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1 x 4 1 1 . Lp uw' fidwj, , 2 E A Q? ,i54 'M g E ,,., 1? 25.1 4 ivifwf biir E. k Xi R .V-m'?3?wEmw A x NQNN N . 2 W 5 M in V M ,QM 1 .. 5 w ' g X i :Ei 5 lx? Ixv , 253 qu Ak D 'ml Y ' 3 M' 4 , '?i. hf.LL1f4" M. QE-awww 1 I S 1 3 52 , 5 i ,i .Q Z 1- ! .7 onfents Wy, U, ,,G.,,,,H nfs: j, ' -,WJ ,Sq wmzfu A .,,,,mb,p Y. .J ,, N, Q sfsgwagfisg b 5 f K : k egysggggv: Ag -. 9'ff,'Zw?9 LI' .- ' X A wise: fs: 5, Q 255551 ' - 5 1 ffifgi ' Q 2 Jfuatquwhuu Moves It hos like o game. If this is true toke ond moves our We oi win- ning this Westotk is just o srroregy. ond Skilis which Here we goin help us to become better ployersq Our Westork experiences help us to moke the right choices, the right moves. Everyone clapped and got into the groove at the StudentlMixer. Mike Fairbanks seems to enjoy himself during a slow dance. he Beginning 3 Students getting to know one another before orientation. Sherrlsa Scholle, Alec Parker. and Cindy Watson shared good times at the dance. Explo ln' C In QTPUS 9 P ldeline Ub bleflelgel 4' 1 'Jw 'ne gocne ox Yxxe beqxns .'noS0x0ef3n- xoxs xo Sex new sxooenxs xn x'ne xxqnx 'n'NQ0Y- cSxxeCYx00'0X1XexfxnqK'nec0X4nOw wnox ooenxs couxd ex9e0 xxofn xne cox- wex os wxxox woe. xo oe ew denx. Hexoxd 'nxnxs 'ded xn xne e ' e , We cnosx qoqnes endxnq. Box qnoxe x e xoefindnq ond gx nexe oxe xeqe, os Qef-Wed ox xne sxu xixoexxnei were oxovx d xo oxovxde xox x'n x 'W uf ond on een xxx x xke, x 6 eno- ono q xnonu uesxxon. Sxuoen Pxc. od nxnq xonxxq, 'o2xwN endxnq ox x'ne qofne o gevexd cnoxe befinnxnqs on XQQS, ond coxeqe Ks one ox xnose. To 'wxn ox xne coxeqe Qoxxxon ox gxndenx HEY. you nove xo fnov-e ck xne nqnx sxooenxs evenf Q x wee ond wxxexe oexxex xo sxoxx xnon pxxex me 569005, xhe w x ox xne befinnxnq. We 'befincxncj xn xxvxxxei Councl 5oOn5oxe6 xne onn COXXCQCTCYCYWSXS xne xxodxxon ox Oxxen- 'Sxudenx Nxfex' oonce xo dow new oxxon, ox os we cd xx , Winexe OWN. sxudenxs o cxxonce xo nw wxxn evenl- ox oxnx ddxnq new?" . one Qs wax Os xo qex xo xnox oenx oxxenxoxxon wos 'cexxdn s0cne0ne' xxxeq fnoq 'nove xn N10 ses' Seen ox oxxenxoxxon. ' Ox Yxofn Qnxs Qdxnx on suc,cesS os o sxoxv- sxooenx Ks enxxxew oo xo xne P-nd We onxl oxnex qofne ' 'nexe one fnosx ond wn ' n Nesxoxvls sxo nexo Tnuxgdoq, P-og. QA, Qxons xn xne Yxkexxon Sxooenx Unxon A om. ono'I om. xo qve CN new Ne nxs on oQoOnunxxq xo oxxeno. xndwxdnd, Soeovxexs xxofn xne oo- xnexe xs o Qoxnx w x 3o2N Swbbxe cnoxee "xne xxqnx fnove xnsxxuc- sxuoe Tnexe wexe cnxnxsxxoxxon, Pxesxden xxexd, os wex os coungexoxs ond x A , ...xx,.., Nik' "vw Mx x wiv x V si N .f- R6 An . - A Migg Schmid: X over 'ilu Gold Gnd lib, ei, n en 'oo my Cord ew'Y ' k 5. ls5Ued ,N wx Xa if A . cnvqnesfs Y orcnrcd Scmerlrnes ,rust sometrtnes moves are required rather rhrsn being 5UfZQECf SQ meditation The annual Student jilroff picnic was one such accession os me weather refused ra comply with the Sfudenf Activities Councit s expectations and everyone was forced ro beat cz hnsry retreat indoors ro the cafeteria The Tim of Seprem ber will long be remembered os the Dey of rhe 186 yard dash with pmt: rabies Bur after some creative rearrartg :ng everyone get a chance ra get to knew one another and all go: Q free mvl TQ beat' Gne freshman Saud ir wastsndoffunberngservedbyrhe Presmienf ef the coltege and the really bg names The presfdenf along With his od mintsrrczrive Qutzmer trodmanally serves mr dogs with all the mmmtngs rasrudenrsasawayfaroltrager acquainted Mi rl,,iii,. 1: f W f, M V. 'V t, '-L- 5. N -4 ,L ,M W, W-4 6ffI'h1Raqfrf7f1auaA mud: f An 'assembly' line was kept going by administrators Sondra LaMor, Ray Sparks, and Jim Underwood. Hungry students and staff filled nearly every seat in the Student Union. ost minute move The music of Bill White provided entertainment to the hungry crowds. Mmmm goodl Lisa Appleton gets a taste of the free food. IA s 5 Tll""W Free drinks helped wash free food. Dr. Bob Wyly kept a steady supply on hond. Jim Underwood took charge of hot buns. Acnvmesn S l Figaro distracts Dr. Bortolo while qetting o singing lesson from Don Basilio. afyfunrqumm Entertainment is a right move in anyone's game and there is enough entertainment, in so many different areas provided by Wesrork, you are assured of finding something you have never experienced, say opera for instance. The National Opera Company per- formed Psosslni's, "The Barber of Se- ville" in the Breedlove Auditorium on September SO to a capacity audi- ence, The opera, performed in Eng- lish, tells the srory of a lovestruck Spanish nobleman vying for the hand of an already spoken for beauty. The xo I tudents get new experience comedy that unsues joined with the outstanding performances of sopra- no, Jeanette Scovotti and tenor, James Atherton to pleased all in at- tendance. Students were impressed to soy the least with comments rang- ing from, "This was my first opera, and it wasn't anything like I imagined it would to "it was really kind of interesting." Chris Mitchell said, "I found the storyline very close to some Shakespeare l've seen, but this only my third time actually seeing an opera." All problems are resolved as Rosino and the Count announce their marriage to a dumbfounded, ourfoxed Dr. Bartolo. V13 if 1 "s-N, -QX igaro, Figaro! Dartolo gets a shave from Figaro, the "Barber of Seville." Dr. Dartolo attempts to administer medicine to Don Dasilio, whom Figaro is trying to convince is ill with scarlet fever. ...A--7 mg 4. ' ,K at : X :ills 2 l it . and ,gig aint , '- lbl- S 1 I lfliii, it i A' ' c Ag i 3 5 P 'S , , , . 1 f M' kr Figaro urges Rosina to write the count and express her true feelings when she coyly admits she has already done so and gives him a note to deliver. Acrrviriesfi? l l Parisian cabaret owner Ia Mome Pistache uses all her persuasive powers on the conservative members of the court. 101 Jhmummu ah La La! awdry Dance With a scream a flash of ruffles and an Ooh La La the stage at Fart Smith Civic Center was trans farmed into delightful decadent Parts and the Can Can the tawdry dance of the period was once more riding the wave of the scandal Canfan Cole Porter s smash must cal played to an outstanding turnout of both Westark students and the community Set in the Monmarte sec ttan of Paris in Spring 1898 Can Can is the story of Pistache the owner of Bal du Paradis where the scandal ous dance the Canfan is performed lt is also the story of Judge Forestler wha ts newly appointed to the bench and is appauled by the scandal of the Bal du Paradts and vows to close it down As fate would have it Ptstache and the Judge fall in love and eventu ally prove that there is nothing im moral about the Can Can r in n i 1 ' t 1 , . 1 t I . i is A if u A rr - A group of Parisian artists celebrate their Bohemian lifestyle in the comic song "Never, Never Be An Artist." A M w X59 ,Q 1 . xg, lg. ""oo he ftffirf f, ff!!! bv' an ogolf Ci . . Q i 4- ,cw Costuming was a vital part of the Halloween dance. Missy Beauchaine, Patty Thompson, and Marty Hay wore theirs. Karen Reith and Gaylon Robbins really seem to make the most of the dance. Kevin Traylor and Cindy Watson try their hand at "Two Stepping." Group dancing is a big craze for some students. 'Q Us io xxik' RQQQ 'si x.,:X s in ew I iv' 'S,on ,ne -1-,194 1 'Sb' 0.0! ' , o-Av. - 1 l l - I - Q l 121 ax.. dLgl1f77laum ll the right moves all dances called "unique" Fall semester dances can only be described as experimentally unique. At the Halloween dance, the unfin- ished construction of the Union made for very, very close quarters yet this did not stop the almost record turnout of friends. As costumes went cross- dressing was definitely in with the award for best female costume going to Pee-Wee Herman, and the winner of the best male costume went ro a "high class prostitute." Most original costume went to Barry Youngblood as Prince. There was, of course, the usual band of bunnies, sailors, soldiers, and bums, but originality was the key to being cool at the dance. This year's dances were experi- mental and unique. But nowhere was this proven than at the Christmas dance. With the center of attention being a 12 foot video screen, this cer- tainly opened a whole new era of dances at Wesrarlf., Not only could dancers listen to their favorite tunes, they could for the first time watch the videos simultaneously. With one of the highest turnouts of Westark stu- dents the Christmas dance was to be one of the most successful in years. Barry Hawthorne literally "picked up" Libby Spruell, but then he dropped her. Nancy Williams loves moving to the beat. Activitiesf13 echnicolor coat Joseph's brothers introduce themselves with song and dance I enesis 87 retold in song On October 17, in the Fort Smith Civic Center, the story in the 37th chapter of Genesis was retold in song. "Joseph and the Amazing Technicol- or Dreamcoatf' Andrew Lloyd Web- bers musical version produced by the Barksdale Theater of Hanover, Va., was served up with unbound enthusi- asm by 22 most versatile players. The tale is told entirely by music- gentle solos, rambunctious company numbers and songs full of humor and 1411 Jemima tenderness. John Frenzer plays the unfortunate Joseph with Sandy Haynes as narrator, unique in that they with several of their fellow. troupers were in the original cast. Martha Bulau was impressed with the staging and scenery, "They da so much in such a little space," "l find it hard to believe only twen- ty people put on the whole show," commented Candy Giacopazzi, The story is told by narrator Sondee Hayes 4' . Joseph gets thrown into the pit to die. The baker ond the butler cry about hord times. 1 f Q, . , f , ! l. Jocob ond his whole fomily get together 5-.W-4 -env? "'?""' and pose for o quick shot. WW Activities! 15 Camelle gets measured for her pageant costume. Cast CJ. Washington ,..... Comelle Carol Sranzione ........ Elaine Robin Nance ......... Popeye Michael Hamilton . . . Delmount Charles Dyer ....... Mac Sam Suzie King ............ Tessle if Without much success. Delmounr tries to wiggle his ears ro impress Popeye. 161 Artwork s iss Firecracker Contest 4. Delmount and Elaine have a brorherfsister quarrel about who mom liked best. N Elaine, Carnelle, and Popeye all have a good cry about their miserable lives. wards won Acnviries! 17 The Union was so crowded that many students got an overhead view of the show. Anthony Griffen provided the low notes for the group. 18!7h1d?rqht77lauu - capello group November 5 will go down in the annals of Wesrork history as o true day to remember. The ocopello group REGENCY oppeored at noon in the student union at the one of the famed "nooners" provided courtesy of the Student Activities Council. The group, based in Baltimore, MD, has its roots in the street scene, ony- where a crowd can gather. Their unique sound is o blend of classic, Motown, swing and top 40 providing a solid bose of songs such os the Temptations 'My 6it'l,' and two med- leys of Elvis Presley's and the Beatles' songs. The group hos garnered many owards including 1986 Jazz Artist of the Year ond 1985 Contemporary Artists of the Year. And the year seems to be "moving" right along. ho-Be Eg 253 Q., ., . r ..-,gl . 74,1 5-if . ..':' ' 5 ' 7 ' ' ' nw, The group consisted of Dwayne and Wayne McNeil, Milton Ames, Sommy Davis, and Anthony Griffen. Do-Wah! I . Q .fs ' ' A NW. ..,..,.. ,, Ii. K K '--' K - C K 1 . Q ff f Cute hand movements and choreography added to the quality of the show. One of the McNeil brothers song a song directly to WCC student Carol Stanzione. Milton Ames is just one of the five talented singers that make up REGENCY. ACrivitiesf19 Gary Dlack's gloss etchings were a popular item. rts And Crafts You didn'r want ro missrrhe eighth annual Westark Ans and Crafts Fair Sunday, Nov. 28, in the Geldhouse. There was an outstanding selection of arts and crafrs from area artisans including warerccf tors charcoal sl-tetches stained glass quilting china pointing pottery woodworking weav- ing day figurines, porcelain dolls and more. Miss Westark 86 Elaine Sanders provided entertainment along with Holly Didsinson. Tl . . -i g.fff-iffiifi .f,.l.g . . Qof Jhmpmmam Charcoal drawings were Gary Wing's specialty, as shown drawing Ailison WiIson's portrait. -1, --.. .. 5 Q... UUQQ Sw: 3535. inn Q. J gf pi ? Lively morionettes odd to the fun ond excitement of this production. A frightened Scrooge gets o visit from the "Ghost of Christmos Post." J . 59539 'nfl r 13 .J 'I ff A' 5 Q 1 Being the stingy mon he is, Ebenezer Scrooge turns down some charity men. 22! :Megaman L 'f , ani Humbug! l i Bob Cratchet and his family celebrate the holidays despite hard times, Carolers on the Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". andy Kinnear joins cast On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me the cast and crew of Diclsen's A Chnsrmas Carol And to anyone who happened to be working with the production or just walking through the Breedlove Build- ing during the twelve day invasion, it was beginning to look a lot like Christ- mas even though it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet. With the production in its second year of playing in residency to stand- ing room only audiences one can easily see why Stacey Jones, director of Student Activities, allows thisjoyous mayhem to continue. Plus there is also the opportunity for Westarls stu' dents to help contribute to the pro- duction of a national touring show, not to mention the fact Randy Kin- near, a former Westarl-2 theater in- structor, was a member of the cast. lf you were one the very few who did not get a chance to see this produc- tion then be lilse Ebenezer Scrooge and repent before it is too late and hope to get a chance in the coming years to do so. Activities X 23 streets sing "God Skrts were presented bY Bffld Kidder ond Koty Boulden on the Dos ond "Don'ts" Of on 24f f7hz1fiqfrf7nN1uL interview. Counselor Rita Adams' hot pink dress showed what "not to weor for 0 job interview rg Event Did you come ond enjoy the somewhat humorous but rnformo rrve foshton show? You sow how not ro dress for on interview os presented by special guest models High level Westorls odmrnrstrorors ond members of the counseling sroff After the obvl ously rnopproprrote clothing Westorl-r students ioll sexes stzes ond ages? modeled oppropnore clothing for dxf ferent occupations There wos olso slsrrs showing the Do s ond Don ts of on tnrervrew Robert Hus ton was the MC for the style show, ond Shtrley Sortrn from Drllord s com mentoted for the tntervtew sl-rrrs Shir ley was Olso ovorloble for questions from the oudrence obout interview ing ond proper dress to help molse o Job interview the rtght move on your rood ro o coreer 0 ' .. 1 - , r r 1 - A n r rr n 1 lr - - . . . , ressed for Success Counselor Jane Pryor gave good example of inappropriate clothing, with punked hair ond all. ls that really Dr. Ron Formby behind those dark glasses? We suspenders. Student Mitch Waereo was dressed appropriately, right down to his Activities! 25 Nw 3? wil' One girl became a flamenco dancer with a simple suggestion from Gil Eagles. People will do the craziest things while under GiI's spell. 