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S S AT LITTLE ROCK ing., CONTENTS The Students S Events S Activities SSS Sports SSS Greeks S S Honors S The University Divisions SSS SSS, SSSS Administration Classes S S SSS S SS Advertising S SS SSSS 17 19 51 79 105 133 171 195 219 261 'i rojan 7977 Published by The University ol? Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock, Arkansas George Foster, Editor Sue Bunch, Assistant Editor 'X 0 X Qi' is .fx-..4 ' Nix Q uw: K Q 'KS -si. Wx e X alia-Y 2 'Ji 4:--,f'6k -M v-f ,J it mf 'k Q -31.iv ' X X 54 . " 6 x , Q I. A x x ,. .4934 ' I ikibwgwfzsf? M W. - W 5 Y vm .f 'x if x h "-k. A Y N 5 Classes are larger nowg much larger than when the University of Arkansas at Little Rock was known as Little Roch junior College. Professors are iinpersonalg assign- ing to each face a student number and a seat for one hour in his life. Y 2, U SE sv sq E3 as L. People come and go, fads wax and wane. High school graduate's opinions of themselves lessen as their egos are crushed by heavier class loads and the upperelassmen's heavy hand upon them. This, in its entirety hasn't changed much. Memories of a "better time" remain with us. gyb vu' Another school year has ended. Was it a good or a bad year? Did each person change as his atti- tude changed about exams, parties, and personal relationships? Perhaps we're still too close to this year to answer. Perhaps it inahes no difference. Wliether good or had, beautiful or ugly, it was ours. Q ,i,g . ml 1 The Administration of any state-supported school has its own problems and its own solutions to them. Certainly, our f77'Ol1lF7H.S are different than those of Little Rock junior College, or even those of Little Rock University. VVe have our aibathetie stiulents, our hlacl: inilitants, and our white racists as well as a few hippies. Who are we to criticize the aclininistration? They are in Charge, and do the best they can. bn -45 1- 'sm' My-59 ig? Z za gg M wg W QW' it X X 'ijjx Nicki . ,,,,,,,i,..M....f,.....W,t,,,, , , . The Greeks, individual communities within themselves, are in many of the University's posi- tions in our school. Fraternities and Sororities play an important role in the social structure here. Do they really? Rush begins, anfl the Greeks don their Maslcs. How long will these masks remain on? A week? Three weeks? Only they know, and they're not telling. -' A. 'Qi' E . ...w.v--- K ,M - IJ- N x 5 B.. N If 1 'ff A?'X gg-,Qi 4,,,w. .. , 4 '-rf Q4 1 mg .x Wm., ,....... ,,.,. , "Now this is not the end . 11 Q li' by J. ...W .f ki nm gg mf lin, I sum N., -4-. Q., R... 'Ulm 5 as QQ N l , lllnuqq, W, A W www . ik N. mm R x 'hw- W-a1"'8 Av-WW 'Nm Q .qx L x M -if ""-Q. if P f...-'K -ww. if . . .It is not even the beginning ofthe end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." 'S P- vb!-1 CY 'fi U is-:EN .lf .Aw-x H 8. wif ' i1Q- S, ff W' 9 56 if ,A . x f ' V K Q-- 43 QQ A ' Q. A 553 . Q' K 4 , X 1 I , 335 4 3 Q- 'eww 1 gp s .fi fc z f . , X - 3 A 'q:Q'l,Qg:-MSA Q Us S . R . u 1,11 I lpn' I' 4 . 'K R- x -fi if 'Q N- H, 'lb in .Q Q' gi QQ .W -' . , , .F ,... .. S' Nfnnmm- 'WK 2 A Q, , - ' Qi 'it o tsl H . A '5 X . -l ,Q N A?- i 5 , . t W, 1. KN ' 1 if -f I 'U Q 6 'I We Sfude W? A YWZEE ,lk ,, K -.-,.pO""' venfs Y want to pay a dollar down and charge the rest on a 25 year installment plan? li- Bzkftb-Tvzxef-Death-Regzlflmfzbn, You cam? get away from may Q' ibem Yes, there are still some openings in Underwater Basket Weaving. It has been often said that, "The process of registration is quite similar to another hu- man process." kr R, s uf,- WMM 3 1. .,...Q ,. N .. X5 W' N 0 ysi fizrix 7 tt t ., ,. ,vm Ml 4 le ' Zi' RFQ What would we do without lines and forms? 21 O.K. Now, herd them up and move them out." "Don't ask what your university can do for you, but what you can do for your univer- sity." wmgsmw' si u 'bil is lt I just want 15 hours of classes, Where they clon,t count cuts, grade on the curve, let you smoke in class, drink cokes and nobody gets anything lower than a B, that's all. Being a Freshman counselor isnyt all bad. yt'-3-I "Q" 4, fur' ....E2..- 3' "SM Wu Wim r ff f Up against the wall and donit try anything foolish Well I'm a Sophomore now, I was only zz Freshman for 3 years. WVow Man, this whole scene is out of control. 'RN ,I +2 A-, .fm Yes, Psych is great. It,s all about this dog that took an over-dose of gravy train and now he has a lot of flash backs. E . X . 1 K to 1. -r. B. M. 0. C. fBig Man on Campusb fu. 5:2 7 WW- x And the lucky donor, Wins 21 date with the nurse, Everybody must boogey, sometime. 'X Q53 . xr' 1 , ,f'- ,JEFF www : Pull lever A, disconnect lever B, stabilize lever C and then pack cheeks baby! X sn . -iq -sr fe. f i ,Vl,l . 1, if A ,,,f,3,,, is 'e'l , You have always wondered who -ff could possibly have cooked thc ! Q V K food that IS served in our cafeteria. iii E " Now you know. I , fi ZA , , I M A WA., , 'QT f , 5. : J , V "- iw . W 93 I , Q Q, 3 3 "' J-i l 4 Sig kt The A stands for: 1. academic, 2. acarpous, 3. accident, 4. adhomin- Dem. Now if you will promise not to do that in the parking lot anymore, I'll let you off with 2 Weeks of detention hall s . . . 1. i K I , N K i , . 5 ,. F . M, E We don't know what happened. But its fun trying to guess. 'iw x , ZA Old Milwaukee, Busch, Bud-it has to be a Work of art. At last, we can all meet on common ground Color this one, Funky, K Man lives in shaded reality Our debate team. Quite often called, The Knights of Verbal Elocution. -fw-11-New .,, -... ,-.,,,4. mWx.sqvrr2:,:va":r:wf-1:X5-- --1ffwvM+f.v ,Q-fe .i-A .,... , . , 1-lava-W x. Show us that you are divine. Turn our water into wine. And show that you are no fool. Walk across our swimming pool. S s I 5 5 1 f I f - . V 4 ' .-wx ,f, - - S.L N'ff ' . ., fc-W 1 ,Q T ,,' 104.1 A' 4-.N , M. gk ' fi le A f. In ,J-, qu: , 5'- f-. ,, vii, 17,',' . ' , 'M is.. . , N . , A . ,N T '. - - ,- T T ."' 7. ,, gf Q ,, ffr f-q,+:- "'T'W7V :swf- 1 f ' if 5:,?'i5a-if 4 ' 'Tj "'-'-tw! A' M ..- T. A ,. yi., 4' ' ' 2 A FU- 1, gif ,Q 3J1.,q5i.i:354 riff rv . up -'M yt VJ. -A jr b ul .gb V . kts .K-W KA T S r T' , Mr? , 5 .? w p.fH l ff K T 1 - 1 i, A A , , ' ,. Sf 'Y -' ' ff AH - Q ' Q9 'I.m'J'?-A' ,f" 'W A 5 .. -A A F . f , -:.h4qJN,b? 4 ' ' , .J gi, ,, UAA, ,ggi ,LL ,,r:4?g:'L.: 5 1 1 f 'jf I gf. , ' ' , , I 'f F Q N' 'ai Ofyj' J, 'gy' ibgyx W..-rs' "ff-4.07, I . T ' 1 1 . .-.A ff? cf v .,w-A. ESTABLISHMENT k,-,-h,------- STUDENTS --A--Ag,--.A,,--- 1,000,000,000,000 -WT 1 There is a proper time and place for everything. The generation gap is closing. Carey's Mid-day Amateur Hour. 5fA7' THE HELL DUT UF TEXH Right On! W To the winner, goes the spoils. The third time is the charm ' 1' ,W ,nyfwj dent poll, we were able to tabulate the data and found that 3 out of every 4 students has at one time or another considered sui- cide before finals. Dick Gregory said more in 3 hours than most people say in 3 years. After taking the last stu- The Sixty-F our Thousand Dollar Question. VVho is the real U.A.L.R. Student Body President? I , , H H, .A , , ' W i '2" . 1 . ,gi I If - , . t..,, , I c 1 4:2 Beauty is, as Beauty does. A 5 2-' 4 Bob Arrington may not make a lot of money but it has been said, "that he is justly compensated low-Q. ref.-Hof Et? Wil? ii? QQ! ,',,, , M .tyyat as S I - y yyQ,tiay,ya X N..W,,,f' f Happiness Is ..... a redi-roll. 1 1 Need we say anymore? 6 Er, uh .... Is this Mr. Hoover? We Want you to free Huey . . . and Louie, Dewy, Donald and Mickey Mouse That's one lush that had n big heart. Come One, Come All. To see the U.A.L.R. band .... price of admission is one warm body SALHAOO Ami UI wmv: ww BUS I don't know what it means but it looks rather intelligent. :he Student Senate probably has produced more frustrated pseudo-political minded people than carter as pills. ' t ' if Tx Those Niggras are the most ungrateful things I've ever known. And Weyve done so much for them. BLA CK EMPHASIS WEEK Where is my Niggra? Q I ,J ,AJ X'-"."S... . A xxx Q M f was L-:L ' 'xx WX ,fi 5 an , 5 3' ' f' A af- 'iv X mg Kg, X M dm MSIE var 3 X fi ' "k. Q? by mf ,,n1, "1 ."' ' 'X I , ,K I Mm 1.4 wx- N N f L ' K The Pit Crews jggmaz Nu Relazyf W' Beauty is only skin deep, be sure to remember that fellas. Pack Cheeks Girls The Pine Tree Tech 500 Finals Tn'-Delfm VWW 52574401 Nu Relazyf Where is the damn thing? A determined woman is an unpredictable power YW' X. ',. - .v 'L t xxx fp- N., The composition of the snake pit is guarded as a trade secret-if it wasn't nobody would willingly jump in it. ,-f -5-1 4 I xg' 'f ' - i, ',u . x, vw. 1 ' i I, .. K . ..,. A F .l W , ...,, ., 5 R Q I 596 D ,nf V N W Vi S 1 - 'L i N-N' 3 .,W ,ww ,NRL M- is , S Ili ' X A ' I lu.-vf ,A , , 0 . L 4+ ll 4 : Q- My '7 fi is lv x I : . ff 'K . x . Qi 1 1 E 7, ,, , i J ik "' A ll,A M5 -if li ,,?,,q. ttir . Q Wi 4. 1 x xx.-. . ww , fg-wf , ,iz ,T wgtiga -gc--nf-,Q-'K +4 . , Q, A .A K L- ' i Ll Y if .. ,J fq-2 ,Q f ' A X ' 5 'ix ' .5 sl Ji iluu ,W ,mn K. t, M , , ,ff , bi " wwf- M 7? i 4 at :w-, V., ik W1 if .fggig-wfu ' W 1. ,lr. . 3 3 4 - 3 N' Jfmij " W at , S if mr-,. ., . r.: ...hw . 'l ..a 4. I5 You don't know what you got until you lose it! The Tri-Deltas won, but Kappa had some Super Jocks. hyper: ' W ,ff-' Mfg, iff H' 'iii The casualty rate was high 4 p 553-FEW' l , p,aa a p , R+' vc S A .Q .Sigh 51" -NA J . - I n ff.. 'F '- -fffzm 4 Qian The Pi Phis came in dead last. But it's the thought that really counts 5 -hw 'iff' ,S 1 bn E ggfuclenf adcfivifies Early in the fall, james Howard, an attorney at law became the first legal advisor to the Student Senate. NVith him are Mike Kaezka Cseatedj Senate president, and Stuart Trent fright? Senate vice-president. The UALR Student Senate took quite a pro- gressive turn this year, beginning with the election of Mike Kaczka as president. On the basis of opinion polls, Bitch Box response, and little student interest, the Senate decided to withdraw support of the so- called Homecoming, Miss UALR pageant, and Auls- ing. Student polls indicated the students preferences have changed and the students want the Senate to focus more resources on academic matters of im- portance to students and provide contemporary en- tertainment, such as speakers and concerts. The Sen- ate expanded the voting hours over last year to allow the night students to vote in elections. The Senate is researching the various possibilities of representa- tion of the student body given impetus by the opinion polls indication that the students feel the present system is inadequate. Upon initiation in the Student Senate, the fol- lowing can be considered administrative accomplish- ments: increased lighting for the campus at nightg two free noon periods per week, Dean's List based on semester grades rather than nine weeks gradesg and the establishment of a Faculty Rating Committee by divisions, subsequent to the studies and recommenda- tions made by the Ad Hoc Committee on Student Equity. Dean Barbara Taegel is the advisor of the Senate. 5 T UDEN T XENA TE Mike Kaczka, Student Body President Joe Binz and jerry Sparks at Student Senate meeting. Linda Morehart was the Senate secretary. ,pf 12... 'V -a-xx ,,,, HMM v ,pf-gw '- ,.-yr" 5"'e"pA2EaaL...nsu- -P'X Mike Kaczka presides at Senate meeting. Sam Abraham, janet Mc- Lemore, Glenda Cale, and Larry Farmer, Senate treas- urer, study proposed resolu- tions. Al Lindsey was the Associate Editor of the Forum. Qu? Iai Mainthia was the Forum Business Man- ager. gr Qllvvfw, Libby Barnett was the Editor of the Forum this year, and the first female in the history of the Forum to hold that office. FOR UM The Forum, the University newspaper, has presented this year's campus community with a bimonthly account of news events and activities both on and off campus. This year's staff numbered more students than any in the recent past as interest in journalism increased with the offering of a journalism major. Considerable student freedom combined with an active publications committee, administrative concert, and pro- fessional advice from advisors helped create a more effective and professional publication. As a member of the Arkansas College Press Association, the Forum has retained its fine record of competition with other state news publications. X'-if .dv Q W ---..-as as BL. 35 T, , wi Y gli sill! fi' is fir Rick Anderson Photographer Cissy Coleman News Editor Don Frost Sports Editor Vicky Harvey Feature YVriter Najeem Lawal Feature Editor Corina Lewis News Writer Debi McNew News YVriter Jackie Miller Secretary Dorothy Palmer Feature XVriter and Literary Magazine Editor Stan Risser Columnist Gary Suggs Copy Editor YVilliam Thrasher News YVriter james '4Medrick" YVarren Cartoonist Ivan Whiting Columnist Donald R. Duck Copy Boy TR O fAN George F oster, Editor Sue Bunch, Associate Editor -.. ,,.w.1f, w x, , my - ,uw s 6. ig: mv., W -nun A' I , ' 'ZS' fl N KW Above: Eddie Mashburn, student photographer for the Trojan and the forum Right XVaync Bolxck professlonal photographer .Q I. 5 S' 'Y' for thc Trojan and Forum. .-..4-an-4' 'Q' X If . ,fi -1!"!"'?!k Beverly Bone Janice Bunch Laura Carroll Rick English Sororities Secretary Events GI6ekS ' ,ps-Q ips v1"""'7 ww A f c ..,,..4Q .ie' ,, 'if' x Agnes Ferreira Terrie Gregory Peggy Howell Harry XX Art Divisions Honors Sports Dan Boswell, Business Manager 'ru f "AMW ff The Trojan presents the people and happenings at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock in the fall of l970 and the spring of l97l Qand the winter inbetweenj . Several pages were added to the Trojan to cover the growing amount of events and activities and a larger student class section. To accommodate a larger student body, the Trojan also increased its volume. The Trojan is conceived and composed by the students and staff membership is open to all students of all divisions and classes. As a member of the Arkansas College Press Association, the Trojan is judged with other Arkansas college yearbooks. Throughout the year several staff members attended seminars and the ACPA spring meeting where they studied better composition of yearbooks. 'ebb iii? K L Front Row: Mima Arroys, Lihby Barnett, Raj P Linda Morehart, jaimini Mainthia, juan Kuhlmann ersaud, Lucy Keenerg Back Row: . 5 58 Front Row: Linda Bell, Eleanor Crawford, Jackie Miller, Zimmery Crutcher, Cynthia Lewis, Charles Boho, Answorth Robinsong Second Row: Gary L. Anderson, Linda Bush., Brenda Grant, Londell White, Kathleen Delyles, Artis Walkerg Third Row: Lee Bailey, Cherye Morrison, Lavona Wilson, Tony Minicozzi, Raymond Frazier, Al Terryg Back Row: Bruce Brooks, Kenneth P. Bousquet, John Grissom, Catherine Eckford, Larry Straw. fniermfzomzf fluafenff Cfub The International Students Club began its second year on the UALR campus with assisting new internation- al students in locating housing and with a reception for these students. The club sponsored a banquet and fair with food and articles from each country represented by a student. Membership in the International Students Club is open to all students of UALR. Raj Persaud is president, Mordichai Shmolevits is vice-president, and Vaiminikumar Mainthia is treasur- er. The club is sponsored by Dean H. D. Akins. Block Umieo' tSllIgi6l767fll'.f The Black United Students pro- motes unity among the Black students through study and support of the de- velopment of Black culture. The BUS develops dignity, pride, and respect among Black students. In addition to offering services to the campus and community the BUS sponsored many activities including Black Emphasis Week, a Christmas dance, aid to Cairo, Illinois, and a Black Cultural Program for the College of the Ozarks. The president is George Ronald Williams, Doris Williams is vice-president, Bernetta Hayes is secretary, and Elizabeth Johnson is treasurer. Miss Cora lNilliams is the faculty advisor. Young Democmlf The Young Democrats Club of UALR strives to stimulate an active interest in governmental affairs by helping to acquaint voters with the issues and candidates, and to foster and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democrat Party. The forty-nine members were very active in the 1970 state election campaign and have been host to many speakers on the campus. The Young Democrats are led this year by Ralph Ward who is president. Jerry Mayfield is vice-president, Mary Alice Hamilton is secretary and Randy Wilhes is treasurer. Dr. Thomas Baker is the faculty sponsor. Yauncg Rqbubfzmm The purpose of the Young Repub- lican Club is to collect, analyze, re- port, and disseminate information con- cerning governmental and political affairs. Meetings often include noted speakers on state and local govern- ment, and Republican affairs. An activity of the thirty-seven members was participating in the Toys for Tots drive. The president is Joe Binz, the vice-president is Gary Brown, the treasurer is Jim Dudley and the secre- tary is Glynda Jacks. Mr. Chester Mercer serves as advisor to the Young Republicans. Front Row: Brenda Young, Tonya Wvehb, Ivan Whiting, Bill Marks, Tom Horton, Roland Stanley: Middle Row: Deborah Brockman, Shirley Crain, Larry Mcllfurrv, Bobby Denman, jimmy Simpson, jim Gibbons, Richard Farresterg Back Roni: Jerry Mayfield, Ralph YVard, Russell Mathis, Robert J. Dare, Jimmy Bransford, Richard WV. Griffin fSponsorjg Charles P. Jautt. Front Row: Lee Pillert, Jim Smith, Agnes Ferreira, Diane Goggans, Glynda Jacks: Middle Row: Rudy McMah:m, Mike Keen, David Stevens, Virginia LaGrossa, Sheila Henson, Joe Binz, jr., Back Row: jim Dudley, lVes Hfimberly, Allen Barton, Gary Brown, Rhonda Jones, Roger Van Dyke. Front Row: William E. Gran, fsponsorjg Alan Lcveritt, Glynda jacks, Roland Stanleyg Bark Row: Gary Suggs, Gary Detherage, jim Gibbons. Front Row: Nancy McDonald, Karen Dillon, janise Bunchg Back Row: Robert A. Cromwell, fSponsorjg Jan Roberson, XVilliam E. Gran, fsponsorjg Gary Candle. 60 Young flmeffzmm for FV666?70?74 In its third year on the UALR campus, the Young Americans for Freedom continues to promote those ideals and principles which promote, preserve, and protect the condition of human liberty. Speakers sponsored in the Hot Seat Program were R. Hampton, Jr., candidate for governorg Moshe Gilboa, Israeli Consulate Gen- eralg Walter Carruth, candidate for governor, and Robert Sarver, head of the Arkansas Prison System. Another Hot Seat program was a debate on the '6New Constitution". The YAF presi- dent is Gary Detherage, vice-president is Gary Suggs, and the secretary is Glenda Cale. Mr. lN'illiam E. Gran is the faculty advisor. Yauib for Truth The Youth for Truth encourages the social, moral, and spiritual well- being of students at UALR and rend- ers service to the university. This year the organization invited speakers to present programs on subjects of inter- est to the members. A Christmas party was held at the Student Building with students from other colleges invited to attend. Arthur Harper is president, Janise Bunch is vice-president, and Karen Dillon is secretary-treasurer. Faculty advisors are Dr. Jerry Butler, Mr. William Gran, and Mr. Bob Cromwell. Bdlpflifli finden! Umm The purpose of the Baptist Student Union is to lead persons of the campus community into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and into a maturing Christian experience as they relate the Christian perspective to all academic disciplines and strive for scholastic ex- cellence. Activities of the year were at- tending the state convention, holding a children's Christmas party, sponsor- ing Great Decisions group in Feb- ruary and March and spring mission projects during the spring vacation. The president is Mack Shotts and the secretary-treasurer is Pam Smith. Mr. James Smalley is the BSU director. llfefftey Foumfmzm Providing a church at the universi- ty, the Wesley Foundation aids in de- veloping Christian character, vocation- al guidance, personal counseling, and in learning good study habits. The VVesley Foundation building offers a place to meet friends, study, and for recreation and coffees. Bob Scott is president, Ricky English is vice-presi- dent, and Teresa Jones is secretary. The director of the Wesley Foundation is Mr. James R. Sewell. Front Row: Ellen Gates, Answorth Robinson, Peggy Benton, XVanda Smith, Middle Row: Mack Shotts, Carolyn Taylor, Steve Davis, Pam Smith: Back Row: Mr. james Smalley, fSponsorjg Wlayne McBride, Henry Robinson, Kathleen Delyles. E i E 2 2 5 E ,S .. ii . -S at 'fi il . , ,,t! Front: Teresa jones: Middle: Bob Scott, james R. Sewell: Back: Terry Bray. 61 Q if Front Row: Becky Hollancl, Sandy Scarborough, Bettye Holloway, Carla Boshears, QVice-Presidentyg Middle Row: Kathleen Jewell, QTreasurerjg Linda Kempf, jan Simpson, Pat Tliompson, Becky Bittner, 12nd Vice-Presidcntjg Back Row: Alexa Popp, Pam Hastings, Ann Bryant, Bonnie Grant, Janine Rector, QPresidcntj. saw..-gaf ........,.,.,e.. Front Row: lvilliam O'Neill, fTreasurerj3 Tim Burton, B. C. Arrington, fSponsorjg Stuart Trent. Wresidentyg Middle Row: Ronald YVylie, Robert W. Beardsley, Ronald Kerr, Billy Weatherford, QSecrctaryj3 Ralph X'Vard, fVice-Presidentj: Back Row: Dennis Kolb, Charles L. Shaw, john K. Vaugh, james H. Douglas, Billy R. Butler, james O. Edwards. 62 fiudenf Afwrincg Arformzzm The Arkansas State Nursing Stu- dent Association is composed of stu- dents working towards an Associate Degree in Nursing. Through work- shops held at the University of Ark- ansas Medical Center, the Nursing Student Association offers added op- portunity for the student nurses to learn about their profession. The presi- dent is Janine Rector, first vice-presi- dent is Becky Bittner, second vice- president is Carla Boshears, secretary is Judy Jackson, and treasurer is Kathleen Jewel. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Bonnie Grant. Velemmj flffoczdizbn The Veterans' Association promot- es the social and academic development of armed services veterans at UALR. In its third year on the campus, the association has enjoyed a rapid in- crease in membership with twenty new members this fall. In addition to being active in major campus events, the Veterans' Association sponsored a freshman orientation for veterans, a fruit cake sale at Christmas and pub- lished a fall semester activity calendar. The president of the Veterans' Associa- tion is Stuart A. Trent, vice-president is Ralph Ward, secretary is Bill Weath- erford and treasurer is Bill O'Neil1. fihriory-Foreign Refdizbm Club Matters dealing with international politics are always controversial as the members of the History-Foreign Re- lations club indicated this year in their program of guest speakers on the campus. Membership in the History- Foreign Relations Club is available to all persons interested in international politics and the historical aspects of international politics. The president is Jim Dudley, vice-president is Bill Simpson, and secretary is Mary Alice Cearly. Dr. Calvin Ledbetter, State Representative is the faculty advisor. Eilflgllflddff Club The Engineers Club, which pro- motes and encourages an interest in engineering among prospective en- gineering students, began its second year on the UALR campus this fall. The club sponsors monthly speakers or films on engineering topics. This year the club has been in the process of forming an employment service for engineering students, in order for the students to get practical experience in the field of engineering. John Teb- betts, jr. is the president, Ray Cox, Jr. is vice-president, and Gary Detherage is secretary. Faculty advisors are Mr. R. A. Cromwell, Mr. B. Weyres, and Mr. R. M. Tolbert. P' Front Row: Bill Marks, Russell Mathis, Bill Simpson, fVice-Prcsidentjg Middle Row: Ivan YVhiting, Larry McMurry, jimmy Simpson: Back Row: jim Bransforcl, jim Gibbons, jim Dudley, QI'residentj . Front Row: james B. KVeyers, KSponsorJ: john A. YVilliams, Jr.. Kevin WValls, Pat Morris, QRCPOIICIDQ Middle Row: Robert A. Cromwell, QSponsorjg Juan Kuhl- mann, Gary Leon Detherage. KS0ffClHTYl5 Richard Garrett, Kenneth Chastaing Back Row: James WV. Baker, R. N. Tolbert, John E. Tcbbetts, QPresiclcntjg Gary England. 63 2 Front Row: Sharon Olberts, Lynn Brunetti, Laura Carroll, Marsha Massenburgg Middle Row: Mary Kathryn Holmes, jo Ann Campbell, Mary Ann Henderson, Becky Munseyg Back Row: Lucille Colaianni, fSponsorjg Dorthy Palmer, Steve Davis, Tim Burton. Front Row: Rebecca Knight, Carolyn Frazier, Karen Moody,. Lucy Keener, Jim Hooper, Middle Row: Gail Delozier, Mary Keller YVelch, Maryavis Parson, QSponsorj: Minnie Lindsey, Carolyn Davis: Back Row: juan Kuhlmann, David Swearingen, Tin1Bu1'ton. 64 L Dlllmnce Fmnmzle L'Alliance Francaise provides an opportunity for students interested in French to practice conversational French and to enrich their background in French culture and civilization. The twelve members enjoyed musical pro- grams of popular and folk songs, and socials with French games and music. The organization also studied coun- tries where only French is spoken, and slides of France and Switzerland. Tim Burton is president and Sharon Olberts is secretary-treasurer. Miss Lucille Colaianni is sponsor. Lal foczkdaztz' Elpmaolaz La Sociedad Espanola promotes friendship and understanding of people with hispanic background. La Sociedad Espanola was very active this year din- ing at Casa Bonitag caroling in Spanish for Little Rock residents from Spanish speaking countriesg acting as hosts for Spanish speaking young people here to learn Englishg sponsoring a gather- ing for all UALR students from foreign countriesg and studying slides of Brazil. The president is Lucy Keener, vice- president is Jim Evans, and secretary- treasurer is Karen Moody. Mrs. Mary- avis Parson is sponsor. Wameni Recreazizbn fifforzbzizbn The Women's Recreation Associa- tion serves to encourage the entire female student body to participate in organized athletic events and also to encourage participation in other forms active recreation. The campout in April and WRA Play Days with A carnival in March of wholesome WRA held a sponsored the other colleges. was also sponsored by the WRA. Cathy Owen is the president, and Margaret Williams is the vice-president. Mrs. Betty Stephens is faculty advisor. Pbyfzml Eafuwzlzbn Club The Physical Education Majors and Minors Club strives for prepara- tion for and communication Within the field of health, physical education and recreation. Membership increased this year to forty-five members, all physical education majors and minors. The P. E. Club sponsored the state AAU Womens Basketball Tourna- ment this year. John Selig is president, Phyllis Lavender is vice-president, Susan Arnold is secretary and Ann Gladish is treasurer. Sponsors are Mr. John Torbett and Mrs. Betty Stephens. -wit WLM? Rf 2 5 i W? yt Front Row: Susan Arnold, Janet Harwell, Phillis Lavender, Betty Stephens: Middle Row: Anne Gladish, Cathy Owen, Sheila Hood, Back Row: Sharon Antoon, Helen Dean, Kathleen M. Delyles. ai, Front Row: Susan Arnold, Tom Lamb, Cathy Owen, Lester Davis, Gary Perkins, Second Row: Allen Faulkner, Phillis Lavender, Anne Gladish, Steve Aldridge: Third Row: john Torbett, fSponsorjg john Selig, Sharon Antoon, Helen Dean, Bark Row: Jim Porter, Larry Puckett, David Rinehart, Richard Rogers. J, Front Row: Rosalyn Halbert, Virginia L. Floyd, Rose Ann Volpert, Clara Harris, joy Shoptawg Middle Row: Mary Elizabeth Hfeeks, Valdarce Davis, Linda WVhitten, Katharin Bailey, Becky Tinsley, Back Row: Ronald Kerr, Pricilla Tebbctts, Donna Freeman, Sue Hall, Barbara Stone, Dianna Stroup. '19 Left to Right: Susie Adams, Dr. Rose Berry, Joyce Underwood, Kay Sanders, Terri Gregory, Janet Kcveryn. Student Nazizbnazf Eafuwzlzbn AIIOCZZZIZUW The purpose of the Student Na- tional Education Association is to de- velop an understanding and apprecia- tion of the teaching profession. It pro- vides for development of leadership, cooperation and opportunities for students interested in education. Monthly meetings deal with informa- tion related to education. Membership, open to any one interested in educa- tion, increased thirty over last years membership to seventy members this' year. Ron Kerr is president, Becky Tinsley is vice-president, Diane Cross is secretary. Dr. Rose Berry is sponsor of SNEA. Affoczdizbn 0 Cbzfafbootz' Edumizbn The Association of Childhood Ed- ucation Works for the education and Well-being of children. ACE is a branch of the Association for Childhood Ed- ucation lnternational which was found- ed in l930. Activities of the year were a Reading Hour at the Arkansas School for the Blind Students, and a Teach- ers, Tea held at the end of the spring semester. An interest in children is the only requirement for membership. ACE presidents are Terrie Gregory and Lynne Brister, the vice-president is Janet Keveryn and the secretary is Joyce Underwood. Dr. Rose Berry is sponsor. Affounizhg' Club The purpose of the Accounting Club is to further the art of accounting at UALR and in the business commun- ity by aiding future accountants in their quest for proficiency in the accounting profession and to learn from others already proficient and prom- inent in accounting or related fields. An activity of the year was to have guest speakers prominent in the field of accounting, and working with the Arkansas .Accounting Association to establish a statewide organization of accounting clubs. Larry Farmer is president, Bob Bennett is vice-presi- dent, and Glenda Nelson is secretary- treasurer. The club is sponsored by Roy Smith. Pi Sigma Epfzhn Sponsored by the Sales and Market- ing Executives Association of Little Rock, Pi Sigma Epsilon strives to pro- mote interest in the fields of market- ing and selling. Pi Sigma Epsilon hears guest speakers from different areas of business each month, and visits busi- nesses during the year. The twenty- nine members are active in a fund rais- ing project and intramural activities. The president is Cary Gaines, vice- president is Roy Andrews, secretary is John Hardwick and treasurer is Ralph Bauer. The faculty advisors are Dr. H. E. Urbantke and Mr. B. C. Tadlock. Front Row: Danna Hearn, Sharon Hopkins, Delores Handy, Rudy Gates, Middle Row: Randy Gales, Glenda Nelson, Roy Smith QSponsorjg Mrs, Margaret Veatch, QSponsorjg Back Razr: Larry Farmer, George Foster. Front Row: john Brown, Bob Birch, Sandy Nott, Jim Russell, David Bolick, Bill Milesg Middle Razr: Tom XVorthington, Roy Andrews, Cary Gains, Robert Thornton, Mike Childers, Ralph Bauer, Eric Schubert, Mike Thurman, fSMEA Representa- tivejg Back Row: Peter Devitt, Mr. Bill Tadlock, QAdvisorj3 Frank Bolton, William Stanley, John Hardwick, John Phipps, Dr. Hugh Urhzmtke, Q.-Xdvisorj. Q6- if! Front Row: Judy Eudy, Dennis Roach, Gene Bale, Deborah Brockman, Tonya Webb, llfirldle Row: lack Ziegler, Vicki McCoy, john Festa, Gary Carpenter, Stuart Trentg Back Row: Gerald Butler, Gene G. McCoy, fAdvisorj5 Randy Sybert, jaimini Mainthia. F Front Row: Brenda Young, Danna Hearn, Tonya Webb, Linda juaire, Deborah Brock- mang Middle Row: Sharon Hopkins, Janice Parsons, Glenda Nelson, Deloris Handy: Back Row: Shirley Crain, Doris Sharp, fStaff Advisory: Mrs. Margaret Veatch, QSponsorj , Judy Eudy. fllfyba Dalia jggma Alpha Delta Sigma - Gamma Alpha Chi is a national professional advertis- ing fraternity designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and pro- fessional advertising experience. The chapter was named the top ADS-GAX chapter in the nation for the second consecutive year in December. Special projects included advertising the blood-drive on the UALR campus with posters made by the members, selling UALR license plates and doing public service advertising on ecology. Members attended the regional con- vention held in Dallas in November. Judy Eudy is president and Mr. Gene McCoy, owner of a local advertising firm, is the faculty sponsor. Waazaai flaxilzary Z0 Alpha Kappa Pri ln October, ladies planning de- grees in business fields formed the Women's Auxiliary to Alpha Kappa Psi, as a companion group to the men's professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. The Auxiliary strives to further the individual success of its members, to introduce Women in busi- ness to ideals, initiative, and their dignified role in the business world. The eighteen members began an active year by being hostesses to guest speak- ers from the business and legal fields. At Christmas the Women's Auxiliary to Alpha Kappa Psi held a dinner and dance. The presidents are Shirley Crain and Janice Parsons, secretary is Brenda Young, and treasurer is Deb- orah Brockman. Mrs. Joann Jones and Mrs. Peggy Veatch are faculty sponsors and Mrs. Doris Sharp is staff advisor. Front Rozy: joe Binz, jr., Richard S. Bondurant, Stanley Musick, Roger Van Dyke, johnny Broun onithan Timm B X Hardy Thomas G. Worthington, Steve Cumnock, Terry Green, Wfayne Back Row: Wayne Silmon, Ralph H ard mme Friday Dan Bos Crcathouscg Mirlrlle Row: Roy Smith, Steve Doerr, Londel White, well, john Childers, George Foster amcs Butler Xlike lxaczka A419661 Kappa Pri Prqiitfzbmzl Bufmeff Fmiermzy Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest business fraternity in the nation, aims to- ward giving members experience in business that will aid them in their careers. The Epsilon Phi chapter at UALR is concerned with scientific re- search in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance. Some of the pro- jects this chapter has been involved in this year are selling yearbook adver- tising, assisting the student placement office, and the book-exchange. The fraternity also awarded its first scholarship, the funds for which are from the book-exchange proceeds. Also the annual Christmas party was held for the student, alumni, and faculty members. The president is Richard Bon- durant, vice-president is Robert Bennett, secretary is jonathan Timm, and treasurer is Steve Doerr. Dr. Lloyd Bowie, and Dr. James Butler are faculty advisors. XI an li fi gre? M Seated: Dr. jerry Butler, Perry Hill, Ed Adcockg Standing: John Harkins, Richard Owings. UALR Deeezie Teelm A 70 Iohn Corbin and David Hubener fabovej were members of the team that participated in the Northwest Louisiana State Spring Invitational Debate Tournament, March 4 and 5, in which Allen Iackson and Ed Adcock won first place. "Resolved: That the Federal Government 'should adopt a Program of Compulsory Wage and Price Controls." This was the national topic that UALR debaters have been discussing this year. The team attended several tournaments, competing against major colleges and universities in the South and VVest. The debaters were hosts of the Intra-State Debate Rally on the UALR campus, and attended an innovative contest in Louisiana which featured "off-topic" debating. UALR's fine tradition in debate was continued this year by fourteen debaters who participated in intercollegiate competition. A nucleus of ex- perience and talent has been formulated for next year's forensic competition due to the hard work and success of this year's debate squad. Below: Marian fMarilyn Dickinsonl, Prof. Hill flim Cibbonsl and the Boys Band at the final show-down. Right: Marcellus CDave Parrishl and "Shipoopil,' UWZIVKVJZTQY Tbmlre Guild' The Young Wolf Uay Ionesl gets a helping hand from Little Red Riding Hood fDebbie Woolsj in the Childrens, Threatre Production. x,- 'Rug in , E t N C t fs . j - t' V 2225 ' sf..f.- T .T A-'er The University Theatre Guild began its fortieth year on the UALR campus this fall with a very successful production of "The Music Man". Formerly the Trojan Theatre Guild, the UTG continues to promote the theatre at the University level by participation in plays and their production. i'Danger- ous Corner" was presented in the winter and in April "Little Red Riding Hood" was performed for the Childrens Theatre. "Look Homeward Angel" was the spring and final production of the UTG. The UTC president is Angie Wooley, vice- president is Bob Shivers, and secretary is Kim Hornby. Mr. Clifford Haislip is the faculty advisor. Front Row: Paula Smith, Mike Middleton, Donna Brown, Steve Shofner, janet Harwellg Second Row: Claudia Phillips, Mary Reinhardt, David Kaufman, Bob Shivers. Margaret Carnerg Third Rmu: Ioe Carner, Rusty Frnse, Carolyn Curry, Cliff Haislip, fSponsorjg Jay Jones: Back Row: Tim Richards, Carey Brennan, Shari Yeargain, Gary Suggs, jim Gibbons. , nf, M., .aw lv , ' Wann ,,,, . ..,,,,. ,. ., , 4 i ststs M "K Front Row: Lexie Sullivan. Cherry DeMuth, Marsha Fakouri, Gail Hale, Kathy Cooper, Patricia Munns, Kathy Fowler, Middle Row: Mrs. Stella Smith, Mrs. Dorothy Sawatski, tAdvisorQ: Ann Norton, Janice Townsend, Ann Rice: Back Row: Elizabeth Berg, Rita Robinson, Marsha Cole, Peggy Thomas, Virgie Callahan. Front Row: Earl W. Norton, John Norrell, Billy R. Butler, Marshall Townsend, Middle Row: Greg Lyle, Tommy Sproles, George Starks III, David jurgerson, Dale Adamsg Back Row: Ronald Boswell, Advisorjg Mike McCarroll, Carlos Summers. Tim Sullivan. 72 W Y 5 w fzgaaa Aayba faia Sigma Alpha Iota strives to raise standards of productive musical works among women students of colleges. The first activity of the Epsilon Tau Chapter, which was founded on the UALR campus last spring, was a Taste- A-Rama, or tasting luncheon, to ac- quaint the campus with the new or- ganization. The UALR chapter serves as usherettes for various school activi- ties and concerts. The members gave a reception for Miss Gail Robinson, Metropolitan Opera coloratura, when she performed for UALR in the spring of 1970. This fall the chapter held a style show and Christmas Bazaar on the campus. Lexie Sullivan is presi- dent, Ann Rice is vice-president, Marsha Cole is secretary, and Virgie Callahan is treasurer. The faculty ad- visor is Mrs. Dorothy Sawatski. Kappa Kappa Pa' Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary fra- ternity for college bandsmen, pro- motes the existence and welfare of the college and university bands. Kappa Kappa Psi honors outstanding bands- men through the privilege of member- ship extended as a reward for technical achievement. The fraternity provides a pleasant and helpful social experience for all engaged in college band work. This year the fraternity was active in the "Toys for Tots" Campaign, held the region Junior High School Band Clinic, and secured blazers for the UALR Concert Band. Marshall Town- send is president, Billy Butler is vice- president, Arch Northcutt is treasur- er, and Earl Norton is treasurer. Mr. Ron Boswell is the faculty advisor. f7flf67QDl'6Z'6lIZU7fl 50522137 qi Liiemffy Am The Interpretation Society of Lit- erary Arts was formed on the campus this fall and has a very promising fu- ture with the expanding Speech De- partment. The society promotes a greater understanding and apprecia- tion of literature and the literary arts. In addition to poetry and literature programs presented to the public, the society also hosts guest speakers on the campus periodically, sponsors a speech festival, and exchanges programs with other colleges. The president of the Interpretation Society of Literary Arts is Jay Jones, vice-president is Dave Parrish, and secretary-treasurer is Angie Wooley. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Sara Lockard. Pa' Mr, Aloha The UALR chapter of Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfonia, honorary music fraterni- ty, Was founded here in 1967 to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music. Other purposes of the fraternity are to advance the cause of music in America, and to de- velop true fraternal spirit among its members. Pete Cooper is president, David Harrison is vice-president and Jerry Hatfield is treasurer. Dr. Ned Dejournett is the faculty advisor. ivy. . 3 5, 3? P Front Row: Dave Parrish, jim Sharkey, Rusty Frase, janet Harwell, Terry Hain, Betty Pennington, Pamela Owen, Fred Boosey, Mrs. Sara Lockard, fAdvisorj3 Back Row: Tim Richards, jay Jones, Angie YVooley, Edward Clark Gillespie. VZ? Front Row: Marshall Townsend, David Harrison, Phil Hays: Middle Row: Danny Johnston, Jen-y Hatfield, John H. james, Back Row: Dr. Ned Dejournett, QAdvisorj 1 Pete Cooper. '13 C7 ' i UNI VERSI T Y CONCERT BAND l to ,, Front Row: Ron Boswell, Chris Di Giovanni, Steven Davis, Peggy Crow, Billy Butler, Allen Branton, Tim Sullivan, Second Row: Deborah Martin, jerry Higginbotham, Steven Doerr, Marshall Townsend, john Norrell, David Jurgerson, Arch Northcutt, George Starks, Tommy Sproles, Raymond Jones, Back Left: Carroll Sites, Back Right: Ronnie Bungcr, Major Marybelle Nissly, QDirectorj. BELL CHOIR Left to Right: Sharon Baldwin, Pat YVafford, Don Harrison, Debbie Stewart, Marsha Cole, Virgie Callahan, Raymond Murray, Robert Thompson. I Wooo WIND ENSEMELE Left to Right: Major Marybelle Nissly, Ron Boswell, Greg Lyle, Carlos Summers, Peggy Crow. i alfa . , . STAGE BAND Front Row: Irene Forbes, Ronald Boswell, Dale Adanisg Back Row: Earl Norton Alan Bates Tim Sulhxan kenneth Dickson Druid Jurgerson, Arch N01'lllCl1ll, Mary Drilling. The UNIVERSITY CONCERT BAND, composed of both music and non-music majors, presents two concerts each year, at Christmas and in the spring. The band is under the direction of Major Marybelle Nissly. The BELL CHOIR had an active year performing in the University Christmas Concert, the University Faculty Wives Christ- mas Banquet, Chamber of Commerce Christmas Serenade for downtown Little Rock, Governor Bumpers' Inaugura- tion, University Band Spring Concert, and the state organ- izational meeting of Theta Sigma Phi. Major Nissly is the Bell Choir director. The YVOODNVIND ENSEMBLE pre- sented student recitals, performed at the Little Rock Annual Arts Festival, and in the University Band Spring Concert. The Woodwind Ensemble is directed by Major Nissly. Members of the UALR STAGE BAND have ap- peared in several concerts here at the University. They have also given concerts at Philander Smith College and the Ar- kansas Arts Center, and made appearances on television. Mr. Ron Boswell is the director of the Stage Band. UNIVERSITY CONCER I CHOIR , rt J 'j,gz.L we f gil SPX. W ,V-n,A.f,' ,pw s , sail' '30 sf. K S-.L-"V, ,UM . ' Sopranos: Ann Norton, Nancy McDonald, Earlann Faas, Linda Clements, Marsha Ifakonri, Marsha Cole, Gail Hale, jan Roberson, l,t-xie Snllixan, lilizabeth Ann Berg, Yirgie Callahan: Aims: Nancy Lyle, Marilyn Dickinson, Ann Rice, Kathy Fowler, Karen Dillion, Iiarline Melton, Dana Hearn, Rita Robinson, Sharon Baldwin, Kathy Cooper, Pain XVright, Debbie Stewart, Peggy TIIOHIHSI Tutors: Raymond Murray, Richard Hardin, Jerry Hatfield, Ronnie Bunger, Jim Spurges, David Harrison, Phil Hays, Tommy Callahan: lif:.w.w,w: john Iames, Don Harrison, jim Gibbons, Marshal Townsend, Pete Cooper, jim Roberts, Terry Dennis, Mike Redd, Ruddy Whitfield, Dr. Ned R. Dejournett, Director. Choir Officers: Phil Hays, managerg Marsha Cole, secretary: Virgie Calla- han, vice-president: Marshall Town- send, president, The UNIVERSITY CONCERT CHOIR is a select choral or- ganization Which represents the Music Department and the University through performances and concerts on and off the campus throughout the year. The choir toured northern Arkansas this year and presented i'Christmas Is . . a television program of Christmas music during Christmas week. Dr. Ned Dejournett is the choir director. The UNIVERSITY CHORUS, open to all students, provides an opportunity to learn and sing choral music. The chorus joins the choir twice a year to present a Christmas concert and a spring concert. The chorus is also directed by Dr. Ned Dejournett. The MADRIGAL CHOIR is a group of carefully auditioned voices that specialize in music of the Ren- aissance. They have appeared before a number of church and civic groups in Little Rock and furnished Christmas music in stores and banks of down- town Little Rock. Dr. John Hughes is the director. UNI VEIZSI T Y CHOI2 US Front Row: Betty Lindsey, jackie XVilson, Shirley Ann Crain, Gail Delozier, Charlotte Sykes, Sandra Jones, Sharon MeSwain, Cherry Demuth, Sue Davis, Nllllly McDonald, .llirlrllff Row: Mary Sue Bunch, Pat XVofford, Ann Rice, Shirley Curtis. Sherry Childers, Dollie Elliott, Dolly Hastings, Chris DiGiovomii, janet Harwell, Anna Brown, Billie Hfatsong Back Row: David Rinehart, John Paul Taylor, Kerry Brennan, David Wright, Mark Sparks, jim Roberts, john Miller, Steven Doerr, Gary Anderson, John Pierre Smith, Fred Nikpour. MADRIGAL CHOIR 35's -Q fra 'P' tt,, R fax f Q- ff' Seated: Marilyn Dickinson, Kathy Fowler, Sherry Childers, Marsha Fakouri, Debbie Stewart. Virgie Callahang Standing: jerry Hatfield, Elizabeth Ann Berg, Marsha Cole, David Harrison, Cliff Young, Ann Rice, Richard Hardin. a gf 0 1 'Q 'fm if 0 g '54 Q J g 3 P Q' , M 1 Q Q!! Q 4,1 49 an 1' if up ' 2216 6' ' ff maqiimga ,... dugg? 4 'A' 8 v I 1 s N19 Q an U 1 'Q' I ' w A v ,E wh ,ix " 1' 'hz- Vo. , -w 1 , .,.4,, .. . X-wa.,,v .,f.X ' 'P fr , I 'jug . QefZ9"' : :ff M. A , jg,x,,f'fr. M ,,, X' xfii, ' ,wwR-"'!b- g ,Fmt-V 1 rj: 99 'MJHQ ' 3 ,, , - f ' ,, gig, if 0 'awk J v., 'Q M b4.ZfwJ-""fr K' ' new-,: 'L W - ,' x .A QU. gf, N U 5,,,,-if . Q ff. . A fgw, -.ffvl Y , rj hw ,v'7 . . A an w W, ,, ,X-.N,x.g Q , 1 Porfs The Jlbc 5200175 gf the Trqbzm This year's sports program can only point to great things to come. U.A.L.R.'s sports have a bright present and future. The sports program is in the process of a rebuilding program, with the addition of swimming and gymnastics and with more student participation will grow steadily. Bazfkeibazll Bmebazll Gay Gymmlfizbf fwimmmg Tenmk I C06l6'b65 bebzm' pffogffeff qf mmf I L b K , F min hx' 'MVK iv VL . .,k Q .. 'H xg 'A ., "-- :J Q L ':f"'K"1'lW 1 .. 'fe .. 