University of Arkansas Little Rock - Trojan Yearbook (Little Rock, AR)

 - Class of 1966

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Text from Pages 1 - 248 of the 1966 volume:

n ' X gf! is - wx A... L ..,,.,, , i l I Nineteen Sixty-Six Little Rock University Little Rock, Arkansas Volume 38 Alvin H. VVhite Editor lim C. Watts Business Manager' E IV . An Institut1on, An Obhgatron, W Contents Features Administration Faculty Greeks Student Senate Student Publications Organizations Personalities Divisions Classes Athletics Intramurals Advertisements l 1 An Education Truly, Little Rock University is an outstanding institution. It has ac- cepted the responsibility of preparing its students as citizens of the com- munity and world. We in return feel an obligation of aiding in the future of our alma mater, whose growth at this point seems limitless. For We have come here from varied backgrounds but with the same common goal-to receive the quality education which LRU offers. It is our hope that this book will depict the school year 1965-66 and that in the years to come as you scan its pages, you will be proud to have been a part of this dynamic University. v,',, ' 'YI 44, L, ,.. 131. H Y Q f' if Y, ,,-....... . ..l xl' I L' xmssqx . -x, xl! nf ,t. .-ua Q X,,g11,,., 8 fx .9 ' Q, Q., I fa., ,I 4-nk, -.- ! ...., , , 1 g- V1 Nmwm -eq -t . 5 H 3 A . S , i si ua 1 , ....., A 1 .ai Quq , VZAT FEATURES 4 V .Vr V- ' .V -- "wx, 'V . . if V wh ' twirl X .ig , ,Xt.f.f' n X. X P, .Q17 -, V I , K .Y W ' 1 Q ,. -I .V "' ' 5 V V ' 1 """'lU4A!J'wVn. V . V V -M .. Va- ,A 1 -VV-. .V VVV V.. V ' V "-' , - V, VV V, V , V V V , V ' f V ' L X.4 as X , . , V .X Qrwhbb. li... X'.'dL?2,, .My X wXX zf"-n' , V, X , fm? - l X Xx ,XXX 5, .. Xb -N Sq 1 XX Q Q . X' ,XX X 6-9, IVVX 1 Q? F' .1 X, .-. X X XX 'X J' V S V V PM VV -V.. Q M 'V ,V -. 'XX' X '- Sw 3:0-' X3 flhgirtg 1.44 ,XXsin,:f'lx L ,wfmf 'f,.-. Xysl f, fp- X y , ' . ka T" n J vm 'S Aus, .A N " 9' cu. 'aft' Y ' Av."4 " af?-'ll ' 454 - N! ' ' -l " K ' X13 -L. ,g -- ' - r.. ,, . V- V . . , ,. 4 , . j , . ' . Vg .,, , '-V X - V ...Q , V- -VXV X. . 3--,V . . E 5 X ,- A :fx - 'Q :hw , rf, S 'Q' x X, ' X- , .ff V 5 xg 59' , 2 ' 21564 'A 4' ' 'if "0 ax- :di ' . ".X..A4u.: W 11, ,, ,izill mx fs ,,, .9-. X Q :v 4. ,..-' Xq V , x .nj , X ', vm, X' -.4 " ,. , 'W .. "' 1, ,Q . :SPV-' ' vm we "1 w- .V VV . V . V , :,, I Lx ,Adm .,-X X ,W .X 1- X , 5 , 4 , V, XX X. ,X . -, . xl , V V P15 ., , - ...QI h ,1 .qu A V ...Q gwfk X .1 V 4' .ir " :.- ,, ' . ' A ' ' ,V ' ' f .f'V . V- V '- 1 Q-'J' ' ' - T1 .-. ,, V A -'gif' 13 ' ,, , V Va' :V rr ' s. -VV."-rs... Iv V VV V-- V 11 'V .Vs-' .5 si --V' V ww .5 V. 5 - -uf... .,.x, . -Mg.. , ' X - ' ,- 'Q - X' ,L , 'X' ' Nea.. VV F .,q:Q.Y"jj ' "' 5' -' T-ff :gf , .,1 .fu -1 V-VfV-'-,Vg-V419 . V .T ff T41 V C-.-in 1 "1-' . : 'V 4.-,. V147-.Vf :V- . I ,. if 'S' ,. VH- .-- 5 .3 4: -. .VV 'va V , ,-,. V :fn - -1- -2- V . ' af"-V..-" 'Q ' 'SV -N 1 an 1- -. , X - - ,wi ,,-XX,!S, ,r-.MX , 5 V 5 -jj l KWH - V n XX it L ' 5 V , 9' .D - V' " - ' wh, VV U, . -' - - x "' . '-' ti . . ..-, - V X ' . , . V V A' . QV . -. X X , rf-VV ,',,ff'.- A 'C V ff. V -I aff . ' f""z! ' ' V .vw 1... - Q-f V' V . '. V - V 'Q . , ,Q -,.- 5. ,V V, V'-1. V, . V V- 5 Q Nh ' ,fi-.v -- Qfx' ". ' , ,, . - , V V. V f Q u- .4 M. V ,, - . V . ...QV V 1 -1. . 1- V 3 V N , . 5 'H . 'Q Q-if--L, ""'t ,. sf . 'I Q. -1 'wif iv- - -V' fe--. 1 V ' 'P -',,,Fx 5: ' 7 ' i ' -' ' f .' X .Xg , -,- , ' - , .V 1 X -. X f . 'swf ' ' -.tin ". .+ ' .7 ' 5 'r ,, :Y V . " V' -n ": " """" -' Y '51 'WJ -7 ' ' A V. v V ' --' .Vw f." V V . ' 5' V ,J . 3 ' 'j, '. V , A ' , , '. i ,, j 3" V- ,, ' 3'1"-UQX A ' M 1 '. , V '... . .,, .V .' ,cur l,- ' '5' ' .- " " ' ' ' ' . ' Ar ,. ww ' 'iv 1 A J' " S 1 ' . .9 ' - A - .V , V4 - . 1 V.. Hn, 1, :.-. "LV. Q -- ,VV V 'M V Vf., ' 4- 4 , . J A V, . . r - 3 V if . - 4 . A ,Q - - X: , . . Q .X " ,. 3 - 5. ' ,.x Vx' ,, if " F' .. ,, . V+' 5, ' - I X- X -"' 4' .V rj' " Q 5 . , VV .V,,,i.':VV V -6-,-533 V-V-wa-V V., .5 3'-.., V, - K V , .-w.,J5 'P - '- ' f - V V . '-: -4. V. 7 ,.rV ' 5 8 3 N, - Y' 0 ol .1 wi .51 X' ,h' . , .' nl 0 v 1. 4 V N ? N X 54 1. X . .154 X .-bw J 1 V ar. 1 ' N' z' ' - . V " 1 1. , : ,Xa gr-TQ -3.'f.- fo. '14, I X .X I 0 '. gr X ' .X . , 'sl,.- i V 5. :gi - , s... V X 1-,'t,'Q'g, --ga 3. ' uf. V jr ,Jr . ' , ,Q .--XX X:. ' 'bll V3.Q:,..,. X ,9' V V Q, 1 5, a Q -5 , X. - . 1 ,g X VL I X X X Y . - - - 1' if . , , a" gi' Afv. . " - ."', 0 S ,Jig V V .' ,' --.1-' - V V ' V 5- V' .3 ,z-,, : V fl, 1' 1 s 2. Y" :' :Va ' P 4'-F ' Vx : , -- '44 " '4 V, . . . . , V ,rr ., - sf' , '- U . V' '- .3. ' Vv 6 J XX X ' A .,. X f -. -l N .- 'V Q. ,Q ., ' ,. - - :Vg A ,j V, 7? V , .. . 'V if "ws ' V V 'VY' 5:1 if ' V ' 2' ' " 'flaw-iv V V V 1 ea V .. ,, , .. ' V 17 X . , . . Q 1 ' ' V 'ELI fy -' VU .J 5 , nf A fV.4. f QV V .. "VW 4' V' 1 V.z' V ' V V V' -- ., , X. , ., 1 . .V ' V V 'V V V ,, M ff ,sf-ff -V.: , - M' 'Q 'fm-L1?l x -1 V' 'V . . , .. ,V,, W X ins, ,X rag ,. ,A-, , .X V ,LVQXL V V i X,.XXf,,,,,3 V V .J , Vw ji VX im-X ,iff gffi "2 , 4, V '- .eV. V vs ' f3,sVL,V L Q56 552 ' V " V . "af V V :V5 VJ' V E5 X ...Q 1 X- X 4' , ,, X ,Xi 'X VV Q'.V-.., XX' uw, V " -f V A V ' ,, Q 'F V' "" . l ,, ,, Vw , . 4 V UX X BN V V, , Vi V- W V V VV ' 'Q 114' V """""l """'- ---V . V V , V - V ' WV' , ' f ' " ' V ' --' V s. V "' "mf 1 """"" . V-3 ,X , V-V-sq-V-'V jK"'1 Xf M'T"":'y Vf' ' VVVV . VZ'.W" ' X .Vw-.V....V.... .J .VV-du ...sw ..V.,...V V- -V... .. -.-... ...... V ' fZ iw..M'W"""""" , VV . .V Vfffg . ...,, 1' ffwmw. . " Q A M V A' X ' ' .WMV -uw-W ar-V " V- ,,..Vf "' - Q 4' " ' M 'WF W ""'1-ltllfm V' Aim N "'wVam..4u-nu-QJXY " ,. V pw-in-v ' ,XX XX , - ' V ' ,ww ,.4 V ' --A N.. VV ..V ' ' V "M""'W'f'Vf V' ' . MY' .4..,g...y-4-a.g-Agri'-ru. '-f X , V Haw . WV' ' l 5.1 ii. . Va Vw.-uVwVV . -VOM , Va ' . QV. 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H !,.2f f"i 1 3 o-is-he . f "' ' 1 , VV 'W ' 3 19-guna Vi V Q , + , , , , M ' f w ' in ' ' wfN6'aT1' i vi - J 1 0 ' 5 4- A 2 1 :' X f ' A 1 ' Q Q 2 2 . 3 mm. ,M ,, '- , M ' 4. 4 ' N Q ' z 4, ' ' X X 2 2' Q 5 ' 'A Q f' if . ..Q 1-W, I x w ,, at , me V 5 A -f - 3 ff fs , V 5, Wu, 1-f 'f - V 1 Q GJ 5 Q, Mg -Qi V -- fb X -. , 2 f- n - V V v,-..,.V 44" L Q 1 . ' ..,,, VA V V VV 42 , ur' A , M V V VV VV VV V 1 V Q-MV '-- -' Q-. V6 ., ,,V,"7'r3z,,. V I V - .-4-vi: '1 ig. 1 M- 5 F,,4., , LVM' I 11' .W A S " .. 'N--..' ' 'M -1" "' --a-- ...nut . V .vh- " an-w ' . , . 'W'- 'Q f- 1 - V :gm M ,,.,, www Q. 'VV,,., 3 A '- y VM,,,,VV AV I V VV """"'u ,VN-V. .1 v . - N ' if' 41 - ff M--W - -9- w. , a , a " ' . u 5,9 ,,, ' ' .. ,,. V ' H Q W ' nm?-V-. V, V ' X 'mi' . V ,NW , Y V " H V. Mm-' V, ,,.,, .s.- A V '- - KQV -, ' VVV Y ""' V V ,, f , ..wwna.f3,,,,S' ' , , VV W w 'NT , M. ,H , vw--f" MM: V V,VVVj,.i VV , L V -Maha' v-,V-7.WVV VV VVVVN . VV VV W-axe' 1 Q mamn- 'Jaw Tsai ' ' ,, 5 k V' M gg. V V V V I VV V at 4. ,Q er F, " ' ' 'X ' , M51 , z51+ if 35' " as Spring registration proved very hectic when the lines were moved inside Union became more crowded. For this reason it took the Dean's List to avoid the cold. Even with the warmth tempers were short as the students twice as long to get to the first check station. Ritual of Registration Even after passing the first check station, it was the second and third tables from which it proved interesting to escape. The ritual of registration was perpetrated on schedule this year. Lines were normally long and fingers normally cramped and this year's session was the usual cross between the Marine basic training program and the first dance' of the Iunior Cotillion season. Everyone rejoiced at the addition of the new ID cards. With pictures that looked like morgue shots they made the prime Wanted list for status seekers. As no deaths were reported, both sessions of registra- tion were considered a success. 'lu .yung Aiwa, i 5 t fe' I'-1 1 , I1 Students waiting to part with tumon money are particularly enthusiastic. Freshmen appear engrossed as they receive IHSTTUCYIOHS regarding mystical rite of regxstratlon Regardless of the course there was always some do-gooder trying to tell you not to sign up Sydney Phillips seems content in filling punch cup only half full. Dr. Edmondson may not agree, Meet, Greet and Eat Tri Del? Sarah Rhodes proudly explains display of outstanding members to alumna Mrs. Shoemaker. inks' Bimtlkii-fiiiiimiasfsy 1' 'I New faculty members are welcomed to campus at annual President's reception honoring them. Y lv .1 I K- was I IN E1 Q89 E F Q? i pgs! Relays Prove Entertaining Pi Phis demonstrate skill and persistence in ladylike endeavor of log- sawing, new event this year. Nancy Cooper proves she can catch anything she wants, even if it is a greased pig. The Sigma Nu Relays are an annual event, planned, financed and executed by Sigma Nu Fraternity. The pro- gram consists of events such as sack races, tulnby-tube races, tricycle races, cupup contest, egg yag, pig chase, broad jump, disc scrample, log sawing contest and the traditional tug-of-war. All sororities compete for sweepstakes trophy and the win this year hy Delta Delta Delta, making their third straight, allows them permanent possession of the trophy. nb ' 1 i, 1 ,. A Q, iQ v ji vlrf gui +4 ":,, M3 'gf , W? , A 5 , V K., 4, mi .Q 'R Viv "'.3f". NV fi img! , 1-72 Z2 W w ?" . ll, 5 v . Aw uf,-Q vu. ' ku K .2 '52 . 51 45' If f H A 'T 'Ziff' J i A . - it- , Q LIZ? fa 3 72 ' ' 'f"'!55iif" ' 4 I . ,. I 1, 355,641-1 , VM: M M ,f,g,,h,,. lff'5i,' x ' 'i W f .mrwxiif " ,, A mm N ig w g 1' 3 ,f gzaz :ff 2 -' 'rw ' .f.. . 'H H 'W "?-'vw 33- , Q, -- , sd. 5? 2: 71 4 .. 'il Q 'S 4.1 ' 1 L, . 'f ,ff Mm ,,., , H,-3fs5.57, v A ' -.a:4Q4:"""" Y 42 'fly' L.:4,f'. I ufi 3 ., Jef' I n fi-5f"'.'4M A . ,, 1" 1 I 5 W ., -if , ',,,f:., -Ji A ,fi 'lei WH ,ilwg e i """Q"' 1 'guy f Q- ' I 'fm -' ,, wfwr' Q' ? A -. wall, 3,,.,N,f- w...w kg H, -:-xC14ff,,,f5efL' V ,N M. . 5 W , 1 - V NV : ' wgw W 1 N wif' 'Z' 4.54-Vaqf-4743i ,,. M In F5413-if-A in , J f, ',':"'ff 'X' 'A' A Q "Q-W. 7 2' ' 1 'Q 4, sv - wif' ' - 'Q , me 14, V - ' 4 'H TN, F,,gif'!,'fQ ' - , wg, 'gI::5W"k'Q2if,i-',n" f KJ? gg D ' .W ,AV -vy., in 15 ' MA Q ,Z , , , - , ,-L, , . - my ,g-fy'1'7': , ' a"'f'y"'ym, - W -: 'w i . wi-,Q 1 ,??'f51i, wi 9. 4 5 ,, . ,. A-,x AA L, . V ,ALA L. 4V', :I-Zgflmx mf 'Lx,,,, .1 13 - A :Mx V , n SK I 14 ,J 21" ' . ' ' 'S I .,. A V31 . ? Mg. ,g Q 5 XG g, , K v . -V 'vw W X 4 xx 'S f fi 'wi s Ax T Pikes sing their way into first place as Jim Watts hamrners'?!'!!f? out the chimes. Dedication and the ability to sing could account for Kappa winning the "Aulsing" again this year. l l l i 1 gf Q 9 9 s Art Is Interestin i i Editor Al White relaxes after working on the TROJAN all morning, however, the art instructor, Mrs. Rogers, wishes he would take his tensions out in some way other than on canvas. We received a word of warning that Mary Nell Tompkins liked to remove her shoes while in the house, however, we failed to get the photographer in time. First? ,if Second? Thirdlll Only an art student can appreciate or under- stand the ways of an art department. Every art student falls into more or less one of these classes. The first class is the very serious student. He never misses a class. In fact he manages to stay late and do outside work. His paintings are always bet- ter and more interesting because he figures some way to insert clever and concealed details. Then we find the student who comes to class most of the time. His paintings are nice but lack that personal touch that comes about only with concentration. This student never fails to take his ten minute break. Last but not least we find the class cut-up. He always has a new joke or wants to tell about the drunken brawl he threw the night before. He gets to class fifteen minutes late, takes a twenty minute break and leaves early. This student does not un- derstand why he cannot paint as well as the serious painter or accept the fact that his grade is always lower. Art student Mrs. Turner, puts finishing touches on her plate knife painting. , ' m""?Yv,, f.5..,.r T Determined student pours water onto paper in an attempt to water down an ink drawing. Dances And ther 'Would you believe" Fall Pi Phi pledges are presented. The PiKA Roaring Twenties Party was different. Most members had a great time but we are still worried about some of the dates. Sigma Nus are among few dancers these days who get close to their partners. Activities Do-nna Munnerlyn and court are all smiles as they pose for photog- rapher at half-time. This was the year for new dances. Somehow we don't think this was a winner. Nu.. Almost everyone tried to give blood during the fall drivep however, this student looks as if she has given her last dro to compensate for the 4700 who were reiected. P "f""f1 Hi ,N , - 5 ,,,,, Spring registration was somewhat slowed up by the unexpected snow For those who braved the weather parking proved to be no problem Pam Jackson definitely looks like "Miss Arkansas" as she announces Kappa Sweet- heart. New Buildin s Show Growth of Campu 1 ' 4 . ' Q 5 - f 5 e Q4 i 1, Q ,V 1, I is in I , V, 1 My t t Y t F .A W 2 ,i it "I" beams and tons of concrete form the foundation for the Arts Building. With this foundation, ten additional floors be added. lizzie l Fine may - s 'iit 'f it g l f Hlztilfil :Hifi V f V L ' A A F 'W q H ,.tt F A aattt. F tt,, s F Q 'KW' ""'t"" T lrvf i i it ' " V i 1 , fn A ' 1 l , t i f + ,t,' " ,' 1 if? ' Y " l 1 .V r.4"P'L9'1ilK?. F . .xf 'l'Y' f-'ft 1,1 1.1 5 all , 1 , . 3 Y , - ' 1 m f g y i ,lt ' ' ' 1 1 f I , S 5 f ,fl-if! 2 A , En: ,, T 'H t Z 'F Qi xi ,,t ,t,, '11' Y M , ' .t -i N443 , ,. t F ,F ,A3:. . y -- .ui , ,-.,-M527 45'f'2t5f-MW Pr . , 5- 3, ia. . Y'fW' i I .. s:':' " '3tiZffS':',2'Ei:1g:f 'Qin ll t ' .. -, :, ., ' ' it f --f 9, v , .,.,f-M ,,. if f 1-V' -,-, if.s:,4,., ,,,, A ,, , M , .... ,.. , WW T A ,Q --'f ,, . V Af W D A -ft' ., ., -W ,,t, ., 'rs'-N"1as s... ,fag - The mall and tower portion take shape after many weeks of ground work. During construction many unusual and interesting things occured. The stage section of the Fine Arts Auditorium goes up, looking like a large scrap iron pile. Concrete is lifted by crane as crew began work Fine Arts Building. Ygllf. on the second floor of the NX if , Construction of the classroom section of the Fine Arts Building progressed slowly at first, then almost over night a splendid three story building sprang up. The new Library looks as if it will be as deep as it will be tally however many extra tons of reinforcement were put in to compensate for future additions. Just south of the Library and directly west of the new Fine Arts Building, bulldozers were busy most of the day pushing tons of earth aside for the new Library. Even with the snows of January, work did not slow up. Little Rock University has seen many changes since its founding in 1927. In 1948, the first class- rooms were constructed. The university began an in- tensive building program in 1957. The Fine Arts Building with an auditorium seating capacity of 400 and the current construction of the three story li- brary is but part of the building program. Plans are in the making for an addition to the Science Building which will double the facilities. University Theatre Guild The U.T.G. is one of the oldest campus organizations on LRU campus. The organization has played an active part on the campus since the 1930's and is open to all students. The Drama Department worked with the Music department to open the season with the musical "Brigadoon." Becket followed the musical and was produced totally in the round. The spring semester opened with "Night Must Fall" a three-act melodrama by Emlyn VV illiams. LRU received six superior ratings at the State Speech Festival in March. lim and Sharon Bearden presented the one act play "Mooney's Kid Don't Cry" by Tennessee Williams. The play was rated excellent. These rehearsals are killing me. Jim Ralph explaining to Billy Ferguson the fantasy land of "Brigadoon." Kathy Brown, the cook in "Night Must Fall," has serious moments when she, Nancy Kay Gates, and Connie Wyrick inspect D6I'l'S lUQg696- If you're an invalid, "l'm the Prince of Wales." Music and drama departments present the musical "Brigadoon" to open the Fall Season. I've always had problems reading, but my new Sharon and Jim Bearden going through "mean exercises" before presenting "Mooney's Kid Don't Cry" for the state speech festival, glasses help. Relatives, relatives, relatives. That's all you ever invite for dinner. Pageant director Pam Jackson gives contestants pointers on poise and the correct way to stand during iudging. Only Carol Olson could possibly know the thoughts that raced through her mind the night of rehearsal. Miss L. R. U. Pageant - Best Ever. "There she is - Miss L. R. U." These Words filled the National Investors Auditorium Saturday evening, March 5th, as Nancy Kay Gates, the new Miss L. Pt. U., ascended the ramp to greet her subjects. This moment ended many weeks of hard work and anticipation. Former Miss North Little Rock, Pat Smith, Pam Jackson team up to sing The pageant, under the direction of Pam Jackson, Was one of the best all school events to be held this year. The theme 'Tm looking over a four leaf clover" was cleverly car- ried out in shades of gold and green. Gordon Norrell and Don Teeple were real "This Was The Year To Be Miss "Consider yourself one of us" and that's what Selena of "l'm Lookin Over A Four Leaf Clover Arkansas." Duncan did. Selena was elected Miss Congeniality. and "South of t e Border." crowd pleasers with their special arrangement if 1 1 i 1+ ni 1. z c i 3 Eg g? Newly crowned Queen Nancy Kay Gates and runners up Janinne Hoyt and Donna Munnerlyn, Becky Harrison prefers to leave the iudges asking for more as her cousin three times removed "Boom Boom Lavern" gives her tips on what fo wear in a pageant. Janinne Hoyt is all smiles as Pam Jackson and Martha Myers help her get ready for eveining gown competition. training, practice and long re- Kay proves that she is truly a After years of hearsals, Nancy queen. A deserted iudges table shows evidence of three and one half hours of hard concentrated iudging. ,, . ,iw ' 3 'C' 1. A av , aff M1 5 if Q ,, aw my 143' S f :V I I' g M S MW, .... mg' lf iw . ' 11 Q -sf : aw iii M ,.-vw" VN'-in as 45 "1 wtf-usa: al 5 ,, E ivan ix X 1: X 1 b sexi iq isi- za ...fs- NF mi Q 'M-1 T in E W-- E I FACULTY AND ADMIN ISTRATI Board james H. Penick, Sr. E. Grainger Williams Chairman of the Board Vice Chairman Richard C. Butler Harold I. Engstrom, Ir. 1 Dr. W. G. Cooper H. Tyndall Dickinson Robert D. Lowry Robert S. McCord of Trustees The fifteen businessmen of the Greater Little Bock area who comprise the University's Board of Trustees hold the future of the school in their very able hands. They con- tribute much time and effort in directing the institutions' progress. In 1956 the Little Bock Iunior College governing body Cthen the Little Rock Board of Educationj proposed to pro- vide a truly functional program of higher education, de- signed to meet the needs of the area and as a result Little Rock University came into being, offering a full four-year program in 1957. The new University then established its own Board of Trustees. These men are ever alert to educational needs and trends as they endeavor to guide LBU through this period of continuous growth and expansion. Earl L. McCarroll Secretary Arnold Mayersohn john A. Biggs, Ir. Herbert C. Rule Gus Ottenheimer Hugh B. Patterson, Ir Carl R. Stout g, lm "" M A- Nm, ,E W .... , .filwkim - ,,,- ,,-- W,,--, H I M .,,, ,,v,ff I b , 9: .psi . . , E u , ..,, . W i i i. 5 F' 'ffl' .. . ,sf my ,. .... ., .- w ' Um ' zf. xiiiif:i4:?i1i,. 11:1::'11:" ' M 1:12 E ' 9' , , , ,,-- f ,,.. 9,.-E,,gQ E 2 H The President of LR. "People with vision will decade, inspiring plans and tent with the dynamic ideas versity. The new design for surely not perish from the earth." Therefore, having established a senior college in the present urgent responsibilities at this moment persuade us to move higher up and farther out, consis- of the founders who gave to this institution the all-encompassing name of Little Rock Uni- another decade, 1965-1975, is directed toward higher and higher education for more and more American men and women of our State and region. Naturally and confidently we move onward and upward to join our multitude of friends and atro ' b 'ld' p ns in ui mg a great and universal city by the construction of the community's most essential institution, a university center for culture, knowledge and spirit significantly capable of aiding in the maintenance of individual freedom in the face of many serious h t reats and assaults. Our vision embraces high purpose and a brilliant and exciting future in a wonderful world now u - n - - - , a mere village , in which we learn to live freely, understandingly, peacefully, prosperously and fully. Carey V. Stabler DR. CAREY V. STABLER CBS., M.A., P1'1.D., LL DQ, is Presi- dent of Little Rock Universitv. He is a native of Thorsby, Alabama. His degrees are from the University of Alabama and Duke Univer- sity. In 1965 he received an honorary 1.L.D. from Hendrix College. The 1963 "Greater Little Bock Man of the Year", Dr. Stabler is a member of Phi Beta Kappalnational honor society and is listed in "VVho's VVho in America" Professional and civic activities are as follows: Board of Di- rectors of the Little Bock Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, Concert Board, Board of Directors, Arkansas Arts Center and 1964- 1965-66 president of the Little Bock Rotary Club, Community M1giErgiRBtAIEQ S 65 president of the Arkansas chapter of the United Nations Asso- Y O e rem en ciation. ,QQ 'Gil 9Y"""'5 MRS. JEAN HOLMES Secretary to Assistant Dean Dean of the niversit DR. HAROLD I. VVOOLARD CBA., Th.M., Th.D.D, is in his sixth year as Dean of the University and Professor of Hu- manities. Since 1957 he has served as Registrar, Dean of Stu- dents and Chairman of the Division of Humanities. His birthplace was Stillwater, Oklahoma and his degrees are from Southwestern College in Kansas and the University of Denver. Dr. Vvoolard is currently chairman of both the curriculum and admissions committees. He is listed in "Who's Who in America", 'fWho's VVho in Education", is a past president of the Arkansas Choral Society, received in 1950 and 1959 the Danforth Scholar Award and serves as an Arkansas Festival of Arts Council board member. Professional and community interests include Pulaski Coun- ty Health and Vvelfare Council, the Kiwanis Club, the Masonic Lodge and VVinfield hlethodist Church. MR. CROVER J. ANDREWS CBA., MAJ Assistant to the Dean of the University, came to LRU in 1964. He has previ- ously been Assistant to the Peabody College President and Baylor Universityis Director of Public Relations. Dean Andrews' teaching fields are English, art and educa- tion. His degrees are from George Peabody College. He is a member of Phi Delta Kappa honorary education fraternity and the Public Relations Society of America, serves as chairman of MISS LINDA HILLIS Secretary to the Dean the publications board and graduate scholarship committee and as adviser to the FORUM. He is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. This year the Federation of VVomen's Clubs selected Mr. Andrews as "Educator of the Year". MR. ERVIN L. BETTS CBA., B.D., M.A.D, Dean of Students and Assistant Professor of Psychology is in his sixth year at LRU. Dean Betts is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He attended the University of New Mexico, Southwestern Seminary and Baylor University, where he belonged to Sigma Chi fraternity and Psi Chi honorary psychology fraternity. His professional memberships include Southwestern Associa- tion of Student Personnel Administrators, American Personnel and Guidance Association and Arkansas Personnel and Guidance Association. Mr. Betts works with the Student Union Board and Katalia. Deans of Students And Dean of Women MRS. BARBARA TAEGEL CB.S.E., M.S.D, Dean of Wom- en and Assistant Professor of Physical Education, is com- pleting her seventh year at Little Rock University. She supervises the master calendar, is sponsor of Student Senate, Panhellenic and Hood and Tassel. She is a member of the Student Union Board and the lectures and assemblies committee. Dean Taegel is a member of Altrusa, National Association of w70lDCD,S Deans and Counsellors, Arkansas Personnel and Guidance Association and Arkansas School Cousellors Asso- c1at1on. Y ig-"un i: My j ff- flfhlgj .vigil 45,5 MR. JERRY D. CORLEY CBS., M.S.D, is completing his first year as Assistant Dean of Students and Instructor of Psychology. He serves as advisor to the Interfratemity Coun- cil Mr. Corley is a native of McLeod, Texas and received his degrees from Kilgore junior College and East Texas State University. At E.T.S.U. he was Assistant to the Dean of Men. Professional memberships include American Personnel and Guidance Association, Arkansas Personnel and Guidance Association, Southwestem Association of Student Personnel Administrators and Phi Delta Kappa honorary Educational Fraternity. ffice of the Business Manager MRS. MARY LOU ARRINGTON CB.S.D Secretary to the Business Manager MR. E. L. ROBINSON CB.S.E., M.A.D, is completing his tenth year at LRU as Business Manager. He holds degrees from Arkansas State Teache ers College and the University of Arkansas and is listed in "Who's Who in American Education". Mr. Robinson directs the scholarship committee as its chairman, serves on the advisory council, Student Union board, Commencement committee and athletics committee. Community activities include Rotary Club, Board of Stewards of the Methodist Church and treasurer of LRU's Wesley Foundation Board. MRS. FAY ADDIE MRS. REBECCA EO'FE MRS. MARY RHODES Multilith Operator Accounting Machine Operator Bookkeeper Business ffice l m,.W1.m-wanna-lu aww 1 - 5 MR. JAMES R. MURRY Accountant Other Administrative Personnel MR. CLEVE BRANSCUM CBS., M.Ed.D, is serving as Acting Director of Athletics. In this position he coordinates the University program of inter-collegiate athletics, intramurals and special sports. Mr. Branscum is a member of the student relations committee and the health, hygiene and safety committee. MRS. MAYBETH JOHNSTON CB.S.D, became Student Union Director and Bookstore Manager in 1958 after having attended Little Rock Junior College and graduating from the University of Arkansas. Mrs. Johnston is a member of the Student Union Board, a member of the lectures and assemblies committee and serves Delta Delta Delta as advisor. MR. CHARLES E. LAMAR CB.A., M.A.D, is completing his first year as Director of the Counseling Center. He has previously served as a counselor, psychometrist and an instructor in psychology. His degrees were received from Baylor University. Past experience includes collgee stu- dent counseling and general industrial relations Work. MRS. VELDA MELVILLE is serving her fifth year as Food Service Director at LRU. She actively coordinates the snack bar and cafeteria programs. Mrs. Melville is a member of the Student Union Board. S3 Xp S "Ka MRS. MARY ALYCE BRIDGES Secretary to the Registrar ffice of the Registrar DR. DUDLEY S. BEARD CBA., M.S., Ed.DD, has been LRU's Registrar for eight years. He is a native of Mt. Vernon, New York. His degrees were earned from Millsaps College and the Uni- versity of Mississippi. In addition to serving as Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity advisor at LRU, Dr. Beard serves as a member of the curriculum and admis- sions committees. He is a past president of the Arkansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Offices. MRS. PEGGY BURKE MISS LINDA THOMPSON Receptionist Recorder Development ffice MISS CAROL ROTHHAMMER Secretary to Development Director MR. NEYLAND HESTER CB.A., B.D.D, is serving as Director of Development in addition to being responsible for alumni activities. He is