261 Jhwfmm ypnotic States Gil Eagles is known all over for his psychic and hypnotic powers A., 5 ' f cg XM.. 9 -H fi It didn't take long to become completely relaxed. ne man show Entertaining psychic and world's fastest hypnotist, these words could only be describing Gil Eagles. Eagles, born ond raised in East Africa but educated in London, was or Westork January 28 to perform his annual one-man show. Eagles always continues to omoze young and old olilse with his psychic skills. Most enter' taining of all is his hypnosis act in which students ore put through some very amusing but tasteful siruotions ronging from being ci famous soft shoe dancer to singing o rock and roll version of Humpty Dumpty. lf you missed the show, then osls your friends about it. He'll probably be bocls. All the volunteers painted imaginary pictures while under hypnosis. They had a great time at the races rooting for their favorite horses. Activities! 27 arade of contestants - 1 gf .sei tl- t L.-"' Q 5 ,k s 05 U5U0'- -V f Mm t"W1Ul'e Rm" 'S Ol mes' What would a parade be without the horses? Y Kids from the Hog Wild DMX club joined the celebration. The guys from the Caribou Club showed up looking the some as usual. Qaf wmmqxtzmiw S ,431 . it t, -f :f for s et - W . m i il' - . ik Q svigzgz .m,, X. . l'f??'3fii'7'3,i"'f-'f..- wt' , .,xk i, -7,,,ggSg'?'i,.-.f S. it f2Y1:'gxf4Qf'f - .. - "?1 Aff' eff'-'- elebrations This year the Miss Westark Pageant marked its 10th anniversary ln o form of celebration for the pageant and several other organizations a porode was given The Girl Scouts of America ore celebrating their 75th anniversary and the Antique Cot Club celebrates their 25th anniversary Among the guests appearing in the parade were Miss Arkansas Julie Russell Miss Westarls 86 Elaine Sand ers and many of the former Miss Xvestorks Also ofcourse the stor at tracttons were the Miss Westorla con testonts A few other community supporters in the parode were Pepsi the North side N Stepper drill team the Corvette Club the Mustang Club Fort Smith and Flame Gymnastics ond the Scooter Patrol The Westark Lion was popular with the kids He threw candy pu M Pageant winner Michelle Copeland and contestant Angie Dodd took a ride in the rumble seat. B-98 brought their Bee. Activitlesf2Q oving to the lop Miss Westark 1987 Michelle Copeland is seated with 2nd runner-up Carol Stanzione, 1st runner-up Lisa Griffin, Std runner-up Gina Rogers, 4th runner-up Gini Walker, and Miss Congeniality Jamie Sue Grady. 301 71,,m4Jrt'I7Iaum We S 1 is U i es - 5 ageant celebrates tenth year Westark celebrated the tenth anni- versary of the Miss We-stark Scholar- ship Pageant Saturday, April 4. To help celebrate the special event, sev- eral farmer Miss Wesrarks returned, including Julie Russell, Miss Arkansas 1986, who is also a former Miss Wes- tarts. Westark's pageant is a Miss Amer- ica preliminary, and thus, award first, second, third, and fourth runnewp, along with a talent winner and Miss Congeniality. The fourth runner-up was Virginia "Gini" Waiker of Fort Smith, and the third runner-up was Cana Carol Rogers of Alma, The sec- ond runner-up was Carol Rae Stan- zione of Fort Smith, and the first run- ner-up was Lisa Kay Griffin of Green- wood. The talent winner and the new Miss Westark is Mchelle Cape- land of Fort Smith. Michelle, who won the talent by singing, is the 20-year- old daughter of Hubert and Georgia Copeland of Fort Smith. This was the second time to be in the pageant for Michelle. Midtelle won several scholarships including S500 for being Miss Westark and S100 for winning talent. "Looking back naw, l felt tired. But l did not really have time ro think about me actually being the win- ner," says Michelle. "I thought l would feel different inside if l won, but DOT really, although l gained a lot of attention." V. tc l Miss Westark 1987, Michelle Copeland One of the hardest parts of competition swimsuit. Michelle looked great. X 9' Singing the song "l Am Changing" from "Dreamgirls," Michelle gave a memorable pe rlormance. Acfivmes X 31 Jomie Sue Grady 17" If . M f J L? M' 'Zjfw'fJL:v'f i 5? 1 Fr Y! ,, l I -12 . Q. ll SQ GQ! 7luHLqfzf7flaueL X--, : - . 5 X 5 J X, .. Gini Walker --.Q ' New-m W ,ffl V' f , X , ii 2 ,, ' Q' 9 n iw .,.X X Michelle Deouchoine Melissa Mitchell 5 iw X 3 X 0 -hx X3 J. -: J! ' K if ,AQ J: 9. 1 , wr, .i ...- 53.23-51?It1aiEF-Q, .-: .wg ef -My. 'rf-.xs:i'ix5ti '-- f N -X SMB. sw 2. , iss:-g:,:.e:g5 , fgffwfs ' ws x K X N A an 1-1 'S' .M ,, V Q X ntertoining evening L-4 W' , af - .fy it K Agni, 4 . fl de im 'V A Lx fE,, 'N if """"---...,,.A Q W fl 1 xg I ! f' H Christie Wyatt f f , th Dd f K mf Uhwzmm Miss Arkansas Julie Russell Wx KX Carol Stozione umm as sa Pom Milken X Angie Wolker smiles I x JA. " , ',.-. , H 3,32 V Aa , fix ,4 Y 9,1 A -v 7 A ' 5', y ,. if ' K V , V ff? .2 z-it ' p 3 'a "n 'Nb Miss Westork 86' Eloine Sonders Stacey olwoys gets on stage! 1 i 1 if 4. A"'2 " ' f F ,,,. 5 f Angie Dodd Gino Rogers Liso Griffin Activiriesf35 Essie Carmichael Rheba .,.... Paul Sycamore Mr, Dellnna . . Ed Carmichael . Donald ....... Martin Vandethof Alice Sycamore Henderson . . . Tony Kirby , ..... .,....., . Gay Wellington Anthony Kirby, Sr The J'Men .... Oglo Katrina . ln the end everybody is just one big happy family. The J-Men show and all chaos breaks loose. asf Jxmnwmm Cast OU Can't Heather Armpriesr Penelope Sycamore . . . . . . , . . ..,.. Janet Johns Susiel4ing . . . . James Fildes ......Clyde-Young Michael Hamilton . . Todd Whitmlre . . . ,..... Orin Frank . . Carol Sranzione . , . . Dan Tedder . . Randy Sanders . . . . Charles Dyer Doris Kolenkhov .,....,.,..... . , . . Cormie Grubb, Christina Smith ..,..,PatMayo LesaDugger Mrs, Kifoy ..........,....... . . . Don Tedder, James McCormick l-leatherAskew - rue love wins "You Can't Talse lt With You" by George Kaufmann and Moss Hart was the theatre's spring production. The play centers around an eccen- tric family and their 'normal' daugh- ter Alice, Alice falls in love with her boss and is afraid to bring him home to meet the family. After a mess up of dinner plans, Tony CAlice's boyfriend? and his par- in the end ents see the side of Alice's family that she doesn't wont him to meet. Alice is ashamed and will nat see Tony again until convinced the family doesn't matter if they love each oth- er. The production was directed by David Young with set design by Charles Julius. lk 1 ,. ig? AKE IT WITH YOU las Bollerino Essie is forever dancing. Alice and Tony drink to cl wonderful evening. Mr. ond Mrs. Kirby show up on the wrong night ond get on un- expected evening. Acriviries!37 omething classical JQQQT t sfgffi The Luther College Symphony Orchestra performed in the Fort Smitprigglc fain:-1r5a7n asf Jxmmgfiftrziw The Luther College Symphony Gr- chestro performed in the Fort Smith Civic Center on Friday, March 27, Led by conductor Deborah Freedman, the orchestra features one of the fin- est symphonic ensembles in the Mid- west, according to sponsors. Freedman was born neor Green Day, Wisconsin. She received her bachelor of science degree in music from the University of Minnesota, studied conducting with Cotherine Comet in Madison, Wisconsin, and re- ceived her masters ond doctoral de- grees from Peabody Conservatory, Members of the 60 piece Luther College ensemble are from oil parts of the Midwest. They performed the music of Tartini, Strovinsisy ond Sibelius for Westarls students and other Fort Smith residents. Students expressed positive attitudes about the concert. Mit was a nice change to heor some- thing classical," stated student Ricky Clow, i The saxophones are looking sharp in We get a shot of Gary Dossett at his their 19305 attire. best. Dose player Steve Meyers pays close attention to his i Y 401 Jxumqfvfmwm -www music. N M-.N f wiwum-wff :P Rehearsals are an important part for Leonard Zechiedrich and Deron Freeman. X - OZZ of 0000 Providing on upoeor ond excir' ing new sound for oli music lovers is rhe Jozz Bond, o group of rnusie cions who enjoy iivening up oll types of ocriviries. The bond continues their enter- roinnwenr of the rnosses with their Jozz Ar Noon shows in the Union These exhibits of rhe viroliry of music give students o chonce to reop rhe benefits of live concerts The Jozz Bond olso recruits high schooi rnusicions with shows or vorious Iocol schools More recruit ment is done using o rope of the bond rhode Iosr yeor The group olso oppeored on rhe iocoi TV Keeping rhe vigor in the group w ' O . ' show "Peopie, Pioces, ond Poliyf' is Don Boiiey director The bond did o 305-405 nostolgio show in the Union. It included condle ond period costumes. -M, fm., , 7 Director Don Dailey occosionolly quizzes the oudience, giving owoy lOp9S for correct onswers. Groups!41 Azf 31,1 mgxrzmaam Some members of Sigmo Delto Mu were NoLiso Moye, Michelle Quolls, Dell Monus, and Angie Walker. Not pictured were Louis Lorenz and Gladys Pritchett, Sponish Club officers included Angie Dodd-secretory, Brenton Monning- nmnident, Sally Clorke-treasurer. Amy Clark-vice president, not pictured. Groups X 48 an , ff? f 'il ,Q , if fl k 2 E 5 f 125 3 ? gs E it 5 . iw' v r if x gr, rr Q - ::: Dexter Henry Stephonre Copeland Mr chelle Wewers Brenton Monnrng z 1 qbj Uhuffagltfmauan International Club officers were front, Kaya Onodera-vice president, Yani Dudiman- secretary, back, Mun Wah Siew-treasurer, Chee Shan Chai-president. The International Club Thanksgiving dinner provided students with togetherness while away from their families 'Y nternotionol Club 04 , Front row- Koyo Onodero, Jin Sim Ton, Doo Nguyen, Weng Chong Ong, Yoni Dudlmon Margaret Newell, Liberty Dologotos, Sung Miho, bock row, Chee Shin Choi, Forried Shoikh, Mun Woh Slew, Chio Doh, Kok Peng Tedh, Chee Shon Choi, Honi Shubber. GroupsfA7 udent Activities Council ? ,. , 5 f A Q A , f if ,,.. r. i 'lf' it sf 5' if .L V ' . Q 3 cic c 3 M, is IIQV Kiwi Y ' . it A 5 . 'wp -:..,: tw 'F ' g Q i m 1 X X E ... do 1 Student Activities Council encourages oll interested students to get involved ond join. In efforts to roise money for the Miss Westork h Pogeont, Mr. John's cut 48X jhldflghfwlgmg hoir on compus. .Jer 5 if 1 twig? f . .ffm ja X--.r - --wc, fi k1-' in :ii is , , i - ' li t Omffihl 0 The council provided many dances for the students to attend. hw ff 2.7 5,24 ,ar ' 3 Kris f. W V , , ,K kg L, Fall 1986 officers were Heather Armpriest-vice president of chairs. Stephani Viefhaus-vice president of recruitment and retention, Brian McMahen-president, and Michelle Deauchaine-secretary. Spring 1987 officers were Michelle Beauchaine-vice president of recruitment and retention, Jerry Jay- vice president of chairs, Brad Kidder- president and Carol Stanzione-secretary Groupsf49 Ensemble: Jeonette Avery, Carolyn Hoo- pow, Suson King, Kim Reed, Steve Nichols, Dwayne Weldon, Logon Green CDirectorD. The choir practicing for one of its perfor- FTIQDCGS, Q ei t . r vi' if frr i. to 1 ' if t"'i-i. .4 ,. ir' ' Y 50X 7lm071qlif77laam Logan Green leads the choir with author- ity. FRONT: LeNita Shumote, Belinda Orick, Kathy Middleton, Glenda Burris, Beth Bran- denburg, Christine Gilbert, Audrey Walters, Susan King, MIDDLE: Brian Grahame, Jan- ene Kyser, Janet Echols, Gini Walker, Kim Reed, Wendell Rye, Jeanette Avery, Terri Stewart, David Moseley, TOP: Logan Green CDirectorJ, Steve Nichols, Dwayne Walden, Steve Lucas, Roger Osborne, Lon- nie Hooley. Kent Martinez, Michael Hamil- ton, Gaylon White, NOT PICTURED: Louise Tripp, Shana Marley, Lee Dobson, Suzanno Burkhart, Carolyn Hoopow, Nancy Wil- liams, Michelle Deauchaine, William Moates, Carol Stanzione, Danny Yandell, James Dodson, Sherry Hooper, Margret, Janes, Fred Johnson, Kristi Leverette, Brent Pearce, Kay Stipe. Q xi f"1 '95 5 'M' 52x Jfmaupfmw. N., Y uk s fwf s Back: Jerry Jay, .lim Dawson, Brad Kidder, Brian Kirk, Front: Dawn Griswold, Becky Beebe, Donita Strickland, Michelle Wewers, Jennifer Lovett, Angie Dodd, Gini Rogers, Melissa Mitchell. Pride of Westork: Michelle Wewers C5ecre- toryb, Drod Kidder CPresidentJ, Becky Bee- be CVice Presidentl. M, YW! :fin ww. wwf W! Ur WiQ?5iffffc5'?WAW? I f W W fy. ,, W Wfblm, gif 5 iii I? ii , M,Vz ,,"" wr' , I ' iff' i . r ,iz A, , r , ,, s . ,,,.,,. X I ,I H , A , , 1 , f ,, A , IM, "',:k: ff 1 rerr . ff 2? T.E.P.: Cllottomj James Dodson, Irene right, Vol Robinson, Emma Watts-Spom nr. CTop7 Irene Christian, Lon Cheeks, He- n Gordon, Leonord Housley ' aff- I f Ng z ww Groups!53 uture Phi Beta Lambda officers: FRONT: Deborah Roberts CPresidentJ, Eric Roe CVice Presi- dentj, BACK: Gary Fugett CTreasurerD, Nell Sullivan CSecretaryJ, Cindy Gowen CReporr- erb. Miss Westark Fashion Show was sponsored by Phi Beta Lambda. Contestants modeling included Gina Rogers, Michelle Beau- chaine, Angie Walker, Lisa Griffin, Christie Wyatt, Pam Milkert, Carol Stonzione. W Jrmgfrfvmm U pm Deborah Roberts is being initiated into Phi Beta Lambda by advisor Sharon Winn. 344.19 ' sw ruff, W' QV' M, ,wr W y am fwwt ,ni www, W x in 4, r I r ia, y 11 fr W5 Q 46.70 . V ff , rft w r M get C X f 4,4 ,I in .Y . mia- ' A 2 gi W Af M, t ,, MWgiM,.,,,gM 5, 'W , " Q ' I'ff585v:, 1- 1 Qi L, ' ei, 'L ,f,. ff ,W W ,B , ,.,,5,, ww FRONT: Gary Fugett, Nell Sullivan, Deborah Roberts, Kris Kimmey, BACK: Cindy Gowen, Dovid Craig CAdvisorJ, Sharon Winn CAdvisorJ. Groups!55 Pictured: Lentz Henderson, Bernadette Vogler, Cathy Cummings, Shirley Hobson, Susan Rainwater, Lerinda Peek, C.J. Allen CPresidentJ, Vickie Richmond, Danna Helmer CSecretaryD, Dr. Carol Horne CSponsorD. Not Pic- tured: Patricia Cheeley CVice-Presidentb, Ricky Clow, Janice Dunn, Patricis Ben- ham, Cynthia Blackburn, Tonya Bostch, Pansy Burks, Dawn Camp, Pamela Can- nefax, Danielle Combs, Ju- dith Cooper, Martha Crane, Tamara Green, Terri Green, Cynthia Greer, Patricia Ann Hayes, Rod Henley, Karen Jones, Betty Lamprose, Shar- on Lantz, Pat Lee, Karen Lewis, Pat Lewis, Beth Mi- kles, Bill Miller, Alice Nahas, Vivian Napier, Kim Northrop, Lerinda Peek, Tina Pierce, Lenora Polk, Marcy Pound, Tanya Prock, Kimberly Reed, Karen Reith, Wesley Reynolds, John Robertson, Deborah Rogers, Debbie Rye, Gloria Schultz, Vivian Smallwood, Debbie Smith, Tonya Thomas, Patricia Webster, Terry Wicks, Judie Yound, Sandra Zimmer, Marilyn Gross. hi ta k ppa soy Jxtmgxtftrztm 'vw if xjfws A354 Jew 2, M., 'Hs 1 ' 1 w ' F' ' ' Q ' Sl f ' v W 55 M 1 ft:-vi W' 7 4 Z Qzi, awww J -W 2554, f Sign Language dub members: CFrontJ Lisa Parker, Janet Sutton, Jan Diggs, Cllackj Gene Gahrman, Max Burns-Sponsor. Lisa Parker demonstrates how to sign the word uname." .,,, . .Q , ax GVV if ,f I I ,. M J WW , Alili -fwQHmh- -',,,, W gtg fuwQkM, Groups! 57 n i Qs S x SS. , L, 5? X Aww S 2' W l e -.., There's much more to putting together a newspaper than just Because of all the renovation around campus, the student writing stories. Anthony Caton works on laying out ond posting publications office was temporarily located in the hallway of the 58f- 7fr1fi'zgl1f77ZaunA up LION PRIDE. Ballman-Speer Building. This is where all meetings were held eetin deadlines Members of student publications for 1966-87 were Cleft to rightl Brian McMohen, Clinton Vaughn, Leonard Housley, Melissa Mitchell, Ricky Clow, Heather North, Leah Carter, Anthony Caton, Brenda Graham, Paula Cook, Martha Dulau, Laura Shockley, Linda Colston. Laura Riddle, Janet Sehorn R b. D . . . . . . . o in ouglas, Jody Aldridge, Nell Sullivan, and Tom Walton-director Cnot pictured- Chris Mitchell Tino Scharbor Wendy Carson Lesa Du er, and - 1 1 - 99 Denase Whitakerj While on assignment, sports editor Leonard Housley interviews Steve Rochelle. 