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 - Class of 1985

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, , fs! xv 1? ' 71?-443, My V, 29339 3., ,K ,W,.Q..,,.,y S 1 2 2 , 9 -ig, Q X . K Q1lggi10iiE3fiffffZ?S2f22fmiT2,L'S , in H .,., K H' NZTQHTSEQEQ ?fLQ??EfXi6f?3is514i25flf5Q?3,i92ZfQ1 1, K , , 7: -' ' f of ' t .Q.Q21,W:sriiP2Z??f?fi35ii3i?i+iifflfiifiviil " K few . " W V - . ' ' - H - mils ? ' ' ' f L"L ' Q - , ' ' wimiixji LL"" 1" A H . , , lllsls l , , W , g,, ,:,, V, , .f f '.', 1 , , ,f 11l,,L.sWfalff 9f "5 ' i7s1' vf Ei:i,s,, ,V A K ,-", ,., ,. , "-'- : il' " ,V - '-wither? ,.ff',g J 'rw 3 ww: Qx jsifils gyewgsiw Vw? , ',k,. ,ftiflllgl ' f Wi? W F. , . 9 ,k ...iff , 9, ..,..,. , , , . ,,. , ., . .. ..,..,,,.. ' 1 ,Kuff 5 7 - www- . q t Hd., ,.,.5 SW-WM: 535991, ziggy 'ii - ig? 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E challenged ln a hundred s E e ...grit 5 5 595259652395 'g,'g f9Q2E557lli H Qi 6215 QQ? ?gg?2lN,w X jx ' 1 g ig . ,guna sag in paw. 5. - Hsu lg 5 S 9 5 S . . - 'Z 1 V . ,, 1 , Thus bo dy , my way of saymg estark, not easy - yu . W 1 K V f ir' il 52 S I e 'O express H for Infernal as othe est Kaundartf ?lltCrowder M ers for s ports r t N .9 , .Q ,,ll ,. ., 5 5 ,, . 5 Vg? l - pats. . . and Leah for her work on Index. s g Qriggi 33 52 iiwiigw 5 f 5 Thahks-Dennis after me untll I enrolled. Thanks-e V 5 1 together. And for the opportunity. gasp ? W .szf ... ,.: L:5a9,:5.v.:mia:-,fEE23:',21lW2:El: V L1ei3l'wf'Aff :Vl :':hiiiBff 'kim " " x Yiig' 'Ui' 'S ' ESS? 5 ,, :ze f was - E Q , H Q L. , f-MJ F?" -a ,fl ff.. .eyfsfrggggfig z.. Q 5 Qieifff , :.:v F 12 L H fl" . 12 is W- - I - H Y 3 me ' at 'H 5 dmhm r l"- 'Q a t W ,. .- 7',-. 1x:4em9As4's ,f w w w? 3559263 , 1.fQpv?1fzx'1gf11ffj7W fiimlwwty' "W15fi?fgff.efWWW-- .. 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Y- 4 md' 4' ae-, if 1 , W d1':mn Q wa 1 Wm, 'Num fe .mx U, 'Aw 1 - iff ? , -em ' 1 g ,'r,, V ff , ,--,, ,, I ' suv,-ff ' , BQYQQW ' N5 ', 'Q ,Imp f Z, ,, f ffm, , 'D - ,. rm. v' K A -vvfhfiif-19:7 ' K - A , ,yJQ'iK+?a,f1?+ f ' W' 4 ffxfiv-U ' , W,,,,,, m ,iw53,z,1 , ,, 4.,, igf'5,7'sSty:' m ws' AX ' :Qi La7:5i7?'iZ?i Lf M, fm Q,,. i -ef w B- Limelite CHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEIVEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENGENEEI I NGTHECHALLENG 3 LI , - ,,.. ....... -- -1 D lightful. Miss Westark Pageant I985 Debra Sue Maffett 1 Miss America I983. delighted the pageant audience as judges came to their conclusion. RS! W S 15 S sr is .. ,, 1545 ws, V' if ,, fi l yy yy ,,,A , Westark's own music instructor Henry Rinne gave the audience an opportunity to sample his instrumental talent. Rinne, who has worked with several big name talents, played the saxophone both nights of the pageant. The vocal and instrumental talents of Lisa Stevens - Miss Arkansas I984, provided the pageant audience with entertainment both nights. ,wry-W W " 'f Wffl, Mrk-fa ' 44 WS 715 'ff ' W f f f 1 f , f f :fs ,h,,f fi , M4 if ffl . fi: , ,' f 1 i ' 57' if 555' iff" W! 5 , ,,,. it , k J , L 5 1 W ff J Z I ,-. W, I wgm , ,, ' 'J if n ,fi M Q, H, f 1 w . fi ill U J V3 Q . nh Miss Westark l98 The Phi Beta Lambda sponsored fashion show featured all but two of the Miss Westark contestants. KPOM's Stan Steele served as Master of Ceremonies for the event. Pam Reed Age - 20 Mgligga Hays Cecilia Tidwell Stephanie Griffith Kristen Benn Second Runner-up Age - 20 Age-I9 Age-20 Age-20 ff, ? W U Danna Hale Delores Thomas Theresa Burton Rhonda Reed Julie Russel Age-20 Age-I8 Age-26 Age-I8 Age-JI Miss Westark I985 Cathy Tyler Tasha Wilson Lynette Blasingame Age-I9 Age-I9 Age-I9 Cari Nolte Laura Stewart Did not compete Miss Congeniality, Third runner-up Age-I9 Age-20 wi W, J W U A ,. e Sf, , ia 2 xi 4 4 Miss Westark I985 QBeIowJ Debbie Maffett poses with Pam Reed. Tasha Wilson. Julie, and Missy Pair during the picture taking festivities after the Coronation. CFar Righty Cathy Tyler accepts her Miss Congeniality award voted on by contestants. CFar Belowl Julie is swarmed by other finaiists upon being announced Miss Westark. 8 5 Q 5 a xi '55 C? 1""'i,, me ff . T is g V Mx . .g 3'-, g March 30, about 9:30 p.m., sixteen poised Westark young women stood awaiting the judges decision. It was the conclusion of an exciting. but difficult period of preparation, - and performance. Cathy Tyler was voted "Miss Congeniality". Julie Russell received the talent award. Many contestants held their breath as the finalists were announced - one by one. Third runner-up was Tasha Wilson, Then Pam Reed's name was announced as Second runner-up. Missy Pair received first runner-up, and then came the awaited announcement. ln a few moments, it was all over. Sixteen young women could breathe again. The crowd dispersed. For some, it was over. For others, it was only the beginning. They would work harder than ever toward the next opportunity to hear the MC say "and the winner IS... 'VM Julie Russell, a fine arts major, hopes to have a career in the performing arts. Dur- ing the talent competition, Julie present- ed a medley of classical piano music con- nected by lyrics and music she had com- posed. Her effort secured the talent award which counts fifty percent of the total score. Julie is 2l years of age. has light brown hair, green eyes, and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Russell. Q xx - I ' ' X X, K 'Qian . i :si. Q "xx ' W T -L,. i i n Y H .iz ik -NGEI-'EET I NGTHECHALLENGEI-IEEII NGTHECHALLENGEIWIEET I NGTHECHALLENGEIIIEU I NGTHECHALUENGEMEU IIN Katie Gude, dance I chairman, aided by Scott Gordey, James Pacheco, Bryon Knight, and Mitzi Mankin, decorated the lower level of the student union for the homecoming dance. 12 W T5 R fsI S5 fr, by W s MH ECl'lALLENGElVlEI:T I IIGTHECI-IALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENG estar c eerleaders, Melody Talley, Libby W'I C IH' k T ' K' d roo s, asha lson, aro IC ey, om mnar , Joan Franklin and Dolores Thomas, decorated the HOMECGMING ,. , J gf 593 W QQ :W I Q 4' 'ff' x 14-Y, x . f QM X ' N s J ,f ,al Q X 2 'IU I U Q . 44 . ,Q v. 7 5, M ' 4- 'fa :M ff.. ' ' 'Z ' if 4' is ig? 5 J X X g F :Ei vm" ' . ' fczfalri' x if . ' W Y I Q 4 ,.!',f,:,:X . N K l wx ' ' f Q, x Q, I L Q, VKQ Q P 13. I H l f M ilf A I .LENGEFEETI NGTHECI-iALUENGEP'IEEfI NGTHECHALLENGEI' :EET I NGTHECHALLENGEI EEVINGTHECHALLENGEIVEE Tasha VWlson-l985 Homecoming Queen lJ5NGElVEEl INGTHECl-lALl.ENGElVlEET INGTHECI-lALLENGEl'EET INGTHECHALLENGEWEET INGTHECI-lAl.l.ENGElVEET February I6, Westark celebrated homecoming. On this community college campus Homecom- ing is not iust the traditional return of alumni for one of the seasons highlighted basketball games. It's a spring social event. The teams chose, as their homecoming queen, Tasha Wil- son who was escorted by Mike Flemming, Sec- ond maid went to Melody Talley escorted by Edgar McGee. Libby Brooks took third maid. Her escort was Kevin Lind. Fourth maid Ver- tonya Clements was escgrted by Terrance Tur- nage and Sandra Bogan, Fifth Maid chose Ken- nard Alexander as her escort. 15 Wm Z .v""wJ Y M ,. M11 nf 1 1 ggaffffm 'KWH ii Q PM WE- 'S Qi Af A 2? .5p'g?,-6 .Fugjx wifi P, '?HU i z F 'fl f 53253 , M 'LAT gf 4 . j ., A sf A xii ' fr if 1, 2 .x 1, K I 5,3 h V N 1' ' , 495' ., , -N5 , X rw: .. I walked into the Union and knew something was wrong. A man in a robe asked me for a dol lar He had dark clrcles around hrs eyes I would have run but for the ghoulrsh demon whlch crept up behmd me I threw the judge my wallet and ran to hrde behmd the pmg pong table What has happened to the Umon? I asked myself From my hrdlng place I saw the DJ s stand I thought to fund my fnend Bryon who was DJ for the nrght He was not there' In has place there Iurked an mcubr the form of a skeleton Fog rolled from beneath the table What has happened I do not know but I wrute thus and cast It to the upper level of the Unron rn hopes lt rs yet safe from splrrts Maybe some good heart wrll find thus and send a rescue party We O O Waiting A Godot November I - 3 W , L P' ' Breedlove Auditorium C AST - 'J 2 k 1 i I Cy Gan ner R Co eman K th Ly X ,?,f W FNGENEET I NGTHECHALLENGENEETI NGTHECHALLENGEHEET I NGTHECHALLENGENEEF I NGTHECHALLENGEVIEET I I The Crucible April 8 - IO, Breedlove Auditorium IECH!-ll.LEllGEI'lEEl I IJGTHECHALLENGEIWEET I IIGTHECHALLENGENEEI I NGTHECHALLEIIGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENC O CAST- Amy Weaver Mike McClelland Janet Massey Heather Askew Nikki McDaniel" Carol Stanzione John Dunn Katie Gude Susan King Brad Kidder Gretchen Tucker Darell Griffin John Funke Charlotte Prody Jeremiah B. Davis Samir Sirhan Russell Murphree M. Scott Gordey James Stevens Annie Cadelli Robyn Tippetts Angela Weaver Trial b Jur - on the road Director and Accompaniest. Logan Green Dramatis Personae The Learned Judge .............. ..... M ike Daniels The Plaintiff, Angelina . . .... Kim Townsend The Defendant, Edwin . . . .... Dwayne Walden Counsel for the Plaintiff . . . ........ Chris Bell Usher ................. .... G aylon White Foreman of the Jury . . . . . Lonnie Hurst First Bridesmaid .... .... S helli Curlin Bridesmaid .... .... J anet Morrow Bridesmaid . . ..... Dawn Dowty Bridesmaid . . . . . Amy Casalman it I l I l ' ENGEl"'EET I NGTHECHAlJ.EilGEl'lEEII NGTHECHALLENGEl'rlEET I NGTHECH!-lLLENGEl'lEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEVEETI Jia 4213 The WCC Choir went on the road with "Trial by Jury" during April . . . Shannon Hughes put the final touches on Kim's dress. Jury practices swearing in. Mike Daniels prepares Xfor a performance at Booneville. 20 oon at Westark Sometimes the stars shine at noonl Especially in Westark's cafeteria where students saw Gil Eagles dazzle the crowd with hypnosis and his own mental powers. The Clint Fisher Band entertained at the noontime StudentfStaff picnic. Songs like "The Curly Shuffle" and a tribute to Elvis brought enjoyment 1 to the audience and applause for the Air Force Band from Alabama. Other noon specials included fashion Shows, jazz band performances, a political debate, and speeches from I984 political candidates. IECHALLENGEMEEFI NGTHECHALLENGEIVIEET I NGTHECHALI.ENGEMEli'l I NGTHECHALLENGENEETI NGTHECHALLENG 21 WCC Season of 2 1 Kevin McCarthy in "Give 'em Hell, Harry!" a National Touring Production . . . January 23 EllGEl"'EET I NGTHECHI-lLLEllGEllEElI NGTHECHAlTLENGEl'lEET I NGTHECH!lLl.ENGElllEEl I NGTHECI-lAl.lHlGEll"lEEl I N Mr. Jack Daniels Original Silver Cornet Band a National T uring Production . .. December 2I. Th N I Op C p y accompanies "Merry Wives of ' d O b IO Wm sor cto er 22 Entertainment IV "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" a production of Professional Touring Productions . .. October I8. IECHALLENGElVlEEl I NGTHECHALIJENGEMEEVI NGTHECHALLENGElVlEEl I NGTHECHALLENGENEETI NGTHECHALLENG in QS' 5' s' ' Sadhu a t 9' X 0 Trovatori also a production of National Touring Productions . . . February 20. Mozart on Fifth a production of National Touring 23 Productions , . . February 20. Westark hosts American College Theater Festival The State competition at American College Theatre Festival gave d an opportunity to get involved in every phase of production from lighting and sound to sets, T l LENGElVlEEl I NGTHECHALl.ENGElVlEEl I NG'HECHAl.LENGElVlEEl I NGTHECHALLENGEMEETI NGTHECHI-lLl.ENGENElfl As it's entry. Westark presented "Waiting for Godot," the Fall drama production. We must ea h pl y p in life. We may p f h b h II I y b d ff Here's to th h pl y h p with gusto, k g h y pl d y p f HECHAL.ENl3ElVlEF I NGTHECHALLENGEIVIEEI I NGTHECHALl.ENGEl"'lEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLEIN My 25 f gwn3QL,....n, Q kb! E 4h 1 ,ww Q3 W 2' MW' 2 4 LENGEF-"EET I NGTHECI-V-XLLENGEMEETI NGTHECHALLENGEHEET I NGTHECHIXLLENGEWEET I NGTHECHALLENGEMEE si s 993548K ' mm, ,. 4444, u45EE..w445.yg42 M ..44.4x4. 4 . ,444 442444 ' 444344 WWW 4442445141 1444.444 . ... , Egg. .. . Q552252Qi2554E7g.i.4i5?iEESiEiEg4:4E?.i4s:44:224 :44442w441fW pf 4:4m.4......., 4? Q W?4N75iV 44 44 skfafss 452314445 we F ' " N aww '46 444 44 iww 5443 S234 " iNW4'548W N U 'SA ... g 41444 .w:14z44g2W 42 4... 44 4541. ..s44..iZ1s3sw.f3wQ4s4.m N4 ' 'Q A 4 4 wwwe 4444144 4.4 ' 29.243334 'bmi 444..m..4s.a45m.:4m ..44 44 ..W..M., ' 4153? 9. 25152 .... 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V4 IM JJVJS' 27764 UUN ALLENGEVEEI INGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEI IEET I NGTHECHALLENGENEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEI Shanon Bridges 3 s 5 l Sam Slcard Chairman -Q, Conaly Bedell Mike Shaw Lucille Speakman HALLENGEMEETINGTHE Probably the biggest challenge the board of trustees faces is hiring strong capable leaders to key positions. Sam Sicard, chairman of the board, finds knowl- edge of business and ex- perience in dealing with people an important as- set, as is a desire to see the college keep pace with constantly chang- ing industries and edu- cational institutions. Board of CHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEET Conaly Bedell, Vice-chairman .MJ M A A MM it it A - 'X'LW ,s ,,,,t,g,,. if """""--- gs' H R 5 as ,T , fl iw- --........... Sam Sicard Nancy Llewellyn Dr. James Burgess Edward Sanders Larry Clark Trustee fllGElVlEElIllGTHECHALl.ENGElVlEElINGTHECHI-lLl.ENGElVlEEl I NGTHEC Lucille Speakman, secretary Through the concern necessary to be a board member and the diversi- ty of backgrounds repre- sented, the board con- tinues to monitor the di- rection in which Wes- tark moves. Priorities vary some- what, but generally cen- ter on strong vocational programs such as nurs- ing, business and tech- nology, while keeping our two-year curriculum relevant to four-year schools. 