Elizabeth Goodwin Mary Green Mildred Green Rebecca Green Margaret Greer Richard Harder Vickey Harvey Bob Hetton Jauan Henderson James Hicks Donna Hightower Nancy Hill Barbara Hodges Carol Horness Mary Jackson Carol Jenning Sandy Jernigan Ginger Johnson Sydney Kealer Ron Kerr Margaret King Cynthia Lewis Jenniter Lewis Melanie McCool Millie 1McCord Carol McNeil Beverly McChristian Vicki McKimmey Mary Malone Harriet Martin Tony Minicozzi Blenda Mosley Sarah Jane Moseley Kay Newsom Joan Oliver Debbie Orgain Betty Pennington Joyce Person Charles Reaves Mary Reaves Diane Redd Patty Rogers Martha Sawrie Delores Scarbrough Susan Seeger Harriet Sherrod Carol Shier Judith Sitzler Brenda Stainton Patricia Stanley Rebecca Tinsley Joy Turns Joyce Underwood Rose Ann Volpert Janice Walker Joan Walker Diana Wells Teddie Whitener Linda Whitten Dana Whittington Janet Yawn Cathy Smith Don Henry at .fs A ii. -,s. . Opening the year with impact slides to get the students involved, the Student National Education Association organized meetings which would be benetici-al to the student when begin- ning to teach. Members learned the meaning ot leadership and how it can be taught in schools. A student-teacher panel discussed the aspects ot being a student teacher and the tirst year as a teacher. A panel ot representatives ot the three local school districts spoke to the SNEA on occupational opportunities in their separate districts. SNEA president, Ron Kerr, was instrumental in a human relations course being added to the UAL J vw.s,Mw,.r y Q99 gil Engineers Pat Morris, Pres. Roy Smith, V. P. Owen Warlord, Sec. Ralph Tillery, Treas. Gary Thompson, Repr. Mike Kopt Ralph Wiggins Richard Middleton Mark Setxler R curriculum. Club Bobby Hawkins Roy McDaniel John Williams Phillip Crow Ronald Walters Paul Hart Juan Kuhlmann J. B. Weyres, Adv. R. N. Tolbert, Adv The Engineers Club, which promotes and encourages an interest in engineering among prospective engineering students. began its third year on the UALR campus this tall. A tield trip to the Westinghouse Factory on Roosevelt Road highlighted the tall activities. Additional tield trips and 'a picnic tilled the spring calendar ot events. Engineer Club members study wave patterns created on an ocilloscope by a signal generator. Wesley Founclafion Ralph Tillery lvlilce Kopf l.anney lillery Terry Bray Sfeve Williams Olan Asbury Bill Wilson Paffy Thompson Richard Cooper C. W. Browning Gary Shaw Pal Morris Jack Culpepper Buddy Rafliff Pres. Owen Warford VF. Teresa Jones Sec. Sam Jones Campus lvlinisfer Paul Oglesby Amy l-lall Riclc l-lood Joyce Leveriff Fam Rafliff Through Wesley Foundafion, a minisfry fo all sfudenfs al' UALR, fhe church mainfains confacf wifh sfudenfs on fhe campus and offers Them friendship, counseling, worship, service, recreafion, and Chrisfian fellowship. Periodic fellowship meefings wifh ofher lvlefhodisf sfudenfs were held af fhe Mefhodisf Sfudenf Cenfer, locafed off fhe easf end of fhe campus on Wesf 23rd Sfreef. Groups mel' for sfudy and discussions of fhe Bible, docfrines, social is- sues, and ofher personal and group concerns. Offen professors, and ofher pasfors or leaders in fown affended fhe meefings. Wesley lzoundafion parficipafed in sfafe wide sfudenf Chrisfian acfivifies and many social acfivifies as a l-lalloween Parfy, a Chrisfmas Parfy and various seasonal funcfions. Wesley Foundalion enioyed an acfive year which included fellowships and funcfions as fhe l-lalloween Parfy held al fhe lvlefhodisf Sfudenf Cenfer. IF: I N B. , I ,ff C if f s r'Wis we-f f I 'Q Q AF' Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha lota is a national organization tor women whose musicianship has reached protessional standards. The pur- pose ot the traternity is to uphold the protession, and strive tor aesthetic experiences through art. Membership is by invitation only. This year Sigma Alpha lota held a Christmas Bazaar, which is an annual attair, where handmade gitts were sold, and a delicious array ot Christmas goodies was served. Sigma Alpha lota also entertained tormer Metropolitan Opera star Blanch Thebon during her visit to UALR in January. Dorothy Sawatski Faculty Advisor Ann Rice President Marsha Pakouri V. President Marsha Cole Secretary Virgie Callahan Treasurer Kathy Fowler Chaplain Elizabeth Berg Sgt. at Arms Social Chairman Program Chairman Publicity Chairman Cherry Demuth Peggy Thomas Debbie Stewart Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union is a place where people can come and meet other people, but what it's here tor is tor people to ioin in the unending challenge ot getting to know Christ and to make him known to people on campus. BSU members were very active this year as they attended many statewide annual activities. These include the BSU con- vention at Petit Jean Mountain, a retreat at Aldersgate at the beginning ot spring semester, and a retreat at Camp Paron in Spring. Christmas w-as observed wth a party to which members brought gitts tor needy children. Including a tatty-pull in February, the BSU held tellowships atter each home basketball game. ln addition to being active as a group, BSU members individually worked with various projects. During the summer Henry Robinson worked as a missionary in the Bahamas and Ellen Gates worked at a migrate camp in Oregon. During the Christmas break Ernest Vaughn and Ellen Gates attended a Bible conterence in Georgia and the week ot Spring break Amy Bowers, and Bob Shaw worked in a Baltimore ghetto as part ot -a statewide program. Plans are being made to build a new house. lt will be located on Coleman Creek adjoining the campus and will have resident tacilities. Open throughout the day, the present Baptist Student Union is located at the east end ot the campus on 32nd Street. The members ot Sigma Alpha lota sold handmade qitts and served a variety ot Christmas toods at their second annual Christmas Bazaar. Vox Pop 1 A 'Q F 'i f STudenT Senafe presidenT Roger Van Dyke and Richard Roachell answered sTudenTs'quesTions concerning The new consTiTuTion. Vox Pop, The voice oT The people, is a new organizaTion developed To Tuliill The need oi inTer-communicaTion among members OT The universiTy communiTy. Sponsored by The Speech CommunicaTions DeparTmenT, Vov Pop was organized on The UALR campus in OcTober l97l. Membership is composed oT sTudenTs, TaculTy, and adminisTra- Tion. Ron Harrison, a spokesman Tor The club summarized iTs FaculTy members were parT of a panel ThaT discussed grading procedures. aims, "IT is our hope ThaT Through This organizaTion, all mem- bers oT The universiTy communiTy can come TogeTher -and Through reTlecTive Thinking, as opposed To debaTe or persuasion, discuss problems and new ideas ThaT aTTecT each oT us." The proposed new sTudenT governmenT consTiTuTion was discussed by The STudenT SenaTe in an open Torum aT The Vox P'op's TirsT meeTing in OcTober. Pros and cons oT The pass-Tail grading sysTem was The Topic of The nexT discussion by a sTudenT-TaculTy p'anel in November. The panel consisTed of Dr. James Fribourgh, Dr. William Owings, Mrs. Linda Bilheimer, Ron Harrison, Bill Prince, and Amy Allen. FurTher discussions on The grading sysTem were held in January. Four sTudenT-TaculTy panels discussed grading un- sTrucTured courses, grading conTracT courses, and procedures Tor recording F's and Tor Transferring crediTs wiThin The univer- siTy sysTem. A lecTure-Torum on counseling by Dr. Ted Richardson was held in February, and a conierence on The environmenT was led by Mr. James Wyres in April. According To lvlrs. Faye Dilvlassino, Vox Pop's TaculTy advisor, The purpose of These meeTings is, "noT To assume The responsibiliTy of implemenTing a plan Tor acTion, buT To help secure and make known The TacTs on which individuals may base Their choices and acTions." Sending ouT brochures explaining TraTerniTies aT UALR was The beginning oT a sTaTe wide campaign To inTorm high school graduaTes oT The advanTages oT TraTerniTy liTe in con- iuncTion wiTh Their college careers. Aware ThaT The proposed rapid expansion oT The Univer- siTy's TaciliTies and educaTional programs which will begin laTer in l972 will aTTracT sTudenTs Trom 'a larger varieTy oT areas in Arkansas, The lFC endeavors To canvass The high schools oT The enTire sTaTe, sending represenTaTives To meeT high school Council FronT: Sha Williams, Bruce l-larT, Billy Early Back: JeTT Lawrence, John CurTis, Billy Avance, Jim Dudley, Cary Gaines, Harry Webb. sTudenTs To encourage Them To choose UALR Tor Their universiTy educaTion. Observing ThaT rush and iniTiaTion were increased by ThirTy per cenT over lasT year's, The IFC realized ThaT increased enrollmenT will necessiTaTe charTering oT addiTional TraTerniTies. To meeT This need The seven largesT naTional TraTerniTies were conTacTed This year and by Tall oT l972 Sigma Phi Epsilon plans To be Tully charTered on The campus. The UALR Panhellenic Council has encouraged The Tive women's TraTerniTies on campus To direcT Their energy Toward meaningTul goals which will enrich The lives oT The TraTerniTy women as well as The lives oT Those around Them. Through The coordinaTion oT The Council, The women's TraTerniTies, collecTively, have visiTed The Ada Thompson l-lome Tor elderly ladies and given a coTTee Tor The UALR TaculTy. Panhellenic also supervises The rush acTiviTies oT The Tive groups and in cooperaTion wiTh The CiTy Panhellenic Council, aTTempTs To inTorm The p'oTenTial members oT The TuncTion and imporTance oT The Greek sysTem in our socieTy. FronT: Carla Boshears, Sybil Casey, Jeanne Turnbow, Beverly Bone, Lesa Medloclc, Baclr: Sharon OlberTs, Mary Malone, Cheryl Thompson, Barbara FinTon, ElizabeTh Goodwin. Panhellenic Council l 131 In1'erfraTerni'ry Czark Society The Ozark SocieTy was incorporaTed in I962 as a nonproTiT organizaTion Tor The purpose of p'romoTing The knowledge and enioymenT oT The scenic, ecological, recreaTional, and aesTheTic gualiTies oT The Ozark-OuachiTa region and oTher scenic areas in Arkansas and adioining sTaTes. ln addiTion To Taking parT in The baTTle To preserve The BuTTalo River which is abouT To culminaTe in The BuTTalo River NaTional Park, The Ozark SocieTy is engaged in a broad eTTorT To leT people see some oT naTure's beauTy ThaT They need To save. The UALR ChapTer oT The Ozark SocieTy was Torrned in The Fall oT l97O To TurTher Those goals and is composed oT sTudenTs, sTaTT, and TaculTy OT UALR and The UniversiTy oT Arkansas Medical CenTer. The ChapTer's over 50 members lisT among Their acTiviTies hiking, canoeing, camping and spelunking. The organizaTion has regular monThly meeTings To discuss weekend upcoming 'acTiviTies. This year oTTicers are Larry Price, Chairman: CaThy PorTer, Vice-Chairman: BeTsy WoolTord, SecreTary-Treasurer: and RoloerT BooTh, OuTing Chairman. l:aculTy advisors are James Allen, Warren Kessler, RoberT JohnsTon, and James Wiggins. James Fulmer MEMBERS: Ann Anhall Charlo'r'l'e Bishop William Buck Roy James Tommy LeCroy Mr. 84 Mrs. John McAuley Mr. 84 Mrs. Larry Mashburn David Maxwell James Puckelr Carol Riley Mr. 84 Mrs. Erick Sherman Marie L. Sherman Judilh Silzler Mr. 84 Mrs. R. L. Smifh Mr. 34 Mrs. Tom Dean Mr. Xa Mrs. Bill Evans Dan Lifllefield Larry Coleman Darrell W. Berry Mr. X4 Mrs. D. D. Pickworih Rose Hogan Joe Mizelle Dennis Price Jerry J. Chism Mr. X4 Mrs. Dick Bonduranf Lucille DeGoslin Carol Sommerfeldl' Douglas R. Verheul Mr. 84 Mrs. Larry Tilley James Wells Elmer Srahlfopf Frank Smilh Mack ShoH's eafy A. Heidr Tom James Mr. 84 Mrs. Ralph Shull Mr. X4 Mrs. Bill Wingfield Mike Keanron Rod Neal l l l 4 l Above: Mr. Roberi' Johnsfon of 'Hue UALR faculfy +augh+ Ozark Sociefy members Techniques of rappel- ling in several clinics held off ihe library and fhe Easf Building. International Students Club Q' -f--Q y a Lt L ,K V '- :sus .X -1 f. .i 'F '.'V. my -.', ' - -4. ' ii' "' . ?i'1"""R9 a n .. WZ ' is I , a 4. ef QS , ' . , -,ggi .- V B' ,,,' "5 mg- is Q. ffsiw 1. . ms- V' 9 V ff . 1'-' , H 1 'WT' .i f2xggf-i"xas'ffc- 1, --h- f V 'F VC i ff f t ,3 I Q .iflf iisi-: QF! Ari, I ,jA.,V . V 5.5 .-' gl-', ' K .ig 41.4.35 2 ,iiivl-. .. 'ff-'M' wif' wfggf Q f -. Vf !'fTb3,v'5ff15' QVLM19 X i..1' 5' Hivw' . if V 1 . 'qsfshiikwtfm''i""-'fgtifi?ii2l'1T4'1-5 I 1- 'Wi ' f :V s .V ii V V f. '- ,. . .. -tVV C . , Q3 QE:f1rf5I'i3:3-V QQ, Q- .'V,-f'-Leis-"'L,.1-' ' -V41 3 1 Q 1-fff ,, 'Q--4255110 i'F3fQEQ5f'i--'ff .s-.ff . -' V' -- v- f '- ', . M 4 ' .fi-V 'J' 'fs -'W vi F. -'N"" ' . . . V. - . . .' - '- :"'fVfm'f'r-'- .s -V sew: - . I . wr is-ST ',...Q'T.f3, ' 3' 'i W 'fgff' if :'.gfV1. .:s J- sf'1,,1'.', fi- ' . 5 A r'.V,Vc....'.,-fmgffs .vf'f?"v"'ff 4 1 s -ff ' 'Q . 'v-'k,i1'9. 'WV' 'T-1"'fw""l'i -as -5 -ww " "n- kv ww' ' I L31-'ff-Vs P". . 'f-1? f' k H X' . - '-'wg' .-3'-Qilif f ' ...yrs V1 g- fue-' A V'.xffLV.'nvj H . ,'- " ' ' 1 I' , 'wx- Vfx . KV-4 Vw V " fr' ,., . . . f 1 'N I' o' vffifiissw- ,fs . Vfnnt it a In its first year on the UALR campus, the soccer team competed with various Arkansas college teams. MORDECHAI SHMOLEVITZ, Pres. ALICIA RUIZ, V.P. Peru VICKY HARVEY, Sec. U.S.A. HENRY AKINS, Fac, Adv. U.S.A. PAULA EDGIN, U.S.A. JUAN KUHLMAN, Costa Rica CHANA SAVANAPRIDI, Thailand NAJEEM LAWAL, Nigeria BRIGGIE OLIPHANT, Switzerland NICHILESH MAINTHIA, India YUI DO PARK, Korea BAHAILALBHAI PARMAR, India JEFFERY HART, U.S.A.. MOSSTAFA HADJI, Iran HOOSHANG MOHEB, Iran MANSOUR KOREHBANDI, Iran MORTEZA JARRAHA, Iran Israel Composed ot interested students, both trom the United States and other countries, the International Students Club is concerned with service to deprived people. At Christmas candy was sent to needy children in Kentucky and clothing was collect- ed by the club and donated to the new Gateway School in Little Rock. ln addition to charitable service. a chiet tunction ot the club is to serve the international student. This year the club worliecl with Dr. Stabler, Dr. Fribourgh. and lvir. Robinson to provide the tirst tuition credit terms tor toreign students. Other maior accomplishments included the organization ot a men's soccer team. Early in the tall the club held a reception with Cardinal Key and the Spanish Club to introduce themselves to UALR students. Otten meeting together at clinner, the members at- tempted to interest more natural citizens in the organization. X, Xx. 