'imdb liI" 73r"k , ""7':z - dizfllfdil.: .. '!?i:f1!5v!w,Au.I I 'Jw Z f fi , 5,1uw"fzQ1fgffdilf. ,,,, 'if K fm Tdg.. 2177-J ,.- .,....-,., :YW Tie' wi 'S 1 af' JOHN TORBETT - Swimming Coach 82 MARSHELL DAVIS - Bas in eball Coach 110 C27 ""'S D ,ffl saggy, v QQ 'gym' hw A -mmm.. - K. ,MW f.. -1 W df , XVILLIAM GRAN - Tennis Coach HAPPY SIAHFOUZ - Basketball Conch A -fx-1 Y " fs ty. sr .47 4. wx yi , ' . Qi? ,tr w mr +:s,A'R! Ji-,F"5' I uf J' LTA , N I , .4 -wg gi ... Q, .,.,,,,4f+ 3, , A , M, f h --Q1 ' v, x, ,, ,, V ,K 'wx ,N , . , . , -ff 3, M X ' , :Lv NL. i,,Q'w.A 4,41 f. 'Ain' "lbn,',, v . 5, A 11, Q. I ' 3 K If ' wr., .,. q :.' w' ,K V'-'M kj ,Q 1' f'J,,.3.,f,-4' - ,A , J ,Q f '- 524' ,1 fckwx. DUDLEY BEARD - Golf Coach g y a Row: jonny Walker, Charlie johnson, Michael Ryan, Tom Butler, e t o n B inset rn T 1 jerry Schmidt, Don Sugg. Twyamf rebuzfdzffzcg mm mlb bezgbz' mm' experzmce The Trojan basketball team had quite a re- building job this year. The Trojans were helped by three junior college transfers from Florida. Coach Mahfouz can only look to a bright bright future for this year's Trojan team. With more ex- perience and practice the Trojans will be tough next year. 1 WM W' fvida' l 5 M X? s,yL 's all W Trojan Jonny WValker demon- strates the jump shot, which lecl to his selection on the District 17, NAIA Allstar Team. Ray Hollinger goes up for the ballg as fellow Trojan Charli Johnson CZZD, Tom Butler C247 and Crt-g XVinston QOH, loo on. UALR 75 75 94 71 75 84 80 104 58 77 74 f 0PPOr1eiit Arkansas College Harding College College of the Ozarks Hendrix College A Arkansas College College of the Ozarks Southwestern A A Southern Tech Bellhaven College Millsaps College ilel john Brown University SEASON RECORD '88 55 0 84 81 7,74 75 95 64 82 782 77g 0 ss: ss 81 93 as Q81 78 so g eiie 88 ss 76 Christian Brothers 70 Arkansas A Sc M 93 Evangel College 8 77 Christian Brothers 85 Evangel College 74 Southwestern 78 Hendrix 7 96 Millsaps 73 john Brown University 72 Arkansas A. ik M. 75 Bellhavenl 88 7 Harding 84 Trojan mm Z'WljZW07f66Z7 015 .mmm eonfzmzeai The Trojans started this season Without a gym to practice or play in but with extra effort by the team this was overcome. l9'70 saw the ad- dition of three junior college transfers from Florida, who added more depth to the squad. Experience came from returning lettermen: Greg Winston, Tom Butler, Donnie Branscum and Steve Averitt. Again the Trojans faced a tough schedule playing such teams as Christian Brothers Col- lege, Bellhaven College, and Southwestern. jonny Walker drives on a tough Belhaven defense, as teammate Charlie johnson looks on. Familiar faces on this seasons basketball team were returning lettermen Greg Winston, Tom Butler, Donnie Branscum, and Steve Averitt Four year letterman Donnie Brans cum goes for two against Arkansas ASIM. T E ' 1 Trolan standout, Charlxe Iohnson trles to fmd room for a shot, as teammate Donnie Branscum looks on 915983 K A M-.., i f" xXx 2- Junior college transfer, Ray Hollinger, finds himself right in the middle of things, against Southwestern. I , , Ionny Walker, this season s leading scorer, takes a free one against Belhaven. The Trojans improved with every game. John Walker, Charlie John- son, and Ray Hollinger set the base for a team with a bright future. I it Left to Right: Golf Coach Dr. Dudley Beard, Steve Ralston, Bob Walker, Kenny Doan, Terry Hardison, Gene Bale, Mike Sullivan, Eddie Bowen. UALB. gay mm flrancg Wzfb youib This year's Trojan Golf team was faced with a re- building job. The team was led by four-year let- terman Mike Sullivang three-year letterman Gene Baleg and Eddie Bowen. Mike Sullivan proved to be the most consistent Trojan on the links this year. The State College meet was held at Little Rock Air Force Base. The Trojan's biggest trip of the year was May 5th through May 7th, when they traveled to Memphis and Greenwood, Missis- sippi to play matches. Bob Walker first year man, lets it all out on this drive, during one of his many practice rounds for the Trojan Golf Team. n 2 Q N ..,. . :M-me "L ,wa 3 'JF .r '. . ,. W W ..,.... - - -w.c.'-rw W Three members of the University of Minnesota team practice before a match with the Trojans. it '2 1 "'?' :ff r a . r . a f ,, xt , , ' l ' " if 9'i'Nc 7 i ' W""f,' - M " 'W I ' .1 ,W WA:-:,.U mf 1 W' , Q ,'-5'5Q1',T?,52Qyfv,g ff f 'A' 'G 107- ,Q w U -- A wwf "Ty :"'t A x 4.'f,,?f.':s2i' ,:i'1zI"' Ei ' n , .U.rQf-ff,fL."ff'1fM ,,,.-'U "iv 'Hi' 3 K f ff .f -V. J ,' 'vet 4 " u"f'f2'.'f1j'?,?"w7 i 1 Tw . .wh-,pg 7 ?'j-fgf,Gfe4, W , 5 2 ' analog? ffl,-iw-,f-' Y .fo-fa- ., A g'i.,ffiu+4gic,wiq4,' fnff ,V,.g1g1':g,r,wqyiyf9z-5i5,1flJug,7. . Lg' Eddie Bowen and Gene Bale sharpen their putting game before a match. ff,-'P-""N My f ,- '.. Q , A lx.. 40-... W-Qet -MN! N,.., - x, J-'fi H3 ,M Eff ff' w7',"fi4-83.4 4 Terry Hardison checks his score after a match before turning it in. Steve Ralston in his first year with the Trojans added depth to the 1971 team. Dr. Beard talks it over with members of op Terry Hardison, Kenny Doan, and Mike Sullivan posing team before the match' take a few practice putts. 91' ,W g W' , p7:wmemmvQwwm:w',mVm., .m.,s, -. 'wiki 1 - 'ga fi 9 i ' Z'f'V'l'f'z4f?:i'2 3'.2e .. H, v ,N W . 4412! ' -ff-as em- 112 151 14 'mee iii ,fair few 9 airs: 5' ' "' fennzlf realm goal! A Lv mzlzbmzf tournament The U.A.L.R. Tennis Team con- cluded a satisfying season last year win- ning the NAIA District 17 singles and doubles championships. Phil Mehlin, All American, as a sophomore won the singles title and teamed with Ray Tuck- er for the doubles win. This season Coach Ed Gran has scheduled 24 match- es including a week long trip to Louisi- V ' we s 'Z 2r'1 Q T Q3 A ana during spring break. The team Q' ff , ccJpc ,,ss, scs, hopes to cap their season by winning a ,"t ',,- ' I t TT e . . . "M" ff f stlttt team birth in the national tournament 1 yu T T' T ,s,i Tl in Kansas City in June. Supporting rpppp Mehlin and Tucker this year are Lacey 1 y Morton, Don Frost, Jim Robbins, Steve t't',t , .V y,'t,t, . . . fi Averitt and Dick McK1bban. a su,i scy uiet TQ,,fT2g1 tf-' "" T T my I V, uyui yasu 1 yyyert y t, Phil Mehlin tt't silT 1 Front Row: Phil Mehlin, jerry Mayfield, Lacey Morton. Back Row: Coach. Ed Gran, Pete DeVitt, Stan Carter, jim Robbins, Ray Tucker. Not pictured: Don Frost, Steve Averitt, and Dick McKibban. J nv. ' ,, - ' 'fy me . T 1'- x f , , , ' e 0-,,13a"1v1a!?!i sl B-nw -,,,, N Phil Mehlin and Lacey Morton talk it over before a doubles match. new YX4 1 t 'lhm Q., Ray Tucker brought experience to this year's Trojan tennis team. . 1 I , Y' 1 . , 3 . , ,- , . Y 1'. 1 wk. M Xa 'KI .S Lacey Morton shows his form. - 1 - S , . ' x u N Stan Carter and Coach Ed Gran talk about Stan's future on the Trojan tennis team. Q i , e ' 'L fox Stan Carter practices his form at NValker Tennis Courts. Jim Robbins goes back to get one. Q ' 'Sif ? Wi Q P 5 i W 5 Qfz jf? V l'sii . 'xqrxn jj kfeik ji f , gf f, V ,Ll ,E V Egg, Don Lamb builds up his energy' before coming to bat. ,,L1J'1:: vJLfRm?' 1971 Trojan Baseball Team: Front Row: Tony Heterick, Ty Brog- Bob McCullar, Larry Paladino, Ron Shefield. Third Row: Coach lin, David junkind, Ricky Smith, Steve Allison, Eddie Passini, John Marshell Davis, Mike Sanders, Ralph Tilley. Jimmie johnson, Don Wlilliams. Second Row: Butch House, Danny Oury, Terry Bray, joe Lamb, Billy Bryant, Allen Bragg, Assistant Coach XV. Sisk. e umpire stays on top of things. One of the Arkansas College players tries to beat out a single Little Rock ,, Q ,, , ,V W, k,k, , t .. ., ojan pitcher warms Trojan bmebvzfl team puff oz wz'nnz'ng .reason iocgelber with experzmae and mzcbmcg A member of the Drake team slides in second as the throw is high from right field. Arkansas College catcher goes for the ball as Steve Allison watches teammate Don Lamb slide home safe. , , 5-rw, -- - 3 - ' ish' 4'.""' A ' M ., - - -' ' f . f J' . fa- A- , rf - .. , ' . -' .. ,... -4 f u , ' r ' ' , W, ,rw as ' Q' v1"""" A, A.: ", . 5 X . : wrt 'fl '35 ,.,..1 'r' ' Lk ' an I I . ,xi-n x f L+.---.. A . . v. 1 ,K jx KEY! 'V lf X lt x 'I t x ,km If ix 5. if fc i 'ks , if f X 1 ix if x Q C gi fX N x A ii, fi E fi if I!!! Lf! fi 31 2 il ti fi f' ff 1' Xxx: gf C 1 Q if if 1 f ff f s , l,, A A Zasa , 1' r ' l a f slcc K A f ',: A b x In Xxx as A ,:-k ' A 1 fm V r x , ' 153. 2 X fg A cgi . ., A-jwfz, H, . , 2555. N s . iw ,ff . ff, - M1144 Steve Allison talks it over as Trojan teammates quench thirst with gatorade. M25 av ,XT Steve Allison pops a high one against Arkansas College. Tffojdm IWHQP many dorzbfebeaderf Coach Marshell Davis in his second season fielded a fine team. The Trojans played above 500 percent all season. They are a young team with all starters returning. Many of the returning lettermen will only be sophomores. Next seasonis prospects look very promising. fsfenswerf - ' 14,5 i' 1' ft X V--,t Eddie Passini rounds third for another T101 in score gif as ,L :ff ,gi . 'if- X 5712: K 'sc if . W N ,pg ' sf -vt ,K . iS' iff' Coach DSVIS tells tWO of his starters that they got to do It this time. Bmebazfl 1,-f-',4"' J . 3,..a-AL--Q 'W' 5-s 5' as 9 1--M it Coach Davis watches his pitcher warm up against Arkansas College. 1"'+Y'9"lWl'Sf Tony Reterick looks it over as the Trojans swept a doubleheader from Arkansas College in Little Rock. ,A f' X. , , nga ,fax Q-, , . .' .'.,..-0'-firhvvmh o,. A o no -v . , rf-f.?'A ,nr -A ' ' "' A, . , ,. , f - -- N .3 ,'adug.Q1'kg,,H, f , ,, .lmkgf --. - ' - Y 'JM .'f' bkM'."' . X 'X' Qs H., '1--k,f'l',1wZqLl54"F"4,-,yy as ' W, H ',.esg.,,rl"kfW--,qi Me- .A .' 5' .A , ..-. ,M L: - M ,s - . . " 'P ' , - 4' X ' , A . ' , M H . 19554 fgwffx 'Q' ,,44,:'- ' Q ",'f, M. ki" I, , L.- ,' .f - s ,, 6 .,,, W -xr -it 5 .Q , -.pkg Ouilook jbr fwzmmmcg realm good 1 g . Coach Iohn Torbett looks over the arena. Swimming Team - Front: Bruce Wingfield, Richard Turner, john Henry, Sam Turner, Charles Epperson, john Torbett, Coach. Back Harry Wadsworth, Larry Tilley, john Rule, aloe Drompp. 4 Ll BW A : M., 9? i ff, , E I ,f Q 5 3 1 Gymmzffzcs realm 0 to good ffm' In its first year of exist- ence the U.A.L.R. Gymnas- tics team made great prog- ress. Under the direction of Mrs. Powers they had an encouraging year. Student interest in gymnastics is be- ginning to grow here at UALR. 1970-71 Gymnastics Team Standmg Daud Bohck Robert Love Tom Horton Kerry Williams Randy Pierce Rich ard Turner, David Kaufman Seated johana Boeckman Terri Campbell Mascot Stevie I'r1th Mime Lindsey Paula Kuykendall. M., U 5 I , Clb66l"l66l6f67'5 mlvpoffi Trqbzm This year's U.A.L.R. Cheer- leaders did a fine job of boost- ing school spirit at basketball games. After long hours of practice and try-outs, the Cheerleaders attended all bas- ketball games to cheer the Tro- jans to victory. Cheerleaders: Corine Lewis, Ann Orme, and Beth Hervey are caught in the middle of a cheer. 1970-71 Cheerleaders: Front Row: Shelia Hood and Terry Campbell. Back Row: Beth Hervey, Corine Lewis, Ann Orme, and Nina Brooks. ff QWVWI' Z - 1-. if M P, WW, ' w "'W"f'9Sggg,7 - 2lWUlMhw x ' ? ,ya ay W4 3 S fy .W,,+,d5y . AV " s w inn., I f QVQQLS Inz'e1yfmfe1f1f1z'zy Council Sigma Alpha Epsilon: joe Drompp, Kim Hearnsberger Pi Kappa Alpha: Cary Brown, Larry Stephens Male chauvinist pigs unit. The Interfraternity Council, com- posed of representatives from the four Greek fraternities on campus, is the coordinating body for fraternity activi- ties at UALR. Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Nu, Kappa Sigma, and Sigina Alpha Epsilon are the four fraternities repre- sented by this organization. Challenge, understanding, achievement, and in- volvement are the ideals upon which to- day's rapidly changing society needs to perpetuate itself. These are the ideals upon which today's fraternity is based and these are the ideals which it offers to you. T Sigma Nu: John Curtis, Kenny Crow Kappa Sigma: Rick Carmichael, Craig Campbell, Don Cobb Pvmbellemk Council Chi Omega: Martha Sawrie, Beverly Bone Rhonda Fry I' Kappa 4Kappa Gamma: Liz Goodwin, ,hx Delta Delta Delta: Virginia Booker, Jeanine Clements Pi Beta Phi: Kathy Baker, Ieanne Turnbow We want equal pay, better working conditions, sex ual freedom, no job discrimination . . . . The Panhellenic Council is the principal advisory and governing board for the four national women's sororities on the UALR campus. Each sorority has two representatives on the Panhel- lenic Council. The council realizes its responsibilities to the college campus as a social organization for setting and maintaining high scholastic achieve- ment as part of its program and a trophy is given each year to the sorority with the highest grade point average. .f Mx Yes, we believe in maintaining only the high- est moral concepts and ethics becoming of true gentlemen. Now boys, we don't Want no biting, scratch- ing, hair-pulling or any derogatory remarks made about someones, heritage. I have heard, that the Kappa Sigs drink too much, that the Pikes are losers and that the SAES canit get a date. But nobody even wants to talk about the Sigma Nus. '55 'PH Pikes buy controlling interest in Consolidated Edsel Products, SAE appears on the Tiny Tim Amateur Hour, Kappa Sigs sponsor Dirtball in the Annual Ozark Flaming-Dung-Stomp Contest, Sigma Nus get busted for dropping aspirin in cokes in the Student Uniong Kappas work in Boy's Town over semester break, Pi Beta Phis write book entitled "The Sensuous Co-Edn, Tri Deltas have twelve members sign professional Hockey contracts, Chi Omegas sponsor a Parade of the Unspoiled. GVEEPJ G61-D-Tocgefber s ,M "' T p i , s if i'ii X af" -:- 1' .E X ' .4 X tha Ps' WVe also had six seniors sign with Green Bay last vear. V gif? There is no Pie . .1 like Pi Beta Phi! Eta 109 These guys are rude, crude, gross, social deviants, sex maniacs, ani- mals and they are just GREAT. What you see, is what you get! H '.:'s-.ur -ff -s f-1 -1 5 I 13 TI li I VVe may be last, but we try awful hard. rs A - 5,,a1,,.sa ,X .,,,,,, .Q . -gf 'Km 5 J, 4, i 'K ,wif 9 -mam 9 W- . ,J Kappa jg! lei if all bang om' Aspiring Kappa Sigma pledges show true Winning form to th3ir female counterparts "-vw ,-fi r , 6 ik.. z,'A,5i! . 1 ,..5,1 'E wr , fr., 5. 'ku ' I A v'P1imx..- -.x3,1,5"p' my ap K, ,n if 4 .g. fx: f .g . 4 .3 4 11 i N1 'WA ' 5931? if K -L .w ff, gksf ,Ei 1,-gj.g.f ' 1 wif 1 S K , , .1 K, wr 153.7115 Q Q X I ,,,hl, or .7 ..,.: .ik X H . f' i .1 , 'X Ps 1 , '- . K -A X ..-- . ' FN -1 ' ' uw Ffi"'fH fuv1:"'1fi A ' - gf up .1 -lk-, JF ii' .3781 in 'f'I- L I .f wiA1.i,.L,., , x . , K Wy. sg, , .-,M k V 5 , x. .. .t ggi. .1 ,fl t V K a'fi?""' ' 255. -f,w.X.:?f-I3 ir. . . ,H ., MV, Q, ,. ,nit , i fi 'vt' si K-'W :Pix at Z' ,A V 1 12' P'fH'5""f:xQ'Qf3Lf.1?'xf 19 --1' 1 . .-in is f , . . . . ' -' ,.Q.5'-'Ll--ff!-gif" Y In 7133, 3 i -A f'-"' g , v.'1..f-flhii .,-35,145 'f I ,s . 1 Fr.: .ffmaiffifffig-55? 'Aw 5, in o , ,, .,s, Q ,Q ,ssi f , o ,, e N f V 4 Q- f -. fi is Q'WTvi5'f"V?5if' 1- L K H f . s , A. X ,..., .xi .i. we H , f f 'o 5 ' " ' 3'5fA , 5".Q-.J'w f W' Q - .L ULTRA BRIGHT does wonders for young Coeds. Greeley Alpha Kappa A412601 After bein colonizdhliifqfor a ear, E silon Phi S Y P Chapter of Alpha Sorority, Inc., officially received October 23, 1970. Alpha Kappa for the better- ment of Epsilon Phi Chapter iiiii projects in order to for the needy. This year's itit has been a Pre- Thanksgiving was collected and distributed to sevegiiflocal needy families. Officers President .............. .-- -H Gloria Willis lst Vice-President .... ..aa S heila Hood 2nd Vice-President .... ......., S ybil Casey Recording Secretary ....aa.. Cheryl Thompson Corresponding Secretary ..,.a Clarice Williams Treasurer aaaaa......... Y-- Rita Robinson f - The Thanksgiving food drive was a bi g success I1- Sybil Casey Sheila Hood Rita Robinson Cheryl Thompson Clarice Williams Gloria Willis 'Y Pam Aldridge Kathy Bailey Elizabeth Barron jane Bennett Beverly Bone Bonny Bone Becky Brown Linda Burton Glenda Cale Laura Carroll Marilyn Dickinson Jerrie Farmer Karen Goss Mary Katherine Gould Terry Hain Jane Hart Beth Hervey Jeanne Hill Kim Hornby Vickey Hum Susan Marks janet McLemore Peggy Milligan Becky Munsey Martha Sawrie Jackie Springhorn Rita Sugg Susan Switzer Jeanne Thompson Carol Vick 'S...,mv" Kathy Wallace Missy Worley 'dna ff..-ei Greeley Cb! Omega Aren't you glad you used dial, donit you Wish everyone did. 1 x l' K 1 i Gamma Zeta chapter of Chi Omega had a very successful year starting off by winning first place in the annual Aulsing for the third year in a row. Glenda Cale, Janet McLemore, and Beverly Bone were Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Wo1nen's Senators, respectively. Beth Hervey was elected as Trojan Cheerleadefglyp-Bonny Bone, Jane Ben- nett, and Glenda ieie selected for Who's Who. Cardinal Key members were Bonny Bone, Jane Bennettyjanet Mclaemore, Mary Katherine Gould, jerriel rqtp Farmer, pps and Martha..Sawrie. Mar- tha Sawrie ieni Kappa Vice- President. At Christrnasyfthey sponsored a Christ- mas Cozy Dance. Foriithe Christmas Kindness, the Chi Omegas sang and gave a party for the ladies at the Ada Thompson Home. At Valentine's the patients at the Children's Hospital were given a party. The Fall Pledge class sponsored the Dat- ing Game in February. The high point of the year's activities came with the annual Chi Omega Carnation Ball held late in March. Officers Fall President .........-...... ..-.. J ane Bennett VICC-Presldent a...............G, Bonny Bone Secretary .....c................. Carol Vick Treasurer .-.-.....a,. ...a,v.. J errie Farmer Spring President ...........aB,.ae... Martha Sawrie Vice-President W..a..... Mary Katherine Gould Secretary,e.....aB,aB,. Susan Switzer Treasurer ....e,a,..aaY....... Laura Carroll The female lib movement has true grit. GVEEPI Kappa Kappa Gamma As Kappa Kappa Gamma entered its second century as a national fraternity, Epsilon Theta Chapter at UALR entered into another busy and successful year. At the Centennial Convention in French Lick, Indiana, Epsilon Theta won the Finance Award given to the chapter exhibiting the most efficient financial management. Select- ed into "Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities" were Ann. Bledsoe, Phillis Laven- der, and Cathy Owen.1,Cardinal Key members are Phillis Lavender, rOwen, Margaret Williams, and Pam NVilliamsgySarah Jane Moseley and Margaret selected for Phi Theta Kappa. TheiFallrf5l?iledge Class entertained the children in the Catholic Children's Home as their project. They also sponsored the annual Christmas party for a group of neighborhood children. The climax of the year's activities came in February with the annual Sweetheart Formal presenting the Fall Pledge Class and naming Jim Greenwald as Kappa Sweetheart. The Kappas also attended the Province Convention held in late April in Dallas, Texas. Officers Fall President ....,a ...., .....a C 21 thy OWCH Vice-President --- -- Melanie Bradford Secretary -H LL.. .,,,.. P am Williams Treasurer aa.. LLLLLL.. S arah Jane Moseley Spring President ..a,,.M. ......a M argaret Williams Vice-President .... La.. S arah Jane Moseley -Secretary LLLL -LLL Melanie McCool Treasurer LWL, ---La Caroline Cook This is the house that Cod built. .fi K, - .,V. 'gk 'Yr A T 4 ---- .... - .-.K ' ie This is a picture of Sister Owen Winning the shot put in the NCAA indoor invitational meet. XX at 1 4 L Stray' f :,:z.-1' : 1, surfi- an AMW? fi- 1. f 'Qc I on 'A ' , f A 5? t am , as A N. " diy . 'Sm if ,.-,-wg, si f iling . is a? ,J 1 S fg 'Q 235' H. s, igdfy 1 . 4""'T? ,sf yyig is U' 1 Sl 5 J Myra Askins Melanie Bradford Carolyn Cline Cathy Courtney Rhonda Fry janet Glover Elizabeth Goodwin Helen Gothard Peggy Howell Caroline Jackson Mary Jackson Sandy Jernigan Phillis Lavender Carol Lazenby Blair Mclroy Alda Mason Melanie McCoo1 Katherine Murphy Sarah Moseley Anne Nelson Cathy Owen Sharon Olberts Pam Prickett Pan Simmons Stephanie Swann Julie Thompson Angela Van Zandt Gloria Voss Kathy Wammack Margaret 'Williams Greeley Pz' Bezel Pb! The past year was filled with rewards and growth for Arkansas Beta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi. Pi Phis held their annual Presentation Dance in November and presented the fourteen members of the Fall Pledge Class along with the newly initiated Spring Class. The Pi Phi pledges along with the Sigma Nu pledges gave a HalloweQ2Party for the children at the Methodist Home. An annual Christmas Party was with several ex- change parties, the a surprise break- fast in April. On Founder's Day was celebrated with Little iiit ock alumnae members at Trapnall Hall. if Kathy Baker was named Kappa Sigma Sweet- heart. The Chapter was pleased to have last year's Trojan Beauty, Shari Yeargain, among its members. janet Harwell appeared in both The Music Man and Dangerous Corners while Debbie Wools had the lead in the Children's Theater play, Little Red Riding Hood. Officers Fall if T President ...... ..,. M ary Kathryn Holmes Vice-President --- ...... Katherine Baker Secretary .