41" Xmnwfh II al! ii' ii 0 i 1 S i 3 9 l .A 4 i5 ,.l .,....a-... "I would say Westark met the challenge of I985 very well. " President Joel Stubblefield "A good man for the iob." "Friendly, know- legeable, capable - a good PR man," "I think we got the best we could possibly have." These, and other similar com- ments, reveal the high opinion of staff and board members con- cerning Westark president Joel Stubb- lefield. lt's a big job with a lot of responsi- bility, but he handles it very well. "l feel like l've met my challenge when Westark meets its challenge," commented .loel Stubblefield. "Receiving IO year accreditation was one of the highpoints - but only one. lt's been a great year." "Looking at the awards we've garnered this year in business, technology, journalism, sports - the list goes on - l'd say Westark met the challenge of i985 very well." Vice President for Instruction The greatest challenge Dr. Bob Wyly faces is making sure Westark stays abreast of the educational needs of today's student. There are many factors in accomplishing this goal. What do other institutions require? Will the courses Westark offers transfer easily? Are we utilizing the' i talents and space available in the most efficient way? i , r l It's a challenge that demands insight. sensitivity and constant touch with students, faculty and outside influences. ENGEI"'EEl I NGTHECI-lAlJ.EllGEl'lEEl I NGTHECHAl.LENGEl'rlEET I NGTHECH!lLl.ENGEl"iEEl I NGTHECI-lALl.ENGElVlEElI ll Vice President for Finance and Administration Making sure resources are available to meet each need on campus isn't always an easy task. Yet, Jim Under- wood sees it through daily with, so he says, very few disappointments as Westark continues to expand phys- ically and academically. 38 Vice President for Planning and Development than a follower. One area of Richard Hudson's job deals with the colIege's relationship with the state government. particularly funding from the legislature. He be- lieves Westark can be a leader in change rather LLENGEIVEET I NGTHECHAl.l.ENGl3"'iEEl I NGTHECHALLENGEIWEEYI NGTHECI-lALl.ENGEl-lEElI NGTHECI-lALLENGEl"lEEl Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Sue Kincannon has been in- volved with Westark since l97Q I2 months a year. and many times, I2 hours a day. Her job includes supervising in such areas as counseling. ad- missions and records, finan- cial aid, student activities, college health services, athlet- ics, publications and scholar- ship programs. Dr. Kincan- non's philosophy has been to help people develop and be- come, - whether they are in charge of a department or a student. ' 39 i. Director of Evening and Special Programs Harold Hile A g h many responsibilities are superv s n of t ctiona re or lHlGEll'lEEl I NGTHECHALLENGElVlEE'lI NGTHECHALLENGEMEETI NGTHECHALLENGEMEEF I NGTHECl-lALLENGEPlEET Director of Public Information Sondra LaMar o I d g d t g d p t I p g ting. design and layout bl t s have resulted in Director of Staff Development Dr. Gordon Watts Some of Dr. Watts' responsibilit I d o t g faculty evaluation procedures a d d g g o t t and preservice programs fo f lty NGEIVIEET I NGTHECI-IALLENGEIVIEET I IIGTHECHALLENGEIVIEIFII NGTHECHALLENGEIVIEEII NGTHECI-IALLENGENEEI IIN Director of Personnel EEG Kathleen Leese The director of personnel among her dut is responsible for staff records, compliance with titl IV and title IX policies, placing ads for job openings and coordinating interviews with prospective employees 41 ECHALLENGENEETIT' 42 Athletic Director Jim Wyatt Administrative Secretaries Eva Pryor Bobbie Young Kelley Chamberlain Connor Turner Coletta Furner Administrative Assistant to Vice President for Finance Beverly Gilstrap IGTHECHALLENGEF JGEMEEFINGTHEC Preassessment Counselor Nina Abernathy Director of Recruitment and Placement Penny Pendleton x ,l Director of Cooperative Education Sandi Cobb CI-IALLENGEMEEFINGTH 43 SEMEETINGTHECI-IALLENGENEETINK Purchasing Gary Perry d ctor 44 Betty K g ETHECHALLENGEMEEFINGTHECHA Shlrley N Ims Word Processing Irene Sisk Dorthy Forst, Cindy Wilson Faye Jones directory Katy John Collins, Mike Edwards, Donnie Gideon, Pam Fout. Carrie Atwell, Liz Balls Ray Sparks-director. Left to right: Jane Pryor. Marsha Buergler. Dr. Ron Formby-director: Cheryl Peters. ic R k Ritsch l Counseling .EllGEl"EE'lINGTHECl-lAl.lJEllGENEE'lINGTHECHALLENGEl'1lEET l NGTHECI-lALLENGEl lEEllNGTHECHALLENGElV'EEll Admissions and Records F t T mye Bittle. Richmond. Back: James M ary S Edmlsten, Dennis Ca h d tor. Holly Schluterman. Betty Nixon. Glenda Hen 46 dri laws Nmnlf Financial Aid Standing: Gabe Peters, director, Chandra Rush, seated: Pam Cook, Lois Garrett. lALLENGEl"lEElINGTHECHAl.l.ENGElVlEE'lINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHI-XLLENGEMEEFINGTHECHALLENGENEI Business Qffice Standing: Tammy Williams, Larry Farrar. Bill Lloyd, Carla Coplin. Seated: Kathy Palmer, Debbie Breedlove Janet Did e -. ,lr W1 47 Campus Shop Mft ,sg Left: Kim Stinebaugh. B th IN I" B'I Sopshir managers Right: Mike Smith, J h F t ENGEIVEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEIVEET I NGTHECHALLENGH-IEEII NGTHECI-IALLENGEIVIEEI I Ii Cafeteria Troy Pogue LaNeIIe Stiles Ted St'l Joh B II T 'St'I , , I i es Ggne Stiles 8 UFSS Ellene Rebsamen f' Opera tor Q sb' J IGEMEEI I NGTHECHALliNGEll'lEE'l I NGTHECHAl.lJENGElVlEEl I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEPIEEI I M Maintenance Front: Curtis Stevens. W.E. McKee, director of physical plant, Harold Canady, Charles Carter, Sr.. Back: Ken Mclntosh, David Fowler, Charles Carter. Jr., Robert Severs. Duane Williams, Jeanne Stevens, secretary, Ken Richardson, Mike Daniels, shipping 5 receiving, Willie Word, Cliff Perkins. Custodian Front: Bud McKinney. director, Leonard Thornton, Mac McCulIah. Back: Billy Windham, Hank Johnson, Darrel McKinney, Anthony Dodson, Betty Jo Harris, Don Ford, Joe Bagley, not pictured, Floyd Moss. 49 Learning Resource Center Hicks, Sue Street. .ENGEIVEET I NGTHECHALLENGENEETINGTHECHALLENGEHEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEEFI NGTHECI-IALLENGEIVEETI Audio-Visual 'V e Steve Lawhon, Melanie Roper. Donna Lafe Hutcheson. Jack Gorham, Media Wooldau, Joey Crane. specialisti not pictured - John Burns. 50 l 1 l Remy Lewis, director. .in l y 'lav- fsgQ L Child Development Center ENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGE EETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETIN Q at The Child Development Center is much more than day care for children of Westark students. It is a time of enjoyment and learning, Parties, picnics, and occasionally a visit from a celebrity such as the Care Bear are only part of what children experience during the year. Workers: Klara Kendig-infants, Lotha Cooper-toddlers, Jeannie Simpson-3 year olds, Kim Harrold- 4 S 5 year olds. Student workers: Nguyet 'Nguyen, Elaine Speer. . ++:e..a SI an 3 ,M + W f N s Q Mgt? 1, 4 W 4' M Z46ZlL'E'I! IECHALLENGEVEETING1HECHAU.ENGEI'EEfINGTHECPlALLENGEI'EETINGTHECI-IALLENGEN Y Q, .asf -wwq u Humanities sr ,f EMEEI I NGTHECI-IALLENGHVIEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEII NGTHECFIALLEIIGENEEII NGTHECHI-XLLENGENEEI I NGT Sitting: Tom Walton, Logan Green, Daniel Leary, Gwen Brotherton,-secretary, Henry Rinne, Nancy Zechiedrich. Second row: Sister Carmen Beshoner, Nancy Dover, Ann Dawson. Sharon Sheffield, Kathleen Keck, Joy Lowe - chairman, Pete Howard. Third row: Don Lee, Don Tannehill, David Young, Barbara Bartlett, Dr. John Preas, Gene Wells 54 Joy Lowe-Division Chairman, Humanities Business lLLE'lGElVlEElIllGTHECl-lALl.ENGElVlEET INGTHECHALLENGEVIEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEEFINGTHECHALLENGEMEE Front Row: Paul Legget, Sharon Winn, Brenda Cantwell, Betty Price, Katherine Taylor, Karen Mellon. Middle Row: Diana Payne, Doris Van Horn, Emma Watts, Francis Bedell, Anita Prock. Back Row: Nolan Lickey-Chairman. John Collins, Bill Remington, Bill Lacewell, Gene Mellon, Gary Smith, Ron Richard Nolan Lickey-Division Chairman, Business 55 Natural Science l l l LLENGElVlEElINGTHECHAl.l.ENGElVIEElIlwIGTHECl-ll-XLLENGEMEEFINGTHECHALLENGEMEEUNGTHECHALLENGEll'lE F m top to bottom: Wes Kaund D T B h D yl C D 'd M k John D ton, Larry Weigand, B. L. Hold L d L g D C I H D M k H gh wer, Cheryl Pacheco, Ch I I h Cy h M Th Cl k K Cobb Y ll' ll ' V. se D Mk Hgh D Ch N IS L aafr lyllr E' l Social S Behavorial cience Q'-QQ , ' Mig . Qiggssi '.:. S is-D., HALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGENEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGENE Front Row: Dr. Pat Poter, Dorothy Rappeport, Barbara Hutchinson- secretary, Middle Row: Dan Breitenberg. Dr. Dan Butler-chairman. Dr. Delece Gordon, Linda Gibbons. Back Row: Ed Levy, Gayle Kaundart, Bill G Crowder, Lonnie Watts, Jim Wyatt Dr. Dan Butler-Division Chairman. Social S Behavorlal Science 57 7 Technology at' r Qe xv M 'K gk 531 lEEl I NGTHECHALl.ENGEll'lEEl' I llGTHECHALLENGENEET I NGTHECHAl.LEllGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGENEET I NG First Row: Darrell Scott, Ken Butler, Charles Callison. Second Row: Bobby Jones, Jr., Fred Hop, Wayne Vyrostek, Stan Cagle, Doug Statham, John Samuels, Dan Page, Lee Cummings. Third Row: Mary Copeland, Tim McNeil, Dr. Lee Mynatt-Chairman, AI Brooks, Jerry Center, Jack Vaughn 58 Dr. Lee Mynatt-Division Chairman. Technology Health Gccupations NGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEIVIEEII IIGTHECHALLENGENEEI I NGTHECHAl.LENGEIVlEEl I NGTHECI-ll-lLl.ENGEIllEEl I N F R : Patty Tlllotson, Lym L g, Marlorle Preas. Sec d R B b H I Sh y P k Calline Dipboye, Darla P , Suzanne McGraw. G I H gh Th d R A H k. Mary Jane Keel, Be y B I Sue Sturgeon, M y H k S Ch y Lola cu Dpby A go Ch H :ho p Developmental Education l eqg' NEEII llGTHECl-lAl.lJiNGElVEE'l I NGTHECHI-XLLENGEIVIEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEIINGTHECHALliNGEll'lEET I NGTl Front Row: Margaret Newell, Terri Leirs, Nina Abernathy, Nita Prock. Back Row: Martha Efurd. Mike Cooper, Harold Cameron like, 60 Gd W D Ch D lp lEd Q Community Service, Continuing Education iss- I HALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECI-lALl.ENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECI-IALLENGENE First Row: Sandi Sanders-Director. Second Row: Kathy Drap, Assistant Director, Janet Ledford-Secretary. Chrystal Settle-Program Manager, Carole Barter-Secretary, Robert Smallfoot-Program Manager, Ann Harris- Receptionist, Delores True-Cashier I to or Q' 'l X. snasa d c yS 61 There is a challenge to accomplish but there is also a challenge to dream. kflms'-e.. Give time to dream. 2.1- You don't let a dream be an end in itself. Allow your mind freedom to dream, e A yet don't put your practical side on the shelf. Enjoy the expanse of your dream, but don't find a place there to hide from what's Learn to share your dream, i don't yield to the jealous protection you feel. And when you've exhausted your dream lie back, close your eyes and dream once -Donna Woodall RW W e V K , 4 1 4 1 . Z Q M3 , "K , iff 'wfvvrq 'Q .M A 4 , ..,. ' ' in ,., Wi, ,.-A... 7 limi 5 4 I WR Kai M' MV, J ,, M 'fm M-+L .Jan 5 Ng, '4 If .ffm vw., Lu 5 . , W' Ii On good days it's a challenge io go lo class. 'Wfvm ww W ' Q I ' , , pf-, ',fLg,xQjQ,,f ?fK,,5 M, wzzwmmf, , f fm , . , -- , ff , ffAb V 1'AA V A Commitment to Service B K A wigs Everything from calculus to disco, that's the community college con- cept. lt's quite a challenge. The division of community service and continuing education, directed by Sandi Sanders, accepts the chal- lenge with enthusiasm. Whether supplying computer literacy classes to businessmen or les- sons in gymnastics to pre-teens. meeting the needs of the city of Fort Smith is Westark's goal. 2.25 School? At m age? Certainl ! Go back to school? At my age? Well, why not? Westark is here, good and affordable. Besides, my boys are enrolled here. Last May I gathered up all my courage, dialed the phone and made an appointment with a counselor. By mid August, fear was the over-riding emotion in my life. The prospect of being away from home was scary. The thought of being with all those young people wasn't cheerful. I would be old enough to be mother to nearly everyone there, sometimes even the instructor. Worst of all was the fear of failure. Would I be able to learn after all these years? Now school has become a comforable situation. It's fun to learn, good to be with people and satisfying to know I can still think. School? At my age? Certainly! -Anne Valenti S White- Sterile, clean, scientific yet it may also represent the purity of intent that has called you. Busy- you don't always smile yet there is an essence that you leave behind it simply says, "I care," Emergency Medical Training is one of the ways Sandra McClure meets her own personal Challenge. GMM Wlflf Our responsibility is to use every ability we have to its potential. to grow in ways that will further enhance our contribution to family, education and the community. The parable of the talents expresses it so well. When we use what we have, it grows. When we don't, we lose it. -Dr. Carolyn Branch, health occupa- tions chairman , t ..1.-il My V . Practice makes perfect .. Maybe to study under the pines Jack Sugg. mqgklwlflg K V Helpll need to cram for an Algebra exam tomor- row. - a familiar phrase for many students. For whatever reason, whatever class, everyone has his own way of studying. Some students may sit alone in the library seeking new ways to solve old problems, devouring books and magazines searching for answers. Others study with a friend, asking questions if " "' P-my and sharing answers. Then there are those who don't study at all. Some people don't have to. They have a photographic memory, everything the instructor writes on the board automatical- ly computes ,in their heads. lt must be nice. Studying can be habit-forming. The more you do it, the better it gets. Practice makes perfect . . . . Maybe. Dao Quang Nguyen. Si La and Than Phan use their time between classes Katy Chapman seeks help from tutor Ss wk wean, 2. 