6roups!59 1 lil Q ual? ll iII I ll lil! ll Htl! li!! Fl llili ' sz I 51" . -5 3 3. '? if 'A 7 f qcfakf-: , xqkki. fl' ' X ww Drama Club officers were Sonya Martin- The touring of "A Christmas CaroI" gave secretary, Michael Hamilton-vice members a chance to work behind the president, Susan King-president. scenes on 0 big production. Graups!o1 pmtuol growth ' f--.e ff f' 1' ,Gif ff 'Q f-"'i?:l"'-X 1, Q 7 .-.--f- F M. , If . 1 'W' 621 Uxmfwfmnam L Homid Aoooszodeh Kevin Albert Morl4 Albright Poulo Albright Cnorles Albritton Steven Almond Condy Allen Robert Allen Stocy Allen Steve Allen Ted Allen Victor Alvorodo Shoilsn Forried Amon Jonet Amoson Rickey Amos Tlwomos Andrews Gino Angeletti Hot Kiot Ann Eric Apoerson Liso Appleton Poulo Armer Donette Arnold Heotner Armpriest Condoce Arreogo Miclwoel Arredondo o4!I7lm0Y1ght77InuuL RT? 'O 'GTA F Terry Askew Janet Askins Alma Ray Ateniyi Matt Atkins r Eddie Auprey ,-U., r, AGGDO1 spd, it AY !!"'lR r t Robert Baber Janet Baggett . Neal Baggett Frank Bailey James Bailey T V i L2 ish Sue Q. Bailey Judy Baker Kathy Baker Randy Baker Buckley Ballenger Ronald Barber Shirley Barber Randal Barbry Pamela Barker Stacey Barnes Xa'-, ,ff Terri Langhorne Cclass of 765 found the economy and iocaiity of Westark the biggest plus for beginning her studies culminating in an MBA. from the University of Arkansas in 1980. Terri is a District Manager for Jeans West in Dallas, TX. "At first I dit:ln't want to leave home and a bunch of my friends were already attending here," she said "My instructors were some of the best people l knew, and the concern they showed for my educational fu- ture can't be matched anywhere." 'Westark prepared me for the inten- sity of study at a four-year institution, and because l took my basic courses here l didn't have to deal with 'audi- torium style' classes." People X 65 Polly Baron Jerry Barrera Jeannie Barrick Beclsy Basinger Leroy Baxter Dororhy Bean Charles Beard James Bearden Michelle Beauchaine Karen Becker Rose Beclser Barbara Beebe Becky Beebe Neoh Hang Been Greg Behn James Bell Jeff Bell Parricia Benham Rhonda Bennerr Cameron Bennerrs Janer Benningron John Benrley Elizaberh Berry Angie Beschoner Russell Beschoner Jeffrey BeShear Steven Biancardi Valery Biancardi Janice Biggs Eric Binyon mf Jxmgxavrzmm 1 V 4 Qi, Emma Bishop Laura Black LeAnn Black Sharon Blackwood Barbara Blair Marla Blaise Gayle Blaron Terry Blanron Virginia Blanron Laura Bloxom William Boen Jack Boesma Dave Boever Deena Bogner Sheryl Bohlman Lisa Bond Scorry Bonds Dwayne Bool-ser Roger Boone Melinda Boorh Tonya Borsch Mircheal Borroms Gloria Bourcher Jeff Bowling Darrell Bowman People X67 7 l Many have seen Westarls Commu- nity College as the right move on the ladder of success. Some are business leaders in our community. Some are leaders in their field from Dallas to New York, and all cities in between. But their outlook on their experiences at Westarls, whether they graduated last year or thirty years ago, are still very similar. One name that springs ta mind locally is Conaly Bedell Cciass of 565. During his time at Westark, Dedell was literally involved in everything, the Westark Hall of Fame, editor of the student newspaper, and presi- dent of his class. Bedell now heads Bedell, Inc., a marketingfadvertising firm in Fort Smith and he is on the Westark Board of Trustees. "l chose Westarls primarily for it's convenience and the economy over a four-year sd'tool," said Dedell. 19713 if Dionn Bromrner Bern Brondenburg Fred Brondli Jornes Bronhom Connie Brosuell Porricio Brever Arlene Brewer Roberr Brewer Timorhy Brewer Scott Brigonce Shannon Brooks Trudy Brool-as Brion Brown Beth Brown Donile Brown Dorren Brown Dione Brown Karen Brown Ken Brown Lorenzo Brown Mornie Brown Roderick Brown Russell Brown Sonno Brown Tom Brown Jody Brownfield Mory Brunls Kim Bucls Lorry Bucls Siue Ing Budimon Leslie Buell Morrno Bulou Tomi Bull Rhonda Bunch Suzonno Burlshorr Chorlorre Burlin Suson Burnom Jocqueline Thereso Burron Gory Burler Kerri Byers Jesse Cobolor People f 69 Zoe Cahoon Julie Caldwell Tim Cameron Sandra Campbell David Cameron Glen Cameron Shelley Carlile Tray Carlisle Karen Carrurh Wendy Carson Jerry Carrer Leah Carrer LoLyn Carter Sandra Carrer James Casey Randy Casey Chrisry Carhey Ursula Cecile Parricia Champion Denna Chancellor Naraderh Orr Chanrhaseny Richard Charlron Marls Chase Darren Chasrain Rarha Charman David Chaua Alonzo Cheelss Angela Cherry Ng Pals Chew Carol Chirwood vox Jiunigfifvnam H i 1.x ,. 'Alibi I Xe--... ixa xX Billy Chrismon Phil Chrisrensen Irene Chrisrion Michoel Choole Milse Clorls Solly Clorlse Noncy Cloy Debro Cloyborn Arlis Clem Piiclsy Clow Lee Clucls Brendo Cobb Jeff Cobb Borboro Cochron Chris Cochron Corbif Coclsrun Tereso Colburn Sronley Cole Belindo Colemon Jonno Colemon Korhy Coleman Annerre Collins Jomes Collins Donielle Combs William Conl-zin Annerre Connell Geno Conner Morio Conrreros Phyllis Cooper De Copelond Peoplef71 Goyle Copelond Jill Corrrell Robin Corner Kim Cox Srocie Cox Mornie Croft Roger Crone Tyler Crovens Corlo Crowford Jeonerre Crowford Brendo Creson Jeonine Cress Micnoel Crosby loner Cross Michelle Cross Brion Crowne llegino Crurnird Corny Cummings Borboro Curdo Erick Curron Lynn Curry Ken Cyperr Kennerh L. Cyperr Randy Doiiy Roe Doncier Lourie Donn Koro Dorgovel Ano Adelle Dornell Jeff Dougherty Joel Dougherty vzfvhmgxmmaau Tommy Dovenporr Milse Dovidson Avo Nell Dovis Gino Dovis John Dovis Moria Dovis Renee Dovis Roger Dovis Sondro Dovis Cindy Dows Jomes Dowson Lloyonn Doy Donno Deon Goil Deering Trocy Deering Piichord DeKols Julie Dennis Beclsy Denron Corol Deusrer Liso Deviney Lindo Dewerr Keri Didier Cynrnio Lee Didion Shown Dierz Kerrie Dillmon Jerri Dillon Dorrell Dipboye Lynn Dixon Pool Dobbs Lee Dobson People!73 Angie Dodd Donnie Dodson Jornes Dodson Rnondo Dodson Boberre Dorson Rornono Dorson Aso Douglos Robin Douglos Srepnonie Droin Jomes Drirrler Joni Dunford Robert Dunlep Jonice Dunn Lori Ann Dunn Noncy Dupire Sherry Durnom Gloria Dye Joy Dye Cnorles Dyer Jonornon Dyer Kim Dyer Kim Dysorr Rennerro Eoly Greg Eoson Sroci Eosrer BC. Edds Jomes Edwords Poul Efurd Agorno Eger Srocie Egglesron 741 Jhmumm rr ,l Q Westark gave Glover good guidance George Glover, owner of KFPW! KZZQ-FM radio srarion, found rhe closeness of rhe srudenrs while ar- rending Wesrark as having the mosr impact on him." The insrrucrors were grear abour giving guidance ro you." Glover relared I had a good job here and Wesrark allowed me ro work and atrend class. Also, all my friends were going here and I really dldn'r feel like leaving them, Wesrark helped me form opinions on how I wanred my life ro be, and rhrough rhe counsel of my insrrucrors I believe I made the Righr Move James Elam Jimmy Elam Robin Elkins James Ellerbee Robin Elmore Shannon Elsken Todd Endl Ginger English Anrhelene Ensey Donna Ensey Marhew Erickson Eddie Escalanre Michael Erris Bobby Evans David Evans Tracy Evans Barry Ewy Glenda Ezell Mike Fairbanks Luci Fairchild PF-'OPIGX75 Scott Foldon Liso Former Corl Foth Jr. Brion Fender Morls Fergeson Robert Ferguson Terry Ferguson Jomes Finn Jerlynn Finn Douglos Flock George Flegol Fred Fleming Debbie Flock Donno Flores Chorles Foley Dusty Ford Gory Ford Jonelle Ford Morion Fought Vickie Fouts Annette Fowler Kristin Fowler Bryon Fronlslin Joy Fronklin Monique Frory Mark Freeman Mike Freeman Gory Frix Gory Fugett Josie Fuggett vox ah. Eghfwfaaux Tommy Fuller Tommy Goge Korlo Goines Lorie Goitner Liso Gomero Kok Nuei Gon Brendo Gonn Sue Gorcio Jeff Gorlonger Robert Gorrett Tim Gorrerr Normo Gory Roymond Gosper Vince Gossmon Poul Getz Judith Gibson Drodley Gilbert Judy Gilbert Cnorles Goines Dovid Goins Micnoelo Golden Sue Goodmon Ben Gordon Don Gordon Helen Gordon P20042-X77 Joe Gosser Cynrhia Gowen Brenr Graham Morls Groves Jason Gray Eddie Greb Sornonrho Green Srocy Green Cynrhio Greer loner Greer Brenda Gregory Lindo Gregory Coral Griffin Dorell Griffen Lisa Kay Griffen Mor Griffin Melindo Griffin Laura Grizzle Jamie Groen Cormie Grubb Pam Grubbs Alien Gugson Eddie Guinn Carney Haaser Marilyn Hoger Richard Haggard Yvonne Haggard Shelly Hole Morls Hall Lynn Holmes 7B!l7lud?1.ght77laaa.L Y' .fa i 5 195 EXW wfrtsw ffwiiue Dana Hamilron Dena Harnilron Milse Harnilron Cinrhia Hamm Renee Hamm Sarnarha Hamm Craig Handiboe Krisra Hannaman Tura Hanry Jim Hanson Deanna Harderson Michael Harding Vicki Hargis Gail Harley Roger Harms Tracey Harrell Steven Harrison Dororhy Annerre Harr Ginny Harrnerr Alana Haskins Brad Hasselwanden Sherri Hough John Harvell Jeanne Hawkins Barry Hawrhorne Terri Hayes Tammy Hearhcock Marcella Hecror Milse Heiss Samir Hqab PeOo4e!79 Lenry Henderson Susan Henderson Debbie Henley Rod Henley Helen Henson Jay Herring Bruce Heslip Margie Hicl-rs Shannon Hiclss Thelma Hiclsrnan Joe Highrower Michael Hild Francis Hiles Fred Hilron Michael Hixson Nguyen Hoan Parn Hoang Shannon Hobbs Keirh Hocofr , g J, I .ease .. 35, - Ext WW. . , O A X' W' N x N Q5 if if X X xl SQ r .Q N Os-AQ se X sxglk, ra we s Q as i iw X - vig ss Q' e w - s ,- F i Sohrab Ie Hodayari S New srudenrs ofren pain: ro him as he posses bervveen rhe Vines building and rhe Srudenr Union. Some ask rhe quesrian, "Who is rhar man, does he work here?" They are refering ro Harold Hiie, Direcror of Evening and Special Programs. Hile is nor just an adrninlsrraror, rhough, he B an alumnus of Farr Srnirh Junior College, whar is now Wesrarls Communiry College. Rerurning from a rvvo-year four in the Air Force in 1954, Hile was home an leave and was given a raur of rhe aofflfumyfmu campus by o close friend. ul was rruiy impressed with rhe sraff and faculry and rheir close concern over my edu- corional well-being, so l applied far a ninefyday early discharge and be- gan arrending Farr Smirh Junior Col- lege in 1955" "l draw from rhe some srrengrhs as many srudenrs rodayg high aualiry in- srrucrion, and rhe level of concern by rhe insrrucrorsf' 'Wm exrremely proud ro be an alumnus of rhis insrrucrionf' '-1 l i George Hodge Jerry Hoffmon Morls Hoffmon Tonyo Hoglond Bobby Holbrook Roma Hollowoy Kristin Holmes Tommy Holmes Tommy Holr Debbie Holyfield Corherine Honeycurr Lonnie Hooley Soroh Hooper Louise Hope Morls Hope Sherry Hopper Byron Horecls Thereso House Jon Housley Leonord Housley Dwoine Dovid Housron Berry Hovvord Cindy Howord Noncy Howerron Yvonne Hubbord Sheryl Huber Lynnerre Huffmon Jorge Hughes Fronls Hulberr Brion Hulsey People X 81 Allen Hulva Tina Hume John Humphrey Brer Hunrer Anira Hursr Deborah Hurwirz Dwayne Hurchinson Helen Ibison Debbie Ingram Terri Inman Jimmy Irvin Elaine lvy Becky Jackson David Jackson Sreve Jackson Diana James LeAnn James Michel James Maggie Janes Angie Jay Jerry Jay Howard Jeffery Joeleney Jenkins Margo Jennen Angela Johnson Bernard Johnson Ill Francis Johnson Fred Johnson James Johnson Judy Johnson 821 Jmwifmm Louro Johnson Liso Denise Johnson Monico Johnson Richord Johnson Suson Johnson Brendo Jones Cherry Jones Henry Jones Jomes Jones Joel Jones Lewis Jones Regino Jones Scorr Jones Woyne Jones Roger Jons Plurh Jordon Terry Jordon Kimberly Koy Thereso Koylor Soyororh Koyrorh Kino Keerer Cheryl Keirh Mory Keirh Rurh Keller Borboro Kelley Korlo Kelly Sreven Kelly Rochel Kenser Diono Kerr Dion Kerrer People X 88 lnrhouone Khounborine Brod Kidder Kennerh Kiene Alberr Kimble Kris Kimmey Dinoh King Jeffery King Joonn King Keren Kirrredge Kim King Moria King Michelle King Shonnon King Susan King Susie King Jonef Kloeger Jim Knighr Jerry Koch Milie Kolb Tod Kolrermon Kelly Krollmon Michelle Kuylsendoll Paulo Kuylsendoll Dovid Loffoon Hung Anh Lom Loon Phuong Lom Flo Lomb Denise Lomberr Shonnon Lomonr Shown Lomonr Mfamnqxmmm " -K Q5 vi Sonic Londrou Sharon Lonrz Terri Lorrimer Corles Lowerence Doyno Lowson Gurcindo Lowson Dong Le Jennifer Le Michoel Ledberrer Virginio Leddo Gino Lee Lindo Lee Por Lee Norolie Lemieux Norhon Lenrz ll Steven Lenrz Jennifer Leslie Cheryl Lester Bobby Lewis Drerr Lewis Chorles Lewis Koren Lewis Louro Lewis Louro Lewis Michelle Lewis People!65 Sabrina Lewis Sharon Leven Krisri Levereire Jennifer Liies Nancy Lineberry Richard Lipe DeWana Lirile Paul Lirrle Ronald Loclsharr Travis Loggains - Eric Lonerree Bryan Long Chow Mun Long Lori Loum -E .5 Lori Lovefr Susan Lowe Larry Lowery Tina Lowery Cynrhia Lucas Tracy Lurnlses Flora Lumplsin Sieve Lunsford Ginger Luper Jennifer Luper Sharon Luiz asf Jhmgszmm S L ::...LLL. -..: if uni: A .. L . ii . fi f s f, 5 if? 9-is fs i .af - ,P -1 ssxi ff 'im Q i s Q ii E532 Xiiifsg Loro Lyons Reid Maddox Nor Amin Molils . Mitzi Monlxin Selmo Monlsins, Brenton Monning Koren Monrcorh A.L. Morlsnorn III Piondoll Morley Shono Morr Todd Morsnell Brenr Morrin Debbie Morrin Jomes Morrin Sonyo Morrin Suson Morrin Dovid Moson Eric Moson Oscor Moro Elizobern Morrnews Teresa Maxey Gary Maxwell Claire Mayville Berry Jo Mazaheri Linda McAdams Ricls McAfee Amye McAlisrer Kim McAlisrer Ricky McCall Carolyn McCain DeAhha McCain Krisri McCain James McCarrhey Tammy McCaslih LeeAnn McCauley Gayla McConnell Lisa McConnell Roger McConnell Sheryl McCrea Traci McCullogh Belva McDaniel Gloria McDonald Roy McDonald Shelly McDougal Elroh McElwee Carol McFerran Roberr McGuire Brian McKee Michelle McKee Berry McKinney 8Bfl7im0Yzqhf77lauu. ti Q ri , M ill at lm 'Z 'Tl' Charles McKinney Michael McLane William McLane Harold McMillan Stephanie Meadors Carol Me-com Teresa Medley Debbie Meeker Deborah Meiklqohn Barbara Meredith Louis Merlo Robin Michael Beth Micleles Pam Millsert Brenda Jo Miller Nancy Miller Rod Miller Ylseena Miller Paula Mills Robert Mills Brad Mitchel Chris Mitchell Heather Mitchell James Mitchell Lois Mitchell Michael Mitchell Michelle Mitchell Pam Mitchell Paul Mitchell Tina Mitchell PeopIe!8Q Quinn Mitchell Tony Mitchell Tino Mochel Korhy Moellers Liso Mohn Thereso Molsbee Liso Monrgomery Khee Wei Moo Kellie Moody Tommy Moody Koren Moon Cindy Moore Deliso Moore Gorrer Moore Gerold Moore Ronold Moore Monry Mooring Dovid Moose Terry Moron Morls Morgon Bennie Morelond Kim Morriserre Pom Morrison Cheryl Morse Tereso Mosby Qofaiumguwmuu Kevin Mounce Barbara Mullings Tawfig Musa Pamela Musgrave Kay Myers Michele Myers Rebecca Myers Ernesrine Nally Paula Ann Napier Vivian Napier Piurh Narrell Dale Neal David Neal Hascall Neebe Becky Neece Barry Needham Brian Neihouse Johnnie Neoh Willie Newman Wendy Newman Willis Newman Hoa Van Ngyen Nguon Thi Nguyen Thong Nguyen Quyen Van Nguyen People X Q1 Ouyen Von Nguyen Morilyn Nielsen Khornrneng Ninlshorn l-leorher Norrn Kym Northrop Lindo Nosol Rod Nonley Joell Obono Jornes Odle Corlono Odom Jerry Oliver Jr. Koyo Onodero Psebecco Orler Keirh Orr Cheri Ory Arliss Osborne Liso Osborne Roger Allen Osborne Cindy Osborn Dole Overbey Monique Owens Ronold Owens Kevin Oxford Jennifer Poddocl-S Joonie Polmer Alec Porker Cnrisrol Porl-ser Dover Porlser Kerry Porl-:er Liso Porlser 921711. Hzqluffflauu 5,9-f Trenr Porl-:er Vicky Parlser Zeno Porlser Phyllis Porlss Chris Parnell Glenda Parr John Parrish Calvin Parson Donira Porrerson Joe Parricls Morrho Sue Payne Dororhy Peogues Brenr Pearce Roberta Pearson Soro Peevy Korhy Peloauin Donna Pense Gary Pense Paula Perecz Barbara Perry Rhonda Perry Roberr Perry Brenr Persinger Gary Perers Kevin Peterson Sandra Pevehouse Scorr Peyehouse Anrhony Phillips Henry Phillips Leslie Phillips People f O3 Sengcnonh Pnrochonpheng Thomos Perez Scorr Picord Tino Pierce Keirh Pigg Debro Pillsrrom Ritchie Pincl-cord Terry Pinksron Kevin Pixley Donny Poliock Arrhur Poole Jr. John Pope Belinda Pope Corrie Pope Deborno Pope Kennerh Pope Sreve Porro Thornos Porter Huberi Posr Corol Price Doniel Price Pionold Prince Morls Procis Jeff Pschier Fronls Purmon omni. aw: 771mm uv-dill 1 Michelle Quolls Diono Quick Alero Rochel Liso Rochel Deboroh Roder Chris Roible Kevin Roins Suson Roinworer Kevin Roley Pom Romsey Wendy Romsey Dovid Ronds Cheryl Roy Cynrhio Roy Milse Reono Donno Rebecels Donnie Reed Kimberly Reed Genevo Reese Ginger Reeves Lewis Reese Rodney Reese Poulo Releford Lindo Reinhorr Donno Renler Bruce Reynolds Kim Reynolds Joseph Reznils Scot Rheo Terry Rhodes PeoPl9f95 Eiron Richordson Bili Richmond Vickie Richmond Leoh Richmond Donno Riddey Louro Riddle Berry Ridener Edword Riermon Corol Rirchie Brerr Rirschel Melisso Rivers Dovid Room Eric Robbins John Roberts Kenny Roberrs Morls Roberrson Tohnee Roberrson Corey Robins Johnny Robinson Dole Roden Debbie Rodgers Robin Rodgers Srephonie Roe Deboroh Rogers Gino Rogers 961' Ulu 'mean L. ,, mga. A i csc: we . 