-a... ...C S hari Yeargain Treasurer .... .......... J eanne Turnbow Spring President ...... .... M ary Kathryn Holmes Vice-President .... ..,.....e S hari Yeargain N-- Debbie Wools --- Linda Bowman Secretary .... Treasurer ---- Casey Jones was a train drivin, rascal, He drove his train into a Pi Phi ditch, he grabbed a 100 Pi Phis and lined them against the wall and swore that he would .... This is a picture of our bunkin party at the Kappa Sigma Lodge. ff 'nv AQ f Debbie Wools Shari Yeargain Last summer we worked in Boy's Town and earned enough money to redecorate our den. Mg., Ann Abercrombie Debbi Atchison Kathy Baker Marsha Blake Nancy Blann Linda Bowman Carolyn Cook Melinda Gentry Lanis Grigg Mary Alice Hamilton Janet Harwell Melody Heimer Carolyn Henderson Mary Kathryn Holmes Mary Malone Mary McQuade Sue Morehart Theresa Rodriguez Gwen Schlesier Jeanne Turnbow Debi Avra Margaret Burns Virginia Booker Judy Eudy Agnes Ferreira Diane Goggans Sandra Howley Rhonda Jones Linda Kemp Virginia LaGrossa Kathleen McCarthy Vicki McCoy Carol McNeil Marsha Mills Paula Noto Karen Norvell Harriet Nutt Claudia Phillips Susan Pierce .Ion Marie Puryear Diana Redd Mary Reinhart Kay Renshaw Ann Richardson Kathy Shubert f" ang. IPS. MN- Paula Smith Tina Stubblefield Linda Wooldridge we ,Md Xxa Delta Delta Delta as a group was very active with service projects in the community as well as on campus. The major project was sponsoring the Miss Dogpatch U.S.A. pageant for Pulaski County. Other services were sponsoring the Great- er Little Rock Junior Miss Pageant in the fallg visiting homes for the elderlyg placing second in campus blood driveg and taking orphans trick-or- treating on Halloween. Tri Delta is also sponsor- ing a teenager from a local youth home. Individ- uals in Delta Delta Delta are also serving their campus. Carol McNeill was a student senator. Virginia Booker Panhellenic Secretary. Angela Wooley was UTC President. Claudia Phillips was Vice President and Mary Reinhardt President of Alpha Psi Omega. Virginia Booker, Linda Wooldridge, and Judy Eudy were in Who's Who. Agnes Ferriera and Jeannine Clements were Trojan Beauties. Five Tri Deltas belong to Car- dinal Key of which Virginia Booker is treasurer. Highlights of the year are the annual Gold and White Ball, Pledge Presentation Tea and Ex- change parties. Officers Spring President na tttaatt Virginia La Grossa Secretary --- .,,- u ------ M Debbi Avra Treasurer -. ...t....iii..... ttit H arriet Nutt Pledge Trainer Sc Chaplain -- Linda lVooldridge House President gagttattttt Jeannie Clements Fall President ---,aa Linda Wooldridge Secretary aa- tttatat Paula Noto Treasurer r.... .....,.. H arriet Nutt Pledge Trainer M- ra.. Virginia La Grossa House President --- , Virginia Booker WVe had 372, fewer dates last semester. G766k5 Kappa Sigma The men of the Theta Eta Chapter of Kappa Sigma carry on its rich tradition. Brothers Abra- ham, Campbell and English were elected to Who's ll ,, Formal, Fiji Island and numerous other gather- ings were again a complete success. Last but not least, the Brothers restored true fame to "The Pitcherw and 'AThe Ritz Cafe' Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Officers Fall Master ......a.aH -M Procurator aaaaa. -ma Treasurer a,a.aa.... Master of Ceremonies Scribe .....aaaa, Spring Master tta. aa...att. - ar Richard English Rick Brown an--- Tom Pryor YW--- Bob Croft Harry Webb Doug Green Grand Procurator ..aaaaa. C Bob Croft Grand Treasurer ..aaaaaa,.. aaa Harry Webb Grand Master of Ceremonies ..aaaa.. Don Robb Grand Scribe ....aaaaa,... aa- Richard Lynn Welcome to the den of iniquity. Pledge Power! figs' 'JZ' -lb, si Sam Abraham Mitch Blakely Lindy Bowie Ricky Brown Craig Campbell Ricky Carmichael Donald Cobb Lee Douglas Wiley Cotton Bob Croft Billy Earl Richard English Richard Farris john Fisher Doug Green Harold Hampton Billy Dennis Michael Harpending Ronnie Hefner jerry Hudgens Nathan Johnson Danny Kelly Robert Lord Bill Lorenz Richard Lynn Pat Manney Clark Myhand Buddy Olinghouse Edward Peek John Powers Tom Pryor Don Robb Michael Smith Marty Stansberry Harry Webb Paul White Tom Aloway joe Alsbrook Mike Alsbrook Andy Bookalis Bill Brixey Bill Brown Stan Carter Reggie Crouse Terry Davis XVayne Dierks Joe Drompp Steve Gassaway Jay Hall Terry Hardison Bruce Hart Mark Hawk Bill Haynes Ken Heard John Hess Benny Loltis Steve Lucas Paul Mains Tommy Mitchell Eddie Moody John Norrell Tommy Oakley Fred Osborne Larry Parks Bob Plummer Earnest Rambo Bobby Ring Steve Stone Gary Teaney Randy Teague Ray Tucker james WVarren wus" ,N we ...M- ...Z Aaron Webb joe Wigington Bruce Wingfield Greek Sigma A527661 Epfzfon Gentlemen, meet our fall pledge trainer, Miss Vickie-. Arkansas Beta of Sigma Alpha Epsilon began another year successfully by having two brothers S iffilass and sssrs eiecr- lasf rt. for the ' Hang Emi yrsr held in chapter ofthe University Fayetteville. The'Old cfs-5PfilWaS 2' TSTC-at J at also duififig :he and 'fiiifillg rirsa ,HH fvrt the t Two Sig Alphas were chosen for YVlio's Wfho, Ray Tucker and John Norrell. Officers Fall President g,ggg, so T, Joe Droinpp Vice-President ge- so s Paul Maines Secretary ,MU use Fred Osborne Treasurer e T ees S S c geee Mike .-Xlsbrook Spring President gegeg. -get so be .- We S Bill Haynes Vice-President gc- egegg Rick Darling Secretary ecgc. - c eeeege Bob Halliday Treasurer eee, -M Kim Hearnsberger M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, S-A-E! Greek! Jlgmaz Nu take dren are we Jim the also Officers Fall Commander --- ...............- -H Larry White Lt. Commander ...d.,.....w Nathan Calhoun Recorder .... .- ...d.. ----,-.-e,-u vndn Ken Crow Treasurer .........,e........ Jim Bransford Spring Commander w.,.............., Randy Sybert Lt. Commander .....,... .- ..., Bran McCarty Recorder ..............,,d...e Larry Garner Treasurer .........,ee..a.c,..e - Perry Carr Actually, we really just want your money. Hello, I'm Cod's gift to Women - just call me Adam. X R -A 955 iz, ,QM J W -gi 3.41, si 2 :V-11 Hifi l -ASAE 9 eA,' -A-1, -: iiv',f.m'W' 471, 1, wtf , f f ,, ' I ,,,........-...---. :J . S- ani SOAKY-SOAKY-SOAKY-SOAKY soaks you clean! YVilliam Alessi 'ii' Billy Avancc 've' ...x I 6 Y "M, Mm 'Q wi ffl' Otle- Tim Bodislibaugli '-97 Jimmy Brzinsforcl Perry Carr gf? John Curtis Robert Denman L. D. Garner Rodney George Lane Kidd 4 .1 Adam King Steve Linder Bran McCarty Larry McMurry Rick Runnels 1 Scott Schuler jimmy Simpson 'QU in-1'9" .17 csv? Randy Sybert Bill Tudor Larry White ,.,,, 1 ff-5 Phillip Y'Vyr1ck it f it Robert YVebb Allen Barton Robert Barnett Joe Binz Gary Brown Steve Davis Jim Dudley Ron Fulbright Randy Fuller Steve Greenhaw Jim I-Iardison Steve Harmon jerry Holley Mike Keen Clifton Kelley William Martin Mack McCrokin John Miller Roger Molder Randy Mourning Larry Owens Dave Parker Lee Pillert Thomas Pope jim Smith Steve Summers President ,B ! ....Y . ... B o b Barnett Vice-President Ron Fulbright Secretary U, f A,M.. .f.4 G ary Brown Treasurer Wa ..........,, M- Pete Cooper President .aaaa ........,aan... G ary Brown Vice-President Richard Pope Secretary ataa .... N Iilton Hall Treasurer -W B-- And last but not least, Spiro Agnew was a Pike pledge. Larry Martin GVE6k Cmfzdzdf '52, '31 i . X t tt it i ' ,-r' XX A' ,Q 2 Q, , .f ,: :-: Ju xr . 1 48 cz n-544868. I am not prejudiced, but I have heard that Pi Phis are firey women. All I can say is LAGNAF. I use Ultra Bright but still carft get a date Greek Cazmfzkff Ice Blue Secret keeps you cool, calm, and collective It's ten o'clock, do you know where your children are? . , ,,,,,, , ...iw J,,,,.,.,,.,..h ji 45 .Ah- .. wa OVIOVS OVIOVS WR makes a point during political speech at UALB. g Q Q 2 yi ff' ,. ,LL,, L1 ,,, LwE X eg " V 5 ,,,g YEV . LL,,,, IVKA V LLV gi, on , in gl nntnen neet f Cathy Owen answers judges' questions during Trojan beauty contest. Dick Gregory was a hit with the students during his talk. SOME OF U5 BECAME INVOL VED .gm at Mayor George Wimberly and Assistant Mayor Charles Bussey carefully judge the Trojan Beauty Contest. Hood and Tassel This was the year of 'iChange!' . . . the new parking lots . . . the constant hammering and drilling noises which managed to make their way into every classroom and library niche. . . Bumpers won . . . Rockerfeller lost . . . the political enthusiasm was campus Wide . . . the college students from all over Arkansas influ- enced the polls . . . Five girls were chosen Trojan Beauty . . . Dick Gregory, Sterling Cockrill, Dr. Bob Riley and other speakers visited the U.A.L.R. campus . . . 23 students were named to K'Who's Who . . . Yes . . . some of us became involved! fm. n l""'l' First Row - Glenda Caleg Lexie Sullivan: Marylou Marting Second Row - Libby Barnett: Danna Hearn. First Row: Tonya Webb, Libby Barnett, Virginia Booker, Glenda Caleg Second Row: Jane Bennett, Bonnie Bone, Martha Sawrie, Marylou Marting Third Row: Phyllis Lavender, Terrie Gregory, Kathy Owen, Margaret Williams, Harriet Nutt, Kathy Shubertg Fourth Row: jerrie Farmer. janet McLemore, Linda Wooldridge, Mary Gould. H0041 and Tame! Hood and Tassel stresses high scho- lastic standards. Members are required to be women who are in the upper 35 percent of their class, have completed at least '78 semester hours, and belong to three other campus organizations. Among Hood and Tassel projects are: ushering at school plays and having a "Smarty party" for Women on Dean's List. Sponsors are Mrs. Sue Pine and Dean Barbara Taegel. H0041 amd Tassel Cazrtizml KW Cardinal Key is in its third successful year as a service organization. The or- ganization is composed of Women of junior status in American colleges and universities who are leaders in the col- lege community. Its purposes are to recognize achieve- ments in scholarship and extracurricu- lar activitiesg to advance personal growth, patriotism and service by af- fording training for leadership in the college communityg and to develop worthy character by applying the cardi- nal virtues of living. Keziezlzez fnereezref By IWW Member! Katalia, a men's leadership colony, recognizes outstanding young men on campus in the areas of leadership and scholarship. To be eligible for member- ship he must have a 3 point grade aver- age and hold offices in several organi- zations. Besides being sponsor of the annual awards assembly held each spring, this year Katalia gave a mone- tary gift to the Arkansas School for the Blind which was used for recreation equipment. Phi fi?Z76l Them Henan' Tm Hilary fiudemf The Iota Zeta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta national honor society recognizes the faculty and student members who have distinguished themselves scholasti- cally and show special interest in his- tory. Student members are required to have a 3.5 grade point average in his- tory courses and have taken a minimum of twelve hours in history. KATALIA: First Row: Randy Gates, David Kaufman, Rudy Gates: Second Row: Mr. Dixon, Mike Kaczka, Mike Sullivan, johnny Fisherg Third Row: Raymond Ivory Tucker, Jimmy Bransford, Stuart Trent. 1 5 4 PHI ALPHA THETA: First Row: Sybil Smith, Rosalyn Halbert, Jarqneline Martin, Peggy Thompson: Second Row: Mary Riegler, C. Fred Williams, Harold T. Smith, T. Harri Bake: Third Row: Bill R. Simpson, jim Dudley, W. A. Owings. PI DELTA PHI: First Row: Dolly Hastings, Mary Collier, Marylou Marting Second Row: Rosalie Cheatham, Maryavis Parson, Carmen Puckett, Lucille Colaianni. i PHI THETA KAPPA: First Row: Glenda Cale, Cheryl Uyeda, Martha Sawrie, QVice Presidentjg Rita Sugg, Beverly Boneg Second Row: Yuonne Burgess, Peggy Thompson, Agnes Ferreira, QSCCTCIHTYJQ Mary Katherin Gould, joseph Lienhartg Third Row: Jonathan Timm, fPresider1tj3 Danny Oury, Jimmy Bransford, Bill Simpson. Pr' Delia Pb! Neizenel Honor Freneb Feelernzbf In its third year on the UALR cam- pus, Epsilon Phi Chapter of Pi Delta Phi, national honorary French fraterni- ty, stimulated American appreciation of the customs and contributions of France and its people to World culture. Along with Sigma Delta Pi, the mem- bers sponsored the UALR Language Fair. Phi Them Keppel SEZECII Qbper Ten Percent Of Undefelemmen Phi Theta Kappa is composed of the top ten percent of the freshman and sophomore classes and is a local chapter of the National Scholastic Honor So- cieties of Junior Colleges. A student must be enrolled for fifteenrsemester hours to be considered eligible for membership. An initiation banquet is held each April to honor new members. Qgmaz Della Pi Nazizbnazf Honor .Sjbaznzkb F7'6ll'6WflZ.0f Zeta Sigma chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, now in its 3rd year, is a national honorary Spanish fraternity. The mem- bership is composed of students actively enrolled in Spanish courses who have maintained a "B" average and complet- ed at least one literature course in Spanish. A 2.75 average must be main- tained in all other courses. Honorary memberships are composed of profes- sors of Spanish. Sigma jggmaz Pfz' Sigma Sigma Psi is a national frater- nity for women physical education majors. Requirements are: the students must be of junior level status or higher, attended UALR for more than three semesters, and have a 3 point average in the physical education fields. Organ- ization projects this year included a dinner and initiation for the new fra- ternity members. JXA, ,: 0 6 Q I First Row: Larry Prince, QPresidentjg Reyda O'Dell, fSec.-Treasjg Rosalie Cheatham: Second Row: Lucille Colaianni, Maryavis Parson. 'Mal gp--r 255552 www lfgllilil 35335 M if 3 Ri K if . :gg- Nancy Frith, QFaculty Sponsorjg Kathy Owen, Phyllis Lavender, Betty Stephens, QFac- ulty Sponsorj . Sword amd fbzeld Honors fcbolmfzb Arbzevemenir Sword and Shield is an honor organization for juniors and seniors Whose membership is based on scholastic achievement. Induction is held twice a year, with selection from the 125 percent of the senior class and upper five percent of the junior class. Faculty Sponsor is Mrs. Billie Broach. Row One: Debra Shannon, fSecre- taryjg Danna Hearn, Glenda Cale, Judith Baldwing Second Row: JoAnn Cainpell, Mary Collier, Sybil Smith, Mary Golleher, Peggy Thompson, Third Row: Carolyn Curry, Maryavis Parson, julie Walker, Margaret Vcatch, QPresiden0g Fourth Row: Rudy , Gates, Larry Farmer, john Tebbetts. Row One: Terrie Gregory, Susan Mashburn. Reyda O'Del1, Alowee Mashburn, Rosalyn Halbert, Lexie Sullivan, Billie Broach, jeanene Dunhamg Second Row: Gary Detherage, Gary Rankin, John Fisher, Mike Sullivan, Robert Kreineyer, Wayne Silmong Not Pictured: Theresa BUI16, Mary K. Gould, Mike Kaczka, Phillis Lavender, Marylou Martin, Ralph Murph, Rosalie Patton. gaji 'WZ-mal' ,aw ,ff -49U""Qw .fm-vp. First Row: Claudia Phillips, David Kaufman, Steve Shofner, Mary Reinhardt, Second Row: Mike Middleton, Donna Brown, Bob Shivcrsg Third Row: Carey Brennan, Cliff Haislip, QSponsorjg Carolyn Curry. ALPHA PSI OMEGA is a National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity which in itself is the high- est goal a dramatic student may attain. Member- ship qualifications are based on interest in the theatre, work accomplished and also approval of faculty. Cast officers are: Director, Mary Rein- hardtg Stage Manager, Claudia Phillips and Busi- ness Manager, David Parrish. Drama isn't all bad with the right beverages. Drama Dqzzmflmml emwef wiik 0Wl0Zb67' IMCCKLVIM! yE6l7'f Harwell, you evil UVERY STABLE Wflllll Music Man was a smash. It really did smash, all right woman, you. ffmff Tomowfow? ffmfenif Todazy? J..- , , Say. Is that you again Harwell Our stage crew. They could be called exceptional. l ,, lf, Ni The wise men of Alpha Psi Omega. Dmmaz ffudenlf mm I0 fanny Little Riding Hood-do you believe it? Can Jay come outside and play Name it or Lose it? I just get better looking every day X 1 1 ff , fn rms. W X! Cjzgjan ,Beaufcy SAraJer-,BufcA Qelfa mafia gibelfa 49Q7nes yerreira N 1 gr 'F' E .5 . ff 35355 ' 'wx 'fn as ff Q ' 5. . .3 . 'L 'X ,, x . 7, M .. ,XJ ,rf Ax 'f N- .5 NJ xr: A Ne' 1-, I - Q n . QQ x. Ifl 92' . Q. Q , ,S 5 im. Q- Q . 2 ik, FEV., . ...x , f it S gi if , R' x,i f' gW f liVfW'3""' MN 5 liar A X' fjzojan eaufiy 5 1SArcrc'fer-,sBufcA :Peggy milkgan CAI Gmcgcr . .W . 1 , xg i- N'-1 M S I 7,,ojan equi-ly SAraJer-l3ufcAer CafAerine Lynn Gwen Sgma 044sAa epsilon ff, Q . X, Qg, if, sn- ' 4, fd 3' gigs! ff ,W Q' . f u"k.f' f 1 'fx'-- 'far 1' ff ,fa-ff X wk fi Sv A - Sis f ,-If N Q 'US 4 . ,Q Q Rx! 1. 1 ak, Kyjwg' 1 4 4.. ' . -Eb w.,, 5 99: -. x 4354? . ,. w. H 1' 'r:'3?sgv Z V if YI .svn lv-, , f 1 0 4 1 -'aw X gil . j . 1 at , 5 J. 1 x R . -E C' Q L N, ma-aff' f n 5:4 A., A- 'N 'Y . ,S xr, -X S 2 3 , LK -gg N .-MW., mqQ"'Wn..,W W . -F Q-+?v.x?41 :fr ,,. ' , .. . J A., ,Q f.,s-,. , '. X v hi . 5' f. , 53445 'ml 5'f?ks J'-2 'W . V, M., fjlfojan eanfcy SAraJer-B11fcAer SfePAenie Swarzn mac memorial SKQPPCI LKQPPCI gC'IVVll4'lL7 , Q., fiw ver ww Jf:,,,fNwf g? ,I ,:" 'JJ X - " ' Q 1' - mga, ,, o f3i f aw, M Qzojan ,Beau jane xH-arf Cm Gmega fy SAraJer-kB11fcA gn Memoriam 671, gm. ,CW fw Bow LEW J-05 Service fl 5.752 lflniveysifly 041401 xj'0gAer 5Jncczf fx 'sg- Dr Lloyd W Bom? . Q 1 Jc x 'x v f af 4 - 's 's Q-.4 , if - ' if 'X 1 Q. x 3 i, 'S .33 Hmm 23 UALR Qpperflaffmen Named I0 "Wb0i Wbojj SAM V. ABRAHAM, President, vice presi- dent, social chairman Kappa Sigma, Young Democrats , IFC representative, Junior Men's Senator, and Dean's Counselor. David Kaufman is not pictured. DAVID BRIAN KAUFMAN - President, sophomore class, president, University Theatre Guild, Foreign Relations Club, Alpha Psi Omega, recorder, Sigma Nu. Eleven women and twelve men have been named to the 1970-71 "Who's Who in American Universities". The selections were made by facul- ty and student organization presidents. The main selection was based on the studentys participation in college activities and future potential. Each student was also evaluated for leadership, charac- ter, and citizenship. PHILLIS JACKSON LAVENDER - House chairman, corresponding secretary, recording sec- retary, second vice-president, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, WRA, Dean's List, Physical Education Ma- joris Club, AEA, vice president, Sigma Psi, Smea, and AAHPEIR. MARGARET ANN BLEDSOE - Dean's List, Dean's Counselor, president, secretaryg Phy- sical Education Major's Clubg AAHPERQ activi- ties chairman, pledge trainer, and second vice president, Kappa Kappa Gamma, all intramural all star 68-695 and publicity chairman, Newman Club. STUART A. TRENT - Vice president, stu- dent bodyg president, Veteran's Association, Ka- talia, secretary, Veteran's Associationg Alpha Del- ta Sigmag Dean's Counselor, and President's -11 1 A f Council. WY" E LINDA WOOLDRIDGE - President, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, publici- ty chairman, Trident correspon- dent, Delta Delta Detag Dick Neal Scholarship, Dean's Counse- lorg SNEA3 WRAQ President's Councilg and Dean's List. time I 160 Hman I Who? Who JOHN P. SELIG - AEA, AAH- PERg president, Physical Education Major's Club, student manager, bas- ketball, baseball, swimming lifeguard, official at state gymnastics meet, of- ficial, Menls State AAU Basketball Tournament, official, District 5A High School Basketball Tournament, delegate, Arkansas Education Associa- tion meeting, delegate-elect, District AAHPER convention, Letterman's Club, Deanis List, Dean's Counselor. CATHERINE LYNN OWEN - WRAQ SN- EA, Amateur Athletic Union, AEA, AAHPERQ lifeguard, Women's varsity tennis, Kappa Kap- pa Gamma, Physical Education Major's Club, Cardinal Key, Athletic Committee, Homecoming Court, treasurer, Sigma Sigma Psi, Deanys List, all intramural all star 68-69, Miss UALR Pag- eant, Womcn's Intramural Student Director, and president, marshal, activities, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. RAYMOND IVORY TUCKER, JR. - Ka- taliag varsity tennis, scholarship chairman, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newman Club, Student Conduct Committee, Dean's List, Dean's Counselor. GLENDA ANN CALE - Phi Theta Kappa, Sword and Shield, Dean's List, Dean's Counselor, president, corresponding secretary, vocations chairman, Chi Omega, Admissions Committee, Cardinal Key, Senior W'omen's Senator, treasurer, YAF Math Club, LRU Scholarship: lVho's lVho in American Colleges and Universities. l969. gp Q? RICHARD XI. ENGLISH - President. Vice- president, social chairman, rush chairnian, pledge trainer, IFC representative, Kappa Signiag presi- dent, vice-president, Circle K: Varsity debate team, Creek editor, Trojan: Young Democrats: and Presidents Council. was it w W "'i 'if .,, A I ' t 1" ' E . 2 A W if 65 if 4 Q Y 1 2 1 5 t 2 4 CRAIG DOBBS CANIPBELI Kappa Sigma, Young Democrats, Deans Counselor: Presidents Council, and IFC representative. - President, vice-president, pledge trainer, rush chairman, Hmm VWJ03 Who JOHN L. NORRELL - Sigma Alpha Epsilon! Kappa Kappa Psi, Freshman, Sophomore, junior Men's Senator, Dean's Counselor, Psychology Club, SNEAg Traffic Court, SAE Scholarship Award. JAMES FRANKLIN BRANS- FORD - Dean's List, Dean's T Counselor, Phi Theta Kappa, junior Class President, treasurer, y Sigma Nu, varsity freshman ten- nis, and four year academic schol- i arship. JANE LOUISE BENNETT - Historian, vice-president, Chi Omega, Dick Neal Scholar- ship, Cardinal Keyg Dean's Counselor, Young Democrats, SNEA, WRA, and Traffic Court. X- EX LIBBY BARNETT - News Editor, Associate Editor, Editor, Forum, Inter- national Students Club, President's Council, Dean's Counselor, president, Hood and Tassel, president, Cardinal Key, Delta Delta Delta Scholarship l9'70-71, and Dean's List l967-70. LARRY EDWARD FARMER - Phi Theta Kappa, Sword and Shield, Newman Club, presi- dent, Accounting Club, Dean's List, treasurer, MICHAEL KACZKA -i President' Student Student Senate, and President's Council. Senate, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pi Sigma Epsilon, New- man Club, Young Democrats, intramural foot- ball, game room assistant - 69-70, Dean's List, Dean's Counselor, and Katalia. BONNY CELESTE BONE - Secre- tary, songleader, vice-president, Chi Ome- ga, Scholl Art Scholarship Award, Dick Neal Scholarship, WRA, Newman Club, and Dean's List. Honorf SWA., 2 KDUA., VIRGINIA BOOKER - President, house president, rush chairman, member- ship director, Panhellenic delegate, Delta Delta Delta, secretary, Panhellenic, Home- coming Queen l967, cheerleader, captain, co-captain, justice, Constitutional Court, Nomination and Awards Committee, Car- dial Key, Dean's List, Dean's Counselor, and WRA. LINDA JEAN MOREHART - Secretary, Student Senate, Dean's Counselorg vice-president, Cardinal Key, Ad Hoc Grievance Committee. , Qi p rg lf . L 7 K K , . . ' I-A 41141. ,,,, a..........-.wi ,, ., 'Nw mm in JUDY BETH EUDY - Freshman Women's Senator, Sophomore Women's Senatorg Junior Women's Senator, john C. Mullins Scholarshipg president, Alpha Delta SigmafGamma Alpha Chi, cheerleader, pledge class treasurer, "outstanding pledge class officer," treasurer, rush chairman, Panhellenic delegate, activities chairman, pub- licity chairman, Trident correspondent, pledge mom, Delta Delta Deltag WRAQ Dean's List, Dean's Counselor, Committee on Student Advise- ment, Student Union Committee secretary, Forum, and Cardinal Key. VVithout people, we have no institutions. SIMJEWZI Speak Bewzme T591 D0 Care Our purpose is to encourage all of you to express your thoughts and ideas conceming student power an involvement. '1 'l'f ff'Xu.Li2"' 7 '- 'W 'f "A T' -. 71" """x, , ,. f lm f . .s 1 What Zif Cgovemmeni? 12' zk noi qi the peqblg for the peqble mm' by the peo- ple? H il zkn? than we We in irou ble I want to participate in the decision making process and voice my opinions. We don't want to destroy. WVe want to improve. Give us the opportunity to make this a better world than we found it. -zip' ww- if-. sw f"2:W" Dv l '1 ...RW "f"'JVASnn.A. f":"' 7"'W' P!"--lV"2v'2'?!V1d , ' ' '-n"xI'3"1 ,,,,,4,,V ,. X , , Q v ,..,, . .. y - ,., J ,..L . , .. .., gn-an ,,,,,...u V L,,., V V WW ,, "' H., y . , V, 4' W - , - A' ffik s i, In ig ,diff ,gf E Q Q.. Nq Q ..f - lf' ., M I ' -an .,... -1 9- uf'- v "- WLM- ff-qu 1' UAQ niversifcy ' X ,ff W7 7 W, W , -,-, ,, ,,,.,,, K. .1- , '27 f is Wi? VM, I Tifaf ig: ,m,4 ,, ...N--. ut. -Q., "vi ivisions s..,,..