5 .M H .QQ if t 9 V W- N - . , , . S : sz an xg mg uf 4 'SSL gms Sl' For a college to operate smoothly there is need for trained, professionally qualified people in almost ev- ery corner. Yet there are many jobs where devel- oped skill and qualifications aren't as important as dependability and a willingness to try. At Westark, many of those positions are filled by student workers. For some, the opportunity to work on campus provides opportunity for education. It also provides opportunity to learn a new skill in many cases. The graduate walks away from Westark with job experience. People with no experience or interest in a particular field often develop an interest and become produc- tion people. They learn to work with faculty and other students, adding still another dimension to their overall training. Student workers - Andrea Treat, Financial Aidt Steve V Lawhon. Audiofvisualt Sherri Gross, Admissions and Records, f-iff' - '31 Q7 No F5559 enhances his education and iournalism courses Work, work, work! Attending college can be a struggle. especially for the working student. Ask the person who gets out of class at l2:3O p.m. and has to be at work by IIOO p.m. Then, when he or she finally gets home at 6 or 7 that evening. there are pages to read, reports to write and problems to solve. Working students not only may miss a lot of meals, but often may miss sports, concerts, plays and parties, things that are for most non-working students, a part of college life. For the working student who doesn't live with his parents, there is an added responsibility. No one is there to make sure you don't oversleep or to remind you to do your homework, or to threaten you with physical violence if you don't feel like going to class. Yet with the responsibility comes an independence. You work, you study because you have decided. When you succeed, there is pride in your accomplishment. Scott Campbell, iournalism major, works as a framer for Red River Pottery, one of his two part-time iobs, A fag! 'M y M9 4 , . s . 'Z f ' ' A sh' , ' " ' ., - t f ' L if ' " we .W Www-'it ' .qv P' -3- " N bi ' QM 1 ew ,s. "" V A.-itgg' ' '-355 Y ' jk- 4 0 4 A 1. -A hugl is V' 1 ... Charles Wheeler working as a TV 5 cameraman. Xa ln technology, education is a way of life. We must continue to train and learn. and then we must tie that training in with the community. By being responsive to local needs, we can build on the friendship between the college and the community. We must never become stagnant or stale. We have to be willing to try new things, to grow with the world around us. Our biggest challenge is to keep up with the latest state of the art technology: to be the best liz N49 N055 A book . . . a disecting kit . . . a microscope you listen to the lectures, watch the films, examine the processes. From intrigue emerges comprehension. To comprehension is born understanding, Understanding demands investigation. Investigation uncovers a question. And from the question? lntriguel And so you have stepped into a new world. You are no longer simply a student of science. You have allowed yourself to become a scientist for a moment, . . . for a semester, . . . for a lifetimel 8 s .f li iitsa S N' H - 4 s H sg K., ss ,t N ts s ss ' Q if sf sr X Q X X nh., 4 ,N N S .sq-cfs, ,, :fi ,i8g.jxg,g:ifi Q -Zs.'.ss-wi . N5 -X f- 5- of-X - - ' WW" ' - iii' -sir 1:37 '41 it X, ,ss it t , K 3 X A t P Q X X Q 5 X t we , 4, -,t 1 sa, L ',s,M,,,,44.,s.m - " in " i I 1 X f, 3 , Q '--f H ' 1 A- , 4 r'hr 3 - ' rw amidst! f s s m::M,-7zs,e,.f- sims Qs.. V Perhaps it's not the most glamourous field, but business is the largest occupational field. Westark's challenge is to give the student his best shot. We have to know our marketi iust what do employers want? We have a right to be proud: over 902 of our students find a market for their skills after graduation. As well as training in particular skills, we must learn to be teachable. Graduation from Westark isn't the end of the student's learning, it's the beginning. - Nolan Lickey. business chairman sz QQ Politics ng' lt's not something l've read about what went on in another city or in another state. Being in college in an election year brings the issues home. and gives the student a chance to think about what actually goes on in our country, and why. Yes, it is our country. lt is my country and this year l've had a voice. That chance changed my outlook. My candidate wont my candi- date lost. But l am a winner because l got involved. X lt's a challenge to motivate, but it's a greater challenge to produce self-motivation. Textbook learning is just the beginning. What we must really know and teach is how to bring in our own personal experience and apply it to what the text says. To become personally involved with learning and life, that's the real challenge. -Dr. Dan Butler, social and behaviorial science 'WWW' The challenge begins with the child. A part of the division of social and behavioral sciences, the Child Development Center provides care and education for pre- schoolers. UXAQWQQ IW? Westark has given me an opportunity to say to myself: "You are capable." I can choose what I will be. That's exciting! I see things from a new perspective. Working in a major market would be exciting, but working in a minor mar- ket would be a challenge. There are so many possibilities. as a R ' if-2 Cyndy Prater, Lions Pride Editor. represented Westark at a White House briefing for college editors. M4459 1 l a lot more work. But being an individual is a lot to seek out the answers. When you work as an will be different. That's not easy, but it's worth -Joy Lowe, humanities chairman Og' 8 X' 'LX '-.K A teacher can teach a subject or she can teach an individual. Treating each student as an individual is more work, too. You have to ask yourself, "What do I need to know?" And then you must be willing individual, with your own thought processes. you it. . 15 - K . . 9 , , K 3 ff kr ' I ' ' . N J, 1: ' . QS , ,t . xy. X .Q , Sc.. xfifrg, k 1 , i -. YY' X. WN' K s:"Q1:'5gi1 ' f EEE X K wc.. -'wwqff - 3. , k ' Q: . t as-X 2 xr, 531- .v the ---fa-glg,,,,,,-:fi . ,,'.aM-r 2' X 3 is-yxv MYWNA. ,gb X f '4'7Xv'5ii,9s fx" A" 3 lfjtgfyilx If N. ' ' A 4 N Q' ' H: Q. W c ' ,gigs ,sa F' we va. -s X W K ' 1 'Y , A 'S-54 -fx. ' " HL ' 1' Qc- .Eiga N We sV.A 3 "'-'- PY tl +V -' , S' ' 3'- W,Kimi-.N--4f?s..mi:g,c't'it?f?fMs .4 r Regus. 'X r- , .'-:N w- ws?"-. M ' ' -Q QM K N 4' S33 Ntrf5."t"'1"3"S."r?l"" N' if N" bi gg gg. , M 35,-.K + k N P, ,iw 'jg,L.L.ajN? , . Friendship can be a big part of college. Finding friends can sometimes be a challenge. Some students find it difficult to meet people while others jump right into the social circle. Friends become important to how well a student can adjust. "When I first got here, l barely knew anyone," acknowledged Sandy Moseley. It hasn't been very hard for me to make friendsg you have to be a friend to make a friend." True friends are hard to find. But college seems to help people open up to new ways and friendships. Intructors on a small campus seem to have more time to help and make friends with their students. College life can be very enjoyable, if you make it be. Sod Low. a student from Malaysia and Dao Nguyen from Vietnam have become friends at Westark. Stanley Shepard and Sam Masri enjoy watching Kevin CRedJ Edwards and Dewayne Walden challenge each other at chess. Doug McOuain and Bobby Crossno share an interest in computers. .i The quality of the relationships between students and faculty at Westark makes it possible to meet the challenge of education with confidence. cc-.. .il WW or-W A WM l'm impressed. The instructors understand if you've been awhile and are starting overt that makes it a little easier. -Delbert Preston, industrial electronics Some are really friendly? some are not so friendly. But the very qualified and if they think you're not understanding something they try to help. They really want you to learn. -Cindy Allen, business 0 OUT y're all The instructors l have had are excellent. They know their material and are seasoned enough to know how to teach -Brad Kidder. microprocessing 5 i Wwluwi O V1 , ff 'f 4 9,- ' 1 5 NDJVJDZML' HEC!-If-XLLENGENEEVI NGTHECHALLENGENEEV I NGTHECHI-XLLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENGENEEV I NGTHECHALLENG qw w r u.-J:-.?'!' fksgjiei NEFFE? 'amz ' Y' 1 v Abdulljawad, Reyad Abernathy, Monica Abshere, Fred Acorn, Randy Adair, Clyde Ahlert, Donna Albright, Monica t l ik Aldridge, Everett , B, Q at X , Q r N X S l 1, f J. , -' . - H" ff 1:1-Yf' 'Ex ' '- " ' WG: Ellie. v1frsA.":. , X V Alexander, Kennard Allen, Cindy Ames. Particia Ames, Ruth X. .W ,fr 'S f .Q 'l u wins LENGEMEETI NGTHECHAl.LENGElVlEEl I NGTHECI-lAI.l.ElXGEl'lEEl I llGTHECHAl.LENGl3-lEEll NGTHECHAl.lJENGElVlEEl y The community college acqixcapt is uniquc.,fltf4isi'the 'A only institution truly responsive to the needs for the entire community. Only about IOZ to 152 of Westarlos students transfer ,totiour-year schools, Most areigrosidents of Por?t1c5mith and the surrounding area who plan to work and live in the city. Westark has a history of rising to, meet the challenge of the community A college r concept. Regularly the curriculum is reviewed and updated to not only prepare students for transfer to four- year schools, but to meet the needs of Fort Smith as wetl- IFORT SMITH, a city unique in its landscape, heritage and character 1. Qw '02, 5 W 7 J, W x f t 1 9' Y f fa X , . . , 25,33- 4, , ' n ,v X,q' f9' 2, B, Ammons. Julia Anderson, Jeanette Anderson. Laurie Jean Anderson, Terry Angeletti. Gina Anior, Julie Apperson, Fred Arters, Norma Autry, Angela Baggett, Neal Baker, Danys Baker, Diana HECHALLENGEJVIEETI NGTHECHALLENGHJEETI NGTHECHALLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENC A if Banks. Brenda Banning, Amy Barbee. Ann Bartlett Lakayne Bartlett Rebecca A , Barton. Scott fir 2 Basinger, Becky Bates, Paul Battles, Cliff Bauer, Linda Baugh, Harold Baumgartner, John Bausley, Cedric Baxter, Margaret i Beattie. Lisa Benham, Kathy Bennett, Betty Bennett, Roy 7 mp, My XLLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENGEHEET I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEVI NGTHECI-IMLENGEMEE Benningfield, Carmen 84 Bewley. Jeanie Bigler. Sonia Bittle, Tammye Black, Debbie Blanchfiii, Jill ,lt Fort Smith presents a mixture of old and modern times. Its rich colorful heritage shines through in the restoration of the 30 block Belle Grove District. The past is brought to life as one views the Victorian style residence of William Henry Harrison Clayton, cheif prosecutor for the Federal Court in western Arkansas during the time of Judge Isaac C. Parker. The court and gallows of Judge Parker remain in tact, a grim reminder of the strict "Justice" of that era. American History takes on a deeper meaning as a student visits the many buildings that have now become restaurants, businesses and museums. Bonneville House. another Victorian Renaissance structure from the l800s has long been used as a gathering place in Fort Smith social life. Uncovering brick streets in the Belle Grove District increases the authentic appearance. lHECHALLENGH'lEElI NGTHECHAl.l.ENGEI'lEEll NGTHECFIALLENGEMEET I NGTHECHAl.l.ENGEl"lEET I NGTHECHALLEN1 Pat Biasdei, Michael Blasingame, Lisa Lynette i Blaylock, Sherrie Bledsoe. Lisa Bly, Pamela Bogan, Sandra Bogner, Debbie Bogner, Terry Bolin, Janie Boothman, William Bowen, Jeff ' Bowles, Audrey Bowlin, Sheryl rw X ef we stung, it Bowling, Jeff Boyd, Mike Bradley, Mike Bradley, Steve XLLENGEWEET I l lGTHECHAl.LENGlEMEEl I NGTHECHAl.l.ENGEl'lEEl l llGTHECHALLENGEl'lEEll NGTHECHI-ll.llENGElflEE Northwest Arkansasfnortheast Oklahoma is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. Construction and renovation are constant by- products of this growth. The result is a demand for well' trained, talented people in the architectural and construction fields. Organizations such as the Greater Fort Smith Home Builders Association whose membership ranges from banks to building supply. work hand-in-hand with Westark to see that hardworking. talented people receive the training they need. Miles of waterfront. wooded acreage and rolling hills make Fort Smith a perfect site for both modern and traditional architecture, raith. Ruth Matti J rock. Randall rody, Ed Lwby rouwer. Peggy Cara Darren Gilbert Renna Sonna Wade BTHECHALLENGEWEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLEP r Broyles, Michele Bucella, Robin Bufkin, Pat Bullington, Shari Burger, Mary Jo Burnett, David Butler, Shannan Byrd, Brent Cagle, Debbie Cain, Billy Callison, Tandy Cameron, Ester Cambell, Duke Cardin, Denise I A W X X 'xx 1 X .QXXN x Carroll, Michael Carson, Wendy Carter, Ada Carter, Danny Ray lim' W M 1 'Sf LENGEVEEVlllGTH5CHAU-5NG5V'55lINGlll5CFllLLl3NGl?l?ll55l,l,lll3lHECHALL5N,5El'lE5llN9l,H5Cl'ALLENGEllEEl lolr 79164 :Civlo9lffl,FQrrr,fl,5mi!?1.5'-in B ill, .,i, lorl TSCQSHQQCI ,rl,l 3 ?5s?lEVii3l r ' f center fihfhe - ,-!- ' Q fb fl", if W, ,f ff"f f,, lf fEif?9?5?55?l5-1355 5?f9?1SlfzS ilee i9QU5ffF9l?fl9i5?f5fXVhkf?lPlH5Sfled l',l 50, 'illfll llle wewi-sfff:EvefifualiaflftlfeesderliallsislC rQr,r,a. ,elnh ofl.f 'lllr ' rl,i ',rol,,ll,lf in 5 rfieiffi flvlifaiyifir ef ihis, indifitriese vffen xflbfgivfiwifli 52011282 in Qffifilflfihgy fgempiaygesllrgbfrffizl specific fiieqxgxirqgifby1nfiazfolindus:ry4 'Wfefaiafrk lalsofprcfvides cgourses to qpdazgemmo infgqrove nike, sicikfs, and ,kpqwleqrlgg of ry o 2 gempioyeeg, of in V,y,y, V,,ie'yfy,5,5f li mdugtgjggg, 1 ': JitQQQifliiwzlflwisigfwU1522535iQ5::g5w2:g5:'fH2.gfwLigtizgwisiigg'fqszgizigf-'LfizfzibJ.g,i?fg,:?4!i:gffiaixzlnwevfgw I 5 C , ill, in 'lil as , ' .. 