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4f"mhs'N,. K mmlx .PNB V "Ax ' K D I3 S fn A L' f"'X C-A 'Lf qi xxx-M 10 V ww f' ' 1 ! 1 'rf J . I VM A nw 4' J, -J, V f i 1 f mf jp W 41 ff 9-ij ,W if -.ft W, My lv F 51 WJ l X WU I K 3 - fy JK ,Am pwclx' V ,W A 4rAl 5 A , f f,iy5 D gg W 2 0 J , f ' it f',jqQ'Q'f' fffif' 'Q VT' -C0 'YP M Tiff ,gif QP- M cffffkfiyx i ,ff gif' Qwgyiffjfgl jj MW MJ 'ff 2,19 'M M' 'M ,dfffwffmia , JW fa' fiiffif Wifi Mjwwy gwfffgw ZZLM' zW5W QW M MQW, wiifffgffiw if Mwlfffw T97 Z? 41362 Z3 ffwjw i1 Y-- Uluuutu, ,I f, .lu-l Y 3152, I950 PRESENTS J F Sl EBRLA G' 9 f ra 1 m 4 - gm! A I 9 ""' B' ai 58110 NUMA NEED A X X I 3+ MAY Ns? l JA . ,get W Q l 'iw 'S' - 7 We are proud to dedicate our '51 annual to one who has devoted so mucli time and effort to the progress of our junior college in every Way. Miss Lucille Speakrnan has endeared herself to the student body by not only being an outstanding teacher but also by being a friend and advisor to each one of us. And speaking for everyone connected with the junior college, the Numa Staff says "Thanks, Miss Speakman, for everYfhi11Q." A fr' f' if, f ip c u Wt -':-5si'- ssk 1 ,Q -ll!"-'. X -'rr' I '54 X 1 x . 17 ' ' I f ff XA... ,"' "Pix l M ' -r if P1 ' H. rpfvllkwii-., -ga' -Mit . tX1,,x,j ' 1, 'Mu - - K Q'l ' ," ,il-': " Ss" '-' a I I X ' , hx 7 , Im , ' I vb I F77- r jlpfemief Thursday, 7-Registration ends. Friday, 6-Students get taste 'of school again with the first full day of classes. Monday, l8-Sue Ella Young and Olivie Patton elected vice pres- ident and secretary respestively after student body election. Wednesday, 20-First issue of Lion's Roar comes out with Bill Center as editor. Blan elected president after close run-off. Thursday, Z8-Doris Graham, edi- tor of the Numa, announces her staff. Friday, 29-First Student Board meeting is held. Y V rn...-all l2'e.4ia!enl I. W. RAMSEY As president of the lunior College, Mr. Ramsey has made thestudents and faculty proud ot him because of his administrative and educational Capabilities. Mr. Ramsey is an outstanding educator and Well-known citizen of Fort Smith and the surrounding territory that the Junior College serves. The establishment of a Iunior College of recognized scholastic rating is. due to the efforts of Mr. Ramsey's knowledge of educational trends and his philosophy of education. Now that the dream of a new IC has become a realization he will be Very influential in helping the school attain even higher goals than ever- Page 6 se, 'ik if ' D u 'Tx Top row: Andrews, Beckman, Foltz. Bottom row: Orr, Shaw, Tressler. .SZAOOZ Ed? A new incorporated school board was the result of action taken last fall in preparing the college to move to the new location. 4 The school was fortunate to have such a fine group of upstandiifg citi- zens serving on the board. These six men are all leaders in their respective fields in, civics affairs. The class of 1951 would like to thank the school board members for their work on the new school. Page 7 525m ELMER COOK Mr. Cook, serving his -second year as Dean of the College, publicized the Iunior College and the IC Building Fund with the revival of the IC Lecture Series. He spoke many times at places in his effort to get public opinion behind the New Iunior Col- lege movement. Definitely his Work did not go unheeded, because by the end of the year the college staff was preparing to move to the new quarters. On behalf' of the students, the Numa staff would like to say, "Thanks for everything!" do 4?-' 94 f. Q'Q:Q' eiff','f, A .I f iv. f 1... '..A: t ' 3 1 ' .,:.lw". . aff . 1 ' ' 'np eff, ' Id-J : r - if-H. L fl- I ,O V' XX 'QV-,: . .L fp C gferg +r""" 75 n ini 'fffuy Q- in 'V ZW his tm -came few" me PAW M ffCL,VQgQfCv7,,ffz,L ,,,,U,,,,., MACLAQNMMQ. ff QQ .f . , K: Y .4 lf5?- - - f .1 ".v' C. E. BEARD RUTH HAMILTON LUELLA KREHBIEL B.S.E., M.S. B.A., M.A., . 4 B.A., MIA., 7543 flmfl-VXA" ISABELLA K. SMITH LUCILLE SPEAKMAN MRS. KATIE LLOYD B.A., MA., BA., MA., Registrar Wwe. Q' KATHRYN BUCHANAN CLIFTON GRACE B.S.E'., M.S. B.A., MA., GUY HIXON ' FRANK IONES EDNA EARLE MASSEY B.S., M.S. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A., if MARGARET MONTAGUE .E-IAZEIJ PRESSON B.S.E.. MA. B.A., MA., f' fgf. wif-e' , I I L 5:1 31, 1 -,2"' , ' iff'- L g,,, .QQgQf:QQ 1" v . , . , 'gg' .ll M... - ., A KT 3 43. ,Q A: X 1 w 1 'Q' - Q.. ,, . Mggf. .1 E ' r 'W J- -x. Q ' A 5 .El-4 ,, 'Wi . ,- ' 1 ' ' ,'-Wie..-if 1 K- , ik A L 5' ng '24 ' I 'J' J' JA , 1 .- ' -Ula 11 :id V " . . J -. X ' up-0-, " w .1 :'.'7 . if:-4 , vu "1 1" rv: ' ' ' ' .fl fun If ,, ..., .. -. - wx .1 ,..-J. w '- M 1 4 V Vs,4.g.V,.Ji f L. ,' if 4 53.31.-na. 'fi ,Q . .-.LW :'.'.'