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,, v.,...,.,.,.- 2, W- . . ., X T s uw " 'K 4- 5- Of ..:','x w..sf 5'.f",.zffv .43 ,pi ,,,,ig:j .QQ ' :f"Qf"Pf'z 1 w-,gf Q -wa , . fjhqfw Gif- if-1. . kg . -?,Q'1"f. x "5 H -' in A L, wi fs',.Y-'ww -X Y -sz? S"f-t'f"?:,f"i-.. f f' "ii's?25 -ff' E19 W A HLA ' 'JN v . K 'M.-5-53153 ,,':9f'aEc QQ' T, ,'l,"', H.. .,, 4 ' .Nr W .TRIM L ,-Q 5- Y 'gi '- . 4, , ' 4 i" "' sf my Q, 1- ' P X' -.v-HH ,. " Gvgm- F fr my K5 " xi r . N6 , ft'?X'i is-' 5 1 S' ' Q . 5 QV? 43?-"t'L qw 'cgi QE 1 .,-f,'.,x , i M' lftlff W Zfiliff 52? its '?L','U'1 If I ,Q fwiigi Q gf Q ' aw R' If ' sg-fi A QF -H f g rg? A 1 an asa an .M HM , x 4 if Ei A g 931 E1 Q15 ii ini? Hs if f Eg F 1583 D if 9515 SWT: HHH '55 sm3nf'sms P41355 UNM? Q2 new WEE if NE! E555 WW? D153 PW me QM mwaeszfk Qrfgg aqt?f'Ef wiki Gil IQSAESW Einms arf :Mi EE 33? 5 iii if!! W1 whim EH E! IEQHQW H1213 Yhiw ZNQ' .W 1, gqquv-P--"' , . A ii n I EI s n Y- '7'TT ' v Q x 2 1, 5 7 I ,,- A - -wvhmeqaahsipdf' T .O mlN..L . ,f..s1s.,W, R wiv ivan' X' f TABLE OF CONTENTS Events ......................................... ..... ...... 1 6 Organizations ........ Honors . ............ .. Greeks .............. S ports ....,............. Adm inis tration ...... Divisions ............. Classes ................ Advertisements . .... . ......68 .......118 .......142 .......160 .......184 .......224 i x 5 Y J 'Lp Y if K I ,. M 4 nw' ff ' 'E' afgzfl CAO ' UL " O Q A Q 'Q n . f. I' xv, if W Fi E ' , no vb. - Q-W. ' ' I v' f l' w X. .1 ' 'L W X .. n . X ,N M ,ss . ff N I ,I f ' X f 4. p 8 4 A is 1, ' 1" 1 2 if P ' f . W ,Af I ,Q Q ,, l ' Q - ' 1 1 A 5' X A qw 'K' X 'Te I Dil ' 'I W , i V 'Fa f , ae - ' e e, ' V ' , I X T . 5 2 x , as K U a Lf 'xx , '- I ' ' ' - I K K V15 t x- I 6 1 if j ' 'Y f . 5-TL .1 Q V . LL xx 4: 6 , I X 1 47,1 if f. . M ' V, I Q' xx 5 I, xL',.W V K 'l 9 ff n .Q HE - A new year wlth lmpresslve new fac1l1t1es ff .,,., ,... .V 4 Q- - ,xr ,w.,..v+ 'Q-1-v1'1'!'1'!'Vl'T1 viii X I 'ff 1-e-i-W--Qfixfifvmfi XX My Q , 'V'!'N'1-Qi :I-A I 1 w i 11 Tvvvxiif 'ff In SKK , e ' ' "wi:-f n K !"N'y.NA.i in :VV R 'fwsgiwg . i 'Q' d L xx , Xxx X Xxx A blend of the old and new provides tradition and stability with Starting with .... the routine of official association. The beginning of a new year Starting with .... joining the active crowd. ,t ,., Y3 as ,-1,54 - 1 - 1. .AW Ajftei . v 'A TW , 1 ie, e K, M fm e, ., e I Starting with .... making nvw friends. I Agn it , ,, Jr .451 in Nz- 'qi W' Le! ? wO mENTmCATgON F iz? pp.CKP-G . g M tulNDOw..'aTFi' i ,,,.........- W Starting with .... getting the proper labels of identificutitm. Each dawning year brings one certain ritual. Ax S ., f,,ww1 . s,1..fs ,Amie .--13150 N 1 f:,2s,,s -r1f"1- f""'N.x The excitement of an opening night brings many new "actors" together. 'Uh Sorority rush ushers in a new social season Some active campus groups stock the year with interesting speakers and programs. SS ' K X ,,.. A key to a great year is a good start. One of our secretarial science students displays boundless enthusiasm. Q fr will -e ff fit' 'mf stzagfifsg, L ,.,,...,-u-- 4' 'AYO11 too can make your own crash helmet in just l8 weekly steps". i We all start with our set of priorities for the yt-ar. And sotnt-one has to niztkt sure the new Union fztcilitic-s art- ustfd. " A scene from the Panhellenic Workshop demonstrates an organized approach to the year. Three reaclions to a student having 140 hours of credit and no approved degree plan There were times during the year when organization, talent and hard work paid off for all concerned. A year which features a visit by Ralph Nader cannot be drab, dull, apathetic. No way! Another of those whereas documents. The Senate can really turn out those resolutions. A recitation on the subject: why Cal Ledbetter should be unopposed for re-election to the legislature. .,. . H.. ww! w QV If 9 M Q w-'S Q! 'ff ! My . w A " T - 1 Q' R Q X Q.. X wvmy solclivl of ilu' 11cucIc'111in XYZIIS Irucigvs lhf: lust XX'l'2lI'y sic-ps. Q 'FF' THE ,,.m,..-,..Q.., OILET IS ,uve uznyf ming q-q, TN, W...-way, N.,.,.,,....,,,.....--v .4 ...-, K ,,-11 H-1-1-"""' , ff-Mi 1 8 ulut K Two registration officials display the usual high standards of Concentration and dedication to their duties and an abnormally low stztndzird of earn:-ru consciousness. UNO, this is not Becbc xl. C. That school is 34 miles up the freeway. No , we don't oller a single hour in Animal Ilusbandry. No, no ofeanography either. Sorry". I - l ,V is T t f ttli tttt w Q' it .. -xv. :-Z' H wk -fi . ' ,QL . . ' 'WTEK inf' F : KEQESIK -' . I-si' it K N 3 mmLm :.,u , I , t L, XM - 'Q9"!Psem. - . - lr' l"H .,, M, 3-uf I A W I ' wx ,, ' 5 Ile: 'KAc'cording to my timetable, I can only spend l0.'l873 minutes waiting for this instruetor's signature." She: "I tnay not beat the system this year, but my sly grin will confuse a few people." 3,527 Register At UALR For Fall Semester This year's fall registration brought with it a new name for the school-University of Arkansas at Little Rock. It is too bad that the new name did not bring with it a new method of registering. It seems tradition keeps on working, as usual. Maybe fall will see some changes tnade. 'S as Q 5,3155 -2 t Q, :gig i -sf in 'L t - . 4 512355 - r ,, in i s fgfsi "1 Y a Q , - -- m .w - 1 ' ' . ' t e . are 5 y ... be ,ggi yi tffe, sm," - V- . X if-ated. s " .r sy. i 1 WK ti' s s ' Nx' ,i1i'fg1-2-551.5 fm: 3'-: . i X I , ..s. ., + Early t-onfidenee invariably gives way to dis- pair, frustration, self-strangulation, scattered instances of profanity. Requirements for sur- vival are marathon endurance, total self-control and strong back. 20 All right, Elvis, we'll try one more time. Honestly, you must have set the record for fouling up this timew. v t Hllhen the ordeal is finished, some of our friends tnan't believe we let ourselves talked into Ballroom Dancing". N, izgff nf 4 l l w l 4 'wx wh at "' 3: X ff X km ' L Some manage to stay bent over the countless forms, Some break into a bad case of the simples. Casualty NO. 72. ffcgreek to you English to me Any wav you "No, no, this class is really not closing just one human l , . ' ' ' 15 l - - - 1. . , H beln IH from of me .... no . y sllce lt, 1ts chaos . - t - I :f 4 21 Ciilhl' OWCU WHS Pan Of 3 great Chi O s with their looks of determination egg-catching team. Seventh Annual Slgma Nu Relays Won By Chl Omega For the second year in a row Chi Omega won the Sigma Nu Relays. The four sororities competed for a trophy in the con- test sponsored by the fall pledges. The high- light was a surprise event in which the con- testants would put their noses on a baseball bat and turn around ten times. Then they would run back to tag the next contestant. f -, VM M' . f .. f- .,, fi v,, 1 . M f 1 -f PA I,- xf f t 3 ,QM f 1 r! 'V 1 ,,,., W6- MQW V 5 13, zz' , ' .fa V l 1- H- ' L aw , J. L W ,HV w ,nv "MII-" f?3?il,i'A X, L xfgyl-N 1 F. 1,--1 ,V-.,,:.,af?'HZ" 7 J, . Y -51 , ,,4Hi,,3, if A-Q., f J.. wi fwge, n f' ., W 4: vi-'-'Psi' ff 'Q ' A-fvfli-A ,,. SQ gi , 4 i ' if Y I A typical campus beauty at the end of rough day. Sigma Nu plc-dgcs dcscrvt' some sort of I'CC'0gllili0Il for this day. is Chi Omegas sang Ding Dong Merrily on High and "No Room." Mary Jo Marks was songleader. C Chl Cmega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Win Aulsing This year the Aulsing program was al- tered slightly. Instead of singing one secular and one sacred Christmas song, the groups were free to sing any two Christmas songs they pleased. Three music critics from the Little Rock area judged the event. Placing first were Chi Omega and Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. Second place winners were Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Kappa Alpha. X Sig Alphs sang 'AO Clomc O CIUIIIC, IlIlIHLlIlllt'1H and K'I'l1c' Twc-Ive Days oi' CIlll'iSllT12iS.H Ray Tuckc-r was the 1Jlll'lI'idg't' in ilu- pcm' II't't'. Kappa Sigs had ll well-lil Iron- in thc' 101111 of HZllslLX' Webb. , m.,....i, ,,,.W-,,i. ,,,,, A W-Mmm- X N. ,.,......., The design doesn't appear too functional. Any connection, however tenuous, with the general theme makes it A-O. K. Pi Kappa Alpha changed the agenda in its second annual Toilet Bowl. In addition to a parade of floats made by the sororities, the sororities played the football game. Two semi-final games were held and the winners played each other. The winners of the final game had the privilege of having its candi- date named queen. This was followed by a pledge-member game. A sure winner in the Toilet Bowl Parade com- petition. This picture was submitted to the Ford Advertising Department. Haven,t received a reply yet. straws ag ,l I The victorious Kappas run the Green Bay sweep. Hold on lo that "hot potato". PiKA Toilet Bowl Won By Kappa Kappa Gamma The pigskin and stripe-shined official are the ONLY keys to this maelstrom. Several examples of good "form", though, Tri Dells. Members of Lhe east zllternzru-ly express anuize- ment and envy as heroine Eliza returns lo lu-1 neighborhood as 21 high-fashion lady. Mike Mcflzirroll as Professor Higgins and Kerry Kennedy as Eliza meet for the lirsl time in from of the large cizisl. "My Fair Lady" combined talent from the Drama and Music Departments This fall the Drama Depart- ment tried something new-a musi- cal, "My Fair Lady." It was the best production ever put on. The department went all out for this one and it was a great effort. The whole east especially Mike MeCarroll and Kerry Kennedy, performed magnifi- Cently. Kealh North as Colonel Pickering' joins llic l nd s it n 1 ll out of a flower sales girl of the slums-begins to dutlop rr:r,,,, , 2 4 wwf - , - v - - A - Q Jhm- pro vcl. Ihm- DCC12ll'2lll0Il ol Illclepcllclcncc was on c-xlubu 111 811068 t I J Pi Phi pledges halve thc'i1'zm11uz1l lhclib1'z11'y. 4 Q 5 H A 3 s . I 'K S E .v""'N Yr :WL - 1 xi. Special events round out the school year Mary Howell learns about voting procedures at UALR. l 4 1 l 1 Exchange students gave a program to acquaint us with their culture. Captain Freeze at the Freshman lee breaker. 'X Black Students hold Black Emphasis Week Tit Contestants Catherine Eckford and Doris Stallcup wait for contest to start. The Black United Students at UALR held the first Black Emphasis Week on campus. The keynote speaker during the week was Bob Broadwater, a community leader of the Black United Youth. He spoke of a need for unity of and de- culturization by Afro-Americans if com- plete freedom shall ever realistically be achieved. Talent and fashion shows were pre- sented during the week with themes en- compassingg black exhuberance, black pride and black faith. An art exhibition in the Student Union included paintings, sculptures and musical instruments, all representing some aspect of African cul- ture. Black Emphasis Week ended with a two-fold event which included the "Ele- gance in Ebony Pageant", and a follow- ing "slave dance". Bernetta Hayes, a sophomore at UALR and Joyce Harris of Philander Smith shared the throne as "Miss Black College Life". Bernetta Hayes and Joyce Harris shared the title of "Miss Black College Life." QT! Bernetta Hay es rccelx es con gratulduons .after WIDIHHQ t1tle Students spent rnany hours preparing for Black Emphasis Week. t a I K Honors 19 0 " s :.x: .X sh.. ..,. , .,.,,.. Kay LaCaze and Jonathan Timm display the Storthz Plaque and G. J. Francis Plaque awarded to them at Activities Awards As- sembly on the basis of scholarship, service and leadership. Rosalie Cheatham receives from Frank Whitbeck the Alpha Kappa Psi Edward L. Whitbeck Award. She also received the Chamber of Commerce Award for the highest ranking senior and is UALR's first Wood- row Wilson Fellowship winner. Steve Mourning and Howard Moore, Pi Kappa Alpha alumni advisor, hold the I.F.C. Scholarship Trophy won by PiKA. Commencement E As Commencement is about to begin Senior David Wilmot-Freedman makes some last minute adj ustments. An historic event-the first unified Connncncement for the divisions of the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. e ii fi .ff xx? L 50 50 PACKAGE W INDO I Mow ENUFICATEGN TE L5 PLA! DECA STRIPE W R eff' G00 ff Weekly meetings are held to co ordinate activities of the Senate Student Senate has good year The legislative body of student gov- ernment, the Senate, is headed by a president and vice-president elected by the student body. Each class se- lects a president and men's and women's senator. The secretary and treasurer are appointed by the Sen- ate president. The duties of the Sen- ate are to establish rules and regu- lations governing student organizations, promote the interest of the students of UALR and sponsor various social activities. Senate projects included freshmen orientation, all-school dances and sponsorship of Homecoming and the Miss UALR Pageant. Student Body President Jim OHara 'QF XA 1 W Len Griffin was Vic'c-Prclsidcm of the Scnzilc Donna Abraham was Secretary of the Senate. Ray Weber talks it over with Dr. Wilson. Alpha Kappa Psi: Front Row: joseph Tornboli Qpresidentyg Warren Jones fvice-presidentjg jerry B. Wilson fsecretaryj james -I. Burley ttreasurerpg William C. Hollis fchaplainyg jonathan Tirnm, Dale Walker, joe Nunn II, Second Row: Michael Kaczka, james W. Brown, David O. Henry, Dan T. McDonald, Robert J. Richardson, Larry Haskins, Robert Bunchg Third Row: joe Binz, Dr. James Butler fsponsorjg Troy D. Clrurclrrnan, Stephen L. Curnnock, George Foster, Terry Green, Alvin McMullin, Mr. james H. Kidd, Fourth Row: Mr. Ernest White, Raymond Weber, James Hill, Roy Smith, Morris Williams, Wayne Silrnon, Dan Boswell, Back Row: David Duncan, Royce Bolding, Dr. Lloyd Bowie, Mr. B. A. Hardy, Richard Slrull, Thomas Griffin, Roger Van Dyke, john Barnett. lpha Kappa Psi membership grows Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest business fraternity in the nation, aims to- ward giving members experience in business that will aid them in their ca- reers. The Epsilon Psi chapter at UALR is concerned with scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance. Each year the local chapter sponsors its annual "Career Day" at which time prominent businessmen in the community discuss the fields of marketing, management, finance and ac- counting arrd stress career opportunities in Arkansas. A special event held by the organization this year was the Alpha Kappa Psi Christmas party. The fraternity also operates the used book exchange each semester. The Alpha Kappa Psi annual scholarship was created this year. Each year the organization will award a 35200 scholarship to the outstanding senior mem- ber ing the field of business. The criteria is based on need and scholastic record. This year the Alpha Kappa Psi Little Rock Alumni Scholarship was awarded to Mike Kaczka for academic achievement and service to the fraternity. Alpha Kappa Psi sponsors are Dr. Lloyd Bowie, Mr. Ben Hardy, and Dr. james Butler. President of the fraternity is joseph E. Tombolig vice-president is Warren C. jones, secretary is Jerry B. W'ilson, and treasurer' is james xl. Burley. SNEA: Front Row: Opal Russell Csecretarypg Laquita Reed, Mary Wingfield, Carol Gent, Dr. tadvisorjg Middle Row: Aileen Bishop, Judith Hill, Julie Walker, Beverly Bone, Back Row: Donna Schreffler tvice-presidentlg Melissa McKay tpresidentpg Lenora Hinson, janet Pate, S.N.E.A. composed A.C.E. Works for 0f future teachers elementary age children The Student National Education As- sociation develops an interest in teaching as a profession. It provides an opportunity to obtain a higher level of preparation by participation in professional activities offered to students on the local, state and national levels. Guest speakers, panels and films are part of the meetings of the club. The annual student teachers tea, in May to honor the student teachers and their cooperating teachers, is the special event of the year. The organi- zation is sponsored by Dr. Rose Berry. Mellisa McKay is President, Donna Sch- reffler, Vice-President, and Opal Russell, Secretary. ACE: Front Row: Opal Russell, Loquita Reed tpre Berry Cadvisorbg Middle Row: Judith Hill, ju sidentpg Rose Berry Pat LaMar, Bill Doyle. The Association for Childhood Ed- ucation is an international organization for elementary education majors. It is concerned with the development of children up to I2 years of age. The purposes of the organization are to pro- mote desirable conditions, programs and practices in the elementary schools, to raise the standard of preparation and academic growth of teachers and other educational leaders, to bring into active cooperation all groups concerned with children in the home and community, and to inform the public of the needs of children and how the school program must be adjusted to fit these needs. Mary Wingfield, Donna Schreffler, Dr. Rose lie Walker, ,Ianet Pate, Back Row: Melissa McKay, Aileen Bishop, Patricia LaMar, Lenora Hinson, Bill Doyle. 9110 ti' 'km ,P 1222 Pi Delta Phi: Front Row: Marylou Martin, Mary Collier, Mary Ann Meers, Back Row: Miss Lucille Colaianni Csponsorjg Mrs. Maryavis Parson fsponsorjg Rosalie Cheatham Qpresidentj. Pi Delta Phi national Sigma Delta Pi national honor French fraternity honor Spanish fraternity In its second year on the UALR campus, Epsilon Phi Chapter of Pi Delta Phi, national honorary French fraternity, stim- ulates American appreciation of the customs and contributions of France and its people to world culture. Along with Sigma Delta Pi, the members sponsored the UALR Language Fair. President is Rosalie Cheatham, vice-president is Mary Ann Meers, and secretary-treasurer is Marylou Martin. Sponsors are Mrs. Maryavis Parson and Miss Lucille Colaianni. Sigma Delta Pi: Zeta Sigma chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, national honorary Spanish fraternity, honors those who seek excellence in the study of Spanish language, literature and culture. Sponsored jointly with Pi Delta Phi, the Language Fair was held to stimulate interest in foreign languages. Local high school students were in- vited to perform skits and dialogues in French and Spanish based on their reg- ular class work. Officers are Rosalie Cheatham, president and Larry Prince, secretary treasurer. The chapter is spon- sored by Mrs. Maryavis Parson and Miss Lucille Colaianni. Front Row: Rosalie Cheatham fpresidentjg Larry Prince Qsecretary-treasurerjg Mark Gross, Back Row Miss Lucille Colaianni, Mrs. Maryavis Parson, Mrs. Betty Newbern. WMO ?f4i3if.t aw 5 J 1 ' . . f.-.. ' ' 'E ..... f., ttf? . .T fi. , 5 . T By ' z " 1? ., li 5 . i. ig .-,.ww? l ff? .ffrviirwf W9 L'Alliance Francaise: Front Row: Rosalie Cheatham, Mary Ann Meers, Mary Collier, Miss Lucille Colaianni fsponsorjg Back Row: Marylou Martin, John Swaty Cvice-presidentjg Alma jean Fuller lpresidenty Larry Prince. L' Alliance Francaise La Sociedad Espanola interested in French encourages Spanish L'Alliance Francaise strives to pro- mote interest in the French language, culture and customs among students. The members meet in the French lab on Mondays twice a month for "Table Francaise" in which they eat lunch and discuss topics of interest in French. The purpose of the 'fTable Francaise" is to increase fluency in French. Alma jean Davis is president of the club, John Swaty is vice-president, and Miss Lucille Colaianni is the sponsor. La Sociedad E spanola La Sociedad Espanola promotes in- terest among students enrolled in Spanish classes in the Spanish culture, and pro- vides opportunities for forming friend- ships with Spanish speaking residents of Little Rock. A special event of the year was Christmas Caroling for Spanish families of Little Rock, followed by a dinner. The president is Larry Prince and the vice-president is Melissa McKay. Mrs. Maryavis Parsons sponsors the organization. Front Row: Julie Walker tvice-presidentlg Larry Prince Cpresidentjg Katherine Baker, Carolyn Frazier, Rosalie Cheathamg Back Row: Robert Smith, john Phipps, Mrs. Maryavis Parson tsponsorbg Melissa McKay lsecreuiryj. 6 s il 5' fax VT li il E 5 'Q . t 2 --x K ff as f 'N Q . 