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'QW J, I --wl- "ll-Q J :R 1- E. M.,.,+s V10 ' x. 1 L,...v , 1 U A W fr A I 1 si 'QW J, I --wl- "ll-Q J :R 1- E. M.,.,+s V10 ' x. 1 L,...v , 1 U A W fr A I 1 si The TRQJAN 1 9 5 1 Lizfzfle Rock Junior Colleg Allen County Public LIDIIH 900 Webster Street ,A PO Box 2270 Fon wayne, IN 46801-2270 0l"QlfU0l" ln this 1951 Trojan we are striving to bring you a book that will picture some of the happy experiences you have had all through the year at Little Rock Junior College. Perhaps this book will cause you to remember once more the seasons of the year at Jaycee-fall, with the new and familiar faces calling to each other and the excitement of a new schoolg winter, with the rosy-cheeked students hurrying from classes to escape the brisk Winclg and finally, spring, everywhere, with the hint of parties and that thrilling, yet regretful factor in everyone's college life-graduation. We hope that. in years to come, you will look at this Trojan and recall happily your entire year at Jaycee. SUE THOMPSON, Editor. aibechca fion MISS INEZ MARTIN To Miss lnez Martin, chairman of the Junior College So- cial Connnittee. this 1951 Trojan is cleclicatetl. Miss Martin has for many years inanifestefl an interest in social activities and has shown willingness to cooperate with all groups at all times. She has also proyecl to he an arclent supporter of football. by missing only two games in four years. Because of her interest in cleyeloping well-rounfled per- sonalities. she has clone much to give the students a full cal- endar of events. The stuflents appreciate Miss Martins ef- forts. and the staff of the Trojan is happy to dedicate this yearbook to her. OPJQI' of 500415 Campus Scenes Faculty Student Council Freshman Class Beauties Sororities Fraternities Choir May Court Personalities French Club Spanish Club SCJ! l fel' .Snoring Chemistry Club Engineers, Society Phi Theta Kappa Homecoming Football College Chatter Home Economics Club Art Club Basketball Trojan Stunt Night Minor Sports Sophomore Class 'cz EL! Cakmlaf September 4-10-Sorority Rush Week October October October Octooer Octooer Octooer October Octooer Octooer Octo' November November November November November 21 26 27 aer 30 1-Reception Honoring Dr. and Mrs. Granville Davis 3-Zeta Phi Founders' Day Banquet 4-Battlecriers Football Dinner ll-Zeta Phi Football Dinner 14-Sigma Tau Alpha All-School Open House l8-Phi Theta Kappa Initiation -Homecoming -Chemistry Club's Trip to El Dorado -Delta Kappa Anniversary Dance -Hallowe'en Carnival 3-Delta Kappa-Battlecriers, Party 8-Patrons Reception 10-Delta Chi Sigma Party 15-Phi Theta Kappa F ounders' Day Banquet 17-Tech Game and Dance 6Ll'l'll9lfl,5 C QHQJ rw-A 2 The Upper Campus Walk The North Classroom Building Cl,I'l'll0lfl,:5 cened QV- 'Q f john A. Larson Memorial Library Interior of the Library CLIYLIOU6 Celfleff Entrance Decoration, Little Theatre Little Theatre Stage F. DR. GRANVILLE D. DAVIS President, Little Rock Junior College E. Q. BROTHERS Dean, Little Rock Junior College Q- Q. Q acuay HELEN ANDERSON, A.M. Economics, English J. H. ATKINSON, A.M. History, Economics MARTHA BARBER, A.B., B.F'.A. Art, Crafts JAMES F. BEARDEN Physical Education HERMAN BOGAN, M.S. Chemistry MARGARET BOOZER, A.B Bible GLADYS K. BROWN, A.M. English CECIL EDGINGTON,, A.M. English CLCU, FREDERIC EISON, B.S. in C.E. Engineering JAMES FRIBOURGH, IMS. Zoology, Chemistry JEANNE GALLMAN, MS. Economics IVA GARDNER, Ph.D. Psychology, Philosophy KENNETH GRAY, B.S.E. Physical Education JOHN HODGES, B.S. Mathematics PAULINE HOELTZEL, A.M. English, German O. B. HOLEMAN, A.M. Physics R CL' 'QA ' 'GI- in fn ' ,V +-.352 - ff 1 'gil' - ITXA -fp 1, 35, hf' A 1- i -' f gg Ya, Q iii 1,..x 6lClfLEg W. J. J ERNIGAN, A.B. Mathematics CLARA KENNAN, M.S, English MARY INEZ MARTIN, A.B. Secretarial Science ELIZABETH MCHENRY, A.M Mathematics MILDRED MISENHIMER, B.S.E. Speech ELEANOR ORTS, A.M. English MARYAVIS PARSON, A.B. Spanish, French W. HOWARD PEARCE, A.M. Physical Education 6LCU, DOROTHY POTTER, A. M. Home Economics LAVINIA SPILMAN, NLS. Mathematics FRED H. SCHMUTZ, A.M. Speech ELMER STAHLKOPF, A.M. Commerce JAMES H. STEVENSON, Ph.D. Biology JOHN H. SUMMERS, A.M. Music ORVILLE VV. TAYLOR, A.M. History MARJORIE CALDWELL, B.S. Librarian J pf 'is-9 'fm 1 R fini acuhg J. V. DABBS, A.M. Director Public Relations JEWELL REYNOLDS, B.S. Registrar BETTY TRACY, B.S. Bursar DEAN WOOTEN Cafeteria Director B. J. BARLOW, M.s. Psychometrist Veterans' Administration MILDRED FAIRCHILD Veterans' Secretary DOROTHY LEONARD Chief Clerk Veterans' Administration ETTA NEAL MAYHAM, A.M Vocational Appraiser Veterans' Administration CLCU. ANN MOSELY Stenographer Veterans' Administration CHARLES B. PYLES, B.S. Vocational Appraiser Ns-if 'N'--I Veterans' Administration f Q 'M JOHN L. SHOEMAKER V. A. Training Officer 'fl M. L. STONE, LL.B. Vocational Appraiser Veterans' Administration TAYLOR D. WILKES, B.S.E. Chief Vocational Advisor Veterans' Administration Hgh .Sl 00 HELEN ANDERSON English L. O. BAKER Business, Salesmanship ROYL STANLEY BARNES Advertising RUSSELL M. BROWN Accounting HARRY L. CAIN History JOHN JERNIGAN Government WILLIAM J. JERNIGAN, JR. Commercial Law, Government WILLIAM J. JERNIGAN, SR. Economics MERLE ALLISON JOHNSON Salesmanship MARIAN C. MATTHEVVS Typing LAURA M. PEDERSEN Sociology KERMIT LEE RICHARDSON Advertising HENRY W. RUSSELL Marketing JEROME SCHIFFER Psychology TILMAN L. WATERS Marketing, Salesmanship GERTRUDE ZIMMERMAN Speech Pedagogue Parade The Big Three After a. Day's Work Relaxing at the Home Ec Party Tip for the Tech Game The Curriculum Committee at Petit Jean Such Smiles! Lgzwlenf Counci FLOYD SOCIAL Hilliard Peterson Alice Forgy Bob Harmon Sue Thompson Waco Jackson Jeanne Coe BOOSTER Lynn Estes Carolyn Richards Baxter Marsh President .... ....,,.. Vice-President Secretary ....... HARRIS SPRADLEY 0 f f i c e r s FLOYD ,s....,..iJ1MMY SPRADLEY HARRIS C o m m i t t e e s "REC" HALL ELECTION Dick Mills John Hughes Margie Garrison J immy Spradley George Clements Harriett Goldberg CALENDAR Elizabeth Howard Ann Tyler Murray Coulter Marilyn Lang Peggy Lafferty Jimmy Spradley GRADUATION Murray Coulter Jimmy Spradley Eleanor Bogart .gzfwlenf gounci fll- ,,,., O'QUINN GARRISON COULTER TYLER COLEMAN SPANN HOWARD KNOWLES WMQMLQFJ Sophomores President .,.,...,,,,,, ,,,,...,.,, M ICKEY O'QUINN Vice-President ..,... ,........, M URRAY COULTER Secretary .............................. .....,. M ARJORIE GARRISON Council Representatives .......,. .,..... 3 'QLEMI-?AiIi3gDLEY Freshmen President ..,.......... ,,,.... B OBBY SPANN Vice-President ...... .s.................. A NN COLEMAN Secretary ............,.,.....,..,...,,s ,........ELIZABETH HOWARD EDWARD KNOWLEE Council Representatives .....,.. .,...... A NN TYLER Q66 23 I"Qf5Al'l'lCLl'l 'X 'J Xxx rf if I A 5 az - X-,R SPANN COLEMAN HOXYARD TYLER KNOYY'LES Officers President ...........A.. ,,,... ..,,,...... B O BBY SPANN Vice-President ......,, ...,,........,A,A,.... A NN COLEMAN Secretary .......,......,............,, .....,.... E LIZABETH HOWARD Council Representatives ,... ,......... 3 EEEYQQREIENOWLES Fall, 1950-Jaycee freshmen, and on that first day we certainly felt like freshmen. However, it did not take us very long to get into the swing of campus activities. First there were school elections and politics . . . football games . . . dances . . . club activities . . . Stunt Night . . . beauty contest . . . Donaghey Day .... May Day . . . and all the other social activities sponsored by the alma mater which we had chosen. We all made sure our class was not to be ignored in connection with campus honors, either . . . two beauties, three Rose Festival finalists, one- half of the football team, three-fourths of the basketball players . . . all of these things are to be remembered about our class. Yes, we will always remember with pride and fond memories our achieve- ments and good times as freshmen at our own Jaycee. DAVID ADAMS S. R. ARCHER VIRGLE L. ARMSTRONG LYNN BABCOCK RICHARD BAGBY RONNIE BAILEY DEANE BALDWIN BETTY SUE BALL VAN BARRY ROSE BATTISTO PETE BENETZ RICHARD BENNETT BETTY BERRY VVALTER BIVENS NINA SUE BLAGG LLOYD BLANCHARD HENRY BOGART ELEANOR BOONE SHIRLEY BRADLEY MARIE BRADSHAW CHARLES BRANDT JANET BREWER GAYLE BREWSTER BERNIE BROWN BETTY BROWN HUGH BROWN ROSALYNE BROWN BARBARA BRUNDRETT MARGARET BULLARD JIMMY RAY BURDEN RAYBURN BURRIS JOHN BUSH ZACH CALHOUN DOROTHY CALLANEN JAMES CAPLE JANE CARD CLARENCE CARDEN KEN CARTER MARTHA CASH JAMES CENAC sUzY CHEW MARY RUTH CHANDLER BARBARA CHASTAIN NANCY CHILDERS RICHARD CHRISTIAN ELIZABETH CLARK FRED CLARK GEORGE CLEMENTS Nfl 0,-1... 