'S Young Democrafs presidenT Tom l'TorTon addresses members aT a regular rneeTing. "Join The Young DemocraTs?l Me? No way. l'm an inde- pendenT - why should l involve myselT in parTisan poliTics?" These words were spoken many Times This year, and To These words The UALR Young DemocraTs had -a reply: "Why involve yourselT in parTisan poliTics? Because ThaT is The besT way To geT involved, acTively involved, in poliTics." To aT leasT 42 people, This made sense - They ioined. The main ThrusT oT The largesT poliTical organizaTion on campus has been To oTTer To any members oT The sTudenT body concerned and inTeresTed enough, The chance To expose Them- selves To Arkansas poliTics. Many responded To This oppor- TuniTy, iniTiaTed wiTh The OcToloer speech oT once DemocraTic Debate Team it . DebaTe Team, Bob Plummer, Bill Prince, Ed Adcock, and coach Dr. Jerry BuTler, display Trophies won aT TournamenTs This year. Young Democrats Mary lva Burns Bill BuTler Jim Carpenfer Jeannine Clemenfs John 'M. CurTis Roberi' J. Dare Virginia Floyd Ronald E. FulbrighT Michael J. Gaines Randy S. Fuller Gregory G. Gingerich Richard S. Harder Jean M. Harper Shelah J. Jones Edouard L. Lassieur Rodney H. Long Al Millirons Jan Nelson Jerry Don PiTTman Rick PurTle Richard Roachell STephen F. Ruffiner Jim M. Simpson Wilburn A. Simpson Gary L. SmiTl'1 Paul A. Sapnn Rickey L. TackeTT RoberT L. Uhlig Ralph N. Ward James C. Wilson Jim Wilson Jon Burroughs Bob Plummer gubernaTorial candidaTe Ted Boswell. Two members, Jan Nelson and Jerry MayTield, aTTended The NaTional ConvenTion oT The Young DemocraTic Clubs oT America in November, To which The laTTer was an alTernaTe delegare Trom Arkansas. OTher members made plans To direcT Their involvemenT Through The campaigns oT DemocraTic candidaTes in The impending l972 elecTions. The Young DemocraT's were led by presidenT Tom l-lorTon, assisTed by vice-presidenT Jerry lvlayTield, secreTary Phyllis Brewer, and Treasurer Randy Wilke. The presence and supporT oT TaculTy advisor Ed Young was oT greaT value To The group's oTTicers and membership. The problem oT esTablishing a balance beTween The govern- menT's righT To know, againsT The individuals righT To privacy, accuraTely describes The underlying issues in This year's naTional debaTe Topic. Resolved: ThaT greaTer conTrols should be imposed on The collecTion and uTilizaTion oT inTormaTion abouT UniTed STaTes ciTizens by governmenT agencies. The debaTe Team enioyed unprecedenTed success debaTing This Topic. The Tour man Team oT Ed Adcock, David WrighT, Bob Plummer, and Greg Gingerich Took TirsT place againsT some oT The Top Teams oT The Mid-WesT in a maior TournamenT aT WesT- ern lllinois UniversiTy. The debaTe Team also Took away all The Trophies aT The Tri-STaTe l-larvesT TournamenT aTTer eliminaTing oTher Teams Trom SCA and Arkansas Tech. The TirsT place Trophy wenT To David WrighT and John Corbin. The second place Trophy was garnered by Greg Gingerich and Bob Plummer. Ed Adcock, wiTh Bill Prince subsTiTuTing Tor Jeannie l-larper, Took Third place. Individually, Greg' Gingerich was named as The Top speaker aT The WesTern Illinois TournamenT, and Bob Plummer Took The Top speaker Trophy aT The Tri-STaTe TournamenT. For The second semesTer The debaTers looked Torward To deTending Their TirsT place Trophy in an oTT-Topic TournamenT in NaTchiToches, Louisiana. F Ei 'W N-. ,. . .. .f!f KQ 5. 'fxi5L,N-' 1 if K - ., -S -Wil :I QI 'l k ' KL I :E 55. Ln, 1 KK we KK h ,:L:. . 'T' pl Y' fY?'2L1 wa.: Q tj. . Q' ww' ' ,vw -an-K ., I -. 'v',f'V"' ' . ,-Qtr:-fa, . -"4 ,K K .KN .EN7 .., . ... ,- Q' A . : :5?.4A :NW 2 . f . ,. -' 'W .M . ' A f y .ff ., - A,,3-si, , K, ,K . W . , Qwv, 3 K K, ifq,msf+igyf5 W . -It .wx :,4:5w,.' im K K, ' K Q, V. K V," Q KK M 35 :Ol . 73' : W u iM'vkk1i:f..'IQQ- fd Y 'W Q - 4? -- ' W ff ,.'gK5K,,,,j ' av i N-N"4l3'..fgLF'5f'Ks?:f,j' ' A, Ya' W L X. 4941- 7 nf N4 1 War' Q M. 'f' A - ' 1 Ni-FT ' Q . ef" 1 . ws. , .f, f . ff. ,. K Y' . -Q ,. , wg. y, . s 6 1s....,,U. fy g:f fg.g fx . Q .,. A. ...',' 'tv' ,Q KKM M :ff K. K . .K fn' SKI' Q' 1, 'H .gf .W , f K f v ,4,. .34...v . viii N K ' V1 A A 7 , ,, fy S-,H in 3.21 K:-KSA: N, f R Q 1 ,, W , X, .. - - .1 ,M , ' ,- . Xp . 'YK f 3 Q . - 1 t X K fi. . ' . Q1 ' f 5 as L ' .- ,. K K 5 S Kan ., f W., F dl' f 4 'K K " . K - J' QT, 4. Q -f , , . , V, ' X, Q . ' 0 , - ' " ' 3 f K' M 1 J Q f' f K 5 ii, , W . , ,, 1 Q . Y Q 1 -,M . . K , fa, ,, K , ' ' . . - . 1. + , . A - . 1 ,,.- , . Q. A gp ' 3 ' . .3 4 :K d .K K, I .. A. W A ,, L . , .K 1 136 'Q sz img, ' 5 4,,K K viii " I ,X -in .,K,5g1,, ff A in Q Q 5 is K..KK 3 Q 4 Q w Ra ,, Q if .15 A3 In xxx ft 5 fi' M-" '1.. jg. ff X, L 'Lf Lx. 0: 3 X K 4 . . Q A' Q X 1 1- ' Q K - Q O O O f . fs -r r N. x A - Q In 1, K in Mfkw J J ... x ' M 1+ 'UF' B Q- ,, K rj ' 4 'Y' .. . Q Q .v S K . if 4 . 4 'I ' ,- ' 5 ' 5 f . v -" 4 ' 1 , 5' ' xg ' K Q K , " Q ' gk.: ip' ' 4 K X . Q ., ' ' , K - 1 KKK . ff N . , K i K, fk ,.- ,xv Q ,N Kwik Qx'f n 1 f ., 5 ' Ar,-x 459 gs NX 'P Y 5 V, -ft 9' 1 if 4 .. ' , Q' 6 5 Q ff' I , W Aff- :L fs 4 X: I Shi Q Q M M lk S sf N 5 N 5 K H S Q Q5 13' f , Q V Y 2 1: Q V it gx 49 8 5 W sf 3. fs ,W i V. wx. wwf if '41 x9 41 ewes na? I Md., x Sfmfivf Q' .J avg.. Q 4 . -2: A SV X 1 Q ' v- W W x 1 WV 3 1 gf , jx 4 ,SAQ qs, ,L Q K xii s J N- 5 W 1 1 3 Q X km x Au, Liam F Qk. 1. Fifi? ' kt w A 1 x , if . N. www 'UL1 6 ,Q 5' l' 138 "Chris+mas -- Then and Now" comfrasfed The songs and manners of Hue presenf Chrfsfmas parity wHl'1 Hwe Yulejride social of a cenfury ago. Chrisfmas in 'Phe l800's, 'Filmed in Hwe Arkansas Terrfforial Capifof buifdlnqs, included old 'fradiflonal carols, 5 nh ,av Concert Choir The UALR ConcerT Choir is a selecT choral orqanizaTion which per- Torms aT numerous TuncTions ThroughouT The year. HighlighTing The TirsT semesTer acTiviTies was a mosT successful ChrisTmas concerT which included a premier pe-rTormance Tor cenTral Arkansas oT Honegger's ChrisTmas CanTaTa. This year's annual ChrisTmas Television program, "ChrisTrnas -- Then and Now", was Televised during The holiday season. During The second semesTer The choir sang Tor The CenTral Region Arkansas All STaTe High School l:esTival, Toured The souThwesTern parT oT Arkansas, and pre- senTed a concerT in The Spring. AT The end oT Tall semesTer The choir presenlred a concorT in The STudonT Union. L. :Q vl' .,, X V x 'viii 55 31" 5 . . x l'i!"!V"' " M? 5'I'lP. ai gfv ?'l"l'nr , yn, y Q! ?""""I'!r Wulf! .!'3T'l'l'lT'!Pfgx l"l"!"!'pqyxyt gr:v'r,'t,Qg,F , , ..... U J peg 15155 igifia 'wir rrfrsrr ff' rrp' ffm ,. - be Hier-. T Qfggafe K, f -'Pi 1.1 as .-:1 :gi ' v fbi, 6 FronT: Don Harrison, Harrison Jackson, John James, David WriqhT, Ronnie Bunger, John Pierre SrniTh, Jim Gibbons, Jerry HaTTield, David Brcshear, RaT Hooper, Richard Hardin, Bill Webb, Earl NorTon, John Burroughs, Raymond Murry, John Callahan, CliTT Young, STeve Shoiner, Marshall Town' send, David Harrison. Back: Mary ElizabeTh Dri,linq, Eliza- beih Berq, Jan Roberson, Marsha Cole, JaneT Harwell, Raellyn l-lollinqwcrTh, Linda Tapson, Marsha Fakouri, Kalhy Fowler, Debby STewarT, Linda ClemenTs, Peggy Thomas, Ann Rice, Earline MelTon, Virqie Callahan, Ran WriqhT, Karen Dillon, Marilyn Dickinson, Gail Hale, Nancy Rinehart Dr. Ned R. DeJourneTT, clirecTor. FronT: Mary ElizabeTh Drilling, Ellna Jean Bruce, Shari Yergian, Jennie Case, CynThia Lewis, Ann AnhalT, JudiTh SiTzler, Louise Wagner, Jane Niqus, Sue Bunch, Gearldine Brazil, Jackie Ann Wilson. Middle: Dr. Ned DeJourneTT, Dire-cTor, Ursula Lowe, Rochelle Tippen, Selma Cornish, Velle PrewiTT, Debbie MaTheny, Peqi Bunch, Gail Delozier, Donna Freeman, University Chorus The UniversiTy Chorus is composed oT non-music maiors who enioy singing and sTudying choral music. Two concerTs are given yearly, one aT The end oT each semesTer. A ChrisTmas ConcerT, held December I3, included Frack- enp'ohl's "A Carol Trilogy", perTormed Tor The TirsT Time by an Arkansas chorus, and songs by Pergolesi, l-lolsT, and a song Trom BriTTen's "A Ceremony oT Carols." The highlighT oT The May 2 concerT was "Aquarius - LeT The Sun Shine ln" Trom The rock musical l-lA'lR. Also perTormed were Ge-rshwin's "SummerTime" and selecTions oT oTher secular and sacred music. Chamber Singers The Chamber Singers, direcTed by Mr. Richard Emery, are a selecT group oT TalenTed sTudenTs selecTed Through audiTions. Their primary conce-nTraTion oT reperToire is l5Th and l6Th CenTury Madrigals, and chamber music oT The Ba- roque, Classical, and Comhemporary periods. ChrisTmas was an especially acTive Time as The Chamber Singers presenlred a concerT and p'erTormed aT The UALR FaculTy ChrisTmas ParTy, The FirsT MeThodisT Church in LiTTle Rock, The CaTholic ConvenT, and The l:irsT BapTisT Church in LiTTle Rock. The Chamber Singers Taped a Television program ThaT was aired Three Times during ChrisTmas, and in associa- Tion wiTh LiTTle Rock Up, The singers caroled in olownTown LiTTle Rock. The Chamber Singers concluded The year wiTh a Spring ConcerT. Carl Smirh, Virgie Callahan, John Callahan, Jim Gib- bons, Debbie STewarT, ElizabeTh Ann Berg, Jon Bur- roughs, Danna Vandiver. LoTTie GodTrey, Janice Collins, Julia SuTTon. Back: Carson Harrison, Glenn Baker, John Grissom, Toni Minicozzi, Billy WeaTherTord, David Bowden, William Givebs, Gary Anderson, JeTT Daly, Rick PurTle, Tim Richards, Mark Linde, l-larrison Jackson. One minuTe Till showTirnel Jazz Ensemble lncluded in The Jazz Ensembles acTiviTies This year were performances Tor Th Arlcansas ArTs CenTer, Jazz Club of Arkansas, The Musical CoTerie oT LiTTle Roclc and several concerTs on The UALR campus. A maior evenT ol: The year was during Clean Air W'eel4, when The ensembl perTormed Tor shoppers and business people on an open air sTage in The malled area of Main STreeT. BurTon RavelleTTe, Danny JohnsTon, Earl NorTon, David Dunning, Jimmy RoberTs John Cox Ronald Boswell conclucTor Ixs Bell Choir The Bell Choir provides a unique musical experience Tor music sTudenTs and oTher sTu- denTs inTeresTed in iTs challeng- ing possibiliTies. Because oT The greaT amounT oT pracTice neces- sary public performances are given near The end ol: The semes- Ter. The Bell Choir perTormed aT Two ChrisTmas programs on cam- pus and several oTher programs in LiTTle Roclc. Malor lvlarybelle Nxssly, Debbie STew- arT, Debbie lv1eThaney, Richard l-laroin, ConsTance McElroy, Bill Webb, Marv Drilling, Carson Har- rison Concert Band This year's performances by Jrhe Universily Concerl Band included lhe ins+rumen+al back-up for Jrhe UTG prooluclion of lhe musical comedy "Marne" in +he fall. The band also played in lhe Sluclenl Union, al baskeiball games and presenled a spring concerl in The Fine Arls Auolilorium. The Maior clirecfs her Hoops. 1 bw 5 vffjt. X i" 1 "1l-,- iii, s-,ip fa X gr '43 k .,. if , .. 4, xx Above and right Concerl Band at Union blowout lx s yi ,A w 18 J T i V 1 ,La Fronf: Lyrm Farr, Sandra Morris, Debbie Casey, Rin Bosweii. Second Jcimsrcn, Jciiri Cox, Jsel Tompkiws, Micimei Gracias, Hamid C,,,, Row: Marshaii Towrvservci, Larry Casey, Ray Jones, Daylci C-len Baker. Maior M. J. Nissiy, Direcior, Back: Gary S. Crai-i, Jim P Third Row: Mary Driiiinq, Joe Larry Si'FG'Nfl, Kwrieiiw Dickson, Danny David Campbeil, Jim Gibbons, Barbara Hodqcs. -Pb.. ul- iw. LQ. ia. mixqns- 'Q -J if W if 1 ff- ,f Qui!!! izw. M in Alai: l..:T"'2Q 3' .' W F ...N . v fa' 'A Ay: r -f' an ,yn-1 J Sports wry ' ff. i it X J 'jx f" f e ' J J' , QS.. 9 36- vw .V ii' y. 14 -vi 'lf' Ad Coach Happy MahTouz, baskeTball coach and UALR -aThleTic direcTor. was named To The Spring Hill College Hall oT Fame in April. lvlahfouz. who holds 20 individual records aT Spring Hill College. was The only unanimous choice of The six inducTees and was also The youngesT. Mahiouz esTablisheol his records 'aT The Mobile. Ala- bama School in l955 when he was named NAIA All-Ameri- can on The TirsT Team wiTh Los Angeles Laker greaT, Elgin Baylor. He is The only 4aThleTe in The schoolls hisTory To be so honored. AT Spring Hill, Mahfouz scored l,754 poinTs giving him The besT career average, besT single season and besT percenTage Trom The Tield. ln l955, he ranked sixTh in The naTion in Tree Throw percenTage wiTh 87 per cenT and you can sTill drop by The gym on any aTTernoon and see lvlahliouz drop in 20 in-a-row. He was named lv1obile's AThleTe oT The Year ThaT season. His maior achievemenT was leading The unknown Team To The GaTor Bowl TournamenT TiTle in I955 over Three SouTheasT Conference School's, including ranked Florida STaTe. lT was aT Jacksonville ThaT one newsman named Mah- Touz The "grinning iackel". ATTer a win over highly regarded Tulane laTer in The season, one reporTer said ThaT "his shoT is more deadly Than a coiled raTTle snake". Born in Fargo, Arkansas liusT down The road Trom Brinkleyl and raised in Alexandria, Mahfouz wenT on To be named All-Army Twice before becoming a coach. His coaching success earned him a chance aT The sag- ging UALR program. EveryThing has perked up since his arrivalg as indicaTed The oTher Tive major sporTs here aT UALR. :SV 'PE 4 When John Walker TirsT came To The UniversiTy oT' Arkansas aT LiTTle Rock, coach Happy lvlahiouz said. "T-le doesn'T look like much, buT he'II score some poinTs Tor us." And The 6-3, lanky guard Trom Miami, Florida made a propheT ouT oT his coach. Walker scored 455 poinTs and managed a l9.8 average his iunior year. T'le made Two 'all- TournamenT Teams. ln l972. despiTe missing mosT oT Three games due To a Thigh iniury 'aT John Brown UniversiTy, Walker amassed 535 poinTs, averaged 22.3 per game and nine rebounds a game. Walker was named To The DisTricT I7 honorable men- gummy 1 4- ":r i .,,' ii 11. Tions Tor The second consecuTive season. l-le was elecTed To The OpTimisT Class all-TournamenT Team in Missouri. ATTer The Tinal game, Walker was named as The lvlosT Valuable Trojan BaskeTball Player and received The TirsT Lawrence A. l-loyT Award. l-le had been named The MVP' in l97I also. Walker will graduaTe as The leading career scorer aT UALR .wiTh 990 poinTs. ln his Tour years oT college, Two oT which were sp'enT aT Brower Junior College in Florida, Walker collecTed I.967 poinTs and a 2l.6 average Tor lO2 college game. A mosT respecTable ToTal. Walker is greaT, we'll miss him on The courT. is? 'r""'f'f I X Wafer Polo The UALR waler polo Jream allhough noi' wilhoul' Jrheir superslars feaiureol much inexperience. The Troians relurned only +wo players from lasl' year'5 Jream. Joe Drompp and Rich- ard Turner. This year's record of O-5 is nol indicalive of how l'he Jream aclually performed. They losl' lhree of 'lhe five games lhey played loy close lwo or 'lhree poinl' margins. Sha Williamson and Richard Turner led lhe offense. Wil- liamson scored I9 poin'rs and Turner had l8 poinls. The de- fense was led by Larry Miller and Joe Drompp. The Troiang parlicipaled in lwo lournamenls. 'lhe Hendrix invilalional and ihe NAIA. and losl' bolh liirsl' round games 'lo a slubloorn Hendrix leam. Coach Torbell' is loolfing ahe-ad 'ro nexl' year, as mosl' of his slarlerg will relurn. ---'-i"" fs, 5 4 'ff ,K ., .B Big ' ui Mauw mf aw ffii wi f .E K1 M005 ir Fronf: Bubba Nelson, Rudy Wesl- broolc, Richard Turner, Joey Spill- yards, Bob Hooper, David Benbroolc. Baclr: Sieve Volger, Larry Tilley, Jerry Mayfield, Jeff Spillyards, Len Roy, Coach John Torbefir, Sha Wil- liamson, Joe Drompp, Sieve Haynes, Sam Turner. Noi pidured: Larry Miller, Paul Oqlesby. law Men's Swimming Fronf row: Lanny Tillery, Sammy Turner, Bubba Uamesj Nelson, Sieve Richard Turner, Rick Hood, Jeff Spillyards, Sha Williamson. Noi' picfured Haynes, David Adams, Joe Drompp, Coach John Torbeii. Baclr row: Jerry Mayfield, John Henry, Mike Bailey. Larry Miller, David Bewbroolc. oa n or i,,r - M. K, :,, MH' . 2 I ? ,,.