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University of Arkansas Fort Smith - Numa Yearbook (Fort Smith, AR) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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k 1 ' r r :LW K p.. -Q ,N .w .L A-I r" f 1 .5 x Q. ' . 5 s ' ' ' A M Q A fi M 4 ' ' A 4- -Q A A , ,',4,g"'4jW 1,4 r:w'.gf:m'4,.g,. X . C U fy, .vb 4 V e Q, '4 .. A 1 1 1 115' ia' ' x I ' iii I 1 ' . V '4 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 3 2 ML 4 1 i ! ' ,1,, ll, '-37. Y' 'YM 1 Q- ' , 9' I' ,t fx' '. fc , if Q en V, . 4 1 44 . r w .1 K 0 4.-v IA V1 xi s , . U .,, , My WT- ,Q , if V, A 4- " Snr, 4 b' ' In 4 .Y 11 h- 4. f - il w n 'Q . N , N , F- , .V .1 r ar 6 1 -. 4 Meng... H mm .nw-dulhnmmmu-min w., 'haf if 4 M14 V, ff , ,Z .. NW Y, W- if ,yy if " .f ' 17 ,Z ' r . 1, :,' 1 :'A" "" ' , ,uf - 5425? ,gi if f jf: W ' i V:-fcouzgffqfy A ,W-,., , ' ff ,,', . , 'YM 1 I1 , ,.:-.- wr ,-,yn X: 'mw1'n W- -mum'-1 14 PENS P' 5 The YEARBOOK OF THE FORT S ALL the world is a stage and the men and women merely players. S -SHAKESPEARE ,,,... . ., . "-wi T T fi? SMITH IUNIOR COLLEGE Z SHIS Numa is a record of our rehearsals for oar debut on the world stage." -THE EDITOR T J' I - ,Q .5 iw' .B ,N 1 , ya Y 4 ps 1 ' 'r -'i "4 2 "' ' Il f Y ' is 17,4 .ll .. , 5- 45 , ,gi J 77 ti WEA ,. 2 1, Wy, Q ,QA , . gf ez, ,V ,cg 1 .Hn- DEDICA TION TO MISS LUELLA KREHBIEL S A TRIBUTE of esteem and affection, we, the stntl' oi' the nineteen hundred forty-one Numa, clerlicnte this book to Miss Luella Krehbiel. This xrzieious lady meets every problem brought to her with iinfdilineg patience and understanding. Ev'-ig student having contact with her can llL'V4,'l' iwlet-I her kindness and consideration of others Sli. i-.ill long remain in our memories as a l'l'1'5Ull WI -i 1-ver strived to make our school a better one in wlneli in siiiily and live, Fm' one xxlmse guidance will ever serve as an e in JC, we hope that this dedi- cation will serve as a lasting expression of the inspiration to thus treat admiration and respect which We have for her. N he vogfawl 12 0:0 J, TTXNG sai took piace, our iines spoken. ' SE our rehear s e and our Where entrances mad , Their advice and encouragement assured us of a successful production rehearsaisg each Tot. 1' CAST p red for our ' Tor to the 9 As we an ea personality adding co '1' BPXCKST AGE The setting tor the Soy we have received irorn our numerous activities '1' PRODUCERS Their vvhoie hearted cooperation has ntade possiizie the pubiication oi this ho I I 'N gg- .M I f ""'t' "" ' 4 5 1 A .3 f , . f4,'g'w-FS'fJ"? 1 'BF V51 5, I .Qf 4 -- ' :yy - .' , i 'f ,psf 5 gf 4 ,jails wb 4' 'bk - . , B '03, Q 1 , ,. --f-. 5 g a--':t l Q' ww' 9 Located at the "Gateway to the Ozarks," the beautiful mountains form a picturesque setting for the Fort Smith Junior College. It is easily available to the students of Fort Smith, Van Buren, and other cities in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. In addition to the ninety thousand dollar stadium-building which consists of classrooms, the college oilice, a recreation room, and lockers, the students have access to a well equipped auditorium and school cafeteria. This year a new, modern arts and crafts building was opened to students interested in this type of work. While some classes are held in the senior high school building, the location of the rooms make possible an easy Separ- ation of college activities from those of the high school. 1 ,aldWVV3f1f" "" 3 V . li?-SH Y ----ffa., m 1 fi ' Q 4 -fh' F 4 sf' -if --A gb .naiualflxw " ,:mmil24i.luilxQlfi. ll'l'ill1.li4!fl.llf5+- -1-iffsiliil'lilEilltlll"fill::iiiiiiil4l!ll'll5g'''.1m 'filli lil' I ' ' : 'K N GMX XT Q5 Q xx ,,-sf'Sf gamma 5 9 fj X 1 Where Our Rehearsals Took Place, Our Enfrances Made, and Our Lines Spoken. is ' ' 5" 4- W k ......N4 .,N4...-...f.,. 1 if-4 LJ Qi, ., V! ,E-1-w '- H , , lijye- A -N , F 'G- 'V' A ' . "nu , v. f.' ' .Am-,...,.-...,. ' """f' f ,q.,Lea'g' 'V - 1 A. r R., ' 1 A f ' .ly w W , A ,, 44 4 3 V . 'JA N TL ING S ,vw ,. .. , , f V v-'- --- I "lb "' f "'l"" "' ' ' " mm "' , iw ms, "' "W, 7-1 NTI'4'H4h!I",'17Q:m1,v14,+vf1u:vwqwww fx,-1w1.f.:,, ,:w.'.p,31gfg,,' N ' , N .,.- ,eip - A L, , Y .T 4 ,.,,,, ,ll 41,12 .2 9 In , ,Y-f .,,,,,,7,,,,,,,, H, Where Our Rehearsals Took Place, Cur ,4. Y YA , ,W -1, Enfrances Made, and Our Limefe egaaken. ,Y.,,,a....,,,...,......., Whefher If Be The Soufh s J "1 H i fr 1 4 ef' . s ,HC 1, Q ff' i . -if 1'5" iii? Q 4 1 14-me L A., 'M , i- ' 4352, '- - Q wgff, ,M , ' 7'w?,g'n' ' 1914,-' .:'A'-fi, f, gif WQA4 ' ,' 1, 2f.NU v 1i?iL , Q ' J tif' fm , -ul, Jw ff, ' .. ' Am, ': 1? i ., T f- , - " A, ,,.A Sm - '- fr 'f': 'f f EFPHIQ ., .L grin--w-f . -.L,,mL ,. Llgq qL.l .2 - A 'S 5 "L",':g3 F. E ' 1- 3 I M FL Q' :Q V-f"' 1, 'Nl 1 lun:-Q . v -,, ,' Dill ,T 4f,xl Q in 'Q ,"' .u3l:--A V .':7 x ' . ' ' ' I Ia - ...M - , WHA J , , jj-7 If I1 2 . , F .t 1 . a., K W h lx - . L ,- Q44 fy, :Q 'wi . fi V ' v .V g 2 r G 31 QAM, WWkfWWQ"ww E F 3 1 B E And Blonkefed Wifh Snow, "W " ' Y 'W' ' ' 'I ' ' We'll Ne'er Forget, Buf Long Remember S fl- M 1 , ...T""- A- 3 4- 'J 1.75" 1, . , ,,, , 1 A A ,. V' 'fwfr - - , 'f , ' ', ' , ,, V f -f-V .' I 'f ' e ' -, -' ,f77E."i'1f., ., L,g,'sf1fp,ly,-f.,'-fL,- +i,,..4,,,A,-4A . d , . A WM., ,-vu.: Or Baked By Summer's Heaf, V The Days We Spenf On Our .lC's Campus M,-,,L-Q., pw! N , y 'lx Q f " ' ta' V . ,C H W1.rf..,"2? X- ' lf, ,V . .-,f f -ff,1.1.,..,.nf. 4 ':fs'?gI23".l1sif31.5+ , ' 'b . ..., r V, , .h Liv, Q f X W' ' ' dh wx S1 ' 1 5 I .1 J . 7- nt I 1 '5' 4 1 1 - ,.-9, ,- J -9 It is only through the able direction of the members of our faculty that our play has run a successful course. They have had patience while teaching us our linesg they have had individual interest in each characterg and they have had confidence in the success of our production, all of which have been valuable aids to each member of the cast as he rehearsed his lines. And so to our administrative officers, faculty, and trustees, the entire cast offers its deepest appreciation as the curtain rises for the opening night. We DIRECTGRS S ' W - V --rn Y 1' fm, .,i 2:..5f-I-HV. xv... ,,,- N , . - , Jil' b V . . Q .- " .1xf.u-,r14,l-,Agile92'4f'1"f"-WSI,:am'Al-fl1:'a1:,iix!::a:"""l.v"..Q'1a-!'uf'l.I:w'--. HJ' - n . 5 ,1 ffl N Whose Advice and Encourogemenf Has Assured Us Of A Successful Prcscafucfion 1 ' sss' ' ss A I s i LQ.. 1 Y Y Faculty Meeting We DI CTORS ..--.f-V-, ,- ,M , " ' ,,,.if.11., lffl 1 - A' N i.nzaa-A.,-..::.- nmmnr, -4vmmm1mgnw-mmr----- wma- ....-,... ,,,,, O l THE SCHOOL BOARD ' ' - School Board members shown above are, left to right, W. L. Curtisg Frank W. Dyke: J. W. Ramsey, Secretaryg J. R. Woods, Pres' dentg Dr. A. A. Blairg W. G. Shipley, V' presidel t d J P. Woods. Whose Advice and Encourcfgememls Has Assurecl Us Of A Successful .ss.s lll. s ucfion J. W. RAMSEY 5 J br it "1 le 3, My 'r k H, lui President ,r S THE main director, it is to Mr. Ramsey that the cast owes its deepest appreciation and respect. Although We did not come in contact with him at each rehearsal, his in- fluence was keenly felt. By his conscientious attitude, deep foresight, sincerity, and un- tiring effort to produce a successful produg- tion, Mr. Ramsey has assured us of 21 smogth performance on our opening night, K 5 A I l J C GIBSON Business Manager R GIBSON as oui business manager has played a vital pait 1n the production of our play for it is through his ex ellent Judg ment and knowledge of financial affairs that our play has been a financial success The entlre cast wishes to express deep gratitude to their business manager for the efficient service and executive ability he has display- ed in handling the box-office receipts. , Q l "Yi A .Q ' ...H ..,. ...,.. 5 I ,f7:'3X. l 419 ELMER COOK M l il it . ,1 5 i , i Dean O US, who have been under Mr. C0ok's guidance, we feel that we are indeed fortu- nate. His patience while we have learned our lines and rehearsed our parts has been out- standing. His understanding of our problems and his willingness to be of serviee that We might have a successful production have lit-en supreme. By his excellent training' in direction, he has kept high the ideals and purpcse of our drama and to him the entire cast expresses its appreciation. ,..------W A, Assistant Dean HE GREATEST of all playrights could not express in mere words the deep devotion of each member of the play cast for Director Reynolds. On hand at each rehearsal, he was always eager to discuss with cast members their personal problems. His sincerity and sympathy have Won the coniidence of each player, Whose character he has helped to mold. Soon the final curtain of our play will have lowered and rehearsals will be but a memory. The leadership and influence of "The Dean" is an experience never to be forgotten. REYNOLDS I I fi xutx N, XILl2H'1"f DELMER ASHWQHTH ESSIE BERRY A. VV. BLAKE ,bmi ,1lwf-lwrmuv f2,,gf,1f'.qg Englfxlf und F"'7'7"h Prinfzng .lulrrlznlism CRAIG BLEVINS T. ll, Btmzows DOLPH CAMP KENNFTH CLARK Arfs mul C1'rrffS fl'Af"ff'1f'ffff!! 