'Jr ww 3? x si ANN COLEMAN CAROL CROLLEY JUNE CROWNOVER BOBBIE JEAN CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM DAVIDSON MARY ANN DAVIS RAY DAVIS HARRY DAY NANCY DEAL GARDNER DEANE NODYA DEES PAT DITTEMORE BILLY DIX FRANCES ANNE DOERR M. E. DOOLITTLE KENNETH DOYLE FREDDIE DUDEK JOE ELLISON GILBERT EVANS MARY JEAN FERRELL RALPH FINNEY VVALLIS FLAKE BETTY FRAZIER WVAYNE GALLOWAY DON GARRISON BOBBY GEE DOUGLAS GLOVER CAROLYN GOLD DARRELL GOODWYN VERNON GOTCHER ALBERT GREEN MARILYN GREEN SKIPPY GRIFFIN VIRGINIA GRUBBS ANN GUTHRIDGE HELEN HAMILTON PHYLLIS HAMPEL ROBERT HARMON BILL HAYS GEARLDINE HESTER JEAN HINE JOE HOFFMAN BILL HOLDER FRANKIE HOLSTED JIM HOUSE CLARK HOWARD CLYDE HOWARD ELIZABETH HOWARD f F' 9 v ' ' ,Aj Z W V If 1 ' 1? A X ' W --' . X0 X ' ' Q NQ fx - A1 53' Tj L QS" ., 'Q 1, ,fx dn .. I 'MW Qs! Y , 1 1 . w wk k 5 f h xi xkX L fi". N 3: , si IJ ' Q I1 C5 .. N QI ' f 10 53.2. x S29 - le, " A' , S- A .I xw ' ' I Ir' 1 5' 'aa sim X N fx BRITT HUGHEY JIM HUMPHREY BILL HUTCHINS CATHERINE ILGNER GERALD IVES BILLIE IVY JERRY JAMES ROY JECH JOAN JEFFRIES BOB .IENNINGS CHARLES JENNINGS GERALD JOHNSON ELIZABETH ANN JONES MARIETTA JONES NORMA JONES EDWIN KANE BILLY KERR PEGGY KIRBY EDVVARD KNOWLES HELEN KRALLMAN BOBBY LAMB LEVVIS LAMB THOMAS LANE BILLY LAVVRENCE HERMAN LEE JAKE LEGATE DAVID LEVVIS MARY ALICE LOCKBAUM BETTY MCCASLAND JAMES MCGOVVEN DORTHEA MCKENZIE MONTY MCMAHAN BILLY MCMINN GAYLE MCMULLIN CHARLES MCSWAIN ELIZABETH MACK FRANK MACKEY FRANK MALEY BAXTER MARSH ALICE MARTIN HANCEL MARTIN BILL MAYER DOROTHY MEEKS PHYLLIS METRAILER BEVERLY MILLIGAN WALTER MONCURE MYRTIS MOORE ROY MORRIS V , X . MM 1 M wrt! I DQR' 1 YS! 0 Es? AG ' 2 5 K BOBBY MOUNGER JAMES MYERS JODY MYLER JAMES NEAL MARILYN NOLTING ARNOLD OBERLE JACK OLSEN LESLIE O'NEAL PEGGY O'NEAL YVONNE OOLEY THOMAS OTTO WW J. E. PARISH fi I S? . CAROLYN PATE ' Mg' O ,JJ CHARLES PEARCE f JEANETTE PICKENS -I JOHN PIERCE GEORGE PLASTER DAVID POWELL JOHN POWELL THELMA POWELL BETTY LOU POWERS GORDEN PRATT WILLIAM PRESNULL BILL RADULOVICH VVILLARD REED HERBERT REINHARDT ALBERT REYNOLDS JUNE REYNOLDS BILLIE SUE RENFROVV HAROLD RHOADS RITA RICE CAROLYN RICHARDS CAROLINE RINKE JERRY ROGERS OLEY ROOKER MORSE ROSE JERRY RUSSELL ED SAUNDERS TRAVIS SAUNDERS HERBERT SCHLUMPF ZOE ANN SCHRIVER WALLACE SCOTT ROBERT SCROGGS BILL JOE SHAMBURGER BOBBY SHANNON EDWIN SHAW HARRYETTA SHIBLEY M. L. SCOTT .-5 4: N 3 3 'ss si N if YN . ,QL 4' 4"v. 1 tr . AA, 4 'fu V ig CHARLOTTE SIMMEN FRANKLIN SIPES GLORIA SMART CAROL SMITH HARVEY SMITH LOYCE SOVVELL BOBBY SPANN JIMMY SRYGLEY TED STANDRIDGE CECIL STEINMETZ BETTY STEPHENS GENE SUEN JULIUS TAYLOR CLEO TEAL CAROLYN THURMAN LOUIS TONEY CLYDE TRACY JACK TUGGLE ANN TYLER ROBERT TYRREL LESLIE VAN PELT MILES WALDRON BENNIE WARD SUE WARD PAT WATTS FORREST WEBB CAROLYN WESTERFIELD JOE WHITE MANUEL WHITLEY FRED WILKE JOAN WILKERSON WU TSUAN WONG DAVID WOODALL REAGAN WRIGHT Omer jI'25Ll'llel'l DAN ADAMS HOWARD DISHONGH LOMAX ANDERSON CAROLYN FIDDLER BOB BOGARD WAYNE GALLOWAY WILLIAM BREWSTER KENNETH GRABLE HORACE LEE BRYANT EDITH HAMILTON ROBERT L. COVINGTON ,CHESTER HANSON KEARNEY DEITZ DAVID HOSKINS MICHAEL DILLON ' THERAN JOHNSON f Q i '0' 4 ,f I kg I ag 'Auf an f' A A "f" A M-mn UMW' jfejklnell VALARIUS KEILCH CHARLES MALONE VVILBERT PIERCE COLIN LONG JOHN MYERS EARNEST RUFFINER OLIN LOVE DONALD NEVVMAN GERALD SANDERS BARBARA MCHENRY HERBERT NEVVSTROM BILL SCARLETT ROBERT SIMMONS JAMES TAYLOR MORGAN SMITH TIM TAYLOR JIMMY STAPLES KENT VESTAL LARRY STELL BETTY WILSON BENNIE VVOOD It F, a Ckemidfrg C ug BLAND KEITH ANGELO 0 f f i c e r s President .,..,..Y.,, ...,,,V,. B ERYL BLAND Vice-President ......, ......... S UE KEITH , Secretary-Treasu rer ..., ...,.,.. C LIFF ANGELO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CLIFF AN GELO WU TSUAN WONG GAYLE WITHERSPOON JIMMY SRYGLEY BERYL BLAND LEONARD PRATT RUEL BRADSHAW DANIEL BRIGHAM BILL PYE BILL HEFLEY MEMBERS ALL STUDENTS ENROLLED IN THE CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY CLASSES ngineerii ociefy BAGBY President ,,,.... Vice-President ...,, Secretary ..,A..A. Treasurer ,,..... MARGARET BULLARD JOHN BUSH J. E. BYRD ZACK CALHOUN PAT CAPLE RAY DAVIS ALBERT GREEN CHARLES HAGGARD ROBERT HARMON JOSEPH HOFFMAN BILL HOLDER JERRY JAMES BILL JENNINGS TOM LANE ROSE SRYGLEY BULLARD Officers MEMBERS ..,.,..JIMMY SRYGLEY ,,,,,,,,.,RICHARD BAGBY ...MHMARGARET BULLARD MORSE ROSE JAKE LEGATE ROBBIE PARKER BOB PETERS JOHN ALLEN PIERCE W. O. PIERCE BILL PYE ED SAUNDERS M. L. SCOTT FRANKLIN SIPES JIMMY SRYGLEY TUVI TAYLOR LESLIE VAN PELT JOHN WARD DON VVRIGHTSMAN In the Oil Town a ' i 8, 1- Eating is essential. Wassell isn't interested. "Doc" looks, too. What's up there? There's oil in those pipes. Can Elizabeth be taking notes? A Varied Day Intent at Assembly A Comic Book on Campus? Fun on the Bus Ready for Port Arthur Big Plans on Foot The Book's the Thing phi jhefa J alalaa Alpha Alpha Chapter eg .:1h' 1h h ::, . ,.: 'wk NALLEY HENRY DOUGLASS BARKSDALE 0 f f i c e r s President . A,...... .....................,................ T OM DOUGLASS . A . 5First semester, JAMES O. HENRY V109 Pfesldem A"AAAAh' """' 1 second semester, MABLE NEELY Secretary ,.,,,, ..,...,...,,......,.., B ARBARA BARKSDALE Treasurer ...,,,,.........,,,................... .................................... B ONNIE NALLEY Reporter to GOLDEN KEY .....,......... HlStOf12D ,.,,..,.. . .,,,,.... ,. ,,,,r,,,.r. ,r,. . . ..,,,, ,, .,,..,,, ,,,,,,. ..., , . BARBARA BARKSDALE LOUIS BERNARDI HENRY BLANKENSHIP SHIRLEY BRADLEY WILLIAM BRADY ROSALYN BROWN LOUIS BURES ZACK CALHOUN JANE CARD PAT COURTNEY PAT DITTEMORE TOM DOUGLASS EVELYN GALLOWAY MEMBERS HARRIETT GOLDBERG JAMES O. HENRY PATTY JO HOFF FRANKIE HOLSTED MARY LEE JABLONSKI KENNETH LINTON ELIZABETH MACK CARLOS MARTIN WALTER MONCURE BONNIE NALLEY MABLE NEELY MARILYN NOLTING YVONNE OOLEY 5First semester, PAT COURTNEY '2Second semester, HOPE PRANGE .MARY LOU RAUCH JOEL PATTERSON HOPE PRANGE JOAN RAUCH MARY LOU RAUCH HALE REEVES JUNE REYNOLDS LOUIS ROSTEK NORRIS SCHWARZ THELMA DEEN TAYLOR CLYDE TRACY CAROLYN WESTERFIELD JEFFERSON WILLIS WU TSUAN WONG Phi Theta Kappa Capers Q! as-"v'XNx 5 t, ii! L... A Campus Favorite Phi Theta Kappa Bigwigs Beauty and Brains A Pretty Miss Formal Founders' Day Two All-A'ers Tom and National Officers 5-x x K Rv. Fall Carnival Wha.t's this, Mr. Atkinson? Could these be Battlecrier beauties? Margie surely tells 'em. Which is the human? Sweets by the sweets. Everybody loves the dance. .XL , More Carnival Fun .e 9 JI fr ' I .V 1 5 F 1-' 1 Q Xf'.f. ' AQ' ,-.J .qv ' x"Luin Harlem Beauties Naughty, naughty! Any luck, Miss Fairchild? Who are the girls? Why, MISTER Hodges? A future Power's girl, maybe? Campus King and Queen QUEEN NANCY VANN KING BOB MONTGOMERY The Royalty Parades OIT! , .M LAW? Homecoming Royalty ROSES Fora QUEEN ROSE The Royal Float Homecoming Preparations Fight 'em, Trojans, Fight 'emi The Fire Builder Careful, girls. Working for the Royalty Rah, rah, Team! The Mascot and Alums Homecoming Parade llllllff K is Art by the Art Club Hitch-hikers A D. K, Entry Faculty Fun Returning to Town Just Noisemakers Actually a dead man At the Game, and After A queen is crowned. We are ready for Tech The Royalty poses. Congrats from Prexy. Let's go, Big Team! A ghost band parades. Fall Formality cabs: " 1 f XXX Honoring the Davises Feting the Trojans Welcoming the Patrons Pretty Tea Table Patrons Galore Smiles for the Guests F all I n formality ,xx Q sugar sl' First come, first served. Must be interesting. Our Chinese guest gets special attention. Even the faculty listens. Could this be the Student Council? These are for the Trojans Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Little Litt!e Little HOWARD W. PEARCE Director of Athletics lofdaf 164.106 for 1950 Rock junior Rock junior Rock junior Rock funior Rock funior Rock junior Rock junior Rock junior Rock junior Rock junior Rock junior College ........ College-- College ..... College ..... College ..... College ..... College ........ College ........ College ..,..... College ........ College ........ 141- East Mississippi Junior College.- 12 Arkansas State Teacliersm.-. 20 Magnolia A. Sz 17 University of Arkansas Freshmen 21 Ouachita Monticello A. 81 M ....... 19 20 Arkansas College ........ 21 College of the Ozarks ............ .Northeast Center of LSU ......... 14 0 Arkansas Tech----------.-------. 