- w, h A A A 3 Jim Baker carefully surveys a piece of the UALB campus - perhaps hels going to build some new dorms for us one day. If this is Biology, I might be in the Wrong field W N' r 'H The Dzbfzkzbm janet Keveryn gives her children individual help during her student teaching. -:Q f The following pages contain the pictures ol some of the inost important and niost valued people on campus - the faculty. They hold with- in their hands the key which unlocks the door to knowledge. For this reason, the following pages of this annual are dedicated to the 1970-71 faculty of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. May they always provide the best possible education for the future students of U,-XLR as they have for those of the past. Q. t , i 1 fi: Misz' sf Ov g - ML, v it aa 'F r'tt Slips are 'R 2 Q K X 3 g 5 K A h+ K A Ka i :Ht Art comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. M Qxq 4,,..ahbfs "5,fWl'aP But fm sure I didn't put anything in this test tube. l 173 WINSTON BEARD Professor of Finance Head of Finance Department IAMES BUTLER Associate Professor of Economics Head of Economics Department LORRAINE EWING Instructor of Accounting BENJAMIN HARDY Associate Professor of Business Adm. DALE HEFNER Instructor of Business Education JOANN JONES Instructor of Economics INEZ MARTIN Assistant Professor of Economics CLEO MATTOX Assistant Professor of Business E-d. CHESTER MERCER Assistant Professor of Economics Playing with IBM cards is a favorite pastime of business majors. t c 1,11 fab. t . 49-ur f'X f-HW' SV M 2 s GENE McCOY RUTH POWELL Assistant Professor of Instructor of Advertising Business Education +3 'QM' ROY SMITH ERNEST WHITE Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor Accounting Accounting 'iv-"J :Gif Dzlfzlfzbn qi Bminerf AQ'mz'nzklmfzbn and Emnomzbr LLOYD BOWIE Professor of Business Administration Division Chairman The main objective of this Division is to train young people to find their place in the business world immediately or, to prepare them to con- tinue their education at the graduate level. The importance of social responsibility and social ob- jectives is stressed throughout the various courses of the curriculum. The Division is divided into the departments of Accounting, Business Administration, Business Education, Economics, Finance, Management and Labor, and Marketing and Advertising. Each of these departments offers major programs with the exception of the Department of Business Educa- tion which offers a minor only. ln keeping with the modern trend, a growing emphasis is being placed upon quantitative science and its place in decision making. It is hoped that this will improve the quality of our graduates whether they go on to graduate school or enter directly into business. INith this in mind. several new instructors have been secured who have the qualifications to work toward this objective. IUDITH DEAN Instructor of Nursing WILLIAM EVANS Assistant Professor of Biology DALE FERGUSON Assistant Professor of Biology BONNIE GRANT Assistant Professor of Nursing Head of Nursing Department 'Uhr' iw X .y,-111:-f GARY HEIDT Assistant Professor of Biology LELAND MORCANS Assistant Professor of Biology Kathy Cochran seems to be scope to good use. WZf'7'i'7 ,E 1' 1 Q. Q . iii., 1 T 1 if 4 A Putting her micro- The puzzled look of a scientist! 'G flex. 9""' N x 1 I Dzifzlfzm qf LW SCZPWCEX MW -45 ' A V . E, fi. A r r A V a t ' A ji i .3 'x 9 9 .,!. . The role of the Life Sciences has taken on add- ed importance due to the increased national awareness created in the areas of health and en- viromnental sciences. The Division of Life Sci- ences is involved with this transition. One area of curriculum augmentation has in- cluded programs of paramedical sciences. These programs all are directed toward a Bachelor of Science degree in health related areas. These are offered in affiliation with several of the health a- gencies in Arkansas as well as adjacent states. This also demonstrates our awareness of community responsibility as part of our total responsibility. The Associate of Arts in Nursing Program of- fers an area of specialization for which there is in- satiable demand. Other expansion has involved addition of cur- riculum materials dealing with man's role in the natural enviromnent. This revised curriculum of- fers a broader range of subject material for both majors and non-majors. Utilization of staff with these specializations has also broadened the basis of the standard liberal arts program within the division. This is still the area which involves the major underlying em- phasis of the divisional effort. CLARENCE B. SINCLAIR Associate Professor of Biology Division Chairman Preparing slides takes time and determination. BENNI OCDEN Instructor of Nursing 5 'Xt .,, ROBERT L. XVATSON ,gre Assistant Professor of Biology Dzwkzbn 0 Phyyzml 562571665 C7 MdfZ76WdfZff Deep concentration is re- quired when performing experiments in the Chem- istry lab. 'The Division of Physical Sciences and Mathe- matics has Woven its program around the general purposes of the university: instruction, research, and community service. The division is composed of four departments: Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. Of the three general purposes the members of the division consider in- struction is of the greatest importance. Emphasis is placed on the utilization of a variety of methods of presentation and experimentation is not con- fined to the laboratory bench but is extended to seeking new means of improving instruction. A faculty committee Within the division has as its function the investigation of current methods of teaching and curriculum trends. Students advise- ment, an integral part of quality instruction, is of major concern to this committee. The Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics de- partments of the division offer Weekly senior sem- inars which are open to not only departmental majors but also to all other students of the Univer- sity and to the public. ln addition to these semi- nars special lecturers on astronomy, environmen- tal science and other timely topics have been sponsored departmentally. Members of the staff are specially trained in scientific research and many are actively engaged in a variety of projects. As a result the staff has been productive in publishing a large number of articles in current scientific journals. The recent addition of a Van de Graaff accelerator will pro- vide additional opportunity for both staff and student research participation. WILSON BROACH Professor of Chemistry Division Chairman I WWE ' fx r .,,. A A A fb, rss P -mf BILLIE BROACH Assistant Professor of Chemistry LAWRENCE COLEMAN Assistant Professor of Physics ROBERT CROMWELL . Assistant Professor of Engineering Head of Engineering Department EMILY FLEMING Assistant Professor of Mathematics JAMES FULMER Assistant Professor of Mathematics JANET GARDNER Instructor of Chemistry NVILLIAM CHAN Instructor of Physics Tennis Coach CHARLES HARBISON Assistant Professor of Mathematics HOXVARD HODGES Assistant Professor of Chemistry Tools of the trade in the Chem istry Department. mm -my RICHARD PRIOR Assistant Professor of Physics FRANK SETLIFF Associate Professor of Chemistry ROBERT TOLBERT Instructor of Engineering ,. I ' ,,,,, Ilzl Assistant Professor of Engineering , DONALD WOLD ittit Associate Professor of Physics A ZZA Head of Physics Department i ', o' 1 f.!t ':I" DOMINIC YANG Assistant Professor of Chemistry alt QE f in 15 ' QM f A 1 fsr fa, Qsgamrr ,A ii i I ,, .v" - R m:,,y In ,Q f :V ifffi -tzr 'f"" 425- we Al ! z ff S ,, I if 7 1 3 '- 5 ff fa iis, ' . 2? 1, f W There is never a dull moment in a Physics laboratory. Future scientists spend many long hours in research. Two's company, but NT ., ,Q K 'iq A keen eye and 11 steady hand complete the tools needed three gets the job done quicker by an engineering student to do 21 good job. ,EW I Q" ,n ,,, - X3 , ,f M gf, NE , wwmfi - I . 1 ef '1?H',V wiflrlfliiilffmmfmvli 3 s as Is that box ever going to do anything? MARTHA BARBER Jor BROACH MARGARET CARNER JOSEPH GARNER CAROLYN GURRY Assistant Professor of Art Instructor of Speech Assistant Professor of Speech Assistant Professor of Drama Instructor of Speech Dzbfzkzbn qf Ewa AVI! Although the Division of Fine Arts feel justly proud of its faculty and staff, the curriculum offer- ings are the immediately arresting feature of the division. Within the division three degrees are of- fered including eight majors and eleven areas of concentration. Certification for teaching in the public schools is granted in five areas. Five faculty members of the Division of Fine Arts hold an earned doctorate and two others have completed all requirements and are writing their dissertations. Within the division there are several creative and' performing artists. In the field of the visual arts there have been numerous awards in exhibits throughout the Mid-South. In the Music Depart- ment the faculty is made up of virtually all per- forming musicians. Students in the Division of Fine Arts receive a varied preparation in their respective areas. In each of the four departments QArt, Speech Com- munications, Theater Arts, and Musicj students are prepared to go to graduate school, assume po- sitions teaching in the public schools, or obtain positions of a performing or creative nature. 2 I JOHN HUGHES Professor of Music Division Chairman V I a A R ? ,inf ff?- 191 QV' av'-"h if--in CLIFFORD HAISLIP Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama NED DEJOURNETT Assistant Professor of Music WARREN KESSLER Assistant Professor of Art SARA LOCKARD Assistant Professor of Speech WILLIAM PERRYMAN Assistant Professor of Music IDA ROGERS Assistant Professor of Art DOROTHY SAWATSKI Assistant Professor of Music DONALD WARMACK Professor of Music MARGARET WARMACK Assistant Professor of Music fx Many beautiful paintings are done by UALR art students MARYLYN BRADY Assistant Professor of English LUCILLQE COLAIANNI Assistant Professor of Language ROSLYN DONALD Assistant Professor of English Dzlfzkzbn qf Hummzfzar The broad Division emphasis is upon develop- ment of one's deeper appreciations and ability to communicate them. Students in the several aca- demic departments are encouraged to study the literature utilized in their classes as the embodi- ment of important thoughts and the ways of ex- pressing them. This is true not only in English and the several other languages but also in philoso- phy, religion, and journalism. The Division faculty has virtually doubled in number in the past three years, with most addi- tional personnel possessing the doctorate at this time and teaching in areas of their respective specialties. Literature courses in English, French, and Spanish are progressively varied as the Division grows. Philosophy courses are gradually expand- ing to implement the major. Journalism courses will be available in new areas in 1971-1972, and a professional languages laboratory specialist will give nearly full-time direction to that facility. The faculty members manifest unusual strength in their respective teaching fields, bring- ing competence and challenging leadership to the classroom. Class sessions are commonly informal study and discussion periods. HAROLD WOOLARD Professor of Humanities Division Chairman mf 2 , f f ' "JU" --mf 5760 .L Q15 RALPH EBERLY Cooper Professor of English CECIL EDCINGTON Assistant Professor of English ELEANOR FRANCIS Assistant Professor of English RICHARD FROTHINGHAM Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion CAMERON JONES Assistant Professor of Modern Language MARILYNN KEYS Instructor of English DANIEL LITTLEFIELD Assistant Professor of English IOHNYE MATHEVVS Associate Professor of English Head of English Department ALICE MUNSON Instructor in English MARYAVIS PARSON Assistant Professor of Modern Language ELIZABETH RUSHING Assistant Professor of English BART WALSH Assistant Professor of English fi: . THOMAS H. BAKER Associate Professor of History GRANT COOPER Assistant Professor of History RICHARD DIXON Assistant Professor of History GEORGE DYER Associate Professor of Political Science i"' RICHARD GRIFFIN P ' Assistant Professor of Political Science , , ,,,,I i KATHERINE HARDIE ,,I' P Assistant Professor of Anthropology l"' , ind!" Q iw 'ti YQ- A 's , . . . R Dzwlvzbn qi I 051211 562271565 The strength of the Division of Social Sciences is in its faculty, now larger and better qualified than ever before. At the beginning of the 1970-71 school year, seven new men and women joined the Divisiong counting these, more than half of the Division's faculty has come to UALR within the last two years. About seventy-five per cent of the faculty have doctorates, indicating their com- petance and dedication to their academic dis- ciplines. Although many of the faculty are engaged in research and publication, the members of the so- cial sciences faculty consider teaching to be their primary function. Each of the four departments- history, political science, psychology, and sociol- ogy and anthropology-devotes about half of its classroom hours to survey courses at the freshman and sophomore levels, serving virtually all UALR students at any given semester. The four departments have also increased the number and variety of advanced courses, for majors, minors, and other interested students. The year 1970-'71 saw a marked increase in the number of students taking upper-level courses Within the Division. '4.i BEDFORD HADLEY Professor of History Division Chairman ,.....-as ,..-Q ,V ROBERT JOHNSTON Assistant Professor of Political Science 1oNAs KAYE Assistant Professor of Psychology CALVIN LEDBETTER Professor of Political Science Head of Political Science Dept. W. A. OWINGS Associate Professor of History AGATON P. PAL Professor of Sociology FRANCES ROSS Assistant Professor of History PETER SHERRILL Assistant Professor of History HAROLD SMITH Assistant Professor of History DAVID L. WOOD Associate Professor of Psychology Head of Psychology Department Dr. Sherrill discuses history courses with Catherine Eckford. ROSE BERRY Professor of Education Head - Dept. of Elementary Ed. MARSHELL DAVIS Instructor of P.E. Baseball Coach JAMES HALL Associate Professor of P. E. Head - Dept. of Physical Ed. VIVIAN HEGWOOD Instructor of Education HAPPY MAHFOUZ Assistant Professor of P.E. Basketball Coach NEWMAN MCGEE Assistant Professor of P.E. JOHN MCGUIRE Assistant Professor of Ed. BETTY IO STEPHENS Assistant Professor of P.E. Women's Tennis Coach JOHN TORBETT Assistant Professor of P.E. Swimming Coach Susie Adams, Dr. Berry, Joyce Underwood, Kay Sanders, Terrie Gregory, and Janet Keveryn meet to plan upcoming activi- ties for A.C.E. -n -W if F53 'f-4iw"f""'y wif Ml F 'S 4'-4 if ' 'W gun-..,x I 4 f . X f 4 X ., 1'-, .Ei ji ,, .nge e ni i -,qv Diwkzbn Q! Eduwzizbn 1 V .1 Student teaching brings many enjoyable experiences. The Division of Education seeks to unite and correlate the resources of the University of Ar- kansas at Little Rock which contribute to prepar- ing students for professional service in the field of teaching and other professional services. Another aim is improvement of education in general by providing consultative services, by engaging in educational research, and by encouraging capable young persons to enter the teaching profession. Curricula are presented to provide: a broad general education, QQD mastery of their specialty, supplementary work to a student's previous education, Qflj professional courses of new learning processes, skills and teaching tech- niques, and f5j actual student teaching under experienced teachers. The various curricula are so planned in elementary and secondary education areas that the successful completion of any cur- riculum by the student automatically fulfills the requirements of the Arkansas Board of Education for a teaching certificate. The Division of Education is composed of the following departments: Business Education, Ele- mentary Education, Library Science, Physical Ed- ucation, and Secondary Education. HOWARD STEPHENS Associate Professor of Ed. Division Chairman fr, TOM G. TURNS -. Q Mafia, Assistant Professor of Ed. ' ., ,.. :,, l T 'se at ,gf 2 W' BIAXINE YVARREN Assistant Professor of Ed. f. a ' fx I I if i"xlc f, ' ,iizf A ' . 3 fnlfu Diwkzbffz Candid! Dr. Morgans gives advice on how to properly dissect an earthworm. Microbiology requires many hours of laboratory work. ORG Un Un 11 Seven NXNNNK Lynne Brister uses laughter to brighten up the childrerfs day as she does her student teaching. Diwkzbn Candzdf . ,lU""faX.7:' A Q 1. I .u Vg-132' K wihiuaz ,hm- Coach Davis gives future golf pros special instruction. The love of thirty children is just one of the fringe benefits of student teaching, which Terrie Cre-gory seems to be discovering. l Home Wad. I lime hm. lun. hm-. Sim ww- N, i i I 7 4 ciss H Are you quite sure my eye looks like this? Working an IBM machine is serious business. A41 wfxffm " Ziff, Q MMR! I know its bound to be in there somewhere! tgig f.....4,..,.W ,o., . iv-nfvuw .. 'PW Janet Keveryn shows Primary I children how to work their math problems. Z ., K Q-vi I V fff 4 Af ,...........v , adalnfzinisfrafion The members VK: ' veit... , A t 7 if If 345 V I we I Bomfof M I Tmfieef e of the board visit the Little Rock campus. I' l"'fff'F1E, The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees are from left to right, front TOZUI Dr. David Mullins, John L. YVils0n R0 Ritter' 'ddl row: Dr. Charles E. Kemp, Fred Pickens, Board Chairman D. P. Raneyg Dr. Preston Hathcock, Howard H. Horst' liack yrow' Geoml 15 Shankle, Board Secretary Fred S. Vorsanger, Robert E. L. Wilson, III and Robert Shults. , ' rge ' 'immw X The Honorabfe Dale L, Bumlom Gozfezfnwf qf Arkaznm DR. JOSEPH C. BROWN, IR. DR. W. G. COOPER, IR. H. TYNDALL DICKINSON HAROLD ENGSTROM, IR Vice President Physician President Engineer Weyerhaeuser Company McGeorge Construction Co. Arkansas Foundry The Board of Visitors attended many meetings at the campus. Beetm' QI Wlvztm water jet betterment qi UALR The UALR Board of Visitors, ever mindful of the best interest of the University, is made up of fifteen business and professional men who are responsible for making policies and rules which govern the institution. They Work in association with the Board of Trustees. ROBERT D. LOWRY Chairman of the Board National Old Line Insurance Co. ARNOLD MAYERSOHN Vice-President and Treasurer Sterling Stores, Inc. Investments GUS OTTENHEIMER Ottenheimer Brothers Publisher Arkansas Gazette HUGH B. PATTERSON, IR. JAMES H. PENICK, SR. Chairman of the Board W'orthen Bank and Trust Co. ff I LOUIS RAMSAY JOHN A. RIGGS, JR. HERBERT C. RULE, IR. President President Secretary-Treasurer Simmons National Bank I. A. Riggs Tractor Co. Manufacturers Furniture Co CARL R. STOUT E. GRAINGER WILLIAMS EDWARD L. WRIGHT Retired as Manager President Attorney Alcoa Aluminum, Bauxite Williams and Rosen, Inc. 199 Chancellor q' Ike Umlfefffzly DR. CAREY V. STABLER is this year com- pleting fourteen years at UALR and his second year as Chancellor of the University. Born in Thorsby, Alabama, he received B.S. and M.A. de- grees from the University of Alabama and the Ph.D. from Duke University. In 1965 he received an honorary LL.D. from Hendrix College. Selected as "Greater Little Rock Man of the Year" in l963, Dr. Stabler is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and is listed in "Whois Who in Amer- ica." Professional and civic activities are as follows: Chairman, Board of Directors of the Little Rock Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, l965-l96'7g president of the Arkansas chapter of the United Nations Association, 1964-l965g president of the Little Rock Rotary Club, l965-66 and Fellow In- ternational lnstitute of Arts and Letters. The Uyjibe qf the Cbamceffar MR. NEYLAND HESTER is Assistant to the Chancellor. He holds degrees from Roosevelt Univer- sity of Chicago and Southern Methodist University. His publications include MR. CHAIRMAN, a guide to parliamentary procedure. MR. ROY LEE HIGHT is Assistant Director of Information and Placement. He is a 1962 graduate of this institution and is a member of the American Col- lege Public Relations Association and the Southwest Placement Association. The Ojfbe qi Ike Cbmfzceffor MRS. SUE PINE is Director of Information and Alumni Affairs at UALR. She also serves as advisor to the TROJAN and to Hood and Tassel. She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, where she was a member of Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa. MISS PHYLLIS YOUNG is secretary to the Chan- cellor, MRS. SUE ANN BEAVERS is secretary to the Assistant to the Chancellor, and MRS. MARY ANN O'DONELL is secretary to the Director of Information and Alumni Affairs. -E . 1 ,.-ff wa Ojjvbe qf Ike Wbe Cbamcellwf for Academic Ajjfazzrf MRS. SUZAN HIGI-IT is secretary to the Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and MRS. SUE AIST is secretary to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. DR. JAMES H. FRIBOURGH serves as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. He is listed in "Who's Who in the South and Southwest", "Leaders in American Science", "Who's Who in Ameri- can E.ducation", and "Arkansas Lives". Dr. Fribourgh became Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs in September 1969, after serving as Chairman of the Division of Biological Sciences. Dr. Fribourgh is a vestry member of the Episcopal Church and a member of the Ouachita Girl Scout Council. He has published numerous articles in professional journals, particularly in the areas of fish culture and emphryological basis of behavior. . ' 5 ' 5 . 9: i 12 132 1 5 1 MR. CHARLES E. LaMAR is Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, having previously served as counselor, psychometrist and instructor in psy- chology. His degrees were received from Baylor University. He serves as Director of the Evening Division, Director of LRAFB Education Program and as coordinator of continuing education program. Ufjire qi Ike Wbe Cbamreffoff for Hmmm MR. BURL XVESTLAKE is the UALR Account- ant responsible for preparing all financial records and accounting reports. He holds the B.S.B.A. from UALR. MR. F. L. ROBINSON, Vice Chancellor for Fi- nance has served on the UALR adniinistrative staff for fourteen years. He holds degrees from State College ol' Arkansas and the University of Arkansas and is listed in "YVho's YVho in American Educa- tion" and "lVho's H7110 in Commerce and ln- dustry". Mr. Robinson is a member of the advisory coun- cil, Student Union Board and Commencement Committee. Community activities include Rotary Club, Board of Stewards of the Methodist Church and treasurer of UALR's lVesley Foundation Board. 