completing his second year at LRU. Mr. Hester was born in Norton, Texas and graduated from Roosevelt University of Chicago and Southern Methodist University. Besides interest in Boy Scout Work, he holds membership in the Rotary Club, American College Public Relations Association, Ameri- can Alumni Council and Public Relations Society of America. MRS. SUE PINE CB.A.D, Director of Public Relations, is an active mem- ber of the following faculty committees on campus: scholarship, publica- tions board and lectures and assemblies. She lends faculty leadership in Hood and Tassel and the TROJAN yearbook. Mrs. Pine attended the College of the Ozarks and the University of Arkansas, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and was a member of Pi Beta Phi and Mortar Board. She is a member of Altrusa and the American College Public Relations Association. John A. Larson Memorial Library MR. JAMES A. ALLEN CBS., M.S.D, this year became LRU's new Librarian. He was formerly associated with Louisiana Col- le e at Pineville g . He is a native of Alexandria and a graduate of Louisiana State University. At LRU he sponsors the student library committee and is a member of the faculty library committee. Professional memberships include the American Association of University Professors, American Library Association, Arkan- sas Library Association and Southwest Library Association. Special interests include rock hunting, travel and cooking. MISS SANDRA JEAN PITTS CRS., M.L.S.j, is completing her first year here as Assistant Li- brarian and Instructor of Library Science. She is responsible for the Library's readers' services and provides leadership in the student library committee. Miss Pitts' home is Clarksville and she has at- tended the College of the Ozarks and Texas Woman's Universi . She was reviousl a li ty P Y ' brarian with the U.S. Army at Ft. Sill, Okla- homa. wmax. sw MRS. DOROTHY WOODS has been Circula- tion Librarian for eleven years at LRU: She attended Hendrix College and Little Rock Junior College. MISS IVA JEAN HARRISON Secretary to Librarian MRS. MARGARET MOSER CBA. in L.S.l, serves as Assistant Librarian. She has previously served as Acting Librarian and Catalogue Li- brarian. A native of Wellington, Kansas, Mrs. Moser received her degree from the University of Okla- homa. She is completing her fourth year at Little Rock University. Division of Biological Sciences With the greater emphasis being placed on sci- ences in the world today, more students are en- deavoring to take advantage of the offerings of the Division of Biological Sciences. However, it is not only the biological science major whom this Division seeks to serve, but it attempts to train all students in the life sciences so that they may live better in relation to their sur- roundings. Majors and minors in biology and a major in medical technology are available through the Di- vision of Biological Sciences. DR. JAMES H. FRIBOURCH CB.A., M.S., Ph.D.J, Professor and Chairman of the Division of Biological Sciences, is listed in "Who's Who in the South and Southwest", "American Men of Science", "Leaders in American Science", "Who's Who in Amer- ican Education" and "Arkansas Lives". He is president of the Arkansas Academy of Science, presi- dent of the Arkansas Conference of American Association of University Professors, former state director of the National Association of Biology Teachers and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Fribourgh is a vestry member of the Episcopal Church and a member of the Ouachita Girl Scout Council. He has pub- lished seventeen articles in professional journals, primarily in areas of fish culture and embryological basis of behavior. MR. VVILLIAM F. EVANS CB.S, M.S.D, Assistant Professor of Biology, has been at LRU for four years. He is a member of Phi Sigma national biological honor society and the Arkansas Academy of Science. Previously Mr. Evans was biologist for the Arkansas State Board of Health. Mr. Evans has completed a book on animal communications which is being published this year. Three of his science articles have appeared in Little Rock newspapers. He is sponsor of the LRU Divers Club. MRS. MARY ANN FOSTER CB.S., MSD, a Special Instructor in Biology, is an alumnus of LRU. Her teaching experience in- cludes work at St. Vincent's School of Nursing and related experience as research assistant, pathology department, U. of A. Medical Center. She has taught at LRU since 1963. She is a member of Sigma Xi, Delta Delta Delta, Sword and Shield and Alpha Epsilon Delta. She has published several articles in professional joumals. MR. CLARENCE: B. SINCLAIR CB.Si., M.A.D, is an Assistant Professor of Biology. This is his second year at LRU. Mr. Sinclair served as chairman of the Science Division at National College be- fore coming to LRU. He is a member of the Botani- cal Society of America, Sigma Xi and the Arkansas Academy of Sci- ence. He is a candidate for the Ph.D. degree from the University of Missouri. His area of special study is the epidermal structure of com- melinaceae. His hobbies include photog- raphy, music and fishing. DR. DOROTHY B. SPANCEN BERG CB.A., M.A., Ph.D'.l, As- sociate Professor of Biological Re- hearch, for two years has directed a private research laboratory. She has served as research associate in pathology at the University of Ar- kansas Medical Center and is currently engaged in research in the area of growth and differen- tiation, supported by the National Science Foundation. Dr. Spangenberg joined the faculty in 1965 and assists with the direction of independent study projects and seminar. of i"'s:.,4?+ev ' R1 -.f is L. :N gy, if igtwigfi x ,.g. vw' mf.. E7 W Jw'-1 Q Ma any H K wx if Q6 , A .v..w'-. DR. LLOYD W. BOWIE CB.A., M.A., Ph.D.j, Chairman of the Division of Business and Economics and a Professor of Business Administration is a member of Iota Phi scholastic fraternity and has been listed in "Who's Who in the Midwest". Dr. Bowie works with Alpha Kappa Psi, Marketing Club and Young Republicans on campus and serves on the following faculty committees: advisory council, curriculum committee and serves as chairman of the Student Union board. He came to LRU in 1961. Division of Business The foundation for a career in the business world is laid in LRU's Division of Business and Economics. This foundation is built by learning methods of analyzing and interpreting business pro- cedures and by training the mind to deal with hu- man -relationships. In addition to providing the knowledge for busi- ness careers, the Division endeavors to offer a bet- ter understanding of the business world to all who pass by, regardless of their future direction. To specialize training the Division is organized into the following departments: Accounting, Busi- ness Administration, Economics and Finance, Man- agement and Marketing, Secretarial Science and Continuing Education. MR. JAMES F. BUTLER CBA., M.B.A.D, is Assistant Professor of Economics. Com- pleting his third year on campus, he serves on the faculty committee on graduate study. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta honorary history fraternity and of the Southeastern Social Science Association. MRS. IEANNE GALLMAN CB.A., M.S.D, serves as a Special Instructor in Business Administration. Her degrees are from Texas VVoman's University and the University of Arkansas and she is active in the Poets Roundtable of Arkansas and the Arkansas Council on Human Relations. MR. BENNIE, W. GOODWIN CB.S.B.A.D, has taught at LRU for four years as a Spe- cial Instructor in Business in the Evening Division. Professional affiliations include the American Marketing Association and Elec- tric Utilities Market Research Council. and Economics MR. BENJAMIN A. HARDY CBA., LL. B., M.A.D, Associate Professor of Business and Economics, has been teaching at LRU for 14 years. He is a member of both the Arkansas and Pulaski County Historical Associations and serves as secretary-treas- urer of the latter. On campus he has spon- sored Alpha Kappa Psi and Young Demo- crats. MRS. CLEO B. MATTOX CB.S.E., M.B.E.D, is an Assistant Professor of Secre- tarial Science who joined the faculty in 1961. She is sponsor of Phi Beta Lambda busi- ness fraternity. Her degrees are from Arkan- sas State Teachers College and the Univer- sity of Colorado. 3 fs. 4 J, , 9 if MR. CARL MCDANIEL, JR. CBS., MSD, is completing his first year as a full-time faculty member. He is an Instructor of Marketing and Nlanagement. Mr. McDaniel is an alumnus of LRU and supplies leader- ship to the Marketing Club, Sigma Nu and Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity. MR. GEORGE E. MINER CB.C.E., M.B. AQ, Assistant Professor of Accounting, Fi- nance, is completing his third year at LRU. He has served as advisor to Alpha Kappa Psi this year and as secretary-treasurer of the Ark. Conference, A.A.U.P. MISS INEZ MARTIN CB.A., M.Ed.D, an Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science has been a member of the faculty for 20 years. She is a member of the lectures and assemblies committee and is active in Alpha Delta Kappa, American Guild of Organists and a number of business education asso- ciations. MR. LEON MOURTON CB.S.D, serves as a Special Instructor of Accounting. He joined the faculty this year and is also an alumnus. He is a C.P.A. and is employed by the Internal Revenue Service. MR. DONALD W. NANCE CB.S., M.S., LL.B., C.P.A.D, Special Instructor in Ac- counting, is controller and secretary-treas- urer of Coleman Dairy, Inc. He is a member of the American Bar Asso- ciation, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Beta Alpha Psi, national honorary accounting fratemity. MR. WILLIAM NASH CB.A., B.C.L.D, is serving as a Special Instructor in the Busi- iiiess Division, his specialty being business aw. His education was received from the Uni- versity of Chicago and the University of Oxford. MR. SLOAN RAINWATER, IR. CB.S., LL.B.D, is serving as a Special Instructor in Business Administration. Mr. Rainwater attended Hendrix College, the U.S. Naval Academy, Southern Metho- dist University and Arkansas Law School. Business Continued MR. ERNEST H. WHITE., JR. CB.S.B.A., M.B.A.D, is completing his second year on the faculty. He is a member of the Amer- ican Accounting Association and Beta Alpha Psi national honorary accounting fraternity. He serves as an Instructor of Accounting. MRS. ANN WILLIAMSON CB.S.B.A.J, MSD, joined the faculty this year as an Instructor of Business Education. Her degrees are from the University of Arkansas and she previously taught in Fay- etteville and Decatur. MISS- JEAN WOOLFOLK CB.S.B.A.D, LL.B., C.L.U.D, serves as a Special Instruc- tor in Continuing Education An alumna of Little Rock Junior College, she has been teaching since 1962. Division of Fine Arts LRU's location in the cultural center of Arkan- sas is of immense value to the serious student in Fine Arts. Concerts, recitals, lectures, exhibits and dramatic productions combine to create an atmos- phere conducive to cultural study. The faculty of the Division of Fine Arts main- tains a standard of excellence and balance in scholarly achievement and performance practice in the arts. The Division is particularly looking forward to the completion of the new Fine Arts-Classroom building, featuring complete facilities for study of fine and applied arts. E i DR. DONALD L. WARMACK CBA., B.Mus., M.M., D.M.A.j, Division Chairman of Fine Arts, is a Professor of Music. Dr. Wamiack has been at LRU for seven years and is a mem- ber of Pi Kappa Lambda national honorary scholastic fraternity. He directs the University Choir and serves on the following MRS. JOSEPHINE GRAHAM CBA., M.F.A.j, Instructor of Art, earned her degrees at the University of Arkansas W and Columbia University. She belongs to the American Watercolor Society and National Association of Women Artists. Mrs. Graham has been active in the National League of Women Voters and Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club. faculty committees: advisory council, curriculum committee and is chairman of the athletics committee MR. PHILLIP A. KLOPFENSTEIN CB.A., M.A.D, an Instructor of Art, joined the faculty in 1965. His de- grees are from Michigan -State Uni- versity and Western Michigan Uni- versity. He previously taught in Michigan high schools. He serves on the honors and awards committee. And More F ine Arts MR. DONALD E. KRAMER CB.M,, MSU, is Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music and Conductor of the University Band. He came to LRU two years ago from the University of Oklahoma Where he was assistant director of University bands. He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha-Sin- fonia and Kappa Kappa Psi national band fraternity. MRS. DOROTHY SAWATSKI CB.S.D, is an Instructor of Voice. She is a charter member of Eta chapter of Sigma Alpha lota, national music fraternity. She has been a church soloist for over 15 years and has made many radio and television appearances. MR. JOHN GLENN METGALF CBA., B.M., M.M.D, is an Assistant Professor of Music. He has served as president of the Little Rock Chamber Music Society and state chairman of the American Guild of Or- ganists and is a member of the board of the Community Concert Association. MRS. MARGARET A. WARMACK CB. Mus., M.M.D, is an Instructor of Music and is completing her sixth year at LRU. Her degrees are from Hendrix College and the University of Southern California. MRS. IDA R. ROGERS CB.A., MAJ, is an Assistant Professor of Art. She studied at Leyden University in Holland and is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma. Her de- grees are from Hendrix College and the University of Arkansas. She has made a study of ancient ruins of Egypt, Syria, Greece, Jordan and Turkey for background knowledge of relics d'art. Division of Humanities Courses in the Division of Humanities guide the stuclent's learning into broad fields so that he may be prepared to engage in satisfying relation- ships with his fellow human beings. It is designed ag to give students a wide perspective of values. In the Division are the departments of English, X I 1... .,,,,,,,.,, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Philosophy and , Religion, Speech and Speech and Hearing Therapy. It is the arm of this Division to impart to its students the ability to communicate intelligently in both the written and spoken word. X MISS CHARLOTTE BEARD CB.A.D, served during the fall semester as a Special Instructor of English. A native of Malvern, she is presently completing work on her master's degree. E 5 u I 1 V MRS. IOHNYE E. MATHEWS CBA., M.A.D, is Acting Head of the Division of Humanities and an Assistant Professor of English. She has completed course work for the Ph.D. at the University of Arkansas. She has taught at LRU since 1958 and is presently sewing on the advisory council and curriculum committee. She is a member of the Modern Language Association and Phi Alpha Theta and is president of the Little Rock Alumnae Club of Phi Mu fraternity, MRS. MARYLYN BRADY CB.A., M.A.D, joined the faculty in 1965 as a Special In- structor of English. She had previously taught at Hall High School. A graduate of the University of North Carolina and Stanford University, she is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. g-5. 'Q in , A ,NZ 1 it' , if ar MISS 'LUCILLE COLAIANNI CBA., M.A.D, came to the campus in 1964 from Notre Dame College. She is an Instructor of French and English, She is a member of the lNIodern Lan- guage Association, the Association of Teach- ers of French and Pi Delta Phi national French fraternity. :N MRS. FAYE DIMASSIMO, CB.A., MAJ, a Special Instructor in Speech became a faculty member this year. MRS. LORAINE EURMAN CB.A., MAD, is a Special Instructor in Russian. She at- tended the University of Michigan and Georgetown University Institute of Lan- guages and Linguistics. MISS IESSAMINE D. GIST CB.A., MAJ, is a Special Instructor in English. Her de- grees are from the University of Arkansas Where she was graduated with high honors and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, "Who's VVho", Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Alpha Theta. MRS. ROSLYN DONALD CB.A., M.A.J, an Instructor of English is completing her third year at LRU. Her degrees are from the University of Arkansas where she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. On campus she is sponsor for Phi Theta Kappa and Chi Omega Panhellenic repre- sentative. MR. CECIL A. EDGINGTON CBA., MAJ, is completing his 20th year as a member of the LRU faculty. He is an As- sistant Professor of English. Mr. Edgington's degrees are from Hender- son State Teachers College and the Uni- versity of Texas. MRS. ELEANOR FRANCIS CB.A., MAJ, an Assistant Professor of English, also serves as Acting Chairman of the Department of English. She is a past president of Delta Kappa Gamma, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and the National Council of English Teach- ers. She came to Little Rock University in 1947. MRS. CAROLYN GRAHAM CBA., M.A.j, is an Instructor in English. She joined the faculty in 1964, having previous- ly taught at Ouachita Baptist University. She is listed in "VVho's VVho in American Education and is a member of Sigma Tau Delta and the American Association of Uni- versity Women. DR. RICHARD FROTHINGHAM CB.A., B.D., Ph.D.D, is Associate Professor of Hu- manities. His degrees are from College of Wooster, Oberlin Graduate School of The- ology and Columbia University. In 1957 he received second place in the sermon division of the Freedoms Founda- tion Award. He came to LRU in 1962. MR. CLIFFORD HAISLIP CB.A., MAJ, is an Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama and therefore finds himself in two Divisions - Humanities and Fine Arts. His degrees were earned at A.S.T.C. and the University of Arkansas and he has com- pleted course work for the Ph.D. at Southern Illinois University. He serves as sponsor for Alpha Psi Omega and directs all University Theatre Guild productions. 'El MR. RICHARD R. HAWKINS CB.A., M.A.D, came to the faculty in 1962 and is a Special Instructor in Speech and Hearing Therapy. A member of the Arkansas and American Speech and Hearing Associations, he serves as audiologist with the Arkansas State Board of Health. MISS SARA LOCKARD CBA., M.A.D, joined the faculty this year as an Instruc- tor of Speech. She sponsors the Debate Team. Her degrees are from the University of Mississippi where she was a member of Mortar Board and Louisiana State Uni- versity where she became Assistant Di- rector of Forensics. MISS NANCY POPPERFUSS CBA., M.A.D, joined the faculty in 1957 as a Special Instructor in English. She attended Wellesley College, Baylor University and the University of Arkansas. She belongs to the Arkansas Education Association. i MRS. MARIAN A. HULSEY CB.S.E., MAJ, serves as a Special Instructor in Eng- lish. She is a native of New Orleans, Louis- iana and attended University of South- western Louisiana, Henderson State Teach- ers College and the University of Arkansas. MRS. DOROTHY PACKARD' CB.A., M.A.j, is a Special Instructor in English who has been at LRU since 1963. She previously served as an instructor at the University of Missouri, at Dniry Col- lege and at Ohio Wesleyan University. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. MR. RHODES THOMPSON, IR. CBA., B.D.j, serves as a Special Instructor in Re- ligion. He is a member of Alpha Chi and is first vice president of the Greater Little Rock Ministerial Association and a board member of the Arkansas Council of Churches. He is minister of Pulaski Heights Christian Church. MRS. MARILYNN T. KEYS CB.A., M.A.J, who came to LRU in 1959, serves as a Special Instructor in English. She re- ceived her education at Ouachita Baptist University where she was selected to 'iWho's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities" and at Columbia University. She has taught at Ouachita and the University of Arkansas. MRS. MARYAVIS PARSON CBA., M.A.D, has been an LRU faculty member for 18 years. She is an Assistant Professor of Spanish and French. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi. Delta Kappa Gamma and Sword and Shield and sponsors La Sociedad Espanola. MR. HAROLD I. WELLS CB.A., B.D.D, is a new addition to the faculty this year as Special Instructor in Philosophy and Re- ligion. Mr. Wells also serves as Wesley Foundation Director here on campus, hav- ing previously held the same position at Arkansas State Teachers College and Hen- derson State Teachers College. Division of P ysical Sciences and Mathematics The Division of Physical Sciences and Mathematics has a two-fold objective: to provide a foundation of in- formation and guidance for a student's development of the attitudes and skills necessary in meeting the de- mands of modern everyday living and to provide more advanced training for the student who expects to at- MRS. BILLIE G. BROACH CB.S.E., MR. ROBERT A. CROMWELL CBS. MR. FREDERIC I. EISON CB.S.C.E.D, tain a career in science. Majors and minors are offered in chemistry, math- ematics and physics. Courses offered in engineering provide a background for those students wishing to go into this field. M.Ed.D, an Assistant Professor of Chem- istry, attended Arkansas State Teachers College, Northwestern University and Montana State College. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Kappa Gamma and Sword and Shield and is co-sponsor of the student Chemistry Club. DR. WILSON J. BROACH CB.A., MS., Ph.D.D, is Chairman of the Division of Physical Sciences and Mathematics. He is also a Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Broach is a member of Sigma Xi honorary science research organization, the American Chemical Society and Alpha Chi Sigma. He serves as co-sponsor of the Chemistry Club and has written a workbook in general chemistry. Committee assignments include advisory council and curriculum committee. EE., MSD, is an Assistant Professor of Physics. He joined the faculty this year, having previously been associated with Martin Marietta Corporation and Doug- las Aircraft as an engineer. He is a mem- ber of the Institute of Electrical and Elec- tronic Engineers. has been on the faculty since 1947. He is a retired Lt. Colonel from the Army and is a member of the Arkansas Education Association, the Arkansas Academy of Science and the Arkansas Engineers and Associates. He is an Assistant Professor of Engineering. E' MRS. EMILY S. FLEMING CB.A., MSD, is a Special Instructor in Mathematics She first joined the faculty in 1946. Her degrees are from Texas Woman's University and the University of Arkansas. MR. JAMES R. FULMER CB.A., M.A.D, is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and has been at LRU since 1956. He has been a recipient of several National Science Foundation scholarships and is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. MR. CHARLES H. HARBISON CB.Ed., MSD, is an Assistant Profssor of Mathematics. He has been the recipient of a National Science Foundation Award and formerly taught school in Tall- ahassee, Florida. DR. JOHN R. HODCES CB.S., M.S., Ph.D.D, serves as head of the Department of Mathematics and is an Associate Professor of Mathematics. He has served on the faculty for 15 years. He belongs to the Mathematical Association of America and has served as advisor to the Newman and Chess clubs on campus. Qi Fx"-sa-0' .Ei MRS. JANET GARDNER CB.S., MSD, serves as a Special In- structor within the Physical Science Division. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the recipient of a National Science Founda- tion Fellowship. MRS. MARY JANE GATES CB-.A., M.A.j, is an Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics. She is completing her second year on the campus as a full-time faculty member. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi. She has worked with several hundred elementary teachers, help- ing them learn the methods of teaching 'Knew math". NIR. OLIVER B. HOLEBIAN CB.S.E., lV1.A.D, an Associate PIO- fessor of Chemistry, is completing his 21st year on the faculty. He is a member of Phi Delta Kappa and the American Chem- ical Society and serves on the faculty committee on graduate study. MR. J. D. KIDD CB.S.C.E.D, is a Special Instructor in Engineering. He attended the University of Arkansas, Muskingum College, Pur- due University and earned his degree in civil enginnering from Louisiana Polytechnic College. MR. JOHN I. PETZ, JR. CB.S., M.S.D, came to LRU in 1962. He is an Assistant Professor of Physics. Previously he was an in- structor at the University of Arkansas. He is a member of the American Physical Society, American Association of Physics Teach- ers and American Association of University Professors. DR. EDWARD T. RADLEY CB.S., M.S., Ph.D.D, is an Associate Professor of Chemistry. He is completing his first year on the faculty. He has written several articles in the "Journal of Chemical Educa- tion" and belongs to the American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science and Institute of Elec- trical and Electronics Engineers. MR. JOSEPH WOMACK CB.S. E.E., MSD, a Special Instructor in Physics is a member of Tau Beta Pi. He has taught at LRU for three years. His degrees are from Vanderbilt University and the University of Arkansas. K A-.. .. N. ea Division of Social Sciences The scope of the Division of Social Sciences is indeed wide, ranging from history of the state of Arkansas to the study of Russia. The Division endeavors to present the triumphs and failures of the past to the young people who will be our nation's future leaders. Departments within the Division are History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology and Anthropology. MR. ERVIN L. BETTS CB.A., B.D., lVI.A.D, an Assistant Professor of Psychology, also is LRU's Dean of Men. Prior to coming to the campus six years ago he had been a graduate assistant at Baylor University and a psychological con- sultant at Shephard Associates in Ft. Worth, Texas, DR. BEDFORD K. HADLEY CBA., Ph.DD, Professor of History and Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences, holds degrees from Friends University and the University of Texas. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, Sword and Shield, Rotary Club, Arkansas Historical Association and Southern Historical Asso- ciation. Prior to coming to LRU in 1961 he served as Dean of Men at Bethany College and on the faculties of Northern Illinois Uni- versity and Pan American College. MISS CAROL BURNS- CBS., M.S.W.j, joined the faculty this year as a Special Instructor in Sociology. Her degrees are from Baylor University and Columbia Uni- versity. Previous positions have included serving as superintendent for the Arkansas Train- ing School for Girls and Director of the Baptist Student Union at Arkansas State College. MR. JACK CARGILL, IR. CB.A., lVI.A.D, is an Instructor of History, having come to LRU this fall. His degrees are from the University of Texas, Where he was a mem- ber of Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Kappa and graduated with honors. Mr. Cargill is an avid sports fan and en- joys reading in many varied fields. MR. JERRY D. CORLEY CB.A., B.S., M.S.D, in addition to serving as Assistant Dean of Students is an Instructor of Psy- chology. His degrees are from East Texas State University where he was a member of "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities" and Delta Tau Delta. DR. ZELMA B. GREEN CB.A., M.A., Ph.D.D, is an Assistant Professor of Sociol- ogy and Psychology, completing her first year on the faculty. She was formerly Dean of Women at Harding College and is listed in "Who's Who of American Women". She is the author of "Ante-Over", a book of verse. MR. RICHARD B. DIXON CB.A., M.A.D, is an Assistant Professor of History, hav- ing joined the faculty in 1953. He serves on the scholarship and Bac- calaureate-Commencement committees and lends faculty leadership to Katalia and Kap- pa Sigma fraternity. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta honorary history frater- nity, the American Association of Univer- sity Professors, Southern Historical Associa- tion and Arkansas Historical Association. MRS. MARY KATHERINE HARDIE CB.A., M.A.D, is completing her second year as a member of the LRU faculty. She serves as an Instructor of Sociology. Her degrees are from Centenary College and Presbyterian School of Christian Edu- cation. K'-Q.-'N , v 32.1 j, In .-Za-I-n x..,,.Vn ...n . 1-- '."..-- 4 fhg:.'...F.i',1 ,':.zl..'..'..:-Qs:-,r, fo.-1-1-'-i-T-.1 DR. DEE M. GREEN CB.A., M.A., Ed.D.D, is serving as a Special Instructor in Psy- chology. His degrees are from Harding Col- lege, Peabody College and the University of Denver. He is listed in "Who's VVho in the Southwest" and is a winner of the Bronze Star. He is presently serving as counseling psychologist with the Veterans Administra- tion Hospital. DR. CALVIN R. LEDBETTER, IR. CBA., LLB., Ph.D.D, an Associate Professor of Political Science has been on the faculty since 1960. He serves as advisor to the Foreign Relations Club and Young Demo- crats and is listed in A'Who's Who in the South and Southwest". Professional organizations include Amer- ican Political Science Association, Arkansas Historical Association, Arkansas and Amer- ican. Bar Association. MR. ROMAN J. MALACH CB.A., M.A.D, came to LRU this year as an Assistant Pro- fessor of History. He is a native of Austria and attended III College of Lemberg and the University of Lemberg. He has previously served as principal and superintendent of high schools and as a college instructor and editor of the "Alas- ka Teacher". MR. ELMER C. STAHLKOPF CB.A., M.A.D, an Associate Professor of Political Science, is completing this year 36 years of teaching at LRU and its predecessor, Little Rock Ir. College. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, Ar- kansas Educational Association, Arkansas Historical Association, Arkansas Teachers of Economics and Business and Central Ar- kansas Schoolmasters. MR. DALE. ROREX CB.A., M.A.D, a Lec- turer in History, is a cum laude graduate of Little Rock University. He received the M.A. from the University of the Americas. He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, Sword and Shield, Arkansas Historical As- sociation and Southern Historical Associa- tion. l l I MRS. FRANCES R. ROSS CB.A., M.A.j, is an Instructor of History who has been teaching on the campus since 1963. She is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, likes to fish and take trips to the Near East. Social Sciences Continued DR. DAVID L. WOOD CB.A., M.A., Ph. DJ, serves as Assistant Professor of Psy- chology. This is his first year on the faculty, having come here from the University of Alabama where he was a graduate assistant. He was an assistant professor at Mississippi State. He supplies faculty leadership to the Psychology Club and is a member of the Southeastern Psychological Association. MRS. ROSE A. BERRY CB.S.E., M.S.D, an Division of Teacher Education The Division of Teacher Education directs its ef- 5 forts toward producing quality teachers and is ably meeting the ever-increasing demand for elementary and secondary school teachers. A major in the Division is offered in Elementary Education, an area of concentration is offered in Sec- ondary Education vvhich qualifies teachers for certif- ication. Included in the Division are the departments of Physical Education and Library Science. MR. CLEVE BRANSCUM CBS., M.Ed.D, is an Instructor of Physical Education in addition to serving as basketball coach and Acting Director of Athletics. He is com- pleting his third year on the faculty, having received his degrees from LRU and the University of Arkansas. He sponsors Sigma Nu fraternity. l DR. EVERETT L. EDMONDSON CB.S., M.S., Ph.D.D, is Chair- man of the Division of Teacher Education and a Professor of Edu- cation. He has served as Division Chairman since 1958. He is a member of Phi Delta Kappa and is a charter member of the Arizona Academy of Science. On campus he sponsors the S.N.E.A. and serves on the following faculty committees: advisory council, curriculum committee and steering committee for grad- uate programs. Listed in "Who's Who in Education", he is the author of several publications on education and aeronautics. Assistant Professor of Elementary Educa- tion, has virtually completed all require- ments for her doctorate, to be received from the University of Arkansas. She has served as state president of the Association for Childhood Education, is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma and is listed in "Who's Who in Women Educa- tors . MR. MARLYNN C. HALLMAN CBS., MSQ, is an Instructor of Teacher Educa- tion. He was previously superintendent of public schools in Mount Clemens, Michi- gan and is a member of the National Edu- cation Association, American School Ad- ministrators, Student National Education Association and Association for Childhood Education. MRS. MARY DODGE HODGES CB.S.E.., MSD, in addition to being a Special As- sistant Professor in Teacher Education at LRU, is principal of Meaclowcliff Elemen- tary School. She is past president of the South Central District of Elementary School Principals. MRS. MURIEL M. LINDSAY CB.S., M.S.E.D, is an Assistant Professor of Phys- ical Education Who joined the faculty this fall. She was formerly on the faculty of Little Rock Central High. Her degrees are from Michigan State University and Arkan- sas State Teachers College. MR. NEWMAN E. MCGEE, JR., CB.S.D, is an alumnus of Little Rock University who is serving as a Special Instructor in Physical Education. While in school he was a member of the Lettermen's Club and Physical Education Club. He serves as coach for the Trojan base- ball team. Teacher Education Continued MISS SANDRA PITTS CB.S., M.L.S.D, is an Instructor in Library Science in addi- tion to serving as Assistant Librarian. She has taught in high school and served as librarian at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. MRS. BARBARA TAEGEL CB.S.E., M.S.D, an Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- tion is also LRU's Dean of Women. She serves as Acting Head of the Physical Edu- cation Department and gives leadership to the Physical Education Club. MR. JOHN TORBETT CB.S., M.Ed.D, is a Special Instructor in Physical Education. He attended Arkansas State Teachers College, the College of the Ozarks and the University of Arkansas and came to LRU in 1962. GREEKS , Panhellenic Council xl A-.-W. V.x.h..... 4 Qiififliiflfj E Panheilenic delegate Patti Ann Carter serves as a guide when the Arkansan at Large visited the campus. The Panhellenic Council is the principal advisory and governing board for the four national women's fraternities on the LRU campus. The Council realizes its responsi- bilities to the college campus as a social organization for setting and maintaining high social standards in all stu- dent relationshipsg moreover, encouragement of high scho lasric achievement is part of Panhellenic Council's program. President H., r,,,r.. Patti Ann Carter Vice-President ,,,, Donna Munnerlyn Secretary are .,,a,,..,,,, Jeri Fowler Treasurer rw ,,,r --, Sherry Wilkins First Row: Pam Jackson, Pat Huffsmith, Donna Munnerlyn, Sherry Wilkins. Second Row: Patti Ann Carter, Jeri Fowler, Sarah Rhodes, Susan Seligman. Interiraternity Council First Row: James Coker, Richard Ryker, Albert Johnson, Fletcher Lord, Tom Kennedy. Second Row Dean Corlev Mike Moore, Danny Garner, Al White, Charles Bledsoe. The function of the lnterfraternity Council is to estab- lish and enforce rules and regulations for the four men's fraternities, and to foster the utmost cooperation between the fraternities and the school administration. In December, the executive council attended the National lnterfraternity Conference at Washington, D.C. In March the IFC sponsored an all-fraternity dance. It is hoped that in the future a full Creek-Week can be de- veloped around the IFC dance. Croup discussion and pep speeches from field secretaries and alumnae could help solve many interfraternity problems on our campus. President --- or Henry Keatts Vice-President -C a-- Mike Moore Secretary c,,- -,, James Coker Treasurer M- -ri Richard Ryker Sponsor he --- jerry Corley President of the I.F.C., Henry Keatts confers with Dean Corley during the Inferfraternity dance Dorothy McKennon Sara Lee Mixon Donna Munnerlyn Carol Parkin Jeanne Raines Debbie Robinson Judy Slaughter Kay Tindall Julie VVhittle Rebecca Williams Jane Wofforcf Glenna Anderson Cathy Clemons Susan Cobb Audra Dillard Selena Duncan Paula Hopkins Linda Isenman Ann Jameson Margie Jernigan Mary Lou Lilly Betty Nel Mason Marcie Mayer 7 Chi Omega Lodge Chi mega A whirl of activities and honors Gamma Zeta chapter of Chi Omega was installed on the LRU campus january 7, 1964. It was the 136th chapter of the fraternity, which was founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas. Chi Omega's purposes have been to strive to promote leadership, scholarship and an active participation in campus activities. Social events of the year began with the annual surprise breakfast for pledges, pledge introduction tea, a Christmas brunch and open house for fraternities, Thanksgiving and Christmas kindness in the form of a turkey raffle and Christmas carols sung at the Ada Thompson Home, the Found- ers' Day dinner, tea for Chi Omega alumnae and Mother's Club members, the annual VVhite Symphony Dinner, presentation of the social civic award and a sponsored dance to support the Trojans. Donna Munnerlyn was the 1966 Homecoming Queen and was also chosen second runner-up in the "Miss LP1U" Pageant. Selena Duncan was selected "Miss Congeniality" in "Miss LRUH. Donna and Glenna Ander- son Were cheerleaders. Margie Jernigan was elected sophomore women's senator for the fall semester. OFFICERS Fall President u,,,..e-., Sara Lee Mixon Vice President u,,,u, Judy Slaughter Secretary rrrr, --- Susan Cobb Treasurer --- ..e,re, Nancy Manes Spring President ..,,,u ,rw Linda lsenman Vice President ,,,,, W, Ann jameson Secretary ,.,,.,,, ., Rebecca Williams Treasurer -rr aiu, Carol Parkin Ann Jameson, vice president, Linda lsenman, president, Glenna Anderson. Rush skits display dramatic talents of members of sororities. . I 4 . , , , , 5 f if , fi! X' I -cl 'J---1'-F F4 'J tantra -A ,f if as , g .1 .aj 'J Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Lodge year of activity leadership OFFICERS Fall President ..,,.... ru- Sarah Rhodes Vice President ..i, D-, Anne Taxter Secretary at iiii ,V Susan Fields Treasurer Di -..D Ara Burford Founders' Day celebration On May 4, 1963, Phi Chi was formally installed as a chapter of Delta Delta Delta. Her members and pledges have worked hard since that time and have seen Phi Chi succeed and live up to the high standards of the national fraternity. Evidence of such hard work and dedication can be found throughout the campus and community. ln campus activity Tri Delta was cofsponsor of the Christmas Drive for gifts to soldiers in Viet Nam. ln the community, it sponsored the Little Rock Junior Miss Pageant and took gifts and a skit to a Cranite Mountain nursing home. Chapter activities for the year have included the annual Cold and White Ball at Christmas. Pledges entertained pledges of each fraternity on campus with Christmas parties. For the third year Tri Delta won the Sigma Nu Relays, thus gaining permanent possession of the trophy and the group also won the second place trophy in the "Aulsing" for the second year. Individual achievements were many and varied. Jerry Ann Atkinson, Sue Shugart and Jeannie McPherson were cheerleaders with Jeannie being cocaptain. Sue Marks and Jerry Ann Atkinson were members of the Home- coming court. Anne Taxter and Nancy Cooper were in "VVho's Who". Nancy also served as secretary of the Student Senate and president of Hood and Tassel. Sydney Phillips served as Miss LRU. Several members were ac- tive in Phi Theta Kappa and Sword and Shield. Delta Delta Delta Officers: Sarah Rhodes, presidentg Anne Taxter, vice presiclentg Ara Burford, treasurerg Sherry Wilkins, secretary. Ierry Ann Atkinson Ara Burford Beverly Chandler ,4 L. Jacqueline Kegeles Pat Long Sue Nlarks Jeannie McPherson Sharon Miles Carol Olson Bonnie Page Sydney Phillips Sarah Rhodes Mary Ann Searcy Pam Sharp Sue Shugart Anne Taxter Ann Taylor Sherry Wilkins Nancy Cooper Alicia Cunningham Kathy Dailey Kathy Doup Barbara Esch Susan Fields Sandy Gay Susan Grady Ginny Gunn Myra Henry Lezlee Holt Grace Ann Howell A Y' " a V2.4 . 51 -. - . fm ' "" liz 'fa 'V E, I .1 f - fff-- W ,-f' .frm,ffMm' ..ap,mfrfmfmff N---W Q Wfff ,vfpfiv i are,fmfiwwfrmiftfffwi' ,,,..,,, .. ,,,.. W,,, . . ,, ,... ,,.. 412 ' mi WISP' 'S V, ,A"4?J4,2'A' kggtijfzbjiftgzaaiskni Y Janinne Hoyt Pam ackson Laura acobs Ada Beth Martin Sarah Beth Martin 9 f ,. 4 2253 lgl gwfi liaa att f J li W if W 9 I as 5 'F QE at Kay McPherson Martha Myers Jana Pettingill Karen Sue Reeves judy Rorex Phyllis Smith Donna Vancura C. G. VVhite Mary Ellen Vvhitc Jenny Wingfield Annette Williams Connie Wyrick Nancy Kay Biery Kathy Brown Suzanne Burleson Patti Ann Carter Sally Chandler Marcel Chotkowski Suzanne Clements Clare Bearclen Conally Carolyn Croom Vicki Davis Brenda Dickerson Lynne Dupont Martha Fowler Mary K. Fultz Dianne Garner Sonin Hale Kay Hinkle 'mf J wi tl MF' ' aa. PWM Wig --N . i . l ...W J in Kappa Kappa Gamma Lodge ' Kappa Kappa Gamma Beauties in the campus spotlight The 1965-66 school year provided a treasure chest to be opened only with the golden key of Kappa Kappa Camma..A duo of awards have been Kappa treasures for two consecutive years. Once again Kappa won the coveted scholarship plaque and for the second year the Circle K "Aulsing" first place trophy graced the KKC Lodge. The highlight of the social calendar was the Valentine Formal held at Little Rock Country Club. Alan Jameson was selected as Kappa Sweet- heart for 1966. As a service project Kappas stuffed envelopes for the Arthritis Foun- dation of Pulaski County. Leadership qualities were evidenced by Connie Wyrick, president of Alpha Psi Omega, a member of Phi Theta Kappa and leading actress in Theatre Cuild productions. Patti Ann Carter served as president of Pan- hellenic.-Janinne Hoyt was president of A.C.E. and was first runner-up to 'Miss LRUD. Pam Jackson was named to "VVho7 s Who in American Col- leges and Universities", was elected to Hood and Tassel and served as di- rector of the "Miss LRU Pageantu. Jana Pettingill was named as a Phi Theta Kappa member. Kathy Brown appeared in "Night Must Fall". Kappa built and sponsored a float in the Arkansas Livestock Exposition parade for Kay McPherson, "Miss Arkansas Valley". Karen Sue Reeves presents a reading as Kappa's candidate in the "Miss LRU" Pageant. 1 OFFICERS Fall President ..a., ,,a.a, P am Jackson Vice President -... Annette Williams Secretary --, O ,aa Jana Pettingill Treasurer ,ra caaa , , C. C. VVhite Spring President aaaac --- Patti Ann Carter Vice President ,,,,r,, Mary K. Fultz Secretary rc, ..,. Martha Myers Kay I-linkle Treasurer .....a,,-v, Dianne Gamer Kappa Officers: Jana Pettingill, secretary: C. G. White, treasurerg Annette Williams, vice president and Pam Jackson, president. Kappa Sigma A variety of interest for Kappa Sigma OFFICERS Glorious old Kappa Sigma, your star and crescent has shone for the Fall benefit of others. The 1965-66 school year was eventful in many ways. Of the many activities and community projects participated in, the President ..aa, ,aa. G eorge Harper March of Dimes, orphans' Christmas party and St. Ioseplfs Orphanage I 1 Bill B 1 Easter Egg hunt were the most rewarding to members of the fraternity. Vlce Pfesldenf "is 'sss' 1 Os ey Scholarship rates high among the men. The highest grade point among Secretary -rv rrr, Russell Coltom men's fraternities was found in Kappa Sig for the fall semester. L 7 B d The wild west and suppressed desire parties were highlights with un- Treasurer """"d' " ' HU? ear en usual costumes and decorations. ln the spring social events turned more Spring serious with the spring formal. , The men of Theta Eta chapter are looking forward to the construc- President - ,,,........ Larry Bearden . . ' tion of a new lodge this summer. Vice President .... ---U lohn Earl Bob Dobson made a great name for himself and the University this qecretaw Tommv Louks year by being named to honorable mention All-American in the N.A.l.A. P ' ""' "" ' Basketball Association. Seaborn Bell served in the Student Senate as junior Treasurer ,-- --. james Proctor meyfg Senator this year, Excitement, tension and new pledges were the rule of the Fletcher Lord greets new pledge Billy Tipton during fall rush. day. Seaborn Bell Bill Bosley Sam Brading Bob Criner Mickey Crist Bruce Davis Mike Davis Bob Dayton Bob Dobson George Harper Dick McKinne Y Greg Moore Bobby Rose Phillip Stegall f ff President Larry Bearden shows rushees plans for new 550,000 fraternity lodge. Sammye Miller Phyllis Morris Gayle Rainwater Iudy Risinger Carolyn Shuffield Ann Staley Ann Steward Iulie Symancyk Ann Thompson Becky Trawick Linda Watson jane Whelchel Patience White Gigi Wolfe Mary Anne Woods Sara Wynn Ann Bacon Sherry Clark Ann Croft Mary Jane Duncan Jane Finger Jeri Haynie Fowler Marolee Grabiel Kay Graham Dana Hampel Becky Harrison Melody Heuing Pat Hufsmith Ann Klein Dolly Kyle Phyllis Laser Carol McLaughlin Pi Beta Phi Lodge Pi Phis are leaders in student government Arkansas Beta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi, founded May 4, 1963, strives to live up to the example set by its founders with their Pi Phi "firsts". Pi Phi was the first organization of college women founded as a national fraternity, the first to operate an alumnae department, the first to establish an alumnae advisory committee for each chapter and the first to organize a national altruistic project. Activities for Pi Phi members have covered a varied field - surprise breakfasts, pledge tea, fraternity pledge parties, trick or treating with children of the Methodist Children's Home and a formal presentation ball for the fall pledges at Little Rock Country Club. Throughout the year Pi Phis have been honored for scholastic and academic merit, leadership and beauty. A Pi Phi holds each of the Women's Student Senate positions this year-Becky Trawick, freshman senator, Judy Risinger, sophomore senator, Carolyn Shuffield, junior senator and Dana I-lampel, senior senator. Dana i-lampel and Mary Anne Woods have been selected for membership in "VVho's VVho in American Colleges and Uni- versities" and were also members of Sword and Shield honor society and Hood and Tassel women's honorary leadership society. Carol McLaughlin, Ann Steward and Anne Thompson have served as Trojan cheerleaders with Ann Steward serving as captain. Dolly Kyle was selected as the Ar- kansas Fair Queen and will represent Arkansas in the "Miss U.S.A. Contest". Pi Phi's Carolyn Shuffieid and Dana Hampel are active leaders in student activmes, Here they are assisting in election Pi Phi Officers are Mary A ne Woods D a Hampel Gal Ran ter Sarah Wynn campaigns' and Carol McLaughlin. i Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Lodge Men in the position of leadership OFFICERS Pi Kappa Alpha began the 1965-66 school year as a chapter after hav- ing been a colony for two years. Through active participation in campus Fan activities, the men of Zeta Eta chapter have proven their sincere belief in brotherhood and the need for campus leadership. Prgsidem - ---- ------ Ken Oliver Pike had a well rounded year of activities beginning the year with the "Playboy Party." The first "Roaring Twenties Party" proved to be the live- Vicc President ----- - Tom Kennedl' liest dance of the year. The Dream Cirl Formal was held on April 7 and Secretary nn- ---H Bill Thomas the first PiKA Dream Cirl was selected. Chosen as sorority sponsors were Paul Hastings, Pi Beta Phi, Tom Treasurer " - "" Ralph Anderson Kennedy, Kappa Kappa Cammag and A1 White, Delta Delta Delta. D Jerry Rose and Rollo Ingram were elected President and Vice Presi- Sprmg dent of the student body, respectively. Richard Harwell served as sophomore , , class president. Bill Thomas was president of Katalia and Chemistr Club. President ' -"""-" Charles Aldrich Henry Keatts served as president of lnterfraternity Council. Y Vice President .,........ jim Watts Al H. White and Jerry Rose were named to Who's Who in American Secretary -----nd Bin Thomas Colleges and Universities. nu For the second consecutive year, Al H. White was editor of the TRO- Tfeasufef - --- Ralph Anderson JAN, with Jim Watts as Assistant Editor. Wes Wimberly was Assistant Edi- tor of the FORUM. The highlight of the year came on March 4 when Pi Kappa Alpha ac- quired a lodge at 5701 West 29th. Ken Oliver and Jerry Rose tape PiKA signs on cars as they Jim Watts seems more than pleased with new pledge Jim Munns. prepare for district convention trip. I' Alan Ables Ralph Anderson Charles Aldrich David Brodnax Ronnie Cleviclence Jeff Davis Gene Dorman Bill Fortson Walter Fuller Thomas Gill Mike Hadley Paul Croce Richard Harwell Paul Hastings Bill Howell Rudy Jackson Bob Jones Henry Keatts Ronnie Myers Ken Oliver John Paque-tte Bob Richardson Harold Roberts Jerry Rose Lauren Rupert Bill Thomas Bill Toland Jim Watts Wes Wimberly Don Wilson Jimmy Wilson Alvin White Mike Baker Dick Bell Charles Bledsoe Barry Brazil Gary Brinkley David Cash Chuck Chakrabandhu Charles C-rider Sam Culpepper Dennis Dodd Don Edgin Mike Edelmann Bob Fain Gray Ferguson Don Gold Bill Heim Terry Henson Jerry Howard Bruce Hundley Tom Mabry jack McCoy Gordon Norrell David Pake Phillip Phelps Jerry Potts John Richards Mike Riegler Al Rutherford Richard Ryker Tom Shurgar jim Springer Larry Stephens Gary Spears Don Teeple Tommy Wahl George Weber Tracy Whitfield jim Wyerick Larry Yenner President Bill Ryker briefs prospective members on history of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sigma lpha Epsilon SAES have Well-rounded year The historic old Phi Alpha Beta, Little Rock University's oldest fra- OFFICERS ternity, passed into history on October 9, 1965 when the fraternity was officially chartered as Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Plans for extension to SAE Fall had been three years in the making and it was a great day for the new Sig Alphs. . . P dt h,,,h e.-,BllRk Sigma Alpha Epsilon has continued onward this semester in the same resl en 1 y er tradition that was established as a colony. SAES hold several student offices ViCC PIGSidCHf feffff Charles Crider ofn campus and all are active in other campus organizations. Founmembers Secretary W in W George Weber of the chapter were privileged to attend the national SAE Leadership School last summer in Evanston, lllinois. Treasurer ff f f -- .lee Bateman SAE was the first fraternity on campus to maintain a lodge for various activities and its members are expected to announce plans for a house in the SPTWZS near future. . Y These activities, coupled with their famous Old South Ball each April Presrderrr ef f AA f-fe George Weber and various charitable functions make SAE one of the quality organizations Vice president 7 W f Don Teeple on campus. I The SAES now enter the 1966-67 academic year with even higher goals 5eerer3rY V -- ff --f B111 Helm of achievement and judging frorn past experience, they should reach them. Treasurer David Cash New pledge Terry Henson is welcomed into LRU's new chapter of SAE. Bid day proves successful for local SAE's as they took number of pledges. I , Sigma u The annual Sigma Nu Relays create much enthusiasm and excitement each fall. An outstanding year for Sigma u OFFICERS Fall Commander ,id it john Tuohey Lt. Commander -ee in Bill Mooney Recorder ,r.., We john Matsek Treasurer oo,...m.W,e Alan jameson Spring Commander rr.,,o..- Danny Garner Lt. Commander Gray Dellinger Recorder ..aa,..... Dicky McCown Treasurer A-- ...., jim Adams Welcoming ceremonies for new pledges. 1965-1966 was another spectacular year for the men of Sigma Nu. This was the year that property was purchased and a lodge obtained. It was also a year for outstanding achievements in the fields of intramurals, student gov- ernment, scholastics and campus leadership. Sigma Nus serving in the Student Senate were Danny Fowler, senior class presidentg Roger Armbrust, senior men's senatorg james Coker, junior class president, jim Goodwin, sophomore men's senator, Larry Talley, freshman class president and Cray Dellinger, treasurer of the Senate. Robert Baker was chief justice of the Constitutional Court and Danny Garner served as a Constitutional Court member. Roger Armbrust, Robert Baker and Danny Fowler were selected for "Whois Who in American Col- leges and Universities". Roger was a member of the varsity Trojan basket- ball team and Robert Baker was selected for Katalia. Paul Shellabarger was elected president of both Phi Theta Kappa and Newman Club. Sigma Nu took second place in the "Aulsing" and also won the 1965 intramural sweepstakes. It received the 1965 sportsmanship award and the 1966 attendance trophy in support of the Trojans. Sigma Nus, aided by their own "cheerleader" suppporf Troians all the way. Buddy Bailey Bill Baldwin Bill Bass John Benton Ogden Berry Orson Berry Bobby Brasher Jim Brownd Renie Bressinck Tommy Brewer Turner Buie Ronnie Gassaday James Coker Gray Dellinger Danny Fowler Danny Fuller Wayne Garland Danny Garner Jim Goodwin Steve Greene Gary Grimmett Leo Hawkins John Haynes Tommy Henson Rocky Hestes Mike I-Iogue Max Hooper Gary Howell Rusty Hyde Walter Hutchinson Alan Jameson Albert Johnson Hollis Jordan Tommy Larrison Ricky Lee Jim Adams Randy Alexander Gary Allred Roger Armbrust Larry Mahan John Matsek Dicky McGowan Bill Mooney Mike Morrison Bill Munn Randy Newell Terry Nolen Paul Nolte Mike Pettus Steve Riggs David Roberts Mickey Roye Don Shellabarger Paul Shellabarger Mike Simpson Willis Smith David Spivey Bob Stainton Fleming Stockton Larry Talley John Tuohey Mike Urbani Fred Walker Ronnie West Alfred Williams Jimmy Williams Paul Williams Cliff Wright ibwmix Q , U, ,,ri ,t,tt,,,.,,, t,,A J is iii 6' J it it , if gi X W 253 . A 1. ,l 'WW B4 ty 4' ft' t, Q . . :i-wfifki 2'-Q, ', ., gtvyg-tu,-jzgfcyli.. , r"" V , ,,.,..,,, M .s ,t ,rt , ,J W l 1, 'A 23 1 . 4 in 3 ui ,. fl? ?. x 5 N 1 A ,fl , 2 ,au ,, in ,1 Um ,gm i K. ', ",M'w"' it ' , N wtiiig. at-bg: l rtt , it ui ' J ' Q -11b- - . ,,.k msg v gr o me we sin 7' ,,,. X X X ,S if ,? ,, A x Q 2 E X YN E 11 X . W,.x W5-g,Q. v ff: V sf . ,,,.. ,iam .. . f A v--- am, ., ORGANIZATION S First Row: Jerry Rose, Rollo Ingram, Nancy Cooper, Gray Del- Shuffield. Third Row: Larry Talley, Roger Armbrust, Richard linger, Tommy Wahl. Second Row: Judy Risinger, Jim Good- Harwell, James Coker. win, Mike Edelmann, Dana Hampel, Francisco Pomar, Carolyn Student Senate The legislative body of student government, the Stu- dent Senate, is composed of seventeen elected representa- tives. This yearis activities have included a Leadership Training program, sponsorship of several all-school dances, Homecoming, formulation of a Speaker Program for com- munity organizations and the "Miss LRU Pageant". The Student Senate works closely with Presidents' Council to sponsor all-school events. Roger Armbrust gives report during weekly Senate meeting. 