20 McNeese OLIVER HOLEMAN KENNETH GRAY Business Manager Backfield Coach In the past four years Little Rock Junior College has been privileged to have as its business manager the very capable and likeable Oliver Holeman. Almost every day Mr. Holeman is at hard work in Coach Howard Pearce's office, taking care of yesterday's game, counting the number of tickets sold and the number of tickets that are to be sold at the next game. Supervising the business end of the Athletic Department is Mr. Holeman's job, and just one look at the finished product is enough to see that he is not only doing his share, but twice that, in order to keep the Little Rock Junior College financial record clear. After lettering at the University of Arkansas in his senior year, Kenneth Gray has ended his first year as head backfield coach by building one of the finest quarter- backs in the AIC, Bobby Spann, into a college coach's dream. Coach Gray lettered three years at quarterback at Arkansas Tech and then he trans- ferred to the University of Arkansas, where he learned most of his coaching skills that he now applies to the Jaycee boys. In this, his first year at Junior College, Coach Gray has impressed not only the Little Rock fans but out-of-state observers with his well- trained and smartly-executed backfield that ran roughshod over most of their opponents. With the fine Work that Coach Gray has been doing and will continue to do, Little Rock Junior College can Well look next year toward having another fine backfield and another great team. 6 26,89 34 Taking over in his first year as head football coach at Jaycee, Howard Pearce was given little, if any, chance to bring his 1950 Trojans up from their pre-season rating of a fifth- or sixth-place ball club to the rating of a contender in the AIC race. Proving the experts wrong and showing what hard work and determination will accom- plish, the Trojans were leading the AIC race until the very last game of the season, when they lost a heart-breaking 14-0 game to the hard-running "Wonder Boys" from Arkansas Tech. Still they finished a strong second in the league and showed well the credit that Head Coach Pearce along with Backfield Coach Kenneth Gray received for their fine Work. Finishing the season with an over-all record of seven wins, three losses and one tie, the Trojans of Junior College proved themselves the team to Watch next year in the AIC. . :il my 'W S . :1 . . i " la 1 v. 7. if 5 P Y 4?"i,,s i 1 s. Qvf 1 E fly t , z - ' ' . 7' f-,tv - f ll-S +- W Y -. - :A i 4 it miss' 'S ' ' ' L it 1 4 - 42? t a I :fly .4 ,,,'k'r ,,. ' -- .' .I yy- A ,, fi A 5:"3'i.-1. 6-15, : ' i,."2fMl5- 'Q-' j,?'QzZ,.ni1'g . . ' , I COACH PEARCE First row: Willis, Carter, Suen, Peterson, Christian, Early Bailey, Forte, Shairrick, Mills, Maley, Clark Howard, Clyde Howard, Spann, Watkins, manager. Second row: Floyd, manager, Webb, Taylor, Plaster, Otto, Clark, Lamb, Doublin, Wilkerson, Ronnie Bailey, Combee, Thomason, Roberts. Third row: Head Coach Pearce, Sullenger, Criswell, Sowell, Harbor, Lane, Yeary, Howard, Mayer, McMinn, O'Quinn, Ellison, Jennings, Gray, backfield coach. EU f-'535 25 56327-i'.45, -30 2441 W 3 KW 5 T 53g f4UfT39ifI44fl32l"i23gl"i33'Su W 'vim-J-fs! 2 3 3? FORREST WEBB FRANK MALEY THOMAS OTTO Guard Left End Guard Marianna Little Rock East Lansing, Mich MAX HARBER JULIUS TAYLOR BILLY MCMINN Tackle Center Quarterback Piggott Piggott Wynne TALMADGE JOHNSON ROBERT JENNINGS LOXCE SON ELL Center Bainbridge. Georgia KENNETH CARTER Halfback Little Rock MICKEY O'QUINN BOB HOXVARD VANCE ROBERTS Center End Fullback Malvern North Little Rock Lake City. Fla. JOE YEARY EARLY BAILEY BOB SULLENGER Tackle Halfback Tackle Norton, Va. Richmond, Va. East St. Louis, Ill. VVINTON CRISXYELL ITALO "BEAR" FORTE O'NEAL XYILKERSON End Guard Halfback Lake City, Fla. Texarkana, Ark. North Little Rock LAVVRENCE VVILLIS PAUL THOMPSON MAC DOUBLIN Fullback Tackle Tackle Bauxite Texarkana, Ark. Little Rock GEORGE PLASTER BILL MAYER End Tackle Little Rock Little Rock BOBBY SPANN BOB LAMB Quarterback Guard Little Rock Piggott JOE PETERSON Tackle Little Rock JOE ELLISON End Daytona Beach, Fla. BILLY SHAMBURGER TOM LANE CLYDE HOXYARD Tackle Tackle Halfback Little Rock Little Rock Mountain Home FRED CLARK KENNETH DOYLE GENE SUEN Guard Tackle Halfback Little Rock Little Rock Dcrmott ..Q,,.ev5' . by 'fn- CARLTON COMBEE RICHARD MILLS Tackle Halfback Little Rock England JAMES SHAIRRICK MARLON EDGIN RICHARD CHRISTIAN Guard End Halfback Malvern Little Rock Helena KAQQPLGL LJQP6 First row: Peggy Lafferty, Charlotte Simmen, and Eleanor Bogart. Second row: Betty Stephens, Betty Frazier, Margie Garrison, Sue Brown, and Carolyn Richards. Come rain or shine, the Jaycee Cheerleaders captained by Margie Garrison, were at every athletic event in which Little Rock Junior College participated. Providing the spark and spirit necessary to spur our Trojans on to victory, these eight beautiful girls were the guiding light of the fight in back of team. Composed of five second-year girls and three freshmen, the 1950-51 cheerleaders were an inspiration to the students and kept them yelling and shouting in every sport season of the year. Besides Margie, there were Sue Brown, Peggy Lafferty, Betty Frazier, and Eleanor Bogart, the five sophomores who led the Trojan yells for their last year in 1951. . The three freshmen who will be the leaders next year are Carolyn Richards, Betty Stephens, and Charlotte Simmen. All in all, this year's cheerleaders were of great moral help not only to the school, but to the teams which so proudly held up the name and tradi- tion of Little Rock Junior College. W 271 ter December 1 wnief -Delta Kappa Christmas Formal December 13-Beauty Contest December 16-Battlecriers Christmas Dance December 18 December 21 -Spanish Club Christmas Party -Zeta Phi Christmas Dinner Dance December 22-Alumni Dinner, All-College Christmas Dance December 27 -Delta Chi Sigma Christmas Formal January 20-Sigma Tau Alpha All-School Party January 25-27-Sorority Rush Week February 2-Battlecriers Dance February 3- February 10- February 12 1- February 24- Sigma Tau Alpha Rush Party Delta Kappa Valentine Dance Phi Theta Kappa Initiation Zeta Phi Mardi Gras Dance we Habit? Mary Ann Davis .Si7A't'f?tJ Al .SZIAQ youu 4 Sq4A flxx M 25' ff: x. A f ix FHL S X f jik fwf A Uflwf Barbara Brundratt gaufiefi , '7' 53 - ' all '51- f 557515, .X 1'W' .:!'f , , .3 'jg 255' 'A , 'zu . ,Z-7.5 4 I Sue Harris ,Sifff Anofkef Marley Ju Holmes jlze Efllflty SLOW T iss! A 'Q I sa,kgq,' THE PARADE OF STARS THE WINNERS THE PRODUCERS 4,1-"3 -5, X is fs . ff .ffffx W., --W.. . W it COLLINS President ,,...,,.,A Vice-President ,,,,. Secretary ...,....,.. Treasurer .,...,,, Rush Captain ,.,.,.,,. Historian .,.,........... Parliamentarian 1 get ffgzcriem Uffice EDWIN MAE COLLINS .WBEVERLY CANADAY ......,,JEANNE BRUNDRETT ...,...,....JUNE MCCREARY LITTLE ,.,..r,4MAUDIE WATKINS ..,.......,..r.JOAN RAUCH Xiu in - gg. ' x, I I f l 1 I 'ffl' x' . 'J l -sd- va? N .1 ' "bfi 255 , '- is 1 ,I I K . if , Q ,- Q 7 , .V ...Q 1 7 W, 1,5 N,-W I . H ' .l 2 xl 2 v ' " 6 N .:Q- . ... 9 X 5 war X . 'B' , Q ll A : ' D ,ay gl S' af L f Q ei., gf 1 2 2: r . . 'lil i n 6 V 'Q' 1 t if , rf ' 1 N Q. .LL .-.Q ' ' if " , ' 1,'i14v.-gsigzl " 1- .1 . 9 y ',-135.14 ' f 41-. if gig , fl- ff.. . if 'f'HLlE'T 1 A - Lynn Babcock, Barbara Barksdale, Rose Battisto, Shirley Bradley. Janet Brewer, Betty Brown. Sue Brown, Barbara Brundrett, Jeanne Brundrett, Margaret Bullard, Beverly Canaday, Martha Cash, Nancy Childers, Carol Crolley, Mary Ann Davis, Nancy Deal, Aliice Forgy, Betty Frazier. Harriett Goldberg, Phyllis Hampel, Marley Jo Holmes, Elizabeth Howard, Helen Krallman, Peggy Lafferty. Nell Little. June McCreary, Yvonne Ooley, Mary Anne Pinckney, Thelma Powell, Joan Rauch, Mary Lou Rauch. Pat Redditt. Harryetta Shibley, Shirley Sisk, Carolyn Thurman, Nancy Vann, Maudie XVatkins, Patsy Watts. Carolyn VVesterfield. -, we Zfa lQAi NEELY President ,,,,....,.... Vice-President ...,,,.,,,,,,, Recording Secretary ,,,,.,A.AA Office Corresponding Sec reta ry ,,,.,,,, Treasurer ,,,,.....,,, . ,...,,,.,,,,,,,,. Rush Captain ..... Social Chairman ....,,,, Chaplam ...,,,...,,,,.. Historian ...,,,,,, ..,.....MABLE NEELY THOMPSON .,,,,v.,,BETTY BAUGHMAN .................BONNIE NALLEY MARGARET CROSSLEY ,...,....ELEANOR BOGART .,,,.,...MARGIE GARRISON STAIR .,.,.,....MARY JANE BOND rl' 'ff' .Xa Q- , ,f Q' sl- x k x L 5 2 J x '4 ,l 'V H. , . I Q K V - I if . 3 Q , RW . xx.-' ' , xt L, I a 'ki' .H 5 x ? 'Z-DB Q Qt' R E I ' ',,t . Q ,EQ .talk ', f lf lfgi 5 . ' ' .- Betty'Bal1, Betty Baughman. Eleanor Bogart, Betty Bond. Mary Jane Bond. Rcsalyn Brown. Barbara Chastain, Suzy Chew, Elizabeth Clark, Ann Coleman, Margaret Crossl oy, Bobbie Jean Cunningham Noyda Dees, Frances Doerr, Jeanne Eastin, Marei G ' C Helen Hamilton, Sue Harris, Jean Hine, Norma Jones, Sue Keith, P C, e arrison, arolyn Gold, Ann Guthridge. eggy Kirby. Elizabeth Mack, Jody Myler, Bonnie Nalle , Mar'l ' N lt' y xyn o ing, Peggy O'Neal, Carolyn Pate. June Reynolds, Carolyn Richards, Carol n Rink P t S y e, a tair, Sue Thompson, Ann Tyler. K X X . M -V 'S' - ,Q .. Q 4 ,lead .Sigma VVILMARTH 0 f f i c e r s President ...A...,,.. .,,..,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,A,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P HYLLIS VVILMARTH Vice-President ...,.,,, ,...,A..,A..... M ARILYN LANG Secretary .,.....A......, .,...,A. B ETSY GATTLING Treasurer ...... ,,.,..........,......,,.... B ARBARA VIAR Historian ..,,,..,.,....... ...,..... N ELLIE MAE ARMSTRONG Parliamentarian ...,.,.. ....,...,,................A J OANN TERRELL Rush Captain ,.,,.,.,.., .,,.....,. C AROL STEVENSON Pledge Mistress ........., ..,........,....,...... J EANNE COE Social Chairman ......... ......, N ORMA SUE HENSON "AZ .:,::2? 