!3 - - ,-.,..f , I .r x... ix W 'wifi -1' '-v ga- H N' f IV W 15 5 .ab i 1 1 ff 1 X E'A 235'- fy cfo 81" Monday 9 Student Board P1e Supper held Monday 16-IRC has first ruqhf meeting at M1ss SpeakmCmS home. Friday 20-An unexpected holi- day for selling lecture series t1Ck9fS. Tuesday 24-The first all-school assembly presented by IRC 1n connechon wlth Umted Nations GY- . Monday 30-ICers celebrate Hal- lowe en at all-school party in the bandroom. Bill Center, editor, and Miss Hazel Presson, sponsor. LION'S ROAR STAFF Under the leadership of Bill Center. editor, and Miss Hazel Presson, spon- sor, the Lion's Roar had its second successful year. The staff has worked diligently to produce an interestinq paper for the junior college students and faculty. .. 1. 'll -fl' can , Jig - .g. . i it 5' , 1 X S 'J Q ., ' iw it ,..4""?' nz 'ff'-B' ,-Y Seated: Nancy Yarbrough, Bill Center, Tommy Oliver. Standing: Doris Graham, Barbara Cooper, Pat Perry. Page 14 Sometimes when things weren't going so Well, this situation arose. Not many times did Bill have to use his "billy-club" on his staff, but you can see that the staff didn't take him too seriously. I "Cheat minds run on thea same track" seems to be the case here. Notice the smirks on the faces of the journalism students. Maybe they're all thinking of the same joke. Page 15 4 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB First row: Mrs. Terrio, Imogene Foster, Bobbie Gabriel, Bill Center. Second row: Geneva Wiclcman, Bill' Willis, Nancy Yarbrough, Tom Oliver. Third row: Ioe Magnanif Ramona Mackey, Virginia Barlow, Barbara Alley, Carolyn Smith, Donna Sue Sult. Fourth row: 'Olivie Patton, Gay Swift, Carolyn Dooly, Ioanna Evans, Peggy Boatright, lack, Woody. Fifth row: Iohnny Nicodemus, David Ferguson, Pat Iacobs, Wayne Womack, Iames Oakes, Iames Burgess. Sixth row: Mary Anne Schmidt, Sue Ella YOung,':MiSS Lucille Speakman, Doris Graham, Betty Kilgore. First row: First semester officers-Mary Anne Schmidt, treasurer: Betty Kilgore, secretary, Doris: Graham, vice president, Sue EllG,YO1lI'1g, president both semesters. Second row: Second semester officers and sponsor-Miss Lucille Speakman, sponsor: Imogene Foster, vice-president: Barbara Flinn, secretary: Bill Center, treasurer. x One of the major activities of the IRC this year was the operating of the concession stand at high school football games. And in spite of the freezing temperatures, stormy weather, and minor accidents, everybody who helped out had a good time. Working above are Bill Center. Edwin Sudderth, and Sue Ella Young. Other IRC activities included parties, attending the national convention, and a rummage sale. Leading a timely panel discussion above are Bobbie Ann Gabriel, David Ferguson, Olivie Patton, and Geneva Wick- man, active IRC members. Page 17 .. -v"'5, Seated: Anne Kasten, Barbara Flinn, Virginia Iohnson, Mr. C. E. Beard Bonnie Danley. Standing: Faye Rice, Sue Ella Young, Mary Anne Schmidt Doris Graham, Maxine Ioiner. -FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Officers are Margaret McAlister, historian-reporter: Doris Graham, presi- dentp Virginia Iohnson. secretary-treasurer: Bill Center, vice-president. Page 18 One of the highlights of the FTA activities was the convention held in Little Rock. Delegates attending the convention are: first row: Sue Ella Young, Bill Center, Doris Graham, Barbara Plinn. Second row: Doris Price, Anne Kast- en, Faye Rice, Mary Anne Schmidt, Donna Sue Sult, Bob Speer. 1 Barbara Flinn relaxes after a day of sub- stitute teaching. A Page 19 M K The fizst semester student board was led by Olivie Patton, secretary: Ollie Blan, president: and Sue Ella Young, vice president. These three officers worked dili- gently to produce better assemblies, more parties, and a co-operative spirit among ICers. First row: Wanda Raney, Olivie Patton, Sue Ella Young, Ollie Blan. Sec- ond row: Betty Kilgore. Barbara Cooper, Doris Graham, Buddy Moore, and Peggy Boatright. Third row: Mr. H. H. F. Gossett, Miss Lucille Speakrnan, sponsor, Pat Iacobs, and James Worst. ' ' Page 20 53' ,Q -. vi' JAX E f :lv 'gy 7X " ff' All ff' 1 . . . 4, , t f:,llT:",?.5.v -A - ' n ' ' f f n sw I tr 020 Xxtswfsi iff 9 . hx 00 If Y 463,003.17 6 X ' i 905205 ' r 'e 'ss rf BL 69 Q92 as 966,38 00 00 .00 OUQIWL elf' Friday, 3-Studying was revived by many ICers after Warning grades were released. Monday, 6-Bowling league competition begun. Wednesday, 8-Despite many bumps and bruises, the Freshman skating party was con- sidered a huge success. Friday, 10-FTA delegates leave for Little Rock to attend state Wide convention. Wednesday, 15-Sophomores humiliate Frosh, l4-0 in big football game. Peggy Boatright elected head cheerleader by the student body. Wednesday, 22-Another bruising skating party was held, sponsored by the cheerleaders. Thursday, 23-First big holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, begins with cheers from the students. t Wednseday, 29--Sadie Hawkins' Day is cele- brated at IC with a race and a party. , ffl is-.,, 4.15, 15 . .14 '-rj. , 'gtff' .