23,3 NEP' Michele Rogers Som Rogers Shorry Rogers Phillip Rolond Seon Rollons Ahherre Rose Dovid Ross Rich Ross Grerchen Roren Poulerro Rorenberry Greg Roffine Eric Rowe .lonno Rowe Shori Rowe Doren Ruhion lorries Ruryh Deon Russell Debbie Rye Wendell Rye Croig Sommons Shone Sompson Andre Sohders Dorroyl Sohders Gerold Sonders Sue Ellen Souder People!97 Carol Savoy Edwin Savoy Samanrha Scarbrough Tina Scharbor David Scherrey Bruce Schleiff Walrer Schlurermon Duane Schmalz Angie Schmidr Ginger Schoen Shown Schoeppey Sherisso Schoiie Scorr Schroeder Richard Schultz Rosanne Schuirz Nicky Scrivner Tracy Scroggins Sabrina Searon Janer Sehorn Dale Seirer Thomas Self Linda Sermon Gina Shadowens Gayla Shaclsleford Brenda Sharp Frances Sharp Marion Sharp Maris Shelliro Janice Shepard Mary Shepard Q81 axmwmmm fi, A Q if UM' f Ando Sherperd Lovedo Sherrill Tereso Sherrill Georgino Shields Gwyndo Shields Dill Shipp Liso Shisrer Donno Shores Kelly Shorzmon Honi Shubber Angie Simmons Alice Simon Deodrio Sims Gory Six Kelvin Slsoggs IV Jomes Slseen Corhryn Smirh Chrisrino Smirh Jomes Smirh Koren Smirh Lorry Smirh Rebecco Smirh Seon Smirh Srocey Smirh Tino Smirh Vernon Smith Sfephonie Smirher Roe Ann Solesbee Don Sosebee Geoffrey Sporl-is People f 99 Tracy Spearman Gina Speer Jon Speir Doris Spencer Ted Spencer Thomas Spicer Alyce Jo Spires Gary Stafford Christie Standridge Carol Stanzione Bobby Stephens Delicia Stephens Steve Stephens Geoffrey Steven Marcy Steward Angelia Stewart Laura Stewart Craig Strickland Christy Stigler Beth Stites Johanna Stokes Doug Storment Igor Strovwsky Tiffany Krarnrnia Strpes Robin Studbard Stephanie Sturgeon Kathy Suggs Nei! Suiiivon Joyce Sumrnerhiii Janet Sutton 1001 Jin mi: tram wry NNQ' J Lia, K, V. v W N., is Dovid Swofford Srephonie Swoirhes Morrho Swonson Johnno Swilley Ann Swindell Shannon Tobor Dicie Tonlsleory Elizoberh Toylor Mike Toylor loner Tesro Somboth Thorronol-som Korhy Thomos Michelle Thomos Michelle D. Thomos Keith Thompson Porricio Thompson Suson Tidwell Liso Tillery Theresa Timmermon Morisio Tipron Koren Todd Kelly Todd Andy Torh Nong Tron Kevin Troylor Todd Treodwoy Dennis Treor Porri Treor Williom Trenrhom Toni Truerr People X 101 Everyone on compus knows Sro cey Jones but did you know he or tended Wesrork9 Our ubiquitous Stu denr Acnviries Direcror offended Wes the Fullerron Union offer ir wos com plered I reolly didnr know whor I wonred ro do I knew rhor I wos supposed ro go our I had no ideo whor l wonred ro mejor in Srocey reflecred. I guess I wenr for rhe some reosons everyone else wos P Q A considering lr wos close ir wos inex pensive ond I could work ond go ro school Srocey sold My life wos chonged opplied for o job here rhe people knew my involvemenr they knew whor I was copoble of ond my pre- vious employer wos srill here, Wes- rork reolly gov me involved ond helped direcr me roword my gools. Jones still on Westork com us pl I fork in 1969 ond 1970 ond worked in by whor I did or Wesrork. When I ' pil ' ' r W -, ll S W Ti ,ks I H uw i N ,. H W I :Kama , Til Dorlo Tucker Sronley Tucker Suson Tucker Vonce Tucker Diono Turner Louro Turner Mike Turner Brion Ulmer Brirr Ulrich Donold Underwood Mory Underwood Bob Urermork Chod Vonhooren Suson Vonn Phyllis Vonourny 1021 Jhagffmm Yi! 4: an I 'lf M8 ,,LL - , i Clinron Vaughn Gerald Veneable LJ. Verderber Srephanie Viefhaus Berr Vines Bernaderre Vogler John Volk Charlene Wade Joan Wade Deanna Wadlsins Mirchell Waerea Jody Wages Healrh Wagner Jacls Wagner Kay Lynn Wagner Sean Wagner Cynrhia Wakefield Sreve Waldron Kimberly Walrod Angela Wallser Jamie Walters Larry Walrman Laura Wolfman Dax Ward People X 103 Gayla Ward Stephanie Ward Charles Wardup Amelia Ann Warren CJ. Washington Vyvyanne Waters Angie Watkins Linda Watkins Cynthia Watson Julie Watson Jackie Weatherton Sharon Weavers John Weddle Kerri Weiler Phillip Weinsinger Beth Weir Greg Welch Phyllis Welleng Linda Wells Lisa Wells Mike Welsh Joseph Werley Linda West Janet Westley Kimberly Westphal Tara Wesrphalen Michelle Wewers Nancy Wheeler Ken Whillock Angelina White 1041 :um mqsfmm is 4r""" f -:game as mi? Z 7 QQ, 'ff , ' ' WW A A 5 ,,,: ' X C 5 il u is 7 71' 55,7 i eq I Michael Wnirlsnacls Charles Wnirney Beclsy Wniilocls Kim Wnirson Della Wiclsbolr Victoria Wigley Alechia Williams Jaclse Williams Jalina Williams John Williams Jonica Williams Karen Wniiarns Karherine Williams Kevin Williams Mike Williams Nancy Williams Nick Williams Paul Williams Roberr Williams Pioberr W. Williams Sieve Williams Sieve Williams Cindy Williamson Gregg Willyard Arlene Wilson People-X105 Clorence Wirnbisn i Angie Wimberly Jornes Winborn Jennifer Wing 1063! Jfunigxirwzw. Erilso Winron Sneilo Wofford Ashley Wood Xwwwmm wmmwmwmmw www-wmuemmwmxww ,..,.........,........Q..N.-...H.'....Mw....M. , I Q wi as Tommy Young Michael Zochory Dee Zomqisl-ri Sandro Zimmer Srephonie Wooclrome Mindy Woodruff Lori Woody Doniel Woolsey Toni Word Goylo Worlsrnon Mory Worrhom Dole Wrighrom Irene Wrighr Sondro Wrighr Brion Wyorr Christie Wyorr Donny Yondell Bryonr Yores Leno Yores Tino Yielding Tommy Yoolsley Don York Johnny Young Tornorho Young people 1107 221: wg-Q, 1 , 'Hi MK A X. 2 yi, , mi A N .f 'x Spalmth. asketball yomlsg-fiigz si , wa. A ta 5 . .f f,i2z1r,,. ' WS. 3 r D 5 3 2 . 5 ge - 'D x 5 ox. E Q if is 'g1Q2?i?3:iR - gi 5 or 1 W- , ., k,.. .Yr r . -, ii . tiir D iili T nother store crown lx eeee f L. no nnee DW? . or ions 5 l Coprah-Lincgngg-gd D ru o :::. i If you tuned in ro rhe 'Gayle Haun- darr Show' mis season, then you ol- ready know rhar ance again the Lions were Arkansas JUCIO store champions, region 2 champions, and advanced ro the NJCAA final lo in Hutchinson, KS. in roure to their 11rh stare crown overoli in Coach Koundorfs 13 yeor reign, Westark knocked off SAUHEIDGP odo in the first round, 82-73. ln the nexr round the Lions rook on SAU' Tech ond came owoy wirh a 90-'70 semi-finol victory, 80 73 noo ASU-Beebe Eastern Oklano - - orr- S mc Colleague to .rr .-,, S 3 ' I .ru 2 5 ..., f f KY T221 it G9 X 3, gg be gg.--f,e:::Pr.sereS 3 : : X r frail,-s.w -ig-ggisigfigggi 5 533 f D 4 new A A f E f s .,:.-- 1 Ir' 'rrr P Q W , H -r , rss-ig: .u .-Q W Ti f A ie ., 5 ow, A .- xy ,S Vw Xk,.. lyk i on- we Sr GM rs mr ro A 8 My r V, Z Q yrs Q ., if Q 4 1' G Y'4. Q74 ,V , K ,f,, ..,,.. " A 'ir , f :I 3 gl Q? .f ijiiiy H T - fr u , i r rrrr 'fr 1 X Qt r V - 1 f .T 1 i E9 C22-5 T r QT T Q W e - tr 'U' , wr U 5 i, H of :fr .. :r times ,,,, , - if viii T i ' 1 -if 5 W f-if W 1 an r n W 3 I l i k:V': S X I V, ,, , , L ,,.r: y gl V -hhi zi, ..K-k N fr W M , r 4 'n'-. .131 LLLL' I I no ,JV - , The referee keeps 0 close eye on Kevin Williams as he breaks for the basket. CStondingJ Wes Kaundart-asst. coach, Terry Carter. Doug Daniels, Roderick Brown, Tim Brewer, Steve Rochelle, Dwayne Booker, Tom Cantwell-trainer, Gayle Kaundart- head coach, CKneeIingJ Deon RusseI-stu- dent trainer, Rod Nunley, Eddie Guinn, Ke- vin Williams, Lenwood Huston, Brett Lewis. Lewis Jones, Barry Word-student trainer. 1101 Uh. Might 'mcuax fi? ri 5 1 ions E "": E 3 in fr s . U'---s-....,,,v--..-.-..-,,, if A The Lions cut the nets in Little Rock follow- ing rheir 11th store rournomeni chompion- ship. Rod Nuniey looks for the open mon. Sporrsfiti - ions Tim Brewer ond Roderick Brown ore nor going to let this guy get o shot. UCO region 2 champs odvonce to NJCAA Before rhe Leona wre able YO ddd another trophy ro me rnonrle rhey had ro pus away me Norrlworll Com munrry College Pleneers and rhls was 6,105 rn rf:'lf After nearly fodng elm nollen Wesrorlf ,OUT rllelr Cords on the fable an order ro slwol-re up me PHD' me-ers Wrrh 2 26 remaining the Lrons were ddwn by Cl slngle pornr before wheeling off on 112 run when gave them d 6052 wen The wan gave Keunderr d season wrrh er leeer 25 wlns for the fwelfrh nnne lr also ser up ca conresl ogelnsr NED for Fleglon 2 honors an or best rwoof rllree se-nes NEO was me only reom who could brag obour be-cling We-smrls fwlce durrng me regular season our me Lsons mode up for flwor rdlsang game one 85433 or NEO and game two B2 61 QT fhe 'Wesrorll gym Tnrs marked lhe rhlrd consecunve end erglnrh everoll reglonel rule for Gooch l-Qdunddrr durnng has renure or Wes rors And so flue Llons were once ogdln gorng to me nonondl rournomenr The frrsr round was held or Wesrorlr crgdrnsf me lwosr redrvl Hdlcrnnson 145 rhe Regron lv wander To put rr sem ply Hulchsnson headed home offer the gome ond Wesrerle followed :hem soon :hereafter The lions de feared l-lulch B5 71 ro odvonce FG the frndl srxreen held ln Hurchsnson Thls was me mens elglwrh mp ro me NCAA rherr rnlrd consecurlve Metre TUCFZ Cernfnunrly College from Worer bury Cl' was rhe Lrons secdnd round opeonenr Merroruclr entered rlwe conresr 261 Reglon XXl lzhdmplons and rddlfred learn rr rlwe NCAA poll Wesrcrls Jumped off ro on eorly leod 14 5 our Mofrofucll ned lr 1616 wrrh 12 83 ro go I0 the flrsl hell Al me half rhe Lrons were down 42438 The Clos esl the Llons would some was rrorllng 74172 wlrh 142 remolnrng 30 me game only ro see Mdrrorucls blend rr bode our ro lolfre Q 81372 vlcfdry ln rhe lhlrd round IH the Corlsoldrnon breaker me irons fell rhe resre of vzcrory once OQQED and rode lllse the wlnd ollfzzng Bl5l'l'lOfK Community Col lege ND 105 S0 ln the fourrh me Lrons losr to Allegany MD ro end rhe season When we won the srore lourno menr we slowed Coming rogerher ond ploylng up lo our copdbslmes cornmenred sophomore Rod Hunley Rod will Coflrlnue hls career Wlfh the Redmen or llorrhedsrern Olelonorrzd Slate Unrversrry Gorng ro flue norlonols for rlwe sec ond rrme was the goal Gf me larsl of me yeor os Q realm l om scmsfzed warn our overoll performance olol of re-cms would be happy ro Q0 os for os we dld sold Lenwood l-lurson who srgned WITH the Unlverslly of Southwestern Loulslond , 2 4 ' ' , f ' 1 ' l - f ' ' f' ' - ' V . - ' I ll L l ,, L , M f . k I K l " L ' , - ' ' - V . I K 1 ' I ,. l 1- I 'L I I f I l K K1 "K ' I V 1' " k,' . , f ,1 , V . , I ., ,, if -' ' . , ', .1 , ex. K , f , ' , I K - - K 'V k . - . K V ., . .sk X V: K' f f . I ' ,. . H - f' . . 'K K. K . I , ' . U . ' 1 ' , - l k I . I . 1 K lk ' ff ' , K ' , 1 l , k 1 . K. V y A 1 , I4 I I v 1 K N . , ' K, ' . f K' A , . f. k ., . V 4, V , H , 'L f ., f V ' 1 1121 7h1di4!-.t7flmuL omecoming " - ourt fm ' Witn-r V L. - it F- i , klbq ...... x A. t x 'L Qt X . - f X S ' A '- Q A , I - N Homecoming Queen 1987 f L' A Cheryl Lynnette Keith with - E A - escort Korl White. I A xxx . x e ef' . ,- 3. A -., :Ni Amy Speer with Todd Lois Jones with James. Dodsonl Cherry Jones with Verl Karen Williams with Ken Rowland. Anderson. Whillocls. 5P0"Sfl'3 Three Lady Lions ro one opponent, not bad odds, New cooch Louis Whorton led the Lody Lions to their best season ever. S 1,775 .J 7 .3-43 it MH ,W M, ew he-od coach revives teom The Lody Lions finished rheir firsr season under new heod Coach Louis Whorran following o 71-68 loss ro ASU Beebe in rhe first round of the Worn- en's Arkansas Sfore JUCO Toorno- rnenr held or rhe Wesrarls Fieldhouse, The Lady Lions opened rhe season or home wirh o 60-59 win over Sourhern Boprisr College. The follow- ing wee-ls as :he Bi'5rore Eosr presea- son roornafnenr, the Lody Lions sof- fered a 70-55 loss ro Norrhern in rhe firsr round march, and come bocls ro defear OJC 80452, ond Cor! Alben Oo- 4Q ro nob fifrh places This was only rhe second rime rhe Lody Lions hove won 20 or more gornes in rheir nine-yeor hisrory. Monica Jones mode Wesrarls hisro' ry in the Lody Lions finol home ao pearonce of regulor season play ogoinsr Bacone College. Johnson ser o new school record for the number of assists per game wirh 12, and also ser o season record of QQ. To add ro the fun, rhe Lody Lions ropoled rhe women from Bacane, 93461, The seo' son bid farewell ro sophomores Poula Alorighr, Monica johnson, and Ren- ero Eoly, sill as 1 if X W I , ,A Q in i i , Q ,Q lsQ.E+ 31215 : .. s gf.: .. im, m1 Ak f H1'S- - W get N-L, we -2 iii? :L1lLL.,LL' C Llx- ' gf' Wai mi.. xi' , Nsumggx tw-.. so 1 .sea N i- -, i 53.-'X i M Q , , 5 Q . N N X 351 51 2 ik' 'w a L- Wlgv- -we Ni - Q M- f iff: z, 253 mil i .1 he-WA, 'iii 1,.,,,,,, 3 Q? ody ions Wendy Newman battles for o rebound un- der the defensive board. Paulo Albright puts up two points while everyone else stonds wotching. Gtandingj Tracy Lumkes, Dabette Dotson, Wendy Newman, Michelle Thomas, Poulo Albright, Rennetta Eoly, Poulo Releford. Ja- net Testa, Cheryl Keith. CKneelingJ Cynthia Lurczs, Monica Johnson, Irene Christian. fill? .wp SRS , 'LH Lima I :twill Sporrs!115 d l Emi Bobette Dodson ond Wendy Newman hus- tle to get into defensive position to stoll Q fost breok. 'Fost hands' Cooch Whorton shouts direc- tions from the bench. 116! Uhwfmm Q M2 ii H flf, V.,. . . QVVV ,:. V V ,, VL,Ve V.,t. 1 V V ,'-', 59 V ' 55 NV6llVh9If'1 zo 7 89 616 tsit 1 ttit 62 W oo can Albert ,149 oo Asuvneegbe 70 71 V ' Northern V 60 73 ' ' ' Lo bette 53 V 74 Crowder 94 74, ",, Aii, ,rowder 70 99 irlcsfrhorftf ao 74 Temple 58 83 Seminole !M,'VA I 76 62 N o r t h e rn 72 Norlhork 70 67 Seminole 65 61 -t hern Doptist 70 V V 78 l ime" if ,"," if n fueebe 62 ,, ,r 7 3? 1 t ttrr ,,A,, ,, V ,, VW V f 7 1 5'O'e VV gfionaers 102 r" VVVVV V WW yrlf Orc 7 69 avfuwwwwfmvzftriffiwmwzwww 63 Y .:Stote- Tourney ASU-Beebe 20-10 71 f"'Un. '1- l ,..7w,,,.v , ,aww-ff ,-M --fr ,, L mmm oseboll Bob Utemork gets into spring condition by pitching some botting practice to Scott Rheo. THE LIONS BASEBALL ROSTER 1986-1987 Name Pos HT WT T Class Hometown DOB Baker, Randy P 6'0" 165 R So, Dumas, TX 7-19-67 Benn, Greg P 6'0" 175 R So. No Platte, NB 8-02-66 Boever, David SS 6'00" 160 R So. Remsen, IA 11-26-66 Bonds, Scotty 1B 6'1" 190 R Fr Bee Branch, AR 6-13-68 Buck, Larry P-OF 6'1" 185 R So No. Platte, NB 10-21 66 Cockrurn, Corblt 1B-OF 511 190 R So Pine Blull, AR 11-04-66 Covington, Tommy C 5'10" 195 R Fr Little Rock, AR 7-26-68 Delacruz, Anthony P 6'1" 190 R So San Angelo, TX 9-03-67 Dietze, Shawn P 5'9" 155 R Fr. Tulsa, OK 6-15-67 Dormont, Larry P 6'1" 175 R Fr. Tulsa, OK 11-22-67 Endl, Todd P 6'3" 170 R Fr Fort Smith, AR 9-28-68 Franklin, Jay 3B-P 6'0" 155 R Fr Spiro, OK 8-05-68 Furlow, Jim P 6'1" 185 R So. Appleton, WS 12-05-66 Holt, Jeff 1B 6'2" 180 R So I-lot Springs, AR 10-27-65 Irvin, Jimmy OF 5'9" 140 R Fr Van Buren, AR 11-10-67 Jackson, Steve C 6'0" 170 R Fr Senath, MO 9-18-68 Moon, Kevin P 5'11 165 L Fr Bossier City, LA 1-15-69 Newman, Willie C 6'0" 194 R So Tulsa, OK 2-O7 67 Pinchard. Ritchie 1B 5'11 200 L Fr Fordyce, AR 12-10-67 i Poole, Tommy P 6'2" 180 L So Van Buren, AR 10-27-66 M Rhea, Scott OF 5'11 150 R Fr Fort Smith, AR 3-05-68 K Q3 X . ,,, Rhodes, Terry INF 5'6" 130 R So Spiro. OK 6-O7-67 Richmond. Billy OF 5'11 180 R So. I-leavener, OK 7-21-67 Ritschel, Bret 2B 5'11 177 L R So. Tulsa, OK 8-02-65 Robertson, John 3B 6'0" 168 R Fr Pocola, OK 1-23-68 Stopp, Billy OF 5'11 165 L Fr Tulsa, OK 4-27-67 Thompson, Keith OF 5'8" 170 R Fr Little Rock, AR 2-28-67 Traylor, Kevin INF 5'6" 140 R So Greenwood, AR 8-29-67 Tucker Vance P 6'5" 195 R Fr N Little Rock, AR 2-27-67 Ulmer, Brian OF 6'0" 165 R Fr Greenwood. AR 5-23-67 - Utemark, Bob P 6'4" 218 R So Horner. NB 6-21-66 Greot looking legs ore not o prerequisite for ploying short- V30 Komen C039 OF 60 180 R Fl- F011 Smith, AR 5-15453 Syoph Ward, Dax INF 5'10" 155 R Fr Mansfield. AR 3-31-68 Wilcox, Shawn INF 5'11 175 R Fr N. Little Rock. AR 8-14-68 it aseball 16-seine-auteo.