'UNI Lffll' Muflzvnifrfics 11'O0dwo,.kmq , " Y , wmmnmammmmlmwmmx "1 N ,..........,' ., ., ,, .V :,33P,..i! xxx ,,m,, 11. 1 A , N 1 W 5" mn " ' ' 'A 1 1 - f i L -1 ..q .,-W. V W., figs-,h Q.-,!.,,,g,, X...,,.. a I ' wr' 4 Nw + A 24' Vs ' ' V231 41- , f . , F OPAL CLARK Choir RUTH HAMILTON Latin and Mythology ini' IIAZELLE DAVIS Rogisfra-r GUY H1xs0N Commerce and Economics -.9 MARY HAAS Homo EL'Ul7fl111l.t'S HELEN FRASH-:R Education mid Psychology MARY R. HYNES LUELLA KREHBIEL L'flJ7'CLl"lAfl?Z, Evllgll.-S11 fy A Mus. BIARY GEORGE BIARTIN I'l1ysiuuI EllllL'!1fff7'I1 J. FRED PA'1'1nm G01w'1'rlnlf:nf, Ez'm1u111fr.A: nm! I yy REXNULDS D"l"'lf' f'1lSfUI7l A. T. SHULLER A'via,Hon A. DON BILLINGSLEY Succeeded T. Shnller as CAA Grozmd Instr-zmfoz' 111 ,Immnry ' ' 1 in Qs l , , ll u I l I N . K , 1-risk-VJII, ry 1 , sf lg WI. af ... 5 , N' 1 ' A W S f h I ,l 3 'Q Q' ' f. 5 1 'r sf 1 1 F1 AS"l'v:-Ll' . Nm l , It 1 mf Te A large part of the success of any production depends upon the players, In Fort Smith Junior College there is a part for every actor and an actor for every part, and so each individual personality adds a new character. As we glance at the program, we find that the members of the cast are selected from Fort Smith, Van Buren, and other sections in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. As curtain time draws near, the characters rejoice in the fact that each rehearsal has brought to him many memories never to be forgotten-friends always to be remembered. ST 5 l M T-N Kama 9? CW As We Appeared For Our Rehearsolsf Each Personolify Adding Coler To The Plof , ,I A--.-..,,,..,..,-...-.--,.-...,,,-.. 5, 1 f M fag, hm WM' 31 an :I -QE. ., v . 1 ,. W I 5 in cfm: ', L K-P., f y' , V W " """"""" "" W Q Student Body Y . ,W -isifg. ' T WI: 1 'frm-, -1554.43 1 X W-.-.M-,........ ,,., e ff' - QI lifxxa f , X :Llgk ff ffl if X Q Af! X xx W-ABN'-'fliehh B49-b N SOPI-IOMORE OFFICERS Elected each semester, the Sophomore officers guided their class through a very successful 1941. Representing their class on the Student Board and instigating the Sopho- more banquet and the graduation ceremony, were their outstanding achievements for the year. The first semester officers were: presi- dent, Jim Stackableg vice-president, Grady Garrisong and secretary b o t h semesters, Linda Lee Hunt. Leaders the second semester Were: president, B i l l Rotertg and vice- president, Walter Levy. V- 5835185324: Q-I--,iz , ,rg- gg W As We Appeared For Our Rehearsals, 5. E .nf '.'.wsmilaE1ifi'f1- , is- Q P' FWY' Each Personality Adding Calor To The Plot 5'lill!1'll'fll" Jack Alford lntrzw,-m1.11'al Captain '41g Tmffli '40 3115 BSU '41. Qi: .flulem Enlisted U. S. Navy r Arnolif A CPQQQ Choir '40 '41, IRC 'fllg President FTA '41. Fred Ballaer Basketball '40 '41, Track '40 '41, J xx A, ' 1 l N l R ' I fxl lv lilly? " , vm M, -, -I .V .f--.-Y .F W - ,. fvfan, . gf.- ' ,'T-.., f hx' , . , Q- A ., . ' 1-A-ifgjglslqz-lee 4, -4-,K v I 4 4-r ...,. , dy' . J .U hr '01 Billie Baxter A Cappella Choir '40g Band '40 '41g Home Eco- nomics Club '40 '4lg FTA '40. I 5 .lo Ellen Been Home Economics Club '40 '41g BSU '41g FTA '40 '41g A Cappella Choir '41g GAA '40 '41. Romalee Boyd ' Leota Mae Cunningham V 4 K , ' r2f'wr,- A .. v - 1 , r ,. -fill ref? ' 1 . '-ja .,', - 1 , , - Y- , ,.,Hx.. '- A ' up j '- .laclz C atbirth A Cappella Choir '40 '41: FTA '41g BSU '41. Wilma .lean Daniel Numa Staff '41g IRC '40 '41g Sock and Buskin '41g FTA '40 '41g GAA '40 41. Z tl f 04", .f,,.: W ,f le-Vg. . ,f f 4, Maxine Dean Student Board '41g IRC '40 '41g Sock and Buskin '40 '41'g FTA '41g A Cap- pella Choir '41. gl Mary Katherine Ealzin Outstanding Student '41g FTA '41g IRC '41g A Cap- pella Choir' '40g Theta Phi Kappa '40 '41, ml ,- Gregory Falls Numa Editorial Staff '40, Editor '41g Grizzly Staf '40g Track '40 '41g Sock and Buskin '40, President '41g Junior College Play '40 '41g Shakespearean Play '40 '41g Debate '40 '41g Outstanding Student '40 '41g Cheer Leader '41g Intra-mural Captain '41g French Club '41g Science Club '40. ' . 1- Grady Garrison Basketball '40 '41g IRC '40g A Cappella Choir '40 '41g FTA '41g Intra- mural Captain '40g Track '40g Student Board '40 '41g Vice-president Soph- omore Class '41. f Freda Graham Grizzly Staff '40 '41 Glenn Hackney IRC '40 '41g A Cappella Choir '41g Science Club '40. r-1 'U . ' in J rE"D'i7 LUOENLWQCEJ College Beauty '40 'ill Numa Editorial Board H105 Numa Staff '-11: lllc 740 H113 A Cappella Cl1OiT '40 '41g Secretary of the Student Body '41. Virginia Harcrow IRC '41g Home Economics Club '41g BSU '41, ,A J' E ,H , f' 1, JA X ' Elwamla Hays IRC '40 '41g Secretary of Science Club '40 '41g French Club '40g Theta Phi Kappa '40g A Cap- pella Choir '41g GAA '40. O 5 ' - Q I Linda Lee Hunt IRC '41g A Cappella Choir '413 FTA '41g French Club '41. .1..zg, Q! df ifrfbeff Bill Horton IRC '41g FTA '41. Kazle .laber CAA '40g IRC '40 '41, Nancy .laber Sock and Buskin '40g A Cappella Choir '41g Home Economics Club '40 '41, Pauline Jameson BSU '41, . A' I ll ,V ,Mu A- , ,K George King Basketball '40g A Cap- pella Choir '41. If X A I J n. riff. f Burt Lieberstein IRC '40 '41g FTA '41g Grizzly Staff '40 '41g A Cappella Choir '40g Sock and Buskin '40 '41g Junior ' College Play '40g Shakes- pearean Play '40 '41, Walter Levy IRC '40 '41g FTA '40, Vice-president '41g Band '41g Shakespearean Play '40g Junior College Play 'dll '40g Sock and Buskin '41g A Cappella Choir '40g Vice-president of Sopho- more Class '41. ab- Warren McLellan BSU '41, H MU ,. V wwf A WW! 'L l- Cx C. B. Murphy Printing Editor Numa '40 '41g Student Board '40g President of Freshman Class '40g FTA '40 '41g Theta Phi Kappa '40 '41, ' x William Murphy III Outstanding Student '41g IRC '40, President '41g A Cappella Choir '40 '41g French Club '40 '41g Numa StaH '40 '41. Q ll 1 Af' ,J 12f',f Blanche Oliver A Cappella Choir '41g FTA '41g IRC '41g GAA '40. Mary Katherine Pride FTA '40 '41g A Cappella Chou- '41. 7- Connfad Pugh IRC '40 '4lg French Club '41g Debate '40. L . 'C' 'Bill Rotert Numa Staff '40 '41g Griz- zly Staff '40 '41g Basket- ball '40 '41g Track '40 '41g Junior College Play '4lg Shakespearean Play '40g IRC '40 '41g President of Sophomore Class '41g A Cappella Choir '40g Sock and Buskin '40 '4lg Intra- mural Captain '41g De- bate '40 '41g Student Board '41. r, . x llmif 1 S' Marylldn Sanders . U . I French Club '4lgx1lfice- president BSUx'41. f ,li K' .' fi Emma .lo Scholze Home Economics Club '4lg A Cappella Choir 'ellg Sfmlc and Buskin '40 s 41. '71 John R. Shipley . of-2 XA!!-f Jcharles Shopfner A Cappella Choir '40 '41g Sock and Buskin '40 '41g IRC '40 '41. Evelyn Spear Sock and Buskin '41gI IRC '40 '41. .lim Stackable President of Freshman Class, President of Soph- omore Class, President of IRC '40 '41g Student Board '40 '41g Junior Col- lege Play '40 '41g Shakes- pearean Play '40g Debate '41g A Cappella Choir '40g Sock and Buskin '40 '41g Outstanding' Student '40 '41. John Stevenson CAA '40. Oscar Strozier cience Club '40g Camera flub '41g IRC '41. Eugenia Swearingen ,'TA '40 '41g GAA '40g lome Economics Club '40 L15 Shakespearean Play 'll H ederick Tuttle 'llresident of the Student ody '41g Science Club Q10 '41g Sock and Buskin fS0 '41g Shakespearean Malay '40g Outstanding smtudent '41g Grizzly Staff iurnlg Junior College Play shgl llf' l all kilt SW' , , - us. .. Helen Vargo French Club '40 '41. rf 1 A KW, ly, f ,I 1 - , , ff! . , ji, , If I Mary Margaret Womack Stanley Yoder Numa Staff '41 LFE' ,7 Q W: ifnv ,QFD fl, U Viv, fl :Q ff may u yah -f RTELLl.",ial SEIIQSEUS sports c if l u in li, 'xdesign-l Shots" 151-nverl to ljg' Ll popular fea- ture in tTlic Grizzly." Not only being' cliziirinnn of its Editorial Board. he assumed and executed well his duties as Sports Editor of The Numa. V . 3' duff, l -vi., 'l wax F 'SVS wi ,gg --,.,Y 4, ' ,Q - 1 fi or - CAROLYN TAYLOR'S work as president of the Home Economics Club and her act- in? tzllelif. contributed to her election. She was largely responsible for the re-organ- ization of the club, ag WQ11 as app:-:ii'ing' in this year-'S Slin.liespm1'4f1ii Play, ing HEDERICK TUTTLE held the most important of all student offices in our college, that of president of the Stu- dent Body. Variety Shows, Student Board activities, and active membership in other organizations merit 'tHedy" this honorary position. i -'-Q2s:""fiffE'f' . ".'fi'SV'fii:?l1 V 5 , ' J., I va...