- -, -,ny ',. ..- ,., -1, " J . i-'.1,.?' : ll1-L?g.if- , r- ,' Lf Y Y , sw , x 1, 'E' . .vm-WN M . 1'i'v:f'-4 7 ' V 4.-L r ' r I lflll wr' tl-fpgvt' liffxilf , SADIE HAWKIN'S DAY Sadie Hawkirfs day came to IC this year with a bang. The assembly in the morning featured the marriage CDoqpatch style. ot coursej of Nancy Ioe Bedford and Dick Kinkley by Buddy Marryin' Sam Moore, The race after the assembly pro- vided most of the girls with dates for the dance that niqhl. We'll chase em up the corn rows. Q:-'17 ,-,4 ' . Caught? , , u , . V, F . 1.5 f , - , . ----.-so -- .. . .. " '- -'X' ' 'I ' 'A' "' .H Head fer the hills: Page 22 y Y 4,-k Elementary, my decxr Watson. 2 ' -G M N I 52 Bedford catches mcm? Dcmcin -Doqpoctch style. "I found him down in the hog Waller." ,F 2 e we A, , Q Q- , I -QQ. 5 A A x f. V. , 3 SllIlHUMUIll EIHSS im -r"'Y -if Sophomore Officers and Sponsor: Left to right, first row: Olivie Patton, Wanda Haney, Miss Lucille Speakman. Second row: Barbara Cooper, lames Burgess, Barbara Flinn. The 1950-51 sophomore class was voted the outstanding sophomore class of junior colleges all over the U. S. at a closed meet- ing of the sophomores, February 31, 1951. One of the things that caused the class to be so outstanding was its officers. First semester officers Were: Barbara Cooper, president: lames Burgess, vice president, and Barbara Flinn, secretary. I Barbara Cooper, besides being another Patrick Henry, was, or maybe she is, a very outstanding poetress. In payment for be- tween forty-five and fifty poems submitted to magazines, she received forty-five or fifty rejection slips, a very good record indeed. larnes Bur gess. who did a very outstand- ing job of doing everything a vice president is supposed to, whatever that is, will long be remembered for something, We're sure. Voted the most handsome for two successive years, Iames plans to succeed Clark Gable when that famous personage separates body from soul. Minute reader, Barbara Flinn, showed that her greatest asset was being quiet, at times. Barbara recently expressed her desire to join the Air Force, and be a proverbial sec- retary, that is if she can sit on Dell's knee. The first semester officers led their bro- ther inmates to a deafening Cquiet, fresh- menj victory over the freshmen in the lec- ture series ticket-selling Contest. Second semester-got off to a roaring start in the sophomore 'class as they again voted their class the most outstanding sophomore class. The sophomores played a very important part in supplying Uncle Sam with suitable specimens for his ever-increasing Air Force. However, the man shortage wasn't acute enough for the remaining male sophs to benefit too much, in the way of getting a gal. Beggars couldn't be choosers, though, and later the "finicky females" broke down and admitted that there was a man shortage. Olivie Patton, up-and-cornng novelist, led the sophomores for the second semester. Rumors had it that Olivie had her ticket be- fore finalsever started. Where is she going? To Floridaj of course, that land of sand fleas and sunshine-beg pardon--that land of sand and sunshine. Olivie plans to fall in love and write a nice long book while in Florida. lames Worst accepted the position of "veep" for second semester. but he was un- able to fulfill any of his campaign promises, because of the simple fact that he was one of those anxious ones who prematurely join- ed the Air Force. After reading the minutes and having them approved, secretary Wanda Raney gave us a long account. of her life, but due to lack of space and all that .... Wanda plans to settle down before too long in a little house on a hill with a special room for all the kids with red hair. Being a six- point student, almost, Wanda has all her report cards framed just so she can show Buster that she did as well as he. BOB BARDRICK Basketball, Numa staff, Student Coach, ETA. OLLIE BLAN Student Body president, Outstanding Student, Student Board, IRC, Numa staff, Lion's Roar staff, Who's Who, Phi Theta Kappa president- l. H. BROWN AMES BURGESS l IRC, Sophomore Class vice president, Student Coach. Who's Who. BILL CENTER Who's W'ho, FTA vice president, Lion's Roar editor, Numa staff, Cheerleader, Music Guild, Sock and Buskin, Outstanding Student, IRC treasurer. BARBARA COOPER Phi Theta Kappa reporter, Music Guild, En- semble, Lion's Roar staff, Sophomore Class president, Outstanding Student. MIKE COWART FTA, Student Coach, Basketball. MAXINE CROTTS FTA. . -, 'M 'VT ' IVANELLE DODD FTA. HUGH DUTTON DAVID FERGUSON Who's Who BARBARA FLIN N FTA, IRC secretary, Student Board secretary. Music Guild, Outstanding Student. RUTH GILL Phi Theta Kappa, IRC, Student Coach. WANDA GOMPH FTA. DORIS GRAHAM Numa editor, FTA president, IRC vice president, K , . v V 'M :f.,1,1 1 A F W , , 'a , ' K I 'ti I,-6' - . Y . I' 1 L , I 1, ' J- . I N -ctr-' G ' If. f fi- X- A ' ,- '1 ' Q' 'if . -if 'Bdsm I. . , ' N:-0 ' 44 'I CQ if' in T , -'-Ati: ,.!'1' 2725? 