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lb. ! II desert Kevin t THE DESERT YEARBOOK Volume 89 Copyright 2005 UA enrollment: 36,932 Arizona Student Media University of Arizona 615 N Park Ave. Ste. 101 Tucson, Arizona 85721 Engineering freshmen Joey DeLaRosa and Alfonso Gomez fine-tune their rubber band catapult for an Intro to Engineering class in fronot of Old Main. staff colophon DITOR IN CHIEF xvin B. Klaus DESIGN CHIEF fennifer Little CAMPUS EDITOR Lauren Miller »HOTO EDITOR Jacob Konst PORTS EDITOR 3rett Fera :OPY CHIEF Stefaiiie Thompson PERSONALITIES EDITOR uarrie Bui REPORTERS )aniclle Bittncr dtaira Citron Glisten Conners jisele Gerry Victoria Harben . j.aiza Iniguez ' Plizabeth Tanori iclissa Taylor ' len Whitcomb PHOTOGRAPHERS Zane Taylor Anderson Evan Caravelli Renee Warthman ILLUSTRATIONS Amie Bennudez Mike Padilla Holly Randall Mike Tiemey General Information This was the 89th olume of the Desert Yearbook, and the second since 1997. The pages were submitted to Taylor Publishing of Dalas, Texas via an FTP link. Typography Body copy is Times New Roman PS MT with bylines italicized. Photo captions are Arial and bolded. Photo credits arc Arial and italicized. Headlines are Arial Black with a 3 pt. border. Text appearing on colored pages is in white, and text on white pages is black. Section opening pages use New Aster LT Std. with a bevel and embossed to a depth of 260. The tequ- nique was smooth and had an inner bevel. Color The colors of the pages asre the official colors of the uni- ' ■ versity and are pulled from styleguide colors.html. Although the CMYK breakdown of the red I is listed at C:0 M: 100 Y:62 K: 15. the color appeared i pink, and therefore the RGB breakdown was used. Photography Senior portraits appearing in the Senior Portraits section of the book were taken at no cost to students by Lauren Studios. Vintage photographs appearing in the Alumni j Champions spread were used with pemiission from ™ Arizona Athlitics. Group shots in the Greek section are a combination of staff generated photographs and images provided by Freeze Frame Fotography, Greek Life, and " • individual chapters. The Year in Review section of the book uses Associated Press photos with paid permission. 1 All other photographs in the book were taken by the Desert Yearbook ' s all-student staff. Printing Cover The book is printed on 100-pound enamel. The cover was designed by editor in chief Kevin B. Klaus. All content was prepared and edited by students. An open-door policy between the Arizona Daily Wildcat and the Desert Yearbook through Arizona Student Media allowed for complete sharing of photographs, copy and reporting between the two publications. All pages were produced on PC computers using Microsoft Word X for Windows, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, InDesign 2.0, Illustra- tor 10.0. and YBPro!. he Desert Yearbook is a unit of Arizona Student Media. 61 5 ' n. Park Ave. Mute lui. lucson, iZ. Although some yearbook operations were conducted from that office, the Desert Year- «j533iiil ook ' s flagship otTices were located in the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership in J , i bani ic Student Union Memorial Center. Visit us online at http: Call ? ,f«Mciass ' s at .S20-626-035 1 . " he Desert had a press mn of 443 and was sold throughout the year for S85. The book was 1 inded by Arizona Student Media and Taylor Publishing. The sales representative from Taylor ' as Dale Thom pson. The Desert ' s ad isor w as Mark Woodhams. director of student media. 77 Year In Revie a - Campus Athletics------- Clubs and Orgj Greek--- portraits Index ¥ THE EVENTS THAT SHAPtDTHE BLOWNAWAY tiii.:k li i itttL Right: Greg Tsark works to salvage his father ' s belong- ings after Hur- rieane Frances destroyed his father ' s condo in Indialantic, Fla., Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2004. AP Photo 1 - c One of the deadliest and most expensive hur- ricane seasons hit in 2004. Beginning in June and lasting until November, the flurry of storms caused an estimated $42 billion in damage and killed more than 3,000 people, most in Haiti. Thousands of evacuations of the American southern states occurred, especially for the larg- est storm. Hurricane Ivan. THERESHEIS. Right: Miss Alabama Dcidre Downs reacts as confetti falls around her after she won the 2005 ' Miss America Competition in Atlantic City, N.J., Saturday, Sept. 1 8, 2004. AP Photo 3 ■_i ' 888 NA1A September, 2004 Right: Kathi Warren, assistant director of nurs- , ing at Candlelight Lodge in Colum- bia, Mo., gives a flu vaccine shot to Jim Squires, 88, a resident at the ? Lodge, Wednes- day Oct. 27, 2004. The assisted nursing care facil- H| ity received 100 i doses of the flu vaccine from the Columbia Boone County Health | Department and ' will return any i unused doses. AP Photo SHAPlb THE YEAR j tstrian I iiextto • ' i Dainted y iel owner 6 Jge on J ihis kdup ! Ns at i ;jesty ' s t Motel in p la Beach, RODNEY DANGERFIELD October, 20 ELECTION HITS CLOSE TO HOME Left: Comedian and actor Rodney Dangerfield, left, is acknowledged by television talk show host Jay Leno Dangerfield who had a heart valve replaced Aug. 25 died Oct.5, 2004 in Los Angeles at the age of 82. AP Photo Above: President George W. Bush speaks to a crowd of almost 30,000 fans as his wife and daughters look on during his post-debate rally at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona. PHOTO BY EVAN CARAVELLI The winter flu season is expected witii winter weather, but an unexpected twist added some panic. In October 2004, the first news of a flu shot short- age arose when a British supplier of the shots an- nounced that a large batch was contaminated. By the end of that month, many people entered a panic and the shots were limited to those most at risk for the flu. However, a mild flu season and new supplier made for a frivolous frenzy, and the shots were in surplus by 2005. 7 " FOUR MORE YEARS - THE BUSHlEELECTION Right: Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitck leaps into the arms of pitcher Keith Foulke (29) after the Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals 3-0 to sweep the World Series in this Oct. 27, 2004 photo, in St. Louis. AP Photo October, 200 RED SOX WIN WORLD SERIES There was something magical about the Boston Red Sox in 2004. It could have been the infamous " curse " that fell on the Sox after trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees leaving Boston without a World Series title for 86 years. Or perhaps it was the Cinderella story of a team that came back from a 3 - deficit against the Yankees in the AL Playoffs to win the series, becoming the first baseball team in history to accomplish the feat. Maybe it was stamina of pitcher Curt Shilling pitching a win in game six with a bloody ankle, creating a literal red sock. But when the Red Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series on Oct. 27, the " curse reversed " , Red Sox fans across the country knew something extraor- dinary had happened that year. November, This time there were no " hanging chads " or Florida jokes. After a grueling, mudslinging election season, incumbent President George W. Bush won re-election against Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. While votes were cast on Nov. 2, 2004, the election was so close that no one dared to call it. After Ohio went red, KeiTy conceded on Nov. 3. The biggest issues in the election, according to exit polls, were social issues and national security. With his eye on social security and the Iraq war, Pn dent Bush settled in for his final four years. Utiteii coitet M».0(t EnkoMr MiK» tfN THEBUSIE-ELECTION sh speaks ng a news conference. Thursday, Oct. ' 1004. in the .enhower 0cutive Of- T Building in shington. Photo T Decem!Jir;7004 PAT TILLMAN Left: Former Ari- zona Cardinal Pat Tillman, shown in this June 2003 flic photo released by [ ' hologra- phy Plus, was killed in Afghanistan after walking away from a multimillion-dollar NFL contract to join the Army Rangers, U.S. officials said Friday, April 23, 2004. Tillman, who served with the Army Rang- ers, was 27. TMiaii TSUNAMI •,soclosetlialv- In the early hours of Dec. 26, 2004, a dev- astating tsunami rocked hidia and the sur- rounding area. The giant waves were caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred deep in the Indian Ocean, and was considered one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded. Between 200,000 to 3 10,000 people were estimated killed, both natives and tourists vis- iting for the winter holidays as the water hit without warning. In the months that followed, aid poured in from around the world as or- ganizations such as the Red Cross and U.S. troops helped to pick up the pieces. While millions donated time and money to rebuild the stricken area, the effects of the tsunami will continue to ripple through the world. immilW IIIMMi III 1 1 ii I ; rt - it; tttfiv iitmi T.4»j NftiiMi f. ' -nwTitmuwitfmi-JB Yfenr wi Review DATPIHTQ A IM rMI r IU 1 o WIN sx: SUPERBpWII! ' f ;- ' 1 Right: New 1 rs T 1 ' 1 n l I3fi f t i yvti " ' i I ' •f ' Sr nngidno 1 tUi lois linebacker Tody : V§ k 1 Brusclii celebrates 7 ' I V t. with the Vince JF r 1 Lombardi Trophy ■ " « ' ' ¥ 1 after the Patriots fc.uS y i - | beat the Philadel- cS;? phia Eagles 24-21 gp -V-j Lyy in Super Bowl r ft ij ii XXXIX at Alltel !) — ' .:.-r ' »- i ® Stadium on Sunday, B! V Feb. 6, 2005, in KT ' ! ! i ' ' ni .lacksonville, Fla. In ClP ' = T ,4 ffl the rear is teammate 1 — ■■ - z f Richard Seymour. " ' - » ibR ivi SI AP Photo «i -i ' KOBE BRYANT .v? Left: Los Angeles Lak- ers ' Kobe Bryant, top, tries to cheer on his teammates during the fi- nal moments of the Lak- ers ' 114-108 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, in this } Feb. 7, 2005 photo, in Atlanta. Experts believe ' a settlement between Kobe Bryant and the woman who has accused him of rape would offer both sides a way to avoid a potentially embarrass- ing trial that would bring out intimate details of their lives. AP Photo Right: Demonstr6 tors Mary Porti| kneeling, and otl ers pray for Ter Schiavo Easts Sunday, March 2 ' 2005 outside th Woodside Ho; pice, where Ter ' resides, in Pinelh; Park, Fl APPhoi February 2005 ' -«V ' r ' — -idisif: m J 4 Ri f mM -4 !Pi I Ml K L lij 1 5 b. X p ' iJt [ %.iiMM 1 .- JACKSON TRIAL Love it or hate it, tl est celebrity trial of the year wa rapable. For- mer pop icon Michael Jackson stood trial for alleged child molestation charges with TV cameras and report- ers covering every moment. Celebrity witnesses from Jay Leno to Macau- lay Culkin were trotted out to testify. In June 2005, he was acquitted of all charges. Above; Michael Jackson talks to one of his lawyers past an unidenti- fied body guard, right, as he leaves the Santa Barbara County Superior Court after the first day of his child molestation trial Monday, Feb. 28, 2005, in Santa Maria, Calif. The prosecution and defense teams presented their opening statements to the judge and jury on the first day of the trial. AP Photo Right: San Francisco Giants ' Barry Bonds gestures after a question during a news con- ference at Scottsdale Stadium in Scottsdale, Ariz., Tuesday Feb. 22. BARRY BONDS arch 2005 THE TERRI SCHAIVO CO NTROVE RSY It had been more than 15 years since Terri Schiavo suffered severe brain damage that left her barely alive and depending on a feeding tube, but in early March 2005 she entered the spot- light. Her husband, Michael Schiavo, and Tern ' s parents entered a bitter dispute over whether to remove the feeding tube, a fight that became one of the biggest media frenzies of the year. Words such as " persistent vegeta- tive state " and " living will " entered the public consciousness as the legal bat- tles raged on. Debates raged over civil Above- Terri S( rights, medical ethics and legal guard- Mary Schindiei ianship. Further controversy erupted as the U.S. Suzanne Vitadc ir.-i r T t J ofanewscont( Congress and President George W. Bush stepped jng Mareh 20, ( in with specific laws to keep Terri ' s feeding tube side Hospice ir in. However, Schiavo ' s parents exhausted the legal system and Terri ' s tube was finally removed. The media scrutiny died quickly after she did. Above: Terri Schiavo ' s mother Mary Schindier, right, and sister Suzanne Vitadamo await the start of a news conference Sunday morn ing March 20, outside the Wood- side Hospice in Pinellas Park, Fla. AP Photo y- Jt Left: John Bunnell, funeral director for the Gulfport Memo- rial Funeral Hom, places a photo of Terri Schiavo and her mother Mary at the entrance of the Most Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Gulfport, Fla. prior to Terri ' s funeral mass,Tuesday April 5, 2005. AP Photo Riglit: Pope John paul II kisses an unidentified baby at the end of a general weekly audience in hall at the Vatican. Wednesday, March 14. 200 i. AP Photo I ,elow: The body of Pope John Paul II lies in state in the Clementine hall at the Vatican, Sunday, April 3, 2005. APPh A April 2005 IE S=3» RvgKKS SSia B«KS S (3 mm Left: Pope John Paul Tl looks at a white dove freed at the end Angclus prayer in St. Peter ' s square, at the Vatican, in this ph on Jan. 30, 2005. AP Photo 1 ' — J [ZH I Above: Pope Benedict WI greets the crowd froin the central balconv of St. Peter ' s Basilica at the Vatican. Tiiesdav. April 19, 2005. AP Photo THE POPE iWhile most of the world waited, watched and irayed. Pope John Paul II died on April 2. -005. after a 27-year reign as the head of the Ionian Catholic Church. A media frenzy fol- owed, as all major networks broadcast his fu- leral and newspapers caiTied any and all news " elating to Rome. Millions of followers filled Italy for the funeral and to await the election . f the new Pope. In just three days. Cardinal loseph Ratzinger was named Pope Benedict XVI. Now the world w atches to see w hat di- ' ection the new Pope will take Catholicism and its doctrine. IRAQ WAR CONTINUES ' ™ ' ° The War in Iraq continued to rage for its third year, as the United States and its allies struggled to stabilize the country. Battles with insurgents and frequent bombings made work difficult, but some hope came from w hat many called the suc- cessful Iraqi elections on .Ian. 30. 2005. aqi National Guard soldiers patrol th Btet district in Baghdad. I.. ' ' ■- Anril 1 1. 2005. Hundreds of U.S. and Hces launched tlieir biggest Baghdad raid in recent weeks. mo ing on foot Monday through a central neighbor- hood and rounding up dozens of suspected insurgents, the militar said. AP Photo iS , 1 0 ■M - J l Z ■ % t- • 50- strange Items on eBay... , Vx y V - 3 - jm-cej 7 I many and var 1 poJrloHsra and Chrislkinity ' i?iC i b MA w % M s: V theUA ( ' . ' craze... Art credit from left: Arnie Bermudez, Mike Padilla, Arnie Bermudez, Holly Randall L ■ " ■s cloBi dress - -1 ttie UA, alwaui|s in fdshioR 1 t V F -- m r i US fashion oiigelina joUe is mrs. smith ■■iil ' .i- : a .i?w i-; 1? dIMr ' oul r -■•- ' -, ?-J.v- iMa u i| - ' f ' ' w jonite toxx shines cis ray t ' - t« ' f j " . ' ; c roppiRilup " : ■■ punKlnstic ■ -.- Ill • -I A. • %•• ■ ' vX ' ssj ' Vk, : norollBlnes wws g %r 7 m f - 1 !!!!!!!!! ,i; SMEgl aOiXo] QjQ© u a by Kristen Connors SUA encouraged students to set aside political differences and created a theme of unity and support in the 2004 elec- tion through their " civic engagement " campaign, said Alistair Chapman, president of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona. The outpouring of student support could be seen all over campus in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. ASUA ' s program consisted of three parts; voter registration, edu- cation and voting. Under the registration aspect, ASUA enticed students to register through events like the Rock the Vote concert. Nappy Roots and local punk band, Troy ' s Bucket, rocked the stage at the Oct. 1 performance. Business junior Ashley Post said the concert was a great incentive for students. " Music is a good way to re- ward students who give their input by taking time to vote, " Post said. Concert tickets were free in ex- change for proof of voter registration and cat card. Students who wanted to attend the concert could easily register at the ASUA office or before the concert at Bear Down Gym. The concert was the last attempt to register students with the national deadline just three days away. ASUA also provided a free non- partisan speaker series to educate students on election issues. The series launched on the evening of Sep. 2 with an appearance by the Libertar- ian Presidential Candidate Michael Badnarik. Other speakers included; Governor Janet Napolitano, author of " Michael Moore is a Big, Fat, Stupid, White Man " David Hardy, filmmaker Michael Moore, Arizona congress- man Jim Kolbe and a senatorial debate between candidates John McCain and Stuart Starky. The response for the speakers was generally very strong, Chapman said. The largest student response was at Michael Moore ' s speech. Students from all over the political spectrum poured into the sold-out McKale Cen- ter on Oct. 1 1 to welcome the director of the controversial film " Fahrenheit 9 11 " . Moore attracted a crowd of 14,500 people, the largest turnout on his tour to-date he said. The final and most challenging aspect of the " civic engage- ment " program was actually getting students to the polls. Chapman said. This was the first year an early polling site was setup on campus and became the busiest early polling location in all of Pima County. Nearly 2,100 voters came to the ASUA office to cast their vote from Oct. 25 to Oct. 29. Long lines of anxious students waited out- side the ASUA office at 5 PM on Oct. 29, the closing of the early voting site. Over 750 students voted that Friday alone. Freshman and first-time voter Chloe Baker said she registered and voted right on campus thanks to ASUA. " Like all the signs said around campus, it ' s so easy there ' s no reason not to! " The efforts of ASUA, the Young Democrats, and the College of Repub- licans were central to the high Pima County youth turnout, said Chapman. " It was incredible to witness the apathy on campus nearly disappear, " Chapman said. " Students played an active role in this election, and I am proud that ASUA was able to provide a medium through which this could be achieved. " ASUA gave students an opportu- nity to form knowledgeable political opinions through their campaign. They wanted to make sure that stu- dents not only voted, but also knew why and what they were voting for. The efforts of organizations like ASUA are the reason why nearly 2 1 million people between the ages of 18 and 30 voted nationally in this elec- tion. Left: R. Prophet of Nappy Roots performs dating the ASUA rock the vote concert at Bear Down Field. 24 ) ' pollragsite ip«l became the Nlntiooniall Wyi " ) ' ) voters MAtiocasttlieii HQaH). Long •teittedout- ittaiPMonOct. lie orhioting site. iiMBddiatFnday tioHiK voter ■(■pHlllfflks lilespssaid I ' iSoqillieR ' siio (ASUA.IeYoiing lltCAfcofRepub- yilehikPnna iMi,HdCla|iinan jHtitijiiiessle piMHiqiear ' •Sytfpbyedai) ;A«ieioHe ihk is could be , NtA«stu- ibobe» gtiselec ' Left: Sen. John Kerry, left and President Bush greet the audience before the final presiden- tial debate in Tempe, Ariz., on Wednesday, October 13, 2004. Below: Students line up to register to vote outside of the ASUA office in the Student Union Memorial Center prior to the election. Aickai Ik 1 26 by Lauren Miller t was called the election of a lifetime, and University of Arizona students made sure that they were part of his- tory. In one of the most heated presidential elections, incumbent president and Repub- lican candidate George W. Bush squared off against Massachusetts senator and Democrat John Kerry in a battle that even speculators could not call until all the votes were cast. The 2004 presidential debates became the hot topic in the media and on campus in the fall as debate raged over the candidates and the parties behind them. As election night drew to a close, eyes turned to the swing states, such as Florida, Oregon, even Arizona. However, Ohio was in the spotlight, as its 20 electoral votes became the deciding push for whoever would complete the road to the white house. Concerns over the recount fiasco of the 2000 Bush versus Gore election raced around the internet and the media. The morning follow- ing the election dawned with uncertainty. Bush had the lead in the popular vote, but both candidates were waiting for tie-break- ing Ohio to add in its electoral votes. The nation held its breath while the votes were tallied. Bush finally walked away with the vic- tory and 286 electoral votes. Kerry conceded on Nov. 4, thanking voters and family and congratulating Bush. " In the days ahead, we must find com- mon cause, Kerry said m his morning con- cession speech. " We must join in common effort, without remorse or recrimination, without anger or rancor. America is in need of unity and longing for a larger measure of compassion. " The final popular vote stood at 59,459,765 for Bush and 55,949,407 for Kerry. It was the highest election turn out in 36 years. However, what made this election memorable was not so much the outcome than the political division that told hold of the country. Social issues, the War on Iraq and deep emotions about the Bush presiden- cy sent the country into a flurry of contro- versy and commentary. Lines were drawn in the sand, in communities, in schools, even across dinner tables. Even at the UA, where red and blue w — bound by tradition, students were choosin sides and the Arizona heat was nothing com- pared to the sizzle of partisan politics Yet most visible on campus was the pi to get students to vote, regardless of politi affiliation. Voter registration drives spon- ■ sored by ASUA popped up as early as mc in day in August and the booths of other g out the vote groups peppered campus until the sun set on election day in November. Groups such as Rock the Vote, and Declare Yourself targeted college students, a lucrative age group noto- rious for voter apathy. Some combined cre- ative campaigning to get their point across. such as the internet group Voteorgasm, where people pledged to sleep with another voter following Election Day and refrain from those who refrained from voting. Oth- ers boasted celebrities who could not resist throwing their hats in the ring. Entertainer R Diddy ' s " Vote or Die " campaign became a favorite punch line, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Alicia Keys, even rapper Eminem called out to vote on Nov. 2 In the end, it was proven that college voters responded, as an estimated 5 1 % of 1 8 to 24 year-olds cast their ballots, over the 42% that turned out for the 2000 presidential election. It was not the revolutionary turnout that both sides had hoped for but for UA stu- dents, red and blue took on a new meaning. ®[p(p®©g[iE) fired up - Ann Coulter and Michael Moore visit campus by Jen Whitcomb Peter Seat, theatre arts senior and member of the UA College Republi- cans, proclaimed, " Not the liberals, not ASUA, not the weather can keep the truth from coming to UA! " on Oct. 21, 2004, to a conservative- packed Centennial Hall. The truth came in the form of radical conservative speaker Ann Coulter, the College Republican ' s much-anticipated response to Mi- chael Moore ' s appearance several weeks earlier. " I think it was great that we could get Ann Coulter; a high profile name like that to speak to the students and to the population of the city, " Nick Sexton, a pre-business freshman, said. However, Coulter ' s arrival at the UA, as Seat noted, did not come without some adversity. He especial- ly criticized the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, who had promised to fiind the venue of the speech, but later retracted. The rainy conditions of the evening cer- tainly didn ' t help, either. Coulter ' s plane out of Phoenix was delayed as a result, causing her to take the stage two hours after her scheduled time. In a not-so-subtle jab against Demo- cratic presidential candidate John Kerry, College Republican Manny Espinosa joked to the audience, " I was for this event starting on time before I was against it. " The crowd, however, was no smaller and no less pumped when the popular conservative icon finally made it to the podium. While most patrons were avid support- ers of Coulter, like math junior Tyler Harris who said he had " been a fan of Ann ' s for a long time, " many showed up from both ends of the political spectrum looking to expose themselves to the opposition. Heather Torbitt, a media arts junior, said, " I saw Michael Moore before, and I ' m here to hear both sides. " Coulter ' s difficulties in Arizona didn ' t end with the rain. She also narrowly missed receiving a literal pie in the face from one of two men who rushed the stage in protest dur- ing her question-and-answer session. The offenders were removed in handcuffs. More peacefiil protesting took place outside the theatre before the doors opened. A group of unaffili- ated liberal students made their point with signs reading such things as " Only Whites Deserve Rights " and " Liberals = Satan. " " What we wanted to show was the Republican right — how extreme they can be, " explained law student Sara Ransom. Ransom created the most stir with her neon yellow sign reading " Iraqi Babies Are Good Eatin ' . " While Coulter ' s controversial views, particularly her support of racial profiling against Muslims in the hunt for terrorism, fiieled the protesters outside, she received plenty of enthusiasm inside for her razor-sharp political wit. Her un- abashed bashing of what she called " the civic religion of liberalism " drew the most appreciation from fel- low Republicans — especially a few choice scathing remarks against sue noted Democrats as Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and (of course) John Kerry. " I would say those are fighting words, being called a liberal, " she said. " Or at least I ' m trying to make it that way. " by Victoria Harben Politics heated up this year as the election between George W. Bush and John Kerry took the spotlight in America. At 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 1 1 , 2004, one of the major fiiels to this political fire strutted into McKale Center clad in a red baseball cap, black sweatshirt and jeans. Michael Moore, the controversial American filmmaker, appeared to a sold-out crowd of more than 14,500 to promote Kerry for the 2004 election. The Arizona logo shined brightly on the arena ' s floor as the energized crowd, primarily filled with Kerry supporters, started the wave and erupted with chants entic- ing Moore to come out and speak. Fernando Ascencio, director of the Speakers Board of the Associat- ed Students of the University of Ari- zona, introduced Moore and ASUA ' s three main goals of voter registra- tion, education, and getting people out to vote. After an overwhelm- ing burst of applause, Ascencio let Moore take the stage. He kicked off his 22 " ' ' stop of " The Slacker Upris- ing Tour " by graciously thanking the audience and firing up the crowd by 28 reminding them there were " only three more weeks " until the election. Parts of Moore ' s speech focused on the war in Iraq and ousting George W. Bush from the White House. He read a letter by Spc. Nicholas Frye, a soldier from Chan- dler, Ariz., which sought to reason why Frye was a liberal. The number one requested book by soldiers in Iraq is " anything by Michael Moore. " He yelled " bum baby, bum " in order to encourage the audience to copy his documentary because he wants " every American to see it. Some say this film is the ' atom bomb ' of the election, " Moore said. Renowned musician Linda Ronstadt, a resident of Tucson, made a surprise guest appearance at Moore ' s speech Despite the overwhelming tumout of fans, many of the campus Republicans, donors, alumni, and members of the community found it hard to accept Moore ' s appearance at the UA. A group of Bush sup- porters incessantly harassed Moore from the upper level as they chanted " four more years " and " Nader " until they were escorted out of the arena around 8 p.m. Moore claimed to be aware of the controversy his appearance stirred on campus, and reasoned that " they tried to find a Republican who could bring out 15,000 people, but they just couldn ' t find one. " Moore ' s appearance evoked a buzz of controversy on campus weeks before he even arrived. Nichole Hellman, a music education and vocal performance freshman, believed Moore " caused controversy because of his famous status and radical views against conservatives. " Moore ' s vehement campaign against the Bush administration started with his book " Stupid White Men, " in which he began his tirade against the fallacies of the U.S. government, according to his liberal perspective. This iconoclastic com- mentator then moved to the big screen in 2003 when he released the fiery " Fahrenheit 9 1 1 . " Moore ' s ironic and condescending sense of righteousness is conveyed in both works and is the root of why he has followers and why he has accumu- lated numerous nemeses. Despite the debate surrounding Moore ' s appearance, his speech firq up the local liberals and promoted John Kerry. In the process of creat-j ing an even wider division berweenl conservatives and liberals, Moore helped to unite the democrats and the open-minded at the University (I Arizona. r pus «Ib1Ios|ioj, ' •jCopliiittlkiii, ' ■ " ■lawiicreaiedi " kWft ' icmiroversi " PBaUyliBsippoiiof I ■ ■(iimMiKlinisi ■ i»M«ial»ii.Herm. Uii|oftk c;.i:ii;| (mri|iaofibetal] [ii " ■i(Mf|RCttioD lion ■ MioK-tspeciyafH ■cyJiimM sagaiiisij riDtKOtiiKllin ' llM ai((ifcoiiiseiloliii| Aka|(iiiiiliberaL " sl ttkllcMl ' lBMSlOD iftKO ' . ' divisiotW ' " l| ifl ' MV« | Letters from the presidents Young Democrats Alicia Cyhulsk, polilical science senior Exhilaration, entiiusiasm, disgust, shock, surprise and depression; these arc some of the emotions I felt during the 2004 presidential election. It was my first national campaign experience. As president of the Young Democrats of the University of Arizona, I was fortunate to work with a tremendous group of people. ' There was a lot of focus, determination, ere- ativity, hope and optimism. This culminated in what is a first in Arizona state politics, if not nationwide: a youth-targeted campaign literature piece designed for college students sp! by college students. We mailed it out to more than 1 7,000 young people. Another high point of the campaign was when Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C, visited Tucson. We worked closely with the advance team, the people who pretty much plan the event and get people to work it and attend. Held at the Tucson Convention Center, more than 10,000 Tucsonans showed up to cheer him on. We gave him the largest audience he had since joining the ticket. The last weekend and the days leading to the Nov. 2 election were unforgettable in many ways. On Friday night during a visibility event, one of our campaign .staff was involved in a hit-and -run accident. Fortunately, sh e ' s doing much better, but it makes one think. Then during the weekend, there was so much grassroots work to be done -just talking to voters one at a time and making sure they get to the polls. We walked and phone banked and | walked some more. The ground eftbrt ' V - here was simply amazing and the recep- tion was fabulous. The last 48 hours we worked around the clock. The only break was for " The Daily Show " and a _ power nap. ' ' • Reflecting on the campaign, there ' s , so much to be positive about. .lohn Kerry and Edwards ran a positive, optimistic campaign that led to a higher discourse. We were proud of our candi- date and while saddened at his loss, we viewed his concession as the work of a great patriot. Our campaign was damn good. We got a turnout in Pima County of more than 80 percent. Youth voting down here was one of the highest in the country. Pima County was blue. Someone wrote, " he ' s tired of losing but he ' ll never tire of fighting " and that ' s how it is. There ' s still so much to be done and we will shape the future. College Republicans P. f mm Kerry Danielle Roherts polilical science junior On Nov. 2, 2004, the American people went to the polls and re-elected President George W. Bush, a decisive victory for the president and the Repub- lican Party. President Bush has worked tirelessly to ensure the freedom and security of every American, and his strong and steady leadership has resulted in a strong economy and prosperity for the American people. The War on Terror was a hot issue in Cam- paign 2004, and the President ' s record spoke for it.self, taking the fight to the terrorists. President j Bush led a coalition of allied countries, united in 8 the fight to topple the Taliban in Afghanistan, re- " i move the sadistic and dangerous Saddam Hussein from power and hunt down members of the al-Qa- ' « g; ' ■ " I " da terrorist network including Osama bin Laden. g The result of these endeavors was overwhelming, " I as the coalition had liberated 50 million people, B freeing them from oppression while planting the I seed of freedom and prosperity. ' Afghanistan just had elections in which women were allowed to vote for the first time, newly electing a president, and beginning to enjoy the fruits 55 of democracy. The president also led the fight to hunt ;?gi?,r i down members of al-Qaida, and has been successful in removing two thirds of their leadership, weakening their network and foiling their plans to mercilessly kill innocent civilians. Saddam Hussein has also been 8 removed from power, freeing the Iraqi people from ■| the terror and fear that Saddam incited, and ensuring " :2 Saddam will no longer be a threat to freedom-loving l| people everywhere. President Bush has also been a leader at home, t with policies that promoted economic growth and i§ invested in our future by educating America ' s youth. I The tax cuts the president proposed put money hard I working Americans earned into their pockets by creat- I ing 1 .9 million jobs in the last 1 3 months, allowing S small businesses to expand, creating jobs and promot- ■ ing the market to flourish. Under Bush ' s leader- ship the American people have enjoyed an f. economic boom and have invested in the future of America. With the No Child Left Behind Act, EL schools are being held accountable for teaching ' students, and ensuring their ability to compete . ' ■ 1 and pursue their dreams. Ijc The University of Arizona College Repub- iCjJ licans worked tirelessly in the months leading Pg to the election to ensure victory for President .(i. y ' . Bush as well as other Republican candidates. |« We worked to p romote and spread the message MS of the Republican Party on campus, with a table fP on the Mall Monday through Friday, recruit- ' ll ' ing 800 new members, registering 500 new Republican voters, passing out bumper stickers and showing our support for the president. We also held rallies, hosted syndicated columnist I and best selling author Ann Coulter, as well as ««=»™ contributed almost 5,000 volunteer hours to the re-election of the president and other Republican candidates in Arizona. The University of Arizona College Republicans, a grassroots organization, made the phone calls, walked neighborhoods, held up signs and showed their overwhelming support for President Bush. We, along with 150,000 College Republicans nationwide, have achieved a great victory across the country, win- ning the youth vote in 23 states, and electing a president that will work toward our freedom, safety and prosperity. We look to the future, full of hope that America ' s brightest days are ahead of us. You you whenJI iU Bi; orSMi @@Bi[ifi 30 ffoa iiMRil lothing to do wifFTgetting !t a decent job just so perfect, m m victories is against I I m :ytside. nrourTcar is decorated witnTso much UA stuff youiranow afraid to park in Tempe. I Red tags are a badge of I honor. You complain about Tucson, but defend it passionately to any " outsider ' that insults your town. ®DD(2)[j©g} o by Carrie Bui nee a student; forever an alumni, " said 1980 and 1984 UA graduate Philip May during his speech at the Alumni Plaza dedica- tion ceremony. The kickoff to Homecoming 2004 made alumni and students gasp in awe as fireworks exploded in the sky at the culmination of five years of planning and more than six months of construction for the Alumni Plaza. The plaza was dedi- cated to the university from the Alumni Association. Located in front of the Administra- tion building, the $5 million Alumni Plaza features 2.5 acres of open space, new brick walkways, fountains, the expanded Joseph Krutch Cactus Garden and a bronze sculpture. The Alumni Plaza is supposed to provide an area for students to relax and congregate in while also learning and embracing pieces of UA ' s history, an idea from May ' s term on the Alumni Association ' s Board of Directors. " This university really has rich tradi- tions and heritage, and the point of the plaza is to allow students to experience that. So if they choose, they can make themselves part of a lifelong commu- nity, " May said. The Alumni Plaza made an effort to teach UA history through facts about the university engraved on some of the bricks of the new walkway, and by fea- turing the lyrics to the alma mater " All Hail, Arizona " on the Administration building ' s new steps. Inscribed at Alumni Gate is an excerpt from founder C.C. Stephens ' speech at the 1887 groundbreaking of Old Main, in which he describes his vision of the UA including " its silvery fountains, its shaded walks, its academic groves ... " " Literally, we extracted from that moment when they broke ground for Old Main and worked those elements into the design to bring it full circle, 117 years, " May said. Only a week after completion, stu- dents took to the new area as a place to relax, study and talk with friends. " I like the fountains. It ' s better than what was here, " said regional develop- ment sophomore Holyce Caldwell. " It ' s very relaxing, " added psychol- ogy sophomore Michael Beach. While most students use the Alumni Plaza as a place to spread out and study or have a chat with a friend, just as the alumni wished, a few expressed doubts about the ability of the plaza to help them learn about the traditions and his- tory of the university. " People don ' t read (the brick walk- ways). It doesn ' t work, " Beach said. " People don ' t pay attention, " said undeclared freshman Michael Klyce. The highlight of the plaza was the new bronze sculpture, titled " The Wild- cat Family, " located next to the Cactus Garden. A 14-foot-tall depiction of two adult wildcats watching over two cubs represents the passing on of knowledge from one generation to the next. Sculpt- ed by Nicholas Wilson, the statue was dedicated to UA President Peter Likins and his family. Funded completely through alumni donations, the Alumni Plaza stirred up controversy because of the Joseph Krutch Cactus Garden. Many feared th construction of the plaza would involvi the removal of the Cactus Garden, whic| previously lay in the center of the UA 32 s J May explained ihat the Association never considered removing the Cactus Garden, only whether it should be moved back to its original place in front ot Old Main or expanded as part of the plaza. The association linally decided on the expansion to avoid harm to the fragile boojum trees. After all the controversy passed and the construction had been completed, the students began to embrace their gift from the Alumni Association. Whether students learn Spring Fling is one of the largest student-run carnivals or that the motto of the first graduating class was " In struggle, reward, " we can remember the afternoons we studied in the grass on Heritage Hill, waited for a friend on the " All Hail, Arizona " steps and talked with friends to the sound of rushing water from the fountains. The gifts of the Alumni Association are not the benches or the hill or the fountains, but the memories created in these areas. " This entire place looks like a place people come together. 1 think it brings together generations, " said creative writing sophomore Jamie Tan. " And if we can create that connection, if this place doesn ' t connect the north, south, east and west access of the university, if it " s more than just a pretty place, if it connects people to the university and makes them feel Left: Wilbur and Wllma stand arm in ,, , , ,. , , , , , arm outside of the Administration , , . . ,. f ■ .-r ,u ■.■ building during the Alumni Plaza be there for the rest ot the.r life, then .t is a dedication ceremony huge asset to the university. May said. ■ ' DQ®Dui]©@®DuQQ[jDg| Homecoming Court Matthew Collins Major: .Accounting Hometown: Lake Havasu City, Ariz. " Being on Homecoming court was an honor and I had a lot of fun. Mor- tar Board and Bobcats did an awesome job planning the event. I owe them a lot of thanks as well. " Sha ne Griffith Major: Studio Art .Minor: Family Studies and Human Development Hometown: Phoenix. Ariz. ■ " Being nominated to Homecoming court was such an incredible honor. To ha e the opportunity to meet new people and represent my organiza- tion was something 1 v ill never forget. UA is a school w ith more than 100 years of tradition and to be a part of that tradition will always be one of iny most treasured memories. BF:AR DOWN!!! " Kristen Senseman .Major: Marketing M Hometown: Scottsdalc, Ariz. " The LA has given me the lifelong friendships and unforgettable memo- ries that 1 will treasure forever! BEAR DOWN ARIZONA! " Joe Young Major: Business Management and Hntreprcncurship Hometown: Pima. Ariz. " " " ' It was an honor to be on the 2004-2005 Homecomin g court my senior year at LA. All of the finalists on the court are w inners in my opinion and I congratulate all of thein for being role models and .setting such great and diverse examples of what being a Wildcat is all about! " .Andrew arker ■ Major: Pharmacy Hometown: Lake Forest, Calif " Being a member of the Homecoming royalty is one the most memora- ble moments of my time spent at the UA. The 10 members of the court caine together for one week to celebrate our school and the students of the past and the present. We represented the student body by the bring- ing the best within each one of us, combining to show our true spirit for the university. And with that. 1 say that I am proud to have been a student of the University of Arizona. Always Bear Down!!! " Kim flo -Major: Business Administration and .Marketing Sam Kfird Major: Business Administration and Finance Diane Kopilovich Major: Speccli and Hearing Sciences il homecoming king IVIai Major: Journalism and Creative Writing Hometown: Rochester, N.Y. Nominated by: Arizona Ambas- sadors " Homecoming was absolutely crazy. We had a blast at the bon- fire, riding in the parade and being on the field at halftime. It was really exciting to be honored as a representative of the university. When Kelli and I were crowned I think we were both in shock. We had gone through a lot of applications and interviews and were so exhausted by the week ' s events. I think we just couldn ' t believe it was all finally over and that we had won. To me, this was just the perfect culmination of an incredible four years. That mo- ment will live on in me forever. The bonfire was especially nice because I had friends and family there to root me on. I ' ll never forget how sincere people were when they congratulated i It just made the honor of being Homecoming king that much more special. To me, being named Home- coming royalty pays honor to what the finalists have given bal to campus. None of us ever did I anything with this goal in mindl Everyone who was on the court| was dedicated to campus life an really gave 100 percent of then selves to this university. To be named king out of such a diver and involved group of people ' an incredible honor. My experience at this unive 34 homecoming queen Kelli Winkle i SiT ' -7 h ■•• Vr Major: Criminal Justice Administration and Entrcpre- neurship Minors: Mathematics, Span- ish Hometown: Tempe, Ariz. Nominated by: Pride of Ari- zona. University of Arizona Marching Band " For myself, simply being a part of the Homecom- ing Court was an amazing experience. Being with such incredible people like the members of the Senior Honorary, the Bobcats and the other members of the court was such a blast. With all the events on the Mall during Homecoming and the camaraderie, the week of Homecoming will definitely go down in my book as one of the best times in my life. Winning the position of Homecoming queen was a completely separate and shocking occurrence. To this day 1 still have a hard time grasping the fact that 1 actu- ally won. It was amazing to have the Bobcats announce my name as Queen and then to be able to join the band in our standstill performance of the show. Riding around in a red Cadillac convertible with Marc in the parade on game day was absolutely a blast. While winning Home- coming queen and be a member of the Homecom- ing Court was, and will be, one of the most memorable experiences of my life, noth- ing compares to being a part of the Pride of Arizona, of which I have been a member of for the past four years. My first two years I played the French horn, and the last two 1 marched on the cymbal line. What most people don ' t un- derstand is that UA has one of the best marching bands in the nation, and I ' m not say- ing that because I biased. We play and march extremely well, all the while making an artistic statement about life. The people who are a part of this program are the most caring, generous, artistic and beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of being with. I was honored merely to have been nominated from the group. Moreover, to have their never-ending support while on the court speaks volumes about the dedication members of this program share for each other and the Left: Royalty candidates wait on the steps of old main to hear the announcement of the homecoming king and queen. Bottom: Kelli Winkle Is crowned as home- coming queen. " " =.K =. -vi. scardi ty has been nothing short of isolutely incredible. Walking 1 to campus my freshman .ar. 1 had no idea what was in ore. 1 spent my first week on impus crying because I was )mcsick. Looking back on all ■ the opportunity I found at is university, 1 can ' t help but nile. This university is with- it a doubt one of the most credible communities and stitutions in the country. Graduating is going to be ally lough, but I am excited be an alumnus of the UA. I ive had an incredible senior :ar, and I can only look rward to giving back to a livcrsity that has given me 1 much. " X. students and alumni gathered at the steps of Old Main to celebrate the homecom- ing game with a bonfire. UA football head coach Mike Stoops spoke to the crowd and a homecoming king and queen were selected. , ■ Below: UA football head coach Mike I Stoops spoke to the crowd and a home- coming king and queen were selected. 36 ire it up r(. •■ oW lead coach H ll owl and a liom! ripwiw ' c selected Cmx (I " s . MIM ■v KNOW...? 1 mnocw KAUHMNDl ijununiAin UOSOMOS »QRI J The UA officially opened in 1891. ' The original school colors were sage and silver. -■ " Bear Down, Arizona " , though the most recognizable UA song, is not actually the fight song. " Fight, Arizona, Fight " is the official fight song, and is played almost as frequently as " Bear Down, Arizona " at football games. • The rock wall surrounding the Historic District, North Park Avenue between East Speedway Boulevard and East Fourth Street, was constructed out of rocks quarried from ' A ' Mountain when the ' A ' was created. J The bell in the clock tower of the Student Union Memorial Center was one of the actual bells on the USS Arizona, sunk in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Every year on Dec. 7, it rings to commemorate the attacks. The Student Union Memorial Center was built to resemble the USS Arizona battleship. The actual mast from the ship is in front of the clock tower. The first sport to earn the UA national recognition was polo. The first Wilbur was actually a live wildcat named " Rufus. " Rufus met his demise in 1916 when he accidentally hung himself after being left tied to a tree. Wilbur as we know him was married to Wilma in 1986, in a ceremony during halftime at a football game. (So© DDoaDD Ri ding around in a red Cadillac convertible with Marc in the parade on game day was absolutely a blast. Kelli Winkle Homecoming Queen — „ Parade Awards Grand Marshall Best Overall Float Award: First: Theta Tau Second: Professional Achievement in Nursing (PAIN) Club and Arizona Off-Roading Club Third: Alpha Epsilon Pi and Gamma Phi Beta ' f t Wildcats Most Spirited Award: Phi Kappa Psi and Alpha Epsilon Phi Bobcats Most Entertaining Award: Asian Pacific American Student Affairs (APASA) - k ♦ i; 1 % 1 i % 1 ' - - Right: Geography senior Steven Eddy (left) and political science senior Alii Hirohata join the rest of their class in singing " Bear Down " on the steps of Old Main. 40 traditions at UA hv Carrie Bui ow did the buildings on campus get their names? Is our campus really an arboretum? These types of nifty tidbits of information can be learned through a new class. Heritage and Traditions at the University of Arizona. Students are drawn to the class ' promise to provide a greater knowledge of the university ' s history and traditions, and to connect them with alumni and the larger university family. " 1 thought it was actually interesting sound- ing. I ' ve never had much school spirit until I came to the UA. Then 1 fell in love with the UA, " said biochemistry and molecular bio- physics senior Cristi Barnes. " I decided to take it because I wanted to learn more about my school, be more associ- ated with the UA. to just feel like I belong and come to know it like I know the back of my hand, " .said biochemistry and molecular biophysics junior Heather Dawson. Developed three years ago by the UA Alumni Association and its board of direc- tors, the class grew from 1 8 to more than 50 students. The class covers every aspect of the university, from the role of the presidents to the history of residence life. It is taught by James Knight, a professor in the College of Agricul- ture and Life Sciences, and Samantha Zipp, program director for the Alumni Asso- ciation and 2003 UA alumna. But Heritage and Traditions at the UA gives students more than just knowledge. " I ' ve gained more appreciation for the UA and the history of what had gone on in the programs and what goes on in the UA, " said political science senior Gina Goldbiatt. Students aren ' t the only ones who benefit from the class. " I ' ve been able to connect myself to many of the traditions and heritages of the univer- sity, " Knight said. " 1 think the closer you understand and can relate to the roots of any institution you belong to, the more likely you are to feel a part of it. " Heritage and Traditions at the UA was a one credit elective course in fall 2004, unas- sociated with any academic major, and housed in the agricultural education department of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. " People have to take it because they want it, " Knight said. " We ' re getting such a cross- section of students from the university. 1 think the word is out. The numbers have grown every year. " In addition to lectures, guest speakers from all areas of the university gave students an un- derstanding of the inner workings and history of the university. " The breadth of speakers brought in each year encompass the UA campus community and showcases ail the rich heritage and tradi- tion of our school, " Zipp said. " I learned a lot of stuff 1 really liked just hearing about stutTand learning about the UA, " Barnes said. " 1 had no idea everything we ' re involved in and everything it takes to run a campus. " Favorite speakers from the fall 2004 se- o mester were UA Ath- o letics Director Jim ' $■ Livengood, speaking » on the role of athlet- g ics in the university, c and Men ' s Basketball ' I Head Coach Lute 8 Olson, speaking on the history UA men ' s basketball. Other guest speakers included Vice President Edith Auslander, Alumni Association President Sandy Ruhl and Provost George Davis. " I think my favorite part about the class was that several of the speakers we spoke with. you could just feel the pride and the joy and the happiness they felt talking about the UA, " said David Sinclair, accounting sophomore and accounting assistant senior for continuing education and academic outreach. Students in the class were also required to research traditions that were relevant to their time at the university, to interview alumni and visit the Alumni Association. Even the final exam took a unique twist: The class was required to sing " Bear Down " and " All Hail " on the steps of Old Main. The class will be offered again in the fall 2005 semester as a two credit course. nj yby Carrie Bui ou may have noticed it on your way to another store: A small store filled with UA merchandise, a couple college- age people working inside, and a glowing ' A ' beckoning visitors inside. This is the ' A ' Store, staffed and managed by Students in Free Enterprise, a UA organization. The 300-square-foot store opened on Nov. 20, 2004, in Tucson Mall, meeting students ' goals to open the store in time for the busy holiday buying season. " We worked for about seven or eight hours setting the store in one night, " said retailing and consumer sciences senior Shelley Huff, a SIFE project manager for the ' A ' store. " We got all our inventory from the (UofA) Book- store, extra stuff that they had before we started buying our own and we went in there and set it. We did double the amount of sales that we thought we were going to do between the opening and year end. " In partnership with UA Book- stores and the UA Center for Retailing, the ' A ' Store is a place where students can learn and practice enterprising skills to take into future careers after they graduate. Profits from the business can also be put back into the retailing center to support student scholarships. Students who work at the ' A ' Store are divided into four teams, with each team tackling a different aspect of the store. The teams of marketing, human resources, buying and visual merchandising work under the guidance of project managers, as well as the Center for Retailing and UA Bookstores. Besides running store promotions and working as sales asso- ciates in the store, a main project the marketing team is focusing on is a customer database. Customers of the store are encouraged to sign a guestbook that will allow the store to create a database to assist them in keeping track of customers and staying in con- tact with them. " The experience is one that you cannot have through just the basic retail classes, " said marketing team member and retailing and consumer sciences senior Allison Zimmerman. " In terms of hands-on experience in marketing and retail and how a store op- erates, this is one of the better learning experiences you can have. It makes you feel proud when the store is doing well because you know that it ' s because of you and your fellow students. " The human resources team works on the administrative aspects of the store. The team created the ' A ' Store ' s policy and procedures manual, and are in charge of scheduling and supervis- ing the students. The buying team for store isn ' t just about shopping for cool looking UA merchandise. The team predicts what buyers of their store will want at least six to 10 months in advance. " It ' s a lot of predictions, " said buying team member and retailing and consumer sciences senior Lindsey Port. " We base our predictions on our bestsellers right now. We figure out which logos do the best. The block ' A ' is probably our bestseller, based on previous things; what ' s selling, what ' s just sitting in the store. " Allison Hammond, retailing and consumer sciences junior, works on the visual merchandising team. The team designs concepts for the ' A ' store to feature in the store and in the window display located behind the store. " We ' re just in charge of store presentation, " Hammond said. Designing for the store doesn ' t come without its problems. The visual merchandising team works to find a balance between designing the small store layout and designing the large window display. " That we only have 300 square feet and so we have so much merchandise in the store, the major problem is how to get it all in the store without it looking crowded or cramped or sloppy, " Hammond said. " So it ' s important to keep it all looking nice. The opposite problem is our window is so big. How do you keep it full and still presentable and attractive? " The students at the ' A ' Store tackled many problems and will likely continue tackling problems, but their experiences have been one of a kind and prepared them for future careers. " I know when I went on interviews, it gave me a solid refer- ence for anything, " Port said. " I was able to answer pretty much any question and use my experience at the ' A ' store to answer it in terms of working with customers, working with vendors, see- ing the behind the scenes part of running a small retail business. " " It has been an amazing opportunity to be able to learn from your peers and teach your peers in an environment that you usu- ally wouldn ' t be able to do, " Huff said. After having a profitable holiday season, the ' A ' Store negoti- ated a longer lease agreement than their temporary agreement for the holiday season. With the new lease agreement, the store will be expanded to about 1 ,000 square feet. i 1 w 9 42 ) V Ibnol Btftnr Ithr ' v ( ' .Van (Mad Ifcitt lick, ihie into ' I fc » «iB Above: Retail and consumer science senior Christie Calhoon finalizes a purchase at the A-Store in the Tucson Mall Monday afternoon. Christie spent last semester studying retail in London and now works at the A-Store for credit toward graduation in May. i " gjaDDagjDocM? (3jD Why Altaira Citron hen construction of the UA Student Union Memorial Center began back in August 1999, the vision of a new university surfaced. However, members of the Univer- sity Activities Board along with thousands of campus movie fans were forced to let go of the long-standing U A tradition of campus movies at the historic Gallagher Theater. Nestled between the third and fourth floors of the east wing of the old union, the Gallagher lacked the steel reinforcements needed to support the planned union renovations. Opened in 1 97 1 , the theater was consid- ered one of the most unique features of the UA campus due to its nostal- gic atmosphere and creative programming. It was named by the Student Union Activities Board in honor of Edward Joseph Gallagher 111, a benefactor of the university who also contributed his prized classic film collection to the student union. However, the university ' s remodeling plans did include space for a new, modem theater, which opened in the new Student Union Memorial Center in February 2002. Even Bill Fannin, manager of the old Gallagher, had no idea what to expect of the modem version of his life ' s love and work. " The old theater had the whole shebang, " Fannin recalls. " A snack bar, box office and a marquee which went up five years after it opened. We even had the curtains that go across the stage in front of the screen. When the show was about to start, we ' d cue up the music, fade the lights and open up the curtains. It was built to be a classic, full-ser- vice theater. " Nor was there any lack of variety in the Gallagher ' s film selection. The theater offered everything from foreign art films to American classics such as " Clockwork Orange " and " The Breakfast Club. " The theater even showed the film " Pearl Harbor " shortly after the ground- breaking of the new union in honor of its being modeled after the U.S.S Arizona. Located across from the food court on the main floor of the new union, the new theater is equipped with Dolby Digital Sound, 340 seats, and a 26-by-l 1 foot screen Students could see any show for $3 and have a chance of catch- ing an occasional free advanced screening, as in the old days. Since December 2003, the theater has been under the supervision of TJ Willis, theater manager and higher education graduate student. In addition to his studies, Willis oversees all operations, from concessions and inventory to supervising the stafl ' , selecting films and scheduling events with other departments on campus. Willis works with a student staff of four who alternate between projectionist, box office rep and usher He also collaborates closely with members of the UAB Films committee in order to develop the type of quality programming that students will go out of their way to see. Every other week, he meets with the committee to discuss film ideas, find out what ' s going on around campus and get feedback on how movies are doing. " It ' s a really good relationship, " Willis said. " It helps to have another student opinion in choosing films, especially an undergraduate who knows what undergrads want to see - I can ' t see all the movies, so it helps to have someone else around for input. " The UAB Films committee plays an integral part in selecting films and organizing events to coincide with them. Chair of the committee and joumalism and media arts sophomore Alex Lau said the goal is to provide a mix of movie genres - from blockbusters to documentaries to foreign 44 (gooaDQ films. " We try to target different audiences, " Lau said, explaining why they provide such an eclectic mix of entertainment. The Gallagher ' s largest audience consists of freshmen and sopho- mores who often don ' t have transportation and want a fun and safe alter- native to drinking, Lau explained. Lau ' s committee works with three production companies, look- ing through their film collections and selecting from there what films arel shown. Mostly popular movies made it through the screening process, including hits like " Napoleon Dynamite " , " Shaun of the Dead " and " Ga den State, " which Lau said strike a chord with college students. American classics such as " Scarface " and " The Godfather " are paired ■t ' Ilirfiliyiliey •UBtandsoplio- Iwififli and safe alter- ogether as a double feature to represent a classic genre. These are bal- anced with innovative films of newer genres like the quasi-hor- i,aft ror film, " The Ring. " To diversify the schedule for students with unique interests, the committee offers Native American and multi-cul- NT OUT i tural films as well. £i u 7 ' - ICK i 1: iO •lUIOIililM in,H ami % ■ocesS ' l j-SBlltllf But what really distinguishes the theater ' s presence on campus are the lovie events that accompany showings. This year ' s annual Halloween uible feature drew in a costumed crowd for the original " Exorcist " and Psycho, " while the " Kill Bill " double feature was complimented with a Jstume contest where two students dressed as Gogo and Elle Driver won a new DVD player. Lau says his committee aims to host a greater number of special events outside of the Gallagher in the years to come. A movie-on-the- Mall screening of " Meet the Parents " drew in a great crowd, so UAB Films plans to integrate other venues into the mix. including films poolside or at the drive-in (still on campus), and film festivals galore. And perhaps best of all. students could expect a " Star Wars " week in the Planetarium! UAB Films is funded by the UA and i s not out to make a profit, Lau said. The committee wished simply to give UA students a fun variety of movies they want. And that ' s exactly what undeclared freshmen Victor Vallet and Ryan Hallisey said they got. Vallet visited the Gallagher for a show once every two weeks because of the good selecfion, cheap movies and convenient location. " I like that they have those 2-for-l coupons all the time. I carry one " ■ around in my pocket in case there ' s a show we want to see, " Vallet said. His roommate Hallisey also commented on the conve- S nience of being able to take dinner from the union into the ' theater. If students didn ' t fancy the food in the union, they ' y could just Stock up on popcorn or candy concessions at the ticket counter Gallagher employee and archi- tecture sophomore Scott Dray said he also encouraged students to snatch up the free screening sneak preview tick- ets left downstairs in the union gaine room. Dray worked in a commercial theater for four years before joining the Gallagher staff and has seen all kinds of people come through its doors. " We get a lot of big groups from houses around campus, some older people from off campus and a decent amount of kids for the animated films, " Dray said. He chuckled, recalling that during showings of both " Constantine " and " Gothika. " Wamer Bros guards positioned themselves throughout the theater armed with night-vision goggles to ensure no one was bootlegging the showing. As a fellow employee, architecture freshman Jonathan Porter also has fond memories of his shifts spent meeting lots of new people - even fel- low classmates. " It ' s nice to work on campus, " Porter said. " When I get off of work late I ' m already here on campus, so 1 can hit the books right away. " Both students enjoyed the benefits of a flexible work schedule, being able to do their homework while waiting for a show to end. and of course, free movie seats! Additionally, they are enrolled in a 50 50 meal plan developed strictly for union employees, which gives them one meal per day at half price. Clearly, the Gallagher functions for the student body on many levels; from entertainment to employment to education, the Gallagher Theater is still on the map with its new look. 46 L . . hy Lauren Miller part-time student office assistants, one full time office specialist and six golf I n campus, the hottest way to travel is golf cart style. carts to successfully operate the program, ' " Franz said. It is hard to miss the zooming golf carts. With their characteristic " We advertise ourselves, " Seithel said. " If we ' re driving around and we see whirring sound they whisked passengers from one end of campus to someone on crutches, we ' ll pull over and say ' can we give you a ride some- the other. But while their presence is common, few students know where? ' and while we ' re driving them we ' ll ask them if they ' re on the service, vhat exactly the carts ' purpose is. If not, we give them a little pamphlet and tell them to call. Usually we will see Some carts deliver packages or escort guests, but the most important service them on the schedule afterwards. " ;omes from a program called Cart Services. The program offers a helping wheel Seithel joined the Can Services team after a friend recommended the job. He the temporarily and terminally disabled by providing a free ride to their des- then attended a two week " driver ' s course " with a veteran driver and learned the nation. After all, campus seems much larger when crutches are involved. rules of the road. Drivers are not allowed to take the carts on major streets, or One of the service ' s supennen is Adam Seithel, who has been saving injured take the carls home. They could not drive through the student union and were tudents a long trek across campus for two years. The regional development not allowed to squeeze through the tightest bike pathway, between the Harvill enior said he loves helping people out while also exploring the campus. He building and the Center for Creative Photography, after " too many people took Iso makes a great tour guide, offering a wealth of facts about the campus, as them it full speed through the tight passage and they would hit it and break the le cruises " with the top down " in his 20 mph golf cart. " North side to .south side in just a few minutes; it ' s pretty neat, " Seithel ►aid. ; Setihel was glad to share why he was part of one ' f the most helpful important and most underrated brvices on campus. " The service is important to the temporarily isabled because they were not used to getting round. If you break your foot, your whole life North side to s you ' ve had that foot a few minutes, an d suddenly you can ' t use it, " he said. " I was picking up this guy north of the UMC and he had to go to the south side of campus. There . would be no way he could get to class. " North side to south side in just a few minutes, it ' s pretty neat. Adam Seithel Cart Driver windshield. " " It ' s really just driving common sense and skill after a while, " Seithel said. With the thousands of pedestrians and bikers that cross the carts ' path, maneuvering a golf cart through the throngs sounded difficult at the least. But Seithel said Cart Services had an " impeccable safety record. " " However, I have actually been walked into three times. " Seithel said with a laugh. " I ' m just parked and ith side in just someone walks into me. Some are on their cell phone s orettv neat ' ' " ' " are just in a daze. There isn ' t much you can do except say ' Hey buddy, watch out. " " The most challenging moments for Seithel and his Adam Seithel fellow drivers come during " crunch time, " the busy Cart Driver moments at the end of the hour when students rush to their next class. " Those times you really need to prioritize your pickups, " Seithel said. ;, Combineing strategy and maneuvering that would rival most New York city cab drivers, Seithel could drop up to four people at their different destinations Students who have temporary injuries are in a given 15 minute period. scheduled after a review with Campus Health ' You manage and you choose your route, " Seithel said. " You drive faster. and can ride until they are able to get around within reason of course, and you need to know that if you need to get from one again on their own. side to other (of campus) even though it may be shorter to go through the Mall, Cart Services offers long-term help to those it ' s not a good idea because around those times kids are constantly crossing. permanently disabled. " A lot of the time they " Tipping is always courteous, " Seithel added jokingly. use the service because they ' re in a wheelchair Beyond giving an injured student a lift in a shaded seat, there arc the added all day going up and down campus, and it can be perks of being one of the lucky few to drive the carts. Seithel said that Can really difficult after a while, " Seithel said. " So it ' s Services drivers were allowed to spend the time between pickups in any way a welcome change to be driven around. We just they wanted, as long as they took their radio with them. fill in the gaps for when they ' re just too tired or — just want a break. " With a call between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on the weekdays, Seithel said a cart would arrive within 5 minutes. The quiet program has been growing across campus in recent years. Charles Franz, a Parking and Transportation Services staff member, said ' -. the service was initially run through a student organization with just one cart and one driver in 1995. PTS took over in 1996, and that year two drivers helped 4,676 riders. The service continued to grow and in 2004, more than 1 4,800 passengers had ridden the carts. " The service now is utilizing a statTof two full-timedrivers, six part-time student drivers, two — " At first I used to cruise, because it was cool, but after- wards the campus just seems a lot smaller, " Seithel said. " All of us have these little spots we go to do homework or read or call and chat with someone. " Seithel takes the time to explore the different build- ings on campus, adding to his knowledge and trivia about the UA. He offers his own " tour " for family, friends and special guests that include stops at the Mars rover testing site, a peek at the campus nuclear generator and a 74-year-old stuffed buf- falo residing in Veterinary! Sciences. And as for the question ofl whether girls went for guysl who drive golf carts? " There are some girls that are attracted to a man in a golf cart, ' Seithel said. " The vast majorit that approach the carts are soH rority girls, but normally when something like that happensJ you just give them a condij tioned responses like ' well, you break your leg right now ] could give you a ride. ' " 48 ? - ' — «i " - n m m » : :« t f ill! ' i • I ' t S HII mi iim4f 1 rJ - i lAI Everything is going really well here down under... School is pretty easy and fun, and Sydney is an amazing city. ... Its i so nice living in a big city! I have |» done quite a bit since leaving... ; Shortly after finding permanent ' living arrangements I took my first - trip with a friend of mine that came to visit (a former Pi Kapp). The trip was a weekend visit to Auckland, New Zea- Si . " iasJ land. One oWRRours we ended up taking brought us north of the city where we went on a nature walk to a waterfall and then to a couple different black sand beaches. The beaches and landscapes there were amaz- ing. I would really like to travel back to New Zealand and do a tour of the south island because I have heard that it is even nicer than the north island. The next trip 1 went on was with two guys that I had met during orientation, Matt and Loren. Both of them are from the states and are just studying here for one semes- ter as well. The package that we bought included traveling over two main parts of the Australian East coast. We started off in Cairns, which is up north. From there we scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef and hired a car. The town was fairly small but had a great night life driven by the many travelers that visit there. We drove from Cairns further North to Cape Tribulation and explored the Daintree rainforest. Over the course of two days we then made or way South past Cairns to Airlie Beach. From there we took a 3 day 2 night sail- ing trip of a chain of islands called the Whitsunday Islands. One of the islands we explored had an amazing white sand beach called Whitehaven Beach. ... It was literally the most amazing beach I ' ve ever seen! Recently we took the second leg of the package deal, which was a trip to Fraser Island. The island is completely made out of sand. . . the roads are just sand paths and require the use of 4 wheel drive vehicles. . . and the beach is used as a land- ing strip for small planes! We hired a vehicle and camped on the island over the course of 3 days. . . while we were there we saw a ship wreck half buried on the beach, visited remote lakes and rivers, and watched sharks swimming off the cost from cliffs overlooking the ocean. Classes have just ended and I ' m in the process of planning a trip that explores a bit more of the inner parts of Australia. Then I also plan to spend a week in Fiji on the way home. . . Studying abroad has definitely been an experience that I will always remember and reflect back on. Australia is an amazing country with end- less beautiful beaches, very cultured and laid back people, and heaps of landmarks to see... 1F®(11 [nlg(Ml@@@ SPEEDING HA ][[[[ CASSOWy l 52 JS .r- m i M ; r ' n ■ ■■ i ' ¥ p SPEED ir Lin mm MSSOIS 3 :k Left: Musical theatre senior Allison Pahler and musical theatre junior Ben Crawford reherse a scene from " Carousel. " kJm nlW, wOk Mifl dcdcitoli iiftrnJia mmim mdXwm 54 around the carousel with the Arizona Repertory Theatre hy Jennifer Wljitcomb n 1904, St. Louis hosted the sum- mer Olympics, Teddy Roosevelt was building the Panama Canal, and a decade after the UA ' s opening, the Arizona Repertory Theatre, or ART, raised its first curtain. One hundred years later, the summer Olympics returned to Athens and Roosevelt is long since dead, but the tradition of excel- lence in Arizona theatre remains as strong as ever. Among the highlights of the ART ' s centennial season was the classic American musical " Carousel. " Despite the whimsical title, there was much more to Rodger and Hammerstein ' s optimistically tragic tale of love, death and redemption than carousel horses. Likewise, there was much more behind production than the spectacle seen on opening night. The director and actors reveal a behind-the-curtain look at what happens before the lights go up — but please, no cell phones or flash photography permitted. Act I: The Show Must Be Selected In contrast to professional theatre, where shows are put on solely for profit, the ART faculty committee chooses productions based on the academic benefit they hold for acting students. " Carousel " director Harold Dixon said, " We don ' t really do (the shows) thinking ' well this would be a popular show; this would be a crowd plcaser. ' Instead, the basic criteria we use for all the ART productions is what would be the best training vehicle for our students. " When filling a season, a contrast of styles and difficulties is an important factor in selecting the shows. While Shakespeare ' s plays challenge students to deal with complex language and rhythm, plays such as " The Rivals " are style-heavy and force actors to learn how to move in the tall wigs and intricate costumes required by the time period. The same applies to musicals. " Carousel " is a tradition-rich piece, involving a classical and operatic style of singing, or what Dixon called " legitimate singing. " On the other hand, the spring musical was the decidedly less formal " The Rocky Horror Show. " Musical theatre junior Joey Snider, who played the part of Mr. Snow in " Carousel, " explained, " Last year 1 did Little Shop (of Horrors), which is very rock-y type singing, ■like it ' s rock ' n ' roll music ... and then you ■ come here and you ' ve got a full strings orchestra and all that kind of stuff and you have to do really classical singing. It ' s just a huge change and it teaches you to do every- thing, which is why we do it. " , Dixon clarified that " our goal is really living the students as many varied train- -ing experiences as possible. The audience ■S doesn ' t know that, but that ' s really what „ we ' re doing. " t Act 11: The Show Must Be Designed For the designers, crunch time started a year before the first curtain call. p , : Theatre arts senior Luke Bishop 2 blocks a scene from " Carousel " during a - ♦«»chnical rehersal. As is customary, Dixon met extensively with the show ' s designers to solidify their collective vision for the show. Student designers presided over set, sound and lighting, with assistant professor and costume designer Rick Tuckett in charge of costuming. There is often a mix of students and faculty behind the design of each show, Dixon said, depending on experience and skill level. During the designing process, prelimi- nary sketches of everything from costumes and fabrics to lighting cues and scene changes were created in order to " flesh out " a 60-year-old script and give it meaning. According to Tuckett, one of the goals for this production of " Carousel " was to bring the traditional classic to life in a way that would appeal to the target ART audience of today. For Tuckett, this was the fifth " Carou- sel " production he had been involved with in the course of his theatre career. " Working with Harold Dixon in develop- ing the approach to this production was a really exciting thing because he was also interested in finding a way to make " Carousel " relevant and to make sense to a contemporary audience, " he said. Act 111: The Show Must Be Cast Only acting and musical theatre majors are cast in main season plays. Sophomores through seniors audition for roles in each show in the year ' s repertoire. " You prepare all summer for (the audition process), coming up with audition pieces and it ' s months of work going into a week of school, " says Sarah Spigleman, musical theatre junior, who played Snider ' s " Carousel " love interest Carrie Pipperidge. Snider said, " It ' s intense, that ' s the best way I can describe it. It ' s very, very intense for every- body involved — I mean directors and casters, as well as all the students auditioning. " Dixon agreed that the process is particularly taxing on students, as it is for any actor in any 1 I liked meeting new people, so it worked out being witii the other children. I liked being in the dresses from 1915 a lot. Alexandra Cockrell. age 10 " Carousel " cast member 56 Right: The cast from " Carou- sel receives instruction from their director on how to im- prove their performance. Left: Original costume design stretches for " Carousel " with fab- ric swatches. Above: Theatre productions sophomore Nate Weisband goes through his final re- hersal before the produc- tion of " Pericles. " Left: Musical theatre junior Joey Snider dips theatre production junior Mandell Maughan in the perfor- mance of " Pericles. " 58 theatre situation, but he explained that the ART audition differs in several ways from that of mainstream theatre. Whereas most shows in the professional world are cast by directors looking for an actor with the appropriate look or attitude for a specific character, ART productions are cast by a faculty committee. The teachers consider roles from an educational perspective, discussing each actor and which part would benefit them most in the perfection of their technique. " We work from a professional point of view, but we ' re not typecasting like you would in the professional theatre, " Dixon said. Act IV: The Show Must Be Built The School of Theatre Arts employs its own fully-stocked scene and costume shops. Faculty oversee the operation of both departments, while first-year theatre students earn credit for con- structing sets and stitching costumes " 1 have a new respect for crew members, " said Tim McKieman, a freshman and " Carousel " wardrobe assistant. " It ' s been a humbling experi- ence. " The extra student help is as much appreciated as it is needed. It took many volunteers to finish the complex scenery and wardrobe behind " Car- ousel. " More than 500 individual pieces of cos- tuming were worn onstage, including a dancing bear costume rented from the Gaslight Theatre and a variety of carnival outfits and vintage 1900s dress clothes from the Warner Brothers studios in Los Angeles. Some items were purchased from antique shops throughout Tucson, and even popu- lar discount department stores. " We love Target! " Tuckett said. Other notable set pieces included an imposing steel carousel, complete with lights and horses; a pier, a life-size ship mast with sails and a large foam " sand " dune. Finale: Above All, The Show Must Go On! The most crucial part of any show for the actors is the rehearsal process. From the day the cast list is settled to the night the play opens, ART students are busy memorizing lines and applying classroom-taught characterization techniques to a polished finished product. Time in the rehearsal room was all about exploration and experimenta- " That ' s really where you get to create some- thing, " said Snider, " and all of a sudden every- thing comes together. " From the rehearsal room, the cast moved to the stage, where, one by one, the technical elements of the show came into play. A week of technical rehearsals ensued, where every sound and light movement was matched to the correct cues and every scene change was precisely timed. Dixon described this as a " painstakingly slow process. " " We did two four-hour rehearsals only to get through act one, " he said. The following week consisted of dress re- hearsals. Costumes were added and worked with to negotiate any final fitting or stage movement issues. Finally, after a year of preparation, " Carousel " was ready for a paying audience. " It ' s really rewarding to be able to touch people ' s lives with musical theatre, " said Spigle- man. And, not to mention: blood, sweat and tears put aside, it was still, as Snider put it, " a hell of a lot of fun. " i Left: From far left photo, theatre arts senior Sara J Haynes, theatre arts junior Elizabeth Keller, and the- I atre arts senior Alec Fairey prepare In the final mo- I ments before that nights performance of " Pericles. " 4 • TV ' Marketing sen off after partj front of Old iKristen Senseman gets hosed| jiting in the mud tug of war Ir m k.rjs i The mall ' s got soir i ' f f everyone, guys anc W ' cially in the spring sif playing Frisbee wi: ffsto off and of course tl Ijifis ■• 1 i f%i are laying out to at fe ?! sun. Now that mak »«i i ' " ' v ' to walk to class. , i-iilasTneu " h ' - ■I ' I engiMff 4 ■ .■ff ' t p.;.-- ! 1 CO CD CO Q U The mall is the most random, greatest place. 1 can join a club, sign a petition, find re- ligion, hear a concert and do a little shopping all between classes. - Kathy Lin chemistry sophomore i . pfS V " ' ' ' ' ;. ' ••,V ' S:: ' :-; T. Left: Student body president Alister Chapman address students on the UA mall in front of Old Main. life on the mall Above: International studies junior Tiffany ! Bellan reaches for pieces of the " Wall of Hatred " after It was broken down on the UA mall. Rt . The people watching is the best part. Everyone has to cross the mall, walking with friends, run- ning to class or whatever, so you like get this great show of the University population. At the end of the semester we spread out a picnic basket, brought some drinks and watermelon, and watched the world go by right there on the mall. -Laura Vogel psychology sophomore %t Above: ASUA events coordinator and marketing junior Heather Nystedt tries to reach the end of the runway while tethered to a bungee cord on the UA mall as part of club opiympics l — r ■ ' £ ; ■ -- " tit- 1 S TJ Left: As part of homecoming festivities, home- § coming queen I Kellj Winkle gets dropped into the dunk tank on the ' e UAmall. Hey the mail ' s cool in many ways. It ' s very Washington D.C. except that instead of the Washington and Lincoln Memorial we ' ve got Old Main, and, well, Camp- bell. I always see friends there. And my flier collection is pretty big too because I feel like I have to take eveiything that ' s handed to me. So there ' s everything from frat parties to anti-war slogans being passed out almost daily. It ' s great. -Augusto Valentin psychology junior Business marketing junior Paul Zaichary, and retail and consumer sciences junior April Studio go to the Student Recreation Center often. The rec center is for more than just working out; it ' s also for meeting new people. eby Laiza Iniguez ver notice how the Student Rec- reation Center is the place to be? Forget North Fourth Avenue with bars like Maloney ' s and O ' Malley ' s, and forget your fraternity or sorority parties. If someone wanted to go somewhere to socialize, the best bet is at the Rec. Not only are there new people to meet and hot-| ties to check out, but students may even get a workout while they ' re at it. And all you need is a Cat Card. Opened in the fall of 1990, the Student Recreation Center offers the UA community an opportunity to participate in a variety of fitness, leisure, educational and recreational activities. It ' s so popular that plans have been made to expand the Rec by 2009. The Rec is a pretty popular place at its peak hours of 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.; there is always a line just to get into the weight room. However, it ' s easy to wonder, are people really coming to get there workout their muscles or their pick up lines? Many admit that they come to mingle and hang out. " It ' s a real big social place; I see guys get- ting girls ' numbers and stuff like that here all the time, " said Dustyn Holt, an optical sciences freshman who works the entrance counter at the| Rec. The main " hot spot " when it comes to the Rec is the pool area. According to Sara Sru- lowitz, a pre-business sophomore who is also part of the Rec ' s staff, the pool is the spot. " It ' s usually pretty crazy out there, " she said. " Whenever it ' s sunny out, there can be at least 100 people out there, laying out or hanging out in the pool. " While the Rec does have its usuals and its hard core-dedicated visitors, a good percentage are made up of randoms that come to either test I it out or just hang out. The most popular equip- } ment there is the elliptical machines by far. " The ellipticals are the most popular because! it ' s probably the laziest workout here that actu- ally gives you a workout, " claims Srulowitz. What most people do is basically just strap on their iPod and jump on the elliptical to get theirj workout. " 62 «!? ! " " « place to be ' . ' ' •■ " lO ' Mallfl " j ' xwnty panics " ■ ' " itlieRec.Noi ••idenis may even iCai ■Caier offers the L ' A P " !) ' to participate ••,leisire,educatioiii ■Wte-It ' ssopopiili O Mi to expand tk (MypoiBlarplaceati M.l»!p.m.:tliereis (lOfBiiitotlieweiglii ,l ' iaqf 10 wonder, are ■ftogcttoworko ' idrpidupU llAeycoiiKtoniiogi! il fha;! set guys get- Mie that bere all lHdl,aopticalscieiic leotnce counter at i t ' ltaiicoinestotk .-cdMioSaraSni- ,u(iu(Dorcwhoisalso i igAae;sliesaiiL ig;|aecanbeatla hyii on or hangings (ipeiisii ualsandits „...« i ; !, ] percental ' .■ ;:itet( •jreijii ..-far ■ -..irbecai ..:hatacli , V- ' OWitZ. U!fc ' " ' ■.,. y|((||i|itical i it at __ Others are ■ H H fl ccn " phoning k | | ii " their work- ut, yakking ith friends on their cell phone as the alories counter creeps up. With all these people coming in and ut of the Rec, there are some pretty iteresting stories with all the action hat goes on. And when I say action, ' m not kidding. Travis Wilder, a hysiology senior and the lifeguard at vi pool, claimed he caught a couple aving sex in the pool one day. " We noticed something strange was going on and besides the fact it was mid-day, there were actually kids around, so we didn ' t think they were actually doing it, " he recalled. " But sure enough, there they were. One of the girls, who worked (at the Rec) went up to them and asked them to get out and leave. They were pretty embarrassed. " Wilder has had his share of strange experiences and has met HTftffeoprrttffitr three rking as a lifeguard at the " The strangest person I ' ve seen is this guy who is a regular. He comes all the time and could spend the whole day here. What ' s bizarre about this guy is that every time he goes swimming he wears a woman ' s one-piece bathing suit. It really doesn ' t faze me anymore though. " By far, the Rec is one of the UA ' s main attractions and " the place to be " for its students and the rest of its com- munity. So whether you want to go meet some new people, hang out and hope to witness some weird ordinary experienc- es, or actually go to get a work out, the Rec Center is the one place on campus where it ' s all at. online c( ' 7 " 3crossiliecoti«yhi logical 3(ivaiicM Insiannikssij- jiessaj smdentsllieMlT 1 I - iii- ' aitlijtnfiir communication -f Instant Messaging Signed On It was a familiar message to almost every student on campuses across the country. Instant messaging was one of the latest techno- logical advancements to sweep campuses and computers. Instant messag- ing was a font! of conversing with people around the world over the Internet. It worked almost as quickly as a conversation over the phone, assum- ing the other person did not leave their computer and was a speedy typist. Instant messaging also gives students the ability to complete home- work, surf the Net. and carry on several conversations all at once. " I like it because it ' s a convenient way to multi-task. " said vocal performance and . music education freshman Nichole Hell- Hmi » • M MM »mM » „,,„ . ., ® nin.lL.)»wi6 ..crBI an,, nictly tn. ipt.a liMt. 1 . , ' h m200t 7M .rM1kmta fe «l«|»« 4kMl. Bmt r JL. . " B k m ' .M u .MMtatfn - ♦ PHHMW Di—tlH,n46 1 jKit .Iwyi wHl.r . .n« » •« « t ,.tU. 001 «, NM nm h t «i6 ' . .,»-■ •i»i., u .,,1 tr !(■(■ glati •-«■«« » r ' h»i.:aoi J-- " - - j ' .. - . . .hMttWto B H - r°- 1 H WW WW inNAoM »— .WW «« .« • I U M«ft •□ S JL , vu ' 0 ' r H R. »«wl R« i« -d J. li . »BB i; ' ■ 3 0© -■ ' ' .— ' -. -. MHBHHl K » many students. " I ' ve grown out of [my instant messaging] phase. 1 think you get to a point where you realize talking to one person at one time or seeing them or whatever is better than talking to them when you can ' t even hear their voice. " said molecular and cellular biology senior Jennifer Spangle. Phase or not, instant messaging has made its mark on today ' s students, on conversations, and on the Internet. ♦Signed Off - Carrie Bui Blogging In a technology focused world, instant messaging had only become easier and more convenient. Several major Internet service providers offer their own version of an instant messaging program. Popular programs were MSN Messenger. AOL Instant Messenger, and Yahoo! Instant Messenger. For college students who might be attending school away from their home- towns, instant messaging had the added appeal of being able to hold conversations without woirying about the length of the conversation and how much it might cost them later, unlike the way phones limited conversations for fear of long distance s charges. " I liked that I could communicate with all my old friends and not have to run up a huge phone bill and it was very convenient, " said astronomy and physics senior Jessica Jones. However, the lure of instant messaging didn ' t last forever for Dear diary. Well, it certainly seems like " blog- ging " was a rather trendy thing this year. Every other student had blog, an online journal, where they could post whatever his or her heart desired. People could add friends to their friends list and, made it possible to make an entry visible to people in only one or two of the subgroups but nobody else. Obviously, such occurrences sometimes caused conflicts within the ' joumaling community often beyond the boundaries of the online world. Every reader could comment on what entries, and thus have an interac- tive relationship with the author, unless the " blogger " restricted the commenting abili- ties to the members of the particular journal. Often, online journals helped people keep track of friends that were going to different schools, giv ing them a chance to know what was going on in their lives in a more passive and convenient way than calling everyday. Popular sites in cluded Xanga, Livejoumal, and the darker blogging answer. Deadjoumal. However, the general opinions on online journals, tended to vary from two thumbs up to a sour grin of disapproval. ■--Jtgr. ' I Evan Caravelli Desert Yearbook " Blogging ' s good, " said Sarah Smith, a Sociology junior. " It ' s a good way to keep people updated on your life— you can say anything about your life and no one can interrupt, " On the other hand, Whitney Ryser, a Business and English junior, expressed a very different opinion. " I think it is self-indulgent and child- ish, " she said. " Because its like a journal, a place for private thoughts to clear your mind, but you are putting it out there for everyone to read, it seems like a very base cry for attention. " However polar the viewpoints on such things as " blogging " were, some Univer- sity of Arizona instructors have started using the online journal format instead of web discussion boards for their classes. In the Fall semester. Dr. Leila Hudson de- cided to use blogs as an alternative for the honors students in her INDV 1 03 " Islamic Civilizations " class. All honors students had to maintain blogs and update them twice a week, while the rest of the class was required to visit the journal sites and comment civilly on what they had read. Whether one liked it or not, on- line journals became a rather big part of everyone ' s life. They either gave people something to hate, or something to rely on, and they gave people a chance to choose whether to be involved in an online source of drama or stay out of it, have a journal and keep it quiet, or announce it to the entire world. Peace, Marina Kaganova. S§ iS Thousands stayed connected through a simple click of the mouse. Hundreds networked by just typing in a password. Friends reconnected while skimming through online pages. These techno- logical miracles were all courtesy of, a sweeping online craze for social college students. The University of Arizona was among] a myriad of universities represented on the website. Arizona State, Yale, Har- vard, Tulane, and Northwestern, and countless others were all part of the hot- test college network. When students logged on, they were asked to fill out a questionnaire about 66 3 Thefdccbook I I ule Olson Is StXY! Microsoft Into File Edit Viow Favofites Toote Help Oe«k • o a a ft p ' ::: ' - e 0- a - □ isi s • AdiMi Im http: arliana.tMaatiook.cnii group jroFto.phprgliMIII ilB«° » ' w lefacebook 1 My Profte [ ec ] My Friends fly Groups My Parties My Messages My Account My Privacy ■ILLU.tJLJJI.I.lJW.IIHIJI m This group is for anyone who has come to the reahzation that Lute Olson the sexiest 70 year old man m the world! He is both the greatest (305 Pac-iO wins ' ) and most gorgeous basketball coach In the NCAA. . .what a studi Whether it ' s because of his perfect white hair, thousand watt smile, or that mischevious twinkte in Ns eye, members of ths group al agree that Lute is ckeamy. Oh Lute... " I Love Lute " Shirt Making Chair V.P. Fkxy Sweeping (For Courtside Seats!) Jonnifar Peterson Katrna Kjfcurg Office: McKale Center JBBJBBIiWBi Posted at 7:15pm May nth, 2005, ' . _ j ■. twites T saw hin at Frog n Firkm today, I fouTKJ myself tookjng to him more than a few times during my hjnch.,,all I can think is, what a perfection of aging! How couW I not Join this group? 0 " ' espond :; message :; view Josh Schlag Scott Smith Alicia Morales firooke Wong Josh Schlag Scott Smith Message AM Meiriber s Message Board Remove from My Groups IT you want a position just let me know! People in this group are abo In: • Arizona Basl etbaJI han (72 psopfe) • F ckASU (42peopte) • Zona Zoo Memtiers (29 peopls) • Sex and the City Lovers (Zapeopto) • Every Student On the Feceboo - That Goes To the Uof a (Z2 poople) ■ D Wilrrwi T. Wildcat Wilbur T, Widcat Lute Otson Is SEXYI has 3 groupies. [ see all ] facebook addicts, unite! ersonality, appearance, and academ- :s. Students could upload photos of icmselves and they add to their overall rofile. From there they were free to Kims thousands of profiles across the A campus and throughout the campus. " The major appeal of facebook is the ct that you can connect with people I your same age group without having ) go out and try to make friends, " said isette Rodriguez, a Retailing and Con- imer Sciences freshman. " Here [at the A] especially, because we ' re such a big impus full of cliques, facebook is a way ir us to not have to worry about fitting ilo a specific group. " Friendship was the primary motiva- on on, but there is so the possibility of romance for every clicked link. It had the possibility of a new form of online dating, with the perk of screening potential dates or just finding a match two doors down in your dorm. Whether it was through the same classes or interests, political views or groups, students on were able to reach out and meet new people and learn things about them they might never have known. Ashwin Lakhi, a Sociology sopho- more, said that " the facebook is best for making new friends whether they be in your classes or just have similar interests as you. " Each school has specific online groups created solely by students. The UA itself has 1,630 groups, including: The Hookah Lover ' s Group, the I Love Catholic Girls and Beer Group, and an ASU Haters Group. These groups each had a message board for updates and events on or around campus. Students not only spoke with their fel- low Wildcats, but with students attend- ing other schools in the United States. Regardless of geographical separation, students remained linked with high school friends who went off to pursue their academic careers in other places. Instead of scrounging around for gas money, college students could simply take road trips to visit their friends on the information superhighway. After all, they needed to save that hard earned cash for Ramen noodles and lattes. - Victoria Harhen students participating in ARCIH 402 work to construct a house that they | designed earlier in the year. After completion the house will be sold to a low income family. r mmk J l ilr i , i .. Tl _ _ dtti H ■HH I H rhy Bryan Rollins hile students are sleeping in after a long week of school or going out with friends for a drink, most are completely unaware of a small class that meets off cam- pus to learn more about their major in an un- usual way. The class is generically labeled ARCH 402 in the University ' s catalog. The class rarely meets on campus and is never in a lecture hall listening to a professor talk about history or anatomy. This class is doing something a little different. This class takes a few sketchy drawings on eleven by seventeen paper and turns it into something a little more real. It is about students using their own drive and knowledge to breath reality into some- thing that will stand in the end. Thirty students undertook the challenge of building a house for a family that might not otherwise be able to afford one. The students found themselves pick- ing up shovels, tape measurers, tampers, drills, ' ' ■sgiag-..«Ma.rim ' i,-|jnrmiiT, and hammers. Armed with these, they faith- fully labored the days away. Mondays, Wednesdays. Fridays, and even Saturdays were required for people to be there and be working. Yet even with the end draw- ing near and as students began to cram for and take finals, the work on the site doubled with students showing up continuously even though it was not required. They showed up for the shear reason to work and to get more accomplished. In the end, they were able to stand there and look upon a skeleton; a long rammed earth wall, wrapping three sides of the building and above that, stood roof beams with the tallest being thirteen feet high. Left: December graduate Arnie Bermudez holds his program at the December commencement. dtmtoLii Monofsomh m k 70 Ssntiudej holds P ' ogfatn at h " " " " lencemi ent v finter HTa students bring lunch to commencemen ' » by Joe Ferguson he UA tradition of tortilla throwing returned to McKale Center with the 2004 winter commencement, despite attempts by UA administrators to end the long-standing ritual. During the fall semester, UA Presi- dent Peter Likins threatened to cancel the university-wide commencement ceremony for December, citing the lack of decorum during previous ceremonies. But under strong pressure from students, Likins reinstated winter commencement after he reached a compromise with Associated Students of the University of Arizona student leaders. The main concession was the instal- lation of security checkpoints, to pre- vent visitors from bringing disruptive items, and a search of all graduating students to stem the tide of tortillas. But the tortillas still made an ap- pearance. There were no interruptions durin the first half of the ceremony, when several speakers addressed the crowd. Congressman Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., was the keynote speaker for the cer- ; emony. But the security checkpoints, whei graduates had to unzip their robes for; inspection, was not enough to stop hundreds of tortillas from being thrown into the air as students were conferred their degrees on Dec. 1 8, 2004. Likins said he was vei7 happy with the event, and was pleased that students restrained themselves during most of the commencement. Grijalva, a UA alumnus, said he thought the ceremony went well. " It was somewhat intimidating, but I was very much appreciative, particularly for the students, for the attention they gave to the address, " Grijalva said. Edith Auslander, senior associate to Likins, said she thought the ceremony improved from previous years. Auslander, who chaired the Com- mencement Policy Committee, said she expects there will still be some difficul- ties with future ceremonies. " There were still be some behavior problems - tortilla throwing and some catcalling, " Auslander said. Auslander said she will hand over her commencement duties to Lori Gold- man, the UA director of enrollment management. Goldman, who also attended the ceremony, said she thought it was a respectful celebration. However, few feel the tradition of tortilla throwing will disappear from UA commencement. " For me, it is a tradition that ' s time is gone, " Grijalva said. " But for the life of me, I don ' t know how to control that. " Top and bottom right: Newly minted media arts graduate Joel Moskowitz screams to relatives in the crowd during the December 2004 commence- ment ceremony, in McKale Center, December 18, 2004. The December commencement ceremony was reinstated by UA President Peter Likins after presiM»M mJ mmm i hi imk! ' " V -4 M - s lyjp mO y j . ■K if} ' B r .. ' i d k. iV ' rote hy Jacob Konst ach day they go, committed to getting the education they are sacrificing two or four years into military service for. Ask anyone in the group and they proudly state that the sacrifice in putting otT their career for a few years is well worth it. They are proud to serve in our country ' s military and grateful for the discipline and leadership skills they are attaining. The men and women of the ROTC prepare to enter the world with a mind determined to accomplish each challenge that arises. They realize that they can be called to ac- tive duty at any time and they are prepared to face that as well. Whether it be the Army. Air Force, Navy or Marines, they are prepared. They are prepared, committed and set to accomplish in their own way what we all seek: a better life for ourselves and the ones we love. A day in the life... 5:00 AM Rise and shine. Wake up and prepare for the morning exercises. They jog across campus early in the day, during parts of the year when the sun hasn ' t even risen. They eventually settle on the UA Mall to exercise for the next hour or so push ups, sit-ups drills and more drills until finally they are dismissed. 7:00 M- 8:00AM Dismissed. Finish with morning training. Now the ROTC students rush to get showered and changed, preparing for their first class of the day. 8:00 AM First classes of the day. Classes are the main reason each ROTC member is here and committing themselves to training. All over campus the group scatters, into microbiology, English and foreign language classes they go. Each individual has career goals in or out of the military. They study and spend days on end involved in the same projects we all face though wak- ing up considerably before any of us: in some cases they wake up as we are going to sleep. 2:00 PM ROTC presence on campus. They make their presence known during the day as they repel down the side of the Koffier building. The entire lower section is blocked off as members of the ROTC class rappel from the roof of the microbiology building. A crowd fonns at the base. Students and faculty stop and watch as men and women jump down the side of one of the tallest buildings on campus. They hold ceremonies in front of Old Main. They bring down our nation ' s flag and the Arizona state flag to the sound of music and a background of salutes from their peers. Careful not to let either flag touch the ground, they fold the flags respectfully into triangles and move them inside until the next moming. 8:00 PM Last classes and homework. They stay up late finishing the term paper just like the rest of us; however, they also realize they must be rested to begin the next day at 5 a.m. Middle: Geology engineering sophomore Charles Blair re- ceives instruction on how to re- pel from MSG Lowry. Blair then repels himself, right. Right: Sophomore Jessica Zazick looks on, and then repels herself down the side of the Koffeler building. d .Ji i 2 1 ' " m ' -«Ni T " 1. Myi ?r f ■ » ' -i_ 1 ! 1 !lii h J JBi ' 1 i IT I- o° 75 the -u ' hv Elizahelh Tanori ear down, Arizona. Bear down, red and blue ... " If a student is walking around campus at the right time, there is a good chance he or she would hear those lyrics being sung from the lips of an Arizona Ambassador. Singing the fight song " Bear Down, Arizona " in front of Bear Down Gym is a tradition for am- bassadors, and almost more tricky than hav ing to walk the tours backwards. " I think the most challenging part is getting up and singing Bear Down just because it is so humiliating, because I can ' t sing at all, " said Rhonda Tubbs. a pre-business sophomore. " I think that ' s also the best part of the tour because people are like ' wow, she ' s a dork and she ' s making a fool of herself, ' but it ' s fun and shows the atmosphere of the U of A. " Showing that atmosphere is what the Arizona Ambassadors are all about. Created in the 1970s with the goal of recniiting future students, the 70 ambassadors volunteer their free time to organize events for possible future students. They annually organize Outstand- ing Juniors Day to introduce those high school juniors who were at the top of their class to the UA. They also hold Class Cats and UA 101, in- formation sessions for high school students and their parents who are interested in learning more about the university. Ambassadors even hold receptions in Phoenix so students there can learn about the University of Arizona, without making the trip south. Campus tours were the most popular events organized by Arizona Ambassadors this year, and they really put their energy into them to make future students feel welcome. Journalism and creative writing senior Marc Viscardi said it ' s important for both potential students and parents to explore the university. " I ' d say that no decision is quite fully in- formed without a visit to campus. There is a deep feeling you get when you visit colleges. Deep down inside, you can either see yourself mak- ing the environment a part of your life or not, " Viscardi said. " My role is to help facilitate that realization ... I ' m glad to be there to honestly share my experiences and help students get a feel for what might suit them best. To me, it is all about helping people discover where they fit. " Adam Lehrer. a junior at Sandwich High School in Cape Cod, Mass. felt that connection after taking a tour given by Tubbs and Neda Beik. Arizona Ambassadors ' vice president and a molecular and cellular biology senior. Lehrer thought the tour was the best out of the three previous ones he had taken and especially liked the fact that he was able to go inside the dorms. Lehrer ' s dad, Charles Lehrer, had nothing but good things to say about the tour and tour guides. " What I liked about the tour was that it ' s a very large school and it has a small school feel, " he said. " The girls that presented it, that did it, did a great job. They were very knowledgeable of the school, very elite, and excited about going to school here, so it got us excited. " Ambassadors are now getting paid to share that excitement. The club moved from being student volunteers to actual Office of Admissions employees in fall of 2004. Although dors are now employees, they continue to keep club status so they can organize social events in addition to recruiting events. President Kristen Clem, a geography and regional development se- nior, thought the employee status didn ' t change much about ambassadors who simply did what they did because they loved the university. Ambassadors may have been the most visible recruiters on campus but they weren ' t the only students who shared their love of the UA with others. Junior Wildcat Recruiters and Minor- ity Student Recruitment are two more branches within the Office of Admissions. Junior Wildcat Recruiters spent time talking with middle school students about attending col- lege. President Edith Rahimian, a business man- agement and political science senior, said, " The basic mission of our group is to go into middle school classes, usually the eighth grade classes, and just raise awareness about college. There ' s a lot of myths out there of who can and can ' t go to college; we just want to make sure that everyone knows that if they want, they can go to college. " Rahimian said Junior Wildcat Recniiters go to Tucson middle schools, considered to be from a lower social-economic background, in order to reach out to those students who might not have gotten exposure to college or had given thought to it. She said the recruiters understand that teachers don ' t have the time to deviate from the set curriculum, and therefore found it valuable to have college students go into the classrooms and talk individually with the students. Minority Student Recruiters visit the high schools of lower economic backgrounds and encour- aged students to think about college, warning them that they needed to take the right : classes in high school in order to apply for college. Outside of the visits, the recruiters also call students to talk to them one-on-one " over the phone about future plans. All three organizations are composed of students who truly love the UA and work hard to bring more students to campus. Although most UA students didn ' t get see the Junior Wildcat Re- cruiters and Minority Student Recruitment members in action, ambassadors could always be seen wearing their polos and leading a group of 20 to 25 people around. " Ambassadors is the per- fect way to combine a love for UA and a desire to give back to the community, " Vis- cardi said. " This is one of the most effective and rewarding ways to spend your time on campus. " .1 |. ftt I IP 77 flingin ' it at the rillito downs a by Lauren Miller ny carnival can have a towering Ferris wheel or stomach-churning rides. But what makes the University of Arizona ' s annual Spring Fling stand out is the clubs that bring Wildcat spirit to the grounds and provide the Tucson community with their fill of candy apples, roasted corn, and fry bread. With booths as colorful as the carnival rides, more than twenty UA clubs lined up to sell food and promote their club at th e 2005 Spring Fling. Carni- val goers could choose from a worldwide variety of food while checking out everything from henna art, thanks to the National Association for India ' s Devel- opment, to medieval swords wielded by the College of Me- dieval Arts and Combat. Even the Arizona Student Recycling Association offered raffle tickets and prizes to those who stopped by to have their papers and plas- tics properly disposed of " After a long week of school, it ' s nice that today my only decision is whether to get a chocolate dipped banana or fun nel cakes, " said Jaime Zupko, a veterinary science sophomore. " I feel like a kid at Spring Flinj it ' s such a fun time. Plus, watcl ing powdered sugar fly off the funnel cakes was the closest thing I ' ve seen to it snowing in Tucson, " she said. One of the most popular booths was the Society of Auto motive Engineers (SAE), who could hardly keep up with the demand for their roasted corn. Standing next to the engineers ' formula one racer, customers lined up to enjoy what Gary Tang called " the healthiest food out here. " Tang, an aerospace and mechanical engineering junior, said that their booth had been awarded the 2005 Best Food prize, an honor that the club had won multiple times. " We don ' t mess with the formula, and it worked this year, " he said. " People like us because we add to the carnival atmosphere and we ' re something that kids and UA students and Tucson residents enjoy the larg- est student-run carnival n the country, Spring Fling, at Rillito Downs. The annual event raises money for student clubs on campus. adults alike enjoy. " Students in oversized banana costumes and even a slice off pizza walked the grounds trying to entice visitors to their booths. " Pizza ' s as good as com, " exclaimed an unidentified pizza slice, trying to entice visitors to the Papa John ' s pies at Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta ' s booth. The Spring Fling booths served the dual purpose of raising funds and raising awareness. Tang said that his SAE had raised over SI 300 in just three days, money that would go towards and end of the year " thank you " for the com- munity. Down the line, the Students for Organ- Donation served up root beer floats in the hopes that more students and community members would sign up to be donors. " I ' ve had a couple family members come up to our booth and talk to us about how organ donation changed their lives. It ' s nice to hear success stories. " said Robert Kaufman, a bio- chemistry and molecular biophysics junior. Four days of hard work and paint went into MEChA ' s elaborate tikki-themed booth. Complete with palm trees and parrots, the club served traditional Mexican treats in hopes to raise money for their annual youth conference. The food may not have been as familiar as candy apples or co rn dogs, but samples drew curious attendees in. Hector Rivera, a politi- cal science junior, was happy to show off their popular Raspados, a shaved ice and cream dessert made with fresh fruit and sweetened condensed milk. " It ' s a really fun time, " Rivera said of work- ing Spring Fling. " I like yelling and harassing people to tiy and get them to stop by. " " It ' s like the UA atmosphere, all the clubs here are so friendly and helpful. " Rivera said. " If some one runs out of something like alumi- num foil or plates, or you need a stapler be- cause your tarp is blowing away, another club is always there to help out. " Right: Jacob Cooper, the lead vocalist for the band Bark Bark Bark, performs at this years Spring Fling at the Rillito Downs. -;i»ai M«ac««»aaHnBMi»«a :- vl ' Ma odn tt IHHS 5% bJi- .A iviV- (. I i hv Lisa Rich Ik- party begins Thursday aroLind 10 p.m. We walk into the room, greeted by the smell of beer and stale eigareltes. Rap and hip-hop beats pulsate against the walls, clashing with the drunken laughter and conversation of college students. Baby-stepping through the crowd. 1 give smiles and hugs to the people I recognize - slowly making my way for the keg that ' s being chilled by rocks of ice in the bathroom tub. We get in line behind a group of girls wearing cutoff skirts, ripped jeans and Uggs. all crowding around the keg. hold- ing out plastic red cups waiting to be tilled with High life. Once oin- cups are filled, we make way for the liviim room twist- ing and turning through the crowd toward the sound ol ' bouncing ping-pong b alls. The table is made out of an old door that was taken off its hinges by the group of guvs renlinu the place. It ' s decorated games with spray paint and the scribbled auto- graphs of anyone and everyone who ever had a victory at the table. 1 can ' t help but laugh at the cheers and banters that come from the crowd waiting to play slapping hands with the duo that is sinking balls into cups like it ' s their job - saying. " That ' s how we roll. " and " Ya know how we do! " Looking at my friends, we smile and walk to the torn signup list that is taped up on the cement wall. It will be at least an hour before we play. Beer-pong, or Beirut to northeast players, is a must among drinking games. When you ' re in college and it ' s a Thurs- day night, the best way to let go and celebrate the almost-weekend is with the competitive " sport " played by college students nationwide. Two hours pass and it ' s finally our turn. Wasted and with blurry vision, my friend and I stand behind the wooden line and dunk our two ping-pong balls into the designated " clean " water cup. " All right girl you can do it. you ' ve got this. " my friend cheers. " Sink it! " Launching the ball forward, it nips the rim of the top cup and bounces otTto the floor below. And so the game begins. Our opponents are two sophomore guys wearing polo shirts with the collars flipped up. They are bragging about the three shots they sunk in a row. While we chug down the half-filled cups, both of our hands are below our mouths attempting to catch the .stream of beer that dribbled olTour chins. Lucky shooter on the other team misses his shot, and now the ball is on our side again. Unable to keep a straight face, I stand there intoxicated and laughing, wonder- ing how 1 can strategically make the next shot. Springing the ball a little lighter this time. I revel in the .sound of plastic swirl- ing around plastic and the final " plop " that follows the ball as it splashed into the beer. di ■Satnet, «» ' litioMiJj e some students enjoy recently invent- rinking game such as " football " that is ed with a deck of cards, upper left, oth- Drefer traditional games like " Bei Ruit, " I re. 83 Fortunately for me that night, being able to blow the ball out while it was in the cup was against the rules. Then, in an unbelievable display of a come- back, my friend and 1 put our game fitces on and sink three shots in a row. " Yeah, what! ' . ' " we scream, pointing at the other team, slapping hands with each other while enjoying our unexpected luck. But they didn ' t think it was quite as funny this time. Rolling their eyes, the California boys wearing rainbow sandals glare at their opponents: two east coast girls from New York and New .Jersey wearing Birkenstocks and obnoxious grins. But like most of the drinking games 1 play, we spoke too soon. With vengeance they came back at , us with full force and beat us within minutes. Our luck ran out. and we air-balled almost every shot we took, cringing our faces as we cursed and giggled at our lack of beer-pong ability. Holding our breath, hoping the final shooter would miss the lone-stand- ing cup, we fell silent as he threw the ball into the air. Plop. And that ' s the game. The boys stood there triumphant, puffing out their ' chests yelling, " That ' s right! Who ' s next?! " as they placed their ' • filled cups in front of us. " Drink up ladies, drink up. " ' Like champs, we chug down the remainder of beer and stagger away from the table. Feeling good I and fuzzy, we peer around the room and wonder what same we should play next. Circles of people are sectioned off around the apartment, playing quarters or playing ' J kings, drinking Jenga and high or low. .A.nd that ' s what ' makes the college party. Sure, the music needs to be good and » » the keg needs to be pumping, but combin- ing the competitiveness of a sport with drinking beer and you ' ' e got yourself an environment for fighting, flirting, laughing, screaining, and of course, vic- tory. Plus, you get drunk more quickly. i X :i 1 » v v vWW ' 1 " m ' L ■« - W -. by EUzahelh Tauori he Saturday graduation ceremony was complete. The late nights of writing papers, the cramming before a test and the dread of getting up for an 8 a.m. class were ail over. The four (or more) years spent on the UA campus had come to an end, leaving seniors wondering about the possibilities of life after graduation. Landing a great job is what ' s expected of graduates. However, with the growth of com- petition in the work force, it ' s more and more common for students to continue their education. For Elizabeth Schneider, a chemical engineering senior, deciding to attend graduate school was a matter of becoming more prepared for the real world. " I was kind of contemplating this year as to whether I wanted to do it, " Schneider said. " But 1 really enjoy the university environment, and I don ' t want to go into the work force just yet. I want to still be a student. " While students like Schneider are jumping right into graduate school, others are taking some time off to gain valuable real world experiences. Political science and sociology senior Amy Hermalik decided to defer her acceptance to law school and instead moved to California. There, she teaches in an elementary school through a program called Teach for America. This program allows seniors of all majors to dedicate two years of their life to bettering communities around the United States by teaching young children. Herma- lik believed the opportunity will give her the skills needed to be successful in life. " Teach for America offers me the opportunity to make a real and immediate difference in the world right after graduation, " Hermalik said. " It will be challenging and reward- ing. It will give me valuable connections to other like-minded, talented people. And, it will give mc first hand experience with the problems our nation ' s school systems face and the problems of low-income communities. " Although some students have post-graduation plans, others are left still wondering about their fate. Kristall Lauterbach, a visual communica- tions senior, had not quite figured out the route right for her when graduation c ame around. Interested in an advertising-oriented career, Lauterbach decided to move back to northern Virginia with her family to start a job search in the Washington, D.C., area. Being a person to always take charge, Lauterbach was a little ap- prehensive about her no-plan future, but overall is still excited about it. " The greatest thing about graduating is knowing that I made it through college and now have a degree, " Lauterbach said. " It is scary not knowing what 1 will be doing once I get home. But that is exciting because I can go, be, or do anything and anywhere. This is one of those times when anything is possible. " Whether it ' s attending graduate school or jumping into the work force, graduates do what they think is best for them. While each live dif- ferent experiences, they all came to share one thing in common - their excitement for a new life and the sadness of leaving the one they had known for more than four years. " It ' s sad (leaving), but also very exciting, " Hermalik said. " I ' ll miss my friends and the great people I ' ve had the opportunity to get to know, but I ' m excited about what ' s in store for the future. " As they depart the UA campus, graduates have nothing but great memories to look back upon as well as words of advice for those who will continue to live their college experience. " Don ' t be afraid to be friendly and get involved, " Schneider said. " Ultimately a com- munity ends up building around you. You don ' t necessarily find it yourself; you have to some- times create it around you or just go look for it. " . A i£ssii 3? ' rjKS».y iAi ' " . ' ? ' " ' " ' " . ' ' ' T,.;i Dance junior Heather Griffin performs during thie technical rehearsal for Con Spirito in the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre. Michele Mozdzen, bio c molecular and cellular biology and German sophomore prepares for a career as an attorney. With many di fferent specialties and skills acquired at the UA, recent graduates head out into fields of arts, sciences, literary, legal and political. hats hy Latiivn Miller utter Parsons docs not , look like a cowboy. The business senior moves across campus without the stereotypical Stetson and is more likely to scroll through his cell phone than snap a lasso. But after classes are done, instead of reluming to an oft-eampus aparlment, he makes the half-hour trip home to Marana. to a 25-acrc ranch and 18 horses. And on any given weekend, he trades his UA baseball hat and flip-flops for a mandatory cowboy hat and a sturdy pair of boots, where he holds his own against competition and . 