'K X :' , . .,,,: . Q aa r 9 . . , if 9 X N SE X Q 6 is Q X W , X X a I N 5 Carter, John Carter, Melton Casey, Earnestine Cash, Bernard Cash, Reiny Castagno, Dora Castillow, Roy Catena, Arelys Cessor, Sharon Chanthasemy, Noradeth Chapman, Katy Chatmen, Ratha FHECHALLENGEWEETINGTHECHALLENGENEETINGTHECHALLEWGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEWEETINGTHECHALLENC Chau, Vinh Chitsazan. Ahmad Chitsazan, Parichehr Chitsazan, Parivash Chitwood. Kevin Christian, Bonita Christian, Jami Christiansen, Richard Chua, David Clem, Arlis Clements, Tonya Cluck, Kathy Cobb, Brenda Cochran, Barbara Cochran, Chris Cockran, Deanna Cochran, Devin Cochran, Mike i 2 XLLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENGEMEET I NCSTHECI-lAl.LENGEl'lElfl I NGTHECHALLENGEF-'IEEVI NGTHECHI-XLUENGEMEE i 90 Lock and Dam l3, one in the series making up the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers' Arkansas River Naviga- tional System, is an aid to the indus- trial traffic in and out of Fort Smith. :Stand many projects likefit point to the need for draftsmenrand engi- neers in today's industryl Many students who begin four-year educations at Westarkjgrerurn to Fort Smith to work andfilive after completing their degree. The effect Westark has had on their attitude and academic progress is evident in the excellence of production, Coker, Rick Cole, Jeffery Combs, Myrna Conner, David Cook. Louis Cook. Merca ook. Pam ooper, Lorrie C C gif 1 me 1 l xii - Eoogerl. Paiila .., or e , Jule C X C, Corredor, Hanbel Q Corredor, Javier i Q eea 1 i a e 1 STHECHALLENGENEETI NGTHECHALLENGEVIEEVI NGTHECHALLENGEMEUI NGTHECHAl.l.ENGET'iEET I NGTHECHALLEW , . . . fag. , ,V 91 The Arkansas River offers Fort Smith a variety of benefits. It is not only valuable to commerce and industry, but it is also a source of enjoyment and pride. Three parks, Fort Smith Park, Springhill Park and Lee Creek Park lie along its banks. lt is a rich resource for fishermen, and many of the newer residential areas along the river have small harbors with personal docks. This fine balance of beauty, pleasure, industry and transportation, along with the whims of nature must be monitored constantly. The ecological balance must be considered along with functionality. Biology courses make the student more aware of the problems that could arise if this balance is not maintained. Students gain a new respect for the rich wildlife habitation in this area and a start toward the knowledge of how to preserve it. LENGEWEET I NGTHECllAl.LliNGEl"iEET l NGTHECHAl.l.ENGElflEET I NGTHECHAl.LENGEl-lEElI NGTHECHALl.ENGElVlEEl Corredor, Maribel 5 Cavity, lmogeney Crabtree. Leslieffi Craine, Crane, Roger Creiig, William 323 IREM gym, QSSZ 5' was W. if ass M, 2 M .ss is 2' Q -14 Y jg 55555 ' nik I , .g 1 as M 1 , ii f 1: ' :S G: , 555-H ,,ggfW,f2f' W w:::Q:f:h2mgg34fa:z:gg fmNg7ff32122:ggjgg-ggzfizsfgqfqwgH : A mg W. 393: NNW' . A' Qswegs w ,, X 1 SU' Cross, Cindy Crosslin, Ron Crowl, David Crowley, Jimmy Cumbie, Shelly Curren, Debi Curtis, Thomas Cwiertnia, Susan Cypert, Ken Daly, Ben Danner, Kelly Davidson, Tina 5THECHAl.l.ENGEI"lEElI NGTHECHAl.LENGEl'lEEl I NGTHECHALl.ENGEl'lEE'l I NGTHECI-l!-XLLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLEI ww ., , , Davis. Bryan Davis, Christie Davis. Gay Dennis, Emma Desilva. Neil Didier, Keri Dinsmore, Carla Dodd, Ric Dodson, Rhonda Doe, John Dollard, Tina Dotson. Mike Douglas, Ellen Dowty, Dawn Duggin, Karol Duke, Clinton Dulany, John Dunn, John Ng!- LLENGHVIEET I NGTHECHALLENGEMEET I NGTHECHAI.LENGEl"lEEl I NCTHEO-lALLENGEllEElI NGTHECHALl.ENGElVlEEl Dunn. Vernon Dyke, Dottie Eacret, Patti Eddings, Lisa Edwards. Kevin Elkins. Robin Q x I 49, , ik , W Z "'-"""'U if ., im 1 it QQ 4 Elmore, Sherry Elsken, Bill English, Joyce Enochs, Jack Estheride, Michaelle Etzkorn, Charles Eveld, Patty Feather, Dana Fereck, John Fladd, David Fletcher, Bob Franklin, Joan IHECHALLENGEIVIEEI I NGTHECH!-Il.l.ENGEl'lEI:'lI NGTHECHALLENGEIVIEEI I NGTHEU-lAl.LENGElVlEEl I NGTHECHALLENC Franklin. Tammy Freeman, Charlotte Freeman, Deron Findley. Kevin M2 Fisk, Cathy 'WW Ford. Gary fi il Fowler, David Garcia, Jane Garcia, Jorgee Rey-Garcia, Luis ,ai Garner, Adriene Gary, Brian Gattis, Brent Gattis, Donna Getz, Paul Gilstrap, Shari Gish, Kenneth Glenn, Chris LXLLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEFI NGTHECHALLENGEHEEY I NGTHECHALl.ENGEF-'IEETI NGTHECHALLENGEMEE Health care at Sparks Regional Medical Center is constantiy changing. New equipment, new services, and new techniques are standard for the medical profession. As a result. training must be constantly updated, methods must be reviewed. Training in health care is a matter of pride at Westark. The division of health occupations enjoys one of the best reputations in the state of Arkansas. as S' XX X M r 5 in ' ' I e a - " G ,,.,:, f X Q i - Ti 2 I eer ' it iz 2 V I ' X - i 5 A K ..'k 5 V W ew ms .wwf . K V V : S I G A E x ml, - ,, nit- " 5 Q . I Q kgs.. K" - ' 'i 5' ' "5 cf "Y, K ...,.. ,. K Q: I ,. J W ,.,.. 1 u , 1 x.. h MH ,.. . W W V, ,VAP . 5 X V .. . me-5, ' t .t .. .. L R Glidewell, Lorri Gordon, Karen Gordey, Scott Goss. John Graham, Patricia Graves, Gladys Graves, Mark Green, ReChenda Griffin, Darell Griffin, Tasca Griscom, Cara Grist, Gayla STHECHALLENGEIVIEEI I NGTHECHALLENGHIEEI I NGTHECI-lf-ILLENGEIIEEI I NGTHECI-IQLLENGEIVIEEI I NGTHECHI-ILLEI St. Edwards Mercy Medical Center, a privately run hospital in Fort Smith, is sometimes referred to in fond teasing as "St, Elsewheresf' However, when it comes to personal health care. St. Edwards is very serious and shares the load of Fort Smith's need in a professional manner. Gross, Sherri Gude, Katie Gwin, Rhonda Haggard. Marcia Haggard, Richard Hall, Kris Hamilton, Craig it Sl' Hamlin, Kelly Hamm, Cynthia Hammontree, Brenda Hampton, Mike Harpenaw, Alan LLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEIIEEI I IJCTHECHALLENGEIIEEII NGTHECFIALLENGENEEI Ft. Smith used to have an ambulance service. They had vans with stretchers and strapsa they had ambulance drivers and ambulance attendants. Then Lyman Long came to Westark. Now Fort Smith has an Emergency Medical Service with vehicles, equipment, and technicians for dealing with medical emergencies. Lyman Long gave Ft. Smith the state's most respected emergency medical service. The people Lyman trained while here have saved countless lives. ln i982 a friend of mine had a serious accident. Her right jugular vein was cut. The doctor who handled the case said my help at the scene of the accident saved her along with the prornptness and efficiency of the EMTS who responded to the call. The EMTs who made that call were trained by Lyman Long at Westark. I was trained by Lyman Long at Westark. My friend has a child now. In l984 Lyman Long died of a heart attack. But. there are many people alive now because of Lyman's EMT instruc- tion. And every day in Ft. Smith, there are people standing guard. who were trained by Lyman Long. - Scott Gordey 'NAK ' ,,-flllursan-ulnzsw Hart, Tina Harvel, Cami Hatcher, Andra Haywood, Mari Lynn Heathcock, Wendell Hensley, Linda Henson, Crystal Henson. Debbie Henson, Susan Hicks, Debbie Hill, Ronald Hodges, Kenna QTHECI-lALLENGEl"lEEl I NGTHECI-lALl.ENGEl'lEEl I NGTHEU-lAl.l.ENGEl'lEEl I NGTHECHALl.ENGEI'lEET I NGTHECHALLEI , Holcomb, Jeannie Holcomb, Jimmy ' Holden. Cheri Holliday, Jeff Holliman, Tracy Horne, Sean Civilian in peace, soldier in war . . . of security and honor, for three centuries I have been the custodian, I am the Guard. I was with Washington in the dim forests . . . I saw both sides of the war between the states'l was there . . . The hill at San Juan felt the fury of my charge. The far plains and mountains of the Philippines echoed to my shout. . . . I am the Guard. I bowed briefly on the grim Corregidor, then saw the light of liberation shine on the faces of my comrades . . . Across 38th Parallel I made my stand. I flew MIG Alley-I was there. I am I was at Johnstown, where the raging waters boomed down cradled the crying child in my arms and saw the moved through smoke and flame at exas . The Howard Melissa Howell, Phyllis Howard Matthew . Hui Patty W Hui Wal I-Im we Hunt Fred . y H 100 R - M W X W X WM , , f of ? f f A Iv ,am 'e www . - f,::mi.'i xf ' Avail, fn, ,J 7 ,,.H,wzwfM,,,f , I ,L I w"r'2'fW ,, A E QWW EQZQ QMWWW f Hunt, Kevin Hunter, Adonica Hunter, Rebecca Huggins, Christine Hughes, Jorge Hurt. Kim Hyde, David Inman, Shellie Irons, Boyd Jackson, David Jenkins. Jeanie Jeremiah, Andrew HECHALLENGEIIEEI I NGTHECHI-II.I.ENGEI IEEII NGTHECHALLENGEIIIEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEIVIEEI I NGTHECHALLEN Johns, Sandy Johnson. Andy Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Frank Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Lisa Johnston, Darla Jones, Becky Jones, Carrie Jones, Wanda Kakaji, Wayel Kakaji, Yazan Kantu, Ray Kelly, Rhonda Kelly, Richard Kendrick, Marlene Kennedy, Debra Kennemer, Ted .we I a iffffp :sr -'11 ,s a?w QEif magyar K-K ,lyyh H . .aafaiyaaas'afs aaaa an ' , . ' MSW- Q. l . ,gre N.. H . , msvEi.wm- -ly - -E: an -. M 2- wp -1 : - X X N XF lLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEHEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEET f KhdHLShkm E Khodayar, Sobrab Kidder, Brad y 55 Kidder, Brooks Anne Kimball, John King, Cindy -.swear fa 7 A Q s w x mx Se MARKER Nw af X 'S' Q fx " ' 5515 5: ' - X , X vm Hilaire X King, Sarah Kinnard, Toni Kinney. DeAnn Klein, Dawn Klein, Steven Koch, Suzanne Koelin, Janie Kok, Hong F. Knight, Bryon Kraus, Karen Kremers, Ernie Krepps, Belinda VHECHALLENGENEETI NGTHECHALLENGEI 1EEfI NGTHECHALLENGEMEEV I NGTHECI-IALLENGEMEET I NGTHECHALLEN LaFIuer. Reva Lamproe. Betty Larason, Dee Latsamy, Pradaxay Ledbetter, Mike Le. Khoi Lewis, Bobby Lewis, Karen Lester, Shannon Little, Jeanette Little, Paul Longley, Paul Longnecker, John I it Lovett, Phyllis '- ' - i ii.:, I ,S Lowder, Theresa Ludington, Laura Lund, Terry Lundquist, Pam LLENGEVIEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEHEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEI-IEEI I NGTHECI-IALLENGEMEEI The Fort Smith Art Center is a busy organization. in January. they introduced a survival seminar for artists. Featuring Ramon Selleg, a businessman and weaver, the seminar j dealt withsuch practical issues as how to price and market works of art and how to handle taxes. February 23. the Center dedicated I the Vaughn-Schaap House, a Victorian structure which has been undergoing restoration to become the Center's gallery. The Center sponsors various exhibits, competitions, seminars and instructional classes for adults and children. Working hand-in-hand with the center, Westark artists and instructors Dan Leary, Pete Howard. Don Lee and Greer Farris have served as iudges and have been featured in exhibits. , m .,.,.M, ',' -3 aa-N -wx 'V J' aa an a Q, Maestri. Juli Maggard, Robbie Mankin, Mitzi Manning. Darcetha Marshall, Sarah Martin. Meredith Mars. Christine Mason, Kathy Matthews, Carol Mays. Tamara Mazzei, Sharon McAIister, Laurie IHECI-lALl.ENGEI"IEE'II NGTHECHALLENGEIIIEEI I NGTHECI-il-ILLENGEIIIEEI I NGTHECI-IALLENGEVIEEI I NGTHECHALLEN A S05 I1 423, ,X -In SM:-ffm 'luv nil' Mcflleiiand. Michael McCIure, Sandra Mciionneii. Roger McCormick, Bernadette McDougal, Sean McGuire, Sheila Over IIO churches from 25 denominations conduct services in the immediate Fort Smith area. Some are as old as the town itself with majestic Victorian facilities. Others are newly organized with modern architecture, and landscaping. Some are small, others are very large. Perhaps one of the greatest services Westark can perform for them is through the music department. Just as churches differ in size and age, their music differs in type and difficulty. Westark's courses give the musician, whether religious or secular, a chance to expand his or her knowledge and ability. if 'O 53 left- ,-rg: A. ff ns i 2:5 3 4' l ' 3. . X! , W5 N Ng, ., K ,V m:f.,....,... ..,.. ,. ..,, ..,L.,ql:il,'-,, , .. , my 'Wi-V NU V,,-,,,....,?,Q.c:::.....,....... . ,.,.... M VV zigwpfxi , 'n,5i.:u'lL ijwo- " ill' rr- rflfllhfl lf- :Men 'fb :- Qt ff .Lg z: l gcfafiyl- :34,gsgf.- it iillffi ffm " I- .1544 " ' fs-ii!-'Ml 'ff' " ffiii'f'i"L-. 5 l ll 'w f 13 -.if'i""'fG' "i'il'fff!' 'F-5 itll I llfifw .,f Qy15,5.3'fg9g5f5g4, , I: -- 'fjgyml Q 1555 "-lf-rv1!l'1lililf+'i' 1 iff" .list --F l'ij'll:71l 4xg,,jg5l!,,,yrlllg- Q.. V ' 'qu f 'Q 'ygigj 'ffliliif' , i .ifaig'fQtfQll'lI 4:: ll .3 , t if i V laf5f1ff':'.,.fiipiiialt gall.-res.-5-2? mari ' ' 4 . ia" .... , f':vf'f-'ghcltmelam ,Wir 1 ,-. F.. . A Q ..... ,, ., r:e::.a,g,, -.ll ' glwyfhlgyg.-.!L...t.,:.4!:e.u,. , lflHqllf.'l'r:r:::---""'g? ' .- ll ssm 'lull - "H V l"E4.l'Siwf1r3.'3gi. F , . . 'firm::fff:1lllf'f377f'7??L:?If"flff"'Twfilf L dllllf'll53'flgtSlgvl.Ql?2flT?Qi'ffl.L 2 EMEETI NGlHECHALLl2NGEMEEl I NGTHECI-lAI.LENGEl'lEET I PJGTHECHALLENGEF-lElfll NGTHECHALLENG ElVlEEl McKee, Marsha l McKinney, Edith Meadows, Lisa Mendoza. Sheliy Metcalf, Sherri Mcelaney. James L Q? Q . Melton, Kim Mickle, Lex Middleton, Greg Mings, Brenda Mitchell, Paul Mitchell, Tina Moody. Robbin Moore, Charlotte Moore, Dave Moore, DeLisa Moore, Fonda Moore, Judy EFHECI-IALLENGEVIEETI NGTHECHAl.LENGEl'lEl1'l I lNGTHECl-lALLENGEl'lEEl I NGTHECllAl.LENGEl'lEEl I NGTHECHALI.EN4 ..:sW,,h , sir : .v-""""" ' 5':'Fs:. ' 1:.. I.. XNIQQ- -1--GN., Moose. David Morgan, April Morgan, Verna Morrison. Pam Moseley. M Sandy Moser, Annette Moses, Georgeanna Moudy, Amy Mullen, Debbie Mullens, Linda Murdock, Marvin Murphree, Russell Musa, Tawfig Neal, Lee Neel, Marisu Nelson, Randall Neumeier, Nicholas Nicka. Greg .sails is :. .X . 