1- f 'f t:"r -f. N- ,gt 's ,f " imI5SvB'1if'A. v 'Bt ' 1 f 3-ii ' iff' . 5, ,. ' gtgqzlg, if ,. ,Q int , " . 4692051 ' -'tiff' X , . Mate- I tg f , 1 I I new - -- M, 1? "1" Music Guild secretary, Student Board, Lion's Roar associate editor, Outstanding Student, Cheerleader, Student Coach. VIRGINIA JOHNSON Band, FTA secretary treasurer, Music Gulld, Phi Theta Kappa. - f 'YT BOB LANE Bctsketbctll, Student Couch. FTA, Student Board. BAMONA MACKEY Ensemble, MUSIC Guxld v1ce pre-s1dent, IRC, FTA, Student Body vice president, Student Board. 3' FTA. BILL MADDEN LEBOY MCKINNEY BOB MINOR MABCIA OWEN OLIVIE PATTON FTA, Music Guild, IRC, Student Body secretory, V Student Bootrd, Who's W'ho. ' PTA. DORIS PRICE Page 27 Yss i"""' Y'-'Sip l 5 'bfi Gm WANDA RANEY Student Board, Sophomore Class secretary, Phi Theta Kappa. KENNETH ROBINSON Music Guild, l..ion's Roar Staff. DICK SCHLIEPF MARY ANNE SCHMIDT FTA, IRC treasurer, Music Guild president, Phi Theta Kappa treasurer, Outstanding Student. GAY SWIFT IRC, Student Board, Music Guild. CAROLYN VICKREY IRC, Music Guild. JAMES WORST Basketball, Student Board, Student Coach, Soph- omore Class vice president. SUE ELLA YOUNG Outstanding Student, Who's Who, Music Guild, Sock and Buskin, IRC president, Student Body vice president and president, Student Board, Freshman Class secretary, Phi Theta Kappa secretary, FTA. Gw- Z' .R-"""'V fu- l "fait X Y K, fl- fi 3' l XX 7 : 2 v I N 1 f 'lf' -it 'J ". um- t . .. -. - ,, , ,' 5 -+45 .--. 1 ,' -7--3?-fggp-.g,f:Agiit',27v.31 -M14 g "W 5 ti .-1? X .. 5, 43 V H -l 5. :L R . X! L ,wr " P X. 1 "i. .T 1' X 8C8lflfLA8l" Friday, l-Dr. David Bradley gave first lecture of the season. Monday, 1 l-Sue Ella Young elec- ted president of the student body for the second semester. Wednesday I3-Twelve outstand- ing students were announced. Thursday, 14-First performance of the Sock and Buskin play, "Heaven Can Wait", was given to enthusiastic audience. Monday, 18-Bob Rhyne and Ol- ivie Patton were elected presi- dent of the freshman and soph- omore classes, respectively. Wednesday, 20-Big Christmas Party at the "Y" starts happy holiday for IC'ers. ' S 5 BASKETBALL TEAM First row: Bob Lane, Dick Kinkley, Wayne Elliott, Mike Cowart, Iames Worst. Second row: Bob Rhyne. lack Crane, Bob Bardrick, Coach lack Bell. '3 CHEERLEADERS Wayne Womack, Carolyn Dooly, Bobbie Ann Gabriel, Peqqy' Boatriqht Nancy Ioe Bedford, Ioannya Evans, Pat Iacobs. Page 30 K P" , , Hdibvlgu-9 SOCK AND BUSKIN First row: Sue Ella Young, Anne Kasten, Virginia Barlow, Nancy Ioe Bedford. Second row: Wayne Womack, Barbara Flinn, Nancy Yarbrough, Torn Oliver, Bobbie Ann Gabriel, Bill Center, Edwin Sudderth. Looking over material for a radio play are two Sock and Buskin members, Bill Center, and Sue Ella Young. Page 31 -- 1 f af f f If fn- 3' Qwiyh fi ' VV . 1 fx X XX Xfx. ,f Q fit HA X 6LlfLIfL6Ll" Wednesday, 3-Back to school after holidays. Friday 12-Finals begin. ' Wednesday, 17-F i n al s end, Whewl P Friday, 19-Huge crowd attends Flunkers Fling held at the Y? rooms. Monday, 22-Second semester be- gins with a drop in enrollment. HHSHMHN UIHSS ,1-.1 -921571 tl ' 5 EQT if 'lfiilml 1' my . ,M 'viueiilil ."f,,,. 4 wir. fi? V mfg! J First row: Miss Isabella K. Smith, sponsor: Peggy Boatright, Carolyn Dooley. Second row: Wayne Womack, Barbara Alley, Bob Rhyme. FBESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS The very capable freshman vice presi- dent for the first semester was Peggy Boat- right. Peggy did an excellent job as vice president, but she rendered her greatest ser- vice When, she took over the presidency upon the resignation of Tommy Williamson early in the year. She participated in all school activities and proved to be a very capable leader. Carolyn Dooly, an efficient first semester secretary-treasurer, was of service to the freshman class often. Her cheerful disposition and school spirit doubled her usefulness as an officer. She is one of whom the freshman class can be proud. During this year, Bob Rhyne was very active in school affairs. His big smile and warm disposition-won for him many friends. Bob was elected second semester freshman president and proved to be a very efficient officer. The second