-A ie . T Mgt W L, in r x 2 ' :jig .. L Q ,X M fs- 2. s " se 'ww wg A gf- .. V -sm X we "' J' sw,-.'a--cc-1-i, :sw - T ' -T' -. ' --- ...1,.. - - N , f bk, 4 knit. In beTween The Time Richard Turner leTT The blocks begin- ning The TirsT leg oT The 400-yard medley relay aT John Brown in December, and his broTher Sammy grabbed The wall aT The Tinish oT The IOO-yard buTTerTly evenT aT The NaTionals in Minne- soTa in March, a loT came To pass Tor The UALR Aqua-Joclcs. The second year of varsiTy sTaTus Tor swimming saw The Tall of all buT one of The school records seT The previous season, The lone holdouT being Sammy Turner's mark in The ZOO-yard Tly which he missed rewriTing by a .2 second. As iT was he brolce Tour records, while Richard Turner and Sha Williamson beTTer- ed Three apiece. CompeTiTion began wi+h The annual John Brown UniversiTy and Hendrix College Relays, where The UALR Team placed TiTTh and ninTh respecTively. The regular season saw The com- pilaTion of an 8-5 dual meeT record againsT boTh in-sTaTe and ouT oT sTaTe schools, in preparaTion Tor The climacTic Arlcansas AAU sTaTe meeT where The swimmers were ranlced second over- all in Team compeTiTion. Accompanied by Coach John TorbeTT, Sammy Turner wenT To SouThwesT MinnesoTa STaTe, one of a limiTed Tew Arlcansans To qualiTy Tor The NAlA NaTionals. y 153 Women's Swimming Encouragemenl' from Coach Belly Siephens and cleclica- in Overall Sfafe wide Compehlion, lion from The 'ream resuliecl in 'ihe swim ieam placing second --+.......,,. E 1 J -'un-uw l 1 in ' fi' lx ,Il X 2 W " i 1 f al 'ff W1 gg Wm x -W,m......,..,,,c,.,,,,, mmf, """---'-fy-......,.,.,,,M. A MM... .,lr:gm """""' M' X --2.2333-.....a 'W , l 58:21, u L I N iw' 'tooofnv I ixwx c ic.iii ,M "W ,, Q ' 'M if? 2 fl 7,,,-.Z A L Q . , l l 1 2 ' l l V ' Y iifwxi , I qs- A ...C im. Lefi' fo Righf, Janis Turner, Karen Gore, Ronda Franlc, Karen Simpson, Kalhy Bodie, Susan Parham. Mrs. Belly Siephens, Kaflwy Williamson, Libby Carlfon, Sandy Rafcliif, w ,J X NGN ""-'44 "',,'-1 ,N ' x..' .uw .LM Q 5153.215 I. ',.-, -- 15 .K ag. W L. 'fy ,. J ..-LH f ff'iw2... . gig, . . . as 1 -"' fy V Af i A f :inf -, A ' wg Y. . . H ' X nf " , ',,+ . If X AQ t-g ' cv .fsfiemfw iff , 1 ' .O i p U 9 U ll in - I an Q Q - - "' 1 ' ' ' ' -' Q -' - Q , , N. ',' Q 'A - X .gf - - . 'Q' ' -. 33" ..,. Q ' . 'ff I 154 1 x . fvk X4 Q 1 viii I U M kg 1 A Y " y , , 'L-ni' . W - . f " .3 Y-' U I .xr .,.1 ' .L K.. VW M . F U A, lg .yg X A K ' V ..? Q :V a fvi- A px, , gf . .1 .V ' , . A, ' . ,nf ,n8'vr' 4 . ' jug , L 'N'-M. ""' Q, ' .1 I ww M , K 'Luv' if -ww -A .4-' Nueva M .ff " -.., mn. y-.W - ....,. ,,,. WM.- , , .,f2 4- K y sz? V, 3 X mr 1. f ff? ,ww f "-f, Y - - '-,,, f ffiiv ' Sis' A ,Vg - lik? MY fgfu, . I If ,.MT,,1 A , H , , f wi.f"a' ff 4-mfg U f.,-J - ei' 'wfpfff' "2 'f??lM'f'4f ' if Q7 1 f " -fwvgd'Lfwgg7.6ff,- 4 If V . i'f,,,zfr 3793, gg-vi .-gy, ' 154-'Q'fN' . , H nf gi , lwrfrfzffy f ,V , , W ,, ., ,,, -- , ,- V ",: J, k,Wq ,St ,VK My X . , ,ye f J ' ' - if ' 'W' f " ,,,,V HA. . "tf'y?.4,?f"1 - L -if'.,JP' i3"'5?1s i ., Q 1 -K -Y One local sporTs wriTer once said ThaT a UALR Tan recenT- ly died and cuT The aTTendance in halT aT a Trojan b'askeTbaIl game. These remarks had resuITed Trom UALR's consisTenT losing records. BuT I972 was To be The year ThaT The Trojans buried The jokes and made believers ouT oT The DisTricT I7 NAIA Teams. AIThough The Trojans capTured a second place in The OpTi- misT Classic aT Bolivar, Missouri, a 4--5 record was The besT The Trojans could do aTTer The TirsT semesTer. Then on a Thursday in MonTiceIIo, where only 45 persons looked on. The Trojans came Trom behind and Tripped The Uni- versiTy oT Arkansas aT MonTiceIIo, 80-76. ThaT win seT oTT a Tive game winning sTreak Tor The UALR crew. SouThwesTern, Mississippi College and The School oT The Ozarks all losT aT The Trojan Fieldhouse and Then UALR beaT John Brown Tor The TirsT Time ever aT Siloam Springs. Then came The paramounT game in The schooI's hisTory. WiTh a packed gym. on Alumni NighT, The Trojans losT To Henderson STaTe, IOI-90, in The scoringesT game in UALR's hisTory. The Trojans won Tive oT Their lasT seven games, buT were edged ouT oT The NA'lA playoTTs by I-Ienderson. The Tinal rec- ord read I6-9, which was The besT in The school's hisTory. UALR seT I5 modern day records and Tour men ended The season in double Tigures: Donnie IvIaTIock. II.3: George PraTT, I3.0: Johnson, I8.01 and Walker, 22.3. Names like Ricky I-lughes, Donnie Sugg, S.Tan BrummeTT, Ray Hollinger, and Greg WinsTon seemed To appear when The sTarTers would sag. LaTer in The season, one local wriTer summed up The I972 season This way, "Pine Tree Tech is no longer a laughing maTTer." BoH'om Row: Jerry Don Pirfman, Sian Brummelr, Randy Crumby, Donnie Back Row: Mark Bird, Don Sugg, Jimmy Johnson, Fred Lord, Greg Win- Mailock. Ri'-iliy Hughes. Ray Hollinger, John Kushmaul, Charlie Hoyl. sion, George Pralr, Charlie Johnson, John Grissom, John Walker, Coach Mahlouz. f N OPPONENT SCORE al Hendrix College loverlirnel 93-99 al' Arkansas College 58-65 Harding College 86-80 Arkansas College 84-76 al' Soulhweslr Bap+is+ lMo.l 77-74 vs. William Jewell lMo.l llor championship of Oplimisl' Classicl 77-92 ar Millsaps College lMiss.l 84-95 vs. Dallas Bible College lTex.l lfor Third place in Miss. College 'rourneyl I02-38 U. of Arkansas-Monricello loverlimel 73-76 ar U. of Arkansas-Monlicello 80-76 Sourhweslern College lTenn.l l0I-83 Mississippi College 93-80 School of Jrhe Ozarks lMo.l 84-75 'al John Brown Universiry 92-80 al' Chrislian Brorhers College lTenn.l 73-79 al' School of The Ozarlcs 90-80 College of lhe Ozarlcs l02-78 Henderson Srale College 90-lOl ar College oi The Ozarks loverlinnel 94-89 Hendrix College 76-65 Evangel College lMo.l 77-67 ar Sou+hwes'rern lTenn.l 85-92 Chrislian Brorhers College lTenn.l 93-8l John Brown Universiry 73-7l a'r Harding College 86-88 SEASON RECORD I6-9 X J SP' ir-it We W "- sr ---szex.. or --r' ' Q' if 39' .,., . s.c,,. -wa K as I Ns... 6, Troianeffes .Q eu 2 . A The TroianeTTes. The UALR girls baslceTball Team, compIe+ed a very successful season in iTs TirsT year of compeTiTion. The UALR girls won Two Trophies, second place in The AWESA sTaTe baslceTball TournamenT and TirsT place in The col- lege division oT The AAU Tournament Wi+h These experiences under Their belTs, Coach STephens Teels ThaT her Team will be improved and ready Tor The upcom- T ' 5 T s l ing school year. Leading' scorer on The Team was Donna Quimby and The second leading rebounder in The sTaTe and The TroianeTTe Team leader was Vickie Carson. Members oT The Team were Donna Quimby. Viclcie Carson, Sherry Childers, KaThy Phillips, lv1arTha Griffin. JaneT OaTes. Barbara Junglcind, Anne Gladish, and Kim Pyle. I X . 5 Mi PM New V,., ,Qs si , , , we e s N The Hole in fhe Wall Gang, UALR Varsiry Gymnasfics Team, fLeff io Righfl, Top Row: Tom l-lorron, Milce King, Jim Carpenler, Mike Bailey, Jim l-iamric, Paul A. Spann, Levon Pryor, Jerry Williams, Randy Pierce. Y Gymnastics In l907 UALR conducied rhe 'Firsi' gymnasiic meer ever held in Jrhe siale of Arkansas. Three colleges were represenled 'rhai year and 'rhe following year seven parricipaied. This year There was a grearer increase of slaie parricipaiion, wilh UALR usually leading ihe compelririon, afrer having' placed second lasi' season. UALR also sponsors a iunior varsiry gymnaslic ream involv- ing some ZOO children ranging from 3 years on up ihrough high school. Oppiosife page -- Top: David Boliclc spois Lynneire Chamb- ers spliiiing on rhe balanced sriclc. Lower leH': One of rhe more difficuli' siunis is rhe 'foe 'lo head slance as shown by Lynne'He Chambers. Lower righf: A baclclever on rhe rings is execured by Tom Horron. This page - Below: Barbara Carreras, Pamela Owens, Jan Huddle, and Johanna Thomas display balance iech- nique on The balance beam. Boriom Row: Mrs. Freddie Power, lnsirucfor, Johanna Thomas, Bennie Suirr, Terry Griffin, Barbara Carreras, Jan Huddle, Karen Lawson, Julie Wright Pamela Owens. Karen Gore, and Lynneire Chambers. ' .1 .., s , - , 3 -S W ..,. ,... . ., ,,., 3 . we . f .es f' ........ .,,, . ,., M"'i,' . Ex, i ll. .S UALR Baseball 4 .WM WiTh only Two piTchers and a ToTal of I3 players, Coach Marshall Davis and The UALR baseball Team suTTered Through The cool spring monThs wiTh a 3-2 record and a dismal ouTlook. BuT a sudden surge in hiTTing and The addiTion oT Two piTchers gave UALR The balance iT needed To win nine oT iT's nexT eleven games Through April I5Th. The season opened wiTh a pair oT wins againsT Arkan- sas College, and a Triumph over Philander SmiTh l23-9l. BuT losses To William Jewell oT Missouri and Drake Univer- siTy sTunned The Troians. The Turning poinT was a 2-I win over STaTe College oT Arkansas aT Conway, when Donnie lvIaTlock la I97I NAIA All-Americanl picked oTT Two runners in The lasT inning To preserve The vicTory. SCA is The deTending DisTricT I7 champion. ATTer a 7-I win over Ozarks behind The piTching oT Larry Levy, The Troians Tell To highly TouTed lvIankaTo STaTe, 9-I. BuT Billy BryanT's homer and Jimmy Johnson's Three-hiT- Ter, gave UALR a pair oT wins over SCA, -and The Troians were ouT oT The gaTes like The horses aT Oaklawn. UALR swepT Two Trom SouThern BapTisT, Then came an B-7 win over Philander SmiTh and nexT were I3-5 and 6-2 vicTories over Arkansas College. ln ToTal a seven game winning sTreak. Crucial games wiTh Tulsa UniversiTy. John Brown and AIC leader OuachiTa are ahead. BuT UAlQR's 8-l record againsT AIC schools should qualiTy Them Tor The 'NAIA TournamenT. The ouTlook is good, and The I973 season looks even beTTer. 9'-rv .54 1 Xxx 'N is w s ' H.-P , A Q I' Hi I ,f W ,x .,., Y P Q P.-W. X . 4,6 W, Q , 3 af' wi' Sli- Q . J. 4 s V .-A, , J.-Q .1-.4 "4 K ,.. Q0 ' N 6 -. af K , 4 A , w . ' , .- In , -i,,.,,, , 1 my .., M ,, 'W ' , 1 h- w,M' 'L ff' ,v 'iq ig.. x,...,..? Q . ., QVXQ .8.n ,...A,.,, ..,. - ,sr ', .v f '. xv. s 17? ' . " ,px - A 'I 15:1 Ax," f.v..'.Q1 A 4. , ' -f 4 'w.,5c.f,Q . v-- , . rf ' ' 'if V Q X16 Y X "V . W,.., I ,, X 1. M f K fi J e VQ .- g r, A Jw- k W .9 1 1 1 f f aw 14-T1 Q. 1 ' Q 1 4 , W'-9 .fgkaigg , , 1 If 1 X I X , 2? H 'T' ' L X fl I' 'X X xwxxx x W5 3 Ay' K gh, A-L tx C. x Vx X, x X X XXXXX 2 ' X YWX , ' ' " X X X X w, X VX N Q A , A ,X xxxxxxxxxx x xxx xwxxxxy wxxy . N'5ixgN4xgwQvb,4-XX ' x x x N N, xggf' 5' if - I ' .' , Ls, . . ' x x if y 95, X 5 XX je X X Xl ,xN:sAl x 'zxyx X! 'X' 'L 5 'X' "x 'XXX' ' X Xwx X' X N V X , -, g ' ,, ' . 'N X N gf 3x f R I LL ,Xin - VVXQ I- X !94i7'x xxwx tw xg, f v.hf-.gig .,, M ,.., 7- 7-QM .div -'JR'-" MAL' I 1 ' V. :T . - 'Q , . I f 'nr' Q F f f ",. - - ff s f ' ' Q S f f, 4 f ,- b 1 ,L ,Q yt ,L 4 .,..k U f X5 ,a S87 x A KS' 'IX' Q Vx R 'KN 7: X XMX X21-f L f.,,l,, , .4 f gf ,K K I. . , 1 fi X K Ky ,A V, AV., K, X KX z A 144 fyfv .f , K ., ,, , i fl 4.15 iff, .A -' ff ' , gf , f .ff!,,K,,ff .ii-V, x IK I If nm 1 if., , .Q F 51, ,fd ,w ,,W, A ff 5" -, lf V' :f:'v wg1ffR 'wi A-if 1, Gfif, 573 iam Lf-:mm f 4,132 wi. , 122 figf'-iw..-m NAR" -g 'af-,Mgr --..f-gf. -ima,-f .-'x:.fr1-' ' , s' fin iff-v' ' Q :4f'3,e,3A'gif'f'a"i,f1ff'w.'5v135' 3 If 'fa Fifi' -Af',,r,,1-, Q f at tj wwf ' N, . , A ' Q-.'1,Af.s -' . yi.-4 . ., -H., . 5 5ff,',.s. f '.j4gj'.-Q-.5 -gsffj 15' H H' '?TS--,-J.w,."- iieeyu- EYFLQLLM-' f r Q .. if UALR Golf Lef+ fo Right John l-learnes, Dudley Beard, Roberl Hogan, Pal Greer. Donald Cobb. Sfeve Ralslon and Dr. Dudley Beard Coach Over The pasl seven years The varsily golf Jreem has -amassed a record of 94 wins, 22 losses and 3 Hes. During fhis Hme lhey have also caplured Jrhe slale cham- pionship 5 Times. The l972 record slood al I3 wins, 3 losses and l He. J is """!.' ' - ,gg h ff , . 'fl . --,,xrJ--,V EK -,.,. 5 . Q , , :Q L A . '1 ' X, 5 ' w- ' 5'3i2z,g,:, K 5 14.l. ,,Jf M . Ax " -- . we . fx A ' r ff- A .VQQ ' . . 'sm 3 , K'. 'X 1-3' -W Q-' 1 --k, sw? fl ALT: if fffmfiff- 1 1: f gi, . 4' if WW .: A 9' 1 H I L. , 'E' QL. - S fx , , ff kflf':-- J ., A , 5 -t , nf. -+P.:-' '15 , 4 A g f, A-, J -. 44' HW? W' "wx "ff 'K 1" " Rf 4 ,V nw: - .L ,,,.q'1.A4. L V , ,ae U , V Ar QQ -,Q jxxiwiiiu . h kkrkk Lk :, 114 'M x AV 1? S , 1 . iq Hgh . x H . Q ' 'W , fur .gg JMS, 1 34,1 ,fax ., w f ig. b L is Q 49" tag X3g.' -w ,g ,fx ', ,. -. Q A t .1 mx: vi amy' I ,L vw -M: n,..M:r , 9 U, if 9 'S 4, wi' ' A 4 wt' NP eq . F' x -f 5, " ' f tx nt '-4 5 A R. 4, 1 A - . X if, 'A 5 . . . . L-ff f. -...M Q, - 44 vi v ' , 'av-Q .ra . ii- "' nm. D 1 ,, . A ll M' -f-', Soccer D4 A -'s 1: , 1,5 ngiv 044 3 I 'NK R -A N ' . 1.4 Q.- .'Q-, 1- pr K af' f xl If 'AQH- , A x 1,1 ' 1 S55 .r'17fff33 .' Y5 Ja- .. fi x ,.., .,,,,x sw, . x.-pfz,, f v,,f,4g ,fi mm I5I0.Yt Tennis 5? 1 q-. sf, A mm . , mal: ,- 1, Agnus ,,, i, ,,::"! us ll .3332 Manu.. 1 Mn.. -an--.1 -.-. , ZIISI' lllllllll ... '. :alll ' 'G 'Y " ulnru' 'I Qu 'M in vig' Tennis Team: Fron+ row fLef'r fo Rigllll: Ari Wilson, Lacey Morion, Donna Mille, lvan Wlwiring. Back Row: Slam Carler, Larry Auslin, Pl'1il Wiggins, Jerry Mayfield, Coach Ecl. Gran. is x A. 5 --' ,A g ,H 91,3 F' ' -.. is ig- A , . ' . . : I K 1. :dll 1 K 2 ,,L,V L , K A A 'i f - .- 'ff' 'fi V A K i , f fi sf-M., - 315 'J f .. . f A N, ......-.-.3 ' ' T 4' ff i A, N , f . - - ' i"' ,, - ,N - is N 1 1 K f . f' " I - - -' A jx N-k. Q L I 'sei -. Y.f T 1 - - ,..,.f.1 -, i . , I T ,Y v 'QI'-'-mixq-, sa f 71, ! Y if? pyfvv-.,,,," . A on' '.0,9'Q'Q"' "'N'4'a' ' T T "'i'-M"-!"v'v'o'o'o'o" "Q'o"g'l?i '02 ' - A - - . 1 , T-0. . ,qoggfifi .e,o4s.i3tg- t,:?0g:,::9:gz,3.,.. , 4 S ?--.- .J , ff-'GI S s 1 T 5 .3 , i, Q 1. r. VarsiTy Tennis This year broughT TogeTher quiTe an unusual assemblage oT Tennis bums: Lacey lviorTon. The sole reTurning leTTerman, garnered The number one spoT, while ArT Wilson, a iunior TransTer ioclq Trom Arkansas STaTe, volleyed in aT Two. Phil Wiggins, bearded and vicious aT The neT, American-TwisTed his way in Tor posiTion Three and paired wiTh Wilson Tor number one doubles. Larry AusTin was a bulldog aT Tour, giving liTTle way To any opponenT in singles or in doubles wiTh MorTon. Donna Mille gained The disTincTion oT becom- ing The TirsT Temale To play a varsiTy sporT aT UALR. Pegging oTher sloTs on The squad were, lvan WhiTing, who hiT some weird overheads: Jerry MayTield, a reconsTiTuTed aqua-iocli slowed by a laTe sTarT on The season: STan CarTer charged wiTh upholding The SAE aThleTic TradiTion: and a cool ConnecTicuT Yankee, PeTe DeviTT. Ed Gran served as poliTical and philosophical counselor To The Team and, coincidenTally, as coach. l-le also drove The bus. The Troians TirsT enTered courT combaT in The Tall SouThern STaTe and Hendrix College Tourna- menTs. The winTer season was spenT aT 'l'olly's dis- cussing sTraTegy and Technique in preparaTion Tor a heavy spring schedule. EvidenTly, iT was well worTh The sacriTice involved because aT mid-season They sTood wiTh a I5-5 record. Their eyes Tirmly Tixed on The NAIA DisTricT I7 singles, doubles. and Team championships and on The NaTionals seT Tor Kansas CiTy. .6 rf. wwQ+'vUO.9 .,',U-- V wg! .no 'Q 1 v, . 3 +6i?5" m5'w'7?o'0' ?9'o'9 "r 'IV if si?g4o.Q6o,o.0.0:.!,0,O 11 13, X Q .QegMQLeLoy, AO . if A X ff'i'5 'V , . I' 1 I A as , aano , ,gl , 14. lo. xl Y 9 v ' l u The UniversiTy oT Arkansas aT LiTTle Rock was TorTunaTe in hav- ing I3 women inTeresTed in Torming a Tennis Team To represenT The school. They compeTed in eighT maTches during The season and enTered The sTaTe TournamenT aT Burns Park. Members of The Team were JaneT OaT5 lNo. Il, Leslie LaGrossa lNo. 2l, Vickie Carson TNQ. 3l, MargareT Williams lNo. 4l. BeTh Webb lNo. 5l. and Barbara Jungkind lNo. ol. The remainder oT The squad included Becky STevens. KaThy BrewingTon, Nancy Toombs, Sandy RaTcliTTe. Donna Quimby, Julie WiTT and Suzan l-lighTield. i , I 'pf . 7. -2 -br if-"-gf'-f.x 1 , '-s.p"'f' '-', " HL L xv','1-xl, f'f' 'fi :M-.P 1 . Y ' 'I ' 1 ,'. , , .n , , riqzhliyx l in '-.IUEM 4 K 45' "' 1" A y X S . ,4 1 4 I Q ' 1 ' f - ' K . K ' Q , - 3 ' I -f 4 , Q x M'lfsQ,Q-"--'7f- fs lf? , 1 ' t' , - .K is 5, .tb I xi Y .. 