5 Huw ,N Qx ' xii .Q -x ik X R S S ,:N.. M, 5 , R 5 g if , gg, A i. , . 4 N if Mil iff' QkSF?sllf5f5, , . 17- ' N Q, . . Vx. emi,-Sax ,ss 53:9 as gsfw? . .V f.ssrf.sf3v:sfi, Ms- .qfsxws X. X .l QEQIMLE 5. Q gi 3 3550. fs - M LLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENEEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEHEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEEl l Nichols, John Nicholson. Daniel Nicklin, Rick Nunn. Carolyn Nunthoung, Oumonthara 108 O'Kelley, Sabrina Y ':"s el may 25525 ,531 'if ,- si: 1 gsge gek-ff Mg "' Oetw 1 . s - - as . . ..., ms p tai - " fm, :ee illie , A, as X NW ,W Oliver, Jimmy O'NeaI, William Pack, Randy Pair, Shane Parish, Glenn Patterson, Kim Patton, Melissa Paulette, Diana Pendleton, Vicki Peng, Yap Kooi Pennington, Bob Perceful, Alesia THECHALLENGENEEF I NGTHECHAlJ.ENGEl'lEElI NGTHECHALLENGHVEET I NGTHECHAI.l.ENGEl'lEET I NGTHECHALLENC Perkins, Ginda Perkins, Judy Perry. Phil Peterson. David Peterson. Eric Pettigrew. Jerry Pham, Hung Pham, Nam Yen N , f Phill i p s , Be n '- '- ' Phillips, Jody Pilkington, Tami Pinkerton, Steve Poindexter, Tracy Pool. Thomas Poole, Robbie Poore, Kim Powell, John Powers, Melissa KLLENGEMEET I llGTHEClrlAl.l.ENGElVlEEl I NGTHECI-l!-lLLENGEl lEET l llCTHECPlALl.ENGEllEEll NGTHECHAl.l.ENGElVlEE Computors have replaced typewriters for many businesses. Upgrading and updating of equipment and methods as in other fields, is a constant process in the business world. Secretarial sciences are changing, iobs require new skills. ln this everchanging market, Westark holds it's head high. State of the art equipment, and the newest methods give the Westark student an edge in a very competitive society. ln the business- secretarial field, well over 901, of Westark students who complete the required training for their desired field get a job in that field. Computors increase efficiency for the classified ad section of the Southwest Times Record. s""g tx Price, Carol Price. Tina Primm, Melissa Pryor, Beth Pryor, Janie Ralph, Nancy Ramirez, Alfredo Ramsey, .lack Ramsey Victoria Randall, David Ray, Debbie Reasoner, Mary lHECHAl.l.ENGEl"lEl?lI NGTHECI-lAl.l.ENGEl'lEEl I NGTHECI-lAl.l.ENGEl'lEU I NGTHEClrlAl.l.ENGElVlEET I NGTHECHALLENC Reed, Rhonda Reese, Jamelyn Releford, Connie 1 Reves, Lawrence .Z 'Qi c Richardson, Danielle Lf y ,.-, i , . M R eeae Rickard Kristi QNX Riddle, Beth Rideout, Greg Rider, Trudy Riggs. DeAnne Rivera, Gladys Robbins, Gaylon Roberts, Clinton Robertson, Warren Robertson, Valeria Robinson, Susan Robinson, Tammy Robison, Rachelle R39 l f N f 1 1 X X six H' Q S E , N HECHALLENGENEETINGTHECHALLENGEHEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENG 112 Rogers. Rick Roper, Melanie Ross, Kecia Ross, Robin Roy. .less Russell, Paula E? NWS' gm .E iii .g 2 2 is mi 1 1 2, 23,2153 ttf as S 3 A s ily 2 3 i Fort Smith is the most media saturated city of its size in the United States. Three network affiliated television stations and thirteen radio stations with various formats provide many jobs to those entering the broadcast field. ln addition, the Fort Smith area supports one daily paper, two bi- weekly papers and seven advertising agencies. Rising to meet the need of trained people to work at these various media jobs, Westark provides training, co-operative education, and hands-on experience to the student of journalism. f-was gf wats,www.,em.,s,s..,.wm.i.itsVbmwU-mfsfwsssffffsztw-1'ssggwzzwasJSE:swmg:zmgggwhngzfft.whiffUefigglgssgifz5U.Q:gym5:agwiaffagst2zz-asttizgggwifztgeafireggshssitgffgiz55515455552is3:55133555535524555:jggwifggggjfitgsfgiyssztgge WwisisgmwsigwQsifrmfsfems.iffmfzgfwtzmmwa UWUQ,ewUs.-wwiwwww.-.,3mM,, Qs.M,,.aw,.f+w., UWM, wma tw., ms, Wm, . W, .W ma, U, . .Q tw. :asf U' sg as H Eg?s,wWxz1?M,1ggfs53,s,g5gsggggvgtggggggfmfggwsasagagwssessassgg gmtfsagmwg:m.,g.,4,gga-p.N.,gwN.Mgmwmwm -ww., HwW.',mss,ssWig, mm.wm4U am. Mgmt wma imma was gzggwgwgm' Emgu, W , Q ,, . sa m,,.3a,,, awww Qs K ,, www ma, .V W,-ps. Q, W avg .mm N, s ,mms 21-waffles WQ5.,3a1s hisssfwswmmwsefistneesxssset lssassiiassssssesswawwassssassssszswamswsass sm ex as i:,.,,smM,swm,mm Q am?-H . Q t - t . 2 fssajxsfigg msssiffgflifif B' qsksiss wwsssimisssssat ma ' ' was-wswmlm was? 5 U , mtv, swam wwwef N lmgsfswm was f 2 Swvgif U mms 3 ,, .gamma , H- W My 3fil'lQfsw - za. ifiliigisl P gggemv 6 w:.:smm ,H fwgzm.s..'M.,ts:f x Q . 'M as X W meats 2 t t 5 My ' 'S 5 X Effie sesekm 1 Q k ..s,g:wazsgwszsgfmggwQwzgggftgggywsszzzsswzzzwfgegwmpg-Q,.g3N.s f :gig-Qsxrffgimfrzsz'ffm-fgfffvszzgflfafsigessszgfm ' 'mv zfzsisiiwm 5 2 Q 2 Schluterman, Rodney Schneider, Candace Scowden, Stacey Seavey, Francis Seiter, Jacqueline Severett, Clyde Shamburger, Doug Shaw, Bruce Shelton, Judy Shepard, Barbara Sims, Debra Skaggs, Jennifer I ,. y 1 A l S 2' if ' 2 , -I f fi Z 4" ff Hwnf??1w2sliH .ENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEHEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETI Think about it. If you don't own a business. you'Il work for one when you graduate - if you're not al- ready warking for one now. A drive down Towson. Garrison. or Rogers Avenue testifies to the large number of businesses in Fort Smith. Central Mall added an entire wing of stores including Dillard's during the year. Small shopping centers. in turn, popped up all around the mall. Westark recognizes the growth in Fort Smith business - it's goal to stay ahead of the growth and to wisely read the trends and direc- tions of business, providing train- ing that will equip students to step into leadership and employee roles when they graduate. 'WW Main bt 1 'sake A ,. , 5'1f V 3 f1 'A i M Skaggs, Kelvin Smith, Dusty Smith, Linda Smith, Michele Smith, Mike Smith, Tim Solomon, Joe Springer, Michael Spruell, Ray Stanzione, Carol Steel, Joe Stephens, Michele ECI-lAl.l.ENGEl"lEElI NGTHECPIALLENGENEETI NGTHECHI-lLI.ENGEl'lEETI NGTHgECl-lAlJ.ENGEVlEET l,NGTHECI-lALLENGE Sfdphene. Jeff S M i Stobie, James , S Stone, Robert Strokes, Johanna Stubbiefield, Ramona Stubblefield. Scott Sugg, Jack Sugg, Lori Sulcer, Kyle Swedeen, Paul Tannehill, Sue Tate, Rhonda Taylor, Arnell Teague, Sandra Thomas. Dolores Thomas, Elizabeth im Thomas, James 'Sm if , ,- 2 Thomas, Margie .ENGElV'iEElIllGTHECH!-ll.l.ENC5ElVlElfllNGTHECHAl.lENGEl'lEETINGTHECHAl.l.ENGEl-lElflI NGTHECHALLENGElVlEElI The evolution ofthe justice system in ForteSmith is apparent to even the casual observer. Judge Parker. Rooster Cogburn and William Henry Harrison Clayton are names known not only to local history buffs, but to writers and movie producers nationwide as well. Their , lives have given Fort Smith a colorful heritage. 5 Justice and law enforcement have grown and changed with the city. Fort Smith takes pride in it's legal system - from peace officers to lawyers and judges. Dedication and a willingness ii T , Q to serve characterize the legal system. Q Training programs in Cfimifwlvsv and law ,. enforcement areane- r i ii it r , , r cessity if this qtxaiity i,i. is to be maintained' i ,V,. Westark takes. this M M W W 'n l 2 Challenge Serwusly ii if ii ii it it ii at V and works with these .. .. an , 3 students to improve T M fi li ii ll their academic skills ll H as well. E ll l ll ll li 116 Thessing, Frederick Thrift, Carol Tidwell, Cecilia Tollett, Michael Toran, Paul Townsend, Kim Townsend, Michael Turnage, Terrance Turner, Mike Underwood, Donald Uyi, Otote Vanourny, Darin N GTHECHALLl2NGE"lElfl I NGTHECHAI.LENGEl'lEET I NGTHECI-l!-lLLElNlCjET'lEEl I NGTHECHAl.LEllGEl vannumig fmahkf iliiri vines, Danna y Venable. Kim Venderber. Laura Wade, Marvin Waggoner, Cindy Wahlers, Tim Walden, Robert Walker, Tami Wallace, Suzie Walters, Joey Walters, Shelia Wangler, Emily Ward, Randy Watkins, David Watkins, Linda Watkins, Pam ' Vg! , W? ENGEMEET I NGTHECHAl.l.ENGEMEEl I NGTHECHAl.l.ENGEllEEl I llGTHECHALl.ENGEl'lEEll NGTHECHI-lLlJiNGEl'lElfl I ll Watkins, Teresa Webster. Tammy Weisenfels. Michelle Wennburg. Julie Werner, Camille Westphalen, Shane t N 2 , .Q ..:... X l Qf Sr Wheeler, Beverly Wheeler, Charles Wheeler, Phillip White, Chuck White Denise White, Gaylon White, Jacqueline White, Robert Whitford, Jeana Whittington, Julie Wigley, Victoria Wilkins, Casey ECHAl.l.ENGEl"lEEl I NGTHECI-lAl.LENGElflEEl I NGTI-lECHAl.I.ENGElflEEl I NGTHECI-lAl.l.ENGElVlEE'l l NGTHECHAl.l.ENGE Echols Elementary is one of 28 public schools in the city of Fort Smith. L tgfgfpggiggfanfrexetting time wlthrefgiueation. with a l wehititbftechnology to relyonand utilize. according to Ann Horn, A Fort Smitifs instructional Supervisor, Horn deals mostly with teachers and programs in elementary and secondary schools. Tony -Seherrey, supervisor of secondary education. expressed appreciation for - r Westisttiiftf cooperative ' spirit within the community. Because of it. the city has been able to conserve its resources and still offer our students excellent opportunities. 119 Wilkins, Tracy Williams, Gary Williams, Nancy Williams, Paul Williams, Rhonda Williamson, Kevin Willis, John Wilson, Eddie Wilson, John Wilson, Laura Wilson, Tasha Wing, Tom I "" V, , .. ,.., fa? ,,,,,, 'f V ENGElVlEEl I NGTHECI-lAl.l.ENGElVlEEl l NGTHECHALLENGH lEEl I llGTHECHALl.ENGEllEElI NGTHECHALl.ENGEl'lEE'l I N Winters, Martha Winters. Paul Womack, Kenny Womack, Mike Womack. Melanie Woodall. Donna I- 'W-I A ,QA ,Q W ff F5 I .R we f W ,Q Eff QQEYA ...- -1 .DF ny V x gl -M" lik if 1 I 5 j If J Hey, world! Look! I'm not just a face in the F 1 , I 5 crowd - l'm s ecial. I . yr I If X J ,QI One A persgn And who am I? 5 H il y I 5 I don't know yet, out I'm finding out, -little by N If l'rriIt!IfetI:li51ig.Extgliijy territory, attempting XL r ptiifd I atgemuenfamiliar. ECHALLENGENEET I NGTHECHALLENG EFIEEI I NGTHECHI-ILLENGEIIIEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEIVIEET I NGTHECHALLENGQ Woodall, Louis I Wright, Wilford W Yarbrough, Roxanne f' 1 Young, Robin Young. Shelia Youngblood, Barry Yousef, Bassam 121 rr im Organizations are an important part of the educa' tional process at Westark. Some are structured work groups providing information and activities to the student body. Others operate with informal formats allowing students needed time and op- portunity to practice newly acquired skills or ian- guages Still others bring students with similar friendship and a chance to unwind. The Student Activities Council ties all these orga- nizations together while providing its own ser- vice. President - Mike Bradley- Vice President for recruitment and retention - Jim Marks- Vice President of Chairs - Mike Turner, Secretary - Mitzi Mankin. goals. interests, and ideas together providing tg y , i" fi? it ff? r , WM Q f , 5 ,,,, ,M ,, , 'iff gy ,Melt L QK3w,,4'w? f ri, gg . A, , Mffsf f -Wm, vfwges ex ig W , ,.. , e of 4 91 ff W 'ii YTINGTHECHALLENGEMEET INGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETI NGTHECHALLENGENEUINGTHECW 01? AMZV4 ZJUJVS 15, 23 E. z: G 4 I .Q ef I V 'M Stacey Jones, Director of Student Activities Pauline Plummer, Secretaryfllox Office Al.I.ENGEl"lEEl INGTHECH!-lLl.ENGEl"lEETlNGTHECHALLENGEI-lEEllNGTHECI-lAl.LENGEl-lEElINGTHECHALl.ENGEllEE Student Activities Council Front: Keri Didier, Pam Reed, Mitzi Mankin. Laura Verderber. Nancy Taylor. Bryon Knight. Standing: Stacey Jones. Marga Jennen, Theresa Burton. Millie Thomason, Mike Bradley, Lisa Beattie, Jim Marks, Mike Turner, Terry Anderson 124 ETINGTHECI-lAl.l.ElllGl3llEEl INGTHECI-lALl.ENGEll'lEET INGTHECHAl.l.ElwlGEl'lEEllNGTHECHALliNGElllEl1'llNGTHECI-ll . 5 Q ar S 1- i ell it at WX Jackie White: Tosha Griffith. Secretaryt Charles Albrittom Barry Youngbloodz Williams. Treasurer, Valerie Robinson. President, A Rhonda .T.E.P. S.T.E.P., Students Together Effectively Progressing, hosted a gospel extravaganza in which several area choirs participated. Awards were given to outstanding blacks of this area. One of the years' highlights, S.T.E.P. hosted a Hal Jackson Talented Teens International Contest. Aretha Hogue, l5, received Miss Talented Teen of Fort Smith. Pictured above, Stephanie Rogers, Chere Belcher, Tosha Griffith, Rhonda Williams, Jackie White, Delores Thomas, Genine Shoate, Emma Watts - sponsor, James Dodson, Deann Bigler, and Aretha Hogue worked together to organize the talent contest. Club Officers: Patricia Ames. Treasurert Margie Thomas. Secretaryl Delores Thomas, Reporter: Melissa Powers. President, Nancy Zechiedrich, Sponsor. Officers not pictured, Jorge Garcia and Mattie Brewer. lALI.EllGElVlEElINGTHECHAl.l.ENGEl"EETINGTHECl-lALLENGEl-lEElINGTHECHALl.ENGElflEEllNGTHECH!-lLLENGEl"lEl y As one of its many activities, the Spanish Club manned a snack booth at the Old Fort River Festival selling batidos and spanish fruit slushes. Several club members attended the language fair in Tulsa where they saw "Don Quitoxe " performed in both Spanish and English. 126 Spanish Club wif The French Club gives students who speak French a chance to improve their reading, speaking and understanding of the language as well as an opportunity to learn about French customs and protocol. At meetings club members experienced a variety of French cuisine, films, slides and games. Several members attended the language fair in Tulsa where they saw "The Little Prince" performed in both French and English. The French Club is sponsored by Sister Carmen Beshoner. i TINGTHECI-IALLENGEMEETINGTHECI-ll-lLl.ENGElVlEElINGTHECHAl.LENGEl"lEEllNGTHECHAl.LENGEliiEETINGTHECI-I!! French Club we Club officers: Anne Valenti, Presidentl Lori Lewis. Vice President: Shane Pair, Secretary-treasurer. l HALl.ENGEll'lEEllllGTHECHAl.l.ENGE'VlEETINGTHECHALLENGElflEEl INGTHECHA-I.ENGEl-lEEll NGTHECHAl.l.ENGEllE Student urses Association From studies on eating disorders to campaigns to help students quit smoking. the activities of the Student Nurses Association have often involved a large part of the student body. This organization provides student nurses with information, conferences and opportunities to get involved with important issues related to the nursing field. 