1 ZEE.: 1'i X -,,:-- to D 5 if 2 2 5 - 1 i till 1 f .f Nellie Mae Armstrong, Betty Berry, Jeanne Coe, Betsy Gattling, Norma Sue Henson Joan Jeffries, Marilyn Lang, Phyllis Metrailer, Jeannette Pickens, Rita Rice. Gloria Smart, Carol Stevenson, Joanne Terrill, Barbara Viar, Sue Ward, Joan Wilkerson igma au ' Q COURTNEY SCHNYARZ 0 f f i c e r s . ga. CONRAD COURTNEY, First Semester President ...... ,........ ,.,..,... INORRIS SCHWARZ, Second Semester . . SNORRIS SCHVVARZ, First Semester Vlce-Presldent ..,.... . "'A""""1JERRY ROGERS, Second Semester SBEN R. MILLER, First Semester SeC'eta'y'TfeaSu'ef "'ee'ee" eee"' 1 VERNON GOTCHER, seeerrd Semester Pledges HENRY BLANKENSHIP BRITT HUGHEY WILL FAILLA STEVE MARTIN CLARK HOVVARD VVALLACE NVILLIAMS CLYDE HOVVARD DON WRIGHTSMAN B-rr . Q' t'e' Leonard Biggs, George Clements, Jack W. Davis, Donald Finne, Vernon Gotcher. Robert Harmon, Gerald Ives, James Lawbaugh, Ben Miller, Charles Pearce. Willard Reed, Hale Reeves, Jerry Rogers, Norris Schwarz, Miles Waldron, Alfred Worden. Q QZM61 J CLARK H BROVK N President ,,,,,,, Secretary ,,,, A Treasurer ,,,,,,,A... Officers QBILL CLARK, First Semester IHUGH BROXVN, Second Semester LINTON Pledge Master ,..,,,,,.. Parliamentarian Chaplam ..,,,,,,,....,A, Rush Captain .,,,. ........I-IENRY CHUMNEY .,,,,....BOB MONTGOMERY ...WJAMES BRASVVELL ,,,,,,.THOMAS YVILSON ....,,,.......,BILL FLOYD W. . cb 'r. 'QQ 5 1 , 2 l , A f . f , . Er f 1 ' A i +4 ii fi- n " 'Q x Q - in 'ri 3 gg' .1 if M K 'A..V A- .J - as -'Q A I T N 'r , S 1 f Cv ii- we M , 4 1 . Q. . J , Bi or 1, ...Za ,aw J . . . . f' 'A , ji il - - i -. 2 l , M ...Nl 1 4 k.A H ' , gy . V , sa, I g.. F- J v 1 ' 3- v':" Z' ,f a A' X V .gf ,I ,.', , H 'Q N' 1 A A . , . , A i . Q. ,1- QH QQKQ 'T DJ N 1 My 3 Q A V I g Q -" - A 5 .if K rm fi , 96 K V a H.. I 1, or - ' 'A 'Q X 'Si t ' I M, ti? 1-1. 4 J ai ' l . Richard Bagby, Henry Bogart, James Braswell, Bernie Brown, Hugh Brown, John Bush, Zack Calhoun. Henry Chumney, Murray Coulter, Ray Davis, Bob Dixon. Mac Doublin, Bill Downs. lfrtd Dudek. John Ellis. Lynn Estes, Bill Floyd, Bob Gee, Albert Green, Skippy Griffin, Bill Hefley. Jack Henry, Bill Holder, Jim House, John Hughes. Bill Hutchins Eddie Kane, Paul Keegan, Ed Knowles. Lewki Limb, Tom Lane, William Laseter, Monty McMahon, Gayle Bllfhllllllll, Frank Maley, Claude Marks, Baxter . ars . Hans1SltMartin, Bill Mayer. Walter Moncure, Bob Montgomery, Roy Morris, Larry Neal. Thomas Otto. Hilliard e ers-Jn. Joe Peterson, George Plaster. Morse Rose, Ed Saunders, M. L-, Scott. Franklin Sipes Hobhy Spann, Jim Spradley. Jim Srygley. Bill Streett, Cleo Teal, Clyde Tracy, Jack Tuggle. Bill Walther, Max Watkins. David Woodall. Dining and Dancing F 1 E533 Y Queen and Editor In a Whirl Pistol-Packing Mamma A11 Dressed Up Happy Girls! Part of the D. K. Gang And Some More For the Most Ads--The D. Kfs Again G. 'Q'-3115. 5 'Mad' snares two bright ones, How they can frolic! VVho's the Blue Boy? Here's one of the Big Wheels Now I say . . . Here's brain and brawn-and beauty Peterson seems worried. The dignitaries react variedly at the formal 1 rl J Parties for All Tribute to the Trojans D. K. Speechmaker Morley Zeta Phi Christmas Formal Home Ec Dainties Delta Chi Sigma Frolic Faculty Fun A nd More Parties i x 'NWS Entertainers at V. A. Hospital Delta Chis and Sponsors Zeta Phi Favorites Office Sweethearts Sweethearts of Delta Kappa CAOU' First row: Hamilton, Viar, Jones, Callanen, Eastin, Hester, Bullard, Rice, Cash. Second row: Clark, Nalley, YVesterfield, Coe, Reynolds, Brundrett, Blagg, Hanipel, Green, Guthridge, Holsted Standing: Pierce, Schwarz, House, Gee, Davis, Failla, Vtlilfong, Davidson, Reeves, Bland, Clements, Capel McMahan, Leonard. SOPRANO Martha Jane Cash Elizabeth Ann Clark Jeanne Coe Marilyn Green Ann Guthridge Frankie Holsted Bonnie Nalley Rita Rice Barbara Viar Carolyn Westerfield TENOR William E. Failla Richard Leonard Frank L. Moore Hale Reeves Norris Schwarz ALTO Nina Sue Blagg Barbara Brundrett Margaret Bullard Dorothy Nell Callanen Jeanne Eastin Helen Pat Hamilton Phyllis Hampel Gearldine Hester Elizabeth Jones June Reynolds Beryl Bland James Pat Capel George Clements William Davidson Jack Davis BASS Bobby Gee Jim House Monty McMahan John Allen Pierce Rowland Wilfong I 111: - 1-u -1 -11-41 lfill l l 1l.lAu'5'f l l lllll I llll l'lllll'l'1'lllii'm jj Comp Tl. A , 4 4 , - EDDIE mg out L, H mr. ,. ll ll I.. I. I I ll ef he 'ld ad?-30, mg one whaflrl. A ll ll I. . I I ll fl you going Y s a Lcrri, ying ygur id and not putting 9 Jhn and :ge career- 1 shelves spinning .I -Q A--vvqi --- -A SHIBl SIN has 'ia rojans Open Phi Theta Kappalggy 1 age Season: ,vea To Illltlale fl b ,nsclous c f 4 . - , b New Members 2 A0027 muy remembered ,eadiru K el . A A . R ' V her to subnni' ,' , 0 planning to Jom th 6 eo was Cho: . -9-V0 X :pe he can adjust hi 7 ,fqug ip, k -1- fr U ,L X823 7 Q t, the service will 5'-Qian, '-QL Q5 Iliciu 0, 4. G' 3. mere are just tb Qbicon' ,L Q, C' . WW 59 4 51' xld acquire at .' 9 53' pr Q r , 435. Q Mc X: - jf C' 51 , to read, ani 66,552 Q gin L vt- ll N581 5 RWE. 1 other pee. isfiofb-get A Q95 all ft' ie' 0 saleh e down r Q -'S ' xg b , -H. world. 63 M U x. ev , ?s:T:ehaT'd,Q1 , Qjgzv the J zt's ex -zr .y. F 'Q Q e come to the se 45 V 3 N on vqkf to ' 00? Q Q .ld get out of schog 9 l ' I thaw. ' ' f ee Q ffl QQ 4 i .-. gmc Q 9 J I O O N563 3 p1CI . Qvyg? of Q U Hrogre. Q .re g BQXQQHQ swir ' ox Q gq?'.lS learning' ont! pe ' '. 5 Gif Q 1 1 M S532 zo-1s Wind f tl f .. Lys grasp E . V yr Cook." magazine '2' wer Q .Q .an lf UIFO'-lglf lst I I ed th' 45? 'fneone . wr Q 03 "9 Pi I: need to I ' ' her 3 A'- the ugh ag th LE' 0 Brothers Qver the - fm-,-n......f...!4,, .,..,,- 'ees. This is extremely easy. Just a biograpiif !7,., MARLEW 'O HOL' r 9 ook and watch ' ' Der- a. rur fuer, though By qoodxfot pelple 1 3 the minutie ' " cent., ' -- fl A t If 4 "' 3 OYC ro S033 will fall I fencyhgbiy 'Tfnn Jobs? tl, 088153 RQ 8 "Uh t I 163- 'ing for . "fmt raa?..I'h3si ' 1211? ' , to MST- By'-BILL DOWVNS -L, third intangible Oy - recording 00 "tee Bight 0 'USR ' but in a.lmb'sU 'L..S1U!1f11.3.1'iZ9,Lhe Scnool ls: 'qw to f Q0 ' ill be ta1.,-0fQ .ue "" 1.11, , ' 9 li- V A1 lo I S ' result of mgny hard ho other PF 6. show. ii will Bain th I d an In r 8 we my 0 . AZ, ions over rho , 8 he over an fir mos' In life. . 1 1 All W h ar fears but hman in Ja ' ' 4? -' 5 TK 0 I We . W f 8 adult ah Battlecriers. , . lei emlfa 4' 6 0 wld me Ib ffm Hfhemlstry Pflll ae . 3256 tiple ! Senior High School. as Society l 4, I Q, 0 f e , .. U as. ' ' Q Q V 1 , ' W ' ' ere are some things Cu1g:s7Q m.,m A I , orize, but s0n.30fJ.,!.e J 0 .1 .o - - 0 We-1 ' I' cameeaf lg iz. 0 RQ J' and s. . to her , . 0 . V look at these. .W h 0 0 "as 1.. 8 I, wonieiwhltley P0IIltSr0fv Q1 Games 5 higl-,-s - . GOTY books yet without --If mm Team to Wm S camera," he ..,,...,...s -, ,,,,-,i John Luthe--I-ew 1---ef-'fr-2'--:'iv 'fnns ln. OIWLQ :.4'-, .,.- - A .A.. ,- "' COLLINS President .......,...,.. Vice-President ............... Secretary-Treasurer ......... BETTY BAUGHMAN BETTY BROWN ANN COLEMAN EDWIN MAE COLLINS CAROLYN FIDDLER MARILYN GREEN ANN GUTHRIDGE PHYLLIS HAMPEL BILLIE IVEY PEGGY LAFFERTY conomicd CJ ug X I+ N W ' .. I W 1 Q 4 MCCREARY LITTLE 0 f f i c e r s LITTLE MCCREARY .......,EDWIN MAE COLLINS MEMBERS NELL LITTLE JUNE MCCREARY DORTHEA MCKENZIE ELIZABETH MACK YVONNE OOLEY MARY ANN PINCKNEY CAROL SMITH PAT STAIR NANCY TANNER ANN TYLER Those Versatile Girls -s....,.,f-Q . . . , ,W:Ifc'g" 1. A --'- 1 M, A -,EL rf' '-1 .Q .g.i"'fff.15-" 5 n-'q ,QQ L Pioneer YVomen Ready for Christmas Guests Always on Hand for Coffee Their Own Handiwork Behind the Scenes ,aff 64,4 ' V ..,,A p NALLEY BENNETT BATTISTO RAUCH O f f i c e r s President ....,.........,,, ........,.................4.,...,......,............... B ONNIE NALLEY . . KRICHARD BENNETT Vlce-Presldents .......,. ,....... I JOAN RAUCH Secretary ....v,,,..v,.,. ..., ...,.......... R O SE BATTISTO MEMBERS ROSE BATTISTO BARBARA MCHENRY RICHARD BENNETT FRED MILLER SHIRLEY BRADLEY MYRTIS MOORE JAMES BRASVVELL ERNEST PRITCHARD MARGARET BULLARD JOAN RAUCI-I MARGARET CROSSLEY IDA ROGERS NANCY DEAL JEANNINE ROVVLAND NODYA DEES FRANKLIN SIPES MICHAEL DILLON KENT TEMPLETON PAT DITTEMORE MAUDE WATKINS PATTY JO HOFF JOE WHITE RICHARD LEONARD GAYL WITHERSPOON VERNELLE WORNOCH EASTER ASSEMBLY Americffs Future Artists Bennett, not Lewis Carroll "Hanging" Adrian Brewer, Junior The Artist and His Admirers Significant Sign! Mrs. Moore and Models Winter Came . . . and Stayed R , xr, . N WN 'S 1: V+' X ra ev ,"' " 'QE I ,Q " --.,"'v ' - .. M fe. ' -. ., A N--gf ,A . ' " f -wus... .. : - s 4- ,ap-v 0 J ,W -ff A V, s .if , 4. Ib" if . LM . . P' I .,,. VN x nik ' .f"yv .. They're lining up for battle. Watch out, girls! Msg . ana'-vs-'40-'V Q ga fe . we-f - eww -agwa. Nu wif' - .A Madame Panda speaks. Work goes on inside, as usual. Huddle to keep Warm. That's right, Miss Martin. Z?a5Lel6a! In his first year at Little Rock Junior College Jim Bearden established his mark not only as a fine coach but also as one of the most popular and well-liked men on the Jaycee campus. "Genial Jim", as he is called by most of his players who think the world of him, took over in ahnost the same light as did Coach Pearce. Faced with a team that had Won only one game last year, he built his team around boys who would be back next year, and as a result wound up a strong fourth in the AIC, when the highest pre-season rating given the Trojans was a Weak sixth. Through hard work Coach Bearden built up the Jaycee five until they were one of the most feared quintets in the league. JIM BEARDEN S c 0 r e s Trojans ........ 