5 Ojfbe qf Ike Wh? Chancellor for Hmmae MR. LGUIS DUELMER is UALR's Purchasing Agent. He is a graduate of State College of Arkansas. MR. EDWIN KREMERS is the Junior Accountant at UALR. He is a graduate of Arkansas Tech. Office qf Ike Wbe Cbamcellor for Emma -3 -L f.k:J,1y1 L. W 'ff' jp' A A' . eq ef? , . fi g 2 'Sl' . ',,, v 9 A 1 A ' fx ill Wforking in the Office of Finance are: seated, MRS. ESTELL KIOSHLIN, payroll clerk: stzmcling, MRS. CLARA STALEY, clerkg MRS. PAM HERD, secretary to the Purchasing Agentg MRS. EMMA HOLDER, accounts receivable clerkg MRS. NIARILEE BREXVER, accounts receivable clerk: MRS. LINDA SENN, secretary to the Vice Chancellor for Financeg MRS. GLORIA XVROTEN, bookkeeperg MRS. SANDY TARKINGTON, switchboard operator. ei - LR's Director of Security. MR. JULIUS SMITH is UA- 207 l Ojjiee qi finden! Personnel fenfzeef MR. JERRY D. CORLEY is completing his first year as Dean of Students and his sixth year at UALR. He serves as Director of Testing, Instructor of Teacher Education. Mr. Corley is a native of McLeod, Texas and re- ceived his degrees from Kilgore Junior College and East Texas State University. Professional memberships include American Per- sonnel and Guidance. ,,k, .E ,,.. 1,4 Srmwm-wewefwmw .. ..,,, ' MRS. SYBIL ROBINSON is completing her third year at UALR as Director of Student Aid. A graduate of State College of Arkansas, she administers all pro- grams of loans, grants and part-time employment. Mrs. Robinson has served as president of the UALR Faculty Wives Club and is active in Delta Kappa Gamma and Phi Mu Alumnae Club. Office Q! finden! Pmonnel farmer ul"""" Working in the Student Personnel Office are: MRS. DORIS SHARP, secretary to the Personnel Deans: MRS. NITA ALLEN, secre- tary-receptionistg MRS. DOROTHY MERGEN- SCHROER, secretary to the Director of Student Financial Aid. Dean of Men, MR. HENRY AKINS is completing his first year at UALR. He serves as Director of Test- ing and International Student Advisor. He is chairman of Fraternity Relations and advisor to the Interfra- ternity Council. He received his degrees from Philander Smith College and the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Professional memberships include Arkansas Educa- tion Association and National Education Association. MRS. BARBARA TAEGEL is the Dean of Worn- en and Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Mrs. Taegel is sponsor of the Student Senate, Pan- hellenic Council, and is on the following committees: Women's Fraternity Relations and Student Affairs. Dean Taegel is a member of National Association of Women's Deans and Counselors, Arkansas Personnel and Guidance Association and Arkansas School Coun- selors Association. Office 0f Ike R6gZlVl7f0Z7f DR. DUDLEY S. BEARD has been UALR's Regis- trar for thirteen years. He is a native of Mt. Vernon, New York. His degrees were earned at Millsaps College and the University of Mississippi. In addition to serving as Pi Kappa Alpha frater- nity advisor at UALR, Dr. Beard serves as a member of the Curriculum and chairman of Admissions com- mittees and as the UALR golf coach. He is past president of the Arkansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Office-rs. Working in the Office of the Registrar are: MRS. MARY ALYCE ORAHOOD, secretary to the Registrarg standing: MRS. KATHY VAN HOOK, RISON, recorderg MRS. LORETTA DUCKER, clerkg admissions clerkg MRS. GIGI MOR- MRS. LINDA WELLS, transcript clerkg MRS. ANNETTE WATSON, clerkg MRS. DIANE GIBSON, receptionist-recorder. -been UALR Libmzfy MR. JAMES A. ALLEN is completing his sixth year as Director of the Library. He was formerly asso- ciated with Louisiana College at Pineville and LSU Library, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a native of Alexandria and a graduate of Louisiana State University. At UALR he is Chairman of the Faculty Library Committee. Professional memberships include the American Association of University Professors, American Library Association, Arkansas Library Association, and South- west Library Association. IfVorking in the Library are: left to right, MRS. MARY KATHERINE STURGEON, MRS- FAYE HUCKABEE, AIRS. KATHY ESSARY, INIRS. C.-XROLYN HUGHES, AIRS. FRANCES CANTIVELL, AIRS. SANDRA AIORRIS, MRS. NIARGARET BIUSER and NIR. RICHARD DIXON. Compuier Cenier The computer center is a service depart- ment to the campus. Time is provided for stu- dents enrolled in the "Introduction to Com- puters" class to run their programs and some p faculty members have begun to utilize the cen- ter for programming. PHIL ORAHOOD serves as Director of Data Pro- cessing. JAMES XVOOD is a Computer Operator, CHARLENE ROGERS is Keypunch Supervisor, and PATTI HOOD is a Computer Operator. , ,,,Q, j rr,,, W t .v, ""':'. 1 , Mm-4 4 fm,,W, ax' ,,,, ,- MW . 'rw 5 2 'al fi ,imanm iv- ,,,...,f" "' A i ti i Counfefzhg Center 'lx ,,.,-.I -,. MRS. ANNETTE NASH is the receptionist at the Center. wa gwf- w iw, I .M , +" as , . i ,ww-,Q .I . The Counseling Center is new this year at UALR. Dr. Edwin Duckworth is head of the center. It is open to all students and deals with academic and personal problems. In addition the center helps students who are transferring to UALR from another school. The Center evalu- ates and administers entrance tests given to en- tering students. DR. EDWIN DUCKIVORTH is Director of the Counseling Center and Assistant Professor of Psychol- ogy. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri at Columbia. if Z g , MISS CORA WILLIAMS is a Counselor at the Center. finden! Umm MRS. MAYBETH JOHNSTON is the Bookstore Manager. She attended Little Rock Junior College and graduated from the University of Arkansas. She is a member of the Student Union Board and serves as Delta Delta Delta advisor. Bookstore clerks are: PAT GARRETT, HAZEL MCATEE, and STUART TRENT. ---wnxfq ' A , . WI . gi f 5 S T : i fl' MRS. VELDA MELVILLE is serving her tenth year as Director of Food Services. As such she coordi- nates the snack bar and cafeteria programs. Mrs. Melville is a member of Student Union Board. MRS. RUTH AGAR is the nurse here at UALR. ' BOB ARRINGTON is the Student Union Super- visor. He is a 1970 graduate of UALR. W l And a security pass is 21 necessity. Dean Akins talks it over. There's always the picture for FBI files P Nurse Agar was the woman behind the Red Cross Blood Drive. v e-Q -- --frm, Our efficient staff is waiting to serve you. 'X N in lf, 1 -p 4 I There s always someone to remind me-to pay up! 1 w w Q Y f ff Q 4' . ,, ' . f , 3 , Mg , ,fV, -' A AA ,,:. V- ' "' V f' L, , 'f:f2'f5ff ' ' V , . L ffl ,,,, , VA .k" , ff f ' ,.w.W., , 1 , f Classes W m fr' , A :Elf 'Ni N :,1 , 'ti 1-ew X' mf f 'Q 1, 'mar' f 'Q Henry Abrahams , h Ron Asbury 2Z Katharin Bailey it jj as A Mark Baker A " ' Judith Baldwin EEE! Barnes Y ' 3 '31 rv Q is Libby Barnett sssrrssr y A Pat Barry ' 1 .,-. - - . DHH Bennett 1 ' i rrrr sssaa Jw iw Q kid I X J' X ri ,J 53' , ay .fs S x is .0 'Wx' 'Y-113 .,,b if X rr,11sr ail sis ' K ..,, , Q V ,H ,. . gs'?:ifif.siQ. Q X It K MGH 'FQ' Tim Benton Larry Binz Aileen Bishop Douglas Blair Steve Boehning Royce Bolding Fred Bosshart Dan Boswell James D. Bowman Quentin Bowman john Boyd Donnie Branscurn jimmy Bransford Carol Brawner Erma Bridges SEVZZUV 0 frm VQDVEIEWI ffm we Lynn Brister James W. Brown james Brumback Ronnie Bunger Glenda Cale JoAnn Campbell Mary Carter ohn Childers E mer ofelt Cissy Coleman Mary Collier James Coon Peter A. Cooper Glenda Copeland Ray F. Cox -. gal! rs a at w, .41 M sig.-'si X M H 'Ft' X Eleanor Cranford William Crook Donna Cunningham 44 , y 'mf ,g,,f,,.,,,,, k,,,,,,, Z i, ,.,, - . i 5, ,,,,.:,, .VVV ,,,, - 1amp,.q,, will '+ Rick Darling ,Susan Darr- Cynthia Davis ..-.. .S D I , L, . k,,, .. .., -awk . 2 , iaaaai 'Q 'L I l'f .,-sf . 1 Robert Dillon Steve Doerr Cynthia Dorsey joe Drompp jeanene Dunham Charles Edwards Nancy Edwards Ramona Ennis Oh! I'm so glad your going to change my grade. Judy Eudy SEWZUYQV work mm' play il Larry Farmer Mae Faulkner John Festa Ronald Finley John Fisher George Foster Julia Fratesi Charlotte Fuller Shelia Galbraith Dorothy Gates Randall Gates Rudy Gates Carol Gent Gail Glover Mary Golleher 4.2 au, . Kb. ay .4 wa. 4 fl if 1 Q M 'M' 4 av 7' 'libs' f fe 55' 1? 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It was purring till I drove through the South parking lot. fenzbffy Wmkk 6XlD67'Zf7flCE I0 underclmfmen Michael Kaczka Cornelia Kelly Jone Kendrick Michael Kenney Donna Kni ht Ro ert relmeyer P21111 Lacefield Carol Lazenby Margaret Lee Rebecca Le Master Lee Lemons Veronica Lewis Wanda Linsley Jaiminikurnar Mainthia George Mallory L vrz ' 1. rf- ., if I- f 'V .M ' A 'v l I W , f f feefee L if 1 K . - . A, A flif ff 5 , , J, 1.1 gi :: ,: ff E9 AB , I , W, sa: :' l 1 f ,,.,,, ' , WQWQW EMWWMMJV iei ' 4: 2:4 : 5 5 .. e 352,325 .M M E? ' 'ps 21 Jacqueline Martin Mar lou M artjn William L. Martin B F is ffl Q V ,W.!Z 7 N. .Ar i ,V-me 9 '- V 1 . i " 'liiifl ' ""Y F iia 5 . M K 1' " dm GW 1 1' 45, 'Y G' E 1 ia 2 ill 4 W agp, all tt We .. ,, Y A is if 4 , Sorry but you don't have the qualifica- tions for a house mother. Alowee Mashburn Susan Mashburn Mary E. Meeks Dennis Mills Tanna Moorehead Linda Morehart Betty Muench Ralph L. Murphy Tom Murray John McAleb John R. McAuley Linday McCain femur! 561 Ike pace Guy McCoy Raikes McCrary Linda McDade Alan McYVillia1ns In Ho Nam Glenda Nelson john Norrell Jeanne Norris Keath North Ann YV. Norton Reyda O'Dell Mike Oury joe Pasierb Rosalie Patton Lair Prince ,W Y' f- ff 5 Q Ak X Z? 1 i e in 'S 5. f V ' b 1 Q ' gf , I I f wx' 5 . ,eei .V A Il' K wi . W ,er MJ: If ' ,J i ,l gg' ,ls j ' F' -. C , .. , 1, l' K L sl T421 ,if fit' 1 J'-D ' ' Tw t'..J,vs Fi ? 3 wills V 'L Larry Puckett 2 ""' R S ..-GAILISLQE1. . Mary Reinhardt e -V tdqlx 1 lv Mary Jane Riegler 7 -3 - cw K L 5 sf L 64' Stan Risser . A , l'Villiam A. Roberts ' ' I ,,h A mi f 'limp , ' 'mf Rita Robinson Jim Russell Mary Ann Russo john Selig Kathy Shubert John Sigman 9- ,. S as M pf- Richard sumon Q 15. 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N ag y ,Q g ig NL.r:f:,,f- :rf f is il .t fi it it 'Q . llala if -f 1 t -I if X ii A :aft 'ii-3-5555 if ..iI'f55f'E- 4- Q f Q 4523 , . ..,,g -.-X +4 .v .3 f SK R.. ' - it .1 . 5, K... - .L L xt .... -- . -- x 9 X R ,ooo hf5rrafff,r f , i ff, A , tl" X f 9 .2 g 1 College yeem en' em! for .vemerr -"k'k:J' if . WW 9 in me x wx 'i NEW 1.51. idl'?,,..grr ea. 1 gy 2- ,mfg 111. .. is 'lala..e - f -g .1e. A 'K1f ,Ng gf.. if 8, . y if J' is 5 lf i Q X i ae . . . .e,, .Q-4 ..e . . fi .'. -- .' , .V L ..l I I .ef . by f 'ae il Sf? Q ' :11 kiwxh gil ' ,. : " gm .1 " Ellen Adams Nelda Alexander Joyce Allen Terry Alvis Roy Andrews Ann Anhalt Steve Armstrong Irma Arro d john Tyler Ba er Clyde Baker jose hBaren asser ' nn Bennett E tt ob Benne Ottis Wayne Bennett J Roger Beutler joe Binz Robert Birch Nichole Bledsoe Timothy Bodishbaugh David Bolick Margaret Bolick Franklin Bolton Debi Bowman Melanie Bradford Beverly Broadnax 'vi I' 15 LQ' "W-'iff Thomas Browninv- Bill Brook Terri Campbell Steve Carlton Rickey Carmichael Sybil Casey Paul Cheatham Edward Chess Terry Cleghorn Gary Cochran Paul Craig Shirley Crain Carlos Crisp Robert Croft Miriam Cummings Stephen L. Cumnock Richard Dahlgren Leslie Anne Dale Carolyn Davis Donna Davis Helen Jane Dean Kathleen Delyles jerry DeWVitt Kathy Dickens Wayne Dierks f . ii Iunior Class Officers are: Ioe Binz, Men's Senator, janet McLemore, VVomen's Senator, and Sam Abraham, President. f ' A in 9 l-f , ix ,6f',e a t f-at l if f' S . iii? V. E fv- I is I I J f f tw 'W' c ,y,. c,yy c sl, 'N 4? 9 . 'fi ,. ,ie K he A A D a t t! A H all W if 'i x sf . A -I W- 4 9 , 79" by t Zia 5 -W:, Y . if , s ig. Aa? I 1 W ire. , ff 593 J, tt get A-Ki. JM' ta f Wa M zz. K rlar. 1 ' -,M A-,, A ' AA" "" A' , .. ' id igfflgf i, :Ewa H, g ,," V: VVVL ., , ., i n on Politics flew hot and heavy before elections. A .fr he iv 'H+ My S 9 i ,iff 295, . qs in 'Sd' M .M ,Y ,K lr f . . ' 41 4 .4 .Q W, :sw- -f'JL2Se-ssssiisfgfwsizesifaifegi -W .mm an l ze, A. e:3?:58ezwrQg-1: MQW' Viiliiiig5'lf2251f875Af5 -semen Q M WS Ee as , 4, :ff l re flselssws .xr as-H fL3sapsssfsasffsasssslsaase si14a?lsfM::?:1esz' seizes isis? ,1f2mww-se,-mmm: ,fer-y 91 5, e,.e ar .allay S .mzmg at A , mais: a rw fzsszfsue rnwrsiirsizf wail 5' ?45l??iVs11SfF-5e:5zig aigszsasiligsrzgws .sir -we we vesagiiiflef Mr 5- tm, 3' 7 ,WM Q 5 ,fir Bill Dillon Betty Dorsey Dwight Drennan jim Driedric Charles Duncan Catherine Eckfor James A. Ellis jerrie Farmer Virginia Floyd Rebecca Fogle Carolyn Frazier Cary 'Gaines Richard Givens d Ruby Anne Gladish Paula Goodson Jack Gordon Mary Green Karl Grever Dian Gross Michael Guest Carolyn Hale Gail P. Hale Milton Hall Dennis Hammond , John Hardwick Mary Hart Michael Hartzell Bernetta Hayes Thomas Hemphill Nick Hendricks Kenneth Herndon David Hockensmith Kaye Hockensmith Philip Holder Wfillie Hollinger Byron Holmes Mary Holmes Sheila Hood Gerald Hudgens Pat Hughes Ronnie Hughes Roger Huntsman AGI nda acks Jo n Jackson Danny James Sandy Jernigan Don johnson James jones Thomas Kelley ata! !! 4+-4 . iz L CJ' PN' 1 Wx .. ' A z' H ' iw" 'Q rii i A if ,y S P' X ' r fn? Q Many polilzbazl cazmfzklalef Sneak All UALR W ,,,, .' 3 sf rf ly 'I an .iii :L im Carole Klugh Rebecca Knight Stephen Koon Lu Kreikemeier Don Lawrence David Lee Beth Leverett Ronald Lewis Sylvia Lewis Joseph Lienhart Pat Littlefield Randy Llewellyn Rodney Long Carol Lord Sherry Lowe Nancy Martindale Renee Massey Billy Mathis Russell Mathis Antoinette Maultric ye- QD" ,,,1 .1,1, A 5' l- , M fg t,,, - 1,2 ffudemf give Red Crm blood 6l,7"Z'V6 bowl -557 R3 if 4, I Nifv. IQ X488 A4-.63 1. if lti ' ' 5 ,g-3752 hs-9 sf' " Z -V M V . ,f 1, Q f Ht aw' i f -RJ 4 f , gg 1 XY X 1 al ll K fi, I f 7 4, 9 K .still I X f . 5 ' t ,J , X so . f x fm- fx xx tx David Maxwell Gary May Richard Middleton Bill Miles Cynthia Morgan Walter Morris Jarahha Morteza Harold W. Moses Stanley Musick Wayne McBride Shannon McCarroll Kathleen McCarthy Beverly McChristian Karen McClain Melanie McCool Lyla McGee Gay McGowan Blames McKamie Larry McKinney James B. McMath Susan Nickells Gwendolyn Norwood Harriet Nutt Sandy Nutt Teresa Osam i ali Charles Osment Rusty Parker Dave Parrish Bettye Passen Jimmy Pate Marcia Pate Phillip Perry Beverly Phillips Claudia Phillips Randy Pierce Cathy Porter Diana Redd Roger Reeves Kay Renshaw Charles Rice Richard Roachell Tim Roberts Roger Robertson Answorth Robinson Henry Robinson Rex Robinson De ie Rosenfeld Rick Runnells Claudette Scales Sharon Schmidt O Q, -, 9 XM! ts 5 ? le? All this for a McDonald ,S hamburg- er! like 'A V 1 L 1' r ff? h In -as 2 ' Q In ,yr,, ' , ' x W , , 4 F et 'z 3 iv' ,rw 4 N ,gat f if , it ,, , S if t get - i M t hr tre , , at Ng , M ,ima ls A 1 syt is er , , Ji 'T ' 5 S Q e ,S f W lk S? Mike McCarro1l has the beat dur- ing jam session. f VX 1 if, i xr, 49? uv ill Charles Shaw Michael Shaw Ron Sheffield Holly Shinault Joy Shoptaw Cathey Siever Linda Simmons William Simpson Judith Sitzler Betty Jane Smith Miller Smith Steve Spencer William Stanley Charles Stewart Mathew Stewart Donald Stobaugh Marcia Stratton ohn Swat Davi wearingen Charlotte Sykes David Taylor Priscilla Tebbetts Peggy Thomas Cheryl Thompson john Thompson Patrick Thompson Robert Thompson Robert Thornton S-'-zzmrmraf Jonathan Timm Rebecca Tinsley lk arshall Townsend Kenneth Traf ord Judy Trice Joe Trusheim Robert Tuck Becky Tucker Tina Turner Sharryn Underwood Cheryl Uyeda SL, Aubrey Vice Carol Ann Vick Q, Edward Vishkoff X-H :V Q.. l Rose Volpert y 41 f Gloria Voss 'gy Rfb? Q ix 9 ii N X 'J X ' I -J em. f , ,, john Walker Llnda Walls ,A If ti Diane Ward john Ward -uw X i I 9?- ? f ffazge Band prefenlf Friday jazz feffzbm Charles L. Weaver s .lean Welchar Michael West Deborah Wfhite Stephen White Patricia Mfhitman R if Linda Whitten Susan Windham Winston Winston Curtis Williams lx Ralph Ward Q Doris Williams Margaret Williams Paul Williams Ralph Williams Robert Y'Villiams Rodger lvilliams Gloria N'Villis Gloria Ann lVillis Margaret YVilson Ray Yllilson Iames Wfoods George Hfyatt Robert lVylie Brenda Young Rose Zeller 1 -2' E. ' f 3 VX' 1 ' 4' ,, 3 K., ' , 1 f ,n ,,,.f ,L A A 1 Q .,N,,,,-,A , fr ik' I aw - i 5 ,G Q , . , ,,,.,, Veteran's active in school affairs. VETERHNS l:lSSOClFllION WELCUME5 YOU TO TOTFZL T Mae Abrams Edward Adcock Rick Anderson Clyde Anthony Gerald Appelhans Edmond Ashcraft .Iznnes Ashcraft Debbi Atchison Dottie Averitt Lee Bailey Mona Bailey Robert Baker George Barker jr. ' lT ' Ehzabet arron Ted Barrow .lack Bass Mickey Bates Tom Bates Glenn Beasley Allen Wayne Best jim Blanks Larry L. Bledsoe Mike Blevins Kathy Bodie Linda Bowman Dan Boyer Anna Brown Donna Brown Vicki Brown Carol Brookings 5,2 W?-E1 , 'Q W ,, .MMV Students find time to relax in busv schedule. fqvbomom augur! I0 UWZIVEVIZU fy? fm L airs V if ' QE Zh f A ,hm if Q ,Q nf :I 'N I as by L 'N 8 ' . 45, -1 ii bus?-:xx " 'f:n.'f.. 3 3. 77, W k wa ia., 'D x, i gl xx, sw as V ,z ,.-31,14 - rl' , Q ' ' , 1 5 2 , . ,Y E L r 9 , i R Q n z 5 MQWE' I ,st . ,.,.,...ii?i....? Y V V V -W V 7,7 Y Y ' s ' i Q ,V R is Q Qi? it E ,gy iii l ea- A . . J .5 .sae . if .ss , T ,, is -Qffamflt xifi as S-A 'gs' sw as Q- A f-'g,,,i is if ni , 5 , 3 , sq 53 i 4 Q . f '3' 7.-fs' ., . 1 ze '-inf .QSQXYL Q, ., an M ai tt 5 Q W Q ev ji if f YQ Q gf.-,5 . . UALR .vfudenff mhz' roy! for im Bill Brooks Bruce Brooks Bill Brothers Martha Brumett Stan Brummett Mark Bullock Janice Bunch Mary Sue Bunch Ed Burbage Yvonne Burgess Judith Burns Timothy Burton Billy Butler Charles Caddy Virgie Callahan james R. Campbell Darell Carpenter David Cherry Sherry Childers Doh Yong Chung Roger Clement Jeannine Clements Lynne Cloud Kathy Cole Marsha Cole Steve Colvert Curt Comford John Corbin VViley Cotton Tom Cox Libby Barnett and Linda Morehart donate toys for tots. W, .V 1- - f mwffwfrvmoz v,14uamr .. Mn . ,PW - Gary Crain Mike Curtis Jim Daven Stephen Davis Sue Davis Terry Davis Gail Delonier Kenneth Dickson Terry Dill Karen Dillon Cecil Dowdy W'i1liam Durley Inge Edwards Dollie Elliot David Ellis Don Fnsminger Tornrny Fair Richard Farrester Agnes Ferreira W Rusty Frase B. Carolyn Frazier Donna Freeman Torn Floyd Sharon Fortenberry Larry Foster Sharon Foster Harriet Fox Suzanne Galvin Larry Garner Harlan Garrels I fa ga: A 'X I Z 'Q , As i 4 14 1 WA rrr a N ff ' V. ' Y - Q K ax f, ,. 5,1 ,. A . Kish I K .X ., ' Yugi ag! ,4- Y , il V, r- ' 'H ' ,L A ,, VW ew A f Jr, , " ,vi 4' V fx .W ,. Time to reflect Larry Garrett Lon Garrett David Gibson Wally Gieringer Mary 'Granger Ronnie Greer Mike Gregory james Guenther Curtis Haley Gary Hall Michael Hall Bob Halliday it 1 Els, 'tr at , f ir if 7' ,,,t 4? . , , 1 W LM 2 :ai 3 J M xx, 54 WE i' f""' W ., fi ' V- '-:H V, 2 V f, is W' QW i ? fa ,ik yitrii 3 xi 3 P A 2 F 1 Harold Hampton Richard Harder James Hardison Terry Hardison jesse Hardy Steve Harmon Fred Harris Randall Harrison Joe Harvey Phillip Harvey Pamela Hastings Sandy Hawley Steve Haynes Kenneth Hefley Jauan Henderson Sheila Henson Beth Hervey James Hicks Mike Hicks Billy Hill Barbara Hodge James Hodges jerry Holland Rebecca Holland Luther House Peggy Howell Charles Hoyt Mary u man Robert Hughes yy 'V . g ii N P r James Thomas Horton im me f l J I I Vickey Hum Rosalind Hunter Allen Jackson Elaine Jacob Mary Jackson Charles Jarrett David Jeffers Steven Jenkins Carol Jennings Gary Jennings Mary Jester Ruth Johnson Freddie Jones Pamela Jones Martha Kehoe Stanley Kellar Gus Kemp Rickie Kerner Ronald Kerr John Kersey Georgia Kirby Brig Knight .,.m11QLLK11Lb Baron Kready Paula Kuylcendall Tena Lafton Cynthia Lewis Sammy Lilly Wesley Lody Benny Loftis .s,Z, N is , 'Ci fre fi' L - , ' B 9 +.. we Z :af QQ- f 6 We a N ge, l . i 'A 'E if r r l we , , iq XMQWV I is f' ef ,K ' A? ' Z V ' Q, Mf'----f" f S' ' 5 2f 'f' ,xi , A I ., hr" tl- 9 E' 1 j ' w X V 5 V ff S I ,- W' 5 f 3' , W I 'L ' 1 gn A K :bf ' Q A"Ai gag GV66k5 fem' mem! ZW on wzmpm Kappa Sigmafs Boys Town has been declared off-limits by sorori- ties. Butch Lowry Mary Malone Joan Maples Frances Marks Susan Marks Harriet Martin Becky M assanelli Mildred McCord Singleton McCormick Vicki McCoy Joe McCullar Nancy McDonald Harriet McEntire -,Andmv McHughes Blair Mcllroy Vicki McKimmey john McMahan Suzanne Michell Randy Milan Martha Miles Ronnie Miles Deborah Mills Marsha Mills Jacqueline Miller John Miller Karen Moody Myra Moran Raymond Morgan Ron Morehart Estella Morris WARNING! Power-fo VILLA Patrick Morris Bill Mourot Joyce Mowery Nealia Neal John Nichols Ronnie Nichols Herrn Northcutt Larry Norwood Paula Noto David Nutt Francis O'Neal Robert Oury Richard Owings Judy Paine Gary Parish David Penee Raj Persaud Rita Pfeifer Larry Price Larry Purtle H. Chip Rackley Gus F. Raney Judith Rascoe Henry Ratliff Michael Redd Brenda Reddick Susan Reed Ann Richardson Linda Richardson Bobby Ring I r mx. 2' ' uv K ' ,W ' y. ai? Swirls" , 5 'sf if A D ip N ,v New A f A. it . J S " ' RAW .1 -cs- s if H 'W' la- ir f V is 1-5' -15 . 'Q - ,J 5 if W A yy '-Ga . S in Al fs QW . " 3 fi az. a ggi : 'Z' -of k ts..-, ,fv- AI 51 iii X i, di Q X .. ! . 4 X H J . i an' ,I :tt I -Q t. it Q . J soda . f i Nancy Robinson Sandra Robinson Tina Robinson Bill Roehrenbeck Helen Rowan Susan Rozzell Mary Ann Ruple Don Rush Jeanne Russell Donald Sampson Mike Sanders Gene Sangey Melba Schafer Robert Scott Thomas Scott 4,- ,, ""'- ' 'I It 9? Jimmie Sebring Michael Seibold Diane Sellars Larry Sessions Robert Sisk Cynthia Smith Patricia Smith Randel Smith Roy Smith James Spragins Tommy Sproles James Spurgers Martine Stansbe YY Elizabeth Storey Larry Straw Joseph Styles Don Sugg James Swindoll I 'lf tai Qs I its t t W' ff , Ma ,... i . . NSF' ,, , ,wx ei Q I ii, 5 is .. ,,.. ,I ,f A 1 me , , f- X ' f. ki-' Q up-A . .tytl, t.. ,y,y,t Q , - -:f:i"sz :Vs- ty ,,.t,yy ,y,t , J . an ppp ft by - ..., I 2 at W , t 15 J -M, 1 Q .. EH E 'ftt, it -Qi' ' .,... - in Q J sttl 1' Q I 5 ww' 2 I l is X' 'mi i Wynne Taillac John Talbot III Richard Tanner Martin Tatoian Ronnie Taylor Randy Teague Sharon Thomas Charles Thompson Patricia Thompson Virginia Thompson William Thrasher Cecil Tillery Phyliss Tillery Mark Tipton Nancy Toombs Yvonne Treadway Carl Tucker Richard Tucker Linda Turnbow Phillip Tygart Yvonne Vories Mary Walden Ed Walls Eric Warlord Daryl Wells Rudy Westbrook Londell White Joe Wigintow Jennie Wilkins Clarice VVilliams Joyce Williams Mary Williams Patricia Williams Rita Williamson ' .4-Sl .gf H H is W ' ifwssi lik. A Final gf "" I ,--N:, '. h. is W' Y 'LmAk he M3 h X M si x A i L ' Registration brings many laughs to stu Steven Willis Gregory Winston Missy Hforley Mike YVright Pamela Wright Johanna Yeniger Shari Yeargain Jack Ziegler Curt Zornes dents. fqlihomore clam lendf exlverzkme I0 frefbmen Jim Guy Tucker listens to student making 21 point. CW r"7 Wa kfipafi ,eiaii,i ff ,31. t ese 1 1 ..: is, - N , it ,Kat l V k-x . , 4' Freshmen Class Officers are: Gene Bailey, President, Carol McNeill, Women's Senator, and Alan Lever- itt, Men's Senator. X V' .fi Garry Abbott Lee Abercrombie Tredwell Abrams Dale Adams james Albey Goppy Albion Valerie Alexander Linda Allen Steve Allison joseph Alsbrok Rowan Altheimer Pat Akers Dudley Anderson Janice Andrews Patricia Ard Annette Armstrong Shirley Arnold Wayne Arnold Ronald Ashton Katherine Ault Norman Ault Martin Babb Michael Baer George Bailey Robert Bailey Vivian Bailey James Baker Marion Baker Richard Baker Sharon Baldwin Howard Ball Larry Ballentine Theresa Batterton Frank Battistone Wayne Beardsley Peggy Benton Robert Berry Terry Don Berry Randy Bettis Paulette Bishop Rebecca Bittner Lynda Bizzell Marsha Blake Nancy Blann Karen Blaylock Betty Bledsoe David Bode Johanna Boechkmann Bill Bohart Daniel Bohn Gordon Bolton Andrew Bodkalis Gartano Bornascliella Carla Boshears Rodney Bottoms David Bowden Lindy Bowie James Bowman James Bradford Vicki Bradhan John Branscum Michael Bratcher Ethel Breathett C3 . . , HS .QQ A ., A iffy' fn-4' ,V y W , t, 4 figgl, .a. ,. 