semester was a very profitable one, and we are all proud of Bob's fine Work to make it that way. The second semester freshman vice pres- ident Was Wayne Womack. He fulfilled all of his duties with the efficiency and good na- ture that made him so popular with all of his acquaintances. Wayne did all that was requested of him without complaint, and did it Well. The freshman class could not have picked a better secretary-treasurer for the second semester than Barbara Alley. Barbara's loy- alty and friendliness are unsurpassed. Bet- ter and more consistent work could not be asked for. All of Iunior College is grateful fcr the service she has rendered. BARBARA ALLEY IOI-IN CLAY BAKER ORIS BALDWIN VIRGINIA BARLOW "Greets you with 4C1 "The tcdl of it Cdl." "Shorty" "Ginger is the spice of smile." life." REID BECKEL NANCY JOE BEDFORD PEGGY BOATRIGHT RUSSELL CHAMBERS "Got CI quarter for qos?" "The small of it all." "Vim, vigor, cmd vitcrl- "Curly top." 1ty. W "-"'-5, ,A BONNIE DANLEY ' "To know her is to like her." BRUCE EITE "Theres so methinq about a convertible . . ." -K ef? IW115 CAROLYN DOOLY WAYNE ELLIOTT IOANNA EVANS "Fifteen rahs-Lions." "Curly-haired Romeo." "The eyes of TEXAS are upon you." IACK ELOCKS .IMOGENE FOSTER BOBBIE ANN GABRIEL "Let's have a party." "She should make a "My Buddy" qood nurse." Page '36 IERRY GEREN FRANKLIN HARRISON MAXINE IOINER ANNE KASTEN "Silence is golden." "Blond Genius" "She-fs quiet, too." "Who wonts to be cul- turned?" BETTY KILGORE DICK KINKLEY IOE LINEBACK LOUISE LCLLIS HDYHCIHIIIG comes in "You don't have to tcdk "These Curly-haired " .... cmd everything small pcmckcrgesf' to be seen." Boys." nice." I F Ama: e'- 'Wi-D Sid- I A NADYNE LONG DORIS MADDUX IOE MAGNANI MARGARET MCALISTER Quiet cis cr mouse." "Career Woman" "Those penetrcptinq "Cute cfs cr buq's ear." eyes. BUDDY MOORE DELL NELSON IAMES OAKES TOMMY OLIVER Everybody's friend." "See Barbie Flinn, "Business is my busi- "A Iourncxlist in the mak- p1ec1se." ness." ing." Page 38' PATRICIA PERRY NANCY PRYOR PAYE RICE BEVERLY SIMPSON "Efficiency d e sc r i b e s "Blonde Bombshell." "No one is perfect-but "The sweet silent type her." she's close." CAROLYN SMITH BOB SPEER EDWIN SUDDERTH DONNA SUE SULT "What secrets. lurk be- "There's s o III e t h in g "Arthur Murrc1y's chief "A little bit of sunshinef hind cr bcrby face!" about oz uniform." competitor." I J 4' ' 'WS 4'--, Iii 'zbf' -J - v , , ,- I 'N 4 Sv' 1 I U I 'Tar A W. , I , A , A'-3 , . , 5 1' -we ,JA is cf Zag... -- WAYNE SWOFEORD STANFORD THOMPSON CHARLES VAN METER GENEVA WIKMAN "Thank goodness for "Study? Never hecxrd of "Charleston Kid." "One of VB's contribu- brightnessf' it." tions." BILL WILLIS WAYNE WOMACK IACK WOODY NANCY YARBEOUGH 'Triendliness describes "Ah, sweet mystery of . . cmd the forestry "A lovely vision." him." life!" trip . . . " Page 40 D0 f' gg-if I .:,-4 , '7 N vw C9 K. Q31-J c, J-V 0, 9. , . .5 age 41 VD if jegfwdfy Friday, 9-Valentine party for al- umni in cafeteria. Wednesday, 14-Variety assem- bly sponsored by Student Board. Thursday, 15-Phi Theta Kappa hold fofmql initiation for six new members. Friday, 16-Cheerleaders sponsor skating party. Friday, 23-PTK sponsors tea dance in band room. Robert Nila Magidoff give second IC lec- ture. . ""'w I I W .gi f -. .-1, .,, .W--.,, , Yff ' s' ' H . .--1 1 in A ,..,,.,L 'W '--v- I .. ,gvm a. .,. " F7 A-,Qi-Z' E1 ' - 4 ' .317 '- '1 'JJ ' o a ...ll '? ,f ' V ' O' ,, ' 13-'isa -.N -'-, .-I N141 - l' - , '- , 1 ' ' , A l gpg- . ',- -. 15 Avy' ,. . , ,, , , ., I 1 f- ,V W 34 .gk in ,, .K -1 ,.x,,, ., Q ,, .,,.,.,,,, . ., 1 i.'3f?5EiQ1gV-6 ff , 1 -pit. .ff',E. , ' 32,9 KM Y Qi,-ilixgl X !"- 5151, K' nf L-., - x cf- A-,:,gi.,,.'.tgi,'.!'tl .,-. ,. , . , - ...X -.A A.,f.:,,1--.. ww., kfiy.. 3.2 1--,jwsfr .YM-,1gg4.1-L -4. rn f J .: 5 gf., .va Sf, 'f . ' Q' f' T '1l'7'!"f'2,!'7x'1 vs. ,Q-I X , , 4 ., I., ,J-Af, 1. V , ng .vie J .iv-q.g,gvQ A ' S' ' -' ' ' ' bf' 6' V-rf'x"'.,.vfff',?"h 'mx . - -C..-ff .-2 . .' P-fr-- nv, Vg, ,,,,g. 1 ' ,-1s,,,.. s,-1' 1' 1.-at " 'f ga-KE: '-,fgrf 'a Nj 3 ' -1: 11 rl- .T115+1,f,1:f' f' 1 -.411 5 ,f-H: 4' -'i ,1""? 4-jz2u'1?r!-Y'-ii'fnT'4'--"4 .,.fa-.7595 it -H V4-w ,. ,2 -1. 1 rf' 'K ,... ,V fm 4 ' 1 '41 BY. , f- QQ J ,1......-Aw ,.,..4.... CAMPUS SCENES OF THE NEW JC y if fwqg W"-z First row: Carolyn Vickrey, Wayne Womack, Gay Swift, Virginia Iohnson, Virginia Barlow, Nadyne Long, Anne Kasten, Faye Bice. Mary Anne Schmidt. Second row: Doris Graham. Bill Center, Tommy Oliver, Barbara Flinn. MUSIC GUILD .f. 