43 Hendrix ..,,...,.,...,.,...,.,.....,..... ........, 4 2 Trojans ....,... 43 Arkansas State Teachers ..,.,.,. .,......, 5 0 Trojans .,...... 38 Wayne Independents ...,.,.. ....,.... 5 0 Trojans ..,..... 59 Arkansas Tech ..........,,.. ......... 7 9 Trojans ,..,..., 37 Beebe Junior College ......., ......... 5 4 Trojans ,,.,,,,, 65 Ouachita ....,.,......,.,................. ........, 5 8 Trojans ,,.,.,,, 57 Arkansas State Teachers ........ ......... 6 3 Trojans l.....,, 43 Ouachita .......,....,......,.......... .,..,.... 4 9 Trojans .,.,..,, 65 Beebe Junior College ,..,.. ......... 7 5 Trojans ,....... 57 Southern State ........... .,,...... 7 8 Trojans .,,i.,,, 42 College of Ozarks ,...... ,........ 3 7 Trojans ,....... 47 Arkansas College ..,.... ......... 3 9 Trojans ,....... 52 Arkansas A. 8: M ......,. ......... 4 3 Trojans ........ 48 Hendrix ...i............. ,........ 4 0 Trojans ........ 53 Southern State ........ ,........ 6 1 Trojans ........ 48 Arkansas A. Sz M ...,.... ......... 6 8 Trojans ........ 58 College of Ozarks ......... ......... 4 6 T!'0jal'1S ........ 47 Arkansas Tech ,....... ......... 6 8 Trojans ........ 57 Arkansas College .,..... .,,,..... 6 2 Trojans .-....--49 McNeese College Basketball Scenes Last-Minute Instructions Where's the ball? Just: Out of Reach i ll 2 SANDERS ,X -, ai j 'I V f X iigkif 5 .f ? fii5f.5f Q ' Q Moimeefz COZ ART 6 .V fl 1 ly XI , ,sl k H EEEEXX if f 1 ' 1 WQLKE XA J 'Y' ffh ff X334 , . Q. X :P U ff 2 le i x JECH GALLOWAY ,f 2 X 1 U f Q0 f 59 IW kkf ' Clark HOWARD 1. Clyde WHITLEY HOWARD fx H TRACY D W I f y DASIERB .JI ffv 'f s KEEGAN N J Zbyaalfefdaf Front row: Clark Howard, Clyde Howard, Pasierb, Mounger. '1 Second row: Galloway. Keegan, Sanders, Whitley. W JERRY COZART Guard WAYNE GALLOWAY Forward CLARK HOWARD Forward CLYDE HOWARD Forward ROY J ECH Guard FRED WILKE Guard Positions Ike, Tracy, Cozart, Jech. PAUL KEEGAN Center BOB MOUNGER Guard GERALD SANDERS Forward CLYDE TRACY Center MANUEL WHITLEY Center FRANK PASIERB Forward L R Q- , wr K ' W . x X '-.- ..- Q .1 Y A . v. , 4 A 07. I A X 1 ' , X " .Y , , Y J v , t Y . I A Y? ff' fi QQ nf' wt W 1 T '-. , t , n at mwcx , gr Nfvpf 1 V . rx ' .A ' R 1 , IVA ' X - , ' fi yy. A A, ,X M" ,X . A Q M em, qw Q. lf- L7 1:5 Y ' Q f ' X, g I 9 -A 'fffikl S1 ' 7 'Sig X fm Q f 4..Qf- ig:-Q Lx A, '- f'f- V rx M- --Ang. ,Z ,J wg: f' Q ,W '-I' .I --X, i .VA l f 'E' w -Q12 1 T, 1' ., 5 , - G" 1 - i, X , K 5 5 W' M' 3 Ex lg., A : wxfn.-Q it vi 4.1 n - ' 3 Lf '. da' 4 K ' ye-.sw-T?'f9,.f'i1wa1.v,,g,v' ,. , ' .U ' f if J. 1'-fu .5 -:,.1,. f ,. -Q 'eve ' V Q A. :VA A YQJ' A - T' . I ,,. ,. A v. I March March March 17 March 21 March 30 March 30 March 31 loving gagnclcw 2-Phi Theta Kappa Sox Shul'He 8-10-Phi Theta Kappa National Convention, lnclepen lence Kansas -Sophomore St. Patriek's Dance -Delta Kappa Spring Formal -Phi Alpha Beta Party -Rose Festival Princesses Final -Faculty April-Fool Dinner April 6-Stunt Night April 20-Donaghey Day April 21-Zeta Phi Spring Formal April 23-Spanish Club Banquet April 28-Sigma Tau Alpha All-Day Party at Hot Springs May 1-May Day lVlay 2-5-Self-Expression Week May 20-Baccalaureate May 21-Sophomore Prom May 22-Phi Theta Kappa Night May 23-Graduation lVlay 25-Battlecriers Spring Formal M8871 of fA8 . L f 2, P Z Q 3 'A ' E V, - V U Z A , , K E 's S u e H arf i 5 ! SOFA Olflfl Olde COLU"f Harriett Goldberg Joanne Terrill gI'26Al'I'l6Ll1 C0ll,l't Harryetta Shihley Earulyn Pate wade rincefid Gearldine Hestar Princess Little Rock 1951 Rose Festival I . 0n,agAeg Qlorefienfa five w -.e , 4, ,. 0. . . . -f .P 8 Recipient of Donaghey Bouquet Donaghey Day Luncheon Mahlle Nfeely PQHCA A X . 1:2 4: qt f Q- .,,A', . :Q ' ' ..., ,,.,:' I ":" in CUNNINGHAM BLANCHARD BRADSHANV HAMILTON 0 f f i c e r s President ...,....A,,,.. ........,, L LOYD BLANCHARD Vice-President ,,,.......A. ........,A,,.,.,,..,.......,........,A.....,., J AMES IVES Secretary-Treasurer ..,...... ,,..,.,.. B OBBIE JEAN CUNNINGHAM Program Chairman ..,.,..,. ,,...,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.... M ARIE BRADSHAVV Reporter ,...,..,v,v,,....,....... ,...,.. H ELEN PAT HAMILTON IWIEBIBERS CLIFFORD ANGELO LLOYD BLANCHARD MARIE BRADSHAVV JUNE CROVVNOVER BOBBIE JEAN CUNNINGHAM JEANNE EASTIN RALPH FINNEY HELEN PAT HAMILTON JAMES IVES NORMA JONES BILLY JOE KERR ALICE B. MARTIN WALTER MONCURE JUNE REYNOLDS HARRYETTA SI-IIBLEY DON SMITH BENNIE WARD CAROLYN WESTERFIELD ,RZ lJCU'li5A DOXYNS 0 President .............. ..........,,.........,,,........,.,,.......,,AA,,.,,.,.,.... Vlce-Presldent ...............A, ..,,,,, Secreta ry-Treasurer ...,,.. ..., Social Chairman ..,...... HENRY BLANKENSHIP JANET BREVVER DAVID BRIGHAM BERNICE HUSTON BROYVN GRADY LEE BROVVN LOUIS BURES BEVERLY CANADAY NANCY CHILDERS NANCY DEAL BILL DOWNS TOM DYGARD JEANNE EASTIN MARY JEAN FERRELL EVELYN GALLOVVAY MARGIE GARRISON XYEBBER BURES fficers LOUIS BURES QBILL DOXVNS, First Semester IFRANKIE HOLSTED, Second Semester VAN SMITH, JR. ...,........BETTY VVEBBER BIEMBERS ALDAH SUE HARRIS PATTY JO HOFF FRANIQIE I-IOLSTED MARY LEE JABLONSKI JOAN RAUCH DREXEL ROVVLAND JERRY RUSSELL YVALLACE SCOTT BILLY JOE SHAMBERGER HAROLD VAN SMITH, JR. IVIAUDE VVATKINS PATSY XVATTS BETTY XVEBBER JEFFERSON B. XVILLIS PHYLLIS XVILMARTH VERNELLE VVORNOCK rofan B BROWN GOLD THOMPSON LAFFERTY COLLINS MCCREARY I-I BROWN Staff Ed1tor .....,..... SUE THOMPSON Assoclate Edxtor ..... CAROLYN GOLD Feature Ed1tOFS ........ IPEGGY LAFFERTY Sports Ed1tor ,,,,, BERNIE BROWN Advert1s1ng Managers . UUNE MCCREARY ',f,,-f....w--I . fi-',' When Spring Came "'-va--a gl' ' vu. Jack and Sue made a date. Waco tried to finde one. These posed for a picture. This group couldn't decide, But these headed for the bag swing Some went fishing. Others read the news. Beauty Barbara was with a bevy. VVayne tended the strolling mascot. Some Zeta Phis went serenading. Drama at Jaycee Teacher's Pet" makes a hit. 'Sister Sue" was popular, too Plenty of Talent Our "Roche-tte-s" Now Serious Now Happy Stunt Night Winrzers 5 4 5 Q . The Art Club in "Destination Frustration" Zeta Phi's "Coal Black and the Fourteen Giants Stunt Night Scenes v,- 1' 1 1 N mu, Stuffing the Ticket Box Announcing the Lucky Number An Appreciative Audience Ready to Deliver Some of Those Mars Coeds Coal Black and Her Prince Charming Battlecriers' Rah Rah Squad 9, it I - if ll' if . K 5 'rl 'wimming I .xl L. I Front row: Bogart, J. Rauch, Lafferty, Keith, Goldberg, Mack. Top row: Coulter, Newstrom, Sipes, Harmon, Lane, Dudek, Taylor, Hutchins, Holder Under the guidance of Coaches Murray Coulter and Sue Keith, the Junior College swim team was really on the ball and kept Working to defend its AIC crown of 1950. Exhibition meets were lined up with Henderson, Arkansas State Teachers, Arkansas State, and the Fort Smith Aquatic Club. In addition, the Trojans met their AIC rivals in regular competition. The team was comprised of eight freshmen and seven sophomores. Practices were held at the Little Rock Boys' Club. gdifegdf Front row: Howard, ssg Howard, 2bg O'Neal, pg Pasierb, 3bg Roberts, p. Second row: Rowland, of, Lamb, of, Duff, 2bg Shelton, lb, Cozart, p. Third row: Gray, coach, Christian, cg Doublin, cg Malone, ofg Sanders, ofg Pearce coach Baseball Schedule March 27 ,,,,,,,,, ,A ,,,,c,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,, Arkansas State Teachers April 3 ........ April 6 ......,. April 9 ........ April 12 ........ April 14 ......,. April 17 ........ April 21 ........ April 26 ..,..,,. May 1 ......... May 4 ,.....,.. May 10 ....,.... May 15 .....,.., ...N...W,,.,,....,..Southern State ...............,.....Arkansas Tech .........College of the Ozarks ,,l.,.,,i,..,Arkansas College .........College of the Ozarks Monticello .........Arkansas State Teachers Cuachita .,......Southern State ...-.......Arkansas Tech .........Arkansas College ,,.,.,.,..,,....Mont1cel1o Signs of Spring mai .Q 29-1 1-iff xwi y ws. , . f X4 OoohfCo1d! Acrobatic Practice A Spring Flower Ready to Picnic Our Rita Hayworth Early Strollers Boardwalk Beauties Careful, Girls! Our Chorines Energy to Spare Ready for a Dare Easter Parade Campus Pleasures te. 'Vw 7- Coleman's Creek is sometimes an asset. The creek can be fun for some. It could be dangerous, Dot. Miss Barber has a birthday. spurs and all Spring Training They're getting ready for September, '51, Some run signals while others watch. Almost everybody works to strengthen muscles Work and Play at X if NN V 1 QT Jf'i?"i !'? ...-1, .. ,, 23 AQ kg- Mwmgw 1- """"! Enjoying the Outdoors for a Change Pounding Out the Trojan Finding Specimens Independence Bound Arkansas at Independence Odd Moments Six Merrie Maids Attention, Colonel! Beaming Bogan Lunchtime in the V. A Easter Musicians Heavy Drinkers SOFA 0147, 0I"Q 6 6155 UP' HARRIS BOGART O'QUINN COULTER SPRADLEY 0 ,f f i c e r s ' ....,.., MICKEY O'QUINN Presldent ,..........,, .... . . Vice-President ,,,,,,, ,..,,,,..,, J IMMY SPRADLEY .ELEANOR BOGART Council Representatives... ......... ISSEEREQERQQULTEE Secretary .......................... .......... As a group of freshmen we started out together in the fall of 1949. We quickly made a place for ourselves by taking part in scholastic, athletic and social activities of Little Rock Junior College. We had our share of members on the Student Council, in Phi Theta Kappa, on the athletic teams, on student publications, and as beauties. Our main social activities were our freshman get-together and sophomore prom, of which We were in charge. Now we are sophomores and we are still contributing much to campus life. We placed six of our class on the Student Council, and twenty-one of our group were members of Phi Theta Kappa. Eighteen members of the football team were sophomores and there were many other sophomores who took part in basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, and swimming. Again we had members of our class who worked on the "Trojan" and the "Chatter", and this year we had two girls in our class to be chosen beau- ties. Our leaders this year were Mickey O'Quinn, Jimmy Spradley, Eleanor Bogart, Sue Harris, and Murray Coulter. There are ninety of us who will graduate from Jaycee this year and, although we are sad at the thought of leaving, we are happy about and proud of our two years at Little Rock Junior College. HARRY ABBOTT CLIFFORD ANGELO NELLI EA E ARMSTRONG RLY BAILEY BARBARA BARKSDALE BETTY BAUGHMAN JAMES BRASWELL LEONARD BIGGS ALBERT BLACKLAW BIGELOVV BERYL BLAND, JR ELEANOR BOGART BETTY BOND MARY JANE BOND ROBERT BRATTON SUE BROVVN DAVID BRIGHAM LEYMON BROYLES JEANNE BRUNDRETT EDWARD BRYANT LOUIS BURES THOMAS BRYANT BILL BURROWS BEVERLY CANADAY ' IKE CARTER BILL CLARK HENRY CHUMNEY JEANNE COE EDWIN MAE COLLINS CARLTON COMBEE LEE H. COMPERE 'Q .Q Rf BILL COTTRELL MURRAY COULTER CONRAD COURTNEY PAT COURTNEY WINTON CRISWELL MARGARET CROSSLEY IRVIN DANIEL JACK DAVIS BOBBY DIXON MAC DOUBLIN THOMAS DOUGLASS BILL DOWNS LEON DUFF TOM DYGARD JEANNE EASTIN JOHN ELLIS WAYNE ELMORE LYNN ESTES DON FINNE BILL FLOYD ALICE FORGY ITALO FORTE EVELYN GALLOWAY MARGIE GARRISON BETSY GATLING JOE GENE GILLESPIE HARRIETT GOLDBERG MAX HARBER ALDAI-I SUE HARRIS ALLEN HARRISON lu? M av.. 9' wi' 531. sag f N fag LL, wo: if ,ff QS 5 49: Q' .fsfvif ff .t I ,Ln BILL HEFLEY JACK HENRY JAMES O. HENRY NORMA SUE HENSON BILL HOLMAN MARLEY JO HOLMES BOB HOWARD JOHN HUGHES MAURICE E. HUNT XTACO JACKSON TALMADGE JOHNSON PAUL KEEGAN SUE KEITH PEGGY LAFFERTY MARILYN LANG WILLIAM LASETER JAMES LAWBAUGH RICHARD LEONARD KENNETH LINTON NELL LITTLE J. A, MCALISTER JUNE MCCREARY ADDIS MCDONALD CLAUDE MARKS BEN MILLER FRED MILLER RICHARD MILLS BOBBY MONTGOMERY BONNIE NALLEY BILL NANCE I i K5 A f, gn? 1 g. Z x is ,gn Us 'U' MABLE NEELY MICKEY O'QUINN VVILLIE PADRICK FRANK PASIERB HILLIARD PETERSON JOE PETERSON MARY AN WAYN NE PINCKNEY E PLUMMER JACQUELINE POE JOAN RAUCH LEONARD PRATT MARY LOU RAUCH PAT REDDITT HALE REEVES LOUIS W. ROSTECK DREXEL ROWLAND ERNEST RUSH JACK SAVARY RICHARD SCHMIDT NORRIS K. SCHWARZ JAMES SHAIRRICK WINSTON SHARP SHIRLEY ANN SISK DON SMITH PAT STAIR JIMMY SPRADLEY CAROL STEVENSON NORMAN J. STRASNER BILL STREETT ROBERT SULLEN GER ..., 5,3 gs! Qt '11, t 1-"V S I , .xgt ' Pig 3 'JDII llvlii NANCY TANNER DEEN TAYLOR JOANNE TERRILL SUE THOMPSON NANCY VANN BARBARA VIAR ROBERT WVALKER BILLY VVALTHER ALVIN MAX WATKINS MAUDE XVATKINS BETTY WEBBER ROVVLAND VVILFONG O'NEAL WILKERSON JEFFERSON WILLIS LAVVRENCE VVILLIS PHYLLIS WILMARTH THOMAS WILSON LYNN WIRTZ ALFRED WORDEN JOE YEARY 3. 'Z' A Y q 4 ' -ov 3: , f Y X Q .- ,A A , T' f..f5xw..f X ANNE ALLBRIGHT JOHNS W. COOPER WILLIAM FLANIGAN PAUL DAVID HALTER DICK HENDRIX -fi., - QI' 301940111 0l'0J xi NN' I HAL NORVVOOD VVILLIAM REDMOND OVVEN REYNOLDS HAROLD SAXE JAMES TAYLOR 'sr 51 sift' Lx' 4, Q' if .I 'Q ggracfuafion f950 Graduation, 1950, was a memorable occasion not only for those who were in the class but for all interested in the progress and development of Little Rock Junior College. At this time Dr. Granville D. Davis, professor of history, was elevated to the presidency of the college. He delivered the commencement address and his inaugural address, accepting the challenge to build Little Rock Junior College into the foremost junior college in the southwest central part of the United States and one of the leading ones in the country. Dr. Davis thus became the second president of the Little Rock Junior College, suc- ceeding the late John A. Larson. The college is especially proud of him as president because he is a member of the first graduating class of the institution, that of 1928. The scene depicted here was repeated on May 23, 1951, at the Robinson Auditorium, when ninety students were graduated and Dr. William Darby, internationally famous nutritionist and head of the bio-chemistry department at Vanderbilt University, deliv- ered the commencement address. He, too, is an alumnus of Little Rock Junior College, class of '33. The Geo. W. Donaghey Foundation Donors: The Late GOVERNOR and MRS. GEORGE W. DONAGHEY MEMBERS OF THE FOUNDATION CHARLES L. THOMPSON, President LEO PFEIFER A. G. KAHN JOHN H. RULE C. E. LOWRY WILLIAM NASH DR. HENRY G. HOLLENBERG T. W, KIRKWOOD, Secretary-Building Manager ri ,fix ill 5 "1- E E 1 'faaiip i-. .S-:. '?"'.: :H3' ifxiamb 2-T f' 24 Rfk? " -'31 "fg?fyi,f5:4E5l1 b! ':. 5" Y 'I E '-- J" I' rifrqv- '1 - 1' I 1 1---1. lip ' rnhtl' R wig rr' 4'55v'H H L X T Eqfiw mm m 5+ ii? E ii I W I nf Fin "'-5...-1 W 4 e 'Q H 3ff ffT" L ill A - . XX 1 4 E! L3 A u rging f ' 5 'ia 1" T.::'554f'i 5.4, A, -oe 1-:I T .J ii-1554 rx'-.'N',,,-.,, ,,,',,,,Q",0,00,O'Q-,-.,.-,,-,,,'.-,,"'f"'4-"N',', '.,.'0',-Q 4 4 I I I We Carry All Nationally Allvertisefl Lines . . . I z I ' 5 pau ding I I ATHLETIC GOODS COMPANY, INC. 4 I: - Phone 2-2218 - 4 I 206 Louisiana Street Little Rock, Arkansas 'I 1 -,,.,,-.,,,,,,,,,A-,,:m,..::.. ,::,. ,- F ': 'f :' :"::""'::' C I II llclous Dinners 521.00-From 5:30 to M30 P NI Phone 2-S973 for Reservations 4 E!! ii if 5511? : Q : -: 1443. , 1 I NICK'S RESTAURANT 3 mW,ifi,,,, Q-fU1E,1l' 1l1UL - Nick Gerontnkis - :I ' IT rt tst r :ma .:1in .' S. for 0 och I W, - epa men om ,r ' A2'::l:g::lL::::::l:3',ffi,f J 41109-WM? . cannot Avtnuz AT csnfen , -:-suns: 'rv ':::":H:xHxx::x::::::::T" I I Compliments : - :E 2 - 0 f - I KERN - LIMERICK, Inf- 3 FENDLEY DRUG STORE If Ninth and Main - Phone 2-1809 Lxx H: lt ,xxx::..:::.A,,:,,,,HH,:v-.-: tra: :::::::::::':::::::::::: ::::--::::::::::::':--- f::::::::::- I I WRIGHT SERVICE CO I . I I I , W , - I I I I 4 4 4 - Phone 2-6143 - I I I Broadway at Second - Little Rock, Ark. 4 4 4 4 4 4 ,, 1 , 4 Home of 64Serviee the Wright Way" 4 L --.I ..-.,t,t,t,.,- ,,,Q,,.,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- .,,....w-w...4 u f- E3 ww.. .. -V 4 ELLIS HOME 8k AUTO STORE bi Olll' B. F. GOODRICH sS?0l'0,, F if Lg in ,Q -H ,L -V , ,g -1 1 - I Growing With North Little Rock - Q, i,1fl'i3?:- :f-+V if , 4 - Phone 5-44-81 1 FOURTH AND MAIN NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK W - 0:::: - - A A.,:: Q':::::::Q.-QQQQQQ4-..-,,..,'4'N'.',QQ, -:.-W :::5j fiiiiiiiiiiii :::f:::::.'::::::: Phone 7649 Eeramiehed 1875 II JAMES Ee 4JIMM1Ew WIRTZ E lr ARKANSAS 11 Manager ' :g 3 CANTEEN SERVICE ge WALDENBERBER 2 NC , LUGGAGE SHOP , '4 S I ' - REPAIRJNG - f '4 44 ROY KUMPE 704 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. Distributor If -eeeefff.-ee -ee - - -eeeeeeeeeee.