128 Top: Anita Hammock, Sponsors Vicky Hance, President, Tim Fuller, Presi- dent-elect, Sherri Perkins. Co-Sponsor, Pam Duke, Secretary-elect, Beth Griffith. Secretary. Phi Beta Lambda members - Marcia Haggard, Mike Parsons and Linda Smith, took first place in business decision making at the state conference and went on to represent Arkansas in the national conference in Houston. Marcia 5 Haggard was elected state secretary for the Future Business Leaders of America. iALLENlGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECHALLENGEIVIEET INGTHECHI-XLl.ENGElV'iEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEI Phi Beta Lambda PBL officers: Jean Turner, Reporter, Linda Smith, Secretary: Jane Kimsey, Vice presidents Mike Parsons. President, Kathy McWater, Treasurert Jenny Myers, Historian. 129 JfNGElVlEEl INGTHECHA..ENGElVlEElINGTHECHALLENGEIVIEEU NGTHECHAl.liNCElVlEETINGTHECI-lAl.LENGEPlEEl Only students with I2 hours or more of work leading toward a recog- nized degree and a grade point average of 3.5 or better are invited to become a part of Phi Theta Kappa. Phi Theta Kappa is a national organization which encourages aca- demic excellence and provides scholarships for students of two year colleges. PTK members went through initi- ation ceremonies in February and were distinguished at commence- ment by a gold shawl. 5.5 Chess Club 3Ell'lEE'lINGTHECHAl.LENGElVlEEl INGTHECHALIJSNGEIVIEETINGTHECHAl.l.ENGENEETINGTHECHAl.LENGElllEElING The Chess Club provides an opportunity for students to learn and play chess. Afternoons in the union occasionally found members huddled around a game table concentrating on the strategic chal- lenge of one of the world's oldest games. 131 A place to go - sometimes quiet and serene. sometimes alive with the noise of a crowd: a place to study, a place to unwind. Parties, cook-outs, lock-ins, mixers. - Yet the B.S.U. is much more than a social organization, It provides a variety of activities and learning experiences for its members including a leadership training conference, the state B.S.U. convention is Little Rock, a fund raiser for missions. and an across the border Missions Conference in Fort Worth. Texas. Director is Rosie Simpkins. HALlENGElVlEElI NGTHECHALLENGEIVIEETI NGTHECllALLENGEllEElI lilGTHECHALl.ENGEl'-lEEl I NGTHECI-lALLENGElVlE Baptist Student Llnion Above - President Dana McDaniel relaxes with a movie. Left - Outreach chairman Tonia Pullen takes advantage of the quiet atmosphere. Genesis I, sponsored by John Deaton, gives students a chance to examine the evidence supporting creation. Seminars on creation and other aspects of science are geared to show how biblical truths can be applied to life and science. Motivational seminars stress the power of I positive attitudes and lifestyles. IILLENGEIVIEEII NGTHECI-IALI.ENGEIl'lEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEIVIEEI I NGTHECI-IALLENGEMEETI NGTHECHALIJ2NGEl"IEE Genesis I .1.v, Y l Front center, Marti Pannikar. Back: Gil Brown, Scott Bruner. Bruce Shaw. Bob Pennington. Kelly Hicks, Neil Bagget, .lohn Ferrick. 133 Director Logan Green confers with choir members on details of "Trial by Choir ss X: J' 5 H LENGElVEElINGTHECHALLENGEJl'EElINGTHECl-lAl I FlNlGFlVlFFllNGTl-lF CH Al I FNGFlVlFl-'TlNlSTHFCl-lAl l,ENGEl"lEEll ereee B eeree 1 Shannon Butler as Richy Fisher David High! Boyd Irons Jack Whelchel Alan Hinkle Jimmy Kersh Dennis Mayville Russell Wordlow B B Dwayne Walden Chris Bell Gaylon White Lonnie Hurst Carolyn Hoopaw eana Warneke Katie Welsh Donna Woodall Kim Townsend Shelli Curlin Janet Morrow Dawn Dowty Amy Casalman Lela Bailey Rachel Easley Shannon Hughes Susan King Karen Kraus B s as -Valeria Robinson .QQBFOI Stanzione T ssyissis ssi i Christine Hurst The WCC Choir presented a tribute to Bach and Handel on the 300th Anniversary of their births. With the aid of Reggie Moore. WCC Choir presented two pieces at graduation - "The Holy City" and "OI Moses Put Pharoah in His Place." AL.EiGEMEEfINGTHECHALLENGEMEETINGTHECI-lAL.E VGIENEEFINGTHECHALLENGEWEETINGTHECHALLENGENEE W 4- S The WCC Choir production of Gilbert and SuIIivan's "Trial by Jury" highlighted the spring semester. Above left: Gaylon White refines his part. Above right: Bridesmaids Amy Casalman, Dawn Dowdy, Janet Morrow, and Shelli Curlin sing to the entrance of the jilted bride. Left: Props are unloaded in preparation for a performance at Magazine. 135 The Jazz Band's busy year included a tour of area high schools, campus concerts, performances at The Miss Westark Pageant, graduation, and a tribute to Alfonzo Trent. Participating in the Green Country Jazz Festival at Northeastern Oklahoma University at Talenquah, the Jazz Band brought home the first place trophy and three first place soloist awards. These went to Cleo Toran, Russell Wordlow and Bobby White. This year the sophomore musician awards went to Robbie Parker and Tom Chatman. W -I 471-' ff, . I ny f V S 74,1 ' " fm H 5 M ,if HALLENGEl'IEElINGTHECI-lALLENGEIVlEETINGTHECHALLENGEI-lEEl INGTHECI-IALLENGET-iEElINGTHECHALLENGEME Jazz Band N.,rN-f Front: Bobby White, Russell Wordlow, Robbie Parker. Herb Brock, Wilfred Wright, Cleo Toran, Henry Rinne - Director. Back: Tom Chatman, Jeff Bowling, Dwayne Walden. Deron Freeman, Richard Kelley, Alan Hinkle, Randall Nelson, Joey Craine. Not pictured: Bliss Alexander, Rodney Crawford, Brian Gary. Trent Goodman. The Wind Ensemble joined the choir in a tribute to Handel and Bach on the 300th anniversery of their births. They also presented a concert on April 30 which featured director Henry Rinne as soloist on the soprano saxophone. Lonnie Hurst served as student conductor. EFINGTHECI-lALLENGEl'lEE'lIllGTHECHALLElllGEllEINGTI-IECl'lALLENGEl"lEElIllGTHECHALl.ENGElllEETINGTHECH Wind Ensemble Front: Shari Bullington, Robbie Parker, Frances McFeeters, Katie Welch, Lela Bailey. Karrie Graham, Susan King. Back: Henry Rinne - director. Jeanna Warneke. Boyd Irons. Stacy Sangster, Nick Graham. Russell Wordlow, Ben Barthel. 137 Cheers! '84- '85 Basketball Cheerleaders Jas HALLENGEIVEEl'INGTHECHALLENGEYEETINGTHECHALLENGEHEET INGTHECI-lALLENGETf7EETINGTHECHALLENGEME Fava- -was-. 1 if .. AAV4. 3 1 , . , V: .,,, I Q- V. sy n ' 5 f g 1 A' -Ai,'iiQJ'4v L f V I In qlwigf. .. 14,0 V'--h,,,5f" 1,.f af, , ' ....,. ,,,,.,, , I N , ,A . ' if-'354 Q 'f V? M -, wmv-i Vx 3 H . Qffggmfg xfr' L . may . af Nr" 73 Wx Q, ,J .W ,ay me ,af 4. . J , M., , H i A, '45 4 9, ' Q , " It ef' sk 4 ' Y ,M 5, J ., W 1-K Melody Talley Joan Franklin Delgres Thomas TINGTHECHALI.ENGEI'lEETINGTHECI-IALLENGEVIEET INGTHECI-IALLENGEHEET INGTHECHALLENGENEETINGTHECHA Carol Hickey awww 'f , qw X , I I f-Q Y N' hd 5 I i V' ,QAK V N iw., 5.1 ,J Lk uriv? vw., i y 4 r Njlx . .Q tv Qtafz . fe . , . JI ft 1. . ,.-. A, .f 'Ham ,, Q 9, , . ? 'MX-H t . A , I 4 A 4 V .. 1 2 ' U 1'x"L -. LXU. Q 55? ' 'fx sf? . XM- 3 ,P ,Sf .Nmg txlk U Q 5 'ha f 3 1 s Mm. A ' ' - Qt!! Libby Brooks X Toni Kinnard Tasha Wilson A ii 'H- , i K if - A,x.. -r M v ' " 1 K :-1 fi , ' -, . Q N X 139 JVIEETI NGTHECI-lALLENGEMEE'l I NGTHECHALLENGENEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEVIEET I NGTHECHALLENGEMEETI NGTI' ,Ext K Ecology instructor Davis Meeks stops to identify some native plants for another group visiting the park. 140 ' -fa. Park personnel explained uses. origins and folk lore associated with park plants. ' Shelly, Michelle, and Darla identified them from a list provided by instructor Meeks. Kennard finds a new way to stay cool. . , ' 1 , he ., 1 Y qw , V of I "' ' f?i+ ?3+f2 Wir I I s - ' 5 1 'i , ' ' I I gig I ii' I I Q " I - 5 I 'Ji' ' I ' 91 A A I I ' I I - - gat I :rf , I ,Vg I - I I . I 4,5-if K, I I ,I +4 'I' , 'f 5, . Q ,I Z. ,, W ' fu' ' I ,,:, iz L 'ka' 'VJ' . 4,22 s f fffQ4f"f " 'W W if MH .Ha rsh a v. r ' ' Shelly Inman. Michelle Timinello, Kennard Alexander, louis Cook. Maurice Jackson, Darla Johnston. Junior Curtis, Stan Neidecker. Bernard Cash and Sandra Teague wait for instructions. Scientist Tom Aley ponders a question. IGEMEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEE-I I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEII NGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHI-ILLENGENEET I NC If--0, 4 gsm sag? - 515' H-191, WW Students attend a surface tour which relates topography to the underground structure and water system. Problems in environment resulting from carelessness and ignorance are discussed. Bunk and field houses are supplied. Below: Sandra Teague. Susan Jamison, Bob Jamison, Melissa Meeks. Tasha Wilson. Peggie Meeks, Brenda Cobb, Cindy Waggoner. Mike Tollet. Kristen Meeks, and David Meeks prepare to enter cave with scientist Kathy Aley Qfar leftj. , . X V.Lx-f 23 Driplets of water release minute deposits on the sides and tips of cave formations. TI' gif' , - . tk A xgk I , , 9' i " ' SIM 141 s 1 If W 'la It '- p 5 rQ X rw? l sw ,E- si X2 X if x sf- xsl - xx K 'QL k fm Left: Gabriela Kinslow and Jorge Garcia entertained with the Mexican Dance. Below. Arelys Catena, Maribel Corredor, Javier Corredor, and Elfredo Ramirez performed South American love songs. 1 Q ,f , IGEIVIEEII llGTHECHALl.ENGElVlEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEEI I NGTHECHAl.LENGEIViEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEIIIEET ING so Opposite left: Joining in I4 different kinds of enter- tainment, Ba-Bara per- formed an Oriental dance. Ali Moubarak played and sang Arabic songs. Above: Vanhxay Sengkhamyong - Laotian dance, Right: Janet Agular and Anna Maria Guerrero - Bolivian dance. Many people aren't aware of the number of countries represented in the college and community. The Interna- tional Dinner gave 26O people who would normally not be in contact with each other a chance to see and experience togetherness. That is the purpose of the dinner: promoting cultural understanding, and bringing people together to enjoy their differences. Participants compile a recipe book translated by Lanelle Stiles to be given out at the dinner. Each year the number of par- ticipants and guests grows as previous experiences are shared. I International Picnic GEIVIEEII IIGTHECI-IALIJENGEIVIEET I IIGTHECHALLENGEIVIEEI I NGTHECHALLENGEMEETI NGTHECI-IALLENGEIVIEEI ING The International Picnic hosted by Sister Carmen Beshoner at St. Scholastica was one of the many events internationals experienced this year. Such events help students from other countries make new friends and learn about some of our great traditions - like the barbecue! All students and faculty are wel- comed at international events, and find them a chance to learn and understand students from many different countries. Below Carmen Beshoner and Margaret Newell sample the fare. Right - Jane Pryor enjoys her meal with the students. if John Valenti exhibits his talent at the grill. 1 i as ii is as .E Tom Walton. director of Student Publications i Cindy Prater, Lions Pride editor Donna Woodall, NUMA editor 3ElVlEElINGTHECHALLENGEMEEl'INGTHECHALLENGENEETINGTHECHALLENGEMEEVINGTHECHALLENGEMEEVINGT Front: Katie Gude, Donna Woodall, Glenda Perkins, Second row: Rick Nicklin, Cindy Prater, Glenn Parrish, Charlotte Freeman, Third row: Scott Gordey, Michael McClel- land, James Stevens, Melanie Roper. Fourth row: Terry Anderson, Charles Wheeler, John Dunn, Dennis Wilkins. Not pictured: Jeanette Anderson, Hong Kok, DeLisa Moore, Kim Poore, Deborah Reynolds, Cecilia Tidwell. Student Publications Where do you get the experience and exposure you need to break into a media career when you're completely green and not sure you can make it? At Westark, Student Publications is giv- ing students that opportunity every semester. Some find just what they want and either go on to get a degree in journal- ism, or enter the job market in Fort Smith, aided by cooperative education jobs andfor their experience at Wes- tark. And some quit after one semes- ter, realizing it wasn't what they ex- pected. It's not easy, it's not a free ride. But for those serious about journalism it's great. x f wcmgs X 1 Xxx lg ff Mask? 'Q fx SS is N-Q iii Q . M35 M 11 f if 115 I' r W A 'f f-f-f uf X. I ' ff S. A ns., ' 5 3 J 3 S 5 - " ,ff :4. f:,f-ia. YiiYXb.xX+- xx+ -X kv wkfm Y , H ff '73f9f'i.'725ff731?4EzfG?f-9:1:ff'?f :Ek'YN?NJN5RIfQ'5""X'J.WI ?.aQIilxi5 .W-xfm -Q --.s-- u-M.-M-V- - -A ' ffM114-151411342ww-2f,'ffE..12g-giggygfixf .gi NIH?-QQIX.-QXCICQQQ-.Xxx X'-'XxY' fwxw ' X'Q.X'MN Q,Wg', X ' 441fm,f4wz"ZQ14Z7'1'gif - XNXNN X'x.f1W.q- -,xxx 'K Quu.yXx N,-m.x,U,-Y n," W,fffAAy,,6.1 f,5,wifg:f'2 ,f-f4,,,::?--,QN Xxx xx w,.NxRXOX X' My x, Mg,-,Hp yn-,,,, ,ww M .1 ffl'-fy' nff41'0',2f"jf iii"- N A G XXXXXx'W3x,uA:M X HA XXX! l Q1mQ'nfl'gNNvF' 'V-'gvfw-xf'f'. Wf1"" "' l' f' 'f'ffb'ff S xx ww W 'x t W Shif'W-f w"wS3i1f1H+w3x': If ?'s+H" A WS: ' K - ll ft 541' W 'Z , ww'-i'J il- l i ,' " -nl ' -' " "xx is A H 1 s i .2 2 xily' 'Mt J "E 1: " 'M 1 Q iP'fQf Q1ng5Qlfigzlfkgaeffffgggyijwwf? gp 'x'y?'f'A My ffl? 1 gal!!!-5?f?2f?.3 g'f?Zf3!:35E?3Es1ff5g3g I-V''!" 'w'xKxkJ'P'mff ywlflf, fff?If.f'11 A 'ZA"r1 "ffm ' 'ff1:1'9??ff?r M , x-!'