1 , : RN f I A V xixiuxis- 15 ..... xl.-m..5Q ... F HU. ..... li Q. Q. ' K""lL AU ' 5? Qi ? .if u. - .I-g.. ' -qzrgp. 6 V4 . mf, - 3' 1 Q I - kj ,:, K , I K ul!-.4 ff if.: Lf-fm wg-:Lf?g5a'i.f"f:fflf:x!i4Q"ai ff .,,, mf, ,f . rf A-fk,k.AA.!,,,, Nf,.gI,1J ag-Q,:.,,:,frfV. , , f , ,311 , x , , , 1,1 ,. . ! ., ,A 1 4' 1 , , , , .HAI xii. 'nf ,ft-'gi-yf1,i-,fufj.Park n 1 J A . . , .Lg fv,I.I,.A,. . V ! ,,. f J , f f ,J vm, W fi. . , . 44.1.1 """' .1 rw is' if 1153 U' 1 I , .fig sk' ' ' I- .1 'fig 4 - ,' "."f':r . 1 l5ix.!5 f"a.-,Q Lmvffz ,A 5 .g...:g.a1: g,g3?4 . ,E 'w"f-F'vxf:-'M , . ' ' , 1 .vXm r?1 "v' iff 'YJ , .Q.', ts ,z. N, .vas v- -. , 1' A , ', f' - 5 Q . x - z K' K ,b I x l., AAK2 1-L.k, Qu xx? az., ws 'Am YQ K . , 13'- X .-f- X 11 n ,Q xv l n b' A 1 -X Q, .lf Q - x D Qi' ' Rx x.x . 5 ' 1 X 1 Q 1 ' ' ' X' Y X ' Xxx gk A.: X X A - in XX IN Na K 5. ' ' Ni Q x x x nk A W wr . ! .. x f' fztf I xx . H X x. ,A 1 ,544 xx 5 u I ' s g y A M 55 as '13 2 w xW '- Jnf' L L, Q'-H I , V, 7 wk A, '...,,.H:d 1 QV fl' Yr VL YY, T New 7 v Q. . , r I V I .,,,,'.' "f-4--+....... ,A f Q - +,+,i.4. W2 f!f7'7?7'?fi f 5 L X., 3' ' H 1f1 ??.fl2 fAf + 1 r , 4 was . ju-7'-+4 -1 4,4 ff W? PM Q v +, , , ...,,,, H54:wM+ .,.....H ,Q-'wy ' " ,I ,, , . ,.:w +Q J f1 5. . ' w ffgww " N H L,,,,+,,5wlT:'? 'A L4 ' f . , ,,,- ff' v Q f- . . , V 3 . ...,, ,L '+V .- .M ., L ww v ' +-. TH. A f N Ywffvwy ' ?.f.f,WH.g.f?,::. Hi-3 'E ,,o,. 51,113 4- " - 4,32-M4 F., ' wiv.. fy-4 "HB 5"'5?" yy' ' Q' A" '4kQff7 YfgwX,x X H H i.. I: -' - - - Y 1 Nlwwwf L',' 1 A !l'5-ii! TV' ' Yr' I ' " y . VV' . , .mv Q 3 A T - , ...., -ug IN-.. A V InTramurals The men's and women's inTramural Teams sponsored independenT pnograms again This year, wiTh The women's Team emerg- ing wiTh The mosT medals Trom sTaTe com- peTiTion. The women's Team, sponsored by Mrs. BeTTy STephens, seT Three sTaTe records in exTramural compeTiTion. The ladies were TirsT in A.A.U. baslceTb'all, second in sTaTe baslceTball, and seT a new sTaTe record in swimming. The ladies placed Third in sTaTe Tennis. The men's Team, sponsored by coach Newman McGee, did noT parTicipaTe in exframural comp'eTiTion loecause of The schools aThleTic varsiTy Teams. The men did sponsor on-campus acTivi- Ties among' The TraTerniTies and oTher in- dependenT groups. The winner in overall campus compeTiTion was Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Coach Marshall Davis will sponsor The men's inTramural Team This year. ...-nuns-I! 1 7 X 319 W' A Cl!! 40 M 182 -. ' , x b sw AHRE? "L A gy . .W ,, f V - ,f -:f pf ,M Llfe IS lust one damned thing after f xy 'N another. -Elbert Hubbard 3 , H4927 -mga Wm 2 -,',,'i if W il Q il, 1 J,,,Q5,,m:mi5, .. qf5M,m.ff -.,, A, -VH. f .3,,,,,, QQ.-1, 5. -f, K, .,: L, .f ai5'.s,1Ci? .A . , k ,ff K If 186 ,W . 'Qhvm buf , and 'Na - 444 my '-vw-nn..-.. 2 TSC4 QMT. A A 3. ,,., - -1 'yr-1,1 H., Q' ' 1 5, .. -'4 E 7 '0- 'H 'F' .Q ag ., .fn QI . ' rr' Af 'E U .' 4! Q' If ES? Y fig ff 2, to Q, I .V fy QA Trl, -V , N' " . 3 'U-H:-' A ,. ,L H ' 'pw ' i " ,, ' A u , if if if an 6 a w , ,V , . . "4?3'5 1 v if ' W' .1-4. 54 2 ' , V , '. uf ,Q ,, ,'1L,4, If fi T, 'ij N S ' "f'X'?v1E"'9fv' . TA , is-r"'-f Q, A W .4 ' ,, . ,gy it .. wig,-Y?-211 If li ' 2?2.fihf-1"-2Q5"g za' ' 5. . . K- A . xg V 1- 4.8" w' -Y' - 3 ,Q - K' ' ,, Y.: 'lk , ' ., ' I ' T 759' "'!'Ln -ww ,3 if-fix. -:lj 7:-Af, ,gy - . fl 'Y 'Q , ,. ' 4- : .: " , 14 : '- , -i ,QI ' - "' gg, . h ,V "V,-,, .-, ' ' " ' -' 'r 4 V. ni.: 'JI ' x 'Q A 1. -fav' v 'U . . T gi' 'N - . 4-. ..' '-- -A : ----, . -' ':'+'.,:.f..' --1 V 4 A 4'-ft' . ' """' 'iff " . f M- , , -, - A 1 gg-.Y 1 'f . mvflgfff fx - - .,,,. . , ., - V Bwhyn Hz. , -, xl,- :'g.v,'-Q' KK-' N-I - :M s,,,s3i..x I , Axg-f , f I ,,--,K5,+" " A. - g ,. ' Q' ' , ' A1V'7'4f"7'f'!2f7?-5 rw ,ff " b + M ' X , ' se-2-s'fiQ'!q' -Jw-f..' ' rf ' ' ' A M- ' A 1: 'H' , -- '. fs -'X 4. ',!z.A'."Q.-N 71-ff" ",-., 'k - s :" 'T w v, . 'A , " Jw-" MM, , Hr fflfixsfggw-1 1 ,wi , 41 . W - :VM-, - .MMU N, fam J, f' ' ' . my .gh - , ,f- , 4 ' Q -I Q ': H 2 vt" ,X g 5, ,rm ',,' ,X-.f I it-. x' A . A ,X N. ,,x, ,v N-.J - s 4-, .. 1, 'N ., - L., , -. -.-.. , N 189 1 9 fy T a:"" f 'fix 1" . Q - y p 9 ff , f , if A XFX .. W,- fa 5' NYKK1' ' ' . N L y X, .N . Xl' g -Z"' ' A we "'vXJ O , 'QKQ ' 4 '- Y Y f Mx:-.:'Y:T:E:f: 'A , 4 Q: ' -f' f , if f Q f F f 31" ,I I fl If, 5, , J 0 p may f 9" Af' Km' K, . I J P' ,' tv 1. K Va i x x A pr Y 4 fikxxx I i fix ! Ns T Q' L 5 fi' earfhside, or Whatever happened 'ro The old college dorm? OPPOSITE PAGE - Top: There's lhe ever popular shack Cie, dumpl, complele wilrh space for parlcinq lhe Porsche, and cullivaling a small 'qarden'. Be- low: The small aparlmenl in lhe huqe house is pop- ular because of lhe convenienl localion lo down- frown areas especially in lhe Quapaw Ouarler, THIS PAGE -- Top: ln lhe large expensive aparl- menl' complex doinq your own lurnilure is more ollen a necessily lhan a paslime. Lefl: The family home - nor lhe colleqe sludenls' preferred dwel- linq buf compensales in olferinq a place for un- doinq 'lhe car and you iusl can'l' bear lhe renl. Below leff: There's lhe hiqh rise aparlmenl' which lends ilself lo lhe ecological Bud-Busch decor. Be- low riqhl: And 'rhere is lhe small aparlmenl complex with less slrinqenl' rules on pels and such, buf lacks a swimminq pool. , , 4 Q. 4 I Q l V, Sr 3 A.-M K", , 1' l. -'anus 'W I , Ei ,,,L HQ xi .H in ,,,, , . Qing! vii 4 , uf Z ,jal- -4' W 2 in -Jbiigyf -,2 ,fi GISTE Registration, 24 Hours of The Blahs WWW-MW Mammalology Excursion . ., . , .-rm I Q W 342.-5. ! V f 913 :E Q 2 .w. Q K mi 1 R K y H :Rx Q A Q 3 5 ' RA fl A 1 x, , K Lf S r 'L Q 5: . , uf in eq fx .. K Q 951.12 , fx, Vf f m J 'XQML Q . X 4 ff'?f""-f. ,' f 2 ,axlx 5,1 EF S ,fy A . ' ,R Fi i gf ff Xxx, 2. f f w ,1- K. .P .5 x. Ax Q , I ,- . 3 X . , w. , Y ,iddh Q ,Ik ,VXA ZS, ,K I ' ,f I i, , fi! , .. ,f, S 5: 5 , , . i ? 3 I NY QQ 1 k x ff , , ,X Y I fx fx f S ' I. i " Iv ff . ,NW , Q 9 'Q ff 11 -q. ,f'..x in M. ,.f Q, s xi A - ,gl W 1 Oh, fhe Fufilify of I+ All an obscure plaslic mechanism: nearly sialic buf managing lo move labsurcllyl and sweaf lequally alosurcllyl in flue imcinilre lbul for me finilel microfmacrocosm of lime and space. Rodger Williams Hold sfill a minufe and I'H have Fr righi' ou? Q 4 Q They iallced my ear off UALR's Peace Corps . . . pinned you when? Rf! XXX iv - :gli . . an ,tis X ' ff- vff 5 ff' 7 PreHy Maids All In a Row. vi A 4 gf: ,air Q XL' h " JM S'5f9gT'i ?T'2J,f""x"v-711-f 1 ' 4 - x vkfbf ' V , A , 4 A 9 Rush Who did? Now, concerning rush, W5 noi for everyone. ,.4--...- Bui' we don'+ iniiiaie whiies. Rush provides a girl greaier opporiuniiy io associaie wiih a more diversified varieiy of social aciiviiies. 201 1 M .,. i it .Ma Q ' 9 in me . A ,A .... ,,.-.., . ,.-,...-... r :gl . - ,... V51 4, ,NW ,ggfi :V .M K xiir if ' 4 lf. E. 4 A fb' Q , 1' . 'iw-,-,T'--.....,,,l , vmsaigk-Lwlihlihi 1 Q? bk :s 'gf ,Q V Q Ki ' in I ,, .nw'.,f,: I U lt 4 ' a ft ,-1 f 2 l K' 'f ll :gg at NYM o r la e a ,J Ns X, B51 1 'T VJ,,"x.4x Q25 , ,..,. -..MN .MK Make Air Pollution a Personal Matter a il 'l.l .Sz V " V: mpg W...-.-f--X7 ' H f ff, 7 , 1 ,. Y Ajkqj 4015515 9 ,im , -we L L! A gk- K -ifbegx 1 251522553 43 J vr ,g s Q 1 K I I 4 f in X'-Q . z--es s , - , ,A vtih gp 'N '. 5 k 'S fi a gl . Ne L - . s ,ll i xl ji Clean-Air Week 1971 Along wifh olher maior cilies in lhe counrry, LiHle Rock parlicipalred in i+'s lirsl' ecology clay by blocking Main Slreel from Second lo Eighlh. For 'lwo days people wandered aimlessly searching for loargains or iusl' walking down The middle of Jrhe slreel. Thousands lurned our +o show Their supporl' for Clean Air Week. 203 QNNWA ,A 9' rv ', 9. cv ,rv 2 2 'W 4 ?., Q .N 5. Y 4 1- . , 454 , 4 1 V ,. "Hy, .Mg ,il g Q 1 , , hgw? 1 rl -wig, 1:3 ,li iiiii""' WG' A . . M. X 3, -,k . K 41. wg- . 1 . ,yy Nt 5 N I Q Lf! I r , . 9' , O Q ,ag x Presenfed by Hue Universify Theafer Guild and friends November 3. 4, 5, and 6 in ihe UALR Fine Aris Audiforium ISLA and UTG Performances The lnlerprelalion Sociely ol Lilerary Arls presenled sev- eral lilerary readings lriqhll lhroughoul Jrhe year. Much of The malerial presenled in lhe programs had loeen wrillen by lhe sludenls. ln addilion lo 'Mame' and 'Childs Playf lhe Universily Thealer Guild performed 'The Rainmaker' lbelowl in lhe Sum- mer, and lhe Childrens Thealer presenlalion was 'The Un- wiclced Wilch' lbelow righll. 'l-ledcla Gablerf performed in lhe round concluded lhe lhealrical season in May. 208 m:"" .Q ar s-...W G mi X? 5 'I My , by HQ KK ww In ll! ,Q C 'nr .Vi K ., ,Q A 1 3 , eww PE W iv V: J, f, ' Y I , f 1 s W, E rf 1 X71 1 K i 2 Ani "Chilcl's Play" FirsT in Arkansas Compehfion This year marked The TirsT enTry oT The UniversiTy oT Ar- kansas aT LiTTle Rock in The American College TheaTre FesTival presenTed -annually by The John F. Kennedy CenTer Tor The P'erTorming ArTs and The SmiThsonian lnsTiTuTion. The FesTival is divided inTo Three levels: sTaTe, regional, and naTional. wiTh The naTional winners being presenTed in The JFK CenTer Tor PerTorming ArTs. Under The direcTion oT CliTTord Haislip, Head oT The TheaTre ArTs Dep'arTmenT, UALR presenTed RoberT Morasco's psychological drama "Child's Play". The drama revolves around The haTred oT Joe Dobbs Tor Jerome Malley. This haTred soon inTecTs The sTudenTs, causing Them To become sado-masochisTic. The end resulT is The suicide of Malley -and The exTerminaTion oT Joe Dobbs by his sTudenTs. PresenTed aT The Arkansas ArTs CenTer in December, The near perTecT perTormance oT This group won Them The honor oT represenTing Arkansas and UALR in The Regional V FesTival in ForT WorTh. AlThough They were noT chosen as one oT The naTional winners, many criTics agreed ThaT This group represenTed Ar- kansas' besT collegiaTe TheaTre To daTe. Jay Jones was awarded a cerTiTicaTe of excellence in acTing Tor his porTrayal oT Paul Reese. DirecTor Haislip and The members oT Alpha Psi Omega and The UniversiTy TheaTre Guild are aiming Tor The NaTional FesTival nexT year. 1-'42--:I-:g g ?'g:11. Y' '- "'f'-- ' "W-VE: 'X Hizfwtww . ' x- .. -eva, Q' rw: ..'QPwi'?'-Q5 Wylwlizzeksa: .Q- " Z "w,IKe1E -Lis? - -:Ya".1-'f::t'gzv'1v?,- , -5 ' , :giqr vu. -.5 -za Q -if -1 5.3114 sa - -.ygsw 1q.:e.'x. ,v,-Qu''.-. , . ' N, 1. X , -.W -, 4,:w.y?,fw -ax, r.-s-362' ..'.:f,f,:1fwQ.,.::3g1 B ,f,4Sg k,E,.Q. A N ,R 'YQ,z,,,1.f'-. .Aw-.., 53,45 55551355395 I 3 , , 1. ,, 5-x 3-5559-235: -. XA' . g f. -'- ,M ah, -.'- '4 1 f- '.'-'-1:15:35-. 4 '.-Lf Hg., -65.-ff.,-k3?g?,f"3:3:g::!1Zf5 .. .,f1g25341a- b' ' ' - r .f"'i!'.'J 95"-i . "''IW-il-1fl"'E5'2w'5Si"T?-54Q7i"M xi -- "Fit mfs 5' A-" ' . 5 .'- ' .- 1-:fa - Q55 4,3 QggmQ3vsm:q.e,.gg::3ql - X -1..:a11Z:.sEi'sf-I ' . P ,Ng 221.923 L 13. 4.-pa ,B wg' ,,4--gg-'4.,.:s.p -2-44 'lu-11, x ,. , T .fw:" 2?-QF " - w .mv N QW? fsiaff' ' '- 'wi ug? fu, -, .,,.22f,-- 4 :aku '3:1e,g,... f- 5 +A 71. -n t' Vw.-glggigg-4.51553 1' ' ,. wif' 2 ' if : , 6155-Q3 - .,.: fel? S V 12.-:2?fz52f,f11. 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'- 211 Three years inio 'Hue merqer ff I -I 3 f k I W , , , 'FK 1 3 VV,, A 4? f 1. ,f be ' I ,, x Y .8 M . 444 ag 1, Q sg Q Vx af Lx :Q xv Q ti VV Vw , J , 1- "' Q 1 f f ' ff' f '- K J'-X 5 , A -1 ek: K If N 1 ' 91 , 'Ma H 33' Speakers Visiiors who spoke ar UALR ihis year included men of varied occupaiions as: an African diplomai followers of Hwe Hare Krishna Movemerilr an execufive official of HUD an inciusirial psychologisf ,, ,,., . ,f V ' , 1, -,f.Vfwa,ZQg45mgwyggsggyg f ,, ,. V , 'E N 62,54 'rhe Chaplain of Bourbon Sfreef a rnorron picrure assisfanlr direcror fleffj Governor Dale Bum ers - W , P 5 4, hr I , ' Congressman David Pryor friglnfj a candidare 'For 'Phe Unifed Srares Senafe. x 1 if 5 Kr r 783 5 ??ff'f1fKTy Q , is ai 4 . :J '.f Grace Halsell My 1 11 K' I 1' K ' 1,1 1IK A 14 1, , ,1 lI'lli5"?L'IIQ- ff!-,l'II ' I H , 11 1 f!1Il2I,!'fQiiZP212112IQ-K ' I -I'-IVII ' ' I- 1 iII11-51: T 'iii ' 1 I- - N' 5IS?qgi1?If'QIfaIi- I,I M5 25 - 11 I1-2, 1-ii.-2114 ii11fg1I1eI,' 1241 I , 1 - 1 ali, -Ii1Ii:21i1I:1I:111 Qg,s25sK11II1II111I-11- -111 Iv II 11 111 I1sz1II11L Ifi11I12,'?f-G I , f1-'-N1IfI1, 1:1-Rim?-f Wi:,QEI5Ih?TiI?2-3 '51 Ix 2 ii' 2 '52 1I1f,zII, 415,131 123-2Igq1g,1f , I 1 g1:g11,1gg--11-111 gg-1171111111 1 1,1 1 a ' -, ' 1 1S?fi?FL5?I5lIf1IY'?ZTfIi if' 5525-1 1 VI 1Q25?l5iIffg1I 1- I 1, wf-I151If11 IJ1'f: - 1 II 'I " fK-'1IKi'K- 'III1-37 1,1 1 ' ' 11 'J I If- 1 1 1 1, , ,,..,,. 1 - I II T-If-if is-fg11zI1fI-111 -1- 11-1 ' 1 -IIII1'J11-11ii1-if-igf--fsgf?Ij?i1gg-gf111-511 11 I I-gg-1I-111-12II12I:ffigfegf1g11 ' - 1 1"-I,"I1'1-'I--If-'1 I- 3+ ' III ' II!- " " .- 1 1 1 " 'fi 1 ' ' Elf 1 K - -,11-,KEi'1K'iK,f1,-,E 1 ' ' I I ,,-I,'-I1fflx'Ki'1 I ,-,, II 1- I 1 1 1, 1 -,,-1,- , ,1, , 1 1 1, , 1 , - . 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'ikx' I 'M 1, TJ 1 QF 11 'S Xb? N v -Jqxl-vu ' ' '18-f ' ' . .s 1 N N HOW DO YOU TURN IT OFF! HOW DO YOU TURN IT OFF! I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MOM. 1- ,ip mwx ,In J ' M453 ', I V11 -3.41131 11 Iljf' 1 1 1 . 1 gggm 5 link I ng " .f'.'::'-.,r 1-.24 " ,If ' Ikixnrj-'1"I "" 1 ' 1 23.Qh'PTiZ'. I ALWAYS THOUGHT I WORE THIS SIZE. F R 7' 1 1- be W. 'L I I W, I, I ,1-f' V 21 I' K if L, a ' ' . J 1' Ii - 4 .1'f'I fi ' f',f'5I- XI'-I-1' kj- 1 1: .- 1 f1 1 -11--1,: -I-,, .1 1- ,fwfr 5145.1-1-5111511-,131-1. -5111-13315: 552:111- ' --?:5v:I,1- I'..f1I 2- 1. -btw-K-3-1:11 -, SHOE and U3 L. Q V, 4,,,'f saff-I SWK, SHE'S PROTESTING, BUT SI-IE LOVES EVERY MINUTE. .,,,-, 4' f vs :Qui V A Q,- Qc , , I we ff- , 'O SORORITY GIRLS DISPLAY THEIR ABILITY AND EXPERIENCE AT JUMPING ABOUT. 32, 5 V I ig' Q: 4 wb F NSTQ 3 37 ! ! I 1 I I 9? 5 I, IT 'I TI I 'If' ' ,P I I'LL "II A FT' , , M - LLL, .wsu X I H E LOST WHAT? I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! 'ix 1' ,. , . L - ,,. .. ,,. f 4' -'A- .',. AND CARRYING HEAVY LOADS. In, I FOUND IT, JOE! . "fa-'Ir'f' ' '- . V 'iw Q! li 1YofA1f ggbdlgi I Es. 'W 4 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT LITTLE ROCK ff 33RD AND UNIVERSITY ' LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72204 ' 5011565 7531 November 16, Pi Kappa Alpha, The Panhellenic counsil would like to inform the men of Pi Kappa Alpha that no member of any Greek womens group on this campus will before, during, or after the football game ride on a toilet or commode in connection with the Toilet Bowl. We are all looking for ward to the game and activities before hand. However, we feel it degrading and unimportant toward the fun of the game to ride upon a toilet. ' A Si be el , X I A I , ' 'br Xxzlf -' I E111 ech odwin Sec. of Counsil xv. 1971 ., O .9 -4?'3' 5, 'i 1' Qqlen..- .. .raw Sm.--, 'vm ' J' ,, 4-K. 221 ISI 0- vw Qi ,W i ' as 9, by K f ,, J V E A . ..-'gf' -. 'W A 4v"" L Q 4 'E 0 I ,b L 'E 2' sqm sw. " 4 -v-F5 1' ls- Q I R 'ai vs 49: is ff' A , 52 f W. A54 , 6 'D 4 A fm E Q muwzgmssw .1,,. g 1, ., W Q 'W rv! 1 ? xg f Q:""V uf .wx X 11' ,y - .NAM I II, 1 " ..."' v, 'e Q, N K' ' -. J ri Q 4, 9 Z f 1 -4 X xi c ix Q5 Xb, X , cv X x . 