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I s f ff . Jn ,ull Cf -.H...'f ,. 3 'i A 1,5-KN-x L-'J x L f 1 ' x fl Little Rock University Little Rock, Arkansas TABLE OF CONTENTS Events ...... Sports ...... Organizations - Honors --- Creeks ...... Administration Divisions --- Classes ...... Advertisements ' lull Uk' , .4.fe , ., .xrw , ' .pg y, ,LA . riff, .L X 5 1 ' fL5gij.rvf,gLp5:,g: A as -....- I .' ' 4'-i 3 ' 1 V'-I . - Y ,Q ff . Y , A iff.-'I-J' Q x ,xg-Ag: I., , K LW1-1'1" ?' "a.'!"'-,'.P- 4-- fr T? 1? pid . Vx ' 1 , 1:3429- - .V Li 1. th, Q, . . pih. XI! Q T V " w iv' . , 1- A, 1 -., ' Q sv. nz-.1,5.,', ' " .- . z -X2 2 :I .'f" ., 1 1 3' ' "'ia','l x.' ' ' r':Ni: s -' . " 71? .' g J5 A , r -1 QE ,H ' .ff AQ! Q" 5 fi, 14 b I"Fiz1i,1...J . . , , gn ,-, .,,, ,,m,.,.u ' 31 iif' , ' , W' m1,...'.' ,'14,wJ iw" :W wwwru wmm ,,,..V -- .1-L P, 5 1 " Lx! - 5 H1151 X fa G. 4 A 'S L ',, A z ,,g i , A 1 i .c , , .V f E if ' 1. E. l I ,1..?". E I-Je. . ','V rl v u 'f 1 1- 1 .Q 'I 1 N fm l, 'I W-W 41' 1 X C U A N X I P E L . 11 1 I ' w 'z 1 V L 11' 45 Q nu. ? QL.. ., J 4 There in the lonely vacuum of the leader, hard-bent to lead, is the interpretative spark. Hidden hard by the duty of conveying knowledge, the person is driven to enlighten, to make the unknown known, to engage a gear somewhere that hasn't been engaged, to figure out just exactly how to get through Gibraltarish skulls. She is aggravated often, edified once in a while. Relentlessly she tries to break into the proverbial scoring column, endlessly succeeding, and failing just enough to make it all fascinating. Youth is doing what youth does best - having a magnificently wonderful time of it. They are living life the way it's supposed to be breathed, felt, and enjoyed- with gusto, in the vital vein-bursting pleasure of being within life itselfg forever opposite from the pale white world of the weelc's work, not thought of a moment. 159:- 'TT ,. ff N :U uv N X - W' If 4. lf,-1 3, U ! . 1 AL, . L. ,QQ-,p1:.vvv 5: , -,1 Vw! 1 rhf' , W, pg, fl1L'Cm'-115.-,ff ,my 3 ' 1.5 miZ,.1,L , 7,15 f,,.f4.,, ,fu i W.. wr f. , 412. -fhmfafdaflf-Qf', IEW .. w LL.. - 'I '0fWfx'511":E4 ffiffzv ' vii.. - ffQ,',-'o:ifff,f,ug1g :VI 1' lf? Q' 'li' Q11-wyfwcvfnprywg 15Hw74z gA,1g,f,5,ggf fW,,nfi,?,. 2p'sf nw ., nhl' 1fzgg1QQj,f'g1,,m'g.sf ELL, f IMTGYPX 1f?i?fL? f47'fi'Z'43 55 21? .g,-,fgwiavn LM:fp-gfiafzimgf ffff 1' M71 :wwf Wifi! SPINfMfnYi1f4551ji1':gkix9 flofl 'Eff of fw'-rf Cv.-f,ffs:fif-W ,,1,:. rn-f., Nw ,pg JL Q',,v, .1 H jx! M W .mf fff it-, fx . ful , rw 5531 qi 1q,1..' :lf -'frmf,'-1e.f4Afli,f4 .,., I KJV-, qw y- ,W f41,,7Q3 m'1fz,:5Q' . M-, .'QjUf,'r,f'w'f,i jlwify .,:.. - ',...,,,.1. ,,.-.,1 ml., , 1'X,,, ..i., , ML. a'll !lL7u'Nl1!'fn'lMFf1f' "Nyc wg ig5j,'.'gg,+,- Ji "V wk, 1 . L 45 'ir 1 lf' 15 ' as 1 '11' 11 1111! .1111 111- !11H311f 111 I ww 1 11 f 1, V11 1.4! "ai,,m1,,,1 ' Q 11""1'1 , 11 1111 11HH111H 1111111H11vN1111v 1 J!-1w1mQ--XL11-3611, Yl:1111H X ' ' - 1 32 3' 1- V 11 1 - 1 1 1 1 "' 'N :Hi .116 'j' ' X " 1 N M1 1"1,"W Wil" 1 ,Nfl Aj' 'Q-iff, Va' I' 1 1 'J1111 QVY11'-2'14"' ,"1 155 , 1 11: ,' ,,','.,' "i V. ,, ' ""' 1, X M '77nf'41 HI"-'1'Q'H'11,1, !1"111"l-1""'x' "W" "'1'17""'1'.. "gQ111-'UNE E'-,"1..-X '1-5:11 11 f 11 1:1 1111 "W" " WV fil'1I1'E'L,ll1gfkf1'111!'-'W119195X'ffl-1!'i1'f1'l11fQfff.ijf-HM'11af'fi'+1W11j,fgQl1'Q'1J1'f' 1lWEf,1'111Ifg113",1.f71,111T5jfM11-s1j"111'lfi'f""f1!N152 J!T"m'f9hmj,':vvil. '11, 1111 'M '1,j'I1- :: ," 5311-,1:-111-. IQ "dj ,"'-1. -- Q H .4.:6i:Il111-'3f,a1.."1 ' 11 "1..L111,!!,eg.!!1LY11!..J!1..LLAJJIIIUA Y-'v 'f Lg..- ,ug .,."1L JL.. u f 1 f1.1.1-."'1 1. 11: f11"f1J'1fI1 H f1f111'v11 1 LL 1.1 11 W '1J"11!"J'1v"1'1 'N w 1 lnifbl'-m V I 11'.'11 F' 533 -' 1i-un' 1 111 11 1 15 11 l,..,711.,.11. 41 11,1 1,, 1 ' " 1,1'1i'1y" "1fA"11 TJ .'11 ' 1 V 5 - 11L1.1 1:1 '111 '1 1- 111,1 , - '-11Ih1' 11517 1'1f1f11711N1' 11111133 11-1 0-1111131 1 ' n' 11, J' is .AP 1.'11'f:11 11 11 1 ', 4 l Latent beneath the exterior of solidarity is the dynamism of the mind in the element for which it was created: burying deep within itself the substance of great minds in great books, rendering the incomprehensible into comprehensible, and seeing far more than the commonplace in the common. Reading and studying to know what needs to be known, what begs to be learned, the mind makes ready for the yield that will come without such quiet walls to coop it up. 7' if ii". I , ' ' w , , ' v m it in t 15. li' 'H - " M-NN .Q i' You see, it's Friday. Arms of teachers are long, but none reaches past Friday. Friday is freedom, is life, is the opening door. Monday does come, but there is time to relish being free, not enough time though, not quite . . . but there never is enough time. Funny thing, that. An opportunity of being a great man or woman, a chance at infinity, a chance to do more than any have done. Nothing stands in the way of seeing what hasnit been seen, of chartering an ambition to wherever it may lead, and following. Etched deep in the soul is that will, that need to find the thing you really want to do, to be. And over all is the cloud of uncertainty. al 'UQ .-?""" -Dv ,., Mi w mu w w 1-34, sv , , f um w w wx X w wx w w ww wx , uw ww ,wx N 'H H 11 'H ,ww , W.. 'ww '.w, " ,w wx X ww www!! w w M Mx w w Graduation nears. The unreality af accomplishments on pieces of paper now relinqnishes iss pedestal, drops its false veil, sheds its sliielcl, and reality looms. Qfall events, this will be a sdbering moment, a moment of seeming ending to a wearisome struggle. Dingy nights leaf studying facts will be goneg now there are the facts themselves, unrelenting challenges which :mute minds will face mr perish. Ingmined in the beaming faces will be the light bf accomplishment, little thought given. thento the oblong. and eliplical pazhes that must be blazed. i .5 s. , ai TL' L fd gf f A , 6 -'ci yu: Ir ' ' 'A,. .r' L . ' , '-,.fS44'.'.'. HL' ff?-I EA.,--J mg r '..!qC'l '. "Z,N"' -,Q E . 4,-g,.y,ei.j at ' l X I . y 1. .1 TIL ' 5 ,f,z, ,.,Q- ' 'N ?m,A2m v 'X 'W 1 , P " N Q EVENTS 'E inf' I -f f 32:1 W f is. Students are again plunged into a frenzy, trying to get the use of a phone and once secured, endeavoring to interpret the conversation above the roar of the Union. F un, friends, frenzy signal beginning of another year The "Icebreaker" dance was the first fall activity sponsored by the Student Senate. A new school year brought with it the opportunity of seeing old classmates and making new acquaintances. A Student Senate "Icebreaker,' dance honored freshmen and new students. Senator J. William Fulbright brought his campaign to campus and LRU staged its own election for officials. rf- W 'Gif An over-flow crowd of interested students hear Senator J. William Fulbright express his views during the November campaign. Y pneutffgg ..f'J 1 .W A r -fll -.HI ISBH V lI"xl1INlp it WKEGELES 1 l i ..q. t t. il.. n to i ' t,i tl .,v.,.- . , ,Mgr : ri 11.5--f.,.:Q" -' 1 ' 555 I In-1-1l..s..n 1- z ' .I I ' : 4.. 'X'-tr September always brings the appearance of cam- paign posters and political propaganda. Randy Herlocker greets the fans at a LRU basketball game. 19 Construction is a continuing process in a growing in- stitution such as Little Rock University. Growth is continuous part of campus scene "Put another nickel in" An ever-present figure on campus is the policeman, giving tickets to poor, undeserving students. New faculty members were honored at the fall Pres- ident's reception. , 1 qv, X-z 5 . . 92. L A5923 '.s. I ..' I .fa ik! ,913 if-Q 1 Q 'W 'E esla, :VS b 4 Il' - fl I rv '56 . 'i r T. . ZS , .0?,'rl!u. , ., Q- :P -,M fy ' .' ' 2 ,,.vg. S - - .-,.,..J' The faces of Little Rock University . . . .. 5fL?'Xi'P' E' Y, fr of w-1f--ini' "fsf'f 'E' L' A J Q TIL ttttt E ALLIED TELEPHONE COMPANY L.L as - .- Career Day offers an opportunity for seniors to make valuable contacts with prospective employers. T.. T V. L Unsuspecting freshman Cathy Coed BMOC Sentimental Senior? 22 E 4 ,-, , ALEQ :lil Sm f 'tid u 1' P. ,, , ,, fQisf f J'Q'1,? 1 ,,, nk , s. ,J . . 1 H. .Q ,.,. .- Q A .4 ,Aa , i f Qlf 2 g I S una 1 - , 4 X .. .gi df , R If "" ' Wir N , i 1 K 4.-W .Ji V , , 1. 'ii ' 43 .,- I -'53 xy, ., H V , WN x lr y ,H 1 X N wr fr .. .M , Q, Q- 1,- X 22. - . NLHTLE lcgtxljs-V ,.- xfnt . A' LRU held a breakfast meeting in the Student Union to acquaint legislators with the campus and proposed future expansion. Bill authorizing LRU-U of A merger finally passed On February 10, 1969 following months of plan- ning, discussion, and lengthy debate, a hill authorizing the merger of Little Rock University and the Univer- sity of Arkansas was signed by Governor Rockefeller. Designating July 1 as the effective date of the merger, this act was to he followed hy an appropriation bill, introduced later in the session. The opponents of the merger said that it would take money away from other state-supported schools and that the state could not afford to support the merged institution. Those favoring a merger expressed the idea that it would provide increased opportunities for central Arkansans to acquire a quality education and that an adequate graduate program is needed in Little Rock. Debate was heavy in both houses as the merger bill was introduced. Senator "Mutt" Gibson from Dermott speaks out in support of the merger. Freshmen learn early the advantages of being observant.- Fall registration numbers 3268 Many students wait in line more than two hours to find the well-stocked bookstore has sold out of their text. 'i School officially begins with that once-a- semester war against the rest of the student body, when each student, manned with his IBM cards and pen, charges onto the student union floor to fight for his chosen schedule. A few leave victorious, while others, battle- scarred and weary, retreat to the writing tables to reorganize their campaigns. ' 'N' "'-' W Automation has yet to replace standing in line. l , f- ies - ' ij! U TA . lf", V M..----5 ,li ' if e in H, Y, Q-L..-if A1-fi' Q 4 E . 5 I 4 , i I a 1 fe., e rf' Fl ll wr bd N4 yr. r..r -A ,. ,-..f Advisor gives helpful information to student '4Isn't 35350 a little too much for this sort of thing?" a Would you believe number 3268? An innovation in this year's registration was the use of Dean's Counselors. The counselors were juniors and seniors selected by Dean Taegel. Each counselor was given the name of ten freshmen and met with them for a short orientation period the day of regis- tration. The counselors also helped the freshmen with any problems they encountered in adjusting to college life. This is the only way to travel during registration. 'Q 1. at Dean's Counselor Bob Shivers telling freshman stu- dents where to go. Well-trained workers enable registration to flow smoothly? 506711 SCUVQ' S '55-'-' '. - r. in-. ie' A b A A V ??f'?'G"fJ' f Q . 1 fu- ,. ' QW L Q ' Q Eixiifa ' , - -..:-f ' T A 5 1 XM' y ' .f ' , I -5-'5',"'1s' N 'L--Q! V ,K 1 Iii ' VL', i:vk'S'5'. f , I' "1 5 F!"- X x 'f' , 'xl Ji, ll 1 Ei-L' 6 - i. ,fry Q- W 'ffgfgg i , 1-,EU -L - .V-gf.-vl Kx d ii 'L f .2 ar xl "V ff' ' -fl'-if M l :A 'Q 1 "f " .. -1, - 'xiii f s get Q,-,".fz'l 1 yd T' Qilfff it P -li,t51",xf' ' , ' ' 5, . . - ', ' . tw-' 'v r, - f -' ,. 3 " ' y y - . 1, ,g . ,Q --"7 ' gi 45 L -. ,- l' l-1-'1.:v. 7--1" 3-1 " if Z' f 1 f 'th ,- 5 . . ., .M f-1g!XF.',Y1 .nl .V.i.?. , we-I . J 'iw 1 ' 1 f ' l "' ' ' V -If r ,- . - 'gm' L Cf .ix lg: X , -t .,--' " ' .i-'1' ill". -9 - , v I A ,, ,-gi. Y, V W 1 Ju I: v I, W . V TM 1, l. W , KU .L 1 , E we .V J X, My ..tu,. --1 5 ll, li x tl 1 A5 I s H. t ,.-24 1 -J 1, . - ' ' , t. V: -,:.Q.'-'Vs4.,.7.m ,- -.-. 'I . , 1. .1.:a:"'f-'fifaw-1' 'L' 11,-g.,-5,f?ff"i.,,Q,'ig, f'-19. 1. A? t N . V. .. I,,.,, .,f.-4.,,34r:- 3 5 In .tangle 5 -f'9lis,:.:zfg::-'f'.'3 -,.1:. ' A -, - , ' "..' -,-ir.,-fk'....-1-f'-'shi V-.-'-'JI ' V . , '11 - . , V" :L The Relays attracted throngs of cheering, jeering males who, along with sorority rooting sections, kept up enthusiasm along the sidelines. U U Chl Omega Wms annual Snake Relays Winner of this event has the distinction of being "Miss Tubby Tub". Needless to say, they all work hard for this honor. ul .r Vi. , . y. s 'P , .4 1 .. W .' "far:-2, ' 1 gr'-T 'W "' , ' - I , - '1"vg': , h lu. - I" "fn 1 ' I I ' . N- I. , I' T ' W 1 ,N P .A X .mf ' 1 jf ' .z .2 'X V ' E 4 I 1 ' wail. f .-9. L' V ' jx. N A. . , A- ii' Q ? 'Z' X . 2 A ., , 4 '-4 ff 'W I' "A 14' Y "1 N' ASSE' 'lr-.A-gb"a -a'.N N" b G 'T AJ riglrigx. . jqgyixxa- N 5 1 U BN. ,L i w, ' 'NA - 43' -1 " A. A -'fu '- .- Q V , 's'-' 'r .4 X T - -- e M 'Xa '1H ' 1'9'x:'M "Q - 77 N -4261 ' A s ' H9 V ' Rh f , -' pg Mig -, - fx , A 1-I X- w . sf. uf Ar "- , L ' , ,, L - 1 F ' I x " X ' ' .4 3 E .A , .,.,' ,. I YIM qv 'Lv - ,Y -.1 -' U . K t iv: iii , V , A - ,J -V ,ji , fir' , vi .. A 4:-. .N - , r Q. is yu F, E t e , A , , A 3: I4 . A N 'N M . A TJ' -43 .1 , ':' ' x " -1- ggi"-b + f b"' 1'x'g,Zi,,,. ,, , L . " ' "' ' v, 3 " , T, V 1 I , . f-5152 f' M- - .. ' 1 1 'W 3 ' fi Q A - , A1 X4 ,. Wm? 5 K X ' 7' ' 'J ' -P "7 '54 .-X .- 15 F --. 'J 'QV' 'A -.: if L 5' N" - 'Tala of ' M' M X S" 2' ml - 'fx ' E 4 F - A. '- I W .f Lirifv -- ' ' -'1'7i- 'mx 'Wqifbx 47 'SWL dnl, r :Nita '25 ,fe X, 1 1?-,ZEN ' ' ."vH'nn..'l! -141522 , . mu, - Ab - . , gm s.1,x?a- 'f w, A ' .54 4:15141 , f I , Y, uf U ,- I My x r :fm ". gi' ' ' 1 - V Q 1 sms ,tx . ' - -. if, 5 if K' ' s I 41. W, ,.L I' .:...,gv QM 4. g , A ,4 h , .15 . 1 1 A 1 . . ,,, V ,N , in xml W ' .gg - I A Y: , V , K A H A , I V - it f I I: 1 1 K 1 f I ' Q" 1, wfgfvga I 1 f . N I 1 f 1- , - 1' , 1 - .mffu w ,'11-'53 ,U . ,,,. ,Wsif 1 , 1 1 V' ' 41,1 '11 "" T' .. ' H . , uQgh,3?:-114 ji' , "sn '. Q ,. Q' K ' W kkkk" 1 55 159, i 11 V V-:fu 31' 1 X' ."1"l ,- , ' 1: E E 55 K nf: 1. . .5-gi:-.0 r 1. Z- H 11,1-512, 1 . 1 1 1 H ,, ,W 1 T 5?-if fr.-,'f?53" A1 H Sw f 1 1 X '- : wsffeygg Q z: if VVVV r .--2+ 1 fx .L ,fwgqgvwr -1: if ,W 1 "'k 2fv'I5,z,,1L24"i.. 1' , P .-1-1341724 .Mfg . imgrfw fpgmgg H: X71 ,mi V i ,E ' f AA-F'E:,-riff.--.3 we 1" ' 1 1- ' ' 1 . 111 A '1' 1: Ib:-V-.1 . ' '11 :Q ..,, ' ' 11-Hi 11 -ee . ,, 1:-. . A. aa. ' 1 '.f:nZ"'-l1'f1i,'!1' s- - Q ' 11 A 1 ,, 1 ' V f 1 F 1- -f-1 1 -31 :fl 1 v 1 -1 135399 in 1:. 1 ' ,MQ-11 bf X 1 J'1f f', 'fx .1 1311 1, 1 2' ' . ff ,,, 1- .. ' f . f, ,X V 2 fl, 5 wg I L: f . -W K J, H 1 ,i. -1 N --7,, . , I I H,, .rl 3 it I -V 5, , ,H -4, ' 1, 'H - gf-1 fa 1 Z in ' f h ' if " Gi' A ' ' ? 15 :1 11 1 1' M111 X C L42 f Wfffm.. -'- -Q 1 11 1- ig 1"' QV gi 5. -11'-,5 1' 1 I 13, 5, 11 ' 3115 ' :gg 5 .,,. ug Y -n. 2 ': '11 'a 1 " 1 Lf 1 I A , if V 1. l , My X - , if -1, -1 1 . . --vi . X L gl ,I n 5 . ' , ' z ' "'1 L! if 19 .: W X 1 3 X 2 111' , N, I "f.p2. , i - Q. 5!32Z3"W . E' 1 f ' . f , , , K , ., :ZZ im ,, LIZZ L, ,,, .L ,, W N kd W I .. , ,M "" ,U 1 L N , Q. 5, ' - 'x 1 , ' v x Q . ll 1 1 1 I , A . I Y K I 1 - Q s W , 1 ' 4 , , LL.L:LN, H ff? 111 51.11 '1 5 . , , '1 . L,,, 1' ,,.. . 4 jf 1' ii V 1.1 . , 11""" .,..,,, I 1 ie, 'azfiiw Q ""1' 2 'H ffl 211 211 11' H -- f' 1V'. ,t 1::. X mga! I 12: , -- ,egg S :ii EEE 'W "I'.45?1zi1 nv H' ,W 2, I 1' ,ff :rg ggs H 22: W , .. ,. ,.... : ,.. ..., L Wgbn Z M.. J M,,,,.W. . ,, I ' 5 ' A - fx' 3 I uma' fd T v Tom Tvedton objectively surveys the scene while Madelaine does her thing. 'Q ...., w? Talk about lethereal, that was Madelaine While others pantomined, Janis Scott, fleftb and Pat Heisler frightj WDOIUI? DHV1dS0Hl in KCHIS' NEVC of Sf- did dramatic readings of various poems, and Don Carr narrated the Agnes." program. Romantic Poetry class presents dramatic reading Fred Stark, as Don Juan, did double-duty in the pre- sentation, playing the piano before the opening, com- posing a song, and supplying background music. V , Mrs. Mathews' Romantic Poetry class came up with something unique to LRU with an hour-long dramatic reading presented in early December. The mixture of comic and serious poetry was applauded by just about everyone, from the head of the Phil- osophy Department to the freshman English-class members of the audience. In the process, Mrs. Mathews discovered some real talent, including com- poser-pianist Fred Stark, costumer Don Carr, and readers J anis Scott and Pat Heisler. 'buf A PL., if 6 xv, K . f .XA g,LNJ,., 541, ' , , ,. 'ZX' v -e.' Jn, u, .,, i. A -LQ' AT' I -lffmx 1 , I l L Q1 , yi e E . f if R Cathy Owen had the honor of riding in the Kappa Toilet Bowl float. Pike sponsors first annual Toilet Bowl Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity initiated its first annual Toilet Bowl in November. The sororities made floats representing the theme, and Chi Omega was announced as having the best float. A parade to the LRU campus was followed by a football game between Pike members and pledges, which was won by the members. At half-time candidates for Toilet Bowl Queen were announced. There were three nom- inees from Peach sorority and Mima Cazort was chosen Queen. Her court consisted of Robbie Lafferty, Brenda Dickerson, and Janet Yarborough. w M. L mr .:.n,- um ,.irnF'.-:,n5,. nm .,nu-1.:um:mrn.7.znxysfzgmv , I 1 ., IT , , ,X p ,.1.,G,, H , W4 G 'F' .Nv zulu ,- if :3:,s'Q'2,,iNul ,,.l'1'jJj31" ,' ' nf - g:5,-.Ri-vfinl:-V.: ,' ,xl w - .- Wgtzz, i- X , ,Q w ., Y I 'HW' umm: ! .,,wFI P Iliff' g . The bench warmers. 1 Q P ' ' . F, 1 . ,. ', vs. .,f1H, K, , n V. -Jiri ' 5 v- 'f-'SH , i 1 -. , 4 f 4 A w ' - iq. X, ff' ,Jim 'L L I K' 41 -' x 11 wV 1 n H Lf- ' 1, '-- " vs 4571: 'ii 'ci"! ., 5J,S5,n,,4 ,llvflv fp - wie' lr " 'ff wg, 'r..'v f" Ei f 3 ,:L' 'nf .. '-'H ff ': , 'Wil'-W ' A -.1 '. iffy, ,,"- v-. W ,' f '.f-'sf' 1 . 1:1 1 ,M ' J, . 1 ' l n ,-.V - N . ..3 ,Mm ' ' I-'v-wimr ' PF r' " . .fe 5.24 L. '3 .-gy W 'N "' - ni xl. Sorority pledges were cheerleaders for the game. Carla Hagenbeck puts the finishing touches on the Tri-Delt float. L1 in v' W1 4 ,ns ' n 9? 'sf ll ' lu ' I ,J avi Sr x x Z Y' v X Q kv -ng I f 5 'lltw E i HW .5-Q,1a,u', ' Q -: t. '1 gli . bu S . 533, , ,t ir!! Y' N4 ,gn I .A, . fm , J.,-W". P! 6 -1-nr' -1 k C . R 1 ,V I 3 . 4, 2' - .' HH5 L dl 1'5- ?'f1f'E 1 11,5 Yi K., 1, i 95 If ro' 9 5' 4125: Homecoming activities focused on SCA game Homecoming Queen - Jeanie Jones Queen .leanie .lones says Homecoming was held on February 8 when the Trojans met SCA in the LRU gymnasium. Prior to the game, candidates for homecoming queen were entertained at an informal party at the home of Bill Echols, FORUM Editor. Special guests included members of the basketball team, Coach Mahfouz, and Dr. Carey V. Stabler. The five finalists chosen by the basketball team were Pam Williams, Jeannie Jones, Barbee Berger, Melanie Van Zandt, and Melady Williams. The activities Were topped off with the crowning of the queen during halftime. Members of the court were escorted by Student Senate officers. "cheese" for the photographer. rr. 3, l ii. My ' 9AQS 9, I 0 X 2 "'2. ELLD 1 ii -A L ,N ' ai: ' 4 -A-1 W by .4 nr ff ? 44' " Y ,gi , IZ . " ,nv H ,,,'f.f.1.,i.., '55-x. JL:,L,,-. V vw, ' 'K-, ' -1 ,"'f' XA' 3. ,l'fX. 1 . ,gl is 2 1 1 Contestants stand for review by the judges during swim suit competition. This category is usually enjoyed most by the male portion of the audience. Judy Laman chosen Miss Little Rock University The Miss Little Rock University Pageant, an of- ficial Miss America preliminary, was held April 19 in the Fine Arts Auditorium with six contestants vying for the title of Miss LRU. With Camelot as the pageant theme, each girl presented her talent and ap- peared in swim suit and evening gown. The girls then showed their poise by answering questions submitted by the judges. Carolyn Curry, LRU speech instructor and a veteran of many pageants, served as Mistress of Ceremonies. Judy Laman, a sophomore, was chosen Miss LRU and will represent the school in the Miss Arkansas Pageant. She presented a song and dramatic reading from Camelot as her talent. First runner-up was Lenora Hinson and Pam Williams was second runner-up. Karen McClain was chosen Miss Congeni- ality by the other contestants. Special entertainment was provided by Donna Davidson, Nita Breshears, and ,lim Munns. Judy Laman is crowned Miss LRU by last year's winner Terry Borden, as Student Body President-Elect f?j Jim O'Hara looks on. Ny. n ' 4 ""? 1 ' , 5 . ff " "' - s 4 VL .4 354, ,, Z'-'ff' , Wiifi. ,.,,. 'jif 1T' I 1 4 , n 4 PM l a Q..-'Ig..EfQ1i STI? 3,-,gg 1 .. . . ina, .5 99:5 V. ,-1. L- .--.L , ' lmfw viulnpggmf. ,f'?Tg,v, 'fu-: ,mix W . 1- I . H ' 4.1131-' if- .2 1 ":, m"fv" Fm-:,.ei,Qf,a-, 4 g , 1-Q . I ...., mi. ag. g ' 1- '.-w ,M XNXWKESX M? .V -'J 3 y t ' -'lf W ?fV . 1- N v eh . I .Jr ff? ' 1 V , ,:25191'?f ' JL' f W' Q 'awof at O "4 1 594' :gag . 4 1186" .Q 'L 1, H1 . , 12: 4 ' l r N , .. 5 f 1 1 li 'PM ...., ' X., Q F 1' F' N ' C ' 1 O6- 'jh ,ww 40, ' ' E M I Q1 'gn 13 , Jw." . ,, J mg.- n,.,,. ' 'K WV .gl 79 1 Q 31 E 3 k"37?f4, V. 5 in 6 K ug 1 '5 x .. 3. if H , 3 SPORTS iq? I3 K-wxfi ly 'ZHNENQW IX .: m f f' Y! Q V5 X . YQ: , ', 5 , J A S, Trojan Basketball Team: Bottom row -Ronnie McMasters, Donald, Mike Lowe, Bill Hatchett, Steve Averitt, Cecil Tom Butler, Mike Pyron, Philip Hesse, Bill Sodeman. Top Wicker, Donnie Branscum. row - Coach Happy Mahfouz, Charles Mize, Alonzo Mac- Coaching staff supervises athletic teams and events Coach Happy Mahfouz, in his second year as head basketball coach at LRU, saw his team suffer some heartbreaking losses during the course of the season. The team did, however, show promise during several games and Coach Mahfouz is looking to the future. Mr. Gran, the tennis coach, has several re- turning lettermen and has the prospect of one of the best tennis teams ever to participate at LRU. Coach Mahfouz, who is also in charge of the baseball team, is looking forward to a fine year on the baseball dia- mond. Dr. Beard, as usual, is fielding one of the fin- est golf teams in the state. Each coach is an integral part of the athletic program at LRU and each serves his respective team for the betterment of athletics at Little Rock University. H. A. "Happy" Mahfouz Basketball Coach IJWVB--Mx: .rs . . r .. 8461, William Gran Tennis Coach Dudley Beard Golf Coach Happy Mahfouz Baseball Coach Basketball team gains experience this year LRU aims for another two pointer. With a record of 7 Wins and 19 losses, it was a year of gaining valuable experience for the young Trojan team. Loosing only one man from this year,s team should help the Trojans get the needed ex- perience that wins basketball games. In a disappoint- ing season, the Trojans lost 7 ball games by less than 5 points. A long jump from the crowded floor. 1 Two Southwestern players stretch high to block Donnie Tom Butler is all alone for two points l3ranscun1's shot. Their effort was in vain. LRUS 57 76 68 92 847 89 75 A 76 70 C 80 85 73 73 opponent Arkansas College College of Ozarks Arkansas College Hendrix Southern State Arkansas A Sz M Belmont Bellhaven Lambuth Louisiana Tech North Texas State Arkansas A 81 M State College Season Record 727 74 ao 72 66 731 91 83 98' 108 89 es' 78 '75'- 74 ,7 1Q1 M771 120 103 1Q3 108 83 89 " A "ii C olleiffe' of Oharksii Hendrix Qekllendrix Y Christian Brothers John Brown Christian Brothers Southwestern ,lohn Brown U. of Missouri State Collegeln it A Delta State Philander Smith 'Philaiitler Sihith A 715, . Cecil Wicker gets an easy lay-up against State College of Arkansas. Trojans are strong as season opens Winning three out of the first four basketball games, the Trojans were strong as the season opened. Defeating such teams as Arkansas College and Hendrix, the Trojans proved they were on the move. Later the team was plagued with injuries to several key players and this developed into a loosing streak that was not overcome until the end of the season. Steve Averitt goes for the rebound as Cecil Wicker shoots. Ike - A 1, , .7 7 ' A ' fi 5 NJ .,,. ' N, uv :Ea ,J a in J., H. E5-we . ,M , Y' ,J Q as Q-, ,I 0 P Mr 1, L ' -Qi ' J ri if H 1 , ww , V' 1 Sf qi'-df' Q .. , ,, ,, ,, . .lf X M 'Gm .gli A...,i ,.x,5.,, .E , -9 . x., gn. -1 ,'F"' 4 5 'I . 