1 -5 All elections are supervised by the student senate and the Student Court. The student senate meets each week in the T.V. Lounge at which time all campus activities are discussed. n A , X . Student Senate Forum Staff Through wind, rain and snow FORUM photographer Wayne Bolick could be seen with his trusty camera. Then, back to the dark room. Getting the paper to press sometimes re- quires burning the midnight oil. Assistant Editor Mike Campbell and Editor Bob Palmer look as if they iust finished a very inter- esting edition. The aim of the FORUM is to give complete campus coverage in addition to news of current events. The FORUM is a bi-monthly publication containing eight pages. For the second year, a literary edition was published each semester. The purpose of this edition was to give all students a chance to write poetry, prose or short stories. It is the hope of the FORUM staff to present a paper Well-rounded in all fields of interest. Students of the journalism class serve as reporters, thus giving them prac- tical experience in Writing assignments. Bob Palmer served as editor this year. Wes Wimberly was assistant editor first semester and Mike Campbell took over the job second semester. Ronnie Cassaday was busi- ness manager. The FORUM staff for 1966: First Row: Olivia Filipek, Bob Palmer, Lane Larrieu. Second Row: Ronnie Cassaday, Nelson Bearden, Wes VVimberly, Jim Vilatts, Alike Campbell. Forum Staff of 1966 Business Manager Ronnie Cassaday prepares ads for the next issue of the FORUM. First semester Assistant Editor Wes Wimberly types another humorous story for inclusion. TRGIAN staff The 1966 TROIAN is a student publication attempt- ing to record the activities of the year. Talent and creativity of LRU students are expressed in the '66 TROIAN. Only through co-ordination and co- operation can the seemingly insurmountable task of meet- ing deadlines be conquered. However, we met few dead- lines. The staff soon began to feel like a part of the Uni- versity and not just students. Who else could walk into a classroom and say, "excuse me but we need a few pictures." Regardless of what has been said or pictures published in the '66 TROJAN, the staff says, "Here it is and we hope you like it." Mary K l'ultL secretary to the TROIAN Wayne Bolick, photographer to the TRO-IAN. ! I Al White and athletics editor Bob Eubanks busy themselves laying out the athletics section. Ii' i , i t E S 1 , ' u t 1 s s 111101 1966 Sk. Dorothy Claiborne worked many hours putting pictures in the correct class section and then alphabetizing them. Jim Watts served as assistant editor and as business manager. Bill Thomas, student photographer. First Row: Robert Baker, president, Fred Plunkett, secretary, Tim Woods, treasurer, VVayne Bryant, master of ritualg Bill Orsburn, Don Cold, Bill Tipton. Second Row: Ronnie Clayton, Ed Garner, Russell Cotham, Ron Burke, A. C. Freeman, Skipper Alpha Bosley, Tom Wahl. Third Row: Carl McDaniel, sponsor, David Efuritl, john Elliott, David Spivey, James Butler, sponsorg Mike err . appa Psi Epsilon Psi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi is a part of the national professional business fraternity. The chapter is concerned with scientific research in -the fields of com- merce, accounting and finance. Each March the local chapter sponsors its annual "Career Day" at which time prominent businessmen in the community discuss the fields of marketing, manage- ment, finance and accounting and stress career opportun- ities in Arkansas. Alpha Kappa Psi members proudly display charter. First Row: Connie Wyrick, presidentg Ann Croft, vice presidentg Bell. Second Row: Cliff I-Iaislip, sponsorg Jim Ralph, Richard- Iimmy Buck, secretaryg Sydney Phillips, business managerg Linda Harwell, Chan Cunningham, Jerry Rose. Alpha Psi mega Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary dramatics fraternity represented on more than 300 college campuses. Alpha Psi Omega members are active in local community theatre productions and several Eta Mu Chapter members from LRU are currently on Broadway stages and in Hollywood. Members are chosen by their acting or technical con- tributions in a prescribed number of productions. Sydney Phillips reads instructions to fellow Alpha Psi Omega members as they work on set for theatre-in-the round. First Row: Bonnie Shearer, presidentg Janinne Hoyt, vice presi- Odom, Sharyl Angell, Sharon Kemp, Sandra Angell, Mrs. Rose dent, Pamela Ross, Rita james, G. G. VVhite, Bobby Theiring, Berry, sponsor. Ann Taylor. Second Row: Carol Ford, Carmen Stover, Pitsee Association for Childhood Education The Association for Childhood Education is comprised of prospective teachers whose common interest is the wel- fare and education of high standards of preparation for teaching. Each year the LRU chapter participates in the state association workshops and conferences for childhood edu- cation. This year's special project was a "Trunk of Germany" which contained articles from Germany and information about the articles to be used by schools of the future and will be housed by the "Childrens Museumv of the future. Members of A.C.E. hear guest speaker Don Arick, Mitchell Elementary principal. First Row: Raymond Meador, president, Ben Landers, Marilyn Izard, Wes Johnson, Terry Jennings, Chan Cunningham, Den Motley, secretary-treasurer, Pat Coon, Carolyn Olive, Linda Lee nis Todd, Delton Brown. Longstreth, Mike Simpson Second Row: Kathy Layman, Mark aptist Student nion The Baptist Student Union is sponsored by the Bap- tist churches in the greater Little Rock area. Meetings are ,, held three times weekly with the Friday meetings combined with a luncheon in the student center at 5515 West 32nd. The basic objective of B.S.U. is to lead each person of the academic community into a maturing Christian fellowship with his fellow students. B.S.U. members gather each Friday at noon for lunch and guest speakers. as' Hugh Failing, Fifi Thomas, Andra Dillard, Rev. Jerry D. Orwell. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club, through its weekly meetings, ef eeeee presents programs for the Little Rock University students interested in discussion, social activities and religious ex- ercise. The club is under the sponsorship of the Episcopal Church. All Episcopalians on campus are encouraged to attend. Reorganization of Canterbury Club brought weekly Thursday meetings. gXnne Thompson, Sue Shugart. Jerry Ann Atkinson, Carol McLaughlin, Donna Munnerlyn, Glenna An- erson. Cheerleaders The Trojan Cheerleaders are the driving spirit behind of try-outs. Eight girls are picked, depending upon their our basketball team. appearance, personality and ability to promote enthusiasm Selection of the cheerleaders is determined after a series at pep rallies and ball games. Jeannie McPherson, co-captain Ann Steward, captain Cheerleaders closely follow each play. First Row: Bill Thomas, presidentg Steve Mourning, Bonnie Livingston. Second Row: joe Semberski, Robert Berry, Erick Enloe, secretary-treasurerg Connie Tippett, Sandra Page, Shirley Sherman, Rolzert Kennedy, Nlike Atkinson. Chemistry Club The Chemistry Club furthers interest in chemistry by ' field trips to local industrial plants and the members hear many guest speakers. The Club acts as host to local high school seniors in a tour of the science department of Little Rock University. Each year an award is given to the most outstanding upper level student. Chemistry classes are in process almost any hour of the day, even though many students find time for extra research. First Row' Tom Wahl president, Larry Stephens, Dennis win, Gray Dellinger, George Stevens, Gary Brinkley, Iohn Dodd, Alan Faulkner, Bill Thomas, Don Gold. Second Rofw: Coburn, Charles Crider, Wayne Barker, jim Watts. Fourth Seaborn Bell, james Coker, Bill Munn, Mike Emmel, Charles Row: Powell Kenny, Larry Bearden, Bill Toland, Gene Dor- Bledsoe, Michael Riegler, David Cash. Third Row: Iim Good- man, Bill Vonsagen, Richard Harwell, Al White. Circle K Club The Circle K Club is a men's service organization spon- sored by the Kiwanis International. Its aim is the influ- encing of character through service to the University and the community. This year the club sponsored the second annual "Au- lsingn in which a men's and women's first and second place award was given. Sigma Nus placed second in Circle K "Aulsing". I First Row: Matt Timm, presicientg Bill Hoff, vice presidentg Bill Mooney, Bill Baker, Iames Cooper, Phillip Curtis, Tom Joyce Parks, secretaryg Linda Bell, Mike O'Malley. Second Row: Wahl. Foreign Relations Council The Foreign Relations Council serves to acquaint stu- dents interested in international politics and current hap- penings of world-wide importance. A number of foreign dignitaries spoke to Little Rock University students through the efforts of the club. The Vietnam teach-in in February was the highlight of the year. Council president Matt Timm presides at Viet Nam teach-in session First Row: Nancy Cooper, presidentg Joyce Parks, vice presidentg Row: Mary Anne Woods, Mrs. Sue Pine, sponsorg Dana Ham Miriam Kayser, secretary-treasurerg Martha Johnson. Second pel, Pam Jackson. Hood and Tassel Hood and Tassel was organized in the early spring of 1964 as the beginning of a new women's honorary leader- ship organization. Outstanding women students are tapped for member- ship cluring the spring semester of their junior year. Ac- tivities included sponsoring half-time entertainment for a basketball game. Members also sponsored their annual "Smarty Party" for freshmen women on the Dean's List, and the selling of Trojan Booster ribbons at home basket- ball games. Dean's List girls were guests of Hood and Tassel at annual "Smarty Party". First Row: jerry Rose, Bill Thomas, Dr. W. I. Broach, Second Row: Matt Timm, Mr. Grover Andrews, Dean Ervin Betts. Katalia Katalia, the men's honorary leadership organization was established in the fall of 1964. Members of the group, which also functions as a service organization, must meet certain specified scholastic requirements. ' As Katalia president, Jerry Rose presides at Activities Assembly. First Row: Sharyl Angell, presidentg Dolly Kyle, secretaryg Second Row, lo Ann Greene Carol Rothhammer Carol Ford Francisco Pomar, Fay Moore, Mrs. Maryavis Parson, sponsor. Sandra Angell La Sociedad Espanola La Sociedad Espanola is open to all students in Span- ish classes or to those who have studied Spanish. The club is designed to promote interest in the people of South and Central American countries, their languages and cus- toms. Members correspond with students in Spanish speak- ing countries, hear language speakers give programs, and observe special holidays with social gatherings. For the past two years these students have participated in the annual "Aulsing." Spanish Club members are regular participants in "Aulsing", always presenting unusual selections. First Row: Richard Bell, presidentg Ron Burke, Ginny Gunn, sorg Pam Armstrong, David Grubbs, Iohn Elliott, Fred Plunkett. Tom Wahlg Wayne Bryant Second Row: Carl McDaniel, spon- Marketing Club Basic purpose of the LRU Marketing Club is to bridge the gap between theory and practice through association with prominent business leaders in the the community. Members also take guided tours of local businesses. Campus faculty sponsors for the organizations are Carl McDaniel and Gene McCoy. l Guest speaker Don Francis gives club members marketing tips. First Row: Paul Shellabarger, Frances DeGasse, Kathy Dailey, Third Row: Father Drane, Larry Stephens, Nelson Bearden, Patsy Robertson, Anita Murdaugh, Olivia Filipek. Second Row: John Pauquette, Dennis Althoff, Sheila Atwood, Mary Cassidy. Martha Taylor, Paul Hastings, Dana Hampel, Barbara Franke, Fourtlfz Row: Karl Stutsman, Bill Hoff, Bruce Buell, Catherine Diane Atkinson, Iimmy Morgan, Thomas Brock, Charles Volpert. Drilling. Newman Club The Newman Club is an organization designed to guide Catholic students in developing their faith. 'aft Weekly meetings are held to help unite Roman Catholic students into a common fellowship that will foster spiritual and intellectual growth. The Newman Club was instrumental in the "Forum of Ideas" which pre- sented such lecturers as Wilfred Desan, shown here. Jim Munns, Pete Cooper, Becky Simpson, Diane Woolard, Ronnie Ballard. rgan Guild The Little Rock University Student Organ Guild is one of the newest organizations on campus. The chapter received its charter in Gctober, 1965 and is associated with the "American Guild of Organistsu. This group of sincere organists is striving to advance the appreciation of religious music, to elevate the status of church musicians and to raise the standards of efficiency of organists and choirmasters. Members of the Guild gather around the organ as Jim Munns and Diane Woolard prepare to practice. First Row: Matt Timm. Second Row: Billy Mooney, Mary Anne Mr. Dale Rorex, Mr. Richard Dixon, Mrs. Iohnye Mathews Woods. Third Row: Dr. I-larold VVoolard, Dr. Calvin Ledhetter, Mrs. Frances Ross. Phi Alpha Theta The Iota Zeta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was or- ganized at Little Rock University in 1963. An honorary history society, the organization recognizes students and faculty who have manifested special interest in the study of history at distinguished institutions of high- er learning. A mutual interest in history brings these Phi Alpha Theta members, Mary Anne Woods and Bill Mooney together on campus. First Row: Ronnie Burke, presidentg Tom Wahl, vice president, Second Row: Mary K. Fl1lfZ, Miriam KHYSCF, JOYCE Pa1'kSy Pam Ginny Gunn, secretary: Pat Hilton, publicity, Kathy Dailey, Armstrong, VVayne Bryant, Myra Henry, Iudy Bonnin. h' B L bd Students interested in careers in business and business , education are active participants in Phi Beta Lambda. The Little Rock University chapter attends the annual Arkansas convention with entries in different divisions. tages of business opportunities in Arkansas. Business students are Phi Beta Lambda participants. Several special guest speakers lectured on the advan- First Row: Iana Pettingill, Connie Wyrick, Sharyl Angell. Second Rouzg mer, Sara Jane Wynn, nnn n M Y ii . r I .i I .,, s vA1 i s i p nn n SEQ? 6 Paul Shellaharger, presidentg Van Vanness, Carol Rothham- Phi Theta Kappa Phi Theta Kappa national honor society is composed of members from the upper ten per cent of the freshman and sophomore classes. Each fall the group undertakes as its primary project the publication of the student directory. ln the spring semester activities center around coordination of the Hon- ors Night program with Sword and Shield honor society. Publishing student directory is yearly proiect of Phi Theta Kappa. First Row: Carol McLaughlin, president: Marolee Grahiel, Kathy Tom Louks, Richard Green, Sarah Rhodes, Carol Rothhammer, Doup, Linda Martin, Ann Steward, Shirley Livingston, Nancy Shirley Etien. Tlfzird Row: Bob Dobson, Thelma Dunbar, Gene Passini. Second Row: Bill Munn, Iames Coker, Larry Bearden, Dorman, Roger Armbrust, Marshall Davis. Physical Education Club The Physical Education Club is open to all students majoring in physical education. The club's chief objective is to instill a greater interest and broaden the students' knowledge of the different areas of physical education. The club promoted a fencing clinic in the fall, hop- ing to create a greater interest in the sport. On guard. First Row: Carol McLaughlin, Tom Kennedy, Tom Wahl, vice Bill Thomas, Sarah Rhodes, Danny Garner, Paul Shellabarger president, Jerry Rose, president, Sandra Angell, Ann Jameson, Bill Hoff, Joyce Parks, Sharyl Angell, Nancy Passini, Jim Ralph Connie Wyrick. Second Row: Martha Johnson, Phillip Curtis, Presidents' Council The purpose of the Presidents' Council is to establish a body to integrate the ideas and activities of individual f ' clubs and organizations into a system of campus-wide com- munications and cooperation. It assists the Student Senate by actively supporting the activities proposed and financed by the Senate. This year the eighteen active clubs on the Council have assisted with Freshman Orientation, the November Dance, gifts for Vietnam and "Miss Little Rock Univer- sity Pageant". Jerry Rose does good Iob of selling Turtles tickets, only to have to buy them back when vhey didn't show. First Row: Susan Fields, Sandra Angell, president, Pitsee Odom, Carol Rothhammer, Sharyl Angell, Sharon Kemp, Bonnie secretary, Rita James, vice presidentg Pamela Ross, G. G. White, Shearer, Mrs. Rose Berry, sponsor, Miriam Kayser, Clear Mc- Bobby Theiring, Ann Taylor, Ianinne Hoyt, jane Finger. Second Clean. Row: Mary K. Fultz, Ann Jameson, Carol Ford, Carmen Stover, Student ational Education Association The Student National Education Association is the col- lege branch of the National Education Association. The organization aims to elevate the character and advance the interest of the teaching profession. Education majors and minors and future college in- structors are eligible for membership in S.N.E.A. Guest speakers are a vital part of the S.N.E.A. noon-day programs. First Row: Dana Hampel, Mary Anne Woods, vice presidentg dentg Robert Baker, Wayne Bryant, Joyce Parks Bonnie Shear Martha Johnson, secretaryg Ierry Rose, Miriam Kayser, Carolyn er, Carol Ford, Nancy Cooper. Curry, Mary Dickson. Second Row: Dr. Bedford Hadley, presi- Sword and Shield Sword and Shield is an honor society Whose purpose is to recognize those students of the junior and senior classes who have shown academic superiority and leadership. It was organized on the campus in 1961. Special ac- tivities include a spring banquet during "Sword and Shield Week" and responsibility along with Phi Theta Kappa for the Honors Night program each year. Student president, Mary Anne Woods is installed at Honors Night program. X3 'Wim First Row: Van Vaness, Richard Purifoy, Linda Chakales, Joni ley Graham, Jerry Raines, Earnie Pollock, Randy Herlocker, Phillips, Linda Crow, Linda Martin. Second Row: Richard james Zini, Mike Armbrust, David Moore, Carroll Powell. Swartz, David Savage, Donna Needham, Billy Dixon, Don Carr, Fourth Row: Mr. Don Kramer, directory Charles Sterling, Don Brice Wingfield, Garry Harris, Betty Treisback, Donna Gillespie, VVhitten, Carl Smith, Roger Armstrong. Mike Terry. Third Row: Chuck Dorman, Valerie Morris, Shir- Universit Band Throughout the second year of its existence, the LRU Band has steadily improved its growth in quality and serv- ices to the University. The membership of the band rep- resents students majoring in many fields, including instru- mental music education. The band has presented several concerts in the public schools of the Little Rock area as well as the concerts presented on campus. The activities in instrumental music have not been solely confined to the regular semesters of the school year, but also extend into the summer sessions. The summer session band presents several outdoor concerts on the campus and has attracted audiences of hundreds. The direction of the band is under Mr. Donald Kramer, who predicts a bright future for instrumental music ac- tivities at Little Rock University. Band student gets in some practice on his tuba for forthcoming class session. First Row: Gloria Tully, Andra Dillard, Cynthia Lowrey, Kath- erine Brown, Janice Paul, Ann Croft, Diane Woolard, Nancy Gates, Bonnie Reid, Becky Simpson. Second Row: Anita Klu- glose, Mary Mitchell, Joan Davis, Harriet Sandace, Katrina Orto. Dolly Kyle, Virginia Fabrycky, Gracetta Thompson, Kay Graham, Charlotte Sparrow, Linda Parker, Edith Davis. Third Row: Phylis Gilzow, ,Vicki Thomas, Donna Needham, Phyllis Richter, Kay McCracken, Marilyn Williams, Elizabeth Berg, Wilhelmina Howard, Linda Longstreth, Linda Sumrall, Irene Lenderman, Julia Maglothin, Rebecca Green. Fourth Row: Jim Munns, Dennis Powers, Clayborn Thrower, James Zini, James Bull, Roger Armstrong, Richard Harwell, Larry Bearden, Jim Linsley, Pat Batchelor, Earnie Pollock, Ronnie Yarbrough. Fifth Row: Don VVilson, Carl Smith, Don Mclsendon, David Brod- nax, Ronnie Ballard, Pete Cooper, Wesley Perry, Dan Nix, Phillip Stagg, Barry Brazil, Jerry Bennett, John Coburn, Arnold Haldorsen, Johnny James, Joe Reagan, Jim Blythe, Sandy Haley. Universit Choir The University Choir is an organization composed of students from all academic departments and is open to all students interested in learning and performing fine choral music. This year the seventy member group gave its annual Christmas concert for the student body and a city-wide television audience. The Choir performs many times dur- ing the year for various conventions and civic groups throughout the city. During the fall semester the Choir traveled to Mem- phis where it participated in the "Mid-South Youth" television program. For ihe first time the Choir televised its Christmas Concert. Here KTHV cameraman gets a shot of audience. Y First Row: lim Ralph, presidentg Linda Dew, vice presidentg Lee Suggett, Sydney Phillips, Chan Cummingham, Iim Morgan. Anita Mizell, secretary, julie Boyd, Ann Croft, Linda Bell. Third Row: Cliff Haislip, jimmy Buck, Richard Harwell, Bllly Second Row: Pat Haney, Pat Coon, Connie Wyrick, Dottie Ferguson, Bob Howland. niversity Theatre Guild The University Theatre Guild is composed of all stu- dents active in dramatic productions. Although the organ- ization does not hold regularly scheduled meetings, it is solely responsible for the four plays presented at LRU during each school year. Climax of the theatre season is the Awards Banquet, held after the fourth production, at which time awards are presented to deserving Guild members for the year's work. Sydney Phillips and Richard Harwell master the Scottish dance of the wedding festival in Theatre Guild's production of "Brigadoon". First Row: Nancy Passini, presidentg Shirley Etien, vice presi- lyn Shuffield, Judy Risinger. Second Row: Ann Hutton, Maro- dentg Carol McLaughlin, secretaryg Fay Moore, publicityg Caro- lee Grabiel, Sharyl Angell, Ann Stewart, Susan Stiles. Women's Recreation Association All women on the campus are eligible for member- ship in the Women's Recreation Association. The group aids the membership in pursuing enjoyable recreational activities and competitive sports. Toumaments and individual competition in volleyball, ping pong and badminton are among the activities spon- sored by this organization. Patti Ann Carter makes a spectacular play as she heaves the ball over the net. gs V- .5 , X I M, V Mg 0 , i W .. ,,x: .::I,:: HS I I V PERSON ALITIES DAVIS Sigma 1966 Trojan Bea MYRA HENRY Sigma Nu Pledges --rv 1 1 .rw M ,lf -. A, 1- wfztzximmwmz aww-ww 15, " -' : ' .M it mv. "' E gf' ig H1 9 .. , gf' fs E' Q aw w .. 1 g' if 1 95 IE W ei fa I n I ! i 2 1966 Trofan Beaufy J u .IANINNE HOYT A.C.E. .. fwvwzw-f , c ry 'L' 'Z jim Beaut DONNA MUNNERLYN Chi Omega University ATES Guild i ' if 2 ig? ff JERRY ANN ATKINSON PAT COON Baptist Stu Homecoming Queen and Court SUE MARKS A.C.E.-S.NLE.A. Sigma Alpha Epsi ROBERT BAKER RE v ROGER ARMBRUST "Who's Who in I O American Colleges and Universities BOB PALMER JOYCE PARKS c'Who's Who" - ----- MATT TIMM JERRY ROSE ANNE TAXTER DON VANCE TOMMY VV AHL MARY ANNE VVOODS "Who,s Who" AL WHITE. , 4 R - .cram .?- wif' W' -' z' if .-32 ff if W M1 N 'F If xx. N 5, is A N wffgg X , ,:.:, is ,mfs g ,,,, it P DIVISION S Physical Sciences The Division of Physical Sciences and Mathematics has a two-fold objective: to provide a foundation of informa- tion and guidance for a student's development of the atti- tudes and skills necessary in meeting the demands of modern living and to provide more advanced training for the student pursuing a career in science. Majors and minors are offered in chemistry, mathe- matics and physics in addition to courses in engineering and an inter-divisional major in natural science. You don't want to spill much of this. Mr. Holeman's experienced eye sizes up the situation quickly. Chemistry lab teaches care-if you don't break equipment you get money back. V - V QQ! A 32" 1 , , , , Mr. Fulmer faces skeptical mathematician. Engineering students enioy their work. Calculus brings forth varied responses. New math has invaded the college scene i 3 Q J T Business A basic understanding of the business world for all students, a professional education for men and women seeking careers in business and government service and preparation for those who would pursue graduate study- these are the aims of the Division of Business and Eco- nomics. Located in the business and industrial center of the state, LRU offers many opportunities to students in this Division. Majors are available in economics, finance, busi- ness administration, business education, accounting, man- agement, marketing and secretarial science. Accounting students listen intently to Mr. White. Business machine course is a popular one. ul Can aPPf0Ve one of fhese Wlfh mY GYGS Closed"- all S Business courses are definitely not limited to the male species. Mr. Hardy livens lectures with gestures O and Economlcs Shorthand appeals to prospective secretaries. tx ,ff Fine Arts Dr. Warmack directs choir members during class meeting. The Fine Arts Division has seen the realization of a long awaited desire this year with the construction of a music rehearsal hall and the nearing completion of the new Fine Arts-Classroom Building. Within the Division are the departments of art, drama and music. The Arts and Letters Society presented an art exhibit in the Student Union in which all colleges in the state were invited to participate. Barbara Williamson was first place winner and will represent the Society in national competition. The Drama Department presented four outstanding plays, all theatre-in-the round productions. LRU's band and choir traveled widely, presenting programs at high schools and civic clubs throughout the state. LRU Art Department is widely acclaimed. A first this year-a taped Christmas concert shown on local television station. Theatre Guild production of "Becket" was very well-received. First place winner Barbara Williamson proudly stands before her painting with Mrs. McGillicuddy, Mrs. Kelly and her art teacher, Mrs. Rogers, QC' x , fivi, V, 7 ' At Q ' J Colorful costumes and entertaining musical renditions sparked "Briga doom". Troian Band members are always on hand for campus events-here they play for cornerstone laying of new building. 