.:.f...xfs l..Ll,..llV -'- - +':'cf,f,,fif1 WW! ' 'xh' 'III' X ! A:.1:.ff:I-'fa' :if fffffff QR'xx-x'Mf?QlN?wNrBEx 'ffwiv.1,4fffwmzffflflif!'fmm'fm' WIIWWWIJM: ' 'I' ft " ' 1223! I-mllln 1 ' L P fl! ' f' 7 - ' A, , '1' 1,1 .... X X01 Nl, . . . ...Hx I : 'ffl 1 f,,f SFQIYNLSCX-:fax A.-,,Lp1,1.7,,,f,lA,lf,?7l,',!,,l,1 WA4, f ,f,'1"I,,l1f,f , I , -ij-v Nv xxx K N -A I I ,, Q41117114lu4l11Qllluu1.,,A,f, , V .Hull ! IA: X N.. - SV- - . - -- 'A-- ' -9 . . . , ,,, . A 29076 E' I SUCH Lions post another record breaking season WCC 99-57 ASU, Beebe 96-50 Northark 65-55 CBC 78-45 Garland County 8057 CBC 70-57 Northark 86-6I Southern Baptist 96-72 SAU, Tech 79-4l Garland County 70-60 St. Gregory's 6l-69 Seminole 46-44COTJ SAU, Tech 53-54 Independence CKsJ 66-59 St. Gregory's 85-56 CBC 66-63 Seminole 7060 Carl Albert 7I-44 ASLI, Beebe 60-56 Eastern 77-57 Rogers 67-5I Bacone 63-45 NEO 83-46 Connors 87-66 Carl Albert 90-58 Eastern 66-52 Connors CI-Iomecomingl I 4043fOTD Rogers 77-67 Bacone 64-59 NEO Arkansas State Tournament 74-50 Garland County 89-43 CBC 85-65g SAUQ Tech 82-69 Mississippi County 70-68 Seminole 87-80 Seminole NJCAA National Tournament 86-82 Seward County Gisj 6I-70 Midland CTXD 76-69 Hinds CMSJ 65-49 Casper CWyJ 57-70 Kaskaskia QIIIJ Finished 8th in National Tournament 35-5 The Lions made their sixth trip to the NJCAA National Tournament after claiming the Bi-State East confer- ence, Arkansas State Tournament. Region II and Inter- regional championships. "There are over 500 junior colleges and only I6 teams make it to the national tournament each year," said Coach Gayle Kaundart. "Anytime you make it to the national tournament it has to be a good season." Six Westark sophomores signed scholarship offers with four year colleges. Higher scorer - points Lott - I8 Lott - l6i Jackson - I6 Lott - I7 Baker - l3i Curtis - I3 Kelleybrew - I6 Jackson - 20 Baker - I8 Lott - 25 Jackson - I6 Jackson - I6 Kelleybrew - I9 Jackson - 28 Jackson - I8 Lott - 24 Curtis - I4 Cook - I6i Jackson - I6 Jackson - 25 Jackson - 20 Lott - 22 Lott - 23 Baker - I8 Curtis - I9 Jackson - 24 Jackson - 20 Jackson - I6t Lott - I6 Lott - I8 Jackson - IO, Lott - I0 Baker - 24 Baker - I9 Cash - I7 Jackson - I6 Jackson - 20 Lott - 20 Cook - 201 Jackson - 20 Cook - 28 Lott - 26 Lott - 20 Jackson - 22 Cook - 23 Lott - I8 tx ms -sv.-ef Numan Above: Marvin Murdock, team leader in assists with l.5 per game, enjoys the applause during his introduction. Below: Junior Curtis, who tied for the team lead with l.5 assists per game. takes a shot with all five NEO defenders surrounding him. it we LL 15 .til f it i'il iw s ....k kk NR t tttltt tt r E W xi xi tasst as 1 sg Sgt? ...s iszfaiii 5 R wma T -sf FE AK S? . F is -sms " 1 AN -so M Yr Above: Ben Phillips tips in a two pointer head and shoulders above the other players. Below: Cassius Kelleybrew soars to tip a rebound to Louis Cook. r nt -"'-Quai M5553 fweemwmw Leading rebounder, 5.9 per game, Carl Lott flashes his speed on a fast break Caboveb. Below. Lott shows his stuff shot stuff as the second leading scorer, l3.6 per game. ..,A"""'s n s 19? .5331 ii-ina. iq- 1-HID Cassuis Kelleybrew looks all arms and legs as he jams one home in early season action Caboveb. Below: Louis Cook takes a charge and puts two Troians on the floor with him. Mm RESERVE? SECT! omen's Basketball Front Kim Hurt Cindy King, Tammy Franklin. Diana Paulette. Stacey Scowden. Back: Manager Shirley Ramos Tonya Clements Cindy Waggener Sheila Stamps Kelly Danner. Pam Watkins. Sandra Bogan, Christy Henson, .lami Christian Beth Riddle Below Coach Laqueta Jo Bottoms Lady Lion 's have season of firsts The Lady Lions finished off their best season ever by making it to the finals of the Arkansas state tournament for the first time. Jo Bottoms" Lady Lions also reached the 20 victory plateau for the first time with a 20-II slate. The Lady Lions were also ranked first in the nation in team field goal percentage with connections on over 54 percent of their shots. Lad Lions have best season ever WCC 64-57 ASU, Beebe 80-77 Northark 56-43 Garland County 58-83 Northark 83-64 Crowder 62-75 College of the Ozarks 66-54 Garland County 66-6l St. Gregory's 84-58 Seminole 73-74 Southern Baptist 79-70 Paris, Texas 89-43 Independence, Kansas 65-7I St. Gregory's 59-88 Crowder 7065 Seminole 76-42 Carl Albert 96-72 ASU, Beebe 60-82 Eastern State 78-72 Rogers State 74-54 Bacone 62-68 NEO 75-59 Carl Albert 65-73 Eastern State 75-66 Connors State 84-85 Rogers State 75-86 Connors State 84-68 Bacone 65-7l NEO Arkansas State Tournament 8075 ASU, Beebe 66-65 Southern Baptist 66-74 Northark The Lady Lions just keep getting better and better. "Winning 20 games is sort of a standard by which basketball teams are judged," coach Jo Bottoms pointed out. "We had never won that many games before. so we've got to be pleased with how far we've come in the past couple of years." The highlight of the season came on February I6. The Connors State Cowgirls came into the Westark gym with the nation's No. 4 ranking, but the Lady Lions sent the Cowgirls home with a 75-66 loss. A loss to NEO at the end of the regular season made chances for obtaining the 20 win plateau seem slim. But wins against ASU Beebe in the first round of the state tournament and Southern Baptist in the state semifinals brought Westark to that long awaited goal. Sandra Bogan led the Region ll scoring and rebounding charts for the second straight season. Bogan set single season and career records, also. Sophomore point guard Tonya Clements established a club record for assists. M W ,ski f' 'K me 5 , Q2 if is V , All-American Sandra Bogan was almost unstoppable as she led th g h a 26,I points per g ge, . fe 3 y 'www' s Kim Hurt takes ev pl finished the season as second lea b d h 7 2 g xS..f5'-F'-X ay against St. Gregory s. Below: Sheila Stamps ding scorer, with ll.3 points per game, and k p f f h re oun er. wit . per ame. Her Westar er ormance is a continuation o er high school achievements where she averaged 22 points per game. .. as ,fx X kiaww if l r- Q 113111112 Il, ll' X A fTXig Q. gl 'E ZZ? "1-A sig , 5--wif XTX? 3l1IIZ1f..' flgigiw ll - A3-3-57' ft" 32:15 I'-T 'T it ?i'l' T-T3 1""'::g ,MH c sisiifggf- N I X X az, .1'j,',f Q 6 ff is X as W f lv t -3 JJLKZJEZ W! , , i . -.f '?'I"" 'Nl - 2 L ' 7 -X 'i,g - f- - ...... -,,g':,'t?, V .f a X 'Z fi .f W' N ' - e 2:4 ,tr ,ff " 4 7'71?'4: 3"T--mi? 1,f'! "X" 1 ,- ' if 4' ,f s ,'t f 5 ':fr:,:3:,1:aiQ , ,o, ff A 'S N.. -T?,,4::"'W" tr:::'L.- ' ' ,ff t ifsff2'7 ff! 4"ff -- ,,,.?:,y,,,. -W-W ,fg..fYkggt-mfg fL,,f4j t jf W! f it . wtf, X I , - am.-.,-,..f -'ff ff- 1 -. f 3 5::1':X'g:fii:,2.f2gff32'1Ei, t fs :f"x:a:.--' ' V-,ALM Af , , ,Q-'-5-'.f gi . K-,i,3,f 1 I ,, ,l jf ff ffff 6 7 ' 'Sf if zf ,I f ,WZ , Q ,,,..4.,,,.f 7 X ,4 , Q N Q ,... 'VAA " f fl " "iii MW3 ,, 4 KW! " ' ,if ,evfwlffeyf if ' , f, WW K .Y Wy, ' V G f His iff' 2 , I Minfg GW? H 5 , W f MM, 4 Z ,, ' K ,ff H y :M al 'W' L, at 4 L ., 'Z' if Q., , Ax lZi'5f'Z-15' ,' ' " g ' ,, Q ' 5 N l Left: Sandra Bogan also led the Lady Lions in rebound- ing averaging Ill per outing. Above: Diana Paulette, second in assists with l.6 per game, grabs a sip of water as the team huddles around coach Jo Bottoms during a time-out. Leader in assists was Tonya Clements with 2,9 per game. M f in, The bench is on their feet as the Lady Lions count down the , ' seconds in the victor which clinched their second strai ht 'L l - ' Y 8 mwfmt., ,,,, N wlnnlng season. Baseball l l l l Kneeling: Shannon Rhea, Pete Kitchens. Second row: Brett Ritschel, Brent Gattis. Greg Micka, Bryon Todd. Third row: Todd Williams, Tim Wahlers, Karry Buloz, Bobby Muldoon, Rodney Schluterman, Jim Barnard. Fourth row, Randy Ward, Eric Peterson, Alan Harpeneau, Scott Barton, Kevin Lind. Fifth row: Kevin Edwards, Randy Allen, Steve Meyer, Mike Tollett. Sixth row: Todd Nortier, Will O'Neill, Rick Grummor, Larry Bilyeu. Below left: Head coach Bill Crowder, right: Assistant coach Rick Ritschel. 'WMM :1 :",, wg eason takes WCC Record 7 O I O College of the Ozarks College of the Ozarks Fort Scott C C Fort Scott C C lll3535ldi'thark Northark Longview C C Longview CC Longview C C Highland C C Highland C C M Maplewood C Cl MMaplewood C C 'Maplewood C C Maplewood C C Garland County Garland County La Bette C C La Bette C C Seminole C C Seminole C C 2 lll,l , indian Hilo C C gwmighgwwwmw, H ' V ' ,M ,wzfgf f ffm Q . 7 sggw, 7 V, , I iiil 'lf . wwwwwv fWWWW?l indian Hills C C Connors State Connors State Bacone Bacone Waldruf C C Waldruf C C Eastern State Eastern State Carl Albert Carl Albert Seminole Seminole NEO NEO Connors State Connors State Arkansas Tech Arkansas Tech Garland County Garland County Bacone Bacone 'Eastern State Eastern State L , Regional Tournament L or com fame rfre M lllirea 2 gogyy! T yyyyy y,,y is sms f Www? L O O O O I I 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 88888888886a:amzxms:zggmmwommmaawwwww B828 rollercoaster ride lt was a season of streaks for the baseball Lions - winning streaks and losing streaks. The Lions started with five wins, three of them shutouts. After splitting the next six games to fall to 8-3, the Lions won eight in a row to raise their mark to an impressive I6-3. Next, the Lions lost three straight to Indian Hills after taking the first game of the four game series. That dropped them to i8-9. After splitting the xnext five twinbills. the Lions then dropped five in a row. This lowered their record to 22-20. But, like a rollercoaster, the Lions then finished off the regular season with nine wins including four doubleheader sweeps to enter post season tournament play at 3l-20 where they dropped three of four to finish 32-23. ,MWm.,, V """5 . ,rf L L , rw . . 2 t Wag-,5 X, -" QE: Q Q R is X X NR X N9 N Q 5. 1 ., -f SX 5 af pM. K Q ,ss we ,,., 5 sr' Q , mg . w xy' :amz L ki ' - Q its Q Q , f -Q I g . 5 vp" . . ' ' ., ' .f X ' M .. . 0 is Golf Front: Kevin Edwards. Bobby Lewis. Mike Taylor, Charlie Baugh. Back: Devin Cochran, Tim Smith, Packard DeWitt. Below: Coach Ron Richard. Lions swing their way to nationals The Lion golfers captured their second Region Il title this spring which earned them a trip to the NJCAA national tournament in Ft. Myers, Florida in June. Packard Dewitt also qualified for individual competition at na- tionals by winning the district tournament. While the Lions failed to make the cut at nationals, it did mark their third appearance at the NJCAAs. 162 Brad Myers and Charlie Baugh watch the efforts of Kevin Edwards. Bobby Lewis takes aim both on the tee and on the green. Intramural Flag Football Just for the FUN of it! Two teams were scheduled for the championship game in intra- mural flag football play - the Cowboys and the Lonely Gigolos. However, due to conflicts and weather, the game was not played. Intramurals are directed by coach Jo Bottoms. Cowboys Price Ransom, Brad Howe, Danny Antell. Jeff Bolin. Greg Taylor, Casey Wilkins, John Deaton. Lonely Glgolos Benny Pixley, David Furr. Rick Holmes. Andy Johnson. Bobby Gregory. Jeff Stephens. Stan Neidecker Just for the FUN of it! The Hawks finished in second place. Jazz player Damon Wright reaches for a 3 on 3 champs James Buie, Damon Wright, James Rush basket in playoffs. Intramural Basketball Intramural basketball held competition in two classes - 3 on 3 and 5 on 5. 3 on 3 team The Jazz came out on top with the Hawks as runners-up. 5 on 5 team - again the Jazz, took home the trophy while runner-up team went to the 76ers. James Buie, James Rush. Wesley Ledbetter. Damon Wright. Casey Wilkins made up the winning team - The Jazz. Just for the FUN of it! Three's Company's David Meeks shows his delivery at Midland Bowl. Intramural B lin Men's high series went to Chris Berry who became a part of Three's Company for the spring semester. Donna Hale, also a member of Three's Company, took the honor of women's high series, Three's Company strikes twice Spring semester winners - Chris Berry. David Meeks. Donna Hale Fall semester winners - Donna Hale, David Meeks, John Goss, .lust for the FUN of it! Intramural bowling inspired high competition both semesters. Fall semester Three's Company took the title followed by Ten Pin. Spring semester, the results were the same though there were some team member changes. Other teams participating were Singapore, Star Frame, Tiffany. Super D's. l X QW ,, J 14' xeu wnnv .mm ,W lv . sw s Y . , XXfg s ss W ss s ...www .x,,,.,.-.-- is-X , L ss QR""'-vwvriulk ll f I 1 ' r f 1 1 ,, For sports and sports fan y.,-N, ff ' J '. MMM ,,,f f gfy , A2 4 ww ff f , , J? ,W ff ,V f 0 hwy K M' za ff 4 7 ww r f f fr Q Y 4 W ,, Q Q -wwwwn V " x f 1 .4z, ,,,, e 4 4, ,a,r..,1f, ,... W ,neat h " 'f 5 , 22 f I , if 42 v a 9' is JZ' wife A , W M V WW W Z, V " ,W Mfg, ,wwf ,ww ome sports aren 't planned As long as there are students there will be impromptu ways of expending energy - two or more people who. on the spur of the moment, challenge each other to a confrontation. The challenge may come in the form of a question: "How 'bout a game of pool?" or in the careful aiming of a snowball. Sometimes the challenge is given to a machine via a quarter. MWA H . w 5' A A A , 5 L1- , I .. ,I sz Clyde 82 Agular, Janet I43 Ahlert, Donna 82 Air Force Band 2I Albright, Everett 82 Albright, Monica 82 Albritton. Charles I25 Alexander, Bliss I36 Alexander, Kennard I5, 82, Allen, Cindy 79, 82 Allen, Randy I58 Aley, Kathy I4I Aley, Tom I4I Ames, Patricia 82, l26 Ames, Ruth 82 Ammons, Julia 83 Anderson. Jeanette 83, I45 Anderson, Laurie Jean 83 Anderson. Terry 83, I24, I4 Angeletti, Gina 83 Anior, Julie 83 Antel. Danny I64 V ' Apperson, Fred 83 Arkansas State Tournamen Arters, Norma 83 Askew, Heather I9 Atwell. Carrie 45 Autre, Angela 83 Baggett. Neal 83, I33 Bagley, Joe 49 Bailey. Leia I34, I37 - Baker, Charles I50 Baker, Danys 83 Baker. Diana 83 Balls. Liz 45 Banks, Brenda 83 - Banning. Amy 83 Baptist Student Center I32 Barbee, Ann 83 Barger, Carole 6I Barnard, Jim l58 Barthel. Ben I37 Bartlett, Barbara754 Bartlett. Rebecca 83 Barton. Scott 83, l58. Basinger. Becky 84 Bates, Paul 84 Battles, Cliff 84 ' Bauer, Linda 84 1-Baugh. Charlie I62 Baugh, Harold 84 Baugartner. John 84 Bausley, Cedric 84 Lisa 84, I24 Chere I25 20. I34 Carmen n I6I I40, I5O 5, I76 t l5l Bly, pamela 85 ,-.h. KLEL gg ,if ,-,. 