-ici, "Q, 5. , YL 4 Apu, '.I.4.',- . r, ' 1 K. GREGORY FALLS' work The Numa for the last years has been outsi He has appeared in all sponsored by the Junior lege during his two here, as well as being dent of Sock and Buskin co-author of our alma J. B. GARRISON. JR. was vice-president of the Student BOQIY and 0l'1e of the best dehators ever to attend JC. These are only two of the many activities that classify him as an outstanding stu- dent as well as a popular "fellow" on the campus. N MARY K. EAKIN was because of her scholastic record. and well-informed, her election to Theta Phi proved her ability. She what we might call, f.eacher's ideal scholar. 'Q...4:L - L W up wgtl' 1, 'S ' '41 ,Xue-Qknat N 93,5-.6.Lg , I ,I if ., .V L iffy? ' ff 'bf 5, X IIM STACKABLE for the mast two years has had the ead in the JC play as well is being president of the Treshman Class, the Sopho- nore Class, and the IRC, in iddition to being student nanager of the Debate Feam. x 'i WILLIAM MURPHY with- out question is the most appreciative of all the JC students of lite1'ature, music, and the other fine arts. Wil- liam maintained a high grade average, was this year's IRC president, and co-author of our alma mater. KENNETH WADE had that all important job of arrang- ing for and producing the semi-weekly Junior College radio progrrams, not to men- tion his role in the Shakes- pearean Play, "Much Ado About Nothing." SILL G 0 U L D'S picture ,yndicates his work with the npeech department's voice ,recording machine. Bill's grades were marred by a gwingle measely "B plus"! Lferhaps this could be attri- 'wuted to his extra-curricular ftvork on JC radio programs. 05 JIMMY DYER'S activities in JC were the Visual Edu- cation Program and arrang- ing for the weekly JC as- semblies. His work more than speaks for itself, and either of these iinD01't2Y1t jobs would have Sl-lfflced for Jimmy's election. MARIAN STEPHENS is wt-ll known for hor work on 'The Grizzly." io which she was one of the nmin con- tributors. Marian not only debated and held a high scholastic position, but was one of the Numa Business Managers. CLASS OFFICERS FRESI-IMEN Headed by Presidents Bill Gould and Kruger Muse, first and second semester respectively, the Freshman Class flourished under such able leadership. Its activities included an all-JC Kid Party which was typical of our entertainment-a big success. As the year was nearing completion, it gave the well received Freshman-Sophomore Banquet. The other officers were: first semester, vice-president, Kru- ger Museg second semester, vice-president, Jack Harmong and Marian Stephens, secretary both semesters. S ' . vi mmil' ""f ' M , Wf zf LILLIANNE ALLEN Laiiy of man oods we pl, .JLlA3:,. MIL ED ALLEN So nice to know I , If ,K aflljlfflf I OLEN ANDERSON ff . 1 Ileggis vibe 1153 ir, . L.1,.f" cn Vw ' ' ' .zlqkfc I DALE ARMOUR Rates a marble hall - V, ,f , My JESSIE BELL ARNOLD Brings joy home s - MSX Y ,1 A I ri" if if 'J R S P, .Ame -Wm.-. , I 711 gm' ' r I MARIE BAILEY See Bill Rotert, please STEWART BARNES ' nstun ENID BAUGHMAN l Stimulating Jw D N Qgje .T 1' VELDA SUE BEARDEN Is always herself f X' BILL BLAKELY Promising Beau Brummel fT11,lg2f,t,, fL if I 1 , q ,I ,4 42 1- Am I "ZH . 0 1-H-L l l i i X p l i 1 l Q JACK BOATRIGHT l Residence: Fort Sill, Oklahoma l l JULE BOLIO Quiet and unassuming ' JOHN PAUL BUGG Lavaca Athlete 4 V7 :- :9 :N 'Tj , -il - TWH, .7 KQJ ,ff VENOMA CAlLLENS il First impression is always right 4 fs fl ROBERT COCKREHAM Li Free Throw M 1' 4 25 if ,X ll H 1, CHARLES COLE S iqpo ll s are in order DOYLE COLE You gotta like him l EVA COTNER Smile, darn you, smile HELEN CRAGG No adjective will do- Suggestions requested JOHNSON CRANDALL There is no applicable adjective for "lamb" MARY Ask ELMER DAVIS N0 news cast today ELMO DUNN "Curley Top" JIMMY DYER The show must on QA Nw Qfirf I Q 'U MARY N LL EUP R gi We may all be proud BROOKSHER FANT Now let me tell you a good One- ROBIN FARMER Arresting minds are few u ,. 'dui' Ni," s CHOISE FISHER Least of the boys MARY M. FLANAGAN Irish as old Blarney Me. ANN FLOYD She's quiet too .IWW N 41.14-wzimuw... ......,. ....,. .,,,, HELEN GAMMELL Delight to the sight J. B. GARRISON Little Giant I I gf AROLYN GORDON Would be a model kinder- garten teacher BILL GOULD CPA fCertified Public Accountant? JEAN GRAY ,mi any Numa copy? BOB GREGG "I have no objections." 'Q xg, -U3 1,9 ,iff JAMES GROVES It's them eyes HAGNAUER Ginger is the spice of life BETTY HALL . . . and everything nice JACK HARDER Coast-guard Deluxe ,X wr M Ji K HARMON What secrets lurk behind a baby face!! BILL HENDRICKS Mother calls him Bill, too EMMA SUE HILL "Sierra Sue" 1 1 7, ,fy CLYDE HOP INS . . and his slide horn 5 GLENN HOIQQINS X HSI y 7 N L A 5, Q ROY IRVIN Quiet please .Iv I It V L , BETSY JOHNSON Being in JC is loving Betsy K, jTILFORD JONES "Tillie the Toiler" BILL KLUSMEIER Page 53, "Esquire" I 1.17 i .. z"' 1 v xl ! . ,A 7 " 1 ll!! Ll il OLIVE JE,AmiL'LoBD1LL l v' I, K Atlloffely vision Ill XQXXGJM .HMMIE MQCAULEY You shall know him by his cut-out JUNIORX MCDONALD gugii XX JV 5 N15 gb, J ANN MARIE MILLER "I am busy now" f' n i Yi! x .ff L - JOHN MILLER Judge? 1 5 JA M ES MOORE Let us have more and more of Mooye X 'LSU ' if "Y X ROB RT MOSLEY 1' . s dd one Wjffjif J ff i wif i 'ga X. DAVID MOSS No moss under his feel JOE MURPHY U15 Rah'g Lions" KRUGER MUSE Goin' to Heaven on a drum -,,-X ny. , , I' '-IE?" K JI X "'frx"'i' .Q ' irhfuhx . LARRY 0'DELL "My dear Mr. Pattoniu OMMMQUL LOUIS PEER Long in bvrains and length PASCHAL PORTA And his thin, pipping voice STANLEY PRICE Doctor of Tennis ROSWELL RAMEY Theatre magnate REGINALD RANDALL Quick, Pendleton, old chap, my trigonometry! lui? - l L V, 4 Vi ,A'. ' 1 , 3-Q' .1 rg' l . wALTER REED A ::.,f,,c.-5 M3 ft' Sleeping Beauty ERMA DORIS ROBERTSON A It's a winning thing-a smile LORRAINE ROMERO "Down Mexico Way" Jfwgjff MILDRED SARTAIN "Hello, kid" DORCILLE SAWYER Appreciations enough for two people ,. . 1 rn D LS X,",Jj,4. .h 4. 1 U,-Ja, H.. .. 5 LX! .A J,.kA,,LQ.1, S - ' AWN.: 4. A "' 'X' 'S' H 9 L -- . v . .. .. ., ,- ,. ,.,,,.,, V . U- . L 41. ,fag , 1 Ls l i! DORIS SCHLIEFF l An able-minded soul l 1 all l WILLIAM SENGEL Professional editor l l l REBECCA JO SHULL Miss Personality l -2 " EQ D ll L lv, I ' QARL SILENCE LTlIIuch in a word . . . Silence F". 4 1 E251 iz 1 KRW -ff ii X LUCILLE SMITH Tlizml: Q-orjrlmgss for lfrl'lf:1'lllll"FS lil i :4mmv ma..m:m1mm,.r- Y , ..,..W V ,.--,,,,,,, . ROSEMARY SPAFFORD Moved-darn it! MARIAN STEPHENS Wanted: Another debate . gournament .A 'ILE-,' a 4 :J ' el if 5 ali' f I i ly! WANDA STEWART A lovely thing, indeed HELEN TALBERT There is so much about her to like X CAROLYN TAYLOR At: home in every heart In -kAA- W, ',4...,. M i A l KENNETH THOMAS Possibilities penetrating Parnassus NELLI TOLLER Quiet as a n e WK i Xx,.f"pN BETH MARIE UPCH-HRCH Peck of r' tness ' . t wi' X X A 5 V MARY E. VAN ZANDT All the boys Want to team with Tommy 3 ,I X H I. , dilflw' ri . ' 1 X PQ' 4. .15-' U A ' wnf'i' X NEVA MAE VARGO A pet name to everyone r f ,A K -x 'ls'-.,Vs,M V BETTY VESEY Demure must be the word KENNETH WADE It was a permanent per- manent after all! NORMA LEE WEBB Busy on the feet-ailways . , - , , A F' ,,'L.-' I ' DICKEY WEINBERGER "Is sorority meeting over. EMMA JEAN WELLS Will make a nurse '7 X 1 ,ww ii .J iff' j ui' wiv? ,-, 1 x li M ii ii I3 'I' N ANNA MARIE WERNTZ She'll lead an all-girl band someday BUDDY WHITE Sings! Nuff said. BET2l'i'E LOU WILDER I. 250iB1'ain capacity 'v unlimited I n xW. BILL WILDER Route 1, SWA jf A 5 QW4 1. ?"'?' V4, L. 'llviii 1414 6' :nr :ww 141' , lan' will gy, I I 97 f .,. ,L V 55534 E49 "" if JEAN WILLIAMS Cinnamon is the spice of life MARK WILLIAMS No verbal objections HELEN YAFFE Prefers philosophy sv. 'ft 2 , V . , 1' ,W . KZ E. C. YOUNG ,sf There's sumpin' about B uniform! , I -F-E-QTU-P.-Ef "Judge" Dick Powell Dick Powell January 15, 1941 1462 Nm-th Stanley 1-1o11y-wood, California Mr. Gregory Falls, Editor 1941 Numa Fort Smith Junior College Fort Smith, Arkansas Dear Mr. Falls: I have received pictures of the candidates for the Junior College Beauty vhioh I am returning to you herewith. With the photographs of theme five most at- tractive young ladies before me, I am sure you realize how difficult lt is to make n selection. However, I have done my very beet and submit the following to you Ae my first and second choice: 1. Terry Hartmeler 2. Linda Leigh Hunt May I extend to tho 1941 Numa and the Port Smith Junior College Student Body my sin- cere good wishes for a successful and happy 1941. DPAHK Sincerely youre, muah a-QJLUX Terry Hmrzimeier MOST BEAUTIFUL U ' Linda Lee Hunf 5 ee fi i . Q. Crane F will , I s , . N 1' I A ,A xiii Y 4- I ' Q X '1 5 'KL k .K i Caro 'Ji fdfmn QW lmcme W, f . , f .... ..., f' A X 5 , , .9 , it 1 Q, !"'i'ffff.,:115,j.g2, i, A XL ' ,S Ji' W rj i, ,7 Q Fr :gf ,t ' f U. D 1 A f lv , ,ei S ff -av. 5 v K ' 'B ' 1 A 1124 lj ' Y J .',..,.L,ig.::. ff-'G' l l i I I P Glancing backstage, one finds that the various activities of college groups makes our junior college a community within itself. Assemblies . are held once each week where students are introduced to various forms , of group procedure. Basketball, track, softball, tennis, bowling, ping' i pong, and golf are a few of the sports in which junior college students Q participate. A college council, composed of student representatives, I which sponsor various worthwhile activities, affords valuable training , in self-government. A school paper, The Grizzly, reflects student life 1 and gives excellent training in journalism, while the annual junior l college play is one of the outstanding events of the year. Students who Q are interested in debate, band, orchestra, glee club, and dramatics repre- l sent the school in a number of contests, Each of these helps in forming a well-rounded life for each character in our drama. pl vl l'-V ill' " 'Fra - . -- fi s '1'ie'-' 'rm L 99 .A :J 'B - v f 'ATMX Was The SeHmg For The Joy We Have Received From Our Numereus ACHVIHGS N M , A N ceiew W Student Board V --- - . .,-M,.