-,,,1 'WR ,,,, , ' Hitting was not a problem for the Lions this spring. Defense, sometimes, was. Fall practice - a time for sweats and shags. Corbit Cockrum sneaks o lead off second base during o sunny day doubleheader. 44159 aiiftat - building season for the Lions Close but no cigar' Thor s a cliche appropriate to describe the Lion base bali season this spring Late rollies just failing short split double headers and costly errors that wiii do it lt wasn r that ood But rr was close to being a whole bunch better. The Lions finished 33-27 overall C20-26' against NJCAA teams? and qualified for the regional tournament just bar- ely. The Lions had to play Rose State Coliege of Midwest City OK in o one- game playoff just to get into the ren gional, The Lions tomped 13-3. In the regional, o double elimina- tion affair, the Lions rallied for three runs in the too of the ninth inning to lead. But, a four-run rally in the bot- tom of the ninth gave the win to Bocane. So long, farewell, and good- oye Lions The local daily newspaper at times described the Lions as tantaliz :ng inspired intense and an fioppable Unfortunately they also described WCC as znconsttent un predictable and disappointing. fihe Lions split four games against national power Connors State Cal- lege. The Lions were 7-1 against area fourvyear colleges. Anthony DeloCruz pitched a nahitrer. The Lions also scored 18 runs on 19 hits with seven homeruns and lost o doubleheader. r Coach Bill Crowder coiled this edt' tion a "bottling team with a willing- ness to work." He said they had a lot of heart and character. Hey, they won 38 games and qualified for re gional post season tournament play. iief :1r.rn,i,x-emu X ,. Nl X X X XXX XX XXX XX XX X XX XX XX X X X X WX X XXXXXXX XXX XX X wx XXX- XX., XXM M XX -X X5 XXX X gr X Randy Boker Greg Behn Dovid Boever Xi ' XXXXW ' , XX XXX' 'X XX X M XXX X XXX-XXXwX X' X WX Cenrrol Of Lorry Buck ga, B , A 4 -- I M ,u , XX X:- - XX X XX X XX XXWPIXX Xvf X XXX XX 'XXX XXXXQXXX " M XXXZX X , X, T XXXX YX XXXXXX X W XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX , Corbit Cockrum ,X :X-XXX -X x ,L XXXXXXX X --.- M X XXXXSXXXX X X X X ,XXX 'X XXXXXX ,XX,XX' 'N ,XX X XXXXXXXX X XXXX low 4 1 Jim Furiow XKAX X Xi Xljx X .X X' XX XX:XXXfXXXg XXXX, , XX X XX XX M X X XX, XX XXXX-XX ,X X X XXXXXX X X ,XXXXXXX , XXX? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X G New X X yXXXXX..,-WX" M F5 'L ww X . XX iw.- XX., XXX M Jeff Holt Wiilie Newman T0mff1Y Poole 2 Billy Richmond XXii"H'rg :X M X X X X X Brett Ritschel S Bob Utemork ski , X XX XX XXX X - WX, XX X X - olf Back: Coach Ron Richard, Todd Medlock, Mari Toliver, Ross Marshall, Front: William McClain, Barry Hawthorne, Trent Parker. CNot pictured-Alfredo Herraraj 1201 7h1d1!qJrt77ZawuL K QU if ,F , ,s if , ualifying for national tourney A step toward Odessa, Texas, was the right move for the Westark golf team this year. Odessa hosted the NJCAA national tournament in June. WCC golfers qualified for their fourth trip to the notional tournament by winning the regional title tourney hosted in May at Ben Geten Regional Park. Alfredo Herrera shot a one over par two-day total of 71-74 -- 145 to lead the Lions to nationals. Westarls had o third place and second place finish in other spring team tourna- ments leading to nationals. -v. e . N W ""s I K' M --vw ab , Q H, 3 . , R it A ,, 4 A 4 X f-, " naw. n fl Hwy , Q .-Ji' V ...N J Trying to work on his weight shift is Mott Toliver. "Let's play a game," says Trent Parker. Todd Medlock, Ron Richard, William McClain, Matt Toliver, Jeff Garlanger. Ross Marshall, Troy Carlisle, Jerry Roller, Barry Hawthorne. X S.. xl XG L ff' SpOrtsf121 ah! ah! ah! Front: Laura Lewis, 2nd: Sherry Rogers, Amye McAlister, Grd: Kathy Thomas, Lisa Rachel, Wendy Tate, Bock: Kristi McCain. Christie Wyatt, Cherie Oty, Jamie Sue Grady. Drill Team pedorming one of their spectacular routines at a basketball game. till team promotes school spirit Drill Team helps promote school spirit at basketball games by perform- ing various dance routines. Each week the team works out with the hope of performing different routines. This variety is one way in which the drill team encourages more students to not only come to games, but to aiso enroll at Westarl-1. By holding clinics, the Drill Team also encourages more students to get involved in the newly reformed orga- nization, They also represent Westarlr in parades and other local events. The members are sponsored by Sta- cey Jones and Karen Mellon. Through hard work and leader- ship, these drill team members show the patience and stamina it raises to heighten the respect of all WCC stu' dents. - heerleaders Cheerleaders promote pride among both students or-id athletes, These 'yell- raisers' l-seep the Lions on their feet at basketball games while at the some time keeping the crowd spirited. They keep even the best fons going during the toughest of moments. Through long, hard hours of practice cheerleaders are rewarded with s the zeal of the crowds participation, Encour- aging responsibiiry, leadership, and pride in the school, cheerleaders are true auths oriries of the enthusiasm found among all Lion fans. Louis Whortan serves as sponsor of the cheerleaders. r e Cheerleaders show their spirit at a bas- ketball game. The school mascot and a child dance at the homecoming game. Cheerleaders: Keri Wieler, Sheila Payne, Dianne Caldorera. Jean Anne Young, Lori Lovett, Trudy Brooks, Karen Williams. Amy Speer. Sporrs!123 n the stands Good fans let their feelings be when 00' Peffofmlngf 'he drill team expressed. keeps spirit high in the stands. I i fl s 5 , is ii in . 124f 7h.dL9At7IZwA M Support of the fans gives the players a good attitude NY about the game. 4 wife oord moz wuz Hlqhfwlaum Som Sicord Conoly Bedell 3 i .S- ,gx 9 Michael Show Nancy Llewellyn A rustees Larry Clark Carl D. Corley Dr. James Burgess Edward Sanders Lucille Specrkman Conaly Bedell - Chairman Edward Sanders - Vice Chairman Michael Shaw - Secretary Larry Clark - Treasurer Foculry 1223! mmprfmm resident Joel R Stubblefreld Secretory Evo Pryor Vice President for plonning ond development 1 ,471 . . l Telecommunications Kelly Chamberlain Cothy Gifford ond Robert Huston secretory Dr. J.P,. Wyly 13O! Jmnqumm Vice President for Instruction wr ' :nlfy , A :V :M 4, ' 1, g r' 'ir r 9 f , f V E , W AH , W4 rim 5 Q K 'ox Coletto Furner secretory Director Of Evening - K .X And Specioi Progroms X Horold Hile Learning Resource Center LIBRARY- Max Burns-director, Betty Pierson, Sue Garcia, Margie Hicks, Wilma Cunningham, Carolyn Filippelli. rw AUDIO-VISUAL LAB- Cback rowb Darrell Dipboye, Kathleen Lease, Clarence Wimbish, Cfront rowb Jack Gorham -media specialist, Lafe Hutcheson. FacUIryf1131 xpectotrons omefhrng for everybody Wesrorlss secrerorlol progrom I-zeeps poce wlrh chonglng needs of rhe furure offlces Secrerorles ore expecred ro Isnow more now If just comes wlrh rhe rrle srored Rlcls Rrrschel counselor We offer o one yeor progrom ond fwo seporore rwo yeor progroms Becouse employers ore expecflng more from rhelr secrerorles rhese de grees erfher requlre or offer on occounr :ng I ond Il oprlon Even wlfh chonges IO rhe offlce ond rhe evoluflon of word processing mony employers srull prefer srudenrs fhey hare TO lsnow shorrhond Thus progrom Ieods ro rhe ossoclore of opplled scnence degree ond IS deslgned ro prepore srudenrs for posmons os secre rorles IO o vorlefy of office occuporlons Severol srudenrs complolned obour hovlng ro rolse shorrhond clormlng lr would nor be used so Wesrorls Inrro duced o second rwo yeor progrom wlrh o word processlng opnon Thus progrom olso leods TO rhe ossocr ore of opplled sclence degree ond IS deslgned ro prepore sfudenrs for posl nons In o vorlefy of offlce occuporlons I come ro Wesrorls becouse Ive heord from ond been recommended ro by orhers obour rhe guollry Wesrorlss secrerorlol progrom commenfed Elolne Grohom Involved In rhe rwo yeor pro grom requlrlng shorrhond The rnsrruc fors ore friendly ond reody ro help vvlrh ony problems Wonr ro mol-ze rhe rlghr move TO word o coreer or gool? Checls fhls our 34 ossoclore of orrs degrees IO ossoclore of opplled sclence degrees ond nnne cerrlflcore progroms ore Iusf rhe beginning ro whor rhe ocodemlc world of Wesrorls offers Tronsfer pro groms developmenrol educorlon progroms for odulr ond connnulng educonon o verlfoble colloge ond menogerne of opporrunmes Business developmenrol educo non compurer ond Informoflon ser vices heolrh occuporlons humonmes norurol sclences soclol ond behovlorol sclences ond technology comprise rhe erghr ocodemlc duvuslons or Wes forls olong wlrh communlry servlce ond conrlnulng educorlon When you odd rhe recently devel oped ossoclore of generol srudles de gree for rhose who hoven r qulre fag ured ouf o speclflc coreer or gool you ve gor somerhlng for every body Wesforls s ocodemlc progroms blend fogerher ro molse cholces ond opporrunmes for rhe communlry seem endless Tolse o lools ond see whor you con fund . . ' 1 , , : - . . ' I - 1 . yy , WU I I ' I . . . . 1 - 1 ll . . ', ' I .11 1 1 . . 1 , , U lr, A . it ,. ' ,, ff. 1 1 I - If . . 1 . ' I , . - m . .. 1 A 1 , . . . .:, 1 ' . 1 . 5 W ', I . . if 1 1 1 - 1 sag: ' ' ' , ' . . I-:ii I ' , 1 ' Il 1 . 1 13?-3 . ,, , 1 1 ' ' .1 rl . ,sy 11 431 1022533114 I A I Typing smdem sddeegrfsoza gags eh seine s52QeQ-1sai41s1asIrybidgfiqb s LA M, . mi Q in Aw y y' -,- . ,Z ' my li , ,. i,,.f..1fif! ' 'A ' 445' Wfmf 1417 , M J fi ' Q , T' V , x y ,,,., , ,F an -viii. IWW I A vi, M A Q ii 2 , i fi" " i n -V, , " 2 ,,,A i i , y 'HE V ' ' M 1 if qi , i - .. , HZ , ,Z A , ,H , H, D i in N i N in , ,. :m ,. ' 1 ., , if '- .az V "Sip ' H 1, i V ' ,' 1 f " " I' ' W V .11 '4iw 'f:-- I I . , ,. V' ' 53 ., , ,fy "' X Nolan Lickey-Chairman, Division of Business Nita Prock-Secrerory, Division of Business Paul Leggett-Business Sharon Winn-Secreiariai Science Emma Watrsbusiness Dr. Bill Loceweil-Business Gary Smith-Business Francis Bedell-Economics Ron RiChOfd'ACCOU0fifiQ Dianna Payne-Accounring David Craig-Business Doris Van Hom-Secreiariai Science Betty Pricefuecreiofiai Science Katherine Tayiar-Lab i Assisionr D Ray Sparks-Chairman, Division of Comparing and infofmarion Sysiems Brenda Canfweil-CIS Gene Mellon-CES Karen Melton-C15 Bili Walker-CIS Dr. Nancy Vanden- Chairmon, Division of Developmenfcii Education Focuiry I 183 Terri Leins-Developmental Mathematics Harold Cameron- Developmental Mathematics Mike Cooper-Writing Margaret Newell-Reading Martha Efurd-Reading Zoe Morgan-LAC Coordinator Calline Dipboye-Chairperson, Health Occupations Ruth Burns-Secretary, Health Occupations Patti Tillotson-Nursing Julie Reno-Nursing Mary Jane Keel-Nursing Susan Chaney-Nursing Mary Hammock-Licensed Practical Nursing Monica Snyder-Nursing Betty Balin-Licensed Practical . Nursing Marjorie Preas-Nursing Gale Hightower-Health Media Supervisor Anita Hammock-Nursing Barbara Helm-Nursing Technology Gayla Gregory-EMT mf Jrmgzltmwm A. . if M"'4f' t? :' Ml w 3 ll it 5 vhs K ...... ....... ....... nc. I R L g ' " .. .. 3 , '- -i y effing help In East Texas they have a colloqui- lism they use when trying to tell someone something in a nice way they will often be heard saying A smart man might and then proceed with whatever point they were try- ing to malsez for example lf a per- son was having a difficult time with a the developmental education area. indeed a smart man might but ac- cording to Nancy Vandett chairper- son of developmental education too often they don t, That is why she with the cooperation of the LAC di- rector and the instructors in the devel- opmental area are trying to give any Westarls student who may have a problem in the basic areas of read- ing English grammar and writing or mathematics that extra hand the indi- vidual needs to accomplish their goal at WCC, They help people gain the confidence and expertise it talses to make the right move, subject, A SMART MAN MIGHT lools to poken and written Several new or revised courses have been implemented this year into the division of developmental education. One such course is Spolsen and Written Grammar which covers me- chanics and usage. lt s been offered but it s official now stated Dr. Nancy Vandett chairman of developmental education. A course that has been revised and expanded is Spelling lm- provement. This course will cover rules of spelling and phonics, Vocabulary Building has changed from memorization of vo- gI'Ol'T1fT'lClI' COUTSGS cabulary to a focus of using the dictio- nary, ESL Communication Slsills ' another new course designed to em- phasize good nonverbal communica- tion which are part of American cul- ture. Also being implemented this year is courses, These require students to maintain a certain grade level to pass the course, Dr. Vandett emphasized A major goal of the developmental program is to help students to earn the basics fundamentals that enable them to succeed in college-level worls, .. ,, IS for a year on an experimental basis, "Exit Competencies" in five reading Tutoring is available in the Learning Assistance Center. JoAnne Valenti helps Don Solley with his English. FGCf.1iry!135 3JQfiq Pune:-Licenged Practical Nursing icy LQvfe+C31oi rmon4 DivisiDn W f of J-mmmaries Mcmdy BqkervSeCrerory, , Humcmiries L Dori Dqileywjwfsic 'WIA 4 , ia , ez -, -L,, , .-72 , ,,., ww ,, I V4 I ,W Vw 9 909136 YQ'3n94DrOfY1C1y 59QfifCV1 I4em oQq IpgqehilifEmg11sn iS11eifqfgIShkiffig- lCi-E0giiSh Haerscy QoyserfEngiish Q a Bdrbgra4 Bqffleh.EngIish i Q11 g Adn DCWson-EmjIish l ' Geqe Weiss-Emgusn Qi2e ?Tf'fV 7m9'P 3f5f?Uff?'Qli5mf 1 , 2 12HQnf:Y21Ze4hiedrsch+Smwfh ' l , if f 1 l Efwglish f N ":: f iff-.XL 'ff T ,NSR . . X 4 A - .ii -1 :ffssw i , , QQ ...aff 'K-.V M , ff L P6te1HowQardwArry J l 5i5W'?f CC'fm?ff 5e5'!0ffB?' Z' 4Frer1dn i QChGfl95 HQWQrd-Speech , ibm l,ee1Arr ,. y ' k',r . I V g l ' H f ff W .- ,L 1 '- 1 4 SSM X 5 Rx -. SR K Mx 5- ? N SE Q Q Sm 5 Q R Eli? sb QQ N fNmM-.1s- i .- K 2- L 3 N. T R 7 - P Xi ' Q K If .ff I . 4 Y K ' , Nr E L 5,1 ,. 