University of Arizona - Desert Yearbook (Tucson, AZ)

 - Class of 2005

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University of Arizona - Desert Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 2005 Edition, Page 461
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!**•**« ^»« ^hnOgioiinii V^H^BiiBalNlIt Jnxft)0tt)9)f AmAZI IlKllMdriB CMMlCOl SMtMtHinan im hiDKMl > AZ| « MBMtnglConsun kM I0I.MII SIM MO) > •»«« Si des MMiltUvxStiKM HMMf IgaMPiteuaw. IgMHlMn MlMHtnW. MB** ,m^aS«MpK St. Germain, Daniel Gerald (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts St. Onge, Amorette Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Stachowiak, Lisa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Stack, Meghan A (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Stack, William H (Kansas City MO) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies, Spanish Sigma Phi Epsilon, President, Sigma Phi Epsilon Staggs, Matthew Calvin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Stagner, Anna Michelle (Kingman, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Stahl, Gabriel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication, Italian Stahl, Jacquelyn Stella (Dana Point, CA) Freshman, Journalism Stahl, Susan Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Stable, Katie A (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Psychology Stainback, Maxwell Ross (New York, NY) Freshman, Pre-Business Stair, Kelley Nicole (Newport Beach, CA) Senior, Political Science, Geological Science Stalcup, Nicholas Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Staley, Brandi Lynne (Bullhead City AZ) Sophomore, Music Music And Reading Staley, Dianne Lindee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Extended Stall, Jessica Marie (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Psychology Stallcop, Karl Elizabeth (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Honors English , Japanese S.RR.I.TE. Club Stalter, Kimberly Dawn (Prescott, AZ) Junior, Political Science Stalvey, Amanda C (Flagstaff, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Soccer, Softball, Tae kwon do. Scuba Diving, Traveling, Hunting, Fishing, Camping Stamback, Kurt C (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Stamback, Tyler Wayne (Willcox, AZ) Freshman, Women ' s Studies Kappa Sigma Stamler, Kevin M (Palos Verdes, CA) Junior, Journalism Stamm, Matt (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Stamm, Raleigh L. (Portland, OR) Senior, Pre-Communication Stamp, Matthew Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Stamper, Chelsea L (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellu lar Biology, Religious Studies Stamper, Theresa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Sociology And Family Studies And Human Development Stampley, Charles (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Stanbridge, Helena Alice (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Stancombe, J ' vonne Diane (Page. AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Stanczak, Nicholas Matthew (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Stander, Ryan Jeffrey (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Standrowicz, Garrett Steven (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Stanfel, Elizabeth Jean (Apache Junction, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Stang, Scott M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Sociology Stangret, Wesley Edward (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Stanhibel, Jason B (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Nursing Stanhill, Jason Elliott (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Ecology Evol Biology English Stanko, Kelley (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Stankova, Lenka (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Stanley, Andrew Gunning (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Music Stanley, Bruce Charles (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Stanley, Holly Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Communication Stanley, Jennifer Robin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Stanley, Linda Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Stanley, Patricia Louise (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art History Stansberry, Scott Eugene (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Stansbury, Christopher B (Tacoma, WA) Junior, Pre-Business Stanton, Andrew Trevor (New York, NY) Freshman, No Selected Stanton, Charles C. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Stanton, Erin Noelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Stanton, Gregory (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science, General Business Kappa Sigma Stanton, Sarah (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Staples, Dana (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Staples, Douglas Prescott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Ecology Staples, Joshua Ryan (Las Vegas, NV) Sophomore, Astronomy, Physics Staples, Kelsey Kathryn (Benson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Staples, Linteshia Marie (Long Beach, CA) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel, Thematic Staples, Shannon (Danville, CA) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Stapleton, Joseph Muir (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Stapley, Rawn Danielle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Starace, Emily Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Starin, Corrina R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Staring, Gregory Dean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Management Info Systems Stark, Brian Lane (Marietta, GA) Senior, Agriculture Stark, Crystal R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Stark, Elizabeth Joy (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Stark, Eugene G (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Stark, Jodi R (Marietta, GA) Senior, Communication, French Alpha Epsilon Phi Stark, Julie Louise (O ' Fallon, IL) Sophomore, Political Science Stark, Michael Colin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Stark, Richard Gene (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Stark, Sarah S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Starkey, Kimberly Joy (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Starkey, Miranda R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Starkey, Victoria Lee (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Starkopf, Scott Adam (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Starks, Ryan M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Starkweather, Jennifer E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Starling, Jeffrey Allen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Starner, April Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing, Spanish Starner, Jamie Page (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Starr, Courtney Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Starr, Kaylee Ruth (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Chi Omega, Sophomore Honorary Student Health Advisory Committee Starr, Marci Dana (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Starr, Steven (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, History Psychology Startzman, Lauren M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Classics Startzman, Michelle L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Stasiak, Andrew Eric (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Staszko, Lindsey M (San Jose, CA) Junior, Psychology You are doing a great job! You ' re almost done! Have a great year! Mom and Dad Staten, Kyle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Statt, Ashley M (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Statt, Justin (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Statt, Sarah Nicole (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Staudenraus, William James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Stave, Brett R (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Stavros, Megan Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Stawiski, Samson (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Argi Economics Management Stea, Daniel F. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Stea, Nicholas Jonathan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Stearns, Brian Conrad (Atlanta, GA) Freshman, Pre-Business Baseball, Basketball, Working Out, Stearns, Margaret A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Stearns, Stephanie Allison (Palos Verdes, CA) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Stebing, Jennine Janet (Anchorage, AK) Junior, Spanish Stedman, Ian Scot (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Creative Writing Stedron, Matthew Werner (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Stedronsky, Vanessa A (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Science Education, Emphasis/chemistry Singing, Dancing, Watching Sports, Spending time w/My Family, Friends Fiance, Attending Church, Chain Gang, RA, Ahzona Ambassadors Love one anollier Love is a verb. Love and you will always be successful. Love never fails. Steede, Ryan Cole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Management Steel, Lauren Heather (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Astronomy Steele, Aaron T (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Steele, Danielle N. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Steele, Jamie L (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Steele, Jon M (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing, Classics TASS Steele, Joshua B (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Psychology Spanish Psi Chi Steele, Michael (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Psychology Steely, Cheryl M (Sahuarita, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Steen, Amber Leigh (Newport Beach, CA) Senior, Physical Education Cross- Country, Track And Field Steen, Cole Robert (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Steen, Feliz Francesca (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Fine Art Studies Steen, Sarah M (Yuma, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Steen, Vanessa Lynn (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Steenis, Joel Nathan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Steenken, James Paul (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Ecology Steer, Amanda Celeste (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Stefanisin, Andrea (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Journalism Steffel, Genevieve Andrea (Oro Valley, AZ) Junior, English Steffens, Lyie H (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Stefferson, Lindsay Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Steffgen, Dylan F. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Steffy, Nicholas Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Stehmer, Theresa M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Microbiology Steichen, Lisa Emily (Inverness, IL) Senior, Communication Steichen, Seth Alan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Stein, Alexander J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Stein, Benjamin David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Stein, Elyse Marie (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering, In Electrical Engineering And Mathematics Theater, French, Microprocessors Stein, James Vincent (Valhalla, NY) Senior, Engineering Management Stein, Jordan R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Stein, Jordan R (Danville, CA) Sophomore, Political Science, Pre- Law Stein, Megan Lyn (Pine Brook, NJ) Senior, Elementary Education Stein, Melissa A (New Orleaans, LA) Freshman, Veterinary Science Stein, Randy I (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Steinberg, Aaron Joshua (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Steinberg, Ariel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Steinberg, Jonathan Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Steinberg, Marissa L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Steinberg, Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Steinbicker, Cory Daniel (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Steinbrink, Andrew J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Steinbronn, Valerie Kay (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Steiner, Eric David (Edgewood, WA) Senior, Business Management Steiner, Rebecca L (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Steinfadt, Justin D (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Astronomy, Physics Steinfeld, Nicholas J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Steinhauer, Courtney A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Steinkamp, Jeff K Junior, Pre-Computer Science Directory • 457

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