-..QjQI.1.L..4 We BACKSTAGE ' ' 7 - ------, T...,...,..,....r..,.,.,Y.,, HYWY- ,,,, Y ,, . , Y H -.. W , 1 , p - STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Our Qtudent Board lb tvp1cal of ou1 o1gan1zat1ons and our dCt1X1t16b Under the bLlp61101 1eade1sh1p of Premdent Hederlck Tuttle 1ts 3Ct1V1t19b mcluded sponsormg the ever famous JC Var1etx Shows alrangmg fo1 ou1 fl equent part1es and Weekly .assem bhes and nume1 ous other student govexnment a t1X1t19S J B Gfuubon and Telry Hart melel S91 ved as uce D16S1d6Ht and secretzuy 1 espectu ely Recewecl From Qur Numerous Achvzhes 'WFNUY e I - r Was The Seffing For The Joy We Hove - ,JA i 1 ,L Gregory Falls Left to right: J. B. Garrison, Jr., Jean Gray, Marie Bailey, EITI11121 S116 Hill. Terry Hartmeier, Wilma Jean Daniel, Marian Stephens, Gregory Falls, Kruger Muse, I:-ill Gould, William Sengel, Bill Rotert, John Robert Shipley, and William Murphy. Numa Staff Members of the Numa staff have worked hard to present to the students of Junior College a yearbook that will become dearer as the years go on. This volume is what everyone wants a yearbook to be, an informal book of class activities, social events, outstanding personalities, and advances that mark the rapid growth of Fort Smith Junior College. The period of 1940-41 has witnessed many unique changes, and you'll enjoy reviewing' all the events that happened during this time. Featuring a spirit of informality, the staff members hope that this yearbook will will give you a lasting memory of your Junior College days. THE STAFF Editor, Gregory Falls, Printing: Editor, C. B. Murphy? Business ManagGrS, Marian Stephens and Kruger Museg Photography, Jack Harmon, Junior McDonald, and Flunley Yoder, Features, Bill Rotert and Marie Baileyg Organizations, J. B, Garrison, Jr. find Terry Hartmeierg Classes, William Murphy III alid 300 Murphy? SP01'tSy Yfilliziin Sc-noel and Reginald Randallg Art, Dorcille Sawyer and Will11a Jean Dilliielg I'ic'niws, Bill Klusmeier, and Kenneth Wadeg Literary, Jean Gray and Emma Sue Hill? Sales, Jack Harmon and Bill Gould. N Editor Butiom . 3 -4,75 , ,' nu V ,.., . j, 1 i R E V I E W - ' ' ll if EPT. 7-Junior College of all kinds of knowledge the benefit cf those who haverft heard it.y ifonce again opens its portals to all those desiring the best things in life Qwhich Hiflyt freej. SEPT. l9-Student Board "swings into action" E' under the able leadership of Hederick-tut! tutl SEPT. 9-Last minute registrations-JC's popula- tion is the greatest ever. poor Hsophsvf are Out, SEPT. 20-Freshmen ponder their dismal future- fgg numbered, but that's the only thing: in which one never knows, does one? if they're behind-they say. , SEPT. 10-First assembly marked by the disting- 'i uished presence of J. C. fChaunceyb Thornton. SEPT. 12-JC bridge fiends wield finesses to the bloody end. SEPT. 16-Mary Margaret Womack decides in Economics that she is a liability to her parents- tsk! tsk! SEPT 17-Election-much ground lost in mud slinging. QThis is an old one but we'll print it for Fvesiwlei JC. SEPT. 24-Greenies have one last night of bliss at the Freshman Reception, Little man, what now? Numa staff approved with Greegory CDead- linej Falls as editor-"Sucker!" SEPT. 25-"Ye olde politicale machine" railroads fifty cent price on Numa through assembly. lVIcKennon Hboogey woogey's" on the piano. SEPT. 26-Fashion Note: "Large red bow ties are being worn this season by Well dressed JC stu- dents, being' especially popular Mondays and Thursdays." NUTSCYN1 I H 'X 'Re FlicKcv i'iWfP'NOf'lA eww Cam u ima 'WC- f .S'NuAn1xNCx 131.352 Sa Wah" M' .M 1 A ffm i. . 'Q in Q I X ", ...I .., ns'i'i'a'iloN bij' h"'J'DT -bohiie' APR, V i P P . 'iziiffq 51 . ,. . ,.,., .1,. .,,,ii.....,........., -if 1, 2' Delmer Ashworth William Sengel Sponsm. ' Chflil'HlflIl of thc Editorial Board 1 Left to right: Emma Sue Hill, Marie BailGy. Bert Leiberstein, Bill Roteri, Marian Stephens, William Seneel, Tilford Jones. Jean Gray, and Mary Nell Euper. , Grizzly Staff All the members of The Grizzly staff have indeed shown themselves to be 'Ago- gettersn in the modern newspaper world, that is, the world of news just Waiting to be had on the campus of the Junior College. Grizzly reporters are on the spot after every lecture to interview world renowned speakers. JC students get the benefit of clever feature stories, editorials, and tliumb-nail characterizations. The combination of the college and hieh school papers last year has resulted in improved service to both interests. N 'f'j."i"P"'f"f' C"l'm?I!7.l7 f 1',.' wx 1.1 . . C . js 1 ,s , '. .ir .. A .Ms-,,. .X 5 A .V . . , . , E wi Dx It Y a if teachers will ever stop making such long R EVI E W - - - OCT. 1-QThe "fresh" manage to stay one jump ci" ahead of the 'tsophsu-It's Kangaroo Court! assignments. Montandon and Porta croon a tune-and how! l' OCT. 3-JC sports reporter is "cn the air." William Sengel reports for KFPW. 0.CT. 10-"Willie, da' twol' Murphy succeeds "My Friends" Stackable as I. R. C. president. OCT. 14-Zoo students lose thirty amoebas4Pad- dock tears hair. No, the animals weren't in her curly locks. OCT. 16-Second annual JC "Cheapskate" results in doubling' sale of "rubbing" alcohol. "Hay" Sengel heads Grizzly editorial board. OCT. 17-Pat Porta elected president of A Cappella choir. OCT. 18-Grind begins to tell, "studints" wonder OCT. 21.-First intra-mural basketball game. The scourge of the campus, pink slips, make first ap- pearance. Certain extremities of some students also turn pink. OCT. 22-Those aspiring to wear paint and wigs try out for JC play. Many frayed fingernails are in evidence as outcome is awaited. OCT. 24fRo0sevelt is favorite in Grizzly's pres- idential poll. Willkie also 2'0t a V0tC. Stlldwlt Board hclds first dinner meeting. OCT. 284Play cast announced. Some have no finger- nails left. OCT. 31-Halloween. The G0blins'll get 'cha-if they think you're worth it. Dunne A-Bile, CE Shes We High'- fw,. f , N. Ag, 9 "-Buck" gfkt.-les 1. ,,.-,.,, - - """""' x l-Oblk wlxo'S Nl' Variuitmtvgltow if l'Ti.e ThiNlef"cPi . ., . ..n..n...i1 ,cs . 1. . ..,. . ., .. ...L K Jim Stackable 4 f , J' IESSHSOT on Student Manny Weinberger, Jim Stackable, Gregory Falls, J. B. Garrison Jr.. and Bill Rotert f Left to right: J. Fred Patton, Bill Wilder, Larry O'Dell, Marian Stephens, Dickey V' Debate Team Last year the Debate Team made a name for itself, even though it was the first tear of its existence. This year the members have lived up to precedent. not only in the home state, but in a tourney of the Southern states. The team is made up of some of the ablest debaters in Fort Smith, students who have had experience in the field of argument. Mr. Patton, the debate couch, and Dean Reynolds, with the aid of the debate Club, sponsored an invitation tournament for high sch0ols in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The event is to become an annual 1iI'l':iii' under the sponsorship of the Fort Smith Junior 1QZfilleg'e. N T" T.TmUNxm:mumumunn.ww'm-- .--- -'--------- 'iLioNs axvowi 'hqblh-li ii- ' """- o -1-1 . e . me 4, 4 - ..1 .A 1 . If 3 REVIEW' ' NOV. 5-Frankfurter Frizzle fizzles. Assembly. James Groves and Hilton Kessler play piano. It ' wasn't "boogie-woogie," but- NOV. 7--No school QExclamation pointj Teachers' meeting. NOV. 11-Boys parade in Armistice parade, Cold snap. For sound of the snap, listen next year on this same day. NOV. 12-Lord Marley appears as first speaker in entertainment series. He assures us that we still have our common sense. That's something. NOV. 15-Debaters tussle with University of Ark- ansas,-no, we still have the roof. NOV. 16-Debaters in another joust. This time with University of Tulsa. NOV. 19-Say, the beauty candidates were nominated in assembly. Oh, boy! First Variety show. Was it good, or was it? Well-- NOV. 204"Roosevelt's Thanksgivinpqf' No vaca- tion, though. Oh, well, they can't hang you for wishing. NOV. 21-Community Chest drive opens. No cracks here. Those in the jars serve the purpose. NOV. 22-Huh, oh! They're at it again. Debaters go to Arkadelphia for tournament. NOV. 23-Because of its historical signilicance, we put this Saturday on our calendar, The reason- Gregory Falls was left in Hot Springs by the debate team, but he got home, though. 