1 ' 1 Humanities Mrs. Donald explains the theory of Plato's Cave during world master- pieces class. ' Mary Ann Searcy presents her speech in Miss Lockard's freshman speech class. Courses in the Division of Humanities guide the stu- dent's learning into broad fields of knowledge. English, French, Spanish and speech and hearing therapy majors are offered in addition to the inter-divisional majors in hu- manities and speech-drama available as a joint program with the Division of Fine Arts. Students of the Speech Department participated in the state speech festival along with other competitions. Speech and hearing therapy classes made field trips to a special class at Henderson Ir. High and the Childrens' Conva- lescent Center. La Sociedad Espanola proved interesting to Spanish students and some students from this Division are to accompany Miss Colaianni, Instructor of French, on a six Week study program to France this summer. Little details not published can change an entire story. ln short stories class, Mrs. Donald is the one who knows most of those details. Mrs. Keys' short stories class is one of the most interesting on campus. The students soon feel like part of the class and not just a desk filler when allowed to express their views. Mrs. Mathews is able to expound on any subiect from freshman Eng- lish to Shakespeare. The language lab, located in the basement of the library, is quite busy. Interest in foreign languages is beginning to put added pressure on present facilities. Humanities Test tubes prove intriguing to these biology students. Biological Sciences The Division of Biological Sciences endeavors to prnr vide basic information necessary to the understanding of everyday problems related to the life sciences. In addition, it further prepares those who seek careers in biology or al- lied sciences. Included in the Division are the departments of biol- ogy, medical technology and nursing education of LRU. The pre-dentistry and pre-medicine curricula are other offerings of the Division as well as certain courses in other pre-professional concentrations of biology such as pharmacy, veterinary medicine, optometry, forestry and wildlife man- agement. Wellequipped laboratories offer fine facilities in biologic-al sciences. Q-Students rely heavily on trusty miscroscopes. c ii CM Biological Sciences Continued QM QT LA Science Lecture Hall receives maximum use. Exam time produces mixed emotions. Social Sciences Arrangement and selection of courses in the depart- ments of the Social Sciences Division have been organized with two aims in view: to offer fundamental knowledge in a varied selection of courses, enabling students to adjust properly to modern social living and to provide courses in each department suitable for those students who intend to pursue graduate studies in the social sciences. The Division offers majors in history, political science, psychology, sociology and anthropolgy and an inter-divi- sional combined major-minor in social sciences. Nothing escapes the watchful eyes of Mr. Dixon. Oral reports offer variety to classroom sessions. Political science can be perplexing. ,X - V If Student in glasses doesn't subscribe to Dr. Ledbetter's theory it seems. Dr. Hadley in examination position Mr. Stahlkopf explains Civil War progress. Teacher Education The Division of Teacher Education prepares qualified teachers for both elementary and secondary positions. Through the completion of selected subject matter, study and professional training, students may receive full teacher certification. A major is offered in elementary education. To teach in secondary schools a major-minor sequence in one or more teaching areas is advisable. Also in this Division is the phys- ical education department, preparing the student for teach- ing, coaching and recreational leadership. Library Science sfudenis study maximum use of facilities. They'g-3 off, Dr. Edmondson has personal exoeriences to offer to prospective teachers Valuable insight is gained through practice teaching experience. Physical education class activity could prove a little hard on ankles. Reaction to returned papers varies I CLASSES 4 K 3 ff 'a ik 3, xg ug 1 Sharon Ackerman Floyd Adams Leon Adams Windell Adams Dianne Aday Diane Adkins Arthur Airhart Richard Albright Rick Alexander Michael Allen Richard Allen James Allis Richard Althoff Jane Anderson Glenna Anderson Robert Anderson Aaron Andrews Therll Andrews Terry Archer Rickey Arrnellini Roger Armstrong Leona Ashercraft Ierry Ann Atkinson Mike Atkinson Sheila Atwood Ierry Austin Doris Avery Esther Babbitt Mike Baer Buddy Bailey 'kia A M ,qi ,Yr f ia f ' e' 19 . M, if t ntnnn i k r ,gn Freshmen Seven hundred seventy-seven freshmen made their in- itial appearance at Little Rock University to begin what to them seemed to be an unending career of college. They were greeted promptly by orientation and regis- tration but at the same time, made to feel welcome by upper class students and faculty members. They no longer feel lost or out of place, having fully adjusted to college life and are looking forward to becoming sophisticated sophomores. Upperclassman tries to impress freshman girl with fact that she cannot take "Vertebrate Histology 441." L' W f E225 ..,,.::,,. ., 1 if W ,, , ,K -ffm,,fffrrrQ,1fm,w- 3, , - '1w,rs,fft:: , -- fffffiszaaf it Y? I is Z W? , O 4:4 A . ff' bm M ' Ea 52' fh a ' a t at nuff ' 1:25251 Bobby Baker Michael Baker Bill Baldvsdn Vickie Balios Ronnie Ballard Bob Baney George Barney Carol Barker Wayne Barker Carol Barre Linda Barrow Patricia Anne Barry Bill Baxter Paul Baxley Linda Beasley Mary I. Bechtold Gordon Beck Martha Begin Ivan Bell Clarence Bennett Robert Bennett Richard Benson Kathy Bentley Edmond Benton David Berry Robert Berry Charles Bickers Vona Bidwell Roger Billings Larry Binz Larry Bittle Loretta Bloom Charles Bodishbaugh Rosemary Bohart Danny Bokamper Indy Bonnin Joyce Boswell Glenda Botsford Joyce Boykins Mildred Boyles Allen Brabston Larry Brading Samuel Brading Mike Bradshaw Ianet Bmannum Kathy Brannum Bobby Brasher Pat Brassell B . F X as o fx lie? la C ."i .1 1,.. f 1 51 an 5 -a,r,,fg- S 'ir M MQ N Q5 w 9 , li ff' otyts srso B M as s .,.i t M 5 iii i ,t-1- i - - wev- sf? was ,LW 'A 4. -fo ' N., we ww Qi? s 4' 143 David Brodnax Ellen Bricker Harold Bristow Ronnie Brooks Barbara Broughton Delton Brown James Brown Janis Brown Ronnie Brown David Broyles Beverly Bryant Stanley Bryant Edna Buford Turner Buie Jerry Bullock Nancy Bullock Robert Bullock Suzanne Burleson Larry Buster Mervin Cagle Ralph Cagle John Caignet Ana Caldwell Marilyn Callanen Danny Cameron Robert Camp Virgil Camp Buddy Campbell Don Carimi Betty Carlew Freshmen Class of 1969 Dr. Bowie tries desperately to explain college life, grades and how to read the all-important class schedule. ' - ' wgzlgyzfz sii Lf B ' yly l ' I if as 'W w 'N l 2 ir Ula, z VM' 11111 ,, W' S f,"Q: 1' xi Q Q s, E A an-in it 1 f -MWm, jim Carpenter Don Carr Owen Carroll Larry Carter Dwayne Cary Pat Cash Eddie Cassaday Bobby Cauley Donald R. Chandler JoAnn Cheek Donna Childs Chuck Clements Ralph. Clemmons Cathy Clemons Ronnie Clevidence Lois D. Clifton Lee Clinton Donna Cobb Lillian Cobbs Mary Coco Rebecca Cohen Christopher Coleman Robert Collins Marline Collins DaRae Colquitt Mary Colton Carolyn Connelley Pat Coon Anne Cooper Peter Cooper Carol Coots Mary Corker Kaye Cowne Carolyn Cox Susan Crawley james Hall Critz Alicia Cunningham Doyle Currington Marty Cutrell David Cypert Chester Daniel Dennis Dare Roland Davenport Judy Davidson Linda Davidson Bruce Davis Bruce Davis Frederic Davis . QQ -Ai .V -"fly in :.,: ,,,... 1113215 Exligqgtr-..:zs11w1 ff: 4 We X 2 1. K . . - N., - V .Y ii .-Pill ai. fs- if 'YE' li QL 512: N-rea: . w .4 - ' C fi . ', f C 1352. I . L ,.. M, L., , , ,E iii .. .V ia 5 . L k,VV i t R L .L gl -Q W . . M -ii rt, . . M N ii J ' gi it , .... ' ' 9,1 i fs Q -1 . fs y f' I, . X if ' W 31" A W Fifa ii V ee. W X 3,-1, e " I i -me S1 5 L 'is ,. - if .ff a or ff: ia re ,Q "ik-. W --fig 3: r ff, , VRF' , A Q, , . .. , ,gage ., in I c 2 .:r::s:-fS11111:,.,, I ...,:.:'. ,:.P'::-P. 2 r ' ' " 2125233 :H -1' M' V nf xiii' af. ,L,,,, A39 W iii i so sss e in George Davis janet Davis Jim Davis Pam Davis Roy Davis Sharon Dawson Francis DeGrasse Mary Derrick Linda Dew Brenda Dickerson Stephanie Dicosmo Sharon Diemer Carl Diffee Andra Dillard Billy Dixon Ralph Dixon Dennis Dodd Cathy Donoho janette Dortch Mike Douglas Kathy Doup Dick Drake Boy Draper Darrell Drennan Catherine Drilling Maureen Dunn Roger Dunn Lynne Dupont julian Dwyer Larry Dyer Linda Earnheart Tommy Eaves William Eddleman Mike Edelmann Jerry V. Edmonson David Edwards Norman Edwards Ronald Edwards Boy Edwards Albert Elkins Bernard Engel Bobby Engster Hugh Failing Earl Farish Betty Farley Billy Jack Farmer Bobby Farnam Jerry Fields Freshmen Class of 1969 "The Forum of Ideas" replaced "Evenings at Eight" for the year. Forum editor Bob Palmer and Father Drane visit with Dr. Wilfrid Desan, lecturer. l Wi. at .wi ,,. , ' ' 'Kai E ' C" i , , . vi L? Q' X ,. My X 3, ,r :rv vw v . ,, Yi , I 5 av I Tw-y Jim U2 i an-if it F .. l gsf . N'- KIT srl? f :F il Olivia Filipek William Finch Tommy Finley Mike Finney Mattie Fisher Marguerite Flakes Richard Fleming Toni Flemister Griffin Fletcher Martha jane Ford William Fortson Georgetta Fought Ann Fox Theodore Fox Paul. Francis Barbara Franke Sharyn French Judy Freppon Suzie Gann Annabella Garay Matthew Garbett Becky Gardner Lester Gardner Linda Gardner Carol Garmon Georgia Garrett Gaye Gates Nancy Kay Gates Payton Gates Robert Gates Allen Faulkner Larry Gardner Lee Garlin Adolph Geyer Ioan Gifford Mary Gilbert Ierre Ann Gill Judy Gill Thomas Gill Larry Gillen Martha Gilliam Bethany Gipson Larry Glover James Golman Ronnie Goodwin Ronald Gordon Sandy Gordon Mike Gorman Marolee Grabiel Kay Graham Robert Grant Ed Greathouse Eddie Green Gary Green Gordon Green Melvin Green Vernon Green Gail Greene Nona Greenfield Jim Greenwald Freshmen Class of 1969 Registration is always tiring and it seems to be getting Dr. Wood right between the eyes. '- , ,,.,,,, H 55971 ff"f M 'MW' , , '- Elm 'A I KIV: ""i' " 21 I 4-W If Q -'Fha -ff, M11 yy e M f - ' K "" -"Eff K " ' Jr: I "" S G , ,,.1 V yiyi ,, iil lii ei Dwight Greer Danny Grinder Mike Grubbs Kathy Guenther Leslie Guse Mike Hadley Sonin Hale Geneva Hall jack Halsey Bob Hamel William Hamilton Linda Hammett Richard Hammil Joe Mike Hammond Patricia Haney Delores Handy Pamela Hanson Tommy Hanson Richard Harbison Lavone Harper Ray Harrelson Ferrell Harris Michael A. Harris Becky Harrison Victoria Harvey Michael Hartman Charles Haughaboo Jean Hayes Wilbem T. Head Dennis Henderson Walter Henderson Bill Hendricks Tommy Hendricks Shirley Henry Tommy Henson Randy Herlocker Melvin Hester Rocky Hestes William Hicks Jean Higginbotham Peggy Hi ginbotham Ashley Higgins Dixie Hill Delmar Hines Kay Hinkle Carol Hinton Sandra Hinton Una Hobbs - f-if . ,, , JA? ,ing-sg! Kali! M X f it 5 J., r i, r 41 'J . . 3 it KP . G' 'Q KA x if ' X KTM 4' N-10 7- a www -..f,,,:,f.:fas- sew. . fs: ag, ig? ti' is a ff f Of it Al Gloria Hogan Barbara Holland George Holland Sheila Holland Sharon Holloway Daniel Hollowell Danny Holmes Kenneth Holmes Donna Holt Lezlee Holt Bob Homesley Kathey Hopper Paula Hopkins Judy House Frank Howard Vivian Howard Harry Howland Clara Howell Grace Ann Howell Mike Huddleston Johnnie Lee Huff Raymond Hunt Charles Hunter Virginia Hunter Walter Hutchison Rudy Jackson David Jacobs Coy James Ed Jarvis Tommy Jaynes Ronald Jeffery Gilbert Jenkins Jimmy Jenkins Barbara Johnson Ben Johnson Charles Johnson Clarice Johnson Ken Johnson Barbara Johnston Jose h Jones La lgonna Jones Larry L. Jones Kevin Justis John Leland Keady Jerry Kealy Jean Keeling Jacqueline Kegeles Patsy Keith Freshmen Class of 196 Feature event in the Relays is The inevi- table tug-of-war. Great skill is necessary to avoid dousing which Kappas did not avoid. F3 Gus Kemp Robert Kennedy Linda L Kinney Tommie Kitchens Anne Klein Glenn Knibbe Larry Knight William Koon Richard Kraft Roger Krupicki Terry Kuykendall Dolly Kyle WW P' V' "' -kiln ' I . ,ZW .3-3:3 - ' 7,'.5:r.,, Sgr 491 GSB 155 -- A Iggy E .,,, - . k,,MiHW,iW :V ,. as i'i Ralph LaForge John Lammers Phyllis Laser Richard Lawson Michael Lecuivre Donna Lehnhoff Eddy Lemons Karen Lewis Mike Lewis Elvie Lilly jim Linsley Shirley Livingston Susan Loesch Bill Long Pat Long Leif Lorenz Clifton Lowrance William McAdory john McCloud Ronnie McCone Joe D. McCoy Iohn G. McCoy Tom F. McCoy Travis McCoy Kathy McCumber Glenn McCumpsey Alice McKewen Barbara McMahon Bryan McMahon Kay McPherson Ronald Madding Louise Magar George Major, Ir. Ronald Malnar Bill Marks Joel Marks Ianella Martin john Martin Linda Martin Marshall Martin Sandra Massey Becky Matthews Janis Mawhinney Marcia Mayer Sherry Mays Marty Mead Carol Medearis Barbara Melton Freshmen Class of 1969 Chi Omega Julie Whittle was slowed down by a broken leg but it would take more than' that to keep her away from fall rush parties. Jerry Meredith Carol Meyerdirk Francis L. Miller Jerry Miller Karen Lee Miller Patricia Miller Ruby Miller Sammye Miller Mary Mitchell Gary L. Moore Greg M-oore Roy Moomey Robert Morehart Edward Morris Thomas J. Morris Emma Morrison Sandra Morrison W. Q. Morrison Larry lVl,orrow Susan Mosley Marilyn Motley Phillip Moudy Sammie Jo Mourot Steve Mourning Sam Mullins Donna Munnerlyn Anita Murdaugh William Muse Linda Kay Myers Donna Needham Kandyce Nelson Lee Nelson Alex Nesterenko Elizabeth Ann Netherland Taroi Newcomb Dan A. Nix Terral Nolen Henrietta Norton Susan Oberste Sharon Olinghouse Carol Olson Michael O'Neal Tim Orellano Harry Orr Lolores Ostie John Overton Tommy G. Pace Sandra Page lx It X' I5 w if Q 3' Pills'3" at Q T in ' S is Qi' 1 ,X lv- ,, W 'S H Ilit A We X 'E 5 . X S A as N3 K 55 s K 1 1 as .mtv l i '4 if S' I s it va 2 I 1 K ,J 4 new f x g' XX ,pus --' .ai fr ah as E f if li i f X is 4' U 4 -UQ " '34 li uv , i i c r digg.. ,L - ',.. .Qt,:5,:, ,...,,..,, ,,..,,,.,,,... ,,,. G , ,, g H Q R P Nr 'f af X r 1 ,,,.L, 1 afar X ' 'if F .H . ,,. X .. . .T 1 z -Q rr fi ki 3 ill ,V .. ,,,. ,,.. X ia, 14. 1 Q riili :' A Fl . -:, 1 hr kkkl xxx l A , r s '-" i if . 'K 5 ali Q it Q RQ ' l i - iii., N, i , . rg ,br fl gg, ts E,- Bob Palazzi Doyle Parham Linda Parker Robert Parsons Phillip Paslay Charles Pate Rosiland Patterson Herbert Peach Reggie Perry Donna S. Peterson Mike Pettus Phillip Phelps Rhonda Phillips Elaine Pickthorne Michael Pilcher Lynn Pitcock jimmy Pledger Earnest Pollock Ramona Pollreis jill Pontius Libby Porter Jerry Potts Edward Powell Dennis Powers Burma Prennace Charles Prewitt Hardy Price William Pulliam Ronald Purkiss Iesse Quick Lori Rackley Ierry Rains Jane Rector Mike Red Barbie Reed Carroll Reed Maria Reed Trish Reed Don Reid Phyllis Richter Barbara Riegler Dennis Riffel Doug Riffel Grover Rivenbark Charles Roberts David Roberts George Roberts, Ir Winnie Roberts Freshmen Class of 1969 Pi Phis sing their hea rides her surf board. rts out as Jeri Haynie X 3+ james E. Robertson Brenda Robinson Debbie Robinson Henry Robinson Treopia Robinson James Rodgers Thomas Roe john T. Rogers Linda Rollins Charles Rose Robert Rose Lou Ellen Rowlett Carl J. Ryals Jerona Rykunyk Mary Lou Sampson Joe Sarlo joe S. Saunders David Savage Morgan Sawyer, II james Schenebeck Don Schmuck john Scott Lillie Scroggins Floyd Sell Ioseph Semberski Suzanne Seymour Iohn Sheffield, Ir. Erick Sherman Ianice Shelton Bill Shoemaker Leroy Short, Ir. Sue Shugart Nancy Shumate Linda Sigle Frankie Simmons Joy Simmons Becky Slimpson Mike Simpson Susan Simpson Suzanne Sivils Charles Small Bobbie Sue Smith Dorothy Smith Larry D. Smith Leslie L. Smith Mary Smith Mary K. Smith David Sontag Gary Sorrels Janet Sorrels Norman Southerland George Spahr Lowell Spann Charlotte Sparrow Pina Spence Richard Spencer Thomas S encefr Ben Spiclges, Jr. Sarah Spikes Robert Spillers W yy....y. . '4"5'ff' ig! t 9 i'., i . ..,, 'ffiilw ii l 5: drag 2 E?" 1 ,,,. :.t , V-Y. it Freshmen Class of 1969 From an intramural field, to consrrucfion site, to new building, with lots of odd things piled everywhere. i t... y ii" Margaret Staggers Thomas Sta gs Anne StaTey james M. Stanley Glen Stansbery Fred Stark Charles Stearns Curtis Steele Macy Steele Philip Stegall Herb Stephen Adrienne Steppach Pat Sterling Ann Steward Carolyn Stewart Barbara Stinson Gary Stoll Truley Stone Karl Stutsman, Jr. Robert Stutsman Dottie Lee Suggett Gary Suggs Cookie Sumrall Alice Surginer James Swain Richard Swartz Robert Swann Julie Symancyk Jane Tallent Edward Talley Larry Talley R. G. Tanner Bart Taylor Laraine Taylor Roy Taylor James Terry Felix Thibault Vicki Thomas Karen Thomason Bill Thompson Iames Thompson Jerry Thompson Morris Thompson John Thornton Ronny Tidwell Kay Tindall Leonard Tippen Norma Tippen sd, 'if Sf 1 E ' gi Elks , I ' AX V ' Q .sv 1 ar , 1 s.k, ff .7 Vg' 'F . if rt-1..1 . a F X ' . 4' p i N 5 T T J i HT-T r , 2 R' R 1 , my 1, C S -1 . Q. . A9 ff- .gi 1 gal 'Q ' - Jr N A 'M 2 X, fav' n l . TQ, . " 'V K s r y . C ff V yrse L '15 ,X N S sa! Bill Toland Becky Trawick Charles Tremor Rebecca Trull Sherry Tucker Gloria Tully Ronnie Vandiver Katheryn Walden Marvin Walker Sam Walls Ronnie Ward Carleen Warner Stella Warren Verdue Webb Brenda West Jane Whelchel Homer VVhite Tracy VVhitfield Barbara Wilke Barbara Wilkins Charles Williams Paul Williams Thelma Williams Clarence Wilson, Jr Edward Wilson Iarretta Wilson Mary Kay Wilson Sue Wilson Susan Kay Wilson Russell Winkler Karen Wolf Barbara Woods Michael Wright Sandra Wright Norine Wunsch Eloise Wycott Gary Wynne Bill Yancey Allen Yoder Carolyn Young Dola M. Young Phyllis Young Tom E. Zalcrzewski Mitchell Zaluski Robert Zarbaugh Leslie Zauf James Zini Sophomores On becoming sophomores, the Class of 1968 had truly found its place in the framework of LRU. Many class members now held positions of importance and leadership in campus organizations and those who had been pledges of Greek groups in their freshman year were now initiated members. Academic excellence was more prevalent this year. Everything seemed to be going their way and the only way to go was up. Mixed emotions were the thing of the day as Buz Johnson tries to arouse en- thusiasm of Carol McLaughlin. '1 wi if Ee? 5 3 fa Q ,gi ia P tiist s-Ef"ifW Q mg, , aa MPM if F if E -i l' rl ' f a iLlt E214 , ii f -i?'., , ' gs i iyii i V 2 A-6' ,qw I4 Alan Ables Gary Adkins Lee Adamantidis Mitchell Alvarez Terry Anderson Sharyl Angell George Arendt Joyce Arick Ronald Armstrong Wesley Ashabrammer Tim Ashberry Judith Averitt Jean Bachus Vanilla Baker Chuck Barnes Randolph Barth Billy Bartlett Sharon Bass Alice Beary Flora Beaty Bill Beck Judy Bennett Larry Benning William Bevan Mohammed Faysal Bitar Janiece Black Nena Blagg William Blankenship Don Blaylock Charles Bledsoe r ll r Sophomores jerry Bobeck Vivian Bodishlaaugh Garland Bosley Garrett Bosley Judith Bonner Marvin Bonney Bill Bounds Patrick Bourne Donna Bowers Iohn R. Boyce Charles Bradford Tom Brewer Billy Bri?ht Gary Brink ey Sheri Britt Grady Brown Jerold Brown Sarah Brown Sharon Brown Peggy Brueggeman Bob Buchek Iames Buck David Bunch Jim Burks Tommy Burns Dennis Burt Aaron Bussell Mary Butler Buena Campbell Bruce Cash Class of 196 Campaign speeches usually draw large numbers of students into the Union. Some speeches are long, some short, and all tell the story of, "How Great l am." ' , 1 Q nw 41 .E 1. , eiyi iyl - Ka , f ii: iiai i B ,,7"E H V ,ff dia mg ll 4 " 143 David Cash Mary Cassidy Carolyn Chapman Butch Christian Gayle Clark Floyd Clark Sheryl Clark Gary Claude Suzanne Clements Glynn Clemons David Collins Tom Collins Carolyn Conaway Herb Conway Sue Corker Carolyn Cossey Glenda Cranford Bob Criner John Cullum Sam Culpepper Thomas Cumnock ,Richard Dare Charles Darr Charles Davidson Lester Davis Mike Davis Dianne DeVore james DeWitt Ray Dickinson David Dittman John Dobbs Gene Dorman Skip Dorris VVilliam L. Doyle James Drinkwater Kelly Duke Michael Dullea Thelma Dunbar Mary Jane Duncan Richard Duncan Selena Duncan Harry Dunnington John Earl Glenn Eddins Paul Edwards Richard Emmel Bonnie Enloe Barbara Esch W IC l 1' .af . , S R 92 4 ' I nl '91 I M fi'.'.'4'. Q' IDX 1? -Af . if 'QI' 1 ,lo if . .. :4 453, f -' a n . R , ,',Q Er I wwr hd Q4 gg. . 1 , wi LV' . X A , l if V' joe Fagan Mae Faulkner Ronald Fick Susan Fields Barbara Finlayson Jeanette Fish Bill Fisher Mary Fisher Lois Fitch Vicki Foster William Fulk Andy Fullington Francis Garnmill Jerry Gardner Vic Gardner Wayne Garland Dianne Garner Nancy Garot David Garrett Wayne Gatlin Michael Gault Iohn Giffin Bob Glover Ross Glover Don Gold jim Goodwin Steven Goss Paul Gray Marion Greathouse Iohn Green Sophomores Class of 196 Pledges rush to meet new brothers. l ff yyai i , E, is W F " A , K ' --VV 42 , . I4 f , x t-155,-sf F .Z .,,. , V Jw. W JoAnn Greene Fred Greenwood Paul Groce Joe Guanella James Guthrie Garret Hackworth Jimmy Hagan Patricia Hale Harold Hale Kie Hall Denny Hamilton Wanda Hamilton Bill Hannah Pat Hanson Rondell Harrison Richard Harwell Gerald Hastings Paul Hastings Mary Hawn Joanne Heard Myra Henry Connie Henson Melody Herring Leonard Hester Beckye Hill Pat Hilton Margaret Hinson Lois Hood Bob Hooper Francis Howard Jerry Howard Wilhelmina Howard Kay Howell Mary Kay Howell O. C. Howser Dillie Hudson John Hulshof Larry Hunthrop Larry Hutchinson Rusty Hyde Linda Isenman Jimmie Ison Charles Ivy Waverly Jackson Ann Jameson Terry Jennings Margie Jernigan Dale Johnson Y fr' fe , s.,J . 10' 04' 4, Y may ff , 3 f 41 .gn Qp""" I JW in ,. -J :1 -f. , , J I I fl 0' Q f,,,. 4 1 L , , : VV 4 ,- 25. X L, ,M '::f'.': ,M fra 'V' ' 1 'lk . fn r J J, I 12 ii-l , A ,,., 'fax V 5.-f QQ gr HFS? Y r y-N ff ,, , H, , , fs 7.7 '27 ,4- rf: lr fx la g' m ,wx 6?-' bg., if 1- X '13 i X ,. fha I i iii ffm Girl l 'NR' L. ANP sz' ' -rss-' .3921 , gs fQiiy,3gsZ1? Eli s H sk fl Margarette Johnson Robert Johnson Don Jones Harry Jones John Karrant Harold Keathley Susan Keith Ron Kellar David Kinley Jean Knox Carol Ann Koelling Ed Koslosky Jeanne Kumpuris Frank Kurinec Joanne Lake Ben Landers Lee Lemons John Lindsey James Logan Linda Lee Longstreth Robert Lord Bill McCann Kay MdCraken Mac McHughes Rosalyn McKinney Richard McKinney Patsy McKown Bill McLemore Don McLendon Dolores McNeill Ouida McNelt John McPherson Tommy Mabry Dianne Major John Mawn John Maxwell Ken Medlock Leslie Middleton Jay Miller Pam Miner Camille Mire Johnny Mobbs Linda Moore Richard Moore Phyllis Morris Mike Morrison Henry N auiluer Greg Nedel os Sophomores Class of 196 As work on the new Fine Arts building continues, all sorts of things can be found lying around the sife. 'Qui' 'Wt W f hw f Billy Norris Tom Nosal Katrina Orto jack Ott Floyd Overton, jr. Ruth Ann Parham Carol Parkin Nancy Patterson John R. Paulette Wanda Sue Paxson Jeff Pence Richard Perry W. C. Pepper Nancy Peters Jana Pettingill David Petty Dennis Pharr Ann Pilcher Fred Plunkett Ken Polk Edward Powers Joyce Presley Lawrence Preston Andy Prince Carole Ann Przyhylowicz Ierry Purifoy John Pyle Barbara Ragan Roy Ragsdill Gayle Rainwater joe D. Ramer Douglass Reed janet Reed john Reeves Karen Reeves Edward Restum Fred Reutz Donald Rhodes Mike Riegler Edward Riffel Frances Riggin Iudy Risinger Claude Roberson Martha Robertson Eddie Rogers John W. Rogers R. E. Robers Carol Rothhammer Lauren Rupert Al Rutherford Richard Ryker Charles Sanders Linda Savells A. E. Scruggs Mary Scott Mike Scott Fred Seel Pamala Sharp Linda Sue Sheffield Paul Shellabarger Tom Shurgar Byron Smith Carolyn Smith Curtis Smith Ed Smith Gerald Smith Millard Lee Smith Willis Smith Leon Sparks James Spencer William Spencer Charles Spicer Roy Spradlin Stephany Springer Jack Spurr . Nova Staggs Vicki Straw Karl Stutsman 3 ' ' ' Sophomores Class of 196 ' "Now you go to sleep now and when ,, you wake up . K i. A I I N' V t 13 5 T 1. 1 1 1. 1 1 1 X 1. . H -N x 1 J 1-t ox.. in :,: ' .H- n Y '11 ff., 51.1 1- -sf I V 91 of 'l an l' 1 45? 1 52 2 M-. 1 X 1' 5" Nd' 4.1 Q ' 1 ' E 'SQ , wb-f if 6,45 -g,fM" GO X 1..1 I, L.. .af l . ,M YL? ' Alai Pat Sullivan Ann Taylor Pat Taylor Larry Tedford Don Teeple Ralph Thomann Laura Thomas Don Thompson Doug Thompson Josephine Thompson Roger Thurmond Connie Tippitt William Tipton Dennis Todd Iohnny Tolliver Lawrence Trudell Ronald Tullos Robert Tyler Donna Vancura Linda Vandever Donna Vandivefr Van Vanness Richard VanPelt Raymond Vogelpohl john Vogler DeArmond Wagner William Walker William Wahlin, III Richard H. White julie Ann Whittle Sophomores Class of 196 Picture taking kept a steady record-b-reak- ing pace even after Hurricane Betsy passed through on Friday afternoon. Buddy Wilson Corine Wilson Donald Wilson james Wilson Wesley Wimberly jenny Wingfield Keith Wingfield Gigi Wolfe Roger Wolfe Cliff Wright Wayne Wright Connie Wyble Jim Wyerick Sara Wynn Connie Wyrick Norman Yanigex Cornell Yates Larry Yenner uniors Coming into the home stretch, the juniors bore down with determination to reach their senior year and their goals of the future. They felt some amount of pride in their persistence and accomplishments to date, but did not rest on their laurels. They were real leaders on the campus, preparing them- selves for the role of dignified seniors come next fall. Pi Phi Becky Harrison looks as if she really .enioys the role of hostess at tea given for all sorority pledges. fi of , r A V .. 'W Bernice Adair john Adams Donna Aday Charley Aldrich Ralph Anderson Sandra Angell Darylene Armstrong Pamela Armstrong Gay Ausbrooks Susan Barden jewel T. Barr Sandy Barrett Pat Batchelor Don Baxley Charles Bell Thomas Bennett Cheryl Benoit john Benton Nancy Kay Biery Nancy Billing ,lim Bowers John Boyce John Boyd Julia Boyd Gordon Bridges Brenda Brown Kathy Brown Ara Burford Carol Ann Bums Butch Burnett at 1.1f1Eii1' Jerry Burnett jeff Caldwell Thomas Callaway Dallas Cannon Pete Carland Fran Carpenter Patti Carter ,Ronnie Cassaday Beverly Chandler Edward Cogbill James Coker Aileen Compton Billy Cook Wainright Copass, Ir. Rel Corbin Alvin Corder Walter Cox Coy Cozart Michael Culp Bill Curlee Phillip Curtis Kathy Dailey Don Darby Anita Daugherty William Davenport Christine Davis Edith Davis Mary Deaton Betty C. Dempsey Beverly Divers uniors Class of 196 Student I.D. cards and pictures were new to students this year. As can be expected most pictures looked as if the student had spent most of the day registering. , Fl , 4 if , g 4411 4 I . M 4 A , a. ,IF fs A Pt' B B li qifl- , ""'ii +,5a!t1:l?- e"W - I-'ga -gg - vf:'5f'Q 3 g , all ' ' ' gli 'V"k V K? fm -"'ff1g 1 ,iiifillffh 5 l lg 6 I .V L A ' . I i W , it we fri 'ff' 'H 1 amz, rr' :sim lim 'Q 'fw fr V 1,1 .- ,r e3Zi?x, ,yf'Y1s5 11, f M5554-tffssfffiitl Bob Dobson Ann Dougherty Joel DuBose Archie Dumas, jr. Mary Marcia Dunlap Don Edgin Roberta Edmunds Charles Elias John Elliott Bill Esch Robert Eubanks William Eulitt Annie Ferguson Rosemary Filipek Mike Finnegan Kenneth Fisher Gerald Fox james Franklin Steve Friday Mary Kay Fultz Randall Furtick Danny Garner Edwin Garner Glynith Garner joe Garrison Foster Gay Robert Gay Sandy Gay ,William Gibbs Dorothy Gibson Jean Gifford Martha Givens Dwight Goodwin Janet Grainger Jayne Granoff Rebecca Green David Grubbs T. I. Guanella Anita Gullett Genny Gunn Donna Hadfield Arnold Haldorsen Mike Hales Evelena Harden Frances Harmon George Harper Linda Harper Raymond Harrill -w""'f' r y ,"' ii ii i ii 4, 2 . wr" -nr , FV? 2 51 s "' '-. u ' ar 'I 'Q w f f E if ff" Nw' . fr - 'W ,, siraa na.,i , 'F fi, , -- ,, 'V 1 F 4w.L. my M Q -A Ilia!! ,,1'lf1Qunfi?k A f r i" G b N - r e J nynni. 1 . v W I W 'U X 5 A i"' 'iz 'f i ii 'i" A V' 5275, A ' , 0 'ii' i - 'rii ' A F Ni- ew f if" ' -Q' F i .Vi if-i'1, if ' WY .Q ,,, "' p - .12 K FM' '-' - ' ' .fu-v l Rosemary Harris Jeri Haynie Thurman L. Heffington William Heim Terry Henson Floyd Hickerson Bob Highfill Bill Hoff David Hopper Dianne House Richard Howell Pat Hufsmith Ann Hutton Pam Jackson Charles James Bay James Rita James Roy james Albert Johnson David Johnson Mildred Johnson john Paul jones Ray Jones Robert Jones Bernie Jungkind Thomas Keller Bill King Dick Kinney Patrick C. Koch Thomas Koehler Steven Kozberg Sherrie Kumpuris Jack Lasky Ronnie Lensing Eileen Leshan Tommy Louks Winnie McCann Ronnie McDonald Jerry McIntyre Dorothy McKennon Carol McLaughlin Ruby McLean Jimmy Maglothin Lynn Major Sharon Marcum Sue Marks Tom Marlin Sarah Beth Martin uniors Class After many hours of work, preparation i and skit rel'1earsal,.1he big day comes., Members as well as rushees seem pleased. xii vo- f D ,f J 'W 3 5 John Matsek Gayle Mawhinney James Mentgen Gary Miller Anita Mizell Harry Mohrmann Carl Moody Claudette Moore Thomas F. Mosimann Greg Mosley Gordon Norrell Gloria Northcutt Pitsee Odom Ken Oliver Bob Palmer John Paquette Nancy Passini Janice Paul Carolyn Prince jerry Quattlebaum Gene Rattan Tommy Richards Bob Richardson Harold Roberts Charles D. Robinson ,lane Rogers Sarah Rhodes Janis Scott Marlyn Sellers Cherie Seitzinger Don Shellabarger Carolyn Shuffield Lou Ella Smith Robert Stainton, Ir. Gene Stidham Fran Still Patsy Tarvin Bobbye Theiring Bill Thomas Claybon Thrower John B. Tower Sammye Sue Traylor Johnny Turner Margaret Veatch David Vick Michael Warren Susanna Wetherington Marilyn Whetstone Donald White Jr. G. G. White Lynn VVhite Mary Ellen White Jo Beth VVhitley Mary Lalune Wilkerson Sherry Wilkins Rebecca Williams Murry Witcher Sue Ann Workman Diane Woolard Amanda Wunnenberg uniors Class 196 Editor AI White helps unsuspecting stu- dent dress for Troiian picture. If only he knew the type firm from which the suit was borrowed. fifi 5 s , ' 5 .Wg -V .. ,. . ,,,..,,, . li 7" MX E1 V Y , kt Jw 'i ff 2 A Q wiki t r 1 L -uf ,,,. I sf I f ,J :L EVE - ,rg , 1, . ffi, ,sk ,Q 'EW lr' an ...- 'fg , .V,r, in 'id' I FN, ,f , 1 ,, W W W , ' " 1 ' -' fa W H .,,: A V 5 f ,.-, ,ya 5 W if , I t,,, H ,, ,, 2 , , ,,r if-3 , 'N N' f Q f e HW! tiff' bg? -W if J,, 'A H , .Hi ,rr V 2 ,. i if . ,,. rr wh fr , 'fig , it yree M , r -3. 