'FWF xg, QS' As Faye Bice and Virginia Barlow select popular platters, President Mary Anne Schmidt spins them. Gay Swift seems very Hhepped up" about the "moosic." Page 44 First row: lames Oakes, Ewell Lee, Ruth Gill, Mary Anne Schmidt, Sue' Ella Young, Barbara Cooper, Miss Luella Krehbiel, Qllie Blan. Second row: Nancy Yarbrough, Anne Kasten, Virginia Iohnson, Wanda Haney. PHI TH ETA KAPPA , J 1 ll 'J it 2 ' E5 T ,. Y . V :J W- if , v Ollie Elan, Ruth Gill and Sue Ella Young talk over future activities of P111 Theta Kappa as they get ideas- from the fraternity magazine, "Golden Key." iP'f'S-1 553,-'...' :,,f...- ,, - ' 1 :S . ee STUDENT BOARD SECOND SEMESTER That famous body of administrators, the second semester siudeni board, sponsored several successful activities, including parties, plans and publiciiy for the lecture series and the variety show. The board was led by an all feminine trio of officers: Sue Ella Young, presi- dent: Ramona Mackey, vice president: and Barbara Flinn, secretary. Left: Ramona Mackey, vice president: Sue Ella Young, president, Barbara Flinn, Secretary. Below, First row: Doris Graham Flinn, Sue Ella Young, Ramona Mackey, Olivie Patton. Second row: Miss Lucille Speakman, sponsorg Gay Swift, Edwin Sudderth, Bobbie Ann Gabriel, Bob Lane, Ollie Blan. WCLPCA Friday, 2-Frosh sponsor Bowery Party in honor of Sophs. Thursday, 8-Forestry trip to Suq- ar Loaf Mountain. Thursday, 8-Saturday, lO-Na- tional PTK convention in Inde- pendence, Kansas. Wednesday, 14-Ogden Nash gives third lecture in IC series. Wednesday, 21 -Music Guild sponsors Easter Devotional. Thursday, 22-Friday, 23-Easter vacation, egg? gnalfrigfnf Peggy came to IC this year with more pep and personality than four average people could use in a lifetime. Peggy was elected head cheerleader, vice president of the freshman class, and the most popular girl. As co-direc- tor of the variety show, Peggy showed' her artistic ability in creating spectac- ular costumes. Her versitality with a drawing pen is shown by her Work in the yearbook. Olde MM! As Mr. President for the first semester. Ollie proved his worth to the students and the school when, under the guid- ance of Dean Elmer Cook, he re-insti- tuted the Iunior College lecture series. Besides being outstanding in many school organizations. As proof of his outstanding ability, Ollie was elected the boy most likely to succeed. til :l l ZZ!! Carer "Mr. Editor", the title Bill Center's co- workers gave to him, has been one of the most versatile Workers in IC. As the editor of the "Lion's Roar" he proved himself an utstanding student journal- ist: and as the director of the variety show, he showed his ability and origin- ality in producing that fine performance. Next year, IC will miss Bill's Wit and friendliness. v1 L . ,L I Q , fl? 'P , ' JY -f HH , , ,vr,'. 1 ' C ' W l . Y w,. if K. ,1 fm' 'E -It J ' f 1 . Q t". 252 . . , X 1 P " 15 t sr. iff Fila .L ' tt--1 'P -1,1 N J W. ' -if-I 1. . A-' i-ff , ' pf'?4f7fx1 3 5,-Q . t,.,tL 2- .x ..1 -,V., - - v W---.-. me U :rf -.1 3.2 I l J l , , .199 . gafgdfd 00,9814 Friendliness plus-one need look no further after he meets Barbara if he Wants friendliness, personality, and co- operation all rolled into one. Scholastic rating was Barbara's big goal in IC, but she also had time for other things such as Music Guild and Phi Theta Kappa. Barbara will long be remember- ed as a true friend to everyone. f aria Qu am Doris Was known by her fellow stu- dents for her winning smile and her willingness to enter into any student body activity. Her diligence and hard work are shown by success in issuing the unique yearbook of which she serv- ed as editor. Some of the other activities Doris -served include the student board, FTA, and Music Guild. l gdfgdfd j Barbie made her mark in IC this year as an outstanding student, not only be- cause of her scholastic ability, but be- cause of her extra-curricular activities. Barbie served as secretary in almost all of the organizations to which she be- longed. Barbie will always be remem- bered for friendliness and Willingness to co-operate on all projects. lk VLVL8 .jclfffen Well known for her dramatic accom- plishments and her scholastic ability. Anne will be remembered most for her pleasant smile and her willingness to help. Even though she was voted most studious girl, she had time for many outside activities. f - 'U-nr4..mrp9lel' ,915 4 Ziff, JGQW Even though Betty left at the end of the first semester, she Will be remem- bered for her outstanding work as chair- man of the entertainment committee for the first semester. Betty Worked un- tiringly on all school parties and al- ways manaqed to make them a big suc- cess. 'Wh v, rt U . V ui Q t my une ,SQAmic!f Some people are just naturally every- body's friends. This is the Way Mary Anne can be classified. Always willinq to help anyone, anytime, anywhere, Mary Anne proved the spirit of co-oper- ation. Because ot her scholistic achieve- ments, Mary Anne definitely earned her title as an outstandinq student. ,, ..,fm.