-:eel P '4 1: "Send Flowers, But Send Ours' 11 Colonial Flower Shop 11 "Automatic Merchandise" -phone 34191- Candy . Gufn . Nuts . Cigareftes 2017 KaVaH8Ugh Blvd. Little ROCk, Ark. z ' ' 4, 14 5E 111111111111111111J 9 4, -:.-- -eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee, I, Compliments 1' Phone 5-7319 4 -. 0 f 1 4: 4 4, 1 I M . cl M . Cl d R 4' 207 spring Street Little Reek, Ark. Ig 1 an rs au e Ogers .1 -e.-.-eeeexee.-ee.-G.-eeeeexexeeeel Tx...-xe.-Jee.-.-eeeeeeeeeex.-:eeel 1111111:11111'1::11111111:1' 11:17 1:::::::::::::1:' 17 Compliments of . . . CSA 9 :4 ELECTROLUX CORP. 4 'kansas 'Megs' ,, 4: Complete M uslc Store '4 Worlrrs Finest Vacuum Cleaner 4 4, Phone 5-3229 1: 1: 417 VVest Capitol Little Rock, Ark. 4, I, ::::::::::::: ::::::::::--:::::J -::::::::::::::::::::-'-':::::::::-r '4 'n P J. V. FLACK CROCERY 31 fl P Sz MARKET 5' 4, Fruit - Vegetables - Meats '4 1+ 1204 Denison Phone 4-2067 4: :::::::::::::: - - -:::::::::-::::y :::::::::::::::::::::::' HN1 ' Pianos 1: " ' Organs ' C r I 1' . G l 1 I " , " ongra u a ions, rar ua es Band Instruments +4 ' Sheet Music LET Us FRAME ' Accessories II YOUR DIPLOMAS ,Q ' Rec-0,-ds 51 4 . 4 '4 ' Radios '+ 4, 4, " ' Appliances The Camera Center , Phone 403403 5, Reed Music Company 5, P - - P 108 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. 112 1141 11' Sevemh 111101111 2 5151 4, 1, av ::----::::::: -::::::::::::: -J -::::::::- - --:--A: A:::::-'::::::-3 A A A A A A A, A A - A A AQ, A A A A A"0,,,,,',.-,,,.,,,,,.,',, ,,,,,,,,,,,",, Congratulations to the Gl'llfllliltPS - of - LITTLE ROCK JUNIOR COLLEGE Class of'5l -lille m.m.l O H company TTLE RO A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A,.,..-..-",0.,fff,',,-',,,-,""""',,,,.,',-, ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 0910 7 EN-9N0NlS-PJVE-"-0-"990'N0-9-OXO 9'10f60090000J0 I LORD 81 PETERSON 11 E T"""' 'S A A Hudson Servire - E Phone 5-3573 1' In Your Neighborhood 517 Spring St. Little Rock, Ark. g Come By and See Us . . . Thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,.. -,:,.,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,l LAAAA:AAAAAAAA:AAA-AA.-.-A.-.-AAAAAA A :::.-::::,::,,:::: .AAA ,7 E-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -:A--A-::A:::-: Compliments of lForTha.tNextCorSage... 1 ARKANSAS SHEET METAL :f F IRL D S Y 11 Florist Kc Gift Shop Sl ROOFING COMPANY 'Q 5715 KAVANAUGH PHONE 3-woo AAAAAAAAA::::.A::::::,,,,:::- J ,,,,,:,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, favugiii. CAFETERIA "Next Best to Home" Little Rock: 115 West Capitol Hot Springs: 506 Central , :: 5 "7 'n T 'i I' I 51 4 ..,,,,, C 0 pl i ,,. ., ,. , S 5 :E fo'-EMAN EE - 0 f - 1: QQ HOMOGENIZED .':: Q: , ' "":'f "'A':':'i"' ""A ' TIRE 31 ERVI E . 4' 1+ - -: ? 'Mf.525 E S C C0 7' 41 EUUI Afihwr Avenue 4I 4: 4, ..if,f5QiQ'f 4, "Everything for Your Car" LITTLE HUEH, AHB- .-.1 1:5:,:.,:4,Q,g 555 - 1:5 5 1, 5 1 in :,,,,,,,,,:,:::-.,,,,,,,,.,:v ,,-:J L-,:.-::,-,,,,:,.-.,,,,, ,,,,,,,:,, 3 ::::::::::::::::::- 1 f::::::::::::':-::::::::::::- -y CALL 3-2042 FOR Phone 5-9151 P THE HALLS' 14 1' BLOCK REALTY CO. 1' Ch k P- - - 4: 4: REAL- ESTATE - RENTS 4, UC wagon lcnlc Servlce 4, , LOANS . INSlTlQA,xNCE 4 5020 Kavanaugh Boulevard 1: I: 212 spring Street Little Rock, Ark. 1: it 'P in ::::::::::::::.-:v-.-:::::::::::::J 4, -,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,-.-.,,,4 ':-"'::-"'::::::- 'W v:::::::::::::::::::::::-:f-A-:::fw , . " " 1+ EL2gi,egg,fgg,'3!L,,0fCdS""'S - -- Q, 5, MODEL SUPER MARKET ., 'r ALMYRA SMITH - FLORIST If if 5911 Kavanaugh Phone 3-7364 'v . H 4 2901 Kavanaugh Blvd. Little Rock, Ark. E Llnle Rock' Arkansas 1' -:::-::::::::::::::::::::::---: e,,:,- ::::::::.A::::::::: J '::::::::"':::::::::-"':::::: 1 v:::::::::::::::::::::::v-::::-A:-:1 'v 'r 44 THE WASH HOUSE ,Q 55 OAK EO-REST DRUG STORE 2: I Automatic Laundry :E The Ehlf elgsfmre :E 2611 Kavanaugll Phone 6-234-3 4: 4: 13th at Fair Park Blvd. Little Rock, Ark. 'I 44 4, -:::::::::::::: -::::::::::::::4 4,:::v-::.-.-::::-::::::::v-::::::::::4 '::: ------ ::::::::::- -"--' -'-'rv Eff ":-s::H:::""::::::- 1 Compliments C 0 m p li m e n t s 1: ACE HARDWARE CO. 1' :g - 0 f - ' iplifiifg-QQQQDS ' 11 fl ENTERPRISE LUMBER CO. EI 1206 iwein Street Little Rock If II 311 West Sixth Street 41 :::,,,:,,,,,,- xx, ,,:,,,,,,,l L ,,,:,..:,.-.-:.-:.A::.-:v-- 3 :: 'Ax T Compliments of . . . : P P S T A N D A R D ' S 5, 1 Two Friendly Furniture Stores 1: t 4 209 Main, North Little Rock - - - Phone 4-0376 4' P 609 Main, Little Rock - - - Phone 5-0131 'u ---------- - ------,-.A-. ,AA-:.-.-.-.-.-.-.A :Ali 'I 'I 'I 'I 4-'Y'-ff-'.'e'.,.-,,., ",,",,',,'-,q t t t l i l l l i 5 l t 5 S 5 l U 9 i 'I . . . : 'I f5f Tomorrou' ls Forever mother grznlnzitit-ii tiny nnul youth begins the pilgrinmge :inew . . , :irnn-sl with iztith in the 'I Alll9l'lL'1Ill ilrezim that life will bring In Iawh whzit :I he to lmxw-, I 'I With them go the ilrt-zuns of every Mother :intl 'I Lrzid who has worked enrnestly :intl long that these i young people might silt-vt-ul , , . :ind the hope that 'I if they falter, they will try again , , . :intl in so :V trying will find ai strength and happiness grent :Is I: life vain give. :l It ie ai time when mzmy pictures should :intl will 4 he tziken hut there should he one pnrtraiit finer 'I I, - - - 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I Le than all the rest to oupture and hold this moment fvIrever. It is the kind of p.:r:inlu1ition pur- trziit for which we strive. mfgam .Mtg 0.5 Portrait and Commercial Photography Studio 923 West Second Street LITTLE ROCK. ARK. -,------A ................ A-- ,-.f ',N,-.,e,-,- Compliments of . . . M A S S E R Y ' S Laundry X Cleaners - Phone 9181 1 Seventh and Cross Little Ruek Q04-,',,.-..,,.",,,,,,"'x,' Compliments of The MOORES' CAFETERIA 415 Main Street 1,4-:f:"'::::::.-:.A::.-::.-- :: CAPITAL CITY LUMBER CO. lt lt'- lhilldfnu Materials We llzne lt! Phone 3-5904 6513 VVest Twelfth St. Little Rock, Ark. - - ::::::.+:,-- ::::::,.,,':::: Y' l S S l 'I 'I 5 'I 'I 'I Le - v - - ,-::::.-.-.-.-.-.-.- :::::::::::.,A, 'I H. li. WEINGAR'I'NER H. L. STEI-IN CITY SEWING MACHINE COMPANY - Phone 2-2507 - 216 VVest Seventh St. Little Rock, Ark. T' 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I L """"""""A""""'A-1 Compliments io-fi A FRIEND T 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 5 5 l 5 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4, A... - v - -:::.- - -:::.-: A +::.- - - - -::::::.-.-ey I Compliments -of- SCHAER - NORVELL TIRE COMPANY Phone 5-8118 4-01 BROADWAY Compliments 0f 319 main ,.,.",,',',""',,",,-, ,,,,,, 4-..,"'f00',,,-,,,'e.""'-4-.Q P r 1 ' : P P v BALE CHEVROLET COMPANY 1' 4 4 Authorized Sales and Service 4 I -- PHONE 2-6292 - 1 P l 120 BROADWAY LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 4+ 4+ 5 Ax :J -::::::::- ':::'::: :::'1 :- :::::::::::::::--:::::v-:::::-:G I S 41 11,353 1 A Q STRAWN FURNITURE Q: iersssg , 3 COMPANY, Inc. -Q pJ'PU5H4 1 8 S -' S Phone 4-8249 + A Pxss K , , , ., fI7f'w,-.,A ,X 5 701 West Seventh Llttle Rock 1, . 1 A 9- g ang s " 1 'Q 'S 5TORE5Rg5?RURANT 2 WITH A I 5 i rn ' ::::::::::::::::::::::::-A 1 r ::::::::: 1 Phone 20-1167 4 E 4 HUNT-RITCHIE DRUG 4 :4 Prescription Service 4: 304 Main St, I flfT.f'fl'lIlQZiliflfffi, J 11 North Lime Rock , QI af I -::.-.-:::::::::,,::::.-:.-::::::: , 9 3 14 Friendly Service from the S "Golden Rule Storev Foot of 4 4+ 4 Broadway Bridge ir NORTHLITTLEROCK 1' 1I"The Home of Values" 4 n - :::::::::::::::::::::- J if -::::::--:-:-:::::::::::-'-': A- :J 'V 4a 4a 4a 'n Zmalhmin Pianos Z Today's GREAT Piano Exclusive Representative BUSCH MUSIC COMPANY 716 Main Street Phone 5-8142 . :::: ::::::::: .- .-:::: ::::::.-::::::: .-:::: J l -::, :::00::::::o-'0::"0"."',,'0",,f'0004-0' 'Q Q 0 ' 4 I 4 I 4 : -I 4: I: 4 S 2' Q 1: 4 44 ,-E 4, '4 4-4 Q v4 3 4, 44 44 44 4-4 5 "Hn, 4, I4 IQ 14 q 'I 4, ,4 p-4 ,4 9 55 .: E 44 N 4 I 431 4. :I ' 55 3- 5. ,I 4 m 4 -I 5 FI 2 - 4 73 42 14 45-3-E'-I I I w I ,Q ' I, 4 n -UQ 4 1: 2 ' "' 4 IP I 44 Z E v4 4, 44 E U: 4 2 CD : 44-fir-412444 47" C4 ' 4: I-4 Q I 4: 3 W P 44 :U fn 4, 44 'U . li D 14 rn 3 1, :4 :' . I W 4 " 4 4 O 4 4 4 Cv 4 5 E r lg rl-4 I I Q 44 F1 44 'f' '-I 4 1: 'Q I4 4.3 E' 3 w 5 I 4 4 pg ' I -, I 'IZ II F" 3 C1 I 'I '4 'I 44 D1 3 'FU I 4 , vs' """"' 1 FN ""' "1 Q Q I Q I I rp cg I :I Q II I 1, F :U 4-4 5442 4- ,P12 : - 4' 4 4 as 4- 4 4 F' C4 4 Q Q. 5 44 " D1 '4 " W Ii 4 44 4 5 4 4 'Q H1 4 I sw 4: fr I 41 I' 4: U1 411 F5 ,I 4 Q 4, 2, ,TQ 0 ,I 4, I Q 4 4, P 4, 2 I 4, 44 4-4 E 4 44 2 Q 44 U, hs. - 44 4 if Q -e 4 4 cn 3 4 A C 4 -'T' 4 4 9 ,, : Q 4, 44 l"' 3- 4, 4 if 4 - . I ., Q fn :4 524:E4:Ef1E'sE44 E 4 I 4:-4 " 5 fb I '4 Q 75 5 I I 4 :4 E 4-"5" 44 I' S 4-4 Q :4 ,I 7 I ? 2 I 41 U "" 4 -4 ,, 2 z ft I 44 2 FI 4 2 4 F' 4 I ,-gl I , 4 , 9 4 I: 4 4 4 , 4: -1 ' I 44 4 44 4 44 F I 44 I 'I I LN ' L .,,,,, , -J l ,,.,,,.........., , --v vv-- ---vvv - .-:::.-,,,4-'---- -- Gus Blass Co. Since 1871 Arkansas' Largest and Best Store xg..