'Q' Q n x as .V ' ,S Q. Q S .sf .X .X Q 1 .1017 51 3 '11 in 1lL',.., ., . x Q 'Q 1 gn Y If W A 0 J'-4 1 My i, w 5 my KM ,rr 1 Met Opera Star Auditions UALR Students ' Former Metropolitan Opera star Blanche Thelom was in Little Roclc in January iudging auditions tor the Metropolitan Opera Company. She also held a voice clinic at UALR where individual students pertormed loetore a large audience ot students and townspeople. A luncheon was given in her honor at the Sheraton Hotel by Sigma Alpha llota, the women's music honorary at UALR. n,.i .Q xgfff' -ifgff 4+-f: Vw .NL-an , 'D R' gags? , 1 ,T W :lf y gmt 'I ' 1 1: ' ef? iv:-9:2 Q K.kL was bak ' 3"i'- A 'f"'A .I lui 1 4, 2 i -ff if A WM, gt is """'! ia Q, N. , I ' ' T L isnsflm 6, If 225 N1 iw ",. 5 A, , 5 , 5 f ' ' J, L M1 J L f- ' '- N : - I Q-'- :fl A M 'X ' 'T V ,M V W N -. mx. A .. .X :lf I A L, R A an 55? if - 1 1' " -' .. 1 K xx, V in N M A A A .j-, j .zii . Na... I S M., Q 1 s 't X , 5 I if , i 5 , ' 1 ...uf s Q? 6' ,N . -1.5" an What T his University Needs Is A Good 554' jf ee e , "1 , A, PAV NM S ' , Teacher-Course Evaluation QUESTION Course Challenging Objectives Stated Objectives Accomplished Explains Material Grading Procedures Stated Testing Consistent Course Organized Returns Exams Promptly Fair Grades Classroom Conducive Learning Uses Humor Effectively Available Consultation Not Penalized For Opinions Instructor ls Prepared Assignments Helpful Instructor Enthusiastic Work Required Attendance Unconnected With Grades Encourages Independent Thought Treats Respect Creates Interest Recommend Instructor Questionnaire Beneficial Course Major Course Required Mean 4.6 3.9 3.8 3.8 3.2 4.2 3.8 4.2 3.9 3.5 3.8 4.2 4.3 4.6 4.5 4.5 4.1 2.8 4.2 4.5 4.1 4.4 4.4 1.4 1.3 For tive cents students enrolling tor spring semester could purchase results ot UAl.R's tirst Teacher-Course Evalua- tion compiled at the end ot tall semes- ter. The evaluation, a computerized questionnaire composed ot twenty-tive questions, was accompanied by a in- structor critique torm-one page ot anonymously telling your teacher what you thought ot his teaching. With the tiny Student Senate ottice tilled to capacity with large yellow en- velopes and computer torms, members ot the Senate and Evaluation Commit- tee received much cooperation in their tirst attempt at such a proiect. However, boycotting the evaluation was the entire Psychology Department, who according to Dr. Louis Wood, head ot the department, believed that, "valid attitude test construction is a highly complex technology, quite ditticult even tor psychologists who have post-gradu- ate training in the area: and is virtually impossible tor untrained individuals." Though well publicized, the development ot the question was ottered no aid or guidance by the psychologists who have post-graduate training in the area in UAl.R's psychology department. Another Teacher-Course Evaluation was planned tor the end ot the Spring semester. Vicki Carson, UALR's First Basketball Queen Jerry Pillman, Charlie Sieel, and Jim Johnson presenl Vicki Carson her crown and bouquel. Regardless of The sludenl body voiing lasr year io discon- Jrinue Homecoming acliviiies, some senlimenlal sludenls gol lo- geiher in January and wiih ihe baslcelball leam planned lhe Alumni Nighr io replace l-lomecoming. Oi The seven girls nomi naled, Viclci Carson was selecied UAl.R's iirsi Baslceiloall Queen. Queen Viclci's courl is Sybil Casey, Nina Brooks, Diane Sellars, Carol Vick, Corinne Lewis. and Bennie Suille. ref 7 ,ai If f'-li Vicki Carson UALR Basketball Queen i .,.. ,, k if 'dwwlbamf WH ' ,,1:. 2 Q Q. 4 E ., - .. ..., ,,,, ,,,,,,.M . .. ,.... ..-MM f 4 H ,, , s . . I 9 FK Q- N541 'fm Ml' ' ' Q "' -uv K i ,,1. l, 'ng """"-nag-,, ' "W 'P'-v'm.,.,,,,.h fir! 3 I' .fy Rx' "r W WW fp, V X . V "," M. ,,-V . , L,,.., , V ,,,,,,,f. , , , W, " ., . ,ff 1 sk ,7 K K '1?4""vuah..,,-WMM' N my J' K ...,,NM..mV NNN, g W... , -K-NM-..... 1' 'fn H " Q H M. W-wr AVV, "b""'M+w,.M Q "M -- ' "' -ar Wim ' Q iT?'f?" Biggesf Buy - ONE BUCK Perhaps The second mosl' popular acquisi+ion of any social 'fralerniry lhis year was fhe i928 American La France fire Jrruclc. Found abandoned in Boyle Park, ihe Pikes boughr ir from lhe Cify of Li'r'rle Rock wifh 'rhe aid of Mayor Wimberly for lhe sum foral of one doll-ar. The mosi' popular acquisirion of any social frafernily? Again ihe Pikes wiih lheir shag carpeled-walls and floor-blaclc ligh+ room: 'Phe principle furniiure being one huge warer bed. or lg N I I , ii' x f 7 P' ,Jai X 9 ,W is 5 , tl ' 'H 1 45 mf eq Y' 'N Q' : f f I L f ,ff as r -an ...Ay- k,.,l-V x vw-, ,AM 'Q N., Y 1 , ,TN- . J. , n,w-6-Q X .sf i 1 if H'-.61 x , V,-gi g, y. ...qw F 1 5 YW ,.. ,NA Wh.: it . , X HQ' A . 1 'Il i . 5'-f. I - 1, g, , - --Q 1" H iiffrff , 'J' iv 1-. aku' J, ""9', i 1' f ' N., -. 7 . X 4 , . N., -s.. A -5 .. 1....f Q' Q . , . A vpn T2n..A' 'La N 19-Lis!-EC - 'ns-W YK- 'Mika Politics ,,.K"'s. 4, wi' Jim Lendall, a 25 year old veleran and sole member of lhe Don Quixole Non-Parly, was Jrhwarled in his allempl' lo file as a gubernalorial candidale. Besides nol having enough pelilion signalures, he was noir old enough, nor had he been a residenl of The slale long enough lo qualify as a candidale. His plalform, designed primarily 'lo loenefil' lhe poor and downlrodden, included exlensive prison reform, more slringenl pollulion conlrol, and a new slale conslilulion. ,J l ,iiimmiviaqquv XX" 25 .1 " fig s - 'g g ,aggl 4 'Y , 5 M, 5 . rs' Q! x .QP 4 X 1 M 4 Q' was Mm -If , fl is N ..+?"jif! f..,n Fa YS Ah Sprung when young men s fhoughrs furn +o mafrers of rhe nearf ne publuc: offrc candadacy frlwng deadlines In addufuon To Jam Lendall Sprung saw several orner UALR person ne? rule for sfafe and crfy posmons Dr Cal Ledberlrer Jrop lefr Head of rhe Polmcal Sclence Deparfrnenr became a cands dare for reefecrmon fo Hue Arkansas House of Represenrahves Dlsfrrci' 4 Poslflon 3 Roper? Prulff rop rnghr a par? Mme Semor frled for Posufwon 2 of DIS+FICf 3 of Hwe House and was opposed rn Jrne Repubfwcan prrmary by Ai Lrndsey leff a UALR Jumor Seelcwng Poswrron 3 ofD1s+rmc+ 3 rn ine House was Roperf Jonnsron fabovej, who as an As srsranf Profes or of Poulncal Scwence Rock Over Hurry UALR sfudenrs filed for Jusruces of rne Peace an Lnrfle Rock and Norfh Lnffle r-My f - 2 1 1 I F i I ' r I i Q In I I could gei awBY ere fiom. I I ' lhere I would rafher be on 'Hue of flue 'fenoe ofher side I ' -Rodger Willioms UALR Receives Excellence Award at First Arkansas Student Congress 'WV It nf f 77 af c.. Senale Caucus Meelings. Parliamenlary Rulings, Joinl Leg- islalive Assemblies, and Gubernalorial Addresses were lhe order ol lhe day as lhe U.A.L.R. delegalion lo lhe lirsl Arkan- sas Sludenl Congress "poliliced" al lhe capilol building in Lillle Rock. Five Arkansas Colleges combined lo make a 35 mem- ber Senale as college sludenls assumed roles as legislalors and debaled mallers ol local and nalional imporlance. Currency and relevancy were lhe order ol lhe day as lhe Sludenl Senale passed a bill relaling lo Phase l ol Presiclenl Nixon's Economic policy only len days belore il was inlroduced, debalecl and passed in lhe U.S. Senale in Washinglon. The Sludenl Congress was bolh educalional and compeli- live. The Sludenl Senale was hosled by lhe Slale ol Arkansas and lhe Arkansas Speech Communicalion and direcled by Dr. John Gray, head ol lhe U.A.L.R. Speech Communicalion De- parlmenl. In addilion lo lhe college sludenls who parlicipaled as senalors, over IOO high school sludenls were represenlalives in lhe l-louse. The general purpose ol lhe Congress was lo allow sludenls an opporlunily lo see how communicalion syslems operale in governmenl. and lo provide a lormal lor ulilizing MJ lhe organizalional and communicalion skills ol parliamenlary procedure, discussion, debale, public speaking and inlerpersonal inlerchange. In addilion lo being educalional, lhe Congress was also compelilive. Commillee meelings, lloor debales, ollice cam- paigns, and caucus perlormances were all iudgecl, raled, and criliqued. On lhe basis ol lhese ralings, lhen, 'awards were given lo parlicipaling schools and individuals. U.A.L.R. com- piled lhe highesl number ol poinls lo receive lhe coveled award ol Excellence. Lillle Rock-Parkview won lhe high school' division. Eighl sludenls served as delegales lor U.A.L.R. Rick Eng- lish won several honors including being elecled lo Democralic parly chairmanship: Ron Harrison received an "Excellenl" raling as he served as Clerk ol lhe Senale. Land Kidd was recognized lor presenling an oulslanding bill dealing wilh lhe Uniled Na- lions, and Alan Leverill was chairman ol lhe lndependenl Parly. Olher persons who served in lhe U.A.L.R. delegalion were Jim Simpson, Toni Webb, Ron Lazenby, and Gary Smilh. My t tttt F' We t , 1:, M 1, , 1 .. .. nn.-IW., , ,M Lknwlwjlvdy V: I W I Ljimzw VVJVV V,L,: J V., f- Wm . , . ,M I , ,... ,,f.,, 5 ' : '- V ' ' 'W' - ' ,,. 5-19, 'f " vf,--,f w ,-:, ..,,,,, ,, ..,:fk: ' ff "' , ' MW 5 L ' i f'?':1'!" Vif"'fti"ff1 'A":" ft ' ' f " W -, ,..,,, 1 ',,,, fsfffjf' we it ,,,, get J,, WV, I . M , I A 1... I VIZ Lf. , M Ji W A ., - W I Mi. Vx!! I ' , I n Im :ZG N I H K 'V I ' ' V f ' "" ' I :'i3 I ' ' ,- - 4 'f.-' "": N , 1 . ,,. A'iLL 'V" ', "1. I V W , 1,,f1,, .,,1 ' 'f.. W A , " -, I ' A "':' ' , V K f:1::-: ' -:J, 1 Lf- .,,. ,cf f. -, , ' - 'I"" , . ,,,, .,..., wg wr 'H' ff . f e o t f tw---W-1 I t t K ' V,. ' , ' m"' t. W' ' M 'A etteot t o 11 to ette ,, .,::LkVV Iwi: V V V .. ., VV,, I - .,,. .,,k7 - ,Zh fi , .,. ,I . . V . V 17 ' KIV' W- K W f,,-, J, ,-,- , , iff' ',kk, 1 'jjggfgg Q , M, A 'f LL' W " M , --it If 'L':,, 'i f':: , H ' , ,.,i. I K Iziy K, ,.., fm I g J ' K , J fi ' I V H 'W ,::- ff.. - . . -hkw ' Izbl "N V I Winn. , H , , "" " ,Q ,J M '1,' Oaklawn Students' Favorite Sex and Booze mg, K ,.- - W NW , Past ime :gNext to 25 CASHIER Q ,,,, , W, V y H , "'.'I if yn, ,Ei .6161 ' at A " Dv ' ,fu V -M' -M f+'9730AKLAWNf'x':Quf:?:f:'.1fa.T.a'.a:.:f:+1:4ag4f'f4:..1 2' .X W- fi. rg'X-by fl N X A W "W :Asn , ,- if , l2'.T 1fffffoi.,9f ,,811!i7!i!f6w5:9924 2232 25 i 5 msmfn awww., wa lineage. !w 3 'ig ' ,Q V2 , f ' ' R .if 1l :ini Art Students Visit New York Top: Contemplation of Jackson Polloclos 'Anthem Rhythmf Above: James Stokes, Susan and John Miles, and Marla Jolly pause before posters advertising Carnegie Hall at- tractions. Right top: I-lot dog vendor on 7th Avenue. Right belowu Egyptian sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum. 244 is Y' ff: 5 'J-fi-Eze, if I- M as N sf u :: Qi N xv K, s if 1 ,is , fi-Pi Q ti A2 4 sift: J- 'S l Top Ce Tr I Parlc covered wTh s o Above Mummy cases in The MeTro- i.,1'i' 'TN The week of Spring break has an exTra added aTTracTion Tor arT sTudenTs aT UALR: a Trip To New Yorlc. The ouTing, sponsored annually by The ArT STudenTs AssociaTion. is inTend- ed primarily To provide sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To visiT mu- seums and galleries which house some oT The world's TinesT collecTions. STudenTs are encouraged To plan Their own iTineraries and are noT obligaTed To collecTive guided Tours. Accompanied by J. O. Buckley, This year'5 4I sTudenTs viewed imporTanT exhibi- Tions oT painTing. sculpTure, drawing. and craTTs aT The Museum of Modern ArT, The MeTropoliTan Museum, The Guggenheim. The Friclc, The Whifney Museum oT American ArT, and aT var- ious privaTe galleries. They aTTended perTormances oT The MeTropoliTan Opera. The JoTTrey Ballef, and several Broadway shows. And whaT Trip To New York is comp'leTe wiThouT visiTs To The STaTue oT LiberTy. The Empire STaTe Building, RoclceTeller CenTer, Carnegie Hall, The UniTed NaTions, and Greenwich Village! N, M4 '-N ,.,,,,,,. wif..-QJQ .fy 1 ":" "' t'fgL f'4"2'-'Wwfff' " , ' "' , . ,W-Q.. .. -N .. , .W - -f H M H -..M-fa' " Q- gf- . H- .4 V., ff' I ' N' ' f -. .wx ... K ,WMM K -f W W ,Q ' W ' W, F, K I ..,,u, 'W ..,, N' ., M .W " ,Av-4. M n- 1 .,,, ig rr Q A . ... . p . I- ,,,A ,WIAA , .. w 'L iff " f W - L . . . A .1 Q - ,, ,-., ii-V: Mfr, ., .,, .. . ' .- Me, l ,--fI A ,af-N 0 5 ,, 4 1, 1 . iff. 'Q :- QQ., ..-I .8 r 1 f. N 4 Q ' ' "" Q. . ' Q-Q ,-5 '0- ,9, . 247 5- s 1 ' -w N., "im ,-f A-51.3. .Q -M... uf Q -TMR f. y, "" M. 'N-.,, W. x , ' - 'L f T"!'.'T.::.ff fwfffffgfwfg, .4 Aa "QM , ' V 'R qu .kv-., fw...:w, ,Kyiv-,f-Q , .-., ,,.,, g,n, ,A X, qw, I wv , 3 . A . ffaff - 4 1 , 1-4, t X, 4, 5 ,h nwgq, A v.-. JN. -stun-.,, 0 . . , . - . 'V bw ' 1 M: ,Q f - ., in A-f 4'3"-v-K ,- , .. V, , Q ,Q if f A , 4-1, Na I i, 5 f. ,, -RWM' X aww., - 1 M A if .. , -.. ,MJ Plays Highlight Third yBlack Emphasis Week The Third' Black Emphasis Week, sponsored by the Blacl: Unifed Sfudenfs, began Monday, April I0, wifh a receplion and an arf exhibif. Tuesday five shorl' movies which confinued em- phasis on American blacl: life were presenied. The high poini' of the weel: was Wednesday nigh'I"s presen- fafion of 'I'wo plays in fhe UALR Fine Arl's Audiforium. The firsi- play, "Experimen'l'al Deaih Unii' No. l" by Leroi Jones, fealured Sharon Hegwood porlraying a blacl: pros'l'i'I'u'l'e wifh Gary Anderson and John Griffifh as fwo whi'l'e characiers. The drama depicied a conflici' be'l'ween whife and black soldiers. "Confribu+ion" by Ted Shine, was of a small Soufhem 'I'own undergoing racial sirife during in+egra'I'ion of public 'Facili'l'ies. The chief characfers were Margarei' Cole as Grandma Love, John Gri'FFi'I'h as Eugene, and HenrieH'a Fowler as Miss Ka'I'y. The producfion sough'l' fo emphasize 'ihaf youih is noi' alone in ifs coniribuiions 'I'o fhe advancemeni' of fhe blaclc infegraiion move- menf. ' A fashion show and a soul food dinner were among 'l'he acfiviiies 'for Thursday. Black Emphasis Week ended with a faleni' show Friday and fhe crowningof Sharon Hegwood as 'Miss Blaclc College Life. v . I-. FORUM Wins First In Excellence For The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT eiTher UALR, LiTTle Rock UniversiTy, or The LiTTle Rock Junior College, The school's news- paper received The TirsT place General Excellence Award oT The Arkansas Press AssociaTion. -and oT The Arkansas College Publi- caTions AssociaTion. The award is given To The college publica- Tion aTTaining The highesT overall iournalisTic sTandards in all caTegories. 'individual awards were given To several sTaTT members. Ken Garner Tool: TirsT place in inTerviews. Ralph RouTon re- ceived TirsT place in sTraighT news sTories, and Micheal Baer won TirsT place in sTraighT sporTs sTories. The FORUM also re- ceived an honorable menTion in The ediTorial caTegory. ,v,,-" af, ,-Mu' ..,..,,n-f--- .,..,,..,p-on-1r,. ,,,.v ,,....-.fa-w 'K 'S I 1-.kd 4 - , -.1 Af -. 'K , Y , fx f" -L f ,, - - -. W "MJ A ' - ',' I Xu . ya A tv '-QV, , ww U X M, v 44 K A V, . , A in, I . - x .Q f . 1151: . A .Q ' X h 3 in W V A I Y 88836, b .., L , 3 12 V ' I 1 ,n L A A, - k "V jx . ' W, r Q , ' ' , K A '. ff. .z ' ' ' f, 'rw 1 if VH? . FORUM siaffers sianding before fha Cofleqe of The Ozarks Sfudenf Union Kafie SCOH, Vicki Harvey, James Warren, Ken Garner, CTom Bafes noi GFS JGHY Piffmfin. Dr. Heber Taylor, Ralph Roufen, Edifor Al Lindsey. PFCHIVGCD- Between Semest er Tests .vl , 'I mx-, K W wg . . a Watermelon at the Fountain .L ..,.,., ,,,. , RMK i . and a Protest at The Armory As semesier Jresls were being adminislered sludy groups formed Jrhroughour rhe Union and library. l-lowever, several sfudenls came our one morning for sharing a huge ripe red warerrnelon ar lhe louniain. Sludenis also came rogerher on rhe second 'anniversary of lhe Kenr Sfrale Jrragedy +0 prolesl' Jrhe Vieinam War. and The presence of rhe Naiional Guard armory, where Jrhe galhening was held, gn lhe Universily campus. H ill lllllll Ill I IIBIIH lllllll lllli NP' 313611-D i xx - gvl T x '4 7551? 