1 ,, 'miie .-,S 1. 'W N ' wfwza.1:A,, - : P ' QQ- 4-QA-:lu 1' xii, ' , fin 1.24.16 ' ", ' Mft J .WE ' I 1 . Ji T'-fi wk -'Nw Q2 Q4 u I QM e .x, af W 1,1 I, A , !L nz-M iq T Q. .. , I5 Q- t--Y-. A, , .1, 4' ., .11 U- Y , .Jil-'ug ' ' f- 'I " ' f 14 r, . ' f fJf'f?'.fe !gV:'5i5T:.f1 ' . 1 if :A f X .. w'1.2,.v--j--5,75 f V ,I ' 'iv , V -' - ' ' . A E . " N , ft' .'.I'W7fi"31 17 Us! H. -: : -: M. . .. 1- :fy , H. L1 if ..,,5'.f2,,i'H+-11fw. b N I' 'AR' '1gi"?5'f'? fb - i IE ii.f25Ef:'Q'Ef Rugs", w .- Q Q ' x , . S R x K. 5 L i I' r 1.7- ,-, , 'i if-Q4-77, - .L-fi su..,,v-G 91 I, w Q E I .X r y -4 I :I i I 5 Eggg , 1.33 rf" 21 : - 2' 222:71-is-rgv ru + -' PW , 1, tg,w.m ., ,A , "ffl '-j.f 'Y sqf- . -.L. ' AJ, 57,- 11 , V ,,,.p-- ag. jr, n -4 -QW 1 3 . 3E.A ! 7' " 3 ... , 3 Q -1 'n . g x x xx X K ,, I Q , I Three-time state golf champs attempt to make it four sw' Q. Dennis Welch displays his form on the fairway. Coached by Dudley Beard, LRU's golf team, which has taken the state small-college title three straight years, goes for its fourth championship this year with a crew dotted with new faces. Deplete of its big gun of the past, two-time All-American Mike Morrison, LRU will depend on hard-hitting senior Tommy Head and junior Ronnie Hutchinson. Head, senior John Lammers, and sophomore Mike Sullivan are the returning lettermen. Hutchinson, junior Den- nis Welch, and sophomore Mike Hart are new addi- tions to the team. John Lammers has that look of confidence as he putts. .,' ,B-lui.. s 5 Q -X. 5 5 pp Dr. Beard gives John Lammers pointers on a chip-shot. f' es.- QI K 4 Golf team from left to right - Mike Hart, Ronnie Hutchinson, John Lammers, Dennis Welch, Mike Sullivan, Tommy Head and Coach Dudley Beard. Tennis Team Lacy Morton Larry Haskins Ray Tucker Jeff Hart, Phil Mehlin. Not pictured: Bill Shoemaker, Bill Cassidy Tennis team looks for another successful year After having a successful season last year, the future looks bright for the tennis team. Returning are Ray Tucker and Phil Mehlin, who were District 17 NAIA doubles champions. Phil was also the districtls singles champion. Mr. William Gran is coaching the tennis team and has scheduled twenty matches. Mr. Gran exoects to add depth to the team with the addi- tion of Lacy Morton and Larry Haskins to the return- ing team members. Ray Tucker returns a volley during practice at the Walker Courts. Phil Mehlin displays the form that led to the District 17 NAIA singles championship. AFV' Larry Haskins reaches out for a backhand shot. Lacy Morton makes a good showing for LRU's tennis team. ri -1 ,q::.- - v- - 'L:'n-421:51-zusmnqramlaxgiujn.,Lu: - -Vgquuq-.-,-pl.. -1:--fag--tn' I j 5 - -fr--1-.-. ,-T: VW: 'jf k - M M . , M: T your ",,l,l-' fr3Q.i:5.:gFVmii:fq,5a'5glr.-iqL ,,f,,g-fl'wf4ff:.Ltf,,1,s L KV fwfgrggla, -ISF?-Q,wf'f3f,',,T,-El ll ll ll 'wi 'fx il-, .M f'1,, , vs al.:-.....1'1l5 .WH"'al,f',.l:yH1vmil'lUlilLiQIIEfR..H 'n.q'ifQ,,l'u. fmv1g,g.,ggf3 q'hf5!guuEg:1.'.1Qll 131View,limi-Mf,M,3l1j:q..f'ml. QWlw,,,gqiy,,eI,I.Q.,1lq,'-..'j'j. H-Q' ,1..g.l Qe'5ylwlr:11s,'-'QF-1 ' V .vjxz Y Y my -' - ' - ,M-, 77' W . 1, 1, ly H H it . I ., , w , M uw: in w.. -.H V ,x am ww w. I 'W . ,' ,,, o 1.0 y ,H 1 ,,,, y 1 Fi " "il ' 'v-- 1 .. 4, .. ' , ' y 1 ta f- 1. if EIL: --'il 1 ' ey l ' ' l w v ,- u w , r l 1" Trojan Baseball Team: Kneeling - Paul Dillon, Swanne Don George, Danny Whitt, Darrell Wofford, Coach Hicker- Bennet, Walter May, John Baily, Rick Suss, Mike Oury. son, Trainer Ronnie Finley. Standing - David Rheinhart, Coach Mahfouz, Bill Battles, Mahfouz begins first year as head baseball coach Coach Happy Mahfouz began his first year as head baseball coach at LRU in the spring. The first part of the season began with early season workouts and getting the players into shape. Players tried their hand at the positions they preferred, and then Coach Mahfouz selected his first nine according to the player's ability. The team practices daily at Lamar Porter Boy's Baseball Park, while home games are played at Fort Roots. -v Mike Oury shows his pitching form. :,..z,.' ... Mike Oury tries to connect with catcher Swanee Bennet for a strike. Walter May reaches long. vs, I .,.. wL.l' L 2' 'f ' 1:-vu TRL .:F'ff.1 Fihf-l!3':' h fig FN' JJ 1? c Swanee Bennet catches the third strike. H ' , 1 " wt' ,- j ' Q- , ., -'N 1 ' . . . ', "".- ., ' -, - f, -L' My-,,q" W ff ,J5'f'- "J -- H, ,, '-'.,A:-i5f'f2qg,Q'A H31 vigrx, -",?'-4v-..4.-.-g,,'- z .. neo- 1. - .hw 1-Q. A 5'- '--ef.. i ' "N JT , 7 ' 5 A- f ' A' - "W" ' ' - -' " P 'M' .,, ...M LE, H: ,. -' A I ,L V .. ff' , V 'x-:Hgh-Zeit 'SZ' U 7, 3 - ,,.f-f".,-" . V - -1- ',g.-- ...,,,. ws-Ate , ' ', ' ' A . F- K - ' ' 0 W, ,. -' ' k w .-Jamal . - - - ---f-fm ., 'Q -P A -1- - 1 H ,A , -,,' ' nf .gm "UI .fl-1,4 f , ' 6, fir ...M , ' ,-',f N.-f - -,,,. ..,,. Eg' L1 --A I - " 1 M' dlffyvf' .- 1, - , f -- ,V " 4' ' ., ggi..-.a. ,. f ii-af J: 5 . .1.n-nfzfzl-f 4 'V u f. .1-. -' -"" - -.. - Darrel Worford stands ready for the ball Cheerleading squad sparks school's enthusiasm Well, at least a few people can muster a little spirit. The Trojan cheerleaders are the driving spirit behind the basketball team. They are well versed in the art of arousing the enthusiasm of the student body at games. The girls are chosen after several weeks of practice and try-out before experts. After their selec- tion the girls spend a great deal of time learning cheers and preparing routines. Virginia Booker was captain of the cheerleaders and Sherry Kagle was co-captain. Trojan Cheerleaders: Front Row - Virginia Booker, captain, and Sherry Kagle, co-captain. Back Row - Barbee Berger Debbie Bain, Sheila Brown, Susan Baird. F al L 7 X , Mfr. .- - -.. 1. ix X 'ag , , --L V 4 .' . v-D 2? I -F 4 tg t l. f I a1"1:-W i 'K . f. .1 i f r -Q' ' A K. ' y U 2 i.zjri,,Q D Intramural Football Champions: First Row - Doug Beard, Donnie Van Cleve, Dennis Roach. Second Row - Jerry Brine- gar, Mike Cault, Butch Burnett. Intramurals 1969 COHCII Newman McGee, Intramural Dir0CI0f, makes Intramurals is an integral part of student life at another unbiased call during girls basketball game. ., Little Rock University. It gives every student the op- portunity to participate in various organized sporting events. Directors of the intramural program, Newman McGee and Bettye Stephens, provided an excellent schedule of events for the year, ranging from basket- ball to bowling to bridge. A Sweepstakes Trophy is presented at the end of the year to the team with the most total points of intramural competition. P. Q nf 5. . r ,. 15 Iv . . rf -' Hu PT,-0. 1 4 pu: - 4 ' Ufif V - u., N0 YW ' - wi, 1: Q lx 1 r Q . 3 D ., XA, 5. 1 ls: 5 a J , ..1.x-WL1 nf,-1,5 1 - , jp . JM wa: ' 1: ' ' "'-' Q Y ,..., . M Q - Q Y f fw- f f Q ,I ,lffgw-as A V , ' . ' A, ', .fir " ' 'F ' ff xii., . 1-,yu -,, .- .L v , ' ' 'Mg Q 1 1 -. . - f' N"-" -' wifi-kg W ' f-391 f -,, ,-5 .QL Q- wg! , L L- ,I W' IVQLFYX mi iw! V ,N .., qmrsjw Y i L- f V. iq W 1, Y. V 1 . ,, ,, i X . .1 . ,WV 11,18 dir . 1 wg: A .Ki :is 1.-' 9 ' r W A lf- 5 "JV . 1- , . . , ,K f' . j' ' Y an f- . ,. - r ug? fr "" t' wk' " N 'L gs MQW W ' 1 4. J w ' , S' 5 if 50 , - 1 'svn' W spa P " 'ff' up I ' ' V, ,Br A N f 4. ,, 'm P H If - Q M -' - 'x . - Q M Q11-,. 5' 1 ' . 1 A we X ' - 4-J I '+-211' 3.7 V , V I .A 4 , l fi' ,V 'V L if . 4 f v ' , 4ffw""T'. G i X ' ,F x Y X jr-7 ' - 5 X Lg .. ' K 1gW21f -. , , , , t I 1. ' , , 71, , A E1 1 5. 3, 454 - ,W f w , 1 1, , W 4 -.Qi V ' . , - 5 , H ' - EE L. - v-,'-,,. ' .,, ' 'WE . . 1' - ' Q, ' S ' -X ,K Q54 'A ' Z sgifwilg V-I-f .jf - 3 -f 6' I . i" E 'W Q , .t..i,,.., N . frfqx-rg. gg ,ft Q M mf.. X ' x ,il Q-. V. ' ,, 1..v' -1 ,ua 5 1 - . - f " ' Y 'Q v' 4 'x , . , , A '.,4rr- I' 5 . -a 5' X u C , P Q H, N. if , ME ET! H AH V x . 1 "WJ - fu . ' n' -1 A Q, - . . 14. X , W - X '1 , A 4 X X q f r I . , N -S-Q' ., " H Q- f Y ' sk ' - ,' X "5 5355 Q '. .. , ,,, .. .H ,A K A ru ,J aims: P' V, prev I ' ,AEN Z' 1 In ' , 1 as .Dc :f M gm! 1 i ,BAPy1 fi .C ' 'Nl 1 . .-1, ,K x - kJ,,gqiqgg'115 va-Kia' X ,A-I' ffl'--4,4 -A'4UME"if?5szf' "fr '??3g- ff'? E,qg ,J if A .4., Q fx" ' 'mga K . V li, . ,fy YL. x wx, X git ' ,R Mfg -a 'U gy Yf' Q fsr, , - rg F . ET V ' x Tmf 3' V , .-Q'-f3'I,Q la I+ A2153 A ,, 1 Z., 'f , ,, . . X, w . 415.4 SH fm .Q ,N 1 3 f. 'fl 45 'W 5 ,K fy swh I-5 '-4 1 eff Q. 1? XJ We M xv 95 3- " ui Q r dy H: W-5, v-V -ed' 1' , , ...Y -1'-"""'-P-,ij K 4 . 4' V 32 X' warg, S154 Q 1 1 4' ' ' is if wr.. Qs -r 'D 'F if fix ,lwftf 'i .,..,-'P' ,. N1 17 . -qv r N . - , W ff --fe, 'mv . .- f Q, X1 15 l 'X ' ,is ,Nf 'Hu .WP- W 2' ' fx E Q fe Q M i QW E 1 .' ' ' 9323 X , QF' X 9 f n .5 . I f -. 'v -A P' it .. T lf... sig! ' Q L s . N J, ' I Q-,AH 2 . , 1 b if 'I ,. f U1 1 IU' 4 J., . , ' A,'?. Af .4 X 4,5 h,aJi'2 . Tr . '4:'v"1'f Yr v ' 'uf 4. .V X I, ,.. -, 1 .L ., :". w W . wf ' -11- u P' r ' w ORGANIZATIONS ggi 2? A 9 Qw 'A Q 3 12? f Q W Organizations add to activities of college life Members of the University Theatre Guild rehearse for a coming performance. Little Rock University believes that a student or- ganization should be of significant value to the stu- dent in achieving his purpose as a member of the University academic community and make a defi- nite contribution to the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the University. Organizations on campus are diverse, ranging from religious, Where the student gains spiritual strength and Christian fellowship to honorary, based on certain qualifications which must be fulfilled for membership, to departmental, where a student gains experience and information about his field of in- terest. Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity during one of its regular meetings. W T? , .. ,fmt V . 5. 1 fs H ' .5 'fx . 521 "C -gli. A w '-5 ' l 3, mrs.- ftysgnl Members of Pi Delta Phi, French honorary, smile after receiving their national charter. Cardinal Key members hosted a dessert party for international students. im.. 1 -..,,,, war-..n.n-,neg ii ' s it Student Body President lim Munns and Vice-President Buck McKinney. Confusion over officer eligibility disrupts Senate Posters play a big part in the campaign for Student Senate offices. The legislative body of student government, the Senate, is headed by a president and vice-president elected by the student body. Each class selects a president and a men's and women's senator. The secretary and treasurer are appointed by the Senate president. The duties of the Senate are to establish rules and regulations governing student organizations, promote the inter- est of the students of LRU and sponsor various social activities. Senate projects included freshman orientation, all-school dances, and sponsorship of Homecoming and the Miss LRU pageant. Only a small number of activities were held due to lack of funds and motivation of Senate members. The President and Vice-presi-1 dent were ruled ineligible to serve the second semester due to grades, and a special election was declared void due to the mud- slinging tactics of the candidates. An acting president was later appointed. 1 ,Wp:nmw. 1-an us-.un I it v 1, , G. 'xt ,ff ' ,a M... ab N Luv tmiiin L.,,M4 - iq Weekly meetings are held to co-ordinate activities of the Senate. -eB'Il-n-,-r if-1-... -Q., midzmtf new Mft: ,qw- The Grievance Committee served as an intermediary between discontented students and the administra- tion. Barbara Sawrie was secretary-treasurer of the Senate. .l 5- LH ,Mf I n ig l R-. 1 V ....,,-W .,""f I The ballots for freshman class officers are counted. Guess which were the lucky winners. Student Senate members supervise voting during student elections. ,l M14 r sf ,sf s I .1 5 91. iw ' W x-A i -Q- Lx,- ll! Brenda Dickerson fleftl served as editor of the 1969 TROJAN and Kay Hinkle frightj was co-editor. Mrs. Sue Pine, Ad- visor, offered many helpful suggestions. TROJAN presents pictorial account of year The purpose of the TROJ AN is to present a vivid lines. Occasionally the effort was successful. Mrs. picture of the year's activities. In the fall the staff Sue Pine, advisor, was always ready to guide the was assembled and plans were made for the Work staff when the inevitable problems arose. The year- that was to be done. The staff worked steadily to pro- book is a member of the Arkansas College Press As- vide full coverage of events and to try to meet dead- sociation. l l Susan Sinclair John Lammers Kathy Finch Classes Editor Feature Writer Honors Editor S S If Brenda Dickerson -- TROJAN Editor "i A TROJ AN STAFF fs: .SS Don Carr - Art Editor Wayne Bolick - Photographer far TROJAN STAFF X4 d Kay Hinkle - Assistant Editor Herschell Parent - Greek Editor Eddie Birdsong - Sports Editor F' Y ft, , , ,J Mgn'1D!v-f pt llli Bill Echols - FORUM Editor Dr. R. D. Wilson - Faculty Advisor Diversification characterizes this year's FORUM THE FORUM is the University news- paper and is published bi-Weekly. It af- fords excellent opportunities for practical experience in news, sports, and feature writing. THE FORUM staff prepares most of the copy for the publication, but any student may submit items for use therein. THE FORUM is a member of the Arkan- sas College Press Association and has maintained a fine record in competition with other college publications of the state. Chairman of Publications Board Wayne Copeland - Assistant Editor y-M. v-is I.. T. M ' ,..........4..- f-4-'N' 5 if gl A , 331. Ll "-rffff2"f L! ,-liqrj. I ,I Members of FORUM staff read an assortment of small publlcatlons to lncrease thelr knowledge and acqulre new zcleas Warren Weldeman Publxcatlons Busmess Manager 1 1 I I T77 ,....-1 Youth for Truth: First Row - Eddie Rogers fpresidentej, Hufsmith. Second Row - Ricky Bettle, Gary Caudle fsec- Ralph Milholland fvice presidentl, Theresa Howell, Vicki retary-treasurerj, R. A. Cromwell fsponsorl. Youth for Truth enjoy Young Democrats are Christian fellowship active in party politics Youth for Truth is an organization composed of students who are members of the Church of Christ, although students of any iaith may join. Weekly meetings are held to allow students to have Christian fellowship with one another. The group took presents to needy families at Christmas as their special project. Guest speakers are scheduled for future meetings. Mr. Robert Cromwell is faculty sponsor, and presi- dent of the organization is Eddie Rogers. Young Democrats: First Row - Walter Hutchison fpresi- dentj , Jim Greenwald, Jane Bennett, Jim 0'Hara, Judy Klae- sen, Mickey Rush. Second Row - Herschell Parent, Robbie The Young Democrats have been active in na- tional, state, and local government the past year. Be- ing an election year, it provided a real study of the nature and procedure of party policies. Members of the club were associated with the state Young Demo- crats and sent two delegates to the state convention. Margaret Crank was selected Miss Young Democrat in a contest sponsored by the club. Dr. Calvin Led- better, a member oi the State Legislature, is sponsor of the organization. Lafferty, John Hundley, Jimmy Bransford, Kent Foster. Third Row - Phillip Shellaharger, Russ Staples, Don Gent. T T 3 Pi Delta Phi: First Row - Lissa Fiser Cpresidentl, Mary cy Vela fsecretary-treasureri, Marylou Martin. Third Row Ann Meers, Mary Collier, Rosalie Cheatham fvice presi- - Miss Lucille Colaianni fsponsorl, Richard Swartz, Mrs. dentj . Second Row - Patsy McKown, Dolly Hastings, Nan- Maryavis Parson fsponsorj. National French honor society comes to campus Epsilon Phi Chapter of Pi Delta Phi, national hon- orary French fraternity, was initiated on the cam- pus of Little Rock University on January ll, 1969. Ceremonies were held at the Heritage House, follow- ed by a banquet. Dr. Carroll Pell, Chairman of the French Department at Memphis State University, rep- resented the national headquarters at the installation. Mr. Dahl, a native of France, gave an address after the initiation concerning the changing French lan- guage. The purpose of the organization is to recognize outstanding scholarship in the French language and literature, to increase the knowledge and admiration of Americans for the contributions of France to world culture, and to stimulate and encourage such cultural activities that will lead to a deeper appreciation of France and its people. There are four classes of membership: regular, honorary, associate, and alumni. Regular member- ship is composed of students with at least one upper division course in French who rank in the upper 3571 of their class in general studies. Honorary member- ship includes members of the French faculty and other faculty members with a sincere interest in French culture. Associate memberships are available for those persons who have distinguished themselves in their efforts to promote French culture, and alumni members are former active members who have com- pleted their formal studies in French. The charter recognizing the Epsilon Phi Chapter of Pi Delta Phi honor society is read by Dr. Carroll Pell, French profes sor at Memphis State University. H: " Ja' . .JE"J'?f'f.i1'5'fEE' R ,I , , it 'L all l f ' . 4 l .E M I, E ,fu qv- V' I tl .L-Y H iz Sword and Shield: First Row - John Lammers Cvice presi- - Dr. Bedford Hadley fsponsor and presidentl, Dr. Calvin dentj, Gayle Fiser, Kay Hinkle, Susan Wilson. Second Row Ledbetter, Ashley Higgins, Don Carr. Sword and Shield honors Phi Theta Kappa selects scholastic achievements upper 10W of underclass Sword and Shield is an honor organization for juniors and seniors whose membership is based on high scholastic achievement. Induction is held twice a year, with selection from the upper 12W percent of the senior class and the upper five percent of the junior class. Sword and Shield is co-sponsor of the Honors Night program which is held to honor the outstanding seniors at Little Rock University. Dr. Bedford K. Hadley is sponsor for the organization. Phi Theta Kappa is composed of the top ten per cent of the freshman and sophomore classes, and is a local chapter of the National Scholastic Honor Socie- ties of Junior Colleges. A student must be enrolled for fifteen semester hours to be considered eligible for membership. An initiation banquet is held each April to honor new members. Phi Theta Kappa is co- sponsor of Honors Night with Sword and Shield. Mrs. Roslyn Donald is faculty sponsor. Phi Theta Kappa: First Row - Theresa Howell fsecretaryj , fpresidentb , Jimmy Bransford, Larry Farmer, Robert Bunch Patricia E. Heisler, Rosalie Cheatham, Lou Ann Clinton, Cvice presidentj, Randy Gates, Margaret Rozzell. Rudy Gates, Johnny Fisher. Second Row - Mary Collier -1-zu-:-m.,.:1. 4 - -- - ,lj Hood and Tassel: First Row - Brenda Dickerson fpresidentl, Susan Wilson. Second Row - Jacqueline Kegeles, Vicki Tan- ner, Kay Hinkle. Hood and Tassel stresses high scholarship standards Hood and Tassel is an honorary scholastic or- ganization for upper class women. To be eligible for membership a student must be in the upper 35 per- cent of her class, have completed at least 78 semester hcfurs, and belong to at least three other campus or- ganizations. Members are tapped at the Awards As- sembly in the spring. Among Hood and Tassel pro- jects are ushering at school plays and having a Smarty Party for women on the Dean's List. Sponsors are Mrs. Sue Pine and Dean Barbara Taegel. Outstanding men chosen for Katalia membership Katalia, the rnenis leadership and scholarship or- ganization on campus, includes the upper crust of the male student body. Members are selected from the junior and senior classes in the spring. To be eligible, members must hold several offices in other organiza- tions and must rank in the top one-third of their class. One of the service projects of Katalia is to serve as ushers for graduation. The only two-year member, Senior Don Carr, is president. Richard B. Dixon is the faculty liaison. Katalia: Chip Fuller, Don Carr Cpresidentj, John Lamrners. L'Alliance Francaise: First Row - Rosalie Cheatham fpres- identj, Larry Prince fvice presidentj, Lissa Fiser fsecre- L'Alliance Francaise interested in French The purpose of L'Alliance Francaise is to pro- mote interest in the French language, culture, and customs among students. Sponsored by Miss Colai- anni, the club came up with a special project this year called "Table Francaise." At noon on the first of each month members ofthe club meet in the French lab, have lunch, and converse in French. President is Rosalie Cheatham, Larry Prince is vice-president, and Lissa Fiser is secretary. taryj. Second Row - Miss Lucille Colaianni fsponsorj, Janet Yarbrough, Pam Simmons, John Swaty. La Sociedad Espanola encourages Spanish All students in Spanish classes or those who have taken Spanish courses are eligible for membership in La Sociedad Espanola. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the people of South and Central America, their languages and customs. Members cor- respond with students in Spanish speaking countries, hear speakers from foreign countries, and observe special holidays with social gatherings. Mrs. Mary- avis Parson is sponsor of the organization. La Sociedad Espanola: First Row - Mrs. Maryavis Parson retaryl, Rosalie Cheatham. Second Row - Sybil Smith fsponsorj, Richard Swartz fpresidentl, Julie Walker fsec- Keats Dryden, Marilyn Robinson. S.N.E.A.: First Row - Susan Wilson fpresidentj, Marilyn Motley fvice presidentl , Joyce Gray fsecretaryl, Sheila At- wood, Charlotte Sparrow, Martha Faulkner, Lisa Fiser. Second Row - Jodell Buffalo, Loquita Reed, Leatha Mor- row, Pat Daniel, Carol Ann Gent, Alice Rives, Dr. Rose S.N.E.A. advances interest of future school teachers The Student National Education Association pro- vides an opportunity for people entering the teaching profession to gather and discuss current problems and practices in education. The organization, which is the college branch of the National Education Associa- tion, aims to elevate character and advance interest in the teaching profession. Membershp is open to education majors and minors and future college in- structors. Various guest speakers are a featured part of the meetings of the club. A spring tea for elemen- tary and secondary student teachers is the Associa- tion's special annual event. The sponsor is Dr. Bose Berry. A.C.E.: First Row - Beverly Bridges fsecretaryj, Gayle Fiser fvice presidentl , Loquita Reed, Carol Hauk, Pat Dan- iel, Alice Rives. Second Row - Jodell Buffalo, Phyllis Sla- ton, Lois Wofford, Patricia LaMar, Rita Hitt, Leatha Mor- Berry fsponsorl. Third Row - Phyllis Slaton, Lois Wof- ford, Vicki Hufsmith, Kathy Guenther, Mary Campbell, Rita Hitt. Fourth Row - Gayle Fiser, Beverly Bridges, Carol Hauk, Patricia LaMar, Bill Doyle, Lou Ann Clinton, Mrs. Benson Csponsorl. A. C. E. Works for good education of all children The Association for Childhood Education is an international organization for elementary education majors. It is concerned with the development of chil- dren up to 12 years of age. The purposes of the or- ganization are: to promote desirable conditions, pro- grams and practices in the elementary schools, to raise the standard of preparation and academic growth of teachers and other educational leadersg to bring into active cooperation all groups concerned with children in the home and community, and to in- form the public of the needs of children and how the school program must he adjusted to fit these needs. row, Carol Ann Gent. Third Row - Martha Faulkner, Charlotte Sparrow, Sheila Atwood, Bill Doyle, Susan Wilson, Mary Campbell, Lou Ann Clinton. Baptist Student Union: First Row - Marilyn Motley fpres- identj, ,lim Hobbs fvice presidentj, Lou Ann Clinton fsec- Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union, sponsored by the Southern Baptist churches, not only serves students on campus but also reaches out into the community at times. BSU presents a program of activities to pro- mote spiritual and moral growth among Baptist stu- dents. Through fund raising drives and contributions of its membership, the BSU contributes to a coopera- tive program to sponsor summer missionaries to the United States and foreign countries. Gi retaryl . Second Row - Vivian Hayes, Rita Robinson, Shay- ron Marchant, Jim Koontz. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation is under the direction of the Methodist Church. It is an organization that pro- vides opportunities for discussion, fellowship, and devotional experiences for Methodist and other in- terested students. Located near the campus, students are free to spend leisure hours between classes in their modern building. Wesley Foundation also spon- sors many week-end activities for students. Wesley Foundation: Matthew Sego fstudent directorl, James Sewell fdirector and campus ministerj, Dan Allbritton fpres identl . Alpha Kappa Psi Members: First Row - Mike Edelmann fpresidentj , Ronald M. Kupers fvice presidentj, Mike Tay- lor fsecretaryl, Joseph E. Tomboli, Mr. Ben Hardy fspon- sorl. Second Row - Mr. James Butler fsponsorj, Don Jones, Chad Hubbard, Robert Sisson, Dr. Lloyd Bowie fsponsorj , Mike Kazcka. Alpha Kappa Psi gives valuable business experience Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest business fraternity in the nation, was established at Little Rock Univer- sity in 1965. Its aim is to give members experience in business that will aid them in their careers. The Epsi- lon Psi chapter at LRU is concerned with scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance. Each year the local chapter sponsors its an- nual "Career Day" at which time prominent business- Alpha Kappa Psi Pledges: First Row - Tom Rogers, Jim Burley, Larry Haskins, Wrarren Jones, Bill Shoemaker. Sec- ond Row: - Robert J. Richardson, Tal Fitzhugh, John W. men in the community discuss the fields of marketing, management, finance, and accounting and stress career opportunities in Arkansas. The organization also operates the used book exchange each semester. Alpha Kappa Psi sponsors are Dr. Bowie, Mr. Hardy, and Mr. Butler. President of the fraternity is Mike Edelmann, Ronald Kupers is vice president, and Mike Taylor is secretary. Prather, Jr., Robert Bunch, Jerry Wilson. Third Row - John Barnett, Thomas Brown, Steve Doerr, William King, Richard Shull. J. 1 Ju. .11 f-ll Pi Sigma Epsilon: First Row - Keath North fpresidentj, John Keady fvice presidentj, Walter Hutchison fmember- ship chairmanl, Stuart Vess fproject chairmanl, Mike Simpson. Second Row - Joe Long, Jimmy Shoptaw, Philip Pi Sigma Epsilon promotes salesmanship experience Pi Sigma Epsilon is an organization founded for the specific purpose of helping members gain experi- ence in salesmanship. The fraternity engages in sales projects in which funds are raised and the principles of marketing and selling are applied objectively to specific commodities and services. The fraternity sent representatives to the national convention in March. Keath North served as president, John Keady was vice-president, and Garry Dyke was secretary. Faculty sponsor is Mr. William Tadlock. Math Club: First Row - Tom Weedman fpresidentj , Jeanie Jones lsecretary-treasurerl , Paula Morris Cvice-presidentl , Wilson, Jimmy Bransford, Kenny Holmes. Third Row - Mr. William Tadlock fsponsori , Jim Greenwald, Mr. James Butler Csponsorl, James Callahan. Math Club aims for understanding of math The Math Club, sponsored by Mrs. Emily Flem- ing, aims toward promoting an interest in and an un- derstanding of mathematics. The Club manned tutor- ing sessions this year which were open to all students in mathematics, and each year it sponsors the '6Toys for Tots" drive on campus. Officers include Tom Weedmen, president, Paula Morris, vice-president, and Jeannie Jones, secretary-treasurer. Cheryl Cobb., Glenda Cale. Second Row - Mike Pyron, Jim- my Bransford, Larry W. Haskins. Women's Recreation Association: First Row - Susan Baird, Barbee Berger, Gail Glover Cpresidentj, Ann Bledsoe fvice- presidentj, Laney Pamplin, Patti Massey, Martha Sawrie. Second Row - Sherry Kagle, Debbie Bain, Linda Duncan, Margaret Crank, Rosalie Cheatham, Becky Morris. Third WBA encourages women's participation in sports Women's Recreation Association serves to en- courage the entire women student body to participate in organized athletic events and also to encourage participation in other forms of wholesome active rec- reation. The physical education department provides facilities for such competition and recreation. Mem- bership is open to any woman. The Club is sponsored by Mrs. Frith and Mrs. Stephens. Physical Education Club: First Row - Mrs. Frith fspon- sorj , Ann Bledsoe fpresidentj . Second Row - Becky Mor- Row - Pam Simmons, Janet McLemore, Sheila Brown, Mary ,lo Marks, Betty Stephens fsponsorj , Virginia Booker. Fourth Row - Becky Robertson, Donna Scott, Pam Lace- field, Sharon Diemer, Taffy Hain. Athletic activities promoted by Physical Education Club The Physical Education Club is an organization composed of physical education majors and minors. The club encourages active participation in athletics by its members, and the organization plans numerous activities together. One of their major events was a weekend camp out. ris ftreasurerl, Pam Lacefield Csecretaryj, Sharon Diemer lvice-presidentj . 4? N N I . 'J dl' 7 , 1- Phi Alpha Theta: First Row - Ashley Higgins fpresidentj, fsponsorj, Dr. Calvin Ledbetter, John Lammers, Dr. Carey Don Carr fvice-presidentj, Susan Wilson fsecretary-treas- Stabler. urerj, Sybil Smith. Second Row - Dr. Bedford Hadley Phi Alpha Theta honors Sigma Delta Pi national outstanding history honor Spanish fraternity students The Iota Zeta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta na- tional honor society recognizes faculty members and students who have distinguished themselves scholas- tically and who manifest a special interest in history. Student members are required to have a 3.5 grade point average in history courses and have taken a minimum of twelve hours of history. Dr. Bedford K. Hadley is faculty sponsor, and officers are Ashley Higgins, president, Don Carr, vice-president, and Susan Wilson, secretary-treasurer. Zeta Sigma chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, national honorary Spanish fraternity, was installed on the cmpus of LRU in the spring of 1968. The member- ship is composed of students actively enrolled in Spanish courses who have maintained a "B" average and have completed at least one literature course in Spanish. A 2.75 average must be maintained in all other courses. Honorary memberships are composed of professors of Spanish. Attempts are being made to promote associations with people from Spanish speak- ing countries in order to broaden their awareness of Spanish culture. Sigma Delta Pi: First Row - Rosalie Cheatham, Miss Lucille Colaianni fsponsorl, Larry Prince. Second Row -- Mrs. Maryavis Parson fsponsorl, Richard Swartz, Nancy Vela. 12:3 11 Cardinal Key: - First Row - Jackie Kegels, Donna Da- Susan Wilson, Jane McKinney. Third Row - Vicki Tanner, vidson Cvice-presidentj, Vicki Hufsmith fpresidentj, Rosa- Brenda Dickerson, Robbie Laiferty, Sheila Atwood, Linda lie Cheatham. Second Row - Kay Hinkle, Sandy Veches, Scoville. Colony of Cardinal Key service club organized LRU's colony of Cardinal Key was established in the fall of 1968 with a total of 19 charter members. The organization is a group for women of at least junior status in American colleges and universities who are leaders in the college community and who are deemed potential leaders in the future. A na- tional honor society, it was founded in 1932. There are presently over 30 active chapters in 16 states. Purposes of Cardinal Key are to recognize achievement in scholarship and extra-curricular ac- tivitiesg to advance personal growth, patriotism and service by affording training for leadership in the college community, and to develop Worthy character by application of the Cardinal virtues to living. A major project of the local colony this year has been working with the international students on cam- pus, helping them in making college adjustments. These students were entertained with a coke party and dinner and were assisted with their studies by members of Cardinal Key. Faculty sponsors are Mrs. Sue Pine and Dean Barbara Taegel. The International Students and Cardinal Key members become acquainted at a party given in honor of the new international students. Alpha Delta Sigma: First Row - Alf Carter ftreasurerj, Colleen Schay, John Keady. Third Row - Joe Long, .lim Warren Weideman, Jacqueline Kegeles, Mike Simpson, Riley, Alan Ables, Gene G. McCoy Csponsorl. Stuart Vess. Second Row - .lane McKinney, Philip Wilson, Advertising experience gained at ADS workshop Alpha Delta Sigma is a national professional ad- vertising fraternity designed to bridge the gap be- tween the classroom and professional advertising ex- perience. Members of ADS are associated with pro- fessional advertising practitioners as ustudenti' mem- bers of the Little Rock Advertising Club and as "asso- ciate" members of the American Advertising Federa- tion. ADS is empowered to initiate into Gamma Al- pha Chi, national professional women's advertising organization, women students who meet the scholastic and professional standards of the organization. All ADS and GAX professional and social activities are participated in by all members. Requirements for membership are completion of at least 45 semester hours with a minimum of a 2.25 grade point average, and a degree plan that includes either a major or minor in advertising. To gain a better understanding of the advertising profession, the members of Alpha Delta Sigma went to a weekend advertising workshop at Texas A 8i M. Gene G. lVlcCoy, owner of a local advertising firm and LRU faculty member, is sponsor. Gene G. McCoy hands out awards at DECA meeting in Little Rock. Veterans Club: First Row - Kenneth R. Martin fpresi- Second Row - Alvin L. Allen fsponsorj, Danny Timm, dentll, Stuart A. Trent fsecretaryj, Charles L. Shaw John E. Tebbetts, Jr., William R. Bell, Jr. fD.A.V. repre- ftreasurerj , Ralph Ward fpublicity and public relationsl . sentativej and E. Terry Green. Veterans Club newly organized on LRU campus Veterans Club members sponsored a drive to send gift pacs to servicemen in Vietnam. f -ff. VIETNAM slfffac ffomsofefo ay VE TERAN5 CWB On November 25, 1968 the Little Rock University Veterans' Club was recognized as a campus organization. Mr. Alvin Allen and Mr. William Gran serve as co-sponsors. Problems that confront a veteran when he returns to school are many and varied. These were discussed over a cup of coffee in the Stu- dent Union and by talking with veterans, it was discovered that such an organization was needed. Purpose of the club is to provide educa- tional, economic and social guidance for LRU veterans. On March 12, 13 and 14 the club sponsored a :fund drive for Vietnam gift pacs. These contained many items which had been requested by the front line troops. Enough money was collected to send 30 gift pacs to Charle Company, Second Batallion, 173rd Airborn. Officers are Charles Shaw, presidentg Ralph Ward, vice president, Stuart Trent, secretary and Dave Webb, sergeant at arms. R I 5 I L P 'V v.' 5 5 YN . lf XN7 .1 !!20':'swf1:w. f , ,, 1, N o 4 0 5 bmw. 7 . . , , Q 1 J,,,, ,, X My - , - ' . ,nw-. - wr , V 1 -,-ff, . , 1' A 2 v- , ' ,-I fs-.,,,iL.a1 - f X . 1-41 " V .-,rv N ' I . V ' M -+- r X , 4 'f , a , 5, wg. 11931111 l 6 4 l Q 4 Little Rock University Stage Band: Bob Steele, Leonard Brooks, David Bynum, Walter Henderson, Ted Seibs, .loe Johnson, Chip Carrigan, Martha Allan, Ron Boswell, Rick Murphy, Carlos Summers, Ed Creenings, Kelly Bowen, Fraser, Gordon Bell, Mike Young, Mike Terry, Don Kramer, Neil Teeter. James Burgett, Randy Herlocker, Danny Johnston, Benny The brass section is featured in a special number. 1 , 9 's i ....,... ii' .. dai, . -. E' l: f ,.-., gy-.-,N ge ., ' ' -. -l':4Z.'?'2-'14 af 1 - 1 -YV 2"'..,' I 1 -,Ag - I 'f,f.f--sf.-',.f A-N - ,..- , 1 J .wt ,..J,,.,,...4.W,m. . - 5 . 1 1 - " 1'-a'-'K.'.f - :. . . V - .-- ,"2Q,Il114" iff' V- s T if-+4 I , -i,-.fri 1-,J-,1.. -. , ,, ,. .. 4' . -. ,.-,,,.,,-w.r- ,A-.,, -V 1 we .. . - ,,- , - .TL u,..-. -- .-,H 1-3. -.-.-1.3 . , ,lf a 4 , , Y. , -.V 1 ., Q. . V31 . .,.ra.,,5:w s f.-iff,-V ., ' ' Y q1"'vf, '- Q 3-j -- -,gal-"uf, r H AJ-3 Mtg -4 ,H , 4 ." ' 1 ' .uns - ,--. 'ax-1 ' -1:- 33-,G-4 L, ' , -4-' -' 'y' ,- , ,Y yu : , Q gr '. ,xi , ' . .,, , :'.-.ny 57.4, fi 3.315-' .if -.,.'., A ti J .'.f -- ' -."i- Q- - E . fb V, Q 1 ' . .441 " RZ..-Q :"'1"hf', A-'fe '-,A -J. .. f-I : L ' A 'f . , -' vc: - . i .--ss-:f:'v.41.g'--1L":'.'fHTm-gff 1: . --1 - --9 .1-f .V ., .f . . -. '14 f.-si.-' . 'L--f -4 V -5- . .- 1- , .- ff .- .- , - :,.f,-.:--,H,- 1 QI .Ja---SJJQ -ff-",1:n.'4 --1 --4 pr.: i-vq i . , 1'f"7"-"' -f---- ,. px .L4.q,,..... 1'-4 ,,---.- Madrigal Singers: Jerry Hatfield, Becky Simpson, Carlos Kathy Fowler, Danna Shook, J im Munns, Janice Townsend, Summers, Elizabeth Berg, Synette Hubbard, Pat Daniels, David Horned. 98 Hand Bell Trio: David Horned, Elizabeth Berg, Jerry Hatfield Hand Bell Trio Woodwind Ensemble The ringing of English hand bells is a unique The woodwind ensemble is another musical group and new musical activity at the University. Outstand- on campus. It is composed of music majors and in- ing teamwork, plus all the fine musical skills neces- structors. The group spends much time practicing for sary for professional quality performance are pre- presentations before various city organizations. The requisites for fine hell ringing. The group performed group complements the total activities of the Depart- before various civic audiences during the spring ment of Instrumental Music. semester. lVIaryBelle Nissly directs the new ensemble. Woodwind Ensemble: MaryBelle Nissly, Charles Young, Leonard Johnson, Patrick Daniels University Theatre Guild: First Row - Warren Weideman sorl , Suzy Garrison, Steve Mourning, John Rule, Mike Mc- f vice presidenti, Mayna Fish, Donna Lansdowne, Angie Carroll, Janet Saulters fsecretaryJ. Third Row - Brad Robinson, Tommy Pace, Barbara Hall, Suzanne Akins, Caro- Derouen, Henry Miller, Dave Parrish, Jym Koontz, Jeff lyn Curry fsponsori. Second Row - Clifford Haislip fspon- LaCaze, Jim Munns. 66My Three Angels" opens play productions University Theatre Guild is composed of students Angels" and '4The Lion in Winter." The club also interested and active in dramatic presentations. Par- sponsors summer theatre presentations. The highlight- ticipation may range from acting to technical produc- of the year is a spring awards banquet which recog- tion. UTC sponsored the productions of c'My Three nizes outstanding actors, actresses, and technicians. Jenny Fetzek looks on in surprise that Jeff LaCaze and Jane McKinney don't. ff?" , 0 ir ' ix if l Alpha Psi Omega: First Row - Mayna Fish, Warren Weide- Barbara Hall, Jeff LaCaze fpresidentj , Steven Mourning, man, Angie Robinson, Janet Saulters, Tommy Pace. Second .lim Munns. Row - Carolyn Curry fsponsorj, Cliff Haislip fsponsorj, Alpha Psi Omega is honorary dramatics fraternity Alpha Psi Omega, an honorary dramatic fratern- the organization is the highest honor attainable by ity, participates in and supports all dramatic activi- drama students. Jeff LaCaze is president, Warren ties on campus. To gain membership, one must suc- Weideman, vice-president, and Janet Saulters, secre- cessfully appear in several plays and must he recom- tary. Sponsors are Clifford Haislip and Carolyn mended by the Drama Department. Acceptance into Curry. The prince tries to find the one who owns the glass slipper. - w I if A. ,Q K A -'31 , ibn. , ,X .Jr . X., iffy, . -.. 5 w ,VK w-' 1 1 v:-.1- ., ,- ww , . 1 ,U v -1 ' 'zelf , P .W IV I , KT: - Hg, 'L uf . w Q , hi' M 'F' ,V N N. W I hr .1 v-1: ,wings ', . 4 .1. 'v I -v. " K H,,. , ,. ,,, , 4-24Tv.'. ' N1 ' .QU ., A1 ,i,.24 . 5.-M-ff 91 K X ' ,.w ,..b:. up., I 4 , :nz-dn. Giizaf' - ,,n5.g Y '- 'fwniifl N MM. : -w w- : gi . ,r - - ,I 4, ff ,- ,-" - ' ' 5. ' -nfl. : , L - ' L' ' K . .. ,- gm H. HONURS N gm Ska! ml, W A 5 A ' ' A " . A ,, 717 ' 'W i ,lv I N Y A 4-1: Wu . 1 . '1-:f1f4-QQ -' . . j..5fl,: - ei 'p 1 - ' . '. .- v.,- - . .. .-1. Lap! mn ' , , - . x - - -- .A,. -3 4 The contestants anxiously await the arrival of Pat Boone. . , , Pat Boone selects Trojan Beautles The contestants were interviewed in small groups and judged on the basis of poise, personality and appearance -1.- ,,.1-1 awww , 1 5-Mtg! egnlxg 1e:Qhi llllll 'llllli 'iitlil fzn11ir -:xanax vnuiip -unsun- ,' 'O 1' mm. K 1. 'w 5 3 1 .rlq P F A Q. ,, K ,X Q X'Z Q ' 1 ,W y 'il ,, Ml'- S V ,..f I w 'Il w, N43 Nw 1 rofkm Maui? 108 x --'rr--r-x -7 -- ' -, 1. 0. H " H wx A Q " 'N 1 wy. ww vm-H41f,w.,.y..w-- ' W ' am anna ELIUZJJOFL aippa igma L- -ri 21.5-M' "NR-1--n " 'W-'4"""'!s 'H'---in N'----'1 n-,pp-Q' ning' ruu H 15? I ' i ' if V"3?2'?W'f'T " , 'iw ' .. x, an rofom Rauf? pam 'mann .jczfafa 110 ':'Ti 4-44 v. as '-- fl JN. . - 'SA inf' 1 vii., iv!! 1 1-tt ff fu' r :N ,--+P, f .XJSI . if! ,1 'fgi mi-,va v If +A ,V cf ,f Q -..- '4 A 1 I ,A-wif f .. . , Q 469, 'id-ILP" "'-" .., ' 1':'Y"' rofbm Rauf? 112 ,J KJVLCJJCE fQ86LfAeP.'5f0l'L .APPR gdflilmfd 63.215 1 M ' in max 'S Q , Sen ' 113 '- .','.-,.,.,' . "..'. 111,-: .5 . ' Ln". 'Ugg' 5 W'-p.FHVE4 I-, 5, ' f' A fj.H?gu,,'fQgi?-Q':i?1 ' . - ,. mm BE aa .K " 1: gf 4 5 ,f z as 1 rw me ,,, I s v sax Eff ssl U 5 5 11: ' H, E 2: .,, 2, 9 W W 1 2? '9 In iv wi rofbm emfafg cane Wcjcnneg 38064 E858 mega 114 sea 1 .4 'Y ' 2 , JAS5 1 . wx. 'F ,A , , ,751 Q . 1 ' 1 xi . P .4 .- a 1 11" l f 4m. ' 5' ,'r F .11 fm ' ,f 1-ix 3: . 5. y-543 fl A ' lv, 'tit'-' 'Wy f if 3-'A"f:, " ' i 'A 'v .fy 2 v ' ' L1 9 ' I U-v ' , 1 .Q , if I Q , 1 141-,f'1 I' - 5 , 'vu Q A , I ff In 'G fqf ,I Q-1 1 'Vw' 1.4 Q M' '- ' ,Q 9 , 'V 4 'Ir u , 3 1. ,K n ' if 5 I N 1 M M7-y Q fi. Q 'Y-.Vg 111-A 1--Nag I If if O . ' 'Q vu? A I l D ff' .n l I 1,41 Ir: 'W li' 'YY' - 1 iilify' l xff I 2, 'N bm r 1 9 1 X QV HAI -Q--1.1.....a,a---v 5... E. W . :QQ XI if 3 .1 fu S ff if W J, if P! Qi gi an P: .. , rf.. az 1 Q 'ia f 2 IN Lf , R, : 'L fb fo 1,1 J ,Hi N, .-' 1- 5 'li 'a xxi , ji A, 1151, 1 N Y full j'0jcm Rauf? Caffng .gimladon 529m Wu 116 Y' P , lxv 41 H , K 'nil' H. .um-' ,,, .w. X,,4.. vw xv , w ,H M. flaw wg- J 1 ' H , iwggg-3,.v 13 X ..', w w W Y Vw W N. H M" 'A 525 K, V .xx .X ,, . 5' . 1 v, ' F.. 31 ' ' E ,QE ww mwf J .I -v V , -v 'ihJ.3i::,',ffg 'SX' ' V '1 ," 2257: '. . 1 'W' if Ie ', 'W S 11 ,J .jimi planner-up camera .zclbwon Mu 96124 HMA Uniueraifg Jozef? oZ76Ifl9'L6ll'L cw om, .Scand Funnel'-up pam mega Esau mafia e ,, if F. 'Jfx F5 .H-'T , ,,,, , 53.5-"f'a'31 AK ,VA - 1 .1-I of '..,4.' .EI 1 ' wif' 1 .- ,LPA wu- 1 Seventeen Make W'ho's Who In American Colleges and Universities Membership in Whois W'ho Among Students in American Colleges and Universities is a national honor conferred on only one-half of one percent of all the country's college students. Selection is made on the basis of scholarship, citizenship, character, service, and academic and extra-curricular leadership. LRU students were nominated by members of the faculty. All nominations were reviewed by a faculty- student committee and were then sent to the national organization for approval. KAY HINKLE Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Hood and Tassel, Treas- urerg Sword and Shieldg Dean's Listg Phi Theta Kappa, Rockefeller Foundation Scholarshipg Assistant Editor of TROJANg Deanis Counselor, and Young Republicans. DON CARR Phi Theta Kappa, Vice President, Phi Alpha Theta, Vice Presidentg Katalia, Presidentg Sword and Shield, Student Relations Committeeg Dean's Listg Dean's Coun- selor, and TROJAN Staff. i s J'J' 'K ROBBIE LAFFERTY Chi Omega Sorority, President, Panhellenic Coun- cil, Treasurerg Dean's Listg Student Senateg Dean's Counselorg Women's Recreation Associationg Young Democrats, Secretary-Treasurerg Foreign Relations Club, Secretary-Treasurer. Who's Who JIM O'HARA Student Senateg Junior Class Presidentg Young Demo- crats, Vice Presidentg Dean's List, Varsity Debating Teamg Dean's Counselorg FORUM Staff, Sigma Nu Fraternityg Senior 'Awards Committee. IACQUELINE KEGELES Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Presidentg Panhellenic Coun- cil, Vice Presidentg Newman Clubg Chief Justice of the Constitutional Courtg Student Senate, Secretaryg Hood and Tassel: Sword and Shieldg Dean's Listg Dean's Counselorg Who's Wl10, 1967. Who's Who RANDY HERLOCKER Sigma Nu Fraternity, Commanderg Dean's Listg Inter- fraternity Councilg Dean's Counselorg Student Activities Committeeg Kappa Kappa Psig LRU Band. BRENDA DICKERSON Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Vice-Presidentg Hood and Tassel, Presidentg Sword and Shieldg Dean's Listg Phi Theta Kappa, Secretaryg Dean's Counselorg TROJAN Edi- torg Cardinal Key. 1"w-4?-sm porioiv' uw qc!-A ,fins JOHN LAMMERS Phi Theta Kappa, Vice Presidentg Kataliag Phi Alpha Thetag Sword and Shield, Vice Presidentg Dean,s Listg Varsity Golf Team INATA District l7 lndividual Charn- pionl g TROJAN Staffg Newman Club. - -M ,--f---Y -Q -'fp ,.f-x - 1 -5 -qm-Q-r 'apr-Q, I "Wig , F,.??,.'.,,, ,, s. -pm. Y. ' ij' ' -1 ' JIS sf .rig A .- tj :Y ' l , ilk., 5, fi ,g yw4 w ta - Ufgmm Hnzrzfe-149925 ' - v"i-uf" 7 L.. xx' VICKI HUFSMITH Pi Beta Phi Sororityg Panhellenic Council, Vice President: Cardinal Kev. Presidentq Student Senateg Dean's Listg SNEAg WRAg Student Activities Com- mitteeg and Chairman of Miss LRU Pageant. titty -ly.-lv V.. Whor's Who BILT. ECHOLS Senior Men's Senatorg Young Republicansg Sigma Nu Fraternitv: Interfraternitv Council, Presidentg Varsitv Bas- ketball '66g Dean's Listg University Theatre Guildg FORUM Editor. ill JANE McKINNEY Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Presidentg Trojan Beautyg Panhellenic Council, Presidentg Dean's Counselorg Con- stitutional Courtg Dean's Listg Young Republicansg Student Traffic Courtg Student Affairs Committee. Whois Who ED BIRDSONG Student Senate: Sigma Nu Fraternityg FORUM Staffg Chief Justice of Constitutional Courtg TROJAN Staffg Dean's List: Outstanding Intramural Player Award 67-683 AAHPER. NANCY KAY GATES LRU Choirg Best Newcomer to the Theater, 65-66g Al- pha Psi Omegra, Presidentg Phi Theta Kappag Miss Little Rock University, 65-663 Hood and Tasselg Cheerleaderg Who's Who, 67-68, I 5 Uwfziivw ' , JIM MUNNS President Pi Ka a Al ha Fraternit In Student Body Z PP P . YS ' terfratemity Council, Secretaryg G. J. Francis Awardg Kata- liag University Choir, Student Directorg Phi Mu Alphag LRU Organ Guild. 71' M, BUCK MCKINNEY Student Body Vice President, Katalia, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Dean's List, Young Republicans, Dean's Counselor, Academic Calendar Committee, Interfra- ternity Council. fl J . Whot's Who KAY GRAHAM Pi Beta Phi, President, Panhellenic Council, President, Dean's List, WRA, SNEA, Young Democrats, Senior Awards Committee, Dean's Counselor. MIKE EDELMANN Student Senate, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Pres- ident, lnterfraternity Council, Who's Who, 67-68, Alpha Kappa Psi, President, Dean's Counselor, Varsity Tennis, Newman Club. .:. -F N-Q 11 x w- 251, N , , isa H ' -1 gs I Q l I aa, ff, W 1 W fx Zi A. lf: .Q - , , ' ' 54? .2 ' V ' I ifwzi, - N ,H , ., , ,, x 51 B J 1 -1 ', , wbufvjf y Mfg 2 I W- , f' 5 '-"QW i F W Q 'v ii gr GREEKS 17. as X if l L5 'C x K K ,QP :rf- V A, 5 ,--QV , -, - wa,-..afffw,,, . 