1That last clause should have been printed in invisble ink.J NOV. 26-Assembly. Doctor Evans gives devotional address. ef 'ADV'-X S ia FFO'ai'x,CouT NO,-X. eiomii ifyavta date. uv-'l' W 'W Out-Vvex , . ,...1'f'F' , We ,..,4v,.1- - .,. ,'w,,rn.v ,. :itil A' QL N .,.L. .- , uY'cvA'rmaNd.U -d1sX'i:.ev, ggeui Wade. 2lklN , Q N SXQQQS KX oss - ,.,, A-. ..-. ic , ' '- ' ' A - " .. ,. S .-...-.i,....' .Zane 441- .'. -. mletfda ' .L"""a".. l l l .. H5 1 in l . J. W. Reynolds Willlam Murphy Sp0,zS,,,- P1 eszdent Left to right: William Murphy, Mary Margaret Vtlomack, Linda Lee Hunt. Ciarolyn Gordon, Emma Sue Hill, Blanche Oliver, Betty Lou Wilder, Bill Horton, Maxine Dean, Jim Stackable, Jean Gray, Bill Rotert, Kathryn Arnold, Dorcille Sawyer, Marie Bailey, Kruger Muse, Marian Stephens, Wilma Jean Daniel, Walter Levy, Oscar Strozier, Doris Schlieff, William Sengfel, Bert Leiberstein, Virginia Harcrow, and Tilford Jones. International Relations The International Relations Club is perhaps the most popular organization on the campus. It is not diflieult to get a full house when world politics are discussed in such an interesting' manner. Fort Smith men who have studied international relations are guest speakers and discussion lezulers. This year the cluh sent representatives to a convention at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. No better illustration of democracy and free- dum at Work Could be Shown then bb' the excellent activities of this group of students. S starts. No more late hours for those boys!-Nlo? REVIEW- - TNOV. 2'l-Hes beat shes in Community Chest Q' contributions. Hes: "Hot dogl' Shefs: "Aw-W. iff we wuz robbed. Nov. 28-Thanksgiving, this time with holidays. A 'Whoopie doops! QThat's the best exclamation 4" which comes to mind at the moment! H. l,DEC. 2--JC boys limber up as basketball practice 1 Well, anyway, training begins. if 1 jig: n 1 1 1 1 3 1: DEC. 3-Skits of the JC play are given in assembly. It looks like a success! DEC. 4-Guy Hixson takes Mr. Curry's place. The JC advanced short hand students find out how mulch they don't know! l ! DEC. 5-Numa organization pictures are taken?- CBM'PvS Cu'l'uP5...-. au? ll'!""""l i?'Q:-Q.g,.,g..,g,, . A -rj lslill 'xl ex Qi 0 59 U The what, no broken cameras? Oh, well, that's JC for Mya!!! DEC. 6-It is a success. The "Third Floor Back" takes its place in the "plays" hall of fame. DEC. 9-Only 16 more days till Christmas, and only 23 more days of leap year left. What are the girls waiting on? DEC. 10-JC's entertainment series brings H. R. Knickerbocker to Fort Smith. DEC. 11--Poor "Fresh" begin work on tG1'1l1 papers. Oh well, we have "all the holidays" for that-or have we? DEC. 12-Librarians are dazzled by the crowds of JC freshman pouring in looking for Hleventy seven" kinds of references. Slecoim' STAQK. 1 S 'wi human? lf, il if Mia? wh , 31153 ' g H' 'Oli QNCINW. i l 1-1+-..iw:.f. - ,..m4,:,-MNH ,, ,mmm 4 s-1 Shoal' -Pxol1:.v.v'l' T-,..:....-.4..4 l U gqil Mil n? Gregory Falls Miss Margaret Montague President S7"mS0"' Left to right: Gregory Falls, Emma Sue Hill, Marian Stephens, Jean Gray, Miss Margaret lvlontaeue, Carolyn Gorrlon, Bill Rotert, William Sengel, Hederiek Tuttle, Jim Stackable, lirueer Muse, Dickey Weinberger, Carolyn Taylor, Maxine Dean, YValte1' Levy, Jean Williams, John Robert Shipley, Bert Leiberstein, Wilma Jean Daniel, Enid Baughinan, Lillianne Allen, and Terry Hartineier. Sock and Buslcin "If YOU have tHlUU'f- if You are M? -." Why, as a matter of fact, all you need in an interest in the clrumatie art, and you may become an active member of the dra- matic clique. The students of play production keep an eye peeled for all loose talent, and prospects are flrainaticully quizzt-fl and asked to become a member. This club takes charge of all the plays that are presented by the school. Needless to say, they 'li' 21 HUD01'b .105 Of it. Sock and Buslcin muy have the Barrymores and Hays of the future, N 13 Its Frxday the 13th and old mm flu h1s toll of JC students The few but llll,Q,l1tV take Fayettevllle by stolm' 15 Xmas shopplng Ram And more b No .assembly Wheres the A Cappella IN FLU E ZA' ' ' ' ' Out Flew Natlonal Gulrds molznhze Where l have oul llttle boys gone' JC Student Board not gone Kto the army at leftstl They rcve It by holdmg d1nne1 meetmg 9 LIOHS TRISG hd on blslxetball season bv ramplmg De Molays It looks llke we ot sump n' 13 Ah woeful day' F1osh term papels clue 'N ,Will OSUY S 5 L, M Snow and slush Pd 9 Nfl' CUn5cr,Pfln P REVIEW Supply of co xl 011 depleted You re womlerme why" JAN 14 V11 ha lmu fyou spell ltl btefansson fxmecl Alcllc evplorel appe mrs ms the Lhuel speakex 1n the IC lectule seues TAN 17 Shes Qeuls to you entertain the Hes fboys to mfmnyl 'xt long aw'11ted Communlty Chest pfuty IAN Z0 You flll In the blanl s frnm hele to the 27th We VKGIG busy stuclvm' fPlease take heed den teaehersl JAN Z7 Monotony ble Ll s S0 do our healts find meldentally ou1 gxaclesl JAN 25 1nd Z9 The same olcl stoly more exams JAN 'O Ind 'll Pewce heaxenlv peace' V3C'1t10H fxou Sald lt, HP cle Hwy HAP 4fEi'-'vgp.4W- huyill usb Ca' own n C C - ' ' , , H ' 2 D H z ' - ' . ' 1 ' f . - '- - ' a- 2 .. -',. . iv. Z: H , ,. l ' v J fr, ' u rv ,' , , ' an vu 17- - . ' - 1 ' J ' N .5 . 17 . 1 1 ' 1 1 Y . C . . 20- - - N . . . . . ! l . . ' - ' ' f a. , A' . , . A , L. K ' vi , . S . 6- . 2 ' . , 01, 2 , A , A ,. ' V . ' . . '. ' - A -'- Hzi.. 2' . 'f , -' ' ' 2' 1- . .?2e'.- 1. 1 .-14 . ig ' . ' ' QI e ' . , . 2, 2 .. - . , Y t ' . C T 7 I u L . I .Y I I Q L1 4 49.2 I 04.1. 1, l . fix N. - ,M Q V A K, ' . 1' -. a' ,. b. V , V "1 " I ' V 'f ' . V f ' 1' W . I - ' . f' ,..----Q - . ' ' ' E. ' xl . -4 V ' 2 '-':11l"' will ' . v 5 fl l' I: I ""' ' I wi . n',g:- 1 , , f1,QQ':,,',3-.ning 23,3 25:11 ' A ...I Q - Q , ,. 5 ,,,, , - K ,,.-1--" :A - ' V-3 H" ,, r ' 1 fn, S , 7 ' , , ..... 111: 'j - 4- 'me' ty , .12 L5 -, -lu. X -4',,,.-I I W . ' ' . -um . 5' . ' 'I vi , .. ' '- . -- 1 f - .- " X I . , 'Vi ' ' -. B . 5, - , . .' ' A. ' I' I l ' "-glib.. ' ,. - . "' ' ' . A l e ll - . 4- .. ' . L4 ' ' ' .. 1 , ,. .A .. gl -W 4 .. V .Q x., - " .l -J I I U , L ' "' "ff Q ,.1, IJ,-, ' 'x . . +ef?f.f'--' 1.125 an Ja V-4 ' ' 1 , . e L "' . . 'tw-M X fr' .f q A . , 1 i '3C'V'.'... af ' 1 3 ffff e la . li 5 lk We fff. L Q21 "" ' - 1 ' el ' ' ' X , fm - 4' . 1 1 wwf, '- alll" , M -Iv, 1 . , .,, .. . . 6 :L D f' J C ' to J' x .f' f. - -, N "fd, . . A Qin: I K ' ' e ' J J . . 3 A. . "5 ,MH , ,H Q ,.1e,w-.J'-e-e- -4 A ommlf i l l U.. i 1 1 ri f lil! . Charles Cole Miss Peggy Paddock In . Sponsor P1 eszdent Left to right: Chailes Cole, Marie Bailey, William Sengfel, Marian Stephens, Mary Nell Euper, Norma Lee Webb, Betty Lou VVilde1', Heclerick Tuttle, Venoma Callan, Miss PGHSIY Paddock, Jean Gray, Krugei' Muse. Elwanda Hays, Emma Sue Hill, Til- ford Jones, Earl Silence, and Stewart Barnes. Science Club Turning to the side of those deep-minded scholars of JC, we see the members of the Science Club vigorously debating the possibility and probability of a hypothesis and its application in a particular case. That's a round-about way of picturing the interest in science taken by this group. Really, though, we are proud of these students who take time out to cultivate inteimsts in things some might consider far from the Ewnten path." 5 1 ........... A77 FEB. 3-Six JC co-eds traverse the twenty-odd miles to a certain western Arkansas metropolis. We'1'e also wondering why. W f ' ff ' YY ,4 , . x "A 7 FEB. 7-JC debaters divulge demon demonstration of daring doodling to make impressive showing' at Mid-South tourney at Conway. FEB. 10-Sophronsiba. is no more! However, "If at first you don't succeed-" Harmon carries on REVIEW'-' poor sharks. CWho is the poorest, the students or the sharkslj FEB. 14-First JC sponsored High School Debate Tournament. Cn and on into the night and when it stopped no one knew, FEB. 18flVlurphy and Falls present original com- position which they desire to have chosen as JC's own "Alma Mater." without his beloved bird. U 1 - - - 1 f' ' ' 1 Kl - FEB. 11-Dr. Will Durant closes JC entertainment FEB' 20 Sock and Buskm mutates Ku Kux an . . .. 51" 't". series by exposing the "Crisis in American Civil- m mmluon of unsusputmg drama mtg f' ization? FEB. 24-Gone but not forgotten, Mr. Reynolds 5 FEB mgsome Say ncau a Spade a Spade U but We makes annual pilgrimage to American Association " say, "Call a heart a heart." Yes, the annual Valer- Of JUHIC1' Colleges convention in Chl-C3g'0- L tme party' FEB. 27-fJC again proves that "variety" is the 5 FEB. 13-Zoo students are still carving cn those spice of life. Variety Show scores again. I 3, .1 i 'K 2 -1. if I r se E. l ' Q , i i 1 , ri I Rfvvembel. fhe D EFT T "pe 4l.hrnn"a.t the VdYlC"' ' Harlem Y his For flirrpeht- l , -.,,'Q,1.1 ., .. M l A ! E I . gy , , I v ,- . ' E .' ' K F I l I I l 1' . , . ' ll! -H, .yt 5 f qw .. 