5 Us - 4 L W. - :fy X Yi f K fr 5,1 ' A ' S . ,ff kf-f Newman Club Front Row: Mary Jo Marks Qpresidentjg Mary Howell, Becky Massanelli, Jerri Farmer, Taffy Hain fvice presidentjg Back Row: Nash Pringle, Peggy Howell, Missy Worley, Susan Switzer, Herschell Parent. Newman Club Wesley Foundation The Newman Club is an organization The Wesley Foundation is the Metho- consisting of the Catholic students en- dist Church serving the college campus. rolled in over 500 secular colleges and The Wesley Foundation is a place for universities across the United States. The students to study, relax, meet friends, play club was organized by Cardinal Newman games, worship and have fellowship. Lo- for the purpose of helping Catholic stu- cated near the campus, the modern build- dents to become aware of their religious ing is open for students to spend their and civic responsibilities as educated citi- leisure hours between classes. Mr. James zens. The club is led by Mary Jo Marks, R. Sewell is the campus minister. The president and Taffy Hain, vice-president. Foundation's president is Matt Sego, vice- president is Billy Garner and secretary is Jeanie jones. Wesley Foundation: Front Row: Matt Sego fpresidentjg Jeanie jones fsecretaryyg Billy Garner fvice-presidentjg Back Row: Bob Scott, Terry Bray, james R. Sewell Ccampus ministerjg Eddie Black. ' V t .. M,nn:luW,1..n, 139' Jw B. S. U. Front How: Carolyn Benton, Glynda jacks, Donna Dunn, lillen Gigglernan, Debi Bowmang Back How: Mickey Anders tpresidentj, -less Dickinson, james Smalley fclirectorj Kathy Sliubcrt. Baptist Student Union Youth for Truth The Baptist Student Union provides Youth for Truth is a religious organi- a fellowship for Christians on the UALR zation serving the UALR campus. Among C3fI1pLlS helping YCIHIC Ch1'iSli21DiIY KO 2111 the activities the organization participated oi life- Gieat Deeisioiis, an effort bY the in this year was a hospital visitation pro- stufieiit to become better Citizens through gram at the University of Arkansas Medi- being better informed, was sponsored by B. S. U. this year. These Discussions were held various Wednesday afternoons in the new student union TV lounge. President is Mickey Anders and the director is Mr. James Smaley. cal Center. The organization is led by Ricky Bittle, president, Ted Parkhurst, vice-president and Karen Dillon, secretary- treasurer. Mr. R. A. Cromwell is the sponsor. Youth for Truth Front Row: Janice Bunch, Karen Dillong Back How: R. A. Cromwell Cfaculty sponsorlg Ralph Milhol- land, Ricky Bitlle tpresidenty. - is ,s 135 2 so , sk e 'I as : I E f q i Hood and Tassal: Front Row: Rosalie Cheatham, Jeanie jones, Back Row: Gay Bard, Donna Abraham, Vicki Hufsmith. Hood and Tassel stresses Outstanding men chosen high scholarship standards for Katalia membership Hood and Tassel is an honorary scholastic organization for upperclass women. To be eligible for membership a stu- dent must be in the upper 35 per cent of her class, have completed at least 78 semes- ter hours and hold membership in at least three other campus organizations. Mem- bers are tapped at the Awards Assembly in the spring. Among Hood and Tassel projects are ushering at University plays, serving as school hostesses and entertaining female students included on the Dean's List at a "Smarty Party". Sponsors are Mrs. Sue Pine and Dean Barbara Taegel. Katalia: Alan Ho lland, johnny Fi Katalia, the men's leadership and scholarship organization on campus, in- cludes the upper crust of the male student body. Members are selected from the junior and senior classes in the spring. To be eligible, members must hold several offices in other organizations and must rank in the top one-third of their class. One of the service projects of Katalia was to sponsor the Awards Assembly at the end of the Spring Semester. Alan Holland is president and Mr. Richard B. Dixon is faculty liaison. Sher, Randy Herlocker. ,, ...,.v - -..,, N, vfww yyi. ,,,. , ., J1.. V, 3 . .rgjw - M, 4 5 -tta Y -if ,it gt-4.1 if 1- , , .., We Sword and Shield: gd! Front Row: Jeanette Fish, Rosalie Cheatham Cvice-presidentjg, Gay Bard, Second Row: Marilyn Glenn fsecretaryjg Colleen Schay, Billie Broach Csponsoryg Patricia Lamar, Third Row: Elizabeth Prado, Doug Turney, Carolyn Curry tpresidentjg Katheryn Walden, Back Row: Mrs. Maryavis Parson, Larry Henderson, Robert Bunch, Dennis Welch. Sword and Shield honors scholastic achievements Sword and Shield is an honor or- ganization for juniors and seniors whose membership is based on high scholastic achievement. Induction is held twice a year, with selection from the upper 122 percent of the senior class and the upper five percent of the junior class. Sword and Shield is co-sponsor of the Honors Convo- cation program which is held to honor the outstanding seniors at UALR. Mrs. Billie Broach is sponsor for the organiza- tion. Phi Theta Kappa: Phi Theta Kappa selects upper 10'Z, of underclass Phi Theta Kappa is composed of the top ten percent of the freshman and sopho- more classes and is a local chapter of the National Scholastic Honor Societies of Junior Colleges. A student must be en- rolled for fifteen semester hours to be con- sidered eligible for membership. An initia- tion banquet is held each April to honor new members. Phi Theta Kappa is co- sponsor of Honors Convocation with Sword and Shield. Mrs. Roslyn Donald is faculty sponsor. First Row: Roslyn Donald, Glenda Cale, Cindy Morgan, Jerri Farmer, Diana Redd, Peggy Thompson, Second Row: Robert Kennedy fpresidentyg Eddie Stricklin, Margaret Williams, julie Walker, Third Row: Eddie Smith, Ron Asbury, jimmy Bransford. 5-'vi ,X fre' "1 .1 Organ Guild: Front Row - Kathy Hackler Qvicc-presidentj, Mary Pool Csecretaryj, Becky Simpson Qpresi- dentj. Back Row - Jess Dickinson, Mike McCarroll. Organ Guild Phi Mu Alpha Student Organ Guild received its charter in 1965 and is associated with the American Guild of Organists. This group of sincere organists is striving to advance the apprecia- tion of religious music, to elevate the status of church musicians and to raise the stand- ards of efficiency of organists and choir- masters. Membership is open to any student interested in religious and organ music. Phi Mu Alpha: Front Row - Marshall Townsend, Daniel Keith james, Charles M. Young. Middle Row - Eric A. Fraser, Lawson Gerald Hatfield jr., W. Daniel Phi Mu Alpha promotes interest in mu- sic and especially American music. Weekly meetings are held each Sunday at 3:00 p.m. in the band hall. At UALR this year they sponsored a car wash, entered Aulsing and served as ushers for music programs. Officers are james Munns, president, Carlos Summers, vice-president, Danny Johnson, secretary, and Bill Hollis, treasurer. - William Hollis Johnston Qsecretaryj. Back Row Qtreasurerp, Carlos Summers fvice-presidentj, Edward Greening, Charles L. Sterling. 5 Front Row: Katheryn Walden Csecretary-treasurerj, Sybil Smith, Janie Johnson Cpresidentj. Back Row: Dr. Fred Williams, Dr. H. I. Wollard, Mr. Harold Smith, Dr. Bedford K. Hadley fsponsorj. Phi Alpha Theta The Iota Zeta chapter of Phi Alpha point average in history courses and have Theta national honor society recognizes fac- taken a minimum of twelve hours of history. ulty members and students who have dis- Dr. Bedford K. Hadley is faculty sponsor, tinguished themselves scholastically and who and officers are Janie johnson, president, manifest a special interest in history. Student Frances Ross, vice-president, and Katheryn members are required to have a 3.0 grade Walden, secretary-treasurer. Phi Alpha Theta along with other campus honoraries, sponsored "Honors Week". t 5 . Young Democrats: Front Row: Martin Tatoian, Don Iohnson Cvice-presidentjg ,lim Hardison, Jim Wilson, Steve Greenhart Ron Fulbright, Back Row: Walter Daniel, Burt Squires, Larry Owen Csecretary-treasurerjg joe Drompp, Richard Pope fpresidenty. Young Democrats Young Americans active in government for Freedom The Young Democrats have been ac- tive in national, state and local govern- ment the past year. It is open to all in- terested students. The purpose of the or- ganization is to stimulate in young people an active interest in politics and govern- ment following the principles of the Dem- ocratic Party and to provide a means by which students may take part in politics. Y. A. F. Young Americans for Freedom is an organization composed of young people who believe in conserving individual free- doms that as Americans we currently en- joy and accepting the individual respon- sibility for making tomorrow more free for all people. They are sponsoring a Hot Seat program every Friday at 12:00 noon. Officers are Robert Kennedy, presi- dent, jim Hicks, vice-president, and Glenda Cale, secretary-treasurer. Front Row: Jeanne Turnbow Crecording secretaryj, Glenda Cale ftreasurerjg Glynda Jacks Csecretary- correspondingjg Suzy Garrison, Roland Stanley, Middle Row: james Hicks Cvice-presidentjg Ron Asbury fpresidentjg Finton Shaw, William C. Hollis, Back Row: Gary Harper, Gary Detherage, Evan Ridlon, Ted Parkhurst, Gary Suggs. I-K. V93 '-in .1. X." Cardinal Key: Front Row: Virginia Booker, Jeanie Jonesg Middle Row: Rosalie Cheatham, jane Bennett, Vickie Huf- smith, Melinda Hooper, Glenda Caleg Back Row: Sandy Veches, Donna Abraham, Pam Simmons, Margaret Rozzell, Betty Woodruff. Cardinal Key sponsors cultural exchanges Cardinal Key is a national honor society for women of at least junior status who are leaders in both school and community. Pur- poses of Cardinal Key are to provide an active program of serviceg to recognize achieve- ment in scholarship and extra-curricular ac- tivitiesg to advance personal growth, pa- triotism and service by affording training for leadership in the college community, and to develop worthy character by application of the Cardinal virtues to living. The UALR colony works with inter- national students on campus, helping them in making college adjustments. This year Cardinal Key sponsored the Korean Students Cultural Exchange, maintained a special reg- istration table for the foreign students, and assisted Mrs. Brady in the English class for foreign students. A before school party was sponsored for the foreign students and at Christmas a party for elderly people was held. Cardinal Key is sponsored by Mrs. Alice Munson. The president is Donna Abraham, vice-president is Libby Bamett and the secre- tary is Jeanie jones. Cardinal Key sponsored the first Korean Night program. Alpha Delta Sigma: Front Row - Tom Mooning- ham, Paula Chandler, Sandy Veches Csecretaryj, Colleen Schey. Middle Row - Warren Weideman fpresidentj, UALR chapter of ADS Public' service ads prepared by Alpha Delta Sigma fraternity. S r a st aa Are you going to pot? Stuart Trent, Judy Eudy, Gene McCoy fadvisorj. Back Row - John Bloodworth fvice-presidentj, Tom Steves, Tony Fraterigo, Gary Sorrels named tops in nation Alpha Delta Sigma is a national pro- fessional advertising fraternity designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and professional advertising experience. ADS is empowered to initiate into Gam- ma Alpha Chi, national professional women's advertising organization, wom- en students who meet the scholastic and professional standards of the organiza- tion. A special project this year was doing public service advertising in all the Little Rock high school and college papers on drug abuse, safe driving, and patriotism. In March the UALR chapter of ADS held the regional convention in Hot Springs with chapters from three states attending. Previously in November at the national ADS convention in St. Louis the UALR chapter was named as the top ADS chapter in the nation. Warren Weide- man is president of the fraternity and Mr. Gene McCoy is the faculty sponsor. in : Q V ' 1 '. fu' 2' sl f . . t V if 1' ff ,V Af Q T A n 1 X .AU-Uuming Clnbg From Row - George Foster, Ray Smith fadvisorj. Back Row - Harold Shreve, Morris Weber tpresidentj, Robert Bunch, jim Burley, Roy Williams, Ernest YVhite tatlvisorj, Alan Mt-Williams. Accounting Club Circle K Club reorganized hosts guest speakers at UALR The purpose of the Accounting Club is to encourage the idea of service as the basis of the accounting profession and to help pave the way from student to practitioner. The club provides an organized program of speak- ers prominent in the field of accounting. The UALR Accounting Club was active this year in the formation of a statewide association of accounting clubs. The club is sponsored by Mr. Roy Smith. Ray Weber is president, Larry Haskins, vice-president, and Larry Farmer, secretary-treasurer. Circle K Club: Front Row - Rogers Faust tpresidentj, Bob Halliday tsecretaryj, joe Drompp Ctreasurerj, Ran- dy Mourning, jay Hall, Don johnson. Back Row - Reorganized on the UALR campus after being dormant for two years, the Circle K Club at UALR aims to build the character of college men through service to the com- munity and their alma mater. At the annual awards assembly the club presented a plaque to the outstanding educator chosen by the student body. The Kiwanis Club of South- west Little Rock sponsors the University chapter. Dr. Donald Warmack, Professor in the Division of Fine Arts, serves as faculty sponsor. Rogers Faust, jr. is president, Gary Brown, vice-president, and Bob Halliday is secretary. john Powers, Kiln Hearnsberger, Steve Creenhaw, Rick linglisll, Steve Williamson. WRA: Front Row - Blair McElroy, Daren Ligon, Rita Suggs, jane Bennett, Susan Marks, Pam Aldridge, Mary Jo Marks. Second Row - Melanie VanZandt, Genine Clements, Kathryn Holmes, Debbie Landsman, Sandy Gernigan, Diana Redd, Margaret Williams, Missy Worley, janet Wright. Third Row - Glenda r Cale, jane Ellis, Melanie McCool, Helen Gothard, Lenora Hinson, Sara Jane Moseley, Kathy Loftis, Kay Renshaw, Jerrie Famier. Back Row - Laura Carroll, Kathy Bailey, Kathy Baker, Paula Noto, Susan Cassa- day, Harriet Nutt, Kathy Plating. WRA encourages women's Athletic activities participation in sports The Women's Recreation Association serves to encourage the entire female student body to participate in organized athletic events and also to encourage participation in other forms of wholesome active recreation. The WRA held a campout this year and sponsored the All-Star Volleyball and All-Star Basketball games. Girls from each organiza- tion are chosen for the All-Star teams. Mem- bership in the WRA is open to any woman student. Mrs. Betty Stephens is the sponsor, Ann Bledsoe, president, and Linda Smith, secretary. P. E. Club: Front Row - Helen Dean, Angela John- son, Ann Bledsoe, Judy Dalton, Patty Hooper, Gary Jones, Mrs. Betty Stephens Qsponsorj. Second Row - john Selig fpresidentb, Cathy Owen, Rita Robinson, Barbara jungkind, Mike Oury, Billy Wetherford. Third promoted by Physical Education Club The Physical Education Club is an or- ganization composed of physical education majors and minors. It strives for preparation for and communication within the field of health, physical education, and recreation. In March the club sponsored the Woman's State A.A.U. Basketball Tournament. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Betty Stephens, and Mr. Marshell Davis. President is John Selig, vice- president is Mike Qury, and secretary is Linda Smith. Row - Ann Gladish, Valerie Morris, Steve Aldridge, Larry Puckett, David Rinehart, Marshall Davis fspon- sorj. Fourth Row - Anthony Quinn, john Grissom, Gregg Winston, john Torbett Qsponsorj. T -vstit T iix, li , M . -- tl- ff" ',.' i . i t E 3 Veterans' Association: Front Row - Bill O'Neill William Hollis, Bob Arrington tsponsorj. Back Row - ftreasurerj, Paul O. Crews, Stuart A. Trent fpresidentj. Dennis H. Kolb, Thomas F. Wood, Cynthia Dorsey, Middlf' Row - 101111 W- AVCILY, JOTIII Allen fsecretarll, Elizabeth Bowles, jimmy Murphree tx'it'e-presidentJ Veterans' Club has successful first year The Veterans, Association sponsored the March Of Dimes charity basketball game. S X A XXX .,... 6- The Veterans' Association is made up of veterans attending UALR. The asso- ciation strives to promote the social and academic development of the veterans. The veterans take an active role in cam- pus functions in order to promote stu- dent participation and present UALR as a good choice for furthering one's educa- tion. Some 450 veterans attend UALR and the association is designed specifical- ly to meet their needs. The association works with student organizations as well as civic organiza- tions. During 1969-70 the association played a large role in some of the major campus events, including the Trojan beauty contest and the spring play. In addition, a major drive was conducted attempting to raise allowances on the G. I. Bill. Letters were sent to 50 veteran organizations, urging their support in this drive. Each semester the association spon- sors a reception for veterans on the cam- pus. The first, held in February was a huge success. At least two charitable fund raising projects are held by the association each year. At Christmas a drive to support a Korean orphan was sponsored by the veterans, and the first annual March of Dimes comedy basketball game was held in April. The Veterans' Association is spon- sored by Mr. Bob Arrington. The presi- dent is Stuart Trent, vice-president is Jimmy Murphree, and the secretary is John Allen. UALR Concert Choir C hoir menibers sing at 21111111211 C1llI'lSIIT1kiS 1'o11cer1. The UALR Concert Choir is a select choral organization which represents the Music Departlnenl and the University throug11 performances and concerts on and off tl1e campus throughout tl1e year. The choir prese11ts an 21111111211 Christmas and spring concert and performs in numerous lllgll schools and churches throughout tl1e state. Other activities i11cl11de an annual televisio11 special televised on Christmas Day, pCI'fOI'll12ll1C6S for local service clubs 21nd appearances for UALR assembly programs. The choir is under the direction of Ned R. Dejournett, Assistant Professor of Music. Accoinpanists for llltf choir are Nancy Lyle and Kathy Hackler. The choir presented a televised program O11 Christmas Day. E E 1 1 ,,,f-uf MW i .2 2 ,- ,gp ,. I W. . K y K3 N 1 N 3 'Wx ,eff From left to right: Nc-d Dcjournvtt, director, female members: Gail Hale, Kathy Hackler, Bc-rky Simp- son, Danna Hearn, Carolyn Benton, janict- Townsetitl, joy Dyson, Virgitf Callahan, I.t-xic Sullivan, Kathy Fowlt-r, Ann Norton, Ann Rift, Marsha Cole, Elizabcth BCrg', Nanfy Lyle, Rita Robinson, Ar- lt-ne Stracklcin. Male mt-rnbt-rs: jerry Hatfield, Don Harrison, john Jarntls, Charles Sterling, Clark Crays, Ronnie Bungcr, Gcorgv Parker, Joss Dickinson, john Callahan, Jim Spurgcss, Phil Hays, .Ianws Munns, David Harrison, Marshall Townscncl, Raymond Murry and Danny jamvs. mi I ,. U.T.G. Front Row: David Kaufman Cpresidentjg Suzanne Akins, Donna Lansdowne, Marty Morgan, Charlotte Moore, Charlie Davidson, Jeanette Fish, Angie Wooley Qvice-presidentj, Sharyn French, Second How: Janie Kempner, Lynda Bowers, Mary Kathryn Holmes, Anne Williamson, Marsha Reed, Warren Weideman, Donna Dunn, Third Row: Mike McCarroll, John Perkins, Steve Mourning, Cary Suggs, Claudia Phillips, Janet McLemore, Mike Middleton, Back Row: Margaret Carner, Carolyn Curry, Cliff Haislip fsponsorjg Dennis Lewis, Jeff LaCaze, Buddy Bailey, Kim Hornby, Dave Parrish. University Theatre Guild "My Fair Lady" cast members admire Eliza's bird University Theatre Guild is composed of students interested and active in dramatic presentations, Participation may range from acting to technical production. This year's major productions were "My Fair Lady" and "The Visit". The members hold a banquet each year to give awards for acting and tech- nical work in the productions. David Kaufman is president, Angie Wooley, vice-president, and Margaret Horner, secretary. ,. x 1 UIQ! in if 'Vs in 'N QI 'Nw :HSV ' fx A PN . k 'V ,j7 'M - - L, m ' , ,,,Q iv- - I W' ' ' .. is il Wi .- .S 3, N 1 - A I ,fan fm -5 s Margaret Horner of "I,11v". A " , , A ,g-h at ' X W v K 'QQ A., ni..-Q:.lw ,. -Qsfgi., O M ' M - .f T :md David Kuufmzm at Dave Pzxrrislfs Cozlxing live thvir rolvs in the I'.'I'. an Xjw K W K C. IJI'0dllt'IiOIl Alpha Psi Omega: A Front Row: Angie Wooley, Jeannette Fish, Charlie Davidson Cvice-presidentl' Second Row: Margaret Carner, Warren Weideman, David Kaufmang Third Row: Mike Middleton, Carolyn Curry, Mary Kathryn Holmes, Charlotte Moore, Back Row: Dave Parrish, jeff LaCaze, Steve Mourning Cpresidentj Cliff Haislip Qspon sorl Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega, an honorary dramatics fraternity, participates in and supports all dramatics activities on campus. To gain mem- bership, one must successfully appear in sev- eral plays and must be recommended by the Drama Department. Acceptance into the or- ganization is the highest honor attainable by drama students. Steve Mourning is president, Charlie Davidson vice-president, and Dave Par- rish, business manager. Clifford Haislip is sponsor. It's off to Ascot for the "My Fair Lady" cast 61 Stage and The UALR Stage Band, an 18-piece jazz ensemble, provides training for college music students and selected high school students in modern American music.t The group features original compositions, both single and group improvisations, and arrangements representa- tive of the current music scene. Their library ranges from rock charts to extended concert pieces reminiscent of contemporary classical music. " ' ni: f' ' ,,.. 1 M in F ttnn e", it Q P, s , to s 'ir-2, Left O O Madrlgal Slngers to Right: Danny James, Marsha Cole, Kathy Hackler, John james, jim Spurges, Nancy Lyle, Elizabeth Berg, Ann Williamson, jim Munns, Pat Munns, David Harrison, Becky Simpson, Jerry Hatfield, Kathy Fowler, Lexie Sullivan. .g,. Km I: X.,,,s . X' x , 'wxl ' -'N , in f,,s XS, ,-au'-V I L 4- W aa0l9"""' ..., 4 . Exif-f 'Sim ' 'tii QQ it MI, , K, I I N X It J, 1 W K , V' ,ht ,, Q. 1.7 t as 1 ,469 " -ai it waatamm-'fB,,+ezaf'3'tt ,vt if +V smE'm'z 'WW' kk H hx. A K L . . : w7,,i1t f lt-3 .5. , I X QR ,. .K Y -17 if " "-Se-.. .U Q K' F ,- I M ,ff 1.2. I ' Nw-.N 64 - 'ff' if Warren Weideman Editor Forum relates campus activities The Forum, the University newspaper, has presented the UALR campus with a bi-monthly account of activities on and off campus. As a member of the Arkansas College Press Association, the Forum has retained its fine record of competition with other state news publications by presenting in- teresting and amusing articles covering news, sports and feature events. Libby Barnett Associate Editor .ff Stan Risser Columnist 'un "' Lai-E Ivan wvhillillg Columnist Linda Morchzm Business Manager KC. 