- . . Ifvljgir, 1 . -.51 . , ..yl 1, 0I'l'Ll'l'Ly 0411010 Tommy came to Iunior College and immediately beqan to show his Worth when he took over the job to assistant editor of the Lion's Roar. Tommy was outstanding in his journalistic ability and also in his scholastic accomplish- ments. A X rl G., f 3.-tx 4 ana? ya1fdr0ugA Efficiency seems to be Nancy's mid- dle name. She proved her Worth to the Numa staff in her Willingness to do any- thing that was asked of her. As most beautiful girl, Nancy has not broken the famous line of Iunior College beau- ties. Nancy was also outstanding in her work on the Lion's Roar as Writer and typist. 4 ,.,-,7.,.,.4 . L 3. .,,3,-,,,.5f,gQ - ? . fr "'.l 'E 73539721 .al , - , -. 1' .:.:. ,,j4, ., 1, , A. feasi'-Ll. . 'JIU' EQ . K F1 '15 .' w -1,5 :qu '. nh'-' , Q., ' igiw, N T ,. M9 MMM? A cute girl with a sweet smile fits Sue Ella to a "T". As student body president second semester, she proved very definitely her ability in leadership and Willingness to carry out orders. Sue Ella Willnot soon be forgotten by her fellow classmates. ias cited by the if as one of tive books published in 1948 to "influence if the A-- B ' ' cans." In selecting Dr. Bradley's eye-witness ac- ' ' Bnnlf .-.c-n... u---- -" ' ' ution Henry S Zi ' . ' . ' ,ij xtive, most lm- - from the the Manhattan District Proiect, Dr. Bradley ' ' """ months that he was at Bikini to R A Di' He V wth College, Dr. David Bradley studied . England. Following a free-lance sp ' the United States to study medicine, lin. 'lrf' 'rssify ,of California Hospital, rh' Q ' Jrnl 194.9 . A, N Offs' amen . a m BC M omdql if secrefq fo as '36 Proc .i..,,,.RUss5 - 'ihg DEER T I- 'd9nf.i ' if fo o'1f7i his ind , ' Bul ln,-. IM, A.T'fp.: ' X NQSWS W gf' - a miSCl" , has eVQr' X nigh r QNEWW' f - Gabe ., ,. l::sln't'? f is ol Molded writl"9 car ur e i u"'iifff lnclu everdl ol 0 some we W y0rk toil t S nd o I' ie 'B I lenls 0 w Yofke' G nahthfelse' ,.'l'e'S. 'mes Su meflco a -fhe Neumr brand ot 6534, frdayM:c1f,ze md Popzwhich odd' 1 qozme . ,oelryweekxy 6 , l. 9 nm!-I libs usif 1dSh'hn m toe . ill " and lan e fi fe' of Ve. ' ntif .A ol .1 115. Mason" fd l-lnesr with Um OR more tl' short Une, r oldest mag natural ml Jn. an editorial c as master on Z, such writers nothlllg lo iv it 'V and Hall anc' or' EDWARD? Wlilill iiir L E y yg-,fb YJ' ff, J' Qi Q, APL! Wednesday, 4-FTA sponsors as- sembly. Tuesday, 10-National IBC con- vention in Stillwater, Oklahoma, begins. Monday, 16-First variety show practice. Tuesday, 17-Edward Weeks clos- es Iunior College lecture series. Wednesday, 25-Assembly fear tures IRC members telling their experiences at the national con- vention. L-"9 1 lllho'S glffg-.r air Page 56 Upper left-Best Look- ing: Nancy Yarbrough, Icrrnes Burgess. Center-Most Likely to Succeed: Ollie Blcxn. Ol- ivie Pcztton. Lower left-Wittiest: Bill Center, Bobbie Ann Gab- riel. Lower right-Best All Around: Sue Ellcr Young, Pot Icrcobs. , Viva ' ' - -'FAIY ' "' i. nk ll s -' - ,. J Upper right--Most Popi ularz Wayne Womack, Peggy Boatright. Center-Most Talented: Barbara Cooper, Oris Bald- win. Lower right-Most Stu- dious: Herman Gossett, Anne Karsten. Lower left-Most Bash- ful: David Ferguson, Na- dyne Long. I M H HJ' . 5 al 4 v ' rt. 1' V I r - , l. N. v w run' -, U ,1 k 'ny - 'Y , . ' rr ,rn 2 59' ' UQ' 2 7' ML' A f i T 3351: ,A V ,.: .0 , . iiil f- xg l f if - J . -fi, M -.-,1 gg!! 1' . , if " -L.-qi, 5 ,. 'rj H Y' ' 'cf E ' A. . I wi. .U -., .fy -3' in 3 JW i Page 57 X ,X Wig ..-wr. I - - - ,ff v... , , N 1 'WT L .' ' Au. 35:21 X, V' -. fu- f N.. . of H w rv l W . :Lg -,P A .- X Man, K 'V ..:::. - .N ,xi , ny. 1. - 1 , 1 , W 1 , 'X , , - K 4 X' gf x , . , , PK P A P' ' ,,-g., .g:fS , 1-V f 125315, wma , , Q u J 1' 'S ' , .4 ff? ' f P 5-' 'sp "' AIA 'Q C-34' r' fr . gee F '1 4 3 , : ix, X 1 ,Q '-,'f.j,q: .-,H ,U X 1 ,,- 1.44 ,,.A 1 by ', f11.-55235 . 'A ,v.. 'g " vi- ' ws, 'yfgj'-.'.' ' -1:1 I any ,S,- I5-5 , ,-,H . 1-- -r' l . ' .,. " - Kei-JF . . V j gk ""RF',v ' '. 'f,"F.L-f ,wi-T'? 2f'f' - 4. l",gjJ5i'zx f- ' ..,g:'1f,': ., 1 -Si g-!'i', ,Lb31"S,f,5 ' " -4, gi' , , . - ' Q' "L Ws:i .'a.5,,: "ff W , Z gr? Q ' 1 1 I :lwliu , N ' f' ' ri ' 4 iff- 22 ' ,43- fi? 