'IX p .4 V .1 , -0,211. 4 AQ qw!!-i ,' A ' 7,3 . 1 if --W f - ' ,Qi ., fs, Q, f . , i 2 ' 'il fa x,1,-if-p-1. 1a""'?5,ifhf'k - is 5 fm-fM3f19ff1 M We Sleeping Bewiw ii? Jf5fw.A..If2?li-A Ji 2 . FIY4 e S 1 F' ' ' m,,,,, ,e,, f,,,,,,.-..,.-- W-, U ., , , a"0U.r,fl-,z.r .. Q.. J. , ...i ..., -. - ma.-:u.- on-14.4-...m.i..Aile.5..ui,4i:.-4' , ink FT l l i l, I iii ..,-- --..-...........-Q, .,.,,.....,l,i.l.....- N, ,A M- "'l it i, g, Q g,'rs,y, . H-"H,'.'Jr 591495 Miss Essie Berry MHFY Nell EUPBI' Spgplguy President Left to right: Linda Leu Hunt, Joan Gray, VVilliam Murphy, Lillianne Allen, Miss Essie Berry, Gregzory Falls, Olive Jean Lobdill, Mary Nell Euper, VVillian1 Sengel, Enid Baughman, Tilford Jones, and li1'UQ,'EI' Muse. French Club Someone recently clizingccl the sayingg, or was it the tense, in the well-known phrase to "So this wus Pnris"!!! Mllv. Bu1'1'y's scholars are righteously indignant. Meanwhilc, the members of the Frunch Club go blissfully On, perfogtiiig their Sgft f'Cs,,' slurrccl "Rs," and unmulomlious nasuls. The club is active in radio yvoyk and volleggc social functions. If tht-ir activities are prophetic, the revival Of France is i.ssure1l-Houi, oui!" N A REVIEW -' EB 28 C0m1C charlcters come to llfe at IRL, party QPlease don t take thls htexally 5 A,RCI-I 3 The good dean retulns f10ll1 the National Conventlon of JUH101 Colleges at Ch1 cago wlth remedles for evuythmo th xt 'uls us lx ARCH 4-Assembly Do you remember whmt the program was" We don t' ARCH 7 James Baxter Gaulson Jr goes mto C0mp8t1t10H wlth Emsteln wlth has envlable sxx polnt grade average Several others also quahfy for Theta Ph1 Kappa Debaters close then swson ln state meet 'xt North Llttle Roel l MARCH 9 Delegates Tuttle Stackxbl Muse md Pugh return from the IRC Conventxon at Baton Rouge for was It Neva OIl63YlS7J MARCH 10 Student Board takes ove1 finfmual wolrles much to then reglet and to the Joy of the Dean MARCH ll Assembly attcnrlance flVtllllllL9 con slclelably PIGXV Tuttle blows off l'll'w shell Compulsoly xttenclantg lavoled by many Says who?" MARCH 14 Basketball playels uc rewa1.led fox then tffoxts durm the season Wlll they get those sweaters? For lesults of season consult spolts seetlon MARCH 17 Ram ram go away and dont come bacl Wedncsday md rum that mtla mu1al tlack meet .ag-un MARCH 18 Oul debatels cut capus wlth l'11Q,l1 school luds at Nl L banquet Assembly We don t lecall what 'luttlg blew today but lt was woxth wutmg home about MARCH 19 Why dld they ever msent lelays 'my wry? We had that trxek meet won Lllltll the last eo fuounrl 3, rl ,j. 'ff V ,fl . .lg vt :ZA 5, 1 x -. 1. 9 , -1- I, 1 1 1 '-v ', L rin!" ,,faf,.r . 1,5 N .. ' . F r ll lf... ,,,,vd- E. E Z E Ex l l v 1 7 I i . E g, L l l 5 l- l, f l gf I 1 . .,,,,,.. 'S X 'V '5f,FW937f""'A - ffl! f' " at VI . .1 Carolyn Tavlor lwissszloii-3mHaas P, esident Left to right: Carolyn Taylor, Billie Mae Baxter, Jean Williams, Nancy Jaber, Beth Upchurch, Rebecca Jo Shull, Emma Jo Scholtz, Eugenia Swearingen, Sue Bearden, Lucille Smith, Jo Ellen Been, and Freda Graham. . Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is affiliated with the national organization for home economics clubs. The local group offers the girls of JC the opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge in the science of cooking, sewing, home management, budgeting, andthe other hundred-and-one things that every future homemaker should know. Besides carrying on the activities suggested hy the national group, the members have put their knowledge to practical use as well. Each month the Home Economics Club plans the Student Board dinners, and their work in this instance has added greatly to the enjoyment of Board meetings. It is no wonder that this active group of girls is increasing its membership by "leaps and bounds." N ll MARCH 21-Where did it come from? A'ha-the JC snoop got a scoop by printing all he knew in the first issue of the "De-tail News." MARCH 22--OH to Little Rock go our home econ- omics girls. Could it be her own "eooking"' that incapacitated our own C. T.'? 'lu Y VFW., ,I .,.2A?,?, I MARCH 24-"Yehudi" carries on for our dear old A'lma Mater in the intra-mural track meet. The .TC tracksters just weren't there. MARCH 25- -Those sizzling' frankfurters finally frizzle at the picnic for all JC sponsored by the Sock and Buskin. MARCH 26-They will have those long-awaited basketball sweaters after all. Goodbye, activity fund! MARCH 27 and 28-We sine like the birdies sing- and why not? Ha, it's Spring Vacation. REVIEW'- APRIL 1-175 attend JC assembly.-April fool! The Shakespearean class puts on a fine perfor- mance in "Much Ado About Nothing." APRIL 3-Right this way, folks. Have your for- tunes told in the ruins of ancient Greece. The Dionne Quintuplets and "Barker" Sengel take prizes for the best costumes at the masquerade party. APRIL 8fWell cut my classes and call me un- excused absence! "No more cuts the rest of this semester," quoth and unquoth the Dean. APRIL 9-"Chas" and "Buckwheat" explore pre- viously unknown CU field of science. Rumor has it that pulse beating rates were taken. APRIL 11-Announcement that Numa will be com- bined with Bruin next year brings consternation to Frosh. ll- diff 751465 J BJC! ZIZJ "' .0203 flroffsfjng ug T Jun: xt 4172 fn Look Qflfvqfiffcfoe 'xl 1 Lp. a' MT Ill He' " FL f"""'vq- m!'1-- 4""-uw-4-., X , A' efkgg- -f 4----. 2 5 10 BQ 3 Miss Luella Krehbiel Sponsor Left to right, first row: Bill Gould, Betsy Johnson, Marian Stephens, Elwanda Hays, Bettye Lou Wilder, and C. B. Murphy. Second row: Jimmy Dyer, Mary Nell Euper, Evelyn Spear, Mary Katherine Eakin, and Bill Wilder. Members n0t appearing in the picture are: William Murphy IH, J. B. Garrison, Jr., Eugenia Swearingen, John Miller, and Doris Jean Schleiff. Theta Phi Kappa We proudly present Theta Phi Kappa, the "top-notche1's" in intellect. Rightly speaking, we may say, "VVc knew - and -- when . . ." The students who have grained membership in this elite society are to be congratulated on possessing quali- ties that have made then outstanding: scholastic ability, leadership, and school spirit. What more could be asked? These persons are largely responsible for making Junior College what it is today, a school that is well-known in the state of Arkansas, N --YG O i i...,. -" t. i,'5Q'1c"t i3e'i'teI 1,-fi, ag,,uif'g.f' f f f is 13, f 5 REVIEW'-' ,APRIL 15-Spring fever worms its way' into- the if lives of JC students. In the spring a JC student's E mind lightly turns from thoughts of-study. , APRIL 18-JC represented for the first time at 5 the Mississippi Valley Press Association Con- . vention in Memphis. QAPRIL 22--Representative Floyd Barham hands out the "low down" on Arkansas Legislature in Q Assembly. ,APRIL 29-Home "Ee" girls in assembly. Final Variety Show of the year. It goes without saying that it was a big hit. MAY 1-Last minute worries of graduation. Neg- ative hours, etc., keeps every JC'er from dancing around the May pole. MAY 8-Zoo hopefuls inunch on rats and dissect nutty chocolate bars-u gh ! ! ! MAY , - , table discussion on marriage in assembly. 13-Battle of the sexesl- No iust a round MAY 20-Reverend R. L votional assembly of the year. . Davis conducts final de- MAY 23-Soph's three "r's" are over as far as Jf' ' now so why wowy, or is concerned. Finals ovei should they 'Z MAY 25-Baccalaureate. MAY 26--Frosh entertain the Sophs at annual banquet. MAY 27-Gaiety reigns at annual all-school picnic. MAY 28-The high and mighty Sophomores take the day OH for their Sophomore holiday and con- clude with their annual banquet. MAY 29-Graduation. MAY 30-And a good time was had by all. Schools out!!! Pose gh' 'Lili Man' Dear Une BUYS' . 'F'5"T""' 'fulfl 3 Livei'-I MJ . f -J" C, if ' 10107117 ' , gin if 1. ? fo? 'Gaim 222 i -fi x r F I , . . Kathryn Arnold Miss EZTSIJSOIFFIISIQF President Left to right: Burt Leiberstein, Mary Katherine Pride, Maxine Dean, Grady Garrison, Linda Lee Hunt, Eugenia Swearingen, John Robert Shipley, Wilma Jean Daniel, Kathryn Arnold, Miss Helen Frasier, Walter Levy, Blanche Oliver, Jack Cut- birth, Norma Lee Webb, Doris Jean Schleiff, and Enid Baughnian. Future Teachers ot America Last year the Numa wished the Future Teachers of America continued success, and this year we have seen that wish come true. The myth that teachers are forever sitting about with their noses tucked in the ageless Volulmes of a philosophical treatise has been exposed as an exaggerated untruth. The FTA of the Junior College are the leaders of tomorrow, persons well-trained to go out and revolutionize methods in the Iiclcl of education. This club sponsrwifml one of the most successful parties 'of the year, line Valentine party. Who said teachers eouldn't come down to earth and enjoy life? 