00 pound calves in rodeos across the country. " It ' s really fun. because if you saw me in the mall or on campus, you wouldn ' t think 1 was a cowboy. " Parsons said. " Uut when I ' m doing rodeo, 1 get all into it. " With the Tucson Rodeo, or " Fiesta de los Vaqueros, " as one of the primer winter rodeos and the lin- gering legacy of the old west, these " horse people " carried on one of Arizona ' s richest traditions. Parsons is one of a handful of UA students who balance their college lives with their love for rodeoing. " I ' ve lived in Tucson my whole life, and ever since I started riding I said I ' d go to the Tucson Rodeo someday, " said Kendall Prall, a pre- business sophomore. " It was crazy when I got up in the first perfor- mance and qualified to go to the second. Kveryone was cheering for me because I was from Tucson. " While most students could only dream of owning a horse, these students were born into the rodeo life. Parsons, the youngest of an ex- ' " ' ' ' ing family said that his father and half-brothers have competed professionally. Once a former gymnast, he has been competing since he was 12. " My brothers were born into it and did it all the time, but I fell like it was pushed upon me, " he .said. " That ' s kind of why 1 did gymnastics. Then all of sudden I started to enjoy it (rodeoing). I don ' t know what happened or why but it : just clicked. " Parson has eompeled in rodeos across the country, plac- ing high in his events of steer wrestling and calf-lying, and gaining national attention. " The rodeo environment is very laid-back and friendly. " he said. " But when you ' re on your horse in a competition, there ' s such an intense rush. It ' s amazinj " The thrill of competitions and the adrenaline of the moment are the biggest draws of rodeoing. But all the contestants described the feeling of attending the huge rodeos in states across the country with talent from across the world as tantalizing. Parsons described. " The one thing you notice when you go in there is how huge (the arena) is. There ' s always the fresh smell of dirt that catches my mind. " " it ' s amazing, the competitions, " said Heather Raftery, a journalism sophomore. " It ' s the one place that I ' d love to be any day of my life, any minute. " Raftery is the daughter of a cut- ting trainer and lives on the historical Canoa Ranch in Green Valley, where her family runs the equestrian center there. She competes in the sport k V v l ■ 1 mk 1 " ME 1 . M p •i St •b ► wm nH P Y J ■ ! [■ ji|, »- I B 1 s of " cutting " , an 80-year-old tradi- tion that grew out of the cowboys ' technique for separating sick or injured cattle from the rest of the herd. She spent three years a reigning Arizona Cutting Horse champion and qualified multiple times for the world finals. Despite their love for their and their sport, none of these stereotypes. " Most people think we drive trucks, wear cowboy hats, buckles and boots. Sure when we go to the rodeos we have our duds on. But if you saw me in the mall, you ' d have no idea I rode horse " Prall said. " Yeah I like country music, but I also love classic rock. I listen to AC DC all the time when I ' m riding. " While they focused on different i The 81 " annual Tucson Rodeo, one of the top 20 professional rodeos in North America, fea- tured current and former Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association world champions. rodeo events, all agreed they had to keep rodeo separate from school. " When 1 came to U of A 1 kind of put everything aside, " Parsons said. " Roping used to take priority but now it ' s school. Get school and homework done and if there ' s time 1 practice or got to rodeos. There ' s other things I ' d like to do... I ' d like to learn to play the piano someday. But right now it ' s just school and rodeo. " " When I ' m here 1 focus on my school work, " Raftery said. " Of course, thoughts of cutting always infiltrate. But you have to worry about one thing at a time. It ' s all about time management. " Raftery said there were other adjustments moving from her life on the sprawling Canoa ranch to a shared room in the stadium dorms. " I ' ve lived on a ranch my whole life and my closest neigh- bors were always three miles away, " she explained. " But here everyone is nearby and stays up and loud until 1 a.m. There ' s some nights when I just have a pillow over my head and want to go home to get a good night ' s sleep. " However, while college took priority for the time being, rodeoing still held an important place in these students ' future plans. Parsons wanted to eventually open a business with his father. But he said that he hoped to take a year off after he graduated from college to rodeo professionally and " go to as many rodeos as I possibly can. " Vines was taking classes in agriculture management. " The classes we ' re taking are like regular business classes, but more geared towards running a farm or a stable. Rodeo ' s been such a big part of my life that I just want to keep close to it. " Raftery would continue to perch with one foot in the saddle and one in the classroom. " This summer I ' ve been running and working out, I ' ve been focusing more. If I had not been good in school, 1 would have stayed with the horses and done that. That ' s where I feel 1 really belong and that ' s always going to be part of my life. " Cutter Parsons on Calf Roping and Steer Wrestling: " Calf roping is based off of when (the ranchers) had to brand cattle. You have a calf weighing 200 to 300 pounds who you let get a start on you so they have a fair advantage. " The rider then chases the calf and lassos it, throws it to the ground and ties it with a seven foot rope, called a string. " You have a partner in this one and the horses are in two different sides in chutes. The steer is released out the middle and the other person has to keep the steer in a certain position (called hazing) so that you can get down on their back and bring the steer to a stop to Rodeos with: Interiialional Professional Rodeo As- sociation, Turquoise Circuit Below: UA business senior Cutter Parsons competes in Steer Wrestling in the 81 ' an- nual Tucson Rodeo, making it to the final round on Sunday, February 27. entertain us .. K by Altaira Citron K With the closing of the 2004-2005 WV season, VAprexents celebrated its 10- " year anniversary as an icon of campus life at the UA. Behind the elegant doors of Centennial Hall, students enjoyed entertainment from around the world, including everyone ' s favorite: Broadway shows. As a matter of fact, it seems rather im- the show. With only three weeks preparation, the event enticed more than 80 participants into the " Hairspray " mood. " I was dreaming up an event like this all summer, " Siegel said. " So I approached the marketing department, and everyone told me to run with the idea. " Originally from California, Siegel said she has learned the Tucson market and seen what an underutilized benefit VApre- possible to imagine that anyone hasn ' t attended a sents is to campus. show, school performance or concert sponsored by VApresents. which happens to be one of the top performing arts organizations in the western United States. The 2004-2005 season was especially impressive, encompassing a diverse line-up of musicians, actors, vocalists and dancers who reflect the diverse population and interests of the UA and greater Tucson community. By offering a balance between popular and contemporary performance art. the organization was able to draw in crowds of all ages and ethnicities. This year also held an added bonus for students: To ensure that more of us could enjoy these performances, MApresenIs decided to | go beyond the normal 20 : percent discount to al- I low full-time students to . charge show tickets to their | bursar ' s account. " We want to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the benefits of hav- ing a theater like this on . campus, " Centennial Hall house manager Staci Santa said. And to draw in groups from around campus, the organiza- tion also offered special discount tickets to groups of 10 or more, bringing i the crowds for Broadway ' ' shows like " Hairspray. " ' - Peking Acrobats , in February, and Cookni i Members of the Alpha Centennial Hall hosts niai Epsilon Pi sorority made way acts. a girl ' s night out of one of the " Hairspray " showings, by having a themed spa beauty night. Journalism senior and Alpha Epsilon Pi member Alison Siegel organized the event as part of her marketing internship for VApresents. Her idea to pair up a show with a gathering at a local business came to life when she arranged a promotion for Spirit Salon and Day Spa that would provide them with university exposure and potential new clients through free advertis- ing linked to the show. In return, the salon staff of 1 1 set up at the sorority house to give free makeovers, hairdos, waxing, manicures and massages before Above: Peking Acrobats perfomied at Centennial Hall in February, and Cookin ' (far right) visited in March. Centennial Hall hosts many Broadway and oflf-Broad- " So many people are upset that they can ' t afford to pay for shows, but we ' re proud to bring them the arts, so we do what we can to get everyone involved, " she said. By helping local businesses and promoting group theater sales, Siegel showed the organiza- tion ' s passion for helping the community. Anthea Scouffas, director of the com- munity engagement program, said the caliber of talent showcased at Centennial Hall rep- resents the front line of performance art. She emphasized that many universities do have arts programs, but don ' t push boundaries like UA- presents does. " We seek to educate our students and the public to explore the performing arts in new ways, " Scouf- fas said. " Performing arts g are all about bringing in W the stuff that no one has I seen yet. " And aside from the invaluable benefits of having such entertain- ment right on campus, the organization provides a host of jobs and leadership opportunities to students ' I as well. Between the 15 I student ticket sellers, 45 5 stage hands, five ush- ¥ ers, two " artist relations " I representatives and four vi i-v2-,« ' j -i- assistant house managers, omied at Centennial Hall (he Strength of the organi- right) visited in March. - •, t-r n iroadway and off-Broad- nation S efforts define ItS role in campus life. Mechanical en- gineering senior Scott Barker has worked at Centennial Hall since 2001 as a box office rep and says that it is the perfect student job. " They ' re so flexible with your schedule, and I can do homework when it ' s slow, i also get to meet a lot of people - students and other Tucso- nans - different types of people for the different shows, " Barker said. Similarly, media arts senior Ethan Tussey responded to an ad he saw in the Daily Wildcat four years ago for an usher position, and having imagined catching a show or two during shifts, he applied. Since then he has assumed the role of assistant house manager, assisting customers directly with their requests and complaints, occasionally returning to his duties as a " glorified usher. " Fellow assistant house man- ager and junior majoring in Eng- lish Samantha Scaife wanted a job on campus and had a good friend who was applying to ViApresents, v t so she went along for an inter- M view. When the organization be- ra| gan to downsize their usher staff M due to budget cuts, Scaife stepped fl forward inquiring how she could contribute. In order to help save the company money, she reached out to the student population for volunteer ushers and formed the VApresents Student Association in September 2003. " Our goal was to raise aware- ness of the quality of the programs right here on campus - especially ; the Broadway shows, " she said. The association had 40 members this year, all volunteer- ing their time to promote shows § by handing out flyers and baked goods, raffling tickets and plan- i ning other fundraisers. And yet another highlight of working in the front of the - house at Centennial Hall is the ; opportunity to meet the perform- ers and see a side of them that is not shown on stage. Journalism and creative writing senior Mark Viscardi ' s job was to pick up performers from the airport, transport them back and forth between shows, anc that they were comfortable during their stay in Tucson. " I wanted to drive celebrities around - that ' why I initially applied for the job, " he said. " And I still get very star struck until I talk with them and realize that they ' re just normal peopU with extraordinary talents. They ' re always vei j nice and happy to be here in Tucson. " ( This tight-nit team operated much like thcit behind-the-scenes counterpart: the stage crew. Supervised by technical director Matt Boucharj who purports that " stage hands are the peons o| the theater, " the technical crew was responsibl for setting up and taking down every single show. From the average eight-hour " pre-hang " process of securing chains, poles, curtains, ligl and wires (which VApresents provides as a courtesy to its performers), to coordinating wit the production crews that accompany Broadwa shows, this crew was the backbone of the mag- nificence of Centennial Hall performances. Bouchard supervises a student crew of 45 who rotate between the light and sound booth and backstage set-up positions. " I hire students who have an interest in B C Some of the musical acts that graced Centennial Hall ' s stage included.... The classical sounds of the China and Mos- cow Philharmonic Orchestras rld rhythms including the Women Master- mmers of Guinea jque festival music performed by the UA School of Music ' s Arizona Choir and Sym- phony Orchestra Voces Latinas, featuring the passionate vocals ll Lila Downs and Tania Libertad ; and blues artists Nnenna Freelon the nt Basic Orchestra . evolutionary chamber music of the Kro- Quartet. Ballet, modern, flamenco, Mexican contemporary and acrobatic dance companies dazzled Tucson audienc- es with dynamic displays of dance culture, with groups such as... The Beijing Modern Dance Company The Miami City Ballet Pilobolus Dance Theater Aurora Higginson Desert Yearbook theater and show nthusiasm about [learning, without be- ing afraid of getting their hands dirty, " tie said. His employees appreciated the fun and relaxed atmo- sphere, as well as the opportunities they had " :o train in the various areas of stage work hrough group classes held during the slow parts of the season. Sophomore Andy Malanowski put his architectural studies to good use at his job l ackstage through hands-on building of lets, while Danny Jensen, a music educa- ion sophomore, valued his job as a learning :xperience and exposure to the essence of lerformance theater. With a technical crew that strives for ;xcellence at every show and a service staff hat dedicates itself to the comfort of its kuests, the UApresents staff delivers an all- iround intimate performing arts experience. " Coming to a show here is a great way immerse yourself in Tucson culture, " said imal Popat, a management information ■ystems senior from Phoenix who frequently attended Centennial Hall shows throughout his time at the UA. " People here are very casual, but they take the opportunity to dress up for these shows - it ' s fun. My friends and I like to act sophisticated and go out for cof- fee beforehand to make an event of it. " " They should definitely try to advertise more to students because there ' s a huge variety of programming that they miss out on, " Popat added. While students are justly distracted by classes, exams, extracurricular activities, and the occasional party, how many cam- puses offer shows from every comer of the world on the corner of your street? Hopefully with the continued enthusiasm of its staff, student association, and loyal patrons, UApresents will be able to grow even further as an icon of university culture for generations of Wildcats to come. •Hi •I And the category that was perhaps most appreciated in Tucson: Theater. This year ' s program encompassed ground-breaking avant-garde theater works like... " By The Hand of The Father " ' ue Eloize, 93 1 fliio«(! £SHii erhaps, at first glance, Tucson does not strike as a particularly interes ing or entertaining place, outside the University campus come on, , It ' s Arizona! I lowever, what is ol ' ten taken for granted is often actuall unique and beautiful it just takes a few days or months away from h( ■ .to realize it. There are places to go and all of them with a charm that is har to match, and, as it turns out, a history to be envied. Take, for example, the ' A " Mountain. The University of Arizona Website h I this to say about one of UA ' s most beloved landmarks. Formerly known as th( Sentinel Peak, the mountain took up its current image in 1916. It was after an Bito ©©®DQ [jizona football victory over Pomona College on Thanksgiving Day, Novem- 6, 1914, that the students really got the idea of building the " A " on Sentinel ak, west of Tucson. History tells us that a one of the team members managed et a professor of his to count the survey of the peak for a good " A " -spot as : a class assignment, and the project took off. Students worked every Satur- on building the 70 feet wide and 160 feet long " A " , and finally on March 1916 the " A " was whitewashed and completed. From that point on, no one lied it Sentinel Peak, but rather the " A " Mountain, as we know it now. ; " A " Mountain really serves as the ultimate expression of school pride from the very history of its building it has always been somewhat of an nspiration. Nowadays the tradition of painting the " A " different colors (for Patrick ' s Day, the " A " is painted green, and so on and so forth) continues al most ninety year old passing of the torch of school pride. Every year the Students, usually freshmen, go up to the mountain and re-paint it into UA col- , something that has become a kind of rivalry with the ASU students, who nanage to paint the " A " in their colors every now and again. If the " A " Mountain is a tad too long of a drive, there are historic places ploser to campus - in the cozy Tucson Downtown area, for instance. Hotel Congress presents itself as a major historic site. According to Hotel Congress, hotel served the railroad passengers of the Southern Pacific line. On Janu- 22, 1934, however, the Hotel forever made its way into history as some- hing other than just a nice hotel. A fire in the Hotel that day ended up leading the capture of one of the country ' s most wanted criminals - John Dillinger, vho came to Tucson with his gang to lay low and stayed in the hotel under an ilias. Upon escaping the fire, the gang sent two firemen for their luggage and it later turned out it contained a stash of weapons and over $20K in cash, le firemen later recognized the gang in a magazine and reported to the police. rhe criminals were captured at a nearby location by the Tucson Police, hence ;aining a certain fame for the authorities of a then small city. Legend has it, vhen arrested, Dillinger ' s words were, " Well, I ' ll be damned " - he definitely |lidn ' t seem to expect to be captured in a city like Tucson. Not every historic place close to campus, of course, has to do with crimi- |ials and fires. One of the favorite " hang out " spots for the students, especially more " artsy " type is the 4 " ' Avenue. With over 100 various shops and its [iwn Merchants Association, 4 " " Avenue provides an interesting attraction any ime. Whether it is vintage clothes, trolley rides, custom made furniture that ine is interested in, 4 " ' Avenue has it. It seems as if no matter how bad one ' s [lay may be, just going over there makes it better, for the surrounding environ- ment of " fabulous freaks " inevitably cheers one up. The 4 " " Avenue also hosts 1 0 Street Fairs a year - in the fall and in spring. For the time that one is there, feels like he she is in a different country - the diversity of both the products and the people there is truly striking. A Creative Writing and Wildlife soon-to-be-junior and an employee of a popular shop " Hippie Gypsy " , Craig Baker said, about his experience of working on 4 " ' " I really like it here. I get to meet all sorts of cool crazy people around. " In truth, it seems like Craig nailed it. (Facts Source: 4 " ' Avenue Merchants As- sociation) Just one trolley stop away. Main Gate Square lures students away from campus with a wide variety of stores and restaurants. Established in 1 930, Main Gate was founded by Louise Foucar Marshall, the first female professor at the UA, and her husband, Thomas Marshall. They also founded the Marshall Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation that still manages and owns Main Gate Square. Each year, the Marshall Foundation uses funds from property leases and investments to provide scholarships to the university, Pima Community College, and the Tuc- son community. " I like the atmosphere, " said geosciences sophomore Aly Bhirdo. " I especially like this courtyard (Geronimo Square courtyard). It ' s quiet and a nice place to hang out when you ' ve got a couple minutes. " When the bustling city is too much for students, Sabino Canyon is a popular getaway. " Seven Falls at Sabino Canyon is an incredible sight of desert beauty. When the falls are running, it ' s an escape from the norm of what you would expect of dry arid Tucson. It ' s a great place to go for a hike or just to relax, " said retailing and consumer sciences sophomore Christina Wang. Tucked away on the northeast side of Tucson is Sabino Canyon, one of the city ' s most popular recreational areas for hiking and picnick- ing. Sabino Canyon is frequented by tourists and locals and reminds people of the gorgeous desert landscape surrounding Tucson, but can be hard to find amidst the traffic jams and constant road construction. The park is open year round and has a S5 parking fee. During the warm months, it ' s best to visit the park in the early morning or early evening. -Carrie Bui I KULLEV STOP he 2005 University of Arizona Relay For Life took place on April 2 and - 3, at the Arizona School for the Deaf and the Blind. The all-night event drew more than 400 participants who had a team member walking or running the track during the entire 15 hour span. Overall, the teams raised more than $65,000 for the American Cancer Society. Julie McColtom, an accounting junior and cancer survivor, recalls her experience at the event. student and other Tucson residents gathered at the Arizona School for the Deaf a nd the Blind on April 2nd and 3rd for Relay For Life, an all night walk run to raise money for the Arizona Cancer Society. for life The 2005 Relay For Life at the Univer- sity of Arizona was a fun and prosperous event, but more importantly it was suc- cessful in raising thousands of dollars to be donated to the American Cancer Society for cancer research and patient services. The Relay For Life is an all-night cancer walk run which is held in many states around the nation as well as in many countries around the world. The founding idea is that cancer never sleeps, so for one night neither will the participants of this profound event. To kick off the event, cancer survivors gathered at the starting line and took their first memorable lap of Relay For Life. This lap is walked only by survivors to com- memorate the battle they have ensued and to honor them as the focus of the entire event. During opening ceremonies, everyone was welcomed to the event and graciously thanked for their help in significantly reducing the number of deaths from cancer by the year 2015. I spoke at the ceremony, and told of my battle as a young child with cancer. I noted that " cancer doesn ' t happen to individuals, it happens to families. " It was an emotional and quiet opening, as all participants stood silently to listen to my story. The laps following were taken to honor loved ones lost to the disease, and at 1 p.m. this year, participants lined them- selves around the track to each light a luminaria bag in honor of the memory of someone who fought cancer. It was an emotional ceremony as the flame was transfeiTed from person to person in order to light all of the candles. Names of those honored were projected on a screen near the front stage as people walked the next few laps with only the light of the candles and that of the screen. Throughout the night there were many fun-filled special events to keep everyone awake. This year there was a DJ playing all night long, and several local bands made appearances for a " Battle of the Bands. " Around 3 a.m. there was a " Miss Relay " contest in which male participants dressec up in drag to compete for the sought-after title. Early in the morning there was also a dodge ball tournament as well as milk- chugging and pie-eating contests. After some free breakfast and a couple laps to wake up, participants all gathered at the front stages for closing ceremonies where the event total was announced, as well as top fundraising teams and indi- viduals. The Psychology and Friends tear " Crazy for a Cure " was the top fundraisin team, donating $6,930 to the cause. To close this year ' s event, everyone m at the starting line one last time to take oi final lap at the Relay For Life. •v i We of tk Bands. " »a " MKi Relay " NcipantsdresseJ «fotihesoio|ii.afte[ " Mas well a,s milt. igcontesis. wk slaiKiacoupk KfUsalUa ' ■dosing cert ns announced, as ■Itomsandindi- loe ad Friends lean wklopfundraistt 90 to the cause r ' scvBiLeve[) ' i)neH (cbstliiiKiolakeoi) vFotUfe. 97 Chemistry junior Tom Schultze receives guidance on experiment from teaching assistant Valeria Ochoa. Ochoa an analytical chemistry graduate student from Ecuador w teaches analytical chemistry. a « I V ' Sr " Above: Computer engineer- Below; Elizabeth ing graduate student Jeff draws pure water for tes Peng debugs a program- it ' s organic and inorg, mable board last Thursday in impurities. the Electrical and Computer Engineering building. " Presence:Reflection " - Mary Meyer, a sculpture graduate student, installs " Presence: Reflection " in the University of Arizona Museum of Art alongside fourteen MFA students who graduated in May for their Thesis Exhibition. (3©© 1 by Melissa Taylor ny student who attended freshman orientation probably remembers being asked to choose a major prior to attending orientation. While most had some vague idea of their future profession, some students felt as though they might as well have pulled a number from a hat to choose their major for the time being. Hundreds of students change their major at least once during their undergraduate years. Often students will change their focus and stay within the same general area; however, then there are students that choose the farthest possible major from what they were studying. Students like Kelli Dickinson, a media arts junior, decide its time for a change and strive to find something to make school fun again. Originally a biology major, Dickin- son explains that, " I was not happy with the way things were going. My grades were dropping, I was dreading classes and not enjoy- ing school " . During Dickinson ' s first year at UA she became involved with UATV which opened her eyes to the diverse majors offered. " If I hadn ' t decided to come back home to Arizona and go to Tucson, I never would have found this major, " she explained. " It wasn ' t of- fered at my previous col- lege. I would probably still be a biology major hating school ' While it can be a struggle to change ma- jors, especially when nothing beyond your general education courses will count towards the new major, there are people on campus specifically to help you find something you will enjoy studying, and help you through the process. Many advisors within the University School work personally with struggling stu- dents through the Major Exploration program, which was designed to assist students in the process of choosing a major to fit them per- sonally. " Many students expect a major to appear to them in a dream, it doesn ' t happen like that, " said advisor Gerald West. " Choosing a major is a long process for an overwhelming number of students who have to take a look at their own interests, values, skills and goals as well as think about how they make decisions. " This process can help students to narrow the field of possibilities. West said that getting a student to realize that they have to un- derstand themselves to find a major, is the hardest part. While many students seem to think that they ■ have wasted time by changing their major, many advisors would tell them that it ' s never to late to make a change that will affect the rest of your life in a positive way. " It is very rewarding to see students success- fully choose a major with the confidence that it is the best place for them, " West said " I finally found the major I love, " said Dickinson. 99 %,. advoc tudents and other Tucson fans show their support for UA athletic teams by painting themselves, wearing foam fingers, and sometimes placing watermelons on their heads. mm ©pBcSS Shy Victoria Harhen chool spirit was taken to a whole new level at the University of Arizona in 2004-2005. Stadium crowds were a sea of red, entire orga- nizations were devoted to spreading spirit and students proudly called themselves Wildcats. Ev- eryday at noon the fight song echoed through campus, a daily reminder that this school is united by one common cause: promoting allegiance to Arizona. Win or lose, students at the UA have unwavering support for the players and coaches. This year ' s tragic loss to Illinois in the fight for the Final Four epito- mized the overflowing spirit of Wildcats. Allen Sipe, a pre- business freshman, said he " will support [the Wildcats] no matter what they do. " In regards to the overall year, he said the Wildcats " had a jt great season and a few o .g bad minutes shouldn ' t :g overshadow the excel- ffi lent season. " g Yet, March Madness 5 is only one of many rea- 4a sons why students have bragging rights and call high school friends to remind their peers they go to the exalted UA. The top-tier athletics is at the core of Arizona pride, and one club made sure that there was always Wildcats support. Claiming to " put the A in Allegiance, " the Arizona Allegiance is the official spirit club on campus. Between hosting tailgate parties before football games and creating halftime banners. Matt Collins, an accounting junior said, " We are powered by spirit to encour- age the best. " Another group advocating spirit is the Zona Zookeepers for the men ' s basketball team. Created in 2003, this year ' s spirit kings were seniors Andy Lemieux and Alex Menayas. " (Our) goal is to get the student section to be as loud as possible, so the atmosphere of the game is more enjoyable, " said Lemieux, a biochemistry and molecular biophysics senior. Lemieux explained that the keepers " start chants, talk trash to opposing players, and ride around McKale on imaginary ponies dur- ing the second half of each game. " The official Zona Zookeepers are annu- ally appointed by the ASUA spirit direc- tor, this year ' s being Amber Harryman, a classics and business management junior. In order to prepare for games, both the Zona Zookeepers " meet at [their] fraternity house about an hour before game time to begin the painting process, " said Lemieux. The two men then " usually ask guys around the house what [the] theme for the night should be or if they have any design ideas. " Lemieux, whose favorite Arizona player is Jesus Verdejo, claimed that they have never done anything " too crazy, but [they] really do enjoy getting in the opposing players ' heads. " To get into their heads, Lemieux said their favorite thing to do is make fun of the opposing players while they are shooting free throws. He concluded his most memorable moments as a Zona Zookeeper was simply hanging out outside of the arena after the games. " You got to see everyone you know as they leave the game as well as have random people come up and give you a high five for a job well done, " Lemieux said. Other fans, who may be equally devoted to the Zona Zoo but are not official " keep- ers, " participated in the Bear Down Bandits point system. This newly implemented project rewarded students who support Arizona Athletics through their spirit and attendance to all sporting events, from basketball to gymnastics. Diehard fans bleed red and blue, and most students are seduced by the lure of being a true Arizona Wildcat. Students were proud to attend the UA and have many memo- ries to hold onto after graduation, many of which are centered around sports. We will always have the Elite Eight. We will always have that sea of red. And we will always have the pride of singing " Bear Down " for our Wildcats. 101 ■ir ' ■M Sf ■K ■ " ■ " " H[|P : PH -Jib. B ' _. _ T «? nipgaiH i . - ' J H wJf _ K . ' . » r 3B hz Jh j Hife | i %1nHRM I 04 : 4 J ' Many students going through college have the same experi- ence when they turn 21. These are shown by Mexican-Ameri- can studies and marketing junior Nathan Olivarez-Giles. I bhy Laiza Iniguez In addition to graduation, turning 21 is one of tiie major events that every typical college student looks forward to with anticipation - some more than others. University of Arizona students are no exception when it comes to celebrating this momentous occasion in a person ' s life. In order to really get a feel of what it is to turn 21 in Tuc- son, The Desert decided to take one for the team, and join in on the celebration with Nathan Olivarez-Giles, a junior in Mexican-American studies and marketing. On a wann night in March 2005, it was time for his two hours of power. Partying with Nate was strictly professional, of course. To commemorate this signifi : cant event, Nate decided to hit 1 up some of the local hot spots ; that actually have " turning 2 1 " i promotions. After an early night of pre-partying at his place, I met up I with Nate and a couple of his closest bined with Tobasco!! to friends at the stroke of midnight out- s side of The Buffet, 538 E. Ninth St. Nate was ready to go, and anxious to begin his first two hours of legal [uiblic drinking. Nate ' s girlfriend Delfina Gaxiola, a junior at Pima Community ( ollege, was the first to buy Nate a drink, a Heineken. The first drink lie bought himself was a gin and tonic. A free pitcher of beer was also provided to the birthday boy, courtesy of The Buffet. From there, the rest of Nate ' s friends took care of the tab and the drinks just kept on coming . . . and coming . . . and coming . . . The next spot to hit was The Meet Rack, 210 W. Drachman St. This underground Tucson bar is notorious for claiming if anyone got branded there, he or she could drink there for free for life. 1 actually witnessed a couple of interesting " birth marks, " if you will, from some of the bar ' s employees. Because Nate ' s 21 " birthday was on a Wednesday night, ihc place was not exactly hopping. But that insignificant detail did not come close to phasing this party line whatsoever. After all, we were a group of young, legal adults on a mission and determined to successfully conquer i t! Besides, the compli- mentary bottle of champagne from The Meet Rack, dedicated to the 21 -year-old birthday boy, was a major plus. At this point, Nate was feeling pretty good. It took about an hour from his first drink at The Buffet for him to re- ally start feeling tipsy. After that, it didn ' t take long for him to get completely drunk. " It was the Tabasco and tequila that initiated the puking, " Nate later claimed. " I puked on God ' s car . . . and I think I may have relieved myself on his door handles. " To clarify, the owner of The Meet Rack legally changed his name to " God. " God owns a little, yellow Volkswagen Bug with a license plate baring his name. This car happened to be sitting right in front of the establishment ' s entrance, and on one of Nate ' s gagging trips outside he had a little run in with this special vehicle. Last call at 2 a.m. came and it was time for all the fiin to come to a close. Since I was the only one who did not drink that night, I of- fered to drive Nate and his friends back to his place. When I originally signed up to do this story, I had no idea of the extent of how much I would actually get to experience turning 2 1 . Everything was going fine, until I looked in my rear view mirror and notice there was a police car right behind me. I turn around to see if Nate was OK, and instead I saw him with his head out the window, moaning. As I asked Nate if he needed me to pull over, he began to puke over the side of my just- washed SUV, right in fi-ont of the officer. Thank God (not The Meat Rack ' s version) the police officer decided to pass on us and continue on his way. Needless to say, this turning 2 1 business is quite an adventure. After Nate had recovered from his memorable night, he offered his top five tips for turning 2 1 : 5. Drink plenty of water beforehand. 4. Don ' t ever drink anything unless you know the contents of it and smelled it first. 3. Don ' t pre-party; wait until the stroke of midnight to begin drinking so you can soberly remember your first drink. 2. Make sure you wear clothes that you wouldn ' t mind possibly puk- ing on later. 1 . DON ' T EVER DRINK TEQUILA COMBINED WITH TOBAS- CO!!! " Trust me, you ' ll thank me later, " he said. Don ' t ever drink tequila com- Nathan Olivarez-Giles h2 ' c- " --- v; , .w; 1 Above: During the Homecoming activities finance senior Ryan Jennings and public administration junior Ashley Eden compete in the mud tug of war outside of Old Main. Middle: Business freshman Matt Rosenberg watch- es as education freshman John Paul Lopez deals the op card during a game of Texas Holdem in the basement of the Student Union Memorial Center. y Far left (top): Animal studies freshman Anneka Bergstrand shares a laugh with undeclared fresh- man Hal Miller over the ' Periodic Table of Sex. ' Far left (bottom): A member of the water polo team treds water in an effort to condition and build strength In his legs. Clockwise from top left: 1 . A student takes a break from studying to sleep in the UA Main Library. Getting extra sleep is one of the best w ays to reduce the risk of stress-related illness. 2. Smoth, Beyah Rasool. Tariq Rasool. and Ranison Kennedy of the Songhai Drummers perform behind the Student Union Memo- rial Center in honor of Black History Month. 3. Philosophy junior Gabe Flores found a quiet place among all the displaced furniture on the fourth floor of the UA Main Library to catch up on some class readings. The library underwent renova- tions of it ' s heating and ventilation systems dur- ing the spring semester. 4. Mining and public health grad student Phil Joggerst takes a break from work at the Univer- sity ' s student run mine shaft in Green Valley. 5. The UA ' s Society of Automotive Engineers hosted a car show in the parking lot behind the Aerospace and Mechani- cal Engineering building. Engineering students un- ciled their S.AE race car which will compete with other teams from around the countr . m k s - rS3 ' Clockwise from top left: 1. " 1 need it almost as much as it needs me! " My GvA and MCAT score arc proportional to the amount of oaf feine flowing through my veins, " said physiology senic David Ingram. 2. Artists from around the country compete in a glass , blowing competition. The Flame Off, Friday Feb 4, | 2005 at The Glass Studio. Each work was sold in a silc auction in the Best Bead Show that weekend. 3. Theatre sophomores Jessi Samoy and Monica Her- nandez promote the Vagina Monolouges by passing ou chocolate vaginas on the mall. Microbiology freshman Brandon Toussaint works a table on the Mall, handing out iers, T-shirts and condoms en- ouraging passers-by to respect ay rights. Students participated T a nine-hour vow of silence in rotest of oppression expressed oward gay, bisexual and trans- ender people. . Twelve year-old Tucson Am- ateur Astronomy Association nember Carter Smith sets his [[telescope on a distant airplane. Smith was on the mall as part of the TAAA ' s annual star party, which helped raise money for the muscular dystrophy associa- tion. 6. Architecture freshman and resident of Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall Harry Moss- brook pelts hall director Laura Tripp with an artificial snowball on Manzi-Mo ' s lawn . Polar Ice donated the snow to the Resi- dence Hall Association for the unusual weekend event. ) . Fn I: k xRM ' V .-.t?l QUICKfE 1 . Arizona para-athlete Tyler Byers treks alongside fellow racers during the annual Jim Click Run Roll. The event is a fundraiser that benefits the Disability Resource Center ' s athletic program. 2. Ryan Rosea of the band Sunday Evening plays two saxophones during a lunchtime cohteit on the Mall. The concert was a part of a series of events put on by the Bobcats Senior Honorary during Homecoming Week. 3, Political science and communication sophomore J ' ezanna Garca and pre-business senior Adrien Chapman kiss on the mall to raise money for charity. The kissing booth, one attraction of National Pan-Hellenic Council week, allowed people to exchange donations for hugs, kisses or even chocolate ICisses. 4. Former UA student Joe Aldridge and other band members from the Refuge Student Ministry and Priority College Ministiy played behind the Park Student Union. 5. Hookahs became more popular throughout the year. The owner of Smiley ' s poses with I w0m € ■■b. .i o knfaicKim lieldi Meni kttMuliy played m. mliibiiugliout 1 g icVsposeswi Tik w - s c ' pi V P iPTie . m Clockwise from top left: 1 . BabyCats Too president Di- ane Soteio reads a book to a toddler at the Wildcat Kiddie daycare center in the Student Union Memorial Center. 2. Anna Suarez, a UA market- ing senior and college repre- sentative of Team Pink, placed 1 ,000 stuffed dogs around campus as part of a promotion for Victoria ' s Secret new Pink clothing line for college-aged women. Students who found one of the dogs could take it to Victoria ' s Secret to receive a prize and the chance to win a Vespa scooter. 3. Joseph Gross Gallery Cura- tor James Shaub demonstrates an Exhibition, " Love of Ma- chines " presented by Creative Machines, Inc.. 4. Rain and hail fall on cam- pus as students try to get to their classes and dorms. 5. Ex-UA player and current Sacramento King Mike Bibby exainines a framed version of his hjersey during a ceremony to retire his jersey. 6. The Arizona football team takes the field before play- ing Utah at Arizona Stadium. Arizona lost the game 23-6, despite racking up 306 offen- sive yards. 61B6K .- wfc ._ Clockwise from top left: 1 . Amy Praw, a communications se- nior, poses for some test shots with Playboy photographer David Rams at the University Marriott. 2. One of the many lire dancers at the All Souls ' Procession performs at the parade ' s finale. Thousands crowded downtown streets to watch and participate in the unique cultural 3. Jeni Reichcrt, a pre-pharmacy sophomore, speaks to Dr. Anne Pa dias, director of academic services for the department of chemistry, after being evacuated from her cla in the KoOler building. A steam li burst on the third floor, causing 8( - 1 ,000 students to be evacuated. i n Junior forward Hassan Adams noists UA Wildchair basketball jlayer Kacey McCallister in for a fayup during the annual Lame for I Game fundraiser. The Arizona len ' s and women ' s basketball learns showed up to play against |:he Arizona Wildchairs, a team pomposed of disabled athletes on vheelchairs. 5. Research technician Manuel Snyder is just one of the many people who will benefit from a $19.5 million grant to the Arizona Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute. 6. Members of the Knights of Columbus lead the procession into St. Augustine Cathedral the Sunday afternoon after Pope John Paul II ' s death. 115 f • Left: Nearing retiremei July 2006, UA Pre dent Peter Liki. doesn ' t plan on " tal ing it easy " saying h wants to work hai until the day he leave His work ethic he atti butes to his upbrlni ing where he neede to work hard. ¥ Peter LiKins " When I was a college student. hy Danielle Billner tudents may not know much about University of Arizona President Peter Likins, how he came to be who he is, or how his experience in college might be in any way similar to college life today, but Likins has quite a story to tell. Likins grew up in a single-parent household in Santa Cruz, Calif., with three siblings. Getting a scholarship was the only way he could attend college, but he had the grades and got a full ride to Stanford University. " I knew it was a blessing, " Likins said. " It kind of changes your attitude, you know, when you don ' t just assume you ' re going to get out of high school and go off to some fine college, I didn ' t assume that. " Likins graduated from Stanford with a degree in civil engineering in the late ' 50s, and was a grad- uate student at MIT thereafter Likins eventually left a job as a UCLA professor to work at the Cal Tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the facility which launched the first American spacecraft. I le worked as the Dean of Engineering at Columbia and the president of a private university before coming to UA. Likins said i do ' to his high school sweetheart, Patri- cia, at the age of 1 9. Because I of his marriage he felt a great deal of responsibility regard- ing his education and he took it seriously. Over the years he would create a family of six adopted children with the woman he affectionately referred to as his " girl. " Academics aside, athletics were also imp ortant to Likins. He was an accomplished high school and college wres- tler who was dctemiined to perfonn always at his highest potential. He would push himself and compete until he lost. " Every year in wrestling I ' d win all my dual meets during the season, and then after the seaso I ' d go to a tournament, and if I ' d won I ' d go to another tournament and I ' d finally find somebodj who could beat me ... and I ' d] just test my abilities and find r , limit, " Likins said. I Ic nearly made it to the Pan-American Games during ; one season. He was quick to li „ at the ' big picture ' surroundin; - « the experience, however, and il a said that, " . . .in retrospect, it v !: not about wrestling, it was ab( i testing myself, it was about d( 3 ing something very difficuh. " g Likins met many other tes § along the way. According to Likins, in the 1950s, " Stanfor was white and Stanford was male and Stanford was rich. " He said he was fc; fill and unsure of his classmates who were bette than he was. " I was a poor kid among rich kids, " he said. " I carried the golf clubs for rich people up at the I country club. I was a caddy, I was not a golfer. " He later added, " Prejudice is a funny thing, I and we ' re all so conscious of racial prejudice and various kinds of prejudice. I was prejudiced against I rich people. " Likins grew up in a tumultuous era. The civil I rights movement was in full swing, although Likins I felt sheltered from it at the time. " 1 look back now with embarrassment. How I could I have been so unaware of the prejudice, male-female, black-white? All of the negatives of my era just went right by me, " Likins said. Mindful that the world continues to change, he I said, " If you intend to be ready for the world when I you ' re my age, you ' d better be ready for a very different world. " He commented on how racial diversity and gender equality has changed since his youth and how it impacts college years and daily living in this era. " You better be able to func- tion in a society where women are your equal and blacks and browns and all kinds of folks are a part of your life, " Likins said. " If I don ' t give you that experience during your college years, I do you an injustice . . . it ' s an injustice to everybody to be raised in a homogeneous environment. " For all his scholastic and career-related success, one might expect Likins to have planned the steps he would take toward his future. But, he said, " life has always been a series of unexpected opportuni- ties. " " It ' s never been a planned development; and partly I think it was because I was too innocent, ignorant, uninform ed, uneducated to know how to dream, " Likins said. " I didn ' t know about the world I ' d grown into through my life experiences. You can ' t dream about being something you ' ve never heard of " With regard to his experiences and position at UA, he said, " I feel like I ' m part of a very im- portant effort to help the people of the state of Arizona find their way, realize their potential. As a university president, you have a chance to try to create a better univer- sity and to better position the people in the state of Arizona to fianction in this knowledge-based global society. It ' s the ultimate service for me. " You can ' t dream about being something you ' ve never heard of. Dr. Peter Likins University President .i nr- n m •♦» « e Delta ' au IDelu m 117 Tom Klein Professor Tom Klein was a business ma- jor in college with little idea as to wiiat lie would do witii his degree when he realized he had an " aptitude " for accounting. Klein received his undergrad in busi- ness administration from the University of Wisconsin. Milwaukee in 1984. He later completed a Master ' s degree in business taxation at Golden Gate University in San Francisco in 1991. With his degree Klein worked as an accountant at Deloitte and Touche. a large firm with corporate clients like Ross and the Gap. " [lt| was the best thing that could have ever happened to me because I ' ve learned so much and gotten to travel as a result of my appointments and I ' m just really fortu- nate that I had that experience, " he said. He found his job as a UA professor when his wife ' s career required that they move from California to Tucson. He was very happy teaching here, explaining that " it ' s not like real work, not that it ' s not hard, but I know what real work is like from doing that for 20 years and this is just, it ' s a pleasure working with the students. " It ' s those lessons from " real work " that he feels are an asset to him in the clas.s- room. " I can relate a lot of experiences I had with clients to the class as we ' re discussing these various concepts, " he said. He also isn ' t afraid to share with his stu- dents some of the less attering moments of his career. Klein recalled visiting a country club for a lunch interview. He thought the buffet, to be served by the staff, looked like " the Sizzler " and served himself. He said of the ordeal, " I ' m not sure if they were real des- perate or they thought it ' d be fun to have an idiot in the office but I got an offer at the end of the day anyhow. " He thinks that being a " cool professor " might come from being known as " the guy who incorporates trivia in the classroom. " " It ' s amazing how often, if you ' re at- tentive that there ' s references to accounting and taxes in the Simpson ' s, Seinfeld, mov- ies, etcetera. " He named the Simpson ' s and Seinfeld as his favorite shows and said he under- stood Homer ' s plight. " I can relate to Homer! " he said. " With all these embarrassing things that I ' ve done, I can definitely relate to Homer for sure. " He said of his role as a teacher, " My goal is to involve them as much as we can and get some good discussions going be- cause I think that ' s probably the most effective way of learning. " I John Folan I Professor John Folan ' s life at such a young age that he, " ...can ' t ever remember not wanting to be an architect. " As a child in Chicago, he re- members seeing the then two tallest sky.scrapers being built. He rode past the site frequently on the city bus his father drove. " I would watch outside the (bus) window and I saw the whole process, " he said. To him, Chicago was a great place for an aspiring architect to live. " That happened to be sort of a Renais.sance period of architecture; modern architecture in the city at that time, so really I think that was just a very fertile ground for anybody who had an interest in it, " Folan explained. The aspiring architect found inspi- ration in his parents. " My mother was someone I could look to as an example for someone who had passion for what she did. And I looked to my my father for his work ethic and also his moral ethics as well. " Folan attended the University of Il- linois during his years as an undergrad and recieved a graduate degree from the University of Pennslyvania.His professional career included contracts with the Air and Space Mu.seum and the Smithsonian. Folan was selected for the Five Star Faculty Award, chosen by UA students and presented by the Hone College. While he said he didn ' t fe like a " cool professor " , he though students might perceive him that w because of his sense of humor and his ability to unusual .scenarios order to make difficult concepts ea to understand. Folan looked at teaching as a w to give back. " I think I always wanted to be ile to contribute back to future genera- tions in the same way that people h 1 contributed to my education, " he sil. He also felt it was a way to address what he saw as a " gap in the abili- ties " of interns he had worked with i the past. " I think I make things ver difhcult for them because I think tl profession is incredibly difficult. " He said, however, that this ben is the students in the long run becaus " once they ' ve finished, they ' ve ac- complished a tremendous amount and they have a tremendous amoui of confidence. " Among other thin . when teaching his students Folan sd he wants to instill them with a levc ; f passion and train them to be humb " sm. loolcdlieachinEa! Dr. Suzanne Delaney A popular Gen Ed on campus is INDV 101 Structure of Mind and Behavior. Professor Suzanne Delaney teaches the class and her name might as well be syn- onomus with the course title. Delaney describes herself as a " beach kid " who developed an interest in psychology at a young age. " Early on I was interested in parapsychology; certain things like psychics and telekinesis and those sorts of things. I was curious to see whether those kinds of things could be researched carefully. She also recounted her introduction to one of psychology ' s greats, Sigmund Freud, " I remember I was 10 years old or so and... I was up at UC San Diego wit h my brother who played softball up there and I sat down (5 on the grass watching him play softball and one of O the UCSD undergraduates came down and explained Freud to me. " She continued, " So, it seems like whenever I heard about it I was interested in it. " Her interest also grew out of helping her sister, who has 8 special needs, learn how to read. " We got to a point 4) where she could read single words, but she o " • could never read sentences. Why is it that she couldn ' t make that next jump? And so that was something else that I was kind of curious about. " Delaney obtained her Bachelor ' s degree from UC Santa Cruz and, after attending the University of Pittsburg for a time, she made her way UA and finished her Ph,.D. She began taking on preceptorships as an undergrad and continued them during her graduate work here. When the time came for Delaney ' s mentor to move on to other things, Delaney instead decided to make Tucson her home. " I had been moving a lot, " she said " and moving every two or three years for the last several years and I was really ready to be dug in. " She highlighted the " warm winters, " landscape, varying political viewpoints and the " youthful energy " she felt here as reasons that kept her a Tucsonan. " Once I came I was ready to stay, " she said. Of her childhood she said, " I really grew up in southern California in the 70s where there was a lot of emphasis on creativity. " She later added, " Punk hadn ' t quite come in yet but it was on its way. It was kind of a non-judgmental time. " That " non-judgemental time " lended it.self to the development what she felt was a sense of acceptance of others in herself and her peers. " We sort of validate that everyone ' s life has its own way of going; and that my tim- ing isn ' t the same as your timing. " With regard to her course and its themes, Delaney said, " It must have been the late 90 ' s I started teaching this course and I absolutely love it. We get to talk about the architecture of the mind and different kinds of illusions. " Different students can take different things away from her class. Some benefit most from the lectures on psycho- logical disorders, as some of them might have loved ones struggling with a disorder, while others enjoy the visual illusions, memory or social psychology portions of the course. For Delaney, the definition of a " cool professor " comes from her days in school. " I think back to my professors, someone who I think would be cool would be someone who doesn ' t scold me and .someone who ' s just kind of interested .fc in... wherever you are is where we should start the learning process. " She also values humor in her classroom. " We laugh a lot in there, " she said. Delaney has no shortage of goals for her students. " I have a lot of goals in teaching... I have kind of a different goal for each person in a way; again, depending what you ' re coming into the situation with. " She had pogniant things to say about learning as well. " I think a really important part of beginning to be a wise person, or a thought- ful person, is to know that you don ' t know stuff. " She feels that the visual illusions discussed in her class help her show her students that, " It ' s not always black and white and that you don ' t always have to know what ' s right and what ' s wrong. It ' s good to have tolerance for maybe having two ideas on what might be right. " She said of responsibility to teach, " The other thing that to me is really important about education is the extent to which it empowers individuals. When you know you can get information independently of the experts and that it ' s okay to not always believe the experts, but at least check out that they ' re right, I think that that ' s hugely empow- ering. " 119 we re outt hy Lauren Miller . nlicipation. Flutter Fetti and a tew rogue tortillas filled the air on May 14 as more than 5.400 UA seniors became the newest Wildcat alumni. McKale stadium was packed as friends and family cheered on the graduates in the UA ' s 1 32nd commencement ceremonies. " Graduation was such a fun time it was a chance to be with all your friends to share a very exciting and a little scary moment in your life, " said Andrew Chang, a molecular and cel- lular biology senior. " It may not seem like a lot of things while it happened, but when everybody looks back on the last 4 or so years, we should all be very proud, " he said. 4,013 undergraduates received diplomas, while degrees were awarded to 867 master ' s and 262 doctoral candidates, according to UA News Services. President Peter Likins teamed up with ASUA to offer Flutter Fetti as an alternative to the torti- lla throwing that continued to create controversy. The red and blue confetti blanked the graduates as they cheered, breathing a final sigh of relief with their degrees in hand. However, despite security checkpoints and pleas from the admin- istration, the infamous tortillas were tossed with the hats. Robert Sarver, majority owner of the Phoe- nix Suns, offered up his words of advice in the morning ceremony. Sarver graduated from UA in 1982 with a degree in business administration and owned his first bank by age 23 and bought the Phoenix Suns in 2004. Sarver let graduates in on his personal secrets to success: " (...) You gotta have a passion for what you do. Make your sacrifices early financially, but pick a profession and pick a job that you have a, strong passion for. And if you ' re lucky, too, tryj pick a city to do it in that you really like living ii You see, the happier you are with what you do, i the better you ' re going to be at it. " Always be able to look yourself in the min and like what you see. If at the end of the day, t only thing you got going for you is your reputa-i tion. " In the classroom you go farther by studying and putting in emphasis on the things you ' re no. good at. In the business workplace, you ' re goin;, to create more value for yourself by exploiting , your strengths. And, finally, in school you can } keep hitting that snooze button in the morning. : did it. Sometimes I ' d skip school because I was| tired. Sometimes I was hung over. Sometimes l| drove around and I just couldn ' t get a good parkj Seniors, masters and PhD candidates and their families gather in McKale Center to celebrate at the morning ceremony of 2005 Gradua- tion. Robert Sarver, a financier and businessman best know as owner of the Pheonix Suns basketball team, gave the commencement address. 121 ,:: • ft«f v? The end of a long journey came in May for thousands UA students as they filled into IVIcKale iii Center one last time as students, and j exited as Alumni. J!i-nHg " i; f--M • -c- ' ■A ik li " M 0iff ' fTfl . :- m ing space. " Make the commitment today, as you go forward, to make other people around you better. You will never be the MVP of your organization or business, or even your family, if you don ' t make that commitment to make other people around you better at what they do. " In the afternoon. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., offered a more political tone to graduates. McCain, who gradu- ated from the United States Naval Academy in 1958, spoke on human rights, democracy and the responsibility of all graduates: " I have long believed that the true worth of a person is measured by how faithfully we serve a cause greater than our self-interest that encompasses us but is not defined by our existence alone. " I ' m always reminded of an observation about de- bates in the place I work, the U.S. Senate. " Everything that could be said about the subject has been said. But not everyone has said it. " So let me just say that I wish you all well. This is a wonderful time to be alive and to have your opportunities. Make the most of them " " We must use our power and in uence not only for security and prosperity, but to promote the concepts we hold dear, including democracy and the panoply of hu- man rights. " Who is responsible for monitoring and promoting human rights? Every one of us. (...)Each of you has the responsibility to promote this cause that is greater than your self-interest, to use your freedom to help ensure the liberty of those who are denied it. The world is about to become your responsibility. Even if you are never elected to any office, never meet a foreign policy professional, and never scour the pages of the Economist and Foreign Affairs, a responsibility remains. " No truer words have been uttered than those of John Dunne, when he said no man is an island. In thinking about the value of human lives in far away places, we just as well might think of our own. With singular elegance, the great poet summed up the intended meaning of this speech today: " Any man ' s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. " Speech transcripts provided by Jeff Harrison of UA News Services 123 i 1 , :S i N Jk tjaliL. ' 0: ' : Hl« • 2004pac-10 chamf liniEHIiilMliiii Midfielder Mallory Miller Kevin B. Klaus Desert Yearbook 127 V ws t ' M 1 i ■ €« I soccer shocker: wildcats transform Tucson into Titletown by Amanda Branam and Brett Fera t seems only fitting that an ice-cold, snow-filled day proved most success- fill in slowing Tucson ' s hottest success . story of the year. But not even a first-round loss - amidst a blanket of ice and snow at Morrone Stadium in Storrs, Conn. — could break the spirits of the UA women ' s soccer team. - " We had a great season and we were i:. . -■t Tobias earns national, pac-10 ■coach of the year honors honored to be one of the seeded teams out here. I think we were disappointed in the result and the fact that we didn ' t perform to our capability, " said UA second-year head coach Dan Tobias. Tobias may have thought his Wildcats could have performed better during that first round loss, but nobody - except for maybe the players themselves - could have predicted the kind of season Arizona would end up having. " Our team goal at the beginning of August was to make it to the tournament this year, " said junior co-captain Jennifer Klein. " Our focus was to take it game-by-game and that ' s what we did. We accomplished our goal, but our team is not satisfied. We got here, but w are not satisfied. We want more. " Arizona did get more than just its first NCAA berth, however. Tobias coached the team from a last-place tie in his first season to their first-ever Pacific 10 Conference championship in his second which was shared with UCLA. This season also marked Arizona ' s first appearance in the Top-25 rankings, where the team was ranked as high as No. 10. " 1 think the team did such a good job with their mentality, " added Tobias, who was named Soccer America Magazine ' s National ' Coach of the Year. " They literally took it one game at a time. We certainly didn ' t look back on our history, and we didn ' t look forward. ' The Wildcats set or tied 3 1 different team or individual records, many of them by considerable margins. The program record for most wins in a season was eight, and the Wildcats nearly doubled that with 15 this season. They won six Pac-10 games, when the previ ous record was two. The Wildcat defense - anchored by freshman goalkeeper McCall Smith - allowed just 1 1 goals the entire season, ■ compared to the previous best of 3 1 . Smith recorded 1 1 shutouts on the season as well. in addition to winning National Coach of the Year, Tobias was also named Pac-10 Conference Coach of the Year and West Region Coach of the Year for NSCAA Adidas and Soccer Buzz magazine. Tobias became the second coach in Pac-10 history to win coach of the year two times. He won his first coach of the year honor in 2002 when he was head coach of Washington State. Looking ahead to his third season at the helm, Tobias said he is looking forward to seeing the majority of his team returning as un- derclassmen in the fall. " It ' s reloading instead of rebuilding, " he said. 12 Vanesha Bailey • 17 Kamaya Damwijk 28 LIndsey Peoples • 8 Candlce Wllks fii : m t- i ' n 4 V for maybe tlic WirKleiiL ' Our " ' ■ ' Mipabseconi, «ZK ' sNatioiial eWlookforwaii ' pupBitcoidfor lpK,vlKiitiieprciii IBkfctdire season. |Upper left: UA junior midfielder Mallor Miller I (5) led the Wildcats in scoring in 2004 with five goals and nine assists, good for 19 I points. The Tucson native also led the team s by starting all but one of the Wildcats 20 I games. -J u Upper right: Freshman goalkeeper McCall I Smith recorded a school-record 11 shutouts C in 2004. The previous career record was !? eight. over the hills by Brett Ferci t ' s believed that collegiate dis- tance runners, like DA sopho- more Robert Cheseret. use the fall cross county season to prepare for the spring track and field schedule. But gauged by the way Cheseret has proven to run his fall schedule - dominating races and blowing by opponents - it wouldn ' t be suiprising if the Kenya native took exactly the opposite approach. Cheseret finished his second season for head coach James Li ' s program by not only pacing the Wildcats to a sixth place finish at the Pacific 10 Confer- ence championships, but more notably by winning the conference individual title, edging Stanford ' s Ryan Hall at the finish line after overtaking Hall during the last 800 meters of the race in San Francisco ' s Golden Gate Park. Cheseret also represented the Wild- cats at the NCAA Championships, along with Beth Hoge. who placed 33 ' ' ' overall in the prestigious Roy Gri- ak Invitational in Minneapolis. Minn., before sweeping the ASU Invitational, from the women ' s team. Cheseret earned Ail-American hon- ors by finishing ninth overall in the 10.000-meter race in Terre Haute, Ind. " i ' m really quite happy, " Li said after the event, which also saw Hoge place 1 82 ' " out of the nearly 250 par- ticipating women. " It wasn ' t a great race for Beth because the course was really muddy. This was a very signifi- cant improvement for Robert from last year ' s cross country season. Cheseret ' s efforts earned him Pac-10 male cross country Athlete of the Year honors, while freshman Mohamed Trafeh looks to continue Cheseret ' s legacy, earning Newcomer of the Year honors in his debut season. RlZONA )28. !V C ti AKlZON i 26 3ii3 r i ( t •- - Right: Junior Robert Cheseret won his second na- tional title In Sacramento at the NCAA Track and Field Champi- onships by winning the 10,000 meter race. canid him Wntn Athlete »«efehn »f wcomer s debut iieason. ZONA r 5 1V S: tv O) marchin ' with the % r X ; ■ lie IJA niaiching band belter known as the Pride of Arizona may be most vis- ible to the student body during hallliine of football games, when the more than 250 members strut their stiifllo the beat of some of the most recognizable pop music of the from the Red 1 lot Chili Peppers to Oiugo Boingo. Pink Floyd to Crosby. Stills. Nash Young, lo this year ' s musical selection, fhe Talking I leads, associate director of bands and Pride of Arizona front man Jay C. Rees has created a centerpiece musical show that in recent years has been arguably more excit- ing than the football games themselves. liut the halflime show the Pride is the Fall 2005 season - is just a small part of what the IJA marching band does, said band member Rachel Peterson. " My faxorile part of being in the march- ing band is defmilely IJofA Band Day. " says Peterson, a music history senior at the UA. of the Pride of Arizona ' s annual tiadition of inviting local high school bands to play at Arizona Stadium. " Wc end up performing lo a bunch of people who really understand what wc do and appreciate what we do. " Peterson said she and her fellow band members certainly love performing in front of crowds at football games. But w ith nearly 40 high school bands in attendance, equating to a crowd of 5.000 fellow musical master- minds, the chance to really show their slulT is something the members of the Pride relish each year. lintering the HA four years ago as an out of state sludenl. Peterson said being a part of such a large, yet close-knit group, like the Pride of Arizona so early in her college ca- reer helped her not only get better acclimated to the University, but forge life-long friend- ships as well. " Fm an out of state student and 1 came here when I was a freshman and I knew nobody. 1 didn ' t know a single person, " Peterson said, noting the rigorous, seven-day. end-of-suminer spectacle known as band camp was the first place she met fellow UA students. " Once band camp ended I started the school year with this great set of friends. 1 don ' t think there ' s any other organization on campus that can give you this friend base so quickly. I can ' t imagine not doing it. " y .. ' j : M s ' w I don ' t think there ' s any other orga- nization on campus that can give you this friend base so quickly. I can ' t imagine not doing it. Rachel Petersen music history senior r 1 3 s 2 1 II 1 I peppin Football, Basketball, Voll J is " ' " ' V -% ' » UA pep band members perform at various men ' s bas- ketball games throughout the season. The pep band has the privilage of performing at tournament games as well as all regular season home games. Sage Whitmore, drum set ip ih e c ro wd all,VoL3aii: this band does it all! m • 35 ' : ' l- ' r ' i:4 ' i? -.sw - j Sjl ■) ' Klaus Desert Yearbook Right: Mary Beth IVIaynard is congratulated by band di- rectors Jay C. Rees and Kelly Thomas during the last basketball game in McKale Center. The seniors were recognized during the final home game of the year. year one of Stoops era defined by close calls, rivalry upset hy ChcirlL ' s Reniiing oming in with just three wins in 10 tries during head coach Mike Stoops ' inaugural season, the Ari- zona football team treated its season-ending game with in-state rival Arizona State as its bowl When the Wildcats pulled off the 34-27 ups No. 1 8 Sun Bowl-bound Sun Devils, Nov. 26. 2004, at Arizona Stadium, the Arizona fans treated it the same, spilling onto the field and celebrating with other Wildcat fans, players and coaches. " There ' s no other feeling than to go out on senior day and beat our cross-town rivals who were heavy favorites, " said senior receiver Ricky Williams amongst a crowd of red and blue clad Wildcat fans on the Arizona Stadium field following the win. " We had to hear all week how they were going to come down here and beat us and beat us by a great amount of points. We all came together and made plays. We were challenged all week by our coaches to make plays and that ' s what we did. " " The whole group played hard. " said Arizona defensive coordinator Mark Stoops. " These seniors deserved it and our landmark win, but we ' ve got a long, long way to go. " Head coach Mike Stoops was doused with water following the y r .. g gM»jSi«fe aM ?h; af Wi %i UA wide receiver Mil e Jefferson cel- ebrates his toiiclulown catcli near the end of the second quarter of the VMId- cats ' 34-27 victory over Arizona State at Arizona Stadium. win, and fans surrounded the first-year coach on the field chanting his name. With about a dozen fans sitting on the goal post. Stoops and the team accepted the Territorial Cup. the oldest rivalry trophy in college football, for the win over the Sun Devils. f Stoops thanked his coaches, team and the UA fans while on the podium at midfield. This was the fifth time in the last 22 years an underdog UA team has knocked off a nationally ranked ASU squad. " They kind of underestimated us, thinking we were a team going down- hill, " said junior running back Mike Bell, who ended the game with 139 yards rushing. " We always kept fighting. This is our bowl game. It was great. We won at our home for the seniors, for coach Stoops and for all the stuff that has happened to us. " Redshirt freshman quarterback Richard Kovalcheck was awarded the game ' s MVP trophy for his 1 7-for-3 1 , 239-yard, three-touchdown passing performance. " There were open receivers and they made plays, " he said. " We went downfield a little more, put everything together and guys started making plays. Today we brought it all together " " We didn ' t have a lot of good things happen to us throughout the course of the year, but we had a lot of good things happen to us today. " Stoops said after his first taste of the UA-ASU rivalry. " Maybe the gods do even things out as the year go out. We got some good breaks and that always helps in close games. We knew we matched up well with this team and had a lot of confidence going into this game, regardless of records. " Aside from the win over ASU, the Wildcats carried a lot of confidence out of the game, vowing to improve in the off-season and using this game as momentum to taking the program to another level. After receiving the MVP trophy on a stage at midfield, talking to the fans remaining in the stadium, Kovalcheck summed up the entire team ' s attitude following the victory. " See you in September, " he said; and the remaining Arizona Stadium crowd cheered. •I. J t i », i «i» M y f r y,=,U-t r : T4- ♦ iPf ' J W j:r- ' S V jkik ll ) ' i ' i? ' ,-- r C5g Ph r ' TM ■ " ■ jl - ■ i ii Hm « ' -ur ■♦■« 5 ' i5«i» - •Va- :•.- - A ;.-; -i troops ho cxpoclations vvcic set. — Mike Stoops, the third Arizona head foot- biill coaeh in the past (i e seasons - hired after the uncereinonioLis departure oC.lohn Maekovie midway through the 2003 season - had. after all. been by the side of his brother Bob. head eoaeh at Oklahoma, lor a National C hampionship. a Heisman Trophy winner and a Rose Bow 1 ietory. He was, after all, brought in to work s ithin the same athletics program as UA men ' s basketball coach Lute Olson owner of five Final Four appear- ances and the best record in college hoops over the past 18 seasons and sol ' tball coach Mike Candrea, he of the 2004 Olympic Gold Medal, more than 1 ,000 V iciorics, and five count ' em, five - national And how about llie fact that Sloops, born intt) )Otball coachinu fraternity legacy that includes brother Mark - Arizona ' s sivc coordinator - hadn ' t a head coach, on any level? Any expectations there? " It ' s not any different from hen 1 was at Okla- homa or Kansas State, " Sloops said about his time spent coaching under Bob at OU and the legendary Bill Snyder at KSU. " 1 approach every game the same and new otTen- It ' s not any different from when I was at Oklahoma or Kan- sas State. " Mike Stoops Head Coach our players and of myself. Be prepared and ready to play. " Despite just three wins in his inaugural season, it ' s ditlieult to see how the Stoops effect has been anything but a positi e one. As the season ' s first game rapidly approached, student-ticket sales - in the revamped ZonaZoo student section - skyrocketed past previous records, while season ticket sales nearly reached record numbers as well, with 25.000 ordered Just a week prior to kickoff. On the field, a program-resurrecting home over bowl-bound .Arizona Stale at Arizt)na Stadium, coupled with surprisingly competitisc efforts against Washington State, Bowl Championship Series bound Utah and Big 10 power Wisconsin - all at home, no less ga c fans hope in the future of the program. Keep in mind that the Wildcats were in place to drop both the C ougars and Badgers, if not for a missed lasl-minLite field goal and a late-game fumble when running out the clock was all that was left. Add those two w ins to the equation, and the Wildcats would have been knocking on the door of postseason play. moBai- .iTheoi n not Kiy dnMi fccnwhenlwasat OMoinaorKan ' wSble. ' mm tteJCos: . A l.L 1 |MVt : ? S; . -1v fe- , ?5:|; % ■ Those same fans of Arizona football may still be reluctant to pre- ordcr bowl game tickets for the 2005 season, unsure of the immediate future despite ready for a long-term run, but that doesn ' t keep Stoops from being confident in his program right now. " We will win. and wc will do it in a very quick way. " Stoops said shortly after his hiring was announced. Oh, really? " We probably won ' t win a national championship in two years. " Stoops later said, in response to how he and his brother took Okla- homa from a sub-. 500 ball club to a national championship in just two seasons. " But maybe three. " v ■. , da ice he 2004 Arizona vol- leyball team was no stranger to adversity as it weathered several injuries and consequent lineup changes early in the sea- son. But in the end the Wildcats came out on top and advanced to the sec- ond round of the NCAA tournament for the team ' s ninth consecutive postsea- son appearance. The Wildcats swept past UC Irvine in the first round on Dec. 3, 2004. but fell to No. 9 San Diego in a five-game heartbreaker (30-28, 30-28, 25-30, 27-30. 15-13) in second round action the following day on the Torero ' s home court, Jenny Craig Pavil- ion. Arizona finished the season with a record of 19 " I think that it was two separate seasons for us, " said UA head coach Dave Rubio. " You have the first half when we were riddled with injuries and had dif- ferent lineups. Then in the second half we got healthy and made improvements and I had a good a coach- ing experience as I have had here. They bought into everything that I asked them to do. " The season was marked including a five-match errorless streak by senior middle blocker Jolene Killough from Oct. 15 to Nov. 5, 2004. Over that period, Killough recorded 49 kills on 72 attempts with no errors for a .681 hitting percentage. She ended the season ranked 10th nationally with a .400 clip and was also named to the All-Pacific- 1 team, along with junior outside hitter Kim Glass. " I never think about wanting to make an error, " said Killough, whose lack of production limited her playing time earlier in the year. " I was practicing fine during that time, just struggling in the games. As long as I kept practic- ing hard. I knew I would come out of it at some point. " Senior and libero Kelli Mulvany climbed into second-place all-time at Arizona in digs with 1,174 and led the team in digs 17 times on the season while junior outside hitter Jennifer Abernathy was named Pacific 10 Player of the Week for Sept. 7-12, 2004. Abernathy notched 50 kills with 22 errors on 1 1 1 attempts in addition to 25 digs over that period. " I ' m excited about ev- erything, " Abernathy said. " I think this season, more than last season, I ' ve been a lot more consistent, and I think that ' s been helping with my stats. " The UA coaching staff is confident that the Wildcats ' 2004 postseason performance will give the squad the momentum it needs in 2005. ■ " This year there is such a strong determination and strength. " Rubio said. " That ' s the thing that re- ally strikes me. I haven ' t sent this level of commit- ment and readiness to go out and do what (is neces- sary) to be successful at the level they can achieve. Right now they know what need to do. " " ■■« « MBr.-s!»S«SN«s ' ? ' ' ««lli tlfad was also " AeAll-PacJc. ■•• ' ' ■? illi junior facf Kim Glass ■Awioii limited her «liaie«arliermtlie ■JUlkcplpractic- ■11 knew I would tow of II ai some tan climbed iito r ' - kjaioc outside hitter lifcrAkcniiliywas IW.K WJ0kilkwidi22 nM III attempts in JMID 25 dies over ! " ■ ncilcd about ev- kh|. ' Abaniliysai(l. jKlKiwn. I ' ve been : MR consistent, and dlto ' s been helping VIA coaching [Bcoiifideniitoilie •20W postseason ■nneniumii I I ' m excited about everything...! think this season, more than last season, I ' ve been a lot more consistent. Jennifer Abernathy Junior Outside Hitter 4 - m m SLa 1 m i4 i i ? oil P danclii ' the U 4SW;iVrv«?»-.-.-R by Brett Ferci t ' s not all fun and games for the Arizona Pom Line the unofficial, official first fans of Wildcat sports teams. Sure, sitting courtsidc for men ' s basketball games and on the sidelines at football games, cheering the Wild- cats on to victory, is a pretty sweet perk. But the rewards get even sweeter when the hard work and early-morn- ing wakeup calls pay off like it did in February. The 2004-2005 Pom Line took third place at the U.S. Spirit Association ' s national dance team championships in Las Vegas, marking the team ' s second top-three finish in the last four years. The other: the 2002 national champion- With majors ranging from dance and theatre arts to business and com- munication, what possibly makes the final product that much more reward- ing for this UA team is that any schol- arship its members receive has to come from the classroom. What presumably makes it more frustrating is that any dollar it spends has to be self-earned, as the squad isn ' t financially supported by the athletics department despite being the center of attention during any stopping of action at the campus ' two most popular sets of sporting events. Even still, the more than 15 mem- bers fight for floor time in McKale Center, all while battling the clock and the classroom in the meantime; all because they bleed red and blue. ■ « ■1. f l! iSm SlBhi r , l f -f i ' ' ' -; La K -I. icecats bring heat to frozen rink fhy Brett Fera or a program so used to winning, and a coach so used to dominating, the last two seasons of hockey in the Tucson Convention Center have been anything but con- ventional. The Arizona Icecats came into the 2004-2005 campaign looking to right the ship that turned awry during what was supposed to be a season of celebra- practically dominating most of the American Collegiate Hockey Association, includ- ing a string of— that ' s right — 24 straight postseason appearances, the hockey gods finally had enough of the team from the desert, at least for one year as the Ice- cats skidded to a final mark of 13-12-1. But in a simple twist of double dcja vu, the 2004- 2005 season ended for the Arizona men ' s club hockey team the same way it began, and ultimately the same way the season ended a year ago as well: on the losing end. ASU took a pair from the Icecats in late Febru- ary to close out the season at the Madhouse on Main Street, sending seniors like defenseman Mike Smith, center Mickey Meehan and forwards Shaun Brooks and Don Holtz out on a sour note. " The kids didn ' t get a lot of breaks this season, " said UA head coach Leo Golem- biewski, after the Icecats rode a lead into their final minute of play, only to see the Sun Devils come back to win in overtime. " But I ' m very proud of this team. " " It was a real barnburner; sometimes it just happens like that, " said senior de- fenseman Keith Mitchell, a UA co-captain and blue line staple during his final two seasons. " These guys played their hearts out for 60 minutes, " Golembiewski said. " If we can play this tough as undermanned as we were all semester, it says a lot. " Arizona was without senior co-captain Mickey Meehan for the final 10 games because of a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Fellow co-captain, junior Mike Pelletier, missed the a severe concussion. But other Wildcat lead- ers, like embattled goalten- der Brian Aronchick, can leave the Icecats proud of what they ' ve accomplished during their time with the program, according to Golembiewski. " He ' s the most talented goalie I ' ve ever coached, " Golembiewski said of his Aronchick. The departure of Aronch- ick, the first UA goaltender t o appear in 100 games, un- doubtedly leaves one of the biggest holes to fill come next season. But if Arizona comes back in the fall with the same fight it left with, head coach Golembiewski — and the rest of the thou- sands of Icecat faithful who pack the downtown arena every game — will be ready to celebrate again. m v i -ff. I Cats go from hunter to hunted in Pac-10 title defense hy Lindsey Frazier uccess isn ' t always measured in championsiiips, something the UA women ' s basicetbaii team, led by standouts Dee-Dee Wheeler on the perimeter and Shawntinice Polk in the paint, can certainly attest to. Despite a season of injuries and the end of the nation ' s longest home winning streak, Wildcat head coach Joan Bonvicini said that the team still accomplished plenty. " 1 think that we def initely had high aspirations going in, " Bonvicini said, as the Wildcats shared the Pacific 1 Championship with Stanford in 2004. This season, Arizona finished fifth in the Pac-10 with a 20- 1 2 overall record and an 11-7 conference mark. Bonvicini said she credits Arizona ' s irregularity on the court in part to its slew of injuries. " When we started having injuries, it made it difficult to be consistent in both practice and games, " Bonvicini said. " (This was) the most (injuries) I ' ve ever had. " ' Bonvicini noted Arizona ' s home win against Univer- sity of California, Santa Barbara, the road victory over then-No. 19 UCLA, and sweep of Southern California and UCLA in McKale Center as high points on the season. But none of those milestones compare to the Wildcats ' 72-69 win in the first round of the NCAA Tournament over No. 8 seed Oklahoma on March 20, 2005. The vic- tory marked Arizona ' s only first-round win since 2000. " I think the biggest part was that we really regrouped and got back in the NCAAs and won, " Bonvicini said. " I think to do that was a big step forward. I think for this team (the first round win) was a huge confidence boost. I think for our seniors, it was a great way for them to go out. " Seniors Wheeler, Katrina Lindner and Danielle Ad- efeso ended their collegiate careers in the 76-43 second- round loss to No. 1 seed Louisiana State University. Although she maintains that the season was success- ful, Bonvicini admitted that it was also disappointing. " I was disappointed because talent-wise we were bet- ter, " said Bonvicini, about the team ' s conference finish. Bonvicini recorded her 250th win at Arizona on Jan. 16,2005, in a win over UCLA. « i ' ' . f f K ' i . ' Willi the departure of point guard Wheeler, Bon- vicini said she anticipates freshman guard Ashley Whisonant to man the point next season. " Ashley, I thought, had a very good freshman year. " Bonvicini said. " I thought she was instru- mental off the bench, a spark plug, excellent ball handler, excellent defender. " Bonvicini added that while Whisonant is the No. 1 candidate, Arizona is looking to sign another point guard. " It ' s Ashley ' s to lose, " Bonvicini added. " I think the biggest thing Ashley ' s got to work on is being a little bit more vocal. I think she ' s got to be more forceful at times because (the point guard) is an extension of me. " Arizona has signed three letters of intent - guard Kelsey Burns, forward Whitney Fields and forward Amina Njonkou - and is looking to ink one more. Njonkou of Foumban, Cameroon, is the Wildcats ' tirst-ever African player. In the offseason. Bonvicini said Arizona ' s focus will be on recovering from injuries. She added that junior center Polk needs to return to game shape and that she expects freshman guard Jessica Arnold to recover well from surgery on her left shoulder. " The other kids just need to rest. We really need to get healthy here, but I think we ' re going to have a " .ood team. " she said. ■ m 1 HH K s l .. - ■■ ,■ fWw Srl H " ' K ,1 % H L SH I 1 ! i ■tMt lite ' H ' tfn • i ' A C X Wheeler raises the bar - I ' ve grown not only as a player, but as a young woman as well. Dee-Dee Wheeler Senior Guard , hy Lindsey Frazier As Chicago native Dee-Dec Wheeler entered her senior year with the UA women ' s basketball team, the pressure was on to better the feats she accomplished in her first three years - namely back-to-back team MVP awards on top of leading tjjg Wil ats to the first Pac-10 championship in team histoiy. j One of the team ' s biggest leaders and I ' ve grown not most recognizable faces, player, but as Wheeler destroyed and reset several milestones woman as we in the Arizona record books during her final season in Tucson. Wheeler ended her career as Arizona ' s second all-time leading scorer with 1 ,966 points and tops the list in games played (124), games started (118), minutes played (4,032), minutes per game average (32.5) and steals (304). She also ranks in the top 10 in 13 other statistical categories. While Wheeler downplays the importance of these records, she puts the team ' s success ahead of her own personal achievements. " Well, those accolades don ' t mean much, " Wheeler said. " But this season I dedicated to my grandma, so those are great honors to have in her name. I prefer to have a better season than we had this year and not have any mile- stones left here. But those are great things to be reached, and I ' m glad to have reached them. " Since coming to the UA, Wheeler .said she has experienced some changes both on and off the court. " I ' ve grown not only as a player but as a young woman as well, " she said. " It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman. But I ' ve grown as a point guard coming in as a shooting guard out of high school. Just by playing, I ' ve learned a lot in terms of decision making. " Although Wheeler has witnessed some trans- formations, the Arizona coaching staff said she made an immediate influence on the team when she first joined four years ago. " I think Dee-Dee — I ' ve said this time and again — she ' s been an impact player from the mo- ment she put on an Arizona only as a uniform, " said Arizona head vounq coach Joan Bonvicini. " She ' s a great competitor. I think she ' s gotten better every sea- e-Dee Wheeler , ■ , - jj j g Senior Guard Dee-Dee to do is to lead her team back to the NCAA playoffs. 1 think she ' s really developed into a good leader, but I think she ' s still learning that. " In addition, Wheeler was also forced to adapt to the Tucson environment, which she said dif- fers dramatically from the Windy City. " Tucson is definitely different from Chi- cago, where 1 was raised and where I want to go back and live, " Wheeler said. " I ' m definitely going to miss the Tucso atmosphere. Bui the university has - been a really great experience for me. ] Just being a part of it was really great, and I ' m glad I made the decision ; to come here and u ilT tP i! V J 1 1 • 5l J H B 1 . 1 li tn f . BfNilO- Fofilicnait) ' ' ' j;illdjndiw " fdiiKS.Will ' te Hnj Hr ' IK ' ■k l LJ ,S «»owj« - " ■ ' V-f .sr«i ■ ll r- cr- " catchin ' the . Ihy liicll I ' crci I ' s not about the scholarships or in this case the lack thereof, and it ' s certainly not about a few free pairs of Nikes, lor the nearly 30 select, highly- skilled and meticulously-trained mem- bers of the UA cheer squad, including Arizona ' s favorite felines, Wilbur " and Wilma, the • reward of being the ultimate liaison be- V £ twcen the fans and ' the games they love is reward enough. Practicing six times a week, with workouts often beginning before 6 a.m., members of the UA cheer team are expected to be just that - a team. " I ' m proud of the efTort they put , in. We expect hard X work, but they get : fun out of it, " said Jon Kruse. ' Hun like being able to travel with the Wildcat foot- ball, volleyball, men ' s basketball and women ' s basketball teams to postseason competitions, and the chance to cheer on their school in front of thousands of fans each week. Sophomore Taylor Hendrickst)n, the team ' s captain, said that while taking so many trips can often catch up with them. of being able to travel the country repre- senting the university. coming back Bp H tournaments and - missing a lot of i ii BH|l| school. It ' s a great experience being oh the road with the team and representing the school, " said 1 lendrickson. named the team ' s captain in 2005 a spot usu- ally designated to a senior despite her second-year ua spin Vni " " 1 was _ honored to be nominated, " I lendrickson said. " It s excit- ing that people thought of me I as a leader. 1 I knew it would be hard, but I ■c wanted to do ;. i the job. " ' ] With a § grueling, three- day tryout L ' § taking place each spring, a new crop of cheerleaders has been selected to cheer the Wildcat teams to victory in the fall. " I ' ryouts are overwhelming because there are all these new people competing for a few spots on the team. " I lendrick- son said. " It ' s like working out for a full day. " to work hard and reap the benefits that coine along with being on the team, " added Kruse. HT - iyK ' f ; tmmmm.j. ARIZONA I J - 1 ■ m % H I " T „, 1 1 n 1 , ' 1 P l V ■ A r JH v " ■ i . .J W S «a OS - ' ■ v l ' ' p w - if m i PaC-10 HOOPS! g } dial A 4 f PA k r ' " , ' ' " 1 • iyny Guard Salim Stoudamire Jacob Konst Desert Yearbook V i f H o close .,-« i.3£«!iJS ' S»SK ' »WSfffiaga )V Brefl Fera efore anyone ' s tear ducts open ' up again when seeing that the UA men ' s basicetbaii team squandered a 15-polnt lead in the final four minutes of their heartbreaking. Elite Eight loss to top-ranked Illinois in Chicago - a loss that left seniors Salim Stoudamire and Channing Frye as the only four-year class since 1993 to fail to make a Final Four it ' s important to take a look at what the Wildcats did accomplish this season: - Thirty wins for just the third time in school history Earning a nation ' s-best 21 " con- secutive trip to the NCAA tournament as well as their 1 8 " ' straight 20-win season 1 lead coach Lute Olson surpassed legendary John Wooden as the Pac-lO ' s all-time winningest coach - Three of Arizona ' s 30 wins - at home over UCLA, in Tempe over ASU and in the Sweet 16 over Oklahoma State - came on last-ditch eflbrts from Stoudamire, who led the nation in 3-point shooting and effectively putting to rest talk from the other coast - and ESPN ' s Dick Vitalc - that Duke ' s J.J. Redick is the best pure shooter in the country - Stoudamirc ' s game-winner against ASU won the Wildcats their 11 ' " Pac-10 title under Olson And the list goes on. But just because the Wildcats ' return to prominence after a dismal first-round NCAA exit in 2004 to mediocre Seton Hall was littered with mini success stories doesn ' t mean the thought of being within an arm ' s length of reaching col- lege basketball ' s promised land doesn ' t still sting. " It hurts, it hurts a lot knowing how hard you worked all season, " said UA freshman Jawann McClellan, who broke out as the Wildcats ' true sixth man down the stretch of his first campaign in Tucson. McClellan contends that the Wildcats : should have won the game against Il- linois, and been on their way to St. Louis Instead, it was the favored lllini who made the short trip to the Arch, only to fall to North Carolina in the title game. " We were the better team out th ere for 36 minutes, " McClellan said. For Olson, never one to shy away from being critical of his team when they fail to reach their prescribed goals, the loss to Illinois hurt in a different way than usual. " It was really hard for me, but it was hard for me for the kids, " he said. " If yoi didn ' t care who won, I don ' t know that you could ask for more of an effort out o a bunch of kids on both teams. This gauK was played at a high level, with unbeliev able passion and intensity. We had our chances; we just didn ' t close them off. " Looking forward to another semi- rebuilding campaign in 2005-2006, minus Frye and Stoudamire, but with the much-improved Ivan Radenovic and Kirk Walters down low and the ready- to-shine Mustafa Shakur quarterbacking the offense in a make-or-break year for the junior point guard, the Wildcats knov they have their work cut out for them. Work like knocking off Pac-10 tournament champion and No. I NCAA seed Washington, who took two of three from the Wildcats in 2004-2005 and ha dominated the series of late, winning five of the last six meetings between the schools. The sting of the way the Wildcats ' season ended surely hasn ' t gone away yet, even after Stoudamire and Fiye are fitted for jerseys with their new NBA team. " It all happened so fast, " McClellan said. Lucky for the Wildcats, the time be- tween the loss and the start of practice ii October is likely to move by fast as wel tin ■ ■ ah r ■MiadsilBi Hie Wife " f|wagaiiisill. " ■tony 10 Sib ■fcbwrallllinijiK) ««floilie,kh,onlyi. ' CrtBmiheiiilcgaK " I ' MtCWtaaid ■.KwoKioskyawj) ottlorfettmolieiiilt 1 ] izTssraiia f, ■lMi ii ' a« ' ay d WiiiriK,kii«i i ;ikin.l(loii ' ilino«iltii rikKofaDeirodiHi. fUoibiiiliiw. ' niis!! ' iiili{lilnd.»iunbelit ■ilttnly.WcU«D ■c tt ' ldoxlhenior ■fimdioaoikseiiii- Ki Sinidim;. but with Hg ttihuptiabaclii. Kiiiiw alyearfoi .laMtcdouiforiliet i(taida{oirhc-IO gdi ««INo.lNa« Mito tool: woof III ' teosofbtwitnine „W:McClete I jtesUiiofF ' I l ' i w • 3 ■, Va- ' •- i.- iv i»L a senior momeit )v Bielt Fera They came as two-fifths of what was con- sidered one of UA Hall of Fame head coach Lute Olson ' s greatest recruiting classes. They left side by side, the only two still standing clad in cardinal and navy, a pair of four-year starters who took the hearts of Wildcat men ' s basketball fans on a roller coaster ride, and nearly took their team to the promised land. There were few mountains left for senior stalwarts Channing Frye and Salim Stoudamire to climb this season, yet one still bigger than the rest. But despite a heartbreaking overtime loss to top-ranked Illinois in the Elite Eight - a game that was a certain UA victory until a late-game collapse of cataclysmic proportions - the pair still managed to keep their eyes focused on the horizon, with their memories of Tucson and the UA not littered by the what-ifs of not reaching the Final Four. Salim shines on last leg of UA career " You learn from experiencing, and I ' ve had my fair share of negativity here, and I ' ve learned from it and put it all behind me. I had a great senior year, " Stoudamire said. ; That great senior year, one that .saw the nation ' s best shooter hit three game-winning shots and Ail-American honors across the board almost never happened. Multiple suspensions, a media blitz of scru- tiny, and a fed up head coach on his last wit with his standout player littered the first 3 V2 seasons of Stoudamire ' s UA career. But during the stretch run - one where the Wildcats ' hopes of a title run ran side by side with the arc of one of Salim ' s long-range bombs - Stoudamire did more than come into his own. " 1 expected myself to become a better basket- ball player, meet new people, and just have fun and enjoy it. " Stoudamire said. " My senior year really summed that up, and now I ' m satisfied. " On the court. Stoudamire said he ' s always ' been the same player, working with his team- mates to win every battle " Off the court, (1 remember) just interacting with my teammates and my coaching staff and their support, supporting me and my teammates, and just the loving atmosphere Arizona had to provide, " he said. As Stoudamire prepares for a shot at NBA stardom, he can pinpoint what he will take with him as he departs Tucson. ] " My mental approach to games (is what has changed), " he said. " 1 have to credit my team- mates, my coaching staff for that because they stuck with me through thick and thin. " Frye keeps Cats on course Channing Frye, during his four years as the Wildcats ' primary post presence, could be called the anti-Salim. Where the embattled Stoudamire ' s tenure was mired by suspension and conflict, and eventually the success he ' d been looking for, the presence of the 6-foot- 1 1 Frye was not only key to the Wildcats ' stability in the paint, but off the court as well. " He ' s just gotten a lot better since he got here as a freshman, and that s been true every year since he ' s been here, " Olson said. " It ' s because of how hard he works. " Frye ' s guidance and leadership could be missed by Olson more than the 15 points and eight boards he consistently brought to the table every game. Sophomore forward Ivan Radenovic. who hails from Serbia-Montenegro, said that Frye has helped him find a place at Arizona in more ways than one. " He helped me adjust to this culture and this type of basketball, " Radenovic said. " He ' s the guy who has shown me the right way. " " I think he ' s a great person, " Radenovic added. " Not just with players but with every- body. When people stop him on the street and ask him for autographs or ask for a picture with him, he says it ' s no problem. " ■V »T. ' Hr . . ■.■mt ■W: ■%. . .- fflwSwSHA f g i ' :A«f ' m9B| I! Ri- flippin ' arou , 2¥ ' wm " u : «€ by Jacoh Konsi very sports team has icons. They are the markers to which the rest of the team sets their sights; they are leaders by example. Some seasons it is hard to find a single shining star. Such is the case this year for the Gymcats. Who has stepped up in both attitude and accomplishment to prove themselves as a leader? There are many great candidates to choose from. Monica Bisordi: 2005 Pacific 10 all-around performer, all-time leading scorer with 2,081.865 career points. She is the only Gymcat to surpass the 2,000-point barrier. Katie Johnson: Only the third gymnast in all of UA history to hit a perfect 10 on floor, Johnson is a disciplined gymnast that has posted career bests of 9.900 on both the vault and balance beam. She persevered through injuries that kept her from performing on bars, keeping her overall score lower than it could have been, yet still remained competitive. Jamie Duce: Continually posting scores in the 9.8-9.9 range, earning her an all-around score of 39.300. Duce cer- tainly endeared herself to the Gymcat fans. . , mm y -J J I It ' s easy to see why it ' s not a good idea to )unt out any Gymcat on the year ' s roster. The team draws its strength as individual jrformers through each other member. With a ;sire contained by each member to accomplish eat feats for their own goals is an even larger ;sire to accomplish greater feats, propelling their am to greatness. This season, ' those feats propelled the Gymcats to fourth place at the 2005 NCAA South J? Central Regional. . Johnson and Bisordi began the » § night by helping ' %• - lead Arizona to „ a quick start on floor exercise, wherein freshman Karin Wurm, sophomore Aubrey Taylor and freshman Dani- elle Hicks helped the senior leaders push the Gymcats through the final three rotations of the night. In the coming year, the team is left with a slightly larger void than usual as six members of the team are graduating: Bisordi, Johnson, Jamie Schell, Stevie Fanning, Duce and Kristine Harper. Though there is no replacing the bonds that have been fonned by the departing seniors, the remaining Gymcats will continue as before, welcoming with open arms six incoming fresh- men for the 2005-2006 season. Forming new bonds and instilling in the new members what has been instilled in every Gymcat before: there is always a space open for another icon when you become a member of " the family. " ,, ' Jamie Duce worked hard and competed with nerves of steel entering the beginning or last position in a routine, the most stress filled posi- • S?- Jamie Schell brought with her a very classical, polished style that is im- mediately recognizable to the wildcat faithful. Bill Ryden Head Coach Katie Johnson Jacob Konst Desert Yearbook ky Ohnson has a desire to Iways produce a championship- ffort each and every time she ompetes. Bill Ryden Head Coach H(ristine Harper quickly Haeveloped into the P motionai heart of the team, willing to do ev- erything, work through any injury, always cheering for her teammates. Bill Ryden „ - — - Head Coach 1 Monica Bisordi has made a permanent mark on the UA and will always be honored as one of our best. Bill Ryden Head Coach • Stevie Fanning has im- pressed everyone with her r tireless work ethic and ; willingness to put in the extra I effort to be the best for the team. Bill Ryden Head Coach uccess in th -cats shine at imila aving an NCAA-cham- pion athlete is invaki- ablc to a collegiate swim program. It adds to the prestige of the team, while enticing possible top-notch recruits and setting the bar for everyone on the squad. The Arizona swim team racked up three individual titles last month |WHEN?1 by juniors Simon Burnett and Marshi Smith and senior Emily Mason. Those three continued the long history of the Arizona swim team capturing NCAA titles. Burnett took the individual title in the 200-yard freestyle last month with a time of I : 33.28 and currently holds the record in the event. Smith won the individual title in the lOOy backstroke with a time of 52.82, which is also a school record. Finally, Mason took the crown in the 500y freestyle for the second year in a row in 4: 37. 1 I , which is her personal best in the event. But the statistics only go so far. What does it really take to be an NCAA champion? It ' s not just about a time; it ' s about an attitude and a heart, as these three athletes demonstrate. Both Mason and Burnett thought that they were capable of winning their titles, but Smith added a big " hell no " to the question of if she planned this froin the beginning of the season. " I wanted to defend my title, but I try not to expect things and just give my best effort, " Mason said. Burnett said that he knew he was capable of being NCAA champion, after setting the re- cord earlier in the season in the event, despite being plagued by illness for part of the season. He said he thought if every- thing came together right he was capable of taking the title. All three swimmers agreed that being an NCAA champion does improve the confidence of a swimmer. " It ' s given me a lot of confidence; (it) makes me more confident in my swim- ming which will help in future races, " Smith said. To Burnett, " God-given tal- ent " only goes so far. The svip- port of the team and coaches also contributed to his success. Smith said she had the advantage of flying under the radar. " I came out of nowhere for a lot of people. I ' t feeling overconfident. I was swimming against a lot of swimmers who had beaten mc before. I just had to tell myself that this year was different, that on this day I was better, " Smith said. ' I onships l i ■Mg ' r-vl Trt !S8f.l .««»sK ' ' iais runnin ' with the •KL hv Brett Fera obert Cheseret doesn ' t discriminate. Fall or spring, hill-laden terrain or NASCAR-like oval, nobody dare try to catch up with the UA " s cross-country and track and field sensation. Cheseret, the 2 1 -year old distance sensation, coming ofT a fall 2004 cross-country slate that saw him win the Pac-10 Championship and cam the conference ' s runner of the year nod, took his trade to the stadium in spring 2005, blitz- ing past the competition to even better results: the NCAA 1 0,000-meter championship. Not that winning on both the cross country and track and field levels is new to Cheseret; he did after all win the 2004 5,000-meter title, proving his diversity and im- portance to the UA team. All Cheseret - and team- mates like sophomore Adam K.uehl and Sean Shields, earning fourth-place NCAA finishes in the discus and the shotput, respectively - did at this year ' s NCAA Champion- ships was bring the Wildcat men ' s team to a ninth place overall finish. But Cheseret wasn ' t the only UA track star that can take control of a meet in a single shuffle of the feet. Senior Sharifa Jones was a stalwart for the Wildcat women ' s team throughout her career, setting school records in the 1 00-meter outdoor hurdles 13.10 seconds - and the 60-meter indoor hurdles -8.18 seconds - in her time at theUA. " In the three years that she ' s been here, she ' s made a tremendous impact, " said UA head coach Fred Harvey. " She covers so many events. " This season, her last at the UA, .lones earned All-America honors in the 60-meter hurdle event, finishing 1 I " ' at March ' s NCAA Indoor National Cham- pionships. Heading into conference, regional and national com- petitions near the end of the season, Harvey said the team was focused more on getting individual athletes prepared for the late-season meets. " We ' re more of a national- level type of team, because of the type of individuals we have on our team, as opposed to a dual-meet team, " he said. " (We) always understand that Pac-IOs and the NCAA Championships are really where we ' re looking to be at our best. " With runners like Cheseret leading the way, the Wildcat track and field managed to do just that - looking its best in front of a national audience. . 1 mio , s W itm • nxoHf % ? ' ' y hy Brett Fera he Arizona men ' s tennis team struggled at times throughout the 2005 season, but no blow will hurt more than what the Wildcats will be missing come the start of the fall 2005 season. Head coach Bill Wright, at the helm of the UA program for nearly two decades, stepped down from his post following the Wildcats 8-11 season. Wright makes way for as- sistant Tad Berkowitz. who ' s set to take over the top job and try and ease the loss of the team ' s legendary head coach come the 2005-2006 season. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, they ' ll also be without senior cap- tain Colin O ' Grady. who finished his UA career as the team ' s top player. Fellow senior Paul Warkentin. who notched more than 20 wins dur- ing his junior year, also departs the i - Vv I irady, who started as a in ' t even sure he wanted liate tennis, the rest of ad he did. been a great leader, " id. " Year by year he iad the talent to take i was his focus and grew the most, ifrom being a walk-on to p. 1 spot, " Berkowitz a great achievement. " i;er Matalonga, .;ubles teammate, will .. shoes as the team ' s jjnd captain. Matalonga Ijled Arizona to a No. 54 ;ng overall as a team, i; themselves to a 13-5 . 15 record in doubles i .i 1,- ' I {V ■ by Brett Fera n college athletics, success isn ' t always measured in wins and losses - Just ask the UA women ' s tennis team. Few stats are more deceiving than the Wildcats ' 1-7 record in Pacific 10 Confer- ence play in 2005, and a 7-12 mark overall The same team that could win only once in eight tries in arguably the nation ' s tough est collegiate tennis conference also hnishe its season ranked among the nation ' s top five dozen teams, at No. 57 overall. The same team that finished just a mate) over .500 during non-conference play also finished out with three of the nation ' s top singles players - seniors Dianne Hollands, Maja Mlakar and Kelly Perry - and one of the NCAA ' s most accomplished doubles teams in the preseason No. 1 duo of Hol- lands and Mlakar. There was no question, despite the emergence of sophomore Kasia Jakowlew and her 12 wins this season, of where the ■ :no, 10 card a rK ' y ■ ■-aliHDUB.ri .vadmtte. i): ;r k_ .an. Maja Mlakar Jacob Konst Desert Yearbook - ' " J siS Bia.SK wani ■Kiiocanii iiicaiid»iiioiiiy pNyilieiHiioii ' sK ' ■oijllieiiaionV i. )i(i5 ' o;mII. ■fclfeioijusia [BKiMlffiKeplayali ttnofiheniiioii ' ; ' MKeDuaneKoll! IKdhPem ' -aiKioiiei KmniiltsyWIe! KM No. I )(|RAn. despite tk fkoancbia .teittotofwheretk lOConia Ml nal : ! ■| ildcats ' leadership came from in 2005. The senior trio, paced by the steady )llands and her top-35 individual ranking, maged to card a record of 35-20 overall. )llands finished her UA career right at the ury marie, collecting 100 singles wins, lile she and Mlakar, a former top- 10 na- singles player herself, formed one of ! nation ' s most formidable doubles pair- 1$, rattling off win streaks of five and 10 Itches en route to an 18-3 overall record i No. 15 final national ranking after open- ; the year atop the polls. " Dianne has brought a certain level of egrity and class to the program that it des- ately needs. Her work ethic is wonderful 1 you have to admire that, " UA assistant ich Brian Ramirez said. " What she and ija were able to accomplish this year, «nding to the top of the Pac-10, says a 1 about what they have accomplished here JaWe Tucson. ' m¥ by Brett Fera list a year after his world was turned upside down, no one could have expected senior Nathan Lash- y to be the Wildcat men ' s golf team ' s lost stable contributor. But that ' s just what Lashley was, rock of consistency who, along with 304 Pac-10 individual champion Henry iaw, helped pace the Wildcats back to e NCAA championship tournament in )05. Lashley, whose parents and girl- iend all died as a result of a plane ash last year while returning home to ebraska after seeing Lashley play in e NCAA regionals, finished the 2005 CAA regionals in second place, helping rizona qualify for the NCAA champion- lips for the 19 " straight season. The senior certainly saved his best )llegiate golf for last - posting runner- ) finishes in three of four starts heading to the NCAA championships. Lashley and Liaw, a sophomore who irried the Wildcats ' to the 2004 Pac-10 lampionship and a third Place NCAA mark a year earlier, finished tied atop the UA scorecard, both posting 71.61 stroke averages for the year. Lashley ' s second place finish at the Pac- 1 championships, coupled with four other top- 10 finishes, joined Liaw ' s five top- 10s to earn the duo all-conference and all-regional honors. Neither Lashley nor Liaw has caught the public ' s eye yet, like former Wild- cats Ricky Barnes and Chris Nallen did on their way to record-setting careers in Tucson, but the reliability and leadership of the Wildcats ' top duo in 2005 should pace the Wildcats to a 20 " ' NCAA cham- pionship tourney appearance in 2006. Lashley was lucky enough to have the chance to learn under the likes of both Barnes and Nallen for most of his time at the UA. Liaw, on the other hand, will take what he ' s learned from his current senior teammate during his two seasons at the UA, surely using Lashley ' s wisdom to guide a young Wildcat squad - with up-and-comers in fellow sophomore Josh Esler and Brian Prouty and freshman phe- nom Travis Esway - back to the top of the Pac-10 again. w ' .■i»s ,i == - - :- «p« r ::zi Z- Hzi:; -- - 1 k mmhy Brell Fera v hile some things seem to change overnight, others just so easily stay the same. hi wiiat was unconditionally a rebuilding year for the UA women ' s golf team - after AU-American Erica Blasberg turned pro after her sopho- more year in 2004 -junior Cassandra Kirkland of Saint-Nom-La-Breteche, France, stepped into the spotlight. She earned All-Pac- 10 honors and an Hon- orable Mention All-America nod in her first year as the leader of head coach Greg Allen ' s squad. But Kirkland, fellow junior Lani Elston and seniors Miriam Kraschinski and Mar Garcia couldn ' t manage to get over the hump collectively; the Wild- cats failed to make the NCAA Cham- pionship Tournament for the first time since 1994. Kirkland still managed to keep one streak alive for the UA pro- gram however: 1 8 straight seasons with a women ' s golf All-America nod. Kirkland ' s four top- 10 finishes, 73.83 stroke average and pair of career-low rounds of 67 this season put her in select UA company, including Blasberg, LPGA star Lorena Ochoa and arguably the greatest women ' s golfer of all time, fonner Wildcat s tandout Annika Sorenstam. Despite the loss of seniors Kra- schinski and Garcia, both four-year stalwarts in the Wildcat lineup, the return of Kirkland and fellow juniors Lani Elston and Whitney Whelch next season should put the Wildcats in position to start a new streak of NCAA Championship appearances. -a ' back to the world series g by Brett Fera he college softball landscape has supposedly changed. " College Softball will never again be Ari- zona against the field. The field has fought back, in part because (UA head coach Mike) Candrea set the standard for excellence that many other programs have now hit. " Those sentiments, penned by proverbial UA sports expert and Arizona Daily Star columnist Greg Hansen after the end of the UA softball team ' s 2005 season, and echoed by many fans who saw the Wildcats struggle College softbal more during the past two seasons than 9 ' " e Arizor they had in the past field. two decades, could j have been considered ' blasphemy when this i year ' s senior class first came to Tucson. But, as Hansen said in the same piece, " Welcome to college fastpitch, 2005, so much different than the game we once knew, " things have changed as much as they ' re the same for UA softball. Gone are the days where the Wildcats domi- nate, picking teams apart at random, winning game after game via the NCAA ' s five-inning mercy rule. And gone are the days where Arizona cruises its way to the Women ' s College World Series, dismantling opponents along the way. But even in another " down " year - the Wild- College softball will never again be Arizona against the cats were shocked during opening weekend play in last year ' s NCAA tournament, despite entering the postseason as the nation ' s top-ranked team - even with little offense and an overworked ace in Ail-American Alicia Hollowell, even with the Pac- 1 catching up to the Wildcats, Arizona still made it back to the WCWS for the 1 7th time in 18 years in 2005, and won a share of the Pac- 10 title. Arizona may have scored just three runs during its WCWS trip to Oklahoma City, but a trio of epic battles -a ,_. 12-inning, 3-2 victory , sr™ over California and a pair ill never of error-caused 1-0 losses to Tennessee and Texas igainst the _ through any kind of adversity, even Greg Hansen frozen bats, the Wildcats Arizona Daily Star are still the cream of the college softball crop. Sophomores Caitlin Lowe and Kristie Fox improved upon their impressive freshman campaigns by putting up gaudy numbers at the plate. Lowe, the Wildcats " season-long leadoff hitter and center fielder put up a robust .5 10 clip at the plate, en route to being named one of three finalists for the National Player of the Year award. Compared to Lowe, Fox finished with a mod- est .365 average, despite spending the majority of the season leading the nation in RBls. The shortstop knocked in 63 runs through the team ' s first 46 games, but managed just one through the Wildcats ' final 1 1 contests. The culprit down the stretch: Fox walked 13 times once teams got .J Bottom: Head coach Mik Candrea was honored for hi 1,000th career at Hillenbram Stadium. Candrea ' s 1,000tl win came when Arizona de feated NC State March 12 smart and decided not to pitch to her. As for Hoilowell, the three-time All-American with an itch for rewriting the Wildcat record books, finished her Junior season with a 31-9 record and 0.88 ERA. Among her best weekends in the circle all year, Hoilowell willed the Wildcats to a share of the conference crown by throwing eight shutout innings, picking up a win and a save in a two-game sweep of Stanford on the last weekend of regular season action. Arizona came into the final series fourth in the conference standings. While it may be true that the times are changing among the college softball land- scape, it ' s not likely UA head coach Mike Candrea - he of the more than 1 ,000 career victories, a feat he reached this season - will take the increase in competition sitting down. Neither will the Wildcats ' slew of 3.000 rabid fans per game who have grown ac- customed to the addition of championship banners on the Hillenbrand Stadium walls every few years. ■rtshonofeil ' VL " N fun in he sun by Brett Fera ' he resurrected Arizona baseball team may not have made it to a _ second straight College World Se- ries in 2005, and the Wildcats may have stumbled down the stretch, dropping their first Pac-10 series of the season on the final weekend of regular season play. But if the news head coach Andy Lopez and his players received the day after they were eliminated from NCAA tournament play by defending National Champion Cal State FuUerton is any indi- cation, UA fans can be sure that Wildcat baseball is back, and with a vengeance. A day after completing one of the program ' s most successful seasons since it rattled off three national titles in 10 years in the 1970s and " SOs, eight Wildcats were chosen within the first 14 rounds of the Major League Base- ball amateur draft. Heading the list for the Wildcats is All- American outfielder Trevor Crowe, the 2005 Pac-10 co-player of the year and a finalist for the Golden Spikes Award, given to the top collegiate player in the country each season. Crowe was taken in the first round with the 14 " ' overall selection by the Cleveland Indians. " I ' m very happy for the guys, " Lopez said, despite the fact he ' s slated to lose six everyday starters and the top two pitchers in his rotation heading into next season. " It ' s an exciting time for them and I know they ' re all ready for the chal- lenges that lie ahead. They ' ve worked very hard to improve themselves not only as baseball players, but as people as well and I ' m very humbled that they chose to come and play at Arizona. I have no doubt they ' ll be successful on the next level. " Joining Crowe, who led the Pac-10 in eight different statistical categories in 2005 en route to a blistering .403 clip at the plate, in the Cleveland organization is first baseman Jordan Brown, the Pac-lO ' s RBI king with 80. Brown was taken in the fourth round by the Indians. Two more Wildcats were selected within the first five rounds, including catcher and Johnny Bench National Catcher of the Year finalist Nick Hund- ley, who led the Wildcats with 15 homeruns. Hundley was a second round selection by the San Diego Padres. Ace hurler John Meloan, the first Wildcat to win 10 games or more in back-to-back seasons in nearly two decades, was ' 4 iH JK iZ 1 I 1 P ■ 1 - picked up by ihc Los Angeles Dodg- ers in the fifth round. Saturday starter Kevin Guyctte joined Meloan in the l()- vin club, earning him the defending World Series Champion Boston Red Sox ' s 10 " ' round selection. Senior outfielder Jeff Van Houten was taken in the 1 3 " ' round by the Florida Marlins after capping his four-year UA stint with a .348 career batting average, while junior center- fielder Chris Frey was taken in the 1 1 " ' round by the Colorado Rockies. Junior second baseman Brad Boyer rounded out the Wildcats " list of draftees, earning the Seattle Mari- ners ' 14 " ' round selection. Just because what was arguably Arizona ' s biggest news of the year came after its season was already over doesn ' t mean the season wasn ' t a success in its own right. The Wild- cats finished a single victory away from winning 40 games - 39-2 1 overall, 17-7 Pac-10 - en route to a second-place Pac-10 finish and a No. 2 seed in the NCAA tournament. The Wildcats were ranked in the nation ' s top 10 for most of the season, and most importantly took four of five contests from rival Arizona State - reason enough for UA fans to cel- ebrate the 2005 season. Alumiii -4 ' ' 31 ' " J t I- ' - ' Natio,« Annika Sorenstam •Professional Golfer, Ladies Professional Golf Association - 2005 LPGA Championship winner, 7-time LPGA player of the year ! " 1991 National Player of the Year for UA, 1991 National Champion ,5«1 Tedy Bruschi Linebacker, New England Patriots (National Football League) - Super Bowl Champion: 2005, 2004, 2002 -- set NCAA career-sacks record (52) during All-America career at UA Terry Francona anager, Boston Red Sox (Major League Baseball) " World Series Champion: 2004 " 1980 National Player of Year while leading UA to third National Title pj •V % -f - A 41 ' . wc H:k i -- ' ' m t y . ' - fc£: ' t Ef ' , ' J «t 1 ' -r¥ m I -i i| Left: Aerospace engineering senior ■| Rashad Robinson rolls out dough for ■ fry bread Saturday night at Phi Beta I Sigma ' s stand at Spring Fling. Spring Fling Club Award i Executive Director Award: PAIN: Prc-Nursing Arizona Wildcat Off-Road (Combined Booth) Awarded to the booth that exemplifies the stan- dards and attitude of Spring Fling Presented by Amanda Mcaker, Spring Fling Ex- ecutive Director and industrial engineering senior Dean ' s Trophy: Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (ME- ChA) Awarded to the most overall outstanding booth Presented by Associate Dean of Student Life Jim Drnek Most Spirited Award: Delta Sigma Pi Presented by the Spring Fling staff to the club or organization they feel demonstrated the most enthusiasm and best service to their patrons. A judging committee also selected three awards based on sampling of all the booths. Judges in- cluded members of ASUA student government, members of Residence Life, representatives from the Dean of Students office. Risk Management and other areas of the university. Best Food Booth - Society of Automotive En- gineers Best Facade, Original Food - Kappa Kappa Psi Tau Beta Sigma Best Facade, Original Game - College of Medieval Arts and Combat " The judges were looking for innovative, unique, and creative facades and foods, people, service, and atmosphere, " said Nathan Postillion, Spring Fling ' s club relations director and a political sci- ence senior. " It is a hard process because we have so many great clubs every year that put tons of effort into everything they do, " he said. " But there are those few that stand out above the rest. " ii f Information provided by Nathan Postillion by Lauren Miller or surf lovers, Arizona may have sand and sun, but it lacks a key ingredient: water. So it may come as a surprise that the University of Arizona is home to a 200-member strong Arizona Surfer club. " It ' s highly contradictory, " said John Mizell, the club ' s founder and astronomy senior. " But that ' s why we have the club. We get people together so we can find some water. " While the nearest waves are hundreds of miles away, the Ari- zona Surfers decided to bring their sport closer to home. Mizell said he created the club so surfers like himself would have a network at the UA. " You can call your buddies and say ' who I wants to go suifing this I weekend? ' We ' ll carpool I to San Diego or someone I will just say ' 1 have an r| open seat and I ' m go- ing to California, who 1 wants to go? ' " Mizell explained. Public administration freshman and Co- Vice President Liz Ellerson said that the club was unique because their interests lay so far away. " We feel each other ' s pain and truly value time reminiscing and planning surf excursions, " she said. Plus, she adds, they prove that " desert folk can rip it too! " More importantly, the Arizona Surfers serve as a forum for spreading the love of surfing and for breaking the stereotypes that seem to ride with surfers. Many of the surfers were former Californians or had grew up with the waves. " My dad is an old surf bum and taught me and my family all love the ocean, " said Ellerson. However, surf expertise is not required for member- ship and the skill range spreads from seasoned —■ -•- " - ' - - mlkwf riding natives who have never caught a wave. " If you don ' t know how (to surf) but are interested, that ' s great, " said Ellerson. " We love the opportunity to share qui passion with others and are more than willing to teach then how to surf. " , ilnnilBwlFili as possible. " We just want to spread the good cheer of surf- ing, " he emphasized. " There ' s the idea that ■ surfing has this ' cool ' stigma to it and 1 want to get rid of that. The club is not about im-; age and I think wheni people join they real- ize that. We ' re just a jS!Sm WmL M U. JT at collection of people and it ' s just about enjoying surfing matter who you arc. " 1 The Arizona Surfers ' club style is as laid back and friendly S the members. An eclectic group of novices and newbies, icy plan numerous surfing excursions, including a trip to Baja, o over spring break and a surf safari to California. ; " We packed up a t couple of cars, threw the boards on top and i headed to Califorina, where we camped, = surfed and partied for four days, " Ellerson said. ; " We ' re highly social, " Mizell said. fe ' ve had formal etings and open houses where we ' ll throw on a surf flick and drinks some lemonade on a Saturday night. We don ' t need to get plastered to just enjoy a mellow shin- dig. " The Arizona Surfers hope the club will only grow stronger over the years, and that more of the club ' s 200-plus members will participate in meetings a nd excursions. Mizell also said that he hoped to eventually expand the love of surfing into the Tucson community. He had been pursing a program that would take Tucson youth out to experience the ocean first-hand, to give them the chance to experience something they might never get to do. " They only see , surfing on TV or shop at Hollister and this would break the myth, " he said. , J t- :4i f a N i c £ o -) o ■l " " f QDQ [pbSinQnDQD DODmsaBgh (SjDSG 198 _ ombine one of the country ' s ■ most prestigious collegiate medical centers, a group of hard-working undergrads and a cheeky acronym, and the result is PAIN. Professional Achievements in Nurs- ing, that is. . " We wanted something more i creative than just the Pre-Nursing . club, " said Cassy Gode, current j ,: president and one of the founding members of PAIN. V ' In light of the extreme com- A petition surround- ing f ' UA ' s elite nursing a program, Gode v ' ' said that PAIN was ' created in 2004 for pre- nursing students to be part of an " academic pipeline " to get them closer to the College of Nursing. " We want PAIN to allow pre- ' nursing students to feel connected ,1 to the College of Nursing early on, so that once they get in it is not so intimidating, " Gode, also a nursing junior, said. Among this club ' s activities were , multiple community service proj- ' ects, including several fundraising walks for various charities. They also joined the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association for their annual Southside Clean-Up event, where club members got down and dirty to restore a Tucson community. Something new for the club this year is a Patient Care Technician train- ing program, which allowed members to experience working in the hospital environment before entering the ,( College of Nursing. pain ' s proudest accomplishment. according to Gode, was taking second- place honors for their Homecoming float in this year ' s parade. " We all worked really hard on it, and were totally excited to find out we - " " . won second place, since it was the first time our xy club has done any- . thing big like that, " yjf Gode said. V_ While most , . members are X ,v V pre-nursmg : students, any f-- major is wel- V come to join the club. j " We sup- port the explo- 1 ration of nursing ) as a profession, " Gode said. " We have guest speakers and volunteer events . that deal with nurs- • N. ing specifically, X " o that if some- f ' one is inter- ested but doesn ' t know , very much about nursing, V they can come to our club I and discover what nurs- ing is about and if nursing y would be a good decision for them. " ' Gode said, " Our hope was [ y that students would enter PAIN as pre-nursing " students, then transi- tion into the College of Nursing and become part of SNUA (Student Nurses at the University , of Arizona) and become an " active part of their profes- sional community. " ii " r, ' i( A i 1 i ) ■ ;. ' gp " " " " - jlp- _ MM ssB ip - j9 ' ' i g j JB " BP B ■ J 1 1 1 ' flu i 1 1 ' - HW H f m ' « - w», 1 y " 2 •M.. • -- Ml HB ' ' flB Tfc, ...eating fire is just like, " eating hot soup, only you have to give it a day to heal. " Paula Spicerkuhn Psychology Junior 200 uGms ( cpD©d by Melissa Taylor IB r someone were to haiul o er a aming baton Hj and say. " eat it. " most people would not take them too seriously. That is. unless (hat per- son was a member of the .Street Performing and Incendiary Arts club on campus. The club of about 15 people, eight of which are UA students, meet regularly to twirl, juggle, dance and perform martial arts with tire. The club was started by Matthew Johnson, a former UA student, in order to get lire fiends together to practice, build skills and e entually perform. " Getting this club started on campus was not easy; it was a long process beginning with Risk Management to even let us practice on campus. " .lohnson said. But students like 2()()4-2()()3 SPIA President Katheriiie Moore were thankful for his persis- tence. " It looked so amazing: it was just one of those things I really wanted to learn. " she said. These brave individuals stalled to learn the basics by simply becoming comfortable with the si e and weight of the pois. the object they set on lire during performances. Another significant part of their training revolved around lire safety : training provided through the Risk Management Department w ithin the university. Once the ame- less poi became second nature, the fun with lire began. The image of fire spinning swiftly around a mo ing body is exhilarating; the image catches the eye and draw s any spectator in. Many students decided to join because they saw the club mem- bers practicing and became heavily enticed by the frightening yet invigorating image of someone eatinu lire. tlark aiitl encoiuages anyone w ho becomes en- tranced to Jiuiip in and try it. They may look fierce w hile eating fire, but they are cry v elcoming. Members like Paula Spicerkuhn, a psychology Jimior and the club treasurer, highly encourages isitors to try it out. She said that was how she got started, simply by twirling fire. Now. Spicerkuhn says that eating fire is jus t like, " eating hot soup, only you have to give it a day to heal. " The images created by tire tw iriing and danc- ing are stunningly beautiful. The experience of creating them is ever more so astounding. i " Hearini; the ames aroimd me uives me the most conlidence; it mi ful. " Moore said . . pmnmg gives me graceful and beauti- j. .« ■ te TftrSDoBcSsil] r j a by Jennifer Whitcomb t a campus lined with palm trees and famous for its sunny weather, it seems fitting that the Uni- versity of Arizona is home to one of the best student steel drum bands. This year, the tropical rhythms and § smooth beats of the band not only took TO audiences beachside, but also took the band itself UA Steel highlighted their year with a week in Trinidad, birth- place of the steel pan drum. The steel program at the UA has ffl been around for the better part of 20 years. Founded in 1 987 by Gary Cook, director of percussion, and then doc- toral student Jeannine Remy, the steel club consists of two bands, the more 9- advanced of which is better known as UA Steel. While Remy has since moved « on to teach in Trinidad, Cook is still involved with the band. In addition jj_ to handling the administrative work, « Cook works closely with the graduate students who instruct the bands each year. The instructor this year was Mike Sammons, a graduate teaching assistant in the school of music. The purpose of the steel program is to allow students interested in the steel drum a chance to play as part of a group and to learn about the culture behind the music. The steel bands are self-supporting. In addition to university-sponsored concerts each semester, UA Steel performs various gigs around town and Arizona. A typical gig may have been a wedding, for which they earn around $500 an hour. Most of the money goes toward purchasing new instruments as well as maintaining of the 55-gallon drums. While at some performances the band was known to play covers of popular songs, including rock tunes and even Michael Jackson, they stuck to mainly traditional cultural pieces. " The underlying philosophy is a very authentic approach, " Cook said. " It ' s very important that the culture and heritage is presented authentically. " While some of the members of UA Steel are music majors, they aren ' t nec- essarily percussionists. For that matter, many of them are not music majors at all. For exam- ple, Aileen Wong, a speech and hearing sciences and religious ■■ w studies junior, has spent four i semesters with the group. She heard about the steel drum pro- gram through her high school percussion instructor. " (My instructor) said, ' if you want to do percussion at UA, join the steel band, ' " Wong said. Wong accompanied the band for the first time to Trinidad, where, via a personal connection, they were invited to experience the annual Caribbean celebration of Carnival with The BWI Invaders, the oldest steel drum band in Trinidad. Carnival, an age-old tradition throughout the Ca- ribbean and Spanish-speaking world, is a week-long, no-holds-barred celebration that originated into what » : fA ' I mWK ' Tenors from right: Aileen Wong, Stefanie Thompson, Courtney Smith. Double tenor Erin Shillings we know as Mardi Gras — one last party before the penitential period of Lent begins. As the members of UA Steel found out. Carnival is a big deal in Trinidad. Cook noted that some citi- zens will mortgage their homes in order to buy elaborate costumes for Mas, a large masquerade. The band members did not play while in Trinidad. The trip was mainly to experience the culture of jc the place where the music originated. One of the major perks, Wong said, was " fiiidirig out what we ° represent when we ' re H B playing. " . 5 ee pfl77: Another word for steel drum. Invented in 1935. i One thing that Official musical instalment of the Republic of Trinidad ' stood out about Trm- . -r- i idad to the students and TobagO. ! and teachers who " Pannisf. A musician who plays the steel drum. ' _ went was what Cook - Steel band Steel orchestra: a family of six drums, usually :t called a " tremendous ranging across six chromatic octaves, wami human outpour- _ • ,. „. j ,.j jj jj j j , Consists mg of respect and e ■ e u u j • ■ .. u «« equalitv " of variety of non-pitched percussion mstruments, such as g. •immediately you conga drums. z notice the energy, " - Duddiip: a small, two-note bass pan worn around the « Wong said. " People shoulder and used to augment the rhythm section. 5 are friendly and wel- . , . j - playing of a succession of notes. | ™f band was ' ■S ' T Zmg: The technique of playing runs. | 2iven the opportu- " Coasting: Playing steel drum music at a reduced tempo, jfe nity to explore the especially during rehearsals. g pan yard where the . Panwagon ®: a single- or double-tiered vehicle specifi- ° Invaders rehearse jjy designed for the transport of a steel orchestra. Kevin B. Klaus Desert Yearbook ments. They also got to witness Panorama, the world ' s premier steel drum band competition. Wong spoke of the sense of friendship and brotherhood present among the musicians in the pan yards. " The experience of Trinidad brought that feeling of community back home with us. " she said. 0 - isert Yearbook iseit Yearbook BT « " l E Q ( ' ' JS . mm P 1 SiCtoteD [MED OQ hJid f WlL W k. mk JE Ir . L W y fi L $ O) k Al c ' W ' " kj " ' ' ' QffiWn EV M H v F ' ' V? .-.jk re i i 1 v W fi r Q W H r k- yt k Bt ' ' i dw. -- " a Tj P M _ 1 V O) ii Br -:. • ■ , - _ 4iii?- w_ Q. V i m aa 5t J O B p? " •••i II " " - ' - " f ' jB i Hi W ' ' Vk te o ■ H « 1. 