23,3 'wr 4' ,,,4 . I ig ,gzfmillv ,V hw, H ,r ,, ' it i ' l ,. , ,' W pu ,,, ,H ,Q ii if M- -C a V ,kwa 25539. , .35 V Q, fl., .wi .W f..,.m .mm FRANCES ABLES English DWIGHT ADAMS General Business ARA AIRI-IART Biology DORETTA ALLEN Mathematics GARY ALLRED Psychology BARBARA ANDREWS Elementary Education ROGERT ARMBRUST Business Administration BILL BAKER Political Science ROBERT BAKER Economics GAYLE BANGERT Accounting MYRON BARNES Business Administration IOSEPH BATEMAN Business Administration Seniors The Class of 1966 came into being just four short years ago. Although this period now seems brief, the time has been filled with a wealth of learning in the field of educa- tion and the even broader school of life. These Seniors have been a part of a tremendous growth and have been privileged to watch their University sky- rocket to an enrollment of nearly 3200 from a population of 1780 when they enrolled as freshmen. Activities and participation have been great within this group. Now to their life at Little Rock University there only remains Commencement and the fulfillment of a pri- mary goal. The future belongs to them. These happy faces will fade with hours of standing in line, classes closing, P.E. stamps and tuition. N-r' P, x A , . Q rfkvw a l l N ,mM,,i: H,.,,M,,,,:,M-,,:: . ifffgg:,,.w,:,fm,,g:fffmiszfrxszerv-145'-w1v'::,f..'fz,'fH , - slr Ki I R Mar " 5 1 Hs? ' iam 3, 'Ui i R LARRY BEARDEN Political Science JOHN BECHTOLD History CLARENCE BELL Accounting LINDA BELL History RICHARD BELL. Marketing PAT BERGER Social Science DOROTHY BERRY Spanish OGDEN BERRY Economics BRUCE BEVILL Biology JOANNE BOMER Elementary Education WILLIAM BRANCH Biology BARRY BRAZIL Chemistry ROBERT BRAZZEL Sociology BARBARA BREIT Art Education RENIE BESSINCK Biology MARY A. BRIDGES History RICHARD BRITT Marketing EDWARD BROWN Management JERRY BROWN Elementary Education JERRY BROWN Elementary Education LESTER BROWN Biology-Chemistry WAYNE E. BRYANT Accounting CECIL BUFFALO Marketing LINDA BUKI Art K KVVV Mstgiwh, 52 Ili l it , M I? A I 3 E - if I l I i is Tisxg' m ,1A 5431 'M um. S, 1 Q lc Seniors Cilass 1966 Commencement, the one day looked 'forward to for four long years which suddenly seem to have passed overnight. J. RONALD BURKE Management BILL BURTON Political Science BRUCE CABIPBELL Biology BOB CHAPMAN General Business MARCI CHOTKOVVSKI Physics DOROTHY CLAIBORNE If RONALD CLAYTON Accounting QIOI-IN COATES Business SUSAN COBB llistory ELMER COFFELT Psychology LINDA COOK llistory HM COOPER Political Science N AN CY COOPER Speech-D rama SU SAN CRAWFORD History CHARLES CRIDER Biology ANN CROFT Music Education CAROLYN CURRY Social Science DONALD DALTON Accounting ELEANOR DANIEL Elementary Education ALBERT DAVIS Bu,.iness Administration Jo JEAN DAVIS English MARSHA DAVIS Nursing CAROL JEAN DEBOASE y An CHARLES DENTON Biology-Chemistry -A at .. ,::,A, V . hz 1 , 1-2' K 5. gwdqfkm -gg . , 5 mx il' EQ was Q W A-L Ai ,Vg Q ,-is-x Q AR v :. t gb ttic W if QS 3? ' fl X res Seniors C2lass 1966 Fall formal officially presented new pledge: of Pi Phl, 4. Q. .. 9 .Yi Q H1 vw Jia.-Q A 1 5 A 1' Q X f , 1f'W"'1' M . .,,. 5 .:.: . NN A ik QW' ii S DELORES DEWITT Art MARY C. DICKSON Art KEN ELLINGTON Biology SHIRLEY ETIEN Physical Education GARY EVANS Business VIRGINIA FABRYCKY Speech 8: Hearing Therapy WILLIE FARQUHARSON Business Education TOM FERSTL General Business EDITH FLANICAN Economics DON FLETCHER Accounting CAROL FORD Elementary Education GENNY FORD Music Education ' DANNY FOWLER Finance RU SSELL FR AIM Business BETTYE FRANCIS Physical Education BEN FREASIER Biology-Chemistry BILL FULTON Psychology JERRY GAMBRELL Chemistry-Biology LEROY CARRISON Accoimting JOHN GERHART Marketing JOHN R. GILLENWATEIR Marketing RICKY GOFF Business SUSAN GRADY Elementary Education KENNETH CRAVES- Mathematics-Physics ,Hs-1 sil s a ei i i' y ao it Y 3 - I ,twig as 1 is W , ,, , 2,5 " ,f. i -- 'A' TAYLOR GREGORY Biology R. G. CRIMMETT Art-Political Science CHARLES HALE. Speech-Drama CLARENCE HAMILTON Physics DANA HAMPEL Sociology-Psychology TOMMY HARBOUR Biology-Chemistry DORIS HENDERSHOTT Elementary Education HAROLD HENDERSON Psychology-Sociology JO' ANN HILL Biology RICHARD HILL Psychology VVOODY HILL Pre-Pharmacy JERRELL HOLLOW AY Chemistry JACK HOLMES Business Administration RAYMOND HORNER Business Administration BILL HOWELL History PAM HOWELL Art Education LESLIE A. HOWITT Biology RONNIE HUBBARD Business Administration DONALD B. HURST Physical Ed.-Business Ad. PHILLIP HUSTON Business NORMAN HYNES Chemistry HAROLD JACKSON Business Administration LAURA JACOBS Sec. Science-Psychology ALAN IAMESON Psychology Seniors Class 1966 Baske'baIl games presented an opportunity for display of uni- que noise makers. MARTHA JOHNSON Sociology-Psychology WES JOHNSON Marketing CAROLYN JUNKIN Elementary Education MIRIAM KAYSER Business Education HENRY KEATTS Biology-History TOM KENNEDY Biology JOSEPH KILPATRICK JR Economics HARRY KITCHENS Management T ED LANCASTER Biology-Chemistry MARY LANDERS Elementary Education TIM LANGE Political Science JACK LARIBE Biology LANE LARRIEU Biology CAROLYN LEE Business Education A. J. LINDSEY Speech-Drama TOM LIPE Physics-Mathematics JERRY LOGGAINS Political Science TOM LOVETT Psychology PAUL MCANINCH Pre-Medicine LANELLE MCCRAY Elementary Education GINGER MCENTIRE Elementary Education BOB MCGOWAN Pre-Medicine MIKE MCCREW Physics REBECCA MCNABB History Seniors Class 1966 Air Force art exhibit brought admiring glances from Mrs. Rogers and prospective painters. RAYMOND MEADOR History SHARON MEDAL Elementary Education SARAH LEE MIXON Sociology ROSE ANN MOONNEY Sociology WILLIAM MOONEY History MICHAEL MORAN English JIM MORGAN Biology THERELL MULLENS Speech VVILLIANI MUNN Physical Education MARIANNE. NORDSIG Art SARAH O'KELLEY Elementary Education MICHAEL O'MALLEY Political Science BILL ORSBURN Marketing ROBIN ORSI Elementary Education CLARE OSTERHOUT English PERRY ANN OWEN Business RON NIE PAN KY Music Education MARIA PAPAGEORGE French JOYCE PARKS Sec. Science-Pol. Science GEORGE PARSON Management GENE F. PERKINS Chemistry BARBARA PETERS English SYDNEY PHILLIPS Speech WiLL1AM PLUMMER Art ' Wf ,. .,' 3, im . 13, ' ':- ,V '34 5551? f5"ff5Lf'ff L? .77 ?z4.r'2w 'ffl 'A' FRANCISCO POMAR Spanish JEFF POVVELL Biology CHARLES RAIN Mathematics JEANNIE RAINES Art DONALD RANEY Biology JAN RAPIER English BONNIE REID Music Education MARTHA REID Elementary Education A, M, REYNOLDS II Psychology-Sociology MERCEDES RIO Spanish-History FREDDIE ROBERTS Political Science PATSY ROBERTSON Mathematics JERRY ROSE Political Science JIMMY RUC-KER Biology SANDRA RUSSELL Business Education CAROLYN SATTERFIELD Elementary Education DEANNE SCHERZ Music Theory EUGENE A. SCHLIEP Accounting STEVE SCHUBERT Pre-Medicine HERBERT SEAMANS Humanities JAMES SEDBERRY Business Administration L. B. SETZLER Psychology BONNIE SHEARER Elementary Education JANE SHERROD Elementary Education , eq fr E ?'.t uf ff v v.-Q1 yy , Ik me . J ,,. f F Ja .wil , gf. ' f 5btg7'?ff1f is LY iz K lixry K K X N -. 111 ,K . .ttf tl t,5..15.lIXl15 md' -rf-sr' ANN SHUGART Mathematics JUDY SLAUGHTER English IRIS STEPHANS Elementary Education LARRY STEPHENS Economics JAMES R. STEWART Marketing MARTIN SULLIVAN Accounting MATT TIMM Political Science MARY NELL TOMPKINS Elementary Education BEI I Y TREISBACK Secondary Education JOHN TUOHEY Finance-Chemistry ROBERT VANDIVER Biology CLYDE VENABLE Chemistry vi-- ! I ffiff' s rl a. it IE RE VOTH Music Education TOMMY WAHL Accounting GLEN WALDEN Physics-Mathematics SUZANNE WALTERS English DAVID VVANKU M Physics-Mathematics POLLY WAREORD Elementary Education DANIEL WATSON Accounting KENNETH WATSON Business JIM BOB WEATHERS Management GEORGE WEBER Biology JAMES WELCH Sociology STEVE WESTON Political Science Psychology ALVIN WHITE History WILLDA WHITESIDE English VVHITNEY WILLARD Elementary Education ALFRED WILLIAMS History ANN ETTE WILLIAMS Sociology-Psychology THOMAS WILLIAMS Spanish-French KEN WILLIS Biology CHARLES WISEMAN Speech-Drama DON WISE. Chemistry DONALD WOOD Physical Education MARY ANNE WOODS Sec. Science-Pol. Science PAUL RUSSELL WOODS Biology i i. Al "N-an TIM VVOODS Accounting GLENDA YEAGER Elementary Education IOE YORK Biology ARTHUR ZORN Business '17-A Seniors Cllass 1966 University Choir stages one last rehearsal in preparation for T,V. show. " is . kb -inn.: il Work on new Fine Arts-Classroom building progressed with con- L ' ll ' clusion of strike and favorable weather conditions. V' Y Sydney Phillips and Jane Finger smile for the phodographer as their companion observes the events of the day. l87 1' De ' , U , 0- i t i anim to 111 W mffffiiswfiifzsrzzfsz-11,z N , W JK! N -, fe ay r .. W, ii4ag,,, i if is W 4 'T 1 , , r :1,i I '1,1 ,li f if 'ii W W V? i it HFIEI?-t?f ,.1 ,t,.1 .,. . Q ,,'i, , Special Students College graduates, non-degree candidates and students just interested in keeping abreast of the times comprise this group of special students. Some are doing additional work in their major field, others are widening their horizon by pursuing an unrelated area while others are striving for self improvement by en- rolling in a class such as rapid reading, speech or perhaps a foreign language or business skill course. All are a part of the Little Bock University family. Pike brothers visit with Arkan- san-at-Large who just happens to be a member of Pi Kappa Alpha. - V if Louise Adams Gerald S. Allen -," 'iiii ' Freida Ballard Z Jo Ceil Barr Edward Barry if Richard Bellas Gertrude Blackwood Maude L. Bowman Pride Brooks Mary Burnett Ann Carpenter Howard Cooper Shanen Elliott John Elms, Ir. Marilyn Farmer . . ,,A ,,.., . ., John ' .- 11, fW?l'!"" A l iff if-H fx Vila? ' ' ,-1 Q ili ac if ra 'S Y Z 225,50 , 1' f '15a"2f 151' fig",- Maiy Glover 1 r'r , Bonnie Grant Peggy Grinder Thorn Hall Albert Hanna Harry Hardin Michael Hillard Ty Hogan Bruce Hundley Tim Huston George Ivey Raymond ,lang I Charles Johnson james Kennedy Jfxqyig ' 1 , 2352215 ...2'.aia.'f" f WA? "Gee MayBefh, you mean all these books for only 60 cents, and a free offer too?" Iames Kimberlin Ruth Kretchman Linda Marie Lamen Pat Lowe ,lack Livingston Margie McCarthy Imogene Miller Mary Mondy lohn Nolan Peter Poladino Gerald Presley Gary Pruitt Joe Reagan Luther Reed Glen Rose Charles E. Scoles Louis Seiter Carl Smith David Thomas Bill Tucker Gerald Turner Probert Van Dyke Audris Zidermanis 'Elf' 2 as 11""Wf. , ,Q 1 3 Senior Activities AIRHART, ARA ANN - Biologys Wesley Foundation, SNEA. ARMBRUST, ROGER - Business Administration, Sigma Nu, Trojan Basketball Team, FORUM, Newman Club, Student Sen- ate, "VVho's Who in American Colleges 8: Universities", 1965-66. BAKER, ROBERT F., JR. - Economics, Sigma Nu, Board of Governors, Model Pledge, Lt. Commander, Pledge Instructor, Ka- talia, Alpha Kappa Psi, President, Constitutional Court Chief Jus- tice, Presidents' Council, Young Republicans, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1965-66, Sword and Shield, Dick Neal Scholarship. BAKER, WILLIAM R. - Political Science, Circle K, Foreign Re- lations Club, Young Republicans, President of Independent Or- ganization. BANGERT, M. GAYLE - Accounting, Young Republicans, Dean's List. BEARDEN, LARRY - Political Science, Kappa Sigma, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Circle K, Presidents' Council, Foreign Relations Club, Young Democrats, Physical Education Club. BELL, LINDA - History-English, University Theatre Guild, Young Democrats, Foreign Relations Club, Dean's List, Alpha Psi Omega, Bookends. BELL, RICHARD - Marketing, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Board of Governors, Pledge Trainer, Young Democrats, Circle K, Presidents' Council, Marketing Club, President. BERGER, PAT KNIGHT - Social Science, Art Club, La Sociedad Espanola, SNEA, Psychology Club, Marketing Club, Phi Theta Kappa. BERRY, DOROTHY - Spanish, Sword and Shield, Spanish Club. BERRY, OGDEN - Economics, Sigma Nu, Young Republicans. BEVILL, BRUCE A. - Biology, Sword and Shield, Young Re- publicans. BRANCH, WILLIAM - Biology, Pi Kappa Alpha, American Chemical Society. BREIT, BARBARA - Art Education, Chi Omega. BRESSINCK, RENIE - Biology, Sigma Nu, Chemistry Club, Radio Club, Newman Club, Biology Club, Young Democrats, Sen- ior Menls Senator, Biology Lab Instructor. BRIDGES, MARY ALYCE - History, Beta Chi, Young Demo- crats, TROJAN Staff, SNEA, B.S.U., March of Dimes Commit- tee, Administrative Staff, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship. BRYANT, WAYNE EDMOND - Accounting, Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals, Phi Beta Lambda, Sword and Shield. BURKE, R. RONALD - Marketing, Young Republicans, Vice President, President, Treasurer, Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President, President, Circle K, Marketing Club, Alpha Kappa Psi. CHOTKOWSKI, MARCEL - Physics, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CLAIBORNE, DOROTHY M. - Art, Art Club Vice President, Social Chairman, Exhibits Chairman, ACE, SNEA Representative, Dean's List, Wesley Foundation, Art Achievement Award. COOK, LINDA CELARIER - History, Dean's List, SNEA. COOPER, JAMES RICKS - Political Science-History, Foreign Relations Club, Young Democrats, Independent Organization. COOPER, NANCY VIRGINIA - Speech-Drama, Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman, President, Social Chairman, Convention Page, Student Senate, Secretary, FORUM Staff, Society Editor, Alpha Psi Omega, Sword and Shield, Co-Chairman, Miss LRU, University Theatre Guild, Secretary, Debate Team, Delegate to University of Texas Model United Nations, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities" 1964-65, 1965-66, Leadership Training, Committee Head, U.T.G. Awards, 1964-65, State and Regional Speech Festival Awards, Hood and Tassel, Vice Presi- dent, President. CRAWFORD, SUSAN HORTON - History, Wesley Founda- tion, Sword and Shield, Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, Chi Omega History Award, SNEA. CRIDER, CHARLES CARROLL - Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wesley Foundation, SNEA, Biology Club, Dean's List, Psychology Club, Circle K, Young Democrats, Secretary, Presidents' Council, Social Chairman, Eminent Treasurer, Eminent Deputy Archon of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CROFT, ANN - Music Education, Pi Beta Phi, Music Chair- man, Corresponding Secretary, University Choir, Council, Univer- sity Theatre Guild, Wesley Foundation, Council, Miss LRU Pag- eant, 1963,1965, i'Miss Congeniality", Alpha Psi Omega, Vice President, Phi Theta Kappa. DANIEL, ELEANOR - Element Ed t' , A1 h P ' O - ACE, SNEA, Young Republicans,arS7ecrei:i'iy.1On P a S1 mega, DAVIS, ALBERT - Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi. FABRYCKY, VIRGINIA - Speech and Hearing Therapy-Sociol- ogy, Phi Theta Kappa, Chemistry Club, LRU Choir, Foreign Re- lations Club, Sword and Shield. FARQUHARSON, WILLIE - Business Education, Phi Beta Lambda, Treasurer, SNEA, Young Democrats, Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sponsor. FORD, GENNY - Music, Stella and George Smith Scholarship- Voice, Outstanding Music Major, Outstanding Female Choir Mem- ber, French Club, Winner of Vocal Division of National Federa- tion of Music Clubs Student Contest, TROLJAN Beauty, LRU Choir, Secretary and Member-at-Large. FOINLER, DAN J. - Finance, Sigma Nu, President, Vice Presi- dent, Freshmen Class President, Young Democrats, Foreign Rela- tions Club, Debate Team, Junior Men's Senator, Senior Class Pggsgdfegit, UWho's Who in American Colleges and Universities" FREASIER, BEN P. JR. - Biology, Sigma Nu, Charter Member, Young Republicans, Biology Club, Chemistry Club. GRADY, SUSAN BOOTH - Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Scholarship Chairman, Sponsor Chairman, French Club, Cheerleader, Co-Captain, ACE, Treasurer, SNEA. GREGORY, TAYLOR - Biology, Chemistry Club. HAMPEL, DANA - Sociology, Pi Beta Phi Treasurer, Pledge Trainer, Vice President, Sigma Tau Lambda, Women's Recreation Association, Spanish Club, Newman Club, Secretary, Psychology Club, TROJAN Beauty Candidate, Hood and Tassel, Senior Wom- en's Senator, "Whos VVho in American Colleges and Univer- sities," 1965-66. HENDERSON, HAROLD - Psychology- Sociology, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Rush Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, Circle K, Vice President, Katalia, Varsity Baseball, Letterman's Club, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities," 1964-65, Psychology Club, President. HILL, RICHARD - Psychology, Foreign Relations Club, Glee Club, Young Republicans. HOWELL, BILL - History, Pi Kappa Alpha, Newman Club, President. HOWITT, LESLIE - Biology, Divers Club. HURST, DON - Physical Education, TROJAN Basketball, Kappa Sigma, Grand Treasurer, Grand Procurator. JACOBS, LAURA - Social Science, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Reg- istrar, Phi Beta Lambda, LRU Choir, Psychology Club, Baptist Student Union. JAMES, CHARLES E. - Business Administration, Sigma Nu, Marketing Club. JOHNSON, MARTHA - Sociology, Phi Theta Kappa, Vice Presi- dent, Chemistry Club, Wesley Foundation, Treasurer, President, Sword and Shield, Secretary, Hood and Tassel, Psychology Club, Dick Neal Scholarship. JOHNSON, WES - Marketing, Marketing Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Circle K, Baptist Student Union, Vice President. JUNKIN, CAROLYN - Elementary Education, SNEA. KAYSER, MIRIAM JEANNE - Business Education, Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary, President, State Secretary, Miss Future Busi- ness Teacher, National Convention Voting Delegate, Phi Theta Kappa, W.R.A., Young Democrats, Foreign Relations Club, TRO- JAN Staff, Leadership Training Program, Speaker, Hood and Tas- sel, Secretary-Treasurer, SNEA, Sword and Shield, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities," 1964-65, 1965-66, Student Union Board, Chairman, Secretary, Delegate to the University of Texas Leadership Conference. KEATTS, HENRY C. - Biology, Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Vice President, Chemistry Club, Young Democrats, Interfraternity Coun- cil, Secretary, President, President's Council, Dean's List. KENNEDY, THOMAS ANTHONY - Biology-Psychology, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman, Vice President, Executive Board, Circule K, Treasurer, Delegate to International Convention, Bap- tist Student Union, President's Council, Psychology Club, Biology Club, TROJAN Staff. KINNEY, DICK C. - Business, Young Democrats. LANCASTER, TED - Biology, Phi Alpha Beta, Biology Club, Chemistry Club. LARIBE, JACK - Biology, Phi Alpha Beta, Rush Chairman, FORUM Staff, Young Democrats, Quiendecium, Treasurer. LARRIEU, LANE M. -- Biology, Foreign Relations Club, Vice President, Young Democrats, Pulaski County Young Democrats, Chemistry Club, President, Chess Club, President, Biology Club, Vice President, Purple Skull Award of Chemistry Club. LEE, CAROLYN - Business Education, ACE, Phi Beta Lambda. LOGGAINS, JERRY LYNN - Political Science-History, Foreign Relations Club, Dean's List. MCANINCH, PAUL - Pre-Med, Chemistry Club, Band, Radio Club, Vice President, Chemistry Lab Instructor. MEADER, RAYMOND - History, Baptist Student Union, Presi- dent, Presidents' Council. MEDAL, SHARON - Elementary Education, Newman Club, Chemistry Club, SNEA, ACE, Women's Recreation Association, Young Republicans. MOONEY, ROSE ANN - Sociology, Young Republicans, Psy- chology Club, University Theatre Guild, Wesley Foundation, Hu- man Relations Council. MOONEY, WILLIAM - History, Sigma Nu, Vice President, Sec- retary, Phi Alpha Theta, Vice President, Foreign Relations Club. MUNN, WILLIAM - Physical Education, Sigma Nu, vice Presi- dent, Secretary, Phi Alpha Theta, Vice President, Foreign Relations Club. ORSBORN, BILL - Marketing, Delta Kappa, Pledge Class Presi- dent, Pledge Master, Young Democrats, Marketing Club, TROJAN Business Manager, Alpha Kappa Psi, Circle K. PAPAGEORGE, MARIA - French, L'Alliance Francaise, Secre- tary, La Sociedad Espanola, Young Democrats, University Concert Choir, SNEA, Dean's List. PARKS, JOYCE LAVERE - Secretarial Science-Political Science, Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary, Miss Future Business Executive of Arkansas, Phi Theta Kappa, Foreign Relations Council, Secretary, Sword and Shield, Hood and Tassel, Vice President, Presidents' Council, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities," 1965-66. PHILLIPS, LEILYA SYDNEY - Speech-Drama, University The- atre Guild, Cheerleader, Psychology Club, Vice President, Biology Club, Vice President, Delta Delta Delta, Publicity Chairman, Rec- ommendations Chairman, Miss LRU, Alpha Psi Omega, Pledge Captain, Secretary, Miss Christmas Seal, Dean's List. PLUNKETT, C. F. - Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary. POWELL, JEFF A. JR. - Biology, Chemistry Club, Young Demrr crats Club, Baptist Student Union. PRINCE, CAROLYN - History, S.N.E.A. RAINES, JEANNE E. - Art Education, Chi Omega, Secretary, Treasurer, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Cheerleader, Phi Theta Kappa, Art Club, President, Miss LRU Committee, SNEA, NEA, Presidents' Council, Red Cross Blood Drive, Leadership Training, University Theatre Guild, Young Democrats, Women's Recreation Association. RANEY, DONALD - Biology, Student American Medical Asso- ciation, NEA, AEA. RAPIER, JAN - English,Spanish Club. ROSE, JERRY EVERETT - Political Science, Student Body Treas- urer, Sophomore Class President, Alpha Psi Omega, President, Katalia, President, Junior Class President, Student Body President, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Sword and Shield, Phi Theta Kappa. SCHERZ, DE ANNE - Music Theory, Phi Theta Kappa, Span- ish Club, Sword and Shield, Choir. SHEARER, BONNIE - Elementary Education, SNEA, ACE, Pres- ident, Delta Kappa Gamma Award for Outstanding Prospective Teacher, Spanish Club, Social Chairman, Delegate to ACE con- vention, Sword and Shield, Dick Neal Scholorship, Dean's List. SHUBERT, STEVEN - Chemistry-Biology, Delta Kappa, French Club, Newman Club, Secretary, Sigma Nu Recorder. SHUGART, ANN - Math, S.N.E.A., A.C.E. SLAUGHTER, JUDY -.English, choir, chi omega, vice Presi- dent, Newman Club. TIMM, MATHEW A. - Political Science, Student Body Vice President, Phi Alpha Theta, President, Sophomore Men's Senator, Foreign Relations Club, President, G. J. Francis Jr. Award, "Whois Who in American Colleges and Universities," 1965-66, Phi Theta Kappa, Sword and Shield, Katalia, Human Relations Council, Young Democrats, LRU Delegate for National Student Leadership Inst. NYC, PTA Scholarship, Debate Team, TOMPKINS, MARY NELL - Elementary Education, Zeta Phi, Art Club, Choir, Foreign Relations Club, Women's Recreation Asso- ciation, SNEA, ACE, Young Democrats, TROJAN Staff. VANCE, DONALD A. - Pre-Med, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Presi- dent, Presidents' Council, Vice President, Psychology Club, Presi- dent, Katalia, Circle K, Young Democrats, Student Body Vice President VVho's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1965-66. WAHL, CHARLES THOMAS - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Goveming Board, Phi Beta Lambda, Treasurer, Vice President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Young Democrats, Varsity Bowling Team, Student Union Board Co-Ordinator, Circle K, President, Presidents' Council, Vice President, Student Senate, Presidents' Council Delegate, Who's Who in American Collges and Universities, 1965-66, Statistics and Accounting Lab Instructor. WEBER, GEORGE L. - Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary, Chemistry Club, Newman Club, Young Democrats, Biology Club. WEST, RONALD D. - English, Newman Club, French Club, Young Democrats, Secretary, Varsity Bowling, Sigma Nu, His- torian, Reporter. WHITE, ALVIN H. -- History, Art, Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian, House Manager, Editor of TROJAN 1964-65, 1965-66, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Art Club, Miss LRU Dec- orations Committee Chairman, Homecoming Decorations Commit- tee Chairman, Art Achievement Award. WILLIAMS, ALFRED LEWIS- History, Sigma Nu, Rush Chair- man, Assistant Pledge Marshall, Pledge Educator, Freshman Men's Senator, Dean's List, Sophomore Class President, Circle K, Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary, Phi Beta Lambda, President, Interfraternity Council, Vice President, Choir, Delegate to 1965 Democratic Na- tional Convention, Young Democrats, Secretary, Vice President, Foreign Relations Council, Secretary-Treasurer. VVILLIAMS, ANNETTE - Sociology, Kappa Kappa Gamma, President of Pledge Class, First Vice President, Psychology Club, Wesley Foundation. VVOODS, MARY ANNE - Secretarial Science-Political Science, Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman, President, Corresponding Secretary, Phi Theta Kappa, Convention Delegate, Sigma Tau Lambda, Vice President, Women's Recreation Association, Beta Chi, Sophomore Women's Senator, Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities," 1964-65, 1965-66, Panhel- lenic, Treasurer, Newman Club, Treasurer, Constitutional Court, Justice, Sword and Shield, Vice President, Hood and Tassel, Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary. WOODS, PAUL RUSSELL - Bio1ogY9 Sigma Nu. WOODS, TIMOTHY D. - Accounting, Tennis Team, Letter- men's Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer. f WW wk at x 'Z af ii Q--' 5 - QlPLz?2if' ' ,ff innu- 35 ATHLETICS ., IV" 1 gf x 'W "'f L"-'lon If all began here. Plans, possible plays and hours of hard work go into Coach Branscum's "chalk talk". 