'Q , ,, , V, 1 F V vw.. A V M , , 4 . . .aww . ,V y J X J, X, magna " -P--1 " .,,i,...J. ff" J . X All , . ' R ne. if: .fh'f2e?f'e William Murphy Miss Opal Clark Dwectm' Accmnprmisf Left to right, first row: Blanche Oliver, Betty Toller, Lillianne Allen, Venoma Callen, Mary Margaret Womack, Ann Floyd, Dorcille Sawyer, Bettye Lou Wilder, Eva Lotner, Carolyn Gordon, Wanda Stewart, Elwanda Hays, Helen Crane, Robin Farmer, Helen Vargo, Jo Ellen Been, Emma .Io Scholze, Mildred Allen, Mary Katherine Pride, and Doris Jean Schleiff. Second row: Maxine Dean, Linda Lee Hunt, Kathryn Arnold, Terry Hartmeier, James Moore, Grady Garrison, James Groves, Robert Mosely, Jack Cutbirth, George King, Louis Peer, Paschal Porta, Stewart Barnes, Roy Irvin, Jack Alford, Mildred Sartain, Mary Katherine Eakin, Beth Marie Upchurch, Nancy Jaber, and Roma Lee Boyd. A Cappella Choir l Chr-iv nieinhclrs .ire hind in their praise for Miss Opal Clark, who has lwecn lareel'-J 1-,memsiilc fm me fvii"wI'l1lf they have had fwm U19mbQ1'ShiP in this f'1'Qi2U1i' Zaiion. Bri-Liiiiiiiml' with 21 PHY" lf'-'C of music, they have defwed 21 ?I1"33lC" illllll'Uf'l9ltl01l i gf all music The Only 1-gg.-1-i voiced by choir members is that they cannnt inet-t more ' -A 1 . V, n thfm HMM, C, wcgk, Perhaps next year this can be arranged. l ' " ' K ' i '- " , ers- ... - 'hw .z 1H5i1-' Lw,,,2.....w,',..1g:qv ,. -. " - Q----,.........-... .M .L . -..,...M -m-....--l ... . v , . . .. wi-a s f - g "f -w -on 10-rilv'-0 V' ' 't c Vifrrii , -.1-3 J., Y-fr., 1 y "The Passing of the Third Floor Back" was produced by Sock and Buskin and presented early in December. "THE PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK" The cast: Stranger, Jim Stackableg Joey Wright, Jack Harniong Vivian Thompkins, Betsy Johnson: Christopher Penny, Kruger Museg Harry Larkoni, Gregory Fallsg Major Thonipkins, Bill Rotertg Mrs. Thoinpkins, Lillianne Alleng Jape Samuels, Paschal Portag Miss Sharpe, Carolyn Taylorg Stasia, Carolyn Gordong Miss Kite, Jean Grayg Mrs. Percival DeHo0ley, Terry Hart- ineierg and a band master, Walter Levy. JC Plays "MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING" The cast: Benedict, Jack Harmon, Beatrice, Betty Hall, Don Pedro. James Grove-sg Claudio, Louis Peerg Hero, Carolyn Taylorg Don John, Kenneth Wadeg Dogberry, Paschal Porta, Borachio, Glen Hackneyg Leonato, Kenneth Thomas, Antonio, Burt Leiberstein: Conrade, Earl Silence, Verges, Fred Bakery Friar Francis, Betsy Johnsong Sextant, Gregory Falls, First Watch, Bill Klusineierg Second Watch, Stuart Barnesg Marg'aret, Carolyn Gordong Ursu-lla, Catherine Hagnauerg Messenger, Helen Craggg Prologues, Mary O. Crane and Eugenia Swearingeng Prompter, Jim Stackable. The Shakespeare ap- preciation class staged 'tliliic-li Arlo About if ii.i- fl fin modern wi April 1. ,,.- - 1 ,sr ,. ...- I 1 9 B Determined to enter college competition after ASKETBAL several years of play confined to independent circles, the Lion basketeers, ably coached by Frank Jones, went through a stiH 1941 schedule winning thirteen games and losing nine. These games included four college contests as well as competition in the district and state AAA tournaments. Coach Jones, in his first season at the helm of the Lion cagers, proved to be an able mentor and quickly won the respect of' his players who responded to his instruc- tions with rapid improvement. Ten players remained out for practice through the entire season, and everyone of them upheld the true sportsmanship and spirit of the Junior College. The Lions worked hard and always stayed in the thick of the fight until the final gun. They were rewarded with a successful season that not only established the Junior College as a formidable team this year, but set a precedent for Lion teams in the future. Hail to Coach Jones and his Lions who carried high the Blue and White! Coach Frank Jones i:Lions 40 Fort Smith Dc Molays 23 "Lions 43 Fmt Smith Travelers 32 i'Lions 46 Fort Smith Travelers 38 Lions 32 Lavaca Indcperdents 23 i:Lions 30 Lavaca Independents 23 ff'Lions 114 Lavaca Independents 36 Lions 31 Lavaca Independents 37 ':Lions 58 Fort Smith Bottlers 30 Lions 33 Greenwood Independents 55 '-'Lions 53 Greenwood Independerts G4 OF iiLions 38 Fayetteville Independents 31 :iLions 36 Muskogee Junior College 27 Lions 24 Muskogee Junior College 27 fLions 54 Mansfield Independtnts 44 Lions 56 Mansfield Independents 61 iiLions 42 Connors Aggies 43 Lions 16 Connors Aggies 36 Lions 36 Times l'lf'l'0l'll Independents 34 Lions 42 Coal llill Independents 34 Lions 36 lllansrielfl Independents 42 Lions 33 Camp Robinson 44 i1Lions 37 Fort Smith Grizzlies 33 Total S27 Total 757 iiHome Games lll ,fi 1.1 r 'f ,, V ,. ' i " f:'i?73,'i. . 'wx ', ,y xcxmyf-N - I I ,- Seg a -'V . 1 ' - ,-" -.Q -. ..............v ...W ,....,. ., .- ROBERT CUCKREHAll'l-With plenty of height, "Cocky" was a Constant threat under the goal. .355-L JIMMY NVEATHERFORD-A good tosser, 'ACoach" was always ready for duty, BILL SENGEL-With an ability to hit the basket, "Hay'l always gave his best. BROOKSHER FANT-"Boo" was a speedy player who created plenty of action. BILL SLATER-"Bullet Bill" was a fight- ing guard with a will to win. Tl-IE SQUAD init. Cockreham Weatherford Sengel Fant Slater ' 1 F Garrison Hendricks Rotert Cole Baker THE SQUAD GRADY GARRISON-Grady Glen was a lmarcl-working guard with real term Spirit. HENlJRICKSHBill had that lSl!,L GENE it tukgg lo make an outstand- runch and pep ing' center. BILL ROTERT-The "Rat" was a Smart player who always came through with his share of points. DOYLE COLE-An expert ball lmncller, HDUHYH had 2. Sl'121'p eye for the basket. FRED BAKER-A'Skeeter" made plenty of baskets and stood out on the defense, naman . v 'V Behind the lights, the curtain, and the glitter of the stage, there is a powerful force forever seeming to say, "The play must go on." This force is composed of people who believe in us and lend their financial support-the producers. To them we offer our most sincere gratitude for an attentive audience, the city's good will, and the confidence they have in us at all times. Long after the curtain has fallen on the last act of our drama and our curtain calls have been made, we will remem- ber our silent partner who made it all possible. We PRODUCERS ' J Le, f f 4' ' xrlluv ,x 'C Q.-' -is 5: .' lf ' 'Q f- rTj,"".j Fi, sf, 'f.,'j'i' ' . , .'1:.1l.? xF"',Qvg,'17:f Q ,J 5yfygfix,eL-ygg, ,il , - '-Ill lik ...rf-f,"Lf-'E9E:,-51 QW ' ' " - Tdf1P'z'fl'3f5:-- 7" ' '. J: 1,5 ' .' . not tl tv , Q of ,p. i AQ' 'Ski A , Q - , .5153 2.5: We f.1-- A 1' E351 102111 L51 K .V ,J QA I 1 l lf. 5 l offffx wily: xy fn Ni 5 U Whose Whoiegiesfiwrfed Cooperofsiom Hos Mgde Possible Pubficofion Gif This Book. 1., . 'c AQ.: W 'I Nw . ,,. IL L ,4..A,, Q , Z 1. L-' ,4d "It Pays To Advertise . . ." ..v 1 an ,, JTC - Q-"7'lli'i3"'-' 1.i,i5?rV'?x if ' W' PRODUCERS YYYMW "' A, Q .. 1,4 'f' -- '--'3i1-Y3Hf'i-'- - Y , ,,--A ,: '- - ".'.'f:' 511--.H . ' , . N q,.,,,.,,, , Q -LM IST 4 f h BUSINESS MANAGERS Marian Stephens and Kruger Muse were the business mana- gers of the 1941 Numa, and credit is due them for their ex- cellent Work. Many things could be said about the hours they spent in seeing that The Numa was financed this year, but this last section, certainly not the least, is self-sufficient evidence of their labors. ,522 vw.-1. Marian Stephens and Kruger Muse 1 l Whose Wholeheorfed Cooperofion Hos l Made Possible Puhlicofion Qt luhis Book. I 5 A , n' is Sim ln -w-funn-nv Follow the Crowd to . . Cooley Drug N04 2 The Stamping Ground of JC Society ENJOY ONE OF THE COOL, REFRESHING DRINKS SERVED YOU AT COOLEY'S IN THE FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE OF GOOD FELLOWSHIP Finest selection of Gift Candies in the City Most complete selection of pipes in Fort Smith Territory 0 Perscriptions Filled 0 Fountain er lce 0 Tobaccos ' Magazines 0 Curb Service -,-1. .i pgr- "' "V ' , . ..-......f..-:Lacey r gl - 1, - 'P . 