5114 254 Q 'fbz' all ts" f ' T' J' 'Q 5 XS N If x, . 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Supporf Hwe Razorbacks- Vg bake a pig +0 dimmer. L if N I .5 'Q xx, ,bu aw ka 0 k. R' I' . .VL. K, V. 3 .Q ' wk-i4f1fi-'i '. Q -. Q , 'Ui Q .ggi sts, .W X.-KJ 'kxl ir :gina A K .- ef 1 if , LN ,VU ,' gi j 2. ' f Tl :K-fin vuifw , -ol 4? ,I 3 9. E Luk Q. ,, . .' , ,K ,iv my, .X g Wsqfsy ww qui...-.2 Q- wfff '. ' AL.. fm, ul f ,.4' fin 0 nm 1 ,W X If L 5 f rmffgi., 5' ' --k,..,.g, I . N aussi My 'ia -1 N-'-Mluky. QQ.-L4 fp sul aaa M mm nf-,Q ,pf WMM Jvlf-1-'ma.mA.W,,g,, M' A :fi H .A-.Lf..,Lx.M-'ML x, ', A A This page has been specially saved for all egolisis who did noi have Their piciure published. Jusi Jralce a piclure of yourself and pasie if onlo The space provided here. UALR Siudeni Number ix 'xdv 91,6 X M Maul w 'f ,, Q if Y 1 Q 44. , h 7 X WW W X 1, V ---NW . ........,,,.....,-,, , - .m,,,,. .. A .L , , K , K .V A . ,, A ,Auf W A ' muff ' fi" , . 4 r ik- ,, V 1,-,.,,.,,..,.,.-,-fY , ...-...- N, Q N .. m,,,,., W, A ,-L.,-:, 5 .. ...M ,4,. 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L. , M Q -- -, - , . . - f R ,3 f A 5 A K V A X, Ll., g ,V ,W W. MW ,. , .,,...K , .. JIT - .. , A . V x 753 A , T Y :Y ,, K .. 4 'kgsggfzgv .--nf-ff, 1? . ,V ,. l, W. M..-... ,, M I , A M ...4 , , ,H ,. X , x -W g,.,,,.,,y ,, h..,iW, q . A ki 4 A,..,5, K K f - M Q if s x 4, ,. ,, W ..,., , A , 4 'LII Vhrrkkrtr K In j , , .J Y . ,,., I Ti ,:,V rik, I , X x .. 1 Wg. "?,.,gg,JQ,,g .... K:K,...:a'k W . W .. Q., W, . -'if -2-ff? N' K ' I , . , ,.,. ,S , 'W'-'ea s. ,.,.1 - - V , --,. giii . 'Q ' EA, 4 ,P 'ag It J 'gf 4 , 'Q 1 5 Y xr' ,. ,.5,.., .. ,, in-4 kfbgf yy 1 4' xg'9"' f :M I , .e"5, ,gg 'K SK , 5 ' , ,I rf:'5'rV- . f A ' Vi 'vw vw' ffl? V, " 4' " 1 ' .I ' Y M,-.1 . f-. , A W "' A," ' aff ' x ' . 2 N 3 2 , , vgqig ,N 'm?gwjjQ:,, gk3?iQ3i'fp3 Wy, f A ,..-,., Al HP, vii.-?:.,,,,fv,N,-, vw, A . I fix - If 'N 4. WIA ,- fm - 'Q -.g, Y,2'Q'egH- ix'A!:ff"':kf?z2- ff' Y7'? "f?f swf. A J - ., , . +,' ,- .:,s h, ,:' , 1 'x D : mfg b:'4w"??:i'? ' '3'P'7""i:6i.' '22'.,, ff. , .. " 25 ji jg, J V' ., M 4 K . f ' eg,-I 7 'i . NY fix ,,-,,W,, J, ,, . XX 'vjo I ff Y , 1 M : 1 2: 55 5 1 , I ., My M 1 . , ,,1. ,N X fa ,. - 9 In , ' T,T,R3.,.. A 'Z' E 'ms' V 1 ZA'J' , . . A 1 ', ,wb fjf .K f 'A , w M y A px, f QM. ,PM-'Y 'ff W Y' , , 1 , , f 4 lg , - f' ff 4' ,L 6, V-f , ' J' T' " .,., H Q K- , ,wif M. f f YA ,, :Q -,H E, yfqhghe, ,, , , , , af4iffg?', ff' f . .fry . ' , 1,k1l,x.L 5312+ W M - 2. Q i , 'W I ,,,' if I Q P 4 D 4-M f Q gb 'iw Kimi, 'ww Encl Ma'r'rer Faculty, Staff 8r Students A Abercrombie, Ann, 100 Abrams, Henry, 54 Adams, Dale, 60 Adams, David, 103 Adams, Janet C., 54,127 Adams, Larry, 60 Ake, Janet, 127 Aldridge, Steven, 60 Allen, Alvin L., 40 Allen, Barbara, 54,127 Allen, Bobby, 60 Allen, James, 132 Allen, Joyce, 111,127 Allen, Ollie, 60 Allen, Teresa, 60 Allison, Steve, 60 Allmon, Wanda, 60 Alsbrook, Mike, 108 Anderson, Carline, 60 Anderson, Gary, 140 Anderson, Joel, 51 Anderson, Melvan, 60 Anderson, Rick, 60 Andrews, Becky, 60 Andrews, Janice, 60,100 Andrews, Ray, 126 Anhalt, Ann, 54,133,140 Aranoff, Daniel, 51 Archer, Tommy Arick, Don S., 44 Armstrong, Pamela, 60 Arnold, Jim, 60 Arnold, Tranny Jr., 54 Asbury, Olan, 60 Asbury, Ron, 54 Ashcraft. Ed, 60 Askins, Myra, 60,99 Aston, Nickey, 60 Atchinson, Debbie. 100 Atkins, Jack, 60,108 Ava Rice, Billy, 108 Avance, Billy, 131 Avaritt, Keith, 60 Averitt, Dottie, 60,127 Averitt, Steve, 54 Avery, Steve, 61 Azsbrook, Joe, 108 Babb, Martin, 61 Baer, Kenneth, 61 Baer, Mike, 108 Bailey, Kathryn, 61,126,127 Baker, David Glenn, 61,113,140 Baker, Kenneth, 61 Baker, Jack, 44 Baker, Thomas H., 51 Bale, William P., 126 Ball, Bobby, 61 Ballard, Hilda, 54 Banks, Bobby Banner, Gary, 108 Baptisi, Frank fGringoJ , 108 Barber, Martha, 40 Bard, Carol, 61 Barnes, Debbie, 94,105 Barrington, Janie, 61 Bartholomew, Charles, 61 Bartholmey, Jane, 61 Barton, Allen, 107 Bates, Mickey, 61 Battistone, Frank, 61 Bauer, Ralph, 126 Baxter, John, 61,108 Baxter, Patricia, 61 Beadle, Walter, 61 Bealer, Jackie, 61 Beard, Dudley, 108 Beard. Winston C., 39 Beardsley, Robert, 61 Beeman, Rosalie R., 127 Bell, Richard, 61 Bell, Wendell R., 61 Benbrook, David, 61,153 Bennett, Grant, 61 Bennewise, Charlotte, 61,95 Benson, Brenda, 61 Berg, Elizabeth Ann, 140 Berg, Cindy, 61,95 Berry, Dorrell W., 133 Best, Patricia, 61 Berry, Rose A., 42 Besancon, Sondra, 61 Bone, Beverly, 95,123,131 Bevill, Sheila Bilheimer, Linda, 39 Billingsley, Linda, 61 Binz, Joe, 54,107,123 Birch, Robert F., 126 Bird, Mark, 61 Bishop, Aileen Bittner, Becky Black, Woodrow Jr., 61 Blake, Marsha, 61,100,130 Blakley, James, 61 Blancke, Marie, 61 Bland, Nancy, 100 Blaylock, Alan D. Blazer, Blazer, cary, 61,108 Kathy, 61,99 Bledsoe, Bettie, 61 Bledsoe, Larry L., 61 Birkhead, Larry, 61 Bishop, Bishop, Aileen, 127 Charlotte, 133 Board of Trustees, 20 Board of Visitors, 22,23 Bobhears, Carla, 96 Bobo, Chris, 61 Bobo, Janice Bock, Kenneth, 61 Boeckmann, Johanna, 61 Bohannon, Rebecca, 54 Bolick, Bonds, Bonds, Bondur David, 61 Janice, 61,100 Johnny, 61 ant, Phillip, 61 Bondurant, Susan, 133 Bongen, John, 61 Bonner, Gary, 61 Booker, Virginia, 54 Boone, Bobbie, 61 Booth, Robert, 132 Boshears, Carla, 96,105 Boshears, Korla, 131 Boston, Ernestine, 61 Boswell, Ron, 113 Boswell, Ronald, 141 Bottoms, Rodney, 61 Boultin ghouse, Karen, 61 Bowden, David, 61 Bowers, Amy, 61 Bowie, Lindy, 61,105 Bowman, Linda, 61, 100 Boyce, Bill, 105 Boyce, Mary, 127 Braden, Lois, 61 Bradford, Melanie, 54 Bradford, P. G., 54 Bradham, Charlene, 62 Bradley, Bill Bradley, Floyd Brady, Marilyn J., 44 Brashear, Jack, 54 Brazil, Geraldine, 62,140 Brazil. Robert, 62 Brennan, Carey, 54 Brewer, Phyllis, 55,96 Brixey, Broach. Bill, 108 Billie G., 48,111 Broach, Bobby' Broach, Joy C., 40 Broach, Vicki, 62 Brooks, Bruce Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown. Browni Brown, Alfred, 62 Alice, 62 Anna. 62,127,140 Becky, 127 ng, C. W. Carroll, 55 Brown. Donna, 62 Brown, Edward, 111 Brown, Eva Mae, 55 Brown, Jeannie, 62 Brown, Maria, 62 Brown, Pat, 62 Brown, Phillip, 62 Brown, Robin, 105 Brown, Robyn, 62,95 Brown, Stephen, 62 Broyles, Rick, 62 Bruce, Ellna Jean, 140 Brumett, Martha 55 Brummett, Stan, 62 Brune, David E., 62 Bryant, Sarah, 62,96,105 Buck, William, 133 Buckley, J. O., 40 Bullock, Jessie, 62 Bullock, Stephen, 62 Bunch, Pegi, 62,140 Bunch, Sue, 62,140 Bunger, Ronnie, 55 Bunten, Bill Burgess, Barbara, 55 Burgin, Laura, 62 Burks, Sheila, 62 Burns, Troy Jr., 62 Burroghs, Jon, 62,140 Burtcher, Paul, 62 Burton, Debbie, 127 Burton, Linda, 62,123 Burton, Ricky, 62 Burton, Timothy Bush, Linda Butler, Billy, 62,113 Butler, Gerald, 126 Butler, James F., 38 Butler, Jerry P.. 40 Byers, Darla, 55 C Cagle, Cathey, 62 Caglc, Katherine, 51 Cahoon, David, 62 Caldwell, Belinda, 62 Caldwell, Billy, 62 Caldwell, Vickie, 62 Calhoun, Nathan, 55,108 Callahan, John, 63,140 Callahan, Virgie, 63,140 Cameron, Henry, 63 Camp, Ruth, 63 Campbell, Caroline S., 48,111 Campbell, David, 63 Campbell, Freddie, 63 Canady, Connie, 63 Canady, Gladys, 63 Canfield, Bob, 126 Cannon, Paul J., 63 Cantrell, Thurston, 63 Capps, Reginald, 63 Carlock, Louis Jr., 63 Carlton, Libby, 63 Carmichael, Becky, 94 Carmichael, Rickey, 55 Carner, Joseph N., 40 Carner, Margaret D.. 40 Carpenter, Danette, 63 Carpenter, Debbie, 63 Carpenter, Jim, 63 Carpenter, John, 63 Carpenter, Larry, 63 Carr, Derry, 108 Carroll, Laura, 95 Carson, Vicki, 63.99 Carter, Debbie, 63 Carter, Sharon, 127 Carter, Stan, 108 Carttar, Chuck, 63 Carver, Brenda, 63 Case, Jennie, 140 Casey. Sybil, 55,131 Cassidy, Margaret. 63 95 Casteel. Joann, 127 Cavender. Patricia Caviness, Keith. 63 Cazer. Sharon. 63.99 Chambers, Lynette, 63 Chansley, Travis, 63 Cheatham, Rosalie, 111 Cheatham, Paul, 55,126 Chess, Edward J.. 55 Chilton, Sharon, 63 Chism, Jerry J., 133 Church, Lee, 64 Clark, Chuck, 64,108 Clark, Karen Clark, Linda, 64 Cleghorn, Terry, 64 Clement. Linda. 64 Clifton, Gena, 64 Cloman, Luvester, 64 Cochran, Mr. Sr Mrs., 108 Cochran, Gary, 55 Coffelt, Elmer, 55 Cogbill, Lyle D. Coker, Carol, 96,127 Cotton, Kenneth Coursey, Steve, 105 Cox, Tom, 105 Croft, Bob, 105 Croft, Turkey, 55 Cromwell, Robert A., 48 Croom, Wallace, 64 Crone, Melinda, 127 Crouse, Reggie, 108 Crow, Doug, 64 Crow, Phillip, 127 Crumby, Randy, 64 Crutchfield, Mike, 64 Crutchfield, William, 64 Cumnock, Steve, 55 Cunningham, Rick, 64 Cunningham, Rodney, 64 Cunningham, Vick, 64 Cummings, Dorothy, 127 Curtis, John, 108,131 Curry, Brenda, 64 Curry, Carolyn B., 40,111 Curtis, Mike, 64 Cusick, Donna, 64 Colaianni, Lucille F., 44 Colburn, Melisa, 127 Cole, Brenda, 55,127 Cole, Kathy, 64 Cole, Marsha Coleman, Faith Coleman, Larry, 133 Coleman, Lawrence A., 48 Collins, Charles, 64 Collins, Janice, 64,140 Coney, Pam Cook, Greg, 64 Coon, James, 55 Cooper, Carolyn, 64 Cooper, W. Grant, 51 Cooper, Peter. 127 Cooper, Phyllis Cooper, Richard, 64 Copas, Scott, 64 Corballis, Michael, 55 Cormier. Jerry, 64 Corn, John, 64 Cornish, Patty, 64,127 Cornish, Selma, 64,140 Corrado, Christy, 100 Cox, John. 141 Courtney, Kathy, 64 Craig, Allison. 64,99 Crain, Gary. 55 Crandall, Bobbie, 64 Crofford, Janice, 64 D Dahlgren, Ken, 64 Dailey, John, 64 Daily, Nancy, 64 Dales, Christine, 127 Daly, Jeff, 140 Davidson, Glen, 55 Davidson, Pat, 64 Davis, Beverly, 65 Davis, Carolyn, 55 Davis, Doris, 65 Davis, John, 108 Davis, Linda, 51 Davis, Marshall, 42 Davis 9 Davis, Valdaree, 111,127 William Ray, 55 Days, Christine, 65 Dean, John, 65 Dean, Judy, 51 Dean, Tom, 133 Dearman, David, 65 DeBl0ck, Johnny, 65 DeGostin, Lucille, 133 DeJournett, Ned, 40 DeLoach, Dee Ann, 65 Delozier, Gail, 65,140 Delyles, Kathleen, 55 Denman, Bobby, 108 Dennis, Bill, 105 Dennis, Larry, 105 DeNoble, Keith, 126 Desjardin, Debbie, 127 Dickens, Kathy, 55 Dickinson, Marilyn, 65,95,127 Dickson., Kenneth, 65 Dickson, Ken, 113 Disoosmo, Doie, 127 Dillion, Ricky, 65 Dillon, Karen, 65,127 Disarro, Debbie, 65 Dixon, Janice, 65 Dobbs, Scott, 55 Dodson, Pat, 65 Dorsey, Mike, 65 Douglas, Karol, 65,127 Douglas, Lee, 105 Doup, Karl, 55,108 Dowl, Joyce, 65 Downing, Jean, 65 Drennan, Dwight, 55 Driedric, Jim, 55 Drilling, Mary, 140,141 Drompp, Joe, 108,153 Dudley, Jim, 56,107,l23,131 Dun-ham, Jeanene, 111 Dunlop, Debra, 65 Dunn, Shari, 65 Dunn, Tommy, 65,107 Dunning, David, 65,141 Dyer, Beatrice Dyer, Carl, 65 Dyer, George F., 51 E Earl, Billy, 13,105 Eaton, Sara, 65 Eberly, Ralph D., 44 Eckford, Catherine, 56 Edelhuber, William S., 65 Edgin, Paula Edgington, Cecil A., 4-4 Edmonson, Kathy, 127 Edwards, Inge, 65 Edwards, June, 65 Edwards, Myra, 65 Edwards, Nancy, 56 Elliott, Chris, 65 Elliott, Dollie, 65,127 Elliott, Vikki, 65 Ellis, Gerstal, 108 Ellis, James A., 56 Ellis, James P., 65 Ellis, Patricia, 65 Elmore, Doug. 65 Elsken, Gretchen. 65 Embrey, David, 65 Emery, Richard R., 41 Engel, Barbara, 65 Engel, Evelyn, 65 England, Lester. 65 English. Richard, 56,105 Enlow, Pam, 65 Epperson. Gary L., 65 Ericson, Kay, 65 Ervin, Richard. 65 Eubanks, David, 65 Evans, Bill, 133 Evans, William F., 51 Evatt, Karen L. Everett, Pat, 56 F Falauri, Marsha, 65 Farmer, Jerre. 111,126 Farr, Lynn, 143 Farrester, Richard, 65,126 Farris, Richard, 105 Fasen, Glenda, 127 F ason, Glenda, 56 Faust, Norman, 126 Felling, Anne, 127 Ferguson, Dale V., 51 Ferguson, Eden, 65 Ferguson, Robert D., 65 Ferreira, Agnes, 65 Festa, John, 56 Finkbeiner, Carl, 65 Finkbeiner, Oscar, 65 Finkbeiner, Otto, 65 Finley, Floyd, 65 Finton, Barbara, 65,105,131 Fleming, Brenda, 56,127 Fleming, Emily S., 48 Fleming, John, 65 Fleming, Lorin, 66 Fletcher, Mary, 66 Floyd, Virginia L.. 66 Flynn, Linda, 66 F oggo, Pamela, 66 Folts, Estalene, 66 Forbes, James, 66 Ford, Don, 66,127 Fort, Gary, 56 Forte, Debbye, 66 Fortenberry, Sharon, 66 Foster, Larry, 66 Foster, Maryann, 111 Foster, Sharon, 66 Fountain, Stanley A., 66 Fournier, Jerry, 66 Fowler, Ruby, 66 Francis, Bob, 126 Francis, Eleanor M.. 44 Franklin, Deatra, 66 Franks, Michelle, 99 Frantz, Michael D., 66,99 Frazier, Barbara, 66 Fredrickson, Jay W., 111 Freeman, Donna, 66,127,140 Freeman, Melissa, 66 French, D. Delores, 127 Frey, Mike Fribourgh, James, 111 Frothingham, Richard, 44 Fry, Rhonda, 99 Fugit, Donna, 127 Fulbright, Ron, 107 Fuller, Randy, 107 Fulmer, James, 133 Fulton, Fam, 66,96 G Gaines, Cary, 56,107,126,131 Galloway, Charles, 56 Ganaway, Neddie, 66 Gandl, Cheryl, 66 Garbeth, Pegi M., 127 G-arner, Larry David, 66,108 Gaston, Mina, 56 Gates, Mary Jane, 48 Gates, Ellen, 66 Gatliff, Jim, 66 Gatliff, Jim, 66 George, Carolyn, 66 Gentry, Melinda, 100 George, Rodney, 108 Gibbons, Jim, 66,140 Gibson, Dolly, 66 Gilchrist, Jan, 127 Gill, Alicia, 66 Gilmore, Rickie, 66 Givens, William, 66,140 Gladish, Anne, 56 Gleason, Robin, 66 Glover, Janet, 66.99 Godfrey, Lottie, 140 Godley, Phoebe, 66 Golden, Emmett Jr., 66 Golden, John, 66 Gonnelly, Mary, 66 Goodson, Paula, 56,127 Goodwater, Karen, 66,95 Goodwin, Elizabeth, 66,99,105 123 127 131 Goodwin. Randy, 66 Gordon, Jack, 56 Gore, Camellia, 66,100 Gore, Karen, 66,96 Gosnell, Wanda, 66 Grable, Randy, 66 Graddy, Debbie. 66 Graham, Bill, 66 Graham. Walter III, 66 Gran, William E., 48 Grant, Jim, 107 Gray, Diane, 66 G-ray, Ronnie. 108 Gray, Willie, 66 Green, Becky, 100 Green, Curt, 66 Green, Doug, 66 Green, Green, Gary, 108 Ginger, 66,99 G-reen, John, 66 Green, Mary, 127 Green, Green Mildred, 127 Rebecca 127 Greenleaf, Patricia, 66 Greenhaw, Steve, 56,107 Greer, Gail, 66 Greer, Pat, 66 Greer, Margaret, 127 Grever, Karl, 56 GreY, John W., 41 Griffin, Elvis, 67 Griffin, Martha, 67 Griffin, Terry G-riffith, Joe Curtis Jr., 67 Griffith, Mike, 67 Grigsby, Marsha, 67 Grigsby, Willie, 67 Grimes, Debbie, 67,94,109,123 Grissom. John, 140 Gross, Billy Ray, 67 Gross, Brenda Dian, 56 Grubbs, David, 126 Guenrich, Dean, 108,123 Guenrich, Jack D., 67 Gurley, Dana H Hadley, Bedford, 111 Hadui, Masstafa, 134 Hagerman, Barbara, 67 Haislip, Clifford H., 41 Hale, Gail, 56 Hall, Deborah, 67 Hall, Felicia, 56 Hall, James IH, 42,67 Hall, Melvin, 67 Hall, Michael, 67 Hegwood, Vivian T., 42 Heidt, Gary A., 51,133 Heim, Mary, 68 Heimer, Melody, 68 Heird, Mac A., 56 Hemphill, Mary Lou, 68 Henbest, Jerry, 56 Henderson, Doris, 68 Henderson, Fran, 68 Henderson, Jauan, 68,127 Henderson, Julie Hendricks, Kathy, 56 Hendricks, Nicholas R., 56 Henry, Don, 127 Henry, Donna, 68 Henry Henry , Jacquelyn, 68 , John, 108 Henry, Loretta, 68 Henry, Marguerite K., 44 Hensel, Gerald, 68 Hensley, Ron, 68 Hernd Hernd on, Jason, 108 on, Kay, 56 Hervey, Barbara, 68 Hervey, Beth, 95 Hester, Neyland, 26 Hickerson, Joe, 68 Hickman, Sue, 68 Hicks, Charles, 107 Hicks, Jim, 68,127 Highfill, Kathy, 68 Hightower, Donna, 127 Highley, Richard, 68 Hill, Debbie, 69 Hill J ohn 69 Hill, Mike, 69 Hill, Nancy, 127 Hill, Shirley, 42 Hill, William Jr. Hines, Billy, 69 Hines, Tyronza, 56 Hobby, Neila, 69 Hall, Melvin J. Hall, Robye, 56 Hall, Ron, 67 Hammer, Susan, 67,96 Hampton, Hal, 105 Hamric, Jim, 67 Hance, Gary, 67 Hancock, Debbie. 67 Hankins, Bill, 67 Hankins, Linda, 56 Hansberry, Shirley, 67 Hanson, Chester Jr.. 67 Harbison. Charles H., 48 Harden, Aundra, 67 Harde-r, Richard, 67.127 Hardin. Aundra. 69.99 Hardin, Richard, 141 Hardison, Jim. 100 Hardwick, John. 111 Hardy. Benjamin A., 39 Hari. Bruce. 