- , ,,.. , j I. A , :ig-1 ,',- 2, j, Qg?Ilf?. M m an an L 'AVV 5' 4.4-1 44 ' ' I ' "M, ":-T:7'A:7if4' 0, ,vat l,l'l 'V 4 Q35 4 4+ 4-Q!ei1-'- Where Every Customer Must Be Completely Satisfied f'-,0'0-,',,,, 0 , '.", ' ,,, --',,,,,4-Q, f', Q, ,ff-,-4-,-,J I I 4 I I I I I4 L fx xx? 'I I E -ef ' I I G gd ,jwl is T 11 ' 2 f W al ?' I I 4. he I 1 1 . E liaioer' .sizruice 'P VC If 'I I I I I I E E 3: C 2 2 600 Pulaski Street l I amp lmen S 5 S Little Rock - - Arkansas f ' Phone 4-0356 ig - 0 -1 I, I: 'I ':::: :::-:: ::J I MAY SUPPLY F fx 'xNxf:::::H:: ' PHT? I: z Comphments of :I -Q ' ROWLAND'S BEAUTY SHOP I Ing, I - Phone 6-1142 - If I I 1409 South Pine Little Rock I1 :I l-,,,:,-::.-e.. :v-:.-nee- eel' I I f::::"'H::::::::::::' ' Tx? 2 2 Compliments :I 'I S 1 of - 'I 'I S :I I JACK,S DRIVE-IN If 1: 2 Food A1 ne Finest Ig -e :eel e,,,- -,:...A....,,eeeeeeeeeneeee J ...ffif?:::::::::::::::":H7 fn :::::::' PM I -f-r- ,f' . 'I 5 2 Q9 I ' Q 8 A 1 'I 1' S 5 f 4 'I my E z PAINT cgxin PAINT :I g :Anna 4' I I QUALITY ECONOMY I: : I I'-'qt fl t E A L ..'-:. A ,I 7br63e!eMaJ I , I S I I . . . 2 I SIICIWVIII - Wlll13IllS ,I S I 2 720 Main St. Phone 5-7371 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexeeeee.-eeee eeeeexeeeeeee eeee.-e.-.-eeeeeel '::::::"":":::":::::::::::::: " ':::7 'I Congratulations, Graduates! fi 'I .-I1'Q1112"1:24i11.a..'11, . 'I "1 VIZ- -11 "-' 'P11-a1f55"i1i'P52-351231-5:'?',iQ' L. ' .. . 4, 'I - PHONE 11--41-311 1 Q 'I Department Store ....... - Seventh and Main 'I Farm and Auto Store - - Fourth and Scott 1: IC --------------- A--:J :::::'::::::,,::',.'::0,",,,,,, PRECISION OPTICAL SERVICE U uilll Optirians 'A' Main Floor. Donaglley Bldg. Little Rock - - - Arkansas - - - - - - v - - .... '::,,:::::,'.,", Compliments of . . . S M I T H ' S UPHOLSTERINC Devoralire Fabrics - Draperies - Phone 5-8519 192-I W'est Third rx.:-.fN,"f" "',,,,, x I I I I 3 . . g I lam s . 81 Rosen : INCORPORATED s KOUIX IUSIII l li WHLIIIS S 5 S S s I z Hall Bnilclinu - Little Rm-k I if ',f4,,,,,,,,,",,,,,',',,,,,," f-.'s,-.,-4-4-,-..-.-,-,,-.,,-.,,.""",,,,,,,',-,,., v 5 I ALLSOPP Sz CHAPPLE l l E BOOK STORE S if E B 0 0 K S S and E SCHOOL SUPPLIES 5 s 'A' 307-309 Main St. Little Rock. Ark. Cf ............--- ---AA--- , ....-,:: ---------v-,,,---,----,-,.,:::::- ------, .... ------------- ongrafufafionzi ,,,::, A A -, - - - --..-,-,:::::.':::- ::.-::::- G R A D U AT E AND UNDER-GRADUATES on omlodfing a uccedrifuf Mar ::: ::,,4 Q ,,., 4-04-4-of-.'0"''.'4-.'0'0' 4-Q4-4-.','."'-J-4-.,-,,q HOWARD HALLEY'S SERVICE STATION "Run In Before You Run Outs, O Phone 2-9414 25th an Arch St Llttle Rock Ark f ...v...... 1 cl - s. ' , . S . Sz S. SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Outfitters for Your Car 313 West Third - - Little Rock 309 Main - - North Little Rock Compliments of . . . DEVOE - RAYNOLDS COMPANY, Inc. aPeople Who Know Buy Devoe" 425 West Capitol Little Rock : rpep 1: Home of . . . 44 14 KINGSRIDGE 4: SOCIETY BRAND and OXXFORD , CLOTHES FOR MEN :I 21 Bauman's Men's Shop 4: 1: 302 Main Street I ::,,,:,,,,,- A r ::::::::::::::::::::::- N EEL DRUG 4 COMPANY 11 k P 'I P h o n e E 4 - 2 2 1 9 E A 1723 Wright Avenue IL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,e.,,,,, 1:::"""::::::::::::::::::::::::"" 1: Hayne Ellis, Jr., Manager Established 1875 55 4 If THE LONG-BELL 44 4 If LUMBER COMPANY il 14 1: Telephone 3-4177 44 4 If 4501 Asher Ave. Little Rock, Ark. 'I L :::::::::::::::: ::::: - ::::::::: C o m p l i m e n t s - 0 f .. S T A N D A R D ' L U G G A G E 4 EVERYTHING I for the TRAVELER I 303 MAIN STREET 4' ---A--AA-----AAAA4AAAAAAA- lil Compliments of . . . DUNDEE CLOTHES F acto ry-to- You SUITS - TOP COATS SPORTSYV EAR O Complete line of Men's Furnishings O The Man SVho Knows VVears Dundee Clothes Y-:-v-::,,,,,,,',,.,,',,,',,-,Q',,, FINER DIAMONDS Since 1880! l J? ' f Jewelers - - 511 Main .A A:::: -::.-.-,,,,,,',',',-.',4-., Compliments -of- UNION NATIONAL BANK Fourth and Louisiana Little Rock - - - Arkansas - - v v :.-:.-::, :,-,-::::::.,.,,,,"'.-..-., Distributor of . . . Gilmore Paint 81 Paper Co. -L09 Center Phone 2-6814- UNION LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of Little Rock ELMO WALKER, President Arkansas' Oldest Legal Reserve Old Line Company K E M P N E R ' S Little Rock - - - Hot Springs Compliments -of- SAM'S DRIVE-IN Compliments -of-. I. K. ELECTRIC COMPANY E. E. RAINES COMPANY INSURANCE GENERAL AGENTS Fire, Marine and Casualty Insurance 410 Spring Street Telephone 5-8189 Little Rock, Arkansas f:::' - :: e: ---- ::- 1 r- ::: ::::::v-::::::::-:::.-:::::: - -4 1 1, 1 ,: 2 Hes, ,,,s,,,,s ,,, ,,,,, It HOPSON'S Eooo STORE 1 i I 41 4 1 TRUJANSI , 1 Fresh Mears and Vegetables 11 : :I Staple and Fancy Groceries 2 1 Ph 9122 E Xioss , I-lutton , Barbee 1: 1: 2421 WRIGHT Avrgne LITTLE ROCK : S 1 4-f,,,::,,,-.v.,,,::,,::::,:::::::::: : E Company 15 J 1 Wholesale 1: 1: 1 5 Automobile Supplies 1, H A R R Y S C H E R 9 R Square Deal Jeweler 2 E Fourth and Spring Little Rock PHONE 5,3903 208 MAIN ST. z b::::::::::-A-:::::: -:::.-::::::.l IQ:-,:::,:::::::: ::::::-::::::j 5e:-T:v-:eeeeh-:::f:::::::::::::::'v r:-::::::::::::::::::- A, 'I 41 1 z Congratulations from E 3100 Roosevelt Road 1: : Drive By After the Games and Dances ' R i QPEN ALL NIGHT - 1, W. W. 1: 5-A --AAAA:::--::::AA -:ln 1, 1: "' "" ' ' " J 1: Complete Food Store , A:::::::::::::::::v-::::::::::::: Ib '1 2- ff 'i Fresh K. C. Meats z The UNITED CORPORATION 1: 1: prays and Vegetables 4, 1 Insurance - Rentals 11 1: 1: : Real Estate Sales - Mortgage Loans Phone 9288 4: 120 West Fourth St., Little Rock, Ark. Corner Wlright Avenue and Wolfe St. 1: 1 41 1 K-':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J t.,:::::::::::.-:::::::::::::.A-:::::J i:::::H:::::x:::::::: :"":7f ix: ::::::::f::::::::' :H 7: If Choose Home Furnishings Compliments from , 1 1 Q: F,,,,,, Ou, L,,,.e Smk, 4: 3: FRANK LYONS MACHINERY :E z On EHS Terms ' 904- Broadway 11 1, y 1 1: Little Rock, Arkansas 1: 2 II lx.. ::::..:,:H:::.-.-.-.-.-.-3- 3 S 1: MANUFACTURERS , F , 1, 1 1 41 1 FURNITURE CO. 'E : S T E I N ' S " 2 4 ,: Arm-rlca's Greatest Clothlers 1: 1: Phone 9211 1: :1 65 Stories ln Principal Cities 11 V 'P Ph 5-5502 ' II The Half Block an 71h and Arch Sis. If :I 301 Main sn-eenone Little Rock, Ark. :I l,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,,- ,::,:::::: 1' 1 -::::-A: --:xx -::::::::-A::-:- - J ':::::"::: ' ' :::' :FFT 1 M. ms., lg 1: ' is-lf' Ii 1.1: Q 1- 1 1, 5' 1 1: 1 !mvIm'u1.cIl E12 1 1 :- r- U I1 1: N, 11 11 1 060 :P:f 1:,l1 E 1 if , .1 1:1 :1:1: 1, , lf n i gmi :: 1 , I Q, -:-5:55, A:'- J f 4fe:"'2i5e2:w: ffgi5E?f?57?Xjf2 jg!!! ATYQUH lf',:iy-tjufu. , '1 ' e ' 'f ff w S XZ!!! 3,13 I ,f l M. I iv? X 1 ff ff A 00 f 'ui if 'X f ,,f'1f'f rf 4' 'fiery .gy ,,ff6qg,j,,,f I X L . " sq, - tif "' I I X 7-I Wil I III XII mia r ' W' THIS BUUK PRODUCED BY Peerless engraver: TELEPHONE 5-8266 ...A DIRECT HIT to a successful annual is determined by layout and design - by the use of story telling photographs presented to catch the eye and attention of every reader - by quality engravings produced by photo-engravers, mas- ters of their craft. FOURTH AND LOUISIANA STS. - LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -------------------------------:fy 'fr S Philip w. Baldwin YV1-rner C. Knoop jr Bl'0HdW3y Flower Olen A. can-S Phil B. Baldwin .Q A. W. Steenberg allplowers of Fashionas 'r THE BALDWIN 1+ U COMPANY 5: ' 1 e I: U Engineers z Phone 9162 General Contractors 7 0 8 B R O A D W A Y o " tn 215 Wallace Bldg. Little Rock, Ark. " In Any Event-Le' Us Semi Flowers 2 ................. - ............ -,,,,,:,-.:,,:-.::::::- ,,,,,,,:,,, 2-,::,:,:,::::::.-,,,::,,,,,,,,::: , S I Always 2 Come In for a Free Copy of ' A h a 5 W YVARDSWNEW' ' Good 5 MIDDUMMER DALE BOOL VER. Blovie 3 Stoll at our Catalog: l'veplll'tlllellt for your X A .I Q copy, Illtit, XOll'ill fillft l'l121l'xX'Y of yt-ul' Slllilllg 5 zllld vavzltlon needs. NUI! ll see lllllllj speclal ' 5 values. too. Watches llllll silvelwllllte are g l'L'1lLlL'E'LlQ c-zllllel'as, casual SI1Oi'ISXYL'ill' and .. 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Q ug 1 ' Aeljl Q y' ,'.ph, .a- M -Q. .. 7' .xl 1 4 IL'-If T' 0 . .:.. ' -v u. , ...lf - 4 Ft 'F 1 nib n .. kr . ny, A, U -14 " R n - 74 Jw ' 'S . N N I .- - ' x I JN . '-1 1' ' 1 , Sf .- u . ,fd 1 ':"' 0 1 ' 'll a a ,, - - Q ..- 4 -. ,. W 4 ,r ., ' t 'Q- ,g-uv M- I 'ri' ao ' r, ' f P!! is 'I . f, 'tx 'A . 4 5 V 'l r ta .. , :ist 5, 'ty U- 'T ..'e. . law ff is- 'g N ' " sri' 'ti' 'vff I I . 5 -u -f .1349 Ot? I ,gfv , Q-O I. 'll 5 'u' QA. "rp 'III ,f ug.. I 4- ,. ,fo 1 Al 9 ...L-.-, Ah 9 C Q 1 O -" vw" 'fvwma"" 'T7 I' u V v 'N I N :uf . ' 4 n . 11' :il 4 1 f Xu f ggavfpyr-" '.. - 3 . C n I 1 JI I H .. WI. . x I - 'N 1' ...gag me

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