'r 1 r 1+ r I T X of Cl Forf SmiH'1's That's Chrysler-America's, ost Complete Store NO. 1 Cal, for 1941 011 display at . . . The Department Store 3 l The Men S Store , 'Cl-IRYSLER, Inc. The Furniture Store I 1102 Garrison Avenue I he , IC STUDENT!! When you and yours build a "dream home, " remember to build with . . - A Company Which is Complete and Ready to Serve You DYKE BROS. olilh Eilh Und "D" Streets Phone 3111 N Marie Bailey, JC freshman, heads the list of Wofnen bowlers with a score of 237. Bowl with the best at the Red Crown Bowling Alley A COMPLETE STOCK Of Luggage Leather Goods Sporting Goods For The College Student JOHN KERWIN co. T 707 Garrison Avenue Get.. MORE merchandise for LESS money Ar I 9 Seaman S Store 1 ,a W , M The gi Courtesy . . Bggtgn Stgfe Completeness . . for For Everyone Clothes for the College Student 1 And His Family "' "W J. G. PUTNIAN Shop 111C12I1:Ei.1Ed1t1oned Flilleral Home l Where JC Students G0 When They Want Il Variety l X X fxwk SERVICE -1- COURTESY 'I' COMPLETENESS D U Bobs Luncheonette S Q' DEMOCRACY Demands The Best of Every Citizen Phone 9171 -1.Q.i.i Your Best Depends Upon Your Preparing Yourself to the Fullest -i-QD-it The Fort Smith lunior College Offers You A Program That will Enable You to Satisfy The Demands Of Democracy .-1-CQ-Qv-- For futher information call or write THE FORT SMITH JUNIOR COLLEGE Fort Smith, Arkansas . ,, i ,' C - ,V - ,.........- -JA .,A-Y,-dns., ,.,... ,,,...,.a...-.v-- For the Finest Quality The Pause That Refreshes 'A School Supplies ' Office Supplies DRINK COLHZZ fwit In Bottles Six Bottle Carton For The Home 1 M o r r o w s it l BQQK STQRE Good With Food Egl NTEREST . . CALVERT MCBRIDE is indeed interested in the publication of yearbocks because Fort Smith's most solid printing agency wants to see the col- lege publisher graduate to give the people of Fort Smith the s a m e expert service that Calvert McBride has given them in the past. You con rely on . . CALVERT-MCBRIDE PRINTING COMPANY N 6, ET Reddy Kilowatt help you attain your education by preserving those priceless assets--your eyes. UKLAHUMA uns Ann ELEETHIII IIIJMPANY Walter S. Van Sickel, Manager, Arkansas Division "Better Light Means Better Sight" We... Act as agent in the buying and Selling Of real estate. Act as agent in the renting of real estate. Make loans to buy and imP1'0V9 Teal estate' Act as administrator, exe-cutoi, curator, and trustee of estates. Manage P1'0P01'fl'fe' Act as agent in P1'0ViiliU5! all kinds of, theft, casualty, and llie- We Invite You To Let Us Serve You RKANSAS V LLEY TR T Co. I-lUNT'S First Class Merchandise Makes the Wardrobe Problem a Joy Visif Hunf's Men Store, The College Mon's Haven Huntls Dry Goods Co. Q Y nv . ,.-.-,- 1: .!1.. -- -,i.,..a...-.... 1 7, ' - I 7"f'R'41'57imi:'i J. C. STUDENTS!! Safve With Us o And You Will Benefit IIQIEILIDY CO. IQIEAIJHY QUDMIIPANYY 916 818-820 Carnall Ave. Dial 3696 Hey Reg, Wake Up! "You are supposed to be on hand to serve the customers. This is no time to sleep. "OH SHUCKS, move over. I can't re- sist that comfortable Kroelor couch either." EADS lQBlil0S. FURNITURE CIIMPANY N 111: h Mm ny: v- '-f- fp-'ww P I Great or Small . . . No job is too large or too small for us to give the same efficient, courteous service that we have shown our customers in the past. 8 Chas. Hummel 102 North 10 Sheet Metal Shop Roofing, Ventilating, Furnaces, Skylighw Air Conditioning Street Phone 7582 FIWKS 6 years of reliable service s your assuranc of quality erchandlse PINK S conven e t c ed t plan per t ou to set our own S Y down payment wlth terms to ult your convemence No Interest! No Carrying Charge! John F ink Jewelry Company FORT SMITH FLYING SERVICE Box l+6I 'I' Fort Smith, Arkansas 'I' Phono 9652 Government Approved Flying School C. P. T. P. CUB DISTRIBUTORS S Phone 5 5235 A NEW HOME, COMPLETE IN EVERY DETAIL, AND THE SAME COURTEOUS PERSONNEL IS READY TO SERVE YOU marha Eiunrral Hump 6126 201 North 12 Street. From l872 to 1941 The First National Bank 0f Fort Smith llas Rendered Complete Banking Service A Bank You Can 6fBunk" 0n m Fl BST NATIUNAL BANK Go to the Movies For Superior Entertainment! l I JC students are ready to serve you in Americals most popular place of entertainment. MALCO THEATRES Joie - New - Hoyts - Plaza 8 , Ride .... Then Decide These two decided that the new Chevrolet is the wonder car on any n1an's highway. Chevrolet has the big three: Comfort-Class-Low price plus the low operating cost of its powerful engine. See us before you buy SMITH CHEVROLET COMPANY When they WHUT to dance and jive' When theb' hear the H a i Then they Wa Sears is A Recently Enlarged Record Department Insure s Everyonelthe Record They Want When They Want it SEARS l:oEl1UcK s 130. Cl mbake Five: nt all folks t0 know where JC Ucatsn g0. NEHI and 'P 4+ IP Ar Ar :I tr I 1 I In 'I 'I 'I 1 I 'I In I 'r lr If In I There is No Part Too Great or Too Small RGYALCROWN ma WE HAVE THEM ALL WHOLESALE ONLY N E H I See Your Local Dealer Bottling Company 1 I 1: 4 1+ ansas THE AUTOMGTIVE I I I I fr x", xr You DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT PROTECTION., LET YOUR MONEY GROW WITH THE ME RCHANTS 58 Years of Sound Bankmg MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK Member FDIC N . ,fqwfsf Recording Progress .fi JC Students Are Proud of the New Voice Recording Machine Which Came From The WISE RADIO SUPPLY I - . These Beauties lust Naturally Go Together See And Ride In That Exciting New NASH Before You Buy HENRY TAYLOR NASH COMPANY For Excellent General Machinists See Boal Foundry 81 Machine Company, Inc. Acetylene and Electric Welders I' d IGyIronIJr Xl' B AdK"dR ttCtg DI IRhltMh 5Shftg P113 B X d Oth M ll S ppl cr Vl Rp dShears Rllg w Rp CUT GEARS T0 ORDER Phone 8040 South Tenth and Carnall Avenue S rdf' .. -A tg Q ll N -.4 M ,. --""""' " ' K. 05 LEDG PCIVVER There is P0 IYER in Youth It is the purpnse of our schools to implant the roots of this power in the youth of our country. Electricity is POWER without which our modern cizilization could not exist. It is our purpose to assist in the use of this marvelous ser- vant by keeping its working tools in order. nterstate Electric Co. M lncoporated Armatures, Motors, And Transformers Rewound And Repaired Power Specialists DMI Day 3900, Night 8192-L.D. S Fort Smith, Arkansas 'l 723 Towson Avenue Leo Hamm C. Futral ' Q lv ,"ffQlQ?:- 22115: M 61,36 'fiFi,j,ipQ,,gg l2AA L , I .,vk'A,,:qY ,i -A,'A'-l .AQA K' 1 up p - A',,' 'i' - A-A. For Over Sixty-two Years We Have ',' L IIP Served the People of Our 2 if O ,Q iae"' M Community Faithfully. With Your Help ' 5 3' mm We Shall Continue To Be 1 V H Fort Smith's Leading Shoe Store . I 1 , 'ref V I . mf- 1 x H Fuit -e , Smithfs 1 Aw ' Largest' o I , SHOE COMPANY , ,iniiiilhir , Hale f"1f""M""4'l' Shoes for everybody since 1878 913 Garrison Phone 5221 A championship team outfit- ted from head to toe by a championship store . . . the store where all equipment for basketball is bought. General Electric Refrigerators and Appliances Hardware-Paints-Seeds Fort Smith Vehicle andsMachinery Company l I is . Our mcdern yet simple chapel olliers our patrons the quiet atmosphere ol seclusion plus beautiful surroundings. Every detail may be entrusted to us with perliect security 9:0 We appreciate the responsibility placed upon us FE TRESS ORTUARY .-' ' 'MA-" Y 7 "L c fi .mg ,,,.:.1 ' 1 4 ,A A l ' 4 gl , l I ! l L 11 .......... --- GRADUATION SUIT HEADQUARTERS il COMPLIMENTS OF The Store of Distinctive Apparel S 8: Q has what the well dressed man will HARTMEIER BROTHERS wear tomorrow One of Arkansas' largest selections 1. of bene, Cimhing for men and boys Dependable Plumbing and Heating S 6? Q Clothiers Phone 4995 622 Garrison Phone 5133 18 North 9 Street Strong . . . as their construction-steel An Accurate Description for Fort Smith's Finest Workers in Steel Fort Smith Structural Steel Co. ocatecl Al: boo Wheeler Avenue N i O M s -1. ,,, ,r,..f.. . . . f X lj? as INDECO GUIDES TO BETTER ANNUALS Since the turn of the century the Indianapolis Engraving Company, lnc., has ' t 'ned the highest standards ot quality and intelligent cooperation, thus main an accounting for the continuous use of our service by many high schools, colleges and universities. I d uality is the finest that modern equipment and skilled craftsmen can o n Ze q Ever engraving is unconditionally guaranteed to be a perfect print- pro uce. y ' F l D ing plate and to give a taithrul reproduction ot your engraving copy. Our service includes help in planning and designing, suggestions on howto get the best pictorial effects, assistance in preparation ot engraving copy, and ' ' both an editorial and solving the many problems arising in making your book financial success. Th l test ideas in yearbocl construction are offered to make the annual best mjetathe requirements of your particular school. Our Service Manual" is a lc. Complete guide for the stalii in their wor Indeco planned yearbooks have long been 'recognized as being among the out- standing annuals of the country. You will be agreeably surprised, too, at the urchasing power of your budget. Write us asking for a complete explana- tion ofthe Indeco plan. -. f "df E ,,.,,,e..,, -..N,.w.C..-1-r T :U -" , Q fi NJ' N4 f' H' -Mfk' ,W m ,N 'X jf Q 1 1 X fe if A55 Y Q ,Q 'X ev! x I ' 0 X NY ' N X pl' J Xl! R 'QD . ii ' ,V " 1 hh 1 J Ji X. gd ik is-Q A ' .f l 5' 'RN' ,if .rf 3. V-Lf ' viii? gf QQ ka si?" W? 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