5, I57 Bogan, Sandra I5, 86, I54515 Bogner, Debbie 86 Bogner, Terry 86 Bolin, Betty 59 Bolin. Janie 59 Bolin. Jeff l64 Boothman, William 86 Bottoms, Laqueta Jo I54, I55, Bowles. Audrey 86 Bowlin, Sheryl 86 Bowling, Jeff 86, I36 Boyd, Mike 86 Bradley, Mike 86 Bradley, Steve 86 Braith, Ruth 87 Bradley, Mike I22, I24 Brake, Katy 45 Branch, Dr. Carolyn 66, I75 Breedlove, Debbie 47 Breitenburg, Dan 57 Brewer, Matti Jo 87, l26 Bridges, Shannon 34, 35 BrocIg,,,l'lerb I36 .I ..,Bf0ClK. Randall 87 Brody, Ed 87 V ' ' :. ., n ,A , Ng ,sv -Asif Q - as ,,.f ff TZ I33 s s, u 5 8 I as X R4 ' " X X il 'x . cena, Rohm sts , 84 I27, 54. I44 BuchaQ1 i3om 56 A gggJames' I65 Bullmgioli, Shari 87, I37 Buloz, Karry I58 Burger, Mary Jo 87 Burgess, Dr. James 29, 35 Burnett. David 87 Burns, Max 50 Burton, Theresa 8. I24 Butler, Dr. Dan 57, 75 Butler, Ken 58 Butler, Shannan 88. I34 Byrd. Brent 88 n Cadelli, Annie I9 Dagle, Debbie 88 Cagle, Stan 58 Cain. Billy 88 Callison. Tandy 88 Cambell. Duke 88 Cameran, Ester 88 Cameron, Harold 60 Campbell, Scott 70 Canady, Harold 49 Cantwell, Brenda 55 Cardin. Denise 88 Carrol, Michael 88 Carson. Carter. Ad Ca ter ,,,,,',.,A f ,,,I' , I I,aI,a is I,,a this if I,, I ,III t g 2?S"'msm,:x3fIL as lk' k"i :Lkkk i,f Lk., 'i--- 157, 16454 slss ' r mg 539 5 I ,s Club Bl s7a7,I,Is, s tr I,a,,,s Its, I,,,t 8? , I ,, i3Ixitsazagr,1Paricheir 89 A issaiasirrsrarivash 09 lss. '-.I21' f .iff .f , Chr Ch"'S' I :ff ' , Chua, David sti, irer Clafk- I Q I 3 Clarkszz 4 IQ I ,ass I ,, , I I Clemefifil' I esis ' ieerii Clems, Arlis 90 If i'l' .-I" - Clint Fisher Band 2I Cluck, Kathy 90 Cobb, Brenda 90, I40, I4I Cobb, Kristie 56 Cobb, Sandi 43 Cochran, Barbara 90 Cochran, Chris 90, l50 Cochran Deanna 90 cochranf-oegyan 90, ie: Cochran. Mike Coe, Doyle .56 Coker. 9I cate. Jeffery 90,19l Coram ' A , Ray is Collins, John Combo, Myrna ,,,y , Conner. , Cook, Louis 9I. L l53 Cook, Merca 9I A Cook. Pam 9l. 47 Cooperfisggrrie 9I Cooper. Lothar 51 Cooper. Mike 60 iiiti I Copeland, Mary 58 Cooter. Paula 9I Coplin, Carla 47 Cordell. Julie 9I Corredor, Hanvel 9I Corredor, Javier 9I, I43 Corredor, Maribel 92, I43 Covin, Imogene 92 Crabtree, Leslie 92 Craine, Joey 50. 92. I36 Crane, Roger 92 Crawford, Rodne I36 Crelig. William 92 Cross, Cindy 93 Crosslin. Ron 93 Crossno. Bobb 78 Crowder, Bill 17, I58 Crowl, David 93 Jimmy 93 Shelly 9 E' 2' I I S I raw, r a rr, ,. 9 cw foggy, an ii Dewiii- Packard '61 '63 Gish, Kenneth 96 Hodaon. Richard 39 Dldloff Janof 47 Glenn. Chris 96 Huggins, Christine lOl Dldloli Kofl 93' '94 Glidewell. Lorrie 97 Hughes, Jorge lOl Dlnslnofor Cafla 94 Goodman, Trent l36 Hughes, Shannon l34 Divbvvff Calliiif 59 Gordoy, Scott iz, 19, 97, 99, 445 Hoi, Parry ioo lgggd- Riffho 49 gordon, Dr. Dogaoo 57 Hni, Wai Hien ioo Soni n nY ordon, Karen Hunt, Fred ICD Dodsonr James '95 Gorham, Jack 50 Hunt, Kevin IOI Dodson- Rhonda 94 Goss, John 97, I67 Hunter, Adonlca lOl Doe- Jonn,94 Graham, Karrie I37 Hunter, Rebecca lOl Dvllard- Tina 94- W6 Graham, Nick l37 Hurst, Christine 134 ,, V Dotsonr Mlke 94 Graham, Patricia 97 Hurst., Qnnie QO, l34 , DoU8l35- Ellen 94 Graves, Gladys 97 iia f , , , Nanfv 54 Graves. Mark 97 4 r77a,, Dawn 20- 94- 'S+ '25 Loran 20. 54, ,,,,s , ii Kaihv 6' Green' iii-:hen-ia 97 ii ,rr ,,,,,.,,. - ii ,irrs 1 Fafol 94 iidiid Gregory, Bobby IG4 HW 4 4 4 :?,SlInti5s894 grifrin, DarreII9l9. 7' Interni r,,r r,,, Y 'I' , 'lf ln' THSCH 7 I Irish- C iooi gli f l xwiyogf lvliii 94 7 Griffith, Stephanie irons. Bu V unn, John 9.32, l45 Griffith, Tasha D5 5 942946 Unnr efnon Griscom, Cara 97 Jackson, ,"i-r 4 DYk2- Dilnle 94 A Grist, Gayla 97 , Jackson, Ma J,,,, 1 ' . 1 Gross, Sherri 69. 98 Jamison, Bob Eaofof- fam 94 Grummor. Rick I58 if, Jamison, Susan Eagle, Gil II Gude, Katie l2, I9, 98, I45 ,. Jazz Band I36 AT Eglin' Riqhelggls guerrero, Annzyaria I42, l43 9 , Jenkins. Jeanie IG J 'JJ'J ln8S- '53 win, Rhonda , Jennen, Marga IJ4 Edlnlsfonr M3"Y 46 Jeremiah, Andrew IOI Edwards. Kevin 78.94, iss, len, les Haggard, Marcia 98, 429 Johns, Sandy lol EdfV3l'd5r MIKE 45 Haggard, Richard 98 Johnson, Andy IOI, Elkins, Robin 94 Hale, Donna 7, 8, l66, I67 Johnson, Debbie lOl Siilvfer limes? 95 Eli, Kris 98 Johnson, Frank roi Fenr' 5, 'lt .C'98 Jh ,H k49, English, Joyce 95 f5?lillaT1lin?lliell:'99g Jghrrzgn, Kenneth IOII5' Enocha, Jack.95 Hamm, Cynthia 98 , Johnson, lisa lOl Estherlde, Mlchaelle 95 Hammack, Anita 59, I28 4 Johnston, Darla IO2, l4O Etzkorn, Charles 95 K Hammack, Mary 59 Jones, Becky IO2 W Eveld, Patty 95 y,iQQgi?igi'g?iHammontree, Brenda 98 Jones, Bobby 58 41 , F t J h 48 Liarnpron. Ming 98 Jonas, Carrie io: an 4 0 ii ance, vioki I s Jones, F ir e 45 i Farrar, Clgarri' S4 M uarpeneau, Alan 98, l58 Jon 8 ' aff ' 'ee' arris, Ann 6I . Jon BY D4 Feather, Dana 95 ,r H ' ,B it J 49 J Io f rorook. John 95, iss Hgfffid, Ein: sf E2I5i"" Ei"f"Y5a50 ST" P? 99, ,a 4 Y' eV'n rve,, ami , : 'K Flemming. Mike I5 Haywood. Mary!! Flsher' RichY '34 if 57- '50, l5l E::clgaCELhy:d9Z5 fi iere 99 56, iso ' V Q i , ,ti ,,,. f K 54 Horohor, Bob 95 'ig Hoini, 7 is kggim 59 Fofdr DOH 49 Hendrix. Glenda 46 I Kelleybrew, Cassius ISO, l52, I53 Ford. Gary 95 Q, Hensley, Linda 99 I Kelly, Rhonda IO! H Fol'nlbYr Dr- Ron 45 H anndgrygtal 9,9154 Kelly, Richard IO2, I36 5 Farsi. Dvwihv 45 H , oobhioes if Kendrick, Marlene io: FOUL Pam 45 Hen3on,'Susan 99 Kennedy, Connie 48 A H Fowler, David 49, 95 Hesslen, Kevin ISO rg Kennedy, Debra IO2 i Franklin, Joan l39, 95 Hicks, Debbie 99 Kennemer, Ted IO! , Franklin, Tammy 95, 154 Hicks, Margie so , , I Kersh, Jimmy H4 Freeman, Charlotte 95. l45 Hickey, Carol I3 J Khalili, Shirin IO2 , V Freeman, Deron 95, l36 Hight, David I34 Khodayar, Sobrab IO2 Fl'9l1Ch Club '37 ., Hightower, Gale 59 Kidder, Brad I9. 79, IO2 Fllllefr Tlm '39 Hightower, Mike 56 ,rain Kidder, Brooks Anne I02 gif' Fuiike- John I9 Hill, Ronald 99 4'ii'ii M" ' Ziiii in Klmbell, John l02 lgllfnog C3932 42 nirgcle. Alan H4556 I Kimsey, Jane I29 . urr, av , K K' , g ,1.,. , nigiifarifni os X irl.'I2f'Er'l'Z'2y'Z2 Galflar -lille 96 Holcomb, Jeannie 99 Kihffiiliindy lO2, l54- 7' garcia, iorgE696. I26, I43 Holcomb, Jimmy 99 r King, Sarah TQ I arcia, uns H Id , Ch ' 99 K- , J , 5 J, Gardner. Cy I8 Hgldg, B.L?r56 49910937 Garner, Adriene 96 Holliday, Jeff 99 Kli'5xiy,gDfAng lQ3 Garrett,.Lois 47 Holliman, Trac 99 ii ' I43 Gary. Brian 96, l36 Holmes, Rick Ig4 3. 1g, ,.g53 Gatehwood, Dr. WiHard P. Jr. 30 Hoopaw, Carolyn l34 af "'i n 5? ' Gams, Bren: 96, l58, IGO Hop, pred 575, 55 yy 5, Y . Ilia Gattlsf Donna 96 Horno, Dr. carol 56. iso ,,., 1 o r iiiii genes? lllg Horne.dSean 99 ,, yy,,yy 5 5' au . HOW' - Manner loo , I ,745 Gibbon" 'MP 57 , Howard-,Melissa iw 9 r Gldfoni D0""'f 45 HowardZiPere'54,i1o4 iiiei 9 rrrsf, K9k,,l-Ions I glyyr M NGiIstrap, Beverly 42 Howe, Brad I64 V.. A lqf l jgaren '03, I 4 W g ,,, , ., , M ,, ., ,, , Howell- Phyllis l00 ,r. Ernie , r . or rr-rf ", A 5 r,,7 5 iiii' rriir of iii , i i 7 . , 7i our 4 I 7 2 J A ' iiii 5 4 Nancy 35 47 Linda S6 Lyman 59 Paul IO4 , John IO4 ISO, IS3 Phyllis IO4 Joy 54, 77 Theresa IO4 Laura IO4 I22 D4 Lisa IM 56, I4O, I4I, I66, I67 Kristen I4I Melissa I4I Peggy I4I Gene 55 Karen S5 Kim IO7 Shelly IO6 Sherri IO6 , Steve I58 Greg I58 Lex IO7 Middleton. Greg IO7 Mings. Brenda IO7 Mitchell, Paul IO7 Mitchell, Tina IO7 Moody, Robin IO7 Moore. Charlotte IO7 Moore, Charlotte IO7 Moore. Cynthia 56 Moore. Dave IO7 Moore. DeLisa IO7, I4S Moore, Fonda IO7 Moore, Judy IO7 Moore, Reggie3O, l35 Moose, David IO7 Morgan, April IO7 Morgan. Verda IO7 Morrison. Pam IO7 Morrow, Janet 20, I34, I35 Moseley, Sandy 78, IO7 Moser, Annette IO7 Moses. Georgeanna IO8 Moss, Floyd 49 Moudy, Amy IO8 Musa Mason. Kathy IO5 Masri, Sam 78 Massey. Janet I9 Matthews, Carol IO5 Mays. Tamara IOS Mayville. Dennis l34 Mayyei. Sharon IO5 McAlester, Laurie IOS McCarthy. Kevin 22 McClelland, Michael I9, IOS. I45 McConnell, Roger IO5 McCormick, Bernadette IOS McClure, Sandra 66, IOS McCullah, Mac 49 McDaniel. Dana I32 McDaniel. Nikki I9 McDougal. Sean IOS McEIaney, James IO6 McFeeters, Frances I37 McGee, Edgar IS McGraw, Suzanne 59 McGuire, Sheila IO5 Mclntosh. Ken 49 McKee, Marsha IO6 McKee. W.E. 49 ., McKinney, Bud 49 McKinney, Darrel 49 McKinney, Edith IOS McNeil. Tim S8 McQuain, Doug 78 McWater, Kathy I29 , Newton, Genelle Nguyen, Dao Quang 67 78 Nguyen, Nguyet SI Nicka. Greg IO8 Nichols John IOS Nicholson Daniel lO8 Nlcklln Rick IO8 I4S Nixon Betty 46 Nolte Carl 7 8 Nottler Todd I58 I6I Nunn Carolyn lO8 Nunthoung Oumonthara O Kelley Sabrina lO8 Oliver Jlmmy IO9 0 Neal William IO9 Pacheco, Cheryl 56 Pacheco, James I2 Pack, Rand IO9 Page, Dan 58 Pair, Missy 8, 9 Pair, Shane IO9. I27, ISO Palmer. Kathy 47 Pannikar, Marti I33 Parish, Glenn IO9, I4S Parker, Robbie I36. I37 Parsons. Mike I29 Patterson, Kim IO9 Patton, Melissa IO9 IO8 Paulette, Diana IO9, I54. IS7 Payne, Diana 55 Pendleton, Penny 43 Pendleton. Vicki IO9 Peng, Yap Kooi IO9 Pennington, Bob IO9, I33 Perceful, Alesia IO9 Perkins, Cliff 49 Perkins. Glenda IO9, I45 Perkins, Judy IO9 Perkins. Sherri 59, I28 Perry, Gary 44 Perry, Phil IO9 Peters. Cheryl 46 Peters, Gabe 47 'd Peterson, Davl Petterson Eric Rivera, Gladys ID Robbins, Gaylon ID, ISO Roberts. Clinton ID Robertson, Warren ID Robertson, Valerie D5. I34 Iagbbison. Rachelle ID ooooolbbo I j j f s, Rick nz Stephanie D5 1 in'f"ii I iili I iei Melanie 50, ID, l45 R V ecia ID Rossi' Kevin l4O Ross. Robin ID Roy. Jess ID Rush, Chandra 47 Rush, James I69 Russell, Julie 7, 8, 9. IO. ll Russell, Paula ID y Sallee, Charlotte II3 h Samuels, John 58 Toni Stiles 48 Stinebaugh. Kim 48 Stobie. James IIS Stone. Robert IIS SITBQL so Watkins, David IIS Watkins, Linda IIS Watkins. Pam lI8. I54 Watkins, Teresa IIS Watts. Emma 55. D5 Strokes, 'Johanna IIS Stubhlefield, Joel 30, 36. 37 I Stubbiefield, Ramona II5 ' Srubblefield. Scott IIS - stet I Student Activities Council DJ, D4 Student Nurses Asso. D8 Student Publications M5 Sturgeon, Sue 59 Sugg. Jack 67. II6 Sugg. Lori II6 Sulcer, Kyle II6 Sweeden, Paul II6 , Talley, Melody I3. IS. I39 Tannehill, Dan 54 Watts, Dr. Gordon 4I, 60, 68. I75 Watts. Lonnie 57 Weaver, Amy I9 Weaver, Angela I9 Weaver, Gabe I4O Webster, Tammy ll8 Weigand, Larry 56 Weisenfels, Michelle lI8 Wells, Gene 54 Welsh, Katie I34, l37 Wennburg, Julie ll8 Werner, Camille II8 Westphalen, Shane IIS Wheeler. Beverly II9 Wheeler, Charles 70, Il9. l45, I76 Sanders- Edward 35 Tawrnehilstiuetlla Wheeler, Philli 1:9 Sanders. Paul IIS 9 Tate. Rhonda II6 Wehlehel, Jack I36 Q IS1-lnders. Sandi 5I, 64 Tayl0t',AIineIl IIG White, Bobby l36 E isinssfeff SHCY '37 Taylorafsreg IG4 White, Chuck II9 h Charles Il3 Taylor. Katherine 55 White, Denise II9 Dasana II3 Taylor. Mike IGI White, Gaylon 20, II9, I34. I35 15' --I- fggayavong. Phane IIS Taylor, Nancy D4 M White, Jacqueline II9. D5 I igsclglutg-mare I-Iglly 46M Tggue. Sinai: Ili. l4I I Whigg, Robe,-I gig I c neu er, an ance sing. re ric Whigfgrd, Jeanna ng :I,QIggg-Qgcott, Darigell 58 5 Thomas. Delores 7, 8. I3, II6, DG, Whittington' Julie ng ,,iee, -t,- cowden, tacey II4. I 4 II a- -I Elizabeth II6 Wggge V' - ie. . ' Y' 'Ctona N9 F'i"'C" "4 I I Wilkins Case its ie4 les 1 a I I I ' Y ' ' 'e a- I i"e "4 eeees I 1 tsst W"k'f"fDff1mf '45, WG HI ' I '04 'I'It'. Wilkins' TVBCY '30 - I CN' SN' 6' tesr - ,,,t ss., ,,,, ,,.,,., ,I ,,,.,,, I Williams, Duane 49 ff- 'Yds "4 It 9 '40 se s w...a..... aaa not ' 49 - ffm 6- 8' "7- '45 I tiet Williams- Nancy '20 stst - 00118 "4 Patty '59 Williams. Paul uo I Bruce II4. I33 Ti f llo, Michelle l40 Williams. Rhonda IN. D59 I 34 54 fig vbyn I9 Williams. ram, 41 I - I . K I 1, VII. I n T I IIGC ,.I. 2, Wsiliamgm, I Wilson, A a II IIkx V.I I I 5 I K K QI Ir'I I aI I-r.I, 9 ,eI,,, I ,II.I I 1 IIII M I am 30, II, I,t,, ill ,r,, li-Il ' ' 1 - I . afa, Ia 3 I II Rom '32 I '?,I5B: RRGI 933, l5.jI2O. " " - , J28l1I1'9 5' X' I Ille ,I I ' I I Vs Ev e 'f 5- e-'-:'L ,--. 1 ,.A:- 6 ease,Iagaib-,I2a.asa1g1rIgI. :-I III,-3 I::I I:--I, , ' "4 Tucker, S 49 I III ,Samir I9 Turna e, Terrance IS, TI7. ISU - erltt 1 J ' ' " I If ne 45 T S C 42 Ing. Tom I ' 9 I Ufnef- OHM" Winn. Sharon 55 'eww' H4 Turner. Jean 129 winters, Martha no i seikaggs, Kelvin II5 Turner. Mike II7. D2, D4 Winters, paul DQ 5'f'QJ'f00'- Bob 6' TY'2f- Cathy 7- 8- 9 Womack, Kenny no 9 1 ,N asty ll5 Womack. Melanie no I TY 55 Underwood. Donald II7 Wgmack, Mike DO, '50 '29 Underwood. J-m 33 Woodall, Donna so. no, I34, 140. - Q ,I 3 ,Ili I UY'f OIOIC "7 Woodall, Louis DI ,-II I Woodle Dr Gear- e I75 I - y'. . 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Suzie II8 ibm Iiiars-f ' aswvsf a ,I-rea, X1 ' 'I:- Iagfv-sk,--:Q-2-I-V II, I waiters, Joey us I LIL I wagers. 19helig4IIi45 I76 seas GII Wa"'e"e' Jem' '34' '37 1 a xx as S X is 5 , XNGX as X s If I' TIIKSIIWSNI, I, -- it 1-X - s a e I"f-1If:5?1V'i' I' I 7 s I 243521 T- Visit ,I - I " l45, 'ass Dr. George Woodley moved to Little Rock to teach communication skills. Fred Hop retired to work on his book. Dr. Gordon Watts accepted a position in Minnesota. """""""" Dr. Carolyn Branch accepted an administrative position in northeast Texas. 'HW 175 ww H-'sin Tom Walton Deborah Donna Woodall Charles Wheeler Tina Dollard Dennis WilkinS T9ffY Anderson Director Reynolds Editor Photographer Index - Layout Photographer Ph0l08faPh9" Staff Writer elf 1 B Q W 5' P 9 5 Q P i

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