1 kb ,. , 1, f 41 2 if X Qfff ,gf VVV, , VW 1 , M Q W A 1 f Es ,if , f " Z' V f' A J X If 'W f J mu f QQ Vj,A ,U awww'4'w"MQ20:s9'fE2FZSSiQHamasrwsgsswsfssmvwwvfffslizwgtiWgspLM,WmN,,w,M -vs wwwww-wwzvsff h::WvHx,m,UMN W W ..,, I I 1 kg 'k',' My at igh sfondords The division of heolth occupotions is definitely molsing the right moves ond showing it by lseeping up their trodition with 1001: of its students possing their store exoms, Over 1 800 nurses hove groduoted from Westorls since 1971 ond the ex- cellence continues with the exomples of Jeonnie Smith who hod the top score in the stote ond lone Coon stote out of 677 tolsing the Notionol Council Licensure Exom. The heolth occupotions division hos boosted mony students olong in the ossociote nursing degree procricol nursing operoting room technology ond emergency medicol technology progroms. They ore doing o self study so they con show off some more of their best for the Notionol Leogue of Nurses when they come for o reoccredito- tion visit. The division is moving to Echols school to continue to corry on their high stondords of excellence ond 0 who hod the 5th highest score in the 2 7 rowth. JE bc 9 Fwuwfmssv A trip to the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City gave nrt instructor Pete Howard and several students c chance zo see some great , if 11 M ' ' 1 works. Quesrion: Why ore humonries courses required YO groduofe? Answer: Becouse in rodoy's sociery ro be suc- cessful on individuol musf be oble TO communicore vvifh orhers Humoniries CEnglish speech iournolism dromo foreign longuoge orr ond musicl ol low o person ro do rhis communi cofing on on inrelligenr level One of fhe besf moves on ospiring sfudenf con molse is ro goin o solid bocls ground in rhe humoniriesf' occording ro Joy Lowe, choirmon of fhe Hu- monlries division "lr is rhe bosis of oll furure success in college," To show rhor this line of rhinlsing is nor new our very well proven is o quofe from Thomos Jefferson Only o person vvifh o firm undersronding of culfure rhe English longuoge ond irs uses con fruly oppreciore rhe democ rocy we hove creored here in rhese Unifed Srores Whor vvos rrue in 1780 is srill rrue fodoy - - - M ii H 1 4 K 1 1 1 1 3 . - Y 1 1 . . 5: ' I I x I ii 11 A - , fl 1 ' . . . .1 , .W -- . ,, . . 1 A Wm, Wesfciris offers o course in Corey Baldwin puts the ceramics fought by Greer Ferris, finishing ftouches on his plofe 1 Z in primmuking class. my 9111 Iitl P.obinsqri,inks,up her plore Iinwprepormidn to molse qpgirxr lilifizi-kg f l 'liiiilziiisibil aff ? W 5:15 - I 2 I , ' ,g 5 5 X 7, Q mxf, , .ZA,,f.7, rw H , . M WZ! r f ,"' 4 ., 3 5, r rr 4 x War Dr. Michael Hightower- Choirmcrn, Division of Norurol Sciences Thomas Buchononwbiology Thomas Clark-Chemistry Kristie Cobb-Lob Biology Technician Samuel Heintz-Engineering Steve Henderson- Morhemorics J Dr. Carol Horne'Bio!ogy Jim Houston-Biokngy 9 Charles Irish-Physics Lindo Long-Mathematics Cindy Moore-Chemisrry cmd Physics Lob Technician Cheryl Pacheco-Secrerory, Noruroi Sciences L rifyy Larry Weigond-Mcrrhemorics We . cr f Peg Wiisun-Morhemorrcs John Denton-Chemisrry David Meeks-Biology Vrrr "" Udene F0fSYfhe-NOT Piifvfed X me Focuify I 139 Dr. Don Butler-Chairman, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences Barbara Hutcheson- Secretary, Social ond Behavioral Sciences Lonnie Watts-Human Services Dr. Delece Gordon-Education Psychology Ed Levy-Political Science Dorothy Rappeport- Education, Psychology Linda Gibbons-Psychology George McAlister-History Don Breifenberg-History Dr. Pat Porter-Sociology Jim Wyatt-Physical Education Harold CallohonePhyslcal Education Wes Kaundart-Physical Education Gayle Kaundart-Physical L Education Bill Crowder-Physical Education Louis Whorton-Physical Education Remy Burris-Director, Child Development Center Dt. Lee Mynott-Chairman, Division of Technology John Sornuelsfiiectronics Bobby Jones-Welding mfvzunqumu atural Sciences important part Games, for the most part, are based on probabilities and odds. To understand the best winning stratef gies you must understand mathematf ics. The most important decisions of life are based on math and without it none of our modern day conve- niences would be possible, But it doesn't stop there, with a basic of how math worlss comes the realizae tion there is more about the world to I-:now Enter the natural sciences, physics, chemistry, and biology, the tools for making the best choice in the "game of life." Dr. Milse Hightower, chairman of the natural sciences division is, 'lMal+ ing sure that we, as educators, have done our best to prepare the student for whatever endeavor he might choose." This is evident in the come pletion of the new math lab, pro- vided for students who might need that "little bit extra" to help them understand, and the aquisition of two Polrimeters, used to measure the opti- cal activity of substances, The im' provement is not confined to equip- ment alone but also with the addition of new instructors such as Margret Wilson- mathematics, Sam Heintz- mathematics, and Steve Henderson. All of these "right moves" made by natural science insure that you, a Westarls student, have the opportunif ty to make the right move for your- self. instructor Tom Buchanan helps Linda Colston and her partner with a lab assignment. Av., aj. Ykeena Miller and Nguy Dai work intently on their pig dissection. Facultyfidt The technology division offers courses in welding that range from general welding to advanced techniques. ,ans A4 In auto mechanics students are taught the design, operation, and servicing of the automotive engine and related systems. 1421 Uluaiglttwlauu echnology The major thrust of the technology division is to train technicians for business and industry in the areas of automotive drafting electronics microprocessor! computer repair general industrial plant maintenance and welding Some of the accomplishments and awards in the division this year have included welding instructor Tim McNeil s being selected as the outstanding instruc torfmember in District 17 of the Ameri can Welding Society machine shop in structor Jerry Center s being selected to receive the Whirlpool Master Teacher Award Dan Page s electronics students performance on the FCC exam adminis- tered in Dallas- the addition of a second computer-aided drafting course to be taught by Mary Copeland- and the elec- tronics program receiving the Director s Award of Excellence from the state de- partment of vocational education. Division chairman Dr. Lee Mynatt said plans include expansion ofthe electronics labs in the Gardner Building, an im- proved arrangement to increase func- tion and operation in the automotive labs, and the continued press for excel- lence throughout the division. m g - -if . xfi. ' N 5 1 XM i YE, M V' Georgia Qnurke-ew5earerory, Technology Jack Voughnlilecrronics Qnug Smfimm-Machine Shop 'Sim McNeil-Welding Larry Boker-Eiecffonics Wayne Vrostek-Eiecrronics gan Cagle-Nor Pigrured Jerry Center-Machine Shop fi Ed Vornpolo-Drofring W 1Ax Mary Copeland-Drcfdng Don Pugeflecrronici FocuIryj14.3 1441 l7fuz0?z1glxf?7?unm. oving along "Everyday is a highlighrf' responded Dr, Dan Burler, chairman of rhe social and behavioral science division. Things are moving righr along for sru- denrs in rhe division which includes hisro- ry, geography, educorion, polirical sci- ence, law enforcemenr, physical educae rion, psychology, sociology, and rhe child developmenr cenrer. Enrollmenr conrinues ro climb in rhis division and ir remains one of rhe largest on campus. Mainraining a high level of perfor- mance is rhis divisions righr move ac- cording ro Dr. Burler, 2 , , www 1 1 ,.. Qs, an VW as-5 Q1 4' , Q 4 F 2 if i li ' 1 V Q S-C' ' is S P .af - ms, ,cs 1 'j P I 5 , The division for social and behavioral science has a child development center that offers students quality child COIE ne ..,, 3' J- 'Ss x. X- '--., lgfflsll' 5? ff wr sith ffl 3 5 t 955 1 2 2 , gt , , we 35559,MmH3355gszjizisigmgjssgzzfi ig J, s: 1 is " of 5 si 1, if'WJff?.5?fi522:1:3:35E?2'55 Q V ' " J ,,,- Q ff omputer ond information systems Students who wont to molse o very positive move will most prob- obly be found in the Gordner Build- ing upstoirs glued to o monitor in the CIS division. Roy Sporlss director of doto processing ond choirmon of ClS, reoffirms this stotement by odding, "The single-most exponding field in the job morlset todoy is informotion processing ond only the individuol with o firm grosp of the field will be oble to copitolize on it," WCC offers o wide ronge of com- puter-oriented courses from the most bosic of survey courses to the more odvonced systems design-type course. According to instructor Gene Mellon, "The reolly serious student should expose himself to os mony different ospects of the field os possi- ble, then concentrote ottention on the mostery of one or two specific oreos. As it is in ony gome, the next move is yours. 1 1 1 1 T252 E352 , 1 K 5:51, 1 1551? is si Z if l Z S257 f ' 1 z V f , 1 i , V The computer and , information systems, , , T, division offers cywlggj wt,'V1V ? - Q :'mfM5g1'1:ifb'. range uf compumi C 5. NZHUZTZSZ Ill 7 - I ll -1 139 V3-7?75155"5573iS"'W 125:15 ZifZF'W3fNfbN LL' 22 J i':'rr'fWu.,'iiwsifwvggltlfiaii ,:'ffww.- 5 seesisiilfssffiih :m::::1.v-1 1:zfrqszgsmwfmmzzfwisszmsv fizggggzgi Q is mf Jmzrgf-urzfw Glock! Gory Wilson, Sandi Sanders. Koy Trout, Cfronlj Judy Schoop. Loretto Domingos, Kim Mitchell, Carol Able. Sandi Sondersfomrnuniry Service director A ,c rr r I 5 N Students Greg Chamblee, Angie Dodd, Dexter Henry and Amy Clerk try our one of the dancing classes offered by community service T ll lf' s i if 5' Q l - ,,,...,-W - ...- N sw? fiilswfiwefwbs ffm '-121 is lgrfffsvfsnvvshfwaebwi s . Wessex Jenvwdmfsusgnr affasziaga-efuisgifsb Salma1-wnfifhslfaawnfng 1 s l r :If 2:ff'- Q :.: ,ZESCYDSSF 'A'.', '- ' ' i' 4 ' r J - 5 .,:: ggi, ki i ,gl i orking on new things "Were olwoys working on new ship in Forr Smirh course designed ro jfs rhings,"soid SondiSonders,direcrorof encouroge porenriol leoders in rhe ' communiry service ond conrinuing communiry, porrly sponsored by rhe educorion, The progrom offers o Chornber of Commerce. I V wide voriery of closses ro meer the Community Services is divided inro 5 chonging needs of rhe communiry, rhree coregories, business ond indus- Q V More populor oreos rhis yeor in- rry, continuing educorion Cfor educo- 7 3 cluded closses for doy core odrninis- rorsfodminisrrororsl, ond cornmunify ff rrorors ond courses in heolrh occuoo- closses, The lorgesr growing oreo is fig ' rions ond services. rhe business ond indusrry orogrom Some newer closses ore o CPA up- "Well conrinue ro grow," srored if dore course ro help occounronrs sroy Sonders, "To molse rhe righr moves," A Y shorp or rheir procrice, ond o leodere Jeff Ludcw tries his hand or juggling in one of the dawning classes. l FQCWJ147 Dr. Eric Priest f Jxumqfmmaau P Conner Turn ret y Counseling KFromJ Roger You Rita Adams, Caro ng, Leon MeLean, Dr. Ron Formby-director, Cbackb Marsha Buergler, Diane Davis, Cheryl Peters. le Darger, Jane Pryor. QW 1 24 fi? a s ' " 2 A ,,, W A . 1 .Rf DT- R00 F0fmbY Nina Abernathy director of C0Ul1Selif19 assessment counselor Foculryf149 Stacey Jones-director ww Jhlmghfmw. Student Activities Pauline Plummer- secretory ef, CBock rowb Dovid Young-theatre, Charles Julius-theatre, Logon Green-choir, CFront row! Tom Walton-publications Don Dailey-jazz bond, Kent Martinez-piano 1 Financial Aid iii' K .wsw Pam Cook, Chandra Rush, Lois Garrett, Terri Burns. Gflbe Peters-director Admissions and Records S i 5 5 Sf ' we ' 1 L 5 . 1 sq i, f, K K rv . if A my , H ,M W, L. - ' 1' - 'xi :SR , A Qk kf 5 Q 5 , ff L, .r ff :,,1',f,gQLjQQi: af Ni, . ,, ' - 5 . ,,,, y is w s' X -. 1- fbi-xv' pw " --.-- 4 x -1 . A siir N i f - ' ' f1l' :e'i:e'Q. '. U-5 , -1 -f - 'Z f Q .iiirr s Kathy Farrar, Mary Edminsten, Holly Schluterman, Betty Nixon. D9f1fIiS COST?-diI9C'0f Foculryf151 Coaches Wes Kaundon, Rick Ritschel, Bill Crowder, Gayle Kaundart, Jim Wyatt-athletic director, Louis Wharton Public information Recruiting and Placement is P PM -r' yt 'fr ' c P , -ei , W sr . , 7. 52? W' L, 1 92 M 'W 1521 7lmo'b4ht77ZmL 'NN .2 Sondra LaMar Penny Pendleton Vice President for Finance and Administration we - Egg ' " , is 2 ' . A ' X .f .KQQ L , K. :,.r.: v, 1 ' Q -Q ,if , ei ' s 1 s Bobby Young secretary James C. Underwood FacuIryf153 1511! Jmwfmm Purchasing AK GOTY Pe"Y Shirley Nelms, Angelo Cherry. ond Betty King director i EEO Administrative Assistant .QSRUW i i iii?S Jonie Turk Bev Gilstrop Dom Processing QBockJ Pom Fout, Tommy Tolmon, Cloir Moys, Louise Pettijohn, ifrontl Kim Gottis, Shelley Whitson, Roy gpmks Elizabeth Bolls. direcfo, t . t Word Processnng W Forst, Irene Sisk, Kathy Broke, Rose Tygort, Foye Jones-director, Goylo Word. FCIY9 10095 director Foculryf 155 Cafeteria f S ,ge ww CFrontJ Toni Stiles, LaNelle Stiles, Danielle . V 1 e'-" Stiles, John Bell. Cbackj Ted Stiles, Daniel H S'-5 ,,,, ,. il Dart, Gene Stiles. I Campus shops as 5 s S Connie Kennedy-manager, Marilyn Hopkins, Delores True, Sheila Elliott. Switchboarde Duplicating S 51 Ns ts 1 e r e e S S E Maxine Reeves Carolyn Lewis 1561 JMn,,hfm.m Business office 1Fron0 Genelle Newton, Glenda Hendrix, Debbie Breedlove, Janet Didier, Kmiddleh Karla Coplin Tommie Williams, Cheryl Quinley, Cbackl Dill Loyd, Larry Farrar. Security Nurse Bruce Cfoggng Ellene R9bSOmeh security chief Physical plant , yr f W w M, ,WJ ' .M ir F 4 . 'WT Jock Conody-ossisront director, Jeanne Stevens-administrative ossistont. Mike Donieis-shipping ond recieving. 2 1 Mg! A I- GROUNDS CREW Tony Stewart and Willie Word MAINTENANCE CREW- Jerry Street, Charlie Carter, Ken Mclntosh, Robert Rogers, Cliff Perkins. M M: :fr ,?z'zis,Yim,"r 2 CUSTODIAL CREW- Crow 13 Leonard Thorton, Jackie Matlock, Crow 23 Betty Harris, Anthony Dodson, Crow 35 Geneva Reese, Billy Windham, Bud McKinney-Supervisor Crow 41 Don Ford, Henry Johnson, Danny Inman, Darrell McKinney. Faculry!15Q ff fea All registrofion procedures con One of the additions to the sfudem now be accomplished in one union was u brick patio in from of buitding. the building. Q , i V I L ,X" WIS'-'L -K' awww? N- 'EGOI Uludlgldwfmua wi ,.. ,.. L-, ,iiw A - ,Q.,.,.:.,,:.. A ,. 1 L3 Work come to o dose in July on the we!!-needed new Wesrork Library. oving oround compus mf i gf' 51 3 wif, " 5: 1, ' 'f' 3 5 m rc .. I -' 5 .. ' Q. , Tir' - compus moves You wonr ro lsnow how fhe yeor- bools sroff come up wirh "The Righr Moves" os o theme for NUMA '87. Jusr checls our rhese moves prompf- ed by rhe renovorion of the srudenf union ond rhe consfrucrion of rhe Wesrorl-2 Librory. Here we go, The upsroirs oddifion ro the srudenf union now houses fhe odmissions ond records offices, ond rhe finonciol old offices which pre- viously were on rhe firsr floor of rhe Vines Building. They join rhe counsel- ing cenrer in the sfudenr union. Com- munity Service ond Conrinuing Educo- rion from fhe gym is olso on rhe up- per level of the srudenr union. Now oll moke Westork better ploce regisfrofion procedures con be oc- complished in one building. The Holr Building, which wos rhe old LBC, is being renovofed for rhe English deporrmenf. The Vines Build- ing oreo previously occupied by od- missions ond records, ond finonciol oid ore now home TO rhe Business Office ond fhe Leorning Assisronce Cenrer, Srudenr Publicorions, which wos in fhe srudenr union in fhe spoce now occu- pied by rhe Assessment Cenrer, is in rheBollmon-Speer Building in rhe spoce previously home ro rhe Audio- Visuol Lob, which is now in rhe new Wesforls Librory. Everybody srroighr so for. There's started in April '86. Y place to hold meetings. ms to be more. Wesrorls recenrly purchosed rhe Echols School buildings. The heolrh oc- cuporions division will move rhere opening more spoce in rhe Gordner Building for rhe exponding compurer division, Lois of orher smoll moves ore olso involved in rhis overoll moss frons- fer on compus. Hove l left onyrhing our. l'm sure. Afrer oll, rhis is being wrirfen in June ond who l-snows whor hos been modified, completed, or whofever by rhe fime you reod fhis in Seprem- ber. Lors of moves ro help molse Wesforls on even berfer ploce ro be. Construction on the new Wesmrk Librory , The -new Board Room lnrigkegsfudenr unlorrgives mony campus groups o Foculfyl1b1 Board Member Edward Sanders gets a hug from graduate, Kelly Chamberlain. . A M? oving ahead 1621 Ukzkqhfwfaun. A sea of caps and gowns anxiously awaits the start of the ceremony l . if Michelle Beauchaine and Brian McMahen await the colllng of their names. Miss We-stark '87 Michelle Copeland sang "l am Changing' at graduation, Graduate Nell Sullivan and her proud granddaughter were all smiles. Graduation X 163 Abbasza, Hamid 64 Abernathy. Nina 149 Able, Carol 146 Adams, Rita 24, 149 Albert, Kevin 64 Albright, Mark 64 Albright. Paula 64, 115 Albritton, Charles 64 Aldridge. Jody 59 Almond. wteven 64 Allen, Candy 64 Allen, CJ. 56 Allen, Robert l.. 64 Allen, Stacey 64 Allen, Steve 64 Allen, Ted 64 Alvarado, Victor H. 64 Amon. Shaikh Farried 64 Amason, Janet 64 Amos, Rickey L. 64 Anderson, Verl 113 Andrews. Thomas 64 Angeletti. Gina 64 Ann, Hot Kiat 64 Apperson, Eric S. 64 Appleton, Lisa 7, 64 Armer, Paula 49. 