0! M " o ' c . o o| CD 1 4 mr - ■■» re t; %0m H ll ii O m » s — S re CD .2 u g Q. UJ Z)} ' Victoria Harben ictory is not the goal competitive debate, racili- tate growth as a citizen and to promote knowledge of the legal system. However, UA Mock Trial knows how to win. This year, the Arizona team placed second at the UCLA Invitational and fifth and eighth places at the regional competition. This or- ganization also received fifth place at the Middle Ten- nessee State Invitational and sixth place at the Silver National Championship Tournament. Mock Trial is a competition between prosecution and defense teams, which consist of undergraduate students playing the roles of attorneys or witnesses in court. It is beneficial for those hoping to go to law school and also challenges students hoping to take part in vivid debate. Before the creation of this organization in 2002, mock trials were limited to members of the pre-law fraternity. Phi Alpha Delta. The president, Christo- pher Dang, considers Phi Alpha Delta a " community of everyday people doing extraordinary things " in- stead of a simplistic organization and is " committed to developing the skills and bonds that students need in order to advance towards a career in law. " Founded by Jeremy Tor in 2002, Mock Trial at the University of Ari- zona has allowed numer- ous students to take part in a courtroom setting. Ten to 15 hours a week are devoted to practice for upcoming tournaments and events. The set up of the trial is very similar to legitimate trials with opening and closing statements, three direct examinations, and three cross examina- tions. Also, Mock Trial is not restricted to their own courtroom sessions; 204 ag il it has facilitated many high school mock trial events and regional and state tournaments as Members, who undergo an application pro- cess, pay nearly $1,000 annually in traveling costs and invitational fees, though the cost is priceless compared to the experience and knowledge they gain. ASUA helps to fund the Mock Trial organization. Considered the only speech competition program at the University of Arizona, Mock Trial is made up of about 20 members. It is advised by the pre-law adviser, Verlaine Walker, and coached by local criminal defense attorneys Natasha Wrae and Mike Sto- Members of the Mock trial club practice their routine In the trial room at the James E. Rogers College of Law rm. 104. Below: From left, political science and sociology junior Chris- topher Dang, communications sophomore Amber Golden, com- puter science and management information systems senior Mike Harnden, bio chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and German sophomore Michele Mozdzen, political science and Spanish junior Jeremy Tor, and business economics junior Brandon Magy. tby Melissa Taylor wo years ago, a close group of friends decided to form an official UA club so that anyone who shared in their passion of off-roading could all hit the trails together. Two years and miles of dirt and mud later, the Arizona Off-Road Club kept rolling. Mike French, Tyler French, Vem Johnson and George Jones worked together with the help of Sage Vissering, Jordan Louis and Ryan Miller to get the club up and running. When the club first began, a small group of about 1 members met on the front porch Johnson ' s house on Park Ave, this year, all 130 members could meet in a large room in the Student Union, said Stu Sherman, a mechani- cal engineering sophomore. Approximately 40 of 130 of the members met on a regular basis to crawl along the rocks and race through the sand dunes. The members of the Arizona Off-Road club not only go off-roading, they also get together to modify their vehicles to make them more off-road capable, they also teach beginners how to handle the trails. The group usually goes off-roading in the Tucson area in places such as; Chivo Falls and Charlau Gap. On holidays and long weekends they hit the Glamis Sand Dunes located between Yuma and San Diego, Sherman explained. Most of the active members have 4X4 Jeeps, but large trucks and SUV ' s are also common. On trips to Glamis, many of the members also bring out their smaller vehicles designed for the sand such as Dune buggies and ATV ' s. Members not only appreciate the thrill of off-roading, but also the passion shared throughout the group. As Sherman put it, " This club started out as a core group of friends, and even with its enormous growth, it has remained a core group of friends because of the dreams and passions of the founders " . ' iy ' TT%-i ' - Arizona Off-Road members hold an end of the year social gathering in May. «S « T feDOD ©DQQ[gpB[]Q° tby Danielle Rideau he Arizona Blue Chip program " is designed to certify the top student leaders on campus, as ' Arizona Blue Chips, ' the finest graduates the University of Arizona can produce, " according to the club ' s Web site. Blue Chip is a four- year comprehensive development program with a mission of " build(ing) leaders who will make a difference. " Throughout the stages of the program, smdents work on interpersonal skills including communi- cation, conflict resolution and ethical decision-mak- ing. These skills are ex- tremely important to suc- cess in the " real world, " according to senior coordinator for leadership Terrance Thompson, but can seldom be found in a college classroom. Students who participate in Blue Chip have a head start on most graduates in terms of life skills after college, and are taught to never stop learning. Blue Chip has made its participants more appreciative of the rich rewards of incorporat- ing diversity into their leadership, and all of them learn to understand the concept of service as it relates to leadership. Another lesson Blue Chip students learn, Thompson said, is an un- derstanding of leadership and responsibility. At any given time Blue Chip has about 550 g students, and this year, 3 32 graduated from the CO •5 program. To date, a total S of 162 students have § graduated from Arizona I Blue Chip. £ Like the commercial says, " leadership skills ... Priceless! " " 4( 208 W M 4 candlelight vigil flsunamivic tj rptesii ' m Alex Grubb Arizona Daily Wildcat ore than 50 people went out to the UA Mall January 19 to attend a candlelight vigil to honor the victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia and hear speakers from different religions. The vigil was organized by the Association of Sri Lankans at the UA and featured speak- ers from various religious groups including Islamic, Buddhist, Presbyterian, Jewish and Bahai Faith. Representatives from each group offered their stories and insights on how they are dealing with the catastrophe and also to offer hope to the community, Pinnaduwa Kulatilake, geotechnical engineering professor, opened the vigil with a scientific look at the mechanics of the tsunami and commented on the victims. " These people need psycho-social assis- tance. Pray that people get assistance and have a strong mind to cope with this difficult situa- tion, " Kulatilake said. Azad, director of the Islamic Center of Tuc- son, said Muslims greet each other with " peace be with you, " and said, in a time like this, it is important to recognize how people treat each other and the state of the world. " The element of good is more than the ele- ment of evil. Goodness is the rule, evil is the exception, " Azad said. Rev. Arjahn Sarayut of the Dhamma- ratanaram Buddhist Temple offered his own words of inspiration and encouragement. " One thing to never forget, united people all over the world bring love, kindness, compas- sion and harmony, " Sarayut said. Sarayut sang a prayer with other monks from the temple and presented a thought for the| audience. " Thousands of candles can be lit from one candle, " Sarayut said. Jean McClelland, director of community- based health information resources at the Col- lege of Public Health, was especially touched by Sarayut ' s words. " The Buddhist monk ' s words were real hu- man, more personal, " McClelland said. McClelland was impressed with the simi- larities and differences between the speakers, regardless of her or the speakers ' religious views. " It is interesting how the prayers were pan- religious and that there are so many different teachings and sayings, but they are all very similar, " McClelland said. Steve Ormsby, a political science senior, said he was also thankful for the opportunity tol hear different voices. " It ' s just nice to hear people talk about personal experiences, like the priest, " Ormsby said. " It ' s amazing how in the blink of an eye everything changes. It makes us realize we ' re McCldbal «J»P|)onniiieio iaimohdiniiK ■flibsasoiic ate.b«iiBt|j 210 ri ankan students Slji ' iTsunami vicitms all human beings despite our differences, " Ormsby said. Jennifer Ellis, a journalism senior, said she looked at things differently after attending the vigil. " It puts a new face on the situation, being able to see differ- ent religious perspectives. Sometimes we don " t know how other people react, " Ellis said. Rachel Hughes, a science education liaison at the College of Phannacy, was grateful for the chance to show her support by attending the vigil. " It ' s a wonderful opportunity to show support for the (Sri ' Lankan) community. " Hughes said. " Even if you ' re not religious. | it was nice to take a moment to think a little. " Amila Wigerathne, a junior at Catalina Foothills High " School, said he heard about the vigil from friends in ASLUA. He « 1 said he was interested in attending because one of his friends was 5 2 visiting Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit and she passed away, he 8 i said. I " I ' m happy they did it. It helps to cope with the disaster. " « g Wigerathne said. 2 Samanthi Hewakapuge. an outreach information specialist at S 8 the Center for Toxicology, offered some insight into organizing i the vigil, even though it is not something commonly practiced by 5 Sri Lankans. ■ " Sri Lankans don ' t have candle vigils, but we did it to cater to the American and Tucson community. We did research about how I to do one, " Hewakapuge said. ASLUA also accepted donations at the igil for the relief ef- forts. " World Care did a hell of a good job, " said Thusitha Paiuwatte. a second-year chemistry graduate student who was on tlie organiz- -E ing committee. « " A doctor from UMC even went to Sri Lanka to help, " Palu- " 5 watte said. Paiuwatte said support from the community has not stopped coming and everything is going to World Care, UNICEF or Amcri- . care. , ' McClelland hopes there will be updates on campus and opportunities to get involved in the relief effort. " This was one gesture, but there is so much over time that we need to do, " McClelland said. Students gather on the mall for a candlelight vigil to honor those lost in the Tsunami that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. i:-. Above: Maggie Weston, president of the pre- veterinary honorary club, gets an up-close I look at a vulture during one of the clubs | weekly meeting 212 IT .KJentoftheP " an iip- :l« onerfthet hy Alexis Blue ost students gave up field trips to the zoo back in their elementary school days, but for members of the Pre- Vet Club, a trip to the zoo is more than an excuse to get out of class. It is a learning experience that gives aspiring veterinarians a sneak peak at some of their potential animal clients. This year, members of the Pre- Vet Club traveled to San Diego for the ultimate animal adventure. They toured the San Diego Zoo. Sea World and the Wild Animal Park on a four-day spring break trip that included behind-the-scenes looks at some of the parks ' veterinary facilities. The club also went behind the scenes at the Phoenix Zoo, touring its veterinary clinic with one of the zoo ' s own vets. For the veterinary science, animal sciences and microbiology majors, it was all part of the preparation for a career in veterinary medicine. " We try to incorporate as much vet experi- ence as we can, " said Mag- gie Weston, a veterinary science senior and president ofthePre-VetClub. " We try to do all sorts of activities to see if this is really what people are interested in doing. " While coursework for veterinary science majors focuses primarily on science, the Pre- Vet Club gives student the opportunity to get out of the classroom and get more hands-on experience. The club participated in four equine endur- ance rides this year in Sonoita. Arivaca and Wickenburg, in which club members helped monitor horses ' pulse rates at " vet checks " throughout a 20- to 50-mile run. Weston said the endurance rides exposed members to working with larger animals, which many did not have experience doing. In addition to exposing students to animals and animal facilities, the Pre- Vet Club helps aspiring veterinarians find internships and ap- ply to vet school while hosting speakers from vet schools and local animal clinics or wildlife preserves. Because the UA does not have its own vet school, most students go to Washington State or Colorado State universities for their four years of vet school. Those schools offer an exchange program that allows selected Arizona students to pay in-stale tuition rates, Weston said. Club member Kclli Spiker. a veterinary science and microbiology senior, said being in the Pre- Vet Club helped her connect with others in the major and with members of the local veterinary community, while helping her prepare to apply for vet school. .lanclle Millabas, also a veterinary science senior, said that since she started at the UA, she has learned just how challenging a career in animal medicine can be. " The reality of the program has showed me it ' s not all about playing with puppies and kitties, " she said. Weston agreed that there ' s a lot more to being a vet. " It ' s like being a human doctor because anything you can do to a human, you can do to an animal, " Weston said. " It ' s becoming a very respected field. " Above: English fresh- man Lou Maturo, mechanical engineering sophomore Cameron Green, and psychology senior Matt Wesenberg, relax after a triathlon amongst other Tricats. Right: Lou Maturo, a freshman majoring in English, unzips his wet- suit while exiting the swim in Lake Havasu. hy Cassie Tomlin _ . , ,,., . n a typical Saturday at 4 a.m., many UA students are just falling into their beds. At one such interval in spring 2005 however, 28 UA students were crawling out of their tents into the cold twi- light at the Crazy Horse Campgrounds at Lake Havasu City to fuel up on bananas and power bars, pump up their bike tires, grab their wetsuits and head to the starting line. The UA ' s club triathlon team, the Tricats, traveled on April 16, 2005, to Lake Havasu City for their final com- petition of the season, the National Collegiate Triathlon Championships. The national race is one o f three swimming, biking, and running combination races the Tricats emphasize in their .scholastic-year-long season. Tucson ' s Tinfoilman and the Tucson Triathlon are two relatively short, fast races that are great for new triathletes, said Tricats President Matt Beauregard. " We ' ve got an incredibly eclectic group of people, but especially some really competitive freshmen and sopho- mores, " said Beauregard, a mathematics graduate student. " For most, it ' s their first or second season and we ' re kick- ing ass. " Beauregard said the season ' s first races help newcom- ers, like Lou Maturo, taper their times and prepare for the team-orientated nationals. " He s a phenom- enal, beautiful runner, and he improved in swimming to go from non-competitive to competitive in a matter of months, " Beaure- , gard said. H fl 9 r Most of the Tricats ' H H 60 members join they already swim, bike or run, and want to do all three, Beauregard said. " The biggest thing is that it ' s a balancing act between three sports, " Beauregard said. " The sport isn ' t about raw talent: it ' s about dedicating yourself to goals. " In 2005 the nationals race, a 1,500-meter swim fol- lowed by a 40-kilometer bike ride before a 10-kilometer run, drew 600 students from more than 25 schools across the country, the largest crowd in the race ' s history. " Wc had a good time supporting all of the college teams, and ours did the best we could do, " said Matt We- senberg. a psychology senior. " For me. it ' s the most school pride I ' ll ever feel. " Chris Murphy, a mechanical engineering junior and first-year Tricat. said the national race was his second swimming in open water, which was slightly .scary. " We could taste the gasoline in the water, " Murphy said, referencing the emissions of hundreds of motorboats crowding the man-made London Bridge Channel less than an hour after swimmers left the area, in which swimming is normally prohibited. .: Emily Edgar, a senior majoring in Spanish and Latin American studies, and Theresa Hill, a senior majoring in English, explained their pre-race mantras. " We visualize our biggest fears as our strengths, " Edgar said. " I hate transitions (between swimming, running and biking). They ' re a pain in the ass. but they ' re just as big a part of the race as everything else. " ■ The two said the team practices together twice a day. every day, but only once on Fridays. Practices range from 30-minute swims to three-hour bike rides and are not mandatory, but both said practicing with teammates is the best form of motivation. " We support each other, but we don ' t work together, " Hill said. " At the same time, your teammates get pissed if you don ' t do well. " After a late night of revelry and some alleged " naked running " at Crazy Horse with neighboring campers from Purdue and the University of New Mexico, the Tricats packed up their gear and headed back to Tucson, but many of them will return to nationals again in 2006. " We need people with that push who stay with the club. " Beauregard said. " The goal is to provide a sup- portive, healthy, educative environment about triathlons. It shouldn ' t cater to elite professionals, but it ' s a diverse club. " The leers, UA ' s women ' s club Ice hockey team, perform drills In preparation for their next game. 216 hy Elizabeth Tanori lom the locker room of Polar Ice skating rink, seventeen girls made their way onto the cold ice, dressed from head to toe in enough padding to make them look twice their size. After a few minutes of chatting, they gathered together to start another hour and a half practice on a rented rink. - To participate in a sport they grew fond off, the women of the Wildcat leers relived this scenar- io every Monday and Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. The practices were held late in order to save the team money. It ' s half price on Monday nights if we go late, said Abby Silberman, an accounting sopho- more and leers treasurer. It ' s late but it ' s okay. The average season for the leers costs $30,000. This covered equipment, practice and game rentals, game officials and tournament entry fees. Any money not raised came from team member ' s pockets so the team took advantage of any sav- ings they could. Raising the money on their own was something the team had been doing since they were formed 6 years ago. It was one of the disadvantages of being a club on campus but there were many benefits to make up for it. A girl interested in joining the team did not have to try out to show her skills. In fact, for most girls, joining the team was their first experience in playing ice hockey, which is why new coach Torben Sluyter decided to guide the team in a different direction. Basically, we ' ve just been working on fundamentals, explained Sluyter. We have such a vast disparity of talent that you got to kind of water the game down, not make it too complicated; make it free flowinc. Lisa Walsh, a journalism sophomore and leers captain, ac- credited the new coaching strategy as the reason for the team ' s success. Since this was an intense sport, knowing fundamentals was everything. You have to be really alert, said Walsh. You have to be really aware of what everything ' s going on around you and where your teammates are, where the other team is. It ' s a lot of footwork. Success wasn ' s all that came from the new coaching strategy. With it also came a new closeness that was not established in past years. Everyone ' s really encouraging, said Silbcmian. It ' s really nice because we have ■ some girls who are ■■■HMH ' ' " ' ' " ' ' " ' ' and don ' t pick it up as fast as others but they don ' t get discouraged because we re all out there helping and the coach is great. The new team chemistry had be- come very important to team members like Kristen Bowncss, a freshman in retail and consumer sciences. After scoring her first goal of the season, -§ she looked to her I close teammates for I congratulations. ■g It was amazing. 1 m pretty much hugged g every single person 1 one our team. I think TO my coach like twice (J so it was awesome, g stated Bowncss. I § love the feeling of being on the team and just everyone always looking out for you. Despite the struggle to obtain money for the season and other difficulties, such as not being able to use UA sports facilities, the team had become a family. They had learned to put all things aside and come together to participate in an intense game of hockey. They did this all while making great friendships and hoping to at- tract more UA women to the team. a lofttieir II 218 IbilmfejilglaiheliiwIgSMfliB MgKUi iniha e] ©DoaLo hy Elizabeth Tanori s the Wednesday evening sun set on the ' k university, a group of bilce enthusiasts made their way through a game of polo. However, this was no ordinary game of polo. The eight to sixteen players hit the ball while mounted on bicycles instead of horses. Tipping over, run- ning into other players and " tacoing " the bike ' s wheels were just some of the actions that took place during the games. The games started over two and half years ago by DeJay Birtch, an employee of Genuine Innovations. Birtch, who had played the game before and wanted to introduce it to the Tucson area, decided to gather fel- low bike enthusiasts on the University ' s campus. " I actually kind of picked the spot because 1 thought it would be a good place to draw attention and have bicycle awareness, " stated Birtch. This is just what he has done. In between trying to score, players help out fellow bicyclers with flat tires and bike repairs. They also encourage other bicyclers who pass by the field to join in on the fun, whether experienced in the sport or not. Jeremy Roggow, a downhill mountain-bike racer, explained that the sport is fun for all. " It ' s a lot like playing hockey on bikes. It ' s really rowdy and those of us who like to take it rowdy can play rowdy on each other; and those people who like to kick back get plenty of play time in, " states Roggow. The group of mostly non UA students could be seen on the field all year long, no matter what the season. They came to value their time on the field as a way to make new friends and have fun .J. riding their bikes. The way Birtch saw it, ;. " the grass is greener on the bike polo field. " Wy m ■-- • ' _A. , t 1 ■.•« ijKF (3QDQ®© (So© DQBgjDOi I by Alexis Blue n the basement of the Ina Gittings building, the music is thumping as students pop, lock and break to the beat, practic ing their hip-hop moves in the Culture Rhythm club. New on campus in 2004, the Culture Rhythm club is a place for anyone looking for a challenging workout and a way to express themselves, hip-hop style. Aki Sugiyama, a senior who moved to Tucson from Los Angeles, started the Culture Rhythm club when he couldn ' t find anywhere else on campus to dance hip-hop. Sugiyama, a molecular and cellular biol- ogy and psychology major, leads the group of 19 students, all with a love of dance and a de- sire to spread their passion to Tucson youth. " Hip-hop gives freedom, " said club member Hitomi Yamanaka, a geography junior. " Hip-hop is the best way I can express myself. In hip-hop, I can just go for it. " In addition to honing their dance skills, Sugiyama said the club hopes to do outreach with Tucson schools, encouraging youths to choose activities like dance over drugs, alcohol and gangs. " We want to emphasize this is something they can do to keep them away from drugs and gangs, " Sugiyama said. " The thing 220 that saved me from going those ways in L.A. was dancing. " Sugiyama said by performing at local schools. Culture Rhythm wants to help debunk the myth that " hip-hop is bad. " " Hip-hop and break dance has a really bad image and we want to change that, " said club member Kei Nagatomo, a biology sophomore. Renee Airo, a pre-physiological sciences sophomore, said after taking classes in mod- I ern dance, Africana dance and hula dancing, :2 hip-hop has a style all its own. I " You really get to feel the music in our g body, " she said. " It embodies music and I dance, and it ' s a culture in itself. " While most of the members of Culture g Rhythm had some previous dance experi- Q ence, the club is open to anyone up for the :- challenge, Sugiyama said. « Nicole Wells, a political science sopho- more who was on the hip-hop team at her high school, said dancing with Culture Rhythm was a boost for the self-esteem. " It makes you feel really good, " Wells said. " It ' s very challenging, but it ' s worth Wells said she is excited to introduce Tucson students to a dif- ferent form of dance. " I hope we can inspire kids to turn to freedom of expression A Above: Members of the Culture Rhythm club practice In the Ina A. GIttlngs building in preparation for perfor- mances In the Tucson community encouraging youth to stay away from drugs, violence and hatred. • f i week of r. T ■ by Jesse Lewis Arizona Daily Wildcat he annual Greek Week competition, which focused on raising food and money for Tucson Community Food Bank while celebrating greek unity, was back underway on campus. There were many contests and Olympic- type activities to promote greek unity. The week kicked oflfwith the fourth annual CatWalk, which benefited the Bobbi Olsen Endowment for Cancer Research. Each of the 10 teams in the Greek Week competition was made up of a combina- tion of fraternity and sorority chapters on campus. The teams were formed by Greek Week chairs to encourage interaction between greeks who might not know each other, said Adam Liebling, Greek Week co-chair and president of the Interfraternity Council. " We wanted a mix of people that some might not know normally, to promote greek unity and solidarity, " Liebling said. Adam Reingold, vice president of pro- gramming for IFC, said the food drive was a big part of the week and Greek Week chairs hoped to raise 5,000 pounds of food and a couple thousand dollars in cash. " We feel it ' s important with Thanksgiv- ing and the holidays coming up to give back to the Tucson community that we are a part of, " Reingold said. Coed teams, with names of ancient Greek cities like Macedonians and Athe- nians, were also " trick-or-treating " for cans in the neighborhoods around campus in an effort of bringing in more food and commu- nicating with community members. " Our push is to get people seeing greeks throughout their neighborhood, to see that we are a positive force in the community, " Reingold said. The contest used to be held every year, but sometime in the 1980s it died out, said Sarah Miller, Greek Week co-chair. The week was reintroduced last year by PHC president Brook Camerer who said she thinks the week is a fun and positive celebration of being greek. " Greek Week is a time for friendly competition (and an) opportunity to ' show greek and school spirit in a positive light, while benefiting something bigger than your own chapter, " Camerer said. Winners in all events received points. The team with the most points in the end won and received a trophy with their team ■ name. There were also medal presentation ceremonies at the end of every competition, similar to the Olympics, Liebling said. Mark Sterner, who travels the country visiting schools to tell his true story about drinking and driving addressed the dangers and lessons of driving under the influence of alcohol. The event in the Gallagher The- ater was free, and non-greek students were encouraged to attend, Liebling said. The teams chose nominees for royalty, and the nominees from the team with the most change was crowned Greek Week King and Queen. All " Penny Wars " proceeds went to the Tucson Community Food Bank. The king and queen were also the con- testants on the greek " Singled Out. " The game was a version of the MTV show where 50 women or 50 men answer questions and compete for a date with the king or queen, organizers said. The teams also participated in a greek " Family Feud " where they provided the best possible answers to questions like, " What is the most popular date-dash theme? " " Name one hot spot on University Boulevard, " and " What is the most popular type of clothing that sorority women wear? " The teams participated in the greek Olympics Saturday in events like dodge ball, tug-of-war and a relay, Liebling said. The last event of the week was the Airband competition in the Grand Ballroom of the Student Union Memorial Center Airband is a lip-synching and choreo- graphed medley performance with as many as Above: Arizona head basketball coach Lute Olsor speaks in front of Old Main prior to the CatWal which benefits the Bobbi Olson Cancer Fund. 1 8 people in each presentation. Greek Week co-chairs, Miller and Liebling, worked over the summer getting everything finalized for the competition. Miller said she was excited to see all of her and Liebling ' s hard work executed and hope that it is ftin for everyone who participates. " Greek Week is important because all year round we are separate chapters and entities, we all have separate purposes. But for Greek Week we come together as one to benefit Greek Life and the greater Tucson commu- nity, " Reingold said. Left: Participants in the CatWallt march down the mall in their togas. The Cat Walk l(icl ed off Greets V eek while also benefiting the Bobbi Olson Cancer Fund. Below: Business junior Andra Cruickshank and history junior Dan Glad model their togas during the Greek Week kick-off at Old IVIain. IVIany members of Greek life participated in the CatWalk following the fashion show. •=■5 TT 225 AAn AKA Aor TAQ AT AXA 0NS KAX HBO ZK XQ ATP AOA BZE ATA KA nKO SAM SN SOE OTA OKT XO Nickname: K D Chi 1 mmt kappa Natonal Founding Date: April 6. 1987 taiialFoiini;;-,.: ;, Colors: Pink Maroon Mors: Lighl Blue iDi; Symbol: Penguin S l:TheGoldmKf Chapter President: Dominique Galza ftpter President: Luira 1 ftokmm H» 1 1 IL B ft . . " W Crystal J Ashburn Tiffany Jewell Martinez Stephanie Joy Vizcaya ' 6 " EBto 21 Leslee-ann E Barclay Rebecca Sandra Meza Ann K. 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Hughes I Luke M Jordon Luke E Kollasch Pedro Geronimo Moreno Benjamin Thorning Norman Matthew Seth Schwartzkopf Geoffrey Lambert Tinnell Clinton E Walls John Clark Wienert Adam Richard Wolfe Tate D Wyly ' " Adam Bain :-3e.J,[ ' ■= ' =5 Joseph xe fs Cohen - " -Datnolf :r Jonathan Daw ' = ' -3peDetavi| " ' ■hull f ■sUiamond f ' ' « ' ' «fiaelMayoEwi eiiS.GeHirt .-= ' ' SGe(sfenl«ta f-; cG(ttie(n ' smyRHass ' wRHirscti EH(ilan,w " ST " " " " MarcK " AEn f Jickname: A E Pi Jatonal Founding Date: November 7, 1913 tommunity Service: Relay For Life thapter President: Jacob Reuben MgNonan 0 krandyn Tyler Abrams |)avid P. Addison lustin David Almeleh llir Jacob Baiba Ponald Adam Barlow lichael J. Biegelman tharles Joseph Bruce |oss E. Cohen lacob L. Datnoff Idam Jonathan Davis jyler Jayme Deterville Jrian Paul Deutsch josh B Diamond loseph Daniel Elyachar pavid Michael Mayo Evan litchell S. 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Miller Randall S Mitzman Kevin Shaun Morten Aaron Benjamin Nankin Jonathan Grant O ' Brien Ryan G Okun Mitchell Aaron Penner David Joseph Phillips Brett Allen Pierson David A Piatt Jason Alan Pollard Adam Gerald Reingold Jacob Jay Reuben Scott Ira Rosen Matthew Kyle Rosenberg Ryan Rosenblum Michael James Ross Michael Roman Saghian Daniel I Schuster Kevin J Sethi David Shapiro Benjamin Noah Shimon Joshua A Siembieda Alexander David Sorin Jordan R Stein Max Daniel Stettner Phillip Lawrence Telefus Joshua Lane Tennenbaum Sean L Udin Scott Ross Unger Matthew C. Van Horn Matthew A Weiner Nathan James Weisband Nicholas Weisberger- kaufman Mathew Stephen Weiss Michael William Weiss David Y Zapletal AEcD Ad) AXQ TOB AAA ZOB KA0 KKT srpi- SAT i AEn B0n AZO ■ KA SAE EAB cDBZ OA0 QAO AAn AKA A Dr FAQ AT AXA 0N5 KAX HBO XQ ATP AOA BZE ATA KA nKO lAM SN ZOE OTA OKT XO s»- i,l Jife« i- it t . w »• I Nickname: Theta Nu Natonal Founding Date: April 11, 1997 Colors: Carolina Blue, Lavendar Black Symbol: Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Chapter President: Priyanka Gupta Kamaleeta Amanda Droopad Priyanka Gupta Mansi Rani Kotwal Anandani Nellan Miranda R Starkey Tanya M. Suydam Indu Sesh Vasudev ■wwe: icbme:nieta DMcJi GoU ber President MoM BiMAidiigi IManson tUBalila feiaaMBiMM ' neBoM m IKMItn; E.B«n ' " Cera, 5?? Hi KA0 lickname: Theta latonal Founding Date: January 27, 1870 olors: Black Gold IVjWJ mbol: Kite Ib lapter President: Molly Caliban % son Ashley Abell Linda C Gardner Erica Rene Montgomery 5ten Lee Adishian Megan Giesen Lauren Claire Montoya jren M Aichinger Allie Suzanne Gilliland Meghan Eleanor Murphy ia J. Alexandersson Melina N. Grassi Stephanie Ellen Nichols ' M. Allanson Emily N Guth Dara Carlin Oseran iley Brooke Anderson Melissa A Hale Jennifer S Peterson anel L Arnold Megan Caitlin Hazelton Ashley D Peyton inifer Anne Atwell Lauren Heft Lauren Gina Quigley Jgett J. A. Baldwin Taylor L Hendrickson Janet E Ramsey toria J. Barneson Brittany Nicole Hixenbaugh Ashley Raposa iley Elizabeth Batstone Jayme Lee Hyatt Carmen A Reed itney Robinson Bearman Erica Shannon Ivory Katie A. Reifman dsay Bellinger Kristen Elizabeth Jensen Ann E Rhodes lyAnne Bennett Kelly Renee Jernigan Laura B. Robertson anda Kari Borgida Ashley Lalonde Kennedy Stephanie A Romo :hel Kathleen Bowlsby Katrina Louise Kilburg Kimberly Kelley Rosener rdreABoylan Susan K Koniewich Alaina Ruth Sandhu )en Leigh Bradley Camille A Krakow Alexis L. Savlov ah E. Breen Katherine L Kramer Katherine Brooke Schierholz ah Elizabeth Buckle Meaghan K Kramer Catherine Sullivan Schwedhelm sica M Buerger Jamie Elisabeth Kruger Katie Scott gan Kathleen Buhler Kristin Carolan Kuchel Brittney H Smith ggan Michelle Bushee Brittany Ann Kugler Alexandra Collet Sobel istie Calhoon Kristina Nicole Kuhn Whitney Day Solem lly Kathryn Caliban Laura Anne Lauterbach Kyle M Steinke inna Marie Castro Amber Adele Lazaris Sarah J. Steinke ■a M. Cercone Lauren A Lemmerman Danielle M Stern ine Sinclair Chandler Lindsay Lloyd Melissa Sue Sutteriey ten Elaine Clapp Nicole Allison Locke Tory Anne Tebbutt ■istina Nicole Cocciola Jane Lauren Lohse Ana Lucia Towe lor Ashley Coghill Kamy K Lucas Katie L Wald Jle M. Connbs Alexandra C Magliolo Katie Michele Watkins sa M. Connor Jacquelyne Nicole Marianne Lezley Ann Watts oline Williams Crouch Theodora Irene Nicole Marines Megan Marie Weber inifer Lee Cummings Karina Jacqueline Marshall Rachel Leigh Weitzman ■tney Curtis Heidi Mattson Eva Rose Wilhelmi iley Marie Davies Kathryn Brooke Mayfield Lindsay M Wimmer .on Rose Dewing Maureen Marie Mcdannel Melissa Kay Wirkus ira Dubrish Genevieve Ann Mcgovem Amy Erin Zetah e Elizabeth Duggan Meagan M Mcillece Allison Katherine Zimmerman ole Ann Fagin Margaret Faye Mcpherson Kristen Ann Zukowski lie Marie Filer Lauren Elizabeth Miller ie L Gallegly Tara Lynn Miller hx Djamila Grossman Arizona Daily Wildcat , tudents celebrated Africa ' s culture and diversity - in the fifth annual culture show of the African Students " Association on Saturday April 2. The event, named " Africa in America, " featured African music, fashion shows and PowerPoint presen- tations, and was intended to give non-Africans a more in-depth perspective on the continent. Amuche Okeke. an electrical engineering junior and president of the association, said many people reduce Africa to its issues with poverty and diseases, but do not see the cultural diversity and richness of the continent. " People need a more enlightened ■• " perspective. The goal of the show is for people to have a learning experience and to give them a taste of Africa, " Okeke - said. The show has grown since the as- sociation was reinstated at the UA five years ago, Okeke said, with an increase of educational awareness to infonn people as best they can. Kim Taylor, a chemical engineering junior, said she came to the show because she knows one of the performing dancers and she was curious what it would be about. Although she doesn ' t know much about African culture, Taylor said she hoped to leave the show a little more educated. " I ' m pretty ignorant when it comes to Africa, " Taylor said. " Hopefully this will give me a better view on the culture. " Julian Kunnie, director of African American stud- ies and adviser to the African Students ' Association, said people should understand that all culture origi- nates from Africa and they have to learn to appreciate it. " It ' s really important for people to be educated about the far-reaching past and culture of Africa, she is the mother of humankind, " Kunnie said. Kunnie said he hopes the M opportunity to -- • educate people J and open their .p eyes is success- ' ful, because the J media ' s view is i§ very negative and hopeless ' ' g when it comes to ( (§ Africa. I " As you i, can see tonight, there is a vibrant power in the complexity and diversity, " Kunnie said. " This is why African students ought to be commended to give us a taste of this splendid continent. " Melame Gange, a reggae artist with the band Mode Afrika, perfomied at the show and said he liked the event. He said he also had the chance to show his " African brothers and sisters how I appreciate it. " A lot of issues regarding Africa are dealt with on a political basis. But arts are just as important in order to bring Africa closer to people and educate them. Gange said. " We must go back to our past and fetch what belongs to us, " Gange said. " This is a beautiful opportunity to sup- port our culture. " Rajan Bhavnani, a bioengineering junior, said he came to the show to sup- port the association and his friends. Bhavnani said he doesn ' t know much about Africa, which is why he § thinks it is important to visit and learn I about the continent. t " The show is great because 1 don ' t % really know a lot about Africa, " Bhav- 1 nani said. " And it ' s definitely great to g learn about other cultures. " Beta Sigma members step dance at he fifth annual culture show of the Afri- 3n Students ' Association. 227 AAn AKA Aor TAQ AT AXA 0NS KAX nso XQ ATP AOA BSE ATA KA ' nKO ZAM lOE OTA OKT XO IE Nickname: Pi Phi Natonal Founding Date: April 28, 1867 Colors: Whine Silver Blue Symbol: Arrow Chapter President: Jessica Wheeler Lauren Ann Abbott Tara Lynn Abbott Sara Victoria Aguirre Kendall Elizabeth Aliment Angelica Martha Alvarez Natalen B. Anderson Mary Nicole Aronoff Stacey Kathryn Barnett Lindsay Katherine Baugh Kelly Maureen Beck Lydia Elizabeth Bell Nathalie M. Bergougnan Josephine Rose Beyerlein Kathleen A Bonham Jennifer M Borsuk Kristen C Buchan Jacqueline Starr Buckert Leslee Michelle Burbano De Lara Caterina Angelina Caligiuri Kristina D. Callan Brook Elizabeth Camerer Mallory Kristin Campbell Courtney Fromm Casabat Victoria A Cassady Mackenna Anne Chase Ashley Mane Chittick Megan M. Chow-romero Carlie Lauren Christensen Audrey Lorraine Christenson Katherine Elise Christy Brittany L. Clark Romy B. Colombatto Claire Anne Conlon Jessica Lynne Corl Alexis Altagracia Counts Tuesday Alexis Crews Lauren Michelle Curtis Tanner Lynn Detro Aubrey E Dym Nicholle Marie Ellerman Erin Michelle Endorf Meredith L Entsminger Anais A Fainveather Chelsea A Farndale Amy E. Frey Lindsey Ann Froelich Kelly E Gauike Jaime N Gistaro Jennifer Rachel Goldman Laura Ann Goodhue Samantha Judith Gray Julie Winn Greer Amanda Maile Griffith Shayne Griffith Sara W Guterman Laura T Hamilton Courtney Lynne Haner Kelly M Hanrahan Meghan W Harper Kathleen Joan Harris Kelly Anne Hart Lauren E Hellring Lorelei Ashley Herbert Allison Emiko Hirohata Jennie M Holden Kathryn Ellen Hollingsworth Elyse Lauren Huseas Courtney Elizabeth Johnson Heather Lee Johnson Hilary A Kelley Brittany Jill Kenter KandiceAnne Kingsley Chelsea A Krevocheza Sophie Windsor Kropf Caitlin M Lane Bethany Arin Lasky Stephanie R Lawler Andrea N. Lee Caroline Frances Levy Kimberly Cathy Lewkow itz Briana Mcfall Luce Taryn Andrea Maggi Meagan Ann Marie Lily Anna Marshall Whitney E Mcgovern Meagan Leigh Mckean Carly J Memsic Gail Adrienne Messick Alana Nicole Meyer Rachel E Meyer Lindsey Christine Miller Dove Elizabeth Mittelman Ashleigh Laurie Morton Manuela Loredana Moscaliuc Tara Mary Mullins Megan Elizabeth Mundy Christine L Nelson Sarah Elizabeth Newhall Allison J Nicholls Emma L Northrop Constance C. Nuccio Kelly Kathleen OKeefe Stephanie Sara Poll Kathryn Clare Polich Allison Pound Jennifer A. Pratt Katherine Lloyd Reiley Miranda Ann Reynolds Meredith C. Rhoda Jeanette Elise Richards Alanna Marette Rosen Brooke A Rosen Danielle L. Runde Allison Ann Russell Kariie Marie Saine Janice Lyies Scott Brieanne M Senn Katherine R Sloman Cynthia Cook Smith Alexandra B Spurr Victoria Lee Starkey Amy Colleen Stidham Holly E Stidham Maddison Marie Strasheim Colleen E Strauch Megan M. Sturgis Lesley E, Sykes Kelli A Thompson Megan Maureen Thompsor Ashley Elinor Touche Tiare Sinclair Toulon Kathryn J. Townend Nicole D Turk Carrie Jean Waterman Tamara A Weintraub Lindsey Ann Welsh Ashley Lauren West Jessica E Wheeler Jillian L Winston Rachel Winston Lindsey Marie Woodburn Nicole M Woodrick Darcy Dawn Wride Kelly Ann Wuestenfeld Sally Jean Wyer Shoshana R. Ziv Kara Veronica Zumbusch EFP ickname: Sigma women, Sigma, S G Rho fatonal Founding Date: November 12, 1922 [Colors: Royal Blue and Antique Gold iymbol: French toy poodle lower: Yellow Tea Rose Lina J Richardson Larissa M Smith DMkLIMe ■— l,(esScoll asm iBMUBSpuir «S»LKSIa licf I CAa ' StAani UfEStdham ManeSlta - CMwEStaicti ItplLSU?! g lWKliTliCliipi jlomwl jes iE ' owl AAn AKA Aor TAQ AT AXA ©NH KAX HBO ZK XQ ATP A(DA BZE ATA KA nKO SAM SN SOE OTA (DKT XO C3 Nickname: AKA Natonal Founding Date: Janruary 15, 1908 Colors: Axiire Salmon Pink Apple Green Symbol: Ivy Michelle Nicole Miller Tracy R Taylor Corinn Shavon Wilson hVm} ickname: Alpha Phi atonal Founding Date: October 10, 1872 olors: Silver Bordeaux Symbol: Ivy Leaf hapter President: Tasha Soil elly Jean Abdelaziz j M Akselrad lolie Alemi Cristin Erika Anderson Mice Anne Armstrong asey Claire Baines (atherine M. Barnes l ourtney Elizabeth Bennett enee T Breines Hoilie Elizabeth Bried manda Marie Brock eiissa I. Brooks llison Busch rin L. Callinan .auren E Canty lolly E Carroll Bill Marie Casey atalie Lara Cauchi rianna Rachel Cerone imberlyAnn Chamberlain ;usana Chaves ichelle Rachel Christenholz ' hitney L Clutter helsea Gislason Cox lolly Anne Cramer elley Marie Curran lenise D ' Amico Jison June Dariotis Jexandra E, Davis ori Diamond iRebecca Lucille Diebold Sarah Driggs Christine Esmeralda D ' Souza ICaroline Elizabeth Duff Emma Karolina Duveback-kent Lauren Dwulet Randi Michele Eichenbaum Ashley C Ellis Jenny Farrell Kelley Dana Fitzgerald Lindsey Rae Fosse Lindsay A Framson Rebecca M. Freeman Lindsey W Fundine Keri Jacklyn Garcia Brittany Rose Garrett Jessica Susanne Gatto Stephanie Rebecca Gilmour Karia Yvette Robles Gonzalez Tiffany M Goodman Hadar Gordon Allie Greenberg Katherine E Gutnikov Molly E Gyben Gillian Rachel Halberg Nicole K Hallan Jacqueline Dawn Hamm Elizabeth Ann Hansen Melissa Lauren Hansen Karen Elizabeth Hartley Valerie Yvette Hermann Erin Alysse Hertzog Sarah Alice Hickman Molly C Hogan Melissa M Holden Stephanie L Horvath Katherine Elise Hyatt Nicole Lyn Hyatt Katie Elizabeth Hyman Ann Franklin Jabuka Tara Katherine Jaicks Elizabeth A Johnston Jaclyn B Karas Kelsey M Knight Jessica Knuzynski Dana Lynn Kramer Laurie A Kunkel Susan Marie Kunkel Regina Marie La Cassa Sarah B Leaf Jennifer Marie Lee Michelle F Lembeck Ashley Lembo Abby R Levin Melinda Lee Lima Chnstina Gardner Locke Laura A Machin Lindsey Nicole Mancuso Jodi Leigh Marine Alison D Matilla Brittni L Mcknight Maureen R Mcnamee Christina N Meyers Stephanie C Morgan Cynthia A Nock Ashley C Orr Michelle Marie Parks Marisa Noelle Pazik Megan K Peel Allison L Pignataro Carlye E Reimer Jami Lynn Reinsch Samantha Alyse Roswell Danielle Lindsey Saltzman Kerry Ann Santos Leah Marie Schindler Teri L Schramm Ashley Breann Scull Siera Elyse Seedman Danielle B Seligson Nicole Kaye Shamash AEO AO AXQ roB AAA Z(DB KA© KKT zrp SAT AEn B0n ASO KA KE ZAE ZAB En OBS OA0 QAO AAn AKA Aor TAQ AT AXA ©NH KAX UBO EK XQ ATP A DA BZE ATA KA4 nKO SAM ZN SOE (DTA OKT XO ( --i . . Joanna A. Abijaoude Amanda K Allen Jane Quinn Anderson Jessica M Baker Stephanie Candace Blancet Margaret C. Boatwright Carltiey Ceiia Bolz Jotianna Ashley Boyd Eril a Lieschen Briel Courtney Elizabeth Brodie Mckenzie Ann Brooks Katherine L Bruhn Lauren Nicole Caley Brittne S Carlen Stephanie N. Castro Autumn L. Chaney Jennifer Ellen Ciafone Kimberly Theresa Clayton Maribeth Cathleen Clinton Maegen Marie Cohen Kari Lynn Collins Melissa L Colman Monique Angelica Cordova Laurel Mae Cox Karen T Daidone Amanda Jean Dawson Megan Y Dawson Melissa Georgenson Drake Margaret Elizabeth Dunn Chanel Dominique Eakin Ashley Rose Eden Amber M Epperson Manna L. Falls Erin Elizabeth Field Anne Margaret Floyd Melissa Leigh Gabriele Cherilyn D Gain Jessica Anne Gale Brittany Ann Geldmacher Christine M Gove Emily Elizabeth Graff Laura Marie Hagan Jessica Jean Hammer Megan E Hammer Kara L Harris Kelsey Michelle Hawes Tory Lynn Hendricks Jenna Marie Hill Kim T Ho Stephanie A Holland Amy llene Huberman Crystal R Humphreys Kelly O ' Neil Jackson Ashley Lauren Justice Elizabeth T Kaneda Holly Elizabeth Kast Morgan Lyn Kisler Emily Lyn Lackey Kathryn E Lancaster Natalie Anne Lawrence Natalie D Lewis Molly Catherine Lien Sarah Renee Linksman Jennifer Anne Lipski f Nickname: Chi-0 Natonal Founding Date: April 5, 1895 Colors: Cardinal Straw Symbol: Owl Chapter President: Jeni Shannon Amy Michelle Luginbill Kristen Sophia Lutzky Janis K Mathiasen Megan Marie Mihocko Jordan L Miller Alison Mohr Diana Michelle Moreno Megan Jennifer Moss Christine Randa Moussa Erin L Myers Ashley Toshiko Nagaoka Kaitlin Najewicz Megan M Neenan Devra M. Nemrow Hilary C Niccoli Lauren Ella Nichols Nicole Phillips Nugent Heather Nystedt Jenna A Orozco Rose E Parsons Jennifer M. Patterson Christian Anne Payne Kate L Pennell Amanda Marie Peters Kylee E. Phillips Niccole Phillips Jennafer D Piccolo Gretchen Ploen Lindsay K Prechtl Amber N Price Lisa M Ramsey Alexandra Anne Recker o » Roxanne Nicole Reece Lindsey Rudinica Hayley Patricia Running Erin M. Russell Lindsay Louise Russell Shawna M Sando Kathryn A. Schellinger Kriston B Schellinger Kristina Anne Schweinberg Kristen L Senseman Jennifer K Shannon Amy J Shook Michelle Ruth Sieffert Kaylee Ruth Starr Nicole St Louis Kristine Kelly Storie Amanda Rhea Stubbs Anna Rose Suarez Joelle Sondra Tansey Kristin Cathleen Taylor Veronica Ann Thaanum Ashley D Thelen Laura E Trieselmann Leah Patricia Vorpahl Jennifer K Wells Jenna Paige Whitson Rebecca A Whittington Mary Christiane Wylie Carrie Mclain Yamauchi Amy Younger Jeanine Marie Zelik IMSaiHl] v-j n n ii n s v-j n t ©ma 1 a vT- a . - Right: Michael Katzman, Presi- dent, Robert IVIedler, Executive Vice President, J.R. Allen, Vice President of Programming, Thomas IVIurrin, Vice President of IVIembership, Robert Hogan, Vice President of Finance Left: Erin Cohen, President, Kandis Smith, Vice Presi- dent Internal Affairs, Carrie Lingenfelter, Vice President Membership, Sarah Miller, Vice President Programming, Sarah Nedell, Vice President Admin- istrative Affairs, Mary Dennis, Dir. of Recruitment Counselors i «- ) . AAn AKA A(Dr TAQ AT AXA 0NH KAX HBO SK XQ ATP AOA BEE ATA KA nKO ZAM ZN OTA OKT XO Nickname: Gamma Natonal Founding Date: January 25, 1993 Colors: Navy Blue, Forest Green a Touch of White Symbol: Red Apple Chapter President: Angela Enriquez litaisPii Jessica C. Aguirre Aleasha M. Arredondo Teara Amber Brady Candace M Carrasco Veronica Rae Duran Valerie Nicole Felix Wendy Henderson Fierros Melanie R Flaiban Jezana Rose Garza Cynthia A Gonzalez Yerania Miranda-farias Serina K Monder Cynthia D. Ramirez Andrea C, Rivera Tiffany Anne Sabolick Megan Elisabeth Soto Amber A. Tamayo Linda M Tapia lameiGamraKLi kuaifoimdingDit: !ol: Crescent Moor ■-■sm .aiey ■■ " tartan ' fSsseBary Ml nEJnSka " iCCa 2 FOB TO mi iy W V ickname: Gamma Phi, G Phi atonal Founding Date: November 11, olors: Brown Mode ymbol: Crescent Moon hapter President: Bridget Howard 1874 rittny Marie Adams ayln Brice Adams atherine AAhearn shiey C. Alexander risti A. Allan Jlison R. Ashcraft .ndrea L. Bailey ichele Marie Bald! ritney Leigh Barham atelyn Rose Barry auren Rose Biskind atherine Jane Bloom iatrina Louise Bloom itephanie Frances Bracken nna Marie Broughton ish Elisabeth Brown oily Elizabeth Burns elissa Megan Canedy enna Marie Carlson shley C. Carrillo manda Marie Carter ulianne C Cauwet ara Todd Cirrincione ortney L Clark Tislin Ann Clements rancesca Jeanne Colloca ' ennifer Lynn Connors risten Renee Connors rit ' any Marie Cotton ndra Marie Cruickshank aniele Marie Doberman rooke L Edelman ileen Rachel Eder Jessica Lane Felix Casey L Fluegel Megan Rose Fox Allison E. Friedrichs Amy Lynn Fuetterer Stephanie R Glanzer Jennifer S Golisch Taylor Grace Kathryn L. Graham Ruth Ann Greenhaigh Alison Shea Guelker Alexis D Hammack Kaylin S Harshbarger Katy D Hartley Kimberly Nicole Harvey Jill K Henley Kristi Michele Henley Emma Nadine Heriaud Abbey E Herr Bridget Marie Howard Elizabeth Katharine Jansen Brittany D Johnson Katelin Wallace Journigan Allison B Kagel Tara L. King Ariana L. Kirsch Carrie N Klapheke Melissa M Kline Cameron Leigh Knuth Ashlyn M Levesque Kristin Ann Loudy Teresa Elizabeth Lowe Lindsey Victoria Ludwig Megan Geneieve Mackenbrock Kirstin Leigh Maloney Gina Marie Marciano Tara Christine Mason Mandell Rosemarie Maughan Erin C Mccahill Monica R Mccahill Aishling Ann Mccullagh Reina M. Mcdonald Heather M. Mcmillan Katherine R. Metzger Tasha Marie Moline Jennifer Morse Lauren Rae Nedberg Katherine Ann Nelson Whitney Rae Newman Jane E Odenberg Downey E. Palmer Meghan W Pearce Claire G Perkins Katherine Anne Perry Ashlie Renee Petrilli Alicia M Pinnock Brittany E Pollock Ayesha R Prashad Lisa Propeck Elizabeth A Radachi Chelsea M. Richards Brooke G. Rogers Allison B Roney Brooke Alyse Rosander Jennifer Davida Rosen Lauren H Rothstein Taylor Janelle Schiffres Catherine M Schissel Jennifer Marie Schissel Sandra K Schmidtman Lauren Ashley Schubert Marcelle Ford Sherman Chelsea Marie Simonson Caitlin Elise Smith Elizabeth Sara Smith Allison Leigh Spera Sarah Stanton Bethany Shea Stopp Amy Michelle Strand Ashley Jane Tate Ashley Loran Tupper Marceline L Vance Tracey D Wahlberg Courtney M. Walberg Amanda D Walter Kathryn Marie Walter Kristin L Waters Allison C. Weeks Paige Marie Wieneke Jenna Emily Wismer Kelly M Wisner Leslie Anne Wisner Angela Marie Wooster Samantha Anne Wynn Gail M Yosowitz Jenna Siegel Yost Jessica M Yunger AAn AKA Aor FAQ AT AXA 0NH KAX nBO EK XQ ATP AOA BSE ATA KA nKO SAM SN OTA OKT XO ickname: I (atonal Foun olors: Royai :Kiik lower: Whiti yDanielej5sey iKimbetiyKete, Bosa vlickname: Zeta v[atonal Founding Date: January 16, 1920 olors: Royal Blue Pure White symbol: Kitten and Dove lower: White Rose ZOB ourtney Danielle Joseph auren Kimberly Kelley larisa N Spalding shiei Michelle Tobin-robertson AE D AO AXQ roB AAA ZOB KA0 KKr AEn B0n ASO KA KS ZAE ZAB sn OBZ (DA0 QAO AAn AKA Aor FAQ AT AXA ONE KAX HBO SK XQ ATP AOA BSE ATA KA nKO SAM SN SOE OFA OKT XO 1 ® Nickname: Alphas Natonal Founding Date: December 4, 1906 Colors: Black Old Gold Flower: Yellow Rose Jomar N Jenkins I ::Beu zDici ySmiccLa ipier President: IM fasSteven ta iMapJerBal Caff RCetuss ICtBpmar H.CIiiKti " staSnarCoow iC(Am iDauMiw S Freely ' Sum JGercor B0n J Nickname: Beta ■Jatonal Founding Date: August 8, 1839 rommunity Service: Leukemia Lymphoma Society Ihapter President: Matthew Strom |)ouglas Steven Allen fjyan Magruder Beall ravis Lee Berg ohn T Best iOaniel Steven Bollum latthew D Breslin 3 latthew Carr datthew R Cerussi ;ollin M. Chapman indrew H. Clinch ;olin Matthew Stuart Cochran pregory J Coffman ?yan J. Dachenhausen eff Fairall Dauenhauer Sabriel John Pacini ;evin M Finnegan yiichael Lawrence Franchi ylan Stuart Francis Wery G Freeland hristopher Shaun Fullerton :ric Phillip Garcia dam J Gercon ustin T Green ylathew Patrick Gugliuzza oshua James Gustafson yiatthew Scott Haberman )avid E Hallgren Alexander Cheves Haskell Samuel Hauskens Kevin A Hmelyar Daniel Huck Brett Robert Jastrow Nicholas Phillip Jorgenson Brandon Scot Journell Nicholas Fred Kalil George Demetrius Karsant Michael Alexander Kelly Michael T. Kusz Jeremy Parker Lawson Andrew Michael Lemieux Gabriel Alfonso Leyva Nickolas Lopez Andrew A. Maynard Joseph P Mcconologue Daniel D. Mcguire Alexander Emmanuel Menayas Davis Frederick Millar Garrett J Munro Mark Randall Murphy Anthony D Nelson Nathan Robert Olivarez-giles Evan Spencer Oliver Kyle B O ' Malley Jonathan M Page Andrew William Paiva Ryan D Pasquale Jon APiakis Collin Jeffrey Popp John Albert Raschko Joshua Graham Roberts Michael Anthony Robinson Daniel J Shelby Bryant R Smith Shaun Simon Snider Richard J. Sparenga Matthew Christopher Stamp Jeffrey Allen Starling Justin Dempsey Strachan Phillip L Strieker Matthew R Strom Daniel Suh Anthony G Tilleskjor Steven Edward Travis Craig Tyler Truitt Kevin J Truitt Yusuf Zahid Tufail Devin Russell Walker Jeffrey David Winkle Barry R Wolk Stephen Donald Woo Brian G. Yunt AEO AO AXQ roB AAA ZOB KA0 KKr zrp EAT AEn B0n ASO KA KE SAE SAB sn OBS OA0 OKW QA D AAn AKA Aor TAQ AT AXA 0NS KAX nBo ZK XQ ATP AOA BEE ATA KA nKO EAM ZN SOE OTA OKT XO FoimdiiigDicDi inity Service lU iiforHurain ' President: R aGf i -»« " - i ?? " ' I ' " ' HI ' ' - Nickname: Delta Sig atonal Founding Date: December 10, 1899 bmmunity Service: March of Dimes, iabitat for Humanity hapter President: Ryan Griffeth dam Michael Aronoff Hubert Ying Fong 3rant L Gessay Justin M Goodenkauf Ryan W Griffeth Joel E Haimsohn Johnny Sungwhan Kim Russell Scott Newton David A. Nilsen eter Pardi uis Armando Posada idam Joseph Readio Michael A Schapker David Sherman Zachary Ethan Siegel jjaskanwal S. Singh Jonathan Wang John Joseph Webb AAn AKA Aor TAD. AT AXA 0NH KAX SK XQ ATP AOA BSE ATA KA4 nKO SAM SN SOE OTA OKT XO - sy Nickname: Delt Natonal Founding Date: March 8, 1859 Community Service: Delt Games, Race For the Cure, Adopt-a-School Chapter President: Jason Hersker Scott Harris Abel Josh Kirk Adiand -■.•:■- Daniel C Adier Miguel Isai Argueta Edward William Betterton John M Carter Christopher Martin Cave Eric John Diamond Cody Bayne Edmonson Duncan Arthur Elmer Adam H. Fish Adam James Forsythe Kenneth Stokes Getsinger Carl Gunnar Gillberg Adam Michael Glovitz Blake J Grimsley David J Grubin Nicholas Michael Gudovic Benjamin W Hagan Brian Christopher Harms Christopher R Harnden Jason M Hersker Charles Thomas Hvass Michael Alexander Julien Patrick Jeffery Kane Brandon Kurtz Will Andrew Lewis Phillip C Linduska Alan Shizuo Magata Wesley M Mcnary Joshua H Michael Paul Otto Mittelstadt Margaret E Murphy William Steven Navarro Daniel LOsborn Justin J Park Benjamin D Pearson Thomas Peterson tr i ilFoiiiidiiisDKD oiiySerMccUH TPicsidentQiU Benjamin H Powell Matthew Ryan Price Brian J Raphe! John Henry Reeves Lee M. Rosen Adam P. Ross Kurt F Schultz Tyler Ryan Shatzen Ryan Christopher Simmon Brian J Simon Cameron Younger Smith Matthew Snell I Justin Ryan Sundheimer Steven Mark Townsend Dominic Peter Uccellini Matthew L Wood Robert Burns Woodbury Richard J Zahler i W aw »ECct» I IW Nickname: K A Natonal Founding Date: December 21, 1865 Community Service: Muscular Dystrophy Association Chapter President: Eli Cohen Ian C. Aguirre MaziarAzari Aaron Paul Barnard Nicholas Michael Bartolini-volk Warren W Bell Tyler J. Bonar Colin P. Boynton Jonathan Devitt Brown Joseph A Brown John Paolo Canton Quinn Claver Cargill Aaron E Cohen Kole J Dea Alexander Stephen Dedecker Phillip James Dunsford Chris M. Edelen Matthew Alan Firth Michael Alexander Fox David Simon Friedman Taylor Stephen Martin Garrot Chris D Gower Zack Cooper Howland Nicholas A Kreutz Charies Frank Kuoni Alexander Raymond Lacroix Alec Evan Linde Jorge A Lopez Jose A Madrigal Gavin Schuyler Mccori le Brandon S. Mclaughlin Dominick P Monaco Zachary Daniel Nadler Benjamin Joseph Nelson Leopoldo Olaiz Garrett James Olson Rahm Belim Rodriguez Kyle Mari Shores Jonathan Michael Siege! Ralph Edwin Stewart Trent JarrettTrailov Matthew Luke Vybomy Jordan Daniel Weber Matthew John Wesenberg Brandon Robert Wilson Joe S Young AEO AO AXQ roB AAA ZOB KA© KKT srp EAT AEn B0n ASO KA KX SAE SAB sn OBS OA0 QAO AAn AKA Aor TAQ AT AXA 0NH KAX HBO EK XQ ATP AOA BZE ATA KA UKO SAM SOE (DTA OKT XO Nickname: Kappa Sig Natonal Founding Date: December 10, 1869 Community Service: March of Dimes, Race for the Cure Chapter President: Vinnie Lichvar Garrett A Adelstein Andrew P. Althoff Benjamin S. Bacon Aaron Phillips Barker Darren Bradford Barr Jacob Matthew Bauer Todd A. Bedrick Jerenny Andrew Belitsos Travis J Berding Christopher V. Bergen Christopher M Bistany Daniel J. Bistany David M Bitner Andrew Gregory Block Ryan Herbert Boothe Derek Samuel Brewer Alexander Julian Bridgeforth John James Bronte Henry Phelps Nil Brooks Thomas Randall Bryan Jonathan Hayden Burckle Christoper Eric Cagle Matthew Gerald Carson Dustin Lane Cavanaugh Ryan Charles Chapa Adam J Chusid Brandon Scott Cohen Rick Collazo Nicholas Ryan Collettii Joshua Travis Conway Ryan William Coors Daniel Lipscomb Crothers Jonathan Barth Daley Michael C. Daugherty Jonathan Thomas Dick Blake Kristofor Diers Brett Stephen Drummond Carl Burton Effenson Sean Scott Fitzgerald Clifford Neal Fleming Patrick Franklyn Foley Remington Franklin William James Froelich Stefan Ghaemi Aaron M. Gladstein Rikki Dean Gordon Chase M Gugenheim Matthew R Harper Devin H Harshman Jonathan Clark Hatchell Kenneth Christopher Hintz Ryan K Hoashi Robert W Hogan Tyler Joseph Hogan Chris S Hudson Jason Hunt Josh M Isaacson Raymond J Jaffe Michael Lewis Johncock Scott Harris Josephson Drew J Kabo Scott N Keeler Jason Scott Kletzky Garrett V Knill Leonilo Larriva Timothy Daniel Laskoski Christopher James Lepage William Jon-vinc Lichvar Daniel Joseph Lind Nick J Madrid Matthew David Magorien Elliot A. Magruder Joshua Alan Malter Matthew S Markenson Juan C Mazry Samuel A. Mazzeo Brandon Mckennon Garrett Bryan Morgan Jason Michael Mosley Joshua Avery Nathel Richard Louis Niello Patrick Michael O ' Malley John Edward Parmenter Ryan David Pelliccioni Andrew Kelly Pinnell RyanAPinnell William Rudolph Puggini Colby E Ray Christopher S Reed Scott D Revey Nicholas B Richards Brett Peter Rottman John Chandler Rough Martin Rovira Steven Kevin Russell Nick Saffold Wilhelm J. Schaeffler Scott David Schindler Jeffrey Timothy Schmidt Justin Douglas Schudel Ryan R Seidel Michael E Simonoff Kurt C Stamback Kevin M Stamler Gregory Vance Stanton Alexander Deal Stimson Rhys Warner Stover Richard William Tribble Christopher Michael Tucker Timothy Vega Yuming Y Wang John M. Ward Andrew Robertson Watt Justin Watt John Leigh Weber Brent Allen Williams Matthew E Windisch Justin Francis Wing Jonathan Michael Wolfert ftlsa AAn AKA Aor TAQ AT AXA 0NS KAX HBO SK XQ ATP AOA BSE ATA KA ' SAM SN SOE OTA OKT XO II Nickname: Pi Kapp Natonal Founding Date: December 10, 1904 Community Service: PUSH America Chapter President: Ian Sambor John Adams Scott M Adams Joshua J. Alhadeff Ryan PAImaleh Michael Arellano Matthew Samuel Ash Joshua J Averyt BIjan Aaron Baghernejad Danny J. Baker Blake B Bartholomew Elliott Garner Bass Matthew Allen Seller Adam S Berns Matthew Bennett Bielli Michael Ryan Brown Michael C. Bruhn John M. Bunting Derek J. Burdsall Derek S Butvin Jason Lee Caldwell Justin Lee Catlett Timothy R Christensen Michael Scott Cleveland Brad J Conrad Reilly Leonard Davis Mark Ryan Decker Edward Moore Durkin Jeffrey Michael Edsall ■ suIl j. John Brening Edwards Adam G Engelman Alexander Lawrence Fishman Chris R Gabe Jeffrey Thomas Gillingham Nathan Chad Goldman William M Goss Thomas Richard Graf Samuel Christopher Gravesande Justin C Grenier Michael T Hagberg Matthew S. Harris Alex Mark Haupt Andrew Thomas Haywood Karl Thomas Heideman Jake Craig Henderson Thomas A Hennessy William Frederick Hertz Timothy Ernst Hirshberg Bhan Walter Howcroft Matthew G Huntsberger Chad M Jawors James M Jefferson Matthew Grant Johl Ryan M Johnson Matthew T Kissel Shaunery Krasowski Keith Curtis Leech Steven Shar Lem Denis William Maloney Ryan Dorvil Martin Blake Derrek Mccay Cooper Charles Mcinnes Steven K Moore Shane D. Morrison David Robert Murphy Tyson Hall Myers Brandon J Nueman Seth O ' Brien Paul T. Panhans Robert C Parsons Stephen Mccord Reilly David Jonathan Renninger Daniel Robert Roder Tyler Y Running Michael Rupp Charles M Russell Ian M Sambor Kyle D. Santander Scott Andrew Schmidt Theodore J. Shushereba Jeffry R Sommers Gregory G Swanson Michael B Takacs Ben Jacob Usen Adrian Gabriel Valdivia Thomas John Walsh Nicholas Lee Walter Tyler Davis Warshauer Gregory Michael Wayland Bradley Ray Wenderoth Brian Joseph Witcher Bradley Michael Wolff Eric C Wu Jonathan Black Yaeger «F iiitySenice:Jii( I President S«4G v iiiuilli Mil, hteMBw Zm aw ' " (Mil Dmm ■■n I Nickname: SAE Natonal Founding Date: March 9, 1856 Community Service: Jim Click Roll n ' Run Chapter President: Seth Garrett John Richard Abdelnour Robert Daniel Alexander Joseph Hampton Atl inson Guillermo Enrique Barriga Jeremy R. Bates Brandt Edward Bauer Jacob W Bayham Robert O Beardsley Brent William Beaton Steven Michael Benedetti Brett W. Bohannon Eric James Bourassa Blake Chnstian Boyer David N Brecheisen Aaron Joseph Brisco Peter John Brown Matthew A Campbell Adam H Carr Michael Robert Carriglio Sean Michael Carroll Kyle Steven Carson Kenneth Robert Chambers Marl Stephen Chapparone Ryan M Chase Justin Cheung Edward Benton Colley Douglas E. Constantiner Benjamin Tyler Cortese Michael David Costaglio Salvatore Mario Crivello Brock G. Davison Luke L Deterding Remington Benson Diaz Bryan Meredith Donoho Brian J Druding Michael B. Dugal Matthew Scott Duncan Jeffrey S. Dunnam Nicholas G Emsiek David John Esoldi Michael Reginald Flavin Shaun R Flavin Luke James Frawley Thomas M Frawley Gabnel Eliud Garcia Seth A Garrett Nicholas Michael Gerakos David Matthew Goldstein Nicholas S Gray Andrew Ellsworth Grimes William C. Ghmes Devin Christopher Guerrero Cody Ricart Hagans Daniel Hallak Sean Patrick Hansen Taki Grannis Haralambos Chase T Haymond Patrick H Haynes Jeremy F Hoffmann Brian Holland Chris D Hollenbeck David A. Hull Grant G Hustedt Michael C laco Benjamin Joseph-amon Johnson Jonathan Hart Kaufman Michael Kenney Justin Todd Kesner Michael Alan Knudten Joshua Lloyd Kunde Daniel G Leffler Joseph Anthony Leivian Matthew Scott Lersch Bryan Jeffrey Lewis Michael T Lima David M Loewenstein Jeremy David Mann Brad Margison David Martin Stephen Aloysius Martori John Nicholas Matt- gongora Dustin W Mcfarland Alexander Mcpherson Christopher Menkov Terry A Moncada Michael J. Mora Jeffrey John Naber Jonathan Ehc Oakley Gregory James Oates Chase H Ora Kyle Henry Parrish Gregory William Perrault John Fletcher Perry Ryan A Pfutzenreuter John T Phillips Matthew B. Phillips Chase Hamilton Proctor Chad S Purtell Scott Conley Ragland Christopher Joseph Risi Robert Rodrigues Brandon K Rogoff Clark Partick Rorbach Garrett Lome Rubis Ryan L Salladay Aaron J Sanchez Luke W Schroeder David M Shaaya Stephen Barden Shadegg Steven Harris Singer Richard Anthony Sloss Eric Scott Smith Kyle David Smith Timothy David Sondag Sean Whitney Spellman Walter Thompson Tambke Benjamin James Tholen Aaron C Thurber Eric Jorgenson Torvie Charles Steven Touche David C UbI Matthew Simon Vogels Jacob Joseph Vollmer James William White Robert Alan Wolter Jay F. Wong Michael Brian Woods William F Woods Gregory D Worsley Daniel Tae Joong Yoon Adam Loren ZIoto AEO AO AXQ roB AAA ZOB KA0 KKT srp SAT AEn B0n ASO KA EAE ZAB sn OBS OA0 QAO AAn AKA Aor FAQ AT AXA 0NH KAX HBO EK XQ ATP AOA BZE ATA KA nKO ZAM SN SOE OTA OKT XO Cl ' _ r In Nickname: SAMMY Natonal Founding Date: November 26, 1909 Community Service: Elizabeth Glazer Pediatrics AIDS Foundation Chapter President: Josh Schnepper Michael Norman Achtman Michael B. Carsweil Michael Benjamin Friedman Jacob Andrew Levy Scott W Lukes t: ,..- ; Patrick L Morse ,, Daniel Philip Rome Adam L Rope Camner Grossman Rubin Jonathan M Shahvar Andrew Michael Weinstein EAR CL-i Nickname: Lambda Betas Natonal Founding Date: April 4, 1986 Community Service: Latino Vote USA, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Tucson Chapter Chapter President: Jacinto Espinoza Marco A. Arredondo Alex Garcia Esteban Gonzales Carlos Guillermo A. Matus Rene Daniel Meza E. ' iiV P AAU AKA Aor rAQ AT AXA 0N3 KAX nBO SK XQ ATP AOA BZE ATA KA nKO SAM SN SOE (DTA OKT XO i 7 4? - ' - aa t Nickname: S Nus Natonal Founding Date: January 1, 1869 Community Service: South Tucson Clean-up, MDA Toast for Life Chapter President: Jeremy Rouse James H. Blick Richard Andrew Burd Joseph L Capno Christopher P Charnetsky Paul Chin Chung Aaron A. Defeo Adam T Falabella Joshua David Green Adam C Grochowski Justin Lawrence Haynes Raimund Huber IViichael Clifton Hulse Daniel George Kahan Adam Benjamin Lynch Santino Alfredo Maffei Sean Frank Mazanec Michael Anthony Ortega Bretton B Pocorobba Michael Frederick Reitzes Jeremy Robert Rouse Rishi S. Sarna Brian AShimek Cory Daniel Steinbicker Geoffrey C White Patrick Coyne Whiteford Christophe J Wiley Nickname: Spies Natonal Founding Date: February 26, 1897 Community Service: American Red Cross Chapter President: James Wie Alan Ajzen Mark Thomas Albertolle John Paul Alvarez Joe Angelini Dennis John Armstrong Erik David Bakke Adam Jameson Boudreaux Michael Edward Bryan Vicente A. Cantua Clay Bradley Carroll Andrew Michael Castiglione Anthony Brian Contreras Jeffrey Joseph Cook Daniel Corrales Hiram-jesus Felipe Cruz Casey Patrick Cutter Philip Elliott Dietz Joseph M Divita Christopher T. Domschke Robert F Dreveny Drew F Edwards Matthew Philip Ginsburg Joseph Paul Goggiano Geoffrey Wilks Hoellen William Clark Hoppel Colin Horstman Julian lannini Noah Vernon Miretsky Kris Rober t Price Jason Allen Puckett Daniel Redding Andrew Stephen Rico Gabriel Rodriguez Kyle Alexander Sabine Joshua Aaron Sharki Andre R Soils Avi Tal James Ji Hwang Wie Michael L Wilbur Michael Dane Wilder Philip Alan Zimmermann AEO AO AXQ roB AAA ZOB KA© KKT zrp ZAr AEn B0n AEO KA KE ZAE SAB zn OBE OA0 QAO i; AAn AKA Aor TAQ AT AXA 0N5 KAX HBO SK XQ ATP AOA BSE ATA KA nKO SAM SN SOE OTA OKT XO Nickname: Sig Ep Natonal Founding Date: November 1. 1901 Community Service: Habitat for Humanity Chapter President: Bill Stack IBDT 13 Joseph Reed Abt " " Andrew P. Aiello Eric N. Anderson Adam Anthony Asbury William Edward Barton Graydon Sami Beller Michael R Benstein Michael Gray Beverly Ryan Christian Buchholtz David Hunter Campbell Travis Andrew Corkill John H Fattaleh Patrick M Filliben Joseph Vincent Flamer Richard Michael Franklin Justin Craig Gaines Jonathan James Geyer Travis W Gobeille Justin C Goldner Stephen Michael Goldstein Mark William Goodman Ryan Y Greenfield Gregory Haber Ryan Conrad Hare :. . Jordan A Hersh Aaron James Hodges David Michael Hoffman Matt J Jaros Travis Daniel Jensen John Ernest Jetton Bryan E Karas Michael Alan Katzman Michael Cullen Kee Brett J Klein John D. Knochel Ryan Chase Kramer Michael P. Lane Brandon J Lawrence Ryan Maaskamp Michael Stephen Mack Juan David Manrique Douglas J. Mattern Lonny Benjamin Miller Harry Alex Monroe Iv Shane William Nolan Brandon M Orlov Eric B Polansky Matthew Loren Randall Joshua T Ringer Drew Ari Rosenberg Daniel Andrew Rosenbloom Jonathan M Rosenson Jason L Russell John K Samtoy Jacob Cullen Samuels Thaddeus Joseph Scannell Michael George Daniel Scheid Tyler M. Schubert Taylor Robert Schulte Kyle P Sevy Chad C Sewell Stephen Alexander Singer Matthew Anthony Smith William H Stack Daniel F Stea Matthew Werner Stedron Daniel Lawrence Sternberg Todd Brian Sternberg Jeffrey Kenneth Swanson Justin Tessmer Robert Grey Thornhill-thoma: Rian Douglas Valenti Jeff P VogI Lance Gregory Ward Neil Richard Webster Samuel P Weiner Christopher Jarryd Woods Scott Wyatt Cory Nathan Zechmann Brett J.Zimmerman . Sigmas iaionalFouiKtin Ddtii lorsiovalBlijeiPuf! tteDo Ok ' per White CaniatKT, l-.-t ;-t ' ie mhi yj3-es BonErif - :iy AE(D AO AXQ roB AAA ZOB KA© KKT srp EAT AEn B0n ASO KA KS SAE SAB zn OBZ OA0 QAO AAn AKA Aor TAQ AT AXA 0NS KAX HBO SK XQ ATP AOA BEE ATA KA ' nKO SAM SOE OTA OKT XO r Nickname: FIJI f itbmeiPliiDelt Natonal Founding Date :May 1, 1898 itonal Founding Die I Community Service: YMCA Basketball ■unity Saviccli Chapter President: D.J. Asad toptoPraiteKaiD Patrick Daniel Abell Joseph Blake Garrett Thomas F Pearl Jared Grant Abelowitz Brandon E Gordon William K. Perry Charles R Allen Brian Robert Grimditch Eric M. Peterson James Richard Allen Philip James Gustin Jarett Warren Poll Jeremy Robert Allen ShieAHadar Ryan M Preston Reggie G. Amato Gregory Hampar Andrew Lawrence Prupas Matthew Lynch Anderson Lucas J Mass Ronald Craig Rawson ttP, Brandt Steven C. Arnold Brad Henningsen Peter Thomas Reed ' Stuart Brearley iWiuctatai Douglas James Asad Mark L Herchold Bradly Freeman Rich Juan Carlos Asensio Timothy M Herchold Robert S Rierson Ryan H Bailey Nicholas Patrick Herrera Scott Christopher Rierson | w» Charles Fittrtoi " tfttof Davis % Richard DenoM Wade William Baker Craig J Hoebing Mark Aaron Rillos ■ Adam Francis Band Brad R Hoge Gregory Richard Rosa j Richard D Behrens Eric James Humphrey Bryan M Russell Donald Clinton Bellows Tyler H Jarratt Daniel R Ryan WcWasD aa, ' Joseph Gram Kyle James Bodmer Kenneth Howard Johnston Todd Scanlin Tyler S Burke Benjamin Jay Jorgensen Justin Ryan Shane Cameron Dewain Campbell Matthew S Kelly Clark Y. Skidmore James Fredric Chapel Nicholas Erik Kelly Tyler D Slattery tRobert Greene Chris Peter Chronis Kevin Thomas Keough Kevin M Smith Ctteitoa, «CM Sean M. Conway Eric Pathck Krueger Skylar J Smith Rahsaun Chettyll Cooper-ephriam Grayson Mel Lafrenz William Willard Smith Jake J Cramer Michael Taylor Lawrence Jonathan Leigh Steinberg ■ " =slsias Kyle Ryan Darling Jesse Aaron Lind Fred Robert Sutter Matthew W Dewey Christopher William Louis Aaron Dale Thompson Brady Michael Dinnsen Richard Macdonald Kyle Maurice Thompson Luke D Dominy Patrick C Mauge Patrick Michael Trimble Michael John Dupuy Evan J. Mcevoy Richard Matthew Vogelei Ryan Elliott Joshua Thomas Mcnulty Christopher M Wade Robert J. Erickson Jamie A. Meronoff Bart Welch Tyler Patrick Fair Bradley Miner Matthew M Williams Francis L Finn Peter William Newhall Kevin Michael Winkler Patrick John Flynn Scott Andrew Niedergang Cameron M Wood Andrew G Fowler Thomas Albertson Onderdonk Johnmel Go Yuzon Michael Scott Frey Robert James Opeka Christopher 0. Zecy Uickname: Phi Delt atonal Founding Date: December 26, 1848 Community Service: Walk to D ' feet ALS mapter President: Kent Davis llichael P. Brandt lyler Stuart Brearley llake A. Buchanan tameron Charles Fritchoff Davis tent Fritchoff Davis lames Richard Dennany llark Nicholas Digiacomo loseph Michael Estrada tarl Joseph Granrath |ric Robert Greene John C Howell fcilbert Jacobs Islas fcolin Michael Kelly Joel T. Mccorkel Aaron F. Mckenny Jacob James Neff Michael J Neish Christopher Daniel Nelson Matthew B Orozco Michael Robert Papp Tyler Reece Nolan Patrick Reilly Zachary Jonathon Singer Jacob John Treguboff Richard Welp Trevor E Wise Eren Kocer Yar AEO AO AXQ roB AAA ZOB KA0 KKT srp SAT AEn B0n ASO KA KZ ZAE ZAB zn OBZ OA0 QAO AAn AKA Aor FAQ AT AXA 0NS KAX HBO ZK XQ ATP AOA BZE ATA KA ' nKO SAM EN SOE OTA OKT XO [eiTi H TVV . Nickname: Phi Tau -PlllPsi atonal Founding Date: March 17. 1906 ' oumiigDi Community Senice: The Hole-hi-The-Wail muiiiK ' Smia; Gang ,,..,.. . Chapter President: JelTrey M. Hesser Theodore S Burhans Bryan J Mathews j «iGtiaziteT| Steven Franco Carrillo Thomas A Murrin j 81 J Ames Zachary P Christ Charles T Odhner iS.Asnani Brandon James Christensen Richard Albert Powell W,Batier Kyle H Cotner Jonathan Barrett Rolling tutaBediick Joseph J Furey Robert Rubinstein seD.Be Douglas S Harrington Jason A Slepicka •ieBrttofi Ben E Herrmann Gary Ivan Smith NftenBudtxi Jeffrey M Hesser Daniel Rene Vadillo Set D Cave Kyle Robert Lythjohan Garrett Williams ' BfownChaide Brandon C Martin Combs »iE[)geiberi itFbres »iHfoti| ; ' :eit ' oosses «JHas OKT Nickname: Phi Psi (vlatonal Founding Date: February 19, 1852 I ' ommunity Service: Big Brothers and Big Sisters i ' hapter President: CJ Calkins Faisal Ghazi Alsarraj Jrian J Ames lohit S. Asnani pouglas W. Barber ean Aaron Bedrick esse D. Bertin amie Britton Vmitraj Kishen Budhu Chester D Cave Cevin Brown Chandler )aniel A. Combs lark J Engelbert Frank Flores Hamilton H Ford ogan W Gaither Cyle J Goedert lames M Gosses ravis J Hasch Kristofer Raymond Heika i att G Hesselbacher James T Hoult Bradley M Huber Jonathon Jakucki Benjamin Norman Keitges Taylor S Knabb Ben J Levinson Alexander J Liguori Andrew E Liguori Aaron Thomas Lloyd Jeremy R Lusk Francisco A Madril Ryan James Megowan David Ethan Meyerson Bryan John Miller Lucas W Mills Kurt Frederick Minno Ariel Monzon Erik Ryan Petersen Keith R Primeau Jose Vidal Ramirez Braulio Miguel Rodriguez Mark Christopher Severino Bryan Zachary Siegel Christopher James Spackeen MarkASperanzella Dana Staples Jason Ross Tadeo James Langston Thayer Russell Bender Thorstenberg Brian Adam Vanina Andrew Michael Weintraub Bryan Lee Williams Scott Alexander Wood Andrew Michael Woods AEO AO AXQ roB AAA ZcDB KA0 KKT srp SAT AEn B0n AZO KA KS ZAE SAB zn OBS OA0 QAO AAn AKA A Dr FAQ AT AXA 0NS KAX nBO XQ ATP AOA BSE ATA KA nKO SAM SN SOE OTA OKT X D Nickname: Chi Phi Natonal Founding Date: December 24, 1824 Community Service: American Heart Association and Boys Girls Club Chapter President: Pete Backlund Chris Alegria Jason Scott Apfel Peter Bond Backlund Jonathan Douglas Conley Sean Charles De Roon Marc James Enzor Michael J Garcia Daniel P Glad Anthony Rene Gonzalez John M Gregory Mark Joseph Henry Timothy J Hoover Anthony J. Mancuso Kris T Milster Bradley Lutton Peters Chris Pierce Brandon L Rogers Matthew J Silva Evan Sommer Aaron Michael Wilcox . Foundii ■■ ' -em pS. Fixes J.GueTOo " Eugene Holgiin ' fiEJimaiK QAO (Nickname: O D Phi atonal Founding Date: November 23, 1987 Community Service: Boys and Girls Club, Project YES, Roskruge Chapter President: Jose Ramirez Keith Steven Almaria Santino Arturo Avenenti Jaime Carbajal Adrien M Chapman Jesus Mazon Contreras Johnny I Federico David R. Flores Franl J. Guerrero Gilbert Eugene Holguin Jai Brian Jhagroo David E. Jimenez Shawn B. Jordan Daryl Nathaniel Little Mark Anthony Machado Christopher Arturo Maldonado Julian J Martinez Eugene Park Joshua H Potterton Sean Clifford Rambaran Reuben Kabelo Rasetshwane Thomas Romero Iiv Melissa Tuvlor i Kappa Phi hosted the War of Roses, a v cck filled cntLTtaininu. hilarious, and beneficial events such as wheel chair basketball, powder puff football, and the funniest ol ' them all. (jreek idol. .Vlembers of Pi Kappa even manned a scaffold on the UA Mall for 4K hours to raise S3,()00 for their philanthropy. PUSH America. It was the first time they held an on-campus fundraiser for the organization. " We take great pride in knowing that we started a national foundation for the severely handicapped, " ' said Danny Baker. the Pi Kappa Phi philanthropy chair, ■fhe oruani ation was started by Pi Kappa Phi in 1976. Pi Kappa Phi has not only raised millions of dollars through the years, but has also donated millions of volunteer hours. i;., :. 4 ■ ' ' B A H A i A ■ • ran s - . 1 a M. ■ u V Jm A Jeffrey Abyad Jennifer Ackerley Cory Adams Danielle Adefeso ' !» -•»» JinAhn Brian Alden Robert Alexander Anastasia Arab Virginia Arauz Jennifer Bailey Jessica Baize Leslee-Ann Barclay W B Dawn Barnes Christine Barr Lauren Barry Sara Batt Austen Bell Marlene Benalli Adam Bennett Natalie Bennett H K £ Yelena Beriyeva Rachel Berman Elaine Best Michelle Blain Rebecca Blakiston Daniel Blessing Sana Boguena Alissa Boland Ryan Boothe Meredith Bowman Courtney Brace Gail Bradford Ryan Bradshaw Roberth Bragau Jennifer Brancato Danielle Breslow Keith Brock Thomas Brown Lantisha Brykin Michael Buffington Jennifer Burns Britt Burridge Yvette Burrola Jonathan Buter Gena Cairns Leanne Cairns Eric Caiderwood Brian Caracappa Molly Carroll Cory Casey Ronald Catague Joyce Chan Man-chuang Chang Sun-hee Chang Thera Chang IVIartina Chavez Linda Cheng Hee-ki Cho Tafadzwa Chorwira Quinn Chumley l ( « i P) K , «1» Richard Chun Juan Ciscomani Altaira Citron IVlichael Clark C Ryan Clay Kristen Clem Katie Collins Joey Cortez People still talk about the picture in the Wildcat of me in my pink bathrobe, showercap, and shower tote ... ah, the joys of dorm community showers. Dawn Barnes Biochemistry K U Canisha Coxi Jessica Cox i Heather Coyle Cassidy Crum Amanda Dahl Anna Darian Jaclyn Darvas Hillary Davis Michael Deats Eram Dhanani hy Carrie ' Bui cgan Hammer is on her ecll phone when I ' m led into the Chi Omega house, nodding and saying yes in a ery excited man- ner. She turns to me and gives me an apologetic glance. When she hangs up the phone a minute later, she turns to her sorority sisters sitting at the table and exclaims that the phone conversation she uas just having was to inform her she was one of the recipients of the Nugent award. It " s clear that Hammer isn ' t just your stereotypical sorority girl. A nu- tritional sciences senior. Hammer has spent four years at the uni ersity as a member of Chi Omega. .Arizona Allegiance, three years in ASUA and a member of multiple academic honoraries. including Bobcats senior honorary. She ' s also worked for the Arizona Cancer Center for three years as a student research assistant, primarily helping with the Women ' s Healthy Eating and Li ing study. After deciding that psychology wasn ' t her type of field. Hammer changed her major to nutritional sciences with a dietetics option. " 1 just realized that psvch was a little too abstract and I uucss I wanted to learn more concrete mtormalion. " said Hammer. " My high school chcmistrv ' teacher was an amazing mentor and he always told me that I would be a science major and that I would excel in chemistry and " thai that ' s what I needed to do. " Hammer recei cd a dietetic internship opportunity at the Los Angeles County use Medical Center after graduation, her first choice. Eventu- ally, she ' d like to open her own private practice in Southern California. Hammer grew up in St. Paul. Minnesota, but lived in six cities throughout her life. Her family settled in Scottsdale. Arizona where Hammer attended high school. When it came time to choose colleges. Hammer found the b ' A irresistible. " I originally wanted to go out of state just because you know I was a good student in high school, thought ! could gel into a lot of difTercnt schools and w hen I came dow n here, I just loved it, " she said. " I went on a tour and I lo cd the tour guide and I loved everything about the school. " " For a school this size, you would feel that oh yes there ' s tons of op- portunities, there ' s tons of stuff to do but yoi just feel like a number, " said Hammer. " But it ' s got the best of both worlds. It ' s a huge ' school opportunity wise, with like a really small school feel. And obviously it ' s set in a great location and 1 couldn ' t have asked for anything else. " I lammer took advantage of those op- portunities and it managed to change her life After rushing Chi Omega in the fall of her freshman year, it became an experience that affected the rest of her life at the university. " This has kind of been like the central part of my experience because I ' ve basically learned about everything else from being in Chi Omega and it ' s always kind of a home. " said Hammer. " It ' s a place I can always come back to. " As a student research assistant w ith the Women ' s Healthy Eating and Living Study, Hammer worked w ith breast cancer sur i ors to help track how dietary habits can decrease the risk of cancer. In charge of recordkeeping and tracking the participants emotional well-being, Hammer said the women she talked to provided her w ith " one of the most positive experiences " she ' s had in college, as well as " changed (her) outlook on life. " " It ' s really humbling to realize that you could be freaking out about the most minute things and there are people out there fighting for their lives and they still put a smile on their face and they still think that every muni dane detail of their life is wonderful because they actually get to do it, " said Hammer. " That ' s been one of the most wonderful, one of the most amazing experiences I ' ve had. " said Hammer. It is no wonder, then, when Hammer tells me her " favorite time of life has been college. " Mamoudou Diarra Jeffrey Diday Gloria Diggs Kyle Dillingham " ■• " •AiuaBwliae ■ " (■•ulotoflliffOTI H } " » rf9iio4,lW HH ■ • f«IH«iH.-B.i Hft «rtk.lfsah«ge «»K.iiihfeareallv P " 1 h 1 riWdnimishii-sseiiiii ■ilaih ' ifcBtaskaifof liaapltidiagebcrK : IkOKpiiihc ilofb .ikeaKaopaiaKtiliii MifkfiifcitciiivcRii). Mdka luk m MKkat lVliMall; (vmiif civ frail) bdns ' i Ywakcioite iiMKttobiantwiih rtiidiiliRMW i nd ikunlialtii kak f(aar.iiiteol nla;ilk:|Hiiici|«i id»pilallH»i ' «flpiac6-stesU iaiiiiciiiosiM f - s icrf ' ' SiM % V Jessica Doklan Jessica Dooley Kevin Dorner Julie Douglas Harry Drackett Laura Dubrish Jason Duffey melissa Duncan Matthew Ellas Jennifer Ellis Kenya Endo Sarah Ethington Amy Farrell Adam Fish Kelly Fitzgerald Victor Florez Lindsey Fosse Ashley Fox Pearl Fox Walter Foxcroft III George Francis Jennifer Gaines Danitza Garcia Kimberly Garcia Katrine Gawen Slianna Gay Crystal Gaytan Allison Gibbons Nicole Gibson Ryan Gilomen Selina Godinez Adam Goldberg « §t i I r 1 i 9« in ■Mill i 1 " ■•er- s ' ! •■ •ifc Delisa Gradillas Patricia Grant Emi Grave Paul Grijalva n , i ,. i I ■V m m: ssm I ' m sad to leave, I love this school. Kelly Tealdi Marketing Celina Guevara Bryant Guffey Erin Guller Bridget Gunning Martin Gurch Heather Haley Nikki Haller Andrea Hannilton Sara Hammel IVlegan Hammer Adam Hancocl IVlarl Handin Rosalinda Hanna Clint Hardy 1 Sean Harrigan Alexis Harris Lindsey Harwood Victoria Hauri Molly Hendricks Thomas Hennessy Nicole Hermes Diva Hernandez Maria Hernandez Ammon Hiidebrand Allison Hirohata Dustin Holm Erica Hudson Collin Hughes Julianne Hurst Tessa lacono Kristen Jacobs Ryan Jennings James Jensen Erika Jones Jinho Jung Ryan Kaner Justin Kardish Kambiz Katouzian Ar Carrie Bui omc of Ryan Parker ' s earliest memories are ofdrawing with his dad. " I guess it ' s something that I ' m born with, just like an innate need to express myself, " Parker said, a studio art senior with an emphasis in illustration. " That ' s kind of vague, but that ' s the only way 1 can really describe it. I ' ve just always had this need to communicate my thoughts and feelings with other people, so (drawing) helps me do that. " Parker has been focused on drawing seriously since before high school, creating a portfolio that would help him in college. " It ' s the only thing I ' ve really found that makes me work, and makes me want to work really hard, " he .said. " So it ' s not that other things aren ' t challenging, lord knows I couldn ' t be a biochem major, but art just really challenged me in the right way. used the right part of my brain. " Most recently, Parker has been drawing portraiture of corporate, business and political leaders as a way of expressing his opinions of the corporate world. He showcased his portraits in a solo show in the Kachina Lounge of the Student Union Memorial Center in the fall semester. " It was almost entirely positive; I got a lot of good response and it was just awesome to have all my friends from different backgrounds, differ- ent academic backgrounds, coming to the same place at the same time to support me. So it was really cool, " Parker said. When Parker isn ' t drawing, he ' s finding time to be involved with the Art History Club, " Persona " art and literary magazine and academic honoraries. For " Persona, " Parker worked on attracting more art sub- missions for the magazine and was able to experience the process of putting a book together; a process he hopes will help him in his I ' uturc. " 1 got to see the making of a book from all sides and incorporating dilTerent artists ' work into the same work was really cool to see; so I was really proud of that when it came out, " Parker said. He is no selfish artist, either. Parker is committed to helping others through community service work in his honoraries and through work with the city of Scottsdalc. I le spent a sum- mer working as a drawing instructor lor 5- to 12-year- okls. a job that was tough, but rcwardin " . trying experience at first, " he said. " It was so tough. I almost w anted to cry. and 1 don ' t really cry, but 1 almost wanted to cry when I came home from the first day because the kids were just so diflicult and I just felt like I wasn ' t getting through to them. But by the end of it. I really felt confident in what I was teaching them and how much fun I was having with them. And some of them were even getting better. The ones that were really serious about it were learning new things about drawing and so that was really rewarding: Overall, it was just really fun to go into that teaching environment, to be able to make a little bit of difference, " Parker said. It ' s no surprise that Parker is an artist, especially when he tells you the story of his favorite childhood toy, a block of wood. " It would be everything to me. " he said. " It would be a car, a train, a TV remote, a brick in a building; it was basically anything I wanted it to be. A nymg machnie of any kind, it could be a person. It didn ' t matter. " " I decided it was a symbol of my imagination in that I make my life out of making something from nothing, " Parker said. " That ' s what art is to me. Taking all these outside abstract elements and solidifying them in 2-D or 3-D form. " «s s i a5£3S3 EL SS jSM Stacy Katzenoff Garrick Keatts Marianne Keniski Abigail Kesling Duck-kil Kim Sung-gil Kim IVIorgan Kisler Kevin Klaus Saleemah Knight Melissa Kolpin Melissa Korc Mladen Kozak Linnea Lafave Kimberlee Lares Josie Larger Lydia Larochelle I i Sang Lee Zee-wai Lee Amanda Leister Judith Leverda Tracey Levine Jessica Levitre Leanne Lisalda Jennifer Little r When I started my senior year I real- ized that this is the point that I have been waiting my whole life for. This is the point where I can make all of my dreams come true. Kimberly Steward Civil Engineering Alfonzo Lopez Chanel Lopez Kevin Lowry Vanessa Lujan Cynthia Luna-dulgov Katie Lux Kyle Lynch Stephanie Macdonald Jason Magee Sean Mahoney . lodd roman hy Carrie Bui oday ' s the day that you ' ve got to hve and you make the choiec to do it, " said systems engineering senior Todd Roman. Tliat is Roman ' s motto tor hfe and For the past four years, Ro- man has attended the UA with the intention of trying to ' live eaeh day to the fullest. " The first to finish eollege in his family, Roman is exeited to graduate from the university and move on to the University of California, Berkeley, where he ' ll be attending graduate school. " (Systems engineering) is very different from a lot of the other engineer- ing, in that it ' s less hands-on. building, physical stuff, and more of a holistic view of engineering, I think. " Roman said. " It ' s really interesting and also going to be extremely crucial to modern engineering projects and develop- ment. " Originally, from Phoenix, Roman chose to attend the UA for the engi- neering program and for its proximity to home w ithout actually living at home. " I was always pretty independent, so the whole being independent wasn ' t a big change for me, " Roman said. " Living on my own was a little bit of a change, but because I was so independent. I didn ' t really feel that whole col- While attending school, Roman Juggled a variety of activities to balance his own engineering and artistic interests. Roman has participated in the- atre, l-ngincoring Ambassadors, academic honoraries and has spent I 1 2 years working as a software engineer for IBM. " I did Chain (iang last year and that was a really, really awe- some experience, mostly because of the dilTcrenl people that were in the group, " Roman said. " It ' s a junior honorary and it was an awesome group of people. It was a nice chance to interact with people I wouldn ' t ever normally even get to talk to because obvi- ously, they ' re all spread across the uni ersity in different col- leges. " His experiences have cer- tainly made him no stranger to the LI A. " I can ' t walk around this cam|ius for more than two minutes w ithout running into somebody that I know. " he said. Roman ' s no stranger to Lu- rope now, either. His easygoing attitude tra eled with him and .Y ' " ■ ' t( _ ets the next day and went to London over winter break, " Roman said. In Europe, Roman had the opportunity to see world famous art pieces like Michaelangelo ' s David sculpture and the Sistine Chapel. " The mere stature of (David) alone is awesome because it sits on a pil- lar probably about four or five feet high and then I think it ' s 15 feet tall or something like that, " Roman said. " He did it when he was like 20, which is unbelievable. And it is unbelievable. Phenomenal; best piece of art I ' ve ever seen in my life and I ' ve seen a lot of art. " Europe widened Roman ' s art experiences, but also his world perspective " I think it changes how you view, not really how you view individual things, but how you view the way you approach life, " he said. " Getting a chance to have that kind of exposure to alternative cultures, alternative lan- guages, kind of gives you the opportunity to realize how big the world is am how diverse it is. How there are tons of different people and they all have normal everyday lives just like we do and they ' re just trying to get by. " People may just ry to get by, but Roman has certainly gotten by with the best of them. ( " 1 don ' t think there is anything that, looking back, I can say, ' Wow. I ' wish I would have done that. ' because I really believe that I ' ve done what I ' wanted to do while 1 was here, " Roman said. winter breaks. " We were eating lunch one day and my roommate ' s like, " dude we should go to London ' and I ' m like, " alright, let ' s buy tickets. ' So we bought tick- » ' )« «■ inWri Os 4 iM Sui Ann Mao Katherine Marion Gina Mazzone Aaron Mcbride Danielle Mccain Jared Mccain Julie McCarthy Nicholas McCartin Michael Mccartney Erin McClain Sheena Mckay Marcella Mckernan Heidi Merriman Jana Meyer John Michelotti John Mizell Liyan Moghadam-rad Allison Monger Elizabeth Morago Pedro Moreno Charles Morris Kara Morrow Khalid Muhammad Lance Mulhern Caria Mundt Patricia Mwove Brent Nash Anthony Navarra Jr Devra Nemrow Audrey Nieman Margaret Nimmo Benjamin Notheis Kathryn O ' Connor Kirra O ' Toole Lindsay Oder Kevin Opall a Maria Otero Janelle Paine Jordan Palmer Gil-hyun Park 5ii lo, Knowing that I have accomplished graduating college while mixing in internships, work, studying ... and a little bit of play is a great feeling. Kyle Dillingham Journalism f , Robert Parsons Lindsey Peeples Phoebe Perkins Meaghan Perry Erin Peters Michael Petitti Radhika Phatak Anderson Phillips Mali Pholphiboun Kevin Piening r Nicolas Pierson Czarina Pilar Noah Pivko Rebecca Plush }-: David Poisson Lindsay Poole Rimal Popat Lindsey Port Austin Potter Ryan Puddy Jeremy Puryear Katherine Puzauskas Adnan Qadri Ramez Qubti Jennifer Raczl a Vilma Ramirez John Reagan Penny Reeves Eric Reid Brandy Resnick Libby Rice Brandon Richman Mark Richter Rebecca Riffel Desmond Robinson Leif Robinson Rashad Robinson Nina Rogers luis salas hy Carrie Bui uis Salas sits down across from mc at Coffee Exchange with a cup of — coffee and we immediately launch into conversation. It ' s only a couple linutes into our conversation that Salas turns the tables on mc and begins Bking me about myself That ' s the kind of guy Salas is - he is the unex- ected. Salas majored in art history and minored in journalism which explains Dw he managed to interview his interviewer. Salas started out at the uni- ersity as a studio art major, discovering along the way a love for Northern ! uropean art, which is now the focus of his art history studies. i " It really pleased my eye and pleased, kind of like, my intellect, " Salas I aid. However, as a Hispanic male, Salas is always questioned about his deci- on to study art that is so drastically different from his cultural background. I , " I ' m always asked, ' you know Spanish, you ' re a Hispanic male, wouldn ' t i ou rather be doing something more relevant to where you ' re from? ' And I i link that just disregards so much the complexities of an individual person, " ; said. " A lot of it was purely intellectual but a lot of it was also going into mcthing that was really foreign, something different, something as far .vay as possible, and just kind of delving into it and becoming familiar with ' , instead of doing the same thing lat someone would expect you to 3, " Salas said. Though some may see Salas ; just a Hispanic male studying 1 history, Salas would prefer not ;ing judged solely on his ethnic Iiickground. Salas has lived in ' ucson since he immigrated to the ' iiited States from Mexico when : was five years old. " I understand that I ' m from lexico and I have all my family ere and it ' s like my roots, it ' s ke my sense of origin, but really. •owing up here has, like, shaped s ho 1 am, my attitudes, my opin- ns, my perspectives and stuff, " alas said. " It ' s really important 3 urmejust to be conscious of both :cause they contribute different i ings to my outlook and things. " . Despite hopes that he is not ■:fined by being Hispanic, Salas iderstands the power he has in :ing a successful Hispanic male. I " I do like to try and be an ex- nple, like we have a lot of other ' lunger scholars, so it ' s important fr me that I do succeed at what jio because it allows for there be precedent, " Salas said. " So jher people tiying to do whatever ;is they ' re doing, see that it can p done. " The example and influence lias wants to set for younger udents is a goal that he hopes to iny on throughout his life. For |c immediate future, Salas will jtend the University of Califor- nia, Berkeley and work towards getting his Ph.D. Afterwards, he hopes to teach and give back to the community. " I totally want to leach, " Salas said. " I ' m a rambler as you can sec. so I think I ' d be good at rambling in front of younger, bored kids so I think that ' d be really good for me. And it would be a way, quote unquote, all the stuff that ' s been invested in me. it would be kind of a way of paying it back in small increments. I think that would be the ideal thing for me to do. " Salas will have plenty to teach, too. He does the unexpected, he ' ll break out of his comfort zones, and he has the confidence and ambition to do it all. " You never really have a chance to gauge your own self-worth if you don ' t go out somewhere else besides this little area that you ' ve established, " Salas said. " I would never stay here (in Tucson) at the stage of my life where I am right now. I couldn ' t have done it when I was 19, 20 because I know myself and I know that I couldn ' t have handled it. Now 1 think I ' m kind of ready to handle it, I ' m kind of ready to get out of the bubble with my parents and that safety net. " It ' s kind of like a foreign concept to me though thinking that I ' m going to like re-establish everything, people that 1 know, friends. 1 might as well be a brand new person. I ' m thinking about seriously like exploring what kind of person I ' m going to be now that 1 don ' t have to worry about pretensions. People won ' t know me. " Juanita Romero Ina Ronquillo Lee Rosen Sean Roth Victoria Ruan Ian Sambor Jessica Sardas Jeanna Saxby Kriston Schellinger OIley Scholer Jennifer Sctiuman Julia Scott Peter Seat Katie Seeley Byung-doo Seo Melissa Shadman Kimberley Shaird Jennifer Shannon Catherine Shouse Theodore Shushereba II |f ¥ O t M4 " " r i immuMmu f mm 1 i 1 r f - " " i»- Alison Siegel Joslyn Sifuentes Heather Sim Larissa Smith Michael Smith Natasha Soil Lauren Sonnelitter Ladan Soroosh When I starteat M in the distance. But actually, it all happened so fast. I think I ' m actually going to miss it. Altaira Citron Journalism :iJ?? ' Richard Sparenga II Gabriel Stahl - » Vanessa Stedronsky Cody Stephens Sylvia Stevens Kimberly Steward It W " 1 Min Christopher Strachan Daniel Suh Jessica Summerville Yun-chul Sung Erica Sussex Megan Swanson Anne Sy Brian Taliaferro Lindsay Tamblyn Rocky Tang Taha Taufiq Christian Taylor Kristin Taylor Kelly Tealdi x I feel confident that I am prepared to move on to the next phase of my life. Barry Walk Communication and Journalism Veronica Thaanum Daniel Thompson Stefanie Thompson Cynthia Tietz Diana Tombokan Justin Towne Ernesto Trujillo Alex Valencia ' . j ; It feels like a culmination of so many fond memories and the fruits of my efforts. Rimal Popat Management information systems Arisen Valenzuela Kristie Valenzuela John Van Riper Clayton Vandenboss- che Christina Vasquez Matthew Veprek Patricia Verdugo Sasha Verdugo Marc Viscardi Aaron Von Lindern ft ft W|| i i % ' • Jessica Walker Amanda Walter Diana Walter Heather Watson Emily Weightman Jacob Weinberg Brooke Wertenberger Chrystal Wheeiock Rebecca Whittington Chantelle Wijetunga Sarah Wilkinson Courtney Williams Lily Wong Sarah Woodruff-eari It feels surreal to be graduating. I did it in 3 years, and I can ' t believe how fast it has gone by. Jordan Palmer Media Arts Rebecca Woods Jeffrey Yaeger Karin Yanes Danette Young ■ k ' IB V Richard Zahler Lindsay Zatopa Michael Zuber Michael Zucarelli ■ i 3 V ' ' ' Hl H H Kt[SS£L w t1 . . .1 " " » t%lt II u hy Lauren Miller imberly Steward knows that every success story, from a skyscraper to career, starts with a ,, good foundation. And she is not afraid to build crsclf. From creating concrete canoes to dancing dreams. Steward put passion 1 dedication into both her college career and encouraging other potential tineers. I ' Tm proud to have made a difTerence in people ' s lives, to see people I ' ve ped to get involved and to just get tired up about engineering! " Steward I. ' The unstoppable civil engineering senior made sure to share her passion engineering, from serving as president of the Society of Civil Engineers ' E) to mentoring as an RA for the Women in Science and Engineering ig of Gila Hall. She taught elementary students that math is fun and high Ijol students that engineering is a blast through her work as an Engineer- Ambassador. ' i " We just try to open up the idea of engineering to high schoolers and .„ Idle schoolers to let them know how fun it can be, " she explained. " It ' s ■ ' ) a really rewarding job to go out and show mg girls that girls can do engineering and that s like math and science. " Steward ' s interest lay in geotechnical engi- fring, the aspect that looked at the very soil i every future foundation started on. While ward said that civil engineers were in major !;| land in the job market, she said that her , rt was with the program " Engineers Without .( !-ders. " Steward worked to bring the program , ' i UA. Student engineers were sent to develop- |. countries to implement designs benefiting the iill communities. ' " A group of students, professionals and faeul- nembers work on a design project, " Steward lained. " It can be how to get water from the :r to the community so that small girls don ' t e to carry it and can go to school, or how to p their fruits and vegetables fresh for a week hey don ' t have to sell it that day. " Steward said that only 17% of engineering t lients were female, a fact that had become a ■ discussion topic over the years. However, J ' ard did not see the ratio as a dividing factor instead appreciated the camaraderie she " - red with all the students. fit ' s really a unique opportunity because the ; |tionships you build with other girls are really ng, but you build strong relationships with guys as well, " she said. " It is interesting be- jc there ' s a competitive edge, I think because want to prove you ' re just as smart as the I s and that you can do it. " " I kind of grew up around boys so it ' s prob- V not as weird to me, " she said. Steward said that her best experiences came »i her time with SCE, which she said was " the best club on campus. " " Don ' t think I ' m saying that because I ' m president, " she said with a laugh. Steward competed annually with the club in a national competition that pitted engineering teams from 16 universities in a battle of building and design. The team designed a working concrete canoe, a pendulum scale and a steel bridge by hand, cutting steel and welding their designs together. The UA team finished in the top three for the past few years in a row. However, beyond the dreams of soil and steel foundations. Steward revealed that her other love was dance. She said she had danced tap, jazz and ballet her entire life, taking classes into her college years. She pursued an internship in New York City so that she could continue both dancing and designing. " My dream was always to be a Rockctte in NYC, " she said. " I could be an engineer by day and a Rockctte by night. People were like, ' Well, at least YOU know vou ' ll make some monev. " " Index Alpha Ciainma Rlio 254 Alpha Kappa Alpha 2?0 Alpha I ' hi 2 ] Abbott. Laiiien Ann 244 Abbott, Tara l.ynn 244 Abdcla i . Kelly .lean 2. 1 Abahn. Oniccd 2 i. Abel. Scott Harris 260 Abcll, Allison Ashley 241 Abell. 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Kalherinc Drew 237 Baker, Wade William 272 - — Bakkc, LiikDa id 269 :- : Baldi, Lauren Marie 246 Baldi, Michelc Marie 235 Baldinger, lalya 229 Baldwin, Bridgetl J.A. 241 Baldwin, Michelle B. 246 Band. .Adam I ' rancis 272 Barber. Douulas W. 275 Barber, Kyle S 233 Barclay, Leslee-Ann 282 Barclay, I.cslec-ann E 242 Barham. Brilney Leigh 235 Barker, Aaron Phillips 263 Barker, Scott 92 Barlow, Donald Adam 255 Barnard, Aaron Paul 261 Barnes, Crisli 40,41 Barnes, Dawn 282, 287 Barnes, Ivan 169, 171 Barnes, Kalherine M. 231 Barnes, Ricky 179 Barncson, Victoria J. 241 Baniell. Staeev Kathryn 244 Baron, Brooke J. 229 Ban-. Christine 282 Barr, Dartcn Bradford 263 Barrasso, Julie A 229 Barrett, Ashley M 243 Barreuther. Kristin C. 246 Barriga. Ciuillenno Enrique 265 Barry. Katelyn Rose 235 Barry. I auieu 282 Bartholomew. Blake B 264 Bartolim- olk. Nicholas Michael 261 Barton. 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Danielle 308 Blain. Michelle 284 Blair. Charles 73, 75 Blake, Kelly E. 243 Blakiston. Rebecca 284 Blancet, Stephani e Candace 248 Blandin. Margaret C 236 Blank, Daniefle W 229 Blankenburg, Nicholas Andrew 254 Blasberg, Erica 181 Blatlman, Elyse N 229 Blessing, Daniel 284 Blick, James H. 268 Block. .Andrew Gregory 263 Blomquist, Erin L. 246 Bloom, Catherine Jane 235 Bloom. Kairina Louise 235 Blum, Rachel Betty 229 Boatwright, Margaret C. 248 Bobcats Senior Honorary 110 Boden, Brittany N 236 Bodin, Destiny Rachelle 228 Bodiya, Claire 129 Bodmcr, Kyle James 272 Boguena. Sana 284 Boiiannon, Brett W. 265 Bohart, Brittany Ann 243 Boland, Alissa 284 Bollum, Daniel Steven 257 Bolz, Carlhey Celia 248 Bonar, Tyler J. 261 BONDS, BARRY 10 Bonham. Kathleen A 244 Bonvicini, Joan 151, 154 Booihe, Rvan 284 Boothe, Rvan Herbert 263 B wi. !-;•;■ ' Hoiili-n, Alison Caige 22 ' ) Hoi ' giila, Amaiid;! Kari 241 Hdi ' siik, Jcniiircr M 244 BorlolDlli, Lauren A 246 Uossliarl, Traci L. 243 Boslic, Slicnio Marie 237 liolt, Jonna I!. 236 Bouchard, Mall 92 Boudrcaux, Ailam Jameson 269 Bourassa, Hiie James 265 Bowden, Lacey Jaye 246 Bowers, Stephanie K. 229 Bowlshy, Rachel Kathleen 241 Bowman, Meredith 284 Bowness, Kristcn 2 1 7 Bowness, Kristcn Ashley 229 Boyd, Johanna Ashley 24X Boycr, Blake Christian 265 Boyer, Brad I S9 Boykan, Sara Beth 237 Boylan, DeirdrcA 241 Boynton, Colin P. 261 Brace, Couitncy 284 Bracken, Stephanie Frances 235 Bradford, (iail 284 Bradford, Tara Rae 237 Bradley, Aspen Leigh 241 Biadshaw, Ryan 284 Brady, Andrea Jean 243 Brady, Teara Amber 234 Bragau, Robcith 284 Braginan, Jennifer Gayle 229 Brancalo, Jennifer 284 Brandt, Michael P. 273 Branstrom, Kristi Leigh 233 FJrazil, Courtney 246 Brcaiiey, Tyler Stuart 273 Brechcisen, David N 265 Breen, Sarah I;. 24 1 Breines, Rcnee T 23 1 Breslin, Matthew D 257 Breslow, Danielle 284 Brewer, Derek Samuel 263 Bridgeforth, Alexander Julian 263 Bricd, Hollie Elizabeth 231 Briel, Erika Liescheji 248 Brisbin, Lyndscy Jo 243 Brisco, Aaron Joseph 265 Britton, Jamie 275 Brock, Amanda Marie 231 Brock, Keith 284 Brodie, Courtney Elizabeth 248 Bronte, John James 263 Brooks, Darrell 140 Brooks, Henry Phelps nil 263 Brooks, Mckenzie Ann 248 Brooks, Melissa I, 231 Broughton, Anna Marie 235 Brown, Bridget A. 243 Brown, Coibi G. 237 EJrown, Jessica L 246 Brown, Jonathan Devilt 261 Brown, Jordan 1 87 Brown, Joseph A 26 1 Brown, Michael Ryan 264 Brown, Peter John 265 Brown, Thomas 284 Brown, Tish Elisabeth 235 Bruce, Charles Joseph 255 Bruhn, Katherine 1. 248 Bruhn, Michael C. 264 Brunelle, Brie Ashley 237 Bruschi.Tedy 10, 191 Bryan, Michael Edward 269 Bryan, Thomas Randall 263 BRYANT, KOBE 10 Brykin, Lantisha 284 Buchan, Kristen C 244 Buchanan, Blake A. 273 Buchholtz, Ryan Christian 270 Bucken, Jacqueline Starr 244 Buckle. 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RichelleA 237 Burckle, Jonathan Haydcn 263 Burd, Richard Andrew 268 Burdsall, Derek J. 264 Burhans, Iheodore S 274 Burke, Tyler S 272 Burnei, Sarah Jane 243 Burnett, Simon 168 Bums, Jennifer 285 Burns, Kelsey 152 Btuns, Molly l-Jizabeth 235 Burridge, Britl 285 Burrola, Yvctle 285 Burton, Kelh 172 Bus, Kathryne Virginia 236 Busbce, Brandon Leigh 237 Busch, Allison 231 Bush, Cieorgc W, 7,8,11, 26, 28, 29 Biishee, Meggaii Michelle 241 Buter, Jonathan 285 Butkus, Stephanie 144 Butler, Stephanie Anne 237 Bulvin, Derek S 264 Byer, Carrie li. 237 Byers, Tyler 110 Cabulong, Justine Reyes 232 Cagle, Chrisloper ItIc 263 Cain, Ashley Brien 243 Cairns, Oena 285 Caiins, Leanne 285 Cairo, Jessica l. 246 Calderwood, l-ric 285 akiwell. Ilolyee 32 Caldwell, Jason Lee 264 Caldwell. Tracy M, 243 Caley, Lauren Nicole 248 Calhoon, Christie 241 Caligiuri, Caterina Angelina 244 Caliban, Molly Kathryn 241 Callan, Kristina D. 244 Callinan, I ' rin L. 231 Camerer, Brook l-,lizabelli 244 Camp, Frank 202 Campbell, Cameron Dewain 272 Campbell, David Hunter 270 Campbell, Julie Ashley 246 Campbell, Mallory Kristin 244 Campbell, Matthew A 265 Campeau, lirin 1 246 Candrea, .Mike 142, 1X5 Canedy, Lauren 84 Canedy, Melissa Megan 235 Canton, John Paolo 261 Cantua, Vicente A. 269 C:anty, Lauren I. 231 Capone, Anthony 149 Ciaprio, Joseph L 268 Caracappa, Brian 285 Caravelli, livan 308 Carbajal, Jaime 277 Cardin, Saslia Randol 229 C arcy, Fjin A 246 CargilLQuinn Claver 261 Carlen, Brittne S 248 Carlsen, Elyse M 246 Carlson, Jenna Marie 235 Carpanzano, .Michelle Lynne 229 Carr, Adam H 265 C:air, .Mary Elizabeth 236 Carr, Matthew 257 Canada, Patricia Aurora 242 Carrasco, Candace M 234 Carriglio, .Michael Robert 265 Carson, Kyle Steven 265 Caison, Matthew Gerald 263 Carswell, Michael B. 266 Carter, Amanda Marie 235 Carter, John M 260 Casabal, Courtney Iromm 244 Casey, Cory 285 Casey, Kelli Marie 231 Cassa, Regina Marie La 23 1 C assady, Victoria A 244 Ca.stiglionc, Andrew Michael 269 Caslio, I-lizabeth 98 Castro, Joanna Marie 241 Castro, Stephanie N. 248 Caiagtie, Ronald 285 Catlell, Jusliji Lee 264 ( auchi, Natalie Lara 231 { aiiwet, Julianne C 235 Cavanaugh, Dustin Lane 263 Cave, Chester I) 275 Cave, Christopher Martrn 260 Cercone, Dara M. 241 CeiDne, Brianna Rachel 231 Cerussi, Matthew R 257 Chacon, Harlyn V 242 Chamberlain, Kimberly Ann 231 Chanibeis, Kenneth Robeil 265 Chambers, Megan 168 Champion, Autumn 185 Chan, Joyce 2X5 Chandler, Aldine Sinclair 241 Chandler, Kevin Brown 275 Chancy, Autumn L, 248 Chang, Andiew 120 Chang, Man-chuang 285 Chang, Sun4ice 2X5 Chang, Theia 285 Chao, Heidi 232 Chapa, Ryan Charles 263 Chapel, James Fiedric 272 Chapman, Adrien 110 C hapman, Adiien M 277 Chapman, Alistair 24, 60 Chapman, Collni ,M. 257 C happarone, Maik Stephen 265 Charles, Leann.M. 242 Charnetsky, Christi)pliei P 268 Chase, Mackenna Anne 244 Chase, Ryan M 265 C haves, Susana 23 1 Chavez, Ashley Joy 236 Chavez, Martina 285 Cheadle, Alexis ' laylor 236 Chee, Ryan 258 Chen, Dorcas 232 Cheng, Linda 285 Chermen, Marci 84 Cheserel, Robert 133, 172 Chesni. Kai ly C 229 Chester, Waily 32 Cheung, Justin 265 Chittick, Ashley .Marie 244 Chi Omega 248 Chi Phi 276 chmanii 236 Cho, Hee-ki 285 Chorwira, Tafadzwa 285 CJiow-romero, Megan ,M. 244 Christ, Zaehary P 274 Christenholz, Michelle Rachel 231 C:hristenscn, Biandon James 274 Christensen, C ailie Lauren 244 Christensen, Timothy P. 264 Christenson, Audrey Lorraine 244 Christy, Katherine Elise 244 Christy, Katie 1X0 Chronis, Chris Peter 272 Chumley, Ouinn 2X5 Chun, Richard 287 Chung, Paul Chin 268 Chusid, Adam J 263 C iafone, Jennifer Ellen 248 Cirrineione, Clara Todd 235 C ' iscomani, Juan 2X7 Citron, Allaiia 2X7, 303, 308 Clapp, Cristen Elaine 241 Clark, Brittany L. 244 Clark, CoHney L 235 Clark, Michael 287 Clay, Ryan 287 C:iayton, Kimberly Theresa 248 Cleary, Meagghi F 237 Cleeland, AidanM. 236 Clem, Kristen 76, 287 Clemens, Christie Mary 243 Clcinents, Kristin Ann 235 Cleveland, Michael Scott 264 Clinch, Andiew H. 257 Clinton, Hillary 28 Clinton, Maribeth Calhleen 248 Clutter, Whitney L 231 Clyburn, Amy I: 243 Cohen, Elizabeth Catherine 229 Cobtirn, Jackie 182, 1X3, 184 Cocciola, Christina Nicole 241 Cochran, Colin Matthew Stuart 257 Cockrell, Alexandra 57 ColTman, Gregory J 257 Coglnll, Taylor Ashley 241 Cohen, Aaron 1 i 26 1 Cohen, Brandon Scott 263 Cohen, Erin 233, 249 Cohen, Maegen Marie 248 Cohen, Marisa Leigh 229 Cohen, Ross E. 255 Coleman, Cassandra Angela 243 Coles, Chelsea L 229 Coll, Sean X2 Collazo, Rick 263 College of Medieval Arts and Combat Colleltii, Nicholas Ryan 263 Col ley, Edward Benton 265 Collier, John 169 Collins, Kari Lynn 248 Collins, Katie 2X7 Collins, Matt 101 Collins, Matthew 34 Colloca, Franeesca Jeanne 235 Colman, Melissa L 248 Colombatto, Romy B. 244 Combs, Daniel A. 275 Coiristock, Jamie Kristin 243 Conley, Jonathan Douglas 276 Coiilon, Claire Anne 244 ( onn, Cartiienlita S, 242 Conners, Kristen 308 Connor, Tessa M. 241 Connors, Jennifer Lynn 235 Connors, Kristen R : Ki: 235 Conrad. Brad J 264 Constantine, Sarah limily 233 Constantiner, Douglas 1:, 265 Conter, Jessica Lauren 233 Contreras, Anthony Brian 269 Contreras, Ashley M 242 Contreras, Jesus Mazon 277 Conway, Joshua Travis 263 Conway, Sean M. 272 Cook, Ciary 202 Cook, Jeffrey Joseph 269 Cooley, Margaret Anne 237 Cooper, Jacob 80 Cooper, Megan K. 243 Cooper-ephriain, Rahsaun C hettyll 272 Cools, Ryan William 263 C ' openhaver, Jennifer N 246 Copley. Samantha Lynnc 246 Cordo a. Monique Angelica 248 Corkill. Travis Andrew 270 Corl. Jessica Lynne 244 Corrales. Daniel 269 Corrigan, Dane 87 Cortese, Benjamin Tyler 265 Cortez. Joey 287 Costaglio, Michael David 265 Corner. Kyle H 274 Cotton. Brittany Marie 235 Coulon. David 188 Coulter. Ann 28. 29 Counts. Alexis Altagracia 244 Covarrubias. Rebecca Guzman 242 Cox. Canisha 287 Cox. Chad A. 254 Cox, Chelsea Gislason 231 Cox. Jackie Lynn 238 Cox, Jessica 287 Cox. Laurel Mae 248 Coxon. Danielle E. 246 Coyle, Heather 287 Crable, Jessica Marie 246 Cramer. Holly Anne 231 Cramer, Jake J 272 Crary, Taylor Hall 246 Crawford, Ben 54 Crawford, Erin Colleen 236 Crews, Tuesday Alexis 244 Crim. Katie Faye 243 Crine. Natalie A 237 Crivello. Salvatore Mario 265 Crosthwait. Kari 1 35 Crothers. Daniel Lipscomb 263 Crouch. Caroline Williams 241 Crowe. Trevor 187. 188 Cruickshank. Andra Marie 225, 235 Crum. Cassidy 287 Cruz. Hiram-jesus Felipe 269 Culkin. Macaulay 10 Culture Rhythm 220 Culver. Gairett M 254 Cummings. Jennifer Lee 241 Cunningham. Jennifer M 236 CurialerChaiiene F. 228 CuiTan. Kelley Marie 23 1 Cunis. Cortney 241 Curtis. Lauren Michelle 244 Cutter. Casey Patrick 269 Cybulsk. Alicia 29 D ' Ainico. Denise 231 D " Souza. Christine Esmeralda 231 Dachenhausen. Ryan J. 257 Dahl. Amanda 287 Daidone. Karen T 248 Dais. Jennifer K. 246 Daley. Jonathan Barth 263 Dalzell. Casey Ellen 236 Damwijk. Kamaya 130 Dang. Christopher 204. 205 Dangei-field. Rodney 7 Darian. Anna 287 Dariotis. Alison June 23 1 Darling. Kyle Ryan 272 Darre. Kimberly Megan 237 Darvas. Jaclyn 287 DatnolT. Jacob L. 255 Dauenhauer. Jeff Fairall 257 Daugherty. Michael C. 263 Davies. Ashley Marie 241 Davies. Taylor Evangeline 243 Da is. Adam Jonathan 255 Davis. Alexandra E. 231 Davis. Cameron Charles Fritchoff 273 Davis. George 41 Davis. Hillary 287 Davis. Kent Fritchoff 273 Da is. Reilly Leonard 264 Davison. Brock G. 265 Daw son. . manda Jean 248 Dawson. Heather 40,41 Dawson, Kcndra 202 Dawson, Megan Y 248 Day, Andrea 283 Dea, KoleJ 261 Deats, Dana Michelle 237 Deats, Michael 287 Decarr. Danielle Nicole 236 ,, Decater, Derek 186 Decker, Mark Ryan 264 Dedecker, Alexander Stephen 261 Defeo, Aaron A. 268 Deitch, Samantha D 229 Delaney, Dr. Suzanne 119 Delman, Erica Michelle 233 Delta Chi Lambda 238 Delta Delta Delta 237 Delta Gamma 236,279 Delta Sigma Phi 259 Delta Sigma Pi 195 Delta Tau Delta 260 Demar, Elizabeth L 228 Dennany, James Richard 273 Dennis, Mary 249 Dennis, Mary M. 243 Denton, Elizabeth Sterling 243 Deterville. Tyler Jaynie 255 Detro, Tanner Lynn 244 Deutsch, Brian Paul 255 Devers, Margaret K 237 Dewey, Matthew W 272 Dewing, Alison Rose 241 Dhanani, Eram 287 Diamond, Cori 23 1 Diamond, Eric John 260 Diamond, Josh B 255 Diarra. Mamoudou 288 Diaz, Katherinc Louise 236 Diaz, Maria 247 Diaz, Remington Benson 265 Dick, Jonathan Thomas 263 Dickey, Allison Paige 237 Diday. Jeffrey 288 Diebold, Rebecca Lucille 231 Diers, Blake Kristofor 263 Dietz, Philip Elliott 269 Diggs, Gloria 288 Digiacomo. Mark Nicholas 273 DiUinger. John 94 Dillingham. Kyle 288. 298 Dinnsen. Brady Michael 272 Divita. Joseph M 269 Dixon. Harold 55.56 Do. Helen Hui 232 Dobemian. Daniele Marie 235 Doklan. Jessica 288 Dominguez. Stephanie W 246 Dominy. Luke D 272 Domschke. Christopher T. 269 Donald. Jason 186. 188 Donoho. Bryan Meredith 265 Dooley. Jessica 288 Dooley. Spencer 87 Domer. Kevin 288 Douglas. Julie 288 Downey. Jessica Ann 233 Downs. Deidre 6 Drackett. Harry 288 Dragony. Allison 87 Drake. Melissa Georgenson 248 Dray. Scott 45 Dreveny. Robert F 269 Dreyer. Allison Meiyl 229 Driggs. Sarah 231 Drnek.Jim 195 Droopad. Kamaleeta Amanda 240 Druding. Brian J 265 Drummond. Brett Stephen 263 Dubrish. Laura 241.288 Duce. Jamie 164. 165. 166 Duff. Caroline Elizabeth 231 Duffey. Jason 288 Dugal, Michael B. 265 Duggan. Julie Elizabeth 241 Duncan, Matthew Scott 265 Duncan, niclissa 288 Dunlop, Cole 149 Dunn, Margaret Elizabeth 248 Dunnam. Jeffrey S. 265 Dunne, John 123 Dunsford, Phillip James 261 Dupuy, Michael John 272 Duran, Veronica Rae 234 Durbin, Christina R 237 Durkin, Edward Moore 264 Duveback-kent. Emma Karolina 231 Dwulet, Lauren 23 1 Dym, Aubrey E 244 Eakin, Chanel Dominique 248 Eddy, Steven 40 Edelen, Chris M. 261 Edehnan, Brooke L 235 Eden, Ashley 105 Eden, Ashley Rose 248 Eder, Eileen Rachel 235 Edgar, Emily 215 Edmonson, Cody Bayne 260 Edsall, Jeffrey Michael 264 Edwards, Drew F 26 9 Edwards, John 29 Edwards, John Brening 264 Effenson, Carl Burton 263 Efird, Sam 34 Eggers, Marissa Kathleen 243 Eichcnbaum, Randi Michele 231 Elias, Matthew 288 Ellerman, Nichollc Marie 244 Ellerson. Liz 196 Elliott, Ryan 272 Ellis, Ashley C 231 Ellis, Jennifer 211.288 Elmer. Duncan Arthur 260 Elston. Lani 181 Elyachar. Joseph Daniel 255 Emsiek. Nicholas G 265 Endo, Kenya 288 Endorf, Erin Michelle 244 Eng. Alexia 146 Engelbert. Clark J 275 Engelman. Adam Ci 264 Engcls. Ashley M. 236 Entsininger, Meredith L 244 Enzor, Marc James 276 Epperson, Amber M 248 Erdman, Jennifer B. 229 Erickson. Robeil J. 272 Esler. Josh 179 Esoldi. David John 265 Espinosa. Manny 28 Esterson, James Matthew 254 Estorga. Amber Dawn 236 Estrada. Joseph Michael 273 Esway, Travis 1 79 Ethington, Sarah 288 Etter, Rebecca Naomi 229 Ettinger, Alexis Jaye 237 Evan. David Michael Mayo 255 Evans, Heather M. 243 Evans. Megan Anne 243 Facini, Gabriel John 257 Fagin. Nicole Ann 241 Fair. Tyler Patrick 272 Fairweather. Anais A 244 Falabella. Adam T 268 Falls. Marina L. 248 Fannin. Bill 44 Fanning. Stevie 165.167 Farley. Crystal 182. 184 Farndale. Chelsea A 244 Farrell.Amy 288 Farrell. Jenny 231 Fattaleh. John H 270 Federico. Johnny I 277 Fcidelman, Jaclyn Ivy 229 Felix, Jessica Lane 235 Felix, Krystle 242 Felix, Valerie Nicole 234 Fera, Brett 309 Ferguson, Brittany V 243 Field, Erin Elizabeth 248 Fields, Whitney 152 Fierros, Wendy Henderson 234 Filer, Jamie Marie 241 Filliben, Patrick M 270 Fillo.Amy 236 Fiman, Catherine Emily 229 Findley, Natalie M 233 Finkelstcin, Kari Blake 236 Finn, Francis L 272 Finnegan, Kevin M 257 Fiorito, Amanda N 236 Firpo, Megan Danielle 236 Firth, Matthew Alan 261 Fish, Adam 288 Fish, Adam H. 260 Fish.AlyssaM 233 Fishman, Alexander Lawrence 264 Fite, Lindsay 87 Fitzgerald, Kelley Dana 231 Fitzgerald, Kelly 288 Fitzgerald. Kelly E 243 Fitzgerald, Sean Scott 263 Flaiban, Melanie R 234 FlaiTier, Joseph Vincent 270 Flavin, Michael Reginald 265 Flavin, Shaun R 265 Flcischner, Lauren N 243 Fleming. ClitTord Neal 263 Flores. David R. 277 Florcs, Frank 275 Flores. Gabe 106 Florez. Victor 288 Floyd. Anne Margaret 248 Fluegel. Casey L 235 Flynn, Cariin Jean 233 Flynn, Morgan K 236 Flynn, Patrick John 272 Folan.John 118 Foley, Patrick Franklyn 263 Folkotr, Erica L 229 Foltyn-pettey. Lauren Marie 236 Fong, Hubert Ying 259 Ford. Hamilton H 275 Forsline. Ashley A 237 Forsythe, Adam James 260 Fortunato, Linzee Ann 246 Fo.sse, Lindsey 289, Lindsey Rae 23 1 Fouike, Keith 8 Fox, Ashley 289 Fox, Kristie 183 Fox, Megan Rose 235 Fox, Michael Alexander 261 Fox, Pearl 289 Fox. Peari Ann 233 foxx.janiie 21 Framson. Lindsay A 23 1 Franchi. Michael Lawrence 257 Francis. Alexandra Gannan 236 Francis. George 289 Francis. Kylan Stuart 257 Francona. Terry 191 Franklin. Remington 263 Franklin. Richard Michael 270 Franz, Charles 47 Frawley. Luke James 265 Frawley. Thomas M 265 Freark. Maria 201 Freed. Lauren H 229 Freeland. Aveiy G 257 Freeman. Rebecca M. 231 French. Mike 206 French. Tyler 206 Frev, Amy E. 244 m. Frey, Chris 189 Frey, Michael Scott 272 Friedman, David Simon 261 Friedman, Michael Benjamin 266 Friedrichs, Allison E. 235 Froelich. Lindsey Ann 244 Froelich, William James 263 Frye, Channing 160. 162 Frye, Spc. Nicholas 28 Fuentcs, Lakin N 228 Fuetterer, Amy Lynn 235 Fullerton, Christopher Shaun 257 Fundine, Lindsey W 23 1 Fune, Elyse Anne 237 Furey, Joseph J 274 Gabe, Chris R 264 Gabricle, Melissa Leigh 248 Gain, Cherilyn D 248 Gaines, Jennifer 289 Gaines , Justin Craig 270 Gaither, Logan W 275 Oalan, Monica P 233 Galanti, 11a Naomi 246 Gale, Jessica Anne 248 Gallagher, Margaret Engel 236 Gallegly. Katie L 241 Gallegos, Collette M 243 Gamma Alpha Omega 234 Gamma Phi Beta 38, 235 Gangc, Melamc 226 Garca, J ' ezanna 110 Garcia, Alex 267 Garcia, Danitza 289 Garcia, Eric Phillip 257 Garcia, Gabriel Eliud 265 Garcia, Keri Jacklyn 23 1 Garcia, Kimberly 289 Garcia, Mar 180, 181 Garcia, Michael J 276 Gardner, Linda C 241 Gardner. Rochelle April 233 Garrett, Brittany Rose 23 1 Garrett, Joseph Blake 272 Garrett, Scth A 265 Garrot, Taylor Stephen Martin 261 Garza, Jezana Rose 234 Gash, Kathryn E 233 Gatto, Jessica Susanne 231 Gaulke, Kelly E 244 Gawen, Katrina 289 Gay, Shanna 289 Gaytan, Crystal 289 Geha, Kimberly Marie 237 Geldmacher, Brittany Ann 248 Geldzahler, Stacy Brooke 229 Gelfand, Mitchell S. 255 Gephart, Samantha Nichole 233 Gerakos. Nicholas Michael 265 Gercon, Adam J 257 Gerin, Zachary Benjamin 255 Gerrick, Rebecca llene 229 Gerry, Gisele 308 Gcrstenhabcr. Andrew S 255 Gessay, Grant L 259 Getsinger, Kenneth Stokes 260 Geyer, Jonathan James 270 Ghaemi, Stefan 263 Gibbons, Allison 289 Giblin, Lindsey M 236 Gibson, Nicole 289 Gieber, Kirsten A 236 Giesen, Megan 241 Gilbert, Anne M 246 Gilbert. Molly Ann 233 Gilkerson, Leandra L. 242 (iillbcrg, Carl (iunnar 260 Gilliam, Kelly E 246 (iillig, Laura Nicole 243 Gilliland,Allic Suzanne 241 Gillingham, JefTrey Thomas 264 Gilmour. Stephanie Rebecca 23 1 Gilomen, Ryan 289 Ginsberg. Traci Renee 229 Ginsburg. Matthew Philip 269 Gissel, Elizabeth A 243 Gistaro, Jaime N 244 Glad, Dan 225 Glad, Daniel P 276 Gladstein, Aaron M. 263 Glanzcr, Stephanie R 235 Glaspie, Patrick Jeremy 254 Glass, Kim 144, 145 Glovitz. Adam Michael 260 Gobcille, Travis W 270 GodcCassy 199 Godinez, Selina 289 Goedcrt, Kyle J 275 Goggiano, Joseph Paul 269 Goldberg, Adam 289 Goldberg, Joshua Eric 255 Goldberg, Robin Beth 229 Goldblatt. Gina 41 Golden, Abbey M 236 Golden, Amber 205 Goldin. Bethany Sarah 229 Goldman, Jennifer Rachel 244 Goldman, Nathan Chad 264 Goldner, Justin C 270 Goldsand, Gregory P 255 Goldstein, David Matthew 265 Goldstein, Miriam C. 243 Goldstein, Stephen Michael 270 Goldwater, Jenya 243 Golisch, Jennifer S 235 Gonzales, Esteban 267 Gonzalez, Anthony Rene 276 Gonzalez, Cynthia A 234 Gonzalez, Karla Yvctle Robles 23 1 Goodenkauf, Justin M 259 Goodhue. Laura Ann 244 Goodman, Mark William 270 Goodman, Rachel Marin 229 Goodman, TitTany M 23 1 Gordon, Brandon E 272 Gordon, Hadar 23 1 Gordon. Rikki Dean 263 Gordon, Wendy B 229 Gorham. Laura Kelly 243 Goss, William M 264 Gosses, James M 275 Gottesman. Cary M 243 Gove. Christine M 248 Gower. Chris D 261 Grace, Megan Leigh 236 Grace, Taylor 235 Gradillas, Delisa 289 Grado, Candi D. 242 Grady, Danielle Nicole 246 Grady. Zeb 254 Graf. Thomas Richard 264 Graft; Emily Elizabeth 248 Graham. Kathryn L. 235 Granrath. Karl Joseph 273 Grant. Patricia 289 Grassi. Mclina N. 241 Grave, Emi 289 Gravesandc, Samuel Christopher 264 Gray. Alexandra Vinsant 236 Gray, Nicholas S 265 Gray. Samantha Judith 244 Gray. Shimmy 1 52 Green, Breanna Lynne 246 Green. Cameron 214 Green. Jennifer Elizabeth 233 Green, Joshua David 268 Green. Justin T 257 Greenberg, Allie 231 Greenberg. Rebekah Bernice 229 Greene, Eric Robert 273 Greene. Jennifer Leigh 229 Greenfield. Ryan Y 270 Greenhalgh. Ruth Ann 235 Greenlee, Paige Elvira 237 Green Day 22 Greer, Julie Winn 244 Gregorio, Karen Marie De 233 Gregory, Elizabeth A. 242 Gregory, Jeanine E 237 Gregory. John M 276 Grenier, Justin C 264 Griffeth, Alicia M 246 Griffcth. Ryan W 259 Griffin. Heather 87 Griffith, Amanda Maile 244 Griffith, Shayne 34,244 Grijalva. Paul 289 Grijalva. Raiil 7 1 Grimditch. Brian Robert 272 Grimes, Andrew Ellsworth 265 Grimes, William C. 265 Grimsley, Blake J 260 Grochowski, Adam C 268 Grodnick, Ashley Shon 236 Grooms, Amanda Marie Obrien 228 Grotans, Helene 98 Grubb. Tara Michelle 246 Grubin. David J 260 Gudovic, Nicholas Michael 260 Guelker. Alison Shea 235 Guerrero. Devin Christopher 265 Guerrero. Frank J. 277 Guevara. Celina 290 Guffey. Bryant 290 Gugenheim, Chase M 263 Gugliuzza. Mathew Patrick 257 Guill. Ellen Ann 243 Guller, Erin 290 »■ Gunning, Bridget 290 l Gupta, Priyanka 240 .- ' Gurch, Martin 290 Gustafson, Joshua James 257 Gustin, Philip James 272 Gutentag, Rebecca Jill 229 Guterman. Sara W 244 Guth. Emily N 241 | ' ' Gutnikov. Katherine E 23 1 T.: ' " Guttman. Alexandria Beth 233 Guyette, Kevin 189 ,. Gyben, Molly E 231 ? Haas, Laura Rachel 236 j K Haber, Gregory 270 ffi ' W Haberman, Matthew Scott 257 Hadar, Shie A 272 Hagan, Benjamin W 260 Hagan, Laura Marie 248 Hagans. Cody Ricart 265 Hagberg, Michael T 264 Hagen, Stefanie Elise 237 Hagmaier, Meisha Kayo 236 Haight, Sarah Bradbury 246 Haimsohn, Joel E 259 Haines, Ashley Katherine 237 Halberg, Gillian Rachel 231 Hale, Melissa A 241 Haley, Heather 290 Halfon, Kelly Alison 229 Hall. Laura M 233 Hall. Ryan 132 Hall, Seana G 232 Hallak, Daniel 265 Hallan, Nicole K 231 Haller, Nikki 290 Hallgren. David E 257 Hallisey, Ryan 45 Hamilton, Andrea 2| Hamilton, Laura T 244 Hamm, Jacqueline Dawn 231 Hammaek, Alexis D 235 Hammel, Sara 290 Hammer, Jessica Jean 248 Hammer. Megan l ' 248, 286, 290 Hammond, Allison 42 Hampar, Ciregory 272 Hancock. Adam 290 Handin, Mark 290 Haner. Courtney Lynne 244 Hanna. Ashley Adams 243 Hanna, Lauren 237 Hanna. Rosalinda 290 Hanrahan. Kelly M 244 Hansen. Elizabeth Ann 231 Hansen. Greg 183 Hansen. Melissa Lauren 231 Hansen, Sean Patrick 265 Hanson, Cristina Lyn 246 Haralambos, Taki Grannis 265 Harben, Victoria 308 Harbushka. Alexandra Michelle 243 Hardy, Clint 290 Hardy. David 24 Hare. Ryan Conrad 270 Harms. Brian Christopher 260 Hamden. Christopher R 260 Hamden. Mike 205 Harper. Kristine 165. 167 Harper, Matthew R 263 Harper, Meghan W 244 Harrigan, Erin Suzanne 243 Harrigan, Sean 290 Harrington, Douglas S 274 Han-is, Alexis 290 Harris, Gilbert 140 Harris, Kara L 248 Harris, Kathleen Joan 244 Han-is, Kyle 271 Han-is, Matthew S. 264 Han-is. Tyler 28 Harryman, Amber 1 1 Harshbarger, Kaylin S 235 Harshman. Devin H 263 Hart, Adrienne Roxanne 246 Hart, Kelly Anne 244 Hartley, Karen Elizabeth 23 1 Hartley, Katy D 235 Hartzer, Ainanda Marie 236 Harvey. Kimberly Nicole 235 Harwell. Killian Cait 237 Harwood. Lindsey 290 Hasch. Travis J 275 Haskell. Alexander Cheves 257 Hass. Jeremy R 255 Hass. Lucas J 272 Hatchcll, Jonathan Clark 263 Haugh, Jennifer A 236 Haupt, Alex Mark 264 Hauri, Victoria 290 Hauser, Robyn 229 Hauser, Sarah Rebecca 236 Hauskens. Samuel 257 Hawes, Kelsey Michelle 248 Hawks, James Thomas 254 Hawley, Kathryn Marie 236 Hayes. Caitlin 243 Haymond, Chase T 265 Haynes. Justin Lawrence 268 Haynes, Patrick H 265 Haywood, Andrew Thomas 264 Hazelton, Megan Caitlin 241 Hceringa, Andrew C 254 Heft, Lauren 241 Heideman, Justine Cara 246 Heideman. Karl Thomas 264 Heika, Kristofer Raymond 275 Heilig, Jennifer L 236 Hellman. Nichole 28. 65 Hellring. Lauren E 244 Henderson, Jake Craig 264 Henderson, Kristen C 237 Hendricks, Molly 292 Hendricks. Tory Lynn 248 llcndrickson, Taylor 157 Hendrickson. Taylor L 241 Henley. Jill K 235 Henley, Kristi Michele 235 Henner, Claire J 246 Hennessy, Thomas 292 Hennessy, Thomas A 264 Hennessy. Tom 52 Ilcnningscn. Unid 272 Henry. Mark Joseph 276 llcnsliiig. Shauii Ashley 236 lIcrbLMl. 1 orcici Ashley 244 I Icrchokl. Mark I, 272 ' Hcrchokl. rinmthy M 272 Hcriaud, liintna Nadine 235 Hcrinalik. Amy S6 Herman. laiiren Ashlcv 233 Hermann. Valeric Yvcttc 231 Hermes. Nieolc 292 llernandc . Diva 292 llernande . I ' sterania 242 I lernande . Maria 292 Hernande . Monica 108 llernande . elida 242 Hen, Abbey I ' 235 Hcrrcra. Nicholas Patrick 272 I lernnann. Hen V. 21 A llcrsh. lordanA 270 llerskcr. Jason M 260 llert , William 1 rcdcrick 264 Hcrl og. l-rin Alysse 231 lleskin! Leann M 229 Hcsselbachcr. Matt G 275 Hcsscr. Jellrey M 274 llcwakapugc, Samantlii 211 Hickman. Sarah Alice 231 »= Higgins. Kathryn Nancy 246 llildebrand. .Ainmon 292 Hill. Jenna Mane 248 Hill. Tliciesa 215 Hint . Kenneth Christopher 263 Iliiakawa-VVong. Michi 132 Hiiohata.Alli 40 Hnohala. Allison 292 Hiiohala. Allison Hniiko 244 - — Hiisch.AdamR 255 Hirsch, Joseph Rothschild 255 lliishbcig. Timothy Ernst 264 Hi cnbangli. Hnltany Nicole 241 lllobik. Margaret Jean 237 llmclvar. KcvinA 257 Ho. Kim 34 Ho. Kim T 248 Hoashi. Ryan K 263 Hobson. Shannon 152 Hodges. Aaron James 270 Hocbing, Craig J 272 Hoellcn. CicoflVcy Wilks 269 Hoirman. David Michael 270 llolVman. Jenclle Artema 233 llolTmann, Jcrcmv F 265 llogan. MollyC 231 Hogan. Robert 249 Hogan. Robert W 263 Hogan. Tyler Joseph 263 Hoge. Beth 133 lloge. Brad R 272 Holdcn. Jennie M 244 llolden. KathiNiine Reader 246 Holdcn, Melissa M 231 Holguin. Ciilbcn liugene 277 Holfand. Brian 265 Holland, Stephanie A 248 Hollander. Dominica 233 Hollander. Matthew E 255 Hollands. Dianne 176.177 Hollenbeck. Chris D 265 Holliiigsworth, Kathryn Ellen 244 HoUovvell. Alccia 1X5 Holm. Dnstin 292 Holm, Natalie Laurel 236 Holt, Diistvn 62 Holtcr. Katie L 243 Holtz. Lauren Marie 243 Hoinan. Katie i:iizabeth 236 Hoover. Timothy J 276 Hope. Bobe 191 Hope. Kascy 203 Hopkins. Jessica Sinclair 243 lloppel. William Clark 269 llormulh. I rin M 236 Horn. Mallhew C. Van 255 llorslman. ( olin 269 Horvath. Stephanie I 231 Houghton, Laura Ct)chran 243 Houk. Meghan Janae 243 Hoult. James T 275 Houscr, Kari Nicole 237 Houlen, Jell Van 187, 189 Houlen. Jessica Lauren Van 246 I loward. Bridget Marie 235 Howard. I layleyFi 236 Howard, Jaime Marie 229 Howard. Kaylic (iene 243 i Howard, Megan I 73 How croft, Brian Waller 264 Howell. John C 273 Hovvland, ack Cooper 261 Hoy. Megan Cynthia 237 , " Hsieh. Yuan-ling 254 Hubci. Bradlev M 275 Huber, Raimund 268 Hubcnnan, Amv llenc 248 Huck, Daniel 257 Hudson. Chris S 263 Hudson, Dr. Leila 66 Hudson. Erica 292 lluir, Shelley 42 Hughes. Bctscv A 246 Hughes, Collin 292 Hughes, .lake M. 2.54 Hughes. Lauren Colleen 236 Hughes, Rachel 211 Hulka, Aubrcv A 246 Hull. David A. 265 Hulsc. Michael Clifkm 268 Humphrey. l:ric James 272 llumphrcys. Crystal R 248 Hundley. Nick 187 Hunt, Jason C 263 Huntsbeigcr. Matthew Cj 264 Hurst. Juliannc 292 Hurlado, Anya Bay 236 Huseas. Elyse Lauren 244 Hussein, Saddam 29 Hustedt, Grant Ci 265 H ass. Charles Thomas 260 Hyatt, Kalherine Elise 231 Hyatt. Nicole Lyn 231 Hvnian, Katie Elizabeth 231 laco, Michael C 265 lacono, Tessa 292 lannini, Julian 269 II, Pope John Paul 12 II. Richard Spaienga 303 II. Theodore Shusheieba 301 III. Walter Foxcrort 289 f " Ingram, David 108 Ingram. Kendal Renae 237 Inigucz, Laiza Jovanna 242 Inman, Catherine Cooper 236 Irwin, Craig 149 Invin, Lindsay Kristen 236 Isaacson. Josh M 263 Isdaner, Dance A 243 Islas. Gilbert Jacobs 273 Iv. Han-y Alex Monioe 270 Ivoiv. Irica Shannon 241 Jabuka. Ann Franklin 23! Jackson. Kelly O-Ncil 248 Jackson, Michael 10,202 Jacobs, Kristen 292 JafVe. Raymond J 263 Jaicks. Taia Katherine 23 1 Jakovvlcw, Kasia 1 76 Jakucki, Jonathon 275 James. Chris 1 34 James. Shannon N 238 Jaios. Matt J 270 .lanall.JyIerll 272 Jaslidw, ilrell Robert 257 Javvors, Chad M 264 Jellerson, James M 264 JeH ' crson, Mike 139 Jelinovvicz, Laura liva 229 Jenkins, Joniar N 256 Jenning.s, Ryan 105,292 Jensen, Danny 92 Jensen, James 292 Jensen, Kristen Elizabeth 241 Jensen. Travis Daniel 270 Jcinigan. Kelly Renec 241 Jelton. John lirnest 270 Jhagroo, Jai Brian 277 Jimenez. David E. 277 .loggersl. Phil 106 Johl. Matthew Grant 264 John, LiF 23 Johncock. Michael Lewis 263 Johnson, Ashley T 236 Johnson, Benjamin Joscph-amon 265 Johnson, Brittany D 235 Johnson. Courtney IMizabeth 244 Johnson, Heather Lee 244 Johnson, Katie 164.166 Johnson, Kristina Barbia 236 Johnson. Knstin N. 237 Johnson, Marquez 221; Johnson, Matthew 201 s Johnson, Melissa 171 ' Johnson. RJ 82 ; -sa Johnson. Ryan M 264 ; Johnson. Vem 206 Johnston. Kenneth Howard 272 Jolie, Angelina 20 Jones, Courtney Leigh 243 Jones. Emery Anne 237 -{ - Jones, Enka ' 292 Jones. George 206 ;, Jones, Jessica 65 5 Jones, Mara Calalina 243 ' j Jones, Natalie 151, 152, ,,,i Jones, norah 23 j Jones, Sharifti 172 " Jordan. Shawn B. 277 I Jordon, LukeM 254 " " Jorgensen. Benjamin Jay 272 Jorgenson, Nicholas Phillip 257 Joseph, Courtney Danielle 239 Josephson, Scott Harris 263,:-:i u:. Joslin, David 68 i- Joumell, Brandon Scot 257 Journigan, Kalelin Wallace 235 Jr. Anthony Navarra 297 Julien, Michael Alexander 260 Jundet " , Sharon 229 i. Jung.Jinho 292 " fe.ip Justice. Ashley Lauren 248 Kabo, Drew J 263 Kagel. Allison B 235 Kalian. Daniel Cieorgc 268 Kahn, Daniel Benjamin 255 Kalil, Nicholas Fred 257 Kammeyer, Chelsea Suzanne 228 Kane, Alex B 255 3 Kane, Patrick JctVery 260 ; Kaneda, Elizabeth T 248 Kaner. Ryan 292 ? Kantor, Anthony Scott 2551 Kaplan, Adam Marc 255 Kaplan. Jill D 229 K.aplan. Romy B 255 Kappa Alpha 261 Kappa Alpha Psi 262 Kappa Alpha Theta 80. 241 , 279 Kappa Kappa Gamma 243 Kappa Kappa Psi 195 Kappa Sigma 263 Karas, Bryan M 270 Karas, JaclynB 231 Kaidish, Justin 292 Karsant, (jeorge Demetrius 257 Kasl, Hollv 169. 170 Kast. Holly Elizabeth 248 Katherinc-linden, Charney 236 Katouzian, Kambiz 292 Katz, Stephanie Lynn 229 KatzcnotT, Stacy 293 Katzenstcin, Joshua Ian 255 Kat man, Michael 249 Katzman, Michael Alan 270 Kaul ' man. Amanda J 229 Kaufman. Ariel Jennifer 229 Kaufman. Jonathan Hart 265 Kaiilman. Robert SO Kcatts, Garriek 293 Kee, Michael Cullen 270 Keel, Shayna 171 Keeler, Scott N 263 Kcilges, Benjamin Nonnan 275 Keller, Chel.sea 243 Kelley, Courtney 243 Kelley, Hilary A 244 Kellev. Lauren Kimbcrlv 239 Kellv; Colin Michael 273 Kelly, Matthew S 272 Kelly, Michael Alexander 257 ICelly. Nicholas lirik 272 Kemerer. Kathanne Elizabeth 246 Keniski. Marianne 293 Kennedy, . slilcy Lalonde 241 Kennedy. Jenna ' R 237 Kennedy. Ranison 106 Kenncdv. Sherilyn E 237 Kennedy, Ted 28 Kenney. Michael 265 Kcntcr, Brittany Jill 244 Kcough. Kevin Ihomas 272 Kcnnan, Kaiiy Shea 229 Kern. Douglas K 255 Kem, Karvssa Adair 236 Kcny, John 8, 26. 27, 28, 29 Kervin. Brvan 186. 187 Kesling. Abigail 293 Kesner. Justin Todd 265 Kcylon, Ashley Elizabeth 246 Khoutakoun. Nida 232 Kiefer, Alyssa Anne 246 Kieman. Michelle L 237 Kilburg. Katrina Louise 241 Killough, Jolene 144 Kim. Duck-kil 293 Kim. Johnny Sungvvhan 259 Kim, Sung-gil 293 Kimbuende. Gerald N. 271 Kimmelnian. Michelle Diane 237 King, l-llcn Patricia 233 King. Robvii Jennifer 236 King. Tara ' L. 235 Kingsley. Kandice Anne 244 Kirkland, Cassandra 181 Kirsch. Ariana L. 235 Kirshner, Andrea Renee 229 Kisler. Morgan 293 Kisler. Morgan Lyn 248 Kissel, Matthew T 264 Kitt.TimP 255 Klapheke, Carrie N 235 Klapova. .Adam PciTy 255 Klapov a. Michael L. 255 Klappert, Marika Kwai Jun 232 Klaus. Kevin 293, 309 Klein. Ashley Elizabeth 229 Klein, Brett J 270 Klein. Jennifer 1.30, 131 Klein. Tom 118 Kleinhans, Susan 228 Klot ky, Jason ScotI 263 KIcvcn, KclsioA 246 Kline. Melissa M 235 Klycc, Miciiaol 32 Knabb, laylor S 275 Knaucr, John 178 kneeling. Mary Porta. 10 Knighl, James 41 Knighl, Kelsey M 231 Knighl, Salcemah 293 Knin.Cianell V 263 Knoehel, John D, 270 Knuillen, MiehacI Alan 265 Knulh, Cameron I.eigli 235 Knii ynski, Jessica 23 1 Koch, Kalclyn M 243 Koegel, Slephanie {■. 246 Kogen, Sleven M 255 Kohn, Jordan Kyle 255 Kolbe,Jim 24 Kollasch, [,ukei; 254 Kolpin, Melissa 293 Koniewich, Susan K 241 Konst, Jacob 309 Koons, Mike 1X9 Kopilovich, Diane 34 Korc, Melissa 293 Kolwal, Mansi Rani 240 Kovaleheck, Richard 140 Kozak.M laden 293 Krajewski, Heather Nicole 243 Krakow, C ' amille A 241 Kramer, Dana Lyjin 23 1 Kramer, Katherinc I, 241 Kramer, Mcaghan K 241 Kramer, Ryan Chase 270 Kranit , Christin M 229 Krasehinski, Miriam ISO, ISI Krasowski, Shauncry 264 Kraus, Sarah i;ii abeth 229 Kraushaar, Courtney Anne 243 Krebs, Jessica Joy 237 Kreis, Catalin Chanel 243 Kreutz, Nicholas A 261 Krevocheza, Chelsea A 244 Kriegel, Hrin Kathleen 237 Kriegcr, Amanda Molly 228 Kricr, Courtney 229 KropF, Sophie Windsor 244 Kruegcr, Eric Patrick 272 Krueger, Malt 135 Kruger, Jamie i;iisabcth 241 Kruljac, Meghan Mcleod 243 Krusc, Jon 157 Kuehel, Kristin Carolan 241 Kuehl.Adam 172 Kugler, Brittany Ann 241 Kuhn, Jocclyn Christine 233 Kuhn, Kristina Nicole 241 Kujawa, Michelle 236 Kulatilake, Pinnaduwa 210 Kundc, Joshua Lloyd 265 Kunkel, Laurie A 231 Kunkel, Susan Marie 231 Kunkle, Carrie A 236 Kunnie, Julian 226 Kuoni, Charles Frank 261 Kuper, Michelle Lcc 246 Kurtz, Brandon 260 Kusz. Michael T. 257 Kuzmanie, Paige Marie 243 Lackey, Emily Lyn 248 Lacroix, Alexander Raymond 261 Ladd, Bre 145 Laden. Osama bin 29 LaFave, Linnea 293 LaFrenz. Grayson Mel 272 Lai, Sydney E 246 Lakhi, Ashwin 67 Lamb, Mark 179 Lancaster. Kathryn E 248 Landes-brenman. Jordan Alyssa 243 l.andorF, Karen 173 l.ajie. CaillinM 244 Lane, Michael P. 270 Lang, (iil Abraham 255 Lara, l.eslee Michelle Burbano Dc 244 Lares, Kimberlee 293 Larger. Josie 293 Larochelle, l.ydia 293 l.arriva, Leonilo 263 Lashley, Nathan 178, 179 Laskoski, Fimolhy Itaniel 263 Lasky, IJcthany Arin 244 Lattin, Robert Saul 255 Lattnian, Lauren W 229 Lau, Alex 44 Laudenheimer, Fjnily Joy 229 Latirenl, Blaire l.lizabelh 243 l.auterbach, Krislall 86,293 Laulerbach, l.aiuaAnnc 241 Lavia, (iabriellc Ann 236 Lawler, Stephanie R 244 Lawrence, Brandon J 270 Lawrence, Michael Taylor 272 Lawrence, Natalie Anne 248 Lawson, Jcreiny Parker 257 Lawson, Taylor M 246 Lawton, JefTrey 293 Layton, Jacqueline M 243 Lazarevic, Jovica 293 Lazaris, Amber Adele 241 Leal, Sarah B 231 LeBourveau, Rene 46 Lederman, Heather L 243 Lee, Andrea N. 244 Lee, Anita S 232 Lcc, Flung-kit 293 Lee, JenniFer Marie 231 Lee, Joanne Jihee 233 Lee, Sang 295 Lee, Zee-wai 295 Leech, Keith Cuitis 264 Lemcr, Daniel G 265 LeFton, Erin Jessica 229 Lehman, Phoebe Anne 236 l.ehmann, Alissa Greer 233 Lehrer, Adam 76 Lehrer, CTiarles 76 Leister, Amanda 295 Leivian, Joseph Anthony 265 Lem, Steven Shar 264 Lembeck, Michelle I 231 Lembo, Ashley 231 Lemieux, Andrew Michael 257 Lcniieux, Andy 101 Lemmerman, Lauren A 24 1 Leno, Jay 7, 10 Lepage, Christopher James 263 Lersch, Matthew Scott 265 Lesperancc, Amanda N 246 Letizia, Russell Louis 255 Lcverda, Judith 295 Levesque, Ashlyn M 235 Levi, Victor Albert 255 Levie, David A 255 Levin, AbbyR 231 Levin, Lauren Elizabeth 229 Levine, Melissa Lindsey 229 Levine, Thomas Steven 255 Levine, Tracey 295 Levinson, Ben J 275 Lcvitre, Jessica 295 Levy, Caroline Erances 244 Levy, Jacob Andrew 266 Levy, Jacobs. 255 Lewis, Bryan Jeffrey 265 Lewis, Natalie D 248 Lewis, Natalie Michelle 236 Lewis, Serena Jennifer 229 Lewis, Will Andrew 260 Lewkowilz, Kinibcrly Cathy 244 Leyton, Brandon Jacob 255 Leyv a, Gabriel AIFonso 25 " Li, James 132 Liaw, I lenry 1 79 Lieata, Leann M 246 Lynch, Heallier Lark 237 Fynch, Kyle 295 Lynne, Sarah J 246 Lylhjohan, Kyle Robert 274 Adam 224 Liguori, Alexander J 275 Liguori, Andrew E 275 Likins, Peter 32,71, 116, 120 Lima, Melinda Lee 231 Lima, Michael T 265 Lin, Kathy 60 Linarez, Sarah Amanda 242 Lind, Daniel Joseph 263 F,ind, Jesse Aaron 272 Linde, Alec l!van 261 Lindern, Aaron Von 305 Lindner, Katrina 151, 152 Linduska, Phillip C 260 Lingenl ' elter, Carrie 249 Lingenl ' elter, Carrie Lee 237 LingenFelter, Kristyn Leigh 243 Link, Elizabeth J 236 Linksman, Lccza Miriam 233 Linksman, Sarah Rcnee 248 Lipski, JenniFer Anne 248 Lisalda, Leamie 295 Litt,Arielle Nicole 243 Little, Daryl Nathaniel 277 Little, Jen 309 Little, JenniFer 295 Lively, Virginia M 228 Livengood, Jim 41 Lloyd, Aaron Thomas 275 Lloyd, Lindsay 241 Lo, TilTanyA 238 Lobue, Courtney Ixann 243 Locher, Alyson M 243 Locke, Christina (i ardner 231 Locke, Nicole Allison 241 Loeb, Claire Sylvia 229 L,oewenslein, David M 265 Lohse, Jane Lauren 241 Long, Raeheic M 233 Longley, Susan Brooks 236 Lopez, AlFojizo 295 Lopez, Andy 1 87 Lopez, Chanel 295 Lopez, John Paul 105 Lopez, Katherinc Marie 246 Lopez, Nickolas 257 Lordi, Krislcn Suzanne 233 Loudy, Kristin Ann 235 Lough, Katherinc M 246 Louis, Christopher William 272 Louis, Jordan 206 Louis, Nicole St 248 Love, David 135 Loveman, Jessica Jo 229 Lovi, Dan Alexander 255 Low, Nicole Elizabeth 246 Lowe,Caillin 183, 184 Lowe, Teresa Elizabeth 235 Lowenthal, Sean D 255 Lowry, Kevin 295 Lucas, KamyK 241 Luce, BrianaMcfall 244 Lucia, Katie Elizabeth 236 Lucio, Joshtia 258 Luckcy, Ciwendolyn 243 Ludacris 22 Ludwig, Lindsey Victoria 235 Luginbill, Amy Michelle 248 Lujan, Vanessa 295 Lukes, Scott W 266 Luna-dulgov, Cynthia 295 Lundquist, Bonnie Colleen 228 Lusk, Jeremy R 275 Lutzky, Kristen Sophia 248 Lux, Katie 295 Lynch, Adam Benjamin 268 Maaskanip, Ryan 270 Macdonald, Richard 272 Macdonald, Stephanie 295 Macgillivray, Ashley A 246 Machado, Mark Anthony 277 Mack, Michael Stephen 270 Mackenbrock, Megan Geneievc 235 Mackovic, John 142 Madrid, Drue A. 243 Madrid, Nick J 263 Madrigal, Jose A 261 Madril, Erancisco A 275 Mallei, Sanlino AlFredo 268 Magata, Alan Shizuo 260 Magdalin, Allyson Nicole 229 Magee, Jason 295 Maggi, JenniFer Ann 243 Maggi, Taryn Andrea 244 Magliolo, Alexandra C 241, Tova M 229 Magorien, Matthew David 263 Magruder, Elliot A. 263 Magy, Brandon 205 Mahoney, Sean 295 Maier, Kristen L 243 Main, Anne L 236 Maiyo, Jonah 1 73 Malanowski, Andy 92 Maldonado, Christopher Arturo 277 Malen, Susan Rachel 229 Malina, Kevin 82 Mall, Alexis Robin 233 Mallery, Lauien II 246 Maloney, FX-nis William 264 Maloiiey, Kirstin Leigh 235 Malter, Joshua Alan 263 Mancuso, Anthony J. 276 Mancuso, Lindsey Nicole 231 Mandcll.Aiielle R 236 Mann, Jeremy David 265 Manrique, Juan David 270 Mansfield, Corey R 246 Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall 109 Mao, Sui Ann 296 Marchello, Marissa M 242 Marciano, Gina Marie 235 Margison, Brad 265 Margulies, Jessica A 229 Marianno, Jacquelyne Nicole 241 Marie, Mcagan Ann 244 Marine, Jodi Leigh 231 Marino, Angela J 237 Marinos, Theodora Irene Nicole 241 Marion, Dana B 229 Marion, Katherinc 296 .Markenson, Matthew S 263 Marks 236 Marshall, Karina Jacqueline 241 Marshall, Lily Anna 244 Martin, Brandon C 274 Martin, fkittany Victoria 243 Martin, David 265 Martin, fUchel Lauren 237 Martin, Ryan [)orvil 264 Martinez, Julian J 277 Martinez, Tiffany Jewell 242 Maitori, Stephen Aloysius 265 Mason, Tara Christine 235 Mason,, Emily 168 Mastroianni, Rachel Ann 246 •Malalonga, Roger 1 75 .Mathews, Bryan J 274 Mathiasen, Janis K 248 Manila, Alison D 231 Matlick, Scott 135 usMu£mJMHii.Qlnni i ira(if Maltcni, Douglas J. 270 Mattson, Heidi 241 Matiiio, LoLi 214 Matus. Carlos Ciuillemio A. 267 Malyjasik. Bryan 203 Mange, Patrick C 272 Mauglian. Mandcll 58 Maiiglian. Mandcll Roscmaric 235 Maxwell, Darren 170 May, Philip 32 Maytield. Kathryn [irookc 241 Maynard, Andrew A. 257 Maynard, Mary Beth 137 Mazancc, Sean Frank 268 Mazer, Stephanie Dyan 233 Mazry. Juan C 263 Mazzco, Samuel A. 263 Mazzone, Gina 296 Mcbride, Aaron 296 Mccahill, Erin C 235 Mecahill, Monica R 235 Mccain, Danielle 296 Mecain, Jared 296 McCain. John 24, 123 McCallister, Kacey 115 McCarthy, Julie 296 McCarthy, Julie A. 236 McCartin, Nicholas 296 McCartney. Michael 296 Mccay. Blake Derrek 264 McClain, Erin 296 MeClellan, Jawann 160 McClelland. Jean 210 Mcclurkin. Kellye J. 246 McCollom. Julie 96 Mcconologue. Joseph P 257 Mecord, Brooke C. 246 Mccorkcl, Joel T. 273 Mccorkle. Gavin Schuyler 261 Mccormick, Margaret Jean 236 McCoy. Bobby 172 Mccullagh. Aishling Ann 235 Mecullough. Jenny Hope 246 McDaniel. David 179 Mcdannel. Maureen Marie 241 Mcdonald. Reina M. 235 Mcevoy. Evan J. 272 Mefarland. Dustin W 265 Megarity. Candace M 233 Mcgovcm. Genevieve Ann 241 Mcgovem, Whitney E 244 McGravv. Tim 22 McGregor, Emily 1 32 Mcguire, Daniel D. 257 Mcilleee, Mcagan M 241 Mcinnes, Cooper Charles 264 Mekay, Sheena 296 Mckean, Meagan Leigh 244 Mckee, Elizabeth Maureen 246 Mckennon, Brandon 263 Mekenny, Aaron F. 273 Mckernan. Mareella 296 McKieman. Tim 59 Mcknight. Brittni L 231 Mclaughlin, Brandon S. 261 Mcmiehael. Sarah M 243 Memillan. Heather M. 235 Mcmillin. Courtney 237 Mcnamee, Maureen R 23 1 Mcnary. Wesley M 260 McnetT. Lacey Rae 236 Mcnulty. Joshua Thomas 272 Mcpherson, Alexander 265 Mcpherson. Margaret Faye 241 Mcwilliams, Katie E 236 Meaker. Amanda 1 95 Means. Lamon 141 MEChA 80. 195 Medina. Molly Joy 233 Medler. Robert 249 Mechan. Lindsay Marie 236 Megowan, Ryan James 275 " Mdoan, Mn tSt ' ■ Memsic, Carly J 244 Menayas, Alex 101 Mcnayas, Alexander linimanucl 257 Mcndelsberg, Allan B 255 Menkov. Christopher 265 Mercer. Jessica Sue 246 Mercer. Yolanda J 232 Mcronoir. Jamie A, 272 Merriman, Heidi 296 Messick. Gail Adrienne 244 265 Metzger. Katherinc R. 235 Meyer. Alana Nicole 244 Meyer. Ashley N 246 Meyer. Jana 296 Meyer. Mary 98 Meyer. Rachel E 244 Meyers. Christina N 231 Meyers, Whitney 1 69 Meyerson, David Ethan 275 Mcza, Rebecca Sandra 242 Mcza, Rene Daniel 267 Michael, Joshua H 260 Michaud, Jessie Marie 229 Michelotti, John 296 Mihoeko, Megan Marie 248 Miles, Skyler Arum 271 Miletieh, Dori 228 Miletich, Dorothy L 228 Millabas, Janelle 213 Millar, Davis Frederick 257 Miller. Bryan John 275 Miller. Casey Rae 236 Miller. Hal 105 Miller, Jordan L 248 Miller, Justin D 255 Miller, Lauren 309 Miller, Lauren E 243 Miller, Lauren Elizabeth 241 Miller, Lind.sey Christine 244 Miller. Lloyd A. 255 Miller. Lonny Benjamin 270 Miller. Mallor 13 i Miller. Mallory 127 Miller. Michelle Nicole 230 Miller. Monica Anne 233 Miller. Ryan 206 Miller. Sarah 249 Miller. Sarah E 243 Miller. Staci L. 246 Miller. Tara Lynn 241 Mills. Carlyle Jean 237 Mills. Lucas W 275 Milner. Stephanie 246 Milstcr, Kris T 276 Miner. Bradley 272 Minno. Kurt Frederick 275 Miranda-farias, Yerania 234 Miretsky. Noah Vemon 269 Mitchell, Jessica Dugan 236 Mittelman. Dove Elizabeth 244 Mittelstadt. Paul Otto 260 Mitzman. Randall S 255 Mize. Megan Amber 243 Mizell.John 196,296 Mlakar, Maja 176 Mogan, Annemarie 243 Moghadam-rad, Liyan 296 Mohr, Alison 248 Moline, Tasha Marie 235 Monaco, Dominick P 261 Moncada, Terry A 265 Monder, Serina K 234 Monger, Allison 296 Monroe, Elizabeth Ann 236 Monsman, Christina 246 MontgoiTiery, Erica Rene 241 Montoya. Lauren Claire 241 Monzon. Ariel 275 Moore, Katherinc 200.201 Moore. Michael 24. 28 Moore, Steven K 264 Mora, ,Tcssica Kathryn 246 Mora, Michael J. 265 Morago, Elizabeth 296 Moran, Katie 237 Moreno. Bemadette 242 Moreno, Diana Michelle 248 Moreno, Jannct 242 Moreno, Pedro 296 Moreno, Pedro Geronimo 254 Morgan, Garrett Bryan 263 Morgan, Rebecca Georgette 237 Morgan. Stephanie C 231 Morris, Amy Joy 228 Morris. Charles 297 Morris. Christina Jamie 246 Morris. Sonya M 242 Morris. Taylor Diane 246 Morrison. Shane D. 264 Morrow. Kara 297 Morse, Jennifer 235 Morse, Patrick L 266 Morten, Kevin Shaun 255 Mortensen, Susan 1 32 Morton, Ashlcigh Laurie 244 Moscaliuc, Manuela Loredana 244 Moses, Lauren F 243 Moskowitz, Joel 71 » Mosley, Jason Michael 263 Moss, Megan Jennifer 248 Mossbrook, Harry 109 Moussa, Christine Randa 248 Mozdzen, Miehele 87, 204. 205 Muenchow, Nick 157 Muhammad, Khalid 297 Mulhem, Lance 297 Mullins, Tara Mary 244 Mulvany, Kelli 144 Mundt, Caria 297 Mundy. Megan Elizabeth 244 Munro. Garrett J 257 Murphy. Chris 215 Murphy. David Robert 264 Murphy. Margaret E 260 Muiphy. Mark Randall 257 Murphy. Meghan Eleanor 241 Murray. Kallcen Laura 236 Murrin, Thoinas 249 Mun-in, Thomas A 274 Mwove, Patricia 297 Myers. Erin L 248 Myers, Tyson Hall 264 Naber, Jeffrey John 265 Nadler, Zachary Daniel 261 Nagaoka, Ashley Toshiko 248 Nagatomo, Kei 220,221 Najewicz, Kaitlin 248 Nakai, Raymond Nathaniel 258 Nallen. Chris 179 Nankin. Aaron Benjamin 255 Napolitano, Janet 24 Nash, Brent 297 Nathel, Joshua Avery 263 Navarro, William Steven 260 Neavitt. Lindsey Nicole 243 Nedberg, Lauren Rae 235 Nedell, Sarah 249 Nedell. Sarah D 229 Neenan, Megan M 248 — Neff, Jacob James 273 Neish, Michael J 273 Nellan, Anandani 240 Nelly 22 Nelson, Anthony D 257 Nelson, Benjamin Joseph 261 Nelson, Christine L 244 Nelson, Christopher Daniel 273 Nelson, Cindy J 242 Nelson, Katherine Ann 235 Nelson, Meredith A 243 Nelson, Nicolette Ruth 246 Nelson, Whitney K 236 Nemrow, Devra 297 Ncmrow, Devra M. 248 Newhall, Sarah Elizabeth 244 Newman. Whitney Rae 235 Newquist. Renee Lee 236 Newton, Russell Scott 259 Nguyen, Christine H. 232 Nguyen, Melissa Senethep 238 Niceoli, Hilary C 248 Nicholls, Alli.son J 244 Nichols, Lauren Ella 248 Nichols, Stephanie Ellen 241 Niedergang, Scott Andrew 272 Niello, Richard Louis 263 Nicman, Audrey 297 Nilsen, DavidA. 259 Nimlos, Julia A 246 Nimnio, Margaret 297 Nimmo. Margaret Alden 237 Njonkou, Amina 152 Nock, Cynthia A 231 Nolan, Shane William 270 Norman, Benjamin Thorning 254 Northrop, Emma L 244 Nothcis, Benjamin 297 Novak, Emily J. 236 Novick, Alyssa Gail 237 Nuccio, Constance C. 244 Nueman. Brandon J 264 Nugent, Nicole Phillips 248 Nussbaum, Perry Aland 229 Nystedt, Heather 61.248 O ' Connor. Kathryn 297 O ' Grady, Colin 174. 175 OToole. Kirra 297 O ' Brien. Jonathan Grant 255 O ' Brien. Seth 264 O ' Connor. Siirione Maria 236 O ' Donnell. Amanda Elizabeth 233 O ' Dorisio, Kaitlin R. 243 O ' Hagan. Ashley Penton 246 O ' Keefe. Kelly Kathleen 244 O ' Malley. Kyle B 257 O ' Malley. Patrick Michael 263 O ' Melia. Kiley M. 236 O ' Rourke, Abbey 243 Oakley. Jonathan Erie 265 Oates, Gregory James 265 Ochoa, Lorena 1 8 1 Ochoa. Valeria 98 Odenberg. Jane E 235 Oder. Lindsay 297 Odhner, Charles T 274 Okeke, Amuche 226 Okla. Lindsay A 237 Okun. Ryan G 255 Olaiz, Leopoldo 261 Olivarez-Giles, Nathan 103 Olivarez-giles, Nathan Robert 257 Oliver, Evan Spencer 257 Olliffe, Rea J 243 Oloff. Dana Lynn 229 Olson, Garrett James 261 Olson, Lute 41. 