0 The Year of the Trojans Coach eagerly gives players the old pitch of "defense, hus1le, rebound". Bob Dobson exercises finger-tip control which aided him in being recognized for honorable mention "AlI American". LBU's Trojan Basketball Team closed out its 1965-66 season by participating in the A.I.C. Tournament in Pine Bluff. Trojan boosters were delighted with the team's fine showing in this event, reaching the semi-final round of play against the A.l.C. champions. The season was an eventful one, establishing several "Firsts" for the team. Old records gave way to new and one contest saw the Trojans run out of manpower as six play- ers returned to the bench on fouls. ,- ,..,a-M.f,.V, ..,, ,si tw Coy Cozart thwarts efforts of A.8-M. player. The Trojans brought the Dixie Tournament trophy home for the third time. Bob Dobson was selected the out- standing player of this tournament and was joined on the all-tourney team by Bonnie Hubbard. During the regular season a 13-14 win-loss record was compiled by the team which does not do justice to the fine performances of team members nor the progress made steadily throughout the year. A loose ball is fair game. M I .mf ., irxgi l ,N ff ., M9- ff na w 1' Season's Record LBU Arkansas A 81 M 89 LRU College of Ozarks 71 LRU Arkansas A 8: M 97 LRU Hendrix 71 LRU Harding 63 LRU Arkansas State Teachers 81 LRU Louisiana Tech 95 LBU Delta State 73 LBU Dixie Tournament 67 LBU Dixie Tournament 74 LRU Southwestern 58 LBU Bethel 78 LRU Southern Baptist 101 LBU Southwest Missouri 106 LBU College of Ozarks 82 LRU Le Tourneau 73 LRU Le Tourneau 66 LRU Bethel 81 LRU Bethel 85 LRU John Brown University 72 LRU Le Tourneau 82 LRU Le Tourneau 66 LRU Delta State 76 LRU Southwest Missouri 81 LRU Southern Baptist 67 John Brown University Srcgghs CiIlev3UgBl:a2scuemg is year as head coach, led the LRU College of Ozarks 75 n r n V n U e ' LRU Henderson 68 LBU Southern State 62 T ' rojans - 1965-66 Roger Armbrust Bob Bucheck Alvin Corder Coy Cozart Senior - Guard Sophomore - Guard Iunior - Guard Junior - Center Marshall Davis Bob Dobson Gene Domman Ronnie Hubbard Junior - Guard Junior - Forward Sophomore - Center Senlor - Center 1 "Do I remember Southern Baptist?" Bob Dobson C325 looks as if he is dancing but he boasts a record-breaking score of 42 points in one game. B b H b d Tommy Louks Charles Sanders Qlen Staples o um ar Iunior - Forward Junior - Guard junior - Forward Iunxor - Forward Coach McGee irons out pre-season strategy with members of the team. Millard Smith gets into the proper spirit. Trojan Baseball Nine letterman retumed for the 1966 baseball season. Twenty-six boys showed up for the first workout which was a marked improvement over the eleven who came last year. With the additional competition each man worked harder to secure a position on the team. Tom Brewer and Bruce Cash transferred this year to LRU and are considered top ball players. Tommy Louks led the team last season with a .350 average. His return along with Bob Dobson, Iohnny Wilson and Marshall Davis add experience to the squad. All home games were played at Lamar Porter Field. This year the Trojans had 23 games scheduled with A.l.C. participants. Newman McGee, an LRU graduate, has held the position of coach to the Troian Baseball team since 1964. The team has completed two fine seasons under his leadership. Season's beginning calls for rigorous exercise on part of players. Pre-Season Training .... Johnny Wilson shows form he uses throughout the year to be one of best base-stealers in the state. Taking a healthy cut in batting practice as the new season's opening nears. Trojan Baseball Schedule March .........e...., Ouachita Baptist University March ...e,..,,,, Philander Smith March ...Y Arkansas State Teachers March .....,. Southern Baptist April 5 .... r..,,..,.a,.,, H arding April -- Arkansas State Teachers April B ..r,.,.A. Southern Baptist April r-- Henderson State Teachers April .,,,.rr.,..,,r Arkansas Tech April ru- Ouachita Baptist University April ,.,,r.., Arkansas A. 81 M. April ..rr.r.r.,r,.r.r Harding May -rr Henderson State Teachers May 5 H- r,rr.,,, Arkansas A. 81 M. May 6 r-- r W, Arkansas Tech May 10 -H Philander Smith "Coach, I iust can'1 believe you're going to fake John out", dismayed catcher Davis says. The '66 Trojans in a casual pose before the season begins. First BOW: Second Bow: Coach McGee, Eubanks, Elliot, Smith, Beard, Ben- Walkup, Buckeck, Sparks, VVilson, Buie, Brewer, Ussery, Shoemaker. nett, Thompson, Cush, Cagle, Garner, Davis. With form and balance bowling team member picks up his spare. Bowling enthusiast Tommy Pace drops sure strike. B0 ling Bowling is fast becoming a popular sport and past- time for many LRU students. Six bowlers are listed on the varsity team this year and competed with other college teams in the state. Last year's bowling team finished in third place in the state. This year's group had hopes of bettering this already good record. Don Gold explains proper grip to fellow bowler. Golf Golf, the newest addition to Little Rock University's progressive athletic program, enjoyed a successful year. Dr. Dudley Beard, coach of the team, has a reputation as one of the best golfers in the state. The team was entered in all of the local meets in Central Arkansas. The team was composed of john Lammers, Mike Mor- rison, Tommy Head, Gary Howard, john Boyce, Bill Pat- ton and Denny Hamilton and all members proved to be very formidable opponents. This was evidenced by the fact that Little Rock University won the A.I.C. Golf Tournament this year. With such a fine beginning, LRU can be assured of a permanent position in collegiate golf circles. A few practice swings help golfer Mike Morrison warm up before meet. I1's not all smooth sailing This is the oblect to gaze upon. 1 4 4 Members of the tennis team are First Row: Tim Woods, Bob Scott. Second Raw: Tom Nosal, Charles Mallory and Coach Kuykendall. 1 i l i r 294 Tennis This year began the second season for the tennis team as an organized unit. joe Kuykendall served as coach for the second year. The team's success can be attributed to the fact that more depth was added this year with added experience from returning players. The season, beginning with practice matches, was fol- lowed by fifteen regular matches and two tournaments. Some of the outstanding matches were with Hendrix College, Harding College and Ouachita Baptist University. Bob Scott displays fine ability. Tim Woods makes a good showing for LRU"s tennis team. CP of ..,. Qi ! fS.'iT?ffT .'.'!'! 2 EEE! '20 I SME-L Zli Y! g.n!n..v wi . ?t 4 . ,IC 4 raw, 21, 1 415 AA:A iuillf Hifi Sidi 5 'X 'W' all wi, 1 nazwrmfi Bridge games widened the scope of interest in intramural competition. When in doubt iust throw the ball straight up and that is iust what Jana Pettingill did. Intramural members prepare for rough and rough touch football game. Intramurals Keen competition is the descriptive phrase for LPtU's intramural program. Both in men's and women's intramural teams the spirit of participation is outstanding. The intramural program includes volleyball, basketball, bridge, softball, tennis, badminton, touch football, bowling and golf. The Winner of intramurals is determined by the number of points accumulated during the school year. Points are compiled on the basis of first, second, third and fourth place wins. Sportsmanship is also emphasized very strongly with the presentation of a sportsmanship trophy. Mrs. Muriel Lindsay and Coach Newman McGee are in charge of women's and men's intramurals. 4 A, . ?' ,,ny.g:fQ QP,- 44, 'Q lf5 i""'ll 1 H Zim? K wf mf 5' 2 f W Z 5? W V if ff? l , Se h , Y wi I ! 1 1 p ADVERTISEMEN E E r 5 E S I K . S i We thonk the following persons who have supported our publicotion Julius C. Acchione Doniel H. Autry, M.D. R. Eugene Boiley T. Duel Brown, M.D. F. Wolter Corruthers, M.D D. B. Cheoirs, M.D. Gilbert O. Deon, M.D. Williom M. Homilton, M.D. Jomes W. Heodstreom, M.D. M. J. Henry, M.D Robert L. l-lenry, M.D. Hundley Clinic I-lorold L. King Frcink G. Kumpuris, M.D. M. R. McCoskill, M.D. Mox R. McGinnis, M.D. E. M. Nixon, M.D. J. O. Porter, M.D. Ben O. Price, M.D. Rodiology Associotes Williom H. Riley, M.D. C. D. Rodgers, M.D. Wolter G. Selokovich, M.D Elvin Shuffield, M.D. T.C.S. Orthopedic Clinic Chorles Wollis, M.D. C. E. Wenger, M.D. Jornes W. Wilson, M.D. Chorles R. Winn, M.D. A Friend 7 mpirv can .gnaurance Co. .America 2801 W. ROOSEVELT LITTLE ROCK S-HEARN MOODY JR., PRESIDENT COMPLIMENTS OIF JR. DEPUTY SHERIFFS ORG. PULASKI COUNTY DIRECTOR KEN BEST SHERIFF FRANK MACKEY DaiIey's Office Furniture Furniiure, Decoraiions, Fine Giffs and Lamps, Poriable Typewriflers 308 ROCK You Will Be Glad You Did ARK. CANTEEN SERVICE COMPLETE FOOD AND VENDING SERVICE Fresh Brewed Coffee - Hot Canned Foods Cold Beverages - Ice Cream Candy - Cigarettes FOR ALL YOUR VENDING NEEDS CALL MOhawk 4-I527 RADIO DISPATCHED SERVICE BONDED 6 UNIFORMED SERVICE PERSONNEL MILNER-TERRY PONTIAC We don"I' wanl' all Ihe Business We iusi' wani YOURS Come and see us 'For new and used cars H. A. Terry-Presidenl' 806 W. Capiiol THE GEORGE W. DONAGHEY FOUNDATION FOUNDED FOR TIIE PERPETUAL BENEFIT OF THE LITTLE ROCK UNIVERSITY DONORS: The Late GOVERNOR and MRS. GEORGE XV, DONAGHEY Board of Trustees: JOHN H. RULE, Presidenf DR, ALFRED KAHN, JR. G. E. LOWRY WILLIAM NASH W. P. GULLEY. JR. DR. HENRY G. HOLLENBER6 A. DAN PHILLIPS A. G. KAHN, Trusiee Emeriius Owning and opera+ing Iwo large office buildings in downfown LiH'le Rock .. IIIIIIIIIIIIII --I-IIIIIII-II. .IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIIIIIII II.,IIIIIIIIIII-III.II..III.IIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'fl ..-jzii ilf iul, Eff E LQROUO M illi!! Z 1 Rf E "'aif"i.I'5ig Hsf 9' ifiiiijllfsf X Tenancy in the Dondghey Building , JA, -gil ui.. -xx and the Wdldon Building helps I'?Iii5'Ef'E.'1 1 . Q E -. N aiigaggfilfjsi ,Qggfg L.R.U. which is benefited from the i-rv fiu',1i'. ' 'QI S 'l':-.Il '55 3: "'-52'3EliiEIIi'LgI.,'l,l operation of these two well known Q .J fs' !1i gait office buildings. -, ,X :Y T P-E fvx "AJ Q LY A 5 lmmmmmmm mmnmmnm H DESIRABLE OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE Donaghey Building Waldon Building 212 Donuglicy Buililiiig pylmw FR 4.1014 ' elflff Of .f4rLan5a5 MILK AND ICE CREAM TWIN CITY Printing and Litho SECOND AND MAGNOLIA NORTH LITTLE ROCK FIELDS FLORIST Y5 Congratulations to the Class of I965 GIFT SHOP LITTLE R0'CK'S FINEST ! 5715 KAVANAUGH 5 3302 Ji Fair Park lmnnscue L0 5-9685 jar ,ibuncing Un .izbaiwarfa 812 SOUTH UNIVERSITY BELLES N' BEAUX Jadeliff .slapping Cenler Word JUL ,gosh .xdrhunaaa Compliments of WCNDER BREAD AND HOSTESS CAKES F B I' I N H Call ALBERT HARPER a+ LO 53I48 COMPLIMENTS OF PLEASURE BOWLING LAN ES 6700 ASHER AVE. LO 5-703I A N D PARK PLAZA BOWLING LAN ES UNIVERSITY AND MARKHAM Mo 4-3377 gui IlfUiaAea .70 .742 jofan .xdnzl Little Bock University Wafiona! UK! oline .gnfiurance 60l'l'll0al'lg IN YEARBOOKS THE MARK OF QUALITY HURLEY YEARBOOK COMPANY IS PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE PRODUCTION OF The 1966 Trojan SERVING AS PRINTER AND BINDER FOR THIS OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK HURLEY YEARBOOK COMPANY A DIVISION OF THE HURLEY COMPANY, INC. CAMDEN, ARKANSAS KATTERIOHN CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO., INC. PWR we ARE Now Mono Eoulrrso 12th 81 Willow Sts. North Little Rock, Arkonsos FR 2-2291 Arkansas' Mosf Honored Name In I JEWELRY "Since 1880" Sums Mr . , V , M E R c I A L or' LITTLE Rock .ffisskioop MfH2ZCfSLfSUE'5 Canfrell Cad H'HR d I Everybody Loves DIXON IVIILK CENTRAL PRINTING CO. Priniers 0 Lifhograp-hers Sfarioners I80I Sco'H' S+ree+ LiH'Ie Rock, Arkansas BI-ASFK GNSUS 10095 Pure Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers and Steaks f b IL XVII!! I , J747! , I ,xr 4' ,k 'II III ya WET' -L f ,- V fn? fx I ' .- ' P1 3 A MI 'II I I 1,121 ' "bww ' I I Call M0 6-0151 And We Will Have It Ready For You. ALL MEAT CI-IARCOAL BROILED "For Your Health's Sake" FREE PARKING Americo's Foremost -LUGGAGE- GIFTS - NOVELTIES iff STANDARD Luggage and Gifts 303 Main St. Litt ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECT SUPPLIE COMPLETE LINE OF ART MATERIALS KODAKS MOVIE CAMERAS unglrincl omloany 206 MAIN STREET LITTLE ROCK. ARK. Ie Rock TIMES Printing Company NOFII1 Li'H'Ie Rock UNION LIP E INSURANCE COMPANY J. T. STEPHENS, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD E. M. ARNOLD, PRESIDENT UNION LIFE BUILDING - LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS ALLSOPP 81 CHAPPLE BOOKS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES P 307 Main Street Little Rock, Ark uemify .xduenue .xdf gygv .SIMM 9945 FIELD'S BUILD-ING LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS M0 4--3151 FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN LITTLE ROCK qQcAarcJ ComPhmenf5 Stuaho wesl' mairry WA ere Quahily Conn fs 3324 fj'aff,,afL BIN! ,Co 5-7516 620 West 7fA QI- 2-2710 sPAuLmNG ATHLETIC Goons co., mc. 5 I 3 Cen+er Sfreei 51,24 M, Phone FR 2-22I8 LiH'le Rock, Arlr. It is the responsibility of business institutions to encourage in our culture new ideas and new directions in the arts and letters. WILLIAMS AND ROSEN ARKANSAS' NO. 1 FORD DEALER WOPM QDCL, .fdfgflnjllj INSURANCE COMPLIMENTS OF IC, GRAINGER WILLIAMS L, ,,,,Y W VIRGINIA PARISH , ,,,, W, ,W XLBERT W. ISENMAN JR. ,,,Y,,, L E. MARSHALL GAZETTE JR. CLASS OF 1931 CLASS O'F 1938 CLASS O'F 1939 CLASS O'F 1959 1221 REBSAMEN PARK ROAD LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS MO.6-0261 PIIOIIE YOUR ORDER AND PICKUP... IF YOUR, PIZZA IS PERFECT! ITS mon lSHAKEY'5'Q P I z ZA PA R LO R anb ge Public House I COMPLIMENTS OF McCONNELL HEAVY I HAUI-ING Coleman Dairy F. O. "Don" McConnell, Owner I SERVING ARKANSAS . TENNESSEE , MISSISSIPPI- LOUISIANA MIM gee Cream TEXAS - OKLAHOMA - MISSOURI KANSAS - NEBRASKA I MONTANA - MINNESOTA NORTH DAKOTA a A SOUTH DAKOTA LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS I ay 65 S FRanHin 4-2202 ROY FISHER'S STEAK HOUSE MR. and MRS. ROY FISHER. Owners ir CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS ir CUSTOM BARBECUING iv PRIVATE DINING ROOMS FOR PARTIES FRanIrIIn 4-566l I9l9 E. Broadway. NLR "Open Saturday until Noon" PULASKI HEIGHTS BANK Grant at Kavanaugh Member FDIC Box 3298, Forest Park Station LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS l 1 i 1 I 1 I I 1 I l 1 1 Munn Bintrihutnrn nr. fl., flame Cf Hatter JCMM puffy Yel'5 .gnferezifeol .yn we growfL .fdncl gufure HARRY HASTINGS SR. PRESIDENT HARRY HASTINGS JR. VICE PRESIDENT PAUL HASTINGS PUBLIC RELA'I'IONS 1315 EAST 26th STREET LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -'-""-"I when PE E RMANCE walks inthe Door, I Flies out the Window. lk' Dan Sp-rick, PRES. Id TI tw A El30IN1ENMMFUU.l. wmmm umrwe wma mauasmums I ,H , ELECTRICITY POWERS . ' B FZXMSAES 742 Class Cf 7966 7' DR. PEPPER BOTTLING Co QQ 5 Q esf J, f 2 x fl A I sf ' !Q 8 7707 w. sevenfA ARKANSAS' PROGRESS ARKANSAi 15332202 36:1 'V 2 1 COMPLIMENTS PP .Ls OF 1 ll' ' E ibauid .Szabo 115 WEST CONWAY BENTON, ARK. Your Trojan Photographer Compkmenfs Zrdf .American galff of 14034 QM, fm, ,4,4a,,,,,, lflnffwl Wenf-04115 3323 Qian 'PML .LO 5-7541 5625 KAVANAUGH 0 MOhowk 6-0060 Tradifional Clo+hing EL PATIO gm' f'L2 Besf in mexican 7004! SCIIICKEII CONSTRUCTION CII. Jwlegging Haifa! JIHL IQOCL Yflniuemify :Luk IQML, Mar Ofhciaf Cfadd may Crea+ed by J. LEWIS LRU SMALL, INC. BOOKSTORE sI'a1'e represen+a+ive: member of DOUGLAS CRAVER 8: Na+ionaI Associafion of SONS, INC. College Sfores I wenty six years ago at the University of of Arkansas the Razorback annual was de- dicated to "World Peace Through Education." Despite two major wars, the unleashing of the most terrible forces known to man, and a continually shrinking planet, this concept is as alive today as it was the day it was writ- ten. On it rest the hopes of all mankind. It was also in the thirties that a wise professor once defined a University as a "collection of books." Today's Universities must be something more than this, if man is to survive. For it is at the universities where man is most free to grapple with the great ideas of our time. We have watched with pleasure the continuing growth and expansion of Little Rock Univer- sity and all it portends for us in the future. Without it our cultural development would be incomplete. It is with a deep sense of pride, then, that we salute both the students and the staff of this fine institution. We wish you well, now and in the future. And be assured of our wholehearted support for the future plans and programs of the university. DQWNTOWN LITTLE ROCK UNLIMITED INC. Drink ii. ww 1 11, in ll l, , 02,5225 lil l Bo ffleal in AYAQWSQS c?4clLins- tpAe4::s SHAINBERG CIT Town 84 Country Shopping Center ond Pork Plozo Values For Your Family and Home Qbaviol rpAe4as, rpresialenf Compliments ' 9 Bmowmms s YZYZFATAW MEXICAN F0013 xs7KfxAsAv Call Us For Food To Take Out MO 3-9956 5805 Kovonough BEST WISHES TO LITTLE ROCK UNIVERSITY Owl 6. 7'6Zlfl6lflS GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS GENERAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC J L geo! .Mega . . . 'Mill ,ivlozilaifaf l0Cf0l" BLUE CROSS - BLUE SHIELD 6 h d G ines, Little Rock, Arkansas KINGSFORD "The Best" Charcoal Wholesale Distributor ATLAS FUEL CO. FR 2-6125 Retail Distributor BROADWAY Ice co. zuou E. Broadway Noah Little Rock, Ark. WI 5-1926 CXNTED 6 Best Wishes . . o pop :5 2 0k4nnAY'5'? Serving Model Markets, All Star Markets and AG Stores Throughout Arkansas 1801 E. 23rd Little Rock Builders - Developers -- Sellers Fourche River Land Co. H. F. 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UNIO N ATIO A LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS KLR ollfigz ,Qual .fdrganaaa A Addie, Fay 31 Allen, James A. 40 Andrews, Grover J. 34,94 Arrington, Mary Lou 36 B Beard, Charlotte R. 47 Beard, Dr. Dudley S-. 38 Beavers, Sue Ann 37 Berry, Rose 55,86,104 Betts, Ervin L. 35,52 Bowie, Dr. Lloyd W. 42 Brady, Marylyn 47 Branscum, Cleveland E. 37,55 Bridges, Mary Alyce 38 Broach, Billie 50 Broach, Dr. W. 50,94 Burke, Peggy 38 Burns, Carol 52 Butler, James J. 42 C Cargill, Jack 52 Colaianni, Lucille F. 47 Corley, Jerry D. 35,53 Cromwell, Robert A. 50 D DiMassimo, E. Faye 48 Dixon, Richard B. 53,99 Donald, Roslyn L. 48 Edgington, Cecil A. 48 Edmondson, Dr. Everett L. 55 Edwards, Barbara 52 Eison, Frederic J. 50 Eoff, Rebecca 31 Eurman, Loraine 48 F Fleming, Emily S. 51 Francis, Eleanor M. 48 Frothingham, Dr. Richard 48 Fulmer, James R. 51 Gallman, Jeanne 42 FACULTY INDEX Gardner, Janet 51 Gates, Mary Jane 51 Gist, Jessamine 48 Goodwin, Bennie W. 43 Graham, Carolyn 48 Graham, Josephine 45 Green, Dr. D. M. 53 Green, Dr. Zelma 53 H Hadley, Dr. Bedford K. 52,105 Haislip, Clifford H. 48,85 Hallman, Marlynn C. 55 Harbison, Charles H. 51 Hardie, Kackie 53 Hardy, Benjamin A. 43 Harrison, Iva Jean 40 Hawkins, Richard 49 Hester, Neyland 39 Hillis, Linda 34 Hodges, Dr. John R. 51 Hodges, Mary D. 56 Holeman, Oliver B. 51 Holmes, Jean 34 Hulsey, Marian A. 49 Johnston, Maybeth D. 37 K Keys, Marilyn 49 Kidd, J. D. 51 Klopfenstein, Philip 45 Kramer, Donald E. 46,106 L LaMar, Charles 37 Ledbetter, Dr. Calvin R. 53,99 Lindsay, Muriel 56 Lockard, Sarah 49 M Malach, Roman J. 54 Martin, Inez 43 Mathews, Johnye 47,99 Matrox, Cleo B. 43 McDaniel, Carol 43,96 McGee, Newman 56 Melville, Velda L. 37 Metcalf, J. Glenn 46 Miner, George 43 Moser, Margaret 40 Mourton, Leon 43 Murry, James 37 N Nance, Donald W. 44 Nash, William 44 P Packard, Dorothy 49 Parson, Maryavis P. 49,95 Petz, John 1. 51 Pine, D. Sue 39,93 Pitts, Sandra 40,56 Popperfuss, Nancy A. 49 R Radley, Dr. Edward T. 51 Rainwater, R. Sloan 44 Rhodes, Mary 36 Robinson, Francis L. 36 Rogers, Ida A. 46 Rorex, Paul D. 54,99 Ross, Frances 54,99 Rothhammerr, Carol 39 S Sawatski, Dorothy 46 Spangenberg, Dr. Dorothy 41 Stabler, Dr. Carey V. 33 Stahlkopf, Elmer C. 54 T Taegel, Barbara B. 35,56 Thompson, Linda G. 38 Thompson, Rhodes Jr. 49 Torbett, John 56 W Warmack, Dr. Donald L. 45 Warmack, Margaret 46 Wells, Harold 49 White, Ernest H., Jr. 44 Williamson, Ann M. 44 Womack, Joseph 51 Wood, Dr. David L. 54 Woods, Dorothy G. 40 h Woolard, Dr. Harold 1, 34,99 Woolfolk, Jean 44 Ables, Ables, A Alan A. 72,159 Frances Marion 175 Acherman, Sharon 142 Adair, Bernice Aline 169 Adamowtis, Lee D. 159 Adams, Dwight M. 175 Adams, Floyd B. 142 Adams, James Henry 75 Adams, John Charles 169 Adams, Leon Wayne 142 Adams Adams , Louise Elliott 188 Windell Royce 142 Aday, Dianne 142 Aday, Donna 169 Adkins, Charlotte Diane 142 Adkins, Gary Alan 159 Airhart, Ara Ann 175 Airhart, Arthur Henry 142 Albright, James Richard 142 Aldrich, Charles Farsone 71,169 Alexander, Randy L. 75 Alexander, Raymond T. 142 Allen, Doretta Wallace 175 Allen, Gerald Stuart 188 Allen, Michael Charles 142 Allen, Richard William 142 Allis, James Buchannan 142 Allred, Gary Lee 75,175 Althoff, Dennis Anthony 97 Althoff, Richard James 142 Alvarez, Mitchell Wyman 159 Anderson, Elizabeth Jane 142 Anderson, Glenna Marie 60,89,142 Anderson, Ralph E. Jr. 71,169 Anderson, Robert David 142 Terry Lee 159 Anderson, Andrews, Aaron William 142 Andrews, Barbara 175 Andrews, Ther11Rodric 142 Angell, Sandra Lea 86,95,103,104, 169 Angell, Sharyl Sue 86,95,101,103, 104, 1 59 Archer, Terry Lee 142 Arendt, George A. Jr. 159 Arick, Joyce Tumer 159 Armbrust, Joseph Roger 75,102,120, 175,197 Armbrust, Mike 106 Armellini, Rickey Frank 142 Armstrong, Darylene Robinson 169 Armstrong, Pamela Joanne 96,100, 169 Armstrong, Roger Eugene 106,107, 142 Armstrong, Ronald Alan 159 Ashabranner, Wesley James 159 Ashberry, Michael Timothy 159 Asheraft, Leona L. 142 Atkinson, Diane 97 Atkinson, Jerry Ann 63,89,119,142 Atkinson, Michael Eldon 90,142 Atwood, Sheila Marie 97,142 Ausbrooks, Ellen Gay 169 Austin, Jerry Wayne 142 Averitt, Judity Lee 159 Avery, Doris Ann 142 B Babbitt, Ester Lillian 142 Bachus, Nina Jean 159 Bacon, Genevieve Ann 68 Baer, Michael Joseph 142 Bailey, Buddy 75 Bailey, William Stanley, Jr. 142 Baker, Michael Gerard 72,143 Baker, Robert Fleming, Jr. 84,105, 120,175 Baker, Robert Floyd 143 Baker, Vanilla 159 Baker, William R. 92,175 Baldwin, William Floyd 75,143 STUDENT INDEX Balios, Vickie Linn 143 Ballard, Freida Clark 188 Ballard, Ronald Edward 98,107,143 Baney, George Michael 143 Baney, Bob D. 143 Bangert, Marian Gayle 175 Barden, Susan Dianne 169 Barker, Carol Jean 143 Barker, Hulon Wayne 91,143 Harry Charles 159 Barnes, Barnes, Myron Doyne 175 Barr, Jewel Taylor 169 Barr, K. Jo Ceil 188 Barre, Carol Susan 143 Barrett, Sandy Gay 169 Barrow, Linda Jean 143 Barry, Patricia Anne 143 Barth, Randolph Arnold 159 Bartlett, Billy C. 159 Bass, Sharon Wills 159 Bass, Will Baber 75 Batchelor, Pat Angus 107,169 Bateman, Joseph Earl, Jr. 175 Baxley, Donald Robert 169 Baxley, Paul John 143 Baxter, William Samuel 143 Beard, Charlotte R. 188 Bearden, Larry James 67,91,102, 107,176 Bearden, Linda Clare 64 Bearden, Robert Nelson 97 Beasley, Linda Jean 143 Beaty, Alice 159 Beaty, Flora 159 Bechtold, John David 176 Bechtold, Mary Johanna 143 Beck, Gordon F. 143 Beck, William Jones, Jr. 159 Begin, Martha Ann 143 Charles Eugene 169 Bell, Bell, Clarence VVhitwell 176 Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Ivan Bryant 143 Linda Scallion 85,92,176 Richard E. 72,96,176 Seaborn Joseph 67,91 Bellas, Richard Clifford 188 Bennett, Clarence Wayne 143 Bennett, Judy Luann 159 Bennett, Robert S. 143 Bennett, Thomas Jerry 107, 169 Benning, William Larry 159 Benoit, Cheryl Lynn 169 Benson, Richard Savery 143 Bentley, Margaret Kathleen 143 Benton, Edmond Antone, Jr. 143 Benton, John Hunter 75,169 Berg, Elizabeth 107 Berger, Par Knight 176 Berry, David Harold 143 Berry, Dorothy Sumrall 176 Berry, Edward 188 Berry, Ogden 75,176 Berry, Orson 75 Berry, Robert Lynn 90,143 Bevan, William G. 159 Bevill, Bruce Allen 176 Bickers, Charles Robert 143 Bidwell, Vona Lee 143 Biery, Nancy Kay 64,169 Billing, Nancy Ann 169' Billings, Guy Roger 143 Binz, Lawrence Edward 143 Bitar, Mohammed F. 159 Bittle, Larry Maynus 143 Black, Janiece 159 Blackwood, Gertrude L. 188 Blagg, Nena Imogene 159 Blankenship, William Jack 159 Blaylock, Don 159 Bledsoe, Charles Wallace 72,91,1 Bloom, Loretta Kay 143 Bobeck, Jerry Dean 160 Bodishbaugh, Charles Louis 143 Bodishbaugh, Vivian K. 160 59 Bohart, Rosemary Lucille 143 Bokamper, Daniel William 143 Bomer, Joanne Gill 176 Bonner, Judith Kay 160 Bonney, Marvin Monroe, Jr. 160 Bonnin, Judy Laura 100,143 Bosley, Garland Glynn 84,160 Bosley, Garrett Lee 67,160 Boswell, L. Joyce 143 Botsford, Glenda Lee 143 Bounds, William Curtis, Jr. 160 Leonard Patrick 160 Donna Marie 160 Bourne, Bowers, Bowers, James Gordon 169 Bowman, Maude L. 188 Boyce, John 160,169 Boyd, John Lewis 169 Boyd, Julia Elizabeth 169 Boykins, Joyce Virginia 143 Boyles, Mildred 143 Brabston, Ray Allen 143 Bradford, Charles Waymond 160 Brading, Larry Marcus 143 Brading, Samuel Leland 67,143 Bradshaw, Michael Eugene 143 Branch, William Terrell 176 Brannum, Janet Carole 143 Brannum, Kathleen Sue 143 Brasher, Robert Byron 75,143 Brassell, Pat Gwen 143 Brazil, A. Barry 72,107,176 Brazzel, Robert B. 176 Breit, Barbara Anne 176 Bressinck, Renie Edward 75,176 Brewer, Bricker, Brid es, Tom C. 75,160,201 Ellen Elaine 144 g Gordon Thomas 169 Bridges, Mary Alyce 176 Bright, Billy Frank 160 Brinkley, S. Gary 72,91,160 Bristow, Harold Bedell 144 Britt, Richard 'Harold 176 Britt, Sheri Rogers 160 Brock, Thomas Leon 97 Brodnax, David Lamar 68,107,144 Brooks, Pride 188 Brooks, Ronnie Eugene 144 Broughton, Barbara VVllwn 144 Brown, Brenda Si. 169 Brown, Delton Lynn 87,144 Edward Eugene 176 Grady Lee, Jr. 160 Brown, Brown, Brown, James Alfred 75,144 Brown, Janis 144 Brown, Jerold Dennis 160 Brown, Jerry Dale 176 Brown, Jerry Drury 176 Brown, Katherine W. 64,107,169 Brown, Lester T., Jr. 176 Brown, Rorrie O. 144 Brown, Sarah Elizabeth 160 Brown, Sharon 160 Broyles, David Terrel 144 Brueggeman, Peggie Margaret 160 Bryant, Beverly Anne 144 Bryant, Stanley Lewis 144 Bryant, Wayne Edmond 84,96,100, 105,176 Buchek, Charles Robert 160,197,201 Buck, James Noel 85,160 Buell, Bruce 97 Buffalo, Cecil Miles 176 Buford, Ednarene 144 Buie, Harry Tumer 75,144,201 Buki, Linda Ann 176 Buil, James 107 Bullock, Jerry Lynn 144 Bullock, Nancy Carol 144 Bullock, Robert Earl 144 Bunch, David 160 Burford, Ara Monee 62,169 Burke, Jimmy Ronald 84,96,100,177 Burks, Jimmy W. 160 Burleson, Suzanne 64,144 Burnett, Butch 169 Burnett, Jerry Leon 170 Burnett, Mary L. 188 Burns, Carol Ann 169 Burns, Thomas Eugene 160 Burt, Dennis 160 Burton, Bill Earl 177 Bussell, Aaron C. 160 Buster, Larry Wayne 144 Butler, James 84 C Cagle, John 144, 201 Cagle, Ralph Mitchell 144 Caignet, John 144 Caldwell, Ana Meeks 144 Caldwell, Jeff D. 170 Callanen, Marilyn Neal 144 Callaway, Thomas 170 Cameron, Daniel 144 Camp, Robert 144 Camp, Virgil Lee 144 Campbell, Bruce D. 144,177 Campbell, Buena Inez 160 Cannon, Dallas Hale 170 Carimi, Francis Don 144 Carland, Thomas Patrick 170 Carlew, Betty Anne 144 Carpenter, Ann Gray 188 Carpenter, Fran Annette 170 Carpenter, Jim 145 Carr, Don Wayne 106,145 Carroll, Owen 145 Carter, Patricia Ann 64,170 Carter, William Larry 145 Cary, Dwayne Allan 145 Cash, Bruce Wayne 160 Cash, David Harry 72,91,l61 Cash, Patricia Ann 145 Cassaday, Edward Jr. 145 Cassaday, Ronnie Lee 75,170 Cassidy, Mary Kathleen 97,161 Cauley, Bobby Neal 145 Chakates, Linda 106 Chakrabandhu, Vitya 72 Chandler, Beverly Jane 63,170 Chandler, Donald Ray 145 Chandler, Sally Ann 64 Bob Charles 177 Carolyn Faye 161 Butler 160 Chapman, Chapman, Cheek, JoAnn 145 Childs, Donna Raye 145 Chotkowski, Marcel Evelyn 64, Christian, Charles 161 Claiborne, Dorothy M. 177 Clark, Floyd Rowe 161 Clark, Patricia Gayle 161 Clark, Sheryl Ann 68,161 Claude, Gary Edward 161 Clayton, Ronald E. 84,177 Clements, Charles Albert 145 Clements, Suzanne 64,161 Clemmons, Ralph 145 Clemons, Cathy Irene 60,145 Clemons, Glyndon 161 Clevidence, Ronald 68,145 Clifton, Lois D. 145 Clinton, Lee Fuller 145 Coates, John E. 177 Cobb, Donna Sue 145 Cobb, Susan C. 60,177 Cobbs, Lillian 145 Coburn, John 107 Coco, Mary Lou 145 Coffelt, Elmer 177 Cogbill, Edward Jr. 170 Cohen, Sarah 145 Coker, James 75,91,102,170 Coleman, Christopher 145 Collins, David 161 Collins, Marline 145 Collins, Robert 145 Collins, Thomas James 161 177 Colquitt, DaRae Helen 145 Colton, Mary 145 Compton, Aileen 170 Conaway, Carolyn 161 Connelley, Carolyn Ann 145 Conwa y, Herbert 161 Cook, Billy G. 170 Cook, Linda 177 Coon, Patricia 87,145 Cooper, Anne 145 Cooper, Howard Thomas 188 Cooper, James 92,177 Cooper, Nancy 63,93,105,120,178 Cooper, Peter Andrew 98,107,145 Coots, Carol Lynn 145 Copass Wainright Jr. 170 carnal Rei B. 170 Corder, Alvin 170,197 Corker Mary 145 Corkerl sue J. 161 Cossey, Carolyn Nell 161 Cotham, Russell 84 Cowne Cox, C , Kay Lynne 145 arolyn L. 145 Cox, VValter Evans 170 Cozart, Coy 170,197 Cranford, Glenda 161 Crawford, Susan 178 Crawley, Susan Teresa 145 Crider, Charles 72,91,178 Criner, Robert 67,161 Crist, Michael 67 Critz, James 145 Croft, Ann Marie 68,85,107,178 Croom, Carolyn 64 Crow, Linda 106 Cullum, John Rudolph 161 Culp, Michael 170 Culpepper, Sammy 72,161 Cumnock, Thomas 161 Cunningham, Alicia 63,145 Cunningham, Chan 85,87 Curlee, William Bowen 170 Currington, Doyle Jr. 145 Curry, Carolyn J. 105,178 Curtis, Phillip 92,103,170 Cutrell, Marty 145 Cypert, David 145 D Dailey, Kathleen 63,100,170 Dalton, Donald 178 Daniel, Chester 145 Daniel Eleanor Anne 178 Darby, Don E. 170 Dare, Dennis 145 Darr, Charles 161 Daugherty, Anita 170 Davenport, Roland 145 Davenport, William 170 Davidson, Charles 161 Davidson, Judy 145 Davidson, Linda 145 Davis, Davis, Albert 178 Bruce Edward 67,145 Davis, Bruce Eugene 67,145 Davis, Christine 170 Davis, Diane 112 Davis, Edith 107,170 Davis, Frederic 145 Davis, George Jr. 146 Davis, Janet 146 Davis, Jeff Harold 68 Davis, Jimmy 146 Davis, Jo Jean 178 Davis, Joan Alyce 107 Davis, Lester 161 Davis, Marsha Kay 178 Davis, Davis, Marshall 102,198,201 Michael 67,161 Davis, Pamela Ann 146 Davis, Roy Eugene 146 Davis, Vicki 64 Dawson, Sharon 146 Dayton, Bob Edward 67 Deaton, Mary W. 170 DeBose, Carol 178 DeGrasse, William 97,146 Dellinger, Lawson Gray 75,91 Dempsey, Betty 170 Denton, Charles 178 Derrick, Mary Lou 146 DeVore, Dianne Carol 161 Dew, Linda Joyce 146 DeWitt, Delores 179 DeWitt, James Russell 161 Dickerson, Brenda Sue 64,146 Dickinson, Christopher Ray 161 