'Sf ,f 9 ., in n 5 'Ci 6 Q, . :ak M V if Herschell Parent Editor 5 Trojan presents UALR life The Trojan, the University yearbook is a diary of outstanding events and activ- ities that have taken place during the fall of 1959 and spring of 1970. In the fall the staff was assembled and plans were made for the Work that was to be done. The Trojan is a member of the Arkan- sas College Publications Association. George Foster Assistant Editor Gary Suggs Honors Editor Wayne Bolick Photographer df ap.. ff' GLEN CAMPBELL July 10, 1970 Mr. Herschell Parent Editor , 19 70 TROJAN University of Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas 72204 Dear Mr. Parent: It was quite an honor for me to be this year's judge for the TROJAN'S beauty contest, and I appreciate your thinking of me. It was not an easy decision by any means, as all of the candidates had all the qualifications of a winner. I would like to take a moment, if I may, and say something to all the graduates: and I hope all the underclassmen can benefit from it as well. First, may I extend my sincere congratu- lations to each of you for achieving what is most important to all the students in the country: and that is, the completion of a solid educational background. As each of you embark upon your individual ventures, always remember that your education is going to play an impor- tant role in your future. Whatever direction you may be headed is the direction your teachers and counselors were preparing you for. And if you just remember all they have taught and ad- vised you, you will be able to overcome any hardships you may encounter on the road to suc- cess. I'll be visiting Little Rock around the fourth of October to appear at the State Fair, and I do hope some of you will come by and see the show. May your future be as bright and happy as you hope it will be. Sin erel , G en Ca ell GCfrmc P. O. Box 69500!Hollywood, California 90069 'N 2 n YGIHVI emflfty Shari yearcqain 'pi Befa 7941 71 fjlfojan eauicy eannine Clemenfs .szgm .JVM V? inv' xKafAly woods qzwjan ,Beaufy WY ifvffy,-YY5,.., fjzfojan lgeauiy IJ3ecLly grown CAI Gm ega janef mclemore Ijlojan Beaufy Mlaiversify cjzecrire gui!! ww an .. ,. L. lla-.2 Q, 5 1' fi 1 if 'iff' A A ! 52 .H N A if I K. ' N:-s.: ici:-19452: - X , ., X is , 1 R- z ni- 1 ,..w 3 x X a mm NN ..... , . .. , . is-x an iF 0WleCornin8f ucen CAMS We5ienAaver f QJCIPPLY :'z44mAu iQL,:41..14M,-1.1... ,, ,, ., , an 51 . . ...1 ,. x.,Q,. g "gg rw ',5'?f ii5.1if1 E 533.5 fgK,g,iffgi1.E.:5g:A. . w Q ifse-ax I1 Q, , X Msn! NR 'sts T 359 we u i f,,,ff.gk,Q,, ..,. x -J fydffzz- -- - ff,.A .,f-.,- Q r 11-,,511mwv, i ..,. ma , .... ' K 'X9f1?3i?3:5122'fi?5ElS 5 Winn-ing-contestant Vikki Krutz closes her eyes in ecstasy capturing permanently in her memory the moment of being crowned Miss University of Arkansas at Little Rock. First Miss U.A.L.R. Contest Won by Vikki Krutz Swimsuit contestant: Talent contestant: Lisa Daffron History's first Miss UALR Pageant got off to a rather shakey start. Since there were only four initial entries, the Stu- dent Senate changed the name from "pageant" to "auditions," The number of contestants did increase to seven but because of the "tight money situationu costs were cut in production-one of which limited the audience to students and families only. Surprisingly enough, there was a tie for Miss Congeniality between Lisa Daffron and Vikki Krutz. This tie did not last long after Melanie Van Zandt was named first runner up, Vikki Krutz won, being crowned his- tory's first Miss UALR by Judy Laman-the last Miss LRU. Melanie Van Zandt "Sloopy should have been u eowboy's eat . , . reads contestant Kaye Flake from a poem by Rod McKnen. Betty Woodruff, backstage helper, reads while lludy Lgunun, Miss LRU of 1969, waits out her reign. Lively numbers included: Debra Wool's ballet Qabovej Cathy Owen's zitirobatics Qbelowj und, Melinda Cil'Illl'ylS tap-dance. Homecoming is an annual event spon- sored by the Student Senate. Members of the basketball team choose five finalists from whom the Homecoming Queen is selected. The five finalists were: Karen Ligon CSAEJ, Angie johnson QPE Clubj Kathy Woods CADSJ, Cathy Owen QKKGJ, and Chris Westen- haver fPKAj. Members of the court were escorted by Student Senate officers. Chris Westenhaver, representing Pi Kappa Alpha, was crowned Homecoming Queen. Homecoming Queen crowned Standing amidst her court is Homecoming Queen, right: Karen Ligon QSAEJ, Angie Johnson CPE Clubj Chris Westenhaver. Members of the court are left to Kathy Woods QADSJ, and Cathy Owen CKKGQ. E-A195 Who's Who 19 0 KAY LaCAZE Senior, Hood Sc Tassel, Secretary and Treasurer, Cardinal Key, UTG, President, Alpha Psi Omega, Business Manager, superior in poetry and persuasive speech in Arkansas State Speech Association, Arts and Letters Award for outstanding college speaker in Arkansas, 4th nationally in college speaking, Cal Bartlett Award. ty V M455 17 1 t Q 'su s e at AEE H5 5 1 1 as no W v, iyiz Q ,I V K + 'J ki . 1 ' 0' "f., s"' if-vww"'?ii . .fff , ,, ' fb: Z, ,t,, 1- lefi ' .- r ,. , if . ssts. "mmf A ' W .1-1 s1,' y RAY WEBER Senior, Senior Class Presidentg Dean's Listg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurerg Math Club, IFC, Treasurerg Newman Club, Alpha Kappa Psig Accounting Club, President. Membership in Who,s Who Among Str dents in American Colleges and Universitic. is a national honor conferred on only om half of one percent of all the country's co lege students. Selection is made on the bas. of scholarship, citizenship, character, servicf- acadernic and extra-curricular leadership. UALR students were nominated by me bers of the faculty. All nominations were r viewed by a faculty-student committee an were then sent to the national organizatio for approval. Who's Who DAVID WILMOT-FREEDMAN Senior, President of Students for Equality, Stu- dent Senate, Treasurer, Foreign Relations Club, Herbe Tolehmann Scholarship, Dean's Counselor, Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Psi. JAMES O'HARA Senior, Student Senate, President, Sophomore and junior Class President, Who's Who 68-69, Sigma Nu, Vice President, Dean's List, Dean's Counselor, Young Democrats, Vice President. jguunv' ROSALIE CHEATHAM Senior, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer, Pi Delta Phi, President, Vice President, Sigma Delta Pi, President, L'Alliance Francaise, President, Tau Beta Sigma, Sec-Treasurer, Cardinal Key, Hood and Tas- sel, Dean's Counselor, Dean's List, Cynthia Mills Moss Award. Who's Who 19 0 DIANA GAY BARD Seniorg Hood and Tassel, Presidentg Phi Theta Kappag Sword and Shieldg Deanis Listg Dean's Coun- selorg SNEA. 9 11 9' 4 L L " O, J, if VICKI HUFSMITH Seniorg Pi Beta Phi, Presidentg Panhellenic, Vice Presidentg Cardinal Key, Presidentg Hood and Tasselg Student Senateg Dean's Listg SNEAQ WRAQ Who's Who 68-695 Dean's Counselorg Freshman Women's Senator. RANDY HERLOCKER Seniorg Sigma Nu, Presidentg Kataliaz Uean's Coun-- selorg Who's Who 68-695 Kappa Kappa Psig Deanfs Listg University Band. . Who's Who 19 0 LEONARD W. GRIFFIN Seniorg Student Body Vice-Presidentg junior Class Presidentg Canterbury Clubg IFC3 Sigma Nu, Chaplain. PAUL WAYNE CHEEK Seniorg G. J. Francis Awardg Student Senate Treasurerg Dean's Counselorg Sigma Nu Fraternity. MARGARET ANNE ROZZELL Seniorg Delta Delta Delta, Treasurerg Phi Theta Kappag Student Senate, Secretaryg Dean's Listg Dean's Counselor. 'W BETTY WOODRUFF Senior, W. R. A., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Presi- dent, Dean's List, Young Democrats, Secretary-Treas- urer, U. T. G., Cardinal Key, Secretary, Justice, ,Constitutional Court. ' ixw fwi .Qi E 5 V' W- mf: . fx :- M g A as 'lie fx K ', K' Xe ' " 1 'Q 'mbfji . Est' -' r 2111. .Y 1 fx 'I 'u 'sn B f is reg, 2- 1 R 1 is 1 ,,,. , X ' ,-fx. Q , . N' ii . . ,J ,, K 1. sg. vs-3 K A WARREN WEIDEMAN Senior, UALR Forum, Editor, Alpha Delta Sigma, President, Alpha Psi Omega, Vice President, U. T. G., Vice President, Trojan and Forum Business Manager, Sports Publicity Director for Athletic Department, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chronoclor, Member of Little Rock Ad Club. GLENDA CALE junior, Chi Omega, President, Phi Theta Kappa, W. R. A., YAF, Treasurer, Math Club, Dean's Coun- selor, Cardinal Key. Who's Who 19 0 DAVID STEWART Seniorg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Presidentg Young Democratsg IFCQ Presidents' Council. A . K .9 1.. .ft- , . ' . I T I K I my JUDY EUDY juniorg Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Wom- en's Senatorg Cardinal Keyg Dean's Counselorg W. R. A.g Delta Delta Deltag Cheerleader. ALAN HOLLAND Seniorg Katalia, Presidentg Sigma Nu Fraternityg IFCg Dean's Listg Young Democratsg Sophomore Men's Senatorg Chief justice Constitutional Court. ...df Who's Who 19 0 JUDY LAMAN Seniorg Phi Theta Kappag Alpha Psi Omegag Chi Omega Pledge Class Presidentg U. T. G.g Young Democratsg PiKA Dream Girlg Miss LRU for 1969. 1 CAROL TABOR Seniorg Cheerleaderg Cardinal Keyg Senior VVOIH- en's Senatorg Kappa Kappa Gamma, President 68-695 Dean's Counselorg W. R. A.g A. C. E.g S. N. E. A.g Panhellenic Summer Work 1968. BOB SHIVERS juniorg Sigma Nug Dean's Counselorg Freshman Senatorg University Theater Guild. ,lllll"in I 'll 'X Who's Who 19 0 AIEANIE JONES Seniorg Hood Sc Tasselg Cardinal Key, Secretary- Treasurerg Dcan's Counselorg Math Club, Secretary- Treasurerg Homecoming ueeng Cheerleader. Q. Q , L gqii? DONNA ABRAHAM Seniorg Dean's Listg Dean's Counselorg Cardinal Key, Vice Presidentg Hood 8c Tassel, Secretary, Student Senateg Arkansas Junior Miss Scholarshipg Arkansas Insurance Women's Scholarshipg Trojan Beautyg Miss Little Rockg Delta Delta Delta. VIRGIN IA BOOKER Juniorg Delta Delta Delta, Presidentg W. R. A., Cheerleader Captaing Dean's Counselorg Dean's Listg Cardinal Keyg Homecoming Queeng justice of Con- stitutional Cburt. KN xwm - 5. Q V at his-314 ggi? k..- - Q si a , f A X Y , ' QW. I Wm h. ,,. 5 L. img 2 if 354 - V E mfv 2 mi if ,N Q' .x 9' iw X .7 3 K. Q 5? J Ns, W iw Q E x mmm W 2 'Q ? 5 ,..,.- : , i U N 3 f " ,, , ft' riv Z .. A if X Rush is an educational experience, as this visitor to the Chi Omega Lodge is discovering. The casual observer may become somewhat confused by the various displavs of owls, snakes, arrows and eagles, but never the rushee! Greeks get-it-together for any and all occasions Rush is a time of high-powered oratory, as exemplified in this scene from the Sigma Nu Lodge. It is cer- tain that the guys on the other side of the camera are more stirred up than this supporting cast. M. ,..,,. A i . V M., ,, .- 'v .... ,A . k 5 ' X... , f. ' x ., : ,X .., WV K -vs .2-. , - .,,. 51 - r to Q7 135, A H mi- -Q x i .. Q ' pp N55 X i ,S , .mg or Q is to AM.,,-a n Qi. , . K A ' + is .fx S- . f g 3. , 3 . as 45' , ev , ,,. A sm' it .A , .-,. .:.. - . . L.:-.,, , N- K Q'-' c . . N k t x ., ,, , s Q 2 Q lz r ' is 24 at ' reee slogans L i so a -fig The members of Kappa Sigma picked a beautiful autumn after- noon to rally 'round their own flag. By all appearances, the mat- ters under discussion are not of the most grave concern. A hard charging bunch-these Pi Kappa Alpha men make up in enthusiasm what they lack in the fine points of form for cross- country running. Has the food in the Union improved this much? Greek Life These three spectator sports could be viewing anything from the international dirty joke olympics to a train- ing session in rack torture methods. The gent in the picture indicates it's the Sigma Nu Relays after all. Don't be misled by the appearance of this gala event. It is definitely not the 42nd annual Pi Kappa Alpha Toilet Bowl. Itls the UALR edition of the President's Physical Fitness Program. at I as it J' L1!. . -..'. uf--sf' V . r 1' z.. , M- -, -1 ,:M1q,.'3p.e-br..- .is .s . ff ,--tm ., , , si' 'MQ' fm iv V, N ,Jn '.' ly, This rushee is taking it all in. One gels the opinion she's "from Missouri and will have to be shown". This Kappa Kappa Gamma twosome could convince a male audience of anything and they have a high efficiency rating with women, also. The Interfraternity Council is made up of three representatives of each of the four fraternities on campus. The purpose of the organization is to make rules and policies governing the fraternities and to define the rush regulations under which all the fraternities must operate. The IFC publishes a booklet which gives informa- tion concerning each of the fraternities and is helpful to freshmen going through rush. Meetings are held each week under the direction of jerry Corley, Dean of Men. I F C makes rules governing fraternities Front Row Ray Brown Bobby Lord Herschell Parent Terry Cargile, Raymond Weber, Back Row: Keith North john Curtis Steve Greenhart joe Drompp Don johnson The Panhellenic Council is the prin- cipal advisory and governing board for the four national women's sororities on the UALR campus. Each sorority has two representatives on the Panhellenic Coun- cil. The council realizes its responsibilities to the college campus as a social organiza- tion for setting and maintaining high scholastic achievement as part of their program, and a trophy is given each year to the sorority with the highest grade point average. xx 45491 W su-.'rf1:::urs,ui.,..i I Z 3g y l A ',. it Panhellenic establishes policies for sororities Front Row: Carol Vick, Martha Sawrie, Ginny Fetzek, Slqllllllllt' Swan Back Row: Linda I,aCrossa, Milna Cazort, Pam Simmons, 5114-1111 Brown Alpha Kappa Alpha The first year on the UALR campus proved to be an active and interesting one for the Alpha Kappa Alpha colony. Hope- fully, success will come in the form of the colony's official charter. Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, founded in 1908 at Howard University, Chicago, Illinois, is a service organization having broad ob- jectives ranging from social activities to scholarship and career guidance. The UALR colony endeavored to exhibit significant traits of the organization to earn its charter. Participation in campus activities claimed the "Spirit Trophy" in its first year and Sheila Hood was a Trojan cheerleader. Roybe Hall, Sybil Casey, Cheryl Thompson and Kathleen Delyles were appointed Dean's Counselors. As a service project the colony presented the "Pre-Thanksgiving Charity Dance" with the canned good admissions donated to needy families. Members also marched for the Heart Fund. Officers Fall President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Spring President janet Tate makes presentation at Pfesldent. "Pre-Thanksgiving Charity Dance." Vlce Presldent Secretary Treasurer The dance proved to be a worthwhile project as well as a most enjoyable event. janet Tate Linda Bush Cheryl Thompson Rita Kordsmier Robye Hall Beverly Broadnax Sybil Casey Gloria Willis Alpha Kappa Alpha alumnac Barbara Taegcl. members Q plan for the colony with Dcan of Women Bcverly Broadnax Linda Bush Sybil Casey Roybc Hall Sheila Ilood Rita Robinson janet Tate Cheiyl Thompson Gloria Willis .K f AV . ..,., ,W - . 2 A Q A ..::,,,,-Qf I. 31 ww ag 53, K gat . sr if - . Chi Omega Gamma Zeta chapter of Chi Omega de- scribes this year as one of its best. The chapter started off by winning the Sigma Nu Relays again. Beverly Bone was elected Freshman Wom- en's Senator and also Trojan cheerleader. Glenda Cale was selected for "Who's Who". Jane Bennett, Judy Laman and Glenda Cale were in Cardinal Key. Mary Katherine Gould served as secretary of Phi Theta Kappa. Mary jo Marks was elected president of the New- man Club and Taffy Hain was vice president. The Chi Omegas again won first place in the annual Aulsing. High point of the year's activities came with the annual Chi Omega carnation ball in April and also the 75th anniversary celebration held in Fayette- ville. OFFICERS Fall President Glenda Cale Vice President Jane Bennett Secretary Bonny Bone Treasurer Gail Glover Spring President jane Bennett Vice President Bonny Bone Secretary Carol Vick Treasurer Jerrie Farmer jane Bennett Diane Bew Beverly Bone Bonny Bone Becky Brown Carol Brown Glenda Cale Laura Carroll Jeanne Culberson Jane Ellis jerrie Farmer Sharyn French Gail Glover Karen Goss Mary Gould Taffy Hain Jeanne Hill Kim Hornby Mary jo Marks Susan Marks Martha Sawrie Donna Scott Susan Switzer Rita Sugg Chris Tinnan Becky Vines Carol Vick Missy Worley ive? ol' 3547 as 5.7 Mary Jane Atkinson Virginia Booker Debi Bowman Susan Cassaday Mima Cazort Judy Crain Lisa Daffron Donna Dunn Judy Eudy Kathy Hearnsberger Sheila Henson Pam Hundley Virginia LaGrossa Nancy Luptak Marsha Mills Karen Norvell Harriet Nutt Cathy Plating Jon Puryear Diana Redd Mary Reinhardt Kay Renshaw Sandra Ricketts Margaret Rozzell Carol Scruggs Kathy Shubert Sandy Veches Chris Westenhaver Linda Wooldridge Angie Wooley Tri Delta women continued to exhibit leadership qualities on campus. Virginia Booker, Judy Eudy and Margaret Rozzell are listed in "Who's Who" and they are also in Cardinal Key. Harriett Nutt, Agnes Ferreria and Donna Dunn are Phi Theta Kappas. Virginia Booker was on the Constitutional Court and Judy Eudy was Junior Women's Senator. For the second time in two years, a Tri Delta was chosen Homecoming Queen. Lisa Daffron was a cheerleader co-captain and Shelia Henson was on the squad. Cathy Plating was Pike Dream Girl and her court consisted of all Tri Deltas. Judy Eudy was elected president of the advertising fraternity, becoming the first woman to hold such an office in a collegiate chapter in the U. S. Tri Delta was also first to pledge a woman out- side of the states-Agnes Ferreria of Trina- dad, West Indies. Social highlights included a pledge pres- entation tea, Christmas tea, gold and white ball and pansy breakfast. Tri Deltas gather for Delta Week activities. Xiffqfil. 1 X.fftlni t x .,,,., . ,,,. is ,,. ,T 5 Delta Delta Delta Officers President Virginia Booker Vice President Margaret Rozzell Secretary Linda Wooldridge Treasurer Diana Redd Kappa Kappa Gamma This was a rewarding year for the Kappas who celebrated their centennial with a con- vention in French Lick, Indiana. The UALR Chapter won the national finance award at this convention. In addition the Kappas won the intra- mural activities trophy, the PIKA Toilet Bowl football game, and the prize for the float for the game. Caroline Jackson was Toilet Bowl Queen. Honors came also to Betty Woodruff and Rosalie Cheatham who were elected to Who's Who. Rosalie received the Outstanding Senior Award, the Woodrow Wilson National Scholarship, the Foreign Language Depart- ment Award and numerous other awards upon her graduation. Melanie Van Zandt served as Sophomore Wornen's Senator and first runner up in the Miss UALR pageant. Carol Tabor served as Senior Women's Senator. The Fall Pledge Class project was entertaining chil- dren in the Catholic Childrenls Home. OFFICERS Fall President ............... ....... B etty Woodruff Vice President ....... ............ C arol Tabor Secretary ............. ........... P hillis Jackson Treasurer ...... ............... R osalie Cheatham Spring President ............. ............... Cathy Owen Vice President ....... ....... M elanie Bradford Secretary ............. ............... P am Simmons Treasurer ......... ...... S arah Jane Moseley Ann Bledsoe Rosalie Cheatham Brenda Cook Sue Foster Janet Glover Elizabeth Goodwin Helen Gothard Lenora Hinson Peggy Howell Caroline jackson Mary jackson Phillis Jackson Sandy Jernigan Barbara jungkind Carol Jo Lazenby Karen McClain Blair Mcllroy Gloria Mooser Sarah Jane Moseley Peggy Nestrud Cathy Owen Sheila Primm Becky Robertson Charlotte Semora Pam Simmons Stephanie Swann Carol Tabor Becky Tucker Melanie Van Zandt Margaret Williams Betty Woodruff janet Wright Katherine Baker Barbee Berger Debbie Birch Sheila Brown Beverly Burton Diane Davis Mary Jane Farquharson Ginny Fetzek Lanis Grigg Mary Ka Lherine Holmes Vicki Hufsrr1iLh Becky Kingrey Sue Morehart Susan Morgan Carol Mueller Jeanne Turnbow Patience White janet Yarbrough Shari Yeargain Pi Beta Phi Fraternity sponsors are recognized at Presentation Dance. Arkansas Beta chapter of Pi Beta Phi enjoyed a busy year filled with activities and honors. November saw the annual presenta- tion dance held at the Hotel Marion when members of the fall pledge class were pre- sented. Pi Phi pledges along with Sigma Nu pledges gave a Halloween party for the chil- dren at the Methodist Children's Home. Along with exchange parties, the Pi Phis held a surprise breakfast for the pledges in April. On April 28 Founders' Day was celebrated with Little Rock alumnae members at Trap- nall Hall. The annual Christmas party was also held. The Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy was won this year by Pi Beta Phi. Chapter mem- bers included the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart, Susan Morgan and Sigma Nu Sweetheart, janet Yarbrough. Vicki Hufsmith was selected for "Who,s Who", Cardinal Key and Hood and Tassel. Becky Kingrey served as a cheerleader and Debbie Wools was second runner-up to "Miss UALR". Officers Fall President Vicki Hufsmith Vice President Debbie Birch Secretary Mary Jane Farquharson Treasurer Mary Kathryn Holmes Spring President Mary Kathryn Holmes Vice President Katherine Baker Secretary Shari Yeargain Treasurer Jeanne Turnbow The strength of Kappa Sigma lies in its age, history and uniqueness. Kappa Sigma was founded in the United States on Decem- ber 10, l869 at the University of Virginia. The fraternity stresses scholarship, a belief in God and high moral convictions for all of its members. Theta Eta chapter of Kappa Sigma is one of among 197 chapters that compose Kappa Sigma. Sam Abraham was elected as Junior Men's Senator, Craig Camp- bell was elected as President of the Inter- fraternity Council, Rick Carmichael was elect- ed as Treasurer of the Interfraternity Council, and Richard English was on the varsity de- bate team and elected President of Circle K. Activities included the Poncho Villa Me- morial Party, Suppressed Desire Party, Christ- mas Formal, Figi Island Party and a smash- ing success at the annual Aulsing. OFFICERS-FALL Grand Master ............................... Gary Hooten Grand Procurator ........................... Ray Brown Grand Master of Ceremonies ........... Bob Lord Grand Scribe. ........ ....................... J im Clemons Grand Treasurer ................. Haskell Dickinson OFFICERS-SPRING Grand Master ............................. Sam Abraham Grand Procurator .................... Craig Campbell Grand Master of Ceremonies ....... Rick Brown Grand Scribe ..................................... Bob Croft Grand Treasurer ....................... Jim Clemmons Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma holds rush for new members A im ...1 Sam Abraham Jim Blackwell Ray Brown Rick Brown Craig Campbell Rick Carmichael Steven Christy Jim Clemons Paul Craig Bob Croft Haskell Dickinson Richard English Pat Fagan Phil Farrell Johnny Fisher Kerry Garner David Halcomb Tom Head Raymond Hicks Gary Hooten Jerry Hudgens Malcolm Karam Tom Kelley james Lawhon Robert Lord Richard Lynn Pat Manney Allen Marks Steve Morgan joe Oliver John Powers Don Robb Winston Taylor Dennis Terry Edmond Waters Harry Webb Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha was named winner of the Interfraternity Council Scholarship tro- phy for the third consecutive year. Members were active in honorary, service and leadership societies on campus as well as in special interest groups. Robert Barnett served as President of Interfraternity Council. The Pike pledge class performed service to the school by painting the parking lot. Social events included the Roaring Twen- ties Party, Playboy Party and a New Year's Party. The 1970 Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl was Cathy Platting. OF FICERS-FALL President ...................................... Terry Cargile Vice President ....... ....... J im Munns Secretary ............. ........ C hris Cook Treasurer ........................................ Pete Cooper OFFICERS-SPRING President .................................. Steve Mourning Vice President ....... ....... D on johnson Secretary .............. ....... J irn Dudley Treasurer ..................................... Richard Pope Pike members ride to the Toilet Bowl games Robert Barnett Gray Brown Terry Cargile Christopher Cook Danny Daniel Charlie Davidson Ron Fulbright Bob Fuller Chip Fuller Dale Fuller Steve Greenhaw Milton Hall james Hardison Don Johnson Stuart Matthews Randy Mourning Steve Mourning James Munns Larry Owen Richard Pope Richard Sanders Burt Squires Martin Tatoian Bill Vandiver James Walden Steve Williamson James Wilson 'W 71" 9"""9 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon completed another sue- cessful year by winning the l.F.C. intramural trophy. The SAEs also won first place in Aulsing in December. The year was filled with civic and social activities as the Sig Alphs held a Halloween party for the Arkansas Children's Home, helped with the Toys for Tots campaign at Christmas and held an Easter egg hunt for the Methodist Childrens Home. Social activities included the Poor White Trash Party, Hang 'Em High Party and Old South Ball. The SAES were active on campus too. Ray- mond Weber and John Norrell served on the Senate. Warren Weideman was editor of the Forum. Three Sig Alphs were elected to "W'ho,s Whom: David Stewart, Raymond Weber and Warren Weideman. Officers Fall President David Stewart Vice President Rogers Faust Secretary jerry Sparks Treasurer Raymond Weber Spring President Raymond Weber Vice President Jerry Sparks Secretary Steve Cash Treasurer Eddie Cassaday Service projects are a primary phase of fraternity activities. r p , Witty , V ' t tj X X . s x mlm Mike Alsbrook ' l Bill Brown Steve Cash ' can Eddie Cassaday Mike Cowen Rick Darling Terry Davis Wayne Dierks joe Drompp Rogers Faust uf, l Marvin Frank Rusty Frase Bob Halliday Frank Hamlin Steve Haynes Ken Heard Kim Hearnsberger Bill Holmes Benny Loltis Kerry McDonnell Richard McGibbon Eddie Moody john Norrell Fred Osborne jim Porter james Smith jerry Sparks David Stewart Stephen Stone Frankie Taylor Ray Tucker Raymond Weber ii Richard Westnedge Ivan Whiting R 344 'GTZ 53" sw G' 'wel' ou...- 1.-f if .V Sigma Nu S Officers Fall Commander John Brizzolara Lt, Cgmmandgr Herschell PEITCIII Recorder Jim LiHSky Treasurer B1'2lHSfOTCl Spring Commander john Brizzolara Lt. Commander Herschell Parent Recorder Larry White Treasurer jim Bransford An informal gathering at iv 2 li li at ' wa, 42 I Sigma Nu fraternity at UALR ended its centennial observance and brought in a new century with an active year and full use of its lodge near the campus. In keeping with the tradition of leader- ship in Sigma Nu, jim O'Hara served as president of the Student Senate and Len Griffin was Senate vice president. Eta Xi chapter members served as president of Katalia, University Theater Guild and For- eign Relations Club. john Curtis represented Sigma Nu on l.F.C. as vice president. "Who's Who" selected six Sigma Nus for membership: Paul Cheek, Len Griffin, Randy Herlocker, Alan Holland, Jim O'Hara and Bob Shivers. Six Sigma Nu men were named to the Deanls List for academic achievement. Herschell Parent was editor of the Trojan. janet Yarbrough, Pi Beta Phi, was crowned Sigma Nu Sweetheart at the White Rose Formal and Chi Omega won the annual Sigma Nu Relays, an event popular among Greeks and the student body as a whole. A highlight of the Shipwreck Party was the announcement of Debbie Dodd as Girl Friday. Jim Bradberry and Randy Sybert ushered out the year for Sigma Nu at UALR as members of the Trojan baseball team. the Sigma Nu Lodge Bob Birch Tim Bodishbaugh jimmy Bradberry Jimmy Bransford Bob Brasher John Brizzolara Nathan Calhoun D I erry Carr Paul Cheek Joe Coefield Ken Crow john Curtis Larry Dickens jack East Kent Foster Larry Garner Len Griffin Randy Herlocker Rocky Hestes Allan Holland Kenny Holmes David Huffrnaster john Ilundley Walter Hutchison David Kauflnan Greg Keinpner jim Linsky Kerry Mayfield Bran McCarty Phil Miller Keith North jim O'Hara Herschell Parent Ronnie Reeves Bill Rowen baeh Scott Schiller Bob Sh ivers Robert Sinitli Bob Sweeten Randy Sybert Ron Vandiver Skippy Wilkerson Danny Wright Bob Youn ts WN --.. kv' YT' U-if Ng., MJ' 'iv 4.41. 'it """'-4.5. A 1 'Kr -1-f' I ,-' Greek Life 1969-70 l wk 2752.3 1 MER .. 3 'S Y Greek Life 1969-70 0- UK, , K -Q... ,V ,, X f 'X K J-....," ' 5 , c ' K .- x ,SK ff V J S a . K ., ,. , X L R ,MK K. lpn-w :- Kd. 1 3 f f ,K f 1 ' if . V KKK ,K V , - , .. V-, . . vh- K - , 1 ...Q K , 1, K, -f M' J K 'K , "' .Q 'V-. ' ' f. I S- , V 'KKK.,,.Vf.. - fm:K ' ,KK - ,,,, , " ' si, . """ Y-QK K V K .. , , , . K K ., N K , ' .2 - " Am. . ,V V ' ' - ' 1, VKKK'V.,,3AK 2- V K R Km .... K K - KK " " ' 'EKU-'Vw ,,.. 'V ' I' KKK' K ' K KK 4-H ""K " K 9 KK ,' K QV ' ' KK 5 K 'fi' " , K -- .f ' K' 'K -1.4 ' 'I ' ' V K-.HK iffgff' 5 -.. - . J ' QA "' -' .. , ,- KK, Vxf, KK k,--- K V V. ,,, .. KK , KK K- K K K .K . EK! K, . KK K K K-':K "HK .YN 4 ., . M W K -,.. K , K K K ,K K. Q? ., ' g V , A , I '. Q KK i" L' K 'K f,- . .ff ij. K , I+, ' .aV A K . ?b . . Kkrrkk K .. fx, .. 7, 3-26. . ' KV 5:0-, Kg, K, KKKK- , Vf ,1 '- K. K . K KK KK gg, K fy N K K :A f " ' K+-K' K 4 WKK- , .. . -'KV 'if' ' '1KiQIK39"!'VV..' 'A 'ao , -Af .. ' 7' ' - - .. ., f .wx , K . ,sf .W', aw: .,,, .. V. . V- , ,VX ":K.,K'iKgV'K J", K K - 'K ' ,. S gf? , d Mp.. - -- ,. , - 9 ,, . K I-1' N . ,. ' V ' N 1 W . K- A.. ,gf .gif KWJ' KK K - .K KKKAKWKKKK-VfKK,KK.,:7..KKK ., . -K f K. . - K KKK. M .- V. K Q, , .Vg X T" WV :Q 1 . .... "K , ' g,K"Wf' "'KKK3 tg M V K J' - U . i Vi --, .. Q, ' . , -- 'QPF K K " QV V K KV' 'K 'KK ' -:KK K. KKK KK . K KKK K .gf .OK . JK ,,,g,. 'K K . K, ,4. X .. , . K K K KK JK., ,. KKKKK,K, ,, . .KKKKKKK K :WK .. .. Q -M: " K - K' , N V . .. ' 3 'If' ' KK V. 'TJ f ' V K'VK'--. .T M ' . , ' ' 'K V ..-'- N" fx :.,,...,., gfik-5531. K, . 1. ,WLKVVK-KV, .- KK ....- KK .. ',-i'. . . .,, -, - W1 ' rj r -N--1 ,f 'f - , -' ' - Q--Ki.. V- V . if V: ...ffv , V K. ,P K' -- W V- K, K. V . V1 K, af'KK.g9g,y ,-4 .. .K QQ' K KK, -igj ,vi , ff ""'jifEVK:.2w'1i4i7VV '- ,wg If , tw, ' Q " - , 3 ' N' -V 1 K0 ',K':V -, K . , ,Q-f. , 53,1 . . .V -.V-.VM . V V' V V--Vp . ' -if - . -. . - s -. .PK 3- " -Ki ,., V.. V .gui ' W- 'Q' . KK' ' W' - ' ' M 59,2 V 1 'T' ' K " , viii- .-K- -V f wg V . K Kffg KKKNKKQ. Kb has gp.. an K K, .K ,. A fig- Kg, V KK KK K - KK KK KK A fl KKK. KKKSK KKKKKKKKKKKKQ ,, , KKKKK K J A K K. KK ..K Q V K KKK K. K- K, KK K K., K KKK V, .M 1 -K V- LV. 1w:'1KVT'5.fK-V' . ' -nv Jf- , V. 't-g-'V V K ,Nag . V-K 51444. fr 'fy .. NK.. ' K, K V ., ' K rr, K H N , , f .VV .,,. - - K- K K K K - K K , f . fgj--'3 V2 ,K ff., . K A f M- ,.,iKj " , V WV 'wr K iijvna' , V - . ,K . -f' Q' , -- , - vo K . Vs' KK . ' K K -KKK, V K- ' K - . ' 1 -1 1, J-1:-V-,?ZQQj.E',---K K -5511511 f, V A V 5-'Kv ' ' . ' 'K sfgf'-v""f 'K ' 7K . 'F KW' 1- ,K A Km ' -g f f-7 . ' ' . K 5,1 VKK Kif-iff K. Ti' Q-ss. ,Ki - Q V KQK H5 . K -A h1,,V.K , A . KK :K KQKK.. KKK Q, K K KKK KKK K MK K -.V KK V- K . K .8 .K K M K KKKKKKKKKK KKK KK ,,V...K. K. , K K f 'K ...QHQKK 'f-Vw. , ' ,J .fa ,KK KVZV ' Kf i' H4 W -I , K 'K . V 'V ,K K K ' ' K ' V, V " KKK, K.. ..,,KK K. K, .V - K- -- . -KV Ks . K V' V ' .- V. , Q . 'fi V' L., sk V2 V v V - K' - . V- 'fy """' -E' - VJ... . .. ' 4' . V K" ' ' - V K Vu " ,-Yfffii KV 4' .. '-K,K..,'fKT'VK . 'mr 'K ...Nady 'Wi'-' - KK gf. .K ' - "HO K' :g,.V wb- .. -M-, . K K ,K . V 1 K 4 ,M ' .i 5 ' ,, wx "" ZVK - " K , Z.. 6 HK. , ' ,. . - K K - K- 0 'Q' -,K 'ff K' ' KKK 'KKK K .. Kggfaf, V: . ,, 'r -K V' gn -v ..K 1 -- ' we . KK . - .- KK ' , K N. ,V .K QV 1' k ... V ,, 'VK ' , ' K 'Kffi .,.,, , .., V ef ' ' N' A -KVL.,K , .- . -V. -,NK , V , 1 -4' "" V' ..s-i5.'KK. rj - 1 "1 .L ' V- ,, f v -' " f ' V . "... 1' f-W' " 1... VV Ki -' VP ,. 'V M. K, M 'Y V., KK ,... , ' -V r f , K Qffs.. '7 Q' .,. 4 .f KK - V V K .K . - ' . . ' V ' . '- , -K KK ju at V , ww mil, KKKK KK KK'-K" R . , K 'Tj KK X . K K , 5' W2 L' KV - -z K V -V nf-Km, W, 'ff,'fgsv5uQa.--- .. +'K,, . ,yu .. .Ng ,M-1 ' Ig , -+.. V ' ' . f- f 45 -V V ,...,f i,,,ff- 1, " W "':KK'KVV,.,,W" - .K .M ' K KK ' ' '1-- "9 f Y K' ' ' if I .- 'A K ' K ' iff" " . Km ' :--Si ' -V K 573' -. ,155 "ff ::-:K5?"f-5' , '+ QL, 1. ""'T K, K '-'is-1 .. .if .- fagfl K W ' , ,,,"-V V. ' VV,' WV V + V 'lg . " 'Whig K 'Y Sa' , ' if V-- 41 A . ek 'M V- -- ""' .. . ...fa..3N'--12 .. K f V., . , V. V,.,g5-1' , K A '- - J, ..K K W 1- 1 KKK. -- 3. K ,K K K K, K .z, ' 2 ' i Q Q 1' K af Q. ' K ' TROJAN BASKETBALL TEAM: Bottom row: Donnie Branscum, john Richmond, Steve Averitt, Stan Brummett, Cecil Wicker Top row Ronnie Finley ftrainerjg john Selig Cmanagerjg Mike Pyron, Charlie johnson, Don Sugg Edgar Williams Ken Dixon, Gregory Winston, Tom Butler, Mike Lowe, Charlie Hoty, Coach Happy Mahfouz Coaches give valuable experience Coach Happy Mahfouz, in his third year as head basketball coach at UALR, saw his fresh- man team suffer some heart- breaking losses during the course of the season. With the return of this year's lettermen, Coach Mahfouz is expecting a better year in 1971. Mr. Gran coached the tennis team to another successful year in the district. Marshall Davis a recent UALR graduate, is coaching the baseball team and is expecting a fine season. Dr. Beard again is well repre- sented as the UALR golf coach. Faced with the loss of key play- ers, he has overcome them to finish a fine season. Each coach at UALR is an integral part of the athletic program and each serves his respective team for the betterment of athletics at UALR. H. A. "Happy" Mahfouz Basketball Coach 1 ' 5 43' Y 57' fi W1ll1.1m frldll I cnms C oach , 5 , "M 'Y' ,Vin--v If Q M 554,-'U 2' 4. pi . Dudley Bc-11141 Trojans start season strong Big Edgar Williams, the answer to any problem at center, soars far above the crowd for a bucket at borne against Arkansas College. The Trojans go to the boards strongly here as Donnie Branseum lofts one toward the goal. 5532-.' :s a E Xi . s f mp as ss Q is 323 A six 4 SP Q Q has sa 'A 1 X SS- A I is ,ex fiiliys ,A Q ,- Ss ea B . ge X eggs S Wg Q35 ,E -W , ., glasses" 49" .....s........,, 3, In a game at McClellan High School in Little Rock, Donnie Branscurn drives around a distrangled john Brown University. Edgar Williams puts the finishing touches on a Trojan fast break. With a record of 8 wins and 15 losses, it was a year of gain- ing valuable experience for the freshman Trojan team. With three freshmen starting, the team lacked the necessary experience in tight spots. Many games were lost during the last minutes of the game. john Brown University threw up a tough zone defense against the Trojans at Siloam Springs. Donnie Branscum passes off for a better shot. Steve Averitt drives through enemy territory in a Clash with State College of Arkansas. Tom Butler gets set for a possible rebound. i. 'Qin The Trojans had a tough schedule playing teams such as Louisiana Tech, Southwestern at Memphis, Bellhaven in Jackson, Mississippi and all AIC teams in the state. The Trojans made up for lack of height with a hard driving offense and defense. Steve Averitt, averaging 20 points per game, gave a boost to the Trojan effort. With each game came more poise and experience for Coach Mahfouz's charges. When the veterans and fresh- men did put it all together, they served notice of hard times on future opponents. This season saw Averitt and Don- nie Branscum emerge as respected shooters and Gregory Winston joined them late in the year. A john Brown University defender is in the first stages of cramming the ball down Trojan freshman Gregory 3 4 , 2 Winston. f ayyr 1 lv ' I f M 1 ii , s Soulhpaw guard Cecil Wicker puts it up from the far corner. Edgar Williams stretches his 6-6 frame for a Clear edge on this rebound against Arkansas Collegc An example ol' jump-shooting form is provided here by Donnie Branscum. is 'M U LR golf team continues success The UALR golf team, coached by Dr. Dudley Beard, had another successful season. Coach Beard was faced with the loss of Tommy Head and John Lammers but found new players to take their places. With a tight schedule the team finished fifth in the district this season. The Greater Pro-Am Association of Little Rock has granted a 551,000 scholarship to be distributed to the members of the team. h k B h n, Mike Sullivan and Roger Van Golf team members are: Eddie Bowen, Bobby Rawn, C uc uc ana Dyke. Dennis Welch is not pictured. +355-:' If' .Fw l , . X 5 'is 4 0 . y .,.g,, , . 75 """ aaer e X 13' W -4 f , .,.,. . ni tw a , xii f as ' 'e QQ W. y !'.!b-6'v'4fj it l ra r E J. .rf ' , . ., X .,,,, J y 'fffffw .l1'wA:inmeff i aff'"?'?VAif1fs7'ge::g' . fi usilhf vii: Roger Van Dyke sharpens his pulling game. x Golfers Eddie Bowen, Chuck Buchanan and Mike Sullivan lulk about nialeli they will play. Tennis team captures District 1 singles and doubles I A Tennis Team: Standing: Lacy Morton, Loarn Forbess tmanageryg jeff Hart, Phil Mehlin. The UALR tennis team again won the District 17 singles and doubles championship. Phil Mehlin won the singles crown for the second year in a row. Ray Tucker combined with Phil to win the doubles championship for the second year. Mr. William Gran is coaching the tennis team. Mr. Gran took Phil and Ray to Kansas City where they played in the NAIC nation- al tournament. UALR players com- peted against teams from all over the nation. Mr. Gran announced that new tennis facilities are being built in the southeast corner of UALR. M Ray Tucker, jim Robbinsg Front: Larry Hopkins, Lacy Morton shows his form. X 'W V ,MM V J 'V . ,..,, , A af' JQQN e V x his Year' UALR I Haskins Played Well for Laffy - AIC le-am' Tucker serves against RHY L 3 wie 1 A f 'f f if ff s - 4 v -4 v --Q -4 -4 v 4 -s 4 nw--4 1 -4 ' ' ' v 4 1- A-Ma iw--Q 1 Q QVW9 s 4 4 4 v O GAL '+iss.svs1sv4.4,,,4 ,qw ' f 4 . v Q v Q Q 4 , 4 ,. 4 , 4 - s 1 Q 4 w . 1 , 4. ,, 4 ,gr 4 , 4 " 4 ' i if v 1 g 4 ' s Trojan Baseball Team: Sitting: Eddie Passini, Mike Oury, llc-nry Gilky, Mike Hampton. Kneeling: Paul Dillon, Ronald Sheffield, Dennis Roach, Ray Stuart, Ronnie Skaggs, Darrell Warlord, Larry Burnett. Sfd7ldl'Ilg'.' Johnny Bailey, Danny Whitt, Bill Battle, David Reinhart, Edmon Ashcraft, Ralph Tillery, Bob Stephen, Ralph Cagle, Randy Teague, Walter May, Coach Marshall Davis. , , a a t , , Davls beglns first year as head baseball coach After a slow start due to bad weather, the Trojan baseball team came on strong. Composed mostly of freshmen, this year's team was lacking in experience, but gained much later in the season. They finished the season with seven wins and 14 losses, the wins being against AIC schools. Dennis Roach, Eddie Passini, and Ron Sheffield made honorable men- tion in the NAIA polls. Marshall Davis is in his first year as Coach. Lusiw Trojan Coaeh Marshall Davis keeps the bunch alert on game strategy. Danny Whitt warms up on his high hard one before a home game at the Ft. Roots field. ,,,,...vv- ld a . 'L'-'N ..., 'H v ,f-- '- J' I ' -w'?53H'i'g1 Y" "N x A x It's time to dig hard to beat that throw to first base. i' ,ALJ A high fly ball is coming up if we can judge by the beginning of this swing. It's a high one and the catcher has to battle for this foul pop-up. AD NX K .. wed R A.. . . , E 2. , ' nv fwsw s N, . .. ..t. .iw .mx 'mi u rs-1 .,. 1 --is : ., ' f, -s X ,,, ,. X, -- ,,,, w- Q -X X. .ms 3 H t Cheerleaders boost school spirit Cheerleaders Suzanne Parks, Lisa Daffron and Tracy, the mascot watch game closely. The Trojan cheerleaders are the driving spirit behind the basketball team. They are well versed in the art of arousing the enthusiasm of the student body at games. The girls are chosen after several weeks of practice and try-outs. After their selection the girls spend a great deal of time learning cheers and preparing routines. Charlotte Semora was captain and Lisa Daffron co-captain. Shelia Hood Becky Kingrey wi Shelia Henson Beverly Bone K Ax ..1i. W. gi ,. 'bw' is xx X Nt x. . if sfigmf- Janel Wright 5 'Ei' Eh Ill' Y mwllllfllv . A nun' M Al' 'llll' 4 ' .1 J" 'wa u ll I I :un Vlllliilg a:llllllllllx uk!! "U wh ll! "'v- J" W '59 Suzanne Parks Jeanie Jones Charlotte Semora Lisa Daffron 'ri 337..'1'145""ff . 2. fr' ng, 1 f 1 f 41, If ' .. 51- if -V -.fsti --.-VQ.u .-., - X 4 4.f, -5 ,r.,.,,s- ',fr,.,. , Aisle J .. ,WM - VIH. , ,Sf ff, ,,k':-'ts , , V ww-3 Tl 'I 291' Q, fume, 'G 'flfff fsi ig. 4 4. -we ' WM is 3167 Intramural Football Champions: First Row: Frankie Taylor, Bob Halliday, Frank Hamlin, Steve Stoneg Svc-Und Row: Warren Weide- man, Bill Brown, Alan Faulkner, Ray Tucker, Eddie Cassaday. ' Agatha. , if -1 Intramurals 1970 Intramurals are an integral part of student life at UALR. It gives every student the opportunity to participate in various organized sporting events. Events ranged from basketball to bowling to bridge. A Sweepstakes Trophy is presented at the end of the year to the team with the most total points of intramural competition. Sigma Alpha Epsilon won the competition this year. Intramural action was hot during ff' basketball games. Q fi A 137 The "Soul Rangers" break from huddle with a winning play. .li .-. f' N eZee 'fe e Q 4 Dean Corley shows typical form ing football games. Competition tough for men's intramural troph Eddie Cassady streaks through the lines on the way to another touchdow ..-,, 5.4 ,ya fvwmi ' it 'Q' t ll,tt, ,E , -www .t NF' " ,: ..., 4 f 4 1555 if A. - t , N . N, -f . fl' 5 I , 5 -,.k K 'wi 2 K E, I M , at iiie f 5 ' ' K- ,,t- while officiat- n. ttt, ,tw '-f, L. . ,H """"' -'- i f ' - s t l 138 , ew V . ' " K - - ,jx ' at . fri 5 -N .s . , "' ' ini KZ if . ,,.k , Wm - W,,. ,,,tN,,n,, ..,, - , -N f Nr? an .A 1' vii The pass is nearly blocked as Sigma Nu puns on the rush. vs Rr 'z'v:4Q- , ' 'a 1,1 E Q 'MS'- D K --'w w .. fi is ,g ' , Bob McCorkle puts it down the lane intramural bowling. during yr., ! -ir , .V 139 Action was hot and fast during womc-n's basketball games. Spirited games mark women's competition Beverly Bone watched in amazement as basket is scored. 