131 Harkins, John Michael. 56 Harmon, Steve, 107 Harkins. John Michael, 56 Harper, Judy, 56.67.99 Hamel. John Allen. 67 Harris, Claudette. 56 Harris. Debbie. 67 Harris, Sedgwick, 67 Harrison, Carson. 140.141 Harrison. David L., 56 Harrison, Jan, 56 Harrison, Randall, 67 Hart, Don, 67 Hart, Jane, 67 Hart, Paul, 127 Hartzler. Linda. 67 Harvey, Jobe, 67 Harvey, Phil, 67.68 Harve . Vick 68.127,l34 Y Y- Harwell, Janet, 68 Haskins, Larrv. 67 Hawkins. Bobby. 68.127 Hawk, Robert, 67 Haynes. Steve. 68.153 Hays, Phil, 68 Health, Alan. 68 Heard. Ken. 108 Heemer. Melody.100 Hefley, Jackev. 68 Hefley, Ken, 68 Hefner, Dale, 39 Hefner , Ronny, 68,105 Hefton, Bob, 127 Hockensmith, David, 56 Hockensmith, Kaye, 69 Hodges, Barbara, 127 Hodges, Howard L., 48 Hodges, John R.. 48 Hodges, Phyllis, 69 Hogan, Rose, 133 Holbrook, Homer, 69 Holcomb, David, 105 Holicer, Paula, 69 Holland. George Holmes, Mary Katherine, 1 Holt, James, 69 Holt, James, 69 Hood, Louise, 69 Hooper, Bob, 153 Hooper, John, 69 Hooper, Johnny, 69 Hopkins, Steve, 69 Hopper, Russell, 69 Horness, Carol, 127 Horton, Danny, 69 Horton, Oscar, 69 Horton. Tom. 69 Howard, Debbie, 69 Howard, Lindalee. 69 Howell, Peggy, 69.99 Hubbard, Nancy, 69 Huddleston, Ed, 69 Hudspeth, Sharon. 69 Huey, Peggy, 69,100 Hughes, Bob, 69 Hughes, John Dr.. 41,111 Hughes, Larry, 69 Hulley. Jerry, 107 Hum, Viekey, 69 Humphry, Mike, 69 Huntsman, Roger, 56,126 Hurst, Joe W., 69 Hurt, Sheila, 69 Irish, Donn-a, 69 Irons, Scotty, 69 Jacks, Glenda, 56 00,111 Jackson, Harrison Houston, 140 Jackson, Mary, 69,99,127 Jackson, Mike, 70,108 Jacobsen, Richard, 70 Jacoway, J an, 70,99 Jacoway, Jo, 99 James, Margaret, 70 James, Rita, 56 James, Roy, 133 James, Tom, 133 Janske, Peggy, 56 Jansonius, Neal, 70 Jarraha, Morteza, 78,134 Jarrett, Charles P., 70 Jenkins, Deloris, 70 Jennings, Carol Ann, 70 Jennings, Carol, 127 Jernigan, Sandy, 99,127 Johnson, Barbara, 70 Johnson, Connie, 70 Johnson, Gail, 70 Johnson, Ginger, 70,127 Johnson, James, 70 Johnson, Kathy, 56 Jolmson, Keith, 70 Johnson, Linda Lee, 70 Johnson, Nathan, 105 Johnson, Rebecca, 44 Johnson, Sandra, 70 Johnson, Sidney B., 39 Jolmson, Susan, 70 Johnson, Sylvia, 111 Johnston, Danny, 107,141 Johnston, Mary Befth Johnston Johnston , Robert E., 51,132 Thomas, 70 Jones, Beverly Jones, Cameron D., 44 Jones, Cathy, 70 Jones, Connie, 70 Jones, Darrell, 105 Jones, .James E. CJayJ , 56 Jones, Jim, 70 Jones, Linda Kay, 70 Jones, Patricia, 70 Jones. Raymond, 70,113 Jones Rick. 70 Jones, Ronald. 70 Jones, Steve, 70 Jones, Teresa. 70 Jones, Tish, 42 Jorda n. Linda Louise. 70 Jungkind, Barbara. 70 K Kahlmann, Juan Kane, Betty, 70 Karseboom, George, 70 Kauffman, Joyce, 70 Kealer, Sydney, 127 Keanton, Mike, 133 Keegan. David T., 70 Keith, Steven, 70 Kelley, Mark, 71 Kelley, Kooter, 71 Kelly, Ervin, 71 Kemp, Jim, 71 Kendall, Linda Kcnnemur, Jim. 107 Kent, Dennis, 71 Keown, Royce Kerr, Gary, 71 Kerr, Ron, 71,127 Kessler, Rick, 107 Kessler, Warren, 41 Ketche-r, Kenny, 108 Kessler, Warren, 132 Key, Ramona, 71 Keys, Marilynn, 44 Kidd. Jim, 71 Kidd, Lane, 108 King, Joel, 71 King, .ludy, 71 King, Margaret. 127 Kinney, Baird, 71 Kirby, Carol, 71 Kirby, Georgia, 71 Kitchens, John, 71 Kitchens, Paul, 71 Knight, Brig, 71 Knight, Mike, 71 Knutson, Brent, 44 Kopf, Jerry, 71 Kopf, Mike, 127 Korehbandi, Mansour, 134 Kraus, Jackie, 71 Kraus, Kerry, 71 Kreikemeier, Lu, 57 Krzyzostanski, Linda. 71. Kuehner, Cheryl, 71 Kuespert. Melissa, 71 Kumpe, Chuck, 71,105 Kumpuris, Maria, 71 Kushmaul, John, 71 L Lacy, Verna, 71 Lagrossa, Leslie, 71,96 Lagrossa, Virginia, 96 Lamb, Don, 71 Lancaster, Betty, 71 Landers, Michael, 71 Landers, Steve, 71 Lane, Beth, 71 Lane, Julie, 71 Lassieur, Edouard. 71 Lavasque, Kathy, 71 Lawrence. Jeff, 108,131 Lazenby, Larry, 57 Leathers, Tim, 108 LeCroy, Tommy, 71 Ledbetter, Calvin R.. 51,111 Lee, Charles, 71 Lee, Jackie E., 71 Lee, Mike, 71 Len, Roy, 153 Leslie, William, 71 Leveringston, Oscar, 71 Leveritt, Alan Dale, 71 Leveritt, Joyce, 71 Levey, Robert W.. 39 Lazenby, Larry, 57 Levy, Nancy, 71 Lewellyn, Robbie, 71 Lewis, Corine, 71 Lewis, Cynthia, 40,127 Lewis, Jennifer, 127 Lewis, Ronald, 71 Lilly, Sammy, 71 Lilly, Sharon, 71 Linae, Mark, 140 Linder, Steve, 72.108 Lindsey, Albert .l., 72 Lindsey, Larry, 72 Lindsey, Minnie, 57 Linebarger, Ann. 72.99 Linz, Mike, 72 Little, Clyde Jr., 72 Littlefield. Daniel E.. 44,133 Litwa. Michael, 72 Liwood. David, 41 Lockard. Sara, 41 Loftis, Benny, 108 Loftis, Edwin, 72 Lofton, Berdina. 72 Lofton. Vertina. 72 Long, Richa-rd. 72 Looney. Jim, 72 Lord, Carol, 57 Lorenz. Bill. 105 Lowe, Sherry. 57 Lord, Fred. 72 Louks. Becky. 72 Lowe, Crsula Holmes. 140 Lowe. Mary Louise, 51 Loyd, Betty, 72 Lucas, Lawrence. 72 Lukas, Ronald, 72 Luster. Shirley, 71 Lynn. .lim Lynn, Richard. 105 Mc McA1eb, John, 57 MeAuley. John, 133 McBee. Teddy, 72 McBride, Wayne, 57 McCarty, Bran, 57 McChristian, Beverly, 127 McCarthy, Kathleen. 96,111 McCluskey, Diana, 72 McCord, Millie, 127 McComber, Richard, 72 McCool, Melanie, 72,99,127 McCormick, Don, 72 McCoy, Cindy, 72 McCoy, Gene G., 39,126 McCoy, Vicky, 126 McCu1lum. Daniel, 48 McDaniel, Roy McDonald, Nancy, 72 McDonald, Peggy, 72 McD'orman, Karen, 72 McDorman, Reggie, 72 McElroy, Constance, 141 McGee, Lyla, 57 McGee, Newmanc, 42 McGraw, Larry, 108 McGuire, John B., 42 Mclntosh, Sandra, 72 McKimmey, Vicki, 72,127 McKinstry, Mark, 72,107 McKissack, Sherrie, 72 McLemore, Janet, 123 McMullen, Dixie, 72 McMurtry, Gary, 108 McMurry, Linda. 72 McNeill, Carol, 72 McNew, Deborah. 126 McPl1erson. Joel Jr., 72 McQuade, Mary, 100 McYVi1liams, Ronnie, 72 M Ma, Er-Chieh, Dr., 111 Mack, Diane, 72 Maglothin, Danny, 108 Mahfouz, Happy, 42 Mains, Marcia, 72 Malone, Mary, 100.105.1211 31 hlanne Pat 72105 ya Y 7 Marak, Jan, 72,99 Martin, Beverly, 100 Martin Charlie, 72 Maninl David, 72 Martin Harriet 72.127 Martin: Inez, 39 Martin, Joel, 72 Martin Martin Marsh, , John, 72 , Mary Jane, 72 Charles, 72 Mashburn, Larry, 133 Massa, Massa, Bill, 72 Harvey, 57 Matheny, Debbie, 72,140 Mathews, Ann, 72 Mathews, Brenda, 72 Mathews, Johnye E.. 44 Mathews. Steve, 72 Mathis, Billy Jr.. 57 Manhe Manhe ws, Clarence 11, 72 ws, Sara Key, Mattox, Cleo B., 39 Mattox, Mike Maxwell, David, 133 May, Cary, 72 May, Janet, 72.99 Ma Trisha 72 Y- , Mayfield, Jerry. 72,153 Mays, Carole. 57 Mays, R. A.. 72 Mazzanti, David, 126 Medlock, Gerry Robbins, Medlock. Lesa. 94,131 Melton, Paul, 73 Menear, Cail, 73 Mercer, Chester. 39 Mercer. Louis. 73 Merck, Mike, 107 Methaney, Debbie. 141 Middleton, Mike. 57,127 Milam, Jim, 73 Milam. Jimmy, 73 Miles, Bill, 57.126 Miles, John, 73 Miller, Carol. 73 Miller, Jackie. 73 Miller, .lohn, 73 Miller, Larry Miller, Nancy. 73 Miller, Phil, 73 M'illirons, Al, 73 Mills, Dennis, 57 Mills, Melinda, 99 Minick. Phyllis, 73 Minicozzi, Tony, 73,140 Minor, Alan, 73 Minor, John Wallace, 73 Mitcham, Eddie, 73 Mitchelle, Brenda. 126 Mitchell, Elaine, 73 Mitchell, Jeannette, 73 Mitchell, Paula, 73 73 Mizelle, Joe, 133 Moheb, Hooshang, to ..., Moix, Pam, 73 Moix, Paula, 73 Monroe, Lance, 57 Montague, James, 41 Montgomery, Donna, 94 Montgomery, Doug, 73 Montgomery, Moody, Mike, Mooningham, Moore, Carol, Moore, Carol, Moore, Ethel, Moore, Garry, Monroe, 73 73 Thomas E., 126 73 73 73 73 Morehead, Clai, 73 Morgan, Cindy, 57,111 Morgan, James, 126 Morgans, Leland F., 51 Morris, Bob, 108 Morris, Johnny, 73 Morris, Pat, 127 Morris, Sandi, 73 Morrow, Larry, 126 Morton, Lacey, 57 Moseley, Richard, 74 Moseley, Sarah Jane, 74,9 Mosley, Blenda, 73,127 Mourning, Randy, 107 Motley, Carol, 74 Mourot, William, 74 Mullin, Beverly, 74 Mullins, Dr. David W., P Munsey, Becky, 74,94,127 rvsidr 9.127 Munsey, David, 108 Munson, Alice Ann, 44 Murphree. Jimmy, 57 Murphy, Katherine. 74.99.105 Musick. Stanley. 57 N N augher, Henry, 126 Nall, Melinda, 74 Neal, Rod, 133 Neal, Rodney D., 39.126 Neal, Steve, 74 Nelson, Anne, 74 Nelson, Bubba, 108,153 Nelson, James, 74 Nelson, Gwendolyn. 57 Nelson, Ruth, 74 Nesbett, James, 74 Nevens, Robert, 74 Newby, Mike, 74 N ewson, Kay Newton, Rica, 74 Nickells, Susan, 57 Nichols, Joe, 74 Nichols, John T., 74 Nigus, Jane Annette, 95,140 Nissly, Maj. Mary Belle, 141 Noble, Vicki, 74.99 Norton, Earl, 113,141 Norwood, Gwendolyn, 57 Nordengtan, Tom, 74 Nunn, Rita, 57 Nutt, Harriet. 57 Nutt, Sandy, 57,120 Nycum, lVl'ikr'. 74- Nye, Steve, 74 Nye, Steve. 108 O Oakley, Mr. Fred, 26 Oakley, Tommy, 108 Olberts, Sharon, 74,99,105.131 Oats, Janet, 74 Oates, Freddie, 105 Ogden, Bennie, 51 Oglesby, Paul, 153 Olive, John, 74 Oliver, Joan Omar, Asad, 48 Orgain, Debbie, 74,94 Osborne, Fred, 108 Osment, Charles, 111,123 Overstreet, Linda, 111 Owen, Pamela, 74 Owens, Sherman, 74 Owings, Richard, 74 Owings, Williaxii A.. 51 '11 P Page, Ervin, 74 Pack, Mark, 107 Paige, Thomas, 74 Pal, Agaton P., 51,111 Palmer, Dorothy, 57 Parham, Susan, 74 Parker, Carolyn, 57 Parker, Dave, 107 Parker, Melissa, 57 Parks, Jane, 74 Parmar, Bhailalbhai Narsinhbhai, 74 Parrish, Dave Parson, Maryavis P., 44,111 Patterson, James, 74 Pearrow, Ron Peal, Sarah, 100 Peek, Eddie, 105 Phillips, Jane, 57 Peeples, Jimmy, 74 Pence, David, 74 Pennington, Betty, 127 Pennington, Bob, 75 Perkins, Bonnie, 75 Perkins, Hugh, '75 Perkins, James, 75 Perryman, William R., 41 Person, Joyce, 127 Perry, Phu, 126 Pharr, Diana, 75 Phelps, Ronald B., 75 Phillips, Bob, 75 Phillips, Kathy, 75 Phillips, Mary, 75 Phillips, Pamela, 75 Pickworth, Douglas P., 133 Pickworth, Esther, 51 Piggee, Lester, 75 Pilcher, Doug, 75 Pilkington, Pat, 75 Pinckard, Billy, 75 Pine, Sue Mrs., 26 Pippin, John N. III, 75 Pittman, Jerry Don, 75,108 Pless, Alice, 75 Plummer, Robert, 75 Poole, Jim, 75 Pope, Mary A., 107 Pope, Richard, 57,107 Pope, Thomas, 75,107 Porter, Cathy, 132 Porter, David, 75 Poteete, Bobbie, 75 Pounds, Alan, 75 Powell, Celeste, 75 Powell, Ruth C., 39 Prewitt, H. Norvellc, 57 Price, Dennis, 133 Price, Joe, 75 Price, Larry, 75,132 Prickett, Pam, 75,99 Pridgen, Patricia, 75 Prince, Bill, 76 Prince, Larry, 57 Prince, Patricia, 57 Prior, Richard M., 49,111 Pryor, Lavon, 76 Puckett, James, 76,133 Purtle, Damaris.. 76 Purtle, Larry, 76 Purtle, Rick E., 140 Pyle, Barbara, 76 Q Quarles, Loudine. 76 Quinn, Carolyn, 76 Quinn, Robert, 76 R Radtke, Thomas, 76 Rains, Sam, 126 Raney, Daryl, 76,108 Raney, Floyd, 76 Ransom, Rick, 76 Ratliff, Henry, 76 Ratliff, Pam, 76 Ratcliff, Sandy, 76 Ravellette, Burt, 76,113,141 Rawn, Bob, 76 Ray, Dorothy, 76 Ray, Gary, 76 Raymond, B. Robbins, 39 Reaves, Charles Eugene Jr., Reaves, Mary, 127 Rector, Bob, 76 Reed, David, 76 Reed, Minta, 76 Reed, Vickie, 100 Reddick, Brenda, 76 Reddig, Carl, 76 Redd, Diane, 57,96,127 Reynolds, Trisha, 76 Reneau, Robert, 76 Rhodes, Beverly, 76 Richards, Tim, 140 Riddling, Donald, 76 Riley, Carol, 133 Riley, Mark, 76 Ring, Bobby, 57,108 Risk, Charles M., 76 Risser, Stan, 57 Rivenbark, Grover, 76 Roach, Dennis, 126 Roachell, Richard, 123 Robb, Don, 126 Robbins, Margi, 76 Roberts, Raymond, 57 Roberts, Jimmy, 141 Roberts, Timothy, 57 Roberts, Rodney, 76 Robertson, Betty, 58 Robertson, Billy, 76 Robertson, Carl, 76 Robertson, Jim, 108 Robertson, Marilyn, 76 Roberson, Claude 0. Rohey, Debbie, 76 Robinson, Answorth, 58 Robinson, Henry, 58 Robinson, Linda, 76 Robinson, Nancy, 76 Rodgers, James, 77 Rodned, Long, 57 Rodriqucz, 100 Rogers, lda A., 41 Rogers, Jeff, 77, 108 Rogers, Patty, 127 Rogers, Richard, 77 Roles, Vonna, 77 Rorie, Ramona, 58 Rose, Jim, 77 Rossi, Amy, 77,99 Ross, Frances M., 51 Ross, Jane, 77,100 Ross, Ken, 58 Roth, Lucy, 77 Rothstein, Richard, 77 Rountree. Chuck, 77 Routon, Ralph, 77 Ruffiner, Steve, 58 Ruiz, Alicia, 58 Rule, John, 58 Ruple, Cheryl, 77 Ruple, Curtis. 77 Ruple, Jack, 77 Rushing, Elizabeth J., 44 Russell, David, 77 Russell, Phillip, 77 Russell, Sharon. 71 Russell, Richard, 77 Rynning, Lois, 41 S Sanders, Richard, 58,107 Savage, Lori, 99 Sawrie, Martha, 94 Scarbrough, Dolores, 77,127 Schmeckenbecher, Harold, 7 Schoemaker, Charlotte, 77 Schuh, Lloyd, 126 Scott, Katie, 77 Scott, Nick, 77 Scott, Roy L., 77 Scruggs, Crickett. 96 Seeger, Susan, 127 Setliff, Frank L., 49 Setzler, Mark, 77,127 Shamel, Tom, 77 Shannon, Alan, 77 Shannon, Debra. 111 Sharkey, Jim, 77 Shaver, James Howard, 77 Shaw, Charles L., 58 Shaw, Elbert Bernard, 77 Shaw, Gary, 77 76,127 7 Shaw, Michael F., 58 Sheffield, Ron, 58 Shier, Carol Shelton, Linda, 77 Shelson, Carol, 42 Sherlin, Freda, 77 Sherman, Betty, 58,133 Sherman, Erick L., 58,133 Sherman, Marie, 133 Sherrill, Peter T., 51 Sherrod, Harriett, 77,127 Shipp, Phillip, 71 Shivers, Bob, 58 Shmolevitz, Mordechai, 58 Shoemaker, Carolyn, 58,95 Shotts, Dewitt, 77 Shotts, Mack, 58,133 Shull, Ralph B., 39,133 Shurmantine, John Siever, Cathey, 58 Simmons, Debbie, 77 Simmons, Linda, 58 Simpson, Jimmy, 123 Simpson, Johnny, 77 Simpson, Karen, 94 Sims, Sheila, 77 Sims, Willie, 77 Sinclair, Clarence, 50 Sinky, William M., 77 Sitzler, Judith, 58,133,140 Skipworth, Gary Don, 77 Slade, Ken, 77 Slate, Buddy, 77 Smith, Carolyn A., 77 Smith, Ciathy, 127 Smith, Cindy, 77 Smith, Cori, 140 Smith, Darrel, 77 Smith, Debbie, 77 Smith, Frank, 133 Smith, Gary, 108 Smith, Ginger, 77 Smith, Glynn, 77 Smith, Harold T., 111 Smith, Jerald, 77 Smith, Jessie Frank, 77 Smith, John Pierre, 77 Smith, Max, 77 Smith, Mike, 105 Smith, Nita, 77 Smith, Pam, 77 Smith, Randy, 105 Smith, Sharon, 78 Smith, R. L., 133 Smith, Roy, 127 Smith, Wanda, 78 Sneed, Bill, 78 Sneed, Larry, 58 Snow, Jane, 78 Snyder, Erick, 78 Snyder, Mac, 108 Sommerfelt, Carol. 133 Sontag, Harvey, 78 Souheaver, Gary, 78 Spann, Paul, 78 Spears, Michael, 78 Spencer, Richard R., 58 Speck, Mike, 108 Spencer. Stephen G., 58 Spillyards, Jeff, 78,153 Spillyards, Joey, 153 Spotwood, D. Spradley, Mary, 111 Springhorn, Jackie, 94,123 Sproles, Tommy, 78 Stabler, Dr. Carey V.. Cha Stainton, Brenda, 127 St. Clair, Charle, 108 Stahlkopf, Elmer, 133 Stancil, Deborah Kay, 78 Stanley, Beverly, 78,127 Stanley, Bill, 126 Starnes, Stephanie, 78 Stathakis, Pete, 78 Steele, Charlie, 78 Steele, Dennis, 78 Stegall, Phillip, 58 Stephens, Betty Jo-, 42 Stephens, Clay, 71 Stephens, Howard, 43 Stewart, Charles T., 58 Stewart, Debbie, 140,141 Stewart, Mathew R., 58 Stone, Ron, 78 Stout, Russell, 58 Stone, Steve, 108 ncellor, 24,25 Stratton, John D., 44 Stratton, Marcia, 58 Styles, Michael, 78 Sublett, Janalee, 78 Sugg, Don, 78 Suitt, Bennie, 78 Suksiri, Monsonti fPau1l , 78 Sullivan, Mike, 111 Sullivan, Tim, 78 Sullivan, William, 44 Sumners, Sidney Jr., 78,107 Williams W Sutton, Julia, 140 Swain, Julie, 100 Swatski, Dorothy, 41 Swaty, David, 78 Swilloy, Roger, 78 Swinford, Barbara, 78 Switzeb, Susan, 94 Swyder, Eric, 105 T Tadlock, Bill, 126 Tackett, Mattie, 78 Talley, Cevesa, 78 Tanner, Brenda Joyce, 78 Taylor, Deborah, 78 Taylor, Heber, 44 Taylor, Lawrence, 126 Taylor, Rick, 78 Taylor, Robert Lee, 78 Taylor, Robert P., 78 Teague, Randy, 108 V Van Dyke, Roger, 59,123 Van Haltern, Jon, 79 Van Rossum, Alice, 79 Vandever, Bill, 107 Vandever, Jim Vandiever, Danna, 140 Vandiver, Monty, 79 VanZandt, Angela, 79 Vaughan, Marty, 79 Vaughan, Robert, 79 Vault, George E., 59 Veatch, Margaret C., 39.111 Velez, Debbie, 79 Verheul, Doug, 59,133 Vinson, Lanette Keith, 79 Virden, Kelton, 79 Vogler, Steve, 153 Volpert, Rose Ann, 59,127 Vos, Calvin Jr., 79 Voss, Gloria, 79,99 Vowell, Wanda, 79 Waddell, David, 79 Waggener, Charles 79 Wahlquist, Diane, 79 Wahlquist, Debra, 79 Walden, Mary Ellen. 