'ww if ,tk ta xi ' af. f if 335- l 5 l S M. 1 Ellen Bredlow i Cheryl Breeze A , 4 X Sharon Bridges ' X R Bill Brixev wc:-1 ffl. Brenda Broadway B its Todd Bffldl Jkk Nena Brooks E m y .. 3 if - X Q i A X i i I -5 - f 'I Q le t, X L 5 2. ls . V.: l egg? F f '.,i?7f1. X I 8 .5 "" +31- iz I Karen Brown Oinita Brown Terry Brown Randy Brown Ricky Broyles Hosie Burnett Mary Iva Burns Linda Burton Cathey Cagle Andy Caldwell Connie Canady Cathy Cargill Larry Carpenter John Carter Stanley Carter Brenda Carver Judy Cato Mike Charles Donna Charton Kenneth Chastain Sharon Chilton Bill Christain Cindy Chronister David F. Clark Karen Clark Stanley Clark George Clay Linda Kay Clement Tom Clement Carolyn Cline Randy Clinton Kenneth Cloud Carolyn Cole Oradell Connors Carolyn Cook Donna Cook Sf-sa' if "' 1, V as A E ,wry an , - Q AG. X. 'V' AV ww as Karen Cook Greg Cook Carolyn Cooper Christina Corrada Paula Cotton Catherine Courtney Allen Cox John Cox Rebecca Crawford Taylor Crews Wallace Croom Douglas Crotts John Crouch Reggie Crouse William Crutchfield Judy Cunningham Addie Davis Bill Davis Kathy Davis Torn Davis George Davoust Christine Days Sarah Deal john Dean john DeBlock Don DeClue Linda Delauchter Bob Denman Bill Dennis Marilyn Dickinson Kenny Doan Brent Dodson Kathy Donnahoo Lee Douglass Joyce Dowl lim Drennan Mary Elizaibeth Drilling Bill Duckworth David Duncan Maragree Dunn Kate Ebinger W. S. Edelhuber Bobbie Edmonson James Edwards Larry Eller Vickie Elliott Chris Ellott -Gretchen Elsken Gale Endsley Gary Epperson Cherie Eskew James Ewing Linda Evans Terry Evans Thomas Evans Charlie Faulkner Phillip Finch Oscar Finkbeiner Floyd Finley Sissy Fisher Micheal Fitzhugh Larin Fleming Pamela Foggo David Forgy Hoyle G. Freeman Brad Furlow Larry Furrer Kaye Garman Charles Garett Claudia Garrett Wanta rally at my place? Frefhmen given new re5D0nfz'bz'lz'!zlef all UALR Aa,-.. I Ar " Gb 1 '- Q M W X ,gag h Gi X . . x X e ' V C vi t 3 ' if i C C A i in if - f is k 'Y - wt T' ,ll D 1. mti, X , 1:m.x . , . llot .., o " I f PX if ,454-Qt, ' ky. we xiii, S l 0 . Q tyyt t ,te B YE ,VK S . t I N H? J f . W i 9 tg ..:.s-fi h x t Q i , ' ,fag 3' in -L ex 3 I R ,, an sg I' Plrzyr ada' to auliuml W all UALR Syl tina t ,,? is sz - Mez. Mike Garrett Richard Garrett Steve Gartrnan James Gates Mary Ellen 'Gates James Gatlilf Tornniy Gattin Linda Gyadon Margaret Gentry Carolyn George Rodney George -Iirn Gibbons Dave Gieriner Janice Giggleman Clara Gilbert Cynthia Gillam Greg Gingerieh Vlfilliam Glover Paul Ginuer Larry Gueeiardo Emmett Golden W'anda Gosnell Olin Gover Linda Grady Terry Graves, jr. Diane Gray Ann Green Ginger 'Green Patricia Green Vicki Griggs Diane Goggans Betty Growns Gary Hall .Iarnes Hall III Jay Hall Drama students produce many popular plays. lXIel Hall Patricia Hall Charles Hamilton Meredith Hamilton XVes Hamilton Peggy Hammond Irma Hampton Broderick Hankins john Harasta Richard Hardin James Harris Jerry Harris Karl Harris Mike Harry Donna Hart -lane Hart Rondra Harvey Elsie Hatchett David Haynie Ronny Hefner Mary A. Heim Carolyn Henderson Dennis Henderson Jacquelyn Henry Arvee Henson Vicki Henson Nancy Henry John Hess Tony Hetterick Elizabeth Hickey Barbara Hill Deborah Hill Debra Hinson Tommy Hoffman Gary Hogan an - 'sr K C , nil X ir' A x QF- K 58-4 Homer Holbrook Bettye Holloway Ted Hood Lily Hornbockle Carol Horness Oscar Horton Barbara House Phyllis Howard Sharon Hudspeth Mark Hudleson Carol Humphries Mike Humphrey Eric Hutchison Kenneth Hymel Lillie Ingram Paul Jacks Cindy Jackson Donald Jackson Judy Jackson Jan Jacoway Jo Jacoway Jim Jacuzzi Kathleen Jewell Gaye Johnson Ginger Johnson Nathan Johnson Sandra Johnson Frederick Jones Linda Jones Rhonda Jones Sandra Jones Teresa Jones William Jones Gladys Jordan David Jurgerson George Keen it I I J' I X . sf .ww ,4 , , . , .gf Vg, nn.. br 'B-f' . t fe ft ha W , ax ,Z J' 2 X Q V. .L fn - ' . , f '-f Q' w s. ,, .s 1, , ,fs 9 IL' fr ' 1 his-X g A' l ,f i f ei -M -vqgdisi 'ii Wigs, .f's,i' f i ,gi 1 g.3'4fie17f?9. - 4 f, 4 P+ 5 s ". e k-ills F? in gb Q ,i I J in s . is ies :QF ?,-f 'M ,R 9 .L-267 3? i. I Y Wk! , .Q A K' im , e-M 4. K ', gp:-f .sf 5 l 1 Iii is I safe e NS si xg 1' A Jackie Keener Cliff Kelley Teresa Kelley Linda Kempf Jimmy Kennedy Jim Kennemur Joel King Pam Kingrey Bill Kirbeo Sue Kirtley Wayne Knowles Jackie Kraus Ronnie Krisell Donnie Lamb Susan Land Roy Glen Landreth Bob Leainons Kathi Lee Walter Lemke Alan Leveritt Larry Levy Bill Lewis Corine Lewis Steve Linder Betty Lindsey Nancy Lindsey Arnold Little Benjamin Livingsto Treya Lofton Patricia Love Steve Lucas Don Lunsford Michael Madar Jan Marak Charlotte Marks I1 ' 1564771 ri ' Ann Martin Debbye Martin Robert Martin Alda Mason Billy Mason Barbara Masterson Jerry Mayfield Peggy Mceker Mary E. Melton Larry Meux Kathy Michalesko John Miles Phyllis Minick Alan Minor john Miller Monty Miller Rama Miller Susan Miller Peggy Milligan Chuck Mitchell Pam Moix Gladys Moncrief June Montgomery Frank Moody Larry Morgan Ethel Moore James D. Moore Carol Motley Katherine Murphy Clark Myhand Clark Myklebust Mark Myklebust Carolyn McClain Peggy McFarun Pat McHughes 5 Q5Ii3:hir3fhi? Q A Mantis - EEN! Ziifdy School athletics receive moral support from students. Qzyorlf 6lClLZ'VZfZff g7f0WZ.lflg all UALR on 3 X A abr yi. ra I-., E no ""' K - ,.-4 -t E Q Q? S X iq s V, n mf! R Q fy t,,,t K :M V. ,Q X t y I Recgzkmzizbn bajfey entering fmbmen I Nancy McKewen Larry MCRIUHY Mike McNabb Mark McNeese Carol McNeill Joel McPherson Ann Nelson Mike Nycum Tommy Oakley Sharon Olberts Pamela Owen Kenny Owens Sherman Owens Susan Parham Dave Parker Tommie Parker Patricia Paty Donna Payne James Pearce Patrick Pearce Robert Peavey Edward Peek Maelyn Pennington Douglas Penny Laura Peters Ronald Phelps james M. Pierce Lee Pillert Micheal Pinner George Pitts Jerry Don Pittman Robert Plummer Tom Pope Alexa Popp Pam Prichett Go down two tables, then take a right, go to your left at the next aisle and then .... Monty Pride John Pruitt David Purcell John K. Raines Earnest Rambo Rhonda Ramsey Vickie Raney Ruth Ray Phyllis Redix Charles Reaves, jr. -Ianine Rector Marilyn Rector Joe Red Norma Rezac Russell Richter Linetta Ricks Stephen Ringgold Grover Rivenbark Jan Roberson Cherise Roberts Thomas Robinson Patsy Rogers Bertha Rollins Richard Rothstein Charliss Russ Terry Russell Linda Sample Margaret Sanders Lynda Diane Scales Webber Scales Bill Sevier Larry Shaw JoAnn Shorter Mike Shoup Jan Simpson tt' -Lf. ef e Atl ex ga- C? f t , 1? A iv L 5 Y... at j 4 N ir Q ,131 'K s ww' A 1 4" Q . s-ii" X at kbs t is ,R c c a i' ' x ! . GN 3 P an 1' ,V L -A S 6.1 ' 1 K' pi .J 3 AL ,Patrick Slaughter Sister Slaughter Baron Smith Michael Smith Pam Smith lVildCr Smith Tresa Smithson Harvey Sontag Paul Spann Dorothy Spotwood Doris Springer Jackie Springhorn Patty Stanley George Starks Bobbie StClair Charles StClair Curtis Stephens Artie Stephenson Cf Patty Stevens Debbie Stewart Douglas Stone Rickey Stone Ron Stone Rae Belle Strain Brock Stroman Brenda Strother Monsonti Suksiri Gregory Summerville Joyce Surratt Patrick Sutton Glenda Swinney Rickey Tackett Frank Taggart John Tarbell Wanda Tatum Carolyn Taylor W, S, no xg A f - sq.: , kk X E , ,. ' v",,,,.g---'sl' aid? --'. , ii?-SSL , sofa Q ' SX' .X ws Ns 5 3 . X .psf I '2 vt' af 'lf Sf fe Q ,P M ,aw- Ray Taylor Gary Teaney Pam Temple Gary Thompson Jeanne Thompson Julie Thompson Richard Thompson 1747 51' iz. My it Ay f it ig , ,aa ft ' Y 1 , .. a. 4. 4 SSRN! Q itll ' , ,Ji it g t , Robert Thompson Kathie Tinnel Diane Treece Don Tucker Howard Tucker Yvonne Tullos Ellen Turnbow James Turner Richard Turner Sammy Turner Danny Tyer Mickey Tyra Robert Uhlig Linda Underwood YN endell Vaden Fredrick VanAckeren k im Vandever Angela Van Zandt Stephen Vogler Joey Wadley T V .KentValand l .af X R Charles Wfaggoner William S. Walden Artis Mae Walker Robin Wallace Kelvin Walls Kathy Wammack James VV ard Karen YVashburn Randy YfVaters Vickie VVatkins Billie VVatsou Nadine Y'Vatson Glenda Wfeatherford Mary VVebb Jane X'VCCLlIl1L1Il Joe YVehunt Emily XVhisenhunt Kenneth XVhite Meeks H'hite Del YVilfong Janice lVillian1s Liz Williziiris Montford Williams Sandra YVilliams Marion YVilliamson Jewell YVillis Fluffy Mfilson Bruce Yllingficld David lVinglield Arthur Hlinston Helen XVofford Pat XVofford Mike W'ood David VVright Harold Wright Judith Wright Susan Vandiver Denzil Yarbrough James Young Mary Ellen Young Richard Young Susan Young 0 Pdlfklilflg jife mme! Prater! ,.,,i , i f 'Fl Eff. :ff ly . ,Q ' E . p f l i ' lin it But I don't have one hundred dollus ' for parking stickers. A 0: 'WI 'C7 gal' ,il Virgil Young Richard Bondurant Daniel Dall, Jr. Donald Davenport Charles Enderlin Raymond Frazier Paul T. Lovett, Sr. Lawrence Mclntire Lamar Pine Elizabeth Prado Carmen Puckett Virginia Shiras Diana Stroup Sandra Vaughan Nancy Vogel fpeczkzf fiurfenlf .. IT 45. f v ,ir-,X 123 4""" gn emoriam Death, be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so, For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me. From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be, Much pleasure, then from thee much more must flow, And soonest our best men with thee do go - Rest of their bones and souls' delivery! Thou'rt slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men, And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwellg And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well And better than thy stroke. Why swell'st thou then? One short sleep past, we Wake eternally, And Death shall be no more: Death, thou shalt die. John Donne fobn B Hmmm' fr 1950-1970 UALR fumbr k WA V ww fiffww . 'nfl' K M Q. N 4741 verfising if oo AU--5 Q At AP8LL, F I, f "'f ,sa I I Commercial National Bank of Little Rock I5 5 II 1: N II 5 I 1' ll -nslgI II :::.: MM ,- ,- ,,r- ,I iiiliiiism I::::II I:LJ:L4IE i - - we're building today for your tomo f world. aa,a I , a,,i F It's the real thing. Qglge- 64 I VVDRTHEN B If T I M ,fffr C I '- I I . N an S rust Company FII! II - ,I I Z I I ll 1-XII , III I I rllllnll I I I I I I 'UIQ Bunk that does Moro for You. Member FDIC and Federal Reserve System The cost of LIVING is always a bargain. .. S JF, fa. aw AM We Help Make The Pnkra Beafablaf SS AND BLUE SHI ITTLE ROCK Th Bank TWIN CITY BANK NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Member E D.I.C. CULEMAN I f TTTTTTTAAA goV"sbij N , T, RRRRRR X FH L? Y 52x42 1, J W9 4 6 W QR .X ,l My lfxk SAN U2 xi A I 'W' fs wxf N , Q-LL' -MILK-ICE CREAM- L MIMW 410 Spring Street Phone 372-3151 COMPLIMENTS OF E, Grainger Williams aUa,,,saas s,s Class at 1931 Virginia Parish a-aa.aa Albert W. lsenman, Jr, E. Marshall Gazette, Jr, one Class at 1938 was Class at 1939 asses Class of 1959 fH6'0l2716',9APb76' . " ,!1..L . A I AE -we m lin "wax 'Q A A X 10 Also wav e-it Arkansas' Most Complete Photographic Store" MINOLTA KODAK YASHICA POLAROID LEICA OMEGA BELL I HOWELL NIKON GRAFLEK PENTAX MAMIYA HASSELBLAD IESELER BOLEX PLENTY OF FREE PARKING ON OUR BIG LOT 376-3481 Spaulding Athletic Goods Co., Inc. 513 Center Street 372-22l8 Little Rock, Ak MILK AND ICE CREAM COMPLIMENTS OF PLEASURE BOWLING LANES 6700 ASHER AVE. LO 565-0393 A N D PARK PLAZA BOWLING LANES UNIVERSITY AND MARKHAM 664-3377 BOWL FOR HEALTH, RECREATION, AND FUN DaiIey's Office Furniture Furniture, Decorations, Fine Gifts and L p, Portable Typewriters 50 000 Feet of F F ni'I'ure E'I'c. 308 ROCK Compliments of UNITED ARTISTS THEATERS BR0wN1NG's MEx1cAN F0013 urru norm' oklclmz far 24 runs , Also Serving 1311? I hy Amorlean Fo 'f , 3 OCATIONS I . 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ASSOCIATED WHOLESALE GROCERY, INC. 10003 new Benton men IAY, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS THE GEORGE W. DONAGHEY FOUNDATION FOUNDED FOR THE PERPETUAL BENEFIT OF THE LITTLE ROCK UNIVERSITY DONORS: The Lafe GOVERNOR and MRS. GEORGE W. DONAGHEY Board of Trus+ees: W. P. GULLEY, JR., Presideni DR. ALFRED KAHN, JR. C. E. LOWRY DR. HENRY G. HOLLENBERG WILLIAM NASH JIM S. PORTER, JR. A. DAN PHILLIPS A. G. KAI-IN, Trusfee Emeriius Owning and operaiing 'Iwo Iarge office buildings in downiown Li'H'Ie Rock -'a x P '-.. . xi A . ' g. X X bible- ,ikidfxm .. li ,'. 3 S Q S gs ,ff iilfffiisi li 35 Z sigii .iw ., A .1'.f1Iv wi. .1-l' "mill-Iuii. 1":5xi.-, Xu,"-,ifwf jf.: Jlrii. II I. ' - rf L r ' f C .K,:IivI!!,Z, rli- ILL. x 1.f1i"1Tw'I1f iz 1 .au X N' ,v' il' - ' 5 7 ,. 1 ' Q., xx 'ni -yn' ,Inf u ll .JK ' .f1"' .-I " ,I :Ii 1 iii -v , ,.l In fi . 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VIVIAN PEARCE A shop for flie +l1inlcing woman C lnfanls, Children, Malernily O Junior, Junior Pe+il'e, Misses Park Plaza Cenfer 664- l 579 .rim ,, ,M WR YOUR CHRISTIAN SUPPLY HOUSE -Come in ancl Browse- Bibles and Testaments Bell 8: Howell Cassette Bible Related Bcolrs Recorders Music-Boolrs 81 Sheet Music v'M Recorders and Plavefs Graflex Proiectors Albums'-Siel-To Gifts and Awards Church Sl-'PPlIe5 Bible Rebinding Greeting Cards ' Framed Pictures Films and Filmstrips Motivational Boolcs Wedding Invitations and Supplies 7I2 Main - Telephone 374-2328 -- Hapfisf 15701: Ji Hook House Introducing our lm warning: W ' : The Surgeon General Has Determined That HT In Cigaflletge Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health. By Act of Congress, the above warning must be placed on all cigarettes manufactured for sale in the United States on or after November 1, 1970. US. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE Public Health Service This space contributed as a public service COMMONWEALTH Federal Savings and Loan Association FOURTH AND SPRING ' LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Mobile Office in the Following Cities on Days Shown Below England Ilvlonclayl 842-8580 Lonolce lTuesdayi 676-6063 Carlisle lWecInesclayi 552-3760 Brinlcley lTl'1urscIay 81 Friday, 734-IS99 Compliments 0 Alpha Kappa Psi Arlcansasfs Most I-lonorecl Name ln Stillts JEWELRY "Since I 88O" Jewelers 5ll Main On The Mall Compliments of Alpha Delta Sigma IN YEARBOOKS THE MARK OF QUALITY HURLEY YEARBOOK COMPANY IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF The ,71 Trojan SERVING AS PRINTER AND BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK HURLEY YEARBOOK COMPANY A DIVISION OF THE HURLEY COMPANY, INC. CAMDEN, ARKANSAS A Agar, Bain, 215 Aiar, Sire, 2011 Alcins, H. D., 209 Allen, James, 211 Allen, Juanita, 209 Arrington, B. C., 215 Baker, T. Harri, 186 Barber, Martha, 182 Beard, Dudley, 210 Beard, Winston C., 174 Beavers, Sue A., 203 Berry, Rana, 188,189 Boswell, Ronald 64,65,72 Bowie, Lloyd W., 175 Brady, Marylyn J., 184 Braaah, Billie, 140,179 Braaali, J ay, 182 Broach, Wilson J., 178 Butler, James F., 174 C Cantwell, Frances, 211 Carlile, Melinda S., 204 Carner, Joseph N., 182 Carner, Margaret D., 182 Colaianni, Lucille, 138,139,184 Coleman, Lawrence, 179 Cooper, Grant, 186 Corley, Jerry D., 208 Cromwell, Robert A., 179 Faculty Sr Staff Index Curry, Carolyn, 140,141,182 D Davis, Marshell, 188,192 Dean, Judith, 176 Dejournett, Ned R., 73,76,77,183 Dixon, Richard B., 137,186,211 Donald, Roslyn S., 184 Ducker, Loretta, 210 Duckworth, Edwin, 213 Duelmer, Louis, 206 Dyer, George, 186 Eberly, Ralph D., 185 Edgington, Cecil A., 185 Essary, Kathy, 211 Evans, William F., 176 Ewing, Lorraine, 174 F Ferguson, Dale V., 176 Fleming, Emily S., 179 Francis, Eleanor, 185 Fribourgh, James H., 204 Frith, Nancy, 139 Frothingham, R., 185 Fulmer, James R., 179 G Gibson, Diane, 210 Gardner, Janet K., 179 Gran, William Ei., 61,179 Grant, Bonnie R., 176 Griffin, Richard W., 186 H Hadley, Bedford K., 186 Haislip, Clifford, 141,183 Hall, James R., 188 Harbison, Charles H., 179 Hardie, Katherine J., 186 Hardy, Benjamin A., 69,174 Hefner, Dale, 174 Hegwood, Vivian, 188 Heidt, Gary A., 176 Herd, Pam, 204 Hester, Neyland, 202 Hight, Roy L., 202 Hodges, Howard R., 179 Holder, Emma, 207 Huckabee, Faye, 211 Hughes, John, 182 Hughes, Katherine, 211 J Johnston, Maybeth, 214 Johnston, Robert E., 187 Jones, Cameron D., 185 Jones, Jo Ann, 174 Joshlin, Estell, 207 K Kaye, Jonas, 187 Kessler, Warren H., 183 Keys, Marilynn, 185 Kremers, Edwin, 206 L LaMar, Charles E., 204 Ledbetter, Cal Jr., 187 Littlefield, Daniel, 185 Lockard, Sara K., 73,183 M Mahfouz, Happy, 188 Martin, lnez, 174 Mathews, Johnye E., 185 Mattox, Cleo B., 174 McCoy, Gene G., 68,175 McGee, Jr., Newman, 188 McGuire, John B., 188 Melville, Velda, 215 Mercer, Chester, 174 Mergenschroer, Dorothy, 209 Morgans, Leland, 176,191 Morris, Sandy, 211 Morrison, Gigi, 210 Moser, Margaret B., 211 Munson, Alice A., 185 N Nash, Annette, 213 Nissly, Marybelle J., 614 0 O'Donell, Mary A., 203 Ogden, Benni S., 177 Orahood, Mary Alyce, 210 Owings, W. A., 136,187 P Pal, Agaton P., 187 Parson, Maryavis, 138,139,185 Perryman, Wlilliam, 183 Pine, Sue, 203 Powell, Ruth, 175 Prior, Richard M., 180 R Robinson, F. L., 205 Robinson, Sybil T., 208 Rogers, Ida R., 183 Ross, Frances, 187 Rushing, Elizabeth J., 185 S Sawatski, Dorothy, 72,183 Senn, Linda, 207 Setliff, Frank L., 180 Sharp, Doris, 68,209 Sherrill, Peter T., 187 Sinclair, Cl arence , 177 Smith, Harold T., 1'87 Smith, Julius, 207 Smith, Roy D., 67,69,175 Staley, Clara R., 207 Stephens, Betty J., 139,188 Stephens, Howard G., 189 Sturgeon, Mary C., 211 T Tadloclc, Bin C., 67 Taegel, Barbara, 209 Tarkington, Sandra, 207 Tolbert, Robert N., 180 Torbett, John F., 188 Turns, Tom G., 189 U Urbantke, Hugh E., 67 V Van Hook, Kathy, 210 Veatch, Margaret, 67,68,140 W Walsh, Bart, 185 Warmack, Donald L., 183 Warmack, Margaret, 183 Warren, Maxine A., 189 Watson, Annette, 210 Watson, Robert L., 177 Wells, Linda M., 210 Westlake, Jr., J. B., 205 Weyres, James B., 180 White, Ernest H., 175 Williams, Cora H., 213 Wold, Donald C., 180 Wood, D. Louis, 187 Woolard, Harold, 184 Wroten, Gloria, 207 Y Yang, Dominic, 180 Young, Phyllis A., 203 A Abbott, Gary, 248 Abercrombie, Lee, 248 Abraham, Samuel, 158,230 Abrahams, Henry, 220 Abrams, Mae, 239 Abrams, Tredwell, 248 Adams, Dale, 248 Adams, Ellen, 230 Adams, Suzzanne, 189 Adcock, Edward, 239 Akers, Patsy, 248 Albey, James, 248 Albion, Goppy, 248 Alexander, Nielda, 230 Alexander, Valerie, 248 Allen, Joyce, 230 Allen, Lieela, 243 Allison, Steve, 248 Alsbrook, Joseph, 248 Altheimer, Rowan, 248 Alyie, Terry, 230 Anderson, Rick, 55,239 Anderson, Dudley, 248 Anderson, Gary, 58 AndreWS, Janice, 248 Andrews, Rey, 67,230 Anhalt, Ann, 230 Anthony, Clyde, 239 Appelhans, Gerald, 239 Ard, Patricia, 248 Armstrong, Annette, 248 Armstrong, Stephen, 230 Arnold, Shirley, 248 Arnold, Wayne, 248 Arroyo, Irma, 230 Student Index Asbury, Ronald, 220 Ashcraft, Edmond, 239 Ashcraft, James, 239 Ashton, Ronald, 248 Atchison, Deborah, 239 Ault, Julius, 248 Ault, Katherine, 248 Averitt, Dottie, 239 Babb, Martin, 298 Baber, John, 230 Baer, Michael, 248 Bailey, George, 248 Bailey Katharin, 220 Bailey, Lee, 53,239 Bailey, Mena, 243 Bailey, Robert, 243 Bailey, Vivian, 243 Bake, Harri, 137 Baker, Clyde, 230 Baker, James, 248 Baker, Marion, 248 Baker, Richard, 248 Baker, Robert, 239 Baker, Mark, 220 Baldwin, Sharon, 76,248 Bale, Gene, 68 Ball, Howard, 248 Ballentine, Larry, 248 Barengasser, Joseph, 230 Barker, George, 239 Barnes, Betsy, 220 Barnett, Libby, 54,136,16f-3,220,240 Barron, Elizabeth, 239 Barrow, Ted, 239 Barry, Patricia, 220 Bass, Jackson, 239 Bates, Mickey, 239 Bates, Thomas, 239 Batterton, Theresa, 248 Battistone, Frank, 248 Bauer, Ralph, 67 Beardsley, Robert, 248 Beasley, Glenn, 239 Bell, Linda, 58 Bennett, Ann, 230 Bennett, Danny, 220 Bennett, Jane, 136,162 Bennett, Otis, 230 Bennitt, Bob, 203 Benton, Tim, 220 Benton, Peggy, 61,249 Berg, Elizabeth, 72,76 Berry, Jerry, 249 Berrt, Robery, 249 Best, Allen, 239 Bettis, Randy, 249 Beutler, Roger, 230 Binz, Joseph, 69,230 Binz, Larry, 220 Birch, Robert, 67,230 Bishop, Aileen, 220 Bishop, Paulette, 249 Bittle, Theresa, 140 Bittner, Rebecca, 249 Bizzell, Lynda, 249 Blair, Douglas, 220 Blake, Marsha, 249 Blanks, Jimmy, 239 Blann, Nancy, 249 Blaylock, Karen, 249 Bledsoe, Bettie, 249 i Bledsoe, Larry, 239 Bledsoe, Margaret, 159 Bledsoe, Nichole, 230 Blevins, Michael, 239 Bobo, Charles, 58 Bode, David, 249 Bodie, Kathleen, 239 Bodishbaugh, Timothy, 230 Bodkalls, Andrew, 249 Boeckmann, Elizabeth, 249 Boehning, Steve, 220 Bohart, Williams, 249 Bohn, Daniel, 249 Bolding, Royce, 220 Bolick, David, 67,230 Bolick, Margaret, 230 Bolton, Gordon, 249 Bolton, James, 67,230 Bone, Bonny, 136,164 Bondurant, Richard, 69,260 Bone, Beverly, 138 Booker, Virginia, 136,164 Boosey, Fred, 73 Bornaschella, Gaetano, 249 Boshears, Carla, 249 Bosshart, Fred, 220 Boswell, Daniel, 69,220 Bottoms, Rodney, 249 Bousquet, Kenneth, 58 Bowden, 249 Bowie, Lindy, 249 Bowman, James, 220 Bowman, James L., 249 Bowman, Linda, 239 Bowman, Quentin, 220 Boyd, John, 220 Boyer, Daniel, 239 Bradford, James, 249 Bradford, Melanie, 230 Bradham, Vicki, 249 Branscum, Donnie, 220 Branscum, John, 249 Bransford, Jimmy, 137,138,162,220 Bratcher, Michael, 249 Brawner, Carol, 220 Bray, Terry, 61 Breathett, Ethel, 249 Bredlow, Barbara, 249 Breexe, Cheryl, 249 Brennan, Carey, 141 Bridges, Erma, 220 Bridges, Sharon, 249 Brister, Lynn, 190,221 Brixey, William, 249 Broach, Bill, 140 Broadnax, Beverly, 230 Broadway, Brenda, 249 Brockman, Deborah, 68 Brodt, Todd, 249 Brook, Bill, 231 Brookings, Carol, 239 Brooks, Bruce, 58,240 Brooks, Nena, 249 Brooks, William, 240 Brown, Anna, 239 Brown, Donna, 141 Brown, Donna, 239 Brown, James, 67,69,221 Brown, Karen, 249 Brown, Omita, 249 Brown, Randy, 249 Brown, Terry, 249 Brown, Vicki, 239 Browning, Thomas, 231 Broyles, Ricky, 249 Brumback, James, 221 Brumett, Martha, 244 Brummett, Stan, 240 Bullock, Stephen, 240 Bunch, Janice, 240 Bunch, Mary, 56,77,240 Bunger, Bonnie, 76,221 Burbage, Edward, 240 Burgess, Yvonne, 138,240 Burnett, Hosie, 249 Burns, Ju dith, 240 Burns, Mary, 249 Burton, Linda, 249 Burton, Timothy, 240 Bush, Lin Butler, Bi da, 58 lly, 240 Butler, Gerald, 68 C Caddy, Charles, 240 Cagle, Cathey, 249 Caldwell, James, 249 Cale, Glenda, 136,138,140,161,221 Callahan, Virgie 72,76,77,240 Callaway, Thomas, 76 Campbell, Craig, 161 Campbell, James, 240 Campbell, Joann, 140,221 Campbell, Terri, 231 Canady, Connie, 249 Cargill, C athy, 249 Carlton, Steven, 231 Carmichael, Rickey, 