1- girls Ofli'll saw Ihv gzum- from 4lilKi'c'1'c-111 :mg E 4 4 A .. 3 W 0 4, mwnias- " Iii - .242 X. lik , .bi 1 'wfrfekf . 5' 2 5 , .ef Q' .X" f 3- ' - , .P ' A . .kb .Q 1' Q X fxyjwf kEfz5'a2--22:55.-,-1 ,ff S W, QW' ff L'2H'xIw1' f 55.If23H1fS!"f'1 If i' . 'S 4, W. ' Q P ,L . .i.lEIiElw,3f' "ifi:5W1i:f55'i I L Y fvg-fi? Q ii. it , :vegan-ssl' ,QM , . .. W., V. V, ,.,L. The Honorable X i ,, , - Winthrop Rockefeller I Governor of Arkansas The Univcwsity of Arkzmsas Bourcl of Trustees arc, Seated: Roy Ritter, D. P. Rainey, Dr. David Mullins, Leon Clzttlvtt. Standing: Fred Pickens, Dr. Preston Hzltllcock, lloward llorst, john XVilso11, R. Ll. l,. XVilson, Ill, Gc'o1'g'r' Shanklc, Tom Eisvlc, and Fred l'VO1'S2lllgC'l', vice p1't'siclc'11t for busincfss and scc'1'cLz11'y of thc Boat-cl. President of the University Dr. David W. Mullins Chancellor of the University DR. CAREY V. STABLER is this year completing thirteen years at UALR and his first year as Chancellor of the University. Born in Thorsby, Alabama, he received B.S. and lVl.A. degrees from the University of Alabama and the Ph.D. from Duke University. In 1965 he received an honorary LL.D. from Hendrix College. Selected as K'Creater Little Rock Man of the Yearv in 1963, Dr. Stabler is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and is listed in "WhoIs Who in Americaf' Professional and civic activities are as follows: Chairman, Board of Directors of the Little Rock Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, 1965-l96'7g president of the Arkansas chapter of the United Nations Association, 1964-19653 president of the Little Rock Rotary Club, 1965-1966 and Fellow International Institute of Arts and Letters. Dr. W. Q. .Cl00lJCI' l'liys1c'ian H. Tyndall Dickinson Pri-side-nl lVIc'Cc'orgt- Construction Co. i -- w 1. .'gQgg1,-will ini A .L -fa, HQ... Arnold C-Prcsidciit and 'llI'f'2lSl1I'6T' Sterling Stores, Inc. RWM !""" Louis Ramsay Prvsidcn t h . . .m.h Harold Engstrom jr. Rol liiigiiivvi' Arkansas Foundry X X X sk ts ' . 1 . Q eff Q XTI Chairman National Old D. Lowry ol' thc Board Lino Insurancc' Co .Dt-f '36-:'1':: si -1' Gus Ottcnlicinicr Ottcnhcimcr Brotlicrs Invvstmcnts John A. Riggs, jr. Prt-sidcnt ,-'guru , , gi N .1 asa. l . W... , YV .Q ZQ. , 'Z .fu . Q1 Ava va Qfflqt fi i l- .FR Wi- Hugh B. Pam-rson, jr. jarnvs H. Pcnivk Publisher Chairman ol' tht- Board A1-kgmgglg Cgalpm- YVorthc1n Bank and Trust Co. Hc1i'bc'i't C. Rultt, Jr. Svc rc-tary -T rea su rvr Limmons National Bank j. A. Riggs Tractor Company Manufafttircrs Furniturc Co. li. Craiiigcr Williams Prvsidt'nl Williams and Rost-n, Inf. awk-q,. .Q ...., . .. ..., . X . .... K 5 .u:..... J? i. . X : kk . L fpi.. ss-.4 A .f rj I Q' X K. QQ! K Ia rl R. Stout Rt'tirt'd as lVIanagt-r Alfoa Aluminum, Bauxitc' Edward L. Wright Al I c mrnvy . .X . Q 147 ,X ,. . f 1 3 X I 5 9 N gs 3' wt W 1 The Office of the Chancellor MR. NEYLAND HESTER is Assistant to the Chancellor. He re- joined the staff at UALR this year after an absence of one year. He holds degrees from Roosevelt Uni- versity of Chicago and Southern Methodist University. His publica- tions include MR. CHAIRMAN, a guide to parliamentary procedure. as mf S "N" MR. CARTHAL M. HARPER is Administrative Assistant to the Chancel- lor. He joined the staff in 1966 and is involved in working to obtain federal programs for the University. He is a graduate of State College of Arkansas and has done post-graduate work at the University of Colorado. MRS. SUE PINE is Director of Pub- lic Relations. She also serves as advisor to the TROJAN and to Hood and Tassel. She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, where she was a member of Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa. Mrs. Pine is president of the Little Rock Altrusa Club. SUE ANN BEAVERS serves as secretary to Mr. Hester and PHYL- LIS YOUNG is secretary to Dr. Stabler. l Wk Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 3 3 JY JANIS GEORGE is secre- tary to Mr. LaMar and KITTY RICHMOND is sec- retary to Dr. Fribourgh. 'vw DR. JAMES H. FRIBOURGH serves as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. He is listed in "Who.'s Who in the South and South- westw, "Leaders in American Science", "Who's Who in American Education", and "Arkansas Livesw. Dr. Fribourgh became Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs in September 1969, after serving as Chairman of the Division of Biological Sciences. Dr. Fribourgh is a vestry member of the Episcopal Church and a member of the Ouachita Girl Scout Council. He has pub- lished numerous articles in professional jour- nals, particularly in the areas of fish culture and emphryological basis of behavior. 5 ig c y MR. CHARLES E. LaMAR is Adminis- trative Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, having previously served as counselor, psychometrist and instructor in psychology. His degrees were received from Baylor University. He serves as Director of the Evening Division, Director of LRAFB Educa- tion Program and as coordinator of continu- ing education program. Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance MR. F. L. ROBINSON, Vice Chancellor for Finance, has served on the UALR ad- ministrative staff for thirteen years. He holds degrees from State College of Arkansas and the University of Arkansas and is listed in "Who's Who in American Education" and "Who's Who in Commerce and Industryu. Mr. Robinson is a member of the ad- visory council, Student Union Board and Commencement committee. Community activities include Rotary Club, Board of Stewards of the Methodist Church and treasurer of UALR's Wesley Foundation Board. MR. BURI, WESTLAKF, the UALR Accountant, is responsible for preparing all financial records and accounting reports. He holds the B.S.B.A. from UALR. ef' Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance 'I' cccn : I RXHX. -- I , cncn ' ll W f, ff MR. JULIUS SMITH is UALR's Director of Securny. MR. LOUIS DUELMER is UALR's Purchasing Agent. He is a graduate of Slate College of Arkansas. ii in Wi fi if t by 5 , 1 l s ft .1 Qf. ' yi W ff l J :Q Working in thc Office of Finance arc: Roberta Van Dcrliacglieri, Central Stores Supcrvisorg Este-ll Joshlin, Payroll Clerkg Norine Nc-wcomb, Machine Opcratorg Marilc-it Brc-wcr, Czisliicrg liinmu Iloldcr, Cashicrg seated Gloria XVrotc'n, Bookkc't'pt'rg Eleanor Krziw, PBX Opcratorg and Linclzn Sctnn, Sixers-- tary to Vice Chancellor for Finance. Mtww.. what , .m.."' "W ' wdw' 1-5 Edwin Kremers is the new junior Accountant at UALR Office of Student Personnel Services .it DR. ROBERT D. WILSON joined the administrative staff last year as Dean of Students. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of South Carolina, M.S. from the U. S. Naval Postgraduate School and Ph.D. from University of Mississippi. Dr. Wilson holds membership in Phi Delta Kappa, American Per- sonnel and Guidance Association, American College Personnel Associa- tion and National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. He serves on the Advisory Coun- cil, Academic Affairs committee and Publications Board. gl' 'Qi sang l ..,... A MRS. SYBIL ROBINSON is completing her second year at UALR as Director of Student Aid. A gradu- ate of State College of Arkansas, she administers all programs of loans, grants and part-time employment. Mrs. Robinson serves as presi- dent of the UALR Faculty Wives Club and is active in Delta Kappa Gamma and Phi Mu Alumnae Club. MRS. BARBARA TAEGEL is the Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Mrs. Taegel is sponsor of the Student Senate, Panhellenic, Hood and Tassel and the following committees: Women's Fraternity Relations and Student Affairs. Dean Taegel is a member of National Association of Women's Deans and Coun- selors, Arkansas Personnel and Guidance Association and Arkansas School Coun- selors Association. "4" 'K .5 . .. S .1 E, t tt.. . ,, y ,X I as .WN ' ' Working in the Student Personnel Office are: Mrs. Sue Aist, Secretary to the Dean of Students, Mrs. Dor- othy Mergenschroer, Secretary to Di- rector of Financial Aid, Mrs. Nita Allen, Receptionist to Student Per- sonnel Office. , Q X q,: Dean of Men, MR. JERRY D. CORLEY is completing his fifth year at UALR. He serves as Director of Testing, Instructor of Teacher Education, advisor to the Inter- fraternity Council and is chairman of Fra- ternity Relations and Athletics committees. Mr. Corley is a native of McLeod, Texas and received his degrees from Kilgore Junior College and East Texas State University. Professional memberships include Amer- ican Personnel and Guidance. '-rc"-vasgvggz 5, UALR Library MR. JAMES A. ALLEN is corn- pleting his fifth year as Director of the Library. He was formerly associated with Louisiana College at Pineville and LSU Library, Baton Rouge, Lou- isiana. He is a native of Alexandria and a graduate of Louisiana State Univer- sity. At UALR he is Chairman of the faculty Library Committee. Professional memberships include the American Association of Univer- sity Professors, American Library As- sociation, Arkansas Library Associa- tion, and Southwest Library Associa- tion. Library personnel are FAYE HUCKABEE Acquisition Librariang CAROLYN HUGHES, Library Sec retary FRANCES CANTVVELL Catalog Librariang CAROLYN EDELSTEIN, Catalog Secretary THELMA HUDSON Circulation Secretary MARGARET MOSER, Catalog Librariang KATHY ESSARY Acquisition Librarian SANDRA MORRIS Aquisition Secretary. ti :WV 'V , ..,,,,. ,, N ki V: .,,, , Office of the Registrar DR. DUDLEY S. BEARD has been UALR's Registrar for twelve years. He is a native of Mt. Vernon, New York. His degrees were earned at Mill- saps College and the University of Mississippi. In addition to serving as Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity advisor at UALR, Dr. Beard serves as a member of the Cur- riculum and chairman of Admissions committees and as the UALR golf coach. He is past president of the Ar- kansas Association of Collegiate Reg- istrars and Admissions Officers. 'F ........ I ..... J Working in the Office of the Registrar are: DIANE CHARPINCL, rc-ceptionistg GIGI MORRISON, recorderg BARBARA MAHAN, forms clerkg LINDA WELLS, transcript clerkg KATHY VAN HOOK, admissions clerkg seated MARY ALYCE BRIDGES, secretary to Dr. Beard. M' .3 as .... I f Computer Center CHARLENE ROGERS is Keypunch Supervisor and john Cozart is the Computor Operator. The computer center is a service depart- ment to the campus. Time is provided for students enrolled in the "Introduction to Computers" class to run their programs and some faculty members have begun to utilize the center for programming. PHIL ORAHOOD serves as Director of Data Processing. J Q Student Union 3' 3 ""' MRS. MAYBETH JOHNSTON is the Bookstore Man- ager. She attended Little Rock junior College and graduated from the University ol' Arkansas. She is a member of the Student Union Board and serves as Delta Delta Delta advisor. MRS. VELDA MELVILLE is serving her ninth year as Director ol' Food Services. As such she co- ordinates the snack bar and cafeteria programs. Mrs. Melville is a member of Student Union Board. Bookstore clerks are IIAZEL MCATEE, STUART TRENT and MARGARET CISCO. . ., I t ff'- M Y 1 11 . 1 W fn ii "W D' ill it v T ff S ' H , .Qi ,1:Q., 'VIE' . ' i. giziifji M H 1175! ' 'VQSEH' ,M M K, , ,sn us, W., a r L- 11 lf... . " X? .lla I ii! Q . leak BOB ARRINCTON is the Student l'n ion Supervisor. He is a l97O graduate o UALR. e kk S n,,,,4se4""""""'-'--as 1 3 4 X v - .L --M45-ffizffi. ' .1 -- zifitff 'L E lx Www ,me if 3 N .A . Q 5 R 2. 1' . , X' X:::. 5 S K. ,A.,. A 1- gr ? -x I ,gs ' A i X N K Qi em. 1 6. ,S U' ,L 9 gp .Ng. ,gf ., ,4-F -68 IWW wr X Y 2, : . 55? K 'v- as L s Division of Life Sciences DR. CLARENCE SINCLAIR is Chair- man of the Division of Life Sciences. He holds membership in Sigma Xi, International Association of Plant Taxonomy, American Association for Advancement of Science, American Institute of Biological Sciences, Ar- kansas and Missouri Academies of Science, and Botonical Society of America. He currently has a ten year research con- tract with Arkansas Power and Light for water quality data of Dardanelle Reservoir. The Water Resource Center has given him a grant for Ecological Background data from Dardanelle Reservoir. . .1 ,L A ft , , f . ,, -7 ,7. I i l KV V9 K ff Q' V!, T i Cf' 5- 4 gf, l " ' , I 1 md fy? 3' " 5 ADELINE BELL WILLIAM EVANS MARY ANN ,fs 5 r tggqwwiifa BONNIE GRANT Ingtruqmr Assistant Professor FOSTER Assistant Professor Nursing Biology IUSYTUCIOT Nursing Biology BENNIE JOHNSON LELAND MORGANS ROBERT WATSON Instructor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Nursing Biology Biology Biology student prepares slide for microscope study. Mgwvwmwm W 'ull' , ,mfMff""'W ' Division of Business and Economics DR. LLOYD W. BOWIE, Chairman of the Division of Business and Econom- ics, is a member of Iota Phi scholastic fraternity and has been listed in "Who's Who in the Midwest". Dr. Bowie works with Alpha Kappa Psi and Young Republicans on campus and serves on the curriculum committee and chairman of the Student Union Board. He joined the UALR faculty in 1961. He is a member of the Little Rock Ad- vertising Club, Sales and Marketing Ex- ecutives, Purchasing Agents Association, American Economics Association, Amer- ican Institute of Management and Amer- ican Management Association. .......-e-1'0" LLOYD W. BOWIE Professor Business Administration Today's Student Tomorrow's Businessman ff ? Q.-.f tw fa. Mr. Mercer presides over Business Statistics lab. ,J-he WINSTON C. BEARD Professor Finance JAMES BUTLER Associate Professor Economics LO RRAINE EWING Instructor Accounting B. A. HARDY Associate Professor Business and Economics JOANN JONES Instructor Economics GENE G. McCOY Assistant Professor Advertising INEZ MARTIN Assistant Professor Economics CLEO MATTOX Assistant Professor Business Education CHESTER MERCER Assistant Professor Economics RUTH POWELL Instructor Business Education ROY SMITH Assistant Professor Accounting ERNEST H. WHITE Assistant Professor Accounting F A if F' PSDIAXQX Division of Fine Arts DR. JOHN G. HUGHES, JR. joined the UALR faculty in Sep- tember, 1968, as Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts. Coming to the campus from Union University, where he had been since 1952, serving as head of the Department of Music and the Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts, he holds the B.A. degree from Southwestern at Memphis, the M.S. from Julliard School of Music and the Ph.D. from Florida State Uni- versity. Dr. Hughes holds membership in Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Lambda, American Association of Composers and Conductors. He has presented organ recitals in the east, south and mid-west and has conducted numerous choirs and choral groups. .... t K 1 1, :xii We ,LK T . . john G. Hughes Professor of Music Art Has Many Mediums ra A If UALR choir presents earoling program on local television station. X-' ,Q "J-.Tr ,,- Q-.,,.,-Y ' 1 , 4-my fb N 115 s v rv' ALVIN ALLEN Assistant Professor Art MARTHA BARBER Instructor Art JOSEPH CARNER Assistant Professor Drama MARGARET CARNER Assistant Professor Speech NED R. DEJOURNETT Assistant Professor Music FAYE DiMASSIMO Assistant Professor Speech JOSEPHINE GRAHAM Assistant Professor Art CLIFFORD HAISLIP Assistant Professor Spet'cl'1 WARREN KESSLER Assistant Professor Art DONALD KRAMER Assistant Professor Music SARA LOCKARD Assistant Professor Speech GLENN METCALF Assistant Professor Music IDA A. ROGERS Assistant Professor Art DOROTIIY SAWATSKI Assistant Professor Music DONALD WARMACK Professor Music MARGARET WARMAGK Assistant Professor Music Division of Humanities DR. HAROLD I. WOOLARD is completing his fourth year as Chairman of the Division of Hu- manities. Since 1957 he has served as Registrar, Dean of Students and Dean of the University. His birthplace was Stillwater, Oklahoma and his degrees are from Southwestern College in Kansas and the University of Denver. Dr. Woolard is listed in "Who's Who in American Education", is a past president of the Arkansas Cho- ral Society and serves as a member of board of directors of the Arkansas Festival of Arts. ' Professional and community interests include the Kiwanis Club, Masonic Lodge, Winfield Methodist Church and Pulaski County Health and Welfare Council. .mm-mt. . 1? C95 ssfr ef' HAROLD I. WOOLARD Professor of Humanities Classics Key To Humanities Ng, 14 .a V fs. I faxsk - 'tt Recordings aid lllllgllligl' stntlt-nts in stndics. . , A -4' .gtk - hx -ss g R Q 'N, A, A-in wif A I . 'du-I K , 5 . Liv rw V4 I s Q 0 x 1' s..,.r" s sank i X 493 bs Q-Q l- ! . Vt bv' f It vi I 4 I if. e ' if I I it I - . MARYIXN BRADY Assistant P1'ol't-ssnr English I.l'CII.I.E COLAIANNI Assistzxnt l'1'oft'ss01' Iilillgllllgl' ROSLYN DONALD Assistant P1'0l'c'sso1' English RALPII EBERLY W. G. Cooper jr. Professor of English CECII. EDGINGTON Assistant PIIJIDVSSOI' English ELEANOR FRANCIS Assistant Pmlttssot' English RICHARD FROTIIINGHAM Assofizttt' P1'ol't'sso1' Philosophy MARILYNN KEYS Illhllllfltll' English AIOHNYIQ MATIIEWS Associzitt' Pt'0lk'ssot' English MARYAVIS PARSON Assistant Profc'ssor Igttlgttzigct EIIIZAISETH RIISIIING Assistant Pl'OIXl'SS0I' English BART WALSII Assistant Profttssor English Division of Physical Sciences and Mathematics DR. WILSON J. BROACH is Chairman of the Division of Physi- cal Sciences and Mathematics. He is also a Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Broach is a member of Sigma Xi honorary science re- search organization, the American Chemical Society, Arkansas Acad- emy of Science and Alpha Chi Sig- ma. He holds degrees from Hender- son State Teachers College and the University of Arkansas. He serves as co-sponsor of the Chemistry Club and has written a workbook in general chemistry. Committee assignments include the curriculum committee. 2 , i , R mf. X 9 t 213 I fl S R S 5 5 f WILSON J. BROACH Professor Chemistry Infrared Spectrophotometer Aids Advanced Chemistry Students -,x uf.. , If-3. th? N 'Q I -so f X affix gvs ,f qw. Nw Q .-9:1 Electrical engineering students learn from doing. 397 A 1-4- ff K M "' TA BILLIE BROACH ' Assistant Professor Chemistry , ROBERT CROMWELL A - Q Assistant Professor Engineering ' I EMILY FLEMING A, i Assistant Professor Mathematics .xxx-ivy' ' ' JAMES FULMER I Q fi Assistant Professor Mathematics A JANET GARDNER Y . Instructor Chemistry if WILLIAM E. GRAN Instructor Physics A CAROLYN HAMILTON Z Instructor Mathematics , Q r. Q CHARLES HARBISON Assistant Professor Mathematics 1' ' I, ,U' J in I Z D HOWARD HODGES R Assistant Professor Chemistry 'as hi ' ttt a I JOHN HODGES Professor Mathematics T f I 5 -M n If JOHN MOONINGHAM g IQ Assistant Professor Mathematics 1 Nifffi FRANK SETLIFF I I- F L M ' Assistant I rofessor Chemistry jAMES B WEYRES I I Assistant Professor Engineering ww Division of Soc1al Sciences DR. BEDFORD K. HADLEY, Professor of History and Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences, holds degrees from Friends Uni- versity and the University of Texas. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, Sword and Shield, Rotary Club, Arkansas Historical Associa- tion and Southern Historical Asso- ciation. Prior to coming to UALR in 1961 he served as Dean of Men at Bethany College and was on the faculty of Northern Illinois Univer- sity and Pan American College. mm yv L if R'-i A""7'5' il THOMAS BAKER RICHARD DIXON GEORGE DYER KATHERINE JONAS KAYE Aggigrgim Professor Assismnt Professor Associate Professor IIARDIE Assistant Professor History History Political Science Assistant Professor Psychology Anthropology CALVIN FRANCES ROSS HAROLD SMITH WENDELI. DAVID L. WOOD LEDBETTER Assistant Professor Assistant Professor WESSMAN Associate Professor Professor History History Professor Psychology Political Science Sociology ' 'fe-N Q E fmix iw. ' f as f islam ? Division of Teacher Education DR. MAURICE R. DUPERRE joined UALR this year as Chair- man of the Division of Teacher Ed- ucation. He is a member of Phi Delta Kappa, American Association of Uni- versity Professors, American Person- nel and Guidance Association, and American Association for Higher Edu- cation. He holds degrees from North Texas State University and the Uni- versity of Texas. He is the author of several publications on higher education. MAURICE R. DUPERRE Professor of Education Students Gain Classroom Experience J, WJ' Education students find practice teaching re- warding. Laura Carroll seems to enjoy her bowling class. MARSHALL R. FLOYD DAVIS HABERKORN ROSE BERRY Instructor Instructor AJAME5 IEIAEJL Professor Physical Education Education Ssoglate I0 esdor Education Physical Education BETTY JO HOWARD HAPPY MAHFOUZ STEPHENS STEPHENS JOHN TORBETT Instructor Instructor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Physical Education Physical Education Education Physical Education .L r Y y lst , , A L ,lv if ik -::" flue? ..:,. ' 1, iiipii ' 'Q ,,," ti I P f ll s sf L 232. ' at . X L , I tyly 6 , it 25' ,qs Mgg. . t J,-M t Q- t K- A I y Art students work on oil paintings as projects Drama students learn the art of make-up WW I KM WMM Musical instruments create diversions from school studies Learning to speak French requires many hours Music department presents caroling ,KX Q 45 55' AY wir.. tasks. st, III ff!! Business students hear many great lecturers UALR indoor swimming pool completed W .f F --I fgs 1 T tN n or t t s Q .... .A A n Q. 4, . : A v WM WM i Q . . pgh P! , esrs t q es , ,et,n J M, " 4: .2 h Cl Students learn with tools of science - f ' e ,MM A H , , N3 , lllfflfi 1 K 4 5 ' v ,f:, i, K- ,A College years most rewarding experience .