142, 160, 162,224 Olson. Virginia Lucille 237 Omega Delta Phi 277 Ommen. Nicole Kristine 233 Onderdonk. Thomas Albertson 272 Opalka. Kevin 297 Opeka, Robert James 272 Ora. Chase H 265 Orlov. Brandon M 270 Orona, Erica R 233 Orozco, Jenna A 248 Orozco, Matthew B 273 Orr, Ashley C 231 Ortega, Michael Anthony 268 Osborn, Daniel L 260 Otero, Maria 297 Overstreet, Laura A 237 Owen, Hillary H. 243 »n ' !!- Padias, Dr. Anne 114 Page. Jonathan M 257 Pahlcr. Allison 54 PAIN 195 Paine, Janelle 297 Paiva, Andrew William 257 Palacios, Dcana Sylverla 232 Palicki, Ashley M 233 Palmer. Downey E. 235 Palmer, Jordan 297, 306 Palniera, Jessica Michelle 229 Palomaria, Aaron Beth Deniotica 242 Panhans, Paul T. 264 Papp, Michael Robert 273 Pardi, Peter 259 Park, Eugene 277 Park, Gil-hyun 297 Park, Justin J 260 Parker, Ryan 291 Parking and Transportation Services 47 Parks, Michelle Marie 231 Parmcnter, John Edward 263 Parra. Brec K 236 Parrish, Kyle Henry 265 Parsons, Cutter 88,91 Parsons, Robert 298 Parsons, Robert C 264 Parsons, Rose E 248 Pasquale, Ryan D 257 Patch, Emilia Anne 243 Patterson, Jennifer M, 248 Patterson, Julia Rose 229 Payne, Christian Anne 248 Pazik, Marisa Noclle 231 Pearce, Meghan W 235 Pearl, Thomas F 272 Pearson, Benjamin D 260 Pechter, Greta Frances 229 Peel, Megan K 231 Peeples, Lindsey 130,298 Peoples, Sarah E 246 PeifFer, Angela 157 Pelliecioni, Ryan David 263 Pelzel, Elisabeth Anne 243 Peng, Jeff 98 Pennell, Kate L 248 Penner, Mitchell Aaron 255 Perez, Christina Marie 237 Perisho, Alysha C 246 Perkins, Claire G 235 Perkins, Phoebe 298 Perpich, Christina 246 Perrault, Gregory William 265 Perry, John Fletcher 265 Perry, Katherine Anne 235 Perry, Kelly 176 Perry, Meaghan 298 Perry, William K. 272 Peters, Amanda Marie 248 Peters, Bradley Lutton 276 Peters, Erin 298 Peters, Stepheny Victoria 237 Petersen, Erik Ryan 275 Peterson, Dara Carlin OseranJennifer S 241 Peterson, Eric M. 272 Peterson, Julie Ann 243 Peterson, Rachel 1 34 Peterson, Thomas 260 Petitti, Michael 298 Petrilli,AshlieRenee 235 Petzoldt, Jordan Laura 237 Peyton, Ashley D 241 Pfutzenreuter, Ryan A 265 Pham, Virginia Hong 246 Phatak, Radhika 298 Phelan, Kate Elizabeth 243 Phillips, Anderson 298 Phillips, David Joseph 255 Phillips, John T 265 Phillips, Kylec E. 248 Phillips, Matthew B. 265 Phillips, Melissa 237 Phillips, Niccole 248 Phi Alpha Delta 204 Phi Beta Sigma 194,227,271 Phi Delta Theta 273 Phi Gamma Delia 272 Phi Kappa Psi 38, 275 Phi Kappa fan 274 Pholphiboun, Mali 298 Piakis, JonA 257 Piccolo, Jennafer D 248 Picning, Kevin 298 Pierce, Chris 276 Pierson, Brett Allen 255 Pierson, Nicolas 298 Pignataro, Allison L 231 Pilar, Czarina 298 Pinkerton, Lindsay Ann 243 Pinnell, Andrew Kelly 263 Pinnell, Ryan A 263 Pinnock, Alicia M 235 Pipperidge, Carrie 56 Pitts, Rebecca M 233 Pivko, Noah 298 Pi Beta Phi 244 Pi Kappa Phi 264, 278 Piatt, David A 255 Ploen, Gretchen 248 Plush, Rebecca 298 Pocorobba, Bretton B 268 Poisson, David 298 Polansky, Eric B 270 Poll, Stephanie 147 Poll, Stephanie Sara 244 Polich, Kathryn Clare 244 Polk, Shawntinice 153 Poll, Jarett Warren 272 Pollard, Jason Alan 255 Pollock, Brittany E 235 Poole, Lindsay 298 Popat, Rimal 92, 298, 305 Popp, Collin Jeffrey 257 Port, Lindsey 42, 298 Porter, Jonathan 45 Posada, Luis Armando 259 Post, Ashley 24 Postillion, Nathan 195 Potter, Austin 300 Potterton, Joshua H 277 Pound, Allison 244 Powell, Aaron 133 Powell, Ashley E. 236 Powell, Benjamin H 260 Powell, Richard Albert 274 Powers, Hilary 243 Powers, Stephanie Nicole 237 Prall, Kendall 88 Prashad, Ayesha R 235 Pratt, Jennifer A. 244 Praw, Amy 114 Pre- Vet Club 213 Prechtl, Lindsay K 248 Preston, Ryan M 272 Price, Amber N 248 Price, Kris Robert 269 Price, Matthew Ryan 260 Primeau, Keith R 275 Primero, Elizabeth 242 Prinz, Linda S. 237 Proctor, Chase Hamilton 265 Professional Achievements in Nursing 199 Professional Achievement in Nurs- ing 38 Propeck, Lisa 235 Prophet, R. 24 Prouty, Brian 1 79 Prupas, Andrew Lawrence 272 Prydc, Noelle Marie 246 Puckctt, Jason Allen 269 Puddy, Ryan 300 Puggini, WilliaiTi Rudolph 263 Purtell, Chads 265 Puryear, Jeremy 300 Puzauskas, Katherine 300 Oadri,Adnan 300 Qubti, Ramez 300 Quick, Leigh M 233 Ouinones, Krystlc A. 242 Quint, Sarah Ann 229 Rabinowitz, Stephanie Brooke 237 Raezka, Jennifer 300 Radachi, Elizabeth A 235 Radenovic, Ivan 160, 162 Rado, Holly 236 Raftery, Heather 88 Ragland, Scott Conley 265 Rahimian, I- dith 76 Raiola, Moriah Ashley 243 Rambaran, Sean Clifford 277 Ramirez, Amelia 242 Ramirez, Cynthia D. 234 Ramirez, Jose Vidal 275 Ramirez, Vilma 300 RaiTisey, Janet E 241 Ramsey, Lisa M 248 Randall, Matthew Loren 270 Ransom, Sara 28 Raphel, Brian J 260 Raposa, Ashley 24 1 Raschko, John Albert 257 Rasetshwane, Reuben Kabclo 277 Rasool, Beyah 106 Rasool,Tariq 106 Rawson, Ronald Craig 272 Readio, Adain Joseph 259 Reagan, John 300 Recker, Alexandra Anne 248 Redding, Daniel 269 Redick,J.J. 160 Redisch, Amy Beth 237 Reece, Roxanne Nicole 248 Reece, Tyler 273 Reed, Carmen A 24 1 Reed, Peter Thomas 272 Reed, Sarah Elizabeth 236 Reedcr, Laura Anne 243 Rees.JayC. 134, 137 Reeves, John Henry 260 Reeves, Penny 300 Regnier, Jennifer Benning 246 Rchr-davis, Danielle 229 Reich, Nicole Y 243 Reichcrt, Jeni 114 Reid, Eric 300 Reifman, Katie A, 241 Reiley, Katherine Lloyd 244 Reilly, Nolan Patrick 273 Reilly, Stephen Mccord 264 Reimer, Carlye E 23 1 Reingold, Adam 224 Reingold, Adam Gerald 255 Reinseh, Jami Lynn 23 1 Reitzes, Michael Frederick 268 Remy, Jeannine 202 Renninger, David Jonathan 264 Residence Life 195 Resnick, Brandy 300 Reuben, Jacob Jay 255 Reynard, Alison Kaylen 229 Reynolds, Miranda Ann 244 Rhoda, Meredith C. 244 Rhodes, Ann E 241 Rice, Libby 300 Rich, Bradly Freeman 272 Rich, Lisa 82 Richards, Chelsea M. 235 Richards, Jeanette Elise 244 Richardson, Lina J 245 Richman, Brandon 300 Richler, Mark 300 Rico, Andrew Stephen 269 Riegcrt- Waters, Alexander 2 1 5 Riehlc, Mykaela Brianne 246 Rierson, Robert S 272 Rierson, Scott Christopher 272 RilTcl, Rebecca 300 Rillos, Mark Aaron 272 Ringer, Joshua T 270 Riper, John Van 305 Risi, Christopher Joseph 265 Rivera, Andrea C. 234 Rivera, Hector 80 Robbins, Shari Ann 229 Roberts, Danielle 29 Roberts, Joshua Graham 257 Robertson, Laura B. 241 Robinson, Dcsirond 300 Robinson, Kelly Anne 243 Robinson, Lcif 300 Robinson, Michael Anthony 257 Robinson, Rashad 194,300 Robinson, Rashad Ahmed 271 Robley, Sally Ann 233 Rochefort, Jessie 1 77 Roder, Daniel Robert 264 Rodrigues, Robert 265 Rodriguez, Braulio Miguel 275 Rodriguez, Gabriel 269 Rodriguez, Lisette 67 Rodriguez, Rahm Belim 261 Rodriguez, Samantha V 236 Rogers, Brandon L 276 Rogers, Brooke G. 235 Rogers, Nina 300 Roggow, Jeremy 219 Rogoff, Brandon K 265 Rolland, Lisa Christine 228 Rolling, Jonathan Barrett 274 Rollins, Bryan 69 Roman, Kristen A 243 Roman, Todd 294 Romash, Rebecca S 233 Rome, Daniel Philip 266 Romero, Carlos 46 Romero, Juanita 301 Romero, Thomas 277 Romo, Stephanie A 24 1 Roney, Allison B 235 Ronquillo, Ina 301 Ronstadt, Linda 28 Rook, Elizabeth Anne 243 Rook, Katherine J 243 Roon, Sean Charles De 276 Ropse, Tiffany M 243 Rope, Adam L 266 Rorbach, Clark Partick 265 Rorbach, Erin Gretchen 243 Rosa, Gregory Richard 272 Rosander, Brooke Alyse 235 Rosea, Ryan 110 Rosen, Alanna Marette 244 Rosen, Brooke A 244 Rosen, Jennifer Davida 235 Rosen, Lee 301 Rosen, Lee M. 260 Rosen, Scott Ira 255 Rosenberg, Drew Ari 270 Rosenberg, Matt 105 Rosenberg, Matthew Kyle 255 RosenblooiTi, Daniel Andrew 270 Rosenbloom, Sara 56 RosenbluiTi, Ryan 255 Rosener, Kimberly Kelley 241 Rosenson, Jonathan M 270 Ross, Adam R 260 Ross, Kristal Nicole 229 Ross, Michael James 255 Ross, Tyler M 229 Roswell, Samantha Alyse 231 ROTC 72 Roth, Sean 301 Rothman. Blake L 236 Rolhinan. Emily H. 229 Rough, John Chandler 263 Rouse. Jeremy Robert 268 Rovinsky, Jaequeline Rachel 236 Rovira, Martin 263 Ruan, Victoria 301 Ruan, Victoria L 246 Rubcnstein, Julie Ann 229 Rubin, Camner Grossman 266 Rubinstein, Robert 274 Rubio, Celeste Jan 242 Rubio. Dave 144 Rubio, David 145 Rubis, Garrett Lome 265 Rudinica, Lindsey 248 Ruhl, Sandy 41 Runde, Danielle L. 244 Running, Haylcy Patricia 248 Running, Tyler Y 264 Rupp, Michael 264 Russell, Allison Ann 244 Russell, Bryan M 272 Russell, Charles M 264 Russell, Erin M. 248 Russell, Jason L 270 Russell, Kristina Marie 246 Russell. Lindsay Louise 248 Russell, Steven Kevin 263 Russo, Brittany E 243 Ruth, Babe 8 Ryan, Daniel R 272 Ryden, Bill 164, 166 Ryser, Whitney 66 Sabine. Kyle Alexander 269 Sabolick, Tiffanv Anne 234 Saffold,Niek 263 Saghian, Michael Roman 255 Saine, Karlie Marie 244 Salas. Luis 299 Salladay. Ryan L 265 Saltzman. Danielle Lindsey 231 Sainbor. Ian 301 Sammons. Mike 202 Sainoy. Jessi 108 Samto ' y. John K 270 Samuels. Jacob Cullen 270 Sanchez. .Aaron J 265 Sandhu. .■Maina Ruth 241 Sando, Shawna M 248 Santa. Staei 92 Santander. Kyle D. 264 Santos. Ken-y .Ann 23 1 Saquilayan. Yvette Joanne 237 Sarayut. .Arjahn 210 Sardas. Jessica 301 Sama. Rishi S. 268 Sarver, Robert 120 Savage, Jami Joan 236 Savlov, Alexis L. 241 Saxby. Jeanna 301 Scaife. Samantha 92 Scanlin. Todd 272 Scannell. Thaddeus Joseph 270 Scarpinato. Jessica J 237 Schaetfler. Wilhelm J. 263 Schafer. Vleghan .Marie 236 Sehainuck. .Ashley Michelle 237 Schapker. Michael A 259 Scheid. Michael George Daniel 270 Schell. Jamie 165. 166 Schell. Jamie C. 243 Schellinger, Kathryn A. 248 Schellinger. Kriston 301 Schellinger. Kriston B 248 Scher. Jennifer Erin 236 Schiavo, Michael 1 1 Schiavo, Terri 10 Schierholz. Katherine Brooke 241 Schiffres, Taylor Janelle 235 Schiller. Caroline K 236 Schindlcr, Holly R 243 Schindler, Leah Marie 23 1 Schindler, Scott David 263 Schissel, Catherine M 235 Schissel, Jennifer Marie 235 Schmidt, Jeffrey Timothy 263 Schmidt, Scott Andrew 264 Schmidtman, Sandra K 235 Schmitt, Michelle Marie 243 Schneider, Jason 302 Schnepp, Sara E 236 Scholer, OIley 301 Schramm, Teri L 23 1 Schroeder, Luke W 265 Schubert, Lauren Ashley 235 Schubert, Tyler M. 270 Schudel, Justin Douglas 263 Schulte, Taylor Robert 270 Schultz, Kurt F 260 SehultzcTom 98, 136 Schumaker, Kevin 137 Sehuman, Jennifer 301 Schuster, Daniel I 255 Schwab, Jon 1 36 Schwartzkopf, Matthew Seth 254 Schwarz, Anna Elisabeth 229 Schwedhelm, Catherine Sullivan 241 Schweinberg, Kristina Anne 248 Scoma, Magdalena R 236 Scott, Janice Lyles 244 Scott, Julia 301 Scott, Katie 241 Scouffas, Anthea 92 Scull, Ashley Breann 231 Seaman, Ashley Marie 236 Seat, Peter 28,301 Seedman, Siera Elyse 23 1 Sceley. Katie 301 Seidel, Ryan R 263 Seithel.Adam 46.47 Selig, Ellana B 229 Seligson, Danielle B 231 Selzer, Amy Lucille 243 Sendyk,AllysonT 246 Senn, Brieanne M 244 Senseman. Kristen 34. 60 Senseman, Kristen L 248 Seo. Byung-doo 301 Sethi. Kevin J 255 Sevenoaks, Ann Griffin 243 Severino, .Mark Christopher 275 Sevy. Kyle P 270 Sewell. Chad C 270 Sexton. Nick 28 Seymour, Richard 10 Shaaya. David M 265 Shackelford, Lynsie A. 243 Shadegg, Stephen Barden 265 Shadman. Melissa 301 Shahvar. Jonathan M 266 Shaird. Kimberley 301 Shakur, .Mustafa 159. 160 Shamash. Nicole Kaye 231 Shandera. Danielle 237 Shane. Justin Ryan 272 Shannon. Jennifer 301 Shannon, Jennifer K 248 Shapiro. David 255 Sharki, Joshua Aaron 269 Sharp, Helen T 236 Sharrah. Casondra Dee 233 Shatzen. Tyler Ryan 260 Shaub. James 1 1 2 Shelby. Daniel J 257 Shemian. David 259 Sherman. Marcelle Ford 235 Shemian. Stu 206 Shemian. Stuan 207 Shields. Sean 172 Shilling, Curt 8 Shillings. Erin 203 Shimek. Brian A 268 Shimon. Benjamin Noah 255 Shook, Amy J 248 Shoots, Nicole 147 Shores, Kyle Mark 261 Shouse, Catherine 301 S hover, Alicia Marie 243 Shrallow, Allison L 236 Shushereba, Theodore J. 264 Sieffcrt, Michelle Rulh 248 Siegcl, Alison 92,303 Siegcl, Alison Heather 229 Siegcl, Bryan Zachary 275 Sicgel, Jonathan Michael 261 Siegel, Zachary Ethan 259 Sicmbicda, Amanda Faye 23 1 Sicnibieda, Jo.shua A 255 Sifuenles, Joslyn 303 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 265 Sigina Alpha Mu 266 Sigma Gamma Rho 245 Sigma Kappa 246 Sigma Lambda Beta 267 Sigma Lambda Gamma 247 Sigma Nu 268 Sigma Phi Epsilon 270 Sigma Pi 80,269 Silberman, Abby 217 Silva, Lindsey Beth 243 Silva, Matthew J 276 Silverman, Jordan 229 Silvers, Karen Anne 233 Sim, Heather 303 Simmons, Ryan Christopher 260 Simon, Brian J 260 SimonofT, Michael E 263 Simonson, Chelsea Marie 235 Simpson, Elizabeth A. 243 Sinclair, David 41 Singer, Melissa Rae 233 Singer, Rachel Sarah 23 1 Singer, Stephen Alexander 270 Singer, Steven Harris 265 Singer. Zachary Jonathon 273 Singh, Jaskanwal S. 259 Sion, Jacqueline Alana 237 Sipe. Allen 101 Skadden. Sara B. 231 Skidmor e. Clark Y 272 Slager. Kirby Elaine 243 Slattery. Tyler D 272 Slepicka, Jason A 274 Sliwinski, Max 148 Sloman, Katherine R 244 Sloss, Richard Anthony 265 Sluyter, Torben 2 1 7 Smith. Alexandria M 233 Smith, Amanda Ellen 237 Smith, Brittany Rose 243 Smith. Brittney H 241 Smith, Bryant R 257 Smith. Caitiin Elisc 235 Smith, Cameron Younger 260 Smith. Caroline Elizabeth 236 Smith. Carter 109 Smith, Courtney 203 Smith, Cynthia Cook 244 Smith, Elizabeth Sara 235 Smith, Eric Scott 265 Smith. Garv Ivan 274 Smith, Kan ' dis 249 Smith, Kevin M 272 Smith, Kyle David 265 Smith, Larissa 303 Smith. .M 245 Smith, Marcus 138, 142 Smith, Marshi 1 68 Smith, Matthew .Anthony 270 Smith. McCall 129, 130. 131 Smith. Michael 303 Smith, Sarah 66 Smith, Sheldon Lavcrick 260 Smith. Skvlar J 272 Smith. William Willard 272 Smithson. Emilv Rae 236 Snell, Matthew 260 Snider, Joey 55, 58 Snider, Shaun Simon 257 Snyder, Bill 142 Snyder, Casey Diannc 236 Snyder, Kristen A 243 Snyder, Manuel 1 1 5 Snyder, Nancy L 23 1 Snyder, Rebecca L 236 Snyder, Shawnee Montana 236 Sobel, Alexandra Collet 241 Sobcl, Jessica E 233 Society of Automotive Engineers 78, 106, 195 Solem, Whitney [)ay 241 Solis, Andre R 269 Soil, Natasha 303 Soil, Natasha J 231 Solomon, Brittany Charlotte 246 Solomon, Erica S 233 Soltys, Kathleen M 237 Sonicrs, Lauren A 23 1 Sommer, Amanda K 243 Sommer, Evan 276 Sommer, Kelley C 237 Sommcrs, Jeffry R 264 Sondag, Timothy David 265 Sonnelitter, Lauren 303 Sorenstam, Anika 191 Sorenstam, Annika 181 Sorin, Alexander David 255 Soroosh, Ladan 303 Sotelo, Diane 1 1 2 Soto, Megan Elisabeth 234 Spackeen, Christopher James 275 Spalding, Marisa N 239 Spangle, Jennifer 65 Sparcnga, Richard J. 257 Spaziani, Brittany N 236 Spector, Jcnna Brooke 229 Speir, Jessica Lynn 23 1 Spellman, Sean Whitney 265 Spera, Allison Leigh 235 Spera, Jennifer 246 Speranzella, .Mark A 275 Spicerkuhn, Paula 200,201 Spiegel, Diana Jane 231 Spigleman, Sarah 56 Spiker, Kelli 213 Springs, Maria Iris 233 Spurlock, Katherine 228 Spurr, Alexandra B 244 Squadcre, Natasha N 236 Squires, Jim 6 Srulowitz, Sara 62 Slack, .Meghan A 236 Stack. William H 270 Stahl, Gabriel 303 Stamback, Kurt C 263 Stamler, Kevin M 263 Stamm, Raleigh L. 231 Stamp, .Matthew Christopher 257 Stanton, Gregory Vance 263 Stanton, Sarah 235 Staples. Dana 275 Staples, Shannon 243 Stark. Jodi R 229 Starkey, .Miranda R 240 Starkey, Victoria Lee 244 Starky, Stuan 24 Starling. JetTrey Allen 257 Starr, Kaylee Ruth 248 Statt. Ashley M 236 Stea, Daniel F. 270 Steams. .Margaret A 246 Stcdron, Matthew VVemer 270 Stedronsky, Vanessa 303 Steele, Jamie L 23 1 Stcfanisin. Andrea 236 Steichen, Lisa Emily 231 Stein, Jordan R 255 Stein, -Megan Lyn 229 Stein, Melissa A 229 SiAmctW SilitUslnf T %lls«l|t«, -, MA,- Slcinbi ' ii:, .liinalliaii l.cigh 272 Slcinbickcr. Cory Daniel 268 Sicinkc. Kyle m " 241 Slcinko, Sarah J. 241 Slciircchl, ( hrislim. ' Anno 243 Slcnson. Kathleen li 231 Slephens, Cody 303 Sle|itoe. Syndrie 141 Sleni. Danielle M 241 Slern. Jainiee l.eijih 229 Slernherg. Daniel lavvrcnee 270 Slernberj;. lodd Brian 270 Sterner, Mark 224 Slettiicr. Max Daniel 255 Stevens. Sylvia 303 Steward, Kiniberly 295. 303, 307 Stewart. Ralph lidwin 261 Stewart-gerla. Blaire S 23 1 Stidhani. Amy Colleen 244 Slidhain. Holly b; 244 Stiefel. l-lana Unth 229 I Stiinson. Alexander Deal 263 Sloekberger. Kalhiyii Mary 243 Stokes. Susan K 246 Sloops. Mark 138 Stoops, Mike 36, 138. 142 Stopp. Bethany Shea 235 Storie. Kristine Kelly 24S Sloiidaniire. Salini 159, 160. 162 Stover, Rhys Warner 263 Straehan, Christopher 303 Straehan, .lustin Dempscy 257 Straluiii, .lessiea 236 Stranberg. Heather Lindell 246 Strand. Amy Miehellc 235 Sirasheim. Ma ldison Marie 244 Straiieh, Colleen I- 244 Street Perlbrming and Incendiary Arts 201 Strieker, Phillip L 257 Strole, .lenniferA 243 Strom, Matthew R 257 Stubbs. Amanda Rhea 24S Students lor OrganDonation SO Students in I ' ree linterprise 42 Student Rcereation Center 62 Studio, April 62 Studio, April Thcrcse 246 Sturgis. Megan M. 244 Suarez, Anna 112 Suarcz, Anna Rose 248 Sugiyania, Aki 220 Suh, Daniel 257. 303 Sullivan. Brittany Kay 231 Summerville. Jessica 303 Sundheimer. .lustin Ryan 260 Sung, N ' un-ehul 303 Suniian, Kristin Lacy 233 Sussex, l-rica 304 Sutter, Fred Robert 272 Sulterley, Melissa Sue 241 Suydani, Tanya M. 240 Svvaback, Catherine M 236 Swanson, Circgory G 264 Swanson, Jeffrey Kenneth 270 Swanson. Megan 304 Sy.Annc 304 Sykes, Lesley E. 244 Sykes. Monica ManjaiTes 242 Tadeo. Jason Ross 275 Takacs, Michael B 264 Tal,Avi 269 Taliaterro, Brian 304 Tamayo, Amber A. 234 Tambkc. Walter Thompson 265 lamblyn, Lindsey 304 Tang. Gary 78 Tani. Rocky 77,304 Tanori, ITizabeth 308 Tansey. Joclle Soiidra 248 Tapia, Linda M 234 Tat. Mimi 238 Tate, Ashley Jane 235 late, Gregory James 271 Taiiber, Jay me 231 Taufic|, I ' aha 304 Tau Beta Sigma 195 Taylor, Ashley J 243 Taylor, Aubrey 165 ■ lavloi ' . Christian 304 j Trotter, Shelton Rayne 236 Truilt, Craig Tyler 257 Truitt, Kevin J 257 rrujillo, l- nesto 304 Irtnizo, Rebecca Josephine 246 Tsark, Greg 6 Tubbs. Rhonda 76 I ' licker. Clirislonher Michael 263 Taylor. Kim 226 Taylor. Kristin 304 laylor. Kristin Cathleen 248 Taylor. Melissa 308 Taylor, Iracv R 230 f Tealdi. Kelly 290. 304 " - Tealdi, Kelly K.O. 231 Tealdi. Keny Colleen O ' Donnell 231 Tebbutt. Tory Anne 241 Tennenbaum. Joshua l.ane 255 Ten er. Tammy Tara 229 Tessmcr. Justin 270 " Teyechea. Tinily Kathryn 243 Thaanum. Veronica 304 Thaanum. Veronica Ann 248 Thayer. James I.angston 275 Thciander. Stacv i:h abcth 236 Thelcn. Ashley 1) 248 ThetaNuXi 240 ThetaTau 38 Tholcn. Benjamin James 265 Thomas. Cassandra lilizabcth 246 Thomas. Kelly 137 Thompson, Aaron Dale 272 Thompson, Daniel 304 Thompson, Jason l-ric 271 Thompson. Jessica Rae 243 Thompson. Kelli A 244 Thompson. Kyle Maurice 272 Thompson, Megan Maureen 244 Thompson, Stelanic 135, 203, 304, 309 Thomson. Rachael Christina 243 Thornhill-lhomas. Robert (irey 270 Thorstenberg. Russell Bender 275 Thurber. Aaron C 265 Tierne . Mike 203 Tierney. Robin 1 32 Tietz. Cynthia 304 Tilleskjor. Anthony G 257 Tillmati. Pat 9 Tinncll, Geoffrey Lainbcrt 254 Tobias, Dan 1 30 Tobin-robertson. Ashlci Michelle 239 Todd, Taylor S 243 Tom. Titiany Marie 237 Tomhokan. Diana 304 Tor. Jeremy 204.205 Torbitt, Heather 28 Torres, Susana Kette 242 ' J;;™ Torv ie, Erie Jorgenson 265 Touchc, Ashley Elinor 244 Touehe. Charles Steven 265 Toulon. Tiare Sinclair 244 Toussainl, Brandon 109 Towe, Ana Lucia 241 Towne, Justin 304 Townend. Kathryn J. 244 Tow nsend, Ste en Mark 260 Traikn. Trent Jarretl 261 Travis, Steven lidward 257 Trebbin. Lara Katelyn 23 1 TrcgubotV. Jacob Jolin 273 Treistman, Angelica 229 Trevino, Ashley 237 Tribble, Richai ' d William 263 Triesclmann, Laura E 248 Trieu, Atlas 60 Trimble, Emily Majewski 236 », ..- v . Trimble. Patrick Michael 272 ! " ' Tripp. Laura 1 09 Trompeter, Helene Paula 246 Tuckcll. Rick 56 TuTail, YusuTZahid 257 Tuiasosopo, Mike 143 Tully. HaileyJamar 243 Tujiper. Ashley Loran 235 Turk. Nicole D 244 Tusscy, Ethan 92 Tyree, Amanda Sara 246 UAB 44 UA Mock Trial 204 UA Steel 202 Ubl. David C 265 IJccellini, Doininic Peter 260 Udin. Sean L 255 Unger, Scotl Ross 255 Upiter, Sharri Kerstin 229 Usen. Ben Jacob 264 Uth, Lind.say J. 243 VadiUo, Daniel Rene 274 Valdiv ia. Adrian Gabriel 264 Valencia, Alex 304 adencia. Jeanette 242 Valenli. Kian Douglas 270 Valentin. Augusto 61 Valenzuela, Arleen 305 Valenzuela, Krislie 305 Valenzuela, Rebecca O 24 2 Valenzuela, Renee Christina 247 Vance, Marceline L 235 Vandenbossclie, Clayton 305 X ' anina. Brian Adam 275 Varitek, Jason 8 ;ii a» Varkcr, Andrew 34 |_ _-,_ %rner. Amber 173 " w ' Vasquez, Christina 305 N-asudev, Indu Sesh 240 ==. ,. Vega, Timothv 263 Vella, Lyndsax Paige 237 Vcprek, ' Mattliew 305 Verdejo, Jesus 101 Verdugo, Patricia 305 Vcrdugo, Sasha 305 Verdugo, Shalom Sarah 242 Vernon. Sheri M 229 Vieira. Natalie A 243 Viggiano, Alexis 1 73 Viscardi, Marc 34, 76. 305 Viscardi, Mark 92 Vissering, Sage 206 Vitalc. Dick l60 Vizcaya. Jennifer Marie 242 Vizcaya. Stephanie Joy 242 Vlean, Julian 203 Vbgel, Laura 61 Vogelci, Richard Matthew 272 Vogels, Matthew Simon 265 VogLJeffP 270 Vollmcr. Jacob Joseph 265 Vorpahl. Leah Patricia 248 Vourderis, Marisa 229 Vrics. Reynolds O ' Mara De 243 Vybomy. Matthew Luke 261 Wade. Christopher M 272 Wahlberg. Tracey D 235 Walbcrc, Couilncy M. 235 Wald. Katie L 241 Walcnca. Ann K. 242 Walker, Devin Russell 257 Walker, Jessica 305 Walls, Clinton E 254 Walsh. Lisa 217 Walsh. Thomas John 264 Walter. Amanda 305 Walter. Amanda D 235 Walter, Diana 305 Waller, Kathryn Marie 235 Waller, Nicholas Lee 264 Walters, Kirk 158. 160 Walters, Leroy 258 Walton, Margaret M 23 1 Wandoloski, Melissa A 246 Wang, Jonathan 259 Wang, Winni 1, 238 Wang, Yuming Y 263 Ward, Caitlin Anne 236 Ward, John M. 263 Ward, Lance (iregory 270 Warkentin, Paul 174 Warm, Lindsey Heather 229 Warren, Kathi 6 Warshauer, Tyler Davis 264 Warthman. Renee 308 Walermaii, Cari A 236 Waterman, Carrie Jean 244 Waters, Alana Marie 243 Waters, Candice Monet 23 1 Waters, Kristin L 235 Watkins, Katie Michele 241 Watson, Heather 305 Watt. Andrew Robertson 263 Watt, Christine Elizabeth 236 Wall, Justin 263 -- Walls, Lezley Ann 24 i ::, Wa land, (iregory Michael 264 Webb. John Joseph 259 Weber. John Leigh 263 Weber, Jordan Daniel 261 Weber, Megan Marie 241 : ' ' Webster. Neil Richard 270 Wedam, Allison Christine 243 Wedge, Brooke Michelle 243 ,5- Wedbm,Alli 278 f Weeks. Allison C. 235 Weidman. Charles D, 119 Weighlnian. Emily 305 ' " Weightman. Emily Elizabeth 231 ! Weinberg. Jacob 305 Weinberg. Michelle N. 229 Wciner. Alexandra S 229 Weiner. Matthew A 255 Wciner. Samuel P 270 Weinslein. Andrew Michael 266 Weinlraub. Andrew Michael 275 Wcintraub. Tamara A 244 Weiiv Elise C 243 Weisband. Nate 58 Weisband, Nathan James 255 Weisberger-k.iufman, Nicholas 255 Weiss. Mathew Stephen 255 Weiss. Michael William 255 Weilzman. Rachel Leich 241 Welch, Bart 272 Wells. Jennifer K 248 Wells. Nicole 220 Wells. Nicole G. 246 Welp, Richard 273 Welsh, Lindsey Ann 244 Wenderolh. Bradley Ray 264 Werlenberger. Brooke 305 Wesenberg. Malt 214 Wcsenberg. Matthew John 261 West, Ashley Lauren 244 West, Christina Marie 246 West. Emily Kathryn 236 West, Jessica Sarah 246 Westcrfield. Stephanie N. 23 ' Weston, Maggie 212.213 Whcaton. Mary -whitnev Evans 246 Wheeler. Dee-Dee 151 ' . 153, 154 Wheeler. Jessica E 244 Whcclcr, Megan Jeanne 236 Wheeloek, Chryslal 305 Whclch, Whitney 181 Whisonant, Ashley 152, 153 Whitcomb, Jen 308 White. Anne 68 White, GeotTrey C 268 While, James William 265 Whiteford. Patiiek Coyne 268 Whitley. Jessiea L. 246 Whitmore, Sage 1 36 Whitson, Jenna Paige 248 Whittington, Rcbecea 306 Whittington. Rebecca A 248 Wie, James Ji Hwang 269 Wiencke, Paige Marie 235 Wienert, John Clark 254 Wijctunga, Chantelle 306 Wilbur. Michael L 269 Wilcox, Aaron Michael 276 Wildcat, Wilbur the 33, 141, 156, 157 Wildcat, Wilma the 33, 156 w; Wilder. Michael Dane 269 W K Wilder. Travis 63 Wiley. Christophe J 268 Wiley, Shcy Michelle 236 Wilhclm, Michelle P 228 Wilhelmi, Eva Rose 241 Wilk, Mary E. 237 Wilkening, Whitney Ann 243 Wilkinson, Sarah 306 Wilks. Candice 130 Williams. Brent Allen 263 Williams, Brianna Christcl 236 Williams, Bryan Lee 275 Williams, Courtney 306 Williams, Courtney Strcitmatter 228 Williams. Garrett 274 Williains. K yra Elisabeth 236 Williams. Matthew M 272 Williams. Ricky 138 Willis, TJ 44 Wilner, Brooke Nicole 237 Wilson, Brandon Robert 261 Wilson, Corinn Shavon 230 Wilson, Cynthia Sue 236 Wilson, Julia N 237 Wilson, Nicholas 32 Wimmer. Lindsay M 241 Windisch, Matthew E 263 Wing, Justin Francis 263 Winkle. Jeffrey David 257 Winkle. Kelli 35.38.61 Winkler. Kevin Michael 272 Winokur, Jonclle M 246 Winston, Jillian L 244 Winston, Rachel 244 Winter, Amanda Victoria 243 Wirkus. Melissa Kay 241 ; Wise, Trevor E 273 ' . Wisnicr, Jenna Emily 235 I Wisner, Kelly M 235 ' Wisner, Leslie Anne 235 Witeher, Brian Joseph 264 Wochok.Tim 148 i . Wolf. Matt 306 Wolf, Thomas 306 Wolfe, Adam Richard 254 Wolfert. Jonathan Michael 263 Wolff, Bradley Michael 264 Wolfson, Bailee Lauren 229 Wolk, Barry 304, 306 Wolk, Barry R 257 Wolter, Robert Alan 265 Woltz, Sainantha Lauren 229 Wong,Ailccn 202,203 Wong, Brittany Nicole 232 Wong, Brook 147 Wong, Dana 306 Wong, Jay F. 265 Wong, Lily 306 Woo Stephen Donald 257 Wood, Brad 141 Wood, Cameron M 272 Wood, Kelsey J 243 Wood, Matthew L 260 Wood, Scott Alexander 275 Woodburn, Lindsey Marie 244 Woodbury, Robert Burns 260 Woodrick, Nicole M 244 -— Woodruff-carl, Sarah 306 Woods, Andrew Michael 275 Woods, Christopher Jarryd 270 Woods. Michael Brian 265 Woods. Rebecca 306 Woods, William F 265 Wooster, Angela Marie 235 Worsley, Gregory D 265 Wridc. Darcy Dawn 244 Wright, Bill 174 Wright, Christina C 246 Wright, Talia 279 Wright. Talia Alicia 231 Wu. Eric C 264 Wu, Rcgina 238 Wu. Sarah 246 Wuestenfeld. Kelly Ann 244 Wulandari, Dian Putri 232 Wurni, Karin 165 Wyatt. Scott 270 Wyer, Sally Jean 244 Wylie, Mary Christiane 248 Wyly, Tate D 254 Wynn, Ashley 236 Wynn, Samantha Anne 235 Wyse, Ashley Nicole 243 Yaeger, Jeffrey 306 Yaegcr, Jonathan Black 264 Yamanaka, Hitomi 220 Yamauchi, Carrie Mclain 248 Yanes, Karin 306 Yannitelli, Meagan Elaine 243 Yar, Eren Kocer 273 Yates, Allison Nicole 233 Yoon, Daniel Tae Joong 265 Yosowitz, Gail M 235 Yost, Jenna Siegel 235 Young, Danette 306 Young, Joe 34 Young, Joe S 261 Young, Sarah J, 243 Younger, Amy 248 Youngman, Brittany Evelyn 237 Ytterberg. Deborah A 246 Yundt, Julia Marie 243 Yunger, Jessica M 235 Yunt, Brian G. 257 Yuzon, Johnmel Go 272 Zahler, Richard 306 Zahler, Richard J 260 Zakhary, Paul 62 Zamora, Guadalupe 242 Zander, Jainie Allison 23 1 Zapletal, David Y 255 Zatopa, Lindsay 306 Zazick, Jessica 74 Zechmann, Cory Nathan 270 Zccy, Christopher O. 272 Zelik, Jeanine Marie 248 Zctah, Amy Erin 241 Zeta Phi Beta 239 Zilinek, Shelby Elizabeth 231 Zimmerman, Allison 42 Zimmerman, Allison Katherine 241 Zimmerman, Brett J. 270 Zimmermann, Philip Alan 269 Zipp, Samantha 41 Ziv, Shoshana R. 244 ZivicJerald 149 Zloto, Adam Loren 265 Zona Zookeepers 1 1 Zuber, Michael 306 Zucarelli, Michael 306 Zueker, Elena Tcrese 243 Zukowski, Kristcn Ann 241 Zumbusch. Kara Veronica 244 Zupko, Jaime 78 m Re-Designated 2004. " We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. " — Aristotle he American Nurses Oedeiitialing Cx ' ntcr awarded its four-year Manner designation to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 2000. It did it again in 2004. Only 1 18 hospitals in the country — four in C alifornia — have achieved Magnet designation for excellence in nursing services. This designation affirms a unique culture that will encourage you to grow and excel personally, to participate in decision-making processes, to collaborate with other team members, and to deliver the level of patient care that led you to choose nursing in the first place. Join our world-renowned facility, and we ' ll provide the training and mentoring you need to fulfill your career aspirations. Education and leadership go hand-in-hand as evidenced by the successful C ' edars- Sinai histitute for Professional Nursing Developinent, which proves that higher levels of learning translate into higher job satisfaction for nurses and ultimately, into higher patient satisfaction results. We offer unlimited continuing education, fully funded ADN-to-BSN and BSN-to-.MSN programs, as well as 8-12 week preceptorships in all specialties. We also have a college counselor on site, and we will enable you to obtain your specialty certifications. We realize you have a wide choice of places that you can work. We know we offer the unique opportunities and benefits of a health care leader. Please call, e-mail or applv online: Northern Arizona Healthcare You ' ll discover a welcome change of scenery for your career and your life at Northern Arizona Healthcare ' s Flagstaff Medical Center and Verde Valley Medical Center, two of the most technologically advanced healthcare facilities in the state. While each has its own unique character and role in the community, both offer exceptional opportunities for experienced healthcare professionals and those just entering the job market. RN New Graduate Nurse Re-Entry Program Every June, July and January, Flagstaff Medical Center and Verde Valley Medical Center offer an RN New Graduate Nurse Re-Entry Training Program. This program is specifically designed for new grad nurses and RNs with less than one year acute care experience. Northern Arizona Healthcare offers an excellent compensation and benefits package. For immediate consideration or to learn more, visit our Web site at: to leara more or to apply online. Contact: Northern Arizona Healthcare, Human Resources, 1200 N. Beaver Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Phone; 800-446-2324. Fax: 928-773-2579. An Equal Opportunity Employer Northern Arizona Healthcare Open Summer 2005 (800) 79.S-NURS careers When applying, please reference code: EP-OTHF,R Exciting new oppornniitius will he created by the opening of The Suzanne and ttavid Sapcrstcin Oitical C are Tower in summer 200.5. This state-of-the-art facility will depend on highly trained staff to care for the most fragile |iatients using the l.itcst monitoring technology. When it comes to mRcriiii. v. i.r crin,)nrds, Ccdars-Siuai will Grow. Learn. Surpass your expectations. She ' s so talented she could work anywhere. That ' s why she ' s at Scottsdaie Healthcare. At Scottsdaie Healthcare, we don ' t consider what we do work. We consider what we do an honor - caring for our communities, caring for our patients and caring for our people. We work to create the healthcare experience that exceeds our communities ' expectations through compassion, service and innovation. Be a part of that experience... As a new graduate, our Individualized nurs- ing preceptor program provides the necessary orienta- tion to begin your career. If you are still in the Nursing Program, Scottsdaie Healthcare offers up to $4,800 year tuition assistance - paid prior to the semester directly to the school and a loan repayment program. Other programs classes are reimbursed per our tuition policy. Contact our Recruitment Office for position availability and consideration at (480) 675-6950 or apply online at Scottsdaie Healthcare, Employment Office, 5111 N. Scottsdaie Rd., Suite 143, Scottsdaie, AZ 85250; Fax:(480)949-5913 , EOE SCOTTSDALE HEALTHCARE- There ' s heoWi care...and there ' s Scottsdaie Healthcare. 317 I w r m learning a lot here, _ like how much . y opinion matters. Une thing ' s for sure, learning doesn ' t stop when your nursing career b ins. But I didn ' t expect to find myself given so many chances to share my own voice. At St. Joseph ' s Hospital and Medical Center, every individual is a valued part of our shared mission. So, even though I ' m at the banning of my career, I know my voice matters. And I can see exciting possibilities ahead. CHW. It ' s About Life. + St. Joseph ' s Hospital and Medical Center CHW CHW is a not-fcr.profit system of 40 hospitals and medical centers in California, Arizona and Nevada. k St. Joseph ' s Hospital and Medical Center, in Phoenix, recognizes the passion that fuels our student populations. That ' s why we offer our Nurse Externs and New Grads a unique hands-on student nurse experience, which allows each individual to be a pan of our dynamic organization. Come join a team voted: • Top hospital within " The Best Places to Work in the Vallt " two years in a row by The Business Journal, Phoenix • " 1 Large Hospital " by the Arizona Business Magazine • Among the " 1 00 Top Hospitals " by Solucient To find out more about the career opporiuniries ac CHW or ID apply online, visit our website at: WWW.rCH0SESTJ0ES.COM EOE O 200S Catholk Healthc3re We t t natters, lOff 0$lJTJOf$ COM x i. i»» ' .J HOMfiOj The United States Border Patrol is actively seeking qualified applicants for Agent positions along the Southwest border. Become part of an elite federal law enforcement agency protecting America on the front line of national security. 1-888-300-5500 Ext. 9869 DHS is an Equal Opportunity Employer ?f ' P rrrr m ' " Public Consulting Group is America fastest growing, government-focused iDanagement consulting firm. With over 500 team members located in offices across the United States, we work with government clients every day to find lasting solutions to their most demanding problems. We are currently recruiting for a variety of administrative, financial and consulting positions. Please visit our web site at Ybu can also email your resume to us at or fax it to 6 1 7-338-7994 . NO PHONC CALLS PLEASe. BOC AA ll PUBLIC CONSULTING CROUP w Afill ...take on any challenge together. We are Raytheon Company. Breaking new ground in everything from defense and commerdal electronic to btjsiness aviation and special mission airaaft for over 75 years. Taking on the technological challenges that will shape tomorrow. Seeking to make lives better, easier, and safer. We have evolved into one of the largest industrial corporations in the US and a world leader in electronic and defense systems. Here in our Fort Wayne kxation, you will find highly advanced systems, experience dose-knit and aeative working relationships, and have the opportunity to shine. We design and deliver military tactical radios, software programmable, digital communications systems, tactical battle management system electronic comiwt, and networked command and control systems for the Armed Forces of the United States and many nations. Raytheon is proud of the vrork we do to keep our nation strong and free, and proud to be a member of the Fort Wayne community since 1930. Raytheon offers a competitive salary and benefits package which includes health and life insurance. For information on emptoyment opportunities, please send a resume and cover letter specifying the position for which you are applying to Raytheon Company, Human Resources; 1010 Production Road, Fort Vfeyn IN 46808-4106. We are an equal opportunity employer. At Raytheon, we will accomplish our goals. Will you? Raytheon Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2005, ® Behavioral Health Caring is good. Doing something is better. ' Tucson Fluid P T 6CHNOLOGI6S, INC. " Your Source For All Your Hydraulic Pneumatic Needs " Service • Design ' 30 Years Experience n Proud UofA Suppucr 3502 E. Golf Links Rd. Tucson, AZ 8571 3 Ph: (520) 322-8980 Fax; (520) 322-8974 Whoa! And you thought physics was tough As America ' s 1 manufacturer of educational furniture, Virco gives you a winning combination of quGlity, durability, selection and service. We ' re ready to equip today ' s ■ and tomorrovi s - educational environments. rr. n ©2000 Vim Ref«)0077 ' B -y - ' For information or a free brochure call: 800-813-4150 or visit us at The one source for innovative educational solutions • Lecture and Classroom Furniture • Audrtoriunn Furniture • Computer Lab Furniture • Administration Office Furniture • Cafeteria Furniture • Library Furniture • Residence Hall Furniture • Lounge Furniture -800-424-2432 « P m b s SafeGuard DENTAL VISION t Congratulations j Class of 2005! McDonald ' s David A. Schmidle Owner Operator Shareholder David A. Schmidle, Inc. McDonald ' s of Tucson Green Valley 5049 East Broadway, Suite 125 Tucson, AZ 8571 1 (520) 747-1295 Fax: (520) 747-1480 mi. W B me r innovative ions mentOBTDomFumitiie tMnonOfce furniture ianhrut fllllK IPt Id Ol LSctniKie Ortfflpef Stiaretml ' lADonald ' sol Student Directory Aasland, Stephanie S (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Aaslid, Alex (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Abadie, Jeanne Alexandria (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Abate, April Miclielle (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Abbey, Jennifer J. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Abbitt, Katie Jo (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology bbott, Dana Robert Tucson, AZ) =reshman. No Major Selected bbott, James Leroy |Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Spanish bbott, Lauren Ann Tucson, AZ) ■reshman, Pre-Business bbott,Tara Lynn Gilbert, AZ) lunior. Finance Vbd, Rahaman Nur-izwani Tucson, AZ) lunior. Systems Engineering bdelaziz, Kelly Jean Tucson, AZ) lunior, Retailing Consumer science. Business Mpha Phi Vbdel-hadi, Mostafa Alaa Tucson, AZ) lenior. Electrical Engineering Vbdelnour, John Richard Lake Forest, CA) Sophomore, Criminal Justice kbdelwahab, IVIohammad lasmalla Tucson, AZ) lunior. Physiological Sciences U d-fatah, Abdul-yasser Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Systems ngineering Ibdi, Hamdi . Phoenix, AZ) lunior. Political Science, Pre- Elementary African Student Association bdouch, Gregory M Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Economics l bdul, Rahman IMohd-hilmi Tucson, AZ) Junior, Systems Engineering bdulkadir, l Aahad Farah Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business bdullah, Badriya A Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences bdul-malii , Rul iah S. Tucson, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering U ed, Mandy Tucson, AZ) -reshman, No Major Selected U edi, Keristineh Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences (bedin, Omeed Houston, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Business Abel.Yahia Mohammad (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Environmental Science Abela, Maya S. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Liberal Studies Abed, Allison Ashley (San Diego, CA) Freshman, No Selected Kappa Alpha Theta Abell, Patricit Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Abelowitz, Jared Grant (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Abels, Wenzel Wei-Kit (Simi Valley CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Sports, Outdoors, Traveling, Music, Arizona Men ' s Lacrosse Abernathy, Jennifer Lauren (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Abeyta,Toni J. (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Spanish, Sociology American Indian Studies Abi-Ad, Joseph Pierre (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Communication, Business Phi Kappa Psi Abidaii, Moustapha (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Abijaoude, Joanna A. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, History, Spanish French Chi Omega Abney, Brian Scott (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Abney, Rachel Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Aboutalebi, Amirah Suzan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Abouzeid, Dominique G (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Abou-zeid, Michael E. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Abowitt, Sierra Christine (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Accounting Abraham, Matthew J (E Grand Rapid, Ml) Senior, Finance Abrahams, Emily Moss (San Diego, CA) Senior, Media Arts, Sociology Photography Film, Publicists For International Film Festival Emily, the media arts program tiave been a great combo. We are proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Noah Abrahams, Molly Mae (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Abramo, John Antone (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Abramov, Roman E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Abramovitz, Michael R. (Alta Loma, CA) Freshman, Psychology, Judaic Studies Abramowitz, Danielle Batya (Bellevue, WA) Junior, No Major Selected Abrams, Brandyn Tyler (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Alpha Epsilon Pi Abrams, Courtney B (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Abrams, Dustin Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Abrams, Eric M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Abrams, Kylee Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Abrams, Robyn Jeanne (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Abrams, Sarah C. (Los Altos, CA) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Abramson, Steven Barry (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Abrego, Wendoly N. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Abril, Brand! Jo (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Abromovitz, Steele Eileen (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Abromowitz, Evin Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Abt, Joseph Reed (Prescott, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Abt, Lara Lindsay (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Abuahmad,Youslf M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mining Engineering Abueiian, Ghassan Ibrahim (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Abyad, Jeffrey Ellas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication, Arabic Music Accurso, Maureen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Acedo, Andrew Alexander (San Dimas, CA) Senior, Business Management Acedo, Corinna April (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Watching Movies And Going To The Mall, Shopping And Sleeping Acedo, Jessica T (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Acedo, Mario Francisco (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Acenas, Jonathan Lee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Acevedo, Carlos R. (Nogales, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Acevedo, Deanna S. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business, Spanish Writing, Music, Management, Psychology Acevedo, Jesus R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Acevedo, Troy Julian (Rohnert Park, CA) Senior, Political Science, Anthropology Kyudo, Kenpo, Aikido, Philanthropy Achilles, Cherie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Achtman, Michael Norman (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Sigma Alpha Mu, ASUA, Hillel, Intramural Sports Ackel, Matthew Christopher (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism, Spanish Ackeriey, Jennifer Jayne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Ackeriey, Kyle Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Ackerman, Andrew (Henderson, NV) Sophomore, No Major Selected Ackerman, Derek D. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Ackerman, Gregory Bryan (Cincinnati, OH) Sophomore, Pre-Business Acklam, Alisa Nikol (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Ackley, Sarah Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Acklin, Emily Nelle (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Spanish Acomb, Alexandra Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Acosta, Alejandro V. (Nogales, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Acosta, Andrea Rose (Niceville, FL) Senior, Management Info Systems Acosta, Drew Crayton (Danville, CA) Freshman, Veterinary Science Volleyball Acosta, Guillermo (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Acosta, Jonelle D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Sports Marketing Association Acosta, Marcella M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English, Religious Studies Acosta, Rene Saavedra (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Industiral Engineering Acosta-ayala, Hector Manuel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Performance Piano Acre, Emily Neil (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Dance Acton, Adrienne M (Marana, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Acton, Ashley Susan (Denver, CO) Senior, Studio Art Photography, Contemporary Art, Journalism Acuna, Cynthia V. (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Latin American Studies Acuna, Danilo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Acuna, Diana Kay (Winkelman, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Mentoring, Teaching Children Science, Lab-work, Arizona Biology Network, SACNAS, ABRCMS Acuna, Erik Edward (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Acuna, Marc Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Education, Journalism Education Acuna, Maria Cristina (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Intramural Soccer Acuna, Omar Joel (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Adada, Jalal N (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Adam, Brian S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Adam, Michai (Marietta, GA) Senior, No Major Selected Adamcin, Peter Lawrence (Tucson, AZ) Senior, No Major Selected Adams, Amanda Blair (Prospect, KY) Senior, Animal Sciences Adams, Amber Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Capoeira, Samba, Brazilian And African Dance, Writing, Music Adams, Amy Joan (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Delta Gamma Adams, Ann E. (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Adams, Annelise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Adams, Antje R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Adams, Brandy Alena (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Sociology Adams, Britany Marin (Davis, CA) Junior, Pre-Business Adams, Brittny Marie (San Mateo, CA) Junior, Accounting Adams, Casey Michael (Sedona, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Adams, Christopher Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemical Engineering Adams, Cory Ian (Oceanside, CA) Senior, Political Science Adams, Dylan Ell (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Adams, Emily Renee (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Journalism Adams, Evan B (Danville, CA) Senior, Communication, Business Administration U Of A Basketball Rules!!, Go A ' s, Football Adams, George Aaron (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Adams, Gregory Allen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Adams, Hassan O (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Adams, Jenifer Day (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Adams, Jeremy F (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Adams, John Marshall (Tempe, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Adams, John (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Adams, Joshua Michael (Chicago, IL) Senior, General Biology, Chemistry Adams, Kacee L (Aloha, OR) Senior, Animal Sciences UA Horseman ' s Association, UA Intercollegiate Equestrian Team Adams, Katherine N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Adams, Kayin Brice (Carisbad, CA) Senior, Finance, Entrepreneurship Gamma Phi Beta Adams, Kelsey Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Adams, Laura Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Adams, Laura Anne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Adams, Leah Alexandra (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Adams, Lloyd Russell (Dragoon, AZ) Senior, Education Adams, Matthew Hal (Idaho Falls, ID) Sophomore, Physics Adams, Ryan Christian (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Communication Adams, Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Adams, Sara L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Adams, Scott M (Camarillo, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Pi Kappa Phi, Ice Hockey Dirt Biking Directory • 321 Adams, Thomas B (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Adams, Travis K (Saint Johns, AZ) Freslnman, Environ Hydrology Water Adamson, Cole C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Addante, Nicholas D, Jr. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Sigma Alpha Epsilon Addington, Jason J (Bettendorf, lA) Senior, Communication Addis, Sarah IVIarie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Addison, Clayton Karr (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Ecology Addison, David P. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Addison, Kristen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Adefeso, Danielle C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Adeli, Roya (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electhcal Engineering Adelson, Brian J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Adelson, Michael Stephen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Adelstein, Garrett A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Adelstone, Rebekah Esther (Albuqueruqe, NM) Sophomore, SLHS Adema, Christlanna Maria (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Aderholt, Jeffery J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Adib, Samin (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Psychology Adishian, Kristen Lee (Pasadena, CA) Sophomore, Art History Adlcins, Erin M. (La Crescenta, CA) Junior, Political Science Adiand, Josh Kirk (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineehng Adier, Daniel C (Pleasanton, CA) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Delta Tau Delta Adier, Jonathan Alan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Adier, Traci S. (Encino, CA) Junior, Theatre Arts Adiington, Caria A (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Adorno-Weatherford, Kiyoko (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communicatlon Adovelande, Carlos Ange (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Adyanthaya, Moksha (Bombay MA) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Afek, Isaac M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Materials Science Engineering Afkary, Pegah Azadeh (Gilbert, AZ) Junior, Psychology, Women ' s Studies Intramurals, Research Labs, Africa, Kevin Philip (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineehng Afshar, Rami Alicia (Cartersville, GA) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Afsharimehr, Afshin (Sound Beach, NY) Sophomore, Near Eastern Studies Agellon, Angela L. (Colorado Springs, CO) Junior, Education Aggarwal, Gautam (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Aghataher, Kamron Kavoos (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chminal Justice Aglubat, Paul Franklin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Nursing Agnew, Dustin V (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Agnew, Michael David (Littleton, CO) Senior, Regional Development Agnew, Paul Alexander (Centralia, WA) Junior, Business Management Basketball, Football, Fishing, Golf Agnew, Travis Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Agory, David Gurak (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Agudo, Kristere Anne (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Intramural Soccer, Cheerleading Aguero, Kamille C. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Aguila, Sonia A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education Aguilar, Aaron M. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Aguilar, Andrea A (San Francisco, CA) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Aguilar, Jessica Marie (St. Johns, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education, Speech Hearing Sciences Medicine-Research-Surgery Aguilar, Kathryn E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Aguilar, Marlene (El Paso, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Education Aguilar, Michelle L (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Aguilar, Renee Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Aguilar, Sarah C (St. Johns, AZ) Junior, Studio Art, Art Therapy Aguilar, Saul Adams (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Aguilar-nolan, Dionne Ahn, Hyounjung Akins, Andrea B. Albert, Andrea M ;j,s;;.j.— (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Anthropology Senior, Architecture Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Freshman, SLHS Aguilera, Adrian C Ahn, Ikbum Akiyama, Nami Albert, Heather Erin (Morenci, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) (Rancho Mirage, CA) Freshman, Mechanical Sophomore, No Major Junior, Vetennary Science Junior, Family Studies ■ im l Engineering Selected Akolly, Kokou Sitsope Human Devel s»» Aguirre, Alexandrine Ahn, Jamie (Tucson, AZ) Albert, Sean M. . " " .fl WW ' m Romelia (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business (Tucson, AZ) W0 (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business, Akolly, Sefako Afi Junior, Aerospace Engineering ; %■ Freshman, Undecided, Spanish (Tucson, AZ) Albertolle, Mark Thomas »» Spanish UAB Concert Committee, Freshman, Pre-Business (Tucson, AZ) ■M Aguirre, Andrea Graciela Arizona Blue Chip Akselrad, Cj M Sophomore, Pre-Business :.-:3r«iiiii ' 10 (Nogales, AZ) Ahn, Jinsun (Tucson, AZ) Alberts, Allison M. m Junior, General Biology (Pusan, KS) Freshman, Psychology (Tucson, AZ) 1 1 WWT " MB Aguirre, Daniel M Senior, Accounting, Japanese Al, Qubaisi Khalifa Sophomore, Psychology TflS (Tucson, AZ) Golden Key Society NSCS (Toucson, AZ) Alberts, Jennifer J. ! S B Senior, Marketing Ahn, Sang-Jun Junior, No Major Selected (Tucson, AZ) 1 UttSti " (ftiAffi Aguirre, Erick G (Seoul) Al Jalahema, Rashid Sophomore, Bio Molecular u (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Shaheen Biophysics w« Junior, Media Arts Ahnlund, Cory Jerome (Tucson, AZ) Albillar, Jeanette Cynthia 8ai Aguirre, Ian 0. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Industiral Engineering (Tucson, AZ) DttTylet IC (Spokane, WA) Freshman, Physics Al Shemali, Kareem Ali Senior, Communication, 3w Sophomore, Chemical Ahrens, Stephanie M (Tucson, AZ) Marketing pl.Hl MUM Engineering, Psychology (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Albom, Joshua Brian Kappa Alpha Sophomore, Pre-Business Alaestante, Cesar B (Fort Lee, NJ) (%■ Aguirre, Jessica C. Ahuero.Tawni Lyne (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Sociology, Psychology pt« ' Id MM (Tucson, AZ) (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology OjWlSoew Sophomore, Retailing Freshman, Pre-Nursing Alaestante, Greg B. Society Sigma Alpha Lambda, Mm , Consumer Science Ahumada, Jessica Marie (Tucson, AZ) Phi Eta Sigma jH IUIMl!. Gamma Alpha Omega, (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Josh you are so focused and .(ta« Hispanic Business Student Sophomore, Music Al-Alawi, Ahmed Rashed know what you want that good iB.WiA ' S Association, Enjoying Ahumada, Vanessa Monique (Tucson, AZ) luck will always find you. We UiiiiSflraw Watching Sports-Volleyball, (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Love You. JwK Basketball, Baseball, Softball Senior, Sociology Math Engineehng Albrecht, Brianna Marie |(l«RlWl|» Aguirre, Karrie Ann Aichinger, Lauren M Alam, Keana Debra (Tucson, AZ) te JW (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology ItaCKtm M Freshman, Veterinary Science Senior, Pre-Communication Freshman, Journalism Albrecht, Colleen Meagan m M)! Aguirre, Marissa L. Aiello, Andrew P. Alamat, Paris Samir (Cave Creek, AZ) i ta« 3 hm (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Family m-Mbrm MM Senior, Nursing Aiello, Rosario Peter Sophomore, Pre-Business Studies human Development ttSMiMli) m Aguirre, Rene J. (Tucson, AZ) All Sports Albrecht, Gunnhild Anna imlt, MM (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Animal Sciences Al-Amawi, Rukhiya Meshal Aursland ffmiMima ,1a Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Airey,Tatum Courtney (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) M sw Aguirre, Sara Victoria (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Freshman, Near Eastern tjitCMtaE 6| " (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Alani, Besma Mahdi Studies tanlAS Mt Freshman, Pre- Airo, Renee Jong-soon (Tucson, AZ) Albrecht, Isaac E kMiicomn . ai Communication (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical (Tucson, AZ) W mm Ahboah, Jennifer Leann Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Sophomore, Accounting lirimEii 9m. (Tuba City AZ) Science Alaniz, Diana Albrecht, Kevin Robert NU (la Senior, Chminal Justice, Altken, Donielle E (Sierra Vista, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) idmiNDtlapStcM tm American Indian Studies (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Junior, Electrical Engineering «llMnT. mg Ahearn, Katherine A Junior, Nutritional Sciences Alaniz, Rosalinda Albregts, Krista Noelle feaCl sm (Mesa, AZ) Aizenstadt, Dina Rachel (Sierra Vista, AZ) (Las Vegas) iKr.GE«ata;i m Senior, Elementary Education, (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Freshman, Undecided MG Wi English Lit (double ) Freshman, Pre- Al-arbash, Bashar Skiing, Mountain Biking, jNotBaHOd 9« Gamma Phi Beta, Future Communication, Spanish Abdulkarim Traveling, Shopping ktWrniRaDi ' Teachers Club Aja, Basilio II (Tucson, AZ) Albritton, Stephen Richard, lis 9« Ahearn, Nadeije Rita (Buckeye, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering II ttini.T(rrE,SBHi JM (Stonington, CT) Sophomore, Argi Economics Alarcon, Gabriel Roberto (Bakersfield, CA) toCMi W Sophomore, Psychology Management (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Mi MUma Soccer, Softball, Aja,JillianF Senior, Accounting Engineehng kmi Snowboarding, Going To The (Litchfield Park, AZ) Alarcon, Javier Miguel Alburtus, Maria M. .limMc Urn Beach Senior, Family Studies (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) itIMnHi Ahern, Benjamin L Human Devel Senior, Political Science Junior, Theatre Arts, Business W«! (Tucson, AZ) Ajanovic, Hamdija Alatorre, Gytzel C. Theta Alpha Phi (theatre httnaajt Senior, Computer Science (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) Honorary Club) U M Ahlschlager, Matthew Junior, Media Arts Senior, Elementary Education Alcala, Serrano Bruno HH] (Tucson, AZ) Ajello, Kristen L Alavez, Crystle N. (El Masnou (Barcelona)) Senior, Accounting (Houston, TX) (Nogales, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Ahmad, Arwah Freshman, Pre-Business Sophomore, Pre-Physical Alcaraz, Bianca Guadalupe fcmj (Tucson, AZ) Kappa Kappa Gamma Science (Tucson, AZ) Is ««• Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Ajzen, Alan Resident Assistant - Villa Del Sophomore, No Major £ " - • Ahmad, Rabia (San Diego, CA) Puente Hall, Alpha Epsilon Selected a (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business, Delta Alcaraz, Charlie 1. fc li« Junior, Molecular Cellular Spanish Alba, Brittany Mae (Rio Rico, AZ) 6pi Biology, Political Science Sigma Pi (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Pre-Law •«■ Ahmad, Siti-azfanizam Aker, Christopher Kell Freshman, Psychology Alcaraz, Marisa Figueroa ' W (Tucson, AZ) (Prescott, AZ) Al-baker, Ahmad Khalid (Tucson, AZ) «« Junior, Systems Engineering Sophomore, Pre-Business, (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing • Ahmed-Hassan, Hodan Criminal Justice Junior, Mining Engineehng Alcorn, Ana Dolores ' Vm (Tolleson, AZ) Akhil, Amine Ali Albee, William Gallagher (Tucson, AZ) mm Junior, Pre-Nursing (Albuquerque, NM) (Galena, IL) Senior, Media Arts •«i Ahmed-Hassan, Suad Freshman, Entrepreneurship Freshman, Pre-Business Alcorn, Marcos Levant KiW (Tucson, AZ) Akinniyi, Akin Neman Guitar, Baseball, Football, (Tucson, AZ) Jm Junior, Finance (Carrollton, TX) Golf, Senior, Pre-Health Education iM« Ahmed-hassan, Zahra Junior, Pre-Communication, Albelais, Ana Cecilia Alden, Brian J « (Tolleson, AZ) Thematic (African American (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) " " Ml 3IM Junior, Finance Studies And Athletic Junior, Pre-Physical Science Senior, Aerospace Mbi Ahmedi, Zeenat Coaching) Alber, Kevin William Engineering (Yorba Linda, CA) U Of A Football Player 38 (Chandler, AZ) Alden, Michael R Junior, Pre-Business Linebacker, 2 Year Letterman Sophomore, Mechanical (Tucson, AZ) Engineering Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering 322 • Directory ' ■■.fMiisiiisss ' »« Cynftii «««Mnlhhi 1 f T)Cfoi( ,Fiiii( •Dwttim IM(tHHdtnie E IMtMhM JHiBnaEi: ' ee--c MlfillMM I ■fr!» ' SB k »! L» WIT: ' .- 1- Id ' Its Alderete, Daniel Joseph (San Antonio, TX) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Alderink, Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Alderman, Anna Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Al-Dossarl, Hamad Abdulla (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Aldrich, Daniel Wade (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Aldrich, l 1allory Anne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Aldrich, Stephen Patricl (Sahuarita, AZ) Junior, Sociology Aldrich, Tyler Allen (Tucson, AZ) junior. Political Science Aldridge, Joseph C (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Aldridge, Matthew D. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Aldulaimi, Sommer (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Aleccia, Christopher Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Alecl(, Steven Anthony (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Performance Clahnet Alegria, Christian E (Cottonwood, AZ) Senior, Spanish, Economics) Chi Phi Alejandrino, Erin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Aleksa, KatrinaT. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Alemi, Golie (Newport Beach, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication, - Business Alpha Phi, Tennis, Swimming, Persian Club Aleshire, Noah Lawrence (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Alev, Kristina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Alex, Amber Jewel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Alexander, Adrienne Lea (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Alexander, Ashley Christine (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism, Photography Gamma Phi Beta Alexander, Audrey N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Alexander, Brian Alan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Alexander, Jonathan Kirk (Albuquerque, NM) Sophomore, Matehals Science Engineering Alexander, Joseph Emanuel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Alexander, Kathryn E. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Alexander, Megan J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Alexander, Robert Daniel (Ranco Santa Bay, CA) Senior, Political Science, Pre- law Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Delta Alexander, Samuel Allen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mathematics Alexander, Staci Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Alexander, Valerie Gay (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Alexandersson, Anna J. (Los Altos, CA) Sophomore, Communication, Business German Kappa Alpha Theta, Soccer, Cheer, Hanging Out, Watching Movies, Shopping Alfareed, Ammar M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Management Info Systems Alfatesh, Ishraq I (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology, Chemistry Alford, Deborah L. (Bisbee, AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education Alford, James Lee (New Orleans, LA) Freshman, Journalism University Of Arizona Football Team 41 Alfred, Daniel M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Alfred, Jennifer Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Alfred, Kristen Elaine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Alfred, Lindsay Brooke (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Psychology Spanish Wakeboarding, Hiking, Shopping, Reading, Eating, Alfulaij, Haamed (Shamiya, Kuwait) Junior, Management Info Systems Soccer And Tennis Alhadeff, Joshua J. (Seattle, WA) Freshman, Regional Development Pi Kappa Phi Al-hajri, Khalid Bakhit (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Public Management Policy Al-hammadi, Othman Darweesh (tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Al-hashimi, Miriam (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemistry Al-houssni, Sheza Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Al-Huwail, Dari (Kuwait City, Kuwait) Junior, Management Info Systems, Operation ' s Management Delta Sigma Pi, Blue Chip, MISA, KSA, IBSO All, Amjad M. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics All, Levi David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry All, Mir M. (Minneapolis, MN) Junior, Psychology Computers, Music, Air Force, Military Religion All, Nadia Carmen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Dance Aliment, Kendall Elizabeth (Ronton, WA) Sophomore, Journalism Pi Beta Phi Al-jaabari, Abdulrahman Nasser (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Aljabiri, Sara (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Al-Jabiri, Suzan Aladin (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Microbiology Al-Jelwah, Rima Amir (Fresno, CA) Sophomore, Mathematics Alkais, Crystal E. (Giendale, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Alkais, Diane Rose (Giendale, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Pre- law Alkais, Priscilla M. (Giendale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Al-Khashti, Sarah Bader (Kuwait) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Alkhazaela, Ibraheim M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Al-kuwaiti, Khalifa Saeed (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Public Management Policy Al-kuwaiti, Yousef Saeed (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Al-Kuwari, Ghanim Jassim (Doha, Qatar) Senior, Operations Management Soccer, Cars, Kendo Al-kuwari, Khalid Jaham (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Systems Engineering Allan, Kristi A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Allanson, Joy M. (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, General Business Administration Kappa Alpha Theta, Dance Allbritton, Laura R. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Political Science Allee-Jumbo, Emelia Delmarta (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Allegri, Natasha Grace (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Allen, Alisa M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Allen, Amanda K (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Allen, Andrew Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Ecology Allen, Br?nne Elisabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology, - French Music, Rockin ' UAB Concerts, UA Organ Donors Allen, Charles Robert (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Rugby, Flag Football, Campus Politics. Allen, Clinton Taylor (Grapevine, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Hockey Snowboarding. Camp Wildcat, Intramurals Allen, Douglas Steven (Giendale, AZ) Junior, Finance Beta Theta Pi Allen, Elizabeth Christine (Prescott Valley AZ) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences, Early Childhood Development Soccer, Music Allen, James Richard (Okoboji, lA) Junior, Psychology Phi Gamma Delta Allen, Jennifer Claire (Atlanta, GA) Junior, Sociology Allen, Jeremy Robert (Mountain View, CA) Junior, English Allen, Jesse Carl (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineehng Allen, Joshua Andrew (Sierra Vista, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Movies, Music, Wrestling Team, Allen, Luther James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Allen, Meagan E (Fresno. CA) Senior, Journalism, English Allen, Michael George (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Special Education Rehab, Psychology Various Volunteer Projects, Family Advocacy Golf, Weight Training, Racquetball, Walking, Music, Art, Sporting Events, Church Allen, Michael J (Surprise, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Music Allen, Mikeal Ivan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Allen, Owen B (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Allen, Robin J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Allen, Russell D. (Brawley CA) Sophomore, Argi Economics Management Allen, Ryan D. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Allen, Sarah R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Allen, Seth William (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Allen, Tiffany Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Allen, Timothy S (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Allen, Vanessa Clarice (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Allen, Wendy Jo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Allen, Yvonne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering Alley, Denise Elaine (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Alley, Joel Patrick (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Allison, Bonnie Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Allison, Christopher Stephen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Allocco, Rachel L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Allred, Jennie Marie (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Psychology Allum, Amber L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Medical Technology Allum, Heather M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Allweiss, Hallie R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Allweiss, Marissa Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Allyn, Lee Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Aim, Jeremy Reinholdt (Litchfield Park, AZ) Sophomore, Physiology Almada, Jesus A. (Mexico) Junior, Regional Development Reading, , Tennis, Soccer, Guitar Almaleh, Ryan P (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Almanza, Joseph D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Almaraz, Monica T (Flagstaff, AZ) Freshman, Astronomy Almaria, Keith Steven (Phoenix, AZ) Senior. Spanish Almassaiha, Luay Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Almazan, Santino Raoul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Almblade, Stella C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Dance Almeleh, Justin David (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi Almerico, Nicholas Wilson (Sammamish, WA) Senior, Studio Art Almond, Jennifer N (Phoenix, AZ) Senior. Latin American Studies, General Business Al-naseri, All Obaid (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Public Management Policy Al-obeidi, Ahmed Fahad (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Materials Science Engineering Aionzo, Alfonso Moreno (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Alper, Becka Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Alper, Michelle Alissa (Tenafly, NJ) Sophomore. No Major Selected Alport, Cory Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Alruwaie, Mubarak O (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Al-Saedi, Khaled Abdulla (Al-Ain, AD) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Al-saleh, All Mohamad (Giendale, AZ) Junior, English Alsarraj, Faisal Ghazi (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Al-sayarl, Saleh Salem Mohamad (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Al-sayegh, Khadeejah Ala (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Nutritional Sciences Al-Shehhi, Ahmed Rashed (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Al-Shirrawi, Nasser Mohammed (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Systems Engineering, Business Alsuwaidi, Sulaiman Mohamed (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Health Human Services Altamirano, Dario Nicolas (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Altamirano, David Michael (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Altamirano, Jose Higinio (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Altendorf, Caitlin A. (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore. Journalism Alter, Katharine Ruth (Dayton. OH) Junior, Creative Writing Alter, Micha (Berkeley, CA) Junior, Psychology Altfillisch, Holly Roxanne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Altherr, Alan Hoyt (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Performance Altherr, David Robert (Sedona, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Healthcare. Cosmetic Surgery, Poetry And Satire, Sprite, Merits, MDG, Wingspan AVR Pulse Althoff, Andrew P. (Tempo, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Directory • 323 I Altman, Lee Kenneth (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Mining Engineering Altman-Hadley, Gabriel Steward (Moraga, CA) Freshman, Media Arts Pride Of Arizona, Hillei, Film Altschuler, Megan L (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, No Selected, Spanish Altuna, Aileen Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Aiva, Tanya (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Aivarado, Alicia N. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Aivarado, Cristian (Nogales, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Aivarado, Danielle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Aivarado, Laura F. (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Aivarado, Natalia (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Alvarez, Adrienne Marie (Antioch, CA) Sophomore, Journalism, Spanish) UA TV 3-Student Run Television Station Alvarez, Alana L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Alvarez, Alexis A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Alvarez, Alexis Andres (Nogales, AZ) Junior, Engineering Management Alvarez, Alexis Christopher Sophomore, No Selected Alvarez, Alicia Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Alvarez, Angelica Martha (Southlai e, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Alvarez, Esenya Ruth (Avondale, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Alvarez, Fernando (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Alvarez, Jaquelinne (Rio Rico, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Alvarez, Jessica Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Alvarez, John Paul (Palm Beach, FL) Sophomore, Pre-Business Alvarez, Luis Ernesto (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Finance Golf, Baseball, Hunting, Traveling Alvarez, Mariel J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Alvarez, Marisol (Rio Rico, AZ) Sophomore, Business Management Dance And Mari eting Alvarez, Melissa Luz (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Alvarez, Ruben (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. Computer Engineering Aivin, Jessica (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Alvino, Michael Vincent (Huntington Beach, CA) Junior, Communication Alvis, Michelle Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Alwazir, Aowab Tarek (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Alwazir, ShihabT. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Amado, Ricardo Antonio (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Aman, Kathryn B (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore. Elementary Education Amano, Kosuke (Camarillo, CA) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Amar, Joseph R. (Pasadena, CA) Junior, Geosciences Amareiio, Melissa A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Amarillas, Carlos Christopher (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, History, Political Science Amato, Reggie G. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Amato, Tyler Benson (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Amavizca, Zotero (Phoenix. AZ) Senior, Psychology Family Studies Human Development MECHA, Honors Student Amaya, Alvaro (Douglas, AZ) Sophomore, Systems Engineering Underground Racing, Amaya, Ernesto Andres (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, English Amaya, George Junior (San Luis, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education Amaya, Luis C (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Cars, Billiards, RC Cars, Paintball, Piano, Racquetball Amber, Debora Denise (Vail, AZ) Senior, Agh Tech Mgmt Educ Amble, Luke David (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Amborn, Mark David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Ameche, Dominic Felix, iV (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman. University College Kappa Alpha, Lacrosse, Music, UA Lax Cats 23, Come Out And Support The Laxcats, Rincon Amegan, Paul Ayawo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Amene, Ikenna (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Molecular Cellular Biology Amene, Nkiru Jennifer (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Electrical Engineering, General Business Administration Ames, Brian J (Jaci son Hole. WY) Freshman. Pre-Business Phi Kappa Psi Ames, Ella Heather (Oro Valley AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Amezquita, Gilbert Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Systems Engineering Amick, Beau Garret (Redmond, WA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Amidan, Kevin Dale (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Pre-Education Amin, Dimple A (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy Amin, Haroon (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Management Info Systems Amin, Heeten A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Physical Science Amin, Priti Vijay (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Amin, Punai N. (Edison, NJ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry Alpha EpsJIon Delta, Faces, And Phi Eta Sigma. Amini, Mia iman (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Amma,Yukika (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Ammann, Cara M. (Glendaie. AZ) Senior, Classics Ammons, Ryan Joseph (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA) Freshman, Pre- Communication Pi Kappa Phi, Baseball, Water Polo. Scuba Diving. Anything To Do with the Ocean Amrany, Shirley (Agoura Hills. CA) Junior, Finance, Marketing Amrhein, Keri K. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Amsler, Jennifer L. (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Sociology, Journalism Arizona Daily Wildcat Amster, Melissa Elyse (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mari eting An, Dong-young (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business An,Yan (China) Junior, Management Info Systems Basketball Anako, Chinenye Chioma (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Anako, Nnaemeka Elochukwu (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Anand, Rajesh Kumar (Scottsdale. AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Physical Science Anaya, Aaron A. (Casa Grande. AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Business Anaya, Anthony G. (Vail. AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Computer Science Anaya, Christian (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Anaya, Jose P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Anaya, Luz Virginia (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Anaya, Maria Carmen (Yuma, AZ) Junior, Psychology Spanish Alpha Chi Omega Anaya, Meghan Ruth (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Spanish Shadowcats, Sigma Alpha Lambda Member Anaya-Gorman, Christopher Kee (Gallup, NM) Freshman, Theatre Arts Ancheta, Mark Laurence (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Andaloro, Charlotte Rose (Grass Lake, Ml) Sophomore, Studio Art Andaya,Tera Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Art History, Business Italian President Of The Italian Club Andazola, Matthew S (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Andersen, Benjamin Carl (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Pre-Physical Education Andersen, Kiel V (Vancouver. WA) Junior. Political Science, Public Management Basketball, Football, Hockey, Snowboarding, Prior Member In Pi Kappa Alpha Andersen, Monica Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education Anderson, Aaron H. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Studio Art Anderson, Amanda L. (Buriington. lA) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Anderson, Amy (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Anderson, Andrea E (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Anderson, Anna Marie (Dayton. OH) Senior. Regional Development Anderson, Ashley Brooke (Valencia. CA) Junior. Pre-Communication Anderson, Austin Alan (Bullhead City AZ) Junior, Physics Anderson, Brian George (Phoenix. AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Computer Science Anderson, Brian N (Oro Valley AZ) Junior. Pre-Communication Anderson, Carl Eric (Lk Havasu Cty AZ) Senior, Geosciences Anderson, Cassi Marie (Phoenix. AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Education Anderson, Chase Warren (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. Mechanical Engineering Cars, Motorcycles, Extreme Sports Anderson, Christine Gwen (Bullhead City AZ) Sophomore, Chemistry, Microbiology Theta Tau Anderson, Christopher Robert (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Philosophy Anderson, Christopher (Twain Harte, CA) Senior, Philosophy Anderson, Dallas Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Anderson, Dean C. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Anderson, Dionna R (Santa Monica, CA) Freshman, Psychology Spanish Anderson, Elizabeth Rose (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science, English Anderson, Elizabeth (Marana, AZ) Junior, Psychology Anderson, Eric Lerennie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Anderson, Eric N. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Anderson, Genevieve Rose (Old Bethpage, NY) Sophomore, No Major Selected Anderson, Gina Marie (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Elementary Education Anderson, Grant W. (Danville. CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Anderson, Holly K. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Anderson, Jaimie Brie (Bellevue, WA) Sophomore. Family Studies Human Devel Anderson, Jane Quinn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Speech Hearing Sciences Anderson, Jared Nelson (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Anderson, Jason Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Agriculture Anderson, Jessica C. (San Francisco. CA) Junior. Sociology Anderson, Karen Lynn (Battle Creek. Ml) Junior. History. English Anderson, Katherine Nicole (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Anderson, Katie J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. Pre-Education Anderson, Kelly Ann (Irvine. CA) Senior. Pre-Education Anderson, Kevin John (Seattle, WA) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Scuba Diving The Desert Floor. Anderson, Kira V (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Anderson, Kristen Janine (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Anderson, Kristin Erika (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Anderson, Kristine E (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Italian Anderson, Kyle Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Anderson, Lanie Dee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Anderson, Lauren M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Anderson, Layla R (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Classics Anderson, Maddy (Newport Beach, CA) Freshman, No Selected Anderson, Maren D. (Paradise Valley, AZ) Senior, General Biology Anderson, Margaret R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Anderson, Marie Michelle (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Pre-Nursing Anderson, Matthew Donald (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Studio Art Anderson, Matthew Lynch (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business, Psychology Phi Gamma Delta Anderson, Melissa L (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Anderson, Misty Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Anderson, Moriah Rae (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Anderson, Natalen B. (Paradise Valley. AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Pi Beta Phi Anderson, Nicholas Howard (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore. General Biology Anderson, Noeile Mary (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Anderson, Paul Jacob (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Anderson, Peter A. (Santa Rosa, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication Anderson, Peter Robert (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Anderson, Phoebe Clemens (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Classics Anderson, Robyn Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Anderson, Ryan Ford (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Anderson, Ryan M (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Anderson, Ryan William (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Business Anderson, Samuel D. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering ! « " ■ SC " ■u V IS .v « t(l!III,SIICI| l- ll0 » w )iijW Sf Son Mi KWOvSlflW J at IWiTonwW Sitf isrtt Mi Wre-= ' f« ' ?«y .la | !«Tt)«IJ tM tott Ml ■m.f ' tf :1a J«i • tMdMqt %« rw,ffi Hm IgnJixinio Mi ttnlH-Mkf •w tett tfm jnimang Mi tMniMMX 1m |to»Zi iff jtallUKtCMi So l« Mi mwUmUi ' lai mi im toftuxaSoro Mi Itmlttti - ' :te ftmilZi «r i|l»iitl »earH Mi Nmte ta IteCAl Inn ttiidou 1 Mm«ni,D|ki (km fetr.W tM InniMnKni Ml te ■km teiiTmttaMri Sm tei Sixft Mi In Sou Sara ta 111! m •« e IM t ta tniSom Ml ta «C te lag fcswon- ta ta •«« ta hm Oi« «iw ta ta -.Mun, ta ta s ta St »• ta l«l, ta CC " ita c fta S?««i ta, Ht, j)%. V 324 • Directory Mng(i,llito[lonaiii ■ SMSUoAit MneiLllil«l.)iidi fmmMmm. I %GmiIMi MhKMML 1 1 tanei JMlklkpSeM Mn«,IM|fllni (facrtt MMilkMnx kttUliSldesI I It -to- ■: to-- ' - Qssscs JOJl " AZI dD. (Ifl o- t Anderson, Scott Roger (Riverside, CT) Freshman, Pre-Business Anderson, Sean A. (Tucson, AZ) junior. Political Science Anderson, Shawna R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Anderson, Sheri N (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Anderson, Silke F (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Political Science, Journalism Merits Program, Young Democrats, Blue Chip Anderson, Stacey L. (Ridgefield, WA) Junior, Psychology Anderson, Stephanie Carolyn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Anderson, Torsten David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Anderson, Travis D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Anderson, Wessley W. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Anderson, William Arthur (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Anderson, William J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Anderson, William Lee (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Physical Science Anderson, Zachary M. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Anderson, Zane Taylor (Oal hurst, CA) Junior, Studio Art Anderson-Berens, Dylan (Boston, MA) Sophomore, International Studies Model Un, Travel, Basketball, Peoples, Party, Sports, Outdoors, Social Sciences, Culture Anderson-Smits, Colin Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Spanish SHAG, Medcats Andersson, Lars Johan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Management Anders-stout, Paul Wesley (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Andrade, Alma Lucia (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Andrade, Alma Luisa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Andrade, Jacqueline (Nogales, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Andrade, Norberto (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Andre, Daniel Mark (Long Grove, IL) Sophomore, Economics, General Business Hockey Baseball, Snowboarding, And Wakeboarding Andre, Leigh-Anne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology, Family Studies And Human Development Andre, Lindsay Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Anthropology Classics Andrea, Tim William (New Canaan, CT) Senior, Communication Andrejack, Amy Nicole (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Psychology Andreou, Stylianos (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Andres, Amanda Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Andress, Amanda F. (Lk Havasu Cit, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Andress, Nathan Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Andreu, Jennifer Elaine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English, Sociology Reading, Writing, Music, Movies, Snowboarding Andrews, Christina Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Andrews, Damon Lee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Andrews, Jennifer Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Andrews, Jennifer (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Andrews, Jess Michael (Lake Oswego, OR) Freshman, No Selected Andros, Christopher John (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Physics Andrus, Daniel William (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Andrzejczak, Dok Jeffrey (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Aneloski, Ashlyn R (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education Ange, Alison Leann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Angel, Rebecca (Tustin, CA) Freshman, Muscial Theatre Angeley, Scott A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Angelini, Joe (Oro Valley, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Angelle, Joy Lynne (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Communication Angelov, Irene Suzanne (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Angelov, Karol Kristine (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Pre-Pharmacy Angelova, Angelina G (Russe, Bulgaria) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Anger, Carolyn Vottero (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Project Volunteer Exec Board Angle, Alex S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Public Management Policy Anglemyer, Aaron (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Anglin, Daniel Joel (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Anglin, Michael P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Angrest, Lauren Lee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Anguiz, Brian J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Angus, Christopher Robert (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Pre- Medicine Anhouse, Jamie Nicole (Highlands Ranch, CO) Freshman, Undecided Delta Gamma Aniba, Justin Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Annen, Richard R. (San Diego CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Annes, Evan Socrates (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Annibal, Lynnette Kay (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Ansley, Benjamin Charles (Oakland, CA) Junior, Civil Engineering Anspach, Michael Allen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Anthony, Claire Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Anthony, Courtney M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Anthony, Dana Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Anthony, Heather Jane (Los Angeles, CA) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Dancer And Cheerleader Anthony, James F. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Accounting Antoine, Jademoon Junior, No Selected Antoine, Raja (Oro Valley, AZ) Senior, Psychology Antokal, Karis Rebecca (Sharon, MA) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, In Chemistry Anton, Allison Christina (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Antonio, Elena (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Antonio, Jess Jordan (Spokane, WA) Freshman, Pre- Communication Basketball, Football, Working Out, Beautiful People Of U Of A Club, Antrim, Dane Timothy (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Antunez, Raymond Maldonado (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Architecture Anway, Megan D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Anzalone, David Michael (Raymond, NH) Junior, Marketing, Business Management Apat, Jocelyn A (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Alpha Phi Gamma Apfel, Jason Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Apodaca, Antonio Ramon (Casa Grande, AZ) Junior, Religious Studies Apodaca, April A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Sociology Apodaca, George Louis (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Latin American Studies, Spanish International Volunteer Work Apolinario,Tina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Aponte, Adam Mario (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Aponte, Mario Alberto (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Management Appel, Dana M (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Appell, Matthew Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Applegate, Michael Theodore (Santa Cruz, CA) Freshman, No Selected Wheelchair Basketball Aquino, Melissa P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Arab, Anastasia Marie (Rockville, MD) Senior, Physiological Sciences, Chemistry President Of Babycats Arabi, Samira Mohamad JJucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Arabian, Ashley Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Aragon, Augustine Antonio (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Aragon, Brian Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Aragon, Diana (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Aragon, Jonathan Raymond (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Arah, Ofunneka Uzoamaka (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Physiological Sciences, Business Dancing, Gym, Music, Movies, Merits Program Arai.Toshiyuki (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Philosophy Araiza, Ana Elena (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Araiza, Zelika R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Pharmacy, Spanish Education Aramburo, Gilbert Luis (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Arana, Daniel Gil (Nogales, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Aranda, Paola Lizeth (Nogales, AZ) Junior, Psychology Arandia, Andre Degala (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Pi Alpha Phi, Basketball, Cars, AAFASA Arandia, Jose Benjie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Basketball Arauz, Virginia Cecibel (Los Angeles, CA) Senior, Women ' s Studies, Sociology Helping Battered And Abused Women, Read, Go Hiking , Cook, Dance, Go To The Movies Araza, M ichael A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Argi Economics Management Arbab, Sandra Monavar Alice (Tucson, AZ) Senior, French Arbas, Alia Jura (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Arbuthnot, Mary K (St. Augustine, FL) Senior, Psychology Arce, Rebecca Ruth (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Psychology, Pre- law Thematic Pre-Law Fraternity Archambault, Michael D (Albuquerque, NM) Senior, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science Triathlon, Swimming, Backpacking, Basketball Archer, Cadie Margaurite (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Communication Archer, Corey (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Archer, Jordan Steven (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Archuleta, Tara Lakshimi (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Arciga, Raul (San Luis, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Arcuri, Amy A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Arcus, Sara (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Ardebili, Nazli (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Arellano, Daniel V. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Arellano, Michael (Aloha, OR) Sophomore, Political Science Arellano, Yadira (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Arena, Todd Carl (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Philosophy, Economics Beta Theta Pi, Dean ' s List Arenas, Juan M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Argenbright, Dawna Charity (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Argos, Jason N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Argraves, Justin Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Physical Education Arguello, D.J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Management Info Systems Argueta, Miguel Isai (Miami, FL) Sophomore, Studio Art Delta Tau Delta Arias, Anais L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Arias, Angelina P. (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Nursing Arias, Jose (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Ariff, Benjamin Louis (Los Angeles, CA) Freshman, Pre-Architecture, Business Photography, Golf, Cars, Arigapudi, Siddharth (Santa Clara, CA) Senior, Business Management Arik, Aida Demet (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Mathematics Arik, Glenda H (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Arik, Kenan H. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Motor Sports, SAE, Formula SAE Arino, Michelle E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Aripez, Ruth Raquel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Ariyasu, Emiko (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Arizpe, Alexis Henry (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Geography Arizpe, Jose Heraclio (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Arko, Brian Joseph (Hanover Park, IL) Junior, Pre-Education Armand, Sarah S. (Southlake, TX) Junior, Marketing Chain Gang Junior Honorary , Eller Career Center, UA Women ' s Club Soccer, Student Alumni Assoc, Financial Management Assoc Arme, Jason M (Carlsbad, CA) Junior, Sociology Armendariz, Timothy Daniel (Kearny AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Armenta, Claudia (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Armenta, Ramon (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Directory • 325 Armenta, Susan (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Elementary Education Armenta-tipton, Edilia Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Armet, Katie J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Armijo, Anamarie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Armijo, Charles (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Armijo, Gabriel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Armistead, Ryan Edward (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Industiral Engineering Armour, Adrian Adele (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Linguistics Armour, Isaac A. (Arivaca, AZ) Senior, Philosophy History Alpha Delta Pi, Music, Politics Armour, Jessica Lyn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Armour, Jolon Hawk (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Arms, Daniel Henry (Geneva, NY) Senior, Economics, General Business Armsey, Alexandria F (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Armstrong, Alice Anne (Carmichael, CA) Junior, Political Science Armstrong, Amy E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Armstrong, Andrew R. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Armstrong, April IVIelissa (Glendale, AZ) Freshman, Physiological Sciences Blue Chip Armstrong, Dennis John, III (Akron, OH) Sophomore, Media Arts Sigma Pi, Intramurals, Basketball Armstrong, Erin L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, English Armstrong, Joseph A (El Paso, TX) Senior, Engineering Armstrong, Laura Lee (Dunwoody, GA) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Armstrong, Susan Jane (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Arndt, Kale Paul (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts, Music Dungeons And Dragons Arnerich, Lukas Joseph (Portland, OR) Sophomore, Pre-Business Football, University Of Arizona Football Arnett, Lindsay Sue (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Arnett, Wesley Eric (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Arnold, Aisha L. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Arnold, Chad Brandon (Mesquite, TX) Freshman, Engineering Mines Music, Concerts, Movies Arnold, Haley T. (Cottonwood, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Arnold, Jack Wesley (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Arnold, Jessica A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Arnold, Juliann Rebecca (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Nursing Arnold, Katheryn Evans (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Arnold, Kristin Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Arnold, Morgan Mckenzie (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Physiological Sciences, Chemistry religion Arnold, Rebecca Lacey (Cottonwood, AZ) Junior, Sociology Women ' s Studies And Business Network Of Feminist Student Activists Arnold, Robert J. Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Athlete On University Track And Field Team, Compete In The Decathlon Arnold, Shanel L (Newport Beach, CA) Freshman, No Selected Arnold, Steven C. (Burlingame, CA) Sophomore, Political Science Arnold, Wyatt A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Arok, Peter (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering Aron, Allison M. (Fullerton, CA) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Aronchick, Bryan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Aronoff, Adam Michael (San Diego, CA) Junior, No Major Selected Aronoff, Davida M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Dance Aronoff, Mary Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Arora, Akash K (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Aros, Mary Jo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Aros, Turquesa Ixtlali (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Arougheti, Stephen Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History Arp Romero, Adam D. (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering American Society Of Civil Engineers, Playing Soccer, Football, Arphul, Jermaine Hewlett (Piano, TX) Senior, Management Info Systems Arphul, Tonyela Enyonam (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Theatre Arts Arr, Nique Marie (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Fine Art Studies Arrandale, Anthony M. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Physiological Sciences, Chemistry Research, APO, Chemistry Club, Med Cats, Fishing, Soccer, Tennis, Golf Arredondo, Aleasha M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Arredondo, Ana-elisa (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Arredondo, Marco A. (Nogales, AZ) Junior, Political Science Arredondo, Melissa I (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Arredondo, Raquel Rivera (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Arreola, Marisela (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Arreola, Omar (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Arriaga, Maria C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Arrieta, Amaris Lisa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Arrieta, Jesus E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Arrington, Aubrey Joy (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Arriola, Jose (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Health Education Arriola, Morgan Brittany (Paradise Valley AZ) Junior, Communication, Business Arriola, Randal B (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Arroyo, Anika Christine (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Psychology Arroyo, John Obed (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Artea, Laura G. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Arterbury, Aaron P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Arthur, Dylan Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Arthur, Joel Devin (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Arthur, Stephanie K. (Las Vegas, NV) Senior, Marketing Artuz, Karlo Ramilo (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Artuz, Rowena Ramilo (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Artz, Rachel (McLean, VA) Senior, Anthropology Aruchamy, Chendhanal (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineering Arvin, Blaire C. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Arviso, Ladonna Maria (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineehng Arvizu, Kathryn Yvonne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Arvizu, Martin R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Arvizu, Ricardo A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Arvizu, Sabino Francisco (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemical Engineering Arvold, Elizabeth Moore (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Arwari, Kelly R (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Asad, Douglas James (Lake Forest, IL) Senior, Regional Development, Psychology Phi Gamma Delta, Sports, Phi Gamma De lta Asai, Kellen I (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Asarch, Michael Aaron (Los Angeles, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Snowboarding, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Sports Marketing, Marketing Asbell-luckau, Jayme Rebecca (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Asbury, Adam Anthony (Miami, FL) Senior, Marketing Sigma Phi Epsilon, Snowboarding, Golfing, Ascencio, Fernando (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Psychology ASUA Director Of Speakers Board, Nami-Ua Treasurer, Alpha Phi Omega, Ascher, Rebecca Marni (Toledo, OH) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Asdell, John L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Asensio, Juan Carlos (La Crescenta, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Phi Gamma Delta Ash, Michael Jonathan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Ashburn, Crystal J (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education, Theatre Arts Kappa Delta Chi, Tennis, Soccer, Arizona Blue Chip, FTC, , Traveling (Especially Road Trips), Skating, SSS, Shopping Ashby, Amber L (Tempe, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Ashcraft, Allison R. (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Ashcraft-hill,Tokotah Skye (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Ashe, Matthew Samuel (Stevenson, WA) Freshman, Pre-Business Snowboarding, Guitar Asher, Dustin Cruz (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Asher, Maya Christine (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing, Special Education And Rehab. Asher, Ryan Anthony (Woodland Hill, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Ashirvad, Darshan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Physics Ashkanian, George E. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Ashley, Alyssa B (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Ashley, Clyde Edward (Viola, AR) Senior, Wildlife Ashley, Elizabeth M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Ashraf, Shaharyar (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Ashton, Loren Louise (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Askam, Brad Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Askren, Kelly Leeann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Asnani, Mohit S. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems, Sociology Phi Kappa Psi, Entrepreneur - Founded Videorhythm Inc., Asnis, Benjamin S. (New York, NY) Sophomore, No Selected Asnon, Jon (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Asokan, Arjun (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Assad, Julia M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Assael, Bryan Skylar (Hewlett, NY) Freshman, Political Science Zeta Beta Tau Asseff, Brittany Sandra (Bullhead City AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Astachkine, Vladimir Andreevich (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Astorga, Bethzaida (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Science Asztalos, David Charles (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Marketing Atayde, Nohemi (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agri Biosystems Engineering Atchinson, Laura (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts, Studio Art UATV Atene, Amberly Sheena (Tuba City AZ) Senior, Psychology, American Indian Studies Ater, Abraham Deng (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Athanasiou, Vasiliki E. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Atkin, Alexandra H. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Atkins, Ashlee N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Atkins, Audrey Danielle (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) Junior, Veterinary Science Sigma Alpha Sorority, Pre-Vet Club Atkinson, Donna Jean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Atkinson, Joseph Hampton (San Diego, CA) Junior, Regional Development Atkinson, Rita M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Atkinson, Robert Allen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Atles, Travis M. (Lake Forest, CA) Junior, Marketing Atrian, Vanessa A. (San Manuel, AZ) Sophomore, Microbiology Attar, Nashira Malihai (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Attar, Natalie D. (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences, Chemistry Attar, Stephan Nessim (Beverly Hills, CA) Senior, Economics, General Business Happiness, Money, Women UA - Unforgettable Experiences, Loyal Friends, Outstanding Education, Beautiful Campus, Eternal Suns Atwell, Brooke Mitchell (Columbus, OH) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Atwell, Jennifer Anne (Mount Horeb, Wl) Sophomore, Marketing Atwell, Meredith M (Columbus, OH) Sophomore, Regional Development Atwell, Patrick William (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Atzeff, Natalie Ann (Santa Ana, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Education Au, Brian A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Au, Chi-Fung (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Au, Ka-ho (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science I li0 if am Ullici ' " us If I w I " tn UtiWn JSocsx? 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Emm. lanGen l ■; i W-MqM Ski Son iPifCoiUXift ■ -P»6WW Au, Michael (Salem, OR) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering, Political Science Engineering Ambassadors Au, Tai (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering FASFA, Vsa, Aaca Aubrecht, John Charles (Dover, MA) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Audette, Lauren Anne (Hardwick, MA) Sophomore, Political Science, Spanish Soccer, Singing, Track, And Dance Audilett, Kendra Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Auerbach, David Owen Senior, Economics, German Aufhammer, Corey Charlson (Laguna Beach, CA) Junior, Regional Development Sigma Phi Epsilon Augenstein, Julie Ann (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Augustine, Joseph G (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Augustyn, Veronica (Chicago, IL) Sophomore, Materials Science Engineering, Spanish Aul on, Polina Georgievna (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Veterinary Science Auletta, Yusef D. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Aumicit, Jaron Lee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Aungst, Lindsay Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Aure, Roger (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Ausick, Christina J. (Madison, Wl) Freshman, SLHS, Spanish Delta Delta Delta, Blue Chip, Golf Aussprung, Matthew Richard (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Austin, Adam Scott (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Austin, Alicia Y. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Management Info Systems Austin, Blaine (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education Austin, Brianna (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Austin, Eric A. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering Physics Austin, Erin Linette (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Austin, Gary Hayden (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Austin, Kathryn Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Women ' s Studies Austin, Kristy L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Linguistics Austin, Melissa Lynn (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi, ASUA, Chain Gang Austin, Nabahe Wacinyan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts, American Indian Studies Cars, Racing, Anime, Cross Country, Running And Weight Lifting Auterino, Jayson V. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Avalos, Kathleen Dolores (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Animal Sciences Avalos, Luis (Los Angeles, CA) Freshman, Microbiology Cross Country, Track) Avalos, Marie A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Avanzino, Christopher Andrew (Dublin, CA) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Delta Tau Delta Avash, Yasmin Noemi (San Rafael, CA) Sophomore, Psychology Avegalio, Fata R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Avellone, Mary Jean (Lake Bluff, IL) Sophomore, Political Science Aven, Allison J (Crystal Lake, IL) Junior, Communication Avenenti, Santino Arturo (Yucaipa, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Omega Delta Phi, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Music, Averbach, Zavi M (Agoura Hills, CA) Senior, Elementary Education Aversa, Alan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Astronomy Avery, Aaron Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Avery, Edward Robert (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Averyt, Joshua J (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Avila, Anthony David (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism, Spanish Project Converse, UA Cycling Team Avila, Basilio S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Avila, Cynthia Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Avila, Edward Timothy (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Avila, Ellas Sanchez (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Avila, Jennifer Lyn (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology, Chemistry Religious Studies Relay For Life, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Alpha Lambda, Newman Center Choir, Wing Representative For Hall Government Avila, Leslie (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, Spanish Avila, Lisa Y. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Avila, Lourdes (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Avilez,Tomas A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Optical Sciences Engineering Avrahami, Hadar Lee (Paradise Valley, AZ) Senior, Journalism, Judaic Studies Communication Avrahami, Sheeri E (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Judaic Studies Avugiak, William John (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Environmental Science Aw, Defa Aissata (Nouakchott,mauritania) Junior, Business Management, Management Information System Aw, Fatimata Djeynaba (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Aw, Ramatoulaye (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Awale, Rani Mohamad (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Awaie, Roxanne S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Awdry, Jennifer J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Awerkamp, Risa D (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology, Chemistry- Casa De Los Nines, Axelrod, Bailey Thomas (Encinitas, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication Ayala, Alejandro (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Ayala, Esmeralda S. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Ayala, Wendy (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Ayer, Patricia Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Ayer, Stefanie Elena (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Ayers, Adam (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Ayers, Angle M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Ayirebi, Prince (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Aylward, Eric Martin (Sonoita, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Aylward, Frank O (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Ecology Ayodele, Adebola Omolara (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Ayon, Olga (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Ayub, Shehzad Hassan (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Ayuen, Peter Manyok (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Aza, John Justine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Azad, Mutaher Husain (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates) Senior, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematics Music, Sports Azadeh, Fariba (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Azari, Mazier (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Azarmi, Arash (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Azher, Freeha Afshin (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Azueio, Brandon D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Ba, Gatta (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Babauta, Holly Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Babb, Josh W (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Babb, Rebekah (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Women ' s Studies Babbitt, Mark Allen (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Babbitt, Robert L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Babcock, Jenna L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Babcock, Joshua James (Tuc son, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Babcock, Matthew D (Meqvon, Wl) Freshman, No Major Selected Babcock, Neal W. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Criminal Justice Babiak, Catherine Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Babiars, Gregory P (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Babich, John G. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Babico, Phillip Jacob (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Pre- Law Law, Phi Alpha Delta Babins, Carly Jill (Huntingdon VI, PA) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Babits, Lauren E. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Running, Hiking, Skiing, Wakeboarding, Arizona Blue Chip Program, Pre-Pharmacy Club, Phi Eta Sigma National Honors Society Bac, Kelly K (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Baca, Carlos Ignacio (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Baca, Ixcel Adriana (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Spanish Psi Chi, Dancing Baca, Joseph Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Baca, Steven (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bacaparra, Rosalinda (Douglas, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Bacaparra, Rosalinda (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Baccus, Katie J. (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bach, Jason James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Bachar, Shani (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Linguistics Bachelier, Jacqueline M (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Physiological Sciences, Psychology Bachman, Elizabeth Ashley (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, SLHS Bachofer, Carol Marie (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Bachrach, Courtney (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Back, Amy Rachel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Backer, Jeffrey David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Backlund, Peter Bond (Menio Park, CA) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Bacon, Adrian Robert (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bacon, Benjamin S. (Marshall, TX) Junior, Journalism Bacon, Donald H. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Badal, Jason Neil (San Juan) Sophomore, Management Info Systems, Accounting Delta Sigma Pi - Professional Business Fraternity, Swimming, Water Polo, Dj Badeaux, Clayton Carroll (New Orleans, LA) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Management Of Info. Systems, Mathematics Mathematical Theory, Proteomics, Bioinformatics Badilla, Cynthia Selene (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Badilla, Guevara Graciela (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Badilla, Marisol (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Badilla, Nitzelle A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Badman, Margo Leigh (Wolcott, NY) Junior, Psychology, Pre-Health Badria, Kathy (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Badria, Lamya Butris (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Near Eastern Studies Badria, Mark Amad (Southfield, Ml) Freshman, No Selected Weightlifting, Studying With Friends, Sports Baffert, William Barrett (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Baggett, Scott Kenneth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Argi Economics Management Baggs, Jennifer Hye Sil (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Hawaii Club Bagheri, Golsheed (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Bagheri, Sabora (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Baghernejad, Bijan Aaron (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Pi Kappa Phi, Baseball, Basketball Bagley, Jerry Robert (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Bagley, Michael George (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Bagrodia, Naina (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Spanish Volunteering, Dancing Baguley, Erin N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bagwell, Joel M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Bahbah, Leila Jean (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Bahe, Beth J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Bahe, Rashell (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bahe, Steven Aruiso (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Bahnsen, Justing Tobias (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Bahoshy, Erin M. (Ketchum, ID) Junior, Marketing Bahr, Lindsay Ann (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Psychology Bahr, Thomas John (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Political Science Directory • 327 Bai, Jie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Baiada, Alexis B. (Evergreen, CO) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Baiba, Nir Jacob (Calabasas, CA) Frestiman, Undecided Alpha Epsilon Pi Baidinger, Fara L. (Sedona, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Baler, Karly A. (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior, Anttiropology Baier, Nathan Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Frestiman, Mining Engineering Bailto, Caitlin Elsbeth Joy (San Jose, CA) Soptiomore, Ttieatre Arts, Political Science( Second ) Ttieatre, Acting, Dance, Ctioreography Bailey, Alonzo Allen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Bailey, Andrea L. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Bailey, Austen Franklin (Rockford, IL) Junior, Psychology Bailey, Cindy Dado (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Anthropology Bailey, Connie l 1arie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Bailey, Corinne Janette (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing, Japanese Language Bailey, David Harrison (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Bailey, Jennifer M (Mc Cool( Lake, SD) Senior, Political Science Bailey, John William (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Bailey, Katherine Sara (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bailey, Kimberly Michele (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Bailey, Melinda L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bailey, Paul Charles (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Bailey, Phillip A. (Bloomington, IN) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bailey, Ryan H (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bailey, Vanesha Lanae (Las Vegas, NV) Senior, Physiological Sciences, Chemistry sociology University Of Arizona Women ' s Soccer Team Baines, Casey Claire (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Alpha Phi Baird-jaramillo, Bethany Starr (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bais, Stephen Kyle (Chino Valley, AZ) Junior, Plant Sciences Slow Pitch Softball, Golf Baize, Jessica E (Mt. Carmel, IL) Senior, Russian, International Studies Presbyterian Campus Ministry Phi Beta Kappa, National Society Of Collegiate Scholars, Arizona Model United Nations Bajuscak, Brian C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geography Bajuscak, Jason A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Baker, Adam F. (Seattle, WA) Senior, Economics, General Business Baker, Amanda M. (Charleston, SC) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Alpha Epsilon Phi Baker, Amy Louise (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Microbiology, Chemistry Public Health Administration Music And The Outdoors, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Tho Baker, Andrew Orion (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Baker, Ashley A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Baker, Benjamin S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineehng Baker, Caela (Rochester, MN) Sophomore, Political Science, Latin American Studies Ahzona Blue Chip, Students For Fair Trade Baker, Carey Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Spanish Baker, Celine Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Baker, Chloe Rose (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Baker, Cody Jared (Salinas, CA) Freshman, Argi Economics Management Baker, Courtney Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Baker, Danielle Elyse (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Dance Baker, Danny J. (Fountain Hills, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Pi Kappa Phi Baker, Deborah Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Baker, Erin E (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Kappa Kappa Gamma Baker, Gary Bryce (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Baker, Grant Edwin (Orange City lA) Senior, Studio Art Photography And Graphic Design Of All Kinds Baker, Gregory J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Baker, Guy Bennett (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Baker, Jaclyn IVIichelle (Lutz, FL) Senior, Dance Baker, James Edward (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Baker, Jared Scott (San Jose, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Baker, Jessica M (Fountain Hills, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chi Omega Baker, Jocelyn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Baker, Katherine Drew (Dallas, TX) Freshman, Undecided Delta Delta Delta Baker, Kathryn Eileen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Baker, Melissa Frances (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Baker, Michael Dean (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Baker, Nathan J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineehng Baker, Nicholas Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Baker, Nicole Kristina (Paoli, PA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Baker, Timothy Brooks (San Ramon, CA) Senior, History Baker, Travis A (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Baker, Wade William (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineehng Baker, William Zachary (Salt Lake City UT) Freshman, Aerospace Engineehng Bakeri, Jonaki Achal (Ahmedabad, India) Freshman, Political Science, Pre- Law Bakhtiar, Koorosh Hadi (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Bakke, Erik David (Chico, CA) Freshman, No Selected Bakke, Nathan Miles (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Business Bakst, Jennifer L (Lake Zurich, IL) Junior, Elementary Education Bakva, Jordan Joshua (Los Angeles, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Bala, Adithya (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Baiakier, Jason (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Balamenti, Amanda Lynn (Sharpsburg, MD) Freshman, English, French Balasuriya, Lilanthi Ran] (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Balchan, Anitra (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Veterinary Science Baldenegro, Salomon Feliciano (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Balderrama, Angel (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Balderrama, Mario A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Baldi, Lauren Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Baldi, Michele Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Baidinger, Taiya (Tempo, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Baldini, Richard Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Baldino, Angela M. (Gresham, OR) Junior, Muscial Theatre Baldwin, Anne Haynes (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science, Psychology Baldwin, Bradly Spencer (Irvine, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Baldwin, Bridgett J.a. (Apple Valley MN) Freshman, Undecided, Dance Kappa Alpha Theta, Dance, Music, Spanish Ute ' re so proud of you and we love you to the Moon and back times infinity! Love, tJlom and Dad Baldwin, Eric W (West Linn, OR) Freshman, Pre-Business Baldwin, Jenna Kristine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Baldwin, Michelle B. (Highlands Ranch, CO) Sophomore, Spanish, Sociology Phi Eta Sigma Honors, National Society Of Collegiate Scholars, Dance, Community Service Baldwin, Patricia V. (El Paso, TX) Senior, Elementary Education Baldwin, Seth D. (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology, Chemistry, General Business Baldwin, Shan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Communication Bale,Tara Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Spanish Baiko, Callista Jo (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Baiko, Scott Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Ball, Lawrence Anthony (Fresno, CA) Freshman, No Selected Music, Dance, Football Ball, Marcela Almada (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Near Eastern Studies Ball, Nicole M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Ball, Rahsaan N. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Ball, Ryan J Freshman, Criminal Justice Ball, Stephanie Patrice (Corvallis, OR) Freshman, Animal Sciences Horseback Riding, Horse racing, Ballard, Jessica Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Veterinary Science Ballesteros, Alejandro Alain (Hermosillo, Son, Mex.) Senior, Industiral Engineehng Society Of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Systems Industrial Engineering, Inst. Of Industhal Engineehng, Camping, Comm. Svc, Travel, Ballesteros, Betina (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing, Spanish Ballesteros, Celina Ycoco (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Ballesteros, Nalielhy HIdaly (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Balliet, Stephen John (Peoria, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Balloun, Daysha Jean (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Finance Balon, Geoff (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Baloo, Sabrina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Balph, Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. No Major Selected Balsamo, Nicholas Anthony (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Psychology, Media Arts Business Beta Theta Pi Balsamo, Vincent Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Balstad, Allison G. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Psychology Baltes, Kari Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Baltosiewich, Terra Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nuthtional Sciences Balzano, Joel Henry (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Balzert, Stephanie Antje (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Spanish Bamroo, Jayant (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Banales-aguirre,Tonina Lupe (Ft Huachuca, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Band, Adam Francis (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Banda, Armando Antonio (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Wrestling, Auto Mechanics, Banda, Jonah Masozi (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Bandin, Carmen T. (Avondale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Spanish Bane, Leahann Cristen (Temple, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing, Spanish Banerjee, Arijit Sonny (Jackson, MS) Junior, Finance Tennis, Lifting Weights, Student Council Bang, Sarah Raelene (Tempe, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bangs, Shannon L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Bani-Hashim, Mohamed Habib (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Bank, Brian Alan (Brookfieid, Wl) Sophomore, Political Science Bank, Petrea E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Bankhead, Ryan David (Prescott, AZ) Junior, Psychology Bankhurst, Aaron James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Bankowski, Michael J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Banks, Adam Thomas (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Banks, Brandon Germaine (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Banks, Claire Priscilla (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Spanish Banks, Erin Frances (Granit Bay CA) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Banning, Rachel Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Family Studies Human Devel Music, Photography Bow ling Banzhaf, Nicholas A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Bao, Kaijia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Baraff, Chelsea N (Lake Havasu City AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Barag, Aaron Lewis (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Barajas, Cristobal E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Barajas, Daniel (Distrito Federal, MX) Sophomore, Pre-Health Education Tennis Club, Running, Guitar, Spanish Literature, Reading And Doing Homework Barajas, Gloria E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Barajas, Jose F. (Rio Rico, AZ) Sophomore, Animal Sciences Barajas, Yvette Monique (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Barajas De Robinson, Graciela (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Liberal Studies Barai, Jason A (Los Angeles, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Baranowski, Andrew Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Barbee, Janelle Irene (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education j Beans SC« ymiM Welles if m w VI •• W iSt Ml faffan, Pt!j9Ci 0m M8(JiO««S« kkiMX 5J(OTt Pit " ' ,t«,JdH(J " " • srC Mo. End J. lRM.Cyiid|r imllqAli m Qa tott V SWaiCmwe (M ifm Ett muii ioti» IM mM «■ ,ira,E M m)»» la 10. Hi t«i SdmmiW ni IN iia M Hv.laMi»E Sn imIZi M ira sf ««a innipllqlMt « ■k tZ) M ■ h)rtdoj »m kUMw S»i SmU {f :l liBilkll S a MlMC %) lw«l SM taw.jou ff ■M kMCmH IH hsintiau m Wtaoirtig im haMnSM tea la IM m la hwNoUps,. im htEricThaH tew [IMII W5 WJMkit «««l«ll) •miiM, m Efe wnsmod In ■tonntKr |l fift3eii llj fiJOto Jj ■L _ " WW, In 328 • Directory Sw« Sntotby ' " ' »»■ Wedded ' . ' »Cdmiiiiiiai|( ' ' ■ ' «. SoJIIoh ' I teMcagn « SW«WS(Wsli CMMrSom I Aon.«Z| I l«HtM IlicPMggiil Bixht iKllii I SMEVngmtmUD hwiNniartCeUr m iMlftCiUBME MrMF. i«« ZI I in4 I ' M a SM " Barber, Chris J (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering Love Sports-Football Barber, Craig D (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Science Barber, Dougias W. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Barber, Jaclyn M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Barber, Jason Cole (Henderson, NV) Sophomore, Pre-Business Barber, Kyle S (Wicltenburg, AZ) Freshman, Physics, Astronomy Alpha Chi Omega Barber, Michael J. (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Barbera, Jeffrey Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Barber, Erick J. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Finance Barcelo, Cyndy (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Barcenas, Angelica J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Barckett, Ashley Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Barclay, Jennifer (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Barclay, Leslee-Ann E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Bard, Philip Reginald (Paradise Valley, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bard, Robin IVIarissa (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Barden, Sarah C (Amado, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Bardwell, Conan M. (Palm Springs, CA) Senior, Accounting Bareham, Andrew Scott Wilson (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bareiss, Eric Thomas (Gilbert, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Bargenquast, Jessica D (Brookfield, Wl) Freshman, Marketing Sma Barham, Britney Leigh (Laguna Niguel, CA) Junior, Communication, Business Gamma Phi Beta Bari,Tahsina (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Barile, Sean L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History Bariletti, Katherine E (Redmond, WA) Senior, Communication Barillari, Adriana A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Barillari, Diana Teresa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Barker, Aaron Phillips (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Barker, Blaine A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Physics Piano Barker, Jason Ray (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering, Computer Science Barker, Jennifer S. Junior, Chemistry, Ecology And Evolutionary Biology Poetry, Dance, Environmental Activities, Entomology Barker, Justin (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Geography Barker, Keven Wheeler (Pinetop, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Barker, Scott A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Barkley, Anne Mckenna (Oxnard, CA) Junior, Media Arts Barkley, Harrison Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Classics Barkley, Michael David (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Barkoff, David Charles Freshman, Pre-Business Barks, Casey Wayne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Barleen, Eric T (Lafayette, CA) Senior, Fine Art Studies Barlow, Donald Adam (Hudson, OH) Freshman, Astronomy Barlow, Matthew Dean (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Barmash, Jessica Lauren (Yardley PA) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Barna, Nicholas Joseph (Potomac, MD) Sophomore, No Major Selected Barnacastle, Michael J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Barnard, Amanda Sara (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Environmental Science Barnard, Janette J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Barnard, Matthew C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Criminal Justice Barnes, Andrea Lynn (Prescott, AZ) Freshman, Music Barnes, Brian Clay (Tuscon, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Barnes, Brian Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Barnes, Christopher Antone (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Barnes, Cristi Lyn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Singing, Ballroom Dancing Barnes, David A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Arizona Men ' s Volleyball Barnes, Dawn E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Barnes, Ivan C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Barnes, Katherine M. (Nashville, TN) Junior, Communication, Pre- Law Alpha Phi Barnes, Lynn Wilson (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Barnes, Michael L (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Barnes, Nicholas J. (Paradise Valley, AZ) Senior, Psychology Barnes, Robert Clayton (Oxford, MS) Sophomore, Computer Science Digital Art, Programming, Reading Barnes, Stephanie Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineering Barnes, Valerie M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Barneson, Victoria J. (Los Angeles, CA) Freshman, Sociology, Art History Kappa Alpha Theta, Young Republicans Club Barnett, Brad Kenneth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Barnett, Clay J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Barnett, Jose Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Performance Barnett, Lauren R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, English Barnett, Luis Ernest (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Barnett, Nathan Etienne (Philadelphia, PA) Junior, Political Science, French Sigma Phi Epsilon Barnett, Nicole Paige (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Barnett, Sheena Brooke (Show Low, AZ) Senior, Pre-Health Education Swimming, Hiking, Camping, Church Activities Barnett, Stacey Kathryn (Carisbad, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Barnett, Yaniv Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Barney, Megan Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Barney, Stacy Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Barnhart, Brittney Nicole (Venus, TX) Freshman, Communication Navy And Army ROTC Barnhart, Jenifer June (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Barnhart, Stephanie C. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Barnum, Taylor Berthold (Redmond, WA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Baro, Wall (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Baron, Alexis Patricia (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Barone, Jeff P. (Cave Creek, AZ) Sophomore, Physiological Sciences Wildcat Offroad Barotz, Samuel Brandon (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Barr, Christine L (Fairfax, VA) Senior, German Studies, Political Science And Communication (thematic ) Travel, Art, Biking, Swimming, Music, U Of Arizona German Club, Presbyterian Campus, Ministry (PCM). Barr, Darren Bradford (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Barr, Joshua David (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Physics, Mathematics Barr, Keekan Michelle (Silverthorne, CO) Senior, Sociology Barr, Michael Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Barragan, Mario (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Barragan, Richard L. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Barrasso, Julie A (Memphis, TN) Freshman, Pre-Education Alpha Epsilon Phi Barrasso, Noah C (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Barrat, Brian D. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Management Info Systems Barraza, Brandi S. (Silver City NM) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Barraza, Fernando (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Barraza, John Raymond, III (Ventura, CA) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Marine Corps, Science, Engineering, Aviation, Intramural Soccer Barraza, Lorena (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Barraza, Oscar (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Barreda, Luis (Nogales, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Barreira, Mathew S. (Venice, CA) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Barrera, Angelica Martina (El Paso, TX) Senior, Latin American Studies, Spanish Barrera, Katherine Rose (Benson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Barrera, Lourdes G. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Liberal Studies Barrera, Margoth Fernanda (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Barrera, Monica Rene (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Latin American Studies, Spanish Barreras, Berenice (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Barreras, Jessica Renee (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Barrett, Amy Leigh (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Big Brothers Big Sisters Barrett, Ashley M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Barrett, Georgeanne Kimberly (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Barrett, James Xeros (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Accounting Barrett, Jennifer L (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Barrett, Jessie Lynne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Barrett, Kristy Lyn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Barrett, Paige Elizabeth (Evanston, IL) Sophomore, Psychology Barrett, Patrick Gerald (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Barrett, Rebecca J (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry Barrett, Robert Bruce (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Barreuther, Kristin C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Education Sigma Kappa Barrientez, Alyssa lana (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Barrientos, Ivan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Barriga, Guillermo Enrique (Mission Viejo, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business, Spanish Sigma Alpha Epsilon Barriga, Jordan C. (Northbrook, IL) Junior, Regional Development Barriga, Luis Manuel (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Barrigah, Dede (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Barrigah, Tete Komlan (Lome, TG) Junior, Electrical Engineering, Business Management Sport, Basketball, ASA, Soccer Barrile, Ann Mary (Deer Park, WA) Sophomore, Political Science Barrionuevo, Barbara Rose (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Barrios, Maritza Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Barro, Mariam (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Argi Economics Management Barron, Bonni Lee (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Psychology Barron, Daniel, Jr. (Pasadena, CA) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Barron, Lourdes H. (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Barrow, Nicholas Lawrence (Houston, TX) Sophomore, English, Creative Writing Arizona Men ' s Lacrosse Barry, Arthur Dylan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Barry, Greg J. (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Barry, Jessica Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Barry, Katelyn Rose (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Spanish Barry, Kathleen M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Barry, Kyle (Danville, CA) Freshman, No Major Selected Barry, Lauren Elizabeth (Cutchogue, NY) Senior, Astronomy Barry, Mary Colleen (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Fine Art Studies Music, U Of A Symphonic Choir Barry, Tiffany L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Spanish Barsky, Jeffrey Steven (Chatsworth, CA) Senior, Media Arts Barson, Brian Thomas (Las Vegas, NV) Junior, Regional Development, Business Skiing, Mountain Biking Bart, Joshua Victor (Walnut Creek, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bartel, Chandra Rosalie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Bartel, Justin S (North Newton, KS) Senior, Astronomy Bartelt, Christine Elizabeth (Merced, CA) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry Marching Band, Paintball, Rock Climbing Barth, Amanda Frances (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Barth, Evan Michael (Winters, CA) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Management Hanging Out With Friends, Football, Basketball, Wakeboarding, Dirt Bike Bartholomew, Anna E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Directory • 329 Bartholomew, Blake Brautlgam (Elk Grove, CA) Freshman, Political Science Pi Kappa Phi Bartholomew, James George (Chicago, IL) Sophomore, Psychology Bartik, Leonid (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Bartlett, Benjamin P (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Bartlett, Renee Kathleen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Bartoll, Lauren Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bartollnl-volk, Nicholas Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. Pre-Business Bartolo, Jessica Ann (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, Psychology Bartolo, Teck R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bartolomeo, Christina Marie (Corpus Christi, TX) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Bartolucci, Sara N (Barrington, IL) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Barton, Leah Elizabeth (Santa Fe, NM) Senior, General Biology Barton, Mark Danger (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bartosik, Erin K (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bartz, David Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Bartz, Shirley(charlie) Joann (Waterford, CA) Senior, English, History Teaching Middle School Barvie, Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Barzanjy, Nasyar Arshad (Sulemanyah, IQ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Electrical Engineering Alpha Kappa Alpha, Research, Tucson Soccer League Basalilov, Aleksandr (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Basarab, Jodi Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Bash, Terry D (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Basham, Daniel Rankin (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Bashaw, Philip C (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Bashir, Hassan A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science BasiJ, Stefanie L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Basinger-walholm, Ursula (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Anthropology Baskin, Adam M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Baskin, Amber J (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, English, Biology Baskind, Michael Morris (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business BasI, Lisa Lynn (Reno, NV) Junior, Pre-Business Bass, Benjamin I (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Bass, Elliott Garner (Leawood, KS) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bassaraba, Laura A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Bassett, Glenn R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Bassett-Mota, Sherry Jan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism, English Bassin, Matthew Levi (Santa Barbara, CA) Senior. Journalism Basta, Chase Morgan (Lindsay MT) Sophomore, Mathematics Bastian, Steven K. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mining Engineering Bastidas, Adam C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bastin, Jesse L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agri Resource Economics Bastron, Dennis (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Basurto, Erica Alexandria (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, General Business Basurto, Jonathon Arthur (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Bataineh, Zeid Marwan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Batcheler, Amy Claire (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bates, Andrew Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mathematics Church, Climbing Bates, Brian Halt (Tucson, AZ) Senior, German Studies Bates, Brittney Patrice (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bates, Cathleen Ruth (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication, Business Bates, Jeremy R, (Dallas, TX) Junior, Accounting Bates, Jessica Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Creative Writing Bates, Molly K (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Batiz, Rafael (Nogales, AZ) Junior, Argi Economics Management Batman, Chelsey L (Avondale, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Select ed Batni, Roopa R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marlteting Batt, Guiilermo (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Electrical Engineering, : Math, Business Batt, Sara Alexis (Omaha, NE) Senior, Communication, Business Delta Delta Delta Batten, Megan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Batterman, Rebecca Michelle (Ivyland, PA) Freshman, Pre-Business Sigma Kappa Battersby, Miranda C. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Battle, Nathan M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Battle, Stephanie Currier (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Batts, Leedaun C. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Batty, Vernon Dean (Thatcher, AZ) Junior, Psychology Batubara, Mina Purnama (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Bauer, Brandt Edward (San Juan Capistrano, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bauer, Daniel R (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. Optical Sciences Engineering Bauer, Gregory Thomas (Flagstaff. AZ) Freshman. Music Bauer, Jacob Matthew (Phoenix. AZ) Junior. Economics, Business Kappa Sigma Bauer, Laura Lynn (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Psychology Bauer, Max Vaughn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Bauer, Melinda Sue (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Bauer, Michell L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Bauer, William T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Baugh, Lindsay Katherine (Sammamish, WA) Junior. Marl eting Baugh, Matthew Allen (Antioch, CA) Freshman, Undecided Business, Accounting, U Of A Baseball, Cars. Poker Baugher, Daniel Erie, iV (Phoenix, AZ) Junior. Pre-Buslness University Of Arizona Football Baum, Alexander Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Baum, Amy Lynn (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. French Baum, Austin J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Baum, Kristina Marianne (Whittier, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Education Baum, Patrick Arthur (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bauman, Brendan Scott (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Political Science Bauman, Evan James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bauman, Jenny Eliz abeth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, General Biology Bauman, Nick S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bauman, Stefanie A. (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore. Family Studies Human Devel Baumann, Matthew W (Rutland, VT) Senior, Regional Development Baumgard, Brandon Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Plant Sciences Bautista, Maribelle Baiiesteros (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Bautzmann, Erin (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Psychology Bava, Elizabeth Anne (Westminster, CO) Freshman. Civil Engineering Blue Chip Bawol, Jiiiian F. (Fountain Hill. AZ) Sophomore. Psychology Bawoi, Megan Rachel (Fountain Hill. AZ) Senior, Special Education Rehab Bawoiek, Carolyne Alice (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Civil Englneenng Baxter, Andrew Mark (Ellicott City, MD) Junior, Political Science Baxter, Brent T. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Baxter, Danielle C. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Bayer, Christopher Robert (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Ecology Bayes, Crystal Lynn (Sierra Vista. AZ) Junior. Theatre Arts Bayes, Michelle Nicole (Cave Creek, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bayham, Jacob W (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bayla, Remoliver (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bayle, Jennifer Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bayless, Steven Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts, Creative Writing Roller Blading, Hiking, Video Games, Movies, Music Bayne, Kendel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Baytos, Megan Cleary (Germantown, TN) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Bayze, Robert Adrian (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Beach, Margaret K. (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Beach, Michael David (Tuscon. AZ) Sophomore. Psychology Beahan, Kelly E. (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Political Science, Second : Classics Blue Chip Leadership Program Beahan, Patrick N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Beal, Matthew William (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Beal, Sarah Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bealer, Ian M. (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior. Mechanical Engineering Beall, Ryan Magruder (Enumclaw, WA) Senior, Accounting Beals, Kathryn Margaret (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Spanish. Pre- Health Beam, Erik Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Wildlife Beaman, Michael Henry (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Pre-Communication Beard, Cameron Alexander (Green Valley AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Beard, Christopher Stephen (Downingtown, PA) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Beard, Rachel Elisabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Children, Dancing And Singing Beard, Sarah Louise (Plymouth, MN) Junior, Psychology Bearden, Meghanne Maureen (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Beardsley, Lauren (Paradise Valley, AZ) Senior, General Biology Beardsley, Megan (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore. Studio Art Kappa Kappa Gamma Beardsley, Robert O, III (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bearman, Whitney R. (Memphis, TN) Junior, Communication, Business Kappa Alpha Theta, Music We love you Whippet. We ' re so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Rachel Beas, Celina C. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Beasley, Krystal Michelle (Morgan Hill, CA) Freshman, Media Arts Music. Soccer, Dance, Friends, Call Beasley, Sarah (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Beaton, Brent William (Del Mar, CA) Freshman, Pre- Communication Beatty, Jennifer Lee (Grosse lie, Ml) Senior, Media Arts, Studio Arts Film, Art, Creative Minds Club Beatty, Michael R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Beaty, Christian Andrew (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Beaty, Melissa Camille (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Beaubien, Anne E (Herndon, VA) Sophomore, Anthropology Beauchene, Briana May (Paradise Valley, AZ) Senior, General Biology Beaver, Eric Charles (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Systems Engineering Bebekian, Aram (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Beca, Erica Nicole (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Family Studies Human Devel Beca, Gtna M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Becerra, Yolanda Baldonado (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Bechman, Alexis T. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Bechtel, Molly Kathryn (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Political Science Beck, Devin (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Beck, Gregory (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Beck, Kelly Maureen (Dublin, CA) Sophomore. Media Arts Beck, Lindsey Paige (Yuma, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Beck, Melissa Jo (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Beck, Roan Charles (Lake Havasu City, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Beck, Sarah P. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Beckel, Aubreena L. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Beckel, Thomas H. (Vail, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Beckenstein, Joshua Brett (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Arizona Blue Chip Program Becker, Corey J. (Peoria, AZ) Junior, Media Arts, Business Film, Music Becker, Erik (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Chemistry Becker, Johanna N. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Becker, Michael D (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science, Chemistry »« 9» ■.-.:r» 9- ' - .;.■, ' --! Hurt tl, niiHiW v - -,niJ » m hi ,,..- R " ••• .:,: » m " ' =fte« « Ca :,, :-»tW»« I . ' cviEnjB ? 10 ,.„:■« » )l k» ;10 S0 tMIMfl " W IW»1 Ni satroeteisw tunews »» J « im ■cr»Zl N sgw.DiirtJj«i . ' e HwiSMlM m •cytf n ssratPsytftta V iWiVwBito Sn •w..ffl N ■WiWWiiJ " ja Ml Mm MM Sm I w.FaiiivSuMI 1 i iwW « UnGiogni Ni fmH . ' « im.bmia)ium Sm tMSwtni m to, Z) te fetw.Piitow %• tftumk QM IWiOfli »m J ntoirtrg a hHtaS im r«Azi Ni IttaNoUvrSttM 1 1a WDMiEMla Ear.ffl H SmFanDfSUat ta :|«oDm1I iKM{| JH HKMnleola hp far I: « SUmBtrartt, M bar. Om ltt.BaMl Ni .Siii«CtyiJD •SiwiJrtiwfdte i« Htta,(!o( cnfQSiQ cm tmsfff :ittll«iw. Ni ' ' telniN « fa.. zi " " WfetW, la hk.Un • ' ant Vm ha hto ' ' XK.1 lai ffcCHi Sm Nil km ' t, " s ■•l 330 • Directory ■■•Itai kKHdlk l«WOM intkil km.Ki ' ■■■n ' MMBrionilo ■ ».«) 1an«2| JMt.fUlalSaeK! Ml Dull JMlUk MUriMwi SMmlWiMs SgaMMwisi MtHtoJo I MtaCMK MM ' ' MMMiiwy Ma iMLkMWL MUnaMK. r •«« S « " lUEoia ' i CtemsJ! Ma Z Becker, Nicole R (Chester Springs, PA) Sophomore, Nursing Becker, William Richard (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Criminal Justice Beckham, Robert Patrick (Pasadena, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Becko, Derek Scott (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Beckwith, Arthur Todd (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Beckwith, Katherine N. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Ecology Evol Biology Becwar, Nicole Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Whting Bedford, Timothy R. (Oakley, CA) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Bednarek, Julie M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Bednarek, Sara IVIarie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bednarek, Vanessa Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Bedoy, Andrea l Aelissa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Bedoya, Georgina A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Bedrick, Sean Aaron (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bedrick, Todd A. (Aloha, OR) Junior, Accounting Bee, (Matthew S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Beeaff, Danielle Ernestine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel, Psychology Beebe, Corinne Louise (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Elementary Education Beebe, Elizabeth L (Salt Lake City UT) Freshman, University College Diving, Dance, Golf, Gymnastics Beecher, Rolenna Jeanne (Livonia, NY) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Beede, Ryan N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Beeghly, Logan Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineehng Beeler, Allison (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Beemer, Jessica S. (Pacific Palis, CA) Sophomore, Sociology Beemiller, Whitney Kay (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Beenken, Liese Nichole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Beer, Sofee A (Sherman Oaks, CA) Senior Mathematics, Theatre Arts Delta Delta Delta, Arts and Features Reporter, The Daily Wildcat, Tae Bo Spinning Aqua instructor at the Rec Center, Shiep in Zink: The Myth Beers, John F (Casa Grande, AZ) Senior, Political Science Beers, IVIark Alan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Beery, Richard Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Begay, Cody Lee (Low Mountain, AZ) Sophomore, Art Education Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Basketball And, Working Out Begay, Eric J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Begay, Eugene A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Begay, Jasper (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Begay, Jolynn M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Begay, Justin Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Begay, Madelena (Tsaile, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Begay, Michaela Maria (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Begay, Olivia Mary (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Begay, Tommy K. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Begaye, Adrian (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Begaye, Adrienne Marie (Winslow, AZ) Junior, Microbiology, Chemistry Begaye, Lyneve M. (Window Rock, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Begg, John P. (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Beggy, Stephanie Lynn (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, Classics Beggy, Sydney Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Begley, Ryan K (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Beglin, Christopher John (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Beguin, Christine Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Behl, Christine C. (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Nursing Behncke, Ian (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Behrana, Cyrus J. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Marketing Behrens, Kelli Lynn (Anaheim Hills, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Behrens, Leslie C (Stamford, CT) Junior, Anthropology, Religious Studies Behrens, Matthew R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Behrens, Richard D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Behshad, Soroosh (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Beideman, Jeffrey Barrett (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Beiderbecke, Bix Alexander (Wheat Ridge, CO) Sophomore, Engineering Sunburn Ultimate Team, Neptune Society Beier, Celia H (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Beier, James David (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering Beier, Michele Fish (Flagstaff, AZ) Freshman, Elementary Education, Linguistics Beigle, Stephanie Lynne (Griffith, IN) Junior, Pre-Communication Beik, Nahal (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Beiriger, Jessica L (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Beithon, Rachel Elizabeth (Minneapolis, MN) Senior, English, Spanish Beitia, Eric A. (Bayside, NY) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineering Beittenmiller, Christopher Jestak (St. Louis, MO) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Cars, Music, Formula SAE Bejarano, Gilbert A. (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Finance Bejarano, Jennifer Lynn (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Psychology Spanish Intramural Softball Bejarano, Trisha Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Bejerano, Diane Grace (Rosemead, CA) Senior, General Biology Beko, Ashley Elizabeth (Huntington Beach, CA) Freshman, Speech Hearing Sciences Belafsky, Ryane M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Belal, Nora Elizabeth (Pelham, NH) Freshman, Studio Art Belcher, Claire Dewhurst (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Belcher, David Alan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Art History Belfadil, Wahid (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mathematics Belgrave, Laray (Portland, OR) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Basketball, Football Belinky, Joseph B (Columbus, OH) Junior, Regional Development Belitsos, Jeremy Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Bell, Adrienne Marie (Perrysburg, OH) Senior, Management Info Systems Bell, Amy Christine (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bell, Andrew Carson (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Bell, Austen Myer (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Bell, Bonnie Lee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Bell, Brittney Dawn (Temecula, CA) Junior, Psychology Bell, Christa (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Music Bell, Christina Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History Bell, Christopher James (La Mirada, CA) Senior, Finance Bell, Darius E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Bell, Emily M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Bell, Jacy Kamiko (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Bell, Josh M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Bell, Lydia Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Dance Bell, Marisa J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Art Education Bell, Megan D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Ecology Bell, Michael Steven (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Bell, Mikaela J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Linguistics, Medieval Studies Martial Arts, Dance, Music, Creative Writing Bell, Monique P (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, Psychology, Spanish Bell, Nathan (Fountain Hill, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Bell, Omar John (Weston, MA) Sophomore, Psychology Bell, Ryan J (New Market, MD) Junior, Finance Bell, Ryan (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Bell, Tanner Christopher (Castroville, CA) Junior, Regional Development, Business Communication University Of Arizona Football Player Bell, Travis Bertrand, Jr. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Music Bell, Travis R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bell, Warren W (Chicago, IL) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Kappa Alpha Bellagamba, Ashley Elizabeth (Los Altos, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development, Sociology Bellanger, Monica T. (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education, Family Studies Beller, Graydon Sami (Newport Beach, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Beller, Matthew Allen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Belliard, Audrey C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Belling er, Lindsay Anne (Dallas, TX) Junior, Journalism, Sociology And Communications Kappa Alpha Theta, Traveling, Running, Hanging With The Theta Gals Bellisario, John Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Production Bellovin, Michael Ian (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bellows, Donald Clinton (Newport Beach, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Bell-Smith, James Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Economics, Finance Belmonte, Heather Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Animal Sciences Belnap, Zithrely (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Belone, Phillip Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Belous, Kathryn (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Political Science Belser, Steven James (Great Neck, NY) Senior, Communication Belshe, Matthew Darrell (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Belshe, Timothy (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Systems Engineering Belter, Jessica Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Beltran, Aurora A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Beltran, Liliana (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Beltran, Nicholas Alexander (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Belver, Lori Anne (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Bemis, Nicole M. (Bainbridge Island, WA) Junior, Sociology Ben, Melanie L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Benadom, Elise Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, SLHS BenadrettI, Brandon D. (Irvine, CA) Sophomore, Business Management Soccer Benafield, Meghan Emily (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Benally, Darren B (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Benally, Everett Eric (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Benally, Sherylynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Benally, Tanya Marie (Grand Falls, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education University Chess Club, Unity Blue Chip Benassi, Marco Steven (Fountain Hill, AZ) Senior, Economics Benavides, Liliana Belen (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Benavidez, Bryan Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Communication Benavidez, Elias M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts, Theatre Arts Benavidez, Kodi Lalne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Benavidez, Lindsey M. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Benbow, Celina Hom (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Bencomo, Andrea J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Bencomo, Stephanie M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Social Studies Bencomo, Tera R. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Bender, Andrew Christian (VIg of Lakewd, IL) Sophomore, Psychology Bender, Hillary (Beverly Hills, CA) Junior, Psychology Bender, Karen E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Bender, Lynnsey N. (Manhattan Beach, CA) Senior, Communication Bendewaid, Jessica Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Ben-dror, Lisa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Environmental Water Res Benedetti, Steven Michael (Danville, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Benedict, Katherine Juanlta (Casa Grande, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Benedikt, Sean Ryan (Apache Junction, AZ) Junior, Finance Beta Theta Pi Benefield, Charles Douglas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Beneicke, Katherine E. (Bloomfield Hills, Ml) Sophomore, No Major Selected Directory • 331 Beneke, Amanda R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Beneke, Erin Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Beneze, Alan Neil (Bullhead City, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Bengoechea, Petria Nicole (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Undecided Bengtson, Christian J. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Bengtson, Theresa D Junior, Wildlife Benich, Samantha L (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Anthropology Benites, Bradford Daily Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice, Pre-Law Sports And www.bwpokerta- blescom. Baseball, Golf Benjamin, Erin Lindsey (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Benjamin, Hayley Suzanne (Seattle, WA) Freshman, Pre-Business Volleyball Benjamin, Martin A. (Chicago, IL) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology, Biochemistry AED, Youth Against Cancer, Sigma Alpha Lambda, Phi Eta Sigma Benkendorfer, Edward William (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Benko, Alison M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Benkoske, Thomas J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Ben-mohamed, Keisi Jamila (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Benn, Andrew R (Penn Valley, PA) Senior, Political Science Bennen, Marialine P (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Journalism Bennett, Aaron Christopher (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Bennett, Adam D (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Atmospheric Sciences, math Pride Of Arizona Marching Band, Seacams Congratulations on a job well done Adam. Love, Mom Dad Bennett, Adrian Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bennett, Ashleigh Susan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bennett, Blaine Eugene (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Bennett, Braden Werner (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Bennett, Brian James (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Public Management Policy Music, Pride Of Arizona, Pass, SIFE, Blue Chips Bennett, Carly Anne (Tucson, CA) Freshman, No Selected Kappa Alpha Theta Bennett, Christopher Jared (Casagrande, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Bennett, Courtney Elizabeth (Los Angeles, CA) Junior, Business Economics Bennett, Elspeth Alyn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Bennett, Garrett Lee, Jr. (Page, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, Spanish Alpha Phi Omega, Arizona Ambassadors, Associated Students Of The University Of Ahzona, Bennett, Gregory P. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Bennett, Jamie L (Marana, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Bennett, Joseph Aaron (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineehng Bennett, Kayla Marie (Tucson. AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Bennett, Kevin David (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Bennett, Michael Raymond (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Bennett, Natalie Ann (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Communication Bennett, Nicholas Harold (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Physics Bennett, Rabecca Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Bennett, Timothy R. (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Wildlife Benninger, Cole Harris (Tuscon, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Benninger, Lezlee Roanne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Muscial Theatre Musical Theatre, Singing, Acting, Dancing, Piano, Stage Combat, Svi imming, Knitting Benosa, Jerome Nicholas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Benson, Alexandria (Orinda, CA) Freshman, Physiological Sciences Benson, Andrew J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Benson, Andrew Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Benson, Bianka Nikole (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Benson, Brandie L (Benson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Benson, Chelsea Marelle (Marietta. GA) Sophomore, Dance, Media Arts Benson, Elisa Jill (Grand Forks, ND) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel, Classics Benson, Emily Kerstin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Benson, Eric Edward (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Benson, Jonathon Joseph (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, East Asian Studies Benson, Kathleen Anne (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Physiological Sciences Benson, Kristen Noel (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Accounting Benson, Michelle J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Music, Sports Benson, Nicole Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Benstein, Michael R (Wheaton, IL) Senior, Finance Bent, Chelsea Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art History, Classics Bentley, Jennifer Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art Education, Educational Psychology Bentley, Jessica Veriene (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Bentley, Jill Renee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Benton, Amanda Eileen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Animal Sciences Benton, Beau Gilbert (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Benzi, Kathy Joann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Beran, Jeff Wylder (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Engineehng Management Berding, Travis J (Alamo, CA) Junior, Economics Beren, Eli Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Berens, Jeffrey Michael (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Political Science Berg, Amy Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Family Studies Human Devel Berg, Brett Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Berg, Daniel Scott (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Anthropology Young Democrats, Food Not Bombs, Refuse And Resist, Students For Choice Berg, Elliott A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineehng, Aerospace Engineehng Micro Air Vehicle Club Berg, Travis Lee (Tigard, OR) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bergdahl, Kristina L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Ecology Bergeman, Steven M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Bergen, Christopher V. (Denville, NJ) Junior. Political Science Bergen, Jacqueline E. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Bergen, Jeanie L. Junior, Theatre Arts, Journalism Chi Omega Bergendahl, Brett Matthew (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Business Management Bergendahl, Lauren Nicole (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Public Management Policy Berger, Aaron J (San Diego, CA) Senior, Management Info Systems Berger, Carrie S (Pinetop, AZ) Senior, English Berger, Eric Wesley (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Berger, Kelli Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Berger, Kristina Jonelle Combs (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Latin American Studies Bergeron, Keith H. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Berglund, Charlene Kristen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bergman, Jacob Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bergman, Miranda Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Bergman, Sean Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Bergner, Skyler Bodine (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Chillin Bergougnan, Nathalie M. (Laguna Beach, CA) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Bergstad, Letysha Bree (Flagstaff, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing, Veterinary Sciences Architecture Bergstrand, Anneka K (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Animal Sciences Bergstrom, Grace Sharon (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Beriyeva,Yelena Nikolayevna (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Performance Piano Dravi ing, Swimming, Listening To Classical Music Beriyeva, Yelizaveta Nikolayevna (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Performance Piano Berk, Cambel May (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Berke, Brian D (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Berke, Noah L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Berkenkamp, Drew Charles (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Media Arts, American Indian Studies , Education , Business Production, Earth Day Film Festival, Basketball, Flag Football, Softball Intramurals Berkey, Christopher Harrison (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Berkey, Lauren Nicole (Marana, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Berkley, Maxwell Abraham (Las Vegas, NV) Senior, Political Science Berkman, Gregory F. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Berkowitz, Kevin B. (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Judaic Studies Berkowitz, Taryn Leigh (San Diego, CA) Freshman, No Selected Alpha Chi Omega Berlese, Angela Jeanna (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Nursing, Spanish Berlin, Andrea M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Berlin, Michael James (Boise, ID) Sophomore, Pre-Business Berlin, Ryan Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Berman, Jessica Lyn (Newton, NH) Junior, Anthropology Berman, Natalie Brooke (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Undecided, Art History Berman, Rachel (Las Vegas, NV) Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences, Thematic (business And Family Studies) Sign Language Association, NSSHLA Bermudes, Christiane L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Enjoys Art And Traveling Bermudez, Arnulfo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Bernai, Adam Hilbert (Benson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Bernai, Daniela S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Bernai, David Thomas (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Bernai, John Martin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Bernai, Leticia Yvonne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Bernai, Ren? E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineering Mathematics Bernal-Rigoli, Julie Christina (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ, Animal Science Bernardi, Christopher Angelo (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Bernardi, Maria (Tucson, Z) Sophomore, Political Science Bernardson, Yaiza (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Bernedo, James E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Bernhard, Andrew J (Boulder, CO) Senior, General Biology, Chemistry And Spanish Bernhardt, Jason G. (Moses Lake, WA) Junior, General Biology, Pre- Business Chemistry U Of A Rugby Bernhardt, Jennifer Rose (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Bernhardt, Michelle Renee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Animal Sciences Bernicky, Lauren N (Buffalo Grove, IL) Graduate, Psychology, Religious Studies Kappa Alpha Theta Bernier, Jessica Ashley (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Mines Berns, Adam S (Vernon Hills, IL) Freshman, Pre-Business Pi Kappa Phi Bernsen, David Cade (Beaumont, TX) Junior, Political Science Bernstein, Benjamin Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Health Human Services Bernstein, Jamie Brooke (San Diego, CA) Junior, Public Management Policy, - Judaic Studies (Hebrew Language Emphasis) Pride Of Ahzona Marching Band, Tau Beta Sigma Bernstein, Jessica Sydney (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Bernstein, Joshua S (Longwood, FL) Sophomore, Computer Science Bernstein, Nicole Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Beronio, Molly Katherine (Carlsbad, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Berrellez, Benjamin Francisco (Nogales, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Berrellez, Brian (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Berreth, Brittany Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Berrie, Allison L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Studio Art Berrin-reinstein, Yosef Chaim „ (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Berry, Anna J (Rochester Hills, Ml) Senior, Accounting Figure Skating Coach Berry, Brett D. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Berry, David James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Berry, Matthew Garrett (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Berry, Meghan J (Kansas City, MO) Senior, Special Education Rehab Outdoor Adventures ki«) »« ii» r « % 7 Nm S h»«j «• K • 332 • Directory r «ililey ■ (lonK) Smm NiOltanllWiig ■ iMHMaSydoe) Sbm hM«Z) iMiP«{onnaKii iMhikDUMn 01 Jy0 nHMMK itaiUI ItHaiix SBo; _ t. ' ' ' ify EliBtelti WMiMBvMqi vol ! om m Berry, Monique G (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Berry, Peter A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Berry, Rebekah Ashley (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Berry, Thomas C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Berry, Whitney Rhea (Gilbert, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Berta, Richard J. (Sacramento, CA) Junior, Marketing Sigma Phi Epsilon Bertics, John IVIichael (Amado, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Berlin, Jesse D. (Oro Valley, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Bertoson, Grant (Seattle, WA) Senior, Communication Bertram, Erin C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bertram, Sonia Maritza (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Bertrand, IVIatthew L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Bertzil(is, Beth Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Berumen, Brian Angel (Baldwin Park, CA) Junior, Mexican American Studies, Pre Law Berumen, Monica (Nogales, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Berzins, Matthew D. (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Beske, Robert Lee (Stillwater, MN) Senior, Political Science Besong, Max (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Finance Football, Snowboarding, Soccer Bessent, Jeremy Daniel (Marana, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Bessett, Ashley Nicole (Sahuarita, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Bessette-halsema, Dominique E. (Mission Viejo, CA) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Bessey, Kayla Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Best, Clemencia Renea (Arlington, TN) Freshman, General Biology Best, Deann (Roy UT) Senior, Elementary Education Best, Douglas Hunter (Brookville, NY) Sophomore, Studio Art Best, Elaine Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Best, John T (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Marketing Best, Kathryn Ann (Chicago, IL) Junior, Pre-Business Best, Lori Jean (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Best, Nicole R. (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Betancourt, Acacia Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Betancourt, Ashley Maria (Gilbert, AZ) Freshman, English Writing, Traveling, Spending Time With Family Bethany, Sarah Rose (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History, Women ' s Studies Bethell, Hanna Marguerite (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, English Bethke, Ashley Dana (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Bethune, Christine E. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Betoney, Jasmine Renee (Flagstaff, AZ) Freshman, History Basketball Bettcher, Alan Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Bette, Eric James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Bette, Laura Renee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology, Business Running, Poetry Singing, Guitar Bettelheim, Shannon D. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Management Info Systems, Operations Management Betters, Raiza Rebekah (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Betterton, Edward William (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Betts, Casey Lynn (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Sociology Dance Betts, Justin C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, English Betts, Mya Alexandria (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Betz, Ashley Renee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Marketing Bevacqua, Erin Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Bevan, Cynthia C (Redmond, WA) Junior, Marketing Bever, Daniel Zachary (Orinda, CA) Freshman, No Major Selected Beverly, Michael Gray (Solvang, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bevins, William Frederick (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Bewtra, Gita K. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Health Education Beyer, Brian Jason (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Beyerle, Brent W. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Linguistics, History Beyerlein, Josephine Rose (Moscow, ID) Sophomore, Pre-Business Beytollah, Hamed (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Bezalel, Ehude Eddie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Bezerra-clark, Christopher M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Bezies, Lopez Armando (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering, French Music, Weightlifting, Swimming, Soccer Bezila, Dominique Elaine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Linguistics Bezzant, Roseanne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Bhakta, Kush Baldev (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bhakta, Nayan N. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Bhakta, Roma P. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physiological Sciences Bhakta, Vimalkumar Jawaharlal (Willcox, AZ) Senior, Finance Bhalla, Robin (Pacific Palisades, CA) Senior, Psychology Business Administration Bhambhra, Ravi (San Jose, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business UA Basketball, Learning To Coach Basketball n. Playing Any Sports, Listening To Music Bhardwaj, AnuJ (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Engineering Management Bhartia, Varun Vikram (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Bhattacharyya.Tulshi A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Bhatti, Hussain S (Lahore, Pakistan) Senior, Economics, General Business Economics, Politics, World Events, Sports Bhavnani, Rajan Pritam (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Agri Biosystems Engineering Bheda, Aditya Jayant (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Materials Science Engineering Bhirdo, Alyson Carol (Yuma, AZ) Sophomore, Animal Sciences Bhuskute, Aditi (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Bhuyan, Natasha (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology, Economics The Oasis Center, Arizona Daily Wildcat Senior Staff Writer, News, Tu Nidito Biache, Teresa A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Biagi, Julie Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Biagi, Mark Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Bialik, Michael Sunner (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bianchi, Carmen Elisa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Bianchi, Lauren Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Arizona Surfers Club, Arizona Women ' s Lacrosse Bianchi, Sascha Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Biancuzzo, Michael Francis (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Biasiucci, Leonardo A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Bibee, Abigail G. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Bible, Tiffany Dyan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Bice, Alexander Nicholas (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Bickel, Stephanie Annette (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Bickham, Anay D. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Bicknell, Adam James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Bidwell, Holly C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Education Dance We ' re so very proud of you. Made it through Freshman year did it exceptionally well. Love Mom Dad Biebelhausen, John Peter (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Biebelhausen, Megan Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Bieber, Kevin Martin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bieg, Edward James (Santa Fe, NM) Sophomore, Studio Art Biegelman, Michael J. (Cave Creek, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Biehl, Jennifer Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Biel, Matthew Brian (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bielli, Matthew Bennett (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bien, Geoff C (Dove Canyon, CA) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Bies, Zachary Charles (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Biesbroeck, Eric B (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agri Biosystems Engineering Biesemeyer, Amanda Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Bieterman, Carly C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Bifano, Louisa Marielle (Snowflake, AZ) Junior, Spanish, Latin American Studies Bigelow, Arthur Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemical Engineering Bigelow, Diane Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bigelow, Tracy Halbert (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Religious Studies Bigger, Patrick Mcgregor (Tulsa, OK) Junior, Geography Biggs, Amy Lorraine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Biggs, Darren T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Biggs, Lindsey N. (Laguna Niguel, CA) Sophomore, Studio Art Bigler, Daniel Gean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Bigman, Christine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Bihn, William J (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Bilby, Elaine M (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Finance, International Business And Psychology Eller Scholars, Financial Management Association, Eller Outreach Student Coordinator Bill, Nicholas Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Bill,Tamara L Senior, General Biology Chemistry Billings, Denise L. (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Billings, Jason Noel Saenger (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering, Math Billman, Aubri Shayne (Dallas, TX) Sophomore, Special Education Rehab Arizona Cheerleading Billy, Julian Harlan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Billy, Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Billy, Tammy (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Biiunas, Daniel J (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Journalism Bina, Thomas Drew (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Economics Binder, Dane Thompson (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Binder, Jeffrey Daniel (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Binder, Jeffrey E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bingaman, Marc G (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Bingham, Chris (Woodside, CA) Sophomore, Psychology Bingham, Christopher Allen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Bingham, Elena F. (Miami, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Rockclimbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking Bingham, Jodey Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Sociology Bingham, Karl M (White Lake, Ml) Senior, Fine Art Studies Bingle, Angela J (Fremont, CA) Senior, Political Science, Business Binkley, Jill Deanne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Binkley, Meisha A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Binshtock, Leor Shai (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bintz, Jereme R. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Theatre Production- Republican Politics, Technical Theatre, American History Biocca, Gianna Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art, Business Birch, Chandler M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Environmental Science Birch, Christina M (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Rafting, Running, Painting Birch, Kristin Leigh (Vienna, VA) Senior, Sociology Bird, Leah (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Bird, Megan Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Bird, Tracy Lee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English, Creative Writing Birdi,Tasinder K (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Birgy, Laura Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Birkbeck, Scott Charles (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Birkhauser, Britney Blair (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Birkholz, James Peter (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Birkholz, Jessica A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Birkholz, Mindy Joan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Birnbaum, Sara Ann (Lafayette, CA) Junior, Political Science Directory • 333 Birtcher, Leona C. (Window Rock, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences, Chemistry Alpha Phi Alpha, Volleyball, Bisbee, Clare Emily (New London, NH) Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Kappa Gamma BIsch, Christina M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Bischof, Christopher R. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Bischoff, Montanna (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bishop, Allison Joy (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bishop, Benjamin R. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Bishop, Bongi Annette (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Bishop, Bradley R (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Economics, Regional Development Bishop, Camille Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Science Bishop, Dawn E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Bishop, Derick J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Bishop, Lindsay Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Bishop, Luke Andrew (Ogalla, NE) Senior, Theatre Production, Psychology Acting, Directing, Producing, Business, Theatre, Theta Alpha Phi, Djing, Basketball Bishop, Thuy MalThi Vu (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Biskind, Lauren Rose (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism, Media Arts Gamma Phi Beta, UA TV, Kamp Student Radio Bisordi, Monica Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Bisset, Cameron Reid (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bisson, Matthew John (Tucson. AZ) Junior, Business Economics Bistany, Christopher M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bistany, Daniel J. (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Political Science Bitner, David M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Bitner, Derek Pehrson (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Bittner, Adam Michael (Washington Cr, PA) Junior, Political Science Bittner, Danielle Rae (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology, Spanish Bitzer, Roxann Anette (Vail, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Bivens, Ava Maria (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science, Economics Orchestra (viola). Camp Wildcats Bivens, Scott W (APO, AE) Senior, Operations Management Biznichuk, Larisa Davldovna (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Bjerke, Allison M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Bjerke, Crystal Lynn (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore. Retailing Consumer Science, Psychology Alpha Phi Omega, Church, Soccer Bjerke, Shanon L (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Nursing, Spanish SNUA, APO, Mortar Board Bjork, Susan Estelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Performance Percussion Bjorndahl, Laura M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Bjorvik, Erin K. (Bartlett, IL) Junior, Veterinary Science Black, Alesha F (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Journalism, Psychology Alpha Phi Omega Black, Ashley N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Black, Carly J. (Vail, AZ) Senior, History Black, Darrin Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Black, Joel A. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Economics Black, Joshua Cole (El Paso, TX) Freshman, Pre-Business Black, Kenneth Joel (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Black, Kimberiln (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics Black, Kvar C. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Materials Science Engineering Black, Sarah Susan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Black, Scott K. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Communication Black, Shamarie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Black, Taylor (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Blackadar, Brian Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Blackburn, Shanelle Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Pharmacy Blackford, Neal D. (Cottonwood, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Blackledge, Rachel Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Political Science Politics, Swimming, Blacklidge, Andrew John (Irvine, CA) Senior, Marketing Blackman, Hannah Felice (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Blackman, Tara Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Ecology Blackmore, Kristine R (Glendale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science, Psychology Band, Soccer, Volleyball Blackwell, Andrew Dean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business, Psychology Fixing ' Cars, Working ' Out, Sleeping ' Blackwell, Cera Elizabeth (Lake Havasu City AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Chemistry Chi Omega, SACCS Chemistry Club, Integrative Medicine Club Blackwell, James-michael N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Blackwell, Nathaniel Evan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Blackwell, Sherrie Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, East Asian Studies Blades, Brendan O. (Seattle, WA) Junior, History Blain, Michelle Lynn (Carlisle, PA) Senior, English, General Business Administration Study Of Buddhism In The Kagyu Tradition, Writing, Hiking, Vegan Cooking, Travel, Ancient History (Egyptology) Blair, Amanda J. (Safford, AZ) Junior, Nursing Blair, Brand! Christine (Medford, OR) Senior, Creative Writing, English Lit. Blair, Jamie Lynn (Han vich, MA) Freshman, Political Science Blaise, Brittany Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Blake, Brittany Lea (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Blake, Jesse H (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Active Flow Control, Unmanned Aehal Vehicles Blake, Katlyn Louise (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Blake, Matthew S. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Finance Blake, Shannon E (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior. Media Arts Blaker, Darby D (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Blakiston, Rebecca Louise (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies, English, Sociology, And Philosophy Blakney, Brandy S. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Blalock, Taylor Glenn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Blanc, Scott Adam (Mission Viejo, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Blancarte, Carlos Hernan (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Blancet, Stephanie Candace (Bonita, CA) Sophomore, Psychology Blanchard, Danielle L (Cave Creek, AZ) Freshman, Political Science, French Music, Volunteering, Kiwanis Circle K, College Republicans Blanchard, Jamie Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism, Political Science Associated Students Of The University Of Arizona, Freshman Class Council, Preludes Freshman Honorary Blanchard, Kendric O (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Blanco, Daniel Uzarraga (Sahuarita, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineehng Riding My Honda 400ex, Baseball Bianco, Ernesto A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Blanco, Marcos (Sahaurita, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Blanco, Renee Elise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education Bland, Brittany N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Blandin, Margaret C (Salinas, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Delta Gamma, Pre-Nursing Club, College Republicans Club Blangsted, Betty Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Nursing Blank, Danielle W (Melville, NY) Freshman, No Selected Blankenbeckler, Melissa Christin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Blankenburg, Nicholas Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Blankenship, Michelle Rene (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Blankenship, Sarah E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Blankenship, Todd Allan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Blanton, Clifford Earl, Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Blanton, Eric J (Denwood, MD) Senior, Psychology, Philosophy Blanton, Katourah A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Blasberg, Bynay (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Blaser, Nicole K. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English, Creative Writing Outdoor Adventures Blash,Tiana A. (Spokane, WA) Sophomore, General Biology Blasko, David Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Blasko, Jennifer Lynn (Greencastle, PA) Senior, Mathematics Blatt, Robin Leslie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Blattman, Elyse Nicole (Marlboro, NJ) Junior, Communication Blaylock, Sarah Brenda (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Education, Social Studies Blazek, Brigid R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Blecker, Emily Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Education Blecker, Nathan R. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Physiological Sciences, Chemistry Bledsoe, Tiffany Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Blessing, Daniel J (Rumford, Rl) Senior, Marketing Golf, Sports Marketing Association Blick, James H. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Blight, Sara Elizabeth (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Mathematics, Thematic In Science Education Wesley Student Ministries Blinn, Stefany Michelle (Olympia, WA) Sophomore, Communication, General Business Admin. Bliss, Morgan Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Blissett, Robert O. Bradley (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bloch, Benjamin Daniel (Mercer Island, WA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Blochberger, Sarah Taylor (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education The Refuge, Campus Crusade, Future Teachers Club Block, Andrew Gregory (Beverly Hills, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Block, Brandon (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Block, Brian C (Apache Junction, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Block, Brian Israel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Block, David Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Block, Jordan Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Block, Rachelle Vanessa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Blodget, Kristen E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Blohm, David M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Blohm, Gregory R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Bloker, Brian Justin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Blombaum, Cassie Louise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism, Political Science Art, History, Political Science, Basketball, Media Arts Club Blomberg, Daniel L. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Agri Biosystems Engineering Blomquist, Ayla Renae (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Blomquist, Erin L. (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Agri Biosystems Engineering Blong, Megan Elizabeth (Concho, AZ) Junior, Nursing Love Kids, Outdoor Activities: Hiking, Golf, Bike Riding, Camping. I ' m A Member Of The Ski Patrol Bloodworth, Brian T. (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Spanish Phi Alpha Delta, Mock Trial, Blue Chip, All Campus Leadership Awards Bloodworth, John Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bloom, Catherine Jane (Paradise Valley, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Gamma Phi Beta Bloom, Christopher Jay (Glen Ellyn, IL) Senior, Marketing, Psychology Sports, Cooking, Traveling, Intelligent Conversation, Movies, Wine And Cheese Connoisseur Bloom, Courtney Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bloom, David Allen (Paradise Valley, AZ) Senior, Accounting Bloom, Edward J (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, English Bloom, Erica Lina (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Bloom, Heidi Erin (Fairbanks, AK) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Bloom, Jeffrey S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Bloom, Katrina Louise (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Bloom, Layne Rachelle (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bloom, Timothy Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Bloomfield, Rebecca Nichole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music IX .Slevffiy ItAUisL W We, maca ItlWdln ' j l n AZl Ow rBejodDs ! " •■ teHshlett ■■ te «: m jo[fBrwfe.Ww ll To m «W hDebnliSMM M f»«) a trnMam » k.Mim M ta« ;Va rtmNollVrSNM f« MatMl Sot llUSafl) Mi SjAcmor Re9onl 1a) DB (irant Mm lnlliil, iclM ' li»«i ' m inr.ni9onllMw« IH lni«,«lnrtia ' M llnllOl SW itmmTlHitM In UKuiDmai ta ■jSr.HZl m ' ■ i ' " OSOOfCt imes •llinillllL i tt IbiUI fm taStdoAn «MM«tiJn ta ta««) ' w to.Etmmo m iKMHttai Ik. b(», Z) a nStiioAit ' w ha " WBtaMlM ! ■ " WW mt: «Mmi mm ' MkH: Nm «tto,,Psp«, ' i« ai»G«j SMI " ti.«i Ok KikMl w,(ai Dm Sii •ft. ki : (•■i fti. «• s » .v» ' Ni.Oti »i r:: »« «Blr 8 Va» bo. 334 • Directory T Alts On " HOWL " »«! Renae Sno ••■VlBosyasTO ■HlkgaElBiMi JMltlBII iMHillOiltoAcMes ' HlnGolBleniijiig, (MntiBiiinT. Swows Pieteess, iMCtliMCirws JUnnpMs ■MOnitMll inomn NMlNoKiarSMd ■nOMHJn MaMfiAZI hMfUBM iMCMkflwJiy ka(ltMI«Ps|iM9l MMinMCMSI i ■wCMMfMHC SHflttairtn; feMEMii kaittiLiM kKMSutesS (Wat ilW Blotkamp, Ryan Gregory (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Blount, Cassidy Ryan (Atascadero, CA) Sophomore, Psychology, Chemistry Football, Basketball, Weight Lifting Bloxham, Steven Walter (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Bluder, Steven Tyler (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. General Biology Blue, Alexis L (Marana, AZ) Senior, Journalism, theatre Theatre, Music, Writing, Phi Beta Kappa Blue, Madelyn Andrea (Louisville, KY) Senior, Elementary Education, General Science Three-Day Eventing: Equestrian Bluemer, Paula Sue (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Blum, Ashley E. (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Blum, Deborah Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Blum, Rachel Betty (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Blumberg, Jared S. (St. Augustine, FL) Sophomore, Regional Development Blumenthal, Eric David (La Jolla, CA) Senior, Regional Development Blumeyer, Alexandra Bllll (St. Louis. MO) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Blunk, Kasi Denae (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Physiological Sciences BIy, Lindsay L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art BIyth, Roberta Jean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics BIythe, Jennifer Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Photography Boatwright, Elizabeth Baxter (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Art History Boatwright, lUeg C. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, History Psychology French Chi Omega, Chain Gang, Optimi Bobertz, Briana Diane (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Sociology Bobet, Miranda (Lakewood, CO) Freshman, Pre-Education Synchronized Swimming Bobnick, Thomas Michael (Elk Grove, IL) Junior, Political Science Bobroff, Nicolas (Newhall, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication, Business Management Bocci, Paige Elizabeth (Hillsborough, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication, Art History Delta Gamma Bock, Ashley Anne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Economics Bock, Carolyn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History Bock, Gurudas Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Boday, Dylan Joseph (Morenci, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Boden, Brittany N (Arlington, VA) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry Delta Gamma, Club Lacrosse Bodin, Destiny Rachelle (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing, Spanish Alpha Delta Pi, Wildcats For Christ, Spires Sophomore Honorary, Faith Christian Church Bodiya, Claire Elizabeth (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business University Of Arizona ' s Women ' s Soccer Bodmer, Kyle James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Boeder, Sarah Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Boehm, Renee Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Boehmer, Melissa Sue (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting, Philosophy Yoga, Pilates, Running, Photography Boemer, Briana Kristen (Yuma, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Boemi, Ryan Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Boenzi, Salvatore Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Boepple, Matthew Benjamin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Running, Politics Boer, Jennifer Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. Pre-Pharmacy Boesch, Jean Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior Pre-Business Boesch, Taryn Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Boesewetter, Sandra J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Wildlife Boettge, Jessica R (Oro Valley AZ) Freshman, Education Campus Crusade, Elementary School Volunteer Bogdanovich, Brandt John (West Chester, PA) Sophomore, Pre-Education Boger, Clara Gail (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Boggle, Matthew Arthur (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Wildlife Boggs, Stephanie Jean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Women ' s Studies Boguena, Sana (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Bohan, Kyle D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bohan, Mary C (Rochester, NY) Senior, Elementary Education Bohannan, William George (Albuquerque, NM) Junior, Finance Bohannon, Brett W. (Solana Beach, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development, Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Surfing And The Beach Bohannon, Erin Leigh (Prescott, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Bohart, Brittany Ann (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Kappa Kappa Gamma Bohbot, Steven Charles (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bohling, Matthew D. (Lincoln, NE) Sophomore, Media Arts, Music Video Production, Playing Music, Cars Bohm, Leslie Barbara (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Bohme, Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering Mathematics Ping Pong Club Bohnen, Frederick Robert (Colorado Springs, CO) Freshman, Mining Engineering Bohnsack, Victoria Lynn (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Marketing Bohon, Otto Ramon (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Bohr, Megan Ann (Carefree, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Bohr, Zach David (Carefree, AZ) Junior, Marketing Boice, Bradley Tait (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Boice, Joseph Wood (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Boice, Michael H. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Men ' s Club Soccer Boido, Ubaldo Enrique (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Boisclair, Britt Ashley (Agoura Hills, CA) Junior, Pre-Education Boisvert, Nicole M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Bojaj, Sabit (Kline, Kosova) Sophomore, No Selected Psychology Martial Arts Bojorquez, Anahi (Rio Rico, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Health Education Bojorquez, Anne Badria (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Spanish Bojorquez, April Hope (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Watching Kids, Volunteering In Schools And Daycare Bojorquez, Fausto F (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Bojorquez, Sahara I (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Bojorquez, Xiomara (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Boland, Alissa K. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Solas, Raven (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Plant Sciences Bolasky, Kathryn R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Bolchalk, Anne A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Boldin, Jessica Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Bolding, Stephan F (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Boldt, Joseph M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Boler, Geoffrey S (Costa Mesa, CA) Junior, Marketing Boles, Erin N. (Springdale, AR) Sophomore, History, : Physics Resident Assistant Boles, Matthew Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Boley, Paul A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Astronomy. Physics Bolin, Michelle Marie (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Boling, Jayme Danielle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Bolitho, Rebecca Ann (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior Nursing Boll, Oebra L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Bollinger, Jenna M. (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Nursing Bollman, Eric Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Bollt, Alex J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bollum, Daniel Steven (New Brighton, MN) Sophomore, Pre-Business Beta Theta Pi Bolognini, Rose Anne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Boltz, Matthew F. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Bolz, Carlhey Celia (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Bommer, Amanda R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Bonar, Tyler J. (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Bonbrake, Abbigayle Kathleen (Ft. Wayne, IN) Sophomore, Studio Art Photo, Soccer Bond, Courtney Alexandra (Walnut Creek, CA) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Bond, Elizabeth Danielle (Stafford, VA) Sophomore, Geosciences Bond, Jared Isaiah (Oracle, AZ) Freshman, Music Bond, Kara Elizabeth (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior Animal Sciences Bond, Leilani (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Poli tical Science Bond, Melissa Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Bond, Rachelle E (Clermont, FL) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Bond, Ryan Jay (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bond, Stephanie N (Sierra Vista, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bond, Victoria Diane (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Special Education Rehab Bondeson, Jill N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Bonds, Jennifer Lea (Tucson, AZ) Junior, French Bonds, Rebecca Anne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Bondzio, Jason John (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bonelli, Christopher Bryan (Greer, SC) Senior, Regional Development Bonetti, Bryan C. (San Ramon, CA) Senior, Economics Boney, Courtney Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Bonham, Kathleen A (Alamo, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bonllla, Cassandra A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Geosciences Bonillas, Cristina (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Molecular And Cellular Biology Vocal Performance, Softball., Hispanic Business Student Association Juntos, Society Of Hispanic Professional Engineers Bonillas, Joshua Elijah (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bonistalli, Annealise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Bonneau, Kim Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Bonner, Alison M (Tucson. AZ) Junior Sociology Bonner, Jasmine Denise (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bonnifield, Craig P. (Alameda, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bono, Corey Jayne (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Bonser, Richard Neal (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Bonsky, David Arthur (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art Education Bonura, Damian Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Booen, Kyle Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Bool, Jennifer Michelle (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Nursing Boomer, Monica Leigh (Apache Junction, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Boone, Erin Elizabeth (Many LA) Senior. General Biology Boone, Lydell P (Kaibeto, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Boorse, Jacqueline Renee (Tucson, AZ) Junior Physiological Sciences Hospital Volunteer, Church Bell Choir Boos, Daniela Alicia (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Art History Boos, Garret Isidro (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Booth, Andrew Michael (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, Engineering Booth, Bryan E. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Theta Tau Booth, Courtney Lynne (Danville, CA) Senior, Animal Sciences, General Business Administration Alpha Phi Booth, Czara Celina (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Booth, John Sawyer (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Booth, Timothy D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Boothe, Bradley David (Arlington. OH) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Wildcat Off-Road, Wildcat Veterans Organization Boothe, Ryan H. (Chandler. AZ) Senior, Political Science, Pre- Law- Kappa Sigma, Pledge Trainer At Kappa Sigma, Ryan, we are so proud of you. Best of luck in the future in all tfiat you do. Love, Mom and Dad Borboa, Lizette (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education Borbon, Ivan Alonso (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Spanish Conservation Biology Internship Bordelon, Samantha T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Directory • 335 Borden, Alison Paige (Calabassas, CA) Junior, No Selected Bording, Michelle A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Bordowitz, Nichole L. (Tucson, AZ) Freslnman, Veterinary Science Reading, Writing, Music, Arizona Blue Chip Program Borel, Timothy David (Yorba Linda, CA) Freshman, History, Politicai Science Borg, Kristen Elyse (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, English Pride Of Arizona, Tau Beta Sigma Borgida, Amanda Karl (Rancho Palos, CA) Sophomore, Psychology Boring, Vanessa L (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Dance Boritas, Maria Agnes (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Bernstein, Valeria R (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Boros, Meghan C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Borota, Stephen Andrew (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Borrego, Shelley Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Psychology Borrel, Michael J (Houston, TX) Freshman, Pre-Business Pi Kappa Phi, Football, Basketball, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball Borst, Nicholas Stephen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Economics Borsul , Jennifer M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bortolotti, Jaime Erin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bortolotti, Lauren A (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Psychology Poiiticai Science Sigma Kappa, University Of Arizona Young Democrats Boruch, Joanna Lee (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, History Boruff, Kristen M. (Page, AZ) Senior, Speech Heahng Sciences, Special Education Borunda, Patricit Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Linguistics Borzatta, Elisa Nora (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Borzatta, Sara Michele (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Borzicl , Lee Micheal (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Bos, Russell (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Bos, Sara Marie (Gold Canyon, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Alpha Phi Omega Bosch, Robert Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Boschma, Laura Lea (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Bosco, James Raymond (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Bosen, Emily B (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Boser, Melissa S. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chminal Justice Boshes, Katherine Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Boskovich, Cassandra A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Bosshardt, Sean Richard (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Bossi, Steven (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bostic, Sherrie Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Bosworth, Daniel J (West Orange, NJ) Senior, Finance Bosworth, Jeremy William (Thousand Oal s, CA) Junior, Political Science Bosworth, Lauren Nicole (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Boteilo, Ana L (Giendale, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science, Spanish Arizona Blue Chip Botha, Naomi Mubil a (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Botha, Tikwiza (Kitwe) Junior, Computer Engineering Music, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer Bothman, Michael D. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Bothwick, Melissa Jeanne (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Botkin, Jeffrey Elias (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Botkin, Matthew J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Botsford, Christian Ahira (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Bott, Jenna E. (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Bottcher, Jason Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bouchard, Danielle Monique (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Bouchard, Dianne Alice (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Social Studies Bouchard, Eric John (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Boucher, Anthony David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Education Bouck, Sharon Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Boudreaux, Adam Jameson (Anaheim, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development, Poiiticai Science Sigma Pi Bouffard, Samuel L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Campus Crusade Boukarroum, Yomna S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Boukli-hacene, Marouan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Bouiais, Scott Randall (Giendale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Boulay, Maryline F (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science, French Bouie, Blaine K. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Management Info Systems Bouman, Steven C. (San Diego, CA) Junior, Environmental Water Res Boumis, Robert J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Microbiology Bourassa, Alicia Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Bourassa, Eric James (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Regional Development Bourguet, Brett R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Astronomy Bourland, Adam J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Bourne, Abigail Anne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Bourne, Andrew K (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineehng Bourne, Christina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Bourne, Kimberly L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics, Mathematics Motorcycles Bourque, Jesse A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Bousquet, Nicole Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Criminal Justice, Public Management Boutin, Kevin M (Scotts Valley CA) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Bouvet, Bours Martin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Industiral Engineering Bovee, Blake Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Bovee, Mattieu J (Lake Havasu City AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Bowden, Jeseka Dyann (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bowden, Lacey Jaye (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Sigma Kappa, Shopping, Working Out Bowden, Meredith A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Bowdren, Matthew William (Longbranch, NJ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Bowen, Angela Jenine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Animal Sciences Bowen, Joshua Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bowen, Paige B (Los Angeles, CA) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Bowen, Pamela Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Bower, Brooke Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bower, Sarah Dianne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Bowerman, Daniel L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineehng Bowers, Brian Anderson (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bowers, Bryan Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Systems Engineering Bowers, Joseph R. (Kemmerer, WY) Senior, Physics Bowers, Stephanie K. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science, Spanish Alpha Epsilon Phi Bowler, Jason S (Tulsa, OK) Senior, Classics Bowies, Brien Combs (Fountain Hill, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Bowling, Whitney Albin (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineehng Bowlsby, Rachel Kathleen (Solon, lA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Bowman, Bobbi Jo (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Volleyball, Going To The Movies... Bowman, Christopher Grayson (Rancho Santa, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Bowman, Elisabeth Tyler (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, No Selected Bowman, Joseph D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bowman, Meredith Roadarmel (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing, Psychology Your strength and courage can make your dreams come true. May love and happiness always surround you. Bowman, Rachelle C (Goodyear, AZ) Senior, Sociology Bowman, Rebecca Jane (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Bowness, Kristen Ashley (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Tennis, Arizona Women ' s Ice Hockey Boyan, Patrick Seth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Boyce, Karn Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Boyd, Ashley A. (Giendale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication, Political Science Boyd, Caitiin Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Boyd, Chris Jay (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mathematics Boyd, Jacqueline M. (Overland Park, KS) Sophomore, Pre-Education UA Cheerleading Boyd, Jason L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Materials Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering Boyd, Johanna Ashley (Fountain Hills, AZ) Sophomore, English, Pre-Law Chi Omega, Playing Tennis, Snowboarding, English Club!!! Boyd, Loren Ashley (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Boyd, Savannah (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Boyer, Blake Christian (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Sigma Alpha Epsilon Boyer, Bradley Robert (Camahilo, CA) Sophomore, Psychology Boyer, Dion Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Health Education Boyer, Opal Pauline (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Boykan, Sara Beth (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Psychology Boykin, Allison Mae (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Boykin, Deirdra Charmayne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Boykin, Hillary J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Boykin, Lantisha R. (Cheverly MD) Junior, Psychology Family Studies Boykin, Mandi M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Boylan, Deirdre A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Kappa Alpha Theta Boyle, Katherine Florence (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Boyle, Marcus C (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Boynton, Colin P. (Schofield, Wl) Senior, History Psychology- Kappa Alpha, Marine Corps Reserve Officer Training Corps, Semper Fi Club, Account Executive For Arizona Daily Wildcat Boysen, Nicoiai Christian Conrad (Auburn, WA) Freshman, University College Boyum, Daniel Arnold (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Religious Studies Bozzi, Bryan Vincent (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Bozzo, Peter J (Salinas, CA) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Br aaten, Eric Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Braband, Katie M. (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bracamonte, Katherine Jane (Palm Desert, CA) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Bracamonte, Nicholas F (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Accounting Bracamonte, Ricardo (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Brace, Courtney A. (Columbus, OH) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Brace, Samuel Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Brack, Scott D (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Bracken, Stephanie Frances (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Bracken, Tiffany Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Theatre Arts Brackney, Sara M. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Communication Kappa Kappa Gamma Bradbury, Paul Edward Grey (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Braden, Andrew Ellsworth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Bradford, Dominique Gabriele (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy National Society Of Collegiate Scholars, University Of Arizona Symphonic Band, Pre-Pharmacy Club Bradford, Gail M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Bradford, John Charles (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Bradford, Steven Edward (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Bradford, Tara Rae (Midland, TX) Junior, Pre-Nursing Delta Delta Delta, RA.I.N.. - Pre-Nursing Club Bradley, Aspen Leigh (Peoria, AZ) Junior, General Biology Bradley, Daniel P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Management Bradley, Diane E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science, Spanish Softball, 4wheeling, Snowboarding BioW ' . Z1 0 OIAnJ« ndle(. » " im tpa.m lag ««y,K|i " " Mt W " I Ksai,« s lior.AnWWl |gg |ISIII,A9 rgg «siw,soiia 2 rw.Eow ' ,Sallli m ((i)iitfe,EWo " (i(i«Eti!)«»i (tome. Pie- pmuoeafa ' ■l|,(MiniFilM ll»,V»| Btl1W.ftl- nuKata mcMMUi iwi, Zl Eliiian.ltiSt ■llMlanaM • ilifmtsAH} 1W iw.fVttSom Ma ■ll,lMilidioti Sm mAZ) Ml (twcMiyRilfM 9m ,Kii1i)«laM i CM He.Ui !■• ,Rs90oalDMlpM 1ap tsnAZ) tm n.Psyin% - ' VcB illTmM F«« UV AZI tm ■atliMOagB la Ml am CM! Cm MCi «2) SbiiAft lag bMO 40. MX) j i kEoianPi, lU ' " « Natl ami «»t OtHtKlkM 0«i Jimaisj »«i ■lUi, v» HlKl ■« « r t . « ivm ki W 1 336 • Directory S «««« ft? " •■• ' •.llHWiiejiiu ' ■ " ' (.IfclKilasF ' Taov«| ■ Coinii)ii OMkON) Sam Sswcf Jomatai tttScaD Sw.itaM bgwrq taarStfteieFtajCK iVi .; So|W_v ?:e- ■■ Mn|.SnlL fwnH, JHK CoBfluvalion IB )mKmG M Mm,MEdwirilGrt| Elsmdti SnWttS MMMH torC ML AS Smcr c " ' i war ' , Bradley, Eric Robert (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Pride Of Arizona Bradley, Jenna A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Bradley, Ky Nathaniel (Payson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bradley, Lauren Ashley (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Bradley, Patrick J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Bradshaw, Cooper James (Paradise Valley, AZ) Senior, Economics Bradshaw, Patricia Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Social Studies Bradshaw, Scott G. (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Computer Engineeri Brady, Andrea Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Brady, Caroline Frances (Mclean, VA) Freshman, Pre- Communication Brady, Chelsea Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Brady, Kathleen Elizabeth (Royal Palm Beach, FL) Junior, Political Science Brady, Kevin Nicholas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History, Religious Studies Brady, Kirby Alexandra (Lal eside, CA) Junior, Regional Development Brady, Stacey N. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Brady, Teara Amber (Coolidge, AZ) Junior, Chemistry, Pharmacy Gamma Alpha Omega Braeseker, Shanna Janette (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Health Education Brafford, Vincent Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Bragau, Roberth O (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Business Management Bragman, Jennifer Gayle (Houston, TX) Sophomore, Psychology Judaic Studies Alpha Epsilon Phi Brailey, Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Filmmaking BrambI, Wells Jared (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bramblett, Briana Cope (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Bramhall, Desiree Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Environmental Science Branam, Amanda Jeanne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Branaum, Julia M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, University College, Spanish Brancaccio, Sara Jane (Amityville, NY) Senior, Theatre Arts Education, English And Creative Writing Alternative Breaks, Camp Wildcat Brancato, Jennifer H (Ithaca, NY) Senior, Electrical Engineering, Math Branch, Thomas Cole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physics Branchaw, Sherrylyn E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Brand, Aaron Tylor (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Philosophy Brand, Emily Elise (Sublimity, OR) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Brand, Jordyn (Fallbrook, CA) Sophomore, Animal Sciences, Business Brandenburg, Juan Carlos (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering comput- er Science Anything To Do With The Computer Field, Solar Car Club, Shpe, Basket Ball, Computer Workshops, Social And Cultural Activities Brandes, Ashley Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Brandes, William Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Brandis, Naomi J, (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Brandon, Michelle C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Brandon, Rebekka Sarah (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Brandon, Ryan Stephen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy, Chemistry Brandon, Tanya Sue (Avondale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brandt, Dustin M (Pine, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Brandt, Henry Palmer (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Business Management, Finance Brandt, Katie Landa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Brandt, Kris Charles (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineering Physics, Spanish Brandt, Michael P. (Cincinnati, OH) Sophomore, Environmental Science, Chemistry Phi Delta Theta Brandt, Temre Helise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brannan, Austin David (Thousand Oaks, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brannon, Erin C (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Branscum, Jeffrey Allen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Systems Engineering Bransfield, Meredith Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Bransky, Max Peter (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Branstrom, Kristi Leigh (Elk Grove, IL) Junior, Elementary Education Brar, Bhupinder Singh (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Brase, Matthew Jon (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Braselton, Rebekah (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bratcher, Kevin N (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Brathwaite, Ashley Leonora (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Brauchli, Holly D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Philosophy, Classics Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity Eta Sigma Phi Brauer, Anna Helise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brauer, Sarah Noel (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Braught, Kimberlee Pride (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Braun, Andrew Charles (Northbrook, IL) Sophomore, Regional Development, Business Braun, Clare E. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Braun, Sandra Sue (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Braunhut, Beth (Gilbert, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Braunhut, Sarah J (Gilbert, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Bravo, Elena Francesca (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Natural Sciences Sigma Kappa, Part Of Blue Chip Brawn, Virginia Jean (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Journalism Braxton, Makoto P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Economics Bray, Christie A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Bray, Jenna Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Bray, Jennifer (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Special Education Rehab Bray, Patrick Allan (Laveen, AZ) Junior, Argi Economics Management Brazier, Brian Jacob (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Brazil, Christopher Jeremy (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Brazil, Courtney (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brazill, Rachael Rose (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Brearcliffe, Mary Norine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Brearley, Tyler Stuart (Rockford, IL) Sophomore, No Major Selected Breckenfeld, Gloria Jeanne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Breckenridge, Jacob Durham (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics Bredeck, Sherry Ann Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Breedlove, Rita Ann (Marana, AZ) Senior, Animal Sciences Breedwell, Richard W (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Breen, Bresee Leigh (Oiympia, WA) Junior, Political Science Breen, Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Breen, Sarah E. (Signal Mtn, TN) Junior, Elementary Education Brees, Katye E (Las Vegas, NV) Junior, Music Breines, Renee T (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Breininger, Elizabeth Ann (Wyomissing, PA) Freshman, Pre-Education, Sign Language Snowboarding Brekke, Matthew Turner (Des Moines, lA) Sophomore, Dance Brekke, Rachel S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brelsford, Daniel Travis (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Brelsford, Joshua Wayne (Sahuarita, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Brelsford, Rachel Elizabeth (Sahuarita, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Bremekamp, Matthew Robert (Atlantic High, NJ) Junior, Media Arts Bren, Austin A (Goodyear, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Brenden, Anne Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brenden, Ashley M. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Ecology Evol Biology, German Brendle, Caryl Marie (Bisbee, AZ) Senior, Psychology Brener, Daniel (Chula Vista, CA) Junior, Pre-Business Brennan, Jane Frances (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Brennan, Kristen (Atlanta, GA) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Brennan, Leslie Ann (Minneapolis, MN) Junior, Journalism, Psychology Brennan, Thomas Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Brenneman, Erin Vonne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geosciences Brenneman, Geniece Anne (Huachuca City AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Brenner, Adam James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Brenner, Brittany Ann (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Journalism Brenner, Jessica Lee (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Brenner, Ryan B. (San Carlos, CA) Senior, Communication Brent, Jeffrey D (Longmont, CO) Junior, Communication Brenza, Sara Jean (Oro Valley AZ) Senior, Nursing Bresciani, Marchelo James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Bresee, Jared Robert (Coolidge, AZ) Junior, Special Education Rehab Breslauer, Corl Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Breslin, Matthew D (Piano, TX) Senior, Communication Breslow, Danielle Rhe (Lincoln, NE) Senior, Psychology, French Skiing, Exercising, Hiking, Reading Congratulations, your family is so proud of you Danielle, and we love you. Love Mom. Dad, Laura Breslow, Matthew B (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bressmer, Jessica Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Geosciences Bressmer, Kacle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Brestel, Ryan Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Breton, Jessica Diane (Tucson, AZ) Junior, General Biology Brew, Elizabeth A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Brew, Jennifer E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Music, Opera Brewer, Aaryn Sybil (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Brewer, Brandon C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Brewer, Christopher Mckelvey (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Brewer, Dawn Renee (Bisbee, AZ) Senior, Psychology Brewer, Derek Samuel (Chicago, IL) Sophomore, Media Arts Kappa Sigma Brewer, Heather Kathleen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Brewer, Johanna Ella (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Linguistics Brewer, Joseph Getullo (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Brewer, Katrina L. (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Brewer, Kimberly A. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brewer, L. Allison (Cave Creek, AZ) Senior, Journalism, Sociology Cloud sunset Photography Camping, Off-Reading, Swimming, Anything Outdoors Brewer, Lucas H. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Management Brewer, Russell Vincent (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Undecided Brewer, Travis John (Houston, TX) Senior, Communication Brewster, Mark William (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Physics, Mathematics Music, Math, Physics Brewster, Nettie Arlene (Tampa, FL) Junior, Education Arts And Crafts, Crotchet, Brewton, Anasazi Aziza (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Spanish Brice-Heames, Elizabeth (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art, Art History Brichetto, Tara Leanne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing, Spanish Brick, Hallie Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Brickey, Christe Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Brickley, Sara Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pr e-Physical Science Briddle, Jeremy E. (Lake Elsinore, CA) Junior, Media Arts, Computer Sciences Computers, Watching Movies Bridgeforth, Alexander Julian (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bridgers, Joshua S. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Bridges, Charles Edward (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, East Asian Studies Bridges, Faith Franklin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Bridges, John F. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Bridges, Leslie Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Bridges, Nichelle Elizabeth (Gilbert, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bried, Hollie Elizabeth (Poway CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Directory • 337 Briel, Erika Lieschen (Houston, TX) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Chi Omega, U Of A Club Volleyball Team Brielmaier, Bret M (Mankato, MN) Freshman, No Selected Basketball Briggs, Jerome Nathan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Brigham, Karen Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Public Management Policy Bright, lUegan A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology, Chemistry Bright, Nancy Lynn (Green Valley AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Bright, Sarah Lynn (Arvada, CO) Freshman, Studio Art Brigode, Megan Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Briies, Krista Lee {Lal e Havasu City AZ) Sophomore, Linguistics, Spanish Briiey, Christen H (Pittsburgh, PA) Freshman, No Selected Briii, Darren (Encino, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brims, Christopher Lee (Los Angeles, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Briney, Kristen Ann (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Softball, Photography Dancing, RHA Hall Council Brinl(, Kelly S (Fountain Hill, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Brinker, Caitlin M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Brinkerhoff, Alisa Ann (Vail, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Brinkerhoff, Darrin E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Brinkerhoff, Kaeiy (Sacramento, CA) Freshman, Pre-Nursing, Spanish Brinkley, Austin Nikole (Ft. Leavenworth, KS) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry Theta Nu Xi Brinkley, Brian (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Religious Studies Brinkman, Jeremiah David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Brinkmoeller, Jordan IVI. (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing, English, Spanish Brinks, Anna Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Brinley, Corrie Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Philosophy Psi Chi Honor Society Brisbin, Lyndsey Jo (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Administration Kappa Kappa Gamma Brischke, Andrew S. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Brisco, Aaron Joseph (Bullhead City, AZ) Sophomore, Undecided, Music Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Music Brissette-tilley, Blake Martin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, English Brito, Marco Antonio (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Britt, Abrey Jonte (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Pre- Health Brittain, Brad R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Britten, Jamie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Brocious, Ar iana L (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Latin American Studies, Spanish Cliffhangers Brock, Amanda Marie (Chadds Ford, PA) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing, Spanish Alpha Phi, Friends, Family, Travel, Philadelphia Eagles!!, PA. I.N.., Intramural Soccer, Youth Against Cancer Brock, Christopher Stuart (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Wildlife Brock, David A. (Fort Walton Beach, FL) Senior, Political Science, History Parachuting, Flying, Pi Sigma Alpha Brock, Keith Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Unmanned Systems, Aerial Robotics, AIAA Brock, Shanna Rae (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Brockert, Daniel Lewis (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Brockman, Brian Robert (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brockman, Matthew Louis (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Broder, Cameron (Pearce, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brodie, Andrea M. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Judaic Studies, Pre-Law Brodie, Courtney Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Brodie, Dana C. (Beaverton , OR) Junior, Geosciences Brodie, Mark Steven (Beaverton, OR) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering AF ROTC Brodie, Rachel N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Brody, Jessica Lauren (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Women ' s Studies Broersma, Brittanie M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics UA Mathcats Brokaw, Andrea Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Brokaw, William R. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Brokenshire, Arthur M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Broksas, Kristin Eve (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Bromley, Holly K. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Science Education Phi Alpha Sigma Brommer, Matthew Stephen (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Economics, Business Bronars, Jennifer Rachael (Geneva, IL) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Bronnimann, Aron A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Bronson, Crystal Mia (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bronte, John James (Tiburon, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brookbank, David Lynn (San Jose, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business University Of Arizona Water Polo Brooke, Kimberley Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Brooke, Phillip James (Buckeye, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Weight Training And Hunting Brookover, Ryan Caiden (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Linguistics Brooks, Darrell L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Brooks, Gael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, French Brooks, Henry Phelps (Cheraw, SC) Freshman, Pre-Business, Law Kappa Sigma, Football, Tennis, Golf, Surfing Brooks, Jamie Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Nursing Brooks, Kelley Colleen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Brooks, Matthew Harris (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Brooks, Mckenzie Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Brooks, Melinda Dawn (Springfield, IL) Sophomore, Political Science Brooks, Melissa I. (Eden Prairie, MN) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brooks, Shaun P (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Brooks, Travis Elliot (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Broota, Poonam M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Brosh, Whitney Susan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brosig, Christopher Glenn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Brosious, Emily Gray (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Brosova, Margarita A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Brosseit, Collyn Colby (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Brost, Marti Renee (Casa Grande, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Broughton, Anna Marie (Yuma, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Gamma Phi Beta Browder, Lauren Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Brower, Emily Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, East Asian Studies Brower, Jeremie D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Brower, Vanessa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Brown, Aleasha Patrice (Seattle, WA) Freshman, Sociology Pre-Law Brown, Alexandra Annique (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Criminal Justice Brown, Amanda Gayle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Brown, Amanda (Woodcliff Lak, NJ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Brown, Angela Marie (Huachuca City AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Brown, Austin Mack (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Brown, Bennie C, Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Athletic Coaching Football Brown, Brandon M (Boise, ID) Senior, Social Studies Brown, Brenda Sue (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Social Studies Brown, Bridget A. (Wichita, KS) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Administration Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fashion, Pan-Hellenic Delegate, Recruitment Counselor, Hoop, For Hope Philanthropy Benefiting The Giving Tree Brown, Calice (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Brown, Candice E (Austin, TX) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Delta Gamma Brown, Carlen Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Brown, Chanda Denea (Pima, AZ) Junior, Psychology Brown, Coibi G. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Ecology Brown, Crystal N. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Journalism Brown, Daniel Sturtevant (Colonia, NJ) Senior, Philosophy Political Science Brown, David Bruce (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Brown, David Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Brown, David Edward (New Orleans, LA) Junior, Argi Economics Management Pi Kappa Alpha Brown, David Hudson (Los Angeles, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Brown, Debra S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Brown, Devon Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Brown, Elizabeth Downey (Galveston, TX) Junior. Pre-Nursing Brown, Ellery Philip (Seattle, WA) Sophomore, Political Science U Of A Football Brown, Emilee C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Hospice Volunteer Brown, Emily Louise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brown, Eric M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Brown, Gabrielle (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Spanish Youth Against Cancer Brown, Genevieve L. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Brown, Halley Joanna (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brown, Hayley A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineehng Brown, Jasmine Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Brown, Jason Paul (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Brown, Jennifer N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Brown, Jerrod Eugene (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Physics Brown, Jessica E. (Dallas, TX) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Spanish Brown, Jessica L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Sigma Kappa Brown, Jonathan Devitt (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Kappa Alpha, Working Out, Dancing, Movies, Skiing, Golf, Kappa Alpha Order Brown, Jordan Cassidy (Vacaville, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Brown, Joseph A (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Psychology Brown, Julia Roberts (Chicago, IL) Junior, Psychology Running, Hiking, Family Time Brown, Katherine Ann (Sierra Vista, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brown, Katherine (Yorba Linda, CA) Senior, Finance Brown, Kelsey Erin (Glendale, CA) Freshman, Pre-Education Brown, Kevin A (Metairle, LA) Junior, Communication Brown, Kevin Edward (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Brown, Kimberly Joanne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Brown, Krista L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Brown, L Mahon (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Brown, Latasha Marie (Portland, OR) Sophomore, Pre- Communication, Africana Studies JWR, MSR, Ahzona Ambassadors, NSBE, Inroads Scholar, Dex Fraternity Brown, Lauren Payne (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences, Family Studies Gamma Phi Beta, Project Shine, ASHA, Big Brothers Big Sisters Brown, Lindsay A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chminal Justice Brown, Lucy Beatrice (Pasadena, CA) Freshman, Astronomy Brown, Luke E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Brown, Lyndsay (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Theatre Arts Brown, Maloree M. (N Scituate, Rl) Sophomore, Studio Art Brown, Mark P.W. (Marana, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Brown, Mary Patricia (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Brown, Matthew Taggart (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Brown, Megan T (Vail, AZ) Senior, Nursing Brown, Melanie R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Brown, Michael Edward (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agri Biosystems Engineehng Nanotechnology, Biomedical Engineehng, Snow Skiing Brown, Michael Ryan (Corvallis, OR) Freshman, Pre-Business Pi Kappa Phi, Soccer, Skiing, Music, Guitar Brown, Michele llene (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Spanish Fencing, Band, Music B.IICW ' ' ijnrw Pirf » %li M(dBnai - p 338 • Directory ' laVsa i-r tape»Z| " i -ittstia llarit ■■ Cerrvatw.Alfau ' ««sa» ' sNSBE,liirials •■ SOW ' JeFialemt) b«ii,lMnPiym lSafttk.AZi iW.S(H(tiHeani ftwJZI j SvomCmiialJislice j tamCAi I NMnMmty tar.Ui I MvlMiT I I nORtt { MilMlAns 1 KSolKni SgnmSuloM tir.iMMTiggait fen torCl dEdwinl f k««2| MMtnW Brown, Natalie Sue (Parker. AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Campus Crusade For Christ, Jacobs Cline Society Brown, Paul Alfred (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Anthropology Brown, Peter Jotin (Woodland, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brown, Philip N (Rio Rico, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Brown, Rachel Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brown, Ricardo (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brown, Richard Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geosciences Brown, Robert Vincent (tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Brown, Samuel Petersen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Linguistics Brown, Sarah E (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Public Health Brown, Skye Jordaun (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Brown, Stefanle Amber (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Muscial Theatre Musical Theatre, Encore! Brown, Stephanie A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brown, Steven Alex (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Brown, Teresa Lynn (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Brown, Thomas Mitchell (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Brown, Thomas (Birmingham, Ml) Senior, Communication, Business And Spanish Brown, Tiffany M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Brown, Tish Elisabeth (Paradise Valley, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Brown, Tyler J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Brown, Tyson Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Brown, Walter Steven (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brown, Weston Chad (Safford, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Hunting Fishing, Texas Hold ' em, Motor Sports Brown, Whitney Elizabeth (Houlton, ME) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Browne, Victoria Anne (Woodland Hill, CA) Junior, Psychology Brownell, Elizabeth S. (Ocean Point, ME) Junior, Art History French Study Abroad In France Brownfield, Bonnie Carleen (Elk River, MN) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Browning, Kamilah Nayo (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Special Education Rehab, Deaf Studies With Emphasis In Educational Interpreting Browning, Logan Gayle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Brown-johnson, Lily Alexandra (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Brownlee, Chris W (Tucson, AZ) Junior. General Biology, Chemistry Brozina, Christopher Dean (Tucson. AZ) Junior, Communication Brubacher, Lauren Michelle (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Brubaker, Jessica Michelle (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Family Consumer Science Dean ' s List, Bruce, Charles Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Bruce, John Walker (Raleigh, NC) Junior, Computer Science, Creative Writing Bru ce, Lindsay Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Bruce, Mark Calvin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Bruce, Shannon Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bruck, Charles Jacob (Tampa, FL) Senior, Regional Development, Business Brueckner, Ashley R. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Brueggeman, Scott Alan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Brueggemann, Chad Richard (Flower Mound, TX) Junior, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics Bruffett, Daniel Edward (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Bruggeman, Andrew J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Bruhn, Jacqueline A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Bruhn, Katherine L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bruhn, Michael C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Brumble, Angela A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Brume, Pamela Denise (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Linguistics Brumley, Kellen Duane (Farmington, MN) Senior, Accounting Brummett, Robert J. (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Mathematics Brun, Melissa M. (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Brunelle, Brie Ashley (Yarmouth, ME) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Brunelle, Paul Alfred (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Brunen, Jason Taylor (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bruner, Arwen Jasmine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Brunette, Matthew Joseph (San Marino, CA) Freshman, No Major Selected Brunker, Justin Lee (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Bruno, Ashley G. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Business Management Brusca, Jenna Lyn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bryan, Copeland J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Bryan, Matthew Thomas (Peoria, IL) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Bryan, Michael Edward (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bryan, Stephen James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Bryan, Thomas Randall (Huntington Beach, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bryant, Jason Wayne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Bryant, Jessica Lyn (Ft Mohave, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bryant, Zachary (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Theatre Production Bryce, Andrew W. (Tucson, AZ ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Bryce, Brandon J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agri Biosystems Engineering Bryce, Cole Alan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Liberal Studies Bryce, Timothy Donald (St David, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Bryck, India Jane (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Brydle, Robert G. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering BrzesclnskI, Nicole Eve- marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Bub, Brian Laurence (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Bucaj, Merima (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Political Science Bucey, Natalie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Physics Buchan, Kristen C (Chino Hills, CA) Senior, Communication Buchanan, Allison Kristine (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology, Chemistry Buchanan, Blake A. (Orange, CA) Junior, Journalism Buchanan, Cody Arthur (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Buchanan, Jordan Darian (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Buchanan, Melissa A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Alpha Phi Buchanan, Steve Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Bucher, Coralie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Bucheri, Jon R (Southlake, TX) Senior, Accounting Buchferer, Brett Evan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Buchholtz, Ryan Christian (Great Falls, VA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Buchik, Nathan S. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Buchmann, Melissa A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Geography Religious Studies Buchwald, Ashley Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Buchweitz, Allison Mary (Buffalo Grove, IL) Sophomore, Dance Buck, Morgen Danielle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Buck, Sean M (Goto De Caza, CA) Junior, Communication Buck, Wendy Suh (Temecula, CA) Junior, Psychology, Criminal Justice Psi Chi Buckelew, Amy K. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Buckert, Jacqueline Starr (Danville, CA) Sophomore, Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi, Dean ' s List, LOST Art, Reading For Elementary Buckingham, Evan W (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Buslness Buckle, Sarah Elizabeth (Pasadena, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Buckler, Joe Taylor (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Ecology Evol Biology Alpha Epsilon Phi Buckley, Graham David (Goto De Caza, CA) Junior, Media Arts, History Member Of The PI Kappa Alpha Fraternity Buckley, Rachel Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Buckman, Kelly (San Mateo, CA) Junior, Psychology Buckner, Brenda Jean (Sedona, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Economics Buckwell, Caitlin S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Bucon, Jessica Robin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Budak, Natalie Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Budak, Sarah Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Buder, Erika J. (Balboa Island, CA) Junior, No Major Selected Budhu, Amitraj KIshen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Phi Kappa Psi, Accounting, Basketball, Chillin ' Budin, Jill Elizabeth (South Orange, NJ) Freshman, Undecided Budinger, Timothy C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Budinoff, Whitney D (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Budolfson, Angella Marie (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Art History Budzyn, Daniel Mark (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Political Science Bue, Rhett A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Buechter, Jocelyn Kathleen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Buehner, Garret Mark (Poway CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Waterpolo, Swimming Buehner, John Michael (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Campus Crusade For Christ, Water Polo, Swimming, Surfing Bueker, Gwen C. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Dance Buendia, Vanessa Maria (Carlsbad, NM) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bueno, Mark-gregory Yanez (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bueras, Carlos David (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bueras, Jose L (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Economics, Art History Buerger, Jessica M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Buffano, Frank Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Buffington, Chad L. (Margarita, CA) Senior, Regional Development Buffington, Michael D. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Studio Art, Mathematics Kemp Radio DJ, Eclipse Member And Webmaster Buffoni, Benedetta (Fano, IT) Senior, Business Management Bughio, Sarah Ann (Marana, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Buhay, Jencine E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Buhay, Jordina E (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Marketing, Communication, East Asian Studies: Japan Delta Chi Lambda Buhl, Trevor D (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Buhler, Megan Kathleen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Kappa Alpha Theta Buhrow, Athena M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, East Asian Studies Buhrow, Bradley Christopher (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Bui, Carrie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Desert Yearbook, Arizona Collegiate Leadership Conference, Asian American Student Coalition Bui, Kim A. (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Finance Associated Students Of The UA (ASUA), Eller College Student Council, Chain Gang (Junior Honorary) Bui, MyllenThi (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Industiral Engineering Buillet, Rachel Alexandra (Sedona, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Buslness Bukata, Kevin J (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Engineering Management Bularca, Brandusa Nicoleta (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Bulgrin, Stephanie G (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Alpha Epsilon Phi, Junior Wildcat Recruiters, Hall Council, Soccer Bulisache, Costin D. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Mathematics Pool Bulldis, Johna Samantha (Sahuarita, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Bullington, Chelsea Rae (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bullington, Kelsey JIM (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Bullis, Jerry A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Industiral Engineering Bullock, Jeffrey Alan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Health Education Bullock, Kristin Michelle (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Bullock, Michelle Debra (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Bultman, Amy Clare (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Bultman, Eric Mark Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Bunch, Ashley A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Directory • 339 Bunch, Briana (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Bunch, Chris E (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Automobiles, Outdoors, Electronics, Computers, Formula SAE Bune, Justine Oiivia (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Bungard, Taylor (Vail, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Bunic, Mallory L (San Clemente, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Bunker, Robert Charies (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pro-Computer Science Bunn, Spencer Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Bunting, John M. (Bernalillo, NM) Sophomore, Pre-Business Buono, Kyle J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineenng Buppert, l Aatthew B (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Burbano De Lara, Leslee Michelle (Fort Collins, CO) Sophomore, Media Arts Burch, Heather N. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Burch, Lindsey (The Woodlands, TX) Senior, Media Arts Burch, Richelle A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Burcham, Heather Rachel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Burchell, Ryan Steven (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Theatre Arts Burchfield, Vivian (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physiological Sciences Burckle, Jonathan Hayden (West Hills, CA) Sophomore, Sociology Burd, Richard Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Near Eastern Studies Burden, Elizabeth E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Burdick, John W (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Burdick, Stephanie Erin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Burdo, Jeffrey Albert (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Burds, Tracy Lynn (Picacho, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Burdsall, Derek J. (Martinsville, IN) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Burg, Christopher Wayne (Tucson. AZ) Junior, Computer Science Burg, Joseph T (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Burger, Lori C (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science 340 • Directory Burger, Michelle V. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Burger, William Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Burger-Gohl, Erin (Washington, DC) Freshman, Political Science Burgess, Kory Lee (Bullhead City, AZ) Senior, History Burgess, Rhonda (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Burgess, Timothy A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Burgoyne, Christina Marie (Annapolis, MD) Senior, Sociology, Theatre And Classics Sigma Kappa Burgstaler, Christina Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, No Major Selected Burhans, Theodore S (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Systems Engineenng Burho, Jackie Farren (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Family Studies Human Development And Ecology Evolutionary Biology Travel, Sports, And Outdoor Activities Burillo, Daniel Tomas (Peoria, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Burk, Michael Austin (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Media Arts, Creative Writing Burke, Benjamin J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Burke, Daniel Thomas (Tempe, AZ) S enior, Media Arts Burke, Hayden Michael (Carlsbad, CA) Junior, History Burke, Jessica B. (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Burke, Matthew A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Burke, Maxwell Simon (Pittsburgh, PA) Freshman, Finance Burke, Megan A. (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Aghculture Burke, Raymond Merle (Coto de Caza, CA) Sophomore, Business Management Burke, Seamus J (Bisbee, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Burke, Tyler S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Burkhart, Adam C. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Baseball, Camping, Chemistry, Environmentalism, Football, Hiking, Hockey, Mountain Climbing, Racquetball, Weightlifting Burkhart, Daniel J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Burkhart, Emily S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Burkhart, Patricia Louise (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Social Studies Burkland, Kaia E. (Jackson, WY) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Buriacenco, Larisa (Brooklyn, NY) Sophomore, Accounting American Red Cross Volunteering, Ice Skating, Tennis Burleson, Leah Rae (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Extended Burnell, Holly Drew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Burner, Sarah Jane (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Burnett, Clark Robert (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Burnett, Simon A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Burnham, Christopher J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Burnham, Laurel H. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Science Education, Microbiology Burno, Eric (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Burns, Andrew Ian (San Jose, CA) JUNIOR, History, Military History Golf, Motorcycles, Basketball Games We ' re so proud oi you Rao and happy that you ' re having a great time and you ' re malt- ing your own history. Burns, Jennifer Christine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Future Teachers Club, Pi Lambda Theta We love you and wish you ALL the best in the future. Burns, Jessica Hilary (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Communication Burns, Jessica Kim (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Burns, Kathleen R (Sahuarita, AZ) Junior, Engineenng Management Burns, Katie Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Burns, Kendra Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Buslness Burns, Laura Marie (Sahuarita, AZ) Senior, Psychology Burns, Molly Elizabeth (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Burns, Nathaniel Edward (Lafayette, CA) Senior, Communication, Media Arts Phi Gamma Delta Burns, Samantha Mariah (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Burns, Sarah Kathleen (Tuscon, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Burns, Saxon Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism, Political Science Burns, Travis Ray (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Burns, William Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Burnside, Clint (Oak Springs, AZ) Senior, Microbiology, American Indian Studies, Chemistry Burnside, Savannah V. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Materials Science Engineering Burr, Brandon Jeffrey (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Music, Performance Trumpet, Spanish , Mathematics Music, Education, Trumpet, AMEA, CMENC, Pep Band. University Of Arizona Wind Ensemble, Opening The Minds Through The Arts, Honors College Burr, Tanya M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Anime, Comic Books, Art Burridge, Britton Paul (Cleveland, OH) Senior, Finance, Business Kappa Alpha Psi, Mt. West Volleyball Conf. So. Commissioner, Arizona Men ' s Volleyball Club, Sports Club Allocation Committee Your journey to adulthood - successful, rewarding S impressive. Our love admira- tion. Mom Dad Burris, Julie Anna (Tucson, AZ) Junior, French Burritt, Patrick Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Burrola, Natalie Lissette (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Burrola, Yvette (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Family Studies And Human Development Burrows, Christian (Wayne, PA) Freshman, No Major Selected Burrows, Christopher David (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science, Chemistry Burrows, Jeffrey D (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Burrows, Trisha Breanne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Burruel, Emily Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Burruel, James C (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Burrus, Michelle Marie (St. Louis, MO) Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences, Psychology Burrus, Shelby Wayne (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Physics Burruss, Ashley S. (Cardiff, CA) Junior, Regional Development Bursey, Jessica J (Bullhead City, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business, Pre- Thematic Health Soccer, Movies, Music, Shopping! Burson, Michael James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Burstein, Adam Samuel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Burt, Jennifer Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Burton, Amy Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business, Accounting Burton, Chelsea A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Burton, Jessica Ruth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Spanish Burton, Kelli Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Criminal Justice Burton, Michael C. (Coolidge, AZ) Sophomore. General Biology Burton, Quentin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Burton, Walter L (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Bus, Danielle E (Tucson, AZ) Senior. English Extended Busbee, Brandon Leigh (Mobile, AL) Senior, Economics Delta Delta Delta Busby, Laura A (Tempe, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Busby, Savana (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Busch, Allison (Gold River, CA) Sophomore, Journalism Busch, Samuel T. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Buschmann, Kathryne Virginia (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Buser, Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Bush, Alexis B. (Minnetonka, MN) Junior, Journalism, - Psychology Phi Beta Kappa Bush, John C. (Portal, AZ) Senior, Business Management Bush, Laura C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Bush, Matthew Adam (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Elementary Education Bush, Meghan Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Bushee, Meggan Michelle (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Pre-Law Kappa Alpha Theta, Arizona Ambassadors, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, The Honors College Bushnell, Allan Curtiss, III (Danville, CA) Sophomore, Religious Studies, Psychology Campus Crusade, Golf, And Travel Bushong, Ginnie Catherine (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Busick, Christopher Hart (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Buske, Justyn Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Busser, Jolene G. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Economics, Finance Bussey, Reed Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Bustamante, Cesar Antonio (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Bustamante, Elizabeth P. (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Nutritional Sciences, Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Omicron Nu, Nutrition Club, Leadershape Bustamante, George E (Stafford, VA) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Bustamante, Luis (Nogales, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Bustamante, Rebeca (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Bustamante, Sara M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Bustamante, Tatiana (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Bustillos, Lus M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Bustos, Samuel Seth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Buswell, Jason R. (Carroll, lA) Senior, Architecture Mountain Hiking, Outdoor Activities, Working Out Butalla, Amy Christine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Butalla, Christine Elaine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Butcher, Timothy Justin (Yuma, AZ) Junior, Plant Sciences Buter, James Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Buter, Jonathan R (Scottsdale. AZ) Senior, Psychology, Philosophy Congratulations Jonathan! We are very proud of you. Love, tJlom, Dad, The Boys Dogs Buterbaugh, Morgan Shardae (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Buti, Nicole Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Marketing Butkus, Amy Elizabeth (Newburgh, IN) Sophomore. Dance Butkus, Stephanie C (Bridgeview, IL) Sophomore, Engineering Management Butler, Amanda (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Butler, Amy Kathryn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Butler, Brandon Lamar (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemistry ' 0 ' t0a I Cfiili ' ' f v« S ' ' ... U) MB.Eml- JJJ (IfS. , K(.lnlW« " |l M .Ue SsrW »• fee l ■ iirfre.lUcitti kfetykLiw to . ' jmrnEogreemj Uteams Htleiliill !taf.,ft imtoiog) Ut.Mlllilli MuRpiE ItaU toCasscs MKSlfMWUni i0ITO(fl«air(i tareSoena HtMIMwIlk ' awNollvrSMEa; ( ! MtagallMi -a •ilWmjnaCin |i tajAZi ( i I »;ta j ; • 8w,(n T m 3tm CM ■a CM I m tkSniiAa, torajn, |»iiiws ««i ' " ••ntoiio GngeE a«««i JM |t ' S ae(l k Hk,8nii SORI Smt CornnaK Smm tahlMlSelli krtlJMR. Ca«iil| SMtMIKUe lfeMtl«a)Oiilto MMlMigOiil tanAZ) SHtMinlScieiicts kHlOMcEHiiie tan AS jMtMnM MKlMrM mkjmMm) MJMMiB MoHf I c Butler, Brandon Richard (Phoenix, AZ) junior. Political Science Butler, Brett Allen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Butler, Brittney L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Butler, Christina E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology German Studies Cultural Events, Flamenco Dancing, Foreign Films Butler, Elizabeth D (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Language Culture Butler, Emily (Tucson, AZ) Junior, General Biology Butler, Erica L. (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Member Of Pre- Vet Club Butler, Ian Anthony (Bullhead City AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Butler, Kate (Boston, MA) Senior, Elementary Education Butler, Kateland H, (Reno, NV) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Butler, Kyle Louis (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering Mathematics Butler, Leslie A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Butler, Rebekah (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Music Butler, Ryan E (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Psychology Butler, Ryan Peter (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Classics Butler, Stephanie Anne (Danville, CA) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Butterbrodt, Andrea Rita (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Butterbrodt, August Belden Sophomore, Pre-Business Buttermann, Daniel James (Prescott, AZ) Junior, Performance Clarinet Butters, Stephani Jean (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Deve! Buttery, Alexander Ross (Pebble Beach, CA) Junior, Special Education Rehab, Computer Science Programming Ambassador ' s For Christ, NRRH Butts, Sara lUlichelle (Cincinnatti, OH) Junior, Elementary Education Butts, Sean K. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Butvin, Dereic S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Buxbaum, Briana IVIachelle (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Buyum, Matthew David (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineering Physics Buzas, Katherine N (Rio Rico, AZ) Junior, Music Byai unda,Twa|e Juvenal (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Bycei, lUatthew N (Tarzana, CA) Junior, Political Science Bycura, i 1iescha Kay (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Spanish Byer, Carrie E. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Byers, Patrick V (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Byram, Mary Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Linguistics Byrd, David C. (Casa Grande, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Byrne, Deborah Leimomi (Honolulu, HI) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Basketball. Volleyball, Hawaiian Club Byrne, Emily A. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Studio Art, German Byrne, John Michael (Syracuse, NY) Sophomore, Political Science, History Basketball, Football, Poker, Byrne, Robert Eric (Peoria, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Byrnes, Christine Judith (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Byrnes, David John (Lagrange, IL) Senior, Agri Biosystems Engineering Happiness Byroad, Ashley M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Caballero, Abraham G. (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Caballero, Christian (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Caballero, Maria N. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Systems Engineering Caballero, Monica Adriana (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Caballeros, Ramcy S (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Cabin, Sean W (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cabrera, Angelina Hope (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cabrera, Rachel Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Cabrera, Rosaria K. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Cabulong, Justine Reyes (Avondale, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts, Italian Alpha Phi Gamma, NROTC, Commuter Student Affairs Cabulong, Kristoffer Reyes (Avondale, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing, English Arizona Daily Wildcat, Wildcats For Christ, Arizona Student Union Operations Cacho, Maria Dei Carmen (Oxnard, CA) Sophomore, Physics, Astronomy Cadel, Karii Leah (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Theatre Arts Cadena, Jonathan (Sahuarita, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Cadotte, Micaela Acosta (Moraga, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Cady, Chelsea Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cady, Jennifer J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Classics Cady, Thomas Cade (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Caffarel, Stefanie Faith (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Caffey, Brianna Jae (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Caffey, Jacob Dale (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cagie, Christoper Eric (El Dorado, AR) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Cagie, Kayci Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Cagie, Laura Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Cagie, Matthew T (Cochise, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Cahaiey, Gabrieiia Gabos (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Church, Community Volunteer Work Cahiii, Daniel Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Astronomy Cahiii, Kevin William (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Cahiii, Shaun Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Cai, Xuemei (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Caiazzo, Jessica Fay (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Cain, Ashley Brien (Paradise Valley, AZ) Junior, Psychology Cain, Haley E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Cain, Jennifer Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Cain, Julianna Victoria (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Cain, Michael R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Caine, Erika Marjorie (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Engineering Cairns, Gena Elise (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Market ing Pi Beta Phi Cairns, Leanne Belyn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Management Pi Beta Phi Leanne, you are the joy of our lives! We are so proud of you. Love Dad, Mom, Stephanie and Gena XO Cairns, Mary Meggin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Cairo, Jessica L (Long Grove, IL) Freshman, Mathematics, Dance - Sigma Kappa Caito, Johnny Charles (Anthem, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Cajigas, Claudia (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Calabria, Anthony Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Calder, Christina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Special Education Rehab Calder, Kevin B (Orinda, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Calderon, Esperanza (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Calderon, Geraldine Melissa (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Calderon, Justine Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Spanish Calderon, Karl P. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Mathematics, Computer Science Calderon, Melissa Jo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Calderon, Yizza (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Spanish Calderwood, Eric A. (Merrimac, MA) Senior, Co mmunication Calderwood, Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Caldwell, Claire M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Caldwell, Craig E (R.H.E., CA) Junior, Economics Caldwell, Holyce Macfarlane (La Verne, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development Caldwell, Jason Lee (Leaw ood, KS) Sophomore, Pre-Business Caldwell, Jimmy Lee (Marana, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Caldwell, Leslie A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Pre- Business Caldwell, Stephanie Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Caldwell, Tracy M. (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Kappa Kappa Gamma Calello, Frank Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Caley, Lauren Nicole (Long Beach, CA) Freshman, Art History Business Management Chi Omega, Dance Calhoon, Christie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Calhoun, Jeffrey A. (Poway, CA) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Calhoun, Sarah Renee (Sonoita, AZ) Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Call, Anthony P (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Economics, Spanish Call, Joseph Victor (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Regional Development Caligiuri, Caterina Angelina (Santa Barbara, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Calihan, Molly Kathryn (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Communication Calihan, Patrick Price (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Finance Phi Gamma Delta Calilung, Christopher (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art, Creative Writing Kemp Student Radio Calio, Jason M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Wildlife Calkins, Clifford J. (Casa Grande, AZ) Senior, Marketing Callaghan, Justin T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Callahan, Amy Lee (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Nursing Callahan, Bonnie Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Anthropology Callahan, Connie Marie ,(TiiqBOh,.AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Callahan, Maudree Jeanese (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Religious Studies Callahan, Melissa Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Callan, Kristina D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Pi Beta Phi, Delta Sigma Pi Calland, Laurie Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology English Callaway, Joseph Charles (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Callaway, Kristen Nichole (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Callaway, Lea Ann (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Callender, Cameron Clemmel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice, Pre Law Football Callicotte, Victoria Bernice (Clifton, AZ) Senior, Microbiology, Chemistry Callihan, Stephanie Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Arizona Wildcat Off-road Club Callinan, Adam Michael (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Callinan, Erin L. (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education, Special Education Alpha Phi Callipare, Dennis A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Calloway, Charles Andrew (Coolidge, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Calloway, Elissa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Animal Sciences Calvert, Chad E. (Chatsworth, CA) Junior, History, Pre-Law Calvin, Heidi M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Classics Calvo, Christen Quenga (Talofofo, GU) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science. Mathematics Calvo, Jacquelyn Quenga (Tucson) Junior, Business Management Newman Center Liturgical Dancer, Piano, Soccer, Calza, Lisa Y (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Political Science Calzada, Angelica Maria (Surprise, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Camacho, Amy A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Camacho, Daniel (Cd. Juarez Mexico, CH) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Chemistry Camacho, David Jesus (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering, BS. Chemistry Camacho, Georgina (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Camacho, Robert Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Camardella, Erica A. (Santa Barbara, CA) Junior, Anthropology, Sociology Surfing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Music Camarena, Carly Catherine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Camarena, Jose L. (Nogales, Sonora) Sophomore, Ecology Evol Biology Spanish Science And Biology Playing Lots Of Sports! Camargo, Jackie Laiwah (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Cambanes, Sarah B. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Linguistics Cambensy, Jacqueline R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Cambier, Justin G. (Salinas, CA) Senior, Marketing Camden, Sean Raymond (Anchorage, AK) Junior, Sociology Business Directory • 341 ir Camerer, Brook Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Cameron, Chris J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Cameron, Ian D (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Cameron, Latonya Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cameron, Lisa L. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Cameron, Ryan A (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Chemistry Cancer Research Cammarano, Angelica Cecilia (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cammarata, James Samuel (Baltimore, MD) Senior, Industrial Engineering Camou, Holly Elizabeth (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Camozzi, Kimberly Jean (Burlingame, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Camp, Amanda A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Camp, Cara Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Animal Sciences Camp, Frank H. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Camp, Jonas Russell (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Special Education Rehab Camp, Michael Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Campa, Palafox Edgar (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Business Economics Campagna, Nicholas (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Campas, Oscar Frank (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering President- U Of A Wrestling Club Campbell, Aisling C. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Campbell, Andrew J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management, Art History Campbell, Ashley Jean (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science, Spanish Campbell, Caitlyn M. (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, Speech Hearing Sciences Campbell, Cameron Dewain (Newport Beach, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Phi Gamma Delta Campbell, Catherine Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Campbell, Charlotte Kent (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemistry Campbell, Chase Alan (Overland Park, KS) Sophomore, Geosciences Wildcats For Christ, Society Of Earth Science Students Campbell, Chris T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Materials Science Engineering Campbell, Christopher Scott (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Campbell, Cristie Jo (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Family Studies Human Development Gamma Phi Beta Campbell, David Hunter (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Campbell, Deborah Jeanne (Morristown, NJ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Campbell, Jake Cornell (Oro Valley, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Campbell, James Elliott (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Near Eastern Studies Campbell, Jay Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Campbell, Jennifer D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Campbell, Jermayne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Campbell, Jessica C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Campbell, Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Campbell, John Wayne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Campbell, Jonathan A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Campbell, Jonathan M (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Campbell, Joshua Murl (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Campbell, Julia Ashley (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Education Junior Wildcat Recruiters Campbell, Kelly Lynne (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Special Education Rehab Campbell, Kevin Francis (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Campbell, Mallory Kristin (Los Altos, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Campbell, Mark B (Austin, TX) Senior, Communication Campbell, Matthew A (Chino Hills, CA) Junior, Marketing Sigma Alpha Epsilon Campbell, Matthew David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Campbell, Megan Susannah (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Education Dance Campbell, Nicholas Alan (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Campbell, Robert Fredrick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Campbell, Robert Stephen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Campbell, Ryan P. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Dance, Music Campbell, Scott Andrew (Muddelein, IL) Junior, Marketing Campbell, Susan Beth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Campbell, Tiffany Priscila (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Campbell, Trisha Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Campbell, Zachary Taylor (Rio Rico, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Campeau, Erin T (Laguna Niguel, CA) Senior, Sociology Campillo, Adam Gabriel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Campillo, Francisco Rene (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Campion, Amanda Mary (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Campista, Francisco Estevan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Camponovo, Jessica A. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Psychology Camponovo, Ryan Scott (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Campos, David F (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Alpha Chi Omega Campos, Dulce Guadalupe (Negates, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Campos, Eduardo (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, General Biology Campos, Jason Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Campos, Jessica Jennifer (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Campos, Maria G (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Campos, Olga Angelica (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Camras, Natalie Gail (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Camus, Jeanne-louise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Can, Ngoc Vu MInh (Hanoi, Vietnam) Sophomore, Pre-Business Swimming, Skiing, Sky-Diving Canales, Francisco Javier (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Canalez, Laura Avila (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Cancelli, Philip Rocco (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Cancio, Matthew Ross (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Candee, Kevin Noah (Edgewater, NJ) Senior, Communication Candela, Tyler A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Candelaria, David John (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Candelaria, Megan E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Candelaria, Patrick Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Candelaria, Stephanie L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemistry Candlish, Loran Richard (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Canedy, Melissa Megan (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Canelos, Gregorio Tomas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Canessa, Eduardo (San Jose, Costa Rica) Senior, Management Info Systems, Operations Management Music, Anime, Kamp, Phi Eta Sigma, Nscs, Refuge, Golden Key, Tass, MISA, HBSA Canestra, Daren J (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Canet, Mark J. (Green Valley, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Canez, Vanessa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Canfield, Casey Louise (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Caniff, Robert Gerald (Three Rivers, Ml) Senior, Management Info Systems, Operations Management Bowling Caniglia, Dustin T. (Mayer, AZ) Junior, Political Science Caniglia, Jonathan Casey (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Cannata, Melissa Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Health Education Canning, Sarah Boots (Benicia, CA) Senior, Fine Art Studies, Emphasis In Costume Scenic Design, Visual Comm. And Media Theory Reading, Coffee, Hiking, Camping, Movies, Walking, Traveling, Foreign Countries, Sea, Renn Faires, People Watching, Music, Sewing, Crafts Cannon, Amy E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Cannon, Ashlee Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Cannon, Grete Katharine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Dance Cannon, Jacob Weldon (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Cannon, Katy L (Brawley, CA) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Administration Cannon, Sean Jon (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Cano, Ashley Ann (Superior, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Medical, Softball, Volley Ball, Basketball Cano, Chelsey L. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Psychology Cano, Mireya (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Cano, Vanessa Maria (Douglas, AZ) Freshman, CMRC Canright, Brandon Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Canterman, Carolyn Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Canto, Tobias Aguirre (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Canton, Corianne R (Oro Valley, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Canton, John Paolo (San Francisco, CA) Senior, Economics, General Business Kappa Alpha Cantor, Allison Rachel (Ridgefield, CT) Junior, Anthropology Cantor, Brian Edward (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Cantua, Chris Martin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Association Cantua, Vicente A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Canty, Lauren E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Capa, Christine Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Administration Caparulo, Frank (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Capers, Amy T (Vail, AZ) Junior, Social Studies Capone, Anthony P. (Vernon Hills, IL) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cappello, Anthony William (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Psychology Cappiello, John Paul (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Cappo, Michael (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Capps, Dustin S (Tubac, AZ ) Junior, Regional Development Capps, Kayla Mae (Yuma, AZ) Sophomore, Chemistry, Biochemistry Capra, Vanessa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Caprio, Joseph L (Denville, NJ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Baseball, Outdoors, Watching Seinfeld Caproni, Linnea K.e. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, International Studies Phi Beta Kappa Caracappa, Brian J (Randolph, NJ) Senior, Media Arts, Sociology UATV Caramella, Jessica Y. (Vail, AZ) Sophomore, Animal Sciences Carangio, Rayleen Cheryl (Honolulu, HI) Freshman, Women ' s Studies Carapetyan, NilsT (Tuscon, AZ) Junior, German Studies Caratachea, Marisol (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Caravelli, Evan P. (New York, NY) Senior, Political Science, Photojournalism Caraveo, Jose Armando (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Caraway, Alyssa S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Caraway, Christopher Dean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Carbajal, Danette (San Manuel, AZ) Senior, Accounting Carbajal, Jaime Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Carberry, Erica (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Carbonell, Jaime (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Carbonell, Kathy Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, SLHS Carbonell, Lisa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Carbonneau, Evan P. (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering Cardenas, Camille (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Cardenas, Katrina A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Cardenas, Lisa A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Cardenas, Samuel L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Cardenas, Theodore (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Cardiel, Diane (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication, Spanish Cardieri, Alexis Marie (Vail, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Cardin, Sasha Randol (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cardon, Alejandro Gonzalez (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Cardosi, Paul Ahren (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science » il.8 ' 00 m •jSf.ffl „ Ml M- M m SiB ! y llif.Sii " M0 tw.«»w» " SB .ijjS.W! G«i ,-:c gr V m ' Z W [St ««■ " ' ' CM ;«« (%■ tw.En«« W 10 1 ON ..,, ,in»s« " ? juSjssBisat CM iium ■ " i mnOM i1a ifitCJl SM (siB,W«al Km ime CM HWMMi la rtSetfLCAj JM rr ' If »P MimS am . " } ' . ' v, AM :■:.■:■ VlfcpSlMi ka tteSUfMiJ. OM ' jSfS u» Wii ' •P " " «i m in Cmi MDmllMi 1m fmM iM Hiw.Gii o»» CM MMnMki .lOi •;3r C: m i[iwi.Pi»{iaMr Cm m tm IriiiBiniliel M fcrctt CM ' ■:-■■ =r5.;- ! im MtEinlfB fmt .■fflftZ »• iroSejoriJwetrw mn MUmtni M ' a Si «B nxNUSva Cki in Cnin ta • Z: loi iwefWdn !m ln«EI|«» W mn) tai fsW ' PswatB ' 1 hum Sw ' Sfi 0«i " iwosMlttB tWntaS ' mi! teHi: «Ml fmm iW(r, i Olil t ' s!? " ilta t S " " ' r . Coo ' H J 342 • Directory ♦■Willi ' " • " » ' ! State Ni RlfcT ' " WeUhnsol SwWfalSoeixj, S«milklli|a CM«ChM|ilii(Dai AonU SweHnHEngmi; tekMAZ) CMMMiJr. CMrtBta CMMliriM SnrMopacE W CM«IM|ill3 ' « ilonttl M MaAUii ter.« SwIM Sciai EwP. « m CMM(M !%«« SOM »« MMSMMlt SI ! Cardwell, Brian Jeffery (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Careccio, Deana M. (Park Ridge, NJ) Junior, Studio Art Carey, Autumn Marie (Niles, Ml) Senior, Ecology Photography, Traveling, Classic Movies, History, University Christian Carey, Erin A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Sigma Kappa, Yoga, Art, Reading, Sororities, Choir Carey, Jay Hudson (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Carey, Meghan Katherlne (Oro Valley, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cargill, Kenneth S. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Russian Slavic Studies, English Cargill, Quinn Claver (Vista, CA) Freshman, Mechanical Engineehng Carillo, Christopher James (Long Beach, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Carlen, Brittne S (Tucson, AZ ) Freshman, No Major Selected earless, Stephen J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Soccer Carlini, Daniel Peter (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Geosciences Carlisle, Andrew Caiion (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Carlisle, Broolte A (Morenci, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Carlisle, Emily B (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Carlon, Jonathan E. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Carlos, Carolina (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Carlsen, Elyse M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Carlson, Amy R. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Carlson, Ben S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Carlson, Chance Mitchell (Wells, MN) Freshman, No Major Selected Carlson, Christopher Nickoias (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mathematics Carlson, Daniel Patricit (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Carlson, Douglas W (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Spending Time With Family Friends, All Sports, Hockey, Golf, Football Carlson, Jenna Marie (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Carlson, Jessica H (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Carlson, Kaili May (Kennewick, WA) Freshman, Microbiology Newman Center Carlson, Karri Candice (Nampa, ID) Senior, Nursing Traveling, Skiing, Sw imming, Scuba Diving Carlson, Karyn Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Vetehnary Science Carlson, Ryan Nicolas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Carlson, Travis J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Caristed, Kelly Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Carlton, Caliista Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Carlton-carew, Conrad Nnamdi (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Materials Science Engineering Carlucci, Anne Elizabeth (Los Bancs, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication, Spanish Carmichael, Amber L (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Psychology Carmichael, Erin Cathieen (Langley WA) Freshman, No Selected Carmona, Rafael Senecio (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Carmony, Amanda Malia (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Carmouche, Andrea Maria (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, English Carnaby, Coleen Mary (Omaha, NE) Freshman, University College Navigators For Christ, intervarsity Christian, Fellowship, Kid Cats, Junior Wildcat Recruiters, Freshman Class Council, Umc Volunteer Carnecer, Marie P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Carothers, Lul(e D (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Carpanzano, Michelle Lynne (Stamford, CT) Freshman, No Selected Carpenter, Benjamin Wayne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Carpenter, Brittney Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Veterinary Science Carpenter, Christopher Wayne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Carpenter, Christopher Z (Decatur, GA) Sophomore, Media Arts Carpenter, Jessica Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Education Carpenter, Jon David (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering Management Carpenter, Katie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Carpenter, Kayla Suzanne (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Carpenter, Michael R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Carpenter, Michael Ryan (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Carpenter, Stephen Thomas (Laguna Hills, CA) Senior, Finance Carpenter, Stephen Vernon (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Carpenter, Todd Scott (Riverside, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Carr, Adam H (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Carr, Adra Victoria (Old Saybrook, CT) Junior, Astronomy, Physics history SSpanish Martial Arts, Rock Climbing Carr, David A (Oak Park, IL) Senior, Media Arts, Psychology Carr, Edward William (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Carr, Garrett James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Carr, Jennifer A (Tacoma, WA) Senior, Studio Art Capoeira Carr, Jennifer L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Carr, Mary Elizabeth (Saint Louis, MO) Senior, Communication Carr, Matthew W (Prescott, AZ) Junior, Accounting Beta Theta Pi, ASUA Senate, U Of A Surfers Carrada, Patricia Aurora (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Italian Kappa Delta Chi Carrancho, Crystal Cabras (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Anthropology Carranza, Arturo (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Carranza, Aurora Melanie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Carranza, Francisco Rene (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Carranza, Jessica Lynna (Los Angeles, CA) Freshman, Criminal Justice Carrasco, Alma Rosa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Carrasco, Angela M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Carrasco, Candace M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Carrasco, Corinna (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Sociology, Psychology Babycats Carrasco, Juan A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Volley Ball, Guitar Carrasco, Patricia (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Swimming Carrasco-tarajacl(, Brenda Yvonne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Carrell, Casey Ryan (Rcho Sta Marg, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development Carrell, Michael Arnold, Jr. (Tucson, CA) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Carrell, Tyler J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Carreno, Alfonso (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Carreno, Gisela Gigi (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Industiral Engineering SHPE Carriglio, Michael Robert (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Carrillo, Ashley C. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry Gamma Phi Beta Carrillo, Catalina (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Carrillo, Edisa i (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Business Management Carrillo, Justin (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art, General Business And Classics Carrillo, Kacey N. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Carrillo, Loni Rae (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Special Education Rehab Carrillo, Lori Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Carrillo, Steven Franco (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Systems Engineehng Carrillo, Veronica Guadalupe (Lewisville, TX) Junior, Pre-Business Carrlngton, Caitlln E. (Whitehver, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Carrizoza,Tomas Antonio (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Coaching Carroll, Alison Chie (Torrance, CA) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Pharmacy Club Carroll, Barbara Renee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English, Psychology Singing, Exercising Carroll, Christopher J. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineehng Phi Beta Sigma Carroll, Clay Bradley (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineehng Sigma Pi, Arizona Men ' s Volleyball, Auto Racing, Boating Carroll, Elizabeth Cathieen (Chaghn Fails, OH) Junior, Anthropology Carroll, Emily C (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Veterinary Science Carroll, Emily June (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Carroll, Joseph T. (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Carroll, Molly E (Overland Park, KS) Senior, Marketing, Spanish Alpha Phi, Yoga, Working Out, Scrapbooking, Taking Pictures, Delta Sigma Pi, Intramural Softball, Intramural Flag Football Never give up on anyone or anything that you can not go a day without thinking about. Carroll, Sean Michael (Paradise Valley, AZ) Junior, Political Science Carroll, William Charles (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Carson, Brenna A. (Cave Creek, AZ) Sophomore, Marketing Carson, David Patrick (La Mirada, CA) Sophomore, Communication, Business Carson, Kyle Steven (La Mirada, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Carson, Matthew Gerald (Agoura Hills, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Carsten, Thomas J. (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Electrical Engineering Carstensen, Gary Chris (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Computer Engineehng Carswell, Michael B. (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Psychology Carter, Amanda Marie (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. Pre-Nursing Carter, Audrey Marie (Ft Huachuca. AZ) Junior. Psychology Carter, Avery Frances (Kennett Squar, PA) Junior. Psychology Carter, Brett L. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Carter, Briana Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Carter, Cynthea (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Science Carter, Evan C. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Carter, Joey Chris (Marana, AZ) Senior, Psychology Carter, John M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Carter, Kasey Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Carter, Kristopher A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Carter, Mackenzie Anne (Higley, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Carter, Nathan Benjamin (Gilbert, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Carter, Oliver Terrence (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Carter, Sharrisse M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Philosophy Carter, Yana C (Corona, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Cartheuser, Christopher G. (Cincinnati, OH) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cartwright, Andrew Stephen (Muncie, IN) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Cartwright, Gregory Hayden (Lake Forest, IL) Sophomore, Pre-Business Caruso, Katherlne Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Caruth, Whitney L. (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Carvajal, Jane Marie (Casa Grande, AZ) Senior, Nursing Carvalho, Sonia S (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Carvallo, Maria Paulina (La Serena, Chile) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture, Regional Development Sailing Carvell, Julia L. (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Carver, Alexis Hawanczak (Cave Creek, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Cary, Andrea Rae (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Casabat, Courtney Fromm (San Rafael, CA) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Casagrande, Nancy Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Casahonda, Hugo Alberto (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Casal, Moises (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Casale, Amanda Elisabeth (Rochester, NY) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Casanova, Kristen Diane (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel, Thematic Field Hockey Club, Camp Wildcat, Member Of ODK Honor Society Casberg, Sarah E (Santa Fe, NM) Senior, English Casco, Bernardo Luis (San Francisco, CA) Sophomore, Journalism Case, Paul M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Case, Rachel Rm (Kansas City, MO) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Case, Robert (Safford, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Caseman, Delayne Lois (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Casetta, Kimberly A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Directory • 343 Casey, Cory L (Sacramento, CA) Senior, Journalism, : General Business Administration; Spanish To my loving and always sup- portive family those who made these 4 years unforget- table. I love you. Casey, Daphne Brooke (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Casey, John Ryan (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Casey, Joseph F (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Casey, Kelli Marie (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Casey, Maegan Mary (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, English Casey, Sarah J. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Studio Art, Dance Cash, Andrew James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Cash, Brock Jordan (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Cash, Devin Jean (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Dance Cashdollar, Bridget M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Casillas, Mary Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Caskey, Christopher Michaei (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Caskey, Emily Michelle (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Caskey, Meghann I. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing easier, Evan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Casmer, Daniel (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering Casolari, Elizabeth Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Casolari, Nicholas J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Cason, Antoine Brandon (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cassady, Michael Lawrence (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Ecology Evol Biology Cassady, Victoria A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cassata, Noah Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Cassese, Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Choir, Writing, Reading, Theater Cassidy, Anna Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Cassidy, Casey A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Music Cassidy, Cody A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business 344 • Directory Cassidy, Cullen A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Music Cassidy, Jessica M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Cassidy, Megan K. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Cassidy, Sharee J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Cassin, Michael J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Casson, William M. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Castagnanova, Patrizia Laura (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Castaneda, Alejandrina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Castaneda, Elizabeth (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Family Studies And Human Development Kappa Delta Chi Castaneda, Francisco Eduardo (Palmdale, CA) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Castaneda, Jenna (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Castelan, Veronica (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Political Science Castelhano, Sarah Ann (Tuscan, AZ) Senior, Nursing Castellano, Amy K. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Castellanos, Dalina M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Castellanos, Marco L. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Castellon, Carrie Christine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics, Business Castiglione, Andrew Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Castillo, Daniel Burdett (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Castillo, Erica (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Animal Sciences Castillo, Katrina Jeannette (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Castillo, Kevin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Castillo, Laura R. (Mesa, AZ) Junior, History Castillo, Patricia Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Castillo, Sarah Romana (Goodyear, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Castillo, Sarah Theresa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Castillo, Stacey L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Castillo, Stephanie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Castillo, Valerie Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Castiiio-ketterer, Victoria G (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Castilone, John Anthony (Sacramento, CA) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Castle, Brandon S. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Castle, Everett Roosevelt (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Castle, Michael A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Castleberry, Susanna K (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Casto, Justin John (Gilbert, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Castrillo, Danielle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Castro, Adrian Ivan (Houston, TX) Sophomore, No Selected Motorcycles And Surfing Castro, Alejandrina (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mexican American Studies Castro, Careaga Ricardo (Los Mochis Mexico) Junior, Industiral Engineering Manufacturing, Sports, Intramurals Soccer, Softball, Basl(etball, Engineering Ambassador, Shpe, UE INCOSE Castro, Daniela (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Castro, Daniela (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Castro, Danielle Dolores (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Castro, David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Liberal Studies Castro, Frank Geoffrey (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Castro, Gabriela E (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Castro, Joanna Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Marl eting Kappa Alpha Theta, U Of A Pomline Castro, Josepha A (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Sprite Castro, Juan P (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Castro, Rachel P (Goodyear, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Castro, Ruben Hickman (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Castro, Samantha (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing, Psychology Gamma Phi Beta, Basketball, Volleyball, M.E.C.H.A.., Singing, Dancing, Shopping Castro, Stephanie N. (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Nursing Chi Omega Castruccio, Daphne Isadora (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Catague, Ronald Roy Ypulong (Florence, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Sociology minor Alpha Phi Omega Catalan, Jannina (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Catalan, Teresa (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Catalfamo, Crystal Dawn (Albuquerque, NM) Freshman, General Biology Dance, Working Out, Climbing Catalioto, Kristina M (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Cates, Julia Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Veterinary Science Cates, Sarah Ashlee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Cathcart, Sarah M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Catlett, Justin Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Catlin, Casey Christie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Cato, Stacey M (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business, Psychology Volleyball, Softball And Other Recreational Activities Cattaneo, Melissa Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Cauchi, Natalie Lara (Gilbert, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business, Retail And Consumer Sciences Alpha Phi Caudill, Daryl Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Caudill, Kiera Marie (Mission, KS) Senior, English Extended Causey, James Alexander (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Causey, Jared Russell (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cauwet, Julianne C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Cavalcant, Andrew Blake (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Cavaletto, Delania A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Cavanaugh, Colin Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Cavanaugh, David Brian (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Cavanaugh, Dustin Lane (Laguna Niguel, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cavanaugh, Sarah E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Cavazos, Daniel Warren (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Cave, Chester D (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Cave, Christopher Martin (Los Altos, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development Caverly, Corey Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Cavicchio, Gary Jeremiah (South Seavill, NJ) Sophomore, Physics Cavinder, Ryan W (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Cayce, John Caldwell (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Cayo, Cotter Tristan (Hyattsville, MD) Junior, Marketing Cayo-cotter, Kira Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cazares, Arthur Allen (Wilcox, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Cazares, Gabriella Olivia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Extended Cazares, Jennamarie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Ceccato, Christina Marie (Las Vegas, NV) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology, Chemistry Tae Kwon Do, Alpha Phi Omega, Camp Wildcat Cecil, Michael C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cecil, Michael Jay (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Psychology Cecilia, Gregory Kenneth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Cedillo, David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Cefaratti, Katie Marie (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Studio Art, Art History Cegielski, Amy Joy (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Marketing, Business Management Celaya, Gabriel Gerardo (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Art, Music Celaya, Marisela (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Celaya, Mayra Antonieta (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Society Of Hispanics Professional Engineers (SHPE) Celentano, Teresa M Freshman, Pre-Nursing Celia, Courtney A. (Novate, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication Cella, Greg D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Italian Censky, Rose Katherine (Sahuarita, AZ) Senior, English Centeno, Adolfo F (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Centeno, Jonathan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Cerami, Philip Leonard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Cerato, Jennifer Charlsie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Cerato, Lauren Marie (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Cercone, Dara M. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Communication Cerene, Tatiana A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Cerenko, Luka Angelo (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cernek, Hannah Yeiena (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Cernetic, Jason M. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Cerone, Brianna Rachel (San Diego, CA) Junior, Pre-Education Cerrone, Richard Charles (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Cerruti, Dylan (Parker, CO) Sophomore, Pre-Education Cerussi, Matthew R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cervantes, Osvaldo Careaga, III (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Cervantes, Paul Francisco (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting, Spanish And German Catholicism And Human Rights, HSF Scholar Chapter, St. Thomas Moore (catholic) Cervantes, Violeta (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Cervantez, Erich Victor (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cesarz, Blake E. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Cesarz, Jaime Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts, Communications I Play The Tuba And I Like It! Cesspooch, Alicia Margaret (Peach Springs, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education Lady Hoops Basketball Club Cevey, Benjamin Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Chaccour, Sam Dailey (Sacramento, CA) Junior, Regional Development Chacon, Harlyn V (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Chacon, Julia Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Chaddha, Ankesh (Bombay. MH) Freshman, Pre-Business Chaddha, Vinamra (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chadha, Ravneet Singh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Chadwell, Amanda Helen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing . ,1 1 t0 tHilKiit ' CM O tumjn.FidiNi (yilKgttlFn " [MWi. " . ' . " - ■ ■ ■firV- J " •xsc- 1 ■ OnWllil «« »■ Sftroe, PsydoiO OMIwfloMl ,.■:■?.« Sttm.ltiUKi taJ QiiiitKn,lli9HE I ' mUi OifiocAuliiM I ' aiOII taii.P»fdaiai !)»S«al OKHMrn ltr;«n$ DtOnklMiT. Pwn 17. «a SW cm ,1a im om to Mi im OM te (« CM ■Tm S« m SoCoqucrSoni tew - ' oWoiSUh Jm ' " ' B ' CiAQikisocar ! m«i 2 la fautt til Sain ' ' •Eiaioins (Sail i m Va CMDodiUdibgH OkkMiM SnuMnrtt . 5«- HeW ,W»« PiHMsnl Chafin, Bryn Michelle (Atlanta, GA) Sophomore, Dance, Creative Writing Chaifetz, Carl Abraham (Silver Spring, MD) Junior, Civii Engineering, Engineering Management Chaison, Seana L. (Tucson. AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education Chait, Rivka (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Chalyasut, Watson (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Chalfoun, Fadi Nader (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Chains, Meghan Franklin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Chamberlain, John Stephen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Chamberlain, Kimberly Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Chamberlain, Neil Allen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Undecided Chamberlain, Rachina Maria (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Chamberlain, Robert S. (Waterloo, lA) Junior, Music Chambers, Kenneth Robert (Mission Viejo, GA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Chambers, Megan E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Champion, Autumn Elizabeth (Tustin, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Education U Of A Softball Chan, Andy K. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Chan, Carrie Ka Lei (Hong Kong) Freshman, Media Arts Chan, Christopher T. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Chan, Joyce P. (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Computer Science, Media Arts Chinese Studies Asian American Student Coalition (2001-2004);, Asian American Cultural Association (2001-2003): Chan, Rainier (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Chan, Sai Man (Los Angeles, CA) Senior, Economics Chan, Sean M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Chan, Velen Wing-Si (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Chan, Victor L. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Chana, Gurjeet (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Chance, Aubri Jo (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chance, Stephanie M. Junior, Accounting Chandarana, Upasna Piyush (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Chandler, Aldine Sinclair (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Chandler, Alison F (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Chandler, Kevin Brown (Tucson) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Spanish Phi Kappa Psi Chandler, Nicholas Ray (Chandler) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Chandler, Sidney B (Cave Creel(, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chandra, Wahyudi (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Chaney, Autumn L. (Tolleson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Chang, Andrew (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Business Administration Arizona Ambassadors, Tennis, Resident Assistant Chang, Brennen Lee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Chang, Chi-Ting (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance, Mari eting Chang, Christopher C (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Management Info Systems Chang, Christopher William (Danville, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Chang, Eunsik (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chang, Grace T. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Chang, Hui-Ting (Taipei) Junior, Finance Music Chang, Jennifer (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chang, Man-Chuang,Thera (Cupertino, CA) Senior, Management Info Systems Chang, Michael (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Chang, Powen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Chang, Preston Y (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chang, Sunhee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Mom.Dad.EJ! Thanks for being there for me whenever I needed. Without you guys, I meant nothing. Chang, Yun (Green Valley, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Chang, Yun-Ting (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Chansley, Jennifer L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts, Pre-Law Phi Alpha Delta, Pre-Law Fraternity Chantell, Uhrs Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Chao, Heidi (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Chao, Hout (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems, Operation Management Chao, Joseph T. (Lake Havasu , AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Chapa, Ryan Charles (Salt Lake, UT) Junior, Pre-Business Chapel, James Fredric, III (Laguna Beach, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Phi Gamma Delta Chapman, Adrien M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Chapman, Chelsea Erin (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Chapman, Collin M. (Springfield, IL) Junior, No Major Selected Chapman, Gabriel E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chapman, John D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Chapman, Kimberly Amanda (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chapman, Ron Lester (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Chapman, Sara Allison (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Chapman, Thad Merritt (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Chapot, Danielle Claudine (San Rafael, CA) Freshman, Journalism Ballet, Choir, Writing, Guitar, Breaking Into The News Member, Honors Choir Member, Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Organization Chapparone, Mark Stephen (Rcho Santa Fe, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development Chappell, Anna Victoria (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Chappell, Christopher P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management, Operations Management University Of Arizona Track And Field, Pole- Vault Chappell, Dejeana Marie (Morgan Hill, CA) Senior, Finance Charbeneau, Olivia Dane (Dallas, TX) Junior, Spanish Charbonneau, Alison D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Chard, Kevin R (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Chard, Steven A. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Charest, Britt Boostrom (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Charest, Jeffrey Paul (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Charette, Shauna M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Charles, Leann M. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Charles, Philip Errol (Maiden, MA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Charlow, Lisa Rose (Foster City, CA) Junior, Psychology Charlson, Rebecca J (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, General Biology Charnetsky, Anastasia Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Animal Sciences Charnetsky, Christopher P (Litchfield Park, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Charney, Bryan Justin (Newport Beach, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Charvoz, Alison L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Chase, Anita Dianne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Chase, Brian Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chase, Kellen A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineehng Cheerleader Chase, Lauren Ashley (Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ) Senior, Journalism, English Chi Omega Chase, Lauren Michele (Marble Falls, TX) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel University Of Arizona South ASUA Treasurer Chase, Liliana Lunares (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Chase, Lula Mage (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, English Chase, Mackenna Anne (Ojai, CA) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Spanish Pi Beta Phi, Lacrosse Chase, Ryan M (Laguna Niguel, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Music, Sports, Fraternity Chasey, Curtis Mark (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Management Chasey, Janah K. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Chasey, Kiley Marie (Fountain Hills, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Chasse, Courtney Alyce (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Chasse, Jonathan R. (Cottonwood, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Chatila, Amjad Mukhtar (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering ThetaTau, Bluechip, SAE. Chatter, Guadalupe A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Chau, Cade Q. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Chaudhary, Anirudh (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Chaudhary, Bheeshm (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Chaulklin, Amber Rae (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chauvet, Christopher Ted (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Chauvet, Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering Management Chavarria, Magdalena Elisa (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Chaves, Susana (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chavez, Allison Frances (Morenci, AZ) Senior, Psychology Sociology Chavez, Amanda (Albuquerque, NM) Sophomore, Dance Chavez, Andrea Lorraine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Chavez, Anna Maria (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Chavez, Araceli Romero (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Architecture Chavez, Ashley Joy (Roll, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Delta Gamma Chavez, Bernice (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Chavez, Carlos Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chavez, Cassandra (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Chavez, Cristina Lizarraga (Menio Park, CA) Senior, Creative Writing, Business Administration Chavez, Crystal Ann (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Elementary Education Chavez, David Joseph (Bisbee, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Chavez, Eliel (Negates, AZ) Junior, Psychology Chavez, Eric Anthony (Rio Rico, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Chavez, Jessica (Rio Rico, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Chavez, Jolene Collet (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Chavez, Jonathan Paul (Rio Rico, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Chavez, Jose Jesus (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Chavez, Kristian N (Gilroy CA) Senior, Regional Development Chavez, Laura Kay (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Chavez, Lorenzo Eduardo (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chavez, Martina Elva (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Social Studies Volleyball, Softball, Reading, Movies, School Site Council Chavez, Matthew L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chavez, Megan Jean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Chavez, Nicholas P (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Chavez, Samuel Oliver (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Chavez, Sarah C (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Chavira, Andy (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Liberal Studies Chawla, Gulraj Singh (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Chawla, Sonya Singh (Great Falls, VA) Sophomore, Psychology Cheadle, Alexis Taylor (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Cheama, Whitney M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Check, Daniel T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Chee, Colleen L (Cameron, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Chee, Marlon John (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Chee, Ronson Riley (Winslow, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Chee, Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Cheek, Moriah R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Cheeney, Greg M (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Physics Cheffer, Matt Wesley (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cheknis, Edward Benjamin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Chellappan, Vidya (Columbus, OH) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Pre-Law Eller ' s College Student Council, Dance Chemodurow, Lucy (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Chen, Cho-cheng Billy (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Chen, Dorcas (Pelham, NY) Senior, History Chen, Kohong Wayland (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Chen, Kuan-lin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Directory • 345 Chen, LIT (Chantilly, VA) Freshman, Optical Sciences Engineering Chen, Long (China) Freshman, No Selected Music, IVIovie, Sleeping, Working out, Volleyball, Swimming, Soccer Chen, Ning (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chen, Shepin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Chen, Shirley X (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Chen, Stephanie Lee (Gilbert, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Chen,Te-chuan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Chen, Virginia Yun-fan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Chen, Wei-Shan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Chen.Yi Hsiu (Taiwan) Freshman, Music Chen,Yu-iu (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Chen,Yuyi (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science, : Mathematics Badminton Cheney, Charles Aaron (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Cheney, Crystal Joy (Oro Valley, AZ) Junior, Marketing Cheng, Julia Zhu (Chicago, IL) Freshman, Pre-Business, French Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity Cheng, Kai-chun (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Cheng, Linda Lai-Lok (Toronto, Canada) Senior, Performance Piano National Society Of College Scholars, Phi Eta Sigma, Music Composition, Volunteer Work Chenoweth, Marci Lee (Land O ' Lakes, FL) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Chepkorir, Fanice (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education Cherevka, Adam Jeffrey (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Cherevka, Lindsay K. (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Delta Delta Delta Cherinko, Jeffrey Scott (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Chern,Tingzhao (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Cheromiah, Amanda Royce Josanaraae (Paguate, NM) Freshman, Psychology American Indian Studies, Miss Native American University Of Ahzona 2004-05 346 • Directory Cherrick, Kyle David (University Place, WA) Freshman, Pre-Business Eller College Student Council, Campus Crusade For Christ Cherry, Elizabeth Kristin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology, Art History Cherry, Jonathan David (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering Cherwa, James Edward (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Cheshire, Gregory Eliot (Vail, AZ) Senior, Accounting Chesin, Karly C (Cherry Hill, NJ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Alpha Epsilon Phi, Dance, Music, Shopping, Hanging Out With Friends Chesia, Catherine Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Chesler, Jennine N. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Agri Biosystems Engineering Chesney, Richard Alan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Agriculture Chesser, Kara (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Chester, Kathleen Keenan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Chester, Michael Paul (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Chester, Thomas John (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Chetochine, Vladimir Stanislas (Saint Nom La Breteche) Senior, Communication, General Business Administration Cheung, Clarice Yu-fung (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cheung, Justin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cheung, Kamshing (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Cheung, Lucy Gee-kit (Biddeford, ME) Senior, Management Info Systems Cheung, Samuel (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Cheung, Wai-wah (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Cheung, Yuk Kei (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Chevas, Deanna Catherine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Family, Art, Reading, Photography Chiappetta, Paula Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Chiaro, Margaret A (York, PA) Junior, Studio Art Chicharello, Vanessa Mary (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Communication Chico, Melissa Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Arizona Blue Chip, FA.C.E.S.. Pre-Health Club Child, Joshua Davis (Laguna Hills, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Childers, Caren Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Childers, Caroline Hunt (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Childers, Daniel Lawrence (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Chilese, Matthew Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Chin, Brett Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chin, Brian (Fountain Hill, AZ) Junior, Public Management Policy Chin, Krista Lauren (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Chinchilla, Anibal (Inglewood, CA) Junior, Pre-Business Business, Mountain Biking, Shooting Sports Chiquete, Carlos (Somerton, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Chiquete, Marcellus Ray (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chircus, Jessica L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Chism, Jennifer (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Chittenden, Elizabeth Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Chittick, Ashley Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Chiu, Chun-kei (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Chiu, Tiffany Zhiwen (Shanghai, China) Sophomore, Economics, Japanese Twsa Chiu, Wing Chi Chris (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Chmell, Alexis (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Cho, Dong-Ho (Seoul) Senior, Accounting Cho, Hee-Ki (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Cho, Jane Yon (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Physiological Sciences, Chemistry, Korean Cho, Jun Oh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Agri Biosystems Engineering Cho, Sera (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Cho, Shih-hao Howard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Choate, Lieschen Nicole (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Chodorowski, Anthony Edward (Houston, TX) Junior, Regional Development Choe, Taeho (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chohan, Ahmed Abubakr (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Choi, Brandon James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Choi, Joonsung (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Choi, Joseph Y. (Oakland, NJ) Junior, Argi Economics Management Choi, Junwon (Seoul) Freshman, Pre-Business Tae kwon do, Pingpong, Badminton Choi, Min-hee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Choi, Woong-jin Jason (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Chokshi, Jeet Kaushay (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Choi, David Ayak (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering Physics Chong, Dong Won (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Chorwira, Tafadzwa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Chowdhary, Rajnish Kumar (Newark, CA) Senior, Industiral Engineering, Entrepreneurship Theta Tau, Wildcat Veteran ' s Organization, Institute Of Industrial Engineers Chowdhury, Inshad (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Chowdhury, Mahmood Habib (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Industiral Engineering Chow-romero, Megan M. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Finance Chozet, Roberto A. (Nogales, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Christ, Rachel Diane (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Christ, Zachary P (Oak Park, IL) Junior, Civil Engineering Christenholz, Michelle Rachel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Christensen, Alex James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Christensen, Brandon James (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Christensen, Caleb Wayne (Nampa, ID) Sophomore, Psychology Christensen, Carlie Lauren (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication, Spanish business Pi Beta Phi Christensen, Chase Don (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Christensen, Desiree (Yuma, AZ) Junior, SLHS Phi Eta Sigma Christensen, Dustin L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Christensen, Emily R. (Gwynedd Valle, PA) Senior, Theatre Arts Christensen, Eric Carl (Laguna Miguel, CA) Senior, GSM Christensen, Mark A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Christensen, Rachel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Christensen, Richard Erik (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Christensen, Samantha Rose (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Physics Christensen, Stephanie Jean (Mill Creek, WA) Freshman, Pre-Business Running, Skiing, Traveling, Shopping, Reading Christensen, Timothy P. (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Physics Christensen, Wesley Allen (Spanish Fork, UT) Senior, Architecture Sports, Art Christensen, Audrey Lorraine (Seattle, WA) Freshman, Political Science, History Pi Beta Phi Christian, Katherine Marie (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel, Thematic In Counseling 2001 And 2004 New Student Orientation, Camp Wildcat (2000-2004), Catholic Newman Center Christian, Laura Katherine (Tempe, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Musical Theatre, Dance, Voice, Habitat For Humanity Christian, Nichole Christine (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Dance Christiansen, Katie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Christiansen, Krista Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Christianson, Ryan K. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Christie, Logan Sharon (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Christie, Ryan Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Christie, Thomas J. (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics Christman, Amy (Williams, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Christmo n, Kyle P. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Christodoulou, Eleni Charalambou (Larnaca, CY) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Administration Christodoulou, Maria P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Christy, Nathaniel Curtis (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Chronis, Chris Peter (Los Altos Hills, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development Chu, Anita Lai (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Chu, Philip K. (Tuscon, AZ) Freshman, Materials Science Engineering Chua, Gretchen Legaspi (Manila, NA) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Cooking, Reading, Watching Movies, Volleyball, Swimming Chuc, Joshua Alberto (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Chuchul, Jennifer S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Philosophy Chumley, Quinn A (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Engineering Physics Chung, Connie (Sierra Vista, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Chung, Daegyo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Chung, Paul Chin (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Sigma Nu Chung, Wang Liet (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Church, Andrew Scott (Lead, SD) Freshman, Astronomy Games, Anime Church, Jason A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Churgin, Daniel S. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Churgin, Sarah Melissa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Chusid, Adam J (Portland, OR) Junior, Accounting Kappa Sigma, Basketball, Soccer Ciafone, Jennifer Ellen (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Nursing Cianciolo, Tony (Larkspur, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Ciaravella, Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Ciardello, Kristine (Danville, CA) Sophomore, Journalism Cicchini, Nicholas P. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Cichra, Christina Elaine (Alachua, FL) Senior, Anthropology Cienfuegos, Jesus Javier (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering in cm if 10 ' " 71 jjUltCoHf " jugi ' ' " " WKHitt ' ' ' ' Wia. " " (Ml (»««.««« " -.SO.AZi j js.Noltp JJJj WMniW (smiMill taitfloW ftjuemg MUnf " - :;j:iias,CAi ym M,AiqN ta - ' - aM CM OM Vi JM OH Sn CH iVi M Vo M ' ist.ffi im taAIUiii MMLCyiMlin inWiancal CM bgxerrq (%g MilalHtMi JM ' cir tZ. 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(Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Cisseli, Adam P (Calabasas, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Cisseli, Amy N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physica! Science Citron, Aitaira (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism, s: Communication Sociology Ciuffeteiii, Cyntiiia Lynn (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Civetta, Lautaro Alfredo (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Materials Science Engineehng Ciaasen, Sarali L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Ciaiborn, Samuel James (Scotlsdale, AZ) Senior, English Clair, Steven Joseph (Jericho, NY) Freshman, Pre-Business Clamons, Raymond Xyion (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Clapp, Cristen Elaine (Newport Beach, CA) Freshman, Journalism Kappa Alpha Theta Clapper, Lauren A (Menio Park, CA) Freshman, Pre-Education Clapper, Shenee M. (El Paso, TX) Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences, Thematic Claridge, IVIatthew B (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Clark, Aaron Chessy (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Clark, Adam (Monte Sereno, CA) Junior, Geography Clark, Alex S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Clark, Amanda L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology, Chemistry Clark, Amber C. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Clark, Amy Rose (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Clark, Andrew Elton (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Microbiology Clark, Benjamin Taylor (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Psychology Clark, Brittany L. (San Dimas, CA) Junior, Political Science, Pre- law Pi Beta Phi, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, The Arizona Blue Chip Program, Sigma Alpha Lambda Honorary Clark, Candice J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Clark, Carolyn Shelby (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Clark, Caryn A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Clark, Cortney L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Clark, David Joseph (Philadelphia, PA) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering, German Studies Telecommunications, Deutscher Student Club Clark, Deena Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Microbiology, : Chemistry NSCS Clark, Elias P (San Diego, CA) Junior, Civil Engineering Clark, Etirza Lanae (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Clark, Grace C (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Political Science, Economics Dance, Art, Music, Theatre, Travel, School Clubs Clark, Grant Trowbridge (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Clark, Griffin W (Seminole, FL) Senior, Regional Development Clark, Jace A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Clark, Jameson Alastair (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Clark, Jeffrey L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Clark, Jenna S. (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Clark, John D. (Irvine, CA) Senior, Management Info Systems Travel, Reading Clark, Jonathan IMichael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineering Cliffhangers, Arizona Surfers Clark, Julian Lucio (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Clark, Justin Allen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Environ Hydrology Water Clark, Justin Howard (Vail, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Clark, Kyle Sands (Las Cruces, NM) Senior, Political Science Clark, Lauren Elizabeth (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Clark, Mary A. (Amado, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Clark, Matthew Steven (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Molecular And Cellular Biology Clark, Michael David (Bakersfield, CA) Senior, Religious Studies, English minor Clark, Monica Teresa (Mammoth, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Medical Technology Clark, Peter J. (Springfield, MO) Junior, Astronomy Clark, Sarah Maria (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Clark, Scott M (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Clark, Stewart Robert (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Clark, Thomas Johnson (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics Clark, Trevlyn Lee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Clark, Tyler Robert (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Medical Technology Clark, William James (Casa Grande, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Society For Creative Anachronism Clarke, Derek Ryan (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Clarke, Justin Eli (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Clarke, Paul S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Clarkson, Danee Lillian (San Diego, CA) Junior, Art History Clarkson, James Worrall (Fountian Hill, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Clarkson, Margaret Marcine (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Clarkson, Matt (Fountain Hill, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Clarno, Aaron Brent (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Systems Engineering Clary, Brandy N. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English, Secondary Education Psychology Clary, Jacqueline Antonette (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology, Studio Art Soccer Clary, Kyle Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Classen, Stephan M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Environmental Science Clauson, Christiana Marie (Blairstown, NJ) Senior, Psychology Criminal Justice Ski, Baseball, Basket Ball, Bowling, Fine Arts , Cooking Claw, Chandra Mae (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Clay, Fast Alexander (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Clay, Ryan Kenneth (Mukilteo, WA) Senior, Journalism, English Clayton, Amy Michelle (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Clayton, Anna Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Clayton, Christa Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education, Spanish Clayton, Jamie (Parker, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Clayton, Kimberly Theresa (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Clayton, Morgan (Yuma, AZ) Sophomore, Plant Sciences Cleary, Meagghi F (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Communication, Psychology Delta Delta Delta Cleary, Michael R. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Cleary, Stephanie J. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Cleary, Theresa Lynn (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Vice-President Of U of A ' s Biochemistry Club, Backpacking, Art Cleeland, Aldan M. (Irvine, CA) Junior, History, Political Science Delta Gamma Clegg, Jordan Michael (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Public Management Policy Clelland, Philip John (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Business Administration UA Sports Information - Cross Country track, Performance Footwear Clem, Erica Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Clem, Kristen Renee (Villa Park, CA) Senior, Regional Development, Thematic In Planning And GIS Arizona Ambassadors, Mortar Board Senior Honorary Clemens, Christie Mary (San Rafael, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Clemente, Crysta Janai (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Clements, Charlene Yvonne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Clements, Elizabeth Davis (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Clements, Eric M. (Wickenburg, AZ) Sophomore, Agriculture Clements, Kristin Ann (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Psychology Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Alpha Lambda, Gamma Sigma Alpha Clements, Nada (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Clendenen, Chase Richard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Clendenen, Stephanie M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Cleveland, Marie Christina (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Molecular And Cellular Biology Cleveland, Michael Scott (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Clewett, Erin E (Yorba Linda, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication Cliff, Nathan William (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineering Management Clifford, Duane E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Clifton, Adam K (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Clifton, Jose Armando (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Clifton, Suzanne Linette (Dublin, OH) Senior, Finance Climaco, Catherine L. Junior, Art Education Clinch, Andy (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, English Beta Theta Pi Clinch, Megan Colleen (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Nursing Cline, Christi Beth (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Cline, Jessica Taylor (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Ecology Cline, Kellie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Animal Sciences Cline, Kirssa Lynne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science, French University Of Arizona Swimming And Diving Team Cline, Korenna M (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Business Management, Pre Law Cline, Luke Hunter (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Cars Racing Cline, Nicole Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Clines, Bryan R (Taylor, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Clingensmith, Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Clinton, Maribeth Cathleen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Clor, Jennifer R (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Clor, Jonathan Adrian (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Performance Guitar Clor, Kristen Danielle (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Performance Guitar Closs, Michelle Darlene (Payson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Clough, Isaiah Jedediah (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cloutier, William Alfred (New Milford, CT) Senior, Sociology Clowers, Connor T. (Santa Barbara, CA) Sophomore, Media Arts Clowers, Laura Elizabeth (Santa Barbara, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Cluff, Tyler Brandon (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Clutter, Whitney L (Sacramento, CA) Freshman, Pre-Education Alpha Phi, Water Polo, Republicans Club Clyburn, Amy E (Mission Viejo, CA) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Clyne, Eric Raymond (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Coalter, Ashley Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Cobb, Christopher D (Colorado Springs, CO) Senior, Journalism Cobbley, Christina Lynn (Portland, OR) Sophomore, English Cobean, Dylan S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics Cobean, Ryder David (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Russian Slavic Studies Cobelis, Audra L (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemistry Coben, Elizabeth Catherine (Fort Worth, TX) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences, Family Studies And Human Development UAB Arts Committee, Women ' s Health Advocate Coburn, Christopher Allen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Coburn, Jaclyn Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Cocciola, Christina Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Cochran, Colin Matthew Stuart (Fort Collins, CO) Sophomore, Physics Cochran, Jenna Anne (Yuma, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Directory • 347 Cochran, Julia Ann (Yuma, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cochran, Richard C. (Churubusco, IN) Junior, Ecology Cochran, Scott Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cochran, Shannon C. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Cochrane, Nathan Calvin- winston (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cocilovo, Byron Robert (Prescott, AZ) Freshman, Optical Sciences Engineering Guitar Cocio, Benny, Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology, Chemistry Cocio, Daria Olivia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Cockburn, Ben (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Cockerham, Scott W. (Birmingham, AL) Junior, Political Science, East Asian Studies Pi Sigma Alpha, Arizona Model United Nations Cody, Erin Lynne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Cody, John Paul (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Coelho, Aaron Phillip (Riverdale, CA) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Music, Art Coenen, Christopher Lance (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Coffey, Katherine Mercedes (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemistry, Sociology Soccer, Travel, Volunteering Coffey, Sara Sermeno (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Coffman, Gregory J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Cofield, Justin Edward (Wheaton, IL) Senior, Accounting CogeIja, Nicole Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Coghill, Taylor Ashley (Mission Viejo, CA) Sophomore, Muscial Theatre Cogorno, Anthony Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Management Cohan, Derrick J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Cohen, Aaron E (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Kappa Alpha Cohen, Adam Isaac Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cohen, Allison Helene (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Cohen, Benjamin Michael (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cohen, Brandon Scott (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Finance Cohen, Carly E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cohen, Daniel Adam (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cohen, Daniel M. (Waston, FL) Freshman, No Major Selected Cohen, Eric Andrew (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Communication, Political Science Kemp Student Radio Cohen, Erin (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Psychology Cohen, Helaine Nasya (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cohen, llyssa Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Cohen, Jake (Great Necl , NY) Freshman, Pre-Business Cohen, Joshua Frieden (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cohen, Maegen Marie (Arlington Heights, IL) Freshman, Pre-Education, Spanish Chi Omega, Baseball Cohen, Marisa Leigh (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Cohen, Michael Ryan (Sherman Oaks, CA) Junior, Communication, Business Cohen, Michael Todd (Cincinnati, OH) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Political Science Sports Marketing Cohen, Paul Adam (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Communication, Pre-Law Cohen, Ross E. (Livingston, NJ) Junior, Psychology Cohen, Sheila Ruth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cohn, Allyson Dana (Plainview, NY) Sophomore, Speech Hearing Sciences Cohn, Jessica M (Takoma Park, MD) Senior, Anthropology Cohn, Maggie M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Classics Cohn, Stephanie R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Cokriic, Erik A (San Diego, CA) Senior, Pre-Business Cokrosaputra, Ivan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Industiral Engineering Colaianni, Nina E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Colan, Megann Estella (Oro Valley, AZ) Junior, Geography, Japanese Language Colapret, Tracey Ellen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Colavito, Jason Paul (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Management Info Systems, Linguistics Running, Cycling, Wednesday Night Club, Track And Field, Cross Country Colavito, Jon Dennis (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Colavito, Kyle W (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Colbert, Lance Scott (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Colbert, Nancy Faye (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Colbert, Tori Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Colchado, Gloria Margarita (Tucson, CA) Senior, English, Theatre Arts Education Cole, Allen Wethington (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Cole, Beth Justice (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Cole, Dustin George (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Cole, Elizabeth Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, English Cole, Jason Robert (Gilroy CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Sport Karate, Martial Arts, Dancing, College Republicans Cole, Karina E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Performance Voice Cole, Lisa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English, Creative Writing Cole, Matthew Carl (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Ecology Cole, Scott Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Cole, Shawn Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Cole, Stephanie L. (Las Vegas, NV) Junior, Accounting Beta Alpha Psi-Vice President Of Services And Activities Cole, Travis William (La Quinta, CA) Senior, Marl eting Coleman, Andrea J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Materials Science Engineering Coleman, Bliss M. (Minneapolis, MN) Junior, Political Science Coleman, Brandon C. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Coleman, Brittany N. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Coleman, Cassandra Angela (Altadena, CA) Sophomore, Communication, Psychology Kappa Kappa Gamma We are proud of your achieve- ments! Continue the good work! Love Mom, Dad, Molly Fonzie Coleman, Christopher Edward (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Coleman, Christopher M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering Management Coleman, Heather Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Coleman, Justin (Torrance, CA) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineering Coleman, Krystina E (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Coleman, Matthew Allen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Industiral Engineering Coleman, Ronald Leslie, III (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Media Arts, Anthropology Film, Martial Arts, Culture, Jeet Kun Do Coles, Chelsea L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Coles, Sean B. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Coles, Tyler R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Colick, Lauren Elizabeth (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Nutritional Sciences, Psychology Working Out, Baseball, Shopping, Colick, Zachary Adam (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Journalism Colima, Juan P. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Colin, Lourdes (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Nursing Coll, Abigail Anncatherine (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Collazo, Rick (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Collazo, Valery I. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Colletti, Francis J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Colletti, John S. (Laguna Beach, CA) Senior, Finance Collettii, Nicholas Ryan (Thousand Oaks, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Colley, Edward Benton (Laguna Niguel, CA) Freshman, Psychology Colley, Karrianna Lorraine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business, Spanish Collier, John Cooke (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Collier, John Patrick (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Collier, Lauren Renee (Avondale, AZ) Junior, Accounting Collier, Nicole Christine (Valencia, CA) Junior, Anthropology Collier, Ryan Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Collin, Jaime Harris (Roslyn Hts, NY) Freshman, No Major Selected Collinet, Susan Elaine (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Collins, Aaron Christopher (Indianapolis, IN) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Music, Dancing, Traveling Collins, Adam Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Collins, Alexandria Isabelle (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Spanish, Psychology Collins, Andrew (Lake Havasu, AZ) Senior, Business Economics Collins, Ashlle N. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Collins, Bryan Patrick (Glendale, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Soccer, Guitar, Music, Movies Collins, Chris N (Atlanta, GA) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Collins, Christopher J. (Newport Beach, CA) Senior, Regional Development, - Business Phi Gamma Delta Collins, Eryn Kathryn (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Collins, George Jefferson (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geosciences Collins, Jeffrey Scott (Rexford, NY) Sophomore, Pre-Business Collins, Jessica J. (Kingman, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Collins, Joshua Kyle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Collins, Kari Lynn (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, English Collins, Katie Marie (Julesburg, CO) Senior, Classics, Near Eastern Studies Literature, Journalism, Sports, Film, Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key Honor Collins, Kelli Anne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Collins, Lacey (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Collins, Laura Cecelia (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Communication Collins, Matthew D (Lake Havasu City, AZ) Senior, Accounting Filer Student Council, Refuge, AZ Allegiance Collins, Matthew Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting, Entrepreneurship Collins, Ryan Thomas (San Manuel, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Collins, Scott A (Cave Creek, AZ) Senior, Finance Collins, Shawna Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Colloca, Francesca Jeanne (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Political Science, French And Italian Gamma Phi Beta Collord, Robyn Anne (Monterey, CA) Junior, Pre-Education Colman, Melissa L (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Communication, Journalism Chi Omega Coiner, Seth Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Cologna, Stephanie Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Colombatto, Romy B. (So Pasadena, CA) Junior, Political Science Colon, Alessandra Maria (Humble, TX) Sophomore, General Biology, Psychology Colon, Nicholas Stephen (Sedona, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Colondres, Barbara Is Alejandra ' (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Colonna, Nicholas J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Colosimo, Melissa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Colson, Shane Keith (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Colville, Kathryn L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Colvin, James Lewis (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Colvin, Natalie Lauren (Wilsonville, OR) Freshman, Pre-Business, International Studies Basketball Club, Spanish Club, Wildcat Running, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Riding Horses, Colwell, Justin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Combellick, Joseph Anderson (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Combs, Ariele M. (Gilroy CA) Junior, Political Science Combs, Daniel A. (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Physiology Phi Kappa Psi Combs, Jacob Walter (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Combs, Jasmine Louise (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Combs, Michelle Grace (Pleasanton, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Combs, William B (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Nuthtional Sciences Come, Fay Mara (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Latin American Studies, Spanish Comer, Tommy Joseph (Safford, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Mathematics 348 • Directory Sir " ' Mm «|Ml flOKAZ) I nOKAZI SoxSUoki OMLUMllim m antrtSUH iMMlUSpiisli CMM w VoiUZI MNatWof ■K BV ! i Josep Comerci, Andrew William (Albuquerque, NM) Junior, Pre-Physical Science, Spanish Sports Medicine, Refuge Student Ministries, Intramural Athletics Coml.Todd J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Sociology Commanda, Charlie Wiley (Flagstaff, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Compton, Carrie Gailene (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Compton, Scott William (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Comrov, Karl Beth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Comstock, Jamie Kristin (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Comstock, Tiffany Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Comyford, AIek Zachary (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Conant, Roger Albert (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Conaway, David Lynn (Corona Del Ma, CA) Junior, No Major Selected Conboy, Kimberly lUI (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Concannon, Jacklyn Rose (Danville, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Concannon, Jacob P. (Danville, CA) Junior, Political Science Rugby Concannon, Maura Kathleen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Concepcion, Banks Leonard (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marl eting Concholar, Devin Marie (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Computers, Bool s, Friends Conder, Adam Kennedy (Sammamish, WA) Sophomore, Anthropology Condit, Cynthia B. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Condon, Amanda Jean (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Condon, John Clayton (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering, Business Economics Economics Club, U Of A Cycling Team, Mortar Board Condra, Mark E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Condra, Zachary Rife (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Conerly, Megan N (Camp Verde, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Conforto, Emily Michelle (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cong, Hanmo (Shenzhen, GD) Freshman, Astronomy Music, Reading, Animax, Painting Congdon, Lauren Marie (Kennett Sq, PA) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Conklin, Laura M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physiological Sciences, Chemistry business Volunteers For Humanity For Humans Conley, Jolene Marie (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science, Chemistry Conley, Jonathan Douglas (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Conley, Theresa Marie (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Conley, Vera Janice (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Conlon, Claire Anne (Omaha, NE) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology. Chemistry, Mathematics, Classics Pi Beta Phi, Youth Against Cancer, Salt Tutor, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta Conn, Carmenlita S. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Connell, Alana Marie (Green Valley AZ) Freshman, Psychology, Pre- Health Connell, Lauren R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Conner, Ryan Scott (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineehng Conners, Kevin Michael (Colorado Springs, CO) Sophomore, Regional Development Connolly, BreannaTerese (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Connolly, Deron Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Connolly, Michael Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Connolly, Tracy L. (Casa Grande, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Connor, Luis Gabriel (San Francisco, CA) Senior, Marl eting Connor, Tessa M. (Del Mar, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication, Pre Law Kappa Alpha Theta Connor, Whitney Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Connors, Ashley Ann Sophomore, No Selected Connors, Jennifer Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Connors, Katherine Maria (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Connors, Kristen Renee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism, Economics Gamma Phi Beta, Project Shine, Desert Yearbool , Gamma Phi Beta Connors, Matthew James (Morgantown, WV) Senior, Agri Resource Economics Hockey Team Connors, Michael S. (Morgantown, WV) Senior, Agri Resource Economics Hockey Team Connors, Sean R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Conolty, Kristin Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Conover, Michael D (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Quantum Philosophy, Computational Biology, Gonzo Journalism Conrad, Brad J (Calgary AB) Sophomore, Pre-Business Pi Kappa Phi Conrad, Nina (Seattle) Senior, Dance, Journalism Conroy, Kyle Michael (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Consalvi, E Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Considine, Peter John (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Physics Constant, Hollie Raye (Albuquerque, NM) Sophomore, Anthropology, Spanish Constantine, Sarah Emily (Bellevue, WA) Freshman, Pre-Business Alpha Chi Omega Constantiner, Douglas E. (Houston, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sports Cars, Football We love you and you are the best! Love, Mom Dad Constantiner, Michael S (Houston, TX) Senior, Finance, Business Sigma Chi You tiave exceeded our expectations and we love you and best of luck! Love Mom and Dad Contento, Bradley M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Confer, Jessica Lauren (Hershey PA) Senior, Spanish, Bilingual Education Alpha Chi Omega Contreras, Andrea Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Animal Sciences Contreras, Anthony Brian (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineehng Contreras, Ashley M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Italian Contreras, Carlos E (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Contreras, Jesus Mazon (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Contreras, Marcia L. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Contreras, Mark Antonio (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Contreras, Omar A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Contreras, Samantha Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Converse, Hailey A. (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Navigators, Arizona College Republicans Conway, Ian Michael (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Chemistry Conway, Joshua Travis (Tucs on, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Conway, Lucas Andres (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Philosophy Conway, Megan Kastner (Washington, DC) Senior, Creative Writing Conway, Michael Allan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Conway, Sean M. (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Entrepreneurship Phi Gamma Delta, Golf, Tennis, Snowboarding, Conwell, Kimberly Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Speech Heahng Sciences Cook, Abigail Malkah (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Cook, Adrian (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Cook, Alexander F.S. (Carnation, WA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Cook, Alexander L (Thornton, CO) Freshman, No Selected, Pre- Health College Republicans ' Chief Correspondence Officer Cook, Andrew V. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cook, Brendan James (Paradise Valley AZ) Junior, Ecology Cook, Cameron R. (Vail, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Cook, Charles Edward (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cook, Christina M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Cook, Daniel James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cook, Daniel M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Cook, Donald Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Cook, Heather Lynne (Elkhart, IN) Junior, Psychology -Sociology Psi Chi Club Cook, Jeffrey Joseph (Granada Hills, CA) Sophomore, Finance Sigma Pi, Business, Philosophy Astronomy Psychology, Sigma Pi, University Of Arizona College Republican, Mountaineehng, Weightlifting Cook, Jennifer M (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Cook, Jennifer Rae (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Health Education Cook, Kathryn Louise (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Cook, Kristy Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Cook, Mandi Susann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Cook, Megan C. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Undecided, Creative Writing Cook, Michael Garland (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Creative Writing Cook, Michelle Lynne (Worcester, MA) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Sigma Alpha Lambda, Travel, Concerts, Kappa Omicron Nu, Snowboarding, Phishing, Black And White Photography Camping Cook, Nicholas L (Rochester, NH) Junior, Engineering Management, Computer Engineering Cook, Nicholas Lee (Vail, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Cook, Patrick Michael (Oracle, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Cook, Rex Eugene (Vail, AZ) Senior, Physics, Astronomy Cook, Richard G. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Cook, Robert W (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Cook, S. Minor (Memphis, TN) Junior, Pre-Communication Cook, Samuel Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Cook, Sarah Jennie (Lyons, OR) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Architecture, Competitive Roller Skating (USARS) And High Jump, Dancing, Singing, Scrapbooking Cook, Timothy Allen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Cooke, Jacquelyn Leann (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Cool, David Louis (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemical Engineering Cool, James Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Cooley, Margaret Anne (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Coolidge, Chuck C. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Coombs, Erika Michelle (Los Alamos, NM) Freshman, Pre-Business Sports, Hanging ' With Friends Coombs, Sarah Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Coomer, Richard Alexander (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Coon, Fred Everett (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Coon, Geoffrey Bullen (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Coons, Nathan David (Benson, AZ) Junior, General Biology Coopamah, Devasubramaniam G. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Cooper, Amanda Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Animal Sciences, Sociology Cooper, Amber Leigh (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Cooper, Beverly Keeley (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Mathematics Cooper, Cassandra Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Cooper, Christopher William (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Cooper, Isaac Soren (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Cooper, Jonathan B. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Cooper, Justin Calvert (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Cooper, Kara M. (Mesa, AZ) Junior, History Religious Studies History Reading, Snowboarding, Sports, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Intramural, Softball Cooper, Matthew David (Oro Valley AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cooper, Megan K. (Poway CA) Sophomore, Studio Art Cooper, Melvin Clarke (Temecula, CA) Junior, Pre-Business Blue Chip, FBLA, Working Out Cooper, Michelle N (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Cooper, Robert Tyler (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Cooper, Scott Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Materials Science Engineering Cooper, Watus Benjamin (Oro Valley AZ) Graduate, Health Education Cooper-ephriam, Rahsaun Chettyll (Philadelphia, PA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Directory • 349 Cooperman, Benjamin P. (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Cooperrider, Chelsea C (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Psychology, Family Studies And Human Deve lopment Playing Piano, Reading, Hanging Out With Friends, Swimming Cooperstein, Amy Robin (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Cooperstein, Jill Rebecca (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Coors, Ryan William (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Copeland, Derricl Vashaun (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Religious Studies Copeland, Kevin IMichael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Copeland, Lucas A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Copeland, Nathan R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Copenhaver, Jennifer N (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Economics, Spanish And Italian s; International Business Certificate Sigma Kappa, Global Awareness Competition Co- Creator;, Eller Scholars Copesl ey, Maureen Katherine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology s: Spanish, Sociology Psi Chi, Marching Band Copley, Adam S. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Copley, Samantha Lynne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Copoulos, Marl( Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Copp, Avari Joanna Lynn (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, French Copp, Brett C. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Copp, Kevin James (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Coppernoll, Dustin Richard (San Jose, CA) Freshman, Psychology, Business Coppin, Amy Lillian (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Coppus, Eric Ainslie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Corbeil, Kathryn Ann (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science, Spanish And Chemistry Photography, Movies, Playing Bass, Friends, Kamp Radio Club, Camp Wildcat Corbett, Macl enzie L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Corbin, Michael Pierce (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Corcoran, Claire E (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Corcoran, John Kevin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Corcoran, Joseph D. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Corcoran, Nicole A. (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Corcoran, Tim E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Cordeil, Audrey Susan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Alpha Phi, Future Retail Leaders Cordero, Diana (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Cordery, Andrew Joseph (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Wildlife Cordisco,Taiia Adriana (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Cordova, Andrea (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Cordova, Bernadette Renae (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Cordova, Eduardo Balvanedo (Sonora, MX) Senior, Engineering Management Swimming, Member Of ASEM Cordova, Elena Patricia (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineehng Cordova, Jesus A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering Cordova, Monique Angelica (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Cordova, Stephanie Christine (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Cordrey, Jenny Ann (Winkelman, AZ) Sophomore, Wildlife Corea, Justin Daniel (Laguna Niguel, CA) Senior, Economics Corea-Levy,Yali (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Corelia, Prizma Guadalupe (Nogales, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Corey, Amanda Lee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Corey, James J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Corke, Laura Aleen (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Outdoor Activates, Dancing, Photography Corkiil, Travis Andrew (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Corl, Ford Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Corl, Jessica Lynne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Corley, Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Cormier, Kelly Vee (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Cormier, Samantha Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Corn, Evan Jason (Longmeadow, MA) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Corne, Troy (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Cornejo, Valeria Cristina (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Cornejo Perez, Gerardo E. (Nogales, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Cornelius, Brian Eugene (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Cornelius, Dana R. (San Diego, CA) Senior, Art History Cornelius, Leann Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Cornell, John Altamirano (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cornett, Brittany Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Cornia, Jesse R (Bullhead City, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Cornidez, Arcelia Yadira (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Corona, Fabian Hernandez (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Coro na, Megan Kristine (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Coronado, Anita Dyan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Coronado, Francisca R.B. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Coronado, Joel Alexander (Oai( Brook, IL) Junior, Marketing, Spanish Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sma Coronado, Marlenne Aracely (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Coronado, Nathan John (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Coronado, Tamara Rae (Show Low, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing PA. I.N. Corral, Angelica Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Corral, Janette C (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Spanish Corral, Valerie Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Corrales, Amanda Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Corrales, Amanda (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Corrales, Daniel Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Communication Corrales, Eric Christopher Costa, Dominic Koch Coughlin, Laura A. (.iflnanCraiS meson. W (Tucson, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) (Scottsdale, AZ) SI Freshman, Materials Science Senior, Psychology Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Sa Engineering Costa, Kyle Douglas Pre-Pharmacy Club- [itOiadl a Correa, Aisha (Santa Clara, CA) Recorder, Wildcat Habitat For M (Saddle Brool , NJ) Senior, Physiological Senior, Regional Development, Business Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Tucson (D Sciences, : Chemistry Costaglio, Michael David Coughlin, Thomas Robert Ci Correa, Aris (Hillsborough, CA) (Orange County, CA) (Casa Grande, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Freshman, Pre-Business, » Freshman, No Major Selected Engineering Spanish n Correa, Oliver James Sigma Alpha Epsilon Coughlin, Victoria Emma ill (Tucson, AZ) Costales, Jessica Lei (Tucson, AZ) ;;; -■■ fii Freshman, Economics (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting n Corredor, Andrew Camilo Freshman, Pre- Coulon, David Vern [leakeilon, OR ' fewn.i 6iB w r (Tucson, AZ) Communication (Hanford, CA) SI Sophomore, Mechanical Engineehng Costell, Gabriel David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Physiological Sciences Correli, Darlene Jeannette (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Costigan, Kelly Morgan UA Baseball Team Coulston, Jared Graham waft mm 0 Freshman, Ecology (Tempe, AZ) (Tucson, AZ) M Corres, Isabel Z. Sophomore, Pre-Business Sophomore, No Major Si (Nogales, AZ) Costolo, Megan C. Selected turn Freshman, Pre-Nursing (Scottsdale, AZ) Counts, Alexis Altagracia i aCtrinxK Tennis Senior, Nursing (Phoenix, AZ) ftOT,AZ) fi Corriero, Stephanie M. Cota, Ariana Sophomore, Pre- S(tonm, wy Oi 1% (Tucson, AZ) (Rio Rico, AZ) Communication W Junior, Journalism Sophomore, Business Courchesne, Emily Kristine HDanW a 1% « Ol ft Hi Oi Corrigan, Dane Ryan Management (Tucson, AZ) •«,«Z) (Las Vegas, NV) Cota, Celia Jessica Senior, Astronomy ifji CmpjWSoW Junior, Theatre Production (Tucson, AZ) Coursodon, Christine townrtiir Corrigan, Jennifer E Sophomore, Physiological Frances limAZ) (Phoenix, AZ) Sciences (Tucson, AZ) fijw,Ci«a»« t Senior, Bio Molecular Cota, Eddie Sophomore, Veterinary i IiD li«« Biophysics (Tucson, AZ) Science rmw Corrigan, Meghan Junior, Systems Engineering Coursodon, Philippe m.kmi vi (Tucson, AZ) Cota, Melissa A. (Tucson, AZ) tiWiiiC. Senior, Pre-Physical Science (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art .AZ) !k Corrigan, Shannon Paige Freshman, Pre-Business Courtney, Dawn M iM,PWSani H (Tucson, AZ) Cota, Neftali E. (Tucson, AZ) S|di«f w Freshman, Theatre Arts (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education liGMnmtMlk « Cortes, Michael Sophomore, Classics Courtney, John D te.LanguatKlMr Ol (Chicago, IL) Cote, Linda Gay (Walnut Creek, CA) » t|KtC(iMisi:So(at ia Junior, Political Science, (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History W iil(.FiiiiSd lr,Hm Oi Spanish Senior, Nursing Cousens, Ashley E « tif:Mi t. «i Tricats Cotner, Kyle H (Tucson, AZ) X tiJimflM. ta Cortese, Benjamin Tyler (Racine, Wl) Freshman, Spanish « IntetSanti t0 (Ketchum, ID) Senior, Mechanical Couston, George Mandros tlHaidilnni m Junior, Accounting Engineering (Tucson, AZ) (ttlNI Ol Cortese-cross, Seann Phi Kappa Tau, Cars, Sophomore, Media Arts imt-immm IV (Tucson, AZ) Basketball, Weightlifting, Coutts, Mary Anna m H Senior, Psychology American Society For (Tucson, AZ) MJawMa Ol Cortez, Sabrina Renee Engineehng Management, Tau Senior, Special Education (imAZI (W (Tucson, AZ) Beta Pi Engineering Honorary Rehab .« ii|tom,A(raijaa M Senior, Criminal Justice, Cotner, Lauren Jaye Couturier, Darren P. m Sjmg Ol Public Management (Tucson, AZ) (Phoenix, AZ) tiJicliiiLp Ik Criminal Justice Association- Freshman, No Major Selected Sophomore, Mechanical fafsanzi hi Treasurer Cotrupe, Maya L. Engineering iSWPsyiWoj Ol Cortez, Tania Launa (Tucson, AZ) Covalciuc, Anthony M. «)» !«al Saras Ik (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing (Tucson, AZ) woiim M Senior, Retailing Consumer Cotten, Lisa Marie Junior, Creative Writing IiMltrE Ol Science (Tucson, AZ) Covarrubias, Rebecca iK»,AZ| Corvalan, Magdalena U. Junior, Nursing Guzman i we,Sluilciu- If (Tucson, AZ) Cotter, Nicole Yvette (Tucson, AZ) klaiKi CM «■ im On la Junior, Accounting (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies OUKI Corvo, Matthew A. Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Human Devel " .SpeirtJHw, ins (Tucson, AZ) Cotton, Brittany Marie Covault, Adam P. Sophomore, No Major (Lake Oswego, OR) (Tucson, AZ) (Jwieilta, Selected Freshman, Pre-Business Junior, Regional Development isnuzi Corwin, Alexandra Gamma Phi Beta, SCNO Covell, Stephen William w,N« i,. (Tucson, AZ) Cotton, Eboni Sherelle (Pacific Grove, CA) Freshman, No Major Selected (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing ■HCatrQa Corwon, Jeffrey Bruce Sophomore, Pre-Physical Symphonic Choir la (Cleveland, OH) Science Cover, Cornelius J. Senior, Physics, Chinese, Cottrell, Christina Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Mathematics (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science • " WDan hi Cosentino, Marl L Sophomore, Political Science Covey, Erich Paul (Tucson, AZ) Cottrell, Hyrum Taft (Hinsdale, NH) Ch Freshman, Molecular (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts, Music ttMntF H Cellular Biology Junior, Business Management Musical Theatre, Theatre fXU] Coslett, Dawn Deanne (Tucson, AZ) Couch, Ryan Allen (Tucson, AZ) Production Cowan, Megan E. Sl " in Senior, Microbiology Senior, Ecology (Ephrata, PA) i«Ute« Ihi Cosmas, George C Coughlin, Jesse S. Sophomore, General Biology Sl.llZi cx (Tucson, AZ) (Phoenix, AZ) Cowen, Geoffrey Alan On Junior, Economics Freshman, Electrical (Tucson, AZ) Cosper, Brian J. Engineering Sophomore, Pre-Business c« (Tucson, AZ) Guitar, Lunch At 2, And Living Cowen, Jennifer Elizabeth 0« Senior, Accounting In Smanzi (Phoenix, AZ) s« Cossel, Scott M Junior, Family Studies c« (Tucson, AZ) Human Devel a« Senior, History Cowser, Kimberly Catherine t« (Tucson, AZ) 5 Sophomore, Classics ' ft«aiii . 350 • Directory CHMofen 5 .W|Kiiili« «•« », Oiittie f MI ' «r»Z| SOM (tanlZ) JW(Me Etaltti CMmJoKiD MWCwCAl hMHASpnt (■nGtogtlMns S«nnlM)A ts CMIkriilm ItanUl an IM CmM .DiwP ■I i ii Mrtiwi ' Iccr.U) CMMMMK " CmAMh ' ' McGmCAI WWW kIMM HAM TteM Cox, Brian Craig (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Cox, Bryan R (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Business Economics Cox, Canisha L. (Plioenix, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Cox, Chad A. (Gilbert, AZ) Junior. Bio Molecular Biophysics Cox, Chelsea G (Beaverton, OR) Freshman. Pre-Business Alpha Phi Cox, Christine Katherine (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Cox, Corinne M (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Cox, Dan Eric (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Computer Science Cox, Daniel Timothy (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Cox, Daria Anne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Cox, Dustin C. (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Political Science. Psychology Law, Government, Politics, Art, Soccer, Languages, Director- Project Converse; Soccer Coach;, Flinn Scholar; Honors College ; Dean ' s List Enjoy the Journey! Love, Grandma Grandpa Cox, Hazel Anne (Avon, IN) Sophomore, Environmental Science Cox, Ian James Allan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Cox, Jackie Lynn (Sierra Vista, AZ) Freshman. Psychology, Physiological Sciences Delta Chi Lambda Cox, Jennifer E (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Cox, Jennifer L. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Cox, Jessica Mary (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology, - Communication APASA Board Of Directors, Ata Tae Kwon-Do , FASA, Aaca, Carondelet Hospice, Newman Center Choir IVere proud of you. We love you. Have a bright future! Love Mom and Dad Cox, Julianne F. (Oal Parl , CA) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devei Cox, Julie Beth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Cox, Katherine Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Cox, Laurel Mae (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Arabic Chi Omega, Primus Cox, Mark Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Swimming, Soccer, BBQS Cox, Michael John (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Cox, Scott S. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Coxall, Chrlsta Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Coxon, Danielle E. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Coyle, Heather J. (Safford, AZ) Senior, Business Management Coyle, Scott Edward (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Coyne, Michael A. (Gold River, CA) Freshman, No Major Selected Coyne, Zachary Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Business CozzettI, Jessica Leigh (Tucson. AZ) Junior, Pre-Business. Art History Crable, Jessica Marie (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Crabtree, Loretta (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Crabtree, Noel Thomas (Oro Valley AZ) Senior, Sociology Cracchlolo, Melissa Andrea (Gardnerville. NV) Freshman. Pre-Business Camp Wild Cats Club, Lady Hoop Club Cracovaner, James Allen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cracovaner, Tom B. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Cradlck,Tess Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Craft, Amy Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Craft, Dana K (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Craft, Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Crago, Jevelyn Suzanne (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Craig, Alexis Jo (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Craig, Amy L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Craig, Briana Elyse (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Craig, David J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineering Management Craig, Kevin E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Craig, Kyle Wayne (Oracle, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Craig, Matthew T (Oracle, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Craig, Robert E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Craig, Summer Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Craigie, Rachel Mary (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Family Studies And Human Development Crain, Aja Christine (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science U Of A Club Volleyball, Pre- Vet Club Crain, Austin Ulysses (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathema tics Craine, Erin M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Craine, Jennifer C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Cramer, Holly Anne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Cramer, Jake J (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Regional Development, Business Phi Gamma Delta Crance, Jessica L (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, General Biology, Chemistry Spanish Volleyball Crandall, Danielle Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Theatre Arts, Reading Crandall, David James (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior. Studio Art Music, Painting, Crandall, Robert James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Physics Crandall, Tyler Benjamin (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Crane, Catharyn Carlsa (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Psychology Crane, Christopher E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Economics Crane, Evan J (Paradise Valley, AZ) Junior, Engineering Physics Craney, Thomas Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cranmer, Briana Mongini (Cottonwood, AZ) Senior, Physiology. Chemistry Cranston, Tara Nicole (Mesa. AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Crary, Taylor Hall (San Jose, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication Craten, Jaime (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Cratic, Leonard III (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. Electrical Engineering Craven, Jill S. (Livermore, CA) Junior, Chemical Engineering Craven, Leah N. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Optical Sciences Engineering Cravener, Carrie Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Wildlife Crawford, Benjamin Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Muscial Theatre Crawford, Christopher John (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Linguistics Crawford, Christopher Leiter (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Crawford, Erin Colleen (Newport Beach. CA) Senior. Elementary Education Delta Gamma, Dean ' s List, Surfing, Hangin ' With Friends Crawford, Ernest Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics Crawford, Harrison B. (Phoenix. AZ) Junior. Psychology Men ' s Lacrosse Team Crawford, James Allan (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Veterinary Science Crawford, Jeffrey Michael (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Crawford, Jessica Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts, Business sociology Women ' s Club Volleyball Crawford, Jonathan A (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Economics, In Mathematics Crawford, Kara Ann (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Crawford, Kristine A. (Mountain View, CA) Junior, Elementary Education Crawford, Lindsey M (Oro Valley AZ) Senior, Psychology Crawford, Matthew Charles (Denver, CO) Junior, Pre-Communication, Psychology Kappa Sigma Crawford, Matthew Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior Geological Engineering Crawford, Niedra Nichole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Crawford, Patrick Kim (Yuma. AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Crawford, Stephanie Bell (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Pre-Nursing Pi Kappa Phi Crawford, Steven Charles (Nogales. AZ) Junior, Music, Pre-Health Being Alive Crawford, Vanessa Mcgee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Astronomy Crawshaw, James Douglas (Valley Center, CA) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Sigma Pi, Football, Ride Dirt Bikes, Surfing, Music Crebbs, Sean Keegan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. No Major Selected Creek, Michael Wayne (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Pre-Computer Science Creekman, Alexander Pierce (Reno. NV) Sophomore. Regional Development Crehan, Kimberley Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Crelghton, Christina Mabel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Crelghton, Jennifer L. (West Lebanon, NH) Senior, Elementary Education Crelghton, Rachel Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Creith, Richard Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering Creitoff, Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Cress, Erin Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Crews, Tuesday Alexis (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. Pre-Business Crick, Kyle Richard (Globe, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Criddle, David Charles (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Crigler, Chelsea Ruth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Crim, Katie Faye (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Crimmins, Jacob Pregulman (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. Pre-Business Crine, Natalie A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Crisostomo, Dominic BIaz (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Criss, Sara Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Communication Crissman, Lindsay N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Crist, Katharine T. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Crist, Kelly Elizabeth (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Cristi, Carlos Andres (Oro Valley AZ) Sophomore, Political Science, Psychology Rugby, Soccer, Paintball, Partying, Chilling Rugby Cristofori, Benjamin G (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Cristofori, Evan Dean (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Critchley, Neil Duncan (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Crites, Andrew E (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Criteser, Cara T. (El Mirage, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Crivello, Salvatore Mario (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development Croce, Giuseppe A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Crocker, Kevin Mark (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Crocker, Kindra A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing, Spanish Crocker, Sean Robert (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Crockett, Thomas Mccallie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Crocombe, Robert William (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Computer Science Croft, Nicole D (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy, Spanish Croft, Robert Nathaniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Croitor, Mia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art Education Cromar, Megan S (Fort Worth, TX) Senior, English Cromwell, Michael Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Cromwell, Virginia Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Cronenberg, Christopher E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Cronenberg, Kimberly Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Croner, H. Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Production Cronican, William Patrick (Albuquerque. NM) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Cronk, Asher Johnson (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Cronk, Katherine Mikelle (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Crooks, Rebecca Ann (Prior Lake, MN) Junior. Political Science. American Indian Studies Crooks, Ryan William (Shreveport, LA) Junior. Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau. Baseball. Track Crookston, Jonathan Douglas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Crookston, Rachel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. History Cross, Danielle M (Ypsilanti. Ml) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Cross, Ian Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Cross, James J (Buckeye, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Cross, John C. (Buckeye, AZ) Junior, Finance Cross, Michael Manthei (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Cross, Whittney Nicole (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Spanish Crossman, Christopher Joseph (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science, Mathematics Anime, Games, Writing Fiction. .. Directory • 351 Crossman, Kimberly M. (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sopliomore, Family Studies Human Devel Baseball (Atlanta Braves), Film, Dance, Literature, Poetry (Boris Pasternak), Scrapbooldng Crosswait, Daniel Richard (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Music Crosswell, Hailey (North Ogden, UT) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Crosthwait, Kyle David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Croswell, Rebecca Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Crothers, Daniel (Tempo, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Kappa Sigma Crouch, Caroline Freshman, Nutritional Sciences, Chemistry Kappa Alpha Theta Crouch, Coby (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Crouthers, Christina Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Crowder, Christopher Shea (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Crowe, Amanda Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Linguistics, Spanish Crowe, Casey Dylan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Crowe, Christopher Keith (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Crowe, David Paul (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Finance Crowe, Jennifer Helene (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Science Education Crowe, Terrence James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Crowe, Trevor Thornton (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Communication Crowell, Brynne E. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Business communica- tion Thematic Alternative Breal s, Combined Training (horseback Riding) Crowell, Zachary Matthew (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Crowley, Andrea M. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Physiological Sciences Crowley, Christine Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Dance Crowley, Kathleen Briscoe (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Crozler, Beth Robert (Pinetop, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Crudo, Dana (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Journalism Crudo, Richard Anthony (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Physics, Mathematics Physics, Space Exploration, Philosophy 352 • Directory Crulckshank, Andra Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Crum, Bethany Nadlne (Glendale. AZ) Junior, Spanish Crum, Cassldy (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Communication Varsity Volleyball, Mary Roby Award Winner, Congratulations on four great years of volleyball and scfiool. You are awesome! Love f lom Dad Crum, Louis Curt (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Crumb, Andrea Lynne (Lennox, SD) Senior, Studio Art Crumbacher, Laura Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Cruse, Amanda Marie (Sahuarita, AZ) Senior, Nursing Crutchfleld, Bradley A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cruz, Alexis Y (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cruz, Alice Ann (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Political Science Cruz, Denise Badllla (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Cruz, Gabriel A. (Douglas, AZ) Senior, No Major Selected Cruz, Gloria Maria Trevin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Pain Pre-Nursing Club Cruz, HIram-jesus Felipe (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Cruz, Jenna L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cruz, Jose Ignacio (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Spanish Cruz, Justine R (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cruz, Lisa A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Cruz, Lourdes Vanessa (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Cruz, Lynda Alana (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Cruz, Maria-Alicia G. (Oro Valley, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science F.A.C.E.S.. Cruz, Marta Maria (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Cruz, RIcIc A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Spanish Cruz, Suzan (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Communication, Spanish Swimming Cruz, Teresa Johanna (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Cruz, Timothy Nathanaei (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Cruz, Valerie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cubbon, Ian William (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineehng Cublllas, Cellna Andrea (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Cublllas, Marco Antonio, Jr. (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Biochemistry, Pre-Law Ambassadors For Christ Cubley, Rebecca L. (Willcox, AZ) Senior, interdisciplinary Studies Cudllo, Joanna A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Cuellar, Eduardo (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Religious Studies Cuellar, Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Cuellar, Esther Valadez (Austin, TX) Senior, Chminal Justice, Public Management Cuen, Ryan Michael (Las Vegas, NV) Sophomore, No Major Selected Cuen, William (Yuma, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Cuestas, Gabriel Jose (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Environ Hydrology W ater Cuevas, Elizabeth (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Cuevas-gomez, Nicolas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Cuislnler, Jean-luc Conrad (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Culgin, Allyson Joan (Boston, MA) Freshman, Psychology Cullen, Gary John (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Cullen, Nell Nalani (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Communication Culler, Richard Corey (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineehng Culligan, Christina Marie (Payscn, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Education, - Art Education Art, Theater, Swimming, Fashion Design, Theta Alpha Pi, Community Service Projects Culllnane-cooper, Erin Constance (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Cullivan, Kristal Sue (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Culver, Garrett M (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Public Management Culwell, Anthony Lawrence (Keizer, OR) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Cummlngs, Alan Patrick (Mancos, CO) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cummlngs, Brett Michael (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Cummlngs, Bryan Keith (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Cummings, Colleen M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, German Studies Cummlngs, Delrdre K. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Cummlngs, Gregory S. (Mancos, CO) Senior, Nutritional Sciences, Chemistry Cummlngs, Jennifer Lee (Leawood, KS) Freshman, Communication, Spanish Kappa Alpha Theta Cummlngs, Kathleen Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Cummins, Benjamin H. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Cummins, Erilnda Jelyn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Cummins, Justin Reld (Bellaire, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cumpston, Meghan A. (Red Bluff, CA) Junior, Veterinary Science, Chemistry Music, Sports, Play On The U Of A Volleyball Team! Cuneo, Andrea Christine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Cuneo, Dianne R. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Political Science Cuneo, Matthew Peder (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Cunlal, Alyssa F (Agoura Hills, CA) Freshman, No Selected Cunllffe, Erika Kali (Tiburon, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication Cunningham, Amanda Renee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Cunningham, Jennifer M (Irvine, CA) Junior, Finance Cunningham, John (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Cunningham, Levi T. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Cunningham, Michelle Kathleen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Cunningham, Patrick Ryan (San Diego, CA) Junior, Political Science Cunningham, Rebecca Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Special Education Rehab Cunningham, Sol Jacob (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Agriculture Cunningham, Stephanie Anne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, East Asian Studies Cuoco, James Joseph (Marana, AZ) Senior, Accounting Cupell, Kelly Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art History Curcio, Jennie-Rose (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel, Pre-Counseling Circle K International, Family Counseling Agency Volunteer Cure, LIndsey (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, East Asian Studies Curiale, Charlene F. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Alpha Delta Pi Curlel, Lizette (Sahuarita, AZ) Sophomore, Spanish Curl, Brian Alexander (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Curley, Kiernan S (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, History Psychology Rugby, Sigma Chi Fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta Pre Law Fraternity Curley, NIel Anders (Housto, TX) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Curran, Justin Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Curran, Kelley Marie (Barrington, IL) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Curran, Natalie Cecelia (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry Christianity, Ahzona Blue Chip Program Curran, Nicole Nellie (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Blue Chip Leadership Program, Alpha Epsilon Delta Currle, Justin P (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Currier, Amanda (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Education Tae-Kwon-Doe Curry, Janelle Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Curry, Katherlne M. (Jackson Hole, WY) Senior, Nursing Curry, Meghan M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Curry, Michael J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Curry, Yu-yong (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Curti, Christopher T. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Curtis, Ashley Reed (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education, Deaf Studies And Special Education And Rehabilitation Dancing (Modern Dance And Belly Dance), Sign Language Association Curtis, Brandon William (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Curtis, Cole Ezeklel (Yuma, AZ) Junior, Regional Development, Planning Curtis, Cortney (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Curtis, Francesqua A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Animal Sciences Curtis, Hannah Lucille (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Curtis, Jenna Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Curtis, Kelly Jean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Curtis, Kevin Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Curtis, Lauren Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Curtis, Linsey Elizab eth (Ada, Ml) Senior, Psychology Curtis, Matthew David (Gilbert, AZ) Junior, Political Science Curtis, Peter Sean (Sparta, NJ) Senior, Political Science Curtis, Sheena A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Microbiology Curzl, William Alexander (Orinda, CA) Junior, Chemical Engineehng Cusack, Mark Jeffrey (Canton, MA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Cuscuna, Max William (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Cushing, Wendy Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Cusick, Christy Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Cussick, Justin S. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Custer, Tricia Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, General Biology Cutrone, Carly Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art, Business Water Skiing, Rock Climbing, Square Dancing Cutrufo, Candace N (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Journalism, Italian Air Force ROTC, Viola - Civic Orchestra Of Tucson Cutslnger, James Lee (Hillsborough, CA) Senior, Communication Cutter, Casey Patrick (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Sigma Pi, Guitar, Music, Rocking Out., Ua Men ' s Volleyball Team, Sigma Pi Fraternity Cutwright, Sam Edward (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Cwlk, David Jeffrey (Western Spgs, IL) Freshman, No Major Selected CybulskI, Alicia N (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Political Science CychowskI, Agatha (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Cylwlk, Scott Denney (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Geological Engineering Cius.S " ' - AZ ' jino!. flea ! HHsf I (tort.™ E fflwns Manas llimAZI So ? inor, EcwBCiS Ucty.jmEllaM ii|Kiim,Nolfe|g( !S I kLOniii m icPirtaw iUio.«iii)lln pm.H Snof.teftwis hftHMEiaM s-:f WlfcKy Mtrofl. BMjIffifi J, .:;e ' :j! VI lie C: " W ij!!C! l9iiiio,Candic(tl )Vm.l ialM lkMi i niiz) MwNoSMM WCMttF. |tem.A3 S(tom, sln)iOT( WKenMkThiMi taiAj ItLAiiMlAki !,»Z| % Dears m WtsCow SaiMale.AZ) kditoiiiTih ' • « ;, • IkncaCA, hf k r ' " Jut | !B(ll " S » m m 0 » N % ! m » H Si S« H » m Si « M !k M h » k M i JW m (Vd Sa in a fm U a fn El H m m M ! at « M m Vi »m la N ■■«» l« a a AmAZ! ' ■■ ■ol Science MNiSm Gn : " » ' " -ca: ScBM tahSienii QAHhiAleaiidef OMiUl 0iwaBi5nee« QHlMMe) Cm Ml I CnKlillliaii WNHblWeiiiji Mat " " III ' -I " ) I jMitaalSaeKts it»Ea«g|i CMLMkS. MKEome CMlldilliv -VootU) SgHMtSbfcM fcF«WC,V «-C« (ManOltan fc?- 1 Cyrus, Samantha L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business CzerskI, Elizabeth M. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Administration Czerw, Travis C. (Flower Mound, TX) Sophomore, History Czupryna, Daniel Benjamin (Schaumburg, IL) Senior, Engineering Management ASEM American Society Of Engineering Management, Vice Pr President Of Programming Czyzon, Annell Louise (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Daane, Joanna J (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy DabunI, Omar Z (West Covina, CA) Junior, Economics, Psychology Sigma Chi Alumni Dacey, Jane Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Dachenhausen, Ryan J. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dad, Changlz (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business D ' AddIo, Amy Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Marketing Dadlch, Leah Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art History Daffron, Benjamin J. (Albuquerque, NM) Junior, Chminal Justice Dagnino, Candlce N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science, Psychology Spanish Dagnino, Gustavo Alonso, Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Dahlll, Charles F. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Astronomy Dahlll, Kenneth Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dahl, Amanda Louise (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Chi Omega, Dean ' s List, Order Of Omega, Chimes, Gymnastics Coach Dahl, Jonathan Andrew (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Dahl, Nikolai Tyler (Gilbert, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Alpha Phi Omega, Chemistry Club, Pre-Pharmacy Club Dahlberg, Megan Ruth (Fountain Hills, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Dahlberg, Sean Emmanuel (Rio Rancho, NM) Junior, Dance Dahlem, Matthew C. (Santa Monica, CA) Junior, Finance Phi Gamma Delta Dahlqulst, Kyle Clifford (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dahlstrom, Marcus N (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Dahms, Alanna Ann (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Dahra, NIpun (New Delhi) Senior, Computer Engineering, Mathematics Sports Dal, Ian Gregory (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Daldone, Karen T (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chi Omega, Dance, Softball, Sports Marketing Association Dalkoku, Jin Ichiro (San Francisco, CA) Senior, East Asian Studies, Psychology Cross Country Track And Field Dalley, Martha Lisa (Shiprock - Navajo Nation, NM) Senior, Creative Wnting, American Indian Studies Reading, Writing, Traveling Dally, Ian Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineering Physics Dally, Jamie Althea (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Social Studies Dally, Layne K (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Dais, Jennifer K. (Green Bay Wl) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Sigma Kappa, Basketball Dake, Jessica B. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Dal, Molln Ben (Globe, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Dal, Molln Tyler (Globe, AZ) Freshman, Agh Tech Mgmt Educ Dalberth, Lindsay Aryn (Wellington, PL) Senior, Elementary Education Daldrup, Edith Eleanor (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Dale, Stephanie Leigh (Waterford, VA) Freshman, Media Arts Dalebourne, Shanica C (Altadena, CA) Freshman, Psychology Dalenberg, Alexander David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History D ' Alesslo, Daniella Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Daley, John Michael (Newport Beach, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Daley, Jonathan Barth (Westlake Village, CA) Freshman, Chemical Engineering Kappa Sigma Daley, Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dalton, Andrea H. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Dalton, Chad W. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Dalton, Graciela E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Dalton, Miranda Rae (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Daly, Courtney D. (Encino, CA) Sophomore, Sociology Daly, ErInT (Austin, TX) Junior, Political Science Daly, Thomas Herrick (N Andover, MD) Sophomore, Pre-Business Daly, Tricia J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Dalzell, Casey Ellen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dambeck, Abigail Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ DambrowskI, James M (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Spanish Damewood, Adam Clay (Severn, MD) Sophomore, Classics Damgar, James E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science DamianI, Pamela R (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Finance Damlano, Matthew E (Tuscon, AZ) Senior, Communication Damico, Chelsea Sophomore, Journalism D ' AmIco, Denise (Woodside, CA) Freshman, No Major Selected D ' amico, John Paul (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Water Polo Damommlo, Anna Maria (Dallas, TX) Sophomore, Psychology, Music Damon, Erica (Fort Defiance, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel, Thematic Chi Alpha Epsilon Honorary, National Society Of Collegiate Scholars, Student Enrichment Program Damon, Steven Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing, Sociology D ' Amore, Thomas John (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Damwijk, Kamaya R (Poway, CA) Senior, Communication Dan, Kelvin P (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Danaher, Ryan A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Dancy, Jeanine B (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Dandorf, Stewart James (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Danehy, Alexander B (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Dang, Alfred Masta (Orinda, CA) Freshman, University College Kappa Alpha, Basketball, Meeting New People, Surfing, Snowboarding, Long Boarding Dang, Christopher T. (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Sociology Law, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity- President, Mock Trial Dang, Dlletta (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Dang, Hien Quang (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Dang, Jennifer MInh-Tam (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology, Psychology Dang, Kenneth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Danh,ThlenThi (Boston, MA) Junior, Psychology Sociology Cooking Daniel, Gregory Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Daniel, Jeremy Alexander (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Ecology, Geology Paleontology J. Alfred Prufrock Society Daniel, Monica F. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Danlelescu, Lavlnia Andreea (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Daniels, Cassle Anne (Torrance, CA) Senior, English, Environmental Science U Of A Women ' s Soccer Team, Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, Golden Key National Honor Society Daniels, Derek A (Tudson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Daniels, Eric James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History Daniels, Melissa Lee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Danlelson, Kathryn Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Dankmeyer, Ryan Lee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Danloe, Alyssa Lorraine (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Dannemlller, Christopher Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Dannemlller, Erin E. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences, Special Education Pride Of Arizona Marching Band, Pride Of Arizona Winterguard Danzer, Crystal Anne (Carmel Valley CA) Sophomore, Dance Dao, Chris T (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Dao, Christine Phuong (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Darbandl, David A. (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Persian Darby, Alex J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, No Selected Darche, Peter Marshall (San Anselmo, CA) Sophomore, Political Science Darlan, Anna Cristlna (San Francisco, CA) Senior, Political Science Dance, Fitness, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Golden Key International Honor Society Pi Sigma Alpha Thank you for everything. You are a wonderful person. Congratulations! Darlotis, Alison June (Carmichael, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Darling, Christopher Hamilton (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Darling, Ernestlna (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Darling, Kyle Ryan (Manhattan Beach, CA) Sophomore, Psychology Darmawan, Indru (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Accounting Kappa Kappa Gamma Darmitzel, Andrew M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Darnell, Alexis Jae (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Darragh, Charles Alexander (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Darragh, James M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Business Economics Darre, KImberly (Scotssdale, AZ) Senior, Communication, Journalism Delta Delta Delta, Women ' s Club Volleyball, Student Alumni Assoc, Arizona Ambassadors Darrow, Jennifer Nicole (Fort Hood, TX) Freshman, Near Eastern Studies, Arabic And Hebrew Darvas, Jaclyn Sarah (Plainview, NY) Senior, Marketing Das, Anindlta (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Dash, Eliot Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dashlell, Lisa D (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Atmospheric Sciences, Spanish- Second Dasllva, Nicole L (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Dasllva, Nicole Marie (Newark, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing PA.I.N., U Of A Pre-Nursing Club Datnoff, Jacob L. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Datny, Thomas (Livingston, NJ) Junior, Economics, Business Administration Datrl, Lindsay Andrlna (El Paso, TX) Senior, Studio Art Datta, Neha Kumarl (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Daubert, Katherlne Marie (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Dauenhauer, Jeff Falrall (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Daugherty, Brian J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineering Daugherty, Jason Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Daugherty, Michael C. (Danville, CA) Senior, Marketing, Entrepreneurship Daum, KobI A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business D ' auria, Nicole Terena (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dave, Ami Harikrishna (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Davee, Joel T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Davee, Michael T (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Davenport, Cameron Lee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Davenport, Devin Joubert (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Davenport, Shelll Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art Education Davenport, Stephanie Anne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Davey, AnnabelleT (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Anthropology Davia, Dominic (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication David, Brandon Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Regional Development David, Cassalyn Ann (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies David, Julia Miriam (San Francisco, CA) Freshman, Pre-Education, Music English, Volleyball, Soccer David, Nicole Lee (Manhattan Beach, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Davldoff, Brent (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Davidson, Andrew Gregory (Lake Forest, CA) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Davidson, Andrew J (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Pre-Computer Science Davidson, Ashley R (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, French Directory • 353 Davidson, Bryan Richard (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Davidson, Daniel W (Joshua, TX) Sophomore, History, Pre-Law AFROTC Davidson, Jeffrey S. (Laguna Niguel, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication International Business, Tennis, Surfing, Diving, Rocl Climbing Davidson, Peter Alan (Casa Grande, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Davidson, Robert P. (Nashville, TN) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Davidson, Trislia Louise Senior, English, Linguistics And Chinese Davies, Asliley Marie (Salinas, CA) Junior, Economics Davies, Lindsey J. (Sun Lakes, AZ) Junior, Journalism Davies, IVIarin Lee (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing, Pre- Health Thematic Davies, Taylor Evangeline (Seattle, WA) Freshman, Journalism Kappa Kappa Gamma Davila, Lisette Cfiavez (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education Davila-Knighton, IVIichelle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Davin, Bethany L (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Engineering Management, Reliability And Quality Control Sigma Kappa, ASEM, College Republicans Davis, Adam Jonathan (Sacramento, CA) Freshman, Pre-Education Alpha Epsilon Pi Davis, Alexandra E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Davis, Alison Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Davis, Allison K (Tucson. AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Davis, Alyssa Albrecht (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Davis, Amanda Ashley (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Ecology Davis, Andre D (Encinitas, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Davis, Anne M. (Las Vegas, NV) Junior, Dance Davis, Ben M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Davis, Cameron Charles (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Geosciences Davis, Christina N. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Davis, Christina Nicole (Chula Vista, CA) Junior, General Biology Davis, Christopher P. (Tempo, AZ) Senior, Liberal Studies 354 • Directory Davis, Christopher Scott (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Environ Engineering Reading, Movies, Computers, Intervarsity Davis, Clifton C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Davis, Courtney A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Theatre Arts Davis, Craig Eric (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Davis, David Leo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Davis, Debra Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Astronomy Davis, Deena Kim (Paradise Valley AZ) Junior, Theatre Arts, French Camp Wildcat Davis, Donald Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Davis, Donovan Demetrius (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineering Management Davis, Drew B. (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Davis, Emily (Phoenis, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing, Spanish Traveling, Dance, Volunteering, Language Davis, Eric Galen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Davis, Erin E. (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Davis, Gayla Janelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Davis, Gordon A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Davis, Hillary Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Davis, James Alvaro (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Microbiology, Chemistry Davis, James Gibson (Morenci, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Davis, Jamie E (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Eller Ambassador Davis, Jason Paul (Greenbrae, CA) Freshman, Criminal Justice, English Sports-Football, Lacrosse Davis, Jay Tyler (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Davis, Jennifer l Aarie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Davis, Jeremy Lucas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Davis, Jeremy IVIichael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Davis, Judy A (Muskegon, Ml) Sophomore, English, Studio Art Davis, Karl M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Davis, Katy Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Davis, Kelli Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Davis, Kenneth Robert (Rialto, CA) Sophomore, Political Science, Spanish Music, Football, My Kids Davis, Kent Fritchoff (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Phi Delta Theta Davis, Kevin M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Davis, Khrystyl A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Davis, Kneshia Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Davis, Kristin M. (Aurora, CO) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Davis, Lindsay R (Vail. AZ) Junior, Industiral Engineehng Davis, Lindsey Diane (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Nursing Davis, Lonnie E., Jr. (Rio Rico, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education, Political Science International Travel, Sports, And Languages, Intramural Basketball, Refuge, Shpe Davis, Lyndsey Hofius (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Davis, Maren S. (Fountain Hills, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education, Spanish Davis, Mary C (Phoenix. AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Davis, Matthew C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Davis, Matthew Grant (Napa, CA) Senior, Communication Davis, Matthew Martin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Davis, Matthew T. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Davis, Max Alexander (Hollywood, FL) Freshman, Latin American Studies, Environmental Science Theta Nu Xi, Hang Gliding. Sky Diving. Roller Skating, Soils, Basketball, Swimming, Walking Davis, Megan E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Davis, Meghan Michelle (Tucson) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel, Sociology Davis, Michael Anthony (Morenci, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Davis, Michael Taro (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Davis, Michael Thomas (Lake Oswego, OR) Senior, Political Science Davis, Michelle Eilene (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology, Spanish D avis, Oliver J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Economics Davis, Patrick James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Davis, Regina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Linguistics Davis, Reilly Leonard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Davis, Richard Quinro (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Davis, Rishard W (Maplesville, AL) Sophomore, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Davis, Robert Lee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Davis, Robin Claire (Albuquerque, NM) Freshman. Pre-Nursing Davis, Sara Storm (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Davis, Sarah E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism, Pre-Law Producer- UATV ' s Wildcast ( Uatv Is The Student Ru, Station On Campus) Davis, Sarah Kathleen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Davis, Seth John (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Davis, Stacia Anne (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Davis, Taurean A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Davis, Theodore Eric (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Davis, Thomas M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Davis, Tyler Wood (Tucson, AZ) Senior, No Major Selected Davis, Whitney Lorraine (Hyannis, MA) Freshman. Pre- Communication Davis, Zachary Blair (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Chemistry Davison, Brock G. (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Pre-Business Davison, Jennifer Elizabeth (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Wildlife Dawahoya, Shelley Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Public Management Policy Dawes, Peter A (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Pre-Business Dawson, Amanda Jean (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Chi Omega Dawson, Harmony J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Elementary Education Dawson, Ian M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Dawson, Kylee Nichole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Dawson, Megan Y (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior. Marketing Dawson, Michelle Kaye (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. Pre-Nursing Dawson, Nicholas David (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Dawson, Sarah Elizabeth (Cornville, AZ) Senior, General Biology Dawson, Stephen Charles (Indian Wells, CA) Junior, Accounting Dawson, Tiffany Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Dawson, Tristan Gordon (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Day, Jacqueline N (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Political Science Spanish Resident Assistant, Blue Chip, Psi Chi, Gam ma Beta Phi Honor Society- Co President Day, John (Frankfort, IL) Sophomore, Pre-Business Day, Katharina Jeanette (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Day, Samuel Evan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Daya, Jaclyn Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dayton, Robert Guy (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Pharmacy De, Alva Adienne (Marana, AZ) Senior, Psychology De, Buano Rocky (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Special Education Rehab De, Dios Jan (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business De, Filippis Carlo (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Economics De, Geus Aimee (Stillwater, OK) Sophomore. Studio Art De, Roon Sean (Mesa. AZ) Junior. Argi Economics Management De, Young Lori (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. Veterinary Science De Gregorio, Karen Marie (San Carlos. CA) Freshman. Pre-Business, Pre- Law Alpha Chi Omega De La Cerda, Victoria Ramos (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business De La Ossa, Jessica Lauren (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science De La Ossa, Samantha (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Art History U Of A Football Equipment Staff De La Paz, Kristin (Pasadena, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication Pi Beta Phi De La Riva, Alma Natalie (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education De La Rosa, Christine Yvette (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology De La Rosa, Joseph Conrado (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts De La Rosa, Kevin Goralnik (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development, General Business Administration Economic Development, Soccer, Basketball. Ssi, De La Rosa, Maria M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Science Education De La Vara, Joelle Luisa (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education De Lorenzo, John Emiyn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics De Marni, Julie Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing De Sa, AntarTarik (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Dea, Kole J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Deacon, Cathryn E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Deacon, Kristine Nicole (Cave Creek. AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Education Deakin,Tom E (Sierra Vista. AZ) Sophomore. Engineering Physics Dean, Ashley E. (Boxborough. MA) Sophomore, Geological Engineering Dean, Christopher J (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Physics Dean, Kristen Ann (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Nursing Dean, Molly Rachel (Phoenix, AZ) Graduate, Interdisciplinary Studies Sigma Kappa. Women ' s Resource Center, Project Volunteer, Project Shine, Sigma Kappa, Study Abroad Dean, Nolan Grant (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Dean, Thomas R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Deanda, Carly (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Deanda, Karma Leia (Surprise, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Deanda, Teresa Crystal (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Deandrade, Ronald III (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Deane, Frank Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Deardorf, Sara Jane (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineehng Dearing, Laura (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Deasis, Alvaro N (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology iTfilf.W 9i » Fa i u 9 1 H » D Si if a 30.K . iaiDjaiiW ;gjiaa( in«(W WW 2 ■■«» 2 g,|,gM«JWlM ' fs».B HWdilliDi ' IMl.aeiwll ;sniil)i»ffil)Caligi UngnMiUc) MBitL Ti|tr iifmt.foaian M ItiiwaS UKtataJw fattffi ' Mrm ' -e- o-iBj CbMU MnHirgriiSora 9m M.I1MII te.linona Mo.Jn ti;oli tarn a lUcUnSnt falll?! taillMilMi .DiMfelkgt hi itr ten? Si li li « Si Si « S M .V m M «) m m IV (■ M ft j» •4 Ik ii Ci H u Ci M fti M «■ s IM it I i ! ' «» Edntm Amui ••■ " i.lWitotoi ••■••.fcllloleijte taftHZ) IIWi.Mt)iiL m SHrtaaitng iMIMMlicok iMMkrE. Si BM; GlOlOBCd b|MH| tMlMain rt ■ ' haitti iMMrwo Deats, Dana Michelle (Prescott, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Delta Delta Delta Deats, Michael D (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Computer Science, English, Mathematics Computers, Paintball, Video Games, Skiing, Wakeboarding, Biking. Deaver, Aaron Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Debal e, Marl A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Debalico, Nicole Renee (Redwood City, CA) Freshman, Criminal Justice Debaroncelli, Nicolle Joan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Debarros, Marl( H (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Debenedetti, Anne Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Debenedetto, Devin Ryan (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Deberry, Chelsea M (Tustin, CA) Freshman, University College Delta Delta Delta Deberry, Tyler Scott (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Public Management Policy Debiasse, Leigh Taylor (Lawrence, KS) Sophomore, Political Science, Spanish Intramurals Debois, Marcie Jean (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Debold, Amanda Lynne (Casa Grande, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science FFA, 4-H Deborde, Daniel R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geosciences Debrino, Jennifer Cole (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business The Arizona Blue Chip Program Decaire, Adam Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Decarlo, Meianie Marie (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Decarr, Danielle Nicole (Huntington Beach, CA) Sophomore, Media Arts Decater, Derel Alan (Sammamish, WA) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Deck, Andrew Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Decker, Jason R. (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Decker, Kathleen Marie (Green Valley AZ) Senior, Nursing Decoudreaux, Justin Ernan Pierre (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dedecker, Alexander Stephen (Appleton, Wl) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science, Pre-Medicine Kappa Alpha, Partying, Chilling Wit The Crew, Paintball, Video, Games, Ping Pong, Football Dederer, Jacob Lindstrom (Rolling Hills, CA) Senior, Political Science, - English Deeds, Colin M (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Deem, Anna Louise (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Deem, John Keith (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Deemer, Paul M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Deer, James Atkinson (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Deering, Rebecca Mcgrath (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Deerinwater, Julie Ann (Marana, AZ) Senior, Political Science Defeo, Aaron A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Defer, Michael William (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Defiiippo, Kevin James (Green Valley, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Deford, Nicole Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Deforrest, Mariene Frances (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Psychology Degeus, Aiisa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Degner, Marissa Caroline (Los Altos, CA) Freshman, Pre- Communication Degomez, Birch M. (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior, Spanish Degomez, Mary Camille (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education, Spanish Degreen, Laura Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Degroff, Marcus J (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Degu, Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Family Studies Human Devel Deguardi, Stephen, ill (Chicago, IL) Sophomore, Finance Deguire, Adam Christopher (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Dehaybi, Sarah Lauren (Kingman, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science, Near Eastern Studies Hospice, Volunteering, Hiking, Traveling, Msa, Camp Wild Cat, Research Dehdashti, Haudi M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Dehdashti, Nouralhoda (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Interdisciplinary Studies Deherrera, Thomas Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Deininger, Nicholas Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Deitch, Melissa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Deitch, Samantha D (Atlanta, GA) Senior, Journalism, Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi, Design Deitemeyer, Richard Ray (Westlake Village, CA) Senior, Philosophy Deiters, Katherine K. (Depere, Wl) Senior, Psychology, Family Studies And Human Development Dejesus, Edwin Garcia (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business DeJong,Thea Lynnette (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Dejonghe, Aida Valenzuela (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Sociology Dekker, Joseph A (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Del, Hoyo Francisca (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Del, Real Amy (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Spanish Del Giorgio, Shannen Deann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Del Rio, Adrienne L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Del Rio, Christina M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Dela Cruz, Julieann Paladin (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Pride Of Arizona Delaat, Lauren A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Delagrange, Christopher Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Delahanty, Meianie Monique (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Delamotte, Edwin H (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Delaney, Ian C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Theatre Production Delaney, Sean Richard (Orange, CT) Senior, Political Science Delarosa, Joel G (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Management Delaura, Chad Aaron (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Delbridge, Marco David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Deleon, Grace Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Deleon, Nelson, Jr. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering SHPE Deleree, Cheryl Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Delfin, Maricris Dogeno (Riverside, CA) Senior, Electrical Engineering, In Mathematics Community Service, Research, Avid Fan Of Arizona, Wildcats (Men ' s Basketball Team), Dm Pinoyz Delfs, Jamie D (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Delfs, Jessica Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication, Business Management Arizona Sports Marketing Association Delgadillo, Pamela (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Delgadillo, Viviana (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Delgado, Ariana Cristina (Vail, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel, Spanish Delgado, C Peter (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Social Studies Delgado, Charlene Maureen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Delgado, Lourdes Patricia (Hereford, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Delgado, Melissa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, General Biology Delgado, Ryan Nicholas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Delgado, Timothy David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Delta Sigma Phi, Greek Life, Lifting, Hanging With Family And Friends, Being Successful In School And Career D ' Elia, Philip Jason (tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Delich, Alison C (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Delich, Kathryn Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Delisa, Erin L (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry And Art History Wildcat Running Club, Campus Crusade For Christ Dellheim, Joshua Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Delman, Erica Michelle (St Louis Park, MN) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Delnoce, Kyle David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Management Delnoce, Paige Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Delong, Brynn Nicole (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science, Women ' s Studies Blue Chip, Young Democrats Delorenzo, Anthony F. (Carlsbad, CA) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Delos Santos, Liza Anne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Delott, Brian M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Delozier, Amy M (Honolulu, HI) Freshman, General Biology, Spanish Delp, Renee E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Del-pilar, Derrick Taylor (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Creative Writing Delrincon, Lucinda (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Deluca, Vincent Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Delvecchio, Dominique M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Demadeira, James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Materials Science Engineering Demaio, Christopher (Howell, NJ) Freshman, Psychology, Criminal Justice Volleyball, Punk Music, Movies, Sports Demaioribus, Susan Rose (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Demar, Elizabeth L (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Journalism, Music Alpha Delta Pi, Kemp Student Radio Demars, Lisette Hovelman (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Demars, Nicole Heimpel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Speech Hearing Sciences Demartino, Linsay Amber (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Dematthews, Maryann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Dembowski, Robert Francis (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Demelio, Kimberly N. (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Demenna, Joseph Neal (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Demenna, Ryan Bolton (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, English Demeroutis, Alexandra Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Shopping, Travel, Music, Demeroutis, Angel William (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Demery, Lorenzo J (Lynwood, CA) Junior, Psychology Demiit, Beth Rachel (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing . Demio, Katherine Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Demko, Kristen M. (Allentown, PA) Senior, Animal Sciences Demont, Angela Micheline (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Dempsey, Daniel Shurtleff (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Dempsey, Jessica Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dempsey, Lauren Renee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Dempsey, Maggie Jane (Elgin, IL) Senior, Dance Dempsey, Nicole R (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Denecke, Samantha J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Dengler, Elizabeth Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Denipah, Nizhoni White-kai (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Denison, Emily Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Denker, Erin Diane (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Dennany, James Richard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Dennard, Brennan J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dennehy, Amanda Lea (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice, Finance Alpha Kappa Psi Dennerline, Jessie (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Political Science Dennett, Jamielee (Flagstaff, AZ) Freshman, Anthropology Dennington, Boyd P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Dennis, Jennifer (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art Education Dennis, Mary M. (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Kappa Kappa Gamma Dennis, Tiffany C. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Dennison, Betsy Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Denny, Angelita Maria (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Denny, Zachary Hardin (Glendale, AZ) Freshman, Optical Sciences Engineering Denoon, Sarah Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Densmore, Victor Eugene (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Mathematics Denson, Angela Sheri (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Directory • 355 Dent, Benny Lawrence (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Dent, Laura Jimena {Tempe, AZ) Fres hman, Political Science, Spanish Denton, Elizabetti Sterling (Tucumcari, NM) Junior, Elementary Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Denton, John W. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Performance Percussion Denton, Joseph Collin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Denton, Robert L. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Denton, Tracey T (Chesterfield, MO) Senior, Political Science, Sociology Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), Asua Dir. Of Community Development, Phi Alpha Delta, Climbing, UAB Hunger Banquet Co-Director Dentz, Joe (Incline Villa, NV) Junior, No Selected Deoiiviera, Amber iVI (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Depascal, Nicholas C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Depasquale, Anthony Richard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, East Asian Studies Deptuia, Elizabeth iVIarie (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Color Guard Depuydt, David G (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Derham, iMatthew John (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Dern, lUlichaei William (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Derosa, Diana it arie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agri Biosystems Engineering Derosa, Nicole Ann (New London, CT) Senior, Studio Art Derose, iVIichael (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Derose, Steven (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Physics Derosia, Abigail Elizabeth (Marquette, Ml) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Derr, lUlatthew C. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Psychology Deruiter, John S. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Desai, Eric Naren (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Accounting, Finance Travel, Golf, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Auto Repair, Squash Desai, Harish Diieep (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Desai, Mehui IUIul ui (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Desherlia, Joshua Brandon (Sunnyvale, CA) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Desiiet, Aimee K (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Desiiet, Audrey H (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Desimon, Katherine Elizabeth (Bartlett, IL) Freshman, Dance Absolutely Love The Dance Department Desmarais, Jason (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Desrochers, Genevieve A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Destasio, iVIichael A. (Bridgewater, NJ) Sophomore, Journalism Destasio, Travis Alan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Deswood, Anastasia (Tsaile, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Deterding, Jacob Peter (Carmichael, CA) Junior, Regional Development Deterding, Kristina N. (Kingman, AZ) Senior, Psychology Deterding, Lul e L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Deterville, Tyler Jayme (Woodland Hill, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Detro, Tanner Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Detwiier, Angela A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Deurioo, Rachel Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Family Studies Human Devel Deurioo, Sarah E (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Deutch, Adam J (Milwaukee, Wl) Junior, Pre-Business Deutsch, Brian Paul (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Deutsch, Diane Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Deutsch, Valerie L (Albuquerque, NM) Sophomore, Pre-Education Dever, Kristen Renee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Devereaux, Emily (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Deverna, Rachel Jean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences, Thematic Devers, IMargaret K (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art History Deverse, Justin S (Springervilie, AZ) Sophomore, Agri Biosystems Engineering, Math President Of The Rodeo Club Deviile, Lauren iVIarie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Devlne, Daniel Ray (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering Golf, Snowboarding, And Ultimate Frisbee, Navigators And The Refuge Devita, Jacquelyn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Devito, Daniel John (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Devitt, Mathew Alan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Devlin, Sean C. (Los Altos, CA) Senior, Communication Devoille, Danielle Renee (Carnation, WA) Sophomore, Nursing Devor, Brian Winslow (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Communication Devore, Christine G (Sedona, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Devore, Emily Lightfoot (Sedona, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Devries, Reynolds (Newport Beach, CA) Junior, Communication, Family Studies Kappa Kappa Gamma Ute are so proud of you and hope you enjoy every minute at University of Arizona! Love, rvlom Dad Dewan, Milan Mahesh (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Physics Dewandel, Eric William (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Dewey, Juniper Leah (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Dewey, Matthew W (Salem, OR) Senior, Regional Development Dewing, Alison Rose (Redmond, WA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Dewitt, Alexis Leah (Germantown, OH) Freshman, General Biology Dewitt, Jennifer M (Bullhead City AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Dewitt, Jessica Noele (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Dewitt, Ryan Douglass (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Dewulf, JillianT (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Deymier, Alix Christine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Materials Science Engineering Dance: Ballet, Hip-hop, Jazz, Art Deyoung, Alana M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Deyoung, Christopher Henry (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Dezelan, Denita Anne (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Oezubeldia, Miguel R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Economics Dhanjal, Denise K (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Di Leilo, Angela Marie Elizabeth Augu (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Russian Soviet Studies, Sign Language Lacrosse, Tae Kwan do, Running, Shadowcats Dia, Alima Amanfan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics Diamond, Cori (Agoura Hills, CA) Junior, Communication Diamond, Eric John (Northhdge, CA) Sophomore, Political Science Delta Tau Delta Diamond, Josh Blake (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Diamond, Lesley E (Houston, TX) Senior, Economics Diamond, Rebekkah (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Environmental Science Diamond, Sarah (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Performance Flute Diana, Jennifer Marie (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Law And Spanish s Resident Assistant Kaibab Huachuca Diarra, Mamoudou (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Diaz, Abel Felipe (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Diaz, Alexandria F. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Diaz, Andrea Danielle (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Veterinary Science, Spanish Diaz, Daisy D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Diaz, Eduardo A (Douglas, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Diaz, lovani David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Diaz, Joel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Diaz, Katherine Louise (Orange, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Education Diaz, Lanelyn Alegre (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Diaz, Maria (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Sigma Lambda Gamma Diaz, Melissa (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Diaz, Michele (Vail, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Diaz, Oswaldo Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Diaz, Patricia Lin (Barrigada, GU) Junior, Elementary Education Professional Business, Volleyball, Racquetball, Reading, Writing, Weight Lifting, Laughing And Having A Great Time Diaz, Peria (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Diaz, Rafael Garcia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Diaz, Remington Benson (La Jolla, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Diaz, Ronald (Nogales, AZ) Sophomore, Finance Diaz, Stephanie Marie (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education Diaz, Suzana M. (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Communication, Political Science Resident Assistant, Young Republicans Club, Primus Diaz.Tadeo Alejandro (Hermosiilo, Sonora) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Spanish Diaz.Theima Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering, Spanish Diaz, Victor Ivan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Materials Science Engineering, In Electrical Engineering And Mathematics Diaz De La Vega, Ruben (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Diaz De Leon, Arthur Joe, Jr. (San Diego, CA) Senior, Anthropology, English Mesoamerican Archaeology Diaz-brown, Ceasar A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Dibble, Jennifer (Palos Verdes, CA) Junior, Speech Heahng Sciences Dibble, Maxwell Collin (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Dibello, Lorena Franca (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Dibiase, Colin M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Dicampli, Kyle Nicholas (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Dicaro, Nanci (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Dicaro, Paul Mazur (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Dick, Bryan L. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Dick, Jamie Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, East Asian Studies Dick, Jonathan Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dickason, Carl F (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Astronomy Dickens, Angela K. (Houston, TX) Junior, Dance Dickens, Ashley N. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Dickerman, Cassondra Emily (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Dickerson, Andrea Maria (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Dickerson, Laura Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Animal Sciences Dickerson, Meghan Leigh (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Dickerson, Michael K. (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Dickerson, Treva Rm (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Dicker-thompson, Lily Alysha (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Dickey, Allison Paige (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Dickinson, Kelli Elizabeth (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Dickinson, Megan Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, French Dickinson, Misa K (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Dickinson, Teran Hanson (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Agriculture Dickman, Jeffrey L (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Dickman, Jillian Genevieve (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education, Spanish Dicks, Lindsay Janet (Glencoe, IL) Sophomore, Sociology Dickson, Anna Moore (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Dickson, Arth ur David (Des Moines, lA) Senior, Business Management Dickson, Bradford C (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Dickson, Gretchen E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Astronomy, Physics Dickson, Katherine Marie (Kaysville, UT) Freshman, Pre-Business Dickson, Martina Kastigar (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Dicochea, Beatriz Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Dicochea, Catherine A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, : General Business Administration Diday, Jeffrey Ray (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology, C Alpha Kappa Delta We love you, be tiappy!!!! Diebold, Rebecca Lucille (Lisle, IL) Senior, Psychology Dieffenbach, Cody Miles (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Environmental Science Diekema, James Harold (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Dieken, Emily N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Dieken, Matthew Robert (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering 356 • Directory Ui, n l aawii ' JOcr tl, «.Jiarj|L im Hwtailon iNr.FHl)SkitRt ■whM OMMMwDml talfeM.»i {■■liMaiMar, :e-r-| Mm Bndlofil C I Itartfi L HwMAmE MMiMMlM MmaMow jKBaMOryEdiicaM lor Ci !«)» K«Mncai Diekman, Korie A (Surprise, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Diemer, Jason Noble (Kirl land, WA) Freshman, Pre-Business Dieppa, Emily R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Dierman, Tanner Alexander (Potomac, MD) Sophomore, Pre-Business Chi Phi, Soccer Club DIers, Blake Kristofor (Mill Creek, WA) Junior, Business Economics Dietrich, Chase Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dietrich, Jessica E (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Dietrich, John Benjamin (Fort Collins, CO) Sophomore, Agriculture Dietrich, Katherine Anne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Environmental Science Dietrich, Michael Gerard (Boston, MA) Junior, Pre-Business Cycling, Dietz, Dominik (Germany) Sophomore, Political Science, German Studies Blue Chip, Intramurals Dietz, Philip Elliott (Newport Beach, CA) Junior, Sociology, Psychology Sigma Pi, Violence Prevention Work, Sociology Psychology Intramural Softball, Woman Dieudonne, Nathalie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Diffenderfer, Samuel Wilson (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Difonzo, Patrick C (Oro Valley AZ) Freshman, Psychology Diggins, Matthew Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Diggs, Gloria Lou (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Special Education Rehab Digiacomo, Michael A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Digianfilippo, Allison Marie (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Marketing, Spanish Digianfilippo, Mark D (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Business Management Digrazia, Ben R (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Dikes, Jena (Mohave Valley AZ) Junior, General Biology Dileo, Andrew F (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Diles,yolanda Gene (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Dill, Daniel Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Dill, Jean Marie (Erie, PA) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Diller, Eli Shelton (Los Angeles, CA) Freshman, No Selected Dillingham, Kyle M. (Paradise Valley, AZ) Junior, Journalism Dillon, Bailie Ellis (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Dillon, Daniel J (Melbourne, Australia) Freshman, No Selected U Of A Basketball Team Dillon, Haley Michele (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dillon, Krystal Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Life Sciences Sigma Kappa, Photography Sigma Kappa, Delta Delta Sigma, Women ' s Health Advocate, Lit Dillon, Lewis Frank (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Dillon, Melissa Blair (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History Dillon, Melissa Elaine (Long Beach, CA) Freshman, Family Studies Human Devel Dillon, Nicole Lanai (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Dillon li, John Howard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Entrepreneurship, Pre- Law Law, Business Dillow, David J (Peoria, AZ) Junior, Atmospheric Sciences Dillree, Nicole E. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Dilucchio, Grant M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Microbiology Dimarco, Marcus Rosario (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Physics, Psychology Boarding, Music, Games, Computers, Working Out Dimaria, Joseph Daniel Sophomore, Civil Engineering Dimiceli, John M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry Dimsdale, Aaron L (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Undecijjgj Political Advocacy Dimurro, Anthony Paul (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Golf, Dinardo, Nicole D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Wildlife Dindal, Christopher David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Student Affiliate American Chemical Society SAACS Dindal, Mark Alan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Dinello, Hillary L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dinh, Cecile Q (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Dinh, Hung H (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Science Dinh, Khanh V (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Dinh, KimT. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Dinh, Mai (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Dinicola, Kara (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Dinner, Alexis L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Dinnsen, Brady (La Jolla, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Spanish Phi Gamma Delta, Arizona Men ' s Volleyball, Fiji Dins, Jonathan (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Dintzer, Jonathan Joseph (Eugene, OR) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Dionne, Robert S (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering, English Literature Diop, Hamet (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Diovanti, Yovannah (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Linguistics, Spanish Foreign Languages, Translations, Interpretations, Member Of Trio, Tennis, Reading, Foreign Languages, Dipsia, Andrew Mark (Sacramento, CA) Sophomore, No Selected Dirksen, Suzanne G (Macomb, IL) Senior, Performance Saxophone Disante, Nicole Conner (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Geography Traveling, Music, Dancing, Painting , Drawing, Soccer Running Tennis, Amnesty International Dishlip, Sarah Catheri ne (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Disilvestro, Ryan Bouvier (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Public Management Public Administration Student Society, Community Service Volunteer Disney, Summer Rae (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Ditallo, Devin Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Dittbenner, Katie L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physiology, Chemistry- Spanish- Dean ' s List, Dittiger, Peter Henry (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering Management Divita, Joseph M (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Dix, Aaron Alexander (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Dixon, Chelsey Lynn (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Dixon, Michael P (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Finance Dixon, Pamela Rae (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Dixon, Pamela Rochelle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology DIugas, Callie Lynn (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Business Management Dmitroff, Greg Nicholas (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Do, Helen Hui (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Systems Engineering Do, Kevin H (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Business Management, Marketing Residence Life Do, Iron Van (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Doak, Samuel C (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Doan,ThuyThu (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Doane, Richanna N (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Volleyball, Rock Climbing Dobbas, Alexandra Christine (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Dobbs, Nathan Allen (Springfield, NE) Senior, Political Science, Thematic Political Philosophy Doberman, Daniele Marie (Thousand Oaks, CA) Junior, Communication, English Gamma Phi Beta Dobkin, Aaron (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Dobrott, John Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Dockins, Briana L. (Laguna Niguel, CA) Junior, Psychology Dockweiler, Stacy Ann (Houston, TX) Junior, Pre-Educatlon Doctor, Sean David (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Dodani, Shannon (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Dodd, Lauren C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Biochemistry Chemistry, Anthropology AED, Biochemistry Club Dodds, Sarah Elizabeth (Davenport, lA) Junior, Psychology Dodge, Cale Wallace (Cave Creek, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Dodson, Krystal Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Dodson, Ryan R (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Doehnert, Jennifer Ruth (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Business Management Snowboarding Doehrman, Doug B (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Doering, Emile W. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Doerr, Candace Renee (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Doggett, Justine Nicole (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Doh, Seung-han (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Doherty, Collin G. (West Bend, Wl) Junior, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry Pre-Law Thematic Basketball, Football, Law, Medicine, Chimes, ASUA, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Intramural Basketball Doherty, Evan J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Doherty, Peter Vincent (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Doing, Jeffrey L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Doklan, Jessica (Gillette, NJ) Senior, Art Education Dolan, Holly Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Dolder, Kate Brooks (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Dolence, Jennifer Leigh (Sahuarita, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts, Undecided Musical Theatre, Theatre Arts, Scenic Design Doles, Eric Scott (Gilbert, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Snowboarding, Football, Baseball, Play The Drums, Listening To Music Domer, Elizabeth Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Domingo, Maria Z (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Domlnguez, Frankie Mia (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Domlnguez, Guadalupe (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Domlnguez, Julie (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Architeclure, Criminal Justice Alpha Chi Omega Domlnguez, Mario S, III (Tucson, CA) Freshman, No Selected Domlnguez, Michael Warren (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing, English Doml nguez, Stephanie W (Las Vegas, NV) Sophomore, Pre- Communication, Journalism Sigma Kappa Domlnguez, Vanessa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Dominy, Julie A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dominy, Luke D (Mokena, IL) Freshman, No Major Selected Domme, Anne Merissa (Goodyear, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Film, Theatre, Makeup, Running, Cycling, Pima House Hall Philanthropy Chair Domschke, Christopher T. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education, Athletic Coaching Sigma Pi, Spring Fling Director, New Member Educator Sigma Pi Domschke, Patricia Jean (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Communication Domsky, Mira L (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Don, Chelsea Mariko (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Dance, Yoga, Kung Fu Don, Christopher D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Don, Kerry James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Don, Nicole Renee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, East Asian Studies Don, Robert Phillip (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Donahoe, Patrick Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Donahue, Chris (Tubac, AZ) Junior, Marketing Donahue, Cynthia M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Donahue, Thomas Timothy (Tubac, AZ) Senior, General Biology Donald, Ashley Veronica (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Donald, Candice (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Health Education Donald, Jason Thomas (Clovis, CA) Sophomore, No Selected University Of Arizona Baseball, Pal Group Donald, Philippe (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Donaldson, Ryan A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Donaldson, Ryan Joshua (Las Vegas, NV) Freshman, Political Science Arizona Blue Chip, Arizona Model United Nations Donat, Chris (Shaker Height, OH) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Donderewicz, David Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Education Donegan, Caleb Ireland (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Communication Dong, Alexander James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Psychology Arizona Blue Chip Leadership Program, Asian American Student Coalition, Student Global Aids Campaign Dong, Erik R (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Pre- Health Directory • 357 Donithan, Kelly M. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Ecology, Psychology Donley, Cody Merle (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Marketing Donlin, Ryan Michael (Concord, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Donlin, Vaughn Lawrence (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Donnadieu, David James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems, Entrepreneurship Jewelry Industry Disc Golt Donnelly, Elise R (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore. Psychology Donnelly, Joshua M. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Economics Club Soccer Donnelly, Mark P. (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Donnelly, Megan K. (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Donoho, Bryan Meredith (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Donohue, Caroline M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Donohue, Carolyn E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman , No Selected, Music Blue Chip, Shadow Cats, Piano Donohue, Laura M. (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Donohue, Sean Ryan (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems All Sports, Love Baseball Especially The NY Mets Donovan, Andrea (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Donovan, Brittany H (Phoenixville, PA) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Donovan, Lindsey Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Donovan, Shane Michael (Middlesex, NJ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Donovan, Shaun Robert (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Criminal Justice Delta Tau Delta, Navy Seal Training After Graduation Dool, Ryan Leo (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dooley, Carl Thomas (Concord, NH) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Dooley, Catherine Rebecca (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Dooley, Jessica Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Dooley, Moira Anne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Spanish Dooley, Robert S (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Production 358 • Directory Doran, Daniel David (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Ooran, Elizabeth Catherine (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Dorgan, Benjamin J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Dorgan, Mary Elizabeth (West Jefferson, OH) Senior, Elementary Education Dorland, Jamie L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dormady, Robert Joseph (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, History Dorman, Jessica Rose (Irvine, CA) Junior, Muscial Theatre Dorn, Marisa Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Dorn, Ryan Todd (Highland Park, IL) Senior, Communication, Media Arts Alpha Epsilon Pi Dorner, Kevin Laurence (Annandale, VA) Senior, Political Science We are proud of you. Love, Mom arid Dad Doroudian, Laila (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Engineering Mathematics, s: Aerospace And Mechanical Engineering Dorrenbacher, Briana Marie (Buffalo, NY) Freshman, Psychology Dorris, Shanemarie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Dorsey, Rachel Eileen (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Interdisciplinary Studies Dorsey, Tina M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Dorst, Kristianna Alexandria (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Dorsten, Jenny Marie (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior, Education Dosh, Amanda Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Dotseth, Alycia Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dotson, Darrelle D (Oro Valley AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Dotson, Kelly Jennine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Dance Dotson, Lauren Elizabeth (Anthem, AZ) Senior, Liberal Studies Dotson, Lionel Eugene (Houston, TX) Sophomore, No Major Selected Doty, Benjamin Warren (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Political Science Doty, William Scott (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Douadi, Daniel Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dougherty, Amy L (Agoura Hills, CA) Junior, Spanish Dougherty, Erin J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Dougherty, Kelly C (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering AIAA, AF ROTC Dougherty, Kevin Lloyd (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Dougherty, Kristian James (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Finance Douglas, Darlene Ann (Vail, AZ) Senior, Physical Science Douglas, Julie Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Douglas, Matthew David (Arizona City AZ) Senior, Psychology Douglas, Matthew Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Douglas, Rachel Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Douglass, Alexandra May (Gloucester, MA) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Douros, Crisanto (Show Low, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Dow, Brandon M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Dow, Brenden Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Intramural Soccer Dowd, Justin Kelly (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Dowd, Kathleen Marie (Boston, MA) Senior, English, Spanish Literature, Nature Dowding, Erica M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Dowell, Thomas Christopher (Sacramento, CA) Junior, Criminal Justice, English Dowling, Bridget Kristine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Downey, Andrew David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Downey, Anne Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Anthropology Downey, Jessica Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Judaic Studies Downey, Michelle A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Downing, Carolyn A. (Sahuarita, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Downing, Emily Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Downing, Roderick James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Downs, Lindsay Megan (San Jose, CA) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Doyle, Jennifer Rae (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Doyle, Karen Spicer (Overland Park, KB) Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences, Spanish Campus Crusade Doyle, Sarah Douglas (Houston, TX) Sophomore, Spanish Lacrosse To Sarah, with love and pride. from fJlom and Dad Doyschen, Jennifer L (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Physical Science Dozler, Christopher Nicholas (Regen, Germany) Sophomore, History Criminal Justice University Of Arizona Rugby Draa, Erica A (Monte Sereno, CA) Sophomore. Pre- Communication Drackett, Harry Rogers, IV (Phoenix. AZ) Senior, Marketing, Communication Sigma Chi, Interfraternity Council, Chimes, Order Of Omega Dragisics, Nicole K (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Dragony, Allison Clay (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Production Dragony, Megan E (Farmington, NM) Sophomore, Anthropology, Media Arts Film Criticism, Archaeology French, Rotaract, Mountain Biking, Cello Drain, Jennifer Lynne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Drain, Patrick Kieran (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Drake, Jackilyn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Drake, Melissa Georgenson (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Drake, Rebecca (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Nursing Drake, Sara Elise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Draper, Jeremy Allen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, General Biology Draves, Amber Rae (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Dray, Scott Devin (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Architecture Movies Drea, Brandon Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Drenten, Carrieann E (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Italian Arizona Ambassadors. AZ Wildcat Off-road Dresher, Jennifer K.I. (Tucson. AZ) Junior, Anthropology Linguistics Dreveny, Robert F, III (Chicago, IL) Freshman, Psychology, Education Sigma Pi, Basketball, Sleep, Water Skiing, Movies And Film Drewanz, Nicholas C (Mundelein, IL) Freshman, Pre-Business Drewnowski, Christine M. (Warren, NJ) Junior, Studio Art Drexler, Justin (Tarzana, CA) Junior, Sociology Dreyer, Allison Meryl (Atlanta, GA) Junior, Political Science, Media Arts Alpha Epsilon Phi Dreyer, Brighton M (Sierra Vista, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dreyer, Eve Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Dreyfus, Katherine Anne (Sonoma, CA) Senior, Psychology Driggs, Mariah Kate (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Driggs, Sarah (Salt Lake Cit, UT) Sophomore, Pre-Education Driscoll, Kathryn Grace (Wilsonville, OR) Senior, Pre- Physical Science Driskell, Thomas Martin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geosciences Droban, Lara Alexandia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Drobeck, Jaime Kathryn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Drobish, Chris L (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Drobny, Dane Steven (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Droopad, Kamaleeta Amanda (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Business Economics, French Theta Nu Xi Drossman, Emily Ruth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Drouin, Pier-Alexandre William (St.georges, Quebec, Canada) Junior, Finance Drozdowski, Adam James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Orubin, Jennifer L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Druckman, David J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Materials Science Engineering Druding, Brian J (Irvine, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Drumm, Jeffrey David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Drummond, Brett Stephen (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Kappa Sigma Drummond, Cameron Adams (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Drumtra, Joseph Aaron (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Drumwright, Janelle Lynn (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Drury, Teresa Kate (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Dryden, Jessica Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Health Education Dryer, Danielle N (Oro Valley AZ) Sophomore, Art History Dryer, Joshua A (Oro Valley AZ) Sophomore, Communication D ' souza, Christine Esmeralda (New Orleans, LA) Junior, Media Arts, Psychology Alpha Phi D ' Souza, Melissa Maria (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Du, Sarah 8. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Duarte, Adam Joel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Duarte, Amanda B. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Duarte, Corine Cano (Santa Ana, CA) Junior, Pre-Education School, Walks In Nature, Family Duarte, David A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Duarte, Jessica B (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Duarte, Karia P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English, Spanish Duarte, Miguel Rios (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Duarte, Natalia (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Duarte, Ronald Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Dubbin, Leslie A. (San Francisco, CA) Senior, Anthropology. Judaic Studies- Phi Beta Kappa, Dean ' s List, Summa Cum Laude Dube, Newman E (Belle Harbor, NY) Junior, Political Science Dubin, Jordan Brett (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, English Dublinski, Christopher Michael (Naperville, IL) Sophomore, Civil Engineering University Of Arizona Men ' s Rugby Duboff, Brandon Ray (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Dubois, Chris S. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Dubois, Gregory James (Tuso N, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Dubray, Madeline Renee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dubrish, Laura Anita (Villa Park, CA) Senior, Communication, Journalism Kappa Alpha Theta, Lambda Pi Eta Duchene, Deborah D (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Duckworth, Adam Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science ■ . M m I feir« ' i .Eie aiE»9«« J, WW. " ' M » 9b mtjjiiiifWi) SjtOW!. ' ' ii».Ps|t« 9 wDmnL I Fl M ill SI M M H M mHi fjmjiPifftaw S OwWS ■ fill Ml Ha W froj U.(MkBMI M ! smltilfe|0 ' SMM ,1ia UlicMNR S» tac «i HiJmMl Ml SmllejinlDMtiM tk MilUka Ig li ■k m On !k t» IM 1 li !k H In 9a fwAfl MfSlanP iniGnahegf U|TiK«i)Jmi Sto MwllMk tauz] lSnjnSo(% tnUhnltai mii: tell :: lidnww im ' Slititllii. •»FlrTi(; l ttl»IV ' S t ia«[iA ' •••w.PKfiluealm M.MliCw ■MUftUl " •■ft OwBliy iMMaB OoHllZl ■MwiWmatKs iMUiP ! »«{ rji V (■fcMtPiliick Vbk«2 t MaWaSaem irFaonUI PttoUHi. Dean ' s lis SMMQailiile Ml MM Sow 1091 2) _„ OIMonalW! |Mill«2) MiWW »(M« Otfonli ' ' Duckworth, Jonathan C (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Dudding, Donna Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Dudgeon, Tom (Aztec, NM) Junior, Electrical Engineering, Spanish Sustainable Resources, Power Production, Snowboarding Rock-climbing Dudugjian, Randi Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Dudzinski, Danielle Lauren (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, SLHS Duehrjng, Jacob Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Duenas, Bernadette (Negates, AZ) Junior, Psychology Duenas, Dwayne E. (San Luis, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Duenas, Memorle Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Cheerleading Duerson, Lauren M. (Fayetteville, GA) Junior, Psychology Criminal Justice Fencing Duff, Caroline Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Duff, Michael Alan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Duffey, Jason Todd (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Duffy, Matthew P. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Duffy, Shaun P (Tucson , AZ) Junior, General Biology Duffy, Timothy James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Dufresne, Danielle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Sociology Dugal, Michael B. (Naperville, IL) Sophomore, Pre-Business Dugan, Colleen Maura (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Dugan, Sean Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Dugaw, Allison Joy (Mesa, IL) Senior, Journalism, In General Business Kemp Student Radio, News Writer For The Arizona Daily Wildcat, UA TV Duger, Jessica Kristi (Lake Havasu City AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Duggan, Julie Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Duggan, Michael Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Duggins, Jacqueline M (Newport Beach, CA) Junior, Fine Art Studies Dugi, Crystal (Tuba City, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Dugi, Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Duhame, Tyler W (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Dujmic, Dinko (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Dujmic, Zeljko (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Duke, Devin S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Duke, Gregory Kevin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Duke, John Richard, Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Duke, Nickolas Arthur (Rapid City, SO) Sophomore, Media Arts Dulaney, Kelly C (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing, French Duldulao, Ivan Kaulana (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science D ' UII, Jennifer Robyn (Hillsborough, CA) Junior, Journalism Dumas, Nicole Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Mariachi Dumbauld, Paul B (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Dumka, Allison Jones (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Dumlao, Amara Cari (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Dumlao, Duane Diaz (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Dumlao, Jennifer A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dunaway, Scott E. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History Duncan, Darrell John-bakker (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Duncan, Joshua K (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Duncan, Kelly Lynn (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Duncan, Lisa E. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Anthropology Duncan, Marshall J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Duncan, Matthew Scott (Piano, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Business Duncan, Melissa Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel, Juvenile Delinquency Pride Of Arizona Marching Band Duncan, Stephanie Rae (Tempo, AZ) Senior, Communication, Sociology Athletes In Action, Football Recruiting, McKale Athletics Department, International Travel Duncan, Thomas Raymond (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Dundas, Christina Anne (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Engineering Management Dunemn, Eric (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Dung, Jenny Yu-jen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Dungan, Mary Evelyn, IV (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Undecided Dunk, Michael Allen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Dunkelberger, Caria Jahns (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Dunlap, Thomas J (Chaska, MN) Senior, Media Arts Dunlop, Cole Andrew (St. Louis, MO) Junior, Pre-Communication, Business Administration Arizona Icecats Dunn, Conor P (Danville, CA) Senior, Economics Dunn, Forest Arturo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Dunn, Kara M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physics Dunn, Margaret Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Dunn, Michael P (Los Altos, CA) Senior, English Dunn, Nathan Allen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Astronomy Dunn, Roni C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish Dunn, Tucker Thomas (Mason City lA) Junior, German Studies, Linguistics Symphonic Choir Dunnam, Jeffrey S. (Sunnyvale, CA) Junior, Finance Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sports, Men ' s Water Polo Club Dunne, Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Dunnette, Brian Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geography Dunseth, Robert Alexander (Santa Rosa, CA) Junior, Finance Dunsford, Phillip James (Pacific Grove, CA) Senior, Finance Dunst, Lindsay Nicole (West Orange, NJ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Duong, Mai-LyT (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Duong, Van T (Glendale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science, Molecular And Cellular Biology Spanish Alpha Epsilon Delta, Circle K Int., Faces, Medcats, Arizona Surgery Club, Clareo Honorary, SHAC, EyI, Honors College, Merits Paladins Programs Duplessis, David T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Duplessis, Nick P (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Dupre, Nicole C (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Dupree, Anthony Wayne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Dupuy, Michael John (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Political Science Phi Gamma Delta Dupuy, Taylor A (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Duquette, Alexander Lee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Communication Duquette, Benjamin August (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Management Durako, Meagan Elizabeth (Oro Valley AZ) Freshman, Communication Duran, Amanda T (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Duran, Enrique (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Duran, Jennifer Melissa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Duran, Jessica Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Economics Duran, Joshua O. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology, Criminal Justice Spanish Music, Food, Baseball, Weightlifting Duran, Moises U. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Education Duran, Natalie Arielle (El Paso, TX) Junior, Studio Art Duran, Veronica Rae (Coolidge, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Gamma Alpha Omega Duran-Elizalde, Ana L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Health Human Services Durante, Dawn M (Fountain Hill, AZ) Senior, English Durante, Michael Anthony (Foutain Hills, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Cars Durazo, David E (Nogales, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Durazo, Maria Clarissa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Durazo, Maria Del (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance %s «l Durazo, Ruth B (Douglas, AZ) Junior, CMRC Durban, Matthew Marc (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Durbin, Christina R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, University College Delta Delta Delta Durham, Frederick Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Durham, Rebecca Sue (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Durkac, Louis John (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Durkin, Brenna Lynne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Sociology, Spanish Blue Chip, Preludes, Volunteering Durkin, Chelsea Sage (Cave Creek, AZ) Senior, Economics Durkin, Edward Moore (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Pi Kappa Phi, Sports Durkin, Elisabeth A. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Pre-Communication Durkin, Sandra Jane (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Durkin, Shannon (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Durkin, Steve M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Durlester, Jordan Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Durnal, Danielle Alicia (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Spanish Durnan, Ian Joshua (Globe, AZ) Senior, Political Science Durocher, Sarah (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Dursey, Rachel Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance D ' urso, Muntaner Maria (Argentina, Tucuman) Sophomore, General Biology, Chemistry Dusenberry, Brett C. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Dustin, Erin Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Dutcher, Andrea Michele (Redwood City CA) Junior, Marketing Dutcher, Leann Dale (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Dutt, Allison J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Duttle, Jennifer Kristen (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Duttle, Tanya L. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Dutz, Brian G (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Dutz, Britni Janelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Duveback-Kent, Hannah Linnea (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Dux, Amanda (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Dux, Bradley Jonathan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Duy, Douglas Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Dvir, Mirav Sarit (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Dvorakova, Barbora (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Spanish Three Day Eventing (horses). Soccer, UBRP Member Dweck, David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Dwulet, Lauren (Walnut Creek, CA) Sophomore, Political Science Dwyer, Jacquelynn E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Dwyer, Joshua Evan (Havertown, PA) Senior, English, Creative Writing Dwyer, Kelly Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Dyck, Amy N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dyck, Matthew S (Sandpoint, ID) Junior, History Dye, Craig G (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Dyer, Anthony Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Pre- Health Dyer, Daniel S. (West Hartford, CT) Senior, History, Art History Dyer, Judd (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Dyer, Stuart (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Dyer, Sydney Michelle (Paradise Valley AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Dyet, Adam James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Dyhr, Matthew M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Dykann, Russell James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Dykes, Brian P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Dykes, Graham Charles (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Dym, Aubrey E (San Antonio, TX) Freshman, Regional Development, Business Pi Beta Phi Dyrsten, Kendra (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Directory • 359 Dysinger, Eamon James (Butte, MT) Frestiman, Pre-Computer Science Dziawura, Joseph C (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Economics Dziawura, Kelly (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Psychology Dzwonkoski, Jonathan David (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Chemistry Eads, Brianna (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Criminal Justice Eagen, Kalina M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Eakin, Chanel Dominique (Tempo, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Eakin, Jeannett (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Sociology Ealy, Biren Synclar (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Eargle, Stephanie Katherine (Houston, TX) Sophomore, Muscial Theatre Earhart, Brianna Lynn (Arvada, CO) Junior, General Biology Earhart, Zachary A. (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Microbiology, Pre- Pharmacy Earle, Vanessa R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Earnest, Jennifer Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Animal Sciences Earp, Joshua Steele (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Eason, Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Extended Eason, Yvette C. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology East, Jamie Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Eastman, Julie Katherin (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Management Info Systems Eastman, Kimimila (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Eaton, Amy Lynette (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Educatlon Eaton, Meredith A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Eaton, Nicole Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Eavis, Jacob Kendrick (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Ebeling, Ashley M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Eberson, Ashley Susan (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Public Management Policy Ebert, Kristen Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Ebner, Allison M. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Ecology Evol Biology, Philosophy Resident Assistant, Ecology Research 360 • Directory Ebzery, Katharine E (Sheridan. WY) Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Echave, Jacquelyne Burnett (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology English Lit Echeverria, Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Echols, Brittain Taylor (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Eck, Brian Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Eck, Kendra L. (Anthem, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Eckenrod, David Sean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Eckert, Michael Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Management Eckman, Geiler Dillon (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Eddy, John Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Eddy, Katherine Lee (Libertyville, IL) Junior, Chemistry Eddy, Kristin Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Eddy, Melissa H.b. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Spanish, English Eddy, Steven (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geography Edelen, Chris M. (Santa Rosa, CA) Junior, Business Management Kappa Alpha Edelman, Adam Cory (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Edelman, Brooke L (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Communication Edelman, Danielle Jo (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Edelson, Lisa Anne (Glendale, AZ) Freshman, Nursing, Psychology U Of A Sports!! Edelstein, William Herbert (Cranbury NJ) Sophomore, Studio Art Eden, Ashley Rose (Southlake, TX) Junior, Public Management Policy Eder, Eileen Rachel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Edgar, Emily (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Edgelow, Marisa Leilani (Paradise Valley, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science, Busin ess U Of A Synchronized Swim Team Edgett, John (Cave Creek, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Edington, James A (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Economics Edman, Melvin Eugene (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Edmiston, Meghan Lee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Business Management Edmonds, Mary Ellen (Las Vegas, NV) Freshman, English, Psychology Creative Story Writing Edmonds, Sean D (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Communication Edmondson, Josephine Jesse (Lakeside, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Edmonson, Cody Bayne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. No Selected Delta Gamma Edmonson, Dani R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Edrington, Inara M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Edrington, Kyle Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Edrington, Ronald Dean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Edris, Badreddin (Sunnyvale, CA) Freshman, General Biology Arizona Icecats Hockey Edsall, Jeffrey Michael (Camarillo, CA) Freshman, No Selected Pi Kappa Phi Edson, Shannon I (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Edwall, Luke S (Minnetonka, MN) Freshman, Pre-Business Arizona Ice Cats Hockey Edwards, Adam Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineering Building Structures, Construction, Theta Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma Edwards, Alexander Connor (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Edwards, Amanda Elaine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mathematics Edwards, Blaire M (Newport Beach, CA) Senior, Communication, Business Administration Soccer Edwards, Christina Joy (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Edwards, Clayton Norris (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Edwards, Drew F (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Business Management Sigma Pi, Sigma Pi Edwards, Emily (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Edwards, Jeffrey Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Edwards, Jessica L. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Edwards, John Brening (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Edwards, Jonathan Wesley (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Business Economics Edwards, Juliet (Sahuarita, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Edwards, Krystal Denay (Federal Way, WA) Freshman, Pre-Business Eller Scholar Edwards, Kyle Collingwood (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Business , Chemistry Edwards, Patrick James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Edwards, Patrick Nathaniel (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Edwards, Stephanie Jean (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Edwards, Sullivan David (Oakland, OR) Freshman, Electrical Engineehng NROTC, Deans List Great Job Sullivan. Love Dad! Effenson, Carl Burton (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Efird, Samuel S (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Finance Egan, Jacob Thomas (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineehng Egan, Jason Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Egan, Kelly Ann (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Education Egeland, Edward Ferrel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Eggers, Marissa Kathleen (Tustin, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Eggers, Renee Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Eggert, Erin Elizabeth (Sugar Land, TX) Sophomore, No Major Selected Eggert, Nicholas Andrew (Arlington Heights, IL) Sophomore, Finance Eggman, Nathaniel Keith (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Eghtesadi, Kameron (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Management Info Systems Egoville, Justin John (Tucson, AZ) Senior, No Major Selected Egurrola, Cesar A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Ehlers, Joseph Matthew (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Communication Ehlert, Kerry Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Ehlert-derue, Amanda J. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Ehnis, Andrew Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Ehrle, Kristen Sophomore, Psychology Ehrlich, Brianne D. (West Bloomfield, Ml) Sophomore, Journalism, Creative Writing Ehrlich, Matthew Brendan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Intramural Flag Football Ehrlich, Steven J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Ehrman, Clara Sabrina (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Health Education Ehrman, Misty M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Evol Biology, Science Education United Methodist Campus Ministhes Eich, Joshua A. (Canton, IL) Senior, Management Info Systems Eiche, James Chase (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Eichenstein, Josh (Los Angeles, CA) Sophomore, Media Arts, General Business Working Out, Playing Guitar, Intramural Softball Eicher, Micheil Delray (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Eichhorst, Kristina R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Health Education, Molecular And Cellular Biology Eichler, Caria Marie (Winslow, IL) Freshman, Geosciences Student Enrichment Program Your first year was a success! I love your attitude! I love you and I ' m proud of you. fvlom Eichorn, Emily Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Eid, Benjamin R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Linguistics Eidenschink, Roger Dean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Civil Engineehng Eiermann, Roy James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Eilat, Gilon Joel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Einarsen, Laura Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Einecker, Leah Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Einfrank, Aaron M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Einhorn, Daniel (New City, NY) Senior, Media Arts Eiras-Saunders, Paloma Mercedes (Rockville, MD) Freshman, Near Eastern Studies, Persian And Arabic Martial Arts, Fire Department Eisele, Nick Adam (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Eisenhour, Kohler A (Seattle, WA) Junior, Regional Development, Business Management Eisenman, LyudmilaY (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Eisenrod, Jennifer B. (Tustin, CA) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineehng, Mathematics Engineering Ambassadors Eisfelder, Jeffrey Nathan (Los Angeles, CA) Senior. Marketing Eisinberg, Morgan Laeh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Ejrup, Maria Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science, Chemistry Pre- Vet Club, Alpha Zeta, Collegiate 4-H Club, Study Abroad Ekinaka, Lisa Marie (Irvine, CA) Sophomore, Women ' s Studies Languages, Computer Graphics, Art Ekiund, Adam S (Shaker Heights, OH) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, General Business Phi Kappa Tau, Traveling, Kappa Omicron Nu, Ekman, Keeler Pearson (Tucson. AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Ekpo, Imoh A (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Track Field, Basketball, Reading, Music Ekpo, Inih A. (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Communication, General Business Computers El, Kaim Arik (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art El, Renata E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Pharmacy El Messelmani, Fakhri Mohamad (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Elder, Sean Harkness (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Eldridge, Emilia Guadalupe (Sonoita, AZ) Junior, Business Economics Eleid, Joseph K (Prescott, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Jeet Kune Do, Nature, Games, Music Elezaby, Shereen Aly (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineehng Elgoghail, Nadia (Port Huron, Ml) Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Elhard, Jennifer H (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Ellas, Anisa B. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Ellas, Carlos Rene (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Psychology Ellas, Cinthya Yesenia (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Elias, Erika Elisa (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Psychology Elias, Matthew H (Torrance, CA) Senior, Political Science, History Phi Alpha Delta SI SIB " " SM. Brian B ' j fjfBilWiSa " " SUCK " - JjtOHW Ps) [luifl HgiWiar fciffl Sjultoss " " " SSBIS aniBnndl " Ml) ' ' BM,IMInCiM anMHniw Mwt ahJessiciBrooai CjB.CAi EU3lc :Spnl) BduivKifliniDM S »t.lkiiiM aMiAiiBf taMQwilMi itoiAZ) mrifK hlmilW iR[.CmniJijtti Wnsti (ICIIC MmtMiNak ■ " vCmviobt ■«xtiiu m Eiiat«l)ih» faaua » sal ft m » m Sii ■i » m 5r » it PI ' Bk Sa ia m P! M ■ U SM li M Pm tk :1a Sm m. la Bh (ki SM ■l !h Ihl Uliij, ■Writ ' E vSr BMiteS JlJ ' tangJCflnsm •oaKonHu, !» Stan Sara Ml atoiM (IokUi tasSUkA aiME p ilogiiAZi a BtaMFUM BktalWnii flan 12 • aH|i.WMIf Mt8«wElxniffi HlJMIIll! fatf Z| WMftlMM IMC j CitalSdine MM " ! L «2 H Ellas, Robert Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Ellas, Steven R (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Eliason, Jessica M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Ellsco, Brian D. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Ellsh, Christina A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Chemistry Eljuga, Kreslmir (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Business Economics El-kalssI, Karim Brandon (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Elkanlck, Brandy Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology EI-khayat,Yamila Marlsela (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Elklns, Debbie Corlnna (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Elklns, Jacob Harrison (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Regional Development Elklns, Jessica Brooking (Calabasas, CA) Freshman, English, Second : Education : Spanish Ellefson, Kenyon David (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Ellentuck, Max P (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Sociology Ellenwood, Cheryl Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Eller, Kevin Paul (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemical Engineering Ellerbe, Anthony Marqus (Show Low, AZ) Senior, Criminal Justice, Spanish Navy ROTC Ellerbroek, Kelle Nicole (Palm Desert, CA) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Ellerman, NIcholle Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Communication Ellermann, Trevor Ray (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Ellerson, Elizabeth Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Ellerson, Kimberly A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Eller College Student Council, Blue Chip Ellico, La NIta Jo (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Ellin, Brandy M (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Elllngson, Christen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Ellington, Sasha Marcella (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Elliott, Aaron Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Elliott, Brittne Noel (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Elliott, Christopher TIegh (Oro Valley, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Elliott, Katherlne Joy (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Elliott, Kelly Ann (Shaker Hts., OH) Senior, Elementary Education Elliott, Krysten Nicole (Bonita, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Elliott, Nelson Lee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Elliott, Ryan Andrew (Los Angeles, CA) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Phi Gamma Delta Elliott, Shannon M (Rio Rico, AZ) Senior, Physiological Sciences, Chemistry Elliott, Tanya Amarls (Ft Huachuca, AZ) Junior, Psychology Ellis, Aaron Michael (Los Alamitos, CA) Senior, Mathematics, comput- er Science Golf, Poker, Hanging Out With Friends Ellis, Ashley C (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Ellis, Bleu GIp (Limon, CO) Sophomore, Psychology Ellis, Chris James (Menio Park, CA) Senior, Marketing Ellis, Garrett N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Ellis, Jeffrey Charles (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Ellis, Jennifer M (Casa Grande, AZ) Senior, Journalism Ellis, Lynette Davis (Hammond, IN) Junior, Pre-Education Ellis, Marguerite lone (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Ellis, Michael P (Woodbridge, VA) Senior, Political Science Ellis, Mike Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Ellis, Susan J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Ellison, Lauren C (Redwood City, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Ellison, Robert B. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Ellman, Meggan A (Atlanta, GA) Junior, Communication Ellner, Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Ellsworth, Emilee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology Ellsworth, Rachel E (Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Elmer, Duncan Arthur (Wilmette, IL) Sophomore, No Major Selected Elmer, Roger James (Newhall, CA) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Elofson, Christopher M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Elofson, Kathryn A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Swimming Diving Elsbecker, Steven T. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Elston, Ashley Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Elston, Brian Parker (Tempe, AZ) Junior, English Elston, LanI Marie (Spokane, WA) Senior, Music, - Theater Arts Playing Golf, Piano, Theater Arts, Painting, Reading, Writing Eltahir, Elfaki Ibrahim (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Elton, Juliana F (Vancouver, WA) Senior, Education Rugby Ely, Benjamin M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Ely, Matthew Thomas (Prescott, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Elyachar, Joseph Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business EIze, Derek (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Public Management Policy Elzy, Christine H (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Emady, Heather N (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Emanuel, Michael A (Palm Springs, CA) Freshman, Psychology University Of Arizona Football Team Emelity, Nick D (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Emert, Courtney Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Emery, Allison Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Emery, Bernadette Lynn (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Emery, Jonathan P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Emery, Julie A (San Antonio, TX) Freshman, Nutritional Sciences, Pre-Pharmacy Emesh, Safia Hope (Gilbert, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Emich, Matthew T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Emmerich, Nathan Clark (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Chemistry Emmering, Stephanie Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology German Psi Chi, Psychology, German Culture, Music Emmert, Frank Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Emmons, Kyle Ross (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Emmons, Lisa Eilene (Haslett, Ml) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Emsiek, Nicholas G (Coto De Caza, CA) Senior, Political Science Enclnas, Amber NIchole (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication, Pre-Law Enclnas, Daniel Santa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Enclnas, Elizabeth Victoria (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Enclnas, Jamie Maria (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Enclnas, Jennette L (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Enclnas, Jose Armando (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Enclnas, Richard Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Social Sciences Enclnas, Shamie M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Encinias, Veronica Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Social Studies Enclso, Rocio Malte (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Enck, Allisha (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Enderle, Erin Dorothy (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Endo, Kenya (Seattle, WA) Senior, Astronomy, Mathematics Astrobiology Endorf, Erin Michelle (Anchorage, AK) Freshman, Pre-Education Eng, Alexia Kacho (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Eng, Erica Kacho (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Finance Engan, Emily Jane (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, English Engel, Rebecca N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Religious Studies Engelbert, Clark J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Engelhard, Molly Jane (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, French Kappa Kappa Gamma Engelhard, Sarah E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, University College, Spanish Intramurals Engelhardt, Kevin P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Engeike, Hilary Jane (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Engelman, Adam G (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Economics Engelman, Matthew Roland (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Embedded Development, Solar Power, Solar Ra ce Car Team, Students In Free Enterprise Engels, James G (Streamwood, IL) Senior, Physics, Math Engelstad, Alicia Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Enger, Eric T. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Finance Engholm, Jessica Terease (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Engineer, Urvaksh Yazdi (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Management Info Systems Engle, Alexandra (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Engle, Kate Lynn (Fountain Hills, AZ) Freshman, Communication Engle, Lesa M (Fountain Hill, AZ) Senior, Psychology Engle, Philip (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected English, Alyssa Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting English, Evan Hill (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, English English, Whitney L (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Engstler, Heidi (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Enlow, Julian Edward (Arivaca, AZ) Senior, Accounting Ennis, Jennifer L. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Enright, Whitney Erin (Southlake, TX) Sophomore, No Major Selected Enrlquez, Angela (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Enrlquez, Edith Carolina (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Exercise, Work Enrlquez, Fallna (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Anthropology, Spanish Portuguese Enrlquez, Jose M. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Enrlquez, Laura I. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Enrlquez, Lizzette (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Enrlquez, Maria L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Enrlquez, Ricardo F (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Enrlquez, Rosalinda (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Ensign, Jenna L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Ensign, Lauren Elisa (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Anthropology Entsminger, Meredith L (Dana Point, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Epperson, Amber M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Epperson, Kyle Evan (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Epperson, Laura Ada (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Epperson, Sarah E. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science, Thematic In Nature Conservation Epstein, Andrew M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Epstein, Ari D (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Epstein, Lance Jonathan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Epstein, Laura Ruth (Acton, MA) Junior, Psychology Epsten, Michael Phillip (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Epsztein, David M (Portland, OR) Freshman, No Major Selected Epum, Willis Ikechukwu (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Erb, Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Erdman, Jenna Rene? (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Erdman, Jennifer B. (Livingston, NJ) Senior, Elementary Education Ereaux, Eagle (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Erhart, Matthew D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics Erickson, Blake Kenneth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineering Erickson, Danielle Karen (Portland, OR) Sophomore, Physics Erickson, Jack Nardine (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Science Education Erickson, Maysa Youmna (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Erickson, Melissa Jean (Middletown, NY) Senior, Ecology Evol Biology Chemistry Directory • 361 Erickson, Nic R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Erickson, Rachael E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Animal Sciences Erickson, Robert J. (Reno, NV) Junior, Chemistry Erickson, Steven Jesse (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Business Economics, Entrepreneurship Erickson, William Fredrick (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Eriy, Elissa Schlrmer (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Classics Ernst, Nathanial J (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) Senior, Computer Engineehng, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, And Computer Science Ernst, Nicole E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Public Management Policy Ernst, William Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Ershler, Alicia B. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Pride Of Arizona, Tau Beta Sigma, Winterguard Ersklne, Sam (Portland, OR) Junior, History Ertola, Satlva Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Fine Art Studies Ervin, Justin Tyler (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Erwin, Margaret Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Erwin, Ryan Elliott (Highland Park, IL) Junior, Political Science, Pre Law Model United Nations Escalante, Aluvia M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Biochemistry And Molecular Biophysics Escalante, Arlzbeth M. (Nogales, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Escalante, Jose Enrique (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Escarcega, Eller Ivan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineehng Physics Escareno, Barbara J. (Hereford, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Eschbacher, Andrew Joseph (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Eschenweck, Bradly David (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Escobar, Javier Rene (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Management Info Systems Escobar, MIndy M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Escobar, Onofre Alberto (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Escobar, Yvonne Marie Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Escobedo, Magdalena H (La Union, NM) Freshman, Pre-Education, Spanish, Japanese Helping Hands, Paladins, Sprite Escudero, Eugenia Florencia (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Esham, Emily T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Eshelman, Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Fre shman, Pre-Business Eshelman, Shannon Lauren (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Eskay, Cara Molly (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Economics, Art History Eskew, Michael R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Eskey-manic, Pamela Sue (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Eskue, Roman G. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Esler, Joshua Thomas (Wauconda, IL) Sophomore, No Major Selected Esllnger.Tashina lolana (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Elementary Education sociolo- gy Esoldl, David John (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Esparza, Ely Jacob (El Paso, TX) Freshman, Pre-Business, - Political Science Esparza, NoemI (San Luis, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Espino, Blanca (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geography Espino, Stefanie (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Business Management Esplnosa, Brandon Nicolas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Esplnosa, Daniel Robert (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Esplnosa, Dominic C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Linguistics Esplnosa, Ernest Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Esplnosa, Frida (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Social Sciences Esplnosa, Grace E (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education, Bilingual Education Esplnosa, Stefan P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Muscial Theatre Espinoza, Andrea (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Espinoza, Crystal M (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Public Management Policy Public Administration Student Society Espinoza, Fernando (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Espinoza, Gloria Rachel (Tempo, AZ) Junior, Psychology, Biochemistry Espinoza, Guadalupe E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Espinoza, Hector R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Espinoza, Kristlna Adel (Chicago, IL) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing, Dance Espinoza, Maricela Christina (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Social Studies Espinoza, Rose Marie (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Espinoza, Susan H (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Espinoza-, Vasquez Gabriel (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineehng Esposlto, Gregory Louis (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Radio Broadcasting, Sports, Television Broadcasting Esposito, Robin (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Espuma, Angela Rene (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Esquer, Fernando Manuel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Esquivel, Richard Junior (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Esser, Lyra (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Essex, Amie Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Essex, James Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Essex, Sean F (Tempo, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Estell, Brad J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineehng Estella, Aimee Rose (Cherry Hill, NJ) Senior, Physiological Sciences, Nutrition And Chemistry Gymnastics Estelle, Adam Aaron (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Matehals Science Engineering Estenson, Aaron Kevin (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Estergard, Eirenne (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Science Education Estes, Jamie Lee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Estes, Jessica Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Estes, Megan Kay (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Estheimer, Michele Diane (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science, Chemistry And Microbiology Estorga, Amber Dawn (Long Beach, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business, Fashion Delta Gamma, Soccer, Working Out, My Girl Kate, Estrada, Amanda D. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Estrada, Brian Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Estrada, Jose Alonso (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Estrada, Joseph Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Estrada, Matthew Nicolas (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Estrada, Nathaniel Estevan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Estrada, Nubia Y (Willcox, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Estrada, Reina Erika (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Estrada, Rickyana (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Estrella, Gloria Martina (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Estudes, Ada Kari (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Accounting Esway, Travis James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Etebar, Sahar (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Etheredge, Brian N (Lafayette, CA) Junior, Sociology Etherton, Timothy Evan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Ethlngton, Sarah Elizabeth (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Special Education Rehab, Educational Interpreting UA Swing Cats, Sign Language Association Ethlngton, Sean Kenton (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Ethridge, Alison Eve (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Etsitty, Bryant Loren. (Ganado, AZ) Junior, English Etter, Jonah Lav (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Etter, Rebecca Naomi (Meadowbrook, PA) Junior, Pre-Communication Ettinger, Alexis Jaye (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Etukeren, Mfon Isaiah (Litchfield Park, AZ) Senior, Accounting, Computer Science Africana Studies Euler, Mary Joanna (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Euler, Ryan James (Las Cruces, NM) Sophomore, Pre-Business Architecture, Real Estate, Sales, Cars, Basketball, Football Eustice, Shannon Ryan (Los Altos Hills, CA) Senior, Spanish, - Family Studies human Development And Mexican American Studies Evan, David Michael Mayo (Saratoga, CA) Freshman, Regional Development Evanco, Stephen Craig (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Regional Development Evano, Morghan R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Evans, Allison Elizabeth (Liberty MO) Junior, Political Science Evans, Amy N (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Evans, Ariel Sinclair (South Pasaden, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Evans, Ashley R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Campus Crusade, Omega Phi Alpha Evans, Brett Anderson (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Evans, Brianna Angelica (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Evans, Bryce D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Evans, Carol Kathleen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Consumer Science, History Evans, Chelsea R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing, Accounting Delta Sigma Pi Evans, Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Argi Economics Management Evans, Diane Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Sigma Alpha Lambda, Phi Eta Sigma Evans, Heather M. (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business, Spanish Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice President Of KKG Evans, Katlyn E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Sociology, Pre-Law Competitive Swimming, Surfing, Snowboarding, Skimboarding, Wakeboarding, Arizona Blue Chip, Meaker Mentee Evans, Kevin J (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Evans, Marlon Brent (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Evans, Meagan B (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Evans, Megan Anne (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Kappa Kappa Gamma Evans, Meghan V (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Evans, Michelle A (Morgan Hill, CA) Senior, Communication Evans, Natalie A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Evans, Philip Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Plant Sciences Evans, Sarah Linda (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Evans, Sarah M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Evans, Theodore III (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Plant Sciences Even, Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Evens, Matthew D. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Everett, BIythe Elizabeth (Mt Prospect, IL) Senior, Elementary Education, Communication APO - Service Everett, Nathan (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Everette, Margaret Suzette (Rio Rico, AZ) Junior, Sociology Everhart, Rebecca Allison (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Music Evers, Henry E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Evers, Jennifer M. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Evers, Maureen May (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Ewer, Rhonda Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Ecology Ewers, Alexis Maureen (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Communication Ewing, Ashley A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Classics Ewing, Kristopher Stephen (Denver, CO) Senior, Classics Ewing, Scott B. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Ewing, Vickl Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Eyde, Zachary Scott (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Eyer, Kelsey Rose (Bremerton, WA) Sophomore, International Studies Eyre, Catherine Jane (Tempo, AZ) Sophomore, Dance Ezraty, Danny (Tucson, AZ) . Freshman, Pre-Business Ezzo, Michael W (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fabbo, James P. (heretord, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education ' Fabian, Jason M (Encinitas, CA) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Fablen, Claudaniel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, No Major Selected !¥ EM ' M W M is w m i j soccer. «» Oa M fk m f tm ta tm ■k Sp (ijfl»,SI«i ' fjjj(iB,AZ) (swaBeflnci snail! 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Fabriguze, Angel Lena (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Fabula, Jonathan Mark (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Face, Michael R (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Agriculture Facini, Gabriel John (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Physics Fagan, Cherl Chrlsta (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Bowling, Soccer, Painting, And Horseback Riding Fagergren, Sheri Nell (Patagonia, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Fagin, Nicole Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Kappa Alpha Theta Fahey, Jenafer Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineehng Fahey, Michael Blackstone (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Fahrbach, Derek K.S. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Fahrendorf, Matthew Joseph (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Fahrendorf, Tim Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fain, Brittnl Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fair, Tyler Patrick (Hillsborough, CA) Sophomore, Regional Development Fairbanks, Steven C (Oracle, AZ) Junior, Computer Science Fairey, Alec J (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Theatre Production Acting And Improvisational Comedy, Charles Darwin Experience, Theta Alpha Phi Falrrls, Hallle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Falrweather, Anais A (Laguna Hills, CA) Junior, Journalism Fairweather, Patricia M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Fakhourl, Ahmad NIdal (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics Falabella, Adam T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Linguistics Faick, Adam Nell (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Faico, Amelia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Italian Falk, Charles L (Woodland, CA) Freshman, No Major Selected Falk, Daniel Martin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Falk, Jeremy Matthew (Woodland Hill, CA) Junior, Psychology Falk, Keenan Jacob (Flagstaft, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Falkner, April Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology Falkner, Heather S (Vail, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Falknor, Daniel R (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Falls, Marina L. (Bellevue, WA) Junior. Family Studies Human Devel Falter, Timothy Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Fama, Grace Anne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Famutlml, Esmeralda Onaney (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Fan, Richard E (Paradise Valley AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Fan, Wendu (Tempe, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Fancett, Eric J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Fane, Timothy P (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Fankuchen, Jennifer Nicole (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Liberal Studies Fanning, Stevie D (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Arizona Women ' s Gymnastics Farabaugh, James George (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Farella, Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Farella, Joshua (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Farhat, Michael Moses (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Farhat, Steven J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Farkas, Michael Alexander (Jerome, AZ) Senior, Marketing, Art History Art, Cars, Food, Fashion, Language, Music, Travel Farlee, Jason Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Farley, Bryon T. (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Farley, Crystal Janean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Farley, James J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Farmer, Daniel Alan (Ventura, CA) Freshman, Political Science Farmer, Elizabeth A Senior, English Farmiloe, Brett Tyler (Santa Rosa, CA) Junior, Accounting Golfing, Cooking, Reading, Hanging Out With Friends Farndale, Chelsea A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Farnham, Christie Catherine (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Communication Farnood, Shahin (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Chemistry Farnsworth, Jeffrey Earl (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Computer Science Farnsworth, Rayna Kristine (Eagar, AZ) Junior, Political Science Farnum, Chase Cyrus (Hampton Falls, NH) Senior, Studio Art Cross Stitching Farooque, Tahia (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Farr, Joshua Nicholas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Science Farrar, Chelsea Jane (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art Education Farrell, Amy (Millbrae, CA) Senior, Marketing Farrell, Jenny (Danville, CA) Senior, Communication Farrell, Leah (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Art History Farrell, Lindsay Laurel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Astronomy Farrell, Lisa M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Farrenkopf, Christine Ingeburg (New City, NY) Senior, Media Arts Farrington, Ashley M (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Spanish Farris, Dennis Verdo (Kearny, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Farris, Lorena (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Farris, Tamara Kay (Oro Valley AZ) Senior, Communication Farrow, Andrea Marie (Stanfield, AZ) Junior, Psychology Farrow, Nicole T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Farthing, Kristle L (Poway CA) Freshman, No Selected Farwell, Karen Jayne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Religious Studies Faryab, Joshua Eshagh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fasciola, Andre A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Fasel, Lars Benjamin (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Fassett, Christina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Fassler, Analynn Babanto (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Performance Clarinet Fathalipour, Parissa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Fathe, Aaron T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Fattaleh, John H (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Faubion, Erin C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Faucett, Michael K (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science All Sports Michael I ' m so proud of you. You have ONE year to go, so hang In there. Good Luck! Love, Mom Faucher, Roland Henri (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Fauland, Heather A Sophomore, Economics, Near Eastern Studies Faulkner, Andrew Ronald (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Faulkner, Donna Leslie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Fausel, Patrick Edward (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fausett, Elizabeth L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Political Science And Spanish Faust, Jessica Lynn (Sauk Rapids, MN) Senior, Architecture Faust, Stephanie C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Faust, Timothy Ryan (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Finance Favela, Israel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Fay, Constance E (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Fay, Jacob Thomas (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Production Fay, Jacqueline Bridget (Olympia, WA) Junior, No Major Selected Fay, Lindsay (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Fay, Lucas Schnieder (Akron, OH) Junior, Communication Fay, Peter David (Troy, Ml) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Management Fazel, Somayeh (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Fazzarl, Angela Marie (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, No Selected, Spanish Fazzone, Stephanie Jane (Stillwater, MN) Sophomore, Spanish Featherston, John Lemar (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Civil Engineering Febbo, Mark A. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English, Creative Writing Fedele, Laura Maurene (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Federico, Johnny I (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Federico, Jose J (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Movies, Rock Music, Baseball Federico, Leo A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Federico, Vanessa Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Fedorinov, Evghenii Alexander (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Fedoruk, Elizabeth A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Feek, Justin M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Feeney, Daniel P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Feeney, Elisabeth Ryan (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Feeney, Elizabeth Ellen (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Pre-Nursing Fees, Kyle E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Philosophy Feferman, Helayne (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Feidelman, Jaclyn Ivy (Hollywood, FL) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Feier, John Leslie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Feigenbaum, Brad A (Stratham, NH) Junior, Business Management Feinberg, Seth Benjamin (Stamford, CT) Senior, Economics Felngold, Benjamin H (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Felngold, Olga (Haledon, NJ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Felder, Benjamin W (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Computer Science Soccer Feldkamp, Kristin Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Feldman, Adam N (San Ramon, CA) Junior, Finance Feldman, Allison M (Shorewood, MN) Senior, Pre-Communication Feldman, Erica L (Los Angeles, CA) Junior, Media Arts, Theatre Arts Alpha Epsilon Phi Feldman, llya B (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Feldman, Jamie M. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Psychology Feldman, Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Feldman, Samuel Abram- bolyard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Feldman, Sean R (Glenview, IL) Freshman, No Selected Bowling, Music, Movies, Basketball, Fishing Feldman, Stefanie Lynn (Los Alamitos, CA) Junior, Spanish, Art History Alpha Epsilon Phi Feldmann, Ann Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Felice, Angelica (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Felice, Katherine Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Feliciano, Brad Elliott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Felix, Anthony G (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Felix, Claudia (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Felix, Jessica Lane (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Felix, Joseph H (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Felix, Krystle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication, Business Administration Kappa Delta Chi Felix, Laura Esther (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing, Spanish Hanging Out With Family And Friends, Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling Felix, Lisa Diane (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History, Environmental Education Felix, Paul A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Felix, Rosa Alicia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Felix, Stephanie Christine (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Felix, Valerie Nicole (Tolleson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Health Human Services Gamma Alpha Omega Felix, Vitae (Rio Rico, AZ) Senior, Psychology, French Feller-Howard, Elizabeth Kristen (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Alpha Phi Omega, La Paz Hall Council Fellows, Daniel Todd (New City NY) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel, Thematic Fellows, Zachary Thomas (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Felt, Matthew V (Lafayette, CA) Senior, Environmental Water Res Feltes, Thomas Raymond, Jr. (Bourbonnais, IL) Junior, Engineering Management Felton, James H. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Felzer, Danielle J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Feneck, John C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Feng, Kanyon (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Fenn, Charlotte Bradley (San Martin, CA) Freshman, Political Science Directory • 363 Fenn, Jennifer Rose (St David, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Fenn, Jody L. (Saint David, AZ) Junior, History Fenn, Julie E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Nur sing, Latin American Studies Camp Wildcat, Spanish Club, Outdoor Adventure Club Fenn, Lani Robin (Benson, AZ) Senior, English Fennemore, David IVIelton (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Fennie, Patricit A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fensler, Laura J (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Art History Fenstermal er, Brandon Ross (Glendale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Fenstermalter, Marit Douglas (Carmichael, CA) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Fera, Brett Cole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Ferebee, Mildred Renee ' (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Ference, Andrea M (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Ference, Michael H (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Accounting Fergason, Zachary A. (Globe, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Ferguson, Antrea J. (Big Spring, TX) Freshman, Spanish, Psychology Language Ferguson, Ben David (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Architecture Ferguson, Brittany V (Amsterdam, NL) Freshman, No Selected Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dance Ferguson, Eliza J (Orofino, ID) Senior, Psychology, Chemistry World Travel, Foreign Language, Fun With Friends, Ferguson, Heather Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Ferguson, James Brian (Albuquerque, NM) Sophomore, English Ferguson, Kristen L (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology, French Ferguson, Lindsay Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Ferguson, Michael Sean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineering Management Ferguson, Natay M. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Ferguson, Taniiie M Senior, Political Science, Psychology Ferguson, Tiffany Lynn (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Art History 364 • Directory Ferguson, Zachary N. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Ferl(etich, ian A (Coopserburg, PA) Sophomore, Psychology Ferl o, Lisa N. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Animal Sciences Feriand, Marissa E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Fern, Courtney Maureen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Fernandes, Thomas L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fernandez, Ana Carolina (Rio Rico, AZ) Sophomore, Accounting Fernandez, Angela Marie (Rio Rico, AZ) Junior, Women ' s Studies Fernandez, Franl Lopez (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Social Studies Fernandez, Giovanni M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Fernandez, Ivan A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fernandez, Natalia M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fernandez, Rachel Cecilia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Fernandez, Ricardo M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Fernandez, Rodrigo Luna (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Fernando, Andrea Veronica (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Fernow, Megan J (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Nursing Ferra, Gregory John (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Ferracane, Michael James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Ferrando, Robert Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Ferranti,Tjwana Ariene (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Ferrara, Nicholas W (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Argi Economics Management Ferreira, Eric Tyler (Lake Havasu City, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Ferreira, Iza Oreng (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Ferreira, Kate A. (Cottonwood, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Psychology Ferren-cirino, Tiffany Rina (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Ferrer, Virsheena Marice (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Music Ferris, Daniel Patricl (San Diego, CA) Senior, Chemistry Ferrone, Christopher Andrew (Woodbury, NY) Senior, Communication Ferrugia, Corey James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Music Ferteimes, Craig M. (Wexford, PA) Senior, Anthropology Fertig, Julie E (Alameda, CA) Junior, Journalism, Communications UATV, KVOA Intern Fesahazion, Ruth Ghebregziabher (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Fest, Jane Alice (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Festian, Caitiin Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Freshman Class Council Campus Crusade For Christ Fetter, David Austin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Feye, Kristina Marie (The Woodlands, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Animal Science-Equine Industry Horseback Riding, Art, Reading, Old Movies, Knitting, Current Events, Running, Music, Vegitarian Cooking, Politics, Sports Fiastro, Amelia Theresa (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Fibus, Brett Murray (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Ficclii, Lindsay Michele (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Ficltett, Celina Barbara (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Architecture Fidier, Erin R Senior, Mechanical Engineering, In Spanish Fiegen, Kate Nylonen (Casa Grande, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Fiehtner, Cody Duane (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Field, Erin Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Field, Michael Brandon (Cherry Hill, NJ) Junior, Pre-Business Field, Sandra May (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Fieidgrove, Madeline Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Fielding, Lauri D (Elma, WA) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Arizona Women ' s Ice Hockey Fields, Kariy Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fields, Patricia Sean (Oro Valley, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Fields, Sarah Amy (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Ecology Fierro, Matthew P (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics Fierro, Nicole Seiina (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Fierro, Osvaldo Rodrigo (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Fierro, Sophia Angelica (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Fierros, Nicole Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Fierros, Ruben Joel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Fierros, Wendy Henderson (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Gamma Alpha Omega Fierstein, Erica B (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Fierstein, Johanna Lee (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Women ' s Studies Fife, Amanda Carol (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Figueroa, Arturo Noel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Economics Ua Rugby, Economics Society Figueroa, Christina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology, Criminal Justice Figueroa, Christopher Gabriel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Figueroa, Danieia (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Figueroa, Henry Paul (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish, Liberal Arts Catholic Theology, Charities, Basketball, Football, Music, Classical Guitar, And Others Figueroa, Javier Jose (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Figueroa, Lizzemie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Figueroa, Marceia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education, Spanish Pi Kappa Phi, Learning Disabilities, Mathematics Figueroa, Maria Luisa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Business Management Figueroa, Mario G. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Figueroa, Sara J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Figueroa, Selica Richeie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Enjoys Playing Soccer Figueroa, Senia Lizeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Fijai, Abraham D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Fiiaretou, Spyros (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemistry Filer, Jamie Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Finance Kappa Alpha Theta Fiiice, Micah Peter (Sedona, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Fiiion, Crystal Grace (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Fiiipov, iiija (Stip, Macedonia) Senior, Management Info Systems, Entrepreneurship Phi Kappa Psi, Soccer, Tennis, Fashion Filipovitch, Evan (Carlsbad, CA) Sophomore, Journalism Filleman, Dixie L (Flagstaff, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Fiiiiben, Patricl M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fiiiinger, Jamia L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Fiiio, Amy (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Fiioso, Christine E. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Spanish Fiioso, Steven A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Filreis, Sarah Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Filzenger, Beth Noel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fiman, Catherine Emily (Atlanta, GA) Freshman, Psychology Fimbres, Alfonso Z (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Fimbres, Manuel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Fimbres, Michael Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemistry Fimbres, Richard Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Fimbres, Vanessa A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Fimbres, Viviana (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Mathematics Fimbres, Yolanda Noriega (Cochise, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Finch, Chesely S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Finch, Matthew James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Finch, Matthew Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Findley, Natalie M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Wildlife Fine, Christine J (Prescott, AZ) Sophomore, English Fine, Russell H (Bethesda, MD) Freshman, Retailing Consumer Science Finegan, Eileen A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Finfrocit, Neva Josephina (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Fingoid.Troy A. (Plainview, NY) Senior, Communication Finl , Nicole Dionne (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Fink, Zachary V (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Finite, Aaron D (Henderson, NV) Senior, Chemistry Finke, Amy Erin (Las Vegas, NV) Sophomore, Political Science, General Business Finkeiman, David Samuel (Bellaire, TX) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Finkelstein, Jillian Ashley (Saddle River, NJ) Sophomore, Psychology Finkelstein, Kari Blake (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Finkelstein, Nicole Leigh (Baltimore, MD) Sophomore, Studio Art Finley, Jason M (San Juan Capistrano, CA) Senior, Marketing Finley, Shannon Rose (Wickenburg, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Finn, Francis L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Finnegan, Kevin M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Fioriiio, Kristen Eiissa (Philadelphia, PA) Junior, Psychology, Spanish Fiorito, Amanda N (Burlingame, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Firestein, David Jonathan (Del Mar, CA) Junior, Psychology Firestine, Nadine Abira (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering Firkins, Noeile A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art Education Firie, Scott Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Firpo, Megan Danielle (Benicia, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication First, Meigan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Firth, Matthew Alan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Fisch, Daniel Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Economics Fischer, Barbara Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Arts Fischer, Christian (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Fischer, Claire Elizabeth Junior, No Selected Fischer, Jared W (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Fischer, Laura Ann (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Accounting Art, Accounting Student Association, Beta Alpha Psi, Institute Of Managerial Accountants ,w« " i f ■ r » im ;,,»««« SI m r • .w « m (SKjaW m f J0»l ' - -bs rtjs i,A2 )te j ,5e fi »W m (i(li((,Irislil ™ m ' ■a m BiJiWH- •m »«i(sa« w f AZl ijB.SW ) ! ' (Ml Ih ila - - ' 7i ftlWitiL JcPiAZ m SauJcunaBl M Sne MttyM fiD.SO.MI u ;• ?» « M IMwIWP » -£• 2! M SmmtaHU IH lto.Mi(Ui SH Neffl % jmimkwtSp la taEduam Sh (anateW %l IW.DeslillangK S« milas im !ito,B(|»iCil bm ta«a » Hln.Pi»Ajsn» «■ toMMH la fwiffl Sm im.tof • Ui,tetai tn !lisr,«i fm MmPitJusna hJirMKiiM am to,»Z ' M ' m-mtis Mm. lil .MRM uc hwali Sn mhiitm, th toJiiiiBrti Urn NjUIi m JralMSUci « ltl«,«ai O la tet,« itat.NDttai 1 mwNott» rniit fm StuioAitOM Istte, t ltac « WlU|| ' ' • " HlBBjir , fsuKa Sox 1«i ' •anna !! ?» ' ' ••l.fsiflioliigy ■I hagRKninii M liHnElissi M9M.UI ScpnmnNoUaio AMii,MMh» btoUi MftMaiUva MtftlMit iMLMEHOIW • MMAmi tanUl SmHMq ■ HnlVilMlk n.U| CMMon MMnUn ,tarC! SfoFran MOMWJostpA MkCkW if mfif Fischer, Theresa Mary (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication, Sociology Marl eting, Public Relations, Web Strategy, Tucson Chapter - American Marketing Association Fischer, Timothy B. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geosciences Fischer, Trisk Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Environmental Water Res Fish, Adam H. (Novate, CA) Senior, Business Economics Delta Tau Delta, Golf, Traveling Fish, Alyssa M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Fish, Carrie C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Linguistics Fish, Jessica L (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Journalism, Animal Science Fish, Mary Beth (San Diego, CA) Junior, Studio Art Fish, Matthew Phiilip (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Fisher, Amber Lee (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Ecology, s: Spanish, Science Education Sigma Kappa, Resident Assistant, Desk Manager, NRHH, Macs Fisher, Bryson Carl (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fisher, Danlne M. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Fisher, Jason Ross (Tucso n, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fisher, Jaymee Kristen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Fisher, Jordan Arl (Winnetka, IL) Junior, Pre-Business Fisher, Julia Barba (Muskegon, Ml) Senior, Liberal Studies Fisher, Kasey D (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Fisher, Kristen Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Fisher, Patrlcic Burl e (Stamford, CT) Junior, Political Science, Criminal Justice Rugby Army Rote Fisher, Sarah Lynn (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art, Deaf Studies Great Passion for Music And Art Fisher, Valerie J (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Fisherman, All Michelle (Oak Park, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business FIshman, Alexander Lawrence (Overland Park, KS) Freshman, Political Science Pi Kappa Phi FIshman, Matthew D (Carlsbad, CA) Senior, Economics FIsk, Kelly E (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior, Theatre Production, Spanish FIske, Heather LeIlanI (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel, Psychology FIske, John Arthur (Tucson, AZ) Junior, East Asian Studies Fiske, Kelly Marie (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Fjskio, Melissa Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Fitch, John Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Fite, Lindsay E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Production Fitterer, Brian John (Chino Valley, AZ) Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Fituci,Yanlv (Los Angeles, CA) Junior, Media Arts, Psychology Music Videos, Cult Films, Basketball, Tennis, Traveling, Sky-Diving FItz, Emily Laree (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing FItz, William K. (Sedona, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Fitzgerald, Cornelius Alexander (Lakeview, OR) Senior, Finance Fitzgerald, John Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fitzgerald, Kelley Dana (Santa Rosa, CA) Junior, Communication Fitzgerald, Kelly E (La Canada, CA) Senior, Marketing, Degree-Bs In Business Administration Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, Advertising Federation Fitzgerald, Sean Scott (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology FItzgibbons, Katherlne J (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Muscial Theatre Fitzpatrick, David Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Fitzslmmons, Caltlln Jabbour (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Fitzslmmons, Michael James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Democratic Party, Volleyball Fitzslmmons, Sarah Devon (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Fizyta, Adam Radoslaw (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Flabetlch, Scott Anthony (Vancouver, WA) Senior, Political Science Flack, Corey J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Fladness, Sabrina Lorl (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Flagler, Morlah (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Flaherty, Chad Patrick (Hayden Lake, ID) Junior, Accounting Fiaiban, Meianle R (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Flajnlk, Ben Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Music Flamer, Joseph Vincent (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Flamm, Andrew Robert (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Flamm, Philippe (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Flanagan, Kevin Edward (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Flanagan, Meghan Powers (Austin, TX) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Flanagan-hyde, Justin (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Flanlgan, Erin L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Flanlgan, Kristine (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fiank, Miriam Grit (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Classics Flannery, Bryan D (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, East Asian Studies Flannery, Katharine E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Flannigan, David P (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Flannigan, Joshua L (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Agriculture Flaten, Sarah Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Flavin, Michael Reginald (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon Flavin, Shaun R (Carlsbad, CA) Junior, Accounting Flaxman, Alan L. (Atlanta, GA) Senior, Civil Engineering, Russian Member Of Local Band Fistsized, Music, All-U Can- Eat Sushi Fleckenstein, Tiffany Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Junior, German Studies, Classics And East Asian Studies Softball, Band, Reading, Writing, Outdoor Sports Flegal, Kelly L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Flelschman, Danielle Marie (Moraga, CA) Senior, Psychology Spanish Psi Chi Flelschman, Max Cereske (San Francisco, CA) Freshman, No Selected Lacrosse, Fleischmann, Lauren Beth Senior, Psychology Spanish, Criminal Justice Fleischner, Lauren N (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Fleishman, Rebecca Beutonne (Sahuarita, AZ) Junior, General Biology Fleming, Abby L (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Fleming, Clifford Neal (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fleming, Melissa Anne (Encino, CA) Senior, Communication Fleming, Robyn C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Fleming, Stacy Alana (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Fleming, Stephen J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Fleming, Tyler G. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Flesch, Erik Roland (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geosciences Fleshman, Elizabeth Dawn (Tempe, AZ) Freshman, Music Fleshman, Timothy Michael (Cupertino, CA) Sophomore, Journalism Fletcher, Blake Burget (Thousand Oaks, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Fletcher, Lauren Kathleen (Cortaro, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Fletcher, Wesley Todd (Albuquerque, NM) Junior, Business Economics Fllcklnger, Meranda Dawn (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Fliesher, Brian A (Irvine, CA) Junior, Pre-Communication Flint, Amanda-Lyn Jane (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Flister, Sheila Louise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Floerchlnger, Dean Rosser (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Floersh, Philip Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Classics Flood, Andrea Devon (Marana, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Flood, Meghann Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Flores, Ahlda (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Flores, Alva Madahl (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education Flores, Ana (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Flores, Angelica Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Flores, Anthony Phillip (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Flores, Betsy Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Flores, Candice Ann (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Flores, Chelsea (Parker, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing, Spanish Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Golf, Softball Flores, David R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Flores, Frank, Jr. (Clint, TX) Freshman, Pre- Communication Phi Kappa Psi Flores, Gabriel Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Flores, Hermes I. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Engineering Management Flores, James Aaron (Upland, CA) Freshman, Religious Studies, Anthropology Blue Chip, Newman Center, Social Justice Center, Intramurals, Flores, Jessica Sandra (Clint, TX) Senior, Psychology, Pre-Law Flores, Jeyml Carolina (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Flores, KImberly D. (Omaha, NE) Senior, Political Science Flores, Larlssa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education Flores, Llllbett (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Flores, Manuel (Douglas, AZ) Sophomore, Animal Sciences Flores, Marlssa Marie (Santa Monica, CA) Junior, Communication Flores, Mateo Michael Leslie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering Flores, Matthew Adam (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Flores, Michelle Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Flores, Molly Bayona (Douglas, AZ) Junior, CMRC Flores, Myria Marina (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Psychology Painting, Drawing, Play Guitar Flores, Nicolas Brian (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Flores, Oscar Jesus (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Criminal Justice Weight Lifting, Off-Reading Flores, Paola Gallardo (Los Mochis, Mexico, SI) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Criminal Justice Flores, Rebecca Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Flores, Richard (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Flores, Ronald (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Flores, Teresa De Jesus (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Flores, Vanessa LIzette (Los Angeles, CA) Freshman, Journalism Flores-Agulrre, Marisol Kayab (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Health Education M.E.C.H.A. Community Service Flores-basurto, Sonya Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Florez, Bonnie Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Florez, Carlos Eugenio (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Florez, Jose F (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Florez, Victor Ramiro (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Flori, Meredith (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Economics Florin, Samuel Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Floyd, Ashlye C (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Spanish, Business And Mathematics Floyd, Panithan Laosopaplrom (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Floyd, Sharon Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Religious Studies Fluegel, Casey L (Mukilteo, WA) Freshman, Pre-Business Gamma Phi Beta Fluker, Sherrels Leshaye (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Flynn, Carlin Jean (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Flynn, Christina Lennea (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Flynn, Elyse Lennea (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Marketing Eller Scholars Business Honorary Social Chair, Member Of Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business, Fraternity Flynn, James Allen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Flynn, Morgan K (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Flynn, Patrick John (Reno, NV) Sophomore, Pre-Business Fobar, Brad Alan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physics Fobell, Lindsay Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Fogarty, Kevin T (Youngstown, OH) Junior, Media Arts Pi Kappa Alpha Bitch Directory • 365 Fogel, Jaime Leigh (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Judaic Studies, Sociology Hillel, Hillel Learners Group Foger, Ori F. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Fogg, Shannon Elyse (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Foglia, Christina IVIarie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Foldes, Adam Tibor (Miami, FL) Junior, Political Science Foley, Chase Patricl (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, General Biology, Business Arizona Men ' s Lacrosse, Blue Chip Foley, Christopher Jay (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Philosophy Foley, Jason Robert (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Foley, Jennifer IVIeghan (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Foley, Lorraine E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Foley, Patrick Franklyn (San Carlos, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Foley, Sean M (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Foliart, Matt James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Folk, Nick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Folkers, Eric James (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Folkner, Heather Renea (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Folkoff, Erica L (Woodcliff Lake, NJ) Junior, Pre-Communication, Journalism Alpha Epsilon Phi Folley, Austin T (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Physics Follmer, Amber L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Foltz, Brandon Robert (Cortaro, AZ) Junior, Political Science Fong, Hubert Ying Git (Glendale, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Delta Sigma Phi, Blue Chip, Hall Council, Socializing, Weight Lifting, Friends, Funny Jokes Stories Fong, Mabel Lillian (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Fong, Tyrone Rhys (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Alpha Phi Omega Fons, Elisabeth Catherine (Milwaukee, Wl) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Fonseca, Gabriel Angel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Production Fontenot, Wilrey ill (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected U Of A Football Team Fontes, Claudia (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Fontes, David Ivan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Fontes, Frank Xavier (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fontes, Shiloe P (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Forbes, Antoinette Patricia (Windhoek, Namibia) Sophomore, Criminal Justice AFROTC Forbes, Brian Adam (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Forbes, Kathryn Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Force, Aisling Campbell (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Fine Art Studies Ford, Alice Logan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Public Management Policy Ford, Andrew Jonathan (Eugene, OR) Junior, History Ford, Ariana Aurora (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Religious Studies Ford, Hamilton H (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Phi Kappa Psi, Golf, Basketball, Working Out, Poker, Ford, Jennifer Ashley (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education, Physical Education ) U Of A Cross Country Athlete, UA Track Athlete, Athletes In Action Ford, Jesse Tyler (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Ford, Leslie Elaine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing, Business Ford, Lisa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Ford, Robert G (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism, Sociology Foree, Ralph Chilton, III (Thatcher, AZ) Junior, Mechanical Engineehng Foreman, Christian Asa (Tucsone, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Foreman, Jaymie Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Foreman, Robert N (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Foreman, Roger W (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Music Foreman, Travis Christian (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Spanish Latin America Forgach, Ryan A. (St. Louis, MO) Freshman, Pre-Business Arizona Athletic Media Relations Forgacs, Stephen Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Forish, Joseph (Greensburg, PA) Sophomore, Geography Forkosh, Daniel (Brookyin, NY) Junior, Mathematics Forler, Amanda C. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry And Spanish Forman, Daniel G (Jehcho, NY) Sophomore, Pre-Business Forman, Howard Joseph (Portland, OR) Senior, Communication, Sociology Formentini, Emily J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Phi Kappa Tau Formentini, Lauren Elise (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Formica, Tony Donald (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Formoe, Lauren Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chminal Justice Forrest, Krystle E (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Forrester, David A. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Science Forrester, Jessica Marie (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Programming, Music, Archaeology Art Forrester, Kristy Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Forsline, Ashley A (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics, Economics Delta Delta Delta Forster, Jessica Dale (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Latin American Studies, Political Science Women ' s Ice Hockey leers, LAS Club Forsythe, Adam James (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, General Biology Forsythe, Heather Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Astronomy Fortier, Thomas K. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Fortin, Kimberly Marie (Meriden, CT) Junior, English Fortin, Marisia Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Fortner, Aaron Edward (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Fortner, Jason Charles (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Fortner, Kristina Mae (Las Vegas, NV) Junior, Psychology, Sociology Music, Reading, Outdoor Fun Fortunato, Linzee Ann (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Forzano, Nicole T (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Spanish Professional Women In Business Association, Muay Thai, Piano Foss, Colby Alan (Fargo, ND) Freshman, Dance Fossatti, Courtney Grace (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Communication Fosse, Lindsey Rae (Danville, CA) Senior, History, Classics Alpha Phi, Young Republicans Congratulations on your grad- uation! We are very proud of you. Love. Mom and Dad Foster, Alison R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physiology, Psychology And Chemistry Optimi Honorary, Alpha Epsilon Delta Foster, Andrew (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Accounting Foster, Edward William (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Foster, Gabrielle Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Foster, Jenna (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Foster, Kara Nichole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Foster, Leonard L (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, History Political Science Russian American Politics And History, Computer Generated Graphics Foster, Matthew Thomas (Palmdale, CA) Sophomore, Engineering Mathematics Sophomore Class Council, Freshmen Class Council, Blue Chip Leadership, Intramural Sports, Ronald McDonald Family Room Foster, Mia Dee (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Spanish Foster, Nicholas Sugden (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Foster, Theresa R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Foster, William Chase (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Foszcz, Matthew Benjamin (Schaumburg, IL) Junior, Animal Sciences Foucault, Jolene A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Foulk, Victor R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Systems Engineering Fourmy, Bethany April (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Fourniermoon, Arwen (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Art Education Foust, David Aaron (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry College Republicans, Orchestra, SAACS, Freshman College Republican Of The Year Foust, Katie Frances (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Veterinary Science Fow, Michael (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Fowler, Andrew G (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fowler, Jack Richard (Atherton, CA) Senior, Economics Fowler, Jennifer Renee (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Criminal Justice Fowler, Kelly Lope (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Fowler, Kiley Carroll (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Fowler, Thomas Zachary (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Fox, Adam Roy (Campbell, CA) Junior, Philosophy Fox, Albert James (Vail, AZ) Senior, Philosophy Fox, Amanda Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Fox, Ashley Leigh (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Animal Sciences, Veterinary Science, Marine Biology Sigma Alpha, Ambassador Of The College Of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Alpha Zeta Honorary, Jacobs Cline, Cattle Woman Soc, Mannrs Fox, Brian Philip (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering Fox, Christin Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Fox, Christopher M. (Terrace Park, OH) Senior, History Fox, Erica Marie (Fort Worth, TX) Freshman, Political Science, Psychology College Republicans, Lit Program Fox, Isaiah P. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Fox, Jacob R (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Fox, James Emmett (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Fox, Jennifer D. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Geosciences Fox, Jessica Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts, Business Raves And Clubs, Dancing Fox, Jessica Lynn (Mission Viejo, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Fox, Jordan Michael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Fox, Kristie Lynn (Sandiego, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Fox, Michael Alexander (Chapel Hill, NC) Freshman, No Major Selected Fox, Pearl Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel, Education Alpha Chi Omega Fox, Sandra Nadine (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Fox, Scott Anthony (Yuma, AZ) Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Fox, Simon A. (Valley Stream, NY) Junior, History Fox.Tabitha L (Benson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Fox, Terry Tj James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Foxall, Samantha (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Foxcroft, Walter Edwin (Lake Havasu, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Fox-herrera, Joaquin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Economics Foxx, Lupo William (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Foy, Meaghan Jean (Columbus, OH) Freshman, Political Science, General Business College Republicans, University Medical Center, Volunteer, American Red Cross Fozzard, Creston Rex (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, History Fradette, Danielle Freshman, Ecology Fradkin, Melissa Loren (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Fragoso, Armando D ' Aldo (Douglas, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fragoza, Eloy (Pasadena, CA) Junior, Accounting Fraijo, Marisol Reynolds (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Fraioli, Rosanne E (Rye, NY) Sophomore, Studio Art Fraiz, Michael Joseph (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Psychology Fraley, Justin Robert (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Frame, Crystle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Frame, Erin Elesa (Mesa, AZ) Sophomore, Philosophy Pre- Law Reading, Sewing, Travel Frame, Jennifer M. (Orland Park, IL) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Frame-black, Megan Livingston (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Anthropology j 10 m jit D,Wey,AZI faieti. " ' ' ' jji(5al(is.Wl t«Ji,IIW ll " f ,Alaa«dnl5W» - SartB.»Z ' ' r ' Fwis,Ge«se» " " illlJ,llKW Ol J S(«nss,CO! imlWiiArts |(ntiseo,Sl!plwC lid M Sn m to BdBlnlBUiiTijcsr W[OIMaM}SK ItuMsliiDM ConplsrSa ' a ijteScwce ' I. u.:j: niuLnni HMPsHiW teVetemrySiaa ' f.UcraUqi fmJZI San.Pie-EduaMi hn, Amanda n ijm.»Zi Nstai. Pie-fiusnes l n.Ctinh Nb,aZ| «ta i|lm«li)Mn(SMi iM l«0l( PI!5B rnllj inHnMinjGmt. teattoleli kMin ta.llicMI(A m.a taSUoAit fno.RacM|| foi.ffl 8 " «a(y61ato ' $i« «.« • %» i. »«8i.Z«ia ?• Si ' « ■( Eit J. SM iArt ' ««,ttl " " tosCAi 5 M la a Sn 9ai In Cm Km IVa 366 • Directory «W.«Z| % ««£ ' ■ " ' Wusms ' fMSMM, %WDM ' MtMrEMn ' J» «H»Z) HMMUmqun 3ra Econnncs SwattlUKiis, ' cmmchi SmSBmhs C )iRw(lans. ■ iMo lMalCeit!. MMKlMnrRdt »3 Cm • fnAMonRa i i AmUl -jk Snr.MBT Mk.Mk MkMwLm MKRMiglCoiw MnW ncwm Ikgan wwWf Framson, Lindsay A (North Potomac, MD) Freshman. Media Arts Alpha Phi France, Eric Stephen (Oro Valley. AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering France, lUlelissa Jo (Scottsdale. AZ) Sophomore, Spanish Franchi, Michaei J (Los Gatos, CA) Senior, Marketing Franchi, IVIichael Lawrence (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Francis, Aiexandra Gannan (San Rafael, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Francis, Drew D (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Francis, George W (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineenng Francis, Kyian Stuart (Colorado Sphngs, CO) Junior, Media Arts Francisco, Stephen C (La Crescenta, CA) Senior, Management Info Systems, Operations Management Athletes In Training, Tucson- Director Of Marketing, Sma, Future Mis Millionaire Francis-Mouiiier, iVIaria K. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science, Political Science Francit, Heidi (Litchfield Park, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science, Chemistry, Microbiology Franci , Stacey (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Franco, Amanda R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Franco, Christin (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Marketing, Studio Art-Visual Communications Blue Chip- Programming Team, Marketing Group, American Marketing Association Franco, Miche iie A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Franco, Rachei M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Franco, Shannon Beth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Franco, Timothy Ryan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Franco, Zenia (Naco, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Francom, Kevin iVIaioy (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Franit, John David (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Franit, Kenneth Scot (Redding, CA) Sophomore, Psychology Franl , Lauren Gayie (Louisville, KY) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, General Business Admin Delta Gamma Franl(, Michael L. (Irvine, CA) Senior, Communication Franite, Chad Eari (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mechanical Engineenng Franl ei, Adam Jeffrey (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Franl ei, Beth (Paradise Valley, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Franl fort, Tanner (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Franltiin, Brian Matthew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Franl iin, Jared Steven (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Franitiin, Jenel Grace (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Franltiin, Leslie Micheiie (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, English Franidin, Melissa G (La Jolla, CA) Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Franidin, Nathan (Tucson, AZ) Freshmian, Aerospace Engineering Franklin, Remington Alan (Malibu, CA) Sophomore, Art History Kappa Sigma. Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Franklin, Richard Michael (Hinsdale, IL) Freshman, Pre-Business Franklin, Shannon (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication, Journalism- Franklin, Tara Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Franks, Daniel J (Phoenix. AZ) Senior, Finance, Business Management Franks, G. Hagan (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Franks, Kelly Melissa (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Fransway, Michelle A (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Fraser, Jamie Lee (Linwood, NJ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Kappa Alpha Theta, Squash, Golf, Fraser, Keokl L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Frasquiiio, Edward Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mathematics, Computer Science Spanish Intramural Volleyball Frauenholtz, Lindscy M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Sociology Frawley, Luke James (Santa Barbara, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Frawley, Paul Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Frawley, Thomas M (Santa Barbara, CA) Junior, Finance Frazho, Brandon Douglas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business SCNO, Eller Scholars Frazier, Allegra Maria (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Frazier, Lindsey Hancock (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Journalism Frazier, Sarah L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Frazier, Susannah Hanson (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art, Psychology GDI, The Muracles Frazier, Teresa Louise (Brunsvi ick, ME) Senior, Music Roller-skating, Birdw atching. Drawing, Sewing, Fredeen, Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Senior. English Frederick, Kathryn I (Oueen Creek, AZ) Senior. Molecular Cellular Biology Frederickson, David Milton (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Glass Blowing, Baseball Football Frederickson, Paul Henry (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Frederiksen, Elin Sofia (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fredlake, Benjamin Michael (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Fredricks, Andrew M (Tuucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Free, Andrew Michael (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Free, Caria C. (Snowflake, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences. Chemistry Kappa Omicron Nu Free, Dana Mairead (Colts Neck, NJ) Junior, Communication, Business Freeborn, Bradley Adam (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. No Major Selected Freed, Eric J (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Accounting Freed, Lauren H (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vocal Ease (singing) Freedenfeld, Anna Linnea (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Freedman, Andrew Michael (Shaker Heights, OH) Junior, Political Science, Business Administration Freedman, Rebekah Batyah (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Dance Freeland, Avery G (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Finance Freeland, Crystal Marie (Hereford, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Mathematics And Computer Science Club, Macs Club Treasure, Nominated International Poet of Merit, Mother Of Two Freeland, Etta Alexandrea (Eagar, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Freeman, Daniel Eugene (Adams, NY) Senior, Journalism, Creative W ritIng Freeman, Graeme Richard (Santa Rosa, CA) Junior, Business Management Freeman, Nicole A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Freeman, Pamela D. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Freeman, Paris Aimee (Olympia Fields, IL) Freshman, Pre-Business, Spanish Dj On Kamp Radio Freeman, Patrick C. (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Finance, Business Management Sports, Finance, Outdoors Activities, Delta Sigma Pi, Financial Mgmt Association., Eller, SCNO, Intramurals, Sigma Alpha Lambda, Freeman, Paul J (Sedona. AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Freeman, Rebecca M. (Carmichael, CA) Senior, Psychology Freeman, Tomaz Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. Mechanical Engineering Freese, Kyle E (Phoenix. AZ) Freshman. Molecular Cellular Biology Tennis. Alpha Epsilon Delta Fregoso, Manuel J., Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology, Chminal Justice Sigma Pi Frei, Amanda Padllla (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Family Studies And Human Development Freibert, Emily Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Freiburghouse, Amy Erika (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Freireich, Rachael Porter (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Freisinger, Shoshana Tarno (Greenbrae, CA) Senior, Muscial Theatre Freitchen, Eric (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Social Studies French, Anthony P. (Oro Valley. AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business French, Christopher T (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Management Solar Racing Team French, Kirtus E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Operations Management French, Kyle Earl (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Business Management French, Mike H (Cottonwood, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology 4x4 Recreation, Arizona Wildcat Off-Road Co-Founder And President French, Nicholas A (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected French, Randall Pongos (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business French, Sabrina Therese (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Music, Theatre, And Science French, Sydney M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Frent, Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Frenzel, Travis Otho (Lk Hopatcong, NJ) Freshman, Sociology Fresques, Karie A (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Molecular Cellular Biology Fresquez, Nicole Aimee (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. No Major Selected Fresquez, Rene Antonio (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Agriculture Frey, Amy E. (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Journalism Frey, Christopher Daniel (Highland. IL) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Frey, Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Frey, James Michael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Frey, Lori E (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Frey, Michael Scott (Sturgeon Bay Wl) Sophomore, Pre-Business Phi Gamma Delta Frias, Lisa M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology Fricano, Vincent James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Frick, Kimberly Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Fricke, Grace Alexandra (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Fricks, Lindsay Marie (Park City. UT) Sophomore, Pre-Business Friedenreich, Brittany Ann (Surprise, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science. Pre-Law Friedl, Bethany (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Communication, Psychology Psychology Peer Mentor Program Friedly, Conrad Baxstrom (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, English Friedman, Adam Seth (Beverly Hills, CA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Friedman, Andrew David (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Friedman, Brendon D. (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Accounting Friedman, David Simon (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Friedman, Jared Ryan (Northridge. CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Friedman, Karah E (Reno, NV) Senior, Psychology, FSHD Pride Of Arizona Marching Band, Pep Band, Tau Beta Sigma Friedman, Michael Benjamin (Chicago, IL) Freshman, Pre-Business Icecat Hockey Friedman, Ryan Garrett (Hewlett, NY) Sophomore, Regional Development Friedmann, Evan Jack (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Physics Friedrichs, Allison E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marketing Friedrichs, Craig Lawrence (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Friedrichs, Jordana Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Friedrichs, Nicole S. (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business, Spanish Alpha Kappa Psi Friedstat, Brian Joshua (Glencoe, IL) Sophomore, Theatre Production Fries, Andrea (Paradise Valley, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Frischenmeyer, David E (Chandler, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Frisiras, Theodore Peter (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Systems Engineering Friszell, Christine G (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Fritz, Suqiong Chen (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Elementary Education Fritz, Tereza Rose (Tucson. AZ) Freshman. No Major Selected Fritzen, Katharine Rae (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Political Science, Anthropology And Spanish Frodsham, Jillian Meta (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Froehle, Sarah June (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. No Major Selected Froelich, Lindsey Ann (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Undecided Pi Beta Phi Froelich, William James (Scottsdale. AZ) Junior. Finance Froeschle, Heather Ann (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Lacrosse Froncek, Philip Sheldon (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electhcal Engineering Froning, Clayton Paul (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Production Froning, Madeline R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Frost, Ansley Christine (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Frost, Cara Cahill (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Studio Art Directory • 367 Frost, Craig R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Frost, Rebecca Jane (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Frost, Sarah S (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Fruciano, Ctiristina T (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Theatre Arts Fruciano, Nataiie A (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Fine Art Studies Creative IVIinds Club Fry, Brendan Christoplier (Westminster, CO) Junior, Mathematics, Spanish Fry, Daniel P. (Oro Valley, AZ) Senior, Finance Dean ' s List, Beta Gamma Sigma, Fry, Jessica Jo Anne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics Fry, Joel Richard (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Linguistics, Japanese Language Music, Literature, Writing, Art Fry, Michael Scott (Oro Valley, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Fry, Richard J (Boerne, TX) Senior, Creative Writing Frydman, Eitan IVIichael (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Fu, Joseph Kuang (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Molecular Cellular Biology Fuente, Navarro Alexandra (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Fuentes, Annette R (Nogales, AZ) Senior, No Major Selected Fuentes, Corina (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Mexican American Studies Fuentes, Lakin N (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Fuentes, IVIarcela (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Fuentes, Marisol (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Health Human Services Fuerschbach, Kyle Henry (Albuquerque, NM) Freshman, Optical Sciences Engineering Fuertsch, Mallory A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Pharmacy Fuetterer, Amy Lynn (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, General Biology, English, Spanish, Dance Gamma Phi Beta, Dance, G Phi, Fro Yo, Shopping, Traveling, Sophos, Optimi, Tricats, Tea Dance, Project Shine Fugate, Gentry Lynn (Carlsbad, NM) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Fuhrmann, Eric IVI (Tempe, AZ) Senior, Geological Engineering Fukumoto, Kyle Hideki (Manhattan Beach, CA) Junior, Business Management Fulcher, Anthony D (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Fulcher, Derek J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Fulgenzi, Candice L (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Fulks, Jeffrey A. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Industiral Engineering Fulks, Michelle (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Veterinary Science Fuller, Alison Lynn (Helena, MT) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel, Spanish Wildcat Veterans Association Fuller, Elliot S (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Fuller, Jordan August Dean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Fuller, Nikko (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Fuller, Wesley Ryan (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Fullerton, Christopher Shaun (Rapid City, SO) Junior, Mechanical Engineering Fullerton, Cynthia Hageman (Bisbee, AZ) Junior, English, Secondary Education Fullerton, Nigel Sloan (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Fullmer, Alan Joseph (Gilbert, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism, English Comedy Corner Fulton, Brian James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Fulton, Denise Renell (Tucson, AZ) Senior, General Biology Fulton, Jonelle Kimberly (El Paso, TX) Junior, Nutritional Sciences AALS African Americans In Life Sciences Fundine, Lindsey W (Spokane, WA) Junior, Geography, Regional Development Alpha Phi Fune, Elyse Anne (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Delta Delta Delta, Baseball Hostess, Blue Chip, Oasis Center Health Fung, Phillip H. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Funk, Elizabeth A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Funnamark, Lisa Ann (Bisbee, AZ) Senior, Spanish Funsett, Karinya Noelle (Maumee, OH) Junior, Creative Writing, Spanish Funtila, Alexis Deleon (Henderson, NV) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Furey, Ashley M (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Furey, Joseph J (Green Valley, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Furlong, Bryce A (Prescott, AZ) Senior, Optical Sciences Engineering Furman, Aaron Lewis (San Antonio, TX) Senior, History, English Furman, Allison Jeanne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Furman, Randi Sherrill (Yorba Linda, CA) Sophomore, Psychology Furman, Shawn Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, History Furrier, Christina Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Furrier, John Richard (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Furrier, Kathryn Michele (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Furrier, Stephanie Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Retailing Consumer Science Furrow, Jessica A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Furst-nichols, Rebecca L. (Olympia, WA) Sophomore, No Major Selected Furusawa, Risa (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Futral, Nathaniel Allen (Cornville, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Gabay, Jessica A (New City, NY) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Gabbay, Elliot (Great Neck, NY) Freshman, Pre-Business Gabe, Chris R (Walnut Creek, CA) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Gabe, Luke Martin (Pinetop, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science, Spanish Gaber, Frank C, IV (Peoria, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Gabitova, Alfiya I (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Molecular And Cellular Biology Gabriel, Amy Kathleen (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Gabriel, Eric J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Spanish Gabriele, Melissa Leigh (Palos Verdes Estates, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Chi Omega Gacic, Kelli Marie (St. Charles, IL) Senior, Sociology, Psychology Gaddini, Mark R (South Beloit, IL) Sophomore, Economics Gaddy, Lane B (Albuquerque, NM) Senior, Finance. Entrepreneurship Gadson, Ashley Denise (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Gaffer, Paul Gregory (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gaffney, Colin B (Gig Harbor, WA) Junior, Pre-Business Gafni, Erik S. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Gafni, Leah (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Gage, Brett Sullivan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Gage, Tyler J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Education Gaglioti, Paul F (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Gaillard, Annie M (Glendale, AZ) Junior, Women ' s Studies Gain, Cherilyn D (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Spanish, English Chi Omega Gaines, Collin Ross Davis (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Regional Development, Afncana Studies Gaines, Jennifer Lauren (Del Mar, CA) Senior, Accounting Tennis, Photography, Physical Fitness, Beta Alpha Psi Congratulations! So proud of u. Wishing u tiappiness con- tinued success. Love Mom, Dad Jessie Gaines, Justin Craig (Boca Raton, FL) Sophomore, Marketing Gainous, Erin R (Castro Valley CA) Freshman, Psychology Gains-Germain, Andrea Mary (Boise, ID) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineehng, Spanish And Pre-Law Intramural Soccer, Network Of Feminist Student Activists Gaitan, Freddie Joseph (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Astronomy Gaither, Logan W (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineehng GaJ, Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Gajardo, Victor Manuel (Santa Cruz, CA) Sophomore, No Selected Gakopoulos, Natalie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Optical Sciences Engineehng Galan, Monica P (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Alpha Chi Omega Galanti, lla Naomi (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Galanty, Matthew H (East Hanover, NJ) Junior, No Major Selected Galassi, Andrew J. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Science Education Galati, Lauren Zia (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Nursing Gaiaz, Jessica (Elfhda, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Gale, Chelsie R (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Gale, Jacqueline Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Gale, Jessica Anne (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education, Spanish Chi Omega. Campus Crusade For Christ, Future Teachers Club, Kid Cats Gale, Kyle A. (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, Undecided UA Young Democrats Galea, Christopher J (Menio Park, CA) Junior, No Major Selected Galecki, Sarah E. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Galer, Vincent M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Gales, Ernest Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gales, Kara H (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Political Science Galhotra, Rosemary Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemical Engineering Galhouse, Joseph Thomas (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Galina-mehlman, Jonathan R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Galindo, Luis Fernando (Cananea, Sonora, Mexico) Junior, Nutritional Sciences, Chemistry Spanish Science, Baseball, Football, Basketball Galindo, Tyrene S. (Tucson, AZ) Senior. Nursing Galivan, Mary Jean (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Gall, Brian L (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Aerospace Engineering Gallagher, Amanda L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Religious Studies Gallagher, Anthony Wayne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Gallagher, Clare Rowan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Religious Studies Gallagher, Joseph P (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Business Management Gallagher, Leisha Renee (Kalispell, MT) Sophomore, Accounting Kappa Alpha Theta Gallagher, Margaret Engel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gallagher, Stephen Jordan (Torrington, CT) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Air Force ROTC Gallaher, Alexis Pilar (Yuma, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Gallaher, Leslie Gabrielle (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Public Administration Gallardo, Carlos Celendonio (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Plant Sciences Gallardo, Christine V (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Gallegly, Katie L (El Paso, TX) Senior, Industiral Engineering Gallego, Christine (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Gallego, Clarice (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Gallego, Jesus Curtis (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Gallego, RudolphoTomas (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Gallego, Tony Rossi (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Gallego, Vanessa (Tucson, AZ) Junior, No Major Selected Gallegos, Amber Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Gallegos, Brandon D (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Gallegos, Christian H (Rio Rico, AZ) Senior, Engineehng Management Gallegos, Collette M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gallegos, Elizabeth Katherine (Greeley, CO) Freshman, Theatre Production Gallegos, Jason Scott (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior. Sociology Gallegos, Joseph Xavier (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Gallegos, Laura Yvette (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Galley, Veronica Jean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Gallivan, Robert Henry (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Gallo, Mark B (San Jose, CA) Junior, Marketing Gallo, Meghan M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gallo, Noah Jaramillo (Oakland, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Galloway, Katelyn Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Gallup, Mark Steven (Santa Rosa, CA) Senior, Atmospheric Sciences Galpin, Amy Jeanene (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Galtney, Benjamin H (Houston. TX) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Galvan, Amanda Louise (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Galvan, Eric Jose (Yuma, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science, Chemistry Likes Running, Practice Tai Chi if " !.B(ftl " » jjtrell.B " ' JT feiim.Psy ' ' pc(ii,AZi )(Miwe,V8l(i«? WBiaies tiBajt. ' iii ' lft ' 7S Ajni (nMgt,Tnmin Mm imti) tMnnSumlili (tan, All AnttKM i,Tg 1kfk P«S(»,AJ tawiMlaME SMri.Valnlln t .IMi|ill|i kgMitZi Mail. Mm Mm tanAZ) to.EngW k«,Clvln tai»z) " " " .toagnemt isi]ii.AZ| _ lfcto» w tan.HZ) ' " " I ' l AMaiClail l«i,AJ w»,IWU 0 ft if m j»« . ' UX m a M M i%a To km m in iM la Ml In Cm lav ' W lot 368 • Directory ? » Ctnlis ■ ' taa. Bl • »« » fate ■ ' Wwjoimaisj Son MiKCkMnH fbliciAZI Mi. BijnMrr i |KCMell r |i.DMiiii IViarAZi hgMHUUgncd Mp,tinM Smuw; MilMinJean JilDtrMBinEss I MKlkMHRiry SMt Mill taavU MM 01 ««[» t KW T j ionise • Gamalski, Melissa K (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Accounting Gamble, Sarah Lynn (Minneapolis, MN) Senior, History Gamboa, Ana Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Pre-Pharmacy Gamboa, Bertha Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Veterinary Science Gambrell, Brent C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Gamez, Araceli P (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Gamez, Marybeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Gamez, Nicolette Opal (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science Gammage, Ronnie Rashad (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Business Gammage, Timothy E, 11 (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Agri Biosystems Engineering Theta Tau Gammage, Trumaine Douglas (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Gammon, Savannah G (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Architecture Ganago, Toate Temple (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Gancarz, Nathaniel E (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Gandara, Valerie Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Gander, Benjamin Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Gandler, Kathryn Lyn (Flagstaff, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Gandomj, Nathan Rahmat (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Gang, Charles (Peoria, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems, Computer Science Ganguly, Bhasltar (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Ganguly, Sujoy (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Physics Gann, Adam Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Gannon, Anton Charels (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Undecided Gannon, Brian Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Ganser, Kevin A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Cant, Julia Dee (Green Valley, AZ) Senior, Veterinary Science Garavito, Michele Louise (Hereford, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Garber, John Joseph (Rio Rico, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Garber, Joshua Ryan (Cherry Hill. NJ) Junior, Economics, Business Administration Kamp Student Radio Garber, Richard Michael (Rio Rico, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Garber, Samantha R (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Political Science Garbini, Renee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Garbisch, Elizabeth B (Denver, CO) Senior, Journalism Garcia, Alejandro Javier (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science Garcia, Alejandro Jr (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Garcia, Alex Ruiz, Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Music, Pre-Law Sigma Lambda Beta, Mariachi, Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Jazz, Classical Music Garcia, Angela Jeanette (Hereford, AZ) Senior, Mathematics Garcia, Anna Luz (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education, Spanish Garcia, Antonio (Hermosillo, OR) Senior, Civil Engineering U Of A Society Of Civil Engineers, Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge Design Garcia, Brittany Danielle (Safford, AZ) Sophomore, No Selected Garcia, Carlos (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Garcia, Carolina N. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Garcia, Cecilia Chavez (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Garcia, Christina D. (Anchorage, AK) Senior, Education, Language Arts Social Studies Sigma Kappa, Future Teachers Club, Orientation Coordinator, Project Soar Garcia, Clarice Dawn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Garcia, Cynthia Marie (Douglas, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Garcia, Cynthia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Garcia, Denise Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Garcia, Denise R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Garcia, Derrick G (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Making Music And Skateboarding Garcia, Elizabeth Stephanie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Garcia, Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Education Garcia, Eric Phillip (Vail, AZ) Junior, Psychology Garcia, Fabian Rene (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Garcia, Fernando (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Animal Sciences Garcia, Fregoso Nancy Carmina (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Philosophy Garcia, Gabriel Eliud (Monterey CA) Sophomore, Regional Development Garcia, Gilbert Jonathan (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Bio Molecular Biophysics Church, Music, Comic Books, Sleeping, Writing, Videogames, Computers, Audio Visual Stuff, Cartoons Garcia, Gina Alyssa (Tucson, AZ) Freshman. No Major Selected Garcia, Hector Alberto (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Garcia, Jacqueline Alfaro (Yuma, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Garcia, Jeanette R. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Garcia, Jenny J. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Medicine Garcia, Jeramia Margret (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Public Management Policy Garcia, Jessica (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Garcia, Joel B (Nogales, AZ) Senior, Communication Garcia, Jose Higinio (Douglas, AZ) Freshman, No Selected, French Swimming, French, Tennis, Bowling, Watching Movies Garcia, Jose M (San Luis, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Garcia, Joshua (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nutritional Sciences Garcia, Karen Denise (Rio Rico, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Garcia, Katharine S. (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, English Garcia, Keri Jacklyn (Lake Forest, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Garcia, Kimberly Austa (Corpus Christi, TX) Senior, Environmental Science NASA Space Grant Intern, FFA Garcia, Kristen E (Tucson. AZ) Senior, Marketing Garcia, Laura Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Garcia, Laura Jasmin (Nogales, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Garcia, Leticia G. (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Garcia, Macedonio J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Garcia, Mar (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Garcia, Mario Alejandro (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Garcia, Mary A (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Molecular Cellular Biology Garcia, Matthew Benitez (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Garcia, Mayra Lizeth (Douglas, AZ) Junior, CMRC Garcia, Melanie Rachel (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing RA.I.N.. - Pre-Nursing Club, FASA Garcia, Michael J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Garcia, Michelle Ulla (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ CALS Ambassador, Tennis, Scrapbooking Garcia, Miguel Angel (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Garcia, Monica Francine (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Anthropology Garcia, Monica (Cashion, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Garcia, Morningstar Guadalupe (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Garcia, Nancy Louise (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Psychology Garcia, Norma Angelica (San Luis, AZ) Freshman. No Major Selected Garcia, Paola Nicole (Nogales, MX) Junior, Marketing, International Business Spanish Delta Sigma Pi Garcia, Paul Wesley (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Garcia, Rachel Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Veterinary Science, Chemistry Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Organization, Alpha Zeta Honors Fraternity, Prevent Club Garcia, Raymundo Gerardo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication, Business Intramural Soccer, Racquetbail Garcia, Rebecca Ann (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Journalism Garcia, Richardo Juan (Benson, AZ) Junior, Studio Art Garcia, Robert C Senior, Political Science, Religious Studies Garcia, Robert Michael (Tucson, AZ) Junior. Media Arts, Spanish, Journalism Dj ' ing, Video Production, Filipino Culture, International Traveling Garcia, Robert Oscar (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Garcia, Rolando Jorge (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Garcia, Rosio (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication Garcia, Samuel David (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Psychology Garcia, Samuel Ruben (Douglas, AZ) Sophomore. Veterinary Science Garcia, Samuel, Jr. (San Luis, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering, Spanish Off-Roading, Sports, And Racing Garcia, Sega Adrian (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Chemistry Garcia, Stacey Diane (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore. Music Pride Of Arizona. Tau Beta Sigma. Garcia, Sylvia A (Yuma. AZ) Senior, Psychology Spanish- Garcia, Sylvia D (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Garcia, Victor (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Garcia, Vidriana (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Garcia Gallegos, Danitza Del Rosario (Douglas, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Art, Design, Family And Friends, Music, Exercise, AIGA Member And President Of The Student ' s Club., UA Cares Comettee Member. Garcia-castanon, Marcela (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Garcia-Hernandez, Jazlee Rose (Chandler, AZ) Freshman, Science Education Gard, Meghann Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Gardetto, Natalie Emiko (Tempo, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Gardiner, Nwane Sedia (Sierra Vista. AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Gardner, Adam S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Gardner, Andrew Alton (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Chemical Engineering Gardner, Jeffry C (Grand Junction, CO) Sophomore, Political Science, Sociology Gardner, Jennifer L (Gilbert, AZ) Junior, Psychology Gardner, Kristin (Joseph City AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Gardner, Linda C (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Media Arts Gardner, Megan Elizabeth (Albuquerque, NM) Freshman, Pre-Education Dance, Running, Working With Kids, Newman Center, Campus Crusade For Christ, Refuge Gardner, Meshylla Lee (Tucson. AZ) Senior. Sociology Gardner, Natalie Robbins (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Gardner, Rochelle April (Concord, CA) Freshman, No Selected Alpha Chi Omega, Hillel, Intramurals, Rec Center Gardom, Ret ecca Lynn (Tucson. AZ) Junior. Psychology Garduno, Michael L (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Business Management Garfunkel, Michelle Evelyn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Garibay, Marilynn (San Manuel, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Garifo-green, Oliver Asher (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Garitty, Shannon Patrick (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Garland, Krista Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Garliepp, James Fred (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Garling, Natalie Louise (Sahuarita, AZ) Junior, History Garmon, Valerie Toni (Sierra Vista, AZ) Junior, Psychology Garms, Serena T (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Family Studies Human Devel Garn, NopakiaoTlnagon (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology Garner, Jennifer Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Education Garner, Travis John (Tucson, AZ) Senior, English Garnett, John Anthony (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Engineering Physics Garnica, Ruperto (Naco, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering Garnice, Naomi (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Garone, Jennifer M (Gilbert, AZ) Senior, Psychology Garrard, Alison Veronica (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Garrett, Amy (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Business Management Garrett, Andrew James Sophomore. Creative Writing Garrett, Brittany Rose (Saratoga, CA) Freshman, No Selected Garrett, Danae Nicole (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Spanish Volleyball, Dance Garrett, Joseph Blake (Dallas, TX) Sophomore, Pre-Business Garrett, Matthew David (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Garrett, Seth A (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Regional Development Garrison, Julie Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Directory • 369 Garrison, Lane Carlton (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, East Asian Studies, Studio Art (2d) Games, Music, Art, Sports, Martial Arts, Music And Art Stuff Garrison, Mckinley (Tucson, AZ) Fresliman, No Major Selected Garrison, IVIichael D (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Architecture Garrison, iVIichelle Leigh (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Garrison, Victoria E (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Garrison, Zayra Veronica (Los Angeles, CA) Senior, History, Anthropology Garrity, Patrick Sean (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Garrity, Taylor Benjamin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Garrot, Taylor Stephen (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Garrott, Philip H (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Marl eting Garrow, Douglas Jon (Traverse City, Ml) Freshman, Pre-Business NROTC, MZMO Hall Council Garry, Alexander C. Freshman, No Selected Garten, Kelly Lynn (Oro Valley, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Garty, Paige iVIargaret (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Garves, Eric John (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Garwacki, Lori J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Gary, Stephanie i Aargaret (Tucson, AZ) Junior, General Biology Garza, Adela S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Garza, Ashley Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Garza, Christopher Paul (Walnut Creel , CA) Junior, Pre-Business Garza, Felipe Eugenic (Santa Monica, CA) Freshman, No Major Selected Garza, Gabriel Santiago (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Psychology Garza, James Michael (Sahuarita, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Garza, Jezanna Rose (Chicago, IL) Sophomore, Pre- Communication, Political Science Gamma Alpha Omega, Law, Politics Garza, Jonathan Daniel (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Media Arts Pride Of Arizona Marching Band, Pep Band, Hall Council Garza, Keri Christine (Mesa, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Merits Program Gash, Kathryn E (Greenwood Village, CO) Freshman, No Selected Alpha Chi Omega Gaskey, Gregory Peter (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Gaspar, Jose Miguel (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Gasparro, Andrew P (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Regional Development Gasperini, Andrew Singh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gasser, Matthew S (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Aerospace Engineering Gast, Edward C (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Education Gastellum, Andrea C. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Speech Hearing Sciences Gastellum, Xavier Roberto (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Gastelum, Daniel Figueroa (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Gastelum, Denisse (Nogales, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Gastelum, Jennifer G. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Gastelum, Joel Granillo (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Sociology Gastelum, Jose A (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Architecture, Spanish Gaston, Todd Lawrence (Dover, DE) Sophomore, Environmental Science Gates, Joshua Ian (Vail, AZ) Junior, Electrical Engineering Gates, Kelley L (Danville, CA) Senior, Fine Art Studies Delta Gamma Gates, Lacy Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Gatto, Jessica Susanne (Lake Bluff, IL) Sophomore, Undecided Gatziolis, Alec James (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Accounting Gaub, Adam J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism, Spanish Political Science Gaub, Kenneth Andrew (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Gaudiano, James Salvador (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Accounting Gauger, Sarah A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Gaughan, Daniel P (Ada, Ml) Sophomore, Media Arts Gaughan, Kelsey M (Flagstaff, AZ) Junior, Nursing Gaugler, Devin F (Lemmon, SD) Junior, Soil Water Science, Wildlife Water rang. Res. Soil Judging, Livestock Judging, Soil, Water, And Environmental Science Club Gaul, Corinne J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Gauike, Kelly E (Albany OR) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gaumer, Jennifer Lavon (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Gausepohl, Rebecca Catherine Sophomore, Nursing Gauvin, Andrew Michael (Oro Valley AZ) Freshman, Criminal Justice Gavigan, Stephanie Marie (Pheonix, AZ) Junior, Communication Gavin, Rachel Joanna (Montgomery, AL) Junior, Music, General Business University Women ' s Golf Team, College Of Republicans Gavino, Beatriz (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education Gavino, Torres Soraida (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Nutritional Sciences, Chemistry Tennis, Swimmi ng, Exercising, Sleeping Gavlick, Brian James (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Gawad, H. Jeffrey John (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Environ Hydrology Water, Geology Habitat Restoration Gawen, Katrina (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Business Economics, Marketing Resident Assistant, Filipino- American Student Association, Eller College Student Council Gawin, Matthew A (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre- Communication, Philosophy Gawry, Nicole Leeann (Glendale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Gay, Christopher W (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Gay, Cindy J (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Gay, Jonathan Howard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Gay, Latricia Monique (Albany NY) Senior, Communication, Business Theatre Plays and Musicals Gay, Nicole M (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Gay, Shanna Michelle (Palmer, AK) Junior, History Gayda, Elyse M (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Gaysue, Marcia T. (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Journalism, Sociology Gaytan, Crystal M (Cd. Obregon, Mexico) Senior, Special Education Rehab Gaytan, Janett Jazmin (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Pre-Architecture Dance Gaywood, Stephanie Estelle (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gazzara, Christine (Langhorne, PA) Junior, Pre-Physical Science, Spanish, Business, Chemistry Running, Working Out, Medcats, SHAC Gbele, Kokou (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Engineering Gearhart, Garry Randall (Rio Rico, AZ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering Gearhart, Kelly Marie (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Communication, - Dance Gearhart, Lauren Ashley (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Gearin, Erin K. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Economics Geary, Michael J, II (Waterloo, NY) Freshman, Pre-Education Geary, Reginald Elliot (Sahurita, AZ) Senior, No Major Selected Gebert, Matthew P (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau, Sprite Gebremariam, Favin Amanuel (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gee, Briana Jade (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Gee, Matthew Paul (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Geffre, Christopher Paul (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science, Sociology; Chemistry Getter, Irene (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Geha, Kimberly Marie (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Nursing Delta Delta Delta Gehrels, Aleida Joanna (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Gehring, Jeffrey D (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Gehrts, David Randall (Buckeye, AZ) Sophomore, Agh Tech Mgmt Educ Agriculture, Aggie House Geier, Bryan Michael (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Intramural Soccer And Football, Campus Crusade Geier, Carey Lauren (Scottsdale, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Pharmacy Club, Intramural Soccer Geier, Kristina Lee (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Sociology, Psychology Geis, Felicia Marie (Casa Grande, AZ) Junior, Pre-Medical Technology Geisert, Tyler J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Spanish Geisler, Chad Frederick (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Physics Geisler, Dana Alexis (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Communication, Sociology Geitgey, Emma Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Religious Studies Gekanana, Amos Moindi (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Electrical Computer Engineeri Gelabert, Tiffany (El Paso, TX) Junior, Speech Hearing Sciences Gelbart, Aaron Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Ecology Gelber, Hayes (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Psychology Geldmacher, Brittany Ann (Elgin, IL) Junior, Studio Art, Business Chi Omega, Shopping, Being With Friends, Swimming, ADFED, NSAC, CHIMES, SMA, AIGA, You are awesome. We are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Geldzahler, Stacy Brooke (Birmingham, AL) Sophomore, Pre- Communication, Business Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hiking, Water Sports Gelfand, Erica Sheila (Scottsdale, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Gelfand, Mitchell S. (Tarzana, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Alpha Epsilon Pi Gelier, Jonathan Reid (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Geisinger, Anne Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Classics Geisinger, Mary Lavin (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mathematics, Education Martial Arts Gelsinon, Angela Ruth (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism, Communication Soccer, Swimming Gemmill, Jacqueline Ann (Cave Creek, AZ) Senior, Finance Gendron, Erin Michelle (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Psychology, Art History Gene, Charmayne (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Gene, Karshannon (Blue Gap, AZ) Freshman, Veterinary Science Genova, Joseph Carmine (Oro Valley AZ) Junior, Business Management Genovese, Anthony Robert (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Public Management Policy Genovese, Taylor R (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts Education, Teaching History Genovker, Boris Vitliyavich (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Gensch, Glorianna Marie (Fountain Hill, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel Genser, Suela (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Journalism Gentile-daidone, Amanda Lorraine (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gentry, Leah G (Tucson, AZ) Junior, History Gentry, Philip Roger (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Journalism Gentry, Skye Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Gentsch, Sandra L (Flagstaff, AZ) Freshman, Music Gentzler, Karina Renee (Sierra Vista, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Georgalli, Simon Nicolaos (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business George, Ajay (Muscat, Oman) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering George, Anna Elizabeth (San Diego, CA) Sophomore, Pre- Communication George, Benjamin L (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics George, Matthew Alan (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Electrical Engineehng George, Matthew Corey (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Studio Art George, Tabitha M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Education George, Timothy J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Mining Engineering George, Victoria Christine (Vail, AZ) Senior, Nutritional Sciences Georgopoulos, Alexis Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Gephart, Samantha Nichole (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre- Communication Alpha Chi Omega Gerakos, Nicholas Michael (Irvine, CA) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gerardo, Brenda Vejar (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts Gerardo, Gabriel (Rio Rico, AZ) Sophom ore, Pre-Architecture Gerasimovich, Elena Yurjevna (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Accounting Gercon, Adam J (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Gerdes, Sarah Kay (Gilbert, AZ) Freshman, Chemical Engineering Gerhardt, David James (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Studio Art Gerhardt, Karl Paul (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Physical Science Gerhardt, Sarah Louise (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Chemistry, Mathematics (|(sS ' It itlcJI ' ' Ml ( ' 9, ■ J . WW 7° t, liP»«l.«» " 01 i[Wa«Zl iWW , in (IisnW WBSoW IwftSI ! » Sdtow.Sii ' ■ Wi,W«i " «» 2 fBy,S!llePl) (ta».ffl (taiiAZi i Stlraal«rfGe09 » ULWlai|WB|i. En e(igE|ii|.MFmte M MBmillM ' « G(rIicivJmIMMV sp iiBftage«w li ijSCT ' IC tamMM Sa M gli.l«| ai Ssiof. Neidxcfewf in !iii!s m Esstolnnll ill fefUnKH) Sd im t taMialiK,IMmS It ttmJt, (I in .AqiniDti«|M u tffile,(Mihi )g fm.II, g imeuni si Watk«nn% Cl iatlt nitoiknjaai ft NMBuna th txtnUnbtlmk ,ii " ® Z| T I ■ " • -Si a Ca la 370 • Directory Z ■ «(N ■• ' • ' WBttiiai • ikKH, Sl« yso SontotBeaial (■p.lUlMC«e) ■ locr.AZi k MilAi£ducalioii SWmlkng ta|l.VlclBriiClvisline S««tlU«nalSoeras tN|P l. Alois KM I TtmOi t LlWlliillirti " li iillliiiiiff " " ' jj owMasfess I jtaaiAZI jwMlAits ' ban. ' ! - lli«n.«ZI Gerhart, Kathryn Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Gerin, Zachary Benjamin (Oak Park, CA) Freshman, No Selected Alpha Epsilon Pi Gerke, Jiii R (Columbia, MO) Junior, Astronomy, Physics Germond, iVIarion L (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gernal , Brian D (Peoria, AZ) Junior. Fine Art Studies Gernal(, Lisa Nicole (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts, Italian Gerner, Steven J (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy, Political Science Gerowitz, Shal(ed Liza (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Gerricl , Rebecca llene (Fort Worth, TX) Sophomore, Psychology Alpha Epsilon Phi Gerry, Giseie Psyche (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Journalism Gers, Ryan (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, History, Geography Aircraft, Military History, Geography Air Force Rote, RHA Board Council Gershon, Joshua Adam (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Gerson, Brett David (Pittsburgh, PA) Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Gersten, Leanna R (West Hartford, CT) Sophomore, Psychology, Business Gerstenhaber, Andrew S (Houston, TX) Junior, Regional Development Gerstle, Christina (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing, Spanish And Business Camp Wildcat, Inlervarsity Gerstle, Theodore Jerome (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing, Spanish And Business Gerstman, Jacob Alexander (Tempe, AZ) Junior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Gerze, Ashley Nichole (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gesquiere, Tyler Scott (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Gessay, Grant L (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Gessner, George William (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Marketing Poker Gesuaie, Jeremy Patricl( (Paradise Valley AZ) Junior, History Gethers, Rahsaan Alteem (Denver, CO) Freshman, No Selected Love Basketball, Meeting New People Getsinger, Kenneth Stokes (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Accounting, Finance Delta Tau Delta Geving, lUegan M. (Prescott, AZ) Junior, Family Studies Human Devel, Marriage Family Therapy With Emphasis On Special Needs Children Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma Gewertz, Bart (Chicago, IL) Junior, International Studies Phi Delta Theta Geyer, Adam J (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Physics Geyer, Daniel Travis (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Physics Geyer, Jonathan James (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Geyer, Travis IVIichael (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Music Ghaemi, Stefan (Chicago, IL) Sophomore, Criminal Justice Soccer, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Kappa Sigma Ghaleb, Ahmed Saeed (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Gh anbari, Nasrin (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Electrical Engineering, Math Gherna, IHumberto P. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Ghigliotti, Matthew G (Mesa, AZ) Junior, Mathematics Deans List, Academic Scholarship, Resident Asistant We are extremely proud of all of your accomplishments! Love Mom Dad Ghiorso, John Louis (Lake Oswego, OR) Sophomore, Pre-Business Ghiz, Jonathan Michael (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Molecular Cellular Biology Ghosh, Abhinav (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Ghosh, Arman Ahmed (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Political Science Ghosh, Siddharth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Computer Engineering Ghuman, Preet P (Chandler, AZ) Senior, Bio Molecular Biophysics Giachetti, Gina M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science Giachetti, Paul (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Finance Giacoletti, Mary C (Hereford, AZ) Senior, English Extended Giacomelli, Jesse Colin (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Giacomelli, Michael G (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Computer Engineering, Computer Science Biomedical Engineering Society Giacoppo, Brian (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Studio Art Giacotto, Justin (Larkspur, CA) Freshman, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Formula SAE, SHPE Giaiie, Giancario M (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Business Giammo, Antonia S Sophomore, Political Science Gianninoto, Scott T (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Health Education Sports, Basketball, Health Gianopulos, Megan O ' Brien (Deertield, IL) Freshman, No Major Selected Gibbons, Allison Rachaei (Irvine, CA) Senior, Mathematics, Athletic Coaching Sign Language Association, Phi Beta Kappa, Campus Crusade For Christ, Pi Eta Sigma, Intramural Soccer, Golden Key Ttianks for letting us watcfi you grow up at UA. We love you. Good luck. Mom Dad Gibbons, Goidie (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Gibbons, Jamie Louise (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Media Arts, English Animation, Ace Scholarship Program, Transfer Cat Ambassador, Film, Studio Art, And Theater Gibbons, Kathryn M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Theatre Arts Gibbons, Lawrence S. (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Argi Economics Management Gibbs, Barry William (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics AFROTC Gibbs, Curtiss (Englewood, NJ) Sophomore, Computer Engineering, Mathematics Basketball, Baseball, Football, Swimming, Tennis, Gibbs, David (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gibbs, Heather D (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, General Biology Gibbs, Joseph P (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Philosophy Gibbs, Kelly C. (Danville, CA) Junior, Nursing Gibbs, Louise April (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Sociology Gibiin, Lindsey M (Newport Beach, CA) Sophomore, Retailing Consumer Science, Business Delta Gamma Gibney, Matthew (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Theatre Production Gibson, Alisha Maria (Brussels) Sophomore, History, Women ' s Studies Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gay Alliance, Young Democrats, Gibson, Cailie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Mathematics Gibson, Christa A. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, History Gibson, Christopher (Winnetka, IL) Sophomore, Psychology Economics Gibson, Dante E (Chandler, AZ) Junior, Pre-Communication Gibson, Jennifer Renee ' (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Marketing Gibson, Keiii E (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Elementary Education Gibson, Nicole R (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Psychology, MCB Refuge Student Ministries, Psi Chi, First Southern Baptist Church Gibson, Stephanie Anne (Colorado Springs, CO) Junior, Russian Giddens, Alexis M (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Nursing Giddley, Lindsey Marie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Criminal Justice, Spanish) Gieber, Kirsten A (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Giehm, Estefany Leslie (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Anthropology Gieringer, Julie M (Paradise Valley, AZ) Senior, English Extended Gierling, Michael D. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Management Info Systems Giesecke, Lauren F (Flagstaff, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology, Spanish Student Global Aids Campaign Giesen, Megan (Aurora, CO) Senior, Elementary Education Giesler, Elizabeth Caroline (Colleyville, TX) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Gifford, Alisa Cherie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Gifford, James Mckay (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Civil Engineering Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Society Of Civil Engineers, Division By Zero Flag Football Gifford, Juliet W. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Wildlife Gigato, Sarahi S. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Nursing Giglio, Michael Anthony (San Diego, CA) Freshman, Pre-Business Gil, Fermin D. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Physical Education Gilbert, Anne M (Hinsdale, IL) Junior, Elementary Education, Special Education Sigma Kappa Gilbert, Chase Edward (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Journalism Gilbert, Danielle M (Glendale, AZ) Freshman, Biochemistry Psychology Honors College, Yavapai Hall Council, Newman Center, Kid Cats (Los Ninos And Van Buskirk) Gilbert, Jeffrey Andrew (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Mathematics Gilbert, Jenna Charlene (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Chemistry Gilbert, Matthew J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gilbert, Molly Ann (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Gilbert, Noah Charles (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Optical Sciences Engineering Gilbert, Theresa J (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Gilbert-Walrath, Ayla Rose (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing, Psychology Gilblom, Alexander David (Los Altos, CA) Freshman, Chemistry Music, Movies, Road Trips Gilchrist, Corey A. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gilchrist, Jason P. (Desert Hills, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Computer Science Gilchrist, Matthew J. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Engineering Gildea, Michael Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy Giles, Heidi (Tucson, AZ) Junior, English Gililland, Brytenie Kamylle (Chandler, AZ) Sophomore, Elementary Education Gilkerson, Leandra L. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Gilkerson, Rachel Grace (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Sociology Gill, Jyotkaran Singh (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Electrical Engineering Gill, Rebecca (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Nursing American Diabetes Assn. Volunteer, Angel Tree Project Coordinator Gillberg, Carl Gunnar (Loudoun County VA) Freshman, Pre-Business Delta Tau Delta, Snow Boarding, Lacrosse Gillespie, Nathan Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Selected Gillespie, Nathan D Freshman, Pre-Business Gillespie, Virginia R (Avondale, AZ) Freshman, No Selected, Dental Hygiene Dance Gillett, Andrew John (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Gilliam, Ann (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Nursing Gilliam, Courtney L. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Agriculture Gilliam, Duncan Ely (Concord, CA) Senior, Marketing Gilliam, Kelly E (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Media Arts Gilliam, Kevin T (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Wildlife Gillies, Jessica Irmgard (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Theatre Arts, German Musical Theater, Dance, Prime School Of Music (voice). Scratch U Of A Hip- Hop Club, A Tucson Dance Co. Gillies, Julia (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Communication Gillig, Laura Nicole (Poway CA) Junior, Business Management Gilliland, Allie Suzanne (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Gilliland, Danielle Lynn (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Gilliland, Michael J. (Marana, AZ) Senior, Molecular Cellular Biology Gilliland, Scott Oliver (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Gillingham, Jeffrey Thomas (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gillmor, Onyria (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Microbiology Gillum, Jess Arthur (Youngtown, AZ) Sophomore, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Gilman, Mayu Asami (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Gilmer, Christin E. (Yuma, AZ) Sophomore, Music, Political Science, Photography ASUA, Music, Photography, Film music Industry, Art Gilmore, Ashley Rae (Columbus, NE) Sophomore. Psychology Camp Wildcat Gilmore, Lynnette Caycee (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Physical Science Giimour, Richard W (Scottsdale, AZ) Senior, Anthropology, MCB Giimour, Stephanie Rebecca (Tucson. AZ) Freshman, Pre-Business Gilo, Adi (Woodside, CA) Freshman, Theatre Arts Costume Designer, Knitting, Painting, SuppoRting Political Movements Gilomen, RyanT (Park City UT) Senior, Regional Development Gilpin, Ashley L (Tucson. AZ) Sophomore, Bio Molecular Biophysics Gil-samaniego, Ramon Jr. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gil-samaniego, Rodrlgo (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Directory • 371 r Gilson, Caitlin Frost (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, East Asian Studies Japan Gimber, Patrick Joseph (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Political Science Gimblett, Danielle L. (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, History Gimlin, Steven Christopher (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, English Gindwani, Kunal Arjun (Jakarta) Sophomore, Finance Soccer, Basketball, Permias Club, International Friend Ginsbach, Stephanie Lynn (Phoenix, AZ) Freshman, Pre-Education Ginsberg, Traci Renee (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Ginsburg, Josh Zinz (New York, NY) Sophomore, No Major Selected Ginter, Seth R. (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Optical Sciences Engineering Giordano, Valerie Sophomore, East Asian Studies Giovando, Brian Kenneth (Tempe, AZ) Sophomore, No Major Selected Giovanis, Kristina Ann (Highland, MD) Junior, Industiral Engineering Gipple, Matthew Edward (Kansas City, KS) Sophomore, Pre-Business, Geography, Spanish Tricats, Eller Scholars, Soccer Gipson, De ' Andre Darnell (Anaheim, CA) Senior, Communication Gipson, Lori Jean (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Girardot, Lauren Kate (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Political Science Girardot, Sarah Frances (Claremont, CA) Senior, Art History Classics Gamma Phi Beta Girdner, Kirstin Kay (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Nursing Girmscheid, Ryan IVIatthew (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Political Science Girn, Jagjit S. (Litchfield, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Giroux, Kathryn Anne (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Renewable Natural Res Gishey, Jeremy Salabiye (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Civil Engineering Gislason, Steve William (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Computer Science Gisse, Carrie Alicia (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Microbiology Gissel, Elizabeth A (Glendale, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Gitenstein, Eric W (Scottsdale, AZ) Junior, Pre-Physical Science Gitman, Joseph Jerome (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gittelson, Laura Delano (Potomac, MD) Freshman, No Selected 372 • Directory Gitter, Amelia Marie (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Gitterman, Amit B.e. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Giuliano, Amber J (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Family Studies Human Devel Gjurgevich, Jennifer Lynn (Phoenix, AZ) Senior, Retailing Consumer Science Glad, Daniel P (Fremont, CA) Junior, History Gladden, Ashley Danielle (Eden Praihe, MN) Freshman, Education Sports, Music, Travel Glanzer, Stephanie R (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Nutritional Sciences Glaser, Christopher J. (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Glaspey, Jesse Daniel (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Creative Writing Glaspie, Patrick Jeremy (Springport, Ml) Junior, Agri Tech Mgmt Educ Glass, John Richard (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Pre-Business Glass, Lisa Clair (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Communication Glass, Sumre Nicole (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Elementary Education Glassanos, Daniel James (Sunnyvale, CA) Sophomore, Electrical Engineering Glassel, Sara Jean (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Business Glasser, Christopher Edward (Las Vegas, NV) Sophomore, Pre-Education Army ROTC, Arizona Men ' s Lacrosse Glasser, Katelyn A (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology Glatting, Alaina F. (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Pre-Physical Science Glauner, Jeremy Shane (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art Glavan, David John (Glendora, CA) Junior, Pre-Education Glavas, Tico Anthony (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Public Management Policy U Of A Men ' s Club Soccer, Weight Lifting, Racquetball Giavich, Nicole Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, No Major Selected Glaza,Ted G (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Computer Science Glazener, Jessica Anne (Sierra Vista, AZ) Senior, Psychology Gleason, Alicia Bonner (Phoenix, AZ) Junior, Pre-Education Gleason, Cody James (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Regional Development Gleason, Sarah (Tucson, AZ) Sophomore, Creative Writing Gleaves, Ashley Lauren (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Psychology Gledhill, Matthew B. (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Mechanical Engineering Glenn, Jeffrey Evans (Mesa, AZ) Senior, Creative Writing Glenn, Melody Jean (Huntsville, AL) Junior, Latin American Studies, Development Studies Rock Climbing, Hiking, Your Mom Glenn, Michael E. (Indianapolis, IN) Sophomore, English, Creative Writing Reading, Writing, Gaming, Art, Painting, Sleeping), Poetry Magazine Editor Glenn, Rachel Claire (Phoenix, AZ) Sophomore, Psychology, Studio Art French Glenn, Vanessa Marie (Tucson, AZ) Junior, Elementary Education Glessner, Jessie Marie (Tucson, AZ) Freshman, Nutritional Sciences Glidden, Cory James (Mission Viejo, CA) Freshman, History Own My Own Business, Pro Dirt Bike Rider, Love All Sports, Golf, Bowling, Glislc, Sanya (Peoria, AZ) Sophomore, Studio Art, General Business Administration Art History Club Vice President, National Society Of Collegiate Scholars, Ramblers Glockner, Shannon C (Tucson, AZ) Senior, Theatre Ar