53 L X vu L 'iii' 5 , .V F' 4 -V ,N f 15717 ' - .v, . .,,fvQQf", P ,.x,--f:i,'-- n, x PU H .511 49, . - .f 'x S 4 K :NR -5' ' .4 -an J at l fr in, ., ,I n ,- 3.14 N '...f'.. ff IT ,..,,,'1.g -if... gfxi gf aff'--24211 6,':,.'?'fwZ ' X w ' 1. 7- --1.1 1- n V135 v If rv. x' X r.-, ,-1 E., ' - 1 ' z 1' X, f 1 ' N Y X X J' fl 1 .- ff N2,-F W W , A '1 at 1 X Q, . sw M I ' -, , Qian, ' 5 ,g'?W.Fn ,Ti , we ,X m, . 'W up -.H :fi - 'Q' ,'l,3"5'f!5. ,f:1-,-,Nl.fA,- ng.-'fgawf -f,1ff"1 .1 .iv , -,. ,-1.-, Y.,-.-2.1 ,. ,'.':- ' ' ' ' ' ' if-f.'n': -. A .-.-I.: .- 'r -.: M-16. :gg-,gl-5 ,fi-1" A..... f"fi',' . . '31 , 'f I, Hg, , .,n,.,-. -. ,,,,.-.N . A .26-:... ...,uP+.5-llffg-N, - ,f mm, ,,.,S 1 . I.,mx.zi- umf f.'f,:f:S'.25',Ef:'-Zig" W' 'Q"'f1'a'?f' r"f S s 1, New pledges happily shake hands with SAE members Sorry brother no member grip for you yet Parties and bids highlight Rush Week activities With the coming of September, the eight national fraternities and sororities on the LRU campus began making preparations for rush. The sororities held rush for four days, beginning September l. Coke parties were held for two days, followed by a day of skit parties and ending with the preferential parties, where the rushee goes to the two sororities she would most like to pledge. Bids were extended the next day, with Dean Taegel matching the choices of the sorori- ties and rushees. Men's rush usually takes place a few weeks after school begins. Round robin nsmokers' are held, which are followed by a preferential 'gsmokerf' Men's rush is under the direction of Dean Jerry Corley. Rushee Diana Redd is told, "Don't try an other, Tri-Delt I " --'53 -Egypt.. .. .. "..- Y ,TV ' .ff fxfl . 54, 14... fd gf' .fix-x!jJ:JfL5,-Qg3'zQ . 3-.Avzrw 1 S. 4 , ' -Awe, if LV .3 - , , -mx 'Z' Z ,z ..:5q,,, 4 ,-w,, N. ,f-WY -,Q fy: 4- wwf: T "'1P' rg. -4:51, ., ' ' .- Ei- ,mf , Ji Q f -. J:..:r ,v . -H 1 ml ..'1-Fx 1 I f f .,3'13.-,... : ,- 0:9 ,V 111.155-2 .1 H 1"+P:v-35.1-.-, , ' -:1 ,. L13 -fh , 1-Qff.. . -.-.--sakfgse L ' - , -4. H , ff . - lfifii.--251' az- K-A .,':?f'fw17 at-'x'g5,gQ'r' . ff. ,- V1.3 4-Q ma. -4' , ' , .- Qu- .1-. -JuaT,g .2 .,.,j, , '. ag, -4 If - .qui ',4'3,-Ri?Yf-2199! - -x , pg, ', .. 3 -'-, ' ' '- gy. -.v w", .7,. 1 -. .' 4? f1e?rEv 5' 'fi ' , Ev- -W?-'31" 5 A .N - . V- ...,'-"'i -. '-. A QT- "A gl? 3 . - ' fm gg V N-.KU AQLPHEH f ' - A- , fn .--N., Sh. 'E . '- "' x sb , -, "N - N x,-mffggg 'G+ Q ' -5-Hr .JY 7 u x "' 'M ': Q .X " ' , 1 31 I 'fl . D ,K A LT - . ' k ' ' Y N 'Mu M - V Q 5' 'I ' fs'?- '. ', 1 - ' N tl task X ' J A N .- N... . .vi 'K Q . 1. .xr 5 . Q, .nhl F. rg A 3.4. , ff.. ...! XE 5 'J -M if A1'1'Z'ai Q-4511 .. ,Ui 4 1'fj::,!l .qsq " '+-. .. KN, 'C tak-fn 1- 535 fv 355, W-.PPV , J? 5' J -ff V , Agfa gg A ., A7 fa' A 1 A ,,-W:-. r f 5 -C-Ml W 1: gi.. f A! 52:4 i'SmJlV'-,Yiiwi X qi I ., -:V ,t:i+:J.. T 5 . 1 Zi C-Q5 L35 "I, 4. hit' .ivy H if I 7-L' .,.5 451- ' 1. ' ,N , Mg, " KI' ig. These sorority girls talk up Chi Omega to rushee Michele Robichaud. She must have believed it . . . she pledged. 455' H1 rickety rackety roo, Whats the matter Wlth Sigma Nu?" Well, for one thing . . . Mary Cockrill entertains rushees at the Pi Phi skit party with a song and dance from the Roaring 2O's. I.F.C. makes rules governing fraternities NCQ IA NC- I f tffwfffff Rush tables were set up during registration with rushees being given information regarding rules and regulations of rush. The Interfraternity Council is made up of three representatives of each of the four fraternities on cam- pus. The purpose of the organization is to make rules and policies governing the fraternities and to define the rush regulations under which all the fraternities must operate. The IFC publishes a booklet which gives information concerning each of the fraternities and is helpful to freshmen going through rush. Meetings are held each Week under the direction of Jerry Cor- ley, Dean Of Men. David Pake served as president of the Interfraternity Council. lnterfraternity Council: First Row - David Pake Cpresi- Frank Hamlin. Second Row - Phillip Shellabarger, Pat Bo- dentl , Robert Borecky fvice-presidentl , Buddy Olinghouse dishbaugh, Rogers Faust, Mike Edelmann, Don Gent. fsecretaryl, Randy Herlocker Ctreasurerl , Richard English, Panhellenic establishes policies for sororities The Panhellenic Council is the principal ad- visory and governing hoard for the four national women's sororities on the Little Rock University campus. Each sorority has two representatives on the Panhellenic Council. The council realizes its responsibilities to the college campus as a social organization for setting and maintaining high scholastic achievement is part of their program, and a trophy is given each year to the sorority with the highest grade point average. K N- B - 3 L ' -, ' V - t I," w -- 2 2 ,P-' . -14" ' " ' ' X' f asf , it ,IN ,Q -1, Y , , - af -AX ff-L'-cs. 1 52 ' S2313-x-. 1' Rushee Mary Reinhardt looks at one of the displays of soror- ity jewelry at a rush party. Glu? Becky Robertson, Pam Panhellenic Council: First Row - Hamilton, Vicki Hufsmith, Jane McKinney fpresidentl. Simmons, Donna Scott, Martha Sawrie. Second Row - Mary Alice 135 , I up ., 1,4 ' 5 Chi Omega Chi Omega places first President .i..... .a.....a..... Vice President Secretary ....,.. Treasurer - P1'CS1dCflig,-.--.-- --.-.-.-rr ---T Vice President Secretary ..c..,a Treasurer W-- OFFICERS Fall Robbie Lafferty M-- Barbara Sawrie --- Sharyn French -rrr-------- Joyce Murphree Spring Glenda Cale -,- Jane Bennett -ur Bonny Bone ---r Gail Glover in Relays and Aulsing Gamma Zeta chapter of Chi Omega had a very successful year, winning the Sigma Nu Relays, the Pike Toilet Bowl float trophy, and placing first in Aulsing. Sheila Atwood and Nancy McClenathan were Senior and Freshman Women's Senators, re- spectively. Barbara Sawrie served as secretary-treas- urer of the Student Senate. Robbie Lafferty was se- lected for Who's Who and was in Cardinal Key. Mar- garet Crank was chosen Miss Young Democrat, while Melady Williams was in the Homecoming Court. Judy Laman was honored by being chosen Pike Dream Girl. The year's activities were climaxed by the annual Chi Omega Carnation Ball held in April. Os pose in their skit costumes before the rush party begins. Pam Aldridge Sheila Atwood Jane Bennett Bonny Bone Glenda Cale Margaret Crank Pam Davis Sharon Diemer Linda Duncan Jerrie Farmer Sharyn French Gail Glover Mary Gould Sylvia Hagar Jeanne Hill Kim Hornby Janie Krutz Robbie Lafferty Judy Lamen Sarah Lantrip Patti Massey Becky McClain Nancy McClenathan Joyce Murphree Dot Robbins Michele Robichaud Ann Russell Barbara Sawrie Martha Sawrie Becky Schick Donna Scott Susan Sinclair Susan Switzer Vicki Tanner Carol Vick Nancy Watson Melady Williams Ada Wilson Mary ,lane Atkinson Virginia Booker Debi Bowman Mima Cazort Alice Criner .ludy Eudy Carla Hagenbeck Barbara Hall Jacqueline Kegeles Debbie King Mary Lassiter Virginia LaGrossa Donna Leird Nancy Luptak Jane McKinney Linda Morehart Ann Nolte Claudia Phillips Cathy Plating Beverly Price .lon Puryear Donna Pyles Diana Redd Mary Reinhardt Kay Renshaw Mary Ann Roachell Angie Robinson Margaret Rozzell Sandy Veeches Ruth Webster Debbie White Marilyn White Lyn Wilbanks Pam Williams Linda Wooldridge , -A V ,s ,, M , , . ,. . sz- ,U-.Q -,5,,,z,:.5: Delta Delta Delta Tri Delta has busy and successful year OFFICERS Fall ' Jacqueline Kegeles President - --- .... ,.--- - - ---- Carla Hagenbeck ---- Nancy Luptak Vice President .... Secretary ...... T1'e3,5111'e1' --. --N,.,-... Margaret ROZZCH Spring President ----- K ---,,-- --- Virginia Booker Vice President --- .,... Linda Morehart Segretary --,A---- -,, Linda Wooldridge Treasurer -- ..-.. Di-H118 Redd Obviously these girls aren't squares. Phi Chi chapter of Delta Delta Delta again has exhibited the year as one of its best. For the second year Jacqueline Kegeles was selected for Who's Who, along with Jane McKinney. J acquie and Carla Hagen- beck were initiated into Sword and Shield and Mar- garet Rozzell was in Phi Theta Kappa. Virginia Booker was cheerleader captain, and Judy Eudy and Sandra Veches served on the Student Senate. lVlima Cazort was Queen of the Pi Kappa Alpha Toilet Bowl, while Pam W'illiams was in the homecoming court. Tri Delta sponsored the district Junior Miss pageant, has made monthly contributions to the Youth Home, and took part in the Heart Fund Drive. Highlighting their activities was a trip to the Oklahoma State Uni- versity chapter. The Fall Pledge Presentation Tea, the Pine Party at Christmas, and the Gold and White Ball were just a few of the social activities enjoyed by Tri Delts. ., fT....,.- ,.., for the girls of Kappa Kappa Gamma. They won sec- . Y N w lllll Illll lllll f lllll y A gg ,- W t , N , :..ng3r1 ' " l SE f.1ar,, . - . , 'r,:a:5,, -, 'a'a'-,,.,.,,.. :.1,Qg5xa,f:2fHa:'rg2:u-:.,, t Kappa Kappa G mm pa 3 a H saaamr at l Many honors go to girls who wear the golden key OFFICERS The year was filled with fun, service, and honors President .... Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer -- -- Fall Spring Carol Tabor ----r,- Kay Hinkle ---- Carolyn Walker Rosalie Cheatham Betty Woodruff P1'CS1dCflt ....... s - .- .-..--. A Vice President Secretary - - ,- - - Treasurer ...H - -W - A Carol Tabor r- - , Phillis Jackson -- --Rosalie Cheatham The fall pledge class of Kappa Kappa Gamma is shown in front of their pledge house, a building which was designed especially for their use. 'W ond place in Aulsing and were again holders of the scholarship trophy. Epsilon Theta chapter was hostess for their province convention in April, which was attended by Kappas from a three state area. Many individual honors Went to Kappas. Candace Feather- ston was a Trojan Beauty, while Sherry Kagle served as cheerleader co-captain. Melanie VanZandt was a member of the Homecoming Court. Kay Hinkle and Brenda Dickerson were chosen for Who's Who, and were also in Sword and Shield and Hood and Tassel. They were in Cardinal Key, along with Carol Tabor and Rosalie Cheatham. As part of their service pro- gram, the sorority collected money for the Heart Fund and aided the Youth Home. -4'-wh ii Ann Bledsoe Rosalie Cheatham Gloria Cheshier Brenda Dickerson Kathy Edgar Candace Featherston Kathy Finch Nancy Finefield Janet Glover Kay Hinkle Lenora Hinson Caroline Jackson Phillis Jackson Carol Jennings Jo Ann Johnson Sherry Kagle Minnie Lindsey Becky Morris Sarah Jane Moseley Peggy Nestrud Cathy Owen Sheila Primm Becky Robertson Pamela Simmons Stephanie Swann Carol Tabor Melanie Van Zandt Carolyn Walker Betty Woodruff 7 w '1- l,Q!Q,9'a Y rrr W 1' fl r y l aaa ' 5 egg -' i l' ii lui ' " , I ::: lb .. l ' 'J J , If. ,U ,J J F H K N li f-P 'ui if Q., J ' rfl ,Ni -., iil' -1-2 frm - ' A ' r-w "L V , ,won fy X ll V . ,W J ,5 - J , , ,- Q x:,,..4 V 4 ' V' ' Ki J " ' as fm l . 'fi' N l 'f rrr ' Vi , , Na- an "1 ' , fx ,. Q wt! l ', v " . 1 ' 'lll R u , ,M yu X 1' WH ,f"l"ml i 'Vx i. f 'N ti" "JC -, , '-11 ,s M .ull x'v.:.y' 141 I , T 1 wr vw: . Q, QQ r' xl my J 6 Y, I In ,, ,Q . - 1 .P '55 'J C? 'Y V" -1, v.-"S . M I f-f ,fl v - , ,W 1 5 mt Q. I , Q f Af. 11- 'il A21 gf.-4-S A WMI, HWP' rw, X . A' Y wif -Jar-:...3k! V ri XZ, fini? t 'iii I , :SIE Q ifiuilff . Pi Phi arrow aims for even more achievements The year proved to be one of fun and excitement for the Pi Phis. In October the Pledge Presentation Dance was held at the Marion Hotel. Preceding the dance all members and their dates attended a dinner party at Pleasant Valley Country Club. The Pi Phi pledges, along with the Sigma Nu pledges, held a Halloween Party at the Methodist Children's Home. A spring outing in Hot Springs was held in April. Sev- eral Pi Phis received honors. Barbee Berger was a cheerleader and in the Homecoming Court. Other cheerleaders were Debbie Bain, Susan Baird, and Sheila Brown. Vicki Hufsmith and Kay Graham were in Who's Who and Cardinal Key, in which Vicki served as president. 1 The Pi Phis model their rush sk't costumes in which they d President .... Vice-President Secretary ..n. Treasurer --- President --- Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer --- a takeoff on the R Ill . f -qw Jiri . . ,..., . . Kappa Sigma KZ t up Men of the crescent have full year of activities OFFICERS Fall Grand Master ..... ..... ...- .l 0 hn MHW11 Grand Procurator --- .......- TOIH Head Grand Scribe ....- --- Buck McKinney Grand Treasurer - ......... Buddy Olinghouse Spring Grand Master --- ....-....... Buck MCKiI1I1CY Grand Procurator -- .... Richard English Grand Scribe --- --- Mark Sitlington Grand Treasurer , ..... Joe Barron The strength of Kappa Sigma lies in its age, his- tory and uniqueness. Kappa Sigma was founded in the United States on December 10, 1869 at the Univer- sity of Virginia. The Fraternity stresses scholarship which is one of their goals. An abiding belief in God and a strong faith are essential in the Fraternity. Kap- pa Sigma Buck McKinney was honored by being se- lected Student Body Vice-president and selected for Who's Who. Johnny Fisher was in Phi Theta Kappa. The Kappa Sigma Christmas formal and the spring Figi Islander party are but two of their many ac- tivities. Service activities included collecting for the Heart Fund and giving an Easter party at St. Ioseph's Orphanage. Kappa Sig's and dates live it up at their "Hang 'em high" party. Jim Allen Clyde Baker .lim Blackwell Steve Blair Ray Brown Ricky Brown Craig Campbell ,lon Carpenter Steve Carroll David Cherry Skip Childs Butch Christian Jimmy Clemons Doug Cotner Paul Craig Bob Criner Bob Croft Haskell Dickinson Richard English Johnny Fisher Larry Golden Buddy Goodwin Tom Head Ed Hendricks Gary Hooten Mike Horn Danny Kelly John Mawn John McDonald Fred McKinney Buddy Olinghouse Joe Oliver William Perkins Jimmy Porter Tom Pryor Mark Sitlington Mark Smith W. A. Smith Phil Stegall Scooter Stuart Norman Yaniger it 'A"L r 4 1 .L rv . Steve Aldridge Dann Barber Robert Barnett Robert Borecky Gary Brown Terry Cargile Ronald Clevidence Chris Cook Pete Cooper Charles Davidson .lim Dudley Dale Fuller Walter Fuller Don Gent Steve Greenhaw Jeff Hardwick Walter Hebert Timothy Howell David .lacobs Don Johnson Ron Johnson Eric Jones Brad Kennedy .lames Koontz Bill Linch Stuart Matthews Michael Medlock Mike Middleton Tom Miller Randy Mourning Steve Mourning Joe Morris Murray Moser Jim Munns Stephen Plating Richard Pope Richard Sanders Steve Summers James Sparrow Burt Squires Steve Tedder Richard Toland Bill Vandever Clement Walls Gary Wimberly John Wyrick Phil Wyrick x .1,.,-.,i,,,. Pi Kappa Alpha The action was fast and furious between members and pledges in the Pi Kappa Alpha hosts annual Toilet Bowl Toilet Bowl. Entering its fifth year on the LRU campus, Zeta Eta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha boasted many activi- ties. During the fall semester a Roaring 20's Party, Playboy Party and joint social affair with all Pike chapters in Arkansas were held. The second term be- gan with a New Year's Eve Party and was followed by the Founders' Day Banquet and Dream Girl Form- al at which Judy Laman of Chi Omega was announced as Dream Girl. The first annual Toilet Bowl was held this year - a game between Pike members and pledges. The fraternity won the scholarship trophy for the second consecutive year. The fall pledge class served the community by painting the fence at the Little Rock Zoo. - OFFICERS Fall Steve Tedder President ...,.....,..,-..,.-.,.. Vice President Terry Cargile Secretary .................-...... Pete Cooper Treasurer --.- Spring Robert Borecky J. D. Morris President ......-...-.,..l.,..... Vice President Secretary --- Treasurer -- Pete Cooper ---- Don Cent Robert Borecky Pike pledges are shown before the football game against the members. the highlight of the day's Toilet Bowl festivities. il1m'Axn1:rmmns 4.2!-luasv Sigma Alpha Epsilon u.. Year of progress highlighted by new house OFFICERS Fall President ...... ......... M ike Edelmann Vice President .... ........ K erry McDonnell Secretary .......... ............ J ohn Norrell Treasurer .... .............-. R ay Weber Spring President ...... ........ - -- David Pake Vice President .... ..... - -- David Stewart Secretary ...... .... .... J i m Porter Treasurer --- -- .... Bill Howard Arkansas Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon enjoyed one of its finest years since its arrival on LRU's campus in 1965. The men of SAE continued to lead the way in campus activities. Mike Edelmann served as Senior Class President and was selected for Who's Who. John Norrell provided experience as Sophomore Men's Senator, and David Pake served as President of the Interfraternity Council. Service pro- jects to the community, one of SAE's strong points, were manifest in a Halloween party for crippled chil- dren, the Christmas "Toys for Tots" campaign, and an Easter egg hunt for orphans. Social events includ- ed the Summer New Year's Eve Party, Por White Trash Catfish Fry, and the annual Old South Ball. Mike Edelmann, President of Arkansas Beta chapter of SAE, is assisted in the ribbon cutting ceremony for their new lodge b.lhG'llP'd fthA1' " y 0 I1 1 , I'CS1 6111 O 8 11111111 ASSOCl8t10H. 1. I G ..d Swanee Bennett Larry Brown Steve Cash Rick Darling Phillip Davis Wayne Dierks Bob Dougherty Joe Drompp Chris Edelmann Mike Edelmann Bob Fain Rogers Faust Frank Hamlin Richard Harbison Billy Howard J eff Jackman Paul Mains John Marable Kerry McDonnell Richard McKibban Eddie Moody John Norrell Bruce Oliver David Pake Herb Peach .lim Porter Andrew Rehbein Tom Rogers Jerry Sparks Bill Spencer David Stewart Raymond Weber Warren Weideman Tracy Whitfield Brian Willis Lonnie Barclay Bobby Birch Ed Birdsong Pat Bodishbaugh Tim Bodishbaugh Jim Bradherry Jimmy Bransford Bobby Brasher John Brizzolara Turner Buie Nathan Calhoun William Cecil Paul Cheek Joe Cofield Charles Daunis Bill Echols Kent Foster Phillip Grable Jim Greenwald Len Griffin Randy Herlocker Rocky Hestes Alan Holland Kenneth Holmes Sanford Hooper John Hundley Walter Hutchison Doug Johnson David Kaufman Jim Linsky Howard Markley Kerry Mayfield Bran McCarty Phil Miller Larry Myers Keath North Jim O'Hara Herschell Parent Mickey Rush Phil Shellabarger Bob Shivers Jimmy Shoptaw Mike Simpson Russ Staples Randy Syhert Dave Thompson Ricky Trip Ronnie Vandiver Danny Wright Larry Yancey Bob Younts . ' I M ' , 1- F I. f: 1 - N ,' A..-,J.p-,,,,r,fr,l...:.f:55 m3,7V.5Aj,-L .g., . .-':.' . , -: ' I' ' .2-1 - 1.13. 3s5""'f :Q-,gg.s-ffy-M""1,1"' - ,,,. f- U .gif - ,,,.' - J I..-,-1.3-3 3 , sr , , . - - Sigma Nu fraternity 100th anniversary January 1, 1969 marked 100 years since the founding of Sigma Nu fraternity. Eta Xi chapter cele- brated the occasion with a banquet at Coachman's Inn. In the field of athletics, student government, and student life, Sigma Nu excelled. The annual Relays were held, and Sigma Nu won Aulsing for the third straight year. Snakes Eddie Birdsong, Bill Echols, J im O'Hara, Bob Younts, and David Kaufman served on the Student Senate. Sigma Nu's chosen for Who's VVho were Eddie Birdsong, Bill Echols, Randy Her- locker, and .lim O'Hara. The Sigma Nu's enjoyed many social activities throughout the year. The Ship- wreck Party was held in the fall, and the annual White Rose Sweetheart Formal was held in the spring. Among their service projects were parties at the Methodist Children's Home and Arkansas Chil- dren's Hospital. The Sigma Nus observed their 100th anniversary with a memorial service who is buried in Little Rock. 1 at the grave of one OFFICERS Fall F559 E559 asc-ig sang 5556:-In Elgin 3.33: cs"' :I -rfBn.. I-1'4E:z.. 'QCD 'ING 'Ish' IIUH llgf I'?I III-:I III-Il FI: : 'I 1 I I I lm' ll-cl I lr-g I Il I--1 1 I 1511's -I I IUQ 'Ill o I H-I llll all Illl l'l 'Ill Illgg ' ll 'I '-Is?" l'?g I-.gill I5-'Q-I Shag' F-l UK4 D'I-uw gfgiia sag? 5E."'t1 EWS? I-I-.Emo -43-0 Emi? 0355 Q-591'-I Emma -45. 'V I lil t' v - ' fraternity founders Q , 3.531-'f .- A A .Lv- N f Q 1 ,. fs N ,.-2' ?E'. f 4. 1 F U Sl "'vf'." 3 -1 . ,M f The University ruf- W K ,. iam. 'ian u-1.,,n H ' 4 .ifdiif , jf' ,. sk wk, ' , .T-n .,!l mg, "Ai W FW! El '+-P- A-1- an 1 1 UNNERSITYOFARKANSAS ,mm JR ADMINISTRATION a I -X - F Q 43 Q2 'IV AE 'W i ,lf f".'f"'f Officers of the Board are: Chairman, E. Grainger Williams, Companyg and Secretary, Harold J. Engstrom Jr., Engineer, President of Williams and Rosen, lnc.g Vice-Chairman, H. Tyndall Dickinson, President of lVIcGeorge Construction Arkansas Foundry. Board of Trustees works for betterment of LRU The Little Rock University Board of Trustees, ever mindful of the best interests of the school, is made up of thirteen greater Little Rock business and professional men who are responsible for making Dr. VV. G. Cooper, Jr. Robert D. Lowry Physician Chairman of the Board National Old Line Insurance Co. policies and rules which govern the institution. They will become the Board of Visitors of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Robert McCord Associate Editor Arkansas Democrat iii Arnold Mayersohn Vice-President and Treaf Sterling Stores, Inc. A bf"i , , Q.. 1 x f J Q'-Q lx 5 ru 'f 61 1 .- 'ak - . 'zfj-50. ' ' .' f ' -'+ :lbw , ,- , T U, - X -'Q 'L 1 A as la if President of the University DR. CAREY V. STABLER is this year completing twelve years as President of Little Rock University. Born in Thorsby, Alabama,'he received B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Alabama and the Ph.D. from Duke University. ln 1965 he received an honorary LL.D. from Hendrix College. Selected as uGreater Little Rock Man of the Year" in 1963, Dr. Stabler is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and is listed in "W'ho's Who in America." Professional and civic activities are as follows: Chair- man, Board of Directors of the Little Rock Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, 1965-19675 president of the Arkan- sas chapler of the United Nations Association, 1964-1965g president of the Little Rock Rotary Club, 1965-1966 and Fellow International Institute of Arts and Letters. The Uffiee of the President ill! MR. CARTHAL M. HARPER is Administrative Assistant to the President. He joined the staff in 1966 and is in- volved in working to obtain federal programs for the Uni- versity. He is a graduate of State College of Arkansas and has done post-graduate work at the University of Colorado. G l ,., MRS. SUE PINE is Director of Public Relations. She also serves as advisor to the TROJAN and to Hood and Tassel and Cardinal Key. She is a graduate of the Univer- sity of Arkansas, where she was a member of Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa. Mrs. Pine is active in the Little Rock Altrusa-Club. SUE ANN BEAVERS serves as secretary to Mrs. Pine and PHYLLIS YOUNG is secretary to Dr. Stabler. Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs hs.,r..1 MR. CHARLES E. LaMAR is Administrative Assist- ant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, having previously served as counselor, psychometrist and in- structor in psychology. His degrees were received from Baylor University. He serves as Director of the Evening Division, Director of LRAFB Education Program and as coordinator of continuing education program. DR. NORMAN A. BAXTER serves as Vice President for Academic Affairs. A Harvard graduate, Dr. Baxter came to LRU in 1966 after a year as a Seatlantic Fund Fellow in Zurich, Switzerland. In his third year at Little Rock University, he has led the faculty in its endeavors to build a base for a major univer- sity in the educational and cultural center for a growing metropolitan area. One of the duties of Dr. Norman Baxter, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, is to preside at faculty meetings x V1 X g2..J , -id f X f ,,..., Q 343 DONNA ANDERSON is secretary to Dr. Baxter and ,J JANIS GEORGE is secretary to Mr. LaMar. Office of the Vice-President for Finance V ' Q MR. F. L. ROBINSON, Vice President for Finance, has served on the LRU administrative staff for twelve years. He holds degrees from State College of Arkansas and the Uni- versity of Arkansas and is listed in "Who's Who in Amer- ican Educationn and "Whois Who in Commerce and ln- dustryw. Mr. Robinson is a member of 'the advisory council, Stu- dent Union Board and Commencement committee. Community activities include Rotary Club, Board of Stewards of the Methodist Church and treasurer of LRU's Wesley Foundation Board. va t MR. BURL WESTLAKE, the Little Rock University Ac- countant, is responsible for preparing all financial records and accounting reports. He holds the B.S.B.A. from LRU. rt -., 11 9 MR. LOUIS DUELMER, a graduate of State College of Arkansas, is LRU's Purchasing Agent. Mr. Duelrner joined the stalf during this past year. 'WH . .-1: The following are on the staff of the Vice President for BREWER, Accounts Receivable Clerkg NORINE NEW- Financeg MARY RHOADES, Bookkeeperg LINDA SENN, COMB, Machine Operatorg SUZANNE TINKLE, Payroll Secretary to Mr. Robinsong and standing: MARILEE Clerk and MARY LUE KEYSACKER, PBX Operator. FAYE ADDIE, Central Stores and Print Shop Supervisor, operates this facility, dis- pensing campus supplies and printing. Office of Student Personnel MRS. SYBIL ROBINSON is completing her first year as LRU's Director of Student Aid. A graduate of State Col- lege of Arkansas, she administers all programs of loans, grants and part-time employment. Mrs. Robinson serves as president of the LRU Faculty Wives Club and is active in Altrusa Club of Little Rock, Delta Kappa Gamma and Phi Mu Alumnae Club. DR. ROBERT D. WILSON joined the administrative staff this year as Dean of Students and Admissions. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of South Carolina, M.S. from the U. S. Naval Postgraduate School and Ph.D. from University of Mississippi. Dr. Wilson holds membership in Phi Delta Kappa, Amer- ican Personnel and Guidance Association, American Col- lege Personnel Association and National Association of Stu- dent Personnel Administrators. He serves as chairman of the Admissions Committee and Publications Board and is a member of the Scholarship and Student Aid Committee. MRS. BARBARA TAEGEL is Dean of Women and As- sistant Professor of Physical Education. Mrs. Taegel is sponsor of the Student Senate, Panhel- lenic, Hood and Tassel, and Cardinal Key. She is a mem- ber of the Student Union Board and Chairman of Traffic Committee, Who's VVho, and Senior Awards Committees. Dean Taegel is a member of Altrusa, National Associa- tion of Women's Deans and Counselors, Arkansas Personnel and Guidance Association and Arkansas School Counselors Association. Dean of Men, MR. JERRY D. CORLEY, is completing his fourth year at LRU. He serves as Director of Testing, Instructor of Teacher Education and advisor to the Inter- fraternity Council. Mr. Corley is a native of McLeod, Texas and received his degrees from Kilgore .lunior College and East Texas State University. Professional memberships include American Personnel and Guidance. Working in the Student Personnel Office are: SUE AIST, Secretary to Dr. Wilsong DOROTHY MERGENSCHRAER, Financial Aid Secretaryg ANITA ALLEN, Receptionist to Student Person- nel Services, from right to left. W5 -24tP!j'HZEp sf, " r',: ,,.,- !,..,....--.-- lf? Office of the Registrar 166 DR. DUDLEY S. BEARD has been LRU's Registrar for eleven years. He is a native of Mt. Vernon, New York. His degrees were earned at Millsaps College and the University of Mississippi. In addition to serving as Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity ad- visor at LRU, Dr. Beard serves as a member of the curri- culum and admissions committees and as the LRU golf coach. He is a past president of the Arkansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Working in the Office of the Registrar are: KATHY VAN HOOK, recorderg MARY ALYCE SCANNELL, secretary to Dr. Beardg and GIGI MORRISON, recorder. John A Larson Library MR. JAMES A. ALLEN is completing his fourth year as Librarian. He was formerly associated with Louisiana Col- lege at Pineville and LSU Library, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a native of Alexandria and a graduate of Louisiana State University. At LRU he is Chairman of the faculty Library Commit- tee. Professional memberships include the American Associ- ation of University Professors, American Library Associa- tion, Arkansas Library Association, and Southwest Library Association. Librarv personnel are DOROTHY G WOODS Acquisi JUDY LESTER, Reference and Public Catalog Librarian, t1on Secretary MARGARETB MOSER Catalog Llbrarlan DOROTHY G. RUSSELL, Secretaryg MARY G. STUR- FRANCES CANTWELL Assistant Catalog Librarian GEON, Serials Librarian. Computer Center The newly installed Computer Center began operations in March. It provides a service depart- ment for campus, servicing registration and assist- ing in business records. Time is provided for stu- dents enrolled in the ulntroduction to Computers" class to run their programs and some faculty members have begun to utilize the center for pro- gramming. PHIL ORAHOOD serves as Director of Data Processing. ' gg. ,n ...tb CHARLENE ROGERS is Keypunch Supervisor. 'R ik- I n I n T 5 19 iii" ,f Bookstore Clerks are HAZEL MCATEE and STUART TRENT. Student Union MRS. VELDA MELVILLE is serving her eighth year as Director of Food Services. As such she coordinates the snack bar and cafeteria programs. Mrs. Melville is a member of Student Union Board. MRS. MAYBETH JOHNSTON became Student Union Director and Bookstore Manager in 1958 after having attended Little Rock Junior College and gradu- ating from the University of Arkansas. She is a member of the Student Union Board, is chairman of the Commencement Committee and serves as Delta Delta Delta advisor. V... Yr X "'u pfswsnx '. 1 , ' w X XJR X, , y H N N IX! M HN MMM, ,X H! I 4 ' .V , -, mu " A ,g25,"'g V - G ' , M. . fap.,-1.-fs . M ' F, ,fiizi-1:-3'.Gz:at 57' ' AQ: -.L --5 . ., .- , in4-,fi1r'L'.i'f'5'd??16::J1gf:'.--wa ' Y Ao- - fr. V.-. ' -4+-w Y -- - 5: H11f:4.ui1x,71- lj.-T.-gfqiihg' :fx gr- ?"-H -'fx-'f .:" " , lf!-59,1 , i ff ' f -JF . af,,!sf5iF',.i1?L"'T?'lb C ' 5 , , u. 5 mn.-,Q xr .,q-if .,-ww" f.:,- 75,1 ,A-:,v'g,1,.x, : ,.k.-, f law I 3.g:SWU,:u1. 4 - 12-lf, jqygal' H51 4 12 '44-235 ' 1 4-Jw , 1'-7333, zw qr -fo .'--51541, , . 11 ,- ' DCLTFTQ - - iifvtiffk-'IH .1.1:-if . v1ff::rf2' 1rq,' ' ' :1 ' -.X-""'!"' 2? U51 f . 'Vf ' Pg" , 'Q V '15 ' 31. - 4 pi ' -in f 'L 1-fa. " . ,M -, -'31-,gb , L , ' M , VI25 ,, H N' W ' "'-'fs "THU : 'jv:,f U N., ww , 1 H, ,X . " ' ' , ,,:l+.: ylahx I '26, 5-2 - -' 1-..-,.-,.:m.,s.a- JET "nk . -' -41+ .'--1.21-, 1-,H 1 E iff fhifef-' W -1' '1- lil?-9421? " H '- " ' " A V ' ,, , ,. , .- . .f ' 1 - V'-25. -'El' "'775'f ' . . 1 , ,L V - ,J F -:.,,,.,. , . , V ,SE , AN: , . w IS ' x A 'rwqp 4,1 - 'f'5:-",.4 . ' 'Iwi Q T -'C','.I1 :,,xN N ' v Q,-1, X "wif 5 ' ' m.?9'15j5'I 1 ' , ...s.: an ww, , W al 5 :gl- :L I. -.qv wil' x 1, K ' if - ' f u ,W L5 ' , va P , X :W M og X ' 2: lx 707 'gm X-v f Wink Q . .X DIVISIUNS X , .. V, v A ' K x 'S Q wh A Q 'QB' Q H B ag 3151 INN W fi Division of Biological Sciences JAMES H. FRIBOURGH Professor of Biology WILLIAM EVANS MARY ANN Assistant Professor FOSTER Biology Instructor Biology DR. JAMES H. FRIBOURGH, Chairman of the Division of Biological Sciences, is listed in Who's Who in the South and Southwest", '6American Men in Science", "Leaders in American Science", "VVho's Who in American Education", "Arkansas Lives" and "Dictionary of International Biography". He is past president of the Arkansas Academy of Science, past president of the Arkansas Conference of American Association of University Professors, form- er state director of the National Association of Biol- ogy Teachers and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Fribourgh is a vestry member of the Episco- pal Church and a member of the Ouachita Girl Scout Council. He has published numerous articles in pro- fessional journals, particularly in the areas of fish culture and empbryological basis of behavior. BONNIE GRANT CLARENCE ROBERT WATSON Assistant Professor SINCLAIR Assistant Professor Nursing Associate Professor Biology Biology if --1 , gg-L, 2 31 " " ? in KB , -V -F.-. U , V' t. ii We gf Q C ' + 4 f , if f t fi V.: Xp. 1 . .I , ,f j A fb I .Q 1 a li v- Q - xx". I1 J' X x 1 ,pan Qu- ,L uk L34 ..-.-.4 .V , .pu ,n , 155'- mga. f 4. ,L J ,. , . ,:1,3!q' ea., WH , .... I1 QL. ii 1, 1 I ' Q "iii :Z ,v,,., .- ,. . "K ' ,H ,, di VTP.. , n,,.4 me Q, -sv, X -...I f . - . --. . -M ,.-4-fr--n-, . i 1: A 22,3 A f K . I? 4,-. ,Q .. . ,wma J x 4 ' S . wa., ,I J -1 A .af 'f-' I . ,. ,v,,. A-if-,, . .U x Af Sv. V, mg nj. K xg .5 ""'::c'l,q,- -1.51, Y I 5 J .. A ' '+Axh...,, 45-d?7i1' '5"5rQ..'f'-' ..-TL. :II Eli- E55 " " - V Z' "VT Ti' 9.'V?.f 1 'f J-21' , , 2 , 1 I , 3 V , - Vw, . , , - 1 , . V 1. 1- , V A . L F ff - if ' ff" f ' "'Lf5b:': - 15 V ' ' H J' - 1 nz , , , . Q f ' at ew ' 5? : ' V -' Li? -11 - Pglif . ' , H W " , Q -6-, .g , 'L ' ' 'M i ai W X ?5 Sf V 'N H, . t N 'V 5 r E 1 , Division of Business and Economics DR. LLOYD W. BOWIE, Chairman of the Divi- sion of Business and Economics, is a member of Iota Phi scholastic fraternity and has been l-isted in "VVho's Who in the Midwest". Dr. Bowie works with Alpha Kappa Psi and Young Republicans on campus and serves on the cur- riculum committee as chairman of the Student Union Board. He joined the LRU faculty in 1961. He is a mem- ber of the Little Rock Advertising Club, Sales and Marketing Executives, Purchasing Agents Associa- sociation. LLOYD W. BOWIE Professor Business Administration Dr. Butler offers an interesting approach to the old money problem. tion, American Economics Association, American In- stitute of Management and American Management As- ,......-.g4..v..-,f.u. H. A,-- :Y W U W '- ' I 1 L 1 'iGF' JAMES BUTLER DON R. W. J. GALANTE B. A. HARDY GENE G. McCOY Assistant Professor FLETCHER Lecturer Associate Professor Assistant Professor Economics Lecturer Economics Business and Advertising Business Economics INEZ MARTIN RAY ROBBINS ROY SMITH JOHN TODD ERNEST H. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor WHITE Economics Business Accounting Management Assistant Professor Accounting Timed dictation is a big part of the shorthand class taught by Mrs. Powell. t rift- -Jai Division of Fine Arts DR. JOHN G. HUGHES, JR. joined the LRU faculty in September as Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts . Coming to the campus from Union University, where he had been since 1952, serving as head of the Department of Music and then Chairman of the Divi- sion of Fine Arts, he holds the B.A. degree from Southwestern at Memphis, the M.S. from Juilliard School of Music and the Ph.D. from Florida State University. Dr. Hughes holds membership in Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Lambda, American Musicological Society and the National American Association of Composers and Conductors. He has presented organ recitals in the east, soutl and mid-west and has conducted numerous choirs and choral groups. Creativity comes forth in sculpture classes offered as a part of the art curriculum. I The ability to recognize ones voice on tape IS acquired through practice in speech class ALVIN ALLEN Assistant Professor Art MARTHA BARBER Instructor Art MARGARET CARNER Assistant Professor Speech VADA COWAN Lecturer Speech FAYE DiMASSIMO Assistant Professor Speech .IOSEPHINE GRAHAM Assistant Professor Art CLIFFORD HAISLIP Assistant Professor Speech, Drama DONALD KRAMER Assistant Professor Instrumental Music SARA LOCKARD Assistant Professor Speech JOHN GLENN METCALF Assistant Professor Music GLEN OWENS Assistant Professor Music IDA ROGERS Assistant Professor Art DOROTHY SAWATSKI Assistant Professor 'Voice DONALD WARMACK Professor Music MARGARET WARMACK Assistant Professor Music Division of Humanities DR. HAROLD l. WOOLARD is completing his third year as Chairman of the Division of Humanities. Since 1957 he has served as Registrar, Dean of Stu- dents and Dean of the University. His birthplace was Stillwater, Oklahoma and his degrees are from Southwestern College in Kansas and the University of Denver. Dr. Woolard is listed in uWho's Who in Amer- ica", "Whois Who in American Education", is a past president of the Arkansas Choral Society and serves as a member of the board of directors of the Arkansas Festival of Arts. Professional and community interests include the Kiwanis Club, Masonic Lodge, Winfield Methodist Church and Pulaski County Health and Welfare Council. Some of the world s outstanding writers are brought to life in Mrs. Donald's "Major British Writers" class. T, 5. Dr. Frothingham's philosophy class picks a picturesque setting. A-5 w MARYLYN BRADY Assistant Professor English LUCILLE COLAIANNI Assistant Professor French, Spanish JERRY DHONEAU Lecturer Journalism ROSLYN DONALD Assistant Professor English RALPH EBERLY Professor English CECIL EDINGTON Assistant Professor English SARAH FOUNTAIN Lecturer English ELEANOR FRANCIS Assistant Professor English RICHARD FROTHINGHAM Associate Professor Philosophy, Religion 15 "--- - - X., . 'Js."C 179 .4 .5 Learning to operate complicated equipment is a prerequisite Lab attendance is vital in amm understandin of a forel of becomm alan uage momtor lan ua e MARGUERITE HENRY Lecturer German MARIAN HULSEY Lecturer English REBECCA JOHNSON Lecturer English MARILYNN KEYS Lecturer English JOHNY E MATHEWS Assistant Professor English ELIZABETH NEWBERN Lecturer Spanish DOROTHY PACKARD Lecturer English MARYAVIS PARSON Assistant Professor Spanish, French NANCY POPPERFUSS Lecturer English BETTY RUSHING Assistant Professor English hqfb I 'I Division of Physical Sciences and Mathematics A DR. WILSON J. BROACH is Chairman of the ,Division of Physical Sciences and Mathematics. He , y is also a Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Broach is a member of Sigma Xi honorary science research organization, the American Chemical Society, Arkansas Academy of Science and Alpha Chi Sigma. He holds degrees from Henderson State Teachers College and the University of Arkansas. He serves as co-sponsor of the Chemistry Club and has written a workbook in general chemistry. Com- mittee assignments include the curriculum committee. WILSON J. BROACH Professor Chemistry Mrs. Broach utilizes the projector to interpret chemical calculations. .- .9-qu 1-g A BILLIE BROACH V ROBERT F. J. EISON JAMES R. JANET GARDNER MARY JANE Assistant Professor CROMWELL Assistant Professor FULMER Instructor GATES Chemistry Assistant Professor Engineering Assistant Professor "if Chemistry Assistant Professor Engineering Mathematics Mathematics WILLIAM E. CHARLES HOWARD L. JOHN HODGES OLIVER FRANK SETLIFF GRAN HARBISON HODGES Associate Professor HOLEMAN Instructor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Mathematics Associate Professor Physics Mathematics Chemistry Chemistry Mathematicians listen intently to lecture by Mrs. Emily Fleming. Assistant Professor Chemistry . W Division of Social Sciences BEDFORD K HADLEY Professor of History DR. BEDFORD K. HADLEY, Professor of His- tory and Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences, holds degrees from Friends University and the Uni- versity of Texas. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, Sword and Shield, Rotary Club, Arkansas Historical Associa- tion and Southern Historical Association. Prior to coming to LRU in 1961 he served as Dean of Men at Bethany College and was on the faculty of Northern Illinois University and Pan Amer- ican College. Members of the North American Indians sociology class were exposed to various cultures among them the Eskimo way of life. H ff' .1-si' -lil X RICHARD B. GEORGE DYER D. GREEN . KATHERINE DIXON Assistant Professor A Lecturer HARDIE LEDBETTER Assistant Professor Political Science Psychology Assistant Professor Professor History Anthropology Political Science FRANCES ROSS .TACK SCANNELL CAROL SMELLEY E. C. STAHLKOPF LOUIS WOOD Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer Associate Professor Associate Professor History History Sociology Political Science Psychology Dr. Hadley conducts his Latin American History class on an informal basis. CALVIN WILLIAM PRADO Lecturer Psychology Division of Teacher Education DR. EVERETT L. EDMONDSON Professor Education DR. EVERETT L. EDMONDSON is Chairman of the Division of Teacher Education .and a Professor of Education. He has served as Division Chairman since 1958. He is a member of Phi Delta Kappa and is a char- ter member of the Arizona Academy of Science. On campus he serves on the following faculty committees: advisory council, curriculum committee, steering com- mittee for graduate programs and chairman ofthe student relations committee. He holds degrees from Lewis Institute, Illinois Institute of Technology and Northwestern University. I-Ie is the author of several publications on education and aeronautics. Dr Edmondson takes time from Modern Elementary Curriculum to congratulate Dr. Berry's selection as "Teacher of the Year 'da A I f""5 GF! BESSY BENSON ROSE BERRY NANCY FRITH JAMES HALL LOUIS C. Assistant Professor Associate Professor Instructor Associate Professor HENDERSON Elementary Elementary 'Physical Education Physical Education Lecturer Education Education Education HAPPY MAHFOUZ NEWIVIAN IVICGEE BETTY STEPHENS NAN WILLIAMSON Instructor Assistant Professor Instructor Instructor Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Elementary Education Injecting humor in class discussions is a technique used by Dr. Edmondson in secondary education. l ,11 ,w r ' ' .Je-uw Dr. Hall stresses physical fitness and good health to physical education practitioners Visual aids play a vital role in elementary education training. .1 I l Pri. . 5 ' . -. .y ,ll 1 'U v . QM g L w' T16 Ns ,U Wm .5 2 ' .M ,L T J 4. .4 - Hu -U. fx -wc tl J ' , '-iv: i ,i 5. L . xwzi . "': ' .' Je: Wy .1-if I i XM v X ' A " TH fi 3. Il Q :Q I Ni H 4 J KV i 5,5 x XX .-X Y i N 5 . .xv Nh' , . 5 TNT?-4'--f' . NES-. ii Q .l 'W' , Emil' 'ffl l - V , -v,, I .I x M .'-, 3 , 'Q L4 'Lf Q N X , 1 1 I , V 11. - 1. I.f""7 'r - 'knfv ' - .iz .yirii I fl -fu. P? 0 uw EYJLSSYSH' 'S-W-'vmQ..,,,,,. ,V If-v.4.,,,,, . W .V fl'-1'-44 .V i .. 4.3 N Blanketed bulletin board offers various routes to the future. There were those who came to learn- 4 8 "Wt-v Facing the mevltable - return of test papers. 'ku 'Netwa- LRU artists are not confined to brush and paint. -,lg-x .il I' .fqauu fi ,f -1 A few minutes between classes can be invaluable. gl- n . 4 n , Oblivious to photographer, would be chemists con- f" li' -1 190 Mr. Allen supervises finishing touches on mosaic desi g and those who found the Way Comparison of notes is mutually beneficial. centrate on lecture. - Q, .mf-I A ., 1 i H I K 'ia - N w NJ! -my vY1K1,'+"Lf1.- qq- ,.- .fish wv'x"' my-,..--""'1-' . N M ' xg - . S1 A A -F' , Q-r""""' N Q ' Q X Q., I Q- . . s 5' ' S . ., 14 1 1 x',.' ,fa-.Q .in .Lv , kr X, Q I - 1 + K. 5, -cgi,-g?g:f.g.:... , 17' if refzu' "1 .-.. -4 4- j '11 'fa Q2 ,A '-Y J is '-V J xv' r- T: Tn s. ,ill-'U I 553 . l a ' 4 N. ew" . -P+ . -1555 if? V -n 21,59 'wh'-Engi- ,' ,S s ig!! 5:1 r M11 ,!!- -qw- 'vr 'mu-'fa-, ,mi ,R 4 7 , . 4 f 215 ,- I 5' I , I V, df '- N, BE, R J HI. -vig-' 4 I4 YJ 4' , 1 h gg, P' . 'Ln , Y . X wry -Ad, f S LR few" W K V 5 ' W ' 'I' U L- - -n,-Q . fy I . - Q. , 3:5 wf- - x 8 ,M ew., . 1 ' 'ng,a?"4g4l-13 A wg- 4 . .V r , w,.,3,7,,3s,,,g-uf. '-' - X Mjgk. . , V. Q W - .-f V- A , x ar if 1 , "f5',-A ., M Q, ' , ' bt' ' ' 1 A' ,iff 'K'-. . P, 9. "N "NV 'N 4- 1' " ' , " 1 f 'gan' ' N7 " "" 255 as 'f A ' A' , " ' ' w ' mga I , -: A A A, I A 43 Y iI.g?uA-,ig if' H Q CLASSES igff?-3 -U Q -5 ow A Q W ' 'H . A f. W EJB? Semors aohleve goal of higher education LL , Susan Allen Barbara Baker Senlor class offlcers are Mlke Edelmann Presldent B111 Echols, Men's Senator and Shella Atwood Womens Senator - 'A "f" .,'ffV, r wg, 1, n UL. f.. Q eff' ,Z ' 4 if , K -QE . x. .X ,mc 1 - rv-,apt -:L Lf, " ' N51 " Hifi' gm'- as wifi'-Eel gwfw fu wg.,-.-' f 1- .. . '1- "5v,f.-i- "L:?Chl'1d3ng: by . -Q 'V -. Q Q ,W Az. 'Y 1... 4-Uv Colorful events stand out III memories l Beverly Brld es Billy Bright Ray A Brown Stanley Bryant Turner Buie Jerry Bullock Mary Campbell Dallas Cannon Don Carr David Cash Wilda B Chadick Bettye Coggln Rebecca Cohen Peter Cooper Raymond Cooper John Cornwell Kaye Cowne Eleanor Cox Michael Culp Judy Dalton Charles Davidson Sharon Deems William DeGrasse Brenda Dickerson Gary Dooly Michael Douglas Karl Doup Catherine Drilling TS? W..'1',7' Z if riff Kelly Duke Pam Dunn Gary Dyke George Ellis Harley Fancher Martha Faulkner Harvey Fennel Karen Fink C. Talmadge Fitzhugh Beulah Fullington Wayne Gatlin Allen Gauntt .lane Gillis James Grabowy Linda Kay Graham Jo Ann Greene Kathy Guenther ,lane Gunn Barbara Hall Richard Harbison Jeff Hardwick Carol Hauk Tommy Head Larry Henderson l Walter Henderson Randy Herlocker Jose Hernandez Floyd Hickerson Ashley Higgins Kathryn Hinkle Jimmy Hobbs William Hollis Danny Holmes Max Hooper Kay Howell Marvin Hummel Walter Hutchison Mary Lou Jackson Davld Jacobs Larry Jenmngs Jim Munns Student Body President and fellow fraternity brothers hand out cokes durmg Freshman Orientation Seniors take the lead in campus activities llilll' will ua , -1""" Marle Johnson Donald Jones John Keady Jerry D Kealy Jacqueline Kegels Ronald Kollar Chang Ken Klm Karol Klng Wllllam Klng Amalle KOCH1g Sister Brian Krawter Ronald Kupers John Hunter Lammers Ann Linzy Joe Long Jerry Mclntyre Joe McPherson David Martinous Shirley Matheney Gayle Mawhinney Mary Ann Mears Carol Meyendirk Eleanor Mille Marie Minton Mary Mitchell Andy Moore Richard Morehart Dan Morgeson Graduates follow pathways to greater heights Q1 ...if 1,1 Paula Morris Retta Norton .lo Ann Mosley Sungja Park Michael Pilcher Jimmy Pledger Suzanne Potts Elizabeth Prado John Prather Randall Pratt Larry Preston John Rather Le Neal Rea Andrew Rehbein Doug Richards Phyllis Richter Wendell Riley Alice Rives Jane Robinson Marilyn Robinson James Edgar Frederick Nielson Munns III Linda Parker Jackie Pate ' 1 X W . Qi! 1 J J il Charles Linda Norton Neuensehwander Joan Patrick H. George Perkins gr-sr 739 42471, ani' QF Edwin Rogers Carl Ryals Joe Sarlo Linda Sovalls Barbara Sawrie Donald Schmuck Lillie Scroggins Dale Seidenschwarz Joe Semberski Gary Sharp Harold Shipman Bill Shoemaker Ann Shultz Becky Simpson Robert Sisson Ann Smith Charles Smith Danny Smith Donna Smith Dwight Smith Gerald Smith Larry Smith Marina Smith William A. Smith William F. Smith Charlotte Sparrow Frederick Stark, Ir. Charles Sterling .lane Stewart Peter Stiegler Mariella Stone Larry Sussman Richard Swartz Mike Taylor Patricia Taylor Stephen Tedder James Terry Shirley Tinsman Robert Tyler John Thomas These two students get awa from classroom tensions wlth Dame of chess ln the student union fn Stewart Vess Carolyn Walker Edith Walker Sam Walls John Watkins Tom Weedman Don Whitten Linda Wiggins Susan Wilson Lois Wofford Diane Woolard Wayne Wright Carolyn Young James Zini Art students Charles Lord and Janna Kay Billingsley show their creativity while worklng with mosaics x lr. V5 ixfif u Y Mrs Marvaret Carner and ,lane McK1nney supervlse registration for the State Speech Festlval held on campus Special students continue educational endeavors Thomas Cook James Dawson Robert D. Grant Judith Harp Mildred Murphey Ruth O'Key Cathrine Rawlings H. Edwin Thomas t, Um .E-n akmx ll.l liltlsiui l'PlF'iQ ""l' IFJ B QUIK Junior class offlcers are .lim 0 Hara, Presldent, Sandy Veches Senator and Kerry McDonnell, Senator Jumor class offleers aetlve ln Senate projects Louise Aaron .lerry Ann Atkinson Rita Atkinson Gay Bard Betsy Barnes .lohn Barnett Robert Barnett Paul Baxlcy Aileen Bishop .lohnny Black Mike Blackwell Ann Bledsoe Carole Blount Robert Bragg Larry Bratcher Pat Buckmaster Jodell Buffalo- Rohert Bunch .lames Burley Hugh Campbell Cary Caudle Rosalie Cheatham Paul Cheek Ron Clark Judy Clyburn Kathy Cochran James Craig Robert Crossley ' ' ,arf John Crump Thomas Cumnock Pat Daniel Brenda Dare Dennis Dare Donna Davidson Gary Detherage Dave Dillinger Steve Doerr Patti Dougherty Daniel Dull Albert Elkins Rogers Faust Eric Fraser John Fry Stuart Frye Lester Gardner Clyde Gates Payton Gates Barbara Gatlin Donald Gent Marilyn Glenn Mary Golleher Ronnie Gorman Wayne Greathouse Gordon Green Dave Greenbaum Clarence Guy Paul Hall Sherry Harness Ethel Harrell Jeffrey Hart Larry Haskins John Hatfield James Hildebrand Rita Hitt Sandra Hobson Gloria Hogan Ronald Holdermaln Melinda Hoopt. Gary Hooten Vicki Hufsmith Judy Humphries Pamela lzard Janie Johnson Dorothy Johnson Cary Jones Jeannie Jones Clementine Kelly Beverly Kendrick Kay Koehler Pam Lacefield Michael Lecuinere Charles Lester , V L7,"".'1 , rf Q35 + ' ' .N -," J it if y Q' Q A 1 if ff' , , S li il" :duno J iff "' P, . f Ae, x Hi , , X i ,. KP, 1 A 'fff' f x N E 6 w' U i if if fri! K lor . :Jn ll J . as at .