Dickson, Mary C. 105,179 Dicosmo, Stephanie Ann 146 Diemer, Sharon Anne 146 Diffee, Carl Dean 146 Dillard, Andra 60,107,146 Dittman, David 161 Divers, Beverly Jean 170 Dixon, Ralph 146 Dixon, William 106,146 Dobbs, Joan 161 Dobson, Bob 67,102,198 Dobb, Dennis 72,91,146 Donoho, Cathryn Elsa 146 Doarman, Charles 106 Dorman, Roy Gene 71,91,102,l61, 198 Dorris, Darrell G. 161 Dortch, Janette 146 Douglas, Michael Ray 146 Doup, Kathy 63,102,146 Doyle, William 161 Drake, Dick 146 Draper, Roy Jr. 146 Drennan, Darrell 146 Drilling, Catherine 97,146 Drinkwater, James 161 Duke, Kelly 161 Dullea, Michael 161 Dunbar, Thelma 102,161 Duncan, Mary Jane 68,161 Duncan, Richard 161 Duncan, Selena Theresa 60,161 Dunn, Maureen 146 Dunn, Roger 146 Dunnington, Harry 161 Dupont, Lynne 64,146 Dwyer, Julian M. 146 Dyer, Larry 146 E Earl, John Charles 161 Earnheart, Linda Lou 146 Eaves, Thomas 146 Eddins, Glenn 161 Eddleman, William 146 Edelmann, Michael 72,146 Edgin, Donald 72 Edmondson, Jerry 146 Edwards, David 146 Edwards, Norman L. 146 Edwards, Paul 161 Edwards, Ronald 146 Edwards, Roy 146 Efurd, David 84 Elkins, Albert 146 Ellington, Kenneth 179 Elliott, John 84,96,201 Elliott, Sharon 188 Elms, John David Jr. 188 Emmel, Richard James 91,161 Engel, Bennard 146 Engster, John Robert 146 Enloe, Bonny 90,161 Esch, Barbara 63,161 Etien, Shirley Anne 102,179 Eubanks, Robert 201 Evans, Thomas Gary 179 F Fabrycky, Virginia 107,179 Fagan, Richard Joseph 162 Failing, Hugh Cort 146 Fain, Robert 72 Farish, Earl Gene 146 Farley, Betty 146 Farmer, Billy 146 Farmer, Marilyn Ruth 188 Farnam, Bobby James 146 Farquharson, Willie 179 Faulkner, Allen 91,148 Faulkner, Mae Ruth 162 Ferguson, Marion 72 Ferstl, Tom 179 Fick, Ronald 162 Fields, Jerry Lynn 146 Fields, Susan 63,104,162 Filipek, Olivia Therese 97,147 Finch, William 147 Finger, Jane 68,104 Finlayson, Barbara Sue 162 Finley, Tommy H. 147 Finney, Nlike 147 Fish, Jeanette Mayna 162 Fisher, Mattie Louise 147 Fisher, William 162 Fitch, Lois Ryan 162 Flakes, Marguerite 147 Flanigan, Edith Mary 179 Fleming, Richard 147 Flemister, Antonia 147 Fletcher, Don 179 Fletcher, Griffin 147 Ford, Carol DeBuck 86,95,104,105, 179 Ford, Genny 179 Freeman, A. C. 84 Ford, Martha Jane 147 Fortson, William R. 71,147 Foster, Vicki Floyd 162 Fought, Georgetta Lee 147 Fowler, Dan J. 75,120,179 Fowler, Martha 64 Fox, Ann 147 Fox, Theodore, Jr. 147 Fraim, Russell R., Jr. 179 Francis, Bettye 179 Francis, Paul 147 Franke, Barbara Jane 97,147 Freasier, Ben Jr. 179 French, Sharyn 147 Freppon, Judith 147 Fulk, William 162 Fuller, Daniel 75 Fuller, Walter 71 Fullington, F. Andrew 162 Fulton, William Lewis 179 Paltz, Mary 64,100,104 G Gambrell, Jerry 179 Gammill, Frances 162 Gann, D. Suzie 147 Garay, Annabella 147 Garbett, Matthew 147 Gardner, Jerry Dean 162 Gardner, Lester 147,148 Gardner, Linda 147 Gardner, Rebecca 147 Gardner, Victor 162 Garland, Leo 75,162 Garmon, Carol 147 Garner, Danny Jr. 75,103 Garner, Edwin 84 Garner, Hoy Dianne 64,162 Garot, Nancy 162 Garrett, David 162 Garrett, Georgia 147 Garrison, Leroy Jr. 179 Gates, Gaye Constance 147 Gates, Nancy Kay 107,117,147 Gates, Payton Jr. 147 Gates, Robert 147 Gatlin, Lee 148 Gatlin, Wayne 162 Gault, Michael 162 Gay, Foster 171 Gay, Robert 171 Gay, Sandra 63,171 Gerhart, John Thomas 179 Geyer, Adolph 148 Gibbs, William 171 Gibson, Dorothy 171 Griffin, John Thomas 162 Gifford, Jean 171 Gifford, Joan 148 Gilbert, Mary 148 Gill, Jerry Ann 148 Gill, Judy Ann 148 Gill, Thomas Jeffries 71,148 Gillen, Larry 148 Gillenwater, John 179 Gillespie, Donna 106 Gilliam, Martha Ann 148 Gilzow, Phyllis 107 Gipson, Bethany L. 148 Givens, Martha 171 Glover, Albert 162 Glover, Larry 148 Glover, Mary 188 Glover, Robert 162 Goff, Richard 179 Gold, Don 72,84,91,162 Golman, James 148 Goodwin, Dwight 171 Goodwin, James 75,91,162,188 Goodwin, Ronnie 148 Gordon, Ronald 148 Gordon, Sandra 148 Gorman, Michael 148 Goss, Steven 162 Grabiel, Marolee 68,102,148 Grady, Susan 63,179 Graham, Linda 68,107,148 Graham, Shirley 106 Grainger, Janet 171 Granoff, Jayne 171 Grant, Bonnie 188 Grant, Robert 148 Graves, Kenneth 180 Gray, Paul Glenn 162 Greathouse, Edwin Jr. 148 Greathouse, Marion 182 Green, Edward 148 Green, Gary 148 Green, Gordon 148 Green, John Charles 162 Green, Melvin Douglas 148 Green, Nancy Rebecca 107,171 Green Richard 102 Green, Vernon Leroy 148 Greene, Jo Ann 95,163 Greene, William 75 Greenfield, Nona 148 Greenwald, James 148 Greenwood, Fred Charles 163 Greer, Dwight Preston 149 Gregory, Johnson Sr. 180 Grimmett, R. Garry 75,180 Grinde, Peggy 188 Grinder, Danny 149 Groce, Paul 71,163 Grubbs, David 96,171 Grubbs, Thomas 149 Guanella, Thomas 163,171 Guenther, Katherina 149 Gullert, Anita C. 171 Gunn, Elizabeth Ann 63 Gunn, Jeannie Jill, 96,100,171 Guse, Leslie 149 H Hackworth, Garret Jr. 163 Hadfield, Donna 171 Hadley, Michael 71,149 Hagan, James 163 Haldorsen, Arnold 107,171 Hale, Charles 180 Hale, Cheryl 64,149 Hale, Patricia 163 Hales, Kenneth Michael 171 Haley, Harold R. Jr. 107,163 Hall, Geneva Maxine 149 Hall, Kie Douglas 163 Hall, Thom E. 188 Halsey, John 149 Hamel, Robert 149 Hamilton, Clarence 180 Hamilton, Denny 163 Hamilton, Wanda Marie 163 Hamilton, William 149 Hammett, Linda Susan 149 Hammil, Richard Berrow 149 Hammond, Joe Mike II 149 Hampel, Dana 68,93,97,105,180 Handy, Delores 149 Haney, Patricia 149 Hanna, Albert 188 Hannah, Bill 163 Hanson, Pamela Lee 149 Hanson, Thomas 149 Hanson, VVilliam Patrick Jr. 163 Harbison, Richard 149 Holmes, Jack 180 Holmes, Kenneth Lane 150 Holt, Donna 150 Holt, Lezlee 63,150 Homesley, Robert 150 Hood, Lois 163 Hooper, Bob 163 Hooper, Kathleen 150 Hooper, Max Wayne 75 Hopkins, Mary 150 Hopkins, Paula 60 Johnson Y Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson John n Charles 150 Charles Edward 188 Clarice 150 I one o. 163 David 172 J James 87,181 , Kenneth 150 Margarette 164 1 Martha 93,103,105,181 Mildred 172 Robert Gordon 164 so , Jones, Barbara Ann 150 Layman, Kathy 87 Lecuivre, Michael E. 151 Lee, Carolyn 182 Lee, Ricky 75 Lehnhoff, Derma Naomi 151 Leird, Kenneth Michael 84 Lemons, Eddy 151 Lemons, Eulis Lee 164 Lensing, Ronnie 172 Leshan, Eileen 172 Lewis, Karen 151 Lewis, Larry Michael 151 K Harbour, Thomas 180 Harden, Evelena 171 Hardin, Harry 188 Harmon, Frances 171 Harper, George 67,171 Harper, James 149 Harper, Linda Jan 171 Harrelson, Roy 149 Harrill, Raymond 171 Harris, Gary 106 Harris, Henry 149 Harris, James 149 Harris, Rosemary 172 Harrison, Rebecca 68,149 Harrison, Rondell 163 Harvey, Victoria Jane 149 Hopper, Charles 172 Horner, Charles 180 House, Dianne 172 House, Judith 150 Howard, Francis 163 Howard, Frank 150 Howard, Jerry 72,163 Howard, Vivian 150 Howard, Wilhelmina 107,163 Howell, Clara Kay 163 Howell, Gary Joe 75 Howell Grace Ann 63,150 Howell Mark Kay 163 Howell, Pamela 180 Howell, Richard 172 Howell, William Jr. 71,180 Howitt, Leslie 180 Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Bob 71 J Donald 164 Harry T. 164 I John Paul 172 Joseph Maxwell 150 LaDonna 150 Jones, Jones, , Larry 150 , Ray 172 , Robert 172 Jordan, Allen 75 Jungkind, Bernie 172 Junkin, Carolyn Lee 181 Justis, Kevin Barry 150 Hartman, Michael 149 Harwell, Richar 7l,85,163 Hastings, Gerald 163 Hastings, Paul Edward 71,97,163 Haughaboo, Charles David 149 Hawkins, Leo Dee 75 Hawn, Mary 163 Hayes, Jean 149 Haynes, John 75 Haynie, Jerri 68,172 Head, VVilbern 149 Heard, Joanne 163 Heffington, Truman 172 Heim, William 72,172 Hendershott, Doris 180 Henderson, Harold 180 Henderson, Walter 149 Hendricks, Bill Gene Jr. 149 Hendricks, Tommy Joe 149 Henry, Myra Lynn 63,100,113,163 Henry, Shirley Ann 149 Henson, Connie 163 Henson, Robert 75,149 Henson, Terry 72,172 Herlocker, Randy 106,149 Herring, Melody 68,163 Hester, Leonard 163 Hester, Melvin 149 Hestes, Rocky Don 75,149 Hickerson, Floyd Ray 172 Hicks, William Lloyd 149 Higginbotham, Gloria 149 Higginbotham, Peggy 149 Higgins, Lovell 149 Highfill, Robert 172 Hill, Beckye 163 Hill, Dixie Lou 149 Hill, JoAnna W. 180 Hill, Richard Allen 180 Hill, Woodrow 180 Hilliard, Michael 188 Hilton, Patricia Diane 100,163 Hines, Ellis 149 Hinkle, Kathryn Ann 64,149 Hinson, Margaret Ann 163 Hinton, Carol Jean 149 Hinton, Sandra Kay 149 Hobbs, Joan 149 Howland, Harry Jr. 150 Howser, Orr Chester 163 Hoyt, Janinne Ann 64,86,104,119 Hubbard, Ronni 180,198 Huddleston, Mike M. 150 Hudson, Dillie Jean 163 Huff, Johnnie Lee 150 Hufsmith, Patricia Ann 68,172 Hulshof, John Anthony 163 Humbard, Robert 198 Hundley, Charles Bruce 72,188 Hunt, Raymond Lee 150 Hunter, Charles 150 Hunter, Virginia 150 Hunthrop, Larry 163 Hurst, Donald 180 Huston, Phillip Edward 180 Huston, Timothy 188 Hutchinson, Larry 163 Hutchison, Walter Edward 75,150 Hutton, Ann 172 Hyde, Charles 75,163 Haynes, Norman 180 I lsenman, Linda 60,163 lson, Jimmie Lee 163 Ivey, George 188 Ivy, Charles Stanley 163 Izard, Mark 87 Jackson, Harold 180 Jackson, Pamela Jane 64,65,93,121, 172 Jackson, Michael 71,150 Jackson, Waverly 163 Jacobs, David 150 Jacobs, Laura 64,180 James, Charles Edwin 172 James, Coy B. 150 James, Johnny 107 James, Ray Royce 172 James, Rita Andrews 86,104,172 James, Roy Lynn 172 Jameson, Alan Woodrow 75,181 Jameson, Ann Sharon 60,103,104, 163 Hoff, 92,97,103,172. Hogan, Gloria 150 Hogan, Tyrus Jr. 188 Hogue, Michael Owen 75 Holland, Barbara 150 Holland, George 150 Holland, Sheila 150 Holloway, Jerrell 180 Holloway, Sharon 150 Hollowell, Daniel 150 Holmes, Danny 150 Jang, Raymond 188 Jarvis, Ed Golden 150 Jaynes, Tommy 150 Jeffery, Ronald 150 Jenkins, Gilbert 150 Jenkins, Jimmy Dale 150 Jennings, Jernigan Johnson: Johnson, Johnson, Terry 87,163 Margaret 60,163 Albert S. Jr. 75,172 Barbara Ann 150 Ben Clint 150 Karrant, John Sam 164 Kayser, Miriam 93,100,104,105, 121,181 Keady, John 150 Kealy, Jerry 150 Keathley, Harold James 164 Keatts, Henry Caroll 71,181 Keeling, Jean 150 Kegeles, Jacqueline 63,150 Keith, Patsy 150 Keith, Susan 164 Kellar, Ronald E. 164 Keller, Thomas 172 Kemp, Gus 151 Kemp, Sharon 86,104 Kennedy, James Robert 151 Kennedy, Robert William Jr. 90 Kennedy, Thomas 103,181 Kenney, Edward Powell 91 Kilpatrick, Joseph Jr. f181 Kimberlin, James 189 King, William Roy 172 Kinley, David 164 Kinney, Dick 172 Kinney, Linda 151 Kitchen, Harry 181 Kitchens, Tommie Rea 151 Klein, Anne 68,151 Kluglose,- Anita 107 Knibbe, Glenn Roger 151 Knight, Larry John 151 Knox, Dorothy Jean 164 Koch, Patrick Charles 172 Koehler, Thomas R. 172 Koelling, Carol Ann 164 Koon, William Charles 151 Kretchmar, Ruth Goldman 189 Krupicki, Roger Allen 151 Kumpuris, Jeanne E. 164 Kumpuris, Sherrie A. 172 Kurinec, Frank Colin 164 Kuykendall, Terry Wade 151 Kyle, Dolly M. 68,9S,107,151 L LaForge, Ralph Leroy 151 Lake, Joanne Elizabeth 164 Laman, Linda 189 Lammers, John 151 Lancaster, Teddy Spencer 181 Landers, Ben Leland 87,164 Landers, Mary Fa e 181 Lange, William Tlimothy 181 Laribe, Lawrence 182 Larrieu, Lane 182 Larrison, Tom 75 Laser, Phyllis 68,151 Lasky, Jack 172 Lawson, Richard 151 Lilly, Elvie Lee 151 Lilly, Mary Lou 60 Lindsey, A. J. 182 Lindsey, John Charles 164 Linsley, James 107,151 Lipe, Joel Thomas 182 Livingston, Jack Edward 189 Livingston, Shirley Lorraine 90,102 15 1 Loesch, Susan 151 Logan, James 164 Loggains, Jerry 182 Long, Bill 151 Long, Pat 63,151 Longstreth, Linda Lee 87,107,164 Lord, Robert 16'4 Lorenz, Leif Thornton 151 Louks, Tommy 102,172,198 Lovett, Tom 182 Lowe, Pat 189 Lowery, Cynthia 107 Lowrance, Clifton 151 M McAdory, William 151 McAninch, Paul 182 McCann, Billy 164 McCann, Winnie 172 McCarthy, Margie Mary 189 McClean, Clear 104 McCloud, John Patrick 152 McCone, Ronald 152 McCown Dicky 75 McCoy, John Greene 152 McCoy, Joseph Dunlap 152 McCoy, Jack 72 McCoy, Thomas 152 McCoy, Travis 152 McCracken, Kay 107,164 McCray, LaNelle 182 McCumber, Kathy 152 McCumpsey, Marvin Glenn 152 McDaniel Carl 84 McDonald, Ronnie 172 McEntire, Ginger 182 McGowan, Bob 182 McGrew, Michael 182 McHughes, Malcolm Roland 164 Mclntyre, Jerry Ray 172 McKennon, Dorothy 60,172 McKewen, Alice Dianne 152 McKinney, Richard 67,164 McKinney, Rozalyn 164 McKown, Patsy 164 McLaughlin, Carol 68,89,102,103, 172 McLean, Ruby 172 McLenore, William Stanley 164 McLendon, Don 107,164 McMahon, Barbara 152 McMahon, Bryan Patrick 152 McNabb, Rebecca 182 McNeill, Dolores 164 McNelt, Ouida 164 McPherson, Jean Ann 63,89 McPherson, John Allen 164 McPherson, Kay 64,152 Mabry, Tom 72,164 Madding, Ronnie 152 Magar, Cleo Louise 152 Maglothin, Jimmy E. 172 Maglothin, Julia 107 Mahan, Larry 75 Major, Dianne 164 Major, George 152 Major, Lynn 172 Mallory, Charles 204 Malnar, Ronald 152 Marcum, Sharon 172 Marks, Marks, Marks, Marlin, Martin, Martin, Carolyn Sue 63,119,172 Joel 152 William 71,152 Tom 172 Ada Beth 64 Janella Sue 152 Martin, John Ward 152 Martin, Linda Jo 102,106,152 Martin, Marshall Delton 152 Martin, Sarah Beth 64,172 Mason, Betty Nel 60 Massey, Sandra 152 Matsek, John 75,173 Matthews, Becky 152 Mawhinney, Gayle 173 Mawhinney, Janis 152 Mawn, John 164 Maxwell, John 164 Mayor, Marcia 60,152 Mays, Sherry 152 Mead, Martha 152 Meador, Raymond 87,183 Medal, Sharon Anne 183 Medearis, Glenda 'Carol 152 Medlock, Ken Wayne 164 Melton, Barbara 152 Mentgen, James 173 Meredith, Jerrold Guy 153 Meyerdirk, Carol Ann 153 Middleton, Mary Leslie 164 Miles, Sharon 63 Miller, Frances 153 Miller, Gary 173 Miller, Imogene 189 Miller, Jay William 164 Miller, Jerry Neal 153 Miller, Karen Lee 153 Miller, Patricia 153 Miller, Ruby 153 Miller, Sammye 68,153 Miner Pam 164 Mire, Camille Marie 164 Mitchell, Mary Ellen 107,153 Mixon, Sara Lee 60,183 Mizell, Anita 173 Mobbs, John 164 Mohrmann, Harry William 173 Mondy, Mary Kay 189 Moody, Carol 173 Mommey, Roy 153 Mooney, Rose Ann 183 Mooney, Bill 75,92,99,183 Moore, Sandra 173 Moore, David 106 Moore, Gary Lawrence 153 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Fay 95 Herbert Gregory 67,153 Linda 164 Richard Lee 164 Moran, Michael John 183 Morehart, Robert 153 Morgan, Jimmy 97,183 Morris, Edward 153 Morris, Phyllis 68,164 Morris, Thomas James 153 Morris, Vaterie 106 Morrison, Emma Alice 153 Morrison, Michael 75,164 Morrison, Sandra Martha 153 Morrison, W. 153 Morrow, Larry 153 Mosimann, Thomas Francis 173 Mosley, Greg 173 Mosley, Susan 153 Motley, Marilyn 87,153 Moudy, Phillip 153 Mourning, Steve 90, 153 Mourot, Sammie 153 Mullens, Jerell 183 Mullins, Samuel 153 Munn, Bill 75,91,102,183 Munnerlyn, Donna 60,89,115,118, 153 Munns, Jimmy 98,107 Murdaugh, Anita Marie 97,153 Muse, William Morris 153 Myers, Linda Kay 153 Myers, Martha 64 Myers, Ronnie 71 N Naugher, Henry 164 Nedelkos, Gregory Peter 164 Needham, Donna 106,107,153 Nelson, Kandyce 153 Nelson, Lee Higgins 153 Nesterenko, Alex 153 Netherland, Elizabeth Ann 153 Newcomb, Taroi 153 Newell, Randall 75 Nix, Dan 107,153 Nolan, John 189 Nolen, Terry 75,153 Nolte, Paul 75 Nordsig, Marianne 183 Norrell, Gordon 72,173 Norris, Billy 165 Northcutt, Gloria 173 Norton, Henrietta 153 Nosal, Thomas 165,204 0 Oberste, Susan 153 Odom, Pitsee 86,104,173 O'Kelley, Sarah 183 Olinghouse, Sharon 153 Olive, Carolyn 87 Oliver, Ken 71,173 Olson, Carol 63,153 O'Malley, Michael 92,183 O'Neal, Robert Michael 153 Orellano, Timothy John 153 Orr, Harry 153 Orsburn, Bill 84,183 Orsi, Robin 183 Orto, Katrina 107,165 Osterlout, Claire 183 Ostie, Dolores 153 Ott, Jack 165 Overton, Floyd 165 Overton, John Andrew 153 Owen, Perry Ann 183 P Pace, Tommy Glenn 153 Page, Bonnie 63 Page, Sandra 90,153 Pake, David 72 Palazzi, Robert 154 Palmer, Bob 121,173 Pankey, Ronnie 183 Papageorge, Maria 183 Paquette, John 71,97,173 Parham, Doyle 154 Parham, Ruth Ann 165 Parker, Linda Carol 107,154 Parkin, Carol 60,165 Parks, Joyce 92,93,100,103,105,122, 183 Parsons, George Allen 183 Parsons, Robert Gary 154 Paslay, Phillip Lynn 154 Passini, Nancy 102,103,173 Pate, Charles 154 Patterson, Nancy Ellen 165 Patterson, Rosiland 154 Paul, Janice 107,173 Paulette John Robert 165 Paxson, Wanda Sue 165 Peach, C. Herbert 154 Pence, Burton Jeffrey 165 Perkins, Gene 183 Perry, Lawrence Wesley 107 Perry, Reggie Hugh 154 Perry, Richard Martin 165 Peters, Barbara 183 Peters, Nancy Calleen 165 Peterson, Donna 154 Pettingill, Jana 64,65,10l,165 Pettus, Michael James 75,154 Petty, David 165 Pharr, Dennis 165 Phelps, Phillips 72,154 Phillips, Sydney 63,85,183 Phillips, Nancy 106 Phillips, Rhonda 154 Pickthorne, Elaine Louise 154 Pilcher, Ann Louise 165 Pilcher, Michael 154 Pitcock, Lynn 154 Pledger, Jimmy 154 Plummer, Bill 184 Plunkett, C. Fred 84,96,165 Poladino, Peter 189 Polk, Ken 165 Pollock, Earnest 106,107,154 Pollreis, Ramona 154 Pomar, Francisco 95,184 Pontius, Kathleen 154 Porter, Libby 154 Potts, James Novis 154 Potts, Jerry 72 Powell, Carroll 106 Powell, Jeff Andrew 184 Powers, Dennis 107,154 Powers, Edward John 165 Prennace, Burma Lee 154 Presley, Gerald 189 Presley, Joyce Lorene 165 Preston, Lawrence 165 Prewitt, Charles Paul 154 Price, Hardy Lee 154 Prince, Carolyn 173 Prince, Andy 165 Pruitt, Gary Louis 189 Przybylowicz, Carole 165 Pulliam, William 154 Purifoy, Jerry 165 Purifoy, Richard 106 Purkiss, Ronald 154 Pyle, John Harl 165 Q Quattlebaum, Jerry 173 Quick, Jesse 154 R Rackley, Lorelei 154 Ragan, Barbara 165 Ragsdill, Rusty 165 Rain, Charles Robert 184 Raines, Jeanne 60,184 Rains, Jerry 106,154 Rainwater, Gayle 68,165 Ralph, Jim 85,103 Ramer, Joe D. 166 Raney, Donald 184 Rapier, Jan 184 Rattan, Gene 173 Riegler, Michael 72,9l,166 Riffel, Dennis 154 Riffel, Douglas 154 Riffel, Edward 166 Riggin, Fran 166 Riggs, Steve 75 Rio, Mercedes 184 Risinger, Judy 68,166 Rivenbark, Grover 154 Roberson, Claude 166 Roberts, David 75,154 Roberts, Freddie 184 Roberts, George Thomas 154 Roberts, Harold Lee 71,173 Roberts, J Charles 154 Robertson, James 155 Robertson, Martha 166 Robertson, Patricia Sue 97,184 Robinson, Brenda Gayle 155 Robinson, Charles 173 Robinson, Deborah Kay 60,155 Robinson, Henry C. 155 Robinson, Treopia I. 155 Rodgers, James R. 155 Roe, Thomas Michael 155 Rogers, Jane 173 Rogers, John Thomas 155 Rogers, John W. 166 Rogers, R. E. 166 Rollins, Linda 155 Rorex, Judith 64 Rose, Charles 155 Rose, Glen E. 189 Rose, Jerry 71,85,94,103,105,122, Reagan, Joe 107,189 Rector, Jane Ruth 154 Red, Mike 154 Reed Barbara 154 Reed, Carroll 154 Reed, Douglas Sherman 166 Reed, Janet 166 Reed, Luther 189 Reed, Maria 154 Reed, Patricia Maria 154 1 84 Rose, Robert W. 67,155 Ross, Pamela Anne 86,104 Rothhammer, Carol 95,101,102 104 166 Rowlett, Lou Ellen 155 Roye, Mickey 75 Rucker, James R. 184 Rupert, Lauren P. 71,166 Russelll, Sandra 184 Rutherford, A1 1-1. 72,166 Ryals, Carl 155 Ryker, Richard 72,166 Rykunyk, Jerona 155 S Sampson, Mary Lou 155 Sanders, Charles 166,198 Sarlo, Joseph F. 155 'Satterfield, Carolyn 184 Saunders, Joe 155 Savage, David 155,106 Savells, Linda 166 Sawyer, Morgan 155 Schenebeck, James R. 155 Scherz, DeAnne 184 Schliep, Eugene A. 184 Schmuck, Donald 155 Schubert, Stephen 184 Scoles, Charles 189 Scott, Bob 204 Scott, Janis M., 10,173 Scott, John T., 155 Scott, Mary E. 166 Scott, Michael W. 166 Scroggins, Lillis F. 155 Scruggs, Agge Edward 166 Seamans, Herbert 184 Reeves, John Russell 166 Reeves, Karen Sue 64,166 Reid, Bonnie 107,184 Reid, Don 154 Reid, Martha 184 Restum, Edward 166 Reutz, Fredrick W. 166 Reynolds, A. M. 184 Rhodes, Donald W. 166 Rhodes, Sarah 62,63,102,103,173 Richards, John 72 Richards, Thomas 173 Richardson, Bob 71,173 Richter, Phyllis 107,154 Riegler, Barbara Anna 154 Searcy, Mary Ann 63 Sedberry, James W. 184 Seely, Fred M. 166 Seiter, Louis H. 189 Seitzinger, Cherie 173 Sell, Floyd 155 Sellers, Marilyn K. 173 Semberski, Joseph A. 90,155 Setzler, L. B. 184 Seymour, Suzanne 155 Sharp, Pamala 63,166 Shearer, Bonnie 86,104,105,184 Sheffield, John 155 Sheffield, Linda Sue 166 Shellabarger, Don 75,174 Shellabzrger, Paul 75,97, 101,103, 16 Shelton, Janice Kay 155 Sherman, Erick L. 90,155 Sherrod, Jane 184 Shoemaker, Lilbourne 155,201 Short, Leroy F., 156 Shuffield, Carolyn 68,78,79,174 Shugart, Anne 185 Shugart, Sue 63,89,156 Shumate, Nancy 156 Shurgar, Thomas E. 72,166 Sigle, Linda 156 Simmons, Frankie M. 156 Simmons, Joy K. 156 Simpson, Becky S. 98,107,156 Simpson, James M. 75,87,156 Simpson, Susan Gale 156 Sivils, Suzanne 156 Slaughter, Judy 60,185 Smal1,.Charles 156 Smith, Bobbie Sue 156 Smith, Byron C. 166 Smith, Carl W. 106,107,189 Smith, Carolyn 166 Smith, Curtis 166 Smith, Dorothy 156 Smith, Edward F. 166 Smith, Gerald M. 166 Smith, Larry Dale 156 Smith, Leslie L. 156 Smith, Lou Ella 174 Smith, Mary K. 156 Smith, Mary L. 156 Smith, Millard Lee 166 Smith, Smith, Phyllis Ann 64 Willis Ra 75 166 Y i Sontag, William D. 156 Sorrels, Gary 156 Sorrels, Janet 156 Sterling, Patricia 157 Steward, Ann 68,89,102,157 Stewart, Carolyn 157 Stewart, James R. 185 Stidham, Gene 174 Still, Fran 174 Stinson, Barbara Ann 157 Stockton, H. Fleming 75 Stoll, Gary L. 157 Stone, Truley 157 Stover, Camien 86,104 Straw, Vicki Sue 166 Stutsman, Karl D. Jr. 157 Stutsman, Karl D. Sr. 97,166 Stutsman, Robert 157 Suggett, Dorothy 157 Suggs, Gary D. 157 Sulliban, Martin 185 Sullivan, Pat 167 Sumrall, Linda 107,157 Surginer, Alice A. 157 Swain, James 157 Swann, Robert W. 157 Swartz, Richard 106,157 Symancyk, Julie 68,157 T Tallent, Jane 157 Talley, Edward 157 Talley, Larry 75,157 Tanner, R. G. 157 Tarvin, Taxter, Patsy 175 Anne 62,631,122 Taylor, Ann 63,86,104,167 Taylor, Bart R. 157 Taylor, Laraine L. 157 Taylor, Martha C. 97 Taylor, Patricia 167 Taylor, Roy N. 157 Wunnen Southerland, Norman K. 156 Spahr, George 156 Spann, Lowell 156 Sparks, Leon 166 Sparrow, Charlotte 107,156 Spears, Gary 72 Spence, Yhette R. 156 Spencer, James L. 166 Spencer, Richard R. 156 Tedford, Larry C. 167 Teeple, Don 72,167 Terry, James M. 106,157 Theiring, Bobbie 86,104,174 Thibault, Felix 157 Thomann, Ralph 167 Thomas, Bill 71,90,91,94,103, Thomas, David 189 Thomas, Laura 167 Thomas, Vicki 107,157 Spencer, Thomas 156 Spencer, William Joel 166 Spicer, Charles 166 Spickes, Ben 156 Spikes, Sarah K. 156 Spillers, Robert L. 156 Spivery, William D. 75,84 Spradlin, Roy 166 Springer, James 72 Springer, Stephany 166 Thomason, Karen Ann 157 Thompson, Anne 68,89 Thompson, Charles 167 Thompson, Donald 167 Thompson Gracetta 107 Thompson James 157 Thompson, Jerry 157 Thompson, Josephine 167 Thompson Morris 157 Weber, George 72,186 Spurr, Jack 166 Thompsoni William D. 157 Stagg, Phillip 107 Staggers, Margaret Ann 157 Staggs, Nova N. 166 Staggs, Thomas 157 Stainton, Robert 75,174 Staley, Anne 68,157 Stanley, James 157 Stansbery, Glen 157 Staples, Glenn 198 Stark, Joseph F. 157 Stearns, Charles 157 Steele, Curtis 157 Steele, Macy 157 Sregall, Phillip 67,157 Stephen, Herbert 157 Stephens, George W. 91 Stephens, Iris Jean 185 Stephens, Larry 72,91.97,185 Steppach, Adrienne 157 Sterling, Charles 106 Thornton, John 157 Thrower, Claybom 107,174 Thurmond, Roger 167 Tidwell, Ronny 157 Timm, Matt 92,94,99,122,185 Tindall, Kay 60,157 Tippen, Leonard Ray 157 Tippen, Norma Jean 157 Tippitt, Constance C. 90,167 Tipton, William C. 84,167 Todd, Dennis 87,167 Toland, Bill 71,91,158 Tolliver, Johnny 167 Tompkins, Mary Nell 185 Tower, John B. 174 Trawick, Becky 68,78,79,158 Traylor, Sammye Sue 174 Treisback, Betty 106,185 Tremor, Charles L. 158 Trudell, Laurence 167 174 Trull, Rebecca 158 Tucker, Bill 189 Tucker, Sherry 158 Tullos, Ronald 167 Tully, Gloria G. 107,158 Tuohey, John Thomas 75,185 Turner, Gerald 189 Turner, Johnny 174 Tyler, Robert 167 U Urbani, Michael 75 Ussery, Daniel 201 V Vance, Donald 123 Vancura, Donna 64,167 Vandever, Linda 167 Vandiver, Donna 167 Vandiver, Robert 185 Vandiver, Ronnie 158 V anDyke, Robert 189 Vanpess, Van 101,106,167 Van Pelt, Richard 167 Veatch, Margaret 174 Venable, Clyde 185 Vick, David 174 V ogelpohl, Raymond 167 Vogler, John M. 167 Vonsagen, Bill 91 Vopert, Charles 97 Voth, Gayle 186 Wagner, DeArmond 167 Wahl, Tom 72,91,92,100,103,123, 186 Walden, Glenn 186 Walden, Katheryn 158 Walker, Freddy 75 VValker, Marvin 158 Walker, William 167 Walls, Clement 158 Walters, Suzanne 186 Wankum, David 186 Ward, Ronnie 158 Warford, Polly 186 Whitten, Don 106 Whittle, Julie 60,167 Wilke, Barbara 158 Wilkerson, Mary L. 174 Wilkins, Barbara 158 Wilkins, Sherry 62,63,174 Williams, Alfred 75,186 Williams, Annette 64,65,186 Williams, Charles 158 Williams, Jimmy 75 Williams, Marilyn 107 Williams, Paul 75,158 Williams Rebecca Sue 60,174 Williamsi Thelma Louise 158 Williams Willis, K , Thomas D. 186 en 186 Wilson, Clarence 158 Wilson, Corine 168 Wilson, Donald J. 71,107,168 Wilson, Edward 168 VV ilson, Jarretta 158 Wilson, Jimmy 71 Wilson, Mary K. 158 Wilson, Susan 158 Wilson Sylvia Sue 158 Wilson, William 168 Wimberly, Wesley 71,168 Wingfield, Charles 106 VVingfield, Jenny 64,168 Wingfield, William 168 Winkler, Russell 158 Wise, VVilbu1' Don 186 Witcher, Marry 174 Wofford, Jane 60 Wolf, Karen 158 Wolfe, Gigi 68,168 VVolfe, Roger 168 VVood, Donald 186 Viloods, Barbara 158 VVoocls, Mary Anne 68,93,99,105, 123,186 Woods, Paul Russell 186 Woods, Tim 84,187,204 Woolard, Diane 98,107,174 Workman, Sue Ann 174 VVright, Cliff 75,168 VVright, Michael A. 158 VVright, Sandra 158 Wright, Wayne 168 berg, Amanda 174 Warner, June C. 158 Warren, Michael 174 Warren, Stella 158 Watson, Daniel 186 Watson, Kenneth Ralph 186 Watson, Linda Carol 68 Watts, J immy Carl 71,91 Weathers, James R. 186 Webb, Verdue 158 Welch, James 186 West, Brenda Sue 158 West, Ronald D. 75 Weston, Steve 186 Wetherington, Suzanne 174 Whaley, Frank 167 Whelchel, Jane 668,158 Whetstone, Marilyn 174 White Alvin H. 71,91,123,186 White, Donald Paul 174 White, G. G. 64,65,86,104,174 White, Homer 158 VVhite, Lynn L. 174 White, Mary Ellen 64 White White: White Patience 68,116 Richard H. 167 William 168 Whiteside,Wil1da 186 Wunsch, Norine 158 Wyble, Connie 168 Wycott, Eloise 158 Wyerick, James 72,168 Wynn, Sara Jane 68,101,168 Wynne, Gary Joe 158 VVyrick, Connie 64,85,101,103,168 Y Yancey, Charles 158 Yaniger, Norman 168 Yarbrough, Ronnie 107 Yates, Cornell 168 Yeager, Glenda 187 Yenner, Larry 72,168 Yoder, Bruce Allen 158 York, Joseph Edward 187 Young, Carolyn 158 Young, Dola Marie 158 Young, Phyllis Ann 158 Z Zakrzewski, Thomas 158 Zaluski, Mitchell 158 Zarbaugh, Robert 158 Zauf, Leslie 158 Zidermanis, Audris 189 Whitfield, Merlin 72,158 Whitley, Jo Beth 174 Zini, James 106,107,158 Zorn, Arthur 187 The purpose of all yearbooks is to present a permanent record of the events of the preceeding year. Little Rock University has seen many changes during the 1965-66 school year. The construction of the Fine Arts Building and the New Li- brary are standing examples of LRU's growth. The largest enrollment in its history was reached this year with a total of 3200 students. Even at this writing, plans are on the drawing board for a new science building. As editor of the 1966 TROIAN, I have had the unique experience of being "historian" for Little Rock University during its crucial period of growth. My staff and I have attempted to capture this period with pictures and the written word. My staff this year was a very cooperative and congenial group to work with. Throughout the year an editor can hear many excuses for not meeting a deadline or turning in copy, but as you read this, all differences of opinion have been resolved and all the staff is speaking to each other again. Jim Watts did double duty as Assistant Editor and Business Manager. Dorothy Claiborne was in charge of class sections. Bob Eubanks was Sports Section Editor and Miriam Kayser was Editor of the Faculty Division. Mary K. Fultz was Editor of the Greek Section and she along with Mary Nell Tomkins were secretaries to the TROJAN. This is your book and from all the staff and myself, we sincerely hope you will enjoy it as you read it today and the future years as you recall your sojoum at Little Rock University. Alvin Henderson VVhite Editor, 1966 TROIAN 1 3 Fw S iv 'sl X X S. Rig ni f- .ag YE ii Sig H . V 1? if Q1 1 ii X af ' . 1 W Q at 'ff 4 . 1 1 1 v X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 P I 1 1 , 1. 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 gif 1 1 1 1 R' B , fa' S . ,fi V .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 I

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