231 Carpenter, Darrell, 240 Carpenter, Gary, 68 Carpenter, Larry D., 249 Carter, John B., 249 Carter, Mary G., 221 Carter, Stanley A., 249 Carver, Brenda K., 249 Casey, Sybil D., 231 Cato, Judy L., 249 M Charles, Charton, Chastain, ichael A., 249 Donna R., 250 Kenneth A., 250 Cheatham, Paul W., 231 Cheatham, Rosalie, 138,139 Crain, Shirley A., 231 Crawford, Eleanor P., 58,222 Crawford, Rebecca C., 250 Crews, Taylor, 250 Crisp, Carlos L., 231 Croft, Robert T., 231 Crook, William H., 222 Croom, Wallace, 250 Crott, Douglas, 250 Crouch, John A., 250 Crouse, Reggie N., 250 Crutchfield, William K., 250 Cummings, Miriam C., 231 Cumnock, Stephen L., 69,231 Cunningham, Donna L., 222 Cunningham, Judy L., 250 Curtis, Michael G., 241 D Dale, Leslie Ann, 231 Dall, Daniel, 260 Darling, Charles R., 222 Darr, Susan K., 222 Daven, Jim, 241 Davenport, Donald W., 260 Davis, Addie M., 250 Davis, Carolyn J., 231 Davis, Cynthia B., 222 Davis Donna R., 231 Davis, Kathy, 250 Davis, Steven B., 61,241 Davis, Sue J., 241 Davis, Terry B., 241 Davis, Thomas M., 250 Davis, William R., 250 Davoust, George C., 250 Days, Christine, 250 Deal, Sarah L., 250 Dean, Helen J., 231 Dean, John C., 250 Deblock, John R., 250 Declue, Donald J., 250 Delaughter, Linda K., 250 Delozier, Gail, 77,241 Delyles, Kathleen, 58,61,231 Demuth, Cherry, 72 Denman, Robert, 250 Dennis, Bill, 250 Dennis, Terry, 76 Detherage, Gary, 140,230 Devitt, Peter, 67 Dewitt, Jerry, 231 Dickens, Kathy, 231 Dickinson, Marilyn, 71,76,77,250 Dickson, Kenneth, 241 Dierks, Wayne, 231 Dill, Terry, 241 Dillion, Karen, 76,241 Dillon, William, 232 Doan, Kennan, 250 Dodson, Billy, 250 Doerr, Steven, 69,222 Dorsey, Betty, 232 Dorsey, Cynthia, 222 Douglass, Lee, 250 Dowdy, Cecil, 241 Dowl, Joyce, 250 Drennan, Dwight, 232 Drennan, James, 251 Driedric, James, 232 Drilling, Mary, 251 Drompp, Joseph, 222 Duckworth, William, 251 Dudley, James, 137 Duncan, Charley, 232 Duncan, David, 251 Dunham, Jeanene, 140,220 Dunn, Maragree, 251 Durley, William, 241 Ebinger, Kate, 251 Eckford, Catherine, 58,232 Edelhuber, William, 251 Edmonson, Bobbie, 251 Edwards, Charles, 222 Edwards, Inge, 241 Edwards, James, 251 Edwards, Nancy, 222 Eller, Larry, 251 Elliott, Dollie, 77,241 Elliott, Vikki, 251 Ellis, David, 241 Ellis, James, 232 Ellott, Christ, 251 Elsken, Gretchen, 251 Enderlin, Charles, 260 Endsley, Gale, 251 English, Richard, 161 Ennis, Ramona, 222 Ensminger, Don, 241 Epperson, Gary, 251 Eskew, Cherie, 251 Eudy, Judy, 68,164,222 Evans, Linda, 251 Evans, Terry, 251 Evans, Thomas, 251 Ewing, James, 251 F Faas, Eariann, 76 Fair, Tommy, 241 Farmer, J errie, 232 Farmer, Larry, 67,136,140,163,223 Farrester, Richard, 241 Faulkner, Charles, 251 Faulkner, Mae, 223 Ferreira, Agnes, 133,241 Festa, John, 68,223 Finch, Phillip, 25 Finkbeiner, Oscar, 251 Finley, Floyd, 251 Finley, Ronald, 223 Fisher, John, 137,140,223 Fisher, Sissy, 251 Fitzhugh, Michael, 251 Fleming, Lorin, 251 Floyd, Tom, 241 Floyd, Virginia, 232 Fogga, Pamela, 251 Fogle, Rebecca, 232 Forgy, David, 251 Fortenberry, Sharon, 242 Foster, George, 67,69,223 Foster, Larry, 241 Foster, Sharon, 241 Fowler, Katherine, 76,77 Fox, Harriet, 241 Frase, Gene, 73,241 Fratesi, Julia, 223 Frazier, Barbara, 241 Frazier, Carolyn, 232 Frazier, Raymond, 58,260 Freeman, Donna, 241 Freeman, Hoyle, 251 Friday, Steven, 69 Frost, Donald, 55 Fuller, Charlotte, 223 Furlow, Brad, 251 G Gaines, Cary, 67,232 Galbraith, Shelia, 223 Galleher, Mary, 140 Galvin, Suzanne, 241 Garman, Kaye, 251 Garner, Larry, 241 Garrels, Harlan, 241 Garrett, Charles, 251 Garrett Claudia, 251 Garrett Larry, 242 Garrett, Lon, 242 Garrett, Michael, 252 Garrett Richard, 252 Gartman, Steven, 252 Gates, Dorothy, 223 Gates, James, 252 Goodson, Paula, 232 Gordon, Jack, 232 Gosnell, Wanda, 252 Gould, Mary, 136,137,140 Gover, Olin, 252 Grady, Linda, 252 Grainger, Mary, 242 Grant, Brenda, 58 Graves, Terry, 252 Gray, Diane, 252 Greathouse, Garold, 69,223 Green, Ginger, 252 Green, Kenneth, 232 Green, Ann, 252 Green, Patricia, 252 Gates, Mary, 61,252 Gates, Randall, 67,137,223 Gates, Rudy, 67,137,140,223 Gatliff, James, 252 Gattin, Thomas, 252 Gatdon, Linda, 252 Gent, Carol, 223 Gentry, Margarey, 252 George, Carolyn, 252 George, Donald, 252 Gibbons, James, 252 Gibson, David, 242 Gieringer, David, 252 Gieringer, Wallace, 242 Giggleman, Janice, 252 Gilbert, Clara, 252 Gilliam, Cynthia, 252 Gingerich, Gregory, 252 Givens, Richard, 232 Gladish, Rudy, 232 Glover, Gail, 223 Glover, William, 252 Gmuer, Paul, 252 Goggans, Diane, 252 Golden, Emmett, 252 Gree Gree n, Terry, 69 r, Ronnie, 242 Gregory, Mike, 242 Greg Grev Grig Gros Grow ory, Terrie, 136,140,182,192 er, Karl, 232 gs, Victoria, 252 s Dian 232 Grissom, John, 58 a 'ns, Betty, 252 Gucciardo, Larry, 252 Guenther, James, 247 Guest, Michael, 232 H Hackler, Kathy, 223 Halbert, Rosalyn, 137,140,223 Hale, Carolyn, 232 Hale, Gail, 232 Hale y, Curtis, 242 Hall, Gary, 242 Hall, Gary, 252 Hall, James, 252 Hall, Jay, 252 Hall, Mel, 253 Hall, Michael, 242 Hall, Milton, 232 Hall, Patricia, 253 Hall, Robye, 223 Halliday, Robert, 242 Hamilton, Charles, 253 Hamilton, Meredith, 253 Hamilton, Wesley, 253 Hammond, Dennis, 232 Hammond, Peggy, 253 Hampton, Harold, 242 Hampton, Irma, 253 Handy, Delores, 67,223 Hankins, Broderick, 253 Harder, Richard, 242 Hardin, Richard, 253 Hardison, James, 242 Hardison, Terry, 242 Hardwick, John, 67,233 Hardy, Jesse, 242 Harmon, Steven, 242 Harper, Paige, 223 Harrell, Lewis, 223 Harris, Fred, 242 Harris, James, 253 Harris, Jerry, 252 Harris, Karl, 253 Harrison, Randall, 242 Harry, Michael, 253 Hart Donna, 253 Hart Jane, 155,253 Hart Jeffrey, 223 Han, Mary, 233 Hartzell, Michael, 233 Harvey, Dondra, 253 Harvey, Joe, 242 Harvey, Phillip, 242 Hasselt, Brenda, 224 Hastings, Dolly, 77,133 Hastings, Pamelan, 242 Hatchett, Elsie, 253 Hawley, Sandra, 242 Hayes, Bernetta, 233 Haynes, Steve, 242 Haynie, David, 253 Heard, Betty, 224 Hearn, Danna, 67,136,140,224 Herbert, Walter, 224 Hefley, Kenneth, 242 Hefner, Ronny, 253 Hemphill, Thomas, 233 Henbest, Jerry, 224 Henderson, Carolyn, 253 Henderson, Jauan, 242 Henderson, Dennis, 253 Hendricks, Nicholas, 233 Hendricks, Kathy, 224. Henry, Jacquelyn, 253 Henry, Nancy, 253 Henson, Arvee, 253 Henson, Sheila, 242 Henson, Vieki, 253 Herndon, Kennesh, 233 Hervey, Beth, 242 Hess, John, 253 Hetterick, Tony, 253 Hickey, Elizabeth, 253 Hicks, James, 242 Hicks, Michael, 242 Higginbotham, Jerry, 224 Hill, Barbara, 253 Hill, Billy, 242 Hill, Deborah, 253 Hill, Jean, 224 Hill, Judith, 224 Hill, Sandra, 224 Hinson, Debra, 253 Hinson, Lenora, 224 Hockensmith, Kaye, 233 Hockensmith, David, 233 Hodges, Barbara, 242 Hodges, James, 242 Hodges, Julie, 224 Hoffman, Thomas, 253 Hogan, Gary, 253 Holbrook, Homer, 253 Holder, Phillip, 233 Holland, Jerry, 242 Holland, Reb ecca , 242 Hollinger, Willie, 233 Holloway, Bettye, 253 Holmes, Byron, 233 Holmes, Mary, 233 Hood, Sheila, 233 Hood, Theodore, 253 Hopkins, Sharon, 67,623,224 Hornbuckle, Lily, 253 Hornby, Kimberly, 224. Horness, Carol, 253 Horton, James, 242 Horto-n, Oscar, 253 House, Barbara, 253 House, Luther, 242 Howard, Phyllis, 253 Howell, Peggy, 242 Hoyt, Charles, 242 Hubbs, Clifford, 224 Hubener, David, 70 Hudgens, Gerald, 233 Hudleson, Robert, 253 Hudspeth, Sharon, 253 Huffman, Mary, 242 Hughes, Pat, 233 Hughes, Robert, 242 Hughes, Ronnie, 233 Hum, Vickey, 243 Humphrey, Michael, 253 Humphries, Carol, 253 Hunter, Ro-siland, 243 Huntsman, Roger, 233 Hutcheson, Michael, 224 Hutchinson, Eric, 253 Hymel, Kenneth, 253 Ingram, Lillie, 253 Ivy, Nancy, 224 J Jacks, Glynda, 233 Jacks, Paul, 253 Jackson, Allen, 243 Jackson, Cynthia, 253 Jackson, Donald, 253 Jackson, John, 233 Jackson, Judy, 254 Jackson, Mary, 243 Jacob, Elaine, 243 Jacoway, J an, 254 Jacoway, J o, 254 Jacuzzi, James, 254 James, Danny, 233 J anske, Peggy, 224 Jarrett, Charles, 243 J effers, David, 243 Jenkins, Steven, 243 Jennings, Carol, 243 Jennings, Gary, 243 Jernigan, Sandra, 233 Jester, Mary, 243 Jewell, Kathleen, 254 Johnson, Donald, 233 Johnson, Gay, 254 Johnson, Ginger, 254 Johnson, Nathan, 254 Johnson, Richard, 224 Johnson, Ruth, 243 Johnson, Sandra, 254 Johnston, William, 224 Jones, Freddie, 243 J ones Frederick, 254 Jones Gary, 224 Jones Jay, 71 Jones, James, 233 Jones Linda, 254 J ones Michael, 224 Jones Pamela, 243 Jones, Rhonda, 254 Jones Royce, 224 JOIICS Sandra, 254 Jones, Teresa, 61,254 Jones, William, 254 Jordan, Gladys, 254 J uaire, Linda, 68,224 Jurgerson, David, 254 K Kaczka, Michael, 69,137,140,163,225 Kaufman, David, 137,141 Keen, George, 254 Keener, Jackie, 254 Kehoe, Martha, 243 Kellar, Stanley, 243 Kelley, Clifton, 254 Kelley, Teresa, 254 Kelley, Thomas, 233 Kelly, Cornelia, 225 Kemp, Gussie, 243 Kempf, Linda, 254 Kendrick, J one, 225 Kennedy, Jimmy, 254 Kennemur, James, 254 Kenney, Michael, 225 Kerner, Rickie, 243 Kerr, Ronald, 243 Kersey, John, 243 Keveryn, Janet, 173,189,193 King, Joel, 254 Kingrey, Pamela, 254 Kirby, Georgia, 243 Kirkes, William, 254 Kirtley, Sue, 254 Klugh, Carole, 233 Knight, Donna, 225 Knight, Brig, 243 Knight, Rebecca, 233 Kolb, Dennis, 243 Koon, Stephen, 233 Kraus, Jackie, 254 Kready, Baron, 243 Kreikemeier, Lu, 233 Kreimeyer, Robert, 140,225 Krisell, Ronald, 254 Kuykendall, Paula, 243 L Lacefield, Pamela, 225 Lafton, Tena, 243 Lamb, Donald, 254 Land, Susan, 254 Landreth, Roy, 254 Lavender, Phillis, 136,139,140,158 Lawrence, Donald, 233 Lazenby, Carolyn, 225 Leamons, Robert, 254 Lee, David, 233 Lee, Kathi, 254 Lee, Margaret M., 225 Lemaster, Rebecca C., 225 Lemke, Walter J ., 254 Lemons, Lee, 225 Leverett, Beth, 233 Leveritt, Alan, 254 Levy, Larry, 254 Lewis, Corinne, 254 Lewis, Cynthia, 243 Lewis, Ronald, 233 Lewis, Sylvia, 233 Lewis, Veronica, 225 Lewis, William, 254 Lienhart, Joseph, 138,233 Lilly, Sammy D. 243 Linder, Stephen, 254 Lindsey, Betty, 77,254 Lindsey, Nancy, 254 Linsley, Wanda, 225 Little, Arnold, 254 Littlefield, Patsy, 234 Livingston, Benjamin, 254 Llewellyn, Raymond, 234 Lody, Wesley, 243 Loftis, Benny, 243 Lofton, Treva, 254 Long, Rodney, 234 Lord, Carol, 234 Love, Patricia, 254 Lovett, Paul, 260 Lowe, Sherry, 234 Lowry, Butch, 244 Lucas, Steven, 254 Lunsford, Don, 254 Lyle, Greg, 72 Lyle, Nancy, 76 M Madar, Michael, 254 Mainthia, Jai, 68,225 Mallory, George, 225 Malone, Mary, 244 Maples, Joan, 244 Marak, Janet, 254 Marks, Charlotte, 254 Marks, Frances, 244 Marks, Susan, 244 Martin, Deborah, 255 Martin, Ann, 255 Martin, Harriet, 244 Martin, Jacqueline, 137,226 Martin, Marylou, 136,138,140,226 Martin, Robert, 255 Martin, William, 226 Martindale, Nancy, 234 Mashhurn, Alowee, 140,226 Mashburn, Eddie, 56 Mashburn, Susan, 140,226 - Mason, Billy, 255 Mason, Alda, 255 Massanelli, Becky, 244 Massey, Renee, 234 Masterson, Barbara, 255 Mathis, Billy, 234 Mathis, Russell, 234 Maultrie, Antoinette, 234 Maxwell, David, 234 May, Gary, 234 Mayfield, Jerry, 59,255 McAleb, John,,226 McAuley, John, 226 McBride, Vvayne, 61,234 McCain, Linda, 226 McCarroll, Michael, 72,75,234,237 McCarthy, Kathleen, 234 McChristian, Beverly, 234 McClain, Carolyn, 255 McClain, Daren, 234 McCool, Melanie, 234 McCord, Mildred, 244 McCormick, Singleton, 244 McCoy, Guy, 227 McCoy, Vicki, 68,244 McCrary, Raikes, 227 McCulla1', Joe, 244 McDade, Linda, 227 McDonald, Nancy, 76,77,244 McEntire, Harriett, 244 McFarlin, Peggy, 255 McGee, Lyla, 234 McGowan, Ellen, 234 McHughes, Audrey, 244 McHughes, Patricia, 255 Mcllroy, Nancy, 244 Mclntire, Lawrence, 260 McKamie, James, 234 McKewen, Nancy, 256 McKimmey, Vicki, 244 McKinney, Larry, 234 McLemore, Janet, 136,230 McMahan, John, 244 McMath, James, 234 McMurry, Larry, 256 McNabb, Michael, 256 McNeese, Mark, 256 McNeill, Carol, 256 McPh erso n, Joel, 256 McWilliams, Alan, 227 Meeder, Peggy, 225 Meeks, Mary, 225 Mehlin, Phil, 81,94 Melton, Earline, 76 Melton, Mary, 255 Meux, Larry, 255 Michalesko, Kathy, 255 Michell, Suzanne, 244 Middleton, Mike, 71,141 Middleton, Richard, 234 Milam, James, 244 Miles, John, 255 Miles, Martha, 244 Miles, Ronnie, 244 Miles, William, 67,234 Miller, Jacqueline, 58,244 Miller, John, 244 Miller, John F., 255 Miller, Monty, 255 Miller, Rama, 255 Miller, Susan, 255 Milligan, Peggy, 149,255 Mills, Deborah R., 244 Mills, Dennis, 226 Mills, Marsha, 244 Minicozzi, Tony, 58 Minick, Phyllis, 255 Minor, Alan, 255 Mitchell, Chick, 255 Moix, Pamela, 255 Moncrief, Gladys, 255 Montogomery, June, 255 Moody, Karen, 244 Moody, William, 255 Moore, Ethel, 255 Moore, James, 255 Moorehead, Tanna, 226 Moran, Myra, 244 Morehart, Linda, 53,226,240 Morehart, Ronald, 244 Morgan, Cynthia, 234 Morgan, Larry, 255 Morgan, Raymond, 244 Morris, Estella, 244 Morris, Patrick, 245 Morris, Walter, 234 Morrison, Cherye, 53 Morteza, Jarahha, 234 Morton, Lacey, 94 Moses, Harold, 234 Motley, Carol, 255 Mourot, William, 245 Mowery, Joyce, 245 Muench, Betty, 226 Munns, Patricia, 72 Murphy, Katherine, 255 Murphy, Ralph, 140,226 Murry, Raymond, 76 Murray, Tom, 226 Musick, Stanley, 69,2311- Myhand, Clark, 255 Myklebust, Mary, 255 Myklebust, Clark, 255 N Nam, ln Hd, 227 Neal, Nealia, 245 Nelson, Glenda, 67,227 Nelson, Ann, 256 Nichols, Ronnie, 245 Nickells, Susan, 234 Nikpour, Amir F., 77 Norrell, John, 72,162,227 Norris, Jeanne, 227 North, Kearh, 227 Northcutt, Herrn, 245 Norton, Ann, 72,76,227 Norton, Earl, 72 Norwood, Gwendolyn, 234 Norwood, Larry, 245 Noto, Paula, 245 Nutt, David, 245 Nutt, Harriet, 136,234 Nutt, Sandy, 67,234 Nycum, Michael, 256 0 Oakley, Tommy, 256 O'Dell, Reyda, 139,140,227 Olberts, Sharon, 256 O'Neal, Francis, 245 Osam, Teresa, 234 Osment, Charles, 235 Oury, Mike, 227 Oury, Robert, 133,245 Owen, Catherine, 151,136,139 160 Owen, Pamela, 73,256 Owens, Kenny, 256 Owens, Sherman, 256 Owings, Richard, 70,245 P Pack, David, 71 Pain, Judy, 245 Pankin, Gary, 140 Parham, Susan, 256 Parish, Gary, 245 Parker, David, 256 Parker, Rusty, 235 Parker, Tommie, 256 Parrish, David, 71,73,235 Parson, Maryjane, 140 Pasierb, Joseph, 227 Passen, Elizabeth, 235 Pate, Jimmy, 235 Pate, Marcia, 235 Patton, Rosalie, 140,227 Paty, Patricia, 256 Payne, Donna, 256 Pearce, James, 256 Pearce, Patrick, 256 Peavey, Robert, 256 Peek, Edward, 256 Pence, David, 245 Pennington, Betty, 73 Pennington, Maelyn, 256 Penny, Douglas, 256 Perry, Phillip, 235 Persand, Raj, 245 Peters, Laura, 256 Pfeifer, Rita, 245 Phelps, Ronald, 256 Phillips, Beverly, 235 Phillips, Claudia, 141,235 Phipps, .lohn, 67 Pierce, James, 256 Pierce, Randall, 235 Pillert, Lee, 256 Pine, Lamar, 260 Pinner, Michael, 256 Pittman, Jerry, 256 Pitts, George, 256 Plummer, Robert, 256 Pope, Thomas, 256 Popp, Aleza, 256 Porter, Cathryn, 235 Prado, Elizabeth, 260 Price, Larry, 245 Prickett, Pamela, 256 Pride, Monty, 257 Prince, 139,227 Pruitt, John, 257 Puckett, Carmen, 138,260 Puckett, Larry, 228 Purcell, David, 257 Purtle, Larry, 245 R Rackley, Chip, 245 Raines, lohn, 257 Rambo, Earnest, 257 Raney, Gus, 245 Raney, Vickie, 257 Rankin, Gary, 228 Rasco, Judith, 245 Ratliff, Henry, 245 Ray, Ruth, 257 Reaves, Charles Rector, Janie, 257 Rector, Marilyn, 257 Red, .loe, 257 Redd, Mike, 76,245 Redd, Diana, 235 Reddick, Brenda, 245 Redix, Phyllis, 257 Redd, Susan, 245 Reeves, Roger, 235 Reinhardt, Mery, 141,228 Renshaw, Day, 235 Rezac, Norma, 235 Rice, Ann, 72,76,77 Rice, Charles, 235 Richards, Tim, 73 Richardson, Ann, 245 Richardson, Linda, 245 Richter, Russell, 257 Ricks, Linda, 257 Riegler, Mary Jane, 228 Riegler, Mary, 137 Ring, Bobby, 245 Ringgold, Stephen, 257 Rieeer, Stan, 55,228 Rivenbark, Glover, 257 Roach, Dennis, 68 Roachell, Richard, 235 Roberson, Jan, 76,257 Roberts, Cherise, 257 Roberts, Jim, 76 Reirnine, Jirn, 95 Roberts, Timothy, 235 Roberts, William, 228 Robertson, Roger, 235 Robinson, Answorth, 58,61,235 Robinson Henry, 61,235 Robinson, Nancy, 245 Robinson, Rex, 235 Robinson, Rita, 76,228 Robinson, Sandra, 245 Robinson, Thomas, 257 Robinson, Tina, 245 Roehrenbeck, William, 245 Rogers, Patsy, 257 Rollins, Bertha, 257 Rosenfeld, Deborah, 235 Rothstein, Richard, 257 Rowan, Helen, 245 Rozzell, Susan, 245 Runnells, Roderick, 235 Ruple, Mary, 245 Rush, Donald, 245 Russ, Charliss, 257 Russell, Jeanne, 245 Russell, lim, 67,228 Russell, Terry, 257 Russo, Mary Ann, 228 S Sample, Linda, 257 Sampson, Donald, 245 Sanders, Kay, 189 Sanders, Margaret, 157 Sanders, Michael, 245 Sangey, Gene, 245 Sawrie, Martha, 136,138 Scales, Claudette, 235 Scales, Lynda, 257 Scales, Webber, 257 Schafer, Melba, 245 Schmidt, Sharon, 235 Schubert, Eric, 67 Scott, Robert, 61, 245 Scott, Thomas, 245 Sebring, Jimmy, 246 Seibold, Michael, 246 Selig, J ohn, 160,228 Sellars, Diane, 246 Sessions, Larry, 246 Sevier, William, 257 Shannon, Debra, 140 Sharkey, James, 373 Shaw, Charles, 236 Shaw, Larry, 257 Shaw, Michael, 236 Sheffield, Ronald, 236 Shinalt, Holly, 236 Shiras, Viriginxia, 260 Shivers, Robert, 141 Shofner, Steven, 141 Shoptaw, Joy, 236 Shorter, Jo, 257 Shotts, Mike, 61 Shoup, Michael, 257 Shubert, Kathryn, 136,228 Siever, Cathy, 236 Sigman, John, 228 Silmon, Wayne, 69,140,221,228 Simmons, Linda, 236 Simmons, Pamela, 228 Simpson, Jan, 257 Simpson, William, 228 Simpson, William R., 137,138,236 Sisk, Robert, 246 Slaughter, Patrick, 257 Slaughter, Sister, 257 Spann, Paul, 257 Sparks, Jerry, 221 Spencer, Stephen, 236 Spotwood, Dorothy, 257 Spragins, James, 246 Springer, Doris, 257 Springhorn, Jackie, 257 Sproles, Tommy, 72,246 Spurgers, James, 76,246 St. Clair, Bobbie, 257 St. Clair, Charles, 257 Stanley, Patricia, 257 Stanley, William, 67,236 Stansbery, Martine, 246 Starks, George, 72,257 Stephens, Curtis, 257 Stephenson, Artie, 257 Stevens Patty,-258 Stewart Charles, 236 Stewart, Deborah, 76,258 Stewart Mathew, 236 Stidham, Vernon, 228 Stobaugh, Donald, 236 Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith Smith Baron, 257 Betty Jane, 236 Cynthia, 246 Harold, 137 Linda, 228 Michael, 257 Miller, 236 Smith Panela, 61,257 Smith Patricia, 246 Smith, Randel, 246 Smith, Roy, 246 Smith Stella, 72 Smith Sybil, 137,140,228 Smith Wanda, 61 Smith, Wilder, 257 Smithson, Tresa, 257 Sontag, Harvey, 257 Stone, Barbara, 228 Stone, Douglas, 258 Stone, Ronald, 258 Stone, Stephen, 228 Storey, Elizabeth, 246 Strain, Raebelle, 258 Stratton, Marcia, 236 Straw, Joe, 58,246 Stricklin, William, 228 Stroman, Brock, 258 Stroup, Dianna, 260 Styles, Joseph, 246 Sugg, Don, 246 Sugg, Rita, 138 Suggs, Gary, 55 Suksiri, Nonsonti, 258 Sullivan, Lexie, 72,76,136,14.o,22a Sullivan, Michael, 137,140 Sullivan, Timothy, 72 Summers, Carlos, 72,74 Summerville, Gregory, 258 Surratt, Joyce, 258 Sutton, Patrick, 258 Swann, Stephanie, 153 Swaty, John, 236 Swearingen, David, 236 Swindoll, Janes, 246 Swinney, Glenda, 258 Sybert, Randy, 68 Sykes, Charoltte, 236 T Tackett, Tickey, 258 Taggart, Frank, 258 Taillac, Wy riri e, 246 Talbot, John, 246 Ti triri er, Richard, 21-6 Tarbell, John, 258 Tatoian, Martin, 246 Tatum, Wanda, 258 Taylor, Carolyn, 61,258 Taylor, David, 236 Taylor, Ray, 258 Taylor, Ronnie, 246 Teague, Randy, 246 Teaney, Gary, 258 Tebbetts, John, 140 Tebbetts, Priscilla, 236 Temple, Pamela, 258 Terrill, Daphne, 228 Thomas, Peggy, 72,73,236 Thomas, Sharon, 246 Thompson, Charles, 246 Thompson, Cheryl, 236 Thompson, Gary, 258 Thompson 7 Jeanne, 258 Thompson, John, 236 Thompson, Julie, 258 Thompson, Patricia, 241 Thompson, Patricia, 237 Thompson, Peggy, 137,138,140,228 Thompson, Richard, 258 Thompson, Robert, 258 Thompson, Robert L., 237 Thompson , Virginia, 246 Thornton, Robert, 67,237 Thrasher, William, 55,246 Tillery, Cecil, 246 Tillery, Phyliss, 246 Tillery, Donald, 229 Timm, Jonathan, 69,138,237 Tinnell, Kathleen, 258 Tinsley, Rebecca, 237 Tipton, Many, 246 Tomaydo, Andrea, 229 Toombs, Nancy, 246 Townsend, Janice, 72 Townsend, Marshall, 72,73,76,237 Trafford, Kenneth, 237 Treadway, Yvonne, 246 Treece, David, 258 Trent, Strart, 68,137,159,229 Trice, Judy, 237 Trusheim, Joseph, 237 Tuck, Robert, 237 Tucker Becky, 237 Tucker, Carl, 246 Tucker Donald, 258 Tucker, Howard, 258 Tucker, Raymond, 137,160,229 Tucker, Richard, 246 Tullos, Yvonne, 258 Turbow, Ellen, 258 Turnbow, Linda, 246 Turner, Richard, 258 Turner, James, 258 Turner, Sammy, 258 Turner, Tina, 237 Tyer, Danny, 258 Tygart, Phil, 246 Tyra, James, 258 U Uhlig, Robert, 258 Uunderwood, Linda, 189,258 Underwood, Sharryn, 237 Uydea, Cheryl, 138,237 V Vaden, Wendell, 258 Valand, Kent, 258 Van Dyke, Roger, 69,229 Vanackeren, Frederick, 258 Vandever, James, 258 Vandiver, Susan, 259 Vanzandt, Angela, 258 Vaughan, Ida, 229 Vaughan, Sandra, 260 Vaughn, John, 229 Vice, Aubrey, 237 Vick, Carol, 237 Vishkoff, Edward, 237 Vogel, Nancy, 260 Vogler, Stephen, 258 Volpert, Rose, 237 Vories, Yvonne, 246 Voss, Gloria, 237 W Wadley, Joey, 258 Waggoner, Charles, 258 Wakefield, Tommie, 229 Walden, Mary, 246 Walden, William, 258 Walder, Artis, 58,258 Walder, John, 237 Walder, Julie, 140 Walder, Marvin, 229 Wallace, Robin, 258 Wallace, Tony, 229 Waller, Geraldine, 229 Walls, Ed, 246 Walls, Kelvin, 258 Walls, Linda, 237 Wammack, Katherine, 258 Ward, Diane, 237 Ward, James, 258 Ward, John, 237 Ward, Ralph, 69,237 Warford, Eric, 246 Washburn, Karen, 259 Waters, Randy, 259 Watkins, Vickie, 259 Watson, Billie, 259 Watson, Nadine, 259 Weatherford, Glenda, 259 Weaver, Charles, 237 Webb, Mary, 259 Webb, Harry, 57 Webb, Tonya, 86,229 Weedman, Jane, 259 Wehunt, Joe, 259 Welcher, Jean, 237 Wells, Daryl, 246 Wells, James, 229 West, Michael, 237 Westbrook, Rudy, 246 White, Deborah, 237 White, Kennth, 259 White, Londell, 58,69 White, Meeks, 259 White, Stephen, 237 Whitfield, Budy, 76 Whitman, Patricia, 237 Whitten, Linda, 237 Wiginton, Joe, 246 Yvilfong, Delmar, 259 Wilkins, Jennie, 246 Williams Clarice, 246 Williams Doris, 238 WilliamS, Janice, 259 Williams Joyce, 246 Williams, Liz, 259 Williams, Margaret, 136, Williams, Williams Williams Marion, 259 Mary, 246 Montford, 259 Williams Patricia, 246 Williams, Paul, 238 Williams, Ralph, 238 Williams Robert, 238 Williams Sandra, 259 Wfilliamson, Rita, 246 Willis, Gloria, 238 Willis, Gloria J., 238 2 Willis, Jewel, 259 Willis, Steven, 246 Wilson, Fluffy, 259 Wilson, James, 229 Wilson, Lavona, 58 Wilson, Margaret, 238 Wilson, Ray, 238 Windhan, Susan, 237 Wingfield, Bruce, 259 Wingfield, David, 259 Winston, Arthur, 259 Winston, Gregory, 246 Winston, Winston, 237 Wofford, Helen, 259 W offord, Patricia, 259 Wood, Mikel, 259 Woods, James, 238 Wooldridge, Linda, 136,159,230 Vlfooley, Angela, 230 Worley, Miriam, 246 Worthington, Thomas, 69,230 Wright, David, 259 Xvright, Harold, 259 Wright, Judith, 259 Wright, Michael, 246 Wurtz, Rita, 230 Wyatt, George, 238 Wylie, Robert, 238 Wylie, Ronald, 230 Y Yaniger, Johanna, 247 Yarvrough, Denzil, 259 Yeargain, Shari, 71,247 Young, Brenda, 68,238 Young, Carole, 230 Young, James, 259 Young, Mary, 259 Young, Richard, 259 Young, Susan, 259 Young, Virgil, 260 Z Zeiler, Rose, 238 Ziegler, J ack, 68,247 Zornes, Curt, 247 hz HURLEY

Suggestions in the University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) collection:

University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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