-.f fgle e i Neeeeee 4 er X ek 3 181 ,, YY, , il1 31? All business students are familiar with typing class The biological fields are well represented at UALR ,f rj 435 ,ia ,Y .FK ig 'f ig 3 A - lv, 8 . . 1, , -Q E3 ik 'J ' iw iw Ye-I 3, , . ,wa , ,,., .. x X Q fl :Qan- . ff, S 1"W'ff. -5 "' an wffw YQ 4 K 3... QE, 55 ,I gn 5 gfgfsyw yy, , 'gf V 1. fp 9 , ' 5 ff -f U .1 was 1 1' vs ww, ,I . Q , ' , 4fgff' if ffm v L 'A I L 5 gm' Rig! MA: ,1 - "M A7 'fu ' QQ " ,4 'AMBf,z, 5" A ' . f W F ' 'f "" A fs ix, .V ,KY ,. W ,,, ,AAV 5 S V ,Vg A ,f-vm 1 xXiF::J2fj . ,i , , My . I T? . X F f , X sz. , K ' Z! K I 5, Q, Vi R, A QM. 'Q 1 ff Kf J ' 1 , fa' 5'1" - if V ff .' - ' Z...?f . L ' Q . 2 ' Q ' 3- f fp 1-L 5 A 'L A ff, LH- Lgfili , Q53 A L33 ' , 2 tk ' fi ' 'W ff X ffbgif Q x . ' 4 WSW' , 77 5 1 iv M. ' i, ,,kk f , S X Q K lr h ' f' gkfg, ZA f 5 lb' . Q- VV .Vg fi r pw, , ' , Y - 79" ,gl 1 . Q 13,31 ,-km , 2 1 R H bw .A.., X- K X - fag, , f . 2. ,Q S r ,W - m QQ K 1 V- .Sf - X K , - , , :nf f A Q ,' ga ,ff A x sm,-. - W 4 'Zp,A"..j.,p ' , 'S+' 'Q sw -"' i X f W-Sa 3' H.-Q .' X ' , ,., - , ' V f L A 4"' " v ' J: ug, K '- N' " W: . 9 A A , K If ' w f -Q fx ' H . Q ' Q Avg , h 3, , b P W 1 5 i f wif' 2 M A as .. x . .L , , . . i , h Hgh, A N. , , A ,K L. K. . A ,,, . AEM . QW Q f . Af .. fu . . , , 1. , 'M Q f' H- ig , 5 ' ' 3 K, f , . ,,. f. ff - W ' fig ,x , L- I we V L15 . .,:! .xg!2 LY v L N, iw in I ' 1 A J . 231smsa,..Q 4 ' R . X I Bobby Adams john Adams Chester Anders Mary jane Atkinson Rita Atkinson Don Ayers Buddy Bailey Gay Bard Carol Ann Barlow john L. Barnett John M. Barnett William Battle Paul Baxley Barry Beck Elizabeth Berg Bessie Bernard Dennis Berry Florence Blair Ann Bledsoe john Bloudworth Don Bona Lynda Bowers Bob Brasher Jerry W. Brinegar Then of course you can take plan B and be a two year senior just like me. First UALR Graduates In 1970 Ray Brown James Brumback Pat Buckmaster Jerry Bullock Robert Bunch John Buratowski jim Burley Linda Cassil Galy Caudle Bill Cecil Rosalie Cheatham Paul Cheek ward", ,fs .w""" ' ,ff , H I I I ff A 1 V M ,f Troy ChurChIH2lH Ron B. Clark Brenda Cole Steve Collins Pete Cooper Rel B. Corbin john Cornwell James Craig Robert Crossely Thomas M. Cumnock Pat Daniel Charles Daunis ge A-K' ff? , si' PN .. k.,, lm., M, -my . M In f-6 ,Q ..-f 4' , '1 M 65 1'wP?f3v1mff -if I' 2 " X 'F if 188 W " 1. Charles Davidson Alma jean Davis Francis DeGrasse Doris Dennis Gary Detherage Gary Dooley Dixie Douthit William L. Doyle Danny Dull Daryl Dungey Angela Edwards Thomas Evans Stan Falk Mary jane Farquharson Rogers Faust Nancy Felton ',. ,f if n y 4 'g L 'Z 1- 1 ll' 5-' .QM "" Ginny Felsek Dorothy Gates fs swfv- 5 M Y' .Ieanene M. Fish Marilyn Glenn Dave Greenbaurn Mark Gross Delores Handy Joyce Harms Sherry Harness Gary Harper jeff Ilart Larry Haskins Sandra Hayley Tom Head Jerry W. Henbest David O. Henry Randy Herlocfker Rocky Hestes Carroll W. Hickman James Hill ,f"? su'-Q ' Ks f D X Erie Fraser Don Frost Stuart Frye jodell Garnnnn Mary Golleher Marolee Crabiel Larry Grace P21111 Graves 'E-',."" bfx I ,I 5 ' ff',1'l Ili W9- 4'-5? K-NJ 'CMV .J f SX 41' l M Alan Holland William Hollis - Vicki Hufsrnith Judy Humphries Mike Hutcheson Walter Hutchinson Larry Jennings Elizabeth Jetty Angela Johnson Janie Johnson Jeanie Jones Tom Jones Seniors Lead The Hai Ryong Joo Judith justiss David Kinley Kay Koehler Kay LaCaze Patricia LaMar Donna Lansdowne Charles A. Lester Linda Lewallen Nancy Lyle Carolyn Lynn Larry Mahar Larry Martin R. S. Martin Glen Alan McClung Linda McDade Sandra McDonald Sherry McNeil Ralph Milholland Mary Alice Minirth am Charlotte Moore Leatha R. Morrow I o Q-A P SB :Q .,., ,til E3 ,za :ly K X N oak 5 M--,,, as E an . X s l list 5 it S' S N .. . .- Y N 5582? wi F 5 ll N 'fi gil 5 C 5 K HB C o.Jo,Q.o, E is ' K , l Seniors Reflect The Mary Moore jim Munns i n f K if .ir I Qree if All ' .. . ,fl e e 3 f"' VN! A 1 Q !""X MQ, im RQ ,Q li le , . ., . ' ,,. R e lk nxt f f ...'- - N x I Carolyn Morris Becky Myrick .. , X i n jg Eels fs.. .... ' ql A Wk M,-ff ex Past 2 ,lore MQLLLS 1 .7V3lQUP Morris George New Randall Newcomb Young ja No William R. Norris Keath Norlh Joe Nunn james O,Hara Carolyn Ort Mike Oury Bong H. Park Carol Parker Ted Parkhurst Henry Parr jane Parson janet Pate Rosalie Patton Jeanette Perdue Ronald Perkins . . . . and Look To The Future JD hu ,5 'wiv , ' 1 ul' 1 ,fa I Marsha Perrine Linda Poindexter Mary J Ramsey jerry Rayburn Linda Rister Alice Rives Marjorie M. Roberts Raungdej Rojanadumrong Carol Rosser Opal M. Russell Walt Schiermeyer Donna Schreffler Gwen Sheffield Richard Shull Ann Shultz Sandy Shumard Becky Simpson Phyllis Slaton Charles Smith Gerard Smith fly' rn. M , 9 mf- K nk .. n 4 vi. iw' jim Porter Janet Rector I, y xg ,, I .- v X few Q 'wmM'fi' ' K nw: 1, . 4 1 1-5: nf fu 'Q I 41 , " W aj, .W A I in Qi, : 'Q Sigh! oii"Estaaq"r 1' 8-pf' .1122 M , , , .. Q -L. gag.. .' 42,5 it ' Le , I ' I. . . . ' ' 'WSE-r .. 5' ,. 0 ft":. -li" - IN 'NW ,.,.- .QW 1 a Shelia Primm Loquita Reed ly y Vl,p,,.' - fv"'5,A frnf, ' -any vw. , ,kyy X as . ' L, if - j ,M K ,nu H , K ,,53f'f71J55f 5.,f"f'f . . J V V Q , , l H ,V V0 ,A ,1g,, V i M egfm - L, .f ,Q fffmiffsfrsfffii 1 . aaa:-2 - .. , ,Q 55 Mike Pyron Hugh G. Quenin Robert j. Richardson Evan Ridlon Q,- -.. 1 l , 'tv- ,Qi s x 'mr' fliiufu ii iii J S ' I+ 1 S 'W , W 'fl' ..,, I at- S W ' rtlly rrtl i S i lt ' 4 'M' ' t, F" M it f 5 . A if if ,J aww Q 'U' Q , Linda Smith Naomi Smith Stella Smith Gary A. Sorrels Curtis Steele Charles Sterling David Stewart Vicki Straw ADorothy Lee Suggett Carolyn Sundberg Carol Tabor Larry Haskins, Men's Senator, Carol Tabor, Women's Senator and Raymond Weber, President Senior Class Officers f V - 113 Q is 'A .,,, . K 'A 2. '11, ' .7 ' f-2: ,Q X 3 -gy, 1 fry! gi xv! il, Af' . ,, Q ,, ,, , 1 'OM Barbara Taylor Margaret Trammell Caryl Tullgren Billy WaldfOH Marvin Walker Tony Wallace Dennis Welch 7' james M. Wells dr Mary Westerfield Kelly R. White Patience White 2 Danny Whitt Morris E. Williams . ff 4 I I B ,Q xx f l lv f L M. Anne Williamson A Robert Williamson Y-- ' ' t. It, , 2 11 wb, 7 David Wi lmot-Freedman A f Ada Wilson Carolyn Wilson Jerry Wilson Sharra Wilson 1 ' ,Q vi A I Mary Wingfield Michael Woodfin k y X Donald VanCleve Sandy Veches Katheryn Walden Thomas S. Ward Raymond Weber Warren Weideman 624' fi' 'W M-fr' 5 ,as 1 R :I R , an-1' V i f i ' ' if Betty Woodruff janet Yarbrough Mike Young Porter Young Leslie Zauf O Senlors And Play Work .... Doris Alexander gdixwatavrrfsiinitf' Ronnie Asbury John Bailey Sherry Bain Libby Barnett William R. Bell Dan Bennett Gary Bennett Joal Benton Gary Bettis Diane Bew Mike Blackwell Steve Boehning Virginia Booker Dan Boswell Elizabeth Bowles james Bowman Pat Boyd Donnie Branscum Jimmy Bransford Jack Brashear Erma Bridges Eva Brown Paula Burton Tom Butler Glenda Cale Hugh Campbell Tommy Carmichael Gary Carpenter Mary Alice Cearley Daryl Chase --1vrsnfT IZX Michael Childers Terry Clyburn Kathy Cochran issy oeman Tommy Comstock Berkley Copeland Glenda Copeland he Year of Q , 'WZ s f iieii sirr ' H ' V cf 5 Ei' -'i fl hange A J M 1 'K' X A 1161 C' ,, t WA 4' L f 'W -MA iff, 5 ll fr' 45-'Y 5 1. 5 K .ofa ,qi X.. ff' 1 X51 , . . Q "Z faves f'2'Ql'l M ,fn J' ., , 4 'U' . E! f " -r A V- ' ' , 231, ,g'.2fsfIf"e-- ,f'-vw N"'v"""' t "yin-:Qw.f1,"N"f"l'1' 1 ASE ..f-,..s1w'm'l'm r - -all K xg--5. 'Q iff' "KK V Q: ... ,gi ff - -54 ' hz .-str " 1 ,Q K L ii W. as T W I ka! V -g,:' 1 Y' swf F' TQ ' ' , . f ? . , X , . I f J Q I 1 its jk 5 H 5 uv' -1 K il sf .J wx 6... ws' 'X 'M L .f- fi .... 1 t f' ' 0. f'-A ,, . , .. ,G K -rf, ,, . " 1, Milli ' A+- 5 L ir- fs -lf is -t ark ' l t .1 'sf .ff , ,QQ fllx 1 ll t Q ,gy I f . ...,,., 1 if-if 1- f fs rf.. ,. f- . -X fr. .15-. , Ky. 'Q 0' . W C - - R ...,,- an VW'l ' , ll 11 . ' Q 534' 4 M 2 V -4!fL , L Avg . . K +R' ., V3 . i'fil-sw-,, ,L I 5 ine. fx. as Nm 'pp 6-la w,- 'tw l, Ak , ' 'a., Et rf R E' . N t ' y K 5 ,5.1,W?t2 as Q Q L Y K A a bg . A , M t ig ',f , I - 'I' 11 3, in i'-fit: 'ft - 1 Ray Cox Judy Crain Eleanor Crawford Jeanne Culberson Chris Dales Brenda Dare Rick Darling Glenn Davidson Diane Davis Kathleen Delyles ess D' aul Dillon Helen Dixson Cynthia Dorsey joe Drompp Charlie Duncan Mary Ann Dunn John Eades jo Ann Ellis Richard English Judy Eudy Dorothy Farmer Larry Farmer john D. Fisher Thomas Fitts Dale Fowler julia Fratesi Suzy Garrison an y Gates Rudy Gates Alice P. Gathright Carol Ann Gem Quinton S. Godsey Gertrude Grandison Wayne Greathouse Kathy Hackler Taffy Hain Robyn Hall David Harrison Betty Heard Danna Hearn Kathy Hearnsberger Ka thy Hendricks Berch Henry Studying never stops Many hours spent with books Lenora Hinson ,- - as Jeannie Hill in Judith Hill J l Julie Hodges ' L. It It j -, , fi if K' :' 'xt X ff? 3 1. i rt? I' -5 ,Mm 3, it lxg Z r S s ' , Maiiffifir l 'Q lr 'YE' if, lv is Sharon Hopkins g - ,Q Bvkgng It ,Q gf A' ,A YQ? zt, ffl J , E W ,Vi A L if J. D. Horsey Q, . - I , Jacque Housley 1 fl J . 534. Nancy Ivy lf" A -, M Q M LV , Phillis Jackson " J X 'df ly Danny K. James r . . - John James r Debra Jennings 1 , f. i Q.. Warren C. Jones . .W J Michael Kaczka 1 Janie Kempner .f' Agnes Kendall Gary Kinney fi 15 Donna Knight -if J. Jeff La Caze N . "W Llewellyn Leigh , 2 1- , s , ,fi- Rebecca LeMaster J J , M' Mark Linde .W 5 Carl Longinotti N' Bobby Lord Nancy Luptak Q 'ns Y ' V ' ' V1 L ,tz 'be 'K , . , E LLL , ,mm . .X A gifs ta ' A jg A 1' "' . SW CN A i as at 1 L lfff' 'I ,,- T . f L., .7 . Q., .mg ky law! vs. Rn W. is ,W vs 4- 115 Pm 'tai 'H rw flew gt-may , ,,,. :fs .5 wa.,-V -b X .Q x X I AW 9 'La 1, t wwvsilfuy K 3, ? EQ ,. A it E ati I . I ,...... 1- i in A - f U ,wi Y F ni ws. Q -.4 in I y Y 1 as . , 1 ' i rr. AQ if ii N t s A A 1 ff' 5-'K W N. S N -:sr X -the 1 K 3 ,,,s fri' 'K isnt y 4 L 1, , Q . 1 .-.,- sf 5 in F ' . fri' . 'A I N ,H - " V - kk: ,f if . - -W gg . ' 1 -if M, . Hi .:.f W ,R . 1 1 is .I 1 - P t K T :J - il A A x ' ' ,x jf' M , C-'T , - K N f .1 , Q ""' S- ve ' K I, X M! hw' . ir- .- is ,, nf 70' fi I gi l 1 K i K K ... iq M . - .. D EQ W 1 P " 'X .5 ' 4,348 . 1 1 1'-i lq .int P yy. sq 10' QQ' Sheryl Macon George Mallory Apiehart Marneenate :Mary Lou Martin Kf5Ev'fE'1xEri'5n'm Susan Mashburn Rebecca Mathis Becky McCormick Raikes Anne McCrary Danny McDonald Richard D. McKibbon Alan McWilliams Mike Middleton Phil Miller Dennis Mills Pam Mitcham Roger H. Molder Linda Morehart Betty Muench Garvin Myhand Glenda Nelson john Newstrom Marlene Newton John Norrell Reyda O'Dell Cathy Owen Hao Shang Paknawan Juanita Palmer Joseph Pasierb Barbara Patton .-,-,,..i.. john Peters , Loralieigh Phariss Willis M. Ponder Dick Powers Burma Prennace Norvelle Prewitt Larry Prince Rankin john Ree Patsy Reinier Mary Reinhardt Mary jane Riegler Rebecca Robertson Rita Robinson Ann Russell Geraldine Sanders Richard Sanders Sandy Sanders Tom Savanapridi john Selig Paul Schleiff Jane Schlumberger Sharon Schmidt Eric Shubert Susan Shively Kathy Shubert Jeanie Sick Pamela Simons Bill Simpson Sandra Singleton Mark Smith Robert Smith S bil Smith Roland T. Stanley Coy Smith 'S..L....,-.. jack Stephens -N.-..- lVl1ke Stevens Charles Stewart William Stocker Steven Stone Michael Sugg Gary Suggs Bill Suitt Lexie Sullivan Marsha Taggart Peter Tan David Taylor john E. Tebbetts ayne Thomas Don Tlllery Stuart Trent Karen Turner 9f'lI5'y7'THEE'i' William Vande ver 1 . ..-f' 3 it Q ,X , 'fi ' S l 3- ' Nfl: J , l l S N ' yr .rzz I N V Q . ' A", i A St T f is W 4 XY lk irr VV , - in I -I 'W-f 1,, "bl-gr!! V 4 A U 1 L , Q 4, AX -Zi- n11. My x 4 Q., -' f h Robert S. Thornton Q f , ' . , 6 r , ' V f B f' P I , 1 R ,jig , Carol Vick William Waddell Bob Walker Patricia Wallis David Williams ,fgij 'sf V, .f---' ' S5437 rf L J My i lx I' Q . A l v john Norrell, Men's Senator, judy Eudy, Women's Senator, and jimmy Bransford, Junior Class President Gloria J. Willis Lee Wimberly Peggy Wimberly Wes Wimberly Barbara Witt Frances Wittenburg Linda Wooldridge Larry Worley Beverly Wright james M. Wright Amanda Wunnenberg Rita Wurtz Frank Zakrzewski junior fficers Show Leadership Ability Sophomores Adjust to nlverslty Life Henry Abrams Kunchai Anatasomboon Ann Anhalt Lee Bailey Marlene Bailey Bobby Baker Katherine Baker Bill Barlow Roger Bartlett Jack Bass joe Baxter Patricia Bearden Liz Bernam Ramon G. Berry, jr. Allen Best joe Binz Bobby Birch Charlene Black Eddie Black Timothy Bodishbaugh David Bolick james Bowers Debi Bowman Nancy Bowman Terry Bray Phyllis Brewer Bruce Brooks Bunny Brown Carol Brown Dennis Brown Edward L. Brown, jr. Rita Brown john Browning Florine Bryant Chuck Buchanan Larry Burnett Linda Bush Carolyn Butler Wanda Bynum Nat Calhoun fi u. ' K.. I fir- 'Vw 2 T N , 'VS U. .. I . 'XV , ,mn V .f fy Atrb am. ,lf , 1 mf' K 05' f nf 6 g im i N 4... ,-A N W. I gl I 'rr' , pm ,W S 'V ' e , Q . sw, f Q fe: EQ Q. J , lr 2 g I is 4, I' Xt, 4' if ,VX f 11 ,tw Iggy, f L -HU, 5 M a, fr' 5 Q A I x ' - +9 , gk" L.- 6 x " N off 6 4 1 nr-A . W? is -A Www 4' G' M I um fy nu X if ' 4 ' 1 V -Q t, 'G 'M' n ..... 'Z " ,J xi' f x 4g QM' E fi xii VA t L, ,,mXu 1 wg Q, ffl f-sa 4- Nhw f www, f f ,,,,, f f"ww . Q- 'Q Q' fu,r " all '5.x"!"4 Y r m ay Lia? 4' fn S I 1 rw- e X x f A, fw .gf g My f, 'vi . Q, , ..-g fr Lh- ,f , , 'fl 4, A jf, , 'vx A xg' if ,,Vb . V A Qi ':" ' A . " 1 Q, .1 ff I 632 ,,, as 'P Mike Callahan Rickey Cannichael William L. Carpenter Laura Carroll Larry Carter Sybil Casey Paul W. Cheatham John Childers Mary Ann Clark Renee Clevenger Venita Cobb Gary Cochran james Collar Mary Lou Collar Curt Comfort Lisa Conley Brenda Cook Chris Cook Sharon Corder Paul Craig Miriam Cummings Stephen Cumnock Jim Cunningham Lawrence Dade Lisa Daffron Randy Davidson Helen jane Dean Stephen Deaton Kathy Dickens Larry Dickens Mike Dobbs Debbie Dodds Dwight Drennan jim Driedric Jim Dudley Linda Duncan Steve Dyke Catherine Eckford Jerri Farmer jan Fischer Becky Fogle Gary Fort Susan Foster Katherine Fowler Cary Gaines Billy Garner Mina Gaston Betty George Jan Gilchrist Richard Givens janet Glover Patricia Goodman james Goodwin Steve Greenhaw Terrie Gregory Diane Gross Robert Guenther Gail Hale Milton Hall john Hardwick Fred Harris Rebecca Harris jan Harrison Bernetua Hayes Margaret Hearnes Dale Heath Mac Heird Nicholas R. Hendricks Kenneth Herndon Richard Highley Perry Hill Sandra Hill Steve Hirtz Velina Holloway Mary Kathryn Holmes Claudine Holt Sheila Hood Patti Hooper W. F. Hopper William H. Huddleston jerry Hudgens Pamela Hundley Rosiland Hunter Gail Hutson Glynda jacks Morteza jarakha Sandy Jernigan Charles Johnson Don johnson Elimbeth Johnson Sv f ls . if iggt gtg? E " 'F 'G , . Q.. . , if . A, wt .gg ty it 1 et, 1. - i .. Y, . x gs, . .,tT K Y x div Qs if g . ig 6' A .. 2 N, . 1 . -. -fp' .L , .. ,W 51 , S . eee K. y g-f3 irfw E' . Q .Q f ,ff fo m J' , wky .ft n' "' M- 4 ggi -'Z Msg Q 'B' rf in K ! . n U XX "X ' 'M KM. Xt. 1 ei .A ,f tk xv v fY,. ,, z . W In K, r,3f,.5 413' 7 A 'S ,fx ,fi , V is if eg ,--1 X 1 yy .W y , ,K ' "V ss. - T new r- A -. w Q' 2 A ' l 'ij L fs: gi 'U ,, as as A J J' . xx - 1 af , L sy gg , E' 3 t . if , Z5 5 t 'X as i vw- 'gx Y' 'P 1 x il is S K, 2 , 'Q ,E ' 'Y as l' 1. v ag 3' R - . p... li A .-6. . '- jtf. s . iff"-iffiii K :A , 'xii' if yr I 1 at an .f li, t, -- ' I 5,-a"s..2:w1:f 1 "W if A - 9' Q., Qfl J ., ., , V , K , ,. Fr an ff , t, Q.., S -S3 53.4. ' mf N .W s is S S V L rv kk. E . iiw ic A i ,ft , ff! " nl .,x, X s,- M YA N5 -v-" L it sl? LT' " 'Nwzf-ff I7 'A ,v 4-5' 4 X K .x Mary johnson Richard Johnson Ron johnson Alexia Keith Lucille Kelley Torn Kelley Robert Kennedy Alan King Sharon Koch Stephen Koon Robert Koonce Bill Lackner Virginia LaGrossa Thomas Lamb David Lee joseph Lienhart Karen Ligon Sheila Lockridge Sherry Lowe Russell Mathis james Matthews Harvey Massa Becky Massanelli Mary J. Marks Gary May Mal May Wayne B. McBride Kathleen McCarthy Maureen McCarthy Karen McClain Ronald McConnell -i+L.. Melanie Bob McCork1e Debbie McCoy J McCoy Laverne McNulty Sharon Middlebrook Henry Miller James Miller Gloria Mooser Cindy Morgan Eugene Morris Charlotte Mosley Lynda Murdock Stanley Musick Margie j. Nash Gwendolyn Nelson Peggy Nestrud Sandy Newton Karen Norvell Rita Joyce Nunn Harriett Nutt Phillip Owens Dorothy Palmer Becky Parker ' rish Roy Pearce jane Philips Karen Pipkins john Powers Stanley C. Presson Dennis Price Carolyn Pritchard Ann Pruniski Donna Pyles Mary Raley Diana Redd Roger Reeves Vicky Reid Kay Renshaw Dolores Reynolds Edward Richard Sandra Ricketts John Riddle David E. Rinehart Ronald Roberson Michele Robichaud Answorth Robinson Henry Robinson Margaret Rossi W J. W. Roy john Rule Michael Rush Cheryl Rutledge Sermsak Sanguanruang Claudette Scales Patrick Jo Scott Kay Seay Mathew Sego Debra Shannon 'X as 5 -wr Q. Q. . c 6- 1 kk 9 fPx 1 ,G -, .- f QL. - tttt f - 59' of L sf""i?1o-f , g f A fr 1, sl at ff, tsyg I yg xggg fl TQ L4 L ff Y A, . l li s ffl ff -3 ,,, A rr-f' Qi W1 rf YL, x X s .- M., f' ' i P 4 ' kk Wi V I if S 1-' ' M I 'vs f" P I -- 'V . .- R ' so 'ft' fl- X ' ' D rv as 'ex I X -I X "lv A Q' .f'?" ,- ,nf cuz, -, .P its-'jj rt :if '65 5 0 af' ' Q, ,vs as - A K' if ,, . gg. K . bf! 1 'Aff ur ,ZS ww-'Q' In-f' . .4 ,, gg . x JP' , Xt'-' 13 tt ' A . as 4' I , m S RA ' i i V all ,, t-- " ' 'pf f 'F - ' .A A f ry, 4 fn... 'R-J 'f ' ' ' " Q - ' -A 5 - " ..,- , V 1 f A--5 3 .f ev ' - .. 3 'M' ' ,gg-155' .Y'f1g,3f':-pei: W V S -gi , ,f,:5', -+-. -n IQ' ' , "I X6 . ,ms - .s ,mt 4 ::.f':'.'.'.-1-Hg. f. f-- ' fr Jlviix fy 1, , ....::::f!s's..,1.z4e.r?:k .mp hw' fs. 5, 'TQ K . ,rf ,fn-'F-'J sv-k ' ,1 ' N1 'i R r MJ e t fy X i we ' t O Af? S 0 'H i I A S if ll if SWS M1 Qi me W t sig, i ATR I kkk: itg l .S .wflr ov Wad i 1 L7 KST A fa 'S i ' .. li 1 ii S o yt .-,,f ' li . ,Q 1 ,.-2 . up 1 - Tift jzci lii .1 is X deaf A it 1 etoo A - DS fl .xii I 1? 9. R 3 3 1 -.Q - 'W X y t -55" X,.,.: K K W T Q if 1 l T f A , ,, R it 1 p :X - it T X I t ,Q , '5 2 8 ya , .S Vh M I t r , ' A Mike Shaw Ron Sheffield Norma Sherlin Richard W. Silrnon Thomas Simpson Judith Sitzler Diane Skipper Glen Skipper Dorothy Smith Kaye Smith Miller Smith Jeanette Sparks Steve Spencer Brenda Spillman Joseph Spradley james Spragins Doris Stallcup Charles Stearns Roger Stephens Stephanie Swann ,,ML'L5,Lf2-11-N Bob Sweeten Susan Switzer Charlotte Sykes Peggy Talbert Cheryl Thompson Jim Thompson John Thompson Danny Timm jonathan Timm Rebecca Tinsley Chris Tirmen Ma rsha II I Qwnsend Charlotte Troutt Becky Tucker Sonja Turley Beverly Underwood Joyce Underwood Cheryl Uysda joe Van Camp Melanie Van Zandt George Vault Rose Ann Volpert Olin Wage David Wagnon Tommie Wakefield Julie Walker Linda Walls Brenda Ward Diane Ward Darrel Warford Delane Warford Carleen Warner Michael Watts Bill Weatherford Charles Weaver Mike West Ivan Whiting Linda Whitten Cecil Wicker Margaret Williams Ralph Williams Theresa Williams Bobby Williamson Steve Williamson Ed Willis Ray Wilson D. B. Wingfield Billy E. wood Lydia Woodburg J. Bill Woods Laurel Woods Deanna Worsham Robert Wylie Carol Yoder Alan Young Bob Younts Brenda Zalouder Sophomore Class officers are: Rob- ert Kennedy, Pres- identg jim Black- well, Men's Sena- torg and Melanie Van Zandt, Wom- en's Senator. gf if I 'Q lg, iv Ar' "' ' Q' C ' A .V 4 ,l gf I. Donny Ables Mark Allen Mike Alsbrook Carl Anderson Cary Anderson Ronnie Autry Dottie Averitt -Iohn Avery Robert Don Bailey Sparky Bailey jay Bain Bob Baker Thomas Bales Ken Barron Tommy Bartseh Buddy Bates Ray Beardsley Glen Beasley Patti Bennett Carolyn Benton Freshmen Enter New World John Curtis, Men's Senator , 2- ' if-Q i A Regina Bittle Larry Bledsoe Mike Blevins Beverly Bone Danny Boyer Larry M. Brading john Branscum Carol Brookings Anna Brown Becky Brown Bill Brown Cynthia Brown Donna Brown james C. Brown jim Brown Suzanne Brown William Douglas Stan Brummetl Lynn Brunalti Mark Bullock janice Bunch Mary Sue Bunch Ed Burbage Yvonne Burgess Tim Burton Robert Bushmaer Billy R. Butler Mary Sue Bynum Dick Byrns Gail Cairns Gail Cairns Gary W. Call john Callahan Virgie Callahan Dana Cappelta Roy Cannon Perry Carr Mark Carreras Arlene Casey Alva Castleberry Linda Kay Clement Mike Cloyd Marsha Cole Brenda Cooper Patty Cornish iix - Q.. Q xr E 5 gb s x .J Brown y Q' as A f is S 55'-2 r- . .3::3"' Jw i rs. if . i 5 W .1 'gg 5 -4 . Q Mike Cowan Thomas Cox Tomrny Cox Hilda Crabb Mike Craig Clarence Crawford, jr. Paul Crews Steve Cristy Wanda Cross John Curtis Mike Curtis jeff Daly Pat Davidson Linda Davis Terry Davis Gail Delozier Betty Jo Dennis Stephen DeSalvo Kenneth Dickson Cathy Diggs Kenneth Dillard Karen Dillon Bobbie Drennan Gary Duke Donna Dunn Connie Leann DuVall Carl Dyer Joyce Dyson jack East larry Eckhardt Inge Edwards Dellwyn Elkins Margaret Elliott Steve Elrod Don Ensminger Jim Etters Terry Evans Charles Fagan Pat Fagan Bill Farrell Phil Farrell Richard Farrester james Faver Brenda Finch Carol Finch X-sw X Floyd Finley Susan Fischer Kay Flake Sharon Fortenberry Marvin Frank eRusm,E.fiiS.f Carolyn Frazier Donna Freeman Joyce Freeman Pat Freeman Bob Fuller Clyde Fulton Tricia Furo Gary Furrer Mike Gaines Suzanne Galvin Iiirry Garner Leo Gentry Henry Gilkey Anne Gladish Paula Goodson Elizabeth Goodwin Helen Gothard Tom Gould George Goun Edward Govan Debbie Gray Vincent Gray Gary Green Edward Greening Gary Griffin Thomas Griffin, jr Lanis Grigg Barbara Grimmett John Grissom james Guenther Cheryl Guy Brenda Hall james Hall Melvin Hall Mike Hall Rose Hall Wallace Hall Bob Halliday Charlie Hamilton We 5, 5,- . M. ar.. I 15? 