79 Walden., Stephen, 79 Waldrof, Ray Thibault, Felix, 78 Tidmore, Lorene, 78 Tillery, Lanny, 78 Tillery, Phyllis, 78 Tillery, Ralph, 127 Tilley, Lany, 58,133,153 Timm, Jonathan, 58 Tinsley, Rebecca Tippen, Roachelle, 140 Walker, Artis Walker, Janice, 79,127 Walker, Joan, 79,127 Walker, John, 59 Walker, Robert H. 111, 79 Walton, JoAnn, 79 Walters, Ronald, 127 Thompson Cheryl, 131 Thompson, Doug, 78,126 Thompson, Charles, 126 Thompson, Gary, 127 Thompson, Harold, 51 Thompson, Jean Thompson, John, 78 Thompson, Julie, 44.99 Thomas, Margaret. 78 Thompson, Nita, 78 Thompson, Patricia, 78 Thompson, Traftin, 78 Thornton, Bob, 58,126 Thrasher, William, 78 Threlkeld, Brenda, 78 Thurman, Mike, 126 Tolbert, Robert Noel, 49 Tomayko, Andrea, 58 Toombs, Nancy, 78,96 Torbctt, John F., 42,153 Townsend, Karon, 78 Townsend, Marshall, 58,113 Tracy, Linda, 78 Treadway, Yvonne, 78 Trice, Judy, 59 Trotter, Laura, 78 Trusheil, John, 58 Trotter, Pam, 78 Tucker, Don, 78 Tucker, Ray, 108 Tullos, John, 79 Turnbow, Jeanne, 79,100,131 Turner, Janice, 79 Turner, Richard, 153 Turner, Sam, 153 Turns, Joy, 127 Tums, Tom G., 42 Tussey, Dale M., 79 Uhiren, Peggy, 79 Underwood, Joyce M., 58,111,127 Underwood, Linda, 79 Walters, Phyllis, 51,111 Waller, Mildred, 79 Wammock, Kathy, 99 Wanger, Louise, 79,140 Ward, Carolyn, 79 Ward, John, 59 Ward, Ralph, 59 Warmack, Donald L., 41 Warmack, Margaret C., 41 Warren, J. O., 108 Warren, James fMedrickl , Warren, Karen, 79 Washington, Lloyd Jr., 79 Watson, Nadine, 79 Watson, Robert L., 51 Watson, Sandra, 80 Watson, Freddie, 49 Watkins, Vickie, 79 Watkins. Robert. 59 Waybright, Vanie, 80 Weatherford, Bill, 59,140 Weatherford, Glenda, 80 Weaver. Charles, 59 Webb, Bill, 141 Webb, Harry, 105 Webb, Hary, 131 Webb, Mary, 80 Webb, Spider. 108 Webb, Toni, 80 Welch, Gary, 80 Wells, Andrew, 80 Wells, Diana, 59.127 Wells, James, 133 West. Mike Westbrook, Rudy, 80.153 Weyres, James B., 49,111 Weidman. Elizabeth, 80,96 Weisenfels. Dennis, 80 White, Alvin, 80 White, Bill, 80 White, Ernest H., 39 White, Janet, 80 White, Londell, 80 White, Paul, 80 White, Prudence, 80 Whitten, Linda, 127 Whitener, Teddie, 127 59 Whittington, Dana, 127 Whitwell, Stephen, 80 Wiggins, James W., 49,132 Wiggins, Ralph, 80,127 Wiginton, Joe, 80,123 Wilburn, Barbara, 80 Wilks, Randy, 80 Willbanks, Bobbie, 80 Williams, Alan, 80 Williams, Becky, 80 Williams, Doris Williams, Fred, 51 Williams, Jacklynn, 80 Williams, Janice, 80 Williams, Jolm, 127 Williams Lawrence Williams f Lillian, so Williams, Louise, 80 Williams, Margaret, 99 Williams , Ralph D., 81 Williams, Rodger on, J. H. A., 108 Williamson, Rita, 81 Williamson, Shea, 131,153 Willis, Steven, 81 Willis, William, 81 Wilmott. Skipper, 81 Wilson , Clifton, 81 Wilson, Jackie Ann, 140 Wilson, Jerry, 81 Wilson, Jim, 107 Wilson, John, 81 Wilson, Lavona Wingfield, Bill, 133 Wingfield, David, 107 Winn, Mike, 81 Winston, Greg, 81 Winston, Winston, 81 Wimberly, Pam Wimberly. West Withers, Calvin Withers, Frederick, 81 Wirt, Cindy, 81 Wold, Donald C., 49,111 Wolfe, Eugene Wood, Mike, 81 Wood, Tom Woodall, Joy, 81 Woods, Bill Woods, James Woods, Tom, 59 Wooldrilge. Linda Woolford, Betsy, 132 Woolridge. Linda. 96 Wools, Debbie, 81 Wooten, Sandy, 81 Wright, Clifford, 81 Wright, David, 81 Wright, Elaine. 81 Wright, Gary, 81 Wright, Judy, 81 Wright, Pamela, 81 Wyatt, George Wyble, Lin, 81,96 Y Yang, Dominc, 49 Yarbrough, Rebecca, 81 Yawn, Janet, 127 Yazza, Tracey, 81 Yeargain, Shari, 81,100,140 Yepey, LeVon Payne, 111 York, Marlin, 81 Young, Bill, 81 Young, Eddie, 51 Young, Karen, 81 Young, Mary Ellen, 81 Young, Raymond, 81 Young, Virgil, 81 Younts, Bob, 123 Z Zandt, Angela Van, 81,99 Ziegler, Bobby, 81 Ziegler, Jack, 81 Our sincere appreciafion for your aid in Huis publlcafion: SVVCJPE ADVERTISING ACEEINICIY IIXICZ. 7516 CANTRELL ROAD LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72207 4- R Wayne Bolick Commercial Phofographer 7503 Briarwood-663-0040-Lirile Rock. Ark. 72205 John Webb Phofographer Adveriising. Candid Weddings, Ouidoor Poriraiis 34 Cimarron Cr.-225-4475-Liiiie Rock, Ark. Click Photography Studio 2Ol Wesi' l8+h S+. Norih LiH'le Rock, Arkansas 72I I4 James Jackson Phofographer Siudio 753-6400 Home 753-7807 Porirairs, Commercial. Weddings Pholography Credils Wayne Bolick Alan Blaylock John Webb James Jackson J. O. 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H. Thornlen, Mrs. Mall Callway, Sleve Hicks, David Benbrook, Mr. Richard Dixon, Mr. Julius Smilh, Doug McDaniel, Pegi 84 Dennis McNeill, Larry Price, Wulu, Sunny Marlin, George Jennings, Mac Sholls, Roberl Kennedy, Dick Collman, Don Lamb, Rick English, Janice Bunch, Mark Hesler. Mr. Frank Campbell, Linda Burlon, Tommy Charles, Phil Miller, Lacy Morlon, Slan Musick, Ron Fulbrighl, George Walker, Mr. Jim Nabors, Pompidou, Clyde Davis, Wayne 84 Marie, Mr. Roy Sharp, Mr. Louis Duelmer, Warren Jones, Wayne Bledsoe, Mrs. Tommie Bolick, Harriell, Jim McElmurry, Charles Thompson, Gary Finley, Bob Dewall, Dennis Price, Mr. James Smally, Val- -arie Pace, Rodger Williams, Dr. Dudley Beard, LWH, Mr. Sam Jones, Joe Binz, Jerry Hudgens, Connie Pace, T. G. l. Eriday's, Ron Shellield, Swope Adverlising, Grelchen Elsken, T. D. Kelly, Peggy Huey, Richard Lynn, Mary Malone. Rick McComber, Larry Prince, Pal Prince, David Harrison, Bek Kaiser, Rick 84 Aggie Broyles, Jim Murphee, Sandy Null, Paul Craig, Charlie Marlin, KAAY, Rodney Worlhinglon, Ping Pong, Roseann Mil- chell, Mr. Jack Diner, Mary Hullman, USPS, Nale Calhoun, Early Times, Vernon McClain, Seven-Up, Mrs. Joy Broach, LJL, Greg Winslon, Pal Manney, Harry Webb, Mrs. Anderson, Don Haley, Ken Dickson, people al Hurley, Bobby, Belly Smilh, Chel Dauberl and Sue Bunch. This was The year we Tried To up'daTe The yearbook and unlike many colleges noT copy IasT year's book, which was a copy oT The book beTore ThaT, which was a copy oT The previous book. WriTing a new book is in iTseIT a monsTrous underTaking and we iusT didn'T have The work-Torce To do iT. There were Times This year when I was very proud To be associaTed wiTh The yearbook and wanTed To Tell everyone abouT iT. And There were Times when 'I wanTed To walk ouT of ThaT oTTice and TorgeT The pubIicaTion even exisTed. I apologize To The sTudenTs Tor iTs IaTe arrival. UnTiI sTu- denTs are paid or compensaTed wiTh semesTer hours Tor working on The sTaTT, only Two or so sTudenTs will conTinue To be Torced To do The bulk oT The work and The book will be laTe as in previous years. The lure oT a paying iob in Town iusT overcomes The sTaTT members who are geTTing noThing Tor working on The book. IT would seem ThaT by now someone over in The John A. Larson AdminisTraTion Building would have realized sTudenTs aren'T going To puT ouT all ThaT Time working on p'ubIicaTions when The Time can be used working on a paying iob. I am sorry The book was censored. Censorship is supposed To be againsT school publicaTions policy, and The censored word is more commonly used Than 'golly gee'. AT IeasT we didn'T Tollow suiT wiTh counfless universiTies - and high schools - and include nudes in The book. To all The adminisTraTors we inTerviewed, we iusT didn'T have The people To process The inTerviews. BuT Thanks Tor your cooperaTion. Some oT us have a greaTer undersTanding of your posiTions in running This universiTy and I wish we could have given This To The sTudenTs. Thank you Mr. Walker Tor all The help' you gave us and Thank you people aT I-Iurley Tor your paTience and The Tine workmanship in The publishing oT This book. To all you who sTarTed on The sTaTT and couIdn'T conTinue because ol: work, Thanks Tor whaT you conTribuTed. To Those who made promises and didn'T keep Them, well lies does have iTs disappoinTmenTs. Frank and Rick D., had There been iusT Two more like you There isn'T much ThaT would have been impossible Tor us. Thank you very much Tor your dedicaTion and all The Time you gave To This publicaTion. Alan and John, Thanks aren'T enough. I'm convinced There could have been no Two beTTer phoTograp'hers or Triends. You didn'T sTop aT being phoTographers, buT planned -and did so much oT The producTion oT The book. Wayne, I don'T know why in The world you puT up wiTh us! BuT you, more Than any oTher person, are The one who makes The UALR yearbook possible, wiTh your always exceIIenT phoTog- raphy and sound advice. IT's iusT incredible. Thank you. Pegi, Jerry B., Tommy, KaTie, Jerry lvl. and Paul, Thanks Tor everyThing you did and Thanks Tor The Tun. KaThy, Pam, Charles, Mark and Jack, Thanks Tor your con- TribuTions, They are deeply appreciaTed. Dr. Taylor, Thank you Tor The advice and concern. We were very TorTunaTe To have you as our advisor. Good luck on nexT years book, you've really goT some greaT ideas Tor iT. Rick E., whaT can I say To you. Regardless oT The verbal campaign you waged againsT us, whaT does iT maTTer To us or anyone else. AchievemenT is accomplished by work done noT iusT Talked abouT. BuT Thanks Tor whaT you did. There are many areas oT This book ThaT made The long hard grind worThwhiIe, noTably noT requiring The men To wear suiTs in Their mugs, and The addiTion oT The LiTe secTion. I can'T say ThaT l'm sorry iT's over. ATTer having worked on The sTaTT Two years and seeing whaT The ediTors were up againsT, I have no idea why I volunTeered Tor The iob. When we weren'T worrying abouT who we were going To geT To do whaT There were IoTs of good Times. The pizzas, The people we meT, The Tree season passes To Oakland, The whiTe mice we kepT in The old SenaTe baIIoT box, The aquarium, our oTTice we had To deTend when oThers Tried To Take iT, all The rappin' and such ThaT wenT on in ThaT oTTice, The Trips To convenTions, The phoTos we couIdn'T p'rinT, eTc. were Tun. And now Frank has some greaT ideas Tor a new concepT in yearbooks never beTore Tried in Arkansas. BesT oT luck, Frank. And I've goT To geT To work on ThaT Thing everyone makes such a big Tuss abouT, The old college degree, plus a social IiTe To revive. I-lappy Trails, AWWA EdiTor The I972 UALR yearbook, Volume 44, was prinTed in a volume of 2,500 copies by an oTTseT liThoqraphy process in 288 paqes ol: 80 pound embossed enamel paper aT Camden, Arkansas, by The Hurley Yearbook Company. The cover was manuTacTured by Universal Com- pany oT San AnTonio, Texas. STudenT and TacuITy porTraiTs were Taken by Davis STudio OT BenTon, Arkansas, All oTher phoToqraphy is The work of UALR sTu- denTs and Mr. Wayne Bolick. The body Type is IO poinT Vogue Regular wiTh capTions ancl index in 8 poinT. Heads are 24 poinT Tempo Bold. 285 BUT as he descended The hill, a sadness came upon him, and he ThoughT in his hearT: How long shall 'I go in peace and wiThouT sorrow? Nay, noT wiThouT a wound in The spiriT shall I leave This ciTy. Long were The days oT pain I have spenT wiThin iTs walls, and long were The nighTs oT aloneness: and who can deparT Trom his pain and his aloneness wiThouT regreT? Too many TragmenTs of The sp'iriT have I scaTTered in .These sTreeTs, and Too many are The children of my longing ThaT wall: naked among These hills, and I cannoT wiThdraw Trom Them wiThouT a burden and an ache. IT is noT a garmenT I casT oTT This day. IouT a slcin ThaT I Tear wiTh my own hands. Nor is iT a ThoughT I leave behind me, buT a hearT made sweeT wiTh hunger and wiTh ThirsT. The PropheT me ,.,.,... T --- -at-e -. ., , . -few., f... M. . ,,,,,,,, ,, ,. 'N' 'W' H N 'L .2i.,,-- fia.. 1' sy ,sw .. W . -I 11- ,.s15,,. I -A,, I --,,,.W' , H I , ,s . gg ,N -2 ,L , , wwf 1 ,,,. ss- -V .-'.- . ' " """" 4 ' ,Ms i , ,,,,,,, . ,,,,- ff,gl,,,. . ,J ,Ms-1-1, .. mm. , A .U .. M.,- -tuwm I A wr A K gkkk , .. ,. i K ,,.- . - W My I ,,:. H, f , ' ' " ' ww ---f W: ' 'T f , 1 , ---Tv1,4g, m.s.... K g -Q--Q W ,ww V- ,: ' ' ..... 'ti - ws, f- M s V ,L..-M. 1 ' in .,,L,..f-Iii-w ' c..-e are A ...H I . . , , w. 3 - ,, A .,f,., - ,c,,,,m 'eff " I T., .gg-.-.Aw-es., A M. fwf. Ww- A -K 'Q f ,M Wg 3 Qc, L J A19 Y " 5nr:.,b Qu! 4' W' 'A 1 f 'H s,, 4v? f:?iFQ,2 bv! 'S-if . 0 'NJA I 4 .U f" ,, 4 APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT LITTLE ROCK Please complete this application and return it to the ADMISSIONS OFFICE, UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT LITTLE ROCK. A medical examination report is required of all first time applicants, A NON--REFIINDABLE 55.00 FEE MUST ACCOMPANY THIS APPLICATION. NEW FRESHMEN APPLICANTS: High school seniors should apply for admission after February l of the senior year. Have your principal mail a seventh semester transcript directly to the Admissions Office at UALR and a supplementary transcript after you have graduated. ENTRANCE EXAMINATION: The ACT or SAT-CEEB is required of all beginning freshmen. These scores should be forwarded to the Admissions Office at UALR. If you have not taken the required examination, contact the Director of Testing at UALR for information. TRANSFER APPLICANTS: Have the Registrar .at each institution of higher learning that you have attended or where you have registered send a transcript of your work directly to the Admissions Office at UALR. This must be done regardless of whether credit is desired or not desired. VETERANS: Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces should present their V.A. Certificates of Eligibility to the UALR Veterans, Affairs Office. oo Nor WRITE HERE PLEASE PRINT Ill 2 Legal Narne,----mv-7 --H-A- A--M-W-mn-W-W, kAA--- u-,,m-,m-,--- --,,---,---u,,,,wh-v,,- 2 Udagty QFI1-50 I Middle or Maidenl 3 Permanent Residence Address A--mm---I--www -----H---A-im 4--A---H ,N,vHt-,---------- CNumberJ fStreetJ 4 5 CCityJ fCountyJ T ' cszafei tZip coaei 6 15 Date of Birth g - Q 'Place ofBirth D , 7 CMo,E fDayJ iYearJ fCityJ fStateJ 8 3 Race: White CU Negro Q21 A Other C31 -M Religion 9l-.- 4 Sex: Male Q17 h Female C25 A -Q Social Security Number W - io I 5 Marital Status: Single ill -------7Married IZJ Divorced C31 --Widowed C41 11 12 Name of Parent or Legal Guardian H- - U- Q- - 13 7 . -8"-T' Residence Address - 14 CNumber and Streetl fCityl tStatey CCountyJ 15.. .. 3 Name of High School from which You Graduated 16 H Address of High School W- g.-- Date of Graduation - K u 171 .. tCityj fsmey cMomhJ Wear? is 19 RESIDENCE INFORMATION 201..i.. All except bona fide residents of Arkansas must pay a non-resident fee in addition to registration fees, A 21 student under 21 years of age whose parents, or parent with whom he resides, or- his legal guardian with 1 - whom he resides, live outside the state and who has not resided in Arkansas for a continuous period of 12 22 months immediately prior to registering shall be classified as a non-resident. A student registering under ' this condition cannot attain resident status for educational purposes while attending any institution of 23 higher education in the state. A person in the Armed Forces, or his wife or minor children, whose legal residence is Arkansas shall not lose resident status while serving outside the state. 24 l . . . 25 6Res1dent C11 --wg --,Q-MW Non-Resident Q29 WW-Y-' wk-- Foreign C35 -n-w-----Y A----W-W--m Country of Citizenship, if not U. S. Citizen gg WA, in ,,ivi W -H,--- - i,,,, -,.,,-Liv,-----,Y I r' 'M ' " 'L' ' "" '-' -"W-W V1 f Jnwlw-wmv-, W Ju, . 1

Suggestions in the University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) collection:

University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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