'Ns vs ff A! ,,.f'. ' I my Friday, 4-f'Cotton Candy" given to enthusiastic crowd. Thursday, 10 - Spring banquet and dance. Friday, 11-Sophomore day. Sunday, 20-Baccalaureate ser- vice. -Thursday, 24 - Commencement service. Friday, 25-Last day of school. l l if I Top picture: seated: Graham, Oliver. Standing: Center, Boatriqht, Bardrick, Fite, Speer. , gg Bottom picture, Doris Graham, editory Tom Oliver, associate editor: Miss Hazel Presson, sponsor THE NUMA STAFF The Numa staff has worked hard this year to produce a yearbook that IC would remember and cherish. Under the guidance of Miss Hazel Presson, Doris Graham, and Tom Oli- ver, the staff Worked under a new set-up which featured the process of lithoqraphinq for the first time in the journalism de- partment. In spite of the usual trials and tribulations that beset a ' yearbook staff, the 1950-51 Numa is here and the staff presents it with the hope that everyone is Well pleased. 'WN N., V fgr' xx M fi 0. X I ? 2 QX ' XY XXXXX 3 ms! Staff members Margaret McAlis1er, Nancy Yarbrough, cmd Bill Center look over old Numas in order to get new ideas to use in the '51 Numa. -uf " y rgviltjlffl f 723, - 1 J F l 4 f,.,,I, IA, -. 1. X - "Q, -,rr , .tl--rl :YY ' ' 'Xb' ' '41 'E ' ' 'xl' is ,- , :L'E'L1-gre The announcement that the Numa would be liihoqraphed this year instead of printed created new interest in the yearbook. Among ihe interested students looking over lihographed copies of other college yearbooks are Nancy Yarbrough and Connie Lichty, seated: -and Ollie Blan, Franklin Harrison, Stanford Thompson, and Joanna Evans, standing. Page 61 .xx 4' x , it 1 N JT-i-L i N r z I, '1' ., ,z V., ,-,T W N. li -X4 -J . . -'GS . ff "Up 9 1,1 11 5 H' rl Q!w"? M- Y ' , Eff n. '11 Ut R45-r J. . r , F ZESTO ON 'TOWSQON Meeting Plclce for College Students See Fun House ZESTO fir- 4200 Towson Owher: .LUTHER FITE Congratulations Jaycees Make the best of today's Opportunities in Preparation For Tommorrow's Responsib I t Merchants National Bank Fort Smith, Arkansas Member F D I C. Member Federal Rese Sy t The Fentress Mortuary 1805 North A Street Phone 6178' Fort Smith, Arkan CIM. 12 Bob Speer. IC student, is one of the many Fort Smithians who take advantage of the ThriftiCheck System at . . . THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK I Fort Smith, Arkansas , HEATING AND AIR CDNDITIDNINE-I Lammel Gompantl Katherine Price Bailey TEACHER of SINGING 'IDD-102 NORTH TENTH BT. PHONE 7582 FDRT SMITH, ARKANSAS WARM AIR FURNACES AIR CONDITIONING BUILT-UF' ROOFS STEEL CEILINGS GRAVEL ROOFS STEAM TABLES DOWN SPOUTS TILE ROOFING VENTILATING TIN ROOFING SKY LIGHTS BLOWPIPE GUTTERS TANKS Head of the Voice Department of the Fort Smith Junior College Member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing Life member and Past President of the Arkansas State Music Teachers Association. Delicious ancl Beautiful -CAKES for all Special Occasions .SYFERT'S BAKERY Makers and Bakers of Good Things io Eat it f 2209 Rogers Phone 8079 l .VEEEEEEEEE if, gafsssifgg ::.:'E 'il :izi 5 ::.: irluh' I l .A ':4:::: 5:i5:1?f2E2::25::1: :.::::: 5 252f2f52SE2s3f:. l, i lit nossucx Auuca SSN ' ' ' ' I Ft. Smi'rh's Most Complete ww and Modern Department Store l 909 C-1ARRlsoN, FT. SMITH L cocoo I I D WE ARE READY TO SERVE You First in Fort Smith IN THESE CAPACITIES BOSTON S 1 '0RE Real Estate Agent Insurance Agent Administrator Rental Agent Executor Curator ' Trustee Congratulations ond Best Wishes to the ARKANSAS VA'-I-EY Class of 1951 TRUST COMPANY 615 GARRISON AVENUE Dick Schlieff, one of IC's leading bowlers, orqcrin marks up CI strike Bowl with the Best ot RED cRowN BOWLING ALLEYS 34 South Ninth Phone 9725 Pictured above are seven haDPY lC'ers who have slipped away from the daily grind ai school io have a refreshing cone at ZESTCYS. ln the foreground, Wayne Womack has captured the prize of a huge cone being held by Bruce Fite. Others looking on from left to right are: Bob Lane, Dick Kinkley, Nancy Yarbrough, Doris Graham, and Tom Oliver. ZESTO ,V ' i ' 7M WH' fffg U Q-, M A fi 1? . . 5 41, ,,9,4,4Z, QQJU A-U 47940 ff' A ,, 6 E C 5 . XGA 2-"N Q Nc- No ' ef' NN' wif' QQV QCP wx 722, DCF? ?9 n Aff? YO Q,f'5'f90 if . fwfww . P 1" 'z-ffgf' f bk ,, Lww'f-M Mfg. L J, QQ. my Il, anna!! A Q kr- gm' xpey' 4 ,Q-P si' MJ . x 4 jjgju V J QU! lit I. jdfhfff if , WMVW X. VLJJQI,-Q4 WW 'O YH!! ,qw-M "" UWM' Uffeffpf ,ff JQAW' ,VY ,Q f14fWi,f+w'V3v f'fQfL2'aM ff VfaLwWwR" 'M Q QUML fyLAf'l,l,J'j' 6 gd IilIZ?'IMi2fx7'!AQkj lf- UU!! 'J W MM 4 wif QM wg, W7 if f' g,Mf5WfiQz0f,5 ff f . J' I fU,a,,' I, 1 Qf. . . W "wif Jagfp MU fy jj 5 N' 0ii+'Qif1X7iL.f" N' ' 5 ' 3 , W" ,fx 'Wfgf ' Hf'q "f Q5 X 1 Q - -fb I New , f Ewii 5 E' f I .J 1 Y 4 , 1, F li N 1 il is J N. ll: L1 F J W V 3- ,r , , I: '. 's L- z, A ' V' -. A 2. L7 'v Z2 Z. , E, : E 1 1 I A Lf v A fl 1, 1 5 ' 5 it - E . 9 . 4 . , g H' W , ,g 2 ,w i, 'i it l f' 5 E ,, l 1 x 1 , .. .Q fl, , 4 gi If 1. Q ii f 'D I ' r ?- J' . ,' W i gl Q 1 1.1 , 1 - H . ii rl- uf JW, s If 5' fi vw 5 , W, E' ! gi .N A 1, i gf Q, A BH w 0 . , . 5, ' A A 1 Ev ' 1 ' - 3' . " f -V

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