64 Armpriest, Heather 36. 64 Arnold, Danette 64 Arnold, Eddie 132 Arreaga. Candace M. 64 Arredondo, Michael 64 Askew. Heather 36 Askew, Terry 65 Aslrins, Janet 65 Ateniyi. Alma Ray 65 Atkins, Matt 65 Auprey, Eddie 65 Avery. Jeanette 50, 51 Baber, Robert 65 Baggett, Janet 65 Baggett. Neal 65 Bailey, Don 41, 136, 150 Bailey. Frank 65 Bailey, James 65 Bailey, Sue Q. 65 Baker, Judy 65 Baker, Kathy J. 65 Baker, Larry 148 Baker, Mandy 136 Baker, Randy 65, 119 Baker, Ray 106 Balagatas. Liberty 47 Baldwin. Carey 136 Ballenger, Buckley 65 1641 7lma?i4l1f77Inw. ndex Balls, Elizabeth 155 Baptist Student Union 62 Barber of Seville 8, 9 Barber, Ronald 65 Barber, Shirley 65 Barbry, Randal 65 Batger, Carole 149 Barker, Pamela 65 Bariett, Barbara 136 Barnes. Stacey L. 65 Baron, Polly 66 Barrera, Jerry 66 Barrick, Jeannie 66 Bortolo. Dr, 6. 9 Basilio, Don 8. 9 Dosinget, Becky 66 Baxter, Leroy 66 Deon, Dorothy L. 66 Beard, Charles 66 Bearden, James 66 Beauchaine, Michelle 12, 32. 66, 54, 49. 163 Becker, Karen 66 Becker. Rose 66 Be-dell, Conoly 65, 126 Bedell. Francis 133 Beebe, Barbara 66 Beebe. Becky 52, 66 Been. Neoh-Hong 66 Behn, Greg 66. 119 Bell, James 66 Bell, Jeff 66 Bell, John 156 Benham, Patricia 66 Bennett. Rhonda 66 Bennett, Cameron 66 Bennington, Janet 66 Bentley, John 66 Berry, Elizabeth 66 Beschoner, Angie 66 Deschoner. Russell 66 Beshear. Jeffery 66 Beshoner, Sister Carmen 136 Bioncardi, Steven A. 66 Biancardl. Valery A. 66 Biggs, Janice 66, 57 Binyon. Eric 66 Emma Katrinl-ta 67 Black, Gary 20 Black, Laura 67 Black. LeAnn 67 Blackwood. Sharon 67 Blair, Barbara 67 Blake. Mark E. 67 Blanton, Gayle 67 Blanton. Terry 67 Bishop. Booth, Melinda 67 Botsch, Tonya 67 Bottoms. Mitcheal 67 Boulden, Katy 24 Boutcher. Gloria Jean 67 Bowling, Jeff 67 Bowman. Darrell 67 Brake, Katy 155 Brommer, Diann 68 Brandenburg. Beth 66, 51 Brandli, Fred 68 Dranham, James 69 Brasuell, Connie 69 Breedlove, Debbie 157 Breitenberg, Dan 140 Breyer, Patricia 69 Brewer, Arlene 69 Brewer, Robert 68 Brewer, Timothy D, 68, 110 112 ee Q5 Blanton, Virginia 67 Bloxom, Laura 67 Board of Trustees 126, 127 Boen, William R. 67 Doe-sma. Jack 67 Boever. Dave 67, 119 Bogner, Deena 67 Bohlmon, Sheryl 67 Bolin. Betty 154 Bond, Lisa 67 Bonda. Scotty 67 Booker. Dwayne 67, 110 Boone, Roger 67 Brigance. Scott 68 Brooks Shannon 69 Brooks, Trudy 69. 123 Brown, Brion 69 Brown. Beth Eileen 69 Brown, Daniel C. 68 Brown, Darren 66 Brown Diane 66 Brown Karen 69 Brown Ken 69 Brown Lorenzo 69 Brown Marie 69 Brown. Roderick 68, 110. 112 Brown, Russell 68 Brown, Sonna 68 Brown, Tim 69 Brownfield, Jody 69 Brunk, Mary 69 Buchanan, Tom 139, 141 Buck, Kim 69 Buck, Larry 68, 119 Budimon, Siue ing 68 Budiman, Yoni 46, 47 Buell, Leslie 68 Buergler, Marsha 149 Bulau, Martha 59, 69, 174 Bull, Tami 69 Bunch, Bridget 147 Bunch, Rhonda 69 Burkhart. Suzanna 69 Burlin, Cearlorte 68 Burnham, Susan 68 Burns, Max 57, 131 Durns, Ruth 134 Burns, Terri 151 Burress, Jacqueline 68 Burris, Remy 140 BurrissQ Glenda 51 Chai, Chee Shan 46, 47 Chai, Chee Shin 47 Chamberlin, Kelly 129. 162 Chamblee, Greg 146 Champion, Patrick 70 Chancellor, Denna 70 Chaney, Susan 134 Chanthaseny, Noradeth Ott Charlton, Richard 70 Chase, Mark 70 Chastian, Darren 70 Chatman. Ratha 70 Chaua, David 70 Cheeks, Alonzo 53, 70 Cheerleaders 123 Cherry, Angela L. 70, 154 Chess Club 60 Chew, Ng Pali 70 Chirwood, Carol 70 Chrismon, Billy D. 71 Christensen, Phil 71 Christian, Irene 53, 71, 115 Choale, Michael 71 Choir 50, 51 Dutton, Theresa 69 Butler, Dan Dr. 140 Butler, Gary D. 69 Byers, Kerri 69 Cabalar, Jesse 69 Cagle. Stan 143 Clark, Amy 146 Clark, Claris, Clark, Mike 71 Larry 127 Thomas 139 Clarise, Sally 43, 71 Clay, Nancy 71 Clayborn, Debra 71 Clem, Arlis 71 Ricky Dan 59. 71 Clow. Cluck. Lee 71 Cobb. Brenda 71 Cobb, Jeff 71 Cobb, Kristie 139 Cahoon. Zoe 70 Caldarero, Dianne 123 Caldwell, Julie 70 Callahan. Haroid 140 Cameron, David K. 70 Cameron, Glen 70 Cameron Harold 134 Cameron. Tim 70 Campbell, Sandra 70 Canady, .lack 156 Can-Can 10, 11 Cantwell, Brenda 133 Cantwell, Tom 110 Carlile, Shelley 70 Carlisle, Troy 70, 121 Carrurh, Karen 70 Carson, Wendy 70 Carter, Charlie 159 Carter, Jerry D. 70 Carter, Leah 59, 70, 174 Carter, loLyn 70 Carter. Sandra 70 Carter, Terry 110 Casey, James B. 70 Casey, Randy 70 Cash, Dennis 151 Cathey, Christy 70 Caron, Cecile, Anthony 58, 59, 174 Ursula 70 Center, Terry 143 Cochran, Barbara L. 71 Cochran, Chris 71 Cockrun, Corbir 71. 118. 119 Colburn, Teresa 71 Cole, Stanley 71 Coleman, Belinda 71 Coleman. Janna 71 Coleman, Kathy 71 Collins, Annette 71 Collins, James 71 Colsran. Linda 59, 141 70 , 174 Combs, Danielle 71 Conkin, William 71 Connell, Annette 71 Conner. Gena Elaine 71 Contreras, Maria 71 Cook, Pam 151 Cook, Paula 59, 174 Cooper, Mike 134 Cooper, Phyllis 71 Copeland, De 71 Copeland, Gayle 72 Copeland, Mary 143 Copeland, Michelle 29, 3 Copeland, Stephanie 45 Coplin, Karla 157 Corner, Robin 72 Corley, Carl D. 127 Cottrell, lill E. 72 Cox, Kim 72 Cox, Stacie 72 Craft, Marnie 72 Craig, David 55, 133 Crane, Roger L. 72 Ctavens, Tyler 72 Crawford, Carla 72 Crawford, Jeanette 72 Creson. Brenda 72 Cress, Jeanine 72 Crosby, Michael 72 Cross. Janet 72 Cross, Michelle 72 Crossno, Bruce 157 Crowder, Bill 140 Crowne, Brian R. 72 Cruthird, Regina 72 Cummings, Cathy 56, 72 Cunningham, Wilma 131 Curda, Barbara 72 Curran, Erick 72 Curry, Lynn 72 Cypert, Ken 72 Cyperr, Kenneth L. 72 0, 31, 163 1. ii .si .rr Gage, Tommy 77 Gahtman, Gene 57 Gaines, Karla 77 Gaither, Lorie 77 Gamero, Lisa 77 Gan, Kok Nuei 77 Gann, Brenda L. 77 Garcia, Sue 77, 181 Garetr, Lois 151 Garlanger. Charles J. 77 Garlanger, Jeff 121 Garrett, Robert 77 Garrett, Tim 77 Gary, Norman 77 Gasper, Raymond 77 Gassman, Vince 77 Gatris, Kim 155 Genesis t 62 Getz, Paul 77 Gibbsan, Linda 140 Gibson, Judith 77 Gifford, Cathy 129 Gilbert Bradley 77 Gilbert, Christine 51 Gilbert Judy 77 Gil Eagles 26, 27 Gilsrrop, Bev 154 Glover, George 75 Gaines, Charles L. 77 Goins, David 77 Golden. Michael 5, 77 Goodman, Sue 77 Gorgon, Ben 77 Gordon, Dan 77 Gordon, Delece Dr. 140 Gordon, Helen 53. 77 Gorham, lack 181 Gossetr, Joe 75, 174 Gowen. Cindy 54. 55, 78 Grady, Jamie Sue 80, 32, 122 Graham, Brenda 59 Graham, Brent 78 Grahame, Brian 51 Graves, Mark A. 78 Gray, Jason 78 Greb, Eddie 78 Green, Green, Green, Greer, Greer, Greer, Logan 50, 51, 136, 150 Samantha 78 Stacy 78 Cynthia 78 Janet A. 78 Susan 147 Gregory, Brenda 76 Gregory, Gayla 134 Gregory, Linda 78 Griffin, Carol 78 Griffin, Lisa 54 Griffin. Darell L. 78 Griffin. Lisa Kay 30. 05, 78, 54 Griffin, Mat 78 Griffin, Melinda 78 Griswold, Dawn 52 Grizzle, Laura 78 Groen. Jamie M, 78 Groups 39 Grubb, Carmie 36. 78 Grubbs, Pam 78 Gubson, Allen 78 Guinn, Eddie 78, 110 l . Haoser, Carney 78 Hager, Marilyn 78 Haggard, Prichard 78 Haggard, Yvonne D. 78 Hale, Shelly D. 78 Hall, Mark 78 Holmes. Lynn 78 Hamilton, Dana 79 Hamilton, Dena 79 Hamilton, Mine 16, 17. 36, Hamm, Cinthia 79 Hamm, Renee 79 Hamm, Samantha 79 Hammock, Anita 134 Hammock, Mary 134 Handiboe, Craig B. 79 Honnarnan. Krista 79 Hanry, Fura 79 Hanson, Jim 79 Horderson, Deanna 79 Harding, Michael L 79 Hargis, Vicki 79 Harley, Gail L. 79 Harms. Roger 79 Harrell, Tracey 79 Harris, Betty 159 Harrison. Steven D. 79 Hart, Dorothy Annette 79 Hartnett, Ginny 79 Harvell, John 79 Hoskins, Alana 79 Hosselwanden. Brad 79 Hough, Sherri 79 Hawkins, Jeanne K, 79 Hawthorne, Barry 13, 79. 1 Hay, Marty 12 Hayes, Terri 79 Heathcock, Tommy 79 Hector, Marcella 79 exist i r 51, 61. 79 20. 121 Hejob, Samir 79 Heintz, Samuel 139 Heiss, Mike 79 Helm, Barbara 134 Helmer, Donna 56 Henderson. Lentz 56, 80 Henderson, Steve 139 Henderson. Susan 80 Hendrix, Glenda 157 Henley, Debbie 80 Henley, Rod BO Henson, Helen 80 Herring, Jay 80 Henry, Dexter 45, 146 Heslip. Bruce 80 Hicks, Margie 13, 50 Hicks, Shannon 80 Hickman, Theima 80 Hightower, Gale 134 Hightower, Jae 80 Hightower, Michael Dr. 139 Hild, Michael 80 Hile. Harold 80, 130 Hiles, Francis 80 Hilton, Fred 80 Hixon, Michael 80 Hoon, Nguyen 80 Hoang, Pam 80 Hobbs, Shannon 80 Hobson, Shirley 56 Hocort, Keith 80 Hodayari, Sohrab Le 80 Hodge, George W, 81 Ho11man, Jerry C, 81 Hoffman, Mark 81 Hogland. Tanya 81 Holbrook. Bobby 81 Holloway, Rama 81 Holmes, Kristin 81 Holmes, Tommy 81 Holt. Jeff 119 Holt, Tommy 81 Holyfield, Debbie 81 Honeycutt, Catherine 81 lndex!1b7 r i ,Q . , fi 9 Hooley, Lonnie 51, 81 Hoopaw, Carolyn 50 Hooper, Sarah A. 81 Hope, Louise 81 Hope, Mark W. 81 Hopkins, Marilyn 156 Hopper, Sherry 81 Horeck, Byron 81 Horne, Dr. Carol 56, 139 House, Theresa 81 Housley, Jan 81 Housley, Leonard 53, 59, 81 Houston, Dwaine David 81 Houston. Jim 139 Howard, Betty 81 Howard, Charles 136 Howard, Cindy 81 Howard, Pete 136, 138 Howerron, Nancy 81 Hubbard, Yvonne 81 Huber, Sheryl 81 Hudson, Richard 129 Huf1man, Lynette 81 Hughes. Jorge 81 Hulbert, Frank A. 81 Hulsey, Brian D. 81 Hulva, Ailen 82 Hume. Tina 82 Humphrey. John 82 Hunter, Bret 82 Hurst, Anita 82 Hurwitz, Deborah 82 Huston. Leawood 110 Huston, Robert 129 Hutcheson, Barbara 140 Hutcheson, Late 131 Hutchinson, Dwayne 82 1681 Jnmwmm lbison, Helen 82 lngram. Debbie 82 Inman, Danny 159 lnrnan, Terri 82 international Club 46, 47 intosh, Ken 159 Irish, Charles 139 lrvin, Jimmy 82 lvy, Elaine O. 82 Jackson, Becky 82 Jackson, David 82 Jackson, Steve 82 James, Diana 82 James, LeAnn 82 James, Michael C. 82 Janes, Maggie 82 Jay, Angie 82 Joy, Jerry A. 49, 52. 82 Jazz Bond 40, 41 Jeffery, Howard 82 Jenkins, Joelene 82 Jennen, Margo 82 Johns, Janet 36, 37 Keith. Cheryl 83, 113. 115 Keith, Mary 83 Keller. Ruth 83 Kelley, Barbara 83 Kelly, Karla 83 Kelly, Steven 83 Kennedy, Connie 156 Kenser, Rachel 83 Kerr. Diana 83 Ketler. Dian 83 Khaunborine, lnthovone 84 Kidder, Brad 24, 49, 52. 84 Kiene, Kenneth 52, 84 Kimble, Albert 84 Kimmey, Kris 55, 84 King Betty 154 King, Dinah 84 King Jeffery 64 King, Joann 84 King Susan 16, 36, 50, 51, King Kim 84 King Mark 84 King Michelle 84 King Shannon 84 King Susan 84 King Susie 84 Kirk, Brian 52 Kittredge. Karen V. 84 Klaeger, Janet 84 Johnson Angeia 82 Johnson Bernard lll 82 Johnson Francis 82 Johnson, Fred 82 Johnson Henry 159 Johnson, James 82 Johnson, Judy 82 Johnson Laura 83 Johnson Lisa Denise 83 Johnson, Monica 83, 115 Johnson Richard 83 Johnson Susan 83 Jones, Bobby 140 Jones, Brenda P. 83 Jones, Cherry 83, 113 Jones. Faye 155 Jones. Henry 83 Jones, James 83 Jones, Joel 83 Jones, Lewis 83, 110 Janes, Lois 113 Janes. Regina A. 83 Jones, Stacey 102, 150 Jones. Scott 83 Jones, Wayne 83 Jons, Roger 83 Jordon, Ruth 83 Jordon, Terry 83 Joseph 8 Technicolor Coat 14. 15 Julius, Charles 150 Kaunclart. Gayle 110, 140, 152 Kaundart, Wes 110. 140, 152 Kay, Kimberly B3 Kaylor, Theresa 83 Kayrurh, Soyarath 83 Keel, Mary Jane 134 Keeler, Kina 83 Knight. Jim 84 Koch, Jerry 84 Kolb, Hike 84 Kolterman, Tad 84 Kralirnon, Kelly 84 Kuykendall, Michelle 84 Kuykendall. Paulo 84 Kyser. Janene 51 Lacewell. Bill Dr. 133 Laifoon, David 84 Lam, Hung Anh 84 Lam, Loon Phuong 84 LaMar, Sondra 6, 152 Lomb, Flo 84 Lambert, Denise 84 Lamont, Shannon 84 Lamont, Shawn 64 Londrou, Santa 85 Langhorne. Terri 65 Lantz, Sharon 85 Lattirner, Terri 85 Lawrence, Charles 85 Lawson, Dayna 85 Lawson, Gurcinda 85 Le, Dang 84 Le, Jennifer 85 Lease. Kathleen 131 Ledbetter, Michael 85 Ledda, Virginia 85 Lee, Don 136 Lee. Gino 85 Lee, Lindo K. 85 Lee, Pat 85 Leins. Terri 134 Lemieux, Natalie 85 Lenrz, Nathan 85 Lenrz, Steven T. 85 6 .eslie, Jennifer 85 cester. Cheryl 85 Leven, Sharon 86 reverette, Kristi 86 cevy, Ed 140 -ewis. Bobby J. 85 .ewis, Brett 85, 110 -ewis, Carolyn 156 .ewis, Charles D. 85 -ewis, Karen M. 85 -ewis, Laura 85, 122 .ewis, Michelle 85 -ewis, Sabrina 86 Jckey, Nolan 133 -iles, Jennifer 86 Jneberry. Nancy 86 -ipe. Richard M. 86 ,ittle, DeWana 87 Httle, Paul 86 Jewellyn, Nancy 126 .ockhort, Ronald 86 .oggains. Travis 86 .onetree, Eric 86 .ang. Bryan 86 .on9, Chow Mun 86 .ong, Linda 139 .ourn, Lori 86 .avett, Jennifer 52 .ovett, Lori LeAnn 86, 128 .owe, Joy 136 .owe, Suzan K. 86 .owery, Tina 86 .owrey, Larry W. 86 .ayd, Bill 157 .ucas, Cynthia 86, 115 .uca5. Steve 51 .udlow, Jeff 147 .urnkes, Tracy 86. 115 .umptrin, Flora N. 86 .unsford, Steve 86 .ups-r, Ginger 86 .uper, Jennifer 86 .usher College Orchestra 88 .utz, Sharon 86 .yons, Laura 87 Maddox, Reid 87 Mayo, Pat 86 Malik Nor Amin 87 Mankln, Mitzi 87 Mankins, Selma 87 Manning, Brenton 48, 45, Mantcoth, Karen L. 87 Manus, Dell 42 Markham, A.l.. 87 Marley, Randall 87 Marr, Shana 87 Marshall, Ross 120, 121 Marshell, Todd 87 Martin, Brent 87 Martin, Dabbie 87 Martin, James 87 Martin. Sonya L. 61, 87 Martin, Susan 87 Martinez, Kent 51. 150 Mason. David R. 87 Mason, Eric 87 Matlock, Jackie 159 Mata. Oscar J. 87 Matthews. Elizabeth 87 Maxey, Teresa 88 Maxwell, Gary 88 Mays, Clair 155 Mayville. Claire 88 Mazaheri. Betty Jo 88 McAdams. Linda 88 McAfee. Rich 88 McAlister, Amye 88, 122 McAlister, Goetge 140 McAlister. Kim 88 McCall, Ricky 88 McCain. Carolyn 88 McDonald, Ray 88 McDougal, Shelly 88 Mcilwee, Elton 88 McFerran, Carol 88 McGuire, Robert 88 McKee, Brian 88 McKee, Michelle 88 McKinney, Betty 88 McKinney, Bud 159 McKinney, Charles 89 McKinney, Darrell 159 McLane, Michael 89 McLane, William 89 McLean. Leon 149 McMahen, Brian 49, 59, 163, 174 McMahen. Elizabeth Warnock 87 McMilIian, Harold 89 McNeil, Tim 148 Meadors, Stephanie 89 Mecom. Carol 89 Medley, Teresa 89 Medlocir, Todd 120, 121 Meeker, Debbie 89 Meeks, David 139 Meiklejahn. Deborah 89 Mellon, Gene 133 Mellon, Karen 133 Meredith, Barbara 89 Merlo. Louis 89 Meyers, Steve 40 Michael, Robin S. 89 Mickles. Beth 89 Middleton, Kath 51 Miko, Sung 47 Milken, Pam 84, 54, 89 Miller, Brenda Jo 89 McCain, DeAnna 88 McCain, Kristi 88, 122 McCartney, James 88 McCaslin. Tammy 88 McCauley, LeAnn 88 McClain, William 120, McConnell. Gayla 88 McConnell, Lisa 88 121 McConnell, Roger W. 88 McCormick, James 36 McCrea, Sheryl 88 McCullogh, Traci 88 McDaniel. Beiva 88 McDonald, Gloria 88 -e... we xl, 1 ,y , 1 il 7 l . J . , , 5 9 "f7.,'a .. me ,-,i12'Q...,i,ig 731240, tim jyfhmz mt itvvffur more ldfkzqjg v 5:51 12:30 un, rr' Miller, Nancy 89 Miller, Rod 89 Miller, Yiseena E. 89. 