- G- -,-as - 'i" Ei if l 5 J G J 1 P J f r 'wi if P Lu ,L . -4 l,L' v.. F t A' I giyilv , '- A Q. 5,1 ', D fi A ' h g ', ' ji 5 P. Q' .DP V ,nf H 'A 'g i- , - I H. 2 Q' l W5 3 K l wJ' X- -Q Q' F - 'N' 1 M, .P i , - -iv 3' X' W Ex P ! 1 Q. 1 ' 1 'ii ' w . ' F H-in , K ,Q '25 gl . W .1 HM y-- , U It V ' iii ff A' , L Q , .J J- , Y,-.av H . .M .., ., '4-.sf 1. .'.e' ' 'N i , I I ez r if ' H , 1 1 , V U 1 3 I "Q f 1 X 'So' Q, I df' 17.1" " A Er 5' -. 4 , .Q I i Y '- ' . Q "l' . .. Au- In P . ' ' 'f c is ' 1"-, ' w fl ,il 31 ' fi ' l 4 -V 'fi--le Gia, ' it M .L Z it as 9' ' JI N ' ' B W 5: 2 . 'f' 1 fs . ,.. Fe 2 ' -- 1. N' X . 'A V 4' ftygr A l f ' ff? S..- 1 A .t 5 f ilffs sffw i -:fl Li QT-A 'f 4. W IL-J .VV - W .'l: 1- X I , :Adil xi ' J fl M M 1 N l,v,.,r f 1?,3 Mgesr"'fM X ,N . . ' 'L' i A - 'V rj ' " .Ei 1 . , ' -T, -0 If 'fi' ' F , lf will ,..4 1 ' S J 6. ' fi - 1" jx - 5. l f- -A li 'ii ii' W g ill". 1- - '- I fl' u h. l I W x- H 1' v. 4. X fl M M' ns 4- :25 Q -E! 3 U " f vll ' r V ri l QB 1' X fr-'iff All War f x A ' 'Gigli Sue Linzy Heru'y Lybarger Kerry Lynn Larry Mahar Ronald Malnar Jerry Malott Joseph Marchese Marnie Marling Apichart Marmeenate Farrell McCoy Reggie McCright Linda McDade Lawrence Mclntire Sherry McNeil Ralph Milholland Billy Miller Mary Minirith Charles Mize Nancy Mitzell Carol Moravec Valerie Morris Carol Mueller Betty Muench Joyce Murphree Becky Myrick Robert Nelson William Norris Keath North Buddy Olinghouse Dennis Ouellette Tommy Pace Bong Park Carol Parker Janet Pate Lynn Pitcock Linda Poindexter .lim Porter Sheila Primm Ronald Purkiss Mike Pyron Johnnie Reed Loquita Reed Linda Rister Marjorie Roberts Nancy Robertson Raungdej Rojanadumrong Kay Sanders ,lariet Saulters Stella Scales Colleen Schay Donna Schreffer Linda Scoville Becky Sebastian Richard Shull l l A S. f 1 I Lv? S e H 1. X f'fii'.iy 'WJ , . -' ' x T 'La Sandy Shumard Phyllis Slaton James Smith J im Smith Sybil Smith Richard Spencer Thomas Spent-or Carolyn Stanshury Ellen Stewart Dianna Stroup Thomas Sullivant Carol Tabor David Thompson James Thornton Valerie Tomayko Harrell Torrence Doug Turner Donald Van Cleve Sandy Veches Kathryn Walden Billy Waldron Dale Walker James Warren Raymond Weber Ruth Webster Warren Weidemann Dennis Welch Mary Westerfield Debbie White Sue Whitmire David Wilmot-Freedman Jerry Wilson Sharm Wilson Carolyn Wolfe Betty Woodruff Judy Wright Leslie Zauf Tiff lm ! gm S ' A i ff t 5: ffl'-Qigeif 5 we lf? t t J an B' nw , ,Qi5avZ'ig,,5at y at 1 MM , A ' 'V' N ia i i t t 5125 he .. haf' iq B at s. M 1, ,pn ' , '?5u,,gg,:- . 'imma 4363, Ili!!! Nlgiiqfengss Wutgjgg S I 1 'H si my gt W Sophomore class officers are David Kaufman, President, John Norrell, Senator, and Judy Eudy, Senator. ophomore officers are qualified by experience Cynthia Ameen Farook Ameen Jane Armstrong Ronald Asbury John Bailey Elizabeth Barnett Hershel Barnett .lane Bennett Sandra Bennett Cary Bettis Wallace Blaylock Steve Bochning Bonny Bone Virginia Booker Donna Bostic Linda Bowers James Bowman James Bradberry Jimmy Bransford Glynn Braswell Eva Brown Ricky Brown .lohn Browning George Bujarski Donnie Burks John Bush Tom Butler Virginia Byrum I-.J n "rt-f .. 4 6' 1' H t-:S .rr ,, ,T L- -'F 1-A.. if ' 'll , H'-:f-1' 1 7 'V l I . .1' IND ? Af nf, -xx Q 'ii g . l. , ,r L 4 gr ,ll n, ,. ini K V, .i. .H ,, , - , t , . 5, wg .NV 71 f . A . 3 rn fi 3,5 Ag.-I sf f - -' '1 i .. t . V. ' vl- 1 H 'l P '- 't jt !,n t 1 I t. 1 ,Q Q '. Q . , t ', , ,, , ' 4 4! W -e JE: it ai J , B, - ' we V W. on ew-if I s V I Y 'at' WMU. , X ,, L- ,, AP J M l .f ff t Q , . J-e , Fi. 1 ,rx ,v we : W, ,, 1 Glenda Cale Steve Cash Daryl Chase Mike Childers Cheryl Cobb Cissy Coleman Mary Collier Margaret Crank Alice Criner Kenneth Crow Jeanne Culberson Richard Davis Kathleen Delyle Edward ,Donnelly Cynthia Dorsey Joe Drompp Paula Dugger Sid Emmons Rick English Judy Eudy Dorothy Farmer Larry Farmer Candace Featherston Kathy Finch Gail Finne John Fisher Cheryl Galarowitz Randall Gates Rudy Gates Gail Glover David Gray Helen Grogan Robert Gunther Sylvia Hagar Taffy Hain Arthur Hall Robye Hall Frank Hamlin Michael Hart Vivian Hayes Kathy Hearnsberger Dale Heath Walter Hebert Kathy Hendricks Berch Henry Frances Herrick Eddie Hickey Jeanne Hill Lenora Hinsou Julia Hodges Ben Hogan Sanford Hooper Sharon Hopkins Theresa Howell Peru 'fx ff -it ' Q, .,,f r 174, a wp i 'I' l E' 'T fLl5"" - X N 1 m 6 N y an VV l s I I I ll f' 1 kg H Q' n in N fly vw ' bl! ll 1 , 1 K, 33 Y X I' -Q4 - ,.,-, A N ., IQMA-.X at 'V X 1 C ' Qs K me 1 elal ,Q . .,-,I -gy ' , my-al an 1 In ', - qgvl A ' . lou . C f W ' ""i , ' ilriigxxzrx VHF W ' j i- . i " , , , - ' -szy 152 ,Q e at ,G ' V Q., 1 1 Ll LU' V ' ple ij 33512:-"Zu . 3? J.. M. .., 3.1! Q an X 5 L H! E 1 X - l L J f 1 :I i W I ilu . :J - -'zz' 1' 1 Y f l JE- 4, -1 , I fi.-3-. 'ji f . -.HH 'A ij , ' 'ji' , y 'Em Q 1 , ' ,rr - V I I. E31-r- i,A :L V rv X I: in 'Q-'fx Y KE fu: ' -N V 1-B si l' -E X2 . , r iff :fr f i I i t 1 "- fe - .' I , 1 K" V 15' 1 ' ' -'55 f 'W m ,. 'F7' , L -. gli , ' , X. ' I z i 1' gp, I 1' "1" - P W I7 2 Yr. A i f 4. na - -- ii Y "F "I .fn-A., " ' an i r' -5: if, , W .. , l - , h if I 1 It 1 .A wmv ' 1 ' - , mfs, 'Y 4 I ,.2i' 4- ' r X W N -'ai' ,,, : H N 1 I Qu y v l L ww X A 4 ' I f V' l , . - gr. X., ba: . .Ll . H ff? V A ,. e, R , M w 1 , t 1 ll N 1 i 1 A,,,k. -.AMJI l i f K , K i 09 "S" U ,fl 24' - W 'Q Q 5, N ., ' ' , 'sf -f 'i xii. iv, David Huggins Phillis Jackson Robert James Steve Jenkins Carol Jennings Mary Joda Angela Johnson Carol Johnson Clarence Johnson Jo Ann Johnson Kenneth Jones Ronald Jones Warren Jones Carl Jordan Sherry Kagles David Kaufman. Gus Kemp Billy Key Doug Kidd Deborah King Donna Knight Jym Koontz Roger Krupicki Jane Krutz Beverly Lacefield Judy Laman Patricia Lamar Donna Lansdown Rebecca Le Master Minnie Lindsey Jim Linsky Carl Longinotti Sheryl Macon Paul Mains George Mallory Sharon Marchant Rebecca Marsh Marylou Martin Perry Mashhurn Martin Maslin Nancy Matthews Gary May Raikes McCrary Agnes McKinney Ricky Means Philip Mehlin Michael Middleton Charles Minyard Murray Moser Linda Morehart Becky Morris James Mullins Janis Nelson Ann Nolte vm Q John Norrell Herron Northcutt Pam Ott Cathy Owen .lames Parker Larry Parks Joe Pasierb Rosiland Patterson James Phillips Cathy Plating Richard Pope Norvelle Prewitt Laurence Prince William Pruden Kenneth Pruitt Donna Pyles Bobby Radford Fred Rains Bill Ramsey Gary Rankin Cary Reynolds Becky Robertson Angie Robinson Rita Robinson Ann Russell Gary Sanders Lem Sandvig Chana Savanopridi Donna Scott Susan Seidlvr John Selig George Sevile Charles Shaw Phillip Shellaharger Claudette Scales , , 1 at A 14, , N N I . R ,Pb i 1 Y' I 1 l v In 1 7' .UD it 1 ll l Y ' "E t il J v I n ln -F 126 2 I l l f gym i I , . -1 . 'vt ,I fr I i 1 ' ' 1 Fw , -'I , I MI Y N r w 1,2 ix ' X, l 91 Gary Sheridan Norma Sherlin Philip Sherrod Danna Shook Pamela Simmons Bill Simpson Carolyn Simpson Saundra Singleton Mary Slaughter Richard Smith Jerry Sparks Bill Spencer Burt Squires Dorothy Staerkel Roland Stanley Gary Stiles Mike Story William Strickland Pat Sturch Randy Subert Gary Suggs Lexie Sullivan John Tehbetts Wayne Thomas Peggy Thompson Christie Tipton Michael Tipton Andrea Tomayko Pat Touncen Stuart Trent Ray Tucker Ellen Tutt Among Udomsap Bill Vandever Ida Vaughan Carleen Warner Robert Watkins Cherry White Randy White Pete Wiggins Ralph Wiggins David Williams Joyce Williams Ted Williams Bill Williamson Gloria Willis Ruby Wilson Gary Wimherly Thomas Wood Linda Wooldridge Suzanne Yancey Janet Yarbrough Frank Zakrzewski B Q 50,1 EW ings, J it Freshman class officers are Ron Johnson, President, Nancy McClenathan, Senator, and Bob Younts, Senator. Freshman leaders chosen at beginning of semester 19" X A- ::.- ..l A ,zjl A 41224 'I f x r.,,,- - R 1 I I x. " It ? it 1 X r 3 'VZ l ' 4 J ml 'vf Mn 41 "V-T' gy- ,32 1 Y , il l' I HL." Nw.. H' l , X .5 . l f l M , l 'Nl .I l f" Y , 5 E' rw X6Xf'1'f l X X, - Xa Xb x E' 1 ' - ' N 'L' . I , X X-A s firidr 59' 1:3 3' -cs' P.. - rm' . ,"vl ' w x 1 'ex . 4 , . , W Xi MXX -Vi EXXXX I- U - X.fX X 41- N fa eg ' X,..xX,. XX i lah f ,1 H --I w .g , ,, L X ,. X.,. ,X , J t f ww X w X3 2 I n my X. I Lt ' 1X '- A i ' XX ' 1: ' .y -"' H? ' ' ' , '45-ig--A A T , i - if --f we A X fi f iq like X -A -' f- W , , N + , ' , I . . X U, X ,-. - 3' il X 1 X. w , . n ,, 1 A S., 1 y,. . . - .X X X, X N XX XA ' X ,M TX A 4 X , X XX 1 X 'm ', X XX ' 25 ' 1 ' f ' it ' . ,, ll ' Q' ' f , r ' i l ffl H or U 'ff 1 33' X . 'l ' y .. " ' H ' u K N. i L Steven Aldridge Doris Alexander James Allen Martha Allen Robert Althoff Joyce Anderson Ann Anhalt John Arnold Steve Averitt Nancy Bacon Lee Bailey Marlene Bailey Debbie Bain Clyde Baker Larry Ball Lily Ball Bruce Barheire V Larry Barclay Don Barker Thomas Barra Howard Barron Patricia Baskins Jackson Bass Allen Bates George Baugher J oe Baxter Patricia Bearden Dale Beason qvzarz -- -Q.. 'Wx Q1 63 if l x rr: . H xx l ui l L i s"I7'1 X AL Mary Beaty Larry Beeson .lim Benish Sherry Bennett Barbie Berger Dwight Berry Joseph Binz Bobby Birch Charlene Black Eddie Black Ronnie Black James Blackwell Shelly Blackwood Stephen Blair Steve Blair William Blair Mark Blake Tim Bodishbaugh Danny Bohn David Bolick Fred Boosey Essie Borden Robert Boroughs Saundra Bosche Daniel Boswell Mike Bourne Marvin Bowers Debi Bowman Nancy Bowman Jerry Boyd Joseph Branch Terry Bray Marilyn Bridges Tommye Bridgewater Beverly Broadnax Jeff Brock Bruce Brooks Carroll Brown Larry Brown Sheila Brown Florine Bryant 'Leta Bunch Tommy Burke Elizabeth Burmon Betsy Burnet Larry Burnett Donald Burnham Gary Burris Linda Bush James Bushart Bill Butzlaff David Bynam Otis Caldwell Nathan Calhoun Rodney Cameron Jo Anne Campbell Ricky Carmichael Jon Carpenter Laura Carroll Steve Carroll Sybil Casey Ginger Cash William Cassidy Maurice Chaffin Dan Chandler Steven Chandler Gloria Cheshier John Childers Polmsak Chotizue Brenda Clardy Sidney Clark James Cobb Gary Cochran J oe Cofield Mary Collar Terry Collins Lisa Conley Brenda Cook Brenda Cook Christopher Cook Robert Cooney Douglas Cotner Paul Craig Bob Croft Michael Croy Steve Cumnock Laurence Dade Helen Dean Brad Derouen Laurie DeWitt Kathy Dickens Patty Dickinson Ricky Diemer Wayne Dierks Eddie Dixon Debbie Dodds Sandra Donaldson Ervin Dorsey Ronald Doss Rhonda Draper Dwight Drennan J im Driedric Ronald Dumboski Glenn Dunahay Donna Duncan Linda Duncan Steve Dyke Charles Eberhardt M QQ' Q 'E' fix li i. r :mm -my-' ' V -"fm, ,a Q5 r. : T lj... ,4 P-'Y 'f- 'l b : 4 'Mr , , . 'lv l " 'll .lr l JF Ji v 1 In lip ,l rs' ' 41' l 5 1, '1 as ff x n 7 , N. ea, , 1, 0 I ig: M fn ny 215 .ff Terry Cargile was one of the few who volunteered for the Red Cross blood dr1ve Poor student response for Red Cross Blood Drlve Catherine Eckford Kathy Edgar Linda Eggers Sherman Eggers Neal Elias Mary Ellis James Etheridge Curtis Eubanks Linda Fancher .lerrie Farmer John Fields Beverly Florick Virginia Floyd Becky Fogle Charles Foster Suzanne Foster Gloria Fox Joe Francis James Frazier Martha F reshour Sheri F urst Marilyn Furtick Billy Garner Kerry Garner Ralph Garrison Michael Gatewood 21 5 Wendell Gathright Ellen Giggleman TW l., 1 E .,5 fps nal if ,FW V . tr? I 'N , 3 ""l F' ' of ' 15:2 , 3 ,. +agf.e,fue V Uh i ,- rv . 'Q I ,L 1 I Jan Gilchrist Joe Givens Richard Givens Janet Glover Larry Golden Ann Goodwin James Goodwin Valerie Goss Terrie Gregory Ronnie Green Benny Greenbaum Steve Greenhaw Kathy Greenway Dian Gross Robert Grubbs Sue Hale Joe Hall Glynn Hamhrick Charles Hamilton Linda Hankins Barbara Hannahs Mary Hardin John Hardwick Eugene Harris Laurene- Harris Rebecca Harris Peggy Hartsell Danny Hartzell Laurene Harris Charlotte Hathcote Thelma Hawkins Bernetta Hayes Ken Heard Russell Heard Nicholas Hendricks Randy Hendricks Clara Henley Ronnie Helper Phil Hesse Henry Higgins Bill High Richard Highley Perry Hill Pete Hill Steve Hintz Steve Hitt Larry Hobbs Michael Hobby Donna Hoffman Billy Hogue David Holcomb Izetta Holland Vallna Holloway is I . - '8- """'P?TM"' w -g T 'aw-.1 I ' .'7 .w ' K ' , f' '- -, -, if V in l rg ' i I A , ' in . X .AQ in is " J ' tw ' " D- xt 4 V H E 'l ml ' W V ,H V , , 1 A I w',,M.w'N ' 'f 1 W- W V ,1N'!11N!-Will", v ' r 5-12' . ,, .g to ' t iifrxbftw. f ,V M MIL N K XC R WJ? A 'W' . " V' ,Il N , 4' - I - - A A W' -ft A M W sggg7f,"7 F " l? f,,l V " r ., ' H 1,- -, A' ne w fa ' "' ' q - h X V - f. I. . l , f ::, -C01-ibt ws ev y J1,?3:,i9 VI 9 E A 'lg if-'sk A v, U . 7 i f " . I-1' ll M "' V lzx jlgivzlii - t., fc- A '-f1 'ii Q , A. Q! ,N , Q jg , ," ul e 2 A. . gl lg by R' f 'Q -Q-fwfr' gg 5 tr. y ' "is 'fl ' . 1 N ! V xr A- fl -wif" A' 5. ,Y . KN ! VI-:,.Q A X7 N ,I I N 5 I 5-, img... . l . G3 ' H V1 . ' ' NX Z ' 'x..i 1'-' , - A as 'il4,t" -i, - Q V -"' ""1i'ffEl in, X L-3.5, W W , '-V r., a 1 1"m1 fri e , as g- l y gg, 1 ll., u " V .' Gi I ..,.,- - -fn ' ' Q" 1 wg t 3, ,uf ' ' '-LQ M 1 H, 1 il' Mrs . 4 W, y V - '- Q! 'yi' j V I ,- Y. , Y by ' I 5 , ,ff ,,-:ai it l , 'vflkivl at ,M P H H -1. X -NN ' ,F I ' t B X ,,-5-sy ,-H ' .,W' ' w , Ei- il, FR., I: if- J Q1 5 , lg,---J 4 'G "X Q' ff ' H' V A fl ' ,Wie ?il'M"fl if N r it acyi f it .G , ,N H G t QM va yy r -a .ig , 'W 5 is Joy Hockersmith i m - "i lf' A - l fl! - 'll W ' v A avg . ' or r A L , 5 1 'W' , ,L 6 l ' y f L. ,, Q ,iv X re gy W nga., , Fuwgmwin-1 .' tii ' ,vi fl it jgup 9 fn 2+-. ' 1 1 ,- ,- -1. , ,b -A .1 , I . - .9 ,X M' W' ' .n J," 'I Xl' .U I 1 I or aa 'S F "1-350 E' ff-fr., 4 'bfi 1 j 1 ..,'if V, - I xxx A N . ,-1--. 1- - x' K ', ' , , Ffa, 424.-1123: Ifrrxfr, 1'-.ef--' " 1 If - LQ- M" '-' V. fl 1, U iz. - , K.. , P- K u N. ' x 1 , , , ,,...,., ' :V V' X ! .:QJ.L53.. Y Kij ' 1 ,R x s 4 I v-6, x Mary Katherine Holmes Sheila Hood Steve Houser Charles Hoyt Eric Hughey Dave Hunt Jacalyn Hyde Glynda Jacks Caroline Jackson Anthony Johnson Brenda Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Ron Johnson Eric Jones Gary Jones Phillip Jones Tom Kelley John Kennedy Robert Kennedy Brenda Kilpatrick Vivian Kinder Margaret Kirtley Ann Klisanin Lyndol Koban Sharon Kofh Stephen Koon Robert Koonce Dorothy Kowalski Bill Lackner Virginia La Grossa Sarah Lantrip Linda Lattimore Otis Lawson Beverly Lee David Lee Lannie Leonard Joseph Lienhart Bill Linch Danny Linn Danny Linsey Steve Littleton Sheila Lockridge Sherry Lowe Nancy Luptak Dan Lynch Rick Maddox Gail Manson Lannette Mansur Salvador Marchese Howard Markley Mary Jo Marks Pauline Marks Nathaniel Marshall Alowee Mashhurn Beclcy Massanelli Patti Massey Stuart Mathews Russell Mathis Linda Mathys .lim Matthews Mal May Walter May Thomas Mayberry Richard Mays Eloise McBride Wayne McBride Michael McCarroll Bran McCarty Becky McClain Karen McClain Nancy McClenathtan Robert McCorkle Mike McCormick Jim McMains Ronnie McMasters Gary McVey Cary McWilliams Michael Medlock Sharon Middlebrook Henry Miller Katherine Miller Nancy Millikin 405i M!-X-, f ':yg., . ' ' "E Ia , H 1 V' IQ"--. 5 -' ' HQ! ,H if-'rl ' . 1 Q " -- P' I . Fjj , X -P Q" ' i U A ' V X P 'F PM f 5 - rr, t - - - .gr f - is ' ,. H ' ,,,: , fo :iii Ei . W' W ' I I all ,,, H ,ek 1 1 y " i A ILA -N ,-f V1 ,5 ' Qui n! H J f ry . '-QL -11 ggi I rx I+' - a i- . , f' ml , ,f A . in ll rf 'f-s, A W ' U' l U fl .., -- f t an P in ei xr qt Q- P r , P1 -r - t l "' D- ' ,kv 1 P i i ' ' ,, 1 , 0' ll .1 i ' ' T Q .1 . 1' ' '-4 . it vi. 1 A M l i l Vik, if ' we .P V V . 'B lvl' . W, -1, 'N if 4 -w - ' f 3- y - F tv J if 2 e Y y XLQQ QP? Vi-'VI - NU V ' Q A gl fm, C P . , - ' E' -' ' 1--W 'gg Z gg g P L ,. - L, Y - rt ,f r ,. t x e -1 i - t - As- - .ss I P 1 4' 2, 'gr Q i Pa l -:ig if M 1 xy PL-x ' if - i ,ll 5 .1 5e,..-, , - r y 11 ' ' I rf' 11" ' +-TT'?"'i "" 7 ""', 1-?f'w"" Y'-1'?E.f:-, ' 'F ,M " Q", " Eli ' 1 Y U X-"1 " l 3- ,P ' rn H ' 1 I ' A 1 1 -- is 1' 1. A 5? P N I 1 14:-t 9 NF' , N sr-5' P Q ' It .trim , N gg, za ., ' ,N i f ., N XJ ,. ' 1 r W t J - .r n ' fff Q . f fi g i ' -L -- rpm 1 ' f i ' , , ., V ,w . I -F ' -r .ab- .. l fl .. 1 L' , , . .L . , , . . . ',- - .-f uv- 1 ' ,, 4 '. .f- av 1 f -N 4 - ' w ' f Aa". " "nfl M, ' ' r - f- -f 7 ' f f 4 4 X " ,I l -e in if I 1 A , K .-.5'fi'.52f -- -an-Tw ir- - ,ri , '--sr, - . w ' ' -i a t ' .,. ,217 - 1,1 -if, 'frfrnfify 3 -V ' by A tlhlglgll 9 To W -' ,lx 4 -, ,.-It 1 H 'fl 51- 1. '21 ,- 9, - L "l" U 3 P Q 2, --- ,E we -' - 5 l - H e ' Y -is i James Minor Cassondra Mitchell Larry Monk Linnie Montgomery James Moore Sarah Moore Gloria Moose: Cindy Morgan Gail Morgan John Morgan Walter Morris Cheryl Morrison Lacey Morton Sarah Moseley Randall Mourning Robert Myrand Thomas Narrell Margie Nash Gwendolyn Nelson Peggy Nestrud Richard Neukam Sandra Newton Harriet Nutt David Ogden Joseph Oliver Dorothy Palmer Herschell Parent Travas Parker Tommy Parker David Parrish Mark Penny William Perkins Glen Persinger Hazel Persinger John Peters Jane Phillips Vivian Phillips Marie Pierce Robert Pinedre David Plant Stephen Plating Catherine Porter Carolyn Pritchard Jackie Pruitt Floyd Haney Sandra Raney Diana Redd Vicky Reid Geoffrey Reilley Mary Reinhart Kay Renshaw Lanita Reynolds Edward Richard Don Richards Sandra Ricketts .lohn Riddle .lim Riley David Rinehart Mary Ann Roachell Ronald Roberson .lim Roberts Michele Robichaud Theresa Rockwell William Rogers Debbi Rosenfield Margaret Rossi John Rule Cheryl Rutledge Martha Sawrie Laura Schulte Eva Scott Oliver Scott Matthew Sego Carl Selby Debra Shannon Michael Shaw Phillip Sherlin Wayne Shirley Geraldine Sims David Singley .ludith Sitzler David Smith Douglas Smith Miller Smith Pamela Smith Virginia Smith Toni Snow William Sodemann John Solis Mignon Sparrow Kenneth Spencer Alana Spriggs Judy Srygley Doris Stallcup Russell Staples Michael Stewart Lydia Strickland Gregory Styles Steve Sumners Wanda Swain Stephanie Swann John Swaty Susan Switzer Charlotte Sykes Peggy Talbert Richard Tanner Debbie Taylor Alvin Terry l x 1 'X N " f ti H 'lil L l 11 l 1 "iw 1-.- 1: ,M . ..:,. ev . A-- F51 NFL -r-: i -vga. K V . i l all 43' ' ' ' ' A lV'f V R 1 iliiii " X- en: ,,.,f?:' U ' Mi ' vie- f , i l ll'- i ,. lv Rl . 1, N l -L4 -. 1,11 f N 9' X l t ,Rr , , , k it X I .I ,f -A v . A lg-A -P if ll' f 'C 1'-v' "',4ic-.fgw-'li' fi - l., 'l .v I 'Q X lf R rr , R lliff- --fit f--- .A M. I ,L-.fe-g,Q5ay :V f M F- l i 1 ' Q' J Qi N A? K N ea., A , X 'V' Rf' i W N V x J A 'V R, 'Ti V rl f " R' ff'7v1ii: RR off-' i f . R-Y-f R , fz lla is 5 15 f M Z1 I "'L -. i': N i V 11:1 'S-A ,.-ff Rs gf R ..,Rf f R if 'P i ' if in . " .:? ' it , ' 'U' . ' R l V A R 4 RR W7 R R . 1 Y' ' ff R -f A H f 'if '-'f ri A f' N 451 l , i N"'-v-A-mf g-g-,N,:-:,:w - -Q, R 'f at --tif' W , K VJ: ' V. U it nf, , -ffl i y -.K , :W 'Lens i ,ilu gi f' 7 lx ,M K Q D' , w i f R .5 , be flaw if . my ' Y V V ,R. .. fs?-D " 5 i , .Q QR ,AAKVUA J i l. y R . wg . l V 4 ' M3 ' 4 N R , - A .1 l ,R ' '7' K. V r" R Q. R 1 ' A A R R1 -.,Rl- 'A fi " V7'-jf" "W r A v i S . ,pig 2 as i :ll I ' l .Rv i f ,,- x Rf-. R q W . ix . 4A - h Uh l i - ff fe W , R ex' T.. I A l A R fi .- A 'r il s Candidates for Freshman Class offices tally their columns as the ballots are counted Nixon and Rockefeller chosen in mock elections Benita Terry David Terry Thurman Thatcher Mary Thomas Cheryl Thompson J im Thompson Pinkie Thompson Dusadee Tiamsiri Danny Timm Johnathan Timm Rebecca Tinsley Ronnie Tipton Sheila Tipton Richard Tripp Daneille Troffoli Charlotte Troutt Becky Tucker Sam Tucker Michael Tull Sonja Turley Karen Turner Joyce Underwood Mike Upshaw Cheryl Uyeda Melanie Van Zandt J an Vasterling Cherry Vess Gail Vincent 39 f x T4 1 , 2? John Wagner Claudia Walling Linda Walls John Walthall Brenda Ward Delores Ward Delano Warford Ruth Waugh Billy Weatherford Charles Weaver David Webb Viggie Webb Michael West Glenn Westerfield Mary Wewer Marilyn White Rudy Whitfield Ivan Whitley Linda Whitten Cecil Wicker Gary Wiggs James Wiley Glenn Williams Margaret Williams Merrell Williams Pam Williams Steve Williamson Steve Winn Jewel Withers Suzanne Womack Bill Woods Joe Woods Laurel Woods Elizabeth Woolford Roy Wright Robert Wylie Harry Yancey Garry Yielding Carol Yoder Alan Young Harold Young Randal Young Bob Younts Brenda Zaloulek ""' .. L "fr ' f- - 1--Y-'f --' ' 1 - ' -Y:-C1 .V -nr' uw K x -X :- A ', W. ' -JN" ' ff. .. ,f IAM., A . . y A or-it Y ' i S B 'lf' ,51- ve I-:L- --ae V - A I V ,fl-ns. 'xlrg if A , Y' We W X ' f 'nf Hi 'F 'Q' , 5 X X J is l 1' j Q W B ' inf f 'W Y ., f e - ' sf 3 i , 'fa m I ' I ,- .f - ,lx ,ic 1 4 I N' ' I 9 N N ts 5" z' V '?.,gw ' - Ik- If -. N fr- . - K ' Q-1 " 'qi ,fx Y we s B- I s Ne P WM! tlevjj. b M! w M . ,L '-1-sz? - ,Q n A X ,,. J M 1 ' .W h 421' h K ha V , N .t 18 4 H ,N h , . , 'W 5 il Y B , ' f - ' , 4 I is i ' g h 7 - w. -in s ."L'1fwL2 . . PM ' V x .Qi kia-.iw - f l ,ghd I if no Y .uggr ' L' 1 .I ' Ig X 3 1, B ' 97 24 l'fJ1 IAQ ' Z3 ev ,A "" 1 V w .4 vi, i of Six i 6' -Y 1 .f , kr- N , V . V ' fs serv EZ ., 4 '95 r il I ,xt . L SENIOR ABLES, ALAN - Journalism and Business Administration, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Delta Sigma, FORUM Staff, Business Manager-Year- book, Assistant Business Manager-FORUM. ALDRIDGE, DANNY W. - Sociology and Speech. ANDERSON, CLYDE W. - Marketing and Business Administration. ANGELL, SHARYL S. - Accounting, Phi Theta Kappa-vice presi- dent, Hood and Tassel-treasurer, Sword and Shield, Spanish Club- president, President's Council, Who's Who. ATWOOD, SHEILA M. -- Elementary Education, Senior Women's Senator, S.N.E.A., A.C.E., Newman Club-vice president, Chi Omega- pledge trainer, rush chairman, personnel chairman, W.R.A., Dean's Counselor, Dean's List, Miss L.R.U., TROJAN Staff, Cardinal Key. AULL, W. D. - Business Administration and Economics. BIRDSONG, EDWARD C. - Physical Education and Sociology, Sigma Nu, Dean's List, Dean's Counselor, I.F.C., P.E. Club, Yearbook Staff, Student Senate, Chief Justice Constitutional Court, FORUM Staff, AAHPER, Newman Club, Young Democrats. BRIDGES, BEVERLY E. - Elementary Education, Young Republi- cans-secretary, A.C.E.