45 ,bfi ,F if rr '37 -if-mm gg: gy ,nfxe in--r I -'J I cf' J 'P r . rj I .- 4 , Ilan: K if at .xv xx, ks if if "T N I .. r' -li f ffiirr Q, 1 ' X it K r X 6 tx W 6 ei ' if N9 " T S, t X B -A -1 2 Q., t - E,-2 fr .v. nfl! . xt sv- M W ,Q t 3, . is ,t m L, - 1: - 1211 t. Q s .ff ., V i . at ,ve ii? -A I f' it s FSU i Z' " 4 4 -r ' 5 t f E. 1' 1 if 5 E F A -a x lt , ,KE I rv? it -- 1 -' '27, . .Nl R Nw . sf R Q Q' rr ' y 'V -fly, fll ,t . .l Q C V l 1, ,Ei L ...- :fi we -'ri -- ,K STM. . 1 5456 7 f 1 I "VM .v , BER .f X ,dx 1 - . gg. Q-1 I Aikii fy 1 ,, - 214 j 9 B trttr -t 2,-. 1 K pw-W Qs fav -7 , few. .n 'N . . S-SQ YW Phillip Hamm Sandra Hanley Tommy Harbison Richard Harder jim Hardison Steve Harmon Richard Harness Bobbie Harper Fred Harrell Randy Harrison Bruce Hart George Hayman Steve Haynes Ron Hearn Kim Hearnsberger jerry Hebert Eugene Hefley Jauan Henderson Yolanda Hendrix Sheila Henson Carolyn Hickey james Hicks Mike Hicks Pat Highley Billy Hill Jim Hendrix George Hirrill Barbara Hodge james Hodges Dan Hogue Abhijal Holasut Deborah Holt Lee Holt Tom Horton Luther House Mary Howell Peggy Howell Elaine Hubbard David Huffmaster Mary jackson Joyce Jett Cathy Jones Kenneth jones Whit jones Charlie Johnson Libby johnson Sharon johnson Shirley johnson Mike Kr-cn Martha Kchoc Iris Dt-loris KL-ndall Royce Kvown Jafquc Kesler Sylvia King Bvcky Kingrcy Ccorgia Kirby Brig Knight Dc-nnis Kolb Pr-ggy Konert Vikki Krutz Paula Lasitc-r Toinrny Lc-Croy james I.c'dric-k Suk Ho Lec- Iannic Leonard Cynthia Lewis -Ioannc Ligon Sain Lilly Herman Linclsvy Bvnny Loftis Vcrtina Lofton Rodney Lorvnmn Bobby Loux Suv Lowdcr Dc-borah Lyman Richard Lynn Lconarcl Mano Franres Marks Susan Marks N2llll2iIll4'l Marshall Bill Mason Bill Matthews Walter May William Mc.-Xcloo Millie Mclbrcl Rosalyn Mcflraw Jo Ann NlCCilllCIl Pat Mcflunibvr Nancy McDonald Patti McDonald , L , . sur: , A ' , . gi -. E5 15 5 A 5 Q Y q s iff' Q if-1 S Q L , in f ff' ,- Q' A SK na. . -N W W' li N... ,, J 6 dz., ' g. ff ' N . L ., ,,..,, V X E i,wtt.. 'X' z . . V i -. .- W K V- - K .. , -f K T. I fx, .P "W Yi 1 1 . L 1 536 X if i t ,,,,,, s ' I , A y sa I I . .gig- ,ff l N 5, . I , N i f 4 E9 I '49- My Tir' .f Xi S i : ' ,K .i C .,,. -, C :,...Jtv N t Q ,, S 467 111:'1:Yl55f6WA5EV,E:E.:15ifi52iE5SgC2222f Z: IHSEESSLZY-S12 . .,..1H5zg5.,,v ,k,,,. J, t , 5 A Q- t , key ,c c ima mx, Q 1 ,aw I jf . " ,z-e GCT? .K 'Hentai M. , ' CQ x af f fwsa ' lt - v. , X V Y' 'W x KI' 1-wi is - rffv-sf .Yi is SN rf- , c Raven? Sf Q I rf if J' Iii' ' ' W .r ' A., .l uf I f W Harriet McEntire Ronald McHughes Blair Mcllroy john McMahan Cathy Meeks Don Menden Marsha Mills Marilyn Milord Tony Minicozzi Barbara Mitchell Otis Mitchell Denise Moore Marty Morgan Becky Morse Joyce Mowery Daniel Mullins Raymond Murry Winnie Ng David Nichols Ronnie Nichols Floyd Noble Nancy Nolen Arch Northcutt Cammie Norwood john Olive Linda O'Sullivan Richard Owings Steve Owings David Pack Phillip Page Suzanne Parks Cassandra Peck Myrtle Pennington Mark Penny Ricky Perciful Bill Perry Reagan Perry Raj Persaud Rita Pfeifer Singlert Poovarodo Larry Porterfield Susan Presley Donna Quimby Chip Rackley David Raney , , ' if 'W 1 W QQQ 3,i f 43 i t-L' . - in R 4 M ' ' 5 . Z 5 s . 'Q -. R 4, 1 'L .,i-f ., , f- .V-k '52 Q, .. ?" i ann, Foosball popular game in new Student Union Henry Ratliff Ruth Ray Penny Raymond Mary Ann Reaves Michael Redd Susan Redd john Richmond Robert Richter Cynthia Roberts Tina Robinson Richard Rogers janet Rose Linda Rosencrans Helen Rowan Mary Ann Ruple julia Rushing Donald Sampson Cindy Satterfield Judie Ann Schaap Melba Schafer t x S 1 ls. Mq,J 5553 we Q i X rm I ,om X Q- li ' l 'I' ,Y 3 iv' 'B N-P as .,.,' S up .,' Ni xi fig -it t R ' Z4 S' . J i s r r t s y y, ::f ' . sasn ' - b N N my ' ea-185 -t , 'Ra 5 . '44' an , i J., 9 H ...,,i y , 5' . 'S r R S ., , 'is -Q ,L a 13: ' 1 -:ev 1' Scott Schuler Bob Scott Oliver Scott Charlotte Semora Finton Shaw Nicana Sherman Gary Shields Van Shook Scott Sinclair Carol Singley Robert Sisk Ronald Skaggs Charles Skinner Carol Sklar Carl Smith Cindy Smith Malinda Smith Pauline Smith Randel Smith Richard Smith Wanda Smith Wilson C. Smith Sharon Spann joey Spillyards Bob Springer James Spurgers Michael Squires Shannon Stain Teddy Standridge Linda Starr Charles Steele Mathew R. Stewart Vicki Stringfellow Larry Stroud Bill Stuart Margaret Stuart Don Sugg Rita Sugg Monsonti Paul Suksire Bobbette Summerville jim Sutterfield james Swindoll Richard Tanner Marty Tatoian Debbie Taylor John Paul Taylor Deborah Temple Peggy Thomas Virginia Thompson Cecil Ralph Tillery Nancy Toombs Karon Townsend Yvonne T readway Don Tucker John Tucker Jeanne Turnbow James Turner Vicki Turner Dale Tussey Tony Tyler Yvonne Vories James Walderns Phil Ward Owen Warford Robert Warren Johnny West Rudy Westbrook Chris Westenhaver Rhonda Wheeler Londell White Jennie Wilkins Clarice Williams Edgar Williams Judy Williams Mary Katherine YVilliams Patricia YVilliams Furdy Willis Marcia Wilson Greg Winston James Woods Debbie Wools Missy Worley Gala Wright Janet Wright Jimmy Wright Pam Wright Shari Yeargain Peggy Young Vicki Zakrzewki Abbas Zand Ja ,i ' P 1- 1 Mr t ,su z .E ,J gf. 2 X Q if la , P, av' ' K - A ,. ' K tx psa- if to ' X LP P. a h Q2 , ,ss P nf ' nfl 1 o an 'ILM Q u ,4 PP? 'rv' avvfs el' '75 . QP fx - f P it Par, Pgvf -- r 75 5 X 'lil A... J as X Q' W 4 n .7 oo:. 1 . Q ' Q J' ' Q 1 , Q 6. ,- ....", .14 v' 2.' 1 ,' Us ' 1 mf .K I xg." 3 . " xr. 5' ' 'I ff, ' v .9-' . R , 'J .1 3 1" SV- J' - A . , f P S av' .- FQ' VIP.. 6 O .., - A , tP -! ... -M 'fs - Y' - wr , in ' , -sf? 'PAT 'ive' 5 :CS -- 1 Y L P ,,,P,.1P 2' 12' Mi.. P ,ar M. 'fx .f S ,PJ W -of N f '2 y . Q i P51 ?"!fl'- T Pt J, - .- i fi PP - Fl - fn- 'F'-Nil' . ' ef' Az QM by J P ' W it 51 ' ,, ' N.. -e A 'r J I f in .4 " if ni J P ' e f' PJ J wt ff, 'F Ti' ml. 0--m f I' J' S at J . , P v' 3 if gt 3 :5 L , A 5 ., vi' J J :F et ...'-f - 399 t i 1, r Q 2' , J '-is P are " Q Q ' " - if ' X m - ' ' 1. 12 f f P . . do P ' ' , PP ef 219 I A ,J SYM? t W XP P w fia F A - f--iq, all 4385+ K f 1 k , r X mi, . --:. V 3 ' 1 :, Ji? 'lfzi ani? Q . aff fx ,,M,b:--,, ' - 'Nt7fW4fi,5:11E:2- 1 ,wif K f ,fan F Finished At Last wg-Q 1 2. f SQ Q ' ,I ' wg, , 'S .i: 5'.:.. x 'M ' -' v 'IH '- ' k . ,2N,...X W A W., Amm,,,, mm,. ,. m . , - E1 'V E . ., ,...,,. E ,-k.'I A '2w'32'33EEZ2!'Y?f:155sl13il'iii fkzfgL351h-ii1.fEf': . Av: .1 .3 E ::,.,5:.,, W K iQHIv'5!Q512'f1 if WX Tk ,.,x . i QA MQQIQQQEQQP , . ' , :ng ,,Q....ei:W s Q in ..W, . Try? ff? 4.4.5 11:2 :QW-5 1. .1 H ' In R X? 1 l 59 2 E - '1 L 5 ' "'L ' wzisws. 411:25ffgf1?'f5l?iQif2F55?15. . MQ EQQ 5 ' " ZII 1 ,,.. -, , x.,::.:. -:., . K . A - ..,, ww i + ,Q , , ,,.., .. ,,.., ' -- A L :N-Wm 1::,:.H.-s:.,:-:,,:-..isa+Uz. ,. :er 5-1 . ' '- 'Q ww fi- "--W i ' 2315 - fifiylifflff ix-.1 R--3 , :Y i, .. Magix A ,Q L ,Wi k gym NK 2, st K J Q xi. is Rx 'Ne ,wx - , if -ssl .f , , 1 Em X Q was W Q K , 2 . E24 W Q f 'lv R A 5 Biwiiiikx Q , f . Qi. . f-.xy . 75 9 ' ,Q g x X X W Q Q Q g P +1 A E -A . i ..,,.. HC. fm? Y wi ' X A 3' X A R xx Y' il, A W T X- x r :gf .35 M 'W x2 2: TE I I i t -1 l l Q Q? Q 3 3 1 3 l 3, ? I WNTOWN LR PARK PLA HOT SPRINGS CHARTER BUS SERVICE Ready on Short Notice AIR conomousn Buses L-' '- I mmm, i , X "nw -X ee . ,'- Xie LII uw -:ii 5 , - mp Q E I '0 cigakfy Our ginif Concern SERVING DAILY SWEET HOME - HIGGINS - WRIGHTSVILLE - WOODSON - HENSLEY - COLLEGE STATION 374-3735 P 010-Mlffli . J ,no Q I :E Q 1 ' few we ' FAN . - ' 0 "Arkansas' Most Complete Photographic Store" MINOLTA KODAK YASHICA POLAROIO LEICA OMEGA BELL 8: HOWELL NIKON GRAFLEX PENTAX MAMIYA HASSELBLAD BESELER BOLEX PLENTY OF FREE PARKING ON OUR BIG LOT 376-3481 num: gys LINES I STS Little Rock, Ark - Sweet Home, Ark U.A.L.R.'S BEST DRESSED CO-ED SHOPS WITH BRUNSWICK BILLIARD W BCWLING 8. TROPHY A PPLY F Am WML su o ARKANSAS 2679 Pk 374 75II J D NORTH LI'I'I'LE ROCK, N +hL++I R kAk R Taco King 6311 Asher Avenue Little Rock, Arkonsos BROWNING'S MEXICAN F0013 lIl'lll" RDCKT DRIGINAI for 24 YEARS Q Also Serving Q ' x 'Wy American Food 7 'jj -I i -1 , 3 Lo-cATloNs "' - TAKE-our SERVICE " ' A ' AT ALL LOCATIONS souTH ORIGINAL EL PATIO mo nga: LINE 5805 KAVANAUGH 5922 Nl5vv6Al2sNToN 565-9729 663-9956 565-9943 open II AM-9 PM Oven 11 AM-10 PM open 5 PM-9:30 PM Ddily CLOSED suNnAYs C'-0550 SUNDAYS OPEN SUNDAY Qlluthm Quran University Avenue at "R" Street No.5 FlELD'S BUILDING Little Rock, Arkonsos 664-3151 Somers Shoes Asher 81 University Pork Plozo Shopping Center 565-3904 663-7731 Sterling's West Copitol 84 Center Southwest City Moll Pork Plozo Center Town 81 Country Center Pike Plozo Center IOO E. Woshington, NLR Rose City Center 1310 Pike, NLR WORTHEN BANK S TRUST COMPANY Member FDIC and Federal Reserve System Balch Motor Company, Inc IOOO Lo Horpe Boulevord Little Rock, Arkonsos OLDSMOBILE SALES and SERVIC.E IN ST 0 LITTLE RO Emi ,IflA4Lea Am Sgmd 44046, Qaida Good Luck Seniors PI BETA PI-II GRADY WRIGHT BARBER SERVICE 5908 "R" SI'ree'I 64-26 I4 CK Ma! of clIucL I nom Evita Brita -Brita It is the responsibility of business e institutions to encourage in our culture new ideas and new directions in the arts and letters. J...- 2 N COMPLIMENTS w UF tibauid .Szabo 115 WEST CONWAY BENTON, ARK. Your Trojan Photographer KLRA ogllfe IQOCA fdfifww Cong rotulcrtions to the CIGSS of 1970 TAIT-COPPESS MOTORS, INC. Q, IOTH 8: SPRING 376-2055 TAXI ' LI'H'Ie RocIc's Downfown A VOLKSWAGEN Dealer See The New FAST BACKS 8: SQUARE BACKS 3302 FAIR PARK 565-9685 THE SATURDAY BANK PULASKI HEIGHTS Grant at Kavanaugh B 3298 F t P k Stahon LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS VIVIAN PEARCE "A Shop For Thinking Women" 0 INFANTS, CHILDREN, MATERNITY 0 JUNIOR, JUNIOR PETITE, MISSES Park PIaza Cenier 664-I579 410 Spring Street Phone 372-3151 COMPLIMENTS OF E. Grainger Williams veee. -s,s-s,s Virginia Parish a.a, ,sense -sw Albert W. lsenman, Jr. as -N E. Marshall Gazette, Jr. as 1 ss Class of 1931 Class of 1938 Class of 1939 Class of 1959 REAL ESTATE V REN'rs LoANs iNsuRANcE BLOCK REALTY COMPANY Phone 375-9151 Markham 3. smfe sfreefs Little Rock, Arkansas ArIcansas's Mosf Honored Name In . S FOR ALL X I MW gjggm I SgIgIZZE JeweIers NEEDS I 5II Main On The Mall COIVI IVI ER CIAL Lyle Shoe Service IXIATIQINIAL Thes:.Is5h:i::ZQI:ni,hoes BAN K of Little Flock 39I3 W. I3Ih 666-8826 QJIIIM IL COMPLIMENTS OF LAKEHILL UNITED SHOPPING CENTER R E N""A'-I-5 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72I I6 Phone 753-4567 3323 FAIR PARK 565-754I Jgofflecf in adrluznsas ii. III . M21 Q LL Pfeifer Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Lawn Sprinkling Ventilation PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY, INC. 2400 West Seventh Street Little Rock, Arkansas 72203 Ed .Mega . .. WMM, Lflofilaifaf Cibocfor MM BLUE CROSS - BLUE SHIELD 6 h d G ' es, Little Rock, Arkansas Compliments of WONDER BREAD AN D HOSTESS CAKES FOR BEST IN NEW HOUSES c A L L ALBERT HARPER ul' 565-3148 BLACK ANGUS N0. 'l Baseline al' Geyer SprlngS Rd- BLACK ANGUS NO. 2 'Complimen'l's of A M F Markham al' Van Buren IOOYO PURE CHARCQAL BROILED I N C 0 R P Q R A T E D HAMBURGERS AND STEAKS 65+h 81 Pa++erson M iff - H, LiHle Rock, Arkansas 'Q ' lik Manufaclurers of I u' 'Rx-I, N ix ' ROADMASTER BICYCLES 4,4 1 ' ' 'Z "4Q,'v A'A. 'l?4 1 l f' llbsll-A 'V CALL 666-0 I 5l - 562-0022 And We Will Have ll' Ready For You. ALL MEAT CHARCOAL BROI LED "For Your l-lealllfs Sake" 'A' 'k i' 'A' FREE PARKING Compliments of PLEASURE BOWLING LANES 6700 Asher Avenue 565-7031 a n d PARK PLAZA BOWLING LAN ES University cmd Markham 664-3377 Bowl for Health, Recreation, and Fun I IN YEARBOOKS THE MARK OF QUALITY I HURLEY YEARBOOK COMPANY IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF The '70 Trojan SERVING AS PRINTER AND BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK HURLEY YEARBOOK COMPANY A DIVISION OF THE HURLEY COMPANY, INC. CAMDEN, ARKANSAS A Ables, Danny 210 Abraham, Donna 39, Abraham, Sam 108 Abrams, Henry 203 Adams, John 186 Akins, E. S. 58 Aldridge, Pamela 54 Alexander, Doris 197 Alexander, Nelda 197 Allen, James 55 4 Student Index Allen, Mark 210 Alsbrook, Michael 113, 210 Anantasomboon, Kunchai 203 Anders, Chester 45, 186 Anderson, Carl 210 Anderson, Gary 210 Anhalt, Ann 203 Arrington, Bob 55 Asbury, Ronald 47, 50, 196 Achcraft, Edmon 132 Atkinson, Mary 102, 186 Atkinson, Rita 186 Au try, Ronald 210 Averitt, Dottie 210 Averitt, William 120, 225 Avery, Ayers, Baker, Baker, Baker, Bailey, Michael 55, 210 Don 186 B Bobby 203 Katherine 106, 203 Robert 210 Buddy 58 Bailey, John 132, 197 Bailey, Katharine 43, 54 Bailey, Lee 203 Bailey, Robert 210 Bailey, Verion 210 Bain, Sherry 197 Bard, Gay 46, 47, 186 Barlow, Bill 203 Barlow, Carol 186 Barnett, John 40 Barnett, Larry 197 Barnett, Robert 111 Barrett, John 186 Barron, Ken 210 Bartlett, Clinton 203 Bartsch, Thomas 210 Bass, jackson 203 Battle, William 132, 186 Baxley, Paul 186 Baxter, joe 203 Bearden, Patricia 203 Beardsley, Ray 210 Beasley, Glenn 210 Bell, Wm. R. 197 Bennett, Gary 197 Bennett, Jane 51, 54, 101 Bennett, Patti 210 Benton, Carolyn 45, 57, 210 Benton, joal 197 Berg, Elizabeth 157, 186 Berger, Barbara 106 Bernard, Bessie 186 Berry, Dennis 186 Berry, Ramon 203 Best, Allen 203 Bew, Diane 101, 197 Binz, Joe 40, 203 Birch, Robert 115, 203 Bishop, Alleen 41 Bittle, Regina 210 Bittle, Ricky 45 Black, Edwin 44, 203 Blackwell, James 108 Blair, Florence 186 Bledsoe, Larry 211 Bledsoe, M. A. 105, 186 Blevins, Michael 211 Bloodworth, John 52, 186 Bodishbaugh, Tim 115, 203 Boehning, Steve 197 Bolcling, Royce 40 Bolick, David 203 Bona, Don 186 Bone, Beverly A. 41, 101, 135, 211 Bone, Bonny C. 101 Booker, Virginia 51, 102 Boswell, Daniel L. 40, 197 Bowen, Lewis E. 128 Bowers, james A. 203 Bowers, Lynda D. 58, 186 Bowles, Elizabeth R. 55, 197 Bowman, Debi A. 45, 102, 203 Bowman, James D. 197 Bowman, Nancy C. 203 Boyd, Pat C. 197 Boyer, Daniel F. 211 Bradberry, James A. 115 Brading, Larry M. 211 Branscum, Donnie F. 120, 122, 125, 197 Branscum, John T. 211 Bransford, jimmy 47, 115, 197 Brashear, Jack N. 197 Brasher, Robert B. 115, 186 Bray, Terry L. 44, 203 Brewer, Phyllis L. 203 Bridges, Erma L. 197 Bringar, Jerry W. 186 Brizzolana, John P. 115 Broadnax, Beverly J. 99 Brookings, Carol L. 211 Brooks, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Bruce E. 203 Anna M. 211 Becky A.74,101, 211 Bill F. 113, 211 Carol P. 101, 203 Brown, Cynthia A. 211 Brown, Dennis L. 203 Brown, Donna G. 211 Brown, Edward L. 203 Brown, Eva M. 197 Brown, Gary W. 111 Brown, Harvey F. 203 Brown, James C. 211 Brown, James W. 40 Brown, Ray A. 96, 108, 187 Brown, Ricky 108 Brown, Rita H. 203 Brown, Sheila 97, 106 Brown, Suzanne E. 211 Brown, William D. 211 Browning, John R. 203 Brumback, James S. 187 Brummett, Stan A. 120, 211 Brunetti, Lenelda 211 Bryant, Florine 203 Buchanan, Charles M. 128, 203 Buckmaster, Pat A. 187 Bullock, jerry L. 187 Bullock, Stephen M. 211 Bunch, Janice L. 45, 211 Bunch, Mary S. 67, 211 Bunch, Robert L. 40, 47, 53, 187 Bunger, Ronnie 57 Buratowski, john W. 187 Burbage, Edward A. 211 Burgess, Yvonne Mae 211 Burley, james 40, 53, 187 Burnam, Eliz. A. 203 Burnett, Larry D. 132, 203 Burton, Beverly 106 Burton, Paula M. 197 Burton, Timothy A. 211 Bush, Linda A. 99, 203 Bushmiaer, Robert A. 211 Butler, Billy R. 211 Butler, Carolyn H. 203 Butler, Tom 120, 125, 197 Bynum, Wanda F. 203 Byrns, Richard A. 211 Byrum, Mary S. 211 C Caddy, Charles C. 211 Cagle, Ralph 132 Cairns, Gail 211 Cale, Glenda Ann 47, 50, 51, 54 101, 197 Calhoun, Nathan E. 115, 203 Call, Gary W. 211 Callahan, John T. 57, 211 Callahan, Mike 204 Callahan, Virgie M. 57, 211 Campbell, Craig D. 108 Campbell, Hugh M. 197 Cannon, Roy W. 211 Cappetta, Dana D. 211 Cargile, Terry M. 96, 111 Carmical, Tommy R. 197 Carmichael, Rickey A. 108, 204 Carpenter, Gary G. 197 Carpenter, William L. 204 Carr, Perry A. 115, 211 Carreras, Joseph M. 211 Carroll, Laura B. 54, 101, 204 Carter, Lester C. 204 Casey, Arlene L. 211 Casey, Sybil 99 Cash, Steve E. 113 Cassaday, Edward 113, 137 Cassaday, Susan 54, 102 Cassil, Linda M. 187 Castleberry, Alva W. 211 Caudle, Gary P. 187 Cazort, Mima 97, 102 Cearley, Mary A. 197 Cecil, William W. 187 Chandler, Paula 52 Chase, Daryl T. 197 Cheatham, Rosalie M. 42, 43, 46 47, 51,105,187 Cheatram, Paul M. 204 Cheek, Mary Jo 197 Cheek, Paul W. 115, 187 Childers, John V. 204 Childers, Michael O. 197 Christy, Steve A.. 108 Churchman, Troy D. 40, 188 Clark, Mary A. 204 Clark, Ron B. 188 Clement, Linda K. 211 Clements, Jeannine 54, 72 Clemons, James H. 108 Clevenger, Renee 204 Cloyd, E. Michael 211 Cobb, Venita 1. 204 Cochran, Gary S. 204 Cochran, Kathy A. 197 Coefield, Joe 115 Cole, Brenda M. 188 Cole, Marsha 57, 211 Coleman, Cissy 197 Collar, James 204 Collar, Mary L. 204 Collier, Mary S. 43 Comford, Curt A. 204 Comstock, Tommy 197 Conley, Lisa G. 204 Cook, Brenda D. 105, 204 Cook, Christopher lll, 204 Cooper, Brenda 211 Cooper, Peter A. 188 Copeland, Edmund B. 197 Copeland, Glenda L. 197 Corbin, Rel B. 188 Corder, Sharon S. 204 Cornish, Patty 211 Cornwell, John B. 188 Cowan, Michael A. 113, 211 Cox, Ray F. 198 Cox, Thomas E. 211 Cox, Tommy E. 211 Crabb, Maude Hilda 211 Craig, James Arlin 188 Craig, Michael W. 211 Craig, Paul W. 108, 204 Crain, Judy 102, 198 Cranford, Clarence 212 Crawdord, Eleanor P. 198 Crays, Clark 57 Crews, Paul O. 55, 212 Cristy, Steve 212 Cross, Wanda 212 Crossley, Robert H. 188 Crow, Ken 115 Culberson, Jeanne F. 101, 198 Cummings, Miriam C. 204 Cumnock, Stephen Louis 40, 204 Cumnock, Thomas M. 188 Cunningham, James VV. 204 Curtis, John M. 96, 115, 212 Curtis, Michael G. 212 D Dade, Lawrence 204 Dlaffron, Alicia Nan 102, 136, 204 Dales, Christine Lynn 198 Daly, Jeffery L. 212 Dangey, Daryl D. 188 Daniel, Pat A. 188 Daniel, Walter E. 50, 111 Dare, Brenda M. 198 Daling, Charles R. 113, 198 Darr, Susan K. 198 Daunis, Charles U. 188 Davidson, Charles E.. 58, 60, 111, 188 Davidson, Glenn E. 198 Davis, Alma 188 Davis, Diane L. 106, 198 Davis, Linda Kay 212 Davis, Terry B. 113, 212 Dean, Helen 204 Deaton, Stephen Aldeen 204 Degrasse, Francis 188 Delozier, Gail 212 Delyles, Kathlee Mame 198 Dennis, Betty Jo 212 Dennis, Doris Jean 188 Desalvo, Stephen H. 212 Detherage, Gary L. 50, 188 Dickens, Kathy 204 Dickens, Larry A. 115, 204 Dickenson, Haskell Lee 108 Dickinson, Jess H. 45, 48, 57, 198 Dickson, Kenneth T. 212 Dierks, Wayne A. 113 Diggs, Cathy Sue 212 D911nrd. Kenneth Halton 212 Dillon, Karen M. 45, 212 Dillon, Robert P. 132, 198 Dixon, Ken 120 Dixson, Helen H. 198 Dobbs, Betsy R. 106 Dobbs, Mike W. 204 Dooly, Gary 188 Dorsey, Cynthia E. 55, 198 Douthit, Dixie N. 188 Doyle, William L. 41, 188 Drennan, Bobbie V. 212 Drennan, Dwight W. 204 Driedric, James C. 204 Drompp, Joe D. 50, 53, 96, 113, 198 Dudley, James 204 Duke, Gary 212 Dull, Daniel A. 188 Duncan, Charley R. 198 Duncan, David W. 40 Duncan, Linda E. 204 Dunn, Donna K. 45, 58, 102, 212 Dunn, Mary Ann 198 Duvall, Connie L. 212 Dyer, Carl W. 212 Dyke, Steven D. 204 Dyson, Joyce A. 57, 212 Eades, John A. 198 East, Jack M. 115, 212 Eckford, Catherine Y. 204 Eckhardt, Larry 212 Edwards, Angela A. 188 Edwards, Inge R. 212 Elkins, Dellwyn L. 212 Elliott, Dollie M. 212 Ellis, Mary 54, 101 Elrod, Steven C. 212 English, Richard 53, 109, 198 Ensminger, Don W. 212 Eudy, Judy B. 52, 102, 198 Evans, Terry -G. 212 Evans, Thomas G. 188 F Fagan, Charles W. 212 Fagen, Patrick K. 109, 212 Falk, Stanley N. 188 Farmer, Dorothy J. 198 Farmer, Jerrie L. 44, 47, 54, 101, 204 Farmer, Larry E. 198 Farguharson, Mary 106, 188 Farrell, Phil 109, 212 Farrell, William 212 Farrester, Richard M. 212 Faulkner, Alan 137 Faust, Roger 53, 113, 188 Felton, Nancy W. 188 Fetzek, Ginny 97, 106, 189' Finch, Carol S. 212 Finley, Floyd Alan 212 Finley, Ronald L. 120 Fischer, Jan A. 204 Fischer, Susan T. 212 Fish, Jeanette Mayne 47, 58, 60 189 Fisher, John D. 46, 109, 198 Flake, Debra K. 213 Fogle, Rebecca L. 204 Fortenberry, Sharon M. 213 Foster, George W. 40, 53, 66 Foster, Kent R. 115 Foster, Susan E. 105, 204 Fowler, Dale E. 198 