141 Mills. Pauia K. 89 Mills, Robert A. 89 Miss Firecracker Contest 16 17 Miss Westark 28, 29, 30 81 32 80 84 85 Mitchel. Brad 89 Mitchell, Chris 89 Mitchell. Heather 89 Mitchell, James 89 Mitchell, Kim 146 Mitchell, Lois 89 Mitcheli. Michael 89 Mitcheli, Michelle 89 Mitchell, Melissa 32, 5 Mitchell. Pam 89 Mitchell, Paul 89 Mitchell, Tina 89 Mitchell. Quinn D. 90 Mitchell, Tony 90 Mochel. Tina 90 Moellers. Kathy 90 Mohn, Lisa 90 Malsbee. Theresa 90 Montgomery. Lisa 90 Moo, Khee Wei 90 Moody. Kellie 90 Moody, Tammy 90 Moon. Karen C. 90 Moore, Cindy 90, 138 Moore. Deliso 90 Moore. Garrett M. 90 Moore, Gerald D. 90 Moore. Ronald C, 90 Mooring. Monty 90 2 59 Moose, David N. 90 Moran, Terry 90 Morgan. Mark 90 Morgan, Zoe 134 Moreland, Bennie 90 Morrisette, Kim 90 Morrison, Pam 90 Morse, Cheryl 90 Mosby, Teresa 90 Moseley, David 51 Mounce, Kevin 91 Moye, LaLiso 42 Mullings, Barbara 91 Musa. Tawfig 91 Musgrave, Pameia 91 Myers, Kay 91 Myers. Michele 91 Myers, Rebecca 91 Mynatt, Lee Dr. 140 Nagy. Ed 155 Nally, Emestine 91 Nance, Robin 16, 17 Napier, Paula Ann 91 Napier, Vivian 91 Narrell. Ruth T. 91 Natural Sciences 141 Nielson, Marilyn 92 Ninkharn, Khamtheng Nixon, Betty 151 92 North, Heather 59, 92, 174 Northrop, Kym 92 Nasal, Linda 92 Nunley. Rod F. 92, 110, 111 Obana, Joell 92 Odle, James 92 Odom, Carlarro 92 Oliver. Jerry A. 92 Onodera, Kaya 46. 47, 92 Ong. Weng Chong 47 Orler, Rebecca 92 Orr, Keith 92 Ory, Cherie 92, 122 Osborne, Arliss 92 Osborne, Lisa E. 92 Osborne, Roger Allen Osburn, Cindy 92 Orick, Belinda 51 Orientation 4, 5 Overbey. Dale 92 Owen, Cindy 174 Owens, Monique 92 Owens, Ronald 92 51, 92 Quyen Van 92 Neal, Dale 91 Neal, David C. 91 Neebe, Hascall 91 Neece, Becky 91 Needham. Barry 91 Neihouse, Brian D, 91 Nelrns. Shirley 134 Neoh. Johnnie 91 Newell, Margaret 47, 134 Newman, Wendy 91, 115, 116 Newman, Willie 91. 119 Newman. Willis 91 Newton, Genelle 157 Nguyen Dao 47 Nguyen Hao Van 91 Nguyen Nguon Tbi 91 Nguyen, Thong 91 Nguyen Quyen Van 91 Nguyen, Oxiord, Kevin 92 Ovalls, Michelle 42 Pacheco, Cheryl 139 Paddock, Jennifer 92 Page. Dan 143 Palmer. Joonie 92 Parker, Alec 4, 92 Parker, Christal 92 Parker, Dave W. 92 Parker, Kerry 92 Parker. Lisa 57, 92 Parker, Trent 93, 120, 121 Parker. Zeno 93 Parks, Phyllis 93 Parnell, Chris 93 Parr, Glenda 93 Parrish, John 93 Parson, Calvin 93 Patterson, Donita 93 Patrick, Joe W. 93 Payne. Dianna 133 Payne, Martha Sue 93 Payne. Sheila 123 Peagues, Dorothy 93 Pearce, Brent 93 Pearson. Roberta 93 Peevy, Sara 93 Peloquin, Kathy 93 Perez, Thomas 94 Pendleton. Penny 152 Perkins. Cliff 159 Pense, Donna J. 93 Pense, Gary 93 People 63 Perecz, Paula 93 Perry, Barbara 93 Perry, Gary 154 Perry, Rhonda 93 Perry, Probert 93 Persinger. Brent 93 Perry, Gary 159 Peters, Cheryl 149 Peters, Gabe 151 Peters, Gary 93 Peterson, Kevin 93 Pettijohn. Louise 155 Pevehouse, Sandro 93 Pevehouse, Scott 93 Phi beta Lambda 54, 55 Phillips. Anthony 93 Phillips, Henry 93 Phillips. Leslie 93 Phrachanpheng, Sengchanh 94 Picard, Scott 94 Pierce, Tina 94 Pierson, Betty 131 Plgg, Keith 94 Pillsrram, Debra 94 Pinckard, Ritchie 94 Pinkston. Terry 94 Pixley, Kevin 94 Plummer, Pauline 150 Pollock, Danny 94 Nichols. Steve 50, 51 Porlrer. Vicky R. 93 Poole. Arthur Jr. 94 Poole, Jerry 21 Poole, Tom 119 Popo. John 94 Pope, Belinda 94 Pope, Carrie L. 94 Pape, Deborah 94 Pope, Kenneth 94 Porta, Steve 94 Porter, Darla 136 Porter, Pat Dr. 140 Porter, Thomas M. 94 Post, Hubert 94 Preas, Dr. John 136 Preas. Marjorie 134 Price, Betty 133 Price, Carol 94 Price. Daniel 94 Priest, Dr. Eric 148 Prince. Ronald R. 94 Prock, Mark 54 I Prock, Nita 133 Pryor, Eva 128 Pryor, Jane 25, 149 Pschier, Jeff 94 Publications 58 Putman, Frank 95 Quinley. Cheryl 157 Rachel, Alera 95 Rachel, Lisa 95. 122 Rader, Deborah J. 95 Roible, C-ris 95 Rains. Kevin 95 Rainwater, Susan 56, 95 Roley. Kevin 95 Romsey, Pam 95 Ramsey, Wendy 95 Rands, David 95 Rappeport, Dorothy 134 Ray, Cheryl 95 Ray, Cynthia 95 Reono, Mike 95 Rebecek, Donna 95 Rebsamen, Ellene 157 Reed, Donnie 95 Reed, Kimberly 50, 51, 95 Reese, Geneva 95, 159 Reeves, Ginger 95 Reeves, Maxine 156 Reese, Lewis 95 Reese, Rodney 5, 95 Regency 18, 19 Reinhart, Linda 95 Reith, Karen 12 Releford, Paula 95, 115 Renler, Donna 95 Reno, Julie 50, 51 Reynolds. Bruce 95 Reynolds, Kim 95 Reznili, Joseph W. 95 Rhea, Scot 95, 117 Rhodes, Terry 95 Richardson, Elton 96 Richard, Ran 120, 121, 133 Richmond, Bill 96, 119 Richmond, Vickie 56, 96 Prickmond, Leah 96 Rlddey, Donna 96 Riddle, Laura 59, 96, 174 Ridener, Betty B. 96 Rietman, Edward 96 Ritchie, Carol 96 Rirschel, Brett 96, 119 Ritschel, Rick 152 Rivers, Melissa 96 Room, David 96 Robbins, Eric 96 Robbins, Gaylon 12 Roberts, Deborah 55 Roberts, John 96 Roberts, Kenny 96 Robertson, Mark 96 Robertson, Tahnee 96 Robins, Carey 96 Robinson, Jill 138 Robinson, Johnny 96 Robinson, Val 53 Rochelle, Steve 59. 110 Roden, Dale 96 Rodgers, Debbie 96 Rodgers. Robyn 96 Roe, Stephanie 96 Rogers, Deborah 96 Rogers, Gino 30, 35, 52, 54, 96 Rogers, Michele 97 Rogers, Robert 159 Rogers, Sam 97 Rogers. Sherry 97, 122 Roland, Phillip 97 Rollons. Sean 97 Roller, Jerry 121 Rose, Annette 97 Rose, Eric 54 Ross, David 97 Ross, Rich 97 Rofen, Gretchen 97 Rotenberry, Pauletto 97 Rottine, Greg 97 Rowe, Eric 97 Rowe. Janna K, 97 Rowe, Shari 97 Rowland, Todd 113 Runion, Daren 97 Runyn, James 96 Rush, Cordra 151 Russell, Deon 97, 110 Russell, Julie 28, 34 Rye, Debbie 97 Rye, Wendell 51, 97 Sammons, Craig 97 Sampson, Shane 97 Samuels, John 140 Sanders, Andre 97 Sanders, Darroyl 97 Sanders. Edward 162 Sanders, Edwards 127 Sanders, Elaine 35 Sanders, Gerald 97 Sanders, Randy 36 Sanders, Sandi 146 Sauder. Sue Ellen 97 Savoy, Carol 98 Savoy, Edwin 96 Scorbrough. Samantha 98 Schaap, Jody 146 Scharbor, Tino 96 Scherrey, David 98 Schleifi, Bruce 98 Schlutermon, Holly 161 Schluterrnan, Walter 95 Schmolz, Duane 96 Schmidt, Angie 5, 98 Schoen, Ginger 98 Schoeppey, Shawn 98 Scholle, Sherissa 4, 98 Schroeder, Scott 96 Schultz, Richard E, 98 Schultz, Rosanne 95 Sctivner, Nicky 98 Scroggins, Tracy 98 Seaton, Sabrina 98 Se-horn, Janet 59, 98, 174 Se-iter, Dale 98 Self, Thomas K, 98 Sermon, Linda L, 98 Shodowens, Gino 98 Shackleford, Goyla 98 Shaikh, Forried 47 Sharp, Brenda 98 Sharp. Frances 98 Sharp, Marion 98 Shaw, Michael 126 Shelliro. Mark 98 Shepard. Janice 98 Shepard, Mary 99 Shepard, ANda 99 Sherrill, Lovenda 99 Sherrill, Teresa 99 Shields, Georgina 99 Shields, Gwynda J. 99 Shipp, Dill F, 99 Shisler, Lisa 99 Shackley, Laura 59 Shores, Donna 99 Shotzrnan, Kelly 99 Shubber, Hani 47, 99 S-uffield, Sherron 136 Shumate, LeNita 51 Sicord, Sam 126 Slew. Mun Wah 46, 47 Sigma Delta Mu 42 Sign, Language Club 57 Simmons, Angie 99 Simon, Alice A. 99 Sims. Deadria 99 Sisk, lrene 155 Indexf171 Six, Gary 99 Skaggs, Kelvin 99 Skeen, James 99 Smith Cathryn 99 Smith, Christina 36. 99 Smith, Gary 133 Smith, James 996-r Smith, Jeannie 137 Smith Karen 99 Smith, Larry 99 SMith , Rebecca Lynn 99 Smith, Sean C. 99 Smith, Stacey 99 Smith, Tina L. 99 Smith , Vernon C, 99 Smither, Stephanie 99 Snyder, Monica 134 Soleshee-Moose. Rae Ann 99 Solley, Don 135 Sosebee, Don M. 99 Spanish Club 43 Sparks, Geoffery 99 Sparks, Ray 6, 133, 155 Speakman, Lucille 127 Spearman, Tracy 100 Speer, Amy 113, 123 Speer, Gina 100 Speir, Jon 100 Spencer, Doris 100 Spencer, Ted W, 100 Spicer, Thomas 100 Spires, Alyce Ja 100 Spruell, Libby 13 Stafford, Gary 100 Standtige, Christine 100 Stanziane, Carol 16, 17, 3 100 Statham, Doug 143 S. T. E. P. 53 Stephens, Delicia 100 Stephens, Steve 100 Steven, Geoflety H. 100 Stevens, Jeanne 158 Steward, Marcy 100 Stewart, Angeiia 100 Stewart, Laura 100 Stewart, Terri 51 Stewart, Tony 156 Stigler, Christy 100 Stiles, Danielle 156 Stiles, Gene 156 Stiles, LaNelle 156 Stiles, Ted 156 Stiles, Toni 156 Stites. Beth 100 Stokes, Joanna 100 Street. Jerry 159 Storment. Doug 100 Strickland. Craig 100 Strickland, Danita 52 Stravwsky, lgor 100 Stropes. Krammia Tiffany Stubblefield, Joel 5, 126 Stubard, Robin L. 100 Student Mixer 4. 5 Student Nurses Assoc. 60 Studemffnaff Picnic 6, 7 Sturgeon, Stephanie 100 Suggs, Kathy 100 14 0. 34, 36, 49, 54, 100 Sullivan, Nell 54, 59, 100, 163 Summerhill, Joyce 101 Sutton, Janet 57, 101 Swafford, David 101 Jnmgxrfmm Swaithes, Stephanie 101 Swanson, Martha 101 Swilley, Janna 101 Swindell, Ann 101 Tabor, Shannon 101 Tan, Jin Sim 47 Tankersleary, Dicie 101 Tannehill, Kent 136 Tate. Wendy 122 Taylor, Elizabeth 101 Taylor, Katherine 133 Tayior, Mike 101 Te-cider, Dan 36 Testa, Janet 101, 115 Thattanakam, Sombath 101 Thomas, Kathy 101. 122 Thomas. Michelle 101 Thomas, Michelle D. 101, 115 Thompson, Keith 101 Thompson. Patricia 12, 101 Tharton, Leonard 159 Tidwell, Susan L. 101 Tillery, Lisa 101 Timmerman, Theresa 101 Tipton, Marisia 101 Todd, Karen 101 Todd, Kelly 101 Tolivet, Matt 120, 121 Tolman, Tammy 155 Toth, Andy 101 Tran, Nong 101 Troylor, Kevin 12. 101 Treadway, Todd 101 Treat, Dennis 101 Treat, Patti 101 Trentham, William R. 101 Trout, Kay 146 True, Delores 156 Truett, Toni 101 Tucker, Darla 102 Tucker, Stanley 102 Tucker, Susan 102 Tucker, Vance 102 Turk, Janie 154 Turner, Conner 148 Turner, Diana 102 Turner, Laura 102 Turner, Mike 102 Tygart, Rose 155 Ulmer, Brian 102 Ulrich, Britt 102 Underwood, Donald 102 Underwood. James 6, 7. 153 Underwood, Mary 102 Utemark, Bob 102, 117, 119 Vandett, Nancy 133 Valenti, JoAnne 135 Vampola, Ed 143 Van Kamen, Chad 102 Van Horn, Doris 133 Vann, Michelle Susan 102 Vanourny, Phyllis 102 Vaughn, Clinton 59, 103. 174 Vaughn. Jack 143 Venable, Gerald 103 Verclrber, L.J, 103 Viefhaus, Stephanie 49, 103 Vines, Bert W. 103 Vogler. Bernadette 56, 103 Volk, John 103 Vrostek, Wayne 143 Wade, Charlene 103 Wade, .loan 103 Wadlsins, Deanna 103 Waetea, Mitchell 25. 103 Wages, Jody 103 Wagner, Health 103 Wagner, Jack 103 Wagner. Kay Lynn 103 Wagner, Sean 103 Wahman, Lisa 33 Wakefield, Cynthia P. 103 Walden, Dwayne 50, 51 Waldron, Steve 103 Walker, Angela 34. 42, 54, 10 Walker, Bill 133 Wall-ter, Gini 30, 32. 51 Watrod, Kimberly 103 Walters, Audrey 51 Walters. Jamie 103 Waltrnan, Larry 103 Waltman. Laura 103 Walton. Tom 59, 136, 150, 174 3 Ward, Dax 103 Ward, Barry 110 Word, Gayle 104. 155 Ward, Stephanie 104 Wardrup, Charles 104 Warren, Amelia Ann 104 Washington, C..l. 16. 17, 104 Waters, Vyvyanne 104 Watkins, Angie 104 Watkins, Lindo 104 Watson, Cynthia 4, 12, 104 Watson, Julie 104 Watts, Emma 53, 133 Watts, Lonnie 140 Weotherton, Jackie 104 Weavers, Sharon K. 104 Weddle, John 104 Weigond. Larry 139 iWeiler, Kerri 104, 123 1Weisinger, Phiriip 104 lwe-ir. Beth 104 lWelch, Greg 104 lWelleng, Phyllis 104 Wells, Gene 136 Wells, Linda 104 Wells, Lisa 104 Welsh, Mike 104 Werley. Joseph P. 104 West, Lindo 104 Westly, Janet 104 Westphal, Kimberly 104 Westphalen, Tara 104 Wewers, Michelle 45, 52, 104 Wheeler, Nancy 104 Whillock, Ken 104 Williams, Jacke 105 Williams, Jalina R. 105 Williams, John 105 Williams, Jonico 105 Williams, Karen 105, 113, 1 Williams, Katherine 105 Williams, Kevin 105, 110 Williams, Mike 105 Williams, Nancy 13, 105 Williams, Nick 105 Williams, Paul W. 105 Williams. Robert 105 Williams, Robert W. 105 Williams. Steve 105 Williams, Steve 105 Wyly, Dr. J.R. 7, 130 Yondell, Danny W. 107 Yates, Bryant 107 Yates, Leno 107 Yeilding, Tlna 107 Yookley, Tammy 107 York. Dan 107 Williams. Tommie 157 Williamson. Cindy 105 Willyard. Gregg 105 Wilson, Arlene D. 105 Wilson, Deanna 106 Wilson Debra 106 Wilson Gary 146 Wilson Ladd 106 Wilson Lori 106 Wilson Peg 139 Wimbish, Ciarence 106, 131 Wimberly. Angie 106 Winborn, James 106 You Can't Take lt With Young, Bobby 153 Young, Clyde 36 Young. David 136, 150 Young. Jean Anne 123 Young, Johnny 107 Young Roger 149 Young Roger Allen 149 Young Young , Tamatho 107 , Tammy 107 White, Angelina 104 White. Bill 7 White, Karl 113 Whitkanack, Michael 105 Whitley. Charles L. 105 Whitmire, Todd 36 Whitlock, Becky 105 Whitlock, Ken 113 Whitson, Kim 105 Whitson, Shelley 155 Wharton, Louis 114, 116. 140, 152 Wickbolt, Della 105 Wigley, Victoria 105 Williams, Alechio 105 Windham. Billy 159 Wing, Gary 20 Wing, Jennifer 106 Winn. Sharon 55, 133 Winton, Erika 106 Wofford, Sheila 106 Wood. Ashley 106 Woodrome. Stephanie 107 Woodruff, Mindy 107 Woody, Lori 107 Woolsey. Daniel 107 Word, Toni 107 Word, Wiliie 156 Workman, Gayla 107 Wortham, Mary 107 Wrightam, Dale L. 107 Wright. Irene 53. 107 Wright, Sandra 104 Wyatt. Brian 107 Wyatt, Christie 33, 54, 107. 122 Wyatt, Jim 140, 152 Zachary, Michael S. 107 Zamojski, Dee 107 Zechiedrich. Leonard 40 Zechiedrich. Nancy 136 Zimmer, Sandra K. 107 E You 36. 37 lndex!173 4Row 13 Robin Dougios. Janet Sehorn, Martha Bulou, Leah Carter-editor, Paula Cook, Laura Riddle, Crow 23 Cindy Owen, foe Gassett, Heather North-assistant editor, Ricky Clow, Crow 37 Clinton Vaughn, Anthony Cotan, Brian McMahen-darkroom manager, and Tom Walton-director. Knot pictured-C.K. Mitchell, Wendy Carson, Brenda Graham, and Leonard HousIey.J ' 1 il. gl I' x X132 'Calf'-, Q25 I -fx 'N 'rg I ,riyk ,,,. C Q ,,," qt' of JV Leon Correr He-orrwer Norrrw Brion Mcjlvtohen Ediror-Infhief Assisronr Ediror Dorkroom Monoger ,'V? 4 4 A L 7 , 7 W 7 EDITOR-lNfCHlEF . . . . Leoh Correr I ' ASSISTANT EDITCDR ...... HGOTTTQV Norrh DARIQRCDOM MANAGER . Brion MCMQIWGO I PHQTCDGRAPHERS ..... . Morrho Bulou Clinron Voughn Brendo Grohom Cindy Gwen Louro Riddle loner Sehorn WRITERS . . . CR, Mirchell I l Robin Douglos Poulo Cools ' Ridsy Clow 1 Leonord l-lousley Wendy Corson Joe Gosserr DIRECTQR . . . . Tonfi Wolron I L- -. - 1 NUMA 1987 wos prinred by Josf ren'sfPrlnring ond Publishing Division in Topelso, KS. Rondy Jo Homilron of Russelville, AR, wos rhe soles repref senrorive. The cover design ond rhe orrworls were creored by Leoh Correr, The cover is o lTrue Life' lsind wirh l.irho 470 moreriol color wirh cusrom orr overrone. The colors ore 1002 red! 10079 yellow, 002 redf100'X, yellow, 002 redfo0'Xs blue, ond 1002 olocls wirh o whire ooclsground. Heodlines ore Serif Gorhic, sub- heods ore Serif Gorhic Bold. Moin Colophon heodlines ore So pr., subheods ore 18 pr. Division poges ond cover heod- lines ore o0 pr. Body copy is 10 pr. wirh coprions or 8 pr, A Generol Binding Corpororion ldenrificorion comero wos used ro phorogroph individuol srudenr phoros during foll orienrorion. The rernoinder of rhe phoros included were rolsen, developed ond prinred by rhe sru- denr puolicorions phorogrophy sroff. Heorher Norrh compiled rhe index. The pools is 17o poges wirh o rrim size of 7 874 x 10 172. The fronr endsheers were odopred from rhe cover design. Spor color used wos Tempo 285, oorh 1007-, ond 802. Speciol rhonlss goes our ro our di' rector Tom Wolron who worlsed wirh us during rhe monrh of Moy ond well into June cornplering projecrs when- ever needed ro help us finish rhe pools on schedule. Anorher speciol rhonlss goes ro Audio'Visuol rnedio speciolisr Jodi Gorhom who poiienrly ond glodly shored rhe dorleroom wirh us during rhis yeor rhor srudenr publicorions wos locored rernpororily in rhe hollwoy odjocenr ro rhe AV loo. NUMA Srofff 175 We live in a world where practically nothing stays the same, ln fact, one of the few things you can count on as being constant is the process of change, Many changes have taken place at Westarls, and more are still to come. Many of these changes involved moves for the faculty and for the students. Many of this year's students have left Westaris and moved on to other things. Some began new jobs and new careers, while others transfered to other colleges and universities to continue their educa- tions. Although many students have completed their time here, there will be many new students maieing the right move to attend Wes- tark. No matter what their plans, all Westarlds students have chosen to make WCC a part of their lives and have considered coming to Westarls the "right move."

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