-secretary, S.N.E.A. BUIE, TURNER - Advertising and Accounting, Sigma Nu, Young Democrats, L.R.U. Basketball, Lettetman's Club, Student Senate, Dean's Counselor. CAMPBELL, MARY H. - Elementary Education, A.C.E., S.N.E.A. CANNON, DALLAS H. - Biology and Psychology. CARR, DON - History and English-Art, Katalia-president, Pi Theta Kappa-vice-president, Sword and Shield, Phi Alpha Theta-vice pres., Dean's List. Dean's Counselor, TROJAN Staff, Student Relations Committee, Who's Who. COGGIN, BETTYE H. - Physical Education and Speech, P.E. Major-Minor Club. ggI'i3EN, SARAH R. - English-Speech and Secondary Education, . . .A. COOPER, Raymond E. - Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi. CULP. MICHAEL B. - Chemistry and Math: Chemistry Club. DAVIDSON, CHARLES E. - Speech-Drama and Physical Educa- tion, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Psi Omega, University Theater Guild, P.E. Club. DEEMS, SHARON C. - English and French, S.N.E.A. DICKERSON, BRENDA - Sociology and English, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sword and Shield, TROJAN-editor, Who's Who, Hood and Tassel-pres., Phi Theta Kappa-secretary, Cardinal Key. Dean's List, Dean's Counselor. DOOLY, GARY - Psychology and Sociology-Anthropology. DOUGLAS, MICHAEL -- History and Political Science DUKE, KELLY F. - Biology and History. DUNN, PAM - English and Sociology, Trojan Beauty, Dean's List. CTIVITIE ECHOLS, BILL - Political Science and History, Student Senate, Young Republicans, Interfraternity Council, Basketball, University Theater Guild, Dean's List, Sigma Nu, FORUM-editor, Who's Who. EDELMANN, MIKE S. - Political Science and Economics, Student Senate, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi president, President's Council, Young Democrats, I.F.C., Newman Club, Dean's Counselor, Who's Who. ELLIS, GEORGE - Political Science and Speech, Foreign Rela- tions Club-pres., Young Democrats, President's Council, Debate Team, Univ. of Oxford International Grad. Summer School. FANCHER, HARLEY R. - Political Science and History. GREENE, JO ANN - Psychology and Spanish, Sigma Delta Psi, Sword and Shield, Spanish Club. HARDWICK, JEFF - History and Biology, Dean's List, Young Republicans, Pi Kappa Alpha, Psychology Club. HARPER, CHARLOTTE S. - Elementary Education, A.C.E., S.N.E.A.--publications. XIAHIK, CAROL J. - Elementary Education and Art, S.N.E.A., HERNANDEZ, JOSE - Engineering and Mathematics, Math Club- vice president, Young Americans for Freedom, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. HICKERSON, FLOYD R. - Math and Accounting, Math Club, En- gineering Club-pres. HIGGINS, LOVELL ASHLEY - History and Political Science Sword and Shield, Phi Alpha Theta' - president. HINKLE, KATHRYN - Business Education, Hood and Tassel-treas- urer, Sword and Shield, Dean's List, Who's Who, Phi Theta Kappa, S.N.E.A., Cardinal Key, Spanish Club, Rockefeller Scholarship, Young Republicans, TROJAN-assistant editor, Kappa Kappa Gamma. HOLLIS, WILLIAM C. - Math and Business, Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia, Alpha Kappa Psi, YAF, Young Republicans, BSU, Circle K, Radio Club, Concert Choir, Math Club, Veteran's Club. IVY, CHARLES S. - Biology and Chemistry. LACCIESON, MARY L. - Elementary Education and Art, S.N.E.A., JACOBS, DAVID - Political Science and History 5 Pi Kappa Alpha, Young Democrats, Debate Team. KEADY, JOHN L. - Marketing and Journalism, TROJAN-assistant editor, Pi Sigma Epsilon-vice president, Alpha Delta Sigma, FORUM Staff, Dean's List, Business Division Steering Committee. KEALY, JERRY D. - Physics and Chemistry. KEGELES, JACQUELINE - Biology and Speech, Delta Delta Delta, Cardinal Key, Who's Who-2 years, Hood and Tassel, Student Senate- secretary, President's Council, Sword and Shield, Newman Club, Al- pha Delta Sigma, Panhellenic Council, Senior Awards Committee- 2 years. KING, KAROL - Physical Education and Biology, Pi Beta Phi, W.R.A., P.E. Club, Hood and Tassel, Dean's List, Cardinal Key. KING, WILLIAM I. - Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi. IEUPERS, RONALD M. - Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi-vice-pres- i ent. LAMMERS, JOHN H. - English and History, Katalia, Phi Theta Kappa-vice-pres., Sword and Shield-vice-president, Phi Alpha Theta, Dean's List, Dean's Counselor, TROJAN Staff, Who's Who, FORUM Staff, Newman Club, Golf Team, Traffic Council. LONG, JOSEPH A. - Marketing and Advertising, Pi Sigma Epsi- lon, Alpha Delta Sigma, Varsity Team. MATHENY, SHRILEY - Elementary Education, A.C.E., S.N.E.A. MAWHINNEY, GAYLE A. - Business and Education, Phi Beta Lambda, Phi Theta Kappa. MCCUMPSEY, MARVIN G. - Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi. McINTYRE, JERRY - Business Administration. MINTON, T. MARIE - Elementary Education and Library Science, S.N.E.A., A.C.E., Sword and Shield. MOREHART, RICHARD N. - Advertising and Marketing, Alpha Delta Sigma. MORRIS, PAULA KAY WYATT - Mathematics and English, Math Club - v-president, Sword and Shield. MOSLEY, JOANNA M. - English and Library Science, S.N.E.A., Spanish Club, Sword and Shield. NORTON, RETTA M. - Business Education, S.N.E.A. PARKER, LINDA C. - Business Education, S.N.E.A. PILCHER, MICHAEL T. - Chemistry and Math, Newman Club, Sword and Shield, Katalia, Constitutional Court. PLEDGER, JAMES - Math and Psychology. POTTS, SUZANNE - Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, S.N.E.A. PRATHER, JOHN W. - Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi. PRATT, HARDY R. - Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Veteran's Club. PRESTON, LAWRENCE J. - Accounting and Math, Alpha Kappa Psi, Newman Club. REHBEIN, ANDREW J. - Elementary Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A.C.E., A.E.A., N.E.A. EQIEIXSON, JANE M. - Elementary Education and History, A.C.E., ROGERS, EDWIN W. - Biology and Chemistry, Youth for Truth- president, Dean's List. SAWRIE, BARBARA J. - Accounting, Chi Omega-treasurer and vice-president, Student Senate-secretary and treasurer, Dean's Coun- selor, WRA, Young Republican. SCHUMUCK, DONALD N. - Marketing and Business Administra- tion. SHOEMAKER, BILL - Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi, Varsity Ten- nis Team. SHULTZ, MARGARET A. - Art and English. SISSON, ROBERT L. - Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi. SMITH, ANN - Sociology and Psychology, Phi Theta Kappa, Sword and Shield, La Sociedad Espanola. SMITH, DONNA R. - Political Science and Mathematics: FORUM, University Theater Guild. SMITH, LARRY D. - Biology and Chemistry, Chemistry Club, Bowling Team, Phi Theta Kappa, Sword and Shield. SMITH, MARINA - Elementary Education, Chi Omega, S.N.E.A., A.C.E., Young Republicans, A.C.E.I. STERLING, CHARLES L. - Music Education, L.R.U. Concert gand, Concert Choir, Kappa Kappa Psi. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, ean's ist. STEWART, JUNE REAPER - Elementary Education, S.N.E.A., A.C.E., A.E.A. STONE, MARIELLA - English and Sociology, Dean's List, Chi Omega, S.N.E.A., W.R.A. SUSSMAN, LARRY E. - Business Administration. SWARTZ, RICHARD B. - Spanish and French, Band, La Socie- dad Espanola-president, L'Alliance Francaise, Sigma Delta Pi, Pi Delta Phi, Dean's List. TAYLOR, MICHAEL POWELL - Business Administration and Political Science, Alpha Kappa Psi. WALKER, CAROLYN D. - Business Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Panhellenic Council, Presidenlfs Council on Student Rela- tions Committee, W.R.A. WALLS, CLEMENT S., JR. - Political Science and History, Young Democrats, Pi Kappa Alpha, U.T.G. WEEDMAN, TOM D. - Mathematics and Psychology, Math Club president. WHITTEN, DON MICHAEL - Biology and Chemistry, L.R.U. Banda Dean's List, Kappa Kappa Psi president, L.R.U. Band Club presi ent. WILSON, SUSAN KAY - Elementary Education, S.N.E.A. presi- dent, Phi Alpha Theta secretary-treasurer, Sword and Shield, Hood and Tassel, Cardinal Key, A.C.E., Phi Theta Kappa. WOOLARD, DIANE - Music and Philosophy-Religion, Kappa Kap- pa Gamma, W.R.A., Student Organ Guild, University Concert, Choir, University Chamber Singers, Phi Theta Kappa, Sword and Shield, Who's Who, University Band, Hood and Tassel. YOUNG, CAROLYN - Psychology and Biology, Phi Theta Kap- pa, S.N.E.A., A.E.A., Psychology Club, Dean's List. ZINI, JAMES ELIA - Biology and Chemistry, Kappa Kappa Psi president, University Concert Choir, University Concert Band, Pres- ident's Council. W. I 1145" u I, z fr' .' fm.,f,. Bw g -1 15 M vt, ADVERTISEMENTS E f' NQWQ 'XN 'X Q 5 930 W x 'B 5 , ,' A ' , fi ' 1, Y ' If 551 Q f a??" 2s,1 wMQ THE GEORGE W. DONAGHEY FOUNDATION FOUNDED FOR THE PERPETUAL BENEFIT OF THE LITTLE. ROCK UNIVERSITY DONORS: The Late GOVERNOR and MRS. GEORGE W. DONAGHEY Board of Trustees: WILLIAM NASH. Presidenf DR. ALFRED KAHN, JR. C. E. LOWRY DR. HENRY G. HOLLENBERG W. P. GULLEY, JR. JIM S. PORTER, JR. A. DAN PHILLIPS A. G. KAHN, Trusfee Emeriius JOHN A. RULE, Trus'I'ee Emerifus Owning and operaiing 'Iwo Iarge office buildings in downfown LiHIe Rock . 'Ev - . A --------------------------.- - -------------------- ---- ---- ---- ---- i gf ' I 3.55 f How To Help l..R.u. I .M-J'!.1 ". in if L 'Yf27fffi!-fI55i'.3iff5 Imiffglfgg 2153 U . Tencmcy in the Doncrqhey Building .li3Ia'fga'e:f":: Nazi- ,gf . X. ., and the Woldon Building helps 'iiliiif'-f.agi'!f 6 - N., . . - . Ifi'f"QfQigf'+fIf L.R.U. whlch IS benefited from the .E ' f , ... " -'.gs:1, . fdiififi operation of these two Well known awnowgv BLDC' ."' -I L g,.uM .iv Uk E ff - f office buildings. CONVENIENT DOWNTOWN OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE Donaghey Bulldmg Weldon Bulldlng W. A. Brady, Secretary-Building Manager 212 Donaghey Building Phone FR 44014 l.iHle Rock is on 'flue verge of on economic explosion . ond we need your 'rolenls To lwelp rnolqe if o reolilyl UNION NATIONAL BANK proudly salutes th g duating cl f 1969 f L 1 R k U y THE BIG The Financial Growth Center of Arkansas UNION NATIONAELMQKI-lliggbigq Member FDIC Congratulations Seniors A , . gens ty 5 urrzer Designer Phone FR 2-2288 311 Main 1 0 THE GENTLEMAN'S SHOP On University, A Block North of Cantrell - Little Rock 410 Spring Street Phone FR 2-3151 CON'II'1,1M12NTS OF E. GRAINGFR IVILLIAMS ..,, v.,, , - CLASS OF 1931 VIRGINIA PARISH ..,,,,,,, ,,,Y C LASS OF 1938 ALBERT YV. ISIZNMAN -IR. --- ,,,, CLASS OF 1939 MARSHALL GAZETTE JR. ,..,... CLASS OF 1959 KLRA oliffnz pool' -f4"Lf4'l5a5 10,000 watts 1010 KC THE SATURDAY BANK PULASKI HEIGHTS BANK Grant at Kavanaugh Box 3298, Forest Pork Station LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS VIVIAN PEARCE A shop for the thinking woman o Infants, Children, Maternity o Junior, Junior Petite, Misses Park Plaza Center MO 4--1579 31,6 Els! ,Mega . . . Yflifl, ,jvlodlaifaf ana! QZBOJOF MM BLUE CROSS - BLUE SHIELD 6 h d G S' es, Little Rock, Arkansas SINCE I93I . .THE KIND OF 0 Diamonds 0 Silverware 5 Jewelry 0 China 0 Wafches 0 CrysI'al Someone is sure Io ask: "Wl1ere did you gelr I+?" You can proudly say . . . 6I9 MAIN ST 0 LITTLE ROCK COMPLIMENTS OF PLEASURE BOWLING LANES 6700 ASH ER AVE. LO 5-703 I A N D PARK PLAZA BOWLING LAN ES UNIVERSITY AND MARKHAM Mo 4-3377 BOWL FOR HEALTH, RECREATION AND FUN ggesf es fl jle Gfaaa 1969 DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. w. seveniA 7, 4-5011 FoR ALL YOUR FULL BANKING SERVICE NEEDS BANK COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK of Little neck MEMBER F.D.I.C. When Walks in the Door, Flies out the Window. Dan Sprick, LWESQ Id T, tw A DQNNA FHM. cccarmmuv Q u.umQ mamma ARKANSAS Congramlalions To Liflle Roclc Universify Crow-Burlingame "The Aulo Paris People" --- Slores -l- Co. Arkansas - Louisiana - Texas Promp+-Free Delivery Service KAVANAUGH PHARMACY 5008 Kavanaugh MO 4-3844 Arlcansas's Mosl' Honored Name ln Sums JEWELRY "Since I 880" Jewelers 5II Main On The Mall .,1. . we ' 1+ f","3:-'XB' raw-.sfswf raw-we-sas .."ffsfwes 1, ,fe la V' :uf -v..-. 'mm 45: ez: sz ge: fear? me irq-k nas: wg? 4-'f-1-1:54 ga agp A-za -.10 lggfftg gay ?2ah-.1-fqmfz smszfezf-mee me-eL""' 555' 3,-4 ,M .1-. 7v Hz'-2 :ze ' sep- -sa '4 'emi J " DOWNTOWN L.R. 0 PARK PL HOT SPRINGS r - 'SA H. 151' 'A . AZA WORTHEN BANK S TRUST COMPANY Member FDIC and Federal Reserve System 234 Coke puts sparkle in your part . 1 It is the responsibility of business institutions to encourage in our culture new ideas and new directions in the arts and letters. .L..L Pancake Pantry rg Awmggga YXQSYUN AL AN it NA AMEYKQISSK 351 PJ! N E39'Qi,wEY3i5K Nsps P 1 04' NA UTTLE 90 1H N09 DaiIey's Office Furniture Furni'l'ure', Decorations, Fine Gifts a Lamps, Poriabl pewrii sc- we 'J Q? Your future will be better in Arkansas because nuclear power ' the way from APAZL KANSAS POWER I. l.lGll'l' COMP IIY HELPING BUILD ARKANS CONGRATULATIONS HOERNER WALDORF CORPORATION CONTAINER DIVISION Little Rock, Arkansas '92 4 .g, CUMPLIMENTS .v OF . fs ibauid .Skicka 115 WEST CONWAY BENTON, ARK. Your Trojan Photographer EM! of OZLCL Mai 'Minka Am Lam .Sigma AZQAQ Evita Evita Brita gllafiikn CONGRATULATIGNS Ea! llfwfsllefs TO THE AW' SENIORS CDF 1969 .Sigma Wu CHI QMEGA EM ?fM4Ae4 Mdt0!ol1uCL ggadigyn ,jfnelfa Czmplfer of .gzniom '69 JW Jew gamma Em! llflialzea Good Luck fam Seniors Zia all Cghapfef 0, BETA Hi liappu Alpha PHI CENTRAL PRINTING CO. Prin+ers 0 Lifhographers Sfa+ioners I80I ScoH' S+reeI' LiH'Ie Rock, Arkansas RECTOR, MEANS and ROWLAND, INC. INSURANCE LiHIe Rock, Arkansas MOORE FORD ARKANSAS' NO. I FORD DEALER WOIJA QOCL, .!4l'Lfll1.IU.f CENTRAL FLYING SERVICE, INC. Cl dHIb+8fA Fld Ad SPAULDING ATHLETIC FR 53245 GOODS CO., INC. 5I3 Cenfer Sfreei Phone FR 2-22I8 Li'H'le Rock, Ark. SHAINBERG at Town 8. Country Shopping Center ond Pork Plozo Values For Your Family and Home our Ofhciaf Cjfadd ing I C you 3 1.1 'mix ,rvlfldlzt ",..7. . .,,' X ' f' "" . .JQLISHHD I I'-'I A 1 X Em, Q g 1 . C lb 42 .4 I. fa fff'f:f?i!5f2?Q?ffff- wwf' ITTLE REIEHTIA' ' ' 1 f I, I ,' I-aiffl ' XVQ ,fl os ,R rg yi 04, X fa 1 4-m . rn 4 El , 1 I l EW QPIHII5 I l Sf N 1 ef' 60 Q CreaI'ed by I A -A .,, J. LEWIS kgg.. I SMALL, INC. ' lggff sIa'Ie represenI'aI'ive: DOUGLAS CRAVER 8: SONS. INC. 1 available aI' LRU BOOKSTORE member of Nafional Associaiion of College Sfores BLACK ANGUS NO. Bas BLACK ANGUS NO. Markham a'I Van Buren I00'X: PURE CHARCOAL BROILED HAMBURGERS AND STEAKS ,. ,fgff ,. f f -M 'I 3- ly , 4- i - ff-I ' CALL MO 6-0I5I - LO 2-0022 And We Will Have II- Ready For You. ALL MEAT CHARCOAL BROILED "For Your I-lealIl1's Sake" FREE PARKING eline A+ Geyer Springs Rd. 2 I HORACE TERRY PONTIAC CO. Ponfiacs, Tempesf 8: Firebirds Sales 8: Service 806 Wes'I'1CapiI'aI Phone FR 5-986I IN YEARBOOKS THE MARK OF QUALITY HURLEY YEARBOOK COMPANY IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF The '69 Trojan SERVING AS PRINTER AND BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK HURLEY YEARBOOK COMPANY A DIVISION OF THE HURLEY COMPANY, INC. CAMDEN, ARKANSAS YE BLACKSMITH SHOP GENTLEMEN'S FOOTWEAR 81 ACCESSORIES Forest Heights Shopping Center Grant at "R" MO 4-1688 Little Rock, Arkansas SAM NICHOLSON, Owner Crosby Square MAX HOOPER, Manager French Shriner RUSTY HYDE, Asst. Manager Cole-Haan Lyle Shoe Service The House of Qualify Shoes And Shoe Repairing 39I3 W. I3i'h MO 6-8826 TWIN CITY Printing and Litho SECOND AND MAGNOLIA NORTH LITTLE ROCK L.R.U.'S BEST DRESSED CO-ED SHOPS WITH If 34-02 J.F.K. BLVD. NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Compliments of WONDER BREAD AN D HOST ESS CAKES Congratulations to the Class of 1969 CH-33? Q' 3302 J! Fair Park smascus L0 'f-"W EL PATIO 'QQ fig Best in Jweximn tyco! CONGRATULATIONS SEN.IORS I969 PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. 6200 P KATTERIOHN cowcnm Pnooucts co., mc. La w BLOX WE ARE NOW RADIO EQUIPPED l2th 81 Willow Sts. North Little Rock, Arkansas FR 2-2291 Everybody Loves DIXON IVIILK Compliments I XAAAAI MEXICAN FOOD XAA7xAf Coll Us For Food To Toke Out Qilnihra Eiurme Mnizferjify .Avenue .Af Wu .svreef 9645 FIELD'S BUILDING LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS M0 4-3151 MO 3-9956 5805 Kavonough For Besi' In . H LAKEHILL SHOPPING CENTER New ouses Nor'I'h LiHIe Rock, Arkansas 72Il6 Call Phone SK 3-4567 ALBERT HARPER aI' LO 5-3I48 PFEIFER Plumliing Heafing Air ConcIi+i-oning Lawn Sprinkling VenIIIa'I'ion PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY, INC. 2400 Wesf Sevenfh SI'ree'I LIHIe Rock, Arkansas 72203 C ompbmenfs O BAMBOO GARDENS Zflnifecl Wenf-04115 Specializing in CHINESE 3323 Z?-air 79.14 .LO 5-7547 8' AMEWCAN FOODS MO 3-2063 360l Wesf Rooseveli' fLoca+ed a+ The Magnolia Inn, Qc 3 il 3 Q .Q i ! , 1 3 i 3 1 7 1 y 5 it 3 Complimenfs of AMF Cycle Division i 651'h 8: PaH'erson LiHIe- Rock, Arkansas Manufaciurers of Roadmasfer Bicycles EW erm Of .x4rLan.4a:5 MILK AND ICE CREAM ARK. CANTEEN SERVICE COMPLETE FOOD AND VENDING SERVICE Fresh Brewed Coffee - Hot Canned Foods Cold Beverages - Ice Cream Candy - Cigarettes FOR ALL YOUR VENDING NEEDS CALL Mohawk 4-l527 RADIO DISPATCHED SERVICE BONDED G. UNIFORMED SERVICE PERSONNEL REAL ESTATE RENTS LOANS - INSURANCE BLOCK REALTY COMPANY Phone FR 5-915 l 212 Spring SYNC! Little Rock, Ark. :D a 4 9 STORE FOR MEN 608 MAIN PH. FR 4-6953 The Teen Man's Sfore 1'racIiI'IonaI CIOIIIES We carry a compIeIe line of young men's clofhing. SUITS . . . SPORT COATS . . . SLACKS Arkansas' mosf complefe Iine of formal wear for renf . . . A Addie, Fay 163 Aist, Sue 165 Allen, Alvin 177 Allen, Anita 165 Anderson, Donna 161 Barber, Martha 177 Baxter, Norman 160 Beard, Dudley 47,55,166 Beavers, Sue Ann 159 Benson, Bessy 186 Berry, Rose 185 Bowie, Lloyd 89,174 Brady, Marylyn 179 Brewer, Marilee 163 Broach, Billie 182 Butler, James 89,90,174,175 C Cantwell, Frances 167 Carner, Margaret 177 Colainni, Lucille 179 Corley, Jerry 165 Cowan, Vada 177 Cromwell, Robert 182 D Dhoneau, Jerry 179 DiMassimo, Faye 177 Dixon, Richard B. 184 Donald, Roslyn 179 Duelmer, Louis 162 Dyer, George 184 E Eberly, Ralph 179 Edgington, Cicil 179 Edmondson, Everett 185 Eison, Frederic 182 Evans, William 172 F Fletcher, Don R. 175 Foster, Mary Ann 172 Faculty And Staff Index Fountain, Sarah 179 F ribourgh, James 172 Frith, Nancy 186 F rothingham, Richard 179 F ulmer, James 182 G Galante, W. J . 175 Gardner, Janet 182 Gates, Mary 182 George, Janis 161 Graham, Josephine 177 Gran, William 47,182 Grant, Bonnie 172 Green, Dee 184 H Haislip, Clifford 100,102,177 Hall, James 186 Harbison, Charles 182 Hardie, Katherine 184 Hardy, Benjamin 89,175 Harper, Carthal 159 Henderson, Lewis 186 Henry, Margaurite 180 Hodges, Howard 182 Hodges, John 182 Holman, 0. B. 182 Hughes, John G. 176 Hulsey, Marian 180 J Johnson, Rebecca 180 Johnston, Maybeth 169 K Keys, Marilyn 180 Keysacker, Mary Lue 163 Kramer, Don 177 L LaMar, Charles 160 Ledbetter, Calvin 184 Lester, Judy 167 Lockard, Sarah 177 Mahfous, Happy 46,47,186 M Martin, Inez 175 Mathews, J ohnnye 180 McAtee, Hazel 169 McCoy, Gene G. 175 McGee, Newrnon 186 Melville, Velda 169 Mergenschroer, Dorothy 165 Metcalf, John Glen 177 Morrison, Gigi 166 Moser, Margaret 167 N Newburn, Betty 180 Newcomb, N orine 163 O Orahood, Phil 168 Owens, Glen 177 P Packard, Dorothy 180 Parson, Maryavis 180 Pine, Sue 159 Popperfus, Nancy 180 Prado, William 184 R Rhoades, Mary 163 Robbins, Ray 175 Robinson, Francis 162 Robinson, Sybil 164 Rogers, Charlene 168 Rogers, Ida 184 Ross, Francis 184- Rushing, Elizabeth 180 Russell, Dorothy 167 S Sawatski, Dorothy 177 Scannell, Mary 166 Scannel, Jack 184 Senn, Linda 163 Setliff, Frank 182 Sewell, James 88 Sinclair, Clarence 172 Smelley, Carol 184 Smith, Roy 175 Stabler, Carey 158 Stephens, Betty 186 Sturgeon, Mary 167 A Aaron, Lovie L. 204 Ables, Alan A. 94,194 Adams, Tommy 194 Aldridge, Danny W. 194 Aldridge, Pamela 137 Aldridge, Steven P. 147,218 Alexander, Doris J. 213 Allbritton, Danny J. 88 Allen, Alvin 95 Allen, James R. 213 Allen, Jim C. 145 Allen, Martha C. 213 Allen, Susan 194 Althoff, Richard J. 194 Althoff, Robert M. 213 Ameen, Cynthia J. 208 Ameen, Farook 208 Anderson, Clyde W. 194 Anderson, Joyce A. 213 Angell, Sharyl S. 194 Anhalt, Ann M. 213 Armstrong, Elizabeth J. 208 Arnold, John 213 Asbury, Ronald R. 208 Atkinson, Jerry A. 204 Atkinson, Mary J. 138 Atkinson, Rita C. 204 Atwood, Sheila 89,93,137,194 Aull, William D. 194 Averitt, William S. 47,213 B Bacon, Nancy G. 213 Bain, Deborah A. 62,91,143,213 Baird, Susan J. 62,91,143 Bailey, John R. 58,208 Bailey, Lee E. 213 T Tadlock, Bill 90 Taegel, Barbara 165 Tinkle, Suzanne 163 Todd, John 175 V Van Hook, Cathy 166 W Warmack, Margaret 172 Student Index Baker, Barbara 194 Baker, Clyde L. 145,213 Ball, Larry Dean 213 Ball, Lily P. 213 Barbeire, Bruce B. 213 Barber, Dan 147 Barclay, Larry R. 213 Barclay, Lonnie R. 150 Barentine, Orville Buford 204 Bard, Gay 204 Barker, Don 213 Barnes, Betsy L. 204 Barnett, Barnett, Barnett, Barnett, Hershel O. 208 John Lee 89,204 Libby 208 Robert E. 147, 204 Barra, Thomas 213 Barron, Howard L. 213 Baskins, Patricia M. 213 Bass, Jackson K. 213 Bates, Allen L. 213 Baugaer, George A. 213 Baxley, Paul J. 204 Baxter, Joe C. 213 Bearden, Patricia 213 Beason, Dale J. 213 Beaty, Mary E. 214 Beeson, Wm. Larry 214 Bell, William A. 95 Benish, James W. 214 Bennett, Jane L. 82,136,137,208 Bennett, Sandra 208 Bennett, Sherry A. 143,214 Bennett, Swannee R. 58,149 Berger, Barbara L. 40,62,91,121,, 148,214 Berry, Crandel D. 214 Bettis, Gary M. 208 Bettle, Ricky 82 Binz, Joseph E. 214 Birch, Bobby 150,214 Watson, Robert 172 Westlake, Burl 162 White, Ernest H. 175 Williamson, Nan 186 Wilson, Robert 80,164 Woods, Dorothy 167 Woolard, Harold 1. 