Fowler, Katherine L. 57, 204 Frank, Marvin E. 113, 213 Fraser, Eric A. 48, 189 Frase, Gene W. 113 Fraterigo, Tony G. 52 244 1 Fratesi, Julia A. 198 Frazier, Carolyn 43, 213 Freeman, Alta J. 213 Freeman, Donna S. 213 Freeman, P'atricia 213 French, Sharyn L. 58, 101 Frye, Stuart 189 Fulbright, Ronald E. 50, 111 Fuller, Alma Jean 43 Fuller, Dale 111 Fuller, Robert W. 111, 213 Fuller, Walter M. 111 Fulton, Clyde B. 213 Furo, Patricia J. 213 Furrer, Gary C. 213 G Gaines, Cary Lee 201 Gaines, Michael 213 Garner, Billy D. 44, 205 Garner, Kenneth W. 109 Garner, Larry 115, 213 Garrison, Rebecca S. 50, 198 Gartman, Jodell 189 Gaston, Mina S. 205 Gates, Randall L. 198 Gates, Rudy C. 198 Gent, Carol Ann 41, 198 Gentry, Gilbert L. 213 George, Betty R. 205 Giggleman, Ellen F. 45 Gilchrist, Jan L. 205 Gilkey, Henry L. 132, 213 Givens, Richard H. 205 Gladish, Ruby Anne 213 Glenn, Marilyn R. 47, 189 Glover, Gail 101 Glover, Janet A. 105, 205 Godsey, Quinton 198 Golleher, Mary Ann 189 Goodman, Patricia J. 205 Goodson, Paula M. 213 Goodwin, Elizabeth A. 105, 213 Goodwin, James R. 205 Goss, Karen L. 101 Gothard, Helen M. 54, 105, 213 Gould, Mary 101 Gould, Tom D. 213 Govan, Edward 213 Grabiel, Marolee 189 Grace, Larry 189' Gray, Debbie 213 Gray, Vincent B. 213 Green, Gary 213 Green, Terry 40 Greenhart, Steve 50, 53, 96 Greenhaw, Steven D. 111, 205 Greening, Edward 213 Greening, Edward E. 48 Gregory, Terrie D. 205 Griffin, Gary W. 213 Griffin, Len W. 39, 115 Griffin, Thomas P. 40 Grigg, Lanis H. 106, 213 Grimmett, Barbara L. 213 Grissom, John T. 213 Gross, B. D. 205 Gross, Mark 42 Gross, Mark A. 42, 189 Guenther, James M. 213 Guenther, Robert M. 205 Guy, Cheryl Y. 213 H Hackler, Kathy D. 48, 57, 198 Hain, Taffy 44, 101, 198 Halcomb, Davis 109 Hale, Gail P. 57, 205 Hall, Brenda 213 Hall, Jay 53 Hall, Jim H. 213 Hall, Melvin S. 213 Hall, Michael 213 Hall, Milton lll, 205 Hall, Robye W. 99, 198 Hall, Rose M. 213 Hall, Wallace 213 Halliday, Robert W. 53, 1 213 Hamilton, Charles H. 213 Hamlin, Frank S. 113, 137 Hamm, Phillip H. 213 Hampton, Mike 132 Harbison, Thomas E. 213 Harder, Richard 213 Hardison, James W. 50, lll, 214 Hardwick, John C. 205 Harmon, Steven L. 214 Harms, Joyce M. 189 Harness, Richard L. 214 Harness, Sherry A. 189 Harnson, David L. 198 Harper, Bobbie J. 214 Harper, Gary E. 50, 189 Harrell, William F. 214 Harris, Fred A. 205 Harris, Rebecca F. 205 Harrison, Don 57 Harrison, Jan 205 Harrison, Mafrice R. 214 Hart, Bruce A. 214 Hart, Jeffrey A. 130, 189 Haskins, Larry W. 40, 130, 189 Hatfield, Jerry 57 Hatfield, Lawson G. 48 ' Hayley, Sandra 189 13,137, Hayman, George W. 214 Haynes, Steve W. 113, 214 Head, Tom 109, 189 1 Heard, Betty M. 198 Heard, Kenneth W. 113 1 Hearn, Danna C. 57, 198 Hearn, Ronnie L. 214 1 Hearnes, Margaret E. 205 Hearnsberger, Kathy D. 102, 198 Hearnsberger, Kim 53, 113, 214 Heath, Dale T. 205 Hebert, Jerry 214 Hefly, K. E. 214 Heird, Mac A. 205 Henbest, Jerry W. 189 Henderson Jauan D. 214 Henderson, Larry M. 47 Hendricks, Nicholas R. 205 Hendrix, James T. 214 Hendrix, Yolanda R. 214 Henry, Berch E. 198 Henry, David O. 40, 189 Henson, Shelia L. 102, 135, 214 Herlocker, Randy K. 46, 115, 189 Herndon, Kenneth E. 205 Hestes, Rocky D. 115, 189 Hickman, Carroll W. 189 Hicks, James 50, 214 Hicks, Michael 214 Hicks, Raymond 109 Highley, Patricia A. 214 Highley, Richard W. 205 Hill, Billy Joe 214 Hill, James H. 189 Hill, Jean A. 101, 199 Hill, Judith L. 41, 199 Hill, Sandra B. 205 Hinson, M. L. 41, 54,105, 199 Hintz, Steve M. 205 Hirrill, George E. 214 Hodge, Barbara F. 214 Hodges, James C. 214 Hodges, Julie D. 197 Hogue, Daniel F. 214 Holasut, Abhijal 214 Holland, Alan YV. 46, 115, 190' Hollis, William C. 40, 48, 50, 55, 190 Holloway, Valina A. 205 Holmes, Danny W. 113 Holmes, Kenneth L. 115 Holmes, Mary K. 54, 58, 60, 106, 205 Holt, Claudine B. 205 Holt, Deborah C. 214 Holt, Lee 214 Hood, Shelia K. 99, 135, 205 Hooper, Patti L. 205 Hooper, Melinda L. 51 Hooten, Gary 109 Hopkins, Sharon E. 199 Hooper, Willis F. 205 Hornby, Kim C. 58, 101 Horton, James T. 214 House, Luther L. 214 Housley, Jacque O'. 199 Howell, Margaret A. 214 Howell, Mary K. 31, 44, 214 Howell, Peggy 44, 105 Hoyt, Charlie 120 Hubbard, Elaine 214 Huddleston, William E. 205 Hudgens, Jerry 109, 205 Huffmaster, David 115, 214 Huffsmith, Vicki S. 46, 51, 106, 190 Humphries, Judy C. 190 Hundley, John M. 115 Hundley, Pamela W. 102, 205 Hunter, Rosiland E. 205 Hutcheson, Michael P. 190 Hutchison, Walter E.. 67, 115, 190 Hutson, Gail 205 Ivy, Nancy J Jacks, Glynda L. 45, 50, 205 Jackson, Caroline J. 105 Jackson, Mary E. 1015 Jackson, Phillis K. 105, 199 James, Danny K. 48, 57, 199 James, John H. 57, 1991 Jarahna, Morteza 205 Jennings, Debra A. 199 Jennings, Larry B. 190 Jernigan, Sandra L. 54, 105, 205 Jett, Joyce M. 214 Jetty, Lizabeth L. 190 Johnson, Johnson Charles E. 120, 205 Charlie 214 Johnson, Don J. 50, 53, 96 Johnson, Elizabeth A. 205 Johnson, Janie 45, 190 Johnson Libby 214 Johnson, Mary Ann 206 Johnson, Mary 214 Johnson Richard W. 206 Johnson Ron 206 Johnson Sharon 214 Johnson, Shirley J. 214 Johnston, William D. 48 Jones, Cathye 214 Jones, Jeanie 44, 46, 51, 136, 190 Jones, Kenneth W. 214 Jones, Warren C. 40, 1991 Jones, William W. 214 Joo Hai-Ryong 191 Jungkind, Barbara A. 105 Justiss, Judith S. 191 K Kaczka, Mike 40 Kalzka, Michael 199 Karam, Malcolm V. 109 Kaufman, David B. 58, 60, 115 Keen, Michael T. 214 Kehoe, Martha J. 214 Keith, Alexandra 206 Kelley, Kooter 206 Kelley, Tom 109 Kelly, Lucille E. 206 Kempner, Greg E. 115 Kempner, Jane AG. 58, 199 Kendall, Agnes D. 199 Kennedy, Robert L. 47, 206 Kesler, Jacque S. 215 Keown, Royce E. 215 King, Adam D. 206 King, Sylvia G. 215 Kingrey, Becky L. 106, 135 Kinley, David G. 191 Kinney, Gary N. 199 Kinsey, Becky 215 Kirby, Georgia L. 215 Knight, Donna 199 Knight, James B. 215 Koch, Sharon A. 206 Koehler, Kay 189 Kolb, Dennis H. 55, 215 Konert, Peggy A. 215 Koon, Stephen 206 Koonce, Robert E. 206 Krutz, Vicki L LeCaze, Jeff 58, 60 LaCaze, Kay F. 191 Lackner, Bill 206 Lagrossa, Virginia C. 97, 102, 206 Lamar, Patricia A. 41, 47, 191 Lamb, Thomas W. 206 Landsman, Karyl D. 54 Lansdowne, Donna G. 58, 191 Lasiter, Paula 2151 Lawhon, James H. 109 Lazenby, Carol 105 LeCroy, Tommy R. 215 Ledrick, James E. 215 Lee, David M. 206 Lee, Suk Ho 215 Leigh, Llewellyn 199 Leonard, Lannie J. 215 LeWallen, Linda K. 191 Lewis, Cynthia 215 Lewis, Dennis 58 Lienhart, Joseph M. 206 Ligon, Daren 54 Ligon, Joanne 215 Ligon, Karen L. 206 Lilly, Sammy D. 215 Linde, Mark C. 199 Lindsey, Herman M. 215 Linsky, James W. 115 Lockridge, Shelia F. 205 Loftis, Benny C. 113, 215 Loftis, Kathy 54 Lofton, Vertina 215 Longinotti, Carl S. 199 Lord, Robert C. 96, 109, 199 Loux, Bobby C. 215 Lowder, Virginia S. 215 Lowe, Mike 120 Lowe, Sherry A. 206 Luptak, Nancy D. 102, 199 Lyle, Nancy B. 57, 191 Lyman, Deborah E. 215 Lynn, Carolyn E. 191 Lynn, Richard H. 109 M Macon, Sheryl U. 200 Mahar, Larry D. 191 Mallory, George L. 200 Manney, Pat 109 Mano, Leonard R. 215 Marks, Frances A. 109, 215 Marks, Mary Jo 44, 101, 206 Marks, Susan L. 54, 101, 215' Marneenate, Apiehart A. 200 Marshall, Nathaniel 215 Martin, Larry A. 191 Martin, Marylow 42, 43 Martin, Ronald S. 191 Mashburn, Alowee P. 200 Mashburn, Susan L. 200 Mason, Billy D. 215 Massa, Harvey 206 Massanelli, Joyce R. 44, 206 Mathis, Rebecca A. 200 Mathis, Russell 206 Matthews, Bill 215 Matthews, Stuart P. 111 May, Gary M. 206 May, Mal G. 206 May, Walter L. 132, 215 Mayfield, Kerry 115 McAdoo, William M. 215 McC'arroll, Michael S. 48, 58 McCarthy, Kathleen A. 206 McCarthy, Maureen A. 206 McCarty, William B. 115 McClain, Karen L. 105, 206 McClang, Glen A. 191 McConnell, Ronald C. 206 McCool, Melanie A. 54, 206 McCord, Mildred M. 215 McC'orkle, Bob 206 McCoy, Debbie R. 206 McCoy, John G. 206 McCrary, Raikes A. 200 McCraw, Rosalyn E. 215 McCuien, Jo A. 215 McCumber, Robert P. 215 McDade, Linda K. 191 McDonald, Dan T. 40, 200 McDonald, Nancy M. 215 McDonald, Patti K. 215 McDonald, Sandra M. 191 McDonell, Kerey J. 113 McElroy, Blair 54 McEntire, Harriett 215 McGibbon, Richard 113 McHughes, Ronald F. 215 Mcllroy, Nancy B. 105, 215 McKay, Melissa A. 41, 43 McKibban, Richard D. 200' McLemore, Janet L. 58, 751 McMahan, John G. 215 McMu1lin, Alvin H. 40 McNeil, Sherry A. 191 McNutty, LaVerne L. 206 McWilliams, Alan R. 53, 200 Meeks, Catherine S. 215 Meers, Mary A. 42, 43 Mehlin, Phil W. 130 Menden, Joseph D. 215 Middlebrook, Sharon S. 206 Middleton, Michael P. 58, 60, 2 Milholland, Ralph B. 45, 191 Miller, Henry M. 206 Miller, James 206 Miller, Phil D. 115, 200 Mills, Marsha L. 58, 102, 216 Mills, Denni L. 200 Milord, Marilyn 216 Minicozzi, Tony R. 216 Minirth, Mary A. 191 Mitcham, Pamela G. 206 Mitchell, Barbara A. 216 Mitchell, Otis 216 Molder, Rober Harold 200 Moody, Edward O. 113 Mooningham, Thomas F.. 52 Moore, Betty D. 216 Moore, Charlotte D. 58, 60, 192 Moore, LaDonna 192 0 Moore, Mary L. 192 Mooser, Gloria J. 105, 206 Morehart, Jacqueline S. 106 Morehart, Linda J. 206 Morgan, Cynthia Cl. 47, 206 Morgan, Marty M. 58, 216 Morgan, Steve C. 109 Morgan, Susan B. 106 Morris, Carolyn YV. 192 Morris, Joe D. 192 Morris, Walter E. 206 Morrow, Leatha R. 192 Morse, Becky M. 216 Morton, Lacey P. 130 Moseley, Sarah J. 54, 105 Mourning, Randy 53, 111 Mourning, Steven L. 58, 60, 111 Mowery, Joyce M. 216 Mueller, Carol M. 106, 192 Muench, Betty C. 200 Mullins, Daniel R. 216 Munns, Jim E. 111,192 Murdock, Lynda P. 206 Murphree, Jimmy W. 55 Murry, Raymond A. 57, 216 Musick, Stanley 206 Myhand, Garvin B. 200 Myrick, Becky 192 N Nash, Margie 207 Nelson, Glenda L. 200 Nelson, Gwendolyn D. 207 Nestrud, Peggy M. 105, 207 New, George C. 192 Newcomb, Randall B. 192 Newstrom, John V. 200 Newton, Marlene C. 200 Newton, Sandera K. 207 Ng, Suk-Ming W. 216 Nichols, David C. 216 Nichols, Ronnie A. 216 Noble, Floyd K. 216 Nolen, Nancy E. 216 Norrell, John L. 113, 200 Norris, William R. 192 North, Keath R. 96, 115, 192 Northcutt, Arch T. 216 Norton, Ann W. 57 Norvell, Karen L. 102, 207 Norwood, Cammie L. 216 Noto, Paula A. 54 Nutt, Harriett A. 54, 102, 207 Nunn, Joseph C. 40, 192 Nunn, Rita 207 0 Ot'Hara, James F. 38, 115, 192 O'Dell, Reyda M. 200 Olive, John 216 Oliver, Joseph H. 109 O'Neill, William C. 55 Ort, Carolyn Sr. 192 Osborne, Fred J. 113 O'SulliVan, Linda M. 216 Oury, Charles M. 132, 192 Owen, Catherine L. 105, 200 Owen, William L. 50, 111 Owens, Phillip E. 207 Owings, Richard A. 216 Owings, Steve A. 216 P Page, Phillip M. 216 Paknawan, HaoShang 200 Palmer, Dorothy L. 207 Palmer, Juanita A. 200 Parent, Herschell E. 44, 66, 96 Park, Bong H. 192 Park, David 216 Parker, Carol R. 192 Parker, George 57 Parker, Rebecca A. 207 Parkhurst, Ted A. 50, 192 Parks, R. S. 216 Parks, Suzanne 136 Parr, Henry J. 192 Parrish, David E. 58, 60, 207 Parsons, Janice E. 192 Pasierb, Joseph J. 200 Passini, Edward H. 132 Pate, Janet M. 41, 192 Patton, Barbara H. 200 Patton, Rosalie T. 192 Pearce, Ray 207 Peck, Cassaudra L. 216 Pennington, Myrtle C. 216 Penny, Mark A. 216 Perciful, Ricky C. 216 Perdue, Jeanette 192 Perkins, John S. 58 Perrine, Marsha G. 193 Perry, Bill 216 Perry, Reagan XV. 216 Persaud, Joan R. 216 Peters, John 200' Pfeifer, Rita A. 216 Phillips, Beverly 207 Phillips, Claudia L. 58 Phipps, John M. 43 Pipkins, Karen N. 207 Plating, Cathy 54, 102 Poindexter, Linda R. 193 Smith, Naomi A. 194 Ponder, Willis M. 200 Pool, Mary 48 Poovarodom, Singlert 216 Pope, Richard F. 50, lll Porter, Jim W. 113, 193 Porterfield, Larry Franklin 216 Powers, John Michael 53, 109, 207 Prado, Elizabeth A. 47 Prennace, Burma Lee 200 Presley, Susan Annette 216 Presson, Stanley C. 207 Prewitt, Norvelle 200- Price, Dennis W. 207 Price, Larry S. 42, 43 Primm, Shelia L. 105, 193 Pringle, Nash 44 Pritchard, Carolyn S. 207 Pruniski, Ann E. 207 Puryea, Jon M. 102 Pyron, Michael T. 120, 193 Q Quenin, Hugh G. 193 Quimby, Donna G. 216 R Rackley, Chip 216 Raley, Mary T. 207 Ramsey, Mary 193 Raney, David W. 216 Rankin, Gary Ol. 200 Ratliff, David L. 216 Rawn, Bobby P. 128 Ray, Ruth L. 216 Rayburn, Jerry N'. 193 Reaves, Mary A. 216 Rector, Janet C. 193 Redd, Diane L. 47, 54, 102, 207 Redd, Michael Scott 216 Reed, Johnnie 200 Reed, Loquita B. 41, 193 Reed, Susan 58, 216 Reeves, Charles R. 115, 207 Reid, Vicky R. 207 Reinhardt, Mary K. 102, 200 Reiner, Patsy L. 200 Renshaw, Catherine M. 54, 102, 207 Reynolds, Delores M. 207 Rice, Ann M. 57 Richard, Edward P. 207 Richardson, Robert 40, 193 Richmond, John M. 217 Richter, Robert E. 217 Ricketts, Sandra K. 102, 207 Riddle, John W. 207 Ridlon, Evan A. 50, 193 Riegler, Mary 200 Rinehart, David F. 132, 207 Rister, Linda 193, 207 Rives, Alice P. 193 Roach, Dennis 132 Robb, Don 109 Robbins, Jim 130 Roberts, Cynthia C. 217 Roberts, Marjorie M. 193 Roberson, Ronald A. 207 Robertson, Rebecca 105, 200 Robichaud, Michele L. 207 Robinson, Answorth 207 Robinson, Henry C. 207 Robinson, Rita L. 57, 99, 200 Robinson, Tina D. 217 Rogers, Richard P. 217 Rojanadumrong, Raugdez 193 Rose, Janet C. 217 Rosencrans, Linda J. 217 Rosser, Carol A. 193 Rossi, Margaret E. 207 Rowan, Helen A. 217 Rowenbach, Bill 115 Rozzell, Margaret 51, 102 Rule, John E. 207 Ruple, Mary A. 217 Rush, Michael B. 207, 217 Rushing, Julia A. 217 Russell, M. A. 200 Russell, Opal M. 41, 193 Rutledge, Cheryl L. 207 S Sampson, Donald W. 217 Sanders, 'Geraldine M. 201 Sanders, Richard E. lll, 201 Sanders, Sandy R. 201 Sanguanruang, Sermsak S. 207 Satterfield, Cynthia D. 217 Savanapridi, Chana T. 201 Savells, James B. 97, 101 Scales, Claudette 207 Schaap, Judie A. 217 Schafer, Melba 217 Schay, Colleen 47 Schey, Colleen 52 Schiermeyer, Walter K. 193 Schleiff, Paul L. 201 Schlumberger, Jane L. 201 Schmidt, Sharon A. 201 Schreffler, Donna L. 41, 193 Seay, Kay L. 207 Sego, Matthew J. 44, 207 Selig, John P. 120, 201 Semora, Charlotte L. 105, 13 Shannon, Debra E. 207 Shaw, Finton 50 Shaw, Michael F. 208 Sheffield, Gwendolyn A. 193 Sheffield, Ron L. 132, 208 Sherlin, Norma C. 217 Sherman, Nicana C. 217 Sheilds, Oliver G. 218 Shively, Susann L. 201 Shivers, Robert M. 115 Shook, Vanhorn M. 218 Shreve, Harold 53 Shubert, Kathy 45, 102 Shull, Richard L. 40, 193 Shultz, Margaret A. 193 Shumard, Sandra G. 193 Sick, Jean A. 201 Silmon, Richard W. 40, 208 6, 217 Simmons, Pamela 51, 97, 105, 201 Simpson, Becky S. 48, 57, 193 Simpson, Beth R. 201 Simpson, Thomas E. 208 Sinclair, Scott N. 218 Singleton, Saundra K. 201 Singley, Carol 218 Sisk, Robert L. 218 Sitzler, Judith A. 208 Skaggs, Ronald M. 132, 218 Skinner, Charles R. 218 Skipper, Diana L. 208 Skipper, Glynn B. 208 Sklar, Carol L. 218 Schubert, Eric C. 201 Schuler, Mfilliam S. 115, 217 Scott, Scott Scott Scott J Bob 44, 217 Donna K. 101 Margaret E. 217 Patrick 207 Scruggs, Carol 102 Slaton, Phyllis R. 193 Smith, Carl 218 Smith, Charles E. 193 Smith, Charles H. 193 Smith, Coy R. 201 Smith, Cynthia K. 218 Smith, Dorothy 208 Smith, E.. C. 47 Smith, Garland E. 47, 193 Smith, Herbert H. 113 Smith, Kaye R. 208 Smith, Linda K. 194 Smith, Melinda R. 218 Smith, Mark S. 201 Smith, Miller E. 208 Smith, Nevenka J. 218 Smith, Randel M. 218 Smith, Robert 43 Smith, Robert 115 Smith, Robert L. 201 Smith, Stella 194 Smith, sybii A. 49,201 Smith, Wanda 218 Smith, Wilson C. 218 Sorrels, Gary A. 52, 194 Spann, Sharon R. 218 Sparks, Jeanette R. 208 Sparks, Jerry V. 113 Spencer, Stephen G. 208 Spillman, Brenda C. 208 Spillyards, Joey L. 214 Spradley, Joseph A. 208 Spragins, james B. 208 Springer, Robert F.. 218 Spurgers, james D. 57, 218 Squires, Burton G. 50, 111 Squires, Michael F. 218 Stain, Shannon 218 Stallcup, Doris L. 208 Standridge, Teddy W. 218 Stanley, Roland 50 Starr, Linda S. 218 Stearns, Charles F. 208 Steele, Charles T. 218 Steele, Curtis C. 194 Stephen, Jack O. 201 Stephens, R. L. 132 Stephens, Roger S. 208 Stewart, Charles O. 201 Stewart, Charles L. 48, 57, 194 Steves, Thomas E. 52 Stewart, David M. 113, 194 Stewart, Mathew R. 218 Stockar, William 201 Stone, Stephen F. 113, 137, 201 Stracklein, Arlene 57 Straw, Vicki S. 194 Stricklin, William E. 47 Stringfellow, Vicki L. 218 Stroud, Larry M. 218 Stuart, Bill 218 Stuart, Margaret Catherine 218 Stuart, Ray 132 Sugg, Don 120, 218 Sugg, Michael W. 201 Sugg, Rita 101 Sugg, Rita L. 218 Suggett, Dorothy L. 194, 218 Suggs, Gary D. 50, 58, 67, 201 Suggs, Rita 54 Suitt, Billy C. 201 Suksiri, Monsonti Paul 218 Sullivan, Lexie L. '57, 201 Sullivan, Michael T. 128 Summers, Carlos 48 Summerville, Bobette 218 Sutterfield, Jim 218 Swann, Stephanie A. 97, 105, 208 Swaty, john A. 43, 208 Sweeten, Robert W. 115, 208 Swindall, James F. 218 Switzer, Susan 44, 101, 208 Sybert, Randy 115 Sykes, Charlotte L. 208 T Tabor, Carol L. 105, 194 Taggart, Marsha T. 201 Talbert, Peggy A. 208 Tan, Peter Chai-Kuh 201 Tanner, Richard A. 218 Tate, janet D. 99, 194 Tatoian, Martin G. 50, 111, 218 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Barbara Ann 195 David C. 201 Debbie D. 218 Frank Carl 113, 137 John Paul 218 Winston 109 Teague, Randy 132 Tebbetts, John E. 201 Temple, Deborah Lynn 218 Terry, Joel Dennis 109 Thomas, Charles VV. 201 Thomas, Peggy 218 Thomas, Cheryl L. 99, 208 Thompson, Jim L. 208 Thompson, John P. 208 Thompson, Peggy S. 47 Thompson, Virginia Elaine 218 Thornton, Robert S. 201 Tirman, Christine B. 208 Tillery, Cecil R. 132 Tillery, Donald R. 201 Timm, Danny YV. 208 Timm, Jonathan D. 40, 208 Tinsley, Rebecca L. 208 Tomboli, Joseph E. 40 Toombs, Nancy 218 , Townsend, Janice 57 Townsend, Karon 218 Townsend, 208 Trammell, Margaret M. 195 Treadway, Yvonne 219 Trent, Stuart A. 52, 55, 159, 201 Troutt, Tucker, Tucker Tucker, Tucker, 201 Charlotte Colene 208 Becky A. 105 Donald B. 219 John S. 219 Raymond 113, 130, 137, Tullgren, Caryl R. 195 Turley, Sonia L. 208 Turnbow, Linda Jeanne 50, 106, 219 Turner, blames R. 219 Turner, Karen Anne 201 Turner, Vicki Lynn 219 Marshall 1fVi1liam 48, Turney, Doug 47 Tussey, Dale M. 219 Tyler, Tony L. 219 U Underwood, Beverly K. 208 Underwood, Joyce M. 208 Uyeda, Cheryl R. 208 V Van Camp, joe 208 Van Cleve, Donald L. 195 Vandiver, Ron 115 Vandiver, 1Vi11iam R. 111, 201 Van Dyke, Roger S. 40, 128 Van Zandt, Melanie L. 54, 105, 208 Vault, George 208 Veches, Sandy 51, 52, 102, 195 Vick, Carol A. 97, 101, 201 Vines, Rebecca S. 101 Volpert, Rose A. 208 Vories, Yvonne 219 W 1Vaddel, 1Vil1iam T. 201 W'age, Robert O. 208 Yvagnon, David H. 208 1Vakelie1d, Tommie R. 209 W'a1der, james 111 1Vadler, Katheryn H. 417, 49, 195 1Va1derns, James 219 1Valker, Dale A. 40 1Valker, Julie A. 41, 43, 417, 209 1Valker, Robert G. 201 Wallace, Tony 195 1Vallis, Patricia A. 201 1Va1ls, Linda F. 209 W'ard, Brenda K. 209 1fVard, Diane 1. 209 1Vard, Phil H. 219 YVard, Thomas S. 195 1Varlord, Darrell L. 132, 209 1Varford, Dorris D. 209 1Varl'ord, Eric O. 219 1fVarner, Carleen L. 209 1Varren, Robert YV. 219 1'Vaters, Bankston 109 1Vatts, Michael 13. 209 1Veatherford, Billy R. 209 1Veaver, Charles L. 209 1Vebb, Harry 109 Hleber, Raymond 39, 40, 53, 96, 113 Vfeideman, 1Varren M. 52, 58, 60, 137, 195 1Velch, Dennis L. 47, 128, 195 1Vells,t1im M. 195 West, Johnny C. 219 West, Michael L. 209 Westbrook, Rudy G. 219 Westenhaver, Chris E. 102, 219 Westnedge, Richard 113 Wheeler, Rhonda L. 219' White, Kelly R. 195 White, Londell 219 White, Patience' A. 106, 195 Whiting, Ivan 113, 209 Whitt, Danny F. 132, 195 Whitten, Linda A. 209 Wicker, Clecil E. 120, 209 Wilkerson, Skippy 115 Wilkins, Jennie L. 219 Williams Clarice 219 Williams, David L. 201 Williams, Edgar L. 120, 122, 219 Williams, Judy C. 219 Williams, Margaret A. 47, 54, 105, 209 Williams, Mary K. 219 Williams, Morris E. 40, 53, 195 Williams Williams Williams , Patricia A. 219 , Ralph D. 209 Theres 209 Williamson, Bobby N. 209 Williamson, Manne 58, 195 Williamson, Robert Y. 195 Williamson, Steve M. 53, lll, 209 Willis, Edward B. 209 Willis, Furdy 219 Willis, Gloria 99, 202 Wilmot-Freedman, David W. 195 Wilson, Carolyn Sl. 195 Wilson, James S. 111 Wilson, Jerry B. 40, 195 Wilson, Jim 50 Wilson, Marcia G. 219 Wilson, Ray 209' W'imberley, Lee 200 Wimberley, Peggy L. 202 Wimberley, Wes E. 202 Wingfield, David B. 209 Wingfield, Mary A. 41, 195 Winston, Gregory 120, 219 Witt, Barbara 202 Wood, Billy E. 209 Wood, Thomas F. 55 Woodbury, Lydia 209' Woodfin, Michael F. 195 Woodruff, Betty 51, 105, 195 Woods, James B. 209 Woods, James L. 219 Woods, Kathy 73 Vfoods, Laurel A. 209 Mfooldridge, Linda S. 102, 202 Wooley, Angela Sr. 58, 60, 102 Wools, Debra K. 219 Worley, H. Larry 202 Worley, Miriam 44, 54, 101, 219 Worsham, Deanna 209 Wright, Beverly 202 Wright, Danny 115 Wright, Gala C. 219 Wright, James M. 202 Wright, Janet 54, 105, 135, 219 Wright, Jimmy C'. 219 Wright, Pamela E. 219 Wunnenberg, Amanda T. 202 Wurtz, Rita L. 202' Wylie, Robert G. 209 Y Yarbrough, Janet L. 106, 195 Yeargain, Shari P. 71, 106, 219 Yode, Carol 209 Young, Charles M. 48, 195 Young, james A. 209 Young, Peggy 219' Young, Porter C. 195 Younts, Bob 115, 209 Z Zakrzewski, Frank 202 Zakrjewki, Vickie L. 219 Zalouder, Brenda L. 209 Zand, Abbas 219' Zauf, Leslie E. 195 ,- 'X xg 493 v V 1 114 , rw if ,TW-, gg'-n, Q6 'Q ,4-22372: 11: 1.1 - A ' i f, A ' gywz: 411.4 aw . - . . I . , i , , , .1 -- J! . , J., A . I v. hu . pam, if . ' 4 if .-1 s . K "'. U, . t O . , f ,A ' 4. n ' 9 V4 -EZ . . X-.V . .. . 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