178 Y Young, Phyllis 159 Birdsong, Edward C. 79,126,150, 194 Bishop, Aileen 204 Black, Charlene 214 Black, Edwin J. 214 Black, Johnny 204 Black, Ronald P. 214 Blackwell, James D. 145,214 Blackwell, Michael T. 204 Blackwood, Shelly L. 214 Blair, Stephen C. 214 Blair, Steve G. 145,214 Blair, William D. 214 Blake, Mark J. 214 Blayloch, Wallace D. 208 Bledsoe, Ann 91,141,204 Bloom, Loretta K. 194 Blount, Carole A. 143,204 Bochning, Steve 208 Bodishbaugh, C. Pat 134,150 Bodishbaugh, Tim A. 150,214 Bohn, Daniel H. 214 Bolick, David W. 214 Bone, Bonny C. 136,137,208 Booker, Virginia A. 62,91,138,208 Boosey, Fred S. 214 Borden, Elsie 214 Borecky, Robert M. 134,147 Boroughs, Robert E. 214 Bosche, Saundra M. 214 Bostic, Donna 208 Boswell, Daniel L. 214 Bourne, Michael E. 214 Bowers, Lynda 208 Bowers, Marvin T. 214 Bowman, Debi A. 138,214 Bowman, James D. 208 Bowman, Nancy C. 214 Boyd, Jerry 214 Bradberry, James A. 150,208 Bragg, Robert S. 204 Bralch, Joseph F. 214 Bransford, Jimmy F. 82,84,90,150, 208 Brasher, Bobby 150 Braswell, Glynn E. 208 Bratcher, Larry E. 204 Bray. Terry L. 214 Bridges, Beverly E. 37,195 Bridges, Marolyn S. 214 Bridgewater, Tommye M. 214 Briggs, Melissa .l. 143 Bright, Billy F. 195 Brizzolara. John 150 Broadnax, Beverly J. 214 Brock, Jeff T. 214 Brooks, Bruce E. 214 Brown, Carol P. 214 Brown, Eva M. 208 Brown, Gary W. 147 Brown, Larry R. 149,214 Brown, Ray A. 145,195 Brown, Ricky 145,208 Brown, Sheila J. 62,91,143,214 Brown, Thomas D. 89 Browning, John R. 208 Bruner, Elbert W. 214 Bryant, Florine 214 Bryant, Stanley L. 195 Buckmaster, Pat A. 204 Buffalo, Jodell G. 87,204 Buie, H. Turner 150,195 Bujarski, Norvell R. 208 Bullock, Jerry 195 Bunch, Leta M. 214 Bunch, Robert L. 84,89,204 Burke, Thomas E. 214 Burks, Donnie 208 Burley, .lames J. 89,204 Burnam, Elizabeth A. 214 Burnet, Betsy B. 214 Burnham, Donald W. 214 Burris, Gary E. 214 Bush, John D. 208 Bush, Linda F. 214 Bushart, James L. 214 Butler, Tom 46,208 Butzlaff, Wm. M. 214 Buxton, Mary E. 208 Bynam, David 214 Byrum, Virginia L. 208 C Caldwell, Otis 214 Cale, Glenda A. 90,136,137,209 Calhoun, Nathan E. 150,214 Callahan, James 90 Cameron, Rodney D. 215 Campbell, Craig S. 145 Campbell, Hugh M. 204 Campbell. JoAnn D. 215 Campbell, Mary H. 87.195 Cannon. Dallas H. 195 Cargile, Terry M. 147 Carmichael, Ricky A. 215 Carpenter, .lon C. 145,215 Carr, Don W. 34,78,85,92,122.195 Carroll. Laura B. 215 Carroll, Stephen C. 145,215 Carter, Alf 94 Casey, Sybil D. 215 Cash, David H. 195 Cash, Ginger R. 215 Cash. Steve E. 149,209 Cassidy, William P. 215 Cauple, Gary D. 82,204 Cazort, Mima M. 138 Cecil, William W. 150 Chadick, Wilda B. 195 Chaffin, Maurice L. 215 Chandler, Dan H. 215 Chandler, Stephen C. 215 Chase, Daryl T. 209 Cheatham, Rosalie M. 83,34,86,91, 92,93,141,204 Cheek, Paul W. 150,204 Cherry, David 145 Cheshier, Gloria A. 141,215 Childers, John V. 215 Childers, Michael O. 209 Childs, Skip 145 Christian, Butch 145 Chotigul, Polmsak 215 Clardy, Brenda G. 215 Clark, Ron B. 204 Clark, Sidney H. 215 Clemons, Jimmy 145 Clevidence, Ronald G. 147 Clinton, Lou Ann 84,87,88 Clyburn, Judy B. 294 Cobb, Cheryl L. 90,209 Cobb, James D. 215 Cochran, Gary S. 215 Cochran, Kathy A. 143,204 Cofield, Joseph W. 150,215 Coggin, Bettye Hill 195 Cohen, Sarah R. 195 Coleman, Cissy 209 Collar. Mary 215 Collier, Mary S. 83,84,209 Collins, Terry M. 215 Conley, Lisa G. 215 Cook, Brenda D. 215 Cook, Christopher E. 147,215 Cook, Thomas C. 203 Cooney, Robert L. 215 Cooper, Peter A. 147,195 Cooper, Raymond E. 195 Copeland, Wayne 80,81 Cornwell, John Blair 195 Cotner, Douglas C. 145 Cowne, Kaye L. 195 Cox, Eleanor V. 195 Craig, James A. 204 Craig, Paul W. 145,195 Crank, Margaret H. 91,137,209 Criner, Alice A. 138,209 Criner, Robert 145 Croft, Robert T. 145,195 Crossley, Robert H. 204 Crow, Kenneth V. 209 Croy, Michael J. 215 Crump, John H. 205 Culp, Michael B. 195 Cumnock, Steve 215 Cumnolk, Thomas M. 205 D Dade, Lawrence C. 215 Dales, Christie L. 215 Dalton, Judy A. 195 Daniel, Patricia A. 87,98,205 Dare, Brenda D. 205 Dare, Dennis A. 205 Darling, Charles A. 149 Daunis, Charles U. 150 Davidson, Charles E. 147,195 Davidson, Donna M. 93,205,108 Davis, Pamela A. 137 Davis, Philip C. 149 Davis, Richard A. 209 Dawson, James E. 203 Dean, Helen J. 215 Deems, Sharon C. 195 DeGrasse, Wm. Francis 195 Delyles, Kathleen M. 209 Derguen, James B. 215 Detherage, Gary L. 205 DeWitt, Laurie L. 215 Dickens, Sarah K. 215 Dickerson, Brenda 77,78,84,93, 124,141,195 Dickinson, Haskell L. 145 Dickinson, Patty L. 215 Diemer, Ricky L. 215 Diemer, Sharon A. 91,137 Dierks, Wayne A. 149,215 Dillinger, Dave O. 205 Dixon, Eddi Mae 215 Gates Dodds, Debbie L. 143,215 Doerr, Steven E. 215 Donaldson, Sandra P. 215 Donnelly, Edward J. 209 Dorsey, Cynthia E. 209 Dorsey, Erwin O. 215 Doss, Ronald E. 215 Dougherty, Bob 149 Dougherty, Patti 205 Douglas, Michael Ray 195 Doup, Karl 195 Doyle, Bill 87 Draper, Rhoda E. 215 Drennan, Dwight W. 215 Driedric, James C. 215 Drilling, Cathrine C. 195 Drompp, Joe D. 149,209 Dryden, H. Keats 86 Dudley, James J. 147 Dugger, Paula Sue 209 Duke, Kelly Faust 196 Dull, Daniel A. 205 Dumboski, Ronald E. 215 Dunahay, A. Glenn 215 Duncan, Donna G. 215 Duncan, Linda E. 91,137,215 Dunn, Pam 110,196 Dyke, Garry W. 196 Dyke, Steve 215 E Eberhardt, Charles A. 215 Echols, Billy Lee 80,81,125,250 Eckford, Catherine 216 Edelmann, Chris 149 Edelmann, Mike S. 39,127,134, 148,149 Edgar, Kathy A. 141,216 Eggers, Linda J. 216 Eggers, Sherman L. 216 Elias, Neal 216 Elkins, Albert L. 205 Ellis, George D. 196 Ellis, Mary J. 216 Emmons, William S. 209 English, Richard M. 134,145,209 Etheridge, James D. 216 Eubanks, Curtis 196 EudY, Judy B. 81,138,209 F Fain, Robert C. 149 Fancher, Harley R. 196 Fancher, Linda T. 216 Farmer, Dorothy J. 209 Farmer, Jerrie Lynn 137,216 Farmer. Larry E. 84,209 Faulkner, Martha L. 87,196 Faust, Rogers 134,149,205 Featherstone, Candace 112,141, 209 Fennell, Harvey C. 146 Fields, John J. 216 Finch, Kathy L. 77,141,209 Finefield, Nancy K. 141 Fink. Karen L. 196 Finne, Gail 134,209 Fiser, Gayle M. 84,87 Fiser, Lissa R. 83,86,87 Fisher, John D. 84,145,209 Fitzhugh, C. Talmadge 89,196 Floriclc, Beverly A. 216 Floyd, Virginia Lea 216 Fogle, Rebecca Lee 216 Foster, Charles D. 216 Foster, Kent R. 82,150 Foster, Suzann K. 216 Fox, Gloria K. 216 Francis, Joe R. 216 Fraser, Eric A. 205 Frazier, James 216 French, Sharyn L. 136,137 Freshour, Martha C. 216 Fry, John M. 205 Frye, Stuart J. 205 Fuller, Chip 85 Fuller, Dale 147 Fuller, Walter 147 Fullington, Beulah P. 196 Furst, Sheri R. 216 Furtick, Marilyn G. 216 G Galarowitz, Cheryl Ann Gardner, Lester L. 205 Garner, Billy Don 216 Garner, Kerry E. 216 Garrison, Ralph E. 216 Gates, Clyde P. 205 Gates, Nancy K. 126 Gates, Payton W. 205 Randy L. 34,209 Gates, Rudy 84,209 Gatewood, Michael R. 216 Gathright, Wendell R. 216 Gatlin, Barbara Ann 205 Gatlin, Marion R. 205 Gatlin, Wayne R. 196 Gauntt, Allen W. 196 Gent, Carol Ann 87 Gent, Donald Lee 82,134,147,205 Giggleman, Ellen 216 Gilchrist, Jan L. 217 Gillis, Hazel Jane 196 Givens, Joe W. 217 Givens, Richard H. 217 Glenn, Marilyn R. 205 Glover, Gail 91,136,137,209 Glover, Janet A. 217,141 Golden, Larry A. 145,217 Golleher, Mary Ann 205 Goodwin, Ann Beth 217 , Goodwin, Buddy 145 Goodwin, James R. 217 Gorman, Ronnie 205 Goss, Valerie Anne 217 Gould, Mary Katherine 137 Grabowy, James G. 196 Grable, Phillip 150 Graham, Linda Kay 127,143,196 Grant, Robert D. 205 Gray, David M. 209 Gray, Joyce B. 87 Greathouse, Garold W. 205 Green, Gordon Earl 205 Green, Ronnie 217 Green, Terry 95 Greenbaum, Benny 217 Greenbaum, Dave 205 Greene, Jo Ann 196 Greenhaw, Steven Dale 217 Greenwald, James P. 82,90,150 Greenway, Julia K. 217 Gregory, Terrie D. 217 Griffin, Len 150 Grogan, Helen A. 143,209 Gross, B. Dian 217 Grubbs, Robert S. 217 Guenther, Kathy 87,196 Guenther, Robert M. 209 Gunn, .lane A. 196 Guy, Clarence H. 205 H Hagar, Sylvia E. 137,209 Hagenbeck, Carla Sue 138 Hain, Dorthea Taffy 91,209 Hale, Sue 217 Hall, Arthur L. 209 Hall, Barbara J. 100,102,l38,196 Hall, Joe L. 217 Hall, Paul V. 205 Hall, Robye 209 Hambrick, Glynn T. 217 Hamilton, Charles A. 217 Hamilton, Mary A. 135,143 Hamlin, Franklin S. 134,149,209 Haskins, Larry 56 Hankins, Linda W. 217 Hannahs, Barbara I. 217 Harbison, Richard E. 149,196 Hardin, Mary L. 217 Hardwick, Jeff N. 147,196 Hardwick, John C. 217 Harness, Sherry 205 Harp, Judith R. 203 Harrell, Ethel A. 205 Harris, Eugene L. 217 Harris, Laurene 217 Harris, Rebecca F. 217 Hart, Jeffrey 56,205 Hart, Michael W. 55,209 Hartsell, Peggy 217 Hartzell, Danny C. 217 Haskins, Larry W. 89,90,205 Hastings, Dolly 23 Hatfield, John Z. 205 Hatfield, Lawson G. 217 Hathoote, Charlotte K. 217 Hauk, Carol J. 87,196 Hawkins, Thelma J. 217 Hayes, Bernetta J. 217 Hayes, Vivian L. 88,209 Head, Tommy 55,145,196 Heard, Kenneth W. 217 Heard, Russell 209,217 Heath, Dale T. 209, Hebert, Walter J. 147,209 Heisler, Patricia E. 84 Henderson, Walter 197 Hendrick, Charles E. 145 Hendricks, Kathy J. 209 Hendricks, Nicholas R. 217 Hendricks, Randall C. 217 Henry, Berch E. 204 Hepler, Ronnie G. 217 Herlocker, Randy K. 124,134,150, 197 Hernandez, Jose Javier 197 Herrick, Frances T. 209 Hesse, Phillip W. 47,217 Hestes, Rocky D. 150 Hickerson, Floyd R. 197 Hickey, Eddie J. 209 Higgins, Henry D. 217 Higgins, Lowell A. 84,92,197 High, Bill 217 Highley, Richard 197 Hildebrand, JHIHCS E- 205 Hill, Jean A. 137,209 Hill, Perry C. 219 Hill, Peter H. 217 Hinkle, Kay A. 79,83,84,85,122, 197 Hinson, Lenora M. 209 Hintz, Steve 141,217 Hitt, Rita R. 87,205 Hitt, Steven W. 217 Hobbs, Jimmy F. 88,197 Hobbs, Larry J. 217 Hobby, Michael M. 217 Hobson, Sandra Sue 205 Hockersmith, Joyce J. 217 Hodges, Julia D. 209 Hoffman, Donna E. 217 Hogan, Ben H. 209 Hogan, Gloria J. 205 Hogue, Billy T. 217 Holcomb, William D. 217 Holderman, Ronald D. 205 Holland, Alan W. 150 Holland, lzetta M. 217 Hollis, William C. 197 Holloway, Valina A. 217 Holmes, Danny W. 197 Holmes, Kenneth L. 80,150 Holmes, Mary K. 143,218 Hood, Sheila 218 Hooper, Max W. 197 Hooper, Melinda L. 205 Hooper, Sanford P. 150,209 Hooten, Gary E. 145,205 Hopkins, Sharon E. 209 Horn, Mike W. 145 Hornby, Kim C. 137 Houser, Steve F. 218 Howard, Billy 148,149 Howell, Clara Kay 197 Howell, Theresa G. 82,84,209 Howell, Timothy J . 147 Hoyt, Charles S-. 218 Hubbard, Norman C. 89 Hufsmith, Vicki S. 82,87,9'3,125, 135,148,205 Huggins, David O. 210 Hughey, Eric 218 Hummez, Marvin C. 197 Humphries, Judy C. 205 Hundley, John M. 32,150 Hunt, Dave R. 218 Hutchison, Ronnie 55 Hutchison, Walter E. 82,90,150, Hyde, Jacalyn J. 218 I Izard, Pamela K. 205 J Jackman, Jeffrey A. 149 Jacks, Glynda L. 218 Jackson, Caroline J. 141,218 Jackson, Mary Lou H. 197 Jackson, Phillis K. 141,210 Jacobs, David 147,197 James, Robert J. 210 Jenkins, Steve A. 210 Jennings, Carolyn J. 141,210 Jennings, Larry B. 197 Joda, Mary A. 210 Johnson, Anthony J. 218 Johnson, Brenda 218 Johnson, Carol L. 210 Johnson, Clarence A. 210 Johnson, Doug 150 Johnson, Donald J. 147 Johnson, Dorothy 205 Johnson, Elizabeth A. 218 Johnson, Janie 205 Johnson, Jo Ann 141, 210 Johnson, Marie 198 Johnson, Mary A. 210 Johnson, Ron E. 147,218 Jones, Donald J. 89,198 Jones, Eric R. 147,218 Jones, Gary E. 205 Jones, Jeanie 40,90,120,205 Jones, Kenneth E. 210 Jones, Ronald K. 210 Jones, Warren C. 89,210 Jordan, Wm. Carl 210 K Kaczka, Michall J . 89 Kagle, Sherry L. 62,210 Kaufman, David B. 150,210 Keady, John L. 9.0,94,198 Kealy, Jerry D. 198 Kegeles, Jacqueline A. 85,93,94 122,138,198 Kellar, Ronald E. 198 Kelley, Clementine 205 Kelley, Thomas D. 218 Kelly, Danny 145 Kemp, Gus J. 210 Kendrick, Beverly L. 205 Kennedy, Brad L. 147 Kennedy, John P. 218 Kennedy, Robert L. 218 Key, Billy 210 Kidd, Douglas C. 210 Kilpatrick, Brenda J. 218 Kim, Chang K. 198 Kinder, Vivian S. 218 King, Deborah K. 138,210 King. Karol M. 128 King. William L. 89,198 Kirtley, Margaret A. 218 Klaeson, Judi 82 Klisanin, Ann A. 218 Knight, Donna J, 210 Koban, Lyndol T. 218 Koch, Sharon A. 218 Koehler, Julius C. 205 Koenig, Amalie B. 198 Koon, Stephen J. 218 Koonce, Robert E. 218 Koontz, James A. 88,100,147,210 Kowalski, Dorothy L. 218 Krautcr. Brian Sister 198 Krupicki. Roger A. 210 Krutz, James G. 137,210 Kupers, Ronald M. 89,198 L Lacefield, Beverly A. 210 Lacefield, Pamela F. 91,205 Lackner, Bill J. 218 Lafferty, Robbie L. 82,83,128,136, 187 LaGr0ssa, Virginia 138,218 Laman, Judy A. 134,210 LaMar, Patricia A. 87,210 Lammers, John H. 55,77,84,85,92, 124,198 Lansdowne, Donna G. 100,210 Lantrip, Sarah K. 137,218 Lasiter, Mari R. 138 Lattimore, Linda K. 218 Lawson, Otis R. 218 Lecuicre, Michael E. 205 Lee, Beverly 218 Lee, David M. 218 Leird, Donna S. 138 LeMaster, Rebecca C. 210 Lannie, Leonard 218 Lester, Charles A. 205 Lienhart, Joseph M. 218 Linch, Bill Bob 147,218 Lindsey, Minnie M. 141,210 Linn, Danny Wayne 218 Linsky, James W. 150,210 Linsy, Danny L. 218 Linzy, Ann L. 198 Linzy, C. Sue 206 Littleton, Steve C. 218 Lockridge. Shella F. 218 Long. Joe A. 90,94.198 Longinott, Carl J. 210 Lowe, Sherry Anne 218 Luptak, Nancy D. 138.218 Lybarger, Weldon H. 206 Lynch, Donnie A. 218 Lynn, Kerry L. 206 M Macon, Sheryl Y. 210 Maddox, Rick D. 218 Mahar, Larry D. 206 Main. Paul 210 Mains, Clarence P. 149 Mallory, George L. 210 Malnar, Ronald E. 206 Malott, Jerry D. 206 Manson, Lucretia G. 218 Mansur, Lannette 218 Marable. John W. 149 Marchant, Sharon K. 88,210 Marchese, Joe 206 Marchese, Salvador C. 218 Marklev. J. Howard 150.218 Marks, Mary Jo 91,218 Marks. Pauline B. 281 Marling, Marnie 206 Marneenate, Apichart 206 Marsh, Becky A. 210 Marshall, Nathaniel 218 Martin, Kenneth R. 95 Martin, Marylou 83,210 Martinous, David K. 198 Mashburn, Alowee P. 218 Mashburn, Perry L. 210 Maslin, Martha J. 210 Massanelli, Joyce R. 219 Massey, Patti L. 91,137,219 Matheny, Shirley W. 198 Mathews, Stuart P. 147,219 Mathis, Russel K. 219 Mathys, Linda A. 219 Matthews, James E. 219 Matthews, Nancy F. 210 Mawhinney, Gayle A. 198 Mawn, John J. 145 May, Gary M. 210 May, Mal G. 219 Mayberry, Thomas E. 219 Mayfield, Kerry A. 150 Mays. Richard A. 219 McBride, Eloise L. 219 McBride, Waynne B. 219 McCann, Winnie P. 219 McCarroll, Mike S. 100,219 McCarty, William B. 219 McClain, Becky E. 137,219 McClain, Karen 219 McClenathan, Nancy L. 137,219 McCormack, Alan M. 219 McCormick, Rovert 219 McCoy, Farrell. D. 206 McCrary, Raikes A. 210 McCright, Lewis R. 206 McDade, Linda K. 206 McDonald, J. Mitchell 145 McDonnell, Kerry J. 148.149 Mclntire, Lawrence S. 206 Mclntyre, Jerry R. 198 McCarty, Bran 150 NlcKibban, Richard D. 149 McKinney, Agnes M. 210 McKinney, Buck 74, 127,145 McKinney, Jane E. 93,94,114,125 135,138 McKown, Patsy C. 83 McLemore, Janet L. 91 McMains. Jim W. 219 McNeil, Sherry A. 206 McPherson, Joe L. 198 McWilliams, Cary R. 219 McVey, Gary N. 219 Means, Ricky J. 143,210 Medlock, Michael F.. 147,219 Meers, Mary A. 83,198 Mehlin. Philip W. 56,210 Meyerdirk, Carol A. 198 Middlebrook. Sharon S. 219 Middleton, Michael P. 147,210 Milholland, Ralph B. 86,206 Mille, Eleanor M. 198 Miller, Billy J. 206 Miller, Henry M. 100,219 Miller, Katherine C. 219 Miller, Phil D. 150 Miller, Tom 147 Millikin, Nancy J. 219 Minirth, Mary A. 206 Minor, James B. 220 Minton, Thelma M. 198 Minyard, Charles R. 210 Mitchell, Cassandra L. 220 Mitchell, Mary 198 Mize, Charles M. 47,206 Mizell, Nancy L. 206 Monk, Larry P. 220 Montgomery, Linnie M. 220 Moody, Edward O. 149 Mooningham, Thomas E. 198 Moore, James D. 220 Moore, LaDonna 143 Moore, Sarah L. 220 Mooser, Gloria J . 220 Moravec, Carol A. 206 Morehart, Linda J. 138,210 Morehart, Richard N. 198 Morgan, Cynthia 220 Morgan, Diana G. 220 Morgan, John R. 220 Morgeson, Dan D. 198 Morris, Joe D. 147 Morris, Paula K. 90,199 Morris, Rebecca A. 91,141,210 Morris, Valerie E. 206 Morris, Walter E. 220 Morrison, Cheryl 220 Morrow, Leatha 87 Morton, Lacey P. 56,220 Moseley, Sarah J . 141,220 Moser, Murray C. 147,210 Mosley, JoAnna M. 199 Motley, Marilyn 87,88 Mourning, Randall L. 147,220 Mourning, Steve 100,102,147 Mueller, Carol M. 206 Muewch, Betty C. 206 Mullins, James A. 210 Munns, James E. 74,98,100,102, 126,147,199 Murphey, Mildred N. 208 Murphree, Joyce 136,137,206 Myers, C. Larry 150 Myhand, Robert L. 220 Myrick, Rebecca 1. 206 N Narrell, Thomas M. 220 Nash, Margie 220 Nelson, Gwendolyn D. 220 Nelson, Janis Leah 210 Nelson, Robert O. 206 Nestrud, Peggy M. 141,220 Neuenschwander, Charles H. 199 Neukam, Richard A. 220 Newton, Sandra K. 220 Nielsen, Frederick E. 199 Nolte, Ann 138,210 Norrell, John L. 148,149,211 Morris, William R. 206 North, Keath R. 90,150,206 Norton, Linda 199 Norton, Retta M. 199 Northcutt, Herrn Allen 211 Nutt, Harriet Ann 220 O Ogden, David B. 220 O'Hara, James F. 82,128,150 O'Key, Ruth G. 203 Oliver, Bruce 149 Oliver, Joseph H. 145,220 Olinghouse, Buddy H. 134,145,206 Orr, Pam K. 211 Ovellette, Dennis R. 206 Owen, Catherine L. 141,211 P Pace, Tommy G. 100,102,206 Pake, David L. 134,148,149 Palmer, Dorothy L. 220 Pamplin, Laney 82,150,220 Park, Sung Ja 199 Parker, Carol B. 206 Parker, James M. 211 Parker, Linda Carol 199 Parker, Travas 220 Parks, Larry N. 211 Parrish, David E. 100,220 Pasierb, Joseph J. 211 Pate, Jackie 199 Pate, Janet 206 Patrick, Joan 199 Patterson, Rosiland F.. 211 Peach, Herbert 149 Penny, Mark A. 220 Perkins, H. George 199 Perkins, William K. 145,220 Persinger, Hazel B. 220 Persinger, William G. 220 Peters, John 220 Phillips, Beverly 220 Phillips, Claudia L. 138 Phillips, James E. 211 Phillips, Vivian A. 220 Pierce, Marie L. 220 Pilcher, Michael Todd 199 Pinedo, Robert P. 220 Pitcock, Lynn L. 206 Plant, David 220 Plating, Cathy L. 138,211 Plating, Steve J. 147,220 Pledger, Jimmy R. 199 Poindexter, Linda R. 206 Pope, Richard F. 147,211 Porter, Catheryn 220 Porter, James R. 145 Porter, Jim W. 148,149,206 Potts, Suzanne 199 Prado, Elizabeth 199 Prather, John W. 89,199 Pratt, Hardy R. 199 Preston, Lawrence J. 199 Prewill, H. Norvelle 211 Price, Beverly R. 138 Primm, Sheila L. 141,206 Prince, Laurence M. 86,92,211 Pritchard, Carolyn Sue 220 Pruden, William W. 211 Pruitt, Jacquelin J. 220 Pruitt, Kenneth C. 211 Pryor, Thomas J . 145 Puryear, Jon 138 Purkiss, Ronald Gene 206 Pyles, Donna Kay 138,211 Pyron, Michael T. 46,90,206 R Radford, Bobby L. 211 Rains, Fredrick E. 211 Ramsey, William A. 211 Raney, Gus F. 220 Raney, Sandra G. 143,220 Rankin, Gary O. 211 Rather, John D. 199 Rawlings, Catherine Ann 203 Rea, William L. 199 Redd, Diana Lee 138,220 Reed, Johnnie Kay 206 Reed, Loquita Burt 87,206 Rehbein, Andrew J. 149,199 Reid, Vicky R. 220 Reilly, Geoffrey F. 220 Reinhardt, Mary K. 138,220 Renshaw, Catherine M. 138,220 Reynolds, Gary C. 211 Reynolds, Lanita S. 220 Richard, Edward P. 220 Richards, Don W. 220 Richards, John D. 199 Richardson, Robert J . 89 Richter, Phyllis A. 199 Ricketts, Sandra K. 221 Riddle, John W. 221 Riley, Jim L. 94,221 Rinehart, David F. 221 Rister, Linda J . 206 Rives, Alice P. 87,199 Roachell, Mary Ann 138,221 Robbins, Dotte A. 137 Roberson, Ronald A. 221 Roberts, Jim 221 Roberts, Marjorie M. 206 Robertson, Nancy 1. 206 Robertson, Rebecca J. 91,135,141, 211 Robichaud, Michele L. 137,221 Robinson, Angela S. 100,102,138, 211 Robinson, Jane M. 199 Robinson, Marilyn Ann 86,199 Robinson, Rita L. 88,211 Rockwell, Theresa Ann 221 Rogers, Edwin W. 82,200 Rogers, Tom 89,149 Rogers, William 221 Rojanadumrong, Raungbej 206 Rosenfeld, Deborah Lynn 221 Rossi, Margaret E. 221 Rozzell, Margaret A. 84,138 Rule, John E. 100,221 Rush, Mickey 82,150 Russell, M. Ann 137,211 Rutledge, Cheryl Lynn 221 Ryals, Carl J. 200 S Sanders, Gary L. 211 Sanders, Kay S. 206 Sanders, Richard E. 147 Sandvig, Leon 211 Sarlo, Joseph F. 200 Saulters, Janet M. 100,102,206 Sanvanapride, Chana 211 Savells, Linda 200 Sawrie, Barbara J. 75,136,200 Sawr5S,1Martha Ann 91,135,137, Scales, Claudette 211 Scales, Stella L. 206 Schay,.Colleen 94,206 Schick, Rebecca Jane 137 Schmuck, Donald N. 200 Schreffler, Donna Lynn 206 Schulte, Laura Lee 221 Scott, Donna K. 91,135,137.211 Scott, Eva J. 221 Scott, Oliver Paul 221 Scoville, Linda Kay 93,206 Scroggins, Lillie 200 Sebastian, Becky 206 Sego, Matthew Jon 88,221 Seidenschwarz, Dale R. 200 Seidler, Susan M. 211 Selby, Carl G. 221 Selig, John P. 211 Sembersiti, Joe A. 200 Senile, George 211 S-hannon, Debra E. 221 Sharp, Gary E. 200 Shaw, Charles L. 95,211 Shaw, Michael F. 221 Shellabarger, Phillip A. 82,134, 150,211 Sheridan, Gary C. 212 Sherlin, Norma J. 212 Sherlin, Phillip H. 221 Sherrod, Philip C. 212 Shipman, Harold L. 200 Shirley, Ernest W. 221 Shivers, Robert N. 150 Shoemaker, Bill 89,200 Shook, Danna C. 98,212 Shovtaw, Jimmy Lynn 90,150 Shull, Richard Lee 89,206 Shultz, Margaret A. 200 Shumard, Sandra G. 207 Simmons, Pamela A. 86,91,135 141,212 Simpson Becky 98,200 Simpson Bill R. 212 Simpson, Carolyn F. 212 Simpson, Cathy 116 Simpson, Mike 90,94,150 Sims, Geraldine 221 Sinclair, Susan A. 77,137 Singleton, Saundra K. 212 Singley, H. David 221 Snow, T oni V. 221 Sodemann, William A. 47,221 Solis, Ruhlmann J. 221 Sparks, Jerry V. 149,212 Sparrow, Charlotte S. 87,201 Sparrow, James W. 147 Sparrow, Mignon 221 Spencer, Kenneth C. 221 Spencer, Richard R. 207 Spencer, Thomas A. 207 Spencer, William R. 149,212 Spriass, Squires, Srysley, Alana J. 221 Burt G. 147,212 Judy 143,221 Staerkel, Dorothy L. 212 Stallcup, Doris L. 221 Stanley, Roland 212 Stansbury, Carolyn Bell 207 Stark, J. Frederick 201 Staples, Russell 82,150,221 Stegall, Phillip 145 Sterline, Charles.L. 200 Stewart, David M. 148,149 Stewart, Ellen R. 207 Stewart, June R. 201 Stewart, Michael S. 145,221 Stiegler, Peter J. 201 Stiles, Gary E. 212 Stone, Mariella 200 Story, Michael J. 212 Strickland. Lydia J. 221 Stricklin, William E. 212 Stroup, Dianna M. 207 Sturch, Patricia J. 212 Sisson, Robert L. 89,200 Sitlington, Mark 145 Sitzler, Jutity A. 221 Slaton, Phyllis R. 87,207 Slaughter, Mary R. 212 Smith Charles H. 200 Smith Danny 200 Smith David L. 221 Smith Donna R. 200 Smith Douglas 221 Smith, Gerard M. 200 Smith James M. 207 Smith, James T. 207 Smith Larry D. 200 Smith Marina J. 200 Smith Marvin D. 200 Smith Mark 145 Smith Miller E. 221 Smith Pamela K. 221 Smith. Sybil A. 86,92,207 Smith, Verma A. 200 Smith, Virginia L. 221 Smith Smith, William A. 145,200 William F. 201 Styles, Greg H. 221 Subert, Randy 212 Suggs. Gary D. 212 Sullivan, Lexie L. 212 Sullivan, Mike 55 Sullivant, Thomas 207 Summers, Steve 147 Sumners, Walter S. 221 Sussman, Larry E. 201 Swain, Wanda Faye 221 Swann, Stephanie A. 141. 221 Swartz, Richard B. 83.86.92,201 Swaty, John 86,221 Switzer, Susan J. 137.221 Sybert, Randy 150 Sykes, Charlotte L. 221 T Tabar, Carol L. 141,207 Talbert, Peggy A. 221 Tanner, Richard A. 221 255 Q Sharra D. 207 Tanner, Vicki L. 85,93,137 Taylor, Debbie D. 221 Taylor, Michael P. 89,201 Taylor, Patricia A. 201 Tebbetts, John E. 212 Tedder, Stephen W. 147,201 Terry, Alvin L. 221 Terry, Benita G. 222 Terry, David D. 222 Terry, James J. 201 Thatcher, Thurman 222 Thomas, H. Edwin 203 Thomas, .John 201 Thomas, Mary E. 222 Thomas, Wayne C. 212 Thompson, Cheryl Lynn 222 Thompson, Dave J. 150,207 Thompson, Jim L. 222 Thompson, Peggy S. 212 Thompson, Pinkie W. 222 Thornton, James H. 207 Tiamsiri, Dusadee 222 Tibbits, John 95 Timm, Danny W. 95,222 Timm, Jonathan D. 222 Tinsley, Rebecca L. 222 Tinstman, Shirley M. 201 Tipton, Christy 212 Tipton, Michael H. 212 Tipton, Ronnie Dow 222 Tipton, Sheila 222 Toland, Richard A. 147 Tomayko, Valerie 207 Tomboli, Joseph Eugene 89 Torrence, Harrell L. 207 Tounzen, Trisha R. 212 Trent, Stuart A. 95,169,212 Tripp, Richard B. 150,222 Troppoli, Danielle L. 222 Troutt, Charolette C. 222 Tucker, Becky A. 222 Tucker, Sam 222 Tucker, Raymond 1. 212 Tull, Michael M. 222 Turley, Sonja L. 222 Turner, Karen A. 222 Turney, Doug 207 Tutt, Ellen K. 212 Tyler, Robert E. 201 U Udomsap, Anong Sabbhasri 212 Underwood, Joyce M. 222 Upshaw, Michael Ray 222 Uyeda, Cheryl Rei 222 V Van Cleve, Donald C. 64,207 Vandever, William R. 147,212 Vandiver, Ronnie 150 Van Zandt, Melanie L. 40.4l,121, 141,222 Vasterline, Jan C. 222 Vaughan. Ida M. 212 Veches, Sandy 93,138,207 Vela, Nancy S. 83,92 Vess, Cherry 222 Vess, Stuart C. 90,94,202 Vick, Carol A. 137 Vincent, Margaret Gail 222 W Wagner, John Richard 223 Walden, Katheryn H. 207 Waldron, William W. 207 Walker, Carolyn R. 141, 202 Walker, Dale A. 207 Walker, Edith F. 202 Walker. Julie A. 86 Walling, Caludia 223 Walls, Clement S. 147 Walls, Linda 223 Walls, Sam 202 Walthall. John P. 223 Ward, Brenda K. 223 Ward, Delores 223 Ward, Ralph 95 Warford, Dorris D. 223 Warner, Carleen L. 212 Warren, James F. 207 Watkins, John G. 111 202 Watkins, Robert H. 212 Watson, Nancy L. 137 Waugh, Ruth H. 223 Weatherford, Billy R. 223 Weaver, Charles L. 223 Webb, David V. 223 Webb, Robert D. 223 Webb, Viggie 223 Weber, Raymond A. 148,149,207 Webster, Ruth V. 138,207 Weedman, Tom D. 90,202 Weideman, Warren 81,94,100,102, 149,207 Welch, Dennis L. 55,207 West, Michael L. 223 Westerfield, Glenn 223 Wewer, Mary B. 223 White, Cherry C. 212 White, Debby L. 158.207 White, Marilyn F. 138,223 White, Randy N. 212 Whitfield, Rudy V. 223 Whitfield, Tracy 149 Whiting, Ivan John 223 Whitmire, Sue 207 Whitten, Don 202 Whitten, Linda A. 223 Wicker, Cecil F. 47,223 Wiggins, Linda M. 202 Wiggins, 0. W. Pete 212 Wiggins, Ralph 212 Wiggs, Gary 223 Wiley, James E. 223 Willbanks, Linda L. 138 Williams, David L. 212 Williams, Glenn 223 Williams. Margaret A. 223 Williams, Melady 40,137 Williams, Merrell 223 Williams, 138,223 Williams, Ted A. 212 Williamson. Wm. J. 212 Willis, Brian 149 Willis, Gloria J. 212 Wilmont-Freedman, David 207 Wilson, Ada K. 137 Wilson, Jerry B. 89,207 Wilson, Philip M. 90,94 Wilson, Ruby J. 212 Wilson, Pamela Jean 40,41,121. Wilson, Susan K. 84.85,87,92,93, 202 Wimberly, Gary D. 147,212 Wofford, Lois L. 87,202 Wolfe, Carolyn A. 207 Wood, Thomas F. 212 Woodruff, Betty J. 141,207 Woolard, Dianne 202 Wooldridge, Linda S. 138,212 Wright, Danny 150 Wright, Judy A. 207 Wright, Wayne T. 202 Wyrick, John M. 147 Wyrick. Phillip C. 147 Y Yancey, Larry 150 Yancey, Susanne T. 212 Yaniger, Norman 145 Yarbrough, Janet L. 86,143,212 Young, Carolyn E. 202 Younts, Robert L. 150 Z Zakrzewski, Frank J. 212 Zauf, Leslie E. 207 Zini, James E. 202 HURLEY :An-mln AIKANSA I a.,.,,,,.EFm.f-...:cs.f

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